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l W f i ,i.11 -f f- ' 1 H m ,, E- ' g A 1 ir ll r bbcc grrr in is J' f Holding the furry blue heod of her costume, Vero Cosos rokes :J moment ro cool off. The Bobcot moscor CVero or olrernofes Amy Gorzo ond Jessico Leolj performed with the cheerleaders and encouroged spirit during pep rollies ond foorboll gomes. Edinburg Freshmon High School 1100 Ebony Lone Edinburg, Texos 78589 F'I'R'S'T C'L'A'S'S Uonienfa Sfudenf We 2 120,94 I8 .fdcaefemica 64 Sporfa 78 gpizzgue 94 Rehearslng for UIL competition, Mrs. Simek has choir members Lllly Gutierrez, Josar Hernandez, Aissa Dloz, and Rhonda Perez, gather around the piano for bet- ter sound. "My future's so bright I gotta wear shades," says Laura Cruz during a Science Club bake sale, "and please pass the nachosf' Along with Laura, Marissa Cervantes and Sonny Palacios handle the money and help serve the students lined up to buy goodies. Bobcat touchdown at the Memorial game really makes the air sizzle with excitement, Nancy Espinoza hugs a friend in sheer joy as Cindy Garcia and Tina Salinasjump for joy. if ffm pa. X :,f,f1.zg.. -, ,: f fzf - ..,,t:,:ttr.i.t.iis., M 7'-' r J f,'- as is .. sr, i ,, , 1 ,f+- s,ee,fs,, . - , , A 1 . .MS i ' on i 1- 1 .- i fp- r i f- s Q if Sl I O O l I 2 Opening ole o ...Pj ,.r""" gm! fuss e entered the new school year with sweaty palms, shy smiles, and a shared confusion over lockers, schedules, and room numbers. "Where's the bathroom?" "When do you have lunch?" "Who is Ms. Morse?" Everyone had one question or another about the unfamiliar school. By lun- chtime, however, most of us had caught up with old friends and were working on making new ones. Within a few days, we fell into a comfortable routine of classes and activities. Although we came here from many campuses, at EFHS we became the freshmen of '87-the seniors of '90, we'll be the First Class to graduate in the decade of the 199O's. And so, we dedicated ourselves to being I-7rsr Class, the finest in every way-the best in' academics, the most competitive in sports, the greatest in school spirir. Opening 3 To cram for an afternoon class, Mark Trejo takes a few minutes during lunch to study his notes . . . or is hejust using the notebook to hide from the camera? Melissa Rodriguez is cheered on by Alma Chapa and Lisa Trejo who are wondering lf Nelda Barrera will escape a devastlng headlock. Actually, the girls were just playing around. X -Hee, X X ss. -. f . 4 Sigh - X .xr -- ,:- . ss. is te se . ff k s X is X For good times and good grades, students give extra eitoit li omeworkl Yuki l hate homework." Every day after school many students used these very words, but most students worked hard and played hard to be suc- cessful in classwork and school activities. Homework assignments affected students' grades in both good and bad ways. Students who did their work were pleased to add to their average, but those who didn't finish their work regretted too much time on the phone, or at the mall, or just watching television. 4 Work Hard f Play Hard Many school activities--decorating for dances, preparing for pep rallies, practicing for dramatic or musical events, learning new routines and cheers-required hard work also, but students found them rewar- ding. Speaking about rehearsals for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Melissa Garza said, "We put in two to three hours a day. We got home at 10:00, exhausted, still packed with homework. lt was worth it though, every moment of it." In order to roise money for o Science Club trip, Cosson- dro Briscoe mokes o poster to advertise another bake sole. Pondering how to decorate the gym for the homecoming dence, Student Council members Joime Gorzo, Karen Stewort, ond Emmo Regolodo consult with their sponsor Mrs. Torres. l Dancing to the music of Johnny Joe on Homecoming night is Peter Rodriguez ond friends from other schools. Work Hordf Ploy Hord 5 At the second pep rally of the season, Coach Alaniz announces team captains for the week's game. Many students caught "the spirit" at the pep rally. Maritza Echavaria and Anna Beltran were some of the students who really cheered. A quick look at the scoreboard shows the landslide win over Rio Grande City. 5 AQ' Xt -1 Jamming out Spirit rocks the campus li o matter where we are, everytime something good happens my friends and l shout "Go Cats". We have a lot of pride in our school," said one loyal Bobcat. Most students showed spirit at pep rallies and at the football games. "Yes, l have a lot of splrit," said Steve Ramirez. Many students also participated in school activities such as Hawaiian Day, Crazy Day, and 50's Day. A few even dressed up for Halloween as devils, clowns, prisoners, gorillas, etc. 6 Spirit "The '86'87 freshman year was really 'Bad'," said some students. Even though we had only two pep rallies, many students really enjoyed them. The cheerleaders and the J uniorettes both fired up spirit at the football games and pep rallies. 'The first pep rally was really bor- ing, but the second one was a blast!" com- mented Marlene Arredondo. "The band did a real good job as well." ,gg .yy wing, half-time. Drum Mejor!-ieien Comu directs the DUl'Inghdffvfll'11QVdYfh9LxV9SlDCOkQ0fT'1E'lfhekC0gJCh od- h h and during o performance or the Bobcat Stadium. vises the Red team to advance me ball wlfh o' new p1ay. Marina Tijerina, twlrler for rhe Bobcat Bond, perfgrms so the song "Hold Me 'Til the Morning Comes". ,V ' 00: gjflncipnigl' Mn Dei Y geamrhe besrafluck-during afpepfoIQy, . f hether it was a comfortable old favorite like Levl's 501's or something as new as silver or shaved heads, students chose from a large selection of clothes, hairstyles. and jewelry, Students kept time with Swatch, Guess, Coca-Cola, Awatch, Gulcci, and Jellies wot- ches whichgcome in see-throughistyles, in plastic orjplald, with pictures or guards, with metal or leather or vinyl bands, in styles that glowed or beeped or even emitted the fragrance of strawberries or chocolate. Oversized shirts and other large clothes S . . sf' X . fi as-f' is 1. .iff ff isps glial ,,,... we . .,,. if . " ' 1-31, 3 '1..: sig fm N2 . Many guys had their hair short ln flat taps this year while girls like Donnie Meadors and Dora Guajardo have shaved parts of their heads for a new look. As the years have changed so have hairstyles--no more big barrettes an long halr. This yeor's styles become more and more unusual. Roy Alfara and Katrina Parks are a sensation ln their shotrflong styles. 8Fads Anyway you like il Freshman fashion flashin' were still "in."l Big heavy jean jackets and oversized coats were the choice for cold weather. Long straight skirts, especially those made 'of denim, were popular, as were mini-skirts. As Chandra Davis pointed out, "Mini-skirts have never really gone out of style." l Students shone in silver--from earrings, shoes, and belts to shirts, broaches, and watches. "l even have a silver suitcase," said Donnie Meadors. l-lair took on an entirely new look. A few girls and guys had a part of their head shaved, and many girls cut their hair short in a bob. For the spotty look, Reeboks or Nike: were still the thing to wear. But for a fan- cier "going out" look, girls wore pumps in a variety of colors and ln heights from flats to two-inch heels. Students wondered about fashion in the coming years. "This year's fashion will not change at all by next year," said Krist Green. But Lauren Renz disagreed, "Who knows about next year's fashion. Maybe it will be bell bottoms and cowboy hats!" r . fa, W"W l' ff . W 5 ti ,as-MW Y ,wrrwfghhi zihy I Laughing durlng lunch hour is Rhonda Perez in her low shlrt ond short pants. Looking styllsh even on duty, Mrs. Soeaz is featured wearing silver heart-lob earrings ond e fashionable A- llne skirt. Timo ls money so students decided to empty their pockets by buying the style of the year-Swatch. The long-short style hos also Involved clothing. Yvette Chavez models o denim mlnl-skirt ond o long shlrr. 2 I il 1- S 4 Fodsf? X E ska Projects pay oh' for worthy causes any students gave a lot of effort participating in school projects. President of Student Council, Jaime Garza, and other council members worked to prepare and schedule fascinating days such as Hawaiian Day, Kicker Day, and Crazy Day. The Student Council earned money for ten needy families to buy turkeys for Thanksgiv- ing. They went room to room picking up donations and cans of food. Other clubs helped by making bake sales and donating the money for the families. "l'm proud to say that the Student Council and other ciubs worked hard for this good cause," commented Roni Reyes. The FHA class required mak- lng food and special kinds of projects including mums for the Freshman Homecoming game. They passed out balloons and stickers as a project for the American Smokeout to stop teachers and kids from smoking 10 Projects for twenty-four hours. Monica Martinez said of FHA, "I like it because we get to do lots of fun stuff and get to learn things such as making mums, but it took lots of work for the pro- jects, and we all had to make an effort." The Drill Team, athletics, and physical education classes held bake soles an Thursdays to raise 51,000 to bulld a sunroof over the basketball courts. The Spanish club sold tradi- tional Mexican baked goods to earn money for a trip to Mex- ico and to buy club shirts. The yearbook staff sold can- dy, yearbooks, and covers for yearbaoks to offset the cast of printing of the yearbook. This year seemed to be a year where most students par- ticipated in many school ac- tivities and projects. Participating in tho FHA Balloon lift off are freshmen against drunk driving dur- ing ,Octobefs "link up month." QS QA V fs if Patiently waiting ln line for their turn to come up in the bake sale are Richard Garcia, Ronald Garcia, Loretta Renz, Chandra Davis, Jennifer Atwood, lsidro Sepulveda, and Veronica Sosa. M "Munching out" on a frito pie are Monica Martinez and Nora Guajardo. At deadline time, some yearbook staff members worked through their lunch period and ate lunch ln the room. Wx N X., s Q RS: ' As the money box fills, Debbie Vera passes our change while, on the other hand. o confused Monica Garza wishes someone else could fake her place. Nevertheless, the snack sale was a great success and raised 5120.00 rowards the FFA officers' jackets. Mary Salinas from Sklnners' Flower Shop demonstrates ro Miss Winslow, Rosie Ramirez, Edna Martinez, Dalia Salazar, Barbie Villarreal, and Mary Mercado how ro decorore o ribbon for the Homecoming mums. Nat scared at all . . . Linda Perei shows her spirit on Halloween Day by wear- ing ghostly messages rhar sold "Don'r Drink and Drive" sponsored by FHA. Projects 1 1 Flashing their satin jackets, Danny Luna and Raul Cardenas show their Longhorn spirit. ,W Ah r ' ' 5 ' V U ' ' , ' f In the library an Hawaiian Day, Mr. Andrade shows haw crazy he can be. With his surfbaard and shadesg he's not just another teacher. I ls it a bird? is it a plane? is it Dracula? No! lt's Aaron Ayala showing off his marvelous jewlety. 12 Crazies With his Rambo-like headband and his great smile Kevin Krska stands out in a crowd. fs Straight people beware Krazy kids krack up some people live the "straight" life. ichool for them was a mile long list of rules and regulations to be closely followed. Dthers however, be it in the cafeteria, out- ride, or in a hallway, always found a way o make this school year one of the :raziest. r And what a way to remember such a rear, but to hear it from a crazy person, who added to the excitement, and mode school something to look forward to. Kevin Krsl-to said, "I guess l'm odd to some peo- pleg maybe l enjoy life too much. But when a person dresses up like a famous star, or o friend gets the some haircut as her friend gets, they're just copying that person and that can be a drag. lf you just be yourself and do as you please Qto some We extentj, your life will be more enjoyable, and a lot of your problems will just fade away. l've used my craziness to get me in- to plays, and it also helps when friends are feeling bad. People should find their craziness and use it to make our schools fun!" 