Edinboro University - Conneautteean Yearbook (Edinboro, PA)

 - Class of 1970

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.12. X7 . KM 71a ?75 7021.620, J11? at x EDINBORO is a place uniquely iiself, a place where one learns 'l'o liveI a refuge from Hie ou+side. fine gafeway +0 +he id. an arena of life inhabii'ed by inquisifive minds. a place confaining many singular characferis+ics which blend +oge+her +0 form singular ways of life. Edinboro is going +o +he Besf en masse fo see Night of +he Living Dead and spliffing a pizza Iafer: if's siudy lamps. No-Doz. aII-nighi'ers and finals. Edinboro is +he cold wind ihaf whips across +he "Baia" and fire summer sunshine refiecfing from Hie lake. Edinboro is waifing in line +0 eai' ai' Van Hou+en. waiting in line +0 buy groceries downil'ownI waifing in line 1'0 buy books and wai+ing in line +o be fold you're in +he wrong line. Edinboro is feeding Hie ducks down by +he wa'l'er'lialll driving +0 Cam- bridge on Fridays and going +0 parfies a+ Lakeside on Safurdays. H's roofing for +he Figh+ing Scofs a+ Sox Harrison Sfadium and ringing Hie vicfory bell. I'r's finally finding +he call number of file one book +ha+ you need ou+ of 250.000 af HamiH'on only +0 be informed +ha+ +he book +ha+ you wanf is af Hie bindery. Edin- boro is +he Tar+an providing a glimpse of all +hese +hings and more. CONTENTS Pages Student Life ........................... 3-93 Groups ................................. 94-161 Athletics ........................... 162-205 Academics ......................... 206-219 Graduates .......................... 220-296 '70 TARTAN Presented by EDINBOR0 STATE COLLEGE Edinboro, Pennsylvania Editor, Linda Seitz Associate Editor, Lou Cottage Advisor, Mr. Paul Newman An age is breaking and crysfolizing In the fetal portions of my mind. All past conventions, Once as sturdy as The pyramids of Egypt, Are dying of old age ,And all new ideas have been recently conceived But are not yet ready to be born And until birth is realized my mind will remain confused. Internal struggles and explosions are continually taking place, But I can see no pattern emerging from the rubble. Alone, the search is agonizing and holds only frustration, BUT an outside force may add to the tangle inside of me. As seconds and minutes pass in a never ending parade I sometimes wonder if it would be good to stop time until I have grown enough to come out on my own And be born into a world that is me. -Linda Kneidel g :i g 3 32 $ nmaw Like the noble phoenix she went And from her charred remains Life Born anew With a plumage of undreamed colors Come look Observe Yield to knowledge Assimilate Yesterday, today, tomorrow Wrapped up in tomorrow Not coping with today We continue Onward christian soldiers Six hundred they marched Into the valley of fatigue .1 f1 , L 'IO 13 14 Thirteenth rib .d Ir 0 ouH anuln ed"u mnw fmn 05.1 r eeW ddo nnn ouk Wu.u. inn 5 O .wwd Fll 16 17 TOGETHER Us, our, We Both, with, and Coople, pair, two TOGETHER 1 1 11111111... 111111 1' I 11 1 11 111111111111'11i 1 1 1 1 11 11 20 22 To get away from if all Find one's own self Explore the me 24 is a world of real Not one of fantasy Yet there are those among us w Ours Ieve bel ho enter the make ith them On a carrousel of other p Taking us w Imes. other t' l other people laces, 28 Things are all around us Do we see the things? Look 30 33:33 .4 ,k WNW srmwmvnmeur. Sometime The ordinary can become The unique One must learn to look from A different perspective 34 35 In the fake cop-ouf world of today You don't find much really good But when you do You've got to hang onto if Or you're lost You're really lost 22.,2 2332;752:237$1,713in : s " 22.2, $3, $2.22 7.95:2: ex 2222 ,3, 2?, 23 2.2:? 2.; 2. 2 222222 2 2. r4? , 2222:2522? 2.9g 2,22 22.222 g 2 22, ,2 2362 .388 2;. 222g 2:222:22 E35 12;? 2 W22; 2 2, 22,-, s. 2,. 2.2.2 2, 2,3557 ,2 :2 22.22.29 22,, 22 ,, 25.312 22.24 2222, ,2 ,2,; ..,; .2 2,2.2 , 233.72,? E, ,2,. .2,, 2 z .2,: 2 , .257, ,, 24W 222,2. 2,2, :2; 2212.152 225:: 2,,. 3772 ,2 .2 $322., ..Ea, .2,..22, 2.22 2.22.212? 2,2,2 ,,22, .2222. 2, ,.., ,,.22,,:..2n2 22:, .22.... ,..22 :- 22... ,2... 22,; 22:2 .22: 25;? :22 22,2: ,5 2, $.12: 222 2 2.21.2 dial; 22.2. E ,,. 222 :2: 252.5225: ,, ,,.. 22 ,.2 .2 ,2 .2 '21.. .2; .2 2 2,,: 2w: ..w..2:2..:: .;-2-', , , 2.2.: 2m, . 2.22.2, ms, x, 55 22 w... .., 22W 2.,..2 22, .22.22 2: .22,.:e-.2,..2 23.22. ms; ,' .2312. ,,,.22 x , 2,.., ,9, 22:12.22? 22 2.9... "222;;87222.,.,.,,, 2.222.522 2.2,. , . 22.2. ,..228, 2 .,2 2,2. 22.1.. 225 52,2, 2222-23 2,.... , .2.,..2 249$? ,..... 27,1157... ,,.2,.,,,X, :,,,2 22,22 3222': 220 2:: 2,. .2,. ,2 .22, 22,22 . 2,, 23,2; 2,532? 2, :23: 3 $523.52 2,. 929,22 .22. , .2 lg as 231; 35353. .22 2x2, ,2... 22222,. .2... 2 ; ,,.... 22 W i . w. 2 $22,... .2 ,.., ,. 27.23222. 2222 .2.. 2,2. 5 22 3;: 2.25 :45. 22:2 99 2222 MW 2 .2 2 .2 ,.,.? 2: 2 37:82:22., :2, .22: 7 2.. .521, 835295725 ,, ,,,, :2 2:. 22:. 222-222,.- 1....-. 5,: .2:::2r:V:2:,2..-?;..- 2,2-,,.. 22..2,.,.,,,...,.,,.,.,.5.,;. ,,., 5fo z 2222, :2 $3.32, , 22:22; .2222 .2222. 2....- 2.6.32, 222.222:- 122' ,, ,.2, .2 2:52.22, 7, ,: 32w 2; 22: ,2. 2,2, 32 2 2. 2.222 .. agaewm 12;an 22,82 g, 22522. s .5: $2? . ., ,. 2,2... $2572 2, 2 , .., M a 222.2,. 2..,...233 2 222... 2 .x.22-.2.2??s M22222. 22,2: x... K 2 52,222; ::.:-2.2- :22 2 ..,-,2. , .2.. ..,,.2-,2..-,n- ..2 .2.,. .2.:g...2... :.:. 2' 2-:.2:2:--2 w "a 2.2.2222... : A;:'.:?2?.:;":..2;;;e:,;zs,,, 31$, 2.22:. , , , ,, 22 .2,.g;;,;;;m, . . ..22...2.:.2g$.2,,, 2 .2,.,... :22 g, 2222 5:2 .2. igagg $2222.52 222.. $2 .22 ,9. 2. 2.2 ..2 22 2:2... 2. E E5 2 g.2 . 2, 22 ,, mew ?2.mv222...,.. .22 . 22.. 2 $322327? 2122.....523. - 2; , . "23.523521. 2., ,.....5222: ,....mw .. 2.2-:5, 2W...2.2,-,.. 2mm .2::2.,:2::....2-.2,. 2, .2. V2131-z7E-15'2iizsz; g2; 2,2,3 :-..2,: :2... 22.3.. $.92ng 22 2.2.2:. , 2::z2:.,--.-w::2-::s;;.2. 2;; V" NVWM2 '---uat2iz.:2...sn,mw2 52.2252: 22222 'Ww? ,2 222134 .9312 2222. :- ,2. , m mm .2ij2 WE? m 2 19:22.5:2W 22 ,2 ,,.w . $222222, ms..- . m2, .1 .222?qu , ,, .,, 1;; 1357:. 2:..2..2:222,::2 x..2'Si,',,,,22,,2.22, 2 W222... 22,2. :2 2.2.222 2.,. 22.2.3 .2.,, 2..,. x222 , 2222.2. 2.2-2.2.22 22 $$W$ngw . . .,,..w, 1:35:21. ' ., .2 .2 1 .,.. 72.557243371- 22.2223. N222 .2. .22..Xaizsswgfyiaiiw .. 22. 2.,, ,,..,2.222,,:2,, u22,2,f.,2,:,-2,; , .., , 2 .22 :2 22:-2 1222.22, . ' . ,,,,,,.222,2',22,2,.222.. 2 s2 2.2255,, ,. "2.2225." 2 .22., 222, :22 m ,,22 .,.222: 222,222.. ,,,: , ,,,2.,,a.2,22, H2222, .": 5,1,, ,x 22,222,252: 2 232,128,23at'35r5i22, ,.,,,22,2,':2,:2275 $223.21... 22 : M,a,,,,, 2., ,., ..g. .,,5;,25,xx,g:s:, , 2?. 22 2- 2,.. ,, 2.2.2,. -: .22., W, . ,sz. .2 M2,...- ., :22... .2: ..:: . 7:1:2,;:.'2M.,:.'.'2::Ee,2.:., ..,2 +2.33. .. 2 .2,"... .. Ms? 5:4... 2.,; . , 2.22m. 9. ..s 2 91?? 2., .222 2 22. 222w KW. , 2 22, W :2. u 392 5 599:? .222: ,, 2; 2.22.2; 1 2.? ,: , 2222,22, 2232,22 ,,,: 37 You're really Iosf 40 There is a time for study There is a time for study There is a time for study There is a time for study There is a time for study 41 43 44 s uumuw .u aunt ' mun. O. ' 46 ruggus w 48 .nnngvId-Q; I1Uic4ao 50 Traffic iam of the Boro Anticipation diffused through the air Sparkling eyes and weary bodies await what Iourels their work receive Old buddies and new acquaintances making time just to be friendly Tam O'Shanters, Queen's court, Zem Zem Pipers, marching bounds, students, alumni A gathering of fhe clan 53 To be one of The group Belong to the in-crowd On the inside looking out A part of the whole 54 58 To get rid of The upfighf Release The tension brought on by the grind Laugh fill it hurts Enioy the good earth III I ,I I I . IIIIIIWKIIITIII I u I II! IIIIIHIJTh vlth3-iurmiflluIIHIEIHIJII KI PIIIPI'WIFI JIJHI'I'I'I WWI"V3 VIIEUV'?I1EJ1I1"IIIIII'IST:33 I! IW'WI'IIII I lhf IIIIIIIIMIIII I III I I IIIIIIII I I I h ?"HI'IHHSJHI'IIIIIIIINIIIIII WIIVIHj I u IM I1 W I Uh I IHI I III I H I W I I II I M III IIMI W "III. MI, I I HIIII MI ! H WIH'H J3. f "I I I ! n WI N MMW I I I Mb I . I W I WW HIWIIWNV W I I I I I I III I IWIIIIIIIHIJIHWI W W IIIIIIIII III II I III IIIIIIIIIIII I I III I I I III! II I III I 1: III I WW I III W I ' I I II I III III HIV I W I I 1II WNW ' WWWWII :I I III III II I MI "III "' " WWW IIII I I W Be it the Fudge, Freshman or a concert pianist You've got to make your own music Do your own thing Like a snowflake or a fingerprint 61 2 6 Saturday night and Six-pocks, quart iars, kegs and Unionizing, fraternizing, pa'rronizing and Distorted vision, expounded energy 65 ArI'? Yeah. arf? Well I quess H' all depends on how you Iook a+ H. Wha+ da yah mean? You know. Like beauI'y is in +I1e eye of He beholder. Sure. buf I can'I' see beaufy In pIas+ic commodes. And pIas+ic +ypewri+ers and Campbell's soup cans. Bu+ ysu've gof +0 delve info such +hings as Pop and Da a And see how +hese differenI schools were brough+ abou+ I cIon'I' know anyfhing abouf Dada or whaI'ever bu+ I know wha+ I Iike and wha+ I don'+ like. and I don'+ see beau+y in commodes. WeII, I guess if's aII whaI' you mean by beau+y. Maybe i'r's ius+ seman+ics. 67 70 3 Milk life is wakinq up at 'Five a.m. forgeHing a" my dreams and looking for somefhing I hadn'+ seen before life is an april river wifh rocks walking a way across and my walking on Hie rocks so as no+ +0 ge+ my fee'r we+ life is a warm sunrise +he flowers +he wind moves close iogefher and a nes+ of robins res+ing in a cherry +ree life is Hie blades of yellow grass +ha+ separafe my we+ 'Feei' wi'l'h glazed age and morning frosf life is a fired morning a cold drink of wafer and +he fasi'e of a cold 'l'hirs'r of a fired morning life is lying in +he ground +I1a+ holds my fee'r and every sfep I make unfil i+'s fime +0 go back home +0 sleep -Darby Giles SH back Relax Enioy +he show 75 LL LLL $$qu LLL 231$ XL 3 LL LLL LE; :2 L L $5? KELLER Li Lia LL LL LLngLL W 5L 93 5L 9L gig 53L ,LLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLL , LL L L LLL,L LWLLLWMLL LLLLLLLLL L LL L L mw Lu LL LL,LLL LL? 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Who is Myra Breckinridge? 84 w www-xxxx wwwwixv-v A dream can become reality Only when i'r's believed in I did But you didn't And it only takes one doubfer To destroy a fantasy 86 89 Sometimes Not always lrrevocable fact of Sunshine on my face Wildflowers Human warmth Pa, Wa- rw mggfvggg w w ;, ? mrwmyg AW" ' 3w" wwwW To Be wi+hou+ some of +he +hings you wanf. Is an indispensable parf of happiness: l'r +akes bo+h rain and sunshine +0 make a rainbow. -Dan an-Hellenic Council Unites Sororities Pon-Hellenic Council, under The odvisorship of Mrs. Peck, coordinates, along with I.F.C., the Greek activities such 05 Greek Sing, Scholastic , Trophy for Sororities and Fraternities and the RR I.F.C. Ball. The Council holds a fall Round Robin , 2 and Spring Tea To all women who are eligible J? to rush. This year's officers are Debbie Martin, Pres.; 1- K'DI'hY Robinson AZ - 5.Ue Jurfyncka . . . 2. Jun Loebig KMA . Llnda Hllovsky Jan Loeblg, Vlce Pres.; Bonnie Burns, Tres.; 3. Debbie Martin Hm . Bonnie Bums 4. Donna Rudzinskas . Sherry Campbell 5. Candy Bates A EA . Peggy Boyle 6. Jeanne Fittonfe-$.C. A EA Carol McCalvey 7. Pm Kusek ZTA 8. Joanne Fisher M Carol Evans, Sec. lnterfraternity Council ww NosnAgnna RR . Mr. B. Twardowski-Advisor . Oreste CurioIi-TKE-Secretary Dave SheidSE K-President . Chris Pantzis-ETIV Tom Moxie-AE$-Vice President . Bruce Ranick-XAN-Treasurer . Dick Bonniger-GJXA Regulates Fraternity Activities The Edinboro chapter of lnterfraternity Council regulates the activities of eight fraternities on campus. Recently, Mr. Twordowski, the advisor, and elected delegates from each fraternity sponsored interfraternity baseball, basketball, the annual Greek Sing, and Greek Coffee Hour. Their aim is to promote better relations among Greeks and to achieve higher academic stand- ing for members of Greek organizations. 97 H 10. 98 Gretchen Herbel Maureen Mihaly Carole Kom Claud' Farmerie Ann McEnfire Debbie Ono Betsy Rose Jan Abercrombie Ruth Smith Joyce Miller Lorraine Herman Dee Dee Pesich Karen Sfehle Terri Perri Barb Stephano Susie O'Malley 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. Carol Neininger Cathy Begg Mary Lou Barrickman Nancy McNaul Carol Klousnifzer Nancy Carson Cindy Zarichnak Judy Borsa Maureen McGiIl Bonnie Burns Connie Boorse Sue Swarfz Chris Ackelson Charlene Larson Judy Korn Beth Robertson us 99 47. Peggy Boyle Sue Hirfh Che ' Holeman Liz Brabender Carolyn Darrqll Marilyn Hockenberger Kathy Fannin Robin Jolley Rose Mulloy Lurk Blair Judy Coffmun Colleen Kinevey Suzi Killian Pa? Hebert Vicki Truman Alpha Gamma Delta Claims A Queen The Alpha Tau Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was installed in November of 1959. Since then membership has grown to 63 sisters. The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta are active on campus, participating in Student Faculty Council, A.W.S., cheerleading, maiorettes, W.A.A., C.U.B., Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Kappa Gamma, and Phi Chi Psi. Several of the sisters have won individual honors: Judy Coff- mun was elected 1969 Homecoming Queen, Beth Robertson was chosen as the 1969 Football Centennial Queen, and Cindy Zorichnak was second runner-up for Homecoming Queen. Alpha Gamma Delta members strive to develop intellectual- ly, socially, and spiritually through a lasting sisterhood. Sisters work together on their prize-winning Homecoming float. Judy Coffman receives her bid to pledge Alpha Gamma Delta. Alpha Sigma Alpha Becomes National The Gamma Psi chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was installed in February, 1969. Founded on Edinboro's campus as Kappa 3t 35 36 37 33 39 w 12 A: u Gamma Psi in 1966, the sisters have participated in Edinboro's Clean Up program, social activities, and a philanthropy proi- ect of the Council of Exceptional Children in Erie. The sisters have officers in AWS, Judicial Board, and CUB. The chapter was awarded the Junior Chamber of Commerce Trophy for Homecoming float. Sister Terry Trageser was first 1. Sharon ""9 16- Kathie Muir 31. Francine Pych . . . 2. Pam Ramsey 17. Kathy Kerr 32. Kaye Bennett runner up for the 1969 Carnival Queen and sister JUlle Murphy 3. Katina Ennis 18' Jane Newm" 33. Anne Houk is studying spanish the fall semester in Valencia, Spain. Sister 4- Jodee Scalise 19. Undo qutsok 34. Debble Damqrg . , , 5. Donna Romano 20. Jeanne Flttante 35. Marsha McWIIIIams Sharon llllg was selected as Gannon s TKE s Sweetheart. The 6. Lane Min 21' Mary Kubem 36. Donna Kukich sisters also have outstanding members in Who's Who and 7- Ann HGWEY 22- DebbeTurm" 37- CorolReichert . 8. Cheryl Kocsis 23. Nancy Kuhns 38. Gretchen Cooley Kappa Delta PI. 9. Maureen Lynch 24. Sue Williams 39. Pat Kubinec Eric Swartz, a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, was to. Potty Carney 25. Chris Trageser 40. Candy Bates . 11. lou O'Donnell 26. Linda Mockel 41. Gretchen Johnson Chosen as Alpha Sigma Alpha sweetheart 12. Barb Craig 27. Emma Aiken 42. Phyllis Valone 13. Rita Mihalik 28. Carol Cole 43. Joyce Fendya 14. Connie Simcik 29. Kathy Ferraro 44. Donna Baker 15. Terry Trageser 30. Carolyn Bologna Alpha Sigma Alphas work on their prize winning Homecoming float. 101 Alpha Sigma Tau Wins First Place Trophy The Alpha Tau Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority became nationally affiliated in March 1969 on Edinboro's campus. Stressing sisterhood, the sorority has grown from 30 sisters to 49 in the fall of 1969. Active on Edinboro's campus, the sorority sells paper flowers to raise money for canned goods which they contribute to the needy of the com- munity. The sisters participate in local activities such as A.W.S., B.B.B., EAH, and Tom O'Shanters. Sister Debbie Pfieffer was selected by the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega as their sweetheart. ASTs beautifully depict German life in Homecoming's Salute to All Nations. QM dovmw999wwd . Dale Snyder . Paula Teplica . Sue Vickery Sue Burawa Mary Young Sue Jarzynka Paulette Cowen . Mary Ellen Klaus . Jo Sieve: . Sheila Downey . Mary Kay Boyersmifh . Jeanne Berfon . April Paladino . Debi Donovan . Cindy Sprenkle . Carol Evans . Kathy Gazvoda . Carla Cocolin . Sheri Eppler . Judy Anderson . Carol Roberts . Debbie Young . Kathy Pesek . Sue Irvin . Ann Musalino 103 Gamma Sigma Sigma Serves Oethrs . Cathy Volpe . Darlene McGee . Carrie Podobnick . Sue Lewis . Jan Rothrock . Bonnie Durney Rose Larson . Diane Donacni Nancy Ebner . Anne Stock Alice Hazley . Pat Morrison Cathy Miller . Mary Ann Bensy . Jan Jenchura . Dartene Parlcer . Mickie Emig . Ellen Langhlin . Marty Palzgyi . Donna Harris ovmspwewwd Gamma Sigma Sigma is a national service sorority whose purpose is to foster fellowship, to develop leadership and to promote service to the college, community, and the nation. The probationary colony of Gamma Sigma Sigma was formally es- tablished on the Edinboro Campus in February, 1965. On March 29, 1967 the sorority became a national chapter called Beta Epsilon. It is one of over twenty-five chapters in colleges and universities all over the United States. The sisters sponsor various community projects throughout the year. These include a Halloween parade for the children of Edinboro. They also sponsored this year the Halloween dance from which contributions were used to buy equipment and toys for the Special Education class of Edinboro Elemen- tary School. The girls are in the process of making an afghan for a Korean orphan, babysitting tor the faculty and collecting and packing "Toys for Tots" in Erie. The sisiers relax on the merry-go-round of Compton playground. Gamma Sigs chose Rick Jones as their 1969-70 sweetheart. rd MMDVM 2W 105 . Vivian Childs Cheryl Morris Nudene Buuder . Toni DeLucc: Leslie Price Connie Williams Barb Dufhie . Shirley Messinu Sue Terebessy . Mrs. Williams- Adviser 11. Carol Westerman 12. Marilyn Mayer 13. Shari Pefruska 14. Karen McClune . Kathy Tkach 09m8994wpd 106 . Gue Runyon . Barb Finlay . Sully Ramsey . Laura Leefe . Kathy McMaster . Claire Minor . Chris Baker . Pam Finley . Cookie Kaylor . Bonnie Nevin . Kathy CeruHi . Diana AHisand . Linda Hipwell . Stella Sheleheda . Kim Chesaro . Sue Helm 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. Karen Colamarino Sheila Knuth Kathy Robinson Donna Repak Elaine Neubrand Kathy Kyle Koren Cullo Pattie Grundy Georgianne Ridley Brenda Hipwell Beth Fabiani Sandy Clark Gay Groomes Delta Zetas Win Greek Sing Delta Zeta shares the bonds of sisterhood through many activities both social and service. The sisters sponsor a foreign child, a Navajo Indian clothing drive and act as Y-Teen advisors at General Mchme High School. The Delta Zetas are proud to have as sisters Koren McClune, Delta Sigma Phi sweetheart, and Linda Neubrand, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. The Delta Zetas are leaders in many different clubs and activities. These include C.U.B. Ex- ecutive Board, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, and participants in Tom O'Shcmters and cheerleading. The sisters placed first in the 1969 Greek Sing competition. The sisters of Delta Zeta were honored to have the names of Jan DeZanet, the 1968 Homecoming Queen, and Mrs. Elinore Wicker, former president of Erie's Alumni Association, placed in the Memory Book at National Headquarters. Delta Zetas salute America with their Homecoming float. l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. O. l. aus Contribute to Campus Life Carol McKelvey Debbie Miller Connie Nimelli Cheryl Hummer Margie Gneifing Darlene Hoesch Theressa Manifesi Mary Ann WhHe Claudia Pennino Chris S+orrar Paffy Kusek l2. l3. 14. I5. l6. l7. l8. I9 20. 2l. 22. Mary Kay Koneski Befh Annundson Pam PoHs Rifa Malak Becky Richard Eileen Sekelsky Susie Washelr Sharon Longsdod Sharon Lancasfer Chris Seladi Bonnie Lis+ Zeta Tau Alpha, national sorority, was founded on October 15, 1898 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. The Zeta Tau Upsilon colony was organized at Edinboro State College on October 5, 1968, begin- ning with a nucleus of only twenty-three sisters. The purpose of the sorority is to intensify friendship, foster a spirit of love, create such sentiments, perform such deeds and mold such opinions as will conduce to the building up of a purer and nobler woman- hood in the world. Since October, 1968 the sisterhood has grown to forty members. The sisters have been active participants in many social and cultural events on campus as well as on a national basis. The national service project is the Cerebral Palsy Division of the Na- tional Society of Crippled Children and Adults. The social calendar for this year included a Thanksgiving Party, fall and spring pledge dances, a Christmas Party and a summer picnic. 109 Kappa Mu Delta Float Wins Second Place The Alpha Chapter of Kappa Mu Delta was founded on November 1, 1967. Since then, this group has grown to a membership of fifty-three sisters, three of whom cure honorary. In addition to their social functions, such as the fall and spring pledge dances and the annual Founder's Day Banquet, the Kappa Delts participate in numerous service proiects. The sisters painted the fire hydrants.in Edinboro and donated a map of the campus to the college. The sisters placed second in Greek Sing and second for their Homecoming float, which was entitled "India." Sisters of Kappa Mu Delta uphold their motto of scholarship, leadership, and integrity. Four of the sisterse Debbie Campbell, Patti George, Betsy Mctiiascic, and Anna Marie Piroli-are Tam O'Shonters; sister Sharon Barawski is a member of the Erie Philharmonic Symphony; and Linda Seitz, editor of this year's Tartan, is also cm active member of KMA . Their future plans are to become nationally affiliated. Sisters work hard in constructing their second place float. Kappa Mu Deltas paint the fire hydrants in Edinboro as a service project. H Rmmmmm VWNoU-uund AR . Debby Milward . Joyce Roberts . Debbie Crawford . Barb Boyce . Debbie Campbell . Barbara Strickler Maryanne Kralik . Judy Pudup . Linda Seifz . Denise Roberts . Kathy Harney . PaniGeorge . Marilyn Schager . Anna Marie Piroli . Jan Ward 40 16. . Anne Nolfe 18. 