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Emsnn sEmuR high 33P4 Parkside Avenue Lake Statinn, 1TI 4E4P5 the " EnisnniArr voLumE numuEH XLIII 83-84 I ACTIVITIES - p3 CLUBS - p 29 STAFF - p 39 SENIORS - p49 UNDERCLASSMEN - p76 SPORTS - plOl ADVERTISING - pl31 2 Students socialize during lunch. Vespo chows down. Garrison waits for the bell. Goodwin and Glogowski turned out to be gangsters. Seniors always manage to be noisy at the pep session. Via and Mills change a tire in auto shop. 5TUUEI1TS mAKE E.H.5. mDRE Fum 5 HuniEcnmirm IS FDR EVERYDDE Fifties Day brought letter sweaters, t-shirts, poodle skirts, pony tails, bobby socks, slicked back hair, leather jackets, and a lot of fun. Troy Matlock is a 1950 tough guy. Seniors recreate a special float of memories from their four HC floats. 6 T Twylla Teller enjoys lunch in her Fifties attire. Garber and Tallent make the most of Punk Day. Papageorgakis, Fokianos, and Smith go for Hat Day (Garfield Snoopy, too). Downtown business windows became Eagle advertisements. 7 Eiiismi CUES UIILU, uiild, uiilh Fiscus colored his hair for Punk Day. Bolles and Zmierski act crazy on Punk Day. Greer, Hamara, and Soto mismatch. Sullivan, Goodwin, Clemans, and Wheeler go punk for a day. 8 Seniors get rowdy at the pep session. Kayes, Sykes, and Kinslow really punk out. Anderson and Fazekas mismatch. Hutman, Ellenberger, Zieba decorate on Hat Day. “Anything Gaes " at Hnmecuming Madas and Tuttle run the three-legged race. Seniors plunge forward in the ameoba race. Bolles heads up the tue of war. Snphamnre Float Takes 1st Paints Lnui, Spirits High Eagle offense is stopped on the carry. Jeff Swider tackles Knox offensive runner. Eagle fans watch the game. Queen candidates and their escorts await halftime: 1982 Queen Kim Taylor, Joe Littell and Rita Donoval, Craig Michaels and Regina Kinslow, Brock Alvarado and Kelly Koonce, Dan Bianco and Jacque Atchison, and Kip Molchan escorting Julie O ' Neil. Eagle mascot (Dana Diehl) gets after a Redskin (Leslie Cox). Kim Taylor crowns Julie O ' Neil at half- time. Varsity cheerleaders have lots of spirit. 13 » 7 Donna McCafferty and Don Nederman sit one out. Students dance to music by " Tokyn. King Candidates Escorts : Jeff Wilson and Beth Filipas, Brock Alvarado and Kelly Koonce, Mansi Fazekas and Kathy Jacobson, Joe Littell and Tina Riley, Mike Filipas and Rita Donoval Queen Candidates: Kelly Koonce, Rita Donoval, Julie O ' Neil, Regina Kinslow, and Jacque Atchison 15 Hnmecnming Queen King So COUNCIL ACTS Kinslow rides her donkey during the Faculty vs. Student Council donkey basketball game. The Student Court was appointed to act on minor discipline problems. Members are R. MacKenzie, C. Michaels, D. Smith-judge, M. Soto. B. Alvarado poses with the chicken by the decorated tree following the Christ- mas Convocation. Students enjoy the juke box. l 7 Cookies and juice are offered to donors before they leave in an effort to restore energy. Mr. Dorulla and Mike Filipas were two of the 98 donors from Edison. BLOOD DRiVE iS SUCCESSFUL This year ' s blood drive, spearheaded by chairman Rob Belcher and committee members Steve Fuchs, Chris Kayes, Mercy Soto, and Elizabeth Rizos was very successful. Our goal set by the Red Cross was 90 units that we reached and exceeded— 123 people showed up resulting in 106 units given, 15 temporary de- ferrals and 2 insuf- ficient units. This was a super effort by the students (74) and the staff (24). T ' Io JUDiORS EDGE OUT SENiORS IN VB TOURNEY Richelle Zieba bumps during the freshman game. Lisa Rospierski picks up her ghetto blaster — one of many prizes donated by The American Legion Post ioo. Fans eagerly watched their repre- sentatives compete. Juniors beat the seniors by one point; sopho- mores placed third while the freshmen were la c t. i9 SWAAT aaaat AAMAA JUtfiftS The Sunshine Society held a Valentine dance on Saturday, Feb. n from 7:30 to 10:30. It was a semi-formal turnabout with 50 cou- ples attending. The court was nom- inated and voted on by members of the Sunshine Society. It consisted of three seniors running for queen and a represen- tative from each grade. The queen was announced during the dance that evening and crowned by Mrs. Kim Vanderlin Kincaid, the last queen. The music was pro- vided by Larry Timpe, a disc jockey from WKAN radio in Kankakee, IL. Couples enjoy reaching for the balloons. Queen and Court : Beth Filipas, Regina Kinslow, Teresa Kappos, Amy Schammert, Rhonda Bryant, Becky Ellis, and 1084 Queen Angie Fokianos. 20 CAMEEOT APPEARS AI E »§ 0 King Arthur enters sad and dejected. Guenevere and Lancelot are finally left alone. The knights sing " Fie on Goodness. " AAtwofik Patti ViO h Pete Papage.oA.gabU Rob Shecuu Joe Sofita Voug Thompson Veimyne l Ua Ch. VaASiyl F ntedJtund Efitk Eaton Lighting, John EkemeatA Sound ClaAa MontbU Joe Sofita Jim T ho fine 22 Stagz Cfizixi Ch. BUI TaUznt Vzanna PuJiczU Jamiz Smith Joz SoUa John SyhzA tiikz WhzzlzA Run Ctizu) Ch. BUI TaJUznt Vzanna Pusicztl John Syk.ZA tlikz Whzzlzn. PsiopA Ch. Vzanna PuAcztt . Chznyl Edmsuii B zcky Hudson KaAzn Ktbnczyk Kim KLunczyk GaU Pidgzon A AthuA Tom ImleAskl MeAlyn ChAls Kayes MoAdAed ChAls Kayes Gue.ne.veAe. Lancelot . . . MoAgan LeFey . PelllnoA . . . SlA dlnadan . . SlA SagAamoAe ■ SlA Lionel . . Tom 0(5 WaAwlck SqulAe dap . . Lady Anne . Kelley Sykes Hike Childs R eglna Klnslow • Hike Vane. z • Rob BelcheA • James Smith • Je(5(5 Hennings Lance SmeJLley Lance Smelley Vicky Oaosz Lady Cathy Shetta EllenbeAgeA Lady Sybil . . . Missy Oaoaz Gullllam . . BaAb EllenbeAgeA ColgAevance • • dlana Jimenez BLcant Lisa Johnson CastoA HeAalds, BanneAA HeAatdA, MuaZc Pages NZmue Ltz Wydmon Ttna McCoum Lisa McCoum CkAiA ToAAeA Chad Close M aAk Haus child • • Suzle Wilson MaAle HaApeA Michelle WheeleA M oAgan Lefey ' s CouAt Lady CassandAa Kelly Elle (5(5 Lady Elizabeth LauAa Pomales Lady ClaA ShiAley EllenbeAgeA Lady SeAena SheAAy Rich Knight .... Angle Foklanos PAlest Cindy PleAce Child 0(5 CouAt , A Alene McCoum JesteA • • • Jackie VaLacoZA FluUy Wydmon HoAAld Musical • • • . VAama VlAectoA ChoAeogAaphy Lighting design Set design • • • Stage ManageA . Costumes .... AaI design Musicians : Pianist Bass PeAcusslon Make-up, HauA design • • • Tim MaAA MauAeen MoAeau • • • Tim Moaa C aye GiAgentl • • • Tim MaAA Bill Tallent . Bill Tallent Robenta M cCoum Shelby Wydmon Helen KoApak GlngeA Klawson Joe So Ala PatAlcla Hales Joe SoAla dan TankeAsley Nancy Mast Colleen Spanopoulos After the closing performance Queen Guenevere and King Arthur receive flowers. The cast gets together one last time after the final performance. WELCOME BASKETBALL 24 STUDENTS MAEIEY TOD TUN The entire Marriage class became married in a mock wedding performed by Rev. Robert Grisham; the ceremony took place in the court yard. Milan Malesevic and Vicky