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THE 1954 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF EDISON HIGH SCHOOL EAST GARY, INDIANA DeeUceiti M We. THE EDI SON I AN STAFF, DEDICATE THIS, OUR 1954 EDI SON I AN, IN REMEMBRANCE OF GEORGE GARBER, JR. HIS LIFE WAS SHORT BUT F ' lLLED WITH CHEERFULNESS AND GOOD WILL, AND HE SHALL LIVE ON IN THE MEMORY OF HIS CLASSMATES AND FRIENDS FOR MANY YEARS. 2 The 1954 Edisoman TABLE OF CONTENTS Life Around Edison Activities Athletics Personalities Community Around Edison The 1954 Edisonian 3 0 ?a ' iewict Throughout the year our life at Edison is a combi nation of studies, sports, clubs, and activities, which is pictured in our 1954 Edisonian. ( )n these pages we wish to present realistically inasmuch as possible each phase of this life. May our yearbook bring back many pleasant mem- ories of our lives in the future. Editor 4 The 1954 Edisonian ground Sdi avt The 1954 Edisonian 5 6 The 1954 Edisonian 10 The 1954 Edisonian Top row — Louise Kurtos, Shirley Mattingly, Patricia McArdle, Judith Keyak, Donald McBride, Robert Fiebel- korn, Wayne Wesley, Olivia Parker, Nortna Jeanne Patterson, Dorothy Thompson, Kathleen Szostek. Third row - — Nellie Bright, Rosemary Kovacic, Darlene Mitchell, Shirley Pelton, William Halaschak, Bernard Halaschak, Charles Torrez, Ronald Mumaw, Beverly Houck, Rita Halaschak, Catherine Kaiser. Second row — Shirley Kersey, Mary Ann Shoemaker, Laura Smith, Marcia Klempa, Frank Aloia, Joseph Ches- ter, Carl Jablonski, Alan Jackson, Barbara Bottila, Darlene Kolosci, Peggy Barker. Front row — James Turner, Thomas Clark, Geraldine Benedict, Leona Mock, Ann Marie Halaschak, Kathleen Blagg, Gloria Conde, Kathryne Pappas, Frederick Armenth, Daryl Hoyt. CHOIR Sophomore Ensemble Top roiv — Kathryne Pappas, Shirley Pelton, Leona Mock, Geraldine Benedict, Catherine Kaiser, Darlene Mitchell, Barbara Bottila. Front row — Marcia Klempa, Laura Smith, Shirley Mattingly, Patricia McArdle. Choir Officers Gloria Conde, secretary ; Kathleen Blagg, treasurer ; Ann Marie Halaschak, president ; Rita Halaschak. vice- president. The 1954 Edisonian 11 VOCAL DEPARTMENT Making their first public appearance in their new robes, the members of the choir opened the year with a concert on November 22. The annual choir-hand Christmas concert was presented December 16. December 18, the program consisted of a breakfast, the singing of Christmas carols in the halls of Edison and Central, and the choir-band Christmas convo. The vocal department took ten first-place and two second-place ratings at the district solo and ensemble contest held at Morton High School in Hammond on February 6. The first- place winners entered the state contest at But- ler University in Indianapolis on February 20 and took four first-place and two second-place ratings. The choir entered the district contest on April 3 at Walkerton, Indiana, to win first place — later the state contest at Knox, Indiana, on April 10 to win second place. May 12, the members of the choir held a potluck dinner ; following the dinner they gave a program called “School Days.” Cherriletts First Place — State Contest Top row — Phyllis Sykes, Susanna Armenth, Gloria Conde, Kathleen Szostek, Twyla McCallister. Front row — Rosemary Kovacic, Norma Jeanne Patterson, Marilyn Kersey. Junior Ensemble First Place — State Contest Top row — Peggy Barker, Nellie Bright, Ann Marie Halaschak, Mary Ann Shoemaker, Kathleen Blagg. Front row — Olivia Parker, Lou- ise Kurtos, Phyllis Cohn. Solo anti Ensemble Contest Winners State Contest Winners: Top roz v — Peggy Barker, first place; Ann Marie Halaschak, first place; Kathleen Szostek, second place ; Rosemary Kovacic, second place. First Place District Contest Winners: Bottom row — Susanna Armenth, Gloria Conde, Paula Niehaus, James Turner. 12 The 1954 Edisonian State Solo ami Ensemble Contest inners Top rots. ' — Brass Sextet (Kendall Spencer, Janies Warren, Guy Everett, Joyce Minor, Bruce Bailey, Arnold Stegall) — Second Place; Guy Everett — First Place. Bottom rots ' — Clarinet Trio (Dallas Lehmann, Susanna Armenth, Richard Uhlir) — Second Place; Richard Uhlir — Second Place; Bruce Bailey — Second Place. First Place District Solo and Ensemble Contest Winners Top row — Dallas Lehmann, Bev- erly Berg, Kendall Spencer, Gor- don Taylor. Bottom row — Saxophone Duet (Steven Kozak and Lyndel Adams), Frances Bentley, Beverly Draves. The 1954 Edisonian 13 3 -3 rO O U. s ° s U » ? £ S u 2 C 4 i s CO £ » c -3 cfl 1 cc .a In wi O u 4 » rt c Ph i - u Jr i- v 33 — 3 g 3 8 2 £ .« id c« u o 3 £ 3 a c 5 J 3b as 2 % s W 3 wi O - " i 03 u U-. 33 J y 5 rt 3 1 S g c j: c . - ■ » £ - to % cT .3 13 «- CC : y H i jj t j c i J u « JS o ti - c« ?, 9 t j •- c Cn .M 3 u V3 C L» CS CT3 •£ E S Wi vj •— I £i — ifl r8 ►» JS £ « -• I ® o o “2 o — Cs3 »5 ? , r3 S • - i- - “’• z 0 " i£ o J2 03 CC Q ci m w u — o a- 1 r3 u t j V- -3 03 3 t- 03 c« W Q 3 i r- g £■ g CD 53 S3 u (g cs — t, Ci, Qy r. O rt Pu, • H - Cjj y 3 3 S o CO E “ o ; u • X jg in 03 ■I 5 -g U g . » U 03 o S « a H tJ rt .£ ’.S 2 u cc g a s B CC C 3 8 2 , c o c I— l- - rt •q U -s i- c P 5 o S 6 w " ■ 3 fc X C U C 3 O U « Id 1 Ij £ 5 S O C3 c S C u 5 CC .3 -£ V- r- 03 3 •— 03 u % » o qj c " O 03 5 - M © 0 Uh bfl H m 3 c T. c qj O qj c « Band Officers John DeVancy, vice-president ; Marilyn Kersey, treasurer ; Barbara Havrilesko, secretary ; Richard Uhlir, president. Majorettes Top roiv — Carol Broadway, Louise Kurtos, Sandra Owens, Joyce Cunning- ham, drum major. Front row — Sheryl Hoyt, Susan Broad- way. Dance Band Top row — Carter Jackson, Kendall Spencer, Jack Hoyt, Bruce Bailey, Gor- don Taylor, Verle Jones, Guy Everett. Front rozo — Richard Uhlir, Phyllis Sykes, Joyce Cunningham, Steven Kozak, Marilyn Kersey. INSTRUMENTAL DEPARTMENT First of all, the band cooperated with the school by giving performances at the home football and basketball games, convos, P.T.A. programs, and various other programs. The band received sixteen first-place and twenty-six second-place ratings at the district solo and ensemble contest held at Morton High School in Hammond on February 6. First- place winners went to the state contest at But- ler University on February 20 to win one first- place and four second-place ratings. Concerts were given on November 11 at Columbus School, on November 17 for the Central-Edison P.T.A., on December 16 for the annual band-choir Christmas program, on December 18 for the annual band-choir Christ- mas convo, and May 9 for the annual Spring Concert. April 3, a first-place rating was taken by the band at the district contest, which was held at Walkerton, Indiana. April 10, the band took second place at the state contest at Knox, Indiana. The band’s first trip was taken to participate in Indiana University’s high school marching hand at the football game on October 10. The final trip was a tour of southern Indiana on April 29, 30. and May 1. The last instrumental performance was at Commencement on May 28. The 1954 Edisonian 15 Upper left — Betty Jakich, Verna Faitak, and Mari- Upper rii ht — Lorraine Dreyovich and Carol Clingan, lyn Homolla, advertising managers, preparing posters business managers, receiving ad from Meister’s Drug for sales campaign. Store. Lower left — Barbara Havrilesko, associate editor; Joyce Minor, editor; and Gloria Conde, associate editor. Lower ric lit — Joyce Brown, Susanna Armenth, and Rosemary Kovacic, copy editors, at work. Not pictured — Richard Uhlir. sports editor. EDISONIAN STAFF The Edisonian staff with the able assistance of Miss Hartley and Mr. Coner published again the yearly Edisonian. The 1954 edition was based on realism and was produced under the guidance of the staff’s motto: “It’s time for a change” throughout the year. Much hard work has been put forth in the securing of ads, the subscription campaign, and the publishing in general. The goal of the staff was to publish a book that would please every one and hurt no one’s feelings as well as the best annual to be printed in Edison High School. The members of the staff have worked hard to achieve their goal. We wish to thank the faculty, the adminis- tration, the students, our advertisers, our spon- sor, our photographer, and anyone who has helped to make our book a success. 