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■ emersonian 1965 emerson high school gary, indiana volume LIV I 1965—a year to rememoer . . . from that very first September day until the final day in June we labored, learned, and laughed together, the term ended, but we knew, that this would be a year to remember. we became freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors with anticipation, a beginning for some, an end for others, challenges met, we forged ahead. preoccupied with the future we forgot the past. then, with one final glimpse, we paused and remembered . . . . the guiding hand of a teacher they taught us with understanding and encouragement, making Shakespeare ' s sonnets, Bach ' s symphonies, or Avagadro ' s number easier to grasp, they gave us the education we now possess. in class, we gained the knowledge we lacked, the practice we needed, and the skill we desired, unconsciously, our world enlarged and our experience widened. take a teacher, a class, and remember their aims— to produce a brilliant scientist, an informed citizen, a mature, well-rounded individual—a person, who will one day show others the same understanding. 7 administrators promote active interest Board of School Trustees — . to r: Dr. James F. Wygant, Mrs. Dena S. Adams, Mr. Andrew D. White, Dr. Alfonso D. Holliday II, Mr. John F. Gutowski. Dr. Lee R. Gilbert, Superintendent of the Gary School System. in school affairs Mr. Marion B. England, principal, and Mr. John H. Smith, assistant principal were two of the busiest men at Emerson; yet they never became too busy to pay special attention to each student. They were always willing to speak individually with any parent, student, or teacher who wished an inter¬ view. But their responsibilities were not limited to ad¬ ministrative duties. Games, dances, club induc¬ tions, and banquets were included in the admin¬ istrative activities. Taking an interest in all Gary Public Schools and the students who attended them, the Gary School Board worked year round to improve our educational system. Mr. John H. Smith, assistant principal, prepares to face a day of blue slips, office chats, and parent interviews. Mr. Marion B. England, principal, begins his school day after battling the morning traffic. IM staffs’ services help students. Miss Julia Baran, Mr. Richard Pearce, and Miss Maxine Thomas, counselors, busily prepare the senior rankings. % After school is dismissed for the day, Mr. Dennis Gately begins his regular evening custodial duties. Miss Alice Conyers, school nurse, demonstrates first aid to her “patient” Jane O’Brien, senior. Behind the scenes of any smoothly-run school are the people who work to make it that way. Em¬ erson has many such people who worked hand-in hand toward the welfare of its students and teach¬ ers. Among these people were the office staff who kept our school records in order. When students had problems or questions, the counselling staff was always ready to lend a hand. The nurse strived to keep students in good health, and the cafeteria staff made sure they maintained this health by preparing well-balanced meals each day. Working long into the evening, the custodians kept our school clean. Mrs. Irene Lahaie, school guard, looked after the safety of students going to and returning from school. Checking the authenticity of absence excuses was the job of Miss Mary Lou Coulter, home visitor. teachers reach year’s goals Cafeteria staff — . to r: Mrs. Rosebud Towshend, Mrs. Helen Hall, Mrs. Margaret Stutesman, Mrs. Mary Miklos, Mrs. Frances Tich- ansky, Mrs. Ruby Bassett, and Mrs. Ollie Robinson relax afte r the hectic lunch hours. Miss Mary Lou Coulter, home visitor, investigates the absence of a student. Office staff—l. to r: Miss Maureen Link, Mrs. Frances Medina, Mrs. Sylvia Frances, Mrs. Mary Calloway, Miss Georgia Slavo, and Miss Anna Marcikic begin their work for another day. Weathering the wintery cold, Mrs. Irene Lahaie, Emerson’s patrol guard, helps children returning from lunch. english key to mastery “Vocabulary lessons due tomorrow” . . . “com¬ position assignment for Friday” . . . “outside reading book next week” . . . these were familiar worries for all English students. While gram¬ mar was an important phase of the total pro¬ gram, literature was the major area of study. Freshmen met Charles Dickens through the eyes of Philip Pirrip in Great Expectations. Sophomores learned a lesson in leadership from Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Julius Caesar. Shakespeare was studied on a more advanced level by seniors, who read his more complex tragedies, Hamlet, Macbeth, and, in advanced literature, King Lear. Besides reading and analyzing Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, juniors spent long evenings at the library preparing their term papers. Helping to make this year a rewarding ex¬ perience for E.H.S. students were Mrs. Mable Bianchi, Miss Diana Blue, Mr. Robert Glazier, and Mr. Steve Parfenoff, new English staff mem¬ bers. Mr. Fred Jones (inset) and Mrs. Helen Conway, special educa¬ tion teachers, work with students on the day’s assignment. of language skills Mrs. Irma Plum, librarian, emphasizes the importance of Book Week to students working in the library. English Department members, seated l. to r: Mrs. Gladys Pierce, Miss Roma Anderson, Miss Mabel Bianchi, and Mrs. Arlene Von Horn. Standing: Mrs. Catherine Greenwald, Mr. Robert Glazier, Mrs. Gertrude Palmer, Miss Diana Blue, and Mr. Steve Parfenoff. Working diligently, Linda Jablonski prepares pictures for a yearbook deadline. language, journalism From fall to spring . . . ttto ' to three hours a day . . . seven days a week . . . vacations . . . holidays . . . weekends . . . this was what it took to produce the Emersonian. With an increased number of yearbook pages to fill, this year’s staff worked e xceptionally hard on a project requiring time, effort, and cooperation. Only after the final page was sent to the printer, the last line of copy written, and the last picture selected, did the staff know their job was completed. Even after the yearbook staff had met their last deadline, the Norse Wind staff had not quite closed their ’64-’65 news files. “Seniors Judge Juveniles” . . . “Convicts visit Emerson School” . . . “Vespers Feature Madrigal Group” ... were among the stories covered by the Norse Wind staff. Following the old tradition of burning the night oil, students worked long into the evening before a next-day issue. Headed by Angeline Korfias, editor, the twenty-two member crew managed to meet the weekly deadline. “If she’d only move her hand, I could see that answer.” exercise oral, written skills Mr. Lawrence DeLeurere tells Miss Veronica Gurauskas and Miss Mary Ban, language instructors, of the success of his recent Latin Club picnic. French students drill through pronunciation lessons in the language lab. In today’s modern world, countries are closer neighbors than ever before. It is essential that we, as good neighbors, are able to communicate with these countries. Helping to achieve this goal, E.H.S. offered courses in three languages to interested students. Two of these languages, French and Spanish, shared the modern facilities of the language lab. The third, Latin, is no longer a spoken language but is still helpful in understanding the English language since many words are of Latin deriva¬ tion. Many French and Latin students participated in language contests held throughout the year. Sophomore Violet Milisavljevic attempts to “smooth out” her French pronunciation in the language lab. Social Studies teachers l. to r: Mr. Christ Christoff, Mr. Jerome Zeidman, Miss Hazel Grieger, Mr. Richard Wells, and Mr. Daniel McDevitt. history is a guideline for the future Man has progressed a long way since swords, plowshares, and spears. He now has more ad¬ vanced weapons, and there is no longer a threat of war between two nations but between a whole world of nations. In the complex times of today it is necessary that every one knows and un¬ derstands what is happening around him, but before he can begin to understand he must know what has happened in the past. As a basis to begin this study, world history dealt with the civilizations of all countries from the time of primitive man until today. U.S. history gave students a look at the history of the United States from the time of colonization until modern day America. Dealing with the problems that arise today, government and economics gave stu¬ dents an understanding of the operation of today’s government and economic systems. . and then after I v math, science promote student interest Mrs. Margaret Lane looks on as her math students solve problems from the board. Math students Lorraine Forbes and Cleo Milligan, freshmen, attempt to solve a tough algebra problem. Math teachers l. to r.: Mr. Charles Smith, Mr. H. A. Wil¬ kinson, Mrs. Margaret Lane, Mr. Harold Jones, Miss Mildred Gorney, Mr. Sargon Eivaz, and Mr. Richard Lins. in future careers Bio-physics gave students a general outlook into the study of biological and physical science. Plant diagrams, insect collections, and animal classifi¬ cations were familiar biology projects. Advanced biology was a new course introduced to help bridge the gap between general biology and college bi¬ ology. Working with test tubes and formulas, chemistry students learned the technique of per¬ forming lab experiments. The basic principles of friction, motion, and force in physics made stu¬ dents aware of the laws of nature present around them. In the field of mathematics, general math, ap¬ plied math, and senior math were courses dealing in basic arithmetic. Students of Algebra I and Al¬ gebra II learned a new approach to solving math problems by using symbols instead of numbers. Postulates and theorems caused puzzling prob¬ lems for plane geometry students. The more in¬ terested students took trigonometry. Kathy Koutsis, junior, completes a bio-physics lesson by viewing the parts of a grasshopper through a microscope. After seeing a movie on the principles of friction, physics students discuss their notes. Mr. Daryl Boggs demonstrates a new experi¬ ment to his attentive colleagues, Mr. Norman Koerwitz, Mrs. Mary Hunter, and Mr. Phil Ryals, science teachers. photography, industrial arts important After receiving his assignment, Ron Bartley, senior, prepares a lathe project. Mr. Val Aurit, drafting instructor, seems pleased with a stu¬ dent’s completed assignment. Mr. Earl Spiece demonstrates the use of a drill press to his machine shop class. to student vocations Bruce Timberman, senior, adjusts the lens before en¬ larging several photographs. Preparing students for positions as architects, carpenters, photographers, and machinists was the purpose of courses in industrial arts and pho¬ tography. Under the classification of industrial arts were machine shop and drafting. Machine shop offered students the chance to become acquainted with the operation of such machines as the drill press and the lathe. Drafting taught students the basic fundamentals of drawing blueprints. Students de¬ veloped building, house, and landscape designs. Photography courses not only instructed stu¬ dents on how to take pictures, but also on how to develop, enlarge, and reprint them. Another aspect to the Photography Department, the audio-visual class, taught students the operation of projectors and filmstrips. Bruce learns to operate a movie projector as part of his audio-visual class training. Mr. John Holubes demonstrates proper photographic pro¬ cedure to his photography class. music, commercial Shining gold robes . . . stately band uniforms ... pretty girls in formals, handsome boys in suits . . . lovely choral voices . . . huge base drums . . . tiny percussion instruments blending harmo¬ niously . . . crowded auditorium ... an absorbed audience . . . these were the sights and sounds of a musical concert whether it be orchestra, band or vocal. The traditional Christmas Vespers fea¬ tured the combined efforts of the A Cappella Choir, the Girls’ Glee Club, and the Orchestra. When the December snows gave way to the spring rains and flowers, young and old filled the school auditorium for the annual concerts of the Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Departments. A more academic area of the musical depart¬ ment was theory and harmony, a course required for students wishing to major in music. In this, students learned basically how to compose music Miss Judith Nichols and Mr. Robert Velasco, new staff meipbers, were introduced to the Music Department this year. Wayne Key, senior, finds time to practice be¬ fore the Regional Band Contest. Relaxing after a day of teaching others to appreciate music are Mr. Robert Velasco, Mrs. Anne Masters, and Miss Judith Nichols, music instructors. skills strengthen mind and talent Upon hearing the signal to start, Typing II begins a five-minute timed writing. General business students prepare for a coming test covering the basic techniques of personal and family budgeting. Serving as an introduction to all business courses, general business gave students a broad look at the various phases of the business world. A more specific course, bookkeeping, trained students in the fundamentals of keeping accurate records of business transactions. Business law, offered for the first time at Emerson and taught by Mr. Ralph Woehler, instructed students in the basic state and federal laws pertaining to business. For those students who were inclined to secre¬ tarial work, courses in typing and shorthand were a must. Teaching typing were Mrs. Lola Clune, a new faculty member, and Miss Bernice Beeler. Switching from the classroom scene to a business scene, distributive education gave students the ex¬ perience of working in such Gary stores as Sears Roebuck Co., Newberry, and W. T. Grant. Brushing up on their typing skills are l. to r: Mr. Ralph Woehler, Miss Bernice Beeler, and Mr. Floyd McKibben, commercial teachers. Timing them is Mrs. Lola Clune. students develop Students add a touch of Christmas spirit to their daily class work. Quality artwork is an important part of Emerson’s art program as stressed by Miss Lucille Solich, instructor. Freshman Lydia Zaronis prepares an exhibit of artificial flowers to be displayed during National Education Week. 24 - talents through creative arts program Shiny bronze pots, round cake pans, oddly- shaped bandages, various colored threads—these were tools of the trade for students enrolled in home economics or art courses. The home economics courses attempted to in¬ struct girls in how to become efficient homemakers. In clothing the girls began by learning the basic steps of sewing, such as cutting and pinning pat¬ terns. By the end of the year, dresses, jumpers, and blouses were popular sewing projects. Cooking taught them the importance of a well-balanced diet and how to prepare difficult but appetizing dishes. In home nursing, girls lea rned basic first aid and infant care. Modern living was a course in which marriage problems were analyzed and solved. Appealing to the interest of both sexes, art of¬ fered students who had artistic ability the chance to develop this talent. Among other things, they learned how to design, letter, and paint signs and posters. Posters were often seen displayed in the halls, and many were entered in such contests as Fire Prevention Week and Gordon’s Fashion Contest. Mrs. Bertha Jessee displays some of the garments completed by her sewing class to Mrs. Bessie Braggs (left) and Mrs. Iris Martinsen (right). All are home economics teachers. Sewing class gives Carolyn Richardson, junior, the oppor¬ tunity to add a new blouse to her wardrobe. Kathy Groover, freshman, tests her skill in preparing tapioca pudding as part of her foods class lesson. students learn sportsmanship, physical skills in p.e. class Exercising, tumbling, calisthenics, sports, swim¬ ming, these make up the curriculum of a typical gym class. Beginning and ending the cycle of sports was baseball. This soon gave way to a more vig¬ orous form of exercise resulting in speedball for the girls and football for the boys. When it be¬ came necessary to hibernate for the winter, bas¬ ketball was the first indoor sport. With it com¬ pleted, everyone tried his hand at tumbling. Soon replacing the tumbling mats were the volleyball nets. Between these other sports, the classes found time for a weekly dip into the pool. Strong minds as well as strong bodies were the prime objectives of the physical education pro¬ gram. Therefore, as much emphasis was placed on good sportsmanship as on good playing ability. Sharing the girls’ lower gym with Mrs. Helen Mosier this year was Mrs. Marcia Dokas, a new faculty member. Swimmers prepare for practice in the backstroke during a swim session. Students begin their gym hour by limbering up before a game of basketball. 