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€ t£onian of iEitsott 3Htgl| rtiool EAST ;ARY, INDIANA 1951 FOREWORD M AY this, our Edisonian, bring back memories of your classmates, friends, and faculty as well as the many incidents both great and small which have occurred during the past year. As you sit in your comfortable chair and read the following pages, may the memories of the different school activities prove to be very- dear and a treasure never-to-be forgotten. We hope the readers of our 1951 Edisonian will derive both benefit and pleasure from its pages. DEDICATION T 1 O OUR PRINCIPAL, CLAUDE P. ROOS, THE EDISON l AN STAFF RESPECTFULLY DEDICATES THIS OUR YEARBOOK, THE EDISONIAN. How l clison Has Gro wn Plow time passes on as the hands of the clock tick away the story ! At the beginning of the school year, new clocks were discovered on the walls in various classrooms of our beloved Edison High School. The seniors watched the hands of those clocks move slowly past the minutes and hours toward the hour of after- school activities each day and finally the hour of graduation and the long awaited time of departure. Turning back the hands of the clock, time has afforded a number of changes since the seniors were freshmen : first, the ever-changing student body each year with the seniors passing on and the in-coming freshmen ; second, new faculty mem- bers replacing the former ones ; third, new courses added occasionally to the curriculum and a new club or extra-curricular activity added to the program. As freshmen, the members of the Class of ’51 had the privilege of watching Edison open its first football season ; as juniors, of entering our building with a new addi- tion of classrooms, an enlarged gymnasium, and a new portable for the band ; and last as seniors, we see the new football field being completed for Edison to play on her own home field next year. Really, time has passed rapidly when one stays the hands of the clock long enough to realize the accomplishments, growth, and progress our school has made during the high school life of the Class of ' 51. However, time does not permit the mentioning of all of Edison’s outstanding achievements. Moving the hands of the clock to the present, the seniors wish to thank the student body and merchants of East Gary for being so kind and cooperative in helping them to finance this yearbook. Words cannot express our gratitude to Miss Hartley, who has done more than her share of hard work in sponsoring this yearbook and to make the 1951 Edisonian a success. Also, we wish to express our appreciation to Clifton McChesney, a former graduate of Edison High School, for his services for the art work on the division pages of our 1951 Edisonian. Last, but not least, we wish to thank our administration for making our school one to which every one is proud to go and our faculty members who have guided us through these happy years. For four long years, but short, we have studied and played at Edison High ; and, at last, we do not stay the hands of the clock any longer and are ready for them to tick away the future as we venture into the world. As we leave dear old Edison, may we pause to think “What kind of world are we to venture into?” With the Korean situation, many of our classmates will be called to defend our country as well as the freedom of other peoples in the near future. Edison is our school from which we are proud to graduate. Wherever we go, at home or abroad, may each and every senior prove himself in the future to do his part in making our nation a country of which every one will be proud ! Editor. 4 The 1951 Edisonian Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION Louis H. Dault President Melvin Anderson, Jr. Secretary Fred L. Kitchel Treasurer Virgil I. Bailey Superintendent Claude P. Roos Principal Clara Donovan School Clerk Newana Rush Principal’s Office Clerk 6 The 1951 Edisonian FACULTY MARGARET JANA Music Dean of Girls, Junior Sponsor. PAUL SNEDEKER Band — Sophomore Sponsor, Sweet Shop. MAUREEN KEENAN Music DANA BROWN Science — Librarian, Sophomore Sponsor. IONA CRISMAN English. Latin — Junior Sponsor, Play Coach, Eagle Feathers Sponsor. BONNIE ETIENNE English — Senior Sponsor, Sunshine Society Sponsor, Dean of Girls. DORIS BURGER Mathematics WILLIAM VORWALD Science, Mathematics — Student Coun- cil Sponsor, Sophomore Sponsor. The 1951 Edisonian 7 FACULTY MARJORIE BRADY Business Education HAZEL HARTLEY Business Education — Edisonian Spon- sor, Eagle Feathers Sponsor, Com- mercial Club Sponsor, Freshman Sponsor. MERIDETH J. HINKLE Shop — Hi-Y Sponsor, Freshman Sponsor, Sweet Shop. LORRAINE HOMCO Home Economics — Senior Sponsor, Home Economics Club Sponsor. DOYLE BALIFF Physical Education Director, Social Studies — Basketball Coach, E-Men’s Club Sponsor, Senior Sponsor. JAMES M. ALEXANDER Social Studies — Track Coach, Fresh- man Basketball Team Coach, Assist- ant Football Coach. CHESTER E. SANDERS Social Studies — Football Coach, Sen- ior Sponsor, Dean of Boys, E-Men’s Club Sponsor. PATRICIA HUNTER Girls’ Physical Education — Girls’ Ath- letic Association Sponsor, Freshman Sponsor. 8 The 1951 Edisonian SENIORS FRANK JAKICH “Jake” Senior Class President, Eagle Feathers Staff, Boys’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Junior and Senior Boys’ Quartet. Mixed Ensemble, B-Team, Fresh- man Basketball Team, E-Men’s Club. PAUL G. LEATHURBY “Benny” Senior Class Vice-President, E-Men’s Club Secretary and Treasurer, Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil, Football, B-Team, Freshman Basketball Team, Baseball, Track. IDA LOUISE MELTON Senior Class Secretary, Eagle Feathers Staff, Edison Commercial Club Treasurer, Girls’ Athletic Association Secretary, Sunshine Soci- ety, Junior Class Play, Girls’ Chorus. ANITA McPHEE Senior Class Treasurer, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society Vice-President, Edison Com- mercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Chorus, Library Assistant. FRANK ARNDT E-Men’s Club. Football Co-Captain, Varsity, B-Team, Track. JOY LOUISE BLAKE Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club. ROBERT M. BURNHAM “Bob” Edisonian Salesman, Hi-Y, Boys’ Chorus, Mixed Choir. BOB CLAUSSEN “Bob” Sophomore Class President, Hi-Y President, E-Men’s Club President, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball Team, Track. 10 The 1951 Edisonian SENIORS BETTY JANE COULTER Eagle Feathers Associate Editor, Junior Class President, Edison Commercial Club President, Girls’ Athletic Association Treasurer, Sunshine Society, Student Council, District Mathematics Contest, Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Band, Saxophone Quartet, Pep Band. Senior Class Play. MARIAN LOUISE DREYOVICH “Drip” Edisonian Associate Editor, Eagle Feathers Staff, Girls’ Athletic Association President, Sophomore Class Secretary, Sunshine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Band, Clarinet Quartet, Pep Band, Student Council Secretary and Treasurer. FREDA FERRIS “Pedy” Edisonian Salesman, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sun- shine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Girls’ Chorus. LOIS DIANE GLEDICH Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Girls’ Chorus. EVELYNE GRISHKA “Evie” Eagle Feathers Staff. Sunshine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Girls’ Chorus, District Latin Contest, Home Economics Club. RONALD HATFIELD “Ronnie” Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Boys’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Junior and Senior Boys’ Quartet, Mixed Ensemble, Operetta, Football, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basketball Team, Track. DARLENE VERA HOMOLLA “Dar” Edisonian Salesman, Eagle Feathers Art Editor, Girls’ Athletic Association Vice-President, Sun- shine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Chorus, Band, Pep Band, Junior Class Play. SIDNEY STUART HOSKINS “Si” Boys’ Chorus, E-Men’s Club, Football, Base- ball, Track, Senior Class Play. The 1951 Edisonian 11 SENIORS WINIFRED JACKSON “Winnie” Eagle Feathers Staff. Girls’ Athletic Associa- tion Vice-President, Sunshine Society Secre- tary, Girls’ Chorus, District Latin Contest, Student Council, Cheerleader, Principal’s As- sistant, Senior Class Play. JEROME ARNOLD JOHNSON “Jerry” Junior Class Treasurer, Hi-Y Secretary and Treasurer, E-Men’s Club, District Mathe matics Contest, Band President, Pep Band, Brass Sex- tet. Student Council, Football, Freshman Bas- ketball Team, Track, Senior Class Play. WALTER FRANK KOSINSKI “Ki” E-Men’s Club. Football. RICHARD MAJEWSKI “Hank” Junior Class Vice-President, E-Men’s Club, Freshman Basketball Team, Baseball, Track. JAMES McBRIDE “Mac” Edisonian Sports Editor, Hi-Y Treasurer, E- Mens’ Club, District Mathematics and Latin Contests, Boys ' Chorus, Band, Junior Class Play, Student Council, Varsity, B-Team, Fresh- man Basketball Team, Track. ROBERT EMERSON MUNRO “Minnie” Edisonian Business Manager, Hi-Y, Boys’ Cho- rus, Mixed Choir, Junior Boys’ Quartet, Oper- etta, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. DOROTHY MAE MURACO “Dot” Edisonian Editor, Freshman and Junior Class Secretary, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Soci- ety, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Band Secretary, Clarinet Quartet, Junior Class Play, Principal’s Assistant, B- Team Cheerleader. JOSEPH NAGY “Joe” Junior Class Play, Band, Pep Band. 12 The 1951 Edisonian SENIORS BERNARD J. NAJAR “Bernie” E-Men’s Club, Band Vice-President, Pep Band, Football, Baseball. THOMAS EUGENE NOLAN “Gene” Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Football. MARDI LEE PALMATEER Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Athletic Association Secretary, Girls’ Chorus, Senior Class Play. EMILY PEDROZA “Pug” Ed isonian Salesman, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sun- shine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Chorus. FRANK H. PITTMAN “Pitty” Ediso iia)i Salesman, Hi-Y. MAURICE PORLIER “Mo” Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, E-Men’s Club. Boys’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Operetta, Band, Trbjnbone Trio. Junior Class Play, Varsity, B-Team, Freshman Basket- ball Team, Track, Senior Class Play. RANDALL L. RILEY “Bud” Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Boys’ Chorus, Football Co-Captain, B-Team, Freshman Basketball Team, Senior Class Play. JACQUELINE