Orosz pose for their wedding portrait. Guitarist Marty Paxton assists Lynette Murray as Darryl Goldsmith looks on. 25 UP WfflEEE WE IBEEONG The 1984 Prom " Up Where We Belong " was held at the Holiday Inn in Portage on May 5th. Dinner was served from 7 to 8 and the band " Framework " played from 8 to midnight. The Grand March started at 10:30 and was announced by Mayor Art Hartley. Bob Urycki and Donna Bradford enter during The Grand March. Susan Haskell and her date receive memory books from Karin and Kristen Zurcher as Mindy Baker watches. sss The Sunshine Society was first established at Eaison in October 1934. The club was disbanded in 1976 and installed in May 1983 by the Merrillville chapter. The society is a sharing and caring organization, donating most of its fund raising money to charity organizations such as the Cerebral Palsy Center. The 1983-84 chapter officers were installed in May 1983. Sunshiners organized a headstart Halloween party. Twylla Teller plays games with the kids at the party. Members sold cider and jam at Maize Days. Honor Society Front: Pres- A. Fokianos-. Treas- D. Smith-. Sec C- Belcher-. V-P. R. Kinslow- Second Row: M. Papaqeorgaki s -. C. Greer-. D- Potts- Third Row: K - Jacobson-. T- Kappos-. n. Soto-. J- Traeger- Fourth Row: j. Atchison-. T- Zmierski-. C- Kayes-. A- Schammert-. C- Hodge- Back: S- Fuchs-. J- Soria-. E- Rizos- The French Club is a variety of students ranging from freshmen to seniors who have taken the class or joined the club to learn the languaae and its various customs of the French people and to perpetuate French culture in general. Front: K- Vucson-. R- Cannon-. 11 - Walker-. D- Williams- Second Row: D. Newman-. K- Koonce-. W- Ellis-. J- flores-. S- Hamara-. C- Robinson-. J- Dillard-. C- Duncan. J- Urbanek-. K- HcClure- Third Row: nr- Dobrich-. H- Kwak-. J- Bennett-. E- Cyprian-. E- Rizos-. C- Greer, fl- Tolliver-. D- Canterbury-. C- Hiller-. B- Conaway. Back: K- Tolbert-. H- Fazekas-. D- Anderson-. D- Fronczak-. D- Croft-. T- Belcher-. A- Fazekas-. T- Teller-. R- Baez-. T- Wickham. 30 Front: Mrs- Marrero-i A. Canrisoni M • Papageorgaki s -. J. Traeger. Second Row: B. Fuentes-. D. Perezi N. Combsi S. Bruno-i S- Fraley-i C Tippett-i E- Jacobson-. fl • Laureanoi D- Matlock-. H. Dinkleman Third Row: n. Soto-i B. Stills-. A. VanSickle-. fl. Burris-i S Van- dersteen-. B. Coleman-. K • Kirkpatrick -. K. Silaghi-. L- Cox- Back: K. Elieff-i J. Thorne-. J. Ekenseair-. B. Krysa. M. Gibson-. S. Van- dersteen-. L Pomales-. B. Hudson-. J. Tippett- P a n l s h Membership in the Spanish Club is open to students who are presently takinq Spanish. It encourages an interest in the lanquaqe and Spanish Culture • Student Council Front: n. Soto-. R. Kinslow-. T. Zmierski-. C- Kayes-. C- Hodge-. S. Fuchs. Second Row: R . Fry-. M. Papaqeorgaki s -. K. Vucson-. B. Vuc- son-i A. Schammert-i C. Zieba. Third Row: j. Klimczyk-. B. Tallent-. R. Purcell-. R. Zieba-. M. Baker. Fourth Row: J. Soria-. B- Nush-. J. Talmadge-i D. Burtoni C- Greer. D- Nederman. Back: Hr. Idilson-. Fl. Yanez. B- Urycki-. A. Fokianos-. R. Belcher . 3i Front: B- Filipas-Jr. Rep.-, n. Papageorgakis-V • P • ! R. Kinslow- Pres-i A- Schammert-Soph . Rep.i A. Fokianos-Treas • -i D- Bastin-i C. Matlock-Fresh • Rep.! A. Goodwin-Sec-! D» Hawkins-Sr. Rep- Second Row: fi- Blankenship-. J- Driscoll-. B- Cafin-. B- Ellis-. L- flcCown-. S- Clemans-t firs- Henry-. S- Haskell-. E- Alcocer-. R- Purcell-. A- Tallent-, C- Epley- Third Row: J. Urbanek-, D- Bolin-, C- Hodge-, K- Sykesi K. Sykes-, T- Noe-. T- Kappos-. C- Collins-. T- Collins-. D- flatlock-. B- Hudson. Back: fi - Thompson-. T- Ander- son-, D- Smith-. L- Tuttle-, N. Glogowski-. H - Cobb-, L- Staplesi D- Foremski-, H- Carr- Newspaper Front: C- Johnson-. V- Orosz-. V- Thews-. T- Anderson. Second Row: Ns Vargo-. S. Disney-. J. Dube . B Boles. Back: R. Shears-. D. Pettit-. E. NcCafferty. Journalism gives students a sense of the print media and its role in our society. The students learn journalistic writing as a form of composition-, interviewing! editing! headlines! layout design! photo production! and advertising. These skills are then used in the production of the school newspaper! The Eagle Feathers. 32 Front : Jr- Rep- R- Mackenzie! Pres- K- Kooncei Treas- B- Ellis-. V- Pres. J- Atchison-. District 1 V- Pres- S- Fuchs- Second Row: A- Carter-i J- Wilson-. S- Ellenberger -. J- DeMaria-. J- Dube-. K- Vizena-. L- Frencl- Back! Mr- Kincaid-. T • Harker-. B- Alvarado-. E- McCafferty-. G - Bedinger-. R- Beliles-. C- Collins- Four seniors placed at state which allows them to compete at the National DECA contest held in Kansas City-. MO- Placing were C- Collins and T- Harker- Free Enterprise Manuals-. S- Fuchs-Food and Market- ing Event-, and K- Koonce- Apparel and Accessories Manual • Assistants Offer Help TEACHER-Front : G. Hicks-i D . Nederman-i C. Keenan-. J. Plores-. D. Bradford-, fl. Papageorgaki s ■ D. Stanley-. J. Dillard-, n. Wheeler-. J Zuniga Second Row: J Nush-i K Garber-. L Cox-. T Pochron-. fl. Baker-. M. Burris-, n Carr-. T Robles-. J. Tippett-. J Arnold. Back : D Friedlund-, J Wadding-. G Glick-. A Fokianos-, C Spencer-, T. Noe-. S Evans-, B Fazekas-, R. floss-, T.J. Webb. The jobs of teacher assistants are quite varied. A student receives one-half credit for each semester. The assignments ire made in the areas of home economics! physical education-, band-, industrial arts-, etc • Guidance office assistants are aides to the counselors to assist them in tasks that require sending for stu- dents-. alphabetizing-, or stapling materials • GUIDANCE-Front : C- Hodge-, R. Purcell-, K. Vucson Second Row: j. Eddy-. D- Foremski-, L. Rey. Third Row: R. Bryant-. B. Filipas-. L« Rushing-, S El lenberger -, A. Garrison. Back: D. Hutman-, C. Edwards-, C« Gish-, R. Grinder-, C. Rado. 34 LIBRARY-Front: S- Cable-i C- Epley, B- Krysa, S- Vandersteen-i A. Tallent- Standing: C- ni 1 ler i B- Boles, D- Newman, 6- Atchison. OFFICE— Front : H- Dinkleman, L- Frencl, J- Stanley, PI- Cervan- tes- Second Row: C- Tippett, n. Newsom, R- Baez, K- Statum- Third Row: T- flatlock, PI • Tuttle, A- Fokianos, PI- Glogowski, D- Fron- czak. Back: D- liliese- mann, C- Nederman- Each year a group of students serve as office assistants- Their main job is to collect hourly attendance, but they also go on errands, answer phones, deliver messages, etc - AUDIO-VISUAL PI. White, K- Sykes, B- Ellen- berger, S- Clemans, D- Potts- The A-V- Dept- created two new libraries--a com- puter software library of approximately 2700 pro- grams on 130 floppy discs and a permanent collectior of videotapes for use in the school system. Swing Choir Kneeling: C- Kayes, R. Kinslow, n. Childs, M. Orosz, K. Sykes, T Zmierski • Standing: L Smelley, S Uilson, H • Wheeler, V. Orosz, J. Smelley, S. Ellenberger, K. Sykes, D. Walls, K- Elieff, S. Fuchs, S« Ellent erger , M. Yanez, J. Traeger, J. Hennings. Suing Choir performed at various affairs during the year, including the Lions ' Banquet. 