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 - Class of 1978

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Sw -el. - , A . I . 1 'w ' 1 1 v vw 4 L . , , 1 w w 'QE If fs.' V. w K l if H 9 4 4 T' I' A .LL A W q -., "Y" -f yr 4. , h--f W ujg, T'-,. , ,., ., , , ,, A . 5 -. g--- -f-U: ---' --- f ' - -ff!-PF ' -,f f A ff: 1,35-Evfm wx, . -- g,,,,-1-- ' -- Q- 7193- !L.,f,,,:A1'-'---guna, mLQ,gi.,.'z:Qg1:4:g,+:-lim- " 1 F ' " ., 22-- ' -., at -n -f,a-,.-.-..,.-+1 ' 1: A' Qfewij ' it W1 2. .va Zia Q. n 'first . 'QW N il Oh Edinboro, thou art fair We love thy lake and skies Thy western hills of purple, where - the flush of daylight diesg We love thy campus spreading green, Or filled with drifting snow, Thy trees and tow'rs that stand serene While classes come and go. ll9l3l 'Afxggig-,lf-.g,Er2s'4'j53I'gbF A .ap Opening Academics Interests Performances Sports Greeks Seniors Closing ' . 4 ' . . .50 . .68 . . .94 Student Life . 112 . . 128 . . 164 ' . . 208 ' . . 268 Editor in Chief ..... Laura Visco Associate Editor . . . Roseann Vislay Advisor ........ Paul Newman ,S X iir 'I 35 57 lib 9 1 it X .ix Fit :UQ I 'fa gn, .Q -2071 " Wai il xfiw' ,Nl O 'yi 'I K i X4!t.'r1,. Q. , 4' Al fi X "r 9 I- s, X it J fu 01. "3A4 K' 22 ggw 117-Zi f P sf M ni p, ' lfl3"l?n ff5llf'?.1.4 ' 'J l:.i1wl3,.vq V 'lrif ,gh -n l xl .M i ,gf-Il Wig :dub " .11 .LPQQ3 u. viii 1' ,, ' ,'L1Tl,fv -"lj" ,, .-nr-,nr :--.1 , I-,1,',.',,. ., , f:f,??,ygf . ',,,4,,. ' .Av ,'. '-ffl . - ':"'1 1-H.-.5 . ,, .v"::3ff"'7.4' , ' 1 K" .,. Y, TARTA 13 Volume 13 Edinboro State College ' Edinboro, Pennsylvania 4fOpening - , un-J'l'-' ' : -..r-vm. rf il -353' YI E - H. 4-.I -,. Q. I x -QM , 'x Opening!5 6fOpening Z Many times, in searching for an !'. appropriate theme, the obvious is overlooked. ln other words, what better "subject of discourse" for the Tartan yearbook is there than Edinboro itself? -.ll Opening! 7 N --- Y if-Y Nw ru, 19.2. U11 'QW' 4 5- ' . . I : .JM M xv, -. -1..aa.A--",:n.. FI' iv .,. : 3 ' . 'fb , va. ' .M ,pl - - ---'- ,. .2 ,Q n. '-i ' 4--,fin ,. 55 V -.5 QT ' u 'A ' , 4 ' ' ,. ,gw 4 , 1 ,, . - ' Q Y N v ,A I ' s Y-...1 A -5 .1 f V4 W, . -. . -A . ' ' ., sg- 1 Hg - L - ' , ' ' A ' 19 in "Rf A ' ' Q' N- 4 Openingf9 l.1-T-,L ., QU'f-, ,A el... 1 Of Opening 5 'f3fQe?f T l f 8 "TF 4 5 F A I 5 H V W-- pl"-0' I J 44: n 4 I 2 . fi f Q 2 L . 4 'S Q 7 U Although Edinboro is a small school in comparison to many other colleges and universities around the country, it's existence is very much a part of the lives of it's students, alumni and citizens of the community. So, to begin Q E-,-as Openingfll ww W L. Opening! 13 The picture on the first page was chosen for it's uniqueness, not uniqueness in structural design or architecture but unique to the college. 1 41 Opening L I . 4 H34- I'I'1',r" ' ,, f'g:.QgJ? ,A , iw KF HEJL L f..,:f ' 'fb IL - X1-Vgti .v- - f .- 57- U,-ru "V, ,-F'-f v. Wh . , jlsagfphgfriv f ff, 4- ,v -. Fx f 'C X U, YJZ. X V' ' . ' 'Q Homecoming ,. yy , fimulai -- Rst:- Openingf I 7 The reason being, Academy Hall, is the only original building here at Edinboro. Built in 1857, it is the last remnant of the past-a past which has been lost in the modernization of Edinboro State College as it is today. , wil, Ny X, 5 ,,.....L'i"P-SELF , l, 1, z Y f162",'QL3g M l8fOpening Q' i-QT 'i 5 Opening! 1 9 2O!Opening ,.,-,w K Y . ,..-X - - -----1-'1.'M?-41.0 .1 ' 1 Z "Til: .'f'lQZE" ff A4 MS'-L14m:.5J"' if 3.- S. 221 Opening 5 Au, .-.-1 WX, N 1- v ,K In f J ,f 1 ,f f . ' YUM' 'J I '!' r E 9 J 3 .-: F51 r 1 v I1 'f Swann J HIP-J .I 'H turf ,. in " :gs To the people who are affiliated with the college, whether teachers, students, or members of the community, Edinboro is important. Opening! 23 9 241 Opening +4 'U' - ,-1,,LJL.1-. 1. .,p,1wH 1 f 7f- L f ' -. A' , '- .nv 'r-rw 'LL - I fyfu-2l: , f'u11 -vi .,. Y, A ...IL giizimnkg W R .1 2 .AA ... Openingf25 we,?"K ..,,,! k 'QQ Y 1f"f 1-"""" '-'-a 4 T EJ? 1- 26! Opening -F-13, "'4"v.2x" ff- vb-fu "A?'.L'f' Jag.- 'L-, .4 1 L ra 1 O 'g.,....z6tQse-. .. H . ,:",,ii'iA1' - - '- ' A - ' 14 ,iff , .N 4- ft -L - K The institution has lived through the Gilded age, the Progressive Era, the roaring 2O's, the placid 5O's, and Watergate. Some were periods of frustration and depression while others were exhilerating as new worlds opened through discoveries in the sciences and arts. The history of Edinboro State College reflects the influence of "highs and lows" on the social barometer. Openingf27 '41 1 Q W F , ,viii ,I "'1a.,.'5gilJ ,pa .' ga":If9 0. mgml MH Olwi QV? I B ' ,.n. .ss 'x In ,n r 'J w uf ' .vu A 4,5 - PTT f fx ifa f ff 155 lwmci kwa - 732 Ati - X V .-:,:f"'+ .H if M -142' H .....,.,Y. ' K ,.-,,,' ' Nw' A ' - R i , X . f n A ' Q 4 F I y i' 5111: ' 7 Y, rg. - W 'IWW' 1'i '2u 1 1 , , b fx B me I in sux 1 ' E qcsmvx ! ' ' My 1- 'z v vy N . -. 9 Q W' ex ,' A Y. 'W ,- 'Af' ., hu-lx h A , 2 "ji sg- -., W -,W W wg 'tv ,K 1. iibx 1 M- W, 'N 5 " ff! .h Nu ,W I 4 , . f .-an , F W,-"' ,,fi.o-S" 3OfOpening LC 2 1. -...-V- P"" f...--1' - iii I ll llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllHlllllllllllllll ll Edinboro began as a state related private institution and remained so until 1913. lt was called Northwestem State Nomial School. ln 1913 it became a state owned institution which it still is today. ln 1926, Edinboro was a four year state teachers college and in 1960 changed to a state multi-purpose college. Opening! 31 Q FFF f .J pi if .I i, ,rx 1 yi 1.- I J V an ilu.. if 3? QW I ' 14 sv, ' af Ll-4' ., , f L.: M 4 A X vial , F l l , I fm ' , , ' I w W . X I , P A I I C' K' m , FQMS1.. ' uf J - V Y ,Ju if A . , A 1 A Ig . t ,L gg: As ag, ' ' QLTVWEEKQ T ,s , ,, , 111- F A ' , ' ' . .f V J. r ' K , V' Q ' u KWQEW D , V it N it I? Xxx Wi.:-1-""" N , 4 ' fn' - 1' 'N' . .. f-eff '- - ' if - 5 ,, tv if ,- . R 4 I N r ' sg H ci.. ,s y ,, ,--1---Jrlf: 'nf MH Lu V Lf" :M ' - -1 ' M +P' 4 Q W L, . v. 'N ' ' ,. ,Wy 'L P ,- 'MQ S' - . 1 - rx wr' 'R' b '," -5 - I ' ,fn 1 1' . " - ' mtv -. ,Ql-L-jp J -fi 'If 4 ,' + - 5 . ' 1 fi! +2 LV A f."1.,. J , Y v , J 3. ' , . n 'I J . H .F A Q, Q12 . 2, . In V .4 .' 1 fr- I w ' i 4: ,I V' ' ma. ,591 v , I , N I .eauhiifj , I 1 M' gp' , 1 .. 4, Y 'v .V .4 ' Openingf33 " i Perhaps students here at Edinboro today might like to know some bits of trivia which show that the people of the past have left their mark on Edin- boro, the school and the community. 34fOpening M .uf 1' fill EIPBL 50095 1 YZ I :H ., I . Y,.- ' P s sk xx . .iv , Y 1 - .. ., qv. - . - .-'-- 4... L ,M . ,. --.. 'i Q ' " 'aff' N ., , , - .A, 1 J X ,, r Y--f--.Q , xG,,,5, E M 'f-'vw .A,,..,,.: ffai: t H., . Y . ., ,, vpn, .. 1 if .- . . "Q ' -Q -. rf +5710-N W N ' Q . ' " Lg-.uw ., Q., K, A . Q V .. .1o..,: , Y N- . ' , - 2,.1w,, vw, Q' 1A:::- .2522 1192 - ' ,,,, Opening! 35 -um , .inf ., ,b , , Q lun-..., P.,-f-,-.W --Y ' '- 5 f'-1 ' a 4 Q , A new ' gf: -ng. M" xF'L1p:3.1-'11-, lx ' . N 1-,-3"-2, A1-'-'If'-,1'x,1z., 1V,f:v.1,v,,.,W'.,lng, ,. -,,.,,.3.1, , X ,M 5 H... if N 349, ,f if-,s'1 r 1a ' ,,,. .. f 1: fYNI:f1M.5Y11 -rfef, -7 - V ,-.ffwUg3Egvg.if Qfv," ' -V 513 -frwxel. ., L, ,xl-I.,. 1- ww, :.,,,. -' Mauazevfi-, ', P' 1 kim 'fi1,NL"' 45 wfifiemgi? AFT-'f"'iTf'-1' if-362 2931 'f4ii:?.'iiig'T1p, "1 fi f4lz2E :. ,LL , '- - ,A K f Q , 1- .,4-Z- ---4,52 A I fi." Q his-,,1H5'f.x-1wz.-Miz, . 5, 'fNEf.i:'IH3?PP2 'f-WEL" agp' , ' Ev: :ummm-T3 52-if-, 1-5 A X .U 36fOpening ffm-E.-., 1swoi'w..X'Ef-.f -1w,..a:1Sa-E+-. .55 2. "fi mr 1-A :il ' .tr E Haw: is - -fa - , --- , - ffz ,L .1-Y K , , 3-941 x. - " 33'-, :VT 1 -' "' Y sf is MLEHEWJI ' '15-gf, Lv:--P-2' S WI' P urn 'X' 11 nn In H7555 Lk, n .. . . xr . . ' '!21'X35"fLf ' ,..x x - -2,1-1--Q he .l.. 1" Q. ,,, :ff-ww Th Ffggff E 5 13",-...ni ,a ,L .4 J ,. " h N r""k .rf.:,f '.'f"1f "ru -. J '-U Openingl37 1 1 . -. ' V-su n :hm 15,2 "nut W K 1 ' 1 -Egg' A ab gl E. V 1A lim' -1 ',.. - E he - .Q f I ."'?.Q.--.'Q'fff'?lil lsaifii' 7 ' . I 'M"Fw-FS-jf? .. Many students may have noticed a large rock located near the arch in front of Doucette Hall. This rock was named Cooper's Rock. Mr. Cooper was one of the first principals here at Edinboro from 1863-1892. Cooper Science Hall is also named after him. 38lOpening 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 11 111 1111 1111 111 1 1 1 111' 1 1 1 ' I 1. 1 1 11,1'11'111j1'1 "111 1,1:1 ' 11 1 f1111111511,111'111 1 11 .1111 1 1 55. 1111 1 11 1, 11 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 11 ' 1111111111111 1' 1 , 351111111 , 1' '11111111 I 11111 11 '1 111111 ' 7 f f N N 1 1'1'1 1 11 11 11111111 X1' k11XS 11 11!1 111 11111 S 1 1111111 111 1 11 1 1111111111111111111 1111111 1.1. 11111 1 11' 1 1111111111111111 1' 11 11 1 11 11 1111 1 1 1 1' 1 1-1111'1'1111111111111111111S1g111111E111111M11 1.-1111 af 1'111111111 11111 1 1 111 1 111111 1 11111 111 1 1111111111M11111111111111111111 si y11111E',1,1' M W' 1? 1 1111W1 W 111 1 f Z 1 X - X X 11111 1 ESYSEEEQQESEE '1v'1?L11E?,fF7 ii 1 1 "" ,1'1' :fSi1: iig1?Qii2e22:b iii Y ' X I -,, w,.,-,-crgnqg'-: sn,-,--, w -.-. V , , ,g W V 1 ,Q--H -.A 5 N- , .v- , V ,' A ' E3-3 ,gf-., NV, .4 .. V 5 'af . Q, 553 ff, T1-'15, gvvggziti ' :A ' , Gigi'-:ff-iytisgi-x?.,3?li'-f '4 53,4-,yi '..zg-n.Q.:..q:-.cf"'- -wir vi gg wg-b :Q-gwgsfgrzm-.fE'i"Fft,,.35: A ,V 5-rv-"4 Q- -.Q , f , Q V . '. 1-22:2-.Q.1L:,,3. f,,5-, ,pig -mfg' .. 1 ' 2 l M .- 1f.qgn,:,rsm 'P 4 Q ,QSggE.'5-ff,'1,':7,.fg A , K Q K M3 ,-4 34'gr5" kffieysfrf-'ffl 5' 1:1 ,,:,'1,.,5a3':-eggnw-"rw::vffgwf ' ' N- ' ' 4 ' grw4,g::., Q,-mm: , a+, M11-1-,:'-ff+.,,t . - 2 'Mm.L.' A -Y W :f fl .-r.s-15f1gA',- '.L ir, Q . W- ' N .gs f --r 4 . ,. ,. A - v -J-7,-. -1 .- 4' N-1-11-f.f.,..Q,,, ' A ,msg-r -'M-,4.., , +A'-4 A4 5,5,,, - J-is -., M 401 Opening 'M .' 74" ' ' ' was ' up.,5A,?-im,x E s 51 x ' '. my ph- .. :Ui in . ,Q-"' .4 Q , A- ,BQ , 43. ,'Y,.7p-. .-.kfstnpx --.9-6 ,fav gn- cg K . .Q Nha' 1' if T A 4581, 55- ,. fx ",, - N '31-ur - -fi v , Q., ,, . , 3 ru- 'Sw V' g x- ' -Q LL".1. V-.-,. I Jgqgjg"' ..7 ,vas .g Q .-4+ 5. l '- Q '3--'acyl xr ' 'L 1055491 .13,:i,' ' 1 . A ffsl ,.-1.- ,. ' ' -Y -W -..,..- f Openingf41 -D" 5 I F 1 I ., . A M Eg F,,,qf'31'-'NE-Tt,, ,pf I' - , rr: " --WY-L E'.'g"". '14, .g:-,L 24.45 2 Diff ' FX IR-Z1 . N Xsx 'A 'qi x X . X lx' X xx XX X XM xQ-.R hr X X X xg xx , nw, -nv' J J 1'-vi. Q .-. .V 4, ' ' hut: x 1-1 -. 15, xx Xxxj, fx s , V, .df-.I,.c,. .Lx ' ,:.Q4-lar A Xxx N. N. Q, .-..., .g33,w,gq U '- -.H.-.1-14- ""'-A, gpg P+ I 5 'E.5,314E1 bi TSWFE' FFQF1 5 apzr,--31 .1 ,af-'-s E':Qfvai".M -r . 451. rw.. F gait :YF 1251 .'--' I-, Qyr "li lazy- 1 - 1.1 1: on 621: 'fi-.gang V1 . V ":'-ft'-gy--Q , Q 5,lg,e, I,.3.,5p.x,- f--'wi :5.n,,, jul ,IL-f.: . K ,f--'ng.5jc,.,. - I , Vai? H--Q-.Z'v.' rf::?i55i.1s'g'i9 ,Nfl Karim. Tug .1-Li . .' 7 , 'L--M ffi"l9 'If' f f I , -3-,L :fQ'f.p.- 5' gn-gf iii' ' ,,,,.,-,,r,wL,,+ .. i f X .. M5197 ,.,,N,, fy - pg: -4. Openingf43 .Q-1 44!Opening 'FI' I L ls ln' Qs. Jnrfff Vflf- ' Wijz, ' N if' f'i.,i,fif1wl""f- fl: diff 15:5 H k,,,. ,.,,, ai:-mikgg: ,Avg-rgggmmf' 32.21,-J.-4 f ' U N, 'S f ' .f',f-.xv VY : -,-:HN -. if . "".',.'u Vi 1' n' I .'.,-3.1 .l'l' l',' vp 'Q I 8 :L wi -1'7" 5? imp... Q U35-1 Openingf45 46X Opening ,1- "s. ffm-' ' . wv29""" 'Q Er ,V -N ' ' ' vx,yi-:J if v . 41"-X 1.-a-Y' ' W fli'N-4-- Openingf47 tw 48fOpening Just as Edinboro has gone through many changes over the years, the year- book itself has come a long way. lt has in- creased in size and style as well as in the number of students it has reached. its first name was Vita which was later changed to the Conneauttean, and now is the Tartan. lgiXX ' K Af" ' :A 1 F, r.'r , 1 .7 -rl LQ". 1. 3 4:- A :- I 'far x --- img,-tum N , -,ya Openingf49 Academics I Board of Trustees, 1977-78 s., EDINBORO STATE COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES - First row QL-RJ: Marge Koon lSecretaryJ, Herald Green, Max Gabreski lChair- manb, Louise Hamilton, Forest Hopkins. Second row: Art Guzzetti, Russell Vance, Irving Murphy, Dr. Chester T. Mclxlerney, Alfred Kern, John Mahaney, Joseph Kavinski. 52X Academics wfmtlvzvwy-7.1 , ll 4' mx . .rv I igzgx s, -..fix Q N1 iii L' ,Q-LY if-, F,- 1' Dr. Eldon Shupe, Dr. Richard Gromen, Dr. Martin Farabaugh, Dr. Richard Weller, Dr. Dorothy Novello 'QW L... JK X 1:-iii A 'a 'P' wr- isx ,1,1,:,,H I K-im -,sla.Ji.. .vw ACADEMIC DEANS - First row QL-RQ: Dr. Richard Gromen, Mr. Karl Nordberg iActingJ, Dr. Richard Weller, Dr. John Fisher. Second row: Dr. Jack Williams, Dr. Eldon Shupe, Dr. Dorothy Novello, Dr. Martin Farabaugh, Dr. Leo Roland. Academics! 53 Deans of Men Deans of Women 5 uuuuvm-aau1,::, -, , ' N - f --- - --v-1-area . . :.l?e.4j1,T , ' 4 ,uw V . I fi' Rf' ' 1 i x Q.-V, . ' 1' .-0' x ff' .,, ,fr :L ww.. -' 1 I Ev ursing W f -- V: :si--. ,- -fgfzx 1 fin 1 I " 1 . - 1 -Q1 ,fi . V 33 L-,-Qjgjfg Ps 153 .V Qifgii F?3f?7 Q I R 5 - 'R - ' Academics! 55 Arts and Humanities M-- .1 I Y I: Arts and Humanities I K-Q 9 'e X , EE N! H :- Lilffl A , 5 f'-ad - o i'- g- -1 Educatlon - 1 F 'iii Y-3? KF if 41123- ij 4 5 N 3 1 . -vs. ,J ,J Wx,,L51 'J as nn "U L gl 2, fha,- Q iff T -'r QM'- 4 K .,, ,H , , .4 -Aus, ., V , -,Z ic.-.T 'ir , -W wins, -- Jg X, ,4 1.1 ' 1 5. ,fr2?'Pf A . X ,l ,.,. "ki F- - f 29,11 Z'f6v6', -v-'fi ff ": 'll'-2' ,Hz Mi ,ig 7. ,lg Behavioral and Social Sciences .JP- if v .. ,4 Q 'J 41 iiaiha ,..- ...- ,R QT: ' -2 ' . 1 mf if I A Q X KVN, . i I 1 W" ff " a ki.. .1 k 43 14' I .. -. ...,..g ' .: if-, . F1 1 x Al 'A , A 1 ' ' 'E , 1. 5' X N . Www 5 C Q Q A 3 S' Fl ,, .. -1 Af 65. th if!-, . - -V ' ' V' - la, A '..?f2,1, H? A 'V 'Y ,-1 g. T 5 . I, . r 'f TW ra ,.. p? 1 ' wwf.,- . ,- ,. -.il Natural Sciences and Math Administrators of a growing Edinboro WEP! Entire Faculty, i936 Graduate Assistants and Student Teachers may seem like relatively new concepts, however they have been existing for years. At the beginning of the school known as "Northwestern State Normal School" the way in which the youngsters of the community received their education was through the college stu- dents. The situation worked quite well, the children received an education, the future teachers obtained experience. Unlike the four class levels we have today, the past classes con- sisted of three, Freshmen, Middies, and Seniors. Many changes have occurred over the years, presidents have come and gone, students continue to pass and fail, and yet the Boro still stands, always growing, developing, and educating. 66fAcademics Television, l965 N! A '. ,,:"'s 17 .' .f,1.ag. fwfsr Beg 13' ge m . . .-'J-Q, If""" ' W- J " ,J IF ". L W' " ' We e ggii 5,,e. r 1' " gg. ? I First principal, Prof. J. R. Merriman H857-18605 Principal, James A. Cooper C1863-18929 ,,,,,,r-.1 ..,',r N ' ,. ,..,..,.'-5-1. 9' "4-f1'.Iy".4Q1'f'7" me - ,fQi,3:15fZ'Li,.','.. Wyn- Illlll llllll r,ii ii JLL.. -ii, L. '-3? .-4Z7..,.gL4 1'-11.4.1 Sketch of campus. 1890 Academics! 67 Interests Q fl v 1 ?lE1'L'Lf if F' 'r.::1 gl , , 1 ,Tri Row 1, sitting: Sue Pierce, Jocelyn Stoppe. Row 2: Lana Thomas, Kelly O'NeilI, Debbie Schwark, Alicia Clements, Cindy McCall. Row 3: Roseann Wslay, Laura Visco. llll-.VIIXXISIIIIIXN l'I'l , All 701 Interests Yearbook Staff, I 924 Advisor, Mr. Paul Newman i kr i H. l I , i Paul "Nite train" Lane, Tom Blevins, Doug Sellers Patti Loomis, Elaine Dzurko, P.R. Secretaries Photographers Qi Gene Gamer lnterestsf7-1 S.G.A. Changes are occurring constantly throughout the world and even here at Edin- boro. In this edition of the TARTAN the change has been shown to the reader through photographs both old and new. The photograph to the right marks the first change of it's kind at Edinboro. This year, the student body elected it's first woman president. This may not seem too incredible to some, and maybe it's not. After all, this change only took 121 years to occur. Student Government President, Mitch Yatchum S.G.A. CABINET Row 1: Qsittingj Jackie McGrath, Art Guzzetti, Mitch Yatchum, Mark Montifiori. Row 2: Qstandingj Dave Battaglia, Pat Capretto, Tina Lobins, Beth McCullough, Jeff Ringer, Judi McCarl, Scott Stanton. Missing: Sharon Goedert, Dennis Jackson. 721 Interests Spectator 4' Lf I bf. C4 Sitting: Tim Katchur, Karen Piatt, Mark Madomma, Helene Welch, Standing: Dale Shidemantle, Dr. Gordon Holland, Brian McGrath, Jim Duguid, Joe Schwabenbauer. Brian McGrath, Editor-in-Chief Interests! 73 College Llnion Board Council for Exceptional Children C Q-41 :ls , C T' Pres. - Tammy Triplet, Wee Pres.fMembership - Tony Bellavia, Vice Pres.fPublicity, Mary Lou Carlsen, Vice Presjprograms - JoAnn Karsh, Sec. -- Dottie Woodworth, Treas. - Marla Pellegrino, Newsletter Ed. - Debi Smith, Jayne Stewart. Wi! Interests Advisor - Mr, Richard Anderson, Pres. - Myrtle Holley, Vice Pres. - Lou Parees, Sec. - Nancy Hartwick, Treas. - Marty Webler, Historian - Doreen Gray, Publicity Chairperson - Martha Holley. Advisors Dr Shlssler Mrs Sterling Mrs Huber Pres Debbie Charmley Wce Pres Sandi Mclntyre Sec Beth Scalise, Treas. - Interests! 75 Concert Chorale - - l The 1977-78 Concert Chorale, directed by Dr. Gordon Flood Choral Llnion 761 interests The Choral Union under the direction of Ms. Tiller. French Club Q Advisor - Mrs. Koczan, Pres. - Missy Harris History Club Q13 ,gi i Lf Advisor - Dr. Anchak and Dr. Stonesifer, Pres. - Bob Peters, Vice Pres. - Paul Lane, Sec. - Sharon Bricker, and Treas. Farooq Solangi interests! 77 781 Interests Business Club 'fbi T7 Advisor - Mr. Lisowski, Pres. - Kevin Kennedy, Program Committee - Rex McCray, Rep. SGA - Robin Major Academic Affairs Rep. - Mitch Yatchum, Sec. - Penny Baker, Treas. - Tim Catchur. Criminal Justice Club 'Ls -ylvliizg .J , Pres. - Colleen Freedland, Vice Pres. - Dave Dindak, Sec. - Maureen Theiss, Treasurer - Kathy Anderson. 'glfgeifi .J, QQ' ,V u jdffi. e-rl 9- f lr, Irish Club 4 Vs Advisor - Denny Creon, Pres. - Pat Fallen, Vice Pres. - Greg Sullivan, Sec. - Tommy Craig, Treas. - Jeff Fallen. ueiss .1 If: . I , f V -N. f Cl l 4'5- Advisor - Dr. Blum, Pres. Roswell Wolff, Vice Pres. - Michael Finch, Sec. - Jean Francz, Treas. - Phylis Johnson. lnterestsf79 Gamma Chapter, Collegiate Rainbow Advisors - Mrs. Ansell, Ms. Acker, Pres, - Paula Baxter, Wce Pres. - Kathy Hartman, Sec.-Treas. - Denise Danforth. Advisor - Richard Dasher, Pres. - Wanda Steinbrunn, Vice Pres. - Valerie Long, Recording Sec. - Sue Babor, Corresponding Sec. -- Cindy Schmidt, Treas. - Kellie Grove, Ed. - Deb Smith, Chaplain - Barb Henry. 801 Interests Sigma Alpha lota Debate Team L .1 SA.- . T XM Y ff! 1,36 ' 1 ff -pf-. -,q,.'a'y ,f-,EF EEE? IFJ? The 1977-78 Edinboro State College Debate Team. Alpha Beta Alpha .i.-- 1 -4-T f,... Patty Perly, Lou Ann Sakolowski, Judy Hau, Mr. Ristvey, Mrs. Hesheth. lnterestsf 81 Dance Club -4:--.--qw. ....1.............-u ,,..........-...-, .L C7 Y? ' vrrwrr- .. ..-.-, L . , ,.1 321 lnterests , . Pres. Suzanne Klier, Wce Pres. Lynn Campbell, Advisor, Mrs. Adams. National Art Educators If l 1. , . 6 . 'I . E - 1 E - 'l A . - 1 f C 5 5 if 1 . ll l --Leaf! 1. Advisor - Mr, Dom Howlett, Coordinators - Jocelyn Stoppe, Wcki Wahl, Publicity - Lee Whalen, Coordinating Sec. - Cindy Chelen, Magazine Distributors - Cindy Boyer. Ski Club Advisor - Dr, George Shoumaker, Pres. - Glen Meixner, Wce Pres. - Jim Finney, Sec. - Cindy Suggar, Treas. - Jeff Chritchlow. Scuba Club iwfelfe- f f r, H' X Wil? Advisor - Mr. Elbert Friend, Co Chairpersons - Debbie Chase, Jeff Hug, Bob Shore. Interests! 83 841 Interests Row 1: Sue Payha, Cindy McFate, Mary Beth Gregor. Row 2: Patty Moran, Cindy Mrozek, Lori Pfeifer, Cathi Lopez. Tam 0'Shanters ll R ,qw f W, . , . .9 rf - , e Row 1: Kim Pulice, Sharon Buchna, Marion Jo Nardone. Row 2: Gail Beblo, Jana Black, Debbie Chandler, Debbie Thomas. Row 3: Debbie Reiner, Dana Taylor, Joni Pascarella. Row 4: Barb Keplinger, Donna Sperling, Noreen Lynch, Lori Stauffer. Top: Sharon Klienfetter, Carol Gallagher. Not pictured: Bonnie Baer, Kathy Nelson. Basketball Cheerleaders O rf- U' 2 'J' CD CD 1 CD Q3 Q- CD -1 CD Row 1 Laurle Hlxenbaugh, Leigh Ann Pottes Lorl Jackovltz Row 2: Cindy Small Heldl Herrman Clndl Mmard Kim Myras Sharon Von Bricker Cheryl Clndl Karaffe. S 861 Interests .,-of Resident Assistants Centennial Hall R.A.'s 1 ,Tx-X U, .