SALEN “Jacky” Girls’ Athletic Association President and Sec- retary, Sunshine Society, Girls’ Chorus. The 1951 Edisonian 13 SENIORS JULIA M. SHAKULA “Shak” Student Council President, Edisonian Business Manager, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Soci- ety Treasurer, Edison Commercial Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Girls’ Chorus, Principal’s Assistant, Senior Class Play. HOWARD SHAVER “Hard” Hi-Y, E-Men’s Club, Boys’ Chorus, Football. JACK TERWILLIGER “Twig” Hi-Y, Boys’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Track. PATRICIA VERENA VIZENA “Pat” Eagle Feathers Editor, Sunshine Society Pres- ident, Edison Commercial Club Vice-President and Secretary, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Girls’ Chorus, Student Council, Senior Class Play. KENNETH RALPH WEBB “Spider” Eagle Feathers Sports Editor. Hi-Y President, Mixed Choir, Boys’ Quartet, Operetta, Student Council, Football, B-Team, Freshman Basket- ball Team, Track. CLARA WEBER Girls’ Athletic Association Treasurer, Edison Commercial Club, Sunshine Society, Girls’ Chorus. JOYCE WILSON Sunshine Society. Edison Commercial Club, District English Contest, Junior Class Play. LILLIAN MAE ZACK “Dutchee” Freshman Class Treasurer, Edisonian Salesman, Eagle Feathers Staff, Sunshine Society, Edison Commercial Club, Girls’ Athletic Association, Home Economics Club, Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Choir, Band, Pep Band, Saxophone Quartet, Junior Class Play. 14 The 1951 Edisonian Sponsors Mrs. Etienne, Mrs. Homco, Mr. Baliff, Mr. Sanders. Steering Committee Darlene Homolla, Richard Majewski, Lillian Zack, Bob Claussen, Dorothy Muraco, Maurice Porlier. Senior ass On th e morning of September 2, 1948, fifty- six timid freshmen entered Edison High School for the first time as pupils. During the first six weeks, the class chose Miss Newcomb and Mr. Sexton as sponsors to assist them throughout the year. Maurice Porlier was elected presi- dent ; Rudie Metz, vice-president ; Dorothy Muraco, secretary ; and Lillian Zack, treasurer. Jerome Johnson and Patricia Vizena were rep- resentatives of the class on the Student Coun- cil. On November 8, the class held a “Hard Times Dance,” the first event sponsored as a class activity. At last, exams came and the freshmen were ready for their second year of high school as sophomores. As the month of September rolled around again, the members of the class were on the alert when they elected Mrs. Brown and Mr. Baliff for their sponsors. Robert Claussen was chosen president ; Ralph Larson, vice-presi- dent ; Marian Dreyovich, secretary ; Maurice Porlier, treasurer. On November 12, the class gave a very interesting and educational convo- cation on “How to Care for the Feet.” Keep- ing up the good spirits of the school, the sopho- mores held two dances during the year — one on October 16 and the other on May 20. Both dances were a great success and every one had a fine time. Many different activities were held throughout the year, and finally the sophomores were ready to enter one of their most exciting years of school as juniors. Starting out their junior year right, the mem- bers of the class elected Betty Coulter as president; Richard Majewski, vice-president; Dorothy Muraco, secretary; and Jerome John- son, treasurer. Mrs. Crisman and Mr. Baliff were the class sponsors. This year the class was able to have a steering committee, which consisted of Ronald Hatfield, chairman ; Julia Shakula, Winifred Jackso n, Ida Melton. Ralph Larson, and Maurice Porlier as assistants. “Polishing Papa,” the annual junior class play given on November 4, 1949, was one of the outstanding successes of the year. Finally, No- vember 29, the long awaited day arrived ; when the class rings came, the juniors were extraor- dinarily happy. A dance on November 16 after the Wirt basketball game and the raffling of two Easter hams on April 5 were some of the ac- tivities sponsored by the class. The annual Pre- Prom dance was held on May 12 ; and at last, the night of May 23 arrived for the Junior- Senior Prom. It was held at Marquette Park- Pavilion with music furnished by Reynold Young and his orchestra. When the report cards were passed out on May 25, the juniors realized that they were seniors, with only one more year of school. All were determined to make that year the best. The seniors started out the year by selecting Frank Jakich, president; Paul Leathurby, vice-president; Ida Melton, secretary; Anita McPhee, treasurer. The student council rep- resentatives were Winifred Jackson and Ken- neth Webb. The four new sponsors were Mrs. Homco, Mrs. Etienne, Mr. Sanders, and Mr. Baliff. The steering committee chosen con- sisted of Richard Majewski, chairman; with The 1951 Edisonian 15 SENIOR CLASS (Continued) Lillian Zack, Dorothy Muraco, Darlene Ho- molla, Boh Claussen, and Maurice Porlier as the other members. Plans for a number of activities and projects were considered and carried out to finance the senior trip and other expenses of the senior year. A raffle of two turkeys, held during the Chesterton game on November 17, turned out to be very successful. The senior dance was held on September 23 and netted quite a profit to the class. Also, a hake sale after the Lowell game turned out to be a big success. Other projects to raise money were selling all occa- sion cards and sponsoring the individual pic- tures program. On March 2, the seniors sponsored a Faculty vs. Senior Basketball Game. The final score, 47-43, was in the faculty’s favor, but the real score was the large profit in the senior’s trea- sury and an evening of fun and entertainment provided for a large crowd by the services of the men faculty members free of charge. The second dance was held on March 16. April 20 marked another important event of the senior class. The senior class play, “The Campbells Are Coming,” turned out to be a very successful and regular hillbilly perform- ance. The next activity as a class during the month of April was the Bingo I ’arty held for the purpose of raising money for the trip and afforded a nice profit on April 28. The time for which the seniors had been waiting anxiously finally arrived — the senior trip to New York City, May 13-18. Enroute to New York the first stop was at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they spent the night. Then they journeyed on to New York, where they saw such sights as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, N. B. C. Television and Radio Broadcasting Station, and Radio City. The seniors enjoyed their stay at New York immensely and looked forward to their next stop which was Niagara Falls. There they en- joyed a moonlight cruise on the falls, which were very, very beautiful. The next morning, bright and early, the seniors journeyed home- ward. Ah ! the last week for the seniors began with Rev. Koekneke speaking at the Baccalaureate Services in Edison Gymnasium on May 20, followed by the Junior-Senior Prom at Mar- quette Park Pavilion on May 22, and closed with Commencement in Edison Gymnasium on May 25. Student speakers were Frank Jakich, class president, and the four highest ranking members : James McBride, Betty Coulter, Win- ifred Jackson, and Jerome Johnson. Awards of merit were presented to: James McBride, valedictorian ; Betty Coulter, salutatorian ; Maurice Porlier and Dorothy Muraco, activ- ities award ; Ronald Hatfield, athletic award ; Jerome Johnson and Winifred Jackson, Amer- ican Legion award ; Marian Dreyovich and Robert Burnham, Veterans of Foreign Wars ; Robert Burnham, Teachers Union scholarship award. 16 The 1951 Edisonian SENIOR CLASS Salutatorian BETTY COULTER Valedictorian james McBride American Legion Award WINIFRED JACKSON JEROME JOHNSON Veterans of Foreign Wars Award MARIAN DREYOVICH ROBERT BURNHAM Teachers Union Award also Activities Award DOROTHY MURACO MAURICE PORLTER Athletic Award RONALD HATFIELD The 1951 Edisonian 17 Officers Phyllis Mattingly, vice-president ; Betty Thompson, secretary ; Carl Thorne, president ; Joyce Semper, treasurer. Junior On the day of class organization, Carl Thorne was selected for president and Phyllis Mattingly, vice-president, to be assisted by Betty Thompson and Joyce Semper as secretary Sponsors Mrs. Crisman, Mr. Alexander, Mrs. Jana. and treasurer respectively. Representing the class legislation in the Student Council were Regina Jones and Robert O’Connor. The steering committee, whose duty is to make deci- sions and suggestions, consisted of Connie Rush, Richard Jones, Dolores Pomaranski, Rosemary Venturella, Beverly Leathurby, Ed- die Shudick, and Roland Moore. The juniors spent some time in choosing their prom date, class rings, and play. The date of the junior class play was November 8; and the title was “Kay Beats the Band, which was a great success and was immensely enjoyed by everyone. The next extra-curricular activity that the juniors sponsored was a dance, November 17, after the Chesterton game, which was the first home basketball game of the year. On this same night was a bake sale which made quite a profit. 