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The EDISONIAN of Edison Senior High School East Gary, Indiana 1961 Foreword Within these pages the members of the staff have tried to bring to memory the important episodes throughout the past school year. The staff and I hope that each reader enjoys each of the following pages of this record, our 1961 EDISONIAN. The Editor fable of Contents Administration Classes Sports Organizations Activities Advertisements 3 Dedication We, the staff, wish to express our appreciation to President William McKinney and the members of the East Gary School Building Corporation, Principal Claude P. Roos, Superintendent Virgil I. Bailey, and the members of the School Board for their untiring efforts, time, and hard work spent in bringing through to completion the new addition to the Edison Senior High School Building by dedicating our 1961 EDISONIAN to them. 4 Board of Education Carl J. Polk, Treasurer; Pet Chapas, Secretary; J. Richard Turner, President. CONNIE COURTNEY School Secretary JOHN W. PECK Speech Therapist RICHARD BURDETT Attendance Officer 7 9 Faculty FEAPCM DOROTHY BOATMAN SUE BORN MARJORIE BRADY Science L i br a r i a n- -Sophomore Sponsor, Business Education--Sophomor e F.T.A. Sponsor Sponsor IONA CRISMAN JOAN DUFON STEFAN G. GAZA English and Latin--Junior Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic Business Education- -Senior Sponsor Mathematics and Social Studies- - Junior Sponsor, Student Council Sponsor, E-Men ' s Sponsor, Basketball Coach, Track Coach. Faculty STEVE GEORGAKIS Driver Training--Dean of Boys, Senior Sponsor, E-Men ' s Sponsor, Football Coach ARTHUR L. HARTLEY HAZEL HARTLEY MARVIN KASRICH Science and Mathematics-- Sophomore Sponsor, Physics Club Sponsor, Pep Club Sponsor Industrial Arts--Sophomore Sponsor, Assistant Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach Business Education-Junior Sponsor, Edisonian Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Sponsor Faculty JOHN S. KUROZOVICH ROBERT MUNRO MARY POWELL Social Studies- -Senior Sponsor, Honor Society Sponsor Social Studies- -Junior Sponsor, Pep Club Sponsor Spanish and English--Sophomore Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic r— HARRY WHITBY English-Senior Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic, Play Coach LURA WIGGINS E ng 1 i sh--Deari of Girls, Junior Sponsor, Sunshine Sponsor, Pep Club Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic ■ ' v B » - ' ■ k 1 » ‘ M . • t ' ' ■ r mi - ' H Tf ELAINE FLOTKE Senior Student Council Representative, S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Junior Play BERNARD SPENCER - " Duke " Senior Student Council Representative, Sophomore President, Student Council Treasurer, Honor Society President, F.T.A., Pep Club, E-Men ' s Vice-Pres- ident, Physics Club, Science Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Track Seniors RICHARD LEROY WOODWORTH " Rich " Senior and Junior President, Edisonian Advertising Manager, Student Council, Honor Society, F.T.A., Pep Club, Physics Club, Science Club, Choir Accompanist, Boys ' Quartet, Band RONALD BRECHNER - " Ron " Senior and Sophomore Vice-President, Student Council Vice-President, Honor Society, Pep Club, Physics Club, E-Men, Varsity Football, Varsity Bas- ketball, Track, Cross Country SHARRON ANN WRACHER Senior Secretary, Student Council, S.S.S., Spanish Club President and Treasurer, Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Football-O-Rama Queen Candidate WILLIAM POE Senior Treasurer, Student Council Treasurer, F.T.A., Pep Club, Physics Club Vice-President, Spanish Club, E-Men, Choir, Varsity Football, Var- sity Basketball, Baseball Seniors CHARLES BELLAR - " Chuck " RONALD BERG Sophomore Treasurer, E-Men ' s Treasurer, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball Captain, Track, Cross Country MARY BILDILLI S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club PAUL BRUCE BINKLEY - " Bink " Pep Club, Science Club, Choir SANDRA FAYE ADAMS - " Sandy " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Spanish Club JOHN BARKER - " J. B.” Student Council, F.T.A., Pep Club, E-Men ' s Secretary, Choir President, Varsity Football, Track Seniors RAYMOND L. BOTT1LA - " Ray " Spanish Club Vice-President, Safe- Teen THOMAS LYNN BRADFORD ARLENE BURBEE S.S.S., Homemaker JACQUELINE CARPENTER - " Jackie " Junior Secretary, Sophomore Vice- President, Edisonian Associate Editor, Eagle Feathers Copy Editor, S.S.S. Corresponding Secretary, Honor Society, F.T.A., Pep Club, Commercia l Club, Choir, Senior Quintet, Home- coming Queen ROGER R. BREWER Reserve Football, Baseball VICTOR BROTKO - " Vic " Student Council Judge, Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Reporter, Physics Club, Science Club, Safe-Teen, Choir, Senior Quartet, Band Seniors BEVERLY ANN CATHERMAN S.S.S., Homemaker, Spanish Club CAROLYN ANN CLAWSON - " Carol " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Junior Play SHIRLEY CUDNEY Homemaker President, Edisonian Associate Editor, Eagle Feathers Feature Editor, Honor Society, S.S.S., F.T.A., PepClub, Junior Play Assistant Director, " Miss Edisonian,” Girls ' State Alternate JOHN DAVIS Junior Play THERMAN ELKINS Pep Club, E-Men, Choir, Reserve Bas- ketball, Track, Cross Country RUBY ENNIS S.S.S., Pep Club, Science Club Seniors ROBERT DONOHUE Pep Club LELONI JOEL DORALL - " Loni " Junior Treasurer, Student Council Sec- retary. Eagle Feathers Art Editor, Edisonian Assistant Advertising Man- ager, S.S.S., Honor Society, F.T.A., Pep Club, Science Club, Choir, Senior ALEX EVOLGA - " Al " Pep Club, Physics Club ROSEMARIE