'Y d . i x. .gf Q- X ,J -ex ,. lr ? X 4 I is if s X Jamming out to Possessed during lunch, Cookie "Possessed" Gonzales shows he is a massive head-banger. "Ooohl That's really the coolest!" Susan Garcia says ofthe way one of the other characters fixes their hair in the ploy, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. Susan played a friend of Charlie Brown's and performed several crazy dances. Crazies '13 More than just food Noontime action, not a matter of course he noon hour. . . "I get a chance to rest from my classes." "I like my lunch hour because some of the guys l think are cute have the some the lunch hour as l do." "I have time to set my mind free." For many students the lunch period was the most essential hour of the day, Eating was not the only thing to do dur- ing a lunch hour. A few students found a cranny where they finished last minute r fgrj, Q .. if -Q fist fs, homework. Others mode three minute calls from the public phone. Those who had passes went to the library. And some guys played games like football. During their lunch hour, students often had many opportunities to support organizations like the Science Club, Student Council and Future Farmers of America by buying cupcakes, brownies, frito pies, nachos, fajita tacos etc. ,k gt It 'lr xx Not all noontlme football games must be played on the fleld. Arnulfo Almoroz and Jesse Garza improvised with a paper football. 14 Lunch Time Taking it easy after eating are Lucio Sanchez, Rosen- do Garza, and Elias Ramirez. Many students found the lunch hour the only one in which they could really take a break. . 5:.:E.,, L Joey Rios and Pablo De Leon have fun piling up on other guys. The pile-up was part of a consequence game frequently played our on the field during lunch. Football players Tony Espinoza, Frank Perez, Gilbert Mercado, and Luis Luna stare up energy after o heavy practice during fourth and fifth periods, s N QE 5 X """' . X New iflbriiffil JM? . f f t -, ,aim ' W' 4 , , S yr ' W 'iw W' M597 If wwf W Y M After eating lunch, Margo Trevino makes a phone During sixth period, Omar Luevano pretends to stab call to a friend. Students often made calls to talk to sick Paul Banda with a plastic knife. On Halloween many friends or to get early dismissals. A few even received students dressed up and brought props. calls from boyfriends or girlfriends at other campuses. Lunch Time 15 Valentlne Court Mr. EFHS Raymond Vale Mlss EFH5 Aissa Diaz Other nominees David Guenther Jessica Garza James Lozano Cynthia Gorcio Beaus and Sweethearts Band Boltie Perez Maria De Lo Garza Office Dupllcarlon Joel Cura Marlbel Arteoga Yearbook Aaron Ayala Linda Benovidez FFA John Huerto Kristina Holm Choir Richard Rodriguez Llsa Perez Tennis Rodney Garcia Mara Lopez Spanish Club Marlo Garcia Darlene Wells Drama Marlo Segovio Melissa Garza FHA Beto Maldonado Mary De Lo Rosa Juniorertes Michael Lara Joset Hernandez FTA Gilbert Cantu Cristina Contu 16 Special Events ls it true? Did you hear? Could the students at the Homecoming dance really have been "DancIn' on the ceiling?" Noe Perez and Denise Soto pose together as Homecoming King and Queen nominees. Each nominee couple was announced ot the Homecoming game during half-time. After the dance Becky Cantu, Nelda Pena and a few friends take home souvenirs of a memorable evening. Streamers and paper fish hung from the celllng during the dance, creating an usual effect. Footloose This yeor's Homecoming court includes as Duke and Duchess: Danny Gomez ami Aldo Martinez: as Prince and Princess: Amulfa Soto and Millie s Hernandez: as King and Queen: Noe Perez and Aracell Rlasg as Duke and Duchess: Ricky Rodriguez and Denise Soto. ' ' g V At the dance float King and Queen Noe Perez and Aracell Rios and Danny Gamez and Aida Martinez dance to "The Glory af Love". "Kick off your Sunday shoes" 'Big gre you going to the dance?" "Who are you going with?" "What are you wear- ing?" That is what mostly everyone asked during the weeks of the two biggest dances of the year. The Homecoming and Valentine-'s dances were at least two occa- sions when students could forget their class assignments and enjoy themselves. From seven to eleven the gym was turned into a place of fascination. As you entered the gym, it didn't seem like the some place where we usually did our exercises and played basketball. F.H.A. sponsored the Homecoming dance and chose and decorated for the theme "Enchantment under the sea." "lt was all right. I mostly en- joyed the country music, but not the rock," commented Jesse Jimenez of the dance. The Valentines Dance was probably the one dance that everyone enjoyed mast. "The high point of the evening was when the nominees were be- ing presented," said Anna M. Lopez. "lt was a fun dancep everybody was dancing and having a good time," said Dahlia Salazar. s Everyone who went to these dances enjoyed themselves and remembered them as First Class dances. Special Events 17 "Babe you're hot," says Minerva Martinez as twlns Llsa and Lltza Perez and friends Josat Hernandez and Jessica Garza giggle over Minervo's familiar line. .,,q-av"""N"'."-r 'Saw 4'f 18 People During o game against Mcl-ligh, Mara Lopez, and Marina TUetino, who have been friends since sixth grade, give each other a big hug. What a grinl Felix Espinosa flashes his goofy smile dur- ing a sizzling pep rally. .. -,--W 0 OPOLO i t gms eww Weak Wk im! aaa "" he atmosphere this year was continually buzzing with greetings, secrets and jokes. After all, that's what friends are for. Everything that happened was relayed to at least half the school within five minute periods. We had a First Class student body. There was everyone from your best friend since the second grade to the prep that was always perfectly dressed, the jerk that was determined to turn your desk into lead by writing his girlfriend's name over and over on it, the brain that wouldn't let you borrow her homework, the clown who kept everyone enter- tained during first period, the guy you secretly liked, the girl you never got to ask out, the teacher that told lousy jokes and threatened to fail you if you didn't laugh, and the super-sport who could run ten miles, do a hundred push-ups, make twenty touchdowns, hit fifty homeruns, and not even be breathing hard. People 19 an 66 ot yet!" protests Nelda Barrera, asking for more time to fix her hair. Definitely one thing many students like to do ls be prepared for the unexpected. This year hair styles of all types seemed to be the "in-thing". Every time you turn- ed around someone had done something new to their hair, and along with a new hair style, came needed time to make it look its best. ln between classes or even when the teacher turned around, many hands reach- ed for a brush, or o comb, though some students weren't so lucky as to get by with grooming in class. All through the year, teachers collected an ever-growing supply of brushes and combs. Abrego, Eleazar Acosto, Richard Ademe, Moria Adriano, Maricela Agiular, Miguel Aguillion, Yolanda Aguirre, Amalia Aguirre, Juan Alamio, Ricky Aloniz, Ana Aloniz, Carmen Aloniz, Debra Aloniz, Luis Aloniz, Maricela Aleman, Elvir Alforo, Melissa Alforo, Roy Alforo, Siria Almaraz, Arnulfo Alonzo, Annette Alonzo, Juan Alonzo, Manuel Alonzo, Pablo Alonzo, Sandy 20 Abrego-Alonzo f , J, ,iff 'iz Altamira, Cecilia Alvarado, Nahaliel Alvarado, Santa Alvarado, Victor Alvarez, Frank Alvarez, Joel Alvarez, Magdalena Amador, Maria Angell, Preston Anguiano, Misty Arce, Eduaro Arce, Norma Arguello, Leonel ArmUo, Melissa Arredondo, Marlene Arredondo, Pedro Arreguin, Mariana Arteaga, Alma Arteaga, Juan Arteaga, Maribel Atilano, Manuel Attwood, Jennifer Avila, Noe Avitia, .lose Ayala, Aaron Ayala, Steven Azuara, lsaias Badillo, Mike Balderas, Sandra Balderas, Sergio Banda, Paul Barajas, Rosie Barker, Yvonne Barraza, Jesus Barrara, Nalda Beltran, Anna Beltran, Rosendo Benavides, Alex Benavides, Adrienne Benavides, Linda Benavides, Ronnie Benitez, .lose Altamira-Benitez 21 Benovidez, Edlth Bernol, Adom Bernol, Klmmle Bernal, Morlo Beroncourr, Fldel Blonco, Ruth Boconegro, Luclo Bodenhomer, Ellzoberh Breserr, Morlo Brloles, Luls Brlscoe, Cossondro Bueno, Llso Buss, Jeffrey Buster, Todd Cobreno, Morlbel Cobrero, Cororlno Collis, Kervln Cornocho, Morco Comorlllo, Roel Compos, Jesse Conoles, Isooc Cono, Gllberr Cano, lsmoel Conru, Becky Conru, Clndy Conru, C. J. Conru, Crlsry Contu, Greg Conru, Helen Confu, lsooc Contu, Jonie Contu, Joe Confu, Jorge Conru, Jose Conru, Jose Contu, Jose Contu, Moria Conru, Melisso Conru, Orlie Conru, Sornmy Conru, Viceme Coperillo, Moriselo 22 Benovidez-Cope-rillo Cappadono, Justin Cardenas, Monia Cardenas, Raul Cardenas, Ruben Cardono, Veronica Carmona, Mark Corrales, Bobby Carroles, Isaac Carranco, Juan Carranza, Yeanna Carreon, Margarita Carriaga, Margarita Carrillo, Raul Carrizales, Maria Casas, Veronica Castaneda, Adam Castaneda, Mary Castilleja, Ma. Oralia Castillo, Alicia Castillo, Dina Castillo, Ricky Castro, Jaime Castro, Jose Castro, Roe! s school attendance up or down? Which club is having a bake sale this week? Are the school pictures in? I-low did the volleyball Ctennis, football, etc.j team do yesterday? Everyday during advisory beginning with some scotchy words from the intercom, "May l please have your atten- tion for a few announcements," students learned the answers to these and o variety of other questions. Usually Mr. Del Barrio or one of the assistant principals made fifth period announcements, but when all ofthe prin- cipals were busy, the school secretary Mrs. Oralia Cantu Cshown lefty filled in for them. Cappadona-Castro 28 Cavozos, Albert Cavazos, Norma Cervantes, Marissa Chapa, Alma Chapo, Lee Chapa, Rudy Champion, Christina Chavez, Blanca Chavez, Ricky Chavez, Yvette Chess, Laura Cid, Ruben Condreras, Fernando Cornejo, Eddie Corona, Saul Coronado, Dalia Coronado, Maria Coronado, Marissa Corpus, Arturo Corpus, Ramiro Cortez, Claudia Cortez, Leticia Cortines, Sylvia Cruz, Brenda Cruz, Daniel Cruz, Dina Cruz, Elias Cruz, Julio Cruz, Laura Cruz, Melissa Cruz, Yvonne Cuevas, Maggie Cummins, Shannon Cura, Joel Davila, Anita Davila, Celine Davila, Darlene Davila, Nora Davila, Norma Davila, Ricardo Davila, Rosie Davila, Roy 24 Cavazos-Davila maglne what school would be like if you didn't have friends! No one to share secrets with or help with problems. How would life turn out if Yvonne Martinez and Lilly Gutierrez hadn't been best friends since the 7th grade? Not well, thar's far sure. Friends are what makes school bearable. Without friends, there wouldn't be any notes ta pass, jokes to giggle at, or even gossip to trade. Friends--that's what it's all about. Davis, Chandra DeAIejandro, Loreli Deck, Kerry DeLaCruz, Enedina DeLaGarza, Blanca DeLaGarza, Hilda DeLaGarza, Marlbel DeLaGarza, Marissa DeLaGarza, Yadlro Delao, Carol DeLaRosa, Agustin DeLaRosa, Edwordo DeLaRosa, Maria DeLaVina, Laurie DeLeon, Aurora DeLeon, Gina DeLeon, Isabel DeLeon, Pablo Delgado, Elizabeth Delgado, Fernando Delgado, Juan Delgado, Nora DeLuna, Laura DeLuna, Luci Davis-DeLuna 25 De Pilar, Maria Derksen, James Diaz, Aissa Diaz, Gloria Diaz, Gracie Diaz, Ricky Diaz, Sandra Drewey, Martin Duffey, Brian Elizondo, Noelia Enriquez, Sonia Escobar, Angel Escobar, Debra Escobar, Edyanna Escobar, Patricia Escobedo, Maria Escobedo, Maryann Escobedo, Pablo Escobedo, Ruben Espinoza, Felix Espinoza, Freddy Espinoza, Nancy Espinoza, Tony Espiricuera, Linda 1 ho do you see sitting in the background at most school activities? Parents, naturally, who love to show how proud they are of their kids by watching them participate in school activities. Parents Olga Rodriguez Cmother of Ricky Rodriguezb, San Juanita Paiacios fmother of Letty Palaciosj, and Gracie Rios Qmother of Ataceli Riosj listen as the Homecoming court is announced. Mrs. Palacios offers congratulations to Mrs. Rios on hearing the news that Aroceli is The 1986 Homecoming Queen. c 26 DePilar-Espiricueta i f x , 1 1 1 in if in QEKVQ ,UL W 725 . M ., ff ,flaw ' A- , 7 M. IA Aw -1-nz 2, .Egg 3 frer hooking fish to keep os momenros of the Homecoming donce, Melissa Garza ond Porricio Juorez rest before picking up their shoes. Mr. Monrelongo ond his srudenrs provided the fish ond other decororions