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EDISON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL East Gary, Indiana s s 8 . Dedication We, the staff, wish to dedicate this, our 1959 Edisonian, to you. Miss Hartley, in appreciation of your supervision and guidance in the planning and editing of this book. Your interest, extra work, and devotion given during the past fifteen years in which you have sponsored the yearbook will always be remembered and appreciated. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Edisonites Organizations Athletics Activities Ads 3 Foreword As this tree grew during the past year, so have the students and their school spirit. The following pages are a record of their fun, activities, and growth in education as well as in stature. We, the yearbook staff of the 1959 Edisonian, have tried to put in this book the fond memories of friends, faculty members, and days spent in Edison Senior High School. 4 Board of. ' Education PETE CHAPAS FRED L. KITCHEL President Treasurer J. RICHARD TURNER Secretary VIRGIL I. BAILEY Superintendent of Schools 6 CLAUDE P. ROOS - PRINCIPAL 7 MARJORIE BRADY Business Education — Junior Sponsor. JOYCE L. CHONCOFF Librarian — Senior Sponsor, F. T. A. Sponsor. JAMES C. COOLEY Science — Sophomore Sponsor, Science Club Sponsor. IONA CRISMAN English and Latin — Junior Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic. JERALD D. DAWSON Band . JOAN DU FON Business Education — Junior Sponsor. STEFAN G. GAZA Mathematics — Sophomore Sponsor, Student Council Sponsor, E-Men ' s Club Sponsor, Basketball Coach, Track Coach. STEVE GEORGAKIS Social Studies, Driver Training — Dean of Boys, Senior Sponsor, E-Men ' s Club Sponsor, Safe-Teen Club Sponsor, Football Coach, Wrestling Coach. BONNIE GLEASON Home Economics — Senior Sponsor, Homemakers Club Sponsor. ARTHUR L. HARTLEY Industrial Arts — Sophomore Sponsor, Assistant Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach. HAZEL HARTLEY Business Education — Sophomore Sponsor, Edisonian Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Sponsor. HELEN HOWELL Art. MARGARET JANA Choir. MARVIN A. KASRICH Science and Mathematics — Sophomore Sponsor, Boys ' Pep Club Sponsor. EDWARD H. MCLAUGHLIN Social Studies — Junior Sponsor, Girls ' Pep Club Sponsor. Social Studies — Senior Sponsor, Girls ' Pep Club Sponsor, Golf Coach. r- N ♦ W v ♦ jk JOHN S. KURUZOVICH CARMEN VALLE English and Spanish — Sophomore Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor. HARRY L. WHITBY English — Junior Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic, Play Coach. LURA WIGGINS English — Dean of Girls, Sophomore Sponsor, Sunshine Sponsor, Girls ' Pep Club Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic. Students spent their time in the Library or Study Hall when they did not have class. Seniors VICTOR J. ALOIA - " Vic " Senior and Junior President, Student Council, FTA, Science Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, E-Men ' s Secretary, Chemistry Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Choir, Varsity Football. Baseball. JEFFREY E. LEWIS - " Jeff " Senior Vice-President, Sophomore Presi- dent, Student Council, FTA, Science Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, E-Men, Chemistry Club Secretary, Choir, Boys ' Quartet, Mixed Quartet, Varsity Football, Reserve Basketball, Baseball. NANCY OLSZYNIAK Senior Secretary, SSS, FTA Historian, Homemaker, Science Club, Pep Club, Reserve Cheerleader. FRANCES KASPEREK - " Fran " Senior Treasurer, SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Science Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Chemistry Club, Edisonian Business Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Girls ' State, Assistant Librarian . This senior year, long looked forward to by the Class of ' 59, has come and gone too quickly. Final exams, Baccalaureate, and Commencement came too soon with the realization that the senior year was over. However, the Class of ' 59 will often look back on the days spent at Edison, remembering their many activities, being officers and members of the many organizations and clubs, pub- lishing the school paper and yearbook, taking part in the senior play, .participating in athletics and cheerleading, winning the powder puff game, and enjoying themselves at the Prom as well as the dances and banquets they sponsored and attended while attaining the useful knowledge they will need as they go out into the world to make their own marks. 1 8 Seniors CAROLYNN JANE ATKINS - " Janie " SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Commercial Club, Pep Club. JOHN BAKER - " Bake " ARNOLD E. BOLINT - “Arnle " Pep Club. RITA BOUTWELL - " Bennie " SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Commercial Club Secretary, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader. SHARON BAKER - " Sherry " Homemakers ' President, SSS, FTA, Pep Club, Edlsonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Copy Editor, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Mixed Quartet. JERRY ROBERT BLAIR - " Jerome " Safe-Teen, Choir. KAREN ANN CAMPBELL SSS, FTA, Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Edisonian Associate Editor, Eagle Feathers Asso- ciate Editor, Band Secretary and Librar- ian, Instrumental Ensemble. ALLEN COX Seniors JAMES McMAHON BROWN MARY ANN BUMBERA SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Pep Club, Choir. DAVID CUNNINGHAM - “Dave " Pep Club, Choir, Band, Pep Band, Re- serve Football, Track. PATRICIA ELAINE DANKO - " Pat " Student Council, SSS, Homemaker, FTA Historian, Commercial Club Treasurer, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Copy Editor, Choir, Girls ' Trio, Mixed Quartet . DIANA DRAGASH - " Dl " SSS, FTA, Commercial Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Choir. GLENN EVERETT E-Men, Varsity Football, Reserve Basket- ball, Baseball. Seniors GLORIA DAWSON SSS, FTA, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Band . LARRY EUGENE DICKEY Science Club, E-Men, Choir, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Track, Baseball. ROBERT GENE FILIPAS - “Bob” Student Council, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, E-Men ' s President, Varsity Football, Track, Baseball. BONITA FLICK SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Varsity Cheerleader. Seniors THOMAS GARDNER Reserve Football, Track. " Tom " PATRICIA A. GILMORE - " Pat " SSS, Homemaker, Science Club, Com- E3THER GLORIOSO Student Council, SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Pep Club, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Secretary. RONALD HACKLER - " Ron " Student Council, Boys ' Pep Club Presi- dent, Chemistry Club, Baseball. JUDITH ANN HAMADY - " Ham " SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Science Club Treasurer, Pep Club, Girls ' State. LARRY GOLDEN Spanish Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Wrestling. Seniors LLOYD RAY HARRIS - " Butch " ROBERT HAMADY GILBERT HAMILTON - “Butch " Safe-Teen, E-Men, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Track, Baseball. DAVID RAY HICKMAN Safe- Teen. BARBARA HINES - " Bobbie " SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Pep Club. ELLEN HECK SSS, Homemaker, Pep Club. JEAN HOOK - “Hook Twin " SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Choir. JUNE KAY HOOK - “Hook Twin” SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Choir. Seniors CHEKYLE KAY HOYT SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Spanish Club, Safe-Teen Secretary- Treasurer, Pep Club, Majorette. JOYCE HUGHES SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Science Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff, Girls’ State. ■ CLAUDETTE HUTCHINS - “Claudie” SSS, Homemaker, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Choir, Reserve Cheerleader. JEAN E. JACOBSON - " Jeanne " SSS, Homemaker, Science Club, Com- mercial Club, Pep Club. Seniors ETHEL JAKICH - " Louise " SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Science Club, Safe- Teen, Pep