36 Front: R. Kinslow-. J- Stanley-. PI. Wheeler-. B- Fry-. L- Smelley-. PI. Blankenship-. S- Wilson. Second Row: V . Orosz-. D • Bradford-. J. Smith-. J. Hennings-. J. Smelley-. J Mores-. J. Klimczyk- Third Row: C» Greer-. C- Collins-. K- Elieff-. T. Hill-. J. Curtis-. B- Thompson-. L Johnson-. S Ellenberger. Back: S- Rich-. L Wyd- mon-. K- Sykes-. J. Clemans-. T. Zmierski-. PI. Yanez-. PI. Childs-. D« Walls-. J. Traeger-. M . Orosz- l E n r l s e s m Front Row: B- Stills-. P Gregory-. P- Moore-. M. Tolliver-. A. Tallent-. K- McClure-. R. Cruz-. V. Cruz-. M. Delbrey-. D - Hutman-. R- Zieba. Second Row: S- Fraley-. L- McCown-. P Gibson-. E« Alcocer-. T. Henderson-. J. Driscoll-. K- Miller-. B. Filipas-. L Arocho-. H. Dinkleman. Third Row: L- Staples-. S- Haskell-. K- Sykes-. C Keenan-. D- Jimenez-. D- Soto-. C Zieba-. T. Noe-. T. Collins-. G. Pidgeon-. J. Tuthill- Back: L. Johnson-. A- Keathley-. B- Krysa-i L- Pomales-. K- Klimczyk-. B. Lay-. G. Esslinger-. C« Miller-. K- Klimczyk-. B. Hudson-. B- Ellenberger. 37 Front: B- Ellis-. C- Pierce-. L- Hurray-. D- Bolin-i T. Franek-. E- Rizos-. C Hodge-. A. Schammert-. T- Strine-. H • Burris-. T. Hoore-. B- Vucson-i T- Hay. Second Row: c Schammert-. A. Lush-. L- Depew-. C- Kayes-. U • Ellis-. C- Tippett-. J- Tippett-. R. Grinder-. H • Childs-. K. Sykes-. K. Jacobson-, n. Walker-. J. Dillard. Third Row: S. flay-. E- Busch-. D. Canterbury-. A. Fazekas-. B. Tallent-. D- Tankersly-. C- Gish-, fl. Goglowskii W. Depew-. P. Peterson-. L- Pomales-. D-Hadas-. J. Nush-. J. Soria-. R. Paxton-. G. Peterson-. K. Silaghi- Back: L Butler-. S- El lenberger -. S. Wroblewski-. S- Smith-. J. Thorne-. B. Urycki-. D. Friedlund-. fl. Paxton-. B Coons-. A. Fokianos-. T. Belcher-. S. Fuchs-. D- Davis-. K. Garber-. R. Schlink-. J. King-. H. Kwak-. D- Bolin . Pep Front: S. Wroblewski-. K- Silaghi-. J. Dillard-. H. Walker-. T. Moore-. T Strine. Second Row: w. Ellis-. S. May-. B. Tal- lent-. K. Garber-. C- Gish-. J. Tippett-, fl • Burris- Third Row: D- Tankersly-. S Fuchs-. A. Fokianos-. fl • Paxton-. B. Coons, R. Schl ink 38 ADMINISTRATION AND SCHOOL BOARD : Ml. Burdett, Da. Rice, Mas . CouAtney, Da. Kayes , Ma. Danderlin, Ma. FAonczak, Ma. Holland, Ma. E Ills, Ma. BeAes. One majoA goal o education is to help students pAepare to cope u itth AttuationA they will encounter In lifie. It kaA been Aaid that one AuAe thing about the fiutuAe In li e is change, and every Individual, w. ill encounteA change. We hope youA edu- cation haA contributed towards youA. adjustment to change and that youA education Mill help you as an indi- vidual to acquire desired outcomes. Education should not stimie the oppoAtunity to dream and look faoAmrd but ifi one is to be suc- cessful he she must at some point ' deal Mith Aeality. It is human to pAocrastinate and allow time to slip through your hands but we must be careful not to LET VESTE RDAV TAKE UP VOUR TOMORROWS. -Da. Kayes 40 A i Aj tan£ SapzHjntzndZYVt Vfi. 1U.cz. i Gfizzn, P.E.- Aa ' £ AtkteXjc ViAZcXoH.; Ma.. Hayz , P. E.- Ath- lztic V-UizctoA.) Ma.. Kh.za.qzh., Health and Safety; and Ma.. PztzHAon, P.E. -Athletic VlnectoH.. 8 oy ' Guidance CounAzloA-UH.. Campbell, Liaison O lceA-MA. BoAlienko, and GIhJU ' GiUdanez C o un elo A- MA6. HenAy. Pnj.ncA.pal- Ma.. PhaXz and A AlAtant PHA.ncj.pal- Ma.. ZuAchzA. 4i Ma. Hack, Math and CornputeAA; ttiAA Shivety, Math and ComputeAA; to 16. RobtnAon, Math.. 2 x 3 iVIa.. YUncoUd, VtAtAtbutUve Education; tou . McBsU.de., BmtneAA; Maa. French, BuAtneAA. Maa. BaAon (seated) BuAtneAA . Ma. VoAutla, ScUence; Ma.. 0 It-i on, Science; Maa. MooAe, ScUence. « «» «». 1 . a « o o.- 42 , ' vl Li . KZaiMon, A fut; l ll 4. Cfiae.ru.nQ , Pfia- Vocational; KVu . WolocfUon, Home Economic . 43 TOP : Ma. Ge.ofiga.kAj , His to Ay; Ma. CosgAove, GoveAnment and Economic A; Ma. Loscoao, Sociology; Ma. GIovca, English and U.S. His to Ay. BOTTOM : Miss l ' afigo, English, and JouAnalism; M fi. Levenda, English; M as. MoAAis, English; M fos. Rawdon, Reading; Mas. Ritchie, Eng- lish; and M A. Long, English. TOP : Maj . MaAtinez, Spanish student teachefi; Ma. VobAich, F fiench; Mas. MaAAeAo, Spanish. BOTTOM : LibAaAy Stafifi - Mas . Mafitin and Mas. Vou ). 44 S 2 .cjul£cuu.qj $oA AdmtntA tfuxtto n O tce- Maa. HodgeA, Maa. A ndeAAon, Maa. Va.nd2AAt2.2n, and Maa . CouAtney. Maa . Laco, Guidance O lce SecAetaAy, and Maa. CAum, Huaac; and Maa. Bonner, Comma- Maa. Vanderlln, Attendance and A thletlc O lt nicattonA Attendant. Secretary. Hot Pictured: Maa. KolopanlA, Bookkeeper. 45 CookA : Maa. FazekaA, Maa. Lewln, M aa. M ayA, M aa. Cloak, M aa. Sogdon, Maa. Wo elk, and Maa . SniaAtz . Ma. young- Wo A.k Study CooAcUnatoA. CuAtodial StaW - Stave. R odalck, Jim Hoe tieke a, Walt PyAh. Not Plctuaed: Vlana PappaA, GeoAgla Ba yant, BaAAy Lackovltek, Kath.eAA.ne. UoAlklA, Lydta TodoAljevlc, ShlAlyn Stanley, Alba Stubea, Judy WAlght, and kaay Hott. 46 M u . Boikovick- L.V . Consultant Ma. Pe.ck-Spe.e.ch and HeaAing TheAapt t, Mas. KaAafifia- School Psychologist. f Ma. Loscoao- A. I . ViA ctoA. B us VAiveAs: Vonis CuAtis, GcoAgia A IvaAado, Many Statum. Linda Reynolds, Vella Mene ee, John CuAAan. 47 SMITH DOES IT AGAIN Smith put L.S. in 4th place at the state track meet with 1st place finishes in both shot put and discus. She also broke her own state record set in 83 in the shot put with a toss of 46 3 " • Smith was also honored by- receiving the Mental Atti- tude Award given by IHSAA to a senior with outstanding athletic and scholastic abilities. In June she com- peted in the Midwest Meet of Champions with a four-state representation. She set two records there — again, in shot put and discus as well as receiving the Star of Stars Award (an individual award for high scholastic and ath- letic abilities). She has been recognized as an All- American and qualified for the junior Olympics the past three years. June 2 was declared " Debbie Smith Day " in Lake Station. JACQUE ATCHISON RICHARD BAEZ LARRY BARBER RODNEY BELILES CONNIE BITER VICKIE JO BOLLES GREG COBB CINDY COLLINS MITCH COOPER 52 MIKE F I LIP AS ROBERT FISCUS TONYA FRANEK DARRYL FRIEDLUND GEORGE GLICK TERRI HARKER ANGELA FOKIANOS STEVE FUCHS 53 SUSAN HASKELL KATHY JACOBSON REGINA KINSLOW DEBORAH HAWKINS BARRY JENKINS JULIE KLIMCZYK JEFF HENNINGS CHERYL JOHNSON KELLY KOONCE 55 LYNETTE MURRAY STEPHANIE OGUIN PAULA NELSON JULIE O ' NEIL 56 TINA RILEY TONI ROGULA KIM SEATS ROBERT SHEARS BRENDA SLAVIK JAY SMELLEY DEBBIE SMITH LISA STAPLES SANDY STURGELL TIM SULLIVAN 59 till LI Cl Luck Graduates TOM ZMIERSKI JESSE ZUNIGA NOT PICTURED GLORIA AZCONA TRACY BELL MARJORIE BURRIS ROBERT CARTER JULIE COLEMAN DAROLD DONNELLY RICK FORBRICH DARRYL GOLDSMITH LAURA HICKS TOM IMHAUSEN RICKY JOHNSON VERONICA JOHNSON LISA LEWIS JANET LINDSEY VIKKI PADRON EDDIE PEREZ MIKE PRUITT YVETTE RAMOS JACK ROBERTS STEVE STATON KARL SUTTON KEITH TOLBERT MARC VASQUEZ TERRY WOOD TOM WOOD Front: Bill Tallent, Joe Soria. Middle: Dina Burton, Marj Burris, Don Nerderman . Back: Mr. Dobrich . 