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« THE EDISONI AN OF EDISON HIGH SCHOOL 1956 Published by the Staff as an everlasting memory of our high school days EAST GARY INDIANA fyosiewx}.fi If ROM TIME TO TIME our human nature behooves us to remember certain incidents that have happened in the past. In an effort to keep these memories in a sacred way — never to be forgotten — the Edisonian staff has composed this book with the hope of giving the students of Edison High School many pleasant hours in which to reminisce bygone days. Herein, the staff has endeavored to record those events of school life that mean so much to the memory of the high school student — the activities, class- mates, school friends, work-study-play program, and faculty. The staff hopes that each reader will enjoy reading every page of " The 1956 Edisonian.” 2 The 1956 Edisonian TABLE OF CONTENTS ersonalities . Athletics Activities Advertisements . ihe 1956 Edisonian tbe icatian. W, e, the staff, wish to dedicate this, our 1956 Edisonian, to Mr. Max W. Garvey, a member of our faculty at the beginning of the school year, as a token of appreciation. Your splendid personality and your capability as our teacher will be an inspiration to us as well as a pleasant memory. 4 The 1956 Edisonian PERSONALITIES Directors in the field of various knowledge, Courses of business, arts, preparatory for college, Our aptitudes of learning are applied By these faithful teachers as our guide. The 1956 Edisonian 5 FRED L. KITCHEL President WILLIAM MoKINNEY Secretary J. RICHARD TURNER Treasurer ogaA af C-ducailaei VIRGIL I. BAILEY . . . Our Superintendent The 1956 Edisonian Although the office of our superintendent of schools was moved to the East Side School last year and we haven ' t seen him as much as in previous years, we don’t forget Mr. Bailey’s patience, loyalty, and kindness. Throughout the years, he has never ceased in his efforts to bring about many improvements. His ca pability, faithfulness, and amicability shall long be remembered by all of us. CLAUDE P. ROOS Our Principal As principal of our school, Mr. Roos has the never-ending chore of teaching us the meaning of true suc- cess which comes through persever- ance and hard work. Another of his chief duties is to teach self-discipline and good citizenship. All these things, which he strives so hard to teach, are very essential to us for our future success. In later years we shall be able to look back and graciously thank Mr. Roos for his faithful, ear- nest, and sincere guidance. Our Principal ' s Office (Jerks JOANNE MUCHA LOIS ANDERSON l The 1956 Edisonian MARY RARE IONA CRISMAN LURA WIGGINS English. Spanish — Freshman Spon- English. Latin — Junior Sponsor, English — Sophomore Sponsor, Eagl e sor. Eagle Feathers Critic. Eagle Feathers Critic. Feathers Critic. ENGLISH “Ain ' t got no” is one of a few expres- sions which irritate the ears of our English teachers. Having completed the required three years and some the fourth year, we’ve mastered our English to a “T” and can continue a higher education with ease and confidence or enter the business or social world. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Those students who have taken either of the foreign language courses offered — Latin and Spanish — have found it to be interesting as well as a real asset for certain fields of higher education or industry. 8 The 1956 Edisonian LIBRARY Not only is our library a source for ob- taining information, but is, also, a place to relax tense nerves caused by overwork- ing the brain in study hall. SOCIAL STUDIES We learn not only of our Country and our Government but also current events and everyday problems. This knowledge we acquire for use as the future leaders and citizens of our Community and Country. MARY JANE KATTIS Librarian — Freshman Sponsor. RICHARD HADDAD Social Studies — Junior Sponsor. Booster Club Sponsor, Assistant Basketball Coach. STEFAN G. GAZA Social Studies — Senior Sponsor. Student Council Sponsor, E-Men ' s Sponsor. Basketball Coach. Track Coach. The 1956 Edisonian 9 HILDA E. CHAPMAN Mathematics — Senior Sponsor. Sun- shine Society Sponsor, F. T. A. Sponsor. Dean of Girls. CARL D. TCHALO Mathematics, Science — Freshman Sponsor. JAMES C. COOLEY Science — Sophomore Sponsor, MATHEMATICS Of the three “R’s " ’Rithmetic seems to be very essential, although the students have advanced from arithmetic to general mathematics. However, “college bound " students take algebra and geometry. SCIENCE Only one year of science is required for graduation, and the majority of the stu- dents select biology; but, believe it or not, there are many energetic students who fol- low earnestly the study of chemistry and physics. 10 The 1956 Edisonian STUDY HALL What is so rare as a picture of a person deeply engrossed in his studies in study hall? It does happen, you know! BUSINESS EDUCATION " Clickety, click, click " is the familiar sound of typewriters on the third floor. Typing is one of the many courses offered to students. The broad field of commerce includes typing, shorthand, office practice, bookkeeping, salesmanship, and commer- cial law. HAZEL HARTLEY Business Education — Junior Spon- sor. Edisonian Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Sponsor. CATHERINE ZSCHOCHE Business Education, Mathematics — Sophomore Sponsor. MARJORIE BRADY Business Education — Sophomore Sponsor. The 1956 Edisonian 11 BONNIE GLEASON Home Economics — Senior Sponsor, Homemakers Club Sponsor. JOHN VALENTI Industrial Arts — Freshman Spon- sor, Booster Club Sponsor, Sweet Shop. A. R. BROMBERG Health and Safety — Senior Sponsor. Dean of Boys. Assistant Football Coach. HOME ECONOMICS Nowadays, because of popular demand by the opposite sex. a girl must be able to cook and sew and understand child care, first aid. and interior decorating. The home economics department takes care of these needs. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Since many boys are not gifted with a pair of creative hands, Edison has provided a liberal and advanced course in industrial arts. The boys are taught the essentials of all types of shop work. 12 The 1956 Edisonian PHYSICAL EDUCATION The good, healthy exercise received by the freshmen and sophomores is quite ben- eficial. Here, they can really “let loose " that excess energy and incidentally get that much needed exercise to build strong and healthy bodies. Physical education is just as important for girls as for boys in this day and age. With the modern conveniences of today, good physical exercise is of utmost im- portance. JOHN J. LOUGHLIN Mathematics. Business Education — Sophomore Sponsor. MARCELE HAYDEN Home Economics, Physical Edu- cation — Freshman Sponsor, G. A. A. Sponsor. Homemakers Sponsor. STEVE GEORGAKIS Social Studies. Physical Education — Junior Sponsor. E-Men ' s Sponsor. Football Coach. The 1956 Edisonian 13 MUSIC “Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do! " The old familiar melodies can be heard each morning from the voices singing in the choir and the instruments played by the members of the band. The students are given an opportunity to develop their tal- ent in the line of music. ART “A picture is worth a thousand words” is the motto of these talented students who use their ability for another credit to graduate. In this department the student; are taught the basic fundamentals of good art. 14 The 1956 Edisonian SENIOR OFFICERS Thomas Meister, secretary; Frank Mochaitis. president: Larry Blue, treasurer: Paul Vizena, vice-president. SENIORS David Arrensen Science Club, Hi-Y, E-Men ' s Club. Football. Freshman Basketball. Sandra Berg Junior Treasurer. Eagle Feathers Art Editor, Edisonian Advertising Assistant, G.A.A. Treas- urer, Sunshine Society. F. T. A.. Homemakers. Booster Club. Joseph Beverly E-Men ' s Club. Football. B-Team. Freshman Basketball. Larry Blue E-Men ' s Club. Senior Treasurer, Football. Fresh- man Basketball. Football Co-Captain. The 1956 Edisonian 15 SENIORS Barbara Bottila Junior Secretary. Student Council, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society President. Home- makers. G. A. A.. M. M. M. Secretary, Booster Club. Choir Vice-President. Vocal Ensembles. Robert Boznak E-Men ' s Club. Football. Freshman Basketball. Track. John Bright E-Men ' s Club, B-Team, Freshman Basketball. Track. Patricia Brown Sunshine Society. Homemakers. G.A.A.. Booster Club. Angeline Castro Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G.A.A., Booster Club. Anthony Christakis Booster Club, Track Student Manager. Charles Clemens E-Men’s Club. Science Club, Football, Track. Albert A. Crider F.T.A., Science Club, Sweet Shop Student Manager. 