16 The 1954 Edisonian Upper left — Barbara Havrilesko, editor, and Donna Berg, associate editor. Lower left — Marilynn McEwan, Kendra Zinkovich, Claudette Cruikshank, Marilyn Homolla, Betty Jakich, Gloria Conde, Rita Halaschak, Patricia Taylor— ma- chine operators. Seted — Lorraine Dreyovich, typist. Upper right — Stephen Smith, sports editor; Patricia Skeens, art editor; and Richard Uhlir, associate sports editor. Lower right — Susanna Armenth, Carol Clingan, Kay Robertson, Norma Jeanne Patterson, Rosemary Ko- vacic, Joyce Brown, Ruth Prokop — reporters and typists. EAGLE FEATHERS Every two weeks an issue of our school paper, Eagle Feathers, was published by the staff. Sometimes we did not think we would meet our deadline, but through hard work of the staff and help from our sponsor, Miss Hart- ley, and our English critics — Mrs. Crisman, Mrs. Chapman, and Mr. Owen — we were able to print a paper that we hope all liked and appreciated. The paper was comprised primarily of news articles about school, class, organization, sports, and sometimes outside activities. It also con- tained spiritual, moral, and educational edi- torials for the purpose of improving our school and helping the students to gain knowledge of importance. The 1954 Edisonian 17 Top row Nick Morikis, Bernard Halaschak, Michael Havrilla, Dallas Lehmann, Edward Houck, Donald McBride, Richard Uhlir, Jack Hoyt, Charles Gilmore, Mr. Owen, sponsor. Second rmv — Norma Jeanne Patterson, Leona Zieba, Felix Ortiz, James Meister, Warren Ellis, Ann Marie Halaschak, Claudette Cruikshank, Marilyn Homolla. Front row - — Charlene Strong, Shirley Pelton, Rita Werner, Peggy Barker, Judith Gardner. STUDENT COUNCIL Our Student Council is different from other organizations of the school since it is a student government organization and its purpose is to recommend to the administration improvements in the functioning of the daily school program, regulations, and activities. Each organization and class including the eighth grade was repre- sented on the Council. Officers and Sponsor Mr. Owen, sponsor; Warren Ellis, vice-president; Ann Marie Halaschak, secretary-treasurer; James Meister, president. Once again, the most important social event sponsored by the Council during the school year was the annual Homecoming Dance, which was held after the Portage football game on October 16. Betty Jakich was crowned as I Iomecoming Queen by James Meister, student council president. During the Christmas season of the year, the Council decorated the halls with colorful lights and angel hair. The beautiful Christmas dec- orations added a bit of cheer and seemed to manifest a real Christmas spirit among the student body and faculty. 18 The 1954 Edisonian Top rote — Phyllis Maurer, Frances Bentley, Carol Maurer, Judith Kersey, Carolyn Huckabee, Joyce Fol- low, Elizabeth Todd, Judith Keyak, Lee Morrison, Carl Jablonski, Charles Torrez. Ernest Kingery, David Reni- jan, Rita Werner, Dolores Aloia, Judith Wignall, Janice Michaels, Barbara Alexander, Mary Tsacoumangos, Linda Smith. Fourth row — Gloria Conde, Phyllis Sykes, Marilyn Kersey, Phyllis Bumbera, Ann Marie Halaschak, Virginia Cherry, Sharon McKinney, Patsy Huckabee, Twyla McCallister, Mary Ann Shoemaker, Demetria Kappos, Betty Jakich, Dorothea Mize, Josephine Kushneruk, Marianne Zieba, Joyce Cunningham, Alberta Nagy. Third row — Trinidad Lopez, Darlene Zinkovich, Sandra Owens, Audree Duffee, Catherine Kaiser, Martha Cruikshank, Janet Ev olga, Joan Newman, Susanna Armenth, Patricia McArdle, Barbara Zajac, Gladys Whitten, Sandra Berg. Second rote — Barbara Bottila, Shirley Pelton, Leona Mock, Bessie Morikis, Anne Walker, Betty Mize, Marie Lopez, Marjorie Mattie, Jacqueline Pocialik, Mary Muldoon, Leona Zieba, Kendra Zinkovich, Rita Drake, Jac- queline Zellers, Beverley Hoskins. Front row — Carolyn Mattie, Bonita Rentz, Darlene Mitchell. Lorraine Dreyovich, Joyce Minor, Barbara Hav- rilesko, Carol Clingan, Eva Peek, Kathleen Kadish, Karen Havrilesko, Paula Niehaus, Loretta Gray. BOOSTER CLUB The 1954 Edisonian Much credit should be given to the members of the Booster Club for the school spirit they spread throughout the football and basketball seasons for the third consecutive year. Bus transportation was arranged by the club to away-from-home games. A dance, the proceeds of which was used for cheerleader uniforms, was sponsored after the game with Morton High School of Hammond on October 30. A second dance was given after the Hobart game on January 22 — the proceeds being used to pay for part of the bus transpor- tation to away-from-home games. Officers anti Sponsors Mr. Bromberg, sponsor; Marcia Klempa, treasurer; Kathryne Pappas, secretary; Kathleen Blagg, vice-presi- dent; Claudette Cruikshank, president; Mr. Owen, sponsor. Officers and Sponsor Leona Zieba, president; Sandra Berg, treasurer; Mrs. Miller, sponsor; Donna Berg, vice-president ; Kendra Zinkovich, secretary. G. A. A. “More active than preceding years” seemed to he the slogan of the (iirls Athletic Associa- tion this year. Throughout the year the girls participated in group sports such as basketball, volley ball, bowling, and swimming. By taking part in group sports, the girls earned points to earn a letter and a sweater in their senior year. Red sweaters with black letters were chosen by the seniors. An informal initiation of the new members was held in the gymnasium on September 30. The G.A.A. sponsored a dance after the Griffith basketball game on January 15. The senior girls played against the girls of the Bell Tele- phone operators in a basketball game on March 4. This was the first time that the girls of Edison played an outside opponent for many years, as Edison had had a girls’ basketball team in her early history before the G.A.A. was organized in 1939. The annual banquet was held at the Mar- shall House in Gary on April 28, at which time the awards were presented. G.A.A. Initiation Initiation Pictures — Courtesy of Bruce Bailey 20 The 1954 Edisonian Top rcnv — Phyllis Maurer, Judith Kersey. Margaret Downs, Mary Muldoon, Mary Tsacoumangos, Barbara Alexander, Judith Mosak. Agnes Semanick, Betty Jakich, Marilyn Homolla, Judith Keyak, Jacqueline Pocialik, Marjorie Mattie, Angela Glorioso, Kathleen Kadish. Third row — Lois McEwan, Ruth Thompson, Janet Evolga, Dolores Aloia, Judith Wignall, Carolyn O’Kelly, La Verne Smith, Frances Ritcheson, Carol Maurer, Rita Werner, Eva Peek, Terry Bishop, Darlene Kolosci, Frances Bentley. Second row — Marjorie Schavey, Jacqueline Amstein, Beverly Draves, Romane Klisz, Eva Kiraly, Elizabeth Todd, Paula Niehaus, Twyla McCallister, Patricia Taylor, Nancee Martin, Anne Walker, June Robertson, Betty Przybysz, Linda Smith. Front roiv — Carole Ahern, Norma Jeanne Patterson, Joan Newman, Joyce Brown, Joyce Grogan, Isabel Day- berry, Helen Coulter, Virginia Cherry, Mary Ann Shoemaker, Kathleen Blagg, Barbara Schaefer. Phvllis Pumhwp Top row — Verna Faitak, Carolyn Zack, Joyce Adams, Sharon Jarabek, Claudette Cruikshank, Nancy King, Leona Mock, Patricia Brown, Angeline Castro, Rita Drake, Bonita Rentz, Dorothy Thompson, Violet Wineinger. Third row — Penelope Kettering, Louise Kurtos, Carolyn Mattie, Kathleen Bottos, Martha Cruikshank, Pa- tricia McArdle, Catherine Kaiser, Barbara Bottila, Kathryne Pappas, Marianne Zieba, Toni Tucker, Bessie Mori- kis, Jeanette Snell, Joyce Follow. Second row — Marguerite Patterson, Geraldine Benedict, Arlene Johnston, Karen Havrilesko, Shirley Mat- tingly, Alberta Nagy, Sharon McKinney, Judith Gardner, Shirley Pelton, Joyce Cunningham, Darlene Zinkovich, Patsy Huckabee, Catherine Lopez, Sandra Owens, Carolyn Huckabee. Front row — Dolores Myers, Ann Marie Halaschak, Antoinette Choka, Gladys Whitten, Carol Broadway, Elizabeth Rich, Gloria Castro, Betty Mize, Ursula Norvil, Dorothea Mize, Audree Duffee, Loretta Gray, Nancy Bogdon. The 1954 Edisonian Officers ami Sponsor Joyce Adams, parliamentarian; Betty Jakich, vice-president; Ann Marie Halaschak, historian; Mrs. Mil- chak. sponsor; Marilyn Homolla, president; Martha Cruikshank, secretary; Phyllis Bumbcra, treasurer. REKAMEMOH CLUB Rekatnemohs began the year with the initia- tion of the new members. During the first week of school a “Big and Little Sister Week” was held. As a climax of the week of initiation a formal tea was given in honor of the new mem- bers on September 11. Mrs. Milchak, who gave the club its first “big push,” was the sponsor the first semester. Following Mrs. Milchak’s resignation, Mrs. Gleason, the new home economics teacher, sponsored the club the second semester. Mrs. Gleason, the club’s sponsor the second semester, making plans with some of the members of the club. Top row — Sally Summers, Gladys Whitten, Barbara Zajac. June Manning, Josephine Kushneruk, Klizabeth Rich, Gloria Castro, Nancy Bogdon, Loretta Gray, Betty Mize, ' Audree Duffec. - ' „ Third row -. — Carolyn Zack, Verna Faitak,- Agnes Scmaiiick, -Gtjtria. ' Coude.