60 IIS HONOR SOCIETY -■ ' SC - STUVENT COUNCIL c - CLASS OFFICER p - PRESIVENT VP - VICE PRESIVENT s - SECRETARY R - REPRESENTATIVE T - TREASURER CHR - CHEERLEAVING FL - FOREIGN LANGUAGE JRN - JOURNALISM YB - YEARBOOK SCI - SCIENCE CLUB AC - ART CLUB IA - INVUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB SSS - SUNSHINE SOCIETY CAP - CAPET TEACHERS PB - PEP BANV PC - PHOTO CLUB PP - POM PONS G - GYMNASTICS XC - CROSS COUNTRY W - WRESTLING FB - FOOTBALL VB - VOLLEYBALL BSK - BASKETBALL T - TENNIS TF - TRACK ANV FIELP BAS - BASEBALL YG - YELL GUY MUS MUSICAL OFELIA AGUAVO FL 2, JRN 2, 6 SK 2. BROCK ALVARAVO Cl P 2, PEC A 3, 4 [VP) ' , BSK 1-2 , FB I, TF 1-3. PONNA ANVER SON CHR 1-4 , FL 1-2, 4, 1 8 4, G 1, Who ' A Who. TONI ANVERSON JR N 4, SSS 4, TF 2. JACOUE ATCHISON HS 3-4, CP 1, V ECA 3-4, FL 1-3, T 1, 1 8 1-2, BSK 1-2. R1CHARV BAEZ FL 2-4, CAP 3, Who ' -4 Who. LARRV BARBER XC 3, W 3-4. ROVNEV BEL1LES VECA 3-4, VTT. TRACV BELL FL 2. CONNIE BITER CHR 1, FL 1-4, PP 2. VICKIE JO BOLLES FL 2 (P) , CSK 1-4, TF 1-2, 1 8 1-4, All Confi. l B and BSK 1983-84. TIM BOWEN W 3. LORI SRAMT FL 1-2. 1.1ARJ BURRIS SC 2, 4, CT 4, FL 1, JR N 2, SCI 2 IT), 3, Band 1-4, PB 1-3, BSK 1, 3-4, TF 2, l B 3-4. VINA BURTON CS 4, YB 3. CURTIS CANTERBURY FB 1-4, W 1. BENITA CAPPS FL 1-2, PP 1 . MAR Y CHILVERS ChoiA 1-3. JULIE COLEMAN VECA 4, ChoiA 1-3. CINVV COLLINS VECA 3-4, FL 1, SSS 3-4, ChoiA 1- 4, Who ' a Who. MITCH COOPER BAS 1, BSK 1, FB T J=T. JANET CURTIS VECA 3, ChoiA 1-4. ERNEST CYPRIAN FL 1-4, TF 2. PAR OLD VONNELLY FL 1, BAS 3, BSK 1, YB 3. RITA VONOVAL PP 1, FL 2(1 IP], YB 4. ERIK EATON SC 3, CVP 3, AC 7 { l P) , FL 1-2, YB 1, Band 1-4, PB 1-4, FB 4, AudiX.ofu.ujn A t t. 2-4. RAY EVWARVS BSK 1-4, XC 4, Alt Coni. BSK 1984. BECKY ELLIS VECA 3, 4[T), FL 3-4, SSS 3-4, Band 1-4{S), PB 1-3. HANS1 FAZEKAS FB 1-4, TF 1-3, W 1. MIKE FI LI PAS BAS 1, FB 1-2, 4, W 1-2. ROBERT FISCUS FB 1, 3-4, W 3. ANGELA FOKIANOS HS 2-3 IT), 4[P), SC 7-3(T) , 4, CR 3, FL HT), 2, CAP 3, SCI 2-3(T), SSS 3-4(7), Band 7 - 3 ( S ) , 4, PB 1-4, BSK 1-4, TF 3-4, VB 4, PC 3-4 (S T) , MUS 4. RICK FORBR1CH BAS 3, BSK 1, FB 1-2, W 3. TONYA FRAMER FL 1, Band 1-4. PARR YL FR1EVLUNV FL 1-2, Band 1-2, 4, TF 3-4, PB 1 - 2 . STEPE FUCHS HS 4, SC 3-4 ( Poa) , CT 3, VECA 3-4 (l P), FL 2, SCI 3, SiMing ChoiA 2-4, PB 1-4, W 1, MUS 1-3, Boy ' 4 State., Who ' -6 Who. GEORGE GLICK BSK 1, FB 4. TERRI MARKER PECA 3-4, FL 1, Band 1-4, PB 1-2. MIKE HARMON BAS 1-4, 8SK 7, Band 7-2. SUE HASKELL SSS 3-4, ChotA 1-4. PEBORAH HAWKINS CAP 3, SSS 3-4. JEFF HENNINGS FL 7-2, Slicing ChotA 1-4 , yG 2-3, ChotA 1-4. KATHY JACOBSON HS 2-4, SC 7, CPP 7, FL 1-2, CAP 3, TF 2, PB 7-4, A££- Ccmtf., G I, PC 3 (S) , G-uiv State. CHERYL JOHNSON AC 7, 4, JRN 3-4, yB 3, PP 7-2. REGINA K1NSLOW HS 2- 3 (S ) 7IWT7 SCT1 FL 7-2, yB 3-4, SCI 3 ( T) , Sw-Eng ChotA 3-4, CtAti ' State, SSS 3-4 IP), CAP 3, PC 3 ( PP) , CJmA 7-4, MUS 1-4. JULIE KLIMCIYK SC 4, CR 4, FL 1-4, T 1-3, ChotA 1-4. KELLY KOONCE SC 1, CS 1, CHR 1-3, PECA 3, 4(P), FL 1-4, Band 1-2, G 1, Who ' 6 Who. LISA LEWIS PECA 3, FL 1-2, BSK 7-2. JANE T LINVSEY FL 1 , Band 7-2, 4. CHRIS LUNVY BSK 1, FB 1. MILAN MALESEPIC BSK 2-3, FB 7-4. TINA McCOWN SSS 3-4, MUS 7-4, ChotA 1-4. LISA McCOWN SSS 3-4, " , US 1-4, ChotA 1-4. CRAIG MICHAELS FL 2-3, BAS 7-3, FB 7-3, W 1-3, JuAOA 4. TAMMy MOORE Band 1-4, PB 3-4. LYNETTE MURRAY FL 2, Band 1-4, PB 1-3. VON NEPERMAN CS 2, 4(R), TF 4, FL 2. STEPHANIE 0GU1N FL 1. JULIE O ' NEIL PP 2, PB 7-2. VICKIE OROSI CHR 1, JRN 4, YB 2-3, PP 1-4, MUS 1-4, Su)ing ChotA 3-4. RHONVA WILSON OWEN PECA 3, yB 3, Band 1. PETE PAPAGEORGAKIS AC 7, FL 1-3, BAS 1. VANNY PETTIT I A 2. CINVY PIERCE PB 7-3. Band 1-4, PEANNA PURCELL ChotA 1-3. YVETTE RAMOS 3. FL I -2 (S) , SHERRY RICH 4. FL 7-2, MUS TONI ROGULA 3-4, BSK 7, CHR 3, PECA ChotA 7-3. KIM SEATS FL 1-2, ChotA 1-3, MUS 2-3. ROB SHEARS JRN 2-4 (EP), %SK J XC 4, Golfi 3-4. BRENPA SLAPIK BSK 4, PECA ' 3. JAy SMELLEY ChotA 1-4, Sw-tng 2-4, MUS 2-3. PEBBIE SMITH HS 2-4 (T), CR 7, FL 7-2, CAP 3, JRN 3, yB 3-4, SSS 3-4, PC 3, TF 7-4, PB 7-2, GtAl V State, Honorable Mention Ati American TF 1 983, Who ' -i Who, Juaoa 4. JOE SORIA HS 4, CP 2 6 4, Band 7-3(P) 4, BAS 7, T 7-2, Boyi ' State. LARRY SPELLER IA 2. LISA STAPLES ChotA 1-4. SSS 3-4, STEVE STATON AC 2, 4, FB 7, W 7-2, ChotA 1 . SANVY STURGELL PECA 3-4, ChcuA 7-4, BSK 7. TIM SULLIVAN BSK I, XC 3-4, FB 1-2, TF 2-3. JEFF SWIVER AC 3, FL 1-2, FB 1-4. KELLEY SYKES SC 1 , CT 1 , CHR 1-4, FL 1 (PP), CAP 3, SSS 3-4, Band 1-4, Swing ChotA 1-4, GTaLs ' State, ChotA 2, 4, MUS 1, 4. BILL TALLENT SC 4, FL UP), 2 IP), Band I -4 ( P) , CPP 4, IA 3. VICKIE THEWS FL UP) 2 JRN 4, T 1-3, PB 1-2. 6 2 KEITH TOLBERT FL 1-4, SCI 3. MARC VASQUEZ BAS 1, BSK 1, FB 1-3, TF 2. TERR ' S WIESEMANN BAS 1, 3-4, FB 1, BSK 1. JEFF WILSON VECA 3-4, FL 1-2, BAS 1, FB 1-3, W 1-3. MIKE VANEZ SC 1, 3-4, CR 1, CS 3, CT 4, AC 1-2, FL 1, l[VP), SCI 3, CAP 3, BSK 1. RUSSELL V ARRINGTON JR N 3, FB 1-4, TF 1, W 1-4. VEBBIE VOCUM BRAVO CR 2, VECA 3, VB 1-2. TOM ZMIERSKI HS 2-3 IP) 4, SCP 4, CVP 2, FL 1-2, VB 3-4, SCI 2{P), 3, PC 3 (l P) f Swing Choifi 2-4, ChoiA 3-4, BSK 1-2, Goli 1, 3, T 2-4, Boy’ 6 SicUa, CAP 3, Who’ Who, MUS 1-4. JESSE ZUNIGA FL 1 , VB 3-4, PC 3, IA 3, BAS 1-3, XC 3. Best Dressed Kelly Koonce and Steve Fuchs to Succeed Debbie Smith and Tom Zmierski Biggest Flirts Benita Capps and Russell Yarrington Most School Spirit Kelley Sykes and Mike Yanez- 64 Most Mischievous Lori Brant and Tom Imhausen Most Humorous Julie Klimczyk and Tom Imhausen Model Seniors Kelly Koonce and Tom Zmierski Most Athletic Debbie Smith anc Hansi Fazekas Friendliest Hike Yanez and Julie Klimczyk Dependable Hike Yanez and Angie Fokianos Shortest Tallest Keith Tolbert and Kim Seats Cutest Couple Donna HcCafferty and Don Nederman STUDENTS GOVERN E„S. Each April the senior class selects students to replace a city official for one day — Government Day. These students first must get a petition to get on the ballot, and they are voted on by the senior class. On Government Day the city officials show the students their offices and some of the things each person does. After a trip on the fire truck or in a police car, the students are treated to lunch by the city. Pictured above is Judge McCafferty, Clerk Treasurer Kinslow, Mayor Soria, and City Attorney Koonce. Other seniors involved were B. Tallent-police chief, P. Papageorgakis-fire chief, S. Staton- public works, A. Fokianos-park superin- tendent, B. Alvarado-h.s. principal , C. Lundy-ass ' t principal, R. Yarrington- animal control, and city council members-J . Atchison , B. Ellis, M. Filipas, C. Michaels, D. Sederman, K. Sykes, and J. Wilson. Staton, Anderson, and Lundy act crazy. 