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mm S eW ° v Higf, 3304 Parkside Avenue East Gary (Lake Station) Indiana 46405 Volume XXXVI ED SONIP tdMKlK PBmHGBR! JU .i lllOif i The school year started a day late for us at the High School. Arrangement of the electrical facilities for the new building was the reason for the delay. Excited voices could be heard throughout the halls as students changed classes and exchanged comments about the new teachers. Joining the staff were Mrs. Moylan (Choir ), Mrs. Mandon (Government and Econ.), and the new assistant principal, Mr. Steven Fritz. The lunch hour was lengthened to 20 minutes, and this gave students 55 minutes to eat. As the bells rang, a hoard of students could be seen dashing to their cars heading for McDonalds and Burger Kinq. Those who were less fortunate either ate here for the hoag ies, hamburqers and such, or walked the block or so to Armans or Burger Chef. It was a surprise to all when the E. G. ( Lake Station) Police, as well as Mr. Fritz, issued some 40 tickets for illegal parkinq or parking without a sticker. There was a big hassle over this, but after a few tickets, one caught on. Another problem experienced for the first few weeks of school was the lack of classroom seats. The unfinished portables created many class schedule disturbances. Many teachers had to move from room to room each hour. It was common for students to find themselves in the wrong, overcrowded classroom. With the portables finally ready, classes settled down to the routine of it all. Then there was the problem with lockers. As usual, you could walk down the halls and find that many were open, resulting in stolen books for some. Some lockers were shared by as many as three students while some students had two lockers for their personal use. The school spirit of the students was lacking for the first few months of school. Only three pep sessions were held with the senior class winning the Spirit Trophy two of the three times. The class shared the honor with the juniors one time. Many felt that another class should have received the Trophy during the Nov. 23 pep session, which was for the first home B-ball game. Students were also disappointed over the revised attendance procedures. If a student received three un- excused tardies or absences during a nine-week per iod, the grade was dropped by three percent. And then there were those plastic hall passes. The attitude of many students was hardened. There was some bitterness over the new procedures. Besides student handbook, the administration introduced a booklet concerning procedures for suspension and such. Many students seemed less eager to attend school. Perhaps the new building signaled that we were in for some changes. 4 EVENTS OF THE YEAR Many events that took place here at Edison were accepted by the student with enthusiasm. The Navy Band performed for the school and the really enjoyed their music. Homecoming " 76 " came and went like the previous years. The thrill of floats, parade, the football game, and the big dance brought friends together. The Student Council and DECA sponsored a Christmas convocation that proved to be funny. Yet helpful, because the money and canned goods the students donated were given to needy families for Christmas. The Sweetheart proved to be very successful, ' the theme " A Time For Us " was appropriate for the 78 couples who attended. Construction of the new school moved along very quickly, giving next year ' s seniors a new school. And the last dance of the year, Prom, passed by quickly. The Seniors realized that this va s the last dance of the year. " Over The Rainbow " was the theme and 75 couples attended. The post-prom was held in Woodland Park Hall in Portage. Graduation led the Seniors on their way to their future. Building project What a year for all; changes to come The new Senior High section is now in its final stages of development if not already finished. After five years of planning and three years of consid- eration by the Board, the school was dated May, 1976 and is expected to be completed by the start of this school year. The 5.12 million dollar building is under contract by a variety of firms. Along with the new structure, there is a new gymnasium, better equipped science classrooms, instructional areas for English, math, history and business, as well as, a new library and food service area. The school is designed for a close campus arrangement. There will be air conditioning in both school sections. The Athletic Department will have a new football field, track, baseball field, and practice fields. Tennis courts and a handball court are also being provided. The bleachers at the field will seat some 2,500. The new facility is being referred to as " a school within a school. " 1. Two unidentified workers pose for a picture in front of the new school entrance which will be located on the north side. 2. The northwest corner of the new facil- ity. 3. New English and language area during the 5th month of construction. 4. Architectural rendering of the building. 5. Construction crews work on business, math, and science areas. 6. The science and business area in the early fall. 7. The new gymnasium being worked on in the early fall of ' 76. 8. The choir and band facilities in the early stages of construction. 9. A worker installs piping. " We will never pass this way again " iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuniimi nuiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmimiitiniur Juniors Kelly Richmond, Candy Marshall and Lori Tokash figure out what to paint on the window. 2. Debbie Minton serves punch to sen- iors at the Homecoming Dance. 3. Kathie Shudick and escort Matt Harber. 4. Frank Ennis and Tammy Cherry pat- iently await the announcement of the 1976 Homecoming Queen. Homecoming Week was the highlight of the year for many students. It was a time to participate in tradition for there were floats to build, halls to decorate and windows to paint. Competition was high for classes to out do the other. Again, the seniors and juniors were victorious in taking honors. 5. Margie Williams, candidate, and es- cort Rick Kraynak procede down the field for the halftime ceremonies. 6. Homecoming Dance was special for all who attended. 7 Tammy Cherry is announced as the Homecoming Queen. Along with her is Frank Ennis, Dave Schmelzer, Melissa Lackovitch, last year ' s queen, Rick Kraynak, Mary Ann Mullarkey and Bob Burnes 8. Homecoming candidates and their escorts just prior to the halftime ceremonies. mu mi mu mi mm Gym show •■6th annual event. Sandy Kincheloe does a floor ex. during the program. Getting into step, Virginia Reel, Greek Dance, hoe- down, and a tug of war were all part of the 6th annual Gym Show here. Pictured here are: Carol Mercier, Martin Ferguson, Marie Mosley and Tim Menefee, Vickie Rock, Erik Huddleston, and Joey Miller, and then some. The money raised from the annual affair goes to purchase athletic equipment. Mr. Bodnar and Miss Green are faculty sponsors of the program. Mrs. Garber-A special dedication to a devoted Eagle fan Mrs. Garber has been the maker of our school ' s class flags for many years. She used to make the flags for all area schools, but now it ' s just Edison. Her husband ' s business is the Garber Lettering on Clay Street. Mrs. Garber has been regularly doing this work since she was 16 years old. " I just decided to continue on after marriage ' she commented. They do anything from numbering to class flags. Depending on the size of a flag, it could take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to make and prices could range as much as $150. Lettering for all the area school include: Lake Station, Hobart, River Forest, West Central, Kankakee Valley, and Portage among others. The company also does a lot of its business through local sporting goods stores. Mrs. Garber stated, " I like doing work through the schools; it is very rewarding since all of our children are grown. We always try to do whatever we can for them. " Mr. Garber is now retired. " Now he ' s the Big Boss of our operation, kind of a janitor, secretary, bookkeeper, treasurer all rolled into one, " said Mrs. Garber. 1. Mrs. Garber shows her work on lettering a varsity jacket. 2. Mrs. Garber again working on a jersey this time. 13 Prom ’77 " Over the rainbow” theme enjoyed by all goers This year the junior class chose as theme for the prom " Over the Rainbow. " § Color scheme for this event were pastels, blue, yellow, pink, white - representing 1 the colors of the rainbow. Attending prom were seventy couples, with grand march being the highlight of the evening. Post - Prom was held at Woodland Park in Portage. The band performing were 1 Stonewood Fox (Prom) and Milestone s ( Post - Prom). 1) Dan Komenda plays a gentleman and helps Toni Wadding into his car on their way to post Prom. 2) Mary Lou Overbay is escorted by Bob Cates. 3) Mary Rosiecki and Don Vaughn take a break at the Prom. 4) Kathie Shudick and Jay Johnson enjoy a slow dance. 5) Frank Ennis boogies to the band. 6) Troy Webdell and Barbie Ruch double up with the scarecrow and Dorothy. Page 14 Prom-- II I IIIIIIHIIIIH W Il Hl lli mu m i 1. Rich Arnold shows off his tux at the prom. 1 2. Jenny Gibson escorted by Jim Craig and Patti I Sylvia escorted by Jim Northey share the first II dance. ■§§ 3. Mark Rodgers and Linda Spain pose for pictures j§ " Over the Rainbow " . I 4. Diane Campbell, escorted by Mike Crofton, seems to ii be having a great time. 15 This year, the Jr. Miss Pageant had difficulty in attracting senior girls, eighteen participated in the pageant, nine of which were from Edison. Those taking awards were: Kelly Dillin, physical fitness; Linda Spain, scholarship award; Bobbee Miller, Joe Stevens Award; Cindy Anderson, poise and appearance award; Robin Jackowicz, talent and 1st runner up; Kim Faulkner, 4th runner up. 1. Cindy Anderson and Cathie Taylor give a smile as they and the other contestants appear on stage. 2. Kelly Dillin goes through her routine during the pageant. 3. Kim Faulkner presents her act during the talent competition of the pageant. 4. Robin Jackowicz sings her heart out for the overflow crowd at the pageant. Jr. Miss participants fair well-pageant sponsorship weakens 1. Kelly Vanderlin performs a tap dance for her talent. 2. Kim Faulkner receives 4th runner-up award. 3. 76-77 Jr. Miss Court: Michelle Buetela, Nola Mayfield, 76-77 Jr. Miss Michelle Sheurer, Robin Jack- owicz. and Kim Faulkner. 17 Sweetheart Dance returns - The Sweetheart Dance, along with the Sweetheart Queen, was a tradition brought back at Edison. Everyone was glad to see this tradition continued and there was much excitement over who would be crowned queen. Three Senior girls competed for the title and a representative from each class made up the court. A few days before the Dance the guys selected the candidates from their classes; the day before the Dance the whole student body voted for the Queen out of the three Seniors. At the Dance Wendy Harmon was Sweetheart Queen of 1977. The dance ' s theme this year was " A Time for Us. " About seventy-four couples attended and the music was provided bv " B.M. Jr. " The dance was a success and it was an enjoyable evening for all. r 1. Wendy Harmon and her escort Bob Burns enjoy the dance after she was named Sweetheart Queen of 1977. 2. Linda Wilder takes a break from picture taking. 3. Carmen Ware having a good time dancing. 4. Susan Dunn (Sweetheart Court) and her escort Curtis Coppinger pose. 18 1. Sweetheart Queen and her court-Terry Bonner, Rhonda Duffee, Curtis Coppinger, Susan Dunn, Bob Burns, Wendy Harmon (Sweetheart Queen) Chris Gaza, Robin Jackowicz, Linda Vasquez, Jim Wadding, Jenny Gibson, and Nick Derado. 2. Pam Purcell and Kim Barth enjoy a rest after dancing. 3. Victoria Maretich and Joe Flint share a quiet moment. 4. Dave Coleman and Patsy Floyd enjoy a slow dance. 