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The 1962 Publications Staff Proudly Presents The 1962 EDISONIAN Thomas A. Edison Senior High School East Gary, Indiana Foreword Throughout the following pages the staff has attempted to capture in pictures and words the highlights of the past year at Edison. With the new million dollar addition to Edison, all forms of school life have increased. In keeping with this growth, the staff has tried to increase the quality of the annual. As you look through the pages of the Edisonian, both now and later, may they bring warm memories to mind you of your days in high school. Editor 2 Dedication of New Million Dollar Addition, Sunday, November 12, 1961 Mr. William McKinney, president of the East Gary Holding Corporation, presents key to the new addition to Mr. Pete Chapas, president of the East Gary School Board. Mr. Virgil I. Bailey, Superintendent of East Gary Public Schools, speaking at dedication ceremonies. Dr. Alden Blankenship, superintendent of the Gary Public Schools, is the special dedication speaker. Open House - Both the Old and the New Hallway of main lobby Suite of four offices and conference room Indiana ' s second largest gymnasium Gym Dedication - December 8, 1961 School Board President Pete Chapas, Principal Claude P. Roos, and Holding Corp- oration President William McKinney cut the ribbon which officially opened the new gymnasium. Principal Claude Roos presented the silver engraved ceremonial scissors to Student Council Theodore Lane Robertson. 6 Contents Administration and Faculty 9 Graduates and Undergrads 19 Athletics 51 Organizations 67 Activities 95 Humor 123 Dedication We, the annual staff, wish to dedicate the 1962 EDISONIAN to you, Mr. Curtis Schrotberger, faithful custodian and friend to all who know you. We hope that this small honor can in some way show our appreciation for your wonderful attitude and warm personality. A day does not go by that you do not have a kind word or smile for whomever you meet in the hallways. Your cheerfulness and fine spirit have set an example for each of us in some part to attain. It is, then, with great pleasure that we dedicate the 1962 EDISONIAN to you. 8 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Virgil I. Bailey Superintendent of Schools Board of Education Pete Chapas, President; Carl J. Polk, Secretary; J. Richard Turner, Treasurer. 10 RICHARD BURDETT Attendance Officer JOHN W. PECK Speech Therapist CONNIE COURTNEY CONNIE YOUNG School Secretary Office Clerk Superintendent’s Office Edison Senior High School Office CONSTANCE N. MOORE MARIAN McKINNEY Office Clerk Office Clerk Claude P. Roos Principal STEVE GEORGAKIS Asst. Principal Dean of Boys Athletic Director Guidance Senior Sponsor Golf Coach LURA WIGGINS Dean of Girls Guidance Senior Sponsor S.S.S. Sponsor 1 3 Departmental Supervisors JERALD D. DAWSON Music - Band MARGARET JANA Music - Choir WILLIAM E. KELLY Art DOROTHY BOATMAN Mathematics Freshman Sponsor PRUDENCE BUSSAN English Freshman Sponsor JOAN DU FON Business Education Senior Sponsor Faculty SUE BORN Librarian Sophomore Sponsor F.T.A. Sponsor IONA CRISMAN Latin and English Junior Sponsor Latin Club Sponsor MARJORIE BRADY Business Education Junior Sponsor 4757 4900 75 3 ' 5’ 3756 876 2 8768 8- 77 5865 887! 8876 8882 888: 79 -‘97c 5«S2 5«87 S9c; SvC: so 036 oo -2 ®o- ' 9C5: 82 0:33 9U3 9149 9154 915? 84 «243 9248 9253 92 58 9263 85 294 9299 9304 9309 93:5 - 59 5172 16 5428 9 5551 5 5 ' Sc 999 6010 :07 6H7 94 15 9657 996’ 9513 9562 974 r 9 45 9750 9786 9791 9795 ’877 988 I 9886 ”66 9949 9974 sirs ”ii sr : 7 r STEFAN G. GAZA Mathematics Junior Sponsor Student Council Sponsor E-Men Sponsor Basketball Coach Track Coach Cross Country Coach BERNARD HALASCHAK Shop Sophomore Sponsor Asst. Football Coach Asst. Basketball Coach Faculty BONNIE GLEASON Home Economics Senior Sponsor Homemaker Sponsor ARTHUR L. HARTLEY Shop and Physical Education Sophomore Sponsor E-Men Sponsor Asst. Basketball Coach Baseball Coach ROBERT D. GUSTAFSON Science and Physical Education Sophomore Sponsor E-Men Sponsor Football Coach HAZEL HARTLEY Business Education Junior Sponsor Edisonian Sponsor Eagle Feathers Sponsor H.W. HIGGENBOTTOM Social Studies Sophomore Sponsor JOHN S. KURUZOVICH Social Studies Senior Sponsor Honor Society Sponsor PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIt Washington to £■ Faculty C. SHERRY K AC ZM ARC Z YK Physical Education and Driver Training Freshman Sponsor Trampoline Club Sponsor JOAN MOCAN Home Economics Sophomore Sponsor Homemaker Sponsor MARVIN KASRICH Science and Mathematics Freshman Sponsor Physics Club Sponsor ROBERT MUNRO Social Studies Junior Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor SHIRLEY PARRY Faculty H.L. SCHMID English Freshman Sponsor English Sophomore Sponsor LEROY WEBDELL Science Freshman Sponsor Asst. Football Coach HARRY WHITBY English Senior Sponsor Dramatics Club Sponsor 1 8 GRADUATES AND UNDERGRADS JACQUELINE ANTON Senior Secretary, Student Council, Honor Society Sergeant-at-Arms, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club President, Choir, Reserve Cheerleader, Junior Play, Janettes, Mardi Gras Queen. GAYLE POCIALIK Senior Treasurer, F. T. A., S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir. Seniors MORGAN BASIL FERNANDEZ Senior President, Sophomore Vice-President, Student Council, Honor Society, F.T.A., Phy- sics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Edlsonian Sports Editor, Eagle Feat.iers Sports Editor, Choir Representative, Boys ' State Alternate, Loyalty Committee, Sweet Shop. RONALD DEAN BLENDU - " Ron " Senior Vice-President, Student Council Vice- President, F.T.A., Physics Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Football Co-Captain, Reserve Basketball, Track, Junior Play. CHARLES THOMAS DEEL - " Tom " Senior Judge, F.T.A., Physics Club, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Choir, Reserve Football, Wrestling, Loyalty Com- mittee, Team Statistician. ELAINE SNOPEL Junior Vice-President, Senior Student Council Repr es entative, Honor Soc iety V ice-Pres ident , F.T.A., S.S.S. Secretary, Homemaker Secre- tary, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Janettes, Senior Trio, Varsity Cheerleader, Homecom- ing Court, Junior Play. WALTER JACKSON ATKINS Physics Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club. LEE BAILEY Pep Club. DENNIS BARTH - " Denny " Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Basketball, Track, Cross Country. DIAN BARTH Student Council, Honor Society President, F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker Secretary, Dra- matics Club, Science Club, Trampoline Club, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff , Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir Vice-President and Treasurer, Girls ' Ensemble, Girls ' State Representative, Choir Clinic Representative, Junior Play Asst. Director. Seniors JACK CAMPBELL Senior Student Council Representative, Physics Club Vice-President, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men Vice-President, Varsity Basketball, Baseball. CLYDE ALLEN Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Track. LINDA MARIE BIERNAT Sophomore Secretary, F.T.A. Secretary, S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Janettes, Junior Play. JAMES BLAIR - " Bear " Varsity Football. Seniors BONITA BAZIN - " Bonnie " Sophomore Student Council Representative, S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Junior Play, Janettes, Band. WILLIAM RALPH BEATTIE Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Basketball, Track, Cross Country. JAMES BLAKE - " Jim " Latin Club, Track, Golf, Cross Country, Reserve Basketball. ALICE BLAND F.T.A. , S.S.S., Science Club, Pep Club, Edi- sonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff, Junior Play. NANCY BUSHEMI F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club. CARL BYARS Seniors DENISE SUE BROADWAY Homemaker, S.S.S., Science Club, Trampoline Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Choir, Baton Twirler. RICHARD BUCHNER - " Buck " Physics Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Choir Clinic Representative, Band, Track, Varsity Football, Wrestling, First