19. 20. 21. . Kathy Ball 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Sue DeShields Gail Roberts Rosie Halloran Jean Lundin Jan Loebig Marian Taylor Sandy Molnar Sherry Campbell Gina DeVincenf Bev Baur Sue Thompson Carolyn Terwilliger Kafhy Miscik . Sandy Hall ' Kathy Ochzkowski - Phyllis Orchowsli . Barb Bowman . Betsy Matiiascic . Rosanne Tarello . Debbie Moloncnro , Kathie Dugan . Soni Scarr . Debbie Forgash . Tootie Horvath 112 ooouppu;wN- . Carolyn Miller . Margie Wagner . Lynn Gorley . Donna Rudzinskas Kathy Zawrotney Connie Chenoweth . Koren Thompson . Leslie Kuzenski . Dione Molitar . Anne Montgomery . Kathy Backes . Barb Flannery . Murcia Johnson . Ann Townley . Kathy Goodwill . Maureen Bester . Linda Puden . Terry Bedsworih . Kathie Graff . Janet Moore . Linda Hilovsky . DoHie Woodcock . Nancy Hoffacker . Sue Dobos . Bonnie Taylor . Louise Szoch . Jan Taylor . Helen Dvorzak . PaHi Marzke . Dotty Cokinos Tri Sigmas Win Scholastic Traphy Tri Sigma officers and mascot in the Homecoming parade. Gamma Rho chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded on the Edinboro campus in the spring of 1967. The sisters strive to develop leadership, responsibility, social consciousness in its members and to establish the perpetual bonds of sisterhood. As a national sorority the sisters engage in both national and local activities. The sisters support North Carolina Memorial Hospital through the Robbie Page Memorial Fund. The sisters also support the Day Care Center in Meudville and have adopted an orphan from Formosa. Delegates attended the Tri Sigma Na- tional Convention in Roanoke, Virginia and par- ticipate in activities with neighboring Sigma Chapters. On the local level, the sisters hove officers and members in BBB, ABN,tDXtII,KA7r,yearbook, CUB, Who's Who, Tom 0 Shonters, and Bond. Special honors to sisters include Kathie Groff recieving the National Campus Fashion Award and sister Patti Morzke representing Meadville as Junior Ambassador to Japan. During the year the sisters along with the brothers of 0XA supported Donna Rudzinskas for Homecoming Queen, and the sisters won the scholastic trophy at Greek Sing for the fourth year in a row. Ken Renock, a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity, was chosen as Sigma Sigma Sigma sweetheart. Phi Mu Phi Has An Active Year wwwow2wwd g. E $2 . ? Donna Druga Linda Cupela Kaye Taylor Carol Baker Mern McDowell Joann Fisher Chrisfy Taylor Eileen Conway Sue Nolfe Marilyn Geik Andrea Cunningham Bonnie Choppell Jun Evans Eileen Joseph Linda Johnson 16. 17. 18. I9. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Mary Lynne Vaccaro Jan Gossman Darlene McCune Joann Ciccone Debbie Chadwick Jun Rae Koren Bechtold Lana Schneider Peggy Bartels Mary Arcuri Barbie Walz Dawna Leonhard? Maureen Beighley Carol Claypoole Suzi Alderfer Hurry Fry is 1969-70 sweetheart of Phi Mu Phi. Phi Mu Phi is one of the youngest local sororities on campus. The goal of the sisterhood is to promote academic, moral, and social development through the bonds of sisterhood. The sisters were proud to claim their Homecoming candidate, Miss Jan Evans, as first runner-up. The sis- terhood is well represented in all phases of campus activity. Sister Rita Benechi is studying in Spain this year and Sister Judy Harayda is planning to work with the Peace Corps in Chile. Several sisters honor the Dean's List. They are proud of Sister Marilyn Geik who was awarded the Outstanding Chemistry Student Award. Several service projects are carried out throughout the year including work with St. Joseph's Orphanage, Leader Clinic and others. The sisters also sponsor many social functions on campus. In the future, the sisters plan on continued success in a worthwhile sisterhood. H5 116 OQCDNOUI1QN-d .... Md Dan La rson . Jim Gregorakis Carey Becker Don Eback Chuck Angelis . Bud Luce Rob Eager Tom Crawford Nick Teti Bill Loop Bob Flack . Dave Ducisko . Don lckes . Vic Pilipovich 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Alpha Phi Omega Serves Tom Smart . Dove Panach Dave Green Jeff Loutzenhiser Bob Riegner Dan Viglione Bob Sauer John Meyer Bill Dodds The Campus And Community Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fra- ternity founded on the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. The Iota Xi Chapter on campus is just one of five hundred found throughout the country. The services this year have included a Bathtub Pull for the Exceptional Children which brought in $300, outings with area orphanages, Thanksgiving food drive, Night on the Town, and various services to the college and community. The brotherhood is well represented in cumpus activities. The Fall softball team took first place in the Western Division. The brothers were proud to back Debbie Pfieffer, their sweetheart for 1969-70, for their Homecoming Queen candidate. The Homecoming float, representing the country of Japan, won the Alumni Award. On the academic side, Bob Souer was named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. m Vic Pilipovich holds Alumni Trophy for their winning float. APO sweetheart is Debbie Pfieffer. Brothers cheer for the Fighting Scots at a football game. elta Sigma Phi Plans Fraternity House Delta Sigma Phi's sweetheurf is Koren McClune. Brothers and friends relax in College Union. 118 . AZQ? ' Delta Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was organized on this campus in February of 1957 as the Delta Sigma Tau Club. Formal instoHation as a chapter of the international or- ganization took place in January, 1959. Emphasis is placed on scholarship, leadership, and social growth. These elements are incorporated in the fraternity's program of "Engineered Leadership". Upholding their motto, the brothers sponsor raffles sales to raise money for the Exceptional Children's Building Fund in Erie. Also the brothers and pledges helped serve a dinner in Erie for the Building Fund. Outstanding honors to the brothers include: Sumner "Pot" Bemis and Frank Bovo who were awarded the honors of Who's Who in American Colleges; Pot Bemis, President of S.F.C. and Tom Horgest, Vice President of S.F.C. The brothers of Delta Sig have officers in IFC, Constitutional Convention, president and vice president of the Junior Class. The brothers are now working on building a fraternity house on Darrow Road. vmwewewwd . Dave Caquotto Bruse Kerr Darrell Kougher Tom Moxie Tom Dougan Ed Schlindwein . Jim Bloomfield . Alvin Storey . Lou Mangione . Lockhart Rurnett . Milo Warner . Ralph Guzzo . Bob Morelli 14. 16. 'I7. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. fckrfhjljangja Tom Hlausa . John Lydon Bill Frey Rick Walters Sumner Bemis Ray Wasosky Dan Kennelly Sandy McWiHiams Fred Huffman John Caretti Paul Createuu Bill Kerpan Lynn Campbell 119 Theta Chi Alpha Plans National Affilia ion 22 24 fq 27 25 23 H 8 9 'IO 74 17 12 p 1. Gerry Hayes 15. Mark Kozak 18 I9 2. Tom Gabriel I6. Dick Koos 13 20 21 3. Ralph Buzzard 17. Mike Kelly 15 4. Doug Shevchik 18. Rick Jones 5. Chris Aeschbacher 19, Niel Brown 6. Tony Bytnar 20. Jack Kokayko 6 7 7. Tom Miller 21. Ray Bennett 8. Bob Haiduk 22. Richard Bonniger 9. Jim Squsfrifo 23. Mark Truszkowski 'IO. AIJohnson 24. Ken Meholic 1 11. Gary Roth 25. Bill Kutz 2 4 12. Kevin Bruudis 26. Jim Gulish 3 5 13. John Cope 27. Tony Kresicki 14. Andy Whitfield 1969-1970 Sweetheart Joanne Langcotti The brothers of Theta Chi Alpha successfully conclud- ed their second year as one of the youngest fraterni- ties on campus. The brothers are active in a wide range of activities both on and off campus. They were proud to back Donna Rudzinskas, c1 sister otEEEos Homecoming Queen candidate. Joanne Longcotti was chosen as their sweetheart for 1969-70. The brotherhood of Theta Chi Alpha is continuously growing and plans for the near future include Na- tional affiliation. The brothers salute Russia in their Homecoming float. 1. Den Verosky 12. Chuck Schultz 23. Bill Shivley 2. Denny Erb 13. Terry McCray 24. Dan McMullen 3. Eric Swartz 14. Les Simon 25. Ron Munn 4. Doug Black 15. Torry Buck 26. Kim Punch 5. Rich Snyder 16. Joe Donick 27. Henry Krupinski 6. Dan Gill 17. Mike Schusteric 28. Paul Pichura 7. Chuck Schoentug 18. Rich Perena 29. Cliff Kirschner 8. Jim Tabaczynski 19. Joe Sidoni 30. Norm Wilson 9. Ed House 20. Bob Hinds 31. Tony Latess 10. Ed Quinn 21. Mark Fetterman 11. Ken BueHner 22. Dave Wefmore 122 Lambda Chi Becomes Lambda Chi Alpha Installed into Lambda Chi Alpha National Fraternity on October 19, 1969, the former Alpha Chapter of Lambda Chi is now affiliated with 187 AXA chapters and colonies throughout the United States and Canada. In their new position the brothers participate in national conventions and area conclcuves each year. The brothers also show great interest in campus activities. A fund raising drive is held each November in order to contribute to the National Association of Retarded Children. With speakers, banquets, and the Lion and Rose Formal Ball held each year, the brothers enjoy many exciting times. This year Lambda Chi Alpha presented their "Hats Off Award" to Dr. Yon for doing much for the student body. The brothers chose Maureen Beighley as their 1969-70 sweetheart. Eric Swartz and mascot, Fleagle. A brother browses in the Campus Bookstore. 124 Sigma Alpha Nus . Frank Capuzzi Tom Monaghan . Joe Carlisle . Vince Racculia Donnie Rhule . Jack Kowaski . Phil Clawson . Bruce Ranick . Ron Gasper . Tony Pietropola . Geno Martinko . Rolf Fredriksen . Delbert Lemmon . Ron Fiesta . Tom Herman 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. . Mike Carroll 25. 26. 27. . George Pietropolu 29. Jack Paterline Mel Dainty Joe Como Bernie Stefanik Frank Spilker Ron Swift Bob King Bob Jucisin Dave D'Antonio Mike Adumosky Jim Winch Greg Westhoff Engage In ESC Sports The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Nu was founded in March 1968. With much enthusiasm the SANS hove es- tablished themselves among the top social fraternities on campus. The brothers throughout the year show leadership in various roles as campus organizers. Semi-formal events highlight the yecur with Christmas, Homecoming, and the Spring parties. Also participating in all Greek activities, the SANS have shown interest in our campus. The members are active in all Edinboro State College varsity sports. During the spring of 1969 the brothers backed the May Queen candidate in an unforget- table crowning. The brothers expect continued growth and prosperity in the relatively new fraternity. Brother Jim Winch stars on ESC's Varsity baseball team. 125 126 W1 R XMW .1... N-l SvmVovkri :3 Tom Niles Bob Bauer AI Vagias Andy Turocy Bill Vogel . Doug Black . Bill Jena . Bob DeLong . Floyd Konef . Chris Pantzis . Bill Stafford . John Tucceri AA 14 H m . Torn Pavkov . David Morrill . David Schroeffinger . Larry Pordini . Bill Connelly . Mike Adams . Bill O'Leary . Joe Pilliteri . Jack Williams . Fred R. Munnell . Tim Ayers . Pete Bugio 8 .9 20 21 2 :4 2R Wm mm mm R . Steven Hindman . Sam Moses . Rex Shepard . Robert Sandy . Larry Connelly . Terry Boir . Jim Pelick . Rich Zuck . Ron Leone . Dale Genger Sigma Tau Gamma Takes Queen's Trophy One of the noted national fraternities, Sigma Tau Gamma, celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year. On Edinboro's campus, the Beta Omega chapter has ex- isted since 1964. This past year the chapter has enjoyed many notable achievements. Among these are taking first-runner-up in both the Greek Sing and in the Homecoming Court by placing with Miss Jan Evans. They also received the Queen's Trophy for their representation of France. Several social events occur annually including the White Rose Ball, Spring Pledge Dance, and Spring Weekend. The brothers also have service projects such as sponsoring an orphan through Save the Children. The fraternity is dedicated to ideals of brotherhood, good personal character, scholarship, citizenship, and loyalty to the college, community, and country. Hard work and pride capture a trophy. Sigma Tau Sweetheart, Arleen Kane 127 Sigma Chi Delta Paul Samko, Assist. Treas. Jim Oruosh, V.P., D. Spudy, Pres., Tom Fortin, Treas. 128 Promotes Social Activities 0n 0 ff?! 11 . Jack Salsi Denny Menold Bruce Garrituno . Jerry Kowalski Doug Mory . Ollie Rodak . Mike Kady1ak . Bill Paulakovic . Jim Crecruft 10. Tom Fortin iTresJ 11. Bruce Rose 12. Dave Suleiman 13. Mike Kiryeski 14. Charles Belus 15. Joe Walkowski 16. Jim Oruosh 1V.P.1 omuqu-agagc-a 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Dr. Giltinan iAva Bob Wood Lou Korpas Paul Monetto Jack Williams Loyd Werger Don Braunstein Chuck Johnston Stan Rock Glen Bednar Paul Samko iAssist. TreasJ Ken Niedzielski Dr. Wintrode 1Adv.1 Dave Spudy iPresJ Noted for their ice cream and soda gatherings the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi Delta has been active on Edinboro's campus since their founding in May 1967. Working for National affiliation the brothers have a long list of local activities which strengthens their bonds of brotherhood. With 36 active members the brothers of Sigma Chi Delta sponsor a drive for crippled children and a professors award. They are active in all S.F.C. sports, Intramural sports, C.U.B., and Christmas caroling. The spring and fall smokers and pledge dances are held each year along with the traditional swim for brothers pinned or lavaliered. 129 36 37 Dave Yeorlsy Joe Bodrog Rick Durcungelo Mark Terrell Oreste Carioli Frank Ferraro Bob Farren Ben Holtzman Vinnie Adessi Gary Geisel Joe Churak HOOWNQQAPMH .... 130 22. . Jon Bonchi . Jim Hawkins . Jack Blafnik . John Odioso Ron Shevchik John McFadden Dove Owen Neil Diez Bob Schofield Herm Tomer Rob Debreczeni Ken Kachur Tom Zuhorchok Dave Horchuk George Wagoner Bob Wolkow Noel Watson Dave Vanderlyke Jerry Sabifini Rich Woifkowski Ron Crisi Joe Romunovich 30 41 31 32 34. 33 34 35 Ken Gefkin Ken Potalivo Tony Zecca Wayne Roccio Ray Overholt Dove Knowlton George Simko Bob Richmond . Andy Spunoudakis Tau Kappa Epsilon Plans For Future Homecoming Queen Judy Coffman and escort Oreste Carioli Tau Kappa Epsilon, one of the leading social organizations of Edinboro's campus, continued their activities throughout the year. They engaged in fund raising projects such as hogie sales and sponsoring movies at the Best Theater. This money was donated to the Tony Borgia Fund, the United Fund, and the summer theater. With a medley from broadway hits, the Tekes won first place in Greek Sing. Their homecoming float entitled "Scotland" won the Emiritus Trophy. Brothers John Coladona- to, Rob Drebreczeni, and Larry Smith were named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Showing enthusiasm in the field of sports, Tekes have taken the Intertra- ternity Council Trophy for the past twelve out of fourteen years. Future plans for this group is a fraternity house which will comprise four acres across from Darrow Rood. Phi Sigma Kappa Donates 132 Standing boldly in front of the stadium, the Sox Harrison Stadium sign first appeared a few days before Homecoming. It was donated proudly by the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa. The sign was their contribution to the Homecoming activities. Formerly Phi Sigma Pi, it was the first fraternity on campus. The fraternity became a chapter member of Phi Sigma Kappa in 1967. The brothers are socially active throughout the year, spon- soring special events such as the Founder's Day Banquet, pledge dances, and the Spring and Fall Smokers. Academically active the brothers participate in Beta Beta Beta and Phi Chi Psi honorary fraternities. Stadium Sign Kathy Hopkins was chosen 05 1969-70 sweetheart. 23 26 28 A mm 42 36 37 38 39 40 Q 43 5 13 19 W 1 21 Ex R R 6 n 12 13 15 16 .. Z0 21. 22. The brothers demonsfruted school spirit and a lot of noise at the Homecoming game. Darrel Ward . Tom Zinchak Bill Yahner Dave Dimmack Bob Salzer . Mike Motillo Gary Miller Chuck Morganfe Paul Hugus Jim Jaruszewicz Robert S. Wilson : Mike Fidale Bob Salsbury Bill Kohl Buddy Faust Bill Tomasik Bill Johnson Ed Peterson Mike Tyvlusky Jim Hill Dun Pogo Dave Brannon 23. 24 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Sam March Bill Nicollela Shine McPherson John Gallo Tim Thompson Bruce Harrison Craig Christman Tom Lopez Pat Connely Don Fitzgerald Emil Brenkus Herm Aiwood Rod Siverts Tim Hurney Dave Seaholm Mike Baird Dan Smith Larry Pizutto Thomas Nufer2 Advisor Dave Scheid Jim Mowbray 133 Class Officers Represent Student Body Junior Class, left to right, SFC Rep. Jun Abercrombie, Sec. Judy Coffman, Treas. Karen McClune, Vice Pres. Tom Bossola, Pres. Torn Dougan Sophomore Class, sifting, left 10 right, Sec. Elaine Neubrand, Treas. Evonne Grobner, Standing, Pres. Rich Decosfro, Adv. Dr. Dwayne Thompson, Vice Pres. Phil Nardozzi Freshman Class, left to right, Treas. Terry Porter, Sec. Michelle Covelli, Vice Pres. Pam Skirl, Pres. Kent Shoemaker, SFC Rep. Mary Sullivan, SFC Rep. John Widsor SFC And AWS Represent Students Left to Right: Cheri Olson, Nancy ZdarkwTreasv Carol ReicherteSecq Vicki Trumun-Pres., Mary Young-V. Pres., Kaye Bennett, Debbie Danore The Association Of Women Students acts as an advisory board that formulates and en- forces regulations pertaining to women students, all of whom are automatically members. It also helps promote individual and group responsibilities. AWS cooperates with the faculty and administration by help- ing to inform them of the interests and problems of women students. The AWS consists of The Executive Council and The Executive Board. Through this representation the women students may express new and helpful ideas to improve campus life. The Executive Board then acts as a clearing house to help put these changes into effect. The Student-Fcculty Council is a form of government represented by students and faculty members. SFC considers and enacts much legislation in connection with campus problems. The Council inititiates and or- ganizes a social program for the entire student body. It budgets and controls the ex- penditures of the Student Activity Fund. Left to Right: Tom Hargest-Vice Pres., Put Bemis-Pres., Vicki Truman-Sec. 136 CUB co-ordinates Student Aetivities. Row 1, left to right: Noel Watson, Kathi Graff, Carol Kon, Patti George, Barb Strickler, Kyle Kimmell, Maureen Mihaly, Shirley Musinna, Mary Jo Phillips, Emil Mag- dik. Row 2, Gary Geisel, Heman Tomer, Rob Debreczeni, Emil Brenkus, Lockhart Burnett. The College Union Board runs mainly all the campus activi- ties including Homecoming, movies, record dances, bands, big shows, May Queen and many extra events like Holiday Tournament and Casino Night. Financed by the student ac- tivity fee, the CUB provides a snack bar, dance floor, meet- ing rooms, and lounge space for commuting students. There are actually around 70 members with 17 executive members organizing events. The Board sends delegates to regional, state and national conferences. Future plans include a Winter Carnival, Snow Sculpturing Contest, Car- nival Night, and Ice Skating Rink. Music Swings 0n WJKB WJKB, the student-operated radio station, provides infor- mation and entertainment to the students via closed circuit radio. Students are able to hear prompt and concise news coverage and music of various artists. WJKB exists for the purpose of giving interested students the experience of radio com- munications. Every year the program director and station manager attend the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conven- tion. WJKB boasts some 50 members and it is the first year that they have broad- casted on the local TV cable. In the future, the members hope to begin an inter- collegiate news network with nearby college radio stations. Left to Right: Ann Montgomery, Ed Ferung, Larry Lewis, John Saiewski, Ron lvineo, Tom Lopez, Tim Scully, Darby Giles, Bob Munson, Jack O'Brien, George Knox. 138 Collegiate Players Present THE CRUCIBLE, OH DAD, POOR DAD..., And MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Edinboro Collegiate Players, the drama producing organiza- tion, is open to students interested in any phase of theater production. Through its annual program of moior productions, experimental one acts, and allied activities, the Collegiate Players seeks to acquaint its participants with the various facets of play production, including acting, directing, scenery and costume design, construction, lighting, and business management activities. It further seeks to broaden the interest of the student audience through the presentation of plays of all styles and periods. This year they presented to the student body Midsummer Nighfs Dream, Oh Dad, Poor Dad . . . , and The Crucible. 