- Rita Halaschak, Rosemary Ko- vacic, Donna Berg, Claudette Cruikshank, Ruth Prokop, Patricia Skeens. .. ■ ; Second row— Ursula Norvtl, Sharon Jarabcki Beverly ,BeTg, Virginia Cherry. Helen Coulter, Marylan Thompson, Nellie Bright, Carol Broadway, Kathleen Blagg, Barbara Schaefer. • • ' . ... Front row — Marianne Zicha, Dorothy Thompson, Rita Drake. Darlene Mitchell, loin Tucker, Bessie Morikis, Geraldine Benedict, Betty Schmelzer, Yvonne ' .Bozeman. REKAMEMOH CLUB Top row — Laura Smith, Olivia Parker, Arlene Kupke, Antoinette Choka, Carolann Hiller, Ruth Garzella, Kathryne Pappas, Sandra Owens, Carol- Soldo . D , Third row — Kathleen Bottos, Edna Jones, Dorothea Mize, Patricia McArdle, Catherine Kaiser, Barbara Bottila, Leona Mock, Nancy King. r - t • i Second rou — Deiuetria K ppos, Karen Havrilesko, Shirley Mattingly, Marcia Klempa, Shirley 1 elton, Dar- lene Zinkovich, Joyce Cunningham, Sandra ' ' Berg. . . „ „ . .. Front rou — Alberta Nagy, Sharon McKinney, Judith Gardner, Patricia Brown, Bonita Rentz, Angeline Castro Patsy Huckabee, Catherine Lopez. Top row — Barbara Poffinbarger. Loretta Gray, Carolyn Zack, Joyce Adams. Verna Faitak, Kendra Zinko- vich, Claudette Cruikshank, Donna Berg, Trinidad Lopez, Marie Hernandez, Louise Kurtos, Irene Pedroza, Kathleen Blagg. Fourth row — Joyce Minor, Lorraine Dreyovich, Sally Summers, Barbara Zajac, June Manning, Josephine Kushneruk, Gladys Whitten, Carol Broadway, Elizabeth Rich, Gloria Castro, Sharon Jarabek, Barbara Schaefer, Phyllis Bumbera. Third row — Twyla McCallister, Joyce Grogan, Joyce Brown, Betty Mize, Nancy Bogdon. Audree Duffee, Dorothea Mize, Beverly Berg, Virginia Cherry, Helen Coulter, Nellie Bright, Patricia Skeens, Marilyn Homolla. Second row — Agnes Semanick, Mary Ann Shoemaker, Olivia Parker, Marilyn McEwan, Arlene Kupke, Marylan Thompson, Antoinette Choka, Raedeanc Hickman, Peggy Barker, Carol Thorgren, Phyllis Cohn, Beverley Hoskins, Jacqueline Zellers, Ruth Prokop. Front row — Marie Lopez, Joan Newman, Leona Zieba, Nancee Martin, Patricia Taylor, Rita Halaschak, Rosemary Kovacic, Marilyn Kersey, Phyllis Sykes, Carol Clingan, Susanna Armenth, Gloria Conde, Barbara Havrilesko, Betty Jakich. SUNSHINE Carrying on its tradition of spreading good will and giving a helping hand to the needy, the society, consisting of junior and senior girls, gave Christmas baskets, sent cards to shut-ins, Officers and Sponsor Ursula Norvil, secretary; Isabel Dayberry, vice-presi- dent ; Mrs. Chapman, sponsor ; Norma Jeanne Patterson, president; Ann Marie Halaschak, treasurer. SOCIETY and gave the annual contribution to the Riley Hospital. Candle-light initiation services, which sig- nifies the purpose of the society, was held in the gym on October 27. Convention activities consisted of : first, six members and their sponsor attending the dis- trict convention at Delphi on October 10 — also seeing Camp Tecumseh, the site of SSS Camp ; second, nine members with their spon- sor going to the state convention at Wabash on April 10. The annual Sweetheart Dance was held on February 13— with Barbara Schaefer reigning as Sweetheart Queen. Four members took the state nurse’s scholar- ship test. The final event was the breakfast at Riverside Park on May 20. 24 The 1954 Edisonian The 1954 Edisonian The Sophomore-Freshman Girl’s Club was organized for all the girls of these two classes this year. The programs were on informative topics of interest to the girls. Co-officers were chosen, one set from each class, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Chapman. Top row— Phyllis Maurer. Ruth Thompson, Romane Klisz, Frances Dayberry, Peggy Scott, Joyce Smith, Laverne Smith, Mary Tsacoumangos, Frances Bentley, Paula Niehaus, Edith Chambliss, Johnye Broadway, Bev- erly Draves, Rita Werner, Judith Wignall, Judith Kersey. Third renv — Carole Ahern, Darlene Kolosci, Angela Glorioso, Joan Johnston, Marjorie Mattie, Linda Smith, Jacqueline Pocialik, Eva Kiraly. Dolores Myers, Elizabeth Todd, Marguerite Patterson, Kathleen Kadish, Carol Maurer, Mary Najar, Janice Michaels. Second roiv — Janet Evolga, Carolyn Huckabee, Terry Bishop, Eva Peek, Margaret Downs, Jacqueline Am- stein, secretary-treasurer; Joyce Follow, president; Carolyn O’Keily, vice-president; Dolores Aloia, Mary Mul- doon, Ann Walker, Elaine Bennett. Front rote— Marjorie Schavey, Lois McEwan, Frances Ritcheson, Betty Ann Przybysz, Barbara Alexander, Judith Keyak, June Robertson, Betty Greer, Diana Cornwell. Top row — Carol Schleff, Kathryne Pappas, Leona Mock, Martha Cruikshank, Catherine Kaiser, Shirley Pelton, Marcia Klempa, Catherine Lopez, Patsy Fluckabee, Shirley Kersey, Darlene Mitchell, Alberta Nagy, Sharon McKinney, Dorothy Thompson, Rita Drake. Third row Judith Mosak, Kathleen Bottos, Demetria Kappos, Laura Smith, Ruth Garzella, Patricia Brown, Violet Wineinger, Judith Gardner, Karen Havrilesko, Shirley Keele, Lela Ford, Sandra Berg, Marianne Zieba. Second roiv— Sandra Owens, Carolyn Mattie, Bonita Rentz, Angeline Castro, vice-president; Barbara Bot- tila, president; Shirley Mattingly, secretary-treasurer; Betty Schmelzer, Nancy King, Patricia McArdle, Mrs. Chapman, sponsor. Front row — Jeanette Snell, Carolann Hiller, Eunice Maxwell, Toni Tucker, Darlene Zinkovich, Joyce Cun- ningham, Arlene Johnston, Jeraldine Benedict. Top row — Richard Uhlir, Kathleen Szostek, Susanna Armenth, Helen Nolan, Robert Bendfelt, Judith Gard- ner, Nancy King, Patricia McArdle, Kenneth Skeen. Second rot e— Joyce Minor, Isabel Dayberry, Barbara Havrilesko, Alberta Nagy, Catherine Kaiser, Betty Jakich, Karen Havrilesko, Carol Clingan. Front row— Rosemary Kovacic, Marilyn Kersey, Dorothy Thompson, Sylvia Davis, Marianne Zieba, Gloria Conde. F. T. A. At the beginning of the year, a new club was organized and comprised of the future teachers of America, calling its chapter the Virgil I. Bailey Chapter after Mr. Bailey, our school’s superin- tendent. Mrs. Chapman and Mr. Roos were the club’s sponsors. Officers and Sponsors Top rote — Mrs. Chapman and Mr. Roos, sponsors. Front row — Barbara Poffinbarger, secretary-treasurer ; Marilyn Homolla, vice-president ; Phyllis Cohn, president. The chapter was formed to help students who thought they might wish to become teachers in deciding which grade of teaching they might prefer. As one of its projects the club gave assign- ments to members to observe, to help, and then to teach as cadet teachers. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores who met the grade requirements were given assignments. A hot dog sale was sponsored at the noon hour as a financial project of the club. The year was concluded with a trip to Ball State Teachers College in Muncie, Indiana, on May 19. 26 Flic 1954 Edisonian Top rote — Kathryne Pappas, Shirley Kersey, Dorothy Thompson, Susanna Armenth, Kathleen Szostek, Patricia McArdle. Shirley Mattingly, Louise Kurtos, Beverly Berg, Barbara Bottila. Third roiv — Kendall Spencer, Carl Jablonski, Dallas Lehmann, Bruce Bailey, James Warren, Wayne Wesley, Charles Warren, Alan Jackson. Second row— Kathleen Blagg, Rosemary Kovacic, Shirley Pelton, Marcia Klempa, Peggy Barker, Nellie Bright, Barbara Havrilesko, Gloria Conde, Olivia Parker, Marilyn Kersey. Front rcnv — Joyce Cunningham, Sally Summers, Darlene Mitchell, Geraldine Benedict, Leona Mock, Ann Marie Halaschak, Phyllis Sykes. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Modern Music Masters was organized as a new club during the second semester, as an honorary organization designed to promote an interest in music in the school and the community. The first initiation was held after a program, which was presented by the entrants of the district solo and ensemble contest, on January 20. Membership keys and cards were issued at that time to all members who had completed the required tests satisfactorily. Officers and Sponsors 3 M’S CONVENTION On March 27 and 28, James Warren, Peggy Barker, Joyce Cunningham, and Dallas Lehmann were delegates at the National Modern Music Masters Convention. Top rozv — Miss Grabill, sponsor; Richard Uhlir, sec- retary; Joseph Chester, vice-president; Mr. Paolisso, sponsor. Front row — Catherine Kaiser, historian; Joyce Minor, president; Norma Jeanne Patterson, treasurer. The 1954 Edisonian 27 " Pictures ' par Our £cCi4. xtticw, The 1954 Edisonian ACTIVITIES The 1954 Edisonian Homecoming Queen Candidates Top Picture — Gloria Conde, Betty Jakich, Lorraine Dreyovieh, Ruth Prokop. Picture at left — Gloria Conde, Betty Jakich, queen ; Picture at right — Ruth Prokop, Lorraine Dreyovieh, Ruth Prokop, Lorraine Dreyovieh, James Meister, Betty Jakich, queen; James Meister, Student Council Student Council President. President ; Gloria Conde. Bottom picture — Betty Jakich, queen. 30 The 1954 Edisonian The 1954 Edisonian 31 32 The 1954 Ed i soiiian Top rozv — Mrs. Crisman, Patricia Taylor, Kathleen Szostek, Carl Sanders, Barbara Poffinbarger, Richard Uhlir. Beverley Hoskins. front rozv — Betty Jakich, Jacqueline Zellers, Joyce Grogan, Joyce Minor, Barbara Havrilesko. SENIOR PLAY Nine seniors presented the comedy, “Let Me Grow Up,” under the direction of Mrs. Crisman on November 6: Barbara Havrilesko as Lexie; Joyce Minor, Muriel; Richard Uhlir, Matt; Bar- bara Poffinbarger, Nola Fleming; Jacqueline Zellers, Aunt Lydia; Betty Jakich, Mary Jo; Kath- leen Szostek, Arden ; Carl Sanders, Bill Henderson ; Joyce Grogan, Mrs. Holden. The 1954 Edisonian 33 Standing — George Click, freshman; David Fronczak, sophomore; Arnold Stegall, senior; James Meister, Student Council President; Mary Muldoon, freshman; Phyllis Cohn, junior; Carolyn Zack, senior. ANNUAL P.T.A. CARNIVAL November 13 Each class chose its candidate for the carnival king and queen. The candidates having the high- est number of votes were crowned the night of the carnival. Of the numerous concessions this event was the most thrilling for high school students. One of the many concessions Music Department furnishes at the Carnival entertainment for Carnival 34 The 1954 Edisonian Student Council decorated hall for the Christinas Season Student Council supervised monitor system in the halls Library Assistants — Dorothy Thompson, Helen Dallas Lehmann Coulter, Nancee Martin, Ann Marie llalaschak, Sweet Shop Manager Phyllis Sykes. F.T.A. gets real experience. The 1954 Edisontan 35 Picture upper left-hand corner — Sunshine Society officers under the supervision of their sponsor, Mrs. Chap- man, conducted the Sunshine initiation, an impressive candlelight service, on October 27 — Ann Marie Halaschak, Ursula Norvil, Norma Jeanne Patterson, Isabel Day berry. Picture lower left-hand comer— Sweetheart Dance Court: Rosemary Kovacic, Sherry Niehaus, last year’s queen; Barbara Schaefer, Sweetheart Queen; Norma Jeanne Patterson, Ann Marie Halaschak. Pictures on the right-hand side — Annual Sweetheart Dance, February 13. FIFTEENTH ANNUAL LAKE COUNTY GIRLS ' CONFERENCE Approximately 500 girls from twenty-one high schools attended the Fifteenth Annual Lake County Girls’ Conference, which was held in our school on April 24. The morning program was opened with a welcome by Mr. Bailey, superintendent of East Gary Schools; Mr. Roos, principal of Edison High School ; and James Meister, Student Council president. A talk was given by Miss Elizabeth Kressler on her summer tours of Europe. At 11 :00 A. M. the girls divided into smaller discussion groups and for an hour discussed the subjects: friends in the home, further education, mariage and or business, boy friends, and high school clubs. At noon, lunch was served by mothers of Edison girls under the supervision of Mrs. Gleason, home economics instructor. The afternoon program featured group singing led by Ann Marie Halaschak, Harriet Allyn, a humorist, and a style show presented by the Coronet Shop. Officers of the Lake County Girls’ Conference as pictured in the upper right-hand corner on the next page— Sally Summers, secretary; Margaret Sheets of Merrillville, vice-president; Joyce Minor, president; Mrs. Hilda Chapman, sponsor. 