18 The 1951 Edisonian 7o roiv Roland Moore, Robert Jaroscak, Donald Brimmer, Edward Daily, William Met? Roland Greg- ory, Edveard Shud.ck Eric Scharf, Charles Wilkins, Gene King, Norman Ellis David Capron g Thnmac M row— Richard Jones Robert O’Connor Ray Rich, James Fritts, Daniel Orlich, Mike Haburjak Ralph KRtzman EdW ‘ n Fr0nCzak ’ Perry Pap,)as ' Robert Dayberry, Everett Ford, Donald Blagg, Charles Haas, CeVv! Orfi °R le n t, 0re Gc 2, r K ' f George. Blanche Lawson, Barbara Prott, Pauline Ronk, Connie Rush, Mary Ttus-mik S laver ’ Shirley Ennis, Delores Molnar, Imogene Owens, Sylvia Van Cleef, Nancy O’Rourke. rrV J n ' ! Rizz Janet McBride, Betty T ruett, Patsy Eberhardt, Delores Smith, Patsy Schleff, Anna May Clark Dolores I omaranski, Bonnie Rogers, Beverly Lcathurby, Rosemary Venturella R a w r °5i T Car0 r ? ,z £ liak Ro rta Clemens Anna Grusak, Anita Cardenas, Thelma Mitchell. Helen Baker, Regina Jones, Greta Duncan, Alyce Forney, Lois Haburjak. JUNIOR CLASS At the close of the Christmas convocation, exciting cheers of glee burst forth from the juniors when they learned of the arrival of their class rings, which were their insignia of upper classmen. On March 16, the juniors sponsored a Skru- Kall Game, which was a new fad of playing basketball on crash cycles. The game started with the hard fighting junior boys battling the senior boys who were in the lead at the end of the third quarter 30-26 ; but the fourth quarter consisted of spills and thrills as sixteen junior girls made plenty of landings on the floor from the cycles. The evening ended with a huge success and the East Gary Fire Department playing the Eagles Lodge in the second game. Getting in line their quota of school dances, the juniors sponsored the annual Pre-Prom Dance in the gymnasium on May 1 1 . Finally the big event of the year arrived, the date was May 22, the place was the Mar- quette Park Pavilion, and the well-known title the Junior- Senior Prom. Bill Funkey and his orchestra furnished the music, the theme was " Roses,” and the pavilion was decorated accordingly. Now, at last, the juniors were very happy and proud to have reached the highest possible class-ranking in high school — seniors ! The 1951 Edisonian 19 Officers Charles Krupchak, president; Barbara Smith, vice-president; Bruce Swift, secretary ; Gary Ganz, treasurer. Sopl lomore Cl ass As the long summer vacation crept slowly by, the eager and anxious members of the Class of ’53 could hardly wait until the first day of their sophomore year began. Finally, it came — Sponsors Mr. Vorwald, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Snedeker. ah ! yes — that long awaited day, September 5. Having one year of experience, the sophomores felt quite self-confident and ready to participate in more school activities. Getting under way to a very quick start, the ambitious members of the class selected for their president, Charles Krupchak, who — much to their dismay — withdrew from school at the beginning of the second semester and left the position to be filled by Barbara Smith, having been elected as vice-president at the be- ginning of the year. Bruce Swift and Gary Ganz were chosen as secretary and treasurer respectively. To represent the class in the law enforcing body, the Student Council, Cynthia Morrison and Marty Faitak were chosen. Next for consideration was the selecting of their dance dates. Of the two dances allotted them, they chose December 8 and March 30. 20 The 1951 Edisonian Top row — Dennis Anderson, Roy Claussen, George Moy, Ernest Schulze, Jack Sandlin, Thomas Szway- kowski, Robert Shoemaker, Ronald Park, Robert Vizena, Blaze Kozak, Donald Kuzma, Marty Faitak, Oral Peek. I lord row — William O Kelly, Dale Hodges, Roger Bottila, Robert Lazzaroni, Paul Henry, Richard Vizena, Richard Williams, Carl Zubeck, Nicholas Kolosci, Nancy Quinlan, Cynthia Morrison, Joan Watts, Beverly Bottila, Donna Bogden. Second row— Norma Smith, Yvonne Petruzelli, Marjorie Mize, Carol Watts, Lois Cotter, Mary Ann Tucker, Carolyn Salen, Florence Smith, Dolores Rearick, Patsy Munro, Mary Scheuer, Betty Scott. Trout roiv — Sherry Niehaus, Mary Ann Torrez, Geraldine Demo, Suzanne Anderson, Charlyne Van Cleef, Jean St. Meyers, Joan Mills, Ruth Burchardt, Lois Heck. SOPHOMORE CLASS Having originated a new dance called the “Lollipop Dance” that met with grand success during their freshman year, they followed suit again this year with the same type of dance — as this new attraction brought forth such a tremendous profit during their first year. The purpose of the dance was to collect extra funds by requiring everyone to have a lollipop in order to be admitted to the dance without hav- ing to pay a five-cent fine. Everyone who at- tended the dance came clad in jeans and had a grand time while dancing and enjoying lollipops. The sophomores did quite well in the annual inter-class tournament this year. The girls came in second by losing to the senior girls, and the sophomore boys won tbeir consolation game. On March 30, the second dance was called a “Hillbilly Hop.” The distinguishing character- istics were long, sloppy shirts and braided pig tails tied with different colored ribbons. This was quite an unusual sight to see. The gym was decorated in a hillbilly fashion, and all attending the dance had a splendid time by changing from the sophisticated routine to the unsophisticated. As the second year of high school came to a close, the sophomores were ready to advance to their third year — juniors. The 1951 Edisonian 21 Officers Phyllis Sykes, secretary; Betty Jakich, treasurer; Daniel Jaroscak, pres- ident; Gloria Conde, vice-president. 1 " res lim an Class Yes, at last! they were freshmen. Every student can remember that first day of excite- ment — entering Edison High School for the first time. For a week or more the freshmen rushed about trying to find their books in their Sponsors Mrs. Hunter. Mr. Hinkle, Miss Hartley. lockers and classrooms, after which they fell into the regular swing of high school life. First, leaders were chosen to guide the class. For president, Daniel Jaroscak, a very peppy little lad, was selected ; vice-president, Gloria Conde ; secretary, Phyllis Sykes ; and treasurer, Betty Ann Jakich. Verna Faitak and Richard Uhlir were selected as Student Council repre- sentatives so they could voice their opinion in regard to school activities. Each class was allowed two dances ; but, since the upperclassmen were given first choice in dates, the freshmen sponsored a “Sadie Hawkins Dance” on January 27 as their first class night of fun and an aid to finance. The second dance was given on April 27, which was the last activity for the Class of ’54 to sponsor as a freshman class. Thus, their first year ended with many fine memories, and the freshmen looked forward to their second year as sophomores. 22 The 1951 Edisonian lop rozv — Ronald Kersey, Eddie Chambliss, Eddie Hummel, Fred Cochran, Jack Kenney, Mitchell Najar, Ray laylor, Jan Rappatta, Raymond Bolka, Jack Hoyt, Joseph Feistling, Arnold Stegall, Steven Smith. Eman- uele Venturella, Zackary Zack. 7 bird row — Ronald Smith, Carter Jackson, Shelia Vizena, Leona Zieba. Wanda Phillips, Kendra Zinkovich, Joyce Brown, Joan Newman, Jacky Zellers, Carol Sisson, Donald Burton, Warren Ellis, Kent Hardebeck. Second rozv — Robert Thews, Dennis Good, Kay Robertson, Theresa Vaccaro, Joyce Minor, Carolyn Zack, Agnes Semanick, Helen Samuel, Mary Rich, Trinidad Lopez, Eva Pedroza, James Meister, Walter Stone. hront rozv — Patty La Vclle, Barbara Havrilesko, Jo Anne Daily, Beverley Hoskins, Phyllis Kludt, Nancee Martin, Kathleen Szostek, Irene Pedroza, Ruth Prokop, Norma Patterson, Patsy Taylor. FRESHMAN CLASS The 1951 Edisonian Top rote— Ronald Good, Carl Sanders, Everettc White, Richard Uhlir, Eddie Houck, James Carrigan, John De Vaney, Richard Tuthill, John Motto, Keith Brimmer, Thomas Heck, Joseph Klimczyk. Second rozv — Roy Taylor, Felix Ortiz, Rita Halaschak, Helen Burnham, Donna Berg, Isabelle Dayberry, Joyce Adams, Marilyn Homolla, Marilyn Kersey, Edwin Woodard, Robert Eddy, Joseph Ginter, Andrew Grusak. Front rozv — Richard Hamady, Mary Ann Barrett. Mary Eyrich, Lorraine Dreyovich, Claudette Cruikshank, Verna Faitak, Beverly Geiselman, Susanna Armenth, Mary Jackson, Rosemary Kovacic, William Funkhouser. Quattuor Anni In Luclo According to custom, the typical freshmen Are only seen and very green — That can’t be said this year in school, For to be heard was their Golden Rule. They’re in the second year of four, 1 heir title is that of Sophomore ; Although their name means foolish and wise, You’ll have to admit they’re really nice. They’ve moved next to the highest in school For further advancement according to rule. Their knowledge increases with the hours Full of activities as busy juniors. That title of senior is very dear The last and most important year. Grace and dignity they say are mine For work or college is next in line. AthU ' tirs Top row — Marty Faitak. Donald Kuzma, James Fritts, Paul Leathurby, Bernard Najar, Roland Moore, Da- vid Capron, Dale Hodges, Randall Riley, Ronald Hatfield, Howard Shaver, William Metz, Sidney Hoskins. Third rote — Coach Sanders, Keith Brimmer, James Carrigan, Fred Cochran, Edwin Woodard. Eddie Houck, Perry Pappas, William O’Kelly, Mitchell Najar, Ronald Park, Roy Claussen, Ray Taylor, Coach Alexander. Second row — Charles Krupchak, Carl Thorne, Walter Kosinski, Eric Scharf, Jerome Johnson, Thomas Nolan, Frank Arndt, Roland Gregory, Daniel Orlich. Front row— Dennis Good, Kent Hardebeck, Carter Jackson, William Funkhouser, Stanley Hoskins, Dennis Anderson, Bruce Swift, Roy Taylor, Ronald Good. FOOTBALL CHESTER E. SANDERS Coach JAMES ALEXANDER Assistant Coach FRANK ARNDT Co-Captain RANDALL RILEY Co-Captain 26 The 1951 Edisonian FOOTBALL If Edison’s football record continues to im- prove as it has the past four years, it will not be long before Edison will have a champion- ship team. The record is better each year than the preceding year of the first four years of Edison’s football history. Last year’s five and five record was improved by this year’s five wins and four losses. 1 his year, also, saw a change of head foot- ball coach and the addition of an assistant coach. Coach Chester E. Sanders replaced Coach Al- bert 1 horn as head coach, and James Alexan- der became the assistant coach. They are to he commended for the fine job they have done their first year in Edison. East Gary placed one man on the first team of the All-Conference Team this year as Frank Arndt was chosen to fill the right end position. Also, Roland Moore made the second team backfield, and Randall Riley, Roland Gregory, and Bill Metz received honorable mention. September 8 — Knox: The first athletic con- test of the season was won by the Eagles as they ground out a 7-0 victory over Knox. Both teams were held scoreless until the last quarter with the hall seesawing hack and forth across the mid-field line. The only touchdown of the game came in the last quarter when Hat- field threw a short pass to Krupchak in the end zone. The extra point was made by Krup- chak on a line plunge. September 15 — Hobart: One of the finest games of the season was played by the Eagles against their traditional rival, Hobart. East Gary played for the most part a hard, line- plunging game with short gains through the middle being the order of the day. Roland Moore made the only touchdown for the Eagles. The extra point was no good. Fine defensive play showed throughout the game with Edison letting up only a few times ; how- ever, each time Hobart was quick to take ad- vantage and made two touchdowns and a 14-6 victory. September 22 — Wirt: Edison had little trouble as she subdued Wirt 26-13. Touch- downs were made by Edison in all four quar- ters. Frank