16 The 1956 Edisonian SENIORS i Martha Cruikshank Student Council, Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society Vice-President, Homemakers President, G.A.A., Booster Club, Sweetheart Queen. Joyce Cunningham Edisonian Editor, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G.A.A., F.T.A., M.M.M. Secretary, Science Club, Booster Club. Band Vice-President, Pep Band, Saxophone Quartet. Majorette, Drum Major. Edward Dawson Hi-Y, E-Men ' s Club, Football. Rita Drake Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society, G.A.A.. F.T.A., M.M.M., Science Club, Booster Club, Choir, Senior Ensemble. Rolwrt Fazekas Freshman Basketball. Larry Flaningan E-Men’s Club, Football, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. Cecil Foltz E-Men ' s Club, Booster Club, Choir, B-Team. Freshman Basketball. Lela Ford Sunshine Society. The 1956 Edisonian 17 SENIORS Daniel S. Fronezak Freshman Basketball. Judith (Gardner Eagle Feathers Staff, Student Council, Sunshine Society, F.T.A. President. Homemakers, G.A.A., Library Assistant. D.A.R. Award. Ruth Garzella Sunshine Society, Homemakers, Band. Charles Gilmore Sophomore President, Student Council. E- Men ' s Club Vice-President. Football Co-Cap- tain. Freshman Basketball. Robert Gilmore Student Council, E-Men’s Club President, Foot- ball. David Hardt M.M.M.. Band. Woodwind Quintet. James P. Harrison Karen Havrilesko Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A., Booster Club, Band. 18 The 1956 Edisonian SENIORS Carol Ann Hiller Sunshine Society, Homemakers, Band. Thomati A. Hodge Football. Raymond Houck Freshman Treasurer, Hi-Y. E-Men ' s Club. Football, Track. Dean Howell E-Men ' s Club, Football, Freshman Basketball. Patsy Huckabee Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A. Vice- President, Booster Club. Charles Ivlow E-Men ' s Club, Football, Varsity Basketball Student Manager, Track, Junior-Senior Girls ' Football King. Alan Dale Jackson M.M.M.. Booster Club, E-Men ' s Club. Choir, Boys ' Chorus. Boys ' Ensemble, Football. Paul Jarabek Booster Club, E-Men’s Club, Football. Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball. The 1956 Edisonian 19 SENIORS Dennis Johnson Catherine Kaiser Edisonian Society Editor, Eagle Feathers Staff. Student Council, Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G. A. A.. F. T. A., M. M. M. Vice-President. Booster Club. Choir. Vocal Ensembles. Denietria Kappos Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Home makers. G.A.A.. Science Club, Booster Club. T rack. George K a sard a Shirley Kersey Sophomore Vice-President. Sunshine Society Secretary. Homemakers. Booster Club. Choir Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Ensemble. Eagle Feathers Staff. Nancy King Eagle Feathers Associate Editor. Sunshine So- ciety, Homemakers, G.A.A., F.T.A., Booster Club. Ernest Kingery Science Club, Booster Club. E-Men ' s Club. Var sity. B-Team. Freshman Basketball. Marcia Klempa Edisonian Society Editor. Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society. Homemakers. M.M.M.. Booster Club, Choir, Vocal Ensembles. 20 The 1956 Edisonian SENIORS Rosalie Marovich Sunshine Society, Homemakers. Carolyn Sue Mattie Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G.A.A., Booster Club, Band. Shirley Mattingly Sunshine Society Treasurer, Homemakers, G.A.A., Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Euniee Florence Maxwell Sunshine Society. W i 1 1 ici in R. Maxwell E-Men ' s Club, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. Patricia MeArdle Edisonian Advertising Assistant. Eagle Feathers Staff, Student Council. Sunshine Society, Home- makers, G.A.A., F.T.A.. Booster Club. Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Robert C. McDonald E-Men ' s Club, Track, Cross Country. Sharon McKinney Edisonian Business Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A., Miss Edisonian. The 1956 Edisonian 21 SENIORS Thomas Meister Senior Secretary. Sophomore Treasurer. Science Club. Hi-Y. E-Men ' s Club. Freshman Basket- ball, Track. Herman Miller E-Men ' s Club, Freshman Basketball. Track. Leona Moek Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society. Home- makers. G.A.A., F.T.A. Secretary-Treasurer. M.M.M.. Booster Club. Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Frank Moehaitis Senior President. Student Council, Science Club. Hi-Y, Football. George Morikis Student Council President. E-Men ' s Club. Choir, Boys’ Ensemble, Football Student Manager. Lee M. Morrison Booster Club, E-Men ' s Club, Football, Fresh- man Basketball. Ronald M u maw Freshman Vice-President. Student Council Vice- President, Hi-Y, E-Men ' s Club Secretary-Treas- urer, Choir. B-Team, Freshman Basketball. Track, Cross Country. Alberta Ann Nagy Eagle Feathers Associate Art Editor. Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A.. F.T.A., Booster Club, P.T.A. Carnival Queen. 22 The 1956 Edisoniart SENIORS Sandra Irene Owens Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society. Home- makers. G.A.A.. Booster Club, Majorette. Steven Pahos Freshman President. Student Council. Science Club, Booster Club. E-Men ' s Club. Football, Freshman Basketball, Track, Cross Country. Kathryne Pappas Student Council Secretary, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Homemakers. G.A.A., M.M.M.. Science Club. Booster Club President and Secretary-Treasurer, Choir, Vocal Ensembles, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen. Shirley Pelton Student Council Treasurer. Edisonian Associate Editor. Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A., F.T.A., M.M.M. Presi- dent and Vice-President, Booster Club, Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Lome J. Reariek Eagle Feathers Associate Sports Editor. E-Men ' s Club. Booster Club. B-Team, Freshman Basket- ball. David Remijan Junior Vice-President, Science Club, Booster Club, E-Men ' s Club, Football, Freshman Bas- ketball, Track. Bonita Rentz Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A., Booster Club. Bert Rhynearson E-Men ' s Club. B-Team, Freshman Basketball. Track. The 1956 Edisonian 23 SENIORS Kennth Roberts Football. Carol Sehleff Sunshine Society, Homemakers, Science Club. Betty Schmelzer Sunshine Society, Homemakers. Booster Club, Eagle Feathers Staff. Robert Semaniek Booster Club, Choir, Football. Laura Smith Sunshine Society. Homemakers President. G.A.A.. Booster Club Secretary, Choir, Sopho- more Ensemble, Cheerleader. Jeanette L. Snell Sunshine Society, G.A.A. William Sonntag Football. La Vonne Spence Edisoniart Advertising Assistant, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, G. A. A.. M. M. M., Booster Club, Choir, Vocal Ensembles. 24 The 19 5 6 Edisoniart SENIORS Kendall Spencer Sciennce Club, Band. Dance Band, Pep Band, Brass Quartet, Track. Dorothy Thompson Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Home- makers, G.A.A.. F.T.A., M.M.M. Treasurer, Booster Club, Choir, Vocal Ensembles. Toni Sharon Tucker Eagle Feathers Editor, Edisonian Business Man- ager, Sunshine Society, Homemakers, G.A.A., F.T.A., Science Club, Booster Club. Paul Vizena Senior Vice-President. Lloyd Wagner Student Council. Science Club. Hi-Y. E-Men ' s Club, Football, Freshman Basketball. Track. Michael Wagner Junior President, Student Council. E-Men’s Club, Science Club. Hi-Y, Booster Club, Foot- ball. Charles Warren F.T.A.. M.M.M., Science Club. Boys ' Chorus. Band. Brass Sextet, Pep Band, Track. Larry White The 1956 Edisonian 25 SENIORS Gary Whitledge Violet Wineinger Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society, Home- makers. G.A.A.. F.T.A. Marianne Zieha Freshman Secretary. Eagle Feathers Staff. Stu- dent Council, Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G.A.A.. F.T.A. Secretary-Treasurer. Darlene Zinkovieh Edisortian Associate Editor, Eagle Feathers Sports Editor. Sunshine Society. Homemakers, G.A.A., F.T.A., Science Club, Booster Club. Catherine Lopez Sunshine Society, Homemakers, Booster Club, Vocal Ensembles. Time is marching on and it will continue to march on. It seems as though it were only yesterday that we entered our freshman year at Edison. We were thrilled to be in high school, to have our pictures in the annual, to be members of various organizations, and to have the privilege of participating in sports. Each year, the class sponsored a dance, and Alberta Nagy, our sophomore candidate, was crowned P.T..A, Carnival Queen. As juniors we selected our class rings, and the highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom. Besides the many activities in which we participated during our years at school, we made new friends and acquaintances. We learned to respect our teachers and fellow students. Each student had a part in making our school one of which to be proud. Then, the great anticipation of being seniors lapsed into a reality. As time marched on to the close of the final activities — Junior-Senior Prom. Baccalau- reate. and Commencement — and our departure from dear old Edison, we ven- tured into the wide, wide world as Edison ' s alumni. 