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THE EDiSONIAN Published By Edisonian Staff EDITOR PRODUCTION MGR BUSINESS MGR . . . SECTION EDITORS ACTIVITIES ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS ADVISOR . Deb Odar Linda Paulk . . Lynn Mattingly . . - Anita Mascher Brenda Resczenko . . . Grace Gaddis .... Wendy Lee . . . .C. R. Reames .... Jack Barath East Gary Edison East Gary, Indiana I 3 3113 03113 6452 Foreword The year 1 967-1 968 has seen many new changes, both expected and unexpected. It has laid the groundwork for a progressive change in Edison Senior High School. Many new faces were seen in the faculty and student body, but perhaps the biggest change was that of our new principal, Mr. Ryska. For the Seniors, there have been many " moments to remember. " The past four years have brought memories of some of the most treasured times of our lives. These years have set the foundation for the lives we will lead as men and women of tomorrow. Sincerely, Deb Odar Editor Table Of Contents 3 As you glance through your yearbook, the staff hopes you will be left with this thought . . . The year of 1968 had many moments worth remembering . . . This is the theme we have attempted to carry out and the following song will help to bring this idea to mind . . . CLASS FLOWER . . . red rose CLASS COLORS . . blue and white MOTTO . . . KNOWLEDGE COMES, BUT WISDOM LINGERS! 4 “Moments To Remember” Our Freshman year, it seemed so long. The first time we had sung our old school song. Our Sophomore year, we had such fun, At games we yelled for old Edison. Our Junior year, we were busy, With the prom being so very near, The laughter and soft music Of Bali Hai, I ' ll always hear. We re Seniors now, there ' s not many days. Until we ll be gone our separate ways. Though, summer turns to winter And the present disappears The laughter we were glad to share Will echo through the years. . . . We will have these moments to remember . 5 DM I CULTY NISTRATION Board President William Ellis Member Wiliam E. Long Secretary Pete Chapas MR. HADDAD Elementary Curriculum Coordinator MR. BURDETT Attendance Officer MRS. BECKING Clerk MRS. COURTNEY Secretary-Bookkeeper MRS. ANDERSON Secretary Mr. Wayne Ryska, Principal Thank you, students of Edison High School, for making my first year as principal a success. The cooper- ation you have given the faculty and staff further strengthened the success of this past year. It makes one feel humble, but proud, to be associated with such a group of students as those here at this high school. With the type of ambition and desire expressed by the senior class, these qualities will help them to achieve any endeavors they might seek out in later life. If their past is any indication of their future, this class should be most successful. The staff would also like to extend their congratulations to the seniors for their achievements and accomplishments the past four years. TO THE SENIORS MAY I LEAVE THESE THOUGHTS FROM AN OLD ENGLISH PRAYER. " Take time to Work Take time to Think Take time to Read Take time to Play . . . . Take time to be Friendly Take time to Dream Take time to Love and be Loved Take time to Look Around it is the secret of success . - it is the source of power ... it is the foundation of wisdom . it is the secret of perpetual youth it is the road to happiness it is hitching your wagon to a star .... it is the privilege of the gods it is too short a day to be selfish. " GOOD LUCK AND MUCH SUCCESS TO THE SENIOR CLASS ELEANOR VANDERLIN — Clerk, Secretary MARGARET POLK — Guidance Secretary | | MR. FLOYD Athletic Director MR. KOONTZ Custodion JOSEPH J. BODNAR, JR. Ball State U. Health Safety ART HARTLEY - Ball State U. Industrial Arts MARTHA WRIGHT - Purdue U. Librarian JACK BARATH Ball State U. Business 1 3 LINDY BETANCOURT Ball State U. Industrial Arts RONALD BLAKE Mathematics Valpo U. WILLIAM WOOLSEY Social Studies Indiana U. JOSEPH LOSCARO Social Studies Indiana U. JOHN BECKING Mathematics U. of Evansville JAMES G. JOHNSON SALLY MIRELES Science Spanish — English 1 4 Muskingum College Purdue U. PATRICIA ROY Physical Education Ball State U. LAWRENCE V. LEVENDA English Lewis College KENNETH KLEIN Industrial Arts Indiana State U. STEVE GAZA Mathematics Duquesne U. RUSSELL MARCINEK Soc. Phy. St. Josephs College DEAN McCLANAHAN Business N.E. Missouri St. College 15 HAZEL M. HARTLEY Business Boll State U. LOUISE NORRIS Latin Cen tral Normal College ROME JAMES F. HURST Social Studies Purdue U. MARJORIE BRADY Business Illinois State U. CAROLYN HARDEBECK French Indiana State U. JOHN ASKWITH Art Wayne State U. 16 HERBERT HEDSTROM Band — U. of Iowa U. of Arkansas NORMAN DAVIS Physical Education Arizona State JERRIANNE EDRALIN English Ball State EVELYN BAKER English Fairmont State College STEPHAN M. FRITZ Business Ball State WILLIS R. BAKER Science Alderson Broaddus College 17 LARRY POHLMAN — Western New Mexico U. Industrial Arts MARGARET A. JANA Indiana State U. Choir RICHARD H. MARTIN David Lipscomb College I 8 Health Safety REBECCA BRINKLEY — Indiana State U. Home Economics HARRY WHITBY Northwestern U. English LeROY J. WEBDELL Ball State U. Science ARCHIE L. WOOD Purdue U. Math TRUE LOVE AT E.H.S. I’ll put this with the rest of your papers That ' s 9 out of 1 0! I ' ll give you ALOHA! FIRE? Duh-h-h-h-h Censored! Now waif a minute LASSES 1968 — the year which ends our high school ca- reers. This is the year we have looked frward to since our freshman year — 1 964. Our class officers for this last year were Wendy Lee, President; Lynn Matting- ly, Vice-President; Rita Alvarado, Secretary; and Sharon Sodomka, Treasurer. As Seniors we have the past to remember and the future to anticipate. Memories of our Frehsman ini- tiation, our Sophomore spirit week, our Junior Prom and our Senior Graduation will be everlasting. WENDY LEE, President LYNN MATTINGLY, Vice-President RITA ALVARADO, Secretary SHARON SODOMKA, Treasurer GREG MEEKS, Boy Representative WENDY HODGES, Girl Representative 22 LINDA ADAMIK " Pete " Drama Club Secretary, Treasurer, President; Student Council Vice-Pres.; Thespian Secretary-Treasurer,- G.A.A.; Historian; Pep Club; Honor Society Parli- mentarian; Frosh Choir; S.S.S. Latin Club; Junior, Senior Class Play; Junior Miss Pageant; Debating So- ciety; Bridge Club Secretary; F.T.A.; Physics Club. BARBARA DEAN ALLEN “Barb " G.A.A. Representative, President; Library Club Presi- dent; S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Frosh Choir,- Pe p Club; Student Council. TERRILL ANDERSON Terry " VICKI ANDERSON " Red " G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Choir; Girls Ensemble. 