Place in Science Fair. GEORGE BOBY Science Club, E-Men, Varsity Football, Track. BONNIE BOZNAK Junior Treasurer, Student Council, F.T.A, S. S.S., Homemaker Vice-President, Science Club Secretary-Treasurer, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir President, Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Play, Loyalty Committee, Football-O-Rama Queen, Home- coming Queen, Sweetheart Court. Seniors ROBERT BYRUM - " Bob " Pep Club. LONADELLE MARIE CARNEGIE Homemaker, S.S.S., Dramatics Club Secretary, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, LoyaltyCom- mittee . WILLIAM CHICOS - " Bill " E-Men, Varsity Basketball, Track, Cross Country. JOHN CHRIST AKIS Baseball. KAREN CARPENTER Sophomore Treasurer, Honor Society, F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club Secretary, Choir Clinic Representative, Var- sity Cheerleader, Homecoming Court, Loyalty Committee. JUDITH COONROD F.T.A. Vice-President, S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Trampoline Club Secretary, Pep Club. Seniors LINDA COTTRELL - " Lin " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club. JANICE DE HAVEN - " Jan " F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker Treasurer, Spanish Club, Science Club, Pep C lub, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff. JULIUS DLAN - " Jules " Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Football Manager, Basebal Manager, Track, Cross Country, Junior Play JANICE D ' MURA - " Jan " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club. CAROLYN SUE DUNCAN S.S.S., Homemaker, Spanish Club, Choir. F.T.A., S.S.S. Vice-President, Homemaker Historian, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Janettes, Loyalty Committee, Junior Play. ELONA K. DRAGASH - " Eloney " MICHAEL CHARLES E VOLGA JUDITH GRANT " Judy " S.S.S., Homemaker, Dramatics Club, PepClub, Spanish Club, Baton Twirler. Seniors GLORIA DYER Student Council, F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker President, Pep Club. GERALD EATON - " Jerry " Student Council Parliamentarian, F.T. A., Phy- sics Club, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir Clinic Representative, Loyalty Committee. DOROTHY GRAY - " Dotty " S.S.S. Secretary, Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Junior Play. SANDRA JOYCE GUESS - " Jo " S.S.S. , Pep Club, Spanish Club. Seniors MARLA GUMMERE S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club. RONALD RAY HAGAN - " Ronnie " Pep Club. LENARD F. HERRIN Science Club, Choir. SANDRA HILL S.S.S., Science Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club. CHARLES T. HARDT - " Chuck " Junior Student Council Judge, F.T.A., Physics Club, Science Club Treasurer, Pep Club, Band President and Vice-President and Treasurer and Clinic Representative, Choir Clinic Repre- sentative, Pep Band, Instrumental Duet and Soloist, Vocal Duet, Junior Play. THOMAS HAVRILESKO Pep Club. KAREN JABLONSKI - " Jabo " Student Council Secretary, Honor Society, F.T. A., S.S.S., Homemaker, Dramatics Club, Science Club, T rampoline Club, Pep Club, Choir, Janettes, Girls ' Trio, Band, Reserve Cheerleader, Junior Play. NELS JACOBSON Seniors WILLIAM HAROLD HODGES Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Spanish Club, Varsity Football, Track, Loyalty Committee. KEITH V. HYDEN Sophomore Student Council Representative, Honor Society Treasurer, F.T.A. Vice- President, Physics Club President, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Loyalty Committee, Boys ' State. LORRAINE JAROSCAK S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble. MARY ANN KENT S.S.S., Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir. Seniors JUDITH LEWIS - " Judy " Junior Secretary, Student Council, F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker, Trampoline Club Presi- dent, Pep Club Secretary, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Asst. Editor, Choir, Janettes, Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Play, Football- O-Rama Queen of Queens, Homecoming Court, Sweetheart Court. NANCY DOLORES MAJOR Student Council, Honor Society Secretary, F. T.A., S.S.S., Physics Club Secretary, Drama- tics Club, Science Club Vice-President, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Editor, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Band, Junior Play, Girls ' State, D.A.R. Representative, Loyalty Committee, Pep Band. BRENDA LEE - " Brendy " S.S.S., Choir. JAMES LEIMBACHER - " Jimmy " MICHAEL KEYAK - " Mike " Student Council, Science Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, E-Men President, Varsity Foot- ball Captain, Baseball, Wrestling. JOYCE LANGMAN - " Jo " S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Latin Club, Pep Club, Choir. SHARON GAY MAYOCH - " Blondie " S.S.S., Science Club, Trampoline Club, Pep Club, Choir, Majorette, First Place State Baton Twirler. PATRICIA MESSER Seniors ROBERT MATHER - " Bob " Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Football, Choir. ELIZABETH MAXWELL S.S.S., Homemaker, Band. ALLEN MINOR - " Al " Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Football, Track, Wrestling. DANIEL MOORE Seniors SHERRY MOORE Student Council, Honor Society, F.T.A., S.S.S. President, Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Loyalty Committee. JAMES E. MULDOON - " Jim " Student Council, F.T.A. President, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club Treasurer, E-Men Secretary, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Business Manager, Choir Vice- President, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Junior Play, Loyalty Committee, Sweet Shop. FRANK NASH Pep Club. FRONA LEE NEAL S.S.S., Pep Club. ALAN MUMAW - ”A1 " Science Club, Pep Club, Reserve Football, Reserve Basketball, Track, Baseball, Golf, Cross Country. CONNIE MYERS S.S.S. Seniors CYNTHIA NEWMAN - " Cindy ' F.T.A., S.S.S., Science Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club President. FRANK PARKER Physics Club, Pep Club, JAMES PELTON - " Pelican’ Student Council Treasurer, Physics Club, Dramatics Club Vice-President, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Choir, Band, Track, Re- serve Basketball, Junior Play, Varsity Football Manager, Track Manager, Loyalty Committee. STEPHEN PERRINE CARL PESKO Student Council, Honor Society, F.T.A.,Dra matics Club, ScienceClub, PepClub, Edisomai Editor, Eagle Feathers News Editor, Choir Loyalty Committee, Boys ' State Alternate THOMAS PHILPOTT - " Tom " Latin Club, E-Men, Band. Seniors PAULA PUSTIK - " Pushka " Student Council Asst.- Secretary, F.T.A., S.S. S., Homemaker, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Trampoline Club, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff, Junior Play. BERNADINE REED - ' Deanie " S.S.S., Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Choir, Spanish Club, Junior Play. BARBARA PRICE - " Barb " j.S.S. , Homemaker, Dramatics Club, Science Hub, Pep Club, Band, Junior Play. JERRY PURCELL ADELINE REINHARDT - " Della " •S.S., Homemaker Sergeant-at-Arms , Science ■ lub, Pep Club. JOHN RICH ’ep Club, Varsity Basketball Manager, Track tanager, Cross Country Manager. FRED ANDREW SCHAEFER Sophomore President, Student Council, F.T. A., Physics Club, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club Treasurer, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Asst. Business Manager, Choir Clinic Representative, Band, Varsity Football, Wrestling, Golf, Junior Play, Loyalty Com- mittee Chairman, Sweet Shop. DONALD SCOTT Seniors THEODORE LANE ROBERTSON Junior President, Student Council President, F . T. A. , Sc ience C lub. Pep C lub Vice- Pres ident , E-Men Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Asst. Sports Editor, Choir, Varsity Football Manager, Varsity Basketball Manager, Golf, Junior Play, Loyalty Committee Chairman. BARBARA RYAN - " Bobbe " S.S.S., Homemaker, Trampoline Club, Pep Club, Choir, Spanish Club. TANA SLEASE CHRISTINE ELIZABETH SHUDICK - " Christy " Student Council, F.T.A., S.S.S., Dramatics Club, Science Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir, Mixed Trio, First Place District Vocal Soloist, Band, French Horn Quartette and Duet, Band Representative, Junior Play, Loyalty