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Edison High School East Gary, Indiana Volume XXVIII 2 1 V cCtSCA SEKIOJ; HlcH i ' CHOOu The empty sidewalks await the first arriv ' als in the morning. Our new libraiy entrance is used by students coming from the west . 3 SCHOOL LIFE One picture is worth a thousand words. A yearbook tries to tell the stor ' of the year with pictures and a few words. On the following pages are recorded the high- lights of Edison High School for the school year of 1968-69. Special events such as dances, athU tics, and concerts, as well as routine events of classroom learning make up the school year. Each student will remember this year in some special way, but with the 1969 Edisonian, he will remember it again long after the year has become history. Morning’s a Busy Time at Edison High Johnna Hornyak collects first hour attendance. High School students seem to have a knack for arriving precisely at the right moment in order to get to school on time. The amount of conversation squeezed into a few minutes f)efore the bell is amazing. When the w ' arning bell sounds, combinations whirl, lockers bang, and books are loaded for class! The final bell finds everyone in his seat ready for the school day ahead. Mr. Ryska attends to business befor e the school day begins. Students step from the bus ready for a busy school day. Meeting friends on the front sidewalk starts the day. 6 7 Everyone Waited Popcorn technicians box up the product. The president calls for student support. 8 . . . for Pictures, Mums, Milk, the Bell BELOW: Conversation and relaxation fill a few extra minutes. EDISON HIGH SCI Lunch break gives these girls time for a few laughs. TOP: Underclass pictures finally arrive. 9 Mr. Ryska, Mr. Pohlman, and Chuck Scheuer have a friendly chat be- fore the pep session. When vou have to write left-handed — you learn Teachers have priority in the hot dog department. 10 AVI Posed and Candid Shots Brighten EHS It’s nice outside, but that assignment won ' t do itself. Three members of the cast club meet in the librar -. Sitting in class is not the only thing that happens at Edi- son. The seven periods of the day are filled with as many situations as the mind can imagine. Two students confer to pool ideas. I.ast minute instructions are given before a pep session. To keep up the pace, lunch must be eaten; and if there is extra time, it can be spent in the library. Fellows may gather to discuss recently broken bones, or others may present a skit during Spirit Week. Edison has its share of lovely “girls”. 11 Festivities Brighten Our Homecoming The Girls Powder Puffs cheerleaders for the night. Last 58 seconds of the Homecoming game — scoreless tie! Then a River Forest halfback was tackled in his own end zone. Safety! Two points! Final score: Kdison wins 2-0! And bedlam broke loose. The game brightened that night; victories usually do. Other highlights were the individual band performances and selection of the Homecoming queen. Sandy Rosser reigned as queen over our victory dance that night. The dance brightened the night; victory dances usually do. The bonfire warmed the night ' s chill. 13 Natalie Mayoch demonstrates baton and ballet skill. Happy students dance the night away. Several Homecoming candidates paraded on the sidelines. ACTIVITIES Numerous events were introduced to the annual calen- dar of scheduled activities. Among the additions was a high school carnival, initiated to supplement athletic funds. Iran Floyd, the East Gary School System Athletic- Director, was the organizer and spearhead of this fund- raising project. A hootenanny, sponsored by the FTA, was new to EUS activities, as was the Basketball Home- coming, presented on the format of a sock-hop, which followed our home game against Merrillville. Autumn Fantasy, Joy After a Victory First candidate. Kitten Mosier. has longest wait for outcome. Judy Ramsay looks at the Homecoming crowd while rounding the track. Homecoming C ourt 1968-69 LEFT: Nikki Blystone, Linda Fa ekas, Sandy Rosser, Homecoming Queen, Kitten Mosier, and Judy Ramsay. The candidates. Kitten Mosier, Linda Faz-ekas, Sandy Rosser, Judy Ramsay, and Nikki Blystone, presided over the Homecoming Week activities this year. On the day of the Homecoming Game the male students of EHS through a secret ballot selected the Homecoming Queen. As the girls stood on the football field with their escorts, the announcement was made and Miss Sandy Rosser was crowned 1968-69 Homecoming Queen. Still wondering the outcome of the queen contest, l.inda Fazekas joins in the convoy. With the entrance of the final candidate, Nikki Blystone, the tension mounts. Queen Sands’ Rosser beams with joy as she dances with her escort . 1 Martin. 17 Gary City Official Addresses Honor The Blue candle symbolizing service is lit by Honor S x. ' iety member, Arleen Cromwell. The National Honor Society held its annual student in- duction February 11 this year. Ten Juniors and one Se- nior were inaugurated on the basis of scholarship, lead- ership, citizenship, and character. The program and opening speech were conducted by the Honor Society president, Karen Curtis. The prayer was led by Chuck Scheuer. The four traditional speeches were given by Jay Mendelsohn; scholarship, Debbie Powell; character, Arleen Cromwell; service, and Jean Bannister; leadership. The guest speaker was Mr. James Holland, the Assistant Director of the Model Cities Pro- gram of Gary , who spoke in place of Mayor Hatcher, Honor Society memircr, Bonnie Camplrell, presents Pam Ciampbcll, an inductee, with a yellow rose. The 1969 National Honor Society Inductees are, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. (iampbell, S. Tarnowski, D. Wierzba, L. Williams, P. Potts, R. Soria, R. Thorne, O. Courtney, L. Lehto, K. Mucha, and V. Reames. 18 Society Induction Student Council president. Chuck Scheuer, bows his head as he opens the induction with a prayer. An exhortation in scholarship, one of the four qualities necessary to Irelong to the Honor Society, is given by Jay Mendelsohn. National Honor Society president of the Edison Chapter, Karen Curtis, lx“gins the Induction welcoming the inductees, parents, students, and guest speaker, Mr. James Holland. ■ cting-Sup rintendent, Mr. Kuruzovich presents a National Honor S(K‘iety certificate to Pam Potts. Two Nights of Fun Aid Athletic Fund Mr. McClanahan directs the " Pull-a-lollypop” game. 20 Annual Sweetheart Danee Is a Success Candidates from LEFT are: Senior, Ann Swallow escorted by Jeff Blat ; Senior, Arleen Oomwell and Dan Thorn: Junior. Kathy Mucha and Ray Edmaiston; Sophomore, Mehxly Heims and Mike Curtis; and Freshmen, l.aFonda Morrill and Dave Johnson. Nancie Owens, the 1969 Sweetheart Queen, reigns over the court. Jesse Carlin and Mike Lawhead offer Denise Wazolek and Peggy Honkoski punch. Debra Duncan and Barb Parker give Jean Bannister and her escort Steve Swanson a program while Arleen Cromwell and Dan Thorn observe. C. R. Reames and Clathy Hartley stop to chat with Kathy, Ray, Rich, and Lori. FTA President. Fenton Johnson and Ellen Garzella relax and enjoy the old-time hootenanny. Attention Laps, during intermission for Danny Cobh and Gary (Cochran. FTA Initiates 1st Hootenanny at EHS The hTA members and their supervisor, Mrs. Gleason, sponsored a Hootenanny or sing-along, for the students and friends of Edison. Students sat on floor, on pillows, blankets, coats and what-not and sang along with FTA members. They sang and played guitars and a good time was had by all. FTA memljers Steve Haddad, Linda Darosky, Terry Mischan. Elian Garzella, Fenton Johnson with guitarist, Alvin Childers, lead students in singing. Eager to sing out at Edison’s first Hootenanny, the attendants enjoyed themselves. ACADEMICS Four avenues of study are open at Kdison High School. The academic courses arc geared for college preparation. Students interested in business pursue the commercial arts track. Future homemakers major in home econom- ics, and future craftsmen and tradesmen follow the in- dustrial arts schedule. College bound students struggled through term papers, science experiments and slide rule problems. While timed writings, dictation, and keeping books occupied commercial arts students, economics students were p re- paring meals, cutting out patterns, and studying family problems. Making projects, operating machinery, and drawing plans were jobs for students on the industrial arts program. Students Prepare Mike Corley, ( arol Hartley, and Mr. Beeking use chance games to demonstrate probabilities. Carry West and Tom Berger are putting chemicals in Oven. Bob Coleman and Pam Hoyt have fun with mathematical games. 26 for Modern World Carl Groves shows V ' era Merranda the course the earth takes around the sun. 27 Our Search for Knowledge Continues A dramatic flair helps keep the class interesting. 28 RIGHT: The classr(X)tti occupies most of the student s time. LEFT: Libran- reference helps in making classroom reports. 29 Fine Arts Arouse Cultural Interests ' J ' hc arts arc the finest form of self-expres- sion. Whether one’s talents lie in musical or in graphic expression, scheduling a fine arts course is always within the reach of everyone. ' I ' he fine arts provide several extra-curricular activities. The choir offers solos, duets, or ensembles to anyone desir- ing to excel in singing. The band also of- fers a variety of groups such as, the pep band, the dance band, and several sextets. The art classes arc particularly helpful in promoting school spirit through providing posters for np-coming games and events. Pop art designing is a routine assignment for Stephen Haddad in Mr. Smith ' s art classes. Band director. Mr. Hedstrom instructs his students in correct |X rformance methods. 30 Students Practice Business Knowledge Typists train for secretarial careers. Kay Hagan shows correct use of the adding machine. The click, click, click — zing of the typewriter, the drone of the office machines, and the echo of continual manu- scripts for dictation are but a few of the sounds reverber- ating from the rooms where typing, office machines, and shorthand are taught. Many hours are spent preparing high school students for careers in the modern business world of machines and mass communications and the population explosion. Dictation is part of training in shorthand class. 32 Students learn basic techniques of typing. Students Prepare for Future Careers 33 Industrial Arts Prepare Students Students demonstrate the proper use of the belt sander. Jim Grant works at his drafting board Mr. Hartley shows Bill McWhirter how the wcM)den vise works. 34 for Future 35 ORGANIZATIONS Kxtra-curricular activities play a major role in the lives of students at KHS. (.’lubs not only serve as entertainment and recreation but also function for the good of the town. I he Pep Cdub, with the aid of the Loyaltv ( ' om- mittee increases spirit and encourages students as well as adults and teachers to back our team. The girls Sunshine Society helps work for the good of the community by collecting food for the needy at C ' hristmas time and by participating in the annual March of Dimes drive. The I‘ I A encourages ( adet Teaching which prepares stu- dents interested in becoming teachers for college and the life ahead of them. The Art Cdub aids in broadening the students cultural interests by visiting the (]hicago Art Institute, and participating in an annual window-paint- ing contest to brighten the city for C ' hristmas. The combined efforts of these clubs and others not only provides e.xtra-curricular outlets for the students, but it also helps prepare them for life and improves our community. Students Collaborate for Betterment of Honor Society Members: FRONT, LEFT; Fazekas L., Hartley C., Powell D., TOP, LEFT; Bannister]., Curtis K., Mendohlson ]., Rogala M., and Campbell B. 38 School Parlimenfarian. Gary Ingram raises flag for morning pledge. ■Active Student Council Members put finishing touches on Christmas tree. Girl and Boy Staters are BOTTOM LEFT; M Rogala, M Tctarchik. D Anton. TOP LEFT: T Watkins, R kadish. C Scheuer. J Mendohlson. Student Council, LEFT: ROW 1, T. Lee, O. Powell, N. Mavwh, ' . Reames, L Harness, B Havrilesko, N Blystone, T Svetanoff ROW 2, L. I okas h, I. Bobrowski, P. Tokash, L. Lehlo, J. Bannister, I). Smen- yak, M. Hopkins, A. Cromwell ROW 3, B. Sinks, O. Steen, N. Owens, L. Kazekas, R. Thorne, K. Curtis, D. Anton, A. Swallow, K. .Mosier, ROM 4, J Mendelsohn, J Mucha, T. Berger, B. Haas, C. Scheuer, D. DeHaven, D C:ourtney, T Paterson. ROM .5, K Johnson. B Fernan- dez, M. C,i rley, B. Ring, R. Rambo, (». Ingram, B. M ' aggle R. Edmaiston. FTA Plans Student Teaching Program FTA officers: Karen Curtis, treasurer; Kenton Johnson, president; Judy Ramsay, viee president, prepare a new lesson. Future Teachers of America utilize reference materials to best advantage. The FTA is a beneficiary club intended for students who are planning to enter the teaching profession. I ' he FTA consists of appro.viinately 35 students ranging from soph- omores to seniors. The soj)hornores observe and learn the correct prtKcdtircs while only juniors and seniors are permitted to ( adet-Teach. As a new feature this year the FTA sponsored a Uoot- nanny. It was held in the foyer with students participat- ing in songs and entertainment. FRONT ROW from left: Y. Trujillo, L. Darosky, J. Ncagu, 1.. Letho, P. C ampbell, D. Wazalek, R. Hursey, J. Wolfe. ROW 2: N. Kurpak, K. Mosier, D. .Anton, L. Harness, K. VV ' erzba, R. Shudick, C. Hartley. ROW 3: K. Curtis, j. Ramsay, D. Vaughn, B. Sinks, K. Paulk, T. Rap- patta, D. Smenyak, L. Riley. ROW 4: D. Overbay, C. Bazin. J. Ben- nell, R. Kadish, K. Johnson, T. Mischan, D. Miller, D. Bildilli, (i l.angford. 