27 28 . . the lasting bonds of a friendship the names were unknown, the faces unfamiliar, they sat behind us, walked near us. soon, the names became known, the faces familiar, mere acquaintances became friends. before long, the names became synonymous with loyalty, comfort, laughter, good times as well as bad were shared. . . . the bond was formed. we may forget a gay party, a game with its overtime and victory, a night out with " the gang, " but never a friendship. 29 future goals set pace for seniors After finishing four years of high school, sen¬ iors will further their education, enter the world of business or perhaps look for a career in the Armed Forces. No matter what occupation they pick they will always remember their high school days at Emerson. Reminiscing, they will remember their first foot¬ ball game, their Freshman Frolic, the Sophomore Hop, and their first Prom. They will realize that all the work they had to do such as writing term papers, working algebra problems or just doing everyday homework was not really as bad as they thought it was. Certain people such as Angeline Korfias, vale¬ dictorian, and Pat Christo, salutatorian, will al¬ ways stand out in their minds as being outstand¬ ing academically. Seniors will have many things to remember from their high school days especially the thrill and ex¬ citement of Class Day, Baccalaureate and Com¬ mencement, which marked the beginning of a new way of life. Senior Class Ojjicers—Top to bottom: Jim Jasperson, president; Judson Parker, vice-president; Nick Kazonis, boys’ treasurer; Norma McMillan, girls’ treasurer; Karen Conquest, secretary. Mary Anne Alexander Concert Orchestra . . . French Club . . . F. T.A. Social Chairman ... Joe Berg . . . G. A.A. . . . Nat’l Honor Society Nick James Anast Concert Orchestra . . . “E” Club . . . Fresh¬ man Basketball . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Reserve Wrestling . . . Varsity Football Mary Katherine Andrews Drama Club . . . F.H.A. Vice-president . . . G.A.A. Lynn Ellen Archer Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . .. F.T.A. . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Majorette . . . Spanish Club Peggy Marie Arnett F.B.L.A . . . F.H.A . . . G.A.A. . . . Glee Club Robyn Jean Arthur Concert Orchestra . . . Drama Club . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Majorette . . . Spanish Club . . . Spice and Variety Linda Lee Atsas Art Club President . . . Concert Orchestra . . . D.E.C.A. . . . F.B.L.A. . . . G.A.A. Byron Lee Ayres “E” Club . . . Junior Class Vice-president . . . Reserve Football . . . Varsity Track . . . Varsity Wrestling Donald Lee Baker Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . Dance Band . . . D.E.C.A. President . . . “E” Club . . . Varsity Track Mabel Baker A Cappella . . . Drama Club . . . French Club . . . F.T.A. . . . G.A.A. . . . Glee Club Ronald Bartley Lee Andrews Beeks D.E.C.A. . . . Freshman Basketball . . . R.O.T.C. Dorothea Marie Benedict A Cappella . . . Band Ronald James Benjamin A Cappella President . . . “E” Club Treas¬ urer . . . Student Council . . . Varsity Foot¬ ball William Richard Bercaw Nat’l Honor Society . . . Reserve Basketball . . . Varsity Football Linda Berry Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . French Club . . . G.A.A. Don Billick Juliana Blankenship Booster Club President . . . Homecoming Queen Attendant . . . Junior Class Secre¬ tary . . . Student Council . . . Varsity Cheer¬ leader Cheryl Lynn Bloomingdale F.B.L.A. . . . Joe Berg . . . G.A.A. . . . Latin Club . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Norse Wind Staff Richard Boyd Carole Marie Boyle Drama Club . . . F.B.L.A. . . . French Club . . . G.A.A. . . . Norse Wind Staff Mary Carolyn Bragdon Business Co-op . . . Drama Club . . . French Club .. . C.A.A... . Glee Club Janet Gaye Brown Concert Band . . . Debate Club . . . Drama Club . . . French Club . . . F.H.A. . . . G.A.A. Linda Faye Bryant Drama Club Bennie Bunkley Neill E. Byrum Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . D. E.CA. . . . Latin Club . . . Norse Wind Staff. . . Pep Band Gloria Jean Capata F.B.L.A. Social Chairman . . . F.H.A. Treas¬ urer . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Glee Club James Roger Cartel- Booster Club Treasurer . . . Concert Band . . . “E” Club . . . Latin Club . . . Norse Wind Staff. . . Varsity Wrestling Jennie Maxine Carver Joseph Michael Cerda “E” Club . . . Junior Class President . . . Social Committee . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Varsity Football Sharon Leigh Chaney Art Club Treasurer . . . F.B.L.A. . . . Spanish Club Becky Chionos Patricia JoAnn Christo G.A.A. President . . . Inter-High Student Council . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Senior Girls’ Representative . . . Social Committee Chairman . . . Varsity Head Cheerleader 33 Michael Thomas Clifford “E” Club . . . Drama Club . . . Reserve Basketball . .. Varsity Football Paul James Coker “E” Club . . . Freshman Football . . . Span¬ ish Club Treasurer . . . Varsity Football . . . Wrestling Karen Lynn Conquest G.A.A. Board . . . Homecoming Queen . . m Hoosier Girls’ State . . . Senior Class Sec¬ retary . . . Sophomore Girls’ Treasurer . . . Varsity Cheerleader Wendell Earl Cook Diana Drucella Day Art Club . . . F.H.A. Vice-president . . . Latin Club ... Pep dub Marcia Lynn Dean Alice Marie Dear Emersonian Co-editor . . . Nat’l Honor So¬ ciety Publicity Chairman . . . Joe Berg . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Student Council . . . G.A.A. Creighton Dickerson R.O.T.C. Officer . . . Drill Team . . . Rifle Team Jacqueline Lee Dodds All-City Orchestra . . . Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . F.B.L.A. . . . French Club . . . Spanish Club Homer Lee Fortner Band . . . Concert Orchestra Manager . . . Reserve Baseball Lee Freel Patrick L. Gallagher “E” Club . . . Spanish Club . . . Varsity Football 34 Raul Gallardo Freshman Football . . . Reserve Football . . . R.O.T.C. Drill Team . . . Varsity Baseball Manager ... . Varsity Basketball Manager . . . Wrestling Team Manager Tom Galouzis Chess Club . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Science Club Treasurer . . . Spanish Club President. . . Track Jo Ann Georgiadis Concert Orchestra . . . Drama Club . . . F.T.A. . .. G.A.A. .. . Pep Club Harold James Goodwin All-City Band . . . Concert Band . . . “E” Club . . . Latin Club Linda Kathryn Gorby Concert Orchestra . . . Drama Club . . . G.A.A. Dennis Gould Sharon Grau Drama Club . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Majorette . . . Orchestra . . . Spanish Club . . . Spice and Variety Mary Gress Norse Wind Staff . . . Emersonian Staff . . . Concert Orchestra . . . String Ensemble Frank W. Grist Concert Band . . . Dance Band . . . Span¬ ish Club ... Pep Band John Guzman Drama Club President . . . Spanish Club Pamela Jeanne Hackett Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . Drama Club . . . F.T.A. President . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Norse Wind Staff Kathleen Marie Hake Drama Club . . . F.B.L.A. . . . G.A.A. . . . Latin Club Carol Ann Hanaway D.E.C.A. . . . G.A.A. . . . Glee Club Bill Hanyard Varsity Basketball Danny Bob Harris Band . . . “E” Club . . . Varsity Football . . . Spanish Club . . . Track . . . Varsity Wrestling Linda Rae Harris D.E.C.A. Robert Charles Hatcher Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . Reserve Football Sophie Hazimihalis Linda Heilman All-City Band . . . Concert Band . . . Chess Club . . . Dance Band Secretary . . . G.A.A. ... Pep Band Milton Hinchman Yolanda Lee Hollingsworth A Cappella . . . F.B.L.A. . . . F.H.A. Presi¬ dent . . . Glee Club . . . G.A.A. . . . Stu¬ dent Council Vivian Hilda Holman Drama Club . . . F.T.A. . . . G.A.A. . . . Glee Club Social Chairman Elva Carolyn Hudgins Art Club ... G.A.A. Susan Irish A Cappella . . . F.B.L.A. . . . F.H.A. Secretary 36 Linda Marie Jablonski Booster Club . . . Emersonian Staff . . . F.B.L.A. Publicity Chairman . . . G.A.A. . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Student Council James D. Jasperson Emersonian Staff . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Senior Class President . . . Sophomore Boys’ Representative .• . . Prom Chairman . . . Re¬ serve Football Sam Jewell Barbara Johnson Thelma Kalavros Booster Club President . . . Chess Club . . . G.A.A. Vice-president . . . Nat’l Honor So¬ ciety . . . Social Committee . . . World Af¬ fairs Forum Margaret Pamela Karedes Emersonian Staff . . . Chess Club . . . Glee Club . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Spanish Club Mike Karlsrud Fred Kawicki Nick Kazonis All City Band . . . Concert Band . . . “E” Club President . . . Science Club . . . Senior Boys’ Treasurer . . . Varsity Football Jerry Wayne Key Concert Band . . . Concert Orchestra . . . Dance Band President . . . Spanish Club . . . Pep-Band . .. Varsity Track Larry Klim “E” Club Secretary . . . Football Co-captain . . . Freshman Boys’ Representative . . . Nat’l Honor Society Vice-president . . . Spanish Club Vice-president . . . Track Angeline Korfias Concert Orchestra Vice-president . . . Emer¬ sonian Staff . . . Latin Club . . . Norse Wind Editor . . . Nat’l Honor Society President . . . Representative to Governor’s Youth Council Robert Koschal Irene Koulianos Philip Kowal R.O.T.C. Drill Team Joe Kozar Pamela Ann Kruchowsky Concert Band . . . Drama Club . . . F.B.L.A. Sharon Ann Kummerer Drama Club . . . French Club Secretary . . . G.A.A. Secretary . . . Junior Juror . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Spanish Club Secretary Jim Kupres Dance Band Mildred Lalic Business Co-op . . . F.B.L.A. . . . GJ Spanish Club Bobbie Jean Lowe F.B.L.A. Barbara Lynn Lutz F.B.LA. . .. Spanish Club Michael Joseph Mako Boys’ State Representative . . . “E” Club . . . Senior Boys’ Representative . . . Varsity Football .. . Varsity Track Nitza Maldonado Tamara Maleniak Emersonian Co-editor . . . F.B.L.A. Vice- president . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Latin Club . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Quill and Scroll Donna Lynn Marley Concert Orchestra . . . D.E.C.A. . . . F.B.L.A. Treasurer .. . G.A.A. Lyle W. Marschand Concert Band . . . Junior Juror . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . World Affairs Forum . . . Wrestling Irma Edith Massas Art Club . . . D.E.C.A. . . . F.H. ' A. . . . G.A.A. Timmi Jo McCarthy A Cappella . . . Drama Club . . . G.A.A. ... Glee Club Diane McKee Cheryl McKnelly Nonna Gene McMillan Emersonian Staff . . . F.B.L.A. Historian . . . G.A.A. Board . . Norse Wind, Staff . . . Quill and Scroll . . . Senior Girls’ Treasurer Anthony Frank Medina Drama Club Vice-president . . . Emersonian Staff . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Rifle Team Captain .. . R.O.T.C. Lewis Miazga R.O.T.C. Angela Milisavljevic David Miller Dian e Momcilovich F.B.L.A.... F.H.A. JoAnne Morris Stella Morris Brenda Morrison Tony Muffoletto Drama Club Mary Niswander G.A.A. Colletta Susan O’Brien G.A.A. 40 Jane Maureen O’Brien A Cuppella . . . Drama Club Secretary . . . G.A.A. Maria Parianos Judson Craig Parker Cross Country . . . Hoosier Boys’ State . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Senior Class Vice- president . . . Student Council . . . Track Larry David Parker Drama Club . . . “E” Club . . . Varsity Foot¬ ball . . . Varsity Track Ronald Edward Parrish A Cappella . . . Freshman Basketball . . . R.O.T.C. John Richard Patrick “E” Club . . . Football Co-captain . . . Sophomore Class President . . . Student Coun¬ cil .. . Varsity Football . . . Wrestling Emmett Paul Chess Club President . . . Nat’l Honor So¬ ciety . . . Latin Club . . . Science Club . . . Joe Berg William Pendleton R.O.T.C Alan Pinkstaff “E” Club . . . Track . . . Varsity Football . . . Wrestling Marvalene Poole Ronald C. Powell Concert Band . . . “E” Club . . . Spanish Club Treasurer . . . Wrestling Manager Peter Poznic John Everett Prascak Debate Club Vice-president . . . Drama Club . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Varsity Track Manager Sheryl Ann Prentiss Drama Club . . . F.B.L.A. . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Pep Club Zorine Radovich Debate Club President . . . Drama Club Pub¬ licity Chairman . . . Freshman Girls’ Treas¬ urer . . . G.A.A. . . . Spice and Variety Joseph Repya Chess Club . . . Debate Club . . . Drama Club Stage Manager . . . Latin Club Presi¬ dent . . . R.O.T.C. Drill Team . . . R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Kathleen Rhodes Robert Ricard E” Club . . . Freshman Class Vice-president . . . Social Committee . . . Spanish Club . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Varsity Basketball George Rodriguez Concert Band . .. D.E.C.A. Joseph Rogers Ted Romanowski Ruth Santiago Herminia Serrano Patricia Short Roger Dean Siler “E” Club Vice-president . . . Latin Club . . . Spanish Club . . . Student Council . . . Wrestling Co-captain Margaret Smith Gail Joanne Spearman D.E.CA. Gladys Spears Thomas Edward Springmann Latin Club . . . Nat’l Honor Society Barbara Marie Spurlock Booster Club . . . G.A.A. Social Chairman . . . Glee Club Vice-president . . . Homecom¬ ing Attendant . . . Student Council . . . Var¬ sity Cheerleader Richard Max Stafford Chess Club . . . “E” Club . . . Science Club . .. Varsity Wrestling Bettie Jean Staples French Club . . . G.A.A. Randy Stefan Joel Stone Robert Lee Sumler Band President . . . Dance Band . . . Drill Team . . . Orchestra . . . Pep Band . . . R.O.T.C. Kendall F. Svengalis A Cappella . . . All-City Orchestra . . . Con¬ cert Orchestra . . . Debate Club . . . Latin Club .. . Norse Wind Staff Donna Swain Steve Michael Szabo Social Committee . . . Student Council Presi¬ dent . . . Student Council Vice-president . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Varsity Football David Kenneth Taylor Chess Club Treasurer . . . Debate Club Vice- president . . . Drama Club . . . F.T.A. His¬ torian . . . Norse Wind Staff Milan Drago Tesanovich Debate Club . . . Drama Club Technical Di¬ rector . . . Football . . . Nat’l Honor Society ... R.O.T.C.... Wrestling Annette Roberta Thomas Concert Orchestra Officer . . . F.B.L.A. . . . F.H.A. . . . F.T.A. Vice-president . . . Norse Wind Staff Gail Renee Thomas Drama Club . . . G.A.A. Diana Kay Thompson Freshman Class Secretary . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Glee Club . . . Homecoming Attendant . . . Junior Class Treasurer . . . Student Council Bruce Timberman Brenda LaVerne Tipton F.H.A. . . . French Club . . . G.A.A. . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Pep Club Lillian Marie Tomala F.B.L.A. . . . F.H.A. . . . G.A.A. . . . Glee Club Mary Tsakyris F.B.L.A. . . . French Club . . . Nat’l Honor Society Richard James Utroske “E” Club . . . Junior Class Treasurer . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Spanish Club . . . Varsity Track Robert Earl Utroske “E” Club . . . French Club . . . Nat’l Honor Society . . . Student Council . . . Track Charlene Dawn VanGorp G.A.A. . . . Glee Club . . . Norse Wind Staff . . . Spanish Club William Viera Velasquez Concert Band . . . Dance Band . . . Pep Band Julius A Vinzani “E” Club . . . Freshman Basketball . . . Reserve Wrestling . . . Spanish Club . . . Varsity Football Donna Vulinovich Business cS-op . . . Concert Orchestra . . . F.B.L.A. Secretary . . . Majorette . . . Span¬ ish Club Richard Wayne Walsh D.E.C.A. Joyce Marie Warchus Drama Club . . . F.T.A. . . . G.A.A. Lynn Cheryll Ward A Cappella Secretary . . . Drama Club Sec¬ retary . . . F.B.L.A. president . . . Football- O-Rama Queen . . . G.A.A. Board . . . R.O.T.C. Honorary Ll Colonel Deloma Dunn Wardrop Drama Club . .. G.A.A. James Webster Band . . . Orchestra . . . String Ensemble Gerald Edward Wellman “E” Club . . . Freshman Class President . . . Sophomore Class Secretary . . . Spanish Club . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Varsity Football Larry Wayne Welsh Freshman Football Martha West Barbara Ann Williams D.E.C.A-F.B.L.A F.H.A. Calvin Thomas Williams Art Club . . . R.O.T.C. . . . Track Kenneth Henry Wilson French Club . . . Freshman Basketball . . . Varsity Cross Country . . . Varsity Track . . . R.O.T.C. Drill Team Sabra Wood Kathleen Woods Drama Club . . . F.H.A. . . . G.A.A. Dorothy Wozniak Jean Ethel Yargus Drama Club . . . Spanish Club Sevasti Zarakas Junior Class Officers — Seated, l. to r.: Janet Johnson, secretary; Richard Pierce, hoys’ treasurer; Sue Taylor, girls’ treasurer. Standing, I. to r.: Barry Hansen, president; John Bums, vice-president. juniors receive rings as year begins Brewing up something in the chemistry lab and gathering ideas for a term paper completed the junior year. Daily walks to the library, long hours at the typewriter, and burning the night oil en¬ abled them to earn their 13 credits to become seniors. Thinking seriously about their future, they consulted with counselors about colleges and vocations in the business world. “Would you rather cook a meal, mend a bro¬ ken toy, or give someone a shampoo?” This was just one of the many questions juniors were faced with on the Kuder test. Other tests that were taken were the National Merit, SCAT, and PSAT. Though there was plenty of work to do, juniors still found time to have fun. At the an¬ nual PTA Fun Festival, the junior girls put on a skit for Spice and Variety called “Kids.” The long-anticipated events were the announcing of the 1965-66 G.A.A. Board and attending the Jun¬ ior-Senior Prom. juniors plan future careers Alvarez, Cesar Anast, Mary Arnett, Patty Atsas, Joanne Ayres, Cindy Bald), Ruth Barringer, Dale Baskin, Bennie Batalis, Anastasia Becker, Bob Bernal, Bertha Bernal, Robert Berry, Milton Besaw, Richard Blaemire, Jeanne Blondct, Eddie Boland, Mary Ellen Boone, Darlene Boyd, Kathy Bradley, George Brown, Elizabeth Burklow, Carol Candida, Grace Carnahan, Dave Carnahan, Mike Carr, Eddie Castro, Alfredo Chapman, Gary Cherry, Bill Christoff, Cathy Clapp, Bradley Clark, Dorothy Clayton, Merle Coker, Dave Coleman, Beverly Colosimo, Jessica Cooley, Janet Cornett, Collette Cortez, Delphine Cotton, Patty Covington, Kathryt Cox, James Cox, Jimmy Cristea, Lynda Davis, Daryl Dawson, Barbara Day, Joe Dear, Nathaniel Dennis, Carolyn Docks, Rachel Dowell, Joan Dragash, David Drago, Barbara Duffie, Jackie Edwards, Jimmie Evans, Nathaniel 49 prom paves way toward senior year Festa, Nanette Fitzgerald, Antoinette Flores, Carmen Flournoy, Deatra Foddrill, Loren Franzen, Carl Freeman, Elizabeth Gillum, Robert Glumac, Alex Grasham, John Griffin, Mark Grigonis, Bernadette Hanaway, Diane Hansen, Barry Harris, Georgia Harris, Richard Helton, Anthony Henry, Howard Hutchinson, Stev„ Jablonski, Marsha Jaggers, Philip Jendzejczak, Eugene Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Janet Jolly, Dennis Jones, Dave Jones, Marla Jubinsky, Dennis Jurdzy, Wanda Kallimani, Tina Kerns, James Kirby, Norman Kirk, Ron Knox, Gary Knox, Jackie Kollar, Diane Kolodziej, Paula Kostel, Doug Koutsis, Kathy Krieter, Janet Kupchik, Patty Kurmis, Ronald Lalic, Peter Lehman, Kathy Leka, Mike Lewis, Hattie Lomax, Andrea Long, Eddie Lopez, Estrelita Lopez, Joe Lopez, Mercedes Love, Leonard Malamatos, Danny Malast, Jim Mandujano, Lucy Mantakounis, Jim 50 rzt Massas, Sam Mather, Paul McCall, Bill McCathren, Linda McConnell, Bob McCorkel, Patrick Miles, Janice Miller, Chad Molina, Ramona Montemayor, Louisa Moore, Kathy Morgan, Jim Morphis, Peter Morris, Bessie Moses, Laveda Movchan, Charlene Movchan, Charlotte Mujica, Mary Mullins, Susan Murray, Dennis Neely, Pat Nichols, Larry Ninkovich, Radmila O’Brien, Allen O’Brien, Jim O’Dell, Sheila Olavarria, Audelisa Papakosmas, Mat Parks, Ronnie Patrick, Judy Patterson, Larry Patton, Linda Paul, Carole Paulk, Eva Pearson, Max Petersen, Sharon Peterson, Ray Pierce, Richard Pinkerton, Kristine Pitts, Betty Plesko, Raleigh 51 in an eventful year, two are left behind Popa, Sidney Portillo, Carlos Powell, Lynne Quinlan, William Radovich, Bob Richards, Yvonne Richardson, Carolyn Rieben, Marilyn Riley, Laurie Rodriguez, Donald Rodriguez, Jennie Rodriguez, Rosa Rogers, Larry Russi, Noelia Santiago, Milca Sarafin, Alex Shumaker, James Simmons, Bob Simon, Bruce Spearman, Carol Stafford, Carol Stallworth, Nelson Stath, Angelo Stath, Leon Strasburg, John Styers, Douglas Summers, Don Sutton, Charles Talley, Donita Taylor, Susan Teel, Karen Tendall, Willie Thomas, James Thompson, Kathy Tipton, Governor Tsikouris, George Valtierra, Mario Van Bibber, Cheri Vantrease, Tom Vasquez, Arthur Vlassopoulos, Alexandra Wainman, Paul Wall, George Wallace, Margaret Walton, Rose Webb, Patricia Wesley, Dianne Willis, Larry Wise, Ronald Wong, John Wright, Linda Yancey, Patty Ypsilantes, Mike Zehner, Judy 52 I want to know, when day is done, that life has been worth living . . . that I have brought somebody joy through kind, unselfish giving. I want to feel, when evening falls, and shadows quickly lengthen, that I have made somebody glad, some weakness I have strengthened. want to know, that come what may, I ' ve left some cheer and gladness; I want to know, that on my way, I ' ve banished someone ' s sadness. I want to feel, at close of day, that someone ' s cares were lighter; because of kindness I have done, may someone ' s life be brighter. —Raymond Orner Sophomore Class Officers — l. to r: David Movchan, president; Ronald Rockwell, vice-president; Pam Vajner, secretary; Brenda Anderson, girls’ treasurer; Mike Muzar, boys’treasurer. sophomores end in-between year Highlighting the sophomore year were the order¬ ing of class rings and the Sophomore Hop. Writing autobiographies and memorizing lines from Julius Caesar were major class assignments. As the year progressed, the sophs began to realize the importance of studying and getting good grades. While attending football games, school dances, or just walking the school halls, they began to lose that feeling of being strangers. The faces weren’t so strange now, and the other students seemed friend¬ lier. The sophomores now look forward to their last two years with anticipation of receiving class rings and attending the Junior and Senior Prom. Ackley, Carrol Adames, Carmen Adams, Ernest Anderson, Brenda Anderson, Henry Armour, Juanita Artis, Melvin Ashford, Jesse Austin, Juanita Azcona, Art Babagan, Barb Baker, Brenda Baker, Herman Barefield, James Baskin, Gloria Batagianis, Harry Baumgartner, Charles Beeks, Earl Benjamin, Diana Bercaw, Edwin Bernal, Margarita Billingsley, Walter Blackburn, Charles Blaemire, Ronald Blaylock, Roderick Blount, Josie Boone, Henry Boozer, Thurlene Boromisa, Betsy Boromisa, Beverly Bournes, James Bournes, Jeanne Branch, Edward Brewer, Jean Brodie, Elaine Brooks, Anita Brown, Tom Brown, Willie Bryant, Doris Buczek, Ken Bunkley, Walter Burks, Delmos Butler, Ronnie Bynom, Charlena Bynum, James Campbell, Barbara Carey, Mitchell Carlock, Cynthia Carlson, Carol Carman, Sylvia Carter, Charles Casko, Danny Castro, Carmen Cauchon, Irene Cauley, Joyce Cauley, Steve Chalfant, Ronald Chapman, John Chmiel, Judy Clark, Charlotte Clarke, Carolyn Cole, Donnie Coleman, Mike 55 Coleman, Verna Collins, Ernest Colosimo, Jennifer Conley, Ron Connor, Terry Cox, Charlie Crawford, Carol Cruz, Isidro Curley, John Damjanovic, Milovan Da ' niels, Bobby Davis, Esther Davis, Geroy Davis, James Davis, Katherine Day, Donna Dearwood, Walter Dejesus, Maria Deleon, Tony Deloney, Barbara Dipiazza, Barbara Dittmer, Michael Docks, Clementine Domazet, Paul Donald, Larry Downs, William Dragoo, Linda Duffie, Loren 56 Dunn, Carolyn Dunn, Carolyn Edwards, Janice Emig, Elvin England, Darrellyn Enrico, Art Essany, Ernest Evans, Ann Evans, Bob Everett, Norma Fee .or, Barbara Flores, Homero Ford, Elsa Fowler, Lana Fowler, Philip Fowler, Phyllis Francies, Stephen Frazier, Jesse Gacsy, William Cal ouzis, George Garrison, Bill George, Barbara Georgiadis, Bill Gest, Theresa Gianikos, Sophia Gillaspie, Ethele Gillum, Carol Green, Marlene Griffith, Bill Grimes, Larry Guydon, Anita Hackett, Debbie Hall, Freida Hanko, Edward Harbour, Gerald Harris, Bertha Hays, Lena Hazelett, Beatrice Hedman, Allen Helton, Linda Henderson, Edward Henry, Ollie Hinchman, Judy Hines, Roberta Hinojosa, Louis Hobson, Mary Holloway, Carter Hope, Carolyn Hope, Hazel Hopson, Carolyn Horton, Sandra Howard, Leroy Howard, Mary Hudgins, Elizabeth Hunt, Harry Huntley, Barbara Huntley, Gwendolyn Ingram, Belita. Ison, Charles Jackson, Douglas Jackson, Rose Jakovljevic, Gloria Jasperson, Judy 57 Jennings, Curtis Jones, Edward Jones, Essie Jones, Frank Joshua, Shirley Jovanovich, Donna Karan, Judy Karver, Richard Katsimpaiis, Helen Kennedy, Rosie Kirkendall, Lloyd Knowles, Liz Kouremetis, Elena Kouremetis, Mike Krok, Carol Kuykendall, Linda Kuykendall, Wayne Larsen, Fred Larzelere, Linda Lewis, Blain Lewis, William Lloyd, Cynthia Long, David Lopez, Joe Lowe, Henry Lumella, Cathy Malamatos, George Marcus, Anthony 58 Marschand, Larry Massas, Maria Maxwell, Ronnie Mayes, Mary McCloud, Michael McDowell, Cheryl McLoughlin, Bill Miazga, William Mihajlovic, Radmila Milisavljevic, Violet Miller, Lennie Mitseff, Karen Monik, Cecelia Moreno, Donna Morgan, Bonita Moss, Alice Mouhourtis, Jimmy Movchan, Dave Muffoletto, Margo Mujica, Sergio Myrick, Loretta Neal, Bob Nelson, Leblanc Newcomb, Gary Nunley, Cheryl Nunn, Preston O’Dell, Kaery Olavarria, Juan Onika, Debby Palmer, Mar)’ Papacalodoucas, Giovana Pappas, Terry Elliott, Parker Parker, Fayetta Paulk, Lindsay Pavlecich, Martha Payne, Arlene Perich, Gordana Perry, Mattie Peters, Peggy Phillips, Ruby Pinkstaff, Janice Poole, Walter Pope, Charles Porter, Reginald Protho, Marlene Reed, James Riley, Robert Rivera, Elsa Rivera, Margaret Rivera, Rosemary Robinson, Barbara Rockwell, Ron Rodriguez, Providencia Rogers, John Romanowski, Charles Rose, Christine Roseborough, Carla Ross, John Rosser, Gary Rowe, Robert Rucker, Carmease Rushing, Ronnie 59 £ fi Rzepczynski, Danny Schafer, John Schaffer, Sharon Schreiber, Linda Schuster, David Serrano, Gloria Shaffer, George Sharp, Violet Sims, Moses Singleton, Kendra Sivertson, Linda Smith, Betty Smith, Billie Smith, Donna Sobh, Alex Staples, Robert Stinson, Allan Stone, George Stone, Sandra Sulcer, Terry Tallant, Richard Teamer, Henry Thomas, Ernest Thompson, Alan Thompson, Morris Tichansky, Cynthia Tidwell, James Tolson, Jane 60 Tonis, Mary Tripp, Joyce Tsakyris, Suzanne Tucker, Erby Vajner, Pam Valdivia, Joy Vasquez, Paula Volk, Harold Vulinovich, Roddy Waggoner, Cary Waggoner, Nancy Walton, De,witt Ward, Gloria Wardrop, Carolyn Washington, Charles Watson, Florence Webb, Ernest Wellman, Dan Wesley, Jesse Wetzel, Loma Wharton, Sue Whitehead, Larry Williams, Cpnnie Williams, Deborah Williams, John Williamson, Eric Williamson, Sue Willis, Robert Wilson, Beverly Wilson, Billy Witt, Earl Woodfork, Lula Woods, Birda Wyman, Kenneth Young, Darlene Ypsilantes, Fay Zapp, Diane Zarakas, Joyce Ziegra, Charles Zeimis, Janice 61 frosh venture into a world Freshmen began experiencing the daily routine of high school life and adjusting to their courses. They participated in school,functions and awaited the Freshman Frolic. A Friday night dance, a pizza at the Flamingo, a bus ride to Gilroy, and butterfly nets were a part of the freshman “initiation.” As the year progressed, the novelty wore off, work became more difficult, and assignments seemed longer. The hubbub of high school life became a routine. Gaylene Smith Nada Peyovich, and Janet Ershick perform for their GAA rushers during bcum Week initiation. Bottom to top: Bob Brown, boys’ treasurer; Terry Waggoner, girls’ treasurer; Sheila Lrnmn, secretary; Liz Christo, vice-president; Patti Taylor, president. of dickens, equations, and grasshoppers Ackley, Michael Adams, Michael Adkins, Joyce Agosto, Hector Alley, Linda Alston, Lucille Alvarez, Albert Anderson, Kathy Anogianakis, Agnes Anton, Sunday Arroyo, Eddie Astor, Tony Ball, Danny Barreiro, Albert Beam, Carol Besaw, Dale Blackburn, Irene Blackman, Patty Blondet, Zoraida Bonilla, Adrian Bonilla, Gonzalo Bowman, Bill Brackett, Sylvia Brewer, George Brown, Robert Butler, Antoinette Camden, Alan Campbell, Deborah Campbell, Peggy Canchola, Luz Carter, Sandr a Casko, Joe Cauley, Peggy