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Profit. Of 66 Ok Cl 1 3 o n i a n Another school year has come and gone, all to quickly for many of us. During the months that were the school year of 1965-66, many new experiences unfolded for us all. The tense excitement of our first football game . . . the friendly competition in the classrooms ... the Junior-Senior Prom ... bac- calaureate . . . and finally graduation ... all have a special place in the memory of each one of us. The 1966 Edisonian staff wishes not only to portray the activities of this past year but also the feelings that were behind them. We hope that each one of you will find your own profile of ' 66 within these pages. Sincerely, Laura Chance Editor O aUe Of Contents Administration 9 Classes 23 Organizations 69 Sports 97 Activities Ill Advertising 133 2)eJ, i c a ti on A KOSMAS KAYES With great hopes for a future of progress at Edison, we, the Edisonian staff, dedicate the 1966 Edisonian to our new superintendent, Kosmos Kayes. The past year that Mr. Kayes has been East Gary’s superintendent has been a year filled with progress and innovation. Whether he is thinking of new ideas in his quiet moments, or putting them to use in his busy moments, Mr. Kayes has played a large part in making this, the school year of 1965-66, a very special one. Wo ni en ts w om en is 5 It has been said that a person ' s face is a mirror to what ' s going on behind it. So it is with the many different faces at E.H.S. The intense concentration of study, the sorrow of defeat, the joy of happy moments, and the pride of ac- complishment are all reflected on dif- ferent faces at different times. These joys, sorrows, accomplishments, and failures make up what 1966 at Edison has meant to each one of us. 7 £1 is om an Staff 8 Gloria Streetman Business Manager Ruth Hyden Circulation Manager 9 ddo a rd Of Education John Kuruzovich Assistant Superintendent Pete Chapas President Kosmos Kayes Superintendent 10 Carl Jacobs Treasurer Carl Polk Secretary Superintendent ' s Office Staff Lois Anderson, Clerk; Connie Courtney, Secretary Graduation Day is an important occasion in the lives of the members of the class of ' 66. It is a time when each of you will be looking to the future. Many of you will be entering college, while others will be planning to secure jobs imme- diately in industry, stores, offices, etc. Still others will be planning to fulfill their obligation to the military services of our country. I hope that during your four years at Edison Senior High you have acquired these five qualities: the ability and desire to make an honest living; an open- mindedness toward all new knowledge; a spirit of service toward society and your fellow-man; a clear sense of morality in all your activities; and a true feeling of your responsibility as an American citizen. To you departing seniors, I extend my best wishes for success and happiness. I shall watch with pleasure the progress you make in the years to come after leaving Edison Senior High School. OloouibL £? CCi. Claude P. Roos Principal Steve Georgakis Assistant Principal Don Deller Bonnie Gleason Dean of Boys Dean of Girls 13 Marion McKinney, Secretary Eleanor Vanderlin, Clerk 14 Lynda Grivetti, Clerk Sally Mireles Senior Sponsor Spanish Club Steven Paul Freshman Sponsor Howard Schmid Junior Sponsor Honor Society Bernard Smith Sophomore Sponsor Harry Whitby Senior Sponsor Dramatics Martha Wright Freshman Sponsor 15 Joseph Bodnar Freshman Sponsor Pep Club George Cairo Sophomore Sponsor Science Club Marvin Kasrich Freshman Sponsor Physics Club Leroy Webdell Junior Sponsor Wayne D. Terry 16 Sophomore Sponsor Owen Lucas Sophomore Sponsor Science Club Marvin Kasrich F reshman Sponsor Physics Club James O ' Connell Freshman Sponsor 2 ep art m en t Joseph Bodnar Freshman Sponsor Pep Club Terrance Levenda Senior Sponsor 18 Howard Schmid Junior Sponsor Honor Society Wayne Terry Sophomore Sponsor in e 5 Marjorie Brady Senior Sponsor Edisonian Sponsor Eagle Feathers Sponsor Jack Barath Junior Sponsor Stephen Fritz Sophomore Sponsor Hazel Hartley Junior Sponsor Louise Norris Latin Club die a ion % men t Nick Zelenick Junior Sponsor 20 Patricia Roy Senior Sponsor G.A.A. Cheerleaders Margaret Jana Choir Director Katherine Parker Art Instructor Paul Waggoner Band Director Kay Bole 22 Librarian Helen Martin Library Clerk " The weight of responsibility is upon us.’ s, enior Off, cerA " Balancing the books " Betty Gurband - Secretary Pam Anderson - Treasurer Leonard Soria - Vice-President Jim Frost - President Ruth Hyden - Student Council Representative Craig Courtney - Student C ouncil Representative " We represent your best interests. " 24 AL ALVARDO Pep Club; Junior Judge; Cross Country; Track; Jr. Varsity Basketball; Varsity Basketball. JANICE ANDERS ALAN ANDERSON " Andy " Freshman Football Manager. PAM ANDERSON Senior Treasurer; Pep Club Secretary; Choir; S.S.S.; Girls ' State; Loyalty Committee; Jan-Notes; Sophomore Sec- retary; Junior President; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader; Freshman Treasurer; Student Council; G.A.A. RODNEY ANDERSON " Rodfink " Physics Club Secretary; Track; French Club. JANET ARDEN " Jan " F .T.A.; Pep Club; Latin Club Secre- tary; Eagle Feathers Assistant Editor; S.S.S. 25 BONNIE BENEDICT " Snoopy " S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club. LINDA BERGSTROM " Bergie " Student Council; Honor Society Presi- dent; Pep Club; F.T.A. Treasurer; S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Edisonian As- sistant Editor; Choir; Girls ' State Alternate. DAN BABARIK " Fubar " Student Council President; Honor Society; Physics Club President; Pep Club; Var- sity Football; Freshman Track; Fresh- man Cross Country; Baseball; Boys ' State Alternate; E-Men; Student Coun- cil Workshop. WILFRED BATISTA " Willy " W restling. GERALD VINCENT BELL Track; Wrestling; Jr. Varsity Basket- ball. DWAYNE BELT 26 JERRY BIERNAT Pep Club; Wrestling. RAE BILDILLI " Raeless " Freshman Student Council Represent-, ative; Jr. Class Play; Pep Club; F.T.A. Historian; Home Ec. Club Treasurer; Eagle Feathers Circulation Editor. CHARLOTTE BROWN " Charley " S.S.S. Senior Representative; Drama Club; Pep Club; Band; G.A.A.; Jr. Class Play Assistant Director. DONNA BRYANT S.S.S. ; Home Ec. Club; Latin Club. LARRY L. BURTON Student Council; Band President; E-Men; Pep Band; Dance Band; Track; Wres- tling Captain; Jr. Varsity Basketball; Cross Country. SHARON LEE CAMBE " Scotty " S.S.S.; Pep Club; Choir; French Club; Spanish Club. 27 LAURA CHANCE Sophomore Secretary; Student Council; Pep Club; F.T.A. President; S.S.S.; Latin Club; Jr. Class Play; Edisonian . Editor; Eagle Feathers Reporter; Band Secretary; Girls ' State Alternate. PAMELA CLEVELAND " Louie " Pep Club. FLEMMON COCHRAN " Flem " Drama Club President; Band; Pep Band; Student Council; Freshman Bas- ketball; Audio-Visual. JIM CONSTANDARS " J.C. " Pep Club. BEVERLY COURTNEY S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club. CRAIG COURTNEY Senior and Freshman Student Council Representative; E-Men; Pep Club; Var- sity Football Captain; Reserve Foot- ball; Baseball; Boys ' State; Jr. Varsity Basketball; Varsity Basketball Captain. 