Club. ALAN KALOS RICHARD KESTLE - " Dick” Student Council, FTA, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men ' s Vice-President, Chemistry Club President, Choir President, Mixed Quartet, Varsity Football, Reserve Bas- ketball, Track. FLOYD F. KETTERING Sophomore Vice-President, Student Coun- cil, FTA, Science Club Vice-President, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, E-Men, Chemistry Club, Choir, Band President, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Sextet, French Horn Quar- tet, Varsity Football, Golf. BARBARA KEYAK - " Barbie " SSS, Homemaker Sergeant-at-Arms, FTA, Commercial Club, Safe-Teen Secretary, Pep Club, Choir, Reserve Cheerleader. PAUL GENE KING Safe-Teen President, Boys ' Pep Club Vice-President, Choir, Band, Varsity Cheerleader. Seniors SAUNDRA KNAPP - " Sandy " SSS, Homemaker, Pep Club, Choir VICKI LEE KOONTZ SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Club. • " Victoria " Safe-Teen, Pep STEVEN KOV ACIC - " Steve Safe-Teen JOHN KULAVIK RONALD LOWE - " Ron " E-Men, Basketball Manager, Baseball Seniors LOU EVELYN MARKS SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Library Assistant. TRUMAN LEE MATLOCK Choir. BONNIE McEWAN SSS, Homemaker, Safe-Teen, Pep Club. JOANN MEISTER - " Janie " Sophomore Treasurer, Student Council, SSS, Commercial Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Choir. PATIENCE MAXWELL - " Pat " SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club. SCARLETT MCDONALD - " Skillet " SSS, Homemaker, FTA, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Edisonian Assistant Business Manager. BARBARA ANNE MOORE - " Smiley " SSS, Homemaker, Pep Club. JOAN NORVIL Student Council, SSS Vice-President, FTA, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir Vice- President and Treasurer, Varsity Cheer- leader . Seniors BARBARA MELTON - " Barb " SSS, Homemaker, Safe-Teen, Pep Club. JOAN C. MILLS - " Joanie " SSS, Homemaker, Pep Club, Choir. JOHN NORVIL - " Butch " Student Council, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Chemistry Club, E-Men, Varsity Foot- ball Varsity Basketball, Track. MICHAEL O ' HARA - " Mike " FTA, Science Club, Chemistry Club, Wrestling. Seniors JAMES PARKER - " Jim " Sophomore Secretary, Student Council Vice-President, FTA President, Science Club President, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, E-Men, Edisonian Associate Editor, Eagle Feathers Editor, Chemistry Club, Choir, Boys ' Quartet, Mixed Quartet, Mixed Trio, Band, Reserve Football, Varsity Basketball, Golf, Boys ' State, I. A. C. Finalist. BEVERLY PETRUZELLI - " Bim " SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Eagle Feathers News Editor, Edisonian Staff, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Girls ' Trio, Mixed Quartet. NELLIE REED SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Pep Club. MARGARET ANNE RENTZ - “Peggy " SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Safe-Teen, Pep Club, Library Assistant. ROBERT L. PRICE - " Bob " Pep Club. JOHN CARL PROTT Safe-Teen, E-Men, Pep Club, Basketball Manager . ■ PEGGY SUE SHELTON - " Peg” Student Council Secretary, SSS, Hotne- makers ' Treasurer, Commercial Club, Pep Club. TRUMAN SHELTON Seniors BONNIE JEAN SEBBEN - " Queenie " SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Safe- Teen, Pep Club, Choir, Band, Majorette. LILLIAN SHEROWSKY Sophomore Secretary, SSS Secretary- Treasurer, FTA, Commercial Club, Pep Club. CHARLES SHORT - “Chuck- Science Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Chemistry Club. RUTH ANN SCHEUER - “RUthle " Student Council, SSS President and Treas- urer, Homem akers ' Vice-President and Historian, FTA, Commercial Club, Safe- Teen, Pep Club President, Eagle Feathers News Editor, Edisonian Editor, Choir Treasurer, Girls ' Ensemble, D. A. R. Representative. Seniors WILMA FAYE STUCKER SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Pep Club, JOHN SYKES Band Vice-President, Flute Trio, Flute Duet, Choir. DEAN VITTETOE Pep Club. CHARLES WATTS Spanish Club Social Chairman. RICHARD D. WHISSEN Junior Vice-President, Student Council President, FTA Vice-President, Science Club, Pep Club, E-Men ' s Treasurer, Edisonian Assistant Business Manager, ' Eagle Feathers News Editor, Chemistry Club, Choir, Band Librarian, Saxophone Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, State Plano Contest, Boys ' State, Basketball Time- keeper. SHARON WIEDBUSCH SSS, Homemaker, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader, FTA. Seniors MARTHA E. WHERRY SSS, Homemaker, Pep Club. WILLIAM DOPP MARY PIRJAS JUANITA MATTINGLY GEORGIA ROGERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Juniors Following the adjustment to their daily program of five subjects plus classes in choir, band, and art as electives the first few days of school, the juniors elected their class officers and Student Council representatives, who were Anita Bradford, Barbara Czilli, Ned Anderson, and James Wagner. After a few years of absence, the junior class play was once again one of the major activities of the school year. " The Eager Miss Beaver " was presented very successfully under the direction of Mr. Whitby, one of the junior class sponsors, in Edison Gym on December 10. Another exciting day of school for the juniors in the month of December was the fifth, on which day they received their class rings. Once again the traditional junior money-making affair, having been instituted last year, was the female basketball game. The most exciting and closing event of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom given in honor of the seniors, which provided an evening of " Fascination " for those who attended. In just a short time following the Prom, " only one more year " was the thought of each junior the last day of school. Anderson, Ned Babarik, Martha Bartos, Richard Bazin, John Bennett, John Bentley, Vicki Bradford, Anita Bright, Judith Brimmer, Harold Brimmer, Sandra 33 Juniors Bryant, Carolyn Buchner, Camille Burton, Cleo Byrum, Roberta Carmln, Leslie Carney, Barbara Carr, John Catherman, Dixie Christakis, Ray Coffey, James Comstock, David Cooper, Barbara Cornwell, Sharon Crockett, Donna Czllli, Barbara Davison, Norma Jean DeHaven, Joan Donohue, Ronald Drake, Denver Earley, Diana ELlis, Nancy Fabian, Charlene Fick, Barbara Flick, Larry Floyd, Stella Franklin, Nancy Fredericks, Sandra Garrard, Richard Geiselman, Harry Getridge, Barbara Glorioso, Samuel Gotti, Mark Goyda, Phyllis Hamady, Barbara Hill, Betty Hiller, Richard 34 Juniors Hlpp, Larry Hoffman, Fred Hoyt, Richard Hulse, Richard Hutka, Max Ivlow, Lila Jackson, Larry Jacobs, Jacqueline Janusch, Ronald Johnson, Juanita Johnston, Adrienne Kingery, Marlene Koontz, Gleneva Kozak, Joan Kupres, Dorothy Lackovitch, Donald Lee, Larry Llndberg, MJoriel Lindsey, Bruce Linn, Gary Major, Richard Marmolejo, Abdon Matlock, Linda McClaran, Ruth McDaniel, Leo McDaniel, Leon Medows, Sandra Meister, Helen Melton, John Mettner, Karen Michaels, Richard Miller, Phillip Moore, Douglas Moore, Joan Moore, John Mullins, Lonnie 35 Juniors O ' Connor, Kathleen O ' Hara, George Owens, Claudia Pelton, Judith Pleasant, Thomas Poclallk, Susan Pustlk, Ivan Rayborn, Betty (Judy) Ream, Ronald Seaberg, Eunice Serrano, Robert Simpson, Janrose Sltar, Michael Sohovlch, Judith Soria, Tony Spanopoulos, James Spencer, Paul Stazinski, Joel Stetler, Charlotte Szostek, Stephen Tamalunas, George Tavolacci, Linda Thompson, Sharon Tucker, Karen Wagner, James Watson, Joe Wemes, Oonna Whitledge, Doran Williamson, Ellen Wilson, LaRue Wilson, Ouida Wineinger, Carol Wineinger, Joyce Wright, Paul Eugene Zlnkovlch, Donald 36 BERNARD SPENCER JACQUELINE CARPENTER JACLYN WIGNALL RONALD BERG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sophomores Having completed their junior high school days, the largest class of sophomores entered Edison Senior High School with eager anticipation on September 2, 1958. At the beginning of the year, the members of the class elected officers, and each home room elected a Student