FLINCHUM S.S.S., Homemaker WILLIAM J. GILBERT - " Willy” WILLARD RAYMOND HANDLEY Seniors STEPHEN JOSEPH GALOVIC Pep Club, Science Club, Spanish Club, Physics Club, Junior Play ANNA MARIE GARZELLA S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Choir, Junior Play THOMAS HARDEBECK E-Men, Varsity Football, Varsity Bas- ketball, Baseball JAMES HAVRILLA - " Havo” Spanish Club, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Football, Reserve Bas- ketball, Track ANTOINETTE KAREN JANUSCH " Toni " S.S.S., Homemaker CARL LEE JOHNSON Edisonian Business Manager, F.T.A., Pep Club, Choir, Mixed Trio, Quartet, Choir Representative, Junior Play IVAN J. JAHNS Student Council, Honor Society, F.T.A., Physics Club President, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Choir, Varsity Bas- ketball, Baseball, Cross Country MARILYN FRANCIS JAKICH - " Jake " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Science Club, Choir Seniors WILLIAM HINES - " Bill " Reserve Football LARRY R. HLADIN Physics Club, Spanish Club, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Foot- ball Seniors JUDY JOHNSON THEODORE KASPEREK - " Ted ' Pep Club LINDA KOBYLINSKI - " Lin” S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Science Club JUDITH MARY KOCIAR A - " Judie " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Safe- Teen JOSEPH EUGENE KENT Honor Society, Pep Club, E-Men, Spanish Club, Physics, Club, Science Club, Choir, Varsity Football, Track, First Place in Science Fair and Hon- orable Mention in Regional Science Fair JANET KINGERY Student Council, S.S.S., PepClub Pres- ident and Vice-President, Homemaker, Junior Play, Reserve Cheerleader RICHARD LEE President, Vice-President, and Treas- urer of Student Council, Junior Vice- President, F.T.A., Honor Society, Phy- sics Club Sergeant-at-Arms, PepClub, E-Men, Science Club, Choir, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Boys ' State JOSEPHINE JESSIE LOPEZ S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Spanish Club Seniors PAUL LAMBERT Reserve Football, Reserve Basketball, Baseball PATRICIA LAWRIMORE - " Patsy " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Choir MICHAEL LACKOVITCH - " Mike " Student Council Court Clerk, Edisonian Editor, Eagle Feathers Copy Editor, F.T.A., Pep Club, Science Club, Safe- Teen, Loyalty Committee, Choir, Band MARCIA KAY LAFFIN - " Marsh " Student Council, S.S.S., Vice-Pres- ident, F.T.A. Vice-President, Honor Society, Science Club Secretary, Pep Club, Edisonian Assistant Advertising Manager, Choir, Girls ' State, Home- coming Queen Candidate jL ■(. m LEO MAYHEW Pep Club, E-Men, Varsity Football, Track GERALD R. McCASLAND - " Mac” Seniors MARIE MAGDALENA LOPEZ " Maggie " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Science Club DONALD EUGENE MALLONEE Choir LUCY CAROLINE McCLARAN S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club WILLIAM McCOWN - " Bill " Reserve Football JACQUELINE MARIE MOCK - " Jackie " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club N. DARLENE NEAGU - " Dar " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club SCOTT ARTHUR MILLER Student Council Judge, Honor Society, Science Club President, Physics Club, Pep Club, Choir JOSEPH RICHARD MITCHELL - " Joe " Spanish Club, Science Club, E-Men, Band, Varsity Football, Baseball, Track Seniors GARY EUGENE McDANIEL - " Mac” Student Council, Band President, Honor Society, Physi cs Club Secretary, Pep Band Vice-President JOHN McGUCKIN - " Jack " Pep Club, Baseball CHARLES L. PERRY - " Red” DOLORES POWERS Homemaker Treasurer, S.S.S., Pep Club Seniors DANIEL RAY NEITZEL Pep Club, Science Club, Physics Club Treasurer, Band STEPHAN NEPSA - " Steve " Reserve Football RONALD RANGER - " Ronny " Pep Club, Science Club, Reserve Foot- ball, Reserve Basketball LINDA ROSE Homemaker Historian, S.S.S., Pep Club Seniors KAREN SCHEPPER Homemaker Vice-President, S.S.S., Eagle F e at h er s Feature Editor, Edisonian Staff, Choir Vice-Presidentt Senior Girls ' Quintet, Varsity Cheer- leader FLORENCE SCHEUER S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club PATRICIA LOUISE RYAN - " Pat " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Com- mercial Club, Reserve Cheerleader Substitute THOMAS ARTHUR RYAN JUDITH SARKOTICH - " Judy " S.S.S., Homemaker Secretary, Pep Club, Safe-Teen, Choir CONNIE SASS S.S.S. Seniors NANCY JEAN SCHOLEBO S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club JOHN SEBBEN - " Red " E-Men, Varsity Football RICHARD LEE SKEENS E-Men, Reserve Football, Reserve Basketball, Baseball, Track, Cross Country JACK SLEASE CAROLYN VICTORIA SHAFFER Student Council, F.T.A. President, Honor Society, S.S.S., PepClub, Science Club, Edisonian Staff, Girls ' State, D.A.R. Representative ALBERT SHEROWSKY - " Al " Pep Club, Physics Club, Reserve Foot- ball, Baseball Seniors THOMAS JOHN SOHOVICH - " Tom " Science Club, Reserve Basketball THOMAS J. SPENCER - " Tom " Pep Club, Science Club, E-Men, Var sity Football, Track RALPH SPRINGMAN Pep Club RHODA KAY SULLIVAN F.T.A. Historian, Honor Society , S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Loyalty Committee, Girls’ State, Sweetheart Queen Candidate, Choir, Senior Quartet, Senior Quintet, Var- sity Cheerleader JAMES T. TAMALUNAS - " Jim JAMES THOMAS TAYLOR Student Council, Pep Club, E-Men Reserve Football, Reserve Basketball Baseball, Cross Country Seniors KATHLEEN TETARCHIK - " Kathy " Student Council, S.S.S. President, Hon- or Society, F.T.A. Secretary-Treas- urer, Homemaker, Pep Club, Spanish Club Treasurer, Science Club, Choir, Band, Junior Play, Varsity Cheerleader JAMES THOMPSON - " Jim " Science Club Vice-President, Pep Club, E-Men, Choir, Boys ' Quartet, Track, Basketball and Baseball Manager LARRY VICKREY - " Vic " Pep Club, Physics Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Baseball PATRICIA WALKER - " Patsy " S.S.S. , Pep Club, Science Club, Spanish Club, Junior Play, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Member of Sweetheart Court JAMES UNDERWOOD - " Jim " Physics Club, Choir, Junior Play RICHARD VANDERLIN - " Mole " Science Club, Pep Club, Loyalty Com- mittee, E-Men President, Varsity Football Captain, Baseball v. JUDY KAY WARREN S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club SHARON RUTH WHITLEDGE S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club Seniors ELAINE WALLEY S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club DIXIE LEE WARREN - " Dix " S.S.S., Homemaker, Pep Club JACLYN WIGNALL - " Jackie " Sophomore Secretary, S.S.S., Home- maker, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader HAROLD GLENN WILES Student Council, Eagle Feathers Editor, Edisonian Business Manager, Pep Club, Science Club, Choir, Band Treasurer, Pep Band, Junior Play Seniors DORA WILSON S.S.S., Homemaker JOYCE IRENE WINEINGER S.S.S., Homemaker MAUREEN ZACK CAROLYN C. ZUBEK Student Council Parliamentarian, S.S.S. Secretary, Honor Society, F.T.A., Edisonian Staff, Pep Club Treasurer, Science Club, Choir, Mixed Trio, Senior Girls ' Quintet, Band, Varsity Cheer- leader Substitute, Music Represent- ative, Girls ' State STEVE WRIGHT ARMANDO YANEZ Student Council, Pep Club, E-Men, Physics Club, Varsity Football, Base- ball Theodore Lane Robertson, President; Elaine Spanopoulos and Ronald Blendu, Student Council Snopel, Vice-President; Judith Lewis, Sec- Representatives retary; Bonnie Boznak, Treasurer; Mary Juniors Allen, Clyde Anderson, Judith Anton, Jacqueline Atkins, Waiter Jackson Barth, Dennis Barth, Dian Bazin, Bonita Beattie, Ralph Biernat, Linda Blake, James Bland, Alice Blaylock, Joseph Boby, George Broadway, Denise Sue Buchner, Richard Bushemi, Nancy Byars, Carl Byrum, Robert Campbell, Jack Carnegie, Lonadelle Carpenter, Karen Chicos, William Christakis, John Coonrod, Judith 32 Juniors Cottrell, Linda Cummins, Martha Deel, Charles (Thomas) Deemer, Geraldine DeHaven, Janice Dian, Julius D ' Mura, Janice Dragash, Elona Duncan, Carolyn Dyer, Gloria Eaton, Gerald Evolga, Michael Fernandez, Morgan Garber, Wayne Grant, Judith Gray, Dorothy Hagan, Ronald Hardt, Charles Harwood, Thomas Havrilesko, Thomas Herrin, Leonard Hill, Sandra Hodges, William Harold Hyden, Keith Jablonski, Karen Jacobson, Nels Jaroscak, Lorraine Jocus, Carol Kent, Mary Keyak, Michael King, William Dennis Langman, Joyce Leimbacher, James Leucuta, Michael Looney, Janice Major, Nancy 33 Juniors 34 Mather, Robert Maxwell, Elizabeth Mayoch, Sharon Miller, George Minor, Allen Moore, Daniel Moore, Sherry Muldoon, James Mumaw, Alan Myers, Connie Nash, Frank Parker, Frank Pelton, James Perrine, Stephen Pesko, Carl Philpott, Thomas Pocialik, Gayle Price, Barbara Pustik, Paula Reed, Bernadine Reinhardt, Adeline Rich, John Ryan, Barbara Sanders, Bonnie Schaefer, Fred Scott, Donald Shudick, Christine Slease, Tana Smith, Karen Stazinski, Pauline Stewart, Wally Stone, Ruth Stonehouse, Richard Strachan, William Tarrant, Joel Taylor, Billy Joe Juniors Taylor, Jack Taylor, James Thompson, Denziel Tuthill, Elmer Twilla, Betty Ugalde, Christine Underwood, Linda Wagner, Timm Wahlman, Mollie Wallin, Brian Widener, Kent Winegar, Richard Winkowski, Christine Yanez, Evelia Zedalis, Carolynn Zieba, Richard NOT PICTURED: Blair, James Dillon, Diane Guess, Sandra Joyce Sophomores Nancy Moore, President Kathryn Spencer, Vice-President Susan Halaschak, Secretary Ina Courtney, Treasurer Marcy Steen and James Thompson, Student Council Representatives Armes, Shelby Babinchak, John 35 Sophomores Baker, Marleeta Barnes, James Bellar, Larry Bender, Walter Bentley, Walter Thomas Bonner, Carol Bozeman, Elizabeth Bradford, Janice Brechner, Glen Bryant, Rita Burbee, Patricia Calbetzor, Kittie Cali, Marie Carnegie, Kathleen Chadwick, Howard Chambers, Lana Chambers, Terry Clemans, Shirley Cloyd, Robert Coleman, Betty Dettweiler, Becky Dillard, Ima Dillon, Darlene Drummond, Shirley Elkins, Lavada Ellis, Robert Wayne Ellis, William Flinchum, John Floyd, JoAnn Frame, Constance Galovic, David Garrard, Charlene Geiselman, Harold Grinder, Ronald Gummere, Marla Gurband, ' Kenneth 36 Sophomores Hall, Virginia Hamady, Joel Hamady, Nancy Havrilla, Thomas Helmecy, David Herrin, Kenneth Hladdin, Marlene Hodges, Sandra Hoffman, Gary Jablonski, Constance Jacobson, Carl Jones, Diane Jones, John Kersey, Linda King, Beverly Klempa, Karen Klisz, Linda Koenig, Daniel Krunsche, Monika Lafferty, Dixie Letson, Stella- Lopez, Henrietta Lowe, Patty Mallonee, Karen Manning, Janet Marks, James Mathews, Bonnie May, Sam Mayuiers, Dorothy McGuckin, Robert McWhirter, James Meitzsler, Wayne Miller, Guy Mills, Wilda Mock, Barbara Mosier, James 37 Sophomores Murota, Sharon Murray, Larry Myers, Donna Parkhurst, Janet Penick, Roger Poe, Larry Ponder, Carol Powers, James Purcell, Jerry Ray, Robert Ream, Shirley Richmond, Nancy Sanders, James Semanick, Carl Serrano, Maria Silverthorn, JoAnn Simpson, George Smenyak, David Smith, Vivian Stills, James Strong, Marvin Sturgall, James Sulich, Richard Sullivan, John Szostek, Dennis Talkington, Jerlyn Tilford, Warren Turner, Jacqueline Venturella, Joseph Vogel, John Wahlman, Mary Williams, Geraldine Williams, LaVena Wright, Diane Yanez, Guillermina Zack, Eugene NOT PICTURED: Gilmore, Kenneth 38 TOP ROW: James Pelton, Howard Chadwick, Walter