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• saa - C ' diA-on Settiosi eMialt School SaU ottian 1957 £ad£ Qan.u r 9 tJUa ta 9 oductio+t 1 he Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors began their first day of the morning shift of school in the Edison Junior High School Building on Septem- ber 4, 1956, at 7:00 P.M. Because of the delay in completing our new senior high school building, the students as well as the teachers had to begin their school day at an early hour many more mornings than had been anticipated. With enthusiasm and pride we finally entered our new building on that eventful morning of November 27, following Open House, which was held on Sunday, November 25, and another day of vacation. Our first full day of school was on November 28 because part of the chairs did not arrive for school on Monday. In order that this unusual year will be remembered forever, we the staff, have tried our best to summarize and record the important activities, the fun, and the work we had, and the memories of our faculty and classmates in this, “The 1957 Edisonian.” Our Morning Shift in Edison Junior High School Building 2 The 19 5 7 Edisonian FRONT ENTRANCE SOUTH ENTRANCE N REAR VIEW The 1957 Edisonian COACH STEFAN GAZA We, the staff, wish to dedicate this, our 1957 Edisonian to our basketball coach, Stefan Gaza, and our football coach Steve Georgakis, in order to show our appreciation for the many hours of work they have spent in instructing and coach- ing our school athletes on to victory. be icatio+t Your coaching and friendly in- struction will always be remembered by every student of Edison Senior High School. COACH STEVE GEORGAKIS The 1957 Edisonian 5 9n MemosUam M,ss Mary Jane Kattis, whose short life came to a tragic end on May 19, 1956, will always remain in the memories of the faculty as well as the students of Edison. She served well during her three years as the high school librarian, spreading good will and friendship. 6 The 1957 Edisonian EDISONITES The 1957 Edisoniar. 7 Fred L. Kitehel Secretary William McKinney President J. Richard Turner Treasurer VIRGIL I. BAILEY Superintendent of Schools The 1957 Edisonian CLAUDE P. ROOS Principal of EDISON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL The 1957 Edisonian DOROTHY M. JOHNSON Office Clerk MARJORIE BRADY Business Education — Sopho- more Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic. JAMES C. COOLEY Science — Sophomore Sponsor. Science Club Sponsor. STEVE GEORGAKIS Social Studies — Dean of Boys, Senior Sponsor, E-Men ' s Club Sponsor, Football Coach. IONA CRISMAN English. Latin — Junior Sponsor. Eagle Feathers Critic. BONNIE GLEASON Home Economics — Senior Sponsor. Homemakers Club Sponsor. HILDA E. CHAPMAN Librarian — Dean of Girls. Senior Sponsor. Sunshine Society Sponsor, F. T. A. Sponsor. GLS COIN Band. STEFAN G. GAZA Mathematics — Junior Sponsor. Student Council Sponsor. E- Men s Club Sponsor. Pep Club Sponsor. Basketball Coach, Track Coach. SYLVIA G. HAAS Spanish, Business Education — Sophomore Sponsor. 10 The 1957 F.disonian F A C U L T Y RICHARD HADDAD ARTHUR L. HARTLEY HAZEL HARTLEY Social Studies, Driver Training — Senior Sponsor. Assistant Basketball Coach. Industrial Arts. Business Education — Junior Sponsor. Edisonian Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Sponsor. HELEN HOWELL MARGARET JANA edward h. McLaughlin Art. Music. English. Social Studies — Junior Sponsor. Pep Club Sponsor. CARL D. TCHALO Science. Mathematics — Sopho- more Sponsor. LURA WIGGINS English — Sophomore Sponsor, Pep Club Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Critic. The 1957 Edisonian 11 SENIOR OFFICERS William Smith. President: Penelope Kettering. Treasurer: George Glick. Vice- president; Carol Maurer, Secretary. SENIORS On September 4, 1953, we, the members of the Class of 1957, entered the halls of Edison as freshmen. We chose as our first leaders: Lawrence Petruzelli. president; Verle Jones, vice-president; Judith Keyak, secretary; and Robert Muraco, treasurer. We proved that we could mix fun with work by holding a dance, the Turkey Hop, and winning the Freshman Basketball T rophy. Time moved on and we were sophomores. We were now accustomed to high school life, and we settled down to work. Our class officers were: presi- dent, Bernard Halaschak: vice-president, William Smith: secretary, Mary Muldoon; and treasurer, Shirley Anne Walker. Our class dance proved to be a real success. Finally, we were upper classmen: we were juniors. It was an exciting year — choosing our class rings, the girls ' powder puff football game, the win- ning of the Holiday Basketball Tournament, the setting of two new track records, and the Junior-Senior Prom. Our junior class officials were: president, Ray Boylan; vice-president, Jacqueline Pocialik: secretary, Phyllis Maurer; and treasurer, Angela Glorioso. Our most important year had arrived as we were seniors at last. We moved into our new senior high school building and. also, tied for the football championship in the Calumet Conference for the first time in the history of the school. The officers who led our class were: William Smith, president; George Glick, vice-president; Carol Maurer, secretary; and Penelope Kettering, treasurer. On May 9, the junior class held a Prom in our honor at the Marquette Park Pavilion. Senior pictures, award jackets and sweaters, name cards, and commencement announcements heralded the arrival of graduation day. Al- though we were happy to be graduating, we were sorry to leave our classmates, teachers, friends, activities, and school. On May 26, we donned our caps and gowns for Baccalaureate. Thus, we brought to an end our four wonderful high school years and began a new era in our lives. On May 28, we, the members of the Class of 1957, were graduated. 12 The 1957 Edisoniart SENIORS John L. Adams Pep Club. Carole Ahern Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G. A. A.. Pep Club. Barbara Jean Alexander Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G. A. A., Pep Club. Paul Anderson Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club. Varsity Basketball, Baseball. Frederick Armenth Science Club, Pep Club. Choir. Boys ' Chorus, Freshman Basketball. Robert Asher Pep Club. Leon Kartos Science Club. E-Men ' s Club. Track. Baseball. Freshman Basketball. Frank Bo ;don Pep Club, Freshman Basketball. The 1957 Edisonian 13 SENIORS Rav Boylan Junior President. Student Council. E-Men ' s Club. Eagle Feathers Assistant Sports Editor, Track. Carol Brown Sunshine Society, Homemakers, F. T. A., Pep Club. Wayne Brown Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club. Band. Woodwind Quintet. Trombone Trio. Brass Sextet. Dance Band, Pep Band, Reserve Football, Freshman Basketball. Michael Byrne Pep Club. Judith Calhetzor Sunshine Society. Homemakers. G. A. A., Pep Club. Student Council. Edisonian Editor. Eagle Feathers Copy Editor. Girls ' State Delegate. Herbert Vernon Caudel Pep Club, Track. Richard Chon ton Pep Club, E-Men ' s Club Secretary, Varsity Football. Varsity Basketball Captain, Track, Cross Country, Baseball. Ralph Thomas Clark E-Men’s Club, Choir. Boys’ Chorus. Band. Pep Band. Varsity Football, Reserve Basketball, Baseball, Track. 14 The 1957 Edisonian Marvin Cline Track, Freshman Basketball. Beverly J. Draves Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G. A. A.. Pep Club, Band, French Horn Quartet. Janet Ann Evolga Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G. A. A., Pep Club. Choir. Jean Floyd Sunshine Society. Homemakers. Pep Club. Choir. Eagle Feathers Staff. Joyce Follow- Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G. A. A.. Pep Club Vice-President, Student Council. Band Secretary, Clarinet Trio. Clarinet Quartet, Eagle Feathers Art Editor, Edisonian Staff. Cheerleader. William Gleason Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club. Varsity Basketball, Reserve Basketball. George Glick Pep Club. Freshman Basketball. Angela Glorioso Junior Treasurer. Sunshine Society, Home- makers. G. A. A., Pep Club, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble. The 1957 Edisonian SENIORS Sheila Joan Golden Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G. A. A. Betty Greer Sunshine Society. Homemakers Secretary, Pep Club. Eagle Feathers Staff. Cletus Hagan Pep Club. Reserve Basketball. Bernard Halaschak Sophomore President. Student Council Vice- President. F. T. A.. Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club Vice-President, Choir. Boys ' Chorus, Mixed Octet. Boys ' Quartet. Varsity Football Co- Captain. Varsity Basketball, Track. Baseball. William A. Halaschak Student Council. Pep Club. E-Men s Club. Choir President. Boys ' Chorus. Mixed Octet, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. Track. Daryl lloyt Science Club, M. M. M., Pep Club. Choir. Boys ' Chorus. Carolyn Huckabee Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G. A. A., Pep Club. Eagle Feathers Copy Editor. Edisonian Business Manager, Homecoming Queen. Herman Jacobson Pep Club. 16 The 1957 Edisonian SENIORS Jeanne C. Jahn Sunshine Society. Homemakers, Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff. Verle Dean Jones Freshman Vice-President, Pep Club. Band Vice- President, Dance Band. Drum Ensemble, Pep Band, Reserve Football. Freshman Basketball. Kathleen Katlish Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G. A. A.. Pep Club. Judith Lee Kersey Student Council Secretary, Sunshine Society President, Homemakers. G. A. A.. Pep Club Treasurer, Eagle Feathers Staff, Cheerleader. Penelope Ann Kettering; Senior Treasurer. Sunshine Society, G. A. A., F. T. A., Pep Club. Edisonian Staff, Eagle Feathers Staff. Band. Woodwind Quintet. Judith Kevak Freshman Secretary. Student Council. Sunshine Society. Homemakers. G. A. A.. F. T. A. Presi- dent and Vice-President. Pep Club. Choir. Girls’ Ensemble. Mixed Octet. Edisonian Staff. Eagle Feathers Associate Editor. Girls’ State Delegate. Choir Secretary-Treasurer. Mar De Wayne King Choir, Band. Roniane Klisz Sunshine Society. Homemakers. G. A. A.. Pep Club. Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir. The 1957 Edisonian 17 Darlene Kolosei Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G. A. A., Pep Club, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble, Mixed Octet. IVlieliael J. Kozak Science Club. Pep Club. Choir, Boys ' Chorus. Steven A. Kozak Student Council. Band President, Pep Band. Dance Band, Saxophone Quartet and Duet. Rieliarri Lambert Student Council. F. T. A. Secretary-Treasurer. Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club Treasurer. Choir, Var- sity Football. Varsity Basketball. Track, Base- ball. Leo Lotlen Choir. Boys ' Quartet. Marjorie Mattie Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G.A.A., F.T.A.. Pep Club. Student Council. Edisonian Staff. Eagle Feathers Editor. Band Treasurer. Flute Trio and Quintet. Carol Maurer Senior Secretary. Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G. A. A. Treasurer. Pep Club. Eagle Feathers Staff. Edisonian Sports Editor, Band Secretary. Clarinet Quartet and Quintet. Phyllis Maurer Junior Secretary, Sunshine Society, Homemakers Secretary. G. A. A.. Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff. Edisonian Sports Editor. Band. Clarinet Quartet and Quintet. Library Assistant. The 1957 Edisonian SENIORS Kent McDonald E-Men ' s Club, Track. Cross Country, Football and Basketball Student Manager. Lois MeEwan Sunshine Society, Homemakers Historian. Pep Club, Assistant Librarian. (diaries Melton E-Men ' s Club, Varsity Football. Janiee Michaels Sunshine Society, Homemakers. F. T. A. State First Vice-President, Pep Club, Edisonian Staff. Eagle Feathers Sports Editor. Choir. Girls ' En- semble. Mary Muldoon Sunshine Society Vice-President, Homemakers Sergeant-at- Arms. G. A. A.. Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff, Edisonian Staff. Robert Muraco Freshman Treasurer, Student Council. Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club President. Varsity Football Co- Captain, Varsity Basketball. Baseball. Mary Najar Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G. A. A., Pep Club. Paula Rae Niehaus Sunshine Society. G. A. A.. F. T. A., M. M. M.. Pep Club, Choir, Eagle Feathers Staff. The 19 57 Edisonian SENIORS Emanuel Orlieh Marguerite Patterson Sunshine Society. Homemakers. G. A. A.. Pep Club. Eva Peek Sunshine Society. Homemakers Secretary, G. A. A.. F. T. A.. Pep Club. Choir, Girls ' Ensemble. Edisonian Staff. Eagle Feathers Staff. Library Assistant. Richard Pellley Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. Margaret Pendergrast Sunshine Society. Homemakers. Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir, Girls ' Ensemble. Lawrence Petruzelli Freshman President, Student Council President. Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club. Choir. Boys ' Chorus, Mixed Octet. Varsity Football, Freshman Basket- ball, Baseball. Track. Jacqueline Pocialik Junior Vice-President. Student Council. Sun- shine Society. Homemakers President. G. A. A.. F. T. A., Pep Club. Edisonian Staff. Eagle Feathers Staff. Choir. Girls ' Ensemble, Mixed Octet. Ronald Rafferty Student Council. Pep Club, E-Men ' s Club. Choir, Boys ' Chorus, Varsity Football. Fresh- man Basketball. Baseball. 20 The 1957 Edisonian Doris Lee Ray born Sunshine Society, Pep Club. Frances Ruth Riteheson Sunshine Society, G. A. A. June Robertson Sunshine Society Secretary-Treasurer, Home- makers. G. A. A., F. T. A.. M. M. M. Vice- Presidenl, Pep Club Secretary. Edisonian Asso- ciate Editor, Eagle Feathers Staff. Choir, Girls ' Ensemble. Marjorie Schavey Sunshine Society, Homemakers. Pep Club. Peggy Joann Scott Sunshine Society. Homemakers, Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff, Choir. Lawrence Snopel Pep Club. E-Men’s Club. Choir. Boys ' Chorus. Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball, Track. John Smith Student Council. Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club, Var- sity Football, Varsity Basketball, Track, Base- ball. William Smith Senior President. Sophomore Vice-President. Student Council. E-Men ' s Club. Choir. Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. Track. Baseball. The 1957 Edisonian SENIORS Charles Swears Pep Club. E-Mcn s Club, Varsity Basketball. Cordon Taylor Student Council. Band President, Dance Band, Pep Band. Brass Sextet. Ruth Thompson Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G.A.A., F.T.A., Pep Club, Choir. Elizabeth Todd Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G. A. A.. Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff. Janet Treece Sunshine Society. Homemakers. F. T. A.. Pep Club. Choir. James R. Turner Science Club Secretary. M. M. M.. Pep Club. Choir, Boys ' Chorus, Boys ' Quartet. Shirley Anne Walker Sophomore Treasurer. Student Council. Sun- shine Society. Homemakers Treasurer. G. A. A.. Pep Club President, Band Treasurer, Eagle Feathers Staff, Cheerleader. LeRoy Wehdell Pep Club. E-Men ' s Club. Choir Vice-President. Bovs ' Chorals. Varsity Football. Freshman Bas- ketball. Track, Baseball. 22 The 1957 Edtsonian SENIORS Rita Werner Student Council. Sunshine Society. F. T. A.. G. A. A. Vice-President. Pep Club. Choir, Edi- sonian Staff. Eagle Feathers Staff. Judith Wignall Sunshine Society, Homemakers Treasurer. G. A. A.. Pep Club, Eagle Feathers Staff. Sandra Kay Williams Sunshine Society, Homemakers, Pep Club. SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Joyce Follow and Bernard Halasrhak The 1957 Edisonian 23 JUNIOR OFFICERS Daniel Hardt, Vice-President; Francis Chester, President; Eva Cruikshank, Secretary: Ivan Cole, Treasurer. JUNIORS " Upper classmen at last” was the thought running through the mind of every junior the first day of school on September 4, 1956. With this proud feeling the juniors started a year they will always remember. They began the year by electing their class officers and Student Council representa- tives. Soon afterwards, the juniors met to select the insignia of their class ring. On November 17, the rings arrived amidst a flurry of chatter and excitement. The juniors held their class dance on November 30, following the Dyer Basketball game. As the second semester began, the juniors had one thought in mind — the Prom. They held it in honor of the seniors at Marquette Park Pavilion on May 9. It was an exciting year. Then, as the year drew to a close, they were looking forward to being seniors and making their last year even more successful than their junior year. 24 The 1957 F.disonian Juniors Bart Ahern Mary Ann Bellar Russell Berg Larry Blair Rosemary Bottila Jean Boutwell Betty Boznak James Bradford William Breitsprecher Gene Brock Ursula Burchardt Patsy Burton Francis Chester Eugene Chicos Lee Clapp James Clark Ivan Cole LaVon Comstock Emil Conde Len Conway David Cotter Charles Cox Eva Cruikshank Barbara Davis Lou Denney Joseph Dreyovich Earl Eddy Shirley Ellis Janis Felton Sharon Forney Charles Franklin Rudolph Fusko Happy Gest Carol Glancy Janet Grusak The 1957 Edisonian 23 Juniors Charles Gumm Leonard Halaschak James Hamilton Daniel Hardt Janice Harrison Michael Havrilla Ray Hicks Barbara Higgins Phyllis Jahns Wayne Jakich Joan Jenkins Paul Johnson Thomas Johnson Howard Jones Hiram Kaiser Kathleen Kulavik Roland Maneno Antoinette Mayoch Donald McClaran James McDaniel John Miller Arveta Miskimins David Mize Larry Mockaitis Beverly Moore Roy Moore William Muldoon Richard Mumaw Virginia Newman Gail Parkhurst Russell Pcnzato Elizabeth Poe Arnetta Rafferty Linda Sue Robertson Joseph Rossi 26 The 1957 Edisonian Juniors Darlene Saddler Peter Sarkotich Nancy Schavey Harold Schmelzer Betty Series Truman Shelton Karen Silverthorn Brenda Statum Ethel Stavrakis Sandra Stetler John Stonehouse Charlene Strong Anthony Tamalunas Joan Vickrey Charles Watts Joyce Webdell Faith Wells Judith Wesley Fred Williamson William Winegar Thelma Wineinger Patricia Zajac Jerry Zinkovich Larry Zinkovich JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Barbara Davis and Joseph Dreyovlcli The 1957 Edisonian 27 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Joann Meister, Treasurer; Floyd Kettering, Vice-President; Jeffrey Lewis, President; Lillian Sherowsky, Secretary. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Joan Norvil and Richard Whissen Sophs Vennie Sue Abernathy Victor Aloia John Baker Sharon Baker Jerome Blair Arnold Bolint Rita Boutwell Richard Brosky James Brown Judith Brown 28 The 1957 Edisonian Sophs Mary Ann Bumbera Karen Campbell Daniel Castro David Cunningham Marianne Czilli Patricia Danko Gloria Dawson Larry Dickey Joan Dixon Diana Dragash Mary Dudak Glenn Everett Robert Filipas Bonita Flick Thomas Gardner Robert Getridge Patricia Gilmore Esther Glorioso Larry Golden Carol Gumm Ronald Hackler Judith Hamady Robert Flamady Gilbert Hamilton Ellen Heck Sharon Heck David Hickman Barbara Hines Anthony Hobson Judith Hoffman Jean Hook June Hook Cheryle Hoyt Joyce Hughes Claudette Hutchins The 1957 Edisonian 29 Sophs Jean Jacobson Ethel Jakich Alan Kalos Frances Kasperek Richard Kestle Floyd Kettering Barbara Keyak Paul King Vickie Koontz Steve Kovacic John Kulavik Jeffrey Lewis Richard Lewis Richard Lopez Ronald Lowe Lou Marks Patience Maxwell Fred Mayuiers Michael McDonald Scarlet McDonald Bonnie McEwan Joann Meister Barbara Melton Judith Michelet Betty Mills Joan Mills John Nobles Ruth Nolan Joan Norvil John Norvil Michael O ' Hara Nancy Olszyniak James Parker Kathleen Patterson Charles Penick :u» The 1957 Edisonian Beverly Petruzelli Anna Poffinbarger Robert Price John Prott JoAnne Pundrich Sally Rafferty Nellie Reed Margaret Rentz Ruth Scheuer Dwayne Scott Bonnie Sebben Bettye Shaffer Peggy Shelton Lillian Sherowsky Charles Short Charles Singer Ruth Smenyak John Spencer John Sykes Carol Tetarchik Arthur Thompson Gerald Thompson Karen Tucker Barbara Tyndall Charlotte Tyndall Barbara Umlauft Daniel Westmoreland Richard Whissen Sharon Wiedbusch Harla Wilson Jean Wilson Rosalie Williams Deon Wright The 19 57 Edisonian 31 SIX - THREE - THREE PLAN Previously, Edison High School consisted of the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year, with the building of the new high school building, the high school was divided into two divisions: the senior high school, consisting of seniors, juniors, and sophomores: and the junior high school, including the freshmen as well as the eighth grade and seventh grade. Thus, the grade schools included the first six grades. 32 The 1957 Edisonian ACTIVITIES The 1957 Edisonian 33 Officers and Sponsors Top row — Mr. Gaza. Sponsor; Mr. Roos, Sponsor. Front row — Judith Kersey, Secretary; Lawrence Petruzelli, President; Bernard Halaschak, Vice-President; Joyce Follow, Treasurer. STUDENT Our student government organization is composed of representatives of each class and organization. The Student Council strives to improve school functions and to keep our school in first-class condition. The annual Homecoming Dance, sponsored by the Coun- COUNCIL cil, was held after the North Judson game on September 28. On October 24, the Stu- dent Council took up a collection for the United Fund. Our new school was gaily decorated at Christmas time by members of the organization. The Student Council closed its year by electing next year’s president. Top rote— Robert Muraco, Francis Chester. Lawrence Petruzelli. William Halaschak, William Smith, Ber- nard Halaschak. Richard Whissen. Jeffrey Lewis. Joseph Dreyovich. Gordon Taylor. Front row — Mr. Roos. Sponsor: Judith Kersey. Jacqueline Pocialik. Joan Norvil. Judith Keyak, Joyce Follow, Shirley Ann Walker. Barbara Davis, Mr. Gaza. Sponsor. Not pictured — Judith Calbetzor. Marjorie Mattie. 34 The 19 57 Edisonian I ANNUAL HOMECOMING GAME Edison versus North Judson AT HALF-TIME The 1957 Edisonian 35 ANNUAL HOMECOMING DANCE Sponsored by STUDENT COUNCIL Homecoming Queen Candidates Shirley Anne Walker, Joyce Follow, Carolyn Huckabee, Homecoming Queen: Lawrence Petruzelli, Student Council President: Mary Muldoon. 36 The 1957 Edisonian Carolyn Huckabee, Homecoming Queen, and Lawrence Petruzelli, Student Council President. ANNUAL HOMECOMING DANCE — SEPTEMBER 28 The 1957 Edisonian 37 3 o Q s E a 5 3 t . r - c P3 O CO C O 5 5 - 3 ' O c T3 at s: bo c r3 a c td at XJ 7D 3 rj -a x at w E S -a 3 o 3 -O " O c n TD at t- PQ E c .t: 3 o U on at 3 X a bo 3 Si E at at at Q o J 2 U T3 3 nj T3 3 c3 CQ at X -3 n .)£ o ' -» ■S Oi S V| H rZ H o •a at S|Q S " S « 3 S fc H j= U ‘S » o a 15 V5 h M at 3 at W5 — ca E a. o O-H - 3 at on at Wh a ■7 c c g 0 o JZ at T3 at 3 at -• .■50 S CO JO a at V- r 3 bo nj at at at c(J2U Q c 2 - « 0 w d £ o at hC T 3 c 3 3 O U k O J w o £ .2 C at at 2?g2 u CQ at C Ut at T 3 .3 o o HD 3 ra on pa E u J2 . 3 ' — -o W « k W CJ £ 3 at 3 bo 3 u2 15 1 Z Jl I c rj T 3 -h O 15 u 3 2 - — 3 pa s: at t-H o .° U. •« h ri T S at s: P 3 E ’ra 3 s: H at hH Oh 3 3 fd at X MAJORETTES Cheryle Hoyt, Linda Tavolosci, Sandra Fred- ricks, Judith Brown, Jac- queline Anton, Julianne Brotko, Sue Broadway. The Majorettes anti Hand Marched at Home Football Games BAND OFFICERS Verle Jones, Vice- President; Shirley Anne Wqlker. Treasurer; Carol Maurer, Secretary, Gor- don Taylor, President The 1957 Edisonian 39 The 1957 F.disonian FIRST-PLACE SOLO WINNERS Charles Cox Daniel Hard! Richard Whissen Not pictured — Wayne Brown DISTRICT SOLO AND ENSEMBLE CONTEST WOOD WIND QUINTET — FIRST PLACE Floyd Kettering, Penelope Kettering, Joyce Follow, Marjorie Mattie, Richard Whissen. Top row — Paul King, James Turner. Daryl Hoyt, James Parker, Daniel Hardt, Ronald Rafferty. Lawrence Petruzelli, William Halaschak, Richard Lambert. Lawrence Snopel, LeRoy Webdell, Bernard Halaschak. Michael Kozak. William Smith, Richard Whissen, Francis Chester. Thomas Clark, Frederick Armenth, Leo Loden. Mac King. Second row — Mrs. Jana, director; Jean Floyd, Rita Werner, June Robertson, Harla Wilson, Jean Wilson. Vennie Sue Abernathy, Bonnie Sebben, Carolyn O ' Kelly. Ursula Burchardt. Joyce Webdell, Angela Glorioso, Janet Evolga, Judith Keyak, Janet Grusak. Rosemary Bottila, Ethel Stavrakis, Betty Boznak, Darlene Kolosci, Romane Klisz, Claudette Hutchins, Frances Kasperek. Front row — Janis Felton. Jacqueline Pocialik, Mary Ann Bumbera, Beverly Petruzelli. Faith Wells. LaVon Comstock. Eva Peek, Janice Michaels. Virginia Newman, Peggy Scott, Sharon Baker. Janet Treece, Margaret Pendergrast, Joan Vickrey, Arnetta Rafferty, Linda Sue Robertson, Phyllis Jahns, Judith Michelet, Esther Glor- ioso, Scarlet McDonald. CHOIR With the combined efforts of the Band, the Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Jana, presented its annual Christmas Concert on December 19. Various soloists and ensembles entered the district solo and en- semble contest which was held at Lew Wallace High School in Gary, Indiana, on January 26. Continu- took a first-place rating at the dis- trict contest held at Valparaiso University on March 30. Also a second-place rating at the state contest. The Choir’s social event was a dance which was held on Febru- ary 8. Choir Officers William Halaschak, President Carolyn O ' Kelly, Secretary LeRoy Webdell, Vice-President The 1957 Edisonian 41 GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE Margaret Pendergrast, Darlene Kolosci. Eva Peek, Judith Keyak. Sharon Ba- ker. Carolyn O ' Kelly, June Robertson, Angela Glorioso, Jacqueline Po- cialik. BOYS’ QUARTET Bernard Halaschak, James Turner, Leo Loden. Fran- cis Chester. MIXED OCTET William Halaschak, Law- rence Petruzelli, Judith Keyak. Jacqueline Pocia- lik, Darlene Kolosci, Sharon Baker. Bernard Halaschak, Francis Ches- ter. 42 The 1957 Edisonian Officers ami Sponsors Top row — Richard Lambert, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Chapman, Sponsor; Mr. Roos. Sponsor, Front row — Phyllis Jahns, Vice-President; Judith Keyak, President; Nancy Olszyniak, Historian. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The purpose of the Virgil I. Bailey Chap- ter of the Future Teachers of America is to help members decide which grade of teaching they might prefer. The club gives assign- ments to members to observe, help, and then teach. The annual F. T. A. State Conven- tion was held at the Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel in Indianapolis on October 26-27. On Jan- uary 8, the F. T. A. held a tea, combined with the Classroom Teachers Association. A short program, consisting of the initiation of new members, was presented. The year ended with a trip to Ball State Teachers College in Muncie, Indiana. Top row — Thelma Wineinger, Kathleen Kulavik, Barbara Davis. Richard Kestle, Victor Aloia, Richard Whissen, Richard Lambert, Michael Havrilla, Floyd Kettering, Jeffrey Lewis, Howard Jones. James Parker, Carol Tetarchik, Sharon Wiedbusch. Second row — Joan Vickrey, Gail Parkhurst. Joyce Hughes, Karen Silverthorn. Paula Niehaus. Carol Brown. Rosemary Bottila, Penelope Kettering, Judith Keyak, Scarlet McDonald. Esther Glorioso. Rita Werner, Janice Michaels, Eva Peek, Ruth Thompson, Arnetta Rafferty. Front row — Faith Wells, Phyllis Jahns, Frances Kasperek, Patricia Burton. Janet Treece. Sharon Baker. Mary Ann Bumbera. Gloria Dawson, Lillian Sherowsky. Nancy Olszyniak. Joan Norvil, Barbara Keyak. Judith Brown, Lou Marks. The 1957 Edisoniun 43 Officers and Sponsor Top row — Lillian Sherowsky, Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer; Barbara Keyak. Sophomore Vice-President: Mrs. Chapman, Sponsor: Ursula Burchardt. Junior Secretary-Treasurer: Len Conway, Junior Vice-President. Front row — Phyllis Jahns. Secretary-Treasurer; Janet Treece, Senior Vice-President: Judith Kersey, Presi- dent; June Robertson, Senior Secretary-Treasurer. SUNSHINE The members of the Sunshine Society lived up to the organization ' s name by spreading sunshine and cheer all through the year. The girls filled Christmas baskets, sent cards to shut-ins, and sent their annual contribution to the Riley Hospital. During the year, the girls had the privilege of attend- SOCIETY ing the district and state conventions. The final events of the year were the annual Sun- shine breakfast and dance. This year, the organization consisted of all girls in the sen- ior high school — seniors, juniors, and sopho- mores. Top row — Marguerite Patterson, Joyce Follow, Carolyn Huckabee, Carole Ahern, Carolyn O ' Kelly, Mar- jorie Schavey, Jeanne Jahn, Judith Keyak, Janet Evolga, Penelope Kettering. Betty Greer, Marjorie Mattie, Judith Kersey, Sheila Golden. Second row — June Robertson. Jacqueline Pocialik, Lois McEwan, Paula Niehaus, Carol Brown, Angela Glorioso. Elizabeth Todd, Mary Najar. Margaret Pendergrast. Romane Klisz, Barbara Alexander, Betty Przybysz, Janice Michaels, Rita Werner, Darlene Kolosci. Front row — Doris Rayborn, Mary Muldoon, Phyllis Maurer, Sandra Kay Williams, Janet Treece. Jean Floyd, Ruth Thompson, Judith Wignall, Eva Peek, Peggy Scott, Carol Maurer, Frances Ritcheson, Shirley Ann Walker, Judith Calbetzor. 44 The 1957 Edisonian Top row — Gail Parkhurst. Betty Series. Jean Bout well. Antoinette Mayoch. Barbara Higgins. Patricia Zajac. Erin Murray. Kathleen Kulavik, Mary Ann Bellar, Thelma Wineinger. Janice Harrison, Joan Vickrey. Len Conway. Second row — Janice Felton, Linda Sue Robertson, Karen Silverthorn, Ursula Burchardt. Judith Wesley, Joan Jenkins, Rosemary Bottila, Janet Grusak, Sharon Forney, Betty Boznak, Charlene Strong, Elizabeth Poe. Nancy Schavey. Arnetta Rafferty. Front row — Carol Glancy, Patsy Burton, Eva Cruikshank, Phyllis Jahns, Barbara Davis, Happy Gest, Bev- erly Moore, Virginia Newman, Joyce Webdell, Faith Wells, Arveta Miskimins, Ethel Stavrakis, LaVon Comstock, Iris Shadrick. SUNSHINE SOCIETY Top row — Nellie Reed, Margaret Rentz, Sharon Wiedbusch. Bonita Flick. Karen Tucker, Judith Hamady, Ethel Jakich, Patience Maxwell, Joann Meister, Judith Michelet. Esther Glorioso. Vicki Koontz. Frances Kas- perek. Joyce Hughes, Carol Tetarchik, Barbara Tyndall, Judith Hoffman. Judith Brown. Joan Dixon, Kathleen Patterson, Patricia Gilmore, Cheryle Hoyt. Second row — Laura McCowan. Sharon Heck. Bettye, Shaffer, Rita Underwood. Lillian Sherowsky, Harla Wilson, Bonnie Sebben. Barbara Hines. Karen Campbell, Anna Poffinbarger, Bonnie McEwan. Scarlet McDonald. Carol Gumm, Ruth Smenyak, Mary Dudak, Ruth Nolan. Barbara Umlauft, Barbara Melton. Rita Boutwell, Betty Mills, Jean Jacobson. Third row — Rosalie Williams, Lou Marks. Sharon Baker. Ruth Scheuer. Nancy Olszyniak, Barbara Keyak, Joan Norvil, Gloria Dawson, Mary Ann Bumbera, Patricia Danko. Charlotte Tyndall, Diana Dragash, Ellen Heck. Vennic Sue Abernathy, Jean Wilson. Sally Rafferty, Joan Mills, Marianne Czilli, Claudette Hutchins, Peggy Shelton, Beverly Petruzelli. The 1957 Edisonian 45 Sunshine Spreads Cheer with Haskels of Food for the Needy Judith Kersey, Charlotte Tyndall, Carolyn Huckabee, Linda Sue Robertson, Janet Treece. SUNSHINE Sunshine Sponsors Hake Sale as Finance Project Judith Kersey, Judith Keyak. June Robertson, Judith Calbetzor. 46 The 1957 Edisonian Officers and Sponsor Floyd Kettering, Vice-President; Janies Parker, President; Mr. Cooley, Sponsor; James Turner, Secretary; Judith Ffamady, Treasurer. SCIENCE CLUB Following the entrance in the new high school building, the Science Club was reorgan- ized under the leadership of Mr. Cooley. To pursue the study of nature was the purpose of the club. Several experiments and projects were performed in accordance with the club’s pur- pose. A dance was sponsored by the members of the club the second semester to help finance its activities. Top row — Jeffrey Lewis, Victor Aloia, James Parker. Richard Whissen. Michael Kozak. Floyd Kettering, Larry Dickey. Jerry Zinkovich. Front row — James Turner, Judith Flamady. Lou Denney, Patricia Gilmore, Joyce Hughes. Michael O ' Hara. The 1957 Edisonian 47 Officers and Sponsor Top row — Barbara Keyak, Sergeant-at-Arms; Mrs. Gleason. Sponsor: Ruth Scheuer, Historian. Front row — Phyllis Maurer. Secretary; Jacqueline Pocialik, President: Linda Sue Robertson, Vice-President; Joan Vickrey. HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW The activities of the “Homemakers of Tomorrow” were resumed after the entrance into the new Edison Senior High School Building. The annual initiation services and a tea were held on January 27 for the new members and the new officers. The Club sponsored a St. Patrick’s Day Dance in March. The closing social activity of the school year took place on May 3, when a Fashion Show and a tea were given for the Mothers. The Club’s plans in- cluded a service for a charitable organization during the second semester. 18 The 1957 Edisonian Top row — Marguerite Patterson. Joyce Follow, Carolyn Huckabee. Janet Treece. Janice Michaels. Carole Ahern, Angeline Glorioso. Judith Calbetzor. Lois McEwan. Carol Brown. Carolyn O’Kelly, Marjorie Schavey, Jeanne Jahn, Judith Keyak. Janet Evolga, Marjorie Mattie, Sheila Golden. Judith Kersey, Margaret Pendergrast, Peggy Scott, Eva Peek. Ruth Thompson, Jean Floyd, Len Conway, Joan Vickrey. Second row — Sandra Kay Williams, Shirley Anne Walker. Mary Muldoon. Janice Felton, Virginia Newman, Linda Sue Robertson, Jean Boutwell, Erin Murray, Faith Wells, Janet Grusak, Sharon Forney, Betty Boznak, Ethel Stavrakis, Charlene Strong, Elizabeth Poe, Nancy Schavey, Elizabeth Todd. Mary Najar. Arnetta Rafferty, Phyllis Maurer. Front row — Betty Greer, Jacqueline Pocialik, June Robertson, Kathleen Kulavik, Patricia Burton, Eva Cruikshank, Rosemary Bottila, Phyllis Jahns, Happy Gpst, Barbara Higgins, Ursula Burchardt, Patricia Zajac, Joan Jenkins. Thelma Wineinger, Janice Harrison, Judith Wignall, Mary Ann Bellar, Darlene Kolosci, Carol Maurer. HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW Top row — Margaret Rentz, Judith Hamady, Joyce Hughes, Ethel Jakich, Frances Kasperek, Vicki Koontz, Judith Hoffman, Barbara Tyndall. Judith Brown, Joan Dixon, Marianne Czilli, Sally Rafferty, Patricia Gil- more, Cheryle Hoyt, Sharon Baker. Second row — -Sharon Wiedbusch. Sharon Heck, Bettye Shaffer. Karen Tucker. Jean Jacobson, Patience Maxwell. Bonnie McEwan, Anna Poffinbarger. Scarlet McDonald, Barbara Hines. Carol Gumm, Ruth Smenyak, Mary Dudak. Barbara Melton. Ruth Nolan. Barbara Umlauft, Rosalie Williams. Front row — Ruth Scheuer. Barbara Keyak. Mary Ann Bumbera. Patricia Danko. Charlotte Tyndall, Judith Michelet. Harla Wilson. Vennie Sue Abernathy, Jean Wilson. Peggy Shelton. Beverly Petruzelli, Joan Mills, Rita Boutwell, Betty Mills. The 1957 Edisonian 49 PEP CLUB Officers and Sponsors Top row — Mr. McLaughlin. Sponsor: Mr. Gaza, Sponsor: Mrs. Wiggins. Sponsor. Front row — Judith Kersey. Treasurer: June Robertson. Sec- retary: Shirley Anne Walker. President: Joyce Follow, Vice- President. Top row — Robert Hamady, Harold Schmelzer. Jerry Zinkovich, John Miller, Larry Zinkovich. Rudolph Fusko, Charles Gumtn, Lee Clapp, Janies Bradford, John Kulavik, Robert Price, Truman Shelton, Cletus Hagan, Ronald Kingery, John Adams. Ninth row — Truman Miller, George Glick, Anthony Tamalunas, Herman Jacobson, John Wells, Frank Bogdon, Larry Mochaitis, Hiram Kaiser, James McDaniel, Joseph Rossi, Daryl Hoyt, James Turner, Michael Kozak, Frederick Armenth. John Prott, Gilbert Hamilton, John Norvil. Eighth row — Eugene Chicos, James Hamilton, Robert Asher, Robert Poffinbarger. Ronald Skeen, Glenn Everett, Michael Havrilla, William Muldoon, Richard Lambert, Herbert Caudel, Paul Anderson, Gene Brock, Penelope Kettering, Marjorie Mattie. Seventh rote-— Paul Johanson. Peter Sarkotich, Larry Dickey, Thomas Gardner. Robert Filipas, Carolyn Huckabee, Carol Maurer. Payllis Maurer. Ruth Thompson, Eva Peek, Janice Michaels, Judith Wignall, Peggy Scott, June Robertson, Jacqueline Pocialik, Judith Keyak. Beverly Draves, Sixth row — John Baker, Jerome Blair, Floyd Kettering, Larry Blair, Mary Najar, Barbara Alexander, Betty Przybysz. Diana Dragash. Judith Michelet. Jean Jacobson, Jean Hook, Patricia Gilmore, Angela Glorioso, Dar- lene Kolosci, Rita Werner. Carolyn O ' Kelly. Kathleen Kadish. Fifth row — Richard Brosky, James