28 CAROLYN ANN CRETTON S.S.S. Treasurer; Pep Club; Choir Treasurer; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader; Homecoming Court. DENNIS MICHAEL DAILY " Mike " JULIA DEMETER " Julie " S.S.S. ; Home Ec. Club Secretary; Pep Club; G.A.A. Treasurer; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader. SUSAN DENNY " Sue " S.S.S.; Pep Club; Choir; Jan-Dozen; Jannettes; G.A.A.; Jr. Class Play. LILLIAN DERADO S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Latin Club; Pep Club; Library Assistant. BARBARA JEAN DIXON " Barb " S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club; G.A.A. 29 TOM DYER Physics Club Treasurer; Baseball; Cross Country; Student Council. BOB EVOLGA Pep Club. NICK FARRAR Varsity Football; Pep Club; Wrestling. ROGER FISHER " Big Fish " E-Men; Baseball Manager; Varsity Basketball Manager; Cross Country Manager. « JAMES R. FROST " Jolm-Baby " Senior President; Freshman Vice-Presi- dent; Pep Club; Jan-Notes; Track ' s Most Valuable Player 1965; E-Men; Choir; Varsity Basketball; Cross Country; Span- ish Club; Jr. Varsity Basketball; Stu- dent Council Treasurer; Student Council Workshop; Freshman Basketball; Choir King. SHERYL FUNKHOUSER Freshman Ensemble; Pep Club; Latin Club; Choir; F.T.A. CAROLYN DE GIBSON " Shortie " Choir; Jan-Dozen. DAVE GIBSON DON GLORIOSO Wrestling; Varsity and Reserve Foot- ball; E-Men. DEBORAH GRANT " Debbie " S.S.S.; Pep Club. DON GRANT Pep Club; Physics Club Sergent-at- Arms; Boys ' State Alternate; French Club; Student Council Parliamentarian; Cross Country Reserve. ED GRINDER " Choir Boy " Student Council; Drama Club; Choir President; Jan-Notes; Boys ' Quartet. 31 PATRICIA HACK " Hatty " Edisonian Page Editor; F.T.A.; Eagle Feathers Reporter; Pep Club; Band; Drama Club; Jr. Class Play; S.S.S;; Audio-Visual. JANE HELEN HAMADY S.S.S. ; Pep Club. WAYNE GROVES " Grover " E-Men; Wrestling; Varsity Football; Reserve Football; Track. BETTY GURBAND Pep Club President; Varsity Cheer- leader; Student Council; Choir; Jan- Notes; Freshman Ensemble; Loyalty Committee; Junior Student Council Representative; Senior Secretary; G.A.A.; Junior Treasurer. SANDRA HAMPTON " Sandi " S.S.S.; Home Ec. Junior Represent- ive; Pep Club. TERRY HANDLEY " Hunk " Freshman President; Student Coun- cil; Choir King; Choir Vice-Presi- dent; Jan-Notes; Boys ' Quartet; Track; E-Men; Cross Country; Jr. Class Play. SHERIAN HAVENS " Sherry " S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Freshman Ensemble; Pep Club. HELEN HOWARD S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club. RUTH HYDEN Senior Student Council Representative; Honor Society Secretary; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers Reporter; Edisonian Circulation Manager; S.S.S. Vice- President; Latin Club Secretary; Choir Treasurer; Choir Queen; Jr. Class Play; Homecoming Court; Girls ' State; F.T.A. ROSE INZERILLO S.S.S.; Pep Club; Home Ec. Club President; Eagle Feathers Typist; G.A.A. TERRY JENKINS Physics Club; Dance Band; Drama Club Vice-President; Band; Pep Band; French Club; Pep Club; Jr. Class Play. DAVE JENNE " Perk " 33 LINDA JOHNSON S.S.S.; Pep Club; Home Ec. Senior Representative; Varsity Cheerleader; Eagle Feathers Reporter; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader; G.A.A. NANCY JOHNSON " Nance " S.S.S.; Drama Club; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers Reporter; Band; French Club Secretary; Jr. Class Play. LINDA JONES " Bubbles " S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club; Choir; G.A.A. MARCELLA KOLOSCI S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club. WALTER KOONTZ " Dan " Pep Club; E-Men; Band; Baseball; Varsity Football Manager; Library Assistant; Varsity Basketball. YVONNE KOSTKA " V onnie " BARRY LACKOVITCH Varsity Football; Pep Club; Jr. Var- sity Basketball; E-Men; Reserve Foot- ball. BOB LAMBERT " Lamb " Junior Vice-President; Pep Club; E- Men; Varsity Football; Reserve Foot- ball; Varsity Basketball; Track; Audio-Visual. GARY LELOUP " Big G " W restling. MARIAN LECUTA WARREN E. LEWIS " Buffalo " E-Men; Senior Choir Treasurer; Jan- Notes; Boys ' Quarter; Band Vice- President; Dance Band; Pep Band; Varsity Football; Baseball. DENNIS MALLONEE Freshman Student Council Represent- ative; Pep Club; E-Men; Wrestling; Track; Reserve Football; Jr. Var- sity Basketball. BONNIE MALOBOVIC " Luby " Homecoming Court; Pep Club; G.A.A.; Choir; S.S.S. LAWRENCE MARLATT Physics Club; French Club. BEVERLY MARTIN " Merv " F.T.A. Vice-President and Treasurer; Junior and Sophomore Student Coun- cil Representative; Pep Club; Latin Club Treasurer; Jr. Class Play; Eagle Feathers Production Editor. RON MAUPIN Varsity Basketball; Track; Cross Country. CHRISTINE MAZA " Chris " LINDA MCDANIEL " John " S.S.S. ; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club; French Club. BILL McELWEE " Willie " F.T.A.; Drama Club; Latin Club; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers Sports Editor; French Club Treasurer. JEWELL LEE MILLER " Ju-Ju " S.S.S; Drama Club; Pep Club; Choir; Jan-Dozen; Freshman Ensemble; French Club; Jr. Class Play. LINDA GAYLE MILLION S.S.S. ; Home Ec. Club; Choir; Jan- Dozen; Pep Club; Jr. Class Play. ROBERT MINER Freshman Basketball; Audio-Visual. OSCAR MISCHAN Sophomore President; Student Council; E-Men; Track; Jr. Varsity Basketball; Cross Country. ERNEST MITCHELL " Ernie " CLARENCE MOCCO " Bud " Jr. Varsity Basketball; Varsity Bas- ketball; Reserve Football; Choir; Cross Country. JOHN MONTES Spanish Club. AUDREY MOORE G.A.A. Senior Representative; S.S.S.; Pep Club. BRENDA MURRAY Home Ec. Club Junior Representative; S.S.S.; Pep Club. JOHN JAMES NASH " Ceresota " French Club; Jr. Class Play. JOYCE O ' HARA F.T.A.; S.S.S.; Latin Club; Pep Club. 38 PEGGY OWENS F.T.A. Parliamentarian; S.S.S. Presi- dent; Drama Club; Honor Society; Choir; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers Copy Editor; Student Council Secretary; Assistant Director Jr. Class Play; French Club. NICK PAPPAS " Greek " Junior Secretary; Pep Club; Student Council Vice-President; E-Men; Physics Club Vice-President; Var- sity Football Captain; French Club; Track; Spanish Club; Freshman Basketball. 39 WALTER PILNOCK KATHY POE S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Homecoming Queen; Pep Club. TEENA POINTER " Ringo " S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Freshman Ensemble; Pep Club. DEAN G. PONTJERIS " The Greek II” Pep Club; Wrestling; Choir; Golf. KATHY POWELL S.S.S.; Pep Club; Band; Eagle Feathers Exchange Editor. VERA RAST S.S.S.; French Club; Latin Club. V LYNN ANN ROGERS S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Choir. ROSEMARY SAFSTROM Home Ec. Club Senior Represent- ative. CATHERINE ADELLE SANDERS Eagle Feathers Reporter; Jr. Class Play; F.T.A.; Choir; Pep Club; Drama Club; S.S.S. JOANN SANDUSKY " Jo " S.S.S. ; Home Ec. Club. CHERYL SMITH " Cherie " Stu dent Council; S.S.S.; Latin Club Presi- dent; French Club President; Loyalty Committee; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers Art Editor; Jr. Class Play. PATRICIA SOHOVICH " Pat " Homecoming Court; Pep Club; S.S.S.; G.A.A.; Varsity Cheerleader; Home Ec. Club Treasurer; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader. LEONARD J. SORIA " King Leonardo " Senior Vice-President; Junior Stu- dent Council Representative; Honor Society Vice-President; Pep Club; E-Men; Track; Reserve Football; Varsity Basketball; Cross Coun- try Captain; Boys ' State; Spanish