Bender, Richard Sulich. THIRD ROW: George Boby, Ronald Blendu, Thomas Harwood, Harold Hodges, Michael Keyak, Allen Minor, Kent Widener, Richard Buchner. SECOND ROW: Richard Vanderlin, James Havrilla, John Sebben, Joseph Kent, Jack Barker, Leo Mayhew, William Poe, Coach Georgakis. FRONT ROW: Tom Hardebeck, Larry Hladin, Larry Vickrey, Richard Lee, Bernard Spencer, Thomas Cox, Thomas Spencer. Football Sept. Oct. Nov. Varsity Season ' s Record Edison Opponent 9 Merrillville 6 6 16 Wirt 6 26 23 Lowell 0 10 30 Griffith 18 26 7 Calumet Twp. 39 7 14 Edison of Gary 18 7 18 River Forest 19 7 21 Chesterton 13 6 28 Dyer 7 20 4 Portage 7 0 All-Conference Team A-Team James Havrilla-Guard B-Team Bernard Spencer-End Tom Cox- Back 40 TOP ROW: Richard Vanderlin, Co-Captain; Thomas Cox, Co-Captain; Richard Lee, Tom Hardebeck. THIRD ROW: Bernard Spencer, Larry Hladdin, Tom Spencer, James Havrilla. SECOND ROW: William Poe, Jack Barker, Joseph Kent, Leo Mayhew. BOTTOM ROW: John Sebben, Larry Vickrey. TOP ROW: James Moss, William Cox, Daniel Gruett, Warren Tilford, Ronald Grinder, John Jones, James Sturgell. SECOND ROW: Harold Geiselman, David Helmecy, Thomas Havrilla, Andrew Halaschak, Michael Shaffer, Melvin Sturgell, JoelHamady. FRONT ROW: Kenneth Gilmore, Steve Hutka, Louis Langford, Charles Streetman, John Sullivan, James Eberhardt, Coach Allen. Footbal Sept. Oct. Reserves Season ' s Record Edison Opponent 12 Merrillville 0 33 19 Wirt 0 19 26 Lowell 0 55 3 Andrean 0 14 13 Portage 6 13 17 Edison of Gary 6 12 24 Calumet Twp. 12 19 31 Dyer Cancelled TOP ROW: Coach Gaza, Dennis Barth, Ronald Berg, Beattie, James Cullen, William Strachan, George Ivan Jahns, James Taylor. FRONT ROW: Ralph Simpson, John Letson. Cross Country The Cross Country team had one of its best seasons before losing some of its mem- bers because of illness. They won six dual meets by defeating Edison of Gary two times, Merrillville three times, and Griffith. They won one triangular meet and placed third in two quadrangular meets. William Strachan broke the school record at ten minutes and twenty-three seconds. William Strachan and James Cullen paced the team with each scoring four first-places. James Cullen received a ribbon for a seventh place in the Conference Meet. 44 Varsity Cheerleaders Karen Schepper, Judith Lewis, Jaclyn Wignall, Patricia Walker, Rhoda Sullivan, Bonnie Boznak. Reserve Cheerleaders Jacqueline Anton, Kathryn Spencer, Karen Jablonski. Coach Gaza, William Chicos, William Poe, David Smenyak, Ronald Brechner, Dennis Barth, Richard Lee, Ronald Berg, Jack Campbell, Bernard Spencer, Ivan Jahns, Tom Hardebeck, Ralph Beattie, James Thompson. 46 Basketball VARSITY During the 1960-1961 Basketball Season, Edison had one of its best seasons of recent years. The Eagles placed second in the Calumet Conference with five victories and three de- feats and had a regular season record of thirteen victories and six defeats. Edison lost in the sectionals to the Conference Champs, Wirt, with a score of 59-51. Ronald Berg made the All-Conference Team with William Poe and Ivan Jahns receiving Honorable Mention. Also, Ronald Berg received the Adult Booster Club award as the most valuable player. William Poe was elected as Honorary Captain. FGA FGM Pet. FT A FTM Pet. Errors REB Assists T.P. Berg 163 88 .539 76, 48 .631 38 292 22 224 Campbell 303 126 .416 58 48 .827 58 240 40 300 Poe 249 102 .409 67 49 .731 58 93 60 253 Jahns 307 107 .348 67 41 .612 54 136 88 255 Lee 46 16 .348 13 5 .384 16 27 14 35 Barth 7 1 .143 5 4 .800 2 9 2 6 Spencer 46 15 .326 7 3 .428 15 57 14 33 Brechner 59 20 .339 27 12 .444 33 72 35 52 Hardebeck 55 20 .364 22 11 .500 19 22 8 51 Cox 9? 33 .356 20 15 .750 37 23 39 81 Chicos 2 0 .000 2 1 .500 1 0 0 1 Smenyak 6 0 .000 3 1 .333 3 4 1 1 Season’s Record Date Name Of School Opponent Edison Date Name Of School Opponent Edison Nov. 18 St. Mary ' s of Michigan City 44 60 Feb. 3 Highland 58 73 19 Westville 48 54 7 Wheeler 56 84 23 Emerson 49 37 10 Porta; ?e 59 76 29 River Forest 49 53 14 Mill C Ireek 58 79 Dec. 3 Boone Grove 35 68 17 Rolling Prairie 52 85 9 Edison of Gary 63 58 Jan. 6 Griffith 83 66 Holiday Tourney 10 Lowell 58 74 ■ 13 Dyer 61 71 Dec. 16 Merrillville 72 71 18 Merrillville 55 56 20 Wirt 58 53 Sectional Tourney 27 Crown Point 56 66 31 Hobart 63 61 Feb. 24 Wirt 59 51 Ronald Berg Ivan Jahns William Poe Richard Lee Bernard Spencer Ronald Brechner Tom Hardebeck Jack Campbell Eagles in Action Edison vs Edison B chneT ' niS ' George Simpson Glenn Howard Chadwick, William Chicos, Dennis Szostek, Brechner, Walter Bender, Ralph Beattie, Dennis Larry Poe, Kent Widener Barth, Coach Hartley. FRONT ROW: John Jones, Basketball Reserves Season ' s Record Date Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Name of School Opponent Edison 18 St. Mary ' s of Michigan City 37 39 19 Westville 38 32 23 Emerson 19 26 29 River Forest 26 19 3 Boone Grove 30 44 9 Edison of Gary 39 35 6 Griffith 63 47 10 Lowell 43 33 13 Dyer 35 40 18 Merrillville 48 33 20 Wirt 24 29 27 Crown Point 30 35 31 Hobart 49 32 3 Highland 35 25 7 Wheeler 26 55 10 Portage 32 38 14 Mill Creek 50 34 17 Rolling Prairie 32 52 49 TOP ROW: Lane Robertson, Richard Lee, Tom Hardebeck, Bernard Spencer, Jack Campbell, Ivan Jahns, James Taylor, Kent Widener, Coach Hartley. FRONT ROW: Richard Vanderlin, John Christakis, William Poe, Jack McGuckin, Michael Keyak, Richard Skeens, Roger Brewer. Baseball Track TOP ROW: Coach Gaza, Thurman Elkins, Richard Buckner, Thomas Havrilla, Dennis Barth, Ralph Beattie, James Havrilla, Ronald Berg, Ronald Brechner, Glen Brechner, Warren Tilford, David Smenyak, Joel Hamady. SECOND ROW: William Ellis, Ronald Rosser, Richard Stonehouse, William Strachan, James Cullen, Joseph Kent, James Blake, Thomas Spencer, David Helmecy, Dennis Szostek, Ronald Blendu Thomas Harwood. FRONT ROW: Robert Cloyd, James Thompson, Paul Shudick, David Moore, James Eberhardt, Howard Chadwick, Michael Duca, Richard Sulich, William Chicos, James Marks, David Letson. 