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B k P W- ' ' ' "vs-H-11--,-.-W - v.f,',:.,....-.-.,,, , lb., 1 . Y 13 -,F I 4 lr L' -7' X t ' fi' - L' '-.f 7' 'S 'N' . 5' 5 , AQ-N413 M 4, 1 V A Q'-x'531 ' ja If rf I ' I i. ,A , '0 -. Q -y p V it An J' V is fx iii W a..iz...a.?,' . kr. i 5 gum' smtixv -V ' 1 I , fm . I , , V 1 'tv A Q X ,K ' 1 K . ' if ...ww :ag - ' N -zo. - V ' " - T 'Q- 1 , . f ., U' - . A- t :N -" ., !?,5s2.. X Q4 . X , ,, 5. A ,Q . 'ff-at :if " gf' - 5 :sv as I if .dwg ', :QW jj I I. S 5. ill? 'z 4, ' - ,G f A f ' , ' 'Q 4. V ' " Ag, 1f .vr:'f-'T + rf- ff+ ff 9' -.-.fm "Ng - Q i ' . it 'L AP s I I , X "I bi :QM 'sv 4' LN-. , Ml 15, Q .I ll , ,M 1 'N - ' vii " xv' .. . L: .Q n 5 4 'Q' 1 7 , .cl 1' 'k' 4 54 .sr.,w, ., 'K D. Iflxqg K . '-:-iilfgi W- 7EE 5' - QU- ., KMA., A ' Q 1 ' 01,3 .f'4?a3"' 2 A:,'f.f?A',f -,. ii Qidg f .Y Mb gl., amy, xx , '-Yffxlpffa v . "Lw,,,-7-'Qmnw " .....-.......M.M,.,, z .-, 1 r "A 44 s . 4 'fv 7 .A 'J F hw, ' M.. ,kr ' , , . x .. .',,.x. , . E.. llll 1 2' f , v Ak Ni -.. ,, 1,-.V f 1 , ' SL A Q -. -,, . u.. J, F 1 W. . "if 1r- '-"W, FSL... "-. , ,, 0" , ' -1... I ld , .H I V-ax ' 'Ea-. .b . M . nn' :thr- Z ..i its-."'Uu-gg, ' Q- -. 0 fc M av lg' A. 'if',,,,ig.'v' , - ue. -f' f- 1 f ' '. f' ' rf . 1 A",- . xmxu .-f, L ., 'm.4A ls "ac ."'Q 4 , IT K . , 4 -V ,gfwr-,.,., array.. A I ,..,. H V Je-rv - , Y V ,,, . ,, ' , wx , -HY " 'il' , ,,g.Q,,Q,. h V -'wht "fm v 1 fue,-. , . , Q lu'l.'5 in ,, v , 5 '. ...-. v - 2 ,,'f1g. j' '91, ,,.j"' 1jf",i"' for-yur' , ' ' "' 3' ,. ,wld f"'L R '.gai'9"'f 5 - v- 'fp-11' U., ,F nf ',- . 'Q , 5 I , W ,, ' 1: ,. W ff-f . : ' , A - . .- mg- 'ff-,nf-sy.-12' Q. -Q . . +V '- e 1 v. ,5 iq ' ' , N.. ,, J ft Q- d"A' 2 4.4 ,. - , f--H"-1' ..- ,,,V .1 5 Y. . H.. H Y. N Hb , 's'5w,154.u5-.f.'- 'A ' ' ,W-,,,, , 'wk 4. .. -A V K -nw ' "' - D -4. '.:wfw"""'f X L . 'W ' , .sfw2a ,. .... rw, , .Q n,w gk' 2 .., J- ,. ,.. R 1+-LBJ! My - ', :- R mg B QMEIOUI' KANE Edition of The J? EC'Hl'A P bl ln d by 1954 Senior Class EDINBURG HIGH SCHCOL Edinburg, Illinois N X X Xxx NXHUUI Lil! A , 1- ? HIE SIAH EDITOR Merle Mulvaney ASSISTANT EDITOR Helen Funderburk JUNIOR Sa ART EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER SNAPSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER ATHLETICS BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK 8a CROSS-COUNTRY ORGANIZATIONS F F A F H A STUDENT COUNCIL BAGPIPE BAND SENIOR ACTIVITIES ART 85 SNAPSHOT THEMES CALENDAR Gxnger Zrnr Sue Beaty Iohn Clrfton Don Beary Charles Marrrn Lee Roy Laymon John Chfron Clara Truax Galen Coplan Gladys Grant Margaret Stokes Verle Mulvaney Dale Edwards Joanne Oller Benny Wllson Bob G1deon Manlyn Trosr Patsy Hagan Margaret Stokes Sue Beary Helen Funderburk Merle Mulvaney John Clrfton Charles Martm Sue Beary Clara Truax Ramah Peek Fred A Dale THEME DEDICATION SPONSORS CHORUS. ..... .... G alen Coplan , I M if X il I I ya , A Q, I 3 1 Sli lllAlS, SlIHlllll YS, l Waiting for the bell 2 Librarians 3 Concentroting 4 Suspense Senior Canaries Our "Little Margie" "lt's just awful of me Senior pictures Ralwl Rah! Rah! Annual planning DEAR Phrases Sl clauses fifngl ish, A14B2C QAlgebraD "Eyes on the copy" fTypewri1'ingD Land 81 wafer fScienceJ Debit or Credi T ? CBookkeepingD Facts 8- Dates fHisforyJ Brief Forms Shorthand, "Time OUT from Singing" "Mr . Dempsey" fSenior Play? UlD G0lDi HUli DAYS N if R 5Q',,rF 5 1 :tix mg - 9 W K K 1 Y' , I 6, .gg 2 be 07 llll All tuckered out--onnuol pictures 'ls thot clear?" Dinner's served Nickel o throw The business end of it Singing in the shower Hear that bell! Coll me up Now what did l soy? Belle of Bogdod Girls' Chorus 'Mn 'llllHMllIlI 3 0--"1 4 , 5 , 5 Y Q QW llll THE TU A L WV l W Clean, healthy, and happy Ccoming from P. EJ "Swing Your Partner" Valentine Dance Won second fBadminton tournamentl Sorting Bagpipes Bulletin Board Chickens here fPooular Carnival boothl Shaking the Family Tree Uunior Playl Spring cleaning See what I mean? Chow time . That doesn't look like me. School Beautification Mr. Anker, here we come. We made it! . After the game dance . . Mardi Gras llllllb lQ PM 11 lOfr HERE of Schools Chrlstlcn County 1931 1954 Mr Cloyd Wright 1 1 County Superintendent 10 llllllllllllll Ramah Peek Fred A Dale I To Mr Fred A Dale our prm clpal and teacher and fo Mrs Romah Peek our sponsor and teacher who have alded and guided us during our school years who have encouraged and helped us In our studies and school problems and who have shared our hours of enloyment we the Sensors of 1954 ded I cate this MELCDY LANE ednhon of the EC HI AN Superintendent Franklin S . Coplcn Prmcupal Fred A Dc e Secretary Margaret Jel ley 40 ix if buf H F 6 AA. 'Haw 'T -N 5,2 EorlYounker Vice President H1romW Stokes President BUARII Ut HIIIIIAIIII Robert Kohl 1 ar: Ernest L Munnus Secretary Roy McCloskey Wolter Jones Gordon Truox atv? sa 336' FRANKLIN COPLAN Superintendent B.S. Eureka Collegeg Western Illinois State Collegeg M.S. University of Illinois. ALVIN RANDLES Acting Superintendent B S Eureka College andUn1vers1ty of Illrnois M A University of Illinois Washmgton Uni verslty 111111018 State Normal University FRED A DALE Princrpal B S Illinois State Normal Uni versity M S Illinois State Nor ma1Un1versity Universrty of Ill mois Business law, bookkeeping, general business student counc11 sponsor senior class and annual co sponsor MARGARET JELLEY Office Secretary ENOCH ANSELM A B Augustana Umversxty of Illi H013 Umversxtyof Chxcago Indiana Universrty Algebra advanced math geomeuy physxcs 8th grade math Jumor class co sponsor ELIZABETH COPLAN A B Eureka College Choral muslc hlgh and grades s o ph o m o r e class co sponsor ROBERT DePOY B M 1nEd I.nd1anaUn1vers1ty Band hrgh and grades MERRILL DUFFIELD B S Northern lllmors State Teachers College M1Ch1g8H State Coach Amerlcanhxstory Amerrcan govern ment world hrstory s oc 1 o log y freshman class co sponsor LORNE HUNSLEY B.S. University of Illinois. Agri- culture I,11,IV: F,F.A.g sophomore class co-sponsor. 