for the dance which had the rheme i'Enchonrmenr Under The Seo." The fish fir both the theme ond the student body since freshmen ore coiled fish. Gorcio, Enrique Gorcio, George Gorcio, George Gorcio, Glorio Gorcio, Guodolupe Gorcio, Horner Gorcio, Joime Gorcio, Jerry Gorcio, Johnny Gorcio, Leeroy Gorcio, Morc Gorcio, Morio Gorcio, Morio Gorcio, Morio E. Gorcio, Moricello Gorcio, Morio Gorcio, Normo Gorcio, Pere Gorcio, Rofoel Gorcio, Roul Gorcio, Roul Gorcio, Reynolds Gorcio, Roberto Gorcio, Rodney 28 Gorcio-Gorcio Gorcio, Ronoid Gorcio, Ruben Gorcio, Sonio Gorcio, Suson Gorcio, Zelmo Gardner, Steve Gorzo, Adrion Gorzo, Adriano Gorzo, Alfonso Gorzo, Amy Gorzo, Andy Gorzo, Armondo Gorzo, Condy Gorzo, Corlos Gorzo, Claudio Gorzo, Edno Gorzo, Eloy Gorzo, Flor Gorzo, Gilbert Gorzo, Gilbert Gorzo, Gildo Gorzo, Heron Gorzo, lsmoel Gorzo, Joime Gorzo, Jennifer Gorzo, Jessico Gorzo, Joonne Gorzo, Jose Gorzo, Juon Gorzo, Juon Gorzo, Luis Gorzo, Morio Gorzo, Moriono Gorzo, Moribei Gorzo, Melisso Gorzo, Monico Gorzo, Noncy Gorzo, Noelio Gorzo, Rosendo Gorzo, Sondra Gorzo, Sergio Gorzo, Soledod Gorcio-Gorzo 29 Garza, Soledad Garza, Veronica Gaytan, Johnny George, Richard Gloria, Nelinda Gomez, Alejandra Gomez, Belinda Gomez, Cynthia Gomez, Daniel Gomez, Erasrno Gomez, Franchesca Gomez, lsela Gomez, Janice Gomez, Mario Gonzalez, Aaron Gonzalez, Aleydo Gonzalez, Angela Gonzalez, Angelita Gonzalez, Arcelia Gonzalez, Carlos Gonzalez, Casimiro Gonzalez, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Ernie Gonzalez, German Gonzalez, Gilbert Gonzalez, Gloria Gonzalez, Husvaldo Gonzalez, Isabel Gonzalez, lsaias Gonzalez, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, Manuel Gonzalez, Margaret Gonzalez, Marlo Gonzalez, Michele Gonzalez, Mike Gonzalez, Monette Gonzalez, Nora Gonzalez, Patricia Gonzalez, Patricia Gonzalez, Ramiro Gonzalez, Rene 80 Garza Gonzalez Gonzalez, Yvonne Green, Kristi Griffin, Murissa Guadarramo, Dina Guajordo, Carlos Guajardo, Doro Guajardo, Hugo Guajordo, Nora Guenthner, David Guerra, Benito Guerra, Carlos Guerra, Eldo Guerra, Gilbert Guerra, Hilda Guerra, Ismael Guerra, Joel Guerra, Maria Guerra, Noe xg f 1 I. 5 . s gig? A i 1 . . , 5 Guerra, Raquel Guerra, Zulema Guerrero, Patty Guerrero, Ramon Guerrero, Steve Gutierrez, Anthony aking shots and running around campus werent the only jobs ofthe school photographers. Rolling film and pro4 cessing it were behind the scenes work for the two head yearbook photographers, Joseph Prestia and Aaron Ayala. s "lt's a tough job, Sometimes i regret ever taking it but its important to me, and l love taking pictures," said Joseph Prestia, who is adjusting his camera in the photograph on the left. Whether it was football games, 'night dances, or other ac- tivities there was always a photographer there. "Taking pic- tures tight isn't just pushing buttons and fowarding filmg lt's cleaning camera lenses, checking light, and focusing right? Aaron Ayala said. , s , Gonzalez-Gutierrez 31 Gutierrez, Jose Gutierrez, Lilly Gutierrez, Maria Gutierrez, Marlo Gutierrez, Miguel Gutierrez, Yvonne Guzman, Guadalupe Guzman, Martin Guzman, Oneida Guzman, Pedro Hales, David Hammond, Stephanie Henrlchson, Edward Hernandez, Danny Hernandez, David Hernandez, Dora Hernandez, Emilia Hernandez, Fidel Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Henry Hernandez, Josat Hernandez, Maria Y. Hernandez, Marisol Hernandez, Marlene Hernandez, Melissa Hernandez, Norma Hernandez, Raul Hernandez, Rosa Elia Hernandez, Victor Herrera, Carol Herrera, Freddy Herrera, Victor Hershberger, Anna Hlnojosa, Lauro Hinojosa, Lori Hinajosa, Melissa Hlnojasa, Noralda Hlnojosa, Omar Hlnojosa, Ricardo Hlnojosa, Robert Holm, Kristina Huerta, Hortencia 32 Gutierrez-Huerta ,,,,, .t .,... G gm, My ,.,, g as. , xg-"AY ,Q i 40 ,. my H 3,21 W' ,r unch period-come and get it! Students rush to their lockers and leave their books. They hope to avoid what seems to be the endless snack bar line where sandwhiches, potato chips, nutty bars, drinks etc. canbe purchased. Sometimes students succeed in getting to the front ofthe line only to discover that the snack bor has run out ofa certain item or can't make change. ' Luis Luna and Luis Briales get to be the s R G itfii sf first because they have the correct change G while Rosie Ramirez, Elisa Zamora, and Steve Guerrero wait patiently in line. .N - . e . g K A K KKL: .eM.e,sce,N,,WwMm M so tt RR H-:E X Huerto, John Huerta, Martin Huizar, Bennie lbarro, Kristina lracheta, Juan Isaac, Mirna Jackson, Ronald Jara, Alex Jaro, Jose Jarila, Gabriel Jasso, Cynthia Jimenez, Ana Jimenez, Belinda Jimenez, Jessie Jimenez, Juan Jimenez, Mike Jimenez, Romeo Johnson, Eric Juarez, Patricia Karr, Frank Kellord, George Kirwin, Mark Kotzur, Dorian Kotzur, Nancy .4-fx I 4 Huerta-Korzur 38 Krsko, Kevin Lollnos, Rolond Loro, Anlto Loro, Juon Loro, Michoel Loro, Monlco Lozo, Nolberto Leol, Gilbert Leol, Jessico Leol, Jose Leol, Oscor Lee, Joel Lerrno, Esmer Llnney, Molly Lopez, Albert Lopez, Alvoro Lopez, Anno Lopez, Belindo Lopez, Corl Lopez, Corlos Lopez, Cesor Lopez, Christlno Lopez, Doniel Lopez, Ester n English closs Hilda de lo Gorzo por- ticipotes os o newscoster in role playing oc- tivity designed to help students develop speaking skills. Mr. Androde recorded his students so thot they could see how they look ond sound when mol-ring o presenta- tion. Although mony students were ner- vous about being recorded, most thought it was fun cmd o good experience. 34 Krslso-Lopez ,,,, it 5 E2 A it L 4 i 0, ,,,, Lopez, Gilbert Lopez, Humberto Lopez, Jesus Lopez, Joey Lopez, Juon Lopez, Leonel Lopez, Mo. Cristino Lopez, Moro Lopez, Morio Lopez, Melisso Lopez, Miguel Lopez, Oliverio Lopez, Orlondo Lopez, Roul Lopez, Rosolle Lopez, Soul Lopez, Veronico Lorenzi, Dovid Lozono, Adriano Lozono, Guodolupe Lozono, Jornes Lucero, Monuelo Luero, Angeliro Luevono, Fobion Luevono, Fronk Luevono, Noe Luevono, Omor Lugo, Ester Lumbreros, Morie Luno, Belinda Luno, Donny Luno, Hector Luno, Leonordo Luno, Luis Luno, Monlco Luno, Oscor Luno, Robert Luno, Thelmo Luno, Noemi Lyckmon, Brendo Mochodo, Soido Mociel, Mirto Lopez Moclel 35 allways filled with noisy busy pushing shoving, kicking, hugging chattering gosssping students and the pounding thunder of boots, high heels, Nikes and Reebol-is run ning to their next class-what is it? Just o nor mal five-minute passing period Here we see a relatively placid hall scene as Sergio Villarreal and Carol Garcia leisurely proceed to their next class. Mahan, Cynthia Moldonodo, Grociela Maldonado, Humberto Maldonado, Michelle Mares, Adam Mares, Laura Marez, Aaron Marez, Anno Mariscal, Zulema Marmolejo, Allse Marquez, Ofelia Marstar, Benny Martinez, Adalberto Martinez, Aldo Martinez, Edna Martinez, Eloy Martinez, Elsa Martinez, lsiela 86 Mahan-Martinez l""' Martinez, Joel Martinez, Jorge Martinez, Leticia Martinez, Mario Martinez, Minerva Martinez, Monica Martinez, Monica Martinez, Oscar Martinez, Patricia Martinez, Rita Martinez, Rudy Martinez, San Juanita Martinez, Veronica Martinez, Yvonne Mata, Cynthia Mara, Jose Mata, Richard McDaniel, Dale Meadors, Donnie Medina, Christina Medina, Deyanira Medina, Oscar Medina, Rosie Medina, Yesenia Meeleery, Michael Mejia, Bobby Melendez, Hector Mena, Carlos Menchaca, Laura Mendez, Rogeiio Mendgo, Julian Mendoza, Ano Mendoza, Daniel Mendoza, Javier Mendoza, Manin Mendoza, Party Mercado, Alfonso Mercado, Alice Mercado, Eva Mercado, Gilbert Mercado, Moria Miranda, Jaime Martinez-Miranda 87 Molina, Eddle Moncado, Maria Montalva, Frank Monralvo, Joe Montalvo, Olga Montana, Lisa Montemayor, Marlcruz Montemayor, Mark Montero, Rene Montes, Jose Montiel, Alfredo Montoya, Juan Monuada, Marla Morales, Ann Morales, Carlos Morales, Jose Morales, Reynaldo Morolez, Davld Moralez, Joey Morolez, Marlsol Morolez, Tina Moran, Dlana Moreno, Amada Moreno, Aurora Moreno, Elia P. Moreno, Hector Moreno, Jeanette Moreno, Luis Moreno, Maria Moreno, Mary Moreno, Nalra Moreno, Patricia Moreno, Sylvia Moreno, Tomas Moreno, Yochobel Morin, Lisa Morln, Reymundo Mungia, Nora Mungla, Efraln Muniz, Rosle Munoz, Edna Munoz, Sylvia 88 Molina-Munoz 43,40 Murillo, Conrod Nosh, Billy Negrete, Poblo Nelson, Zaron Nleto, Corlos Nieto, Cindy Nleto, Jeonotte Nino, Rosobel Norquest, Coroline Norris, Louro Novorrete, Moribel Nunez, Livier -f ww ,sms C.. it Nw.: . it .2 - sksiissws ' - wssjii.. K i -fsssfrf-. ess-i.se:.:,..:. yu may -I.,-:its -Qgfmifss C ' 'wihsx r 1 so f ro o Ocosio, Ernesto Olivores, Leonilo Olivorez, Dolio Olivorez, Dino Olivorez, Hildo Olivorez, Jolme 66 h no, deadline!" moon Christy Zorembo, Lindo Benovides, ond Noro Delgodo. Lindo ond Noro ore helping Christy with o o feoture story for her yearbook poge. "We enjoy journolism, but sometimes we feel fresh out of ideosf' soid Noro Delgado. Ms. Morse, yearbook sponsor, urges them from the bockground, "Get it done, or else." Ropidly, Christy, Lindo, ond Noro put their minds together to come up with o good feoture story. Murillo-Olivorez 39 Ollervidez, Leticia Orozco, Jorge Ortiz, Anna Ortiz, Jose Ortiz, Marissa Ortiz, Marissa Ortiz, Mary Ortiz, Maurecio Ortiz, Rayman Oyervides, Myrna Pacheco, Rebecca Paez, Raul Palacios, Juan Palacios, Laura Palacios, Leticia Palma, Juan Paloma, Felix Paradise, Charley Pardo, Ricardo Paredes, Rene Parks, Katrina Partida, Sonia Patina, George Patina, Miguel Pecina, Joe Pecina, Julie Pecina, Tony Pedaza, Pedro Pena, Arnold Pena, Joel Pena, Nelda Pena, Ray Pena, Ruben Pena, Thomas Jr. Pereda, Gabriel Perez, Alma Perez, Charlie Perez, Frank Perez, ldalla Perez, Julie Perez, Lisa Perez, Litsa 40 Ollervidez-Perez ii 1 ,fs ey, she loves youl Srudenrs found so many ways ro say, "l love you." They wrote leners to each other, sent messages with friends, or made signs as Lisa Perez does here while she sfrolls the hall hugging her buddies, Miner- va Martinez and Martin Drewry. This year many freshman discovered the love of rhar special guy or girl as well as the love of good friends. fs' Perez, Noe Perez, Norhwa Perez, Rafael Perez, Rhonda Perez, Rosalinda Perez, Uboldo Perez, Vanessa Perkins, David Pequeno, Melanie Pineda, Sandra Pipkin, Tessa Polls, Jennifer Ponce, Eddie Porter, Greg Prado, Myra Presfia, Joseph Priero, Alben Priero, Maria g, ,,,,,, E, Perez-Priero 41 Prieto, Riga Puente, Laura Puyear, Douglas Quintanillo, Robert Quintero, Ernesto Quiroz, Martha Ramirez, Alfredo Ramirez, Danny Ramirez, Dionicio Ramirez, Elias Ramirez, Hector Ramirez, Josefina Ramirez, Juan Ramirez, Julie Ramirez, Lisa Ramirez, Lisa Ramirez, Oziel Ramirez, Robert or most classes, assignments in- volve paperwork and books, but assignments can also mean experimen- ting with different types of equipment. in typing, science, woodworking, mechanics, office duplication, art, and journalism students must be able to use various types of equipment safely and successfully. Being able to, use equip- ment often adds fun to a class, but it can also cause frustration if a student has trouble using the equipment correctly. Mrs. Galindo-Hernandez works with Jose Garzaas he learns how to operate a microscope n 1 R 42 Prieto-Ramirez . 