50 Edisonian Staff Michael Lackovitch, Editor; Jacqueline Carpenter, Associate Editor; Shirley Cudney, Associate Editor; Harold Wiles, Business Manager. Carl Johnson, Business Manager; Richard Woodworth, Advertising Manager; Marcia Laffin, Advertising Assistant, Leloni Dorall, Advertising Assistant. Miss Hartley, Edisonian Sponsor; Sales Staff--Carolyn Shaffer, Carolyn Zubek, and Karen Schepper. TOP ROW: Harold Wiles, Editor; Michael Lackovitch, Copy Editor; Jacqueline Carpenter, Copy Editor; Leloni Dorall, Art Editor. BOTTOM ROW: Morgan Fernandez, Sports Editor; Shirley Cudney, Feature Editor; Karen Schepper, Feature Editor. Eagle Feath Staff Miss Hartley Sponsor ers Harold Wiles, Editor; Reporters- -Carl Pesko, Nancy Moore, and Fred Schaefer. NOT PICTURED: Victor Brotko. STANDING: Allen Michaels, Mitchell Wahlman, Director Dawson, Florence McClaran. THIRD ROW: Charles Hardt, Gary McDaniel, James Taylor, Barbara Steen, Harold Wiles, Rex Lewis, Richard Moreau, James Leimbacher, Mary Wahlman, Brian Wallin, James Cullen. SECOND ROW: Geraldine Deemer, Thomas Philpott, Lois Donohue, William Band Representatives Thomas Philpott and Kathleen Tetarchik Band The Band began its busy schedule with the presentation of programs during the half-time intermission at the home football games. The annual potluck was held in the gymnasium along with three concerts during the year. On December 20, the members of the Band went caroling for the purpose of helping to make Christmas more merry for the ill; also food was given to the needy. • After entering the state contest, the members of the Band went to Chicago to see " The Flower Drum Song. " As the time arrived for Commencement, the year, which was a busy one, was at its climax; however, the members enjoyed the activities of the year to the fullest extent. Campbell, Charles Streetman, Ima Dillard, Linda Dignin, Parkhurst, Patricia Barbknecht, Michael Haddad, Elizabeth Timothy Philpott, Steven Flannigan, Joyce Keilman, Marcy Maxwell, Jill Lewis, Ruth Ann McBride. Steen. FRONT ROW: Linda Klisz, Janet McDaniel, Janet BAND OFFICERS Marcy Steen, Secretary; Harold Wiles, Treasurer; Gary McDaniel, President; Charles Hardt, Vice-President. BAND IN ACTION AT HOME FOOTBALL GAMES TOP PICTURE: The Eaglettes and Drum PICTURE: The Band follows Drum Majorette Majorette Joyce Keilman are in the foreground, Joyce Keilman and Director Dawson, while the Band is in the background. SECOND Eaglettes Sharon Mayoch, Denise Sue Broadway, Judith Grant. SENIOR MIXED QUARTET Victor Brotko, Rhoda Sullivan, Leloni Dorall, Scott Miller. SOPHOMORE GIRLS ' QUINTET Guillermina Yanez, Karen Klempa, Marietta Baker, Constance Jablonski, Kathleen Carnegie. JANETTES TOP ROW: Pauline Stazinski, Judith Lewis, Jacqueline Anton, Karen Carpenter, Bonita Bazin. FRONT ROW: Evelia Yanez, Karen Jablonski, Elona Dragash, Elaine Snopel, Linda Biernat. TOP ROW: Carolyn Zubek, Jacqueline Ancon, Carl Johnson, James Underwood, Brian Wallin, Charles (Thomas) Deel, Richard Lee, Bernard Spencer, Ivan Johns, Thomas Cox, Thomas Havrilla, James Thompson, Jack Barker, Scott Miller, William Poe, Joseph Kent, Karen Carpenter. THIRD ROW: Karen Jablonski, Donna Myers, Michael Lackovitch, James Muldoon, Fred Schaefer, Morgan Fernandez, Keith Hyden, Gerald Eaton, Richard Buchner, Donald Mallonee, Harold Wiles, Charles Hardt, Victor Brotko, Guy Miller, Dorothy Gray, Linda Underwood, Nancy Moore, Richard Woodworth, accom- panist. SECOND ROW: Rhoda Sullivan, Elona Dragash, Choir Representatives Carolyn Zubek and Carl Johnson Choir ' Twas the night of December 13, the second night for the earth to be covered with its first twelve-inch winter blanket of beautiful, white snow creating a real seasonal atmosphere when the tra- ditional " Christmas program was presented by the Choir in Edison Gymnasium. Another Holiday festivity was the Christmas dance on December 22. The candidates for the king and queen of the dance were: Guy Miller and Marcy Steen- -sophomores; Gerald Eaton and Elona Dragash- -juniors; Carl Johnson and Carolyn Zubek- -seniors. The king and queen were Guy Miller and Carolyn Zubek. Following the Christmas vacation, the mem- bers of the Choir began a busy schedule of pre- paring for the district and state solo and ensemble contests, the district contest and the annual spring variety program. Lonadelle Carnegie, Elaine Snopel, Barbara Ryan, Bernadine Reed, Judith Lewis, Bonita Bazin, Karen Schepper, Leloni Dorall, Jacqueline Carpenter, Sandra Hodges, Marcy Steen, Joyce Langman, Lorraine Jaroscak, Linda Biernat, Mary Spanopoulos, Mary Kent. FRONT ROW: Nancy Major, Pauline Stazinski, Dixie Lafferty, Sherry Moore, Joan Cross, Marilyn Jakich, Christine Shudick, Gayle Pocialik, Denise Sue Broadway, Dian Barth, Marlene Hladin, Bonnie Boznak, Jacqueline Turner, Evelia Yanez. NOT PICTURED: Marcia Laffin, Judith Sarkotich, Kathleen Tetarchik, Anna Garzella. CHOIR OFFICERS Dian Barth, Vice-President; Jack Barker, President; Karen Jablonski, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Mr. Gaza, Sponsor; Richard Lee, President; Ronald Brechner, Vice-President; Mr. Roos, Principal. FRONT ROW: William Poe, Treasurer; Leloni Dorall, Secretary; Carolyn Zubek, Parliamentarian; Michael Lackovitch, Court Clerk. Student Council Several projects, one of which was the annual Homecoming Dance following the Edison vs. Edison football game on October 14, were sponsored by the Student Council. Other projects were helping in the lunchrooms, lockers, monitors in the hall, a nd the Student Court in whici students were tried for violating the laws of the school. At the close of the school year officers were elected for the next school year. President Richard Lee and his helpers decor- ated the Christmas tree in the foyer, which add- ed to the Christmas spirit during the two weeks before the Christmas vacation. 