1 Front to Back, Left to Right: Row 'l-Kris Ettinger, Ceci Martini. Row 2-Fabianne Jo Pettis, Doreen Knowles, Katie Pfister, Debbie Scherrer. Row 3-Bob Rosuti, Sharon Purvis, Nancie Kirk, Karen Jezewski. Row PJim Duffy, Larry lewis, Joe Jezewski, Dave Milligan. French Club Promotes Understanding Left to Right, Sitting: E. Abitbol, P. Nardozzi, S. Bocian. Standing: J. Pogliari, C. Ambrose, C. Heil, M. Vallozzi, B. Pio, Mrs. Hurier. The French Club was established at Edinboro State College to abroad to Europe and Canada. As one of its services, the club promote interest in and understanding of the French language makes information regarding further study of French available to and the French people. the students. The club sponsors lectures, movies and field trips related to Membership is open to anyone who may be interested but some France and the French. In the future they hope to organize trips experience in French is advisable. Psychology Club Provides Awareness This club provides an opportunity for . . h " ' I professional information, discussion of current practices and research, as well as developing an awareness of the requirements and opportunity for employment in the field of psychology and special education. All those interest- ed in some aspect of the field of psychology are invited to become members. Left to Right, Sitting: Kathy Holliday, Linda Paden, Pat Herl. Standing: Dr. Berzonsky, Doug Hamilton, Dr. Cul- bertson. CEC Unites Students Interested In The Adjustments 0f "Exceptional Children" Left to Right, Sitting: S. Firer, J. Chapman, D. Meleyepresq N. Eaton-vice pres., A. Shirley, C. Miller, A. Saracene-treas., S. Vickery. Standing: Miss M. Ditz-advisor, Dr. R. Ivancic-odvisor. The CEC is on international organization es- to blished to unite those interested in "exceptional" children. The Beta Chapter of CEC on the Edinboro campus is the third student chapter to be or- ganized in the state of Pennsylvania. The programs are planned to acquaint the members with the various types of exceptionality and to make them aware of the adiustments that must be made in the classroom to satisfy the needs of the individual child. IRC Visits United Nations The International Relations Club is a social organization formed to promote better relations and stimulate under- standing between students of the US. and abroad. Discus- sions, speeches, and debates of American foreign policies and international problems help promote better under- standing of pending issues of the day. The group is affiliat- ed with the Council on Inter- national Relations and United Nations Affairs. They en- courage activities designed to help promote peace and cooperation among nations of the free world. Left to Right: Dr. Shupe, Mr. Mughal, Kathy Kennedy, Ted Robison, Anne Stock, Mr. Zebrowski, Jim Meehan ircle K Sponsors Book Exchange Left to Right: Mike Petroffchap, Gary Flickhpresq Rick Jones-treas., Jim Lud- Circle K International is an affiliate of Kiwanis International. It is w'ghsec' a service club open to regularly enrolled male students. They have currently undertaken two major tasks: the making of 01 student directory and a student to student book exchange. 142 Association Of Black Collegiates Established On Campus The Association of Black Collegiates is a new organiza- tion on the Edinboro campus. It was founded in 1968 to create a better atmosphere for Black Students by helping to solve existing racial problems, and by helping to break some of the barriers that separate the races. By es- tablishing an Afro-American section in the Hamilton Library, A.B.C. hopes to help educate Black and White to the contributions of the Black man. Members of A.B.C. will be found in campus organiza- tions such as C.U.B., A.W.S., S.F.C., Women's Glee Club, and the Spectator. Among the members of A.B.C., one finds a sense of pride, honor, and unity. A.B.C. hopes to accomplish much on the Edinboro campus. Left to Rightl Front to Back: Cynthia Horton, Barbara Gavin, Put Kelly, Gloria Jefferson, Dione Crews, Francis Stewart, Mary Wright, Jo Rita Oliver, Audrey Edwards, Jack Horton, Herman Joyner, Tyrone Moore, Wallace Bright, James Taylor, Mr. A. Dillion-aclvisor, Gary Moye, Gail Ashby, Francine Ashby, Cliff Dobbs, John Robinson, Gregory Martin Commuters Push College Activities Commuters Club is made up of the students who reside in their own homes. The purpose of the club is to help solve mutual problems, to effect better methods of communication between commuters and the college, and to encourage more participation by commuters in campus ac- tivities. A special honor to be given this year will be the selection of the King and Queen of the Road. Left to Right, Front to Back: Terry McConnell, Dale Shunk, Ellen Goergin, Sue Smith, Marlene Denial, Dan Snow, Stu Johnston, Pete Kotula, Jock Horton, Doug Lodge, Don Deem, Gretchen Herbel Center, left to right: Ruth Johnson, Susan Huckworfh, Laurel Scheidemonfel, Marilyn Menser, Linda Childs, Kathy Hoke, Linda Means, Jean Whitman, Rebecca Nola. Bottom, LeH 10 right: Candie Jordan, Gloria Teti, Kathy Hibler, Louie Adamson, Carla Cocolin, Kathy Mitchell, Kathy Porter, Sandy Soles, Stephanie Volvo, Leslie Price, Wendy Rearink. Third row, left to right: Ellene Vuchovice, Nancy Tuttle, Pm Herl, Patti George, Betsy Matiiacic, Anna Marie Piroli, Debbie Campbell, Kathy Demko, Kris Thomas Band Provides HaIf-Time Entertainment The Edinboro State College Marching Band is under the direction of Dr. Donald Ponhorst and Mr. Karl Gombert. The Marching Band performs dur- ing the football season at holf-time at all home football games and travels to many of the away games to give a performance. At these haIf-time performances, the muiorettes and Tom O'Shonter dancers may be viewed adding color and variety to the shows. The members of the Marching Band attend the band camp, which is held during the first week in September, to prepare their precision marching shows. Members of the Marching band also jour- ney to the Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Bond Fes- tival. Top, left to right: Charles Siegl, Paul Pichuru, Judy Bird, Steven Burnett, Harry Holsopple, Barbara Puchacy, Raphael Dembinski, Charles Holland. Bottom, left to right: John Smith, Ronda Merritt, Mario Cuiffoletti, John Waite, Kevin Kantz, David Walters, Joe Plawkey, Dennis Messenger, Thomas Dunst, Sandra Carter Top photo, left 10 right: Kathy Fannin, Joyce Seaman, Chris Arnolel, Gail Fenton, Nancy Husqr, Janice Evans. Center photo, front row, left to right: Philip Lasky, Dale Zimmerman, Wayne Weckerle, William Dodds, Kenneth Pociatek, back row: Thomas Bach, Ed Howe, Patric Gibson, Bonnie Welcheck, Chrisfopher Wusylyshyn, Daniel Niebuuer, Bottom Photo, left to right: Jack Nantais, James Morgan, Philip Jackson, Larry Robbins, Robert Burke, Charles Christoph, Jerry Morgan, thelmae Vioral, Donna Texter Top, Ed Runser, Center, front row, left to right: D. Harris, M. Stagl, M. Close, C. Chenoweth, D. Miller, back row: K. Jacobs, L. Tinnermun, J. Sterner, D. Wellman, E. Emberg, J. Yafes, D. Wenner, Bottom, Left 10 right: first row, R. Jones, D. Sokoloff, S. DoufheH, S. Lucas, P4 Honsaker, S. Ludd, M. King, G. Gunn, F. Newlin, second row: 5. Pusboch, R. Forester, J. Moyle, D, Conklin, D. Ebell, B. Beichner, E. Schneider, K. Libengood, D. Parker, M. Taylor, third row, K. Pupick, B. Bliss, C. Orasky, N. Hoffacker, M. Miller, C. Sowush, J. Smith, S. Carter, G. Flick, G. Jones, C. Pe1erson, E. Fictlkowski Organizations Increase Interest In Music And Education Left to Right, Front to Back: Dr. Panhorst, Linda Darr, Tom Fetus, Marlene Spaide, John Smith, Fred Newlin, Kathy Grochowski, Gretchen Johnson, Sharon Browski, Jack Nan- tais, Dale Zimmerman, Ruth Johnson im-f Left to Right, Front to Back: Judy Bird, Donna Harris, Becky Nola, Jeff Starner, Kathy Ball, Marian Taylor, Gary Flick, Ruth Baker, Dan Niebauer, Dorothy Miller, Gretchen Johnson, Ethelmue Vtoral 148 Mu Kappa Gamma is cm honorary music society which limits its membership to students who have contributed in some outstanding way to the musical life of the campus. The purpose is to promote music activities, to provide recognition for leadership and to bind together those students with a common interest in music. The organiza- tion sponsors trips to concerts and operas, besides arranging for the appearances of various outside musical organizations at the campus. The student Music Educators National Conference Chapter is affiliated with M.E.N.C. on the state and na- tional level and is in its second year at Edinboro. The aim of the organization is to increase the interest and knowledge of students in all areas of music and educa- tion. M.E.N.C. is made up of thirty members, each receiving a monthly issue of the "Music Educators Journal." They have monthly meetings centered around 01 guest speaker, on film, or some other activity. They plan a spring workshop annually for area music educators and music students. In the past, M.E.N.C. has sent representatives to the convention held in Washington, DC, and this year they are planning to attend the National Convention in Chicago. Plans are being made for projects with student chapters from other schools and trips to Cleveland to view symphony programs and opera productions. Throughout the year, M.E.N.C. members can be seen ushering for concerts, acting as guides for auditioning music maiors, sponsoring receptions after senior recitals, and many other service projects. The Choral Union is a large mixed choir that is open to students, faculty and interested townspeople. Anyone who can sing is wel- come. Two programs a year are presented: the Christmas Vespers and a Spring Concert in May. Rehearsals involve an hour and a hcuhc each Thursday night. The Concert Band is open to all qualified students. It presents 0 minimum of 3 concerts each year on campus, performing original and transcribed works from the standard band repertoire. n w aggsu Www.gaw H mm" 2.- College Singing Organizations Center-Mcudrigql Singers Leff to Righf: T. Pedus, J. Herbert, T. Rendulic, B. Bowers, C. Osborn, P. Stevenson, T. Grucenin, H. Allen, L. Mathews, R. Buerkle BeIOWConcerf ChoruIe-Left to Right, Front to Back: Row 1 P. Boyce, P. Steven- son, G. Anderson, D. Miller, L. Lardieri, S. Durning, J. Herbert, K. Cio'ni, T. Gracenin, B. Bowers, Dr. Gordon Flood, Director. Row 2 5. Stough, B. Baur, L. Mathews, E. Joseph, C. Martini, H. Luden, S. Thompson, M. Mosier, K. Faulkner. Row 3-G. Roberts, L. Remic, D. Sykes, T. Pedals, C. Holland, F. Newlind, H. Allen, W. Dulaney, G. De- Vincenf, R. Johnson, Accompanisf. Row 4- E. Fialkowski, E. Emberg, G. Jones, T. Ren- dulic, R. Buerkle, D. Burchard, M. Close, N. Sullivan, R. Osborne, J. Suhar. Perform 0 n And Off Cam The Madrigal Singers is a small vocal en- semble that performs for a variety of special occasions on and off campus. The group performed with the Chorale and went on tour. They sang a concert of carols for the Faculty Wives Christmas Club. The Concert Chorale is a select choral group with membership open to all students who pass the auditions. Each year the Chorale presents two campus concerts and a number of off-campus trips to other colleges and high schools. The Women's Glee Club, a choral group, is open to all women students. It performs a variety of music each semester. The all male choral organization is The Singing Scots. This year the group went on tour for the first time to area schools. Singing ScotkLeft to Right, Front to Back: Row TeC. Howe, D. Burchard, F. Newlind, T. Rocca, C. Scirra, T. Smart, T. Rendulic, Row 2-T. Bach, T. Pedas, J. Coleman, D. Zimmerman, D. Wellman, W. Brannen, Row 3-J. Piroga, J. Blanchard, D. McMurray, J. Yates, J. Nantis, J. Smith, Row 4-0. Cumming, B. Koziel, E. Emberg, A. Stewart III, B. Whitcomb, W. Dulaney, J. Bohichik, J. Mignogna. Women's Glee Club-Left to Right, Front to Back: Row leP. Furey, D. Miller, S. Lane, S. Patterson, K. Cason, L. Mathews, J. Soisson, B. Kort, S. Barley. Row 2-D. Campbell, R. Vernon, J.R. Oliver, M. Hockinberger, C. Nel, K. 80995, S. Wilson. Row 3-D. Sykes, M.K. Smith, P. Stevenson, K. Faulkner. Row 4-T. Pedas, A. Dolan, 5. Neal, 5. Borawski, S. Shrive, M.F. Hart, S. Seder, P. Gibney, M. Mosier. m tg' ollegiate Rainbow And Young Hatikvah Are New Clubs On Campus The Edinboro chapter of Collegi- ate Rainbow was installed and granted a charter on September 14, 1969. It is an organization with the purpose of performing service and building friendship among members who have pre- viously been united as Rainbow Sisters. The Edinboro chapter is affiliated with the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. The Gamma Chapter sent delegates to the Grand Assembly held at Penn State. Membership is open to any girl in good standing or a majority member of some regular assembly of the Inter- national Order of Rainbow for Girls. In the future, the Gamma Chapter is looking forward to providing service to the com- munity. The purpose of the Young Ha- tikvah is to foster Jewish Heritage and culture through educational and social programs on campus and with similar groups at sur- rounding area colleges. Left to Right, Front to Back: Cheryl Miller, Debbie Conklin, Marilyn Miller, Barb Delp, Joan Thompson, Kristi Smith, Margie Vaughan, Elaine Steis, Debbie Miller, Wanda Dietrich, Donna Duff, Margie Sanderbeck, Margie Reynolds Front row, left to Right: Rosemary Fineberg, Elizabeth Abitbol, Suzon Sparks, Mary Ann Raffle, Back row, Left to Right: Steve Adlestein, Rochelle Cohen, Marsha Rothenstein, Linda Jacobs, Howard Cohen 152 Alpha Beta Alpha Sponsors Books For Men In Viet Nam Alpha Beta Alpha is the national undergraduate Library Science Fro- ternity whose purpose is to further the professional knowledge of members, to promote fellowship, and to serve as 0 library recruiting agency. The membership is com- posed of Library Science students who meet the standards of the pledging requirements. In January of 1969, the Student Library Association received their acceptance to ABA. April 20, 1969 SLA became the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Beta Alpha. National Library Week is in April. During this time they have different activities and projects scheduled. Included in these activi- ties was a drive for paperback books for soldiers in Viet Nam. Left to Right, Seated: Mrs. Hitchings, Sue Luthom, Carol Venezie, Sue Shuttleworth, Jack Stack, Mrs. Hesketh, Standing, Cletus Schirra, Marty Bullers, Jo Ellen Kenney, Terri Woinar, Francis Charles, Sally Dec, Ann Stock Science Clubs Promote Research The chapter Alpha Chi of Beta Befo Beta, notional biological honor society, was established on this campus in 1950. It serves a threefold purpose: stimulation of sound scholarship, dis- semination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. To qualify for membership, 0 student must have obmined on average of "B" or better in all of his biological courses and rate above average in all other courses. Phi Chi Psi is an honorary organiza- tion for physics and chemistry students to gather to discuss problems and to become better acquainted with fellow students; to provide and obtain infor- mation on career futures in 'rhe fields of physics and chemistry, To broaden The sfudents' knowledge beyond that of the classroom through field trips, Left to Right, Front to Back, Top: Jim Ludwig-Pres., Ed Zipay, Pam Kolaia, Dr. Paxson-Tres., Paul LabashhHisfq Sue Waldron-V.P., Bob Rose, John Schmulzried, Dick Schmalzried. speakers, demonstrations; to promote physics and chemistry on campus through proiecfs beneficial to the school. Bob Sauer-Pres., Lee Robinson, Marilyn Giek, Steve Phelps, Gretchen Herbal, Harriet Kaye, Mary Ann Price, Vicki Lyle. 154 Earth Science Club Plans Field Trips x; Kneeling: Left to Right: David Shearer, E. Don Dougan, Jay Kretzler, Keith Laslow, Steve Raczowski. Standing: Sue Giles, Gil Muntz, Susan English, John Wilson, Dr. Jack Baker, Dr. Art Wegweiser, Rhonda Mitchell, Don Deem, Cliff Clark, Kirk Sherwood, Mr. Michael Lukert, Sue Williams, Sue Rose, Bill Ingols, Dave Fisherowski The Earth Science Club is an organization whose purpose is to provide interest in geology and related earth sciences and to provide opportunities for members to participate in related activi- ties. This year several members attended summer field comps through Bowling Green State University of Ohio, at the base camp at Manila, Utah. Next year's program consists of a summer field camp through Miami University at the base camp at Dunboes, Wyoming. Within the past year, the club has sent delegates to the E.S.C. Constitutional Convention and has assisted in the Curatorial work in the museum and the regional M.E.D. Conference. The club also awards 0 Brunton Compass to the outstanding senior member. Work is being done so that the Club can continue and expand their present programs. Chess Club Hosts Several Tournaments The Chess Club provides interested members the opportunity to practice their skills and to develop techniques in the game. The club is affiliated with the United States Chess Federation and has a team with the In- new tercollegicute Chess League of America. They participate in the US. and North American Intercollegiate Champion- ships and other USCF events. This year the members participated in the Gateway Opens in Pittsburgh, Empire City Opens in New York, Tri-Rivers CUB Tournament in Pittsburgh, and North American Intercollegiate Chom- pionship in Montreal. Plans for the fu- ture include more campus and na- tional activities. Left to Right: Ed Ferrang, Arthur L. Stewart III, Bob Chase-pres., Fred Pomeroy, Rick Jones- capt. Chi Alpha Lifts Spiritual And Social Life On Campus Chi Alpha is a national Christian fellowship organization represent- ed on the campus by the Delta Lambda Chapter. Organized to promote the spiritual and social life of the young people of Edinboro State College, it provides oppor- tunities for worship, fellowship training and evangelism. Particular- ly, this organization shall be con- cerned with serving Assemblies of God students; however, students of all denominations are invited to at- tend and participate in activities common to all Christian faiths. The activities are planned by the mem- bership. George Freed, Vice Pres.; Laura Martin, Sec-tres.; Janice Pugliari, Pub. chain; Ellen Burkholder, Pres. Kappa Delta Pi Honors Top Students Eta Iota Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary society in personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education whose motive, as stated in the bylaws of the national education". organization, is "to encourage high professional, intellectual, and Left to Right: Christine Holloway, Shirley Tozier, Cathy Ambrose, Pauline Lantz, Cathy Voipe, Lorry Herle, Mrs. Wahonick 156 Sigma Alpha Eta Assists Handicapped Left to Right, Front 10 Back: Ting DeBaisehsec" Nunneffe Fesfa, Debbe Turdon, Mr. John Simmonbadvq Debbie Forgosh, Georgia Morgan, Walter Willey, Connie Nimelli, Sherry Neal, Diana AHisuno, Karen Wall, Fred Huffman-pres., George Delong, Becky Voth, Mrs. Joan Lawrence-adv., James Beutty, Ann Bradshaw, Shirley Medved, Doug Blackhires. Sigma Alpha Eta is om educational honorary fraternity with specific purposes of creating and stimulating on interest among college studenfs in speech pathology, audiology, and education of the acoustically handicapped. The organization also encourages professional, growth by providing learning experiences not offered in The formal course structure. Activi- ties include educational trips, guest speakers, movies, and special programs with demonstrations of fechniques in speech and hearing Therapy. 158 College And Town Informed Left to Right, Front 10 Back: Phyllis Hohman Tres., Donna Chalovich-Sec., Peg Bonner, Vic Pilipovich Hisfq Paul Reicharf Pres., Mrs. Kay Ryall Miller Left to Right, Front to Back: Mrs. Miller, Paul Reicharf, Donna Chalovich, Sue Carey, Phyllis Hohman, Ruth Casienilli, Vic Pilipovich, Jim Smith, John Kleffel, Bill Loop By Literary Organizations Left to Right, Front to Back: Carol Hotchkiss, Mary Young, Jan Jenchura, Casineilli, Peggy Mesing, Paul Lubqsh, Mary Stark . .- Nancy Palmer, Yvonne Tomayko, Mary Wegmiller, Kris Humphries, Ruth Pi Delta Epsilon was organized on the campus in the spring of 1965. Membership is open to both men and women who have served outstandingly for at least one year in one or more of the accredited publications and the electronic media. It is affiliat- ed with the national organization of Pi Delta Epsilon. The purpose of this organization is to help preserve the free enterprise system through effective, free and unhompered moss communications which ultimately form the bulwark and shield of our democratic way of life. The Spectator, Edinboro State College's student newspaper, gives the students a weekly account of the happenings on campus. It presents the facts in an unbiased, democratic and informative manner and includes views of academic, cultural, social, sports and faculty news of the college. The newspaper is affiliated with the Pennsylvania State College Press Associa- tion. Funds provided by the SFC make payments toward salaries of the editor and printing fees. Debut is a college literary and art magazine sponsored by the English Department. Published twice a year by the student body, it samples the creative life of Edinboro by printing the stories, essays, and poems of student writers and by reproduc- ing work by student artists. 159 Intercollegiate TokLeft to Right, Front to Back: Row 1-Steve Moder, BobI s Boyd, Larry Pollock, Jim Tobaczynski, Tim Reardon, Pete Mastrocola, Barry Masterson. Row 2-Tom Jones, Denny Verosky, Ed Thompson, Keith Laslow, Torry Buck, Rick Jar- mul, Tom McDonough, Jim Pilewski, Dominic larocci, Bob Rosenfeld. Row 4r-Lee Robinson, Cliff Kirschner, Bob Sauer, AI Ruines, John Compel. Bottome-Left to Right, Sitting: Linda Hilovsky-treas., Mrs. Hurier-adv., Claudia EndreSSAec. Standing: David Churchresv Tom Maier- sky-vice pres., John Mutz-executive board pres. The Varsity "E" Club is composed of all par- ticipants in the Intercollegiate Athletic Program who earned the varsity "E". The purpose of the organization is to unite the student and alumni athletic community with the interest in maintain- ing high athletic standards. The outstanding social function is the annual Homecoming Ball. The Varsity "E" Club presents winter jackets to second year Iettermon and blankets to third year Iettermen. The members also manage the concession stand for football and basketball games. This year the club is attempting to rebuild and create a new interest in the Varsity Club. The purpose of the Ski Club is to promote winter recreation. The club is open to all interested students who either wish to learn to ski or are already experienced skiers. Plans include night ski trips and weekend excursions. The Judo Club is cm organization to train students in the art and sport of Judo in the spirit of the Kodokan; to represent the college in in- tercollegiate competition; to participate in Judo tournaments; and to maintain membership in the ,United States Judo Federation TNSJFT, Na- tional Collegiate Judo Association iNCJAT and Eastern Collegiate Judo Association TECJAT. Foster Interest In Sports Left to Right, Kneeling: Debbie Henderson, Michal Rhodes, Vicki Schrecengost. Standing: Mr. Clever, Jim Schweibinz, Bob Cahulan, Dave Rouperf, Tim Black, Dr. Miller. 