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again! ??Xg ZZAXIfMU ftt v wt 4k... 3 MM t 5 V1: 5 A. ix a - .N:fe $3M. a 3 X: aqu TABLE OF C 0N TEN TS Student Life 3-49 Seniors 50-103 Special Events 104-131 Greeks 132-169 Organizations 1 70-1 93 Sports 194-233 F aculty 1Q Administration 234-267 Off Campus 270.275 Index 268-269 Tartan Staff 280-285 Epilogue 288 BUT I HAVE MILES TO GO AND PROMISES TO KEEP . . . A NEW WAY OF LIFE But I never felt so lonely And so out of God,s way As here, where I brush elbows With a thousand every day. Harry Kemp IN A NEW TIME AND PLACE kw "Mt. v'a E x e i UNITED AS SCOTS 5 17 HAPPINESS IS... BEING T OGE THER ksm$ MW 23 ...RELA XING 24 ...HAVING THE RIGHT TO DISSENT Edinboro Collegiate Players faced a challenge to their existence in the spring of 1968 and won. An attempt by a newly created Department of Music and Drama to take over the theatre equip- ment purchased over a forty year span by the Players started the conflict. Before it was over, one fourth of the student body, including the Tartan and Spectator Staffs, and many faculty members had rallied to support the Players, cause. When four attempts at conferences of all the parties concerned failed because the chairman of the Music and Drama Department did not attend, the Players removed all their theatre equipment from the Auditorium. All scenery, lighting equip- ment, furniture and other props, and all tools were removed from the building. ms M y mug? 27 ...ACEING A FINAL 1:: I 4' pm 221445. 30 ...HA VING SCHOOL SPIRIT 32 34 ...HOPING THE SUN WILL SHINE WAITING FOR THE SNOW T0 MELT ...GETTING THROUGH THE LINE 42 ...BEING AT EDINBORO STATE 46 a. . f3 . ; Awwvmw N WHO,S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Lockhart S. Burnett Seventeen students from Edinboro State Col- lege have been named to the 1968-69 ths Who in American Colleges and Universities. Qualities considered in the selection include academic achievement, service to community, leadership in extracurricular activities and future potential. Jane M. Causgrove 52 IMJ a r: c w amw . w mi. N w$p $hffm WV .. T RU m F T R E B 0 4 SLEEP. BEFORE I Susan E. DePlachette Nancy Dunbar PutriLm M. Eckard David L. Edwards Ronald T. Hess June M. Newhouse Julie A. Savko Thomas M. Scarpitti Carolyn R. Secord Not Pictured: Rozan Eazer, Susan E. Feinchtner, James R. Hillmeyer, Patrick D. Smith Robert T. Skelton James R. VanLaningham 54 C. James Novasielski C. James Novasielski, 0r jam? as he was known to his friends and family, died during the summer of an acute illness. While residing in Natrona Heights, a suburb of Pittsburgh, he graduated from Har-Brack High School. Majoring in elementary education and minoring in Spanish, Wake, planned to student teach this year at Jamestown, N . Y. During his three years at ESC, jakeh was an active and popular brother of Delta Sigma Phi F ratemity and served as the corresponding secretary of the fraternity. Marilyn K. Abel Beckie J. Adams Jeannette D. Ali Evelyn L. Aloe John J. Aloi John D. Anderson Patricia E. Anderson Richard E. Andrews Esther F. Antill James E. Antis Linda M. Archacki Suzanne Arlotti 56 Susan E. Baird Timothy H. Barner Lucinda A. Bauer Linda L. Bair Susan J. Baker Kevin M. Barry John D. Bauman Alfonso J. Barbati Margery E. Becker Donna J. Baird Kathleen A. Barber Linda R. Barton Cathy E. Beecher 57 58 Janet L. Behm James T. Bennett Jayne P. Bender Jean Benish Jacqueline S. Berarducci Marlene A. Bergamasco Connie L. Bennett Charles H. Berkebile Geraldine S. Bernard Thomas C. Bidwell Daniel J. Bissontz Carol J. Bianchi Joan E. Biles Elaine I. Bingham Joseph 0. Blanco 59 60 Lillian A. Bogovich Judith A. Bosnjak Shirley A. Bowers Jamie L. Bowman Ruth N. Brady Lynda A. Braine Emil V. Brenkus Barbara C. Brennan Christine A. Brodict Jane R. Brown Linda A. Brown Marguerite M. Brown Lynn R. Brumagin Joseph T. Buba Joseph G. Bubonic Jean A. Buchko Patsy J. Buhite Linda J. Burgnon Kenneth B. Burkley Richard D. Burlingame Lockhart S. Burnett 61 Jill D. Busch Patricia A. Butler Dorothy E. Buza Gloria J. Calterone Candise M. Campagna Robert V. Campedel John J. Caribardi Marne E. Carlos Sandra A. Carlson Marlene P. Camvale James M. Carrig Elaine C. Carter Linda L. Carter Patricia A. Carter 62 Dennis E. Clever Cheryl C. Cifrulak George L. Coccarelli Valerie J. Cepko Margaret T. Clark Judith A. Cochran Barbara T. Cerra Sheila A. Clark Kathleen A. Cody 63 J F n wmggmga Kg? $33k Jessie M. Cofini Laurel L. Collins Karen L. Cook Virginia L. Cornell William R. Colclaser . Colonna Susan M. Cook Elaine R. Cosentino Cheryl M. Cole Amber L. Conti Suzanne C. Cowan . Coleman Anita R. Conti Annabelle M. Cope Daniel J. Cowen Betty J. Cowher Carol A. Craig Kathleen Crisan Helen E. Crosby Nancy A. Crosby Ruth E. Cu as Barbara I. Crum Sandra M. Daley J Patricia A. Dalrymple Helen S. Danielson Carol L. Daum Patricia L. Davidowski Janet M. DeArdo Stephen L. DeCota Andrea M. DeJohn Alan L, DeMaison Ruth A. Derbaum George H. Deshner III Douglas R. Dewey Bernadette M. DiCesare Janice Dickie W38??? 33$ 7:33 was; Sandra J. Diedrichs Joan E. Dithrich William P. Doak Peter C. Dooley Donald D. Double Lorraine A. Douglass John A. Downing Andrea P. Dudek 66 Linda D. Dunbar Nancy Dunbar Jacqueline S. Dutton Marilyn E. Dyler Virginia Easley George E. Ebel Catherine M. Eberl Richard D. Eberlin Patricia M. Eckard Martha M. Ed David L. Edwards Carql S. Ekas Cynthia J. Ekis Janice D. Ekstrand Jacqueline R. Elliott Jane Emshwiller William J. English Dorothy E. Everett David L. Ewing Judith A. Fabian Patricia A. Fedunok Susan E. Feichtner Earl L. Feigert, Jr. 68 Michael J. Errigo Constance L. Fasenmyer Lorraine W. Feinberg Mark D. Fellows Dennis C. Feltenberger Ronald G. Fenchak Cheryl I. Fendya George A. Ferguson Toni M. Ferrantine Anna M. Ferrara Martin Ferrell, Jr. David K. Fetterman Susan P. Fichtner Suzette E. Fichtner 70 Kathryn A. Fieger Virginia F. Fitch Jeannette A. Forsman Bruce M. Frazee Mary Jo Filipovich Karen R. Fleisch Gerald A. Fouse Pamela W. Frazee Sherleen K. Fiorina Susan J. Fowler Frisina M. Concetta Ruth H. Franks Cyril I. Furlan Patricia J. Gallagher Denise M. Carl Richard R. Garverick Craig H. Gates Natasha Cauriloff Susan M. Causcheman Mary Lou Gentile Adele A, George Eileen L, George Robert M. Cetlein Cathleen A. Gialloreto George Ann Goff Gretchen A. Gombita Mary J. Goss Elaine L. Grant Jean A. Gratson Judith A. Greco Mary Jane Gregan Susan J. Greitzer Sarah E. Grimshaw Kenneth C. Cross Margaret M. Grzerka 72 Howard A. Hain Donna M. Haines Anita M. Hakanson Karen S. Haley Ronald D. Hanks Kathleen R. Hannah 74 Thomas R. Hansen III James M. Hart Joyce E. Hartford Nancy L. Harwood Valerie A. Hassett Katherine M. Hatton Nancy E. Havlicsek Kathy J. Head Kristine J. Heinrich Kay E. Henninger William J. Herniman Rodney M. Herron James L. Herzing Ronald T. Hess Karen A. Hill Patricia L. Hill Michael J. Hillebrand James Hillmeyer Lois J. Himmler 75 Clark W. Hornstein Christine Hoskowicz Karen L. Huber Cean M. Hummel Sandra L. Humphrey David L. Hunsberger Carol A. Hunter Patricia A. Hyde Diane J. Imler 76 Joanne M. Irlam Carol F. Jackson Nancy A. Jackson David M. Jancaro Carol L. Johnson Linda Y. Johnston Kathleen A. Jones Linda C. Jones Sarah J. Jones Lois C. Joseph 77 Barbara J. Kalin Martha A. Kamerer Margaret M. Karl Anna M. Kavanagh Catherine Kazel Keebaugh Phyllis J. Keller Patricia A. Kensill Daniel R. Killian Margaret D. Killian judith A, Kindling Carol L. King Patricia A. Kintz Evalyn A. Kizakevich Frank S. Klapach Robert M. Knuth Geraldine M. Kornas William J. Krall Patricia A. Kokoski Dona J. Kosem Karen K. Kraynik Kathleen C. Knopp Richard W. Kolb Karl M. Kreiling Susan E. Knott Karen J. Kristy 79 Sharon E. Kristyak Marilyn A. Kuhel Linda A. Lakatos Judith A, Kakits Clarence A. Landsperger Lauren L. Lane Connie L. Lange Clayton C. Larson Patricia K. Laubscher Gary A. Lawson Louise F. Lawver 80 Patricia A. Lazar Marlene A. Leopold Marcelene A. Liberto Caroline L. Lindell Theodore P. Lewandowski Edward A. Lindberg Rebecca A. Lindell Patricia A. Lewis 81 Nancy J. Linn Kristine Lutsch Martin W. Malone Emily L. Lucarotti Frank D. Mancini Carol A. Lucas Karen A. Mahon Michael L. Manfredi Sandra Manolovich Elaine L. Maravich John E. Marcinowski Susan C. Martino Pamela A. Matika Gerald E. Matteson Martha E. Maxwell Sabina M. McAfee Gary R. McCaslin Sharon R. McCray Susan C. McCurdy William D. MCEIrOy William R. McGuire Lynn K. McIntosh 84 Adlinda K. McKernan Larry A. Mertz Mary E. Miehl Wendy G. McLallen Rita C. Meister Barbara G. Merz I. John Mikovich Kathleen C. McLaughlin Richard N . Merenick Nancy J. Michael Jeanne M. Miller Lana J. Merhaut Linda J. Michalski Joanne E. Miller Judith A Mincin Richard W. Minnis Mary M. Mitcham Linda L. Monti Mona L. Mook Ethel J- Morante William A. Morelli Irene J- Moser Barbara K. Muckinhaupt Larry K. Muir Anne M. Moosmann Cheryl E. Morton Robert A. Murphy 85 Terri H. Nagel Donna I. Nan Susan R. Naser Sandra L. Nehlen Donn C. Ni 2110 Eric R. Niemi Kathrine M. Norder Richard A. Noroski Pamela M. Notoro Mary Anne Nowakowski Darrell D. Obert Mary L. Obert Eileen A. O Conn0r William C. O,Toole Laurie A. Palmer Carol A. Patterson Irene C. Patterson Irene J. Patuc Patricia A. Pavlinu Bruce C. Payer Richard S. Pelc Louise Pelino Carol F. Pencer John S. Peraino Christie Bystron Perry Linda N. Persichetti Cynthia A. Petersen Susan J. Peterson Ronald C. Petrisko Celesta M. Petrus Kristin J. Pick Lawrence A. Piroli Sara K. Pitzer Io A. Plasick Rebecca V. Ploss 89 Alexis C. Popp Robin R. Prady Marcia A. Prassack Linda S. Prather Barbara Pringle Joann B. Prudente Dennis B. Raffle Frances E. Razem Phillip J. Rewers Charles H. Reynold Fay A. Rittenour Vicki L. Rivetti Emily F. Roberts James M. Robinson Sandra J. Robinson Cathy J. Rody Sandra R. Ronge Linda L. Root Katharine A. Rose Mary C. Rosier Eileen C. Ross Shirley A. Russell David J. Salata Rupni s F Michael E. Sage a m 0 h T . Rung Vicki J. Sabo Kathleen S . Rump Janet L. Ryan Peggy A Kathleen L. Sand Roberta Sue Sanford Nick J. Sansone Joette E. Sartain Marianne L. Sawicki William J. Saxton 93 Hermey S. Schlesinger Eugene O. Schlosser George F. Schmalzried 11 Ruth K. Schmitt Karen L. Schneider Diana L. Schriver Frances Schruers Rosane F. Scott Carolyn R. Secord Deborah C. See Laurel A. Sembower Cheryl B. Serafini Carol A. Carla J. Shick Jill A. Shook Margaret J. Shorts Valarie J. Simmons Ann M. Simon R. Dirk Sippy Virginia L. Skillen Robert L. Slingluff Joel P, Sloss Carolyn J. Smart 95 Christine H. Smith David E. Smith Larry H. Smith Linda K. Smith Rebecca A. Smith Thomas C. Smith Janet R. South Sarah A. Spinelli Roberta A. Spithaler Christine M. Sprenger Victoria L. Stainbrook Barbara I. Staley Patricia A. Stanger Charles A. Staudenmaier Doris A. Stawniak Linda R. Steadman Elaine E. Stefan Judy L. Stephens Beverly A. Stevens Sherry D. Stone Diane M. Stoneburner Russell H. Stoneman Barbara L. Stough Saundra M. Straw Cheri L. Stull Janet L. Stumpf 97 98 William B. Sturm Ralph E. Swan John L. Tague Barbara L. Taylor Jack L. Temperante Paul A. Tepper Keith E. Thimons Debra J. Thomas Judith A. Thomas Cass Thompson Lois M. Tomlinson Darlene Toner Marsha E. Toth Susan A. Trampenau Robert Tucci Carrol A. Turner Donna R. Turton James D. Turzanski Daniel 'l'ysiachney Becky L. Valentine Paul W. Valentine Marilyn J. Vance Sara E. Van Dyke Linda L. Van Guilder Patricia J. Vanetti James R. Van Laningham James G. Varley Diane L. Veritz Patricia K. Vernallis Barbara J. Villa Mary B. Villers Janice L. Virsack Joseph M. Vorrasi Virginia F. Wade Janet B. Walker Michelle L. Walsh Rebecca S. Walters Grace E. Watson Susan M. Weaver Catherine E. Webb Annamarie Weber Mary J. White Kenneth E. Wilkins Janet L. Will 102 Margaret A. Williams Nancy E. Willis Melody A. Wohlbruck Judith A. Wood Patricia J- Wright Kathy L. Wyant Nancy L. Yadlosky Gregory J. Yarbenet Gary D. Yochum Gretchen L. Yoder Clair L. Yount A Dennis C. Zack Pamela A. Zalik Raymond P. Zechender Thomas W. Zimmer Robert F. Zoldak Georgene R. Zupcic CA MP US Q UEENS Jan DeZanet Bev Torok Edinboro received a great honor when Bev Torok, a secondary education major from Erie, won the Pittsburgh Press Roto Magazine Campus Cover Girl contest after final judging held in Pittsburgh in April. Miss Torok was named the top campus beauty from candidates represent- ing all colleges and universities in the tri-state area by staff members of the Pittsburgh Press. Miss Jan DeZanet, Export, Pa., was selected by the student body to represent Edinboro in the annual ttTen Best Dressed College Girls Contesth sponsored by GLAMOUR magazine. Miss DeZanet was chosen from among eight contestants for her clear understanding of her fashion type and suitable campus look. Miss Cindy Zarichnak from Lower Burrell, Pa. was named by ESC voters as the 1968 May Queen. Cindy is an elementary education major and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. Cindy Zarichnak I 06 Greeks and Independents 0f ESC gathered to listen to the sisters of Delta Zeta and the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma walk off with the 1968 Greek Sing trophies. This yeafs win- ning allowed the Sig Taus to re- tain the traveling trophy which requires winning 3 years in suc- cessmn. The Delta Zetas captured the audience and judges with their candlelight arrangement of the required song, iiSomewhere, My Love? and the lively spiritual, iiElijah Rock? Song director, Diane Sheets, accepted the tro- phy from John Colodonato, the Master of Ceremonies. Miss Sue Black, Mistress of Ceremonies, presented the menis trophy to Sigma Tau Gamma song director, Fred Munnel. The brothers won with their memor- able performance of iiThe Im- possible Dreamf, and the men,s required song, iiBom Free? GREEK SING Delta Zeta won first place in the sorority division. Winner of the fraternity division was Sigma Tau Gamma. 107 108 Martha Reeves and the Vandellas performed at Edin- boro State College in the auditorium on March 6, 1968. A few years back, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas were presented a music plaque by comedian Phil Silvers in recognition of the triots sizzling rock classic ttHeat Wave? Five best selling albums and 12 hit singles later, the trio had become one of the hottest recording acts in the na- tion. They are one of the top recorders at Motown Record Corporation. Edinboro State welcomed The 5th Dimension on May 6, 1968. The 5th Dimension is a new dimension in sound- complete and happening-a convergence of all the mu- sical influences of the t60,s embodied in a highly unique and talented quintet that explodes the mold from which groups are formed. A swinging rendition of ttUp, Up And Awayh orbited them high on the popularity charts throughout the world. iiDouble Dynamite," Sam and Dave, appeared live on stage at the football stadium at Edinboro, September 16, 1968. In their performance they included their gold record hit of 1iSoul Man? Their other top hit records iiHold On Iim Coming? iiSoothe Mef, iiYou Got Me Humming? iiWhen Something is Wrong With My Baby? and ilt Was So Nice While It Lasted,, were also in- cluded in their show. The concert of Sam and Dave also included 19 singers and musicians for a two-hour show. C.U.B. HOOTENANY The General Concensus GLENN YARBROUGH The C.U.B. Music Festival which was held in the College Union November 22, 1968 did not only include the traditional folk groups but also Jazz, Rock, and Soul. The winners of the Festival were: first place, nThe Emil Brenkus Quintet? second place, llHeather McMunnf, and third place, tiThe General Concensus? Heather McMunn Glenn Yarbrough appeared live on stage at the football stadium at Edinboro State College September 29, 1968. Some people suspect that there are two Glenn Yarbrou hs. Some know Glenn Yar- brough the ba adeer-singer of love son 5 and weaver of enchanting musical spelE. That Glenn Yarbrough is the one with a warm and mellow tenor voice. Then there,s the other fellowethe one whose records burst u on the charts as if 'et- ropelled. Recall i ab the Rain Must all and ltItis Gonna Be g'inef songs with the driving, upbeat qualit that 'is the signature of to- days music. unny thine isethe guy who sin 5 these songs is also G enn Yarbrough. lenn brings to this new music the same qualities that have made all of his work outstanding: incomparable voice, im ec- cable taste and musical integrity. T ese things have always been there, but when they are combined with the vitality of the best of today,s music, a very exciting ex- perience is the result. Patti La Belle aha The Intruders ALL STAR RE VIE W An All Star Review was presented October 31 in Memorial Auditorium. The Delfonics, Intruders, Vibrations, Patti La Belle and The Bluebells, and Cliff Nobels were the featured enter- tainers. The show was a great success with a capacity crowd and wonderful entertainment by all the groups. Cliff Nobles ibrations V e h T Del-Fonics lwnaoeotl A chord was sounded, voices blended, and a song arose When the Serendipity Singers performed 011 stage in Memorial Auditorium, August 14, 1968. The sound that the Serendipity Singers presented was as contemporary as Pop Art. The group said, TIn order to achieve this quality, we are constantly experimenting with harmonic patterns and instrumenta- tion." The Edinboro students, enthusiasm proved to the Serendipity Singers that their experimentation with harmonic patterns and instrumentation is a success. .F. vi L. if SPRIN G CARNIVAL Spring Carnival is a part of the annual Spring Weekend at Edinboro State College which is sponsored by C.U.B. Booths featuring many varied games and refreshments were part of the activities in 1968. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Cindy Zarichnak of Lower Burrell, Pa. as May Queen. Cindy was sponsored by Phi Sigma Kappa and Alpha Gamma Delta. The second place runner-up was Kathy Hazen. She was the candidate of Delta Sigma Phi. Linda Neubrand received third place honors. Linda was supported by Tau Kappa Epsilon and Delta Zeta. Other candidates were Ian Evans, Francine Pych, Mary Ann Douglass, Margie Wagner, and Dee Kozak. PROMINENT SPEAKERS VISIT ESC In an appearance on the Edinboro State Col- lege campus during July Congressman Gerald Ford tabovet commented about the two na- tional political conventions and the major issues to be debated in the presidential campaigns. Using very simple stage props and no micro- phone, Miss Pauline Meyers trighQ captured the characterizations of the negro through a wide variety of poetic dramatizatiohs by changing voice tone and depth, stiffening her walk, and manipulating dialect and accents. She portrayed numerous personalities. H6 The Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Raymond J. Broderick, addressed the 112th graduating class at Edinbords summer Commence- ment, August 24, 1968. Highlighting Edinbords Social Studies Conference on April 25, 1968 was a dinner in Ross Hall featuring Dr. William Sennett, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, as guest speaker. Dr. Sennett spoke on Civi1 Rights and Responsibilities of an American Citi- zen in an Era of Conflict and Protest? 118 Roger Hilsman, former Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs, lectured in Memorial Auditorium June 27. Hilsman is one of the natimfs leading authorities on foreign affairs and international politics with personal experience in dealing with such problems as Viet Nam, Cuba and Communist China. Dr. Henry Kissinger, one of the most brilliant po- litical scientists of this nation, addressed a capacity crowd in Memorial Auditorium. A consultant for the United States, State Department, Dr. Kissinger delved into some possible solutions concerning the U. S. in- volvement in Viet N am. One of Americas most renowned sculptors, George Segal, revealed his own unusual career as an artist to an Edinboro audience on April 1. He also discussed some of his various works as he showed slides of his iiNew Artf, Dr. Harold Taylor, one of the most provocative thinkeis in American education today, climaxed Edinboro State Colleges American Education Week program when he addressed the faculty and the students on iiThe World of the American Studenth on November 16 in Memorial Auditorium. H9 In February, Nick Arlov portrayed Jerry in the ZOO STORY by Edward Albee. EDINBORO DRAMA AT ITS FINEST Scene from THE HOSTACE, pr 120 During summer theatre, the play ARMS AND THE MAN was presented. Colleen Sheppard as Eliza Doolittle on her way to the ball in MY FAIR LADY is greeted by Joe Jezewski as C01. Pickering and Nick Arlov as Henry Higgins. Diane Ochsenhirt, Tom Fralic, and Sue Sieg in a scene from Ionescds BALD SOPRANO. e Indiana Players. a Nancy Northrup, John Yanson, Kip Incheck, and Chris Heinrich perform in ONCE UPON A CLOTHESLINE. 7fw egg??? Alexis Kuchel, Judy Blake, George Know, An actress applies her own makeup before a performance. 