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Wide World Photos FINAL EDITION 1981-1982 ALLEN RESIGNS — National Security Adviser Richard Allen resigned, even though cleared of wrongdoing in accepting gifts from Japanese journalists POPE SHOT — Pope John Paul II was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. A Turkish terrorist was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting. ROYAL WEDDING — Worldwide attention was focused on England ' s Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and Lady Diana Spencer, his new Princess of Wales, when they were married in a televised ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral. CHAMPION IN THE RING — Sugar Ray Leonard took the undisputed world welterweight championship after stopping Thomas Hearns in a 14th round TKO. REAGANOMICS WHIZ-KID — Budget Director David Stockman, in trouble over published remarks he made that Reaganomics might not work, offered to resign but was asked to stay on. FINAL EDITION 1981-1982 VOL. 1 PG 2 WINNINGEST COACH — Alabama football coach Bear Bryant achieved a record 31 5th collegiate football victory when the " Crimson Tide " defeated Penn State, making Bryant the all-time most victorious. SINKING FEELING — Destruction occurred in drought-parched central Florida as a series of sinkholes developed. The largest, in Winter Park, swallowed cars, houses, businesses. U.S. tour since 1 978, the Rolling Stones, led by 38-year-old Mick Jagger, played a 10-week concert tour that included 42 performances. It was the Rolling Stones 19th year together. DODGERS TAKE SERIES — After losing the first two games, the Los Angeles Dodgers came back to defeat VIOLENCE IN IRELAND — Unrest continued in Ireland. Belfast was the center of violence as rioting tore through troubled Northern Ireland in the the New York Yankees and take their first World Series title in 16 years. wake of the death of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands. He, along with other IRA members, carried out a hunger strike protest from their jail cells. JOE LOUIS DIES — Known to many as the " Brown Bomber,” Joe Louis died at the age of 66. He was world heavyweight champ fighter from 1 937 to 1949, and was recognized as one of the best heavyweight fighters ever. EDISONIAN 1982 Volume XL I Edison Senior High (School Lake (Station, Indiana I For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: and a time to die; A time to weep, and a time a time to mourn. A time to embrace, and a time and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace. Arts and Humanities Ted Wilkins, Music Ruth Klawson, Art Eulene Morris, English, Dept. Chairman Robert Glover, Soc. Studies, English Steve Georgakis, Social Studies Juanita Rawdon, Reading Ida Marrero, Spanish Thelma Ritchie, English 17 Business and Vocational Walter Koontz, Industrial Arts Jennifer Brown, Business Al Patty, Industrial Arts Jean Wolverton, Home Economics Nancy Frailey, Pre-Vocational Arthur Hartley, Industrial Arts, Dept. Chairman 19 Sciences fx % V. Charlene Shively, Mathematics, Computers Cynthia Billheimer, Science Sandra Livingston, Mathematics Tom Peterson, Physical Education Jerry Wilson, Science, Dept. Chairman Math and Chuck Krieger, Health 20 Gary Hayes, Physical Education Joe Loscaro, Social Sciences, Dept. Chairman Bill Dorulla, Science Dayle Green, Physical Education, Dept. Chairman IIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI 23 Board of School Trustees ICIALS. EOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES AND SCHOOL OFF Stephen Timler, Hr. Kosmas Kayes, Hr. W.» w UR DANIEL pRONCZAK, PIr , WlLLI AM LONG AND f iR . LEONARD HOLLAND. ILLIAM Ellis, Hr. Richard Dur[ AMES ;ETT , ; R . ANDERLIN, Hr. William Ellis, president SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES We have just completed another s u c - sessful school year. Many awards were earned and many goals accomplished. Each and every graduating senior must feel a sense of accomplishment in finishing another milestone through this journey we call life. For some of you, this will just be another stepping-stone as you continue in quest of higher degrees of knowledge. For some of you, this will be your last experience in structured edu- cation. Whichever way fate dictates bear one thing in mind, each and every day you will learn something, some good and some bad. Be discerning, use the good and cast away the bad . My sincere prayer for you all is that wherever fate takes you, do the very best that you can for the honor of yourself, your parents, your school and your country. God Bless You! William Ellis, President School Board of Trustees 24 Administration Dr. Kosmas Kayes, superintendent Dr. Stephen Timler, assistant superintendent Hr. Richard Curdett, SCHOOL CITY ATTORNEY administration secretarial staff. Lois Anderson, Linda Vandersteen, Joyce Hodges and Connie Courtney, (sitting) treasurer-bookkeeper. Graduation marks an important milestone in the life of a student; the end of your high school career and the beginning of your adult life. We, as parents and teachers, are asking the graduating seniors to use your education as an oppor- tunity to further your life ' s am- bition -- through more education or employed in an occupation of your choice. In dreaming for tomorrow and making your way through life, ex- plore the direction you are going. It is important that you place proper emphasis on emotions and on your spiritual teachings. If you keep all this in mind, as adults your education will have been worthwhile and you will un- doubtedly find life interesting and rewarding. In closing, I am asking you to remember, " Goodness without knowledge is weak, but knowledge without goodness is dangerous . " K. Kayes, Superintendent 25 School Officials, % 26 Guidance Staffs Tom Campbell, guidance counselor Edith Woodworth, guidance secretary Bonnie Gleason, guidance counselor Rosemary Bonner, communications attendant [ ' ary Crum, school nurse 27 Jo Black, l.d. consultant C. Alan Young, work study coordinator Marcia Bow, librarian Sandra Karaffa, psychologist Helen Martin, library clerk Joseph Loscaro, audio-visual director Thomas Peterson and Gary Hayes, ATHLETIC DIRECTORS Cynthia Billheimer, athletic trainer Eleanor Vanderlfn, attendance activities secretary Gayle Green, assistant athletic director 29 Bus Drivers Linda Reynolds Mar y Statum Della Henefee John Curran Georgia Alvarado f’ARINA VASQUEZ Custodians Dill Haas George Anderson Walter Pysh Cafeteria Staff " elan IE Fazekas Connie Hendricks Linda Clark Phyllis Iioelk Fran Fays uRENDA BoGDON 30 REMEMBERING THE YEAR . , 32 PEP SESSIONS CONVOS 33 HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION Koi Kaym - I ntA.oduc-ti.on John Pe-tez - SchoZaAih-Lp Lea - i RJ.te.hZe. - ChaAacteA Dave Cochran - LeadeAihtp Lynda Talmadge. - SeAvt ce M u . M oAAti - SponiOA HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTEES Kathy Jacobson Angie Fokianos Becky Floyd Lisa Faulkner Jill Epperson Tom Zmierski Debbie Smi th Jackie Morris Sandy Ma r t i n i e Denise Lowe Regina Kinslow 34 CLAM VOLLEYBALL GAME CAROUSEL 36 CAST (in order of appearance) Carrie Pipperidge . R e g i n a K i n s 1 o w Julie Jordan .Debbie Underwood Mrs. Mullin Dr. Seldon.. .Lisa Cretton Nettie Fowler.... . Les i Ri tchie Billy Bifelow.... .Tom Zmierski Enoch Snow .Tim Via Jigger Craig in... .David Cochran Dav id Bascome . . . . Heavenly Friend . Dean Ell iott 1st Pol iceman . . . . .Charlie Hawkins Starkeeper .Tina McCown Louise .Lisa Yanez Enoch Snow Jr. Sailor... .Chris Kayes A r m i n y .Lucinda Gillespie Hannah .Lisa Yanez Penny .Missy Orosz Jenny .Vicky Orosz 2nd Policeman.... . Jay Sme 1 ey Beauties of Europe .Shirley Ell enberger Sheila Ellenberger Ballerina .Dawn Potts Bessie .Kim Sea ts Snow ' s Children.. Arl ene McCown , Jeff Palmateer, Amy Schammert, Lance Smelley, Belinda Thompson Bascombe ' s Children .Arlene McCown Bel i nda Thompson Carnival Troupe.. Gentry, Cheryl Johnson, Kim Seats , Mi ke Yanez Juggler Carnival Boy ... . .Tim Sullivan Ruf f i an Boys .Steve Fuchs Jay Smelley Dancing Girls.... Shirley Ell enberger , Lucinda Gillespie, Dawn Potts, Missy Orosz, Vicky Oros z 37 MOMENTS, PRECIOUS AND FEW 38 JUNIOR - SENIOR PROM 1982 On Saturday, May 8, 1982, 55 couples attended the Junior- Senior Prom held in the school gymnasium. The theme was " Mo- ments, Precious Few. " The prom committee decorated the gym with pa s tel -co 1 o red stream- ers which formed a drop ceiling and two false walls. Music was provided by " Tokyn. " Mr. Long and Mrs. Ritchie, junior and senior class sponsors, attended along with other faculty members and administrators. 39 40 AWARDS NIGHT The Annual Awards Night Program was held at Edison Senior High School on Thursday, May 20th with the following students presented awards. The Valedictorian Award was presented to Ruth Pysh and Sa 1 u ta tor i a n Award presented to Kosmas Kayes. Activities Awards were presented to seniors Charles Hawkins and Jackie Somers . Hoosier Scholarships were presented to Ruth Pysh and Kosmas Kayes in recognition or outstanding academic achievement and superior capability to benefit from a higher education. Latino Honorary Certificates were presented to John Perez, Connie Perez, and Joe Soria Purdue University awarded Certificates of Recognition to two honor students - Lisa Faulkner and Laura Bailey The D . A . R . Award was received by Ruth Pys h . Janine Ruzga received the Cal umet College Alumni Book Award . The American Legion Awards went to Kosmas Kayes and Lisa Faulkner. Office Assistant Awards were presented to Terry Wiesemann, Ernest Cyprian and Sandi Martinie. Department Awards were presented to the following students : Science - Ruth Pysh Industrial Arts - Chris Handley Journalism - Yearbook - Jackie Morris, Chris Handley, Mike Kadish, Marlene Taber, Terri Arnold. Newspaper - Jackie Morris, Chris Handley, Bill Strickland, Jackie Somers, and Gary Barber. Most Valuable Staff - Jackie Morris Business - Typing I - Amy Shearer Linda Gibson Typing II - Denise Lowe Shorthand II Most Improved - Becky Floyd- Outstanding - Lynda Talmadge John Philip Sousa Band Award - Matt Noel and Jill Epperson. The Student Council Scholarship was received by Lisa Faulkner and the Lions A uxiliary Scholarship went to Jill Epperson . Partial Scholarships were received by: Charles Gilmore - Indiana Central Bill Strickland - Ball State Jill Epperson - Indiana Central 41 Cheerleader Awards were presented to: Varsity - Becki Floyd, Lynda Talmadge, Cindy Mitchell, Kimm Sykes, Jan i ne Ru zga Jr. Varsity - Kelley Sykes, Kelly Koonce, Kim Taylor, Janet Campbell, Donna Anderson FRESHMEN - Sheila Ellenberger, Shirley Ellenberger, Dawn Potts, Cheryl Hodge, Kristy Statum, Lori Hartman Girls Varsity Squad - Juli Timler, Missy Orosz, Sandi W i n e 1 a n d P om Pon Awards were presented to Elaine Shuttl eworth , Lisa Yanez, Teresa Johnson Laura Scheuer, Vickie Orosz, Juli Timler Connie Biter, Julie O ' Neil, Lisa Faulkner, and Beth Blossom. Honor Roll Awards were presented to Jill Epperson, Kos Kayes, Sandi Martinie, Jackie Morris, Ruth Pysh, Lynda Talmadge Paul Cochran, Denise Lowe, Janine Ruzga Steve Fuchs, Kathy Jacobson, Debbie Smith, Tom Zmierski, Charles Belcher, Gary Hicks, Cheryl Hodge, Brenda Thompson Beverly Vucson. Perfect Attendance Awards were presented to ( Sen i or s ) Robbie Blair, Stan Maddux, Kevin Tolbert, Terri Arnold, Becky Kell, Sandi Martinie, Jackie Morris, Ruth Pysh Sherry Rainey (Juniors) Ross Blackwell, Frank Covelli, John Krill, Brian Moreland, Ray Pidgeon, Steve Rizos, Roland Shadrix, Mike Stills, Lisa Cretton, Kim Curtis, Debbie Grothaus, Amy Shearer, Mary Wyller (Sophomores) Mitchell Cooper, Ernest Cyprian, Erik Eaton, George Glick, William Tallent, Terry Wiesemann, Mike Yanez, Tom Zmierski, Milan Malesevic, Benita Capps, and Toni Rogula (Freshmen) Juan Arocho, Scott Baker, Charles Belcher, Chris Kayes, Eddie McCafferty, George Rainey, Terry Wickman, Sherry Cyprian, Janet DeMaria, Sheila Ellenberger, Shirley Ellenberger, Robin Milam, Victoria Pochron, Mary Pa pa geor ga k i s , Dawn Potts, Rachel Purcell, and Shirley Vandersteen. 42 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Fa. ont: Mali Ann Lu.it , tA.eaiuA.eti; Becky Ke.ll, t eeA.eta.Aij ; Michael Kadiih, boyi ' AepAei entativ e . Back: Sal Vaiquez’ V ' Lce-pAe ident; Jackie SomeAi, giA.lt ' tieptiei entativ e; Jill EppeAion pAendent. ’ SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR: Mtii . Thelma Ritchie SENIOR CLASS FLOAT: " Baitin’ Looie MOST DEPENDABLE : Chuck Gilmo) le, Jackie MoAAii and Jackie SomeAi Senior Sovereignty MOST DRAMATIC: Debbie UndeAuiood and ChaAlei Hawkini MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Ko Kayei and Ruth Pyih MOST HUMOROUS: CUTEST COUPLE: Bill StAickland and DaAla Bolin ChAii Handley and Jackie MoAAiA 45 MOST QU IET : Stan Maddux and Many Bat it BIGGEST FLIRTS: Richard Pouglai and Vicki McClanan MOST ATHLETIC: Von Mathat , Till Eppen on and Vickie Conutock MOST MUSICAL: Becky Kell and Ch.an.let Hawklni BEST PERSONALITIES : MOPEL SENIORS: Mike Kadiih and Shenny Rainey Llia Faulknen and Matt Noel 46 SHORTEST AMP TALLEST: TzsiAi Motley and Matt Noel MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Cindy Mltc.he.tl and Van Blanco Donna Terr i Andrea Anderson Arnold Ashby 48 Virginia Greg Jayne Bowen Burris Casko 49 Lisa