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-1 I ! i 2 I Q I . I i' i - i I I x 5 'Q v , M r L, , 1 my . , bk 113-1 f. ri rt . 1 v 1 -'The and mater wang .viewing Mawiv new 1 rf . K - ' s, 0 R, I 1 V r, F DU .QT . .Y I . 1 V, ' VJ, Y.. , .W 3, ,af-ww I ' rw ff Ag. 8. 1.-mg f . W1.8Y , , i 'r U Tehnyson 4, ...I -Jw .1 1 , - U4 ' 1' 5 ' tx . , A. . A , K. ,.. I . i .un . - , xl . sgfmxw - 'N , , K Q . A ,., - IN QL." 'bgsxlnvnl' KN Boa, .r"""w, cow Q' fl'- 4 I fu On Saturday, April 22, 1967, a new presi- dent was inaugurated at Edinboro State College. With his induction came a new administration, different attitudes, re- vised policies and further expansion. On that day Dr. Chester T. McNerney be- came the thirteenth president of Edin- boro State College. The day's festivities began in the morning with a symposium in Memorial Auditorium where a forum discussion was presented by members of the college faculty and student body. Following the symposium, a luncheon was held in Ross Hall for the digintaries and guests. There Dr. Milo P. Bail, Presi- dent Emeritus of the University of Oma- ha, spoke on "Some Challenges Facing Education Today." The processional, formed in Crawford Gymnasium then marched to Memorial Auditorium. At 3 p.m. in the presence of the Honorable Governor Raymond P. Shafer, Dr. John R. Rackley, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, conducted the ln- vestiture service. ...-...,.....-- --- YY ,YL "W 'W' ' -1- --if--4-.. -,... HY . . , .,...! Luncheon Held After Symposium - er' e' f fqfiiiefffifffffmil "'e . F ' M ' 'uf-555 W j 5. 9 fx 'F iff? W . if lx! aw ' ' 'AN 1 XM 4: 1 W 1 . I , ,.,-..,,.nnnltln-Y' - - Y """""""" Il Q H, ,,,,- .., , w ---V A---0 '--"5- -' -- 2.- I I R P-JQ! nf-l"'s 'P A A.. J 'F .r l' .4 5.3 1. ,. I' Q , v 'R' -. s. .V " 1 'A-XV. .NJ N 1' " iff: A ' L ay' Q ' C 6 - -4 k--- ,, ' ,ff U ' 'a X 2 yi' K! I r 7 +R 3 fy, -1 'ku 'rt H ,I U' ' . rn- ' li" - l -qgd . V! , L: i 'A "WA ff' , - "',,.,a ,.1' f'-fx Qjff' g 1 Q ' ..:,.,f .rin aff' A . ft if .". " r 1 il . I .I '. gl :fs , 'fwtitql , . A -1 'iil!!.'r.:'ff"'x f 52::,'!' A ' 41,7 'UT I "-V:Qfrlfb ' Ref' fr Q' Wk. , -v.. I 'I fn! 4 l 1 4 2 r 4 4 I I A I I v l K 4 1 I D 6 A 4 In He , .111 EDJ 'gb W We in 1 1 I 1 in Priv- 5:5711 Fil! wr Maw: F4711 wir u. jg 5-if: Mi Sli? H32 Y! , V --H K 3. V ' 3 lt? -4 8. -exi D 1 if P .. ,, li 1 Inaugural Ball Held ln Ross Hall l Completing the day's festivities, the Inaugural Ball was held in Ross Hall from nine to one o'clock in the eve- ning. Arrangements for the evening were prepared by lnterfraternity and Panhellenic Councils with Denise Pirioli, Sarah Michaelangelo, Tom Storey, and Tom Marr in charge. A ' The theme for the affair "The President's Rose Garden" was emphasized by the decorations. A garden trellis in- tertwined with roses was placed near the entrance while more bushes and garlands of roses accented the re- mainder of the hall. Music for the affair was provided by the Warren Covington Orchestra for the guests, digni- taries, and members of the faculty and student body. .A.,,Y-. H . .., , YY , ig...