23 JAMES BONA " Poneil " Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; Reserve Base- ball; Reserve Basketball; Bridge Club Vice-President; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Drama Club; Boys In- tramurals. DAVID BORISENKO MIKE BERNIER MICHAEL N. ARGYELAN " M g " Choir president; Jan-Notes; Boys Quartet; Band; Dance Band; Football; Junior Varsity Baseball; Golf; Cross Country Manager; Wrestling; E-Men Club; F.T.A.; Spanish Club; Boys State; Jr. Class Play; Sr. Class Play. RODNEY BALL Choir; Jan-Notes; Boys Quartet; Boys Intramural Bowling; Reserve Basketball. CATHERINE BARAJAS “Cathy " Spanish Club; Modern Foreign Language Club; S.S.S. DENNIS BRECHNER " Dimples " Freshman Track; Art Club; Loyalty Committee. DEANNA BORISENKO " Boris " GAA.; Pep Club Vice-President; S.S.S.; Modern Foreign Language Club; Drama Club; Science Club; Choir, Janettes; Jan-Dozen; Jan-Notes; Girls Ensemble; Edison Hi-Lites Staff. ALLAN BOWEN " Al " Pep Club; Audio-Visual; Mixed Choir; Boys Choir. ROBERT BROWN " Chodney " E-Men Club; Pep Club; Re- serve Wrestling; Varsity Football; Intramural Bas- ketball captain. BARRY BRYANT " Barrance " Latin Club Secertary,- Bridge Club; Modern For- eign Language Club; Physics Club Secretary; Boy s State Alternate; Pep Club; Junier and Sen- ior Class Play; Drama Club. CHRISTINE CHRISTAKIS " Chris " G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club Representative. 25 MARY COCHRAN JAMES COTTEN " Jim " Varsity Track, Manager; E-Men Club. KERRY DALZOTTO Reserve Football; Wrestling; French Club; Band; Pep Band; Stage Band; Pep Club; Library Assistant. KARON DAVIS Representative Home Economics Club; S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Pep Club. CAROLINE CZILLI Latin Club; S.S.S.; Pep Club; G.A.A.; Choir; Sen- ior Class Play; F.T.A. MICHAEL CROMWELL ' Mike " Pep Club; Bridge Club; Physics Club; Treasurer French Club; Spanish Club; Drama Club. THOMAS DEEMER " Dino” GLORIA DERADO “Gog " Latin Club; Pep Club President; S.S.S.; G.A.A. Soph- omore Representative. PATRICE DWYER “Pat " G.A.A.; S.S.S. TOM ELLIS SHAIRY DILLARD GEORGIA DUMAS “George” Home Ec. Club; Choir; S.S.S. i ;A1 JUDY GAZA Spanish Club; S.S.S.; Pep Club; Physics Club; G.A.A.; Art Club Sec.; Honor Society; Student Council Treasurer; Edison Hi-Lites Society Editor; Girls State Rep. Loyalty Committee. MAURILLIS EMSWILLER ' Millie ' ' S.S.S., Junior Representative; Drama Club; Latin Club ; Spanish Club; Home Economics Club; Pep Club; Junior Class Play. GRACE GADDIS " Gigi " G.A.A.; French Club; Pep Club; S.S.S. — Soph. Rep- resentative, Vice President; Choir, Jan-Ettes, Jan Dozen, Jan-Notes, Girls Ensemble; Audio-Visual As- sistant; Edisonian Class Editor; Gorden ' s Board Rep. KENNETH GEORGE SHARON GOSSETT S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club. ELAINE SUE GROVES G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Spanish Club. WALTER HANDLEY " Foot ley " Boy ' s Intra-murals — Football and Basketball. LINDA HOEFFLICKER " Ho key " S.S.S.; Freshman Rep.; G.A.A.; Pep Club, Janettes. PAMELA HORNY AK " Pam " G.A.A.; Pep Club; Choir; S.S.S. 29 KARRON HUBER Drama Club; G.A.A. LENA HUMPHREY Pep Club; Home Economics Club; Archery Club; G.A.A.; S.S.S. ' ; Art Club. PAULETTE JACOB “Jake " G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Pep Club; L atin Club; Spanish Club; Varsity Cheerleader; Choir; Jan-Ettes; Jan-Notes. WILLIAM JENKINS “ Bill- Pep Club; Choir; Intramural Football. ED JOHNSON Golf; Intra-murals; Band; Track; Bridge Club; French Club; Chemistry Club; Pep Club. DONALD KADO “Don " Junior Class Play; Pep Club; Paper Staff Production Mgr. and Business Mgr.; A-V Assistant; Senior Class Play; Drama Club; Thespian Society; Student Coun- cil; Loyalty Committee; Edisonian Photographer; Art Club; Science Club; Bridge Club. HAROLD KINGERY “Flea” Bowling. LARRY KLUDT Pep Club; Jr. Varsity Baseball; Jr. Varsity Basketball- Intramural Champs JOE KOBYLINSKI “Koby " Spanish Club; Reserve Baseball. 31 NANCY ANN KORPAK G.A.A,; S.S.S.; Home Economics Club; Pep Club; Modern Foreign Language Club; Latin Club Vice President; Choir; F.T.A.; Student Council Secretary; Junior Class Play; Drama Club; Senior Class Play; Honor Society, Chemistry Club; Loyalty Committee. KAREN LEE KUZMA " Kay-Kay " ROBERT LEE LUNDY " Poppa ' ' Freshman Basketball,- Football; Student Council; Choir President,- Track; Pep Club; Jan-Notes; Boys ' Quartet, Swing Choir; Latin Club; P.E. Assistant. EUGENE R. MAR AH ' Genus ' ' Spanish Club; Jr. Class Play; Senior Class Play; Drama Club; Physics Club; Bridge Club President. WENDY LEE " Breezly " Latin Club, Latin Club Queen; S.S.S.; Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class President; Pep Club; Homecoming Court; Honor Society Treasurer, Student Council; AV As- sistant; Edisonian Staff; Debating Society. JANET LEWIS " No " Pep Club; S.S.S.; Choir ROBERT ALAN MARTIN ‘ Fuz Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Base- ball. STEVE MAST JR. " Wonder " Reserve Baseball; Pep Band; Dance Band; Band; Pep Club; Choir. LYNN JOSEPH MATTINGLY " Matt " Sophomore Class Judge; Choir Treasurer; Jan-Notes; Swing Choir; Senior Class Vice-President; Chemistry Club; Edisonian Staff; Pep Club; Golf Club; Spanish Club. 33 ANNA LOUISE MARDIS " Ann " Home Economics Club. LINDA ANN MARLATT G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Pep Club; French Club; Home Eco- nomics Club. ANITA MARIE MASCHER Spanish Club President; Student Council; Pep Club; Honor Society; S.S.S.; Girl ' s State Alter- nate; Edisonian Activities Editor; Jr. Miss — Miss Congeniality. JEFFREY MAVES Band; Pep Band; Band Vice-President; Pep Club; Sr. Class play. LINDA MARY McLOUGHLIN “Pretty Flowers " Choir; Latin Club; Modern Foreign Language Club; S.S.S.; Home Economics Club; G.A.A.; Pep Club. JOHN DAVID MITCHELL “Exclusive ' ' Bridge Club; Track Manager. ELIZABETH MIZE “Harold’’ F.T.A.; Archery Club; S.S.S.; Latin Club; Pep Club; Bridge Club; Jr. and Sr. Class Plays. BARBARA MOORE “Rabbit " S.S.S.; G.A.A. LA DONNA JO MORRILL “Donna " G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Pep Club; Latin Club; Pep Club Trea- surer; Homecoming Court. PATRICIA ANN MOSIER " Moe” G.A.A. Freshman Repre- sentative; G.A.A. Treasur- er; Drama Club; S.S.S.; Janettes; Sweetheart Court — Freshman Repre- sentative; Latin Club; Sophomore Class Treasur- er; J.V. Cheerleader; Jun- ior Class Vice-President; Varsity Cheerleader; Jan- Dozen ; President S.S.S.; F.T.A.; Senior Class Play; Jan-Notes; Homecoming Queen; D.A.R. Represent- ative; Modern Foreign Language Club; Captain of Cheerleaders. RONALD R. NICHOLSON MIRA NOVAKOVICH Pep Club; Art Club Vice-President; S.S.S.; Home Eco- nomics Club Secretary; G.A.A.; Bridge Club. ANGIE NOVKOVIC “Ang " S.S.S. Senior Representative; Home Economics Club; G.A.A.; Booster Club; Pep Club; Senior Class Play; Latin Club; Art Club. 35 DEBORAH RUTH ODAR " Deb " Freshman Class Treasurer; F.T.A. President and Trea- surer; Latin Club Treasurer; G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Pep Club; Art Club; Physics Club; Bridge Club; Home Econom- ics Club; Modern Foreign Language Club; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; Student Council; Loyal- ty Committee; Edisonian Editor. CONSTANCE OWENS " Connie " S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Choir; Junior Class Play; Drama Club; Home Economics Club Junior Representative; Pep Club; Science Club; F.T.A. Librarian; Art Club. JACQUELINE KAY PATTON " Jackie " G.A.A.; Pep Club. LINDA SUZANNE PAULK “ Suzanne " Home Economics Club; Latin Club; S.S.S.; Pep Club; G.A.A. Historian and Secretary; French Club; Bridge Club Vice- President and Treasurer; Drama Club; National Thespian Society; Choir; Jan-ettes; Jan-Dozen; Jan-Notes; Girls ' Ensem- ble; Modern Foreign Lan- guage Club President; Honor Society; F.T.A.; Junior Class Play; Assist- ant Director of Senior Class Play; Student Coun- cil Workshop — I.U.; Loy- alty Committee; Junior Miss Pageant; Edisonian Staff; Sweetheart Court; Student Council