15 LOIS PARISH QMrs. Donald Brownj B.S, Iowa State Collegeg University of Illinois. Home Economics 1,11 III, 8th gradeg F.l-I. A. RAMAH PEEK B S Northeast Mo State Teachers College Washington University Typingl Shorthandl office practice girls physical education high and Junior high cheerleaders sponsor senior class Bagpipe and annual co sponsor BETTY QUICK B S Northern State Teachers College Home Economics 1,II, III 8th grade F I-I A MILDRED SADLER A B Indiana University University of Illinois English II III IV library speech class plays freshman class and Bagpipe co sponsor LURETA STANTON B S Unrversrtyoflllmors Wash1ngtonUn1vers1ty University of Wyoming English I general sci ence biology 8th grade science Junior class co sponsor 5 Www'-3 Presndent Vrce Presrdenf Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Sl IllllS Wl'Vl CUMI A l0 B WAY TUGEIHIR Merle Mulvaney Verle Mulvaney Dale Edwards John Clifton Ramah Peek Fred A Dale Opal Blue Blue Carnatuon Class Color Class Flower Class Motto Conduct and Courage Lead to Honor Sl Illll CIASS HISHIHY Un 12 actsj Tlme ACT l 1942 1943 FIRST GRADE Characters and where started to school Galen Coplan Mt Auburn Don Beaty Star Dale Edwards Forest Grove Bob Gldeon Cooper Lee Roy Laymon Edrnburg Charles Martrn Edlnburg Margaret Stokes Edmburg Patsy Hagan Edmburg Joanne Oller Edlnburg Gladys Grant Mt Z1on Clara Truax Greer Sue Beaty Star Marllyn Trost Brush College Merle Mulvaney Browns Verle Mulvaney Browns Benny Wrlson Breen Wood Helen Funderburk Cascade John Cllfton Edrnburg ACT II 1943 1944 SECOND GRADE All the same as U1 Act Iexcept Merle and Verle Mul vaney went to Slloam and Benny Wrlson went to Sharmbur Verle and Merle Mulvaney went to Kagr Galen Coplan went to Edlnburg Helen Funderburk went to Star and Dale Edwards changed from Tovey to Greer and then from Greer to Edlnburg ACT IV 1945 1946 FOURTH GRADE Same as above ACT V 1946 1947 FIFTH GRADE Gladys Grant changed from Mt Z1on to Greer ACT VI 1947 1948 SIXTH GRADE Verle and Merle Mulvaney changed to Blssell Don Beaty Sue Beaty Bob Grdeon Benny Wrlson Clara Truax Helen Funderburk and Gladys Grant changed to Edmburg ACT VII 1948 1949 SEVENTH GRADE Same as above ACT VIII 1949 1950 EIGHTH GRADE Same as above Merle and Verle Mulvaney changed to Edinburg ACT IX 1950 1951 FRESHMAN YEAR CLASS OFFICERS President, Juanita Gowdy Vlce Pres rdent Bob Gideon Secretary Helen Funderburk Treasurer Sue Beaty Sponsors Mr and Mrs Dale CLASSROLL Don ald Lee Beaty Wrlma Sue Beaty, James Wesley Pope Charles Earl Martm Patsy Louise Hagan Robert Galen Cop lan Verle L Mulvaney Merle Leekoy Mulvaney, Evelyn Maxlne Pugh Helen Lourse Funderburk, Shirley Juanita 1 942 l 954 Gowdy Dale Edwards Betty Lee Edwards Carol Lee Yea man Patrtcra Ann Patton Lee Benjamm Wrlson Marjorle Joanne Oller Robert Eugene Grdeon, JohnRay Cllfton Clara Mae Truax MargaretEllzabeth Stokes Albert Earl Holmes Lee RoyLaymon Gladys Delor1sGrant Delor1sCarrolPayne Rodger Theron Lefever Marilyn Yvonne Trost Phrllrp Nlchols Kerth Mahan ACT X 1951 1952 SOPHOMORE YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent Don Beaty Vrce Presrdent Verle Mulvaney Secretary CharlesMart1n Treasurer Rod ger Lefever Sponsors Mr and Mrs Dale Evelyn Pugh Carrol Yeaman Phillip Ntchols Albert Holmes and Kerth Mahan dropped Robert McKu1non enrolled and dropped ACT Xl 1952 1953 JUNIOR YEAR Verle Mulvaney Secretary Helen Funderburk Treasurer Galen Coplan Sponsors Mr andMrs Dale the frrstsemester and Mr Dale and Mrs Peek the last semester Rodger Lefever Juamra Gowdy Delores Payne Betty Edwards PatsyPatton and James Pope dropped Sandra Waters enrolled and dropped OUTSTANDING EVENTS Junror Play No Moon To nrght and Junior Senior Banquet Fresta Trme ACT XII 1953 1954 SENIOR YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Presldent Merle Mulvaney Vxce Presldent VerleMulvaney Secretary Dale Edwards Treas urer John Clifton Sponsors Mr Dale and Mrs Peek GRADUATING CLASS Margaret Ellzabeth Stokes Patsy Louise Hagan Manorre Joanne Oller Gladys Delorrs Grant Clara Mae Truax wrlma Sue Beaty Marllyn Yvonne Trost Helen Louise Funderburk John Ray Clrfton Robert Galen Coplan Donald Lee Beaty Dale Edwards Robert Eugene Gideon Lee Roy Laymon Charles Earl Martrn Merle Lee Roy Mulvaney Verle L Mulvaney and Lee Benjamrn Wll son OUTSTANDING EVENTS Senlor Play The Whole Town S Talklng Carnlval Junror Senlor Banquet Mardr Gras College Day at Normal Umversrty and Taylorvrlle Skip Day at Chrcago and publlshed the Melody Lane edition of the EC HI AN n 1 0 D xx . If Q . ' 'XX Q I , , n n ' -- -- : ' , : ' - ' . . . g. U - -- ACT IH -- 1944-1945 -- THIRD GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: President, DonBeatyg Vice-President, -- - -- D ' . ' . ' 'N l - l ll ' ' ' VI . A . s S . . . . I u ' . . F ' r I ' ' - I I l ., -' ' " 9 I u I - ' . : . : , . . n ' . ' ' ' . ' j I --" U ' 1 1 ' I nw I I n Sl IIIRS MERLE MULVANEY "Down On The Farm" Student Council 2,3,45 Script "E" 3,45 F.F. A. 1,2,3,45 F.F. A, Foundation Award 45 Dekalb Award 45 DistrictStar Farmer 45 F, F. A. Secretary 45 Chorus 1,25 Operetta 25 Oration 45 Class Play 3,45 Bagpipe 25 Ec-Hi-An Assistant Editor 35 Editor 45 Valedictorian 45 Student Librarian 35 F. F. A. Judging Teams 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 3, 45 Track Letterman 3,45 Cross Country Letterman 4. HELEN FUNDERBURK "I Want Gold In My Pockets" Student Council l,2, 3,45 Student Council Vice- President 45 Script "E" 3,45 Class Secretary 1,35 F.H.A, 1,2,3,45 F,H,A, President 45 F.H.A. Junior Degree 15 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 VocalSolo 1,2, 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 3,45 Operetta 2, 3,45 Student Teacher 3,45Class Play 3,45Band 1,2,3,45 Horn Quartet3,45 Horn Solo ,45 Bagpipe Editor45Bag- pipe 1,2,3,45 Assistant Business Manager ofEc- Hi-An 35 Assistant Editor of Ec-Hi-An 4, ,I SUE BEATY "Sweet Sue" student Council 3,45 F,H.A, 1,2,3,45 F,H,A. Parliamentarian 35 F.H.A, Junior Degree 1, Chapter Degree 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Ensemble 3, 45 Operetta 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 15 Class Play 3,45 StudentTeacher 3,45 StudentOffice Worker 45 Band 3,45 DrumEnsemble 3,45 Bagpipe2,3,45 Co-Assistant Editor 45 Ec-Hi-An Business Man- ager 45 Humorous Reading 45 D, A.R, 4, DALE EDWARDS "Pretty Boy" Student Council 15 Class Secretary 45 Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Drum Major 35 Class Play 3,45 Operetta 2,3,45 Dramatic Reading 45 Student Librarian 45 Bagpipe 35 Ec-Hi-An 45 Track 1,2,3, CLARA TRUAX "Mad About The Boy's" F,H, A. l,2,3,45 Vice-President 45 F.l-l.A. Jun- ior Degree 1, Chapter Degree 25 Chorus 1,25 3,45 Girls'Ensemble 3,45Class Play 3,45 Band 1,2,3, 45 Operetta 2,3,45 Cornet Solo 1,25 Bagpipe 1, 2,3,45 Bagpipe Circulation Manager 45 Ec-Hi-An 45 Student Teacher 3,45 Student Secretary 35 Script "E" 4. JOHN CLIFTON "Oh, No John" ClassTreasurer 42 F.F,A.1,2,3,45 F,F A. Pres- ident 45 F.F.A. Judging Teams l,2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 Boy's Ensemble 45 Mixed Ensemble 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Brass Sextet 1,2,3,45 Bass Solo 1,2,35 Ec-Hi-An Snapshot Editor 45 Track l,2, 3,45 Track Letterman 2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Operetta 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Script "E" 4, e 0 1? 7 1 4, 4, V 3 4 ' s. 