19 Lions honor seniors in annual banquet The following students were honored for either having excelled in their academic work, or athletics and other important school activities. Brian Adams Rich Arnold Lynn Bart Susan Blaylock Terry Bonner Mike Bragdon Mark Burdett Joe Burton Bob Cates Mike Clay Mike Coleman Mark Cooper Curtis Coppinger George Danapas Karen Darosky Boyd DeHaven Kelly Dillin Kathy Dobyns Bill Dovellas Ed Dranchak Frank Ennis Kim Faulkner Cathy Ferguson Ray Floyd Doug Frame Lloyd Gapinski Kris Gaza Ken Good Sheila Handley Matt Harber Wendy Harmon Kim Hendren Michael Hepler Barry Hodge Mickey Hodge Carolyn Horvath Debra Morgan Jim Northey Cheryl Oates Cindy Palmateer Paul Psomadelis Tim Ratcliff Mark Rogers Dave Schmelzer Kathy Shudick Bob Sliger Dan Smith Linda Spain Tom Thorne Kelly Vanderlin Dennis Vizena Stacy Vogel Jann Woelk Margie Williams Patty Jo Watkins Mary Ann Zemen Michael Zmierski Robert Lynch Ed Martin Rhonda Martin Mike Meitzler Gil Miller Roberta Miller Dave Moffatt Joel Mora Bret Jenkins Art Kary Dan Komenda Mike Lewis Marilyn Luna Robin Jackowicz Mark Rogers and Linda Spain laugh it up while Cathy Ferguson seems to be pre occupied with other business. There were over 200 there at the Lions ' annually sponsored banquet. Besides the kids having a good time the brass of the Lions also enjoy themselves. Pictured here are Mrs. Carol Peller, Ladies Lions Aux. President; Mr. and Mrs. Dahlstom, he is President of the Lions; Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Kurpis, he is the First Vice-President. 20 — Convos— iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiMiniiitiininiititntiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiittiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimn Christmas enjoyed by all 1. Mr. Ruch tells Santa ( Coach Hamilton) what he wants for Christmas, which turned out to be nothing since he already has everything he wants. 2. Santa ' s beloved reindeer RudolDh (Bob Cates) and Blitzen ( Boyd DeHaven) look on as Santa talks tothe students. Navy Band a success 3. The Navy Band gets it on with one of their many pop selections. The student body thought this was the best convo of the year. 4. The " New Lifeboat " Navy Band. 5. The lead singer of the group. What a group! Mickey Mouse and all! 21 Awards Day - students noted Society of Women Engineers certificate of Merits - Cathy Ferguson, Linda Spain, and Rhonda Martin. D. A. R. Award -Dave Schmelzer. Those receiving Hoosier scholarships were Frank Ennis, Lloyd Gapinski, Robin Jackowicz, Rhonda Martin, Mark Rogers, and David Schmelzer. The awards were based on class rank and S. A. T. test results. Also receiving scholarships were: Kevin Schwartz, Debbie Morgan, Carolyn Horvath, and Kelly Vanderlin The amounts of the scholarships ranged from S500 to $2,400 renewable. Student Council Awards were presented to Kelly Dillin and Barry Hodge. The U.S. Marine Corp presented a special Music Award to Bob Cates and Kelly Dillin was presented the John Philip Sousa award. Come on down Mom -Wendy Harmon motions for her mother to come down and receive an award for her efforts on the J-staff this year. Mrs. Kay Harmon received a certificate for her contributions on Wendy ' s Christmas story in the paper. The Sunshine Society presented certificates to students who participated in the Free-Throw-Athon. Vocal Music Awards - Seniors - Chuck Coleman, Debbie Comstock, Matt Harber, Kim Hendren, Rhonda Martin, George Mixis, Kathy Shudick, Denise Silverthorn. Outstanding Achievement Choral Awards to Rhonda Martin and Kathy Shudick. The Betty Crocker Award was presented to Karen Darosky. The Bausch-Lomb Honorary Science Award was received by Mark Rogers. The Outstanding Art Student awards went to Karen Williams and Dave Elizondo. GAA State Plaques were presented to Kathy Dobyns and Sheila Handley and the 500 pt. trophy was presented to Kathy Dobyns. The Valedictorian Award was presented to Rhonda Martin and the Salutatorian Award was presented to Kathleen Shudick. Rhonda Martin and Dave Schmelzer received the Danforth " I Dare You " Award. David Schmelzer and Rhonda Martin honored for their academic abilities over the four years here. Awards Day- Athletes honored for their part in the games ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS Joel Mora-to play football at Manchester College. Several athletes will attend upper Iowa University on scholarships these include: Rich Arnold-Study practical science and law Bob Cates-study conservation Paul Psomadelis- Boyd DeHaven-Business area Jim Northev-Conservation Football- Outstanding Offense Back-Paul Psomadelis Outstanding Defense Lineman-Joe Mora Top Blocker-Mike Clay Top Offensive Lineman-Dennis Vizena George Danapas Joel Mock Award-Barry Hodqe Outstanding Defensive Back-Boyd DeHaven Most Improved Player-John Cherry Most Tackles-Joe Mora Mental Attitude-Mike Gruett Most Valuable-Paul Psomadelis Basketball Best Field Goal Percentage-Rav Floyd .519 Best Free Throw Percentage- Bret Jenkins .740 Most Assists-Bret Jenkins 100 Most Rebounds-Khris Molchan 168 Best Mental Attitude Sportsmanship-Mike Hepler Best Defensive Player Paul Psomadelis Best Competitive Attitude-Boyd DeHaven Cross Country Most Valuable-Tim Ratcliff Most Improved-Chris Weidman Golf Nick Derado-Outstanding golfer for season- Track- Most Valuable Player-Khris Molchan Mental Attitude-Brian Adams Wrestling- Most Valuable Player-Joe Mora Most Valuable-Rich Arnold 23 Graduation- final event for seniors 2. Kathleen Shudick delivers her address " Education is a Lifelona Path. " 3. Bob Lynch marches down the aisle. This photo, shot with a telephoto lens , distorts the depth of field so that it appears that Bob in right among the audience. 4. Valedictorian Rhonda Martin and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Martin,just after the Commencement on Sunday, June 5th. 1. After receiving her diploma, Debra Comstock heads down the steps-a tricky affair in high heels. 2. The Odd Couple-Wendy Harmon and Jonathan Grebenick. 3. With roses in hand graduates Brenda Chirco, Laura Knotts, and Monse Joffre. 4. The grads listen to the day ' s addresses by fellow classmates and the address by Rev. Michael C. LeSaux, Trinity United Methodist Church. Some 160 seniors graduated during the Sunday, June 5th graduation. Again, the High School band played the processional, and the Rev. Emery Kinslow of the First Baptist Church delivered the invocation. The Rev. Michael C. LeSaux of the Trinity United Methodist Church gave the address. The band presented selections from " The Wiz " and the senior ensemble sang " The Hands of Time " and " Corner of the Sky. " Mr. Pete Chapas of the School Board presented the diplomas. 25 What’s inside. r- Football 28-31 Golf 32 Cross Country 33 Basketball 34-37 Wrestling 33.39 Baseball 40 . 42 Track 43 Banquet 44 Intramurals 4 5 Volleyball 4 .47 Girls Track 48 Gymnastics 49 Powder Puff 50 Bowling 51 Basektball n :• G.A.A. Banquet Cheerleaders Pom Pon Girls Varsity reach pay-dirt, another winning season 1st row-Manager Dan Miller, E. Miller, J. Soria, P. Vasquez, M. Clay, M. Hodge, C. Kemp, T. Bianco, G. Morris, T. Carpenter, J. Davis, D. Malesevic, J. Lewis, C. Coppinger, B. Adams, R. Joselyn, Manager K. Barth. 2nd row-Coach Bergeson, P. Psomadelis, L. Jackson, N. Clemens, G. Miller, J. Alderson, J. Mora, J. Cherry, M. Cooper, M. Gruett, M. Meitzler, J. Wadding, T. Norman, D. Komenda, K. Good, B. DeHaven, D. Shadrix, Coach Renn. 3rd row- Coach Patty, R. Wright, D. Vizena, M- Morris, J. Northey, G. Danapas, R. Arnold, B. Hodge, B. Cates, S. Good, M. Cooper, D. Moffatt, R. Johnston, J. Penrod, D. Frame K. Molchan, B Grasham, B. Bailey, Coach Hamilton. Varsity has good season Varsity Scores Eagles Opponents 18 Lowell 0 8 North Newton 9 23 Rensselaer 0 33 N. Judson 8 26 W. Central 15 9 Knox 12 25 Kankakee 6 36 R. Forest 6 6 Portage 14 33 Winamac 6 Page 28 2. Line backer John Cherry gets some tips from Coach Bergeson before entering the game. 3. Joe Soria (Defensive end) returns punt. 4. Coaches Renn and Hamilton give a chalk talk during half-time of the Homecoming game. 1. Coach Hamilton gets his team in shape at an after- noon practice on the sled. 2. Coach Hamilton, Coach Renn, and quarterback Boyd DeHaven wait patiently for our punt during the con- test to win our Homecoming game. 3. Khris Molchan (tight end) looks on as Mike Clay (half back) gets it from a host of tacklers. 4. Eagle players block out the opposition as a Kan- kakee rusher tries to intercept our pass. J. V. Football has the most wins ever Eagles 7 J.V. Scores Kankakee Opponent 6 6 Wirt 6 8 Lowell 30 0 Portage 6 6 North Newton 14 J. V. Football grows Picture 1 : Scott Good at quarterback practice. Team Picture Row 1 Bottom - D. Miller, J. Cherry, E. Miller, P. Vasquez, T. Bianco, G. Morris, J. Davis, D. Malesevic,R. Joselyn T. Norman, K. Barth. Row 2 Mr. Bergeson, L. Jackson, N. Clemens, R. Wright, J. Alderson , M. Morris, S. Good, B. Grasham, J. Penrod, J. Lewis, D. Shadrix,B. Bailey - Mr. Patty. Picture 3: J. Penrod and J. Wadding make a tackle against Kankakee Valley. 30 Frosh have rough season J» Eagles 20 Valpo T.J. 14 R. Forest 12 Kankakee 0 Ghesterton FreshmaV Opponent r.J. 42 ict 14 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ' 1) Freshman Football Team- sitting I to r V. Todd, T. Kingery, D. Kary, T. Ashby, J. Miller, D. Hatley, D. Martin, D. Todosijevic (Kneeling) J. Ohmann, J. Monacy, B. Kobylinski, M. Osborn, S. Gossett, T. Smith, M. Fazekas, T. Arnold, J. Carlin, M. Ferguson, D. Eberhardt, Standing Coach Patty, B. Gentry, T. Menefee, S. Martin, J. Clemens, R. Shields, T. Menefee, E. Huddleston. C. Hoskins, D. Hecht, P. Morikis, T. Kolopanis, mgr. 2) Mitch Fazekas warms up before the game. 3) Martin Ferguson and Rusty Shields discuss plays. 4) Joe Monacy watches the game with enthusiasm. Golf team up to par and under 1. Nick Derado shows a great back swing stance. 2. Doug Steen watching to see where the ball lands. 3. Mike Zmierski ready to follow through. 4. Kris Gaza putts as opponent and photographer look on. 5. 76-77 Varsity Golf Team Row 1-L to R-M. Zmierski, N. Derado, D. Steen. Row-2 Coach Gaza, K. Gaza, J. Burton. CC has good year The season started mid-August with a new coach, Mr. Switzer. For the first meet, East Gary 20-Wirt 38. Senior veteran Tim Ratcliff finished first. The second meet of the season was at home against Wheeler. The team won the meet with a 26-30 victory. Finish- ing first again was Tim Ratcliff. In the dual meets, we finished with a 3-2 season. In the triangular and quadrangular meets, the squad ended the season with 5-5. In the East Gary Invitational, the team finished ninth out of the ten schools which participated. The squad came in fifth in the Conference and 14th out of 18 places in the Sectionals. Placing fifth in the Conference is the best the team has ever done. L 1. Team-sitting: Coach Switzer, Dave Anderson, John Ferguson, Tim Ratcliff, and Tim Luellman. Standing: George Cherry, Dave Schmelzer, and Chris Weidman. 2. Senior members Dave Schmelzer and Tim Rat- cliff warm up before the East Gary Invitational meet, where the team placed a disappointing 9th. In the Conference competition, the squad placed 5th, the highest in the school ' s history. 3. Chris Weidman running hard at the Invitat- ional meet. 33 Varsity— best season ever Opponent Eagles Wheeler 57 63 Winamac 58 61 Boone Grove 72 51 Kankakee Valley 73 51 Portage 48 65 Hanover Central 54 46 North Newton 73 55 Griffith 67 48 Rensselear 62 77 Gary Wirt 68 63 Andrean 66 62 River Forest 75 59 North Judson 62 76 Knox 59 75 Lowell 73 76 Hebron 85 80 Chesterton 70 59 West Central 60 63 Sectional Lake Central 63 61 1 . Bret Jenkins takes the ball while center Khris Molchan looks on. 2. Guard Boyd DeHaven shoots for two against Portage. Page 34 1. Team picture top row. Coach DeHaven, R. Guess, K. Molchan, T. Whiteman, R. Floyd, F. Ennis, D. Steen, B. Clark bot- tom row, M. Hepler, P. Psomadelis, B. Jenkins, B. DeHaven, E. Dranchak 2. Bret Jenkins who played guard was named Mr. Basketball, with a total of 124 points and 80 free throw points. He had a 5.2. average in assists. 3. Forward Paul Psomadelis and guard Bret Jenkins listen to Coach DeHaven ' s strategy during a time out. 4. Guard Bret Jenkins goes after the ball at the Wheeler game. 5. Forward Paul Psomadelis looks on as, forward Doug Steen and a Wheeler opp- onent go for a rebound. I.V. squad excells, 8-9 record Team photo-(first row) N. Derado, J. Vasquez, D. Caudill, G. Galanos, G. Cherry. (Second row) Coach Switzer, R. Adams, T. Sieiro, B. Clark, M. Ortiz, S. Renn, S. Good. (Not pictured -Manager David Nush). 2. With Steve screening Clark comes around toward the basket during the contest with Boone Grove. 