Council representative to represent the class on the Student Council; the sophomore repre- sentatives were Richard Lee, Bernard Spencer, Armonde Yanez , Jaclyn Wignall , and James Taylor . The year proved to be a busy one as each of the students carried five subjects, while those who took choir, band, or art had six, as well as having the privilege of participating in and enjoying athletics and the many activities of various organizations and clubs of which each chose to become a member. One-third of their senior high school life became history the last day of the school year, as the students left the portals of Edison for their summer vacation. Adams, Sandra Barker, Jack Bastin, Bobbiette Bellar, Charles Bildilli, Mary Binkley, Bruce Bishop, Ralph Blasingame, Linda Bottila, Raymond Bradford, Thomas Lynn Brewer, Roger Broadway, Jerry Brotko, Victor Burbee, Arlene Catherman, Beverly Chasko, Barbara Clawson, Carolyn Conley, Franklin 37 Garzella, Anna Gilbert, William Glore, Timothy Allen Guess, Jerry Hadley, Linda Handley, Willard Raymond Sophomores Cook, Robert Cox, Thomas Cudney, Shirley Cutlip, Thomas Czehaj , Jean Dick, Gary Dillard, Muriel Donohue, Robert Dorall, Leloni Elkins , Therman Ennis, Ruby Epperson, Lynne Evolga , Alex Fick, William Finn, Frederica Flinchum, Rosemarie Flotke, Elaine Galovlc, Stephen Hardebeck, Tom Havrilla, James Herrin, Leonard Hines, William Hladin, Larry Jacobson, Nels Jahns, Ivan Jakich, Marilyn Janis, Ronald Janusch, Antoinette Johnson, Carl Kasperek, Theodore a Kent, Joseph Kingery, Janet Kobylinski, Linda Kociara, Judith Kolosci, Paul Lackovitch, Michael Sophomores Laffin, Marcia Lambert, Paul Langman, Glenn Lawrimore, Patricia Lee, Richard Leucuta, Michael Lopez, Jessica Lopez, Magdalena Lopez, Richard Mallonee, Donald Marcum, Robert Marks, Mary Mayhew, Leo McClaran, Lucy McCasland, Gerald McCown, William McDaniel, Gary McGuckin, John Michael, Calvin Milam, Toni Miller, Scott Mitchell, Joseph Mock, Jacqueline Mullins, Lonnie Murray, Barbara Nagy, Carole Neagu, Darlene Neitzel, Daniel Nepsa, Stephan Newman, Cynthia Nicholson, Roberta Parkhurst, Richard Poe, William Przybysz, Barbara Ranger, Ronald Richards, George Ritter, Thomas Rose, Linda Ryan, Patricia Ryan, Thomas Ryan, William Sarkotich, Judith 39 Sophomores Schepper, Karen Scheuer, Florence Scholebo, Nancy Sebben, John Shaffer, Carolyn Shearer, Suzanne 1 Sherowsk y, Albert Siplch, Sharon Skeens, Richard Slease, Jack Sohovlch, Thomas Spencer, Thomas Taylor, Wayne Tetarchlk, Kathleen Thomas, Charles Thompson, James Underwood, James Vanderlin, Richard Vargas, Victor Viar, Larry Vickrey, Larry Walker, Patricia Walley, Elaine Warren, Dixie Warren, Judith Wherry, Dorothy Whitledge, Sharon Wiles, Harold Woodworth, Richard Wracher, Sharon Wright, Steve Yanez, Armando Zack, Maureen Zubek, Carolyn 40 Mr. Gaza, Sponsor; James Parker, Vice-President; Peggy Shelton, Secretary; Richard Lee, Treasurer; Richard Whissen, President. Student Council The Student Council was composed of twenty-five members, the largest number in the history of tie school, as each of the home rooms of each class elected a representative instead of the limited number of two from each class in former years. The new set-up provided for a home room period each Monday and Friday . During the year, several projects were undertaken. One was to form a chapter of the National Honor Society, an organization composed of most of the school ' s top quality students. Another project was to purchase a flagpole for the front lawn of the school. Several large American flags were procured for the pole through the aid of Senators Homer E. Capehart and Vance Hartke and Representative Ray J. Madden. Also, the Council assisted the faculty in the supervision of the lunchrooms as well as having charge of the lockers and monitors in the halls. The final undertaking was the supervision of the election of a president for next year. TOP ROW: Richard Lee, James Taylor, Robert Filipas, Bernard Spencer, Floyd Kettering, William Dopp, Richard Whissen, James Parker, Jeffrey Lewis, Richard Kestle. FRONT ROW: Ned Anderson, Donald Lackovitch, Esther Glorioso, Ruth Scheuer, Anita Bradford, Carolyn Zubek, Barbara Czilli, Patricia Danko, Peggy Shelton, William Poe, Armando Yanez. 42 MIXED QUARTET Patricia Danko, Jeffrey Lewis, Richard Kestle, Beverly Petruzelli. GIRLS ' QUINTET Beverly Petruzelli, Georgia Rogers, Esther Glorioso, Judith Bright, Ruth Scheuer. TOP ROW: Helen Meister, Juanita Mattingly, Richard Kestle, Bruce Binkley, James Underwood, James Parker, Paul Eugene Wright, Floyd Kettering, Pirjas, Judith Sarkotich, Carol Tetarchik, Michael Lackovitch, Paul King, John Sykes, Truman Matlock, Calvin Michael, Larry Dickey, Paul Kolosci, Babarik, Carolyn Zubek, Joan Norvil, Barbara Keyak, Judith Sohovich, Joann Meister, Georgia Rogers, Leloni Dorall, Charlene Fabian, Lila Ivlow, Tavolacci. Cleo Burton, Rhoda Sullivan. Judith Bright. Camille Buchner, Patricia Danko, Carole Nagy, Marcia Laffin, Ruth Scheuer, Sandra Knapp, At eight o ' clock each morning, energetic music lovers with vocal talent enjoyed their choir practice The annual Christmas Concert on December 17 was the first performance of the year for the Choir trios, and ensembles had provided the music for various school functions. contest, which was held in Lew Wallace High School of Gary. Next the choir competed very successfully Following the contest activities, the Choir was busy preparing for the spring music festival and Larry Lee, Douglas Moore, Jeffrey Lewis, Abdon Marolejo, Richard Michaels, Bonnie Sebben, Jacqueline Jacobs, Claudia Owens. THIRD ROW: Mary Scott Miller, Joseph Kent, Gerald Thompson, Joan Kozak, Esther Glorioso. SECOND ROW: Richard Whissen, Diana Dragash, Vicki Bentley, Martha Norma Jean Davison, Barbara Czilli, Frances Kasperek, Barbara Carney. FRONT ROW: Karen Mettner, Beverly Petruzelli, Sharon Thompson, Linda Lou Marks, Mary Ann Bumbera. oir before the first period class. under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Jana, although some of the members of the choir in duets, quartets. On January 31, various soloists and ensemble groups entered the district solo and ensemble in the annual district contest at Valparaiso University, finally the music for graduation exercises at the close of the year. CHOIR OFFICERS Joan Norvil, Treasurer; Richard Kestle, Pre sident. STANDING: Mr. Dawson, Director; Karen Jablonski, Carolyn Zubek, Leloni Dorall. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Stetler, Charles Hardt, Gary McDaniel, Richard Hoyt, Helen Meister. SECOND ROW: Gleneva Koontz, Christine Ugalde, Linda Klisz, Marcy Steen, Christine Shudick, Sharon Thompson, ROW: Juanita Johnson, Lila Ivlow, Barbara Carney, Judith Lewis, Lonadelle Carnegie, Camille Buchner, Elizabeth Maxwell, Bonita Bazin, Kathleen During 1958-59, the band was under the direction of a new director, Mr. Geraid Dawson, during the football season. Later in the first semester, the band presented a concert at a potluck At the beginning of the second semester, the members of the band participated in the district solo annual spring concert. Each concert of the year as well as the band ' s presentation at the spring contest The band sponsored a very successful soc hop as the first social event of the school year. To close EAGLETTES TOP ROW: Linda Tavolacci, Jacqueline Anton, Sharon Thompson, Roberta Byrum, Sharon Mayoch. FRONT ROW: Cheryle Hoyt, Sue Broadway. Abdon Marmolejo, James Taylor, Thomas Bentley, Victor Brotko, Harold Wiles, Floyd Kettering, Thomas Philpott, Nancy Major, James Pelton, Fred Schaefer, Tetarchik, John Sykes. Ronald Donohue, David Cunningham, Vicki Bentley, Calvin Michael, Richard Buchner, Walter Kaiser, James Cullen, Brian Wallin. FRONT ml , The band presented a series of novel football shows, which illustrated a great amount of originality, upper, a Christmas Concert, and a Christmas convocation for the Junior High School, nd ensemble contest; next the band entered the annual district contest, which was followed by the ere all delivered beautifully with much time and presentation being clearly evident, he year, the band said farewell with its musical program at Commencement. BAND OFFICERS Sharon Thompson, Drum Major; Camille Buchner, Librarian; Helen Meister, Secretary; Floyd Kettering, President; John Sykes, Vice-President; Charlotte Stetler, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Ruth Scheuer, Editor; James Parker and Karen Campbell, Associate Editors; Frances Kasperek, Business Manager. SECOND ROW: Richard Whissen and Scarlett McDgnald, Assistant Business Managers; Joan Norvil and Patricia Danko, Advertising Assistants. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Baker, Joyce Hughes, Beverly Petruzelli, Sharon Leight, Advertising Assistants . Edisonian With excitement and enthusiasm, the staff began to plan, finance, and work at the beginning of the school year to make the 1959 Edisonian a special edition. The members of the staff wish that their first attempt at publishing this edition will provide many pleasant and enjoyable memories for the student body. The staff wishes to express its gratitude to the faculty, students, merchants, the Sterling- Coner Studio of Gary, and anyone who helped to bring the 1959 Edisonian through to completion 48 TOP ROW: James Paker, Editor; Karen Campbell, Associate Editor; Richard Whissen, News Editor. SECOND ROW: Sharon Baker, Copy Editor; Patsy Danko, Copy Editor; Beverly Petruzelli, News Editor. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth Scheuer, News Editor; Joan Norvil and Frances Kasperek, News Reporters. NOT PICTURED: Marth Babarik, Reporter. Eagle Feathers Throughout the year, the members of the staff worked earnestly and faithfully the third period of the day to publish a school paper that contained many new and varied items as well as news of interest to the student body. The paper was mimeographed every two weeks. 49 Ruth Scheuer, President; Carol Tetarchik, Treasurer; Mrs. Wiggins, Sponsor; Joan Kozak, Vice- President; Carolyn Zubek, Secretary. Sunshine Society The Sunshine Society began the year with its traditional initiation on November 19. Also, on its social calendar for ' 58— 59 it featured the Can Can Dance on December 13 and the annual Sweetheart Dance on February 21 . Each year, the Sunshine Society sponsors the charity drive for the needy families. This project was very successful; thanks to the warmhearted support of the student body, faculty, and school organizations. Many charity baskets were sent out which spread joy and happiness to grateful receivers and generous givers. TOP ROW: Nellie Reed, Ruth Scheuer, Mary Ann Bumbera, Sharon Baker, Barbara Mo ore, Martha Wherry, Claudette Hutchins, Joan Norvil, Patricia Gilmore, Sharon Wiedbusch, Margaret Rentz, Cheryle Hoyt, Rita Boutwell, Joan Mills, Ellen Heck, Vicki Koontz, Lillian Sherowsky. SECOND ROW: Beverly Petruzelli, Bonita Flick, Sandra Knapp, Nancy Olszyniak, Joyce Hughes, Ethel Jakich, Wilma Faye Stucker, Barbara Hines, Jean Jacobson, Jean Hook, June Hook, Scarlett McDonald, Carol Tetarchik, Barbara Hamady, PaUence Maxwell. FRONT ROW: Gloria Dawson, Lou Marks, Peggy Shelton, Bonnie McEwan, Diana Dragash, Frances Kasperek, Karen Campbell, Bonnie Sebben, Jane Atkins, Barbara Keyak, Patricia Danko, Esther Glorioso, Joann Meister. 50 TOP ROW: Donna Wernes, Karen Mettner, Sharon Thompson, Sandra Medows, Mjorlel Lindberg, Donna Crockett, Barbara Getridge, Carol Wlneinger, Sandra Brimmer, Janrose Simpson, Barbara Carney, Linda Tavolacci, Cleo Burton, Anita Bradford, Ouida Wilson, Dorothy Kupres, Nancy Ellis, Glevena Koontz, Ellen Williamson, Adrienne Johnston, Eunice Seaburg, Lila Ivlow. SECOND ROW: Joan Kozak, Camille Buchner, Ruth McClaran, Karen Tucker, Betty Hill, Linda Matlock, Roberta Byrum, Norma Jean Davison, Dixie Catherman, Claudia Owens, Juanita Mattingly, Stella Floyd, Jacqueline Jacobs, Mary Pirjas, Phyllis Goyda, Georgia Rogers, Judith Sohovich, Charlene Fabian, Helen Meister, Juanita Johnson. FIRST ROW: Barbara Hamady, Diana Earley, Barbara Fick, Barbara Czilli, Sharon Cornwell, Judith Rayborn, Judith Bright, Nancy Franklin, Charlotte Stetler, Joann Moore, Martha Babarik, Marlene Klngery, Judith Pelton, Vicki Bentley, Sandra Fredericks, Joan DeHaven, Carolyn Bryant, Susan Pocialik, Kathleen O ' Connor. Sunshine Society TOP ROW: Bobbiette Bastin, Faye Armes, Mary Bildllli, Jean Czehaj , Judith Warren, Jessica Lopez, Patricia Ryan, Lynne Epperson, Magdalena Lopez, Sharon Wracher, Linda Blasingame, Carolyn Shaffer, Patricia Walker, Ruby Ennis, Janet Kingery, Judith Kociara, Linda Hadley, Marcia Laffin, Elaine Walley, Linda Kobylinski Mary Marks. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Shearer, Barbara Chasko, Lucy McClaran, Sharon Whitledge, Frederica Finn, Cynthia Newman, Jacqueline Mock, Nancy Scholebo, Judith Sarkotich, Kathleen Tetarchik, Carolyn Clawson, Jacqueline Carpenter, Leloni Dorall, Rhoda Sullivan, Linda Rose, Dixie Warren, Arlene Burbee, Roberta Nicholson, Carole Nagy, Florence Scheuer. FRONT ROW: Darlene Neagu, Muriel Dillard, Dorothy Wherry, Anna Garzella, Sandra Adams, Toni Milam, Elaine Flotke, Jaclyn Wlgnall, Carolyn Zubek, Marilyn Jakich, Rosemarie Flinchum, Beverly Catherman, Antoinette Janusch, Patricia Lawrimore, Shirley Cudney, Barbara Przybsz, Maureen Zack. 51 TOP ROW: Sharon Baker, President; Juanita Johnson, Vice-President; Jean Czehaj, His- torian; Cleo Burton, Sergeant-at-Arms. FRONT ROW: Judith Sarkotich, Secretary; Mrs. Gleason, Sponsor; Peggy Shelton, Treasurer. Homemakers of Tomorrow The " Homemakers of Tomorrow " resumed their club activities soon after the opening of the school year. The election of officers for the school year preceded any special projects. In December the Club collected, as its service project, small gifts for mental patients. At the beginning of the second semester a skating party was held. On Mother ' s Day a tea was given for the mothers of the girls in the Club. The year was concluded by the presenting of a fashion show. TOP ROW: Ruth Scheuer, Mary Ann Bumbera, Sharon Baker, Barbara Moore, Martha Wherry, Claudette Hutchins, Patricia Gilmore, Sharon Wiedbusch, Margaret Rentz, Cheryle Hoyt, Rita Boutwell, Joan Mills, Ellen Heck, Vicki Koontz. SECOND ROW: Bonita Flick, Sandra Knapp, Joyce Hughes, Ethel Jakich, Wilma Faye Stucker, Jean Jacobson, Barbara Hines, Jean Hook, June Hook, Scarlett McDonald, Judith Hamady, Patience Maxwell, Nellie Reed. FRONT ROW: Lou Marks, Beverly Petruzelli, Bonnie McEwan, Patricia Danko, Frances Kasperek, Peggy Shelton, Bonnie Sebben, Jane Atkins, Barbara Keyak, Esther Glorioso, Carol Tetarchik. 52 TOP ROW: Karen Mettner, MJoriel Lindberg, Carol Wlneinger, Linda Tavolacci, Barbara Carney, Betty Hill, Cleo Burton, Nancy Ellis, Gleneva Koontz, Ellen Williamson, Juanita Johnson. SECOND ROW: Joan Kozak, Barbara Hamady, Linda Matlock, Roberta Byrum, Stella Floyd, Jacqueline Jacobs, Anita Bradford, Mary Pirjas, Phyllis Goyda, Judith Sohovlch, Helen Melster. FRONT ROW: Barbara Pick, Barbara Czilli, Judith Rayborn, Judith Bright, Sharon Cornwell, Marlene Kingery, Vicki Bentley, Joan DeHaven, Carolyn Bryant, Susan Pocialik. Homemakers of Tomorrow TOP ROW: Faye Armes, Dorothy Wherry, Jean Czehaj, Judith Warren, Judith Sarkotich, Patricia Ryan, Janet Kingery, Jessica Lopez, Judith Kociara, Linda Hadley, Mary Marks, Linda Kobylinski. SECOND ROW: Barbara Przybysz, Muriel Dillard, Mary Bildilli, Lucy McClaran, Sharon Whitledge , Carolyn Clawson, Darlene Neagu, Barbara Chasko, Elaine Walley, Bobbiette Bastin. FRONT ROW: Florence Scheuer, Elaine Flotke, Jacqueline Mock, Toni Milam, Marilyn Jakich, Rosemarie Flinchum, Linda Rose, Dixie Warren, Shirley Cudney. 