Chatman, Jannie Cherry, Charles Christo, Liz Climer, George Climer, Mary Cole, Donald Colosimo, David Collins, Charles Connor, Eileen Conquest, Richard Cooley, Joyce Cooper, Paul Cornett, Charles Coulter, Verna Curley, Ronald Curski, Daniel Damjanovic, Julka Danciu, David Davis, Kathryn Davis, Warren Demakas, Tom Dittmer, Tim Donald, Daryl 63 Dowdell, Lorraine Durr, John Ershick, Janet Essany, Annie Farley, Pat Ferhat, Donna Festa, Michael Forbes, Lorraine Freville, Barbara Cacsy, Linda Gallardo, Isahia Gallistcl, Janet Gardner, Janet Carlin, Cheryl Georgiadis, Maria Gibbs, Howard Gillespie, Phyllis Gillum, Daisy Godwin, Dale Gonzales, George Gonzales, Louis Graves, Barbara Griffin, Jon Griffin, Sheila Groover, Kathy Guenther, Sue Guy, Paul Guydon, Ermalene Hardin, Carolyn Hedrick, Juanita Hernandez, Donald Herr, Larry Hitson, Judy Hjerpe, Brad Hollaway, Bonnie Hubbard, Dave Huggins, Rachael Hutchinson, Wayne Irish, Pam Jackowicz, Sandra Johnson, Janice Jolly, Charles Jones, Trudy Jordan, Patrice Karver, Larry Keller, Kathy Keller, Wayne Kcmpffer, Jeannette Kendrick, Carolyn Kerns, Mike Knox, Dennis Kolodziej, Judith Kontos, -Paulette Kouremetis, Vicky Koutsis, Gus Kyles, Quitman Lalic, Mike Lampkin, John Lee, Janice Lemley, Thomas Locke, James Long, Guy Lopez, Tony 64 Lutz, Pam Majors, Cheryl Maldonado, Eneida Maldonado, Rosemary Mason, Patty Massas, Angelo McCarthy, Mike McCorkel, Mike McCoy, Becky McDaniel, Pamela McDonald, Susan McDowell, John McKnelly, James Milligan, Cleo Mendez, Linda Mlechek, Mary Momcilovich, Michael Momirovich, Tim Monroe, John Montemayor, Mary Moore, Mike Morgan, Larry Morphis, Carlene Morris, Larry Moss, Carol Motts, Russine Mulloy, Don Mulloy, Patrick Negron, Maria Nickovich, Bob Niswander, Vem Nowakowski, Jeanette Null, Phyllis O’Brien, Elizabeth O’Halloran, Pat 65 Ollech, Marion Osborne, Cathy Panagiotis, Teddy Paulk, Phyllis Pavlecich, Jeanette Pearson, Gerald Penner, Ronald Petalas, Christine Petalas, Kiki Peterson, Freeman Peterson, Joyce Peyovich, Nada Platt, Ja ' nice Poole, Randall Popovich, Steve Powell, Delores Poznic, Sofia Prascak, Tandra Ramirez, David Ramos, Maria Reed, Brenda Rhoades, Hugh Rice, Pat Rice, Sylvester Richards, Gregory Richardson, Linda Richardson, Larry Rivera, Anibal Rivera, Irma Rivera, Raphael Robbins, Judy Rodriguez, George Rosario, Louis Rose, Charlene Rubens, JoAnn Rushing, Paulette Russi, David Savich, Connie Schuster, Vicki Serrano, George Shaffer, John Shoumake, Sheila 66 7 a + 7b + insects = freshman headaches Simon, Leslie Simon, Paul Smith, Alice Smith, Gaylene Smith, Helen Smith, John Smith, Quentin Smith, Robin Spearman, James Stafford, Terry Stewart, James Stewart, Jerry D. Stewart, Jerry L. Stupar, Marilyn Swisher, Lynda Tallant, Judy Tanner, Mike Taylor, Patti Tesanovich, Helen Tesanovich, Mary Theodoros, Carol Theodoros, Peter Thomas, Robert Thompson, Toni Trafny, John Trathen, David Truax, Jerry Upchurch, Ernest Valdivia, Rich Valtierra, Anthony Vasquez, Patricia Vaughn, Vic Vensel, Larry Vician, L irry Vierra, Ralph Vucekovich, Rosie Waggoner, Terry Walker, Larry Ward, Bill Ward, Gloria White, Janice Williams, Charles Williams, Joseph Wirth, Barbara Wirth, Ralph Wozniak, Jane Yargus, Mary Young, Pat Ypsilantes, Kathy Zaganas, Steve Zalazar, Robert Zaronis, Lydia Zehner, Linda 67 . . the maturing character of an individual to be a part of something, whether a leader or follower, we joined an organization, we were initiated, pledged, or indu cted. together in common interests, we attended meetings, planned dances, drives, and field trips, we learned the value of participation. membership developed us as individuals, in character and personality, membership required responsibility. accepting it, we gained maturity and experience. 69 Student Council-Row I, . B. Simmons, R. Vulinovich. Row 4, I. t . n . , • P ; Kontos, J. Rodriquez, P. Taylor, L. Riley, P. Neely. Rou» 2, l. to r: T. Kalavros J BlankenshiD R • ? r v . J : 0 i n T’. J -i 3r ? Wn : A : t0 T r: Mr -. Dan McDevitt, sponsor; Z. Radovich, G. Kou.sis, J. Parker, J. Won£ K. Buczek, M. Tesanovich, C. Alvarez, S. Szabo, M. Mako, B. Hansen, R. Siler. students incorporate scholarship, service . . . “This organization shall be known as the Emerson High School Student Council” . . . “The general purpose of this body shall be the promotion of the welfare of Emerson School” . . . Composed of one president and two representa¬ tives from each class, and a representative from each organization, Student Council, under the guid¬ ance of Mr. Dan McDevitt, met during the lunch period to create rules and regulations to govern the school. Besides being the legislative body of the school, the Student Council planned the Christ¬ mas Basket Drive in December and the S.O.S. Drive in February. They also directed Senior Day and “E” Day activities. 70 “I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of this society to which I have been elected, striving in every way, by word and deed, to make its ideals of my school and my life.” Students, outstanding in scholarship, leadership, character, and service, were elected into the Emer¬ son Chapter of the National Honor Society during the fall and spring of the school year. They took the society pledge at the April induction with a candlelight ceremony and invited students and parents. During the course of the year, the Honor Society sold paperback books to students and faculty in an effort to raise money for their annual spring picnic at Marquette Park. Honor Society—Row 1, l. to r: M. Tsakyris, A. Korfias, C. Bloomingdale, S. Kummerer, T. Maleniak. Row 2, l. to r: A. Dear, T. Kalavros, P. Christo, Mrs. Gladys Pierce, spon¬ sor. Row 3, l. to r: T. Galouzis, R. Utroski, M. Tesanovich. Row 4, l. to r: R. Utroski, N. Anast, E. Paul, J. Parker. Row 5, l. to r: L. Marschand, L. Klim, T. Springmann, B. Bercaw. Six Emerson students, meeting with other stu¬ dents from area schools, took advanced courses in psychology, political science, chemistry, and math as participants in the Joe Berg program. These students were selected on the basis of test scores and recommendations. Another scholastic achievement by Emerson stu¬ dents was membership in Quill and Scroll, an in¬ ternational honorary society for high school jour¬ nalists. To become members, student journalists per¬ formed superior work in some phase of journalism and were recommended by a supervisor of publi¬ cations. Pursuing answers to world problems, World Affairs Forum members met each month to dis¬ cuss world issues. Every year, three juniors and three seniors are selected from each of Gary’s nine high schools to participate in the forum. Schools rotated as discussion leaders at each month’s ses¬ sion. In May, Emerson led the discussion on Ma¬ laysia and Indonesia. In December, Debate Club members were given an opportunity to exercise debate techniques at the National Debaters Conference at Purdue University. Thelma Kalavros pinpoints a troubled area recently discussed at a World Affairs Forum meeting to John Burns, left; Lyle Marschand, Tina Kallimani, and Judson Parker. scholars look beyond classroom Joe Berg students try their hand at a complicated experiment. L. to mett Paul. Not pictured: Mary Ann Alexander and Howard Hen ry. r: Alice Dear, Cheryl Bloomingdale, Cesar Alvarez, Em- Ken Svengalis, Debate Club treasurer, emphasizes a point in his discussion about former Senator Barry Goldwater to other Debate Club officers. L. to r: Zorine Radovich, president; David Taylor, vice-president; Paula Vasquez, secretary; Miss Diana Blue, sponsor. Quill and Scroll members take their turns signing the membership scroll. Seated: Linda Jablonski. Standing, l. to r: Alice Dear, Angie Korfias, N. McMillan, Tamara Maleniak. Gregorius Gregorius, alias Greg Gregory, seems a little unhappy while being auctioned off for only 98 cents at the Latin Club picnic. Joe Repya, Latin Club president, follows Julius Caesar’s path during the Gallic Wars while librarian Emmett Paul, treasurer Tandra Prascak, and secretary Judy Karan, look on. Occupatus, occupatus, occupatus —busy, busy, busy —could have been the slogan for this year’s Latin Club, sponsored by Mr. Lawrence DeLeurere; if members weren’t hiking at Dunes State Park, they were participating in a pantomime skit at the Edison conference or in a lecture at I.U. Northwest Exten¬ sion. “Miss Ban, would you please pass the hot sauce for my tacos?” was a probable statement made when fourteen Spanish Club members and Miss Mary Ban, sponsor, dined at an Indiana Harbor restaurant that specialized in Mexican food. In April, the Spanish Club spo nsored the Spanish Fiesta. Wearing berets and smocks while carrying easels and brushes, both new and old Art Club members for the first time dressed as artists during the Art Club initiation. Two field trips—one to the Art Institute and another to the Oriental Art Institute —acquainted students with prominent artists. In the science area, under the direction of new teacher and sponsor, Mr. Daryl Boggs, Emerson’s Science Club members visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Adler’s Planetarium, and entered proj¬ ects in the Indiana Regional Science Fair. caesar, picasso, Spanish Club Officers — l. to r: Tom Galouzis, presi¬ dent; Georgia Harris, vice-president; Ronald Powell, treasurer; Donita Talley, secretary. einstein, create student interests To hide the tears, Pat Christo escapes for a moment after being announced president of G.A.A. at the 1964 Banquet. Secretary-Treasurer . Social Chairman . Softball . Speedball . Basketball . Volleyball . Swimming . Outdoor ... Indoor . Sheryl Prentiss Concessions . Diane Thompson Sponsor . : 1 7 g.a.a. offers fun and fellowship October brought fall winds and the initiation of G.A.A. scums. Another year of sports and social activities was available to girls who joined the Girls’ Athletic Association. Throughout the year, members participated in outdoor and indoor sports, earning points to main¬ tain a good standing in the organization. Extra points were earned through bike and walking hikes and by popping popcorn at the football and bas¬ ketball games. In December, the girls and their guests attend¬ ed the annual Couple Dance, “Candleglow and Mistletoe,” held at the Sheraton Inn. Ron Benjamin was named G.A.A. Pin-Up Boy at the Basketball Spread in March. The other can¬ didates were John Prascak and Larry Klim. The G.A.A. Banquet held in May closed the year with the announcement of the newly elected 1965-66 G.A.A. Board and individual recognition of outstanding members. occupational F.H.A. Members — Seated, l. to r: M. Climer, B. Williams, D. Smith, Y. Hollingsworth. Standing, I. to r: D. McKee, T. Thompson, D. Day, Mrs. Iris Martinsen, sponsor; M. Andrews, G. Smith. Cooking meals, typing letters, tutoring stu¬ dents, and serving the public were the activities of Emerson’s career organizations that developed students for their desired occupations. Students interested in domestic duties joined the Future Homemakers of America. This year, under the direction of Mrs. Iris Martinsen, mem¬ bers reorganized the club and revised the consti¬ tution. Twelve members of the Future Business Lead¬ ers of America experienced daily routine work at either a business, institution, or hospital on Career Day. Five members of the Future Teachers of Ameri¬ ca tutored students at the Dorie Miller Housing Project. During Education Week, members of F.T.A. served as hostesses to visiting parents and guests. F.T.A. officers get into the “swing” of things. Sealed, l. to r: A. Thom¬ as, vice-president; P. Hackett, president; M. Anast, secretary. Standing, l. to r: M. Alexander, planning chairman; D. Taylor, historian; L. McCathren, treasurer. F.B.L.A. officers keep their club’s bank account growing by purchas¬ ing taffy apples. L. to r: L. Jablon- ski, publicity chairman; D. Vul- inovich, secretary; G. Capata, social chairman; L. Ward, presi¬ dent; T. Maleniak, vice-presi- derft; D. Marley, treasurer; N. Mc¬ Millan, historian. interests grow into reality Distributive Education and Business Co-op en¬ abled students to “earn while learning.” Going to school in the morning and working in the after¬ noon, seniors established themselves in business concerns which would eventually give them full¬ time jobs. D.E. students attended daily instruction sessions on business methods, taught by Mr. Floyd Mc- Kibben. Mr. Edward Hardie instructed the Busi¬ ness Co-op in the use of business machines. Mem¬ bership in Co-op is determined on the basis of test results and places the individual in business of¬ fices. D.E. students are placed on the job to sell and distribute goods. Booster Committee-Row 1, l. to r: P. Neely, B. Spurlock, F. Christo, J. Blankenship, K. Conquest. Row 2 l to r- B. Dawson, E. Boland, P. Vajner, E. Brown, Mrs. Leora Davies, sponsor. Row 3, l. to r: D. Casko, C. Paul, T. Panagiotis, B. Graves, R. Conquest. Row 4, I. to r- J Carter, J. Wong. Dance Band—Row 1, l. to r: J. Muzar, W. Velasquez, J. Kempffer, A. Vlassopoulos, S. Carter, Y. Richards. Row 2, I. to r: L. Herr, R. Powell, W. Key. Row 3, I. to r: E. Paulk, N. Velasquez, B. Quinlan, F. Richards, J. Kupres, B. Sumler. Drum major Perry Ann Heads high and in s{ep, drum majors and major¬ ettes led the school band while they marched to “Emerson Loyalty.” This year’s band was fortunate to have two drum majors to share the load. Booster Committee, sponsored by Mrs. Leora Davies, helped boost team spirit and succeeded this year in getting a little male backing in the cheering section. But if they weren’t stirring school spirit, they were organizing the Homecoming, the Senior Personalities’ voting, or the Senior Farewell at the end of the year. The Social Committee, sponsored by Mrs. Shirley Simonson, provided a semi-formal night of dancing for Emersonians and their dates at the Snow Ball in January. This committee is also responsible for providing records for school dances. Vibrating every beam with jazz numbers and dance tunes, the Dance Band met every Wednesday after school to practice, either for enjoyment or preparation. In January, they took part in the Regional Solo and Ensemble Contest and provided music at the Senior Farewell in May. Drum major Bill Velasquez music and cheers set the pace Majorettes — l. to r: L. Archer, T. Panagiotis, B. Boromisa, J. Knox, G. Jakovljevic, B. Boromisa, C. Movchan, L. Wetzel. 