3. Don attempts a pass during the Chesterton match. 4. Big man on the team-Steve Renn-up for a jump ball. 5. Bob Clark going up for two with Nick Derado coming in for the follow up. The team had a difficult season with an 8-9 for the first year coach. 36 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllinillllllW 1. Steve Martin takes aim as he prepares to shoot. 2. Scott Cherry tries to block his opponent. 3. Eric Huddleston shoots for a basket while John Clemens prepares to rebound it. 4. Kneeling: V. Todd, T. Kingery, T. Kingery, (Middle Row) K. Howell, P. Rubino, S. Cherry, T. Smith, J. Shearer. ( Back Row) C. Hoskins, M. Fazekas, J. Clemens, M. Brant R. Shields, Coach Smart, M. Cannan- S. Martin. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 37 Varsity take Conference, 3rd in Sectionals, 11th in Regionals The Varsity wrestlers had another excellent season- -the team took the Conference title for a third time in a row with an 8-2 record. In the Sectional competition the squad placed third. 1. Danny Frick rides his opponent in root to a pinning victory. 2. Rowl-L RJim Alderson, Dave Anderson, Art Kary, Jay Ohmann Danny Frick. Row 2- Mr. Bergeson, Joe Mora, Mike Gruett, Rich Arnold, George Danapas, Jim Penrod and Mr. Renn. 3. Rich Arnold tries to manipulate his opponent from his down position. Senior members of the varsity wrestling squad with conference trophy. George Danapas, Rich Arnold, Joe Mora, Art Kary, Bob Sliger-not available for picture. J. V. Wrestlers have good season The J.V. were undefeated this year. Everyone got to wrestle in competition. Outstanding players were R. Wright, D. Shadrix, and B. Grashman. Row 1- L R D. Kary, J. Miller, T. Luellman, J. Ferguson, R. Ramos. Row 2- D. Shadrix, B. Swallow, S. Smith, W. Hale, M. Osborn, J. Hoefflicker, T. Tretter, J. Hutman. Row 3- D. Miller, G. Morris, G. Dovellas , J. Carlin, T. Menefee, T. Arnold, M. Ferguson , Mr. Bergeson. Row 4- B. Grasham „ R.Wriqht,D. Hecht, T. Menefee, R. Smith, R. Tretter, P Morikis Junior Varsity in action against K.V. 39 Squad goes strong with winning streak I Conference winning team-(FR) S. Cherry, D. An- g derson, P. Rubino, D. Komenda, D. Caudill, J. Cherry, s (Middle row) G. Brant, C. Coppinger, P. Psomadelis, § M. Cooper, D. Smith, J. Wadding, E. Dranchak. (Back = row) M. Oresik, Coach DeHaven, T. Bonner, R. 1 Wright, B. DeHaven, M. Brant, Coach Patty. Lake Station Opponent 0- 10 Chesterton 1- 10 Griffith 4-5 2- 4 North Newton 5-2 Boone Grove 6-3 11-4 North Judson 7-2 Hanover Central 12-6 14-7 Knox 7-0 Portage 5-2 Rensselaer 11-1 River Forest 10-0 Emerson 5-3 Lew Wallace 3-4 Winamac 5-1 2-3 Horace Mann 3-2 Gary Wirt 5-4 Gary Roosevelt 13-0 Michigan City Elston 4-2 Kankakee 3-1 3-5 Andrean 11-1 West Central 12-8 0-2 Munster 2-12 E. G. Roosevelt 0-5 Sectional play against Merrillville. Coming off the mound after a strategy session just prior to the game. The team had a 12 game winning streak and won the Conference title this year after a good and errorless season. 1. Up to bat -with Portage on the score board. Scott Cherry lets go with a swing for a base hit. 2. The inning change and a not so happy Dan Smith and Terry Bonner come in from the field. 3. Paul Psomadelis, who received honorable mention this year in the Conference standings, crosses home plate after a hit during the Portage contest which the Eagles won 7-0. Named to the all-Conference team this year were: Jim Wadding, Terry Bonner, Boyd De Haven, Dave Anderson, and John Cherry. 4. The bat girls. Something new to the team ' s effort this year. The members are: Michelle Skarja , Lynn Dunn, Debie Maynard, and Chris Spencer. 41 The J.V. ' s ended the season with a 5-2 record -better than last year ' s. The Frosh were 1-3. The J.V. team members-T. Sieiro, G. Cherry, E. Miller, M. Noel, G. Morris, B. Bailey, G. Matlock, D. Caudill, B. Russell, M. Hood, R. Wright, and G. Brant. JV hope for good season Varsity players have a day off so they watch the J.V. squad at work. The team lost that day. Frosh squad--(standing) Coach DeHaven, Jenkins, T. Menefee, T. Menefee, M. Fazekas, Smith, and M. Brant. (Front) P. Rubino, Kobylinski, J. Ohmann, M. Osborn, S. Cherry. Frosh try hard T. T. B. Boys track fares well- 1. High jumper " Stretch " goes over. 2. ' 77 team (row one) J. Alderson, J. Clemens, J. Soria, C. Crofton, K. Howell, D. Kary, T. Ratcliff. (Row two) N. Clemens, S. Martin, R. Ramos, T. Carpenter, P. Vasquez, T. Luellman, B. Adams, D. Ringas, Coach Renn. (Row 3) Coach Hamilton, C. Weidman, P. Morikis, K. Molchan, B. Grasham, R. Johnston, D. Miller, D. Rawdon, T. Tretter. Dixon Kary and Troy Carpenter find time for a little baseball as Coach Renn is on the mound. Illlllinilllllllllllllllllinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Khris Molchan shows concentration before throwing the shot put at the Wirt meet. 43 Conference Banquet hosted by E.H.S. This year, the school hosted the annual Conference Banquet at the St. Francis Church. In all, some 200 were on hand for the food and fun. Receiving honors for the School are: Bret Jenkins- named to the Conference team for basketball; Cheryl Palmateer for Volleyball, Paul Psomadelis for Football, and Boyd DeHaven for Football. Also, the Wrestling team was honored for their efforts in capturing the Conference title for a third time in a row. Those football players receiving honorable mention for the year were Dennis Vizena, Khris Molchan, Mike Clay, and George Danapas. Khris was noted for this outstanding performance for punting. 1. Ron Johnston and Troy Carpetner, both middle linemen, enjoy the food and fun at the banquet. Both gridiron players had a good season. 2. Kim Faulkner and Jamie Ohmann smile for the camera. A good dinner was served up that night. Golf banquet honors a good team Superintendent Dr. Kayes and Mr. Ken Klein, Athletic Director, were on hand at the golf banquet at Bonanza on Rt. 20. The golf coach, Mr. Gaza, held the banquet in honor of his team ' s efforts this year -a 21 game winning streak and the Conference title. Kris Gaza downs a Coke during the banquet. Kris had a good four years here placing 14th in the Con- ference. Nick Derado, with two years of varsity ex- perience, placed 6th in the Conference and was the team medalist for this year. Intramurals All School Boys (Bowling) Jr. Boys: (1) Joe Jacob Sr. Boys: l-rosh Boys: Soph. Boys: (1) Mike Zmierski (2) Dave Mardis (3) Barry Hodge (4) Joe Burton (1) Rich McWhirter (2) Ron Woodward (1) Stan Kapica (2) Guy Matlock (3) Bruce Bailey (4) John Shearer (1) Mike Zmierski (2) John Shearer (3) Bruce Bailey All School Girls (Bowling) (1) Roberta Miller (2) Cathy Ferguson (3) Laura Labadie (4) Toni Wadding Sr. Girls Frosh Girls: Soph. Girls: (1) Roberta Miller (2) Cathy Ferguson (1) Norma Leone (2) Teresa Nush (1) Toni Wadding (2) Vicki Kingery (3) Laura Labadie (4) Janice Floyd All School Boys Tennis Champ-Doug Steen; First Runnerup-Nick Derado Girls Tennis: Co-champs Karen Kurzdorfer and Laura Labadie Boys Tennis: Frosh champ-Jim Soria Soph. champ-Nick Derado Jr. champ-Doug Steen Sr. champ-Joe Burton Intramural Pinball-( Final) Champ- Joe Ehrenfeld ; First Runnerup-Rich Whiteman Intramural Basketball-( Finals) Frosh l-on-1: Brian Koby Soph 1-on-l: Bruce Bailey Jr. 1-on-l: George Kolopanis Sr. 1-on-l: Mike Rosiecki Frosh 2-on-2: Eric Huddleston, Gilbert Elizondo Soph. 2-on-2: Sam Suarez, Scott McDonald Jr. 2-on-2: Gary Stout, Jim Penrod Sr. 2-on-2: Terry Bonner, Mike Meitzler iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM 45 iiflmtm Girls ' Volleyball- The girls ' Volleyball team ended the season with a 10-6 win-loss record. For the Conference season record, the score was 4-2. In all it was a good season with wins over K.V., Chesterton, Whiting, and Merrillville. 1. Row 1 - C. Palmateer, T. Lynch, S. Smith, S. Handley, C. Rowland, J. Woelk. Row 2-Coach Green, P. Hodge, J. Bobrow- ski, L. Hodges, S. Guebert, K. Dobyns, C. Palmateer. 2. Judy Bobrowski spiking ball against opponent. 3. C. Palmateer, J. Bobrowski, S. Smith, and J. Woelk listen intently to Coach Green. 46 Volleyball teams do well in Conference, Sectionals 1. Water stop for all. 2. Christy Palmateer serves the ball with confidence. 3. Team-Karin Sylvia, Rhonda Duffee, Robbin Yarrington, Lori Courtney, Karen Shewmaker, Betty McWhirter (Row 2) Coach Goza, Christy Palmateer, Dottie Novakovic, Michelle Mora, Linda Vasquez, Barb Bobrowski, Jackie Dixon, (Not pictured- Cris Kingery.) The girls ' had a winning season and did real well in the Conference action. The freshman squad placed second in a tourney at the close of the season-another high point for the squad. Coach Goza remarked, " I enjoyed the season. The girls did a lot of learning and earned a winning record. " 47 Girls ' track comes on strong Team photo- Members of this year ' s team are: K. Sylvia, D. Minton, C. Stone, S. Kincheloe, S. Reames, C. Palmateer, K. Dillin, the only senior member on the team. (Second row standing) V. Weidman, C. Palmateer, P. Vizen a, M. Dubajich, S. Pilnock, L. Koch, J. Penrod, C. Rowland, B. McWhirter, Coach Green. 2. Christy Palmateer pulls ahead from her opponent in the mile run during the River Forest meet. 3. Connie Rowland warms up for her 880 run. 4. Cindy Stone and Stephanie Pilnock run the 440 relay. 5 . Cheryl Palmateer and company work out on the new track facilities. The girls ' team had a difficult season with a 3-6 record. Membership was lacking. Highlights of the season were individual efforts by Vicki Weidman and freshman Sandy Reames. The squad did well against Hebron and Hammond Tex twice. Karin Sylvia turned in a good time on the mile run with a time of 6:19. Gymnastics— team does well 4. Carlene Kincheloe on floor ex -the splits. This sophomore competed in the regional competition. M 1. Sandy Kincheloe straddles the balance beam during competition at the first gymnastics meet. 2. Jenny Gibson dismounts from the un- even bars. 3. Gymanstics team - Row 1 - C. Kinche- loe, P. Hutman, L. Heridia, S. Kinche- loe, Row 2 - C. Mercier, S. Olson, S. Reames, T. Sullivan. Row 3 - P. Naglo- sky, L. Parker, M. Mosley, F. Viers. Row 4 - P. Vizena, J. Gibson, D. Silver- thorn. Not pictured C. Kingery, R. Duffee, and S. Morrill. Kincheloe goes to Regionals Bowling -David Dobson watches the action of his competition and keeps score in the process. Tradition back for another year -Powder Puff me cneerieaaers for Powder Puff-Jim Northey, Matt Harber, Gil Miller, and Jonathan Grebenick (Front). The cheerleaders were the subject of the cameraman from the Portage Press. The seniors were again victorious in their efforts. The juniors were second. Again, the freshmen placed last in the com- petition which was held for a second year in a row. Intramural action from this year THE HOME OF One-on-one action -Louis Rocha and Mark Hood compete during the lunch hour competition that took several days. Pin ball-Cheryl Bolles works up a game. GAA bowling 1. Pam Hodge concentrates on getting a strike at G. A. A. bowling after school at Ray ' s Lanes. 2. Robin Szybala and Patty Luna keeping score. 3. Keeping score for G. A. A. bowling seems to be a lot of fun for Pam Hodge and Lori Courtney. 4. Cheryl Palmateer shows her style. 5. Monica Zupko, Stephanie Pilnock, and Patty Luna discuss the bowling scores. 1. Stephanie Pilnock goes up for two. 2. Mary Dubajich (center) tries for a rebound during the North Newton game, a 37-48 loss for the Eagles. 3. Sharon Guebert (center) goes for a layup and two points. 4. Varsity - (I. to r.) - T. Lynch, K. Sylvia, D. Novakovich, S. Krok, C. Palmateer, 5. Pilnock, S. Guebert, J. Dixon, C. Palmateer, R. Yarrington and Coach Green. Not pictured, J. Bobrowski and C. Fronczak. The team was 1-13 for the season. This was the first year that the team was in Sectionals with a 1-1 record. 5. J.V. - (I. to r.) - Bottom - C. Hallmark, C. Bolles, B. Bobrowski, K. Sylvia, K. Psomadelis and B. McWhirter. Top - Coach Mandon, M. McAfee, S. Krok, D. Novakovich, M. Frame, J. Penrod, L. Koch and Manager C. Gerlich. 6. Coach Green discusses strategy during the time out in the game against North Newton. 