70 MAEKS 50 YEAES Graduation 1984 marked the end o $ high school or 119 Lake Station stu- dents and the beginning ofi 119 new lives. It marked the thind genera- tion ofi the Michael family gradu- ating firom Edison, the golden anni- versary or. Lake Station school s, and the 50th graduating claAA firom Edison High School. The Edison band played the pro- ceAAional ; both Awing choir and con- cert choir oIao performed. The presi- dent o $ the claAA, Joe Soria, welcomed everyone. Vebbie Smith, the claAA salutatorian, gave her speech about letting your goal guide your future, followed by the valedictorian address by Tom Zmierski. The gym was filled with graduate a, parent a, relatives, and friends. Tom Imierski presents his address. DEPARTMENT AWARDS Science Kathy Jacobson Bausch and Lom b ' Aivan Tom Zmlenskl PoweA Mechanics Albent Ayala GeoAge Gllck Chnls Lardy Jim stui± Nempapen CheAyl Johnson R obent Sheans The Student Council Scholanshlp Angela Foklanos Lions AuxIHoa u Scholanshlp Regina Kustoai T he Edison Hlgl - phoo l ScholaAsIrov ; Tom Z: : tiki ' Elk . i Sch cans hip AmAd an hip A mieA kl Tom Z Jaycees Lei ten PolnteA AmAd RTbe tTsT H Sunshine Society Sch otan ' . ' r ' Kelley Sykei S uslness Typing 1 - Vina CantenbuA y Bob UAyckl Typing 2-Shella EllenbeAgen Venice Stanley VeaAbook Senvlce A mAd Regina Kinston) Vebble Smith Tom Zmlenskl Jesse Zuniga English Geo Age Gllck Regina Klnslon) CAalg Michael Vebble Smith Tom Zmcenskl A At Mike HaAmon Pete PapageoAgakl s Joe SoAla Home Economics Vickie Bean Misti Blankenship Vickie Pyle. s Athletic Sch Glen Oak s Com i Ray EdwanM P Athletic Sckor rishlp University of, Nebnaska VECA Scholarships Steve Fucla Kelly Koo Ice Hooslen Scholamhlps KatHy J action | Tom Zmienslu VAama Latino Honcnany Centlj Rlc fiandlSa M AudAa Cervantes Melissa Cenvante s Gonzalc Ponce Joe Sonia VeJUa Soto cate s Chnls Kaye CholA At oaAds GIaI 1 Ensemble- LauAa Pomale Sa. Glnls ' Ensemble- Ll a McCown Sa. Concent CholA MembeA-Tom Z mlenskl V.iledlctonlan AmAd Tom Z mlenskl SalutatoAlan AmAd Vebble Smith V . A. R. A.caAM Regina Klnslow Calumet CollegenBook AmAd | Cheryl Hodge VanfioAth Foundation AmAd Tom ZrnleAilm A menlcan Legion AwaA d Kelley Sykl Joe Sonia Student Athlete AmAd Vebble Smli Je i SuldeJ Activities AmAi Angle F oklanos Steve Fuel ' Elks Essay Co Mercedes The Sempen F lde£$% Amnd Joe Sonla John Philip Sags a AaiaAd Lynette ,, Ho no A Roll A iax Vina Cantu Melissa Cr antes Penny GAegon BaAAy Jenkins ] Scott May iMunaco leth Rlz s | ihamment T Sc Neural Sllaghl I ie Smith oto ides Soto ‘ Julia. UAbanek lTom Zmcenskl 74 GIRLS BASKETBALL ; MVP Vickie BolleA BeAt FAee ThAow ShooteA ShaAon ShewmakeA Mental Altitude TeAeAa Kappos Most ImpAoved MeAci Soto Senio TAophy Angie Fokianos BOYS BASKETBALL MVP Nick MoAikiA MVP S Nick MoAikiA AwaAd Ray EdwaAdA Mental Altitude Stacey Tokach Best Ve{ensive Chet LewandowAki MoaI ImpAoved Jody Wadding SenioA TAophy Rob SheaAA GIRLS TRACK MVP- Field Events Vebbie Smith Jill Triaeg QA MVP- RunneA Most ImpAoved TeAeAa KappoA Mental Attitude Amy SchammeAt SenioA TAopky Angie FokianoA boys track ft — vf 1 Ml P J ' Hyon Su Kwak . Mental Attitude Mike GibAon BASEBALL Te$ky WieAemann Mental Altitude SenioA TAophy Muke HoAmon PuAdue UniveAAity Recognition Regina KinAlow Vebbie Smith PuAdue- Calumet Recognition Shaken Rich Taylor i UniveAAity TruiAtee ScholaAship Steve Fuchs Manchester College Scholarship Angela F okianos St. MaAy oj the Woods College Scholarship Angela Fokianos PAesidential Academic and F itness AwoacIa Steve Fucks Regina Kinslow Kathy Jacobson Tammy MooAe Connie Pe Aez Vebbie Smith Tom ZmieAAki ATHLETIC AWARVS VOLLEYBALL MVP Top SpikeA Most ImpAoved Mental Altitude SenioA TAophy SenioA TAophy SenioA TAophy Kathy Jacobson Vickie Jo Bolles Sheila EllenbeAge a A my Goodwin Vonna A ndeason Moaj BuAAiA Angie Fokianos FOOTBALL MVP ( Joel Mock AwaAd) O ensive Back Mo At ImpAoved Vefitnsive Lineman Defensive Back mntal Attitude 0 pensive Lineman [F Aank ChesteA AwaAd) Special Team 14 PlayeA SenioA TAophyM SenioA TAophy£t SenioA. TAophy SenioA TAophy SenioA Taophy SenioA TAophy Hansi Fazekas Ron CAosley Jody Wadding John SheppaAd Chet Lewandowski Ruaa YaAAington Jefi{ SwideA Milan Males evic CuAliA CanteAbuAy Mike FilipaA Rob FIacua Erie Eaton Geo Age Glick Mitchell CoopeA BOYS TENNIS £ " X M tntal Altitude MOAt ImpAovt WRESTLING MVP Mqfst PinA f MQa t ImpAoved ntal Attitw nioA TAophy CROSS COUNTRY MVP Mental Attitude Mo At ImpAoved SenioA TAophy SenioA TAophy ChAiA KayeA Tom ZmeeAAki I H Neil Sullivan Tony RobleA EAik Jacobs on Jim MuAAay RuAA YaAAington Neil Sullivan Tim Sullivan Keith GruxAak Ray EdwaAdA Rob SheaAA GIRLS TENNIS MVP GOLF MVP MoAt ImpAoved Connie GAeeA John Vube John SykeA 75 Enlc Adam s Rodney A ndeASon Jack Arnold Juan AAocho ShaAle A-i pAos Albenl Ayala Scott BakeA Tina BalbeA i lckle Bean Gene BedlngeA ChaAles BelcheA John Bennett Misti Blankenship Vebble Bolin Edith B iett LauAa ButleA Catherine ByeAS Wendl Byens Janie Campbell Amanda CaAA 77 Ronald CaAA Ann CaAteA AudAa CehvanteA l anu-ia CeA vanteA Mike. Chlldi Suzanne demand NuAla Comb Vic to A Comb Mcfee Conaway LauAie Coon SheAAy Cyphlan Janet VeUaAla Pam Vobn.owol kl John Vube Bill Vuncan Janeece Eddy Sheila EllenbeAgeA Shlnley EllenbeAgeA Bill Fazeka Beth Flllpa 78 Vonna FoAemAki JameA FAale.y Lancia Fa end EmJjviz FuenieA B Aad GalbAaltk Kevin GaAbe A William GaAy Kim Ge.nlAy Mike. Gibbon Melina Giogomki Amy Goodwin Pee GAeg on Michael Hall LoAi HaAtman Keith. HawkinA VaAAyl Hayvoood GaAy Hicki TeAAy HickA CheAyt Hodge. LiAa JohnAon 79 Vi. on KambouA A TeAeAa KappoA ChAdA KaXAafiaAOA ChAiA KayeA Angela Keathley Benny K-ing Steve Kleine MaAiXza LauAeano Chet Lewandomkt Kathy Lewandoou ki Vonna Ltnt T ecu ha LUteJU ZidiaAd Mackenzie Vonna Mattock TeAeAa Mat 4 EdcUe Me Ca enty Robtn MLtam ChaAity M HZeA Von M ItteA 80 Kendee MiZl.en. Vave MUIa R on M okol Nick MoAikiA Patty Moaa B ecky Howland JameA NuAh HectoA NuAAa Hit, Ay Oaoaz M aAy PapageoAgakiA MaAty Paxton Viana PeA.cz Cindy PeteAAon Ralph Pidgcon V ictoAia PochA.cn Vawn PottA Vickie PyleA Botch R ado Geo Age Rainey Mike Rambo 81 LoAi Rubbing Michael Sadoiuki John SheppaAd ShaAon ShemakeA Kallie Skezcu Jason SpcaAj, Venue. Stanley Knuti Statum Bill SteaAnA Rex Stitls Kau Stone Jim Talmadge Can Tankeasley J Aenda Thompson Voug Thompson Melody Thompson Mike Thompson Stacey Tokach MaAia T sahas Jessie Tuttle 82 Sofa UAycki Shinle.y 1 andeAAlee.n CoAa VaAqu z Dwayne Via Alan Vizena Kfiibta Viz ena Bevenly Vuaon Jody Wadding Joe Wand Je 4e Weldon ChAit, WeAtmoneland Uichelle Wheelen. Stave White TeAAy Wickham Dawn Wie emann Sandee Wineland CLASS o. FIl ' ERS : Rachel PuAcell- gitti ' Aep., Bev Vuc on-iecAe- tan.y, Rob BelcheA- pAeAident, Bob U nycki-vice pute . , Maa. McBAide-Apon- 40 A, Jim NuAh- VieaAuAeA, Jim Talmadgc-boy a ' Acp. 83 Janeece Eddy and Rachel PuAcell ane steady to go home. GaAy SandeAS and Patti M oss spend a lot o l tone to- geXhe a. Danny ClvildeAS, 8 Alan UosteZlo, and Dwayne Via AeZax lo i a minute In wood shop. Missy Oaosz Is always talking. 