'K JOANNE OLLER "Margie" F.H, A. l,2,3,43 F.H. A, Junior Degree 1, Chap- ter Degree 23 Chorus 1,2, 3,43 Vocal Solo 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Ensemble 3,41 Operetta 2, 3,43 Class Play 3,41 Band l,2,3,43 Drum Ensemble 3,41 Bagpipe 2,41 Ec-Hi-An 43 Student Teacher 3,41 Student Secretary 33 Script "E" 4, DON BEATY "Going Steady" Class President 2,33 F,F,A, 1,2,3,4Q F.F.A, Judging Teams 2,3,43 Chorus 2,3,43 Boys' En- semble 3,43 Vocal Solo 23 Band l,2,3,41 Bag- pipe 2,3,43 Bagpipe Assistant Editor 3, Editor43 Ec-Hi-An 3,43 Script "E" 33 Basketball l,2,3,43 Basketball Letterman 43 Baseball Letterman 33 Track l,2,3,43 Track Letterman 2, ri Sl IURS MARILYN TROST "China Doll" Student Council 2, 3,41 Student CouncilSecretary 3,43 Script "E" 3,42 F,H,A, 1,2,3,41 F,ll,A, Treasurer 33 F.H,A. Junior Degree 1, Chapter Degree 23 Chorus l,2,3,43 Girl's Ensemble 3,4Q Operetta 2,3,43 Class Play 3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Bagpipe 2,3,43 Ec-Hi-An 43 Student Teacher 3,43 Student Secretary 3, GALEN COPLAN "Young Man With A Horn" Student Councill,2,3,43 Vice-President3, Pres- ident 43 Script "E" 1,2,3,41 Class Treasurer 33 Chorus l,2,3,43 Boy's Ensemble l,2,3,43 Oper- etta 2,3,43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Cornet Solo l,2,3,43 Brass Sextet 2,3,4Q Bagpipe 2,33 Ec-Hi-An 43 Salutatorian 43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Basketball Letterman2,3,43 Trackl,2,3,43TrackLetterrnan 1,2,3,4Q Cross-Country Letterman 4, L X, 'B' ,...... x X I - 5 'C' -ti' -J -'JN VERLE MULVANEY "Smiles" Student Council 43 Class Vice-President 2,3,43 F,F,A, 1,2,3,4Q F,F,A, Section Foundation Award 3,4, District Foundation Award 43 F, F, A, Judging Teams 1,2,3,4Q Chorus l3 Class Play 3, 43 Bagpipe 3,41 Ec-Hi-An 4. PATSY HAGAN "Red Canary" Student Council 33 F,H,A, l,2,3,43 F,li,A. Historian 3, Treasurer 43 F,H.A, Junior Degree l, CliapterDegree 23 Class Play 3,43Chorus l,2, 3,43 Girls' Ensemble 33 Operetta 2,3,43 Band l, 2,3,43 Clarinet Quartet 3,43 Bagpipe 2,3,4Q Ec- Hi-An 4g Student Teacher 3,4, Sl IDRS BOB GIDEON "Goofus" F.F.A 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. VicePresident4gF,F.A. Judging Teams 3,4g Class Play 31 Track 1,2,3,4g Letterman 3, 4, GLADYS GRANT "Goodie, Goodie" F. H.A. 3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g Girls' Ensemble 3g Operetta 3,4g Class Play 4g Bagpipe 4g Ec-Hi-An 4. 45" ' s 4 X 4 .LQ y vi' .o""' X LEE ROY LAYMON "Oh, Johnny, Oh" F.F, A. 45 Band l,2,3,4g Ec-Hi-An 4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Basketball Letterman 2,3,4g Basketball Free ThrowTrophy Winner 4g Track 1,2,3g Track Letterman l,2,3, Cross Country Letterman 4. BENNY WILSON "Lover Come Back To Me" Script "E" lg Chorus l,2,3,4g Vocal Solo 1,2,3g Boys' Ensemble l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4g Drum Ensemble 3,49 Bagpipe 33 Ec-Hi-An 41 Operetta 2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Mgr. Basketball Team 2, 3. 4" Alfie N, N ,Y CHARLES MARTIN "Charlie, My Boy" F.F, A, 4, Band 1,2,3,4gEc-Hi-An 4g Class Sec- retary 2, Basketball 3,45 Basketball Letterman 4. MARGARET STOKES "Slow Poke" F,H.A. l,2,3,4g F,H,A, Historian 4g Chorus l, 2,3,4g Vocal Solo 1,2,3,4g Operetta 2,4g Band l,2,3,4g Flute Solo 1,2,3,4g Flute Trio 45 Stu- dent Librarian 4g Class Play 3,4g Bagpipe 3,4g EC-Hi-An 4, N av' ii. Sl Illll IZIASS PIIIIPHIIIY X On the lastlaoof my Round the World Tour before coming to the Mardn Gras I stopped an Edlnburg to vusut my parents Whnle there I talked wrth Pro fessar Dale now retlred from the teachung professuon We spent some tame re callmg memornes of Edlnburg sClass of 1953 and 1954 I was Interested to I arn the where abouts and work of the Mardl Gras guests of twenty years ago Mr Dale told me that SUE tumnd glfll BEATY IS chnef supervnsor at the lMale1 Brothers Clmrc In Rochester Minnesota CLARA LSIFIDQY bangsl TRUAX private secretary to Francis the Talking Mule has qurte a time answermg hrs fan mall along wrth her own love letters from Donme MARGARET IMaggre1 STOKES barmand In Erlo s Corner at Bulpntt has been chosen the fastest barmard ln Chrlstlan County GLADYS lstencu I1 GRANT editor of Edmburgh Scotland s dally newspaper The Bagprpe has recently broken the world s record of typnng stencrls PATSY fcarrot topl HAGEN frrst baseman for the Yankees draws a sum of S100 000 a week MARILYN fsoda lerkl TROST a malor rn Home Economlcs from the U of I can now be seen on Metro Goldyn Mayer movle set designing the clothes For famous stars there has been a great Increase on hrs sale of red headed baby dolls GALEN lGay1 COPLAN a constructron engineer IS workmg hard at remodel mg Star Bridge on South Fork Ruver the hrghway of the water VERLE fCasonova1 MULVANEY WANTED an all 48 states For has love em and leave em techmque MERLE fStogle1 MU LVANEY 1954 Farmer of the Year rs now a tobacco auctloneer an the Ozarks HELEN fSoeedy1 FUNDERBURK and her son runs the largest restaurant ln the Umted States using the Otis Lard she can fund JOANNE lShortle1 OLLER a famous anterior decorator In Hollywood has lust lfmlshed Lassle sdog house and expects to start on Trigger s stable next wee BOB fLoverboy1 GIDEON IS the male star of the new televlslon program I Love Lucy Produced by Bob A Lou BENNY lCrooner1 WILSON IS the chief bottle washer and shoe shmer for the great crooner Julius LaRosa CHARLES fDancmg Shoesl MARTIN ns dancing hrs way through one stage door and out the other Dad you dance mto Jane Russell s door by mrstake or on purpose Charl1e'7 DON lStranger1 BEATY ns candle lnghter and page turner for the great pranrst Llberace DALE lKnssable Llpsl EDWARDS a graduate from Great Lake s Buble Instntute now a mlnsster has chrlstened all the former Marilyn Monroe s chuldren LEE ROY fPa Kettlel LAYMON IS the proud father of 20 chrldren and havung a hard trme nammg the 21st one Well thus us the news from the Class of 1954 Our best wlshes For the next 20 years X Ii- 'Pix - + S S X I, g Y? r I .' .. . . . . '. . .. Z :xxx is :I - . H . , U . . V..-c I ..... K . 