Club; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football. PATRICIA STOKES " Pat " Freshman Cheerleader; French Club; Pep Club; S.S.S. MARLA STOUT S.S.S. ; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers Feature Editor. GLORIA STREETMAN " Streetcar " G.A.A. President; Pep Club; S.S.S. Secretary; Home Ec. Club; F.T.A.; Drama Club; Student Council; Choir; Jan-Notes; Jan-Dozen; Loyalty Com- mittee; Edisonian Business Manager; Eagle Feathers Reporter; Sweet- heart Court. JAMES STRINE " Jim " ROBERT SUCHKA " Bob " Wrestling; Freshman Basketball. SANDRA SWEENEY " Sandy " Sophomore Treasurer; Freshman Secretary; Pep Club; S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club President. ROSEMARY SZOSTEK " Fairy " Jr. Class Play; F.T.A.; S.S.S.; Drama Club; Pep Club, Choir; Jan-Dozen; Jan-Notes; Janettes. CHERRIE TAYLOR DAVE THARP LLOYD UHLS Band, Pep Band; Dance Band; Track; Jr. Varsity Basketball. CAROL URBAN Eagle Feathers Editor; F.T.A. Sec- retary; Pep Club; Honor Society Treasurer; Latin Club Vice- President; S.S.S.; Girls ' State; Jr. Class Play. 43 DIANE WILLIS S.S.S.; Home Ec. Club; Pep Club; Choir; Jan-Dozen; Choir Queen. PATSY WINKLES " Twinkle Pig " S.S.S.; Pep Club; Choir; G.A.A. CAROL WINKOWSKI NANCY WIXON Honor Society; Latin Club; Pep Club; Eagle Feathers News Editor; Band; Girls ' State Alternate. 44 45 Best Most Most Model Most Likely Appearance Sincere Athletic Senior To Succeed A1 Alvarado Bill McElwee Craig Courtney Jim Frost Dan Babarik Kathy Poe Betty Gurband Gloria Streetman Ruth Hyden Laura Chance BEST DANCER MOST HUMOROUS MOST DEPENDABLE BEST PERSONALITY MOST MUSICAL Willy Batista Bonnie Malobovic Dan Koontz Linda Jones Leonard Soria Carol Urban Bob Lambert Pam Anderson Warren Lewis Rosemary Szostek junior C ) ic er J Tamara Jenkins - Treasurer Kathy Rosser - Secretary John Stetler - President, Tom Jones - Vice- President Dennis Shawver - Student Council Representative, Judy Campbell - Student Council Representative uniord William Allen James Anderson Harry Andres Donn Anthony William Arden Judy Bailey Sandra Ball Larry Ballard Glenda Bannister Jim Barbknecht Marilyn Barth Deborah Baumeister Randall Benedict Lana Bennell Mike Binko Sara Blair Pamela Blatz Dorothy Boswell Doris Branshaw Paulette Brown Martha Bucher Joyce Campbell Judy Campbell Denise Carr Beverly Carter Larry Cates James Christakis Clifford Cichowlaz Roger Cochran Steve Cochran Nancy Coffman John Cotten Dave Cox Judy Cox Judy Davis Lois Davis 51 uniord Jim Deemer George Dragash Clem East Lucille Ellis Rebecca Emsweiller Brenda Faurote Carl Fazekas Gloria Fisher Tom Frame Charles Frencl Shelly Galovic Susan Garrard Terry George Carolyn Gilmore Belinda Golden Mary Green Shirley Green Eddie Guess Thomas Hack Michelle Haddad Lois Hardt Rebecca Harker Bill Harness Jim Harwood William Hawkins Linda Hendrickson Sheralyn Hill Julian Hinkle Terry Hodge Robert Hoffman Linda Holt Pat Hook Terry Hornyak Robert Hulse Gary Hunter Sue Hursey • 52 uniorS Kathy Jackowicz Charles Jackson John Jackson Tamara Jenkins Ruth Johnson Dave Jones Tom Jone s Bernadette Kapica Annie Karagianidis Susan Keilman Edward Kociara Joseph Kostka Linda Koziol Diana Kromgols Linda Larimore Alan Lehto Janice Lindsey Barbara Littell Peggy Little Larry Mahns Dennis Martin James Martin Rose Marie Maza Cynthia McAllister Ron McDaniels Sharon McDonald Molly McGaughey Carl Miller Daniel Mock Margaret Moore Richard Northam Dennis Nush Connie O ' Hara Timothy Olson Steve Osden Virginia Paxton 53 uniord Mary Lou Payne Carlene Polk Paul Pronze Dennis Rafferty Bill Ramsay Linda Reatherford Tatjana Resczenko Danny Reynolds Steve Rodrick Robert Ronk Garland Rose Barbara Rosser Kathleen Rosser Eddie Sanders Roberta Sanders Charles Scanlon Marilyn Scasney Mary Lou Scasney Howard Schwartz Dennis Shawver Alice Shepard Clifford Shimer James Simmons Fred Smith Brenda Spain Stephie Spanopoulos Lillian Spencer John Stetler Sharon Strinchak Bradley Suchka Judith Szostek Robert Szparaga Pete Vargas Clark Vaughn Paula Waggoner Gay Watkins 54 uniorA Raymond Wedge James Werner Walter Wesley Dennis Westmoreland Grace Wilson Mike Witka James Wixon Mary Anne Woynaroski Linda Young Rosanne Zellers NOT PICTURED: Henry Borman, Ellen Quarnstrom Another riotous lunch hour. Hear no evil 55 op ho m ore Off: cers Fred Holt - President Kay Polk - Vice-President Jennifer Blystone - Secretary Pat Mosier - Treasurer Ruth Smeltzer - Student Council Repre- sentative, Jim Demetriou - Student Council Representative 56 omores Linda Adamik Vicky Ails Barbara Allen Kensey Alsman Rita Alvarado Alexander Anderson Terry Anderson Vicky Anderson Michael Argyelan Elijah Armes Rodney Ball Catherine Barajas Michael Bernier John Binkley Leonard Bledsoe Charmain Bliss Jennifer Blystone James Bona David Borisenko Deanna Borisenko Dennis Brechner Robert Brown Terry Brown Barry Bryant Michael Buchanan Sarah Cheneler Christine Christakis Larry Click Mary Lou Cochran James Cotton John Cripliver Michael Cromwell Caroline Czilli Sam D ' Aloisio Kerry Dalzotto David Davis 57 o mores Karen Davis Ken Davis Thomas Deemer Jim Demetriou Gloria Derado Shairy Dillard Ed Ducca Georgia Dumis Patrice Dwyer Tom Ellis Millie Emswiller Deborah Fontenot Sandra Franks Grace Gaddis Jeff Gadzala Merry Galovic Judy Gaza Kenneth George Howard Glover Janice Goldsmith Bob Goodpaster Sharon Gossett Leslie Gregory Elaine Groves Joseph Haas Walter Handley Linda Hansen Dan Harty Diane Havens Gary Heims Wendy Hodges Linda Hoefflicker Fred Holt Pam Hornyak Charlynn Hoyt Karron Huber 58 k o moreA Robert Hughes Lena Humphrey Jon Hursey Patrick Hursey Sandy Inzerillo Paulette Jacob Bill Jenkins Edward Johnson David Kado Donald Kado Ronald Kasparek Harold Kingery Larry Kludt Joe Kobylinski Marlene Koenig Nancy Korpak Bruce Kyncy Charlene Lancaster Coleen Lancaster Wendy Lee Janet Lewis Ellen Long Ike Long Bob Lundy Maria Malobov ic Linda Marlatt Robert Martin Anita Mascher Steve Mast Lynn Mattingly David McDaniel Linda McLoughlin Greg Meeks Carley Miller Derrill Minard John Mitchell 59 It omoreA Elizabeth Mize Barbara Moore Donna Morrill Pat Mosier Cynthia Mulcahey Robert Needs Ronald Nicholson Angie Novkovic Myra Novakovic Deborh Odar Thomas Olson Connie Owens Jackie Patton Linda Paulk Peggy Paxton Sally Phillippe Kay Polk Bill Price Demetria Psagrelli Carolyn Puskac Laura Rast C. R. Reames Pamela Remaley Brenda Resczenko Brenda Riley William Robey Irene Rogala Dale Rosendaul Richard Rubino Judy Ryan Mary Ryan Richard Saf strom Glenn Sanders Ruth Schmelzer Roxie Shadrix Bruce Shimel 60 op ho more Shirley Shimer Bradley Shotts David Silverthom Stanley Simmons Dwight Smith Patty Smith Sharon Sodomka Cheryl Sparks Pete Sotak Craig Spiering Harriet Springman Linda Springman Lynda Strine Susan Swallow Mary Swanson Bill Szwajkowski John Tharp Roger Todd Margaret Todosijevich Ralph Trujuillo Donald Uhls Dennis Viar Cary Vickery Sophia Vujakovic Margaret Wahlman Priscilla Wedge Alice Williams Vicky Williamson Archie Wineinger Elaine Winkles Jerry Woodard Carlos Yanez Joseph Zinkovich NOT PICTURED: Mary Bonner, Edwin Borman, Mary Climber, Bradly Downs, Roberta Geiselman, Charles Owen, Tom Sparks, Charles Strader, James Sturgell, Gary Zerza. 