53 James Parker, President; Linda Tavolacci, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Choncoff, Sponsor; Patricia Danko, Historian; Donald Lackovitch, Vice-President. Future Teachers of America The purpose of the F. T. A. is to help students interested in the teaching profession to decide in which field of teaching they are most interested. This was accomplished by student or cadet teaching and various conventions which the members attended during the year. A trip to Indiana University was taken at the end of the year. TOP ROW: Joan DeHaven, Mary Pirjas, Nancy Olszyniak, Georgia Rogers, Richard Kestle, Donald Lackovitch, Douglas Moore, Floyd Kettering, Gary Linn, William Dopp, James Parker, Barbara Hines, Barbara Czilli, Carol Wineinger, Lillian Sherowsky, Sharon Baker. FRONT ROW: Sandra Fredericks, Camille Buchner, Frances Kasperek, Sharon Thompson, Karen Mettner, Barbara Carney, Juanita Johnson, Joan Kozak, Charlene Fabian, Joan Norvil, Cleo Burton, Linda Tavolacci, Karen Campbell, Patricia Danko, Carol Tetarchik, Martha Babarik. 54 TOP ROW: Charles Watts, Social Chairman; Ronald Janis, Secretary; Raymond Bottila, Vice-President. FRONT ROW. Sharon Wr a cher , Treasurer; Mrs. Vallee, Sponsor; Cynthia Newman, President. Spanish Club On October 3, 1958, the Spanish Club, a new club at Edison, was organized by Mrs. Carmen Vallee. Sponsoring various activities and conducting excursions concerning the history and tradition of Spain were the main high lights of the club. TOP ROW: Steven Galovlc, Leonard Herrin, William Hines, Ronald Janusch, Ronald Janis, Raymond Botlila, James Havrilla, Leo Mayhew, Robert Cook, Larry Hladln, William Poe, Armando Yanez, Alex Evolga, Theodore Kasperek. SECOND ROW: Gary Dick, Jerry Guess, Magdalena Lopez, Rhoda Sullivan, Kathleen Tetarchik, Karen Campbell, Sandra Adams, Juanita Mattingly, Cynthia Newman, Beverly Catherman, Charles Watts, James Tamalunas. FRONT ROW: Cheryle Hoyt, Frederica Finn, Sharon Wracher, Linda Blaslngame, Lynne Epperson, Jessica Lopez, Barbara Fick, Judith Pelton, Jacqueline Mock, Judith Rayborn, Patricia Walker, Kethleen O ' Connor, Sandra Fredericks. TOP ROW: Mr. Cooley, Sponsor; Paul Koloscl, Librarian; James Thompson, Vice-President; Scott Miller, President. FRONT ROW: Linda Kobylinski, Treasurer; Cynthia Newman, Reporter; Marcia Laffin, Secretary. Science Club For the third consecutive year, the Science Club was organized under the kind hand of Mr. James C. Cooley. Each member of the club was required to undertake a science project. Some of the interesting projects were: studies concerning habits of carnivorous plants, effects of food deficiency in plants, cold drinks from wild plants, making permanent microscopic slides, and others. Through the kind assistance of the Edison Senior High School P. T. A. the Science Club held a Science Fair, a display of scientific projects undertaken by the members of the club. In the way of money-making projects the club sponsored only one, which was a dance. TOP ROW: Thomas Sohovich, James Tamalunas, Michael Lackovitch, Larry Hladin, Paul Kolosci, Calvin Michael, Therman Elkins, Scott Miller, Richard Woodworth, Bruce Binkley, Ronald Berg, Richard Lee, Bernard Spencer, Thomas Cox, Ronald Janis, Thomas Spencer, Stephan Nepsa, James Thompson, Joseph Kent, Daniel Neitzel. FRONT ROW: Alex Evolga, Gerald McCasland, Victor Brotko, Marilyn Jakich, Linda Blasingame, Patricia Walker, Kathleen Tetarchik , Janet Kingery , Marcia Laffin, Carolyn Shaffer, Leloni Dorall, Cynthia Newman, Carolyn Zubek, Ruby Ennis, Linda Kobylinski, Stephen Galovic, Richard Vanderlin, Theodore Kasperek. 56 Mr. Georgakis, Sponsor; James Spanopoulos, Vice-President; Cheryle Hoyt, Secretary; Paul King, President. Safe-Teen Club This year, the Safe-Teen Club was reorganized under the sponsorship of Mr. Georgakis. The purpose of the club was that its members maintain safe-driving habits throughout the school year and afterwards by following the local, state, and federal laws. The Safe-Teen Club seeks to make each teen-ager a capable and responsible driver. TOP ROW: Richard Michaels, George Tamalunas, Richard Bartos, Richard Major, Douglas Moore, John Baker, Richard Lopez, Gilbert Hamilton, David Hickman, Glenn Everett, Floyd Kettering, John Prdtt ' , Denver Drake, Arnold Bolint, Steven Kovaclc, Larry Golden, John Norvil, Jeffrey Lewis. SECOND ROW: Paul King, James Spanopoulos, Barbara Czilli, Diana Dragash, Joann Meister, Vicki Koontz, Ethel Jakich, Barbara Keyak, Carol Tetarchik, Karen Campbell, Sharon Leight, Anita Bradford, Claudette Hutchins, PaUence Maxwell, Bonnie McEwan, Jerry Blair, Bruce Lindsey. FRONT ROW: Beverly Petruzelli, Cheryle Hoyt, Barbara Melton, Peggy Rentz, Karen Mettner, Frances Kasperek, Bonita Flick, Patricia Gilmore, Karen Tucker, Joyce Hughes, Scarlett McDonald. TOP ROW: Richard Whis sen, Treasurer; Richard Kestle, Vice-President; Victor Aloia, Secretary. FRONT ROW: Mr. Gaza, Sponsor; Robert Filipas, President; Mr. Goergakis, Sponsor. E- Men’s Club All the members of the E -Men ' s Club have earned at least one major letter in one of the major sports; football, basketball, track, baseball, cross-country, or golf. By sponsoring the Faculty-Alumni and Senior-Faculty games, the club was able to send the senior football players to the Cardinal-Los Angeles Rams football game as well as send- ing the basketball and track teams to the state finals, and the baseball team to a major league baseball game. TOP ROW: Tony Soria, Richard Lopez, Therman Elkins, Bernard Spencer, Richard Major, James Havrilla, Larry Lee, Ivan Pustik., Douglas Moore, James Wagner, Thomas Cox, Richard Lee, Max Hutka. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Hamilton, Richard Kestle, Victor Alola, John Norvil, Jeffrey Lewis, James Parker, Floyd Kettering , Robert Filipas, Larry Dickey, John Moore. FRONT ROW: Stephen Szostek, Ned Anderson, Joseph Mitchell, Jack Barker, Armando Yanez, James Spanopoulos, David Taylor, Paul Spencer, Leon McDaniel. NOT PICTURED: William Dopp, Gary Linn, John Prott, Donald Lackovitch, Ronald Berg. 58 Paul King, Vice-President; Ronald Hackler, President; Mr. Kasrich, Sponsor; William Dopp, Secretary; Douglas Moore, Treasurer. Boys 9 Pep Clu b Organized this year, the club has done much to increase school spirit and attendance at the football and basketball games. In addition to organizing a boys ' cheering section, the club provided cars and transportation for the homecoming and sectional parades. TOP ROW: William Poe, Scott Miller, Bruce Binkley, Joseph Kent, Michael Lackovitch, Richard Woodworth, Ralph Sprlngman, James Parker, Bernard Spencer, Robert Price, Calvin Michael, Michael Keyak, Richard Kestle, John Kulavik, Donald Lackovitch, Harold Hodges, James Muldoon, Frederick Shaffer, Thomas Harwood. FRONT ROW: Paul King, Arnold Bollnt, Ronald Hackler, Therman Elkins, William Dopp, Eugene Wright, Robert Filipas, John Norvil, Jeffrey Lewis, Floyd Kettering, Larry Lee, Gary Linn, John Moore, Douglas Moore, Allen Cox, Paul Spencer. 59 TOP ROW: Esther Glorioso, Vice-President; Anita Bradford, Secretary; Mary Pirjas, Treasurer; Ruth Scheuer, President. FRONT ROW: Mr. McLaughlin, Mrs. Wiggins, and Mr. Kuruzovich, Sponsors. Girls’ Pep Club The spirit of the Pep Club has grown considerably with a membership of approximately 150 girls. A dance was sponsored by the club after the Calumet Township game on November 21. Various other projects such as the sale of sweatshirts, hats, and the Eagle stickers helped to pay for new varsity cheerleaders ' sweaters. TOP ROW: Nellie Reed, Ruth Scheuer, Mary Ann Bumbera, Sharon Baker, Barbara Moore, Martha Wherry, Claudette Hutchins, Joan Norvil, Patricia Gilmore, Sharon Wiedbusch, Margaret Rentz, Cheryle Hoyt, Rita Boutwell, Joan Mills, Ellen Heck, Vicki Koontz, Lillian Sherowsky . SECOND ROW: Bonita Flick, Sandra Knapp, Nancy Olszyniak, Joyce Hughes, Ethel Jakich, Wilma Faye Stucker, Jean Jacobson, Barbara Hines, Jean Hook, June Hook, Scarlett McDonald, Carol Tetarchik, Judith Hamady, Patience Maxwell. FRONT ROW: Patricia Danko, Lou Marks, Beverly Petruzelli, Bonnie McEwan, Peggy Shelton, Diana Dragash, Karen Campbell, Bonnie Sebben, Frances Kasperek, Barbara Keyak, Joann Meister, Esther Glorioso, Jane Atkins. 