-5 , 'QN- J wg -' 1 Y. 1 Scranton R.A.'s iq, E- -4' '15' 'Y' .f"i., 37" f C k"' ,ff . Y - X 4 a. E qw, iff "1 nlvni , ,244 'F-'iff- A I '- gf LY . -,1 , . . ,- Distinguished Faculty Pictured with Edinboro President Dr. Chester T. McNerney QLD are Professors James LoPresto and Steven Kemenyffy who were named recipients of Distinguished Faculty Awards by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Joining in the ceremonies were APSCUF President Marie Palmer and presidential secretary, Janet Dean. Professor Robert Beagle was also honored in the Distinguished Faculty Awards program. Honored locally for dis- tinguished teaching and academic service were Doctors Mark lutcovich, Jack Culbertson and Kenneth Milles. Mr. Robert Beagle Mr. Steven Kemenyffy 881 lnterests Dr. Chester McNerney, Dr. James LoPresto, Mr. Steven Kemenyffy, Mrs. Marie Palmer and Janet Dean Mr. Robert Beagle Mr. Steven Kemenyffy Who's Who at Edinboro Amy Allison Elizabeth Curry 5 r 1 Denise Goodman Art Guzzetti Tom Blevins The 1978 edition of Who's Who Among Students ln American Univer- sities and Colleges will carry the names of 38 students from Edinboro State College who have been selected as liv- ing among the country's most out- standing campus leaders. Campus nominating committees and editors of the annual directory have included the names of these students based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and future potential. They join an elite group of students selected from more than 1,000 institu- tions of higher learning in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and several foreign nations. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since it was first published in 1934. l, Ql- .i r X Gina January Melanie Brooks Carol Eiler Joan Graboski Debra Kalafus interests! 89 901 Interests Dave Kramer Barbara Lindberg Christine Lobins Pamela Lynn Michael Malec Josephine Massaro Diane McClintock Thomas Myers Kathleen Nelson 1 i Eileen Sargent Sally Schott Nancy Siefert sl wi t, Nicholas Sekel Pamela Shumaker Patricia Simpson 14" Lynne Sbauss Ellen Valenzi Ron Vance Jodl Williams Deborah Wilson Not pictured: Richard Anderson Cara Bitzer Joseph Come Kevin Foley Dennis Jackson Deborah Kwolek John Mahaney Dominick Todaro Interests! 91 Groups share common interests has Qc Merfs Eating Club, 1895 Mg.. ..,. 1., .c 4 ,- l.L ' J ,-P, ' 5 1 , ,f"'f""-++W.-.,e,u M - w fd: u ,s.s A M , .. 2- V 1 ,-33-,?,gfl,3i Q ,W , A n ' ---.....-,.,i inmumzwr use ..m..,.1" 5 .L 031 L s a 5 8 . A., 1-. gznmerests Bicycle Club of 1895 Normal School Band, 1908 fi! Music Students, 1910 Majorettes, I 955-56 People with a common interest have always collected together to share that interest. Somewhere in the begin- ning, an individual took the initiative to gather a group with something in common and before long clubs began everywhere. There seemed to be clubs for every interest. Social groups such as the ski or scuba clubs can look back at one of the first social groups, the lVlen's Eating Club. Their com- mon interest is rather obvious. More intellectual groups such as the Scarab Art Club also existed. The Scarab Club was one of Edinboro's most popular. Today, students can join an organization stemming from almost any major. Groups still continue to bring together individuals with mutual likes, dislikes and desires. Interest! 93 Performances WEST SIDE STCRY 96!P rf VX ff -xi-Ji Q2 ESC Drama Department presented Leonard Bernsteln s West Slde Story March 21 26 1977 The productron directed by Mr Forest Felghner displayed Edlnboros musrcal as well as dramatlc talents L+. Q 5-fi 1, Performances! 97 ,f 1 ., 1 J A X V 'z' 1 - 1 ' I , . o ' 1 - I 1 ' 7 I in 3 V A VW T- Y' Y ' . ,, I l - V 'fu I I A .H VN ,A , 1 I ' Q 1 A . iQ 4- , V- Y Y if-' 5 II , ' -63' 4 V xt' ., Pi-. f: a e, , E as y- I y - 'V-' 1' Y 4 xx 'p Y I '. . ' I Azq A, . X-' il . A , ' ' Q ' " 2 , e ,lV.U an r- -A a GECDRGE BENSCDN Singer, jazz guitarist, George Benson, appeared March 1977 in McComb Field House. Benson per- formed some of his new releases as well as his big hits, including "Affirmation" and "Masquerade", The concert, presented as part of Edinboro's Black Week, was quite an entertaining evening. .glqxflg ' ' ' -csgw A Perforrnancesf99 GUEST ARTIST SERIES Y 'll .VY . Q Edinboro's Guest Artist Series presents many un- usual and entertaining talents each year. Three such artists this year wereg DANCEXLA, a modern dance troupe from Los Angeles choreographed by Spider Kedelsky on October 26, jazz ensemble Black Earth Percussion, October 5, and Tom Taylor as "Woody Guthrie", November l. Performances! I Ol ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION The Atlanta Rhythm Section performed as the 1977 Homecoming conceit in McComb Field House. The illuminated letters ARS jumped with various colored lights as the group played their popular as well as newest songs. The evening was a good one for all ARS fans. lO2!Performances Q.: 'fra 'B :gif-ggggzgfi :':'."i':':'o . 'fd i 0'o'nQ 00.0 s 1 .' 0' ' I I o'g:, 0 J. I I 0, '5 1 Q5 ,-2 's' Performances! I O3 F- '1lp.7,',-l"fQ -2'T'ipT'f2.. Yliflkg-" 3 ' ' K' if' ' f , .-f I-lg, W ,- , I . 1-:I Vzz- ,' .Y , ' fl -, , 'PX' ', X ' . 'x , .3 ' 'H- X I z 9" ' ' 'V L. f- , K M -1 Ijfl .1F'5"., . A Y M, . KENNY RANKIN 1 O41 Pe rforma nces Singer composer, Kenny Rankin, appeared at Memorial Auditorium November 18 with mime Trent Arterbury. Rankin's music on both guitar and piano, his witty conversations with the audience, and Arterbury's mechanical movements made the evening quite an enter- taining experience. I O61 Perfomwances Timothy Leary mothy Leary rekh ned as and spoke at Me orlal December 197 cussed has the 1960s asw as on mlnd ex n Ilvlng for the fut e was concluded b a period ln wh asked about specl You Can't Take It With You ' ' ' ' N7-.-"T-"vw, vw ,N . l ARF, L .. "Bm :limes .- ' .1 "" ' L 5 11. ,dv .4 .fn-,A . ' ' :xl AA.,.3,, Q. N. C. U 54- . 5.1 'ffl '1 ' E "".r ini. SP! ' 14 X . . . . .. ,,.'t -' X N ,, . 5 , . x ,ii -, ' " 1' , ' A .1. V 1, ' , ' 0 . 5,4-ws . 1' -X 4' .'., A .W ,L I,,. . I -V '. , . 1 J rv .1 fl A X N H . .. W!! A . , , . M V ' . , f .- Nl' A ., W..-.-Qsfl V A 1 -A -X ,1 ....-.1:,:.... ...z J S D WJ?-,I,, A ...f-L-- , .W v A Y YA: --b Y fir.-i.T:T,, E. I 1 ' Q , .-..,f,'4yur--' .U .4-,L ,QVA - ,,, -N ..- af - 'M' ' ' V Ahnn Al H F- " 1-f air-f . f "if, 'Q - 1 Y s , . L A ' 'un Q 2. ,. V- 5.1! ,,, ,, .' 1.5 A - 'wr :EW 'ff-' -N - ' - -' ' . ' , "1 ' -2' 'ff Zi' '1- , -1, , 4. , - 1 Q , K .. 'P 2,16 """'w?,',f.n.,'f'fg- .:?Ac'gf? 'f -- K , " 'V V , ' f 7 1' 1 " ppp ' 'hfiiff' vyy,'u':1aW f " " 'f YY ' .J ..u,' 'Y fl' sf 'Y-X if 4' -Vk,,,Y,I.- V6 I A .Y.7-V-4. .i V.7, .' - s f- . , . - -' "5 2 .' 1 29 f-H 31 77 ,., " , ips, ., --, -f jf . ,W -2 ff I. -U Q, V- V, . , - 'am A - f , , 3- .,,,-',,,?-- -L-1 k 5, '- s '- 1,4 Y ' ' 'L A ' ,V Y uf " . "r 'f ' Q3 , ", .- 5.5 rib f ,, -, AHL - i , ,N V.: -.W-V, -'-f- , - - , A1 ,V-p A- +y, . -wwf.-, I.. s-, -'ri ,XA , x ,, V F 4 -.Ars ff '- ' ,gg V ..' V , 75' ' . ..,"-'f.-Y! , . W Q L if 1 . .. . , A V A . V V, A - ,VV 5? , 5 , L V 4 Z IL.. T 'A -1,-V A -,,,, fy ,-'Vx . - - 6 2. - , 3 ' .T ' ' ffffj 't-L 'f.."'f 5, VF-if! A --.,y.V1-.5-',f-. F H mf- Y I.-512-3--,..3-33, F15 71,1 I -.-' ,L gf, I V 1 43 , ' 3 -,cg f.,J'?,g-1. 44 1: "'- 'aw 1-Ts-'.' - f- , ,' ,' 4 5,1551 W ., N, gX.jg,p- Q in by x , , , ,QQ .,. ' . a ,R ' :,f -5 1 -.,,i,. ', A, , '- 11- - .. ' 3-.W " "Y-f ' ., ,, V-' - A ' f '--3-1 " . ' , A , Y ' 11, Tp-'44-'H f '- ,f'f. - ...n..'H- Wr..A1-'zi- P 1 f .-1,--Q. f . .G ,, V I- Vw 9 L, Y . A0 V , A . - . 1 081 Performances 6 I .,. 5 1 u . ' ' 1' 1 Aff, 'Q Q, .' 11' 'lf' 2 hx' y ,gl L.: H V qi., x, 519 . - 1' "' if ' xx F711-' af' Q Xa X-'I ' KEXJQ1 -12, :sr ' '-,ij I fl PI J-1' -q, ,J t ' I a A - 'fx I .xx Y. U . I. ' ,-if Y .fs ig' Q, .1 .y fx. J if + '-?ziwgisM 45,1 '24 V'.1."xN5 "'XE:. 'ix'-ji x xg' in . . 1 Q I 4. ...gr aff, I, , f 'WI 0 An L . ,in :Qual 'P f U remw- -Q, gv3Li.g2Ta1fi ,xiii , -- A 'Wf .,.- ,,5.f'L7 ' xv-1 'F 147 - A -, N:-gf .- rf . ,-' , A 1--. . T"-R - "' ' wxxq I " k i f ' 3 " '53 . + .S?',1!l A y 'J ' - 1"' if , - Nw, ? ll 1 1 Of Performances N it , QL 'Swv ' 'iq 'l Talent of the past displayed 'i.ETf'1 fl.. A ' ' 'lx if 'Q 'uv ' L" ' ' ' L - ' -Q Pd' , , , -' ' 1 . ' 49 . H ' f 9 A' ' 'J ' ' Q al 'Y ' 'X 7, .1 ,-.ef , I gf 1 11 '5 ....."..'! Operetta, 1926 William Jennings Bryan visits Edinboro, March 15, 1911 I :- Lf, b, i. . . l I ,. - E1 1 . 'I 1 x 0 Q 17 ,iv 1 f 1 nr I, bi A student activity in the l95O's The performing arts, whether presented by student groups or by guest entertainers always help to break the monotony of school work. This is true of Edinboro since it's beginning. ln the earliest years of the college, students found en- tertainment in things such as a group sing in Normal Hall after dinner. Later, such distinguished individuals as Oliver Wen- dall Holmes, William Jennings Bryan and William Taft visited the campus and spoke to the students. Every year quite a few guest artists share their talents with Edinboro students. Even the students themselves have advanced from group sings to full scale produc- tions complete with costumes, scenery and lighting. That's progression that's entertainment! ----L p . I I -'--J. f' 1 EP' i . Julius Caesar, i960 l Much Ado About Nothing, 1962 Performance-sfl l l Student Life v r 'llitraat aft i X Since the theme of this volume of the TARTAN is Edinboro itself, the editors have begun a new section entitled Student Life which is definitely a part of Edinboro. We felt the best way to initiate this new section would be to dedicate it to this familiar little man who is the utmost authority on student life here at Edinboro. He comes into everyones life weekly voicing student complaints, wishes and suggestions. So to you Mac. we present this pictorial essay on some of the things that affect each of our lives, from campus police doing what they do best, caf food, dorm and apartment life, to good old Edin- boro weather. Last but not least, we would like to thank you for dedicating your- self to the lives of all students. my 1 ,H In A51 I, .,-- rv H5 I l6fStudent Life F1 fl: ,R . 1 x L ..-1'-"F Vid' Student Life!! I7 1 I B! Student Life ,Ii .1-rf yy-my .. "3 s Eff' i VB?" ,f , z , m 1N'E' Z ,.f 7 H fi: , I .1 .N -5 I - 'uh f W 1, 11 B,g5f!Hs x iff WU mi! L I 1 1 ,., - I., .47 4 'H fq .1 . , . I I i. ' .Ayn v A 07,1 1. fv , L75-uv 24.31-f I 1 .Y n-utuq. R,- ,-fm w 1, bm. -J .114 ,.,- N- 'L IQ 1201 Student Life 'Q FI 'ii ,4 ll .xx X XX 7f J' N , ll' - .4 X ,f ' 559, 1. -P-x l' -TV' 522' ' " "" A-. , . Af- -"maui: ! , - - ,f 1 ' A " A!I" ' ENgif V. Jig?-:f','E4,5'j,y'l ff-.5 E - . , W wie: ii 'M' 1" V ' -'i:-'ll'-U - f N '--' 2.55 fwew Q., AW' -'ef 1. we-.i W '11 'I K' I 'vi all Ci? Student Life! l 21 Eli'-51- t Tl :UIQ f ! 1221 Student Life ,AA ,m ' - sniff' .E-,. ,, A 1, 'K -. 2 A ' surf 1... 1 1 . f-1 .- -.mi f 'f 'J 651 w 15 .,,1 i, M V I: ... w1, df lf - 2"""""!1 ' fu' " bm' '-' . . ski f-f ' , ul , 9- f hliulilgngf A -5.1. .. I V 3' is 7 -I, u S' ' I '5 Q, ,J R, x 351233, Y ss g QW 4f,.,': M Qu -all ...,v y' 'xi - fue-'.jL- ' "" 4-1 1 K" UL.. 'Yu , '-31: E - I 1 " . F .I J AA A K E , , .1 l, . ,T ,, ., Student Life! l 23 'F I Q: 'fm f. commumz ONLY PARKING 1 241 Student L f Q. p 'im f , 9 Z-"T m, 1.-u' 45 il 'K A ',',4 We ' J.-Q x V14 . . " Ea I 0 PARKING I9 Student Life! 1 25 Students pass time with friends ""'C' ,ev-, - 1 P' 1 ? 1 as ff at . K '4- Fire at Normal Hall, May 13, 1969 Despite the fact that many generations of stu- dents have come and gone, college social life remains basically the same. lt seems that the main factor behind extra curricular activities has always been getting together with friends. This idea hasn't changed, but perhaps the locales have. Being a student in the earlier years of Edin- boro you may have gathered with a pair of skates on a frozen Mallory Lake, packed a lunch for a picnic in the grove of trees across from Van Houten Dining Hall, or sunbathed down at lakeside. Today, it is more likely to find groups engag- ing in a card game at the Union, partying in their apartments, or gathering for a few drinks at their favorite bar. Time passes, people change, but friendship will always remain an important part of student life. The entire school in front of Normal Hall, 1910. 126fStudent Life ,f 1 N"'t"r' Skating on the Outlet, 1890 Scenes from the annual College Christmas Dinner, 1930 'Su' Water Sports at the Bathing Beach, 1928 ."'f -f ali "4 NA - -L , ,, The Bathing Beach, 1928 Student Lifef127 I Sports 128 I L TL: Coach LaRosa Bows Gut A Winner -.+l. 1 L- -fev. .L :--ni5l .-.mis . ' First Row QL-Rl: Del Cochran, David Bruno, Jim Sekel, Matthew Anclrejco, Don Stewart, Mike Folga, Jim Basilone, Bill Evans, Fred Miscimarra, Head Coach Bill LaRosa. Second Row: Dan Vogel, Terry Hine, Mike Kalustian, Rick Macer, Pat Wallace, Bill Rowniger, Tom Kaiser, John Coleman, Doug Boyer. 1977 BASEBALL RESULTS 19-81 W 10 Buffalo State O L 4 Slippery Rock 6 W 5 Slippery Rock 4 W 9 Allegheny 8 L O Allegheny 1 1 L O Clarion 7 L 3 Clarion 8 W 3 Behrend 1 W 6 Behrend 4 L O California 1 1 L 3 California 12 L O lndiana 3 W 5 lndiana 3 W 8 Gannon 1 W 8 Gannon 4 L O Mercyhurst 10 W 1 7 Mercyhurst 6 13OlBaseball Third Row: Brian Gibson, David Hanson, Geary Conley, David Guida, Joe Kelihar, Tom Jackson, George Pakutz, Tom Klochak, Tom Adamczyck, Rich Harlow. ' li' 'lui . . ff ar-Evcuiflimr-af-vQ.gq,,,,Q,',g! f I ' " .y S 5.5! nytii- We mail .1 ,JF , mg ' . agp I , 'w f ' 1 , , 'ni V M, ' i-ui1sa+2a:..s?wsviiw4f,- L ,fi ' AVTA -TL - '- L:- Eg Hr- - ,V .1 .1 1- 1 - lvl.. JI. uf: Af .. ff- f"1"f'-wk -fs. -Jvc'-'H NNMLY ,t 1 E 41.4 . un. 1 L . it sr, A 1 , eqiiifa-ri ,gp 5214. 1 ,gay 1 - f.'ff"'ff 55'-1-fFm9ifql4'i' "'Y,4if4rwf':i:"r.'Qg.-13K+ V ' if ,R P1-91,51 ,rye--4'-'1'2'f, iff- fly '.g1qf39.'f3ie'!i'iQ Sing- Qi.-", ., ' ' 1. 5 '51 'S 'A '-Y P' -sr inf'-K+.-'L:'4 f-01. . ljilt usb ...Juan o HQQWQ 'iv' my A-Y., s. nr- , 4 if ,za A Q Z-' q 5 ESC Rifle Team Out-Shoots Opponents EDINBORO STATES 1977-78 RIFLE TEAM - First row QL-RJ: A. Russell, J. Deloe lcaptainb, D. Stroup, J. Shaver, J. Keech, E. Magargee. Second row: l32f Rifle Coach Steve Lucas, B. Fridley, S. Gillespie, D. Butler, J. DeMoss, Assistant Coach Paul Maxtinson. Not pictured: T. Vinca. -Q. Ez.-any w ia my W mn E MQ A M ws f1!'1 C W,5F5 Q 4 ffmiowf 3 .ft 'L ,C- Q1 N Qvwnonovpioy ,Q- mu 4 aiii" Grapplers' 11 1 Mark Best ln Hlstory EDlNBORO STATE'S 1977-78 WRESTLING TEAM Front row QL RJ Frank Rossman Ken Pollard Mark Ford Jeff Hodges Don Pollard Gary Dave Wurst Jeff Bradshaw, Ray Yeager, Tim Giger Keith Schloss George Astonno Shawn McBride Tom Goble Alan George Bill Bartz Jon Bouchat Cole Dominic Todaro, Derek Rapp, Mike Delycure Jim Walters Back row Jim Greco Mark Wilson Rick Mayberry Jim D1Bas1llo 1977 78 WRESTLING RESULTS Q11 IJ University of Buffalo California - West Liberty Gettysburg Cantonsville West Wrginia Univ Allegheny indiana Behrend Slippery Rock Hiram Mansfield 5th Place Pa Conference 16852: Pts 12 teamsj 12th Place - NAIA Nat'l Tournament GEM Pts., 90 teamsD . J k Y. r , .Aix gl: .a'1"""- L.. 7 Wrestling! I 35 Yeager, Bradshaw Finish As PC Champions L-453. R i .f:? 'A , is .- M.. V ' X Q Women Edged In Close Matches EDINBORO STATE'S 1977-78 WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAM - QL-RJ: Coach Brigitta Johannson, Jane Hunkel, Mary McCarthy, Judy Reynolds, Sharon Ada Gustaveson. Crystal Reagle, Manager, Jennie Shultz, Shelly Wolfson, McDuff. Missing from picture: Judy Shultz, Barbara Trzsincka. 1977 WOMEN'S TENNIS RESULTS C4-57 L 1 Univ. of Pittsburgh 8 L 4 Indiana 5 W 5 Mercyhurst 1 w 5 Gannon 1 L 4 Clarion 5 L 4 Slippery Rock 5 W 6 Mercyhurst O L 4 Lock Haven 5 W 6 Gannon 0 Women's Tennisfi 37 Spikers Win Fifth Straight PC Crown J Vfi-a., ,,,,.a-.4-!"""' ings, .:..,:S,L,- 1977 TRACK RESULTS K3-OJ W 96 Akron University W 93 Indiana fPa.D W 82 Slippery Rock lst Place - NAIA District 18 C175 Pts., 9 teams! lst Place - Pa. Conference C1 ll Pts., 13 teamsj l 38X Track ,,,,,...s..--'-- 5.3 Q ..a A , Es, ,fi f A1 - -i7:f"r 'T an Zz t.. JL" - .nov ,I-,, UQ- -7- ,ily rg-4 v -f. A 4.3 . I .r,lfll'H .F1fS:Q?ii.. 7,525 K , - , .9 13 I Y E, j1'q 'gggg ,wg W x- Q' "ff v il Q 1 K ,M ,cy , gf", -,Q ' I ' ' .v -Q , 4 y ,, ' U-'-1il.' . A 5 -2,50 -.14 'il gfxa 'if,, Q in , f X ",,.'f- "N f"- 'NYJ-15 H 1 P A 5 - H fir 3 L sn. I .5 f 1 SFX f'Z"i "iff 1 wx . l 'Q . '.f if ' ' " mf' Trigfiq . - an 6 L3 A-Q A 1f?,YA5-fl. . . 1 4 If : ..x" , ' A' ' 11" 'K ' . gf 1 Y 1 '-A ,, P' 3 ' l ,, V , l ,R A N 'X A , 1 K Q ' 14 1 ,,- , if - 5" V 5 25.11 s x 5 -lwqli , " VF llzrbqyd ' ,af-.5 ' 4 - Hu. W -'-' -""' 1 ..- ,,, ., ,-, . , . ,. - V, vw-1 '- , 1 mfs' -1.4 ' ff., anenq-1991114 ""f"'Q' ' - X 512 if-"fl 1 21471-z 1 . ,g.E'+',m -H. ldgff? Q , J' "!589.?'i- 'T ' -- .1-wk 'iig fg, 'f , NAV A- -L, , P 'E - , .,. K 9Lf:3"L'Q'f'1'Q 1 g Z ' ' 'i'i:'.:g., Y- V Q ' ' ' - vjQQ .ju?f . , fx.-I 2:-,'i .,,v-- ' ' - , ,W V ' ' ' ' H S' fx - ' . P .QTJE 42?-' . -Lf ' x ' , ., , V - ':.,.f-QF:--f 1 ,:. df. -- ff 5, .-. -- - Y - ,. Mb:-: ' 1. V--f , v-N '1 -' - wa . , :AVI-:A , -Q - 5: f .fr f ,,, 1 1,-,nw , ,, , , . I , '-nqls, K V - , Q 'TSN ".fv,'f2 ,QQ J f',f.-jj-g4-- f, ,Q fm.. f V '- -5. , 4 A , A ww I, -.Uj??:.,-jfs pq!-,. Q P15-Ilifffj . lvzw "3-I ' ' 4 "'1:T,' '- A L .. , V 3 2 '4:5'k3Q?gg,4wg:g,..jE-QT,-.:Q, "T',,j-q J , ' , .F ,- YQ, I . . ,. ,,, - ' N LQ.,-5,1 Q, U N A , ,,. 3, ,V 4 ' ff .. '-L-QQ" . -,F H.,-v vw.--A-' f,'x ,, . ,. -rlfii. L5 A ' - . - A- :!3fzfa:9,E5rf+f?:aw1.3f ' ' 'QQ 'ffrii J: UH." 'nl ff." 'fijff , , I - , - l .,Qf-,-.ggsqag .-'.',.,2 'iir'PfwP22'-EH . yn.. . ., - ' ,.' q . 93:3 ,, , I. --1p,gug,,"':1--L ' , K-Pg - um.- - 'J 1 sg- 1-A IMQT- -L,- ' ' " , U Y 'E' .j ' ,A f' .L-95'-1 3, ..-.fr-',:rTIv!11L'J..iu?'.1: ,, Q - Q - A4 -'Yrs Track! l 39 Women Post Record 28 Victories EDINBORO STATE'S 1977.73 WOMEN'5 VOLLEYBALL 1-EAM - First lassistant coachi, Nick Liacona fstudent assistanti, Cheryl Popatak, Anna row QL-RJ: Susan Davey, Chris Schroeder, Kim Woods, Susan Brown. Second Sabolt Della BaYle- Julie GFOVGS. Kathy Weidlein. Debbie FOX, Dr. Patrick row: Kim Kirver, Debbie Landrine, Mary Strickell lco-captaini, Patty Walters, Md-ane the-Hd Coachl- Pru Kurtz, Judy Norman fmanageri, Denise Bolland. Third row: Mr. Al Stone L W W L W W W W W W Split W W W W L W L Cortland Temple University Ohio University Georgetown University of Maryland Universigf of Delaware Clarion tate Fredonia Oneonta Cortland Central Connecticut Brockport Central Connecticut Springfield ithaca Central Connecticut Cortland East Stroudsburg 1 401 Volleyball 1977 VOLLEYBALL RESULTS Q28-BJ 15-5,10-15,15-17 13-15,15-12,15-11 7-15,15-12,15-11 10-15, 10-15 15-9, 15-12 15-11,16-14 15-6,15-5 15-13, 15-8 15-3, 15-10 15-4, 15-5 10-15, 15-6 15-5, 15-12 13-15,15-5,15-11 15-3, 15-3 15-9, 13-15, 15-8 11-15, 15-10, 2-15 15-3,15-6 13-15, 5-15 'EAIAW Regionals Slippery Rock Buffalo State Brockport Clarion State Cleveland'State Pitt-Johnstown Cleveland State Univ. of Cincinnati Kent State Fredonia SUNY at Buffalo Indiana Univ. of Pittsburgh 'Cortland 'Penn State Syracuse "Univ. of Maryland fi' 15-6, 15-8, 15-2 15-8, 15-4 15-9, 15-7 15-10,15-10 3-15, 8-15 15-10, 15-1 11-15,17-15,4-15 15-13,15-12 15-4,15-12 17-15,15-7 15-4,15-10 15-1,15-3 2-15,13-15 15-8, 15-8 11-15,15-10, 15-6 15-4, 15-9 10-15, 8-15 1 v 'f .H A l 1 , ., N f kwa- ' --as - T- :A Q ., fu' ' , ' :, gm , ia A iz A 1 W L 1 ' ' W' .