0 T- ' .. . . , I . I 1 ' " ' I l JOHNlslimbo1 CLIETON--Presidentof the BEST Manufacturing Company, says 5-X 5:-25 lA IllA IIIESIAME I We the graduating class of Edinburg High Class of 54 being of unsound mind weak heart and being on the verge of departm rnto realms unknown do hereby declare this our last will and testament All other wills before t is date are declared void TO THE TEACHERS To Mr Dale we leave our conduct OJ so that he won t have any trouble with the students in the future Mrs Peek we leave all broken typewrrters and paper wads that missed the basket Mr Anselm we leave our spots on the cet ing and all of our broken test tubes Mrs Stanton we leave all education acquired from field trtps the fun we take with us coach Duffield we will our big mouths so he will have some noise at the ames next year Mrs Sadler we leave all our atn ts fwe don t think we ll need themj an all of our unpaid library fines To Mr Hunsley we will all memories of our Judging teams lus the piles of sawdust and rust nails tn the farm sho with a pair of blood hounds to run down the oys who are supposed to be in s op To Mrs Qutc we leave all the cracked eggshells in the homemaking room and all the ravelrngs on the floor To Mr Depoy we will all our used gum and our gift of promptness to band rehearsalsto dispose upon those Juniors who need it To Mrs Coplan we leave all our sour notes, fwe ll keep the good onesj and do hereby grant her the right to dispose of the cute remarks with which we attract attention as she pleases To Mrs Jelly we leave our fond memories of happy hectic hours in the office To Mr Coplan although we are not all Republicans we leave our votes fwhtch we don t have! for County Superintendent next fall To Mr Randles our beloved former fifth grade teacher and now acting superintendent we leave our ability to make quick decisions and our free tickets to anything TO THE CLASSES To the Jolly Juniors we leave allof our debts and our year book know how We also leave you our ability to predict what the Junior sentor banquet of next fall is all about To the silly Sophomores we eave our abtlitres to dream up money making schemes and hec ttc excursions To the green Freshmen we leave all our books with no marks erased And we hope you will use them more than we did I Don Lover Boy Beary leave my flirting abilities to Welborn Eaton and my talents to gripe I will to Alvin Boggs ability to be to classes on time I John Slum Clifton leave my physique to Bob Clements and my persuasive power to Delorts Martin I Galen S ed Coplan leave to Barbara Holmes mygood grades and my brother Ronnie to Mary Truax to loo at and care for f I Dale Pedro Edwards leave my dramatic ability to Kenny Wtlham and to Janet Jones I will my alse teeth I Helen Never Argue Funderburk will my pleasant drsposrtton toRosemar McKinney and my excessive weight to Io Ann Best who badly needs it My stay awake pills I ll eep I Robert Bobby Gtdeon leave my uh leave my oh, he s just leavin V I Gladys Burnrsher Grant leave to Gmger Zim my blue eyes and my o frcral duty to get allthe grade school Bagpipe news typed up on time to anyone who thinks they can handle it I Pats Carrottop Hagan leave my badminton talent to Mary Truax and my spot under the elm tree I wt l to Wayne Peel I Lee Roy Cleo Lamon leave my mustache to Richard Reed who already has a good start and to Sue Jones I bequeath my come hrther e es I Charles Curly Martin leave m abt tty to get along with the opposite sex to Don Cook and my ping pon skill I leave to Wayne Pee I Mer e Shortte Mulvaney leave myhograrsmg knowhow to Walter Stokes and also to Walter I leave my strar ht A s I Verle Smt ey Mulvaney will my ability to keep out ofthe clutches of the opposite sex to Ron me Coplan and to Janet Jones I leave my smile I Joanne Teddy Oller wish to leave my Operatic talents to Jean Leach and to Deloris Martln I bequeath six tnches of my height and hope it will ard her rn getting drinks at the water fountain I Margaret Glamour Girl Stokes will m driving technique to Mary Frances Nolley who needs it and to Marilyn Ostermeier I leave my abr tty to play Yanke Doodle 1 Marilyn You Better Not Do That Trost leave my ability to ask questions to Harold Houk and my freckles to Glenna Mason I Clara Donnie Truax wish to leave my tapdancrng talents to Jean Leach, my golden coronet to Betty Pickering and all my memories of these high days to Lucy Cook I, Benny Lovem and Leavem Wilson wish to leave my place rn the ensemble to Don Brewer and my favorite parking place to Alvin Boggs fSee me latery -if - -Al ? ' S I W To .. ' ' . To . " D fl' " I . . r To . , . . - ' . ' . Q ' ' g ' . tl ' , -t - - -- Il,-.Sue "Buelah" Be'aty will my ability to pop gum to Sue Jones, and to Marilyn Ostermeier my ' - - . .I I ' . U IHRCIASSMT GTR A Julmns Presudent Alvnn Boggs Vuce Presudent Bob Clements Secretary Janet .Jones Treasurer Richard Reed Sponsors Lureta Stanton 'll ag Enoch Anselm SUPHUMURES President Grace Coplan Vice President JoAnn Thomas Secretary Thyas Strlclclun Margaret Nash Treasurer Qumcy Boggs Sponsors Elnzabeth Coplon Lorne Hunsley TRISHMTN President . . Bull Edwards Vice-President . . Kathryn Hill Secretary . . Carolyn Requarth Treasurer .... L6 Roy CGlVel'f Sponsors . . Mildred Sadler Merrill Duffield I JU IIIRS JoAnn Best Alvin Boggs Bob Clements Don Cook Lucy Cook Ronnie Coplan 'Yi if 1 " K 'ar- v-' ,J 1 5? - i of yt Lan 5 1 George Neuswander Mary Francis Nolley Maru lyn Ostermeuer Wayne Peel Betty Psclcermg Rlcharcl Reed Mary Truax Ganger Zum 1 Welborne Eaton Barbara Holmes Janet Jones Sue Jones Jean Leach Delorns Martln ? K' Tj Z4 ,ff 3 ,. Q'-.1 Grace Coplan Josephme Herple Harold Houk Mary Lou Jordan Glenna Mason Rosemary McKinney Ed McKinnon Arthur Nash Ajll 1 Y' SIIPHIIMIIRIS Barbara Chrnstopher Donna Cunningham Sylvia Eaton Wllllam Fox Margaret Nash Connne Ogden Eunice Perrlne 'F QF V7 7? Bl I ly Perry Bu II Reller Norma Ruchards Judy Richardson Mary Lou Swmger JoAnn Thomas Bull Weeden Kenneth Wllham Kenneth Zlmbleman 4 I v R ' A , . , y 4' ffl K -yv ' , m X A 5 , Y yyyu f' 'W . 2' R G-Q , , Q Richard Patton X' y , l l 4 E - 4 " ' 'L' I Q Eh A 5 . - yfs, at Q , 1 E A E I . E ., ri W r y J E K yi Q - - R y R Y 3 - 1 E 1. - ' I' 4 A 1 Thyas Stracklln HHSHMI Robert Anderson Jane Bell Larry Blankenship Janet Bryant Lyndell Burtle Le Roy Calvert Howard Cary Zoey Cavatorta Jam Cook Donna Dam 'BRAC' ,ff Joyce Mulvaney Janet Ostermener Edwlna Pearson Linda Peel Georgia Pickering Carolyn Requarth Suzanne Smuth Walter Stokes Charles Truax Phyllls Wllham Judy Zlmbelman 5, I f A... L 'N 3 rf' ff -Qi? qvfv U" 5 ,rf I lkf' Jrm Edwards Wrllram Edwards Elaune Fountain Myrna Furgeson Jerry Gardner Vx Barbara Grant Carol Hadden Ellen Hart Kathryn Hull Jean Humphrey Glenn lrwun Myrna Kohl Elmer Leach Donald Martin Mary Ann Muller Xfi x 4 """ .J f 9' v if 5 3 9' J 5' H I ' N' ' ' LZ -fu B ?fQ J 'W' f' lx J , l 1 . , , , J ,,. if 1 fs- "6 " ' " WA ' 'f' 2 J lyxJ:-L ' 'A tx f'- " : 'N' L'-14 'CMJ - . Q fl ' W . I . Q .V 4.2 -cf f y ly, J' U J' A , J x ' ' 5, . 5 4Lf'.' Aki., Lel. 33+ :G I-.3 F: J J 5 L T6 5 J . . J :L ,J J J N J J - - J -4 ' r 'J ' L W' ' ' A 9,1 , . 4 Y . ' ! A J 'JL 'J I J' SX ' f I qu' f J- K '-A J , si ' "' J J 1' ' V ' 'ss J- I W ' I, , J Q J . 5 f Q . 1' ' J I "LVL A JJ E July' J I va 1 lx LQ d E . ' 'f .54 1 I ' M , , J sf .. ' J. U 1 ' ' J L . . . ' ,f 'fx ' 5 1' E ' gl 1 'fl J: ' 9' 5' ' . n -ws X' at r v ,J - Let's Not Fight Boys XI 'll' A-A 5 ' Q pf! .