President. PEGGY PAXTON “Blondie " S.S.S. DEMETRIA PSAGRELLI Home Economics Club Treasurer; S.S.S. CYNTHIA LOUISE PSZONKA ‘ Eyes S.S.S.; Senior Class Play. LARISSA RAST “Lara” S.S.S.; French Club. C. R. REAMES “Rabbit " Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Wres- tling; Student Council Par- liamentarian; Pep Club; E-Men Club; Edisonian Sports Editor. PAMELA JEAN REMALEY S.S.S.; Archery Club; G.A.A.; Swing Choir. BRENDA RESCZENKO French Club President; Janettes; Swing Choir; Span- ish Club; S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Homecoming Court; Choir; Edisonian Staff; Pep Club; Student Council. BRENDA ANN RILEY “Pinky " Malone G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Choir; Pep Club. 3 7 JUDY ANN RYAN " Moses " Choir; Home Economics Club; Pep Club; S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Sweetheart Court. RICHARD A. RUBINO “Rube " Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football; Varsity Basket- ball Co-Captain; Pep Club; Spanish Club Sergeant-at-Arms; E-Men Club; A-V assistant. MARY LU RYAN Pep Club; Latin Club; Choir; Home Economics Club; S.S.S.; Home Economics Club Vice-President. RICHARD SAFSTROM IRENE ROGALA Pep Club; S.S.S.; Modern Foreign Language Club; Home Economics Club; G.A.A.; National Education- al Development Test Award; Bridge Club Board of Directors; Art Club President; Honor Society Presi- dent; Senior Class Play; Loyalty Committee; Girl ' s State Alternate; Junior Miss Scholastic Achievement Award; " It ' s Academic " ; Student Council; Spanish Club; Sweetheart Court. LINDA SUE ROSE S.S.S.; Home Economics Club. GLENN SANDERS Latin Club; Pep Club; Bridge Club; A-V Assistant. RUTH ALICE SCHMELZER “Schmeltz " S.S.S.; Pep Club, S.S.S. Sophomore Representative; Latin Club President; Loyalty Committee; Sopho- more Student Council Representative; Junior Class President; Girl s State; Jan-ettes; Jan-Dozen; Jan- notes; Modern Foreign Language Club; Physics Club Sergeant-at-Arms; President Thespian Society; Honor Society Secretary; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play; F.T.A.; " It ' s Academic " . ROXIE ANN SHADRIX “Rocky ' " Home Economics Club; Pep Club; Choir; Latin Club; Drama Club. BRUCE D. SHIMEL Band; Spanish Club. SHIRLEY SHIMER " Mouse " Pep Club; S.S.S.; Choir; Drama Club; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play Student Director; G.A.A.; Home Economics Club; Science Club; Art Club. BRAD SHOTTS “Chaun cy " Wrestling; Archery Club; Edison Hi-Lites Sports Edi- tor. 39 DAVID A. SILVERTHORN “Silv " Freshman Basketball; Reserve Track; Varsity Base- ball. JAMES DWIGHT SMITH PETE SOTAK Reserve Baseball; Pep Club; Reserve Wrestling. LINDA KAY SPRINGMAN G.A.A.; Spanish Club. PATTI SMITH “Pat " S.S.S.; Pep Club; Art Club; Home Economics Club President; French Club. SHARON ANNE SODOMKA French Club S.S.S.; Pep Club; Physics Club; Art Club Secretary; Edison Hi-Lites Club Editor; Sen- ior Class Treasurer. ELIZABETH RUTH STEELE ' Betsy " G.A.A.; G.A.A. Senior Representative; Archery Club. REBECCA ANN STEELE " Becky " G.A.A.; Pep Club; Modern Foreign Language Club. SUSAN SWALLOW " Suzie " Freshman Choir; Home Economics Club; S.S.S. ROGER LEE TODD ' ' Mole " Reserve Wrestling,- Varsity Football; Varsity Track; E-Men Club President; Pep Club; Senior Class Play; Student Council; A-V Assistant. MARGARET TODOSIJEVIC “Toc o” S.S.S.; Pep Club Secretary; G.A.A.; Home Economics Club; Art Club. 41 BILL SZWAJKOWSKI RALPH TRUJILLO " Co rtkie " Reserve Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Foot- ball; Spanish Club Treasurer; Modern Foreign Lan- guage Club President; Choir Vice-President; E-Men Secretary; F.T.A.; Student Council. DONALD UHLS Band President SOPHIA VUJAKOVIC “Soakie " Home Economics Club; S.S.S.; Library Assistant. MARGARET WAHLMAN “Margie” S.S.S.; Band; Choir; Pep Club; Jan-eens. PRISCILLA M. WEDGE " Priss " G.A.A.; S.S.S.; Pep Club. ALICE MARIE WILLIAMS “A!” S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Latin Club; Choir; Pep Club; Physics Club; Jan-dozen; Concert Choir; Drama Club. ARCHIE WINEINGER " Buster " Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Football; Mixed Choir President; E-Men Treasurer; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; Art Club; Student Coun- cil. CATHY ELAINE WINKLES “ Twinkle Pig " S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Art Club Treasurer; Pep Club. CARLOS R. YANEZ " Yaky " Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; E-Men Club; Choir; Pep Club; Archery Club; Science Club; Span- ish Club; Art Club. GARY ZERZA “Zerz " Reserve Track; Reserve Football; Pep Club; Art Club. JOSEPH ZINKOVICH " Zink " Latin Club; Drama Club; Pep Club; Modern Foreign Language Club; Bridge Club Secretary; Senior Class Play; Junior Class Play. 43 Government Day Officers MAYOR CITY ENGINEER CITY JUDGE CHIEF WATERWORKS. . . CITY ATTORNEY PLUMBING INSPECTOR . FIRE CHIEF CHIEF OF POLICE BUILDING INSPECTOR . . RADIO DISPATCHER UTILITY SUP ' T CITY CLERK ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR . COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE 1st DISTRICT COUNCIL . . 2nd DISTRICT COUNCIL . 3rd DISTRICT COUNCIL . 4th DISTRICT COUNCIL . . . . .C. R. Reames Brad Shotts . . . Joe Zinkovich . . . .Carlos Yanez Roger Todd Bill Jenkins Rich Rubino . . . . Greg Meeks Liz Mize . . Ruth Schmelzer Jim Bona . . . . Irene Rogala Joe Haas Linda McLoughlin Pat Mosier . .Dennis Brechner . Buster Wineinger Deanna Borisenko ■ East Gary TROPHY WINNERS: (L-R) Merry Galovic, Miss Physical Fitness; Michelle Joganic, Miss Talent; Irene Rogala, Miss Scholastic; Anita Mascher, Miss Congeniality. Junior Left-Right- Linda Adamik, Michelle Joganic, Merry Galovic, Ruth Schmelzer, Anita Mascher, Pat Mosier, Linda Hoefflicker. Not seen: Linda Paulk, Irene Rogala. Ruth Schmelzer, East Gary ' s 1968 Junior Miss. Miss 45 Senior MOST HUMOROUS: Sandy Inzerillo and Bob Brown 46 MOST MUSICAL: Ruth Schmelzer and Mike Argyelan MOST DEPENDABLE: Well . . . BEST DANCERS: Brenda Resczenko and Ralph Trujillo BEST DRESSED: Grace Gaddis and Lynn Mattingly Sovereignty MOST ATHLETIC: Rich Rubino and Betsy Steele BEST PERSONALITY: Wendy Hodges and Barry Bryant MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Irene Rogala and Gene Marah SCHOOL SPIRIT: Roger Todd and Pat Mosier MOST SINCERE: Sharon Sodomka and Carlos Yanez MOST DEPENDABLE: Linda Paulk and Don Kado (Well, it ' s about time!!!) 47 The leaders of the class of ' 69 for their all-important Junior Year were: Ray Edmaiston, President; Dan DeHaven, Vice President; Chuck Schuer, Secretary; and Dave Johnson, Treasurer. The activity met with the great- est anticipation was the planning and production of the Junior Prom. Second, only to this, was the selec- tion of the traditional class rings. CHUCK SCHUER, Secretory DAVE JOHNSON, Treasurer KAREN CURTIS, Girl Representative LARRY MUNDY, Boy Representative Class Of ’69 48 1 .e£ ' S I Alsman, Lloyd Anton, Denise Ard, Darlene Arlngton, Chester Bacon, Alan Ballard, Lynn Bannister, Frances Barbknecht, Roy Barringer, Don Beattie, Richard Belt, Garrett Bennell, Jim Bianco, Joe Bmko, Paulette Blatz, Jeffrey Blystone, Nikki Bobrowski, Christine Boone, Patricia Breckman, Pam Broadway, Dale Burks, Ronald Cambe, Sarah Campbell, Bonnie Carlin, Jesse ' Ik Carnegie, Cynthia Carr, Gail