26 The 1956 Edisortian JUNIORS Officers Angela Glorioso. treasurer Phyllis Maurer, secretary Jacqueline Pocialik, vice-president Ray Boylan. president John Adams Carole Ahern Barbara Alexander Dolores Aloia Paul Anderson Frederick Armenth Leon Bartos Elaine Bennett Frances Bentley Terry Bishop lx f Frank Bogdon Ray Boylan Carol Brown Wayne Brown Michael Byrne Russell Byrum Judith Calbetzor Richard Chantos Thomas Clark Marvin Cline Diana Cornwell Frances Dayberry Richard Dayberry Margaret Downs Beverly Draves The 1956 Edisonian 27 JUNIORS Janet Evolga Joyce Follow William Gleason George Glick Angela Glorioso Sheila Golden Betty Greer Cletus Hagan Bernard Halaschak William Halaschak Daryl Hoyt Carolyn Huckabee Herman Jacobson Jeanne Jahn Verle Jones Kathleen Kadish Judith Kersey Penelope Kettering Judith Keyak Romanc Klisz Darlene Kolosci Michael Kozak Steven Kozak Richard Lambert Leo Loden Catherine Lopez Diane Marovich Marjorie Mattie Carol Maurer Phyllis Maurer Kent McDonald Lois McEwan Charles Melton Janice Michaels Truman Miller The 1956 Edisonian Mary Muldoon Robert Muraco Dolores Myers Mary Najar Paula Niehaus Carolyn O ' Kelly Emanuel Orlich Leo Parkhurst Marguerite Patterson Eva Peek Richard Peffley Margaret Pendergrast Lawrence Petruzelli Jacqueline Pocialik Betty Przybysz Steven Pundrich Ronald Rafferty Frances Ritcheson June Robertson Harry Robinson Marjorie Schavey Peggy Scott John Smith William Smith Lawrence Snopel Charles Swears Gordon Taylor Ruth Thompson Elizabeth Todd Janet Treece James Turner Shirley Ann Walker LeRoy Webdell Rita Werner Judith Wignall The 1956 Edisonian JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Officers Francis Chester, president Emil Conde, vice-president Rosemary Bottila. secretary Sandra Stetler, treasurer Russell Berg Larry Blair Rosemary Bottila Jean Boutwell Betty Boznak James Bradford William Breitsprecher Gene Brock Patricia Bryant Ursula Burchardt Patsy Burton Francis Chester Eugene Chicos Lee Clapp James Clark Ivan Cole La Von Comstock Emil Conde Len Conway David Cotter Charles Cox Eva Cruikshank Barbara Davis William DeWitt Joseph Dreyovich 30 The 1956 Edisonian Earl Eddy Shirley Ellis Janis Felton Sharon Forney Charles Franklin Rudolph Fusko Carol Glancy Janet Grusak Charles Gumm Leonard Halaschak James Hamilton Daniel Hardt Janice Harrison Michael Havrilla Ray Hicks Barbara Higgins Phyllis Jahns Wayne Jakich Joan Jenkins Paul Johanson Thomas Johnson Howard Jones Hiram Kaiser Ronald Kingery Kathleen Kulavik Michael Lyman Antoinette Mayoch Donald McClaran James McDaniel Val Gene McGuire John Miller William Mills Arveta Miskimins David Mize Larry Mockaitis The 1956 Edisonian SOPHOMORES 31 Beverly Moore Roy Moore William Muldoon Richard Mumaw Betty Murphy Erin Murray Virginia Newman Gail Parkhurst Russell Penzato Elizabeth Poe William Poffinbarger Arnetta Rafferty Linda Sue Robertson Joseph Rossi Darlene Saddler Peter Sarkotich Nancy Schavey Harold Schmelzer Betty Series Iris Shadrick Karen Silverthorn Ronald Skeen Ethel Stavrakis Brenda Statum Sandra Stetler John Stonehouse Charlene Strong Ralph Strong Anthony Tamalunas James Taylor Joan Vickrey Nancy Warren Charles Watts Joyce Webdell Faith Wells The 1956 Edisonian SOPHOMORES Judith Wesley Fred Williamson William Winegar Thelma Wineinger Patricia Zajac Jerry Zinkovich Larry Zinkovich FRESHMEN Officers John Norvil, president James Parker, vice-president Barbara Keyak. secretary Esther Glorioso, treasurer SUM - CflflWMWl Cf CONTROL I h fl it ' iM l V : 1 Gaynes Abernathy Vennie Sue Abernathy Victor Aloia John Baker Sharon Baker Jerome Blair Rita Boutwell Charles Bozeman David Bratcher Richard Brosky James Brown Judith Brown Mary Ann Butnbera Patricia Bunnell Karen Campbell The 1956 Edisonian FRESHMEN Daniel Castro David Cunningham Marianne Czilli Robert Daily Patricia Danko Gloria Dawson Larry Dickey Joan Dixon Diana Dragash Mary Dudak Charles Elkins Glenn Everett Robert Filipas Bonita Flick Thomas Gardner Robert Getridge John Gibbon Patricia Gilmore Esther Glorioso Larry Golden June Greer Carol Gumm Robert Hamady Judith Hamady Gilbert Hamilton Ellen Heck Sharon Heck David Hickman Barbara Hines Judith Hoffman Jean Hook June Hook Cheryle Hoyt Joyce Hughes Claudette Hutchins 34 The 1956 Edisonian FRESHMEN Jean Jacobson Ethel Jakich Alan Kalos Frances Kasperek Richard Kestle Floyd Kettering Barbara Keyak Vicki Koontz Steve Kovacic John Kulavik Jeffrey Lewis Richard Lewis Richard Lopez Ronald Lowe Lou Marks Patience Maxwell Fred Mayuiers Michael McDonald Scarlet McDonald Bonnie McEwan Joann Meister Barbara Melton Judith Michelet Chester Miller Roberta Miller Betty Mills Joan Mills Katherine Morikis John Nobles Ruth Nolan Joan Norvil John Norvil Michael O’Hara James O ' Kelly Nancy Olszyniak The 1956 Edisonian 35 FRESHMEN . James Parker Kathleen Patterson Charles Penick Beverly Petruzelli Anna Poffinbarger Robert Poffinbarger Robert Price John Prott JoAnne Pundrich Sally Rafferty Margaret Rentz Patricia Scheuer Ruth Scheuer Dwayne Scott Bonnie Sebben Bettye Shaffer Sandra Shearer Lillian Sherowsky Charles Short Charles Singer Ruth Smenyak John Spencer Patricia Sullivan John Sykes Gilda Teffertiller Carol Tetarchik Arthur Thompson Ruth Torrez Karen Tucker Barbara Tyndall Charlotte Tyndall Barbara Umlauft Rita Underwood Richard Whissen Sharon Wiedbusch Harla Wilson Deon Wright 36 The 1956 Edisonian ATHLETICS In athletics we rate a high score We’re improving our conference standing more and more The 1956 Edisonian Top row — Robert Muraco. Lawrence Snopel, Bernard Halaschak. John Smith, William Poffinbarger, Paul An derson, William Smith. Richard Lambert, Richard Peffley, LeRoy Webdell. Second roiv — Coach Georgakis, William Muldoon, David Mize, Charles Melton, Francis Chester, Charles Cox, Ronald Rafferty, Joseph Dreyovich, Ivan Cole, Thomas Clark, Assistant Coach Bromberg. Front row — William Halaschak, Lawrence Petruzelli, Lee Morrison, Charles Ivlow, Charles Gilmore, Larry Blue, Larry Flaningan. Robert Gilmore, Glenn Everett, Manager George Morikis. football VARSITY Edison had her most successful season in football with seven victories out of a total of nine games. The players and their coaches, Mr. Georgakis and Mr. Bromberg, are to be commended for Edison’s outstanding progress in football. The Eagles scored 43 points to their op- ponents’ 32 points in the season’s conference games, but lost their final game and the Calu- met Conference Championship to Portage by Coaches Assistant Coach Arington, Coach Georgakis, Assistant Coach Bromberg. a score of 7-0. Edison had the honor of having two Eagles listed on the Calumet Conference Team for 1935: Larry Blue, a tackle: Rob- ert Muraco, a back. Eight players received honorable mention: Richard Lambert, end: Larry Petruzelli, tackle: Ivan Cole, guard: Ronald Rafferty, guard: Bernard Halaschak, center: Charles Gilmore, back: Larry Flan- ingan, back: and John Smith, back. Season ' s Record Merrillville Opponent . . 7 Edison 12 Griffith .... . . 0 6 Wirt . . 0 12 North Judson . . 0 12 Edison (Gary) . .18 0 Dyer . . 0 13 Howe Military . . . 6 27 Knox . . 14 27 Portage .... . . 7 0 38 The 1956 Edisonian FOOTBALL SENIOR LETTERMEN Larry Blue — Co-Captain Charles Gilmore — Co-Captain Larry Flaningan Lee Morrison Robert Gilmore Charles Ivlow Edison versus Edison The 1956 Edisonian 39 Portage defeated Edison 7-0 for the Calumet Conference Championship Title fyoothcdl RESERVES The players of the reserve football squad gained skill and experience throughout the season under the coaching of Mr. Wesley Ar- ington, one of the assistant football coaches. By means of the reserve football squad the boys gain their first training in football playing: and as a result of this experience, the promising players advance to the varsity squad. The boys spend many hours in training and have a great deal of endurance. They are to be commended for this quality and for their good sportsmanship. Season’s Record Opponent Edison Griffith .... ... 34 19 Wirt ... 12 6 Merrillville ... 19 19 Portage .... ... 12 7 Dyer ... 6 0 Edison .... ... 20 6 Lowell .... ... 15 0 Reserves Tup row — Richard Kestle, James Hamilton, David Cunningham, Michael Havrilla, James McDaniel, Robert Filipas, Donald McClaran. Second row — Coach Arington, Jerry Zinkovich, Larry Blair, Emil Conde, William Breitsprecher, Jeffrey Lewis. Thomas Gardner. James Parker. Front row — Russell Penzato. Fred Williamson, Gilbert Hamilton. Richard Lopez, John Norvil, Charles Boze- man. Victor Aloia, John Spencer. 40 The 1956 Edisonian BOOSTER CLUB During the football and basketball season, the members of the Booster Club cheered faithfully as loyal boosters at the games at home and away. The 1956 Edisonian 41 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Shirley Ann Walker, Kathryne Pappas, Joyce Follow, Judith Kersey. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS Joan Norvil, Nancy Olszyniak, Sandra Stetler, Bonita Flick. Barbara Keyak. 42 The 1956 Edisonian Top row — Assistant Coach Haddad. Student Manager Richard Whissen. Gilbert Hamilton. Richard Lambert, Charles Swears. William Gleason, William Halaschak, Francis Chester. Coach Gaza. Front rote — Paul Anderson, John Smith, Richard Peffley, Robert Muraco, Gene Brock. Richard Chontos, Wil- liam Smith. William Halaschak. QaiJietbcM, VARSITY EGA FGM Pet. FTA FTM Pet. REP TP Brock 478 202 .422 171 1 10 .641 447 514 Chontos 480 200 .417 161 1 27 .789 216 527 Muraco 162 1 1 1 .111 111 90 .677 74 116 Peffley 251 74 .299 62 18 .611 81 186 Smith. W 100 27 .270 40 18 .450 140 72 Smith. J 11 8 .258 20 9 .450 72 14 Gleason 11 6 .462 7 6 .859 18 Lambert 40 4 .100 50 28 .560 116 36 Halaschak Swears 1 0 2 0 Assistant Coach Haddad. Coach Gaza Season’s Record Opponent Edison Calumet Township . . . . . 72 70 Dyer 61 69 Boone Grove . 75 88 Wirt 69 81 Wheatfield Griffith Holiday Tourney: . 71 78 Dyer . 51 77 Griffith (overtime! . . 76 78 Portage (overtime) . . . . . 95 85 Edison (Gary) . 90 70 Griffith . 80 61 South Bend (St. Joseph) . 72 67 Lowell . 62 78 Wirt 81 87 Merrillville . 78 70 Dyer . 71 77 Hobart . 62 60 Wheeler 80 91 Knox . 57 65 Medaryville . 46 61 Chesterton Sectional Tournament: 86 67 Hobart . 77 84 Calumet Township . . 68 79 Roosevelt (Gary) . 85 54 Totals . 1,667 1,699 The 1956 Edisonian 43 Richard Chontos Gene Brock Robert Muraco Richard Lambert William Smith John Smith Richard Peffley William Gleason Charles Swears Bernard Halaschak Francis Chester Gilbert Hamilton VARSITY (Continued ) This season’s record, which was the best since 1949-1950, consisted of fourteen vic- tories including three conference games and nine defeats including four conference games. The highlights of the season were the win- ning of the Holiday Tourney over Griffith 78-76 in an overtime game and the two re- venge victories over Hobart and Calumet Township in the sectional tournament. Rchard Chontos was chosen as honorary captain and Gene Brock was selected as the most valuable player. Gene Brock won the trophy for rebounds, Richard Chontos won 44 the trophy for the best free throw average, and Gene Brock and Richard Chontos tied for the best field goal average trophy. The records set for this year are: The highest number of points for one game was 93 against Wheeler, the most points per game average was 74 for the season, the most points of the season — 527 — by Richard Chontos, and the most points for one game was 49 by Gene Brock. Gene Brock was selected on the Calumet All-Conference Team. Richard Chontos and Robert Muraco received Honorable Mention. The 1956 Edisonian Eagles defeat Wirt 81-69 in their first home game of the season. The Eagles get a flying start by winning their first two conference games of the season. The 1956 Edisonian 45 Top row — Assistant Coach Haddad. James Hamilton. Gilbert Hamilton, William Poffinbarger, Ralph Strong, Francis Chester, Coach Gaza. From row — William Breitsprecher, James McDaniel, Joseph Dreyovich. Donald McClaran, Hiram Kaiser. RESERVES RESERVES The highlight of the season was the loss of the championship to Portage by only one point — the final score was 37-36. Edison won seven games and lost 13. Season’s Record Opponent Edison Calumet Township . . 43 23 Dyer . 38 42 Boone Grove .... . 45 69 Wirt . 37 28 Wheatfield . 44 41 Portage . 62 43 Edison (Gary) . 54 37 Griffith . 57 61 South Bend-St. Joseph . 43 28 Lowell . 57 51 Wirt . 50 45 Griffith Holiday Tourney: Lowell . 34 39 Portage . 37 36 Merrillville . 65 31 Dyer . 32 42 Hobart . 48 34 Wheeler . 25 46 Knox . 51 47 Medaryville .... . 36 41 Chesterton . 45 37 FIVE LEADING SCORERS FG FT Total Chester . . . 72 41 185 Kaiser . . . . 34 31 99 Strong ... 22 17 61 Hamilton, J. . . . 34 26 94 Hamilton, B. . . . 49 63 161 FRESHMAN TEAM The Freshman Team was small in size as well as small in number, but they made up for the lack of size by working hard, bustling all of the time, and playing basketball. The team won five and lost five games. Season’s Record Opponent Edison Griffith . . 39 40 Portage . . 41 30 Hobart . . 50 35 Lowell . . 32 41 Edison (Gary) . . 22 25 Calumet Conference Tourney: Edison (Gary) . . 23 32 Merrillville . . 29 39 Lowell .... . . 55 37 Portage . . 55 42 Calumet Township . . 45 34 46 The 1956 Edisonian Freshman Team Top row — Victor Aloia, James Brown, David Hickman. Richard Kestle. Second row — Coach Haddad. Larry Dickey, Gilbert Hamilton, Glenn Everett, Charles Bozeman. Front row — Jeffrey Lewis. James Parker, John Norvil, Daniel Castro, John Spencer. TRACK Richard Chontos, Robert Muraco, John Smith, Bernard Halaschak Top row — Coach Gaza. Daniel Castro. James Brown. Francis Chester, John Prott. Lome Rearick, Robert Hamady, Thomas Gardner, Kent McDonald, Eugene Chicos, James Parker. Second row — William Halaschak, Donald McClaran, John Norvil, James Hamilton, Lawrence Snopel, Tru- man Miller, John Smith, Robert Muraco. Bernard Halaschak. Front row — Ray Boylan, Richard Chontos, Joseph Dreyovich, William Smith, George Kasarda, John No- bles, Robert McDonald. Richard Lambert. Top row — Joseph Dreyovich, Francis Chester, Lawrence Snopel. LeRoy Webdell, William Halaschak, Gene Brock, Richard Chontos, Bernard Halaschak, Lawrence Petruzelli. Ray Boylan. Second row — George Morikis, Ronald Rafferty, Truman Miller. Larry Blue, William Poffinbarger, Paul Ander- son. William Smith, Richard Lambert, John Smith, Glenn Everett. Front row — William Muldoon. David Mize, James Hamilton, Paul Jarabek, Robert Muraco, Richard Peffley, Charles Gilmore, Charles Ivlow, Ivan Cole. Anthony Christakis, Robert Gilmore. E-MEN ' S CLUB The E-Men’s Club is an honorary organi- zation as in the past. All the members have earned at least a major letter in one of the following sports: football, basketball, or track. A dance and sports events such as faculty- alumni and faculty-senior basketball games were sponsored by the Club in order to fi- nance the expenses of basketball players at- tending the state basketball finals in Indian- apolis, football players attending the Big Ten Football game in Lafayette, and track boys attending the track finals in Indianapolis. Officers and Sponsors Mr. Georgakis, sponsor; Ronald Mumaw, secretary-treasurer; Robert Gilmore, president: Charles Gilmore, vice- president: Mr. Gaza, sponsor. 48 The 1956 Edisonian ACTIVITIES Activities whether writing, choir, hand, or hall You’ll find the Edison Eagles are loyal fans of all The 1956 Edisonian 49 Standing — Shirley Pelton, associate editor: Marcia Klempa, society editor: Patricia McArdle, advertising assistant: Catherine Kaiser, society editor; LaVonne Spence, advertising assistant. E D I SO N I A N As time marches on, we, the members of the staff, wish to take the time to express our gratitude to Miss Hartley, our sponsor, for her hard work, patience, and guidance in helping to make our 1956 Edisortian a suc- cess. We wish to thank the members of the faculty and the administration for their co- operation. To say at least, we appreciate the time and money spent by Mr. Lee Coner and his assistants of the Sterling-Coner Studio of Gary in furnishing the pictures for our year- book free of charge. Last but not least, we thank our advertisers who have helped to finance our book with their ads. Sharon McKinney, business manager: Darlene Zinkovich, associate editor; Toni Tucker, business manager: Sandra Berg, advertising assistant. 50 The 1956 Edisonian Tftc ' Kttmecf “Miss Edisuniun ” Sharon won the contest for selling the largest number of 1956 Ed isonians. EAGLE FEATHERS Eagle Feathers, our school paper, is published every two weeks during the school year. Nancy King, associate editor: Toni Tucker, editor: Lome Rearick. assistant sports editor; Darlene Zinkovich, sports editor; Sandra Berg, art editor; Alberta Nagy, assistant art editor. The 1956 Edisonian 51 Standing — Marianne Zieba, Dorothy Thompson, Marcia Klempa. Catherine Kaiser, Kathryne Pappas. Seated — Leona Mock, Judith Gardner, Joyce Cunningham, Patricia McArdle. " EAGLE FEATHERS " STAFF News articles and editorials are written, copy is typed, and stencils are cut and mimeographed by the members of the staff for our school paper. Each edition takes many hours of work to bring the paper through to completion. Rita Drake. Sharon McKinney, Shirley Pelton. Barbara Bottila, Violet Wineinger, Martha Cruikshank, De- metria Kappos, Betty Schmelzer, Sandra Owens. 