- L - 1 H '- V SF ,L .jU 22?5 X 9 ,, N, M ' ll up ' yr -4' . 5 .ln Y Q, xx Z " gr ,,52,f172g5f'gQQj?ff1s5:1' 5 1,4 PI VA' M ggfzwu, .. iM533f'4'nf"' "'l U25 WH' f- ' w r -A-Li I 'I 'ill 'Q 3 I H 1' Gul .v. 1 J' 'F -f V ,V M, -:I 'Yin f 'D 3' ' wp.. 4 N15 1 'W' 3-f ---- '-o,,, 3 W Q1a 1 M, AA ' xl S 4.- il' ,- '-s . ,Q as 13 . o' it 2 I Gb Q3 ss' 'nv x Er igf. w,iu. af- ls E 1 42X Volleyball Scots' Season Marked By Defense "-m.,.h I 'Urn i ,, Y LY J- ll wr-'4 1977 FOOTBALL RESULTS Q3-6-1D L 6 Fairmont L 17 Saginaw Valley W 19 Frostburg W 25 Slippery Rock T 3 Indiana L 6 Clarion L 14 Lock Haven L 7 Shippensburg L 12 Millersville W 30 California 7 21 O 13 3 1O 20 17 24 8 Footballfi 43 Libert's 713 Yards Leads The Offense 3 Sullivan, Krentz, Gooden Lead Tackling Assault elf 1 WJ f Booters Edged By Powerhouse Foes EDINBORO STATE'S 1977-78 SOCCER TEAM - First row QL-RQ: Kevin Wuini, Tom Horency, Roberto Serrano. Third row: Dan Frost, Tim Crompton, Stillman, Jim Boyles, Bucky Cosgrove, Henry Arch, Bob Just, Rick Weidman. Gary Lang, Gene Mazurczyk, Leon Green, Kevin Lunz and Coach George Second row: Jim Basilone, Mike Wright, Todd Fries, Frank Hartmann, Doug Shimpeno. if-fr is T" jf ffjvrzf-Z.. ,:-71'?f5"' ' ,., A A K L., Q , Af n --fr r4Z'4.i 4 Eff- r' r l- mx. i ' r 124- - ' ' -- .n ,fr . r . ' Y,-.-. U L . ' 3.4-sr-i nty, H , ,H f' Qnlzdirgl .sr,g,,,5i, I, ' Q . Q rrrpgqiwgf 1 11' .' 1 .1-'-Ilia. - vfvivziisn' r .-4145 .':'r,qj1A f u we ' - J zf-.-YH fr? 1--a Q., ,. ...tg , .,,- 1 3.5-1:',rrgvr-Q 2-.QA I I i, cg,.L-.gf a,,,'g,.M , f , ,,742,xfZ'-'fgg:,L-ijf, Y v rf, "lfE- ' -A Q.,-,H .JV 1 12, 1 ,y. '.'-viii!-:feb 1-' Jf '-bw' ' . 2 ini-T-4.:"T7'a,riii' 'ff3rI',?:.fsEg.-?iigf- Hg , M--,:g,gv 2 zffvlisfe if 'v-ff. wa .6-' 'I ,fs , 4 . -f '. ,Il 'Q 4 'hi ' i rf- '. 51 ' vr':::,'.2' ' -,.::'i: -gg: -713: sz. H, xr at H,-'21 Nxlg A .'.., , ,f-'.: .1.-- wi. 33,352 L , 5 it qv a-, '-rv 5 9 if -.QW 3l2gQgfg?Q?Vib? 'L Q35 K 150' F T rl ir '-HW-I-I 1 u.4 m. -au. v f ,nl :L -. vig: ,, 1-95. 'rfxa'1 1,2-y EL i. , IIE' .1,gftej'Qf: 1 1 'f'1If9vKi,f'i.,. 3Qi'Qf,'Q:' ' ig 5-4,-5.1.-f 4,151-,-1. lr- I-A'g'.-,gf ,r .f.,q?l:-uf, -rj, ' ',---,ll -3-3-5 .f o 1-x.' f:Z?'rf2."3'r,Tv5'39K?'A9w,'fs-sin. ffvrflef 'f'f4'rs7'1'5f?:???1R-,:f1-. , , 4 L-lx-'T edF.'.'YT:ffv7e :fri -3'fs+A4'ii4L'-fs-1 '-"rf i 1 46! Soccer ff 6 ,'i,'f, W-,, f-'ff-Ev." ' K-.5 --.l. ., ., 5' '12, I g . - X - 1977 SOCCER RESULTS C2-8-2D .. ..3 3 Pitt-Johnstown . 0 Lock Haven . . 1 Alliance . . . 0 Frostburg . . O Indiana . . ..3 ..1 ..6 ..2 5 Gannon ..... . . 1 1 Behrend .... O Llniv. of Pittsburgh . ..3 .. ..6 3 St. Vincent .... . . 1 2 Mercyhurst . . . . . 3 1 Grove City . O Allegheny . . ..3 ..1 lt if . 4 , i. as-va-4 i' , I' rx. ..v'l,...ll Soccer! 147 Women Cagers Get Tourney Bid F EDINBORO STATE'S 1977-78 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM - First Renee Perkins tmanagerl. Third row: Judy Saurer thead coachl, Marie Liguori row QL-Rl: Kathy Nelson fco-captainj, Pam Bonadio, Lynn Lyle, Donnie Shick, tassistant coachl, Karen Petroski, Mary Jane Gibson, Donnene Disco, Nancy Lori Dolby. Second row: Mary Ann Bralich, Tina Skidmore, Mary Beth Abbey, Peg McDougal, Polly McKeon tco-captainl, Jim Kennedy tassistant Goedert, Veronica Johnson, Audrey Scott, Adrienne Hudson fmanagerj, coachb. 1977-78 WOMENS BASKETBALL RESULTS C13-12D l 1 l L 56 Australian Nat'lTeam . .59 L 65 Cheyney .... . . .84 l W 65 WestVirginia Univ. . . .56 W 82 SlipperyRock . . . . .65 L 36 Penn State ....... 73 W 84 Indiana .... . . .60 W 72 Univ. of Cincinnati .... 39 W 103 Akron .... . . .62 L 74 Univ. of Pittsburgh .... 77 W 84 Lock Haven . . . . .66 W 105 Gannon ......... 69 L 91 St.Joseph's . . . . .98OT 1 W 116 Jamestown C.C ...... 23 L 78 Penn State . . . . .90 W 2 Wm. Paterson CForfeitJ . O L 68 Maryland .... . . .93 W 1 15 Jamestown C.C ...... 28 W 95 Clarion ......... 77 W 90 West Virginia Univ. . . . 65 L 64 Univ. of Pittsburgh . . . .80 L 76 lmmaculata ....... 86 L 75 Slippery Rock ...... 81 L 71 LaSalle ..... . . .73 EAIAW Satellite Regional Tournament: W 85 Penn State . . . . .81 L 63 Immaculate . . . .75 1 481 Women's Basketball 34 fab QX 4 F , 3:4 , "". 'E' av, i "5 I 501 Women's Basketball ff' Linksters Grab PC Crown 'vhs ' . . -' . if ' pi EDINBORO STATE'S 1977-78 GOLF TEAM - QL-RJ: Head Coach Jim McDonald, John Mazza, Jeff Spath, Chris Lane, Dale Loeslein, Hans Iverson. Bob Backstedt. Jan Andhagen, Jonas Brundin. 1977 GOLF RESULTS 116-39 ' W 365 Clarion State . . . .371 W L 365 Indiana ............. 362 W W 365 Slippery Rock .......... 366 W 4th Place - Wooster Tournament C21 teamsl W W 458 Clarion ............. 480 W W 458 Gannon ............. 469 L L 431 Mercyhurst . .426 W 355 Alliance . . . . .418 W 431 Clarion . . . . .457 W 368 Allegheny . . . .... .380 W 368 Gannon . . . ...... .383 368 Alliance ..... . . .445 '355 Slippery Rock . . . .361 355 Mercyhurst . . . .363 359 Behrend . . . . .410 434 Gannon ............. 454 434 Mercyhurst ......... A. .430 lst Place - Pa. Conference C753 strokesj 362 Westminster .......... 377 362 Behrend ..... . . .404 362 Alliance . . . . . .425 3rd Place - NAlA District 181635 strokesl 3rd Place - NCAA National Meet 41185 strokesl Golf! l 51 -Scots Splash Way To Even Record EDINBORO STATE'S 1977-78 SWIMMING TEAM - First row QL-RQ: Mike Pyle. Third row: Head Coach Ed Erdos, Tony Johnson tManagerJ, John Graham, Pat O'Leary. Mark Drennen, Bill Bruecken, Ralph Stumpf. Second Peroni, Roger Doyle, Bob Wright, Terry Patterson. row: Mark Whiteleather, Vyto Bankaitis, Scott Klugh, Brian Lansberry, Mike 1977-78 SWIMMING RESULTS Q4-4D L 40 Youngstown State ..... . . '.72 L 45 Penn State .... . . .68 L 54 Allegheny . . . . . .57 W 69 Bloomsburg . . . . .44 W 59 Fairmont State . . . . .52 W 72 SlipperyRock . . . . .40 L 34 Clarion State .... . . .79 W 63 Fredonia ....... . . .37 13th Place NCAA Division ll 143 Pts.l Y . 1 521 Swimming F1111-."iFL E! K rd ,. l V x 1 I 3 I . ..-11 'EXP '- 1 iff ,: Y RTT Ll -,.-f-, - JC" ,,,.- . . A I 5512 I ,, -1-T 'V " v. inf? 5 X Swimmingfl 53 Watts-men Extend Streak To 34 Straight 21,2 ' , Ep' I W W W W 1 54X Cross Country X LIMIT 3 v ,. ff if--:iii 11,1- iikw. ,C-'Nr Q! ,nail 'w '4'MQa..',-., , , il -.-45" 1977 CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS C4-OD 19 California ........... 40 17 Fredonia .... ...... 4 2 26 Slippery Rock ......... 31 1st Place - Mansfield Invitational C20 pts.J 1st Place Tie - NAIA District 18 C35 pts.D 1st Place - United Nations Invitational 19 Univ. of Akron ......... 36 2nd Place - Pa. Conference 175 pts.J 21st Place - NAIA Nat'l Tournament rw P og., 6 XJ If ii . gmt i is 2 li ,4-is ua.. I, T 4 .F ' K Q , . R -,X I A -, MN: f I F, s "R X.. ,- if-" -4 ,-gas L, V ., - Q- Li 19A 'mga-','.',f fr 1 ,. ,, ,TMJ H' W I .1141 ' ,as:a.,H::w Q5 "- ' f E 1'--'ff "ii 'LQI .av ,," Q: iq,-'-I3 'QQ 2-Y A 1 ,fliib f,:,-.Q,.1,1 4. I fm' :- v is ak ' Cross COUntl'yf 1 55 Nlariotti Gets Win Number 1OO and r. +3-ucv'-.-u-Q' .3 ,, . 1 ',,.,--IL I., . 1 -. ,- A .- W ,w yes! M" - if . " " I ' ff'- " -1. 'fl' A' Sz 'I u -4' - X v f J: , Stair? ' 4 1 v 1 J? tg I. L 1977 TENNIS RESULTS 110-21 W 8 Gannon ........ . . .1 W 7 Youngstown . . . . .2 W 9 WestLiberty . . . . .O W 7 KentState . . . . .2 L 1 Mercyhurst . . . . .8 L 1 Penn State . . . . .8 W 9 Gannon ..... . . .O W 8 Slippery Rock . . . . .1 W 9 Indiana .... . . .O W 8 Califomia . . . . . .1 W 9 Behrend ........ . . .O W 8 Akron ............. 1 3rd Place - Pa. Conference C19 Pts.J 2nd Place - NAIA District 18 C19 Pts.J 1 11th Place - NAIA Nat'l Tournament 112 Pts.J its? .qw- ..,l1-.as-uef was-5,1-L' Lf:-644 ' .-"'7 I T ' ' . X ' ' . . - x ' . : - -- ' " s sh Q ,. .,, .s .r. a .. 4 "'f 'T f J' W A - ..,a. .po-h-"ig 1' 1 56! Tennis 4- Champagne Shower X 0- f' EDINBORO STATE'S 1977-78 TENNIS TEAM QL-RQ: Head Coach Hank Mariotti, Dom Masciantonio, Randy Beerman, Dave Drossman, Jeff Mulhollem, Denny Staller, Mark Bush, Jim Goshorn, Bruce Demyanovich. Tennisf157 if 'K 158fTennis Q... wx- cg' ,I Q ag 1 r1.fx ' As i a' ff if . - I f-'n- 'mai EUC ' 1 , . , ,, U xxxx XX 1' x s ' X X '- N xi xxx 5, MQ hr, S,-N -S19 gr ,Q r g ' . " K2 Qi ' .' H: 'fy A Y ' -ffiij ha 'F .51 is 2" - 5 -C047 Q ' ' my . x '-f If . Q Q ' Q -- ' 1 . ' . , , , . . Q . ' ' . 1 -I . A Q Scots Slip During lcy Second Semester EDINBORO STATES 1977-78 BASKETBALL TEAM - First Row QL-RJ: Walt Bacik, Jerome Thomas, Ron Byrant, Drew Stauffer, Melvin Hooker, Gary Randy White Rick Federici, Randy Oetting, Verdis Chears, Mark Moosa, Don Stanton, Stewart White, Jim Wimbley, Don Lovett, Head Coach Guy Conti. Fee Al White Tyrone Tillman. Second row: Assistant Coach John Furcron, 1977 78 BASKETBALL RESULTS Q9-151 Atlantic Christian ......... Concord . . Mercyhurst . Pitt-Johnstown Alliance . . . Lock Haven . California fForfeitl . . . . Oberlin . . . Behrend . . Morgan State Georgia State Pitt-Johnstown Lock Haven . Mercyhurst . Indiana . . Clarion . . . St. Wncent . Clarion . . . Slippery Rock Indiana . . . Point Park . . Slippery Rock Gannon . . . California . . Basketball! 1 59 Stanton Nets 1,000th Point Basketballfl 61 Fighting Scots of long ago 196768 P.S.C.A.C. Champions The thrill of athletic competition has existed since the beginning of time, and more close to home the beginning of Edinboro. A point has been scored for women in sports at Edinboro when the women's field hockey team cap- tured the National Championship in 1916. Perhaps over the years the physical appearance of the athletes has changed, and the uniforms have definitely been modernized, but the Scots continue to fight. GO BOROl 1 62X Sports ESC Football Game, 1947 1 1 ESC Women's Swim Team, 1946 Men's Basketball Team, 1927 ' 'rf 'rup- Women's Hockey Game, 1949 Sports! 1 63 Greeks 165 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL .V Sitting: Bob Mellinger. Row 1: Mike Galuzzo, Bill Rust, Bill Briscoe, Gary Slater, George Svolos, John Hosack, Doug Anderson, Ron Hall, Gary Johns, Chuck Ratajack, Dave LaBrozzi, Jim Gavaghan, Aubrey Dillon. Row 2: Jeff Wood, John Peters, John Paul, Rex McCray, Marty Chovanes, Jack Speer. ANHELLENIC CCDLINCIL T1 Row 1: Cindy Lovelace, Linda Guthrie, Diane McClintock, Kathy MacEachem, Michele Taylor, Holly Gados, Rose Kunco, Janice Thoma. Row 2: Kathy Kelly, Julie Morrow, Sharon Kapfer, Patty Maher, Chuck Mitchell, Carol Molnar, Becky Kemmerer, Cindy Feree, Amy Mason. l 661 G reeks , -.tj --qc L1 Greeks! 167 ALPHA G DELT 1 681 G reeks Row 1: Wcky Chieffo, Sue Payha, Sharon Buchna, Mary Catanzaro, Elaine Manners. Row 2: Lori Smallis, Jana Black, Barb Lindburg, Bev Quinn, Amy Allison. Row 3: Patty Simpson, Barb Pinker- ton, Linda Wesler, Nanette Bowler, Lori Lasorella. Row 4: Cindy Selker, Leslie Williams, Wcki Hamilton, Lynda Rock. Row 5: Marcia Johnson, Lana Thomas, Kim Paine, Nancy Dronsfield, Beth Hicks. Row 6: Karen Hendricks, Barb White, Julia Clark, Kim Delbrook, Karen Collette, Carol Molnar. Row 7: Jan Snyder Jodi Greenstein, Patty Maher. Row 8: Sue Falco, Karen Xruno, Linda Hudzinski, Marty Hodgson, Debbie Zaleski, Donna Doskocz. Missing: Laural Hazelwood. Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity was founded in 1904. Alpha Tau Chapter, one of 118 installed chapters, was established on this campus in 1959. The fraternity colors of red, buff, and green are found in the fraternity flowers, red and buff roses. The altruistic work of the fraternity is handled through the Alpha Gamma Delta Founders Memorial Foundation which is the source of grants for continuing both charitable educational programs. Alpha Tau Chapter raises money for the Founders Memorial Foundation with an an- nual blood drive. Locally the Alpha Gam's support their adopted Grandmother Marion Weir at the San Rosario Nursing Home. At Hallo- ween the sisters Trick or Treat for Llnicef. Throughout the year the sisters participate in activities such as year- book, cheerleading, majorettes, Tam-o-Shanters, Resident Assistants, Stu- dent Government, and various clubs and organizations on campus. The sisters are involved in social functions such as Greek Week, Homecom- ing, Casino Night, and Intramural Sports. Membership in Alpha Gamma Delta is an experience in gracious living with added assets of lasting friendship and happy memories. v-1-2' 12--f -. 1' , .. . 1 ?i" f ir. H I M121 . f w - .A . . . .-,. I li Q... A ,I 39, '.Q'H!"ff!'!I'I1'4 ji: 1' '-!Jl'53.!' !.'.'!"4'3""J':""I f-4 ffl 'YQ LQ -L .,-Q V in rl-f. ,., x 1 'QI , . -. " 'xrl if ' " 'I' 5 " 4g',7ff11'f ', '- ,vu " pals - V P, . 5 -. ,. 'N . ,, if J! 3 fl' . -1 i .. ' ' N ,nu . I Q Im A A 4 Q1 H. '41 1, 1' 1 ,,"' F ' v' In .4 X-' nk Q, 1 .,,'1Tf" wg., .ff 'Mlm ' '- .' Blxiuui . ' ' LLP", , 'Q ' Y -r?57, i1!'1 ',.-7332.5 qlphn Gnrn - .ft f 'g-,, I 'P R' ""'f,5 p.xphf. u.'..,. 2, fvff- .V . 5 " 5.-A 1--'x-M "U: J-' 7 12 Ly. ,' " 1 f , 'T-Q' 5 ef 'KXUQ-'rfzl ,k "4 TH ' ' 'VF 14 A Fil fikfif J 1.1! mn: "li J ',. I" ig 1: "Mii:"'3 7 .44 k,,,. . l V, A. .-,.. w- L tu-Q, .5 ',.-.A3,g:y.iJ ' Q, "pi ' A,-3.44 .A :H-,f .I U-4 , 1 -Aa ,-'14 Lu' ', -., .A .f,-..f .1, .., 1 - - 4. ,Q ..- fav 3 41, 1 ,, '-, ' Qi' ij-gi .h u . L I ,gl-1 igaaagbwg ,-.,.,. -' +- . -fi,Gi."':g,z 3 L Q -r5.3 ,QJ-41-:Lie-Lg-pil jtf.-:N 56 ' W 'lf K ' "A 9"5'5.,L.i'f. I 1- 1- ' - um 551 0' fi' .lf A 'xr' 5- . ' Q X '-pg.. A 4-' mug: 4 Ei X - ' ' ? l . ' -' ' ' 1 . 'ir '53 1. I 4 'A , 'swf f . .1 L.. , - a,,,'gfV.',' ' . . V ' ' ' g. A 4. ,f. I .tiff ...,-.. ' :g:.3.gg,: .,.. .-.- .N Y ' "" .3 4, ' ' 1 --A . . gin 31-11, A.. , 4 I 4 A- .K . ,. 7 uifilzqxr ' '. .P l .. . ' '.."' V' ' . -'Nl . . -' we fe' - ., -,.' i 5 5.11. ,Na .il .,1fI',' ,: lx- U gui-n, .' if il- 4 ,4 z ...Il L. T' vi-I 'xw 'M f-1 R .w A 1 'rd-51 fw I A 5-H25-"'j-9 5 :11 " :H :LH-A 4 " V f'-. 3 .'3 Q' .'-VHS' I 1-if 'Q' '75 ' ' 96" " V .z.' 'Vf'L'.1 N' 'A' ' ""' ,' 'si "3 ' .1 ,sr fr X . ,u ,Q -libn .Eg tb. 3 EE -lk 1. LW. .3 Greeks! l 69 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA sill S, - QQ Q lr. QW! ' Row 1: Gail Martin, Monica Milton, Dana Taylor, Dawn Hamlin. Row 2: Demathraus Perry, Barbara Burgess Barbara Pryor Debra Jefferson Elizabeth Sterling, Adrienne Hudson. Row 3: Lynette Lesesne, Gina January, Michele Taylor, Chrys Wood Cindra Lovelace Wanda Gregg Rosemary Knight. l7OfGreeks The sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha have been involved in many activities and fund drives this year. We participated in the Homecoming parade. After the parade, at the game, we sold handmade projects con- structed by the sisters. During the early fall we held a few car washes. For Thanksgiving, a can food drive was held. Items collected were given to needy families in the area. Recently we introduced the members of the ivy leaf pledge club at a "step-off' between the sisters of AKA and the brothers of Omega Psi-Phi. w K f? x .. . is-.. rw' - EDN-F x. A. fx 1 f'f'w -- 4,3 55-51 , 55 - 5' 'H'f?'i lv 6 '.' el f ft 'W Greeksfl 71 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Row 1: fsittingj Donna McGrath, Sue Beardsley, Holly Householder, Mary Hess, Connie Coppola, Diane McClintock, Linda Satire. Row 2: Laura Henning, Cindy Gray, Carol Bednar, Darlene Erb, Martha Meidus, Patty Fomwica, Ellen Johnston, Connie Yates, Maggie George. Row 3: Barb Birckbichler, Chris Toth, Carol Guenther, Patti Beck, Marilyn lsenbart, Debbie Cornelious, Peggy Mills, Pam Stedman, Amy Mason, Suzie Barton. Row 4: Ann Borkowski, Jessica Munger, Teri Stubbs, Karen Cmovic, Debbie Cawthome, Stephanie Soutorous. A smart stepping girl in a crimson red blazer with a dash of pearly white . . . she's probably a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Her sorority was founded at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia in 1901. Here at Edinboro the chapter consisting of 31 members has been going strong since 1968. Intellectual goals are important to her along with spiritual, physical, and social ones. They are sorority goals and you'll find the sisters participating in such ac- tivities as the yearbook, resident assistants, and Student Government. Our Alpha Sig's are also involved with various ac- tivities such as homecoming, Greek Sing, Go-Go Con- test, and Greek Week, not to mention mixers with other fraternities and sororities. We also participate in fund raising at car washes, walking for the March of Dimes and donating to the American Cancer Society. Even with all this bustle, she also has time to be selected into Who's Who and National Scholarship awards. l72fGreeks ,A N4 37" 8 , ..-.L - ,...- ll'!"7,--' G' ' ' I.-qi. pf,-". J- I-QM nv""' fr V.. ""-4" 2-if,-w A .' -"':f- uf M .1 :sw .im ' 1 lr? .. 4 :Q -9 ,wgziaf S1 J, Jwaf, rf...-.5 -..nv v ., ,, fr I 0? .H ,Q-. 0 ' 2'1" .-.. min- J. 'ii 2 n I .1 4 I ,1- 32 f 4 s. 4 fa .iw Sago. .. A Ar , A -, Greeks! 1 73 ALPHA SIGMA TALI l i74fGreeks Row l: Cindy Ferree, Cheryl Hyek, Denise Danforth, Anna Mellas, Lynn Pavlik, Hope Kmetz Janis Thoma On November 4, 1899, Alpha Sigma Tau began the trek down the pathway of history to guide, add meaning, develop, give fulfillment and loveliness to the lives touched by the ideals and standards of our beliefs. On March 1, 1969, the Alpha Tau Chapter was installed at Edinboro. "Active, Self Reliant, Trustworthy" is the open motto governing members in all of their endeavors. High scholarship, leadership training, and cooperative pro- jects along with love, understanding, and contributions to mankind are among the goals to which the sorority is dedicated. The national philanthropies are aid to Emotionally Disturbed Children and Pine Mountain Settlement School. Alpha Sigma Tau membership is a feeling, a promise, a development of self to the fullest potential by caring, sharing, and contacts with others. I R X, Xxx sinh 'I X ' -Q. 1 1 I +-- , N . ,xg x nu 'LAI' fi-gg? . u I x . , J 'vi A- , X Q . 4 R. -I Q ' " - 'I .,,. 5115, 'L N Nz' c . V, K Greeks! 1 75 ALPHA Xl DELTA Kneeling: Carol Forsythe, Sheri Edwards, Carol Quirk, Beth Scalise, Rose Kunco, Jenni Reese, Phyllis Cenci, Kneeling Row 2: Cindy San- tavicca, Pam Ogden, Laura Hosack, Amy Butler, Stacy Buriak, Donna Lark, Janice Bunch, Jeannie Hospoder, Row 3: Pam Ashoff, Bobbi Doc- tor, Sue Usacki, Debbie Smith, Linda Chavko, Donna Belcastro, Char Kyreagas, Standing: Linda Eaton, Jani Bicker, Sue Bicker, Nancy Schlosser, Diane Butkewich, Anita Belchak, Jeannie Thompson, Kathy Mc Eachern, Missing: Stephanie Sabin, Jody Williams. Alpha Xi Delta was formally recognized at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893. We received our charter for the Zeta Epsilon chapter here at Edinboro State College in 1970. Alpha Xi Delta's colors are double blue flight and darkj and gold and our flower is the pink Kilarney rose. Our badge is the Quill and the jewels used on the Quill may be pearls or diamonds. Alpha Xi Delta is a social sorority and locally we par- ticipate in all social activities including Homecoming festivities, Greek Week and inter-Greek activities. Our sisters are active in the synchronized Swim Team and women's intercollegiate volleyball. We also have sisters affiliated with SGA, CEC, SHOE, BusinessfAc- counting Club, College Union Board and little sister organizations. Our philanthropic endeavors include nationally - sponsorship of Pittman Hall, a home for juvenile girls and locally - sponsorship of a grand father at San Rosario Nursing Home in Cambridge Springs. Alpha Xi Delta is caring and sharing, trying and dar- ing. lt's studying and working hard and secrets to safely guard. lt's the things that make you feel inside, the things that you cannot hide. l76fGreeks if- Ox 'I ...HX X .il J. . -' - W7 510' xl ...Q . .,i, Greeksfl 77 DELTA PHI EPSILD Delta Phi Epsilon, a National Social Sorority, was founded in New York in 1917. The Phi lota Chapter of Edinboro State College was started on November 22, 1971. Believing in our slogan, "friendship, perseverance and Sisterhood", we were formed to promote good fellowship among sorority girls and a true feeling of sisterly love. We care for our sisters because of what they are, not because of what they may achieve. Our sorority philanthropies are the National Cystic Fibrosis- Organization and the Junior Diabetes Foundation. Our sorority colors are royal purple and pure gold. Our flower is the purple iris. 1 781 Greeks it lifzmasdt Top to Bottom: Shelly Wooldridge, Penni Flick, Sharon Kapfer, Julie Morrow, Sharon Mulac, Carol Weber. Sitting: Mary Fisher. Missing: Kathy Black, Sue Martin. L x :A 'I' -' .3248- 4l '0 x . x - I 1 531, A , l,, I , I -X ffv I 'x Why. f-YQ I , :J-I -. 