60 Honor Society Jacqueline Anton, Treasurer;. Mr. Kurozovich, Sponsor; Bernard Spencer, President; Richard Skeens, Vice-President; Nancy Major, Sec- retary. r 7 p b j ■V ' ' ■ V ' k i d. " M ' . . mf IB ■ j hiL • m i , ... - .1— t T : • WT . jl Mr The East Gary Chapter, No. 7837, experienced another successful year in honor society activities. The year started with the induction and installation of officers and members in December. This was to be followed by two projects sponsored by the society. Later in the year the members with their sponsor spent a day appreciating an aesthetic program in Chicago. Although the Honor Society is one of Edison ' s youngest organizations, this year, its goal was the starting of a scholarship fund to aid graduating students needing college assistance. TOP ROW: Morgan Fernandez, Keith Hyden, Richard Lee, Ivan Jahns, Carl Pesko, Bernard Spencer, Ronald Brechner, Richard Skeens. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kuruzovich, Sponsor; Rhoda Sullivan, Karen Jablonski, Sherry Moore, Gary McDaniel, Richard Woodworth, Scott Miller, Leloni Dorall, Carolyn Zubek, Karen Carpenter, Mr. Roos. FRONT ROW: Elaine Snopel, Nancy Major, Jacqueline Anton, Kathleen Tetarchik, Shirley Cudney, Marcia Laffin, Carolyn Shaffer, Dian Barth, Jacqueline Carpenter. 61 issm 1 i ■ V T A Future Teachers of Mrs. Born, Sponsor; Carolyn Shaffer, President; Keith Hyden, Vice-President; Rhoda Sullivan, Historian-Librarian; Linda Biernat, Secretary-Treasurer. America The Virgil I. Bailey Future Teachers of America organization was formed to help students decide whether or not they should go into the teaching profession. This year, the purpose was accomplished by means of a six week ' s cadet teaching program, and the annual trip was taken to Purdue University. Funds were raised from the sale of hot dogs at the noon hour every Tuesday, a bake sale, and babysitting for the P.T.A. TOP ROW: Karen Klempa, Secretary; Jacqueline Carpenter, Corresponding Sec- retary; Constance Jablonski, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: Mary Spanopoulos, Vice- President; Mrs. W i gg i n s, Sponsor; Kathleen Tetarchik, President. Sunshine Society On November 20, the Sunshine Society began the activities of the year with the installation of its new officers and the initiation of the new members. Each year, the Sunshine Society is organized in order to spread good will throughout the school and community; thus, on December 16, Christmas Cheer Baskets, which were donated generously, were distributed to worthy families. On February 11, the annual Sweetheart Dance was held. In the spring a breakfast was served for the new members, and the year was closed with a banquet in honor of the senior girls. Baskets ofChrist- mas Cheer were pre- pared by the girls. 63 TOP ROW: Elaine Snopel, Sec- retary; Nancy Richmond, Ser- geant-at-Arm s; Dolores Powers, Treasurer; Bonnie Boznak, Vice-President. FRONT ROW: Shirley Cudney, President; Mrs. Gleason, Sponsor; Constance Jablonski, Historian. Homemakers of Tomorrow East Gary ' s Homemakers of Tomorrow began the year by electing officers for the 1960-61 school year. A trip to Marshall Field ' s in Chicago was taken during the Christmas holidays. The traditional initiation tea to bring new members into the club was held on January 8. A dance was also sponsored by the club. The year was concluded with the annual fashion show. Homemakers, also, gave joy to others during the Christmas season. 64 Daniel Neitzel, Treas- urer; William Poe, Vice-President; Ivan Jahns, President; Richard Lee, Sergeant- at-Arms; Gary Mc- Daniel, Secretary. Physics Club On November 16, the members of the Physics Club took a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The purpose of the trip was to develop a further understanding ot science. For a social activity a Mystery Dance was sponsored by the club on January 13. Richard Vanderlin, Pres- ident; Mr. Gaza, Sponsor; Ronald Berg, Treasurer; Bernard Spencer, Vice- President; Mr. Georgakis, Sponsor; Jack Barker, Secretary. E-Men’s Club To become a member of the E-Men ' s Club, a student must earn one major letter in one of the maior sports: football, basketball, baseball, track, or cross-country. The activities of the club were selling programs at football games, selling popcorn and taffy apples at basketball games, and sponsoring the Faculty- Alumni and Senior-Faculty games. The profits of these activities were used to send the senior football players to the Chicago Bears vs. the Dallas Cowboys football game and the senior basketball players to the state finals and to help furnish funds for the purchase of senior award jackets. TOP ROW: Carolyn Zubek, Treas- urer; Karen Carpenter, Secretary; Theodore Lane Robertson, Vice- President; Janet Kingery, Pres- ident. FRONT ROW: Mr. Munro, Mrs. Wiggins, Mr. Kasrich- -Spon- sors. Pep Club This year, the Pep Club continued to have a membership of over one hundred students, consisting of both boys and girls. The organization ' s primary concern was supporting