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if yoL • XX " 1 X " II 31 E§p3 FD 150 M HlfrH W°° L u .Axr brATroti.Stio. M 4 - fth ai! «yj@ @ff© together © t taowie TEl xi - - £ 2 4 @1 different 1979-80 - A Season In Review . . Television, our national pastime, hos an influence on every person ' s life. News, games, documentaries, sports, music, drama, comedy — there is something for everyone. T.V. enrerrains, informs and educates. Edison students rune in to life — the action, sights, ond sounds of E.H.S. ore rated high, for this reason the Edisonian hos chosen the rheme, " A Season in Review,” to broadcast the story of 1979-80. Coming your way will be sports events, clubs, dances, graduation and much more starring administrators, faculty, students and staffs! Board of Education Mr James Vonderlin. Member Lake Srarion Doard of School Trustees Front, left ro righr — Mr Long, Mr Poulk. Dock — Mr Vonderlin, Mr Fronczok, Mr Ellis. Ir is rhe Board of Education ' s belief rhor o sound and viable educational program must be provided for each student. In order ro fulfill this belief, rhe Board of Education endeavored ro provide such on education by constructing rhe new Junior-Senior High School Complex. The building program was accomplished because of rhe interest ond cooperation rhor was received by rhe community, nor ro mention rhe sacrifice rhor oil rhe taxpayers hod ro endure Hopefully wirh rhe new fociliry ond rhe help of rhe reaching sraff, our srudenrs will rake advantage of rheir education. As srudenrs, you musr also be responsible ro help preserve rhe building and equipment so rhor future generations will hove rhe some or berrer opportunity ro be educated in rhe schools of Lake Srorion. William E. Long, President Loke Srorion Board of School Trustees Mr Domel Fronczok, Member Administration I appreciate rhis opporruniry ro wish rhe 1980 graduating class rhe besr of luck, as you leave rhe Lake Srarion Schools, hopefully you look back or fond memories of your school and your individual accomplishments. Ir is my hope rhar as adulrs you meer rhe challenge of adulr life We as educators hope rhar we have conrribured ro your furure success, fully realizing rhar only you can be held responsible for your accomplishmenrs. Dr. Kosmas Kayes Superintendent Dr Kosmas Koyes, Superintendent " Real People " Mr Sreve Frirz, Principal Mr WiBiam (V Zurcher, Assistant Principal Eleanor Vanderlin, Arrendance Acriviries Clerk Administrative and Secretarial Staffs Gertrude Kolopanis, Bookkeeper 12 " The Guiding Light " Mary Crum, School Nurse Edirh Woodworth, Guidance Secretory " Ask An Expert " Morcio Dow, Librarian Mary Helen Marrin, Library Clerk 14 One Day At A Time Cusrodial Sroff Fronr, lefr to righr — Mono Tsaparikos, Alba Stuber, Georgia Dryonr, Lydio Todosijevic, Diono Pappas Dock — John Heimes, Korherine Morikis, Drendo Cubic, Walter Psyh Lucile Long, Arrendonce Clerk Rosemary Dormer. Communications Arrendanr Taxi • r r Bus Drivers, left ro righr — Elaine Penrod, Par Lewandowski. Georgia Alvorodo, Luz M. Vosquez, Linda Reynolds, Mario Rocho, and Mary Srarum. Alice r r Cafererio sraff, lefr ro righr — Connie Hendricks, Fron Mays, Melonie Fozekos, Virginia Nush, Barbara Weidmon, Doris Curtis, and Phyllis Woelk Arts and Humanities Sreve Georgakis. Social Srudies Roberr Glover, English James Cosgrove, Social Srudies Herb Hedsrrom, Music Michael Dobrich, French Dole Hardocre, Arr Math and Sciences Gayle Green, Girls Physical Educorion Joseph Loscaro, Social Sciences Jerry Wilson, Science Roberr Ruch, Morhemorics, Depr. Choirmon Phyllis Robinson, Morhemorics Charlene Shively, Morhemorics Vocational and Industrial Homecoming, " The Dig Event The 1979 Homecoming King candidates with rheir escorts, left to right — Mark Oram Tom Menefee, Phil Rubino, Joe Carlin (King), Tim Menefee The 1979 Homecoming Queen and court, left to right — Tamara Ka dish, Sandra Reomes, Parti Stahl (Queen), Angelo Woodall, Vicki Rock This year instead of Powder Puff, rhe girls of our school compered in o new and different event called Almost Any- thing Goes. The gomes that were includ- ed in this event were rhe tricycle race, Michelin Man, row egg catch. 3-legged race, and rhe blind obstacle course Ev- ery doss compered in all rhe games, bur Sophomores won overall. During this event rhe king candidates were an- nounced. They were Tom Menefee, Mark Brant, Phil Rubmo, Tim Menefee, and rhe king, Joe Carlin. Placing first in rhe Almost Anything Goes contest were rhe sophomores, juniors second, seniors third, and freshmen last. 31 Edison ' s Masterpiece CAST OF CHARACTERS Minsrrel Chris Ritchie Wizard Charles Hawkins Princess 12 Sheila Wilson Lady Rowena Kim Richardson Lady Merrill Kimm Sykes Prince Dauntless Danny Felker Queen Aggravain Mary Epperson Lady Lucille Nancy Mores Lady Larken Aimee Hursey Sir Srudley Tim Via King Sextimus David Cochran Jester Wayne Edwards Sir Harry Ed Moffarr Princess Winnefred Andrea Tokash Sir Luce Rod Gonzalez Lady Mabelle Sheila Wilson Nightingale of Smarkand .... Laura Dailey Sir Christopher Chris Tsaparikos