'xi-" 5 Q 1 x X 'Q 1. ar .. I m X. Q Iv ,+-- wk - ,- ,-, rf-. 2 ' s' QA ' " l gg. in ' +4 , f r :ht he ,ia , J. DEI!-E331 " V. if K 'Ll V' jx. I 1 Wi: "-, up .-.. g A L nv ,H 'A . Q. il J- -L" ' 5- ,I " -I Qev.f5g.m ,QV . I I, 'UN I V 'T c '- , , 1 if ,A. I ,ax ., -, f .,,.. ,ff 4 qi., a "5 1 , A lf ix JJ- fl "Q ,J Q gf' ,V . M .,v. . l -C511 I, ' 'Q ,ma-sl x .MJJX 'E W AE, w if -, 2 Q. 5 -f mi ,, 5. BF ': i",F- SQ,-gs M .ii S, 5 Greeks! 1 79 DELTA ZETA Kneeling: Shawna Hotchkiss, Sue Guckes, Judy Cheatle, Denise Bonfardine. Row 1: Rita la Duke, Carol McKee, Timmi Dzan, Debbie Rubin, Cindy Miltleard, Heidi Hermann, Terri Watson, Kathy Price. Row 2: Jane Jones, Colleen Freeland, Debbie Miller, Karen Renwick, Calro Semanchek, Cheryl Homich, Betsy Fasick, Penny Chastel. Row 3: Clare Frankiewitz, Michelle Parrilla, Cindi Zigler, Pam Schumaker, Kathy Nelson, Sharon Klinefelter, Sandy Sommerfield, Denise Quadri, Wckie Wohlgemuth. Row 4: Ann Mahokey, Holly Craydos, Jayne Watson, Cindy Patrick, Pat Kozmin, Kathy Mead, Debbie Wilson, Kathy Greg, Judi Tucci. Delta Zeta is the largest national sorority in the United States and we are also the largest here at Edinboro. We are currently celebrating our 50th year as a continuing group on the Edinboro campus. The sisters participatein many campus activities and hold positions of leadership ranging from Tam O'Shan- ter captain to President of the Criminal Justice Club to Pan Hellenic officers, but we are especially proud of our high scholarship. ln addition to being awarded the overall Greek Week trophy, we won the scholarship award for having the highest cumulative point average of all the Edinboro sororities. l8OfGreeks 46 mf '1 , ,I , !9H ,,. Q1 6 X U 5. 1? '17 5 E, E - F ...tu . x 5 vi W 1 . nfT:,, Jim ' ' X 1""' N f ' 1 Q 7:-fr-fb' A ' 1 , , 4- A ' 553' "'?fT"7f 'I K ' - ,,,,..aHli fx Y f' 'Y--. , " Qi. ' xi LX f M g .R , H 12: 'A ' X ,f 'wi : ,7' Q "3 1 17:1 4+ -'. L , . A.. U- 1 , ,F Q v, -,3,., 1 , V - f- -- X, 'fi . I -M .. wg. ini ,, 1-Ugxi, ' , . - . , ' '5,' ',,,,. ,ls I 559.51 "Kg R:f.: -54' if'fii?m A 1 ' -57 f ,,-T" p3. WI -.11 L'-1-gg'?':Q1.f ,g. pg, A ,. ,.,.,, xr '.w-'nf If . ' ' a ll ' N !' - I - , f1??Q'1L3-135' -ly, -1- xf.7U. Q. Greeks! I 81 G Gamma Sigma Sigma is nationally known for its service to the community, campus, and surrounding areas. We participate in projects, such as March of Dimes, Blood Drive, decorating and sponsoring the Halloween party for the children of Edinboro and help usher for the college plays. l 82X Greeks SIGMA SIGMA l Row l: Lynn Hall, Sue Highfield, Angie Elenitsas, Debbie McBride, Sara Davis. Row 2: Sue Borek, Paula Baxter, Shelley McDuFf, Eileen Sargent, Ramona Mikolay, Jeanine Strine. Row 3: Nola Phillips, Kathy Katic, Jane Hunkele, Janice Stahlman, Diane Beall. Row 4: Cathy Harpst, Bev Day, Crystal Reagle. Row 5: Joann Moore, Karen Davis. 4-. u fn .J Aus -:A ' '-15iK "xen- YJ-. ff 'UE JK'-2. Q ff" K S-E ' ,, '---..-Q V , .ff V11 ZETA TALI ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha, one of the largest national sororities, was founded in 1898 at Longwood College in Farmville, Wrginia. Zeta's colors are steel gray and turquoise blue with our flower being the white violet. The Edin- boro Chapter, Zeta Llpsilon, was char- tered on March 14, 1970. Our national philanthropy is NARC - the National Association for Retarded Citizens, and locally we have an adopted grandfather at San Rosario Nursing Home in Cam- bridge Springs. Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha are in- volved in many other activities, such as, majorettes, Tam-O-Shanters, various lit- tle sister organizations, C.Ll.B., Marching Band, and women's sports and intramurals. We enjoy taking part in Homecoming, Greek Week activities, and social activities with other organiza- tions. Who's Who among college stu- dents and sorority scholarships are among the awards our sisters have achieved. Sisterhood "spontaneous mo- ments when the unlimited individuality of people becomes a treasured and stimulating awarenessg "happening" moments of accidental togethemess when l see you in a new lightg honest moments when you and I are free to be silent or talkative or gladg shared mo- ments when l impulsively reveal a new facet of me and l am shown, in return, one of you." 184fGreeks Row l: Sherry Johns, Karen Kursion, Sue Lodge, Debbie Myer, Debbie Wash, Sally Schott. Row 2: Melanie Brooks, Mechele Stellato, Susan Lorenz, Karen King, Janine Knipling, Cindy Romano, Linda Guthrie, Laurie Hosack. Row 3: Cindy Hartburg, Helen Scherrah, Denise Thompson, Barb Predmore, Kim Kohan, Barb Logue. 'X x 4 1 3 2.1 gs 1-N. 'i . .5 "x1L- -' l L! Z 'tix 1-'R F.,-,. ei Greeks! 1 85 ALPHA CHI RHO -7 X . CTN 'G' ff! ., -if-BP '3 Row 1: Earl Letzelter, Leo Estes, Joe Gaworecki, Wck Abersold, Doug Anderson, Dale Adams. Row 2: Jim Rex, Chuck Mitchell, Bob Natalo. Row 3: Rex McCray, Bob "Bear" Lilly, Jim "Bas" Basilone, Steve Nelson, Joe Byrne, Rick "Stoney" Burns, T.J. Hine. Not pictured: "Tomboy" Mira. The brothers of the Alpha Chi Phi Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho had an active 1977-78. ln addi- tion to a trip to the Phi Omicron Chapter in Wisconsin, the brothers participated in several service projectsg including one major one. Also, a map of the campus was presented by the brotherhood to the school, which was then placed in front of the new Administration Building. Brother Rick Burns was nominated for Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities for outstanding work throughout his college career. The brothers of Alpha Chi Rho combined forces with the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega to run the lovely Homecoming Queen candidate, Beth Hicks, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Another of the highlights of the semester was the purchase of jackets for all the brothers. Each brother is looking forward to continuing his close relationship with the Edinboro State College faculty, administration, and tmost im- Little Sisters Of NPha Chl Rho Kneeling: Vicki Mowad, Stephanie Johnson, Chris Boetger, Cheryl Smith, Terry Black, Diane Horst, Kathy Hahn. Standing: Paula Bomberger lsweetheartj, Liz Lesica, Robindee Richards, Lynda Rock, Barb Acemi, Linda Hoehn, Sue Dickens. portanti the student body. i 8616 reeks ALPHA PHI OMEGA Kifg, 0,1 Row 1: Rich Lietner, Rob Rodak, Debbie Chapman tsweetheartj, John Raile, Rick Madden, Mike Quinn. Row 2: Dave Labrozzi, Mike Ryland, Scott Bean, Steve Albaugh, Bob Preksta, Jim Clover. Row 3: Tom Corliss, Tom McAraw, Drew Klaus. Row 4: Ben Pike, Gregg Palmer, Randy Rebman. Row 5: Mike Koske, Bill Gathers. Not Pictured: Gregg Bamhart, John Kneedler. Alpha Phi Omega, the largest service fraternity in the United States, has active chapters on more than 400 campuses throughout the Ll.S., South America, and Europe. Nearly 150,000 men have participated in its first 52 years. The purpose of the fraternity is to develop leadership, to promote friendship, provide service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage. The Iota Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was founded here at Edinboro in 1951 as the only service community on campus. Numerous service projects are done yearly which all brothers attend. Because of successful past projects, funds were raised and donated to various charities and organizations including the college and community. Yet, along with all of these activities, Alpha Phi Omega boasts the highest QPA. of any Greek frater- nity on campus thus upholding its motto: Be a friend, be a leader, be of service. 188fGreeks -v- X.- x xx, X x X, , j- . E, f af L Q ,Q .' " 12. .54 . ,W . DEG' M, I I Ns 1 Q-Y ::, fy' :QE- K M -w 1 432 9' 'M ,Ni 'Q 4 'I 1 -L., I ,Q-f is 1 1 an E' 1 , l f x 4' lif- xg!! 5 an na DELTA SIGMA PHI J-if .Z Row l: Jerry Galando, Marty Chovanes, John Varnell, Kim Gissendaner fsweetheartl, Jeff Massetti, Dave Walor, Dave Perhosky. Row 2: Jeff Guerino, Gary Holes, Gene Thrush, Chuck Ratajack, Pete Zinski, Kevin Coit, John Coit, John Guilyard. Row 3: Mark Sanders, Kurt Scalzott, Gary Jergler, Tony Raso, Chuck Loether, Jerry Zamer, Al Kapelewski, Phil Beringer, Mike Long, Andy Tsounos. Not Pictured: Frank Rossman, Mike Franko, Ed Gasperich, Brad Walters. Since the historic year, 1899, when a handful of students in New York City got together to form a "new" kind of organization - a 20th cen- tury fraternity - Delta Sigma Phi has blossomed into one of Greekdom's most progressive, solid, and respected brotherhoods. The Delta Nu chapter at Edinboro was the first social fraternity on campus. Participation in school activities are a main focal point, with brothers being active in the Stu- dent Government Association, athletics, homecoming, student organizations, and also community projects. yes, Delta Sigma Phi is many things things difficult to describe by mere words alone intangible things which make their imprints in the hearts of men, not the printed page. Delta Sigma Phi encourages her sons to make the most of college through a well plan- ned, balanced life and the symmetrical develop- ment of the mind, the soul, and the body. Delta Sigma Phi "Engineered Leadership." I 901 Greeks Little Sisters of Delta Sigma Phi Row 1: Marilyn lsenbart, Barb Birckbichler, Ellen Radulovich, Kim Ot- taviani, Sally McKee, Leslie Massetti. Row 2: Kim Gissendaner, Diane Abt, Sue Tinney, Lynn Partington, Donna O'Keefe, Cindy Santavicca, Amy Butler, Sue Lasher, Lisa Pieger, Paula Sawhook, Lori Large. I -. '--wa fs A1 9 2 .N-A S., 'E A -... w.,, I0 -41 Greeksfl91 Q1 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Agri. Row 1: Ron Pingor, Kim Crompton Csweetheartl, Doug Vlzzinni, Dave Evans. Row 2: Augie Deguffroy, Jeff James, Dennis DeMarco, Rick Getkin, Mike Galluuo, Rick Clark, Tim Crompton, Steve Fineberg, Bill Dunn, John Schillinger, Brian Costello. Row 3: Tom Kelly, Berk Ellis, Kevin Miller, Pat Ryan, Bob Culhane. Row 4: Ed Orlando, John Ogden, Ken Krell, Doug Boyer, Mark fGumbyl Whiteleather, Jim Bennett, Nick Frick, Art Guuetti. Missing: Ron Beverage, Bill Rust, Tony Cortese, Jim Donelly, Dana Griener, Jim Martone, Craig Ickes, Chas Wesley, Duck Robinson, Ray Yeager. The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was established on the Edinboro campus in March 1966. Four men if- established the fraternity nationally and now it has grown to the second largest fraternity in the country. The Edinboro chapter began with 15 members and now has initiated over 230 members. Honorary mem- bers initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha at Edinboro for their contributions and achievements are Dr. Chester T. Mclalerney and Dr. Jon F. Yon. Lambda Chis have made contributions to local needy families and each year at Christmas time the fraternity and Crescent Girls visit the San Roserio Nur- sing Home. The Lambda Chis are very active in all athletic events and Greek Week activities. Row 1: Qkneellngj Clare Frankiewicz, Penny Chastel, Cheryl Homich, Cheryl Malinowski, Linda LaVerde, Carol Semanchek, Jeannie Hughes. Row 2: Diane Butkewich, Karen Abercrombie, Lynn Squitieri, Stacey Parerlini, Karen Collette, Sue Horthrup, Janine Knipling, Barb Bijasiewicz, Kim Kohan. Row 3: funder archj Sandy Beck, Holly Gaydos, High Moon - Tim Crompton, Steph Sabin. Row 4: lon arch, Jayne Watson, Kim Crompton, Cindy Dorazio, Barb Predmore, Marien Guzetti. 1 921 Greeks JNL- "A, 1- ,.- ..- x-V-. 1 ,Q A r-'H QL Ao I ' Q .-xl Q . hi' X... L1-2 - Greeks! 1 93 PHI SIGlVlA KAPPA Row 1: Lyle Haney, John Fleming, Rick Arendas, Kevin Rayburg, John Hosack, Chris Kocan, John Lauro, John Barlow, Wes Bain, Keith McGill, Steve Marcinko. Row 2: Pam Shumaker Csweetheartl, George Svolos. Row 3: Harry Franks, Ed Lawniczak, Carl Behling, Ron Hall, Don Burns, Bill Briscoe, Joe Byers, Paul Peters, Jeff Hetzel, Pat Hays, Pat O'Neill, Jeff Enos, Bryan Sanders. Phi Sigma Kappa is a social fraternity based on oneness and brotherhood. We, the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa, openly boast of our togetherness, This is shown through our athletic achievements in interfraternity sports. The year is a well rounded one in our brotherhood. lt is broken up through various social events, which we partake in as a group. ln service to the community, we have sponsored such functions as a Blood Drive, and our annual St. Patrick's Day Dance. ln closing, it is apparent that Phi Sigma Kappa offers something for all facets of student life, here at Edinboro. We are proud of our reputation for our togetherness, and through our togetherness, our promotion of true frater- nity. Little Sisters of Phi Sigma Kappa Row 1: Barb Laughner, Kathi McNulty, Barb Lindberg, Pam Shumaker, Ann Verona, Bobbi Docktor. Row 2: Patty Simpson, Carol Molnar, Sue Falco, Lynda Hudenski, Karen Bruno, Dona Belcastro. l94fGreeks f"",,, f if ,.-f-g"""" ff' "HN AA, ,F I Vw Greeks! I 95 SIGMA ALPHA Row l: John Slack, George Wills, Fred Naines, Ray -Weise, Terry Carlson, John DeMaria, Bob Krut. Row 2: Bill Phillips, Joe Mclblierney, Jeff Abraham, Fred Milburn, Greg Spzak, Rick Lantz, Bob Bishop, Don Evans. Not pictured: Clarence Elsenrath, Mark Hurban, Kevin Pascucci. Sigma Alpha Nu was founded on Edinboro States campus in the fall of 1968 as a social fratemity. Our forty- two founding fathers set their objectives as those of brotherhood, honor, scholarship, citizenship, and integrity within the fraternity, college, and community. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Nu take much pride in be- ing a very active organization at Edinboro State College. Besides social events, the fraternity also takes an active role in athletic competition through i tramural sports. 1 961 Greeks 1 Little Sisters of Sigma Alpha Nu Row 1: Debbie Cornelious, Darlene Erb, Judy Hau. Row 2: Suzie Barton, Connie Coppula, Karen Cmovic, Carol Guenther. Not pictured: Cindy Izzo, Peggy Dukavich, Jody Williams, Maggie George, Janet Santini, Melanie Brooks. rf? ix Q' .l' ik , ,QU i. Greeksf 1 97 'X-,gl 18 l 98X G reeks SIGMA CHI DELTA Row 1: Chris Whalen, Bob Barr, Bruce Burgess, Reilly Burt, Barry Majeske, Steven Zulia, Heman Acevedo, Eric Berrios. Row 2: Jack Speer, Johnny Goober, Gary Koch, Jerry Davis, Greg Hallam, Chuck Papson, Scott Bierer, Mike Luther. Not pictured: Kenny Wolf, Tommy Bobola, Bill Price, Dan Dodds. Sigma Chi Delta is a local fraternity which has been in ex- istence since May 1967. The organization was founded upon the principle of brotherhood and is primarily a social fraternity. The Sig Chi's recently celebrated their tenth anniversary and are dedicated to universal strength in the future. The brothers have also par- ticipated in various service related activities throughout the years. Once a year, Sigma Chi Delta pre- sents their Educator of the Year Award, given to the professor who in their opinion, has rendered the most service to Edinboro stu- dents. Also awarded yearly is the Brother of the Year Award, given to the brother who has done the most for the fraternity and the community. ln addition the brothers put out a desk blotter which is given to all students, and also provides a means of advertis- ing for local merchants. .. 72 9.4: an-' QAQ . 'X Q. ,,, Little Sisters of Sigma Chi Delta Row 1: Gloria Polaski, Mary Alice Hale. Row 2: Kathi Montgomery, Cindi Zimmennan, Bev Browning, Heidi Bradish, Patti Brown. Row 3: Melanie Russell, Bonnie Budd, Janie Kutsch, Jeanette Ranalli, Wendy Cox, Annette MORRISON. Row 4: Karen Lambert, Val Tranter, Brab Stachelek, Michele Eonta, Cindy Huet, Sue Rudolph. Not Pictured: M. Tepper, S. Steimer, S. Youra, M. Zezyus, C. Kyreages, S. Phipps, D. Knight, M. McDonald, K. Martin, G. Brosnahan, B. Audino, J. Buchovich. . -qt' I. l 9- f ia? X 3 1 , 'F' 'li Greeks! I 99 SIGMA T Ll G Row 1: Dave Kramer, Jim Loniero, Tony Arcuri, Gary Johns, John Trainor, Jeff Spath, Mike Hanes, Ron Kunkle. Row 2: Paul Lane, Denny Brown, Jeff Blake, Chris Lane, Gil MacMichael, Jim Gauagon, Ralph Wagely, Joe Galuska, Bob Baskin. Row 3: Scott Feldman, Mark Moosa, Gary Rogers, Keith Klinger, Sweetheart - Judy Tucci, Mike Constantine, Tom Kelly, Sweetheart - Barb Pinkerton, Jim Sekel, Jeff Hartwell, Steve Card, Tom Craig, Mark Millie, John Paul, Brian Conklin. Top: Pat O'Leary. Missing: Jeff Bisi, Greg Inge, Frank Wright, Jeff Lemley, John Kralik, Joe Kramer, Jeff Blood, Doug Smith, Scott Owens, Jeff Killo, John Mehalow. The brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma CBets Omegai is a social fraternity, but more than that it is a brotherhood built upon long lasting friendship and Community ser- vice. Our brothers pride themselves on an outstanding record of achievements ranging from a number of an- nual and semi-annual charity drives to collegiate com- petitions such as Homecoming, Greek Week, and athletics with unequaled success. The organization ac- credits its success to the diversity of its members and believers that their brotherhood can be best summed up simply by saying: Sigma Tau Gamma has something to give Row 1: Marilyn Galakovac, Wckie Hamilton, Jan Snyder, Colleen Freeland, Pam Stedman. Row 2: Celeste Parendo, Nanahe Bowler, Jane Jones, Kathy Gregg, Cathy Mead, Sue Lodge, Dorthy McGlaughIin. Row 3: Leslie Massetti, Maria Thomas, Barb Burrows, Barb Veui, Kellie O'Neil, Cindy Selker, Judi Tucci, Connie Yeats, Karen Snyder, Dawn Eaton, Judy McElroy. Missing: Beth Hicks, Barb Pinkerton, Barb White, Marilyn Lioydd, Carol Bednar, Cathy Nelson, Betsy Fasick, Laura Griffin, Tammy Wolfe. 200 I G reeks nv., .lf Www? if...- ' iii' f pref , Q ,ffxff Q Ja., .' Greeksf201 ALI KAPP EPSILCD Row 1: Vince lanessa, Ron "telephone" Booth, Mike Garlic, Bob Mellinger, Rick "Ziffle" Peterson. Row 2: Marc Verez, Frank Altiere, Brian Ke- nyon, Rich Gigliotti, Rick Stanzione, Ed Gookers, Sweetheart - Linda Satire, Jim "space" Watts. Row 3: Chow Dawson, Joe Relihan, Kirk Golden, Emeritous Fallon, Ron Trentefellow, Tom Hustonian, Mutzi Ovosh, Jack Brickner, John Peters, Joe Oblak, Steve McGoo. Row 4: Bill King, Mike Satira, Cochise Capretto, Ken "chit" House, Doug Wynn, Rick Kenyon, Tout Mulholland, Greg Mellon, Jeff Fallon. Missing: Greg Roberts, Bruce Zwicker, Andre Waccenheimer, Konrad Kulis, George Sharkey, Leo Adams, Mike Verez, Ralph Capuzzi, Rick Walker, Keith Stitt, Mark Golden, Greg Colter, Mike Denne, Tony Scampone, Dave Gratta, Eddie O'Donnell, Jerry Ricci, Bill Lum. After World War ll when the veterans first came to college they became a local social fraternity, known as Kappa Delta Phi. ln the spring of 1966 the brothers decided to go national. ln the fall of 1966 the letters TKE were worn on campus. TKE is now getting more involved in public relations on and around campus. TKE had been involved in work- ing with the Newman Center, the Millcreek Home for Boys, and in areas of the old folks home. Row 1: Debbie Roadway, Kim Geopfert, Linda Satira, Michelle Parilla, Stacey Buriak. Row 2: Loren Bright, Karen Stillman, Mary Beth Gregory, Lexi Spanos, Veannie Torchio, Sue Balient. Row 3: Marueen Sullivan, Karen Larson, Sandy Kuntz, Maureen Muenchen, Sally Schott, Linda An- dril. Row 4: Mitch Yatchum, Sharon Lovey, Becky Brown, Carol Forsythe, Cindy Santavicca, Marilyn Hues, Bev Quinn. 