Corrigan, John Carter, Susie Chance, Steve Clawson, Cathryn Cole, Glenn Comstock, Mike Crader, Laura Cromwell, Arleen Cudney, Darrell Curtis, Karen 49 D ' Aloisio, Larry Dahlstrom, Carol Dailey, Thomas Davis, Duane DeHaven, Daniel Dillard, Robin Dixon, Timothy Dover, James Dowell, Thomas Dranchak, Diane Early, David Eddy, Michael Edmaiston, Ray Farley, Pat Fazekas, Linda Flannigan, Kathy Foster, Robert Foster, Terry Frencl, Robert Garzella, Kathy Getrich, Gloria Gibson, Bruce Goldsmith, Randy Goodpaster, Allen Goodwin, Diana Grant, Don Gregoratos, Emily Gutierrez, Adela Gwilt, Dawn Haddad, Stephen Hagan, Kay Handley, Marie Harmon, Carol Harmon, Elizqbeth Harness, Linda Hartley, Cathy Havrilesko, Esther Hovrilla, Bob Hendrickson, Sheila Hreha, Diane Hill, Wayne Hoffman, Jim Hornyak, Johnna Hursey, Kevin Ingram, Gary Johnson, David Johnson, Kenton Johnson, Myrna Kadish, Richard Kolopqnis, Larry Korpak, Nina Kosinski, Tim Kurpis, Bob Lehoskey, Mike Lerch, Alan Lewis, Kay Littlefield, Tom Malobovic, Karl Martin, Arthur McDonald, Gary McWhirter, Bill Medow, Mac Mendelsohn, Julius Meister, Frances Mercier, Danny Mercier, Diane Miller, David Miller, Dolores Mischan, Terry Mosier, Maureen Mundy, Larry Myers, Janice 51 Napier, Sue Neal, Richard Nicoles, Christine Owens, Nancy Parkhurst, Terry Paterson, Tom Perez, Kim Perrine, Mike Pierce, Pat Pilnock, Mike Powell, Debby Ramsay, Judy Ratliff, Vicki Rebeck, Susan Ring, Bob Rodrick, Nancy Rogala, Mary Rosser, Sandy Scheuer, Charles Sebben, Donna Sinks, Bonnie Smith, Debra Smith, Sandy Steinmetz, Karen Stevers, Donna Swallow, Ann Tetarchik, Marilyn Thorne, Roberta Turner, Ralph Urbanik, Tom Vale, Linda Vaughn, Linda Waggle, Bill Watkins, Terry Weaver, Janie Williamson, David Camera Shy Juniors: Renita Amoitte, Sally Coppinger, David Cretton, Michael Eads, Charlene Harker, and Tony Kolosci. RUBIN SORIA, President PAM CAMPBELL, Vice President KATHY MUCHA, Treasurer LORI LEHTO, Secretary Class Of 70 DALE JOHNSON, Boy Representative MELODEE WIGNALL, Girl Representative The Sophomores, expecting to be veterans in the field of changing classes and curriculum, returned to find a new administration and along with this a new policy in regard to all school activities. Quickly ad- justing, the Sophomores were soon back in the swing of things. Chosen as leaders for their important second year were-. Rubin Soria, President; Pam Campbell, Vice President; Kathy Mucha, Treasurer, and Lori Lehto, Secretary. 54 Anderson, Dole Anderson, Raymond Andres, Gary Anthony, Wayne Ard, Delores Arflack, Norman Ashby, Denise Baimakovich, Kris Ballard, Ruth Bazin, Cynthia Bell, Lindo Bianco, Jo Ann Bickett, Martin Blackburn, Janet Blair, James Blossom, John Bobrowski, Toni Bolint, Rosan Bowen, Geraldine Breit, David Brown, Annie Bryant, Chuck Bryant, Steve Buchanan, Kenneth Busch, Debra Butler, William Campbell, Pam Carter, William Cates, Charles Chadwick, Danny Chadwick, Debbie Chapman, Sandra Cheek, Doris Cheneler, Shelia Cichowlaz, Celene Clawson, Janice 55 Cobb, Danny Cochran, Gary Coleman, Robert Coleman, Sherry Collins, Terry Corley, Mike Courtney, Del Cudney, Ted Czilli, Loretta Daniel, Anita Darosky, Linda Darrell, Bruce Davis, William Dennison, Sharon Dillingham, Larry Dowell, Cynthia Dranchak, Pat Duies, Joy Eaton, Dennis Eberhardt, Pamela Ehrenfeld, Diana Flick, Gary Flores, Mike Foster, Rodney Gadzala, Mark Garzella, Ellen Gaza, Steven Gibbons, Pat Gibson, Sylvia Gilbert, Donna Ginter, Dennis Grant, James Gray, Billy Greer, Gary Greer, Jim Guess, David ■ Haas, Linda Hall, Kathleen Hamady, Elizabeth Hargrove, Austin Harman, Richard Harwood, Paul Held, Jeanne Hemminger, Dale Hoefflicker, Marilyn Holquin, Hector Hoskins, Larry Hoskins, Stuart Hughes, John Hunter, Kathryn Jackson, Mary Jackson, Ronnie Janusch, Paul Johnson, Dale Johnson, Dennis Kapica, Chester Karner, Herbie Kary, Patricia Kent, Andrea Kinsey, Jeff Kirby, Judy Carol Korpak, Mory Kraynak, Teresa Krone, Keven Kurtis, Jack Lambert, Jimmy Langford, Carol Lash, John Law, Donna Lawhead, Deborah Lawson, Lonnie Lawson, Thelmer ■ 57 10 Lehto, Lori Lundy, Tim Mordis, Alice Marlatt, Elaine Martin, Deborah Maupin, Gary Mayoch, Natalie McWhirter, Roger Mendez, Esther Mitrisin, John Momola, Eddie Monacy, Lita Moore, Mellody Mucha, Katherine Naglosky, Paul Napier, Donald Neagu, Joyce Nicholson, Orville Nixon, Nancy Noll, Larry Novokovic, Rotco Oresik, Mark Owens, Tom Pankey, Kathy Paulk, Kathy Paxton, Betty Petro, Thomas Potts, Pamela Pozdol, John Pronze, Diane Rafferty, Tamra Reames, Vicki Reed, William Resczenko, Paul Richardson, Max Riley, Linda Rock, Judy Roe, Brenda Ross, Benny Rosser, Diane Witko, Dan Sanders, Alvie Seors, Roger Silverthorn, Debbie Sistanich, Marquette Smenyak, Deborah Smith, Samuel Snawder, Robert Sohovich, Richard Soria, Ruben Spencer, Michael Spencer, Sally Stacy, Glenn Steen, William Stokes, Dewayne Stough, Jenny Svetanoff , Michael Swider, Shirley Szostek, Randy Tarnowski, Sharon Thorne, Charles Tokash, Paula Tonetski, Donald Tucker, Roy Uhls, Thomas Urbanik, Joe Waggle, Cheryl Watts, Harry Weber, Paula Whitledge, Darrell Whitledge, Joy Wierzba, Debbie Wignall, Melodee Williams, Leonard Willis, Noel Wilson, Paula Wolfe, Jeffery Wazolek, Denise Not Pictured ■ E. Amiotte, D. Cox, C. Davis, J. French B. Humphrey, K. Gorzo, C. Keenan, G. Lewis, D. Little, R. Shudick, and W. Vogen. eg Class Of 71 The two-hundred four Freshmen have survived the confusion of lockers, changing classes and association with the upperclass- men. Upon arrival, the Freshmen found the school bustling with activities. The Fresh- men Sock Hop and Spirit Week were met with the most enthusiasm. The results of the class elections, held early in the year, were: Kathy McLaughlin, President; Brenda Rock, Vice-President; Mary Havrilla, Secretary, and Melanie Hopkins, Treasurer. KATHY McLAUGHLIN, President BRENDA ROCK, Vice-President MARY HAVRILLA, Secretary MELANIE HOPKINS, Treasurer 60 GEORGIA WIREMAN, Girl Representative JEFF MARTIN, Boy Representative Adamik, Michael Adams, Rocky Anderson, Clair Arnold, Al Ash, Roger Austin, Robert Bollard, Teresa Barnes, David Bell, Marcia Bell, Patricia Bellar, Laura Bickett, James Bildilli, Denise Bingham, Anthony Bingham, Kenneth Bobrowski, Donna Bona, Michael Botilla, Dennis Bowen, Conni Branshaw, Lynn Bushemi, Nannette Butler, Tom Butts, Charlotte Cargile, Terrance Carter, Joni Chapman, Donna Cheek, Connie Coleman, Dale Comstock, Kathleen Cook, Karen Corley, Ron Cromwell, Jim Cummings, Julie Curtis, Mike Dailey, Patti Darnell, Pam DeHaven, Carla Derado, Marian Disney, Thomas Dobyns, Frank Douglas, Michael Dwyer, Mark 61 Eberhardt, Thomas Emmart, Richard Fernandez, Basil Fisher, Judy Flick, Paula Frame, Jeffrey Fritts, Diane Gannon, Douglas Gaza, Jane George, Ron Gibson, Douglas Gish, Gail Goggins, Ricky Goodpaster, Deborah Goodwin, Susan Goyda, Nicholas Gregoratos, Anglea Gregory, Michael Grishka, Steve Hack, Mary Haddad, Stephanie Hampton, Darrell Handley, Kenneth Haney, Jackie Harman, Harry Hartley, Carol Havens, Cynthia Havrilesko, Marcia Havrilla, Mary Heims, Melody Helmecy, Jim Hieke, Audrey Higgins, Robert Hodges, Rocky Holman, Jim Holquin, Cesar Honkowski, Peggy Hopkins, Melanie Hoskins, Steve Hoyt, Pamela Hrin, Gina Huber, Judith 62 Hursey, Robin Jokich, Bob Joffre, Miriam Joy, Dennis Keen, Bob Keenan, Bette Kingery, Judy