7. Cheryl Palmateer (forward) positions herself for two more points. The team ran a zone defense and a pattern offense. G.A.A. has okay year Handley, Dobyns win plaques Honored for their efforts on the gymnastics squad this year-Sue Olson, Patty Vizena, Carlene Kincheloe, Jenny Gibson, and Sandy Kincheloe. Cheryl Palmateer works on her serve for points. The girl earned some 275 points. GAA Officers-President-Sheila Handley, Treasurer, Marilyn Luna, Secretary-Kelly Dillin. This organization had a difficult season this year. Participation and membership was down along with the number of events offered. Only 11 members showed for the skills tests. The Banquet-with some 100 in attendance -was the highlight of the year on May 26th. Possibly, it was the last banquet for such an organization. Sophomore Dottie Novakovich was honored for her effort on her bowling squad. The team placed third in the year long competition. Sophomore Christy Palmateer received a trophy for her mental attitude this year during the B-ball season. 54 For vo I ley ba 11- Best server - Sue Smith Best passer - Cheryl Palmateer Best spiker - J udy Bobrowski Mental attitude - Pam Hodge Linda Hodges Basketball- Defensive player Tina Lynch Offensive player - Cheryl Palmateer Mental Attitude - Christy Palmateer Most Valuable Player - Cheryl Palmateer Girls honored for year ' s events Track- Christy Palmateer Cheryl Palmateer Stephanie Pilnock Vicki Weidman Cindy Stone Connie Rowland Karin Sylvia Lisa Koch Kelly Dillin Sandy Reames Sandy Kincheloe Volleyball- Jann Woelk Sue Smith Kathy Dobyns Cheryl Palmateer Tina Lynch Judy Bobrowski Sheila Handley Gymnastics- Most Valuable Player - Sandy Kincheloe Mental Attitude - Carlene Kincheloe Track- Mental Attitude - Connie Rowland Most Valuable Player - Vicki Weidman 1. Christy Palmateer just after release. The bowler- along with her team-were honored fur their out- standing performance in GAA bowling this year. Receiving letters for varsity performance- Basketball Cheryl Fronczak Cheryl Palmateer Christy Palmateer Sharon Guebert Tina Lynch Robbin Yarrington Judy Bobrowski Stephanie Pilnock Gym- Patti Vizena Susie Olson Sandy Kincheloe Jenny Gibson Carlene Kincheloe Highest number of points-Kathy Dobyns for the total of four years. She received a jacket and other awards for her efforts over these past four years. 55 1- Kim Faulkner backs the Eagle team Homecoming Night. 2- Varsity Basketball squad Kim Faulkner, Kelly Vanderlin, Jamie Ohmann, and Kelly Dillin. 3- Sponsors, Mrs. Vanderlin and Mrs. Kolopanisgive the Varsity Cheerleaders some advice. 4- Varsity Cheerleaders take time out for some fun. 5. Varsity Cheerleaders do introducing cheers for the starting five. 6- Kelly Dillin and Kim Faulkner show spirit during the school song. 7- Varsity Cheerleaders show much enthusiasm and fun in their work. J.V. Cheerleader Squad J.V. CHEERLEADERS - J. V. squad falls gracefully from their formation. 2 - J.V. Squad - Pam Hodge, Rhonda Derr, Patti Sylvia, Jenny Gibson, Debi Maynard and Toni Wadding (captain). 5 - Patti Sylvia and Pam Hodge rush their way to the concession stand during half-time. 6 - J. V. Mascot Amy Meeks shows Eagle spirit. 57 Frosh gain experience 1. (Bottom) L. Brown, Middle; P. Hutman, M. Good, (Top) M. Cooper, B. Bobrowski, and P. Stahl. 2. Freshman cheerleaders doing a mount. 3. B. Bobrowski and P. Stahl cutting up during a football game. 4. Freshman squad ' s " Hello Cheer " . Shanna Morrill, Rhonda Duffee, Cris Kingery, and Carol Adams wait to begin the fight song prior to the crowning ceremonies. Cris Kingery and Wendy Harmon exchange boy- talk. Pom Pon ' s of " 76 " - " 77 " - Shanna Morrill (secretary) Rhonda Duffee (treasurer) Angel Jones (co-captain; Sue Blaylock (captain), L. Thomas, C. Kingery, C. Adams, S. Kincheloe, P. Vizena, L. Vasquez, M. Dubajich, J. Williams, K. Boy II, L. Jackowicz, L. Talmadge, N. Reynolds, W. Meeks. Pom Pon captain Sue Blaylock cheers on during the Homecoming game. Pom Pons 59 Studies Business Classes 62 I.C.E. 63 French 64 Spanish 65 English 66 Math 67 Science 68 Health 69 Government Econ 70 History 71 Shop 72-73 Choir 74 Band 75 Home Ec 76 Art 77 Marketing Distribution 78 D.E. Related 79 Psychology Sociology 80 Summer school 81 Yearbook 82 Newspaper 83 Gym Classes 84 Prevocation 85 ' m Business -skills taught 1. Dan Komenda makes a few notations in his general journal. 2. George Danapas, Chris Miller and Polly Hutman concentrate on typing practice during the 5th hour class. 3. Mrs. Brady keeps a watchful eye on her class. 4. Liz Perez and Pam Purcell adjust their bookkeeping ledgers. 5. Rhonda Martin works on her typing skills during the 3rd hour Typing I class. I. C. E. - experience gained here and at work Mickey Hodge and Mike Clay go over their assignment in I.C.E. Linda Law takes notes concerning business techniques. New State Program at here E.H.S. The cadets at work at the local station. Mr. Bruce Hoskins, a member of the Lake Station Fire Department, is the class instructor. The class consists of 25 members. One of the big events was to put out a car fire at the dump. The cadets have learned all types of safety procedures and the use of equipment. Foreign language 1. Row 1: V. Canterbury, N. Reynolds, C. Taylor, sponsor Mr. Dobrich, Sec M. Zupko, Vice Pres M. DeVaney, Pres K. Jacobson, Treas L. Hodges, P. Hodge, L. Courtney. Row 2: V. Kingery, T. Wadding, P. Stahl, P. Naglosky, S. Cripliver, J. Floyd, S.Burnes, R. Duffee, C. Kingery, C. Adams. Row 3: D. Pysh, M. Henley, T. Sullivan, D. Gass, B. Bobrowski, P. Morikis, T. Luellman, R. Wright. Row 4: R. Tretter, B. Cooke, M. Vogel, T. Cripliver, M. Noel, N. Derado, G. Galanos, C. Hoskins, J. Shearer. Row 5: K. Hanat, M. Jasiak, A. Gianapoulos , P. Eggars, J Williams, M. Dubajich, C. Gerlich, S. Mores, L. Tar nowski, C. Palmateer. yous In ittBA y? •french fe SELI j§ im.. m lING- :w S| French Club-Officers 2. Mr. Dobrich helps Gary Morris on his work as Brian Russell thinks up something creative. 3. French Club inspired a lot of people into buying " T " shirts and had advertisements such as these on the walls. This year, the Club again visited the French Restaurant at the Illinois Woodfield Mall. The meal was very French. 64 1. Mrs. Muniz reviews the inclass work of Theresa Dukes. 2 . This year ' s Club members-Some 35 in all. 3. Ron Ramos at work. Spanish classes-Club Spanish Club Officers- President -Annette Torres, Vice President-David Elizondo, Treasurer- Lori Eddy, Secretary- Patty Turek. a Spanish restaurant in Chicago along wit a tour of the Field Museum in the city. Students strive for good English 1 . Dave Gass digs in on an assignment. 2. Marilyn Popielazs works up an assignment in Mr. Long ' s class. 3. Mary Ann Zemen and Robin Parker work hard for their grades. 4. Mike Hepler listens- 5. Jim Cline and Cathie Taylor find something funny in their English assignment. Math skills pushed 1 ) Lisa Coleman thinks hard for an answer in Geometry. 2) George Kopanakis takes a break in Algebra. 3) Joe Jacob goes over his Algebra, while Ron Guess day dreams in the background. 4) Chris Spencer can ' t believe that test. 1. Lizette Gonzales works hard in Biology. 2. Could it be that Mrs. Marasco doesn ' t feed her husband too well? 3 . Mr. Switzer lectures to his class. 4. Mr. Webdell, Cathy Minton, Mrs. Marasco, Cheryl Palmateer and Judy Bobrowski pose after their Arbor Day Ceremony. 5. Cheryl Palmateer and Judy Bobrowski get back to the natural foods in Botany. 68 Health classes have speakers I 1. Mrs. Jones, a Registered Nurse from Gary Methodist Hospital, talks to the Health classes. She has been in the school often. 2. Margie Williams and Carol Adams look work on an assignment in Health class. 3 - Mr. Edmund Dybell, who had a complete Largyngatomy, was another speaker for the health classes. He has given over 1,000 lectures in the past few years concerning cancer. Mr. Dybell used to smoke at one time. This is the second year that he has spoken to the classes during the day. if Government Econ 1. Part of the Deep River pollution, that the Govern- ment students reported. 2. Jim Northey thinks his 747 will take off in Govern- ment class. 3. Mr. Adam Benjamin talks to the senior class. 4. Rep. Adam Benjamin and Tip O. ' Neal hold the letter the Edison High School Seniors sent Rep. Benjamin. Petition makers-Kim Faulkner, Kathy Dobyns, Rhonda Martin, Bob Lynch, and Mike Rosiecki show the petition that the government classes prepared for their representatives concerning the local Deep River Pollution problem. Representative Benjamin spoke to the classes at the close of the school year. History-studying the past to understand today History classes were very interesting this year with Mr. Georgakis and Mr. Hershey teaching. The students in Mr. Hershey ' s classes did something new this year; they played a game where Mr. Hershey would ask a question and the last person left standinq answering a question correctly got a 100 on the test. 1. Dave Anderson, Guy Matlock, and Chuck Hoskins work hard in World History. 2. Phyllis Anderson and Karen Kurzdorfer go over their worksheets. 3. Tom Whiteman, Jay Decker, and Doug Steen read over a Chapter in U.S. History. 71 More skills are learned in shop classes 1. Julian Rogers runs wood through a surfacer while Bob Meitzler works on a straight edger. 2. Dave Moffatt works on the wood lathe in Woods Class. His project was a turning bowl. 3. Lisette Gonzales and Ron Joselyn draw adjuster blocks in drafting class. 4. Joe Mora concentrates on cutting wood for his project, a bookshelf. Page 73 1. Bruce Hoskins and Phil Hursell take a break while working with the sander. 2. Mr. Patty ' s " shop. " 3. Bob Grasham Jimmy Cline, and Dennis Vizena work on a Balsa house in draft- ing class. 4. Jackie Gordon rams up a mold. 72 Choir strikes a good note 1. Choir I performs at the Christmas Concert, Dec. 8. 2. Mrs. Moylan talks to several choir members prior to performance. 3. At the Christmas convocation, Mrs. Moylan directs the Chior 1 1 members. 4. Tom Kingery reads his music during the 2nd hour rehearsal. 5. Choir II members rehearse for the Choral Festival, which was held at Crown Point on March 11. Band takes honors at contest 1. Band officers- Pres. Bob Cates, Vice-Pres. Terry Bonner, and Sec.-Treas. Lori Tokash. 2. The band watches the action on the field. 3. The Concert Band awaits to perform the annual Winter concert. Approximately 150 people attended. A. Don Dixon playing the tympani drums. 5. Mr. Hedstrom directing the band through the 4th- hour rehearsal. 6. First chair flute player, Stacy Vogel, displays her talent. The Band received another 1st this year for excellence in performance. Also, some 37 members of the 100 member organization received superior ratings at the solo and ensemble contests. 75 Home Ec 1 ) Janice Floyd demonstrates her sewing ability. 2 Lynn Johnson puts a hem onto her skirt. 3) Carmen Rivera and Karen Haywood match up their material. 4) Brenda Newbold pastes her material to her pattern. Art-a day outside to draw 1 . Ms. Berg at work helping with a line or two. 2. Drawing Away - Bob Yarrington (left) and Jim Soria begin the assignment. Art Fair winners 3. Dave Elizondo and Karen Williams display their work. Both students were noted for their talent at a local fair. 4. Looking and listening to what is going on - Dennis Holland, Gina Bernardi, and Cindy Gerlich. DECA excells at District, take honors at state tourney This year the D. E. coordinator is Mrs. Maggie Diaz. This is her second year here at E.H.S. There were 63 students enrolled in the program. On February 10th they went to district contest at Valpo high school. There were schools there from all around our district. E.H.S. had 23 winners. Then on March 18, 19, and 20th the first and second place winners went to French Lick, Indiana to win two honorable mentions and Themmi Morikis was voted District I President Among all the other activities the students also managed the DECAStore. This was their main fund raising project for the entire year. They had a car in the homecoming parade and along with Student Council they had a Christmas Convo which raised money and food for the needy families. Then in April they sold Edison Frizbees for another fund raising project. Then the senior students had a luncheon at Ramada Inn on April 20th for their employers thanking them for supporting Distributive Education. DECA is really on the Go! ! 1. Seniors Mike Zmierski and Chuck Price wait their turn to be interviewed for a job. 2. In appreciation for helping DECA Club bring home 22 trophies from contest, DECAdecided to buy Mrs. Diaz her very own trophy. 