40 Drama Club: SKATED ARK; I,, Harness, I). Biiseh, P. Campbell. STANDING; D. Anton. I. Michan, L. Williams. K Johnson, Nicholes. Actors’ Clubs Instill Dramatic Interest I ' he National Thespian Society and the Drama (]lub worked jointly this year in several productions. A Cdirist- rnas program, with a variety show format, was produced through their combined efforts. Several skits were per- formed from the weekly television show, Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh-In. ” The show ended with a serious note with a reading by Marilyn Tetarchik, Drama (Ilub president. Members of the Drama (dub and the National Thespian ScK’iety comprised a majority of the cast for the junior class play, “Take Me To Your President, ” and the senior class play, “(’heaper By the Dozen. ” Technical erpiip- ment and backstage assistance was also provided by the members of the Drama Club and the Thespian Society. Thespian Officers: 1.. Harness, President: K. C ' urtis, Seeretarv -Trea- surer; K. Johnson, Vice President. Thespian member Dee Dee . nton mcKlels her dramatic nose. Modern Foreign Language, 1-FFT: ROW 1, R. Bra- vo. S. I.arimore, M. Shimel, B R x.-k, M. Havrilla. C. Davis, K. Flannigaii. D. Kllis. K. Sunlrerg. ROW 2, R. Hursey, M. Havrilesko. P. Honkoski. I,. P ' azekas, N. Busherni, N. Owens, D. Overbay, S. Miller, P. Farlev, ROM 3, M. Derado, D. Steen, j. Gaza, C. .Vlartin, . Henke, P. Potts, ( Buzin. 1„ Morrill, K. Paulk, I.. Lchto, M. Korpak. K. ' Stnenyak. ROW 4, D. Johnson, P. Twlosyevic, B. Fernandez, M. Corley, B. Havrilla, C. Ingram, R. Rainbo, I,. Gapinski, B. Shudick, M. Burdett, D. M ' ilson. Language Clubs Motivate Students l.EPT: ROM’ l,. . Gregory, B. Cannon. E. Havrilesko, r. M ' idmer, S. Cruder, R. Goldsmith. ROM ' 2, M. Joffre, J. Kingers. D. (ioodwin. C. M ' olfe, N. Mojica, k. kingers, J. Scasney. J. Blackburn, G. Blystone. ROM .3, B. I ' aylor. D. Henrv, E. Tokash, D. Mercier, D. Martinez. S. ComstcK ' k, S. Dunn, M Gee, B. Daros- k . M. GriK-howski, D. karner, 1,. I-ong, P. M aggie, D. Hughes ROM 4, V. kosinski, M, Bell, S. Zborowski, D. Potts, V. rrujillo, P. I ' okash, D. Pronze, L. Ballard, l. . Miller, D. Bercs, D. Belt. M. Moreau. P. Bobrowski. ROM ' 5. J. Bennell, L. Rice, B. Blossom, J. Derr, B. Shadrix, M. Bichett, R. Spencer,! ' . Ibxige, J. Rock, M. M ' ilhuighb , B. Luna. M ' . Rey, T. Moore, D. Covelli. Latin Club LEFT: ROW 1, Gregors , E. Wineinger, E. Garzella, M. M ' illiams, L. Darosky, W McDaniel ROM 2, C. Dellaven, C Har- tley, J. Bannister, D. Bildilli, V. Ratliff, k. Farney, P. Binko. ROM 3, L. Henniger, D. Stokes, Dellaven, T. Littlefield, k. Goodreau. k Hohreiry ROM 4, J. V ’hite, B. Humenik, M. Sohovich, M. Pilnrx ' k, T. kosinski, D. Willis, D. Stokes, T. Cudnev. Modern Foreign Language Officers are LEFT Dale Johnson ice- President, Debbie Smensak President, Mars Havrilla Secretars, Peggs Honkoski Treasurer. Latin (,lub officers arc LEFT Dan Dellaven ice- President, Emmaloti M ' ineinger Secretary, Cathleen Fames President. Mike Pilmxk Treasurer. 42 Debate Club Starts Inter-School Debates Debate Club officers are K. Mucha. J. Mendohlson, C. Nicholes with sponsors Mr. Woolsey and Mr. Loscaro, Debate Club members are M. LeHoskey, J. Mendohlson, N. Mayoch, C. Scheuer, K Mucha, P. C ampbell, K. Curtis, T. Ballard, R Kadish, 1,. Williams. Art Club Stimulates Artistic Talents •Art Club LEFT; ROW I, D. Goodw in, C;. Bobrowski, S. Holman, R. Thorne, M. Tetarchik, F ' . Rappatta, N. Rodrick. ROW 2, P. N ' aglosky, A. D ' .Alaisio, R. Soria, J. Ciaton, D. F lis, J. Sebella, G. Bowen, T. Dow- ell. ROW 3, D. Johnson, B. Davis, T. Parkhurst, D. Miller, j. Mucha, J. Hinkle, D. Joy. R. George, M. Wallman. ROW 4, R. Fidmaiston, B. Kurpis, T. Dailey, D. Johnson, K. Johnson, R. Beattie, R. Shimer. ROW 5, G. Ingram, J. Hoffman, R. Kadish, B. I4avrilla. K. Gaza, M. (iomstock, D. Cobb, M. Rafferty. Science Club H as Roaring 20’s Dance Science Club. LEFT: ROW 1, A. (iregory, N. Rodrick, J. Held, S. Zborowski, I). Powel l, J Wolfe, .A. Swallow, C. Hartley, K. W ' i- neinger, Cregoratos, A. (, ' roin- well, ROW 2, B. Darosky, D. Potts, L. Lehto, N. Owems, T. Rafferty, J. (iaza, C:. Nicoles, L. Darosky, P. Earley, M. Derado, Ci. Carr, ROW 3, K. Elamiigan, C. Langford. M. Rogala, D. Pronze, K. Paulk, D. Anton, D. Busch, L. Eazekas, D. Steen, C. Hartley, ROW 4, D Ellis, E. Rappatta, I.. Overbay, M. Hav- rilla, V. Kosinski, C. Bazin, P. Potts, S. Laritnore, P. Honkoski, E Mucha, ROW 5, D Breit, L. Hoskins, B. Havrilla, K. Gaza, R. Ranibo, T. Misehan. 44 Home Ec Club, LEFT: K() V 1, B. Taylor, T. Svetanoff, S. Crad- der, J. Novkovic, N. Mojica, E. Mendez, V. Miranda, P. Williams, M. Moefflieker, ROW 2, K. Cooke. I,, liellar, B. Eancastcr, C. Waggle. B. .Sinks, B. Sinks. E. (iarzella, K (Jarzella, J. Blackburn, ROW;), P. Mick, K Shelton, M Malobovic, M. Mize, J Hulrer, S. Coodwin. R. Shudiek, D Wicrzba, ROW 4, Ck Milam. B. Keenan, K. Napier. I), l.ash, M. Sliemel. P. Boone, P. Binko, M. Heims, P. Honkoski, ROW ,5, J. Held. I). Buscb, C. Bazin. E. Morrill, P. Hail- ey, P. Breckman, S. Carter, C. Nicoles. Sponsor Reactivates Home Ec Club Home Ec. Club Officers: EEPT: P. Boone, Treasurer, (;. W ' aggle, Junior Rep- resentative. K. Garzella, Senior Representative, Janie Weaver, Vice-President, B. Sinks, .Sophomore Representative, B. Sinks, President. S. Oader, Freshmen Representative. Under the leadership of Bonnie Sinks, the Home Economics Chib kept an active schedule. Mum sales highlighted Homecoming. In October the members headed for Miller Beach for a hike- cookout, and a scavanger hunt! November held two special events: a hay ride, and a trip to the eounty home to give Thanksgiving baskets to the aged. To honor Home Eeonomics mothers, a mother- daughter Christmas tea was given. The girls pre- sented their mothers with lovely wrapped gifts. (dima, ing the year was the Sadie Hawkins dance. Hair in pigtails, fake freekles on the nose, gals asked guys to the shing’Dig. LEFT: ROV ' 1. C. Dowell, D. Turner, J. Cummings. D. Chapman, ROW 2. S. Cole- man, D. Cheek, N. Roderick. S. Spencer, C. Sears, B. Havrilesko, D. Law, B. Ginter, L. Bartolone ROW 3. D. Powell, G. Bowne. S. Chapman, P. Farley, D. Sebben. C. Bobrows- ki, A. Brown, M. Hack. I,. Hass, S. Larimore. ROW 4. M. Johnson, K. Flannigan, N. Ownes, M. Rogala, C. Willis, L. Monacy, J. Neagu, L. Hamady. J. Wedge, M. Vujakovic ROW 5. J. Weaver, S. Hendrickson, D. Mer- cier, D. Hreha, K. Paulk, P. Bell, D. Law- head, K. Mosier, G. Getrich, D. Vaughn. 45 Pep Club Advocates School Spirit Supporters of the Pep Club STANDING, LEFT are Peg Hornyak, Jo-Ann Nokavic. Terri Lee, KNEELING Jim Bennell and Gary Ingram. Pep Club Officers are LEFT Judy Rock, Treas.; C athy Hunter. V. Pres.: Joyce Neagu, Sec.; and Nikki Blystone, President. 46 SSS Help Needy Families in the Area I ' ht ' Sunshine Society is a service organization, estab- lished in Indiana only. All girls in high school may be- long. , t Cdiristmas, food was collected and donated by the students; then distributed to 41 families in our commun- ity. Other projects sponsored by SSS were the March of Dimes, Cancer Drive, Easter Seals, and Community Chest. Annually the club sponsors the turn-a-bout Sweetheart Dance, where a senior girl is crowned queen. The Dance was in February. •Sunshine Officers arc, LEFT: Toni Bobrowski — Jr. Representative. Olenc Cichou iaz — ice President. Kaths Mcl,aughlin — Seeretars, Nanette Biishemi — .Soph. Representative, Nikki Blystone — Treasur- er. Patt Bobrowski — Frosh. Representative. Pam Brecknian — Sr. Representative and . rleen Cromwell — President. Sunshine Society 47 School Assistants Help in Everyday Audio-Visual Assistants. FIRST ROW: 1, Hoskins. C. Nicoles, P Brecknian, T Dailey, D Miller, I. Ballard, P Haruoml B ACK ROW: D, P ' azekas, P. Naslosky, J Ferrar, B, Carter, B. Coleman, M. Kills, J. Patterson, T, Dowell, S, Haddad, J. Hoffman, T. Dixon, R, Dillard, R. Kdmaiston. Library Assistants, 1-R: L, Bellar, K, Shelton, D, Goodw ' in, V, Ratliff, D, Lawhead, D, Pennock, B, Sinks, R. Cox, S. Crader, P. Breckman, S. Coleman, Guidance Helpers, 1-R: P Farley, D Smenyak, P, Campbell, ] Nea- gu, D, Steen, S, Gocxlw in, and guidance director, Pete Bellessis, 48 Routine office Assistants, LEFT: D. Powell. B. Campf)cll. R. Thorne. D. Ard, J. Ramsay, N. Blystone, C. ffarman. O Wierzba, C. Miller, P. Bin- ko. K. Mucha. K. Johnson. P. Williams. » Hall monitors were installed this year to keep the hall- ways less conjested. Their job was to check each stu- dent’s pass and send students back to class if they were out without permission. C-ollecting attendance, marking absentees, and running errands are the jobs of the office assistants. Thev also operate the copy and duplicating machines. Hall .Monitors, LEFT: ROW 1, G. Bowen, S. Camhe, K. P ' lannigan, J. Weaver. ,M Johnson. S. Miller, I) f.ash. ROW 2, S. Stimson, J. B ‘nnell, J. Sebella, ,S. Chance, B. Steen. R. Goldsmith. ROW 3, R. Beattie, B. Kurpis. T. Kosinski, H. Rich, R. Barb- kiiecht, D Chadwick. ROW 4. J kur- tis, T. I.ewandowski. G. C ole, C . , r- rington, B. Ring, T. Crbanik. Band Practices Pep Band Members are LEFT: Mayoch T., Svetanoff M., Cates C., Williams L., 2nd ROW: Williams }., Rafferty M., Woynaioski B.. White J., Austin B., 3rd ROW: ( obb D., Davis J,, Lehosky M., Nor- man A., 4th ROW: Binkley D., W ' olfe J., (Cochran G., Handley h., Purdett M. Band Officers are, LEFT: Williams J. Librarian; Dixon T., V. Pres.; Waggle B. Pres.; and Havirilesko E. Seer., Treas. 50 for District Contest Band Majorettes are Donna Stevers and Natalie Mayoch. Drum Major for the Hying Eagles Band is Dennis Smith. Concert Band 51 choir Presents Concert Choir operetta Snow White The past year the choirs have had a very busyischedule. The freshman choir entered contests in March, while the Advanced and (T)ncert choirs attended contests in April. The Solo-Ensemble Contest was in February, with 28 solos and 13 ensembles entered. As a special Cdiristmas highlight the Advanced and (Concert choirs presented for the first time, a concert with the band. In May, the three choirs and band held a concert with the choirs and band doing two numbers together. As a new feature this past year the choirs presented the operetta, “Snow White,” for the elementary schools. Twenty students were selected from freshmen to seniors to comprise the Jan-Notes. The Girls Ensemble was eighteen selected girls from sophomores to seniors. Beautiful music fills the air at a Choir concert. Choir II 53 choir Participated in Annual Contest Choir Officers are LEFT Darnell P., Spencer M., Mosier K., Wifka P. Girls’ Ensemble LPTT, ROW 1: Handley VI., Bcllar L.. Ifavrilesko P ' ., Seban D., Kary P., ROW 2: Hopkins M., Hoyt P., Mosier K., Deffaven C., Chadwick D,, ROW 3: Bannister J., Smenyak D., Havrilla M., Lari- more S., Darosky L., ROW 4: Fisher J,, Paulk K., Ashby D,, Dahlstrom C., Curtis K. 54 Senior Choir Officers, LEFT: I). Smenyak Treas., J. Bannister Pres., K. Johnson Vice-Pres. Jan Notes arc LEFT: M. Handley, D. Smenyak, E. Havrilcsko, D. Sebl)cn, T. Rafferty, ROW 2: J. Bannister, K. Mosier, P. Potts, K. Cur- tis, C;. Cichowiaz, ROW 3: K. Paulk, J. Bcnnell, D. Broadway, D. Wil- lis, D. Ashby, ROW 4: K, Johnson, T. Mischan, B. Havrilla, T. Urban- ic, T. Lundy. Freshman Choir Officers, LEFT: J. Rock Pres., N. Majica Vice-Pres., B. Darosky Treas. 55 Eagle Feathers Acquires New Format Kagle Feathers ' editor-in-chief, Marilyn Tetarchik, and sports editor, Terry W atkins, discuss the forthcomint ' issue. Ruth Shudick, feature writer, and Mike C omstock type stories for Ka- ule Feathers. Kagle Feathers Staff are: ST.WDING, LEFT: Terry Watkins. Mike Lori Lehto, Bonnie Sinks, Karen Ball. Ruth Shudick, Gloria Getrich, C omstock, Linda Paulk, Linda Darosky, Pam Potts. SITTING, LEFT: Marilyn Tetarchik. 