1 -'i' is A Q. s W :J ..... s..,,,s ss W Ramirez, Rosaura Ramirez, Ruben Ramirez, Sandy Ramirez, Ramon, Ramon, Ramos, Ramos, Ramos, Ramos, Steve ldolla Marisol Davld Homer Marla Martin Renz, Lauren Ramos, Ramos, Mlteya Nllda Iva Veronica Reclo, .lose Reeves, Elisabeth Regalado, Emma Rendon, Agustin Ramos, Ramos, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyes, Reyna, Carol Cesar Dolores Felix Freddy Jaime Linda Rita Teresa Veronica Carlos Reyna, Dlana Reyna, Marla Rico, Hermelinda Rlojas. Rosie Rlos, Adelmlna Rios, Araceli Rlos, Rlos, Daniel Frances Rios, Joel Rios, Veronica Rivas, Juanita Rivas, Ricardo Ramirez-Rivas 43 hroughour the year students worked hard to pass every class in order to be able to participate in extra curricular activities such as U.i.L. and sports. Members of the Drill Team practiced hard on their routine to have it perfected before performances or football games and pep-rallies. Norma Lisa Her- nandez, Bonnie Gonzalez, and Ana Alaniz work out the steps of a new routine while Hilda de ia Garza, Zelma Garcia, Nancy Kot- zur, Carmen Lopez, and Laura Cruz watch, Rivas, Ruben Rivera, Salome Rivera, Yvonne Robledo, Araceii Robles, Isabel Rocha, Maria Rocha, Omar Rocha, Rene Rocha, Rosie Rodriguez, Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Rodriguez, Blanca Rodriguez, Candy Rodriguez, Elva , ,,...,, 4 ss .kr 2 s -c xc V,-s A if , 'fl' , Rodriguez, Eric Rodriguez, Ester Rodriguez, Esequie' Rodriguez, Franl- 44 Rivas-Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Gilbert Glorio Jonie Juon Kimberly Lindo Lydio Rodriguez, Morgorito Rodriguez, Morivel Rodriguez, Melisso Rodriguez Rodriguez Melisso Morco Rodriguez, Noe Rodriguez, Noe Rodriguez, Osuoldo Rodriguez, Perlo Rodriguez, Peter Rodriguez, Pricillo Rodriguez, Reynoldo Rodriguez, Ricordo Rodriguez, Ricky Rodriguez, Roy Rodriguez, Zulemo Roel, Noe Rojos, Ido Rojos, Mork Roldon, Aldo Rosolez, Bernordo Rosoles, Juperfino Rosillo, Adolfo Rubio, Morio Ruiz, Joime Ruiz, Leonel Ruiz, Melisso Rucker, Roy Soenz, Edno Soenz, Jose Soenz, Louro Soenz, Liso Soenz, Susono Solos, Auroro Solos, Jose Rodriguez Solos 45 Salazar, Cynthia Salazar, Dalia Salazar, Eloy Salazar, Hector Salazar, Melissa Salazar, Patricia Saldana, Cammy Salinas, Chris Salinas, Christina Salinas, Cruz Salinas, Dina Salinas, Elias Salinas, Ester Salinas, Evo Salinas, Felix Salinas Higinio Salinas, irma Salinas, Jamie Salinas, Jose Salinas, Jose Salinas, Juan Salinas, Juan Saiinas, Laura Salinas, Lenny Salinas, Marisela Salinas, Miguel Salinas, Mike Salinas, Natividad Salinas, Noemi Solinas, Obie Salinas, Raul Salinas, Rosa Salinas, Sylvia Sanches, Maria Sanchez, Alex Sanchez, Ben Sanchez, Cindy Sanchez, Cynthia Sanchez, Dara Sanchez, Lucio Sanchez, Luis 46 Salazar Sanchez Sanchez, Cindy Sandoval, Eddie Sandoval, Judy Sauceda, Arturo San Miguel, Jose San Miguel, Nelda Savedra, Raul Segovia, Mario Sekula, Llsa Sepulveda, Adan Sepulveda, Arnoldo Sepulveda, Esmeralda Sepulveda, lsidro Sepulveda, Javier Sepulveda, Rolando Serna, Gabriela Serna, Oscar Serrato, Ignacio s r 1 - f all classes, the electives are usually the most en- joyed by students, and of the electives art is a favorite. The work ranges from sharpening skills in perspective linear drawing and the use of finely tuned shading techniques to mastering the colors and paints. Henry Medrano is one who especially prefers art over any other class. He likes art because it lets him use his im- agination in everything from landscapes to architectural design. Sanchez -Serrato 47 Serroro, Jorge Luis Silva, Andy Sllva, Juan Silva, Ruben Sllvas, Blanca Smith, Marcella Solls, Chris Solls, Dolores Solis, Javler Solls, Juan Solis, Miguel Solis, Monica Solis, Myrna Sollz, Anselmo Sollz, Juan Soliz, Ruben Sorla, Ricardo Sosa, Veronica Sorelo, German Soto, Arnulfo Soto, Claudia Soto, David Soto, Denise Sranflll, Kathryn Stewart, Karen Suarez, Ricardo Tamez, Ramon Tavarez, Belinda Taylor, Idora Thomas, Marla Turrubiarres, Yolanda TUerina, Alex TUerina, Anuro TUerina, Maria L. TUerina, Marina TUerina, Norma TUerlna, Prlscllla Tobias, Gregorio Torres, Gregorio Torres, Laura Torres, Olga Torres, Herminlo 48 Serrafo Torres ootball players wait impatiently to run into the gym, cheerleaders jump and yell, the drill team dances to the music of the EFHS band. What everyone had been waiting for finally arrives--the first pep ral- ly ofthe year. Enjoying the pep rally are cross country team members Georgiana de Leon, Gloria Garcia, Alice Mercado, and Nora Munguia who add their spirit to the good time. Townson, Jeannette Treadoway, Chad Trejo, Anna Trejo, Marc Trejo, Rene Trevina, Cynthia Trevino, Francisco Trevino, Guadalupe Trevlno, Margot Trevina, Norma Trevino, Rasita Trevino, Sergio Trevino, Tina Trevino, Veronica Urbana, lsidro Valdez, Jose Vale, Raman Vargas, Laura Tawnson-Vargas 49 Vargas, Noeml Vargas, Rosendo Vasquez, Anthelma Vasquez, Jorge Vasquez, Moria L. Vega, Lisa Vega, Rene Vela, Antonio Vela, Elisa Vela, Horoclo Vela, Richard Venegas, Leo s it truly enthusiasm or are they just trying to get the photographer's attention? ln one of our pep rallies, Eddie Cedillo Lon the rightj claps, claps and claps to get the attention of the yearbook photographer. Meanwhile, Cris Garcia Con his lefty and Lupita Rodriguez Can the row belowy jump at the chance to smile and pose, as many hands try to reach around them and into the picture, too. 50 Vargas-Venegas 2 1 'uw W 1 omg, 41556 Vero, Debbie Vero, Judlrh Vlllolobos, Morco Vlllopondo, Fronslsco Vlllonuevo, Donlel Vlllonuevo, Robert Vlllonuevo, Tino Villorreol, Borboro Vlllorreol, Cormen Vlllorreol, Connle Vlllorreol, Frenchle Vlllorreol, Irmo Vlllorreol, Isobel Vlllorreol, Mekilo Villorreol, Micheol Vlllorreol, Sergio Vlllegos, Morio Vlllelo, Don Villescos, Joe Wells, Dorlene West, Llso Wheor, Robert Wright, Dovid Yborro, Cindy Yborro, Jessico Yborro, Moriono Yoder, Clark Yrochefo, Liso Zornoro, Elisa Zomoro, Elizobeth Zomoro, Ruben Zopofo, Joe Zorore, Herollo Zorofe, Morlcruz Zorembo, Christy Zuozuo, Mario Del Pllor Zunigo, Roberr Zunigo, Eduordo Vero-Zunugo 51 Drama Club Front Row- David Friedlen, Tina Villanueva, Stephanie Hammond Second Row--Yvonne Marrinez C5ec.y, Melissa Garza fvice-Presj, Veronica Garza QPres.j, Marissa Ortiz CTreos.j, Arlene Farolan fParl.j, Ms, Parras CSpon.j Third Row--Laura Chess, Patricia Juarez, Laurie de lo Vina, Ana Aloniz, Nelda San Miguel, Esmer Sepulveda, Lisa Buena, Nara Mungia Fourrh Row--Rhonda Perez, Clark Yoder, Lilly Gutierrez. Marlo Segavlcr, Judy Sandoval Science Club Fronf Row-Juan Palaclos CParl.j, Victor Hernandez Ollce-Pres.j, Laura Cruz QPres.j, Vanessa Perez fSec.J, Marissa Cervantes fTreas.3 Second Row-Michelle Flercher, Monica Lara, Eddie Henrichson, Andy Salinas, David Hales, Lisa Vega, Dee Dee Reyes Third Row-Nancy Kotzur, Fernando Delgado, Joe Reclo, Minerva Gallegos, Cassandra Briscoe, Melissa Marin. Fourth Row-Zeke Rodriguez, Louie Moreno, Eddle Flores, Sergio Vlllareal, Debra Garcia, Albert Cavazos. Spanish Club Front Row-Miss Saenz QSpon.J, Rodney Garcia, Sylvia Conines, Dolores Solis, Melissa ArmUo, Carmen Lopez, Nora Gonzalez, Freddy Espinalo. Second Row-Joe Monrolvo, Marissa Coronado, Darlene Wells, Evo Solinas, Sonia Portida, Mon Lumbreras, Cecilia Altamira. Third Row-Mlrna Isaac, Nancy Garza, Maria Moncada, Adriano Lopez, Adrienne Benevidas, Dina Castillo, Carol Garcia. Fourth Row--Anna Aloniz, lsobel Vlliareal. Cinthia Maham, Aaron Gonzales, lsldro Sepulveda, Fernando Contreras, Armando Valdez, Ruben Pena. 52 Organizations ,ei 1 Vw Q. S! Student Council Front Row-Eva Torres CSpon.y, Helen Cantu CVice-Presb, Jaime D. Garza fPres.J, Roni Reyes CSec.Q. Second Row-Emma Regalado, Laura Cruz, Juan Palacios, Laurie De La Vina. Third Row-Karen Stewart, Loule Moreno, Patricia Salazar, Norma Perez. fNot Shown: Linda Reyes, Kervln Callisj Yearbook Stal? Front Row-Nora Guajardo, Donnie Meadors, Dora Guajardo, Linda Benavldes. Second Row-Manlca Martinez, Margie Gonzalez, LeAnna Morse, QSpon.j, Roni Reyes, Eddie Molina. Third Row-Nora Delgado, Kristina Holm, Chrlsiy Zaremba, Edna Munoz, Rey Morln. Fourth Row--George Vasquez, Orlle Canru, Felix Espinoza, Ruben Soliz, Hector Luna, Alfonso Mercado. Fifth Row-Joseph Presria, Aaron Ayala. CNor Shown: Lori DeAlejandra, Leila Hernandez, Elizabeth Zamoraj U.l.L. Front Row-Melissa Garza, David Friedlen, Marissa Ortiz. Second Row--Elizabeth Reeves, Sonia Enriquez, Joseph Prestia, David Hales, Edna Munoz, Linda Benavidez, Rani Reyes. Third Row-Saul Lopez, Angie Garza, Rael Camarillo, Nora Delgado, Monica Martinez, Margaret Gonzales, Susan Garcia, Rhonda Perez. Fourth Row-Kevin Krska, Dora Sanchez, Flor Garza, Jim Perkson, Robert Wheat, Kristina Holm, Felix Espinoza, Organizations 53 Band-Brass and Percussion From Row--Joey Pena, Freddy Ramirez, Balde Perez, Carol Herrera, Mari De la Garza. Second Flow--Andy Silva, David Guenthner, Jaime Olivarez, Victor Guerra, Juan Solis, Ronnie Benavidez, Joe Montalvo. Third Row-Charile ji i Nieto, Tony Gutierrez, Helen Cantu, Pricilla TUerina, Jaime Garza, Ruben Soliz. Fourth Row-Arnulfo Soto, Greg Potter, Roland Sepulveda, Arturo TUerina, Alben Cavazos, Freddy Espinosa, Omar Rocha, Roy Rodriguez. s 54 Organizations Band-Woodwinds Front Row--Melissa Cantu, Dolores Reyes, Marisa Cervantes, Kristina lbarra, Mirra Maciel, Dino Salinas, Tina Villanueva, Yvonne Martinez, Pricilla Rodriguez, Myrna Olivarez, Lisa Vega, Second Row-Mrs. Mitchell fband Directory Sonia Enriquez, Melvina,Gallegos, Mark Rlojas, Elizabeth Reeves, Vanessa Perez, Sonia Partida, Cindy Trevino, Mari Lurnbreras, Sandra Pinado, Melissa Hinojasa, Mr. Garza Qliand Directory. Third Row-Mara Lopez, Marina TUerina, Frank Karr, Debra Garcia, Melissa Lopez, Melissa Morin, Robert Quintanilla, Aracelia Bernal, Eddy Escobar, Carol Garcia, Dina Castillo, Alice Marmolejo. Fourth Row--lsidro Sepulveda, Yoli Aguillon, Rosalie Lopez, Cecilia Altamira, Lori De La Vina, Brenda Likman. Fifth Row-Dina Guadarrama, Ruth Blanco, Araceli Rios, Aaron Gonzales, Sylvia Cortinas, Linda Benavidez, Marissa Coronado. Choir Front Row-Mrs. Simek CChoir Directory, Monica Luna, Aissa Diaz, Jessica Leol, Lisa Perez, Minerva Martinez, Aaron Ayala, Ricky Rodriguez, Eva Salinas, Marissa Ortiz. Second Row-Leonila Olivarez, Lisa Soenz, Jennifer Garza, Litsa Perez, Lilly Gutierrez, Lisa Sekula, Yeanna Carranza, Marla Dresett, Maria Vasquez. Third . Row-Yvonne Florez, Laura Chess, Cindy Jasso, Frenchie Villarreal, Rhonda Perez, Ana Alaniz, Aida Garcia, Patty Salazar. Founh Row-Nancy Espinoza, Bennie Huizar, Jessica Garza, Jennifer Atwood, Richard Velo, James Lozano, Eddie Hendrichson, Manln Drewy, Yvonne Barker, Lefty Ollervidez. fNat Pictured: Ana Lisa Trejo, Joanne Garza, Diana Reyna.j i s..' . Orchestra Juan Palacios, Michele Gonzalez, Claudio Garza, Fronr Row-Monica Solis, Melissa Cruz, ldalia Annette Alonzo. Third Row-Joseph Prestia, Ramon, Alicia Garza. Second Row-Yvonne Adrian Garza, Patricia Martinez, Armando Rivera, Mary Prieto, Nora Gonzalez, Cindy Garcia, Patricia Juarez, Zelma Garcia, Millie Hernandez. Rodriguez, Rosalinda Perez, Roberto Zuniga, Reynaldo Garcia, Mr. Llanes. - s..-s -.f', t swag Organizations 55 Office Duplication Front Row--.loel Cura, Julie Perez, Ruben Rives, Mary Estrada. Lisa Ramirez Second Row-Lucy Bocanegro, Darlene Davila, Marisol Raman, Ana Mendoza Future Farmers of America Front Row--John Huerra, Belinda Luna. Nelda Barrera, Edyana Escobar, Monica Garza, Richard Vela, Span. Mr. De La Vina .Second Row-Eloy Salazar, Effrain Mungia, Anno Hershenburger, Tessa Pipkin, Krisrlna Holm, Debbie Vera, Luis Luna Third Row-George Garcia, Leroy Garcia. lsalas Azuara, Jesse Jimenez, Rene Vega, Darian Korzur Fellowship of Chrisricm Athletes Front Row-Coach Crispin Lopez QSpon.j, Rosalie Lopez, Dina Salinas, Melissa Garza, Laura De Luna, Veronica Garza Second Rowe-Michael Lara, Bryan Duffey, Tina Villanueva, Moro Lopez, Georgina De Leon, Ronald Jackson, Nora Mungia, Dina GUOGONGUNO Third Row--Senaida Alonzo. Ruth Blanca. Anthelmo Vasquez, Araceli Rios, Blanca Silvas, Tony Espinoza, Chad Tredaway Fourth Row--Kevin Collis, James Lozano, Billy Nash, Patricia Flores, Yolanda Aguillon, Martin Mendoza, Carl Lopez, Bobby Corrales 56 Organizations Future Teachers of America Front Row-Christina Lopez, Norma Tyerlna, Arclllo Bernal, Veronica Torres, Ana Mendoza Second Row-Lorena Lozono, Jessica Ybarra, Julie Ramirez, Edith Arreaga, Mrs, Aleman CSponsorj. Future Homemaker: of America Fronr Row-Mrs. Flanagan Gponsorj, Sylvia Ramirez, Rosalba Medina, Juana Gomez, Jose Lopez, Marla Elena Ramos, Marlo C. Rodriguez, Mrs. N. Solaiz Gponsorj Second Row--Cynthia Ybarro, Noemi Luna, Norma Trevlno, Veronica Ramos, Marlann Escalledo Third Row-Elizabeth Gonzalez, Elsa Manlnez. Future Homemaker: of America Fronr Row--Mrs. Debbie Winslow fSponsorj, Barbara Villarreal, Tlna Salinas, Sandy Alonzo, Rosie Ramirez, Monica Martinez, Yesenla Medina Second Row--Santa Alvarado, Jeanette Thomson, lsela Gomez, Maru Mercado, Marlo Sanchez, Moria Gonzalez, Belinda Gomez Third Row--Dora Sanchez, lsabel Villarreal, Aracell Robledo, Dina Cruz, Carol DeLoo, Judy Vera, Edna Martinez Fourth Row-Chandra Davis, Cristl Green, Katrina Parks, Ann Alfaro, Frances Gamez, Ralph Garcia, Jose Luis Hinajoso, Beta Maldonado, Mary De La Rosa. Mario Gomez. Organizations 57 58 Foculryf Adminisrrorion , . K .. 