60 TOP ROW: Donna Wernes, Karen Mettner, Sharon Thompson, Sandra Medows, Donna Crockett, Carol Wineinger, Sandra Brimmer, Janrose Simpson, Barbara Carney, Linda Tavolacci, Cleo Burton, Anita Bradford, Dorothy Kupres, Ouida Wilson, Nancy Ellis, Gleneva Koontz, Ellen Williamson, Adrienne Johnston, Eunice Seaburg, Lila Ivlow. SECOND ROW: Joan Kozak, Camille Buchner, Linda Matlock, Roberta Byrum, Norma Jean Davison, Stella Floyd, Dixie Catherman, Claudia Owens, Juanita Mattingly, Jacqueline Jacobs, Mary Pirjas, Phyllis Goyda, Georgia Rogers, Judith Sohovich, Charlene Fabian, Helen Meister, Juanita Johnson. FRONT ROW: Barbara Hamady, Diana Earley, Barbara Fick, Barbara Czilli, Judith Rayborn, Judith Bright, Nancy Franklin, Charlotte Stetler, Joann Moore, Martha Babarik, Marlene Kingery, Judith Pelton, Vicki Bentley, Sandra Fredericks, Joan DeHaven, Carolyn Bryant, Susan Pocialik, Kathleen O ' Connor. G ith 9 Pep Club TOP ROW: Mary Bildilli, Jean Czehaj , Judith Warren, Jessica Lopez, Patricia Ryan, Magdalena Lopez, Lynne Epperson, Sharon Wracher, Linda Blasingame, Carolyn Shaffer, Patricia Walker, Janet Kingery, Judith Kociara, Linda Hadley, Marcia Laffin, Elaine Walley, Linda Kobylinski. SECOND ROW: Lucy McClaran, Sharon Whitledge , Frederica Finn, Cynthia Newman, Jacqueline Mock, Nancy Scholebo, Judith Sarkotich, Kathleen Tetarchik, Carolyn Clawson, Leloni Dorall, Jacqueline Carpenter , Rhoda Sullivan, Carole Nagy, Darlene Neagu, Barbara Chasko. FRONT ROW: Muriel Dillard, Anna Garzella, Sandra Adams, Toni Milam, Elaine Flotke, Jaclyn Wignall, Carolyn Zubek, Marilyn Jakich, Beverly Catherman, Linda Rose, Dixie Warren, Patricia Lawrimore, Barbara Przybysz, Florence Scheuer. 61 Pep Clubs In Action 4 62 TOP ROW: Assistant Coach Bromberg, John Moore, Richard Major, Thomas Cox, Ivan Pustik, James Havrilla, Ronald Berg, Leo Mayhew, William Dopp. THIRD ROW: Samuel May, Max Hutka, Richard Lee, Bernard Spencer, Stephen Szostek, Joseph Mitchell, Michael Keyak, Coach Georgakis. SECOND ROW: James Spanopoulos, Tony Soria, Richard Vanderlin, Leon McDaniel, Paul Spencer, Donald Lackovitch, Richard Lopez, Richard Hiller, Ned Anderson, Paul Kolosci. FRONT ROW: Julius Dian, Glenn Everett, Jeffrey Lewis, Floyd Kettering, John Norvil. Robert Filipas, Richard Kestle, Gilbert Hamilton. Football VARSITY Due to the loss of several key players with injuries, the Eagles had only a fair season. The Eagles won their second game of the season when they defeated the Troopers of Wirt in a conference game but lost the next three games. Then they fought to a 14-14 tie with the Warriors of Calumet Township before they dropped a close game to Edison of Gary . They beat a determined River Forest team 31-0 before they ended the season by losing two close games to place seventh in the Calumet Conference . Edison was honored by having Robert Filipas placed on the All Conference defensive team, and eight players made honorable mention. They were: Jeffrey Lewis and John Norvil, the co-captains; Glenn Everett, Richard Kestle, Gilbert Hamilton, Floyd Kettering, Donald Lackovich, and Paul Spencer. SEASON ' S RECORD ♦Merrillville Opponent 12 Edison 6 Wirt 0 12 ♦Lowell 7 6 ♦Griffith 32 6 Calumet Township 14 14 ♦Edison of Gary 18 7 River Forest 0 31 ♦Dyer 14 7 ♦Portage 20 6 ♦Calumet Conference Game 64 JEFFREY LEWIS Co -Captain JOHN NORVIL Co-Captain ROBERT FILIP AS RICHARD KESTLE GLENN EVERETT GILBERT HAMILTON FLOYD KETTERING Football RESERVES TOP ROW: Ronald Janls, Kent Widener, Jack Taylor, James Taylor, Jack Barker, William Poe, Coach Hartley. SECOND ROW: Samuel May, Roger Brewer, Armando Yanez , Richard Skeens, Albert Sherowsky, Frederick Shaffer. FRONT ROW: Allen Mumaw, Thomas Harwood, Thomas Spencer, Joseph Kent, Harold Hodges, James Muldoon. 66 Edison In Action — , % I ' " 1 , ,4 j r fc jr ' .yl SSk BgsR i : a i ■ sam j . -ATV . - , IBH Varsi ty Cheerleaders Ruth Scheuer, Eunice Seaberg, Rita Boutwell, Susan Pocialik, Esther Glorioso, Paul King. B-Team Cheerleaders TOP ROW: Carolyn Zubek, Karen Schepper. FRONT ROW: Jacqueline Carpenter, Jaclyn Wignall, Kathleen Tetarchlk, Leloni Dorall, Rhoda Sullivan. 68 TOP ROW: Richard Bartos, Richard Lee, James Parker, Richard Major, Gilbert Hamilton, Ronald Berg, Gary Linn, Douglas Moore, Thomas Cox, John Norvil, Paul Spencer, Donald Lackovitch. FRONT ROW: Lane Robertson, Coach Gaza, Kent Widener. Basketball VARSITY James Parker was elected honorary captain and Ronald Berg was chosen as the most valu- able player for the 1958-59 season. James Parker and Gilbert Hamilton received Honorable Mention for the Calumet All-Conference Team. Ronald Berg and Gary Linn were elected as co-captains for next year. SEASON ' S RECORD Edison Opponent Hobart 40 67 Westville 64 57 Highland 47 50 Calumet Township 51 60 Portage 73 97 Emerson (forfeit) 1 0 Chesterton 69 74 Tolleston 39 81 River Forest 72 55 Lake County Tourney Edison (Gary) 49 65 Griffith 58 90 Calumet Township 46 70 Lowell 65 71 Dyer 71 50 Sectional Tourney Merrillville 62 69 Wirt 58 62 Froebel 44 73 Crown Point 58 84 REB FTA FTM Pet. FGA FGM Pet. TP AV. Hamilton 165 94 55 .585 276 105 .380 265 17.6 Parker 54 70 26 .371 218 66 .303 158 9.3 Berg 235 50 24 .480 181 66 .365 156 9.2 Linn 178 63 37 .587 155 47 .303 141 8.3 Cox 64 38 28 .737 165 50 .303 128 8. Norvil 14 17 9 .529 34 6 .176 21 1.9 Moore 37 19 13 .684 48 14 .292 41 2.6 Spencer 15 12 8 .667 21 4 .191 16 1.6 Lackovitch 3 8 4 .500 29 4 .138 12 1.2 Major 2 2 1 .500 4 2 .500 5 .83 Bartos 4 1 0 .000 6 1 .167 2 .40 69 THOMAS COX DONALD LACKOVITCH DOUGLAS MOORE RICHARD BARTOS r- RONALD BERG GARY LINN JOHN NORVIL RICHARD LEE PAUL SPENCER RICHARD MAJOR TOP ROW: James Taylor, John Moore, Bernard Spencer, James Havrilla, Ivan Jahns, Fred Hoffman, Coach Hartley. FRONT ROW: James Thompson, Paul Lambert, Lonnie Mullins, Ronald Ranger, Richard Lee, William Poe, Kent Wldener. Basketball RESERVES The high scorers of the season were Bernard Spencer, James Taylor, Richard Lee, Ivan Jahns, William Poe, and James Havrilla. SEASON ' S RECORD Edison Opponent Crown Point 37 51 Westville 30 23 Hobart 18 44 Calumet Township 26 44 Highland 36 38 Emerson 26 41 Portage 37 51 Tolieston 34 38 Chesterton 49 42 River Forest 40 17 Edison (Gary) 29 42 Reserve Tourney Griffith 26 58 Lowell 37 46 Dyer 40 39 Dyer 54 57 Portage 33 45 Merrillville 28 35 Lowell 33 43 Wirt 38 25 TOP ROW: Thomas Deel, James Muldoon, Morgan Fernandez, Jack Taylor, Michael Keyak, Thomas Harwood, Harold Hodges, Fred Schaefer, Coach Georgakis. FRONT ROW: Richard Skeens, Tony Soria, Leo Mayhew, Jack Barker, Kent Taylor.. U restling Truck TOP ROW: James Thompson, David Taylor, Thomas Spencer, Douglas Moore, John Moore, Coach Gaza, Ronald Janis, Therman Elkins, Paul Spencer, Thomas Harwood, Kent Widener. FRONT ROW: Jack Barker, John Norvil, James Parker, Ronald Berg, Leo Mayhew, William Dopp, Tony Soria. 73 TOP ROW: Coach Bromberg, Richard Major, Gary Linn, Robert Fllipas, Jeffrey Lewis. FRONT ROW: Lane Robertson, Ned Anderson, Donald Lackovltch, James Wagner, Morgan Fernandez. Baseball Golf John Moore, Michael O ' Hara, Floyd Kettering, Larry Lee, James Parker, Jack Barker, Coach Kuruzovich . 74 ACTIVITIES 75 Homecoming Parade w A - • Mil Homecoming Game At Half-Time Richard Whissen, Student Council President - Peggy Shelton, Homecoming Queen. 77 TOP ROW: Ethel Jakich, Esther Glorioso, Beverly PetruzelU, Richard Whlssen, Student Council President; Joan Norvil, Barbara Keyak. FRONT ROW: Peggy Shelton, Homecoming Queen. Queen Peggy Shelton and her Court Peggy Shelton Homecoming Queen 79 Annual Homecoming Dance October 17 Edison Gymnasium After Edison vs. River Forest Game 80 TOP ROW: Jeffrey Lewis, James Parker, Floyd Kettering. THIRD ROW: Ethel Jakich, Barbara Melton, Sandra Knapp, Ruth Scheuer, Sharon Leight, June Hook, Patricia Gilmore, Jean Hook, Judith Hamady. SECOND ROW: Esther Glorioso, Carol Tetarchik, Jane Atkins, Joyce Hughes, Vicki Koontz, Lillian Sherowsky, Bonnie Sebben, Joan Norvil, Beverly Petruzelli, Barbara Keyak. FRONT ROW: Joann Meister, Cheryle H oyt, Peggy Shelton, Rita Boutwell, Diana Dragash, Nancy Olszyniak, Nellie Reed, Peggy Rentz. Pouvler Pu ff Game TOP ROW: Mr. Kasrich, Douglas Moore, Johr Moore, Donald Lackovitch, Gary Linn, Paul Spencer. THIRD ROW: Sandra Medows, Judith Sohovtch, Barbara Hamady, Cleo Burton, Linda Tavolacci, Barbara Getridge, Gleneva Koontz, Roberta Byrum, Phyllis Goyda ,. Karen Mettner, Dixie Catherman. SECOND ROW: Joan DeHaven, Sharon Thompson, Barbara Carney, Joan Kozak, Charlene Fabian, Juanita Mattingly, Jacqueline Jacobs, Barbara Cooper, Marlene Kingery , Mary Plrjas, Anita Bradford, Helen Meister. FRONT ROW: Georgia Rogers, Susan Poclalik, Judith Raybom, Martha Babarik, Stella Floyd, Charlotte Stetler, Judith Bright, Janrose Simpson, Oulda Wilson, Barbara Fick. 81 Ponder Puff King RICHARD WHISSEN Senior Cheerleaders Jeffrey Lewis, James Parker, Richard Kestle, Floyd Kettering. 