36 The 19?4 Edisonian The 1954 Edisonian 37 Top row — Mrs. Crisman, Antoinette Choka, Carl Jablonski, Beverly Berg. Kenneth Skeen, Frank Aloia, Lester Loden. Second row — Kathleen Blagg, Audree Duffee, Phyllis Cohn, Virginia Cherry, Phyllis Bumbera. Front row — Ann Marie Halaschak, George Greer. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY “Off the Track” was presented by the juniors on April 9. The cast consisted of the station agent whose name was John Morgan, Frank Aloia; Silas Dobbins, George Greer; Flickie Nelson, An- toinette Choka ; Betty Phillips, Virginia Cherry ; Joan P arker, Phyllis Bumbera; Mrs. Guarino, Audree Duffee; Antonia Guarino, Ann Marie Halaschak; Bill Lindsay, Lester Loden; Oscar Poz- enby, Kenneth Skeen ; Willie Woodson, Carl Jablonski ; Evalina Bumpass, Beverly Berg ; Mrs. Vanderventer, Kathleen Blagg ; Miss Pidgie McDougal, Phyllis Cohn. PROM May 13, the Junior- Senior Prom provided an enchanted evening of dancing, enhanced with the beautifully lighted Stardust theme and music of Fred Robert’s orchestra at the Marquette Park Pavilion. The 1954 Edisonian 39 Top row — Joyce Minor, valedictorian and American Legion award; Kay Robertson, salutatorian ; Barbara Havrilesko, activities award; Joyce Brown, Veterans of Foreign Wars award. Bottom row — James Meister, American Legion award; Edward Houck, athletic award; Richard Uhlir, ac- tivities award; Jack Hoyt, Veterans of Foreign Wars award. The five commencement student speakers were Edward Houck, class president ; Joyce Brown, Joan Newman, Richard Uhlir, and Joyce Minor, valedictorian. 40 The 1954 Edisonian ATHLETICS The 1954 Edisonian 41 Varsity Football Squad Top row — Coach Georgakis, Raymond Houck, Lawrence Petruzelli, Russell Byrum, Guy Everett, John Smith, Richard Lambert, William Smith, Robert Muraco, Assistant Coach Bromberg. Second rozv — Kent Hardebeck, Ronald Rafferty, Jerome Barnes, Donald McBride, Stephen Smith, Edward Houck, Keith Brimmer, Charles Gilmore, Jan Rappata, Robert Mayka. Front row — George Morikis, Roy Taylor, Joseph Chester, Frank Aloia, Felix Ortiz, Mitchell Najar, Carter Jackson, Ray Taylor, Alan Jackson. Varsity Edison’s record of her seventh year in foot- ball history consisted of one victory, two ties, and seven defeats. The players gained valuable experience in good sportsmanship and fair play under the leadership of Coach Georgakis and Assistant Coach Bromberg. Joseph Chester was chosen on the All-Conference Team. Season’s Record Opponent Edison Portage . . 13 13 Merrillville . . 20 0 Hobart . . 26 0 Wirt . . 13 0 North Judson .... . . 20 14 Dyer . . 0 7 Portage . . 6 6 Rensselaer . . 38 7 Morton of Hammond . . . 26 6 Edison of Gary . . . . . 37 6 42 The 1954 Edisonian Felix Ortiz Mitchell Najar Ray Taylor SENIOR LETTERMEN Keith Brimmer Jan Rappatta Edward Houck Stephen Smith Carter Jackson Roy Taylor The 1954 Edisonian 43 RESERVES The 1954 Edisonian The Reserve squad has improved each year during the past three years under the coaching of Assistant Coach Caza. This year’s record consisted of four victories, one tie, and three defeats. Season ' s Record Portage Opponent .... 0 Edison 8 Wirt Opponent . . . . 0 Edison 6 Merrillville .... .... 0 8 Dyer . ... 7 0 Holy Angels . . . .... 6 7 Portage . ... 7 0 Hobart .... 6 0 Edison of Cary . . ... 0 0 Top row — Assistant Coach Arington, Edward Dawson, Charles Ivlow, Larry Blue, Russell Byrum, William Sonntag, Thomas Hodge, Lawrence Pctruzelli, Coach Gaza. Second row — Lloyd Wagner, Steven Kozak, Robert Boznak, William Halaschak, Donald Przybysz, Frank Mockaitis, Lawrence Snopel, Charles Melton. Front rotv — Thomas Clark, Steven Pahos, Lee Morrison, Robert Gilmore, Michael Wagner, Ronald Rafferty, Paul Jarabek. Top roiv — Assistant Coach Haddad, Alex Zinkovich, Joseph Chester, Paul Blue, Mr. Roos, Donald McBride, Frank Aloia, Wayne Wesley, Coach Gaza. Second row — Gene Brock, Robert Mayka, Warren Ellis, Edward Houck, James Meister. Andrew Grusak, Paul Jarabek. Front rou — Robert Bendfelt, Paul Brock, Felix Ortiz, Donald Shomaker, Paul Kurtos. ' Sad6et zll VARSITY Under our new coach, Mr. Gaza, the Varsity improved over recent years by winning nine and losing ten games and placing third in the Calumet Conference with a five and three rec- ord. Although the season opened with two consecutive losses, the Eagles did not lose con- fidence and, thus, defeated Dyer, Wirt, and Wheatfield. After losing the Calumet Town- ship Tournament, they defeated the tough Edi- son team of Gary a week later. They lost a hard-fought game to Griffith hut bounced over Lowell and battered Hobart in an overtime period by one point. Merrillville, leading the conference for the second time, defeated the Eagles as did the Indians of Portage. One of the most brilliantly played games of the season was the victory over Brook, who at that time had lost only one game of the season, followed by a loss to Wheeler and Chesterton. In the Gary Sectionals the Eagles, again, defeated the Troopers of Wirt but lost by only two points in the semi-finals. Warren Ellis was chosen as the most valu- able player and received the award given by the Adult Booster Club of East Gary ; he was selected on the Chicago Tribune All Confer- ence Team and the original coaches’ All Confer- ence Team. Edward Houck was selected by the players as honorary captain ; also, Ed Houck and Robert Mayka received honorable mention on the All Conference Team. Season’s Record Merrillville Opponent . . 82 Edison 39 Calumet Township . . 63 42 Alumni . . 44 59 Dyer . . 39 41 Wirt . . 45 54 Wheatfield . . 52 53 Calumet Township Tournament Hobart 52 38 Calumet Township . . 53 44 Edison . . 54 57 Griffith . . 46 38 Lowell . . 45 69 Hobart . . 63 64 Merrillville 45 Portage . . 57 53 Brook . . 63 65 Wheeler . . 68 66 Chesterton . . 60 51 Gary Sectionals Wirt . . 46 50 Hobart . . 57 55 VARSITY FIRST TWELVE James Meister Edward Houck Warren Ellis Andrew Grusak Robert Mayka Felix Ortiz Paul Brock Robert Bendfelt Wayne Wesley Donald Shomaker Donald McBride Paul Blue The 1954 Edisonian 47 48 The 1954 Edisonian Varsity Cheerleaders Left Betty Jakich Top Phyllis Bumbera Ric lit Ann Marie Halaschak Center Carl Jablonski Bottom Virginia Cherry Song Leaders Carol Maurer Eva Peek Carolyn O’Kelly Rita Werner Frances Daybcrry Phyllis Maurer B-Team Cheerleaders Top row Kathryne Pappas Front row l.aura Smith Linda Smith Judith Kersey The 1954 Edisonian 49 Top row — Assistant Coach Haddad, William Maxwell, Richard Chantos, Richard Lambert, John Meitzlcr, Coach Gaza. Front row — Bert Rhynearson, Robert Muraco, Paul Jarabek, Gerald Klimczyk, Ernest Kingery. B-TEAM The B-Team ended the season w ith nine wins and ten losses. Edison’s B-Team consisted of sophomores and freshmen, who made a good showing against older boys of competing B- Teams. The season’s points are as follows: Kingery, 118; Muraco, 110; Maxwell, 84; Chantos, 74, Rhynearson, 48. Season ' s Record Opponent Edison Opponent Edison Merrillville . 43 57 Bishop Noll . . 30 37 Calumet Township . . . 56 31 Calumet Township . . . 71 34 Freshman . . , . . . 30 39 Griffith . . 51 22 Dyer . 35 31 Lowell . . 42 57 Wirt . 48 46 Hobart . . 53 62 Wheatfield 46 50 Merrillville . . 46 36 Edison . 47 42 Portage 36 Brook . . 59 45 Calumet Township Tournament Wheeler . . 31 34 Tolleston .... . . 32 35 Chesterton . . 66 28 The 1954 Edisonian Freshman A-Team Top rozv — Coach Haddad, Bernard Halaschak, Richard Lambert, Gerald Klimczyk, William Smith, John Smith. Front rozv — Cletus Hagan, Robert Muraco, Richard Chantos, John Meitzler, Thomas Clark. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The freshman basketball season’s record was exceptionally good this year under Coach Haddad, assistant basketball coach, with the final report of seven straight victories for the last seven games and the winning of the Calumet Conference Tourney trophy. Freshman B-Team Top rozv — Ronald Rafferty, Frank Bogdon, William Halaschak, Lawrence Petruzelli, Paul Anderson, Ken- neth Qingan, Coach Haddad. Front rozv — Ronald Kingery, Marvin Cline, Fred Armenth, George Click, Leroy Webdell, Lawrence Snopel. Top row — Assistant Coach Gaza, Robert Mayka, Ronald Mumaw, Thomas Meister, George Kasarda, Robert McDonald, Stephen Smith, Joseph Chester, Paul Blue, Track Coach Owen. Second row — Edward Houck, James Scheuer, William Halaschak, Kent McDonald, William Smith, John Smith, Lawrence Snopel. Front row — Felix Ortiz, Jack Scheuer, Bernard Halaschak, Ray Boylan, Wayne Wesley, Donald McBride, James Warren. The track team started its season with a win over Griffith and Edison of Gary at Griffith, took second place in a meet with Portage and Edison of Gary at Portage, then lost to Port- age at Portage, which was followed by second place in a tri-meet with Lowell and Portage at Lowell. Edison placed fifth in the All Con- ference Meet at Pfobart on April 29. Ed Houck was this year’s outstanding track and field man, as he placed third in the sectional of the 1954 IHSAA track and field champion- ships at Gary, fourth in the regional at East Chicago, and ninth at the state in Indianapolis. Edward Houck Felix Ortiz The 1954 Edisonian 53 E-MEN ' S As in past years the E-Men’s Club is an honorary club. Only boys who have received a letter in one of the major sports- — football, Officers and Sponsors Mr. Georgakis and Mr. Gaza, sponsors; Warren Ellis, president ; Robert Thews, secretary-treasurer ; Stephen Smith, vice-president. CLUB basketball, or track — are eligible to become members of the club. Each year the senior boys look forward to the Senior Honor Banquet held at Teibel’s Restaurant in their honor. The banquet is sponsored by the Lions Club of East Gary. The senior lettermen, cheerleaders, and four top ranking scholastic students had the privilege of attending the banquet on May 3. ' Hie annual athletic banquet, which honored all the athletes of Edison, was sponsored by the E-Men’s Club and the Adult Booster Club of East Gary on May 11. The 1954 Edisonian Top rots . ' — Alan Jackson, Bernard Halaschak, Lee Morrison, Steven Pahos, Edward Dawson, Richard Lam- bert, Paul Brock, Roy Taylor, Alex Zinkovich, Kent Hardebeck. Third rozo — Paul Blue, Russell Byrum, Lawrence Petruzelli, Larry Blue, Charles Gilmore, Jan Rappatta, James Meister, Wayne Wesley, Keith Brimmer, Andrew Grusak, Guy Everett, Robert Bendfelt. Second rou ’ — William Smith, Robert Muraco, John Smith, Donald McBride, Robert Mayka, Frank Aloia, Joseph Chester, Edward Houck, Jerome Barnes. Front rozo — Paul Kurtos, Donald Shomakcr, Felix Ortiz, Ray Taylor, George Morikis, Raymond Houck, Mit- chell Najar, Carter Jackson. PERSONALITIES The 1954 Edisoiiian 55 Officers Lawrence Petruzelli, president; Judith Keyak, secre- tary; Robert Muraco, treasurer; Verle Jones, vice- president. FRESHMEN Class Sponsors Mr. Gaza Mr. Georgakis Mrs. Arnold Miss Hartley Each freshman entered the halls of Edison with happy expectation and great exaltation. Many of the students were already familiar with the rules and regulations since they attended Edison during their seventh and eighth grade years. They chose as their leaders: Nick Morikis, president; Lawrence Petruzelli, vice-president; Judith Keyak, secre- tary ; Robert Muraco, treasurer. Due to the withdrawal of Nick Morikis, Lawrence Petruzelli became president of the class, and Verle Jones was elected vice-president. Rita Werner and Bernard Halaschak were elected as Student Council representatives. The big event of the freshman year was the Turkey Hop. This dance was held after the Merrillville game on No- vember 28. Music was furnished by the dance band. 56 The 1954 Edisonian Freshmen Lyndel Adams Carole Ahern Barbara Alexander Dolores Aloia Jacqueline Amstein Paul Anderson Frederick Armenth Leon Bartos Elaine Bennett Frances Bentley Terry Bishop Frank Bogdon Ray Boylan Johnye Broadway Wayne Brown Michael Byrne Edith Chambliss Richard Chantos Larry Choka Thomas Clark Marvin Cline Kenneth Clingan Diana Cornwell Frances Dayberry Margaret Downs Beverly Draves Janet Ann Evolga Joyce Follow William Gleason George Click Angela Glorioso Betty Greer Cletus Hagan Bernard Halaschak William Halaschak Daryl Hoyt Carolyn Huckabee Herman Jacobson Jeanne Jahn Edward Jaroscak Verle Jones Kathleen Kadish Judith Kersey William Kervin Penelope Kettering Judith Keyak Ronald Kingery Eva Kiraly Romane Klisz Gerald Klimczyh The 1954 Edisonian 57 Freshmen Darlene Kolosci Michael Kozak Steven Kozak Richard Lambert Leo Loden Marjorie Mattie Carol Maurer Phyllis Maurer John Maza Kent McDonald Lois McEwan John Meitzler Charles Melton Janice Michaels Truman Miller Mary Muldoon Robert Muraco Dolores Myers Mary Najar Paula Niehaus Carolyn O’Kelly Emanuel Orlich Leo Parkhurst Marguerite Patterson Eva Peek Lawrence Petruzelli Jacqueline Pocialik Elizabeth Przybysz Steven Pundrich Ronald Rafferty Frances Ritcheson June Robertson Harry Robinson Marjorie Schavey Peggy Scott John Smith Joyce Smith LaVerne Smith Linda Smith William Smith Lawrence Snopel Gordon Taylor Ruth Thompson Elizabeth Todd Mary Tsacoumangos James Turner Anne Walker LeRoy Webdell Rita Werner Judith Wignall 58 The 1954 Edisonian Officers Karen Havrilesko, secretary, Charles Gilmore, presi- dent; Thomas Meister, treasurer; Shirley Kersey, vice- president. SOPHOMORES Highlights of the year included the crowning of the carnival queen and the class dance. The members of the class elected Daniel Fronczak as a candidate for king and Alberta Nagy as a candidate for queen of the Central- Edison Parent-Teachers Association carnival, which was held on November 13. Among the class candidates chosen, Alberta Nagy was crowned queen of the carnival and re- ceived a Clinton watch. The class dance was held on March 19 and was centered around a night club theme. The main event of the evening was a floor show with Alan Jackson as master of ceremonies. Shirley Pelton and Judith Gardner represented the class on the Student Council. Class Sponsors Mr. Valenti Miss Grabill Mr. Tclialo Miss Kattis The 1954 Edisonian 59 Sophomores David Arrenson Richard Augustine Geraldine Benedict Sandra Berg Joseph Beverly Larry Blue Barbara Bottila Kathleen Bottos Yvonne Bozeman Robert Boznak John Bright Patricia Brown Russell Byrum Angeline Castro Charles Clemens Albert Crider Martha Cruikshank Joyce Cunningham Edward Dawson Richard Dayberry Rita Drake Robert Fazekas Larry Flaningan Cecil Foltz Lela Ford Daniel Fronczak Judith Gardner Ruth Garzella Charles Gilmore Robert Gilmore David Hardt Karen Havrilesko Carolann Hiller Thomas Hodge Beverly Houck Raymond Houck Dean Howell Patsy Huckabee Charles Ivlow Alan Jackson Paul Jarabek Dennis Johnson Arlene Johnston Edna Jones Catherine Kaiser Demctria Kappos George Kasarda Shirley Keele Shirley Kersey Nancy King Ernest Kingery Stephen Kiraly Marcia Klempa Catherine Lopez 60 The 1954 Edisonian Sophomores Carolyn Mattie Shirley Mattingly Robert Mayka Eunice Maxwell William Maxwell Patricia McArdle Sharon McKinney Thomas Meister John Millan Herman Miller James Mills Darlene Mitchell Leona Mock Frank Mockaitis Bessie Morikis George Morikis Lee Morrison Judith Mosak Ronald Mumaw Alberta Nagy James Needham Sandra Owens Steven Pahos Kathryne Pappas Shirley Pelton Donald Przybysz Lome Rearick David Reninjan Bonita Rentz Bert Rhynearson Carol Schleff Betty Schmelzer Robert Semanick Laura Smith Jeanette Snell William Sonntag Kendall Spencer Dorothy Thompson Charles Tomaga Toni Tucker Lloyd Wagner Michael Wagner Charles Warren John Wells Larry White Gary Whitledge Violet Wineinger Marianna Zieba Darlene Zinkovich Roy Woody The 1954 Edisonian 61 Officers Fred Urbanek, vice-president; Sally Summers, treas- urer ; Donald McBride, president ; George Greer, secretary. JUNIORS Class Sponsors Mr. Williams Mrs. Crisman Mr. Paolisso Mrs. Miller At the beginning of the year, class officers were elected, and Dallas Lehmann and Peggy Barker were chosen as Student Council representatives. First on the round of activities was the relinquishing of the title as winner of the girl’s “Powder Puff” football game by only one point to the seniors on October 28. Phyllis Cohn and Carl Jablonski were chosen as junior candidates for queen and king of the Central-Edison P.T.A. carnival. Carl Jablonski was crowned as king of the car- nival on November 13. Honors went to the juniors again when Barbara Schaefer was crowned Sweetheart Queen of the Sunshine dance on February 13. The month of April proved to be a busy time of the year, as the class play was presented on April 9, which was followed by the class dance on April 30. “Off the Track,” a three-act comedy, had a different twist from plays given at Edison, since the scene was a small wayside railroad station and the cast consisted of a strange mixture of people thrown together by a derailed train. The long-awaited Junior-Senior Prom ended the activi- ties of the juniors on May 13 at Marquette Park Pavilion. The Stardust theme created a delightful atmosphere to the tunes of Fred Robert’s orchestra. 