Kirby, Susan Kolakoski, Greg Kolosci, Joseph Kosinski, Valerie Kuhn, Denise Lobadie, Thomas Lancaster, Barbara Landrum, Kenneth Larimore, Sherril Lash, Debbie Lawhead, Dennis Lawrence, Robert Lerch, William Lindsey, Roger Lubeck, Mike Malobovic, Milka Martin, Jeff McDaniel, Coleman McDaniel, Marilyn McLaughlin, Kathleen Mendez, Edward Millender, Don Miller, Monty Miller, Sarah Mize, Michelle Mojica, Hipolito Moore, Bettie Moore, Glenn Napier, Kathy Newsum, Kenneth Norman, Andrew Novakovich, Nick Nush, Bonnie Olson, Archie Overbay, Debbie 63 Pennock, Betty Rafferty, Mike Rambo, Ronnie Rappatta, Fayellen Rebeck, Elizabeth Redar, David Renn, Bill Rey, Walter Reynolds, Pamela Revior, Larry Ring, Bill Rock, Brenda Rohrer, Gary Rosendaul, James Rubino, Mike Rummell, Georgia Salain, Gary Sanders, Rita Scott, Dennis Sears, Claudia Seltzer, Diane Shelton, Cathy Shimel, Michelle Shimer, Raymond Shroll, Shirley Sinks, Betty Smith, Cathy Smith, Dennis Snawder, Winifred Sohovich, Michael Steen, Donna Stimson, Steve Stokes, David Stringer, Harold Swallow, Charles Szostek, Keith Tarnowski, Ronald Templeton, Debbie Todosijevic, Peter Tracy, Linda Tucker, Dan Turner, Diane 64 Camera Shy Students: Robert Bucannon, Terry Cargile, Cathy Farney, Charles Joy, Sheila Lawson, Geneva Milam, Kaplan Pierce and Neil Watkins. Twilla, Douglas Twilla, Michael Vanderlin, Sally Vaughn, Mary Viar, Gary Virska, Joe Vujakovic, Milica Wahlsmith, Regina Walczak, Denise Watson, David Weber, Christine Wedge, Jo-Ann White, Jerry Wilkeson, Roy Wilkins, James Williams, Janice Williams, Pam Willis, Cynthia Wilson, Donald Wilson, Kathy Wineinger, Emmalou Wireman, Georgia Wolfe, Janet Woodall, Sherry 65 Academic Faculty and student body. Girl And Boy Staters (L.-R.) Anita Mascher, Judy Gaza, Ruth Schmelzer, and Irene Rogala. (Front Row) Barry Bryant and Jim Bona. Not Pictured: Mike Argyelan and Fred Holt. 67 68 CTIVITIES Cheerleaders present homecoming skit. 70 Freshman Exhibit Senior Exhibit Homecoming Parade Would you believe Elliot Ness? WISht wc Tor y Mike Adler from radio station WLTH r | ' Vvl % Barry Bryant wishing for a victory. J Would the real Bob Lundy please step forward? ■ ■ • Princess Donna escorted 74 by Dennis Martin Princess Wendy escorted by Carlos Yanez Student Council president Linda Paulk crowning Queen Pat Mosier. Looking on from left to right are: Donna Morrill, Brenda Resczenko, Wendy Lee, and Rita Alvarado. Left to right: Rita Alvarado, Brenda Resczenko, Wendy Lee, and Donna Morrill. In center is Queen Pat Mosier. Homecoming Dance 76 The Wilshires provided the music for the evening. October 14, 1967 77 Roaring Twenties Dance BEST DRESSED COUPLE C. R. Reams, Cathy Hartley BEST CHARLESTON DANCERS Linda Adamik and Gene March. 78 Sweetheart Queen 79 L.-R. Debbie Powell escorted by Alan Bacon, Wendy Hodges escorted by Gary Flick, Irene Rogala escorted by Don Bowman, Linda Paulk escorted by Tom Slane, Lori Lehto escorted by Rich Kadish, Kathy McLaughlin escorted by Mike Rubino. 81 Diane Rosser escorted by Chuck Scheuer J . m f : ' jae Hr. r Ji P i “Moonlight And Roses” The Junior-Senior Prom, its theme being " Moon- light and Roses, " was held in the gym on April 26, 1968. The music was provided by Vito Manno and His Orchestra. The gym was appropriately decorat- ed with dozens of roses and silhouettes of couples dancing under the moonlight. The post-prom party was held at the Sherwood Club, with music by the Five Sins. This was truly " a moment to remember. " 82 Nikki Blystone escorted by Dan DeHaven Left-Right: Kathy Mucha escorted by Junior Class President Ray Edmaiston; Senior Class President Wendy Lee escorted by Rich Rubino; Nikki Blystone escorted by Junior Class Vice President Dan DeHaven; Chris Nicoles escorted by Senior Class Vice President Lynn Mattingly. The Grand March Deb Odar and Joe Zinkovich “Class Of May 28th Joe Kobylinski receiving his diploma. SUPERINTENDENT - Kosmos Kayes The thirty-fifth annual commence- ment exercises of Edison High School was held Tuesday, May 28, at 8:00. A class of 133 seniors received their di- plomas. 1968” SPEAKER — Richard Ristine IRENE ROGALA Valedictorian RUTH SCHMELZER Salutatorian ANITA MASCHER American Legion Business Education GENE MARAH American Legion DO N KADO Journalism BUSTER WINEGAR BARB ALLEN ROGER TODD Outstanding Athlete Physical Education Joel Mock Award 86 LINDA ADAMIK Science Award SOPHIA VUJAKOVIC Home Economics GARY INGRAM Typing Award PAT MOSIER Activities D.A.R. RALPH TRUJILLO Activities 87 PORTS VARSITY SQUAD — Top Row. Coach Pohlman, Coach Klein, Ray Barbknecht, Dan Chadwick, Mike Corley, Rich Kadish, Bob Brown, Gary Ingram, Chuck Sheuer, Ray Ed- maiston, Al Marlin, Coach Fritz, Coach Baker. Middle Row- Dan DeHaven, Ralph Trujillo, Buster Wineinger, Roger Todd, Del Courtney, Tim Dixon, C. R. Reames, Dave Johnson. Bottom Row.- Tim Lundy, Robert Hughes, Dale Johnson, Mark Oresik, Mike Argyelan, Paul Harwood, Patrick Witka. Football Schedule EHS OPPONENT 6 Gary Edison 0 Gary Wirt 0 Merrillville 0 River Forest 6 Chesterton 6 Calumet 6 Crown Point 2 Gary Tolleston 0 Portage 46 39 33 34 45 34 41 41 9 90 Senior BUSTER WINEINGER RALPH TRUJILLO C. R. REAMES COACH KLEIN COACH POHLMAN COACH FRITZ Lettermen BOB BROWN MIKE ARGYELAN ROGER TODD 91 Scheuer calls next play. Got him! Mud Bowl 93 RESERVE SQUAD — Top Row. Eddie Mendez, Bill Ring, David Little, James Blair, Bill Renn, John Mitrisin, Mike Lubeck, Tom Petro, Gary Flick, Rotco Novokovic, Mark Dwyer, Coach Steve Fritz. Middle Row.- Mike Spenser, Hipolito Mojica, Ron Corley, Darrell Hampton, Bob Coleman, Dan Witka, Tom Littlefield, Mike Curtis, Jeff Martin, Monty Miller. Bottom Row: Nick Novakovich, Anthony Bingham, Mike Douglas, Rocky Hodges, Dave Redar, Joe Kolosci, Steve Stimpson, Glenn Moore. 94 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE EHS OPPONENT 79 Hobart 80 59 Calumet 68 52 Gary Wirt 65 66 Portage 84 66 Gary Emerson 71 67 Lincoln 66 71 Munster 90 56 Highland 52 66 Andrean 89 53 Gary Edison 80 76 Lowell 82 59 Lake Central 66 61 Chesterton 71 47 River Forest 65 58 St. Mary ' s 71 58 Griffith 61 64 Merrillville 73 58 Crown Point 79 Sectionals 42 Gary Roosevelt 97 Basketball 95 VARSITY — TOP ROW (l.-r.).- Bob Ring, Stuart Hoskins, Greg Meeks, Rich Rubino, Chuck Scheuer, Dan DeHaven. Bottom Row (l.-r.): Buster Wineinger, Ruben Soria, Coach Russ Marcinek, Mike Eddy, Carlos Yanez. Reach for the sky! RICH RUBINO GREG MEEKS Senior Lettermen BUSTER WINEINGER CARLOS YANEZ ■ l- V ■■ ■ JUNIOR VARSITY (L-R) Dan Chadwick, Dan Witka, Bill Steen, Mike Corley, Noel Willis, Jim Greer, Herb Karner, Gary Greer, Larry Noll, Roy Nicholson. Not pictured: Jack Curtis, Bill Butler, Jeff Kinsey, Rich Sohovich. Manag- ers: Basil Fernandez, Steven Grishka. Coach Davis. 98 COACH NORM DAVIS FRESHMEN: Bottom Row (l.-r.): Joe Vrsko, Jeff Martin, Pete Todosijevic, Dave Redar, Mike Bona. Middle Row (l.-r. ): Manager, Nick Goyda, Steve Hoskins, Mike Gregory, Mike Sohovich, Roger Ash. Top Row (l.