Arndt caught two long passes for touchdowns in the first half. He, also, caught The 1951 Edisonian 27 FOOTBALL (Continued ) a pass for one extra point. Roland Moore carried over for the other extra point. Last half touchdowns were made on long runs by Whitey Capron and Roland Moore. The point attempts failed. Wirt, also, pushed over two touchdowns in this half. October 6 — Portage : Edison received a very unpleasant surprise when Portage scored on the first play of the game after recovering Ed- ison’s fumble. From then on the game turned into a mad scramble to score touchdowns with Edison getting three and Portage two the first half. Touchdowns were made by Arndt, Moore, and Krupchak. No extra points were made by East Gary. Additional touchdowns were made in the last half by David Capron and Roland Moore. Frank Arndt kicked one extra point and Roland Moore ran the other. Portage also got one more touchdown against the second team leaving the final score 32-21. October 13 — Merrillville: This year for the first time, an Eagle football team beat the Pirates of Merrillville. The game was ex- ceptionally well played by Edison, as the Eagles showed what they were capable of do- ing if properly aroused. The defensive play was better than at any previous time this year by holding Merrillville scoreless both halves. Both of Edison’s touchdowns were made on the same type of play — a short screen pass to Roland Gregory who ran the rest of the way. One extra point was kicked by Frank Arndt, leaving the final score 13-0. October 21 — Edison: Evidently suffering a mental, as well as physical letdown, the Eagles fell prey to an aroused Edison of Gary team 22-6. The backfield seemed decidedly worse for the loss of Roland Moore, who was unable to play most of the game due to a sprained ankle. The line was hampered also, due to the loss of Bill Metz, who was unable to dress be- cause of a bad ankle. Edison of Gary gained her points on three touchdowns and a safety when Frank Arndt stepped into the end zone while kicking a punt. East Gary’s lone touch- down came in the last quarter when, after a long run by Paul Leathurby, Ronnie Hatfield carried over. 2B The 1951 Edisonian FOOTBALL (Continued) October 28 — Griffith : Undeniably, Griffith had a conference team, as the 41-7 score she handed Edison testifies. Griffith had 28 points before Moore finally passed to Kay Gregory for Edison’s only touchdown. Griffith then added two more touchdowns to leave that final lopsided score of 41-7. November 3 — St. Mary’s: Edison gave evi- dence of returning to form against St. Mary’s of Michigan City, as she held them scoreless and scored 19 points. The defensive play was exceptionally good as St. Mary’s was held time after time for no gain. Edison’s touchdowns were all made on the ground with David Ca- pron, Roland Moore, and Charles Krupchak doing most of the running and scoring a touch- down apiece, besides Frank Arndt kicked one extra point. November 11 — Fort Wayne Catholic Cen- tral : Edison picked for her last game a team which was ranked first in the state by some. As far as Edison is concerned, Catholic Central deserved the title. The final score of this mis- matched game was 53-0, a score that reflects no dispersions on a team that gave its best even though it was hopelessly out-classed. Season’s Record Opponent Edison 0 7 . 13 6 . 13 26 . 21 32 0 13 . 25 0 41 6 0 19 . 53 0 TD PATD TOTAL Roland Moore . . 30 2 32 Frank Arndt . . . 18 5 23 Charles Krupchak . . . 18 1 19 David Capron . . . 18 0 18 Roland Gregory . . 18 0 18 Ronald Hatfield . . 6 0 6 NG TC TV AV David Capron . . . 6 13 216 16.6 Paul Leathurby . . 6 12 79 6.5 Ronald Hatfield . . 6 12 57 4.7 Roland Moore . . . 6 72 306 4.3 Charles Krupchak . . . 6 59 256 4.3 The 1951 Edisonian T cam Knox Hobart Wirt Portage Merrillville Edison of Gary . Griffith St. Mary’s Fort Wayne Catholic Central . 29 LETTERMEN 30 Top rotv — William Metz, Roland Gregory, Roland Moore. Middle row — Eugene Nolan, Jerome Johnson, Walter Kosinski. Bottom row — Bernard Najar, Ronald Hatfield, Howard Shaver. The 1951 Edisonian LETTERMEN Top rozo — Paul Leathurby, Sidney Hoskins, Charles Krupchak. Middle row — David Capron, Dale Hodges, Carl Thorne. Bottom row — James Fritts, Eric Scharf, Daniel Orlich. The 1951 Edisonian 31 Top row — Mr. Roos, Ronald Hatfield, Maurice Porlier, Bob Claussen, Edward Shudick, Edwin Fronczak. Coach Baliff. Front row — Kent Hardebeck, Carl Thorne, Richardjones, James McBride, Frank Arndt, Gene King, Robert O’Connor, Blaze Kozak. VARSITY DOYLE BALIFF Coaeh MAURICE PORLIER Co-Captain FRANK ARNDT Co-Captain 32 The 1951 Edisonian VARSITY Due to the loss of seven lettemien from last years arsity squad, Coach Doyle Baliff was forced to build up almost an entirely new team this year. ith just four lettermen to work with, this was a grim job indeed. In the first game of the season against Ches- terton, the team was under the added handicap of having just three days of practice between the end of the football season and the start of the basketball season. I his was evident from the final score, 5.3-32. After a few night’s practice before the second game, they showed a little improvement in trouncing a Calumet 1 ownship team 50-26. This game was not as decisive as the score indicates for it was the first team that Calumet had ever produced. In the third game while still playing on the home court, they showed what they were capable of doing in easily defeating Hobart 44-38. This was sweet revenge for the Eagles, for it was llobait who spoiled their chances last vear by defeating them in the final game of the Holiday 1 ournament and in the second game of the sectionals. In their first away game of the season, the Eagles journeyed to Merrillville to play one of the games that typified Edison’s play for the season. East Gary went into a short one-point lead at half-time, 27-26, and then allowed Mer- rillville to pull gradually away in the final quar- ters of the game for a ' 59-5 f defeat. It seemed that Edison just couldn t pull together for two well-played halves in the same game this year. A week later in their first Calumet Confer- ence game, the Eagles managed a very shaky 43-42 win. I his w r as another of Edison’s one good half-a-game hall games. They led 26-17 at half-time and then Jet Dyer make a good close game of it by being outscored in the final two quarters. I his year, for the first time, the East Gary Invitational Tourney was held in Edison’s gymnasium. We hope that it will become an annual tournament as important as the Holiday I ourney. In East Gary’s first game, the Eagles were miserably defeated by Edison of Gary 59-39. I his was one of those games when nothing went right. Offense and defense went out the window to leave a very poor showing for the Eagles. In the consolation game, how- ever, the Eagles performed a little better by defeating Wirt 54-44, although they had to come from behind to do it. Edison of Gary went on to defeat Whiting and to win the tourna- ment. During the following week at the Crown 1 oint Civic Center in the first game of the The 1951 Edisonian 33 VARSITY (Continued) Holiday Tourney against Griffith, the Eagles found out that teams sometimes have to hit free throws to win a ball game. The Eagles outscored Griffith in field goals but made only nine free throws to Griffith’s 25 to leave the final score 59-46 in favor of Griffith. In the first game following the tourney, Ed- ison lost a truly tough one to Wirt in an over- time game, 58-57. This seemed to set the pattern for Edison as the Eagles lost another one-point game to Edison of Gary the follow- ing week, 41-40. In both of these games the Eagles had been playing good ball ; but just two points shy of good enough. The conference game of the Eagles with Griffith again illustrated their lack of effective- ness through a full game. They amassed a half-time lead of 35-26 but could only manage 13 points in the last two quarters to lose 65-47. On the following night, with no rest, Edison just couldn’t cope with Roosevelt’s big team. They came off a very weak second, 64-36. Just to show what a little rest can do and to illustrate further Edison’s off and on tactics, the Eagles came through against Lowell 64-45 for an impressive twenty-point margin. To show the offside of their tactics, they lost to Hobart, whom they had previously defeated, 70-61. Against Merrillville they could manage again only a one good half of the game, and this game was particularly noticeable for its lack of defense. The Pirates seemed to score at will to wind up with 75 points against Ed- ison’s 55. One of the high spots of the season was marked in a game against Portage when the Eagles came through with one of their finest games of the year to win 50-42 on Portage’s home floor. Their elation was short lived, how- ever, as they came home to lose another of those heart-breaking one-point games to Crown Point 56-55. Two days later, the Eagles were on their way to Jeffersonville some three hundred miles away. This was the game most looked forward to by the team, as it involved a six hundred mile trio and an overnight stay in a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Everything about the trip was enjoyable except the final score which was 60-56 in favor of Jeffersonville. The Eagles closed out their regular season’s play the next week with a 51-44 victory over Wheeler. This left the Eagles with a not too impressive seven wins and twelve losses record. In their first game of the sectional tourna- ment the Eagles drew their nemesis for the 34 The 1951 Edisonian The 1951 Edisoniau 35 VARSITY (Continued) year, Merrillville. One outstanding aspect of this game was the last-minute defense devised by Coach Baliflf — a 1-3-1 zone. This worked very well for the first half but just could not hold out after the loss of some regulars through fouls. Merrillville came from behind in the third quarter to go ahead and stay there. The final score was Merrillville 64 and East Oary 57. Edison did not place any members on the first team of the All-Conference Team, although two players, Maurice Porlier and Boh Claussen, received honorable mention. Five seniors leave the Varsity this year, leaving six juniors for Coach Baliff to work with next year. The seniors are Maurice Porlier, Frank Arndt, James McBride, Boh Claussen, and Ronald Hatfield. Maurice Porlier and Frank Arndt were elected honorary co-captains. Season’s Record Edison Opponent Chesterton .... . . . 