83 Flutes-Piccolos: L Berry, L. Knowles, L. Wetzel, M. Muzar, A. Spurgeon, C. Williams, B. Garrison. B-Flat Clarinets: G. Stupar, A. Vlassopoulos J. Dodds, D. Hackett, K. Teel, H. Henry, C. Byrom, E. O ' Brien, B. Hjerpe, E. Emig, T. Momirovich, V. Kouremetis, E. Guydon L. Forbes P. Peters, R. Karver. Oboe: D. Wellman. Bass Clarinets: M. Strasburg, D. Wesley. Alto Clarinet: P. Hackett, J. Blaemire. Saxophones: J. Kempffer, J. Mazur, B. Velasquez, S. Carter. and the band Pep Band Row l, l to r: J. Kempffer, A. Vlassopoulos, B. Sumler, J. Kupres, J. Dodds, L. Berry. Row 2, 6Z:L±!S£: " qu!!,S“ " - l Knowl " ' R - Po " ' • • L - Hm . ' ■ H - Trumpet: W. Key, R. Powell, J. Grasham, B. Hatcher, L. Herr, R. Vierra, B. McCall, J. Rosas, D. Cole A Bonilla. Baritones: H. Goodwin, L. Marschand, L. Brown, W. Miazga, D. Gillum, D. Ishmon. Sousaphones: F. Grist, J. Edwards P. Amn L. Faulk, A. Harris Flag Detail: J. Webster, D. Long, H. Fortner, F. Richards. Trombones: B. Quinlan, E. Paulk, N. Velasquez, M. Kouremetis, R. Porter, R. Parks. Percussion: B. Sumler, J. Kupres, L. Rogers, J. Lopez, R. Nickovich, W. Georgiadis. Director: Mrs. Anne K. Masters. Assistant director: Mr. Robert Velasco. played on . . . Marching on the football field and down the streets surrounding Emerson, the band practiced after school and in the evenings to perfect their performances for Homecoming, Purdue Band Day, and for the Memorial Day Parade. When they were confined to the band room during the colder months, they worked a little harder as members of duets, trios, and quartets for the District Music Contest in Jan¬ uary. In March, they performed for the student body at their annual Band Concert. “Go Emerson go, we’re all for you,” roared from the auditorium doors as students and the Pep Band took part in weekly pep sessions. Accompanying the football team and students, they provided moral support with their peppy marches and lively rendi¬ tions of school songs. Band Officers—Seated: Alexandra Vlassopoulos, librarian. Standing, l. to r.: Larry Herr, librarian; Wayne Key, manager; Bob Sumler, president; George Stupar, vice-president. 85 srb E sSr " iV ' r w» v™ 1 - T - - Morris. Boss; J. Webst’er, A. Th sl UThonL, RPaJlk, C. Gurter F. Richards? ' F ° rtner ’ CurtU ’ G M ° vchan ’ L L tensions String Ensemble—Seated, l. to r: M. Gress, A. Korfias, B. Boromisa, B. Boromisa, Y. Richards. Standing, l. to r: J. Dodds, ET Morris, D. Long, K. Svengalis, J. Webster. Orchestra Officers—Seated: A. Thomas, librar¬ ian. Standing, I. to r: M. Gress, president; A. Korfias, vice-president; C. Movchan, li- brarian; J. Knox, librarian; H. Fortner, manager. Piano: L. Archer, H. Carkhum. Oboe: D. Wellman. Flute: L. Berry, B. Garrison, E. Knowles, L. Wetzel Clarinet G Stupar A. Vlassopoulos, P. Hackett, D. Hackett. Horn: D. Boone, B. Smith. Trumpet: W. Key, R Powell, J Grasham, B. Hatcher, L. Herr Trombone: B. Quinlan, E. Paulk. Percussion: B. Sumler, L. Rogers, J. Kupres, J. Lopez. Director: Mrs. Anne K. Masters. Assistant director: Mr. Robert Velasco. rise as concert nears Violins sang, drums rolled, and cymbals clashed at the Orchestra’s annual December concert. Featured were numbers by Bach, Bizat, Tschaikowsky, and Gounod. Under the direction of Mrs. Anne K. Masters and Mr. Robert Velasco, the orchestra also found time for the annual State Solo and Ensemble Contest, the City-Wide Music Festival, and Com¬ mencement activities. This year the String Ensemble set the mood at the Christmas Vespers by providing the traditional Christmas music. Three members of this group showed outstanding accomplishments this year. String players, Jacqueline Dodds and Mary Cress were selected to participate in the Chicago Youth Orchestra Concert which performed in Chicago’s Orchestra Hall. Cello player Yvonne Richards be¬ came a member of the Gary Symphony Orchestra. 87 Glee Club Officers—l. 10 r: Jackie Duffie, accompanist; Mary Ellen Tesanovicli, president; Janice Pinkstaff, vice-president; Sandy Stone, secretary; Joyce Cooley, treasurer. . . . “do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do” . . . Emerson’s A Cappella and Glee Club tuned up on many occasions to perform for the student body and out¬ side audiences. In November, during Education Week, A Cappella sang for the P.T.A.’s open house, as well as for other meetings. Sponsoring the “Har¬ vest Moon” dance in October, the group raised enough money to buy new choir robes. Combining their efforts with the Drama Department, the A Cap¬ pella and the Glee Club sang for the annual Christ¬ mas Vespers, presenting traditional Christmas carols such as “0 Holy Night” and “Hallelujah.” Both groups sang at their annual spring concert and participated in the City-wide Spring Festival. They finished the year by singing at Baccalaureate and Commencement. In addition to their roles as A Cappella mem¬ bers, ten students performed as a Madrigal group and met for practice sessions every morning. This newly-formed group was featured at the Christmas Vespers and participated in the State Music Festival in February. madrigals add Glee Club—Row 1 , . 88 i sere i !::?: Parrish, M. Dittmer, P. Mor’phis, L. Gonzales, B. Evans, T. Tralhen, B. MoC new musical note to vesper services A Cappella Officers—I. to r: Ron Benjamin, president; Cathy Christoff, ac¬ companist; Leon Stath, hoys’ treasurer; Miss Judy Nichols, director; Karen Conquest, girls’ treasurer; Pat Neely, vice-president; not pictured: Lynn Ward, secretary. Madrigal Singers—Row I, I. to r: B. McConnell, R. Curley. Row 2, l. t R. Riley, B. Johnson. Row 3, I. to r: J. O’Brien, E. Lopez. Row 4 , I. to i Brown, Y. Richards; not pictured: B. Drago, L. Ward. drama, chess draw new student interest John Guzman Drama Club president, casts parts for “Come Blow Your Horn.” Awaiting their roles are —Row 1 l t O Bnen, publicity chairman Zorine Radovich, vice-president Tony Medina. Row 2, l. to r: stage manager Joe Ren Kolodziej, sponsors Miss Diana Blue, Miss Judie Shepherd. “COME BLOW YOUR HORN” Alan Baker . Peggy Evans . Jessica Colosimo Buddy Baker . Perry Arnn Mr. Baker . Connie Dayton . Mrs. Baker . “Come Blow Your Horn,” directed by Miss Diana Blue and Miss Judie Shepherd highlighted the year’s Drama Club productions. The comedy concerns an elderly playboy, Alan Baker (Joe Repya), who finally falls into the bonds of matri¬ mony with Connie Dayton (Zorine Radovich), a sophisticated actress. Also taking a role in drama were “E” Club members, those boys earning a Varsity letter in any of the six major school sports. A comedy entitled “The Woman-Less Wedding” was pre¬ sented as an “E” Club production. Paul Coker portrayed Miss Tiny Oats who wed Mr. J. Filvver- ton, Barley, played by Roger Siler. A new addition to Emerson’s organizations was the Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Sargon Eivaz. Members met twice monthly learning the rules and ethics of the game and competed in tourna¬ ments with one another. 90 Chess Club members enjoy a quiet game. L. to r: Emmett Paul, president; Janet Brown, Joe Repya, Dave Taylor, treasurer; An¬ gie Korfias, secretary. “E " Club—Row 1, l. to r: C. Alvarez, G. Wellman, J. Carter, N. Kazonis, D. Harris, M. Karlsrud, D. Baker. Row 2, l. to r: J. Mantakounis, N. Anast S. Popa, D. Carnahan, J. Parker, M. Ypsilantes, L. Stath, A. Stath. Row 3, l. to r: R. Kurmis, B. Bercaw, J. Repya, J. Cerda, B. Ayres, M. Leka, B. Quinlan, H. Goodwin, G. Malamatos. Row 4, l.ito r:] M. Mato, R. 1Pat¬ rick, D. Movchan, G. Knox, J. Vinzani, P. Coker, B. Utroske, J. Day. Row 5, l. to r: R. Benjamin, S. Szabo, M. Clifford, L. Klim, J. Grasham, P. Gallagher, L. Parker, P. Lalic. 91 Cadet Colonel Milan Tesanovich, 1964-65 city regimental commander, left, and Sergeant Jack McNichols, Emerson’s R.O.T.C. instructor, inspect R.O.T.C. companies. R.O.T.C. Officers—Row 1, l. to r: Hon. Capt. P. Kupchik, Capt. W. Pendleton, Hon. Lt. Col. L. Ward, Col. M. Tesanovich, Capt. J. Repya, Hon. Capt. K. Pinkerton. Row 2, l. to r: Smj. T. Me¬ dina, Lt. B. Sumler, Lt. D. Kostel, Lt. S. Popa, Lt. C. Dickerson, 1st Sgt. P. Kowal discipline, practice — Rifle Team-Row i, . to r: Captain T. Medina, B. Smith, W. Pendleton, D. Kostel, G. Newcome, M. Tesanovich. Row 2, l. to r: D. Schuster, J. Repya, P. Panozzo, D. McGregor, C. Dickerson. Under the command of Sergeant Jack McNichols, the Reserve Officers Training Corps surged ahead again this year in performance. Emerson was named an R.O.T.C. honor school after an overall inspec¬ tion of the organization by General John Pugh of the 6th Army Headquarters in Chicago. An R.O.T.C. board of conduct was added to handle disciplinary action, which maintained the high cali¬ bre of the organization. During the year the Rifle Team was awarded second place in competition with Wallace and Tol- leston. In November, they defeated Joliet. For further rifle competition, they traveled to Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana, in February, and to Missouri in March. Out of a possible 300, the team averaged 229 for their shooting average. The Rifle Team won the city championship for 1964. The Drill Team competed in precision drills with the Gary high schools and Joliet High School. In April, they competed in Indianapolis, and a selected squad from the team went to Western Michigan University. The Drill Team also won the 1964 city competition. Cadet Captain William Pen¬ dleton calls troops to attention for roll call. bywords for military success Fearless leader, that’s who I am and don’t forget it!!! Drill Team—Kneeling: T. Trathen, drill team commander. Row 1, l. to r: B. Sum-- ler, M. Tesanovich, N. Velasquez, C. Dickerson, W. Pendleton. Row 2, l. to r: A. Wolfe, H. Lopez, L. Miazga, P. Kowal. Row 3, l. to r: J. Orr, J. Repya, W. Cezemtak, S. Hutchinson, M. Pearson. publication staffs face frustration, Yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Margaret Smar, advises co-editors, Tamara Maleniak, left, and Alice Dear on how to prepare balanced layouts. “Retype this story correctly” . . . Clickety, click, click . . . “Get busy and write that story” . . . “Moan” . . . “Now people” . . . Giggle, giggle . . . “I’m glad to see everyone working so hard” . . . “Did you re¬ member to call Mr. Lewis at the Sterling-Conor Stu¬ dios?” . . . “Mr. Hancock, the story featured on page one just fell through” ... %? $... “Mrs. Smar, I lost about thirty senior class pictures. These sounds and bits of conversation were ex¬ changed throughout the year in room 205 during long hours after school when the Emersonian and Norse Wind staffs and sponsors met to prepare the school publications. Norse Wind staff members experienced the joy of a finished story that had to be rewritten and retyped many times and faced the frustration of an issue that failed after hours of work because of an unexpected problem that arose. Picture layouts, pressing deadlines, lack of copy information, and long hours that dulled the mind confronted the Emersonian staff members. Finally, the last deadline arrived and they sent off the last few pages to the Taylor Publishing Company. Then, with anticipation, they awaited the arrival of the book in May when they saw their year of work in finished form. Although these problems seemed overpowering, both staffs succeeded in meeting their responsibili¬ ties: informing the student body and recording the past year. EMERSONIAN STAFF Co-editors . Alice Dear, Tamara Maleniak Academics . Norma McMillan Classes . Mary Gress, Margie Karedes Organizations . Alice Dear, Tamara Maleniak School Life . Linda Jablonski Sports .Jj m Jasperson Photographers . Jim Carter, Tony Medina I n( ex . Angie Korfias Advertising . Mary Anast, Margie Karedes Sponsors . Mrs. Margaret Smar Mr. John Hancock Norse Wind. Staff— Standing: J. Jasperson, A. Korfias; Bottom left: D. Wesley, P. Hackett, A. Thomas, C. Paul, B. Tipton; Bottom right: J. Prascak, J. Carter, J. Bums, B. Cherry, B. Simmons. Standing, l. to r: D. Taylor, T. Kallimani, E. Boland, K. Svengalis, D. England, E. Brown, K. Boyd; Seated, l. to r: S. Mullins, N. Festa, J. Krieter, S. Prentiss. joy, anticipation NORSE WIND STAFF Editor-in-Chief . Angie Korfias Sports Editor . Jim Jasperson Advertising . Mary Anast, Margaret Karedes, Nanette Festa, Carole Paul Staff Photographers. Tony Medina, Jim Carter Reporters . Alma Bagsby, Cheryl Bloomingdale, Ellen Boland, Kathy Boyd, Elizabeth Brown, John Bums, James Carter, Bill Cherry, Darrellyn England, Nanette Festa, Pam Hackett, Tina Kallimani, Janet Krieter, Susan Mullins, Carole Paul, John Prascak, Sheryl Prentiss, Bob Simmons, Ken Svengalis, David Taylor, Annette Thomas, Brenda Tipton, Dianne Wesley Sponsors. Mrs. Margaret Smar and Mr. John Hancock Angie Korfias, Norse Wind Editor, and Mr. John Hancock, sponsor, escape briefly from a busy schedule to read a recent issue of the paper. . the fading scenes of school life there are memories of a game with its popcorn and lime-sickles; a dance, with its loud music, and white socks on a gym floor, keeping time to a Dave Clark Five. during lunch breaks, we laughed with friends, enjoyed the sock hops, visiting the corner drugstore, attending a meeting or walking to the library was an after-school must. although small and insignificant to some, these everyday activities made the year one we ' ll call unforgettable. 97 summer brings relaxation and reminiscing Alex Glumac creates a new diving technique? “Don’t look now fellas, but I think we’re being “Kodaked.” Warm, sunny days, crowded beaches, and happy, sun-tanned students were a very common sight during the summer months. If not building sand castles near the water they were dancing near the concession stand. Of course, a few students spent all of their time eating potato chips, drinking cokes, and barbecuing hot dogs. Although summer vacation lasted only three short months, it appeared to be adequate time for Emerson students to relax for the coming nine months of school. “Hope I beat the mailman!” football-o-rama queen crowned “Oh! Lynn, I’m so happy for you.” says Carole Paul as Lynn is announced queen. fti Lynn Ward is crowned Emerson’s Football-O-Rama queen by Sandra Sue Miller, Miss Indiana. in summer heat During a blistering hot afternoon in September, Emerson students, armed with sun-glasses and sun hats, swarmed Gilroy Stadium to see the crowning of Emerson’s new Eootball-O-Rama queen. Half-time ceremonies began with a motorcade of soon-to-be queens. Eight new queens were to be crowned, one representing each Gary high school. Four girls ran for the position of Football-O-Rama queen; juniors Carole Paul and Laurie Riley; and seniors Barbara Spurlock and Lynn Ward. Cheers roared as Lynn Ward was announced Emerson’s winner, with Carole Paul selected as runner-up. Football-O-Rama is the first of many ceremonies during the school year in which Emersonians crown a queen to represent their school. The crowning of queens seems to be a great part of the activities of a school. Lynn Ward and Carole Paul with escorts Jim Jasperson and Barry Hansen await the announcement of the Football-O-Rama queen. “Swim” . . . “Fish” . . . “Scotch” . . . Shake . . . “Watusi” . . . “Popeye” . . . “Jerk” . . . dances with vivid names, forms, and movements replaced the “Twist,” “Pony,” and “Mashed Potatoes”— “oldies” of a previous year. Dances at E.H.S. began early in the year. The Get- Acquainted Dance helped old and new taces meet friends. The G.A.A. Couple Dance in December was a semi-formal affair and was the only turn-about dance of the year. Other dance activities included the Sophomore Hop, the S.O.S. Dance, the Freshman Frolic, and the Junior-Senior Prom. Among the closing- dances- of the year were the Publications Dance and the Senior Farewell. For the first time this year, Emerson’s “E” Club sponsored lunch- hour sock hops as between-class activities. 