Committee. S.S.S., Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club Vice-President. Seniors DAVID SMENYAK Science Club, Pep Club, Varsity Basketball, Track, Baseball, Cross Country. KAREN SMITH - " Karrie " S.S.S., Dramatics Club, Pep Club. CHERYL STEPHENS WALLY STEWART - " Red " Student Council, F.T.A., Physics Club, Science Club President, Pep Club, Track, Cross Country. MARY SPANOPOULAS Sophomore Student Council Representative, S.S.S. Vice-President, Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Junior Play, Homecoming Court. PAULINE STAZINSKI - " Polly " S.S.S. , Homemaker, Science Club, Trampoline Club, Pep Club, Choir, Janettes, Spanish Club Vice-President, Loyalty Committee. RICHARD STONEHOUSE Honor Society, F.T.A., Physics Club Treas- urer, Dramatics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Track, Golf, First Place in Science Fair. WILLIAM STRACHAN - " Willie” Physics Club, Science Club, Pep Club, E- Men, Track Captain, Cross Country, Varsity Basketball Manager, Calumet Conference Cross Country Champion. Seniors RUTH ANN STONE S.S.S., Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club. SHIRLEY STONE S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club. JOEL TARRANT - " Butch Pep Club. JAMES TAYLOR - " Jim " Pep Club, Band Treasurer. KENT WIDENER - " Ken " Pep Club Secretary. E-Men, Varsity Football Reserve Basketball, Wrestling, Varsity Bas- ketball Manager, Baseball Student Manager RICHARD WINEGAR - " Rick " Pep Club. Seniors MOLLIE WAHLMAN F.T.A., S.S.S., Science Club, PepClub, Spanish Club. BRIAN WALLIN Pep Club, Choir, Band Vice-President, Pep Band, Golf, Reserve Basketball Manager. CHRISTINE WINKOWSKI - " Chris " S.S.S., Homemaker. Science Club, Pep Club, EVELIA YANEZ F.T.A. Secretary-Treasurer, S.S.S., Drama- tics Club, Science Club. Pep Club, E-Men, Choir, Janettes, Goldtones. Seniors CARO LYNN ZEDALIS F.T.A., S.S.S., Homemaker, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Reserve Cheerleader. RICHARD ZEIBA Pep Club, E-Men, Baseball. Juniors OFFICERS Walter Bender, President; Shirley Drummond, Vice- Treasurer; Guy Miller, Judge: Ina Jean Courtney, Repre- President; Kathryn Spencer, Secretary; Susan Halaschak, sentative; George Simpson, Representative. John Babinchak Marleeta Baker Larry Bellar Waiter Thomas Bentley Carol Bonner Janice Bradford Glen Brechner Nancy Brechner Rita Bryant Patricia Burbee Kittie Calbetzor Marie Cali Kathleen Carnegie Howard Chadwick Robert Cloyd Lana Chambers Betty Coleman Becky Deitweiler Ima Dillard Darlene Dillon Lavada Elkins Juniors Robert Ellis William Ellis John Flinchum Constance Frame David Galovic Charlene Garrard Harold Geiselman Kenneth Gilmore Ronald Grinder Kenneth Gurband Joel Hamady Nancy Hamady Thomas Havrilla David Helmecy Marlene Hladin Sandra Hodges Gary Hoffman Constance Jablonski Carl Jacobson Judith Diane Jones John Jones Linda Kersey Daniel Koenig Monika Krusche Dixie Lafferty Stella Letson Henrietta Lopez Karen Mallonee James Marks Bonnie Mathews Samuel May Robert McGuckin Calvin Michael Wilda Mills Barbara Mock Nancy Moore Juniors James Mosier Sharon Murota Larry Murray Donna Myers Glory Olson Janet Parkhurst Roger Penick Larry Poe Carol Ponder Robert Ray Shirley Ream Ursula Resczenko Nancy Richmond Thomas Ruark James Sanders Carl Semenick Maria Serrano Loretta Shelton Ronald Skeen Martha Steen James Stills Marvin Strong Richard Sulich John Sullivan Dennis Szostek Jerlyn Talkington James Thompson Warren Tilford Jacqueline Turner Joseph Venturella John Vogel Mary Wahlman Geraldine Williams LaVena Williams Guillermine Yanez Eugene Zack TOP ROW: Robert Dale Robertson, President; Rosemary Scheuer, Vice-Presi- dent; Susan Davis, Secretary; Wayne Goodreau, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: David Humenik, Judge; Janice Greer, Representative; David Gruett, Repre- sentative. Sophomores Edgar Alexander Sharon Alpin Leon Dale Anderson April Arington Margaret Ash Lee Bell Marilynn Bennett Christine Bergstrom Barbara Bliss John Borisenko Peter Borisenko Charlotte Brasher Kathlyeen Brooks James Bryant Sharon Burbee Carolinda Carlson Darla Carrell Carol Conners Sophomores Nikki Christakis Linda Cox William Cox Chester Cromwell James Cullen Larry Daily David Datsko Margaret Demeter Jerry Dickey Linda Dignin Joseph D ' Mura Donald Dolan Lois Donohue John Dopp Michael Duca Dean Dumis Harold Leroy Earley James Eberhardt Laura Ehlen Robert Ferguson James Steven Flannigan Rober Fontenot Karen Fredericks Nancy Gottschling Walter Grochowski Patty Ann Haas Andrew Halaschak Merrill Lynn Hanmer Robert Helmecy Sharon Hunter Michael Hursey Steven Hutka Eugene Ingram Ruth Jackson Donna Jennings Rowena Kalos Sophomores Demetre Karagianidis Mary Margaret Kasarda Joyce Keilman Mitchell King Janice King Geraldine Kneale Christine Kozak Kenneth Koziol Sandra Kurtis Lorraine Lambert John Letson James Lindsay Richard Masterson Martha Dian Matlock Marvin Maupin Carol McAndrew Janet McDaniel David McEwan Christine McGaughey Lawrence Monacy David Moore Leon Morish James Moss Jean Moss Karen Neague Vera Novkovic John O ' Hara Frank Penzato Timothy Philpott Lois Popenhagen Edwin Power Karen Prickett Bernard Purcell Barbara Rainford Sherry Ramsay Peter Resczenko Sophomores William Reynolds Minnie Rich Ronald Rosser Donna Rossi Nancy Ryan David Sanders Gary Schepper Paul Shudick Jo Ellen Skeens Sharon Shirpan Margaret Sohovich Paul Spanopoulas Sandra Spencer Richard Springman Sallie Steele Suzanne Stetler Charles Streetman Dianna Stufflebeam Lloyd Stufflebeam Melvin Sturgell Steven Szostek Roberta Tarrant David Tavalocci Linda Thompson Patricia Thorsen Kenneth Utley Rodney Vittetoe Donna Whitledge Earl Woodard William Woynaroski Dennis Zinkovich NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Ashby, Mona Armes, Dena Brock, George Robert Dailey, Diana East, Carol Eaton, Michael Hines, Madge Newsum, Sally Olszyniak, Maria Psagrelli, Joan Quarnstrom, Larry Reagor, Michael Shaffer, Aleta Sullivan, Glenda Viar, Tony Wright. Freshmen Joseph Keyak, President Mitchell Wahlman, Vice-President Sandra Rosendaul, Secretary Mary Ann Constanders, Treasurer John Zieba, Judge Jill Lewis, Representative Alan Michaels, Representative Charles Adams Judith Adams Edward Anton Patricia Barbknecht Natalie Barringer Louie Bellar Sandra Bender Carl Berkley Matthew Binko Mildred Blair Mildred Bogdon LeRoy Bright Josephine Cali Jerry Cambe William Campbell Gerald Carden Susan Carlson Cheryl Catherman James Chance Pete Chapas James Clawson Judith Clawson Linda Coffman Robert Coker Patricia Conley Richard Cook Carolyn Diane Cowart Donna Cox Sharon Cruikshank Freshmen Jack Czllli Jerry Dailey Lee Darrell Judith Davis Reba Davis Louis Dawson Catherine Dignin Carl Dillon Phyllis Dyer Martha Early Dennis East Peggy Eddy William Kyle Elkins Deborah Enswiller Keith Fredericks Sally Friday William Gary Philip Garzella Barbara Gazda Donald Ginter Evert Wayne Griffith Michael Haddad Darrell Hagan Judith Hall Roger Handley Sherman Gary Herrin Anita Herring Cheryl Hickenbottom John Michael Hicks Leslie Hill Shirley Hinkle Jack Hollins Robert Hoffman Anna Hornyak Clara Jackson Dimple Jackson Freshmen John Jacob Randall Jacobs Walter Janusch Edward Jenkins Jerry Jenkins Thomas Johnson Glenda Jones Linda Jones Robert Jones Uoleta Karagianidis Terry Karsa Patricia Kent Cheryl Kersey Fred King Zoltan Kiraly Terry Kludt Josephine Kocik Peter Kocik Judith Kyncy Patsy Kyncy Deborah Kromgols Barry Lackovitch Margaret Lehoskey Rex Lewis Irma Luna Dana Lindsey Cheri Mahns David Mallonee Donna Mann George Martin Carolyn Mather Diane Mattingly Christine Maza Frank Daniel McAlliste Ruth Ann McBride Florence McClaran Freshmen Calvin McDaniel James Miller Joel Miller Larry Miller Phyllis Mitchell Joel Mock Gary Monacy Craig Moore Richard Moreau Mattie Morris Jo Anne Munro Dorene Myers Carl Napalowski Beverly Nicholson Penelope Nixon Milanka Novakovic Charlotte Olson George O ' Neill Daryl Ospalski Diamond Owen Carol Joan Owens Wilma Patterson Patricia Pierce Daniel Pilnock Janice Pilnock Mary Jane Pilnock Robert Poe Richard Powell Cheryl Price Bruce Ranger Lonny Reagor Jo Jean Reed Karen Ronk William Rosser Angalena Rossi Daniel Salain Freshmen John Serrano Gary Shadrix William Shawver Effie Shelton La Juane Smith Laura Spanopoulas Antoinette Springman Roger Springman Gary Stafford Lynn Stanovick Philip Statum Barbara Steen Gary Stout Mary Joann Strinchak Angela Stufflebeam Nancy Szostek Donald Thompson Herbert Todd Milan Todosijevic Ruby Uhls Lyle Umlauft Henry Vickery Lester Vittetoe Joseph Wheeler Suzanne Wignall Carol Winkowski Melvin Witt William Wolfe Stanley Wright David Young Rozalia Zemen NOT PICTURED: Gary Bellamy, Bernard Campbell, Toby Dunn, Mary Margaret Eads, James Fields, Linda Keen, Larry Leight, liennisMenear, Nancy Picon, Anthony Procopis, Robert Quarnstrom, Arran Simpson, Edward Sullivan, Ronald Sullivan, Larry Underwood, John Zellers. ATHLETICS Varsity Cheerleaders Bonnie Boznak, Elaine Snopel, Shirley Drummond, Kathryn Spencer, Judith Lewis, Karen Carpenter. Reserve Cheerleaders Freshman Cheerleaders Natalie Barringer, Anna Hornyak, Jill Lewis, Mary Ann Constanders. 