3. DECA Members. 4. DECA (Officers: Cheryle Mize, 1 hour rep.. Sue Blaylock, fund raising chair- woman, Don Dixon, contest chairman, Cathy Ferguson, pres., Geni Frum, treas., Themmi Morikis, vice pres., J. Zambrana, 2nd hour rep. 5. Mrs. Diaz gives Carolyn Horvath final directions at the Christmas convo. 6 Cathie Ferguson poses as part of the window display she and other DECA members created as part of the year ' s activities. 7. The DECAChristmas Tree. 79 Bob Lynch listens to the going ons in the 2nd hour Sociology class. The class visited the King Tut exhibit at the Chicago Museum this year. V Mr. John Mutka of the Post Tribune explains the flow of raw copy of the paper. Mr. Mutka is the chief editor of the sports department. Career Day Parents’ Day Carol Adams works up an assignment during her study hall period. This year, underclassmen are to have study hall periods. Parents ' Day--Mrs. Bolles, shy of the camera, was one of several mothers and fathers that came in place of their children during Parent Day. Students could Ditch that day provided one of their parents came. Mr. Gaza ' s class-Government and Econ-Karlene Good at work. Denise Driscoll and Kathy Ropollo in their first semester U.S. History class. Cindy Taylor in the classroom of the first semester Driver ' s Education class. The heat goes out --Jan. 12th Summer School Driver’s Ed-Health- History-Government -Winter school Coldest Winter in ages Sitting in a cold classroom (around 50 degrees) was par for that day on Jan. 12 when the boilers went out and stayed out all day. It wasn ' t the coldest day of the year, but this happened during the coldest winter in years to hit this area. A cold day for Jimmy Doolin. Buck ' s hide out? No. Just a discussion on how to get the boilers relit to get the school warm again. It was the coldest winter for the country in some time. The staff (1) row - Cathy Sylvia, Bobbee Miller, row (2) - Marie DeVaney, Kathy Grishka, Nancy Hughes, Debbie Comstock, Cheryl Oates, Nancy Daniel, (editor) Debbie Morgan, Wendy Harmon, Kelly Richmond, Patti Sylvia, Cris Kingery, Karen Darosky, row (3) - Bob Swallow, Kim Barth, Lauri Talmadge, Steve Edwards, Louis Rocha, Larry Jackson, NOT PICTURED— Angel Jones. (2) Bob Swallow is creating squares for individual photos with border tape. (3) Cris Kingery is at work checking names for the yearbook. (4) Nancy Hughes and Lauri Talmadge are paying attention to what Mr. Gray is saying for a change. The year brought more changes to the yearbook program. The program went to the paste up procedure which saves some $350 in book costs. A new photography company was late with the deadlines. For the paste up program, there was cutting and waxing of squares (windows for the photos) and pasting up copy. The program sponsored two dances this year. Again, yearbooks were raffled at the affairs. In all, some 300 yearbooks were sold. Next year editors are Nancy Hughes and Laura Talmadge. J-class improves product- more work needed 1. Judy Bobrowski busily prepares a story before the deadline. 2. Mr. Gray goes over copy. 3. Journalism - (sitting) - C. Coppinger, W. Har- mon. Row 1- P. Vizena, S. Kincheloe , C. Palmateer , T. Mongold, T. Lynch, L. Dunn, K. Shewmaker, L. Ortiz, K.Hendren m. Findley, D. Moffatt, J. Bobrowski. (standing) - A. Jones (editor), V. Maretich, V. Weidman D. Alderson, B. Clark, R. Fiser, K. Barth, R. Arnold, M. Bragdon. 4. Mike Bragdon photographs a picture for Jour- nalism. This year ' s Journalism class was a great success. We have 4 and 8 page newspapers with special issues for the High School. Our pictures were clearer. We have two student photographers takinq lessons from Mr. William Eaton. Our paper has two student cartoonist ' s drawing up strips. 83 Gym classes go coed 1. Vicky Weidman up against the net. 2. The cook out during the fall. 3. Barb Bobrowski sets down her pin while running relays. 4. Freshman girls attempt the ropes. 5. Mr. Bodnar shows Kim Bennel the proper dance steps. 1) Nora Bullock takes an exam in Home Economics class. 2 ) Prevocational Basketball Team- Row 1-David Ringas, Chuck Crofton, Vince Veceqec, Steve Damon, Row 2-John Pope, Rodney Lawrence, Myles Oresik, Bill Luellman, Coach Whisler, Bob Wild, Bob Pasley. The Prevocational basketball team won two trophies at Regionals and the large trophy is for the State championship. team takes nationals 1st Trophy -Regional 2nd Trophy - State Champs 3rd Regional 3. Chuck Crofton cheers on. 4. Dave Ringas and his map exercise. 85 ORGANIZATIONS Student Council Honor Society Sunshine Society Outstanding teachers Pep Club Industrial Arts Club Officers F.E.a. Pep Club The school ' s organizations had trouble this year in keeping membership and sponsoring events to promote the club. Some clubs were successful ip membership and such. The French Club gained membership as well as did a variety of projects throughout the school year. The Industrial Arts Club took their traditional trip to the Auto Show in Chicago. The Spanish Club took a field trip to the Windy City to visit a Spanish restaurant. Pom Pons had trouble with membership as well as getting girls to practice. The cheerleaders were going strong with those interested in promoting school spirit. The Sunshine Society had trouble with membership but did sponsor a worthwhile event for the American Cancer Society. In all, interest in clubs and organizations seemed to set with a few students. 1. The old members of the Honor Society are (L-R) Kim Faulkner, Margie Williams, Mark Rogers, Linda Spain, Wendy Harmon, Kathie Shudick, Mike Zmierski, Kelly Vanderlin, Rhonda Martin, Kelly Dillin, Barry Hodge, Robin Jackowicz, and sponsor, Mr. Ruch. 2. The new members of the Honor Society are; sponsor, Mr. Ruch, Karen Williams, Jan Silaghi, Brian Russell, Themmi Morikis, Karen Kurzdorfer, Paul Psomadelis, Lori Tokash, James Zambrana, Geni Frum, Debbie Morgan, Mary Ann Zemen, Joy Dettman, Cathey Ferguson, and David Schmelzer. imiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinininiiiuuiiiiiiiimi 3. Student Council officers: Pres. David Schmelzer, Vice-Pres. Wendy Harmon, Tres. Karen Kurzdorfer, Sec. Rhonda Martin, Par. Mike Bragdon. 4. David Schmelzer and Rhonda Martirr go over their Student Council schedule. 1 Student Council excells this year 88 Student Council Big event of the S. C. this year was the tag day program held to raise money for a scholarship. It was the first time that the organization sponsored a scholar- ship. Senior Wendy Harmon was awarded it. The drive was held on Saturday, April 30. Here Robin Jackowicz and Mark Rogers collect at the Thrifty Mart. Honor Society Induction Dr. Ward and Dr. Kayes have a few words with Linda Spain. Some 20 new members were inducted this year. mu Sunshine Society Sunshine Society-(row one) Matt Harber, Sharon Guebert, Judy Bobrowski, Cheryle Fronczak, Bobbee Miller, Cathy Minton, Karen Kurzdorfer Wendy Harmon, Monica Zupko, Debbie Maynard, and Rhonda Martin. (Back row) Ben Winland, Candy Marshall, Geni Frum, Kelly Dillin, Kelly Van- derlin, Kim Faulkner, and sponsor Mrs. Ritchie. 89 Awards Day ■ Students honor two special teachers Loscaro receives recognition J.P. Loscaro received a plaque this year from his Sociology and A. V. students. It was given to him for his friendship and his guidance. He graduated from Indiana University earning his B. S. in 1965; his Master ' s in 1970. He has been teaching for twelve years in Lake Station starting at Columbus Elementary School as a fifth grade teacher. He has spent eleven years at the Senior High teaching U.S. History, World Geography, Sociology and Psychology. Since 1968 he has been A. V. coordinator for the school system. He also received the teacher of the year award in 1970. Mr. Larry Long was voted the outstanding teacher by the Senior class. Mr. Long was born in Hammond, and he still resides there. He commutes every mor- Long noted by seniors ning to Edison Senior High School in his little blue VW, which could use a paint job. He attended Indiana University where he received his BA in English MA in 1973. 90 F. E. A. FEA members-(l to r) Mrs. Morris, sponsor, Judy Bobrowski, Patti Vizena, Monica Zupko, Karen Kurzdorfer, Cathy Minton, Themmi Morikis, Kelly Dillin, and Kelly Vanderlin. Pep Club | Industrial Arts Club Officers: President-Daryl Shadrix, Vice President - Dennis Vizena Treasurer-Jim Penrod, Secretary- Cheryl Bolles. Sponsor-Mr. Hartley This year, the large school organization visited the Auto Show in Chicago and the Mid America Home display here. Pep Club members-(seated I to r) Wanda Meeks, Lori Eddy, Sharon Guebert, Judy Bobrowski, Kelly Dillin, Melinda McAfee, Rhonda Book, Lizette Gonzales, Karen Kurzdorfer, Monica Zupko, Deb Maynard, and Rhonda Wilson. (Back row) Miss Shively, sponsor, Roberta Miller, Cindy Anderson Cindy Mokol, Kelly Dillin, Toni Wadding, Kim Faulkner , Gina Spears, and Jaymi Williams. 91 1. School Board: Dr. Kayes, Superintendent; Mr. Van- derlin, Secretary; Mr. Long, Member; Mr. Ellis, Vice-President; Dr. Ward, Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Palmateer, Member, and Mr. Chapas, President. 2. Administration Secretaries - Mrs. Courtney, Mrs. Koontz, Mrs. Hodges, and Mrs. Anderson. 3. Board Members talk about new business. 4. Dr. Joseph Ward, Assistant Superintendent. 5. Dr. Kosmas Kayes, Superintendent. 6. Dr. Kayes and Dr. Ward take time for a quiet chat. Administration Webdell tackles second year, Fritz’s first 1. Mr. LeRoy Webdell, Principal. 2. Mr. Steve Fritz, Assistant Princi- pal. 3. Mrs. Kolopanis, Bookkeeper. 4. Mrs. Vanderlin, Secretary. Adm i n istration- Office 1. Mrs. Gleason, Guidance Counselor. 2. Mr. Campbell, Guidance Counselor. 3. Mrs. Woodworth , Secretary 4. Mrs. Long, Attendance Office. 5. Mrs. Crum, Nurse. 6. Mr. Rush, Psychometrist. 7. Mrs. Basile, English and Speech. 8. Mrs. Berg, Art. 9. Mr. Bergeson, Business English, and General Business. 10. Mr. Bodnar, Physical Education. 96 IIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW 1. Mrs. Brady, Bookkeeping and Office Practice. 2. Mrs. Diaz, Marketing and Distribution and D. E. Related. 3. Mr. Dobrich, French. 4. Mr. Gaza, Basic Math, Geometry, and College Math. 5. Mr. Georgakis, Health and U.S. History. 6. Mr. Gray, English, Journalism, Year- book. 7. Miss Green, Physical Education. 8. Mr. Hamilton, Typing and Health Safety. 9. Mr. Hartley, Woods. 10. Mr. Hedstrom, Band. 11. Mr. Hershey, U.S. History and World History. 12. Mr. Hos- kins, Fire Cadets. nHmH 97 1. Mr. Klein, Athletic Director, I.C.E. Coordinator. 2. Mr. Koontz, Drafting and Woods I. 3. Mr. Loscaro, Audio Vis- ual and Psychology Sociology. 4. Mr. Levenda, English. 5. Mr. Long, English. 6. Mrs. Mandon, Government and Econ. 7. Mrs. Marasco, Biology, Zoology, Bo- tany, Ecology. 8. Mr. Martikean, Gen- eral Science, Physics, Chemistry. 9. Mr. McClanahan, Typing, Shorthand. 10. Mrs. Morris, English. 11. Mrs. Moylan, Choir. 12. Mrs. Muniz, Spanish. Page 99 I. Mr. Patty, Meta ls Electrics and Plastics. 2. Mrs. Powell, Foods and Clothing. 3. Mr. Renn, Health and Safe- ty, World Geography. 4. Mrs. Ritchie, English. 5. Mrs. Robinson, Algebra. 6. Miss Shively, Basic Math, Geometry, Algebra. 7. Mr. Switzer, Biology, Gen- eral Science. 8. Mr. Whisler, Special Education. 9. Mr. Young, Work Study Coordinator. 10. Miss Whitney, Reading. II. Mrs. Martin, Clerk. 12. Mr. Koontz, Janitor. 13. Mrs. Patterson, Food Service. 14. Miss Ceglian, Librarian. 98 99 Seniors end year with high spirits mu 1. The seniors and their spirit trophy. The class won it every time. 2. Class officers for the quiet year-Mark Rogers, President; Frank Ennis, Vice-President; Robin Jackowicz, Secretary; Stacy Vogel, Treasurer; Catherine Ferguson, Girls ' Representative; and Matt Harber, Boys ' Representative. 3. The tug-of-war to win the spirit trophy. The seniors again took the competition. It has been a long time since the school had such an event. 