32 53 Calumet Township . . . 50 26 Hobart . . . 44 38 Merrillville .... . . . 51 59 Dyer . . . 43 42 East Gary Tourney Edison .... . . . 39 59 Wirt . . . 54 44 Holiday Tourney Griffith . . . , . . . 46 59 Wirt . . . 57 ' «n OC Edison . . . 40 41 Griffith . . . 47 65 Roosevelt .... . . . 36 64 Lowell ... 65 45 Hobart . . . 61 70 Merrillville .... . . . 55 75 Portage . . . 50 42 Crown Point .... 55 56 Jeffersonville . . . 56 60 Wheeler . . . 51 44 Sectional Tournament Merrillville 57 64 PC, FT T Frank Arndt 74 80 228 Maurice Porlier. 100 43 243 James McBride .... 53 22 128 Bob Claussen .... 41 20 102 Ronald Hatfield .... 19 16 54 Edwin Fronczak .... 42 9 93 Edward Shudick .... 25 12 62 Carl Thorne 24 23 71 Gene King 2 4 Robert O’Connor 1 2 4 36 The 1951 Edisonian VARSITY BASKETBALL Top row — Bob Claussen, James McBride, Ronald Hatfield. Middle rmv — Carl Thorne, Robert O’Connor, Eddie Shudick. Bottom roiv — Richard Jones, Edwin Fronczak, Gene King. The 1951 Edisouian 37 B-TEAM BASKETBALL Top roil ' — Daniel Orlich, Roy Claussen, Dennis Anderson. Middle row — Ronald Park, David Capron, Roger Bottila. Bottom rozv — Donald Kuzma, Arthur Kupke, Bruce Swift. 38 The 1951 Edisonian B TEAM CHEERLEADERS Barbara Smith, Betty Ann Jakicli, Shelia Vizcna. The 1951 Edisonian CHEERLEADERS Beverly Leathurby, Betty Thompson, Winifred Jackson. WM Top row — Mr. Roos, David Capron, Bruce Swift, Arthur Kupke, Daniel Orlick, Coach Baliff. Front rotv — Roger Bottila, Ronald Park, Dennis Anderson, Roy Claussen, Donald Kuzma. B TEAM Again this year, Edison completed the sea- son with another fine B Team, which managed to improve last year’s record of fifteen wins and three losses with a thirteen and two record this year. The team, this year, had everything that a championship team demands. With Gene King, Dan Orlich, and Carl Thorne supplying the height for awhile, Denny Anderson, Roy Claus- sen, and Dave Capron provided the speed and floor game, and Bob O’Connor and Richard Jones coming through with some fine field goal shooting, it was certainly a hard combination to beat. The B Team this year would certainly have won the tournament if it had not been deprived of the services of Gene King and Carl Thorne, who were moved up to the varsity to supply reserve power in the tournament of the varsity. Edison certainly has every right to expect a successful varsity season from these boys next year. Season ' s Record Team Edison Opponent Team Edison Opponent Chesterton 32 53 Edison 29 18 Hobart 50 16 Griffith 27 37 Merrillville 32 18 Lowell 49 36 Dyer 30 28 Hobart 37 36 B Team Tourney Merrillville 36 39 Edison 22 32 Portage 34 29 Wirt 30 19 Crown Point 36 34 Wirt 57 58 Wheeler 52 19 40 The 1951 Edisonian Top roiv — Mr. Roos, Ronald Good, Roy Taylor, Richard Tuthill, Eddie Houck, Andrew Grusak, Ray Taylor, Coach Alexander. Front roiv — Kent Hardebeck, James Meister, Warren Ellis, Mitchell Najar, Felix Ortiz, Robert Thews, Ronald Kersey, James Kovakas. FRESHMAN TEAM This year, for the first time in Edison’s history, the Freshman Team had its own individual basketball coach separate from the Varsity and B Team. Mr. Alexander was the coach of the two freshman teams, while Mr. Balifif coached the Varsity and B Team. Although the squad had a very unsuccessful season with winning only one hall game, the players showed that they have all the attributes of a winning team and gave evidence of a potential crop of excellent players in the future. They have all the requirements for a winning squad with sufficient practice and experience. Eddie Houck and Andy Grusak, Edison’s tall freshmen, gave every indication of turning into two very tough rebounders. Warren Ellis and Felix Ortiz displayed surprisingly good ball handling and floor technique for players of their age as guards. The boys need not be discouraged, as they have the making of a fine team in the future under sufficient coaching. The Freshman B Team won two games and lost four games during the season. I The 1951 Edisonian 41 Top row— Dale Hodges. Roger Bottila, Perry Pappa s, Donald Kuzma, Carter Jackson, Roy Claussen, Robert Connors, Jack Terwilliger, Mr. Alexander. Second row— Maurice Porlier, Richard Majewski, Ronald Hatfield, Roland Park, Frank Jakich, Edward Shu- dick, Felix Ortiz. Front row — Frank Arndt, David Capron, Roland Moore, Frank Pittman, Dennis Anderson, Robert Shoe- maker. TRACK This year, one sport was emphasized each season instead of splitting the athletic program into two separate fields in the spring as of former years since the football program was inaugurated at Edison. As track affords the participation of a larger number of boys than baseball, Mr. Alexander, who was assistant football coach in the fall, became track coach. Six new school records were set in the following: 100yd. dash, 10.6 sec. — Whitey Capron: 220 yd. dash, 23.2 sec.— Whitey Capron; 440 yd. dash, 55 sec.— Jack Terwilliger; 880 yd. run, 2:12.2— Ed Shudick ; mile run, 4:48— Denny Anderson; broad jump, 19 ' 8 2 " — Mo Porlier. Although winning only the La Cross triangular meet outright, the team placed second in three quadrangular meets : Lowell, Crown Point, and Hebron. 1 he team, also, won a trophy in the Edison of Gary relays for scoring the most points among the smaller schools. The team ranked sixth place in the Calumet Conference and entered the Sectional Track Meet for the first time. 42 The 1951 Edisonian Top row — Kenneth Webb, Winifred Jackson, Verna Faitak, Mr. Vorwald, sponsor; Richard Uhlir, Regina Jones, Cynthia Morrison. Front rot c — Robert O’Connor, vice-president; Julia Shakula, president; Marty Faitak, secretary-treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council — the group that gets all the complaints and nagging except the teachers from the student body— under the guidance of the first girl president, Julia Shakula, and Mr. Vorwald, who was a very cooperative sponsor, completed many of its aims for the year in helping to better the conditions at Edison. To follow the routine of previous Student Councils, the 1950-51 Council selected six con- vocations to be given next school year. On October 21, 1950, the Student Council started a tradition of a Homecoming Dance to be given in the gym after the football game with Edison. An award was presented to the organization sponsoring the best display which was held on the front lawn the preceding day. The displays of the various organizations were used as decorations for the dance. In January, 1951, a new system of going up and down stairs was put into effect to help stop the confusion and crowded congestion between classes. During the Easter season, the Student Coun- cil followed its tradition of decorating the second floor with beautiful flowers. Previously this year, the Council cooperated with the Sun- shine Society in decorating the halls to add to the true spirit of Christmas. The most important project of the Council was the purchasing of a juke box. To help make the noon hour more recreational and more uniform in use for the entire student body as a whole, the Council put into effect regula- tions concerning the use of the gym. The election of the 1951-52 Student Council president closed a very successful year for the 1950-51 Student Council of Edison High School. 44 The 1951 Edisontan Top rote — Lois Haburjak, Bonnie Rogers, Helen Baker, Shirley Ennis, Imogene Owens, Thelma Mitchell, Mardi Lee Palmateer, Betty Coulter, Marian Dreyovich, Pauline Konk. Third row — Betty Thompson, Bonnie Shaver, Regina Jones, Connie Rush, Greta Duncan, Patsy Eberhardt, Betty Truett, Janet McBride, Joy Blake, Ida Melton, Jacqueline Salen, Clara Weber, Barbara Prott. Second rota — Joyce Wilson, Anna May Clark, Dolores Pomaranski, Emily Pedroza, Evelyne Grishka, Wini- fred Jackson, Lillian Zack, Julia Shakula, Delores Molnar, Lois Gledich, Sylvia Van Cleef. Beverly Leathurby. Front row — Alyce Forney, Georgia George, Celia Ortiz, Phyllis Mattingly, Rosemary Venturella, Joan Rizzo, Carolyn Olzyniak, Patsy Schleff, Anita Cardenas, Darlene Homolla, Dorothy Muraco. SUNSHINE SOCIETY As the Sunshine Society has a definite pur- pose, the girls spreacj sunshine in everything they do and, also, help the needy and sick. Friday, ( Ictoher 6, the Society held its annual initiation consisting of a formal candlelight ceremony, after which a potluck luncheon was served in the gymnasium. October 14, the four officers and sponsor motored to Flora, Indiana, for the district con- vention. As their annual Christmas project, the girls put up a lovely Christmas tree in the main hall, made candy to send to the patients in the Tuberculosis Sanatorium near Crown Point, and delivered parcels of food to needy families in East Gary. The thrilling event of the year was the annual Sweetheart Dance at which Ida Melton was crowned Sweetheart Queen on February 23. The S. S. S. sent its annual contribution to the Riley Fund, and for a new project it col- lected donations for the Heart Foundation. Mrs. Etienne, accompanied by the officers and eight members, attended the state conven- tion in New Haven. Officers and Sponsor Patricia Vizena, president; Anita McPhee, vice-presi- dent; Mrs. Etienne, sponsor; Mary Husarik, secretary; Nancy O’Rourke, treasurer. The 1951 Edisonian 45 Top row — Roland Gregory, Bob Claussen, Ronald Hatfield, Roger Bottila, Roy Claussen, Dennis Anderson, Ronald Park. Bruce Swift, Donald Blagg, Marty Faitak, Oral Peek. Second rote — Charles Krupchak, John Oscar, Randall Riley, Robert Burnham, Donald Kuzma, Thomas Szwaykowski, George Moy, William O’Kelly, Thomas Nolan. Third row — Robert Munro, Gary Ganz, Blaze Kozak, Nicholas Kolosci, Frank Pittman, Howard Shaver, David Capron, Robert Lazzaroni. H I - Y Leadership has changed quite rapidly as the Hi-Y had its third new sponsor in five years of its existence. Officers and Sponsor Richard Jones, vice-president; Kenneth Webb, presi- dent; Mr. Hinkle, sponsor; Jerome Johnson, secretary; Janies McBride, treasurer and chaplain. October 2, the officers attended the district Hi-Y meeting at Crown Point. Songs were sung and Mr. Austin Walker, principal of Crown Point High School, gave a speech to open the meeting. The panel discussion was on the subject, “Your Life Mate.” As each organization was entitled to have a dance during the school year, November 4 was the date of the Hi-Y dance. The Hi-Y banquet, which was postponed last year, was held on December 13 at Mrs. Johnson’s. Jerome Johnson was master of cere- monies, and Mr. Brady, pastor of the First Christian Church, was the guest speaker — also Mr. Roos and Mr. Bailey. The boys enjoyed going swimming at the K. of C. building in Gary on February 27. To raise money for Hi-Y pins, a raffle for two Easter hams was held on March 9. Thus, ended another year for the Hi-Y. 46 The 1951 Edisonian Top row — Nancy Quinlan, Mary Ann Tucker, Bonnie Rogers, Geraldine Demo, Beverly Bottila, Suzanne Anderson, Joan Watts, Jean St. Meyers, Georgia George, Cynthia Morrison, Marjorie Mize. Third row — Alyce Forney, Regina Jones, Helen Baker, Bonnie Shaver, Greta Duncan, Dolores Pomaranski, Patricia Vizena, Ida Melton, Joy Blake, Darlene Homolla, Dorothy Muraco, Julia Shakula, Sherry Niehaus. Second row — Shirley Ennis, Pauline Ronk, Patsy Eberhardt, Betty Truett, Evelyne Grishka, Emily Pedroza, Imogene Owens, Lois Gledich, Barbara Prott, Marian Dreyovich, Dolores Rearick, Donna Bogden. Front row — Delores Molnar. Merle McDonald, Lois Haburjak, Carol Watts, Mary Ann Torrez, Joan Rizzo, Patricia Schleff, Anita Cardenas, Anna Grusak, Nancy O’Rourke, Charlyne Van Cleef. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB At the beginning of the year, the junior girls organized a new school club called the Home Economics Club under the sponsorship of the home economics teacher, Mrs. Homco. Only girls having one year of home economics could become members. October 4 was the date of the initiation of members and the installation of officers, after which a buffet luncheon was served. On October 20, a gold plaque was awarded to tlie club for the best display to be used at the Homecoming Dance for decoration. Some of the money- raising projects were selling balloons at football games, serving hot lunches at noon, and the “Holiday Hangover Hop” on January 5 after the East Gary vs. Wirt basketball game. During the second semester, Beverly Lea- thurby and Sylvia Van Cleef withdrew from office ; thus, Bonnie Shaver and Bonnie Rogers were chosen as the new president and secretary respectively, and with the other officers they guided the club for the remainder of the year. Officers and Sponsor Roberta Clemens, treasurer ; Beverly I.eathurby, presi- dent; Mrs. Homco, sponsor; Thelma Mitchell, vice-pres- ident ; Anna May Clark, sergeant-at-arms ; Sylvia Van Cleef, secretary. The 1951 Edisonian 47 Top rozv — Celia Ortiz, Joyce Semper, Evelyne Grishka, Emily Pedroza, Anna May Clark, Ida Melton, Joy Blake, Darlene Homolla, Dorothy Muraco, Julia Shakula, Mardi Lee Palmateer. Second rozv — Patsy Eberhardt, Bonnie Shaver, Helen Baker, Greta Duncan, Lillian Zack, Anita McPhee, Lois Gledich, Marian Dreyovich, Barbara Prott, Pauline Ronk. Front rozv — Imogene Owens, Sylvia Van Cleef, Georgia George, Carolyn Olzyniak, Rosemary Venturella Freda Ferris, Nancy O’Rourke, Anita Cardenas. EDISON COMMERCIAL CLUB The first work of the club was the printing and selling of programs at football games. Officers and Sponsor Betty Coulter, president ; Bonnie Rogers, secretary ; Miss Hartley, sponsor; Patricia Vizena, vice-president; Betty Truett, treasurer. Tours of three different types of businesses were taken during the year : the first tour being taken on December 6 to see the publishing of a newspaper at the Gary Post Tribune and to go through the various departments of the offices in the Hospital Building of Carnegie Steel Cor- poration ; the second tour on April 26 afforded the members the privilege of seeing the opera- tions of a bank at the Gary National Bank. A number of demonstrations and lectures were given by Gary Business College, Comp- tometer Corporation, and The Indiana State Employment Bureau in Gary. To aid in the training of the students in the commercial department and to help relieve the strain of the much needed equipment, the Club purchased another calculator, as it started the custom two years ago, of helping build up the department. 48 The 1951 Edisonian Top row— Cynthia Morrison, Mary Ann Tucker, Carolyn Salen, Anna May Clark, Dolores Pomaranski, Bon- nie Rogers, Ida Melton, Clara Weber, Joan Watts, Ruth Buchardt, Dolores Rearick, Mary Ann Torrez. l • ' , ' ; rf ro « Nan O’ Quinlan, Sherry Niehaus, Carol Watts, Patricia Vizena, Lillian Zack, Delores Molnar Lois Gledich, Donna Bogden, Lois Heck, Patricia Munro. Front row Florence Smith, Barbara Smith, Georgia George, Julia Shakula, Carolyn Olzyniak, Rosemary V enturella, Joan Rizzo, Darlene Homolla, Dorothy Muraco, Marian Dreyovich. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I he girls began basketball and bowling activi- ties at the beginning of the year to give the new members a chance to earn points — later on, the girls enjoyed square dancing very much as it was something different. The annual initiation was held in the gym- nasium on February 28. The new members were required to climb up and down bleachers on their knees, count the hoards in the gym, and push pencils with their noses across the floor. Afterwards the initiates entertained the old members with an amateur hour and proved themselves to be real stars — but to top them oil was Miss Conchita Banana portrayed by Mardi Lee Palmateer, an old member of the club. Edison was represented by five G. A. A. members and their sponsor, Mrs. Hunter, who participated in a “Sports Day” held at Val- paraiso on April 14. I his year, the G. A. A. had a banquet, which was held at Jackson’s on May 1 and was the final event of the year. Officers and Sponsor Jacqueline Salen, president; Betty Coulter, treasurer; Mrs. Hunter, sponsor; Winifred Jackson, vice-president; Mardi Lee Palmateer, secretary. The 1951 Edisonian 49 V ■ T Top row — Richard Jones, James McBride, Eugene Nolan, Eric Scharf, Gene King, Edward Shudick, Roger Bottila, Donald Kuzma, Marty Faitak, Ronald Park, Robert O’Connor. Second row — Dennis Anderson, Walter Kosinski, Carl Thorne, Frank Arndt, Randall Riley, Ronald Hat- field, Roland Moore, Dale Hodges, Edwin Fronczak. Front row— Roy Claussen, Maurice Porlier, Bruce Swift, Daniel Orlich, Sidney Hoskins, David Capron, Richard Majewski. E-MEN ' S CLUB The club being an honorary club in the field of athletics continued to have as its require- Offieers and Sponsor Mr. Sanders, sponsor; Robert Claussen, president; William Metz, vice-president; Paul Leathurby, secretary- treasurer ; Mr. Baliflf, sponsor. ment of its members one major letter in one of the four fields of sports. On March 2, the E-Men held their annual school dance which was quite successful. 1 he club had charge of the annual Inter-Class Tournament, which was won in the girls’ divi- sion by the senior girls and in the boys’ division by the junior boys — much to the consternation and chagrin of the senior boys. On the seventh of May came the hig event for the senior lettermen, as it was the date that the members of the Lions Club of East ( iary spon- sored their annual banquet at Teibel’s Res- taurant. This year, for the first time, the honor senior students were awarded the recognition they deserve and were invited to the banquet. The lettermen in athletics who had the privilege of attending the banquet were senior lettermen. 50 The 1951 Edisonian DOROTHY MURACO Editor MARIAN DREYOVICH Associate Editor JAMES MeBRIDE Sports Editor ROBERT MUNRO Business Manager JUI-IA SHAJULA Business Manager EDISONIAN STAFF MISS HARTLEY Sponsor ROBERT MUNRO has broken all “Miss or Mr. Edisonian” salesmen’s rec- ords of the past by selling 57 books. I “MR. EDISONIAN " All-Time Edisonian Salesman Champion Salesmen Top roiv — Robert Burnham, Frank Pittman. Front rou’ — Lillian Zack, Darlene Homolla, Emma Pedroza. Not pictured — Freda Ferris. 52 The 1951 Edisonian Upper left-hand picture: Sponsors — Miss Hartley and Mrs. Crisman. Upper right-hand picture: Reporters and Machine Operators — Top row— Barbara Havrilesko, Lillian Zack, Dolores Rearick, Dolores Potnaranski, Julia Shakula, Marian Dreyovich, Evelyne Grishka, Mardi Lee Palmateer, Lois Gledich, Anita McPhee. Front row — Joy Blake, Ida Melton, Emily Pedroza, Freda Ferris, Dor- othy Muraco, Winifred Jackson. Bottom row of pictures — Patricia Vizena, editor; Betty Coulter, associate editor; Kenneth Webb, sports editor ; Darlene Homolla, art editor. EAGLE FEATH ERS As the school yean went rolling by, the staff and reporters rushed around gathering news for “Eagle Feathers,” Edison’s school paper, every two weeks. Each member kept his eyes and ears open to get as much news as possible, and every second Friday the entire student body enjoyed read- ing the 1950-51 “Eagle Feathers.” “Miss Engle Feathers ” . . . DOROTHY MURACO The title, “Miss Eagle Feathers,” went to Dorothy Muraco this year as top ranking salesman in the campaign of selling school paper subscriptions. Winifred Jackson won second place. The 1951 Edisonian 53 Standing — Verle Jones, Mr. Snedeker, Richard Jones. Edwin Woodard. Third roiv — Norma Jean Smith, Alyce Forney, Patsy Taylor, Nancee Martin, Frank Mockaitis, Maurice Por- lier, Carter Jackson, Kenneth Spencer, Fred Cochran, Jack Hoyt, Jerome Johnson, Carl Thorne, Guy Everett, Daniel Orlich, Antoinette Choka, Beverly Berg, William Funkhouser, Joyce Brown, Bruce Bailey, John De- Vaney, Joseph Nagy, Arnold Stegall. Second rozv — Richard Uhlir, Phyllis Bumbera, Barbara Havrilesko, Kathleen Blagg, Barbara Prott, Jack Kenney, John Motto, Sally Summers, Joyce Minor, Betty Coulter, Lillian Zack, Marilyn Kersey, Betty Jakich, Marilyn Homolla, Joyce Cunningham, Bruce Swift. Front row — Marian Dreyovich, Dorothy Muraco, Phyllis Sykes, Susanna Armenth, Donald Blagg, Connie Rush, Darlene Homolla, Karen Havrilesko, Frances Bentley, Wayne Brown, James McBride. BAND While most students enjoyed the summer vacation, the Band gave a series of concerts for the enjoyment of East Gary people at Riverside Park. Officers selected at the beginning of the year were : Jerome Johnson, president ; Bernard Najar, vice-president ; Connie Rush, secretary ; Marian Dreyovich, treasurer; and Dorothy Muraco, librarian. Four new instruments were purchased with the funds raised on Tag Day held on October 1, and the financial assistance of the Band Boosters. The first date on the calendar for concerts during the school year was November 15. Next was the Christmas Concert given by the Band and Choir on December 20. On February 17, 1951, an outstanding day long to be remembered, the Northern Indiana District Solo and