52 Rosemary Scheuer, Geraldine Kneale, Sharon Hunter, Susan Davis, Rowena Kalos. Edison vs Edison Annual Homecoming Game Edison vs Portage November 3 53 TOP ROW: Frank Penzato, John Jones, Donald Ginter, James Fields, Pete Chapas, Philip Garzella, Theodore Lane Robertson, John Vogel. THIRD ROW: Thomas Havrilla, Leon Dale Anderson, William Cox, David Gruett. Joel Hamady, Edwin Powers, Andrew Halaschak, Charles Streetman, Michael Shaffer, Howard Chadwick. SECOND ROW: Coach Gustafson, Joseph Venturella, Samuel May. Glen Brechner, Walter Bender, Ronald Grinder, Gary Hoffman, Richard Sulich, David Helmecy, Coach Halaschak, Assistant Coach. FRONT ROW: Richard Buchner, Robert Mather, James Muldoon, Ronald Blendu, Michael Keyak, William Harold Hodges, Allen Minor, Kent Widener, Fred Schaefer. Football Varsity The 1961 football season was a season of extensive growth not only in players but in coaching. The growth in players stemmed from the fact that the team lost thirteen senior lettermen from the 1960 season and had only six returning this year. The growth in the number of coaches in the senior high provided more supervision in training under the guidance of three coaches: a new head coach, Mr. Robert D. Gustafson, and his assistants, Mr. Bernard Halaschak and Mr. Leroy Webdell. Season ' s Record Edison Opponent Sept. 5 River Forest 6 27 8 Merrillville 0 19 15 Edison of Gary 13 53 22 Lowell 0 60 29 Griffith 7 32 Oct. 6 Calumet Twp. 14 40 13 Wirt 0 32 20 Chesterton 7 39 24 Dyer 0 26 Nov. 3 Portage 0 12 5 A MICHAEL KEYAK Co-Captain Tackle RONALD BLENDU Co-Captain Back RICHARD BUCHNER Guard FRED SCHAEFER Guard JAMES MULDOON Center Senior Lettermen KENT WIDENER Center WILLIAM HAROLD HODGES Tackle ALLEN MINOR End ROBERT MATHER Tackle Reserve Football TOP ROW: Frank Penzato, Mitchell King, Bernard Purcell, Dale Vickery, Carl Berkley, Jack Czilli, Rex Lewis, Randall Jacobs, Paul Shudick, Peter Borisenko. THIRD ROW: George O ' Neill, Harold Alan Michaels, James Eberhardt, LeRoy Bright, Joel Mock, Jerry Dickey, Herbert Todd, Edgar Alexander, David Tavolacci, William Cox. SECOND ROW: Mitchell Wahlman, James Steven Flannigan, Barry Lackovitch, James Fields, Dale Anderson, David Gruett, Edwin Powers, Dean Dumis, James Moos, John Borisenko, Coach Webdell. FRONT ROW: Michael Hines, Joseph Keyak, Pete Chapas, Philip Garzella, Donald Ginter, Charles Streetman, Michael Shaffer, Andrew Halaschak, Richard Springman, Melv in Sturgill. Freshman Football TOP ROW: Coach Gustafson, Assistant Coach Webdell, Assistant Coach Halaschak. THIRD ROW: Carl Berkley, LeRoy Bright, Jack Czilli, Joel Mock, Rex Lewis. SE- COND ROW: Henry Vickery, George O ' Neill, Barry Lackovitch, Harold Alan Michaels, Herbert Todd, Randall Jacobs. FRONT ROW: Joseph Keyak, Philip Garzella, Donald ' Ginter, James Fields, Pete Chapas, Mitchell Wahlman. TOP ROW: James Blake, Dennis Zinkovich, James George Martin, Daryl Ospalski, John Serrano, John Cullen, William Strachan, Coach Gaza, Ralph Beattie, Letson, Daniel Salain, John Rich. Dennis Barth, Julius Dian. FRONT ROW: John Zieba, Cross Country The most outstanding member of the Cross Country team was William Strachan. Duringthe 1961 season, William Strachan claimed titles for setting the new school record of 9:35, finishing first in the Calumet Conference Meet, and participating in the State Cross Country Meet in Indianapolis. The team as a group won two of eleven encounters. WILLIAM STRACHAN 57 Theodore Lane Robertson, trainer; William Strachan. man- ager; Larry Poe, Robert Dale Robertson, Ronald Rosser, Dennis Barth, William Ralph Beattie, Jack Campbell, John Jones, Robert Ferguson, Glen Brechner, Kent Widener, William Chicos, Leon Dale Anderson, John Rich, manager. KNEELING: Coach Gaza. Basketball 58 Varsity The 1961-62 basketball season was an average season, as the Eagles ranked eighth in the Calumet Conference: but they could have tied for first place if they had not lost untimely three games, each under flVe Epson ' s sectional play was the best since 1956. The Eagles defeated Andrean of Gary. 67-46: but they lost to the Tolleston team (that was rated as twelfth in the state), 61-58, although they were ahead of Talleston 32-28 at the half. ...... ... Jack Campbell, elected the most valuable player and honorary co-captain, was selected for the All Conference Team and the All Sectional Team of Gary. He was presented the rebound trophy. William Chicos, honorary co-captain, was selected for the All Sectional Team and was given an honorable mention rating on the All Conference Team. FGA FGM Pet. FTA FTM Pet. Errors Rebounds Def. Off. T.P. C ampbell 344 150 .440 142 103 .726 58 145 207 403 Barth 202 73 .360 67 34 .508 47 86 127 180 Beattie 182 69 .375 64 36 .564 65 48 85 174 C hicos 335 111 .300 88 61 .693 78 30 35 283 Jones 126 51 .404 57 32 .562 35 73 77 134 Poe 36 7 .194 9 3 .333 11 6 12 17 Brechner 16 2 .125 10 4 .400 7 Season’s Record 16 13 8 Date Name Of School Opponent Nov. 18 Westville 54 22 Emerson 40 25 St. Mary ' s of Michigan City 57 28 River Forest 41 Dec. 2 Boone Grove 63 8 Edison of Gary 51 15 Lowell 74 J an. 5 Griffith 55 12 Dyer 52 16 Merrillville 42 19 Wirt 42 26 Crown Point 57 30 Hobart 64 Feb. 2 Highland 44 9 Portage 87 16 Rolling Prairie Holiday Tournament 57 Dec. 21 Merrillville Andrean Tournament 64 Dec. 28 River Forest 69 29 St. Mary ' s of Michigan City Sectional Tournpy 49 Feb. 23 Andrean 46 24 Tolleston 61 Edison 62 41 74 56 57 61 56 44 66 40 40 54 59 52 69 56 77 81 63 67 58 JOHN JONES GLEN BRECHNER Varsity LARRY POE WILLIAM CHICOS JACK CAMPBELL WILLIAM RALPH BEATTIE DENNIS BARTH Lettermen 59 TOP ROW: Coach Hartley, Dennis Zinkovich, Robert Jones, Humenik, Paul Shudick, James Eberhardt, Michael Shaffer, John Borisenko, Steven Szostek, Andrew Halaschak, David David Moore, William Cox. Tavalocci, Donald Thompson, manager. FRONT ROW: David v Reserve Basketball Team Freshman Basketball Team TOP ROW: James Clawson, Gary Shadrix, Thomas Johnson, Melvin Witt, Randall Jacobs. Zoltan Kiraly. THIRD ROW: George Martin, Charles Adams, George O ' Neill, Craig Moore, Daniel Salain, John Zieba. SECOND ROW: Barry Lackovitch, Keith Fredericks, Robert Jones, Edward Anton, Aaron Simpson, Hare Id Alan Michaels, Donald Ginter, LeRoy Bright, manager. FRONT ROW: John Serrano, Philip Garzella, JackCzilli, Mitchell Wahlman, Frank Daniel McAllister, Rex Lewis, Coach Halaschak. TOP ROW: Coach Manchak, Pete Chapas, Williair. Ellis, Herbert Todd. James Steven Flannigan, Allen Minor. SECOND ROW: John Michael Hicks, Calvin McDaniel, Donald Dolan, James Lindsey, Diamond Owen. FRONT ROW: Sherman Gary Herrin, Samuel May, James Fields, Lee Bell, Joseph Keyak. Wrestling Lettermen TOP ROW: Richard Zieba, Robert Ferguson, Walter May, Leon Dale Anderson, Larry Poe, Dennis Bender, Jack Campbell, Robert Dale Robertson, Coach Zinkovich, manager. Hartley. FRONT ROW: KentWidener, manager; Samuel Basebal 62 Track TOP ROW: Coach Gaza, Lee Darrell, Gary Monacy, Gary Shadrix, Harold Alan Michaels, Donald Ginter, Bruce Ranger, Matthew Binko, Richard Moreau, Milan Todisijevich. FOURTH ROW: Earl Woodard, Billy Wolfe, Carl Dillon, Joel Mock, Mitchell Wahlman, Michael Hursey, William Campbell, Peter Kocik, Jack Czilli, Lee Bell, Pete Chapas, Roy Bright. THIRD ROW: Leon Morish, John