- . 4., A . J ...,a F 'f. I li ' ' I 5' A 'X .agree A. g . gf'A,,9,. ,'fH,f'Tf?:, V, I -v-, C H Hop Nobody Home But Bunny Us Chickens" -u vo lf- iv- H O-oooo oux ' f: . r" - ' 1 ' 'W ' ' - "vQN:xf?f'?sQ'1l".wP' 5' FQ' .-We've Come A L T-Ogefhern Ong Yeflrsj Lx 01 I . U Fmhfn QNX "The Three Sons "School Doys 27 Skuppmg School Banquet lnstallatlon SlUlll l President Vnce President Secretary Treasurer Advnsor Council C O U N C I L Merle Mulvaney Sue Jones Jam Hunsley Shirley Fountain Rnchard Reed Margaret Nash Robert Clements Verle Mulvaney Glenna Mason Larry Blankenship Sue Beaty OFFICERS Galen Coplan Helen Funderburlc Marilyn Trost Ronald Coplan Fred A Dale Presiding In Session President l MEMBERS Bull Weeden JoAnn Thomas Ginger Zum Sandra Rhodes Janet Jones Clifford Porter Glen Irwin Marilyn Trost Ronnie Caplan Helen Funderburk Galen Coplan FredA Dale Banquet 'SS- Addmg fo Delegates to Christmas Time Trophy Case State Convention T2 . I l-- J'-gf ' C ,K l - , WVhk X CII GIIAIIIIAIIII S III Q, - sumrnlih :- 1. E? I ,ft f 3 V X X S r -4 T' L. Galen Coplan Merle Mulvaney Salutatorian Valedictorian I Sue Beaty D. A. R. Half Mile First Pano Open, Star Farmer Perfect At Normal Relays, C. M. S., District tendance-- Second at State: time --l:58.0 4 years. High Magazine Salesmen Boys' Ensemble--First State ACTIVITY "E" WINNERS Helen Funderburk . Janet Jones Merle Mulvaney . John Clifton Alvin Boggs . . . Grace Coplan Clara Truax . . . Galen Coplan Marilyn Trost . . Joanne Oller Flute Trio--First State Free Tl'1row Award Literary Winners 68 .51 n I Q9 CJ 7 Friends So High Quit Shoving 1 . .A " -5 a 'v v A , t Je C49 D c lx All Frills Traveling Clarinet Quartet Jr . 8. Sr. Banquet Score Keeper Square Dancing No Smile Band Brass Sextet Flute Trlo Clarunet Quartet No l Drum Ensemble Galen Caplan Corn t Solo Grace Caplan Barstone Solo Margaret Stokes Flute Solo Zoey Cavatorta Cornet Solo Margaret Nash Sax Solo Lmda Peel Bass Clarinet Solo Larry Blankensln Horn Solo Flmt Flmt Flmt Flmt Second Second Flmt Flmt Second Second Second Second Second Second Judy Richardson Clarmef Solo Jo Ann Thomas Clarlnet Solo State State State State State State Dlstrlct District Dlstrlct Dlstrlct Dlstrlct Dlstrnct Dlstruct Dnstrrct Dustrnct l S SIIMHHI li f' S . V L, W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I . . . . . . . . . . . . , . nannuqasuua . I . 1 nnnauun l I . . . e . . , 1 u 1 1 . 1 1 I , . . 1 1 1 1 . I . . 1 1 1 I . . l 1 1 1 . 1 I l . 1 .1 1 1 I . . 1 1 1 I ' . Helen Funderburli. . Horn Solo . Second, ' ' 1 1 1 1 I 0 . H Hllll' Zz l rt ,Ji ' OFFICERS Kenny Zlmbelman Galen Coplan Lee Roy Laymon John Cllfton Grace Coplan Mary Truax Judy R1chard SOD Georgia Pickering Obeo Solo Judy Zimbelmaw Sax Solo Second Second Cornet Quartet Clarinet Quartet Brass Quartet Second Second Second A HUME HIW District District District District District Kathyrn Hill. i. Sax Solo. Secondj District G 2 Q Gnrls Chorus Boys Chorus Mix cl Chorus Boys Ensemble Girls Ensemble No Girls Ensemble No 3 Mlxed Ensemble Boys Ensemble No 2 Second Dlsfrlcf Second Store Second Store Flrsf Sfofe Second Dnsfrnct S cond Dlsfrlcf Second Dlsfrncf Second Dlsfrncf SA 2' fl 3 I , ff-:rg . VOCAL SO LOS Furs? Flrsf Second Second Second Third Thxrd Joanne Oller Carolyn Requarfh Mary Truax Linda Peel Connle Ogden Grace Coplan Benny Wu Ison PIANO SOLO Edwlna Pearson Thlrd MY Dusfrncf Dlsfrncf Dlsfrlct Dusfrlcf Dlsfrlcf Dlsfrucf Dlstruct Dlsfrucf . a a n n l I . . .,.,..r , HIARIH STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Patsy Hagan Treasurer Norma Richards Parllofnentarlan Margaret Stokes Hlsforlan Mary Truax Secretory Clara Truax Vice Presrdent FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Barbara Grant Mary Lou Swmger Judy Rrchardson Grace Coplan Edwma Pearson Marrlyn Ostermeler, Barbara Chrtstopher Jean Leach Joan Best SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Jones, Norma Rrchards Patsy Hagan Helen Funderburk Mr Coplan Clara Truax Mary Truax, Mar garet Stokes, Mrs Qurck THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Lmda Peel Jane Bell Barbara Holmes Ellen Hart Marrlyn Trost, Lucy Cook, Kathryn H111 Jean Humphrey Zoey Cavatorta Jo Ann Thomas, Rosemary Mc Kmney Marrlyn Best, Janet Bryant Judy Zxmbelman Delores Martm FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Ela1ne Fountaln Mary Lou Jordan Josephtne Helple, Janet Jones, Sue Jones Gladys Grant Carolyn Re quarth Sue Beary Joanne Oller Donna Dam, Joyce Mulvaney Janet Ostermeter Myrna Kohl, Suzanne Smlth Thyas Strrcklrn, Sylvta Eaton Carol Hadden Q , , I. I E , Helen Funderburk President Hlllllll HDMI IIIHIKINIS AAAIAHAS UI AAAHAIIIA Part of Court Attendant at Danc facie Kung and Queen Carried Crowns dropped petals A-.4 lang Attendant at Dance Old Officers New Offncers I A i 4 I Tume to Eat Attendant at Dance Recenved Degrees 37 x A A A A t W X ,b Q 6 e ' , ii 1 X. 1 J A ' N e ,Q A Q 1 ' t xx . - fx ' 5 N I an 1 'A J ' A 4 'IA 'fo 1 ' A - V' ' J X, 4 Q A 'GNL' I Q 1 EW: ,D D Merle Mulvaney Sec y John Clrfton Pres Bob Gtdeon Vrce Pres DonBrewer Sentmel Rrchard Patton Reporter Ver1eMu1 vaney Treas BAR YARD SEM Alll 1ST ROW L TOR Verle Mulvaney Merle Mulvaney JohnCl1fton Bob Grdeon Rlchard Patton Lorne Hunsley Advxsor 2ND ROW Don Beaty, A1v1n Boggs Robert Anderson Charles Traux Leroy Calvert Don Cook George Nelsewander, Rrchard Reed Charles Marun Walter Stokes, Don Brewer 3RD ROW B111 Perry Elmer Leach Qurncy Boggs, Edward Mc Krnnon B111 Reller Harold l-louk Lee Roy Laymon '-qi First Stclr Former Feeding program wmner P to S .- . I L Q g l LOL ' , V as , as ' I ji I l 'I ' af-ef mv' fed? -X ,Z 4' sf There s th best one Push a luttle harder HONORS SECTIONAL AND STATE AWARDS Star Farmer Merle Mulvaney State Farmer Merle Mulvancy Alvm Boggs DeKalb Award Merle Mulvaney State Small Grams Award ls Alvm Boggs State Farm Mechamcs Award 2nd Verle Mulvaney CHAPTER AWARDS Rxchard Reed Soybean Award Alvm Boggs Corn 8. Small Gram Award Verle Mulvaney Farm Mechanics 8. Sheeo Award Merle Mulvaney "'Star Farmer Beef Soybeans Swme Prolect and Scholarshup Awards Don T work loo hard Harold Houk Improv ment IH Grades Award 41' NTFS The Columbus System Whlch WIN If beg duscover and then land, 7 ,I 'J -xldkl it I I A V ' ' ' X. 0 0 0 'gal' "1 'J Nur. . 4 " . , -A , '..v ff .' ff' ,atf " X I' ,ff-' ' A , ' F X '-'. 'f X r ,- ' . 1 Q . - af , l V . t 'I .1 A. X in pi. , 5 'fif- . ,iff , .4 V 0 s ' X ' f ' X ia . U 3, 45 .4 1' I "'x'3 ' - ,wif tl' Q. ll I e ll ll ' ll ,ku h 2 X H HH :,-id?-Qi: ........ ' f 4 1- :ff f 'Z - ' " 1' . . . ' 3 4f'1-' A W -g' M , . . I ' ' ' I I ' I Il l ll " ' . ' o ll ll ,, . . . ,, l A.. if of : 'VII Y ". I 5 A b 1 V T 5 x f ' ' l T I :Lili i Q .f rbi.. Y A Q V. Q' ' 3 9 " f -g-. ka: i,1 ug: . , . . 