-r.): Coach Ron Blake, Ron Rambo, Mike Rubino, Mike Lubeck, Assistant Manager, Bob Austin. Senior Bob Martin with Dave Johnson Varsity Wrestlers Row 1 : Jim Lambert, Joe Urbanik, C. R. Reames, Bob Martin, Norman Arflack, Ted Cudney. Row 2: Pat Witka, David Cretton, Pat Hursey, Dave Johnson, Ray Edmaiston. Wrestling Senior Pat Hursey with Ray Edmaiston Row 1 : Ted Cudney, Walter Rey, Raymond Shimer. Row 2: Charles Thorne, Paul Naglosky, David Guess, John Hughes. Row 3. Coach Johnson, Tom Littlefield, Roy Tucker, Don Napier, and Terry Cargile. Junior Varsity Wrestlers Head Coach Hurst ' overpowering " Coach Johnson. SCHEDULE EHS Opponent 54 Liberty Township 0 13 Crown Point 29 3 Calumet 43 16 Wirt 30 6 Portage 36 10 Highland 37 14 River Forest 28 6 Gary Edison 36 23 Lowell 28 13 Lake Central 36 26 Chesterton 18 3 Griffith 47 16 Merrilville 30 20 Hobart Sectional Champ Jim Lambert Regional 4th Jim Lambert 30 Typical practice session. C. R. REAMES GARY INGRAM 101 Varsity Players Row I: Walt Handley, Bob Martin, C. R. Reames, Buster Wineinger, Tom Paterson, Mike Eddy, Gary McDonald. Row 2. Ray Edmaiston, Dan Dehaven, Jim Bennell, Roy Nicholson, Larry Mundy, Bill Waggle, Dan Chadwick. Row 3 : Mgr. Basil Fernandez, Mgr. Alex Ander- son, Stuart Hoskins, Bob Ring, Rich Rubino, Bill Butler, Mgr. Steve Grishka, Coach Art Hartley. 1968 Sectional And Regional Baseball Champs VARSITY SCHEDULE Calumet Conference Eagles 1 Calumet 5 Gary Wirt 7 Portage 3 Gary Edison 7 Chesterton 5 Griffith 6 Crown Point 6 Lake Central 0 Highland 5 Lowell 2 Merrillville Wirt Sectional 4 Portage 6 Wirt Wirt Regional 3 LaPorte 4 Gary Wallace Semi-State 2 Frankfort 1 Bishop Noll Opponents 4 0 0 6 3 • 6 1 3 2 • 4 4 2 2 2 3 0 1 1 Junior Varsity Players Top.- Gary Rohrer, Bill Ring, Randy Szostek, Mike Corley, Bill Butler, Mike Lubeck, Ron Corley, Andy Norman, Joe Vrska, Coach Steve Fritz. Bottom.- Tom Tom Butler, Jim Lambert, Jeff Martin, Doug Gibson, Mark Dwyer, Hippolita Mojica, Monte Miller, Roy Nicholson, Harry Harmon. Guest speaker, Valparaiso Coach Emory Bauer, Mr, Wayne Ryska, Coach Hart- ley, All conference players Rich Rubino and Buster Wineinger. Awards Banquet SPORTS-WRITERS AWARDS: Buster Wineinger, Dan Dehaven, All Regional and All Semi-State teams; Bob Ring, All Regional team; Dan Chadwick, Randy Goldsmith, All Regional and Semi-State; Ray Edmaiston, All Regional team. «n 1 MV Ml MMM IV Mr — MB — | M IM — i — — — — 9NMI MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM KM MV JMMUV «t WIMin 1 w ■BML , ■ ys —I MMB MMl b:r MM M— If JMMR MMV i ■IKBSF ; ,«.?- - aww T • WMM - KS «W I iwfl pT v ei £r. as kV ' “5. r yl“ ’■ i«r £■ Am ! - ., • VM i+ d -? i » .UVVKltiXMM ttJea »• VARSITY: Row I: Dan Mercier, Mike Bona, Dave Miller, Joe Bianco. Row 2. Ed Johnson, Jim Bona, Stephen Haddad, Kim Perez, Mike Bernier, Coach Steve Gaza. Golf !5s5 c »S ■« ' lb ' v « " , SENIORS: Mike Bernier, Ed Johnson, Jim Bona. aMMVR jyfUKJTl f J tid W 1 uShm •bSfc. 9HST9H NHK . JW ■•. ' nJS(j| . cjipw .gjfnr tMb ' ' HUS M I L.8K S5S Mt ‘ ' V. ySErir. J 104 FRESHMEN: Row ). Walter Rey, Paul Naglosky. 2: Robert Buchanan, Dave Redar, Ron Tarnowski. Row 1: Mgr. John Hughes, Chuck Swallow, Jay Mendelsohn, Bill Steen, Ratco Novakovich, Dove Johnson, Pete Todosijevich, Dale Johnson, Mike Lawhead, Terry Watkins, Mike Douglas. Row 2: Coach Larry Pohlman, Ray Barbknecht, Tim Lundy, Tom Petro, Ron Rambo, Rich Kadish, Jim Hoff- man, Mike Spencer, Tom Littlefield, Rick Neal, Chuck Scheuer, Paul Harwood, Coach Jim Hurst. Track Team PRACTICE SESSIONS FOR: BOYS ' INTRAMURALS: Bob Lundy, Treasurer Joe Haas, President Gary McDonald, Secre- tary. Top: Bob Goodposteur, Dave Silverthorne, Tom Olson, Don Grant. Bottom. John Mitchell, Walt Handley, Larry Kludt, Joe Haas, Gary Heims. Football Champs! DOUBLES BOWLING CHAMPS: Dennis Wil- lis, Mike Bernier; SINGLES BOWLING: Har- old Kingery; PINP-PONG CHAMP: Tom Uhls; FREE THROW CHAMP: Jim Bennell. 105 Top Row: (l.-r.) Jeff Blatz, Kevin Hursey, Chester Arrington, Coach Blake. Bottom Row: Terry Watkins, Steve Chance, Jeff Wolphe, Ron Rambo, Bill Steen, Bob Ring. Cross Country Team Hursey nears the wire. And they ' re off! KITTEN MOSIER Junior Alternate SANDY ROSSER Junior LINDA FAZEKAS Junior Varsity Cheerleaders — Mascot Lori Svetanoff DENISE ANTON Junior RUTH BALLARD Sophomore Alternate KATHY PAULK Sophomore Junior Varsity Cheerleaders — Mascot Rea Butler PAT GIBBONS Sophomore DIANE ROSSER Sophomore VICKI REAMES Sophomore 107 108 IGANIZATIONS DEB ODAR, Editor WENDY LEE, Organizations Editor Edisoniar LINDA PAULK, Production Manager and Assistant Sports Editor C. R. REAMES, Sports Editor Staff LYNN MATTINGLY, Business Manager ANITA MASCHER, Activities Editor BRENDA RESCZENKO, Administration Editor GRACE GADDIS, Class Editor Edison Hi-Lites pirn ABOVE: Ken Alsman, Photographer; Fran Meister, Reporter. AT RIGHT: Bonnie Sinks, Typist; Bonnie Campbell, Typist. 112 The President presiding over a meeting . . . Student Council Student Council in Action . . . Voting for class officers . . . Campaigning for next year s Student Council . . . 113 Student Council Officers OFFICERS: Gloria Derado, President; Deanna Borisenko, Vice-President; Donna Morrill, Secretary; Nikki Blystone, Treasurer. Loyalty Committee MEMBERS OF THE LOYALTY COMMITTEE; Stand- ing: Irene Rogala, Wendy Hodges, Deb Odor, Nancy Korpak, Linda Paulk, Marilyn Tetarchik, Karen Curtis. Seated. Judy Gaza, Linda Adamik. OFFICERS: Linda Paulk, Advisor; Ruth Schmelzer, Secretary; Pat Mosier, Advisor; Linda Adamik, Parliamentarian; Wendy Lee, Treasurer; Merry-Jeanne Galovic, Vice President; and Irene Rogala, President. National Honor Society 1 968 HONOR SOCIETY: Top Row- Terry Watkins, Jay Mendelsohn, Mary Rogala, Marilyn Tetarchik, Linda Paulk, Nancy Korpak, Judy Gaza, Denise Anton, Chuck Scheuer. Middle Row. Irene Rogala, Cathy Hartley, Frances Meister, Bonnie Campbell, Arleen Cromwell, Debbie Powell, Jean Bannister. Front: Anita Mascher, Merry-Jeanne Galovic, Linda Hoeflicker, Wendy Lee, Ruth Schmelzer, Linda Fazekas, Pat Mosier, and Linda Adamik. 1 16 OFFICERS: Judy Ramsey, Treasurer; Frances Meister, Vice President; Deb Odar, President; Kathy Paulk, Secretary; Debbie Smenyak, Parliamentarian. STUDENT TEACHERS: Standing , L-R: Deb Odar, Pat Mosier, Merry-Jeanne Galovic, Ralph Trujillo, Linda Adamik, Nancy Korpak, Linda Paulk, Kenton Johnson, Connie Owens, Ruth Schmelzer, Terry Mischan. Seated: Wendy Hodges, Cathy Hartley, Linda Harness. Sweetheart Dance Senior Representative, Angie Novkovic; Junior Representative, Chris Nicoles; Sophomore Representative, Denise Wszolek; Freshman Representative, Kathy McLoughlin. 118 " And away we go DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: Karen Curtis, Secretary; Linda Adamik, President; Marilyn Tetarchik, Vice- President; Leonard Williams, Treasurer. Senior Class Play THESPIAN SOCIETY OFFICERS: Ruth Schmelzer, President; Kathy Paulk, Vice-President; Linda Adamik, Secretary-Treasurer. Thespian Society Drama Club Drama Club at Work!! 119 MORNING ASSISTANTS: Standing: Wendy Lee, Kevin Hursey, Glenn Stacy, Gary Ingram, Rich Rubino, Ray Edmaiston. Seal- ed: Tom Alsman, Tommy Dowell, Roger Todd. Audio-Visual 120 AFTERNOON ASSISTANTS: Standing: Lynn Ballard, Glenn Sanders, Tim Dixon, Don Kado, Rich Kadish, Jim Hoffman, Grace Gaddis. Sealed: Tom Uhls, Terry Watkins. A Roman Bunny Hop???? The Jet Set 121 OFFICERS: Ralph Trujillo, President; Dale Johnson, Treasurer; Brenda Rock, Secretary; Linda Fazekas, Vice-President. Modern Foreign Language Club Debating Society One of the organizations creat- ed this year was the Debating Soci- ety. The main activity of the club was its trip to Purdue for the 10th Annual High School Debate Con- ference. Members of the newly formed organization are: Marilyn Tetar- chik, Karen Curtis, Gloria Getrich, Linda Adamik, Wendy Lee, Chuck Scheuer, Rich Kadish, Julius Men- delsohn. 