202f Greeks . , 3, I Jw. -' ' f X 1m3W.5.:.fE, i .nr ""' :wh- .,...... -am.. ,,..,.-A 33' 411 4.1. . . ,-2" -x ,. vs. .pi rua '72 --zu-in my - -...F--v '- ,--v- 'ual . ' -of - -Q.. .f,--,yrs - 3, N 2 ,Ju ..-. -1. .-up 4 . Q ,- ..:g4Y'f-vt. ' ..- , -lip -1 Hv,m Q pr- 13 I' 3 ff ..'15Zg- iz--t' , +L... A, 9 X J Q FSM Q fp. -9-v Q.- it ff? if III "'f5i'M."' .f , x H. 1 J M was Greeksf203 ,fa 204! G reeks TH ETA CHI Row 1: Steve Rosatone, Tom Babeo, Mike Sherbon, Jeff McMurdy, Bob Llhleman. Row 2: Jeff Wood, Gary Slater, Mark Lipinski, Terry Pytlarz Joe Spano, Tom Blevins. Row 3: Dave Strieder, Tim Gehley, Tom Kaiser, Rick Mayberry. Theta Chi is a national fraternity that was founded at Nowvich Llniversity, Non1vich,Vem'1ont, in 1856. Edinboro's Eta Zeta Chapter was established in Sep- tember of 1971. Since its beginning, the brothers at Edinboro have continued to take an active part in all campus activities, academic as well as social. Each fall the brothers hold a dance marathon to raise money for charity. This year the money collected was donated to the Gertrude Barber Center in Erie. They also participate in all intemwural sports, varsity sports, Student Government Association, inter- Fratemity Council, plus various clubs and honorary organizations. Thus proving our motto. . .Alma Mater Hrstg Theta Chi for Alma Mater. Row 1: Shelly Woolridge, Sharon Kapfer, Debbie Ratajak, Sue Mar- tin, Pam Odgen. Row 2: Kim Su Snyder, Gale Thomas, Kathy Goehres, Brenda Rudler, Deb Gidiclc V D . 0' V wx 'Ii WL.. Greek Spirit of Yesterdays . 3-J if - li Some may think that the Greek facet of college life has always existed. However, the birth of international organizations known as fraternities did not come about here at Edinboro until the i93O's. Mr. Carl Wozniak, of the E.S.C.'s History Department was a member of Beta Xi Clater TKEJ, the first fraternity formed here at Edin- boro. Also, the newly founded Frats introduced radio to Edinboro by owning one of the first ones in the town. Today the involvement in new ideas and ac- tivities still exists in the greek organizations here at Edinboro. Each fraternity and sorority submit- ted a short history of their group and exactly what their activities include. Greeks have had their highs and lows in pop- ularity over the years and yet they still continue to work for various charities, make homecom- ing floats and try to promote the ideals of brotherhood and fellowship. 20616 reeks Fil 'ffl' .., is I Relaxing in the Old Student Union. pau Sigma Tau Gamma's Homecoming float H S ,gn , ,. 7' -e "' X .Q-39 x N mr ML Hu 1" rv- QIQ, 3. ,fs rw QQ :R -.ni Homecoming queen and court, 1968 Greek paddles, 1964 .X I-Ni: ' I 1 The Hanging of the GREENS Greeks! 207 Seniors LW, -iii 9 209 Paul Abbott Criminal Justice Barry W. Albaugh Biology Francis X. Altiere Criminal Justice Gale Antoinette 21 Of Seniors Health! Physical Ed. Vic Abersold Criminal Justice iz,- i . X . i Joel Wesley Adams Lucy Aiello , Psychology Elem. Edj Early Childhood Mary JO Allen Amy Ann Allison Kimberly Allison Political Science Economicsj Bu siness Geology i - .Ji5"' . 1" 5 .A 1 dl. ' i . ivifuilzq A I Ellen R. Anderson Ruth Anderson Norma Marie Anderton Social Work Art Education Drama JOHUHCAUYOHCUB Mary Louise Armanini Jacqueline Karen Annstrong Special Education Elementary Education Social Work Paula R. Baker Speech and Hearing Lee Alan Barthelmes Sec. Ed.!SociaI Studies Q S is-A 5 x. A i Vytas A. Bankaitls Biology Carlene Ann Barto Mathematics f 7 xsh-il' ll ll x D5 Q' .. -, . ,gil M. Ellen Amold Krista Atkins Business Elementary Education Patricia Ann Aucker Karen A. Bachman . Psychology Biology wa Xen - . r: -V 415 Gloria Jean Banett Daniel R. Barrett Art Education Fine Arts! Painting Susan Diane Barton Deborah Ann Bashioum EconomicsfBusiness Elem. Ed.fMR SeniQr5f2ll sr ' :fl S rl Robert N. Baskin Criminal Justice Diane Beall Library Science r Sharon L. Bean Art History Tereseann Bender 2 1 2f Seniors Psychology X , I 1 .Wg 3' I ' L'-. N Renee L. Baudoux Art Education Linda A. Beam Elementary Education 'if'-:Y l f l .- ',-- l .- L X. it W' rf- M-"L f"""'N5'x Patricia Annette Beck Carol A. Bednar Economics f Business Psychology Susan Jean Benninger Cindy L. Benson Art Education Elem. Edj Early Childhood l VTYQVT Janet H. Behr General Business Clair G. Bemhardt Psychology l - Scott Robert Bierer Criminal Justice Patricia A. Bober Social Work A. Bonitsky Ed.!Speech-Hearing Nanette Elizabeth Bowler Soc.fCriminal Justice Bill Birckblchler Robert L. Bishop Thomas Ray Blevins lll Mathematics Communications Graphics History Thomas J. Bobola Leslie Ann Boetger Patricia J. Bole Sec. Ed.f Social Studies Llrba n Studies Social Work l X Robert N. Bonomo Marianne A. Bower Douglas E. Bowie Criminal Justice Nursing English Janet Braberldel' Mark Brady 'lim Brady Social WOFK Economics! Business Economics SeI1i0TSf 21 3 .1 .r . 1 , +ll l Rose Ann Brandenburg David J. Brawley Linda Braymer Elementary Education Music Education Health-Physical Ed. Tim Brennan Sharon V. Bricker Terry Lynn Bringe English Sec. Ed .X Social Studies Elementary Education Jackie Brooks ' Melanie E. Brooks Gaynel Brosnahan Elementary Education Nursing Nursing Dave Brown Diane P. Brown Mary E. Brown 214! Seniors Sec. Ed.fSocial Studies Elementary Education Nursing l 1 l ,l l it Gregory W. Breitinger Political Science Deborah Elizabeth Briscoe Physicsj -V Anne L. Brown Art Education Patti Brovm Art Education Jacquelyn Brownell Nursing Sharon Buchna Nursing E ,i Barbara A. Burak Elem. Ed.fCierman I-li ,, 1 ,,.. , f A' Ly. :AE '4cLmUl"'.,lv'5 .u Sandra Bmce Nursing Karen E. Buell Geology Barbara N. Burgess Social Work V va e - ,A , , ,..A-4,' .,, ,-, ,- ' . ' +I- ,, -va ' , 75- L? io. 'X l,.N,.' ,ff .. -- .gvgir-f,,,.f "fl"5'ls'fi'EE2'-5 Jtgsr dm' ,u f .','..g,.,k?g,Q il. fiff 'r' :L fx, ' 53254 7 -i'Ff'."' l,-19,5-.r3f. i-4 , QW3 '11 32' .-fffll fp f'T5"'x :ga psf i5l'gg'v7f-QIQJ' j - in -'f .c, . w.,:Y.f.:.L'f,'f'v Af 59549 , M' mr 6' -s. . 1 +:'gfxQ1!-A ' if ', ,, v. - My '3 S I' ,. n .4 .I - N' . , L: -1. -' 1' 45+ 1:2 - 4.5 , :Jafar A - , 1- ff- x-- . ' ,fi '71 bf.-,.:5 17 i 1132. 1. -Ziff gc, ' yjlnsiuf, ng, ' '- y. l' . aft, . ff. fr' ,. if If .. -5' ' ' 1 Barbara J. Burrows Economics! Business ,sd U4 . , T-aw V,-. ro. ..,"' 1,- mw-qgvr 'fn' E x" I fl 1 vi 'l 2555: 122.1 To 1 'Sf5f3'?a.Qv11 as ' , la 1-B if A Scott E. Burton Elementary Education 4 Rick Burgess Mark E Bumett Sociology Elementary Education Sen iorsf 2 1 5 2 1 61 Seniors Mark Edward Bush Amy R. Butler Cathy Cahill Douglas J. Cahill Communications Graphics Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood CriminalJustice Margaret C. Calhoun Blaine Gregory Cameron Bob Campbell Dorothy Carbone Fine Ants! Painting Economics!Accounting Speech and Hearing Sec. Ed.! Spanish iiWfF1N?f'1'E, : 31, -,. E 7 -ff"fi1'EL 155 2 fg'1.'i.:fi:'r-wi ff X Q , My . 5131 -- 'jf'!1fiPi' 'ffsfgft ' i225.1i:'G3?f.'1m2 l' AQ..-1 2' "F:,j'Li, " f'-1A'1 -711511523 i q ,-fw..F' - is 'vm--fa q," H A 'if " IA Ten'i Carlaccini ,QI Communications Graphics V Qi Renae D. Carlson l.ibrary Science ll' l I s fl l Robynn Ann Camey Mark K. Caro Lora Carpenter John G. Can' Art Education Medical Technology Art Education Communications Graphics Linda R. Carson Mary Ann Catanzaro Deborah Cawthem Deborah Ann Chapman Psychology Speech Communications Social Work Art Education E rg ll , .l l 'L Debbie Rose Chase Cynthia Chelen Carol Ciavarra BeverlyA. Cibik Fine Arts Art Education English Elementary Education Mary Jeanne Cieslak Alicia A. Clements Bonnie L. Cleveland Jerome Cline Biology Sec. Edj Social Studies Art Criminal Justice Seniors! 21 7 , Q gl J? Mary Beth Collins Health-Physical Ed. Constance L. Coppola Elementary Education Diane M. Crawford Sec. Ed.l Biology Thomas H. Croyle 21 Bfseniors Music Education ,-,' .11 V 9 l. X r N l , . ' 'qu ' 1 N x ' ' A S il f i J will ei ,f m Lie , I-, f l l.. . 'ir l.' Eugene J. Colwell Bethany Jean Conn James Connell EconomicsfAccounting Psychology Business Margaret A. Corcoran William H. Correll Thomas Patrick Craig Health-Physical Ed. Speech Communications Speech Communications Y-.-vp n F... .rf ' 'Rena 1, Karen Ann Cmovic Amy Croft Kimberly Ann Cl'0f'1Pt0n Social Work Art Education Elem. Ed.fEBfly Chlldh'-90d Constance Lee Cservak Colleen Ann Cullen Gary Michael Cumutte Health-Physical Ed, Music Education Political Science X, 'X LXR -l dl ' l ' l lt 1 1 rig J ,l Elizabeth J. Curry Randy Kevin Curtin Tom Dailey J. J. D'Alba Art Education Medical Technology Economics! Business Political Science Rocco J. D'Angelo Pamela Daniels Beth Darcangelo Deanna Jean Darr Business Fine Arts-Drawing Health-Physical Ed. Library Science l 1 A Sara Davis Library Science Michael Joseph Deeb Accounting Seniorsf2l 9 220f Seniors 3. T5 'A ' Victoria A. Deeter Mark Joseph Dellert Elem. Edj SED Art Education Dominic DiSanto JoAnn Domitrovich Elementary Education Speech and Hearing 3' Jae GL . ..w. E' L, Dennis Michael DeMarco Criminal Justice Linda J. Dorst Speech and Hearing Karen Ann Doven Criminal Justice Roger W. Doyle Sec. Ed .X Biology Janice DeVito Art Education Mary Dougherty Sec. Ed.fEnglish Theresa Marie Dowd Elem. Ed.f Early Childhood Gregory K. Drennen Criminal Justice E .ksl LJ Marc A. Drennen Patricia L. Dreven James S. Duguid Accounting Elem. Edj Early Childhood Biology Frances Anne Dunkelberger Carol F. Eichelberger Carol A. Eiler Library Science Elementary Education Sec. Ed.f Social Studies Roland Ehiarlnmwian Ekhaguere Darlene Ann Erb Joni P. Erdman Economics! Business Speech Communications Speech and Hearing Lisa M. Evans Susan Elaine Fair Mary Jane Fajt English Art Education Social Work -QL P Cynthia Ann Duing Elementary Education Louise Eizenhafer Art Education Susan E. Essigmann Fine Arts Diane C. Farabaugh Psychology Seniorsf221 Judi Fargo Env. StudiesfGeography Rachel E. Fife Art Education Deborah Gale Fleming Special Education Hany Franks lll 222 I Seniors Business! Economics .f l . w ' ' N: I ' . 1 4, 1 " . I. sf Z' ,bf ' Michael Fellmeth Deborah A. Ferrara Cynthia Lynn Ferree Political Science Elem. Ed . I Ea rly Child hood Elem. Edj Special Ed. Sheree Anne Filip David Fisher Kim Fithian Elem. Ed.fEal'ly Chlldl'1OOCl Criminal Justice Nursing I Penni Jo Flick Rita L. Fodor Lionel G. Foster Health-Physical Ed. Elem. Ed.l Early Childhood Fine Arts William W. Frazier Ellen Beth Freeberg Clark W. Frey Economics Art Education Arts and Humanities F i ljnda Freyermuth Scott L. Friedman Criminal Justice Music Education Mary Ann Fuller Brian J. Gabreski Music Education Economics! Accounting r- I .L J " Michael A. Galluzzo Joe Gaily Blaine W. Galonski Gene Garner Sec. Ed.l Social Studies Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Fine Arts! Photography Edward F. Gasperich Marcia Roe Gates Diane Gaul Cynthia S. Gavin Eco nomicsf Business Nursing Psychology Nl-ll'Sin9 Seniors! 223 2241 Seniors 1, rg 1 . , 45.- .': f 1 1 -' ,il - Alon Genazia Fine Arts Victoria M. Gibbons Elem, Ed.fM.R. Susan M. Goodhart Social Work Joan M. Graboski Health-Physical Ed. -FI-J Phyllis M. George Paula Gertz Richard P. Getkin Music Education Elem. Edj Early Child hood Econo mics! Bu siness Richard Paul Gigliotti Jane Gissi Sharon A. Goedert Criminal Justice Econ,!Gen, Business Speech Communications Denise A. Goodman Sec. Edj Social Studies Jodi Lynn Graham English -ff fi , I Yuri,-:.,l if li i . 22.5, J ni, -I, V . - ..l., I ll , .i L .nal Mike Graham Lisa Ann Grant Gregory J. Green Kathleen L. Green Economics Psychology Political Science Elementary Eld.f Early Ch. Marlin L. Green James Greenen: Sandra Gregowich David Griffin Secondary Edj Science Social Work Art Education EconomicsfGeneral Bus. 1 Y .4 ,..A ie ' - 5 3 hx K 5 ' l l x . . f' ii . ill 1, Kellie Eileen Grove Julia Mae Groves Bob Gruber Virginia B. Grudi MLlSiC ECIUCE-lll0r1 Health and Physical Ed. ECOn0miCsfACCOunting Art Education James Alan Guerra Arthur L. Guzzetti Shiek Dennis Habib Delia Haguewood Elementary Education Political Science Biology Special Education Seniors! 225 Q ai: .. ., - H' 4 . 1: David S. Hains Jil Anne Halasowski Flynn Hunter Hall Social Science!Crim. Jus. Criminal Justice Psychology Daum Kimberly Hamlin Lyle Haney Janice Louise Hanger Elementary Education Seconda ry Edj Soc. St Social Work i ii 1 a 5' W V. I 2 ,R 4 gf' Karen Lynne Halperin Criminal Justice Daniel K. Hanlon ArtfPhotogra phy I Thomas Lee Harmon Susan L. Harrison Flank John Hartle Susan Hartman CriminalJustice Music Education Secondary Ed.fSoc. St. 1 Political Science Frank C. Hartmann Greg Hartz Barbara Hayes Hguy Hamel! 2261 Seniors Communications Graphics Criminal Justice Medical Tech nology Library Science if a ,pf . .11 A., . Aff ff f.'f.'f,A,1., M 1 -I o .'L.t1..ik r,p,1.1'n:'.:j , . r ' 1 -J -. Q 55 -an 'vga Y, - ' 2' Fifi ...f-:rf ,..' V V- br"'5!'Z:.T1, 'fr-4 ::,--1' , J A r -.1-9 13-'eff y:,'.1'-45.7 1l'p 'Ay ...gf -..,, -4 7. f a' M! 1 '-1 I v- 711 ll 1 ' . r 1- rj' F? Sf . 1. Meg Herbert Elementary Edj Sp. Ed. Jennifer Heid Weaving f Fibers 'il l l v ll ,! -al el A Bill Heintz Secondary Ed. I Soc. St. Deborah J. Hershberger Medical Technology l, Darla Rae Hecker Geology Ann Marie Heidt Social Work Jane A. Herbel Criminal Justice Linnette Hill . Art Education Seni0r5f227 228fSeniorS 4- ,, f- 5 'i ll .wa .la YS- 3.5, 'QU' 3'-N T'- fe' ,DIL K . -, l fl . 'EN 'env em 'QI X X Y E H .7 David S. Hinds Bamey Hineman R. Jane Hines James R. Hlavsa Printmaking Business! Economics Elementary Education Mathematics Debra S. Hoban Cynthia E. Hoch Marty Hodgson Jody Hoffman Elementary Education Secondary Edj Biology Social Work Art Education Linda Hollingsworth Medical Technology Michelle S. Horniak Elementary Ed.fSpec. Ed. Joanne Hospadar Economics!General Bus. Jeffrey A. Hug Economics! Business A J, K A ri" Melanie A. Holmes Elementary Ed.fSpec. Ed. Robert J. Horzempa Art Education Laurie L. Hough Music Education Jane E. Humphrey Elementary Ed.fLib. Sci. ' 1 Lee Anne Honsperger Medical Technology John E. Hosack Criminal Justice X, Donald Housler Painting Susan Hunter Elementary Education Glenn W. Hores Criminal Justice Laurie J. Hosack Fine ArtsfPainting er will if l l Cami Howard Elementary Education John Hutterer Psychology Seniors! 229 230!Seniors fl .W , i as .nil ,v X . Marilyn Huya Mathematics! Sec. Ed. Gina Maria January Social Work Jack E. Jewart, Jr. Art Edu cation . Debra J. Kalafus Elementary Ed.f Early Ch. .fam A P' I X John ldzik Psychology Patricia Jarussi Elementary Ed.f Early Ch. Nc Marcia Johnson Nursing Bennett J. Kalie Criminal Justice 'F' Q-4 J David Lee Jacobs Cindy James Elementary Education Art Education Gloria Jean Jaworski Diane Kay Jerome Secondary Edj Soc. St. Speech and Heanng i!A Ai. I' ' . Wen die A. John son Leona Adell Jones English Social Science James W. Kamerer Jeffrey Michael Kamm Speech Communication Social SciencefAnthro I l , 1 I Bill Kane Elementary Education Sharon A. Kapfer Elementary Education Eisstiz Dorothy Kean Mathematics Kevin E. Kennedy Economics Ruth Evangeline Kanzlemar Psychology Timothy G. Katchur Economics! G eneral Bus. X .l I 'r x Kathleen Kebert Psychology Edward P. Kemisky Speech Communications , I ,,,, ! , Kathleen A. Kellinger Speech and Hearing Evelyn R. Kerr Fine Arts! Drawing i Eugene Kennedy Music Education Kenneth J. Kerr PoliticalScience Seniorsf23l 2321 Seniors Wilma Jo Kimmer Art Education Wendy Ketchman Health and Physical Ed. Sherrie Lynn Klein EconomicsfAccounting Suzanne Klier Biology ll 4 : l 1 Y I 4 KXN 1 Sharon Klinefelter Joy Elizabeth Klingensmith Charles Knight Gary Koch Elementa ry Education Geography Business EconomicsfAccounting Connie Kocon Kevin Robert Koller Kate Kosewicz Denise Kosic Special Ed.fMent.f Phy. Ha nd. Fine Arts! Printmaking Art Education Elementary Ed .I Spec. Ed. David A. Kramer Elem. Ed.fMentalIy Ret. Mary Kay Lah Sociology!CriminaI Just. Yl Q-'rv r sw., I Barbara Mae Laughner Social Work Robin M. Lesik Elementary Education l Marilyn Kurash Psychology Don l.ane Biology Keith Albert Lee Printmaking Barb Lindberg Special Ed ucation Mary Jane Ku tsch Sociology Brian L. Lanich Commercial Art ., If, , I li ' , 1 - pig: 1 2 ' David Joseph Lelik General Business Nancy Joan Link Health and Physical Ed. Y H. Deborah Kwolek Elem. Edj Early Child. William B. Large Elem. Ed.fSpecial Ed. f l 1' V Lynette Marie Lesesne Elem. Ed.fSpecial Ed. Jon Lipinski ' ' Speech Communication Sef1l0fSf?-33 Christine M. Lobins Psychology Barbara A. Lague Elementary Education Q rl A 1. . Susan Lodge Social Work Pamela Longaba ugh H umanitiesf Spa nish A A,.',, . J. Michael Luther Ellen R. Lyerson Criminal Justice Art Education Robin Major Michael Malec 2341 Seniors Economics! Business Psychology Maryanne Loebig Nursing Susanne Lyn Loomis Health and Physical Ed. Pamela Ann Lynn Music Education Cheryl Ann Maloney Criminal Justice r I ,L me "1 . Q! Jayne Marie Loeliger Elem. Ed .l Me nt. Ret. Judy Ann Ludwig Medical Technology il Titus Madukaji Biology Elaine Manners Special Ed.fElem. Ed. v Francie Marie Marcleski Sandra Marczak Eleme ntaiy Education Political Science Josephine Massaro John M. McCague Speech and Hearing Secondary Ed.f Soc. SL David B. Mariotti Ed. Speech and Hearing Cynthia L. McCall Psychology Janet Kay McCleeiy Elem. Ed.fMent. Ret Rex McCray Economics Q J 'l W Z. ti .il 2 .l - 5 If ,l Q, , A vw' I I ia -' 'l M ., ' I J . -. . l , Q A fa .Ja ' N 4--... ik . Gail V. Martin Speech Communication Mary E. McCarthy Health and Physical Ed. Diane McClintock Elementary Education Sharon Maria McDuff Health and Physical Ed. Seniorsf235 236K Seniors Shelley Anne McDuff Health and Physical Ed. Joanne McFetridge Medical Technology Q 1 Q 'I Brian McGrath English Cheryl Ann McHugh Speech Communications A A Judy Pryde McElroy Elem. Ed.fMath Keith E. McGill Fine Arts Scott R. McGuire Painting Sandra E. Mclntire Social Work Af, Brian E. McCurk Biology Cathryn Mclntosh Elementary Education 'AVR , l Mary McHale Speech and Hearing Sandra L. McLallen Health and Physical Ed. .fs-1 Randy L. McMahon Jeirey McMunn Mary C- MCShea EconomicsfAccounting Fine Arts Criminal Justice Marilyn J. Meikle Arthur Kurt Meissner, Jr. Dgbbie Merritt Elem. Ed J Early Childhood Psychology Health fPhysical Education A Ll'l IM ,-. or Q r rii '7l J I XX J' 0 if il ffl h . Catezlna Mihadas Gary Mihna John F, Mild Biology SOCiBl W0rk CommunicationsfGraphics Debra Miller Kevin Miller David W, Mima Elem . ECl.fEaI'ly Childhood MBf.hfSCl6l"lCe C0mrnuniCati0n5fGraphiC5 Martha Elizabeth Meidus Elementary Education Dianne L. Michaels Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood l April Renee Miller Elem. Ed.fSpecial Ed. 'l'homas Joseph Mira Social Work Seniors! 237 X . -1 , .1 , , . 4' Teni Sue Mittica Secondary English JoAnn L. Moore Health! Physical Ed. QS'-?T""f" Q' -W .4 I "iff .A . Wag. .. ,mi .- . .I-1.47: H Srlfff ' 51 1 r::.. "'f" " - - . 1. VLA.. .,l1li..fi , .a Orheneochuko Mukoro Geology Denise Napierkowski 238K Seniors Elementary Education 1' X"'+-'4i.:! , Canol A. Molnar Elem. Edj Math Science Charlene R. Morris Nursing Margaret Anne Mulligan Nursing Marian Jo Nardone Art History 'TENT "' I Annette Monaco English David Monteliori Biology Lany J. Morris Annette L. Morse Social Work Psychology Gerard M. Murphy Business Thomas J. Myers Biology Brian G. K. Nam Carole Ann Nelson Geology Elementary Education v-'ZF-J , A ' A J. Kathleen R. Nelson Linda l. Nelson Sheryl A. Nesbitt Cheryl Jean Nevius Library Science Sociology Elementary Education Music Education Sue Nicholaus Edward J. Niebauer Judith A. Nikonchik Glen Niman Art Education Political Science Elementary Education Psychology ' t,g',tQ.,,,'-,,.g,'-.e1ff"" 'lfws' 'Q Wi 'il' 1- W , Kay Nissley Christine Nolan Elementary Education Art Education Joanne K. Norman Judith Ann Norman HealthfPhysical Ed. Health! Physical Ed. Seniors!239 .LX fl 'I l ,l Emanuel J. Oakes, Jr. Political Science Patricia Louise O'Connor Sociology Dawna Elaine O'Keefe Seconda ry English Mary Kimberlee Ostrum 2401 Seniors Elem. Edj Early Childhood L..