103 Golden mums . . . enthusiastic cheers ... a glittering crown . . . long formats . . . proud escorts . . . hopeful candidates ... a tense crowd ... a reigning queen!!! Tears of happiness fell as Mr. Marion B. England, principal, crowned Karen Conquest Emerson’s Home¬ coming Queen at the half-time ceremonies held during the Emerson-Lew Wallace football game. Homecoming was the one time during the year when Emerson alumni returned to help cheer the team on to victory and to watch the crowning of the new queen. After the game, students, the new queen, and her court returned to Emerson to take part in the Home¬ coming Dance held in the girls’ lower gym. Gold and grey streamers, cardboard football players, color¬ ful murals, and scattered glitter greeted students as they arrived for an evening of soft lights, moody music, and friendly conversation. Homecoming, ’65, ended here. crowning of queen climaxes homecoming “. . . Karen Conquest.” and the next Homecoming queen candidate is . . Homecomin, qu een candidates-L to r: Diane Thompson, Karen Conquest, Lynn Ward, Barbara Spurlock, and Juliana Blankenship. 104 we’re out for victory . . . ! Emerson’s varsity and reserve cheerleaders—Bottom row, l. lor- B. Dawson, E. Boland, P. Vajner, E. Brown. Row 2, l. to r: B. Spurlock, P. Christo, J. Blank¬ enship. Row 3, l. to r: K. Conquest, P. Neely. Vitality, plus school spirit, plus initiative, equal cheerleaders. Emerson’s varsity and reserve pep squads cheered their way through 11 football games and 18 basketball games this year. Boosting the teams involved only half of their year. The other half consisted of practices, con¬ tests, and pep sessions. While at cheering camp this summer, varsity cheerleaders learned many new cheers which were later used at pep sessions and varsity events. The squad’s cheerleading ability brought them a first- place ribbon in one of the camp contests. “bumper car,” “animal walk”describe fun SENIOR PERSONALITIES Academic . Emmett Paul Adorable. Handsome . .... Karen Conquest Mike Mako Athlete. Judson Parker Courtesy . Bill Pendleton Da " Ce . Roger Siler Fashionplate . Gerald Wellman Femininity, Masculinity .... .... Norma McMillan Alan Pinkstaff Initiative . John Prascak Most Likely to Succeed ... Steve Szabo Musical Talent. Wayne Key School Spirit . Ron Benjamin Witty . Jim Jasperson 112 festival scenes “Come one, come all to the Emerson High School P.T.A. Fun Festival! Visit the terrifying Spook House, try your luck at the cake walk, fish at the fish pond, or he entertained at the Variety Show!” Emerson’s Fun Festival has two main purposes: to entertain and to create amusement for students and parents and to raise money for worthwhile projects supported hy the Emerson P.T.A. Introduced this year for the first time since 1961 were the Senior Personalities. New amuse¬ ments, such as the Hoop-la and the Jail, were added to the Festival’s “side shows.” 113 outstanding students merit awards 1 various Recognizing students for their outstanding accomplishments areas of school life was the purpose of “E” Day held on May 14, 1964. Departments presenting awards and winners of awards were as follows: Booster Club: Merle Clayton, Carole Paul. Commercial Arts: Cheryl Bloomingdale, Mildred Lalic, Mary Tsakyris. Drama and Debate: Richard Besaw, Christ Christoff, Pam Hackett, Tony Muffoletto, Jane O’Brien, John Prascak, Joe Repya, Roberta Waugman. Homemaking: Irene Couchan, Yolanda Hollingsworth, Diane Momcilo- vich, Sheryl Prentiss, Donna Smith, Barbara Spurlock, Donita Talley Ro¬ berta Waugman, Jean Yargus. Honor Roll: Cesar Alvarez, Nick Anast, Lynn Archer, Bill Bercaw, Jeanne Blaemire, Cheryl Bloomingdale, Ellen Boland, Ken Buczek John Burns, Neill Byrum, Alfredo Castro, Ronald Chalfant, Cathy Christoff, Alice Dear, Jackie Dodds, Darrellyn England, Tom Galouzis, Barry Han¬ sen, Harry Hunt, Steve Hutchinson, Linda Jablonski, Janet Johnson, Larry Khm, Angeline Korfias, Kathy Koutsis, Pam Kruchowsky, Lyle Marschand, Deborah Omka, Giovana Papacalodoucas, Carole Paul, Diane Phillips, Kristine Pinkerton, John Povlinski, Elsa Rivera, Ron Rockwell Tom Springmann, Donita Talley, Dave Taylor, Milan Tesanovich, Mary Tsakyris Suzanne Tsakyris, Richard Utroske, Robert Utroske. Language: Mary Anne Alexander, Nick Anast, Cheryl Bloomingdale, Pj B wM? k ’ Ronald Chalfant . Pa ‘ Christo, Cathy Christoff, Darrellyn Eng¬ land William Garrison, Barry Hansen, Janet Johnson, Angeline Korfias, David Long Tamara Maleniak, Deborah Onika, Judson Parker, Emmett Paul, Diane Phillips, Tom Springmann. Music: Lynn Archer, Don Baker, Jackie Dodds, Wayne Key, Ron Powell Yvonne Richards, Alexandra Vlassopoulos, Jim Webster, Dance Band, Pep Band, String Quartet. ’ v Perfect Attendance: Cesar Alvarez, Nick Anast, Bruce Bartosik, Harry Batagiams Bob Becker, Richard Besaw, Jeanne Blaemire, Cheryl Bloom- ‘ n i g . dal . e ’ J° hn Bums, Barbara Campbell, Robert Camery, Gloria Capata, Alfredo Castro, Carmen Castro, Joe Cerda, Bill Cherry, Edgardo Colon, Anthony Deleon, Carolyn Dennis, Barbara Dipiazza, Darrellyn England, Antoinette Fitzgerald, Lana Fowler, Patrick Gallagher, Carol Gillum, Cheryl Goodlow, Frank Gorski, Douglas Jackson, Nick Kazonis, Gary Knox Elena Kouremetis Kathy Koutsis, Patty Kupchik, Danny Malamatos, Bessie Morns Joanne Morris, Cheryl Nunley, Theodora Panagiotis, Larry Parker, BiB Oibnlan’ r Pea P° " .George Pierce, Richard Pierce, John Povlinski, owiki Q nTnM R George Bodnguez. Providencia Rodriguez, Charles Roman- Rnh k s£m 1 R “ pczy " sk 1 1 L . ,nda Rzepczynski, Ruth Santiago, Steven Senvic, Utroske E V? Tsakyns, Suzanne Tsakyris, Governor Tipton, Richard Utroske, Elisa Velez, Julius Vmzam, Gerald Wellman, Earl Witt fia Nn™ " m T naSt ’ AR “ De ? r, Linda Jablonski, Angeline Kor- » » McMillan, Tamara Maleniak, lony Medina, Charlene VanGorp. LOT.C: Alex Glumac, Richard Pierce, Joe Repya, Tom Trathen, Lynn Charlene VanGorp, E ri’wil’t. WiUiam GarriS ° " ’ Hun ’ David ng ’ World Affairs Forum: Pat Christo, Lyle Marschand. T i Reti ™Jf Teachers: Mrs. Agnes Fonville, Miss Esther Pierron, Miss Grace Sayers, Miss Esther Tinsman. . the lingering thoughts of a victory looking back we remember, a team which made a touchdown at Gilroy, a basket at Memorial, a first in a fifty-yard dash. although losses outweighed wins, teams gave their time unselfishly, and displayed sportsmanship, some laughed and said they could not, . . . but they tried. do not pity the Emerson athlete. he has exhibited more spirit than all of us. he has represented his school. Emerson’s Golden Tornado finished the. 1964 sea¬ son with a record of 2-8-1, being plagued through¬ out the season by many injuries. In the initial contest of the season, the Tornado fought to a scoreless tie against Lew Wallace in the Football-O-Rama. Traveling to Highland, the Emer¬ son gridders defeated the Trojans Uy an 18-14 count. The Tornado then suffered consecutive losses to Hobart, Tolleston, Hammond Tech, Lew Wallace, Froebel, Horace Mann, and Roosevelt. The season ended on an upswing as the Tornado defeated Wirt, 20 - 0 . Senior end Steve Szabo received the high-scoring honors on the team by tallying 30 points. A 70-yard pass-play highlighted Szabo’s season. Lost through graduation will be backs Joe Cerda, Richard Patrick, William Pendleton, and Gerald Wellman, and linemen Nick Anast, Ron Benjamin, Bill Bercaw, Mike Clifford, Paul Coker, Pat Galla¬ gher, Danny Harris, Mike Karlsrud, Nick Kazonis, Larry Klim, Mike Mako, Larry Parker, Alan Pink- staff, Steve Szabo, and Julius Vinzani. First String Offense—Row 1, ]. to r: Row 2, 1. to r: fj. Dear, J. Wellman, varsity looks to ’65 to Emerson Golden Tornado—Row 1, l. t D. Harris, S. Szabo, Coach Harry S; N. Kazonis, P. Gallagher, P. Coker, ( A. Stath, M. Ypsilantes, P. Lalic. Rc .. . Row 5, . to r: Mgr. L. Rogers, Mgr. G. Malamatos, H. Volk! D. Wellman, Mgr ?. Mairs ’M r K Wyman. 118 M. Mako, C. Alvarez, J. Edwards, M. Leka, P. Gallagher, L. Klim, S. Szabo. L. Stath, A. Stath, Coach Harry Szulborski. improve 2-8-1 record EHS TORNADO TALLIES OPP. 0 Lew Wallace (Football-O-Rama) 0 18 Highland 14 20 Hobart 0 6 Tolleston 9 6 Lew Wallace 19 12 Hammond Tech 19 25 Froebel 13 0 Valparaiso 20 13 Roosevelt 27 20 Wirt 0 Emerson Freshman Team—Row 1, l. to r: G. Richards, D. Malloy, L. Karver, G. Hendrik, L. Morgan, J. Truax, L. Morris, T. Demakas, C. Collins, Coach John Petrou, Row 2, l. to r: M. Momcilovich, B. Zalazar, A. Alvarez, L. Gonzales, P. Cooper, J. Casko, Q. Kyles, M. Lalic, P. Trathen. Row 3, l. to r: D. McKnelly, T. Lopez, M. Tanner, C. Gibbs, R. Conquest, M. Kerns, G. Gonzales, G. Koutsis. future varsity posts impressive 6-2 record Emerson Reserve Team—Row 1, l. to r: H. Volk, D. Casko, B. Quinlan, D. Movchan, G. Knox, D. Wellman, T. Trathen, L. Willis, Coach Mike Sosh. Row 2, . to r: R. Kurmis, R. Chalfant, M. Muzar, B. Simmons, F. Buczek, R. Rockwell, E. Hanko, S. Popa. Row 3, l. to r: D. Jolly, B. Baskin, J. Lopez, R.. Parks, E. Bercaw, A. Sobh, C. Cornett. Row 4, l. to r: Mgr. J. Rogers, Mgr. J. Malast, F. Jones, G. Pierce, C. Cox, Mgr. K. Wyman, G. Malamatos. VARSITY SCOREBOARD EHS OPP 57 E. G. Edison 68 66 Calumet 88 55 Roosevelt 88 52 E. C. Roosevelt 80 65 Lew Wallace 56 69 Hammond Tech 94 40 Froebel (Holiday Tourney) 90 49 Froebel 91 48 Hammond High 85 57 Edison 56 50 Tolleston 78 61 River Forest 63 48 Whiting 70 67 Wirt 74 59 Valpo 90 72 Merrillville 85 68 Horace Mann 55 57 Hammond Clark 78 58 E. C. Washington 91 59 Wirt (Sectionals) 52 49 Roosevelt (Sectionals; 112 norse claim cross-town rival victories JjTiiiV L y n mg i r: „ M - silan SHer. ' JersonN. Dear, B. Bunkley, S. Szabo, K. Waterson, mgr. Row 2-1. ,o r: Coach Bill Klug, W. Hanyard, D. Jolly, A. Miles, J. Jolly, H. Miles, H. Hood, Mgr. Although the Norse season proved to be less than what had been desired the squad turned in many exciting performances this year. Senior forward, John Jolly, set the Emerson crowd on the edge of their seats with several dunk- shots against Merrillville’s Pirates while Tony Miles, senior center, turned in the season’s scoring rec¬ ord with thirty points against Wirt’s Troopers. Guard, Steve Szabo, followed Miles to take sec¬ ond in the year’s overall scoring record. After a 13-point margin defeat over cross-town rival, Horace Mann, a jubilant Norse squad car¬ ried Coach Bill Klug off the floor. Leaving at the end of the year will be seniors Bill Hanyard, guard; John Jolly, forward; Tony Miles, center; and Steve Szabo, guard. 124 The Norse bench watches the tip-off during the Horace Mann- Emerson game. reserves win seven; frosh take two Reserves-Row 1. 1. to r: A. Chase, mgr; W. Kuykendall, J. Chapman L Protho, P. Fowler M Young B. Lew . D. Burkes mcr Row 2—1. to r: T. Pappas, T. Brown, B. Wilson, L. Gonzales, C. Jennings, D. Allen E .Tucker .Row 3—1. to r. Coach Christ Christoff, M. McCloud, D. Movchan, B. Staples, H. Lowe, J. Davis, P. Morphis, W. Guider, W. Tendall, mgr. Freshmen-Row 1, l. to r: P. Cooper, G. Richards, G. Koutsis J. Casko, L. Vensel Row 2-1. to r: M. Tanner, A. Alvarez, T. Demakas, L. Karver, M. Kerns, Coach Walter Fitch. Row 3—1. to r. Q. Kyles, H. Gibbs, D. Malloy, M. Lalic, R. Conquest. 125 matmen send two grapplers to Buczek, R. Rockwell, D. Long, R. Chal’fam E Hanko, j! Spef,’ P. ' Domazet. ’ ' KarV6r ’ R ‘ R " 8hing ’ R ' Worth ’ R Matthews - K state meet Senior Byron Ayres and junior Rusty Popa paced the Emerson wrestling team to an eighth place position among 128 teams entered in this year’s state competition. After winning the city, conference, sectional, and regional championships, 165-pound wrestler, Ayres, placed second in the entire state in his class, while Popa placed first in the city, conference, sectional, and regional competition and placed third in the 145-pound class in the state meet. Alan Pinkstaff, heavyweight, had an outstanding 10-1-1 record in dual competition while much lighter teammate, Roger Siler, went undefeated in the dual meets. Because he was unable to unseat the wrestlers in the 154- and 145-pound divisions, senior Bill Pendleton lost 22 pounds to wrestle in the 133- pound division. “He had t o continually watch his weight and stayed in this class through shear de¬ termination and desire,” according to Coach Harry Szulborski. Gone from next year’s team will be seniors Byron Ayres, Jim Carter, Milton Hinchman, Mike Karls- rud, Bill Pendleton, Alan Pinkstaff, Roger Siler, and Richard Stafford. Coach Szulborski commented that next year’s team should prove to be very strong with re¬ turning wrestlers Paul Mather and Rusty Popa, juniors; and Jerry Stewart, freshman. Roger Siler rides Bob Rogers in a match with Wirt. Alan Pinkstaff grabs his opponent’s leg for quick takedown. Rusty Popa t city meet. s to make a quick reversal in the slammin’ sams” face bogies and birdies Trying to better last year’s .500 record, the Linkmen had four veteran golfers returning this year. Dave Carnahan, junior, made long drives and dead-eye putts in an attempt to break a 1963 Emerson record of three-over-par which was set at South Gleason Park. Coach Mike Sosh, in his third year as golf coach, centered his team around juniors John Burns, Dave Carnahan, Mike Carnahan, and Joe Day; and seniors Jim Kupres and Mick Tesanovich. youthful two-milers run up 8-4-1 season Four juniors, a sophomore, and a senior com¬ piled an admirable 8-4-1 record this year under the coaching of Harold Connelly. Gleason Park was the setting as the Harriers lost only to Froebel, Hammond Clark, Hamm ond High, Tolleston, and Valparaiso in these two-mile contests. Bolstering next year’s team will be the reserve runners who had a near-perfect 1Q-0 record this year. The fourth place conference team will lose only Judson Parker, senior; and will have returning seniors Jim Mantakounis. Raleigh Plesko, Art Vas- quez, and George Wall, next year. " . . . and coming around the far-corner into the home-stretch are, in order of finish, Jim Mantakounis, junior; Ernest Webb, sophomore; Phillip Fowler, sophomore; Delmos Burks, sophomore; Raleigh Plesko, junior; and Art Vasquez, junior.” Here is Jim Mantakounis. Look at him run! He is running fast. He is tired. Pant! Pant! Pant! t- 129 parker and pinkstaff shoot for new “On your mark!. Get set! Go!”—the call of the starter was familiar to Emerson’s Cindermen as they strived for a successful season. All meets this year were conference contests; however, last year’s team compiled a 5-2 record in dual meets. The initial contest of the year was held at the University of Chicago’s fieldhouse where last year’s team placed fourth. Leon Stath, Floyd Kuykendall, and Frank Jones take a breather from vigorous running in spring practice. 