56 Edisonian Staff are: STANDING LEFT: Mike Svetanoff, Del Court- Blystone, Ruben Soria SITTING LEFT: Ka Hagan. Pam Breckman. ney, Mr. Barlowe, Myrna Johnson, Nina Korpak. Judy Ramsay, Nikki Sue Carter, Diane Hreha. Bobbi Thorne, Fran Meister. Spring Edisonian Causes Controversy Editor-in-ehief, Fran Meister and Bobbi Thorne, .Assistant Editor dis- euss deadlines at a night work session w ith adviser, Mr. Barlowe. American Yearixmk Representative Mr. Bart Murphy types as Del Courtney and Ruben Soria. Sports Editor, look on. 57 SPORTS Although the 1968 Fighting Eagle season has terminat- ed, many joyous memories have been left behind. Many hours of training and hard work were put forth by the athletes to produce those bright experiences, but one must not forget the loyal fans that supported our teams. Together they worked to yield the Football teams’ 2-0 Homecoming victory over River Forest and the Basket- ball teams’ 69-68 victory over Horace Mann to win the Holiday Tourney at East Gars. One can truly say, “the school spirit was fine in ’69. ” Victories Head Varsity Fwthall coach Larr Pohiman and his assistant, line coach (ierald Vlasic plot strategy on the sideline during an Kagle victor . Defense Leads Eagles Senior Defensive captain Ray Edmaiston moves rapidly to make one of his team leading sixty-nine tackles. I he 1968 football season was an improve- ment over last year. The two victories were exciting, hard fought defensive games over River Forest (2-0) and Crown Point (6-4). Perhaps with a few more lucky breaks the season could have been a very different story in the following games: Merrillville (12-6) and Chesterton (14-7) Calumet (13-0) and Portage (25-12). For as much as it means the coaches and players feel that, both the Mer- rillville and Chesterton games were moral victories. The coaching staff feels that the Fighting Eagles were in every game that they played, that they most often were outmanned rather than outplayed. Also they established a name for themselves as “ Hitters”. The players graduating this year are; D. Johnson, R. Edmaiston, C. Scheuer, R. Barb- knecht, T. Dixon, G. Ingram, R. Kadish, R. “Deacon” Havarilla, T. Littlefield, J. Hoff- man, B. Waggle. Senior Offensive captain Dave Johnson led all rushers in total yardage during the ' 68 season. 60 Highlight Season Senior Tim Dixon, leading scorer, sweeps end in the Eagles 6-4 victory over Crown Point. Opponent Flagle Scorecard Eagl Gary ' West 51 6 Gary VV ' irt 31 6 Merrillville 12 6 River Forest 0 2 C ' hesterton 7 7 Galumet 13 0 Groyvn Point 4 6 Tolleston 46 0 Portage 25 12 Individual Statistics Rushing Leaders Yardage: Dave Johnson 200 yds. ; average: Tim Dixon 4.7 yds. per carrx scoring leader Tim Dixon 12 points pass recept ion Most Received: Mike Corley 14; yardage: Tim Dixon 199 yds. total offense Chuck Scheuer 574 yds., Dave Johnson 462 yds., Tim Dixon 323 yds. tackling leaders Ray Edmaiston 69, Chuck Scheuer 43, Pat Witka 37. pass interceptions Mike Corley 4 — for 24 yds. punt returns Yardage: Dave Johnson 63 yds. ; average: Chuck Scheuer 14.5 kickoff returns Yardage: Dave Johnson 191 yds.; average: Ray Pidmaiston 18.6 Varsity Football (left to right) FRONT ROW; R. Jackson, B. Coleman, B. Ring, J. Blossom, P. Harwood, D. Johnson, D. Witka, T. Lundy. ROW 2: D. Johnson, R. P dmaiston, T. Dixon, J. Hughes, P. Witka, Martin, D. Chadwick, and D, Courtney. ROW 3: Asst. Coach K. Klein, Mgr. M. Svetanoff, C. Scheuer, R. Kadish, T. Littlefield. Mgr. C. Nix- on, Line Coach J. Vlasic. ROW 4: J. Hoffman, M. Rubino, G. Ingram. M. Corley, B. Havrilla, R. Mitrisin, B. Waggle, R. Barbknecht, and Head (ioach Larry Pohiman. 61 Eagles Win Homecoming Mead Line eoach. (Jerald V ' lasic, gives pre-game instriietions to four starting linemen. Junior safetyrnan Dan U’itka defenses a pass. Junior offensive eenter Del Courtney converses via Walkie-Talkie with coaches in the scouting booth as the Kagle bench concentrates on the play-by-play action. Members of the Reserve Squad are from BOTTO.M left A. Olson, J. Lambert, J. Martin, E. Mendez, M. Douglas ROW 2: W Ratcliff, M Flores, D. tfampton, L. Gapinski, R. Corley, M. Dwyer, M. Lawhead, T. Pa.xton. ROW 3: S. Wyatts, G. Maupin, B. McVVhitter, R. Dushanne, D. Napier, D. Little, T. Petro, and Reserve coach W. Baker. ROW 4: S. Stimson, C. Swallow, M. Oresik, P. Nagloski, K. Bingham, J. Urbanik, G. M(M)re, M. Miller. Freshman .S(|iiad: ROW 1: W. Ratcliff. C. Rutherford, J. Hinkle, G. Szostek, J. Rock, M. Oresik, I,. Hennings, T. Paxton. ROW 2: G. Batis- ta, K. Flores, (;. CJreen, T. UtKlge, R. Spencej R. Oi.xon, R. Picka, B. Shadrix, coach W. Baker ROV 3: ,M. Garzella, C. .Spain, M Murray B. I.una, J. Mucha. H. Huniinek, P. Odinsoff. Eaglets Are Tough Reserve Record Opponent Crown Point 6 Hobart 14 Portage 6 Chesterton 19 Hanover C entral 13 River Forest 0 Frosh Record Opponent Wirt 12 Griffith 7 River Forest 0 Hobart 0 Andrean 20 0 0 0 0 0 6 27 33 0 0 Ca)ach Pohiman ponders a play selection on the sideline. 63 EG Cross Country Outlook Favorable W ith the sound of the gun. the Hast (iar invitational (toss ( ' ountry Meet is off to a running start. The 1968 Cross Country season is history. We look ahead now to 1969 with six major letter winners and one sopho- more minor letter winner returning. The season has great possibilities, and heatl eoaeh, F on Blake, promises an exciting time for Flying Kagles of Fast Cary ' s Kdison High. Junior runner, Jeff Wolfe, outruns a Griffith opponent. Cross Country, FRONT ROW : left to right. J. Wolfe, 1. Spencer, R. Soria, and C. Williams BACK ROW: G. Salain, B. Steen, R. Rambo, 1. So- hovich, head coach Ron Blake, and O ' alisio. 64 Varsity Basketball Team: FRONT ROW: G. Salain. Mgr., C. Scheuer, T. Butler, D. Dellaven, R, Soria, B. Steen, and B Fernandez. trainer. B. CK ROW: Head C-oach Russell Marcinek. M. C ' orley, R Sohovich, B. Ring, T. Lewandowski, B. Butler, and M. Eddy. Eagle Roundballers Have 6-14 Season Basketball Scorecard EC Hobart 63 62 Portage 80 70 Highland 74 63 Emerson 63 47 Hanover (Central 62 83 Munster 95 64 E.G. Holiday Tourney Terre Haute Shulte 76 90 Horace Mann 68 69 (iary West Side 77 63 Andrean 77 79 Lowell 86 72 Lake Central 68 66 Chesterton 66 59 Griffith 77 66 Merrillville 77 83 River Forest 65 67 Crown Point 61 57 Calumet 75 46 Wirt 65 64 Michigan City Marquette 100 84 Sectionals; bebruary 27, East Chicago Roosevelt East Cary Basketball Coaches: Freshman ( oach Ron Blake. Head V arsity Coach Russ Marcinek, and Junior N ' arsity Coach Willis Baker. Eagles Win Tourney 69-68 Kagle Roundballers won the East (iary Holiday Tour- ney. RIGHT; Bob Ring fights for possession of a jump- ball as Mike Eddy watches the action, hands ready. BELOW; J unjor, Tom Lewandowski grabs a rebound as Bob Ring boxes out an opponent and Dan DcHaven gets ready to kev a fast break. RIGHT: Senior Varsity Lettermen; Mike Eddy, Bob Ring, Chuck Scheuer, and Dan Dellaven. BELOW: Junior V ' arsity: FRONT ROW; P. Todosjevich, M. Bona, R. Rambo, B. Ring, and M. I.awhead. STANDING; J. V. Coach; Willis Baker, M. Gregory ' , M. Lutreck, M. Sohovich, and M. Rubino. Freshman Team FROM LEFT; D. Robb Mgr., J. Darrell, A. Dona- Hinkle. J. R x;k. M. Kraynak. T. Hodge, R. Dixon. C. Nixon, B. Blos- bou, K. Horsey, A. Childers, J. Derr, M. Argylan, ( Williams, and A. som. and B. I.una. D Aloisio, STANDING: Ron Blake. Freshman Coach, (J. Szostek, J. Frosh Win Own Tourney;JVRecord 5-15 The East (iary Freshman Basketball Team closed the 68- 69 season winning only 3 games and losing 13. But the highlight of the Freshman season was the hreshman Tournament held Saturday, December 14. Of the sea- sonal three wins, two of them came at the right time as Fast Gary defeated Hobart in the preliminary game, then went on to beat Wirt for the trophy. Junior V arsity Coach Willis Baker worked hard all season with his sophomores but could muster out only a 5 wins and 15 losses record from them. The boys worked hard and there are a few prospects to fill some V ' arsity vacancies. BELOW; Junior guard, Ruben Soria, sh(H)ts for two, as Boh Ring positions himself for a possible rebound. . BO E LEFT: Sophomore guard. Tom Butler, drives past a Merrillville opponent to score a basket. .ABOVE RIGHT: Junior forward. Bill Butler, makes an attempt to take away a rebound from an opponent. RIGHT; Bob Ring prepares to shoot as Junior forward, Mike (Corley, tries to gain position under the basket. 67 Varsity Wrestlers: TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Johnson, J. Bianco. D. Cretton, B. Ilavrilla, G. Ingram, O. Tucker, D. Johnson, Coach Hurst MIDDLE ROW: A. Norman, Mgr., R. Nicholson, M. Curtis, R. Jackson, B. Buchanan. R. Tarnowski, B. Batists. H. Harmon, Mgr BOTTOM ROW: M. Douglas, Mgr., J Martin. J Lambert. D Ball, D. Eazekas. Junior Jim Lambert WRESTLING SCORES EC Hanover Central 30 28 Calumet 39 11 Wirt 48 5 Portage 40 12 Highland 39 14 Gary West 48 7 Lowell 36 6 Lake Central 48 5 Chesterton 27 21 Griffith 44 8 Merrilville 34 18 Crown Point 42 6 Emerson 29 19 River P ' orest 36 8 Wins Crusher Award C oach Hurst and his assistant. Coach Johnson, shout encouragement during the action. LETTER MEN J. Lambert j. Martin G. Ingram R. Jackson J. Bianco B. Havrilla D. Johnson WIN 6 4 5 8 1 2 3 LOSS 1 9 9 4 3 6 6 TIE 2 1 1 ABOVE LEFT: Freshman Dale Ball, varsity 95 lbs, had a fair season pressive. .ABOVE RIGHT; Sophomore Jeff Martin, varsity 112 lbs., while gaining experience. .ABOVE CE.NTER: Freshman Glen Batista. had a record of 4-9-2, considered by most a good year, varsity 120 lbs., wrestled mostly upperclassmen, but still looked im- LEFT: Team captain Gary Ingram wrestled 165 lbs. He is a senior and will not return next year. RIGHT: Most Valuable Wrestler; Ron Jackson, 154 lbs., pin- ning an opponent at a dual meet. ABOVE: Junior, Jim Lambert, winner of the Crusher Award, for most pins, struggles with a River Forest opponent. BELOW: Mike Curtis, Dave Cretton, Ron Tarnowski, Jeff Martin and Roy Nicholson watch a teammate during the action. Wrestling practice is hard work for many but it paid off for everyone. Senior letterman; Dave Johnson, 175 lbs., pinning his opponent at a home meet. Team’s Goal This Year; Head Baseball coach Art Hartley checks batting stances of senior letterinen: Dan Dellaven, 1968 All Regional and All Semi-State teams; Ray Kdmaiston, All Regional team; Randy Cioldsmith, All Regional and Semi-State teams. State Champs 1968 Baseball Team: FRONT ROW: W. Handley, B. Martin, C;.R. Reames, , . Wineiger, T, Paterson, M. Eddy, and G. McDonald. .MIDDLE ROW: R. Edmaiston, D. DeHaven, J. Bennell, R. Nichol- son, L. Mundy, B. Waggle, and D. C ' hadwick. STANDING: B. Fer- nandez, Mgr., A. .Anderson, Mgr,, S. Hoskins, Head Baseball Coach Art Hartley. Varsity Baseball Schedule April May June 4 Munster H 5 LaPorte T 8 Hobart H 11 Hanover Central H 19 Horace Mann T 15 Crown Point 11 17 Lew Wallace H 18 Calumet T 22 Wirt T 23 Gary West 11 25 Portage H 28 Highland r 30 Bishop Noll H 2 Lowell T 6 Lake Central T 7 Hanover Central T 9 Chesterton H 13 Griffith T 16 Merrillville H 19 Emerson H 20 Hammond Morton H 22 Valpo T 26 Sectional 7 Regional 14 Semi-State 21 State Senior Dan DeHavcn shows proper hatting stance as senior letterman Boh Ring, 1968 All Regional Team, gets ready for the delivery. Junior Varsity Coach Steve Fritz demonstrates proper hunting techniques to Senior Varsity let- termen Boh Ring, Ray Edmaiston, Dan De- Haven, Randy Goldsmith, and Junior letterman Dan Chadwick, All Regional and All Semi-State teams. 71 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ERONT ROW: Seniors Sandy Rosser and Denise Anton STANDING: Juniors Vicki Reames and Diane Rosser EG Cheerleaders Are Gr-r-r-r-r-reat! Varsity Cheerleading Mascot, Faith Marcinek, executes the splits. ABOVE, J ' Cheerleaders: Carol Hartley, Pam Hoyt, Melanie Hop- kins, and Sally Vanderlin, and JV Mascot Rhea Butler. RIGHT, Varsity Cheerleaders: Vicki Reames, Dee Dee Anton, Sandy Rosser, and Diane Rosser. BE- LOW, Cheerleading Alternates: jV, Betty Moore and Varsity, Debbie Lawhead. LEFT, Senior Dave Miller ad- dresses the ball and prepares for his baekswing. RIGHT, Senior Kim Perez follows through with a backswing in anticipation of a long, straight drive. flead Golf Coach Steve Gaza explains to under- classmen Tom Labadie and Mike Bona the pro- per procedure in holding a driver. 