Michael Hicks, manager; Barry Lackovitch, Joseph Keyak, John Zieba, Daniel Salain, Edward Anton, George Martin, John Serrano, Herbert Todd, Rex Lewis, John Rich. SECOND ROW: Walter Grochowski, Thomas Johnson, Melvin Witt, John Vogel, William Ralph Beattie, Julius Dian, Dennis Barth, John Letson, Ronald Rosser, Andrew Halaschak, Jteven Szostek, Roger Fonteno t. FRONT ROW: Frank Penzato, James Blake, Glen Brechner, Warren Tilford, James Marks, William Strachan, Richard Stonehouse, William Harold Hodges, Paul Spanopoulas, Donald Dolan, James Eberhardt. TOP ROW: Brian Wallin, David Sanders, William Ellis, Theodore Lane Robertson, Robert Mathei, Coach Georgakis. FRONT ROW: Earl Woodard, Stephen Perrine, John O ' Hara, James Blake, William Rosser. Intramurals Ping Pong Champs Roy Bright, Charles Hardt, Lee Darrell, Calvin McDaniel. Intramural Basketball Champs Clowns TOP ROW: Jerry Purcell, David Smenyak, James Blair. FRONT ROW: Alan Munaw, Ronald Blendu, Wally Stewart. ORGANIZATIONS Edisonian " CARL PESKO Editor MISS HARTLEY Sponsor Probably the largest single extracurricular project in Edison is the publication of the annual. Work begins the very first day of the school year and ends after the last day of school — in fact, the organization of the staff and the contracts for the photographer and the printer are signed the preceding spring. This year, the staff spent many hours in an attempt to produce the best annual possible. This year ' s annual is the largest to have been published in Edison Senior High School. Many new features have been added to the book, and a patron ' s list has taken the place of the ad section. For the first time, the staff has taken some of its own photos in an attempt to increase the coverage in the annual. The staff wishes to thank Miss Hartley, who has spent uncounted hours of work, the supporters of the 1962 " Edisonian " , and anyone who has helped to make possible the publication of this book. STAFF MEMBERS MORGAN FERNANDEZ Sports Editor PAULA PUSTIK JANICE DeHAVEN JAMES MULDOON Edisonian Staff Members THEODORE LANE ROBERTSON ALICE BLAND NANCY MAJOR JUDITH LEWIS BONNIE BOZNAK DIAN BARTH CHRISTINE SHUDICK FRED SCHAEFER Student Council THEODORE LANE ROBERTSON President MR. ROOS and MR. GAZA Sponsors Under a newly revised constitution, this year ' s Student Council has become the most active organization in the school. The familiar projects such as the annual Homecoming, hall monitors, Christmas decorations, and the Student Court have been broadened and are only a few of the numerous projects undertaken by the Council during the year. With a growing membership committee, convocations, panel discussions, surveys, and many other functions have been added to this year ' s Student Council duties. Some of the new projects have been the Homecoming float award, intramurals, and a Christmas fund for the needy. OFFICERS TOP ROW: Ronald Blendu, Vice-President; Gerald Karen Jablonski, Secretary; Martha Steen, Court Eaton. Sergeant-at-Arms; James Pelton. Treasurer. Clerk. FRONT ROW: Paula Pustik. Assistant Secretary; Student Council Members TOP ROW: Theodore Lane Robertson, Guy Miller, Fred Schaefer. James Muldoon, Charles Hardt, Carl Pesko, Walter Bender, George Simpson. THIRD ROW: Jill Lewis, Jack Campbell, David Gruett, Morgan Fernandez, Charles Thomas Deel, Keith Hyden, Gerald Eaton, James Pelton, Ronald Blendu. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Anton, Michael Keyak, David Humenik, Harold Alan Michaels, Karen Jablonski, Janice Greer, Bonnie Mathews, Martha Steen, Dian Barth. FRONT ROW: Mr. Gaza, Robert Dale Robertson, Elaine Snopel, John Zieba, Joseph Keyak, Nancy Major, Christine Ugalde. Jean Courtney. Bonnie Boznak, Sherry Moore. Hall Monitor Duty Court Judges Martha Steen. Court Clerk: John Zieba. Charles Thomas Deel. David Humenik. Guy Miller. Honor Society DIAN BARTH, President MR. KURUZOVICH, Sponsor The National Senior Honor Society Chapter at Edison experienced once again a very successful and eventful year. The year ' s activities began with the society ' s traditional candlelight ceremony which inducted the new members and installed the newly elected officers. Projects for the group this year consisted of sponsoring Edison ' s first talent show, which proved to be one of the year ' s most entertaining events and the publication of a " Buzz Book. " The Society, also, designed its own personal emblem for the use of its members. Highlighting and closing the year ' s activities was the annual trip. OFFICERS Elaine Snopel, Vice-President: Keith Hyden, Treasurer; Martha Steen, Secretary. TOP ROW: Mr. Kuruzovich, Richard Stonehouse, Morgan Fernandez. Keith Hyden, Carl Pesko. Mr. Roos. SECOND ROW: Karen Carpenter, Marie Serrano, Nancy Major, Sharon Murota, Martha Steen, Sherry Moore. FRONT ROW: Dian Barth, Shirley Drummond, Jacqueline Anton, Elaine Snopel, Jerlyn Talkington. Honor Society Committee Chairmen TOP ROW: Dian Barth, President: Sherry Moore, man: Morgan Fernandez, Installation Chairman: Emblem Chairman: Elaine Snopel, Installation Chair- Jacqueline Anton, Buzz Book Chairman, man. FRONT ROW: Nancy Major, Talent Show Chair- 71 Fred Schaefer, Chairman: Mr. Georgakis, Sponsor. Loyalty Committee The Loyalty Committee, which is financed by the Student Council, completed its third year. Helping to finance and organize the Homecoming Float awards. Gym Dedication, and the school sports campaigns were some of the projects completed during the school year. TOP ROW: Theodore Lane Robertson, Carl Pesko, Nancy Moore, Christine Shudick, Karen Carpenter, Charles Thomas Deel, James Pelton, William Harold Hodges. SECOND ROW: Natalie Barringer, Anna Hornyak, Jill Lewis, Mary Ann Constanders, Rosemary Scheuer, Susan Davis, Rowena Kalos, Sharon Hunter, Jacqueline Turner. FRONT ROW: Jacqueline Anton, Nancy Major, Judith Lewis, Kathryn Spencer, Elaine Snopel, Shirley Drummond, Bonnie Boznak, Geraldine Kneale. l . , . : . -. XV ♦ Jr .M L ■ ' £ X ■ X : «. ‘.x J» --;B » ?2 " s s i i5w » r x x ♦ X r JACQUELINE ANTON President OFFICERS Kent Widener, Secretary; James Muldoon, Treasurer; Tana Slease, Vice- President. Pep Club The Pep Club sponsored many convocations, a Pep Band, and a Pep Block at the games throughout the sports’ season. The club ' s membership rose to an all time high. SPONSORS Mr. Hartley, Mr. Gustafson, Mr. Gaza. E-Men MICHAEL KEYAK President The E-Men ' s Club sought to increase both sportsmanship and team spirit in all forms at the athletic events. The membership, which is limited to only those holding a letter in a major sport, was increased to a record size. This year ' s activities included the sponsorship of the Faculty-Senior and Faculty- Alumni games and the selling of popcorn and programs at the games. The profit earned from these projects was used to send the varsity football players to see the Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers and the varsity basketball players to see the Indiana State basketball finals. The social activities included various soc hops, the All Conference awards banquets, and the All Sports Dance at the close of the year. OFFICERS Fred Schaefer, Treasurer; Jack Campbell, Vice-President; James Muldoon, Secretary. Trampoline Club PRESIDENT and SPONSOR Judith Lewis and Miss Kaczmarczyk Since East Gary has had a junior and senior high school, Physical Education classes were offered to the girls for the first time in the history of Edison Senior High School; thus, this was the first year the girls had the opportunity to organize a Trampoline Club, which was comprised of girls who were interested in the sport, which is officially known as rebound tumbling. The girls presented half-time shows during the basketball season. Since most of the girls knew absolutely nothing about rebound tumbling at the beginning of the school year, the end product proved to be very worth-while as a relatively short period of time was spent for practice. OFFICERS istanoe Jablonski, Vice-President; Judith Coonrod, Secretary; Pauline Stazinski, Publicity Co-ordinator. Throughout the year the Future Teachers of America strove to encourage the teaching profession by showing films related to teaching, taking their annual trip to a