Parker, Jeffrey Lewis, Richard Kestle, Howard Jones, Ellen Heck, Judith Hoffman, Barbara Tyndall, Lois McEwan. Joyce Webdell, Virginia Newman. Beverly Moore, Faith Wells, Janet Grusak, Sharon Forney, Rosemary Bottila. Betty Boznak, LaVon Comstock. Fourth row — Charles Singer, Victor Aloia, Janice Harrison, Shirley Ellis, Arveta Miskimins, Ethel Stav- rakis, Len Conway, Phyllis Jahns. Barbara Davis, Janis Felton, Gail Parkhurst, Linda Sue Robertson, Ursula Burchardt, Charlene Strong, Eva Cruikshank, Betty Mills, Barbara Higgins. Third row — Gloria Dawson. Jean Floyd. Janet Tr eece. Carol Brown. Marguerite Patterson. Paula Niehaus, Peggy Shelton. Scarlet McDonald. Sally Rafferty, Rita Boutwell, Barbara Melton, Jean Boutwell, Kathleen Ku- lavik. Sandra Stetler. Carole Ahern, Betty Greer, Happy Gest. Second row — Carol Tetarchik, Vicki Koontz, Esther Glorioso, Claudette Hutchins, Barbara Keyak, Mary Ann Bumbera, Nancy Olszyniak. Lillian Sherowsky, Barbara Hines. Margaret Rentz, Bonnie Sebben, Bettye Shaffer, Sharon Heck. Bonnie McEwan, Antoinette Mayoch. Patricia Zajac. Front row — Joan Vickrey, Arnetta Rafferty. Ethel Jakich. Frances Kasperek. Beverly Petruzelli. Sharon Wiedbusch. Joann Meister, Ruth Nolan, Patricia Danko, Charlotte Tyndall, Ruth Scheuer, Elizabeth Todd, Judith Wesley. Jeanne Jahn. Karen Silverthorn. Carol Glancy. Cheerleaders — Judith Kersey. Joyce Follow. Shirley Anne Walker. Bonita Flick, Joan Norvil. 50 The 1957 Edisonian Officers ami Sponsors Top row — Richard Lambert, Treasurer: Richard Chontos, Secretary; Bernard Halaschak, Vice-President; Robert Muraco, President. Front row — Mr. Gaza, Sponsor; Mr. Georgakis, Sponsor. E-MEN ' S CLUB This year, the E-Men’s Club has been the most active in the history of the school. Along with the Athletic Booster Club, the Club sponsored the annual football banquet which was held at Co-Conut Grove. Besides sponsoring the faculty-alumni and faculty- senior basketball games and two successful dances, the E-Men’s Club sponsored the an- nual trip of the football team to a college game, the basketball and track teams to the state finals in Indianapolis, and the baseball team to a major league baseball game. The members of the club are major letter winners of at least one of the major sports — football, basketball, track, and baseball. Top row — Gilbert Hamilton. David Mize. Gene Brock. Richard Chontos. Paul Anderson, Glenn Everett. Francis Chester, William Muldoon. Hiram Kaiser, Larrv Dickey. Second row ' — Victor Aloia, LeRoy Webdell. William Halaschak. Bernard Halaschak. Richard Lambert. Lawrence Snopel. Lawrence Petruzelli. Ronald Rafferty, Robert Muraco. Front row — Richard Kestle, Richard Whissen. Ray Boylan, Jeffrey Lewis, Joseph Dreyovich. Larry Blair, James Hamilton. John Norvil. The 1957 Edisonian 51 The 1957 Edisonian Top row — Marjorie Mattie, Editor; Janice Michaels, Sports Editor; Ray Boylan, Assistant Sports Editor; Judith Keyak, Assistant Editor. Front rou , ' — Judith Calbetzor, Copy Editor; Joyce Follow, Art Editor; Caroyln O’Kelly, Art Editor; Carolyn Huckabee, Copy Editor. EAGLE FEATHERS News, sports, and feature articles were prepared for each edition of the school paper. Every one from the editor to machine operators worked hard together to put out a successful paper every other Friday. Our sponsor, Miss Hartley, and our critics — Mrs. Wiggins, Mrs. Crisman, and Mrs. Brady — helped us to publish an enjoyable newspaper. Reporters and Machine Operators Top row — Peggy Scott, Jean Floyd, Eva Peek, Shirley Anne Walker, Penelope Kettering, Mary Muldoon, Paula Niehaus. Phyllis Maurer, Carol Maurer. Front row — Elizabeth Todd, Romane Klisz, Rita Werner, Judith Wignall. Betty Greer, Judith Kersey, June Robertson, Jacqueline Pocialik. Jeanne Jahn. Phyllis Maurer. Sports Editor; Carolyn Huckabee, Business Manager: Judith Calbetzor. Eidtor: June Rob- ertson. Associate Editor: Carol Maurer. Sports Editor. E D I SO Following the first week of school on the half-day schedule, it was quite obvious that the Edisonian Staff would have many added difficulties in preparing the 1957 Edisonian for the printers. Without the guidance and hard work of our sponsor, Miss Hartley, and the assistance of the faculty and the admini- N I A N stration, this yearbook would not have been a success. Our heartfelt thanks, also, go out to Mr. Lee Coner of the Sterling-Goner Studio, our photographer, and our advertisers, who have helped to make this book possible. Finance Assistants Top row — Mary Muldoon, Jacqueline Pocialik, Rita Werner, Marjorie Mattie. Front row — Judith Keyak, Penelope Kettering. Joyce Follow. Eva Peek, Janice Michaels. The 1957 Edisonian 53 MISS ED1S0NIAN Phyllis Maurer won the contest for selling the largest number of Edisonians. June Robertson won second place and Judith Calbetzor placed third. YEARBOOK HISTORY The seventeenth edition of the Edison- ian, our 1957 Edisonian, was sponsored by Miss Hazel Hartley, who has com- pleted her thirteenth year as sponsor. The yearbook was first published as a mimeographed book in 1941 under the sponsorship of Hilda Eshelman Chapman. During the first four years under the spon- sorship of Miss Eshelman, Miss Hartley supervised the stencil cutting and mimeo- graphing. The first five editions were mimeographed, the sixth was oft -set copy, and the rest have been printed. M 188 Hazel Hartley 54 The 1957 Edisonian 55 JUNIOR- SENIOR PROM Marquette Park Pavilion May 9, 1957 The 1957 Edisonian Penelope Kettering Valedictorian Marjorie Mattie Salutatorian American Legion Award Michael Kozak Judith Calbetzor Veterans of Foreign Wars Award Steven Kozak Janice Michaels Activities Award Activities Award Athletic Award Commencement Speaker Bernard Halaschak Judith Keyak Robert Muraco June Robertson Commencement — May 28, 1957 56 The 1957 Edisonian ATHLETICS The 1957 Edisonian 57 Top row — William Muldoon, Jeffrey Lewis, Gerald Adams. Paul Spencer, William Dopp. Richard Hiller, Larry Blair. Third row — Michael Havrilla. Victor Aloia, Robert Filipas, Richard Kestle, Glenn Everett, Francis Chester, Ivan Cole. Gilbert Hamilton, David Young. Second row — -William Halaschak. John Smith. Ronald Rafferty, Truman Miller, Charles Melton, John Norvil. LeRoy Webdell. Kent McDonald, student manager. Front row — Assistant Coach Bromberg, Lawrence Snopel. William Smith. Bernard Halaschak, Robert Mu- raco, Richard Lambert, Richard Chontos, Lawrence Petruzelli, Coach Georgakis. FOOTBALL VARSITY Season’s Record Team Opponent Edison Team Opponent Edison Merillville .... 6 21 Edison (Gary) . . . 6 20 Griffith .... 0 18 Calumet Township . . . 0 32 Wirt . . . .... 12 7 Howe Military . . 0 26 North Judson . ... 13 47 Lowell .... . . 13 0 Dyer . .... 6 20 Portage .... . . 6 7 ( Calumet Conference Games) Edison tied Wirt and Edison of Gary for the Calumet Conference Championship .y 8 The 1957 Edisonian FOOTBALL SENIOR LETTERMEN Robert Muraco, Captain Richard Lambert Richard Chontos Bernard Halaschak, Captain Ronald Rafferty LeRoy Webdell William Halaschak John Smith William Smith Lawrence Snopel The 1957 Edisonian 59 FOOTBALL SENIOR LETTERMEN Charles Melton Lawrence Petruzelli Truman Miller FOOTBALL (Continued ) September 7 : Merrillville — C. C. Battle The Eagles opened the season with a 21-6 victory over Merrillville in a conference bat- tle. Merrillville jumped to an early lead on a 3-yard pass. The Smith brothers, com- bined with excellent blocking in the line, scored as Bill plunged over on a 2-yard quarterback sneak behind the fine blocking of Barney and Bill Halaschak and Ron Raf- ferty. A 3-yard slant off tackle by Bob Mu- raco gave East Gary a 1 3-6 lead. John Smith picked up the extra point for a 14-6 lead. John Smith carried the mail to pay dirt only moments later to give Edison a 20-6 lead; also, he picked up the P.A.T. to make the final 21-6. September 14: Lriflitli — C. C. Edison moved to the top in the Calumet Conference with a 18-0 shutout victory over the Panthers of Griffith. Quarterback Bill Smith scored Edison ' s first touchdown in the opening quarter on a 2-yard plunge. Midway through the second period, half- back Rich Chontos bulldozed his way to pay 60 The 1957 Edisonian FOOTBALL (Continued ) dirt on a 3-yard plunge. Speedy halfback Bob Muraco crossed the double stripes from 4 yards out to make Edison ' s final score, 1 8-0. September 21: Vi irt — (1, C. Buttle The Troopers of Wirt hammered out a 12-7 victory over the Eagles on the Miller Gridiron and had complete control of the game until Bob Muraco uncorked a very fine 98-yard run late in the fourth quarter for Edison’s lone score. September 28: North Judson During Edison’s surprising victory over North Judson, halfback Bob Muraco checked for three touchdowns — two in the opening quarter on a 55-yard punt return and a 55- yard gallop and another in the next period on a 10-yard blast. Richard Chontos ac- counted for another pair of touchdowns, scoring on runs of 43 and 1 5 yards in the first and second quarters. Rich Lambert went for a 50-yard tally in the