1969 EG Golf Team RIGHT: Senior letter- man Stephen Haddad follows through with a wcmkI in hopes of a two hundred and fifty yard drive. Varsity Golf Team LEFT TO RIGHT; Bob Buchanan, Tom Labadie, Mike Bona, Senior Lettermen Kim Perez, Stephen Haddad, and Dave Miller. Interschool Field Hockey Team: FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Georgia Rummel, Linda Riley, Diane Risser, Vicki Reames, Barb Lan- caster, Deb Lawhead, Kathy Hunter, Deb Martin, and Jean Rebeck. BACK ROW, Miss Pat Roy, Teresa Ballard, C arol Langford, Linda Fazekas, Dee Dee .Anton, Kathy Pilnock, (bvcn Ballard, Gail Marlatt, ( arla DcHaven, and Pat (iibbons. Girls Athletic Association Activities 1968 G.A.A. Field Hockey Scores GAA officers: LEFT TO RIGHT, V. Henke, frosh representative; T. Ballard, sophomore representative; Deb Vaughn, secretary; Vicki Reames, junior representative; Carla Dellaven, treasurer; Denise An- ton, senior representative, ON L.ADDER, C:arol I.angford, vice-presi- dent, and Linda Fazekas. president. Hammond Gavit Portage Hammond High The loss to Hammond High was first loss to an East Gary ' GAA Field Hockey Team in three years — a very com- mendable record. Vicki Reames lead the scoring this year w ith four goals. BELOW: Linda Fazekas and Pat Gibbons leap with happiness as a goal is scored against the Hammond Gavit team. Intramural Softball Champs; Pirates. FRONT ROW I.EPT TO RIGHT, I) Jacolrson. M Jackson, Dee Dee Anton, and D. Templeton. B.ACiK ROW, K. Hunter, L. Long. P. P ' arley, Y. Trujillo, C. Nicoles, Dellaven, S. Revers, and I,. Soria. Field Hockey, Softball, Volleyball The 196S Fast (Jary GAA Volleyball Team record is a medi(K.-re 1-4, but ne,xt year will be a lx tter season. Right girls! BE LOW: GAA Volleyball A-and B- Teams rejoice after a hard earned victory. GAA Volleyball FX Lake (Central 2 games 0 games Griffith 2 games 0 games (Chesterton 2 games 1 game Wirt 2 games 1 game Hobart 1 game 2 games Intramural Volleyball Champs. Blue Bells, FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT, J. Gaza, S. Revers, S. Vanderlin, D. Templeton, and J. Rock. BACK ROW, B. Lancaster, T. Ballard, P. Honkowki, M. Ilavrilla, S. Shroll, J. Kingery, and j. Huber. RIGHT: Denise , nton watches ho[X fully as Linda Bell makes a return over the vol- leyball net. BELOW: Kathy Hunter alert- ly returns a serve as Linda Bell attentively awaits the outcome. GAA sponsor, Miss Roy, intensely observes the action during an A- Basketball A-team and Miss Roy clasps hands Irefore a game, team game. Seated next to her are Ruth Ballard, Gail Marlatt, and hinda Riley. Basketball Initiation. (-arol Langford tries to make a basket as Deb Lavvhead and Linda Fa- zekas IcKik on. .ABOVE: Miss Roy prepares the hotdogs for the GAA Initiation, a Teresa Ballard, Deb Lavvhead, Pam Hoyt, and Betty Moore offer help BELOW: Deb Henri with a blushed (or is it flushed) face strikes ai uncomfortable pose BELOW RIGHT: JoAnn Novkovic and LaFond; Morrill put on a skit during the initiation. V- E-Men FRONT ROW; LEFT TO RIGHT; I) Witka, M. C; )rley, J. Hughes, and T, Littlefield. ROV ' 2; R. Nicholson, D. Cretton, B. Ring, R. Soria, Coach Larry Pohiman, Sponsor ROW 3; Iran Floyd; Athletic Director, D. Courtney, M. Bona, M. Eddy, and N. Arflack. BACK ROW; P. Todosijevic, J Hoffman. B. Havrilla, and R. Rambo. FRONT ROW’; R. Kadish, R. Edmaiston, G. Ingram. J Bennell, and R. Barbknecht. ROW 2; D. Johnson, T. Paterson, P Harwood, D. Chadwick. R. Dillard, and J. Lambert ROW 3; P. Witka, C. Scheuer, D. Johnson, B. Steen, and J. Bianco. B.ACK ROW; D. Dellaven, B. Waggle. B. Ring, S. Hoskins, K. Perez, and S. enhance. E-Men and Boys Intramural Assoc. BIM. Bowling Team; LEFT TO RIGHT; BACK ROW; L. Noll, D. Willis, (;. Greer. C. Cates, H. Karner. K. Perez, M. Perrine. FRONT ROW; T May- (K’h. C Reatherford, D. Miller, T. Burger. .ABOVE LEFT; Dennis W ' illis BIMA singles champ. .ABOVE ' RIGHT; Gars Greer, BIM.A singles Ping-Pong Champion. 1969 BIMA Officers; LEFT TO RIGHT; Jim Bennell. president, Gary McDonald, treasurer, and Dave Miller, secretary. BIM.A Basketball Champs BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT; Jeff Blatz Jim Hoffman Rod Mitrisin Rich Kadish FRONT ROW ; Ray Edmaiston Gary McDonald Dan Chadwick PERSONALITIES A smile, a frown, and eyes that sparkle are keys to one’s personality. The personalities which compose the ad- ministration, faculty, and student body are keys to the success of any educational system. Therefore the smiles which greeted our photographer are a clear indication of the success of our East Gary School system in preparing each of us with a bright outlook to face the future. Kayes Heads East Gary School System JOHN KURUZOVICH, Assistant Superintendent. KOSMOS KAYES, Superintendent of East Gary School System. BOARD OE EDUCA- TION LEFT to RIGHT: Mr. Kayes, Mrs. Court- ney, Mr. Burdett, Mr. Kuruzovich, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Long, Mr. Chapas. BOARD MEMBERS LEFT to RIGHT: Pete Chapas, president; William Long, vice pres.; Will iam P ' llis, sec. LEFT: CONNIE COURTNEY, bookkeeper, treasurer. RIGHT: LOIS ANDERSON, sec- retary. LEFT: SUE MARCINEK, clerk. RIGHT: RICHARD BURDETT, attendance officer. 81 Administration Initiates Changes BUCK KOONTZ, custwHan JOSEPH P. LOSCARO, audio-visual director LEFT TO RIGHT: MARION McKINNEY, treasurer; ELEANOR VANDERLIN, secretary; EDITH WOOD- WORTH, guidance secretary. Assisting Students Is Their Job NANC Y KUNKLE, nurse Teachers’ Gestures Convey Ideas EVELYN BAKER business, spon- sor Honor Society, sophomore class, B.A. Fairmont St, ( College. WII.l.IS R. B.VKF.R .science, coach freshman, reserve footfrall. reserve basketball, B.S. . lderson Broaddus Collese. EVELYN BAKER WILLIS R. BAKER PHIl.lP C. B.XRLOVVF. English, journalism, sponsor Eagle Feath- ers, Fxiisonian, B.S. M.S. Indiana University. JOHN BECKING geometry, alge- bra II. sponsor Honor Sm-iety, B., . University of Evansville. PHILIP C. BARLOWE JOHN BECKING RON.ULD BL.UKE gov., eeon, math, sponsor Student (iouneil, jr.- sr. prom, coach cross country, freshman basketball, B..A. Valpar- aiso University. JOSEPH J. BODNAR JR. U S. history, sponsor jr. class, dept, head social studies, B.S. Ball State University. RONALD BLAKE JOSEPH J. BODNAR JR. Equipment Aides Students’ Learning NJARJORIK BRADY b K)kk pin) l.ll. office machines, sponsor senior class. B.S. Illinois State L ' niversity. REBEC;CA S. BRINKEEV home ee.. sponsor Home Economics Club. B.S. Murray State L ' niversity. MARJORIE BRADY REBECCA S. BRINKLEY SIEVIJA DZEE.ME French, spon- sor nuKlcrn foreign language club. B.A. Butler University. IR.AN G. FLOY D industrial arts, sponsor F ' -Men. dept head athletic director. B.S. Indiana State U niversity. SILVIJA DZELME IRAN G. FLOYD STEPHEN . 1. FRITZ typing, re- tailing. reserve baseball. B.S. Ball State. STF-VF; .a. G.AZ.A math, chairman math dept., sponsor Boys Intra- mural, golf coach. B.S. Dmpiesne. M S. Pittsburgh. STEPHEN M. FRITZ STEVE A. GAZA Smiling Teachers Aide Students ARTIIl R L. HARTLEY industrial arts, sponsor froshman class, coach varsity ha-sehall, dept, head indus- trial arts, M.S. Indiana L ' niversity, R.S. Ball State l ' niversity. II.A ' EI. HARTLEY business cd. sponsor senior class, dept, head business education. M.. . Ball State L ' niversity. , RTHUR L. HARTLEY HAZEL HARTLEY HERBERT C. HEDSTRO.Vl band, B.M, L ' niversity of Iowa, M., . L ' niversity of .Arkansas. J.AMES F. Hl ' RST world history, L ' .S. history, coach wrestling, and assistant track. B.S. Purdue L ' niversity. HERBERT C. HEDSTROM JAMES F. HURST .MARGARET JANA choir, Eng- lish, senior sponsor, BPSM Indiana L ' niversity. JA.MES G. JOHNSON biology, physics, asst, coach, wrestling, B.S. Muskingum College. MARGARET JAN A J A.MES G. JOHNSON Teachers Move to Advance Themselves KENNKTll D. KLEIN marketing and distribution, job related in- striietion. sponsor soph, class l)E(iA club, ass t, coach football, coordinator of D.E., B.S. Indiana State (College, M S. Indiana University. L.M ' RENCE LEVEND.A English, sponsor Thespian Society, B.A. Lewis College. KENNETH D. KLEIN LAURENCE LEVENDA LARRY LONG English, B A Indi- ana University. RUSS MARC:iNEK physical ed., coach basketball. B..A. St. Joseph s, M.. . Indiana University. LARRY LONG RUSS MARCINEK RICHARD II. .MARTIN health safety, drivers training. B.S. Val- po University, MS. Indiana University DEAN L. McCLANAIIAN typing I. typing II, sponsor Pep Club, bas- ketball wrestling seore-keeper, B.S., Northeast Missouri State College. RICHARD H. MARTIN DEAN L. McCLANAHAN Teachers Sponsor Student Activities KATHLEEN MILLIIOLLAND En;!lish HI, Psychology, B.S. Indi- ana University. SALLY MIRELES S panish, spon- sor cheerleaders, co-sponsor M(kI. Eoreign Lang. Ciluh, B..A. Purdue University. KATHLEEN MILLHOLLAND SALLY MIRELES LOUISE NORRIS Latin, English, sponsor Latin Club, A.B. Cen- tral Normal College, Manchester College. LARRY L. POHL.MAN industrial arts, head coach hartball, B.S. Uni- versity of Western New Me.xico, M S. Purdue. LOUISE NORRIS LARRY L. POHLMAN PATRICIA ROY Physical Ed., sponsor soph, class, GAA, dept, head fine arts, B.S., M.A. Ball State University. SAMUEL E. S.MITH Art I II, sponsor Art Club, dept, head art dept. B.S. Indiana State University. PATRICIA ROY SAMUEL E. SMITH Teachers Arouse Students’ Interests CKRAI.D VI, ASIC L ' .S history, gcojiraphy, freshman sponsor, ass t football. B.S. M..A. Ball State I.eROY J. WEBDKU. bioloRv. chemistry, sponsor Science Club, B.S. Ball State I ' niversity, M.. . Valparaiso University. GERALD VLASIC LeROYJ. WEBDELL HARRY I.. WHITBY English, speech dept, head English. .A.B. M S. Northwestern University. ARCHIE WOOD applied and general math, sponsor freshman class. B.S. Purdue University. HARRY L. WHITBY ARCHIE WOOD WIU.IAM J. WOOI.SEY sociol- ogy gov’t., econ., English, sponsor Debate Club, student council and senior class. bunch hour discussion involves Mr. Floyd, Mr. BcKlnar. Mr. Baker, and Mr. lasic. WILLIAM J. WOOLSEY 89 class of ’69 Is High With Spirit Senior C.lass Officers are, B. CK, Tim Oixrrn, (vice-pres. ), Bonnie Campbell (girl rep ), Dan DeHaven (pres.) FRO.NT, Dave Johnson (boy repr. ). Mary Rogala (treas. ), Roberta Thorne (see. ). rtu ' la.st year tinallv arrived and the Seniors prepared to enjoy’ themselves in their fourth and final year at East (fary Edison. Reminiscing from time to time of the good ole days in junior high and previous underclass experi- ences, the Seniors proceeded yy ith high spirits to make their last year tridy the best and most memorable. Homecoming seemed changed in many aspects. Eloat competition yyas neyv to the ffomccoming agenda. Al- though float making yvas neyv to the Seniors, they took first place in class competition. During half time of the Homecoming game Senior, Sandy Rosser yvas croyy ned Homecoming pucen. As the final score flashed on the scoreboard. Senior fans yy ere among the first to congrat- ulate the Eagle team. This victory over River Eorest re- gained for Edison a traveling trophy. Several memories yvill flashback to the minds of the (dass of 69 as they recall their Senior days . . . the un- forgettable trip to the photographer for Senior pictures . the Poyvder Puff games in yy Inch the Senior girls took first place . . . the money-making projects, such as the candle and syveatshirt sale . . . the first basketball home- coming. These high moments together yvith graduation are some of the ingredients yvhich made the (dass of ’69 one of the better graduating classes of East Gary Edison. Student Council President, CTuck Scbeuer urges tbe student body to come to the Homecoming game and support our team. Senior H R. Representatives Bob Kurpis, Jay Mendelsohn, Tom Dail- ey. Nancie Owens, Ann Swallow, and Denise Anton report Student Council activities to their home rooms. 90 MomlxTs of tiu ' Senior ( lass displa inj’ exliil)il diiriii); spirit Week are Tim Dixon, f’at W ' itka, Del)bie I’owell, Dave J olinson. Bonnie Camplx-ll and Cliuek Seliener. l.I.OVD TH()M. S . I.S.M. N Drama RIT.A A.MIOTTE DEMSK ANTO.N G. . 123 (vicc-pres. ) 4 (Rep). SSS I (Rep. )23 4, Student Conneil 2 (Rep.) 3 4, Girls State. Honor SiK ' iety 3 4. Glieerleader 2 3 4 (eapt.), .Scienee Gluh 3 (I’res.) 4. Thespian 4. ETA. Spanish Cdnl 2 (Sec. ) 3 4. DARLENE ARD SSS. PepC. ' lul) cue;ster arington Band 1, Traek 2 4. (Toss Gountry 1 2 3. E-Men 2 3 4. Wrestling 1 2 3. Pep Glid) 2 3 4. LYNN BALLARD Home Ex., SSS. Mod. E ' oreign Lang. . -V See. JEAN BANNISTER Choir 12 3 4 (Pres. ). SSS 1 2 3 4. Honor Swiety 3 4 (Sec.), jan-N ' otes 1 2 4, Student ( ' ouneil 4, G.A. . Science Cluh 1 2 4. Latin Cluh 2 3 4. RAY.MOND C. BARBKNEXIHT Latin Club 1 2, Track 1 2 3, Reserve Wrestling 1 . Football 12 3 4, E-Mcn 1234 (Treas. ) DON BARRINGER E ' rosh. ' . Pres. Reserve Wrestling 1 2, Reserve E ' ootball 1 2. Pep Cdub, Vars. Track, E%Men 3 4. Choir 1 2 3 (Treas.). 