Tammy Richard Crofton DeVault Douglas 50 Secky LOYD .AURA -OREMSKI Dave Gentry Stuart Gillespie Chuck Gilmore Matt Hamilton 51 Mike Sha RON Marybeth Hennings Hep LER Holland 52 53 Joan Mathis Vicki McClaran Ianiel Cindy Chris Mitchell Mixis ip lOLCHAN 54 PlONACY Terri Mosley Rhonda Nowland 55 Diane Smith Jackie Somers Greg Bill Eric Spears Strickland Stucker Cindy Debbie Todd Subart Subart Szabo Leslie Taber 57 -Ynda Kevin Mike ALMADGE lOLEERT TRAVIS |ark UTHILL ! EBEIE Sal Ronda ' NDERWOOD VASOUEZ VlCTERY 58 Joann Wiesemann Patti WlNELAND Shelly Wilson Ken Woelk Cindy Ayala Charles Banks Kim Earnes J ow Bean Robbie Blair Jeff Coppinger David Cuellar Ken Cuel lar Hike Edwards James Earner Chet Hendren Park Henley Ron Hertaus Aimee Hursey Mike Janis Carol Kettoig George Klimek Sarai Laureano Mari Ann Luis Anna Pasley Lisa Piper Doyle Pemel Gordon Richie Esther Rocha Martin Rosas Robert Scwidt Mark Stahl Tony Svantner Jeff Thiel Deanna Thompson John Walczak Jim Walker Robert whisenant (en Whitten jARRY Wydmon 3 am Wydmon (aren Zakrzewski Angie Yanez Andrew Zook 59 Laura in Europe Laura Bailey, Edison High exchange student, spent her senior year attending an academic school in the Netherlands. Her " family " in Holland is the van der Lee ' s, who have a veterinary practice which serves the local farming community. Laura also toured other parts of Europe including Paris, France. 62 JUNIOR CLASS (Above) JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Fnont: Elaine Shuttle - wonth, vlce-pneildent; Randy billion, boyi ' nepneient- atlve; Teneia Johmon, i ecnetany . Back: Janlne Ruzga, glnti ' nepneientatlve; Klmm Sykei, pneildent; Stacey Batten., tn.eaiun.en. ( Le£-t) JUNIOR CLASS SPONSOR: Ma. La nny Long [Betoui] JUNIOR CLASS FLOAT: " Eaie on down to a Ulctony " Tom Abies Susan Alderson Wendy A1 1 en Armando Ayala Gary Barber Sheryl Baird Mellody Bellamy Ross Blackwell Henry Bowen Lisa Bowman Gail Brazeau Tammy Brewer Tina Brewer Lisa Bryan Stacey Butler Darin Cable Jerry Cafin Tim Calhoun Mike Carr Janet Campbell Kim Childers Lisa Chi rco Karen C ifaldi Patti C i h a 1 Mark Clarr Stacey Clark Brenda Cobb David Cochran John Comstock Frank Covel 1 i Richard Cox Lisa Cretton Steve Cunningham Juanita Curtis Kim Curtis Danny Littell Dan Lopez Denise Lowe Greg Luis Diane Maza NO PHOTO AVAILABLE David McCollum Paul McKamey Mike Mays Rick Michaels Brian Moreland Tony Mostello Jim Newsome Kathy Niloff Fred Noe Bob Nush Curtis Oates Joey 01 son Lisa O ' Neil Dave Peach Dave Peksenak Tina Perez Ray Pidgeon Rod Potts PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE SORRY, NO PHOTO Greg Reynolds Melissa Reynolds Linda Rickard Lesi Ri tchie Stephanos Rizos Debbie Robb Jimmy Robinson Paula Robinson Mike Rodriguez Ramon Romantico Chuck Rub i no Bill Rushing Janine Ruzga Debbie Sanford Laura Scheuer Roland Shadrix Amy Shearer Gary Shewmaker Elaine Shuttleworth Mary Ann Sizemore Dave Smith Margaret Snawder Karen Stanley Kim Statum Mike Stills Sherry Sweeney Kim Sykes Marlene Taber Mark Tarnowski Kim Taylor Dan Thews J u 1 i Timl er Edgar Todosijevic Scott Tokach Karen Tracy Anna Tsahas Chris Tsaparikos Jan Turek Robin Turek Dennis Tuttle Kathy Underwood Steve Urycki Tim Via Eva Victery Tim Villarreal Pam Vizena Kristen Weidman Joy Westmoreland Robin Wheeler x PHOT O W ' No I Available ' V A ' ■ .S Terry Wilson Tony Wilson Mary Wyller PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Lisa Yanez Stewart Zook John White Galen Whitledge Becky Willi ams Randy Williams Randy Wilson 70 SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Fh ont: Pebble Vocum, gih.it ' hzphzt znt- ativz; Joe Sohia, phZiidznt; Von W zdzhman, t zchztahy . Back: Tom Zmizhiki, vicz-phz idznt; Bhock Alva.ha.do, thzaiuhZh; Van Egoifr, boift ' hzphzt zntativ z . Jane Alexander Michelle Alexander Brock Alvarado Donna Anderson Toni Anderson Jacque Atchison Richard Baez Larry Barber Rodney Bel i 1 es Tracy Bell Rhonda Bennett Connie Biter Vicki Bol 1 es Tim Bowen Lori Brant John Brooks Darren Bryant Marj Burris Dina Burton Mike Cal houn Curtis Canterbury Benita Capps Robert Carter Danny Childers Mary Childers Gregory Cobb Julie Coleman Cindy Collins Mitch Cooper Mike Crisp Janet Curtis Ernest Cyprian Tim D i 1 d a Darold Donnelly Rita Donoval Cindy Droke Eric Eaton Martin Edwards Ray Edwards Dan Egolf Dean Elliot Don Elliot Becky Ellis Hansi Fazekas Mi ke Fi 1 i pas Robert Fiscus Angela Fokianos Rick Forbrich Tonya Franek Darryl Friedland John Frizzell Stephen Fuchs «JW- NO PHOTO AVAILABLE SORRY, NO PHOTO PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Linda Gibson Lucinda Gillespie George Glick Darryl Goldsmith Terri Harker Mike Harmon Sue Haskell Deborah Hawkins Jeff Hennings Kathy Jacobson Barry Jenkins Cheryl Johnson Ricky Johnson Veronica Johnson Jerry Jones Regina Kins low Julie K1 imczyk Kelly Koonce Joseph Kwel 1 Becky Lay James Lewis Lisa Lewis Mark Lickwar Chris Lundy Milan M a 1 e s e v i c Karey Marti n i e Donna McCafferty Lisa McCown Tina McCown James McCray Craig Michaels Christina Molina Tracy Montgomery Tammy Moore Lynette Murray Don Nederman Paula Nelson Monica Nov kov i c Julie O ' Neil Stephanie Oquin Vicky Orosz Mike Ortiz Pete Papageorgaki s Conception Perez Eddie Perez Cindy Pierce Dan Pettit Mike Pruitt Deanna Purcell Rick Reinhard Sharon Rich Mark Richardson Jack Roberts Tony Robison Toni Rogula Phil Saims Kim Seats Robert Shears Sue Sizemore Brenda Slavik Jay Smelley Debbie Smith Joseph Soria Larry Spiller James Staples Lisa Staples Steve Staton Sandy Sturgel 1 Tim Sullivan Karl Sutton Keith Sweeney Jeff Swider Kelley Sykes William Tallent Vickie Thews Brian Todd Keith Tolbert Patti Underwood Mark Vasquez Darlene Warner Terry Wiesemann Jeff Wilson Rhonda Wilson Terry Wood Tom Wood Mike Yanez Russell Yarrington Debbie Yocum Tom Zmierski Jesse Zuniga [ " Sir] PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT available absent . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 79 FRESHMEN CLASS SPONSOR: Mn . Je$6 Kincaid FRESHMEN CLASS FLOAT: " The Longest Vand " FRESHMEN CLASS FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS. F nont: Many Papag eongakii , t ecnetany ; Chanity Mullen, genii ' nepnei entative . Back: Nick Monikii , vice- pneiident; Kim Gentny, tneaiunen; Chnii Kaye , pne ident. Not pictured: Bob Fny, boy ’ nepnei entativ e . J “ John Dube William Duncan Janeece Eddy Douq Egolf Shei la Ell enberger Shirley Ellenberger Billy Fazekas Beth Filipas Donna Foremski James Fraley Linda Frencl Robert Fry Beatriz Funentes Bradley Gal brai th Kevin Garber Veronica Garza Kimberly Gentry Michael Gibson Melissa Glogowski Amy Goodwin Kathy Greenaae Dolores Gregson Michael Hall Donna Hampton Lori Hartman Keith Hawkins Darryl Haywood Gary Hicks Robert Hobbs r 81 Cheryl Hodge Lisa Johnson Vicky Joziak George Kamboures Chris Katsafaros Chris Kayes Angela Keathley Benny King Richard Lambert Dean Lapasinskas Isreal Laureano Maritza Laureano Chester Lewandowski Kathy Lewandowski Donna Lint Teashi a Li ttel 1 Richard Mackenzie Ginger Mansfield Donna Matlock Teresa Mays Eddie McCafferty Robin Milam Charity Miller Donald Miller Kendee Miller David Mills Nick Morikis David Nederman Connie Nederman 82 Steve Newsome John Nicholson Rebecca Nowland James Nush Hector Nussa Melissa Orosz Barbara Owen Scott Palmateer Mary Pa pageorga k i s Marty Paxton Dan Peach Diana Perez Cindy Peterson Gail Pidgeon Ralph Pidgeon Victoria Pochron Dawn Potts Rachel Purcell Vickie Pyles Butch Rado George Rainey Mike Rambo Sandi Re i nhard Greg Rogyom Lori Rushing Kurt Sable Mike Sadowski Troy Seats John Sheppard Sharon Shewmaker Brian Smith Jason Spears Denise Stanley Kristy Statum Bill Stearns Jim Stills Walter Stone James Talmadge Danny Tankersley Brenda Thompson Doug Thompson Melody Thompson Michael Thompson Stacey Tokach Taryn Torres Maria Tsahas Jessie Tuttle Robert Uryck i Shirley Vandersteen Dewayne Via Edgar Vivian Alan Vizena ABSENT . . . PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Krissy Vizena Beverly Vucsan Jody Wadding Joseph Ward Jesse Weldon Susan Werner Christie Westmoreland Calvin Wheeler Michelle Wheel er Steve White Terry Wickham Dawn Wi esema nn Ronnie Wilson Sandee Wineland Elizabeth Wydmon NO PHOTO AVAII ABLE Eric Adams Rodney Anderson Jack Arnold Juan Arocho Sharon Aspros Albert Ayala Scott Baker Gene Bedinger Charles Belcher John Bennett Dorothy Berrier Misti Blankenship Debbie Bolin Vince Bowman Edith Brett Cynthia Brewer Laura Butler Wendi Byers Amanda Carr Ann Carter Joel Cherry Mike Childs Ernest Clark Michael Conaway Laurie Coons Sherry Cyprian Janet Demaria Pam Dobrowolski Paula Dobrowolski PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE NO PHOTO AVAILABLE D.E.C.A. Honor Society D.E.C.A. CLUB. Fnont: V ebbie Gn.otha.ui , Tammy Bmuzn , Me.li.ua Reynold. , Patti Lay, Mike Kadiih, Li a Pipen and Tina Bnewen. Back: Mn. Kincaid, ipomon, M aniann Sizemone, Kniitine Itleidman, Rowland Shadnix, Matt Hamilton, Fnank Fait, JoAnn Wieiemann and Kanen Tnacy. HOMO R SOCIETY. Fnont: Lynda Talmadge, Janine Ruzga, Liia Faulknen, Kathy Jacobion, Sandi Mantinie, Jill Eppemon , Ruth Pyih, Jackie Monnii , Veniie Lowe and Regina Kinilow. Back: Becki Floyd, Dave Cochnan, Tom Imiemki, Koi Kaye , Tim Via, Matt Noel, Angie Fokianoi, John Penez, Lei i Ritchie and Vebbie Smith. Not pictured: Mm. Monnii, ipomon. 88 French Club Student Council FRENCH CLUB. Row 1: Julie. Klim czyk, Becky Ellii , Regina Kimlow, Venice Stanley, Kim Seati , Mn. Vobnich, ipomon, Bev Vuaon, Randy Wilion, Bill Tallent, Ennie Cyprian and Kendee Millen. Rout 2: Linda Fn end, Chenyl Hodge, Mania Tiahai, Kathy Lewandowiki, Bill Vuncan, Rachel Puncell, Kniity Statum, Jim Talmadge , Vonna A ndemon, Connie Bitea, Michelle Wheelen and Kniity Ueitmoneland . Row 3; Janet VeMania, Mania Kanagiannakii , Anna Tiahai, Tnacey Cann, Shenny Cypnian, Vickie Them, Juli Timlen, Teneia Johmon, Connie Penez, Chnii Kayei, A my Good- win, Vebbie Bolin and Chanity Millen. Row 4: Je(, Henningi, Je (, Swiden, Hanii Fazekai, Mick Monikii , Vave Pekienak, Mike Henningi, M-tfce Cann, Keith Tolbent, Manty Paxton, Angie F okianoi, Melina Gloglowiki, Richand Baez and Chanlei Haw- kini . STUVEMT COUNCIL. Row 1: Elaine Shuttlewonth , Teneia Johmon, Tenni Moiley and Many Papageongakii . Row 2: Chanity Millen, Stacey Butlen, Kimm Sykei, Janine Ruzga, Li a Faulknen, Randy Uilion, Mike Kadiih and Chnii Kayei. Roui 3: Kim Gentny, Connie Penez, Mikel Koch, John Penez, Angie Fokianoi, Jackie Some) n , Vickie Comitock, Jill Eppemon, M anj Bunnii and Sal Vaiquez. 89 Spanish Science Clubs SPANISH CLUB. Row 1: Vicki Solid, Albeit Ayala., Liia Lewit, Lynette Many, Hectoi Nuaa, V on Nedeiman, Jefifi Wilton, Benita Cappt , Maiitza Lauleano, Maiy Papag eoigakit , and Mit . Maneio , Spontoi. Row 2: Lauia Bu tlei, Julie. Lauleano, Shemy Rich, Jacque Atchiton, Kathy Jacobton, Geoige Rainey, lueal Lauleano, Kim Gently, Kim Statum , Connie Peiez, and Pete Papageoigakit . Row 3: Donna Lint, Saiai Lauleano, Vebbie Smith, Ciaig Michaelt , Vanyl F lienlund, Mike Hall, Joe Gaiiiton, Steve Fucht, Vean Elliott, Von Elliott, Tom Zmienki, and Gayle Evam . SCIENCE CLUB. Fiont: Maly Wyllei, Ruth Pyth, Jill Eppeiton, Chaiity Millei, Maly Papag eoigakit , Connie Peiez, Randy Wilton . and Michelle Wheelei. Row 2: Maij Builit, Tom Zmieitki, John Peiez, Vean Elliott, Angie Fokianot, Joe Ganito n , Stephanot Rizot and Kim Gently. Not pictuied: Ml. Wilton, tpontoi. 90 Industrial Arts Journalism I NVUSTR1 AL ARTS CLUB. Row 1: Kim Gentry, Vincent Johnion, G leg Luii , Tom A blei , Jcae Zuniga, Frank Covelli, Ron Blackwell, Gang Shewmaker, Albert Ayala, George Rainey, Van Vammarell, and Joe Olion. Row 2: Mike Mayi , Curt Canterbury , Larry Spill er , Vave Engle r, Scott Baumgardner, Fred Noe, Greg Reynolds, Chuck Rubino , Mike Rodriguez, Mike Filipa and Henry Bowen. Row 3: Jerry Ca in, Vave Haun, Rick M ichaeli, Joe Garriion, Chrii Tiaparikii , Van Pettit, Brian Moreland, Ken Woelk, Rick Reinhard, Armando Ayala, Bill Rushing, Steve Cunningham and Gary Hampton. Not pictured: Mr. Hartley, ipomor. JOURNALISM STAFF. Sitting: Chrii H andley, Mary Bart, Jackie Morrii, Jackie Somen, Marj Burrii and Bill Strickland. Standing: Ramon Romantico , Charlei Gregory, Gary Barber and Rob Shean . Not pictured: Mi. Vargo, ipomor. 91 Yearbook 92 Iciockuiiie (5 nom above te t) SPORTS: Tanya K enjic and Van Bianco EV1T0RS: Chnii Hand-icy, J ackie MonJvii and Hike Kadiak FRESHMEN: Mike Haiti and Gany Hicki JUNIORS: ManZene Taken. AOI ISOR: Mi . Janet VaAgo Iclockwiie {Aom above lefit) FACULTY S ADMINISTRATION: M aAlene Tabe A and Vicky 0AO6Z ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mike Halt, Goa y Hie In and Phil Saimi ADVERTISING: Mike Kadi h, Tanya Kenjic and TeAAi AAnoid CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER S SENIORS: ChAii Handley, Jackie MoAAii EVENTS: TeAAi AAnoid and Jackie MoAAii ( not pictuAed) SOPHOMORES: Vicky Oaoaz and Rodney Belilei ORGANIZATIONS: Diane Smith and Tammy DeVault 93 Row 1: Klmm Sykez,, Luo. Vanez, Lu.cu.nda. Gillespie, Regina Klnilow, Le U Ritchie, Joy UuXmoJi nd Jay SmeUey and Hike PauIII. Row 2: Vicky Onoiz, Metodle GAay, Vicki M cClatcan, Lana Uttlejohn RaXU UndeAwood, Vave CochAan, JeU Henning 4 , GAeg G ieeA, Ron R out and SheAAy Ruck. Row 3: Wc. Tun Mom. IdyAectoA) , Viane Madcu, Joan M alhli, Vebble SanloAd, Tina B AeweA, ' Vonna A ndeAAon, Kelly Sykei, Lli a Bnyan, LUa Caellon, Kim CuAlli and Julie Kllmczyk. 