62 The 1954 Edisonian Juniors Frank Aloia Bruce Bailey Peggy Barker Jerome Barnes Robert Bendfelt Beverly Berg Kathleen Blagg Richard Bloomquist Paul Blue Nancy Bogdon Nellie Bright Carol Broadway Phyllis Bumbera Gloria Castro Virginia Cherry Joseph Chester Antoinette Choka Phyllis Cohn Jo Ann Cole James Conway Helen Coulter Audree Duffee Guy Everett Robert Fiebelkorn Ivan Glancy Loretta Gray George Greer Wayne Hagan Ann Marie Halaschak Raedeane Hickman Carl Jablonski John Jakich Sharon Jarabek Gary King Arlene Kupke The 1954 Edisonian 63 Juniors Louise Kurtos Paul Kurtos Josephine Kushneruk Dallas Lehmann Lester Loden Marie Lopez June Manning Raymond Marks Donald McBride Betty Mize Dorothea Mize Ursula Norvil Olivia Parker Elizabeth Rich Barbara Schaefer Jack Scheuer James Scheuer Gene Schrader Mary Ann Shoemaker Donald Shomaker Kenneth Skeen William Strong Sally Summers Marylan Thompson Carol Thorgren Charles Torrez Fred Urbanek James Warren Wayne Wesley Gerald Wiles Wanda Wolfe Barbara Zajac Alex Zinkovich 64 The 1954 Edisonian SENIORS Edward D. Houck Senior President, Stud ent Council, Hi-Y, E- Men’s Club, Choir, Boys’ Chorus, Football, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. Donna Jean Berg Senior Vice-President, Student Council, Eagle Feathers Associate Editor, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A. Vice-President. Felix Ortiz Senior Secretary, Sophomore President, E- Men’s Club Secretary-Treasurer, Football, Var- sity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. Verna Faitak Senior Treasurer, Student Council, Edisoitian Advertising Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Girls’ Chorus. Joyce Adams Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Choir, Girls’ Chorus, Cherriletts. Susanna Armenth Edisonian Advertising Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Booster Club, Future Teachers Assn., Modern Music Masters, Band, Cherriletts, Pep Band. William Benton Junior Play, E-Men’s Club, Football. Keith Brimmer Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Football. The 1954 Edisonian 65 SENIORS Paul Brock Freshman and Sophomore President, E-Men’s Club, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball. Track. Joyce Brown Edisonian Advertising Manager. Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Booster Club, Band. Dance Band. Pep Band. Donald Burton Frank Carrigan Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Football. Carol Clingan Edisonian Business Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Booster Club, Future Teachers Assn. Freddie L. Cochran Junior Play, Hi-Y, Science Club, Band, Pep Band, Football. Gloria Conde Edisonian Associate Editor. Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society. Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Booster Club Vice-President. Future Teachers Assn., Choir President and Secretary, Girls’ Chorus, Cherriletts, Modern Music Masters. Claudette Cruikshauk Student Council, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Booster Club President. 66 The 1954 Edisonian SENIORS Isabel Dayberry Junior Play, Sunshine Society Vice-President, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn., Booster Club. John Gilbert DeVaney Hi-Y, Band Vice-President. Lorraine Dreyovicb Edisouian Business Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Booster Club, Girls’ Chorus. Lee Duck Robert Eddy E-Men’s Club, Football, B-Team Basketball. Charles Warren Ellis Student Council Vice-President. Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club President, Choir, Boys’ Chorus, Boys’ Quartet, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basket- ball, Track, Cross Country. Joseph A. Fcistling Junior Play, Science Club, Choir, Boys’ Chorus. Edward William Eunkhauser Science Club, Band. The 1954 Edisouian 67 SENIORS Joyce Grogan Senior Play, Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Booster Club. Andrew Crusak Hi-Y, Science Club, E-Men’s Club, Choir, Varsity, Track. Rita M. Halaschak Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Reka- tnemoh Club, G.A.A., Science Club, Choir Vice- President. Richard M. Hamady Hi-Y, Choir, Track. Kent Hardebeck Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Football, B-Team, Fresh- man Basketball. Barbara Havrilesko Eagle Feathers Editor, Edisonian Associate Editor, Senior Play, Sunshine Society, Reka- memoh Club, G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn., Booster Club, Band, Pep Band, Modern Music Masters. Jerry W. Haywood Junior Play. Marie M. Hernandez Sunshine Society, Rekaniemoh Club, Booster Club. 68 The 1954 Edisonian SENIORS Marilyn Ann Hoinolla Student Council, Edisonian Advertising Man- ager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Rekanicmoh Club President. G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn. Vice-President, Booster Club, Modern Music Masters, Science Club. Band. Beverley Ann Hoskins Sunshine Society. Rekamemoh Club, Booster Club, Choir, Girls’ Chorus. Jack L. Hoyt Junior Play, Student Council, Hi-Y, Science Club, E-Men’s Club, Choir, Band, Dance Band, Pep Band, Football. Edwin L. Hummel Robert Carter Jackson Junior Play, Fli-Y, Science Club, E-Men’s Club, Band, Dance Band, Football, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. Betty Ann Jakich Freshman Treasurer, Edisonian Advertising Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Senior Play, Sunshine Society Treasurer, Rekamemoh Club Vice-President, G.A.A., Booster Club Treas- urer, Future Teachers Assn., Modern Music Masters, Cherriletts, Band, Cheerleader. Marilyn Kersey- Junior Play, Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn., Booster Club, Cherriletts, Band Treasurer, Pep Band, Dance Band, Modern Music Masters. Ronald Kersey Sophomore Vice-President, Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. The 1954 Edisonian 69 Rosemary Kovacic Edisonian Advertising Manager, Eagle heathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn., Modern Music Masters, Booster Club, Choir, Girls’ Chorus, Cherriletts. Trinidad Lope . Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, Booster Club. Nancee Martin Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Booster Club, Band, Pep Band. Twyla McCallister Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Choir, Cherriletts. James R. Meister Sophomore Treasurer. Student Council Presi- dent and Secretary-Treasurer, Science Club, E-Men’s Club, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Cross Country. Jo yce Minor Junior President. Edisonian Editor, Senior Play, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn., Modern Music Masters President, Booster Club, Band, Lake County Girls’ Conference President, Student Council. Mitchell Frank Najar E-Men’s Club, Football, B-Team, Freshman Basketball, Track. Joan Newman Junior Play, Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Booster Club. The 1954 Edisonian SENIORS Helen Burnham Nolan Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, G.A.A., Booster Club. Norma Jeanne Patterson Sophomore Secretary, Student Council. Junior Play, Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society President and Secretary. G.A.A., Booster Club, Choir Vice-President, Girls’ Chorus, Cherriletts, Modern Music Masters Treasurer. Irene Pedroza Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club, Booster Club. Barbara Poffingarger Senior Play. Sunshine Society, Future Teachers Assn. Secretary-Treasurer, Booster Club, Choir. Ruth Prokop Eagle Feathers Staff. Junior Play, Sunshine Society, Rekamemoh Club. G.A.A. Jan Kappatta Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Football. Kay Robertson Eagle Feathers Business Manager, G.A.A.. Science Club. Carl Sanders Junior and Senior Plays, B-Team, Cross Country. The 1954 Edisonian 71 SENIORS Agues Seinanick Junior Play, Sunshine Society. Rekamemoh Club, Booster Club, Choir, Girls’ Chorus. Patricia Ann Skeens Eagle Feathers Art Editor, Junior Play, Sun- shine Society, Rekamemoh Club, Choir, Majorette. Stephen J. Smith Eagle Feathers Sports Editor, Junior Play, Science Club, E-Men’s Club Vice-President, Football, Track, Cross Country. Arnold Stegall Student Council, Band, Football. Phyllis Sykes Junior and Freshman Secretary, Sunshine So- ciety, Booster Club, Cherriletts, Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Modern Music Masters. Kathleen Szostek Senior Play, G.A.A., Future Teachers Assn., Modern Music Masters, Choir, Girls’ Chorus, Cherriletts. Ray Taylor Junior Vice-President, Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Choir, Boys’ Chorus, Football, Freshman Basketball, Track. Roy Taylor Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Football, B-Tcam. 72 The 1954 Edisonian SENIORS Patricia Taylor Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Band. Football. Dollar R. Teske Robert E. Thews E-Men’s Club Secretary-Treasurer, B-Team, Freshman Basketball. Francis J. Tomaga Richard Tuthill Freshman Basketball. Richard F. Uhlir Junior Treasurer, Eagle Feathers Assistant Sports Editor, Junior and Senior Plays, Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y, Science Club Treasurer, Future Teachers Assn., Modern Music Masters Secretary, Booster Club, Boys’ Quartet, Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Football, Edisotiian Sports Editor. Choir. Emanuele Venturella Jacqueline Zellers Sunshine Society, G.A.A., Booster Club, Girls’ Chorus. The 1954 Edisotiian 73 SENIORS Leona Zicba Student Council, Sunshine Society, Rckamemoh Club, G.A.A. President, Booster Club. Kendra Helena Zinkovieh Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, G.A.A. Secretary, Booster Club, Choir, Girls’ Chorus. Steering (loiuiiiittee Top row — Gloria Conde, Leona Zieba, Joyce Minor, Agnes Semanick. Second row — Richard Uhlir, Jack Hoyt, Jan Rappatta, James Meister. Front row— Rita Halaschak, Betty Jakich, Ruth Prokop, Lorraine Dreyovich. 