6 3 res h m an CL Of i cers Rich Kadish- President Don Barringer-Vice-President men Lloyd Alsman Denise Anton Chester Arington Alan Bacon Lynn Ballard Jean Bannister Ray Barbknect Richard Beattie Garrett Belt Jim Bennell Paulette Binko Jeffrey Blatz Christine Bobrowski Pam Breckman Dale Broadway Ronald Burks Sarah Cambe Bonnie Campbell Cindy Carnegie Gail Carr John Carrigan Susie Carter Steve Chance Don Clasen Catherine Clawson Glenn Cole Mike Comstock Sally Coppinger Laura Crader David Cretton Arlene Cromwell Darrell Cudney Karen Curtis Carol Dahlstrom Thomas Daily Larry D ' Aloisio 64 men Duane Davis Mary Davis Dan Dehaven Diana Dignin Robin Dillard Tim Dixon James Dover Thomas Dowell Jr. Diane Dranchak Mike Eads David Early Susan East Mike Eddy Ray Edmai ston Pat Farley Linda Fazekas Kathy Flannigan Robert Foster Robert Frencl Judy Furgerson Kathy Garzella Joe Goldsmith Randy Goldsmith Diana Goodwin Don Grant Emily Gregory Stephen Haddad Kay Hagan Marie Handley Dennis Haner Charlene Harker Carol Harmon Elizabeth Harmon Linda Harness Cathy Hartley Esther Havrilesko 65 m en Bob Havrilla Sandy Hawkins Sheila Hendrickson Wayne Hill Jim Hoffman Johnna Hornyak Diane Hreha Julia Hunter Kevin Hursey Gary Ingram David Johnson Kenton Johnson Myrna Johnson Rich Kadish Jean Kennedy Derek Kent Tony Kolosci Nina Korpak Tim Kosinski Karla Kunert Bob Kurpis Mike Lehoskey Alan Lerch Kay Lewis Tom Littlefield Mary Manns Arthur Martin Gary McDonald Bill McGlothin Francis Meister Julius Mendelson Dapny Mercier Diane Mercier David Miller Dolores Miller Terry Mischan 66 J re$ h m en Maureen Mosler Larry Mundy Janice Myers Nancy Myers Sue Napier Richard Neal Chris Nicoles Nancy Owens Terry Parkhurst Sally Pasley Tom Patterson Kim Perez Mike Perrine Pat Pierce Mike Pilnock Debbie Powell Judy Ramsey Sue Rebeck Bob Ring Nancy Robrick Mary Rogala Sandy Rosser Perry Ryan Harold Saffrahn Charles Scheuer John Scott Donna Sebben Clare Shepard Bonnie Sinks Debbie Smith Karen Steinmetz John Stenzinger Donna Stevers Roger Stucker Ann Swallow Marilyn Tetarchik 67 m en Roberta Thome Carol Underwood Tom Urbanik Linda Vale Debbie Vaughn Bill Waggle Terry Watkins Janie Weaver Rebecca West David Williamson Brenda Willis Dennis Willis Linda Willis Pat Witka Cherry Wooten Sandy Wrona NOT PICTURED: Renita Amiotte, Sandra Arms, Don Michelle Flores, Terry Foster, Bruce Gibson, Larry Barringer, Nikki Blystone, Don Borman, Frank Burnett, Betty Garter, Kolopanis, Karl Malobovic, Mac Medow, Mary Sparks, Vincent Vaccaro. 68 Or (j a niz a lions 69 Gloria Streetman Business Manager Ruth Hyden Circulation Manager £1 i s o n i an Staff Laura Chance Editor Linda Bergstrom Assistant Editor The staff hard at work. Pat Hack Page Editor £aJe 3 e ci tli ers teii ' llkM Bill McElwee - Sports Editor, Bev Martin - Production Manager Marla Stout - Feature Editor, Kathy Powell - Exchange Editor, Rose Inzerillo - Typist Rae Bildilli - Circulation Manager, Nancy Wixon - News Editor, Peggy Owens - Page Editor Janet Arden - Assistant Editor, Cherie Smith - Art Editor, Carol Urban - Editor 71 BACK ROW: Bill Waggle, Alice Shepard, Ray Edmaiston, Bill Price, Dale Rosendaul, Warren Lewis, Chester Arrington, Tim Dixon, John Cripliver, Steve Chance, Terry Brown, Terry Jenkins; FOURTH ROW: Steve Mast, Donald Uhls, Kerry Dalzatto, Mike Lehoskey, Roseann Zellers, Dennis Martin, Lloyd Uhls, Bob Havrilla, Rick Neal, Sue Keilman, Steve Rodrick, Mike Perrine, John Cotten, Bruce Shimel, Jim Bennell, Jane Carter, Larry Burton; THIRD ROW: Arlene Cromwell, Gay Watkins, Nancy Johnson, Pam Breckman, Dave Johnson, Tom Littlefield, Sandy Wrona, Sue Carter, Kenton Johnson, Ray Barbknecht, Jay Mendelsohn, Dennis Viar, Terry Watkins, John Carrigan, Mike Argyelan; SECOND ROW: Flemmon Cochran, Charlotte Brown, Judy Ramsay, Mary Ann Woynaroski, Bonnie Campbell, Julian Hinkle, Bob Ring, Laura Crader, Ruth Johnson, Clare Shepard, Kathy Flannigan; FIRST ROW: Belinda Golden, Joyce Campbell, Laura Chance, Larry Cates, Esther Havrilesko, Judy Campbell, Brenda Faurote, Paula Waggoner. The Senior Band, which boasted over sixty members this year, began the school year by presenting pre-game and halftime shows for home football games. The next event of the year was a hayride and party held for band members and their dates. Another band party, sponsored by the Band Boosters, was held in the spring. W ith the advent of the second semester, the band left its crowded quarters in the old band room and moved into the new portable building at the north side of the main building. Each band member entered District Solo and Ensemble Contest, and three ensembles and the Dance Band competed in State Contest where they each received a second-place rating. Among the most important events of the year were band contest in April and the concerts held in the fall, winter, and spring of the year. 73 B..J Offt c e rs Joyce Campbell, Secretary; Warren Lewis, Vice- President; Belinda Golden, Treasurer; Larry Burton, President. ajorettei Brenda Faurote, Ruth Johnson, Esther Havrilesko, Sue Carter, Judy Ramsay. TOP ROW: Gloria Streetman, Sue Denny, Betty Gurband, Nancy Korpak, John Cotten, Bob Lundy, L ynn Mattingly, Jim Frost, Rodney Ball; FOURTH ROW: Tami Jenkins, Marilyn Barth, Maria Malobovic, Carolyn Cretton, Dan Reynolds, Ken Davis, Fred Smith, Andy Petro, Pat Hursey, John Stetler; THIRD ROW: Judy Ryan, Judy Cox, Ruth Hyden, Alice Williams, Pam Remaley, Carlos Yanez, John Mitchell, Jim Christakis, Dale Ellis, Robert Safstrom; SECOND ROW: Adelle Sanders, Connie O ' Hara, Merry Galovic, Kay Polk, Sharon Strinchak, Bonnie Malobovic, Elaine Groves, Cathy Jackowicz, Carlene Polk; FIRST ROW: Cherie Taylor, Sandi Inzerillo, Lana Bennell, Linda Hoefflicker, Lillian Spencer, Diane Willis, Grace Gaddis, Linda Million, Ruth Schmelzer. 76 Choir TOP ROW: Bud Mocco, George Dragash, Ed Grinder, Dennis Viar, Warren Lewis, Linda Paulk, Sheryl Funkhouser, Glenda Bannister, Lucille Ellis, Jewell Miller; FOURTH ROW: Barney O ' Neil, Tom Urbanik, Billy Allen, Steve Cochran, Jimmy Martin, Terry George, Deanna Borisenko, Teena Pointer, Vicky Williamson, Rosemary Szostek; THIRD ROW: Jon Hursey, Bob Goodpaster, Robert Hughs, Tom Olson, Sam D ' Aloisio, Mike Argyelan, Jerry Woodard, Ellen Long, Brenda Spain, Tatsy Resczenko; SECOND ROW: Molly McGaughey, Margie Wahlman, Shelby West, Marilyn Scasney, Sherry Havens, Diana Havens, Jennifer Blystone, Patty Mosier, Janet Lewis; FIRST ROW: Cindy McAllister, Wendy Hodges, Shelly Galovic, Sharon McDonald, Linda McLoughlin, Paulette Jacob, Margaret Moore, Sharon Cambe, Charlynn Hoyt. u n i or TOP ROW: Dale Broadway, AI Martin, Larry Mundy, Terry Mischan, Don Barringer; THIRD ROW: Denise Anton, Sue Napier, Pat Witka, Terry Foster, Dwayne Davis; SECOND ROW: Sally Pasley, Cindy Carnegie, Christine Bobrowski, Linda Willis, Kay Hagan; FIRST ROW: Sally Coppinger, Sarah Cambe, Linda Fazekas, Sandy Rosser, Ann Swallow. 78 C h o i r TOP ROW: Kim Perez, Bob Havrilla, Dennis Willis, Dave Early, Wayne Hill; THIRD ROW: Gary McDonald, Dave Cretton, Tom Daily, Cathy Claussen, Carol Dahlstrom; SECOND ROW: Karen Curtis, Diane Dignin, Donna Sebben, Kit Mosier, Becky West; FIRST ROW: Delores Miller, Kay Lewis, Sherry Wooten, Esther Havrilesko, Sherry Harker. 