the athletic events and promoting school spirit. Also, a dance was sponsored by the club. Loyalty Committee TOP ROW: Fred Schaefer, Lonadelle Carnegie, Nancy Major, Sherry Moore. Carl Pesko, Theodore Lane Robertson, chairman; Karen Schepper, Karen Jablonski, Rhoda Sullivan. FRONT ROW: Gerald Eaton, Morgan Fernandez, Richard Vanderlin, Michael Lackovitch. Pep Band Gary McDaniel, James Cullen, Harold Wiles, Brian Wallin, Charles Hardt. r,: M » ‘Vi „ W ii ' . . ‘V «• v • ; Efc, CALUMET CONFERENCE QUEENS TOP ROW: Kathryn Mudry of Edison of Gary, Mary Eskridge of Lowell. FRONT ROW: Rita Dolson of Sue Gerlach of Dyer, Judith Lewis of Edison of East Griffith, Jo Anne Bacon of Highland, Lois Ojala of Gary, Queen of Queens; Marilou Monfort of Wirt, Betty Mead of Calumet Township. Merrillville, Linda Miller of Portage, Jeanette Calumet Conference Football-O-Rama For the second consecutive year, members of the Calumet Conference participated in a Football-O-Rama at Gilroy Field in Gary. QUEEN OF QUEEN’S COURT ■ 70 Kathryn Spencer Sharron Wracher Football-O-Rama Queen of Queens Judith Lewis 10m On Friday night, October 14, the annual Homecoming Game was played regardless of the rain and muddy field, but the half time ceremonies were postponed until the River Forest game on Tuesday night, October 18. The Eagles clawed the Blazers of Edison with a final score of 18 to 7. Annual Homecoming Dance Edison Junior High Gym 74 They wait anxiously for the announcement of the Queen by the Student Council President, Richard Lee, who played in the Homecoming Game. 75 Patricia Walker, Jaclyn Wignall, Jacqueline Carpenter, Homecoming Queen; Richard Lee, Student Council Pres- ident; Sharron Wracher, Marcia Laffin. Crowning of Queen Homecoming Queen and Her Court 76 The Queen And Her Court With Their Escorts I960 Homecoming Queen Jacqueline Carpenter And Her Escort James Muldoon 77 Marcia Laffin 78 Jaclyn Wignall Homecoming Queen’s Court Sharron Wracher Patricia Walker Edison’s Homecoming Queen Jacqueline Carpenter Half-Time Edison Carolyn Zubek - Queen Guy Miller - King Choir Christmas Ball December 22 JANUARY, FRIDAY, 13? Physics Club entertained at dance. Nancy Scholebo, Senior Secretary, the sec- ond semester, sells tickets for Post- Prom Party on April 14. 84 SSS Sweetheart Dance Edison Senior High Building February 11 Sunshine Society Sweetheart Dance Kathleen Tetarchik, President of the Sunshine Society, presents a bouquet of roses to the Sweetheart Queen, Rhoda Sullivan. CROWNING OF SWEETHEART QUEEN Carolyn Zubek, JoAnn Floyd, Rhoda Sullivan, Sweetheart Quee idem; Bonnie Boznak, Jaclyn Wignall. W Kathleen Tetarchik, Sunshine Pres- « 4U • • - — 86 Sunshine Sweetheart Queen RHODA SULLIVAN SWEETHEART QUEEN WITH THE MEMBERS OF HER COURT AND THEIR ESCORTS JoAnn Floyd, William Hines; Jaclyn Wignall, Berg; Carolyn Zubek, Thomas Sak; Bonnie Ralph Bishop; Queen Rhoda Sullivan, Ronald Boznak, Frank Grasa. bflUSCH LOI THIRD ANNUAL SCIENCE FAIR Mr. Gustafson explaining one of the projects entered in the Science Fair. Sunshine ' s Most Successful Sweetheart Dance MV. , sawn. CAST I TOP ROW: Mr. Whitby, director; Dian Barth, Bonnie Boznak, Judith Coonrod, Bonita Bazin, Charles (Thomas) Deel, Gerald Eaton, Charles Hardt, Mary Spanopoulos. SECOND ROW: Elaine Snopel, Karen Jablonski, Lonadelle Carnegie, Nancy Major, Paula Pustik, Barbara Price. FRONT ROW: James Muldoon, Morgan Fernandez, James Pelton. Junior Class Play " A Case of Springtime, " a comedy in three acts, was presented by the members of the junior class on December 7th and 8th in Edison Junior High School Gymnasium. The play was success- fully presented under the direction of Mr. Whitby, play coach. CAST II TOP ROW: Christine Shudick, Dorothy Gray, Carnegie, Mr. Whitby, director. FRONT ROW: Ronald Blendu, Richard Stonehouse, Theodore Judith Lewis, Elona Dragash, Karen Smith, Lane Robertson, Gerald Eaton, Fred Schaefer, Linda Biernat, Jacqueline Anton. Charles Hardt, Bernadine Reed, Lonadelle CAST II TOP ROW: Donald Mallonee, Victor Brotko, Jack McGuckin, Carl Johnson. FRONT ROW: Joseph Kent. Nancy Scholebo, Karen Schepper, Rosemarie Flinchum, Rhoda Sullivan. NOT PICTURED: Arlene Burbee. Senior Class Play " Almost Summer, " a comedy in three acts by Christopher Sergei was chosen for the senior play, which was presented in Edison Junior High School Gymnasium. CAST i TOP ROW: James Underwood, Harold Wiles, Ronald Brechner, Victor Brotko, Jack Barker. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Shaffer, Patricia Walker Jaclyn Wignall, Anna Garzella. NOT PICTURED: Marcia Laffin.’ D.A.R. Representative Carolyn Shaffer Girls’ and Boys’ Staters Carolyn Shaffer, Rich- ard Lee, Carolyn Zubek, Leloni Dorall, Richard Woodworth, Marcia Laffin. 92 STERLING-CONER STUDIOS 629 WASHINGTON OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION TO MR. LEE CONER WHO HAS BEEN OUR EDISONIAN PHOTOGRAPHER THE PAST SIXTEEN YEARS 94 ARTISTIC CLEANERS THE HOME OF EXCLUSIVE ADJUST-A-DRAPE PROCESS 2804 DeKALB STREET CENTRAL SHOPPING CENTER 2316 RIPLEY STREET EIGHT RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS PHONE: EAST GARY 962-1121 95 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’61 LAKE COUNTY STATE BANK MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 96 EAST GARY BRANCH FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GARY 3707 CENTRAL EAST GARY, INDIANA WE ENCOURAGE STUDENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CURRENT 4 PER CENT DIVIDENDS Meister ' s Drug Store " IT’S NICER AT MEISTER ' S " SHOPPING PLAZA 51 EAST GARY Wallin ' s Hardware 3461 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 