- A Margaret O'Brien Diane M. Ockree Mara O'Connor Elementary Education Elem. Edj S pecial Ed. Physical Education Teresa O'Dell Wrginia Oelschlager Augustine M. Oglesby Fine Arts Elem. Edj Early Childhood Fine ArtslSculpture ,J Michelle E. Oros Jeffrey L. Orr Lois Elizabeth Osbome Elementary Education Criminal Justice Nursing Kimberly S. Ottaviani Bemice Overton George Pakutz Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood Speech and Hearing General Business ,gf-1' ,ji Maria Antoinette Panza Criminal Justice Brenda Kathryn Palagallo Economics!Business Herbert L. Pastucha Biology Mary Helen Parrish Art Education Gale M. Pellegrinelli Social Work Pawloski lem. Ed.fEarly Childhood Susan Marie Penine Joyce J. Perrone Art Education Biology l l l l l l Betty J. Paquet Celeste Parrendo Elem. Ed .X Special Ed. Art Education Cynthia L. Patrick John H. Paul Criminal Justice Political Science 'N-.:..H Seniorsf241 L . , is l l l Demathraus Perry Social Work Betty Lou Peters Math l 1' if-' H, Colen R. Peters Debbie Peterson Carmen M. Petote Kathryn Lizbeth Petroski Geology Secondary Soc. Studies Music Education Fine Arts! Sculpture Russell A. Piechotka Susan Annette Pierce Barb Pinkerton Mark Pisone 2421 Seniors Philosophy Psychology Social Work Fine Art5fJewelry P-. 1 . - L X 1 David L. Plyler Music Education Cathy L. Popieski Elementary Education Eric J. Polansky Biology Joy Eileen Porter Secondary English David S. Post History Porto Pamela Sue Pullium Bonnie K. Provonche Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood Nursing ' 23 f....RiiE l nl .b Z Henry J. Ponter Allan J. Pontiere Art Education Music Education Kathleen M. Porter Mark A- POITCF Art Education Ge0l0QY l Y I l r.- Pamela Merkle Post Barbara K. Price Eng lish X Special Eid. Elementary Education Michael P. Quinn Karla M. Rahner Sec. Social Studies Elem. Ed.f Special Ed. Seniois!243 John D. Ramsey Geology Vickie Lynn Reed ' Elem. Ed.!SED l 1 'Xl Karen Romayne Rhoades Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood Kevin W. Riley 244!Seniors Earth Sciences Tim Rankin Art Education Joseph Relihan Business Admin. l . g l I. George C. Richardson EconomicsfAccounting Christine M. Ring Elementary Education .f, I 1 L . I l ffli Q-I ll ,445 ' 5 . Kimberly Ratl1bum Mary Beth Ratway Mathematics French Karen Renwick David B. Rhing Art Education Mathematics l l Daniel Gordon Richter Christine J. Riess Speech and Hearing Music Heidi L. Ritter Andrea K. Robbins German Social Work I , R :'-5'-1 W" E15 .,, Y KF' F ..--...1.miL,' , lb i Ann Robin Social Work William George Roesch Criminal Justice Wiliam T. Rossetti Music Education ,f Anita Robinson Art Education Cathy Rogers Elementary Education Lou Anne Rossi English 4-arf" JB: Mary C. Rockey Music Education Joyce M. Robison Music Mary Jo Roman CynU1ia Ann Romano EconomicsfGen. Business Art Education Carol L Roth Elizabeth Ann Rozman Music Education Sociology Seniorsf245 ,xl , L 1 5 . , , I fl Nancy Rupert Patricia Ann Rupert Speech and Hearing Elementary Education Patrick W. Ryan Anna N. Sabol Biology HeaIthfPhysical Ed. I I 5 Q 5 ' Q 2 X I I I l ' 1 l CAUTION 'S RADIATION f REA Nancy Jeanne Rusbasin Fine ArtsfPainting Eileen D. Sargent Political Science ,xy K OPI ,.. ... J1- 1 . .li 4 I "' ' t ' Mary Margaret Ryan Library Science Linda M. Satira Art Education 'I xiii l illii X --V ,. ,A35 19 Ill ll 5. 'X 19 P9 f iii i iii. in aa' J E Barbara Gail Saunders Frank Savoldl Elem. Edj Psychology Communications! Graphics Kurt T. Scalzott Virginia Maria Scarpino 246 f Seniors Criminal Justice Biology Lawrence M. Schafer, Jr. Elementary Education Robert J. Schlelcher Economics id Nancy Schultz Nursing Johanna Scott Health! Physical Ed. Juanita llene Schall Psychology Cynthia Valerie Schneider Elem. Ed.fMent. Ret. of i Joseph W. Schwabenbauer English Bonnie Scrima Psychology ,Q Helen R. Scherrah Secondary English Kevin S. Schnirel Economics! Business .":" af XJ' Debra A. Schwark Economics! Business Nancy J. Seifert Speech and Hearing ' -4, Jn.. " Jim Schlander Economics Sally Schott Elem. Ed.fMent. Ret. Kathy Schweitzer Nursing James Sekel EconomicsfAccounting Seniorsf247 2481 Seniors Q? lf Cindy Ann Selker N ursing Bonnie Seth Biology Bradley Sickler Elementary Education Doug Sinsabaugh Art Education Carol Ann Semanchek Biology Michael David Sherbon History Pam Sienkiewicz Art Education Alfred J. Smith History .x.L Teresa Sendro Elem. Ed.fEarly Childhood Pamela Shumaker Nursing Q Martin B. Simmons Pre-Optometry Deborah J. Smith Music Education l l George Senn Psychology Roxane Sibeto Business X Economics Patricia Ann Simpson Social Work Debra J. Smith Business r l l 1 V ., . U- JJ g J' v - A We -- "fi - . u t'-vm xg 1 ' ,ut ,-, ,, ms. 1 ,mei :ff lx. - .. '.. 1. ,- ,lu- ' ffyihu -,--V , , . "-,':..1.L fl ., v ,a . -A. .'1'gi ' ' a ,f in vu 4 K .- . Q i. . , , 'xl -'Y 331--nf-5' ici Q T"-:-V r'i'.'-3-:fi . i".'f2la. 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Tullio Natural Science Steven S. Twigg Elementary Education v i , Kathy H. Urick Gary Valentz Elen E. Valenzi Nursing Economics Speech and Hearing Joyce Rose VanDoren Sandra D. VanHom Mary Jo Verga Psychology Elementary Education Psychology Seniorsf253 i. E'-af' , . Ae . . dig, . , l ix' H, N ,Y la L. : - - MV I -.., Q Nancy L. Vetrano Elem. Edj Library Science Nancy Wagner 2541 Seniors Jewelry Barbara Jo Vezzi Nursing Vicki Ann Wahl Art Education l l I l f 1 i Il i K X 4 ll l ffwg 1 1 W K-refer 4 Janet M. Vogt Cheryl Reyne Vulsan Hea lthf Physical Ed. Elementary Education Mary Walsh Robert J . Walter Accounting Economics! Accounting James Walters Social Work John Warick Economics! Busi ness Doug Way Secondary For. Lang. Mary Diane Weleski Nursing Lynn Ann Wappler Speech and Hearing Cynthia Ann Wasik Elementary Education .1 j-,A - x Mark Webb Secondary Ed.!Math Linda M. Wesler Biology Bonnie C. Ward Jeif Ward Elem. Ed.fEarIy Childhood MusicfSpecial Ed. Cecil L. Watkins Jayne C. Watson Music Education Speech and Hearing Denise L. Webster Robin B. Weiner Hea ith f Physical Ed. Secondary Soc. Studies Kevin G. Wetter Christopher A. Whalen Social Work Accounting Seniors! 255 if -.gf I a 'Ji ,, sr If x , 1 i V LE - i A Leo Paul Whalen Cathleen L. Whitbread Art Education Music Education Marsha Whitesel Sharon Helen Wiatrowski Fine Arts Foreign Language i' , 3 , gli: ff L U .1553 2" as-'W 413 . xl.:-3-,I-fr Q ' il ' . ' f-"Af . - -A " 'fi' fgrlhwfva Y' Mg. 143115 ati, . ,f -ff agsjgw-n::fg.51:3i,y' Q F- -,iw - T: 5, 3g , 'H ,bl .L 256K Seniors Barbara White Mark Edward White N ursing Elementary Education Elaine C. Wiley Amy Louise Williams Nursing Speech and Hearing Jody L. Williams Mara Lynn Williams Elem. Ed.! Library Sci. Elem. Ed.fSoc. Studies William C. Williams Amy Marie WilliamS0n Geglogy AIT Histoy 'Fry f Lillian Diana Williy Carol M. Wilson Secondary Mathematics Nursing Mary Jo Wishnok Ronald P. Wittuck Elementary Education Psychology iz. Christopher Yochum Diane Louise Yovschak Music Education Social Work Susan Zemcik Marlene G. Zielinski Fine ArtsfJewelry Speechuand Hearing ' ,zz jing yy!! Deborah Ann Wilson Hany E. Wilson Elem. Edj SED Criminal Justice Rebecca Wolfe Social Work Mark Yazwa Psychology N. E4 i ii. Deborah Ann Zaleski Jeanne E, Zelten Elementary Education Geology Steven W. Zulia PhYUiS Zulia Criminal Justice Elem, Ed-f3PeCial Ed. Seni0f5f257 ABBOTT, PAUL - Girard, Pa. ABERSOLD, VIC - Clearfield, Pa. Baseball, Alpha Chi Rho, CJ Club ADAMS, JOEL WESLEY -Bryan, Ohio Psychology Club AIELLO, LUCY - Johnsonburg, Pa. ALBAUGH, BARRY W. - Warren, Pa. Beta Beta Beta ALLEN, MARY JO - Franklin, Pa. CAS., Drama ALLISON, AMY ANN - Hickory, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, SGA, Business and Accounting Club ALLISON, KIMBERLY - Grove City, Pa. Earth Science Club ALTIERE III. FRANCIS X. Pittsburgh, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, IFC, Criminal Justice Club, Parish Council ANDERSON, ELLEN R. - Warren, Pa. Social Work Club ANDERSON, RUTH - Doylestown, Pa. Students Art League, Bruce Gallery Committee, Future Development Committee, Peer Counselor ANDERTON, NORMA MARIE Greenville, Pa. Collegiate Players ANTOINETTE, GALE - Canonsburg, Pa. ANTONELLA, JOANNE - McKeesport, Pa. Counsel for Exceptional Children ARMANINI, MARY LOUISE - Kersey, Pa. ARMSTRONG. JACQUELINE KAREN Verona, Pa. Delta Zeta, Social Work Club ARNOLD, M. ELLEN - Pittsburgh, Pa. ATKINS, KRISTA - Pleasantville, Pa. AUCKER, PATRICIA ANN - Freeburg, Pa. BACHMAN, KAREN A. - Trevose, Pa. BAKER, PAULA R. - Pittsburgh, Pa. CEC, Speech and Hearing Club BANKAITIS, VYTAS A. Fairview Park, Ohio Lambda Chi Alpha, E Club, SGA, Swim Team, Honorary Biology Frat. BARLETT, GLORIA JEAN - Knox, Pa. National Art Education Assoc., Student Art League, Earth Science Club, Kappa Delta Pi BARRETT. DANIEL R. - Pittsburgh, Pa. Art League, Art History Club, Intramural Softball and Football 258 Senior Directory BARTHELMES, LEE AIAN - Erie, Pa. Pro Rega, Football Team BARTO, CARLENE ANN - Glenshaw, Pa. BARTON, SUSAN DIANE - Mars, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Business and Accounting Club, Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Nu BASHIOUM, DEBORAH ANN - Adamsburg, Pro Rega, CEC, Kappa Delta Pi BASKIN, ROBERT N. - Greenville, Pa. Sigma Tau Tamma, Trap Shooting Club BAUDOUX, RENEE L. - Monroeville, Pa. BEALL, DIANE - Aliquippa, Pa. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Beta Alpha BEAM, LINDA A. - Girard, Pa. BEAN, SHARON I.. - Norristown, Pa. Art History Club BECK, PATRICIA ANNETTE Glenshaw, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Business and Accounting Club BEDNAR, CAROL A. - Natrona Hts., Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Little Sisters of the Shield, Little Sisters of Tau Kappa Epsilon BEHR, JANET H. - Wexford, Pa. BENDER. TERESEANN - Gibsonia, Pa. BENNINGER, SUSAN JEAN Tunkhannock, Pa. BENSON, CINDY L. - Midland, Pa. Dorm Council, SGA, Early Childhood Club BERNHARDT. CLAIR G. Allison Park, Pa. BIERER, SCOTT ROBERT Pittsburgh, Pa. Sigma Chi Delta, SGA BIRCKBICHLER, BILL - Butler, Pa. Intramurals BISHOP. ROBERT L. New Kensington, Pa. Sigma Alpha Nu BLEVINS, THOMAS RAY - Leechburg, Pa. Theta Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, IFC, Tartan, Who's Who, History Club BOBER, PATRICIA A. - Natrona, Pa. Intramurals BOBOLA, THOMAS J. - McKees Rocks, Pa. Sigma Chi Delta BOETGER. LESLIE ANN - Erie, Pa. BOLE, PATRICIA J. - Meadville, Pa. BONITSKY. BARBARA A. - Pittsburgh, Pa Speech and Hearing Club, CUB BONOMO, ROBERT N. -- Pittsburgh, Pa. SGA, Tau Kappa Epsilon BOWER, MARIANNE A. - N. Braddock, Pa SNOE BOWIE, DOUGIAS E. - Pittsburgh, Pa. SGA, Spectator, Alpha Chi Rho BOWLER, NANETTE ELIZABETH Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Little Sisters of the Shield, R.A. BRABENDER, JANET - Erie, Pa. Social Work Club BRADY, MARK - Pittsburgh, Pa. Rugby, Business and Accounting Club BRADY, TIIVI - Pittsburgh, Pa., Soccer BRANDENBURG, ROSE ANN - Monaca, Kappa Delta Pi, Early Childhood Education Club BRAWLEY, DAVID J. - Johnstown, Pa. Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, MENC, Concert Band BRAYMER, LINDA - Edinboro, Pa. BREITINGER. GREGORY W. Glassport, Pa. BRENNAN, TIM - Erie, Pa. BRICKER, SHARON V. - Washington, Pa BRINGE, TERRY LYNN Pittsburgh, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha BRISCOE. DEBORAH ELIZABETH Edinboro, Pa. BROOKS. JACKIE - Piscataway, NJ BROOKS, MELANIE E. - Butler, Pa. CUB, Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Nu, SNOE, Campus Ministry BROSONAHAN, GAYNEL - Emlenton, P BROWN, ANNE L. - Washington, Pa. Art Student League, Art History, Ski Club, Kappa Delta Pi BROWN, DAVE - Pittsburgh, Pa. Delta Sigma Phi, Hockey Team BROWN. DIANE P. - Levittown, Pa. BROWN, MARY E. - Pittsburgh, Pa. BROWN, PATTI - Mt. Wolf, Pa. BROWNELL, JACQUELYN - Matamoras, SNOE RLICE, SANDRA - Wilmerding, Pa. ki Club, SNOE LICHNA, SHARON - Oil City, Pa. lpha Gamma Delta, Little Sister of au Kappa Epsilon, Cheerleading LIELL, KAREN E. - Bethel Park, Pa. eology Club LIRAK, BARBARA A. - Pittsburgh, Pa. erman Club, Kappa Delta Pi RGESS, BARBARA N. - Erie, Pa. lpha Kappa Alpha, Social Work, Assoc. of Black Collegians LIRGESS, RICK - Windber, Pa. CIRNEIT, MARK E. - Centerville, Pa. LIRROWS, BARBARA J. - Oakmont, Pa. ittle Sisters of the Shield, usinessfAccounting Club LIRTON, SCOTT E. - Verona, Pa. GSH, MARK EDWARD - New Castle, Pa, ennis Team, Jazz Band, Student League, Peer Counselor LITLER, AMY R. - Grove City, Pa. A, Alpha Xi Delta, Little Sister the Sphinx, Early Childhood ucation Club ILL, CATHY - Washington, Pa. ILL, DOLIGIAS J. - Washington, Pa. OUN, MARGARET C. - Pittsburgh, Pa. udent Manager of Van Houten ining Hall ' ERON, BLAINE GREGORY - Warren, Pa. AMPBELL, BOB - Ellwood City, Pa. eech and Hearing Club, Rugby, tramurals RBONE, DOROTHY - Beaver Falls, Pa. anish Club RLACCINI, TERRI - Tarentum, Pa. Lson, RENAE D. - warren, Pa. EY, ROBYNN ANN - DuBois, Pa. Student League, Alpha Xi Delta O, MARK K. - Springdale, Pa. PENTER. LORA - Pittsburgh, Pa. udent Art League RR, JOHN G. - Smethport, Pa. RSON, LINDA R. - Pittsburgh, Pa. ychology Club, CONCERN TANZARO, MARY ANN - McMurray, Pa. pha Gamma Delta, Little Sister Delta Sigma Phi, Peer unselor WTHERN, DEBORAH - Pittsburgh, Pa. pha Sigma Alpha, Social Work ub, SEFA CHAPMAN, DEBORAH ANN Pittsburgh, Pa. SEFA, Student Art League CHASE, DEBBIE ROSE - Erie, Pa. Student Art League, Scuba Club, Ski Club CHELEN, CYNTHIA - Monessen, Pa. NAEA CIAVARRA, CAROL - Greensburg, Pa. CIBIK, BEVERLY A. - Leechburg, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi CIESLAK, MARY JEANNE Gibsonia, Pa. Cheerleader, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club CLEMENTS. ALICIA A. Bethel Park, Pa. TARTAN CLEVELAND, BONNIE L. Wellsboro, Pa. -Biology Club, Marching Band CLINE, JEROME - Crafton, Pa. COLLINS, MARYBETH - Ambler, Pa. Synchronized Swimming COLWELL, EUGENE J. - Erie, Pa. Business and Accounting Club CONN. BETI-IANY JEAN Mt. Jewett, Pa. CONNELL. JAIVIES Pittsburgh, Pa. Resident Assistant COPPOIA, CONSTANCE L. Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha CORCORAN, MARGARET A. Pittsburgh, Pa. CORRELL, WILLIAIVI H. East McKeesport, Pa. Speech Communications Club CRAIG. THOMAS PATRICK Philadelphia, Pa. Varsity Basketball, Sigma Tau Gamma, Speech Comm. Club CRAWFORD, DIANE M. Natrona Heights, Pa. Biology Club CRNOVIC, KAREN ANN Blairsville, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha Nu Little Sister CROFT, AIVIY Johnstown, Pa. Student Art League, Resident Assistant CROMPTON, KIMBERLY ANN Washington, Pa. Cheerleader, Crescant Girls of Lambda Chi Alpha CROYLE. THOMAS H. - Clearfield Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Chorale, Marching Band, Concert Band, Madrigal Singers, Choral Llnion CSERVAK, CONSTANCE LEE Pittsburgh, Pa. Varsity E Club, Volleyball, Health S Phys. Ed. Majors Club CLILLEN, COLLEEN ANN Pt. Marion, Pa. Pep Band, Choral Llnion, Marching Band, Concert Band CURNLITTE, GARY MICHAEL Edinboro, Pa. CURRY. ELIZABETH J. Laughlintown, Pa. Edinboro Theatre for Children CURTIN, RANDY KEVIN Derrick City, Pa. Beta Beta Beta DAILEY, TOM Erie, Pa. D'ALBA, J.J. Fairview, Pa. Debate' Team, SGA D'ANGELO, ROCCO J. Pittsburgh, Pa. DANIELS, PAIVIELA Waterford, Pa. DARCANGELO, BETH Saegertown, Pa. Volleyball, Softball DARR, DEANNA JEAN Somerset, Pa. Alpha Beta Alpha DAVIS, SARA Beaver, Pa. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Beta Alpha, Collegiate Rainbow DEEB, MICHAEL JOSEPH Erie, Pa. Business and Accounting Club DEETER, VICTORIA A. Cooperstown, Pa. Childrens Theater DELLERT, MARK JOSEPH Pittsburgh, Pa. Art Student League DEMARCO, DENNIS MICHAEL Meadville, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha DEVITO, JANICE Jefferson, Pa. DISANTO, DOMINIC Erie, Pa. Early Childhood Ed. Club, Psychology Club DOMITROVICH, JOANN Hopewell, Pa. Council for Exceptional Children, American Assoc. of Speech S Hear. 259 DORST, LINDA J. Pittsburgh, Pa. NSSHA, Kappa Delta Pi, Pro Rega, Speech and Hearing Club DOUGHERTY, MARY Beaver Falls, Pa. DOVEN. KAREN ANN Wexford, Pa. Scuba Club, Bowling Team DOWD. THERESA MARIE Pittsburgh, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi DOYLE. ROGER W. Harrisburg, Pa. Swim Team, Lambda Chi Alpha DRENNEN. GERGORY K. Pittsburgh, Pa. DRENNEN, MARC A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Swim Team, Business and Accounting Club DREVEN. PATRICIA L. Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Crescent Girls DUGUID. JAIVIES S. Bethel Park, Pa. Hockey Team, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Spectator DUING, CYNTHIA ANN Lancaster, Pa. DUNKELBERGER, FRANCES ANNE Wilmington, Delaware Association for Handicapped Students FICHELBERGER, CAROL F. Butler, Pa. EILER. CAROL A. Grove City, Pa. History Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta EIZENHAFER. LOUISE McKeesport, Pa. Women's Gymnastics EKHAGUERE. ROLAND EHIARINMWIAN Benin City, Nigeria Soccer, Business Club ERB, DARLENE ANN Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Nu, Speech Club ERDMAN. JONI P. Erie, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club, Tartan ESSIGMANN. SUSAN E. Erie, Pa. EVANS. LISA M. Greensburg, Pa. Marching Band, Concert Band, Spectator 260 FAIR. SUSAN EIAINE Kittanning, Pa. Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta Pi, Little Sisters of the Shield FAJT. MARY JANE Greensburg, Pa. FARABAUGH, DIANE C. Erie, Pa. FARGO. JUDI Saegertown, Pa. SGA, CAS, Geography Club FELUVIETH, MICHAEL Ambler, Pa. Ski Club, Geography Club, Swim Team, Water Polo Team FERRARA, DEBORAH A. Vandergrift, Pa. Resident Assistant, Children's Theatre FERREE. CYNTHIA LYNN Butler, Pa. Alpha Sigma Tau, CEC, Marching Band FIFE. RACHEL E. Beaver, Pa. Art League, Ski Club FILIP, SHEREE ANNE Erie, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi FISHER. DAVID Hadley, Pa. F ITHIAN. KIM Parker, Pa. FLEMING, DEBORAH GALE Wexford, Pa. CEC, Band, Kappa Delta Pi FLICK, PENNI JO Wallingford, Pa. HPE Majors Club, Girl Scouts, Delta Phi Epsilon FODOR, RITA L. Sharon, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi, Early Childhood Ed. Club FOSTER. LIONEL G. St Marys, Pa. Cross Country, Track FRANKS III, HARRY Dunbar, Pa. BusinessfAcctg Club, Phi Sigma Kappa, IFC FRAZIER, WILLIAM W. Edinboro, Pa. FREEBERG, ELLEN BETH Erie, Pa. FREY. CLARK W. Nazareth, Pa. FREYERMUTH, LINDA Pittsburgh, Pa. Criminal Justice Club FRIEDMAN. SCOTT L. Pittsburgh, Pa. Jazz Ensemble, Brass Choir, MENC, Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble FULLER, MARY ANN Erie, Pa. Ski Club, Treble Clefs, Choral Union GABRESKI, BRIAN J. Oil City, Pa. Ski Club, BusinessfAcctg Club GALLUZZO. MICHAEL A. Uniontown, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha, ROTC GALLY, JOE Pittsburgh, Pa. GALONSKI. BLAINE W. Penn Hills, Pa. GARNER, GENE St. Marys, Pa. Tennis Team, Tartan, Ski Club GASPERICH. EDWARD F. Glenshaw, Pa. Delta Sigma Phi, SGA GATES, MARCIA RAE Coudersport, Pa. Collegiate Rainbow, SNOE, Concert Band GAUL. DIANE Edin boro, Pa. GAVIN. CYNTHIA S. Pittsburgh, Pa. GENAZIA. ALON Edinboro, Pa. GEORGE, PHYLLIS M. Cambridge Springs, Pa. Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Chorale, Marching Band, Brass Choir GERTZ. PAULA Bay Village, Ohio GETKIN, RICHARD P. Pittsburgh, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha GIBBONS. VICTORIA Pittsburgh, Pa. Early Childhood Ed. Club, CEC GIGLIO1'I'I, RICHARD PAUL Pittsburgh, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Crim. Justice GISSI. JANE Erie, Pa. Ski Club, Spanish Club, Business and Accounting Club GOEDERT. SHARON A. Pittsburgh, Pa. SGA, Faculty Senate, Women's Center, SEFA GOODHART, SUSAN M. Springdale, Pa. Social Work Club Club GOODMAN. DENISE A. Austinburg, Ohio History Club, Phi Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Dorm Council GRABOSKI. JOAN M. Pittsburgh, Pa. Gennan Club, Synchronized Swimming, HPE Majors Club, Kappa Delta Pi GRAHAM. JODI LYNN New Brighton, Pa. GRAHAM, MIKE Massilon, Ohio Swim Team GRANT. LISA ANN Union City, Pa. Psi Chi, Psychology Club GREEN. GREGORY J. Pittsburgh, Pa. Football, CAS GREEN. KATHLEEN L. Greensburg, Pa. Early Childhood Club GREEN. MARTIN L. Sayre, Pa. Football, Bowling Team, Earth Science Club, Scuba Club GREENERT, JAMES Butler, Pa. Social Work Club . GREGOWICH. SANDRA Monroeville, Pa. Resident Assistant GRIFFIN, DAVID Silver Creek, New York French Club, Pi Delta Phi, Geography Club GROVE, KELLIE EILEEN East Conemaugh, Pa. Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC GROVES. JULIA MAE Edinboro, Pa. Volleyball Team, HPE Majors Club GRUBER. BOB Liverpool, Pa. GRUDI, VIRGINIA B. Gymnastics, Crescent Girls GUERRA, JAMES ALAN Titusville, Pa. Football, Varsity E Club GUZZEITI. ARTHUR L. Beaver Falls, Pa. SGA, Lambda Chi Alpha, Marching Band, IFC HABIB. SHIEK DENNIS Freetomi, Sierra Leone HAGUEWOOD, DELIA Bethel Park, Pa. CEC, Speakers and Films, Biology Club HAINES. DAVID S. Lancaster, Pa. CUB, TrapshootingfRifle Team HALASOWSKI. JILL ANNE Gibsonia, Pa. HALL, FLYNN HUNTER Mt. Lebanon, Pa. HOTLINE, Social Work Club, Psychology Club HALPERIN, KAREN LYNNE Erie, Pa. HAMLIN. DAWN KIMBERLY Pittsburgh, Pa. Tam O'Shanters, Alpha Kappa Alpha, ABC HANEY, LYLE Canonsburg, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa, Wrestling Team HANGER. JANICE LOUISE Aliquippa, Pa. Social Work Club HANLON, DANIEL K. Harwick, Pa. HARMON. THOMAS LEE Pittsburgh, Pa. Trap Club, Criminal Justice Club HARRISON. SUSAN L. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, Symphonic Winds, Concert Chorale, Orchestra HARTLE. FRANK JOHN Sewickley, Pa. Scuba Club, NCSS HARTMAN. SUSAN Oakdale, Pa. Dorm Council HARTMANN, FRANK C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Varsity Soccer HARTZ, GREG Pittsburgh, Pa. Judicial Board, Marine Corps PLC, Resident Assistant HARTZELL, HOLLY Niles, Ohio HAYES, BARBARA Pittsburgh, Pa. Med Tech Society, Ski Club, Scuba Club HEBERT, MEG East Amherst, New York CEC HECKER, DARLA RAE McKean, Pa. Geology Club HEID, JENNIFER Pittsburgh, Pa. Student Art League HEIDT. ANN MARIE Erie, Pa. Marching, Pep, Concert Bands, Dorm Council, Girl Scouts, SEFA, Rainbow HEINTZ, BILL Erie, Pa. HERBEI... JANE A. Pittsburgh, Pa. HERSHBERGER, DEBORAH J. Neville Island, Pa. Ski Club, Med Tech Society HILL, LINNETTE North Versailles, Pa. HINDS, DAVID S. Sewickley, Pa. HINEMAN. BARNEY Linesville, Pa. Softball, Football Teams HINES. R. JANE Sharon, Pa. Ski Club, Women's Track Team HLAVSA. JAMES ROBERT lwvin, Pa. Math Club, Intramural Softball, Football HOBAN. DEBRA S. Titusville, Pa. HOCH, CYNTHIA E. Bessemer, Pa. Biology Club HODGSON. MARTY Clairton, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, SNOE HOFFMAN, JODY Loc Haven, Pa. HOLLINGSWORTH, LINDA Beaver, Pa. Beta Beta Beta, Medical Technology Club HOUVIES. MELANIE A. Allison Park, Pa. CEC HONSPERGER, LEE ANNE Verona, Pa. Gymnastics Team, Crescent Girls, Beta Beta Beta HORES. GLENN W. Pittsburg, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa, Criminal Justice Club HORNIAK. MICHELLE SUSAN Ambridge, Pa. HORZEMPA, ROBERT JOHN Oakdale, Pa. Student Art League HOSACK. JOHN E. Matamoras, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa, Criminal Justice Club, Ski Club HOSACK. LAURIE JEAN Sandy Lake, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Student Art League HOSPODAR. JEANNE McKeesport, Pa. Alpha Xi Delta, Businessand Aqcoun ting Club 261 HOUGH, LAURIE L. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sigma Alpha Iota, Wind Ensemble, Resident Assistant, Orchestra HOUSLER, DONALD Emporium, Pa. HOWARD, CAROL Titusville, Pa. HUG, JEFFREY A. Tionesta, Pa. Scuba Club, Ski Club HUMPHREY, JANE E. Mentor, Ohio Alpha Beta Alpha HUNTER, SUSAN Monroeville, Pa. HUTTERER, JOHN Glenshaw, Pa. Cross Country, Track, Psychology Club HUYA, MARILYN Edinboro, Pa. Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister IDZIK, JOHN Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Psychology Club, Criminal Justice Club JACOBS, DAVID LEE McDonald, Pa. Early Childhood Club JAMES. CINDY Scranton, Pa. Yearbook JANUARY. GINA MARIA Pittsburgh, Pa. JARUSSI. PATRICIA Lower Burrell, Pa. JAWORSKI, GLORIA JEAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Phi Alpha Theta JEROME. DIANE KAY Linesville, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club JEWART, JR.. JACK E. Vandergrift, Pa. Student Art League JOHNSON, MARCIA Bessemer, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta JOHNSON. WENDIE A. Warren, Pa. CUB, Mainstream JONES, LEONA ADELL Philadelphia, Pa. KAIAFUS. DEBRA J. Salem, Ohio Early Childhood Club KALIE, BENNETT J. Erie, Pa. Cheerleading, Boxing 262 KAMERER. JAMES W. Sharon, Pa. Speech Communications Club KAMM. JEFFREY MICHAEL Reading, Pa. SGA, Marching Band, Concert Band, Russian Club KANE, BILL Youngsville, Pa. KANZLEMAR. RUTH EVANGELINE Edinboro, Pa Collegiate Players, Theatre Assn. of Pennsylvania, Peer Counseling KAPFER, SHARON A. West Mifflin, Pa. Delta Phi Epsilon, Panhellenic Council KATCHUR, TIMOTHY G. North Huntingdon, Pa. Business and Accounting Club, Spectator KEAN. DOROTHY Erie, Pa. KEBERT. KATHLEEN Meadville, Pa. Psychology Club, Choral Union KELLINGER. KATHLEEN A. Ambridge, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club, Pa. Speech and Hearing Assn. KENNEDY. EUGENE West Milflin, Pa. Stage Band, Wind Ensemble, MENC KENNEDY. KEVIN E. Wattsburg, Pa. Wrestling Team, Business and Accounting Club KERNISKY, EDWARD P. Monessen, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, SGA KERR, EVELYN R. Blawnox, Pa. KERR, KENNETH J. Allison Park, Pa. KETCHMAN. WENDY Greensburg, Pa. HPE Club, Synchronized Swimming KIMMER. WILMA JO Aliquippa, Pa. Early Childhood Club KLEIN, SHERRIE LYNN Bridgeville, Pa. KLIER. SUZANNE Girard, Pa. Dance Club, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Tartan KLINEFELTER, SHARON Pittsburgh, Pa. Tam O'Shanters, Delta Zeta KLINGENSMITH, JOY ELIZABETH Delmont, Pa. KNIGHT, CHARLES New Castle, Pa. ABC, Business and Accounting Club Photography Club, Track KOCH, GARY Verona, Pa. Sigma Chi Delta KOCON. CONNIE New Kensington, Pa. CEC KOLLER, KEVIN ROBERT Edinboro, Pa. Art League, Pro Rege KOSEWICZ. KATE Verona, Pa. Women's Basketball Team KOSIO. DENISE Greensburg, Pa. Council for Exceptional Children KRAMER, DAVID A. Pittsburgh, Pa. IFC, Council for Exceptional Children, Delta Zeta Sweetheart, Sigma Tau Gamma KURASH, MARILYN Ambridge, Pa. Psychology Club KUTSCH, MARY JANE Tarentum, Pa. KWOLEK, DEBORAH New Castle, Pa. Early Childhood Club, Marching Band LAH, MARY KAY Imperial, Pa. LANE, DON Butler, Pa. Marching Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Biology Club IANICH. BRIAN L. Erie, Pa. LARGE. WILLIAM B. Union City, Pa. CEC LAUGHNER. BARBARA MAE Ligonier, Pa. Resident Assistant, Biology Club, SNOE, Dorm Council LEE, KEITH ALBERT Pittsburgh, Pa. LEFIK, DAVID JOSEPH Edinboro, Pa. LESESNE, LYNETTE MARIE Pittsburgh, Pa. ABC, CEC, Concert Band, Alpha Kappa Alpha LESIK, ROBIN M. Waterford, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi LINDBERG. BARB Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Little Sisters of the Shield, CEC LINK. NANCY JOAN Erie, Pa. Gymnastics Team, HPE Club, Tennis Team, Softball Team, Cheerleader LIPINSKI, JON Fairview, Pa. LOBINS, CHRISTINE MARIE Meadville, Pa. Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta, SGA, Judicial Board, Psi Chi LODGE, SUSAN Bellevue, Ohio Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Sisters of the Shield LOEBIG, MARYANNE Bellevue, Pa. SNOE, Pro Rege LOELINGER. JAYNE MARIE Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, CEC LOGUE. BARBARA A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Choral Union LONGABAUGH, PAMELA Pittsburgh, Pa. Spanish Club LOOMIS. SUSANNE LYN Conneaut, Ohio HPE Club, Intramurals, Dorm Council LUDWIG, JUDY ANN New Brighton, Pa, Beta Beta Beta LUTHER. J. MICHAEL New Florence, Pa. Sigma Chi Delta LYERSON, ELUEN R. New Castle, Pa. CUB LYNN, PAMELA ANN Erie, Pa. Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Brass Choir, Orchestra, MENC MADUKAJI, TITUS P.U. Owerri, Nigeria lntemational Soccer Team MAJOR. ROBIN Monessen, Pa. Business and Accounting Club, Concert Committee MALEC, MICHAEL Union City, Pa. Psychology Club, Pi Delta Epsilon MALONEY, CHERYL ANN Kittanning, Pa. MANNERS, ELAINE Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Council for Exceptional Children MARCIESKI, FRANCIE MARIE Liberty Boro, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Marching Band, Concert Band, Choral Union, MENC MARCZAK, SANDRA - McKees Rocks, Pa Russian Club, Georgraphy Club, lntemational Relations Club, CIRUNA MARIOTTI, DAVID B. - Edinboro, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rifle Team, SpeechfHearing Club, Vets Club MARTIN, GAIL V. - Farrell, Pa. Dance Club, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Speech Communications Club MASSARO, JOSEPHINE - Sharpsville, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi, NSSHA, CEC, School Council, Dorm Council MCCAGUE. JOHN MICHAEL Oakmont, Pa. Phi Alpha Theta, RA MCOXLL, CYNTHIA L. - Natrona Hts., Pa. Psychology Club MCCARTHY, MARY E. - Phillipsburg, NJ. Women's Basketball, Tennis, Softball Teams, Bowling Team MCCLEERY, JANET KAY - Polk, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi, CEC MCCLINTOCK, DIANE - Saxonburg, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Panhellenic Council, Marching Band, Biology Club MCCRAY, REX - Jamestown, N.Y. Business-Accounting Club Alpha Chi Rho MCDUFF, SHARON MARIA - Erie, Pa. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Women's Tennis, Softball Teams MCDUFF, SHELLEY ANNE - Erie, Pa. Women's Tennis, Softball Teams, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Dorm Activities Assistant MCELROY, JUDY PRYDE - Sharon, Pa. Delta Zeta, Little Sisters of the Shield, Choral Union MCFETRIDGE, JOANNE Conshohocken, Pa. Beta Beta Beta, Ski Club Med. Tech. Society MCGILL, KEITH E. - Harrisville, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa MCGRATH, BRIAN - Erie, Pa. Spectator Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Intramurals MCGUIRE, SCOTT R. - New Castle, Pa. MCGURK BRIAN E Pittsbur h Pa. v ' 1 Q 1 Trap and Skeet Club, Ski Club, Beta Beta Beta MCHALE, MARY - Greenville, Pa. P Speech and Hearing Club, NSSHA MCHUGH, CHERYL ANN - Pittsburgh, Pa. Speech Communications Club MCINTIRE, SANDRA E. West Springfield, Pa. Social Work Club MCINTOSH, CATHRYN - Erie, Pa. MCLALLEN, SNADRA L. - Edinboro, Pa. HPE Majors Club, Athletic Trainer MCMALON, RANDY L. - Monongahela, Pa. Business-Accounting Club MCMUNN, JEFFREY - Ardara, Pa. Spectator Cartoonist MCSHEA, MARY C. - Oakmont, Pa. Criminal Justice Club MEIDUS, MARTHA ELIZABETH Leechburg, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha MEIKLE, MARILYN J. Monongahela, Pa. Early Childhood Education Club MEISSNER, JR., ARTHUR KURT Stanhope, N.J. MERRITT, DEBBIE - Troy, Pa. HPE Club, JV Basketball Cheerleader MICHAELS, DIANNE L. North Versailles, Pa. MIHADAS, CATERINA - Erie, Pa. lntemational Relations Club MIHNA, GARY - Erie, Pa. MILO, JOHN F. - Pittsburgh, Pa. College Union Board IVIILLER, APRIL RENEE Pittsburgh, Pa. CEC MILLER, DEBRA - Pittsburgh, Pa. Delta Zeta, Early Childhood Club MILLER, KEVIN - Pittsburgh, Pa. l.ambda Chi Alpha, SGA MIMA, DAVID W. - Port Vue, Pa. Children's Theatre Board of Directors IVIIRA, THOMAS JOSEPH - Jamestown, N Social Work Club, CUB, Alpha Chi Rho, Varsity Baseball, Business Club MITTICA, TERRI SUE - Saxonburg, Pa. MOLNAR, UXROL A. - Tyrone, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, SGA, Panhellenic Council, Synchronized Swimming Team MONACO, ANNETTE - Farrell, Pa. Spectator, Concert Committee, Pi Delta Epsilon 263 MONTEFIORI, DAVID - Erie, Pa. Theta Chi, Swim Team MOORE, JOANN L. - Reading, Pa. Gamma Sigma Sigma MORRIS, CHARLENE R. - Media, Pa. MORRIS, LARRY J. - Monroeville, Pa. MORSE, ANNETTE L. - Mill Hall, Pa. Psychology Club, Psi Chi MUKORO, OGHENEOCHUKO Warri, Nigeria International Students Assn., Earth Science Club, SGA MULLIGAN, MARGARET ANNE Belmont, N.Y. MURPHY, GERARD M. - Hawley, Pa. International Relations Club MYERS, THOMAS J. - Butler, Pa. Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta NAPIERKOWSKI, DENISE - Erie, Pa. NARDONE, MARIAN JO - Beaver Falls, Pa. Tam O'Shanter, Art History Club NARO, BRIAN G.K. - Dunmore, Pa. Geology Club NELSON, CAROLE ANN Upper St. Clair, Pa. Early Childhood Club, Little Sister of Delta Sigma Phi, Dance Club NELSON, KATHLEEN R. - Linesville, Pa. Delta Zeta, Tams, Alpha Beta Alpha, Little Sisters, Cheerleader NELSON, LINDA I. - Clearfield, Pa. SEFA, Campus Feminist Group, Peer Counseling NESBITT, SHERYL A. - Pittsburgh, Pa. NEVIUS, CHERYL JEAN - McKeesport, Pa. Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Chorale, Marching Band, MENC, Sigma Alpha Iota NICHOLAUS, SUE - Tarentum, Pa. NIEBAURER, EDWARD J. - Edinboro, Pa. NIKONCHIK, JUDITH A. - Titusville, Pa. NIMAN. GLEN - Reedsville, Pa. Association for Handicapped Students NISSLEY, KAY - Clairton, Pa. NOLAN, CHRISTINE - Pittsburgh, Pa. Pro-Rega NORMAN, JOANNE K. Upper St. Clair, Pa. Intramurals, HPE Club, Women's Basketball NORMAN, JUDITH ANN Upper St. Clair, Pa. Intramurals, Volleyball Manager, HPE Club ' 264 OAKES, JR. EMANUEL J. Wilkinsburg, Pa. O'BRIEN, MARGARET North Huntingdon, Pa. OCKREE, DIANE M. - Natrona Hts., Pa. CEC O'CONNOR, MARA - Latrobe, Pa. HPE Club, Synchronized Swimming Team, Intramurals, Madrigal Dancer O'CONNOR, PATRICIA LOUISE Pittsburgh, Pa. Social Work Club Treasurer, Sec. of Dearborn Hall O'DELL, TERESA - Bentleyville, Pa. Student Art League OELSCHLAGER, VIRGINIA Beaver, Pa. Ski Club, Tennis Team, Little Sisters of Delta Sigma Phi OGLESBY, AUGUSTINE M. Johnsonburg, Pa. Student Art League O'KEEFE. DAWNA ELAINE Bethel Park, Pa. Little Sisters of Delta Sigma Phi, Intramurals OROS, IVIICHELLE E. - Beaver Falls, Pa. Early Childhood Club, Kappa Delta Pi ORR, JEFFREY L. - Grove City, Pa. Recreation Committee OSBORNE, LOIS ELIZABETH - Crafton, SNOE OSTRUIVI, MARY KIIVIBERLEE Emporium, Pa. Little Sisters of Sigma Tau Gamma OTTAVIANI, KIMBERLY S. Ellwood City, Pa. Little Sister of Delta Sigma Phi, Early Childhood Club, Dance Club OUERTON, BERNICE - Meadville, Pa. Judo Club, Speech and Hearing Club, AKA, ABC PAKUTZ, GEORGE - Lyndora, Pa. Varsity Baseball, Business and Accounting Club PALAGALLO, BRENDA KATHRYN - Wampum, Pa. PANZA, MARIA ANTOINETTE Sharpsburg, Pa. Judo ' PAQUET, BETTY J. - Coraopolis, Pa. CEC PARRENDO, CELESTE - Pittsburgh, Pa. Student Art League, Little Sisters of the Shield PARRISH, MARY HELEN - Johnsonburg, Pa. PASTUCHA, HERBERT L. - Springdale, Pa. Beta Beta Beta PATRICK, CYNTHIA L. - Saltsburg, Pa. Dorm Council, Delta Zeta, Criminal Justice Club, Disciplinary Board PAUL, JOHN H. -Saxonburg, Pa. PAWLOSKI, ALAN - Tarentum. Pa. Kappa Deltg Pi, Early Childhood Club PELLEGRINELLI, GALE M. - Erie, Pa. Social Work Club PERRINE, SUSAN NIARIE - Pittsburgh, Marching Band, Concert Band, Student Art League PERRONE, JOYCE J. - McKees Rocks, Biology Club, RA PLYLER, DAVID L. - Adamsville, Pa. Phi Mu Alpha, Symphonic Wind Ens., Stage Band, SGA, Marching Band, Concert Band, Choral Union PERRY, DEMATHRAUS - Meadville, Pa. AKA Sorority, Drama Club, Social Work Club PETERS, BETTY LOU - Beaver, Pa. Math Club PETERS, COLEN R. - Lewistown, Pa. Earth Science Club PETERSON, DEBBIE - Meadville, Pa. PETOTE. CARME.N M. - Wilkinsburg, P RA, Marching Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Choral Union, MENC, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia PETROSKI, KATI-IRYN LIZBETH Nanticoke, Pa. PIECHOTKA. RUSSELL A. Harborcreek, Pa. PIERCE, SUSAN ANNETFE - Rocheste Ski Club, Psychology Club PINKERTON, BARB - Mars, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Little Sisters of the Shield PISONE, MARK - Export, Pa. POLANSKY, ERIC J. - Sharon, Pa. Biology Club President, Track Team PONTER, HENRY J. - Glenshaw, Pa. PONTIERE, ALLAN J. - McKees Rocks Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Marching Band, Stage Band, MENC, Brass Choir POPIESKI, CATHY L. - Titusville, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi PORTER, JOY EILEEN - Pittsburgh, Pa Tam O'Shanter, Little Sisters of Delta Sigma Phi, SGA PORTER, KATHLEEN M. - Edinboro, PORTER, MARK A. - Pittsbourgh, Pa. Scuba Club, Earth Science Club PORTO, TERESA - Pittsburgh, Pa. POST, DAVID S. - Erie, Pa. Spectator, Nat'l. Historian Honor Society, Ski Club, Intramurals POST, PAMELA MERKLE - Centerville, Pa. CEC PRICE, BARBARA K. - Hopewell, Pa. CEC PROVONCHE, BONNIE K. - Pittsburgh, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girls, Early Childhood Club PULLIUM, PAMELA SUE - Pittsburgh, Pa. QUINN, MICHAEL P. - McKees Rocks, Pa. Alpha Phi Omega RAHNER, KARLA M. - Coraopolis, Pa. CEC, Disciplinary Board, Collegiate Rainbow iGamma Chapterl RAMSEY, JOHN D. - New Castle, Pa. RANKIN, TIM - Butler, Pa. Pro Rege President, Choral Union RATI-IBURN, KIMBERLY - Titusville, Pa. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dorm Council RATWAY, MARY BETH - Pittsburgh, Pa. French Club President, Pi Delta Phi Vice President, Spanish Club REED, VICKIE LYNN - Clearfield, Pa. CEC RELIHAN, JOSEPH - Pittsburgh, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Business and Accounting Club RENWICK, KAREN - St. Marys, Pa. Delta Zeta, National Art Education Association RHING, DAVID B. - Pittsburgh, Pa. RHOADES. KAREN ROMAYNE Titusville, Pa. Early Childhood Club RICHARDSON, GEORGE C. - Edinboro, Pa. RICHTER, DANIEL GORDON - Zelienople, Pa. Marching Band, Speech and Hearing Club Executive Council RIESS, CHRISTINE J. - Allison Park, Pa. Marching Band, Concert Band, Choral Union, Sigma Alpha Iota, Symphonic Wind Ensemble RILEY, KEVIN W. - Pittsburgh, Pa. RING, CHRISTINE M. - Erie, Pa. RITTER, HEIDI L. - Belle Vernon, Pa. German Club President ROBBINS, ANDREA K. - Franklin, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Sisters of Tau Kappa Epsilon ROBIN, ANN - Pittsburgh, Pa. Social Work Club ROBINSON, ANITA - Karns City, Pa. RA, Dorm Council, Pro Rega ROBISON, JOYCE M. - Erie, Pa. Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Choral Union ROCKEY, MARY C. - Pittsburgh, Pa. Concert Chorale, Orchestra, Choral Union, Opera Workshop, MENC, Dance Club ROESCH. WILLIAM GOERGE Curtisville, Pa. Scuba Club, Bowling Team ROGERS, CATHY - Spartansburg, Pa. Early Childhood Club ROMAN, MARY JO - Warren, Pa. Marching Band, Concert Band, Business and Accounting Club ROMANO, CYNTHIA ANN - Hillsville, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Student Art League ROSSETTI, WILLIAM T. - Monroeville, Pa. Stage, Marching Bands, Symphonic Wind Ens., Orchestra, Concert Chorale, Phi Mu Alpha, Brass Choir ROSSI, LOU ANNE - Hermitage, Pa. RA, Alpha Sigma Alpha ROTH, CAROL L. - Johnstown, Pa. Concert Chorale, Madrigal Singers, MENC, Sigma Alpha Iota, Marching Band, Opera Workshop ROZMAN. ELIZABETH ANN Bethel Park, Pa. Crescent Girls of Lambda Chi Alpha RUPERT, NANCY - Sewickley, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club, CEC, NSSHA RUPERT, PATRICIA ANN - Bessemer, Pa. Early Childhood Club RUSBOSIN, NANCY JEANNE - Latrobe, Pa. Ski Club, Student Art League RYAN, MARY MARGARET - Penn Hills, Pa. Alpha Beta Alpha, Newman Club, Kappa Delta Pi RYAN, PATRICK W. - Pittsburgh, Pa. SGA, RA, Biology Club, Swim Team, Lambda Chi Alpha SABOL, ANNA N. - Albion, Pa. Volleyball Team, Intramurals, HPE Club SARGENT, EILEEN D. - Lake City, Pa. Gamma Sigma Sigma, SEFA SATIRA, LINDA M. - Verona, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Little Sisters of Tau Kappa Epsilon, TKE Sweetheart SAUNDERS. BARBARA GAIL Connoquenessing, Pa. Marching Band, Concert Band, Orchestra SAVOLDI, FRANK - Aliquippa, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa SCALZOTT. KURT T. - Vandergrift, Pa. Delta Sigma Phi, Criminal Justice Club SCARPINO, VIRGINIA MARIA Leetsdale, Pa. Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta SCHAFER, JR., LAWRENCE M. West Mifflin, Pa. SCHALL, JUANITA ILENE Cranesville, Pa. SCI-IERRAH, HELEN R. - Pittsburg Zeta Tau Alpha SCHLANDER, JIM - Pittsburgh, Pa. SCHLEICHER, ROBERT J. - Pittsb Rugby Club SCHNEIDER, CYNTHIA VALERIE Oil City, Pa. Kappa Delta Phi h, Pa. urgh, Pa SCI-INIREL, KEVIN S. - Tonawanda, N.Y. SCHOTT, SALLY - Pittsburgh, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Little Sister of TKE, CEC, Kappa Delta Pi, Panhellenic Council SCHULTZ, NANCY - Lower Burrell, SNOE SCHWABENBAUER. JOSEPH W. Oil City, Pa. Pi Delta Kappa, Spectator Pa. SCHWARK, DEBRA A. - North Hills, Pa. Tartan, Business and Accounting Club SCHWEITZER, KATHY - Meadville, Pa. SCOTT, JOHANNA - Greenville, Pa. Cheerleader, Gymnastic Team, Varsity E, HPE Club SCRIMA, BONNIE -Pittsburgh, Pa. SEIFERT, NANCY J. - Pittsburgh, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club President, NSSHA, PSHA SEKEL, JAMES - Cambridge Springs, Pa. Sigma Tau Gamma, JV Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Business and Accounting Club SELKER, CINDY ANN - Shippenvill Alpha Gamma Delta, Little Sisters of the Shield e, Pa. SEMANCHEK, CAROL ANN - Latr'obe, Pa. Delta Zeta, Crescent Girls, Biology Club SENDRO, TERESA - Washington, Early Childhood Education Club, Kappa Delta Pi SENN, GEORGE - Erie, Pa. Psychology Club, Rugby Team 265 Pa. SEI'H, BONNIE - Waterford, Pa. Biology Club SHERBON, MICHAEL DAVID Springdale, Pa. Theta Chi, Intramurals, UHAA, IFC SHUMAKER, PAMELA - Monroeville, Pa. Delta Zeta, SNOE, Little Sisters of the Tumbling Ts SIBETO, ROXANE - Erie, Pa. Little Sister of Theta Chi SICKLER, BRADLEY - Spring Creek, Pa. SIENKIEWICZ, PAM - Export, Pa. Art Student League, Kappa Delta Pi, NAEA SIMMONS, MARTIN B. - Edinboro, Pa. Varsity Basketball Manager, RA, Who's Who, Dean's List SIMPSON. PATRICIA ANN - Hickory, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Little Sisters of the Shield SINSABAUGH, DOUG - Edinboro, Pa. SMITH, ALFRED J. - Pittsburgh, Pa. SMITH, DEBORAH J. - Greensburg, Pa. Concert Chorale, Choral Union, Opera Workshop, Campus Scouts, MENC, Sigma Alpha Iota SMITH, DEBRA J. - Lockport, rw. Alpha Xi Delta President, Business and Accounting Club SMITH, VICKI - Aliquippa, Pa. Early Childhood Club SMITTLE, JOHN Dl - New Kensington, Pa. Phi Kappa Beta, National Honorary Forensic Society, Debate Team SNOW, JAN - Saegertown, Pa. ABA, Commuter's Club SNYDER, JANICE M. - Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Little Sisters of the Shield SPAGNOLO, MICHAEL A. - Ambridge, Pa. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Marching Band, Symphonic Wind, Concert Chorale, Trumpet Ensemble, Brass Choir, Orchestra SPANO, JOSEPH A. - McKeesport, Pa. Theta Chi, IFC SPENIK, KATHLEEN MARIE - Erie, Pa. SPINELLI, CYNTHIA J. - Sewickley, Pa. RA, SEFA, Pro Rega, Overseas Ed. Organization SPIRES, BARBARA ANN - New Kensington, HPE Club, Intramurals, Women's Track, Madrigal Dancer SPRONATTI, PAMELA - Erie, Pa. STANBRO, CINDY LEA - Spartansburg, Pa. Business and Accounting Club 266 P B. STANTON, SCOTT E. - Erie, Pa. SGA, Disciplinary Board, Speakers Committee, Concert Committee, SEFA, Chess Club STANZIONE, JR., RICHARD B. - Brackenridge, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Criminal Justice Club, SGA Congress STARRY, DAWN LORRAINE - Greenville, Pa. STAUFFER, PATRICIA ANN - Allison Park, Pa. Criminal Justice Club STAUSS, LYNNE D. - Cambridge Springs, Pa. Earth Science Club Wce President ST EDMAN, PAMELA - Washington, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Psychology Club, Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Nu, CAS STEELE III, DAVID JOHN - Wyndmoor, Pa. Marching, Concert Bands, Orchestra, Brass Choir, Opera Workshop, Choral Union, Symphonic Wind, Concert Chorale, MENC STEHLE, JAMES - Butler, Pa. STERLING, MIA - Erie, Pa. Pep Club President STERRETT, NANCY LYNN - Wyckoff, N.J. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Early Childhood Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Ski Club STEWART, TERRY CLIFTON Pittsburgh, Pa. Assn. of Black Collegians STICKELL, MARY - Erie, Pa. Volleyball Team STIO, ROSEANNA - Rankin, Pa. Early Childhood Club, CEC STOPPE, JOCELYN PATRICIA Camp Hill, Pa. NAEA, Student Art League, Kappa Delta Pi STRIEDER, DAVID - Erie, Pa. Theta Chi, Business and Accounting Club, Student Government, IFC, RA STRIGHT, LUCRETIA ANNE - North Huntingdon, Pa. MENC, SEFA STRONG, JAY - Oakdale, Pa. Art Student League, Art Therapy Club STUBBEE, SHERRY - Girard, Pa. Business and Accounting Club STUBBS, TERI - Bradford Woods, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha STUMPF, RALPH - Pittsburgh, Pa. STUPAR, STEPHANIE - West Mifflin, Pa. Housing Committee, Dorm Council, Art Student League STYPULA, EVELYN IEVJ - Pittsburgh, Pa. CEC, Social Work Club, RA, Pres. of United Cerebral Palsy of Pa. SULLIVAN, DEBORAH - New Brighton, Pa. SUROVIEC, DENISE LYNN - Waterford, Pa. SVOLOS, GEORGE S. - Butler, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa President SZYMKOWIAK, PAMELA A. SCHANZ Cranesville, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha, Majorette, Business and Accounting Club TANNER, TERRY LEE - Ellwood City, Pa. TAYLOR, RUSSELL CLYDE - Pittsburgh, Pa. TEABERRY, JEFF - Sharon, Pa. TERWILLIGER, SANDRA JO - Erie, Pa. glcjbRege Treasurer, Earth Science THEISS, EILEEN - Pittsburgh, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club, NSHA THERRIEN, ROY HENRY - McKees Rocks, Pa. Earth Science Club THOMAS, DEBORAH L. AMES - Edinboro, P Tam O'Shanter THOMAS, LANA - Beaver Falls, Pa. Psychology Club, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tartan THOMPSON, JAN KAROL - Sharon, Pa. Gamma Sigma Sigma TINKER, DAVID LYNN - Meadville, Pa. Debate Team, Dorm President, SGA Library Committee TOMCZAK, MARY JANE T. - Erie, Pa. TOMKO, TANARA - Elizabeth, Pa. Geology Club TORCHIO, JEAN ANN - Connellsville, Pa. TORNABENE, BERNADETTE - Canonsburg, P TRAIL, PI-IYLLIS M. - Pittsburgh, Pa. Student Art League TRZCINSKA, BARBARA MARIA - York, Pa. TULLIO, TINA M. - Mt. Pleasant, Pa. TURNEY, DENISE - Greensburg, Pa. CEC Secretary TWIGG, STEVEN S. - Montoursville, Pa. CEC, Track UHLIG, CAROL - Warren, Pa. Social Work Club, SGA URICK, KATHY H. - Smithton, Pa. SNOE Vice President VALENTZ, GARY - Warren, Ohio Track, Business and Accounting Club, RA VALENZI, ELLEN E. - Sewickley, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club Vice Pres., NSSI-IA VANCE, RON - Tarentum, Pa. Phi Alpha Theta, History Club, Volleyball VAN DOREN, JOYCE ROSE - Beaver, Psychology Club VAN HORN, SANDRA D. -- Erie, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi, Early Childhood Club VERGA, MARY JO - Erie, Pa. VETRANO, NANCY L. - Fairview, Pa. Alpha Beta Alpha VEZZI, BARBARA JO - McDonald, Pa. Tam O'Shanter, Little Sisters VOGT, JANET M. - Union City, Pa. HPE Club, Women's Track Team Pa. VUKSAN, CHERYL REYNE - Meadville, Pa CEC WAGNER, NANCY - McDonald, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta WAHL, VICKI ANN - York, Pa. National Art Education Assn. Secretary, Student Art League WALSH, MARY - Wexford, Pa. WALTER, ROBERT J. - Pittsburgh, Pa. WALTERS, JAMES - Atlasburg, Pa. Social Work Club, Wrestling WAPPLER, LYNN ANN - Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Speech and Hearing Club WARD, BONNIE C. - Burgettstown, Pa. Early Childhood Ed Club, Little Sister of Delta Sigma Phi WARD, JEFF - Pittsburgh, Pa. MENC, Opera Workshop, Choral Union, CEC WARICK, JOHN - Fairview, Pa. WASIK, CYNTHIA ANN - Pittsburgh, Pa. WATKINS, CECIL L. - Erie, Pa. Sym. Wind Ens., Pro Rege, MENC WATSON, JAYNE C. - N. Versailles, Pa. Delta Zeta, Crescents, Panhellenic Council, Speech-Hearing Club, Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart, Intramurals WAY, DOUG - Erie, Pa. Spanish Club, French Club, German Club WEBB, MARK - Erie, Pa. Rugby, Cheerleader WEBSTER, DENISE L. - Erie, Pa. RA, Health and Physical Education Club WEINER, ROBIN B. - Pittsburgh, Pa. WELESKI, MARY DIANE - Tarentum, Pa SNOE WESLER, LINDA M. - Feasterville, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta WETTER, KEVIN G. - Natrona Hts., Pa. WHAIJEN, CHRISTOPHER A. - Verona, Pa. Sigma Chi Delta WHALEN, LEO PAUL - Linesville, Pa. NAEA WHITBREAD, CATHLEEN L. - Erie, Pa. Concert Chorale, Orchestra, Treble Clefs, Madrigals, RA, Opera Workshop WHITE, BARBARA - Big Run, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Tau Gamma Little Sister, Cheerleader WHITE, MARK EDWARD - Jeannette, Pa. WHITESEL, MARSHA - Erie, Pa. Student Art League WIATROWSKI, SHARON HELEN - Titusvill French Club Secretary WILEY, ELAINE C. - Erie, Pa. Collegiate Rainbow, SNOE WILLIAMS, AIVIY LOUISE - Greenville, Pa. Speech and Hearing Club, Concert Chorale, Madrigals, Choral Union, ESC Marching Band WILLIAMS, JODY L. - West Sunbury, Pa. Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Beta Alpha, Sigma Alpha Nu Little Sister, Children's Theater, CUB, RA WILLIAMS, MARA LYNN - Houston, Pa. Student PSEA WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C. - Allentown, Pa. Geology Club, Geography Club, Scuba, Club WILLIAMSON, AIVIY MARIE - Erie, Pa. WILLIY, LILLIAN DIANA - Aliquippa, Pa. WILSON, CAROL M. - Fairview, Pa. SNOE WILSON, DEBORAH ANN - Verona, Pa. Delta Zeta, Little Sisters of the Shield, Kappa Delta Pi, DEC WILSON, HARRY E. - Camp Hill, Pa. Intramurals WISHNOK, MARY JO - Erie, Pa. WITTUCK, RONALD P. - Rochester, Pa. SGA, Chess Club, Executive Chairman of CUB WOLFE. REBECCA - York, Pa. Ski Club, Social Work Club, Concert Chorus, Athletic Trainer, Zeta Tau Alpha YAZWA, MARK - McKeesport, Pa. Rugby Club, Psychology Club. Hotline Volunteer er YOCHUM, CHRISTOPHER - McMurray, Pa. Symphonic Wind Ensemble,,Marching Band, MENC, Jazz Ensemble YOUSCHAK, DIANE LOUISE - Carnegie, Pa RA, Dorm Council Pres., Hotline, Women's Center, Social Work Club ZALESKI., DEBORAH ANN - Erie, Pa. ZELTEN, JEANNE E. - Middleburg Hts., O. Earth Science Club, Scuba Club ZEMCIK, SUSAN - Erie, Pa. CUB, SEFA ZIELINSKI. MARLENE G. - North Huntingdon, Pa. NSSHA, Speech and Hearing Club, Children's Theater, Collegiate Players ZULIA, STEVEN W. - Lockport, N.Y. Sigma Chi Delta ZULLA, PHYLLIS - Pittsburgh, Pa. Kappa Delta Pi 267 Senior Memories U 4 All 1 9.4 " Y i ' J' X' I " AY llI'1 Q n 1 ' 'i 5 "1 5' 131 wliiige- 9" ,i if 5 - 9 ' I 9 9-1 9 W i++r.'4g, . , A - lp ' -' I v I D - r gg , A V- , . A , , .YQ-'iz' if h - . .. ..-5-' as-,,:..w "' ' ' , ' Q:-. -. , ., fy ,gh .. . W, f' n 'S Q f .f 9 9 e i -- "'T"'f"fp9 -' -'H K wav' uwgavfw 9 a . mb-'55-x"" Lai I i 1' q ' ' " Q ' ' .1 4 1 ' u 1 .il as ' ,, .2 2 :B X D 5 vw - . 1' - A " c . f ' pf O -4' u ' y .wil ' 'fr -Q fs'-1 'C"2 ' :Q 'W ' ' k. F" ,, -, 1 A', 5. '- Vu x' 4 '-N 3 '1 W A, '2 gb ? Qlhtq.-I., Q .- Univ- t A t. , A , P , gf 'X A H V 4- s .5 Nu- L 3 .F 1 1 K E A 5 - 1:-",i.. . s f . auf'--'G ' ' V ' , Lf , 3 r ,- L ,y,,!,, in -T 'i' Q l .itil EF, 'Q ,-4 l Y 'wa ' . inf? i -fm , .,.-.f-,A---. , - 6,14 .. ,M Ig,-..t'1-?" " .-9 'f - 5 A ' ' ,- ,R-H X 'ad-xr ' .. " 91' 94, ' ..' ' . . 19.1 Q - Jf'5"Zf f-'35 9 Je- -z"i'f5f"4f'f'f 4 ' 327521 wi'-iii ffffl' f , 1 ' Y 'Q Niqii Jw-,:Ag.,, .lf-QW76' ' ' ' ' ,. ear - - .9 - A A . e i,-le, Commencement on the Stadium Field, 1969 9 f A ' R f X X f B . 1 YN a ,S Senior Sleigh Ride, 1890 Finally graduating after four years of hard work, studying, and a lot of time and money, brings a happy feeling and many memories. The memories of graduating seniors of the past would have included the senior sleigh ride. This was one of the highlights of the year. All of the seniors rented horse drawn sleighs, and drove them down the snowy roads to Cambridge Spring's River- side lnn for dinner. The Arches on Meadville Street, in front of Doucette, could also bring memories, since they are gifts of past senior classes. At one time the arches contained rod iron letters spell- ing out the name of the school. Whatever the memories of the graduating class of 1978, may they be happy ones with hopes for a prosperous future ahead. 1,31 17 Trolley going past the gate, 1920 269 lt would be easy to dismiss this small institution tucked away in the northwestern-most corner of a large state. However, drops of water eventually make an ocean, so, as this institution sends its graduates into far-flung fields, it makes a strong impact upon the people of the community, state and nation. 270fClosing u ff u 1 . . A -.':.19. w. MQ? -f'Ei?':i4?55! ' L- 1-if f L 1L,.,eg:.-f:- ,...- 11'-z ., .,,-A , :,, .? , - -?'?.l " ' ? ,JE Qi? 'f11 4wfE4fi"f' ' .r 51 - , ,J ' tvggyixficc ' 1 , ig 1 af.2,'iff2-'aV2S'i'i . 'ilmuz 1 M f i s-fs,-4 'f"',- K fate ' 5'-'gif F353--.Z fglflf 1 - Q2i5!f'3i' +2-ff +5534 V We Pszfv , gm Closingf271 272f Closing 5 '-:IL I The problems faced at Edinboro probably have been no greater, and no smaller than those at other colleges. The administrators, faculty and students have been no worse than one might have found in other institutions and, to be honest, probably no better. gifs 'K ,Q-x - . "'E:.1., 4-'k'mb.-'- gg. .1 1, 5 , 1-'Q,..,, - K. ,, - . l 'Mum 10 " Closing! 275 V ' -'NYM -1 ff-'ff fin. -"T .af A 4 W,!"'f52V-,gff v V. 'Z -' W .M ' wf"H:'f?'.LEf,i' If 1' w' T'5'WaU fm- M' 4, Q. m,mf: mg ,,-.1 27 61 Closing f ,ff H.,-, . - 'f"f!'1uQ'v :lu 'i 11,4 :NIJ I, H if 'W ., .y, I 1 X fn 1' A X-.--.'. 1.15.25 ,V A ,fbi A V- x,,. . . ,,'. " .,f4'-fx' dpi 'Ei:.ifif.-'Biff 'Q 1' fl. 1 'H"" ,f V , if , , -.. fit' - XL 2- all . . W if .Eg ffl tu:-in K if . .Y .Av IL.,- fil- ...nib xv - VER En- ix W ,J Plulllml suwvl -vw-su-r Que fcmcrf ,N Clgjig .WN xx Y lf?-'IP ' D -" '.,... N -kv" fd ' ifwei X., T. I-'-251".L5fJ'.Q,i:,-.lfx '.a. -Qi , 2781 Closing gl .-'1-'L -" g I A 'I . ,. ll 3 A college is composed of people and, therefore, is a living and breathing institution and every living thing is unique within itself. V!- . . wr J. .,f.W.F- , n J.. s, , t V..-. fl L . if J 'Ll , I 4 1 41 Q 'ig u J ,afar k Closingf279 I rf ,- X .mx ,.. ' - .'r1',v . ",c:' ,. .3 1 1 W. ft 1 . ' in , - . -1 , W. , '-i I- Hy A . 115' ,fl - q w" 1' f' ' X - - - x 3.5 1 .H . . ERN W. am: :sms E' . 2821 Closing More than that, the development of the school from an academy to a State College provides additional insight into today's system of higher education, and we are what we are because of the past. Closing! 283 2B4fClosing Fl is MALI M ,,.!.. Q -+1 "'Kk5'L91 142. Ii, g1 ff Q5 1 as 5-E J 3 , II IH n ll i O - -I , ! . L' . f..,g,-A' if-f -1 1. n 1 Hniifaf, , , f M ,., . 1 A , f ' 1 Lil: 'F ' .'. 1 'l '?' -Y' :?LE1'4E'n'Eflm Mfr "?ifQ.'7" g?'QH""?H.. jig- ' 33 ' bt W. f rpaf?.,'P.'-.x.7'i 3 , .. . ., MMI?- ' ,, 7-gli 7:rf'f'., "-f ' J ' 7 5 ' aff, 'V 43 gf., A . . jqA.,,,l?yQA .Mfbstg , 14, , , ,gn ,- ,..f -vf L YQ,YL,,gdn.n,,,,,, -1 9-lf,4'in J-wif' 5x 'Q' f- I Q 4' 1 .H 'H' -..M I -, ,,'44,:,r H fb--Q. -- 1 x , fx L. -2, I iw! W ng? E H w f Y- ' 4, ll' Elgin, vu ' ' 1 ' . Q' iggsariiy ' - A - ' 'E-ff 1 N 'V - x X -I.. X, . . vu nc C I ' J .3 kg g I H- A it-lfllridvl-in , WJ? ' ' Q! , "'-Fl" -rf -l- - ' Y V .,..' .- - - ""' T f 1 1 . --YI' -N-f"'7'1Q,. fi' '..Y,..--- ---""l I ' 9 ' x ' Q-4 'J' - 4- N-'Q-15,79 -i - ' 'A--..f--3K-1, .,:: f-b -'Suv' 'ST-2, , --,. --' if xr. , 1 ':."'....T"" I , -3' , .Q -I3 -.... --,- ff' I - - 1 I ,,.,. . 11' N 1' fi-1:15, ' 3 "ff f". . - V ' . :-- -. ' 1 --Y , -- --1? - J' - -: -+..,...,,gg-fgyvn , , v-0 Q A - ' 5QkmAif,H,,4ffXf,f---""' " ..,.,., F .,,,,,...v h Y, ,X 4, "" A ,, , ,. vvnrulw -5.0: -' 1 ' " - ,4.. a.."1F', I ,E 4 ,,,,.,q--"M -, v in -Q, , M -.JE S5gfpg1'f,w-,,, ..,.,M,? , , , , :- L 1 ,. .ogvp-1 .-f ' , - V Q -.XIX f?'f.s, . ., . ,.:g,?,i a..-,JL - K lf- . v. -"A Q -ax L .'w,- k, S X 286lCIosing 'A f Roseann Vislay and Laura Visco EDITOR'S NOTE The two of us have been involved with the yearbook since we were freshmen, and yet never realized the responsibility involved in taking over such a job as editor. We would like to express our sincere thanks to an entirely new staff who gave much enthusiasm and many ideas, and to Mr. Paul Newman who as an advisor may not have always agreed with our ideas, but always gave us that extra push when we needed it. To Dave Gentile, our Delmar Representative, we can only say thank you for putting up with "rookie" editors. Also, special thanks to Patti and Elaine for managing to get through our last minute typing assignments: and to our photographers, who, although we hate to admit it, we couldn't have done it without them. And last but definitely not least a heartfelt thank you to our roommates, who tolerated our moods and kept us from going totally insane. Ali things must change and rightfully so, however, this new responsibility that seems to have found us, has made us more aware that these changes have to be captured if only for posterities sake. We hope that the contents of this yearbook will in future years allow you to look back on your days as a student at Edinboro, and allow you to see the changes in your lifetime and remember what college was like. CREDITS Typing- Elaine Dzurko Patti Loomis Entire Staff Photography- Tom Blevins Davor Studios Gene Garner Paul "Nite Train' " Lane Public Relations and Sports information Opening and Closing-Laura Visco and Roseann Wslay Interests- Lana Thomas Greeks-Alicia Clements and Debra Schwark Performances- Roseann Vislay Academics-Kelly O'Neill Student Life-Laura Visco Sports-Paul Newman Seniors -Staff Artwork-Jocelyn Stoppe SPECIAL THANKS Our sincere thanks goes to Dr. Russell Vance, of the History Department, who gave us all the informa- tion for the copy in this volume of the Tartan. Dr. Vance has recently written a book entitled A Por- trait of Edinboro in which he delves deeply into the history of Edinboro as a community and a state in- stitution. Some of the copy in the opening and closing sections was taken directly from the preface of Dr. Vance's book, and for all of his time and help we are truly grateful. We would also like to thank Mr. Russell Wood for contributing all of the old photographs used in this yearbook. Mr. Wood is the father of Mr. Ernest Wood of the Sociology Department and is an alumni of Edinboro. Closingf287 it it X it J., ,,.., it ,.,.,,.Y,,9,i-,l, ' ' '- lv' - 17" In 4 , V , . vs., 'Q ,rl ni ' vii!" 1' ,hui gi 1 gut 533 ww,--, li! w I - L 1 -351 nic' , , ,, gg, ,,:., 1- '- nz Q-8rf':C""1'-' ' T- ALMA MATER 119131 Hail to thee our Alma Mater glorious Fresh wreaths we bringto bend thou brow Trials past thou hast withstood victoriousg Never fairer, never statlier than now. O Edinboro, O Edinboro, We revere thee, love thee, serve thee ever! Whnileuclass speeds Class ll As swift years pass To thee our hearts are true. -rr' .L M' L . .pu.,..gqu.vvx-fm ---W--...u. Q--'mf ,FW . 4. .. ,,,-,., , ,,... ., , . , . ,,,.,,:4-I:.v5V,. , ,-..-, A , , i .NYJ ,I-W, ,',,A,Y W,,.V,-,, 'ff 4 V- VALWQL A wth? . Q ,, Wi- L -, y 1 . . H- ,,..- .41-,.A.4L. .-i 1 J Akg ,,.-v.,,-... .A . ,V la..,,, ,,,.--,,,4-li-Gi:J.,:1,g5.1Q:..,-,f.-M,'v?- ,,. :L ian-B 4 -F as-...wr -w A-4

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