91 Tho Senior Float was a imilti-colorod master- piece. The reel, ss hite, and black Kagle arlderl a colorful touch to the Iloinecoining festivities. RIC:H. RI) BKAITIK French Cilnh. Art Club. Jr. Class Play, BIM. . E.VIII. GARRETT BEET BIMA J A.MES E. BENNEEE JR. F.-Men 12 3 4. Vars. Baseball I 2 3, V ' ars. Bas- ketball 2, Vars. Football 1, Spanish (dub 2 4, Science Club 1. BIMA (Pres.) 4, II. R. Rep. 3, Band I 2, Choir 3 4. JOSEPH S. BIA.NCO Vars. (; )lf. E-Men, BIMA. PAELEETTE BINKO SSS 1 2 3 4. Eibrary Club 1, Home Fx ' . Club 1 2 34, Jr. (dass Play, Pep (dub I. Eatin(dub4. JEFFERY BEAT Vars. Track 3 4, Cross-(d untry 3 (( apt.), E- Men 3 4. Science (dub 3 4, Pep (dub 3. MKKI BEYSTONE (;AA 1 , SSS 1 2 3 4 (Treas. ), Pep (dub 3 (.Sec. ) 4 (Pres.), Spanish (dub I, Homecoming Court, .Science (dub I (Pres. ), Student Council, Fxliso- nian Staff. CHRISTINE BOBROWSKl ( ' hoir 1 2 3 4, SSS 3 4, Pep Club, Home Fx‘., Art (dub. Choir Operetta. P.ATRICIA BOONE SSS 3 4, Home Fx ' . (dub 4 (Treas. ) Pep (dub 4. 92 ’69 Homecoming Float Wins Contest I ' AMi: i.A s. brkc:kman GAA I 2 3, Band 1 3, SSS 1234 (Rt‘p), Ubrary Ass t 4, A-V Sec. 4. Latin (ilnl) 1 2, Home Kc. Club I 4. Jr. (dass Play. Kdisonian Staff DALK BROADW AV Choir, I)PiC. ' , Jan-Notes. Boys (Quartet. SARAH CA.MBE (ilioir. Library .Ass t. BON.ME CAMPBELL SSS 4. Sr. H. R Rep., Student Council 3 4, Honor ScK’iety 3 4, C. . . Band I. M(xl. Foreign Lang. 2, Pep (ilub JESSE CiARLIN GAIL CARR GAA 1 2 3 4, SSS 1 23 4. Science Club I 3 4, Pep Club 2, Latin (dub I 2 3, Jr. (dass Play JOHN CARRIGAN Band 1 2 3. SUSAN LVNN CARTER Band (Majorette) 1 2 3. SSS 12 3 4, Pep Club 1 2. Fdlisonian Staff 4, Home Fx. (dub 1 4, Jr. (dass Play STEVE CHANCE Cross Country. Wrestling, FdMen Band, Sci- ence (dub, .A. ' ., Pep (dub. Track The enthusiasm of the Senior (dass brought a vic- tory in the Homecoming Float com|x-tition. 93 Mr. Whitby Returns to Teach English GI.ENN CARL COI.E Eootball. Baseball, Mall Monitor. BIMA, Track, Shop . ss ' t, MIKECiO.MSTOCK Eagle Feathers Staff 3 4, .Art Club 4, Pep Club. Jr. Class Play. MikI. Foreign Lang. SALLY C:OPPINGER Choir 1 2 3, SSS 3 4, Home Ee. Club 3 4, Pep Chib I 2 LAURA ANN CIRADER Thespian SiK-iety 4. (iA.A 4, Home Ec. Club 4. SSS, Band 123 DAVE CREITON Wrestling 1 2 3 4. Fixitball 2. Track 3. Baseball 2. E-Meii ARLEEN CROMWELL SSS (Pres.), Home Ee. Club I 2 (Rep.) 3 4, FTA, Science Club. Jr. Class Play, Student Council, Honor Society 3 4 (Treas.), GA.A, Bridge Club. Mixl. P ' oreign l.ang. DARRELL CUDNEY Golf. KAREN CURTIS Honor Society 3 4 (pres.), Thespian Soc. 3 (see.) 4, PT.A 2 3 (treas.) 4, Debate 3 4, Jan Notes 2 3 4. DAR (mtxf Ciitizen, SSS 1 2 3, GA.A 12, Drama Club 2 3 4 CAROL DAIILSTRO.M The spirit of the 40 s is brought to E H S by Jim Bennell and his 1940 Packard. 94 Advice to Steve Haddad is gladiv given bv Mr. Whitirv. THOMAS DAILEY (;hoir, A ’ Ass t. .Art Mod. Foreign Lang.. Student Council. BIM.A. DWAYNE DAVIS DAN DE H AVEN FcK)tball 12 3 4. Basketirall 1234. Baseball I 2 3 4, Jr. ( ' .lass V. Pres.. Sr. (Mass Pres. ROBIN EARL DEAN DILLARD A- Ass t, E-Men. Pep Club. Fcngball. Track. Wrestling. TIM DIXON F(H)tball. E-Men. Pep (dub. Sr. Class V. Pres., Band 12 3 4 (N ice Pres.), Student (anincil. Reserve Wrestling, DECA. THOMAS DOW ELL Wrestling, .A- ' .Ass t, Art Club, Pep (dub, BIM.A DIANE DRANCHAK l.ibrars- (dub I 2. SSS 2, Home Fx. (dub 1. MIKE EDDY Basketball 1 234. Baseball 123 4. E-Men. RAY ED.MAISTON A ' ars. K(M)tball (Capt.), A ' ars. Ba.seball. Jr. (dass Pres., E-Men (Pres). Vars. Wrestling, Science (dub. Student Council (Viee-Pres,), Jr. (dass Pres., Band, .Art (dub. 95 Tlu- powt-rful kickoff of Ciloria (fctrich aided the Senior Powder Puff team in a victory. PATRICIA ANN KARLKY C;AA. SSS. P ' T.A, Science (dub. Home did). Pep Club, MikI. Foreign I.ang., French Club, Nurses .Ass ' t. II. R. .Alter. LINDA FAZIsKAS Mod. Foreign Lang. (V. Pres.), C.AA (Pres.), Science Club (Sec.), Honor Society, Vars. (;heerleader. Homecoming court. Pep (dub, SSS, Student Council, Phys. F)d. (dub. KATIILKEN KLANNIGAN Band, Science Club, Pep (dub M kI. Foreign Lang., Jr. (dass Play, SSS, Home Fx. (dub. Hall Monitor, (iA.A. ROBERT FOSTER Pep (dub, F ' rosh, I " rack. KATHLEEN ANN GARZELLA SSS 3 4, Home Fx. (dub 4 (Sr. Rep. ). GLORIA GF:TRICH GAA 12 3 4, FTA 3, SSS 234, Latin (dub I 2, Thespian Sixiety 3 4, Pep Club 1 2 3 4, Home Fx. (dub 4, Jr. (dass Play 3, F)agle Feathers Staff 4, Debate (dub 3. RANDY GOLDS.MITIl MikI. F ' oreign Lang. 1 2, Vars. Baseball 3 4, Fd Meii3 4, BIMA2 3 4. DIANA ROSE (iOODVVIN (iAA, Library (dub 1, .Art (dub 3 4, SSS 1 4, MikI. F ' oreign Lang. 4. DON GRANT 96 Senior Girls Prove Gridiron Power EMILY CRECiOKATOS Home Ec., GAA. Science C:liib, Jr. (;lass Play. STEVE HADDAD (mif 1 2 3 (capt), Latin C lub, Art ( lub 4. . -V 4. E-Men Club 4 KAY HAGAN GAA 1, SSS 1 2 3 4, Pep Club 1 2 3. Edisonian Staff 4. MARIE HANDLEY Choir 1 2 3 4, SSS 12 3 4, Jan-Notes, Swing C;hoir. CAROL ANN HARMAN SSS, Pep club. Home Ec. Office Ass’t. ELIZAHETH HARMAN GAA 1 2 3 4, SSS 1 2 3 4. Pep Club 1 2, Home Ec. I 2, Office Ass t 3, DECA Club 4. LINDAS. HARNESS Pep Club 12 3 4, SSS 1 2 3 4, Thespian 3 4 (Pres. ), FT .A 3 4. F ' agle F ' eathers Staff 3 4. CATHY HARTLEY GAA 12 3 4. Honor Society 3 4, Student (mun- cil I 2 3, F ' TA Home F ' c. Club 1 2, Science (dub 3 (V. Pres.) 4, Latin Club 2 3 (Pres.) 4, SSS, Pep (dub I 2 3, F iso nian Staff 4. ESTHER HA RILESKO Band 1 2 3 4 (Treas), (Toir 1 2 3 4, SSS 1 2 3, GAA 1, FT.A 2 3, Drama Club 3, Pep (dub 1 2 3, .Science (dub I 2, M xf. F ' oreign Lang. 1. Coach lasic takes time out to pose with his Sr. Powder Puff Team. 97 Seniors Debate Issues of Today ROBK.RTJ. IIAVRILLA Frosh Basketball (mgr.), Reserve Track 2, Wrestling 2, Football 3 4, Band 12 3 4, Choir 1 2 3 4, M kI. Foreign bang.. Science Club 4, E- Men 4, Art Club 4. SHEILA HENDRICKSON SSS 12 3 4. Home Ec. (iliib 1, Pep Cilub 1 2 3 4, (;AA 1 2, Spanish Club 1. JOHNNA MAE HORNYAK GAA 1, SSS 3 4, office Ass t. 4, DECAClub4. DIANE MARIE HREHA GAA I, Pep ( ' lub 12 3, Home Ec. Club 4, SSS 1 2 3 4, Edisonian Staff 4. KEVIN HURSEY GARY INGRAM Student (Council, Baseball 12 3, Wrestling 1 2 3 4, Football 1 2 3 4, E-Men, Pep Cdub 1 234, M xl. Foreign Lang. 1, Jan-Notes 1, Art Club, Typing Award 3. RONALD LEE JESTES DAVID W. JOHNSON Jr. (dass Treas., FiH)tball 2 3 4 (Co-f apt), Sr. Class Boy Rep., Track 12 3 4, Jr. 11. R. Rep., Art Cdub 4, Pep Club 2 3 4, Mod. Foreign Lang. 3. KENTON ROBERT JOHNSON Choir 1 2 3 4, (V. Pres), Jan-Notes 2 3 4, Jr. (dass Play, Band I 2, FI ' A 3 4 (Pres. ), Thespian ScK-iety 3 4, Library Ass t. 3, Art (dub 3 4, Of- fice Ass t. 4, Student Council. 3rd Hour Hall Monitors: Kathy Flannigan, Janie Weaver and Myrna Johnson take time out for some friendly gossip. 98 The- mtftinR of the minds at their favorite eorner. MVRNARAi: JOHNSON SSS. Home Ec. Cliil). Pep Cdiib, Edisonian Staff. RICH ARO WASSEI. KAOISH Eoothall 1 2 3 4. Wrestling 2, Track 2 3 4. Frosh. Basketball. A- ’ Ass t., E-Men. Boys State .Alter.. PT.A. BIM.A LARRY KOLOPA.NTS Pep (dub. Science Club. .Art Club. NINA KORPAK Pep Club 1 2 3 4. SSS 1 2 3 4. PTA 4. P isonian Staff 4, Mod. P ' oreign Lang. TIM KOSINSKI Hall Monitor 4, Latin (dub 3 4. ROBERT EDWIN Kl ' RPIS Sr. H. R. Rep., Pep (dub 1 2, Reserve p ' ootball I 2, .Art (dub 4, Student Council 4. MIKE LEHOSKEY Band 1 2 3 4. ( ' hoir 2. Pep Band. Latin (dub. PT.A. Debate d ' eam. Pep (dub. ALAN LERCH Vars. Basketball Mgr., Art (dub, DPX A. KAY LEWIS 99 BIMA ping-pong players and spectators stop ac- tion to have a group picture taken. TOM LITTLEFIELD Vars. Football, Reserve Wrestling, Latin Club, Vars. Track, E-Men, Band. AL MARTIN Vars. F K tball, Reserve Baseball, Reserve Bas- ketball, E-Men Club, Spanish Club, ( hoir, BIMA GARY N, McDonald choir 1 2, BIM.A 12 3 4 (Treas), Reserve Base- ball 1 2, Vars. Baseball 3 4, Student (Council 4. .MAC MEDOW JULIUS A, .MENDELSOHN Honor Society, Boys ' State, Band, Student Council H. R. Rep., Track, Debate (dub, Latin Club, Vars. Wrestling Mgr., It ' s Academic- Team (.’apt.. Stage and Pep Band. DAN .MERCIER Band, Bowling, Golf, DECA Club, D.E. DIANE MERCIER Pep (dub. Art (dub, SSS, Home Ec. (dub. DAVE .MILLER Science Club, Mod. Foreign Lang., Art (dub, BIMA, Vars. Golf. DOLORES MILLER Choir, Janetts, A-V Ass t. (Sec). 100 Sale of Sweatshirts Is Profitable TERRY VV. MISCHAN Choir (Pres) 1 2 3 4, Science Club (Treas) 1 2 3 4, Jr. Cilass Play, Thespian Society, Drama Club 1, Jan-Notes 1, Librars ' (ilub 1. FT.A 1 2 3, Mod. Foreign bang. MAl’REEN MOSIER LARRY MUNDY (;hoir 1, E-Mcn Club, Spanish Cilub, Frosh. Basketball, Reserve Baseball, Vars. Baseball, DEC.Y ( ' . Pres), Bovs Rep 3, Pep Club, BIMA JAME MYERS GA.A, Home F’c. Club, SSS. RICHARD LEE NEAL Rand 12 3 4, Dance Band 1234, Pep Band 1 2, Track 2 3 4, PepC:lub. CHRISTINE NICOLES SSS 1 2 3 4 (Jr. Rep), Debate (dub 4, Thespian Society 4, CAA 1 2 3 4, Latin Club 1 2, Home Ec. Club 1 4, Science Club 12 3 4, Pep Club, ,A-V Seer., Jr. Class Play. NANCIE JEAN OWENS (J.AA I, SSS 12 3 4, M kI. F ' orcign Lang. 4, Pep Club 1 2 3, Home Ec. Club 2 (Soph. Rep.) 4, .Science Club .3 4, Latin Club. hT.A .3, H. R Rep., Student (Council 4. THOMAS GEORGE PATTERSON Reserve Baseball, Vars. Baseball, F ' rosh. Bas- ketball, Reserve Basketball. E-Men Club, DEC, (Pres) Student Council. KIM PEREZ Golf 2 3 4, ( ' hoir 1 2. E-Mcn Club. Seniors: Carol Harman, Marie Handley. Pam Breckman, Sherry Wcxitcn and Bob Kiirpis taking an apple break (between classes). 101 Seniors Anticipate Graduation Day MIKK PERRINE PATTIE LYNN PIERCE SSS, GAA. Lalin Club. Pop Club, .Soph. Class Treas, Frosh Girls Rep. MICHAEL PII.NOCK Latin Club Treas, Frosh. Basketball, Rraerve Basketball. DEBBIE SUE POWELL GAA, SSS 1 2 3 (V ' -Pres.) 4, Science Club 3 4 (Pres.), Honor Society 3 4 (V-Prcs.), Home F . 4, Latin Cilub, FI ' A 3, Student Council H. R. Rep. 3 4, Jr. Rep. Sweetheart (iourt 3. JUDY RAMSAY GAA I 2 3 4, SSS 1 2 3 4, FTA 3 Sec. 4 (V-Pres.), Latin (ilub 1 2 Sec, Science Cihib 1, Pep Cdub 1 2 3 4, Homecoming Court, Band 1, Frosh. (dass Sec. VICKI RATLIFF GAA 2 3, SSS 1 2 3 4, Latin Club 2 3, Home Ec. 2 . SUSA.N MARIE REBECK GAA 1 2 3, SSS I 2 3, Art C:lub 2 3, Pep Club 1, Home F ' c. 1 2, Spanish (dub 1, Jr. Class Play. BOBBY JOE RING Reserve Baseball. Vars. Baseball, F ' ro h. Bas- ketball, Reserve Basketball, Vars. Bask et- ball, E-Men Club, Band. Latin (dub Vice Pres. NANCY RODRICK GAA 1 2 3 4, SSS 1234. Home F ' c, (dub 4, .Art (dub 4, Science (dub 4, M xl. F ' oreign Lang. 3. All-ConfererK ' c lineman. Richard Kadish receives congratulations from (d ach Pohiman. 102 DAR go Kl citizen, Karen Cairtis, takes time out from studying. MARY ROCALA GA. 1 2 3 4, SSS 1 234. French Glub I, Mod. Foreign Fang. 2 3, Science Cduh 4. Home Kc. (dub 4, Honor Society 3 4, Pep Glub 2 3, Sr. Glass Treas., Student Gouncil 4. SUSAN ROGKRS SSS. GAA 1, Choir 1 2 3, Jantels 1, Spanish Glub I. Pep Club SANDY ROSSER GA.A 1 2 3 4, SSS 1 234. Mod. F’orcign Fang., Jr. Vars. (Cheerleader 2, V ' ars. Cheerleader .3 4, Home Ec. 1. Science Club 1 3 ( ’. Pres.), Pep (Club 1234, Homecoming ( ueen. CHUCK SCHEUER Student Council Pres., Vars. F ' ootball, ' ars. Basketball. E-Men, Boy s State Rep., Fatin (Club (Pres) Honor Society, Jr. Class .Sec., Soph. Class V ' . Pres. DONNA SEBBEN Spanish Club 1, Home Ec. Club 1, SSS 4. Pep Club 3, (Choir ( iieen 3, Jan-Notes 3, Swing Choir 2, Jantels 1, Jan- Dozen I . BONNIE FOU SINKS Pep (Club 1 3 4, SSS 1 2 3 4. Home FCc. (Club 3 (Rep) 4 (Pres), FCagle Feather Staff 3 4, Student (Council 4, Fibrars Ass t. 4. DONNA SUE STEVERS French (Club 1, GA.A 1, SSS 2 3 4, Band 3 4 (Twirler). ANN SWAFFOW Home Px. 1 (Rep) 2, SSS 1 2 3 4. GAA I 4, Sci- ence (Club 3 (V. Pres.) -l, P?p (Club I 2 (Sec) 3, Choir 1, Student Council 3 4. ROBERTA THORNE Soph. (Class Sec., SSS 2 3 4, GAA 1, Thespian ScK ' iety 4, .Art (Club 2 3 4 (Pres), FCdisonian Staff 4, tCagle P ' eathers, Sr. (Class Sec., Student (Council, F ' rench (Club 1 2. 103 A dutiful hall monitor, Chot Arington checks Chris Nicoles ' s Hall Pass. RALPH L. TURNER TOM I RBAMK C;hoir 12 3 4, Jan-Notes I 2 3, Latin Club I 2. DEBBIE VAUGHN M(kI. Foreign Lang, 1, Latin Club 1 2, ,SSS 1 2 3 4, Pep C:lub I 2 3 4, GA A I 2 3 4 (Sec. ), Home Ec. 4, PTA2 3 4. BILL WAGGLE Vars. Football 4, Vars. Baseball 3 4, Band I 2 3 4{Pres.), Pep Band 1 2 3 4, Student Cmuneil 4, DECA 4 (Treas,), E-Men 3 4, M kI. Foreign Lang. JANIE WEAVER Home Ec. 4 ( ' . Pres.), Spanish Club. SSS, Pep Club 3, Choir 1, GAA 1. DAMD WILLIA.VISON DECA, BIMA. DENNIS WILLIS Choir 1 2 3 4, Jan-Notes I 2, Latin 1 2, BIMA. PATRICK F. R. WITKA Vars. Football 3 4, Vars. Wrestling 1 2, Soph. Class Pres. Frosh. Class Treas. Jan-Noes, Re- serve Track. SHERRY RAE WOOTEN SSS 1 2 3 4, GAA 1 2, Choir I 2 3. Jan-Notes, Home Fx. I 2 3, Pep Club 1 2 3, Jan-Tells I . 