college of interest, and participating in the cadet teaching program. The members of the club sponsored a spaghetti dinner the first semester and a dance the second semester, which financed their annual trip. OFFICERS Maria Serrano, Historian: Judith Coonrod. Vice-President; Evelia Yanez, Secretary-Treasurer. Sunshine Society PRESIDENT and SPONSOR Sherry Moore and Mrs. Wiggins The annual initiation and installation ceremonies on December 10 opened the Club ' s activities for the year. At Christmas time the Club spread cheer by giving baskets of food to the needy families. The annual Sweetheart Dance, which was held on February 10, was the outstanding activity of the year. OFFICERS Darlene Dillon, M °° re ' Correspondln S Secretary; Fiona Dragash, Vice-President; 77 Among the many new clubs makingtheir first appearance at Edison was Edison ' s Latin Club. Sponsored by the Latin instructor, Mrs. Iona Crisman, the club had a highly successful first year. The traditional installation ceremony was the group ' s first endeavor and proved to be an evening of fun for all of those in attendance. The second semester found the organization sponsoring a second annual Latin Banquet, the custom having been started by last year ' s Latin students. The banquet proved to be an entertaining event with decorations, food, and clothing taking on the traditional Latin custom. Throughout the entire year, the club endeavored to make its members more conscious of the importance of Latin by sponsoring Latin contests and plays. STEERING COMMITTEE TOP ROW: Mary Wahlman. Samuel May, William Ellis, Bonnie Mathews, Vice-President; Jerlyn Talkington, Sec- Robert McGuckin, Karen Mallonee. FRONT ROW: Maria retary. Serrano, Treasurer; Sharon Alphin, Sergeant-at-Arms; Physics Club SPONSOR and PRESIDENT Mr. Kasrich and Keith Hyden On December 8, 1961, the members of the Physics Club sponsored a " Roaring Twenties Dance, " which was their social project for the school year. They, also, took a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in order to further their knowledge of physics. As a service project the Club donated a basket of food at Christmas to a needy family. OFFICERS Richard Buchner, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jack Campbell, Vice-President; Richard Stonehouse, Treas- urer; Nancy Major, Secretary. Gloria Dyer, President Miss Mocan and Mrs. Gleason, Sponsors Homemakers of Tomorrow The Homemakers of Tomorrow began their year with the election of officers, which was followed by the annual Initiation Tea on December 3. As their service project they collected paper bound books for the veterans and made toys for an orphanage in East Chicago at Christmas time. The Club held some evening meetings with special programs of interest to the members. A dinner, honoring the senior members, was held in May. The year ended with a Fashion Show, showing garments made in the clothing classes. OFFICERS Betty Coleman, Vice-President; Elona Dragash, Historian; Carol Bonner, Secretary; Janice DeHaven, Treasurer; Ima Dillard, Sergeant-at-Arms. Dramatics Club SPONSOR and PRESIDENT Mr. Whitby and Christine Ugalde The Dramatics Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Whitby, opened its activities with a skit entitled " What ' ll We Give Dad? " at the Christmas convocation. This is the first year in the history of Edison for a Dramatics Club to be organized. The major function was to encourage dramatics, promote the appreciation of literature, and present skits throughout the year. OFFICERS Laura Ehlen, Treasurer; James Pelton, Vice-President; Lonadelle Carnegie. Secretary. Eagle Feathers NANCY MAJOR Editor MISS HARTLEY Sponsor The 1961- ' 62 " Eagle Feathers " staff worked throughout the year to give the student body the best newspaper to have been printed in Edison Senior High School. Instead of the bi-monthly mimeographed paper with the exception of three printed issues one year, which was published in former years, each edition was printed monthly for the entire year and was financed by means of the income derived from ads of merchants which were printed in each issue. A free copy was given to each student in Edison Senior High School and, also, Edison Junior High. The members of the staff wish to thank the merchants for their support of Edison ' s school paper. STAFF MEMBERS MORGAN FERNANDEZ JAMES MULDOON FRED SCHAEFER CARL PESKO Sports Editor Business Manager Asst. Business Manager News Editor Eagle Feathers Staff THEODORE LANE ROBERTSON JUDITH LEWIS Asst. Sports Editor Asst. Editor ALICE BLAND BONNIE BOZNAK Typist Typist DIAN BARTH CHRISTINE SHUDICK Reporter Typist TOP ROW: Donald Ginter, Richard Buchner, Brian Wallin, Morgan Fernandez, Gerald Eaton, April Arington, Jacqueline Anton, Keith Hyden, Charles Thomas Deel, Carl Pesko, Ronald Grinder, Thomas Havrilla, James Cullen, Bonita Bazin, Karen Carpenter, Leonard Herrin, Charles Hardt, Guy Miller. THIRD ROW: Karen Jablonski, James Pelton, Fred Schaefer, James Muldoon, Pete Chapas, Alan Michaels, Elona Dragash, Andrew Halaschak, Robert Dale Robertson, Pauline Stazinski, Donald Dolan, Constance Frame, Dorothy Gray, Christine Kozak, Peter Resczenko, James Miller, Craig Moore, Donald Thompson. SECOND ROW: Lonadelle Carnegie, Linda Biernat, Laura Ehlen, Elaine Snopel, Senior Choir . | Mr y - 1 1 Nancy Major, Sherry Moore, Dixie Lafferty, Joyce Langman, Mary Spanopoulas, Constance Jablonski, Darlene Dillon, Minnie Rich, Rowena Kalos, Sandra Hodges, Lorraine Jaroscak, Brenda Lee, Gayle Pocialik, Mary Kent. FRONT ROW: Guillermina Yanez, Jean Moss, Joyce Keilman, Marleeta Baker, Barbara Ryan, Lois Donohue, Janet McDaniel, Christine Shudick, Denise Sue Broadway, Bonnie Boznak, Dian Barth, Ursula Resczenko, Kathleen Carnegie, Jill Lewis, Jacqueline Turner, Evelia Yanez. Edison ' s first -place Choir was kept busy again this year preparing for its two concerts and appearance at the state contest. On the evening of December 12, the Choir presented its annual Christmas Concert in the new gymnasium. Following the Christmas Concert, the Choir spent most of the time in preparation for the state choral contest. Hoping for its third straight first-place rating in the state contest, the Choir spent many early mornings in practice. In the spring the Choir presented its annual spring song festival as well as a number of performances at the all school convocations throughout the year. The Choir ' s soc ial calendar of events consisted of the annual Christmas Ball the first semester and the annual banquet given in honor of the senior members of the choir at the end of the year. TOP ROW: Diana Stufflebeam, Natalie Barringer, April Arington, Andrew Halaschak, Charles Adams, Donald Ginter, Joel Mock, David Gruett, David Mallonee, Donald Dolan, Frank Penzato, Peter Resczenko, Mary Margaret Kasarda, Sandra Kurtis, Christine Kozak. THIRD ROW: Laura Ehlen, Carolinda Carlson, Margaret Sohovich, Janice Greer, Leroy Bright, Frank Daniel McAllister, Pete Chapas, John Serrano, Larry Monacy, James Miller, Donald Thompson, Daniel Salain, Barbara Rainford, Christine Bergstrom, Phyllis Mitchell, Carl McAndrew, Karen Junior Choir CHOIR REPRESENTATIVES Guy Miller, Thomas Havrilla, Kathleen Carnegie. Neague. SECOND ROW: Judith Davis, Angela Stufflebeam, Patricia Conley, Merrill Lynn Hanmer, Sharon Hunter, Nancy Gottschling, Rowena Kalos, Minnie Rich, Karen Ronk, Charlotte Brasher, Mary Eads, Janice King, Nancy Ryan, Nancy Picon, Patricia Kent, Patsy Kyncy. FRONT ROW: Jean Moss, Jerry Jenkins, Margaret Lehoskey, Geraldine Kneale, Laura Spanopoulas, Cheryl Price, Antoinette Springman, Sandra Bender, Linda Cox, Carolyn Mather, Donna Mann, Rosemary Scheuer, Jo Jean Reed, Wilma Patterson, Donna Cox, Mary Ann Constanders. For the first time a Junior Choir was organized in the senior high; thus, its performances were limited for the first year. The Choir made its appearance at both the Christmas and Spring Concerts and added an extra highlight to these concerts . SOPHOMORE GIRLS ' TRIO Minnie Rich, Joyce Keilman, Laura Ehlen. IX ' i i i i 1 | l. i If M S F fji w ■ r W I S ' | ) § jf ..i. f i f , - ji | ! | i Trflli ?1 | III i Janettes TOP ROW: Karen Carpenter, Jacqueline Anton, Bonita Bazin. SECOND ROW: Elaine Snopel, Pauline Stazinski, Elona Dragash, Karen Jablonski. FRONT ROW: Evelia Yanez, Linda Biernat, Dian Barth. Girls’ Ensemble TOP ROW: Christine Kozak, Karen Carpenter, Nancy Major. SECOND ROW: Jean Moss, Sherry Moore, Lorraine Jaroscak, Dian Barth. FRONT ROW: Geraldine Kneale, Carol McAndrew, Evelia Yanez. Junior Quartet Guy Miller, Thomas Havrilla, Marleeta Baker, Kathleen Carnegie. Girls’ Trio Mixed Trio Ursula Resczenko, Elaine Snopel, Karen Jablonski. Rowena Kalos, James Cullen, April Arington. Senior Duet Karen Carpenter and Charles Hardt. STANDING: Harold Alan Michaels, Florence McClaran, Mr. Dawson, Rex Lewis, Mitchell Wahlman. THIRD ROW: Charles Hardt, James Taylor, Dana Lindsey, Samuel May, Barbara Steen, Richard Moreau, Dennis East, Mary Wahlman, William Woynaroski, Brian Wallin, James Cullen. SECOND ROW: Thomas Philpott, Sharon Burbee, Robert Helmecy, Nancy Szostek, Catherine Dignin, Linda Dignin, Timothy Philpott, James Steven Flannigan, Joyce Keilman, Martha Steen. FRONT ROW: Patricia Barbknecht, Janet McDaniel, Lois Donohue, Janet Parkhurst, Elizabeth Maxwell, Jill Lewis, Ruth Ann McBride. 