84 85 Vana VZzhZ HzZzn VZ nkZzman Stzvz ViAnzy RichaAd. VZxon LaAAy VzZubZa 8 iXZ EbznX CoaIol EdwaAcU, John EkznAzaiA KzZZy EZZzfifi Van EZJLZa W aynz EZJUa CoaoZ EpZzy GAztchzn EAAZingeA Shanz EvanA VanZzZ FAonzak Bob FAy Kim FAy KngZz GaAAiAon Ratty GZbAon ChAiA GiAh Celeste Gonzalez Joe Gonzales Ken Gaos ham Connie Gneen Vean GAegoAy Lii a. GhJ.nd.eA Robin GhlndeA Keith GAusak Jon Gumulauskl SheAllyn HamaAa CoaoI Hamilton John Handley Becky Hudson EhJk Jacobson Veanna Johnson John Kahaglannakls Kah.en KUmczyk Kim KUjnczyk Bahb KAysa Hyon Su Kirnk 88 « I V ' vJ J Je KuAAay Jim MuAAay Vave. Neuman lionlque New-iom Tammy Noe Tommy Woe LaAAy Niuh LauAa Ontlz Robbie Paxton Glnny Peek Sean Pe izo Paula Peteuon ChAli R ado Nikki Rati ton HectoA RoaoaIo E lizabeth Rlzoi lAma Sanchez GaAy Sande u, Amy SchammeAt Rich Schllnk Ron Shell Micky SlngeA MeAcedeA Soto StuaAt SpeaAA Ch vL 6 Spence a J ulie Stanley Beth SttllA Tammy StAine Nell Sullivan John SykeA Jon Talmadge ChAlA Taylon. John Taylor ChaAlotte Tippet JeU Tippet Jill Tnaegen Jodi TuthlZZ Tom l anatta SheAyl JandeAAteen Kmy 1 an Sickle Hope Ml cteAy Vonny Plz ena Kim ( ucAon Pee WaZJU T. J. Webb Paula WeAt Pan Whiteman JeH Wilt iamA Paul WilltamA Suzle Wilson Bob Ulosut EaIc WylleA CLASS OFFICERS : Sack: MeAcedeA Soto- tAe.aAuA.eA, Amy SchammeAt- pAeAldent, Bob P Ay- boy a Aep., Mindy BakeA-giAlA Aep. Sitting: Connie GAeeA-vlce pAeA., Maa. KlawAon- AponAOA, Kim [ ucAon- AecAetaAy. 91 92 93 MaAibel VelbAey Kicia Venney Lynette Vepew Woody Vepe k» Jackie VillaAd Jackie V fuAcoll MicheZZe Pa be Cathy Vuncan Amy VunJtap Paul EbeAwein Basib EZZenbeAgen IKicheJULe Evan Atien Pazekcu, SheAAy fAcuiey SheAAy GaAAiguei Rhonda Geo Age Adam GAay Penny GAegoAy BAenda HaAtman Tina HendeA on 95 96 LlAa Robinson Luz RodAlguez LlAa R OApleAAkl ChnlA Sadelack Je.fi 6 SandeAA Ch Al ty SchammeAt LaAAy SchumackeA GAeg SheaAeA Randy Shell KaAen Sllaghl Kathy Slade James Smith Steve Smith Vella Soto Rhonda SpuAgeon John Stacy Tim Stone Leann StAlckland Ken StAlngeA MellAAa StuAgell o8 V. Randy Weldon i Hike. W iee£eA Vanny lulkiXz Vale. WilLLami JeAAy lUoodaAd GeAAi (jJsutghX Suzann blAobleuiiki. Ch uj)ty Zlzba h TcLchMz Zizba CLASS OFFICERS F Aont: FLich LCe Z-teba- giAt6 Azp., Jim ThoAne.-pA.ZA . , ShzAAy FAalzy- AZCAztaAy. CkAiAty Zi.zba-vi.cz pAZA . , ClaAa ttosUkslb - tA ZOA UAZA . Ha. KAizgeA-AponAOA. 99 JUNIORS NOT P1CTURLV Janet Heintz Pat Jack on Joe MaynaAd Connie NedeAman Vavid NedeAman Steve Nemome Rachel PuAcetl GAegoAy Rogyom T Aoy SeatA Bnian Smith Bill ToAAeA Elizabeth Wydmon SOPHOMORES Vick AlcoceA Vave C ao fat Ron CAotley Bob Cauz J im CuAtiA ChniA Fnizzeil NoeJl FuenteA Buddy GilieApie Tina Hein Elizabeth JohnAon RichaAd JoneA Tina McClaAan Anthony RobleA Von With elm FRESHMEN Adam AlcoceA Bufafay A Ad GAady BiAhop John ClemanA Chuck FazekaA Matt JohnAon Eddie Loza Apnil Mauney Gonzalo Ponce Vavid Rich Tim SeatA Lance Smeliey Steve WalkeA Meiiua White FRESHMEN - Front: L. Smelley, V. Vargas, R. Cannon. Middle: P. Pacheco, J. O ' Boyle, S. May, B. Crosley, J. Vespo, T. Villarreal, M. Walker. Back: M. Jenkins, B. Thompson, B. Taylor, J. Thorne, Coach Kincaid, J. Clemans, J. Monacy, D. White, J. King. VARSITY 6 Calumet 0 0 North Judson 29 7 Hammond Gavit 37 7 River Forest 14 35 E.C. Washington 0 7 Rensselaer 21 6 North Newton 7 8 Kankakee Valley 35 0 Knox 29 18 Hammond Clark 14 J.V. 12 North Newton 8 0 Wirt 14 6 Knox 18 0 Kankakee Valley 6 0 Lowell 43 6 River Forest 12 Malesevic and Curtis (above) await play- ing time. Sideline play seems dull. Coach Peterson studies the game. 103 V A A A A T ¥ The 1983 football team found itself short on ex- perience but not lacking desire and effort. With only 3 returning lettermen, many new faces had to fill the playing positions. The season started off on an excellent note when the young Eagles surprised Calumet 6-0. The game ' s only score came on a 97 yard pass between Wadding and Lewandowski. A bit of disappointment during the first half of the season was a tough loss to River Forest 14-7. However, the team bounced back with a big 35-0 whitewash of E.C. Washington. The team fell on hard times after that, but finished the season on an upbeat note winning the " Parents Night " game over Hammond Clark 18-14. A last sec- ond pass to Kwak sent the fans home happy. For the year Crosley rushed for 921 yards and 7 TD ' s. Lewandowski caught 17 of Wadding ' s 35 pass completions for 442 yards while senior Swider led the team with 52 solo tackles. Next year ' s team will have to replace some other fine senior players such as strong safety Yarring- ton, fullback Fazekas , centers Filipas and Canter- bury, guard Fiscus, tackles Eaton and Malesevic and ends Glick and Cooper. -Coach Peterson Eagle defensive line prepares to tackle Gavit. Grasham and Filipas watch from the sidelines. Kwak brings in the play for the Eagles. 104 Front: K. Miller-mgr Robles, R. Crosley, Stanley-mgr. , J. Cur H. Kwak, K. Grasham, Coach Borisenko, E. S. Evans, C. Spencer Fiscus, J. Thorne, S dropped, N. Bianco, dropped, B. Taylor, M. Walker, T. Villarreal, J. Ekenseair, R. Yarrington, T. . Jenkins, S. May, J. Talmadge, E. Busch-mgr., D. Wiesemann-mgr. Second Row: J. is-mgr., C. Frizzell, B. Gillespie, J. Sheppard, D. Thompson-dropped, M. Filipas, J. King, D. Kamboures, B. Crosley, R. Pidgeon-mgr. , C. Moore-trainer . Third Row: iton, J. Wadding, M. Malesevic, M. Rambo-dropped , G. Glick, M. Thompson, M. Cooper, T. Noe, Coach Dorulla, Coach Safstrom. Back: Coach Peterson, T. Matlock, R. Disney, C. Lewandowski, H. Fazekas, C. Canterbury, J. Swider, D. Goldsmith- )ach Watts. Off season dedication was the primary factor for this year ' s team success. Even though we were undefeated and won a sectional championship it is going to take more dedication and discipline if next year ' s team is to challenge for a regional championship. If the state had class rankings for tennis I am sure our team would have been one of the top five teams in class AA. With the loss of senior Zmierski, that seventh man will be a key to how far next year ' s team can go. -Coach Hayes Front: A. Fazekas, C. Miller, J. Dube, C. Kayes, T. Zmierski. Back: Coach Hayes, J. Fraley, K. Hawkins, B. Fazekas, S. Baker, C. Fazekas, Mgr. Arocho. Not Pictured: G. Atchison, B. Ebert, J. Sykes, and B. Urycki. 