Emily Lisa Crerron Lighting and Orchestra direction by Miss Caye Girgenri, Dramatic and Music Direction by Miss Debra Hoover. Theatre: 32 " Once Upon A Mattress” Turnabout Dance " What ' s My Line?” Two of rhe mosr imporranr events this year were Career Day and rhe Norrh Central Evalua- tion . Career Day is an educational program concerning future careers. This evenr helps give an idea of whar some different careers are abour. The N.C.A. Visiring Team was here ro evaluate our school. The Junior Prom 1980: On Friday, May 2, 1980, rhirry juniors began rhe rask of decorating for rhe Prom. The decororions, consisred of mulri- colored streamers which formed a false ceiling and walls. Everyone orrending Prom received a key chain wirh a mug orroched. Music was ployed by " Thief, ' ' a bond from Valpo. 1 We May Never Pass This Way Again r r + A ■ 38 Awards Day: The Golden Moment On Friday, May 23, 1980 rhe Annual Awards Program was held in rhe school audirorium. The following awards and scholarships were presented ro srudenrs of Edison: The Valedictorian A ward was presented ro Kevin Honor and rhe Saiutatorian Award was presented ro Thomas Smith. Honor Roll A wards were presented ro Seniors — Marls Branr, Vicky Canterbury, Ronnie Dees, Dennis Eberhardr, Kevin Honor, Tamara Kadish, Carol Mercier, David Pysh, and Thomas Smith. Juniors — Mark Farrar, James Faurore, Jay Hodges, Caryn Jacobson, Roxanna Koonce, Greg Scheuer, Susan Smirh, and Sheila Wilson. Sophomores — Laura Dailey, Jusrine Cherne, Kosmas Kayes, and Rurh Pysh. Freshmen — Teresa Johnson, Denise Lowe, Janine Ruzga, Amy Shearer, Mark Tarnowski, and Mary Wyller. The Activities A wards were presented ro Seniors Barbara Bobrowski and Kevin Honor. Perfect Attendance Certificates were presented ro Sen- iors — James Lenrner, Terry Marcum, David Pysh, Michael Russ, Tamara Kadish, Karhleen Psomadelis, Wendy Richie, and Karen Wiesemann. Juniors — Bill Brown, Tracey, Carr, Scorr Crisp, Niki Galanos, James Faurore, Roxanna Koonce, Thomas Fazekas, Parricia Luis, Jay Hodges, Julie Maynard, James Kleine, Phillip Tolberr, and Bobby Russ. Sophomores — Stanley Maddus, Edward Moffarr, Jill Epperson, Rebecca Kell, Sandra Marrinie, and Rurh Pysh. Freshmen — Scorr Hicks, Mellody Bellamy, Srephanos Rizos, Karhryn Under- wood, and Mike Srills. The DAR A ward was presented ro Kevin Hanar. The Calumet College Book A ward was presented ro Susan Smirh. The American Legion A wards were presented ro David Pysh and Sandra Reames. The Bausch-Lomb Honorary Science Award was re- ceived by Kevin Hanar. John Philip Sousa Award was presented ro Sreve Marrin. Choral Awards were presenred ro Linda Burderr, Marla Loveless, and Parry Luellman. Journalism Awards were presenred ro Paul Nush, Debra Gass, Gina Spears, Cindi Gerlich, Tamara Kadish, and Kim Snodgrass. Yearbook A wards ro Paul Nush, Deana Douglas, Nancy Masr, and Lynda Talmadge. The Most Valuable Staffer Award presenred by rhe Posr Tribune wenr ro Debra Gass. The Distributive Education Department (DECA) pre- senred certificates ro Karen Wiesemann, Evelyn Goldsmith, Ron Dees, and Vicky Canterbury. The DECA Scholarship was presenred ro Ron Dees. Cheerleader Awards were presenred ro rhe following srudenrs: Seniors — Margarer Cooper, Parri Srahl, Marie Mosley, and Sandy Reames. Juniors — Nancy Mores, Sue Rosser, Andrea Tokash, and Tammy Gerlich. Sophomores — Terry Mosley, Lynda Talmadge, Mikel Koch, Angie Yanez, and Connie Hendren. Freshmen — Kimm Sykes, Kim Curris, Kim Taylor, Robin Wheeler, Janine Ruzga, and Sue Alderson. The following srudenrs received Scholarships: Student Council Scholarship . . . Barbara Bobrowski Lions Auxiliary Scholarship . . . Linda Burderr Jaycees Lester Pointer A ward . . . Karin Sylvia Rose-Huiman Honors Scholarship . . . Kevin Hanar Mary Srucker B.E.O.G. Grant . . . Karhleen Smirh Indiana Rehabilitation Grant . . . Ron Dees The State of Indiana Assistance Commission named rhe following Hoosier Scholars: Margarer Cooper Thomas Smirh Kevin Hanar Gary Srucker Sreve Marrin Linda Vasquez Carol Mercier Rose-H uiman Honors Scholarships were presenred ro: Kevin Hanar Gary Srucker Latino Scholar A wards from Indiana University Blooming- ron Office of Larino Affairs were presenred ro: James Soria Linda Vasquez Parricia Luis Dianna Rocha Frank Soria David Yanez John Perez Daniel Lopez Greg Luis The Danforth A ward was presenred ro: Kevin Hanar Thomas Smirh The following arhleric awards were presented: Girls Track Field events Runner Mosr Improved Menral Arrirude Sue Smirh Sandy Reames Robin Wheeler Jill Epperson Girls Tennis Mosr Valuable Mosr Improved Menral Arrirude Sandy Marrinie Diana Rocha Vicki Com- stock Kim Srarum Golf Low Total Kerry Gaza Boys Track Arrirude Mosr Valuable Mosr Improved John Clemens Tom Smirh Chuck Galloway Outstanding Senior Girl Athlete . . . Karin Sylvia Outstanding Senior Boy Athlete . . . Scorr Cherry Pom Pon Awards were presenred ro: Ercell Ballard Tamara Kadish MariAnn Luis Shanon Esslinger Lisa Koch Niki Galanos Par Luis Liserre Gonzalez Tammy Childs 39 " American Bandstand " M.D. Marathon " Search For Tomorrow” SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Front — Port! Srohl, Representative; Dorb Dock — Liserre Gonzalez, Treasurer; Dove Pysh, Representative; Dobrowski, President, Margaret Cooper, Vice President Angela Woodall, Secretory Senior Closs Floor dare A Victory " " We De 42 Senior Sovereignty MOST HUMOROUS Joe Corlin and Louri Jackowicz DIGGEST FLIRTS Porri Srohl ond Poul Nush 43 MOST MISCHIEVOUS Korhy Imhousen and Tim Kingery MOST MUSICAL Jackie Penrod and Sr eve Martin CUTEST COUPLE Scorr Cherry ond Sandy Reomes MODEL SENIORS Phil Rubmo and Carol Mercer BEST DRESSED Sieve Gosserr and Morie Mosely 44 MOST ATHLETIC Korin Sylvia and Tom Menefee MOST DEPENDABLE Borb Bobrowski ond Ken Howell MOST ARTISTIC Liserre Gonzalez DEST MANNERED Don Harley ond Tommy Kodish BEST DANCERS Joy Ohmonn ond Sue Olson CLASS aoWN Lour , Jockowirz 45 Kimberly A Dennell Gymnosrics, 1-4, Powder Puff 1-3, Spon ish Clbu 1-4, Pep Club 1-4, Cruising Jerry Ayolo Doseboll 2, Foorboll 3, Hunring, Dowl ing. Cars David Bellies Foorboll. Moro-Cross Dorboro L Bobrowski Srudenr Council 1-4, Closs Officer 1, 4, Doskerboll 1, 2, 3, Volleyboll 1-4, Arr Club 1, 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, Girls Srore Alrernore Gino Jo Dernordi Arr Club 1, 2, Billiards, Mocrome, Skerch mg. Comping, " Jo Jo” Debro block Rose Mory Bruckmon D E 1-4, Booster Club 1-4, Storing, Sofr boll, Swimming, " Rosie " Sreve Dryonr undo Burderr Vicky Canterbury DE 14, Bond 14, French Club 14, Gymnastics 14, Bowling Joe Corlin Wrestling 14, Football 14, Homecom mg King, Fishing, Comping, " Trout " Scorr Cherry Undo (Childers) Rids John Clemens Deporur Cools D.E 3, 4, Pep Club, Sofrboll, " Chili Morgorer Cooper Srudenr Coundl 1-4, Class Officer 1-4, Gory Coppinger IXoberr C. Croften Cheerleader 1-4, G.A.A. 1-4, Pep Club 1, 4, Girls Srore, Honor Sociery, Powder Puff, Almosr Anyrhing Goes 4 James Davis Lazy doze Ron Dees D E. 3, 4, Honor Roll 1-4, Londscoping Reodlng, Horriculrure Tom Dovls Mogic, Rock ' n Roll Pom Decker Art Club 2, JV Cheerleader, Spanish Club, " Deck " Jacqueline Dixon Volleyball 1-4, Doskerboll 14, All-Confer- ence Volleyball, " Jackie " Jomes Doolm Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, Music, Guiror Deana Morlene Douglas Spanish Club 1, Drama 3. Who ' s Who Among Srudenrs, March of Dimes, Doll Collecting, Swimming, " Dee " Carol Eoron Dennis Eberhordr Kevin S Ellis Wrestling 1, Band 13, Bond Vice Presi dent, Spanish Club, Carpentry, " EB " 19 Gorcho! Terry Ellis Julio Lynne Emmons Sponish 14. Pep Club 0, H O S A 4, Tennis, Driving, " Julie " Tommy Penny Engler Mirchell P. Fozekos Morrin Ferguson Choir 2, 0, 4, Sromp Cdlecring, Shoes, Indusrriol Arrs 1-4, Foorboll 14, Dosker " Worn " boll 1-4, Doseboll 1, 2, Track 3, 4 Pom Fowler Debro Ann Frend D E 3, 4, Pep Club 1-4, Choir 1-4, Pow der Puff, " Debbie " Jeff Frizzell Indusrriol Arrs 13, " Friz " 50 task Noncy George French Club 14, Fishing, Dowling, Cook Evelyn Goldsmith Pep Club 1-4, D.E Vice Presidenr, Per fecr Arrendonce 1, " Eve " Donerre Gorber Debra J. Goss Comping, Animols, Sporrs, Fishing, Cro cher, " Don” Srudenr Council, D E. 0, 4, Newspaper 24, Girl Scours 10 yeors, " Mo " Seriously now Michelle Good Cheerleoder 1, G A A 1-4, Powder Puff 1-4, Colorguord, " Bubbleheod " Jackie Gordon Choir 1-3, Pep Club 1 Steven Gosserr Foorboll 1, 2, Music, " Goss ' olerie M Gray iponish Oub 1-4, Collecting key rings, lingo, Ceramics Terry Holdermon Kevin Honor Norionol Honor Society, Closs President 3, Student Council 14, Boys Store, Who ' s Who, DAB Good Citizen Aword Bussell D Hondley Danny Horley Tommy Heims Industriol Arts Club, Woods 1, 2, 3, Draft ing 1, 2, 3, " Busty " DECA Club 3, 4, Home Ec Club 1 James Hoefflicker Pauline A Hurmon Cross Country, Track, Gymnasrics, Cheerleoding, D.E. President, D.E. Award, “Polly " Timothy Jenkins Ken Howell Cross Country 14, Daskerboll 14, Track 14 Karhy Imhausen Sponish Club 2, Powder Puff 2, 0. “Imy " Linda Johnson Erik Huddlesron Foorball 14, Doskerboll 14, Track 1-3, Doseball 14, " Hud " Laurie Jockowicz Spanish Club 1, Pom Pon 1, Color guard 2, 3, Volleyball 1, Powder Puff 2, 3, “Jock " Tomoro J Kodish Norionol Honor Society, Newspaper, Pep Club, Pom Pons 14, Gymnosrics, " Tammy " 53 Down Kershaw John Kierzman Timorhy E. Kingery Spanish Club, Science Club, Oand, Hunr- Basketball Foorball, Wrestling, Cross ing, Trapping, Fishing, Colonel Country, Track, " T.K. " Brian L. Kobylinski Lisa Koch Foorball, Baseball, Radio Club, Boxing, Weightlifting, " Ski " 5 - Jomes Lenrner Morlo Loveless Parriaa LueUmon Christy J. Komendo Color Guard 2, 3, GAA 1, Volleyball 1, " Horpo " I bet you rell rhor ro oil rhe girls! Sherry M Krok GAA 1, Basketball 1, Newspaper 3, 4, Sofrboll 15 Guilty or Innocent??? ferry Morcum Paul Morerich Steven Martin Spanish Club 1, 0, 4 Football 1-3, Track 1, 2, Bond 14 Michael Mazo How fast will this cor go ; vO ' Tom Menefee Carol Mercier Debra Minton Indusrriol Arrs 1, 2, 3 Honor Society, GAA, Gymnastics, French Club, Student Counal, Reading, Traveling, Gris ' Stare Pete Morikis Marguerire Marie Mosley David Norman Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, Track 1-0, Student Council 1-4, Indusrriol Arts 14, Class Rep 1, 2, Foreign Lang 1, 2, Boys Stare, " Rooter " Student Council, Class Officer, Foreign Longuoge, Gymnosrics, Cheerleoder Indusrriol Arrs Club Catherine McClaran Deny McWhirrer Tim Menefee Srono Novkovic Pep Club, Almost Anyrhing Goes, Swimming, " Sunshine " Paul Nush Pep Bond, Yeorbook, Newspaper, Pho tography, " Rush " Jacqueline Nussa Jay Ohmann Russell Owen Jackie Penrod Kathleen Psomadelis David Pysh Charles Rawdon Sandy Reomes wendy Richie Vicki Rock Linda Rowland Phil Rubino rw Yvonne Shodrix Jomes Sheorer Pomelo Shurrleworrh Curris Smirh Randy Smirh Thomos Smirh Kimberly Snodgross Jomes Soria Gino Speors Patricio Stahl Gory Srucker Terri Sullivan . . . and the latest fashion is . . . 61 Corol Wilson Roger Wilson Tim Wilson Angelo Woodoll SENIORS NOT PICTURED Gale Alexander Robert Dornrhouse Kimberly Brock Lori Brown Randy Cherry Cindy Hallmark Dan Hechr Sreven Herrous Charles Hoskins Larry Millender Rochelle Parker Randy Richardson Julian Rosas Michael Russ Lillian Sonros Korhleen Smith Don Todostjevic Christopher Weidmon 62 " Happy Days " 63 Graduation 1980 64 65 66 Dukes Of Hazzard JUNIOR. CLASS OFFICERS Left to right — Niki Koponakis, Secretory. Vice President Not pictured — Lorrie ' Vesrerhout, Treasurer Nancy Mores, Representative. Andrea Tokosh. President. Tom Dart, Junior Class Float — “Strike Up A Victory’ i Rodney Kimberly Sandro James Ercell Christine Alderson Alexander Alvorodo Anderson Dallard Domes Melody Jeff Dosrin Boumgordner Sreven Chrisropher Dellomy Bochenek Sreve Dmo Ron Sherry Dogdon Bolles Doucher Dowman v Stephome Dosisro Gene Brock Bill Brown John Bryon Cormello Butler Robert Kimberly Dr ion Jackie Lynn Leon Mary Davis Dybolski Eddy Edwards Edwards Epperson Marls Jim Thomas Donny Ltsa Lone Farrar Fourote Fazekas Fetker Fiiipas Florungon Ricky Joy Billy Jomes Haywood Hodges Hopper Hoskins Jett Shown Thomas Saroh Howell Hulse Hut man . Coryn Jacobson Deanna Jones George Klmek 71 Newman Conwance Popogeorgate Christopher Rirchte Cynrhio Roberts Richordson Ttmorhy Thompson Ronald Tammy Thomas Thompson Thomas Philip Tolberr Rod Tucker Sreve Vaughn Mary Vizeno Andreo Tokosh John Wolczok " Second City” SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Fronr, lefr to right — Rhondo Vicrery. Treosurer. Jeff Coppinger, Represenrorive. Bock — Kos Koyes, Vice-Presidenr, Jackie Somers. Represenrorive, Liso Foulkner, President, Volt Honot, Secretory Sophomore Closs Floor — “Chorge ' Em " Timorhy Doumgordner John Beon Suzonne Bellamy Don Dionco Derh Blossom David Bogdon 77 Donno Dry on Joyce Jusrine Compbetl Cherne Dovid Childers Tommy Childs Virginio Cloud ftichord Douglos ' Fronk Fosr Vicrorio Comsrock Michoel Edwords Liso Faulkner Jeff Coppinger Leo Crofron Dovid Cuellar Jomes Eiieff Michoel Fazekos Frank Ciesielski Tommy DeVouIr Jill Epperson lAj Charles Ficker Sruorr Gillespie Chorles Howkins 78 Michael Troci Chesrer Beige Helge Hendren Michael Sharon Hennings Hepler Connie Hendren Ronald Herrous Derh Holland Chrysrol Hollinger Leroy Kennedy 79 Jacqueline Theresa Morris Mosley Marthew Noel Connie Northey Honnah Anna Podlo Pasley John Perez Doyle pehmel Lisa Piper Genevieve Peinhardr Sherry Poiney Esrher Oocho 80 AAortin Sondro Rosos Rowland James Scheur Douglas Diane Shurrleworrh Smlrh Margaret Snawder Jackie Somers Gregory Spears James Spiller Moris Srohl Eric Stacker Cynthia Subarr Deborah Subarr Todd Szabo Leslie Taber Lynda Tolmodge Kevin Tolberr Deboroh Thompson Michael Mark Travis Turhill Deborah Salvador Underwood Vasquez Rhonda Vicrery James Walker Joann Wiesemonn Angelo Yonez Shelly Wilson Port! Ken Judy Pom Winelond Woelk Woodard Wydmon In Memorlum Jeffrey D. Landrum October 24, 1963-June 4, 1980 After the rain comes the rainbow, After the storm, the sun, And doylighr breaks across the sky After the nighr is done; Life brings the sweet with the bitter, Happier rimes follow rears, Just os after the snows of winter. The beauty of springtime appears! — KATHERINE NELSON DAVIS — 82 " Young And The Restless " FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS. Left ro right — Kimm Sykes, Treasurer; Robin Wheeler, Vice-President; Nor pictured — Bob Kimczyk, President; Morlene Holderman and Paulo Adams, Secretaries Freshmen Class Floor — " Melt the Ingots! " 84 Sheryl Doird Gory Oorber Jackie Melody Doss Henry Domes Dellomy Dlockwell Oowen Lisa Dowmon Tino Drewer Goil Drozeou Tommy Drewer John Drock Llso Dryon Srocey Durler Joner Campbell Elizoberh Compos Mike Corr 85 John Comsrock Frank Covelli Richord ,Liso Sreve Juoniro Cox Crerron Cunningham Curris Dove Donnelly Jeff Doolin Kora Eoron Pomelo Dickerson Terry Dildo Jomes Donaldson Tony Ferrell Poulo Joe Undo Rodrigo Everre Floyd Garrison Gibson Gonzolez Good 86 Ron Good Marlene Holder mon Greg Greer Charles Gregory Debbie Grorhous Jody Holl Gory Hompron Michael Hondley Daniel Gueberr Chris Henderson Lori Hoigy Scon Hicks Debbie Hill Lorrio