90 — With the presentation of programs during the half-time intermission at the home football games the Band began its busy schedule for the school year. The first social event and evening of entertainment was the Band Boosters potluck supper givenfor the members of the band and their parents. This year the Band presented three major concerts Winter, Spring, and May. Contest time found the Band busily preparing for entering the state contest. A special evening of enjoyment was the annual trip to Chicago to see a musical stage play. BAND OFFICERS BAND REPRESENTATIVES Martha Steen, Secretary; Brian Wallin, Vice-President; Charles Martha Steen, Thomas Philpott, Charles Hardt, Lois Donohue. Hardt, President; James Taylor, Treasurer. MR. DAWSON, Band Director PEP BAND Charles Hardt, William Woynaroski, Brian Wallin, Janet McDaniel. DRUM MAJOR Joyce Keilman EAGLETTES Sharon Mayoch, Denise Sue Broadway, Judith Grant. ! ACTIVITIES KATHRYN SPENCER Queen’s Court 94 Third Annual Calumet Conference Football-O-Rama GERALDINE KNEALE Homecoming Parade SOPHOMORE FLOAT r- Theodore Lane Robertson, Student Council President, congratulates Bonnie Boznak, Homecoming Queen. S. C. President Theodore Lane Robertson crowns Home- Carpenter, Mary Spanopoulas, Elaine Snopel, and Judith coming Queen Bonnie Boznak. Queen’s Court — Karen Lewis. Homecoming Queen, her court, and their Escorts. 100 Homecoming Queen and Her Court HOMECOMING DANCE NOVEMBER 3 EDISON SENIOR HIGH GYM 102 Latin Club Initiation Second year Latin students and Mrs. Crisman, sponsor, help a new member over a road of horrors as part of the initiation rites. For a week following the initiation, new members had to serve as " slaves " to the old members. In order to become a member of the Latin Club, new students had to pass a rigorous examination. Honor Society Installation Mr. Roos, principal: Mr. Bailey, superintendent of schools: Dean Baboo oi I. U., guest speaker; Dr. Wolfson of I.U., guest speaker: Mr. Kuruzovich. sponsor. New members initiated into the Society were Maria Serrano, Jerlyn Talkington, Entertainment was provided by the Girls ' Trio: Dian Martha Steen, Sharon Murota, Shirley Drummond, Richard Stonehouse. Barth, Jacqueline Anton, Karen Carpenter. Induction of off icers: Carl Pesko, installation chairman; Dian Barth, President; Elaine Snopel, Vice-President; Martha Steen, Secretary; Keith Hyden, Treasurer. 104 national HONOR SOCIETY LH0LAR5HIP SSS Initiation and Induction Jacqueline Anton, Installation Chairman, explains qualifications for Sunshine girls. Homemakers Installation and Initiation 105 Faculty-Alumni Game Sponsored by E-Men MIGHTY FACULTY TOP ROW: Coach Higgenbottom, Mr. Hartley, Mr. Haddad, Mr. Webdell, Mr. Bill Halaschak, Mr. Bernard Betancourt, Mr. Ryska, Mr. Dellar. FRONT ROW: Mr. Halaschak, Mr. Kasrich. Members of the Trampoline Club exhibited their talents during the intermission at the varsity home bas- 106 ketball games. Physics Club Sponsor, Mr. Kasrich and Nancy Major voted as best couple to do the Charleston. Physics Club Roaring ’20’s Dance PHYSICS CLUB SWEETHEART Mary Spanopoulas 108 Roaring 20 ' s Costumes. I " You Ain ' t Gettin’ Nuttin ' for Christmas " Christmas Spirit at Edison CHOIR PRESENTS " CHRISTMAS IN SONG " Student Council ' s Christmas Tree " Me and My Teddy Bear " Christmas Convo Clubs Spread Cheer at Christmas Time Homemakers give toys to orphans. Sunshine members give baskets of food to the needy. 1 10 THOMAS HAVRILLA, King PAULINE STAZINSKI, Queen Choir Christmas Ball December 27, 1961 Latin Club members entertained at Second Annual Banquet. Mr. Webdell and Mr. Gustafson, Co-Chairmen of the Fourth Annual Science Fair. Vaudeville Returns Sponsored by the Honor Society. Karen Jablonski and Paula Pustlk, members of the " Roaring Twenties” act; Theodore L a n e Robertson, master of ceremonies; Shirley Drummond. The Four Stooges Gypsy Rose Carnegie Dramatics Club Presents Three One-Act Plays Bachelor Of The Year STANDING: Mary Kent, Paula Pustik, Jacqueline Anton, Keith Hyden, James Flannigan, Judith Grant, Christine Ugalde. SEATED: Ronald Blendu, Barbara Price. H j V T 7 J If Girls Asked Boys For Dates Karen Smith, James Pelton, Carolinda Carlson, Lonadelle Carnegie, Kenneth Utley. The Blue Teapot Elaine Snopel, Carl Pesko, Karen Jablonski, Larry Reynolds. SSS Sweetheart Dance QUEEN AND HER COURT Tana Slease, Senior; Janet McDaniel, Sophomore, Dragash, Sweetheart Queen; Jacqueline Anton, Senior; Sherry Moore, Sunshine Society President; Elona Anna Hornyak, Freshman; Betty Coleman, Junior. QUEEN ' S COURT AND THIER ESCORTS Janet McDaniel and James Underwood, Tana Slease and Roger Brewer, Daniel Roszowski and Elona Dragash, Frank Parker and Jacqueline Anton, Betty Coleman and James Stills, Larry Miller and Anna Hornyak. Sunshine Sweetheart Queen ELONA DR AG ASH 1 15 PAULA PUSTIK First Place Miss Edisonian JANICE DeHAVEN Second Place 1 18 D.A.R. Representative Nancy Major Girls’ and Boys’ Staters Karen Jablonski, Nancy Major. Keith Hyden. Fred Schaefer, Dian Barth. 1 19 Senior Personalities DIAN BARTH Dependability JAMES MULDOON Personality NANCY MAJOR KEITH HYDEN MORGAN FERNANDEZ Good Citizen Good Citizen Dependability THEODORE LANE ROBERTSON Activities JACQUELINE ANTON Activities BONNIE BOZNAK Personality PAULA PUSTIK Humor PAULINE STAZINSKI Athletics JACK CAMPBELL Athletics WILLIAM STRACHAN Humor SHili Sweet Shop Gang 122 A hard fall — well, it can happen to anyone! " Dollie Deel " 123 TOP ROW: Janice DeHaven, Nancy Major, James Muldoon, Fred Schaefer, Pauline Stazinski, Barbara Price, Robert Mather. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Snopel, Millie Wahlman, Dian and Dennis Barth, Lonadelle Carnegie, Sherry Moore, Adeline Reinhardt, Dorothy Gray. THIRD ROW: Christine Winkowski, Elona Dragash, 124 Alan Mumaw, Theodore Lane Robertson, James Pelton, Shirley and Ruth Stone. SECOND ROW: Bonita Bazin, Denise Sue Broadway, Gloria Dyer, Michael Keyak, Paula Pustik, Linda Biernat, Keith Hyd n. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Jablonski, Carl Pesko, Charles Thomas Deel. Sterling-Coner Studios Official Annual Photographers 629 Washington Street Gary, Indiana MR. ROBERT LEWIS MR. LEE CONER We wish to express our appreciation to the Sterling-Coner Studios for having been our Edisonian Photographer the past seventeen years. 