-.--,,, A .-.7 U . -,, , K H- 7 - - 1, r g, -. .,,Y,I4-- Ml--A--ff, .QF-gl 'mf-3,1 'E- " : fx ,Q ' 1 I I I nw ' ' Ii' I I It I I 1' I I .-U. 1' f . ' I .' ',v,f"' I ,YJ ' I 2- I I ,, 0 v . N, ' 'VZ I Q E? If I QQ 'V I I I 1- F51 P 53: Dignitaries Prepare I For Processional . I I I I I I a I I I ' I 1 I II I ,,.-Ja v -Q11 t Y l ext 4 , A l fl ff -. iff , ' X S l . s' ' . v I 4 0 i, lf' l . I 0 , ,'..' 'I 6 .5 . , .X 1,3 f 15 .W .f X , A I 'S .M ,, I gf f:-1. ff ff X Kay'-sI,,W f f sf iff, W ff t if f A. 155 I " , , ..M,:1rf.,, W ' Wwgizfffi sf 2 W sn, , X- it W . ' WSQW "W4fW 4'5P. ff! f ' .,"', - 5-f m",,,yffm . f' Q .Wwf4f'Q'f , W.: Nfffiwi f f I ,,- . ffm ffff '- . . l . Li an Z, ia, ' f , . , vii 133521. , ff , 12 f X 4 4 -1 W 1 Inaugural invitations were sent to many dignitaries throughout the country. One of the most prominent guests from our own state was the Honorable Raymond P. Shafer, Governor of Pennsylvania. One of the outstanding characteristics of the inaugura- tion was its emphasis upon pomp and pageantry. The splendor of the event marked the first formal inaugura- tion of an Edinboro president. ff ii",w1,w f l aa xx .xxx R 20,4 i K 'A 52 Sir. , kwa - ----:1 ' LQZQK- it- ,Q Preparations for the inauguration were begun far in advance. Since each member of the student body and faculty received an invitation to the event, a great deal of time and effort was given to the invitations. However, with the aid of many students, who vol- unteered, the task was not difficult. invi ff 7 I , . . I 1. ls' I '-e-'hx' 'sq .J . .w-" ' MLA' ...a ,se I I A Il I ..-.,-,.g, Q ?1 Invitations And Decorations 'X One of the most important preparations for the inauguration was the making of the decorations for the ball. For a week in advance, members of the sororities and fraternities worked together to make garlands, trellises, etc. Then on the evening of the ball, Ross Hall itself was deco- rated. ln order to finish the decorations in time, everyone worked fe- verishly until minutes before the ball. JN 'H i f or On May 27, 1967. commencement exer- oiseswereheldatsoxl-larrison Fueld.At that time Dr. Chester T. Mellemey handed diplomas to 365 graduating students. Among them, 13 students graduated with honors. H pl! ,. 'N' P4 9,- 1 ...G - 1- -T' ' . 25.0 if-1:5 - g-' 111'-za"-i Lau-f1g.f-' - ..- -. , ,,. .f.-.-. ... .-.-.,,- Y, .. --. -.-,.- s , .,--. .- '11-, '-we.-'-...',.,..:.-.f..'x'-'-- 4 H .-,- . A.. --. , , . , . .--..',xr' 5 - . hr .1 .- ' fs ...- . . . "W" Y ' ..,, -..i..-.A-----f -- -'S -'1'5g-QQ, 'hf fgw i f.fif?35f7:'f1 i L' 5 1? t,:g,g,:ff-- 'A 1-'H - H K ' T,'a3gg"f 'M Vi -wuz ' ' f Q ., 1 - A Fegffl' .f 1 - . 'tm 1. 4 W. ,lwi':-L. if"l3.:'f-4:"'1:f . --2 - ,AT ,S .. - ' " .x ff u 1- -gy,4.,- -Cqi lift' f'-xr.. ve: -'t?f.7fj41. a:--ui- me- bn .. K- 1 g,.,-.Am-1, -' '-fx"t-xr' 'KQQrL!"3f.' '.r1,-Q55 551671 his ?"lQLl2fQ'. 555 ' 7 "Y" 3 . -' 'Af-I.-7 Q' "Q ' ' ' ,--'Q . -rf' .1 .,- + 2"'i7,5e'-f t7H"A,' -1 ' -1: - :L ., , I' , V " wi. 3'?L.'.'