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Assistonr Principal Ruben Gonzolez Assistont Principol Ruben Lopez P"inCiP0' Alfredo Del BOW? Dr. Jim Chapman ossumed the position of Superintendent ot the beginning of second semester. Edinburg Sdiool Board of Trustees: Roel "Roy" Pena. Clementine Contu, Vice- Presidenr Dorlo V. Guerra Jr., President Roui P. Flores, Secretory Robert Vino, Sr., Robert de lo Gorzo, Joe Ochoo Administration 59 r C peaking at Peprallies was just one of the many jobs Mr. Alfredo Del Barrio took on this year. As our new principal, he worked ta create a drug-free environment in which there were no distractions to sidetrack students' education. EFHS students feel lucky to have such a First Class principal. Abrego, Alicia BloIagyfPhysIcal Science Alamia, Yolanda ESOL Andrade, Hipoliro Correlated Language Arts Armyo, Anastacia BOL Asblll, Cheryl Algebra X 13 Canales, Blanca Reading improvement Canru, Linda Math Cantu, Josefa Counselor Canru, Nicholas Vlsltlng Teacher Carroll, Kathleen Correlated Language Arts Casas, Omar HeaIthfPhysIcaI Educotlon Champion, Aurora World Geography Cisneros, Ofelia Llbrary Alde Dawson, Joy Reading Improvement Dearing, Edward Pre-Algebra Dearth, Carol World Hlstory DeLal-'uenre, Teresa Special Education De La Vina, Daniel Vocatlonol Agriculture De Lina Vina, Judith Counselor Diaz, Linda Counselor 60 Abrego-Diaz 1 ,wr Elizondo, Amporo Attendance E vins, Paul CAT Flanagan, Majorie Com morclol Foods Flores, lsidra Cau nselar Garza, Clarissa Readlng Improvement 53 -11 Garza, Rogelio Typlnglliuslness Gonzalez, Enriquera Physlcal Sclence Gonzalez, Maria Special Education Alde Gonzalez, Nora Correlated Language Arts his Gorena, Anibal Physlcal SclencefPhyslcaI Educotlon Guadarrama, R uben World Geography Guerra, R amiro TypInglAthIetIr.s Herrera, Delia Mlgronl Clerk Hinojosa, Dora Engl Ish Lopez, A Iido Engllshfkeadlng Wmmwfwwwr w,.sZ,,,, Q 'Will' reeze! The infamous Mr. Dearing is finally caught after slinking through the halls mast ofthe day, The security guard stopped him and forced him to return ro class. Actually he is just dressing up for Halloween, He was one of the many teachers that dressed up on this holiday. Elizando-Lopez 61 f the first pep rally of the year, Mrs. Mltchell turns around to comfort the bond members with first performance jltters and warns others to be quiet during the announcements. The band played "Calida," "Jalisco," "The Bobcat Special," "California Rockin," and "Burning Heart" at this pep rally. Lopez, Angellra Special Education Alde Lopez, Marlo World Geoqrophyfhack Lozano, Orilia 2-. Bookkeeper Luna, Marlo VocatIonaIfAlde McLemore, Donna Reodlng Improvement Ym- I Y Martinez, Isabel World Hlstory Mejia, Oswaldo English Mitchell, Deborah Bond Monrelongo, Jullo An Moreno, Virginia Correlated Language Arts , xx Y Morin, Gloria Nurse Morse, LeAnna Engllshllournollsm Muniz, Della Speclal Education Alde Nelson, Diana Physloal Sclencelblology Perez, Noeml Llbrarlon P Orriz, Irma Special Education Counselor Palmarier, Macarla Geometry lAlgebra Parras, Margaret Reading Improvement Correlated Language Art: Ramirez, Crisrelo Registrar Reyes, Ruben , World Hlstory 2, 62 Lopez-Reyes fx? 'SM "'1'-sw . M -K' Saenz, Graciela Spa n Ish 5alaiL Norma Commordnl Clothing Salazar, Lydia Secretary Salinas, Anselmo General Construction Salinas, Diana X --:' M: i X xx like English Aldo Salinas, Eloisa Socretary Sanchez, Ester Attendance Sanchez, Rolando Blologyfmhletlcs, Sanfilippo, Daniel Fundamentals of Math Solil, Esilda Roodlng Improvement 5. Tarres, E va English Trevino, Thelma English Aid. Villarreal, Ana Cofralatod Language Ans ,..,.,..,.-Q ,E Q ,,,aIl'F Vincent, Judith loading lmprovomont Winslow, Debbie Homomaklng o, this isn't an aerobics class: it's CLA. Mr. Andrade simply feels more comfortable talking to his class as he touches his toes. The students are obviously used to his behavior and take it in stride. By the end of the year, Mr. Andrade was the most, physically fit teacher at E.F.H.S. Actually, Mr. Andrade is asking Hector Moreno a question while Julian Mendoza and Ismael Garza wonder if fhey'll be called on next. Saenz-Winslow 63 Mr. Montelongo explains some special method of shading as Richard Acosta listens intently, Having trouble with obtuse triangles, Jaime Garza gets help from Mrs. Palmatier. Geometry proved to be difficult for many students this year. On Veterans Day. Mr, Esparzo and Mr. Collis give a heartwarming recollection of the brave men who lost their lives fighting for their country. we lg 'E B in 5 tg s i l ' . 3 , ' ' T 5 5 2 2 W W 2 it 5 , Ei 1 I 3 H t , ' V , , ..,,, I We ,z , f ri - t - ,--, t.., . fi ,Z 43 M t t ,. V ' , 64 Academics in im! faaa tudy, study, study! Thot wos whot students heord this yeor from porents, teochers, ond counselors. Teochers stressed study hobits continuol- ly so thot students would eorn enough credits to groduote ond become the Firsr Class of 1990. UIL octivities went hond-in- hond with ocodemics. Eligibili- ty slips ond grode reports flooted through school, mostly on Thursdoys for everyone from bond members to tennis ployers. Besides the more oc- tive events, there were UIL competitions in choir, speok- ing, writing, history, mothemotics, poetry, ond music. This freshmon yeor meont o lot. Freshmon recognized themselves os high school students. For bond, dromo, ond other UlL porticiponts, it wos the first time performing before people. Even grodes seemed more importont since they will oppeor on high school tronscripts when students opply for college. This wos the yeor to settle down ond stort toking school serious- ly. Tolk obout First Class sense! Acodemics 65 Janie Rlvos waits beside one of the voting machines set up for Student Council elections. Students heard carn- poign speeches during English classes and voted during social studies classes. TN si 3: .Q N455-: .::s9QX15EEi?f:EE: .. K ' . . . A - 5? 'K ' . .. I - ::::. Qi: ie ig? test ig. . tt.t s English, social studies challenge Classes encourage academic growth High School graduation re- quires four years of English and three years of social studies, These classes must be important! Freshmen took World History or World Geography or postponed taking their social studies credit until high schooi. Worid Geography students col- ored maps of almost every world region. World History students took tons of quizzes and learned about the "News of the Week." "l like World History because Mrs. Dearth makes her lectures interesting 66 English f Social Studies with funny stories about the past," commented Margaret i Gonzales. Students were placed in one of the following English classes: Correlated Language Arts, English I, English l College Preparatory, English l Gifted and Talented. Ms. Marse's English classes completed a simulation of a future society. Kristina Hoim said of the pro- ject, "Although English isn't my most exciting class, Ms. Morse really mode it fun by adding o simulation coiled Technapolisf' Aaron Ayala also enjoyed his English class, "There's never a dull moment in Mr. Mejia's class, at least not in third period." Reading improvement and Journalism l are two classes related to English. ln joumalism. students worked hard to create a yearbook that would please all the student body. Reading improvement was required for students who scored below reading grade level on the C.A.T. One student in Mrs. Corrales' class said A that he especially liked reading plays pertaining to the holidays. ln order to learn English Victor Ramos and Arturo Corpus, students in Mrs. Alamids ESL class, work on vocabulary drills. ' Speaking respectfully in future speak, Jennifer Atwood and Veronica Garza, pledge to Comcon. Students in Ms. Morses English class participated ina simulation of a future society calied Technopolis. Q S 5 The sign says "Reading is Fun." It must be true because Victor Garza, Geneva Salinas and Ricky Castillo seem to be enjoying Ms. Parra's class. ikwusqkt 'nk 4 " ,,'Vs6:: N--ly at o . W, ,Q J 8 'ir 4 E 19 gf fs, QJQ ' and -zi I I ' t s 6 W F fiat A Q ' if 4 M f 'Jw 4 5 3' E' 4 6 1 52 K ff V ff A 2 I g, 6 ight 1 4 yt , , , 'f 1 ff? 3, K H W Q WW! y iis ssss s , l s ' 4 1. , ,, If ,,,, ,, 2,246 A , rj ezxy Vygy V 7 A' A AA,., ,,,,:,f I "" , '- " ' V: 41' ' ' ,, if: y M L K l on l l t s M ss . , , f A f gf ,'7Z,f5' ' , ,Qi af: A 4 V v " 5 ? Journalism student Elizabeth Zamora interviews Aisso Diaz about her model- ing coreer. English f Social Studies 67 Marissa Ortiz diligently moves up an octave for the Latin song she is practic- ing while Rhonda Perez leafs through music for her favorite piece. If you had peeked into the choir room on an early mid-October morning, you could have caught students practicing for regionals. Greg Potter trumpets his way though the "Bobcat Special." The band really raised spirit in the game against Memorial. 68 Fine Arts S X On with the show Fine Arts spotlight student talent Being a member of Choir, Orchestra, Band, or Theater Arts means performing and that means a queasy stomach, clammy hands, or sweating it out with the rest of the gang. Yvonne Florez of Choir said, "I get petrified everytime l go on stage!" Lilly Gutierrez said, "l feel ridiculous before I go on," but Richard Vela and Martin Drewey felt differently, "We never get nervous." Even though many get nervous, most love going to competition for the thrill. Theater Arts students in the third period class performed a series of humorous plays: The Little Peasant, The Breman Town Musicians, The Robber Bridegroom, Henny Penny, and The Fisherman and His Wife. Some of the students were in a play called You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. The cast included Andriana Garza, Marissa Ortiz, Kevin Krska, Melissa Garza, Rhonda Perez. David Friedland, and Susan Garcia along with some students from the High School. The play, directed by Mr. Hino- josa, was a great success. An- driana Garza said "I just love being on stage with all my friends," Marissa Ortiz said she felt as if the cast was one big happy family, especially when they held hands and prayed before performing. Competition, something special for everyone, was cer- tainly important. The Choir competed in U.l.L. Solo and Ensemble Feb. 7 and the U.l.L. Concert and Sightreading com- petition the first week of April. Mrs. Simek said, "We enjoy go- ing to competition because we get to know each other and others better." The band feels the some way. Band students competed for two different bands and although they didn't always win, they were good sports. Uniforms were despised by all. Most were too hot, scrat- chy, uncomfortable, and too big or too small. The Choir had to wear long black dresses and tuxedos. Mrs. Simek said, "They look very formal, and I love the look." At any rate, everyone survived the year in their uniforms and most classes gave special parties at Christmas or the end of the year as rewards. The Art class contributed to several dances by making fan- tastic decorations. At the Homecoming dance, they even had streamers and fish hanging from the ceiling. Whether nervous, excited, depressed or happy, students stuck together and gave it their all. Now, isn't that what it's all about? 1... .1 A-'fc V 42. in V W Yfffwvyyfwwk Helping to make the music sparkle dur- ing half-time at the McHigh game, Chandra Davis clangs the cymbals to "Calida" while Freddy Ramirez and Zaron Nelson keep the beat on the drums. Dropping a few helpful hints, Mt. Llanes shows Zulema Rodriguez how ta perfect a difficult piece of music. Prac- tice makes perfect, but help daesn't hurt. Frosty dldn't make it ta EFHS for Christmas so Isabel Villarreal and some students from an class make their own version to hang on the cofeti-rio wall. i ti ss 1 iii "I have naturally curly hair!" This favorite line of Melissa Garza's character, Frieda, wan the audiences laughter at the performance of You're o Good Man, Charlie Brown. . I . . .. 