161 ATHLETICS Awards Banque+ feafures Tennessee's Ray Mears. Coach McDonald is congrafulaied by Dr. McKinley for his I00+h win. Awards Highlight Sports Year Frank Smi+h. recipienf of flue annual Sox Harrison Award. chefs th Mr. and Mrs. Sox Harrison a+ All Sporis Banquet 164 Scots Boast Spirited Supporters Freshman Cheerleaders, Kneeling L-R: Michele Covelli. Charlene Adamson. Amy Woodrow. Sfanding L-R: Helen Kowal. Jackie Berlin. Chris Tellen. L Governor Shafer receives an "E" blanke? from Aihlefic Direcior AI Ha". Netmen Rank 25th Nationally Edinboro Sfafe's I969 +ennis hopefuls came away 'From dual acfion on +he clay courfs wi+h an impressive 7-3 season sla+e and +hen smacked +heir way +0 25+h place in NAIA na+ional +ennis championships held in Kansas Ciiy. Mo. Junior Ted Robison finished wH'h an unblemished IO-O record againsf his number one posifion opponen+s while Frank Bova and Tom Smifh comple+ed +heir campaigns once-beafen. Bova posted a 9-! ledger and Smifh ended his senior year wi+h a 7-l mark. Bob Campadel's 8-2 season gave +he Clan a s+rong quar+e+ of fron+ line performers who conlinually pounded +heir way in+o +he win column. Highlighfing +he schedule were wins over rivals Gan- non. Youngsfown Sfafe and Indiana. The MarioHi-men grabbed a liHh place finish in +he s+a+e conference fourney among +he ll powerful sfafe en+ries. Edinboro and Akron Universi+y finished wi'l'h iden- +ical 3-I slafes in Edinboro's second annual invi+a+ional +ennis +ournamen+. bu+ +he Zips were awarded +he +op spof because olt +heir 5-4 verdic+ over +he Fighl'ing $co+ ne++ers. Cleveland S+a+e fook +hird place wi+h a l-2 mark and Mansfield lPa.l finished fourlh wi+h an iden+ical I-2 ledger. Cleveland S+a+e received +he higher sfand- ing clue +0 +heir 5-4 win over Mansfield's Mounfies. The four collegia+e en+ries compeHng gave local +ennis fans a glimpse of some ou+s+anding play as all except one ma+ch were marked by l-poinl' margins. Edinboro no+ched 5-4 wins over Cleveland Sfaie and Mansfield while Cleveland grabbed +he only vic+ory +ha+ was more +han l-poinf. a 5-3 decision over Mans- field. Ted Robison confinues unbealen in dual compefifion. Tom Smifh sfrefches in singles acfion. I969 Scoi Neimen. L-R: Tom Smifh, Frank Bova, Lou Vifelli. Coach Mariam. Ralph McNeil. Bob Campadel and Ted Robison. Smiih reaches high +0 +ake a set Frank Bova shows good fronf couri form. . V . . m ,x. .m-2MWW9-M' M Clan produces sirong showing in fall iourney. bu+ Finishes second. I969 RESULTS ESC Opp. 3 Mansfield 6 9 Alliance 0 7 Buffalo Sfai'e 2 2 Slippery Rock 7 7 Gannon 2 8 Youngsi'own U. l 9 Fredonia 0 7 Indiana U. of Pa. 2 4 Gannon 5 9 Alliance 0 Record 7-3 I68 Scot Cagers Are Traditionally Tough IQBT-BB TATE CONFERENCE CHAMPTUNS I969-70 Fighfing Scof Varsiiy L-R: Richard Wildauer. Fred Riley. Tom Carr. Jim Sfranko, Sid Booker. Ron Burfon, Bob Burlingame. Arf Dickinson, Bob Koger, Jim Prokell. Ray Overholf. Dave Knowlfon. Head Coach Jim McDonald. and Don Rhule iManageri. Despi'ie losing final games +o na+ional powerhouses Cheyney, Indiana Universify iPaJ and Gannon, Edinboro S+a+e's I968- 69 band of Fighfing Scofs finished wi+h a respecfable card of l4 wins and 8 losses. Frank Smi+h closed ou+ a brillian+ career a+ Edinboro by averaging 2I.2 poinfs a game and I L4 rebounds a con+es+. During his pas+ four years on +he hardwoods he has amassed l.225 poin+s +0 become +he +hird highes+ career scorer in Edinboro's baskefba" hisfory. He also moved info fourfh place in +he rebounding "51' as he collecfed 637 s+ray shofs 0H +he glass. Smi+h's 466 poinis are second only +0 WaH' Askins' 496 +o+al during +he l956-57 season. Frank holds Edinboro records for +he mosf poin+s in one game 54 againer Fre- donia and 52 againsf KenyoniI +he highesf scoring average i30.l poin+s a game during l966-67i. and +he mos+ field goals in one game i2l againsf bofh Waynesburg and Ken- yon. Also rounding oui' play in Scof uniforms were seniors Ron Weaver iMonfouri. Tim Ziner iBei'hei Parki. Larry Smiih iBrookvillei, Harry Jenkins iBridgepori', W. VaJ and Rod Herron Uackson Ceni'eri. The l969-70 season saw a milesfone in Coach Jim Mc- Donald's coaching career as +he opening viciory agains+ Grove Ci+y gave +he Scof men+or his l00+h viciory af +he Edinboro heim. Figh+ing Scof squads have never experienced a losing season since McDonald +ook over as +he Highlandersl head coach in I962. Clarion S+a+e played +he spoilers' role as +he Golden Eagles handed +he Clansmen +heir firs+ conference loss in 20 games. bu+ +he Sco+s came back for a sfrong showing in wesfern division ac+ion. The Clan had gone +wo consecu- five seasons wi+hou+ a sefback in loop conies+s. The road +0 vicfory proved +0 be raiher rough for +he hardwooders +his year as inexperience began +0 fake H's foil. Mosf of +he schedule saw +he Men of McDonald going wifh sophomores and iuniors in sfari'ers' roles. Some of +he Clan's besf floor performances resuH'ecl in close losses which spelled +he difference of an ou+s+anding season. A holiday frek +0 Norfhern Michigan Universify and +he Universiiy of Wis- consin a+ Milwaukee ended as a cold affair for +he Clan. The Scof forfunes improved, howeverI as boardmen Ari- Dickinson i6-l0i and Bob Burlingame i6-9i began +0 show +heir wares under +he basket Jumping-jack. Jim Proke", also demonsfrafed his effecfiveness inside as guards Dave Knowl- +on and Fred Riley direcfed +he offensive aHack. Alfhough hampered by a kidney injury. +he Cian's Sid Booker provided The squad wifh anofher admirable cage performer. Edinboro Claims a Third AIl-American Too many "Smi'rhs" spell downfall of Scof opponenk. 170 ESC 88 1 15 70 75 72 57 85 85 88 77 64 80 72 70 68 71 72 77 73 66 68 71 1969-70 RESU LTS Opp. Grove City ................... 82 Pin-Johnstown ................ 55 Lock Haven .................. 67 Slippery Rock ................ 69 Clarion ..................... 75 Fredonia .................... 60 Northern Michigan Univ. ....... 92 Univ. Wis. at Milwaukee ........ 104 Alliance ..................... 75 Lock Haven .................. 60 Alliance ..................... 77 Slippery Rock ................ 57 Indiana U. of Pa ............... 75 Roberts Wesleyan ............. 58 California ................... 77 Point Park ................... 54 Clarion ..................... 52 Geneva .................... 74 Indiana U. of POI. .............. 60 California ................... 77 NAIA District 18 Semi-Finols Indiana U. of PCI. 1CD ......... 67 NAIA District 18 Finals California ................... 72 Scof cagers wa+ch closing minufes of 1968-69 season. fresh coach. Dave Rooney. Soph ace Fred Riley reaps fhe rewards of a fas+ break. McDonald Records is 100th Win Defensive alfera+ions are made a+ +he half. Grove Ci+y gefs a lesson from Burlingame. 173 Winning Is a Way of Life Through Dedicated Prokell powers +he neis for fwo. Riley hacks on an assust The concen+ra+ion of a concerned coach. I74 Teamwork Ar+ s+re+ches his 6-10 frame. ESU Athletic Program Expands Fronf Row L-R: Richard Maxwell. Mike Carroll, Lee Manross. Mel Daniy. Roberf Slevin. Kim Rensel. Mario D'Andrea. Cliff K'rschner. Back Row L-R. Coach Grelick, Eric McEllven. Bruce Ranick. Roger Hooks. Bill Bowersox, Leon Thomas. Sam Chambers, Kenf Brownhill, Denny Verosky. Coach Shimpeno. Aleri goa Ie. Pa+ Wagurman, prevenfs a Gannon score. 176 with Addition of Soccer Edinboro's soccer program received a rough indoc+rina+ion in in+ercollegia+e compe+i+ion +his pas+ fall. Undaun+ed by se+back affer sefback. +he firs+-year boo+ers finally pos+ed a 2-I verdicf over Canisus +0 record Edinboro S+a+e's firsf soccer vicfory. Under +he guidance of Coach George Shimpeno. +he Scof boofers baHIed on an even basis wi'rh rival Gannon College only fo be nipped 3-2 in overfime acfion and +hen +0 suffer a 3-I loss. In +he firsf confesf +he Scofs rallied +0 deadlock +he coun+ H as Bruce Ranick fallied in +he +hird and Eric McEllven in fourfh affer Gannon scores +0 send +he fray in+o over+ime. Eric McEllven uses his head. Bruce Ranick and Eric McEllven comprised mosf of +he Clan's six goals as Ranick kicked in +hree scores and Mc- Ellven chipped in +wo more. Denny Verosky hacked on +he ofher Edinboro score. Coach Shimpeno's charges con+inued +0 improve +hrough- ou+ +he season and should have a solid nucleus of experienced ve+s +0 +ake +he field nex+ fall. The Sco+s will be poin+ing +oward +heir firsf vicfory on +heir home +urf as an added incen+ive for +he I970 season opener. I969 SOCCER Niagra Lock Haven Indiana Slippery Rock . , . Alliance Gannon Gannon 3 Roberfs Wesleyan . . l0 Canisus l NO-Noooo- Record l-8 Bob Slevin races to counter Niagra's offense. Individuals Shine on Cinders George Simko and Eric Schwarh give +he "Bore" a one-fwo finish in +he highs. AH-hough recording a dismal l-6 overall record, Edin- boro S+a+e's $u+ure on +he Cinders seemed enhanced by sfrong performances from underclassmen, mosf of whom were firsf-year frosh sfandouh. The Clan's sole vic+ory came in +he season opener when +he +racks+ers raced +0 a ll9-34 win over St Francis in a 'l'riangular meet The o+her entry in +he ma+ch. Geneva, s+opped +he Clan's successful no+ions wi+h an 88-54 se+back +0 se+ +he +one for +he remainder of +he schedule. In spife of s+rong individual showings Edinboro's harriers failed 1'0 come up wifh anoi'her nofch in The vic+ory column in +he spring of '69. John GilleH'e en+ered his name in ESC's +rack log wifh a discus heave of I48'2V2". The foss was l5 feef Far'rher +han +he mark he had already esfablished a year earlier. Bi" Hamil+on, Paul Reed, Mickey Sage and Smokey San'rillo churned +he oval in 44.4 seconds +0 se'l' a new 440 relay record while freshman Chuck Lally sailed over +he bar a+ +he I3 foof mark +0 se+ a new Edinboro vauH-ing sfandard. Dale Bidwell's 9:57.4 clocking in +he fwo mile run complefed +he record-breaking efforfs of +he I969 squad. The freshman sensa'l'ion be'H'ered The old Time of l0:l3 by l6 seconds. The closing of 'I'he '69 season also marked Dave O'Dessa's las+ year ai' +he Highlander helm. The cinder coach, who is now Housing Direc+or a'l' +he College. served 'For +hree campaigns as +he Clan's frack meni'or. Dale Seiferf fakes a well earned resf a'H'er winning +he 440-yard iniermedia fe hurdles. I969 RESULTS Opp. Sf. Francis 34 Geneva 88 Slippery Rock I0! Wesfminsfer 97V; Clarion 85 Indiana 94V2 Cleveland S+a+e 88 Record I -6 A big winner on Hue far end of a long pole The GilleHe fechnique sefs winning ways for Edinboro fieldmen. Field Events Set Pace in 1969 Fresh vaulfers sky fheir way info Hue record books. Sid Booker measures his leap in Hie high iump. 181 EM Scok' high hurdler. George Simko. shows his winning form in one of +he Clan's sfrongesf evenk. Dale Bidwe" wins Hie fwo mile in record Hme. John Plalddas takes a breafher aHer his fine performance in Hue mile. 182 Matmen Continue Winning Ways l969-70 ESC Wresiling Team Firs+ Row L-R: Larry Harringfon. Dave Clark. Paf Manfini, Dennis Menold. Dale Hrach. Bob Bender. Mike Payer, Bob Sauer. Tom Liebel, and Tom Jones. Second Row L-R: Robin Gerber. Dan DeMarines, Dan Johnsion. Rich Massucci. Leo Sheridan. Rick LaFerriere. Dave Dimmack. Pefe Masirocola. Bill Sauer. Frank Spilker. and George Gasf. Third Row L-R: Sfan Sfash, Dan Clark. Bob Parker, Larry Paulhamus, Phil Dief- rich. Bill Granche, Mike Maines. Tom Zundel. Jim Woods. Frank Noga. Tony Pawlosky, Larry Easfman, and Willie Harris. Tom Liebel muscles his man +0 +he maf. Coach Fred Caro's band of Fighfing Scoi's enjoyed +heir winningesf season on The mai's las+ year as Edinboro Sfafe fough'l' H's way +0 a lO-2 sla+e and placed high in posf season fournameni' acfion. A reiurning experienced lineup which feafured seven re'rurning leHermen and Three +alen+ed new- comers gave +he Clan anofher sfrong finish This year. The Scois romped +0 an early 7-l slai'e before being sfopped by Slippery Rock's na'rionally ranked mafmen affer +he semes+er break. lniuries and academic difficuHies plagued +he grapplers during +he second hahc ac'rion. The Clan losf frosh sensa+ion Dave Clark T8-0T along wi+h Bob Bender U-O-H +0 leave some holes in +he Sco+s' s+ar+ing unH'. The graduai'ion of unlimifed con+ender Bob Sauer TS-I-ZT also slowed +he Clan's a'Hack. Junior Larry Harringi'on who finished fiffh nai'ionally af +he NAIA fournamenf in Omaha, NebraskaI rei'urned +0 de- fend his winning skein on +he Edinboro mafs. The young Scof garnered a +hird place finish in +he Pennsylvania Confer- ence fourney and finished he l968-69 season wi+h a gliH'er- ing Il-I record. Harring+on and +eamma+e Dennis Menold were selecfed co-capfains for +he I969-70 campaign. Coming up wifh s+rong performances for +he Clan +his year were Tom Liebel U90T. Frank Noga U67T. Mike Payer U90T and Dale Hrach USOT. Grapplers M at Top Powers 1969-70 RESU LTS ESC Opp. 25 Fairmont 1 1 40 West Liberty 16 39 Gannon 3 24 California 11 32 Kufzfown 5 29 Mansfield 3 17 Shippensburg 19 17 Univ. of Va. 15 11 Slippery Rock 26 32 Grove City 7 25 Thiel 10 11 Ohio Northern 20 12 Clarion 18 Record 9-4 Bob Sauer pins his helpless foe in fine s1yle. Bob Bender maneuvers +0 a neui'ral posifion. Dale Hrach works for a +akedown againsf California Sfafe. A reversal nefs Denny Menold fwo poin+s. ; W An ESC fresh pushes for a pin. 186 Running Scots Are Big Winners Kneeling L-R: Charles Kozlesky, Arf Sample. John Plakidas, David Anfognoli. Jim Pilewski. Sfanding L-R: Coach Doug Wa'Hs. Bill Nesgoda. Curf Holla- baugh, Dan Tandy. Rich Arpin. Dale Bidwell. Firsf year head coach, Doug WaH's. s+a+ed a+ +he s+ar+ of +he Cross Counfry season +ha+ I969 would be a year +0 "se'l' a winning +radi+ion and give presiige +0 dis+ance runners." Coach WaHs' chargers accomplished +heir goals quH'e admirably as +he Scof Harriers ended wi+h an im- pressive 6-3 sla+e in +heir first year of infercollegiafe compe+i+ion. Phenomenal freshman Dave Anfagnoli finished +he season unbea+en in dual compe+i+ion 'l'o pace +he Scof disfance men. He also cap+ured +he winning spo+ in +he NAIA Dis+ric+ l8 meef and established a new Edinboro 4-mile course record in +he final mee+ agains+ Akron of 20:l l.5. The firsf year s+andou+ also ran his way +0 a respecfable finish on +he nafional meef a'l' Oklahoma Ci+y. Oklahoma. When H- came +0 feam poinfs. Coach WaHs received fine performances from Dale Bidwell. Rich Arpinl Jim Pilewski and John Plakjdas. The Scof squad boas+ed depfh wifh Chuck Kozlewsky. Bill Nesgoda. Dan Tandy. Ar+ Sample and Cur+ Hollabaugh backing up +he +op per- formers. One of +he season's highligh+s was +he Malone Ian'a- fional where +he "running Scois" finished +hird among a field of l8 +eams wi+h Anfognoli placing second. 187 Coach WaHs clocks Sco+s' number one pacer, Dave Aniagnoli, in his firsi place finish over Akron. I969 RESULTS ESC Opp. l5 Gannon 50 IS Geneva 44 I6 Gannon 45 I6 Fredonia 48 3rd Malone Ian'. U7 OpponenM l6 Shippensburg 43 40 Slippery Rock 2I 29 Grove Cify 26 2l Clarion 40 34 Akron 23 Record 6-3 188 Sirong confender Dale Bidwell widens his course. w lead on Hue level Edinboro Sco+s' number +hree man, Rich Arpin, finishes s+rong. Watts Sets a Winning Tradition Dave furns flue corner and heads for winner's honors. 189 Behind +he accura+e shooting of Mike Carrig. Bill Bonner. John Cox, Joe Romanovich. Rick Rei+z and Harry Wagner 'l'he Scoi' Iinksfers recorded 6 wins and 9 losses. The I969 showing proved +0 be quife an improvemenf as Iasf year's Highlanders failed +0 come up wi+h a vicfory aHer falling i'en s+raigh1' +imes under opponenis' clubs. Bes+ i'eam effori's of +he year came on a I6-2 verdic+ over Fredonia $+a+e and a l2V2-4 clubbing over Wheeling, Wes+ Va. The Clan pos+ed winning effori's over Gannonl Carnegie Mellon UniversH-y. Wheeling TW. VaJ and Fredonia while enrou+e +0 +heir six Jtriumphs. The enac+men+ of +he freshman eligibilHy rule should make +he Sco+s even sfronger on +he fairways in 'l'he fui'ure along wi+h +he veferan re+urnees who shoi' +heir way +0 winning performances +his pas+ spring. Top compefifors. Cox and Bonner. are bo+h sophomores who fumed in winning score- cards in spi+e of +heir collegiai'e inexperience on +he greens. The revifalized golfers ripped off a 'l'eam +o+al of 334 poin+s a'l' Hershey, Pa. +0 +ie For four+h place in +he PSCAC S+a+e +ourney. The Clan finished only nine sfrokes behind +he front runner Wesi' Chesi'er S+a+e and only +wo behind +hird place finisher Ku+z+own. CaliTornia S+a+e sho+ an ideanal 334 +0 +ie +he Clan. Leading +he Scofs were John Cox TBU, Bill Bonner BU. Mike Carrig T83T. Pe+e Alber+ini T88L and S+eve Mader T89T. All of Edinboro's s+a+e en+ran+s, excepi' Carrig. were sopho- mores. I90 Golfers Surge into Column. Joe Romanovich powers one off We iee. M A 5:01 Linksier chips one onto the green for a birdie. I3V2 Gannon 3 Alliance IVZ Indiana le Clarion 6V2 Thiel IZVZ Wheeling 6 Alliance l3 Gannon 5V2 Clarion 4V2 Alliance 9V2 Gannon 2I Carnegie Mellon 6 Grove Ci+y 4V2 Slippery Rock I6 Fredonia Record 6-9 I969 GOLF RESULTS Opp. 4V2 I0 I6V2 WW I I V2 4 l2 5 IZVZ '3V2 8V2 4 I9 '3V2 2 A crifical puff may spell Hue difference. The Clan pulls a siroke closer. Front Row L-R: Batboy, B. King, J. Ferrare, R. Overholt, J. Winch, A. Scaggs, B. Krohe, J. Colangelo, L. Connelly, J. Espey. Back Row l-R: D. Dombrowski, L. Persing, J. Mowbray, J. Meako, W. Bair, D. Gettys, J. Sullivan, R. Young, D. Astor, G. Westhoff, Couch J. Christopher. The hitting of Jim Colangelo, senior third baseman, and the pitching of iunior Iefthander, Jim Sullivan, highlighted what proved to be a dismal season on the diamond for Edinboro State's 1969 baseball team. The Clan's lack of depth in the hurling department caused the Scots to fall 11 times beneath opponents' bats while managing to forge in front of their diamond foes for six wins. Jim Sullivan twirled his way to three victories in five trips to the mound and posted a respectable earned run average of 1.86 to lead the Scots in the pitching department. The speedy southpaw registered 47 strike outs in 35V2 innings on the hill while giving up only three bases on balls and six earned runs. Proving his prowess at the plate, Suilivan connected five times in 14 trips to lead the Clan with a .355 batting average. Jim Colangelo, Edinboro State's regular third baseman for the past four years, closed out his collegiate baseball career in fine fashion as his teammates selected him the Most Valu- able Player for the 1969 season. Colangelo, a four-year varsity letter winner, smashed out 16 hits in 55 appearances at the plate this spring to finish second in the batting department with a .291 average. Other college coaches in Pennsylvania also recognized Colangelo's performances on the diamond this year and rewarded him with a spot on the North squad of the Penn- sylvania College AII-Star Team. He chipped in with out- standing baseball players from other northwestern Pennsyl- vania colleges to defeat the South Ali-Stars, 2-0, at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. Bob King gives a Rocket runner an Edinboro welcome. One Of the greatest highlights Of the 1969 season was the opening of the Scots' new baseball field with a 5-2 win over Slippery Rock. The game marked Edinboro State College's first home baseball contest. ESC -'m009m-'UI-kw-IO-'OW-'Ulw 1969 RESU LTS Westminster Indiana Indiana Alliance Clarion Clarion California California Youngstown U. Youngstown U. Slippery Rock Slippery Rock Fredonia Youngstown U. Youngstown U. Gannon Gannon Record 6-1 1 OPP. -l Nw-lM-IUINUIOJXOVGUINO-k 194 Pickoff play keeps opponents honest. Ictims. ikeout v Sullivan preps to fan another of his 47 sfr In. Base running strategy becomes a must to w 195 Diamondmen Open New Field With Win Astor follows a bunt dowu the first base line in a vital squeeze aiiempf. 196 Ferrure makes a big play on all fours. Krohe unleuses a drive to left. Fireballing Rod Herron is Edinboro's Monster on the Mound. I97 J. Ballard, 5. Hamm, B. Masterson, B. Hoover, H. Atwood, D. T. McDonough, E. Hollins, L Robinson, L. Pollick, Buck, J. Tabaczynski, P. Johnston, S. Mennen, Zbinovec, R. Jarmul, B. Hambor, G. Sisko, P. Front Row L-R: J. Bufaiino, J. Romanovich, J. Guerrasio, D. DiTullio, E. Quinn, T. Mackey, Creehan. Second Row L-R: S. Policicchio, D. Tamasy, B. Grunt, M. Hall, B. Kulz, G. Roth, E. Thompson, K. Laslow, A. Raines. Third Row L-R: J. McCurry, D. Mezie, T. Rockwell, D. larocci, J. Mifsud, B. King, T. F. Konef, T. Herman, G. Lomax. Fourth Row L-R: J. Kodba, T. Zumpenu, J. Sass, J. Compel, P. Nee, K. Burkell, B. Mengerink, D. Hromyak, G. Kissman, D. Tommelleo, D. Roccia. Tom Rockwell's idlented toe tucks on 3 points. 198 Clan Produces 23 New Records The Edinboro State Fighting Scots finished one of their most successful seasons in the Clan's 40 year football history as the 1969 squad logged 23 new marks in the record book. Under the guidance of new head coach, Bill McDonald, and his staff, the revitalized Edinboro football team fought its way to a respectable 4-4-1 season slate. Highlighting individual marks were the efforts of sopho- more tailback, AI Raines, kicking specialist, Tom Rockwell, along with defensive aces Gary Sisko, Dun DiTuIlio and Dennis Creehan. The Clan's record marks Edinboro's winningest season since the 4-3-1 slate of 1961. It also is the best finish the Scots have had in the Western Conference since 1932. The season point total of 194 is second only to 212 points recorded back in 1928. The Clan had record-breaking performances both offen- sively and defensively. The Red and White offensive machine racked up a total of 1,810 yards to total most rushing yard- age in one season on a record 413 attempts. A new mark of 58 rushing attempts in a single game was produced against Lock Haven while the record 364 yards rolled up against Geneva's Golden Tornadoes established still another high. The Scot defensive charges were not to be denied as they snagged an all-time high of 15 aerials and recovered a record 17 fumbles. Tailback Al Raines chalked up nine individual records in the offensive backfield during the '69 campaign through both his rushing and scoring efforts. His scoring records smashed all previous marks as he recorded 14 TDs for 84 points and romped for 1,208 yards. Tom Rockwell's five field goals set a new mark and his three boots in one quarter marked on ESC first. The defense rose to the occasion and notched new records in the book with Dan DiTuIlio's four interceptions in one game and Dennis Creehan's 71-yard interception return. The Scot frosh also finished .500 with a 3-3 mark. The Fighting Scots take the field. A poised offensive line produces running room. 199 Joe spots on open man. AII-Americu Raines powers the right side. ESC 40 40 33 24 34 16 1969 RESULTS Brockport Ohio Northern Slippery Rock Indiana Clarion Lock Haven Shippensburg Geneva California Record 4-4-1 OPP. 29 27 13 27 24 41 14 12 16 "Holy Fright, get down and do it righfl" Scot Offense Explodes For 194 Points 201 Inspired Performances Pace Clan Attack Everyone pitches in to clear the field after a surprise snowstorm in late fall. Defensive stdwarts fake a break after stopping a Clarion drive. 