104 ’69ers Complete Final Year SANDY VVRONA choir 1 2 3 (V. Pres), Choir Queen, Band I 2 (See), Jan- Nettes, Home Kc. (duh I . Uninhibited Hall Monitor, Ray Barbkneeht sleeps w hile on duty. Seniors listen while Kevin Hursey expresses his viewpoint in Govern- ment class. 105 class of 1970 Promotes EHS Pride Jr. Class Officers are Cheryl Waggle (Treas.), Kathy Mucha (Girl ' s Rep.), Diane Rosser (V. Pres.), Del (Courtney (Pres.), Diane Pronze (Sec), and Rubin Soria (Boy’s Rep). Jr. Homer(K)m Rep. are Deb Smenyak, Dale Johnson, Deb Wierzba, Toni Brobrowski. Len Gapinski. Vicki Reames, Mike (-orley and Natal- ie May(x;h. JUNIORS It was a wonderful year for the juniors. No longer under- classmen they were almost on top. To begin the year the Juniors received their long awaited class rings. This year they ordered the traditional stjuare rings and received them in October — two months early. The Juniors worked hard on their Homecoming float. Their hero. Snoopy was proudly displayed on top of his house. The float boasted second place rating in the Homecoming Parade. Other activities included collect- ing food for needy families, brr . . . and those cold, wet, car washes. There must be a thousand clean cars in East Gary now. The Junior play was also a big success this year. After many long hours and a lot of deep thought, the Juniors presented the Junior-Senior Prom, “Romance in V ' enice.” The Juniors worked very hard to present some- thing the Seniors would never forget. That was a night both Juniors and Seniors will remember forever. Soon came the date of graduation. The awaited mo- ments at last were here. With the changing of the Se- niors’ tassels the Juniors turned their class rings now de- claring that they were Seniors. Juniors get together tosay“Slow Em Down”. 106 The juniors float Features Snoopy in The llomecomiti) ' Parade ' Michael Adamik Gary Andres Wayne Anthony Dolores Ard Norman Arflack Denise Ashby (iwen Ballard Lucinda Bartolone (N nthia Bazin Linda Bell Jo Ann Bianco Martin Bickett Janet Blackburn James Blair Je)hn Blossom Toni Bobreewski Roseann Bolint David Breit Annie Brown (iharles Bry ant Steve Bry ant Kenneth Buchanan Debbie Busch Bill Butler Pam Ciampbell Charles Cates Danny C hadwick Debbie ( ' hadw ick Sandra Cihapman Doris Cheek Olene (achow laz Janice (ilawson (Charles (aebb Gary CaK-hran Robert Coleman Sherry Coleman William Collins Mike Canley Del ( ' ourtney Darrell C ;ox Ted Cudney larretta Czilli 107 Juniors Enter Homecoming Float Anita Daniels Bruce Darrell Linda Darosky William Davis Sharon Denison Larry Dillingham (iindy Dowell Pat Dranchak Joy Duies Dennis Katon (iary P ' lick Mike Flores Rmincy Foster Mark Gadzala Lennard Gapinski F ' llen Garzclla Keith Gaza Patricia Gibbons Sylvia Gibson Donna (Gilbert Brenda Ginter Dennis Ginter James Cirant Billy (iray (iary Cireer David Guess Linda Haas Klizabeth Ilamady Richard Harman Paul Harsvood Jeannie Held Dale Hemminger Mary lin Hoeflickcr Hector Holquin Larry Hoskins Dan Gobi) and Keith Gaza put finishing touches on the Ju- niors’ Homecoming Float. 108 Mar Kiirpuk. Rich Sohovich, Dcbhic VVicrzba and Joe L ' r- banik admire newly received class rings. Stuart Hoskins John Hughes Kathy Hunter Ron Jackson Paul Janusch Rosemary Jestes Dale Johnson Dennis Johnson (Chester Kapica Herbie Karner Pat Kary Jeff Kinsey Tersa Kraynak Kevin Krone Jack Kurtis Jim Lamlx ' rt (;arol Langford John Lash Donna Law Debbie Law head Thelmer Lawson Lori Lehto Tom Lewandow’ski Cary Lew is Dave Little Linda Lyons Alice Mardis Cail Marlatt Debbie Martin Natalie Mayrx ' h Pother Mendez John Mitrisin PMdie Momola Melody Mrurre Kathy Mucha Patti Muld(K n Paul Naglosky Joyce Neagu Orville Nicholson Nancy Nixon Larry Noll Mark Oresik 109 Juniors Concentrate On Studies Tom Owens Kathy Pankcy Kathy I’aiilk Betty Paxton Tom Petro Pam Pf)tts John Pozdol Diane Pronze Tamra Rafferty V’iekey Reanu ' s Bill Reed Paul Resczenko Harold Rich Judy R K-k Brenda R(x- Diane Rosser Diane Safaxly Alvic Sanders Roger Scars Ruth Shudick Debbie Sil vert horn Peggy Sistanich Debbie Smenyak Sam Smith Robert Snawder Rich Sohovich Ruben Soria Michael Spencer Sally Spencer Glenn Stacy Bill Steen Dewayne Stokes Jenny Stough Mike Svctonoff Shirley Sw ider Miss Millholland puts her Ju- nior English class to work. 110 Junior Powder Puff learn poses during half time. Randy Szostek Sharon Tarnow ski Charles Thorne Paula Tokash Ron Tonetski Yolanda Trujillo Tom L ' hls Joe L ' rbanik Bill ’ogen Chery l ' aggie Sam Watts Charlene Whitledge Darrell Whitledge Debbie Wierzba Melody Wignall Leonard Williams Noel Willis Dan Witka Jeff Wolfe Denise Wazolek Juniors I.ori l.ehto and Linda Darosky prepare copy for The Eagle Feathers. Ill Sophomores Cheer on EHS Victories Sophomore ( ' lass Officers TOP ROW, Left to Right: Fayellen Rappat- ta (Treas.), Bettie Moore (Girl’s Rep ), Brenda RcK-k (See.); BOTTOM ROW, Bill Ring (Pres.), kathv McLaughlin (Vice-Pres. ). NOT PIC- TURED: Mike Adamik (Boy ' s Rep ). SOPMOMORKS The first highlight of the year for the Sophomores was the ordering of their class rings. The rings will he re- ceived in the early part of their junior year. Drivers Training! Anyone can make a little mistake . . . running red lights, forgetting to put the turn signals on, tiot stopping at a stop sign, Whoo! It ' s a shame that that silly brake on Mr. Bodnar’s side kept getting broken all the time. Through all of that, the Sophomores came through with flying colors on their drivers test. This year the Sophomores added a Bon fire for the foot- ball game. With a pep talk from the coach and the cheers to the burning w kk1, everything was a great success. Sophomore H. R. Rept.: Sally Vanderlin, Bob Austin, Ron R ambo. Basil Fernandez, Mehxlie Hopkins, and Donna Steen get together in the Library. Sophomores: Mel Klie Heims, Gwen Davis, Tom Butler, John Farrar, EmmaLou Wineiger and Carol Hartley put finishing touches on Soph- omores ' Homecoming project. 112 Sophomores get ready to show their float in the Momec ming Parade . Rrxricy Adams Roger Ash Robert Austin Theresa Ballard David Barnes Don Bean Marcia Bell Pat Bell Laura Bellar James Biekett Denise Bildilli Anthony Bingham Kenneth Bingham Donna Bobrow ski Michael Bona Dennis Bottilla Connie Bowen Lynn Branshaw Robert Buchanan Nannette Bushemi Tom Butler Charlotte Butts Terrance (;argile Joanie C:arter Donna Chapman Connie C heek Dale ( ' oleman Kathleen Comstock Karen ( ook Ron Corely Jim Cromwell Julie Cummings Mike Curtis Pati Dailey Gwen Davis C ' arla DeHaven Marian Derado Frank Dobyns Michael Douglas Ricky Dushane Mark Dwyer Thomas Elrerhardt 113 Sophomores Take 2nd in Powder Puff John Farrar Basil Kernandoz Judy Fisher Paula Flick Jeffrey F ' rame Randy F ' ranks Diane F ' ritts Douglas Gannon Jane Gaza Douglas Gibson Gail Gish Ricky Goggins Susan (iotxlwin N icholas Goyda Marilyn Grasham Angela Gregory Michael Gregory Steve Grishka (;arl Groves Mary Hack Stephanie Haddad Darrell Hampton Ken Handley Jackie Haney Harry Harman Carol Hartley Cindy Havens Marcia Havrilesko Mary Havrilla Mehxly Heims Jim Helmecy Audrey Hieke Robert Higgins Rocky H(xlges James Holman 114 Soph Powder Puff Coach, Mr. Blake, takes time out to give a few pointers to his team. Mr. Blake gives final pointers to the Powder Puff Team. Peggy Honkoski Melody Hopkins Steve Hoskins Pamela Hoyt Judith Huber Robin Hursey Bob Jakich Miriam Joffre Charles Joy Betty Keenan Andrea Kent Judy Kingery Susan Kirby Greg Kolakoski Joseph Kolosci Valeri Kosinski Denise Kuhn Thomas Labadie Barbara Lancaster Kenneth Landrum Sherril Larimore Debbie Lash Dennis Lawhead William Lerch Roger Lindsey Mike Lubek Milka Malobovic Jeff Martin Coleman McDaniel Marilyn McDaniel Edward Mendez Don Millender Carolyn Miller Monty Miller Sarah Miller M ichele M ize Hipolito Mojica Betty Moore Glen Moore Kate Napier Kenneth Newsum Andrew Norman 115 class of 1971 Orders Class Rings Nick Novakovich Archie Olson Debbie Overbay Betts Pennock Kaplan Pierce Mike Rafferty Ronnie Ranibo Fayellen Rappatta Elizalieth Ref»-ck David Redar Bill Renn Shirley Revers Larry Revoir Walter Rey Pamela Reynolds Bill Ring Brenda Rock James Rosendaiil Debbie Rosser Mike Rubino Georgia Rumnell Cary Salain Dennis Scot Claudia Sears Kathie Shelton Michele Shimal Raymond Shimer Shirley Shroll Betty Sinks Cathy Smith Dennis Smith Nancy Smith Winifred Snassder Michael Sohovich Donna Steen Ron Rambo, Donna Steen and Peg ffonkoski reeeive instruc- tions from Mrs. V ' anderlin. 116 Sophomore class officers Eiettv Moore, Mike Adamik, Kathy McLaughlin. Brenda Rock, Fay Ellen Kappatta and Bill King have a small meeting before going to class. Bill Stevens Steve Stimson David Stokes Charles Swalh)w Keith Szostek Ronald Tarnowski Peter Todosijevie Dan Tucker Diane Turner Douglas Twilla Michael Twilla Gars N ' iar Sally Vandcriin Mars Vaughn Milicia Vujakovic Joe Vrska Regina Wahlsmith Denise Waiczak Neal Watkins David Watson Jo Ann Wedge Jerry White James Wilkins Janice Williams Pam Williams Cynthia Willis Ricky Wilson Emmalou Wineinger 117 Freshmen Start High School Career Freshmen Class Officers are TOP ROW, Left to Right: John Mucha (Pres.), John Rock (Vice-Pres.), Glenn Batista (Boy ' s Rep ); BOTTOM ROW: Terri Lee (Sec.), Fondy Morrill (Treas. ), Bobbie Havrilesko (Girl’s Rep.). FRESHMEN Leaving the junior high and coming to the high school was a big step for the Freshmen. Walking in those doors was the beginning of a four year term jam-packed with excitment, and enthusiasm, plus pride and spirit. The teaching w as a little different from junior high days and the learning was harder. There were times when learning was fun. Remember dissecting those frogs in Biology? . . . and all those interesting germs under the microscopes! . . . well, maybe it was fun for the boys. Then came the Freshmen initiation into the G A A. What a conglomeration of pig-tails, fake freckles, and old cut-off pants. They may have felt foolish, but it was worth it. There were many new clubs to join and so much to do. It sure didn’t take long for the Freshmen to get into the swing of things. What really interested the Freshmen was the thought that next year they would no longer be lowmen on the totem pole. Freshmen Home Room Rep. are TOP ROW, Left to Right: Tom Burger, Glenn Batista, Bill Haas, Fondy Morrill; BOTTOM ROW: Trudi Svetanoff, and Lynn Tokash. Putting finishing touches on Frosh exhibit for spirit week are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Szostek, Jerry Coppinger, Mark Garzella, Doris Jean Mercier, and Shelley Holman. 118 Displaying class float, proud Freshmen prepare for parade. Darlene Adams Sandra Anderson Mark Argyelan Alan Ball Lorraine Ballard Marilyn Barnes Glen Batista Debra Belt Debbie Beres Tom Berger Theresa Bianco David Binkly Judy Blackburn Bill Blossom Georgette Blystone Patricia Bobrowski Greg Bowen Teena Bowen Roseanne Bravo Steven Brown Joan Buchanan Sherry Buchanan Alice Bundy Mike Burdctt Brenda Ciannon Timothy Cannon Fred ( arr Jonas C aton Alvin Cihilders Sue Clay Randy Cleveland Walter (mffman Susan (mmstcK ' k Jerry Coppinger Donnie Covelli Robin C ' ox John Crabb Sandra Oader Janice (Austin Alfred D ' Alisio Jeffrey Darnell Barbara Darosky 119 Freshmen Take Interest In Learning mk l John Davis James Derr Ronald Dixon Ronald Dobrowolski Alan Donah K) Bill DcMiley Sandra Dover Debra Duncan Sandra Dunn Dale Kllis Milvin Kllis Ann Marie Ennis Danny Kazekas Gary Kcczko Janna Filipas Kenny Flores Alfred Follow Bonnie Frenel Mark Garzella Roxanne Gasaway Margaret Gee Dennis George Paul Gilmore Kenneth Gish Rebeeca (ioldsmith Kim (; K dreau Henry Green Alexandria Gregory Scot Grishka Millis GrcK ' howski Bill Haas Nancy Harman Richard Hack Henry Hammond William Evans Freshmen boys Bob Wineland, Mark Argyelan, and Ken Renn eagerly find research in library. 120 Freslitneii find concentration the best study method for Knglish Martin Handley David Havard Roberta ffavr ilesko Darrel Heflin l,arr Henninger Harr Hennings Deborah Henry Randy Hiller Vickie Henke James Hinkle Tom Hodge Karen Holland Pam Holliday Shelley Holman Peggs Hornyak Pamela Hoskins Donna Hughes Robert Humenik Kelly Hursey Diane Jacolrson Cebra Johnson Debra Karner Camden Kent Karen Kingery Donald Knox Kenneth Kosaites James Koziol Michael Kraynak James Krohn Terri l,ec Sandra l.indsey RoIk ' iI Uttlefair Lu Ann Long Bonnie Loving Johnnie Loving William Luna Anka Malolmvic Ingrid Manns Lynette Mantta Crystal Martin Debbie Martinez Tom Mayoch 121 Freshmen Receive Student Numbers Robert Maza Anne Marie Mazur Wanda McDaniel Robert McLaughlin Doris Mercier Elizalieth Miller Vera Miranda Nancy Mojica Terry Moore Maureen Moreau LaFonda Morrill John Mucha Michael Murray M ickey N icholson Charles Nixon Jo Ann Novkovich Jerry O ' Daniel Roxanne Odar Peter Odinsoff Mathew Oresik Frances O’Rourke Barbara Parker Bill Parker John Patterson Tony Paxton Diane PenncK-k Rick Picka Kathy Pilnock Denise Potts Wayne Ratliff Charles Reatherford Debbie Remaley Kenneth Renn LeRoy Rice Gregory Riley- Tardy Freshman, Tom Burger receives blue slip from Mr Ryska. 