122 Vicky Wetzell, Joe Jezewski, and Lin Root in SUMMER AND SMOKE. The Paper Bag Players transferred the audience to a world of make- believe thrOugh the use of paper bags and cartons. Jan Singer, Lin Root, Joe Jezewski and Colleen Shephard por- trayed the folk drama DARK OF THE MOON. HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER COURT Homecoming Queen candidates tleft to righd Jackie Rump, Sue Massey, Pat Hebert, second runner-up; Jan DeZanet, Queen; Bev Torok, first runner-up; Ian Ward, and Sue Ponsetto. The 1968 Homecoming festivities com- menced with the crowning Of our Queen Jan DeZanet by a special concert guest, Glenn Yarbrough. Her reign over the weeks activi- ties was Climaxed with Homecoming Day events including the parade of floats, the foot- ball game against Indiana University, pre- game and half-time ceremonies, and the E- Club Homecoming Ball. A culminating activ- ity, the following day, saw the official dedi- cation of Edinborots two newest dorms, Shafer and Scranton, in a ceremony presided over by Governor Shafer. governor Raymond P. Shafer dedicates a dormitory named in his onon The Delta Sig Brothers capture the Queen,s Trophy. -First place award given to Phi Sigma Kappa. -'v-w - .ouwy W' v-vr'VVY 126 ALL SPORTS BANQUET Athletes enjoy speakers President McNemey presents plaque to Coach McDonald Mr. A. M. Coleman, affectionately known as eTontde coast to coast in college athletics, was the main speaker at Edinboro State Colleges annual athletic banquet held on the evening of May 15, 1968 in Ross Hall. Coleman is Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference which features Such national powers as Alabama, L.S.U., Auburn, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Tennessee, and eeOle Miss? A. M. Coleman 128 1968 COMMENCEMENT At the 1968 Commencement ceremonies at Edinboro State College, 413 students were conferred degrees by Dr. Chester T. McNerney, President. Dr. Gilford W. Crowell, international educator, addressed the graduates at the Commencement ceremonies held on Sun- day, May 26, at Sox Harrison Stadium. 129 HANGING OF THE GREENS Heather Hall won first place with uAmahl and the Night Visitors." 130 Heather, Haven and Manor donni- tories won lst, 2nd and 3rd awards as Hanging 0f the Greens transformed Edinboro State College into a Christ- mas fairyland. A crest consisting of a coat of arms was an added attraction this year. The coeds of each dorm partici- pating in the decorating were enter- tained with hot chocolate and dough- nuts at Ross Hall while the judges made their decisions. The Association of Women Students sponsors this annual event which ri- vals Homecoming in interest. Amahl and the Night Visitors, an opera by Gian Carlo Menotti, is the theme that Heather Hall chose and won first prize. The scene is that of the moment Amahl discovers that he can walk. The motto of Heathers crest is, tiUnity through Friendship? iiTwas the Night before Christmas and all through the Dorm . . was the theme of Haven Hall. The Haven shield contains four symbols; a hell, 3 dink, an AWS handbook, and bees. The main lounge of Manor Hall represented a modern-religious style, named iiReflections of Christmas? Their crest includes the words, iiThe woman I am to be, I am now be- coming? PAN-HELLENI C C 0 UN CIL Debbie Martin - Sigma Sigma Sigma Candy Bates - Kappa Gamma Psi Jan Snyder - Delta Zeta Margie Wagner - Sigma Sigma Sigma Judy Borsa - Alpha Gamma Delta Jan Evans - Phi Mu Phi Bonnie Burns - Alpha Gamma Delta a :33 u- 4:. o. $959993??? 134 INTERFRA TERNITY COUNCIL Tom Carr John Caretti Lou Cottage Bill Sturm Dean Harrison Bill Barringer Mike Thomas Jerry Withers Dave Edwards 7 1 2 8 3. 2 4 5 6 9 g 1 6. 7 8 9 I35 i ALPHA GA MMA DEL TA Alpha Tau chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was installed in No- vember of 1959. Since then membership has grown to 67 sisters. The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta are active on campus, par- ticipating in Student Faculty Council, A.W.S., cheerleading, band, Tam O,Shanters, W.A.A., Kappa Delta Pi, and Mu Kappa Gamma. Several sisters have won individual honors: Cindy Zarichnak was elected Carnival Queen, Pat Hebert was a runner-up for Home- coming Queen, Jan Ocel was chosen sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon F raternity, and Sara Kay Pitzer was chosen sweetheart of Lambda Chi Fraternity. President Rozan Eazor and Kathy Robson, Vice President, at- tended the International Convention in June, 1968. A1 ha Gamma Delta's members strive to develop intellectually, socia 1y, and spiritually through a lasting sisterhood. '7 181519 5 16 g 6 I 9 H 12 13 20 21 22 23 24 25 29: A N 30 31 32' 33 4 35 36. 40 41 42 44 2B 1. Margo Hreso 13. Wendy McLallen 25. Lily Bogovich 37. Suzie Killian 2. Maureen Mihaly 14. Vicki Truman 26. Ann McEntire 38. Cathy Begg 3. Claudia Famerie 15, Chris Ackelson 27. Robin Jolley 39. Marge McKean 4. Aggie Putnam 16, Conne Horse 28. Rose Malloy 40. Nancy Zdarko 5. Connie Smith 17, Kathy Fannin 29. Mary Lark Blair 41. Carol Kon 6. Ann Mousmann 18. Kay Hagerty 30. Rita Yake 42. Ruth Smith 7. Jill Poole 19. Sara Kay Pitzer 31. Sue Swertz 43. Nancy Carson 8. Linda Hardington 20. Cindy Zarichnak 32. Judy Korn 44. Jan Ocel 9. Linda Gillen 21. Linda Holman 33. Carolyn Darrall 45. Judy Borsa 10. Linda Schockling 22, Maureen McCill 34. Carol Neininger 46. Lorraine Herman 11. Rozan Eazer 23, Bonnie Burns 35. Maureen Stack 12. Kathy Robson 24. Pat Hebert 36. Mary Lou Barriokman 139 Alpha Sigma Tau, national social sorority, was founded in 1899, in Michigan. The Alpha Tau chap- ter was formally initiated on Edinbords campus in March 1969. Since their colonization in March, 1968, the Taus have participated in all Greek ac- tivities on campus and are proud of their prize- winning Homecoming Float. The sisters grow in unity and loyalty through a common creed . . . that of being Active, Self-Reliant, and Trustworthy. Our badge means friendship with sorority sisters all over the country and is the sign of a bond thafs secure in our share of traditions, rit- uals, and symbols. tn u n '2 l5 s .9 1. Mary Ann Douglass 9. Maura English 2. Carol Evans 10. Shiela Downey 3. Diane Miller 11. Linda McCune 4. Mary Lou Pu liese 12. Cathy Welgs 5. Sherry Monia l3. Jo Sleua 6. Ann Kronenwetter 14. Maureen Miller 7. Barb Hiedenreich 15. Sue Vickery 8. Judy Kindling 140 ALPHA SIGMA TAU Zlyua 141 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity founded on the principles of leadership, friendship and service. The primary goal is to extend these principles to foster the betterment of humanity. Founded in 1925, the fraternity has become an international organization num- bering 450 chapters with over 100,000 brothers. Iota Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was formally installed on the Edinboro Campus in February 1951. Since then the fraternity has sponsored many activities, projects, and drives to aid in the advancement of Edinboro State Col- lege and the community. ... owmqgmgwwH 11. 12. Charles Angelus Nick Teti Mike Carrig L nn Sill P il Rewer Vic Pilpovich Art Druschel Doug Dewe Ted Lewan owski Joe Pain Larry Caffro Bill English 161T Loutzenhiser Bill Ondrasik Jer Calaski Pau Craychee Rick Pele Don Schrell Tom Crawford Buzz Himes George Graf Bob Ericson Jim Varley Chic Flora 143 GA MMA SIGMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sigma is a national service sorority whose purpose is to foster fellowship, to develop leader- ship, and to promote service to the College, community, and the nation. The probationary colony of Gamma Sigma Sigma formally established on the Edinboro campus in February, 1965. On March 29, 1967, the sorority became a national chapter called Beta Epsilon. There are over twenty-five chapters in colleges and universities all over the United States. 003.9059ng? Cindy McCarthy Eileen Sekelsky Anne Stock Mickie Emig Mar e Karl . Lin aLakatos Donna Harris . Suzie Sproch . Kris Heinrich Maxty Pala? i o . Pat Pontice . Bonnie Durney . Becky Thompson . Karen Hudak . Jan Ekstrand . Jeanne Schulz . Sally VanDyke . MaryAnne Bensy a zlyllla EIYF raw!" owmgQMme H 1. Judy Yurkovich Karen Kristy Gayle Fabian Kathy Smith Jan DeZanet Linda Freeland Kathy Cerutti Nadene Bauder Karen McClune Mary Petruska Sharon Petruska Cathy McKean Linda Stoyer Linda Rubalcava Barb Davies Beth White Nancy Jackson 18: June Newhouse 19. Joy Clark 20. Jacky Tabita 21. Sharyn Cornelius 22. Karen Colamarino 23. Diane Metzger 24. Sue Helm Sheila Knuth 26. Sandy Clark 27. Mrs. Emma Williams .Sue Thompson .Kathy Robinson Kathy Tkach Kathy Kyle Toni DeLuca Carol Lilly Jan Snyder Ceorgianne Ridley Nancy Lewis .Char Daniels Eileen O C0nn0r .Sandy Birnesser Bonnie Nevitt Jessie CoHni Annette Ponticello Barb Duthy Beth Fabiani Cathy Marzio Janice Pascoe Linda Neubrand Chris Baker The sisters of Delta Zeta are united in bonds of sin- cere and lasting friendship and are successful because of their unity in action. The Delta Zetas are proud to have sisters, Jan De- zanet reign as Glamour Girl and Homecoming Queen, Kathy Bagnoni and Linda Neubrand as first and sec- 0nd runners-up in the May Queen Court. The sisters are also proud to have Joy Clark as sweetheart of Del- ta Sigma Phi, and Georgianne Ridley as sweetheart of Phi Sigma Kappa. The Delta Zetas are leaders in many different clubs and activities. These include SFC Secretary, AWS and CUB offices, and participants in Tam UShanters and cheerleading. The sisters are very honored to have placed first in the 1968 Annual Greek Sing Festival. 147 Delta Sigma Phi was founded on Edinborols campus as the Delta Tau Club in 1957. In 1959 the Delta Tau Club was installed as the Delta Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. At that time it was the only national fraternity 0n the campus. In January of this year the Delta Sigs will be cel- ebrating their tenth anniversary as a Delta Sigma Phi Chapter. So far, this year has been a very rewarding one for the Delta Sigs. Their campaign for Homecoming was a suc- cess as their candidate, Miss Jan DeZanet, was elected Homecoming Queen for 1968. Also, through much hard work on the part of the broth- ers, their float, Rumpelstilsken, won the Queens Trophy. All-in-all it has been a very successful year up to this point. Through the combined effort of all the brothers they hope to make the rest of the year just as successful. The Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded Decem- ber 10, 1899 at the College of the City of New York. Since that time, through scholarship and iiEngineered Leader- shipii, they have helped young men make the most of their college years. The Delta Sigs here at Edinboro up- hold this position and will continue to do so as Delta Sigma Phi, the fraternity of iiEngineered Leadership: leads the way. $$$$WFPNf Jack Davitt Ken Orris Ken Starz Cliff Clark Rich Radock Rick Walters Jamo Trzybinski . Frank Bova . Mark Weleski . Pat Smith . Ed Crzysbowski . Dale Lattanzio . Al Storey . Jim Guerriero . Ed Havanik Larry Bauer . Dan Malady . Paul Martin . Dave Berquist . John Siple . Lou Mangione . Tom Ceyer . Joe Gordon . Cecil Furer . Bill Kerpan . Wes Frick . Pat Bemis . John Carribaldi . Mike Shockey . Chuck Chapas . Dan Matta . Daryl Kougher . Carl Detzel . Dan Kennelly . Bill OToole . Bill Pettigreld . Tom Nichols . Mike McCarrey . Tom Hargest . Don Deem . John Caretti . Steve Carmomy . Chuck Territo 149 ZETA TAU ALPHA 1. Mary Ann 12. Shirley Bowers 26. Betty Sherbond Gallagher 13. Dee Gail 27. Charlene 2. Chris Selade 14. Pat Richards Willman 3. Kathy Jones 15. Evelyn Scalese 28. Kathy Bumbaug 4. Sue Smith 16. Pam Potts 29. Pam Keith 5. 38th Hill 17. Terry Foster 30. Bonnie List 6. Sue De Marco 18. Mary Ann White 31. Karen Palombi 7. Bernadette 19. Eileen Sehelshy 32. Sherry Estman YankeViCh 20. Patti Palsa 33. Cheryl Hummer 8. Carolyn 21. Emily Roberts 34. Marjorie Gnettin Shackleton 22. Mary Hatheway 35. Chris Storrar 9- Lonnie Dahm 23. Becky Richards 10. Claudia Renneno 24. Angela Lombardo 11- Sally Goetz 25. Joetta Palmero 150 Zeta Tau Alpha is the newest international womens, so- cial fraternity on the Edinboro campus. Zeta Upsilon chap- ter, only one of over one hundred active chapters, was char- tered in October of 1968. The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is to intensify friendship, foster a spirit of love, create such sentiments, perform such deeds, and mold such opinions as will conduce to the build- ing up ofa purer and nobler womanhood in the world. Beginning with a nucleus of only twenty-three members, the sisters have participated in many of the social and cul- tural events on the Edinboro campus. With a steadily in- creasing number, the Zeta Upsilon Chapter will continue to well represent Zeta Tau Alpha. 151 Theta Chi Alpha is one of the youngest fraterni- ties on xampus. Chartered in October of 1968 the brothers are striving to make their mark on the Edin- boro campus. This fall in conjunction With the Phi Mu Phi so- rority the fraternity entered a float in the homecom- ing parade. They also named Sue Bannister the fra- ternity sweetheart. Theta Chi Alpha also sponsored various campus functions throughout the term. The brothers strive to attain the qualities of scholarship, honor, and citizenship. There are no heroes, 0r superstars, simply brothers. www.mwmwm FOUNDED1968 agaterim xwx A MR 1. Ray Bennett 6. John Cope 2. Mark Truszokowski 7. Richard Jones 3. Mide Kelley 8. Tom Gabriel 4. Lou Cottage 9. Doug Shevchik 5. Gerry Hayes 10. Ralph Buzzard I53 KAPPA GAMMA PSI H 20 I7 24 75 15 2: 22 ,3 u R 154 r-u-u-n-w-I rkWEOfQSOSbNQWrAWEOE Linda Mockel Debbie Keaney Margie Graham Sue Williams Donna Baker Doreen Davie Joyce Fendya Connie Clark Ann Houk L011 O DonneIl Candy Bates Jackie Rump Carol Popovich Pam Ramsey Cheryl Fendya Patty Troxell Barb Craig Francine Pych Pat Viola Arm Harvey Linda Antonacci JuJu Ricci Julie Murphy Kayl Bennett Kathy Muir Debby Vogt Chris Trageser The sisters of Kappa Gamma Psi, established on campus in 1966 as a local sorority, are looking for- ward to affiliating with a national social sorority in the spring of 1969. Kappa Cams participate in such campus organizations as varsity cheerleading, AWS, class officers, CUB, SFC, and others. This year the sisters are continuing with their philanthropy 0f the Council of Exceptional Chil- dren in Erie. Kappa Gamma Psi, individually and together, stands for high academic achievement, high morals, and, most important, lasting sisterhood. 156 ??ONQPWKPDP? Dee Meyers Jan Ward Dee Kozak Sue DeShieIds Molly Orcutt Debbie Crawford Noreen O,Hara Tootie Horvath Marian Taylor Kathy Hart Marsha Przywara Kathy Kennedy Linda Seitz Bev Baur Audrey Dudash Nancy Dunhoff 17. 19: Sue Thompson Kathie Dugan Patti George Anna Marie Piroli Gina DeVincent Rosemary Halloran Debbie F Orgash Anne Nolte Betsy Matijascic Rosemary Valone Sharon Borawski Carolyn Terwilliger Kathy Owczykowski Sandy Hall Barbara Strickler Karen Eberle KA PPA M U DEL TA Kappa Mu Delta Sorority, founded June 5; 1967, is completing its second school year at Edinboro. Its fast rise can be attributed to hard work and cooperation among the sisters. The sorority participates in all college and Greek activities, as well as contributing service projects to the community. Many sisters are in vital campus organizations and seveial are in honorary fraternities. One of Kappa Mu Deltais sisters is Secretary of the Junior Class. Manifested in its motto, the sorority strives to encourage and set by example the high ideals ofscholarship, leadership, and integrity. Kappa Mu Deltzfs purpose, above all, however, is close and continual sisterhood. LA MBDA CHI Com leting another successful ear, the brothers of Lamb a Chi fraternity have forgecil ahead as leaders on the Edinboro State College campus. They have romoted their name through the cultivation ofiiScholarsEip, Hon- or, and Integrity, within the brothers. The binding unit of Lambda Chi is the outcoming result of the establis ment of owerful bonds of brother- hood. Through this unity, t e brothers were able to achieve many outstandin accomplishments. In the fall, the brothers won the Aumni Award for their Home- coming Parade float, The Tortoise and the Hare? The fraternity also joined with the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta in backing Miss Pat Hebert, who laced as a mem- ber of the Homecoming Queen Court. e Lambda Chfs won the first place troph in intramural softball and par- ticipated activelg in a1 IFC and intramural sports. Brother Wa ne air was chosen as recipient of the Sox Harrison At letic Award. All together, Lambda Chi has roven itself to be an integral part of Greek life on the P?dinboro State College campus. 158 immmnm .5ka L 11,1th M164: tTJUW'hAI.L m HP?- NBQSDPCN?W?AWEOV Cliff Kirchner Ron Wiser Cary Martin Howard Hain Dave Edwards Ed Quinn Jim Hart Wayne Buir Larry Mertz George Crayak Nelson Erb Bill Kozicl Jim Loomis Mike Shusteric Eugene Piach Eric Schwartz Dennis Erb Bill Shively Dan Gill Bill Crowley Ronald Hess Kevin Berry Tink Grossman Ed House 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 33C 34. 35. Bob Comey Joe Jezewski Norm Wilson Ron Bradley Pete Dooley Charles Shultz Fred Susi Jerry Fouse Mark Chapman Walt Forte Mike Bartfalvi 159 Sigma Sigma Sigma is an international sorority with Chapters throughout the United States. Gam- ma Rho chapter was installed at Edinboro in May, 1967. Tri Sigma strives to develop character, responsi- bility, leadership, social consciousness in its mem- bers, and to establish the perpetual bonds of sister- hood. All the sisters take an active part in local campus activities as well as those on a national basis. The main service project is the Robbie Page Memorial, Which provides money for the childrerfs room at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital. The social calendar includes 3 Homecoming party, fall and spring pledge dances, Founderts Day banquet, a summer picnic and serenading. Nancy Willis Pat Kintz Maureen Bester Connie George HF e99meemewwr Ann Townley Barb Flannery Kathy Backes Joyce Thompson Valarie Simmons Janet McWhirter Marie Buckwalter Susan Massy Carolyn Miller Nancy Kreider Kathy Graff Debbie Martin Karen Thompson Donna Oyler Mary Ann Rafle Julie Savko Karen Ogurchak SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 161 Initiation into Sigma Tau Gamma links the college man with the principles of value, learning, leadership, integrity and excellence. A man pledged to this Fraternity has a unique opportunity to learn the meaning of fraternal membership and to practice it through having, from day Of pledging, a definite place in the organization where his efforts for the good of the brotherhood will be recognized and can be measured. On the social calendar are the annual White Rose Ball, Toga Party and Spring Pledge Dance. The brotherhood this year is proud of again winning Greek Sing and copping the annual Scholastic Trophy for the tenth c011- seeutive year; we are also proud of placing Miss Pat Herbert in the Homecoming Queen Court. The brotherhood is proud of nominating Miss Jan Evans, sister of Phi Mu Phi, as our sweetheart. In cooperation with the Save The Children Foundation, the brothers have adopted a needy child from Greece. Through this foun- dation, a child in need of strength and sup- port is aided by contributions which mean the difference between despair and hope. 162 wmeawewwe . Greg Savko Tom Niles Dick Steinbrink Chuck Hatalsky Tom Bidwell Bill Sturm . Rex Shepard . Larry Connelly . John Tucceri . Jim Herzing . Bill Connelly . Dale Genger . Rich Zuck . Mike Korczynski . Vic Cagnon . Terry Bair . Jim VanLaningham . Sam Amendola . Fred Munnell . Jack Gross . Dale Goodwin . Jerry Hughes . Andy Turoey . Mike Adams . Tom Pavkov . Jim Bailey SIGMA TAU GAMMA TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon, an international social fraternity 0n the Edinboro State College cam- pus, emphasizes leadership in campus affairs as one of its major objectives. The Tekes are active student leaders in student ublications, class offices, Colle e Union Boartli3 in addition to competing on the colleges varsit athletic teams and in the campus intramura sporting pm ram. E has won the Interfraternity Athletic Trsgh 11 times in the ast 12 ears. ith the backing 0 TKE, Iiss Bev Torok was elected first runner-up 0n the 1968 Home- coming Court. The TKE social calendar is highlighted with weekly gala affairs, annual pledge dances and the traditional Spring Weekend. In addition to social affairs, the Tekes are involved in man service pro'ects benefiting the college and the cam us. Mlajor service ac- tivities are informal smoIljters with members of the Edinhoro State faculty and administration, an annual Public Service Weekend in the spring and giving a Cirl-of-the-Month Award to a coed active in campus affairs. Activities of the Kap a Mu Chaptefs Order of Diana are correlate by Fraternity Sweet- heart Jan Ocel. Ed Macurak Gary Ceisel Bruce Morgan Mike Thomas Bill Herniman Denny Creehan Ed Pryor Ed Duffin Cary Pierotti Mark Terrell Jack Blatnik Brad Raffle George Simko Larry Simons . Dennis Smith . Tom Dzumbu Tom Pappas 18. 19 20. :21. 22. 23. 25: Larry Smith Tom Zahorchak Jim Shafer Tom Junecko Bob Skelton Joe Espey Mickey Sage Bob Debreczeni J. P. Davis Herm Tomer Noel Watson Jim Hawkins Dave Van Derlyke Dan Dellapiazza Don Felix Bob Stokes Jon Osterholm 35. 36. 37. 51. Bob Slingluff Terry Ruoff Joe Vorrasi Ray Zechender Bill Semovoski Marty Ferrell George Wagoner Dave Knowlton Herm Schlesinger Bob Getkin John Odioso Ray Overholt Dalph McNeil John Coladonato Chuck Shaffer Buddy Berkebile Mike McMunn I65 PHI M U PHI Phi Mu Phi came onto campus as a new social sorority in January of 1968. On February 7, 1968, the sorority was officially accepted as a member of the Pan-Hellenic Council. The motto of Phi Mu Phi is development aca- demically, morally, and socially through the bonds of sisterhood. A white bunny with pink eyes and ears is the sororityts mascot. The sorority,s colors are pink and white, and the sisters can be recognized on campus by their pink and white herring-bone suits. Mrs. Deanna Gordon is the sorority,s advisor. 