83 Eagle Feathers on sale at the noon hour every other week I Martha Haddad, News Reporter and Karen Campbell, Associate Editor. 84 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY - " The Eager Miss Beaver " Edison Gymnasium - December 10 at 8:00 p. m. TOP ROW: Abdon Marmolejo, Martha Babarik, Harry Geiselman, Lila Ivlow, Leslie Carmin, John Melton, William Dopp Jacqueline Jacobs. FRONT ROW: John Moore, Mary PirJas, Eunice Seaberg, Georgia Rogers. SUNSHINE ' S CAN CAN DANCE on December 13 Helped to Spread Cheer to the Needy COUNCIL DECORATED HALLS FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW COLLECTED GIFTS FOR MENTAL PATIENTS 87 Carol Tetarchik; Georgia Rogers; Karen Schepper; Joan Kozak, Vice-President, crowning Ruth Scheuer, Sunshine Sweet- heart Queen; Jaclyn Wignall; Eunice Seabert; Peggy Shelton. Sunshine Sweetheart Queen and Her Court 89 Ruth Scheuer Sweetheart Queen At Sunshine Society ' s Sweetheart Dance February 2 1 SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTEST WINNERS Georgia Rogers Girls ' Ensemble — Ruth Scheuer, Georgia Rogers, Beverly Petruzelll, State — First Place Esther Glorioso, Judith Bright. STATE— FIRST PLACE Ruth Scheuer and her escort William Smith Sharon Thompson District — First Place First Place Ratings in District not pictured: Cornet Duet — Charlotte Stetler and Charles Hardt; French Horn Duet — Sharon Thompson and Christine Shudick; Flute Duet — Kathleen Tetarchlk and Bonnie Bazin. The contestants in the instrumental department were entered only in the district contest. Edison ' s First Science Fair March 17 Students In Mr. Cooley ' s Biology Classes enter their projects In the Science Fair. TOP ROW: Floyd Kettering, David Hickman, Michael O ' Hara, Tony Soria, John Norvll, John Moore, Mr. Kasrlch, Sponsor. FRONT ROW: James Parker, treasurer; Joan Norvll, president; Jeffrey Lewis, vice-president; Victor Alola, secretary; Richard Kestle, demonstrating his translst- er radio to the members of the Physics Club. Physics Chib Each member of the club entered a project in the Science Fair Floyd Kettering a mem- ber of the Physics Club, demonstrates his project of DeGraft static electri- city generator to Mr. Kasrlch and John Moore using James Coffey to the chemistry class to absorb the charge . (LOOM Cast I TOP ROW: Joan Norvll, Paul King, Jeffrey Lewis, Floyd Kettering, Michael O ' Hara, Robert Price, Truman Matlock, Diana Dragash. FRONT ROW: Victor Alola, Esther Glorioso, Joan Mills, Patricia Danko, Beverly Petruzelli, Lillian Sherowsky, Barbara Keyak. NOT PICTURED: Peggy Shelton and Ruth Scheuer. Senior Class Play “New Fires ' ' Cast II TOP ROW: Paul King, Robert Filipas, Richard Whissen, James Parker, Ronald Hackler, Truman Matlock, Bonnie Sebben. FRONT ROW: Martha Wherry, Jane Atkins, Joyce Hughes, Judith Hamady, Carol Tetarchik, Ellen Heck, Scarlett McDonald, Frances Kasperek. NOT PICTURED: Nellie Reed. 92 ADVERTISEMENTS 93 STERLING-CONER STUDIOS 629 WASHINGTON Official Annual Photographers We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Lee Coner who has been our Edisonian photographer 94 the past fourteen years " IT ' S NICER AT MEISTER ' S " Your Prescription Specialists CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Phone 2-1171 Plaza 51 95 ARTISTIC CLEANERS 2804 DeKalb Street Central Shopping Center 2316 Ripley Street Six Radio Dispatched Trucks Phone: East Gary 2-1121 96 During the day, Mr. Curtis J. Schrotberger , our custodian, was seen here and there while he kindly took care of our building as well as our needs. Mr. Robert Lewis of the Sterling Coner Studio of Gary was well-known to the students as he took pictures during the school day and at school activities. 97 EAST GARY BRANCH FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GARY 3707 Central East Gary, Indiana - Save Where It Pays - Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 59 LAKE COUNTY STATE BANK Member FDIC 4700 Central East Gary Five Star Super Mart 2750 DeKalb East Gary North of Road 30 - East of Road 55 Independence Hill 5105 West Fifth Brunswick 7320 Broadway Merrillville Dairy Queen Route 51 and Central Avenue Plaza 51 Phone 2-1331 BARBARA HINES SCARLETT MCDONALD GLORIA DAWSON JEAN JACOBSON BARBARA MOORE NANCY OLS ZYNIAK SHARON WIEDBUSCH BONNIE McEWAN JOYCE HUGHES JOANN MEISTER LILLIAN SHEROWSKY BARBARA KEYAK ESTHER GLORIOSO 1 E DIANA DRAGASH BONITA FLICK ELLEN HECK PATIENCE MAXWELL lot Harold ' s Sunoco Service 2303 Central Avenue Phone 2-9946 East Gary ' s DeKalb Drugs Your Community Health Center 2800 DeKalb Street Phone 2-1137 .1 ETHEL JAKICH BEVERLY PETRUZELLI RITA BOUTWELL PEGGY RENTZ MARTHA WHERRY HOOK TWINS JUDITH HAMADY FRANCES KASPEREK CHERYLE HOYT FLOYD KETTERING DAVID JOHN CUNNINGHAM PROTT 103 Bianco Drugs, Inc. Joe Bianco, R. Ph. Your Walgreen Agency Don Strimbu, R. Ph. Central Shopping Center Phone: East Gary 2-1176 to $1.00 Ben Franklin Store 5 »»i.oo " A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned " Central Center East Gary Wallin ' s Hardware 3461 Central Avenue Phone 2-1478 East Gary, Indiana A LIFETIME OF MEMORIES YOUR JOSTEN CLASS RING Commemorate your school days with a jeweiry masterpiece . . , o JOSTEN class ring. . . . fashioned in flawless exclusive SUNSHINE 10K gold copyrighted original JOSTEN designs student-styling at its quality finest ■ Robert Albertson Representative Box 9 Plymouth, Indiana 105 Karsa’s Royal Blue Food Shop 2808 DeKalb Street Phone 2-1496 Ray’s Drive-In Johnny’s Pastry Shop Wants to thank its many customers Quality First, and friends for a successful six years in the drive-in business. Quality Always We are branching out into another type of business to be located at Central 3521 Central Avenue Avenue and Pike Street . § WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE ALSO. Thank you very, very much. East Gary, Indiana Ray and Mary t- Moore Phone 2-1450 Ralph and Red’s Service Central and Route No. 51 Plaza 51 Tune Up Phone 2-1461 Sassano I. G. A. Foodliner Congratulations to the Class of ' 59 Route 51 at Central Avenue Plaza 51 Franks Store for Men Central Shopping Center East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1350 3837 Broadway Gary, Indiana Phone: Turner 4-3392 Courtesy Department Store " The Place to Go For the Brands You Know " Route 51 at Central Avenue Plaza 51 Smith’s Furniture Shades Appliances Central Center East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1181 600 West Fifth Avenue Gary, Indiana Phone: Turner C -0358 107 East Gary Plumbing Supply Co. 3343 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1729 Compliments of Herff-Jones Co. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana Congratulations to the Class of ' 59 Buy Low Super Market 3401 East U. S. Highway 6 GARY OFFICE For Your Fun For Your Work Remember Gary ' s Largest Office Outfitters for your Typewriters Fountain Pens Luggage Greeting Cards Cameras RENTALS On Typewriters - Adding Machines EXPERT REPAIRS On All Makes of Typewriters George Kingsley Representative 108 Gary Office Equipment Co. 25 West Sixth Avenue Phone 5-6286 Compliments of East Gary Frostop Bazin’s Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Campus 2835 Central Avenue Phone 2-1455 2 301 Fairview Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-9940 Garber Bros. 2751 DeKalb Street Phone 2-9975 Central Food Market 739 Central Avenue Phone 2-1263 " Quality Meat " 109 Rustic Castle Central Cafe 4343 Central Avenue Complete Carry-Out Service Sandwiches - Fountain Drinks 801 Central Avenue Special 15£ Hamburgers East Gary, Indiana Open 7:30 A. M. until 11:00 P. M. Owners - Eddie and Rose Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Atkins Compliments of Bob Fuller TV, Radio and Marine Service East Gary Florist 2419 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Greenhouses Phone: 2-1628 Dorall ' s McCool Nursery Motorola, R. C. A., Philco, Dumont 1643 Central Avenue Scott-Atwater Motors Phone 2-1200 Lone Star Boats When You Want to Buy a Home, Congratulations to the Class of ' 59 When You Want to Sell a Home See East Gary Berry Realty Concrete Products, Inc. Realtors 2599 DeKalb Street We Write All Types of Insurance 3801 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1438 1 io Bud’s Barber Shop Scheuer’s General Store Central and Union East Gary 1201 Central Avenue - 6 Barbers - East Gary, Indiana Hair Cuts $1.00 Open 6 days a week until 6P.M. Open Sunday 9 A. M. to 12 noon Best Wishes to the Class of ' 59 East Gary Washerette Whitledge Shoe Store and Repair 925 Central Avenue 4 hour service We Wash Rugs, Spreads and Blankets Shoes and Clothing Have your clothes dried here when you wash at home 2825 Central Avenue Pick-up and Delivery Phone 2-1506 East Gary Phone 2-1288 Harold Rich East Gary, Indiana Brady Funeral Home East Gary Fuel and Supply Co. Carl Peterson, Proprietor 3781 Central Avenue Fill Sand - Stone - Slag Gravel - Fuel Oil 3150 Central Avenue Phone 2-1606 East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1556 1 1 1 Agnes Garber’s Christenson Motors, Inc. Little Folks Shoppe Your Local Chevrolet Dealer New and Used 735 Central Avenue Cars and Trucks 2000 Central Avenue Gifts for Weddings and East Gary Baby Showers Phone 2-1223 Coconut Grove New Chicago Pla Bowl 1233 Central Avenue Bowling " Family Entrance " 3617 Michigan Avenue Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Pizza and Hobart, Indiana All Kinds of Sandwiches Brunswick Automatics Also Beverages Phone: East Gary 2-9908 Congratulations Triangle Steel Corp. Kellen’s 5050 Industrial Highway Hobart Flower Shop Gary, Indiana Distributors of Steel Products 409 Main Street Storing - Assorting - Shearing Hobart, Indiana Flame Cutting - Crane Service Phones 140 and 130 Scale Service " Say It with Flowers " Flowers by Wire Telephone: TUrner 5-8214 1 12 Gary National Bank Radigan Bros. for Complete Banking Service 637 Broadway Ten Convenient Locations Gary, Indiana Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone: Turner 5-7696 " Where Driving Really Becomes a Pleasure " Calumet Auto Import Bill’s Floor Sanding Company Sales RENAULT Service 2737 Elkhart Street Elliott Maling 717 Washington Gary P. Green Gary, Indiana Sales Representative Turner 6-3711 Phone 2-1598 Compliments of Compliments of Flamingo Restaurant Specializing in Pizza, Steaks, Chicken Shrimp and Fish Bender Construction Co. Complete Remodeling Home Repairs 120 Fifth Avenue 722 Washington Street Gary, Indiana 1 13 PEGGY ' S BEAUTY SH OP EAST GARY LANES 2368 Warrick Street East Gary, Indiana 3425 Central Avenue Rear of 5 Star Super Market East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1815 Phone 2-9911 EBERHARDT BROS. GARAGE H. W. BRECKMAN Gas - Oil Greasing Tires - Tubes - Accessories State Farm Insurance Complete Auto Repair 1517 Central Avenue 2715 Central Avenue East Gary Phone 2-9963 Phone 2-1700 GENERAL VARIETY STORE DUFFY ' S 2760 DeKalb Street Tasty Sandwiches and Beverages Phone 2-3764 2935 Central Avenue EAST GARY DECORATOR JOHNSON ' S FISH AND SHRIMP 3407 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana 2619 Central Avenue Phone 2-1643 Phone 2-1728 Congratulations to the Class of ' 59 Compliments of OLSON-REISER FUNERAL HOME FRANK and ANN 1307 Central Avenue Phone 2-1511 CHESTER TOOLSHED RENTALS SCHUBERT ' S PAINT STORE 711 Central Avenue Phone 2-1201 Custom Colors We rent sanding machines, mechanic ' s tools, painter ' s equipment, plumber ' s tools, power tools, and rug shampooers. 723 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1276 WEID MAN ' S JEWELRY STORE MEISTER ' S. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 3727 Central Avenue 3499 Central Avenue Watch and Clock Repair Phone 2-1132 JOHN WILSON Compliments Radio and Television Service 2913 Central Avenue of Phone 2-1818 GATEWAY EAST GARY ' S BARTO ' S LUNCH HOUSE OF FLOWERS 2898 DeKalb Street Phone 2-1349 Compliments of FREDRIC ' S SALON OF BEAUTY and Slenderizin g JACK ' S BARBER SHOP Waves - Styling - Coloring 3518 Central Avenue Central Center Phone 2-1272 L. STENDAHL AND SON BICKETT ' S GULF SERVICE Home Builders Gulf Oil Products Central Center 2626 Central Avenue 1213 Central Avenue Phone 2-1161 East Gary, Indiana PADGET LUMBER SUPPLY Congratulations CORPORATION FLOYD VANCE 2915 DeKalb Street East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1650 Lake County Prosecutor 1 1 5 Compliments of DR. RALPH C. EADES, M. D. DR. L. P. PAVACIK Dentist 3538 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana 3538 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1372 DR. RICHARD D. BESSLER Optometrist HOBART WALGREEN AGENCY 3538 Central Avenue Leon Gardner, R. Ph. East Gary, Indiana Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription Phone 2-1554 Phone 181 or 255 310 Main Street CUBBERLEY ' S JEWELRY LA MODE 218 Main Street Hobart, Indiana Sportswear - Dresses - Lingerie Phone 588-W R. N. Cubberley, Watchmaker 348 Main Street % Hobart, Indiana Phone 96 Compliments of HOBART SHOES VOSSBERG APPAREL 600 East Third Street Hobart Miller Phone 1183 ODELL-SMITH J. K. NEWS Jewelry - Music - Gifts 336 Main Street Hobart, Indiana 347 Main Street Hobart, Indiana Western Union Hallmark Greeting Cards Newspapers - Magazines COREY BROS. BAKERY KESEL PAINT AND HARDWARE Specialty Cakes for All Occasions 350 Main Street Hardware , Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Hobart, Indiana Phone 57 1 16 3545 Michigan Street New Chicago, Indiana LONNER CONSTRUCTION CO. Compliments of Custom Home Builders HARRIGAN REAL ESTATE 500 North Hobart Street Hobart, Indiana Phone 477 124 Main Street Hobart, Indiana Compliments of LIVERPOOL PAINT HARDWARE Septic Tank Cleaning Service Plumbing Supplies Consumers Paint - Hardware HOBART POLICE DEPARTMENT 34th and Liverpool Road Gary BRUCE JACOBSENS MITCHELL ' S Complete Office Outfitters of Hobart 2 Stores in Gary 2210 West Tenth Avenue Northern Indiana ' s Finest Sporting Goods or Sixth Avenue at Massachusetts Street THE GIFT SHOP Compliments of China - Crystal - Silver Bridal Registry MELLICK ' S CHILDREN ' S SHOP Village Shopping Center 35th and Grant Streets, Gary in the Village Shopping Center FIELDS, INC. BOB WEAVER TAILORS Gary ' s Formal Center " Bridals - Sportswear " Sales and Rentals Suits 718 Broadway Gary, Indiana Phone Turner 5-6116 Coats 732 Washington Street Shirts Phone Turner 2-3088 Jackets LLOYD ' S LUGGAGE NELSONS Everything in Fine Leather 764 Broadway Avenue Gary, Indiana Phone Turner 5-0112 Hammond Organs - Baldwin Pianos Marshall House 35 East Fifth Avenue Gary, Indiana 1 17 ELIZABETH SCOTT SHOP NICK ' S GROCERY MEAT MARKET 25 East Fifth Avenue 1624 West Eleventh Avenue Phone Gary 2-4102 Gary, Indiana Phone Turner 3-0911 SYLVIA NIEHAUS Teacher of Piano Studio: 3315 Edison Avenue The individual pictures of the Sophomores and Juniors were taken by the National School Studios, Bruce Fessler, photographer, 638 Washington Street, Hobart, Indiana. Phone 2-4311 To Our Advertisers As we say farewell to our school, we, the members of the staff of the 1959 Edisonian, wish to extend our gratitude to the many merchants for their generous support of our yearbook. If it were not for their cooperation, we could not have the quality of annual that was published. We can show our appreciation by patronizing these merchants in our com- munity . 1 18 jofc igk Qchook Codfeges and QJnimsities

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