106 L. S. OPPONENT 5 Lowel 1 0 4 Hammond Gavit 1 5 Hammond Clark 0 3 Hobart 2 5 Wirt 0 5 Gary Roosevelt 0 5 North Judson 0 5 Horace Mann 0 3 Calumet 2 4 M.C. Marquette 1 4 Griffith 1 5 River Forest 0 4 West Side 1 3 Chesterton 2 5 Wirt-Sectional 0 5 E.C. Roosevelt-Final s 0 1 M.C. Elston-Regional 4 Kayes serves a winning point. VOLl YAALt The girls ' volleyball team lost five of their first six matches by two points or in overtime. It was really hard to gain the confidence or momentum after that, but the girls continued to work hard in practice. The team was young at varsity experience. Hopefully next year we will turn everything around and start off strong. -Coach Green Kathy Jacobson goes for a spike. Delia Soto watches Sheri lyn Hamara bump the ball, (opposite) 108 VARSITY Front: K. Jacobson, V. Bolles, A. Goodwin, C. Hodge, T. Kappos, M. Soto. Back: Coach Green, S. Ellenberger, D. Anderson, A. Fokianos, M. Burris, S. Ellenberger. •LV- Front. S. Hamara , P. Gibson, C. Zieba, R. Zieba, D. Soto, C. Scharnmert. Back: Coach Shively, S. Wroblewski, D. Bradford, K. Ellief, T. Noe, C. Edwards D. Maddis. ’ North Judson VAR T JV L Valparaiso L L Whiting L L Lowell L L Kankakee Valley L L Merrillville L L Rensselaer L W Griffith L L Hammond Clark L L North Judson L L Chesterton L L Lew Wallace W W Washington Twp. Andrean W w L Portage L L North Newton w L River Forest w W Calumet L L Hobart L L Bishop Noll Hammond Noll L L 109 WftUTUHb VARSITY - Front: E. Jacobson, J. Murray, G. Ponce, V. Combs, N. Sullivan, R. Cannon. Back: Coach Dorulla, R. Yarrington, R. Forbrich-dropped , C. Spencer, M. Cooper-dropped, S. Evans, A. Lara-dropped, A. Robles, Coach Good. Not Pictured: S. Anderson, M. Childs, D. Koby, D. Mills, B. Thompson. The very young varsity team ' s record was 6-5. Our goal was to achieve a winning record which we accomplished. Six wrestlers finished with winning records: Jacobson 12-9 at 105 lbs. — Murray 15-11 at 112 1 bs .— Sul 1 i van 24-4 at 119 lbs. --Combs 15-10 at 132 lbs.— Robles 19-7 at 145 lbs.— Mills 11-9 at 167 lbs. Sullivan has a two-year record of 46-11 and placed first in the Lake Central tourney, conference tourney, and sectional tourney. Yarrington, the only senior, was injured early in the season. -Coach Dorulla L.S . OPPONENT 51 Hanover Central 10 44 Wirt 27 46 Andrean 18 30 Kankakee Valley 45 17 Griffith 47 23 River Forest 31 31 North Newton 30 48 Horace Mann 27 40 Hanover Central 41 24 Whiting 49 J.V. - Front: L. Smelley, S. Anderson, T. Anton, T. Villarreal, D. Vizena, A. Gray. Back: S. Spears-dropped, M. Alexander-dropped, J. Sanders-dropped, D. Davis-dropped, D. Koby, T. Corbett, B. Crosley-dropped , Coach Good. iii 5 S VARSITY - Coach Shiplove, N. Morikis, R. Shears, J. Wadding, S. Tokach, R. Edwards, K. Grusak, T. Wickham, B. Fazekas, S. Baker, C. Lewandowski, Coach Hayes . The highlight of our season culmi- nated in the conference title game with Kankakee Valley. Our best statistic for the year was the team ' s defensive points-45.5 " per game. We also kept our opponents to a 39% shooting average from the field. Offensively we averaged 50.95 points per game. From the freethrow line we shot 60.7% — 238 from 392. Morikis led the the team in scoring with 290 points (14.5 per game). Edwards was the leading rebounder with 6.6 per game. Lewandowski led the team in assists with 5.4 per game. He also accounted for over half the team ' s steals with 72. The statistics explain some of our strengths and weaknesses which led us to a 14-7 season. -Coach Hayes Nick Morikis (opposite) drives toward the basket. Chet Lewandowski shoots for two. Ray Edwards goes up high for the shot. Chuck Fazekas jumps for the tip. Jody Wadding concentrates on a free throw attempt. L.S. OPPONENT 48 Whiting 22 41 River Forest 38 33 Wheeler 35 53 Hammond Clark 33 38 Griffith 34 40 Valpo Ben Franklin 56 44 Kankakee Valley 41 27 Valpo Ben Franklin 41 44 Harrison 42 36 Hanover Central 32 39 Horace Mann 41 34 Calumet 37 32 Lowel 1 31 35 M.C . Elston 42 33 Chesterton 35 36 Wirt 29 33 Portage 31 31 M.C. Rogers 61 36 Chesterton 38 VAR JV 44 41 Merrillville 61 27 59 45 Morgan Twp. 28 32 49 59 Hammond Clark 32 37 51 36 Lowell 40 29 28 31 Portage 36 28 43 41 Hanover Central 40 37 52 33 River Forest 39 41 44 55 Hobart 45 36 45 61 Griffith 43 26 59 40 Culver Military 31 23 61 53 North Judson 40 30 57 48 North Newton 44 38 49 61 Calumet 39 30 66 37 Whiting 33 36 66 48 River Forest 32 33 Hobart 45 36 66 61 Kankakee Valley 45 37 45 44 Chesterton 37 39 67 46 Rensselaer 32 26 57 47 Hammond Gavit 52 45 30 39 Calumet 114 Kneeling: Hyon Su Kwak, R. Crosley. Standing: S. Disney, J. Monacy, C. Fazekas, T. Wickham, S. Lattanzi , T. Noe, B. Fazekas, R. Shears, M. Jenkins, Coach Glover. Kneeling: J. Vespo, P. Pacheco, V. Vargas, P. Eberwein. Standing: M. Jen- kins, D. White, C. Fazekas, Coach Hepp, J. Monacy, A. Fazekas, T. Hill. i M © « m sP The girls ' varsity basketball team finished with a 5-13 record. It was a building year for the Lady Eagles who saw five seniors graduate from last year ' s squad. Next season with more exDerienced players the team hopes to improve its record and be a con- ference contender. -Coach Green VAR OPPONENT JV 19 62 Andrean 29 8 39 30 River Forest 19 15 31 69 Chesterton 41 9 44 42 Kankakee Valley 21 9 49 42 Boone Grove 20 6 31 42 Rensselaer 30 24 38 51 Hanover Central 31 21 40 52 North Judson 30 12 25 47 Calumet 36 19 29 65 Valparaiso 51 12 47 43 Wheeler 14 21 39 35 Hobart 24 20 32 57 Merrillville 53 13 40 76 North Newton 28 18 38 49 Portage 44 27 37 59 Hammond Gavit 19 11 38 43 Griffith 29 18 37 59 Hammond Clark 24 52 Andrean (Sectional) VARSITY - Kneeling: M. Soto, V. Bolles, C. Greer. Standing: Coach Green, M. Baker, S. Shewmaker, l. Tuttle, A. Fokianos, D. Foremski , S. Clemans, T. Kappos, Mgr. M. Thompson. J. V .- Coach Llewwellyn, C. Robinson, D. Soto, M. Baker, M. Soto, D. Foremski, D. Madas, C. Miller, C. Matlock, R. Cruz, M. Dube. Not Pictured: J. Jenkins, P. West. W • " Carla Matlock (top left) shoots over a Chesteron player. Mellisa Tuttle (above) goes up for two points. Vicki Bolles (left) gets trapped by two defenders. Front: T. Seats, S. May, E. Jacobson, N. Sullivan, D. Nederman, T. Sullivan. Second Row: Coach Krieger , R. Crosley, W. DePew, T. Sullivan-dropped, J. King, T. Anton. Third Row: V. Combs, C. f Kayes, H - Kwak, M. Childs, G. Ponce, D. Friedlund , C. Katsafaros . ® Back: T. Matlock, M. Conaway-dropped , C. Spencer, K. Grusak, T. Noe, M. Gibson, T.J. Webb, S. Evans-dropped, C. Belcher. Dual Meets 4-3 Triangular Meets 1-3 Griffith Indoor 4 th Kouts Invitational 4 th Lowell Relays 2th RF Fosh Soph Invitational 1st NWHC Conference 4th NEW SCHOOL RECO RDS :45.7 400 Meter Relay Ron Crosley-Chris Kayes ■ - 1 Mike Childs-Hyon Su Kwak :3:37.95 1600 Meter Relay Chris Kayes-Mike Childs- Hyon Su Kwak-Bob Worst 1 18 Kayes flies over a hurdle. Gibson paces himself. Kwak strives for his winning jump. (Opposite page) Crosley pushes ahead. 