1 i ..., - f 2. S ., ' K - ' Fine Arts 69 Eddie Hemichson looks pleased with the grade on the paper which Vonesso Perez has just returned to him. Sergio Villareol presents his project of the ln- slde of the plont cell. Students in Mr. Sonchez's and Miss Gcillndds science classes completed several projects during the yeor. I , 3? I' K 1' -. ,.. ,M A WZ , I i V ,. ,V , E f,,,, W ! ., V , 3 123: f I V' f , ff f U sz f gr ..,,,, ' When o class discussion gets too enthusiastic, Mrs. Gonzalez coils for quiet from her physical science students. Moth f Science 5 1 N if N X x NN N , . XX Math + science : knowledge Some students thought of science as bor- ing and difficult but started liking the class because of the lab work and movies. Biology was the most challenging class. Other students took Physical Science or ln- rroduction to Physical Science. ln the math area, freshmen students were offered Geometry, Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, or Fun- damentals of Math this year. Before geometry students started the course, they thought of the class as just triangles and squares. "lt is a real challenge," Raymond Vale said, Theorems, postulates, and proofs were taught throughout the year. "Fun is being the only one who solves the geometic pro- of," Sergio Villareal stated. Regular or col- lege prep., algebra was a class many students took. Most students enjoyed it. "lt's fun to do some of the work if you know howto do it," Mari De La Garza said. Pre-Algebra and Fundamentals of Math were taken by students who needed to improve in math. Students worked hard for their grades and usually had good ones. .3 , wsL,,a' g,.- guy- ...M fo- , iwwv-wvwf ms-wv nw:-vu .0 Geometry students Patricia Juarez, Zoron Nelson, Frank Karr, and Carol Hererra relax during advisory in Mrs, Polmatler's room, At a Science Club meeting, the officers Juan Palacios, Marissa Cervantes, Vanesa Perez, Lorie Cruz, and Vic- tor Hernandez present o report to members. Math f Science 71 :gg gg-1, 1-1,.-pkg:,g-5,-Qs',xg:e,fLg-5 f,.12-iv ----fzgrff-'lil2Q,i3g'.ffYf ,, - .mgwuw i. J: ,,, M2"'fffmszAwami:-, ,..,,,..,,.. M... m W FW ,, ggg5gm,Ww.ff ' f ' T W 'VVVKK WVTSMM xt,,.,, W, ...... ,--.W .x.,,,,A. ,NL-WW WW Attfffx V . .... , . ,,,,, .UW Wmmgwsi-'Q-:ww .. f,.,...,,,:w A--- 'ww-" "Q2fff:'f:":'i1"W""k A K , :W Wwmmysw Akkkk NW,,W, ,,,,.. ., H X MMNWHM H M,Wn,i...W,,, , M ., .www . , . . , . . ,M,iQ:,wmNw:'fmf':LW1 ' Y if 1 ' ' . , N, iw :w w ,, .L,,,, .11m1,i l W 11. Y 5... ,. . , , M. M. V lm-W. 'kiwi 'K H Wwwwwwfwwwm f- ' ,. 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Miss Winslow's FHA group adopted STUDENTS AGAlNST DRUNK DRIVERS as their pro- ject of the year. "Our job is to get involved with the school," Miss Winslow explained. "We help out any club that needs it, Applying body tiller, Martin Guzman, Andy Garza, Joe Egula learn how to repair rusted areas on an old cor. Carry- lng out Mr. Trejo's request ln his Motor Trades class Is Adolfo Raclllo preparing to use an oxygen cutting torch. i S-'ssgp 5 "f i, SEEK and we try our best at everything we do." Rosie Ramirez, President, com- mented that many of the members worked hard. "We hope that the freshman class took the message into con- sideration and will not drink and drive." Another FHA club sponsored by Mrs. Salaiz, presented a puppet show for the elderly at the Retama Nurs- ing Home. For many students, voca- tional classes were fun and easy. Rosie Ramos, one of the students in Mr. AIvarado's General Mechanics class said, "l like it. l don't get much special treatment because l'm the on- ly girl. l workjust like one ofthe guys." Mr. Alvarado added, "I like working with my students. I enjoy seeing them using their heads and learning." Students also had hands-on experience in Construction Trades and Metal Trades. Joe Eguia, o student ln Mr. Trejo's Motor Transportation class, ex- plained what the class did. "First, we learned all the safety rules. Then, we fixed the body of old cars by welding, cutting, and spray painting." wb -NYW9 'Ke R With a smile of relief, Anna Hershen- burger finishes doing a lap weld. Welding was one of the many useful skills students learned ln Vocational Agriculture taught by Mr. De La Vino. Vocational Electives 75 Corrections, corrections, corrections. Potty Guerrero ond Jennifer Atwood seemed to correct more than they typed this yeot, At any rote, they both soid they hod fun. Oops . . . another mistake, Murisso Griffin and Tino Solinas chipped ln on Halloween to pass out ghostly messages. The ghosts said, "Don't drink ond drive or you'll be back to haunt your family." V ,,,, 1 ff 4 ff 1 lf Q" I Uhhhhh . . . Janie Gomez doesn't dore to look os she uncovers on unnamed dish. Students had to be pretty brave to enter this homemoking closs. 76 Vocational Electives 1, 'J 4251 f 1 1 ,Z 71 SK "The infamous chef!" For Joey Lopez it's just another day slaving over o hot stove. It's easy to imagine Mrs. Flan- nagan saying, "You just can't flnd good cooks like him anymore." ti S . , CWI. Q - . so . f- e--Xeetrse:ses-- es -. set, 4g.ggg-- . 5 - 5 - . - X i s "'- . lfi X..., . -Q-....f',,X Q .. . 3 t X t is?fs?'Iff I s 'i 1 K . 2 fs K- - - 5 Q. t 5 . ages f -s Ti l . - .Ji t . 3 tx A good time? News flash . . . Students sighted having fun in vocational electives Are there any Miami Vice grips running around school? Where would you go to get a tab set? Can you direct me to the nearest place for a spoke shave? Will you be my sledge hammer? If you had any voca- tional electives this year, you can probably answer at least some of these questions, Classes included Typing, Per- sonal Business Managment, Of- fice Duplication, Commercial Foods and Clothing and Vaca- tional Agriculture. Although the titles sound boring, students found them interesting and fun. Most of these classes helped students decide about their careers. Mr. De la Vina, the Ag. teacher, said, "The classes teach responsibility, patience, and cooperation." Students didn't realize that while they were learning valuable skills, they were also learning good habits. As for competition this year, the Ag. class participated in a leadership contest against all the schools in the valley. The Greenhand Chapter Farmers Parliamentary Procedure team and the Creed Representative made a proud third, which turn- ed out to be just a hair away from second, Although they didn't make district, Mt. De la 5120.00 was the total after this suc- cessful FFA bake sale. Ester Salinas can- tributed her help and served approx- imately 50 dishes of nochos-not to mention the ones she ate! Vina said, "I was really proud of my team because I know they did their best." As a reward, everyone that com- peted got to go to a special bar-b-q party in their honor. Fundraisers were scattered all through the year, Bake sales, turkey sales, and candy sales-anything to raise money was sold. Ms. Winslow said, she plans to use the money raised for projects to compete in Austin. As students diligently sold whatever was decided, they found that when they got together, they could really accomplish something. Nelda Barrera said, "This is real- ly great, we are making money and having a great time too." The students of this year really know what team- work means. , When asked just what their careers were going to be, almost everyone said, "Weil, l'm not positive yet." So much for career decisions. But, then again, we have time to decide and then change our minds again. That is why we have vocational electives, to find the answer to the question "Who am I really?" Once the answer is known, we can make deci- sions about our future. Vocational Electives 77 Tallback Fidel Hernandez moves the ball 23 yards for a flrst down In the game against Mission. The game ended wlth o vlctory for the Bobcats. "Maybe If I stall for tlme . . thinks Yvonne Barker who takes a break to tie her shoes and catch her breath between sets. M -. . ff 4, ,, ..' : . --" - -' fgi V . .V 'A kf,- 4: Feel the excitement? Carol Herrera shows her Bobcat :ff ' 1 f -L ,e-' 5 z hgjin , -' X splrlt by cheering on her favorite team. H 1 V U t t , ,, H , W ,':: ': " .W .et fm fe -f-f Q-Q -S+ M K So OOO O OS 78 Sports it QW il 'S in if ' M if-of faaa igorous proctices ond extro hord work reolly poid off for students in sports this yeor. The footboll teom's homecoming victory, volleyboll BIue's district chom- pionship, the tennis teom's first ploce victory over Phorr, olong with other exciting gomes ond motches, highlighted the EFHS yeor in sports. Cooches were ob- viously proud of their teoms. The othletes, of course, got even more thon victories ond owords from their hord work. They got o sense of teom- work, pride in competition, ond o deepened school spirit. Thot's whot reolly mode these teoms ond individuols First Class in whotever they did. Sports 79 x 6300 lt all adds up Strategy and stamina equals success Working together to achieve both individual and team goals, the former North and South Junior High football players came through with a successful season. One impor- tant aspect of this yeor's foot- ball teams was their strong faith in their coaches who assured them that, with the right preparation, they could ac- complish anything. The players' ball player George Kellard ex- plains, "We practiced fourth and fifth period, then after school for three hours every- day for five doys a week. It was usually just routine stuff, but it was necessary." All together, both teams averag- ed approximately from twenty to thirty hours a week in prac- tice including time during and after school. dedication to their teams pro- Unfortunately, as with any . duced exceptional results with other sport or team, some of J g g the ever popular Red team the players were injured during Red clinching the District Crown the games. George Kellard, Scoreboard A once a ain and the stron Noe Perez, and Ben Sanchez , 9 9 T s - g determined Blue team finishing were some of the unfortunates C015 . 999- aff the season with a record of who received either a broken sg gig: Eggs ig four wins and three losses. leg or wrist. , 49 MemoMGQ,d 0 Another significant aspect of All in all the Red and Blue 0 Edinburg Blog 0 this year's season was the hard football players did an outstan- 12 MGNIOPJDISBJUG 13 training and long hours that ding job. Coach Lopez agreed, 50 M5909 whim' 0 were put into the practices by "The teams played some real 48 Rio Grande City 0 53 Missionmomon Q the players and coaches to tough games, and I know that S make both teams into what they tried hard. they are today. Red team foot- Q If 4, Q .f" ' -. :' VX sf' .2 K Q , kg , A S V Q i - I V P.. A -I .. . .1 6 is . 37 j f-W-A g.,g. . .3 it f ggi, .4 ... . , :,,JV+ L A fi' Q, L. lk grlgg5S A qi gggg 3 1,2 it siie is A ' .1 , .. i -- 1. is A A A Q W . . -- Q ... ,N gg . V ia . :.- na ef A 1 ' H - A22 ,gy 1 1 .- ,ri - '- R . Q Swgzls r ,vs sang f '.,-- 3' .. ..... . . L... -.. 41 5 55 1 s .. . S S' it sss f . .f r r T S L sl lf. lf i eff . T' . i .frz :.: X 2 Riga K kc. .si I If, QT? , I f . AKKE br ik A if . X V, inning fei lfgffiif ,,. .i ss fs asggaigs itsltssiaf-fti. .-,. T 'Q' .. . Front Row-Jaime Salinas, Danny Luna, Luis Luna, lsaias Asura, Obbie Salinas, Martin Mendoza, Gilbert Hernandez, Ralph Perez, Ronald Jackson, George Patina, Robert Hinojoso, Chris Solis, Adam Bernal, Ricky Sorina, Fidel Hernandez. Second Row-Jaime Miranda, Juan lracheto, Frank Villalobos, Luis Brialles, Danny Gomez, lsaac 80 Football Frank Alvares, Perez, Marco Omar Medina, Corrales, Noe Perez, Sergio Garllardo, Darian Kotzur, Mario Martinez, Danny Hernandez, Mark Trejo. Third Row-Raymond Vale, Mike Bodillo, Alfonzo Florez, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Lora, Aldo Roldol, Adan Mares, Eddie Ponce, Gilben Cano, David Guenthner, Billy Nash, Gilbert Garza, Micheal Villareal, Luis Rodriguez, Cesar Reyes. Fourth Row-Eric Rodriguez, Ricky Pardo, Kervin Collis, Cesar Lopez, George Kellard, Oscar Martinez, Jacinto Briseno, Eric Johnson, James Lozono, Raul Paez, Juan Lopez, Raul Cardenas, Ricky Rodriguez, Margarita Carreon. Fifrh Row-Rey McBee, Thomas Pena, Horacio Velo, Carlos Garcia, David Soto, Orlando Lopez, Guadalupe Trevino, Hector Goitan, Guadalupe Garcia, Ben Sanchez, Rudy Chapo, Tony Espinoza, Gilben Mercado, Gus Rendon, Robert Zuniga. Swirl 1 .0- .J 1 ho,- .IG-VV, 2? 