79 oir Off, cerS SENIOR CHOIR: Carolyn Cretton, Treasurer; Warren Lewis, Vice-President; Ed Grinder, President. JUNIOR CHOIR: Terry Mischan, President; Kit Mosier, Treasurer. J 3 Qu artets Warren Lewis, John Cotten, Ed Grinder, Not Pictured: Terry Dennis Viar, Mike Argyelan, Bob Lundy, Not Pictured: Bill Handley Price. oir fins em Inu, R ° d W: Pasley Shelby West Jewe11 M iHer; SIXTH ROW: Ruth Schmelzer, Sue Napier, Betty Gurband, Linda Willis, Brenda Spain, Sue Denny, Esther Havrilesko, Jim Frost; FIFTH ROW: Elaine Groves, Bob Lundy, Denise Anton, Diane Willis, Linda Million, Kit Mosier, Donna Sebben, Ed Grinder, Linda Paulk; FOURTH ROW: Pat Mosier Ken Davis Ann Swallow, Lana Bennell, Shelly Galovic, Delores Miller, Warren Lewis, Deanna Borisenko; THIRD ROW: Charlynn Hoyt, Rosemary Szostek, Sherry Harker, Sherry Wooten, Gloria Streetman, Kay Polk; SECOND ROW: Linda Hoefflicker Merry Galovic, Karen Curtis, Tami Jenkins, Jennifer Blystone; FIRST ROW: Paulette Jacob, Glenda Bannister, Grace ' uadais. 9 81 St u dent Dan Babarik President Nick Pappas Vice-President STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS. First row forward: E. Grinder, J. Campbell, J. Demetriou, C. Courtney, L. Bergstrom, C. Smith; Second row forward: F. Holt, L. Chance, L. Soria, B. Gurband, R. Hyden, G. Streetman; Third row forward: T. Mischan, J. Stetler, J. Frost, P. Owens, R. Schmelzer, P. Pierce, D. Babarik, president. Peggy Owens Don Grant j im Fros t Secretary Parliamentarian Treasurer St udent (do unci f S, r onAorS JJ, om ecomin 9 The Student Council, governing or- ganization of the student body, consists of five officers, a boy and girl representa- tive from each class, and the president of every school organization. The Council forms a link between the students and the faculty. This year the Student Council spon- sored such Homecoming festivities as the annual parade, half-time ceremonies, and the dance. They were also responsible for the distribution of student ' s individual pictures. At the end of the school year, the Student Council was in charge of holding the election of new officers for the school year 1966-67. One of the Student Council ' s duties was to inspect lockers regularly. 83 Jdonor d ocietu inducts Top Row: Dennis Martin, Dan Babarik, Leonard Soria, Larry Cates, Rodney Anderson, Steve Osden; Fourth Row: Carol Urban, Linda Bergstrom, Marla Stout, Belinda Golden; Third Row: Betty Gurband, Cherie Smith, Linda Larimore; Second Row: Michelle Haddad, Nancy Wixon, Peggy Owens, Ruth Hyden; Front Row: Shelley Galovic, Laura Chance, Kathy Rosser, Sue Hursey. 6 m Following the election of offi- cers, the Honor Society held their annual Induction Ceremony. The sixteen new members were chosen on the basis of their character, scholarship, service and leadership. The closing activity of the year was a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. Honor Society Officers: Ruth Hyden, Secre- tary; Carol Urban, T reasu rer; Linda Bergstrom, President; Leonard Soria, Vice- President. 84 PEP CLUB OFFICERS Margaret Todosijevic Secretary Nancy Coffman Vice-President Betty Gurband President Carlene Polk Treasurer oCo if a it if Co m mi tt mmici ee Working hard on a poster for Spirit Week are Gloria Streetman, Judy Campbell, Ruth Schmelzer, Leonard Soria, Betty Gurband, and Cherie Smith. in e S, ocie t S.S.S. OFFICERS Carolyn Cretton, Treasurer; Kay Polk, Secretary; Linda Larimore, Vice-Pres- ident; Peggy Owens, President. s. s. s. (Over 200 HYj emLerS CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Charlotte Brown, Senior; Denise Anton, Freshman; Cathy Jackowicz, Junior. Not pictured: Grace Gaddis, Sophomore. The Sunshine Society, a non-prof- it organization, had the largest mem- bership in its history at E.H.S. this year. Among the service projects of the year were charity drives for the March of Dimes, Cancer Fund, and Easter Seal Drive in which club members participated. Also Christ- mas Cheer Baskets, containing gro- ceries, were sent to twenty-five needy families in East Gary. The S.S.S. held its annual Sweet- heart Dance on February 19, 1966, for club members and their escorts. Linda Johnson was crowned Sweet- heart Queen. 86 Mo m e Home Ec. Club Officers: Rae Bildilli, Treasurer; Cathy Hartley, Vice-Pres- ident; Nancy Myers, Secretary; Sandra Sweeny, President. JJomemaherA o omorrow After the election of offi- cers and representatives, the Home Economics Club plunged into their first project of the year, the selling of Homecom- ing mums. With the Christmas season, Home Ec. members spread yuletide cheer by mak- ing stuffed animals for the chil- dren at the crippled children ' s homes of East Gary. Concluding the year, the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors treated the seniors to dinner. Class Representatives: Rosemary Safstrom, Ann Swallow, Mary Payne, Cheryl Sparks, Karen Davis, Shelly Galovic, Linda Johnson, and Arlene Cromwell. 87 TOP ROW: C. Jackowicz, C. Polk, K. Steinmetz, B. Willis, L. Bennell, N. Coffman, S. Hursey, S. Spanopoulos; FOURTH ROW: B. Dixon, B. Gurband, P. Anderson, N. Korpak, J. Ramsay, D. Anton, K. Rosser, K. Mosier, E. Havrilesko; THIRD ROW: L. Springman, L. Adamik, P. Little, G. Derado, P. Mosier, L. Hoefflicker, K. Polk, K. Lewis, L. Willis; SECOND ROW: K. Kunert, L. Jones, S. Rosser, C. Czilli, M. Galovic, I. Rogula, D. Odar; FIRST ROW: S. Eenny, A. Moore, G. Streetman, N. Blystone, L. Baulk, J. Bannister, A. Cromwell, P. Jacob. CLASS REPRESENTATIVE: Marilyn Tetarchik, Freshman G.A.A. OFFICERS: Pat Mosier, Treasurer; Linda Paulk, Representative; Peggy Little, Junior Representative; Gloria Secretary; Stephie Spanopoulos, Vice-President; Gloria Derado, Sophomore Representative; Audrey Moore, Senior Streetman, President. Representative. TOP ROW: L. Hardt, R. Zellers, B, Kapica, S. Hill, C. Owens, S. Shimer, P. Hornyak, M. Swanson; FOURTH ROW: S. Napier, S. Rebeck, M. Rogula, G. Carr, D. Goodwin, D. Hreha, D. Stevers, S. Green, S. Dillard; THIRD ROW: P. Breckman, L. Vale, S. East, S. Carter, J. Myers, N. Myers, L. Marlatt, J. Gaza, J. Ryan; SECOND ROW: P. Pierce, P edge, J. Patton, N. Owens, D. Powell, P. Farley, K. Huber, L. Humphrey, A. Novkovic; FIRST ROW: K. Curtis, D.’ Vaughn, M. Tetarchik, L. Fazekas, C. Carnegie, A Swallow, K. Hagan, P. Dwyer, S Inzerillo. Q. -J. -A. Wo it .Jcti ve O, rcjaniz aiion tit .At £ J4. S. This year the most active organization at Edison was the G.A.A. Their mem- bership totaled 114. Among the activities that were offered to the members were: softball, basketball, tumbling, volleyball, dancing, gymnastics, field hockey, and field and track. The Fall Leadership Camp, held on Oct. 2 and 3, opened the 1965-66 school year for the G.A.A. Attending this camp were the president and the vice-presi- dent. The first annual class tournament was the next important activity of the year. The seniors were the tournament champs. Included in this activity was the crowning of Mr. G.A.A., Lenny Soria. Paulette Jacob took first place for even parallel bars and second place for tree exercise at the State Gymnastics meet at Ball State University. The Mother- Daughter Awards Banquet was the closing activity for the school year. 89 OFFICERS: Belinda Golden, Secretary; Bev Martin, Vice-President; Bernadette Kapica, Librarian; Laura Chance, President; Linda Bergstrom, Treasurer; Rae Bildilli, Historian. The Future Teachers of America is a club whose purpose is the promo- tion of teaching as a career. This year five members participated in the annual student teaching program. These