52 The 1956 Edisonian Top row — John Norvil, John Stonehouse, Frank Mochaitis, Bernard Halaschak, Ray Boylan, Ronald Rafferty, Francis Chester, Robert Gilmore. Second row — Victor Aloia, Gloria Dawson, Phyllis Jahns, Eva Cruikshank, Carolyn O’Kelly, Ruth Thomp- son. Steven Kozak. Front row — George Morikis. Marianne Zieba. Kathryne Pappas, Shirley Pelton, Martha Cruikshank, Barbara Bot- tila, Patricia McArdle, Ronald Mumaw. STUDENT Our Student Council is a student govern- ment organization, and its purpose is to rec- ommend to the administration improvements in school functions. These functions include dances, convocations, athletic events, fund- raising activities and improvements in the halls, classrooms, lockers, and school decora- tions. Each class and organization is repre- sented on the Council. COUNCIL The most important social event spon- sored by the Council was the annual Home- coming Dance after the Wirt football game on September 23. Also, the Council deco- rated the halls during the Christmas season. Its new project of the year was the sponsor- ing of a scholarship fund, which was financed by conducting several school dances. The Council ' s decorations in the hall added a hit of Christmas atmosphere the week before Christ- mas vacation. Officers and Sponsors Top row — Mr. Gaza, sponsor: George Morikis, president: Ronald Mumaw, vice-president: Mr. Roos. sponsor. Front row — Shirley Pelton. treasurer: Kathryne Pappas, secretary. The 1956 Edisonian 53 “Homecoming Queen” ANNUAL HOMECOMING Sponsored by the Student Council Following the Wirt football game on September 23 " Homecoming Queen” Can- didates — Patsy Huckabee, Shir- ley Pelton; Kathryne Pappas, queen; George Morikis, Student Council president; LaVonne Spence. 54 The 1956 Edisonian ANNUAL HOMECOMING DANCE Each organization and class had the privilege of sponsoring a dance during the school year. E-MEN’S DISPLAY Each organization prepared a display for the Homecoming Dance. The E-Men ' s display won first place. 5 r. hi t‘ f r i m T n va zi f.COHN v J u.rKvi u 3 s " bRWOCHKA n ipfimnw -n k fRKofr r ii 55 The 1956 Edisonian Officers and Sponsor Top row — Dorothy Thompson, treasurer; Patricia McArdle, historian; Shirley Pelton, president. Front row — Catherine Kaiser, vice-president ; Mrs. Owen, sponsor: Bar- bara Bottila, secretary. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS This year marked the third year for the Modern Music Masters as an organization. The organization was designed to promote an interest in music in the school as well as the community. An outstanding musician’s award was pre- sented to one of its members who are selected from the sophomores, juniors, and seniors who belong to the choir or band. A dance was the club’s means of making money. Top row — Shirley Mattingly, Barbara Bottila. Joyce Cunningham, David Hardt, Daniel Hardt. Dorothy Thompson, Rita Drake. Second row — Patricia McArdle. Shirley Pelton, Catherine Kaiser, Janet Grusak. Front row — Joyce Webdell, LaVonne Spence, Catherine Lopez, James Turner. Daryl Hoyt, Kathryne Pappas, Janis Felton, Rosemary Bottila. 56 The 1956 Edisonian Top row — George Morikis, Francis Chester, William Halaschak, Michael Kozak, Bernard Halaschak, LeRoy Webdell, Alan Jackson, Richard Mumaw, Jeffrey Lewis, Lawrence Petruzelli. Fifth row — Ronald Rafferty, Shirley Mattingly, Patricia McArdle. Judith Keyak. Joyce Webdell. Ursula Burch- ardt, Rosemary Bottila, Angela Glorioso, Darlene Kolosci, Thomas Clark, Daryl Hoyt, Frederick Armenth. Fourth row — Barbara Bottila, Scarlet McDonald, Catherine Kaiser, Shirley Pelton, Rita Drake, Mary Dudak, Dorothy Thompson, Janet Grusak, Janis Felton, Joan Norvil, Anthony Tamalunas. Third row — Janice Michaels, Jacqueline Pocialik, Vicki Koontz, Esther Glorioso, June Robertson. Ethel Stav- rakis, Barbara Keyak, Linda Sue Robertson, LaVonne Spence. Ruth Torrez. Second row — Beverly Petruzelli, Len Conway, Catherine Lopez. Margaret Pendergrast, Katherine Morikis, Frances Kasperek. Joan Vickrey, Arnetta Rafferty. Mary Ann Bumbera, Sharon Baker, Kathryne Pappas. Front row — David Cotter, James Parker, Howard Jones. James Clark, James Turner. CHOIR Boys’ Chorus Top row — Michael Kozak. Francis Chester, Bernard Halaschak. William Halaschak. George Morikis, Alan Jackson, LeRoy Webdell, Richard Mumaw, Charles Warren. Lawrence Petruzelli, Larry Dickey, Richard Kestle. Front row — David Cotter. Howard Jones. James Clark, James Parker, James Turner. Daryl Hoyt, Jeffrey Lewis, Frederick Armenth. Ronald Rafferty, Thomas Clark. The 1956 Edisonian 57 Senior Ensemble Top row — Rita Drake. Third row — Patricia Mc- Ardle, Shirley Mattingly. Second row — Shirley Pel- ton. Dorothy Thompson. Catherine Kaiser. Front row — LaVonne Spence, Kathryne Pappas. Catherine Lo- pez, Barbara Bottila. Choir Officers LaVonne Spence, secretary-treasurer; Bernard Halas ' chak. president: Thomas Clark, vice-president. 58 The 1956 Edisonian First-Place Solo Winners in District Solo and Ensemble Contest Steven Kozak — first place in state contest, Antoinette Mayoch, Kathleen Kulavik, Sharon Thompson, Richard Major, Sharon Baker. Not pictured — Wayne Brown — second place in state contest. MUSIC CONTESTS Instrumental Department : The instrumental department took twelve first-place ratings and twenty-five second-place ratings at the district solo and ensemble contest and one first-place and two second-place ratings at the state contest, as the rest of the students did not enter the state contest at Butler University in Indianapolis because of bad weather on February 18. The band took a first-place rating at the district contest and second at the state. Vocal Department : Sharon Baker took a first-place rating and James Turner took a second- place rating at the district solo and ensemble contest. The choir took a second-place rating at the district contest at Valparaiso University on March 24. First-Place Ensemble Winners in District Solo and Ensemble Contest Not pictured — -Trombone Trio: Kendall Spencer, Wayne Brown, Charles Warren. Trom- bone Duet: Kendall Spencer and Wayne Brown — second place in state contest. Soxophone Quartet Clarinet Quartet Charlene Vasile, Steven Kozak, Richard Lila Ivlow, Daniel Hardt, Karen Camp- Whissen, Joyce Cunningham. bell, Juanita Johnson. Flute Trio Clarinet Trio Clarinet Trio John Sykes, Marjorie Mat- Sandra Stetler, Kathleen Camille Buchner, Daniel tie, Frances Bentley. Kulavik, Joyce Follow. Hardt, Lila Ivlow. The 1956 Edisonian 59 c IS £ o h c CJ £ O nS £ £ nj t-i bo O cl, - fc " Li c 5 3 be g 3 G JZ U it 3 o» ra U- ns bo ns % bo T3 2 G r « -G 3 0 ns T= f- 3 .3 G O C U JZ s “ u- T3 0 s c •2 -n - G o ns O JZ T3 C 3 OH Q V4-, O ° 2 c •2 .2 r3 O a 3 -o c 2 bo cj V3 c o bo c a TJ . G C Ck CC bo u3 Q U S) 3 ° C 2 .. 03 v) c bo w g TD • 3 to r 3 L -G 3 - u ro - 3 £ c 3 £ £ O ° « a s p cj a £-c C 3 ■S .5 3 •a a 2 3 2 J3 c o 1-4 a h - s l k-i a C 3 T C ns ns 3 c 3 - O G Of 3 G E 15 O ns a w a c o 3 3 Cl £ w »- G ’S c -c £ G o " 3 JZ — TZ 3 ns JZ w — 3 rs " O ns oj O- ' O " O p u JZ h « (U £ 2 O n3 .2 3 ,■0 3 w - O — Si! C 3 [— 1 G MAJORETTES Sue Broadway, Cheryle Hoyt, Jacqueline Anton, Bonnie Seb- ben, Linda Tovolacci, Judith Grant, Juline Brotco. Center — Joyce Cunningham, drum major. BAND OFFICERS Top rotv — Steven Kozak, president. Second row — Joyce Follow, secretary: Marjorie Mattie, treas- urer. Front row — Joyce Cunning- ham, vice-president. DANCE BAND Steven Kozak. Gordon Tay- lor. Kendall Spencer, Verle Jones. Wayne Brown. PEP BAND Top row — Kendall Spencer, Wayne Jakich, Wayne Brown. Front row — Verle Jones, Gordon Taylor, Charles Warren, Steven Kozak. The 1956 Edisonian 61 Top row — Lela Ford, Rita Drake, Shirley Mattingly, Patricia McArdle, Nancy King, Sandra Owens, Violet Wineinger, Dorothy Thompson, Jeanette Snell, Demetria Kappos. Third row — Martha Cruikshank, Judith Gardner, Shirley Kersey, Laura Smith, Toni Tucker. Sandra Berg, Dar- lene Zinkovich, Ruth Garzella, Angeline Castro, Patricia Brown. Second row — Leona Mock, Alberta Nagy, LaVonne Spence, Marcia Klempa, Barbara Bottila, Joyce Cunning- ham, Carol Hiller, Sharon McKinney, Eunice Maxwell, Kathryne Pappas. Marianne Zieba. Front row — Bonita Rentz, Rosalie Marovich, Patsy Huckabee, Catherine Kaiser, Shirley Pelton, Karen Havri- lesko, Betty Schmelzer, Carol Schleff, Catherine Lopez, Arlene Johnston. SUNSHINE SOCIETY Junior-Senior Top row — Kathleen Kadish, Carolyn O ' Kelly, Janet Evolga, Judith Keyak, Jeanne Jahn, Betty Greer, Diana Cornwell, Eliabeth Todd. Fourth row — Sheila Golden, Terry Bishop, Judith Kersey, Dolores Aloia, Rita Werner, Barbara Alexander, Dar- lene Kolosci, Diane Marovich, Margaret Pendergrast, Ruth Thompson, Third row — Frances Dayberry, Judith Wignall, June Robertson, Penelope Kettering, Romane Klisz, Mary Na- jar, Betty Przybysz, Janice Michaels, Janet Treece, Carol Brown. Eva Peek. Second row — Frances Bentley, Carolyn Huckabee, Joyce Follow, Carole Ahern, Beverly Draves, Marjorie Scha- vey, Lois McEwan. Angela Glorioso, Margaret Downs, Frances Ritcheson. Front row — Peggy Scott, Jacqueline Pocialik, Carol Maurer. Phyllis Maurer, Judith Calbetzor, Shirley