154 544. S 5C9f3b9'??d 7 Q 1 -Bri Missirmplvhrfe. '7f50F3ff?!m59? Edifrbur9sRed35i Mrssiw . .Mar-HghiPvrii-tegg A jiuemsraazgaonaq 1 N Q nh., YS 'll WM xy 317, , .K , W mb Comln' throughl This blocker shows his stuff during a practice in November. 7 Q Q g 36, 14, 9 Hut! EFHS challenges the Mis- sion White and beats them fifty to zero. As the Bobcats gain twelve more yards, this receiver gains a few more bruises. Na pain, no gain! 9 ' ' ff , jfs ii ,jg 1' Q ' Q Hforijsmfl A ' N Q f- " 1 . figii W 4. ,cb I I .. U , A , -- .- ff Q ygvf iff' . .:u's,t, 'N K A L, . . In 3' - ,bf X g V H ' sl iffmx , . W , ikf r . . ,. K ,Q , 1'-57 K A Vg A E lf.. 1 . ., A ,, za " ' - 7 i ,f . X-:wvi il ,. 'Q - . . l . , , l -CEI ' ci-.V-wi , :IVV K A A ,W f.'- 1 ' ' ' .. I fr . x J " W :M Q. .qw 3 .- f- 5 ,. l x. A nr kjc?g5,,i,f.53.Lf, . ,K 'g p . . as QIIQ Q 2 F cf: ,, . gf.. Q Q Q i-- I s i , ,, 35513 l, -fe' i r- V4 'igflf ' ,R '--- n e w . -Qiw,-111. - l- s ,E 'H ' 1 lf. 'S 3 it .5 ' X , - A ' fl .. ' f , . Z 3 f . ,Q Q Su N ...- K 31 a t f . I mfs r if "'!?W?firi 1' . X0 ,, act- ww isa, f -ei l . om 4 "ff . Y ' ' W . - - .... at I of ' . - ' , Z: I 3, 5 iQ.,f ff h if I W .Z M K' . 'L 'X' ' .f H 2 ,A - . ' ' : ff' g f ' cg ' ' t ,L ' '." 3 t g, 1' 2 J' ,. 'z K' L ,is 15 Q, ist " 4 for M. ' YM A f. K l W 'wx E ' I 5. iii! at 5 f " ' A fr -Q r if -it lrr i :! Q ' ' 1' "JV, of Umphhh . . . Omar Medina rushes the enemy quarterback to insure that the pass is complete. Danny Gomez faces his opponent in the McHi gold game. "Can't catch me!" 3 8 Sf' in sis 5 gm X 5" r 1 . A' V Mei ,Qi , fl waist. ,sl K , -Q '-S., gl Not that wayl Gilbert Garza switches direction with sheer perfection as four Bulldogs run his way. Football 61 ll oyddkw Ready when you are! Dina Guadorroma, Frenchie Villarreal, Marina TUerina and Yoli i Agullllon wolt expectantly for the ball to be ll served to their side. r rre l r ii l r drrr rm r ddrled re dr ree edee T s s KVLV ,r.V ii kiik .k-Vf: ,'m VrV'i .fQ51 g,5.gg2l14?1'lQi ,irzx si? eezr . ddrde use eredr 'dedrl rdre e g 7 V,A' 45 ,':' d e T I 1.151.415 r d r ' rre 5 fi rmfA vig., Vlm' .95 51.5 ,l., .. m1,,:,:, VVVi,V e rdrer r rrrr fi rrrd if rd T151 drrr dre Early last August, when everyone else was sleeping late and dreading the day school would start, the volleyball girls were working hard everyday to improve their skills. They were very optimistic about the upcoming season. "We hoped that all of the long hours of practice would pay 82 Volleyball Blue succeedsg Red strives Ladycats find biliersweet ending to season story off," said team member Veronica Casas. 04485 Eventual- ly, for the Blue Team, it did. They ended the season with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. "I had higher expectations," said Coach Elva Rendon, "But the girls reached their goal. They came in second in district competition." The Red Team, unfortunate- ly, did not win any matches. Even so, Cammy Saldana C0455 said, "lt was a good season. We tried our best and learned a lot." The Red Team's most memorable game was the last McHi game. They came so close to winning but let it get away with a score of 15-7, 9- 15, 15-6. "Gutsy!" said Coach Gorena of his team, "the girls learned a lot this year. They im- proved tremendously on their skills and many learned to spike the ball well. Even though we lost all games, we gained the respect of all the other teams because they knew we had the ability to beat any team if they took us lightly." Nelda Barerra takes time out to wish fora llttle help for the upcoming game. .snail i Front Row-Alda Martinez, Christina Garcia, Lucy De Luna, Deyanita Medina, Second Row-Mina Rios, Sandy Alonzo, Denise Soto, Marina Tllerlna, Veronlca Martinez, Georgina De Leon, Laura De Luna, Frenchie Vallarreal, Rosie Davila, Third Row-Rosie Barrajas, Nelda Barerra, Cammy Saldana, Araceli Rios, Yoli Aguillon, Lisa Montana, Candy Garza, Trisha Flores, Jessica Leal, Vera Casas, Dina Guadarrama, Lisa Delgado. Coaches-Mrs. Rendon, Mr. Goreno will Blue sccfeboefa can opp. cms opp, cw opp. Eaingwgned e o 15 a . Memmi as 11 a is e is Marten is is is 2 ia- 2 - , . PJoGfande 9 15 is mga, g A-Mlslon ' 15- is V iss 5 i ,,R, . Edlnbufgaed 15k , B I ,8-I .-LL V Mimotioi' 'R 9, 15 Rg.' V ,i ,mms 45 fo R55 "',i 1 bi f ff 'I iiloi3ronde 1S' 1 -15 gi Zia R 'lb 44-K' gt -'4"EV'k 'V,:- gf ' Giving an excellent return, Dina Guadarrama scores points against McHi while her team- mates, Veronica Martinez, Marina TUerina, and Gina De Leon anticipate helping the ball over the net. Volleyball 88 X op N I . . Q,.a+i'5 W Spirit boosters catch the power of the Bobcat beat "We got spirit, yes we do. We got spirit. How 'bout you!" The thundering of these words is what the cheerleaders loved to hear. "The spirit was great," said Todd Buster of this year's pep rallies. Brenda Cruz added, "The cheerleaders and Juniorettes were excellent, they deserve all the credit." The cheerleaders stunning acrobatic techniques freaked out a number of students. One of the most popular was the pyramids. Millie Hernandez, the peak of the pyramid, said, "l'm scared that I might fall!" Mrs. Palmatier, their sponsor, said she felt nervous, "l'm afraid they might fall!" Head Cheerleader Carol Herrera does "the Chant" to cheer the Red team to victory. The cheerleaders went to sum- mer camps to learn this ond many other cheers. .lust lying around. Helen Cantu, and Tlna Villanueva take time out to rest ofter a wlld pep rally. 84 Cheerleaders Head cheerleader, for the Red, was Carol Herrera, Blue's head cheerleader was Mari De La Garza. They said that the au- dience was pretty good overall. The cheerleaders also thought of Mrs. Palmatier as a close friend. "She's cool." Two things attracted the au- dience to the Juniorette's per- formances. One was the great dancing. "They were pretty good at that!" said David Wright. The other was the costumes, "Nice costumes, and great workl" commented Jaime Salinas. These fine per- formances were made possible by the teaching and training of Mrs. Garcia, Juniorette sponsor. Cheerleaders perform a pyramid during the last pep rally of the year. Front row-Helen Cantu, Millie Hernandez, and Darlene Wells. Second row-Tina Villanuva, Letty Palacios, Araceli Rios, and Denise Soto. Top row-Mari dela Gorza, and Aisso Dlaz Cnot pictured ls Corol Herrera.J 2 ? 3 S I l E l 2 . ,,,,, . M If ', ' 'swf , 'tw f7"t'fW"'-5,2 f WAV ", 92 ,I . 'L i ' A ' I I U' 4- ' ' , Xw JJ., rl m i ifv,:?'1x'?iL gg' 'fwx 5 ' Mg' ff iwly ff, V f 1 , , ifiig hffzgfzff vw 9:6 ' WW mg "M-K. gy' nfs ' ' 1 gmffva, 1 JW? if ' 59 :.,,frL5. iQw4 R I' H31-Iifify , ifwiil. ' ,algal '- PM if 9 I' ' " 4 eff' i, Is. ,S X ,Z I " ti' 4 I S' , it Q- A .,. pl 'ff ,Q WZ II I ww 3 ' i G- A A I I M R ' " ,rii 1 S .-ff ' ' ' ,ff I 2' ' 1, I f I Lt 4 , , W z , , wif If ' 1' I 7' 't G 'A - ' N ' , , A If. is R ff mu' Q G Q Q it - , 4 ' " ' 'V ' I I , ,,,,, . V , ,, A A A V W G A G.. f ' ' R " at W-, K , 'A' , .I fm 1 ' 4 w .I M r . 1' 4 vw 5 ' ' x I f V f 4- 21 ' A N T' J Q 'I ' , - Q? 5 ' 'ff ' H R 1 l i ' "AA z , , I ,,, Y I , , 'A' R , 1 " , 1,17 we 4 ' i l f fif ...I : 'V i' i s 1.I,.. W ,I if W9 I I I GIII . IIIIIII I if I I ft Flrst Row-Mirna Solis, QMojorj Murrisa Griffin, CLieutenantj, Litsa Perez, CCaptainj Second Row-Zelma Garcia, Hilda Olivarez, Ronnle Reyes, Amanda Garcia, Alma Arteoga, Hilda de lo Garza, Maggie Cuevas, Terry Reyes, QManagerj Third Row-Jessica Garza, Adriene Benavidez, Nancy Espinoza, Josat Hernandez, Cynde Garcia, Anna Ortiz, Margaret Gonzales, Annette Alonzo, Lisa Sekula, Tina Salinas Fourth Row-Susan Garcia, Laura Cruz, Yesenla Medina, Michele Maldonado, Ana Aloniz, Julie Ramirez, Patricia Martinez, Bonnie Gonzalez, Eliza Zamora, Nancy Kotzur, Juniorerte Yesenia Medina cheers on the football team at the last game of the season. With glittering hats, Rosie Muniz and Elisa Zamora dance to an old Beach Boy tune "Fun, Fun, Fun" at the Mission game during half-time. Juniorettes 85 . X 300' W Teams shoot for victories "l think that basketball is a wonderful team sport," com- mented Boonie Trevino, for- ward for the Blue team. Blue, along with Red, had a winning season this year although both had their tough games, especially Red's near win over McAllen Memorial. The students practiced for a long time to become better players and tried their best in every game. Some players hope to go professional some day, while others played basketball for the fun of it. Coach Guerra Cptedy and Coach Gorena CBluej put a lot of pressure on the players to be the best. The players felt confident with their coaches and learned about strategy. "I like my coach because he understood when we made Front Row-Obbie Salinas, Raymond Vale, Mark Trejo, Ronald Jackson, Victor Herrera, Roy McBee. Second Row-Manager Eric Rodriguez, Tony Espinoza, Bryan Duffey, Boonie 86 Basketball Trevino, David Gunthener, Mike Lara, Ralph Perez, Chad Tredaway, Manager Thomas Pena. Third Row-Ricky Rodriguez, Bobby Corrales, Billy Nash, Jaime Salinas, James Lozano, Kervin Collis, Gilben Garza, Carl Lopez, and Martin Mendoza. mistakes, and when we did make them, he would help us correct them," said Kervin Callis. injuries kept players from playing this year. James Lozano, Chad Tredaway, and Billy Nash all had minor injuries that kept them from playing. Overall though, this year has been a First Class season for E.F.H.S. boys' basketball teams. 5 ' 2 1 ,Tie J RTE . jr X '1-A.. Us " -af ,i ...-X - fe -:ei K si like E: ,, .., .Lien ,L ti L ' A 4, s h '9Kck,.'g,- . e t " ' '. fs During a timeout. the Red team relaxes while listening tothe next plan. Bue Cats Opps, Lo Villa J.V. Lyford McHigh Purple V Memorial Gold Memorial Gold Edcouch-Elsa 38283il8B838fSR2k3883.b3'3 Rio Grande City Mission White Memorial Blue Mission Maroon McHigh Gold Memorial Gold Mcl-llgh Purple Rio Grande City Mission White Memorial Blue Mission Maroon McHIgh Gold Memorial Gold l Scoreboard 22 28 33 29 85 44 26 Mission Maroon 39 39 25 25 52 37 35 32 44 27 42 55 47 'fr time-. 'li" I 'I V f 722 'Q or M i 'WA-gil 1 Y FQ f ff P' 1 X 'shf ve 'K' 'K 3 I I I 1' lv g K M g 1 4 ' ,, ,.i k. g K A I M I i .. W - C Reaching for new heights James Lozana battles a Memorial Mustang for the opening rip. Gilben Garza, Tony Espinoza, and Felix Espinoza run full speed to the gym wall and back as part of training. Coaches made them do these sprints until their speed and balance was good enough for the actual game. Red Cats Opp. McAllen Gold Ria Grande City Memorial Gold Memorial Blue Mission Maroon Mercedes - Memorial Blue SESBBSSSSSEBSSRSSSSSERR Mission Maroon McAllen Gold Edinburg Blue Memorial Gold Mission White McAllen Purple Ria Grande Clty Memorial Blue Mission Maroon McAllen Gold Edinburg Blue Memorial Gold Mission White McAllen Purple 68 Rio Grande Clt Scoreboard 52 62 6 1 43 54 65 4'i 52 Eclcouch-Elsa 48 86 59 66 60 62 90 53 65 72 60 61 78 67 At a home game against Rio Grande City, Raymond Vale scored a two- pointer. This was one of the many vic- torious games for the Red team. Basketball 87 88 L ji it Mighty Ladycats i First Row: Dina Salinas, Ester Salinas, Rosle Barajas, Sandra Pineda, Ruth Blanco, Jessica Leal, Dina Guardarrama, Helen Canru, Alice Mercado, Gracie Diaz Second Row: Coach Rolando Sanchez, Kerry Deck, Cammy Saldana, Yolanda Agulllon, Sandy Alonzo, Araceli Rios, Georgina De Leon, Amy Garza, Marcy Smith, Blanca Silva, Candy Garza, Liza Montana, Laura Cruz, Coach Crispin Lopez gy A . Bed- g, - . - Q Scoreboard g g .Cats'u 4 A . 17' . .edpouctiilso . 49 A . w'Hw05QOf .T , . O. 1 26 . iihetylondi T Q16 1 .12"'pQPS3A3 t,,, . 42' T 1:7-g :Mama T . 41. LOOAQ. YTPSJAB e',e i T. . 