203 1969 Marks The Birth Of A Tradition 515$ Defense Pep rally sparks campus support. Scots psyched for season finale. Judo Club Features Tri-State Clinic First Row L-R: Bob Cahalan, Rich Sesler and Brent Shockey. Second Row L-R: Jim Schweibinz, Fred Stanley and Coach Miller. Couch Miller demonstrates an ouchigari. Making its debut in the intercollegiate sports schedule this past year was the "gentle art of judo." Under the direction of Dr. Gus Miller the judo club entered into competition with other area colleges and sponsored the Tri-State Judo Clinic which featured the appearance of Sensei Kyu Ho Kim, 6th Dan, Black Belt. Mr. Kim is the highest leading authority in the eastern part of the United States in the sport of judo. The Edinboro team competed against Clarion and Slippery Rock during the clinic and the first-year Scots came away with a formidable showing. Edinboro iudo participants in the clinic were President, Ken Meholic; Vice President, John Knaggs; Secretary, Bob Cahalan; Treasurer, Jim Schweibinz, Rich Sesler, Dave Rupert and Brent Shockey. Following the tournament session of the clinic Mr. Kim, in an effort to teach iuclo students constant offensive moves, conducted a series of Randori's free exercises. Students were invited to Randori with Mr. Kim and ob- served his perfect form and techniques. Also included in the meet were instructions in the proper procedures for conducting a tournament and a demonstration of the various styles of judo used in the national and international tournaments. Through the efforts and enthusiasm of Dr. Miller Edin- boro's iudo program is rapidly gaining popularity in western Pennsylvania. Dr. Miller has been involved in the establishment of judo clubs throughout the United States and originally introduced the sport at the University of Southern California, the University of Illinois, Western Illinois and Tennessee Tech. The Edinboro club currently has 15 members and practices three times a week. Membership comprises both men and women students at the College. Jim Schweibinz successfully executes an osotoguri on his opponent. 205 , 7W 3, ACADEMICS Dr. McNerney examines Homecoming trophies. Governor Shufer confers with President McNerney during Legislator's Day activities. Ir. McNerney Continues Expansion D r. Chester T. McNerney, President Program Dr. Chester T. McNerney assumed office as Edinboro State College's thirteenth president in September, 1966. He brought valuable service to Edinboro's administration, having served as Dean of the College of Education at the University of Akron where he was instrumental in the initiation of important educational services. Since Dr. McNerney's inaugura- tion, the College has undergone a dynamic period of change. During the 1969-70 scholastic year growth in the academic program, con- tinued building development, new procedures in student personnel work, and new Alumni activities serve as indications of the continu- ing expansion of every phase of Edinboro life. 209 Mr. Marvin Ellis, Director of Alumni Relations 210 Mr. James Dronsfield, Director of College Development Under the administrative reorganization completed this year, President McNerney is directly assisted by Mr. Dronsfield, Director of College Development, Mr. Newman, Administrative Assistant, Mr. Ellis, Director of Alumni Relations, Mr. Hall, Director of Athletics, and Mr. Herbel, Business Manager. These men are responsible for all college affairs related to their of- fices. In the area of College Development, in 1969-70 the modern VanHouten Dining Hall was opened and the college adminis- trative offices moved to "Abnormal Hall" in the aftermath of the Normal Hall fire. Under construction are a new Student Union, Field House, and Research Learning Center. In Alumni Relations there is an effort to organize local alumni chapters in Pittsburgh, Erie, Meadville, and Aliquippa. The alumni have also planned a trip to the Orient and the Japanese Exposi- tion. Mr. Newman, among other duties, continues to head the Sports Information Office, while Mr. Hall has the responsibility of Director of Men's Athleticydirecting intercollegiate compe- tition in wrestling, football, basketball, golf, track, tennis, and baseball. pecial Branches Serve The College r. Paul Newman, Administrative Assistant to the President MR Alla" HG", Director Of Athletics Board of Trustees Leads ESC my mum YJ 7 - 1? ma? Froni Row L-R: Mr. Wesley G. Reifze. Mrs. Marior'e Koon. Dr. Chesfer T. McNerney. Mr. Irving 0. Murphy. Dr. George H. Ledger. Back Row L-R: Mr. John Allegre++i. Mr. Max P. Gabreski. Mr. Carl F. Welch. Mr. Foresi' W. Hopkins. Nof picfured Is Mrs. Donald E. Conaway. Mr. Grosvenor 5. McKee Mrs. Gilberf H. Diehl 212 r. James E. McKinley. Vice Presiden'r of Academic AHairs Dr. McKinley coordinafes Hie programs. personnel and course offerings in +he academic sec'ror. His office assisfs +he deans of +he various academic schools in +he developmen+ and plannning of ins+ruc+ional pro- grams. Dr. McKinley's depari'menf is responsible for +he scholasfic records and proper scheduling of all sfudenfs. as well as guiding summer sessions. veferans' affairs and academic counseling. Dr. McKinley has played a vifal role in Hue recenf inifiafion of many inferesfing new curriculum plans a+ Edinboro S+a+e College. Ir. McKinleyk Role Is Vital in cademic Develonment 213 Dr. Jack B. Hetrick, Dean, School of Education Scholastic Innovation E Progressive and exciting academic programs highlight 1969-70 at Edinboro. The School of Education schedules for the first time Com- municative Arts-Social Living in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Prac- ticum in Inner City Schools, two vital courses which offer pre-student teaching experience in the public schools. Dr. Jack E. Williams, Dean, School of Gvuduufe Study Dr. L. Hendricks, Dean, School Dr. Nelson T. Williams, Dean, School of Science and Math Dr. Eldon E. Shupe, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities The School of Science and Math has initiated a 8.5. degree in Chemistry and Physics and a new course in Descriptive As- tronomy. The department is also co-operating with other colleges and universities in establishing a Marine Science Con- sortium Field Station in Delaware Bay for summer sessions study of oceanography. Chinese I and II, six levels of Russian, Afro-American Litera- ture, High School Play Production, Safety Education courses, and the Artist in Residence program all serve to broaden scholastic opportunities at Edinboro. 215 Dr. Gates' office of Administrative Services this year has handled the mechanics of the new administrative network, facilitating planning and organization. The office has served as a base for new programs, working closely with Dr. Yon of Student Personnel Services and Dr. McKinley, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Ad- ministrative Services also continues as a stabilizing force for moior college services and as the agency controlling computer, television and public relations for Edinboro. Student Personnel Services, under the leadership of Dr. Yon, now broadly encompasses such offices as Ad- missions, Financial Aid, and Student Government. Many innovative programs are in the planning stages in these offices, including one which, if initiated, would create a student travel service, offering trips throughout the United States and Canada and perhaps abroad. 216 Dr. John F. Yon, Dean, Student Person nel Services Dr. Robert Gates, Administrative Services Mr. Harold C. Umbarger Director of AdHIISSiOI'IS Mrs. Kay R. Miller, Office of Pub Ic Relations . V ncenf Trona, Financial Ald Of Icer Mrs. Ruth 5. Peck, Dean, Office of Personnel; Miss Mary E. Rugh, Assistant Dean of Women 218 Mr. O'Dessa, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Magdik, Mrs. Peck, and Miss Rugh work to co-ordinate student living under the new administrative framework. During 1969-70, Mr. O'Dessa addressed the student body regarding housing problems during protest demonstrations. Miss Mary E. Rugh, with experience in dormitory work at Summit Hall, Morgantown, West Virginia, assumed her initial post at Edinboro as the Assistant Dean of Women. Mr. Magdik's College Union Board continued to provide such quality extra-curricular entertainment as the Homecoming week performance of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. o-ordinating Student Living r. Emil Magdik, Director of College Union GRADUATES Barbara E. Albig Gloria J. Allcman Joan L. Almacy Christine L. Aloi Cathryn L. Ambrose Jeffery L. Amon Joyce E. Amon Judith A. Anderson Charles E. Angelis D. Robert Antel 222 Linda J. Antonacci James W. Anundson Mary A. Arcuri John J. Aufman Susan L. Augustin Wallace D. Aungsf Kathleen E. Backes Carol Baker Donna M. Baker Sandra E. Burt 2224 I? .,....a- . 4P0 Kb 5:3, " m Lia A. Azzafo John R. Ballard Terry C. Bair Patricia L. Bartilson Ruth Baker Nancy J. Bales Margaref L. Barfels Marie Bargerstach George J. Barnes Candace Bates Lawrence M. Bauer Ill Janice E. Beaver Karen R. Bechtold William C- Beck John M. Behon Maureen Beighley Carol A. Bellocchi Robert D. Bauer Beverly Peyton Baur Terry J. Bedsworth James Beer Sumner R, Bemis Sharon E. Benko Joyce R, Bennett Sandra J. Bensink Christine Berner Patricia L. Bessey Sandra Biane Russell F. Bicker Susan Bizzak Victoria M. Blair William R. Blankehe 226 Eugene J. Bicego Jean Diane Bielawski Judith A. Blake C. Leslie Blanarik Shirley M. Blood at Mt La: Carol A. Bock Nancy L. Bloom Daryl W. Boocks Margaret A. Bortner Sharon L. Boura Dorothy E. Bowser Jonathan J. Bonchi Judith M. Borsa Gerald R. Bosilievuc Frank L. Bova Robert L. Boyd Anna M. Bradshaw Saul H, Broffman Dennis F. Brown Dennis J. Brudney Joseph M. Buchan David M. Bucher John E. Buckham Marie A. Buckwalfer J00" R- Buetikofer R- Joseph Bufalmo ,y-"W'v x 2,4, g; 228 W3, Viva m! ', 3 Martha 5. Bullers Donald C. Bunion C. Joseph Buono Maureen R. Burkhart Carol L. Burton Carolyn Bushar Patricia Byrfus Lorry Cafro Jean A. Cain Brenda J. Campbell 230 Patricia Butya Pony D. Callender Sandra 5. Cadamore James L. Cardone Victor T. Cognon Mary K. Calaboyias Lynn R Campbell Pete Camasi Oresfe Carioli Bonnie L. Campbell Hazel Carl Joan Carlin Elizabeth Caterina Frances C. Charles Joyce Chomicz Joann M. Ciccone Dione J. Carroll Mary A. Cebasek Annie E. Chase Marietta Ciampoli Sandra K. Clark Nancy Carson Peggy Cebe Judith E. Cartwright Patricia A. Chaffee Carolyn M. Carvella Marcus H. Chapman Clifford Clark Emma Cliken Karen Colomarino Assunta Como Pamela Connell 232 Sharon Clark Mary Clover Carol Cole Earl Condon Eileen Conway Richard Costa Andrea Cunningham Thomas D. Curry Shirlee Cushing Mary Cretnia David Cowles Deborah Crawford Nancy Crusan Sharon Cornelius lleane Cooper Doreen Cooper Adaline Cooper Lonnie Dahm Leah Daley Linda Darr Barbara Davies Larry Davis Susan Davis John Dewitt Sheila Dawney Rebecca Debevec Robert Debreczeni 234 Valerie Dellas Nancy DeLong Susan L. DeMarco Sue DeShields Gina DeVincent Mary Douglass 236 Robert DeLong Charlotte Dike Ronald Dernar Donald Drescher Patricia Defzel Isabella Dewey Paul Doyle William Dinsmore Arthur Druschel Sherry Donnelly Elaine Dryburgh Edward Donovan Alexander Eastlick Ncmcy Erickson Joseph Espey Andrea Fabelle Laura Dubbs Norman Eaton Howard Etzel Janice Evans Louis Folconi Audrey Dudash Kathleen Dugan William Dulcmey Maxene Emig Edward Emswiller Maura English Charles Falloreffq C. Joseph Fetzner Todd Fedei Jon E. Fisk Barbara Florek 238 Gregory Fazio Diane Ferrante Donald Finder Mary Flannery Patricia Flynn Theresa Foster Thomas Fortin Deborah Forgush Linda Fongo Gloria Foley Richard A. Fredericks Linda Freeland Jone Freshcorn Wayne Freund Kenneth Fritz Harry C. Fry III Cecil Furer Mary Gallagher Frank Gara Kathleen A. Garrett Connie A. Gaylord Gary N. Geisel Martha A. Geisler Alice V. Gelormino Caroline George Christine K- Gerus Kenneth Paul Getz Jr. Thomas F. Geyer 240 $$$aiv$ w "'"ek'i'E-I" ' Gary L. Gibbons Linda L. Gillen Darlene E. Gillette PGtViCiG A- Gillung Helen J- Gilmore 241 M, Gory Gilmore Carol A. Gilson Marjorie L. Gneifing Michael J. Goetz Sally Goetz Dale Goodwin JoAnne L. Gourley Glenn A. Gow Gay D. Groomes George Gryak 242 Marjorie G. Graham Patricia A. Guido Kathy A. Grundy Steve D. Gurrero Kathleen F. Gribbin Marcia A. Gusfofson Mary J. Hacketf Beverly M. Haibach Anne L. Hall Gloria B. Hammett Rosemary Hansen Judith F. Harayda James Guerino Donald R. Haas Diane L. Hall Sandra A. Hall Thomas P. Hargest Donald L. Harmon David L. Harris Donna J. Harris James C. Harris Cathy J. Hart 243 Alfred L. Hartick Sharon Hatala Ann J. Hausmann Susan Heard Carol A. Heckafhorne 244 Judith C. Hassenplug Mary L. Hatheway Shirley P. Hayes Patricia E. Hebert Linda R. Heinrich Sharon L. Hewitt L V- Herman Cheryl L. Hewitt Norman P. Hetz Harry E. Hershberger Larry L. Herl Charlotte A. Hennen Beth A. Hill Floyd L. Himes Roy W. Himrod Diane L. Hinkson Kathleen E. Hizer 245 Marjorie R. Hofer Thomas Hofius Susan Hogue Linda Holland Joseph Holler Ralph Hollibaugh Christine Holloway Ben Holtzman Robert Hoover Arlene Horkey 246 Carol Hotchkiss Cheryl Howard Margo Hreso Sandra Hubbard . WWW mm". w m- w Fred Huffman Karen lagnemma Janice lgnasiak Suzanne Jackson Harry Jenkins 248 Thomas Hultgren Ronald Jugta Leona lgncsiak Bruce Johnson Sharon lllig Linda Jager Kenneth Jenkins Mary Jarussi Daniel Johnson Jo mes Jo ruszewicz Linda Johnson Roberta Jolley Arlene Kare James Kelly Kathleen Kennedy Bruce Kerr Eileen Joseph John Kassie Corn Kelley JoEIIen Kenney Robert Kern Herman Joyner Darrell Kougher Suzanne Kaiser Deborah Keaney Janet Kalna Myra Keisler Eileen Ketcham Cynthia Kiiowski Linda Kirschmcn Suzanne Kissel Chris Klemens 250 Linda Khouri Linda King Clifford Kirschner Thomas Kitcey Nancy Koberick Ma ry Kray Elizabeth Kraftician Victoria Kowalski Carole Kon Pamela Koluia Margaret Krill Ann Kronenwetter Carol Kvorjak Robert Kruse Gary C. Kuhn William Kunst 251 Edna Kunfz Nancy Kurtz Vernon Kwiafkowski Paul Labash Scott Ladner Diane Lalley Pauline Lantz Doris Lover Eleanor Lawless James Lawson 252 James Lefterio Linda Lewis Mary Lewis Hope Luden Edward Macurak VI 6 .m ma CM U L5 am :0 00 h NT Barba ra Lottes Patricia Mack icia Litwinowicz Judie Lindberg Karen Locke Patr Ist illy Bon to L Joseph LoBue Carol L IS Jay Loom ick Lyle H V ig Angela Lombardo James Ludw 254 Dan Malady Rose Malloy Michael Manafo Donna Martin Jacklyn Martin Laura Martin David Mahoney IBAGbrfha I:13m . h $95M! 709:! WM ',W'r'e dong! Tim Manfini e om FIFICIC er 5r Giudem Marilyn Martino KMhY Martin 3 MUST U59 the 100:8. Cathy Ma rzio Jolene Master Jean Mafiia Patricia Matteson Sandra Mazzagotti Shirley Medred Marilyn Melmberg Irma Meraf Maureen Mihaly 256 Daryl Mecklem Donna Meley Linda Melnyk John Metzger Carolyn Miller Ellery Miller Dorothy Miller Diane Miller Diane Miller Cheryl Miller Gary Miller Maureen Miller Sharon Miller Susan Miller James Milligan Linda Mitchell Linda Mitchell David Mischick Linda Mockel Maureen Molifor Sharon Moniak June Montali Arsenio Montini Janet Moore Lucretia Moore Mark Moore Barbara Moorhead 258 Mary Moro Barbara Morrell Nancy Morton Thomas Moxie Fredrick Munnell Roberf Murphy Anne McAIeese 260 Douglas Mory Delia Myers Ronald Munn Lucinda McCarthy Ann E. Murphy Nancy Mutdosch Mary McCann Linda Myers De borah McC Ielland Sam uel Mye rs Thomas McCIoskey Linda McC une Sandra McDonald Michael McGarrey Marge McKean Carol McKee Karen McLane Delores McConnell Lynn McCray Roy McKay Cathy McKean Craig McLean Robert McMurray Joseph McNaul Jane McNersh Patricia McTighe Steve Nagel Gloria Nastuck Barbara Neuburger Donna Nicely William Nichols Lewis E. Niver 262 Linda Neubrund Sharon Nicastro Thomas Nichols Janet Nienfimp Jack Nobbs Janet Ocel Patricia O'Brien Eileen Oakes Johanna North Mary Nolte Martha Oelschlager William T. O'Leary William R. Ondrasik Thomas Onesky Molly Orcutt Robert Orr Joyce Orton Donna Oyler John Outrakis Daniel Paga Martha Palagyi Karen Palombi II IIIIIIII: '. --IIWIIIIIII"IIII II: .III III' I "II"l III III II III I ,3: IIIIII" I I. IIIII II "III W IIIII ' III: III Iilgam IiI-IIIIIIH .i 51"; I WIIWIIIIII 'IIIIIIIIIIIIII' I IIIIIIIIIIII I IIII IIII III I I III Patricia Palsa Ervin Panek Christopher Pantzis Thomas Pappas Larry Pa rdini II IIIIIIIII 264 Christine PCII'SI'I Janice Pascoe Corine Pafasky John Paterline Faye Patterson 265 Thomas Paukow Terry Perich Toby Peshkin Joseph J. Pellitteri Nancy Pierce Beverly Paulovich Pamela Petz Lucia Perry Anthony Pietropolu Mary Petruska William Pettigrew Gary Piero'ni Mary Phillips George Pietropola Georgia Piccirillo Victor Pilipovich Jr. Philip Pitts Corrie Podobnick Kathleen Port Kathryn Porter Harriet Powell Shirley Ploszay Richard Plyler Gary Podobnick Annette Ponticello Patricia Porovne Pamela Potts Robert Plcm Susan Ponsetto Daniel Porter Vicki Post Elaine Pratt 267 Beverly Price Mary Lou Pugliese Mary Pyle Terrance Radecki Bruce Ranick Marcia Przywara Vincent Pugliese Phillip Raccula Pamela Ramsey Gloria Ranyak Donna Rennie Joyce Renaud Patricia Reich Erma Rearick Bruce M. Rape Karen Renquest Marjorie Reynolds Koren Rex Johanna Ricci Patrick Rice Frank Rinaldi Victoria Rispigliati JoAnn Rivas Linda Roumfort Janice Rothrock Susan Rothensfein Virginia Rosser Janis J. Root Ellen Rowe Linda Rubalcavo Dianna Rudy Barbara Rullo Cheryl Roun ds 270 Esther Sandor Smokey D. Sanfillo Angelo Saraceno Robert Sauer Tom Saulle J JJJJJJJJJ Jl JJJJ JJJ JJJ J x J JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ , JJJ ,. J JJJJ JJJJJJJJ JJJJ JJJJJ JJJ JJJJJJ J JJJ J JJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJ JJJJJJJ JJ JJ ,J. JJ JJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJ JJJJJJ ,JJJJJ J' J lJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJ JJ JJJJJ J "JJ""JJJJ'J'JJ'J'JJ ,,,,,,,, J..JJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 272 Daniel Sauage Victoria Saxe Cletus Schirra Marilou Schmift Nancy Schreiber Gregory Savko Barbara Schoat David Scheid Carol Schwab Patricio Schmid Waltha Schmitf Jeanne Schulz Linda Schockling Catherine Schwartz Donald Schrall Linda J. Schwartz Luwanna Scott Linda L. Seitz Thomas Sever Colleen Shaffer Sharon Shambaugh Joyce Seaman Eileen Sekelsky James Shafer Sylvia Shaffer Linda Shapiro Carrie Sedinger Christine Seladi Helen Seefelt Mary Senyo Linda Seeley Cheryl Sever 273 David Shearer John Sheldon Betty Sherbondy Linda Sherwood Paul Shine Diane Sheets Marilyn Sherbin Lois Sheridan Edward Shewak Alice Shirley Karl Smith Clifford Smith John $iple Larry Simons Lynn Sill Kathleen Smith Judith Snook Jan Snyder Virginia Sochots Susan Soles Susan Sollon 275 Cheryl Soska James Sowerby Kingsley Sowles Coralee Spacht Pauline Spears 276 Donna Stanley Linda Steele Susan Stefanowicz Amy Stephens Charles Steinke Barbara Stewart Anne Stock Myrna Strunk 278 Richard Steinhauser Christine Storrar Linda Steves Mark Stuyvesant Robert Stewart Roberf Stokes Edna Stuart Betsy Strohmeyer Pafricio A. Sullivan Mary St rouss Frederick Susi Linda Suftinger Ruth Sykes Anna Taylor Maryanne Taylor Regina Temerski Janice Swanson Louise Szoch Chrisfy Taylor Pamela Taylor Carole Terchila Rodney Siverts Barbara Tack Ronald Swift Patricia A. Tague John Swoap Susan Tautin 279 Charles Territo Rebecca Thompson Leonard Thornton Janet Tolan Ann Townley 280 Joyce Thompson Susan Thompson Dorothy Thorton Beverly Torak Shirley Tozier Carol Uber Linda Valentino Rosemary Valone Michael Tylavsky John Tucceri James Trzybinski Patricia Troxell Mary Trageser Sallie Vastine Rebecca Vath Susan Vaughn Susan Vickery Alberf Vincent 281 """ WWWWWWWW WW W W W WWW WW " W W W W W l, W W W W W WWWWWWWW l WWW WWW WWW " WWW WWW WW W WWW WW WW WWWW Barbara Walker Kenneth Walker Mary Ellen Walker Sally Walker Janice Ward 283 Mark Warkaske Dennis Woronsky Raymond Wososky Barbara Wasson Paula Webster Ellie Weenkeimer B. M. Weinstein Karen Welcker Kathleen Wensel James Wesolowski 284 Catherine Welgs Ba rba rcz Wharrey Kathleen Welch Gary Whippo Dorothy Welsh Barbara White Beth White Suzanne Williams Terri Woinar Donald Worf Kathleen Yezzi Mary Ann White Barbara Wilson Sandra Wolf Sara Wright Cynthia Zarichnak Bert Whitehair Paula Wilson Linda Wilkinson Linda Wires Nancy Williams Rebecca Witherow 285 Roncdd Zatek Edward Zipoy Linda Zo'ner Cheryl Herberle 286 James Zeman Rebecca Zoretich Barbara Ferranti Lonnie Jantsch 287 Albig. Barbara Elizabe+h Wesf Newfon, Pa. Arf EducaHon PSEA. IRC. Collegiafe Players Allaman, Gloria Jean Oil Cify. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion IRC. Tuforing Program Almacy, Joan Lynn Coraopolis, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma Aloi, Chrisfine Lee Ambridge. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Dorm Council Ambrose. Caihryn Linda Cabot Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa DeHa Pi, IRC. PSEA Amon. Jeffery Lynn Jamesfown. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Chi DeHa Ureasj. lni'ramurals PSEA Amon. Joyce Ellen Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion PSEA. Orientation Commlffee Anderson. Judifh Anne Sheffield. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau Angelis. Charles E. Monroeville. Pa. Elementary Educafion Alpha Phi Omega Anfel, Dale Roberf Aliquippa, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Mu Kappa Gamma, Brass Choir. ESC Band Anfonacci. Linda Jean Jeanneffe. Pa. Arf EducaHon Anundson. James William Sheffield. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Arcuril Mary A. Penn Hills. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Phi Mu Phi BecJ. PSEA Aufman, John Joseph Jr. Shaler Township. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Gamma Thefa Upsilon. Inframurals. Bowling Team. Tarfan SfaFF Augusfin. Susan Louise Easf McKeespor+. Pa. Social Sfudies Dorm Council Aungst Wallace Daniel Apollo. Pa. Geography Foofball Azzaio. Lia Anne James+own, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Backes, Kafhleen E. Glenshaw. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma. CEC. Psychology Club BairfTerry Charles Punxsufawney, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma Baker. Carol WilmeHe. Illinois Elementary Educafion Phi Mu Phi, SLA. PSEA Baker. Donna Mae Penn Hills. Pa. 288 Senior Index Elemenfary Educa+ion Alpha Sigma Alpha W.P.. Pledge MisfressL Order of Diana WresJ Bales. Nancy Jane Meadville, Pa. Medical Technology Ballard. John Raymond Piffsburgh. Pa. Geography Foofball Team. Track Team. E Club Barnes. George John Swissvale, Pa. Biology DeHa Sigma Phi Barf, Sandra Elaine Sharon. Pa. Arf Tarfan Sfaff. PSEA BechreasJ Barfels. Margaref Louise Cambridge Springs. Pa. Mafhema+ics Phi Mu Phi. PSEA. AWS BarHIson. Pa+ricia Lee McKeesporf. Pa. Library Science Collegiafe Players. SLA. Library CommiHee of Faculfy Senafe Bauer. Lawrence Mar+in HI Wifkinsburg. Pa. English SFC Upress SecJ. Delfa Sigma Phi. Spec+a+0r Staff Bauer, Roberf Donald Ambridge, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma. WJKB Baur, Beverly Peyfon Erie. Pa. Elementary Educafion Kappa Mu DeHa Kior. Sec, HisforianL Mu Kappa Gamma His+orianL Concerf Chorale. Madrigal Singers PSEA, CUB Beaver. Janice Elaine Library, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Social Science Club, Collegiafe Players. Dean's Lisf Bechfold. Karen Ruih Bolivar. Pa. Sociology, Phi Mu Phi. Psychology Club. UshereHe, R.A. Beck. William Charles McKees Rocks, Pa. Geography Sigma Chi Delfa. Gamma Thefa Upsilon Bedswodh. Terry Jeanne Monroeville, Pa. Social Sfudies Sigma Sigma Sigma, Synchronized Swim Club Behan, John Mark ErieI Pa. Social Sfudies Phi Sigma Kappa Beighley. Maureen Norfh Braddock, Pa. Elementary EducaHon Phi Mu Phi, CEC. Psychology Club Bellocchi. Carol Ann Aliquippa, Pa. Library Science SLA. CUB. PSEA Orienfafion Bemis, Sumner Ray Oil CH'y. Pa. Mafhemafics DeHa Sigma Phi ChaplainL Track Team. Fr. Baskefball Team, Baskefball Team Mgr.. Procfor. SFC Haresj Benko. Sharon Eileen Glenshaw. Pa. Arf Educafion BenneH. Joyce Rae Conneauf Lake. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Mu Phi. CEC, Psychology Club. Dean's Lisf Bensink. Sandra Jane Corry. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Berner, Chrisfine Haverfowm Pa. Music Sfring Ensemble Bessey. Pairicia Lynne New Wilmingfon. Pm Biology PSEA Bicego. Eugene James Nor+h Apollo, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Bicker. Russell Floyd Freeporf, Pa. Arf EducaHon Bielawski, Jean Diane Warren. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion PSEA Birnesser. Sandra Kafhleen Darlingfon, Pa. Biology Delfa Zefa WresJ, CUB Rivas. JoAnn Marie Erie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion College Philosophy CommiHee. IRC Bizzak. Susan Kane, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Blake. Judi+h Ann Leechburg. Pa. Elernenfary Educafion Alpha Psi Omegal Collegiate Players Blair. Vicforia Maria PiH'sburgh. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Ski Club. AWS, Dorm Council. Inframural Dorm Repf. Blanarik. C. Leslie Ambridge. Pa. English DeHa Zefa CUB CommiHee Blanke++e. William Raymond Irwin. Pa. Geography Blood. Shirley Marie Conneaufville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA, SLA Bloom. Nancy Lee Warren. Pa. Elementary Educafion PSEA Bock. Carol Ann Wesf Deer Township. Pa. Library Science Alpha Befa Alpha Boe. Linda Rebecca New Alexandria. Pa. Library Science SLA Bohley. Herber+ E. PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Bonchi, Jonafhan Joseph Aliquippa. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tau Kappa Epsilon. CUB Boocks. Daryl Wayne Florence. PA. Arf Educa+ion Delfa Phi Delfa Borsa. JudHh Marie Union Cify. Pa. ArJr Alpha Gamma Delfa. WAA Bosilievac. Gerald Roberf Piffsburgh. Pa. Social Science RA. Boura. Sharon Lynne Plum Boro. Pa. Geography Bova. Frank L. Erie. Pa. Ma+hema+ics DeHa Sigoa Phi. Tennis Team. College Philosophy CommiHee. RA. Bowser. Doro'rhy Elizabeih Wheafland. Pa. Mafhemafics PSEA Boyd. Roberf Loring New Wilmington. Pa. Geography Phi Sigma Kappa. Foo+ball Team. E Club Bradshaw, Anna M. Meadville. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Speech and Hearing Club Broffman. Saul Howard Warren. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Brown. Dennis Franklin Warren, Pa. Biology Track Brudney. Dennis John Bairdford. Pa. Biology Buchan. Joseph MacFarlane Tifusvillek Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma Mdhlefic ChairmanI Bucher. David M. Norrisfown. Pa. Social Sciences SFC. Tarfan Sfaff Copy Ed. 8 Senior EdJ Buckham. John Edward Erie. Pa. Ma+hema+ics Circle K Buckwal'rer. Marie Ann Paradise. Pa. Arf Educa+ion Sigma Sigma Sigma Bue+ikofen Joan Ru+h Erie. Pa. Elementary Educa+ion Gamma Sigma Sigma. CEC Bufalino. R. Joseph Erie. Pa. Mafhemafics Tau Kappa Epsilon. Foofball Team, E Club Bullers. Marfha Savilla Brookville. Pa. Library Science Alpha Befa Alpha, Tarfan Sfaff Bunion. Donald Charles Greenville, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma Buono. C. Joseph Aliquippa. Pa. Liberal Arfs Burkharf. Maureen R. Fairview. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion Burton, Carol Linda Fairview. Pa. Library Science Alpha Sigma Tau Bushar. Carolyn Jeanne Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Band . Concerf 8w Marching Byr+us. Pafricia Ann Waferford. Pa. Mafhemafics Kappa DeHa Phi. IRC. Mafh Club. PSEA. SFC Cadamore. Sandra Sue Na+rona Heights, Pa. Spanish Cagnon. Vicfor Thomas Coraopolis. Pa. Social Sfudies Sigma Tau Gamma Cain. Jean Anne Carnegie. Pa. EIemenfary Educafion Calaboyias. Mary Kai'herine Johnsfown. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion Callender. PaHy Diane Parker. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Campbell. Bonnie Lee McKeesporf. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion Campbell. Brenda Joyce Mercer. Pa. Eiemenfary Educafion PSEA. Alpha Befa Alpha. Cheerleader Bhanangd Campbell. Lynn R. Edinboro. Pa. Geography Delfa Sigma Phi Cardone. James Lawrence Bairdford. Pa. Elementary Educafion Tau Kappa Epsilon. Jr. Class Officer Carlin. Joan Erie. Pa. English Specfafor SfaH Carroll. Diane June Porf Vue, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion SLA Carfwrighf, Judiih Elaine Meadville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. Earfh Science Club Carvella. Carolyn Mae New CasHe. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Cebasek. Mary Agnes Elkland. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Concer+ Band. Marching Band ChaHee. Patricia Ann WaHsburg. Pa. Arf Educafion Chapman. Marcus Harry Cheswick. Pa. Liberal. Ar+s Lambda Chi Charles. Frances C. Bordenfown. New Jersey Library Science SLA BecJ Chase. Annie Esfella Sheffield. Pa. Mafhemchs Chomicz. Joyce Lee Wesf Lafayeffe. Ohio Elemenfary Educafion Ciampoli, Marieffa LuciHe New CasHe, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Ciccone. Joann Marie Coraopolis. Pa. Arf Educafion Phi Mu Phi. PSEA Clark. Sandra Kave Greenville. Pa. Elemenfary Education DeHa Zefa. AWS Clark. Sharon Louise Bradford. Pa. Arf Educafion Phi Mu Phi Clover, Mary Lynn Nafrona Heighfs. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Colamarino. Karen Lynn Roches+er. Pa. Elemenfary Education Delfa Zefa Cole. Carol Jane PiH'sburgh, Pa. Elemenmry Educafion Alpha Sigma Alpha Rec. SecJ, PSEA. AWS Como. Assunfa McKeesporf. Pa. Elementary Educafion Spanish Club. Psychology Club. IRC Condon. Earl Arfhur Johnsonburg. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC Connell. Pamela M. PiHsburgh. Pa. English Conway. Eileen F. PiHsburgh. Pa. Liberal. Arfs Phi Mu Phi Cooper. Adaline B. Edinboro, Pa. English Cooper. Doreen Joyce Indiana. Pa. Library Science PSEA. SLA Cooper, Ileane Susan Allenfown. Pa. Biology Sigma Sigma Sigma. Befa Befa Be+a Carioli. Oresi'e Frank Ambridge. Pa. Liberal Arfs Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mafh Club Cornelius. Sharyn Lee Monroeville. Pa. Arf Educafion DeHa Zefa Cosfa. Richard Dennis SfraHord. Connechuf Chemisfry Delia Sigma Phi. Phi Chi Psi. Ski Club. Inframurals, IFC Golf. Bowling Cowles, David James Jamesfown. New York Elemenfary Educafion Crawford. Deborah Ann Penn Hills. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa, IRC Crawford. Thomas Braconnier Jr. Pifisburgh. Pa. Social Sfudies Alpha Phi Omega Crusan. Nancy Lee PiH'sburgh. Pa. Social S+udies Cunningham. Andrea Ella New Florence. Pa. Elementary Educa+ion Phi Mu Phi. PSEA, Psychology Club Curry. Thomas Dickson Meadville. Pa. Liberal Arfs Cushing. Shirlee Eve Penn Hills. Pa. Elementary Educafion CEC Cveinic. Mary Kay Rochester. Pa. German Daley. Leah Joanne Corry, Pa. Arf Education Davis. Larry L. Greenville. Pa. Liberal Arfs Davis. Susan Jean Rosslyn Farms, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Debevec. Rebecca Ann James City. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Drama eAssf. Dir. - Warren Campqu CUB Debreczeni. Roberi Sieven PiHsburgh. Pa. Liberal Ar+s Tau Kappa Epsilon. CUB UXssf. ChairmanJ. GohC Team. Men's Judicial Board Dec. Sally Jane New CasHe. Pa. Library Science SLA DeCos+ro, Ralph Augusiine Midland. Pa. Polifical Science Spanish Club Deiger, Rober+ Duane Mercer. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon S+uden+ Senafe Bhenangd Dellas. Valerie Ann E651L McKeesporf. Pa. Ar+ EducaHon Gamma Sigma Sigma. Debuf Staff. Delta Phi DeHa DeLong, Jane+ Louise PiHsburgh. Pa. Spanish Mu Kappa Gamma. Choir. PSEA. Spanish Club DeLong. Nancy J. Franklin. Pa. Arf EducaHon CUB, Debuf Sfaff. PSEA DeLong. Roberi Jules Erie. Pa. Scoial Sfudies Sigma Tau Gamma wAfhlefic ChairmanL Track Team DeMarco. Susan L. Geneva. Ohio Social Sciences Zefa Tau Alpha, PSEA Dernar. Ronald George WaHsburg. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma. Track Team DeShields. Sue Ann Be+hel Park. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion PSEA, SLA. Kappa Mu Delfa UDreSJ Dehel. Pafricia Ann Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Education CEC DeVincent Gina Marie Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa BongleaderL Mu Kappa Gamma. Concerf Chorale. Madrigal Singers. PSEA. CUB Dewey. Isabella Morfon MeadviHe. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Speech and Hearing Club. Marching Band. Concer+ Band S+ring Ensemlbe Dinsmore. William Herny MeadviHe. Pa. Psychology Donnelly. Sherry Ann Erie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC. Specfafor Sfaff IBus- iness Mng Donovan. Edward John Piffsburgh. Pa. English Dauds, Barbara Jane Upper Sf. Clair. Pa. Ar+ Educafion Delfa Ze+a Wublicify ChJ. CUB weeneral ChJ. AWS Wublicify ChJ. Jr.-Sr. Weekend PublicHy Ch. Douglass. Mary Ann PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau. Dorm Council Doyle. Paul Vincenf Monroeville, Pa. Mafhemafics Alpha Phi Omega Drescher. Donald Louis Erie, Pa. German French Club. R.A. Druschel, Arthur A. Zelienople. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Phi Omega Dryburgh. Elaine Margare+ TurHe Creek. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Mu Phi. Psychology Club Dubbs, Laura Lucre'lia Springdale. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Glee Club. PSEA Dudash. Audrey Lynn McKees Rocks. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa. Collegiafe Players. PSEA Dugan. Ka+hleen Marie Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa WresJ. CUB. PSEA Dulaney. William Carl Harshaville. Pa. Geography Mu Kappa Gamma. Concert Chorale, Choral Union, Men's Glee Club. Madrigals EasHick. Alexander C. Jr. Fredonia. Pa. Liberal Arfs Buildings CommiHee Eafon. Norman William Springdale. Pa. Biology Phi Sigma Kappa. Baskefball Team. Track Team Emig. Maxene Ann Meadville. Pa. Arf Gamma Sigma Sigma Udumni Sec.. PresJ Emswiller. Edward Arnold Wesf Mifflin. Pa. Liberal Arfs GoIF Team, Psychology Club English. Maura P. 289 Piffsburgh. Pa. Arf Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau Espey.Josepl1 Edward HI Braden. Pa. Elemenfary Educaffon Tau Kappa Epsilon. WJKB, Baseball Team Erickson, Nancy Dunhoff PIHsburgh Pa. Elemenfary Educaflon Kappa Mu DeHa Hoe. ChJ. PSEA, Greek Sing Publiciw Ch. EfzelI Howard Edward McKeesport Pa. Mafhemafics Concer+ Band Marching Band Mafh CMJb, Mu Kappa Gamma Evans, Janice Kafhryn Piffsburgh Pa. Elementary Educaffon Phi Mu Phi. PanheHenic Council Hecj MaioreHe tCapfainJ Falconi, Louis Anfhony Farrell, Pa. Social Sfudles FoofbaH Team, E CMJb FalloreHa. Charles Allen Baden, Pa. Elemenfary Educaficn Fazio, Gregory Granf New Brighfom Pa. Social Sfudies BasebaH Team Fedei, Todd Kirby Erie Pa. Social S+udies Karma. Choral Groups Mu Kappa Gamma WJKB Ferranfe, Diane Marie Vandergrift Pa. Elemenfary, EducaHon FerranfL Barbara Ann Piffsburgh Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC, PSEA Fefzner, Cyril Joseph Erie, Pa. Biology Fisk. John Eric Union Cify. Pa. Hemenfary Educafion Flannery. Mary Barbara Niison Park, Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Sigma Sigma Sigma K:or. Sec.J AWS. Psychology Club CEC Florek. Barbara EHen Cheswick, Pa. Ar? Educaflon DeHa Phi Delfa. PSEA Flynn, Pa+ricia Ann Jackson Cenfen Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon PSEA Spanish CMb Foley, Gloria Ann Plffsburghl Pa. Elemenfary Educafion SLA Forgash. Deborah Ann Erie, Pa. Hemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu DeHa, Sigma Alpha Efal CUB PSEA. Collegiafe Singers For+in. Thomas David Erie. Pa. Mafhemaflcs Sigma Chi DeHa Fosier. Theresa Ann Guys Mills. Pa. 290 Elemenfary Educafion Dorm Councll Fredericks, Richard Allen Monaca Pa. Eiemenfary Educaffon Sigma Alpha Efa Freeland. Linda Kay Erie. Pa. English Delfa Zefa R.A., Kappa DeHa Pi Freshcorn, Jane Ellen New Brighfon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion French Club. SLA. PSEA Freund, Wayne Roberf Pleasanf Hills. Pa. Mafhemmics Frifz. Kennefh Elliof PiHsburgh. Pa. Mafhemafics Sfage Crew Fry. Harry Collins HI MunhaIL Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Lambda CM PSEA Choir. IFC VoHeybaH Furer, Cecil Darl Sarven Pa. Comprehensive Science Delfa Sigma PhL SFC, Earfh Science Club Furer, Jane+ Tolan Doylesfown, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gallagher, Mary Ann Norfh Easi' Pa. Elemen+ary Educaflon Garreff, Kafhleen Anne PiHsburgh Pa. Elemenfary Educaflon Gaylord, Connie Ann Falls Creek, Pa. Elementary Educafion Phi Mu Phi, IRC Dean's Lier Geisel. Gary N. Aliqulppa, Pa. Manemafics Tau Kappa Epsilon. Fr. Class V P Geisler, Marfha A. Ccraopolis Pa. EIemenfary Educafion PSEA Gelormino, Alice V. Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. CUB IRC, AWS George. Caroline Parma Ohio Eiemenfary Educafion PSEA Gerus, Chris+ine Kafhryn Tidioufa Pa. Elemenfary Educafion ConcemL Band Gefz. Kennefh Paul Jr. Lake Ci+y Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Geyer, Thomas Franklin Johnsonburg, Pa. Arf Educafion DeHa Sigma Phi Secj. CUB Uixec. Board, Dance Chm OrienJraron, SFC CommIHees Gibbons. Gary Lee Erie, Pa. Liberal Arfs College Chrfsfian FeHowship Gillen, Linda Lou Clairfon, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Npha Gamma DeHa CEC GiIIeHe. Darlene ElizabeH'I Townville. Pa. SLA. PSEA. NEA Gillung, Pa+ricia Anne DuBois. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gilmore. Helen Jane Sheakleyville. Pa. Elementary Educafion Mafh Club. IRC Gilson, Carol Ann Sharon. Pa. Elementary EducaHon Cheerleader BhenangoL PSEA Gneifing. Mariorie Lynn McMurray. Pa. Elementary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha, Women's VoHeybaH 60912. Michael Joseph MeadviHe, Pa. Social Sfudies Gourley. JoAnne Louise Cambridge Springs. Pa. Ma+hema+ics Mafhemaffcs Club. IRC Gow, Glenn A. Greenvilfe, Pa. Physics PSEA. Men's Glee Club. Com- munify Choir! Concerf Chorale Madrigal Singers. Phi Chi Psi Graham. Maiorie Gafes Fairvfew Pa. Arf Grandy, Ka'lhy Ann SharpsviHe. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion 2 Operas. Madrigals. Chorale. Choral Union. Glee Club. Menc. IRC Gribbin. Kafhleen F. Norfh Braddock, Pa. Elementary Educafion IRC. Psychology Club Groomes. Gay Deane PiHsburgh. Pa. English DeHa Zefa Gryak. George Wes? Mifflinl Pa. French Lambda Chi. French Club PSEA Guido. Pairicia Ann Bradford. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Alpha Gamma DeHa. CEC. CUB Gurrera, Sieve D. Farrell, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gusfafson. Marcia Ann Kane, Pa. English Haas. Donald R. THusviHe. Pa. Mafhemafics Tennis HackeH, Mary Jane Warren. Pa. Elementary Educafion Cheerleader Cap+ainL Dorm Council WPJ, AWS. Alpha Gamma DeHa Haibach. Beverly Mae Erie. Pa. English Ha". Anne L. Meadville Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Hall. Diane Lee Corry. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Hall. Sandra Ayn MunhaH. Pa. Polifical Science Young Democrafs. Spanish Club. IRC Hamme++. Gloria B. Albion. Pa. English Hansen, Rosemary Corry, Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Pi DeHa Epsilon. Le Cercle Francais. WJKB Harayda. Judifh Francine Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA, Phi Mu Phi Hargest Thomas Pairick Avalon. Pa. Elementary Educafion Delfa Sigma Phi. SJC WPJ Orienfafion CommiHee KIM S+uden+ Housing Commiffee Harmon. Donald Lee Pleasanfville. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Harris, David Lee Greensburg, Pa. Inframurals. French Club Harris. Donna Jean Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma. Mu Kappa Gamma, IRC WPJ. Band Und V.PJ. Brass Choir Harris. James Charles Murrysville, Pa. Elemen+ary EducaJrion Hlar+I Cafhy Jean Sfoneboro. Pa. Ar+ Educa+ion Dorm Council. Dorm Pres.. SFC. PSEA, Orien+a+ion. Kappa Mu DeHa Ureasj. Chi Alpha. IRC, PanheHenic Council. Tam O Shan+ers Hariick. Alfred L. Girard, Pa. English Hassenplug. Judi+h Claire NOFH'I Braddock, Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion R.A., Phi Mu Phi Hafheway. Mary Lee Erie, Pa. Social Sfudies Ze+a Tau Alphal Newman Club, PSEA Hausmann, Ann Jane Erie. Pa. Elementary Educafion PSEA Hayes. Shirley Pafricia Edinboro. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Herbert Pairicia Ellen PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Gamma Delfa WPJ. Orien+a+ion Commiffee. SLA Heckafhorne. Carol Ann BuHer, Pa. Libra ry Science May Queen WuflerL Belles -Pres. WuHed Heinrich. Linda Rene Erie. Pa. Elemen+ary Educa+ion Alpha Gamma DeHa lefruis- +ic ChJ. DEC. Orienfafion Commiffee, IRC Hennon. CharloHe Anne Albion. Pa. Library Science Herl. Larry L. Kingsville. Ohio Mafhemafics Psychology Club WresJ. Chi Alpha. RA. Hershberger, Harry Elmore Meadville. Pa. Elgmenfary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma. In+ramurals Heh. Norman P. Lake Cify. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion HewiH'. Cheryl Lynn Washingfon. Pa. Sociology HewiH. Sharon Lee Erie. Pa. Arf Phi Mu Phi Wresj. Delfa Phi DeHa. Collegiafe Play- ers. PSEA Higgins. Michael F. Sharon, Pa. Social Sfudies College Democrafs Hill. Be+h Ann Meadville. Pa. Mafhemafics Himes. Floyd L. Punxsufawney. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Phi Omega Himrod, Roy William Erie, Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Circle K. Men's Glee Club. Concerf Band. Sfage Band. Brass Choir Hinkson. Diane Lynne Sharon. Pa. Elemen+ary EducaHon Hizer. Ka'rhleen Edna PiHsburgh. Pa. English Drama Hofer. Mariorie Renee Fox Chapel Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon IRC. SLA Hofius. Thomas Roberf Sharon, Pa. English Hogue, Susan C. Trander. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Holler. Joseph William Penn Hills, Pa. Mafhemafics Gamma DeHa Iofa Hollibaugh. Ralph Roberf Weer Middlesex. Pa. Geography Holloway. Chrisfine Marie Sharom Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Holizman. Ben John Lower Burrell. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tau Kappa Epsilon Hoover. Roberi Conrad New Casfle, Pa. Liberal arfs Foofball Team. E Club Horkey. Arlene Jean Sharon, Pa. Elementary Educa+ion Cheerleader ShenangoL Sfu- denJr Senate Sec. ShenangoL PSEA Horton. Jack Webb Cambridge Springs. Pa. Polifical Science Highlander of the Year. Who's Who. Baskefball, Track Team. WJKB, Intramurals. Associafion of Black Colle- ians Hofchkiss. Carol Ann Edinboro. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma, Debuf Staff Howard. Cheryl Cafherine PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Hreso. Margo Aliquippa. Pa. Arf Educafion Alpha Gamma Delfa. Debuf Sfaff erf EdJ. PSEA, CUB. R.A.. Specfafor Rep. Hubbard. Sandra Louise Albion. Pa. Arf Educafion Huffman. Fred Thomas Youngsville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Delfa Sigma Phi. Sigma Alpha Efa Wresj. CUB Exec. Board. Recreafion CommiHee ChJ. Jr. Class Commiffee Hulfgren, Thomas ArHIur Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion E Club, Foofball Team. WresHing Iagnemma. Karen J. Penn Hills. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Phi Mu Phi. SLA. PSEA Ignasiak. Janice Lorraine Erie. Pa. Elementary Educafion lgnasiak. Leona Elaine Erie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Orienfa+ion CommiHee lllig, Sharon Ann Erie. Pa. Mafhemafics Alpha Sigma Alpha Jackson. Suzanne R. Norfh Easf. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon PSEA, IRC Jager, Linda Mary Camp Hill. Pa. Arf Educafion Janfsch. Lonnie Jean PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. Dorm Council WPJ Jara. Frank A. Sharon. Pa. Social Sfudies Jarussi. Mary Louise Lower Burrell, Pa. Spanish Spanish Club Jenkins, Harry James Clarksburg. Wesf Virginia Elementary Educafion Sigma Alpha Nu. E Club. Sox Harrison Award, Baskefball Team Uri-CapiaiM Jenkins. KenneH'I Goff Norfh Braddock. Pa. Social Sfudies IRC Johnson. Bruce Wayne Ash+abula, Ohio Elementary Educafion Delfa Sigma Phi, IRC. Home- coming Parade CommiHee ChJ Johnson, Daniel LeRoy Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Johnson. Linda A. Ridgway. Pa. Ari" Phi Mu Phi. DeHa Phi Delfa Joseph, Eileen Mae Piffsburgh. Pa. Spanish Phi Mu Phi. Madrigal Singers. Choral Union Joyner. Herman Linard Ambridge. Pa. Arf Educafion Associafion of Black Colle- gians, Men's Glee Club. Minqrifv Club. CUB Kaiser. Suzanne Kay McKeesporf, Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion PSEA. NEA. Chorus. Social Sfudies Club Kalna, Janef Marie Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Horseback Riding. Womeds Volleyball thfaiM Kassi. John Mafhew New Casfle. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion IRC, PSEA. Speech and Hear- ing Club Keaney. Deborah Ann PiHsburgh Pa. ElemeMary Educafion Kappa Gamma Psi Keisler. Myra Roberfa Munhall, Pa. Elementary Educafion Pi DeHa Epsilon. WJKB Specfafor S+aff, The CUP Kelly, James Joseph PiHsburgh. Pa. Social Sfudies SFC Wres. WarrenL Tarfan Sfaff. College Senafe War- renL Unifed Campus Minis- Jrers. IRC Kennedy. Kafhleen Harrief Piffsburgh, Pa. Liberal Arts Kappa Mu DeHa. IRC ISec.1. Jr. Class BecJ Kenney. JoEIIen McKeesporf, Pm Elemenfary Educafion SLA Kerr. Bruce D. Hazelwood, Pa. Liberal Arfs DeHa Sigma Phi Kern. Roberf William W951L Mifflin, Pa. Mafhemafics Kefcham. Eileen H. Meadville. Pa, Elemenfary Educa+ion Khouri. Linda Kay Penn Hills. Pa. English R.A., Alpha Gamma Delfa Kiiowski, Cynfhia Marie Ford Cify. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma. PSEA. CollegiaJre Players King, Linda Sue Cambridge Springs. Pa. English Kirschman. Linda Jean Befhel Park. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Psychology Club. AWS Kirschner. CIIH John Eaer McKeesporf. Pa. Arf Delfa Phi Delfa, Lambda Chi. E Club. Track Team. Soccer Team Kissel, Suzanne Wilcox. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kifcey. Thomas John Fairview. Pa. Liberal Arfs Klemens. Chris Nafrona Heighfs. Pa. Nafrona Heifhfs. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC, RA. Koberick. Nancy Lower Burrell, Pa. Arf Educafion WJKB. Delfa Phi Delfa. Phi Mu Phi Kolaia. Pamela G. Sparfansburg. Pa. Biology Befa Be+a Befa. IRC. Chroal Union Kon. Carole Jeanne Ambridge. Pa. Liberal Arfs Alpha Gamma Delfa, CUB Becj Kougher, DarreH Kei+h Greenville. Pa. Biology Delta Sigma Phi. Young Dem- ocra+s Kowalski. Vicforia C. Erie, Pa. English IRC. SFC. Orienfafion KraHician. Elizabeth N. Piffsburgh. Pa. Arf Educafion Collegiafe Players Krayer, William Edward Erie. Pa. Biology Phi Sigma Kappa. Befa Befa Befa Kreider, Nancy Ellen Girard. Pa. Biology Sigma Sigma Sigma Cor. SecJ. Befa Befa Befa Becj. PSEA. lnfercollegiafe Volleyball Krill. Margare+ Ann Belle Vernon, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Mu Phi. WJKB KronenweH'er. Ann Caroline Weedville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau Kvoriak. Carol Lynn PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educaflon Kruse. Rober+ Edward Fairview, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tennis Kunsf. William Edward Norfh Braddock. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kunh. Edna Elizabeth Jeanneffe, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Mu Phi. IRC Kur+z. Nancy Sue Bulfer. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Delfa PI Kwiaikowski. Vernon EvereH Cambridge Springs. Pa. Mafhemafics Commufers Club Kray. Mary Jean Norfh Kingsville. Ohio Elemenfary Educafion Jazz Band. Marching Band. Concerf Band. Psychology Club BechreasJ, CEC, Chi Alpha. AWS. RA. LaBeIIa. Andrea M. Piffsburgh, Pa. Elementary Educafion PSEA, SLA Labash. Paul Douglas PiHsburgh, Pa. Liberal Arfs Debuf Sfaff Wicflon EdJ Befa Befa Befa. Mu Kappa Gamma Concerf Chorale, Choral Union Ladner. ScoH Edward Meadville, Pa. Liberal Arfs Commuters Club Lalley, Diane Lynn Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Madrigal Singers. Concerf Chorale. Choral Union Laniz. Pauline Ardis Meadville. Pa. Mafhemafics Ma+hema+ics Club Laver. Doris Ann Greenville. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion LawsonI James L. Penn Hills. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Sing, lnframural Sporfs Leguard. Mary L. Meadville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC, PSEA LeHerio, James D. WesIL Newfon. Pa. Mafhemafics Lewis, Linda Louise PiHsburgh. Pa. Liberal Arfs Debuf Sfaff Lewis. Mary Rae Meadville. Pa. Engh'sh Lewis. Nancy Ann TurHe Creek. Pa. Arf Delfa Zefa, AWS. CUB Lilly, Carol Jean Sharon, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion DeHa Zefa. CUB Lindberg. Judie Elizabefh Corry. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma. Chi Alpha Linder. Donald Lee Conneauf Lake. Pa. Social Sfudfes Lisf. Bonifa Louise PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha Li+winowicz, Pafricia Helen New Casfle. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon AWS. Newman Club. PSEA LoBue. Joseph Mar+in Townville, Pa. Social Studies IRC, Model Uni+ed Na+ions Locke, Karen Wallis Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educah'on Lombardo. Angela Rose Sharon, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha K30r. Sec. 8 Rifual MasferL PSEA 292 Longo. Linda Marie Erie, Pa. French Gamma Sigma Sigma. PSEA. French Club HecsTreasJ Loomis. H. Jay Warren. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion LoHes, Barbara Jean Coraopolis. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion LucasI Nada L. Erie. Pa. Sociology Luden. Hope Ann Erie. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Mu Kappa Gamma. Collegiafe Players. Choral Union. Com cerf Chorale Ludwig. James David Erie. Pa. Biology Befa Be+a Befa, Phi Xi Psi. Circle K Lyle. Vicki Ann Meadville. Pa. Chemisfry Phi Chi Psi Mack, Pa+ricia Cheryl Ellwood Cier. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA Mackey. Thomas William PiHsburgh. Pa. Biology Foofball Team. E Club. Tau Kappa Epsilon Macurak, Edward Lawrence Ambridge. Pa. Elemen+ary Educa+ion Tau Kappa Epsilon. CUB Exec. Board Main, Mar+ha Anne Conneaufville. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon PSEA. IRC Malady. Daniel Raymond Pi++sburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion DeHa Sigma Phi Malloy. Rose Norfh Braddock, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Gamma Delta. Women's Baske+ball Team Mng. WAA V.P.L Volleyball Team. Dorm Sec. Malmberg. Marilyn Margare+ Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Psychology Club. Dorm Pres. Manafo. Michael James Erie. Pa. Social Sfudies DeH'a Sigma Phi, IRC. Inha- murals. PSEA Mani'ini. THa Marie Meadville. Pa. Elementary EducaHon Mariacher, Deborah A. Greenville. Pa. English Spanish CIub. Currenf Af- fairs Club. Orienfafion Madin. Donna Ru+h Erie. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon PSEA, SLA Mari'in. Jacklyn Raye Monaca, Pa. English Mar+in. Kafhy C. Erie. Pa. English Martin. Laura Lee Edinburg. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Chi Alpha. Psychology Club. Concerf Band Marfino. Marilyn Joyce Erie. Pa. Elementary Educafion PSEA. SLA Marzio. Cafhy Lorraine Baden, Pa. Elementary EducaHon Delfa Zefa. CEC, Orien+affon Masfer. Jolene Rae Tifusville, Pa. Art Educafion Delfa Phi DeHa Maiiia. Jean Marie Meadville, Pa. Spanish Phi Mu Phi, Spanish Club WresJ. PSEA MaHeson. Pairicia Ann Erie, Pa. Ma+hema+ics MazzagoHi, Sandra Kay Erie. Pa. English Collegiafe Players Mecklem. Daryl Eugene Fredonia. Pa. Social S+udies Medred. Shirley J. Albion. Pa. English Sigma Alpha Efa Meley. Donna Mae Cyclone, Pa. Elemenfary Educa'rion CEC Wublicify ChJ. SCEC Newsle++er ECU. PSEA. Shorin-Ryu Doio Melnyk. Linda Marie Leefsdale. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA Meraf. Irma Jean Sharpsville. Pa. English RA. Mefzger. John Philip ll Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Collegiafe Players. Children Theafer Touring Mihaly. Maureen Rae MunhaH, Pa. Arf Educafion Alpha Gamma Delta, IRC CUB. Homecoming Parade Commiffee. Homecoming Commiffee Miller. Carolyn Ann Erie, Pa. Elementary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma. Psychology Club, CSC Miller. Cheryl Ann Greenvilla Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Miller. Diane Irene Meadville. Pa. Elemenfary Educaiion PSEA V.PJ, Psychology Club, SLA, Ski Club, Modern Dance. lnframural Sporfs Miller, Diana Kay Mercer, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau UreasJ, CUB Miller. Ellery Rick Jr. Erie, Pa. Social Sfudies Ski Club. Sigma Chi DeHa. IRC Miller. Gary 0. Beaver. Pa. Mafhema+ics Phi Sigma Kappa Miller, Lesfer Alan Norfh East Pa. Social Sfudies WJKB Ureas. 8 DU Miller. Maureen Lorayne PIHsburgh. Pa. Elemen+ary Educaiion Alpha Sigma Tau Wres. 8 EdJ, Dorm Council. AWS Miller. Sharon Gail Hickory, Pa. English Miller. Susan Virginia Fairview, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC Milligan. James Lynn Punxsufawney. Pa. Geography Sigma Chi DeHa, lnframural Soffball Mischick, David R. GreenviHe. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Wresfling Team Mi+chelL Linda Ann Finleyville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau Mifchell. Linda Jane Polk. Pa. Arf Educafion Mockel, Linda M. McKeesporf, Pa. Arf Educafion Alpha Sigma Alpha AWS Judi- cial Board Molifor. Maureen Piffsburgh, Pa English PSEA, CUB Moniak. Sharon Mary Youngsville. Pa. Elementary EducaHon Alpha Sigma Tau. CEC Monhali, June Marie Apollo. Pal Elemenfary Educafion Monfini. Arsenic Aliquippa. Pa. Elementary Educafion Moore, Janef Ka+hleen Ashfabula. Ohio Mafhemafics Sigma Sigma Sigma. Psycholo- gy Club PSEA Moore. Lucre+ia Anna Brickway. Pa. Arf PSEA. Scuba Diving Moore, Mark Harris PiHsburgh Pa. Arf DeHa Phi Delfa Moorhead. Barbara Rose Harborcreek. Pa. Eiemenfary Educafion Moro, Mary EHa Cheswick. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Morosky. Fred Erie. Pa. Biology Sigma Chi Delfa Morrell. Barbara Lynn Pif+sburgh, Pa. English AWS Judicial Board. Colle- giafe Players Morrison. Carl E. Conneaufville. Pa. Arf Educafion Sigma Chi Delfa. Delfa Phi Delfa Morrison, Kafhleen Louise Buffalo. New York Elemenfary Educafion DeHa Zeia WhilanJrhropy ChJ. CEC. ASW BecJ Morfon, Nancy Norfh East Pa. Sociology Mory, Douglas Alien Harborcreek. Pa. Geography Sigma Chi Delfa Mozie, Thomas Joseph Penn Hills. Pa. Liberal Arfs DeHa Sigma Phi. IRC. Fr. Baskefball Munn, Ronald Arfhur Corry, Pa. Mafhemafics Lambda Chi. Mafhemchs Club Munnell, Fredrick H. Fredonia. Pa. Arf Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma. Opera Work Shop. Chorale Murphy. Ann Elizabefh Alliaon Park, Pa. Elememary EducaHon WJKB Exec. Board, SFC, Dorm Council Murphy, Roberf Joseph Smofhporf, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Mu+dosch, Nancy L. Greenville. Pa. Mafhemafics Mafhemchs Club Myers. Delia Mary Penn Hills. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa Ch. of By- Laws CommiHeM Myers, Linda Louise Girard, Pa. Mafhemafics Myers. Samuel WaHer MeadviHe. Pa. Mafhemafics McAIeese. Anne M. Penn HiHs. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma, SLA. AWS McCarfhy. Lucinda Pafricia Easfon. Pa. Arf Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma, Mu Kappa Gamma. Chorus. Women's Glee Club McClelland. Deborah Jean Trafford. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Collegiafe Players BecJ, Speech and Hearing Club McCloskey. Thomas E. BurgeHsfown. Pa. Physics Karafe Insfrudor. Shorin Ryu Doio Club McConnell, Delores Jane Sharon, Pa. Elementary Educafion McCray. Lynn Arfhur Corry, Pa. Spanish McCune, Linda Ru+h Madison, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau McDonald. Linda Ann Holland Erie, Pa. English PSEA. English Club McDonald. Sandra Dorofhy PiHsburgh, Pa. Arf Educafion McGarrey, Michael Pairick Foresf Hills, Pa. Social Sfudies DeHa Sigma Phi. Social Sfudies Club, IRC McKay. Roy Jackson Jackson Cenfer, Pa. Social Sfudies McKean, Ca+hy J. SharpsviHe. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion DeHa Zefa K30ur+esy ChJ. AWS. Y Teen Direcfor McKee. Carol Ann BuHer. Pa. PSEA, IRC McLane, Karen l. Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion McLean. Craig S. Lafrobe. Pa. Social Sfudies WJKB. R.A.. Social Sfudies Club McMurray, F. Roberf Sandy Lake, Pa. English McNauI, Joseph R. Clearfield, Pa. Arf Educafion SFC W.PJ, CUB McTighe, Pafricia Mary Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau Nagel. Steven H. PiH'sburgh Pa. Psychology Delfa Sigma Phi. WresHing Nas+uclt. Gloria Melanie Leechburg Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau. Tam O'Shan- Jrer Neubrand, Linda Ann Saxonburg. Pa. Spanish DeHa Zefa mush ChJ. SFC Becj. Cheerleader. 50. Class BecJ Neuburger, Barbara Ann Fairview, Pa. Biology Befa Befa Befa Nicasfro. Sharon Ann Sharon. Pa. Elementary Educafion Nicely. Donna Lee Norfh Versailles. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Nichols, Thom Fox Chapel, Pa. Elemenfary Educah'on Delfa Sigma Phi, CoHegiafe Players. Mafh Club. PSEA Nichols. William A. Corry, Pa. Social Sfudies Nien+imp, Janef Mary Erie. Pa. English Specfafor Sfaff. College Senafe. SFC Boph. RepJ. SFC Exec. Council Niver. Lewis Edgar Giffordl Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Nobbs, Jack Allen James+own. New York Mafhemafics WresHing Team. E Club NoHe. Mary Suzanne KiHanning, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Mu Phi. MaioreHe, SLA. PSEA. NEA Norfh, Johanna Clemeniine Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Oakes. Eileen Louise Kane! Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion O'Brien, Pafricia Anne Irwin. Pa. English Ocel. Janei M. Norih Braddock. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Gamma Delfa WresJ. CUB Exec; Board. Order of Diana HKEJ Oddis, James Cheswick. Pa. Social Sfudies lnframural Sporfs Oelschlager, Mariha Jane Beaver, Pa. Arf DeHa Zefa HisH, DeH'a Phi Delfa HistL AWS. PSEA. Chorus, CUB Exec. Council O'Leary. William Thomas Wesf Mifflin. Pa. Elementary Educafion Sigma Tau Gamma. PSEA Ondrasik. William Roberf Coraopolis. Pa. Mafhemafics Alpha Phi Omega Oneslty. Thomas John Meadville, Pa. Earfh-Space Science Sigma Tau Gamma OrcuH. Molly Cecilia Bradford, Pa. Psychology Kappa Mu DeH'a. IRC. Newman Club, Psychology Club Orr. Roberi Alexander Aliquippa. Pa. Mafhemchs Orfon. Joyce Elaine Harborcreek. Pa. Arf Educafion PSEA. Nafional Arf Educafion Assn.. IRC Oyler. Donna Rufh Sheakleyvilla Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma, AWS Oufrakis, John Sharon, Pa. Elementary Educafion Lambda Chi, Young Democra+s Page. Daniel Joseph Washingfon. Pa. Eiemenfary EducaHon Phi Sigma Kappa Palagyi, Mar+ha Jane Conneauf. Ohio Mafhemafics Gamma Sigma Sigma Palombi, Karen Elizabefh SharpsviHe, Pa. Eiemenfary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha mecJ Palsa, Pairicia C. Aliquippa Pa. Elementary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha Membership ChJ. AWS Panek. Ervin John Edinboro. Pa. Social Sfudfes Alpha Phi Omega. WJKB Panfzis. Chrisfopher James Coraopolis, Pa. Social Sfudies Sigma Tau Gamma. 50. Class Wres. Pappas, Thomas James Baden. Pa. Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Parsh. Chrisiine Anne Erie. Pa. Mafhemaffcs Concerf Chorale. Choral Union. Madrigals, Mu Kappa Gamma Pascoe. Janice Marie Piffsburgh, Pa. English DeHa Zefa. Kappa Delia Pi Patasky, Corine Renie Erie. Pa. Mafhemafics Pa+erline, John Audley Wesf Newfon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma AXpha Nu PaHerson. Faye Ellen Monroeville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion R.A.. AWS Pennino. Claudia Jean Monroeville. Pa. Mafhemafics Zefa Tau Alpha, CUB, Pan- hellenic Council. Phi Chi Psi Perich. Terry Miller JeanneHe. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Perry. Lucia Lynne Grove CH'y Pa. Elemenfary Educafion AIpha Gamma DeHa, PSEA, IRC Peshkin, Toby Jane Monroeville, Pa. Elementary Educafion Psychology Club. CEC, Wom- en's Volleyball Team Mng Pefruska, Mary H. PiHsburgh. Pa. Arf Educafion DeHa Zefa UreasJ. CUB Decora+ions CommiHeeL AWS. PSEA, R.A., Red Cross PeHigrew, William George Jr. JeanneHe Pa. Elemenfary Educafion DeHa Sigma PhL IRC. CUB Pefz. Pamela Joy AHquippa. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Delfa Ze+a. CUB Exec. Board. IRC. Jr.-Sr. Weekend CommiJr- Jree Head. Red Door Fashion Board, Rofo Finalist May Queen Candidafe Phillips, Mary Jo Coraopolis, Pa. Elementary EducaHon Volleyball Team, BaskefbaH Team. CUB Pierce, Nancy Jean Norfh Easf, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PieroHi. Gary William Norfh HEHS Pa. Mafhemafics Tau Kappa Epsilom Jr. Class Rep.. Track Team Pie+ropola. An'rhony John Penn Hills. Pa. Nafural Science Sigma Alpha Nu Soccer Piefropola. George Joseph Penn HiHs. Pa. Liberal Arfs Sigma Alpha Nu. IRC Pilipovich. Vicfor Jr. 'rwim Pa. Social Sfudies WJKB. Specfafor SEW Alpha Phi Omega. PE DeHa Epsilon PilliHeri. Joseph John Erie. Pa. Polifical Science Sigma Tau Gamma 60c. Chj, IRC PiH's, Philip W. Sharom Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. Social Sfudles Club. ln+ramural Sporfs Ploszay, Shirley Jean MCKeesport Pa. Arf Kappa Mu Delfa Plyler. Richard Calvin AdamsviHa Pa. Psychology French Club, Psychology Club Podobnick. Carrie Ann Sharon, Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Gamma Sigma Sigma Hreasj Podobnick. Gary W. Sharom Pa. Hemenlrary Educafion PonseHo, Susan Paula Shadyside. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion Cheerleader. Orienfafion Ponficello. AnneHe Mae Ambridge. Pa. Eiemenfary Educafion DelTa Zefa Porovne. Pa+ricia Hope Vercna Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Port Kafhleen Louise Kane. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA, Psychology Oub. SLA Porfer. Daniel Wayne Meadvillel Pa. Earfh-Space Science WresHing Team Porfer, Ka+hryn Elaine Tarenfum. Pa. Elementary Educafion Tam O'Shanfer Post Vicki Ann Corry. Pa. Manemafics Po++s, Pamela Marie Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Ze+a Tau Alpha Standards ChJ, PSEA. Newman Club. Newspaper PublicaHons Ed. Bhenangd Powell, Harrief MeadviHe. Pa. Elementary Educafion PraH. Elaine J. Blooming Valley Pa. English Price, Beverly Lou Monroeville Pa. Elemenfary Educafion 294 PSEA Przywara. Marcia Anne Aliquippa. Pa. English Kappa Mu Delfa, PSEA, IRC Pugliese. Mary Lou PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Alpha Sigma Tau WPJ, Dorm Council W.P.L AWS Exec. Board Pugliese. Vincen+ L. Vandergriff. Pa. Na+ural Sciences Pyle, Mary M. Grove Cify. Pa. Liberal ArJrs Phi Mu Phi. PSEA. Newman Club Radecki. Terrance L. Garland. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon DeHa Sigma Phi Ramsey, Pamela Sue Greenville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Alpha PSEA. AWS Ranick. Bruce N. Piffsburgh, Pa, Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Alpha Nu Wresj. Council of Teacher Ed.. Soccer. Minorify Relafions CommiHea IRC, Inframurals Ranyak, Gloria B. Union Cify. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion WAA. Girls' Baskefball Team. Collegiafe Players. PSEA Orchesis Rape. Bruce Michael ZeHenople. Pa. Social Sfudies Rearick, Erma Jane Transfer. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. CuHure Club Shenan- go Reich, Pafricia Lorraine PiHsburgh. Pa. English R.A.. Alpha Sigma Tau. Newman Club, WJKB Becj. Swlfchboard Opera+or Renaud. Joyce Carolyn Eriel Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Spanish Club Rennie. Donna P. Erie. Pa. English Renquesf. Karen Sue Trafford. Pa. Eiemenfary Educafion Psychology Club, Tarfan Sfaff Reynolds. Marjorie Jane Marienville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. Collegiafe Rainbow Rex. Karen Rae Carnegie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Girls' Volleyball Team. Girls' Baskefball Team Rice. Pafrick Joseph Meadville, Pa. Social Sfudies Inframurals Ricci. Johanna Ellwood Cify. Pa. English Kappa Gamma Psi, PSEA Rinaldi. Frank James Mf. Pleasant Pa. Biology Phi Sigma Kappa. Befa Befa Befa Rispigliai'e. Vicforia Amelia Mount Union. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau. Women's Volleyball Team Mng Root Janis Jean Erie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tarfan S+aff Rosser, Virginia M. Coraopoiis. Pa. Arf Educafion PSEA Rofhens+ein. Mar+ha Susan Cambridge Springs. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Colegiafe Players, PSEA. Young Hafikvah Club Sec.- TreasJ Ro+hrock. Janice Marie Erie. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Gamma Sigma Sigma UMumnae SecJ. LSA Roumfori. Linda Mae Fairview. Pa. Elementary Educafion PSEA. SLA. Kappa DeHa Pi. AWS Rounds. Cheryl Lee Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma Rowe. Ellen Laverne Hadley. Pa. English PSEA. Si'uclemL Secrefary Rubalcava. Linda Elaine Farrell. Pa. Ma+hemafics DeHa Ze+a W.P.L CUB. PSEA. Ma+h Club. IRC. AWS Ruby. Dianna L. PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemen+ary EducaHon IRC. PSEA Sandor. Esfher M. Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sanfillo. Smokey D. Lockport New York Elementary Educa+ion Football Team. Track Team Saraceno. Angelo Vincen+ Erie. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion PSEA, NEA, CEC Sauer. Rober+ Charles PiHsburgh, Pa. Liberal Arfs Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Chi Psi Wresj. Wresfling Team. E Club Saulle. Tom E. Arnold, Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Savko. Gregory M. Columbus. Pa. Social S+udies Sigma Tau Gamma Wresj. IFC. Baskefball Team Saxe. Victoria Lee Greenville. Pa. Elementary Educa+ion Kappa Delfa Pe. PSEA. SLA Schaaf. Barbara Ann Glenshaw. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Scheid, David Alan Breckenridge. Pa. Elementary Educafion Phi Sigma Kappa Schirra. Cleius M. PiHsburgh. Pa. Library Science Pep Band. Marching Band. Concerf Band. Men's Glee Club.A1pha Be+a Alpha Schmid. Pa+ricia Ann Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa DeHa Pi SchmiH. Marilou Anne PiHsburgh, Pa. HemenJrary Educafion Marching Band, Psychology Club SchmiH, WaH'ha Anne Wesf Deer. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Alpha Gamma DeHa. CUB Schockling. Linda Sue Swissvale. Pa. Ma+hema+ics Alpha Gamma Delfa Rec. SecJ CUB Exec. Offices. IRC. SFC Music CommiHee Delegate Schrall. Donald George Nafrona Heighfs, Pa. Elementary Educafion Alpha Phi Omega Rec. SecJ. PSEA Schreiber. Nancy June Erie. Pa. Arf Educafion Schulz. Jeanne Louise Erie. Pa. Elementary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma Schwab. Carol Ann Allison Park. Pa. Elementary Education Schwarfz. Cafherine Louise Aliquippa. Pa. Elementary Educafion CUB Schwartz. Linda Jean Edinboro. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion ScoH. Luwanna Rae PiHsburgh. Pa. Arf Educa+ion Seaman. Joyce 6. Washingfon. Pa. Psychology MaioreHe, IRC. Ski Club Sedinger, Carrie Helen Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educaiion Seih, Linda Louise PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Kappa Mu Delta UreasJ. Tarfan Edifor Seladi. Christine Ann Sharon, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha His., Re porferL PSEA Senyo. Mary Ann Girard. Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion SLA Sever. Cheryl Ann Housfon. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Sever. Thomas Paul Farrell. Pa. Mafhemafics Ma+h Club. Young Democrafs Shafer, James W. Piffsburgh, Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion Tau Kappa Epsilon Shaffer. Colleen E. Meadville. Pa. Elementary Educafion PSEA. IRC Shaffer, Sylvia Zoe Norfh East Pa. Elemen+ary EducaHon PSEA. CEC Shambaugh. Sharon Lee Tifusville. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Shapiro. Linda Ann Piffsburgh, Pa. Elemen+ary Educafion CUB, PSEA Shearer. David L. Greenville, Pa. Earfh Science Earth Science Club Sheet. Diane Elaine Townville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion DeHa Zefa, AWS. Choir. Women's Glee Club. Dorm Council Sherbin. Marilyn Anifa Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CUB. CEC Sherbondy. BeHy Kay Greenville. Pa. Elementary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha Sheridan, Lois Jean PiHsburgh, Pa. Liberal Arfs Ski Club Sherwood, Linda Marie Ridgway. Pa. Spanish Kappa DeHa Pi, Spanish Club. Sfudenf Handbook Shewak. Edward Frank Rochesfer. Pa. Psychology Psychology Club. IRC. SFC. Orien+a+ion CommiHee Shirley. Alice Marie Nafrona Heighfs. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC. PSEA SHII. Lynn Harold Union Cify. Pa. Elementary Educaffon Alpha Phi Omega. Band, Brass Choir Simons, Larry Sco++ Norfh Hills. Pa. Earfh Science Tau Kappa Epsilon. CUB, Concerf Lec+ure CommiHee. Earfh Science Club Siverfs, Rodney D. Be+hel Park, Pa. Mafhemafics Phi Sigma Kappa. Foofball SmHh, Clifford Leroy Tifusville, Pa. Elemenfary EducMion Circle K Becj. Marching Band mrum MaiorL Concerf Band. Sfage Band. Brass En- semble Smi+h. Karl Francis PiHsburgh, Pa. Social Sfudies Smifh. Kafhleen Ann BuHer. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Delfa Zefa Smifh. Laurene Ann PiHsburgh. Pa. Social Sfudies Snook. Judi+h Ann Erie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Gamma Psi Snowden, Judifh Ann Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Snyder. Jan Idelle New Casfle. Pa. Arf Delfa Zefa Synchronized Swimming. CUB Panhellenic Council Sochais. Virginia Mary Conway. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Soles. Susan Lucille JeanneHe. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sollon, Susan Lynn Canonsburg. Pa. Arf Educafion Delta Phi DeHa Soska. Cheryl Lucile Easf Vandergriff. Pa; Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma, IRC, PSEA. NEA Sowerby, James Allen Glassporf. Pa. Elemenfary Education Sigma Chi Delfa Sowles. Kingsley Ka+herine Warren, Pa. Elemenfary Education PSEA, Alpha Gamma DeHa Spachf. Coralee Norfh East Pa. Liberal Arfs Ski Club Spohn. Barbara Lee Weald Freeport Pa. Elemenfary Education PSEA Sproch. Gloria Sue Lafrobe. Pa. Elemenfary Education PSEA. NEA. Gamma Sigma Sig- ma. Psychology Club Spudy, David Charles Irwin. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Chi Delfa Squirps. Susan Pafricia 5+. Marys. Pa. Arf Ski Club, Marching Band Sfafford. William Hamilion WaHsburg. Pa. Social Sfudies Sigma Tau Gamma. E Club. Wresfling Team Stanley, Donna Lee Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC Sieele. Linda Darlene Meadville, Pa. Elemenfary Education Sfefanowicz. Susan Lynn Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Marching Band. Concerf Baad. Mu Kappa Gamma. MENC. PSEA Sfeinhauser. Richard Louis Befhel Park. Pa. Social Sfudies SFC Exec, CommIHee. R.A.. Fr. Class WresJ Sfeinke. Charles Edward Jr. Mars. Pa. Mafhemafics Siephany, Ka+herine Louise Erie. Pa. Elemeniary Educafion CEC. Kappa DeHa Pi. wa denf Handbook Edifor S+ewar+. Barbara Marie Kane. Pa. English Sfewarf. L. Robert Bufler. Pa. Social Sfudies SFC Exec. CommiHee. Home- coming CommiHee. Orienfa- Hon Commiffee Sfewarf. Roberf BuHer. Pa. Social S+udies Golf Team. SfudemL Council ConferenceConstufion. Homecoming CommiHee. WJKB. Orienfafion Commhuree Sfock. Anne E. Sf. Marys. Pa. Library Science Gamma Sigma Sigma Rec. SecJ. Newman Club BOG. CR1. SLA. IRC UreasJ. RA. Sfokes. Roberf Carl Befhel Park Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tau Kappa Epsilon Siorrar. Chrisiine Ann Wilcox, Pa. Arf Educa+ion Zefa Tau Alpha Harem. IRC. PSEA Sfoyer. Linda Jane Sharpsville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion DeHa Zefa. AWS. CUB Sirohmeyer. Be+sy Ann McKean. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tarfan Sfaff Sfrouss. Mary E. Saegerfown. Pa. Social Sciences Sirunk. Myrna Lunn Penn Hills. Pa. Arf Educafion Sfuarf. Edna Jane Belle Vernon. Pa. Arf Educafion PSEA Sfuyvesanf. Mark Alan Greenville, Pa. Social $+udies Susi. Frederick Jesse Franklin. Pa. Earfh-Space Science Lambda Chi, GohC Team, Judi- cial Board. Earfh Science Club SuHinger. Linda L. Penn Hills. Pa. Social Sfudies World Civ. Tufon Procfor Swanson. Janice Claire Erie, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Mu Phi Swift Ronald Kennefh Fairview. Pa. Arf Educafion Sigma Aipha Nu Swoap. John R. Norfh Easf. Pa. Elementary Educafion Lambda Chi. Golf Team. In- +ramural Sporfs Sykes, RuHI Elizabefh Mercer. Pa. Arf Educafion PSEA Szoch. Louise Vicforia Arnold, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma Tack. Barbara L. Bufler. Pa. Arf Educafion Tague. Pafricia Ann Piffsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educdfion Psychology Club. CEC Taufin, Susan Louise Cambridge Springs. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA Taylor, Anna Ka+hryn Reedsville. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA Taylor, Chrisfy Lee Erie, Pa. English Phi Mu Phi Taylor. Maryanne Pamela Harborcreek. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Taylor, Pamela Jean Franklin, Pa. Polifical Science Specfafor Sfaff Temerski. Regina A. New Casfle. Pa. Arf Educafion Terchila, Carole Ann Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Terrifo. Charles James Roberfsdale. Pa. Arf Educafion Delia Sigma Phi, Jr. Class WresJ, CUB Exec. Board Thompsonl Joyce Maureen Highfsfown, New Jersey Arf Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma Thompson, Rebecca 6. Clairfon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma Thompson, Susan Della Slippery Rock. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa, Mu Kappa Gamma HreasJ. Madrigal Singers Concerf Chorale. Collegiafe Players PSEA. Psychology Club Torok. Beverly Jo Erie. Pa. Biology Befa Befa Befa, CUBA AWS UreasJ. Orienfafion Townley. Ann Wor+hing+on Johnsfown. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sigma Sigma Sigma. CUB Dorm Council Tozier, Shirley Jean Afbion, Pa. Mafhemafics Mafh Club, French Club, PSEA Trzybinski, James Erie, Pa. Arf Educafion Delfa Sigma Phi Tucceri. John Vincenf Coraopolis. Pa. Elementary Educa+ion Sigma Tau Gamma Tylavsky. Michael John Easf McKeesport Pa. Biology CUB. Phi Sigma Kappa Uber. Carol Ann Greenville. Pa. Spanish Valenfino. Linda Susan Sharon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Valone. Rosemary L. Warren. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Kappa Mu Delta. CUB Exec. Board. IRC Vasiine. Sallie Bloomsburg. Pa. Biology Vafh. Rebecca Jane Sfoneboro, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Sjgma Alph Efa. Women's Infercollegiafe Volleyball Vaughn. Susan Aliquippa. Pa. Ar? Educafion Vickery. Susan Jane Collingdale, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Sigma Tau, IRC. CEC VincenfI Alberf John Ambridge. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Viola. Pairicia Ann Bradford. Pa. English Alpha Sigma Alpha Vioral. thelmae Louise Evans Cify, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Mu Kappa Gamma. MENC. Con- cerf Band. Marching Band Vogel. Clyde Edward Erie. Pa. Mafhemafics VonGeis, Ann Louise Edgewood Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Women's Volleyball Team Cap+ainL Psychology Club, CEC Volpe. Cafherine Jean Erie. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Gamma Sigma Sigma Us'r V.P.L Kappa Delfa Pi Vorce. Kim Elaine Monroeville. Pa. Elemenfary Educa+ion CEC. Women's Tennis Team Psychology Club Vrabel. Ronald Cyril Bessemer. Pa. Mafhemafics Inframurals. Newman Club Wagner, Margaref Susan Wilkinsburg, Pa. Elemen+ary EducaHon Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, PanheHenic Council. CUB Psychology Club. IRC Wagoner. George E. Irwin. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Tau Kappa Epsilon Walker. Barbara Jo Somerset Pa. Arf Educafion PSEA Walker. Kennei'h Roberf Edinboro, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Foo+ball Team, lnframurals Walker. Sally Anne Findley Lake. New York Elemen+ary EducaHon Ward. Janice Dianne Wyckoff. New Jersey Arf Educafion Kappa Mu Delfa Delfa Phi Delfa 296 Warkaske. Mark Lawrence Penn Hills. Pa. Arf Educafion IRC. Disciplinary Board. Sfudenf of +he Mon+h Waronsky. Dennis PiHsburgh. Pa. Arf Educafion Delfa Sigma Phi, CUB Wasosky. Raymond George Wesf Miinn, Pa. Earfh-Space Science Delfa Sigma Phi Wasson, Barbara Jean Erie. Pa. Spanish Spanish Club Websfer. Paula Francine McKeesport Pa. Arf EducaHon Welcker. Karen Sue McKeesporf. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CUB. PSEA. AWS Welgs, CaH'Ierine May PiHsburgh. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Welch. Kafhleen Ann Corry. Pa. English PSEA. Collegiafe Players Welsh. Doroihy L. Lake Cify. Pa. Social Sfudies IRC Wensel. Kafhleen Anne Conneaufville. Pa. Elemenfary Education USEA, CEC. Scuba Diving. Band, Chorus Wesolowski, James Joseph Wesf Nafrona. Pa. Social Sciences .-. Foofball. E Club. IRC Wharrey. Barbara Louise Sewickley Pa. Social Studies CUB. IRC Whippo. Gary Gene Wilcoxl Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Whiie, Befh Eileen Easfon. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Delfa Zefa. Panhellenic Council Upresj. Cheerlead- er. Curriculum Commiffee, PSEA Whife. Mary Ann Farrell. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Zefa Tau Alpha. PSEA. New- man Club. Newspaper Sfaff Bhenangd Whi+ehair. Ber+ Pairick Lake Cify, Pa. Psychology Wilkinson, Linda Jane Disfanf. Pa. Elementary Educafion Williams. Nancy Noel PiHsburgh, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion CEC. Psychoiogy Club, PSEA Dorm Council Williams. Suzanne Marie Wes? Sunbury, Pa. Elemen'rary Educafion AWS WresJ. Alpha Sigma Alpha IPresJ. Kappa Gamma Psi WPJ. CUB Ch.. Advi- sorL Sfudenf Affairs Award. PSEA. Pursuif of Excellence Commiffee. People +0 People. Orienfafion. Sfudenf Lead- ers Confernece Wilson. Barbara Ann New Wilmingfon. Pa. Elemen'rary Educafion Women's Recrea+ion Assn. Wilson. Paula Jean Mf. Lebanon. Pa. Elemenfary Educafion PSEA. IRC Wilson. Roberf Sfewarf Bufler. Pa. Liberal Arfs Phi Sigma Kappa Wires. Linda L. Conneauf. Ohio Elemenfary EducaHon Wiiherow, Rebecca Sherri" Greensburg. Pa. Elemen+ary Educa+ion CUB Woinar. Theresa Ann - PiH'sburgh. Pa. Library Science SLA Ureasj Woifon, Caihleen Blanche McKeesporf. Pa. Arf Education DeHa Ze+a. Collegiafe Players. CUB Wolf. Sandra Lee Piffsburgh. Pa. Phi Chi Psi Becj Worf. Donald C. Erie. Pa. Biology Wright Sara Chrisfine Erie. Pa. Denial Hygiene Concerf Band Yezzi. Kafhleen Marie Erie. Pa. Elemenfary EducaHon Spanish Club WPJ Zarichnak. Cyfhia Marie Lower Burrell. Pa. Elementary Educafion ' Alpha Gamma Delfa. PSEA. May Queen Zeman. James Alan Mf. Pleasant Pa. Mafhemafics Zorefich, Rebecca Ann Rankin. Pennsylvania English Collegiafe Players. Alpha Psi Omega. Women's Afhlefic Assn. ZoHer. Linda Lou Murrysville, Pa. Elemenfary Educafion Infercollegia+e Volleyball. Scuba Diving TARTAN STAFF edifor ............................... linda seH'z associai'e edifor ....................... lou coH'age s+uden+ life ........................... phyllis orchicowski greeks ................ ' ............... carolyn miller bonnie anderson ieff loufzenhiser organizafions ......................... ian roof gre+chen kifza rifa hiies bobbie vernon sporfs ............................... ioe robb i paHi george academics ............................ myra iohnson 1 iim kelly seniors ............................... dave bucher ! U jack aufmann I, business manager ...................... dan prah : copy ................................ kafhy graff ; phoi-ography .......................... paHi mc andrew l : glenn koppel ; ioe friebsch fypisfs ............................... cindy ferrick 1 char willman i adviser ............................. '. . paul newman J I 300 Row I . Row 2 L-R: Myra Johnson. Carolyn Miller. Dan Praiz. Phyllis Orchicowslu Jan Root Mr. Paul Newman. Advisor Linda Sei+z. EdHor Index Pages Academics ................................. 206-219 Alpha Be'ra Alpha ................................ 153 Alpha Gamma Delta ........................... 98-99 Alpha PhiOmego ............................ 116-117 Alpha Sigma Alpha .......................... 100-101 Alpha Sig mo Tau ............................ 102-103 Association of Black Collegiates ..................... 143 Association of Women Students ..................... 136 Baseball ................................... 193-197 Bdsketba ll .................................. 196-175 Beta Beta Beta .................................. 154 Board of Trustees ................................ 212 Cheerleaders ................................... 165 Chess Club ..................................... 155 Chi Alpha ...................................... 156 Circle K International ............................. 142 College Union Board ............................. 137 Collegiate Players ............................... 139 Collegiate Rainbow ............................. '. 152 Commuters Club ................................. 143 Concert Chorale ................................. 150 Contents ......................................... 2 Council for Exceptional Children .................... 141 Cross Country ............................... 187-189 Debut ......................................... 159 Delta Sigma Phi ............................. 118-119 Delta Zeta .................................. 106-107 Dronsfield, James ................................ 210 E Club ......................................... 160 Earth Science Club ............................... 155 Editor's Note .................................... 304 EIIis,Marvin .................................... 210 Football ................................... 198-203 Four Freshmen ................................... 61 French Club .................................... 140 Freshman Officers ............................... 135 Gamma Sigma Sigma ......................... 104-105 Gates, Dr. Robert ................................ 216 Golf ...................................... 190-192 Greeks ..................................... 96-133 HaII,AIIen ..................................... 211 Harrison, James ................................. 218 Hendricks, Dr. L. ................................. 214 Hetrick, Dr. Jack B. ............................... 214 Homecoming .................................. 50-53 Impressions ...................................... 79 lnterfraternity Council ............................. 97 International Relations Club ........................ 142 Judo .......................................... 205 Judo Club ...................................... 161 Junior Officers .................................. 134 Kappa Delta Pi .................................. 156 Koppel Mu Delta ............................. 110-111 Lambda Chi Alpha ........................... 122-123 Madrigal Singers ................................ 150 Magdik, Emil .................................... 219 Marching Band .............................. 144-147 302 Math Club ...................................... 155 McKinley, Dr. James E. ............................ 213 McNerney, Dr. Chester T. ...................... 208-209 Midsummer Night's Dream ....................... 86-89 Miller, Kay Ryall ................................. 217 Mu Kappa Gamma ............................... 148 Music Educators National Conference ................ 149 ?Nevmln, Paul .............................. 211-301 O'Dessa, David .................................. 218 Organizations ............................... 134-161 Pon-HeHenic Council .............................. 96 Peck, Ruth 5. .................................... 218 Phi Chi Psi ...................................... 154 Phi Mu Phi ................................. 114-115 Phi Sigma Kappa ........................... 132-133 Pi Delta Epsilon ................................. 158 Psychology Club ................................. 140 Queen, Homecoming .............................. 50 Rugh, Mary E. ................................... 218 Senior Index ................................ 288-196 Senior Officers .................................. 134 Seniors .................................... 222-287 Shafer, Gov. Raymond ............................ 208 Shupe, Dr. Eldon E. ............................... 215 Siefz, Linda ..................................... 304 Sigma Alpha Nu ............................. 124-125 Sigma Chi Delta ............................. 128-129 Sigma Sigma Sigma .......................... 112-113 Sigma Tau Gamma ........................... 126-127 Singing Scots ................................... 151 Ski Club ....................................... 160 Soccer ..................................... 176-177 Sophomore Officers .............................. 135 Spectator ...................................... 158 Sports ..................................... 164-205 Sports Banquet .................................. 164 Student Faculty Council ........................... 136 Student Life .................................... 3-93 Tartan Staff ................................ 297-301 Tau Kappa Epsilon ........................... 130-131 Tennis ..................................... 166-168 Theta Chi Alpha ............................. 120-121 Track ...................................... 178-182 Trotfa, Vincent .................................. 217 Umbarger, Harold O. ............................. 217 Vanilla Fudge ................................. 60,78 Williams, Dr. Jack E. .............................. 214 Williams, Dr. Nelson T. ............................ 215 WJKB ......................................... 138 Women's Athletic Association Women's Athletics Women's Glee Club .............................. 151 Wrestling .................................. 184-186 Yon, Dr. John F. ................................. 216 Young Hotikvah ................................. 152 Zeta Tau Alpha .............................. 108-109 303 "Simply Edinboro" One of +he mosf difficuli- +asks confron+ing +he edifor of any yearbook is +he selec+ion of a +heme which seems +0 +hread +0- ge'lher +he many differenl' kinds of evenis +ha+ +ake place +hrough- ouf +he college year. This decision-making dilemma. of course, confronfed me in +he production of +he I970 Tarfan and ifs solu'l'ion seemed almost insurmoun+able. Yef, affer considering a variefy of fopics. one parlicular line of +hough+ confinually crepi' back info my mind. Why not lie all +he sighfs, sounds, people, evenfs and memories in+o +he single segmenf of which +hey are a par'r-simply Edinboro? In short Edinboro encompasses a varie+y of +hemes which. when combinedI make if +he unique place +ha+ H is. To us. Edinboro is +he symbolic word +ha+ means changing +imes. new +ypes of sfu- den+s, new curriculal modern buildings. good +imes away from +he books and many o+her memories which are +oo numerous +o list. By using bofh picfures and prose. we have +ried +0 reflecf and keep pace wi+h +he ever-changing campus and people af Edinboro. Throughouf +he sfudenf life sec+ion, +he sfaff has affempl'ed +o mirror campus life as if really is. We have +ried +0 reflect i'o +he besf of our abiliiy. +he new breed +ha+ has pushed Edinboro in+o +he main s+ream. To reproduce +his life picfure is. by no means. a menial +ask. A greaf many people were mosf generous wi'ih +heir lime and energy and +0 +hem goes my hearHeH' "+hanks." I am mosf grafe- ful +o my sfaff members for l'heir devo+ion and cooperafion in +he sfruggle for qualify and variefy in +he I970 Tarfan. I would also like +0 +hank Paragon Press and Merin Sfudios for l'heir kind endeavors in +he producl'ion of +he book. Mosf of all I would like fo express my apprecia+ion and +hanks +o our advisor. Mr. Paul Newman. and associa+e edifor. Lou CoPrage. who worked so fire- lessly. Wifhouf +hem. as well as +he o+hers, +his book would no+ have been possible. These people have worked +0 recap'rure and 1'0 isolai'e some momenfs of lime. In years +0 come we shall look back and marvel a+ +he changes which have faken place since +hose momenl's. iusf as past graduafes will mos+ cer+ainly be amazed af +he scenes refleci'ed in our book. For change is on a confinuum. Edinboro +oday is no+ +he Edinboro of yesferday. nor is H +he Edinboro of +he fufure. The I970 Tar+an is bu+ a sampling of +he many different evenfs which were +ypical of a year in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. We hope if serves +0 refurn you +o +ha+ +ime as ofl'en as you wish. Edifor. Linda Seifz 304 Ugacau veansaaks

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