94 • H Band CONCERT GAWP. Row 1: Lynzttz Mu.SLA.ay, Kathy JacobAon, Rhonda WZZAon, RobZn MZZam, Pawn PottA , ShtAZzy EZZznbzAgzA, JuanZta CuAttA , Stazzy ButZzA, Wzndy AZZzn, Tammy Mooaz, and ConnZz Pzazz. Row 2: TzAAy HaAkzA, LauAa ButZzA, Vzbb-iz BoZZn, Joe SoAta, M zZZAAa GZogowAkZ, MZkz ChZZdA , Matt NozZ, A ngtz FokZanoA , CatAtna M oZtna, Rod PottA, Jtm TaZmadgz, KzvZn GaAbzA, ChaAZzA HawkZnA and Bzcky KzZZ. Row 3; ChzAyZ Hodgz, Tanya PAanzk, Ctndy PZzacz, Bzcliy EZZZa , VoyZz RzhmzZ, Kztth HawkZnA, Vanny TankzAAtzy , Ctndy PztzAAOn , M tkz llandZzy, BtZZ TaZZznt, Stzoz Fuchi, VaAAyZ FAztdZund, EAtk Eaton, VZzktz ThzwA , KzZZy SykzA, CHaZa KayzA, JtZZ EppzAAOn , GAZg LuZa , MaAk TuthZZZ, KAtity l Zzzna, ChaAZzA BzZchzA, Bob UAyzkt, Ltz Uydmon, UaAj BuaaZa and MaAt Ann Luti . 96 97 Student Aides LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Row 1 : Vebble Haulkl ni Pete PapageoAgakli Melody Bellamy Joy Ueit noaeland Row 2: Goa y 8 aAben. Gall Baazeau Dave Haun Ray Pldgeon tOuiten Ueldman Leil R Itchle CHOIR ASSISTANTS JOURNALISM 6 GVM ASSISTANTS Phil Salmi and Vean Elliott Jackie Monxli, Ruth Pyih and Jackie Sormexi CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS Row 1 : Viane Maza Pee GAeg on SandAa ReinhaAd LoAi BeAAieA Row 2: Tina McCown Ga£en Whitiedge Gait Pidgeon Lisa PipeA LXia McCown GUI VANCE OFF ICE ASSISTANTS Row 1: Vebbie San oAd Kim Hampton Vonna Lint Cindy VAoke Pcuttt Lay EAnest CypAian Pam CypAian Row 2: Mike HaAmon MaAk CtaaA R obeAt Fisciu Lisa CAofiton Sandi MaAtinie Eddie PeAez Pam Wydmon INVUSTRIAL ARTS ASSISTANTS Row I : Van VammaAetl lEtnce Johmon Row 2: Mike Mays GaAy SheumakeA Row 3: Mike Janii Keith Sweeney Scott BaumgaAdneA Varsity Cheerleaders VARSLTV CHEERLEADERS . Kneeling: Lynda Talmadge and Kimm Sykei . Standing: Janine Ruzga, Cindy Mitchell and Becky Floyd. Yell Guys yCLL CUVS. Top: M-tfee J anti, and Je Henntngi. Bottom: Ktp Uolchan, Oaoe. Coch cr. and Jcr Caution . 103 Pom Pons 105 Volleyball GIRLS ' l ARSITV VOLLEV BALL TE AM. Enont: Coach Gtieen. Row 1: Robin liheele ' i, K-tm CuAtii , Pebbie Robb, Pebbie Smith, Sandi MaAtinie and Vickie Cori tock. Row 2: Janet Campbell, T eAAi M o ley, Ruth Py h, Liia O ' Sleil, Kim Statum and Liia CAetton. This year the girls ' Varsity Volleyball Team ended their season with a 11-13 record. In conference play they tied for second place with North Judson. The team also finished second in the Hobart Tourney after losing the final games to Hobart by points in over- time. Overall it was a good season. Eight of the 13 games they lost went three games. Vicki Comstock and Sandi Martini e were selected to the A1 1 -Conference Volleyball Team. Kim Statum was selected Honorable Mention. 106 J.V. VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Row 1: Shlnley- f Me, a be Vebble Yocum, Kathy L uiandoui kt, Sharon Shewmaken. Row 2 : Ml iy Ono z, Shelia Ellenben gen, Amy Gooduiln, Eva Vlcteny, Knl ty Statu m and Coach Shively. Row 3: Jacquc Atchl on, Kathy Jacobson, Connie Pcn.cz, Chcnyl Hodge, Kim Gcntny and Vickie Bolla. 107 Girls ' Basketball GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. K-Lm Lai.vhe.ad, Amy SheaaeK, Ltia O ' Metl, Ruth Pyih, Kim Cuntli, Vickie Com tock, Sandl Mantlnle, Jill Eppemon, Kim Statum, Pebble Robb and Coach Gneen. 108 109 Girls ' Tennis GIRLS ' TENNIS TEAM. Kneeling : Kim Lauihead , Amy Sheaaea, Ve.bb.ie. Robb, Beth FilipaA, Kim Taylon, and Bev VucAon. Standing: Coach Lohaei, Julie Klimczyk , Kim Statum, Sandi Mantinie, Vickie The wa , and Cheayl Hodge. 1 93 2 GIRLS ' TEN MIS PE CORDS Team record : 5 w i n s , 7 losses Aware s : Most Va 1 uabl e P 1 aye r - SANS MARTIN IE , Most Improved- ANY SHEARER , Co ac h 1 s Award - BEV V ' JCSON Girls ' Track GIRLS’ TRACK TEAM. Kneeling Brenda Thompion, Toni A ndesuon, Wendy Allen-Manag en. , Vonna Matlock, Kathy Jacobion, and Ll a O ' nlel. Stand- ing: Jill Eppenon, Kfiliten Weldman, Vicki Jo Solid, Vebble Smith, Coach Vandealln, Melina Glogomkl , Ruth Vy h, Kim Cuatli , and M anj Bua i li . Not pictured: Shaaon Shewmakea , and Jail Tlmlen.. Ill Varsity Football VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. Row 1 : Ro-6-s Blackwell, Je OJllion, Tim Sullivan, Curtl Canterbury , Greg Lul , Joe Ol on, Mike Flllpa , Run Yarrlngton and Mike J anl . Row 2: Swlder, Bob W u h, Ken Whitten, Sal Vaiquez, Randy William , Han l Fazeka , Craig Michael and Armando Ayala. Rou) 5: Coach Petenon, Milan Male evlc , Dave Gentry, R odd Poll , Chuck Gilmore, Vannle Guebert, Von Mat ha , Mike Carr and Coach Krleger. Rou) 4: Coach Vorulla, Brock Alvarado, Vave Cochran, Chuck Rublno , Todd Flllpa , Mark Va quez, Scott Baumgardner, Jim Scheuer and Vave Smith. 1981 FOOTBALL SENIORS The 1981 Eagles football team had some excellent senior talent. Led by fullback and team M.V.P. DON MATHAS the team played some exciting football. SAL V AS QUE Z , a wide receiver, was the most improved player this year. TODD FILIPAS and JIM SCHEUER were the outstanding linemen. MIKE JANIS, mental attitude winner, was also a two-time choice as all-conference. Other seniors were: center DAVE GENTRY, tackle SCOTT BAUM- GARDNER, cornerback KEN WHITTEN and tight end CHUCK GILMORE. Congratulations to these athletes for a job well done. INDIVIDUAL TOTALS TEAM TOTALS Rushing Passing Receiving Interceptions . Scoring Points Tackle Points. .Steve Fry (775 yards) .Dan Guebert (54 for 132 and 7 T.D. ' s) .Mike Carr (15 for 351 yards) .Chuck Rubino (4) .Steve Fry (30) .Mike Jan is (84) Rushing 1145 yards Passing 791 yards Points 101 (15 Touchdowns) First Downs 89 Passes 56 for 146 Offensive plays. .419 P.A.T. ' s 11 112 1 981 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORDS OPPONENT LAKE STATION 1 9 Lowe 1 1 0 20 North Newton 18 7 Rennsselaer 6 35 North Judson 7 44 Culver Military 7 8 Knox 1 4 29 Kankakee Valley 21 28 River Forest 14 8 Whiting 14 Season Record- 2 wins, 7 losses J.V and Freshmen J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM. K neeling: Jeff Suiidei, Je Wilton, Tim Sullivan, Cult Canteibuiy , G teg Luii , Mike. Filipat, Run Vain ington and Armando Ayala. Stand- ing: Block A Ivaiado, Bob Nuth, Vave Cochian, John Comitock , Milan Maletevic, Rod Potti , Vave Smith, Haiti Fazekat, Claig Michaelt and Coach Kiiegei. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM. Kneeling: John Sheppaid , Veuiayne Via, Vaiyl Hayu ood, Allen Vizena, Rodney Andeiton, Albeit Ayala, Nick Molikit , Scott Bakei, Bi ad Galbiaith and Chet Leuiandouitki. Standing: Gieg Rogyom, tyike Thompton, Vavid Millt , Stacey Tokach, Jody W adding , Mike Rambo , Jaton Speait, Geoige Rainey, Vion Kambouiet , Ed McCa eity , Chlit Stone, Elik A dami and Coach Good. Not pictuied: Coach Sa itiom 114 115 Cross Country CROSS COUK ' TRy TEAM. F Kont aow: Mike Stllli , Vaoc P kiZnak, Jill E ppetion, Faank Coozlll, Gafuj lllcki , Coach Cloiz. Sack n.oui: Koi Kaijzi , S-teve Lln.yck.1, Scott Tokach, M-tfce Hznnlngi , Scott Hlcki , Roland Shadalx, and Mike Hall. 116 Boys’ Tennis BOV ' S ’ TENNIS TEAM. Kneeling: Bill Eazekai , Steve Rlzoi , Matt Noel, Tom Zmlemkl, Keith Hauiklm . Standing: John Vube, Chain Kayen , Jim Eaaley, Joe Sonia, Jefifi Copplngea and Coach Mayen. Varsity Basketball wins NWHC SOYS ’ VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. Coach llaijei , Tim Via, Sieve Ufujcki, Scott To ' iach, John Conutock, Hike Uenningi, Von Mathai , Matt Noel, Mike Can.fi, Van Guebent, Ken Cuellan, Koa Kaijei , Chuck Rubino, and Bill Vuncan, mana gen. 1981-82 ARS1TY BASKETBALL Season Record 13 - 8 Conference Record 5-0 NWHC Champi ons 1st Conference win in school ' history Morgan Townshi p 64 - 47 W Culver Mil i tary 69 - 24 w lowel 1 50 - 49 w Boone Grove 48 - 50 L Portage 54 - Cl L Hanover Central 5 4 - 33 W i Hobart Tourney River Forest 54 - 43 w Lowel 1 55 - 60 L Michigan City M 66 - 55 W Griffith 67 - 47 VJ Knox 58 - 51 w North Judson 54 - 47 w W i r t 50 - 61 L North Newton 62 - 40 W Kankakee Vail ey 70 - 69 W (DO) River Fores t 65 - 7 3 L Hobart 67 - 57 VJ Hammond Tech 46 - 50 L Renssel aer 75 - 67 W Chesterton 43 - 64 L Sectional Merrillville 4 - 75 L DAN GUEBERT: 1st Team All Conference, 1st Team All Sectional. 333 po i n ts for the season , average 15. 8 game, 1 9 7 rebounds. high game - 33 points against Renssel aer MIKE CARR: 1st Team All Conference. 231 points for the season, average 14.05 game, 32 points high game against Kankakee Valley DON MATH AS: All Conference Honorable Men- t i o n . KOS KAYES: All State Academic Team, Hon- or able Mention. COACH HAYES: Selected as Coach of the year in the Northwest Hoosier Conference . 119 120 J.Vand Freshmen BOVS ' J.V. BASKETBALL TEA! 1 .. Coach GloveA, Bod Gonzalez, Vave Pekicnak, i ‘Ulan Kale.ie.vic, Raij Eduiafidi , Staceij Tokacli, Hitch CoopeA, Tom ImieAiki, BaocIz AlvaAado and Ha Ah TaAnouiiki. BOYS ’ FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAK. Kneeling: John Vube, Jim TAaletj, Keith llawkim , VaAAtjl Hajuiood, BAad GalbAaith, TeAAy fickham, Scott Bake.A an! Cob UAifcki. Standing: Hick HoAihii , Chet LetvandooJi ki , Jodij fatting, Gene CeJdingeA, Coach Hepp, Mike Rambo , Bill Fazekai, John SheppaAd an! Mike Cibion. 121 Wrestling l ARSm WRESTLING TEAM. Kneeling: Mike Stllli, ChKli Ka gut., J e (5 ? t Eion, Ru44 Valuing ton, Flank Co izZZl and Todd Szabo. Standing: Coach Volulla, Mike Janli, Stuait GIZZeiple, Roland Shadilx, B ilan Moreland, Mike MIZZi , Ron Good and A 44 E 4 - tant Coach Good. J . V . WRESTLING TEAM. Kneeling: Vo ag Thompion, Cialg Mlchaeli , Chili Kaye 4 , Ru44 Vaiilngton, Albeit Ayala and Vlon Kambouiei . Standing : Voug Egolfi, V euiayne Via, Roland Shadilx, G leg R ogyom, Vavld McCollum , Mike Sadouiikl, Steve Staton, Ed McCa eity and Coach Good. 123 GOLF TCAU. Fnont: Bob Unijck-i, John Vote, and Ralph Pddgeon. Back: Coach llcpp, Gave Pe.kne.nak, Chn -Li Kaija and Hank Tuthd.ll. 124 Boys ' Track BOV ' S ' TRACK TEAM. Rou) 1: Enne. t Cypnlan, Tim Sullivan, Vanny Tankeiiley, Steve Fly and Flank Covelll. Rom 2: Block A Ivaiado, Jim Stllli , V avid McCollum, Ham. L Fazekai, Maik Va quez and Mike Chlldi . Rom 3: M fee Hall, Scott Hlcki, Bialn Moieland, Mike Can, Fled Hoe, Stephana Rlzoi and Coach Voiulla. Baseball l ARSITy BASEBALL TEAM. Kneeling: iiiiitant Coach Ron, Je Copp ingeA, Hike Stiltt, Chuck R utU.no, John Sheppasid, Hike Janii and Gaeg Rogyom, manages i. Standing: Coach Kl Patty, Van Bianco, Chuck Gitmoae, Mike. Henningi, Matt Noel, Stan Maddux, Jody Wadding and Bob Uu h. 193 2 V ARS. m BASEBALL STATS Team Record: IT wins, 15 losses Conference Record: 4-6 Individual Awa rd s : Batting Average- CHUCK GILMORE .311 Most R.B.I.S - MATT NOEL 15 Earned Run Average - CHUCK GILMORE 2.69 Mental Attitude - DAN BIANCO ’• MIKE JANIS MVP - CHUCK GILMORE 126 J.V. BASEBALL TEAM. Kne.eJU.ng: Chet Leunndowiki, Nick MoAikii, Je Ae Zuniga, Scott PalmateeA, A IbeAt Ayala, Hike Hanmon and GAeg Luii. Standing: Coach GloveA, ChAii Katia oAdi, Vion KmbouAei, Scott Bake A, Pave M Mi, CAaig UichaelA, GeoAge Rainey, Eddie McCa eAty and Cindy PieAce, manageA. 127 ATHLETIC AWARDS 1 981 -82 E D ISON S R. HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC AWARDS OUT S T AN DING SENIOR GIRL ATHLETE STndi Martinie and Jill Epperson VOLLEYBALL Most Valuable Player Sandi Martinie Mental Attitude Kim Statum Most Improved Debbie Robb Best Server Sandi Martinie Best Spiker Vickie Comstock FOOTBAL L Most Valuable Player Don Mathas Mental Attitude Mike Jam ' s Most Tackles Mike Jam ' s Offensive Back Steve Fry Offensive Lineman Jim Scheuer Defensive Back Dan Guebert Defensive Lineman Todd Filipas Most Improved Sal Vasquez GIRLS ' B ASKETBALL Most Valuable Player Jill Epperson Mental Attitude Vickie Comstock Best Offensive Player Kim Statum Free Throw Award Debbie Robb B OYS ' BASKETBALL Most Valuable Player Dan Guebert Most Improved Matt Noel Free Throws Mike Carr Defensive Player Don Mathas Most Assists Chuck Rubino Nick Morikis Award Kosmas Kayes WRESTLING Most Valuable Player Mike Jam ' s Most Improved Brian Moreland Mental Attitude Jeff Wilson BOYS ' TENNIS Most Valuable Player Jeff Coppinger G I RLS ' TRACK Most Valuable Runner Jill Epperson Most Valuable Field Events. .Debbie Smith Mental Attitude Ruth Pysh Most Improved Melissa Glogowski GIRL S ' TENNIS Most Valuable Player Sandi Martinie Most Improved Amy Shearer Mental Attitude Beverly Vucson BOYS ' TRACK Most Valuable Player Steve Fry Most Improved Mike Carr Mental Attitude Frank Covelli GOLF BASEBALL Most Valuable Player Chuck Gilmore Best Batting Average Chuck Gilmore Most Runs Batted In Matt Noel Best Earned Run Average Chuck Gilmore Mental Attitude Dan Bianco and Mike Jam ' s 128 OUTSTANDING SENIOR BOY ATHLETE TTatt Noel BARBARA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 2731 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 962-1042 BARBARA BENNELL JIM BENNELL’S JB AUTO SALES New and Used Cars 2345 Ripley Lake Station, IN 962-7543 Compliments of : feiinav not need a bank at 3:00 ;; in tho morning, fcyiiftincwoyoodo, W U BE THERE! 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Station 962-7558 7901 Taft Merrvl. 