130 track records Judson Parker, senior, sought to break His own Emerson indoor mile record of 4:37.2 which he had set as a junior. Alan Pinkstaff, senior shot- putter who threw over 52 feet in early practice, attempted to break the Emerson record of 51’ 4 1 4”. Seniors Byron Ayres, Wayne Key, Mike Karls- rud, Mike Mako, Judson Parker, and Alan Pink- staff will be lost to next year’s squad. Byron Ayres and Leon Stath run in early practice. Alan Pinkstaff follows through with a shotput attempt dur¬ ing spring practice. hurlers have three returning veterans Wellman swings to drive a long smash to right. With all but three starting ballplayers lost through graduation, Emerson’s diamond-men had a very young and inexperienced team this year to better last year’s 6-8 record. Bob Ricard, senior pitcher, was the backbone of Emerson’s hurling staff and Steve Szabo and Gerry Wellman filled the second and third base spots, respectively. Ricard concentrates curve from the pitcher. seniors first intramural cage champs Row 1, l. to r: M. Mako, R. Utroske, J. Cerda, G. Wellman, B. Utroske. Row 2, l. to r: J. Jasperson, B. Ricard, P. Poznic, M. Clifford, Coach Fred Jones, sponsor. In the newly-formed intramural basketball league initiated by Mr. Fred Jones, the senior class’s Sixty-fivers posted a 10-0 season record and be¬ came the league’s first champions. The outstanding team effort in the games came when the senior five won a 103-9 victory over R.O.T.C. representatives. Called a welcome addition to the school’s sports picture, the league was made up of eight teams sponsored by various school organizations. Pete Poznic takes careful aim before tossing in a free-throw. . the gratifying thoughts of a service rendered instilled in the minds of the emersonian staff are thoughts of gratitude to individuals, groups, and faculty, to these we owe our thanks . . . . . . Mr. Robert Lewis of Sterling-Conor Studios; our staff photographers, Jim Carter and Tony Medina; Cheryl Bloomingdale, who volunteered her help. the emersonian staff has portrayed this year in words and pictures, called it a year to remember, but leaves the interpretation of these events to you. FRESHMEN Ackley, Mike 63 Adams, Michael 63 Adkins, Joyce 63 Agosto, Hector 63 Allbritten, Vince Alley, Linda 63 Alston, Lucille 63 Alvarez, Albert 63, 121, 125 Anderson, Kathy 63 Anderson, Walter Anogianakis, Agnes 63 Anton, Sunday 63, 88 Arrpyo, Eddie 63 Astor, Anthony 63 Ball, Danny 63 Barreiro, Albert 63 Bartosik, Bruce Beam, Carol 63 Besaw, Dale 63 Blackburn, Irene 63 Blackman, Patty 63 Blondet, Zoraida 63 Bonilla, Adrian 63, 85 Bonilla, Gonzalo 63 Bowman, William 63 Brackett, Sylvia 63, 88 Brewer, George 63 Brown, Robert 62, 63 Buczek, Fred Butler, Antoinette 63 Camden, Alan 63, 89 Campbell, Deborah 63 Campbell, Peggy 63 Canchola, Luz 63, 75 Carter, Sandra 63, 82, 84 Casko, Joe 63, 121, 125 Cauley, Peggy 63 Cauley, Stephen Chambliss, Charles Chatman, Jannie 63 Cherry, Cha rles 63 Chionos, Eunice Christo, Lizabeth 62, 63 Climer, George 63 Climer, Mary 63, 80 Cole, Donald 63, 85 Collins, Charles 121 Colosimo, David 63, 126 Connor, Eileen 63 Conquest, Richard 63, 82, 121, 125 Cooley, Joyce 63, 88 Cooper, Paul 63, 121, 125 Cornett, Charles 63, 121 Coulter, Verna 63 Curley, Ronald 63, 89, 126 Curski, Daniel 63 Damjanovic, Julka 63 Danciu, David 63 Davis, Kathryn 63 Davis, Warren 63 Dejesus, Conrado 126 Demakas, Tom 63, 89, 121, 125 Dittmer, Tim 63 Donald, Daryl 63 Dowdell, Lorraine 64 Driver, George Durr, John 64 Ershick, Janet 62, 64, 88 Essany, Annie 64, 88 Eubanks, Antonia Evans, Joan Farley, Patricia 64 Ferhat, Donna 64 Festa, Michael 64 Forbes, Lorraine 18, 64, 84 Freville, Barbara 64 Fulmer, Wayne Ggcsy, Linda 64, 88 Gallardo, Isahia 64 Gallistel, Janet 64 Gardner, Janel 64, 86 Garlin, Cheryl 64 Georgiadis, Maria 64, 88 Gibbs, Howard 64, 121, 125 Gillespie, Phillis 64 Gillum, Daisy 64, 85 Godwin, Dale 64 Gonzales, George 64, 121, 125 Gonzales, Louis 64, 89, 121 Gould, Darryl Graves, Barbara 64, 82 Gregory, Greg 74 Griffin, Jon 64 Griffin, Sheila 62, 64 Groover, Kathy 25, 64 Guenther, Sue 64 Guy, Paul 64 Guydon, Ermalene 64, 84 Hanns, Gerald Hardin, Carolyn 64 Hawkins, Daryle Hedrick, Gene 121 Hedrick, Juanita 64 Hernandez, Donald 64, 126 Hernandez, Frances Herr, Larry 64, 82, 84, 85, 87 Hitson, Judy 64 Hjerpe, Brad 64, 82, 84 Hollaway. Bonita 64 Holman, Tom Hubbard, David 64 Huggins, Rachel 64 Hutchinson, Wayne 64 Irish, Pam 64. 88 Ishmon, Dan 85 Jackowicz. Sandra 64 Johnson, Dan Johnson, Janice 64 Johnson, Sandra Johnson, William Jolly, Charles 64 Jones, Trudy 64, 86 Jordan, Patrice 64 Keller, Kathy 64 Keller, Wayne 64 Kempffer, Jannette 64, 82, 84 Kendrick, Carolyn 64 Kennedy, Robert Kerns, Mike 64, 121, 12o Knox, Dennis 64 Kolodziej, Judy 64 Kontos, Paulette 64, 70 Kouremetis, Victoria 64, 84 Koutsis, Gus 64, 70, 121, 125 Kyles, Quitman 64, 121, 125 Lalic, Mike 64, 121, 125 Lampkin, John 64 Lee, Janice 64 Lemley, Thomas 64, 124 Locke, James 64 Long, Guy 64 Lopez, Tony 64, 121 Lozada, Ruben Lugo, Edwin Lush, Roy Lutz, Pamela 65 Majors, Cheryl 65 Maldonado, Eneida 65 Maldonado, Rosemary 65, 86 Mason, Darrell Mason, Patty 65 Massas, Angelo 65 McCarthy, Michael 65 McCorkel, Mike 65 McCoy, Rebecca 65, 88 McDaniel, Pamela 65 McDonald, Susan 65 McDowell, John 65 McKnelly, James 65, 121 Mendez, Linda 65 Miles, Ted Miller, Larry Milligan, Cleo 18, 65 Mitchell, Vernice Mlechick, Mary 65 Momcilovich, Michael 65, 121 Momirovich, Mike Momirovich, .Tim 65, 84 Monroe, John 65 Moore, Mike 65 Montemayor, Mary Morgan, Lawrence 65, 121 Morphis. Carlene 65 Morris, Larry 65, 86, 121 Moss, Carol 65 Motts, Russene 65 Mulloy, Don 65, 121, 125 Mulloy, Patrick 65 Necron, Maria 65 Nickovich, Bob 65, 85 Nowakowski, Jeanette 65, 88 Null, Phyllis 65 O’brien, Elizabeth 65, 84, 88 O’Halloran, Patricia 65 Ollech, Marion 66 Osborne, Cathleen 66 Panagiotis, Theodora 66, 82, 83, 86 Parcel, Lonnie Parker, Larry Paulk, Phyllis 66, 86 Pavlecich, Jeanette 66 Pearson, Gerald 66 Penner, Ronald 66 Petalas, Christine 66 Petalas, Kiki 66 Peterson, Freeman 66 Peterson, Joyce 66 Peyovich, Nada 62, 66, 88 Platt, Janice 66 Poole, Randall 66 Pope, James Popovich, Steve 66 FRESHMEN Powell, Delores 66 Poznic, Sofia 66 Prascak, Tandra 66, 74 Pugh, Patricia Ramirez, David 66 Ramos, Maria 66 Ramos, Miguel Rankin, Charles Reed, Brenda 66 Rhoades, Hugh 66 Rice, Patricia 66 Rice, Sylvester 66 Richards, Gregory 66, 121, 125 Richardson, Larry 66 Richardson, Linda 66 Rivera, Anibal 66 Rivera, Irma 66, 86 Rivera, Raphael 66, 88 Robbins, Judy 66, 88 Robinson, James Rodriguez, George 66 Rosario, Louis 66 Rose, Charlene 66 Rubens, JoAnn 66 Rushing, Paulette 66, 88 Russi, David 66 Sanchez, Julia Savich, Connie 66 Schuster, Vicki 66 Serrano, George 66 Shaffer, John 66 Shoumake, Sheila 66, 88 Simon, Leslie 67 Simon, Paul 67 Smith, Alice 67, 88 Smith, Gaylene 62, 67, 80 Smith, Helen 67 Smith, John 67 Smith, Quentin 67 Smith, Robin 67 Smith, Vivian Smoak, Sidney Spearman, James 67 Spurgeon. Arliss 84 Stafford, Terry 67 Stewart, James 67 Stewart, Jerry D. 67, 126 Stewart, Jerry L. 67 Stupar, Marilyn 67, 88 Sullivan, John Swisher, Lynda 67 Szabo, Carol 88 Valtierra, Anthony 67 Vasquez, Pat 67 Vaughan, Victor 67 Velez, Jaime Vensel, Doug Vensel, Larry 67, 125 Vician, Lawrence 67 Vierra, Ralph 67, 85 Vucekovich, Roseanna 67 Waggoner, Terry 62, 67 Walden, Wayne Walker, Larry 67 Ward, Gloria 67 Ward, William 67 Wardrop, Susan Welch, Elizabeth 86 White, Janice 67 Williams, Charles 67 Williams, Joseph 67 Wilson, William Wirth, Barbara 67 Wirth, Ralph 67, 126 Wise, Valerie Wozniak, Jane 67 Wright, Steven Yargus, Mary 67 Young, Pat 67 Ypsilantes, Kathy 67 Zaganas, Steve 67 Zalazar, Maria 88 Zalazar, Robert 67, 121 Zaronis, Lydia 24, 67 Zehner, Linda 67 SOPHOMORES Ackley, Carrol 55 Adames, Carmen 55 Adams, Ernest 55 Advirovic, Olga 89 Allen, Donald 125 Anderson, Brenda 55 Anderson, Henry 55 Anderson, John Anogianakis, Mary Antic, Elfreda Armour, Juanita 55, 88 Artis, Melvin 55 Ashford, Jesse 55 Austin, Juanita 55 Azrona, Arturo 55 Boger, Albert Boone, Henry 55, 126 Boozer, Thurlene 55 Boromisa, Beverly 55, 75, 83, 86 Boromisa, Elizabeth 55, 83, 86 Bournes, James 55, 75 Bournes, Jeanne 55 Bragdon, Beverly Branch, Edward 55 Brandon, John Brewer, Jean 55 Britton, Bernice Britton, JoAnn Brodie, Elaine 55 Brooks, Anita 55 Brown, Tom 55, 125 Brown, Willie 55 Bryant, Doris 55 Buczek, Ken 55, 70, 121, 126 Bunkley, Janice 55 Bunkley, Walter 55 Burks, Delmos 55, 125, 129 Butler, Ronnie 55 Bynum, James 55, 75 Byrom, Charlena 55, 84 Camery, Robert Campbell, Barbara 55, 88 Cbrey, Mitchell 55 Carlock, Cynthia 55 Carlson, Carol- 55 Carman, Sylvia 55 Carter, Charles 55, 86 Casko, Dan 55, 82, 118, 121 Castro, Carmen 55 Cauchon, Irene 55 Cauley, Joyce 55 Cauley, Lee Ann Cauley, Steve 55 Chalfant, Ronald 55, 121, 126 Chapman, John 55, 125 Chase, Albert 125 Chmiel, Judy 55 Clark, Charlotte 55 Clarke, Carolyn 55 Cole, Donnie 55 Coleman, Michael 55 Coleman. Verna 56 Collins, Ernest 56 Colosimo, Jennifer 56 Conley, Ron 56, 82 Connor, Terry 56 Cox, Charles 56, 121 Crawford, Carol 56 Cruz, Isidro 56 Cunningham, Henry Curley, John 56 Cutri, Karen Tallant, Judy 67, 88 Tanner, Mike 67, 121, 125 Taylor, Patti 62, 67, 70 Tesanovich, Helen 67, 88 Tesanovich, Mary Ellen 67, 88 Theodoros.Carol 67 Theodoros. Peter 67 Thomas, Robert 67 Thompson, Toni 67, 80 Trafny, John 67 Trathen, Dave 67, 118, 12: Truax, Jerry 67, 121 Turner, Barbara Upchurch, Ernest 67 Valdivia, Richard 67 Babpgan, Barb 55 Baker, Brenda 55 Baker, Herman 55 Barefield, James 55 Baskin, Gloria 55 Batagianis, Harry 55 Baumgartner, Charles 55 Beeks, Earl 55 Benjamin, Diana 55 Bennett, Ernestine Bercaw, Edwin 55, 121, 126 Bernal, Margarita 55 Billingsley, Walter 55 Blackburn, Charles 55 Blaemire, Ronald 55 Blaylock, Roderick 55 Blount, Josie 55 Dallas, LaDonna Damjanovic, Milovan 56 Daniels, Bob 56 Davis, Carl Davis, Esther 56 Davis, Geroy 56 Davis, James 56, 125 Davis, Katherine 56 Day, Donna 56 Dearwood. Walter 56 Dejesus, Maria 56 DeLeon, Tony 56 Deloney, Barbara 56 Dickerson, Eric Dipiazza, Barbara 56 Dittmer, Michael 56, 89 137 SOPHOMORES Docks, Clementine 56, 88 Dodson, Eskel Domazet, Paul 56, 75, 126 Donald, Larry 56 Downs, William 56 Dragoo, Linda 56 Duffie, Loren 56 Dunn, Carolyn 57 Edwards, Janice 57, 88 Emig, Lloyd 57, 84 England, Darrellyn 57, 95 Enrico, Arthur 57 Essany, Ernest 57 Evans, Ann 57 Evans, Bob 57, 89 Everett, Norma 57 Feezor, Barbara 57 Flores, Homero 57 Ford, Elsa 57 Fowler, Lana 57 Fowler, Lana 57 Fowler, Philip 57, 125, 129 Fowler, Phyllis 57 Francies, Stephen 57 Frazier, Jessie 57 Gacsy, William 57 Gallardo, Isahia Galouzis, George 57 Garrison, William 57, 84, 87 George, Barbara 57, 88 Georgiadis, Bill 57, 85 Gest, Theresa 57 Gianikos, Sophia 57 Gillaspie, Ethele 57 Gillum, Carol 57 Gould, Duane Green, Marlene 57 Griffith, William 57, 126 Grimes, Larry 57 Guider, Willie 125 Gulik, Stefan Guydon, Anita 57 Hackett, Debbie 57, 84,- 87 Hall, Freida 57 Halloway, Carter Hanko, Edward 57, 121, 126 Harbour, Gerald 57 Harmon, Richie Harris, Andre 85 Harris, Bertha 57 Hays, Lena 57 Hazelett, Beatrice Hedman, Allen 57 Helton, Linda 57 Henderson, Edward 57, 124 Henderson, Mary Henry, Ollie 57 Hinchman, Judy 57 Hines, Roberta 57 Hinojosa, Louis 57 Hobson, Mary 57 Holloway, Carter 57 Hope, Carolyn 57 Hope, Hazel 57 Hopson, Carolyn 57 Horton, Sandra 57 Howard, Leroy 57 Howard, Mary 57 Hudgins, Elizabeth 57 Huerta, Phyllis Hunt, Harry 57, 126 Huntley, Barbara 57 Huntley, Gwendolyn 57 Ingram, Belita 57 Ison, Charles 57, 126 Jackson, Doug 57 Jackson, Patricia 57 Jackson, Rose Mary 57 Jakovljevic, Gloria 57, 83, 86 Jasperson, Judy 57, 89 Jennings, Curtis 58, 125 Jennings, Leroy Johnson, Bernard Jones, Edward 58 Jones, Essie 58 Jones, Frank 58, 121, 126 Joshua, Shirley 58 Jovanovich, Donna 58, 75 Karan, Judith 58, 74 Karver, Richard 58, 84, 126 Katsimpalis, Helen 58 Kennedy, Rosie 58 King, Denny King, Emil Kinsey, John Kirkendall, Lloyd 58, 126 Klimis, Manuel Knowles, Elizabeth 58, 84, 87 Kouremetis, Elena 58, 86 Kouremetis, Mike 58, 85 Krok, Carol 58 Kuykendall, Linda 58 Kuykendall, Wayne 58, 125 Moss, Alice 59 Mouhourtis, Jim 59 Movchan, Dave 54, 59, 9 125 Mujica, Sergio 59 Muzar, Mike 54, 84, 121 Myrick, Loretta 59 ■Weal, Robert 59 Nelson, Leblanc 59 Newcomb, Gary 59 Nunley, Cheryl 59 Nunn, Preston 59 O’Dell, Kaery 59 Olavarria, Juan 59 Onika, Deborah 59, 89 Palmer, Mary 59 Panozzo, Pete Papacalodoucas, Giovana Pappas, Terry 59, 125 Parker, Elliott 59 Parker, Fayetta 59 Parker, Marshall Paulk, Lindsay 59, 85 Pavlecich, Martha 59 Payne, Arlene 59 Perich, Gordana 59 Perry, Mattie 59 Peters, Peggy 59, 84 Phillips, Ruby 59 Pierce, George 121 Pinkstaff. Janice 59, 88 Poole, Walter 59 Popa, Rodney 126 Pope, Charles 59 Porter, Reginald 59, 85 Protho, Larry 125 Protho, Marlene 59 Larsen, Fred 58 Larzelere, Linda 58 Lemmons, Margaret Lewis, Blain 58, 125 Lewis, Ethel Lewis, William 58 Lloyd, Cynthia 58 Long, David 58, 85, 86, 126 Lopez, Joe 58. 85, 87, 121, 126 Lowe, Henry 58, 125 Lumella, Cathy 58 Malamatos, George 58, 91, 118, 121 Marcus, Anthony 58 Marschand, Larry 59, 85 Massas, Maria 59 Mathews, Paul 126 Maxwell, Ronald 59 Mayes, Mary 59 McCloud, Michael 59, 125 McDowell, Cheryl 59 McGregor, Dan McKenzie, Janice McLaughlin, Bill 59, 126 Miazga, William 59, 85 Mihajlovic, Radmila 59 Milisavljevic, Violet 15, 59 Miller, Lennie 59 Mitseff, Karen 59, 88 Monik, Ceclia 59 Monroe, Shallie Moreno, Donna 59 Morgan, Bonita 59 Reed, James 59 Repya, JoAnne Riley, Robert 59, 89 Rivera, Elsa 59 Rivera, Margaret 59 Rivera, Rosemary 59 Robinson, Barbara 59 Rockwell, Ronald 54, 59, Rodriguez, Providincia 59 Rogers, John 59, 121 Romanowski, Charles 59 Rose, Christine 59 Roseborough, Carla 59, 88 Ross, John 59 Rosser, Gary 59 Rowe, Robert 59, 89 Rucker, Carmease 59 Rushing, Ronnie 59, 126 Rzepczynski, Danny 60 Schafer, John 60 Schaffer, Sharon 60 Schreiber, Linda 60 Schuster, David 60 Serrano, Gloria 60 Shaffer, - George 60 Sharp, Violet 60 Sims, Moses 60 Singleton Kendra 60 Sivertson, Linda 60, 89 Smith, Betty 60, 89 Smith, Billie 60, 87 Smith, Donna 60, 80 138 l, 118, 121, 59 121, 126 SOPHOMORES Smith, Renay Sobh, Alex 60, 121 Staples, Robert 60, 125 Stevenson, Lucille Stinson, Allen 60, 86 Stone, George 60, 88 Stone, Sandra 60, 88 Sulcer, Terry 60 Tallant, Richard 60 Teamer, Henry 60 Thomas, Alfred 89 Thomas, Ernest 60 Thompson, Alan 60 Thompson, Morris 60 Tichansky, Cynthia 60 Tidwell, James 60 Tinsley, Marsha Tolson, Jane 60 Tonis, Mary 61, 86 Tripp, Joyce 61 Tsakyris, Suzanne 61 Tucker, Erby 61, 125 Vajner, Pam 54, 61, 82, 106 Valdivia, Joy 61 Vasquez, Paula 61, 73 Volk, Harold 61, 118, 121 Vulinovich, Roddy 61, 70 Wade, Daniel Wade, Margaret Wade, Novita Waggoner, Cary 61 Waggoner, Nancy 61 Walton, Dewitt 61 Ward, Gloria 61 Wardrop, Carolyn 61 Washington, Charles 61 Watson, Florence 61, 88 Webb, Ernest 61, 129 Wellman, Dan 61, 84, 87, 118, 121 Wesley, Jesse 61 Wetzel, Lorna 61, 83, 84, 87 Wharton, Sue 61 Whitehead, Larry 61 Williams, Connie 61, 84 Williams, Deborah 61 Williams, John 61 Williamson, Eric 61 Williamson, Sue 61, 89 Willis, Robert 61 Wilson, Beverly 61 Wilson, Billy 61, 125 Witt, Earl 61 Woodfork, Lula 61 Woods, Birda 61 Wyman, Kenneth 61, 121 Young, Darlene 61 Ypsilantes, Faye 61- Zapp. Diane 61 Zarakas, Joyce 61 Zeigra, Charles 61 Zeimis, Janice 61 Anast, Mary 