third frame. Chon- tos succeeded in five of seven placements. October 5: Dyer — C. C. Battle Held scoreless in the first half, the Eagles stayed “alive” in the conference, downing the Indians of Dyer 20-6. Francis Chester ignited the Eagles’ offense in the third quarter with a yard plunge after his squad had driven from its 24-yard line. Richard Chontos kicked the placement. After a recovery on a fumble, Bob Muraco blasted over from 5 yards out for Edison’s second score. Bar- ney Halaschak picked up a fumbled pass and rambled 34 yards for the final touchdown. October 12: Edison of Gary — G. C. Battle East Gary took the lead in the conference by defeating Edison of Gary 20-6. Jumping to a quick lead, the Eagles recovered a fumble on the fourth play from scrimmage and struck quickly three plays later on a fifty-two-yard pass play. Chontos hauled in the pass for the touchdown. His try for the P.A.T. was good and gave East Gary a 7-0 lead. Francis Chester made a beautiful 28-yard run in the final period as well as a second touchdown on a 5-yard plunge. October 18: Calumet Township The Eagles disposed of Calumet Town- ship 32-0, scoring three times in the opening period and one in the second and third frames for the lopsided score. Bob Muraco scored the first two touchdowns — one run of 65 yards and two yards for the next. Francis Chester plunged two yards for the second quarter tally, and Bill Smith hit one yard for the final score. The Eagles rolled up 271 yards. October 20: Howe Military Academy East Gary recorded her seventh victory of the season by defeating the Cadets of Howe Military Academy 26-0. The Eagles scored in every quarter except the first in which a clipping penalty nullified halfback Bob Mu- raco’s 85-yard sprint. Bob struck back with a 1 7-yard jaunt in the second period to cli- max a 70-yard drive. Francis Chester scored Edison’s second touchdown when he hit pay dirt on a 13-yard run — P.A.T. completed. Muraco scored his second touchdown when he went 1 1 yards; Chontos kicked the extra point. Chester made the final 6 points on a 27-yard sweep. October 24: Lowell — C. C. Lowell’s Red Devils pulled the biggest surprise in the conference race by upending the Eagles for a 13-0 victory. East Gary, who led the race with a 4-1 record, never got inside Lowell’s thirty-five. Lowell gained a total of 253 yards compared to Edison’s 55. November 2: Portage — C. C. Battle The Eagles grabbed a share of the con- ference title by edging a very stubborn Port- age team 7-6 in the final game of the year. See-sawing back and forth, the Eagles finally scored on a 15-yard play by Bill Smith: Chester ran the extra point. Portage scored her lone touchdown in the second period. Edison placed three men on the first team of the All-Conference Team for 1956, as The 1957 Edisonian 61 FOOTBALL Robert Muraco was chosen to fill the back position; Bernard Halaschak, center; and Ivan Cole, tackle. John Smith was selected as back on the second team. Honorable Men- tion players were as follows: Richard Lam- bert, end: Lawrence Snopel, end; Lawrence Petruzelli, tackle; William Halaschak, guard; Ronald Rafferty, guard: LeRoy Webdell, guard: Richard Chontos, back; Francis Ches- ter, back; and William Smith, back. Scoring T.D. PAT Points William Smith . 3 18 Robert Muraco . 4 1 25 Francis Chester . 3 1 19 Richard Chontos 2 4 16 (Continued ) Passing Atts. Comp. William Smith . . 14 3 Robert Muraco . 8 4 Francis Chester . . 17 3 Tm. Av. Ball Carrying Cr. To. Yd. Gan Robert Muraco . . 68 615 9 Francis Chester . . 57 341 6 William Smith . . 24 119 5 John Smith . . 24 249 10 No. To. Receivers Cght. Ydg. T.D. Richard Chontos 4 100 1 Richard Lambert 3 42 62 The 1957 Edisonian VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Shirley Anne Walker, Joan Norvil, Judith Kersey, Bonita Flick, Joyce Follow. RESERVES CHEERLEADERS Barbara Keyak, Nancy Olszyniak, Claudette Hutchins, Sharon Wiedbusch. Ruth Scheuer. The 1957 Edisonian 63 mm Top row — Coach Gaza, John Smith, William Smith, Gene Brock, Paul Anderson, William Gleason, Rich- ard Lambert, Richard Chontos. Assistant Coach Haddad. Front row — Kent McDonald, James Hamilton, William Halaschak, Bernard Halaschak, Francis Chester. Hiram Kaiser, Robert Muraco, William Breitsprecher. BASKETBALL VARSITY The Eagles opened their 1956-57 basket- ball season successfully on November 17, as they defeated the Black Hawks of Westville 80-69. In their first conference game of the season on November 30, the Eagles broke their own record for the largest number of points scored in one game by scoring 97 points to defeat the Indians of Dyer, who scored 52 points. December 7, the Brickies of Hobart won their first hardwood contest in four starts by edging out the Eagles 71-68 on Edison’s hardwood. With superior height, shooting, and re- bounding throughout the game, the Blazers of Edison of Gary defeated the Eagles 83-48 on December 14. East Gary was outscored in every quarter except the second when she scored 15 points to her opponent’s 13. Tony Peffley scored 7 of the 15 points. Dropping through a torrid 30 points in the second quarter, East Gary’s basketeers lambasted Wirt of Gary 85-47 on December 1 8. Chontos led East Gary’s scoring with 28 points. Brock dumped in 20 points, and Muraco won the fancy of the crowd with his stellar defensive plav and drive-in lay-up and was the thorn in Wirt’s attack as he broke up the Trooper’s offense with steal after steal. January 1 1, the Panthers of Griffith dealt a 65-49 defeat to East Gary. Chontos and Brock led scoring honors with 22 and 18 points respectively. Starting with a past pace and continuing throughout the game on January 13, the Eagles defeated the Red Devils of Lowell 83- 66. Gene Brock took high scoring honors with 29 points, and Richard Chontos fol- lowed closely with 28 points. On January 18, Dyer scored her second victory over Edison 73-67. Edison held her only lead with less than four minutes to play, 59-58, but Dyer scored to stay ahead the rest of the game. Richard Chontos was high-point man with 30 points and was fol- lowed by Gene Brock with 10; Robert Mu- raco, 10; Richard Lambert, 7; William Glea- son, 6; and William Smith. 2. The Eagles showed the Pirates of Merrill- ville how to play ball on January 23. East Gary hit .485 from the field and was favored by 38 points by Chontos. Don Bartos, Mer- rillville ' s scoring ace who scored 40 points against Griffith, was held back by William Gleason, who really showed Bartos how Ed- ison played ball; also John Smith and Rich- ard Lambert helped Bill. (continued on page 67) 64 The 1957 Edisonian Richard Chontos Gene Brock Robert Muraco William Gleason ¥ Francis Chester Bernard Halaschak William Halaschak Hiram Kaiser The 1957 Edisonian 65 EAGLES IN ACTION The 19 57 Edisonian VARSITY (Continued) East Gary topped Hobart on February 1 , when the Eagles scored eighty per cent of their free throws, downing the Brickies 90- 68 on the loser ' s hardwood. Richard Chon- tos placed first with 32 points, Gene Brock ranked second with 28 points, and Robert Muraco placed next with 22 points. William Gleason did an excellent job in rebounding with 16 rebounds, and William Smith was in next place. Richard Lambert, Paul An- derson, and John Smith played a fine game in guarding their shots. “Indians Scalp Eagles” was the cry as the final score of 77-57 was recorded at the Edi- son-Portage game on February 15. Gene Brock scored 1 6 points, while Robert Muraco and Richard Chontos tied for second place with 1 2 points. Blasting in 30 points in the second quarter for their last home game of the season, the Eagles registered their first victory over the Trojans of Chesterton, 90-65, in 7 years Gene Brock led the scoring with 29 points and was followed by Richard Chontos with 22: Robert Muraco, 16: William Gleason, 12: William Smith, 5: Richard Lambert, 2: Paul Anderson, 2: John Smith, 1; Bernard Halaschak. 1. In the first round of the Gary Sectionals on February 28, the Eagles lost with a final score of 57-101 to the Panthers of Roosevelt of Gary, who turned out to be the sectional champs. High scorer in the game was Rich- ard Chontos with 27 points, and Gene Brock placed second with 1 6 points. The score does not tell the complete story as the Eagles were hard-fighting warriors until the very end of the game. Richard Chontos was selected on the Cal- umet All-Conference Team, and Gene Brock and Robert Muraco received Honorable Mention. Season ' s Record Nov. 17 Westville .... Opponent . 69 Edison 80 20 Calumet Township . 89 85 30 Dyer . 52 97 Dec. 4 Boone Grove . . 68 80 7 Hobart . 71 68 14 Edison of Gary . . 83 48 18 Wirt . 47 85 21 Wheatfield .... . 66 64 22 Lowell Tourney Wanatah . 69 73 Dyer .... . 58 56 Jan. 11 Griffith .... . 65 49 12 Michigan City-St. Mary . 68 85 15 Lowell Opponent . . 66 Edison 83 18 Dyer .... . . 73 67 23 Merrillville . . 70 78 29 Liberty Center . . 73 86 Feb. 1 Hobart . . 68 90 8 Wheeler . . 50 84 15 Portage . . 77 57 22 Chesterton . . 65 90 Sectional Tournament Roosevelt of Gary . . 