5090393999353? Carla Ha'el Linda J0 nson Sharon Hewitt Barb Ferranti Eileen Joseph Jean Matija Joyce Bennett Karen Iagnemma Jan Evens Naureen Beighley Eileen Conway Carol Baker Mary Arcuri Joan Ciccone Mrs. Deanna Gordon Advisod Connie Gaylord Barb Walz Andrea Cunningham Judy Harayda Mary Ann McDowell Marge Krill Edna Kuntz Jeanne James Judy Hassenplug Karen Bechtold 167 yg $ WW xh xjg E 7 h 44;, Founded in 1938 as a local fraternity the Phi Sig tra- dition is the oldest at Edinhoro. The brotherhood be- came Omicron Pentaton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa national social fraternity, on May 11, 1967. The Cardi- nal Principals of Phi Sigma Kappa, Brotherhood, Schol- arship, and Character, serve as a guide for carrying the Phi Sig tradition to new and greater horizons. So- ecial functions of the chapter include pledge dances after each pledge class has been initiated and inter- mittent functions to relieve the doldrums of academic life. 168 H ??D??GFWDWPPEQE Mike Baird Bill Johnston Dan Fitzgerald Bernard Frohne Paul Hugus Bob Wilson Joe Girardi Bill Carringer Dan Paga Bill Nicolella John Linden James Mowbray Bill Krayer Dan Smith Rod Siverts Bill Yahner Larry Piroli Rick James John Behan Joe Linden Norm Eaton Raimondi Tate Emil Brenkus Mike Tylavsky David Dimmack Russ Stoneman Ken Renaock Mike Hillebrand : George Sanfilippo S TUDEN T 0R GANIZA TIONS 170 STUDENT FACULTY COUNCIL Left to Right: Joe McNaul tVice Presl, Linda Neubrand tSecretaryl, Jim Hillmeyer tPresidentl, Dr. John F. You tAdvisorl The Student-Faculty Co-operative government consists of all students, all faculty members, and the president of the college. The council Supports all college social, athletic, and cultural events; and it reg- ulates all student organizations. An important function of the council is the control of the Student AC- tivity Fund, through which all college dances, assemblies, Casino, the Spring Carnival, THE TARTAN, and the Spectator are financed. Representatives to the council are elected by the student body and it is these elected representatives who vote on the issues at large. The Council is always ready to listen to and discuss any new proposals for college progress. 171 SENIOR OFFICERS mwaumm .9 L;R: Bill Janosik TreasJ, Mr. Zanotti AdviserL Nick Sansone ViCe PresJ, Lockhart Burnett Wresidentk Vicki Rivetti Secj, Mr. Hamilton Mdviserl J UNI 0R OFFICERS L-R: Mrs. Joan Lawrence AdviserL Chuck Territo WresidenD, Kathy Kennedy Secj, Jim Cardone TreasJ, Jackie Rump 6.F.CJ, Cary Geisel Vice PresJ, Miss Nancy Acker Advi- serl 172 SOPHOMORE 0F F I CERS L-R: Karen McClune Uream, Vicki Truman 6.F.CJ, Dr. Coffman AdviserL Craig Hiatt Vice PresJ, Dr. Thompson AdviserL Chuck Schultz Wresidenth Suzi Killian 6ecJ. F RESHMAN OFFICERS "mm L-R: Dan Brandon GreasJ, Evonne Crabner GecJ, Chuck Daly Wresidentk Rich DeCostro Vice Presj, Gretchen Herbel 6.F.CJ, Dr. Williams AdviserL 173 C OLLE GE UNION BOARD The purpose of the C.U.B. is to organize and execute student-oriented activities on campus. The major 0b- jectives of the organization are: provision for the organi- zation and co-ordination of social activities; the exten- sion of contacts between faculty and students beyond the Classroom; the development of extracurricular experi- ences that will widen our interests and extend the hori- zons of our cultural and recreational life; and cooperw tion in working together for the common good of the College by creating an attitude of pride in our College and loyalty to the high purposes for which it stands. The C.U.B. presents popular musical groups, motion pictures, dances, and sponsors many other varied social and cultural events. Left to Right tlst rowy Linda Sue Schockling, Kathy Jackson, Sue Williams, Jan Snyder. t2nd rowT Sandy Capp, Nancy Lewis, Barb Davies, Janie Oelschlager. t3rd rowT John Coladonnato, Rob Debreczeni, Emil Brenkus, Chuck Territo. ASSOCIA TION OF WOMEN S TUDENTS The Association of Women Stu- dents acts as an advisory board that formulates and enforces regulations pertaining to women students, all of whom are automatically members. It also helps promote individual and group responsibilities. AWS coop- erates With the faculty and adminis- tration by helping to inform them of the interests and problems of women students. Through this representation the women students may express new and helpful ideas to improve campus life. Left to Right Sue Williams, tPresidenU Bev Torok, tTreasJ Miss Manship, advisor, Kathy Morrison, tSecJ Nancy Lewis, tSoc. Chairj Barb Davies, tPub. Chairl 174 PR OFESSIONAL ORGANIZA T I ONS S TUDEN T PSEA This organization is a professional organization designed to bring the future teachers of our country into the realm of iiprofessionalismf, The basic 0b- jectives of this organization are: to advance the cause of education, to elevate the quality of teach- ing, and to promote the welfare of those who teach. Student PSEA is also designed to familiarize the students with the iiCode of Ethicsll which they will be expected to follow in the Classroom situation. Of special interest to all active members of this organ- ization is the annual statewide convention held in Harrisburg. Left to Right Jane Russell, tPresidentl Joyce Skrzypek, tProgram Chairj Diane Miller, tVice PresJ Sandy Bart, tSec.-Treas.l. EARTH SCIENCE CLUB Left to Right Dr. Michael Lukert, Cliff Clark, tPresidentl Marganne Raphael, Rich Andrews, Sue English, Jessie Cofini, Dr. Wes Bryers, Jay Kretzler, Fred guii, aavid Shearer, Dr. Wegweiser, Bill Ingols, John Wilson, Dr. Michael c nei er. The Earth Science Club is an organization whose purpose is to promote an interest in the earth sciences, to provide opportunities for its members to participate in activities that will improve their preparations for teaching, and to sponsor college activities relative to the earth and space sciences for all college students. I75 PS YCHOLOGY CL UB This Club provides an opportunity for professional information, discussion of cur- rent practices and research as well as devel- oping an awareness of the requirements and opportunity for employment in the field of psychology and special education. All those interested in some aspect of the field of psychology are invited to become members. Left to Right Larry Herl tPresidenH, Mary Kray tSec.-TreasJ, Mr. Ingraham, advisor, Janet Moore tPublicityL Doug Hamilton tVice PresJ. SPEECH AND HEARING CL UB The Speech and Hearing Club is an educational group for the purpose of providing better under- standing of children and adults with speech and hearing handicaps. Membership is open to any stu- dent interested in the field of speech and hearing therapy. Activities include educational trips, guest speak- ers, movies, and special programs with demonstra- tions of techniques in speech and hearing therapy. It is required for speech and hearing majors. Top to Bottom Mr. Simmons, advisor Mrs. Lawrence, advisor Eileen Gliptis, tPresidenU, Martha Kamerer tSecJ, Carolyn Secord tVice Presj, John Kassi tTreasl 176 COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN eft to Right Miss Ditz tadvisori, Jim Mahoney tTreasJ, Cathy Marzio, Kathy Morrison, Kathy Sbackes, Mary Kray, Membership Chairj, Georgia Piccirillo, Linda Shoop, Barbara Ferranti, Maureen Beighley, Sherry Donnelly, Susan ickery, Virginia Wade, Flo Corentz, Marilyn Shervin, Linda Heinrich, Sue Miller, Chris Klemens, Alice Shirdey, Carol elesky tSeCJ, Elain Wester, Barbara Flannery, Pat Guido. This organization was establishedtounitethosein- terested in iimathi t0 pur- sue their interests in co- operation with their col- leagues, and to participate in activities that will im- prove their preparations for teaching. MA TH CL U3 The CEO is an international organi- zation established to unite those interest- ed in iiexceptionzllii children. The Beta Chapter of CEO on the Edinboro Cam- pus is the third stu- dent chapter to be organized in the State of Pennsylvania. The programs are planned to acquaint the members with characteristics of the various types of ex- ceptionulity, and to make them aware of the adjustments that must be made in the classroom to satisfy the needs of the in- dividual Child. Left to Right Pat Richards tPresidenO, Rosemary Halloran tTreasJ, Patsy Byrtus tSeCJ, Denise Roberts tPubliCity Chaim, Tom Smart tVice PresJ, Mr. Hamilton, advisor. F REN CH CL UB The French Club was estab- lished at Edinboro State College to promote interest in and under- standing of the French language and the French people. The club sponsors lectures, mov- ies, and field trips related to France and the French. In the future they hope to organize trips abroad to Europe and Canada. Left to Right tFront Rowt Miss Morstatter, Miss Hurier, advisor, Margaret Pepper, Kathy Carpen- ter, Linda Longo, tSec-TreasJ Nancy Greier, tPresidenD Rose Hansen, Mrs. Manwaring. tBack ROM Stan Bocian, Phil Nardozzi, George Schmalzried, Don Drescher, John Leid. SPANISH CL U3 The purpose of the Spanish Club is to further an understanding of the Spanish culture and customs of the Spanish people. A social and educational program is planned for club members. Activities in- clude guest speakers, educational trips, and special parties. Left to Right Kathleen Yezzi, tVice PresL Miss Miquel advisor, Jean Matija, tPresidenH, Linda Sherwood, tSec-Treasm I78 STUDENTS LIBRARIANS ASSOCIA TION This professional group has been or- ganized to further the understanding of the high standards of librarianship for those who have cho- sen library science as their vocation. The program for the meet- ing are planned to provide a variety of enriching ideas in the following areas: Professional librarian- ship Business sessions Planning sessions for special library e- Left to Right Frances Charles tSecJ, Margaret Clark, tPresidenD, Miss Mildred For- ents ness, advisor, Sally Dec tTreasJ. Mrs. Lillian Hesketh, advisor, Cathy Beecher, tVice V Presj. Recreation and holi- day celebrations HONORAR Y AND PROFESSIONAL FRA TERNI T IES BETA BETA BETA The chapter Alpha Chi of Beta Beta Beta the National Biological Honor Society, was established on this campus in 1950. It serves a threefold purpose: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and pro- motion of biological research. Left to Right Nancy Krieder, tSec.i Larry Litwin, tPresidenti Dr. Gatzy, advisor, Jim Ludwig, tHistoriani Ester Antill, Chris Smith. DEL T A PHI DEL TA Delta Phi Delta is a nation- al honorary art fraternity, open to men and women who are students of art in our American universities, col- leges, and art schools. The aims of the fraternity are: to stimulate higher scholarship, to recognize potential pro- fessional ability, and t0 devel- op professional art interests. Left to Right Daryl Boocks, Ron Hess, Cliff Kirschner, Jean Michalski, Jan Ward, Pat Lowry, Nancy Koberick, tSecJ Linda Johnson, Mark Moore, tPresidenO Roberta Kelsch, Sharon Rohrbach, Barb Florek, Jamie Bowman, Sharon Stewart, tVice Pres.t Mr. Rosenfeld, advisor. C OLLE CIA T E PLA YERS Edinboro Collegiate Players, the drama pro- ducting organization, is open to students inter- ested in any phase of theatre production. Through its annual pro- gram of major produc- tions, experimental one- acts, and allied activi- ties, the Collegiate Play- ers seeks to acquaint its participants with the various facets of play production, including acting, directing, sce- nery and costume de- sign, construction, light- ing, and business man- agement activites. It further seeks to broaden the interests of the stu- dent audience through the presentation of plays f 1 . Left to Right Robin Hils, tPresidenO Dr. Clifford, adviser, Larry Caffro, tViL-e Presj Deborah McClele 0 al Styles and PerlOdS- land, tSeCJ Joe Jezcwski, tTreasJ 180 M U KAPPA GAMMA Mu Kappa Gamma, honorary mu- sic society, limits its membership to those students who have contributed to the musical life of the campus in some outstanding way. Leadership, scholarship, musical ability, length of service and cooperation are What each individual must display in order to be eligible. The organization sponsors trips to concerts and operas besides arranging for the appearance of various outside musical organizations on the campus. Top to Bottom Mary Miehl, Sue Feichtner, Christine Gems, Denise Dombrowski, Ethelmae Vioral, Susan Stefanowicz, hSecJ Toni Ferrantine, Beverly Baur, Jean- nette Forsman, hTreasJ Susan Thompson, Robin Joley, Jim Van Laningham, hVice PresJ Frank Barthel, Bob Zoldak, hPresidenU KAPPA DEL TA PI Kappa Delta Pi, national honor society in education, has as its purpose, "to encour- age high professional, intellectual and per- sonal standards and to recognize outstand- ing contributions to education? Left to Right hCirlsh Pat Stanger, Sue Feichtryr, hSecJ Cecelia Hines, Jessie Cofini, Connie Benv nett, hVice Presj Carolyn Secord, Wresidenw Karen Skudhauge, Linda Lakatos $on Dick Eberlin, hTreasJ Dave Edwards, hHistori-dn ParU Rich Andrews, Mr. Cavanangh, udvisor. PHI CHI PSI Phi Chi Psi is an honorary organ- ization for physics and chemistry Students to gather to discuss prob- lems and to become better ace quainted with fellow students; to provide and obtain information on career futures in the fields of phys- ics and Chemistry; to broaden the studentst knowledge beyond that of the classroom through field trips, speakers, demonstrations; to pro- mote physics and chemistry on tampus through projects beneficial to the school. Bottom to Top, Row 1: Bob Sauers, tVice-PresJ, Bob Zoidak, Joe Bubonic tHistorianL Craig Gates tPresidenU, John Marcinowski, Lee Robinson, Glenn Cow, Mrs. Berry tAdvisorL ROW 2: William Colclaser, Sandy WolftTresJ, Peggy Cebe, Sarah Jones, Pat McCarm tSecJ PI DEL TA EPSILON The purpose of this organization is to help preserve the free enter- prise system through effective, free and unhampered mass communi- cations which ultimately form the bulwark and shield of our demo- cratic way oflife. Left to Right: Bob Skelton, Myra Keisler, Dave Anderson, Karen Skudhauge, Peg Bortner, Mrs. Miller tAdvisoxO. 182 PUBLICA T I ONS BOARD DEBUT Debut is a college literary and art magazine Sponsored by the English and Art Departments. Published each year by the student body it samples the creative life of Edinboro by print- ing the stories, essays, and poems of student writers and by reproducing significant work by student artists. 7; Nay. pr tar "U' e 1 . 3 4sr'pvi'h" ,r 33' n r. Left to Right: Carol Notchkiss, Don Double, Ruth Casinelli, Jan Jenchura, Diane Ochsenhirt, Linda Lewis, Patti Torrelli, Jerry Anderjeck, Mary Wegmiller. SPECTA T 0R Left to Right: Cathy Beecher, Rita Meister, Julie Could tAssit EditorL Donna Chalovich, Dave Anderson, Bob Skelton, Karen Skadhauge, Jan Nientimp, Sherry Donnolly, Peg Bortner tEditorL The Spectator, the student newspaper at Edinboro State College, is a recorder of activity of news written according to the journalistic Code of Ethics of the Associated Collegiate Press, of which the paper is a member. The facts, presented in an unbiased, democratic and infor- mative manner, are concerned with the academic, cultural, social, Sports, faculty, and iistraighF news of the College. The editorial page reserves 21 section, Letters- to-the-Editor, in which students and faculty may voice their opinions pro- vided the language conforms to accepted standard journalistic practices. THE STUDENT HANDBOOK THE HANDBOOK is published each sum- mer us an aid to students in better under- standing the college and to serve as a refer- ence for all those wishing to find facts relating to the College, its facilities, the faculty, and activities. A committe Chosen by the Student Council is responsible for publishing the handbooks which are distributed to freshmen and other students at registration. , , Bottom to Top: Nancy Zemcik, CeCe Czech, Brenda Czech, Pat Byrtus, A . . Sharon Collopy CAMPUS RADIO-- WJKB The radio station, a student-operated organ- ization, aims to provide information and en- tertainment t0 011-campus students Via closed- circuit radio. Programs of all types of music, and news, are presented nightly. Membership in XVIKB is open to all students interested in radio work, who have and can maintain a 2.0 average. WJKB can be heard in all the college dormitories at 560 kc., and can be contacted by calling 732-6911. 1. Lester Miller, Treas. 2. Tom Lopez, Station Manager. 3. Rose Hansen, Record Librarian. 4. Joseph Vergot. 5. Russ Peek, Program Director. 6. Myra Keisler, Traffic Manager. 7. Marge Krill, Publicity Div rector. 8. Patti Reich. 9. Dave Fisherowski, Music Director. 10. George Phillips. 11. Ed Meeks. 12. John Anderson. 13. Victor Pilipovieh. 14. Jim Krauzzl. 15. Dennis Chamberlaine. 16. Tim Scully. 17. Nancy Koberick. 18. Todd Fedei. 19. Bob Stewart. 20. Jack Horton. 21. Bernard Keisler. 22. Anne Murphy. 23. Darby Giles. RED CR 088 INTERCOLLEGIA TE C 0 UN CIL Under the guidance of Dr. Coffman, the Red Cross has had an eventful year. They have par- ticipated in first aid Classes, water safety and at- tended many conferences. Dr. Coffman, Bob Tucci, Sue Thompson. OTHER ORGANIZA TIONS CCE99 CLUB The Varsity hEh Club . composed of all partic- lu ants in the Intercol- giate Athletic Program ho earned the varsity E The purpose of the prganization is to unite he student and alumni thletic community With he interest in maintain- ng high athletic stand- rrds. The outstanding ocial function is the an- 1 H - B 11 Left to Right, Row l-Bob Rosenfeld, Dan Bissontz, Ron Hess, Emil Brenkus, Paul Belosh. Row ZeRick Riffle, Al ua omecommg a t Barbati, Frank Smith, Paul Tepper, Bob Greif, Michael Payer, Dave Brandell. Row 3-Bruce Payer, Denny Clever, he Varsity ttEh Club Rich St ula, Ed Quinn, Dennis Miketa, Bill Stafford, Jay Barto, Chico Pollick. Row kjim Robinson, Tim Ziner, Dan Mi ler, Wayne Bair, Mr. Magdik, Bob Corny, Larry Persing, Jack Nobbs, John Ballard. .lso presents the varsity ackets to outstanding thletes and serves re- reshments at Edinboro 1thletic events. 185 INTERNA TIONAL RELA TIONS CL UB A social organization formed to stimulate understanding and cooperation between students from abroad and American stu- dents, promote better under- standing and discussion of inter- national problems, and Ameri- can foreign policy and encour- age activities designed to help promote peace and cooperation among nations ofa free world. Left to Right: Donna Harris tTreasJ, Jeff March tPresidenU, Bahman Nowroozi tVice-Pres.L Patsy Byrtus, Mr. Mugal tAdvisorL Dr. Shupe tAdvisorL Susan Vickery tSecretaryJ CHESS CL UB The purpose of the Chess Club is to foster interest in playing chess. Be- sides being in competition here on -ampus, the chess club is in competi- tion with colleges in other states as well. They have taken part in the Na- tionaFS a number of times and are planning to participate in the College State Tournament in the near future. Rick Jones tToumument Directork Bob Chase tPresidcnU, COMMUTERS CLUB This year marks the beginning of a new and active commuters club. They have been able to organize coffee hours throughout the semes- ter and also were able to back a candidate for homecoming queen. Sitting: Michele Legenzoff eVice-PresJ, standing; Carol Cicero eSem-TreasJ CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL Left to Right: Rick Jones WresidenU, Mr. Comella UdeisorL John Buckhum eTreasj, Glenn Martin Gargeant at ArmsL Roy Rierd, Michael Brennan, Gary Flick Cliff Smith wed. eVice-Presk Circle K International is an affiliate of Kiwanis 1m temational. They have cur- rently taken under two ma- jor tasks: en the making of a student directory and Qe 21 student to student book exchange. 187 WOMENS A THLE TI C ASSOCIA TION The Womerfs Athletic Association, established to promote physical fitness and good sportsmanship, provided a variety of intramural activites. A varied program including softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and gym- nastics enticed all but particular lltom- girls? Left to Right Nancy Carson lPresidentl, Miss Gustaveson lAdVisorl, Sue McMurtrie lSecJ. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Left to Right: John Yanson, Dr, Clifford lAdvisorl, Robin Hils, Carol Jackson, Larry Caffro, Kip Incheck, Lin Root lPresidentl, Norm Wilson, Patty Stanger, Joe Jezewski, Jam Singer, Tom LeCoxu chick lTreasJ, Jim Kunkle. Organized in 1930, the Cam- ma Kappa Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dra- matic fraternity, is made up of men and women students who have actively participated in the dramatic program and have dem- onstrated proficiency in two or more areas of theatre produc- tion, reliability and responsibil- ity in accepting and performing all assigned duties as a member of the production team, and sat- isfactory Scholastic standing. MUSIC ORGANIZA TIONS CONCERT CHORALE The Concert Chorale is a select mixed choir of 30-35 voices that pre- sents at least two cum- pus concerts a year. This group also tries to ur- range a number of Off- campus trips. Member- ship is open to all stu- dents who pass the audi- tions. Left to Right, Row l-Terri Rouse, Linda Remic, Eileen Thornton, Susan Thompson, Eileen Joseph, Gina DeVincent. Row LLinda Lakatos, Mary Jane Cregan, Bev Baur, Carol McKelvy, Sharon Longsdorf, Chris Parsh, Kathy Crandy, Ceci Martini. Row 3i Miles Richards, Fred Munnell, Paul Labash, Dane Carin, Gleen Cow, Todd Fedei, Bill Dulaney, Dave Morrill, Terry Levitt. GIRLTS GLEE CL UB The Girls Glee Club is open to all women Students. The group Sings a vari- ety of music and performs each semester. Top to Bottom: Miss Clark, Margaret Pe per, Paula Brinkley, Laura Dubbs, Rita Oiver, Cathy Nee, Sylvia Hincheerger, Darlene Hoesch, Janice Pagliari. Students with experi- ence in orchestrz or string ensemble may continue to play that music in the College String Ensemble. Stand- ard and modern works for strings are per- formed. It presents a minimum of two con- certs a year on "ampus, performing original and transcribed works. I90 MADRIGAL SINGERS The Madrigal Singers is a small vocal ensemble. Although the group concen- trates 0n Renaissance madrigals, a va- riety of works is performed. The Club offers a unique opportunity for women and men to sing together in a college choral tradition. Left to Right: 030m Mr. Anderson, advisor, Glenn Gow, Todd Fedei, Dane Carin, Bill Du- laney, Dave Morrill, Terry Levitt. Klirlw Gina DeVincent, Eileen Joseph, Mary Jane Gregan, Terri Rouse, Eileen Thompton, Kathy Crandy, Ceci Martini, Susan Thompson. STRING ENSEMBLE Left to Right: Front Rona Carol Wright, Sharon Borawski, Cay Thorr, Carol Swaney, Debby McDavitt, Chris Berner. Back Row Mrs. Louis Rosenfeld, Mr. Clifford Cox, Joel Tohtz, John Giannelli, Isabel Dewey, Ed Howe, Karen Michael, MARCHING BAND CLA RINETS FLUTES DR UM MAJOR PERCUSSIONS 192 m Vc TAM 0,SHANTERS MAJORETTES T ENNI S . E x W m k .. iWWi L-R: Ted Robison, Robert Campadel, Tom Moore, Frank Bova, David McClatchey, Tom Smith NETTERS POST 6-5 MARK The F ighting Scot netmen spurted to an early 5-2 record before consecutive losses to Buffalo State, Fre- donia and Cannon left the court men with an even slate. A 5-4 victory in the season finale, however, put the High- landers 0n the plus side of the ledger for a fine season Showing. Edinboro racket men Ted Robison and F rank Bova paved the way on the clay courts by posting identical 8-3 season marks in matches while court mate Tom Smith followed closely with a 7-4 slate. Leading in doubles play at the close of the campaign was the duo of Tom Moore and Tom Smith who smacked their way to 7 wins and only 3 defeats. A fifth-place finish in the state tournament, which in- cluded 11 of the 13 state colleges this past year, capped team play for the season. Both Robison and Bova traveled to-Kansas City, Mo., where they competed in the NAIA tennis tourney. The sophomore hopefuls were eliminated in the early matches, but gained valuable experience on the courts to provide plenty of depth for the Scots next year. 196 Tom Moore returns a back-hand smash. Coach Hank Mariotti points toward a "sweep? Third straight win for Teddy." UIQQDOJKIHODCDGJNCO TENNIS RESULTS 1968 Alliance California Gannon Alliance Slippery Rock Youngstown Indiana Buffalo State F redonia Gannon Slippery Rock Record 6-5 0 ,6 TV u-JRODCDOSNOOCJOCJKIO Coach Hanio Mariottfs Fighting Scot netmen cap- tured the runner-up trophy by garnering second place in the first annual Edinboro State College fall tennis tournament. The invitational contest, sponsored October 11-12, marked a historical first in the Highlander athletic record books since the Scots never before hosted a tennis tourna- ment on its hardcourts. The Highlanders earned their second place finish with a tally of 1 3i winning points. California State College was the winner of the quadrangular tourney with 201i points. Mansfield State College placed third with 10 points and Slippery Rock State followed with 911 markers. Edinboro States Ted Bobison was named the winner of the Outstanding Singles Player trophy by the partici- pating coaches. Robison, a junior from Oil City, emerged undefeated in three singles division matches. Robison and F rank Bova combined their tennis abili- ties to win the Outstanding Doubles Team trophy for Edinboro State. Bova is a junior from Erie. During the two-day tourney, California scored a 7-2 win over Edinboro, an 8-1 margin over Slippery Rock and a 55-3 tally over Mansfield to capture top tourney honors. The Edinboro Scots recorded a 2-7 loss to California in the opening round and a 543$ defeat by Slippery Rock in the second round before smacking Mansfield 7-2 for a total of 121:1 winning points. Mansfield State finished third in the tourney with 16 points followed by Slippery Rock with 3i team points. 198 Ted stretches for a return. Bova and Robison capture tourney doubles championship. BASEBALL First Row L-R: Russ Stoneman, Paul Belosh, Joe Espey, John Downing, Cre g Savko, John Christofer, Jim Colangelq, Emil Brenkus, Tom Zelesnik. Second Row L-R: Assistant Coach Ron Pontoriero, Pat Nardel i, Dick Astor, Jim? Roblnsoh, Larr'y Persmg, Ben Haber- man, Jim Sullivan, Bill McElroy, Wayne Bair, Rich Stypula and Head Coach Jim Christopher. Missmg from plcture 15 Rod Herron. EDINBORO STA TE DIAMOND MEN BEGIN T0 JELL IN THIRD SEASON Edinborois young baseball program gave indications of establishing itself during the 1968 season as the Scots finished by topping some impressive ball Clubs enroute to a 7-9 season. Highlighting diamond play were wins over Westminster, Youngstown, Point Park and California. Juniors Wayne Bair and Larry Parsing led the Scotsi sticks with respective .374 and .326 batting averages. Rod Herron led the way on the mound by hurling his way to 4 wins in 8 appearances for a 2.73 earned run average. Junior southpaw Jim Sullivan followed him with a 2-2 Slate and a 2.09 earned run average. Third saeker Jim Colangelo led in the RBI department with 12. Other batting leaders included Larry Persing with 3 triples, John Christofer with 5 doubles and Wayne Bair with 21 singles. The Christopher-coached squad played all of its iihomeii games at Alliance College, but the Scots, new field will be ready for the 1969 opener. 4- . BASEBALL RESULTS 1968 ESC OPP. 4 Westminster 0 6 Point Park 5 0 Point Park 7 7 Youngstown 3 2 Youngstown 3 1 California 8 California 2 8 Alliance 6 4 Alliance 3 0 Slippery Rock 3 4 SlipperyRock 5 5 Cannon 6 0 Cannon 9 l Fredonia 2 2 Alliance 1 9 Alliance 11 Record 7-9 Persing flips another strike in his 7-0 shut out. 200 9. MW A shot down the third base line by Brenkus moves 2 runners into scoring position. 201 F irst Row L-R: Bill Trypus, Warren Hartzell, Cliff Kirschner, Ron Hess, Ron Wiser, Ga Pierotti and Denn Como. Second Row L-R: Bill Hamilton, Skip Feigert, John Gorman, Mike Guzzi, Dale Seifert, Rick Wa ters and Mike Bart alvi. Third Row L-R: Ron Jones, Ebby Hollins, Ron Palyo, Lynn Campbell, Sumner Bemis and Mickey Sage. Fourth Row L-R: Bob Corny, Decator Bankhead, Greg Yarbenet, George Cincala, Norm Eaton and Ron Demar. INDIVIDUALS SHINE 0N CINDERS Although recording a dismal 2-6 overall record Edinboro VARSITY TRACK RESULTS States future seems enhanced by stray performances from under- 1968 classmen and an undefeated freshman cinder team. ESC OPP. Three firsts were recorded by the Highlander thinclads. Dale Seifert stepped over the 440 intermediate hurdles in a record 82 Geneva 63 time of 58.5 to post a new ESC mark while the 440 relay team of 65 Slippery Rock 80 Sage, Figert, Walters, and Hess raced to a new time 0f45.4 around 50 Westminster 95 the oval. Senior Ron Wiser paced the Scots in individual scoring 48 Clarion 97 as he continually captured top spots in the mile, 2-mile and the 73 Indiana 71 POIe vault. 70 Cleveland State 72 Edinbords thinclads edged Indiana University of 1321., 73-71, to 51 Mansfield 85 give the Scots their first-ever win over the Big Indians in track. 25 Grove City Freshman John Gillette flipped the discus 13377,, to establish another Highlander mark in the field events. The Clarfs yearling Record 2-6 squad sped its way to an unblemished 7-0 slate to become the first undefeated freshman cinder team at Edinboro. 1337" and a new mark for John Gillette. Coach O Dessa congratulates Dale Seifert for his record time. . . . the 2-mile Ron Wiser posts a win in the mile . . . a - n Fine form for the Jav. . . . and the pole vault. GOLF Scot linksters prepare for an afternoon outing on the greens. LINKSTERS SUFFER UNDER SETBA CKS Despite good showings by John F robouck, Jay Barto and Mike Carrig, the Scot golfers failed to come up with a win during season play. The Highlanders fell 10 times under the clubs of Clarion, Indiana, Alliance, Slippery Rock and F redonia State. 205 Head down, arm straight and concentration produce for Mike Carrig. Randy Frobouck displays soft touch on the green. 206 Coaching stag sets out to play a round. Coach McDonald studies the style of a real pro. 207 WRES TLIN G Kneeling L-R: Larry Harrington, Bob Rosenfeld, Denny Menold, Bill Stafford, Ron Werger, Bob Bender, Jack Nobbs, Mike Payer, Bob Sauer, Bruce Payer tCa taini, Tom Glor; Standin L-R: Jim Schmidt, Dale Hrach, Art Price, Bob Fuhrman, Tom Liebel, Dave Mischick, Ted Ra omski, Dave Dimmack, an Coach Caro. SCOT GRAPPLERS OFF TO GREATEST START Coach Fred Cards varsity grappling squad reeled off 8 wins in their first 10 tries on the mats to give the Scots one of their best season starts in recent years. Bob Rosenfeld, a 123-pounder from Erie, emerged as the team,s top wrestler with a 10-0 record. Following him with outstanding performances were Dale Hrach Q45; Larry Harrington tllSi, Mike Payer OWL and Bruce Payer GQD. Rosenfeld, who has compiled a 17-1 record over the past 2 seasons, and Bruce Payer are the only 2 seniors on the ,68369 squad. Payer, team captain, is a 3-year letter winner who finished last season with an 8-3 record. He was selected as Edinbords most valuable wrestler at the close of the year after he had won the runner-up spot at the 191-pound class in the PSCAC wrestling tournament. He also represented the Fighting Scots in the NAIA Tournament held at Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado. Rosenfeld returned to action after missing a semester of competition while wrestling independently, however, Bob won the Buffalo Open at 130 pounds by beating the wrestler who placed fourth in the Pan-Am Games. His grappling efforts culminated in the Olympic Trials at Iowa State University. Edinborois top grappler, Bob Rosenfeld, rides unbeaten. Working to flip his opponent is frosh Pete Mastrocola. Stafford registers a pin and 5 team points for the Scots. 1968969 RESULTS ESC OPP. 29 F airmont 16 40 Cannon 9 40 West Liberty 3 19 California 24 33 Kutztown 6 20 Shippensburg 15 39 Mansfield 9 39 Slippery Rock 6 6 Clarion 37 23 Grove City 11 Thiel Akron Record 8-2 209 Leg lock could prove vic Mike Payer gets ready to finish off his opponent. Eagerness characterizes Tom Liebel prior to match. 210 Freshman Crapplers L-R: Chuck Daly, Mike Mottilo, Jim Crecraft, Dave Soltis, Pat Mantini, and Tom Capone; Standing L-R: Dean Bennett, Rick LaFerriere, Jim Hill, Pete Mastrocola, Larry Hodge and Coach Gilstrap. Missing from picture are Pat Harrison and Frank Spilker. Glor wins by submission. 2H 1967-1968 PSCAC CHAMPIONS Kneeling L-R: Dan Miller, Tim Ziner, Tom Carr, Larry Smith, Harry Jenkins, Don Dougan, Dave Miller, Mickey Unick, Rod Herron, Frank Smith, Norm Eaton, Ron Weaver, Jim Robinson, and Nick Kunich. Standing L-R: Assistant Coach Jim Christopher, Head Coach Jim McDonald, Dan Smith, Dave Knowlton, Craig Hiatt, Bill Hale, Doug Etzel, Art Dickinson, Jim Mann, Ron Burton, Bob Schofield, Mike Burke, Ray Over- holt, Burk Krohe, Manager Tom Moxie, and Manager Pat Bemis. Some new ink found its way into the basketball record book at the close of Edinboro States 1967-68 cage season. The Scots, while enroute to their first state cham ionshi and fourth Western Division crown, changed 18 schoo marks. The men of McDonald romped to their winningest season in Edinboro histor by nailing down 19 victories over the past cam aien. The previous high was that of 18 wins posted by the 965-66 team. The Victories gave Coach Jim McDonald a total of 84 wins in six years at Edinboro. His Highlander teams are averaging 14 wins each year and he has never experienced a losing season while guidin the Scots. The oldest existing recor to fall was the most conse- cutive victor mark established in the 1931-32 season. The Scots milled past that record of 8 by blazing to 10 consecutive wins in the first half of the season. Other marks to fall include: highest season scoring avera e, 89.4; best season free throw percentage, 70.6; most 1eld goals in one season, 868; most points in one game, 133; most field goals in one game, 54; most re- ounds in a single ame, 86 against Lock Haven talso established a new IESCAC recordi; most points in one half, 75; and most oints in a game for two teams, 223 tEdinboro vs. Lock aveny On the all-time list of seasons ranked by percentages, which marks 37 ears on the Edinboro hardwoods, the Highlanders, 19-5, record places fourth among the top runners. Leading assaults on individual career marks were senior center Don Dougan and junior forward Frank Smith. Dougan1s 992 total rebounds vaulted him into the to sEot in the list of individual rebounders. He su asse t e revious high of 897 held b Darryl Meachem. urin his Tour years at Edinboro, gougan has avera ed 11. rebounds a ame and 12.7 points a game. His 1,0 5 points place him t ird on the list of career high scorers. Walt Askins 0,7391 and Dan Petchel 71,3449 lead the list. Frank Smith moved into tenth place on the list of all- time career scorers with 759 oints. Another good season this ear could make Smith the fourth Scot to climb over the ,000 oint mark. In his three years of cage competi- tion at E inboro Smith is averaging 14.8 oints a game. He com Ieted last season as the teams Yeading scorer nettin 47 oints for an 18.6 ame average. Mc onal ,5 band of Fig ting Scots annexed their fourth conference title in seven years at Edinboro by postin an unblemished 8-0 mark and entered NAIA dis- trict p ay for the third time. The Hi hlanders, 73-61 vic- tory over Cheyney State netted E inboro its first state title in basketball. BASKETBALL SEASON RESULTS ESC 109 84 133 103 .98 93 87 9.9 90 109 65 83 90 108 110 67 8O 78 97 110 86 73 41 OPP. W aynesburg 84 Slippery Rock Stat 56 Lock Haven State 90 Clarion State 92 California State 91 Fredonia State 84 Indiana U. OfP'd. 85 Mansfield State 81 Alliance 72 West Va. Wesleyan 78 Mansfield State 106 Lock Haven State 66 Alliance 88 Cleveland State 60 Slippery Rock State 73 Indiana U. of Pa. 69 Roberts Wesleyan 87 Geneva 87 California State 75 Clarion State 84 Grove City 65 Pennsylvania State Championship Cheyney State 61 NAIA District 18 Semi-Finals Cannon 52 NAIA District 18 Finals Westminster 48 OVERALL RECORD 19-5 x. Freshman Hoopers L-R: D. Smith, D. Knowlton, C. Hiatt, W. Hale, D. Etzel, J. Mann, A. Dickinson, R. Burton, B. Schofield, M. Burke, R. Overholt, B. Krohe. "Mr. ConsistenW-Larry Smith Frank Smlth displays form of an American. Players listen attentively to Coach McDonald during a timeout. Jim Robinson flips in a jumper. Coach McDonald irons out the oHense. Sid Booker and Jim Prokell sky their way to a tip. F irst half mistakes analyzed by Varsity Coach McDonald. 218 av ,yn M Seventhrranked Long Beach gets beat inside. Hardcourt strategy meeting by Coach Christopher. 1968-69 SEASON RESULTS ESC 78 Geneva 103 Lock Haven 99 Slippery Rock 71 Clarion 126 Roberts Wesleyan Tournament at Irvine, California 85 Cal St. Fullerton 58 Long Beach State 78 Los Angeles St. 110 Kenyon 74 Alliance 93 California 93 Lock Haven 87 Alliance 72 F redonia 95 Slippery Rock 67 Indiana California Clarion Grove City Indiana Record 12-4 OPP. 81 67 73 69 66 63 84 73 99 86 80 64 73 62 78 89 219 POS T SEASON VICTORS Titans dwarfed by Mickey Unick. F rank Smith climbs toward 1,000-point mark. Coach McDonald accepts State College trophy from Edinboro President, Dr. Chester T. McNerney. CROSS COUNTR Y A THLE TI C PROGRAM ADDS SOCCER AND CROSS COUNTR Y Two new fall sports expanded Edinboro States inter- collegiate athletic program this past year when soccer and cross country were introduced to the sporting world of the F ighting Scots on a club basis. To give the new sports a chance to become established their club status' allowed them to have an open roster which included freshmen. Freshmen are inelligible in all other varsity sports. The Scots, distance runners racked up Edinborols first win in cross country when they ran past Clarion State 26-29. The Hall-coached thinclads were paced by Dale Bidwell, Dale Genger, Bob Gorney, John Plekidas and Frank Jakiel. F reshman Dale Bidwell grabbed first place honors for the Clan with a time of 26:10. Bidwell also finished second in NAIA District 18 competition and was fifth in the freshman meet among the 13 state colleges. In Edinbords initial contest in soccer, the Scots went all the way to the wire only to be handed a 3-2 loss in the second overtime against Alliance College. The Clan re- corded its initial Victory when they booted the Cannon Golden Knights 6-2. Jim Winch provided the Red and Whites firepower by netting four goals. Scot harrier widens lead on Clan,s home course. SOCCER Seated: Jim Winch, Mike Shockey, John Bruzzese, Eric Mac Ellven, Tony Pietroiola, Lee Manross, Dennis Verosky, Eric Swartz, Ron Zatek, Rich Maxwell. Standing: Phil Clawson, Cliff Kirshner, Rolf Fredric son, Kevin Braudis, Cogch Jack Jarvie, Sparky Adams, Bruce Ranick, Kevin Jacobson, Dave Geary, Jim Antis, Mel Dainty. Missing from picture is Goalie Pat Waugaman. Coach Jack Jarvie directs his Erst-year men. Sparky" Adams sets up a crucial shot against Cannon. 223 F 00T BALL Assistant Coach Sam Ruvolo listens for defensive ad- justments. First Row L-R: D. Bonura, T. Baker, R. Medred, J. Romanovich, T. Hultgren, H. Atwood, D. Clever, J. Mikovich, A. Barbati, D. Bissontz, D. Brandell, S. Santillo, B. Boyd, C. Dengel, D. Metzar, D. Betcher, L. Nagy. Second Row L-R: L. Robinson, T. Kutz, J. Sullivan, J. Guerrasio, B. Hoover, J. Bufalino, S. Hamm, J. Jaruszewicz, C. Pollick, E. Quinn, B. Masterson, J. Ballard, B. Blankette, B. Thompson, R. Wesolowski, T. Mackey, D. Felix, D. Creehan, K. Laslow. Third Row L-R: F. Ringer, B. Clark, T. Reardon, G. Roth, T. Clor, D. Tamasy, T. Rockwell, D. Arnott, B. Kerpan, T. McDonough, K. Brown, L. Pollick, D. Iarocci, D. Bravard, B. Daugherty, E. Thompson, J. Tortorice, T. Buck, J. Tabaczynski. Cary Roth turns the corner against Ohio Northern. 227 Linebacker Steve Hamm takes a break from the action. Co-captain Dan Bissontz WOMENtS A THLETICS EDINBORO WOMEN IN IN TER C OLLE GIA TE COMPETITION Playing an integral role in the total athletic. program at Edinboro State College are women,s athletics. Guiding the Scot women in intercollegiate competition are Mrs. Judy Saurer tbasketbalD, Miss Ada Gustaveson ttennist, and Miss Nancy Acker tvolleybalD. The Clank basketball team led by Marne Leopold, Barb Hornak, Marge Becker and Lynn Labuskes has romped to a 10-2 record over the past 2 seasons. Only a 43-38 upset by Westminster and an early loss to Slippery Rock stopped the Fighting Scot women from registering 2 consecutive unbeaten seasons. ESCS womelfs tennis program is still in its early start, but has produced some outstanding competitors for the Clan on the Clay courts. Leading the way over the nets for the Scots were Captain Barb Porter and Barbara Hornak. Porter set the pace in singles as she smashed out 42 game victories. The entire squad faced stiff competi- tion among colleges which have established women,s tennis programs and compete quite regularly. The woments volleyball team raced to a 6-1 record during season play. Under the direction of Coach Nancy Acker the squad pounded its way past area collegiate powers to put the Scot women on the top rung 0f the ladder in district competition. Coach Saurer spells out offensive strategy. 230 A two-hand push tallies for Barb Hornak. L-R: Marilyn Pothoff, Barbara Hornak, Barbara Porter, Jackee Burger, Judy Creco, Fran Rogem, Judy Stevens, Kim Vorce. Captain Barb Porter serves to the opposite side. Defending her number one spot is Barb Hornak. 231 CHEERLEADERS PIRIT F THE FIGHTING SCO VICTORY BELL. s ED BY THE W h M 1961 BELL MAmgs $31165 HI TQRY LEF 5; RBCITATION HAL 1870 - 1967 3v Sitting L-R: Mary Lou Barrickman, Karen McClune. Standing L-R: Jackie Rump, Beth Robertson, Nancy McClimans, Mary Jane Hackett. ck....14'. .,I .. ll $u$f9n '55 I PRESIDENTS M ESSAGE Dear Students: I appreciate this opportunity to greet you through the medium of the 1968-69 Tartan. This College continues to be one of the fastest growing collegiate institutions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is with a feeling of pride that I can state that the growth is not just in size but is also in quality. As you look around your campus, you are aware of the buildings that are currently under construction. You will be in- terested in knowing that architects and engineers and in some instances contractors have been assigned to the new Edin- boro State College Library, Art Classroom Building, General Classroom-Office Building, four additional dormitories, the Student Center and the expansion of the Student Center, the Field House-Gymnasium, and the new Auditorium. The exe pansion 0f the physical plant causes a certain amount of physical discomfort for all of us. I want to take this opportunity to thank the student body for the wonderful cooperation which they have extended to the college administration during the course of the construction process. At the Edinboro State College quality is a word that also characterizes the student body. This student body has its origins in every county of the Commonwealth plus a number of other states and nations. These students are representative of the very best in their graduating classes at the Secondary School level. This type of performance continues to characterize their careers at Edinboro. Academically the students are served by an excellent faculty whose members hold advanced degrees from major colleges and universities and whose national origins are quite varied. This faculty provides excellence in teaching and is also a growing force in research and development for the disciplines which they represent and also for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This has been a very interesting year at Edinboro. It has been very challenging for the administration and it has pro- vided the administration with a growing number of opportunities to be of service to the faculty and to the students. These opportunities for service have been welcomed and we in the administration look forward to additional similar opportunities in the future. Sincerely yours, Chester T. MCNerney President President, Dr. Chester T. McNerney Dr. McNerney watches Fighting Scots Dr. Chester T. McNerney became president of Edinboro State College in September, 1966. His formal inauguration, honoring him as Edinbords thirteenth president, followed on April 22, 1967. Dr. McNerney came to Edinboro from the Uni- versity of Akron, where he was Dean of the College of Education and was highly instrumental in the development of numerous educational innovations. He was cited as the motivating force behind the University of Akron Classrooms Around the World, and recognized for his scholarly studies of comv parative education abroad. Dr. McNerney6s primary areas of interest deal with the improvement of the curriculum, the pro- gram for educational supervision and administra- tion, and the improvement of inter-personal re- lationships among the various members of working groups. His concern in this area has led to his writ- ing of several books, lecturing and conducting var- ious workshops. Mr. Forest W. Hopkins and President McNerney break ground for new power plant President and Mrs. McNerney with Governor Raymond Shafer BOARD OF TRUSTEES L-R: Dr. David H. Kurtzman, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Dr. George H. Ledger; Mr. Max P. Gabreski; Mr. Crosvenor S. McKee, Vice-President of the Board; Mrs. Gilbert H. Diehl; Mr. Carl F. Welch; Mrs. Donald E. Conaway; Mr. Wesle G. Reitze; Mrs. David H. Kurt- anal? hi1:- Irving 0. Murphy, President of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Chester T. McNerney, President of E inboro State College; Mr. F orest . op ms. SERVING THE COLLEGE l Mr. James Dronsfield, Assistant to the President Mr. Marvin Ellis, Executive Secretary of Alumni 242 POR T AN T LE VELS F OR THE S TUDEN TS Mr. Vaughn E. Herbel, Business Manager Mrs. Kay Ryall Miller, Director of Public Relations ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. James E. McKinley, Dean of Academic Affairs Dean McKinley and President MCNerney L-R: Mr. Blair Henderson, Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs; Dr. Leo 1. Roland, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs; Dr. Martin Farabaugh, Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs; Mr. Ralph Berlin, Director of Summer Sessions. 