125 ■ Edisonian Patrons A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Bud Anderson Artistic Cleaners Bader Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ball Band Members Band Officers Barney ' s Ignition Service Mr. and Mrs. George Barth Bartos Lunch Bazin ' s Grocery Ben Franklin Store Bernier ' s Luncheonette Dr. Richard D. Bessler Bianco Drugs Bill ' s Barber Shop Bill ' s Floor Sanding Billy ' s Pizzeria Mr. and Mrs. Robert Biro Blair Refrigeration Marge Blanchard Mr. Karter Blaney Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blaney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bloomquist Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Boatman Mr. and Mrs. John Borisenko Mr. and Mrs. Pete Borisenko Mrs. Sue Born The Edward Bottila Family Bowman ' s Landing The Boznak Family Mr. and Mrs. Ariel Brady Brady Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. John Brady H.W. Breckman State Farm Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Art Bright Mr. and Mrs. Don Brimmer Mr. and Mrs. A1 Bromberg Brown-Carlson Appliance Mr. and Mrs. James Bushemi Mrs. Prudence Bussan Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Calleja Calumet Lie Detection The Campbell Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell Campus Frostop Mrs. Audrie Carnegie Karen Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Carpenter Jacqueine Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cates The Catherman Family Cedar Chest Lounge Central Food Market Central Standard Service Pete and Pauline Chapas Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chester Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chicos Ray Christakis Claussen and Scharf Hardware Claussen and Scharf, Inc. Cody ' s Shell Service Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Conley George and Susan Consorti Mr. and Mrs. James Constanders Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Coonrod Courtesy Department Store Country Store Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Roy Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cripliver Mr. and Mrs. C. Cruikshank Mrs. Iona Crisman Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Cromwell Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dahlstrom Darnall Dairy- Queen Mr. and Mrs. Nick Datsko Mrs. Bernard Davis Mr. Jerald Dawson Coach Maynard Day Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deel Audrey and Sam DeHaven DeKalb Drugs Deluxe Upholstering Co. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Demo Dick ' s Cities Service George and Helen Dragash Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duca Miss Joan Dufon Mr. and Mrs. Gus Dumis Mr. and Mrs. William Eads East Gary Feed and Supply Co. East Gary Florist Portage Nursery East Gary Fuel and Supply East Gary Hardware East Gary Heating East Gary House of Flowers East Gary Lock Key Shop East Gary Medical Center Pharmacy Eberhardt Bros. Garage Edison Senior High Band W.B. Elkins Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ellis Mike and Jennie Evolga, Jr. Fashion Beauty Studio, New Chicago Joseph A. Feistling Fashion Beauty Salon - Georgia Rosser Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fejes Edisonian Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Basil Fernandez Karol and Sally Ferris Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Foltz Forney ' s Food Mart Foster ' s Cleaners Frank ' s Store for Men Bob Fuller TV Marine Andrew C. Garber, Insurance Garber Brothers Mr. and Mrs. George Garber Garber ' s Lettering Garden City, East Gary Garyton Publishing Co., Inc. Gateway Stores Coach and Mrs. Gaza Gene ' s Clark Super 100 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Georgakis Chuck Gilmore Bonnie Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Goetze Gore Realty Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Gray Coach Gustafson Mr. and Mrs. William Halaschak Julia Halas The Hardebeck Family Harold ' s Sunoco Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Hartley Miss Hazel Hartley Hatch Insurance The Heist Family Herff-Jones Company Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Higgenbottom Hobart Lanes Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Horn Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hull Mr. and Mrs. Max Hutka Mr. and Mrs. Norval Hyden J.B. Auto Sales, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Jablonski Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jahns Mr. and Mrs. William Jaksa Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jana Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jimison Johnson ' s Riverside Grocery Julian ' s Corner Ann and Alex Kadish Walt " Fritz " Kaiser Karsa ' s Food Mart Terry Karsa Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kasperek Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Kesel ' s Gamble Store Joe and Mary Keyak Jim and Bonnie Kinsey Mr. Andrew Kometz, Sr. Kool Spot Drive-Inn Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koontz Mr. and Mrs. F. Korpak Mike Kuruzovich Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kuzma Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kuzma Larson Bros. Concrete Mr. Laukhart The Lawson Family Robert D. Lester Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lewis Helen Lind Mr. and Mrs. Birt Lindsey Little Jim ' s Auto Service Liverpool Paint and Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Lopez Lough Electric Service Mr. and Mrs. L.O. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Fred Major Mr. and Mrs. Don Mallonee C.B. Marathon J.W. Mather (M.D.) Mr. and Mrs. Leon McChesney C.A. McColley Mrs. Edna McCormick Mr. and Mrs. McKinney Miss Sharon Meek Meister Insurance Meister ' s Drug Store Mrs. Alverissa Miller Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mitchell Miss Joan Mocan Gertrude and Thomas Mock Mrs. Constance Moore Mr. and Mrs. James P. Muldoon James E. Muldoon Mr. Bob Munro The Munro Family Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Munro Mr. and Mrs. Nick Neagu Noble ' s Service Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nush Mr. and Mrs. Vern Olson Mr. and Mrs. John Olszyniak Felix Ortiz Padgett Lumber Miss Shirley Parry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Patch Fanny and Nobie Penzato Pep Band Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perrine 1 27 Edisonian Patrons Mrs. Alice Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Pocialik Mr. and Mrs. William Poe Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Polk Portage National Bank A P.T.A. Member John and Nettie Pustik Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rafferty Ray ' s Curb Girls Ray ' s Inside Help Ray ' s Lanes Reich Real Estate Jean and Ray Reinhardt Reliable TV, New Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Claude Roos Doris Rosenbaum Ron and Rita Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roberts Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Robertson Roszkowski ' s Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ryan Barbara Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schest Schest O ' Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Schmelzer Mr. Schrotberger Schubert ' s Paint Store Elsie and Judy Shreve Mr. and Mrs. John Shudick Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Skeens Skip ' s Drive In Smith Furniture and Appliance Snider ' s TV Appliance Sales Service Mr. and Mrs. Paul Snopel Wm. Thompson, Counselor, Art Sonntag Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Max Steen L. Stendahl and Son Stepping-Stone Drive-Inn Stepping-Stone Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. George Szostek Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tarrant Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Taylor Taylor Rug and Upholstering Ralph C. Todd Painting Decorating Tony ' s Shoe Repair Tool Shed Rentals Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Ugal de U.S. Plumbing and Heating Mr. and Mrs. David Vittetoe Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wahlman The Obern Walker Family Mamie Walker Teddy Walker Wallace ' s Central Center Gulf Wallin ' s Hardware Joan and Joe Watson W.E. Weidman Watches, Clocks, Etc. Mr. and Mrs. Wernicke Mr. and Mrs. Westerlund Mr. Harry Whitby Whitledge Shoe Store Mrs. Lou Wiggins The Wiles Family Mr. and Mrs. William H. Winegar Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zedallis Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zimmerman Town Country Food Co. The individual pictures of the freshmen, sophomores and juniors were taken by The National School Studios, Bruce Fessler, photographer, 638 Washington Street, Hobart, Indiana. 128 Ulhoqiapfead Bound by WALSWORTH Maicolme. Mo , U. S. A. WILDERMUTH 4 WILDERMUTH

Suggestions in the Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Lake Station, IN) collection:

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