5,262 ,,i, fawissian A A 'iti 1444, - 11", I T E 2714 ,", , lil' A Riodrrmdei e,iV.' Q7 3 1 liei 5 V- . V'kk I S'ei T .AOSQT all s.rMCAii6fi iecle l ,eti A ecie 3152111 5146i fi AEFHS Btu? gfffjfQ 5 ' ,5?.':1QY , ',e,, fi'1W01Grondve1'1rQ1i.'1 if QQQTQ5' fji Basketball Rocketrng herself off the gym floor ta ke District Q Racing up and down the court, shooting baskets, beam- ing when victorious and show- ing good sportsmanship when defeated were things the girls' basketball team experienced throughout the year. Both the Red and Blue teams had excellent players who worked very hard. They show- ed dedication and determina- tion whether in practice or ac- tually playing. Everyone agreed that the most important thing was, not the winning, but keeping the strong school pride. The Blue team received the District title for the '86-'87 season. Blue coach Crispin Lopez said he was proud of his team's wins and said they deserved to be District champions. The Red team had a difficult season but stuck it out to the end. Coach Rolando Sanchez said he felt proud of the team, even though they lost, because they were good sports about it. Minor injuries hampered the season. During one practice game Ruth Blanco gat hit by o ball and ended up with o black eye. ln another game, Araceli Rios fell on her ankle. Everyone worried that it was a rorn ligament. Luckily, it was only a sprain, and she was soon playing again. Despite minor injuries and some losses, the girls enjoyed competition this year and are looking forward to joining the team next year. with perfect timing. -i. ,Eff-'ff---f Ns: 41 get it 5-an ...-.....,..m..-W...., in Q.. fe ,.i Yi wg, Running the length of the gym, Jessica Leal, Gracie Diaz, and Georgina De Leon worm up before o big game. Most girls found that running became more of a habit than a chore by the end ofthe yeor. What goes up, must come down-right? Gracie Diaz begins to wonder if her ball will ever come back down. --, W I ,r 4 , 5 if i 5 hyy' A liie be eice 54 1 4 in M ef 5 ,iff liel '-4' ,,, ,QQ K W Y' li ll P11 Jessica Leal tries to attrock the oppo- nent's attention at the Rio Grande City game, Blue Mcl-ligh Townament Cats Opp. 2 Hidalgo 0 64 Edcouch-Elsa 49 45 Mcl-ligh 33 44 Memorial 42 P.S..l.A. Tournament Cots Opp. 46 Memorial 48 54 Sharylond 12 49 Donna 35 Blue Scoreboard District Games Cats Opp. 48 Rio Grande City 23 49 Mission 48 56 Md-ligh 45 41 EFHS Red 29 34 Memorial 32 39 Rio Grande City 42 09 Mission 41 53 McAllen 40 56 EFHS Red 46 40 Memorial 28 Basketball 89 swf, .vf9 Where could you find talented swingers? At our school dances? At the Big Ap- ple? No! You could find them at the Edinburg Freshman tennis courts where our "First CIass" team practiced everyday. Early in the season Coach McNollen said, "The tennis team has a lot of good qualities. We should be able to take District this year. lt's look- ing good for-us." The tennis players were hopeful, also. Cristina Champion stated, "We Jumping up, Jaime Ollvarez hits a backhand while his mixed doubles partner, Yvonne Barker, watches to make sure the ball Is a good shot. Their match against Eddie Hendrlchson and Belinda Luna was a tough one. Muscular, but stlll a kid at heart. Bobby Corrales enjoys the lolllpop that Coach McNollen has given him for good behavior. Although Coach McNollen seldom wore her bunny ears hat, which was a birthday present from her mother, she seems pleased knowing that her tennis students are trying harder on this occasion. 90 Tennis Onthecoum First class team swings into action should win District this year because we have a coach who's willing to help her team make it to the top, and we are willing to follow her in that." Up before the sun on Friday and Saturday mornings with rackets in hand wasn't the greatest thing. Yvonne Barker said, "lt's tiring, but if you win, it's worth waking up early for." Giving up free time to prove their skills on the courts, the ten- nis team found their rewards in the form of trophies and the satisfaction of defeating their adversaries. "lt doesn't bother me any to give up free time for tennis," Rodney Garcia said. "Tennis is first place in my life." Challenges were played throughout the year between team members to see who had improved. Whether first on the team or last, the players were "outrageous!" The com- petetive spirit raged just as much during the challenges as during the tournaments. Tennis wasn't just a class students took for an easy P.E. credit. The freshman players took pride in their ac- complishments. "Tennis is the ultimate" Ricky Alamia ex- claimed. "I find it more exciting and challenging this year. The competition is harder in the tournaments, Coming from a private school, it's really a great honor to be on the team and be one of the top players." , ,, it ei zz 15 S. .la Front Row: Rosalie Lopez, Laura de Luna, Pricila Rodriguez, Melissa Garza, Veronica Garza, Tina Villanueva. Belinda Luna, Melissa Hinojosa, Danny Ramirez. Second Row: Joe Villescas, Ronald Garcia, Mara Lopez, Rodney Garcia, Yvonne Barker, Ricky Alamia, Cristina Champion, Ruben Cid, Eddie Hendrichson. Third Row: Coach McNaIIen, Roy Rucker, Jaime Olivarez, Roy Alfaro, Arnulfo Soto, James Lozano, Mark Montemayor, Jaime Reyes, Mario Segovia. i, A L . R , , ' , . 3 new Wfs--4 .155 sid., ,ht +0-K Q... 4 +4 5,5 0- 4. ,, Q Q Stretching for motchpolnt, Laura de Luna shows a positive, winning at- titude-giving that extra effort to be all she can be. As Coach McNaIlen stated during a tournament, "5he's the best we've got." Checking the stringing on her Prince racket during a match was common for Mara Lopez. Ricky Alamia and Eddie Hendrichson watch and wait for her to finish so they can play. Tennis 91 vac JM -s use ' ',-' L LLL'L,L X 'R ' '1-, 1 V - L, ' 'L'L W , I my L Y Q! E is Q L :N y kj K , 5 xl I Q0 V A , s o A - e LL 'D rt -,-- , L ,mf A ,L - QE? VN . ' A as f 1 ' W Lhm, ob LWVQLQX ,N X K .-,,: , K Q if L It .,. N, X 0 r 1 ' sf L ' L V1 Lfrr ' f f V- 'L - ss A 5 4 s- 4:1 ' as f X i' . 'V LL L L hh L. Xi 1 A ' , R V ,V VA Front Row: Llsa Yracheta, Rosle Davlla, 3 '9 hw' T Q, my A L" , Lf' ' L V Anthelma Vasquez, Nora Mungla, L R R Q ' 5 R L L Lf' : J R ., .K,- - ,fs QS: LV L , , J V .-if Chrlsty Galtan, Jesslca Leol, Allce ee A ,LV S ' Q T ' C ' g g Mercado, Chrlstlna Garcla. Deyanlra Q A 5' L5 Mfg L, V V Medlna, Rosle Barajas, Glorla s 'A , 'M g ',,e- L L A LL Ks l lf jg ze -- 5' L f 2, V X- Gonzdez- Sefond ROW: Vefomco - g W. V ,ff L -f'- if ' V L. QSM Martlnez, Aldo Martlnez, Frenchle ,LL , ,,,, VLL ' r . LLVV ,V-f V L -- L -VVVLLLV LL L .L . L LLVL Vlllarreal, Llsa Delgado, Cammy A 'lvlll 1 ' -me LVLL ele s ' il' Vs V1 Saldana, Georglna De Leon, Yvonne f .L G ,Mun H c , . L,L. moms' Candy me e emo" ez ,L Aracell Rlos, Letty Palaclos, Gracle Dlaz, Mellssa Salazar, Llsa West, and Ruth Blanco. Cross Country: Front Row: Raul Lopez, Albert Martlnez, Alfonso Rodrlguez, Rlcky Rodrlguez, Rene Vega, Javler Mendoza, Bobby Zunlga, Raul Carrlllo, and Thomas Moreno. Second Row: Juan Carranca, Patty Escobar, Anthelma Vasquez, Rosle Barajas, Georglna De Leon, Mellssa Salazar, Allce Mercado, and Raul Garcla. Third Row: Letty Palaclos, Nora Mungla, Janle Cantu, Marlbel Ortega, Chrlsty Galtan, LISO Yracheta, Rosle Barajas, Ruth Blanco, and Glorla Gonzalez. Raclng against each other, the entire track team competes to see who ls ac- tually the fastest. The team raced thelr way to many vlctorles thls year wlth the boys wlnnlng often and the glrls taklng flrst everytlme they competed. si A e-0-1? SM ' 1 't2s.s.w1"QgLL,'g,,k2gfVEVfE'. 92 Track f Cross Country ls E 'Is if 3 E l As any other spon, running has Its in- juries. Mr. Reyes explains to Anthelma Vasquez how to take core of her Irv jured leg. Waiting to be introduced Noro Munglo and Rosle fMIghtyj Barajas applaud and listen intently as the football players are Introduced durlng a pep rally. .Mew , R L. :ti Bringing home blue ribbons Cross Country, Track line up for trophies "On your marks, get set" . . . BANG! At the sound of the gun, the tensed muscles of Cross Country and Track team members repeatedly sprang into action. And often this year, team members crossed the flnlsh line first or placed in other track events. The Cross Country teams, which were coached by Ruben Guadarrama, both took District Championships. Letty Palacios and Nora Munguia said of their coach, "He trained us hard so that we'd become winners." Coach Guadarrama required team members to run eight miles every day. The Track teams participated in a total of five meets-three practice meets and two trial mswsg .- R 3 'PSN 5 i meets. The boys' team was trained by Coach Guadarrama and the girls' by Coach Rendon and Coach Sanchez. Team members Ricky Rodriguez and Anthelma Vasquez ap- preciated the coaches. Both said, "The coaches train you in- to becoming the best." The teams practiced three hours every day, putting in some time during Athletics class and completing the remaining two hours after school. The track teams, not surpris- ingly, had a successful season. As Coach Rendon said of her team when they first started practicing, "We're optimistic. We have a lot of good girls that are eager to put in effort. We're looking good." . .,,, ,,,,,, ,, W I .J N- I - ln. Track f Cross Country Q8 A chorus of dancing and singing cows-Esmer Sepulveda, Arlene Farolan, Stephanie Hammond, and Nelda SanMiguel-try to convince the farmer to buy another helfer. This scene was part of the Story Theater presented by Mr. Hlnojosds theater class, To build up strength and stamina, Cross Country team members Raul Garcia, Nora Munguia, and Thelma Vasquez race up on incline. Coming up behind the three is Raul Carrillo. Which is brighter. the smile or the hat? Nancy Kotzur flashes her pearly whites at a home Bobcat football game, o QIQLQOQGQ QE diff ":' iz" "'iss r my . 1 ,.AA Iy: is 94 r. ,c,,, , , or vi' 'N V if s -.. 54- illu- un..-.......,, giffif dau '-"' . . . nd so ends the school yeor. The holls buzz with teory goodbyes, sum- mer plons, ond high hopes for the sophomore yeor. We con't woit to plunge into o well-deserved summer voco- tion with no homework, no tests, no more essoys-just good friends ond free time to hove fun, porty, ond relox. We're leoving EFHS behind but toking mony memories with us like . . . the onnounce- ment of Mr. ond Miss EFHS ot the Volentine Donce, the choir's outstonding rotings in competition, not finishing the TEAMS test when everyone else did, o best friend's Quin- cinero, the speech thot reolly mode us think during Drug Aworeness Week, secretly enjoying Romeo ond Juliet. We look forword to o new school ond new chollenges next yeor, but we'll remember thot it oll begon with our greot freshmon yeor when we finolly groduote os the I-7rsr Class of the new decode. Epilogue Q5 Colophon vorume Edinburg Ffvfqw l , . , :size W2 DY 41' if POW! , Q The ,cover fish' whim limocore VQNCQG rages of me f0??sp,reo gooey ond silver C0613 Alltype on the cover other than the artwork tl- rie is, is Paloma. lhe book has o' sewn binding ond endsheers of CBD. headlines 38906 06 PM 'md A LW s l L, , e C gjf j with o Stand-vw ,l'U9f,iiih?24.iPGIm Mex lmus and con- dlds ln the section begins with ci standup letter in 36polntCofnetBOld Division page headlines ore sea in 36 point Polotino Bold qoox- block! with Q 10 dos point large between each Iener, The First headlines are set in 601 Cor onefaoia ls,14 point serif wim Q Sbpoim srondvupilierrer in Cor- onerbold 5 l l S Newsforo of Son Angelo Texas primed, the EFHS year- book. Oscar Gone is the Newsfoto representative. 1 " ", Serif vi u ' 4 J XL -4 vi' M 96 Credits Staff Page Crecfts Lori de Alejandro. . . Misty Anguiano .... Marlene Arredondo . . . ........... . . . . Linda Benavides . . . Nora Delgado .... Felix Espinosa ..... Margaret Gonzales . Elido Hernandez . . . Kristina Holm . . . . Hector Luna ...... Monica Martinez. . . Donnie Meadors. . . Alfonso Mercado. . . Eddie Molina ..... Ray Morin . . . Edna Munoz .... Roni Reyes .... Ruben Soliz ...... Elizabeth Zamora . . Christy Zaremba. . . Staff Photographers Aaron Ayala Joseph Prestio Special Photo Credits Ruben Guadarramo Hlubek Studios . ..... . . . . . . 2, 3, 18, 19, 56, 57, ....2, 3, 18, 19, 34, 35, 62 I I 1 Qifsf i5,'if5,'5d,'s1',' Cover Design Hector Luna Sales Orlie Cantu George Vasquez Tino Garcia Lilly Gutierrez Eddie Henrichson Robert Quintanillo A' ' A Editor ' 1O,11,16, 17, 24, 25 ............66,69 ......44,45,72,73 13,30,31,90,91,96 64,65,78,79,94,95 54,55,56,57,84,85 68,69,82,83,84,65 58,59,8O,81,84,85 68,69,76,77,94,95 64,65,78,79,94,95 42,43,72,73 74,75 1 ............2O,21 46,47,58,59,7O,71 ......48,49,86,87 ..4,5,36,37,6O,61 78,79,88,69,94,95 ............ 40,41 ..6,7,22,23,92,93 ..8,9,28,29,66,67 ...........38,39 Edtors Nora Delgado Kristina Holm Sponsor LeAnna Morse l ' nsor E, Morse ,,

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