Ann Walker, Mary Muldoon, Paula Niehaus, Dolores Myers, Marguerite Patterson, Elaine Bennett. The 1956 Edisonian Junior-Senior Officers Top row — Shirley Kersey, secretary: Mrs. Chapman, spon- sor: Barbara Bottila. president. From row — Mary Muldoon. vice president: Joyce Follow, treasurer. SUNSHINE As its name implies, the Sunshine Society spreads sunshine and cheer each year. The girls gave a helping hand to the needy by giv- ing Christmas baskets and sending cards to shut-ins and their annual contribution to the Riley Hospital. The social calendar consisted of a formal candle-light initiation on Janu- ary 1 1, a Turn-About Dance on February 18, SOCIETY the district and state Sunshine conventions, and the annual sunshine breakfast. Since the Sunshine Society included all Edi- son girls and Edison has grown from a small school to a larger one, the Society is divided into two divisions: the Junior-Senior Society and the Freshman-Sophomore Society, each group working separately from the other. Freshman-Sophomore Officers Top row — Ruth Scheuer, treasurer: Mrs. Chapman, spon- sor: Janet Grusak. secretary. Front row — Joan Norvil, vice-president: Phyllis Jahns, president. The 1956 Edisonian 63 Rosalie Marovich Sutt kine Sweetheart Queen Annual Sunshine Society Sweetheart Dance — February 17 A Turn About Dance in Edison Gymnasium this year — 1956 QUEEN AND HER COURT Carolyn O ' Kelly Judith Kersey Rosalie Marovich, queen Martha Cruikshank. last year ' s queen Lavonne Spence Not pictured Darlene Zinkovich 64 The 1956 Edisonian SUNSHINE SOCIETY Freshman-Sophomore Tup row — Ann Poffinbarger, Bonnie Sebben. Barbara Umlauft, Barbara Hines. Roberta Miller. Mary Dudak. Harla Wilson. Joann Meister, Gilda Teffertiller, Patricia Sullivan. Carol Gumm. Karen Campbell. Marianne Czilli. Fourth row — Betty Mills, Katherine Morikis. Judith Hoffman, Jean Hook, Barbara Melton. Vennie Sue Abernathy, Judith Michelet, Jo Anne Pundrich, Patience Maxwell, Patricia Scheuer, Jean Jacobson. Joan Dixon. Third row — Charlotte Tyndall, Ellen Heck, Rita Boutwell. Margaret Rentz, Judith Hamady. June Hook. Ruth Smenyak. Scar- let McDonald, Sandra Shearer. Rita Underwood. Karen Tucker. Ruth Nolan, Sharon Heck, Lou Marks. Second row — Beverly Petruzelli, Joan Mills. Ruth Torrez, Frances Kasperek, Nancy Olszyniak. June Greer, Judith Brown. Sally Rafferty, Esther Glorioso, Joyce Hughes, Ruth Scheuer. Patricia Gilmore, Kathleen Patterson, Bonnie Mc- Ewan. Front row — Lillian Sherowsky, Gloria Dawson, Claudette Hutchins. Barbara Keyak, Bonita Flick, Sharon Baker, Joan Norvil, Vicki Koontz, Ethel Jakich, Diana Dragash. Patricia Danko. Cheryle Hoyt, Sharon Wied- busch. Mary Ann Bumbera. Top row — Jean Boutwell, Charlene Strong. Janet Grusak, Betty Boznak. Nancy Warren, Joan Jenkins. Judith Wesley, Joyce Webdell. Beverly Moore. Erin Murray. Third row — Thelma Wineinger, Carol Glancy, Eva Cruik- shank, Barbara Davis, Janis Felton. Sharon Forney, Karen Silverthorn, Kathleen Kulavik. Linda Sue Robertson, Antoinette Mayoch, Nancy Schavey. Second row — I.en Conway, Betty Series, Brenda Statum, Barbara Higgins, Ethel Stavrakis, Phyllis Jahns, Ursula Burchardt, Sandra Stetler, Betty Murphy, Gail Parkhurst, Shirley Ellis. Front row — Joan Vickrey, Arnetta Rafferty, Janice Harrison, Faith Wells. Arveta Miskimins, Darlene Saddler, Rosemary Bottila, Patricia Zajac, Iris Shadrick, Patricia Bryant, Elizabeth Poe. The 1956 Edisoniun 65 Offi cers and Sponsors Top rotv — Carol Brown, historian; Mrs. Gleason, sponsor; Mrs. Hayden, sponsor; Ruth Thompson, sergeant-at-arms. Front rotv — Eva Peek, secretary; Janet Treece, vice-president; Martha Cruikshank, president; Judith Wignall, treasurer. HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW First, fall marked the election of officers for the school year. Gaining experience as the name of the club implies, the senior members of the club served as hostesses for the Edison Parent-Teacher ' s Association meeting in the month of November. The members of the club held their initia- tion and tea in January, at which time the new officers were installed. A Spring Dance and the sponsorship of the annual fashion revue in May were the closing social activities of the year. Homemakers’ Tea 66 The 1956 Edisonian Top row — Demetria Kappos. Janet Grusak, Sharon Forney, Nancy Warren. Erin Murray, Laura Smith. Patricia McArdle, Shirley Mattingly, Violet Wineinger, Sandra Berg, Third row — Catherine Lopez, Mary Ann Zieba. Carolann Hiller, Thelma Wineinger, Eva Cruikshank. Charlene Strong. Betty Boznak, Martha Cruikshank. Betty Schmelzer, Sharon McKinney, Carol Schleff. Second row — Patricia Zajac, Barbara Higgins, Rosalie Marovich, Karen Havrilesko, Dorothy Thompson, Patsy Huckabee, Barbara Bottila, Linda Sue Robertson, Antoinette Mayoch, Nancy Schavey. Betty Murphy. Front row — Joan Jenkins, Joan Vickrey. Arnetta Rafferty, Darlene Saddler. Rosemary Bottila, Ethel Stavrakis, Faith Wells, Brenda Statum, Len Conway, Phyllis Jahns. HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW Top row — Judith Kersey, Kathleen Kadish, Carolyn O ' Kelly, Janet Evolga. Judith Keyak, Jeanne Jahn. Betty Greer, Diana Cornwell, Elizabeth Todd. Third row — Sheila Golden, Terry Bishop, Dolores Aloia, Darlene Kolosci, Angela Glorioso, Mary Muldoon, Judith Calbetzor, Diane Marovich. Margaret Pendergrast, Carolyn Huckabee. Second row — Frances Bentley, Judith Wignall, June Robertson, Jacqueline Pocialik, Carole Ahern. Beverly Draves, Rotnane Klisz, Janet Treece, Carol Brown. Mary Najar, Elaine Bennett. Front row — Peggy Scott. Marguerite Patterson, Dolores Myers, Joyce Follow. Shirley Ann Walker, Marjorie Schavey, Lois McEwan, Ruth Thompson, Eva Peek. Janice Michaels, Margaret Downs. The 1956 Edisonian 67 Offi •ers and Sponsor Carol Maurer, treasurer: Ruth Thompson, president; Mrs. Hayden, sponsor; Darlene Saddler, sec retary; Phyllis Johns, vice-president. G . G.A.A. has grown into an organization of ninety-five members as more and more girls have become interested in participating in sports activities. The annual initiation of new members was held on November 2. A. A. Throughout the year the girls earned points by taking part in group sports such as volleyball, basketball, speedball, softball, kickball, bowling, ice- and roller-skating, swimming, dancing, stunts and tumbling, and dental check-up and work. G. A. A. Initiation 68 The 1956 Edisonian ft, Top row — Sheila Golden, Terry Bishop. Darlene Saddler. Rosemary Bottila. Arveta Miskimins, Joan Jenkins, Linda Sue Robertson, Judith Kersey, Rita Werner, Janet Evolga. Carolyn O ' Kelly. Fourth row — Faith Wells, Phyllis Jahns. Janis Felton Nancy Warren. Judith Calbetzor, Erin Murray, Antoinette Mayoch, Dolores Aloia, Judith Wignall, Ethel Stavrakis, Janet Grusak, Kathleen Kadish. Third row — Arnetta Rafferty, Joan Vickrey, Jean Boutwell. Gail Parkhurst, Janice Harrison. Thelma Wineinger, Mary Muldoon, Beverly Moore, Joyce Webdell, Sharon Forney, Brenda Statum, Frances Bentley. Second row — Carolyn Huckabee, Joyce Follow, June Robertson, Shirley Ann Walker. Phyllis Maurer, Carol Maurer, Ruth Thompson, Eva Peek, Charlene Strong, Sandra Stetler, Eva Cruikshank, Len Conway. Front row — Dorothy Thompson, Toni Tucker, Violet Wineinger, Sandra Owens. Rita Drake, Sandra Berg, An- geline Castro, Darlene Zinkovich, Patricia Brown, Joyce Cunningham. Bonita Rentz. Dolores Myers. Marguerite Patterson. G . A . A . Top row — Betty Mills, Ellen Heck, Judith Hoffman, Barbara Melton. Jean Hook. Joann Meister, Vennie Sue Abernathy, Gilda Teffertiller, Patience Maxwell, Karen Campbell. Third row — Charlotte Tyndall, Rita Boutwell, Margaret Rentz, Judith Hamady, June Hook. Judith Michelet, Scarlet McDonald, Karen Tucker. Ruth Nolan, Jean Jacobson. Lillian Sherowsky. Second row — Joan Mills. Beverly Petruzelli, Frances Kasperek. Judith Brown. Sally Rafferty. Jo Anne Pundrich. Bonnie Sebben, Barbara Hines, Joyce Hughes. Marianne Czilli. Mary Ann Bumbera. Front row — Gloria Dawson, Sharon Baker, Bonita Flick. Claudette Hutchins. Barbara Keyak. Nancy Olszyniak. Joan Norvil, Vicki Koontz, Ethel Jakich. Diana Dragash, Patricia Gilmore, Cheryle Hoyt. The 1956 Edisonian 69 Officers and Sponsors Top row — Dorothy Thompson, historian: Mr. Roos, sponsor: Mrs. Chap- man. sponsor: Leona Mock, secretary. Front row — Judith Keyak. vice- president; Marianne Zieba, president. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA T he Virgil I. Bailey Chapter of the Future Teachers of America has completed its third consecutive year. The thought behind F.T.A.’s purpose is to help its members de- cide in which grade they should like to teach. This is done by giving each member — sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors — an opportunity to observe and assist in teaching different classes. One of the financial projects to bear the expenses of the club was the sponsoring of a hot-dog sale at the noon hours. On October 28, fifteen persons, including Mrs. Chapman, attended the State F.T.A. Convention held at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis. The year was con- cluded with a trip to Indiana University in Bloomington. Top row — Toni Tucker, Kathleen Kulavik. Karen Silverthorn. Judith Wesley, Judith Keyak. Joan Jenkins, Rosemary Bottila, Janet Grusak. Barbara Davis, Dorothy Thompson. Second row — Elaine Bennett, Faith Wells, Sandra Stetler. Ruth Thompson, Rita Werner, Paula Niehaus, Janice Michaels. Janet Treece. Carol Brown. Pen- elope Kettering. Front row — Darlene Zinkovich, Alberta Nagy, Shirley Pelton, Sandra Berg. Violet Wineinger, Alberta Crider. Marianne Zieba. Rita Drake. Leona Mock. Judith Gardner. Joyce Cunningham. 70 The 1956 Edisonian “POWDER PUFF” Seniors win, 6 FOOTBALL GAME -2, over Juniors Charles Ivlow, “Powder Puff King,” was presented a bouquet of roses by the eaptains, Shirley Pelton and Katliryne Pappas The 1956 Edisornan 71 Sweet Shop Student Managers — Albert Crider and Richard Whissen Student Council members serve as monitors in the halls 72 The 1956 Edisonian JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM The 1956 Edisonian Top row — Judith Gardner, valedictorian and American Legion Award; Leona Mock, salutatorian and Veterans of Foreign Wars Award; Catherine Kaiser, Activities Award: Nancy King, third place student commencement speaker. Bottom row — David Hardt. American Legion Award: Gary Whitlcdgc, Veterans of Foreign Wars Award; George Morikis, Activities Award: Charles Gilmore. Athletic Award. GRADUATION On May 27, Reverend William Cunningham gave the Baccalaureate address; Catherine Kaiser, invocation; Martha Cruikshank, benediction: and the choir furnished the music. Three days later, May 30, “The Triangle for Success " was the theme of the five student Commence- ment speakers: “President’s Welcome,” Frank Mochaitis; “The Home,” Leona Mock: “The School,” Nancy King; “The Church,” David Hardt: “The Firm Foundation,” Judith Gard- ner. Thomas Meister and Joyce Cunningham offered the invocation and benediction respec- tively: music for Commencement was furnished by the band, senior ensemble, and Darlene Kolosci. ft CUE Mise E C-AKY fc muster -DRUG’S- l V» STATION TFLEVIMON mow M:n GAILY t.GAAY fVC E 3-5 lfe ' afr ic ' y ' EAST GARY Si Zetu W M4 M C( -ucnd PCR ACCIDENT CALLS Pial- 2T406 or 2 1186 ( Sww! ! , WILDERMUTH WILPERMUTH fUPPAPPT SPCS -fr tPAG-C — lltlWIktJC’T m. Cut. Cr,«,, Ifort CONOCO ,yr SERVICE WALLINS HARDWARE EVLL f. ftCYTLErWf . pTT7 %{ :•»? i g»A » jL , l i jO u ' illlTSuARPvkARi A tSAO OS ' SOM CWSTWCTIC AMT 0 UA 1 S OC Inc. J. ACHET VM4CMEV riATAK ftrt ’1 tn f EATS $vpprjtart QuaUli, rcvvi. K£AL SSTflTS s msuRflnos 4SiT G-ilR ' j FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN Q SMtoUo , 54 s fe«.OA.rHAV OUY SAvfc WMCK.E VCU CAS f-ORACHV ccwr. • «»••. e fll. feHL 1 dlLMATHER Usmmuti y f » WELERS i — EAST GARY (Wgtec t ftqr fct DRUGS . p KV SCMARSACH tuiktii MAT .. IMN CCA .. JKVfrAA.! SUV-ON S CAIRN HELEN ' S K 2 ASHEKSONS TURKEY FA.NM C- IT- ' - TO. C-APY Ttt ST fi SAV PGS tAPA VU-«T HS i CrARY Sc: a a mcfrl Silf i fWiK CMf.Yfrt.tKi flNMOPTM frAKY MLLS FLOOR SANDING — CO — CLOVER LEAF TP fAIKV 1 CO. Mtm sapm AKOP t 6 f LSTEKDAHt SON t pMt ton Met GARY WARP ,LiY. « nw? :i ; 56 EjMRY | eftST GflKy FUEL U SUPPLY CO. FCfL OIL — COAL - SAMP frTOie-frLAC.-C-K VEL- fwovfc gna C G-aLv 0IT GROCERY 1 U MARKET KARS AS FOOD SHOP wonAkch fine foods t . CpAKY TV T- SAliS SERVICE PIAL:2I6CB GARY Sr An Ac rf r A PAINT STORE HAfMSTfe mp EGAfi ' J rrju tvut utis y GARY ■ |lat LC TANK HCKM - C-AK“- - AMLLt I IH£A HR F.D.IjC . ROOFING CO. 0 -AK - ihr-ISfet’LATlOK ROD PRODUCTS fl .( r c!m! lawn lO aeWDEN SITPUES u fHfl THOSE Ml« GARY Ll ' MfrfR f COR " 2222 ssc Scvftu n ( COALAFl ' EL OIL CO. the TflilV ' p ? v Ghe fkgjS CH 1 « DRUGS rcfwvrp T . (fco.F. WILSON coktractok ti H ' lLPEK ana L.AND H. PIBGtHTG. ft ? wo .cary C T V SERVICE CO ( a ‘ty EtD STORE VAUGHANS WfW-FlTNK be-lfTS 440 A 0 MIY £Mif ZWPfilV W fa ' is go ISON P.XA. EAST ARV UTTIE LEAGUE EAST GOAy Lions CLUB AM££ FAS l£C- (W AUXILAR UNIT Xo.l 00 CALIMET JAKITOR SUPPLIES (JS i mo war C-APY PA l WAV , PC W 3 GROCERY LIVERPOOL PAINT L HAKPIVAKE JOHN (KAO r (tms AAV SJ Vt J Set wee Urnnn ‘ PWfJ. Our local merchants wish to invite your trade You’ll he happy with your purchases A-1 grade J.;. i i , -777 , t nr i i Tr , r " i ■ i ' i J ti r r r XT 1 T I I I r -AvY ' ’ " . V - i rfXflfit ' ifrY-’r’ The 1956 Edisonian STERLING-CONER STUDIOS 629 Washington OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Lee Coner who has been our Edisonian photographer the past eleven years 76 The 1956 Edisonian Your to Anywhere • No matter the DESTINATION . . . college education . . . home ownership . . . travel . . . retirement ... a new car . . . SAVINGS will get you there. It’s so simple once you start. Just open an account here with a portion of your next paycheck, then add to it regularly. It grows and grows and grows with amazing speed. Of course we’ll help it add up faster by paying better-than-average earnings to your saved dollars twice each year. Don’t put off your plans and dreams because you don’t have the cash. Begin now to save what your heart desires . . . OPEN your savings account today. Save Any Amount . . . Any Time in Person or by Mail ★ A Dollar Starts Your Account Savings Readily Available if Needed FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 545 Broadway Gary, Indiana 3715 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Assets Over $43,000,000.00 The 1956 Edisonian 77 HOBART BRANCH MILLER BRANCH 66 Main Street, Hobart, Indiana 647 Lake Street, Gary, Indiana GARY NATIONAL BANK Ten convenient offices: Gary — Hobart — Griffith — Dyer Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Gorp. RADIGAN BROS. TO Ol)R ADVERTISERS Furniture We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to the merchants whose con- tributions have made possible the pub- lishing of our 1956 Edisonian. ▼ ▼ We hope that every student of Edison High School extends his utmost courtesy and worthy appreciation at all times to the merchants. Please patronize our merchants 637 Broadway who have helped to make this book a success. Gary 78 The 1956 Edisonian TWO COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORES Phone 2-1137 2800 DeKalb Street " IT ' S NICER AT MEISTER ' S " Phone 2-1171 3542 Central Avenue Congratulations to the ( ' .lass of 1956 The 1956 Edisonian 79 ONDRAS BROS. BODY SHOP 1101 Central Avenue Phone 2-1601 East Gary, Indiana THE HOME OF PERFECT DIAMONDS ★ ★ ★ Gary ' s Only Member of the Diamond Council of America Tiro always greeted the seniors at Sterling-Coner Studio 80 The 1956 Edisonian Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of ’56 ARTISTIC CLEANERS The 1956 Edisonian 81 FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTEN’S Since 1897 Representative: Robert Albertson Box 9 Plymouth, Indiana 82 The 1956 Edisonian MOORE CABINET AND TILE Phone 2-1702 727 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Custom Cabinets, Plastic Tile, General Contracting, Complete Remodeling Compliments of GARY OFFICE For Your Fun For Your Work HERFF-JONES CO. Remember Gary ' s Largest Office Outfitters for your Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Typewriters — Fountain Pens Luggage Greeting Cards — Cameras RENTALS ▼ ▼ On Typewriters, Adding Machines EXPERT REPAIRS 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue On All Makes of Typewriters Indianapolis 7, Indiana Gary M. J. VOGEL Office Equipment Co. Sixth and Massachusetts Streets Representative Phone 3-6286 The 1956 Edisonian 83 Karsa ' s Food Shop 2808 DeKalh Street Forney ' s I. G. A. Food Mart ▼ T 8589 Central Avenue East Gary Phone 2-1578 T ▼ ▼ T Phone 2-1496 li e Deliver Our Merchants Support Our Yearbook. 