5 CHHH ll Hlllflli HIGH 'W' f" Aunlil0. 4 l V lr xv ,r Q' slfnx H' 4,7 ,vs A',,,a I I -4940 JoAnn Best, Mornlyn Best, Mary Truclx JoAnn Thomas 4 1 ' ,, - ', , , " , A ' 'g . ..'. ' ,' P ',..f,,-,1.f',"Jf .W .1 J T K r , If vff , - , ,i ' ' - .' . . ., .1 I- L.. Lg4fA..'K rf-. K. A K ,5 i," A: ax, n 'MI' . ,K ' - A ,.,, fl 1 f V ' . M., 0 1' ' .Li . ' 1 V. I , I g, ' ' ' -K v , .. J: , . f ., Li 1 " , .f A a ',4'f'f-'a"l' 5 , A 1 . v ,W . Q .. ' .- lib! . V ,l i V K , . .' , , ,Q J ' it V-, , N V' , . ' ,W.f,g5-f'v..f4. - , 5 xv x wi., N ,,'.. . .X v 4 V. l ' A K ,Ji ,ly 1, x . K -r i V , -Y .VC..f-hx.Ls,,9.. .,v y, x - "'r,y'-J, ,W V, '. Q... :A Pntul, M., f.,, I v A 'v.'.', .QA , r J ' 'Q' "I T' A x. . 1-,,p, fr . .V 4 ry SIHQ , . , . ' - ws. 4 f .' .1 'L,.y - A - , i J KLA, L, V -- ' ', - 'Y r f ..,"-f , I A .. ,,. .-:4 .Q 1 . . - ., A .4 5 y 3.3 SW lm U, 5 , ,, . 1 V .V ,H ff ,V . 4 L, 1, - ,ff-." ,f W, . .. U. -'-.' ' , . ,,.. . . . ,f , , . .. , . 4 . ,. A gfv. .,' 'L fn' 'f' . "' . ' - - -vf .f i1"'.," IQ' f.-,4I,. ' A- "f Z'f't' 'Y " ... A Af - - I 4' .gh - ?f.:' A M ,ai .Nt .-.'., ,..!U., J. ,L-K ,W,.,yx,lv.K -:-',...- f-,Q-M '. ' f .-Q, -V .. b' , V ' .', ' , - 1 S , ' , l 1 -ff,K'-,Q-y'f'.4 94, ,-g' , ','.4 D, 1 A 'K vb - f ,' .',' ,- fi 3-311 9 -, 1: i, lr ., .1 .. ,. . A Jig ..,,1vAA.1,V , '-' ,f ',"1'.'-"' "" ' ' .- ' 'ff'-"f1"4" ,,-'.' fm -- Q -v . I Sept Sept Sent Sept Sept SEASON S RECORD Rochester Boll Twp Rocnester Stonington Raymond THE TEAM ost Won OST Won ost SITTING Glen Irw1n Jrm Cook Qumcy Boggs Art Nash Howard Cary L Roy Calvert Jrrn Edwards Larry Blankenshrp Robert Anderson STANDING Wayne Peel Galen Coplan Kenneth Zrmbelman Ronme Coplan Bob Cle ments Jerry Gardner B111 Edwards B111Weeden Coach Duffreld Ml lllll Ill IHE HAH GAME H CHU TRY S A G THAN A WIND Kin. i- Alvan Boggs Merle Mulvoney Galen Coplan SEASON S RECORD The flrsf Wnldccrtcross counfryfecm In the history Springfield Trl Clfy Sprlngfleld Springfield STANDING L TO R Lee Roy Lay mon B111 Weeden Alv1n Boggs B111 Edwards Galen C opla n KNEEL ING Coach Duf fleld Wayne Peel Merle Mulvaney Qumcy Boggs Edunburg Ed lnburg L I nco ln Edinburg Edinburg of the school emerged vlcforsous In 3 out of 4 meets -defeohng Springfield Hugh 3 fumes Tru Clfy once and bowing only to o strong Lincoln squad G0 000 Be oW Bm E awof cxwofxes Mofxkn WIlDCATS LOW' Galen C Lee ROY OPIUI1 Coach Duffield Ronald Cop, Ken 60 Q17 nefh Bill 95 R ' h Gu.mC,l B09 44 IC ard Reed Weeden rflbefmon Rochester Boll Twp Assumptnon Trl Cnty Formersvl Ile Pawnee Mt Auburn Stomngton Auburn Morrusonvulle M Mt Auburn Auburn Boll Twp Macon Raymond Mt Auburn Dlvernon Boll Twp Rochester Blue Mound Drstrlct Tower H111 Won vmunv samuel? SEASON S RECORD e They Slc em ost Words of wisdom LEFT TO RIGHT R Reed K Z1mbe1man R Coplan L Laymon D Beary Coach Duffleld B Edwards B Weeden C Martm G Coplan Q Boggs W 52 56 . 53 56 ' 58 56 '- ' 48 66 ' 64 58 62 44 . 79 49 ' 59 56 49 71 so ' ' 57 58 C. .S. ' ' . 64 56 f as 43 1 . 51 47 I Stonington 58 43 58 80 63 41 . 75 41 ' 63 54 . 61 42 48 55 67 71 ' ' -- ' 53 56 12 L 10 I NI llllllil BIIVER YIIIIIE SHUEIEIIER Get that ball! RESERVES We They Rochester 46 44 Ball Twp . 47 22 Assumption 34 32 Tri-City 34 40 Fclrmersville 36 37 Pawnee 54 42 Mt. Auburn 46 15 Stonington 28 54 Auburn 26 44 Morrisonville 39 45 Stonington 48 50 Macon 31 56 Raymond 28 39 Mt. Auburn 35 30 Divernon 35 45 Ball Twp. 50 36 Rochester 53 42 Blue Mound 34 55 Won 8 Lost 10 Sizing 'em up TOP ROW: B. Clements C. Truax, C. Cook, J Gardner, L, Calvert, G, Irwin, Coach Duffield, KNEELING: W, Stokes, Mgr,g A. Nash,G, Cole, J, Edwards, H, Cary, I. Cook, R, An- derson, Mgr. SEASON'S RECORD APRIL 1--Edinburg '73, Ston- ington 59g Mt. Auburn 24, APRILB--Rochester 60 213, Edinburg 57 1!3. APRIL 9--Kincaid 60 1!2g Edinburg40 1!2gRaymond 59. APRIL 17--Pana Open-G. Cop- lan established new record- 880--2:06. 8, APRIL 20--Raymond '79, Edin- burg 44. APRIL 24--Norman Relays G. Coplan first-- 880--2:04. 5, APRIL 27--C. M. S. --Auburn 51 1!2, Raymond 48 5!6g Edinburg 45 1!2g Ball Twp 43 2f3g Divernon 22 1!2g Morrisonville 115 Mt. Au- burn 2g Farmersville 0, M A Y 4 - -F - S Invitational-- Taylorville, Fresh, --Edin- burg 8th--8 1X4 pts.: Soph. --Edinburg 11th--2 1X3 pts. MAY 8--District--5 3!4. G. Cop1an880--first, B. Gideon P, V, --tie for 4th. MAY 12--Springfield 86, Au- burn 45g Edinburg 20. MAY 15--State--880--2nd, G. Coplan first Edinburg athlete to go to state meet, A new school record- - 1. 58. 0. BACK ROW, L. TO R.: G. lr- win, 'L, Calvert, 'K, Zim- belman, J. Gardner, 'C. Truax, 'L Clifton, Coach Duffield, 'R, Coplan, 'B, Ed- wards, B, Weeden, 'G, Cop- lan, 'A, Boggs, 'B, Gideon, BOTTOM ROW: E. Leach-- Mgr., R, Anderson, J, Cook, G, Cole, H. Cary, J. Ed- wards, L, Blankenship, 'M. Mulvaney, Q, Boggs, 'A. Nash--Mgr. ' Letter Winners, - H' John Clifton Discus -- 126' 3" Coach Duffield Ron Coplan Galen Coplan A. Boggs S, P, 41' 4 lf2" 440--: 54.5 440--:57.5 H.H. 220 880--1:58. 0 X il 13 .., . M. I IIA 'I GH HH THE TRACK Bob Gideon P, V. 11' 2" M, Mulvaney Mile- -4:59. 0 JU IDR-Sl I UR BA UUH O Sen Nl x 4"'F.x Ez? MARDI GHAS J 'L Hrldegorde Grnger Zum lSl1e s Trrecl of Benng A Wallflowerj Mr Dolson Ron la lHnldegorcle s Fcxtlmerj Mrs Dolson Janet Jones fHllde crde s Mother Sally Mary Truax lHxlclegorde s Younger Susterl o Bob Clements lHrlclegcrcle s Older Brotlnerl Jrmmy George Nersewonder lHrldr.,gcrde s Younger Brotherl Purge Delores Martrn lSl1e Lakes To Play Postmcnl Ellne-May . . Jo Ann Best 1 c u Ellre Moy s Frren Freddie Slwermer Wo ne Peel lHe Wears Knrclcersl Mr. Shermer . Alvrn Boggs fFreddne s Fatl-verb Mrs. Slrermer . "lHl WHllll illWN'S iAlKINli" Henry Simmons, a manufacturer . Merle Mulvaney Harriet Simmons, his wife . . .Helen Funderburk Ethel Simmons, their daughter . . . Gladys Grant Chester Binney, Simmon's partner . . Dale Edwards Letty Lythe, a movie star ..... Sue Beaty Donald Swift, a movie director . . John Clifton Roger Shields, a young Chicago blood .BennyWilson Lila Wilson, a friend of Ethels . . Joanne Oller Sally Otis, cz friend of Ethels . . . Marilyn Trost Annie, a maid ....... MargaretStokes Sadie Bloom, a dance teacher . . . Clara Truax Mrs. Jackson ..... . . Patsy Hagan Taxi Driver . . . . Verle Mulvaney nlnimn nv Q Mnnnfn Sflllltlt GIHlS' PHlSlCAl IUUCAIIU "HDMI HUT ANU Pllll WITH Ml" "Swing her high, and swing her low" Pyramids "Guard fha? girl" . . and JoAnn slid home Schoffische Play ball! Upside down Strike three-you're our Five point serve The winners! "We losf both volleyball and softball rournamenfs To The Sophomores" XX CAR HKIN XXI I X 7 ,j ,IA 'R 5 ffl "S-an 0" -- A W' ff?" b'. fi' r .K X .. 