4. The beginning of the end for the coming day. Terry Bonner gets his measurements. Senior Sovereignty BRIAN ADAMS REBECCA ADKINS " Becky " Nurses Club 1 Sunshine Society 1 Band 1,2,3, 4 GEORGE ALVARADO CYNTHIA ANDERSON RHONDA ANDERSON " Rhonda Buns " GAA 1,2, 3, 4 Sunshine Society 1,2 Field Hockey 1 Powder Puff 3,4 Art Club 2,3 Track 1,2,3 RICHARD ARNOLD LYNNE BART CANDIE BARTOS ROSALIND BERKLEY GAA 1,4 Sunshine Society 2 Art Club Sec. 2 Field Hockey 2 Powder Puff 3,4 SUSAN BLAYLOCK " Suzabel " Home Ec. Club 1,2,3 Miss Co-Ed Correspondent 2 Pom Pons 3,4 DECA 3,4 THERESE BOBROWSKI SANDRA BOHANNON TERRY BONNER RANDY BOOK MICHAEL KEITH BRAGDON " Mikey " French Club 1,2 Band 1,2,3 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Art Club Pres. 3,4 Student Council 4 103 RANDALL BRECHNER MARK BURDETT JOSEPH R. BURTON Band 1,2, 3,4 Football 1 Baseball 1,2 Golf 3,4 French Club 1,2 BOB CATES “Bates " Football 1,2, 3, 4 Wrestling 1,2,3 Band 1,2, 3, 4 TAMARA CHERRY " Tammy " GAA 2,3,4 DECA 3,4 Camping Club 3,4 Homecoming Queen 4 STANLEY A. CHILDERS " Stan Pipe " BRENDA CHIRCO " Bren " Home Ec. Club 2,3 JIM CLINE DENISE COBAN CHARLES COLEMAN " Chuck " DAVID CO LEMAN MICHAEL COLEMAN DEBRA COMSTOCK " Debbie " Sunshine Society l Cheerleader 1,2 Pep Club 3 MARK COOPER CURTIS COPPINGER " Lee " Football 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1 104 MICHAEL CROFTON GEORGE DANAPAS NANCY DANIEL Yearbook 2,3,4 DECA 3,4 KAREN DAROSKY GAA 1,2,3, 4 French 1,2 Yearbook 4 Sunshine Society 1 Band 1,2,3 NANCY DAVIS BOYD DeHAVEN " Floyd " Foodball 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 KELLY JOY DILLIN " Dee " Cheerleading 1,2, 3,4 Gymnastics 1,2,3 GAA 1,2,3, 4 Band 1,2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3,4 DONALD RAY DIXON " Styxo " Chess Club 1,2,3 Band 1, 2,3,4 DECA 3,4 KATHY DOBYNS CAROL DONAHOO EDWARD DRANCHAK SUSAN DUNN SANDRA ELWOOD " Sandy " FRANK ENNIS " Me Guiness " KIMBERLY FAULKNER " Bumberly " Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3,4 Band 1,2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3,4 GAA 1,2,3 105 CATHY FERGUSON JAMES R. FISER " Rick " Student Council 1 Basketball 2 Baseball 3 PATRICIA FISHER RAY FLOYD DOUGLAS FRAME KRIS GAZA LINDA GEHRES KEN GOOD " Doc " Football 1,3,4 Track 2 FFA 4 RANDY GORDON THEODORE GRIEFF SHEILA K. HANDLEY GAA 1,2, 3, 4 Sunshine Society 1,4 Powder Puff 3,4 Volleyball 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3 MATTHEW HARBER WENDY JO HARMON " Wendelle " Student Council 1,2, 3, 4 Pom Pons 1,2,3 GAA 1,2,3 Sweetheart Court 4 KIMBERLY HENDREN " Kim " GAA 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3 Choir 1, 2,3,4 MICHAEL HEPLER " Hep " Baseball 1,2,3 Basketball 1,4 French Club 1,2,3 106 BARRY HODGE Football 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3 Honor Society 3,4 Baseball 1 French Club 1,2,3 MICKEY HODGE DAVID HOFFMAN ELISE HONKOSKI CAROLYN HORVATH Pep Club 2 Spanish Club 3,4 DECA 3,4 ROBIN JACKOWICZ KAREN JACKSON GAA 1,2,3 Volleyball 1, 2,3 Basketball 1, 2,3 Track 1,3 Powder Puff 3,4 BRET JENKINS MONSERATE JOFFRE " Monse " Spanish Club 2,3 JAY JOHNSON Art Club 1 ARTHUR KARY " Tootie " MARK KIETZMAN Spanish Club 3,4 MICHAEL KIETZMAN LAURA KNOTTS DANIEL KOMENDA 107 LINDA LAW GAA 1, 2, 3 GREGORY LEWIS MICHAEL LEWIS AMANDA LOVELESS MARILYN LUNA " Tuna” GAA 1,2, 3, 4 tres. Sunshine Society 1,4 Powder Puff 3,4 ROBERT LYNCH DAVID MAR DIS RHONDA MARTIN " Roonie " Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 2 rep. 4, sec. Sophomore Class tres. GILBERT MILLER " Gil " ERIN JANET MILLER GAA 2 Sunshine Society 2 DECA 3 ROBERTA MILLER " Bobbee " GAA 1,3,4 Yearbook 3,4 Camping Club 4 GEORGE DEAN MIXIS " Mao " Choir 1,2, 3,4 DAVID MOFFATT MARY MOORE " Mo Jo " JOEL MORA 108 DEBRA SUE MORGAN " Deb " DECA 3,4 Honor Society 4 Pep Club 2 Art Club 2 Yearbook 4 MARY ANN MULLARKEY DAWN NELSON JAMES NORTHEY CHERYL RENE OATES " Renee " Pep Club 2 Home Ec Club 2,3 Yearbook 4 EDDIE O ' DANIEL LISA ORTIZ " Ortiz " GAA 1,2,3, 4 Powder Puff 3,4 Field Hockey 1,2 JOE OWENS " Dagger " Basketball 1 Cycling Club 1 F.F.A. 4 CINDY PALMATEER CHUCK PRICE " Charlie " Choir 1,2 DECA 3,4 PAUL PSOMADELLIS TIM RATCLIFF STEVE REYNOLDS MARK L. ROGERS " Freak " Student Council 1 Chess Club 1 Honor Society 3,4 Senior Class Pres. MARY R. ROSI ECKI Choir 1 Home Ec. Club 2,3 109 MICHAEL A. ROSIECKI " Rose " Basketball 1 RITA SATTERFIELD " Shortie " DAVID SCHMELZER LAURA SHOEMAKER " Shoes " GAA 1,2 Spanish Club 1 DECA 3,4 KATHLEEN SHUDICK Choir 1,2, 3, 4 Honor Society 3,4 Cheerleader 2,3 Ensemble 1,2 DENISE SILVERTHORN DONNA SIMMONS ROBERT SLIGER PENNY SMELLEY " Pennin " Pom Pons 3,4 Powder Puff 3 SUZANNE W. SMITH " Sue " GAA 1,2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1,2, 3, 4 Sunshine Society 1,2 French Club 1 Pep Club 4 LINDA SPAIN GORDON SOMERS KEITH SOMERS PEGGY STARCEVIC BETTY STONE 110 TIMOTHY STOUT MARTHA SUAREZ " Martie " Spanish Club 3 CATHIE TAYLOR THOMAS THORNE RICKY THARP ANNETTE TORRES KELLY VANDERLIN SANDRA VAUGHN DENNIS VIZENA " Viz " Football 1,2, 3, 4 STACY JANE VOGEL GAA 1,2,3 Band 1 , 2 , 3, 4 DECA 3,4 Junior Class tres. Senior Class tres. REGINA WEBB " Reggie " GAA 1,2 Pom- Pons 1,2 BRENDA WEST SANDRA WESTERHOUT " Sandy " MARGIE WILLIAMS Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 1,3 Choir 1,2 BEN WINLAND " Big Ben " Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Sunshine Society 4 111 JANN WOELK Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4 GAA 1,2,3, 4 Basketball Manager 3 Track 1,3 JEFF WOLVERTON DALE YOUNG Baseball Manager 2 MARY ANN ZEMEN MICHAEL L. ZMIERSKI " Zim " Spanish Club 1,2,3 Golf 2,3,4 DECA 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 DESPINA GREGORY " Betsy " The time has come that the Class of ' 77 has to leave E.H.S. We, as Seniors hold many memories of this school, teachers, and friends. But even more, we are looking back to when we first came to Edison. As Freshmen we were shy and insecure. Our class flag, in our class colors of green and white, was hung in the gym for the next three years; we went to our very first football game and that was fun in itself! Home- coming came and as the " new " kids, we had to learn the hard work involved in making our float and decorating our hall. Our float, " Bury the Troopers, " received third place. All the Freshman girls went through the tradi- tional GAA initiation to become a member. We finally became Sophomores. We were no longer regard- ed as the " little freshman. " We were a little more aware of what was going on too. Some of our guys were on the Varsity Footba II team ; we ordered our class- rings and our float; " Dial V for Victory " received second place. Pep sessions were always a battle, and once we even stole the Spirit Trophy from the tough Juniors! Our junior year we finally were considered " Upperclassmen. " We hung around the big Seniors. Our float, " Elton Eagle " took first place After a two year absence. Powder Puff football came back and we took second. " An Evening in Paris " was the prom theme. After earning over $1000 by sell- ing stationery and having a car wash, and bake sale, we gave the Seniors their best prom ever! So here we are as Seniors. We ' ve become closer as a class because we realize that we may never see any of our friends again. Our last Homecoming came and we proved well by placing first on our hall project, " Jammin ' Jukebox " and a first on our hall decora- tions. Our float, " Eagle Spirit Reigns " came in third place. We had to have set a record by winning the spirit trophv five times, once sharing it with the Juniors. Last four years Frank Ennis and Tammy Cherry smile for the camera on that day at Spectacle Lake in Valpo. About 40 members of the class went swimming, fishing, and for fun. " On The Threshold Of A Dream " Graduation: June 5, 1977 Panoramic Pfcotograpbv Inc. Cedar Lake. Indiana 113 Class finds year difficult for fund raising The junior class was better organ- ized than ever before. The summer be- fore our junior year, we had three car washes and a paper drive, doing well on all. As a class we were especially proud of ourselves over the Homecoming ac- tivities. Won was first place spot in the float competition with the theme, " Come Ride with Us. " Also placed second in the Powder Puff football game. The class candy sale had ended up as a big disaster. We didn ' t make any money out of it at all. Also, the key chains the class sold had to be marked down from one dollar to twenty-five cents, because of the town ' s name change. So the key chains didn ' t turn out too well either. The Prom theme for this year is " Over the Rainbow, " and it was hoped the year-end event would be a success. 1. Junior class officers: Themmi Morikis, Pres., Bill Malinoff, Vice- Pres., Jamie Ohmann, Sec., Janice Silaghi, Treas., Jim Zambrana, Boy ' s Rep., Candy Marshall, Girl ' s Rep. 2. Members of the junior class by the second place hall project " Steamin ' to Victory " . 3. Juniors ' first-place float moves down Central Avenue during the Homecoming Parade. 114 Lynn Adams James Alderson Kathy Alexander David Anderson Phyllis Anderson Mark Bildilli Judith Bobrowski Cheryl Bolles Russell Book Kimberly Boyll Greg Brant Phillip Burks Troy Carpenter John Cherry Darlene Childers Bob Clark Norman Clemens Darryl Cobb Ronnie Coftman Pam Coleman Wendell Cook Matt Cooper Deborah Crofton Anita Davis Jay Decker Joy Dettman Ron Duffee Lori Eddy David Elizondo Timothy Ellis Randy Felker Mike Findley Danny Frick Cheryle Fronczak Pam Hertaus displays her talents during the first semester Art III class. Geni Frum Carol Funkhouser Greg Garber Jenny Gibson Everett Goldsmith Karlene Good Sharon Guebert Ron Guess Vernon Handley Molly Harmon Kelly Hendren Kent Hinkle Dennis Holland Kathy Holland Bruce Hoskins Mike Imhausen Roy Ingram Joe Jacob Dennis Jenkins Ron Johnston Angel Jones Jack Jones Ron Joselyn George Karageorge Tammy Kennedy Sandy Kincheloe Bryan Kingery Jim Knotts Pam Knox George Kopanakis Gregory Krok Karen Kurzdorfer Tina Lynch Dan Malesevic William Malinoff Victoria Maretich 1. Juniors con- structing their 1st place-prize win- ning float. 2 . Candy Marshall paints one of the many signs for Homecoming activit- ies. Candy Marshall Kathie Martini e Linda Mauoin Randy McWhirter Wanda Meeks Danny Miller Cathy Minton Melody Mischan Cynthia Mitrisin Cheryl Mize Khristian Molchan Laurie Ann Mongold Michelle Mora Themmi Morikis Garry Morris Sandra Morris Peggy Mullarkey Brenda Newbold Tammy Northey Frank Odar Patrick O ' Hara Jamie Ohmann Myles Oresik Cheryl Palmateer Lorrie Parker James Penrod Liz Perez Carolyn Poe Pam Purcell David Rawdon Kelly Richmond Karen Ring Carmen Rivera Randall Robb Donna Rock Connie Rowland 117 Joy Dettman enjoys a shake during the noon hours. Brian Russell Ellen Sable Daryl Shadrix Karen Shewmaker Janice Silaghi Michelle Skarja Beverly Snodgrass Alan Somers Christine Spencer Rick Stanley Douglas Steen Patti Sylvia Ervin Talbert Dave Tarnowski Lorraine Todd Lori Tokash Terry Lee Tretter Judy Tucker Chuck Tulley Pattie Turek Patti Vizena Carmen Ware Karen Watson Mike Watts Tom Whiteman Mark Wilkins Karen Williams Kathy Williams Mike Wolfe Susanna Yanez 118 1. Patti Vizena hurries to the routine of an after- noon gymnastic practice. 2. Themmi Morikis, Junior Class President, distrib- utes boxes of candy for the class sale. 3. The sixth hour Algebra 1 1 class finds the juniors taking a test over equations. 4. Cheryle Fronczak examines an algae specimen during her third hour Botany class. 119 Sophomores have quiet year As Sophomores we started the school year with many expectations. We hoped our float and hall project would be winners. But our float titled " Cage the Cougars " placed second and our hall project which was titled " Eagles Are Flying High " took a third. In November we sponsored a dance which pushed us ahead financially. After Christmas vacation we all came back with the excitement of ordering our class rings. Disappointment came when we had a snow storm and the arrival of our order was delayed two weeks. They were delivered in February and there was much enthusiasm among our classmates. . . In the spring we planned on having a pop-bottle drive and selling yo-yos. We also planned to raise money with a car wash which really could turn out to be a " Big Splash " . Returning as juniors we hope to have ac- complished many money making projects to give us a good start on our prom. 1. Sophomore ' s homecoming float entitled " Cage the Cougars. " 2. Patty Luna and Fran Viers help with the stuffing of the class float. 