Ensemble Contest was held in East Gary. Forty-two schools were represented by approximately 1,700 students. Ratings of Edison’s participants were : Arnold Stegall, 1 ; Marian Dreyovich, 1 ; Betty Coulter, 1 ; Bar- bara Prott, 1 ; Connie Rush, 1 ; Brass Sextet, 1 ; Marilyn Homolla, 2 ; Betty Jakich, 2 ; Marilyn Kersey, 2 ; James McBride, 2 ; Carter Jackson, 2 ; Dorothy Muraco, 2 ; Barbara Havrilesko, 2 ; Mixed Clarinet Quartette, 2; Clarinet Quar- tette, 2 ; Cornet Trio, 2 ; Susanna Armenth, 3 ; Phyllis Sykes, 3 ; and Richard Uhlir, 3. On March 17, Edison’s first place district winners’ ratings in the state contest at Indianap- olis were: Barbara Prott, 1 ; Marian Dreyo- vich, 2 ; Betty Coulter, 2 ; Connie Rush, 2 ; Arnold Stegall, 2 ; Brass Sextet, 2. As Edison’s enrollment increased this year, the Band was entered in Class BB instead of Class C in the District Contest at Hammond on March 31, played more difficult music, com- peted against larger schools, and still received a good rate of second. May 3, 4, and 5 were spent on the annual tour with the special feature of going through WLW Radio and Television Station in Cin- cinnati. May 10 was the final concert of the year. 54 The 1951 Edisonian Brass Sextet Maurice Porlier, Jerome John- son, Carl Thorne, Joyce Minor, John DeVaney, Arnold Stegall. State Contest — first Clarinet Quartet Barbara Prott, Dorothy Muraco, Marian Dreyovich, Connie Rush. Band Director MR. SNEDEKER Marian Dreyovich — first Connie Rush — first Betty Coulter — first STATE SOLO ANI) ENSEMBLE CONTEST WINNERS Arnold Stegall — first Barbara Prott — first The 1951 Edisonian 55 VOCAL CONTEST WINNERS Duet : Dolores Pomaranski and Ronald Hatfield — first Kathleen Szostek in district but did not enter state contest. 1st — district solo 2nd — state Ronald Hatfield 1st — district solo 3rd — state 56 The 1951 Edisonian MIXED CHOIR 7 op row — Robert Munro, Robert Jaroscak, Kenneth Webb, Frank Jakich, Edward Shudick, Ora! Peek, Andrew Grusak, Robert Shoemaker, Thomas Heck, Dennis Good. rote-— Ronald Hatfield, Eddie Houck, Robert Burnham, Patty La Velle, Gloria Conde, Mary Jackson, Helen Baker, Kathleen Szostek, Robert Eddy, Jack Hoyt, Warren Ellis, Eddie Chambliss, Emanuele Venturella. Second row — -Patricia Munro, Nancy Quinlan, Mary Ann Tucker, Roberta Clemens, Suzanne Anderson, Geraldine Demo, I helma Mitchell, Greta Duncan, Bonnie Rogers, Lois Haburjak, Joyce Adams, Agnes Sem- anick, Carolyn Zack, Helen Samuel. I ' rcmt rote’— -Ruth Buchardt, Rosemary Kovacic, Phyllis Mattingly, Betty Thompson, Anna Grusak, Regina Roiik’ Mary e Husarik ranSkl ’ A " na May Clark ’ Rosemar y Venturella, Joan Rizzo, Carolyn Olszyniak, Pauline GIRLS’ CHORUS I of row— Mary Husarik, Rita Halaschak, Shelia Vizena. Mary Jackson, Helen Baker, Greta Duncan, Bon- nie Rogers, Pauline Ronk, Rosemary Venturella, Carolyn Olszyniak. Fourth row— Ruth Buchardt, Carolyn Salen, Mary Ann Tucker, Nancy Quinlan, Shirley Ennis, Regina Jones Dolores Pomaranski, Anna May Clark, Patsy Schleff, Joan Rizzo, Kathleen Szostek, Gloria Conde, Lorraine Drcyovich. c row ' — Betty Thompson, Suzanne Anderson, Geraldine Demo, Joan Watts, Florence Smith, Barbara Smith, helma Mitchell, Charlyne Van Cleef, Jean St. Meyers, Yvonne Petruzelli, Beverly Hoskins, Phyllis Kludt, Patricia Munro. Second row— Kendra Zinkovich, Rosemary Kovacic. Marjorie Mize. Beverly Bottila, Merle McDonald, Ro- berta Clemens, Anna Grusak, Anita Cardenas, Mary Ann Torrez, Dolores Rearick, Jovce Adams Lois Heck Lois Haburjak. Front row— Phyllis Mattingly. Carol Sisson, Patty La Velle, Helen Samuel, Norma Patterson, Jacky Zel- lers, Verna Faitak, Beverly Geiselman, Carolyn Zack. Agnes Semanick. CHORUSES This year, Edison was favored with two vocal instructors, Mrs. Jana, who organized and taught the various v ocal groups until the middle of February, after which Mrs. Keenan taught the remainder of the year. December 20 marked the date of the Christmas Concert held in the high school gymnasium. The program was furnished by various vocal groups and the band. Much excitement and enthusiasm were witnessed as the chorus members prepared for the solo and ensemble district contest that was held in East Gary on February 17. The names and rankings of those who entered as vocal soloists were : Suzanna Ar- menth, 2 ; Pauline Ronk, 2 ; Dolores Pomaranski, 2 ; Ronald Hatfield, 1 ; Rosemary Venturella, 3 ; Gloria Conde, 2 ; Kathleen Szostek, 1 ; pianist — Rosemary Kovacic, 2. The ensembles and rankings were: Cherriletts, 1 ; Keynotes, 2 ; Boys’ Quartet, 2 ; and Sophomore Ensemble, 3; Duet, 1. Those winning first in the district contest went on to the state contest and ranked as follows : Kathleen Szostek, 2 ; Ronald Hatfield, 3 ; and Cherriletts, 3. Despite the fact of being entered in Class BB due to the increase in enrollment of Edison, the Mixed Choir rated first and had the privilege of going to the state contest. However, instead of going to the state contest, the members of the choir went to see “South Pacific” at the Shubert Theater in Chicago on May 9. Mrs. Jana Mrs. Keenan The 1951 Edisonian 57 Boys’ (Quartet Kenneth Webb, Ronald Hat- field, Frank Jakich, Arnold Stegall. Key Notes Top row — Mary Husarik, Dolores Pomaranski, Connie Rush, Rosemary Venturella, Anna Grusak. Front row — Helen Baker, Bonnie Rogers, Pauline Ronk, Betty Thompson. Cherriletts Top row — Rosemary Kovacic, Betty Jakich, Gloria Conde, Patty La Velle, Marilyn Ker- sey. Front row — Joyce Adams, Susanna Armenth, Mary Jack- son, Kathleen Szostek. Sophomore Ensemble Top rozu — Nancy Quinlan. Third row — Mary Ann Tuck- er, Suzanne Anderson. Second rozo — Barbara Smith, Florence Smith, Mary Ann Torrez. Front rozi ’ — Patricia Munro, Geraldine Demo, Jean St. Mey- ers, Ruth Burchardt, Charlyne Van Cleef. 08 The 1951 Edisonian Collide ' Kiisli ' - D ° na| d Brimmer ’ Anna May Clark, Richard Jones, Mrs. Crisman, Robert Dayberry, Carl Thorne, Front row Nancy O’Rourke, Betty Truett, Phyllis Mattingly, Pauline Ronk, Dolores Pomaranski. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The play entitled “Kay Beats the Band” was presented on November 8, 1950. The cast consisted of Kay Meredith, youthful and vivacious — Dolores Pomaranski ; Judy Meredith, her tempestuou s kid sister — Pauline Ronk ; Lois Andrews, Kay’s best friend — Phyllis Mattingly; Steve Wood- ward, leader of the high school band — Richard Jones; Tom Nolan, Steve’s pal — Robert Dayberry ; Madeline Ross, a week- end visitor — Betty Truett ; Phil Hunter, with a girl-shy complex — Donald Brimmer ; Bessie Trotter, housekeeper at the Meredith home — Anna May Clark ; G. T. Ellison, on an unexpected mission — Carl Thorne; Miss Denny, the high school history teacher — Connie Rush. The 1951 Edisonian 59 The 1951 Edisonian Top row— Frank Pittman, Betty Coulter, Winifred Jackson, Mardi Lee Palmateer, Maurice Porlier, Julia Shakula, Darlene Homolla, Mrs. Crisman, Ida Melton. . . . „ T Front row - — Richard Majcwski, Robert Munro, Sidney Ploskins, Patricia Vizena, Randall Riley, Jerome Johnson. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The annual senior play, “The Campbells Are Corning, was held on April 20, in Edison Gym- nasium. The play was a hilarious farce with hillbilly trimmings, and the cast was as follows . Ma Brannigan, who lives for her grandchildren — Betty Coulter ; Catalpa 1 app, the hillbilly servant Mardi Lee Palmateer; Betty Brannigan, Ma’s younger granddaughter- — Winifred Jackson; Dick Brannigan, Ma’s grandson — Robert Munro; Bildad lapp, Catalpa s father Maurice I orlier , Cyrus Scudder, who wants to marry Ma— Jerome Johnson ; Jeffrey Scudder, his nephew— Randall Rilev ; Kaye Brannigan, Ma’s elder granddaughter — Patricia Vizena; Kingston Campbell, Kayes fiance — Sidney Hoskins; Mrs. Augusta Campbell, his aristocratic mother — Julia Shakula. The 1951 Edisonian 61 Top row — Bernard Najar, Richard Majewski, Frank Jakich, Eugene Nolan, Robert Claussen, James Mc- Bride, Ronald Hatfield, Randall Riley, Frank Arndt, Maurice Porlier, Paul Leathurby. Trout row — Jerome Johnson, Dorothy Muraco, Betty Coulter, Julia Shakula, Jacqueline Salen, Marian Dreyovich, Winifred Jackson, Sidney Hoskins. HONOR BANQUET The senior lettermen of the E-Men’s Club, five honor students, the president of the Student Council, and cheerleader were honored at a banquet given by the Lion’s Club at Teibel’s Res- taurant on May 7. LATIN CONTEST Suzanne Anderson and Cynthia Morrison, first year Latin students, and Connie Rush and Janet McBride, second year, who were winners of the District Latin Contest, had the privilege of enter- ing the State Latin Contest. Janet McBride received a silver medal for second place in the State Latin Contest. 62 The 1951 Edisonian 64 The 1951 Edisoman FAREWELL As we reach the end of our high school journey, we look back triumphantly as we think of the years we have spent together at Edison. Through the patience, endurance, and guidance of our dear teachers, we have learned the value of being good citizens in our school ; now, we are qualified to step forth to protect the rich heritage we have gained from our forefathers. Our school life has been made happy by associating with our many friends, participating in the many activities, and acquiring the much needed knowledge to travel our indi- vidual paths of life. The many things we’ve learned while attending Edison will influence our future lives. As we leave the halls of Edison — the school we shall never forget — we wish to bid you a fond farewell. 66 The 1951 Edisonian Aiuu ' rtisnmuitii STERLING-CONER STUDIOS 752 Broadway OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS We Wish to Express Our Appreciation to Mr. Lee Coner, Who Has Been Our Edisonian Photographer the Past Six Years 68 The 1951 Edisonian Every Minute . . . Every Hour . . . Your Savings Work Here! Day in and day out, your savings here are earning for you at our current liberal rate — and twice yearly the earnings are compounded to make savings grow faster. You ' ll be surprised how small amounts add up when you make a hahit of saving regularly in an insured account here. Why not open vour account now ? FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 545 BROADWAY GARY, INDIANA The 1951 Edisonian 69 Telephone Lake 2598 or Gary 41184 2316 Ripley Street Compliments of EAST GARY FLORISTS CORSAGES . . . BOUQUETS POTTED PLANTS Phone 2386-J WHITLEDGE SHOE REPAIR WE SELL NEW SHOES 2825 Central Avenue HONOR ROLL The number following each name indi- cates the number of times each person was on the honor roll of the first five six-weeks’ grading periods. Seniors : Betty Coulter, 5 ; Marian Drevovich, 5; James McBride, 5; Doro- thy Muraco, 5 ; Jacqueline Salen, 5 ; Wini- fred Jackson, 4; Ronald Hatfield, 1 ; Freda Ferris, 1 ; Evelyne Grishka, 1. Juniors: Janet McBride, 5; Connie Rush, 5 ; Betty Thompson, 4 ; Betty Truett, 2; Eddie Shudick, 1. Sophomores : Cynthia Morrison, 5 ; Suzanne Anderson, 3 ; Delores Rearick, 2. Freshmen : Richard Uhlir, 5 ; Joyce Minor, 4; Verna Faitak, 3; Joan New- man, 2 ; Robert Thews, 1 ; Marilyn Mc- Ewan, 1. 