122 Home-Ec Club HOME-EC CLUB OFFICERS: Mary Lu Ryan, Vice-President; Demetria Psagrelli, Treasurer; Mira Novakovich, Secretary; Pat Smith, President. REPRESENTATIVES: Christine Christakas, Senior; Jane Gaza, Freshman; Bonnie Sinks, Junior. Art Club ART CLUB OFFICERS: Craig Spiering, Sergeant-at-Arms; Judy Gaza, President; Mira Novakovich, Vice-President; Elaine Winkles, Treasurer; Wendy Hodges, Secretary. 123 " Good Evening, you ' re under arrest!! " " I think Leroy is a good name. " Science Club OFFICERS: Judy Ramsey, Secretary; Rich Sohovich, Sergeant-at-Arms; Denise Anton, President; Cathy Hartley, Vice-President; Linda Fazekas, Treasurer. E-Men Top Row: Dan Dehaven, Dale Johnson, Del Courtney, Paul Harwood, Gory Ingram, Jim Bennell, Tom Littlefield, Joe Bianco, Jim Lambert. Second Row. Bob Martin, Don Barringer, Bob Brown, Tim Dixon, Joe Haas, Robin Dillard, Jeff Blatz, Terry Watkins, Tom Patterson. Third Row. Chester Ar- ington, Kevin Hursey, Ray Barbknecht, Pat Witka, Dave Johnson, Ray Edmaiston, Bob Ring, Chuck Scheuer. Bottom Row: Steve Chance, Mike Argye- lan, C. R. Reames, Greg Meeks, Ralph Trujillo, Rich Rubino, Buster Wineinger, Rich Kadish. Betty Crocker ' s Home Tested Recipes Ready for the Movie? 125 1st Place Softball Team Back Row. Kitten Mosier, Jane Gaza, Cindy Bazin, and Pam Potts. Front Row: Kathy Hunter, Karen Steinmetz, Diane Rosser, Donna Law, and Michi Derado. OFFICERS (L.-R.) Debbie Vaughn, Secretary; Denise Anton, Vice- President; Barb Allen, President; and Pat Mosier, Treasurer. G.A.A. Gymnastics Team Interschool Reserve Basketball Team Standing: Theresa Ballard, Carol Hartley, Linda Tracy, Debbie Busch, Cindy Bazin, Marsha Bell, Carla DeHaven, Janice Williams. Seated: Carol Langford, Vicki Reames, Debbie Lawhead, Kathy Hunter, and Gwen Ballard. Back Row. Kitten Mosier, Deb Lawhead, Barb Allen, Sandy Rosser, Denise Anton. Middle: Pat Mosier, Linda Fazekas, Vicki Reames, Becky Steele. Front Row: Paulette Jacobs, Gail Marlatt, Sylvia Gibson, Natalie Mayoch, Joy Duies, Cathy Hart- ley, and Miss Roy. 1st Place Basketball Team Back Row. Jackie Patton, Linda Paulk, Linda Mar- latt, Barb Allen, Gloria Derado, Betsy Steele. Middle. Donna Morrill, Linda Springman, Pat Mos ter. Front. Wendy Hodges, Angie Novkovic, and Karon Huber. Plaque Winners Betsy Steele, Pat Mosier, Linda Paulk, Miss Roy, Barb Allen, Becky Steele, and Linda Springman. Activities 1st Place Volleyball Team 1st Place Bowling Team (L.-R.) Linda Fazekas, Denise Anton, Judy Ramsay, Debbie Vaughn, and Kitten Mosier. Interschool Varsity Team (L.-R.) Linda Marlatt, Jackie Patton, Donna Morrill, Linda Paulk, Wendy Hodges, Karen Huber, Pat Mosier, Gloria Derado, Barb Allen, Linda Springman, Angie Novkovic, Betsy Steele. Gymnastics Vickie Reames on Balance Beam. Back Row. Mary Rogala, Gloria Derado, Linda Paulk, Linda Springman. Middle. Donna Morrill, Barb Allen, Linda Fazekas. Front: Betsy Steele, Den- ise Anton, and Becky Steele. G.A.A. Initiation Junior Class Presents Denise Anton has leading role as " Peter Pan.” Cast NANA MICHAEL MRS. DARLING. JOHN WENDY MR. DARLING . PETER PAN LIZA SLIGHTLY TOODLES NIBS CURLY FIRST TWIN SECOND TWIN . CAPTAIN HOOK . . . Kitten Mosier . . Tom Littlefield . . Steve Chance Gail Carr .... Roger Todd .... Jeff Moves . . .Chris Nicoles . . . Karen Curtis . . Linda Adamik . Michelle Shimel Debbie Busch Emily Gregoratos . . . Lynn Ballard Janie Myers Laura Crader . Kenton Johnson . . . .Tom Dowell . . . Judy Ramsay . Richard Beattie . . Linda Harness . . Terry Mischan . . .Denise Anton . . . Karen Curtis . .Pam Breckman . . Paulette Binko Arleen Cromwell . . Jean Bannister Kathy Flannigan . . .Laura Crader . .Gloria Getrich CROCODILE CECCO BILL JUKES STARKEY NOODLERS MULLINS SNEE TIGER LILY BIG LITTLE PANTHER INDIANS MERMAIDS (L.-R.) Standing , Linda Paulk, Jim Bana, Jeff Maves, M,ke Argyelan, Merry Galovic, Dan Kado, Gene Marah, Roger Tadd, Deb Odor, Connie Owens. Liz Mize, Carol Czil Shirley Shimer, and Barry Bryant. Seated: Nancy Korpak, Irene Rogala, Roxie Shadrix, Joe Zmkovich, Ruth Schmelzer, and Linda Adamik. Senior Class Presents “Old Doc” OLD DOC HILLARY BOB HILLARY DR. EDMOND BRAND HELEN BRAND M A PV CFI RY Joe Zinkovich Ruth Schmelzer MA BROWN PA BROWN MARGARET BURNS DICK BURNS JANET MARTIN MR. HEPPLE MRS. ROSSI MRS. CRONIN MRS. MELLON LOIS WEAVER Roxie Ann Shadrix JUNIOR CHOIR: Bock Row. Denise Ashby, Pam Potts, Terry Mischan, Allen Bowen, Harold Rich, Bill Gray, Harold Saffrahn. Third Row: Mary Korpak, Debra Busch, Annie Brown, Jim Bennell, James Dover, Buster Wineinger, Don Barringer. Second Row. Sally Coppinger, Sarah Cambe, Richard Safstrom, Rodney Foster, Austin Hargrove, Paul Harwood, Ron Jackson. First Row. Debby Chadwick, Melody Moore, Donna Law, Liz Hamady. Junior Choir JAN NOTES: Back Row: Thelmer Lawson, Kenton Johnson, Dale Broadway, Lynn Mattingly, Bob Havrilla, Tom Urbanik, Ralph Trujillo, Mike Argyelan. Middle Row-. Kitten Mosier, Ruth Schmelzer, Linda Paulk, Deanna Borisenko, Karen Curtis! Donna Sebben. Bottom Row: Marie Handley, Grace Gaddis, Merry-Jean Galovic, Pat Mosier, Paulette Jacob, Esther Havri- lesko. SOPHOMORE BOYS ' QUARTET: Back Tom Ur- banik. Middle: Paul Harwood, Tim Lundy. Front: Austin Hargrove. 130 JUNIOR CHOIR: Back Row. Noel Willis, Dennis Smith, Steve Mast, Richard Harmon, David Cretton, Tim Lundy, Sandy Wrona, teresa Kraynak. Third Row. Ray Bryant, Jim Blair, Don Napier, Joe Urbanik, Marga- ret Wahlman, Janice Claussen, Janet Blackburn. Second Row. Roy Nicholson, Jim Lambert, Ted Cudney, Betty Paxton, Joyce Neagu, Linda Darosky, Jeanne Held. First Row.- Charlene Harker, Pat Gibbons, Cheryl Waggle, Ellen Garzella, Shirley Swider, Esther Mendez, Pat Kary. And Ensembles GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE: Back Row. Vickey Anderson, Ruth Schmelzer, Deanna Borisenko, Linda Paulk, Kathy Paulk, Karen Curtis, Donna Seb- ben. Front Row. Esther Havrilesko, Maria Handley, Kathy Mucha, Kitten Mosier, Patty Mosier , Wendy Hodges, Grace Gaddis. ADVANCED BOYS ' QUARTET: Mike Argyelan, Kenton Johnson, Dale Broadway, Rodney Ball. 131 CONCERT CHOIR: Bock Row. Kenton Johnson, Deanna Borisenko, Celene Cichowlaz, Linda Paulk, Bob Havrilla, Lynn Mattingly, Rodney Ball, Tom Urbanik, Carol Dahlstrom, Cindy Bazin, Al Martin, Karen Curtis. Third Row. Kitten Mosier, Kathy Paulk, Dale Broadway, Martin Bickett, Pat Husey, Ralph Trujillo, Paul Resczenko, Dennis Willis, Ruth Schmelzer, Diana Willis, Pat Mosier. Second Row. Esther Havrilesko, Alice Williams, Paulette Jacob, Pat Witka, Christine Bobrowski, Steve Mast, Carlos Yanez, Vickey Anderson, Mike Argyelan, Sandy Inzerillo. First Row. Marie Handley, Janet Lewis, Wendy Hodges, Kathy Mucha, Donna Sebben, Kay Lewis, Tamara Rafferty, Merry Galovic, Judy Ryan, Grace Gaddis. Concert Choir JANENES: Top Row. Pam Potts, Sandy Wrona, Denise Ashby, Janice Claussen, Margaret Wahlman. Second Row.