aspiring teachers were given a first-hand look at teaching through observation and actual practice in elementary and junior high classes. As its money-making project, the F.T.A. sponsored a computer dance which was held at the end of the year. The profit from this dance was given as a scholarship to a worthy senior who was planning on going into teaching. Left to right: Rodney Anderson, Secretary; Larry Mariatt, member; Dan Babarik, President; Terry Jenkins, member; Don Grant, Sergeant at Arms; Tom Dyer, Treasurer, This year, the Physics Club sponsored the annual Roaring Twenties Dance, which was held on March 25. The only other activity was their club trip taken with the Honor Society to the Fields Museum and to the Museum of Science and Industry. The Roaring Twenties Dance OFFICERS: Linda Adamik, Secretary; Shelly Galovic, Vice-President; Flem Cochran, President; Gay Watkins, Treasurer. cu The Drama Club ' s main activity this year was the presentation of a Christmas skit for a school assembly At regular meetings, much time is devoted to individual work such as reading of monologues, portrayals of well-known characters, groups in pan- tomine, and groups in choral reading. Using the skills learned at the meetings, Drama Club members pre- pared a program consisting of mono- logues, pantomines, and choral read- ing for two local organizations. Cast for the Christinas skit practice their lines. 92 3 ren c k CU This year, along with the other clubs established at EHS, the French Club was reorganized. The first meetings were devoted to drawing up a constitution and the election of officers. The officers were President, Cherie Smith; Vice-Pres- ident, Michelle Haddad, Treasurer, Bill McElwee; Secretary, Nancy Johnson; and Sergeant-at- Arms, Judy Campbell. Soon after the reor- ganization of the club this year, it was disbanded due to the loss of the sponsor. Michelle Haddad, Judy Campbell, Bill McElwee, Cherie Smith, Nancy Johnson. " When in Rome. . . The Latin Club, which consists of all Latin I and Latin II members, ended the school year by holding a Roman banquet at which everyone dressed as the ancient Romans. First year Latin students acted as slaves and served the food which was of the type eaten in Roman days. OFFICERS: Barry Bryant, Secretary; Debbie Odar, Treasurer; Ruth Schmelzer, President; Nancy Korpak, Vice-President. s, an id , CM W a Led in at a Jo, Orphan a 9 ' This year the Spanish Club held two meetings a month. The first meetings were held to deter- mine business matters, and the second was used for planning so- cial events. The first project which was undertaken by Spanish Club mem- bers was a faculty tea which was given for Edison ' s faculty. With the coming of Christmas, mem- bers made a pinata which was later given to an orphanage. In February, members journeyed to Chicago to see a performance given by Jose Greco. As their money-making project of the year, members sponsored a roller skat- ing party which was held in April. OFFICERS: Merry Galovic, Vice-President; Anita Mascher, President; Denise Anton, Secretary; Ralph Trujuillo, Treasurer, Rich Rubino, Sergeant-at-Arms; A1 Martin, Historian. s. aence Nikki Bly stone, President; Sandy Rosser, Vice-President; Nina Korpak, Treasurer; Judy Ramsay, Secretary €M y) ri CU taLliilied at CMS Newly organized ihis year was the Art Club under the direction of our art instructor, Mrs. Parker. The Art Club is a service club available to anyone re- questing the talents of its members. The Art Club is responsib le for dis- playing a picture in the foyer each week. This art work represents the best of the artistic ability of the art classes. The Art Club also participated in a fashion drawing contest sponsored by H. Gordon and Sons of Gary. The winner received a $25 bond. u n i or a rs i 1 1 V a nit y Paulette Jacob Jennifer Blystone Kay Polk Pat Mosier Sue Hursey Tamara Jenkins Kathy Rosser Linda Johnson Not Pictured: Stephie Spanopoulos TOP ROW: Coach Zelenick, Rich Kadish, Rich Rubino, Fred Holt, Dan Babarik, Warren Lewis, Bill Harness Coach Klein; THIRD ROW: Dan Koontz, Carley Miller, Larry Ballard, Gary Hunter, Bob Martin, Dan Mock ’ Dave Cox, John Stetler, Mike Argyelan; SECOND ROW: Dan Mercier, Nick Farrar, John Jackson, Jim Deemer, Roger Todd, C. R. Reams, Mike Witka; FIRST ROW: Dennis Shawver, Wayne Groves, Nick Pappas Craig Courtney, Walt Wesley, Jim Barbknecht, Bob Lambert. A tUl 1965 Football Season Gary Edison Eagles 7 Opponent 6 Wirt 7 19 Highland 12 0 River Forest 0 13 Chesterton 7 46 C alumet 6 32 Lowell 12 6 Merrillville 6 20 Portage 13 9 99 s. cjCett enior ermen Craig Courtney Co-Captain Warren Lewis Bob Lambert Wayne Groves Nick Pappas Co-Captain RESERVE FOOTBALL: Dennis Shawver, Derrill Minard, John Cotten, Carley Miller, Don Glorioso, Chuck Scheuer; THIRD ROW: Dan Koontz, Jim Deemer, Derek Kent, Dave Johnson, Ray Barbknecht, Dan Mercier; SECOND ROW: Coach Fritz, Jim Bennell, Ray Edmaiston, Pat Witka, Roger Todd, Bob Martin; FIRST ROW- Pete Vargas, C. R. Reams, Mike Witka, Gary Hunter, Bill Harness. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: TOP ROW: Derek Kent, Ray Barbknecht, Dave Johnson, Chuck Scheuer; FIRST ROW : Dan Mercier, Jim Bennell, Ray Edmaiston, Pat Witka, Coach Fritz. 101 Left to right: Roger Fisher, Harry Andres, Jim Frost, Craig Courtney, Dennis Nush, Dan Koontz, Bud Mocco, Dennis Shawver, John Stetler, Dave Cox, Ron Maupin, Len Soria, Clifford Shimer. Center: Coach Hartley. 1965-66 Basketball Season Munster Eagles 84 Opponent — m — Hobart 65 64 Crown Point 62 68 Calumet 58 82 Wirt 72 66 Horace Mann 73 66 Holiday Tourney Portage 72 70 Andrean 75 93 Portage 66 88 Andrean 75 78 Highland 85 80 Gary Edison 91 96 Lowell 81 79 Dyer 73 74 River Forest 63 55 St. Mary’s 88 83 Chesterton 61 79 Griffith 54 67 Merrillville 89 91 Sectionals Lew Wallace 83 91 103 uni o r IJ ar 5 it an d jJ r ed h m an (fdaA L et b aff TOP ROW: Gary Zerza, Carley Miller, Rich Rubino, Carlos Yanez, Graham Baker, Coach Klein; MIDDLE ROW: Kensey Alsman, Craig Spiering, Ralph Trujuillo, Buster Wineinger; FRONT ROW: Derrill Minard, Fred Holt, Greg Meeks. TOP ROW: Bob Havrilla, Derek Kent, Mike Eddy, Bob Ring, Garret Belt, Coach Betancourt; MIDDLE ROW: Chuck Scheuer, A1 Martin, Gary Ingram, Dan DeHaven, Tom Patterson; FRONT ROW: Larry Mundy, Jim Bennell, Mike Pilnock. ’ s cti on Standing: Coach Halashak, Leonard Soria, Julian Hinkle, Ron Maupin, Bud Mocco, John Stetler, Jim Frost, Rich Kadish, Dennis Martin, Dan Reynolds, Steve Osden, Coach Floyd; Middle Row: Willy Batista, Dave Johnson, Wayne Groves, Bob Lambert, Dave Cox, Tom Littlefield, Ray Barbknecht, Jim Demetriou; Front Row: Steve Chance, Pat Witka, Jay Mendlesohn, Jim Cotten, Terry Watkins, Kevin Hursey. Lettermen, Back Row: Julian Hinkle, Ron Maupin, Bud Mocco; Middle Row:, Wayne Groves, Bob Lambert, Len Soria, Jim Frost; Front Row: Dave Cox, John Stetler, Willy Batista. 108 The 1966 track season found many individual achievements. Three rec- ords were rewritten: Jim Frost, with a northern Indiana record in the pole vault— 13 ' 2 1 2”. Jim finished his high school career by winning the con- ference and sectional pole vault contests. Bob Lambert established a new record in the low hurdles - -21,8 seconds. Rich Kadish also did well with a divisional win in the shot put of 49 ' 1”. Back Row: Coach Fritz, Rich Rubino, Roger Fisher, Tom Dyer, Dennis Shawver, Greg Meeks, Dan Mock, Eddie Sanders, Coach Hartley; Middle Row: Clifford Shimer, Warren Lewis, Alan Lehto, Buster Wineinger, Gary LeLoup, Bill Harness, Terry Hodge, Bill Allen; First Row: Don Anthony, Fred Holt, Joe Haas, Gary Hunter, Dan Babarik, C. R. Reams, Ralph Trujuillo, Jim Martin. 