119 rai 9 V9VV1 Front: M. Santel-dropped , A. Schammert , C. Schaimert , M. Soto, T. Kappos . Second Row: A. Garrison, D. Bolin, J. Traeger, D. Smith, M. Glogowski , M. White, J. Stanley. Third Row: Coach Schmeltzer, J. Urbanek, S. Bruno, P. Gregory, C. Hodge, D. Soto, L. Rey-dropped . Back: S. Garrigues-dropped , C. Tippett, S. Wroblewski , D. Bastin, A. Fokianos , L. Tuttle-dropped, D. Maddis, D. Foremski . AAAAAA LL VARSITY - Front: C. Frizzell , J. Sheppard, D. Thompson, A. Ayala, M. Harmon, C. Lewandowski , L. Dziubla. Back: Coach Glover, T. Wiesemann, S. Baker, J. Wadding, E. Wyller, D. Kamboures , R. Moss, B. Gillespie. The overall record for our season was 10-18. Our confer- ence record was 4-4 which gave us a second place finish. Next year there will be 13 returning lettermen. -Coach Glover Front: J. Vespo, J. Murray, P. Eberwein, R. Cannon, P. Pacheco, G. Atchison. Back: B. Taylor, B. Galbraith, J. Monacy , J. Thorne, M. Jenkins, Coach Hepp. 122 123 I £ M N I S Front: M. Cervantes , S. Fraley-dropped, P. Gibson, L. Strickland, L. Arocho, J. Jenkins, R. Zieba. Standing: Asst. Coach Henry, A. Goodwin-dropped, J. Klimczyk-dropped , C. Greer, V. Thews -dropped , K. Statum-dropped , M. Baker, B. Vucson- dropped , Coach Hayes. The 1984 Varsity Girls ' Tennis Team consisted of four freshmen and three sophomores. Starting at HI singles was Connie Greer, it 2 -Mindy Baker, and tt3-Richelle Zieba. Number 1 doubles was Missy Cervantes and Patty Gibson, with tt2 doubles being filled by Leticia Arocho and Julie Jenkins. Connie Greer led the team with six wins while Richelle Zieba collected four. The teem finished with a record of 4-10, but the outlook for the future looks promising. -Coach Hayes Connie Greer returns with power. 124 Mindy Baker reaches for a serve. Julie Klim- czyk uses her two-hand backhand . Patty Gibson and Riche lie Zieba team up together. 12 5 fiAA S AAttNTAY OPPONENT L.S. Hanover Central W Whiting L Wallace W Wirt W Morgan Twp l Boone Grove W Wheeler L Hebron L Andrean L M. C. Rogers W River Forest L Hobart L Gary West W L to R: R. Shears, T. Sullivan, S. Tokach, L. Nush, R. Edwards, T. Sullivan, M. Gibson, V. Combs, K. Grusak, N. Sullivan , N. Morikis , and Coach Close. Not pictured: H. Alexander, M. Childs, M. Hall, S. Lattanzi, G. Ponce, T. Wickham and B. Worst. G. Ponce, T. Sullivan, and V. Combs race for first. A team huddle psychs up the runners. 126 Coach Loscaro, J. Sykes, J. Dube, B. Urycki , R . Pidgeon, R. Shears, Coach Peterson. John Sykes and Bob Urycki play their best shots. The 1983 golf team finished the season with a 5 and 9 record. The team was paced all year by Junior Dube who was low med- alist. The linksters will lose only one man — Senior Shears. The remainder of the team will be returning next year. -Coach Peterson 127 fiAUAS AAA SPIRIT FRESHMEN : C. Zieba, S. Fraley, K. Sykes, R. Zieba, D. Hutman. J.V. : S. Ellenberger, D. Potts, P. Gibson, T. Kappos, K. Vucson. 1 28 i Varsity cheerleaders and yell guys (B. Fry, M. Childs, J. Ekenseair, and E. Eaton) work together. Kelley Sykes Donna Anderson lead the cheering section. JV cheerleaders jump for a victory. 129 Alissa Peterson (varsity mascot) and Angie Garrison (top) smile pretty. Dawn Potts leads the crowd in a sideline cheer. Patty Gibson jumps for a victory. A M A A N A POM PONS: Front - K. Vucson, P. Moore, L. Cox, L. Frencl , H. Dinklemen. Back - A. Cochran, E. Rizos, M. Glogowski, J. DeMaria, C. Tippett. ADVERTISING 947-1591 Realtors 3- SAVE MORE PLAZA 1651-4 37th Avenue Hobart, IN 46432 FRED LARSON S FAMILY RESTAURANT baau E- U • S • 2D 2L43 Portage Mall Oflothec CjooAe Schools, One. " WE CARE WE EDUCATE! " ANTHONY CIFALDI , Administrator Gary and Portage, IN (219)962-1689 or 762-4441 Rhame and Hallett ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 925-C. CENTRAL AVENUE LAKE STATION, INDIANA 46405 962-8614 $ £Jt7fZS £Jt3CX SX tV303T,3X 132 BEST OF LUCK FROM: EAST CARY CONCRETE PRODUCTS. INC. duality Concrete Blocks-i Brick-i Stone-i Masonry Material " Insurance Company Bob ,,AT ‘ ' ' M Jonaitis Agent Bus: 962-1700 962-5995 3725 Central Avenue Lake Station 2599 Dekalb Street Lake Staticn 9 IK (6405 962-1167 Hours : 7 a • m .-11 p • m • 7 Days a Week For Your KEY MARKETS Shopping Convenience TbS-1234 3232 Central Avenue Lake Station, IN 46405 LIVERPOOL PRINT 0 HARDWARE Consumers Paint-Hardware Septic Tank Cleaning Service Building Supplies Plumbing Supplies 3320 LIVERPOOL ROAD LAKE STATION, IN 46405 219-962-7579 CALVARY CEMETERY MONUMENTS • MARKERS • MAUSOLEUMS Crematory QUALITY ASSURED Open Sundays Engel Funeral Home Monuments and Markers Engel Memorials, Inc. VERNON R. ENGEL DIRECTOR (219) 762-8595 2700 Willowcreek Road Portage, Indiana 46368 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 - 4:30 Sat. 8 - 12 or by appointment 2701 Willowdale Road Portage 7b2-AfiflS or 7b2- A150 Raymond A. Gerlach-. Manager 133 TATOIME’S INC. TOWING AND TRUCKING RENTALS 24 Hour Towing Phones: 962-1035 Frank N. 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ANDERSON, D.D.S., INC 3520 Fairview Avenue Lake Station, IN Phone: 962-1591 (219)942-2107 (219)931-1212 142 143 144 145 PRISIWED BY: Front j J. Zuniga. Sitting : B. Hudson, D. Gregson, G. Epley, R. Kinslow, D. Smith. Standing : Mrs. French, L. Dziubla, D. Potts, J. Sykes, T. Zmierski. Not Pictured: Rita Donoval (1st semester). The staff has worked all year trying to create a book reflective of the 83-84 year. The process begins with taking pictures, devel- oping negatives, selecting the right prints and the exact size, printing the pictures, glueing down pictures, identifying people and writing informative copy, typing, then more glueing, thinking of headlines, creat- ing headlines, more glueing, and then there is doing some of that over to make it look even better. Dziubla, Potts, and Sykes always enjoy working together on their layouts. Zmierski finds the dictionary helpful on troublesome words during one of his many proofreading tasks. 146 EDISON EAT § IAf f CAPIUEES OIMf) Many people besides staff members helped us out. Thank you faculty and administration — they bore with us when we were late to class or had to work extra time to meet a deadline. Thanks to Mr. Loscaro and Mrs. Henry for taking some pics. Thanks Mr. Dobrich for your creative hand. Bill Cerveny of The Herald was also most helpful. The biggest thanks goes to Wm. Eaton Photography , our official school photographer; Mr. and Mrs. Eaton worked closely with us all year. A lot of people cared enough to make the 8k Edlsonlan special for you — hope you like it! (Left) Epley finds herself at the typewriter a lot as our expert typist, but also has time to do various other layouts as wello UNIIIL jOSTENS

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