101 57 Calumet Conference Games. Season Record — 12 victories and 9 defeats. The 1957 Edisonian 67 Top row — Coach Gaza. John Norvil, Gilbert Ham lton. Gary L inn. Richard Hiller Larry Dickey, Assistant Coach Haddad. Front row — John Prott. Richard Bartos. Donald I.ackovich, Richard Kestle. Jeffrey Lewis. James Parker. Victor Aloia. FCA FCM Pet. FTA FTM Pet. REB TP Av. Chontos . . 474 218 .454 129 85 .658 246 521 24.8 Brock . .455 167 .585 1 1 1 88 .792 275 422 20.09 Muraco . . 241 90 .575 66 42 .656 58 222 10.5 Gleason . . 1 20 52 .405 28 1 5 .559 175 119 6.2 Smith. William . . 94 51 .529 54 27 .500 112 89 4.2 Peffley . . 91 28 .507 22 15 .681 1 5 71 6.4 Smith. John 44 1 2 .272 25 1 5 .652 62 59 2.6 Lambert . . 58 8 .210 22 10 .454 55 26 1.5 Kaiser n 9 .692 5 5 .600 2 21 .5 Anderson .... . . 50 7 .255 7 5 .428 55 17 1.5 Halaschak. Bernard 17 5 .176 4 1 .250 5 7 1.0 Hamilton. James . . 8 5 .575 2 1 .500 0 7 2.6 Chester 16 1 .060 6 5 .500 5 5 .6 Halaschak. William . . 6 0 1 0 1 RESERVES The Reserves gained skill and lost ten games. experience throughout the season. Season’s Record They wen ten games and Opponent Edison Opponent Edison Westville . . 50 40 Dyer . . . 59 47 Calumet Township . . 65 50 Merrillville ... 64 66 Dyer . . 59 58 Liberty Center .... . . . 48 52 Boone Grove . . 47 44 Hobart . . . 45 58 Hobart . . 45 42 Wheeler . . . 22 55 Edison of Gary . . . . . . 54 52 Portage . . . 55 52 Wirt . . 59 41 Chesterton . . . 55 51 Wheatfield . . 49 45 Griffith . . 54 58 Griffith Tourney Michigan City-St. Mary . . .41 55 Lowell . . . 45 59 Lowell . . 55 54 Portage . . . 45 55 Leading Scorers Hamilton. Gilbert 240 points Hiller. Richard . . . . 70 points Young, David .... 1 1 1 points Parker. James . . . . 68 points 68 The 1957 Edisonian Top rout — Janies Kitchel. Ollie Denney. Philip Miller. Harry Geiselman. Paul Spencer. Ned Anderson. John Carr. George O ' Hara. La Rue Wilson. Leo McDaniel. Richard Hulse. Sam Glorioso, Leon McDaniel, James Span- opoulos. Kent McDonald. From row — Daniel Castro. James Parker. John Norvil, William Halaschak, William Smith. Francis Chester. Robert Muraco. Richard Lambert. Bernard Halaschak. Lawrence Petruzelli, Ray Boylan. John Smith. John Bazin. TRACK Schedule Edison (Gary) April 3 Merrillville 8 Edison (Gary) 16 Wirt 24 Portage 29 The 1957 Edisonian 69 Top roiv — Steve Burke, Robert Muraco, Charles Swears, William Smith. Bernard Halaschak, Richard Lam- bert. Coach Bromberg. Front row — Robert Filipas. Ronald Hackler. Francis Chester. Wayne Jakich. James Clark. Roland Maneno. Absent — Gene Brock. Richard Chontos. BASEBALL Schedule Dyer at East Gary April 9 East Gary at Dyer May 3 East Gary at Griffith 12 Griffith at East Gary Edison at East Gary 16 East Gary at Edison 10 East Gary at Merrillville 19 Merrillville at East Gary 14 East Gary at Portage 23 Portage at East Gary 17 Lowell at East Gary 26 East Gary at Lowell May 21 Top rout — Marvin Cline, Larry Dickey, Leon Bartos, Paul Anderson. Michael Havrilla, William Breitsprecher. Front row — Donald Lackovich. Joseph Dreyovich, Jeffrey Lewis, Howard Jones, Donald McClaran, Hiram Kaiser. 70 The IV 57 Edtsonian Seniors Top row — Marjorie Mattie. June Robertson. Penelope Kettering. Jean Floyd. Judith Wignall. Barbara Alex- ander. Lois McEwan. Marjorie Schavey. Judith Keyak, Darlene Kolosci. Second row — Carolyn Huckabee. Eva Peek, Angela Glorioso. Janet Evolga, Shirley Anne Walker, Carole Ahern, Judith Kersey. Carol Maurer. Phyllis Maurer. From row — Joyce Follow. Kathleen Kadish, Carolyn O’Kelly. POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL Following the final score 0-0, both the seniors and juniors claimed the victory. The spe- cial half-time feature was the crowning of the King. Richard Chontos, by last year ' s King, Charles Ivlow. The other candidates were Steven Kozak, LeRoy Webdell, and Thomas Clark. Juniors Top row — Arnetta Rafferty. Linda Sue Robertson. Jean Boutwell, Ursula Burchardt. Janis Felton, Eva Cruikshank. Rosemary Bottila, Karen Silverthorn. Brenda Statum, Joan Jenkins. Phyllis Jahns. From row — Arveta Miskimins. Ethel Stavrakis. Len Conway. Kathleen Kulavik. Barbara Davis, Gail Park hurst. Charlene Strong. Faith Wells. Carol Glancy. Happy Gest. Barbara Higgins, Antoinette Mayoch, Judith Wesley, Darlene Saddler. The 19 5 7 Edisontan 71 Score ()-() Richard Chontos, Powder Puff King, crowned by last year’s King, Charles Ivlow Annual Powder Puff Game — October 30 The 1957 Edisonian ODR SCHOOL TOWN The 19 57 Edisonian 73 OUR TOWN SUPPORTS OUR SCHOOLS The continued development of the American way of life requires a con- stantly improved system of public schools, as today’s school citizen is tomor- row’s citizen in the community. There has never been a greater need for the good citizen who is economically and socially competent. These phases of citizenship require a mastery of the " three R’s” as well as other fundamentals. The effective citizen must be informed on local, national, and world affairs and must contribute to an informed public opinion if our town is to continue to be effective in its local responsibilities and our nation is to continue to be effective in its share of responsibilities of national and world leadership. The public school has made it possible for the individual to develop his particular talents and interests. The school plays a vital role in the development of strong healthy people through instruction in nutrition, cleanliness, clothing, medical and dental care, safety, and community health problems. The qualified individual who successfully earns a livelihood receives his training in the class- room. In almost every phase of everyday living there is evidence of the effects of our public schools. As science and technology add to our knowledge and as the future unfolds, there is still more to be taught. All of these developments make one aware of the significant role of the public schools in the development of a strong community and nation. To achieve their maximum effectiveness and meet the challenges of continu- ing to build a stronger community and nation, the schools require more facili- ties, increased financial support, the best teachers, and continued support of the community. It is the duty of each taxpayer, parent, and citizen to make it his business to keep East Gary ' s local tax rate sufficiently high and to let the legislators know of his desire for adequate funds to be made available for the efficient operation of East Gary’s schools. EDISON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL A Part of East Gary Schools 74 The 1957 Edisonian CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Phone 2-1171 3542 Central Avenue The 1 957 Edisonian " ITS NICER AT MEISTER ' S " COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’ 57 ARTISTIC CLEAN ERS 78 The 1957 Edisortian It’s a good idea to pay yourself first with a part of each paycheck. Open an insured savings ac- count here with a convenient amount. Then lay aside something each payday and add it to your savings. A substantial reserve fund will soon grow with regular saving plus the worthwhile earnings we pay. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 545 Broadway 3715 Central Avenue Gary, Indiana East Gary, Indiana Save Any Amount — Any Time in Person or by Mail ... A Dollar Starts Your Account . . . Savings Readily Available If Needed ★ ★ ★ Assets Over $50,000,000.00 80 The 1957 Edisonian COMPLIMENTS AND BEST W ISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 57 LAKE COUNTY STATE BANK WALLIN ' S HARDWARE 3461 Central Avenue Phone 2-1478 82 The 1957 Edisonicm EAST GARY ' S DE KALB DRUGS Your Community Health Center 2800 DeKalb Street Phone 2-1137 ONDRAS BROS. BODY SHOP 1101 Central Avenue Phone 2-1601 East Gary, Indiana 84 The 1957 Edisonian EDISON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL OUR SCHOOLS ARE A PART OF OUR TOWN CENTRAL GRADE SCHOOL The 1957 Edisonian 85 Compliments of COURTESY DEPARTMENT STORE T ▼ “OUTFITTERS OF THE ENTIRE FAMILY” ▼ ▼ 3525 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone 2-1711 Karsa ' s Food Shop 2808 DeKALB STREET Moore Cabinet and Tile Custom Cabinets . . . Plastic Tile General Contracting Complete Remodeling ▼ ▼ Phone 2-1496 727 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, IND. Phone 2-1702 86 The 1957 Edisonian The 1957 Edisonian EAST SIDE SCHOOL EAST GARY SCHOOL SYSTEM GROWS AS PLANS ARE UNDER WAY FOR A NEW GRADE SCHOOL BUILDING COLUMBUS SCHOOL The 1957 Edisonian East Gary Frostop 2835 CENTRAL AVENUE Mr. and Mrs. Campos PHONE 2-1455 Sassano I.G.A. Foodliner ROUTE 51 AT CENTRAL AVENUE Congratulations to the Class of ’57 2333 CENTRAL AVENUE Our Schools Groiv As Does Our Town The 1957 Edisonian 89 MEISTER ' S AGENCY Compliments • of ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ Insurance . . . Real Estate V ▼ GARBER ' S LETTERING Phone 2-1132 3449 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST CARY, INDIANA CONOR A TULA TIONS “Pour Assurance of Good Workmanship ” TO THE