Hopkins Sheila Hopper Sreve Howell Sreve Huddlesron Doris Hursell Tom Imhausen Drian Jackson Lynda Jackson Rhonda Jenkins Teresa Johnson Vincenr Johnson Tony Mosrello Korhleen Niloff Fred Noe (Tichord Drion Michoels Morelond Roberr Nush Curris Oores Dove Peksenok 88 Rodney Porrs Undo Rickard Liso Ritchie Stephanos Rizos Debra Robb Jim Robinson Paula Robison Debbie Sanford Laura Scheuer Dill Rushing Roland Shodrix Amy Shearer Gory Shewmaker Karen Stanley Jonine Ruzgo Jay Short 89 Korhy Underwood Krisren Weidmon Kimm Sykes Marlene Tober Mork Tornowski Kim Taylor Danny Thews Edgar Todosijevic Robin Wheeler Becky Williams Judy Wilhelm Tony Wilson Mary Wyller Usa Yanez Vicky Young 90 " Smile! You ' re On Candid Camera ' ' Vorsiry squod, consisting of four seniors ond rwo juniors, shows spirir. Morgorer Cooper, Porri Srohl, Noncy Mores, Sue Rosser, Sandy Reomes, ond Morie Mosley Marie Mosey Senior Rahs Sandy Reomes Morgorer Cooper Porri Srahl r i A L. t J.V. Cheerleaders Connie Hendren, Lyndo Tolmodge, Mikel Koch, Andreo Tokosh, Tommy Gerlich. Terri Mosley, and Angie Yonez Illllll Frosh Cheerleaders Kim Curtis. Jonine Ruzga, Kim Taylor, Robin Wheeler, Kimm Sykes, and Susan Anderson Pom Pons and Color Guard k ■ ■ wM FJ M - M 1 B — mg Vi 3 . Ik. • W ■ j The 1979-80 Pom Pon Squod, left ro right. Front — Niki Golonos, Lisa Dock — Rhonda Vicrery, Joe Cherne, Ercell Dollord, Shonon Esslinger, Koch, Felido Smelley, Pot Luis, Evo Vicrery, Tommy Kodish. MoriAnn Luis, and Tommy Childs. Missing — Liserre Gonzolez The 1979-80 Color Guard Squod, left ro right. Front — Vicki McGoron, 3 o|j n on d Vicki Comstock. Esther Rocha, Michelle Good, Aimee Hursey Dock — Dorlo 98 Student Council Honor Society 99 D.E.C.A. Club Industrial Arts Club 100 French Club Spanish Club " Nome That Tune " Choir 102 " Stop The Music " " Meet The Press” - Edisonian Deano Douglos, Senior Editor Joe Cherne and Terri Arnold, Typists Paul Nush, Photographer Miss Vorgo, Advisor Loro Monocy, Faculty Administration Editor 104 Business Sroff. Fronr, lefr ro right — Porri Wmelond, Down Szostek, Esther Rocha Bock — Pot Gerrie Friedlund, Underdossmen Editor Riley, Nancy Most, ond Mary Mucha. Sharon Hepler ond Becky Floyd, Activities Editors Cindy Roberts, Stephanos Rizos, ond Aimee Hursey, Organizations Sroff Richard Douglas ond Mikel Koch, Boys ' Sports Editors 105 " Lou Grant” - Eagle Feathers The 1979-80 Newspaper Staff Front — Dill Srricklond, John Perez. Row 2 — Stephanie Dosisro, Cindy Miss Vargo, Advisor Roberts, Cheryl Gregory, Kim Snodgrass, Gino Speors. Dods — Cindy Gerlich, Danny Felker, Dill Genrry, Sherry Krok, Tommy Kodish, Debbie Gass, ond Mr, Cookie. Rookies” ART CLUB — Todd Szobo. Borboro Bobrowski, Wayne Edwards, ond Par Riley A.V. ASSISTANTS — Teresa Nush, Gerrie Friedlund, and Sandy Reames, LIBRARY ASSISTANTS (above) Fronr — Vicky Canterbury, Darla Bolin, Diana Modas, Laura Srricklond, Coco Psomadelis, John Perez, Jill Thompson Bailey, Becky Floyd, Kim Richodson Bock — Parry Luellmon. Bill GYM ASSISTANTS — Morgorer Snawder, Joan Marhis, Karin Sylvia, ond Michelle Good HOME ECONOMICS ASS6TANTS — Justine Cherne, Pom Cyprion, ond Doris Bridegroom DRAFTING ASSISTANTS — Scorr Doumgordner, Wolrer Honor, Kevin Tolbert, ond Robbie Dloir GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS (obove) Front — Kim Childers, Tommy DeVoult, Deono Douglas, Ruth Pysh Bock — Ruth Chonce, Kim Dybolski OFFICE ASSISTANTS (below) Fronr — Connie Hendren, Tommy Gerlich, Lorie Floningon, Cormelo Burler, Liso Bryon. Bock — Undo Rickard, Sondi Morrinie, Connie Popogeorgokis, Stephanie Bosisro Volleyball VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM Fronr — Rurh Pysh, Terri Mosley, Barbara Bobrowslsi, Sandy Reames, Karin Sylvia, Bads — Coach Green, Vicki Comsrock, Sandy Morrinie, Jackie Dixon, Laura Bailey, Sue Smirh, 1979 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL RECORDS Sepr, 4 Kankakee Valley V Sepr. 5 Andrean L Sepr. 6 Merrillville L Sepr, 10 Rensselaer L Sepr 11 Griffirh W Sepr 17 Norrh Judson L Sepr 19 Chesrerron L Sepr 20 Lew Wallace W Sepr 24 Winamac W Sepr 25 Porrage L Ocr. 1 Norrh Newron W Ocr. 2 River Foresr W Ocr. 8 Wesr Cenrral W Ocr 9 Hobarr W Ocr 10 Whiring W Ocr. 15 Knox L Ocr 16 Highland L Hammond Clark L Ocr 18 Calumer L Final Record 12-11 SECTIONALS (Secrional Champs) Ocr. 27 Gary Wirr W Gary Roosevelr W River Foresr W REGIONALS Hommond Morron L 110 V yDALL T E AM Front - Mory Epperson, Debt ? Robb, Kim Toylor, Liso O’Neil, Sherry Roiney, Poulo Adorns, Dione Smtrh Dock - Cooch Sh.velv Sue Alderson, Robin Wheeler, Km Curtis, Cindi Mirchell, Andreo Ashby, Mary Dorr, Kim Storum, Lono Urrlejohn, m FRESHMEN VOLLEYDALL TEAM, Front — Sue Alderson, Debbie Robb, Sherry Rainey, Kim Toylor, Liso O’Neil, Paula Adorns Oresik, Robin Wheeler, Kim Curtis, Mory Dorr, Rhondo Jenkins Dock — Cooch Shively, Morio 111 Girls ' Basketball VARSITY GIRLS ' DASKETDALL TEAM Fronr — Ruth Pysh. Kim Srorum, Donno Anderson, Jill Epperson, Korin Sylvio Dods — Cooch Green, Jackie Somers. Jackie Dixon, Vickie Comsrock, Tracey Corr, Sue Smirh, Mary Epperson, manager 112 Gymnastics GYMNASTICS TEAM. Sirring — Kim Taylor, Marie Mosley. Kneeling — Janine Ruzga, Mori Ann Luis. Joner Campbell, Susie Olson, Gndy Myers Sronding — Cooch ftirchie, Tino Sleose, Sondy ITeomes, Nancy Mores, Evo Vicrery, Assisronr Coach Taylor. Top — Gayle Evans, Berh Blossom, Cindi Mirchell, Marlene Taber. 