1966 Baseball Season Griffith Lew Wallace Wirt Calumet Dyer Chesterton Crown Point Portage Merrillville Lowell Gary Edison Highland Opponent 2 9 0 11 30 5 6 6 8 5 6 5 Eagles 1 0 3 7 0 11 0 7 2 1 15 8 Reserve Baseball. Top Row: Coach Fritz, Ray Edmaiston, Joe Kobylinski, Steve Mast; Fourth Row: Bob Ring, Bill Waggle, Chuck Scheuer; Third Row: Dan De Haven, Randy Goldsmith, Derek Kent; Second Row: Tom Patterson, Gary Ingram, Jim Bennell; First Row: Larry Mundy, Pat Hursey, A1 Martin. 109 Standing: Coach Fritz, Mike Argyelan, Steve Osden, Pat Witka, JuUan Hinkle, Willy Batista, John Jackson, Larry Reynolds, Nick Farrar, Terry Watkins, Rich Kadish, John Binkley. Kneeling: Chester Arington, Dave Johnson, Ray Edmaiston, Ray Barbknecht, Steve Cochran, Gerry Biernat, Roger Todd, Carl Fazekas, Tom Littlefield. Co-captains Larry Ballard and Larry Burton demonstrate a wrestling hold called the Guillotine. % Pictured below are Sectional winners: Steve Osden, 112 pound class, third place; Julian Hinkle, 133 pound class, second place; Larry Ballard, 165 pound class, first place; John Jackson, 154 pound class, fourth place. Ballard went on to the regionals in East Chicago where he placed fourth. 1965-66 Wrestling Season Eagles Opponent Gary Edison 10 44 Griffith 17 34 River Forest 17 29 C alumet 35 23 Crown Point 18 29 Portage 11 31 Merrillville 11 30 Emerson 16 38 1 10 1 1 1 1 12 Homecoming Skit Ruth Hyden escorted by A1 Alvarado Bonnie Malobovic escorted by Joe Mock Carolyn Cretton escorted by Dan Koontz Kathy Poe escorted by Leonard Soria Pat Sohovich escorted by A1 Krabbenhoeft 114 J4 omecomin 9 Q, ueen an d Cdo art Carolyn Cretton, fourth runner-up; Pat Sohovich, third runner-up; Ruth Hyden, first runner-up. runner-up; Kathy Poe, Homecoming Queen; Bonnie Malobovic, second 1 16 Ruth Hyden escorted by Wayne Groves, Bonnie Malobovic escorted by Joe Mock, Queen Kathy Poe escorted by Craig Courtney, Pat Sohovich escorted by A1 Krabbenhoeft, and Carolyn Cretton escorted by Jim Meeks. oar in 5 , wen tied Willy Batista and Etta Martin, winners of the The line-up at Nitty ' s Warehouse, fast-dance contest, received record albums as prizes. Another gangland murder. Hey Homer, get the bucket! ante Physics Club President, Dan Babarik, pre- sents a dozen roses to Sharon Strinchak, Physics Club Sweetheart. Follow the leader The Backbeats provided the musical background for the evening. Congratulations, Sharon! oir The Choir Christmas Dance was held December 18. Seniors Jim Frost and Diane Willis were chosen as king and queen. 120 Sweetheart (a ueen an J Co art STANDING: Maureen Mosier, freshman; Sue Hursey, junior; Charlotte Brown, first runner-up; Ruth Schmelzer, sophomore; Patsy Winkles, second runner-up; SEATED: Linda Johnson, Sweetheart Queen. 121 Charlotte Brown escorted by Dan Grusak; Patsy Winkles escorted by Bob Lambert; Queen Linda Johnson escorted by Brad Lieble; Sue Hursey escorted by Tom Jones; Ruth Schmelzer escorted by Fred Holt; Kit Mosier escorted by A1 Martin. Standing: Terry Jenkins, Larry Cates, Mike Witka, Steve Cochran, George Dragash; Seated: Nancy Coffman, Lucille Ellis, Belinda Golden, Shelley Galovic, Glenda Bannister, Stephi Spanopoulos, Pam Blatz, Steve Osden. The Junior Class Play, entitled Clementine, was presented under the direction of Mr. Harry Whitby. Itwas a story of a tomboy and the problems she created. The cast consisted of: Shelley Galovic Paula Waggoner . Belinda Golden . . Larry Cates . . . Lucille Ellis . . . Mike Witka .... Steve Cochran . . Steve Osden . . , George Dragash . Stephi Spanopoulos Pam Blatz . . , Glenda Bannister 124 Nancy Coffman . . . . Clementine Kelley Mary Kelley Gerald Kelley Bertha, the maid Abe Carter, the handyman Hank Matthews Pete . Tubby .... Jane Ann Ann McNeil Miss Pringle Cathy 1 s, en lor Gloria Streetman Leonard Soria Lloyd Uhls Terry Jenkins Activities Activities Band Band Physical Education Laura Chance Salutatorian Marla Stout Valedictorian D.A.R. Business Education Pam Anderson American Legion Jim Frost American Legion Craig Courtney Outstanding Athlete ' Carol Urban Journalism wci r Carolyn Gibson Choir Terry Handley Choir Warren Lewis Choir Sherian Havens Betty Crocker Award Betty Gurband Choir Typing Rae Bildilli Home Economics Ed Grinder Choir Sandy Sweeney Home Economics Kathy Powell Typing Don Grant Math- Physics Award Girl and Boy Staters. Ruth Hyden, Pam Anderson, Carol Urban, Craig Courtney, Leonard Soria. i Commencement Speaker Rev. Charles H. Banet The thirty-third annual commencement ex- ercises of Edison High School was held Thurs- day, May 26, at 8:00. A class of 117 seniors received their diplomas. The class entered to the processional, " Pomp and Circumstance " . Following the invo- cation given by Rev. James Agee, the saluta- tory was given by Miss Laura Chance and the valedictory by Miss Marla Stout. Musical entertainment, " Highlights from ' The Sound of Music ' " , was provided by the Edison Senior High School Band. The address was then given by Rev. Charles H. Banet, President of St. Joseph ' s College. The class then received their diplomas. The traditional " Halls of Ivy " was sung by the Senior Boys Quartet. Ending the ceremony was the bene- diction given by Rev. James Agee. The new graduates marched out to the school song and received a pink rose, the class flower. Salutatorian Miss Laura Chance 132 133 " Down the fair-chambered corridor of years, the quiet shutting, one by one, of doors. " Hermann Hagedorn The opening and closing of doors has always been a part of life. Every opened door has some flavor of the unknown, a feeling of moving into a new role, a new way of life. Every door closed shuts out the ways of the past. The most important door-closing for seniors was the door to E.H.S. that closed behind each after receiving his diploma. The door closing behind the graduate was also the open- ing of a door into the wider world. 