769-1212 2522 Portage Mall Portage, 762-5533 137 SENIOR SUMMARY DONNA ANDERSON Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Basketball 2 yrs.. Tennis 3 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr. TERRI ARNOLD Newspaper 1 yr.. Pep Club 1 yr., Yearbook 4 yrs. ANDREA ASHBY Student Council 3 yrs., Foreign Language Club 3 yrs.. Pep Club 1 yr. Science Club 1 yr.. Basketball ' 2 yrs Track 2 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr. LAURA BAILEY National Honor Society 1 yr. , Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Pep Club 2 yrs.. Choir 1 yr.. Basketball 2 yrs.. Track 1 yr., Volleyball 3 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. CHARLES BANKS Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr. KIM BARNES Skating and Bike Riding MARY BART D.E.C.A. 2 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Newspaper 1 yr.. Basketball 1 yr., Tennis 1 yr.. Track 1 yr.. Volleyball 1 yr. TIM BAUMGARDNER Industrial Arts Club 4 yrs.. Football 3 yrs . , Golf 2 yrs , . JOHN BEAN Industrial Arts Club 4 yrs. SUSANNA BELLAMY Choir 4 yrs., Jr. Miss 1 yr. BOB BERRY PI ays Gu i ta r DANIEL BIANCO Yearbook 1 yr.. Baseball 4 yrs.. Cross Country 1 yr. ROBBIE BLAIR Baseball 2 y rs . BETH BLOSSOM Foreign Language Club 3 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs.. Science Club 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 2 yrs.. Gymnastics 3 yrs. DAVE BOGDON Football 2 yrs.. Wrestling 2 yrs. DARLA BOLIN Pep Club 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 1 yr.. Color Guard 1 yr.. Track 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs.. Student Government 1 yr ANNA BRAYFIELD GREG BURRIS Bike Riding TAMMY CHILDS Foreign Language Club 1 yr.. Pep Club 1 yr., Pom-Pom’s 2 yrs.. Gymnastics 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr.. Choir 4 yrs . VICTORIA COMSTOCK Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Pep Club 1 yr., Basketball 4 yrs., Tennis 2 yrs., Track 1 yr., Volleyball 4 yrs Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. JEFF COP.PINGER Class Officer 1 yr., Newspaper 2 yrs. Baseball 3 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Football 3 yrs.. Tennis 1 yr. LISA CROFTON D.E.C.A. 1 yr. DAVE CUELLAR Football 1 yr. KENNY CUELLAR Basketball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs. TAMMY DeVAULT D.E.C.A. 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 1 yr. RICHARD DOUGLAS Football 3 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr.. Student Training 2 yrs. MIKE EDWARDS Wrestling 2 yrs. JILL EPPERSON National Honor Society 1 yr.. Pep Club 1 yr., Student Council 1 yr., Class Officer 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs., Science Club 1 yr., Band 4 yrs.. Basketball 4 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr.. Track 3 yrs., Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs . FRANK FAST D.E.C.A. 2 yrs., Tennis 1 yr. LISA FAULKNER National Honor Society 1 yr.. Pep Club 4 yrs., Student Council 4 yrs.. Class Officer 3 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs., Pom-Pom ' s 1 yr. Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. SHARON HEPLER Class Officer 1 yr.. Cheerleading 2 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs. Yearbook 1 yr.. Choir 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. RON HERTAUS MIKE FAZEKAS Basebal 1 2 yrs . TODD FI L I PAS Football 4 yrs.. Wrestling 3 yrs. BECKI FLOYD National Honor Society 1 yr., Class Officer 1 yr.. Cheerleading 3 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs.. Pep Club 3 yrs., Yearbook 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. LAURA FOREMSKI JAMES GARNER BETH HOLLAND D.E.C.A. 1 yr., Choir 2 yrs., Volley- ball 1 yr. RITA HURSELL D.E.C.A. 2 yrs. A I ME E HURSEY Student Council 2 yrs.. Yearbook 1 yr.. Choir 3 yrs.. Tennis 2 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 2 yrs. MIKE JANIS Musical 2 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs.. Football 4 yrs., Track 2 yrs.. Wrestling 4 yrs. DAVID GENTREY Industrial Arts Club 1 yr.. Football 3 yrs.. Track 1 yr.. Wrestling 1 yr. STUART GILLESPIE Football 2 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr. CHARLES GILMORE Baseball 4 yrs.. Football 1 yr. MATTHEW HAMILTON D.E.C.A. 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club 3 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., Cross Country 2 yrs. CHRIS HANDLEY Newspaper 2 yrs.. Yearbook 2 yrs.. Football 3 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr. DAVID HAUN Archery, Hunting, 8 Fishing CHARLES HAWKINS Student Council 2 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs., Musical 3 yrs.. Band 4 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr. CHET HENDRON Basketball 1 yr., Golf 1 yr. CONNIE HENDRON Cheerleading 2 yrs.. Tennis 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. MIKE HENNINGS E. Mens ' Club 2 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Baseball 3 yrs. Basketball 4 yrs.. Cross Country 2 yrs . , Footbal 1 2 yrs . KEVIN JOHNSON MIKE KADI SH Student Council 3 yrs.. Class Officer 2 yrs.. Art Club 1 yr., D.E.C.A. 2 yrs.. Yearbook 3 yrs. KOSMAS KAYES National Honor Society 3 yrs.. Band 2 yrs.. Student Council 1 yr., Class Officer 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 4 yrs.. Musical 1 yr.. Baseball 3 yrs Basketball 4 yrs.. Cross Country 1 yr Tennis 3 yrs . BECKY KELL Student Council 1 yr.. Class Officer 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs., Band 4 yrs.. Choir 3 yrs.. Basketball 2 yrs., Track 1 yr Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs., Junior Miss 1 yr. TANYA KEN J I C Home Ec. Club 4 yrs.. Yearbook 1 yr. CAROL KETTWIG Health and Skating GEORGE KLIMEK MIKEL KOCH Student Council 4 yrs.. Cheerleading 2 yrs., Pep Club 3 yrs.. Yearbook 1 yr.. Gymnastics 2 yrs., Powder Puff 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 y rs . SARA I LAUREANO Spanish Club 2 yrs . LANA LITTLEJOHN Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs . , Junior Miss 1 yr. , Choir 4 yrs.. Track 4 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr. KEN LUELLMAN Basketball 1 yr.. Cross Country 1 yr Golf 1 y r . MARI ANN LUIS Student Council 3 yrs., Class Officer 1 yr., Art Club 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs.. Pep Club 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 3 yrs.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs., Tennis 1 yr.. Gymnastics 2 yrs.. Junior Miss 1 yr. STANLEY MADDUX Baseball 4 yrs . TERRY MARTIN Foreign Language Club 4 yrs., Weightlifting 1 yr.. Football 1 yr. SANDRA MARTINIE National Honor Society 1 yr.. Pep Club 1 yr.