74 The 1954 Edisonian Seacard On September 2, 1951, the largest freshman class in the history of Edison entered its halls with eager anticipation for the four years before them. The class was soon organized under the leadership of Daniel Jaroscak, president; Gloria Conde, vice-president; Phyllis Sykes, secretary; Betty Jakich, treasurer. As sophomores they began a new year — not quite so green but still full of enthusiasm. A new slate of officers was chosen for the year: Felix Ortiz, president ; Ronald Kersey, vice-president ; Norma Jeanne Patterson, secretary; James Meister, treasurer. Finally, they advanced to that dreamed-of position of upper classmen. This year, the junior year, was filled with many events including the junior class play, class dance, rings, and prom. The girls brought their share of honor to the class by defeating the seniors 25 to 0 in the “Powder Puff’’ football game. The girls and boys shared equal ranks as officers: Joyce Minor, president; Ray Taylor, vice- president ; Phyllis Sykes, secretary ; Richard Uhlir, treasurer. They were SENIORS as their fourth and most important year arrived. They assumed a new importance of supposed sophistication. This was their final and busiest year. Senior officers were Edward Houck, president ; Donna Berg, vice- president ; Felix Ortiz, secretary ; Verna Faitak, treasurer. The girls performed the initial stunt by winning the second annual “Powder Puff” football game 7 to 6 on November 4, which was followed by the class play the same week on November 6. “Let Me Grow Up” was presented with huge success. The class dance was held after the Edison-Wirt game on December 11. Graduation, which came nearer and nearer, was heralded by senior pictures, name cards, and announcements. The seniors were entertained by the juniors at the annual Prom at Marquette Park Pavilion on May 13 A closed dance was held during senior week on May 26. Baccalaureate was held on May 23 ; the seniors donned their caps and gowns for the first time — realizing that four wonderful years were coming to a close and another phase of life was beginning. That day for which they had been preparing was at hand, and on May 28, the Class of 1954 was graduated. The 1954 Edisonian 75 Benjamin Owen Hilda E. Chapman John Valenti English — Senior Sponsor, Student Council Sponsor, Booster Club Sponsor, Eagle feat hers Critic, T rack Coach. English. Mathematics — Dean of Girls, Senior Sponsor, Sunshine Society Sponsor, Future Teachers Association Sponsor, Eagle Feath- ers Critic. Industrial Art s — Sweet Shop, Sophomore Sponsor. Iona Crisman Carl D. Tehalo Hazel Hartley English, Latin — Junior Sponsor, Play Coach, Eagle Feathers Critic. Science, Mathematics — Sophomore Sponsor, Science Club Sponsor. Business Education — Freshman Sponsor, Edisonian Sponsor, Eagle Feathers Sponsor. A. R. Bromberg Hazel F. Arnold Howard Williams Spanish, Business Education — As- sistant Football Coach, Senior Sponsor, Booster Club Sponsor. Science — Freshman Sponsor, Sci- ence Club Sponsor. Business Education, Mathematics — - Junior Sponsor. 76 The 1954 Edisonian acuity Naomi J. Grabill Music — Sophomore Sponsor, Mod- ern Music Masters Sponsor. Nick A. Paolisso Band — Junior Sponsor, Modern Music Masters Sponsor. Mary Jane Kattis Librarian — Sophomore Sponsor. Steve Georgakis Physical Education, Social Studies — Football Coach, Freshman Spon- sor, E-Men’s Club Sponsor. Alverissa Miller Physical Education — Girls Athletic Association Sponsor, Junior Sponsor. Stefan G. Gaza Social Studies — Basketball Coach, Assistant Football and Track Coach, Dean of Boys, Freshman Sponsor, E-Men’s Club Sponsor. Richard Haddad Assistant Basketball Coach. Phyllis Milchak Home Economics — Senior Sponsor. Rekamemoh Club Sponsor. Bonnie Gleason Home Economics — Senior Sponsor, Rekamemoh Club Sponsor. Wesley W. Arington Driver’s Training BOARD OF EDUCATION Fred L. Kitchel Treasurer Antoinette Cindric Secretary George Garber President Tlic 1954 Edisonian 79 John (larm ie Eduard Nelson CUSTODIANS Henrv M. Burchardt John Niehaus 80 The 1954 Edisonian COMMUNITY AROUND EDISON The 1954 Edisonian 81 STERLING-CONER STUDIOS 752 Broadway OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS We wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Lee Coner who has been our EDISONIAIS photographer the past nine years. 82 The 1954 Edisonian Compliments of Gary, Indiana THE HOME OF PERFECT DIAMONDS Gary’s Only Member of the Diamond Council of America As we leave Edison High School and turn northward on the sidewalk, we see Central School, which is pictured on the next page. The 1954 Edisonian as The 1954 Edisonian GARY NATIONAL BANK NINE CONVENIENT OFFICES: GARY — HOBART — GRIFFITH — DYER Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Lor ). CENTRAL SCHOOL HOBART BRANCH 301 Main Street, Hobart, Indiana MILLER BRANCH 647 Lake Street, Gary, Indiana “IT ' S NICER AT MEISTER’S” Phono 2-1171 3542 Central Avenue Congratulations to the Class of 1954 TWO COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORES Phone 2-1137 2800 DeKalb Street The 1954 Edisonian 85 CRANE AND DOZER SERVICE SEWER AND PAVING WORK A . METZ GENERAL CONTRACTOR Yards Telephone 1601 Louisiana Street East Gary 2-4865 Gary 3-3363 REAR VIEW AT EDISON 86 The 1954 Edisonian COMPLIMENTS AND BEST W ISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’ 54 ARTISTIC CLEANERS The 1954 Edisonian 87 FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS JOSTEN ' S Since 1897 Representative: ROBERT ALBERTSON Box 9 Plymouth, Indiana East Gary Schools includes Columbus School on the west side 88 The 1954 Edisonian E very Minute . . . Every Hour . . . Your Savings Work Here i Day in and day out, your savings here are earning for you at our current liberal rate — and twice yearly the earnings are compounded to make savings grow faster You’ll be surprised how small amounts add up when you make a habit of saving regularly in an insured account here Why noi open vour account now ? FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 545 BROADWAY GARY, INDIANA The 1954 Edisonian 89 Forney ' s I.G.A. Food Mart 3539 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST CARY Phone 2-137K Cruikshank Auto Shop Phone 8- 1131 6615 East Eighth Avenue Gary, Indiana ▼ W E DELIVER East Gary’s school system has grown this year to include the new Eastside School which was completed in the fall of 1953 90 The 1954 Edisonian COURTESY FOOD MART 2750 Di-kALR STREET Telephone 2-6738 EAST GARY, INDIANA Free Delivery EVERY DAY ' LOW PRICES Convenient Parking STORE HOURS: DAILY 8:00 A. M. - 6:00 P. M. INCLUDING MEAT DEPARTMENT FRIDAY 8:00 A. M. - 9:00 P. M. FAMILY SHOP EVERY FRIDAY SCHOOL PATROL The 1954 Edisonian 91 Bill ' s Floor Sanding Company 2737 Elkhart Street Phone 2-1598 Wallin ' s Hardwa re 3461 Central Avenue Phone 2-1478 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Complete Line of HARDWARE AND PLUMRING SPEED QUEEN WASHERS COLEMAN FURNACES CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS PEN GAS IN 100-LB. BOTTLES GLASS, SPORTING GOODS, GIFTS, ETC. Open Wednesday and Saturday Evenings Until 9 O’Cloek NOON TIME 92 The 1954 Edisonian Ta to n e ' s East Gary Garage SINCE 1922 General Repairing T une-Up 24-Hour Road Service Central and Route No. 51 EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone East Gary 2-1461 See . . . Al Ganz for your REAL ESTATE PLANS OFFICE — 504 BROADWAY HOME — 2835 FA1RVIEW AVENUE I ' houe: Gary 6818 or East Gary 2-1668 East Gary Washerette ▼ 24-Hour Laundry Service 3- to 4-Hour Dryer Service Wringer Type Washers for self-service v 925 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone East Gary 2-1506 Compliments of Swanson Realty V 2773 DeKalb Street Phone 2-1161 The 1954 Edisonian 93 ONDRAS BROS. BODY SHOP 1101 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 2-1601 EAST GARY, INDIANA Best Quality Work . . . Reliable Service New Modern Method Compliments “ li e Serve to Serve Again” of FOSTER’S Finest Dry Cleaning anti Laundry Service MEISTER’S INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 2757 DeKalb St. Phone East Gary 2-5891 ▼ Furs Cleaned and Glazed : Cold Storage Repairing : Dyeing Rugs : Drapes : Curtains : Formal Wear Phone 2-1132 NOON TIME AND AFTER SCHOOL 94 The 1954 Edisonian FIVE STAR SUPER MART 4700 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 2-1660 Compliment of Compliments of PADGETT LUMBER SUPPLY CORPORATION FORNEY’S FOOD SHOP Groceries and Meats ▼ ▼ 2915 DeKALB ST. EAST GARY, IND. Phone 2-1650 Phone 2-1532 2489 CLAY STREET Compliments Compliments of of Dixie Dairy Company Frank and Ann Chester ▼ “YOUR FAVORITE MILK " The 1954 Edisonian 95 What’s in a Name? Continuous Quality Karsa ' s Food Shop 2808 DeKALB STREET Phone 2-1496 •OTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y EVENINGS AFTER SCHOOL 96 The 1954 Edisonian Compliments of City Grocery and Market ▼ A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE FOR LOW PRICES AND SERVICE Compliments of Herff-Jones Co. Garber Bros. 2751 DeKALB STREET Phone 2-9975 East Gary Feed and Supply Co. The Home of Dunes Mix Feeds GENEVA M an ufact u ri ng Jewelers and Stationers 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana T Complete Line of Feeds: SWIFT’S VITALITY HYDE’S FUL-O-PEP ▼ M. J. VOGEL Representative 3010 Central Avenue Phone 2-1471 The 1954 Edisonian 97 Radigan Bros. CONGRATULATIONS! T ▼ FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES Pearsons T Broadway and Sixth 637 Broadway Gary, Indiana Phone 6251 Gary Outside of school, students have various hobbies. One hobby has won national honors for Bruce Bailey, as each of the two scenic pictures above won a 1954 National High School Photographic award sponsored by the National Scholastic Press Association with the cooperation of the Eastman Kodak Company. 