962-1478 EAST GARY, INDIANA l 98 East Gary ' s DeKalb Drugs 2800 DEKALB YOUR COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER PHONE 962-1137 MR. SCHROTBERGER, OUR CUSTODIAN 99 MEN AND WOMENS MIDNICHT TOURN TONiTE LOTS OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 61 Ray and Mary Moore East Gary Drugs " YOUR HEALTH HEADQUARTERS " JOE BIANCO, R. PH. MIKE HAMANG, R. PH. CENTRAL AND UNION PHONE 962-1536 SERVING AMERICA’S FINEST STUDENTS YOUR JOSTEN CLASS RING Commemorate your school days with o jewelry masterpiece . . . a JOSTEN class ring. . . . fashioned in flawless exclusive SUNSHINE 10K gold . copyrighted original JOSTEN designs . student styling at its quality finest ! ROBERT ALBERTSON REPRESENTATIVE BOX 9 PLYMOUTH, INDIANA 101 Courtesy Department Store House of Flowers Central And Ripley " East Gary ' s Style Center " Route 51 At Central Avenue Plaza 51 Central Standard Service 3200 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana 102 Bazin’s Grocery 2301 Fairview Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 962-9940 Garber Bros. 2751 DeKalb Street Phone 962-2187 C. M. Snider’s TV And Appliance Sales And Service Phone 962-1746 TIME OUT 103 Jim Bennell Phone 962-1462 J. B. Auto Sales 2345 Ripley Street Clean Used Cars Mr. and Mrs. Campos Frostop Central and Newton East Gary Feed Supply Company 1101 Central Avenue Ondras Body Shop Phone 962-1601 104 A N DARB THE MORNING AND NOON HOUR JAM - ONLY AT THAT TIME THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER TO GET A PICTURE. The Slipper Shop 211 North Wisconsin Street Hobart, Indiana Phone 942-7219 Route 6 and 51 Hobart, Indiana Name Branch In General Merchandise East Gary 962-1132 Gary Ye 8-1234 Master ' s Insurance Agency 3449 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Edward Meister - Lillian Meister Scheuer’s General Store 1210 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Open Sunday 9:30 A.M. To 12:30 P.M. Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 61 Whitledge Shoe Store Repair Dorall’s Portage Nursery Shoes And Clothing 2825 Central Avenue East Gary Florist Phone 962-1288 East Gary Phone 962-1200 Compliments Of Mayhew’s Painting Decorating Service L. Stendahl and Son Phone East Gary 962-1484 Phone Gary Turner 2-4291 Free Estimates Home Builders 106 2300 Vigo Street East Gary, Indiana Compliments Of Herff-Jones Co. Manufacturing Jewelers And Stationers 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana George Kingsley Representative Compliments Of Karsa Food Shop 2808 DeKalb Street Phone 962-1496 107 THEY WERE MISS HARTLEY’S STUDENTS! NOW, THEY ARE TEACHERS AT EDISON! C M Auto Sales, Inc. Home Of " Good Lo-Cost Cars " Compliments Of 2534 West Eleventh Avenue Gary, Indiana Phone Turner 2-6747 " Deb " Carpenter " Paul " McDonough Brady Funeral Home Bob Fuller TV and Marine Eberhardt’s Garage Service With The Sale 2715 Central Avenue Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. East Gary Phone East Gary 962-1628 Phone 962-9963 2419 Central Avenue East Gary Fuel Supply Co. Compliments Of 3150 Central Avenue East Gary W. B. Elkins Phone 962-1556 Real Estate Fill Sand - Stone - Slag - Gravel 3455 Central Avenue Coal - Fuel Oil East Gary Carl C. Peterson - Owner Phone 962-1545 108 Bill’s Floor Sanding Co. 2737 Elkhart Street Phone 962-1598 Triangle Steel Corp. 5050 Industrial Highway Gary, Indiana Distributors of Steel Products Storing - Assorting - Shearing Flame Cutting - Crane Service Scale Service Telephone: TUrner 5-8214 Congratulations Class of ' 61 Edison Senior Band Best Wishes Mr. Robert Lewis For The Class Of ’61 Choir Mothers Of The Sterling-Coner Studio Our Photographer For The Senior Pictures And The Various Activities Of The School 109 Prices Are Born Here, Raised Elsewhere. S H MOTOR SALES 855 Central Avenue Phone 962-2505 AGNES GARBER ' S LITTLE FOLK’S SHOPPE 735 Central Avenue Gifts For Weddings And Baby Showers Compliments Of ANDY’S SERVICE STATION 4225 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana PIZZA JOE 4219 Central Avenue Complete Carry-Out And Delivery Service Phone 962-1673 JIM ' S DOG HOUSE WEIDMAN’S JEWELRY STORE 3727 Central Avenue Central And Vanderburg Watch And Clock Repair SCHUBERT ' S PAINT STORE Compliments Of Custom Colors SAVE MORE FOOD CENTER 723 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Route 6 and 51 Phone 962-1276 Hobart, Indiana JANSEN’S MICHIGAN FRUIT MARKET Compliments Of Flowers Highway 6 and 51 by Hobart, Indiana MUNDELL The Finest In Fresh Fruits 915 Ridge Road And Vegetables Phone 942-1093 Good Luck! PALETTE PARTY SHOP COREY BROS. BAKERY 319 Main Street Fourth and Main Streets Hobart, Indiana Phone 942-6220 Phone 942-1921 1 io Party Decorations - Free Instructions Compliments Of COMAY ' S " Famous For Diamonds " Complete Record Department ODELL-SMITH Jewelry - Music - Gifts 347 Main Street Hobart, Indiana GARY BOOK STORE Books - Greeting Cards - Bibles 521 Broadway Phone Turner 2-1548 GARY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 25 West Sixth Avenue Gary, Indiana Cameras-Typewriters-Fountain Pens GARY DRAPERY COMPANY 639 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Phone Turner 6-9109 The Individual Pictures Of The Sophomores And Juniors Were Taken By The National School Studios, Bruce Fessler, Photographer, 638 Washington Street, Hobart, Indiana THE NEW ADDITION ON EDISON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING WILL BE COMPLETED FOR NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. AUTOGRAPHS WILDERMUTH i WILDERMUTH

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