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs., Foreign Language Club 1 yr.. Tennis 3 yrs.. Volleyball 2 yrs., Powder Puff 1 yr. JOAN MATHIS Choir 4 yrs . DON MATHAS Student Council 1 yr.. Class Officer 1 yr., Foreign Language Club 1 yr.. Baseball 3 yrs.. Cross Country 3 yrs. Football 4 yrs.. Track 1 yr. VICKI McCLARAN Pep Club 1 yr.. Junior Miss 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 2 yrs., Color Guard 1 yr. Choir 2 yrs., Track 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr. , Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs . doye mcdaniel Choir 4 yrs. CINDY MITCHELL Student Council 3 yrs.. Cheer- leading 2 yrs.. Pep Club 1 yr.. Volleyball 1 yr.. Gymnastics 1 yr. , Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. CHRIS MI XI S Art S Music KIP MOLCHAN Cheerleading Yell Guy yr.. Industrial Arts Club 1 yr.. Golf 1 y r . LORA MONACY National Honor Society 1 yr.. Pep Club 2 yrs.. Yearbook 1 yr. CARLA MCORE JACKIE MORRIS National Honor Society 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr., Newspaper 2 yrs.. Yearbook 2 yrs.. Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs . TERRI MOSLEY Student Council 4 yrs., Class Officer 1 yr.. Cheerleading 3 yrs.. Pep Club 2 yrs., Foreign Language Club 2 yrs. Basketball 1 yr.. Track 2 yrs., Volleyball 4 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr . Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs. MATTHEW NOEL National Honor Society 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs.. Baseball 4 yrs. Basketball 4 yrs.. Tennis 4 yrs. RHONDA NOWLAND Choir 2 yrs. HANNAH PADLO JOHN PEREZ National Honor Society 2 yrs.. Track 3 yrs.. Student Council 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 1 yr., Yearbook 1 yr.. Newspaper 2 yrs.. Cross Country 2 yrs. LISA PIPER D.E.C.A. 2 yrs.. Choir 2 yrs. RUTH PYSH National Honor Society 3 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Pep Club 2 yrs.. Science Club 1 yr.. Basketball 4 yrs.. Track 4 yrs., Vol 1 eybal 1 4 yrs . SHERRY RAINEY Foreign Language Club 1 yr.. Pep Club 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 1 yr.. Volley- ball 1 y r . DOYLE REHMEL Foreign Language Club 1 yr. , Baseball 1 yr.. Football 1 yr. , Golf 2 yrs. GORDON RICHIE Baseball 2 yrs.. Football 2 yrs. ESTHER ROCHA Student Council 1 yr.. Yearbook 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 1 yr., Colorguard 1 yr., Tennis 2 yrs.. Track 1 yr. CAM I N A RODRIGUEZ MARTIN ROSAS Track 3 yrs., Wrestling 1 yr. JAMES SCHEUER Football 4 yrs.. Wrestling 2 yrs. ROBERT SCHMIDT DOUG SHUTTLEWORTH DIANE SMITH Student Council 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs.. Pep Club 1 yr Yearbook 1 yr., Band 2 yrs.. Volleyball 1 yr . JACQUELINE SOMERS Student Council 4 yrs.. Class Officer 4 yrs.. Art Club 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Newspaper 2 yrs Pep Club 3 yrs.. Band 3 yrs.. Basketball 3 yrs.. Tennis 1 yr.. Track 1 yr. GREG SPEARS Pinball PI ayer GEORGE STAHL Foreign Language Club 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr. WILLIAM STRICKLAND Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Newspaper 3 yrs.. Baseball 1 yr.. ERIC STUCKER Foreign Language Club 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr.. Football 2 yrs. CINDY SUBART Art Club 2 yrs.. Home Ec Club 3 yrs Pep Club 3 yrs., Science Club 2 yrs Basketball 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr. Bowling 3 yrs. DEBBIE SUBART SHIELDS TONY SVANTNER TODD SZABO Video Games KEVIN TOLBERT Track 1 yr. MIKE TRAVIS Basebal 1 1 yr . MARK TUTHILL Foreign Language Club 1 yr.. Golf 1 yr. DEBBIE UNDERWOOD Foreign Language Club 1 yr. SAL VASQUEZ Student Council 2 yrs.. Class Officer 2 yrs., E Mens ' Club 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 3 yrs.. Yearbook 1 yr. Basketball 1 yr., Football 4 yrs.. Track 3 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr. RONDA VICTERY Student Council 1 yr.. Class Officer 1 yr.. Future Teachers of America 1 yr., Pom-Pom ' s 2 yrs., Volleyball 1 yr., Powder Puff 1 yr. Gymnastics 1 yr. JOHN WALCZAK D.E.C.A. 1 yr. JIM WALKER Football 2 yrs.. Golf 2 yrs.. Tennis 1 yr . KEN WHITTEN Art Club 4 yrs., E. Mens ' Club 4 yrs. Basketball 1 yr.. Football 4 yrs.. Track 3 yrs.. Wrestling 3 yrs. JOANN WIESEMANN D.E.C.A. 2 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr. SHELLY WILSON Almost Anything Goes 2 yrs. PATTI WINELAND Student Council 4 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs.. Yearbook 1 yr.. Track 1 yr. Powder Puff 1 yr., Almost Anything Qoes 2 yrs. KEN WOELK Basketball 1 yr.. Football 1 yr.. Track 2 yrs . LESLIE TABER Band 21 2 yrs.. Pep Club 1 yr., Baseball 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr. LYNDA TALMADGE National Honor Society 3 yrs., CISss Officer 1 yr.. Cheerleading 4 yrs.. Foreign Language Club 2 yrs.. Pep Club 4 yrs.. Yearbook 2 yrs.. Powder Puff 1 yr., Almost Anything Goes 3 yrs . JEFFREY THIEL DEANNA THOMPSON Choir 4 yrs . BARRY WYDMAN PAM WYDMAN Choir 3 yrs. ANGIE YANEZ Student Council 1 yr.. Class Officer 1 yr.. Cheerleading 1 yr.. Foreign Language Club 1 yr.. Powder Puff 1 yr., Almost Anything Goes 2 yrs. KAREN ZAKRZEWSKI ANDREW ZOOK 141 DEDICATION Mrs. Bonnie Gleason, Counselor Edison (Sr. High School 1955-82 The 1982 Edisonian is dedicated to ffcs. Bonnie Gleason, COUNSELOR AND TEACHER. HER ASSISTANCE, DEDICATION, FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED IN TH E HEARTS OF HER STUDENTS AND COLLEAGUES. 1981-1982 EGYPT ' S SADAT KILLED — Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the only Arab leader to make peace with the Jewish state, was assassinated by a group of army men as he viewed a military parade in Cairo. RUBIK’S CUBE CRAZE - James Nourse devised and published a solution to the Rubik’s Cube invented by Hungarian professor Ernb Rubik. FINAL EDITION FIRST WOMAN ON THE COURT — Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman member of the U.S. Supreme CALIFORNIA GOLD — Only two years after leading the NFL in losses, the San Francisco 49 ' ers led the league in victories and won the Super Bowl by defeating Cincinnati. ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT — President Reagan survived an attempt on his life when he was shot outside a hotel as he waved to the crowd. John Hinckley, Jr., was charged with shooting the President and three others. HOTEL DISASTER — Suspended walkways covered with people collapsed into the crowded lobby of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City, killing 113 persons. Court. She is a lawyer and a former Arizona state senator. INDY 500 - In a mass of controversy, the Indy 500 victory went first to Bobby Unser, then Mario Andretti (shown here) then back to Unser. McENROE WINS — John McEnroe defeated Bjorn Borg for the Wimbledon title. During the year, his on-court tennis behavior earned him the title of “Super Brat. "

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