1' 4 , .ln I X A- ,,,, 4 A xuqx' Q ' Q' 3, "Composin"', Mr. Depoy. 4, Tickling those "Ivory Keys"-- 5, "Down" to painting Mrs, 6. Favorite posture-- 1 2, "Waiting patiently, Mrs, Peek, annual . "Hustle Russell, Mr. Brown, janitor, pictures, Mrs. Coplan. Sad1er-- Senior Play, Mr. Duffield, , I A 3 f.- 7. Coffee Time, Mr. Jack, janitor. 8. What's the score? Mr. Dale? 9. Checking inventories Mr. Hunsley? 10. Laughing matter, Mrs. Stanton 8: Mr. Stokes. 12. 's try it here," Mrs, Quick. "I'm Sweeping Be- hind you"-- Mr. Eng- land, B U S DRIVERS: "In A11 Kinds of W e a th e r" LEFT TO RIGHT: Hunter Hill, Glenn Younker, Allen Oller, Russell Brown, D o r i c e Hoover , George G ilp i n. F' 'Qin Fifi ai 'AM COOKS "She Can Bake A Cherry Pie" LEFT TO RIGHT Marjorie Riley, Marjorie Hunsley Amy Weeclen, Lola Davis, qAbsent Ora Piercej, Pu Your Little Foot Right Out When My Baby Smiles At Me A 'S if-H4 Goin' Steady Singin' In The Rain Hey, Good Lookin' Iris Jig ,l Call Me Up Sometime l'm Goin' Wait For Love Good , Good , Good Chesty R if tri Back to School Arrival !!it Fr B! ...Z The Old Piano Student teacher Watch the Birdie Roll Bluesi' helps Winlcum I 1 ' AUGUST School Registration SEPTEMBER School Begins Labor Day--No School Boys' Baseball Team New Piano delivered Student Teacher Begins Miss Lila Schoonover F, F, A, Leadership Training Juniors look at rings Seniors look at announcements Girls go on P. E, hike Student Council Installation Meeting ofTreasurers of all organ- izations English Classes go to Passion Play Juniors take State Wide Tests OCTOBER F, H, A, Skating Party All School Party Cross Country Team First Six Weeks F, H, A, Delegates to Gillispie F, F, A, Banquet Cheerleading tryouts Operetta F, F, A, Picks up corn Seniors go to Ankers for Pictures NOVEMBER Poultry and Grain Judging Contest Iunior Play Pep Meeting Armistice Day--No School National F, H, A, Week National Book Week Mother and Daughter Tea Second six Weeks Thanksgiving Vacation-No School Operetta Best Masks Cheerleaders 'e., of "' ki. A gg. , 1 l 5. 5-8. 8. 13. 16. 17. 23. 4. 13. 15. 27. 28. 1. 3. 4. 5. 12. 16. 19. 22-26. 1 10 17- 25. 26. 1. -5. 6. 6. 8. -13, 11. 11. 16. 20. 23. 27. 30. Junior Play DECEMBER Y Senior Scrap Drive C, M, S, Basketball Tournament Baseball and Cross Country Letters Awarded Band and Chorus Christmas Concert F, H, A, Christmas Party Christmas Assembly Christmas Vacation Starts JANUARY School Begins Again March of Dimes Dance Third Six Weeks D, A, R, Winner Magazine Drive FEBRUARY Biology Field Trip Senior work night Vocal Prelimenary Contest F, H, A, Sweetheart Dance Lincoln's Birthday--No School Yearbook Pictures Student Council Election District Basketball Toumament College Day at Taylorville Fourth Six Weeks MARCH Yearbook Pictures Regional Basketball Tournament F, F, A, Judging Contest District Solo and Ensemble Contest Biology Field Trip to Jacksonville Sectional Basketball Tournament Chorus Party Table Tennis Tournament C, M, S, Band Contest State Basketball Tournament F,H,A, Tea at Mt. Auburn F, H, A, Rally at Greenfield Literary Contest Waiting for the comero Moy I have this dance nl' Dig deep Flowers for Sf. Vincent D. A. R . Hove you reod these GRADE 0 I MIlUHlD BRUBICK -TEACHER FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cheryl Welch, Becky Pearson, Kathy Myers, Margaret Requarth, Marcia Patton, Wanda Prince, Judy Stumm, Marsha Swinger, Sharon Nave, Jean Trost, Jane Trost, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rita Rhodes, Sheila Yonker, Pamela Wilson, Dana Richards, Becky Greffe, Sharon Sample, Barbara Thomas, Linda Seaton, Rachel Sisk, Tom Price. THIRD ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Privott, David Roberts, Francis Vogel, Monte Wisbrock, Gene Stengel, Roy Wise, Jack Waters, Kirby Myers, Mildred Brubeck, Teacher, ABSENT: Lynn Weiser, Joe Tucker, Linda Vandeveer, Teddy Vandeveer, Judy Klespitz, Sue Wise. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanna Bradley, Cheryl Blair, Cheryl Elliott, Amy Sue Kunz, Mary Ellen Yonker, Jeanne Edwards, Cynthia Miller, Polly Kohl, Donna Irwin, Ruth Grieme. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Duffield, David Cagle, Kent McCloskey, Connie Gowdy, Clarence Grant, Sheila Lefever, Tommy Oldham, Kenneth Anderson, Gary McKinnon, Carol Ferguson, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Junior Christopher, Craig Hamm, Eddie Jones, Billy McDermith, Brian Duf- field, Ronnie Funk, Dean Long, Everett Martin, Elizabeth K, Hibbetts, Teacher, ABSENT: Russell Eastin, Sharon Fleming. GRADE TWU llIlABllH HIBBIIIS HTEACHIR HEEE RA HEES --TEACHER FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosetta Bradley, Anita Anderson, Susie Daugherty, Marilyn Hartel, Marcella McKinnon, Bonnie Cox, Linda Anderson, Cynthia Michel, Norma Hedden, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Cary, Richard Fountain, Bill Boaden, David Blount, Kenny Oldman, Larry Furgeson, Steven Denney, Gary Jelley. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John McKittrick, Joey Gensler, Danny Cravens, Jimmy Ent, Thomas Hunsley, Lyn.n Bailey, George Jamison, Bobby McConnell, Helen Randles, Teacher. ABSENT: Dalena Dunn, Karon Housel. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marsha Mason, Renee Patton, Leah Sue Thomas, Mary Ann Richardson, Sherry Richars, Beverly Sue Minix. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Perry, Kay Wiseman, Mary Lou Prasun, Sharon Peel, Janice Mulvaney, Fat Riley, Gladys Alex- ander, Teacher, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Geoege Phares, Kenneth Ostermeier, Mark Jordan, Richard Phillips, Larry Hayes, Junnie Smith, ABSENT: Charles Porter, Polly Sudduth, Margaret Vogel RRAHE xgfir. BEAHYS AEEXA HER --TEACHER DRADE HE RIEEE HDREERRI K ' --EEADHER FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cheryl Hooper, Cinda Cox, Sue I-Iafliger, Bonita Heiple, Judy Bourland, Trudy Irwin, Bonita Vandeveer, Connie Seaton. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul I-Iurelbrink, David Aufrecht, Peggy Kohl, Brenda Poteet, Nancy Norred, Bobbie Phillips, Danny Yonker, Teddy Wanack, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Swinger, Larry Hunsley, Richard Hurelbrink, Billy Nation, Gary Funk, Michael Blair, Gordon Nave, Gary Prince, Miss Hurel- brink, Teacher, ABSENTEES: Darlene Bandy, Marcia Kohl, Juanita Sinnard, Laura Durham, Larry Burtle. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Smith, Peggy Thomas, Rita Taylor, Leona Hayes, Patricia Mason, Mary Daugherty, Nancy Greffe, Phyllis Minix, Frances Michel, Gerry Thomas. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Linne, Richard Dain, Norman Truax, Irene Hadden, Kristine Weiser, Margaret Clifton, Bernie Wiseman, Mike Cunningham, Larry Beaty, Jackie Miller. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Freddie Grant, Bobbie Prasun, Thony Price, Dannie Gibson, Lonnie McCloskey, Jim Ralph, Gene McGinnis, Ralph Trost, Charles McKinney, Edith Edwards, Teacher, GRADE EDWARDS --EEAIIHER --TEACHER a VZ, 1 it-d . ' nl Q EUHR-JJVE .. MAESU --TEACHER FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Christina Ostermeier, Linda McKittrick, Patty Jones, Barbara Koechler, Donna McKlttrick, Linda Perry. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT:'l'0mmy Neimeyer, Edwina McKinnon, Charlene Grelve, Nancy Furgeson, Sharon Hartel, Larry Nash, BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Fountain, Larry Allen, William Moroney, David Hafliger, Dale Oster- meier, Gregory Patton, Mrs, Alice Matson, Teacher. ABSENTg Carole Lane, Betty Sinnard, Floyd Behl. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Zini, Janet Sturdy, Brenda Perry, Becky Edwards, Cheryl White, Freda Vandeveer, Janice Elliott, Sherill Funk, Sharon Funk, Mike Riley. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: La Vern Best, La Roy Best, Deon Wilkinson, Terry Edwards, Jerry Moskus, Bob Funderburk, Kenneth Truax, Stephen Perry, John Swinger, Mrs, Florence Jones, Teacher, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Dain, Ronnie Poor, Charles Lane, Robert Boaden, Leslie Huddleston, Lawerence Jordan, Larry Frey, Tony Taylor, ABSENT: Lyle Adams, Carol Ann Arnold, GRADE EEURE EE RA UllS --ll CHER FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Privott, Charles Neisewander, Ronnie Cagle, James Chris topher, Norman Kohl. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sherry Privott, Jane Miller, Sandra An derson, Becky Waters, Ruth Ann Alexander, Barbara Mason, Barbara Hitt, Peggy Niemeyer, Sha ron Rae Yonker, Carol Vandeveer, Sandy Pickering, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Fowler Naleta Phares, Sandra Thomas, Kay Ostermeier, Sharon Franklin, Judy Meyers, Sheryl Troutt Maxine Grant, Carol Sturdy, Alvin Randles, Teacher. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vernon Hayes, David Requarth, Jerry Hartel, Mathew Wisbrock, Barney Furgeson, Glen Tucker, Donald Elliott, William Clements, John Weeden, ABSENT: Clifford Kunz. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Christopher, Alan Dain, Dale Mulvaney, Billy Bugg, Dwight Davis, Floyd Stricklin, Larry Vandeveer, Larry Blakey. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Furgeson, Bonnie Martin, Patty Miller, Joyce Brewer, Grace Hadden, Judy Edwards, Linda Beaty, Mary Ann Minix. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol McKinnon, Sandra McKinney, Barbara Phillips, Sandra Rhodes, Karen Miller, Judy Wilkinson, Wanda McDermith, Wilma Allen, Phyllis Weiser, Bertha Hill, Teacher. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Thomas, Roy Moroney, Larry Jones, Rex Harbert, Larry Calvert, Karen Porter, Barbara Irwin, Shari Neisewander, Geneva Grant, ABSENT: Mary Miller, Kathryn Klespitz, Jon Marc Bourland, Clifford Porter. GRADE SEVE BIRIHA Hlll --IIACHIR --HIRICTHR FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Diedrich, James Reller, Larry Fowler, Gary Cravens, Clifford Linne, James Hunsley, Robert Greive, Dwight Mason, LyndellDurham, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Ostermeier, Patricia Thomas, Diana Hafliger, Patsy Zini, Ida Stuart, Donna Frain, Charlotte Taylor, Joan Cary, Nancy Anderson. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Sloan, Larry Porter, Doris Hayes, Roberta Moroney, Margaret Briggs, Shirley Fountain, Carolyn Kohl, Fred Richards, Alfred Funder- burk, Connie Hagan. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharol Miller, Donald Hurelbrink, Norman Trost, Lane Cagle, Wade Halford, Phillip Patton, Samuel Tucker, Arthur Hargis, Teacher, ABSENT: Elaine Poor, Sharon Strumpher, HRAHE EIGHT ARTHUR HARRIS HIEAEHER FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Fountain, Phyllis Weiser, Wilma Allen, Sandra Rhodes, Sheryl Troutt. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kaye Ostermeier, Barbara Hitte, Barbara Phillips, Grace Hadden, Carolyn Kohl, Terry Privott, Barbara Ostermeier, Carol Sturdy, Sandra Thomas, Larry Died- rich, Naleta Phares, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Wilkinson, Billy Bugg, Rex Harbert, John Weeden, Phillip Patton, Ruth Alexander, Dwight Davis, Judy Edwards, Sharon Younker, Wade Halford, Norman Trost, Matt Wisbrock, Bill Clements. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Miller, Gary Cravens, Lane Cagle, Jim Hunsley, Robert DePoy, Director, Norman Kohl, Dwight Mason, ABSENTg Becky Waters, Robert Greive, JH IHR RA H RHRIRT HIPHY FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Greive, Dwight Mason, Donald Hurelbrink, Larry Fow ler, Gary Cravens, SECOND ROW: Mr. Hargis, Dale Mulvaney, Rex Harbert, Fred Richards Wade Halford, Norman Trost, Larry Porter, Larry Calvert, Lane Cagle, Grace Hodden Diana Hafliger Karen Porter Peggy Briggs FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Requarth, William Clements, Larry Thomas, Gary Cra- vens, Larry Fowler. SECOND ROW: Mr, Hargis, Dale Mulvaney, Lyndell Durham, Robert Sloan, James Reller, Robert Greive, Norman Trost, Jerry Moskus, Lane Cagle, I5, nfvnu: It has .seen th un trrlng ffort of the Annual Staff to accentuate and gave form to the many actlv tres of Edinburg Hugh which sunraunded us durnng the past school year nn a harmonuous manner nn keepmg with our theme MELODY LANE Without the help and co operatlon of all of you th mak mg of thus book could not have been what rt us We especially want to thank our sponsors Mr Dale and Mrs Peek for th nr loyal suoport and encouragment at all tumes Mr Anselm for hrs effvcnent hanclllng of the magazine druv and Mrs Sadler for her oatnence and capable dnrectnng of our play whlch helped funanc thus ann :al Mr Anker, our photograoher, who too4 more onctures In one day than he had ev r done un hus lute and Mr Hays and Mr Gross ofthe Myers Publushlng Company the publnshers of our annual Au RSVOIY, and may the words of Wordsworth prov true for Qfoxffy you Sweetest melodues are thos that are by dnstance l LU-IUOKAIA made more sweet and that as you look at thus book you will walk down a ha Joy and memor Far well able MELODY LANE of your 1953 1954 wdwlls a mong the school year The 1954 Sensors an Staff 1 2 bow u's0nefondembrace be 1' Ln tll vt meet a. galn Fare- gam Aloha Oe ll' lrevwll Tw Thee: ,JMX I'AClMAh!RS Of OUMHI ' 0

Suggestions in the Edinburg High School - Ec Hi An Yearbook (Edinburg, IL) collection:

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