- Linda Darosky, Mary Korpak, Janet Black- burn, Charlene Harker. Bottom Row: Loretta Czilli, Ellen Garzella, Pat Gibbons, Pat Kary. CHOIR KING AND QUEEN. Donna Sebben; Bob Havrilla And Royalty 132 Flying Eagles Band Front Row: Jan Williams, Arleen Cromwell, Paula Wilson, Sharon Tarnowski, Paula Flick, Denise Bildilli, Jeff Frame, Kathleen Flannigan. Second Row: Emmalou Wineinger, Pam Breckman, Cheryl Waggle, Charles Cates, Ken Bingham, Dan Cobb, Bill Woynaroski, Mike Curtis, Jerry White, Bob Jakich. Third Row: Stephanie Haddad, Kate Napier, Melody Heims, Donna Steen, Mike Bernier, Marilyn Hoefflicker, Del Courtney, Eli Wolfe, Darrell Cox, Steve Mast, Jay Mendelsohn, Andy Norman, Mike Lehosky, Steve Grish- ka, Ken Handley, Rick Neal, Bob Havrilla. Fourth Row: Bill Waggle, Robert Austin, Robert Higgins, Roger Ash, Donna Stevers, Leonard Williams, Don Uhls, Dennis Smith, Gary Cochran, Mike Rafferty, Mike Svetnoff, John Corrigan. BAND DIRECTORS: Mr. Levenda, Mr. Matusiak, Mr. Hedstrom. Majorette DONNA STEVERS was the only majorette to lead the Flying Eagles Band this year. 133 Band Officers BAND OFFICERS: Donald Uhls, President; Jeff Moves, Vice-President; Cheryl Waggle, Treasurer; Jan Williams, Secretary. Pep Band PEP BAND: Bock Row- Mike Argyelan, Jeff Moves, Bill Wag- gle, Tim Dixon. Middle Row. Mike Rafferty, Mike Svetanoff, Jerry White, Mark Handley, Tom Labadie. Front Row.- Mike Le- hosky, Andy Norman, Jay Mendelsohn, Dan Cobb, Gary Cochran. 134 Compliments of HERFF JONES COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS 1411 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46207 Phone: 317-635-1554 “DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE” Juniors proudly display their rings GEORGE KINGSLEY INCORPORATED 601 East Lincoln Kentland, Indiana Representative 136 Chris, Denise, Gail and Lynn take time for a coke. CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduating Class From THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY BOTTLED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 1 000 Colfax Street Gary, Indiana things gO better,! Wlth Coke Compliments of (WALGREEN AGENCY) Compliments of EAST GARY DRUGS KELLEN’S HOBART FLOWERS Central and Union East Gary Indiana Phone 962-1536 “NIC” “JIM” JOE BIANCO, R.PH. MIKE HAMANG, R.PH. TATONE’S SUPER SHELL JOSTEN’S Highway 51 and Central East Gary, Indiana Quality Since 1 897 Phone 962-1035 “TUNE-UP - ROAD SERVICE Owatonna, Minnesota BRAKE SERVICE” Compliments of Our Representative BOB ALBERTSON “Service Is Our Business’’ BOB FULLER TV MARINE Compliments of Boats . . . Motors . . . Trailers Motorola . . . Zenith . . . RCA T.V. EAST GARY CONCRETE OPEN 9-9 DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY Concrete and Lightweight 962-1628 Blocks — Miami Stone 2599 DeKalb Phone: East Gary, Indiana 962-1 167 Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE Central Center 138 Anita, Penny, Deb, Dennis, Greg 5 Good Reasons Why the Service is Better at the EAST GARY DAIRY QUEEN Route 51 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana Saving you 3 ways : 1. Free Gold Bell Stamps with each $10 purchase 2. One-stop customer service 3. Low, low prices Open 1 1 a.m.-l 1 p.m. “Live a Little” Hobart — EAST GARY — Glen Park — Gary MEISTER’S INSURANCE AGENCY GERTIE’S EAST GARY FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 3449 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana 962-1724 962-1132 EDWARD MEISTER LILLIAN MEISTER RAMSAY AND GERTIE NIX — Proprietors 1643 Central Av — East Gary, Ind. Compliments of CHESTERTON STATE BANK 4 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU WALLIN’S HARDWARE 3461 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana 1 09 Broadway, Chesterton 5200 D Central Ave., Portage 6443 N Melton Road, Portage South Haven Square Open Wed. and Fri. Evenings 962-1478 139 SCOT DRUGS FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY ONDRAS AUTO BODY AND MARINE CENTER AUTHORIZED DEALER Crestliner Boats, Evinrude Motors and Balko Boat Trailers 1101 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone: 962-1 171 3533 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana BAZIN’S GROCERY 2301 Fairview East Gary, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF MISS ROY AND THE G.A.A. 140 Compliments of B.I.M.A. JOE HAAS, President Congratulations From CHRIS NICOLES AND LYNN MATTINGLY FOOT-SO-PORT SHOE STORE 333 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana A. PISCIONE, Proprietor Compliments of FRANK AND ANNA CHESTER AAMCO TRANSMISSIO N WORLD ' S LARGEST Lifetime Warranty Available 2318 Central Ave. 962-1147 COURTESY DEPT. STORE SUN ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING Corner Route 51 and Central Ave. Designers and Builders of Tools, Dies, Fixtures and Special Machinery Serving Lake and Porter Counties 950 Marquette Road East Gary, Indiana President: 962-2007 DARRELL L. OWEN 962-2508 Compliments of SAM’S SUNOCO PATRONAGE Mrs. Harry Sodomka Ramsay Nix Quartette Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adamik 2303 Central Ave. 962-1707 JOE HEIN’S Quality Motors Clean Used Cars 2000 Central Ave. East Gary, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. James Vanderlin William and Marian McKinney Polk Family Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Paulk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vance Mattingly 962-1695 TAYLOR RUG AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS 721 E. 25th Place East Ga ry, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coil EDDIE’S WASHER REPAIR SERVICE 1 237 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana 141 Compliments of BRADY FUNERAL HOME WHITLEDGE SHOE STORE 2825 Central Avenue . . . 3781 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana FORNEYS FOOD MART “Meat cut as you like it!” Compliments of 4106 Central Avenue WENDY LEE AND RICH RUBINO Compliments of BOYER’S DRESS SHOP BOB AND FLOYD’S BARBER SHOP Central Shopping Center 3520 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Compliments of Compliments of THE BRIDGE CLUB MR. AND MRS. WALTER KOONTZ Compliments of KARSA’S FOOD MART Compliments of 2808 Dekalb Street VOSSBERG’S APPAREL Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM WAGGLE EAST GARY HARDWARE CENTER DRUGS, INC. A. VERDE, D. STRIMBU, R.PH’S CENTRAL CENTER BEAUTY SALON Central Shopping Center Phone. 962-1176 " No Appointment Necessary” Complete Beauty Care East Gary, Indiana 142 962-1272 Phone: 962-6103 Compliments of J.B. AUTO SALES JAMES E. BENNELL Owner and Proprietor “New and Used Cars’’ 2345 Ripley Street East Gary, Indiana LAKESHIRE SANDWICHES INC. “Delicious Sandwiches” 727 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana RON JONES BILLY’S PIZZERIA 2727 Dekalb Street Phone: 962-1 584 JANSEN’S MICHIGAN FRUIT MARKET HIGHWAY 6 and 51 HOBART, INDIANA Garden fresh fruits and vegetables PATRONAGE LISA AND TOM RYSKA MR. AND MRS. JACK PATTON MR. AND MRS. HOWARD MASCHER MR. AND MRS. FRANK ODAR SR. LYNN, ANITA AND DEB A Government Day Happening . . . William Woolsey — Man of Dedication! " What do you mean I have bad breath?” 143 MR. ROBERT LEWIS The yearbook staff of 1968 wishes to express our appreciation to the Ster- ling-Coner Studios for having been our Edisonian photographer for the past year. Also, this year, we would like to pay special thanks to Mr. Lewis for his faithful service throughout the year. STERLING-CONER STUDIOS Official Annual Photographers 629 Washington Street Gary, Indiana

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