244 Dr. Jack B. Hetrick, Dean of Teacher Education Dr. Jack E. Williams, Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Eldon E. Shupe, Dean of Liberal Arts Mr. Harold Umbarger, Director of Admissions; Mr. William Benoit, Assistant Director of Admissions ST UDEN T AFFAIRS Mr. Vincent Trotta, Financial Aid Officer 246 Mr. Emil Magdik, Director of College Union, and friend. tor IIBC 1vid O,Dessa, D 2 Mrs. Ruth Peck, Dean of a : Mr. D mg , Dean of Men. Stand arrison Miss Rebecca Manship, Assistant Dean of Women Mr. James H : Sitting Women of Housing. 247 L-R: Dr. Richard Dasher, Dr. William AlexandereDepartment Chairman, Mr. Paul Martin, Mr. Clifford Cox, Dr. David Davis, Dr. David Swanzy, Mr. Fletcher Anderson, Mr. Karl Gombert, Dr. Donald Panhorst, Mr. Frank Mueller, Dr. Dorothy Clifford, Mr. Leroy Williams, Miss Mary Kristina Clark. 248 M USIC AND DRAMA The Music and Drama Department has added six new music and two new drama instructors to the faculty. This year the Music Department is offering a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and is proposing a Bachelor of Music degree. A Bachelor of Dramatics is also being proposed for the near future. Until the completion of the new Music and Drama building, the department is being housed in East Hall. MODERN LANG UA GES The Department of Modern Languages is, for the first time since the founding of Edinboro State College, an independent unit. T0 head the newly formed depart- ment the college administration has engaged Dr. John T. Fotos, a welleknown educator and scholar in the field of modern languages. Dr. F otos is an honor graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Canada, where he received his B.A. with first class honors in Modern Languages and Literatures, the Governor Generals gold medal and the Alliance Francaise Silver Medal. He studied in Europe for one year and came to the University of Chicago with the teaching fellowship in French. From the University of Chicago he received his MA. and PhD. in Romance Languages and Literatures. He has served as professor of modern languages and Chairman of the Division of Humanities at the Hilo Campus of the University of Hawaii, and Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages at Parsons College. Row 1: Miss Margot Morstatter, Miss N. Olga Miquel, Mrs. Kay- Beth Hurier, Mrs. Pauline Manwaring, Mr. Alexander Sleptzoff, Dr. John Fotos, Chairman, Mr. Harold Chou, Mr. Gene Esckelson, Dr. Fotos is a member of many professional organiza- tions, of which he has served as officer. He has published research articles and a number of textbooks in French, German and Spanish. He is listed among others in iiWhois Who in Americef, i1Whols Who in the World" and iiDictionary of International Biography." The Department of Modern Languages at Edinboro State College teaches courses in French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Approximately 1100 students were enrolled in the academic year 1968-69 in the various language courses taught by a staff of 13 instructors. The latest audio-lingual methods are used with a language laboratory, and another language laboratory with the most modern equipment will be available during the academic year 1969-70. Over 60 students are majoring in the department. New courses will be added for the B.A. degree in French, Spanish and German. A program leading to the masters degree in these languages is also under study. Mr. Remo Ferrante, Mr. Richard Bevevino. Row 2: Mr. Durward Cox, Mr. Steven Smith, Mr. Thomas Hajewski. 249 The EngliSh-Speech department with offices in White Hall now numbers some thirty members with wide edu- cational and professional backgrounds. On the under- graduate level the department is approved to offer BA tHumanitiest BA tEnglisht and the BStEducatiom with a major in English. On the graduate level the depart- ment offers the M.Ed. and MA degrees. Of special in- terest is the departmenfs experimental work with ETV and its pilot programs: Project Clear Writing and Project 23 Inch Theatre. Several texts written by members of the department are in use in the freshman and sophomore programs and English faculty have appeared in print over the year in reading professional and scholarly jour- nals. Debut, the college literary magazine, is sponsored by the department as is the college debate team. Two educational films created in part by English staflC mem- bers are having a wide showing Via educational and commercial television and have been included in the programs of leading film festivals. . Mr. Robert Beagle . Mr. Clyde Clements, Jr. . Miss B. Joyce Miller . Mrs. Gertrude Bowering . Mrs. Ada Kuhns . Dr. John L. Marsh . Mr. Robert Carothers . Dr. J. Raban Bilder Mr. Peter Bowering Mr. David Karrfalt . Mr. Joseph Krupnik . Mr. Ronald Woodland ENGLISH AND SPEECH 1. Mrs. Doris Snell . Dr. Donald Washburn 2. Mr. John Wooliscroft 8. Dr. Ronald Coleman 3. Miss Kay Mulroy 9. Dr. Richard Fletcher 4. Mr. Eugene Stoddard 10. Mr. Jack Tohtz 5. Mr. Thomas Stanko 11. Mrs. Louella Bucho 6. Mr. Everett Carlson, Jr. 12. Mrs. Nola Pannbacker 13. Mr. Charles Glendinning 251 PHILOSOPH Y At the beginning of the academic year the Philosophy Department inaugurated its Bachelor of Arts Program for students in the liberal arts. This BA program has been designed to serve both as a terminal degree in the liberal arts and as an immediate preparation for entrance into graduate school. It also functions as a program for those who wish to pursue professional Studies in law or theology. New electives that have been added to the program in the course of this academic year are existentialism, philosophy of science, and current philosophical problems. This brings to thirteen the number of electives now offered in the field of philosophy. L-R: Mr. Edmund Abegg, Mr. Robert Cogan, Mr. James Munro, Dr. Maurice Holloway, Department Chairman, Mr. Paul Martin- son. Missing: Miss Christine Pierce and Mr. Harold Sauer. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION L-R: Mr. Fred Caro, Chairman, Miss Ada Gustaveson, Miss Nancy Acker, Mrs. Patricia Carmo, Mr. Robert Klingler, Mr. James Cilstrap, Mr. Jim DeGasperin, Mrs. Judy Saurer, Mr. Hanio Mariotti, Mr. William Cutcher, Mr. Sam Ruvolo, Mr. James McDonald. Absent: Mr. James Christopher. A professional curriculum for women in Health and Physical Education was initiated by the de- partment during this current academic year. A total of 39 young ladies have pursued this program in the htfirsth Class. The Physical Education Serv- ice Program continued its growth of variety by providing new activities in Gymnastics, Wres- tling, Trap Shooting and Social Dance. 253 L R: Mr. Mitchell Smith, Dr. Ray Moorhead, Mr. Dom Howlett, Miss Judith Rogers, Mr. Barthwell Farmer, Mr. Louis Rosenfeld, Mr. J. Roland Lafferty, Mr. Richard Knox, Mr. James Goldsworthy, Mr. Tony K0, Mr. Darrell Nyberg, Mr. Charles Mullen, Mr. J Hamling, Dr. S flmour Blinderman, Department Chairman, Mr. Henry Katzwinke qmgpmmw Mr. George Pitluga, Jr. Miss Mary Jane Kidd Mr. Bernard Maas Mrs. Mildred Bruce Dr. Marjorie Eason Mr. James Vredevoogd Mr. George Ferguson Mrs. Mary Newhall Mr. Lee Forrest Mr. Charles MeCleary Mr. Jerr Valley Mr. Car Hirsch 13. Mr. Harry Hasheian ART The Art Department consists of 29 faculty members at this time and ex- pects to have an increase of 10 more members for the 1969-70 academic year. A Master Degree of Education has been in effect since the summer of 1968 and it is anticipated that a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree will soon be made official. Plans have been formulated for a new building which will be a museum-office complex and ready for occupancy within the next three years. The exhibits shown in Bates Gallery have steadily increased in both quan- tity and quality. High School Art Conferences are attended by many and found to be of great help to the various high schools in nearby counties. The art faculty are constantly in the news as they continue exhibiting and lec- turing. The great strides forward in the past year are expecting to continue as the Art Department of Edinboro State College maintains a leadership role in the commonwealth. L-R Row 1: Mr. Harry Harpst, Mr. Thomas Heard, Mr. Donald Renn, Dr. Samuel Bowne. Row 2: Dr. iohn Paxson, Mr. Stanley Fertig, Dr. Donald Wheeler, Mr. Elbert Friend. Row 3: Dr. David Ciltinan, Dr. Nelson Williams, Dr. Janardan Aros ar, Mr. R. Daniel Overheim. Row 4: Dr. Benjamin Lowenhaupt, Mrs. Joyce Berry, Mr. W. Micque Brown, Mr. Thomas Legge. Row 5: Dr. James Coffman, Dr. John Gatzy, Mr. Paul Zarenko. NA TURAL SCIENCE The Science Department, now consisting of twenty- four faculty members, is currently offering a Bachelor of Science in the field of Biology. The department offers a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in preparation for teachers for certification at the secondary levels, in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. Also of- fered, in cooperation with the Mathematics Department, is a major in mathematics-physics for high school teach- ers. The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in 256 general science implies certification for junior high school. A Master in Education degree with a concen- tration in biological science 01' in physical science is a popular program of in-service teachers. In the new curriculum, Medical Technology and Plant Physiology, a graduate course, have been introduced for study. Also for the first time, the planetarium is now open for observation and Viewing of the stars. MA THEMA TICS The Mathematics Department added seven new members for the fall semester 1968. This gives the Department a total of fourteen full time mathematics teachers on the Edinboro Campus. There are also two full time teachers at the off- campus center, three members of the Computer Science Division and two part-time instructors. In addition to the required course for all stu- dents, the Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of electives. New courses introduced during 1968-69 included Informal Geometry, Intermediate Analysis 11, Elementary Pro- gramming, and Numerical Calculus, the latter courses being in Computer Science. The Depart- ment also gave their first courses at the graduate level during 1968-69. These courses included Number Systems, Set Theory, and Projective Geometry. During the fall semester the Department, in cooperation with the Mathematics Club, spon- sored a trip to the Pittsburgh meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. They also cooperated in sponsoring a conference on mathematics for high school juniors and sen- iors. This conference was held during the spring semester. Mr. Thomas instructs student about computer. L-R: Mr. James Comella, Mr. Curtis Ickes, Mrs. Estelle King, Mr. John Urban, Mr. Ronald Baker, Dr. Glen Olsen, Mrs. Albina Palmer, Mr. Louis Sherwood, Mr. Robert Nolan, Miss Anne Jedlicka, Mr. Bmce Hamilton, Mr. Thomas Nuhfer. 257 Row 1: Mr. Jacob, Dr. Hendricks, Dr. Kohler, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Cromen, Mr. Heath, Row 2: Mr. Mughal, Mr. Brown, The Social Studies Department during the last year has initiated A.B. programs in history, political science, and sociology and MA. programs in history and political science. It is expected that an AB. program in Social Work will be inaugurated in September, 1969. Members of the Social Studies Department are spon- soring two student organizations; a Social Studies Club and an International Relations Club. The former, spon- sored by Mr. Heasley and Mr. Ledrick, initiates many evening programs involving discussions of many topics of contemporary interest. The International Relations Club, sponsored by Mr. Mughal, involves bringing to the College Campus foreign students and speakers who can help us learn about the various peoples of the world. In November, the Club sponsored a three day trip to the United Nations. Over one hundred students participated in this activity and reported that it was most successful. 258 Mr. Strausbaugh, Mr. Meehan, Mr. Anchak, Dr. Pak, Dr. Meyer, Row 3: Mr. Frederick, Dr. Swift, Dr. Baker. SOCIAL SCIENCE LAR: Mr. Wozniak, Mr. Trainer, Dr. Vance, Mr. Frank, Dr. Stonesifcr, Mr. Rusnnk, Mr. Heasley, Dr. Thompson, Mr. Ledrick, M r. Zebmwski. 259 SECONDAR Y ED UCA TION L-R: Dr. Warren Fruechtel, Mr. George Ristvey, Dr. Fred Dzara, Dr. James Huston, Dr. Ernest LaFolIette 260 The Department of Secondary Education was created as a separate department in September, 1968. It had pre- viously been a division of Elementary Education. The initiation of this new department is one more indication of the continuing growth of Edinboro State College. At the present time, the department consists of six staff members. However, additional staff members will be added in the near future. Part of the plans for the future include the implimentation of new teacher education programs and the involvement of Secondary Education students in various pre-student teaching experiences. Dr. James Huston is the newly appointed head of the Department of Secondary Education. Before coming to this campus, he was Teacher Education Adviser with the Department of Public Instruction. Dr. Fred Dzara formerly taught at Wisconsin State University. He is a specialist in the area of Comparative Education. Mr. George Ristvey has held positions as an Audio-Visual Coordinator and a Media Specialist. S T UDEN T TEACHING AND PLACEMEN T This year Student Teaching and Placement has nine- teen supervisors who are responsible for approximately 800 student teachers. Assignments are made in 67 schools in the area bordered by Lake Erie 0n the north; Pittsburgh 0n the south; Jamestown, New York on the east; and Conneaut, Ohio on the west. For teacher education students this is the culminating experience in which the future teacher has the opportuni- ty to synthesize theory with practical experience under the guidance of competent professionals. Next year student teaching assignments will be in- creased in the Greater Pittsburgh area to accommodate the expected increase in student teaching. More sophisti- cation in supervision is being considered with the use of video tapes, interaction analysis and other innovative approaches. The Placement Office renders advice and counseling on all phases of securing a position to all prospective teachers who have completed their assignments. L-R: Mr. John lennino, Mr. Alfred L. Cochran, Mr. .1. Harry Wanamaker, Miss Mildred Forness, Mr. Alton Huntley, Mr. Robert Zamotti, Mr. Francis Huduk, Mr. Ronald Zucczu'i, Mr. Wil- liam Keenan, Mr. James Flynn, Mr. C. Gordon Hitchings, Mr. Meade Anderson, Dr. Lawrence E. Namns, Mr. Jack Cryder, Dr. William Graham, Mr. James MacCluskie, Mrs. Virginia Crowe, Mr. Jerry Dantry. 261 PS YCHOLOG Y AND SPECIAL ED UCA TION Continued growth has been the pattern followed by this busy department during 1968-69. Seven new faculty members were added and new programs started which include: A BS in Psychology; con- centration in Teaching the Socially and Emotional- ly Maladjusted; a 48 semester hour graduate program in School Psychology; a masters program in Teaching the Mentally Retarded; a masters program in Ele- mentary Guidance and one in Secondary Guidance. A new Behavioral Science Building has been au- thorized and plans are underway for this building which will house human and experimental labora- tories, service Clinics in Psychology and Special Services as well as classroom and office space. Throughout this area, Edinboro State College is gaining an increasingly meaningful reputation for leadership in the Behavioral Sciences. . Robert Scollon . John F isher . Ralph Ackerman . Ed Ansell . Dalton Berringer . Richard Cavanaugh . Paul Timashenka 8. Dr. Dean Stoffer 9. Mr. Joseph Comi 10. Dr. David Hanson 11. Dr. James Brokaw 12. Mr. James McElroy 13. Mr. AI Stone 14. Dr. William Groves 1. Dr. Rudy Ivuncic :2. Mr. William Ingraham 3. Dr. Julia Marshall 4. Mrs. Betty McCleery 5. Dr. John Schell 6. Miss Mary Rose Ditz r 3V r ,1 .4 2 aw 5 "'1: Qt gr I pay..- NTQ?WN . Mrs. Joan Lawrence Mr. John Simmons Mr. Andrew Both Dr. Henry Natunewicz Mr. Dennis Courtney . Mr. James Kennedy 263 L-R: Mr. Morrison, Mrs. Jvnnings, Dr. Mrs. Eurlley, Mr. Giummngolo Dr. Connors, Chairman Musonhrink, Miss Jones, Mrs. Crucenin, Mrs. Ptasick, Dr. Come, ELEMENTAR Y ED U CA TION The Elementary Education Department consists of 23 full-time professional employees. There are 5 graduate as- sistants working within the Elementary Education Depart- ment. The operation of the Margaret Compton Campus School is an intrinsical part of the Elementary Education Department. There are over 2,000 students at Edinboro State College majoring in Elementary Education. Dr. Robert Seated: Miss DiPIacido, Miss Melhuish, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Vance. Standing: Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Ptasick. 264 Connors is Chairman of the department. New faculty mem- bers for the 1968-69 school year are Mrs. Elsie Earlley, Mrs. Lillian Jennings, Mrs. Jean Larson, and Mr. George Morrison. During the 1968-69 school year the department is offering new programs in Early Childhood Education, the Reading Teacher, and the Reading Specialist. Mr. McClune-Principal, Mr. OiConnor, LIBRARY STAFF AND LIBRARY SCIENCE Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Chief Librarian, who is on leave in Bangkok, Thailand, is administering the establishment of a university library for the Asian Institute of Technology. During his absence Mr. Saul Weinstein, Head of Technical Services, fills the position of Acting Chief Librarian. In Support of the rapidly expanding college Curricula Hamilton Library has increased its professional staff. Hamilton Library, in conjunction with the Li- brary Science Department, sponsored a federally funded institute concerning the planning of the elementary school library; twenty-five in-service librarians participated in the institute. This was the only undergraduate library program in the Commonwealth to receive a grant for an institute. For the fifth consecutive year Hamilton Library and the Library Science Department were recip- ients of the Pennsylvania Library Association A- chievement Award for the outstanding observance of National Library Week among academic libraries in Pennsylvania. This past yeafs observance in- cluded speakers, a seminar, and college and com- munity publicity for National Library Week. An- other service for the college sponsored by the li- brary includes periodic BOOk Review evenings. Sitting L-R: Mrs. Virginia Crowe, Miss Mildred Forness, Chairman, Mrs. Application wags made for designation a partial $11113? Eiztegizsair' Ermflkirm2;5Mg1;2323$;:9d;3;gsiziizfm dep051tory for United States government documents. Saul Weinstein, Mr. Harold Chou, Mrs. Barbara Crippe. This would further increase the collection of ap- proximately 40,400 U.S., UN. and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania documents in the existing Government Documents Collection. The Southeast Asia Room collection has increased to expand coverage of this geographical area of the world. Rapid growth of the curriculum materials collection, textbook collection, microform collections, and other nonbook materials have added much to resources available for scholars. Sitting L-R: Miss Thelma Sascaran, Mrs. Kathleen Ansell, Mrs. Patricia Hitchings, Mrs. Emma Williams, Mrs. Marion Donaldson, Mrs. Joyce Overhelm, Mrs. Martha Zebrowski, Mrs. Barbara Grippe, Mrs. Dorthy Hand, Mr. Saul Weinstein, Mr. Harold Chou, Mr. E4..Rc1;birt McLean, Mr. Venon Vogel, Mr. David Donaldson, Mr. Dennis Leeper, Mr. John Stonis, Mr. Stanley Skarsynski, Dr. Petro 1rc 11 . INSTR UCTIONAL TV i L-R: Mr. Robert Lindey, Mr. Donald Hain and Mr. Robert Wallace The Instructional TV Department of Edinboro State College has grown greatly in the past year with the acquisition of numerous pieces of equipment and see- nery. Along with the television studio in Compton School, the department has a newly constructed studio in the World Cultures Building basement. Under the direction of Mr. David Weinkauf, Director of the ESC Film Unit, this studio will be used for the production of informative films about the College and community of Edinboro. Presently in the planning is a new course on film making to be introduced either this summer or next September. During the past year the television center has pro- duced many outstanding programs in the educational field. The weekly series, llEdinboro on the Movef is produced in part by the Instructional TV personnel for WJET TV. This series is produced to inform the people of all northwestern Pennsylvania of the ever important job being done at Edinboro. Mr. David Weinkauf loads camera for part of a day's shooting. 