122 Freshmen recite the Pledge of Allegiance before class Iregiiis. Douglas Robb John Rock Brenda Rogers Judy Scazny Randolph Scott John Sebella Dennis Sexton Bruce Shadrix Robert Shudiek Robert Smith Lupe Soria Carl Spain Richard Spencer Steve Stacy James Sterns Gerrald Sullivan Karen Sunberg Trudi Svetanoff David Swider Gary Szostek Kathy Szyballa Bonnie Taylor Rollie Templeton bynn Tokash Bill Travis Mary Vrska Pam Waggle Mark Wahiman Richard Watson Larry West Ike Whistler Theresa Widmer Martha W ' illiams John Willis Morris Willoughby 123 HABITUAL RITUAL In the mist of all the go Kl times and excitement shared by the students of Edison, our most dominant memories will be those of the day to day, normal routine. From the time the first bell rings in the morning, til the last bell ends the day, we stand lost, deep in the quest for knowl- edge. This routine was slightly altered from those in the past. The Administration had incorporated a seven hour bell schedule instead of the standard six. Although the idea was new, we rapidly made it habit. Volume 31, No. 3 Karen Curtis Is Junior Miss ! Karen Curtis recently was crowned East Gary Junior Miss for 1969. Karen, a senior, also won the. scholastic achievement award. Mary Rogala received second runnner-up; Cathy Hartley received first runner-up, creative and per- forming arts award and the youth fitness ward. The Miss Congeniali-. ty award was presented to Jean Bannister. The nine East Gary girls com- peting in this years’ contest were questioned by a panel of five judg- es, who selected the winners ac- cording to personality, scholarship and fitness. Jaycees Sponsor Pageant The program, sponsored by the Jaycees, was the third annual pageant. The host was WLTH disc jockey, Steve King. Ruth Schmel- zer, 1968’s Junior Miss, was also present to take her final bow and crown this year’s Miss. When asked what her first reac- tion was at the big moment, Karen answered, “I was just naturally surprised! I had lots of fun meet- ing the new girls from Andrean and doing all the things like going to Great Lakes and going out to, dinner. I am looking forward to to the State Pageant at Catf 126 True Meanings Lost? Love Is A Circle The freshman child, so shy and coy, admiringly stares at the sophomore boy, but the sophomore boy, head in a whirl, longingly stares at the junior girl. Now the junior girl in a bold sedan boldly pursues that senior E.-man, but the senior man, hand- some and wild really loves the freshman child! OXYDOL by Len Gapinski The light turned red And then to green; A kind of color, I’ve never seen. Not a yellow, blue, or gold, It’s brightness was far too bold. I can’t describe it Darn it all, Just washed my clothes In oxydol. Twas Three Days Before Christmas by Ruth Shudick ’Twas three days before Christmas And all through the store Not a cashier was resting Oh’ lock that front door. The produce was thrown On the floor with such care With hopes that a stockboy Soon would be there. The manager screamed At the packers all night While visions of suicide Rose to great heights. And Mike in his apron And Ralph in his cap Had just settled down For a short quick cat nap. When out in the lot There was a commotion We heard someone’s brakes And a woman’s explosion. Two cars were there nestled All snug in the snow With fenders entwining State Farm, where’d you go? The clock it kept ticking Got closer to ten Hie shoppers still shopping Where will it all end? Just then it all happened My hour it came Store hours were over And no one remained. EDISON HIGH SCHOOL, EAST GARY Tuesday, December 17, 1968 rA To Hold A Hootenanny The Sing-Along will include such songs as “Tom Dooley’’ and “500 Miles.’’ Tiny I ' im, the Maharishi and other surprise guests will com- prise the comedy skits. Students can bring their own pillows to sit on and casual uross will be the proper dress for the 7-9 P.M. af- fair. President Kenton Johnson said “You don’t have to have singing ability to come. Just come and sing anyway” There will be a small admission fee, and soft drinks will be served. A Hootenanny and Sing-ln will be sponsored by the Future Teach- ers of America on January 11. There will be an All-Student Folk Group, a sing-along and various comedy skits. Any student wishing to participate in the program can audition in the field that they pre- fer. The club, headed by Mrs. Bon- nie Gleason, tentatively plans to have the Jan-Notes and the Pep Band perform. SSS Bring Cheer To Needy Folks The Sunshine Society, sponsored by Mrs. Gleason, has conducted their annual Christmas drive for food and cash. The donations will be distributed to needy families of East Gary. The deliveries will be made on December 19. This year’s goal is 1,500 cans of food and $150. There was class competition last News from the Eagle ' s Nest The annual Choir Christmas has great coordination and powers Dance will be New Year’s Eve at of concentration, the East Gary Community Center. Kathy Mucha, Lori Lehto, Kent- The King and Queen will be crown- on Johnson, and Terry Mischaii that nigh t will attend hnliiiav year in which the girls endeavored to bring in the most for their class. The freshmen (this year’s sopho- mores) were the winners. The present juniors came in a very close second. Last year a total of 1202 cans and $119 were collected. The girls sort the food and di- vide it into boxes for different fam- ilies. This drive will enable many families to have a merrier Christ- mas. DEBATE CLUB MEMBERS who made the trip to Purdue University are Chris Nicholes, Pam Campbell, Mr. Loscaro and Mr. Woolsey, sponsors; Kathy Mucha, Mike Lehosky, Jay Mendelsohn, and Leon- ard Williams Debaters Visit Purdue A relatively new club at Edison Chris Nicoles, Jay Mendelsohn, High School, the Debate Club, was Kathy Mucha, Mike Lehosky, and created last year, by Mr. Loscaro Leonard Williams. Also in attend- and Mr. Woolsey. Officers for this ance were thirty-six Indiana high are Jay Mendelsohn, presi- school debaters. Their busy sched- Moods and Interests Set Activities 129 ADVERTISEMENTS EDMAR FOODS Friendliness and Service with a smile. Thank-you for shopping at Edmar. RATS LANES EAST GARY CONCRETE EAST GARY DRUGS BOYER’S BEN FRANKLIN CENTER DRUGS CENTRAL STANDARD TATONE’S SUPER SHELL GEORGE KINGSLEY, INC. 601 East Lincoln Street Kentland, Indiana Representing Herff Jones Co. Announcements — C lass Rings — Personal (. ' ards Trophies — Medals — Service Pins — YearlxMrks — Diplomas Club Pins — C henille l.ctters — Caps and Gowns BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY SAVE MORE FOOD CENTER SUN ENGINEERING OLSON REISER AND FRUM rtL • STERLING — GONER STUDIOS 629 Washington Street Gary, Indiana BAZIN’S GROCERY BARBARA’S BEAUTY SHOP 3538 Central Avenue 2301 Fairview East Gary, Indiana East Gary, Indiana Barbara Prott 962-1042 E«l Cary Fire Department ( oach Hartley Brady Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Kosmas Kayes TAYLOR CARPET CENTER Country Store Dekalb Drugs Kitsie Mr. Kenneth Kline Eddy’s Washer Repair Service Mrs. Nancy M Kunkle Mr. and Mrs, Dick Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John Kuruzovich 721 E. 25th Place Mr, and Mrs. Will Baker Mr. and Mrs. Becking Coach Marcinek Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bellesb Mr. and Mrs. William McKinney East Gary, Indiana Mr. arul Mrs. Mathew Binko Mr. Harold Rich Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blake Lisa and Tommy Ryska 962-1695 Mr. and Mrs, William F. Courtitey Kim and Kelly Vanderlin Mr. and Mrs. Iran Floyd Gerald Vlasic Mr. aiKl Mrs. Steve Gaza Mrs. Edith Woodworth Mr. aiK) Mrs. Steve Georgakis Mr. and Mrs. Woolsey and Melissa Mrs. Bonnie Gleason Edisonian Staff ' 69 GERTIE’S EAST GARY FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE GERRY PARK MOBILE HOME SALES KELLEN’S HOBART FLOWERS Student Index Aclamick, Michael 107 Adams. Darlene 1 19 ■Adams, Rwkv 1 13 •Alsman, l.loyd 91 . miotle, Renila91 .Anderson. Sandra 1 19 •Andres, Gars 107 .Anthony, Wayne 107 Anton. Denise 38, 39, 40, 90. 91 Ard. Darlene 91 Ard, Delores 107 Arflack, Norman 107 Argyelan. Mark 119, 120 .Arington. Chester 91, 104 .Ash. Roger 1 13 ■Ashby, Denise 54, 55, 107 .Austin. Robert 50, 112, 113 Ball. Alan 1 19 Ballard, l.orraine 119 Ballard. Lynn 33, 91 Ballard. Ruth 107 Ballard, Teresa 107, 1 13 Bannister. Jean 31, .38, 54, 55, 91 Barbknecht. Ray 60. 61,91 Barnes, David 1 13 Barnes, Marilyn 1 19 Barringer. Don 91 Bartolone. Lucinda 107 Batista, Glen 63, 118, 119 Bazin, Cynthia 42, 107 Bean. Don 1 13 Beattie, Richard 92 Bell, Linda 107 Bell. Marcia 1 13 Bell, Patricia 1 13 Bellar, Laura 54. 113 Belt, Debra 1 19 Belt. Garrett 92 Bennell, Jim 55, 92, 94 Beres. Debbie 1 19 Berger, Tom 38, 119, 122 Bianco. Jo .Ann 107 Bianco, Joe 92 Bianco, Teresa 1 19 Bickett. James 1 13 Bickett, Martin 107 Bildilli. Denise 1 13 Binkley, David .50. 119 Binko, Paulette 92 Bingham. .Anthony 1 13 Bingham, Kenneth 62, 113 Blackburn. Janet 42, 107 Blackburn, Judy 1 19 Blair, James 107 Blatz, Jeffrey 92 Blossom, Bill 1 19 Blossom, John 107 Blystone, Georgette 119 Blystone, Mikki 16, 17, 38, 57, 92 Bobrovvski, Christine 92 Bobrowski, Donna 1 13 Bobrossski, Patricia 1 19 Bobross ' ski, Toni 38, 106, 107 Bolint, Rosanne 107 Bona, Michael 1 13 Boone, Patricia 33. 92 Bottila, Dennis 1 13 Bowen, Connie 1 13 Bowen. Greg 1 19 Bowen, Tecna 1 19 Branshaw, Lynn 113 Breckman, Pam 57, 93, 101 Breit, David 107 Broadw ay. Dale 55, 93 Brow n, .Annie 107 Brown, Steven 1 19 Brsant, Raymond 107 Bryant. Steve 107 Buchanan. Joan 1 19 Buchanan, Kenneth 107 Buchanan, Robert 113 Buchanan, Sherry 1 19 Bundy. Alice 1 19 Burdett. Mike 42, 50, 119 Busch, Debbie 107 Bushemi, Nannette42, 113 Butler, Tom 26, 112, 113 Butler. William 107 Butts, (Charlotte 1 13 Cambe, Sarah 93 (Campbell, Bonnie 18. 33, 38, 90, 91, 93 Campbell, Pamela 18, 40, 107, 118 C annon, Brenda 42, 119 (iannon, Timothy 1 19 Cargile, Terrance 113 Carlin. Jesse 93 C ' arr, Fred 1 19 (;arr, Gail 93 Carrigan, John 93 Charter, Joni 1 13 (barter, Susan 8, 57, 93, 144 Cates, Charles 50, 107 (;aton, Jonas 119 Chadw ick. Danny 54, 61, 107 Chadwick, Deborah 107 Chance, Steve 93 Chapman, Donna 113 Chapman, Sandra 107 Cheek, Connie 1 13 Cheek, Doris 107 Childers, .Alvin 1 19 (achow iaz, (;elene55, 107 Clawson, Janice 107 (;lay. Sue 119 Cleveland. Randy 119 Cobb, Charles 50, 107, 108 Cochran, Gary 50, 107 Coffman. Walter 119 Cole, Glenn 94 Coleman, Dale 113 C oleman, Robert 26, 61, 107 Coleman, Sherry 107 Collins, William 107 C. ' omstock, Kathleen 1 13 (Comstock, Mike 56, 94 (Comstock, Susan 1 19 (axik, Karon 1 13 Cloppinger, Jerry 118, 119 Coppinger, Sally 94 Corely, Mike 26, 38, 42, 61, 106, 107 Corely, Ron 62, 1 13 Courtnev, Del 18, 38, 57, 61, 62, 106, 107, 118. 144 Carvelli, Donnie 1 19 Cox, Darrell 107 Cox, Robin 1 19 Oabb, John 1 19 Crader, Laura 42. 94 Crader, Sandra 1 19 Cretton, David 94 Cromwell. Arleen 18, 38, 94 C. ' romwell, Jim 113 Cudney, Darrell 94 Cudney, Ted 11, 107 Cummings, Julie 1 13 Curtis, Karen 19, 31, 38, 40. 54, 55, 94, 103 (’urtis, Mike 1 13 Custin, Janice 1 19 O.illi, Loretta 107 Dahlstrom, Carol 33, 54, 94 Dailey, Patti 113 Dailey, Thomas 90, 95 D’Aloisio, Alfred 64, 119 Daniel, Anita 108 Darnell, Jeffrey 1 19 Darnell, Pam 54 Darosky, Barbara 55, 119 Darosky, Linda 40, 54, 56, 108, 1 1 1 Darrell, Bruce 108 Davis, Duane 95 Davis, Gwen 112, 113 Davis, John 42, 50, 120 Davis. William 108 DeHaven, Carla 1 13 Dellaven, Daniel 38, 54. 90. 95 Dennison, Sharon 108 Derado, Marian 42, 113 Derr, James 120 Dillard. Robin 95 Dillingham. Lawrence 108 Dixon, Ronald 63, 120 Dixon, Timothy 50, 60, 61, 90, 91, 95 Dobrowolski, Robert 120 Dobyns, Frank 1 13 Donah(K), Alan 120 Dooley, Bill 120 Douglas, Michael 62, 113 Dover. Sandra 120 Dowell, Cynthia 108 Dowell, Thomas 95 Dranchak. Diane 95 Dranchak, Patricia 108 Duies, Joy 108 Duncan, Debra 120 Dunn, Sandra 120 Dushane, Ricki 62, 113 Dwyer, Mark 62, 113 Eaton. Dennis 108 Eberhardt, Thomas 1 13 Eddy, M ichael 95 Edmaiston, Ray 8, 38, 60, 61, 95 Ellis, Dale 42, i20 Ellis, Melvin 120 Ennis, Ann Marie 120 Farley, Pat 42, 96 P ' arrar. John 112, 1 14 Fazekas, Danny 120 Fazekas, Linda 16, 17, 24, 38, 96 Feezko, Gary 120 Fernandez, Basil 38. 42, 112. 