134 135 ron a 9 e Michael Ademik Elmer D. Anderson Richard Anderson Victor Anderson William Arden Howard Ash Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Virgil I. Bailey Gregory J. Barath Mr. Mrs. Lloyd E. Barringer Mr. Mrs. William Bergstrom Donna Bryant Mr. Mrs. Charles Burton Central Restaurant Mr. Mrs. Earl Chance Mr. Mrs. Pete Chapas Mr. Mrs. Nick Christakis Mr. Mrs. Clifford E. Cichowlaz Mr. Mrs. Jesse Clements Mr. Mrs. Thomas Cripliver Mr. Mrs. William F. Courtney Mrs. S. Davis Mr. Mrs. Raymond Deel Mr. Mrs. J. D. Denny Mr. Mrs. Sidney Dyer Dennis East East Gary Washerette Cleaners Mr. Mrs. Raymond Eaton William Ellis Family Mr. Mrs. Frank Fast Mr. Mrs. Lewis Fazekas Mrs. Vera Fraley Mr. Mrs. Robert Francis Mr. Mrs. J. J. Franklin Frank ' s Lawnmower Repair Service Willard Gard Mr. Mrs. Steve Gaza Charles Gilmore K. R. Golden Donald Grant Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Judy Hall Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Michael Hamady Tom Harwood Guy Havard M. R. Havens George Helmecy, Jr. H. L. Hennings Robert Hinkle Richard Hook Mr. Mrs. N. C. Hyden Mr. Mrs. Harold Jahns Mr. Mrs. Robert O. Johnson Mr. Mrs. Wassel Kadish Mrs. Lucille Kado Bernard Kania Karsa ' s Food Mart Mr. Mrs. Fred A. Keilman Mr. Mrs. Camden J. Kent, Sr. Mr. Mrs. J. Keyak Mr. Mrs. Carl W. Koons Mr. Mrs. Raymond Kromglos Mr. Mrs. Alvin Lackavich Mr. Ralph Larson Mr. Mrs. Richard J. Lee Rex Lewis Mr. Mrs. Richard Lewis Mr. Mrs. Birt Lindsey Mr. Mrs. Donald Mallonee Mr. Mrs. James R. Martin Mr. Mrs. O. L. Martin Mr. Mrs. Delmar Mathews Mr. Mrs. Vance Mattingly Mrs. Mary McDonald Mayor Mrs. Leo C. Meister Mr. Michaels Mr. Mrs. Harolfi Michaels Miss JoAnn Moore Mr. Mrs. Robert Munro Mr. Mrs. Michael Murray Mr. Mrs. William Myers Nancy and Mike Mr. Mrs. Richard Norman Mr. Mrs. Roscoe Overbay Howard Owens Miss Hattie C. Papka, R. N. Mr. Mrs. Thomas F. Patch Mr. Mrs. Robert Perrine Mr. Mrs. Carl Polk Mr. Mrs. William Reynolds Mr. Mrs. Hugh H. Rogers, Sr. Claude P. Roos Mr. Mrs. B. J. Rosser Mr. Mrs. Clyde Rosser Mr. Mrs. Albert J. Rubino Mr. Mrs. Willie M. Sanders Pete Lois Semanick Mr. Mrs. John Serrano 136 r on a 9 e Stanley C. Simmons Shelly Anne Skeens Mr. Mrs. Fred Smith, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Lupe Soria Pvt. Paul F. Spanopoulos Mr. Mrs. Anthony Stark Mr. Mrs. Clyde Stout Mr. Mrs. Lloyd Stout Mr. Mrs. Charles Streetman Jeffrey Streetman Mr. Mrs. Joe Tarrant Mr. Mrs. William Travis David Eva Vittoteo Kay Vorkapich Mr. Mrs. William Waggle, Jr. Paul Wagner Dolores Watkins Mrs. Kathlene Westerlund Mr. Mrs. James Wixon Harold Y oung Mr. Mrs. Joseph Zerza Mr. John Zieba ents JIM BENNELL ' S J. B. AUTO SALES Clean Used Cars 2345 Ripley Street Phone 962-1462 EDWARDS Store For Men, Young Men Boys Main Street Hobart Jim Barbknecht " Gatekeeper " 137 Mr. Lee Coner We wish to express our appreciation to the Sterling- Coner Studio for having been our Edisonian photographer the past twenty-one years. 138 STERLING-CONER STUDIOS Official Annual Photographers 629 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Mr. Robert Lewis BOB FULLER TV MARINE 2419 Central Ave. TATONE’S Boats... Motors... Trailers Motorola — Zenith--RCA Color TV SUPER SHELL SERVICE Phone 962-1628 24-Hr. Towing MEISTER ' S DRUGS " It ' s Nicer at Meister ' s " Tires. ..Tune-up. ..Brake Service Jim Meister, R. Ph. Tom Meister, R. Ph. Frank N. Tatone 3615 Central Proprietor East Gary Compliments of EAST GARY SCHOOL BOARD Pete Chapas, Carl Polk, Carl Jacobs Phone 962-1035 Congratulations Graduates Compliments Compliments of EAST GARY HARDWARE Central Union of OLSON REISER FUNERAL HOMES Carry-out Dinners Chicken- -Perch- - Shrimp DIEHL ' S TREASURE ISLE 4145 Central Avenue Phone 962-2809 MacKENZIE MOTORS East Gary Portage 1307 Central 10725 Central 501 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana Phone 962-2602 Phone 962-1511 Phone 762-3013 EDDIE ' S WASHER REPAIR S ERVICE 24-Hour Ambulance Service at both locations 1237 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana DELUXE UPHOLSTERING CO. 1213 Central Ave. Phone 962-2891 139 Compliments of BADER LUMBER Compliments of RICK REICH Compliments of WISE WAY FOOD CENTERS TWO SISTER’S BEAUTY SALON For Greater Beauty 1609 Central Avenue Phone 962-2522 TAYLOR RUG UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS 721 E. 25th Place 962-1695 Compliments of EAST GARY CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. 140 Corner Route 51 Central Avenue SERVING LAKE PORTER COUNTIES CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Coach Floyd Leonard- Julian- Dennis- Tom -Steve Jim -Fred- Jeff- St ve- Chester BILLY ' S PIZZERIA 637 Central Avenue Phone 962-1584 DAIRY QUEEN Central Avenue and 51 East Gary, Indiana 962-2000 BOB ANDERSON BARBER SHOP 3447 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana RAY ' S LANES RAY ' S DRIVE-IN TO ALL ASPIRING STUDENTS I would wish you luck but that would only be about 5% of your future — 95% of success and happiness will be sheer will and effort on your part. In other words, " coining a phrase, " you will get out of life what you put into it. Soooooooooooooooo Instead of luck, I wish you to have a clean, clear mind, a healthy body, drive enough to finish what you start, will power to stand up for what is right, and if you are wrong do not hesitate to admit it. Love God and your family, and whenever possible display OUR AMERICAN FLAG and pledge allegiance every day of your life. Ray Mary Moore RAY ' S LANES RAY ' S DRIVE-IN 14 1 Compliments of The individual pictures of the freshmen, sophomores and juniors were taken by WHITLEDGE SHOE STORE BOYER ' S Central Center 962-1505 THE NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDIOS Mr. Bruce Fessler Photographer 638 Washington Street Ladies Wear O ' DELLS CONOCO SERVICE Central Pike East Gary 962-9966 WALLINS HARDWARE 3461 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 962-1478 JOHNSON FISH SHRIMP PIZZA 2619 Central Avenue Hobart, Indiana ANDREW C. GARBER Insurance Real Estate 2749 DeKalb St. 962-1287 East Gary 962-1132 Gary 938-1234 MEISTER S INSURANCE AGENCY 962-1728 3449 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana Edward Meister Lillian Meister Compliments of the G . A . A. 142 EAST GARY DRUGS Central Union Streets East Gary, Indiana Phone 962-1536 Joe Bianco, R. Ph. Mike Hamang, R. Ph. COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL STANDARD 3200 Central Avenue HERFF JONES CO. Felix " Toe " Ortiz, Proprietor Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Indianapolis, Indiana EAST GARY ELECTRIC East Gary, Indiana 2915 DeKalb Street Phone 962-1298 GEORGE KINGSLEY INC. EAST GARY FUEL SUPPLY CO. F ill- Sand- Stone -Slag-Gravel Coal - Fuel Oil 3150 Central Avenue Phone 962-1556 Carl C. Peterson, Owner 601.East Lincoln Kentland, Indiana Representative ■ « 1 1 I v COMPLIMENTS OF COUNTRY STORE 1201 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana VOSSBERG APPAREL f i " OV , 327 Main Street Hobart, Indiana BRADY FUNERAL HOME 3781 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana SAVE THREE WAYS 1. Free Gold Bell stamps CURTISS FORMS CO. 3021 Central Avenue Curtiss Garrigues 962-2896 Industrial-Business-Social Printing 2. One stop customer service 3. Low-Low prices GENE ' S CLARK SUPER 100 Hobart-EAST GARY-Glen Park-Gary 595 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana 143 Compliments of BARBARA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE East Gary, Indiana 962-1042 KELLEN ' S HOBART FLOWER SHOP BEN FRANKLIN STORE Central Center East Gary, Indiana 409 Main Street SUN ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING 2636 Floyd Street East Gary, Indiana Phone 942-1197 Hobart, Indiana Phone 962-2007 CENTER DRUGS, INC. ONDRAS AUTO CENTER East Gary, Indiana Camping Trailers and Accessories Congratulations Graduates Don Strimbu Angelo Verde Registered Pharmacists 1101 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana 962-1601 Compliments of RON ' S BARBER SHOP STENDAHL AND SON 1601 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Home Builders RON MUMAW Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 66 BAZIN’S GROCERY 2301 Fairview Avenue East Garv. Indiana EDISONIAN STAFF Laura, Linda, Pat, Ruth, Gloria Laihoqraptod 6 Bound by 144 2301 Fairview Avenue East Gary, Indiana WALSWOfITH Maicciin Mo . U A.

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