49, 70, 80, 94 Arnett, Patty 49 Arnn, Perry 83, 85 Askew, Tobey Atsas, JoAnn 49 Ayres, Cindy 49 Babb, Ruth 49 Barringer, Dale 49 Baskin, Bennie 49, 121 Batalis, Anastasia 49 Becker, Bob 49 Bernal, Bertha 49 Bernal, Robert 49 Berry, Milton 49 Besaw, Richard 49 Blaemire, Jeanne 49, 84 Blondet, Eddie 49 Boland, Ellen 49, 82, 95, 106 Boone, Darlene 49, 84, 87 Boyd, Byron Boyd, Kathy 49, 95 Bradley, George 49 Bright, Mary 75, 88 Brown, Elizabeth 49, 82, 85, 95, 106 Brown, Jim Burklow, Carol 49 Bums, John 48, 72, 95, 128 Canchola, Grace 49, 75 Carnahan, Dave 49, 91, 128 Carnahan, Michael 49 Carr, Eddie 49 Castro, Alfredo 49 Chapman, Gary 49 Cherry, William 49, 95 Christoff, Cathy 49, 89 Clapp, Bradley 49 Clark, Dorothy 49 Clayton, Merle 49, 89 Coker, Dave 49 Coleman, Beverly 49, 88 Colosimo, Jessica 49, 82, 89 Cooley, Janet 49 Cooper, Robin Cornett, Collette 49 Cortez, Delphine 49, 89 Cotton, Pat 49, 75 Covington, Kathryn 49 Cox, James H. 49 Cox, Jimmy C. 49 Cristea, Lynda 27, 49 Cutri, Frank Davis, Daryl 49 Dawson, Barbara 27, 49, 82, 89, 106 Day, Joe 49, 91 Dear, Nathaniel 49, 118, 124 Dennis, Carolyn 49 Dennis, Darrell Derringer, Barbara Dillon, Martha 75 Docks, Rachel 49, 89 Dowell, Joan 49 Dragash, David 49 Drago, Barbara 49, 89 Duffie, Jackie 49, 88, 89 Durr, Douglas JUNIORS Edwards, Jimmie 49, 85, 118 Evans, Nathaniel 4 Alvarez, Cesar 49, 70, 72, 82, 91, 118 Evans, Richard Festa, Nanette 50, 75, 95 Fitzgerald, Antoinette 50 Flores, Carmen 50 Flores, Estella Flournoy, Deatra 50 Foddrill, Loren 50 Franzen, Carl 50 Freeman, Elizabeth 50 Gillum, Robert 50 Glumac, Alex 50 Grasham, John 50, 85, 87, 91, 118 Griffin, Mark 50 Grigonis, Bernadette 50 Hanaway, Diane 50 Hansen, Barry 48, 50, 70, 101 Harris, Georgia 50, 74 Harris, Richard 50 Helton, Anthony 50 Henderson, Carol Ann Henry, Howard 50, 72, 84 Husted, Fred Huchinson, Steve 50, 93, 126 Jablonski, Marsha 50 Jaggers, Philip 50 Jendzejczak, Eugene 50 Johnson, Alan Johnson, Benjamin 50, 75, 89 Johnson, Janet 48, 50, 70, 89 Jolly, Dennis 50, 121, 124 Jones, David 50 Jones, Marla 50 Joseph, Bob Jubinsky, Dennis 50 Jurdzy, Wanda 50 Kallimani, Tina 50, 72, 95 Kerns, James 50 Kirby, Norman 50 Kirk, Ronald 50 Knezevic, Millie 53 Knox, Gary 50, 91, 118, 121, 126 Knox, Jackie 50, 83, 86 Kollar, Diane 50 Kolodziej, Paula 50, 90 Kontos, Jackie Kostel, Doug 50, 92 Koutsis, Kathy 19, 50 Krieter, Janet 50, 95 Kupchik, Patty 50, 92 Kurmis, Ronald 50, 91, 118, 121 Lalic, Peter 50, 91, 118 Ledesma, Linda 75 Lee, Melvin Lehman. Kathryn 50 Leka, Mike 50, 91, 118, 119 Lewis, Hattie 50 Lomax, Andrea 50 Long, Eddie 50 Lopez, Estrelita 50, 89 Lopez, Joseph 50 Lopez, Mercedes 50, 75 Love, Leonard 50 Malamatos, Dan 50, 126 Malast, Jim 50, 118, 121 Mandujano, Lucy 50 Mantakounis, Jim 50, 91, 129 Manuel, Charles 75 Manuel, Willie 139 JUNIORS Massas, Sam 51 Mather, Paul 51 Maxwell, Ed McCall, William 51, 85 McCathre Linda 51, 80, 86 McConnell, Bob 51, 89 McCorkel, Patrick 51 Miles, Horace 124 Miles, Janice 51 Miller, Chad 51 Molina, Ramona 51 Montemayor, Henry Montemayor, Louisa 51 Moore, Kathleen 51 Morgan, Jim 51 Morphis, Peter 51, 89, 125 Morris, Bessie 51, 86 Moses, Laveda 51 Movchan, Charlene 51, 83, 86 Movchan. Charlotte 51 Mujica, Mary 51 Mullins, Susan 51, 95 Murray, Dennis 51 Neely, Patricia 51, 70, 82, 89, 106 Nichols, Larry 51 Ninkovich, Radmila 51 Nixon, Edward O’Brien, Allen 51 O’Brien, James 51 O’Dell, Sheila 51 Olavarria, Audelisa 51 Orr, Jim 51, 93 Papakosmas, Mary 51 Parks, Ronald 51, 85, 121, 126 Patrick, Judy 51 Patterson, Larry 51 Patton, Linda 51, 89 Paul. Carole 51, 82, 95, 100, 101 Paulk, Eva 51, 82, 84, 85, 87 Pearson, Max 51, 93 Petersen, Sharon 51 Peterson, Ray 51 Pierce, Richard 48, 51 Pinkerton, Kristine 51, 92 Pitts, Betty 51 Plesko, Raleigh 51, 129 Popa, Sidney 52, 91, 92, 118, 121, 126, 127 Portillo, Carlos 52 Povlinski, John Powell, Lynne 52 Predovich, Karron Quinlan, Bill 52, 82, 84, 85, 87, 91, 118, 121, 126 Radovich, Bob 52 Ranney, Bill Rehtorik, Pete Richards, Yvonne 52, 82, 86, 89 Richardson, Carolyn 25, 52 Richardson, Sharon Rieben, Marilyn 52 Riley, Laurie 27, 52, 70 Rispoli, Marilyn Rodriguez, Donald 52 Rodriguez, Jennie 52 70 Rodriguez, Juanita Rodriguez, Rosa 52 Rogers, Larry 52, 85, 87, 118, 126 Rosas, Joe 85 Russi, Nehemias 89 Russi, Noelia 52 Santiago, Milca 52 Sarafin, Alex 52, 82 Shumaker, James 52 Simmons, Robert 52, 70, 95, 121 Simon, Bruce 52 Spearman, Carol 52 Stafford, Carol 52 Stallworth, Nelson 52 Stallworth, Susan Stath, Angelo 52, 91, 118, 119 Stath, Leon 52, 89, 91, 118, 119, 131 Stout, Dan Strasburg, John 52, 84, 126 Styers, Douglas 52 Summers, Don 52 Sutton, Charles 52 Talley, Donita 52, 74 Taylor, Susan 48, 52 Teel, Karen 52, 84 Templin, David Tendall, Willie 52, 125 Terstenyak, Thomas Thomas, James 52 Thompson, Kathy 52, 89 Tipton, Governor 52 Trathen, Thomas 89, 93, 121 Tsikouris, George 52 Valentin, Elsie Valtierra, Mario 52 Van Bibber, Cheri 52. Vantrease, Thomas 52 Vasquez, Arthur 52, 129 Vela, Tony 53 Vlassopoulos, Alexandra 52, 82, 84, 85, 87 Wainman, Paul 52 Wall, George 52 Wallace, Margaret 52, 88 Walton, Rose 52 Ward, Richard Webb, Patricia 52 Wesley, Dianne 52, 84, 95 White, Barbara Willis, Larry 52, 118, 121 Wise, Ronald 52 Wolfe, Allen 93 Wong, Johnny 52, 82 Wright, Linda 52 Yancey, Patricia 52, 89 Ypsilantes, Mike 52, 91, 118, 124 Zehner, Judy 52 SENIORS Alexander Mary Anne 31, 72, 80 Alicea, Carmen Anast, Nick 31, 71, 91, 118 Andrews, Mary 31, 80 Archer, Lynn Ellen 31, 76, 83, 87 Arnett, Peggy 31 140 Arthur, Robyn 31, 76 Atsas, Linda 31 Ayres, Byron 31, 91, 126, 130 Bagsby, Alma Baker, Donald 31, 81, 91 Baker, Mabel 32, 89 Barr, Bobby Bartley, Ronald 20, 32 Beard, Frank Beeks, Lee 32 Benedict, Dorothea 32 Benjamin, Ronald 32, 89, 91, 118 Bercaw, Bill 32, 71, 91, 118 Berry, Linda 32, 84, 87 Billick, Don 32 Blankenship, Juliana 32, 70, 82, 104 105, 106 Bloomingdale, Cheryl 32, 71, 72 Boyd, Richard 32 Boyle, Carole 32 Bragdon, Mary 33 Brown, Janet 33, 70, 75, 89, 91 Brown, Larry 126 Bryant, Linda 33 Bunkley, Bennie 33, 12 4 Byrum, Neill 33 Campbell, Barney Capata, Gloria 33, 76, 80 Carkhum, Hollis 87 Carter, James 33, 82, 91, 95, 126 Carver, Jennie 33 Centeno, Sonia Cerda, Joe 33, 91, 118, 133 Chaney, Sharon 33 Chionos, Becky 33 Christo, Patricia 33, 70, 71, 76, 82, Clifford, Mike 34, 91, 118, 133 Coker, Paul 34, 91, 118 Conquest, Karen 30, 34, 76. 82, 89, 104, 105, 106 Cook, Wendell 34 Day, Diana 34, 75, 80 Dean, Marcia 34 Dear, Alice 34, 70, 71, 72, 73, 94 Dickerson, Creighton 34, 92, 93 Docks, Emily 89 Dodds, Jacqueline 34, 84, 86 Fortner, Homer 34, 84, 86 Freel, Lee 34 Gajewski, Jerry Gallagher, Patrick 34, 91, 118, 119 Gallardo, Raul 35 Galouzis, Tom 35, 71, 74, 75 Garcia, Carmen Georgiadis, JoAnne 35, 86 Goodwin, Harold 35, 84, 85, 91, 126 Gorby, Linda 35 Gould, Dennis 35 Grau, Sharon 35, 76 Gress, Mary 35, 86, 94 Grist, Frank 35, 85 Guzman, John 35, 90 Hackett, Pamela 35, 76, 80, 84, 87 9 C Hake, Kathy 35 Manaway, Carol 36 SENIORS lanyard, Bill 36, 124 larris, Danny 36, 91, 118 Harris, Linda 36 Hatcher, Bob 36, 84, 85, 87 Hazimihalis, Sophia 36 Heilman, Linda 36 Henderson, Carol Hinchman, Milton 36, 126 Hollingsworth, Yolanda 36, 80, 89 Holman, Vivian 36, 88 Hood, Hezekiah 124 Hudgins, Elva 36 Huntley, Diana Irish, Susan 36, 89 Irwin, Ronnie Jablonski, Linda 14, 37, 73, 80, 94 Jasperson, James 30, 37, 94, 95,101, 133 Jewell, Sam 37 Jimenez, Raynaldo Jolly, John 124 Kalavros, Thelma 37, 70, 71, 72, 76 Karedes, Margaret 37, 94 Karlsrud, Mike 37, 91, 118, 126 Kawicki, Fred 38 Kazonis, Nick 30, 38, 91, 118 Key, Wayne 15, 38, 82, 84, 85, 87 Klim, Larry 38, 71, 91, 118, 119 Korfias, Angeline 38, 72, 73, 86, 91, 94, 95 Koschal, Bob 38 Koulianos, Irene 38 Kowal, Philip 38, 92, 93 Kozar, Joe 38 Kruchowsky, Pamela 38 Kummerer, Sharon 38, 71, 1 ' 6 Kupres, James 38, 82, 84, 85, 87 Lalic, Mildred 39, 81 Lopez, Hector 93 Lowe, Bobbie 39 Lowe, Jim Lutz, Barbara 39 Mako, Michael 39, 70, 91, 118, 133 Maldonado, Nitza 39 Maleniak, Tamara 39, 71, 73, 80, 94 Marley, Donna 39, 80 Marschand, Lyle 39, 71, 72, 126 Marsden, Dale Massas, Irma 39 Massas, Ramona Maya, Xavier McCarthy, Timmi 39, 89 McKee, Diane 39, 80 McKnelly, Cheryl 39 McLaughlin, Jack McMillan, Norma 30, 40, 73, 76, 80, 94 Medina, Anthony 40, 90, 92 Miazga, Lewis 40, 93 Miles, Anthony 124 Milisavljevic, Angela 40 Miller, David 40 Miller, Dirk Momcilovich, Diane 40 Moore, Roosevelt Morris, JoAnna 40 Morris, Stella 40 Morrison, Brenda 40 Muffoletto, Tony 40 Niswander, Mary 40, 86 Stafford, Richard 43, 126 Staples, Bettie 43 Stefan, Randy 43 Stone, Joel 44 Stupar, George 84, 85, 87 Sumler, Robert 44, 82, 84, 85, 87 92, 93 Svengalis, Ken 44, 73, 86, 95 Swain, Donna 44 „„ Szabo, Steve 44, 70, 91, 118, 119, 120 124 Taylor, David 44, 73, 80, 91, 95 Tesanovich, Milan 44, 70, 71, 92, 93 Thomas, Annette 44, 80, 86, 95 Thomas, Renee 44 Thompson, Diana 44, 76, 104, 105 Timberman, Bruce 21, 44 Tipton, Brenda 44, 95 Tomala, Lillian 45 Torres, Mary Torres, Raymond Pappas, Thomas Parianos, Maria 41 Parker, Judson 30, 41, 70, 71, 72, 91 Parker, Larry 41, 91, 118 Parrish, Ronald 41, 89 Patrick, Richard 41, 91, 118 Paul, Emmett 41, 71, 72, 74, 75, 91 Pendleton, William 41, 92, 93, 118, 126 Petersen, Lawrence Peterson, Kathy Pinkstaff, Alan 41, 126, 127, 131 Poole, Marvalene 41 Powell, Ronald 41, 74, 82, 84, 85, 87 Poznic, Peter 41, 133 Prascak, John 42, 95 Prentiss, Sheryl 42, 76, 95 Radovich, Zorine 42, 70, 73, 90 Repya, Joesph 42, 74, 90, 91, 92, 93 Rhodes, Kathleen 42 Ricard, Robert 42, 132, 133 Rodriguez, George 42 Rogers, Joe 42 Romanowski, Ted 42 Rubens, Sandra 42 Rzepczynski, Linda 42 Saliaris, Peggy 42 Santiago, Ruth 43 Schreiber, Carol Serrano, Herminia 43 Short, Patricia 43 Siler, Roger 43, 70, 126, 127 Smith, Margaret 43, 75 Spearman, Gail 43, 81 Spears, Gladys 43 Springmann, Tom 43, 71 Spurlock, Barbara 43, 76, 82, 104, 105, 106 Utroske, Richard 45, 71, 133 Utroske, Robert 45, 71, 91, 133 Van Gorp, Charlene 45 Van Liew, John Velasquez, Nestor 82, 85, 93 Velasquez, William 45, 82, 83, ! Velez, Elisa Vinzani, Julius 46, 91, 118 ), 89, 92, 100, Wainman, Robert Walsh, Dick 46 Warchus, Joyce 46 Ward, Lynn 46, 76, ! 101, 104, 105 Wardrop, Deloma 46 Washko, Philip Waterson, Kenneth 124 Webster, James 46, 85, 86 Wellman, Gerald 46, 91, 118, 119, 120, 132, 133 Welsch, Larry 46 West, Martha 46 Weston, David Williams, Barbara 46, 80 Williams, Calvin 46 Wilson, Kenneth 47 Wilson, Roland Wood, Sabra 47 Woods, Kathleen 47 Yargus, Jean 47 Zarakas, Sevasti 47 Zukowski, Evelyn 141 142 . . the supporting patrons of a community we needed a formal for the Prom, a corsage for our date, we needed a suit dry-cleaned. we had the car but needed the gas. we ate pizzas by the dozen, drank cokes by the gallons, hungry, we ran to the corner drugstore, still hungry, we ran for a donut and a brownie on the side. a world without its merchants would be a world of empty stomachs, discontented individuals, and a school without its yearbook. 143 PAPPAS ' PALACE OF FLOWERS 519 Broadway 885-7691 DAVID ' S 31 W. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Pickup and Delivery Cash and Carry Where the Emersonians (the Greatest) Get the Swiftest and Best Drycleaning. EASTSIDE PHARMACY 541 East 5th Avenue Compliments of a Friend BOB WEAVER TAILORS 732 Washington Street " Official Jewelers and Stationers for Emerson High School " GEORGE A. KINGSLEY Representative of HERFF JONES COMPANY 601 E. Lincoln Kentland, Indiana SUPERIOR BEVERAGE CO. INC. 226 East 21st Avenue BAKER CHEVROLET 650 East 5th Avenue w 1 V McDonald ' s H HAMBURGERS , KA OVER ONE pi LLipN SERVED 1 Li McDonald ' s hamburgers 720 West 5th Avenue BARNETT ' S 61 I Broadway Quality Passenger and Truck Tires HELLMAN ' S TIRE SERVICE 612 E. 5th Avenue 857 Virginia Street 701 Virginia Street Wendy Ward Charm School offers poise and that charming look . MONTGOMERY WARD DARNALL ' S DAIRY QUEEN 1400 Virginia Street 35 E 5th Avenue " Your Host From Coast to Coast " 3030 E. 5th Avenue AETNA HARDWARE 1012 Aetna Street GLEN VANTREASE " No man ever wetted clay and then left it as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune. " . . . Plutarch Compliments of PEACOCK CLEANERS " Gary ' s Finest " Downtown Drive-In 920 ADAMS STREET DARNALL MAID-RITE 1422 Virginia Street JACOBSENS INC. Complete Office Outfitters wind .. LAKE SHORE PRESS 557 Broadway 2216 West I Oth Avenue All Phones 885-0577 810 Washington Street i3 " pL ■HI a in. • t 7r EMERSON P.T.A. VOGEL’S RESTAURANT 1250 Indianapolis Blvd., Whiting STERLING-CONOR STUDIOS 629 Washington Street YOUR FUTURE ' S BRIGHT IN NORTHERN INDIANA If your eyes are on far horizons following graduation, here ' s a suggestion: Look around you right here in NIPSCOLAND! They are vast and challenging opportunities in northern Indiana for trained young men and women in industry, commerce and agriculture. Some of the greatest challenges await the talent and imagination of young people in the investor-owned utility business. We will be happy to discuss your career opportunities at NIPSCO . . . drop in and see us! NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Serving Today . . . Building for the Future AETNA COMMUNITY CLUB RAINBOW RESTAURANT 34 West 7th Avenue BARUCH OLDSMOBILE 201 East 5th Avenue ROBBINS SPEED QUEEN 1009 E. 6th Avenue CcHtfehient OtffficeJ IN MUNSTER TLe Art of Frying Chicken The gentle art of frying chicken in a " heavenly manner” is given to but a few persons on this earth. Some mothers can do it. A few chefs can be mentioned. But, the true " artists” of this profession are, amazingly enough, high school boys! Trained for months and months by Chuck Wheeler himself, these fortunate young men learn to turn out the tender, golden crusted, delicately-seasoned chicken in perfect batch after batch, around the clock from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week. Many of them earn college money in this manner. Constant dedication to the goal of perfect fried chicken is a wonderful character builder and a lesson in modern methods, combined with an old-fashioned appre¬ ciation of flavors and the human ingredient. When you enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken from Chuck Wheeler’s, you know the tenderness, flavor, and perfection of each piece of chicken .is no accident. Chuck planned it that way. TAKE ‘HOME OPEN 11 TO 11 GLEN PARK: 3936 Broadway (887-2931) MILLER: U.S. 20 (938-5599) WEST FIFTH AVENUE: (883-6122) a.b.c. burglar alarm corp. 1277 Broadway AETNA BARBER SHOP 3912 East I Oth Ave. BEREZNER’S FURS, INC. 577 Broadway EASTSIDE T.V. SERVICE 715 East 7th Avenue FRED ' S STANDARD SERVICE 601 Virginia Street HOOSIER RESTAURANT CATERING SERVICE 573 Broadway JACK’S DRIVE-IN 1399 E. Dunes Highway MR. SIDNEY KRIEGER 664 Broadway RAY JACK ' S BARBER SHOP 125 East 7th Ave. MR. JOHN REBERTO 583 Broadway STEVE ' S AETNA STANDARD 1145 Aetna Street SURBER ' S FLOOR COVERINGS 923 Massachusetts Street THEO TSANGARIS 583 Broadway TONY ' S SHOE REPAIR SHOP 119 East 7th Avenue TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made "

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