3. Sophomore Powder Puff Team. Carol Adams Rick Adams Diana Alderson Tom Allen Billy Anthony Calvin Anthony Diane Armitage Bruce Bailey Lisa Barkham Kim Barth Timothy Bianco Dessie Bickett Penny Bolles Audrey Bradley Brenda Lee Brett Lonnie Briscoe Charlie Brown Lisa Brown Rhonda Duffee and Carol Adams seem excited, but is it the game? Mike Bullock Nora Bullock Rita Burks Sherry Burnes David Butler Don Caudill Wanda Caudill George Cherry Karen Childers Caroline Coats Lisa Coleman Bob Cooke Frank Cortez Lori Courtney Sara Cripliver Thomas Cripliver Tina Cuellar Jeff Davis 121 Nick Derado Rhonda Derr Sherry Derr Marie DeVaney David Dobson Denise Driscoll Rhonda Duffee Lynn Dunn Robert Edmond Steve Edwards Phil Eggers Joe Ehrenfeld Sophomores received class rings on February 16 , 1977 . The highlight of the year. Larry Fazekas John Ferguson Tammy Ficker Cheryl Fitzgerald Sara Flagg Janice Floyd Patricia Floyd Lisa Follow Shana Friese Israsema Fuentes George Galanos David Gass Tanya Good Scott Good Kathy Grishka Mike Halmi Nancy Hanat Mark Henley Robert Hepler Jim Hobbs Pamela Hodge Shelly Hodge Linda Hodges Teresa Hopkins Nancy Hughes James Hutman Larry Jackson Kayne Jacobson Roy Johnston Theresa Joy Cynthia Kadish Stanley Kapica Valerie Kasrich Ellen Kary Gina Keathley Lillian Kenjic Carlene Kincheloe Vicky Kingery Laurie Labadie Rebecca Lancaster David Lewis James Lewis Karin Lubeck Tim Luellman Pat Luna Charles Manning John Martinie Lisa Mathis Guy Matlock Debra Maynard Mary McCollum Scott McDonald Tina McKaney Robert MeiTzler Jim Metz Christine Miller Tammy Mongold Susan Mores LaShanna Morrill Michael Morris Cathy Murray helps to work on Homecoming float. Janice Floyd tallies her score in GAA bowling. Cathy Murray Paula Naglosky Mark Noel Terry Norman Darlene Novakovich Steve Novkovic Mary Nush Mike Ortiz Irene Pahos Christy Palmateer Robert Pasley William Phillippe Danny Pierce Stephanie Pilnock William Piper Frank Powers Pamela Ratcliff Nancy Reynolds David Ringas Louis Rocha Louie Rodriquez Katherine Roppolo Scott Rosendahl Glenda Rushing Patricia Rushing Kelly Samos Daniel Satterfield Julianne Sattler John Shearer Tony Sieiro Kenneth Sliger Dawn Smelley Rebecca Smith Steve Smith Charlene Snellgrove Cynthia Stone 1. Fran Viers is working on a band saw in woods class. 2. Lisa Mathis studies in Mr. Hershey ' s 1st hour Geography class. Lorri Svetanoff Robert Swallow Charles Sweeney Robin Szybala Lauri Talmadge Lori Tarnowski Cynthia Taylor Carrie Turek Pamela Vansickle Jose Vasquez John Vaughn Francene Viers Matthew Vogel Toni Wadding Nancy Walker Vicki Weidman Rich Wild Dana Williams John Williams Larry Williamson Rhonda Wilson Greg Woelk Ricky Wright Robbin Yarrington Monica Zupko Jamie Lewis and John Ferguson takes a break from working on the Homecoming float. Shana Friese tries to hide from the camera. Janice Floyd and book work. First year for Frosh a success The Freshmen class had an active year. The class sold pins for Valen- tine ' s Day and also sponsored a car wash. Homecoming proved rather interest- ing but also discouraging. The class placed fourth in all events. Their float theme ' Pressing for a Victory " was inspiring. The class flag was ordered in the early spring. Class president Debbie Minton had this to say about the year, " This is our class, and we feel that as the years go by the class will always remember this year especially. " 1. Freshman class officers- Debbie Minton, 1 President; Linda Vasquez, Vice President; Margaret 1 Cooper, Secretary; Barbara Bobrowski, Treasurer; fj Patty Stahl, girls ' Rep., and boys ' Rep. Pete Morikis 1 2 . Window painting -freshmen style. On the window §f and on the nose of Cindy Gerlich. 3 . Dan Hecht works out during the day on the weights. § The freshman was one of many students who utilized 1 the weights up in the during the year. 4 . Float workers -Gina Spears, Cindy Mokol, and 1 Mary Dubajich stop to chat for a minute before going 1 back to work on the class float. Deborah Alderson Sue Alexander Debra Anthony Dwayne Arnold Tom Arnold Anthony Ashby Jerry Ayala Robert Barnthouse David Beliles Gina Bernardi Debra Black Brian Blackwell Rhonda Book Kori Boyll Mark Brant Lori Brown Edward Bukaski Linda Burdett William Burnes Mike Cannan Vicky Canterbury Joe Carlin Randall Cherry Scott Cherry Linda Childers Patty Choisser John Clemens Decatur Cooke Margaret Cooper Gary Coppinger Bobby Crisman Robert C. Crofton James Davis Tom Davis Pamela Decker Ronnie Dees Charles Denny Jacqueline Dixon James Doolin Deanna Douglas Mary Dubajich Theresa Dukes Carol Eaton Daniel Eaton Dennis Eberhardt Paula Eggers Terry Ellis Gilbert Elizondo Julia Emmons Tammy Engler Mitchell Fazekas Martin Ferguson Charles Findley Jeffery Foster 127 Pamela Fowler Mary Frame Debra Frencl Jeffery Frizzell Danette Garber Debra Gass Billy Gentry Nancy George Cindy Gerlich Andrea Gianapoulos Scott Gibson Evelyn Goldsmith Lisette Gonzales Michelle Good Jackie Gordon Steven Gossett Valerie Gray Terry Halderman Kevin Hanat Russell Handley Jane Harris Danny Hatley Daniel Hecht Lorriane Heridia Steven Hertaus William Hill Sherry Hinkle James Hoefflicker Charles Hoskins Kenneth Howell Erik Huddleston Phillip Hursell Polly Hutman Kathleen Imhausen Karen Ingram Laurie Jackowicz Dwayne Arnold and Tony Ashby work on their achievement tests in their freshman English class. 1. Jim Shearer and Debbie Minton listen intensively in Algebra I class. 2. Margaret Cooper works on the float during HC week. Michael Jasiak Timothy Jenkins Kimberly Johnson Linda Johnson Wm. Johnson Elizabeth Jones Linda Jones Dixon Kary Margie Kell James Kennedy Dawn Kershaw John Keitzman Timothy Kingery Tom Kingery Brian Kobylinski Lisa Koch Christi Komenda Sherry Krok Marla Loveless Patricia Luellman Melinda McAfee Betty McWhirter Richard McWhirter Terry Marcum Paul Maretich Dale Martin Steve Martin Kathy Maupin Tim Menefee Tom Menefee Carol Mercier Larry Millender Joe Miller Roger (Billy) Miner Debra Minton Cindy Mokol Tonja Moore Peter Morikis 129 Marie Mosley Carrie Mullarkey William Nalley Karleen Nelson David Norman Stana Novkovic David Nush Paul Nush Teresa Nush Jay Ohmann Susan Olson Matt Osborn Rochelle Parker Donna Paxton Jackie Penrod Sam Perez Marilynn Popielarz Kathaleen Psomadelis David Pysh Charles Ralston Ronald Ramos Charles Rawdon Sandy Reames Wendy Richie Vickie Rock Linda Rowland Phil Rubino Brenda Russ Michael Sajdyk Yvonne Shadrix James Shearer Russell Shields Pamela Shuttleworth Randal Smith Steve Smith Thomas Smith Kimberly Snodgrass Jim Soria Gina Spears Patty Stahl David Stetler Todd Stewart 130 Gary Stucker Samuel Suarez Pam Subart Terri Sullivan Karin Sylvia Laurie Thomas Vincent Todd Donald Todosijevic Randy Tretter Linda Vasquez Claude Vaughn Chris Weidman Jim White Karen Wiesemann Cathy Wilkerson Jaymi Williams Carol Wilson Timothy Wilson Angela Woodall Ron Woodard Charmin Wrolen Kenneth Young David Zakrzewski 1. Lizette Gonzales and Linda Johnson work on last minute details for the freshman float. 2. The class of 80. 3. Yvonne Shadrix listens to a lecture in her English class. Advertisements Advertising is very much a part of the Edisonian; it shows businesses and schools are working together. The yearbook needs ads; the merchants need customers. The staff would like to express our appreciation to these fine merchants and patrons for their faith and confidence in our 148-page product. Their contin- ued support deserves our patronage in return. The design of the advertising is such to serve the student and the merchant by providing more photographs of the year. The staff felt that this is the best arrangement for those concerned. SQUARE DEAL FUEL OIL CO. INC. TOOL RENTAL 3100 CENTRAL AVE. 962-1156 or 962-4056 Ortiz’s Standard Across From Ray’s Lanes For Products You Can Depend On Central Avenue DAIRY QUEEN 2432 RIPLEY ST. LAKE STATION 962-2000 132 133 OLSON FRUM 1307 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA 962-1511 134 ANDREW C. GARBER 2769 DeKalb St. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 962-1287 Ge ttm k Jlmst ssr 1 4 992-1724 Lake Station GARY NATIONAL BANK 3400 CENTRAL AVE. Lake Station YOUR noon NEIGHBOR RANK 962-7545 135 Gross Sport Sales 726 Washington St. School Jackets- All Types Of Equipment K m Stiak Sqitm i 136 RIPLE LAKE STATION Compliments oj SMITH ' S APPLIANCES CENTRA L CENTER 137 138 139 World Book Child Craft » SPECIALIZE l 3k PRINTING ADVERTISING [PRISES AND SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES AMWAY HOME CARE PRODUCTS 2095 VANDERBURG ST. EAST GARif, IND. Ph. 962-4851 BARBARS BEAUTY SHOPPE II I L 2731 CENTRAL AVE. Lake Station PHONE - 962-1042 140 COMPLIMENTS OF INDIANA SCHOOL PICTURES CENTRAL AVE. RAY ' S LANES LAKESTATI0N 141 142 OKEY L. Student index SENIORS 1976-77 Adams. Brian-103. 67. 20. 22 Adkins. Rebecca-103 Alvarado. George-103 Anderson. Cynthia-103. 17. 16. 100., 91 Anderson. Rhonda-103. 102 Arnold. Richard-103. 83. 39. 38. 20. 15. 22 Bart, Lynne ( Helen -103. 20 Bartos, Candie-103.10 Berkley. Rosalind-103 Blaylock. Susan-103. 59. 102. 79, 20 Bobrowski. Therese-103 Bohannon. Sandra-103 Bonner. Terry-103, 102, 100, 19. 20, 75, 41 Book. Randy-103 Bragdon. Michael-103. 83. 88. 20 Burdett, Mark-20 Burns. Robert E. -104. 10. 18. 19, 11 Burton. Joseph R. -104. 20. 32 Cates, Robert L.-I04. 21. 100. 101. 14, 20. 75, 22 Cherry, Taniara-104. 10. 101, ll Childers. Stanley-104 Chirco, Brenda-104. 25, 62 Clay. Michael. 28. 29. 2U. 22. 44 Cline. Jim A. -104. 66 Cobaz. I)enise-104 Coleman- Charles W. -104 Coleman. David-104. 19 Coleman. Michael- 104. 20 Comstock. Debra-104. 82 Cooper. Mark-104, 10. 20 Coppinger. Curtis. 104. 83. 18, 19. 40 . 20 Crofton, Michael-105. 15 Danapas. George-105. 62. 39, 38. 20, 22. 40. 44 Daniel. Nancy-105. 82, 102 Darosky. Karen-105. 82. 101. 20. 23 Davis, Nancy Ele)-l05 Dellaven. Boyd-105. 21. 28. 101, 34. 35, 20. 22. 44 Dillin. Kelly-105, 17. 16. 56. 88. 20. 55. 65 Dixon. Donald 105. 102. 79. 75 Dobyns. Kathy-105. 46. 20. 22. 55, Donahoo. Carol-105 Dovellas, Bill -20 Dranchak, Edward-105. 34. 20 Dunn. Susan-105, 18. 19 Elwood, Sandra- 105 Ennis, Erank-105. 10. 102. 100, 14, 20. 22, 11 Faulkner. Kimberly-105, 17. 16. 101, 56. 88 Ferguson. Cathy-106, 100. 79, 88. 20. 22 Fiser. Rick-106. 83 Fisher, Pat- 106 25 Floyd. Ray- 106. 20. 22 Frame. Douglas-106. 20 Loveless. Amanda-108 Luna . Marilyn-108. 20, 65. 55 Lynch. Robert- 108. 20 24. 70. 50 Mardis, David-108 Martin. Edward-20 Martin. Rhonda-62. 108. 101. 88. 22. 70. Meitzler, Michael-20 Miller. Gil- 1 08. 50. 20 Miller. Janet-108 Miller. Roberta- 82. 16. 108. 91, 20 Mixis. George-108, 66 Moffatt, David-72. 83. 108, 10. 20 Moore. Mary-108 Mora. Joel-72, 108 , 39. 38, 20, 23 Morgan, I)ebra-82. 109. 101. 88. 20.22 Mullarky. Mary Ann-10, 109 Nelson. Dawn-109 Northey, James E.-109. 101, 20. 15 Oates. Cheryl-82, 109. 20 O ' Daniel. Eddie-109 Ortiz. Lisa-62. 83. 109 Owens. Joseph-109 Palmateer, Cindy-109. 46. 20 Price, Charles-109. 79 Psomadellis. Paul-109. 102. 34. 88. 20. 23. 41. 44 Ratcliff. Tim-33. 109. 20. 23 Reynolds. Steve- 109 Rogers. Mark-109. JUO. 101. 88. 26. 22. 15 Rosiecki, Mary-109. 14 Rosiecki Michael- 70. uo Satterfield. Rita-110 Sehmelzer. David-33, 10. 110, 101, 88. 20. 22.11 Schwartz. Kevin-101, 22 Shoemaker. Laura-110 Shudick. Kathleen-10. 110. 100 . 88. 14, 24 Silverthron. Denise-19. 110 Simmons. Donna-110 Skarja, Anthony-101 S I i g e r , R o b e r t - 1 1 0 20 144 Gapinski, I.loyd-20. 22 Gaza. Kris-106, 19. 10. 20. 32 Gehres. Linda-106 Good. Kenneth-106. 20, 66 Gordon. Randy-106 Grebenick. Johalhan- 25, So Grief f. Theodore- 106 Handley. Sheila-106. 102. 46. 20. 55. 65 Harber . Matthew -106, 10. 100, •■»«. 20 Harmon. Wendy-106. 83. 82. 102, 18. 100. 19, 59, 88. 20. Hendren, Kimberly-106. 83. 20 Hepler-106, 34. 20. 66. 22 Hodge. Barry-107. 102. 88. 10. 20. 22 Hodge. Mickey-107. 20 Hoffman. David-107 Honkoski Elise-107 Horvath. Carolyn-107. 79. 20. 22 Jackowicz, Robin-17. 16. 59, 107, 100. 19. 88. 20 Jackson. Karen- 107 Jenkins. Bret-107. 34. 35. 20. 22. 44 Joffre. Monserate-107 Johnson, Jay-107, 102, 14 Karagianakis. Evageline- Kary, Arthur (Tootie)-I07, 39. 38. 20 Kietzman Mark -107 Kietznian. Michael-107, 66 Knotts. Laura-107 25 Konienda. Daniel-62. 107. 14. 20. 40, Kraynak, Richard-10, 11 Law, Linda-108 63 Lewis. Gregory- 108 Lewis. Michael-108. 20 Lezniak, Waldemar (Wally -102. 67 Smelley, Penny-110 Smith. Dan-110 20. 80. 40. 41 Smith. Sue-46. 55 Spain. Linda-16. 110. 88. 20. 22. 15 Starcevic. Peggy-110 Somers. Keith-110 Stone. Betty-110 Stout. Tim-111 Suarez. Martha-111 Taylor, Cathie-17,111. 