114 Girls ' Track QRLS ' TRACK TEAM Fronr — Terri Mosley, Sondy Reomes, Esther Rocha, Sue Smirh, Jill Epperson, Ruth Pysh, Mory Oort Dock — Cooch Dillheimer, Joner Campbell, Poulo Adorns, Kristen Weidmon, Korin Sylvia, Rhonda Jenkins, Kim Curris, Louro Scheuer, Lono Lirrlejohn, Robin Wheeler, m 4 JP- • ■ ; V T ED r.N JUNIO R SLHI OR HIG H SCHOOL T k 1 " Match Game 1980” VARSITY GIRLS ' TENNIS TEAM. Fronr — Niki Koponokis, Kim Srarum, Debbie Robb, Por Luis. Dock — Coach Lohrei, Roxanne Koonce, Diano Rocha, Vickie Comsrock, Sondi Morrinie. Nor picrured — Donno Anderson J.V. GIRLS ' TENNIS TEAM. Fronr — Kim Lowheod, Amy Shearer, Kim Taylor, Lisa Yanez. Dock — Coach Lohrei, Liso O ' Neil, Jackie Somers, Mori Ann Luis. 117 VARSITY FOOTBALL EAGLES OPPONENTS 13 Lowell 8 14 Norrh Newron 20 19 Rensselaer 0 2 Norrh Judson 27 19 Wesr Central 8 16 Knox 8 19 Kankakee Valley 0 21 River Forest 0 6 Porroge 41 9 Winamac 36 SENIORS. Front — Scorr Cherry, Tom Menefee, Phil Rubino, Tom Smirh, Joy Ohmonn. Dock — Tim Menefee, Erik Huddleston, Joe Corlin, Mirch Fozekos, Pere Morikis. Nor pictured — Decorur Cook. SENIOR, PLAYERS I feel rhar Phil Rubino has done a very good job in rhe rwo years rhor he porricipored in foorball. Erik Huddleston and Tim Menefee were obour rhe rwo best defensive ends over rhe lost eight years. Joe Carlin and Tom Menefee opened many holes for rhe bocks ro run through. Joy Ohmonn has done exceptionally well ond has broken many of our records. Scorr Cherry ond Mirch Fozekos were our rwo mosr ofren used receivers, We had an outstanding defense rhis year wirh Tom Smirh and Tom Menefee or linebacker positions. Pere Morikis did a fine job rhe first half of rhis season, bur hod ro srop because of an injury. Decorur Cook, who was very helpful in rhe specialty area, was also injured in rhe middle of rhe season. These players, each and every one, will definitely be missed come 1980. Coach Hamilton 118 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1 — Jeff Coppinger, Tim Menefee. Phil Rubino, Scorr Cherry, Tom Dorr, Dove Genrry, Sruorr Gillespie, Todd Filipos, Jim Wolker. Row 2 — Coach Homilron, Mirch Fozekos, Sal Vosquez, Eric Srucker, Al Doughrrey, Drion Lewis, Scorr Baumgardner, Don Marhos, Coach Rena Row 0 — Ron Boucher, Brenr V arrs, Jay Hodges, Mark Farrar, John Morikis, Jerry Childress, Sreve Bogdon, David Yanez, Coach Thomas, Rwo 4 — Tom Menefee, Joe Corlin, Joy Ohmann, Pere Morikis, Rod Alderson, Jim Scheuer, Mike Hennings, Row 5 — Dave Bogdon, Rids Doggerr, Scorr Mora, Joe Dixon, Croig O ' Neil, Chris Hondley, Gordon Richie Ken Whirren, 1979 SEASON REVIEW We rhoughr rhar we could have won o couple more boll games rhon we did, bur we were sorisfied wirh rhe 6-4 record of 79. The orrirude of rhe ream was one of rhe besr Through rhe years; rhey really lisrened well. The Mosr Valuable Player rhis year was Tom Menefee. He was named All-Conference offensive guard and defensive linebacker. Tom made rhe Posr Tribune ' s second ream All-Area defensive linebacker, and was named Player of rhe Week for rhe Knox game. He also received All-Srare honorable menrion in borh rhe UPI and AP poles. Orher Conference winners were Tim Menefee, offensive righrend and honorable menrion defensive end, Erik Huddles- ron, honorab le menrion defensive end; and Scorr Cherry, honorable menrion defensive back. Edison Sr. High Foorball Awards for 1979 wenr ro Joe Carlin, Menral Arrirude; Erik Huddlesron, Mosr Improved; Tom Smirh and Tim Menefee, Joel Mock Award; Tom Menefee, Srarisrical and Top Blocker; Scorr Cherry, Oursronding Defensive Back; Scorr Mora, Oursronding Offensive Back; and Rod Alderson, Oursronding Defensive Lineman. Coach Homilron 119 J.V. FOOTBALL EAGLES OPPONENTS 0 Wirt 0 13 Knox 0 6 Kankakee Valley 18 0 River Forest 6 0 Porroge 26 8 North Newron 7 74 , FRESHMEN FOOTBALL EAGLES OPPONENTS 0 Wirt 6 6 Pierce 40 28 Grissom 12 14 River Forest 6 12 Kankakee Valley 8 15 Ben Franklin 15 J V. FOOTBALL TEAM, Row 1 — Cooch Thomas, Jerry Childress, Joe Dixon, Dove Gentry, Jim Walker, Gordon Richie, Don Morhos, Row 2 — Tom Dorr, Dovid Yonez, Sol Vosquez, Sruorr Gillespie, Todd Filipos, Eric Srucker, Chris Handley. Row 3 — Craig O ' Neil, Steve Dogdon, Jim Scheuer, Mike Hennings, Ken Whitten, Scott Doumgordner. Dove Dogdon, A Doughrrey FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM, Row 1 — Bob Nush, Dove Smith, Rod Ports, Chuck Rubino, Joe Olson, Mike Rodriguez, Gory Hampton, Cooch Krieger, Row 2 — Greg Reynolds, Dove Peksenok. Bill Rushing, Don Gueberr, Mike Donopos, Dove Engle, Ron Good, Rick Michaels, Row 3 — Mike Carr. Eorl Anderson, Brian Morelond, Greg Greer, Rod Gonzolez, Dove Cochran, John Comstock 121 " Road Runners " CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Fronr — Ken Howell, Voir Honor, Dill Drown, Scorr Hicks, Coach Smorr. Dock — Jeff Howell, Roy Longbehn, Roland Shodrlx, John Perez, Kevin Honor The Cross Country Team en- joyed o very successful season os rhey posted rheir first winning re- cord in recent history, nine wins and three losses in dual meet com- petition. The seoson was highlight- ed by o fine performance in the Sectionals which qualified Lake Sta- tion for the Regionals for the first rime in the school ' s history. The ream entered the Regionals with on overall record of 28-15. The school ' s top runner, Dill Brown, broke the previous school record with o 2Vi mile rime of 12:52 in the Hammond Sectional. Other top runners close to Dill Drown oil yeor were senior Kevin Honor and junior Jeff Howell. Coach Smorr 122 " Match Game 1979” BOYS ' TENNIS TEAM. Front — Frank Soria, Kos Koyes, Frank Fasr, Jim Fourore, Darin Coble, Cooch Hepp. Bock — Mott Noel, Don Corlin, Kerry Goza, Joel Hovord, Paul Morerich. The guys pur a lor of work inro rhe program rhis year. Dur for us ro be comperirive nexr year, we ' re going ro hove ro work even harder. We ployed one of our besr marches ogoinsr Gory Roosevelt in rhe Secrionols. A 3-2 loss. Overall, I enjoyed working wirh rhe players and was pleased wirh rheir efforr during rhe year. Coach Hepp 123 " White Shadow " We had a fairly good season rhis year. Our key victories were againsr Lowell, Hammond Tech., Hobarr, Griffith, and Chesrerron. The ream won the lasr eighr our of eleven games in rhe season. We lost ro Hammond High in rhe finals of rhe Hobarr Holiday Tournamenr ofrer defearing Hobarr in overrime. We also losr ro rhe Lake Suburban Champions, Crown Poinr, in Secrionals by a close score of 66-61. Oursranding players include Joy Hodges, who was rhe Norrh- wesr Hoosier Conference scoring champ (24.7) per game, Posr Tribune ' s Player of rhe Week, and All-Secrional firsr ream. He scored 497 poinrs for rhe season, and 205 rebounds Jay also received rhe Basketball Mosr Valuable Player Award. Phil Rubino was rhe 12rh leading scorer in N.H.C. and also received rhe Menral Arrirude Award. Scorr Cherry had rhe leading assists on rhe ream, and did an oursranding job as poinr guard. He received rhe Assisrs Award, and was named rhe Duneland Journal ' s Oursranding Winter Arh- lere. Mirch Fozekas and Tim Menefee received rhe Mosr Improved Award. r Coach Hayes 125 J.V. DASKETDALL TEAM. Jeff Coppmger, Kos Koyes, Frank Soria, Jeff Howell, John Morikis. Morr Noel, Mike Hennings, Ken Cuellar Morr Hamilron Frank Ciesielski, Coach DeHaven FRESHMEN DASKETDALL TEAM: Fronr — Darin Cable, Marls Tarnowski, Chuck Rubino, Scorr kicks Rod Gonzalez Dave Smirh Gueberr, Mike Carr, John Comsrock, Dob Klimczyk, Srephonos Rizos, Coach Smarr Dock — Dove Cochran, Don 127 The 1980 Wrestling Team finished rheir season wirh a 13-2 record. They won Conference for rhe sixrh year in o row. Two wrestlers mode ir ro Re- gional, Tom Menefee, who enrolled wirh o 25-0 record, and David Yonez. Overall, ir was o very good season for rhe ream again. Coach Renn Wrestling VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM: Fronr — Scorr Moro, Croig O ' Neil, David Yonez, Roger Wilson, Joe Olson, Dove Dogdon, Mike Jonis Dock Cooch Close, Orion Lewis, Drenr Worts, Rod Alderson, Joe Corlin, Tom Menefee, Pere Morikis, Sreve Dogdon, Cooch Renn J V WRESTLING TEAM Row 1 — Jim Robinson, Mike Edwards, Dnon Morelond. Rolond Shadrix, Dob Nosh, Ron Good. Rod Porrs Row 2 — Charles Eicker, Ken Whirren, Mike Donopos, Ron Herrous, Jim Scheuer, Todd Filipos, Rick Michaels Rwo 0 — Robbe Dloir, Gory Hompron, Sieve Steve Howell, Mike Rodriguez, Ron Doucher, Chorles Rowdon, Charles Donk Row 4 — Cooch Close, Frank Prusynski, Sreve Cunningron, AAike Stills 129 The Edison golf Team ended rhe season wirh a 13-8 record. Top scorer for rhe ream was Kerry Gaza wirh on average of 81 for 18 holes. The orher ream members ore all sopho- mores which would moke o nucleus for o good ream in 1981. Cooch Gaza GOLF TEAM Sirring — Mark Turhill, Cher Hendren, Sronding — Doyle Rehmel, Scorr Baumgardner, Kerry Gozo Nor picrured — Jim Walker Track and Field BOYS ' TRACK TEAM Row 1 — Earl Anderson, Scorr Hicks, Bob Nush, Mike Janis, Bill Brown, Ron Good. Row 2 — Rolond Shadrix, Dove McCollum, Wolr Honor, Ken Whirren, Chuck Galloway. Row 0 — Ken Woelk, Cooch Good, Tom Smith, John Perez, Ron Boucher, Fred Noe, John Clemens, Coach Thomas E.H.S. Baseball VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Kneeling — Dove Yonez, Scorr Cherry. Tom Mosley, Phil Rubino, Kos Koyes, Frank Ciesielski. Sronding — Cooch Porry. Rondy Smirh, Jerry Childress, Mork Bronr, Joy Hodges. Ken Lobodie, Chock Gilmore, FRESHMEN BASEBALL TEAM Kneeling — Mike Srills, Tim Villoreal, Darin Cable, Mark Tornowski, Greg Luis, Sranding — Chuck Rubino. Randy Williams, Dan Gueberr, Dove Smirh, Dave Peksenok, Rick Michaels, Mike Carr, Coach Hepp J V, BASEDALL TEAM. Kneeling — Kos Kayes, Mart Hamilron, Chuck Rubino, Robbie Blair, Mike Fazekas. Sranding — Sran Maddux, Dan Bionco, Mart Noel, Don Gueberr, Mike Hennings, Rick Haywood, Coach Grover 133 w MOORE REAL ESTATE 2900 Central Ave, Lake Station, IN 46405 Telephone: (219) 962-7508 The Energy Company Your time is precious Real Estate Use OUrS. REMIJAN REAL ESTATE Corner of Centro! 