CLASS OF ’57 ARLIN ' S CLEANERS ▼ T T T NEAL ' S Pick-Up and Delivery FURNITURE STORE ▼ T 1601 CENTRAL AVENUE 3705 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone 2-1861 90 The 1957 Edisonian The 1957 Edisonian See . . • AL GANZ FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE PLANS Office — 504 Broadway Home — 2835 Fairview Ave. Phone: GARY 5-6818 or EAST GARY 2-1668 739 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone 2-1263 DRAPERIES . . . WALLPAPER PAINTS 3407 Central Avenue Phone 2-1643 GARBER BROS. 2751 DeKALB STREET Phone 2-9975 CENTRAL FOOD MARKET EAST GARY DECORATORS TATONE ' S PHONE EAST GARY 2-1506 EAST GARY GARAGE EAST GARY Since 1922 WASHERETTE GENERAL REPAIRING 925 CENTRAL AVENUE Tune-Up 24-Hour Road Service 24-flour Laundry Service Central and Route No. 51 We Wash Rugs, Spreads and Blankets East Gary, Indiana Have your clothes dried here Phone wUwW East Gary 2-1461 when you ivasli at home Pick-Up and Delivery Harold Rich EAST GARY, INI). Compliments » Best Quality Work Reliable Service For the Finest Television EAST GARY DRUGS and Radio Service Available ▼ ▼ Stop in at R A-T E L YOUR Radio and Television Sales and Serviee FRIENDLY WALGREEN 2401 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA AGENCY PHONE 2-1442 92 The 19 57 Edisonian EAST GARY FUEL AND SQUARE DEAL SUPPLY CO. COAL AND FUEL CO. Carl C. Peterson, Proprietor Mike Darosky, Proprietor FILL SAND : STONE : SLAG GRAVEL : FUELOIL ▼ V V ▼ 3100 Central Avenue 3150 CENTRAL AVENUE East Gary, Indiana EAST GARY, INDIANA ▼ ▼ Phone: Office 2-1556, Home 2-6780 Phone 2-1 156 TOBEY ' S BARBER SHOP On the “S” Curve At Central and Union Streets Compliments 5 BARBERS of Open 6 days a week until 6 p. m. We Appreciate Your Patronage FRANK and ANN Vi ' . TOBEY B. ROSENBAUM E. SIMONS K. MANN “MILT” K CHESTER The 1957 Edisonian 93 Compliments of Com pi i m en ts of CITY GROCKRY AND MARKET SWANSON REALTY 3343 Central Avenue A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE 2773 Dekalb Street — FOR — Phone 2-1161 LOW PRICES AMD SERVICE Compliments Compliments of PADGET LUMBER SUPPLY of CORPORATION JACK’S BARBER SHOP 2913 DfKAI.lt ST. EAST GARY, INDIANA 3518 Central Avenue Phone 2-1650 Compliments of IF YOU CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE, GO TO ETHEL’S! EAST GARY BOWLING LANES GENERAL VARIETY STORE 3425 Central Avenue 2760 Dekalb Street Phone 2-9911 Phone 2-3764 When You Want to Buy a Home , When You Want to Sell a Home Rest Quality Work : Reliable Service New Modern Method See “We Serve to Serve Again ” BERRY REAL TY REALTORS FOSTERS FINEST DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY SERVICE We Write All Types of Insurance Furs Gleaned and Glazed : ( ' .old Storage Repairing : Dyeing Rugs : Drapes : Curtains : Formal Wear 3801 CENTRAL AVENUE 2757 Dekalb Street East Gary, Ind. PHONE 2-1138 EAST GARY, INDIANA PHONE 2-1261 94 The 1957 Edisonian HAMPTON’S SERVICE BRADY FUNERAL HOME LUBRICATIONS . . . BATTERIES ACCESSORIES 24-hour Ambulance Service SERVICE CALLS 3781 CENTRAL AVENUE 2900 DeKall. Street EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone 2-7792 Phone 2-1606 BARTOS’ LUNCH Compliments of 2898 DeKALB STREET WEIDMAN’S JEWELRY STORE EAST CARY, IND. WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR Phone 2-1349 3727 Central Avenue Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS TO THE KESEL PAINT AND HARDWARE CLASS OF ’57 HOUSEWARE, PLUMBING EAST GARY CAB CO. AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 24-Ilour Service 2415 RUSH STREET EAST GARY 3545 Miehigan St. New Chicago, Ind. PHONE 2-1385 SEAGLE BROS. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CITIES SERVICE CLASS OF ’57 2605 GRAND BOULEVARD J S SUPER MARKET EAST GARY, INDIANA Central at Union Phone 2-9933 PHONE 2-9968 Th 1957 Edisonian 95 EAST GARY HEATING SERVICE Compliments Furnaces Installed of 2501 CENTRAL AVENUE VOYT ROOFING CO. EAST GARY, INI). Compliments of Com pi i m en ts o f WHITLEDGE SHOE STORE BAZIN’S GROCERY AND REPAIR 2301 FAIRVIEW AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA 2825 Central Avenue PHONE 2-1288 Phone 2-9940 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE EAST GARY FLORIST CLASS OF ’57 GREENHOUSE from and JOHNSON’S FISH AND SHRIMP DARALE’S McCOOL NURSERY 2619 Central Avenue 1643 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 2-1728 Phone 2- 1 200 1 nhalator and Oxygen Equipped COCONUT GROVE Ambulance Service 1233 Central Avenue Day or Night Phone 2-1511 “Family Entrance” OLSON-REISER FUNERAL HOME CHICKEN, STEAK. SHRIMP. PIZZA Lady Attendant AND ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES Also [leverages 1307 CENTRAL AVE. EAST GARY, IND. 96 The 1957 Edisonian EBERHARDT BROS. GARAGE Body Work Compliments of Complete Auto Repair and Painting Gas Oil Tires Tubes JOHN WILSON Greasing Accessories RADIO A IND TELEVISION SERVICE 2713 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INI). 2913 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY FEED AND SUPPLY CO. JACK S FOOD SHOP THE HOME OF DUNES MIX FEEDS 3101 Central Avenue Complete Line of Feeds Swift ' s Vitality Hyde ' s Ful-O-Pep Phone 2-1471 FINE MEATS and GROCERIES 3010 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone: East Gary 2-1417 SCHUBERT S PAINT STORE Compliments of Customs Colors SYLVIA NIEHAUS 723 CENTRAL AVENUE TEACHER OF PIANO EAST GARY, IND. Studio: 3315 Edison Avenue Phone 2-1276 Phone 2-4311 Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 57 JAMES R. LEVERON, D.D.S. 3538 Central Avenue from PHONE 2-1561 A FRIEND The 1957 Edisonian 97 GARY OFFICE REST W ISHES FOR YOUR FUN FOR YOUR WORK Remember FOR THE CLASS OF ’57 GARY’S LARGEST OFFICE OUTFITTERS for your Typewriters . , . Fountain Pens Luggage ▼ ▼ Greeting Cards . . . Cameras RENTALS On Typewriters - Adding Machines EAST GARY EXPERT REPAIRS On All Makes of Typewriters VOLUNTEER GARY FIRE DEPARTMENT Office Equipment Co. Sixth and Massachusetts Streets PHONE 5-6286 • • • -2-4 BROADWAY CONGRA TULA TIONS ! PEARSON ' S THE HOME OF PERFECT DIAMONDS Broadway and Sixth Gary, Indiana ▼ ▼ Gary’s Only Member T ▼ of the Diamond Council of America Phone 2-6251 98 The 1957 Edisonian STERLIISG-CONER STUDIOS 629 Washington OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Lee Coner who has been our Etlisoiiinn photographer the past twelve years The 1957 Edisonian 99 TRIANGLE STEEL CORP. 5050 Industrial Highway Gary, Indiana DISTRIBUTORS OF STEEL PRODUCTS Serving the Heart of the Steel Producing Area Also STORING ASSORTING SHEARING FLAME CUTTING CRANE SERVICE SCALE SERVICE Telephones: Turner 5-8214 3-5538 FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTEN ' S Since 1897 ▼ ▼ Representative: ROBERT ALBERTSON Box 9 Plymouth, Indiana 100 The 1957 Edisonian DRINK In Rattles CRUIKSHANK AUTO SHOP 7500 East U. S. 20 Gary, Indiana ▼ ▼ Phone 8-1 1 31 Authorized CHEVROLET Compliments •! A FRIEND Dealers CHRISTENSON MOTORS, INC. 431 MAIN STREET HOBART, INDIANA ▼ ▼ Phone 1178 The 1957 Edisonian 101 Compliments of JACK SPRATT CLOVERLEAF ICE CREAM CO. HERFF-JONES CO. Made in Gary only Highest of Quality for Over 35 Years M A NU F At :TI RI NG JE W ELE R S 440-446 CONNECTICUT STREET GARY, INDIANA AND STATIONERS I ' liones 2-4157 and 2-6841 ▼ ▼ 1407-14-19 North Capitol Avenue 1 «3AC ISEHJ 1 . 1 «.» ■-,11 Indianapolis 7, Indiana JACOBSENS 2 Stores in Gary M. J. VOGEL 2210 WEST TENTH AVENIR or REPRESENTATIVE SIXTH AVENUE AT MASSACHUSETTS STREET HOBART Com pi i m en ts o W ALGREEN AGENCY Leon Gardner, R.Ph. PICKART-CROLL AGENCY LET US FILL YOUR NEXT PRESCRIPTION 614 MASSACHUSETTS 310 MAIN STREET HOBART, INDIANA Phone 181 or 255 GARY, INDIANA “ For the lies 1 in Flowers ” THE ALICE SHOPPE KELLEN’S For Lads and Lassies HOBART FLOWER SHOP No Exehanges or Refunds After 30 Days 409 MAIN STREET HOBART, INDIANA 322 MAIN STREET HOBART, IND. Phone 140 or 130 Phone Alain 103 102 The 1957 Edisonian Compliments of ELINORS FOR NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WOMEN’S APPAREL 341 Main Street llobart. Indiana Phone 1 392 ARTCARVED Diamond and Wedding RUNGS CUBBERLEY’S 326 E. THIRD ST. HOBART, IND. Phone 588W Streamline Samsonite Luggage Compliments of VOSSBERG APPAREL NEW CHICAGO PLA-BOWL 1 BLOCK NORTH ON MICHIGAN OFF HIGHWAY NO. 6 W EARING APPAREL AND SHOES For W omen, Men, and Children We Carry the Best Nationally Known Brands Phone 2-9908 Hobart and Miller CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’57 HOBART SHOES Phone 1183 600 East Third Street The individual pictures of sophomores and juniors were taken by the Inter-State Studios, Robert Kuhik, photographer, Rusliville, Indiana. A W ORD OF THANKS We, the staff, have eome to tell All our advertisers, we think you’re “swell” — For if we hadn’t had your aid Our annual could never have been made. Once again, we want to say “Thanks” To all the stores, offices, and hanks, And the others with their kind ways Who helped with our hook of senior days. The 1957 Edisonian 103

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