114 Filipas, Janna 120 Fisher, Judy 54, 1 14 Flannigan, Kathy 42. 96, 98 Flick, Gary 108 Flick, Paula 1 14 Flores, Kenny 63, 120 Flores, Mike 62, 108 Fallow , Alfred 120 Foster, Robert 96 Foster, Rodney 108 Frame, Jeffery 1 14 Franks, Randy 1 14 Frenel, Bonnie 120 Fritts, Diane 114 Cannon, Douglas 114 Gadzella, Mark 108 Gapinski, Leonard 42, 62, 106, 108 Garzella, F,llen 108 Garzella, Kathv 96 Garzella, Mark 63, 118, 120 Gasaway, Roxanne 120 Gaza, Jane 42, 1 14 Gaza, Steven 108 Gee, Margaret 120 George, Dennis 120 Getrich, Gloria 56, 96 Gibbons, Patricia 108 Gibson, Douglas 114 Gibson, Sylvia 108 Gilbert, Donna 108 Gilmore, Paul 120 Ginter, Brenda 108 Ginter, Dennis 108 Gish, Gail 1 14 Goggins, Ricky 1 14 Goldsmith, Randy 42, 96 Goldsmith, Rebecca 120 Goodwin, Diane 26, 42, 96 Goodwin, Susan 114 Goodreau, Kim 120 Goyda, Nicholas 114 Grant, Donald 96 Grant, James 34, 108 Grasham, Marilyn 114 Gray, Bill 108 Green, Clay 63, 120 Greer, Gary 108 Gregoratis, Angela 114 Gregory, Alexandria 42, 120 Gregoratis, Emily 97 Gregory, Michael 114 Grishka, Scott 120 Grishka, Steve 1 14 Grochowski, Millis 120 Groves, Carl 27, 1 14 Guess, David 108 Haas, Bill 38, 118, 120 Haas, Linda 108 Hack, Mary 1 14 Hack, Richard 120 Haddad, Stephanie 114 Haddad, Stephen 30, 95, 97 Hagan, Kav 32, 57, 97, 144 Hall, Kathy 28 Hamady, Elizabeth 108 Hammond, Henry 120 Hampton, Darrell 62, 114 Handley, Ken 50, 114 Handley, Marie 54. 55, 97, 101 Handley, Martin 121 Haney, Jackie 1 14 Harman, Carol 97, 101 Harman, Elizabeth 97 Harman, Harry 1 14 Harman, Nancy 120 Harman, Richard 108 Harness, Linda 38, 40 Hartley, Carol 26, 112, 114 Hartley. Cathy 38, 40, 97 Harwoexl, Paul 61, 108 Havard. David 121 Havins. Cynthia 114 Havrilesko, Ksther 42, 50, 54, 55, 97 Havrilesko, Marcia 114 Havrilesko, Roberta 38, 118, 124 Havrilla, Bob 31, 42, 55, 60. 98 Havrilla, Mary 42, 54, 114 Heflin, Darrel 121 Heims. MeUxly 1 12, 1 14 Held, Jeanne 108 Helmccy, Jim 114 Hemminger. Dale 108 Hendrickson, Sheila 98 Henke, Vickie 42, 121 Henninger, Larry 121 Hennings, Harry 63. 121 Henry, Deborah 121 Hieke, Audry 1 14 Higgins, Rolrert 114 Hiller, Randy 121 Hinkle, James 63, 121 Hoeflicker, Marilyn 108 Ho ffman, Jim 60, 61 Ibxlges, Rocky 114 Hodges, Tom 63, 121 llolquin. Hector 108 Holland. Karen 121 Holiday. Pam 121 Holman, James 1 14 Holman, Shelley 118, 121 Honkoski, Peggy 42, 115, 1 16 Hopkins. Melanie 38. 54, 112, 115 Hornyak, Johnna 6, 98 Hornyak, Peggy 121 Hoskins. Larry 108 Hoskins, Pamela 121 Hoskins. Steve 1 15 Hoskins, Stuart 109 Hoyt, Pamela 26, 54, 1 15 Hreha, Diane 33, 57, 98, 144 Huber, Judith 1 15 Hughes, Donna 121 Hughes. John 61, 109 Humenik, John 63 Humenik, Robert 121 Hunter, Kathry n 109 Hursey, Kelly 98 Hursey. Kevin 40, 121 Hursey. Robin 42, 1 15 Ingram, (iary 38, 39, 42, 60. 61, 98 Jacobson, Diane 121 Jackson. Ronnie 61, 109 Jakich. Bob 1 15 Janusch. Paul 109 Jestes, Ronald 98 Jestes, Rosemary 109 Joffre, Miriam 42, 1 1.5 Johnson, Obra 121 Johnson, Dale 42, 61, 106, 109 Johnson, David 60, 61. 90. 91. 98 Johnson. Dennis 109 Johnson. Kenton .38, 40, .5.5, 98 Johnson, Myrna57, 98, 99 Joy, C;harles 1 15 Kadish. Richard 39, 60, 61, 99, 102 Kapica, Chester 109 Karner, Deborah 121 Karner, Herlrert 27, 109 Kary , Patricia 54, 109 Kennan, Bette 1 15 Kent. Camden 121 Kingery , Judy 1 15 Kingery , Karen 121 Kinsey , Jeff 109 Kirby, Judy 1 15 Kirby, Susan 1 15 Knox. Donald 121 Kolakoski, Greg 1 15 Kolopanis, Larry 99 Kolosci, Joseph 1 15 Korpak, Mary 42, 109 Korpak, Nina 57, 99, 144 Kosinski, Tim 99 Kosinski, Valerie 1 1.5 Kozaitis. Ken 121 Kozion, James 121 Kraynak, Michael 121 Kraynak, Teresa 109 Krone, James 121 Krone, Kevin 109 Kuhn, Denise 1 15 Kurpis, Bol)9(). 99. 101 Kiirtis. Jack 109 l.abadic. Thoma.s 1 15 l.amlx-rt. Jimmy 62, 109 Lancajiter, Barbara 1 15 l.aiulnim. kennctli 1 15 Langford, ( arol lOf) Larimorc, .Sherril 42, 54, 1 1.5 La.sh. Debbie 1 15 Lash, John 109 Law, Donna 109 Lawhead, Deborah 109 Lawhead, Dennis 62, 1 15 Lawson. Thelmer 109 Lee, Terri 38. 118. 121 Lelloskey, Mike 50. 99 Lehto, Lori 18, 38, 40, 42, ,56, 109, 1 1 1, 1 18 Lerch, , lan 99 l.erch. William 99. 1 15 Lewandowski, Tom 109 Lewis. Gary 1 1, 109 Lewis, Kay 99 Lindsey, Roger 1 15 Lindsey. Sandra 121 Little. Dave 62, 109 Littlefair, Robert 121 Littlefield, Tom 60. 61, HX) Long. Lii.5nn 121 Loving, Bonnie 121 Loving, John 121 Lnbeck, Mike 1 15 Lima, William 63, 121 Lundy . Tim 55. 61 Lyons. Linda 109 MalalMivic, Anka 121 Malabovic. Milka 1 15 Manns. Ingrid 121 Manntta, Lynnette 121 Mardis. .Alice 109 Marlatt, Elaine 109 Martin. Arthur 17, 61, 1(X) Martin. Crystal 42, 121 Marlin, Delxnah 109 Martin, Jeff 62, 1 15 Martineze. Debbie 121 Mayoch, Natalie 12, 13, 38, 51, 106, 109 Mayoch, Tom 12, .50. 121 Maupin, Gary 62 Maza, RoJx ' rt 122 Mazur. .Anne Marie 122 McDaniel. Cademan 1 15 McDaniel. Marilyn 1 15 McDaniel, Wanda 122 McDonald, Gary 100 McLaughlin, Kathleen 112 McLoughlin. Robert 122 MeWhirter, Bill .34, 62 Medow, Mac HX) Meister, Frances?, 57, 144 Mendelson, Julius 19, 38, 39. 90, 100 Mendez, Edward 62, 1 15 Mendez, Esther 109 Mereier, Danny 1(X) Mercier, Diane 100 Mereier, Doris 122 Millender, Don 1 15 Miller, Carolyn 1 15 Miller, Dave I (X) Miller, Delores 100 Miller, Elizabeth 122 Miller, Monty 62, 1 15 Miller, Sarah 42, 1 15 Miranda, Vera 122 Mischan. Terry 55, 1(X) Mitisin. John 61, HX) Mize. Michelle 1 15 Mojica. lli(X)lito 1 15 Mojica, Nancy 42. .55, 122 Momola, Eddie 109 Moore, Bettie 1 12. 1 15 M(x re, Glenn 62, 1 15 M(X)rc, Mehxly HX) M(X)re. Terry 122 Moreau, Maureen 122 Morrill, LaEonda42, 118, 122 Mosier. Kitten 16. 38. 40, .54. .5,5. 101 Mucha, John .38, 6;3, 118, 122 Mucha, Katherine 18, .33. 106, HX). 118 Muld(x n, I’atti HX) Mundy, Larry 101 Murray , Michael 63, 122 Myers, Janice 101 Naglosky. Paul 62. 109 Napier, Donald 62 Napier, Katie I 15 Ncagu, Joyce 40, 109 Neal. Richard 101 Newsiitn. Kenneth 115 Nicoles, Cdirisline 101. 104 Nicholson, Mickey 11, 122 Nicholson, Orville 109 Ni.son, C:harles6L 122 Nixon, Nancy 109 Noll, Larry HX) Norman, Andrew ,50, 1 15 Novokovic, J oann 122 Novakovich. Nick 1 16 O ' Daniel, Jerry 122 Odar, Roxanne 122 Odinsoff. Peter 6.3, 122 Olson, Archie 62, 116 Oresik, Mark 62, B3, 109 Oresik, Matthew 62, 122 O Rourke, Frances 122 Overbay. Debbie 42, 1 16 Owens, Nancy .38, 42. 90. 95, 101 Owens, Tom 1 10 Pankey, Kathy 110 Parker, Barbara 122 Parker, Bill 122 Paterson, John 122 Paterson, Tom 38, 101 Paulk, Kathy 40, 42, ,54. 5,5, .56, 101 Paxton, Betty 1 10 Paxton, Toni 62, 63, 122 Pennrx ' k, Betty 116 PcnntK ' k, Diane 122 Perez, Kim 101 Perrine, Mike 102 Petro, Thomas 62, 1 10 Picka, Rick 63, 122 Pierce, Kaplan 1 16 Pierce, Pat 102 Pilnrx’k, Kathy 122 Pilnex ' k, Mike 102 Potts, Denise 122 Potts, Pamela 18, 19, 42, 55, 56, 110, 118 Powell, Debby 38, 102 Pozdol, John 1 10 Pronze, Diane 106, 110 Rafferty, Mike 50, 116 Rafferty, Tamra55, 110 Rambo, Ronnie 38, 42, 64, 112, 116 Ramsay, Judy 16, 40, 57, 102, 144 Rappatta, Fayellen 1 12, 1 16 Ratcliff, Wayne 62, 63, 122 Ratcliff, Vicki 102 Reams, Vicki 18. 38, 106, 1 10. 1 18 Reatherford, Charles 63, 122 Relx’ck. Pdizabeth 1 16 Rebeck. Susan 102 Reed. William 1 10 Redar, David 116 Remalev, Debbie 122 Renn, Bill 116, 120 Renn, Kennel h 122 Rc-sezenko, Paul 1 10 Revers, Shirley 1 16 Revoir. Larry 1 16 Rey , Walter 1 16 Reynolds. Pamela 1 16 Rice, Leroy 122 Rich. Harold 110 Rilev, Gregorv 122 Ring, Bill ,38. 112, 116 Ring. Bob 61, 102 Robb, Douglas 12.3 Rex ' k, Brenda 42, 112, 116 Rock. John 54. 62, 1 18. 123 R(K ' k, Judy 1 10 R(xlrick. Nancy 102 Roe, Brenda 1 io Rogala, Mary .32, .38, .39. 90, 10:3 Rogers, Brenda 123 Rogers, Sue 163 Rosendaul, James 1 16 Rosser, Debra 7. 1 16 Rosser. Diana 106, 110 Rosser, Sandy 13, 17, 103 Rubino, Mike 61, 116 Rummell, Georgia 1 16 Sabody. Diane 1 10 Salain. Gary 64. 1 16 Sanders. Alvie 1 10 Scasny, Judy 42, 123 Scott, Dennis 1 16. 12,3 Scheuer. Charles 10, 19, 38, .39, 60, 61. 90. 163 Sears, (, ' laudia 1 16 Sears. Roger 1 1 6 Sebben, Donna 54, 55, 163 .Seballa. John 123 Sexton, Dennis 123 Shadrix, Bruce 63, 123 Shelton, Kathie 1 16 Shimel, Michelle 42, 116 Shimer, Raymond 116 Shroll, Shirley 1 16 Shudick. Rofx rt 42, 123 Shudick, Ruth 40, .56, 1 10 Silverthorne, Debbie 1 10 Sinks, Betty .38, 1 16 Sinks, Bonnie 8, 38, 40, 56, 103 Sistanich, Marguette 1 10 Smenyak, Deborah 38, 42, 54, 55, 106, 1 10 Sthith. Cathy 1 16 Smith, Dennis 51, 1 16 Smith, Nancy 1 16 Smith. Robert 123 Smith, Samuel 1 10 Snawder, Winifred 1 16 Sohovich, Michael 64, 116 Sohovich. Richard 109, 1 10 Soria, Lupe 123 .Soria, Ruben 18,57, 64, 106, 110, 118, 144 Spain, Carl 63, 123 Spencer, Michael .54, 64, 1 10 Spencer, Richard 63, 123 Spencer. Sally 1 10 Stacy, Glenn 110 Stearns, James 123 Steen, Donna 38, 42, 112, 116 Steen, William 64, 110 Stevens, Bill 1 17 Turner, Diane 1 17 Whitledge, Charlene 1 1 1 Stevers, Donna 51, 103 Turner, Ralph 104 Whitledge, Darrell 111 Stimson, Steve 62, 1 17 Twilla, Douglas 1 17 Widmer, Theresa 42, 123 Stokes, David 1 17 Twilla, Michael 1 17 Wierzba, Debbie 18, 40, 106, 109, 111, 118 Stokes, Dewayne 1 10 Uhls, Thomas 1 1 1 Wij nall. Melodee 111 Stough, Jenny 1 10 Urbanik, Joc62, 109, 111 Wilkins, James 1 17 Sunberg, Karen 42, 123 Urbanik, Tom 55, 104 Williams, Carroll 64 Svetanoff, Michael 50, 57, 61, 110, 114 Vanderlin, Sallv 112, 117 Williams, Janice 50, 117 Svetanoff, Trudi 38, 123 V ' aughn, Debbie 40, 164 Williams, Leonard 18, 50, 111, 118 Swallow, Ann 38, 90, 103 Vaughn, Mary 117 Williams, Martha 123 Swallow, Charles 62, 1 17 V ' iar, Gary 1 17 Williams, Pam 1 17 Swider, David 123 Vogen, William 1 1 1 Williamson, David 104 Swider, Shirlev 1 10 V ' rska, Mary 117, 123 Willis, Cynthia 1 17 Szostek, Garv63, 118, 123 Vujakovic, .Milicia 117 Willis. Dennis 55, 104 Szostek, Keith 117 Waggle, Bill 38, 50, 60, 61, 104 Willis, John 123 Szostek, Randv 1 1 1 Waggle, Cheryl 106, 111 Willis, Noel Leon 123 Szyballa, Kathy 123 Waggle, Pamela 123 Willoughby, Morris 123 Tarnowski, Ronald 117 VV ' ahIman, Mark 123 Wilson. Donald 42 Tarnowski, Sharon 18, 111, 118 Wahlsmith, Regina 117 Wilson, Rickv 111, 117 Taylor, Bonnie 123 Waiczak. Denise 117 W ' ineinger, Emmalou 112, 117 Templeton, Rollie 123 Watkins, Neal 117 Wineland, Robert 120 Tetarchik, Marilyn 39, 56 Watkins, Terry 39, 56 Witka, Daniel 61, 62, 1 1 1 Thorne, Charles 1 1 1 Watson, David 117 Witka, Pat 31, 54, 61, 90. 104 Thorne, Roberta 18. 56, 57, 90. 103, 1 18, 138, VV ' atson, Richard 123 W ' olfe, Janet 40, 117 144 Watts, Sam 62, 111 W ' olfe, Jeffery 50. 64, 1 1 1 Todovich, Pete 42, 117 Wazolek, Denise 40, 1 1 1 Woodall, Sherrv 117 Tokash, Lynn 38, 118, 123 Weaver, Janie 98, 104 Wooten, Sherrv 101, 104 Tokash, Paula 38, 111 Wedge, Joann 1 17 Woynaroski, Robert 50 Tonetski, Donald 111 West, Larrv 123 Wrona, Sandv 105 Tucker, Dan 1 17 Whistler. Ike 123 Yanez, Luev 1 17 Travis. William 123 I ' rujillo, Yolanda 40, 1 1 1 White, Jerry 50, 117 Zellers, Debbie 117 Administration and Faculty Index Baker, Evelyn 34, 119 Hartley, Laverne34, 86 McKinnev, Marion 83 Baker, Willis 34, 62, 63 Hedstrom, Herb 30, 86 Millholland, Kathleen 88, 110 Barlowe, Philip 84 Hurst. James 86 Mireles, Sallv 88 Becking, John 26, 84, 1 19 Jana, Margaret, 31, 86 Norris, Louise 88 Bellessis, Pete 32 Johnson, James 86 Pohlman, Larrv 10, 61, 63, 88 Blake, Ron 64, 84, 114, 115 Klein, Kenneth 61, 87 Rov, Patricia 88 Bodnar, Joseph 84 Koontz, Buck 83 Smith, Sam 30, 88 Brady, Marjorie 85 Kunkle, Nancie83 Vanderlin, Elinor 83 Brinkley, Rebecca 85 Loscaro, Joseph 83 Vlasci, Jern’ 21, 61, 62, 89, 97 Szelme, Silvija 21, 85 Levenda, Larr ' 87 VV ' ebdel, Lerov 89 Floyd, Iran 15, 85 Long, Greg 87 W ' hitbv, Harrv 89 Fritz, Steve 85 Marcinek, Russ 87 Wood, Archie 89 Gaza, Steve 85 Martin, Helen 83 Woodworth, Edith 83 Gleason, Bonnie 82 Martin. Richard 87 Woolsev, William 89 Hartley, Hazel 32, 86 McClanahan, Dean 20, 87 1969 Edisonian Staff Receives Final Acknowledgment EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Prances Meister ASSISTANT EDITOR Roberta Thorne COP STAFF Pam Breckman Sue Charter Kay Hagan Diana Hreha SPORTS EDITOR Ruben Soria SPORTS STAFF Del Courtney Mike Svetanoff CIRCULATION STAFF Kay Hagan Nina Korpak Pam Breckman ADVERTISING STAFF Judy Ramsay Nikki Blystone Nina Korpak Sue C ' arter PICTURE SCHEDULING Nikki Blystone Kay Hagan ADVTSOR Philip C. Barlowe AMERICAN YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVE Bart Murphy EDISONIAN STAFF. SITTING, L TO R: Sue Carter, Bobbi Thorne, INC: Fran Meister, Diana Hreha, Mike Svetanoff, Del Courtney Pam Kay Hagan, Myrna Johnson, Nina Korpak, Judy Ramsay. STAND- Breckman, Ruben Soria. 144 I ■.tr tv- I • ' , •• ,f . .t-l v I.-. •.■•-. f.- V tv. .... .,.- l-l‘ ; ' j i I i I • -• •f. • ‘ r .y. :r -■-•I .-•■ir t k. ' .- .- V- - ’ jr ■■ .. 3 ■ %

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