98 The 1954 Edisoman GARY OFFICE For Your Fun For Your Work Remember GARY’S LARGEST OFFICE OUTFITTERS for your Typewriters . . . Fountain Pens . . . Luggage Greeting Cards . . . Cameras RENTALS On Typewriters, Adding IVIaehines EXPERT REPAIRS On All Makes of Typewriters Gary Office Equipment Co. 25 West 6th Avenue Phone 6286 Compliments of Swanson ' s Dairy GARYTON, HOBART Route 1 Phone: Wheeler 140W2 NEW ANI) USED TYPEWRITERS Sold, Rented, Repaired Jacobsens COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS Sixth and Massachusetts Streets Gary, Indiana J. B. Shaver Motors Over a Quarter of a Century at 3600 Broadway ★ CONGRATULATIONS ON AN EXCELLENT YEARBOOK The 1954 Edisoiiian 99 Compliments of Town Board and Clerk-Treasurer JOHN KOZAK President LOUIS NEWMAN Trustee GEOROE ROBY Trustee JOHN KLEMPA Trustee RUTH PULLARA Trustee ESTHER BELLE SWIFT Clerk -Treasurer Students work part-time at various jolts and professions as shown above — Carl Jahlonski, professional dancer. BEST W ISHES FOR THE CLASS OF ’ 54 T East Gary Volunteer Fire Department NEW CHICAGO LEGION Post 454 T WISHES YOll THE UTMOST SUCCESS IN YOUR FUTURE YEARS! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 BAND BOOSTERS 100 The 1954 Edisonian CEDAR CHEST Compliments of FINE FOODS : SODAS : SUNDAES RA-TEL RADIO TELEVISION SALES SERVICE ▼ ill Work Guaranteed Central and Rush Streets 2401 Central Avenue East Gary, lnd. Phone 2-9955 Phone 2-1442 STEEL CITY Compliments of LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY ABE S SERVICE LUMBER . . . BUILDING MATERIALS ▼ PAINT AND MILLWORK 4225 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, IND. Phone 2-1665 2319 Ripley Street Phone 2-9984 EAST GARY ICE COAL CO. SQUARE DEAL COAL AND FUEL COMPANY FILL SAND : STONE : SLAG : GRAVEL FUEL OIL Mike Darosky, Proprietor Carl C. Peterson, Proprietor T Phone: Office 2-1556, Home 2-6780 3100 CENTRAL AVE. EAST GARY, IND. 3150 Central Avenue East Gary, Ind. Phone 2-1156 Complimen ts of COISGRATVLATIOISS TO THE CLASS OF ' 54 L H PLUMBING AND HEATING John C. Hawrys and Victor J. Levenda V 1501 Central Avenue GEORGE HELMECY PHONE 2-1600 2816 ELKHART STREET The 1954 Edisonian 101 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 54 Compliments of ▼ WHITLEDGE SHOE STORE AND REPAIR ARGO’S FOOD MART 3101 CENTRAL AVENUE 2825 CENTRAL AVENUE EAST GARY, INDIANA Phone 2-1288 Free Delivery Phone 2-1688 CONGRATULATIONS EBERHARDT BROTHERS TO THE CLASS OF ’54 from General Repair and Accessories JOHNSON’S FISH AND SHRIMP 2715 CENTRAL AVENUE 2619 Central Avenue Phone 2-1728 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ANY MAKE ANY TIME CLASS OF ’54 BOB FULLER ▼ Television CHET YOUNG’S CONOCO Sales - Maintenance - Repair Central and Miami Streets Phone 2-1628 Phone 2-1728 2419 CENTRAL AVE. EAST GARY, 1ND. We wish to express our appreciation Compliments of to JAMES R. LEVERON, D.D.S. DR. J. WINFORD M ATHER 3538 CENTRAL AVENUE for his contribution Phone 2-1561 to our yearbook 102 The 1954 Edisonian ★ Compliments SCHEUER MARKET of Groceries and Meats CENTRAL FOOD MARKET 1201 CENTRAL AVENUE 739 Central Avenue ★ Phone 2-1263 TONY’S SHOE REPAIR CONOR ITU LA TIONS The Working Mmds Store Shoes, Clothing and General Merchandise from Repairs for Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Shoes SCHUBERT’S PAINT STORE DAVID S FINE DRY CLEANING 723 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone 2-1602 733 Central Avenue EAST GARY, INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Compliments of CLASS OF 54 SONNTAG SERVICE STATION J S SUPER MARKET AND APPLIANCE STORE Central at Union Phone 2-1751 Phone 2-9968 3701 Central Avenue East Gary, Ind. WHEN YOU WANT TO RUY A HOME, TOBEY’S BARBER SHOP WHEN YOU W ANT TO SELL A HOME See VALE-BERRY REALTY CO. Central and Union Streets REALTORS We Write All Types of Insurance Phone 2-1438 3801 CENTRAL AVE. The 1954 Edisonian 103 CONGRATULATIONS f roil! JULIAN’S CORNER State and Liverpool Road Phone 2-1618 HOME KILLED MEATS SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY IN THE FUTURE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 54 T LEON J. ANTON LEE’S I. G. A. 4030 East Liverpool Road EVERY DAY LOW PRICES Phone 2-1200 EAST GARY FLORIST 1643 Central Avenue CUT AND POT FLOWERS BULK SEED FOR YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of AND THOSE QUICK SCHOOL SNACKS HASKIN S GROCERY Don ' t Forget AND SERVICE STATION MART’S SCHOOL STORE ▼ 2462 Pike Street 3500 Central Avenue Compliments of ESTON SERVICE IF YOU CAN ' T FIND IT ANYWHERE, GO TO ETHEL ' S! Central and Pike Streets GENERAL VARIETY STORE ▼ 2760 DeKalh Street TIRES BATTERIES Phone 2-3764 104 The 1954 Edisonian Compliments of GIVE HER A BLUE RAY DIAMOND CLOVERLEAF ICE CREAM CO. from Jack Sprntt Brand Made in Gary only JACKSON’S Highest of Quality for Over 35 Years 644 Broadway PHONES 2-A157 AND 2-8641 440-446 Connecticut St. Cary, Ind. IT WILL BE TREASURED FOREVER! Compliments HARRISON AUTO SERVICE of “COMPLETE SERVICE ” Jay and Kenny THE EAST GARY HERALD ▼ The Paper with the News PHONE 9688 and Pictures 512 Harrison Street Gary, Ind. JOHN S SINCLAIR SERVICE Compliments of John Kolosci BAZIN’S GROCERY ▼ Y 29th and DeKalh Streets Phone 2-9940 PHONE 2-9972 2301 FAIRVIEW AVE. EAST GARY, IND. Compliments of FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES RAY’S DRIVE IN DRAKE ' S PRODUCE MARKET 330 Central Avenue Y Use Your Brakes 2333 CENTRAL AVENUE and EAST GARY, IND. See the Drake ' s The 1954 Edisonian 105 Compliments of WOODRUFF — THE PRINTER PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY INCORPORATED Phone llohart 657-J Commencement and Announcements and Personal Cards COMMERCIAL AND SPECIALTY PRINTING 1509 Maple Street Scranton 5, Pa. WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS J K NEWS AGENCY u ldcMu Newspapers . . . Magazines OF HOBART Greeting Cards Northern Indiana ' s 218 MAIN STREET 336 MAIN STREET Finest Sporting Goods HOBART, INDIANA “ African Violets” HOBART WALGREEN AGENCY Novelty Planters and Small House Plants “Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription” Leon Gardner, R.Ph. THE FLOWER POT SHOP V PHONE MAIN 196 PHONE 255 209 S. Illinois St. Hobart, Indiana 310 Main Street Hobart, Indiana OSSBERG APPAREL Phone Main 197 ▼ ODELL-SMITH Nationally Advertised Clothing JEWELRY . . . MUSIC . . . GIFTS for the Entire Family ▼ T It O BART MI L L E R 347 Main Street Hobart, Indiana 106 The 1954 Edisonian FRANCES SCHOOL OF DANCING 63 1 WASHINGTON STREET GARY, IND. Phone 2-7417 Compliments of NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY I .a n ra Thorne Classes in Toe Ballet — Tap — Acrobatic PHONE 2-9910 Spanish — Baton Twirling 2645 BLAKE ROAD GARYTON, INDIANA Call lIs Before You Buy or Sell DE VANEY REALTY CO. OF GARY Representative, Gilbert DeVancy Phone 2-4211 2454 Hobart Street Compliments of Compliments of MACK and ANNABELLE JACK’S BARBER SHOP 3518 Central Avenue PETRUZELLI Compliments of SYLVIA NIEHAUS Teacher of Piano Studio: 3315 Edison Avenue Phone 2-4311 Compliments of A PATRON The individual pictures of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were taken by the NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDIOS, INC. of Indianapolis, Indiana. TO OUR ADVERTISERS We, the staff members of the 1954 Edisonian, wish to extend our hearti- est appreciation to the many merchants for their generous support of our yearbook. If it were not for their interest and cooperation, we could not record the joyous memories that time accumulates. We can show our appreciation by patronizing these merchants in our community. We hope that the merchants as well as the students will enjoy the 1954 Edisonian. The 1954 Edisonian 107 Pictures — Courtesy of Bruce Bailey. 108 The 1954 Edisonian 0 ? viecueCl To our friends, the classmen of lower rank, the teachers to whom we owe more than words ran express or we even realize, and the halls of Edison , where we have gained our knowledge, we say farewell. As our paths divide on each road of life in the future, we will take our yearbooks with us so that we may keep the happy memories that we cherish. To these memories we will never say farewell. The 1954 Edisonian 109 The 1954 Edisonian I AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Illinois

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