266 LeR; Mr. John Cofi'mun, Dr. Michael Schneider, Mr. Michael Shupe, Mr. Francis Stoughton, Dr. Wesley Bryers. Seated: Dr. Harriet Long, Department Chairman. GEOGRAPHY AND EARTH SCIENCES L-R: Mr. Michael Lukert Mr. Paul Knuth, Mr. Alfred Pannbacker, Mr. Donald Stahl, Mr. Lawrence Moses, Mr. Rohert Grosch, Dr. Arthur Wegweiser. The Geography and Earth Science Department, under the direction of Dr. Harriet Long, includes the fields of geography, geology, meteorology, and as- tronomy. The department is located in the new Electronics Classroom Building and has all the necessary facilities contained there. The new planetarium which was opened this past fall features a Spitz A3P 1 projector. This machine enables professors to describe celestial movement by means of automated charts. With this simulated view of the heavens, students are better able to understand the prin- ciples of astronomy. Mr. John Soroka of the department is the director of the new planetarium. 267 WARREN CAMPUS 0F EDINBORO STATE Lovely Trudy Stanton represents Warren Campus at Edinbords 1968 Homecoming. Warren Campus students raise money for charity with annual slave auction. L-R: Becky Wilson, Marilyn Miller, Jan Hawkins, Jane Jones, and Paul Johnston. Friendly slave trader stands by. Jane Roshong was chosen Miss Warren County 1968. ..,?3:4 3E ial Studies problems. iscuss Soc Polley d Russell and Mr. I M WARREN CAMPUS FACULTY 269 Science professor, Mr. Eugene Williams Jan DeZanet Tragedy struck Edinboro State College as the 1968-69 Homecoming Queen, Ian DeZanet, was fatally injured in an auto accident on Sunday, December 15, 1968. Miss DeZanet, daughter of Mrs. Ann DeZanet of Export, Pennsylvania, was an active member of Delta Zeta Sorority and the Edinboro Tam O,Shanters. A junior secondary education student majoring in Spanish, Miss DeZanet was elected the 1968-69 Homecoming Queen in October. 271 A Abel, Marilyn K. English PSEA, English Club Adams, Beckie Jo English Adderty, Mary Elementary Ann Education Ali, Jeannette Dorothy Art Kappa Gamma Psi, People to People Aloe, Evelyn Elementary Leah Education S anish Club, Council for Exceptional C$ildren, Newman Club Aloi, John Elementary Joseph Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Council for Excep- tional Children UreasurexO Anderson, David Liberal Arts Bruce Spectator-Tartan Photographer, Pi Delta Epsilon Anderson, John D. Liberal Arts Earth Science Club, WJKB, R.A., Tutor Anderson, Patricia Elementary Elizabeth Education Andrews, Richard E. Biology Phi Sigma Kappa, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi Andritz, Stephen John Social Studies Anselmo, Phyllis L. B.S.-P.N. C.U.B., Registered Nurse Antill, Esther F Biology Beta Beta Beta Antis, James Edward Art Education Intramurals, Dorm Proctor, Junior Aid, Sigmh Alpha Nu, Soccer Archacki, Linda Library Science Margaret SLA Arlotti, Suzanne Elementary Education Bgta Zeta, Speech 8: Hearing Club, C. Arttgritano, Dorothy Elementary Ellen Education PSEA B Bair, Linda Elementary Lee Education PSEA, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Psychology Club Bair, Wayne S. Social Sciences Lambda Chi, E Club, Baseball Baird, Donna Jean Biology Kappa Gamma Psi ESocial Chairman, PresidentL PSEA, Beta Beta Beta EHis- toriam Baird, Susan Elementary Elizabeth Education CEC, PSEA Baker, Susan Elementary Jean Education Barbati, Alfonso Social Studies James Football, E Club Barber, Kathleen Ann Psychology Club, International Relations Club English Liberal Arts Barner, Timothy H. English Club, Drama EOne-Acm Barry, Kevin Michael Mathematics Lambda Chi . Barthel, Frank John Mathematlcs Sigma Tau Gamma, Mu Kappa Gamma, Concert Band, Stage Band, PSEA Barton, Linda Elementary Rae Education Bauer, Lucinda Elementary Ann Education PSEA SENIOR INDEX Bauman, John Drake Spanish Club, Psychology Club Becker, Margery Ellen Liberal Arts Kappa Gamma Psi, Collegiate Singers, Women,s Intercollegiate Basketball, Ski Club, R.A. Beecher, Cathy Elizabeth Dorm Council, American Library Asso- ciation, R.A., Dormitory Social Chairman, Student Librarian Association Nice Pres- idenD, Spectator Staff Behm, Janet Elementary Louise Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Shorin-Ryu Karate Bender, Jayne Elementary Patricia Education Collegiate Players, C.U.B. Benish, Jean Elementary Education Bennett, Connie Lee English Kappa Delta Pi EVice PresidentE Bennett, James Elementary T homas Education Sigma Chi Delta, Merfs Glee Club Spanish Library Science Berarducci, Jacqueline Spanish Susan Kappa Gamma Psi, C.U.B. Bergamasco, Marlene Elementary Ann Education N ewman Club, Spanish Club Berkebile, Charles Elementary H. Education Tau Kappa E silon, C.U.B., PSEA Bernard, Gera dine Elementary Sue Education PSEA, Stage, CEC Bianchi, Carol Elementary Jeanne Education SLA, PSEA Bidwell, Thomas C. Art Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Delta Phi Delta Bilec, Joan Elizabeth Art Education Billingsley, Joanna Mae English Bingham, Elaine Idell Spanish Spanish Club Bissontz, Daniel J. Liberal Arts E Club, Intramurals, Football Blanco, Joseph 0. Social Studies Social Studies Club, International Rela- tions Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Sports Pho- tographer Bogavich, Lillian English Ann Alpha Gamma Delta, PSEA, Collegiate Players, C.U.B. Bonnett, N ancy Christine Liberal Arts Booth, Jane Alice Liberal Arts Bosnjak, Judith Elementary Ann Education Marching Band, Concert Band Bowers, Shirley Elementary Education PSEA, Newman Club, Zeta Tau Alpha Wresidena Bowman, Jamie L. Art Education Delta Phi Delta EHistorianL English Club, Student-Faculty Council Bradley, George Biology Edward II Bradley, Ronald Art Education William Lambda Chi, Track Brady, Ruth Elementary N. Education Braine, Lynda Ann English Beige; Zeta, Ski Club, English Club, C. Brailcit, Kenneth Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon Brenkus, Emil Vincent Phi Sigma Kappa, Baseball, Liberal Arts E Club, Student-Faculty Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, C.U.B. Executive Board Brennan, Barbara C. English English Club, PSEA Brock, Sylvia Elementary Jean Education Council for Exceptional Children Brodict, Christine Ann Mathematics Kappa Gamma Psi, Cheerleading, PSEA Bromley, Linda Elementary Lee Education Council for Exceptional Children, PSEA Brooks, Linda Elementary Lou Education Psychology Club Brown, Jane Elementary Ruth Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Council for Ex- ceptional Children, PSEA Brown, Linda A. Art Brown, Marguerite Geography Morgan Theta Gamma Upsilon Brumagin, Lynn Ray Biology Buba, Joseph Thomas Geography Gamma Theta Upsilon Gresidena, PSEA, Intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon ESgt: at-aer Bubonic, Joseph G. Natural Sciences Phi Chi Psi Buchko, Jean Elementary Ann Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Council for Excep- tional Children, PSEA Buhite, Patsy Elementary . Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Mu Kappa Gam- ma, Women,s Glee Club, Choral Union Burgnon, Linda Art Education Jeanne PSEA Burkley, Kenneth B. Liberal Arts Burlingame, Richard Elementary D. Education Football Burnett, Lockhart S. Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi, C.U.B., Inter-Fraterni- ty Council, Student-Faculty Council Busch, Jill Elementary DaVee Education S eech 6: Hearing Club ESecretaryL Psy- c ology Club ESecretaryL PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi E Butler, Patricia Elementary Education CEC, Kappa Delta Pi Ureasure10 Buza, Dorothy Elementary E. Education Buzanowski, Audrey Elementary Education Bystron, Christie Perry Biology Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi C Calterone, Gloria Elementary Jean Education AWS, PSEA Campagna, Candise Elementary Marie Education Choral Union, Girls, Glee Club, PSEA, Dorm Council, Newman Club Campedel, Robert Virgil English E Club, Tennis Caribardi, John Elementary Joseph Education Delta Sigma Phi Carlos, Marne Elementary Eileen Education Carlson, Sandra Elementary Ann Education Carlson, Sharon Marie Liberal Arts Student-Faculty Council, Donn Council Carnvale, Marlene Elementary Patricia Education Council for Exceptional Children Carrig, James Michael Liberal Arts Alpha Phi Omega, Golf, Psychology Club, Intramurals Carter, Elaine Elementary Carol Education NEA, PSEA, Social Studies Club Carter, Linda Elementary Lou Education Marching Band, Concert Band Carter, Patricia Ann English PSEA, English Club Casp, Andrea Lynn French Le Cercle Francais Nice PresidenD Causgrove, Jane Elementary Mary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Council for Excep- tional Children, PSEA, AWS Cepko, Valerie Elementary J. Education PSEA Cerra, Barbara T. Art Education Delta Zeta HistorianL Student-Faculty Council, AWS, C.U.B. Chapas, Charles Frank Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi, Soph. Class President, C.U.B., Student Services Committee Cherny, Lynette M. Art Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, Ski Club, PSEA, C.U.B. Chobot, Lois Jean English English Club, C.U.B., Spectator Staff Christensen, Suzanne Elementary I. Education Choral Union, PSEA Cicero, Carol Elementary Ann Education Handbook Committee, Commuters, Club $ecretaryL Math Club, Student-Faculty Council Cifrulak, Cheryl Elementary Christine Education PSEA Clark, Margaret Library Science Timashenka Student Library Association WresidentL Student-Faculty Council, PSEA, NEA, ALA, Dorm Council, Honors Committee of President Clark, Sheila Elementary Ann Education Delta Zeta, C.U.B., R.A., PSEA, Coun- cil for Exceptional Children Clever, Dennis Earl Geography Football, E Club, PSEA, Gamma Theta Epsilon, Track Coccarelli, George Liberal Arts Louis Alpha Phi Omega Cochran, Judith Elementary Anne Education PSEA Cody, Kathleen Elementary Anne Education Alpha Sigma Tau, SLA, C.U.B. Cofini, Jessie Earth-Space M. Science Delta Zeta Scholarship ChairmanL Earth S ace Club, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA Co claser, William Roy Chemistry Phi Chi Psi, PSEA Cole, Cheryl Elementary M. Education Coleman, Judy Elementary Ann Education Collins, Laurel Lynn English C.U.B., Collegiate Players, PSEA, NEA, Dorm Council Colonna, Gary Elementary Anthony Education Intramurals, Gamma Theta Upsilon Connolly, Brian Anthony English Conti, Amber Elementary Le Education PSEA, Dorm Treasurer Conti, Anita B. Art Education Gamma Sigma Sigma Cook, Karen Lee Art Education Delta Zeta, Maiorette, Jr. Class Treas- urer, Dorm Council, Dorm President Cook, Susan Elementary . Education AWS, PSEA, Council for Exceptional Children, Psychology Club Coolong, Frank B. English Cope, M. Annabelle Art Education Delta Phi Delta Corresponding Secre- taryL Mu Kappa Gamma, College Chris- tian Fellowship 60cial Ch., Vice Presi- denD, Chi Alpha $ecretaryL Marching Band, Concert Band Cornell, Virginia Elementary L Education PS.EA, Council for Exceptional Children Cosentino, Elaine Elementary B. Education Delta Zeta, AWS 60cial Chairmanx Stu- dent-Faculty Council, Dorm President, Orientation Committee, Speech 6: Hear- ing Club, PSEA, C.U.B. Cowan, Suzanne Elementary Caroline Education Delta Zeta, SLA, PSEA, C.U.B., Orien- tation Committee Cowen, Daniel Art Education James Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players, WJKB Cowher, Betty Elementary Jean Education C.U.B., Dorm Council, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Gamma Theta Upsilon Craig, Carol Ann Social Studies Social Studies Club, International Rela- tions Club, College Choir Crawford, Dennis L. Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon, C.U.B. Crisan, Kathleen Elementary Education Crosby, Helen Elementary E. Education Gamma Si ma Sigma, PSEA, Speech 8: Hearing Cub, R.A., Womexfs Intercol- legiate Basketball Manager Crosby, Nancy Elementary Ann Education Women's Glee Club, Choral Union Cujas, Ruth Elementary Elda Education Dorm Council Nice PresidenD, AWS, Social Studies Club, PSEA Crum, Barbara Jean Spanish Delta Zeta Wledge MistressL Spanish Club, C.U.B. D Daley, Sandra Elementary M Education PsiaA Dalrymple, Patricia Library Science Ann Student Library Association, American Library Association Danielson, Helen Mathematics Shaeffer Daum, Carol Elementary Lynn Education Dorm Council Davidowski, Patricia Art Louise DeArdo, Janet Elementary Marie Education Council for Exceptional Children, Al ha Sigma Tau, PSEA, Psychology Cub, AWS DeCoth, Stephen Elementary Landis Education Veterans Club Nice PresidenO, Gamma Theta Upsilon DeJohn, Andrea Marie French Student-Faculty Council, French Club, Newman Club, Collegiate Singers DeMaison, Alan Lee Mathematics Qommuters, Club, Student-Faculty Coun- C11 DePlatchett, Susan Elementary Elizabeth Education Alpha Gamma Delta, C.U.B. Executive Board, Spectator Staff, Council for Ex- ceptional Children, PSEA, Orientation Committee Derbaum, Ruth Ann Mathematics Math Club, PSEA, NEA Derikart, Henry Elementary Huston Education garama Theta Upsilon, PSEA, Spectator ta Deshner, George Henry III Biology Detzel, Richard Raymond Sociology Dewey, Douglas R. Art Education Alpha Phi Omega DiCesare, Bernadette Elementary Marie Education Delta Zeta HistorianL PSEA, C.U.B. Dickie, Janice Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, PSEA, Speech 8: Hearing Club, Student-Faculty Council Diedrichs, Sandra Elementary Jane Education Gamma Sigma Sigma Historiam, Wom- en,s Glee Club, Men,s Glee Club Mc- companisD, Choral Union, Band, Chi Alpha Dithrich, Joan Ellen Liberal Arts Doak, William Secondary Paul Education Sigma Chi Delta Dooley, Peter C. Art Lambda Chi Double, Donald D. Biology Debut, Yearbook Staff Douglass, Lorraine Elementary Ann Education Cduncil for Exceptional Children Downing, John Elementary . Education Baseball, Spectator Staff, PSEA Dudek, Andrea Patricia English PSEA, NEA, Collegiate Players, Col- legiate Singers Dunbar, Linda Art Education DePalma Ni htclub Dun ar, Nancy Elementary Education Delta Zeta Gresidenth C.U.B., PSEA, Council for Exceptional Children Dutton, Jacqueline Elementary Sue Education PSEA, Social Studies Club, AWS E Easley, Virginia L. Ebel, George Edward Social Studies Club, International Rela- tions Club Eberl, Catherine Elementary Marie Education Speech 6: Hearing Club, C.U.B. Eberlin, Richard D. Physics Eckard, Patricia Elementary M. Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Student-Faculty Council, Council for Exceptional Chil- dren, Pan Hellenic Council Ed, Martha Elementary Marie Education Edwards, David LaRue Mathematics Kappa Delta Pi HistorianL Lambda Chi Library Science Social Studies Ekas, Carol Elementary Sharon Education PSEA, Social Studies Club Ekis, Cynthia Elementary Jean Education Ekstrand, Janice D. Art Education Gamma Sigma Sigma Elliott, Jacqueline Ruth Elementary Education Psychology Club, PSEA, Student Library Association, AWS Emshwiller, Jane Elementary E. Education English, William J. English Alpha Phi Omega, English Club Erb, Nelson Lee Art Lambda Chi Erickson, Sharyn Valjean PSEA Errigo, Michael Joseph Math Club Gresidena Everett, Dorothy Lee Ewing, David L. F Fabian, Judith Elementary Anne Education Delta Zeta, PSEA, Dorm Council, Inter- Creek Choir Fasenmyer, Constance Liberal Arts Louise Gamma Sigma Sigma, Concert Band F edunok, Patricia Elementary Ann Education Tennis, PSEA, One Act Play, Handbook Committee Feichtner, Susan Spanish and Ella French R.A., Marching Band, Concert Band, Spanish Club Qresidenth Mu Kappa Gamma Ureasured, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi 6ecretarw Feigert, Earl Leroy Jr. Feinberg, Lorraine Woods Speech 8: Hearing Club Fellows, Mark D. F eltenberger, Dennis Clyde Elementary Education Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Elementary Education Elementary Education Liberal Arts Elementary Education Fenchak, Ronald Elementary George Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Council for Excep- tional Children, PSEA Fendya, Cheryl I. Art Kappa Gamma Psi Ferguson, George Arden PSEA, C.U.B. Fernberg, Gary L. Sigma Chi Delta Ferrantine, Toni Elementary Michele Education Marching Band, Concert Band, Band Secretary, Mu Kappa Gamma, Spanish Club, Newman Club, PSEA Ferrara, Anna Elementary Mae Education PSEA, Psychology Club, Choir, Intercol- legiate Volley Ball Manage10 Ferrell, Martin Elementary Ir. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, PSEA Fetterman, David Keith Band Fichtner, Susan Paulette Speech 8: Hearing Club Fichtner, Suzette Elementary Elaine Education Council for Exceptional Children Fieger, Kathryn Elementary Ann Education Delta Zeta Filipovich, Mary Elementary 10 Education S eech 5: Hearing Club, PSEA, Newman C ub, AWS Fiorina, Sherleen Elementary Kay Education PSEA, Social Studies Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma, People to People Elementary Education Liberal Arts Elementary Education Elementary Education F itch, Robert Duane Lambda Chi F itch, Virginia F air Fleisch, Karen Elementary Ruth Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Pan Hellenic Coun- cil 60cial Chairmam Foote, Ellen Elementary Education Art Education Elementary Lynn Education Alpha Gamma Delta EditorL French Club, NEA, PSEA, Collegiate Singers F orsberg, Karen Elementary Astrid Education AWS, Speech 6: Hearing Club, PSEA Forsman, Jeannette Elementary Ann Education Mu Kappa Gamma Ureasurer, Secre- taryL C.U.B., Fr. Class Treasurer, Brass Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band, PSEA F ouse, Gerald Elementary Alan Education Band, Kappa Delta Pi Hist0rian, Presi- dentL Lambda Chi Fowler, Susan J. Art Education Franks, Ruth Hawker Art Frazee, Bruce Elementary . Education Intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon, PSEA Frazee, Pamela Art Education Walker Kappa Gamma Psi, PSEA F risina, Concetta Elementary M. Education Drama Furlan, Cyril J. Social Studies G Gallagher, Patricia Elementary Jane Education Kappa Delta Pi Ureasurerl French Club, Newman Club Galluzzo, Dominick Albert Elementary Education Carl, Denise Elementary Marie Education PSEA, French Club, Head Tam O Shan- ter, Gamma Theta Upsilon Garrity, Marsha Elementary Lois Education Delta Zeta UreasurerL Council for Ex- ceptional Children, C.U.B. Social Studies Garverick, Richard Russel Sigma Tau Gamma, Band, PSEA, Social Studies Club, Mu Kappa Gamma Garvin, Cheryl Ann Liberal Arts Heather Honor Dorm, Dorm President Gates, Craig H. Chemistry Gauriloff, Natasha Elementary Education PSEA, C.U.B. Gauscheman, Susan Elementary M. Education Collegiate Players, Alpha Psi Omega Geier, Nancy Elementary Irene Education French Club Ureasurer Gelesky, Carol Elementary Ann Education Psycholog Club, Council for Excep- tional Chi dren Secretary Gentile, Mary Elementary Lou Education PSEA, C.U.B., Social Studies Club George, Adele Elementary Ann Education C.U.B., International Relations Board, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Collegiate Players, Newman Club, PSEA, NEA George, Eileen Elementary L. Education Majorette, Council for Exceptional Chil- dren, PSEA, Psychology Club, Womenk Glee Club Getkin, Robert Morton Tau Kappa Epsilon, PSEA Nice Presi- denD, C.U.B., Bowling Gialloreto, Cathleen Ann PSEA Cliptis, Eileen Social Studies Elementary Education Elementary Education PSEA, AWS, Speech 6: Hearing Club WresidenQ Goff, George Ann Gombita, Gretchen Anne SLA Goodrich, Evangeline Art Education Elementary Education Elementary Education PSEA, Speech 8: Hearing Club Gorgas, Karen Elementary Lynn Education PSEA, Speech 8: Hearing Club Corny, Robert Elementary Jan Education Lambda Chi, Track, E Club, Intramurals Coss, Mary Janet Spanish PSEA, Spanish Club Grant, Elaine Lou Art Gratson, Jean A. Mathematics AWS, PSEA, Math Club Greco, Judith Ann Tennis Greer, Judith 0. Library Science Gregan, Mary Jane Music Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Concert Band, Wom- en,s Glee Club, Madrigal Singers, Con- cert Chorale, Choral Union, Chamber Opera Group Creitzer, Susan Elementary Jean Education Council for Exceptional Children, NEA, PSEA Grimshaw, Sarah Elizabeth Education Gross, Kenneth C. Social Studies Social Studies Club, PSEA Crezejka, Margaret Mary PSEA Gualtieri, Joanne P. Guerriero, James Joseph Social Studies Club, Delta Sigma Phi Guerry, Janine Elementary Anne Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Math Club, C.U.B. Gurnee, R. James Mathematics H Hager, W. Douglas Social Studies Debut, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Social Studies Club, PSEA Hagerty, Kay Art Education Elementary Elementary Education Liberal Arts Social Studies Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta Hain, Howard Social Studies Anthony Lambda Chi $ecretary, Vice PresidenO, Social Studies Club, Wrestling Haines, Donna Special Education Marie Council for Exceptional Children, PSEA Hakanson, Anita Elementary M. Education Spectator Staff, Newman Club, English Club, le Cercle francais, One Acts, PSEA Haley, Karen Elementary Sue Education PSEA Hanks, Ronald Elementary D. Education Sigma T au Gamma Hannah, Kathleen Elementary Ruth Education PSEA, Psychology Club, Kappa Delta Pi Hansen, Thomas Richard Biology Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Beta Beta Hardester, Charles L. Geography Hargest, Patricia Ann English Kappa Delta Pi Hart, James Michael Physics Lambda Chi Hartford, Joyce Library Science Elaine SLA Harwood, Nancy Elementary Louise Education Marching Band, Concert Band, Mu Kap- pa Gamma, Intercollegiate Band Hassett, Valerie Elementary Ann Education Newman Club, PSEA Hatton, Katherine M. SLA, Psychology Club, R.A., PSEA, NEA Hauser, Rosemary Elementary B. Education International Relations Club, Spanish Club Havlicsek, Nancy Elementary Elizabeth Education Council for Exceptional Children, Kappa Delta Pi Library Science Head, Kathy Elementary Jeannette Education PSEA Hearn, Joseph H. Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon Nice President, His- toriam, Publications Board Heinrich, Kristine Art Education Iulia Gamma Sigma Sigma Qnd Vice Presi- denD, Collegiate Players Henninger, Kay Elementary E. Education Council for Exceptional Children, Psy- chology Club, R.A. Herniman, William James Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon Hreasurerx PSEA, C.U.B., Wrestling, Fr. 8: So. Class Vice Presidents Herron, Rodney Elementary Matthew Education Alpha Phi Omega, E Club, Basketball, Baseball Herzing, James Mathematics LeRoy Sigma Tau Gamma, WJKB Hess, Ronald Thomas Art Lambda Chi, Track Captaim, E Club Gresidena Hickey, Margaret Cathleen Hill, Karen Social Studies Elementary Education A. Psychology Club, Dorm President, Coun- cil for Exceptional Children, PSEA Hill, Patricia Lee Liberal Arts Hillebrand, Michael Liberal Arts John PhibSigma Kappa, Football, Track, Math Cu Hillmeyer, James Robert English Student-Faculty Council EPresident, Vice PresidenD, Sigma Alpha Nu, Debate Team, RA. Eths Who in American Colleges anci UniversitiesE Himmler, Lois Elementary Jane Education PSEA, Church Choir Hines, Cecelia LeMaire Spanish Hinkle, Johnna Elementary Lynn Education Cheerleader, PSEA, Spanish Club, Stu- dent-Faculty Council Holcomb, Mary Elementary Lou Education Social Studies Club, International Rela- tions Club Hoover, Duane Paul Art Education Wrestling, E Club UreasurerE Hopkins, Susan Elementary Mae Education Horine, Nelson Charles Liberal Arts Hornstein, Clark William Biology Sigma Chi Delta, Intramurals, PSEA Horton, Jack Webb Liberal Arts Basketball, Track, French Club, C.U.B. Highlander of the Year Hoskowicz, Christine Elementary Education Council for Exceptional Children Huber, Karen Elementary Louise Education Hummel, Cean Marie Biology Humphrey, Sandra Elementary L. Education "The Edinboro Way" Staff Hunsberger, David Elementary L. Education Veterans Club Hunter, Carol Elementary Ann Education Delta Zeta ESocial Chairmam, C.U.B. ESecretaryL SLA, Student-Faculty Coun- cil, Orientation Committee Hyde, Patricia Elementary A- Education I Imler, Diane Jennie English Ingold, Janet Laverne Mathematics Gamma Sigma Sigma Irlam, Joanne Elementary Marie Education PSEA I Jackson, Carol Elementary Frances Education Collegiate Players, SLA, Psychology Club Jackson, Kathleen Elementary M. Education C.U.B. Jackson, Nancy Elementary Ann Education Delta Zeta, Speech 8t Hearing Club, PSEA,R.A. Jacobson, Linda Elementary Jean Education James, Leslie Art Education Richard Phi Sigma Kappa Jancaro, David Elementary Michael Education Janosik, William Art Education James Phi Sigma Kappa Jeffers, John David Mathematics C.U.B., Math Club, Ski Club Johnson, Carol Elementary Lavonne Education PSEA, C.U.B., Concert 6: Lecture Com- mittee, Social Studies Club Johnson, Douglas Geography Donald Johnston, Linda Social Studies Yvonne Social Studies Club, International Rela- tions Club Jones, Gary T. Jones, Kathleen A. Social Studies Elementary Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Pan Hellenic Council Jones, Linda Art Education Charlotte Gamma Sigma Sigma, Arts Festival Com- mittee, R.A., Delta Phi Delta Mathematics, Physics Gamma Sigma Sigma, Physics 6: Chemis- try Society, PSEA Joseph, Lois Carol Jones, Sarah Jane Elementary Education Student-Faculty Council, So. Class Offi- cer, PSEA, Dorm Council, Orientation Committee, C.U.B. K Kalin, Barbara Elementary Jean Education Band, International Relations Club Kamerer, Martha Ann Elementary Education Speech 8: Hearing Club Karl, Margaret Mary Social Studies Gamma Sigma Sigma UreasurerL R.A., Social Studies Club, PSEA Kavanagh, Anna Social Studies Marie PSEA, Social Studies Club Kazel, Catherine Library Science Student Library Association Keebaugh, Mary A. Library Science Student Library Association Keller, Phyllis Library Science June Student Library Association, PSEA, AWS Kemling, Charles A. Liberal Arts Veterans Club Kensill, Patricia Ann English Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, NEA, Eng- lish Club Killian, Daniel Liberal Arts Raymond International Relations Club, Psychology Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramurals, Fr. Class President, PSEA, College Un- ion Planning Committee Killian, Margaret Elementary Diane Education Collegiate Players, Student Library As- sociation, Psychology Club, International Relations Club Kindling, Judith Ann Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau Nice PresidenD, Psy- chology Club, PSEA, Ski Club, Sorority basketball King, Carol Lee Art Education Delta Phi Delta Recording Secretarw, PSEA, NEA, Kappa Delta Pi Kintz, Patricia Ann Library Science Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, Student Li- brary Association Kizakevich, Evalyn Ann Art Education Delta Zeta, Orientation Committee, Stu- dent-Faculty Council Budget Committee, C.U.B. Executive Council Klapach, Frank S. Elementary Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Hootenanney, PSEA, NEA Klinge, Beverly Ann Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Council for Ex- ceptional Children Knoll, Margaret Ellen Art Education Knopp, Kathleen Gibson Art Sigma Sigma Sigma, College Chorus Knott, Susan E. Art Knuth, Robert M. Biology Kokoski, Patricia Elementary Ann Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Council for Ex- ceptional Children Kolb, Richard Walker Art Education PSEA Korczynski, Michael John Sigma Tau Gamma Kornas, Geraldine May English PSEA, English Club, Yearbook Staff Kosem, Dona Jean Elementary Education Art Education Koynok, Therese Mary English Koziel, William J. Social Studies Lambda Chi, Social Studies Club Krall, William Joseph Biology Kraynik, Karen Elementary Katherine Education Psychology Club, Social Studies Club, PSEA Kreiling, Karl Mabon Art Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Track Kristy, Karen Elementary Jean Education Delta Zeta Qublicity Chairmanx AWS Wresideno, College Judicial Board, Year- book Staff, C.U.B. Special EventsL Leadership Conference Kristyak, Sharon Elizabeth Beta Beta Beta Kuhel, Marilyn Agnes Biology Elementary Education PSEA Kummer, Barbara Marie Elementary Education L Lakatos, Linda Ann Mathematics Gamma Sigma Sigma, Mu Kappa Gam- ma, Concert Chorale, PSEA, Choral Un- ion, Women,s Glee Club Lakits, Judith Ann English Landsperger, Clarence Mathematics Andrew Lane, Lauren Louise English Elementary Lange, Connie Lee Education Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Council for Ex- ceptional Children Larson, Clayton Elementary . Education Intramurals Laubscher, Patricia Kay C.U.B. Lawson, Cary Elementary Alan Education Psychology Club, Karate, Warren E.O.C. Drama Club, PSEA Lawver, Louise F. Art Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Alpha Psi Omega Lazar, Patricia Elementary Anne Education PSEA, NEA, Speech 6: Hearing Club Lazar, Pauline Elementary Education Lebenberg, Nancy Elementary Beth Education Psychology Club, Speech 8: Hearing Club, PSEA Lelak, Gloria Art Education Elementary Jean Education Leopold, Marlene Ann Geography Intercollegiate Volleyball Captainx In- tercollegiate Basketball wo-Captaim Lewandowski, Theodore English Paul Alpha Phi Omega Lewis, Evelyn Lorraine Social Studies Club, Student-Faculty Council, International Relations Club Lewis, Patricia Elementary . Education Alpha Gamma Delta, C.U.B., PSEA Liberto, Marcelene Elementary Ann Education Choir, Speech 8: Hearing Club Lindberg, Elward Elementary Alan Education Sigma Chi Delta, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Baseball Lindell, Caroline Elementary L. Education Vikiarren Campus Student-Faculty Coun- 0 Social Studies Lindell, Rebecca Ann Linn, Nancy Jane PSEA, SLA, AWS Lloyd, George R. Lobaugh, Mary Elementary Lynne Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Council for Excep- tional Children Locke, William Ralph Social Studies Sigma Chi Delta, Social Studies Club Lolla, Mary Elementary Ann Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club, AWS Elementary Education Elementary Education Art Education Lucarotti, Emily Elementary Lydia Education Delta Zeta, Speech 6: Hearing Club, PSEA Lucas, Carol Elementary Ann Education Council for Exceptional Children, NEA, PSEA Lucas, James David Art Education gaggda Chi $ocial Chairmanx WJKB, Lutsch, Kristine Elementary Education Student-Faculty Council, PSEA Lyle, Linda Louise Art Education M Mabon, Karen Elementary Ann Education Collegiate Players, Dorm Council $ec- retaryL PSEA Mahoney, James Edward Education Malone, Martin Elementary W. Education WJKB, Alpha Phi Omega Mancini, Frank Dennis Liberal Arts Manfredi, Michael L. Art Education Ski Club, International Relations Club, Yearbook Staff Manolovich, Sondra Art PSEA, NEA Maravich, Elaine Louise PSEA Marchlewski, Joseph H. Sigma Chi Delta Marlinowski, John Edward Phi Chi Psi Martin, Nancy E Elementary Elementary Education Biology Natural Sciences Elementary . Education Dorm Council, Council for Exceptional Children, NEA, PSEA Martino, Susan Elementary Carole Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Speech 8t Hearing Club, PSEA, International Relations Club, RA. Matika, Pamela A. Library Science Student Library Association, PSEA Matteson, Gerald Mathematics Edward Maxwell, Martha Elementary Ellen Education PSEA, People to People, SLA, C.U.B. McAfee, Sabina M. Mathematics McArthur, Jon Paul Social Studies English Club, Arts Festival Committee, PSEA, NEA, Social Studies Club, Year- book Staff McCaslin, Gary Ray Elementary Education McCray, Sharon Elementary Rose Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, SLA McCurdy, Susan Library Science Carol Kappa Gamma Psi, PSEA, SLA McElroy, William Dale Biology Phi Sigma Kappa, F ootball, Baseball McGuire, William R. Mathematics McIntosh, Lynn Kay Art C.U.B., Dorm Council, PSEA McKernan, Adlinda Kathryn English English Club McLallen, Wendy Elementary Gail Education Alpha Gamma Delta Hreasured, Ski Club Secretaryx International Relations Club, Chorus McLaughlin, Kathleen Elementary C. Education PSEA, Basketball McMunn, Patricia Elementary Lynn Education PSEA, Council for Exceptional Children McNeil, Dalph S. Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon, Psychology Club, Intramurals Meister, Rita Catherine English WJKB, Spectator Staff, Newman Club 600ml Chairmam Merenick, Richard N. Merhaut, Lana Jean Mertz, Larry Albert Lambda Chi Merz, Barbara Gayle Education PSEA, People to People $ecretary, Treasured, Student Library Association, Kappa Delta Pi $ecretarw Michael, Nancy Janet Gamma Sigma Sigma Michalski, Linda Jean Art Education Delta Phi Delta Wresidenw, RA. Miehl, Mary Elementary Edith Education Band, Mu Kappa Gamma Mikovich, I. John E Club, F ootball Miller, Jeanne Marie Liberal Arts Miller, Joanne E. Mathematics Math Club, Kappa Delta Pi Wresidena Mincin, Judith Elementary Ann Education Minnis, Richard Social Studies Wayne Mintzer, Thomas James Mitcham, Mary Martha Monti, Linda L Geography Art Art Education Elementary Elementary Education Elementary Education Geography Art Elementary . Education Mook, Mona Elementary Lou Education PSEA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Fr. Class Secretary Moosmann, Anne Elementary Marie Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Orientation Com- mittee, Donn Council, Dorm Secretary, PSEA, NEA, C.U.B. Morante, Ethel Jean Mathematics Math Club, PSEA, NEA, Psychology Club Morelli, William Alton Mathematics Morford, Marybelle Elementary Elizabeth Education Alpha Gamma Delta Morton, Cheryl Elementary E. Education PSEA, SLA Moser, Irene Janet Mathematics Math Club Gecretaryl PSEA, People to People $ecretarw Muckinhaupt, Barbara Elementary K. Education PSEA, NEA Muir, Larry K. Murphy, Robert A. Mathematics Elementary Education N Nagel, Terri Lee Elementary Hughes Education Delta Zeta, AWS Ureasurerl Delta Sig- ma Phi Sweetheart Nageotte, Charles Mathematics Thomas Nagle, Doug Bailey Liberal Arts BA Nan, Donna Elementary Jean Education C.U.B. Naser, Dennis Geography Delta Sigma Phi Naser, Susan Rebecca Art Delta Zeta, PSEA, C.U.B., AWS, Dorm Council, Dorm Vice President Nehlen, Sandra Lou English Newhouse, June Elementary Marie Education Dorm Social Rep., So. Class Treasurer, Jr. Class Secretary, Delta Zeta morre- spending Secretaryx Tam O,Shanter, PS EA, WAA Nicalo, Donn Elementary C. Education Niemi, Eric Russell Biology Ski Club, Scuba Diving Norder, Kathrine Mathematics, Maria Physics Phi Chi Psi, Mu Kappa Gamma, March- ing Band, Concert Band Noroski, Richard Anthony Social Studies Club Northrop, Nancy Ann Art International Relations Club, ChildrenEs Play, PSEA Nosel, Allan N. English English Club, Ski Club EPresidenD, PSEA Social Studies Notoro, Pamela Elementary M. Education PSEA, C.U.B. Novak, William Elementary John Jr. Education Baseball, E Club Novotny, Janet Elementary Louise Education Council for Exceptional Children, PSEA Nowakowski, Mary Mathematics Anne Gamma Sigma Sigma, Spanish Club, PS EA 0 Obert, Darrell Duane Chemistry Phi Chi Psi Obert, Mary Elementary Lou Education Band, Jazz Band, Mu Kappa Gamma OEConnor, Eileen Elementary Ann Education Delta Zeta, Speech 8: Hearing Club Ogurchak, Karen Elementary Ann Education Sigma Sigma Sigma ESocial ChairmanL French Club, PSEA, Spectator Staff, Red Cross Council ESecretary, TreasurerL R. A. O,Neill, Mary Elementary Ann Education Osterholm, John W. Geography Tau Kappa Epsilon, PSEA, Intramurals, Holiday Arena Club OEToole, William C. Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi Ott, Donna Elementary Jean Education Speech 6: Hearing Club, PSEA, Order of Diana, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart, So. Class Secretary, Dorm Council Owens, Margaret Art Education Elizabeth Delta Zeta, Delta Phi Delta Oyler, Marilyn Elizabeth Elementary Education P Palmer, Laurie Alison Art PSEA, C.U.B., Dorm Officer Palmer, Robert Carl Intramurals Patterson, Carol Anne Social Studies PSEA, Choir Patterson, Irene C. Biology Art Education PSEA Patuc, Irene Elementary Josephine Education PSEA, NEA Pavlina, Patricia Ann Liberal Arts WJKB Earth 8: Space Science Payer, Bruce C. Football, Wrestling, E Club Pelc, Richard S. English Intramurals, English Club, Alpha Phi Omega Pelino, Louise Elementary Education Council for Exceptional Children Pencer, Carol Elementary F. Education PSEA, Speech 8: Hearing Club Pennline, Kathleen Elementary Joan Education Speech 8: Hearing Club Persichetti, Linda N. Library Science Al ha Sigma Tau EPresidentL Student Li rary Association, Intercollegiate Vol- Ieyball Persing, Larry Steven Social Studies Baseball, Intramurals, Social Studies Club, PSEA, E Club Petersen, Cynthia Elementary Education Speech 8: Hearing Club Peterson, Susan Jane Art Alpha Gamma Delta, Cheerleader, R.A., Homecoming Queen Petrisko, Ronald Elementary Glenn Education Petrus, Celesta Mary French French Club Pick, Kristin Jane Art Pietrasanta, Robert Liberal Arts Louis Sigma Tau Gamma, C.U.B., Psychology .Club Plroli, Lawrence Albert .Phi Sigma Kappa Pltzer, Sara Kay Library Science Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Librarian AsEociation Plasnck, Jo Elementary Anne Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Council for Excep- tional Children, PSEA Ploss, Rebecca Virginia English WomenEs Athletic Association, Intercol- legiate Volleyball Popovich, Carol Elementary Ann Education Kappa Gamma Psi, AWS, Dorm Vice President, PSEA Elementary Education Popp, Alexis Elementary Carol Education French Club, PSEA Porter, Lois Elementary Jane Education PSEA, Stage Band, Collegiate Players Powell, Judith Elementary Ann Education Prady, Robin Elementary Reed Education Prassack, Marcia Elementary Ann Education Ka pa Gamma Psi Prat er, Linda Elementary Schneider Education Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players, PS EA Elementary Education Psychology Club WresidenD, Student Li- brary Association, Kappa Delta Pi Proper, Iva Elementary Lee Education PSEA, Speech 8: Hearing Club Pringle, Barbara Prudente, Joann Elementary . Education Puscher, Angelika Library Science Elke Student Library Association, AWS, PSEA Q Quill, James Michael Social Studies Social Studies Club Gresideno, Interna- tional Relations Club B Raffle, Dennis Mathematics Bradford Tau Kappa Epsilon Razem, Frances Elementary E. Education Tennis Bewers, Phillip John Social Studies Alpha Phi Omega mecording SecretaryL Social Studies Club, Ski Club Reynolds, Rev. Charles Elementary H. Education Riddle, Lesley Elementary Jean Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Council for Excep- tional Children, Pan Hellenic Council ETreasurerL PSEA Bieck, Karen Lou English PSEA, Phi Delta Kappa Riffle, Richard Elementary G. Education Football, E Club Billing, Gary Elementary John Education Rittenour, Fay Elementary Arlene Education PSEA, NEA Rivetti, Vicki Lynn English Cheerleader ECaptainL PSEA, Orientation Committee, Sr. Class Secretary Roberts, Emily Elementary Frances Education Psychology Club, C.U.B., Tam O,Shan- ter,PSEA Robinson, James M. Liberal Arts Veterans Club, International Relations Club, Intramurals, Social Studies Club Robinson, Sandra Jeane Liberal Arts Scuba Diving, P001 Lifeguard Robson, Kathy Elementary Etta Education Alpha Gamma Delta, International Re- lations Club Rodgers, William Social Studies Paul Veterans Club, College Union Financial Committee Body, Cathy Elementary 0 Education Speech 8: Hearing Club, Substitute Cheerleader Ronge, Sandra R. Biology Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Phi Root, Linda Louise English Collegiate Players, Alpha Psi Omega, PSEA Rose, Katharine Elementary Anne Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Gamma Theta Up- silon, R.A. Rosier, Mary Elementary Catherine Education Band, PSEA Ross, Eileen Elementary Carolyn Education Kappa Delta Pi, Warren Campus Tutor- ing Project, Warren Campus Bulletin ECO-editorh Warren Campus Theatre Pro- duction Rump, Peggy Elementary Ann Education Kappa Gamma Psi, AWS Nice Presi- denU, Speech 8: Hearing Club Bung, S. Kathleen Mathematics PSEA, Math Club Rupnik, Thomas Elementary Frank Education Lambda Chi, Track Russell, Shirley Elementary Ann Education PSEA, Psychology Club, Council for Exceptional Children, Kappa Delta Pi Ryan, Janet Louise Social Studies Gamma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, NEA, So- cial Studies Club S Sabo, Vicki Jean Art Sage, Michael Emil Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon, Track, Basketball Salata, David John Art Phi Sigma Kappa Sampson, Nancy Elementary Louise Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Lutheran Student Association, PSEA Sand, Kathleen Elementary Louise Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Council for Ex- ceptional Children, PSEA Sanfilippo, George Falconer Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma Kappa Sanford, Roberta Elementary Sue Education Majorette, Shenango Center Cheerleader, Homecoming Rep. Shenango, Student Government $ecretaryL AWS, C.U.B. Sansone, Nick J. Mathematics Phi Sigma Kappa, Football, Orientation Committee, Class President Sartain, Joette Elementary Elaine Education Band, Woodwind Quintet, Council for Exceptional Children Art Education Savko, Julia Elementary Ann Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Women,s Athletic Association, R.A., Chorus, Council for Exceptional Children, Psychology Club Sawicki, Marianne Elementary Linda Education PSEA, NEA, AWS Saxton, William James Alpha Phi Omega UreasureD Scarpitti, Thomas Elementary Michael Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, PSEA Qresideno, Jr. Class Vice President Schlesinger, Hermey S. Spanish Tau Kappa Epsilon, Spanish Club Nice PresidenQ, Student-Faculty Council Budg- et Chairman Schlosser, Eugene Oliver Schmalzried, George Frederick II Schmitt, Ruth Social Studies Mathematics Liberal Arts Art Education Kathryn Schneider, Karen Elementary Luise Education Scuba Diving, PSEA, Psychology Club Schriver, Diana Elementary Lee Education International Relations Club . Schruers, Frances Engllsh Kappa Delta Pi, Spectator Staff Scott, Rosane F. Library Science Secord, Carolyn Elementary Ruth Education Kappa Delta Pi Wresidenw, PSEA, Speech 6: Hearing Club Nice President; Psy- chology Club See, Deborah Elementary C Education Head Majorette, So. Class Secretary, Shenango Center Cheerleader Sembower, Laurel Elementary Anne Education Choir, PSEA Serafini, Cheryl Elementary B Education Student Library Association, Collegiate Singers Shafer, Harry James Geography Delta Sigma Phi Shemuga, Carol Ann Spanish Shick, Carla Jean Art Education PSEA, NEA, Debut Shook, Jill Elementary Allyson Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, PSEA Shorts, Margaret Elementary Jill Education PSEA Simmons, Cheryl Elementary Ann Education Simmons, Nancy Elementary Ann Education Simmons, Valarie Elementary Jean Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Speech 6: Hearing Club, Psychology Club, Council for Exceptional Children Simon, Ann Elementary Marie Education Psychology Club, Council for Exceptional Children, PSEA Simoni, Dina Elementary Maria Education PSEA Singer, Janice Lynn Art Education Collegiate Players $ecretary, Treasurer, Vice PresidenD, Alpha Psi Omega $ec- retary, Treasure0 Sippy, R. Dirk Social Studies Veterans Club, Football Sisley, Timothy Elementary L. Education Men,s Glee Club, Intramurals Skadhauge, Karen Social Studies Spectator Staff, Pi Delta Epsilon, Social Studies Club, People to People, Kappa Delta Pi Skelton, Robert Telford English Spectator Editor, Yearbook Sports Editor, Tau Kappa Epsilon $ecretaryk Pi Delta Epsilon Wresidentl Publications Board Chairmam, Who,s Who Colleges and Universities Skillen, Virginia Lee Art Education C.U.B. Slingluff, Robert L in American Elementary . Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Council for Ex- ceptional Children, PSEA Sloss, Joel Elementary Preston Education PSEA Northwest Regional PresidenS Smart, Carolyn J. Biology Smith, Christine H. Biology Beta Beta Beta, WAA Smith, David Eric Liberal Arts Alpha Sigma Phi, Student-Faculty Coun- cil, Ir. Class President Smith, Joan Patricia English Drama, Chorus, Kappa Delta Pi Smith, Larry Elementary Hudson Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Basketball, E Club Smith, Linda Elementary Kathleen Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, SLA, Choir Smith, Patrick Daniel Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi antesidena, Student Faculty Council, Publications Board, Student Services, Interfraternity Council, International Relations Club Smith, Penny Elementary Lea Education Social Studies Club, PSEA, NEA Smith, Rebecca Elementary Ann Education Smith, Susan Renee Art Education Choral, Collegiate Players Smith, Thomas George Mathematics Tennis, E Club Sorg, Susan Elementary Jane Education Social Studies, PSEA, Psychology South, Janet Ruth Library Science Student Librarians Association Spinelli, Sarah Elementary Ann Education PSEA, AWS Spithaler, Roberta Elementary Arlene Education Speech 8: Hearing Club Sprenger, Christine Elementary Marie Education Sigma Sigma Sigma Stainbrook, Victoria Elementary Lynn Education PSEA, Psychology Club Staley, Barbara Elementary Jean Education Stanger, Patricia Elementary Anne Education Collegiate Players, AWS, PSEA, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi Staudenmaier, Chuck Social Studies Alan Delta Sigma Phi, Social Studies Club, International Relations Club Stawniak, Doris Elementary Ann Education Yearbook Staff, Spectator Staff, Student Library Association Steadman, Linda Elementary Rae Education Concert Band, Stage Band, Brass Choir, Woodwind Quintet, Marching Band, Mu Kappa Gamma, PSEA Stefan, Elaine Elizabeth Womerfs Intercollegiate Volleyball, In- tramural Softball, Choral Union, Concert Chorale, PSEA Stemmler, Francine Elementary D. Education AWS, Dorm Council Nice PresidenO, English Club, Psychology Club, PSEA, Newman Club Stephens, Judy Elementary Lucinda Education Tennis, Gamma Theta Upsilon Mathematics Stevens, Beverly Elementary Ann Education PSEA Stone, Sherry Art Education Darlene Stonebumer, Diane Art Education Marie Debut Art Staff Stoneman, Russell Elementary Herbert Education Phi Sigma Kappa, E Club, Baseball Stough, Barbara Elementary Louise Education C.U.B. Straw, Saundra M. Liberal Arts Sigma Sigma Sigma Stull, Cheri Elementary Lynn Education Psychology Club, Kappa Delta Pi Stumpf, Janet Elementary Louise Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, Wesley Foundation Sturm, William Braden Biology Sigma Tau Gamma Gresidend, Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Ka- rate Stypula, Richard Social Studies Joseph E Club, Baseball, Social Studies Club Sullivan, Kathleen Art Education Marie Alpha Gamma Delta, C.U.B., WAA Sundell, Joan Elementary Marie Education Drama, Warren Campus Bulletin ECO- editorE Sutley, Lee Robert Mathematics Swan, Ralph Elementary E. Education PSEA, NEA T Tabita, Jacqueline Elementary Maria Education Delta Zeta, C.U.B., Pan Hellenic Council Wice PresidenO, Student-Faculty Council Tague, John Social Studies Lawrence International Studies Club Takash, Margaret R. Art Education Delta Phi Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma Tarey, Margie Elementary Ann Education Sigma Sigma Sigma Relations Club, Social Taylor, Barbara Elementary Lee Education PSEA Taylor, Joy Ann Biology Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Col- legiate Players, Pan Hellenic Council Temperante, Jack Elementary Lee Education Sigma Tau Gamma, PSEA, NEA Tepper, Paul Elementary Andrew Education PhiA Sigma Kappa, Football, E Club Thimons, Keith E. English Phi Sigma Kappa, English Club Thomas, Debra Jo leeral Arts Dorm Council Wresidentx International Relations Club, English Club Thomas, Judith Elementary Anne Education PSEA, NEA, Kappa Delta Pi . Thomas, Nancy Ellen Social Studles Gamma Sigma Sigma Wresidentk PSEA, R.A., Social Studies Club, Dorm Cougcil Thompson, Cass Enghsh PSEA, C.U.B., Orientation Committee Thorr, Gay Karen Spanish Delta Zeta Recording SecretaryL PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, AWS, String En- semble, Dorm President, Student-Faculty Council, Spanish Club Tomlinson, Lois Elementary Mary Education Collegiate Players, Gamma Sigma Sigma, AWS, PSEA Toner, Darlene Elementary Education Warren Campus Cheerleader, Student Government, C.U.B., PSEA . Toth, Marsha Elaine Enghsh Trampenau, Susan A. Art C.U.B. . Travis, Edward W. Mathematlcs Student-Faculty Council, Mathematics C u Triebsch, Joseph R. Mathematics Yearbook Staff, PSEA Tucci, Robert Biology Sigma Chi Delta, Red Cross EPresidentL Intercollegiate Red Cross Erie Vice PresidentE Turner, Carrol Elementary Ann Education PSEA Turton, Donna B. English Band, PSEA Turzanski, James Elementary Dominic Education Tysiachney, Daniel Elementary Education PSEA, College Christian Fellowship V Valentine, Becky Elementary Lynn Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Student Librarian Association Valentine, Paul William Liberal Arts Veterans Club Vana, Clara Marie Library Science Student Librarian Association Vance, Marilyn Jean Art Education Debut Art Staff VanDyke, Sara Elementary E. Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, NEA, Arts Festival VanGuilder, Linda Elementary Lee Education Collegiate Red Cross Vanetti, Patricia Elementary Education Io SLA, AWS, PSEA VanLaningham, James Robert Student-Faculty Council Chairman Ways 5: Means Committeeh Sigma Tau Gamma, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, Merfs Glee Club, Chorale, Madrigal Singers, People- to-People, Honors Committee, Inter-Fra- ternity Council EPresidenD Liberal Arts Varley, James Elementary - Education Alpha Phi Omega Veritz, Dianne Elementary Louise Education Collegiate Singers, PSEA Vernallis, Patricia Elementary Kay Education Kappa Gamma Psi, PSEA Villa, Barbara Jean Art Villers, Mary Belle Library Science ALA Virsack, Janice Lynn English Alpha Gamma Delta, PSEA Vorrasi, Joseph Elementary Michael Education Tau Kappa Epsilon W Wade, Virginia Elementary Frances Education Walker, Janet Elementary B. Education PSEA Walker, Susan Elementary Fennell Education Psychology Club, Collegiate Players, Choir Walsh, Michelle Elementary Lamar Education Collegiate Singers Walters, Rebecca Sue Art Education PSEA, PAEA Watson, Grace Elementary Emma Education Psychology Club, Council for Exceptional Children Watt, Mary L. Library Science Kappa Gamma Psi, Order of Diana, Stu- dent Library Association, C.U.B. Weaver, Ronald Secondary Wayne Education E Club, Basketball Captaim Weaver, Susan Art Education Marguerite PSEA, International Childrerfs Play Webb, Catherine Elaine Math Club, PSEA Weber, Annamarie Mu Kappa Gamma, Band Weidner, Judith Library Science Lee Student Library Association Weight, E. Paulette Art Education Gamma Sigma Sigma Welsh, Joye Elementary Louise Education Council for Exceptional Children, PSEA Relations Club, Mathematics Mathematics Whalen, Marilyn Eileen English English Club, RA. White, Mary Elementary Jane Education Shorin-Ryu Karate Wilkins, Kenneth Mathematics Eugene Will, Donald Louis English Will, Janet L. English Williams, Margaret Elementary Ann Education PSEA Willis, Nancy Elementary Ellen Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tam OEShanter, PSEA Wohlbruch, Melody Elementary Ann Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, PSEA, French Club, Tam O'Shanter Wood, Judith Elementary A. Education PSEA, English Club, AWS Wright, Patricia Jane English AWS, Dorm Council Wyant, Kathy Lynne Band Art Education Y Yadlosky, Nancy Art Education Louise Alpha Gamma Delta, AWS Executive BoardL C.U.B. Executive Board Yarbenet, Gregory Earth 8: Space John Science Gamma Theta Earth-Space Club, Track, PSEA Yeager, Daniel Louis Liberal Arts Commuters, Club Upsilon, Yochum, Gary D. German Yoder, Gretchen Elementary Lynn Education PSEA, Council for Exceptional Children Yount, Clair Leroy Social Studies ElfibSigma Kappa, PSEA, Social Studies 11 Z Zack, Dennis Elementary Carl Education Zalik, Pamela Elementary Ann Education AWS, Cheerleader, PSEA Zechender, Raymond Elementary P. Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, C.U.B. Ziner, Anthony John Geography Basketball, Sigma Alpha Nu, E Club Zoldak, Robert F rancis Chemistry Mu Kappa Gamma, Phi Chi Psi Zupcic, Ceorgene Elementary Roberta Education PSEA 279 1969 TARTAN STAFF Doug Hager Lou Cottage Kay Bennett Karen Renquest Kim Vorce Don Double Gretchen Kitza Betsy Strohmeyer Linda Seitz Janis Root Bonnie Burns Bob Skelton Joe Triebsch Rita Yake Kay Bennett David Bucher Cindy F errick Bobbi Rullo Karen Almasi Sharon Spano Ilene McBride Marty Bullers Cindy F errick Lee Anne Graham 280 Editor-In-Chief Senior Editor Special Events Editor Special Events Assistants Organization Editor Organization Assistants Greek Editor Greek Assistants Sports Editor Administration 8: F aculty Editor Administration 8: F aculty Assistants Copy Editor Art Editor Art Assistants Typing Staff Yearbook Secretary Jon McArthur Gloria Paproski Merin Studio Mr. David Milner Mr. Robert Groenendaal Mr. Paul Newman um Business Manager Student Photographer Professional Photography Paragon Representatives Adviser L-R Sitting, Row 1: Janis Root, Joe Triebsch, Cindy Ferrick, Sharon Spano; Sitting, Row 2: Gretchen Kitza, Ion McArthur, Betsy Strohmeyer, Linda Seitz, Doug Hager, Lee Anne Graham, Bob Skelton, Don Double; Standing, Row 3: Marty Bullers, Karen Almasi, Ilene McBride, Bobbi Eullo, Mr. Newman, Gloria Paproski, Karen Renquest, Bonnie Burns, Dave Bucher. 281 Gloria Paproski, Lee Anne Graham, Jon McArthur Janis Root, Linda Seitz, Bonnie Burns 282 283 h C .m .w b r l T m w .1 J um : 0 t w B, a. m n .h m m n B e e r v a a K D m h e m k 1 S A n w m B a K Gretchen Kitza Cindy Ferrick, Sharon Spano, Marty Bullets ide, McBr Betsy Strohmeyer, Don Double, Ilene Kay Bennett Janis Root Cindy Ferrick 2B5 INDEX A Pages Administration ............ . ................ 234-247 All Sports Banquet ............................. 128 All Star Review ............................ 111-112 Alpha Gamma Delta ........................ 138-139 Alpha Phi Omega ........................... 142-143 Alpha Psi Omega ............................... 188 Alpha Sigma Tau ........................... 140-141 Art Department ............................ 254-255 Association of Women Students .................. 174 B Baseball ................................... 199-201 Basketball ................................. 212-221 Beta Beta Beta ................................. 179 Board of Trustees .............................. 240 Broderick, Raymond J. .......................... 117 C Cheerleaders ............................... 232-233 Chess Club .................................... 186 Circle K International ........................... 187 Coleman, A. M. ................................ 128 College Union Board ........................... 174 Collegiate Players .............................. 180 Commencement ................................ 129 Commuters Club ............................... 187 Concert Chorale ............................... 189 Contents ....................................... 2 Council for Exceptional Children ................. 177 Cross Country ................................. 222 Crowell, Dr. Cilford W. ......................... 129 D Debut ........................................ 183 Del-Fonics .................................... 1 13 Delta Phi Delta ................................ 180 Delta Sigma Phi ........................ 125,148-149 Delta Zeta ................................. 146-147 DeZanet, Janet .......................... 105,124,272 Drama .................................... 120-123 Drama Department ............................. 248 Dronsfleld, James .............................. 242 E E Club ........................................ 185 Earth Science Club ............................ 175 Editofs Note .................................. 288 Elementary Education .......................... 264 Ellis, Marvin .................................. 242 English-Speech Department ................. 250-251 286 Pages F F aculty ................................... 248-267 Fifth Dimension ............................... 108 F ootball ................................... 224-229 F 0rd, Gerald .................................. 116 French Club ................................... 178 Freshman Ochers .............................. 173 Freshman Orientation ........................... 4-7 G Gamma Sigma Sigma ........................ 144-145 General Concensus ............................. 110 Geography and Earth Science .................... 267 Girls, Glee Club ................................ 189 Glamour Girl .................................. 106 Golf ...................................... 205-207 Creeks .................................... 132-169 Greek Sing .................................... 107 H Hager, Doug ............................... 280-288 Hall, Allan .................................... 243 Hanging of the Greens ..................... 130-131 Health and Physical Education .................. 253 Herbel, Vaughn E. ............................. 247 Hetrick, Dr. Jack B. ............................ 245 Hilsman, Roger ................................ 118 Homecoming ........................... 105,124-127 Honorary and Professional F raternities ........ 179-182 Hootenany .................................... 110 Hopkins, F orest ................................ 239 I Instructional TV ............................... 266 Interfraternity Council .......................... 135 International Relations Club ..................... 186 Intruders ...................................... 111 1 Junior Officers ................................. 172 K Kappa Delta Pi ................................ 181 Kappa Gamma Psi .......................... 154-155 Kappa Mu Delta ........................... 156-157 Kissinger, Dr. Henry ............................ 118 L La Belle, Patti and the Bluebells ................. 111 Lambda Chi ............................... 158-159 Languages .................................... 249 Pages Library Science ................................ 265 Library Staf? ................................... 265 M Madrigal Singers ............................... 190 Magdik, Emil .................................. 247 Majorettes ..................................... 193 Marching Band ................................ 191 Martha and the Vandellas ....................... 108 Math Club .................................... 177 Mathematics ................................... 257 McKinley, Dr. James E. ......................... 244 McNerney, Dr. Chester T. ......... 128-129,236-239,244 Meyers, Pauline ................................ 116 Miller, Kay Ryall ............................... 243 Modern Languages ............................. 249 Mu Kappa Gamma ............................. 181 Music and Drama Department ................... 248 Music Organizations ........................ 188-193 N Natural Science ................................ 256 Newman, Paul .......................... 243,280-284 Nobels, Cliff ................................... 112 Novasielski, James ............................... 55 0 Organizations .............................. 170-193 P Pan-Hellenic Council ........................... 134 Paper Bag Players .............................. 123 Phi Chi Psi .................................... 182 Philosophy .................................... 252 Phi Mu Phi ................................ 166-167 Phi Sigma Kappa ........................ 125,168-169 Pi Delta Epsilon ............................... 182 Plays ...................................... 120-123 PSEA ......................................... 175 Psychology Club ............................... 176 Psychology and Special Education ............ 262-263 Publications Board ............................. 183 Q Queens ................................ 106,114,124 R Red Cross Intercollegiate Council ................ 185 S Sam and Dave ................................. 109 Secondary Education ........................... 260 Segal, George .................................. 119 Senior Index ............................... 273-279 Senior Ochers ................................. 172 Seniors ..................................... 50-103 Pages Sennett, Dr. William ............................ 117 Serendipity Singers ............................. 113 Shafer, Gov. Raymond P. .................... 124,239 Shupe, Dr. Eldon E. ............................ 245 Sigma Sigma Sigma ......................... 160-161 Sigma Tau Gamma ......................... 162-163 Soccer ........................................ 223 Social Science ................................. 259 Social Studies .................................. 258 Sophomore Officers ............................. 173 Spanish Club .................................. 178 Speakers .................................. 116-119 Special Education and Psychology ............ 262-263 Special Events ............................. 104-131 Spectator ...................................... 183 Speech and Hearing Club ....................... 176 Sports ..................................... 194-233 Sports Banquet ................................ 128 Spring Carnival ............................ 114-115 String Ensemble ............................... 190 Student F aculty Council ........................ 171 Student Handbook ............................. 184 Student Librarians Association ................... 179 Student Life .................................. 4-49 Student Teaching and Placement ................. 261 T Table of Contents ................................ 2 Tam O,Shanters ................................ 192 Tartan Staff ................................ 280-285 Tau Kappa Epsilon ......................... 164-165 Taylor, Dr. Harold ............................. 119 Tennis .................................... 196-198 Theta Chi Alpha ............................ 152-153 Track ..................................... 202-204 Trotta, Vincent ................................ 246 Trustees of ESC ................................ 240 V Vibrations ..................................... 112 W Warren Campus ............................ 270-271 ths Who .................................. 52-54 Williams, Dr. Jack E. ........................... 245 WIKB ........................................ 184 Women,s Athletic Association .................... 188 Women6s Athletics .......................... 230-231 Wrestling .................................. 208-211 Y Yarbrough, Glenn .............................. 110 Yon, Dr. John F. ............................... 246 Z Zeta Tau Alpha ............................ 150-151 287 1969 Tartan Editor, Doug Hager EDITOR 9S N 0 TE The theme of the 1969 Tartan echoes thoughts from one of Robert Frosfs famous poems in which he relates, 11But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep? This idea seems to thread itself through the pattern of Edinboro as the College experiences continuing growth both physically and academically. Our College has truly traveled many miles since its inception over one hun- dred years ago as a private normal school and, like our chosen theme, still has 11miles to go and promises to keep? We have traveled the road of expansion and can now foresee the crystalization of what soon will become a modern university. Not only are we experiencing a physical growth in terms of campus and facilities, but we are also witnessing a growth of the student body, faculty and administration. This growth is measured not only in numbers, but also in quality. New programs and our- ricula have been instituted along with these other changes which benefit the students in both an academic and a social sense. The 1969 Tartan, like the students, the faculty and the administration, has increased in size and quality. Since its conception as an idea to actuality the book has em- bodied the theme set forth in F rostls words. Over 1,200 pictures have been reproduced in this edition, high- lighted by the most color photographs ever employed in an Edinboro yearbook. The introduction of more candids, more pages, more photography, and more color has truly elevated both the appearance and composition of this book. As editor-in-chief, I, too, have had many Imiles to go and promises to keepl, in this production. I hope, as you thumb through the pages of this past year, that the promise of a yearbook that you as students can be proud of has been kept. F ortunately I was assisted by an un- selfish staff and adviser who faithfully traveled the long but fruitful road to completion. Through their many hours of work and dedication the 1969 Tartan has become a concrete replica of the past. And, while we reflect upon these captured segments of our lives, it brings the reali- zation that much nearer to us that each of us has iipromises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep? .u, II- t. Ira Ira vrurnvm div. lwatd"wWM'-mmw -.'" Wm...- . aunh , ...,rU.11H.1Ihu 1011.111! :1 . :7... a 1. a 1 . 9.1:, Ii, .. ,. 1T... :5? 1 v... .

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