84 The 1956 Edisonian Compliments of SWANSON REALTY ▼ ▼ 2773 DeKalh Street Phone 2-1161 " AL GANZ For Your Real Estate Plans Offiee — 504 Broadway Home — 2835 Fair view Avenue Phone : Gary 5-6818 or East Gary 2-1668 WALLIN ' S HARDWARE 3461 Central Avenue Phone 2-1478 Sherwin-Williams Paints Complete Line of HARDWARE AND PLUMBING SPORTING GOODS COLEMAN FURNACES CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS PEN GAS IN 100-LB. BOTTLES GLASS, GIFTS, ETC. Open Wednesday ami Saturday Evenings Until 9 o’eloek Closed Thursday After noons East Gary Concrete Products, Inc. Phone: East Gary 2-1592 2599 DeKalh Street Gary, Indiana The 1956 Edisonian 85 MEISTER ' S AGENCY CRUIKSHANK AUTO SHOP 7500 East U. S. 20 Gary, Indiana ▼ T Phone 8-1131 Insurance — Real Estate ▼ ▼ Phone 2-1132 3449 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana We Patronize Our Merchants 86 The 1956 Edisonian Ta to n e ' s East Gary Garage Since 1922 GENERAL REPAIRING Tune-Uit 24-Hour Road Service Central and Route No. 51 EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone East Gary 2-1461 Garber Bros. 2751 DeKALB STREET Phone 2-9975 Phone East Gary 2-1506 East Gary Washerette 925 CENTRAL AVENUE 24-Hour Laundry Service WE WASH RUGS, SPREADS AND BLANKETS Have your clothes dried here when you wash at home Pick Up and Delivery Harold Rich East Gary, Indiana Compliments of East Gary Drugs T T YOUR FRIENDLY WALGREEN AGENCY The 1956 Edisonian 87 4700 Central Avenue FIVE STAR SUPER MART Plume 2-9922 (.inn pliments of CITY GROCERY AND MARKET ▼ ▼ A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE FOR LOW PRICES AND SERVICE Compliments of CENTRAL FOOD MARKET 739 Central Avenue PHONE 2-1263 Our Merchants Are Our Friends 88 The 1956 Edisonian BRADY FUNERAL HOME 3781 Central Avenue 24-hour ambulance service East Cary, Indiana Phone 2-1606 Compliments of PADGET LUMBER SUPPLY CORPORATION PHONE 2-1650 2915 DeKalh Street East Gary, Ind. JOHN’S SINCLAIR SERVICE John Kolosci ▼ T Twenty-ninth and DeKalb Streets PHONE 2-9972 Tobey ' s Barber Shop Bill ' s Floor Sanding ON-THE-S-CURVE AT CENTRAL AND UNION STREETS Company 4 Barbers Open 6 days a week until 6 p. m. T ▼ Il appreciate your patronage. W. Tobey 2737 ELKHART STREET B. Rosenbaum E. Simons Phone 2-1598 T. Boyd The 1956 Edisonian 89 DRINK CRANE AND DOZER SERVICE SEWER AND PAVING WORK A. METZ General Contractor YARDS 1601 Louisiana Street In Bottles TELEPHONE Chesterton 5720 Gary 3-3363 We Need Our Merchants and They Need Us 90 The 1956 Edisonian “YOUR ASSURANCE OF GOOD WORKMANSHIP” CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ARLIN ' S CLEANERS CLASS OF ’56 T T ▼ T Pick-lip and Delivery ▼ T GEORGE HELMECY 3705 CENTRAL AVENUE 2816 ELKHART STREET Phone 2-1R61 Compliments Authorized CHEVROLET Dealers of CHRISTENSON MOTORS, INC. FRANK AND ANN ▼ ▼ CHESTER 431 Main Street 1 Inhart. Indiana PHONE 1178 The 1956 Edisonian 91 Compliments of REST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF ’ 56 T ▼ ▼ ▼ THE EAST GARY EAST GARY POLICE VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION FIRE DEPARTMENT Compliments of and ' Wiiden.tHutA A R C II I T E C T S ★ ★ ★ 527 Broadway 92 The 1956 Edisonian Compliment s Compliments of of FORNEY’S FOOD SHOP JACK’S BARBER SHOP GROCERIES AND MEATS 3518 Central Avenue Phone 2-1532 2489 Clay Street EAST GARY HEATING Compliments of OIL BURNER SERVICE FURNACES AND PARTS CRANDALL INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 2-1323 2500 Central Avenue 3799 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone 2-1822 Phone 2-1200 Compliments of EAST GARY FLORIST 1643 Central Avenue WHITLEDGE SHOE STORE AND REPAIR FLOWERS FOR ANY ANI) ALL OCCASIONS 2825 Central Avenue Free Delivery PHONE 2-1288 Compliments CONGRATULATIONS TO of THE CLASS OF ’56 EAST GARY CHET YOUNG’S CONOCO WATER DEPARTMENT Central and Miami Streets EMPLOYEES Phone 2-1728 The 1956 Edisonian 93 FOR YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments AND THOSE QUICK SCHOOL SNACKS of Don ' t Forget MACK and ANNABELLE MART’S SCHOOL STORE 2462 Pike Street PETRUZELLI CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CLASS OF ’56 DRAKE’S PRODUCE MARKET J S SUPER MARKET 330 Central Avenue Use Your Ifrnkes Central at Union ami Phone 2-9968 See the Drake’s Compliments of HARRISON AUTO SERVICE Jay and Kenny BAZIN’S GROCERY “ COMPLETE SERVICE” Phone 2-9940 512 HARRISON STREET 2801 FAIRVIEW AVENUE GARY, INDIANA EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone 6-9688 Compliments Compliments of of NEW CHICAGO PLA-BOWL JAMES R. LEVERSON, D.D.S. Phone 2-9800 3538 Central Avenue 1 BLOCK NORTH ON MICHIGAN PHONE 2-1561 OFF HIGHWAY NO. 6 94 , The 1956 Edisonian BARTO’S LUNCH 2898 Dekall) Street PHONE 2-1349 East Cary, Inti. 2 Stores in Gary 2210 WEST TENTH AVENUE or SIXTH AVENUE AT MASSACHUSETTS STREET Compliments of L. H PLUMBLING HEATING John C.Hawrys and Victor J. Levenda 1501 Central Avenue Phone 2-1600 Best Quality Work : Reliable Service New Modern Method “We Serve to Serve Again” FOSTERS Finest Dry Cleaning anti Laundry Service Furs Cleaned and Glazed — Cold Storage Repairing — Dyeing Rugs : Drapes : Curtains : Formal Wear Phone 2-1261 2757 DEKALB STREET EAST GARY, INDIANA Compliments of SYLVIA NIEHAUS Teacher of Piano STUDIO: 3315 EDISON AVENUE Phone 2-4311 SQUARE DEAL COAL AND FUEL COMPANY Mike Darosky, Proprietor 3100 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone 2-1156 Compliments of ABE’S SERVICE Phone 2-9984 4225 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA Compliments of CLOVERLEAF ICE CREAM CO. JACK SPRATT BRAND Made in Gary Only Highest of Duality for Over 35 Years Phones 2-4157 and 2-8641 440-446 Connecticut St. Cary, Ind. The 1956 Edisonian 95 WHEN YOU WANT TO BUY A HOME, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHEN YOU WANT TO SELL A HOME CLASS OF ’56 See VALE-BERRY REALTY CO. RAY’S DRIVE-IN Realtors We Write All Types of Insurance 2333 Central Avenue Phone 2-1438 3801 Central Avenue East Gary, Ind. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’56 from PEARSON’S JOHNSON’S FISH AND SHRIMP PHONE 2-6251 2619 Central Avenue Phone 2-1728 Broadway and Sixth Gary, Indiana EAST GARY FEED AND EAST GARY FUEL AND SUPPLY CO. SUPPLY CO. Carl C. Peterson, Proprietor THE HOME OF DUNES MIX FEEDS Complete Line of Feeds: SWIFT’S VITALITY RIDE’S FULL-O-PEP FILL SAND— STONE — SLAG — GRAVEL FUEL OIL Phone: Office 2-1556, Home 2-6780 Phone: Office 2-1556, Home 2-6780 3150 Central Avenue East Gary, Ind. 3150 Central Avenue East Gary, Ind. Compliments of ESTON SERVICE UlcneZAA- OF HOBART Central and Pike Streets Northern Indiana’s TIRES BATTERIES Finest Sporting Goods 96 The 1956 Edisonian JACK’S FOOD SHOP SCHUBERT’S PAINT STORE 3101 Central Avenue Customs Colors PHONE: EAST GARY 2-1417 T ▼ ▼ ▼ 723 Central Ave. East Gary, Indiana Fine Meats and Groceries Phone: East Gary 2-1276 Compliments of IF YOU CAN ' T FIND IT ANYWHERE. GO TO ETHEL’S! WEIDMAN’S JEWELRY STORE WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ GENERAL VARIETY STORE 2760 DEKALB STREET 3727 Central Avenue Phone 2-3764 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Compliments of CLASS OF ’56 EAST GARY FROSTOP STEEL CITY LUMBER 2835 Central Avenue HOME MADE BAR-A-Q 2319 Ripley Street East Gary, Iiul. MALTS AND SHAKES PHONE 2-1665 Phone 2-1455 STATE FARM INSURANCE Compliments AUTOMOBILE, LIFE, AND FIRE INSURANCE of H. W. Breckman 1517 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone: East (Jar) ' 2-1700 CEDAR CHEST RESTAURANT The 1956 Edisonian 97 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’56 KELLEN’S HOBART FLOWER SHOP THE FLOWER POT FLORIST SHOP Mrs. (.(‘celia Eslielnian, Prop. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS PHONE 140 409 Main Street Hohart, Indiana Phone 196 209 S. Illinois Street Hohart, Ind. Compliments Compliments of of HOPKIN’S BARBER SHOP 340 Main Street Hohart, Indiana PHONE 216 EARL’S BARBER SHOP 210 Main Street Hohart, Indiana HOBART WALGEEN AGENCY Leon Gardner, R.Ph. “Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription’ ' ’ Phone 255 310 MAIN STREET HOHART, INDIANA ARTCARVED DIAMOND AND WEDDING RINGS CIJBBERLEY’S Phone 588W 526 E. 3rd St. Hobart, Indiana STREAMLITE SAMSONITE LUGGAGE The individual pictures of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were taken hy the Indiana School Pictures Studio of Indianapolis, Indiana. 98 The 1956 Edisonian fyanewell Time has marched on since we entered Edison High School Building as freshmen. To us Edison High School Building has been more than a building with four brick walls ; it was filled with students and teachers five days a week ; it offered us life ; a life of our own, different to each of us in our individual way. We have spent the best years of our lives in Edison High School Building; we acquired an education during our four years of attendance — an education that will be looked back upon as one of our most prized possessions. Our classes, clubs, and sports developed loyalty and led to friendships among fellow students and teachers as well. The time has now come when we are no longer seniors and are ready to venture into the world. Maybe some of us will never see each other again. Wherever we go, at home or abroad, may each and every one of us prove himself as a loyal citizen in making our nation a country of which every one will be proud in the future. Yes, time marches on ! East Gary will have a new senior high school building and Edison will become a junior high school building next year. An architect’s drawing of the front entrance of the new high school building is pictured below. The 1956 Edisonian 99 AUTOGRAPHS A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Illinois

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