6 51 3525 Centro! Ave, Lake Station, IN 46405 Telephone: (219) 962-8566 Compliments of CALVARY CEMETERY 2701 J. Willowdole Rd. Portage, IN 46368 Raymond A. Gerlach Superintendent 762-8885 LITTLE ANGEL PORTAGE LITTLE DEVIL CD Sales and service 5452 Central Ave. Portage, IN 46368 Master Charge Visa 762-1242 FRUM FUNERAL HOME Inc. 1307 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 Telephone: (219) 962-1511 Eugene and Diane Frum Best Wishes OLSON FUNERAL HOME Portage Chapel 5341 Central Ave. Portage, IN 46366 Telephone, (219) 762-3013 Arthur H. Olson Douglas W. Olson (second generation) STATE FARM INSURANCE 3725 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 STATE FARM INSURANCE Telephone: (219) 962-1700 COMPLIMENTS OF BRADY FUNERAL HOME 3781 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 mm mm STEPPING STONE RESTAURANT 2618 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 962-2072 DAIRY QUEEN 2433 Ripley Lake Station, IN 46405 i Best wishes to the class of 1980 from: PEERLESS POTATO CHIPS 1661-1671 West 11th Ave. Gary. Indiana LONG JOHN SILVER ' S OF LAKE STATION 1 of Indiana 3440 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 962-7336 BARBARA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 2731 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 962-1042 BARBARA BENNELL 4 y s THE BROKERS REAL ESTATE 3101 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 1133 46405 C£ Diane INOLA Frum ' s Art Studio and Gallery, INC. 1307 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 962- 1511 Creative Specialities, Portraits, Restorative art and more JB AUTO SALES New and Used Cars JIM BENNELL SR PRES 2045 Ripley Lake Station IN 962 7543 HWI HARVEY ' S MART The Everything Store 2640 Central Ave. Lake Station IN 46405 Hours: 962-1140 9:30-9:00 Sunday 9:30-5:00 DeKALB DRUGS INC. 2800 DeKalb Street Lake Station, IN 46405 Telephone - (219) 962-3334 962-1478 WALLIN ' S Ace Hardware Service is our specialty 3461 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 GROSS SPORT SHOP Z ’ ' 7 t Jf Everything For The Athlete 726 Washington St. Gary, Indiana GERTIE S FLORIST 1643 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 962-1724 CENTER DRUGS INC. A. Verde, D. Strimbu, R. Ph ' s Central Shopping Center Lake Station, IN 46405 962-6870 DRIlUn PAVLIK mw ■ wF i jM 143 Variety menu also visit our Ice Cream Parlor 2643 Portage Moll 6880 E. U.S. 20 Portage, Indiana Gary, Indiana Good Luck to the Graduating Class of 1980 Compliments of THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE rrtfVemal Order of Tbl ice. Late siaVion.Twd. 762-6536 938-0950 P.O. Box 5223 Lake Station, IN 46405 144 Best Wishes to the SENIORS GARY NATIONAL BANK GOOD NEIGHBOR BANK Serving the family and business community Member FDIC REACH OUT TO YOUR HORIZON . . . Touch the goals you place there You can By taking all of your talents and abilities and using them prop- erly you can reach out. grab the future that is on your horizon, and bring it back into the present. At Inland Steel we want only those people who are willing to use all of their talents in orde r to grow in their chosen field. We realize that our future growth depends on the reativity and productivity of our people If you are looking for a company where your abilities provide you with an oppor- tunity to contribute and the rewards and responsibilities that go with it. Inland would like to talk to you We need productive individuals for positions in clerical production, technical and craft apprenticeship areas If you have a desire to use all of your talents and be fully rewarded for it take the time to find out about a career with us. See Your School Counselor or Employment Representatives of Inland ' s Personnel Department Inland Steel INDIANA HARBOR WORKS 3210 Watlmg Street East Chicago. Indiana An Equal Oppor unity Employer M P 145 Good Luck Graduates HOOSIER STATE BANK OF INDIANA RT 6 5 1 Hobart, IN 46342 942-2107 Compliments of: EAST GARY CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. Quality Concrete Blocks Masonry Material” 2599 DeKalb Street Lake Station, IN 46405 962 - D M AUTO PARTS SERVICE New Rebuilt Auto Ports Foreign cor parts Automotive paint 6 supplies Machine Shop service Lake Station Portage Merrillville 2040 Central 2522 7901 Taft. St. 962-7558 Portage Mall 769-1212 762-5503 Wally Jansen Pinball Pool GAME ROOM INC Family Amusement Center Highway 6 51 Hobart, IN 46342 962-5555 Foosboll Ping pong JIM ' S AUTO SALES Quality used Cars 2303 Central Ave. Lake Station, IN 46405 Artistic £ nx tP A MTDO CLEANERS ' ’Vi be ' 1 HOME OF I { Guaranteed Length Drapery Service 2316 Ripley Lake Station, IN 962-7503 147 The Edisonian ' s 1979-80 " Season in Review " is now conclud- ed .. . bur rhe memories will linger inro infinity . 148 ISfKUCXX ONIONY

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