70 The 1951 Edisonian " IT ' S NICER AT MEISTER ' S " EAST GARY’S COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE Phone 2531 Central and Ripley Streets Congratulations to the Class of 1951 SCHEUER MARKET GROCERIES AM) MEATS 1201 Central Avenue PEP BAND Top row — Jack Hoyt, Kenneth Spencer, Carter Jackson, Fred Cochran, Jerome Johnson, Edwin Woodard. 1 hird row — John Motto, Joyce Minor, Marilyn Homolla, Joyce Cunningham. Second row — Dorothy Muraco, Connie Rush, Marilyn Kersey, Lillian Zack, Darlene Homolla, Marian Dreyovich, Richard Uhlir. Front row — Betty Coulter, John DeVaney, Bruce Bailey, Barbara Prott. Compliments BUD AND JACK BARBER SHOP Bud Rosenbaum . . . Jack Gunning Proprietors The 1951 Edisonian 71 TONY’S SHOE REPAIR The Working Man ' s Store CLOTHES, SHOES AND DRY CLEANING Repairs for Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Shoes Phone 2481-R 727 Central Avenue Compliments of MEISTER’S INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Phone Lake 2528 Compliments of GENERAL VARIETY STORE If you can’t find it anywhere, “ Just Ask Ethel!” IMIONE LAKE 2078 2760 DeKalh Street WALLIN ' S HARDWARE 3445 Central Ave. Phone Lake 2539 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Complete line of HARDWARE AND PLUMBING SPEED QUEEN WASHERS COLEMAN HEATERS CROSLEY REFRIGERATORS PEN GAS IN 100-LB. BOTTLES GLASS, SPORTING GOODS, GIFTS, ETC. Open Wednesday anti Saturday Evenings Until 9 O’Cloek MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN The Student Council sponsored a maga- zine campaign February 2-19 for the pur- pose of helping to raise funds to help pay for the new football field. Top ranking salesmen are pictured as follows : Top row — Nancy Carter, Ursula Nor- vil, Robert Burnham, James Warren, Sharon Jarabek, Gary Ganz. Front row - — Sherry Niehaus, Shirley Hoover. Not pictured — Richard Uhlir. 72 The 1951 Ediscmian CONGRATULATIONS! Zab ' s Radio and Gift Shop 2352 Ripley Street CONGRATULATIONS! Phone Luke 2506 Garber ' s Soda Bar Phone Lake 9120 2751 Dekalb St. Library Forney ' s I. G. A. Food Mart 2539 Central Avenue East Gary • Phone: Lake 2536 Mrs. Brown, librarian; Betty Thompson and Robert Burnham, assistants. II V Deliver The 1951 Edisonian 73 BRIMMER BROS. EAST GARY ALLEYS Compliments of SONNTAG AND PORLIER SUCCESS ANI) PROSPERITY IN THE FUTURE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ’51 TEXACO SERVICE LEON J. ANTON TELEVISION Funeral Director Phone Lake 9106 3600 Central Ave. East Gary L H PLUMBING AND HEATING John Hawreys and Victor J. Levenda Proprietors REPAIRS AND SUPPLIES INSTALLATIONS 1501 Central Avenue ARGO’S SCHOOL STORE HOT LUNCHES CANDY AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES GROCERIES Phone Lake 91 19 Principal’s Office Student Helpers Julia Shakula and Winifred Jackson 74 The 1951 Edisonian FIVE STAR FOOD We Specialize in Quality Meats Trimmed to Satisfy Everyone 2345 RIPLEY STREET LAKE 2532 EAST GARY, INDIANA W. LLOYDE ROSE GENERAL INSURANCE : REAL ESTATE Phone Lake 2132-W or Lake 2240-R 2773 DeKalb Street Gary, Indiana Com plimenls of JIM’S CONOCO LIGHT HAULING AND MOVING Central and Pike Streets CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’ 51 J S SUPER MARKET Phone Lake 9132 Central at Union MONITORS Compliments of MIKE’S GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS 3101 Central Avenue The 1951 Edisonian 75 CENTRAL FOOD MARKET Phone Lake 2441-J 738 Central Avenue CONGRATULATIONS front SCHUBERT’S PAINT STORE 723 Central Avenue FAMILY CAFE Under Netc Management SANDWICHES - LUNCHES - DINNERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE CLOVERLEAF ICE CREAM East Gary, Indiana 2343 Ripley Street East Gary, Ind. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 19 HI JASKE’S TRADING POST 4700 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Phone I-ake 2503 STEEL CITY LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY LUMBER : RUILDINC MATERIALS PAINT AND MILLWORK Phone Lake 2135 2319 Ripley St. English Assistants Betty Thompson and Janet McBride 76 The 1951 Edisoniatt 1 v 1 1 M ' v-H 1 ' HAMM IE ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE 2900 DeKalh Street East Gary, Indiana Compliments of COISGRA T ULATIOISS TO THE CLASS OF ’51 IIASKIN’S GROCERY CHET YOUNG S CONOCO AND Central and Miami Streets SERVICE STATION 3500 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone 2462-M Com plimenls Sweet Shop Mr. Snedeker and Mr. Hinkle, sponsors. of THE FOUNTAIN Frances Schultz and Sam Young COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF ’ 51 ( rom ONDRAS BROS. GARAGE 1101 Central Avenue The 1951 Edisonian 77 GEORGE AND JOHN CITY GROCERY Free Delivery Best in Meats Quality Groceries Phone Lake 2032 3343 CENTRAL AVENUE Call Us Before You Buy or Sell DE VANEY REALTY CO. of Gary CALL LAKE 2236-J CONGRATULATIONS from BLOSSOM S GROCERY SERVICE Fairview and Marion Streets Phone Lake 9108 Compliments of BYER ' S RADIO AND TELEVISION 2401 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone Lake 2041 The Student Council sponsored the purchasing of a Juke Box to furnish music during the noon hour and school dances. Pictured are : Roland Moore, Greta Duncan, Bonnie Shaver, Eddie Shudick. 78 The 1951 Edisonian Tatone ' s East Gary Garage SINCE 1922 General Repairing Tune-up 24-Hour Road Service Central ami Route No. 51 East Gary, Indiana Blair Refrigeration Service COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC AUTHORIZED DEALERS G. E. THOR KELVINATOR SALES AND SERVICE 2197 CENTRAL AVENUE Phone Lake 2227-J Compliments of ED’S SUPER SERVICE Eddie Koeiara, Hrop. PHILLIPS “66” Central anil DeKalb Streets Phone Lake 9113 INTERMISSION Compliment of KATHLEEN’S BEAUTY SHOP 3101 Fairview Avenue Phone I-ake 2512 The 1951 Edisonian 79 V - 1 3|- r- i k Karsa ' s Food Shop Phone Lake 2565 2808 DeKalh St. See . . . AL GANZ for your REAL ESTATE PLANS OFFICE — 504 Broadway HOME — 2835 Fairview Avenue Phone: Gary 6818 or Lake 2550 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’ 51 from JOHNSON’S FISH MARKET 2619 Central Avenue Phone 2226-J DAY’S NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY PHONE LAKE 9114 2301 Fairview East Gary “Mutt and Jeff” Emanuele Venturella and James McBride 80 The 1951 Edisonian Compliments of BROADWAY LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. 120 EAST ELEVENTH AVENUE GARY, INDIANA OF HOBART INORTHKRN INDIANA’S FINEST SPORTING GOODS Sweet Shop Handy Man James Fritts Compliments of EAST GARY AND PORTAGE TWP. LOOK Compliments of DIXIE DAIRY COMPANY “Your Favorite Milk” Compliments of HARBOR TOBACCO CO., INC. 2210 Columbus Drive East Chicago, Indiana PHONE E. C. 4095 The 1951 Edisonian 81 CRANE AND DOZER SERVICE SEWER AND PAVING WORK A. METZ General Contractor Yards 1601 Louisiana Street TELEPHONE Lake 2-256-M . . . Gary 3-3363 CONGRATVLA TIOISS ! PEARSONS ▼ Broadway and Sixth Gary, Indiana Phone 6251 Edison’s Bravest Shorthand Student Emily Pedroza 82 The 1951 Edisonian Lambert ' s Grocery (The Green Store at the corner of Central and Morgan Streets) COMPLETE LINE OF MEATS, GROCERIES, AND VEGETABLES Phone Your Orders . . . We Deliver East Gary Feed and Supply Co. A COMPLETE LINE OF SWIFT’S FEEDS VITALITY DOG FOODS 3010 Central Avenue Phone Lake 2034 Phone Lake 2527 This picture was taken hy Kusky Studio Best W ishes for the Class of ’ 51 East Gary Volunteer Fire Department FIRE PREVENTION WEEK The 1951 Edisonian 83 NEW AND USED TYPEWRITERS SOLD, RENTED, REPAIRED JACOBSENS Complete Office Outfitters Sixth an l Massachusetts Streets Gary, Indiana Compliments CONVENIENT TERMS . . AT . . NO EXTRA CHARGE 624 Broadway Gary, Indiana RADIGAN BROS. FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES • 637 Broadway Gary CONVO 84 The 1951 Edisonian Continuous Quality Continuous Price lOTTlED UNDER AUTMOWTY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y Compliments of GARY RAILWAYS GARY OFFICE EQUIPMENT C. p " °i E ; c ‘ ST TYPEWRITERS b Z O b SALES -SERVICE -RENTALS I de5k$ • CHAifts FiL£s«$AFEs I RUBBER STAMPS-VISIBLE RECORDS QUICK SERVICE CABINETS -FORMS BOOKS MIMEOCRAPHS - SUPPLIES - SERVICE GARY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. West Sixth Avenue Gary, Indiana Custodians JACK SPRATT CLOVERLEAF ICE CREAM COMPANY PHONE GARY 2-4157 Mr. Walker and Mr. Nelson 440-446 Connecticut Street Gary, Indiana The 1951 Edisonian 85 BILL’S CONCHA T U LATIONS TO FLOOR SANDING COMPANY THE CLASS OF ’51 2737 Elkhart Street GIRL SCOUT MOTHER’S CLUB • Phone Lake 2564 JACK KENNEY’S Electrical Appliances NEW CHICAGO LUMBER • AND COAL CO. MOTOR REPAIRS Television, Washers, Ironers, Etc. Refrigerators • Phone Lake 2105 2915 DeKalh St. Compliments of Compliments of MACK AND ANNABELLE PETRUZELLI A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND 86 The 1951 Edisotiian NEW CHICAGO LEGION Post 454 W ISHES YOU THE UTMOST SUCCESS IIS YOUR FUTURE YEARS! TO OUR ADVERTISERS Once again as another year has drawn to its completion ' , we wish to express our most sincere appreciation to the merchants who sponsored advertisements in our 1951 Edisonian. We hope that every student of Edison High School extends his utmost courtesy and worthy appreciation at all times to the merchants for their most generous support of our school in every respect. HARRISON AUTO SERVICE Jav Hatfield . . . Kenny Underwood Proprietor « Electrical -- Carburetion -- Motor Brake and Speedometer Service 512 Harrison Street Gary, Indiana UNITED ELECTRIC SERVICE AUTO-LITE MOTORS SERVICE Compliments of FORNEY’S FOOD SHOP Groceries and Meats PHONE 9122 2521 CLAY STREET Compliments of SWANSON REALTY 2773 DeKalb Street Phone Lake 2240-R The 1951 Edisonian 87 AUTOGRAPHS A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Illinois. ■y‘ it Vi Jt y - :

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