102,16. 64. Tharp. Ricky-111. 102 Thorne, Tom-111. 20 Torres, Annette-111. 65 Yanderlin. Kelly-111. 102. 56. 88. 10. 20. 22, 91 Vaughn, Sandra-111, 102 Vizena. Dennis-72. 111. 20,23, 44 Vogel. Stacy-111. 102. 100, 20. 75 Webb. Regina-Ill West. Brenda-Ill Westerhout, Sandra-111 Wilder. Lina-118. 101 Williams, Margie-10, 111, 101 , 88, 20, 11 • 69 Winland. Ben-111 Woelk, Jann-46. 20. 55 Zemen. Mary Ann-88, 20 . 66 Zmierski. Michael-79. 88. 20, 32 JUNIORS Adams. Lynn-115, 76 Alderson. James-36. 38, 115. 30 Alexander, Kathy-115 Anderson. David-33, 38. 115, 71, 41 Anderson. Phyllis-115. 71 Bildilli. Mark-18. 115 Bobrowski. Judy-83, 46, 115, 55, 53. 68 Bolles. Cheryl-115, 53,91 Book. Russell- 115 Boyll. Kimberly-59. 115 Brant. Greg-119. 115 40 Burks. Phillip-115 Carpenter, Troy-115 Cherry. John-28. 115, 37, 30. 22. 40, 4 1 Childers. Darlene-115 Clark- Bob-83. 34, 115, 36 Clemens. Norman-115, 30 Cobb. Darryl-115 Coffman, Ron-115 Coleman, Pam-115 Cook. Wendell- 1 15 Cooper. Matt-115 Crofton, Deborah-115 Davis. Anita-115 Decker. Jay-115, 71 Dettman. Joy-115, 88, n Duffee, Ron-115. 10. 66 Eddy. Lori-115. 65-. 01 Elizondo, David-115, 92, 65 Ellis, Tim-115 Felker, Randy-115, 66 Findley, Mike-83, 115 Frick. Danny- 10, 38, 115, 11 Fronczak, Cheryle-119, 115, 55 Frum, Geni-116, 79, 88 Funkhouser, C ' arol-116 Garber, Greg-116 Gibson. Jenny-49, 56, 116, 19,- 55, 15 Goldsmith. Everett-116 Good, Karlene-116 Grasham, Bob-36, 72, 39, 30 Gruett, Mike- 23 . 38 Guebert, Sharon-116, 46, 53. 55 Guess. Ron-116, 34, 67 Handley. Vernon-116. 66 Harmon, Molly-116 Haywood, Kren-76 Hendren, Kelly-116 Hertaus, Pam-115 Hinkle. Kent-116 Holland. Dennis-116 Holland, Kathy-116 Hoskins. Bruce-72, 116 Imhausen. Mike-116 Ingram. Roy-116 Jacob, Joe- 116, 67 Jenkins, Dennis -116 Johnston. Ron-116, 91 Jones, Angel-59, 83, 116 Jones. Jack-116 Joselyn, Ron-116 Karageorge, George-116, 119, 67 Kemp,. Charles-67 Kennedy, Tammy-116 Kincheloe, Sandy -49, 59, 83, 116, 55 Kingery, Bryan -116 Knotts. Jim-116 Knox, Pam-116 Kopanakis. George-116, 67, 119, 67 Krok. Greg-116 Kurzdorfer, Karen-116, 88, 71, 91 Lynch, Tina-83. 116. 119, 46, 53, 55 Malesevic. I)an-36. 116, 30 Malinoff, William- 111, 116 Maretich. Victoria-83, 116, 19 Marshall. Candy-117, 10, 114, 116 Martinie, Kathie-117 Maupin, Linda-117 Meeks, W ' anda-1 17,59 Miller. Danny-117, 36. 39. 30 Miller. Edward-117, 30 Minton. Cathy- 68. 117, 91 Mischan, Melody-il7 Mitrisin. Cynthia-117 Mize. Cheryl-117, 79 Molchan, Khris-117, 28. 34. 44. 35, 29, 22 Mongold, Laurie-117 Mora. Michelle-117 Morikis. Themmi-1 17,114, 119, K8 .91 Morris. Garry-36, 117, 29. 64. 30 Morris. Sandra-117 Mullarkey, Peggy-117 Nelson. Karly-117 Nelson, Sherry-117, 10. 11 New bold, Brenda-117, 76 Northey. Tammy-117 Odar. Frank-117 O’Hara. Patrick-117 Ohmann. Jamie-117 114, 56 Oresik. Myles-117. 40 Palmateer, Cheryl-117, 83, 47. 46. 51, 58. 46, 55, 68. 44 Parker, Lorrie-117, 49 Parker. Robin-117, 66 Penrod, James-36, 117, 38, 90, 30 Perez, Liz-117, 62 Poe, Carolyn-117 Purcell. Pam-117. 62. 19 Rawdon, David-117 Revers, Shelly-117 Richmond. Kelly-117, 10, 82 Ring, Karen-117 Rivera. Carmen-117, 76 Robb. Randall-117 Robb, Ronda-117 Rock. Donna-117 Rowland, Connie-117, 48, 55, 48 Russell. Brian-88, 64 Shadrix, Daryl-36. 39, 30 Shewmaker, Karen-83, 47 Silaghi. Janice-114, 88 Sfearja, Michelle- 41 Soria. Joe-28 Spencer, Chris-67. 41 Steen, Doug-34. 32 Sylvia, Kathy-82 Sylvia. Patti-57. 82, 15 Tokash, Lori- 10, 119, 88. 75 Tretter. Terry-39 Turek, Pat tie-65 Vizena, Patti-59, 49, 83, 119. 91 Wadding, Jim-19. 30 Ware, Carmen-18 Whiteman, Tom-34, 71 Williams. Karen-88, 92 Varrington. Bob-119 Zambrana. James-114. 79, 119, 88 Zerza. Cheri-119 SOPHOMORES Adams. Carol-. 6 9. 64. 121 Adams. Rick-56 Bailey . Bruce-36 Barth. Kim-19. 36. 82. 83. 30 Bianco. Timothy-36. 30. 69 Bullock. Nora-67 Burnes. Sherry-64 Caudill. Don- 40 Cherry. George-33, 36 Coleman. Lisa-67 Cooke. Bob- 64 Courtney. Lori-47, 51, 64 Cripliver, Sara-64 Cripliver, Tom-64 Davis. Jeff-36, 30 Derado. Nick-19, 36. 14. 32 . 64 . 23 Derr. Rhonda-57 DeVaney. Marie-82, 64, 40 Dovellas. Gus-39 Duffee. Rhonda-19, 47. 59. 64. 121 Dunn. Lynn-67, 83. 41 Ferguson, John-33. 39. 125 Floyd. Janice-64- 76, 123 Floyd, Patricia-19 F iese, Shana-125 Fuentes. Irasema-36. 67 Galanos. George-67 Good. Tanya-36, 32, 30 Good, Scott-82 30 Henley, Mark-67, 64 Hodge. Pamela -46, 51, 57, 55 Hodges. Linda-46, 64 . 55 . 90 Hughes, Nancy-82, 123 Hutman. James-123, 139 Jackson. Larry-123, 136, 30 Jacobson. Kayne-67, 123, 64 . 90 Johnston. Roy-123 Joy. Theresa- 123 Kadish. Cynthia-123 Kapica. Stanley-67, 123 Kasrich, Valerie-123 Kary. Ellen- 1 23 Keathley. Gina-123 Kenjic. Lillian-123 Kincheloe. Carlene-49, 59, 123, 55 Kingery. Christina-59. 82 . 64 Kingery. Vicki- 123, 64 Labadie. Laurie-123 Lancaster, Rebecca-123 Lewis, David-123 Lewis. James-32. 123. 30, 125 Lubeck. Karin-123 Luellman. Tim-36, 39, 123, 64. 33 Luna. Pat-51, 67, 12X. 120 Manning, Charles-123 Martinie. John-123 Mathis. Lisa- 123, 124 Matlock. Guy-123, 71 Maynard, Debra-57, 123, 91 41 Meadows. DeBora-123 Meitzler. Robert-72. 123 Metz. Jim-123 Miller, Christine-62. 123 Mores. Susan-123. 61 Morrill. Shanna-59, 123 Morris. Michael-123.30 Murray. Cathy-67. 124, 123 Nagolsky, Paula-49, 124, 64 Noel, Mark-124 , 64, Norman, Terry-36, 124, 30 Novakovich. Darlene-47. 53, 124,. 55 Nush, Mary-124 Ortiz, Mike-36, 124 Pahos, Irene-124 Palmateer, Christy-47, 124, 55, 48. 64 Pasley, Robert-124 Phillippe, William-124 Pierce. Danny-124 Pilnock. Stephanie-51, 124, 55,48 Piper, W ' illiam-124 Powers. Frank-124 Ratcliff. Pamela-124 Kenn, Stephen-36 Reynolds, Nancy-59, 124 , 20 64 Ringas. David-124 Rocha, l.ouis-82. 124 Rodriquez. Louie-124 Rogers. Julian-72 Roppolo. Katherine-124 Rosedahl, Scott-124 Rushing. Glenda-124. 66 Vasquez. Pepe-36, 30 Viers , Francene-49, 124 W ' adding. Toni-57 , 64, 14 Weidman. Vicki-83, 55 Wright. Ricky-36. 39. 30 Yarrington, Bobbin- 1 7. 53, 55, 125 Zupko, Monica-51. 64. 90 Rushing. Patricia-124 Samos. Kelly-124 Satterfield, Daniel-124 Saltier, Julianne-124 Shearer. John-124 Sliger, Kenneth-124 Smelly. Dawn-124 Smith- Rebecca-124 Smith- Steve-39 Snellgroove-124 Stone, Cynthia-124, 55. 48 Swallow, Robert-39 Szybala, Robin- 51 Talmadge . Lauri-59, q2 Tarnowski, Lori-64 Taylor. Cynthia-64 Vansickle, Pamela-67 146 FRESHMEN Alderson, Deborah-83,127 Alexander, Sue-127 Ai. ' hony, Debra-127 Arnold, Dwayne -127,128,37 Arnold, Tom-127,39,31 Ashby, Anthony-127, 128, 12, 37,31 Ayala. Jerry-127 Barnthouse, Robert-127 Beliles. David-127 Bennel. Kim-84 Bernardi, Gina-127 Black. Debra-127 Blackwell. Brian-127 Bobrowski, Barbara-84, 47. 53. 64, 58 Book. Rhonda-127 Boyll, Kori-59, 127 Brant ; Mark-37, 127 Brpwn. Lori-127, 58 Bryant. Steve-37 Bukaski. Edward- 127 Burdett. Linda-127 Burnes, William-127 Cannan, Mike-127, 31, 37 Canterbury, Vicky-127. 64 Carlin, Joe-127.39, 37, 31 Cherry. Randall-127 Cherry. Scott-37, 127 Childers, Linda-127 Choisser, Patty-127 Clemens. John-127, 37. 31 Cooke, Decatur-84, 127 Cooper, Margaret-127. 129, 58 Coppinger, Gary-127 Crisman. Bobby-127 Crofton. Robert- 127 Davis. James-127 Davis. Tom-127 Decker, Pamela-127 Dees, Ronnie-127 Denny, Charles-127 Dixon. Jacqueline-47, 127, 53 Doolin, James-127 Douglas. Deanna-127 Dubajich. Mary-59. 127, 53, 64 Dukes. Theresa-127 Eaton. Carol-127 Eaton. Daniel-127 Eberhardt, Dennis-127, 37, 31 Eggers, Paula-127, 64 Ellis, Terry-127 Elizondo, Gilbert-127 Emmons. Julia-127 Engler. Tammy-127 Fazekas. Mitchell-127. 37, 31 Ferguson, Martin-127, 39, 37, 31 Findley, Charles-127 Foster, Jeffery-127 Fowler, Pamela-128 Frame- Mary-128, 53 Frencl, Debra-128 Frizzell, Jeffery-128 Garber, Danette-128 Gass. Debra-128 Gentry. Billy-128. 37. 31 George, Nancy-128 Gerlish. Cindy-128, 53. 64 Gianapoulos. Andrea- 128, 64 Gibson, Scott-128 Goldsmith. Evelyn-128 Gonzales, Lisette-84, 131, 128, 68 Good. Michelle-128. 58 Gordon. Jackie-74, 128 Gossett, Steven-128. 37. 31 Gray. Valerie-128 Halderman . Terry-128 Hale. Willard-39 Hallmark, Cindy-53 Hanat. Kevin-128, 64 Handley, Russell-128 Harris, Jane-128 Hatley, Danny-128, 31 Hecht. Daniel-128, 39, 37, 31 Heridia, Lorraine-49. 128 Hertaus. Steven-128 Hill. William-128 Hinkle. Sherry-128 Hoefflicker, James-128, 39 Hoskins. Charles- 1 28. 37. 71, 31 Howell, Kenneth- 37, 128 Huddleston. Erik-128, 37 Hursell, Phillip-72-128 Hutman. Polly-62, 49, 128. 58 Imhausen, Kathleen-128 Ingram Karen-128 Jackowicz, Laurie-58, 128 Jasiak. Michael-129, 64 Jenkins, Timothy-129 Johnson. Kimberly-129 Johnson, Linda-131 129 Johnson. W r m.-129 Jones, Elizabeth-129, 10 Jones, Linda-129 Kary, Dixon- 129, 39, 31, 37 Kell. Margie-129 Kennedy, James-84. 129 Kershaw. Dawn-129 Keitzman, John-129 Kingery, Timothy-37, 129, 31 Kingery, Tom-74, 37. 129 Kobvlinski. Brian-129, 31, 37 Koch. Lisa-129, 53, 55 Kolopanis, Terry-31, 37 Komenda. Christi-129 Krok. Sherry-129, 53 Loveless. Marla-129 Luellman. Patricia-129 McAfee, Melinda-129, 53 McWhirter, Betty-47, 129. 53 McWhirter, Richard-129 Marcum. Terry-129 Maretich, Paul-129 Martin. Dale-129, 31 Martin. Steve-129. 137, 12, 37. 31 Maupin. Kathy-129 Menefee, Tim-129, 39, 31 Menefee. Tom-129, 39, 31 Mercier, Carol-49, 129 Millender, Larry-129 Miller. Joe-129, 31 Miner. Roger- 129 Minton, Debra-10, 129 Mokol. Cindy-129 Monacy, Joe-31 Moore, Tonja-129 Morikis. Peter-129. 39, 31 Mosley, Marie-49, 130 Mullarkey, Carrie-130 Nalley, William-130 Nelson, Karleen-130 Norman. David-130 Novkovic, Stana-84, 130 Nush, David-130 Nush, Paul-130 Nush. Tei.esa-130 Ohmann, Jay-38, 130,31 Olson. Susan-49. 84. 130, 55 Osborn. Matt-130. 39. 31 Parker, Rochelle-130 Paxton. Donna-130 Penrod, Jackie-130, 53 Perez, Sam-130 Psomadelis, Kathleen-130, 53 Popieiarz. Marilynn-130 Pysh, David-130.’ 64 Ralston, Charles-130 Ramos, Ronald-130. 39 Rawdon, Charles-130 Rames, Sandy-49. 130, 55 Richie. Wendy-130 Rock, Vickie-130 Rowland, Linda-130 Kubino, Phil-84. 37. 130 Russ. Brenda-130 Sajdvk, Michael-130 Shadrix. Yvonne-131,130 Shearer, James- 129, 130, 37, 64 Shield. Russell-37. 130, 31 Shuttleworth. Pamela-130 Smith. Randal-130, 39 Smith, Steve-130 Smith. Thomas-130- 37, 31 Snodgrass. Kimberly-130 Soria, Jim-130 Spears, Gina-130 Stahl. Patty-130. 64.58 Stetler, David-130 Stewart. Todd-130 Sullivan. Terri-49 Sylvia. Karin-130, 47. 53, 55 Thomas. Laurie-59 Todd, Vincent-37. 31 Todosijevic. Don-31 Tretter, Randy-39 Vasquez. Linda-59. 47, 19 W’eidman, Chris-33, 22 Williams. Jaymi-59, 64 PATRONS Cathy Sylvia and Phil Rubino We’ll be back someday E.H.S. Farewell: Wendelle L ' Espagnol GOOD LUCK in the Coast Guard. Chuck Nush Tom Cripliver-President of the United States Edith Woodworth John and Heidi Fritz Kathi Koontz " Den I,oves Laura 4 ever” " Freak " Vicki Kingery made Danny Hatley someone very special Trower, Alvin Lee. and George Mixis-Guitar MASTERMINDS " Mr. Hartley” Mr. Mrs. L.F. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klym Lynch, Skarja, Sylvia, and Ennis are GROOVY People!!! I). A. C. P. A. F. Mr. Mrs. Morgan Danny-1 LOVE Y’OU, now forever always-Vicki Tammy Cherry-Thanks for a wonderful Homecoming! Bob Barb. Doug Michelle-Don’t forget Margaret Mint. Gueb. Bo. C. P.. and Fronz...We hate History. Horses are number one...C.M. 147 In Closing With our rapid changing society some- times it is difficult to keep up with the surrounding events. The 1977 Edisonian attempts to accurately re- cord those events which effect you. The yearbook staff had many more problems this year than ever before. We did all the paste up work which was usually done by the Jostens yearbook Company. We typed the copy and took it over to the Hobart Gazette to be set. We had a con- tract with Indiana School Pictures but the company seemed to take for- ever to get any pictures back to us. It was already our second deadline and we hadn ' t sent anything to the yearbook company for production. But most of the staff kept on work- ing harder and harder each day, and others couldn ' t hack it and dropped out. Even though we had many arguments and difficulties we finally finished the book. I would like to thank the whole staff and Mr. Gray for all the hard work they did and hope there are no hard feelings. A special thanks goes to Nancy Hughes for doing all the extra work and lots of luck on next year ' s book as the editor. Nancy Daniel Editor josi=ns tM=RICdM y imooc CONRtfNy

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