-Uf,jv:"' '?T',g5-.:1,x' A ' . ' " " " ' ' o 4: . gy , lug 1.. . i I t 'nl--1 N ' . . C t E I L W A 1 N Ff51.., Qi'i'fi af? 4 gg 'L-QS? ,V , ' , I -LW V mm - - M V ,ff ,Q L V . y 1:,',zf3upggX , - V ,WM twrgw-,,,f,.+J.,Qf.," , W ' . , ,JlJ,L.1jg,lQg45j, :I'1jj3l3 ,us V, , ,. img, . ,,,,,, .'.""'j"-""'j H ,fy , ., Y, ., ml ,-Zim'-hvxvt. , A J iwvg , A , , r . VL, Y X , TVN 'T' 1 1, Lffff-?Q 73,3 V- A W 1 :M-'f V gf.. 3,1-.:Qz' -e -ss4,:k , A 43 - -' ' ' j ' ':3f7'2Lf 1 " , x ' f 'fifiz-ag. -.I , 'S ' rf' j 0-if.3..'l, felis, 'Q ' 4, if' v ' , :Q V ,v -'Z 1 ,lf ' 1, , ' ' . , 4 fp' , . 'QL if " 'H , ,vw-.gw fl "yi -P' A ,gig . ...,,,,.-, P,-b , I, V I . n :px I 'yi , ' J "A 4-.4 . lf, ..7,. Q .wwf . N 3- . 1 I ' , ' .V , , --H 4 4 - ,, . Y , W Vinyl, V : i 1,v3q,1,,,q5gg ' 7Q!S ,Tw ,V in ' f' 1 I H ,WGS V Jsgli? Qfegv ffj L -A 1 J IQ -T 'AJ1 X , . 2,-552 'L VL 5,1 ' 1 I k l .a . in U I QI 1 --L a W? - YY T.--L . .117 , ,,, ,, , , .nn-gf ------ -v-'YV - "- "W" """ ' ,, X, X U V ,M . ., ....,...-.qu-f-----------4 -1-fifzw df- -- ' " """N' - ' - J .i"" -, 1. fx ul ff! 11' Ji V. A. I', Mx 'iz-V . 3- 1 . 7 fwf ,F Q-in 'Q' ., W Y M, Vjwwvy ,M Q 1 mW fn a li ' " , , " ' 0 y I. v mi c 4 O, Z' 5 wr : Q mr 1' , X n , l If' J ' V. 1 5 ' ya ! 2, MJ" ' R ,F ' 1 7 , ,,, t' r ,. ,Q ' G f , ,1 r . I . Y 1 A 2, , ' l V4 A 1 s I p , A? , I .,, , f . J, 'C I my .- 'f ,, an 4 0 - -' 4 L- 1- C l f p 1 ! -Q-..A .X 8 E ' ' il f 4-' .fl IE 5 'fa , 4 'ff' s 2 X . n xt E FQ- 1 , igmyf, ya ' a 7- f Q N Us x P L Q I 1 as 1 , ,1' . ,' af' V JL C 1- xvfir S A K 4+ AWN ' is 0 QW' E WS tif, . X 'vw Ava? Edinboro State College Yearbook Staff Presents The 1968 Tartan l Editor-Bobbie Anderson Adviser-Mr. Paul Newman Table of Contents Special Events Greeks and Groups n Seniors l Sports Administration And Faculty Index V The Ruse Cf The Campus Pride 'W ,al i- ., . .w Y , Q Q.- 5 'z E. :El il SPECIAL EVENTS '-v VV " 'T , an Y 5 I I 5 l i V 5 2 l 1 Q I I 1 I I W Q ' W a' Q yt 3 sul. Q it. 2 If . 1 Jw Royalty Flows Through Edinboro X . 'tl tm I.. I '4 t cliff' 5 fu-12 Annually the students of Edinboro State College elect a Spring Car- nival Queen and a Glamour Girl. ln addition, this year the campus was represented by one of its students who was selected as Miss Pennsylvania. Each year Glamour magazine sponsors a national "Ten Best- dressed College Girls" contest across the country. Edinboro's rep- resentative in the contest this year was Carol Hunter, a sophomore elementary education major from Erie. Later in the season, Spring Week End was highlighted with the election of Janet Popovich as Spring Carnival Queen. Janet, a junior elementary education ma- jor, was sponsored by the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma and the sisters of Kappa Gamma Psi. In addition to these campus contests, the college was represented at Long Beach, California, where one of its students, Susan Fennel Walker, competed in the Miss America Beauty Contest in April. An elementary education major, Sue had previously won the title of Miss Pennsylvania. 18 f 4 7,5 , , , W 4 , MQ V Q, I P , 7 gf in f e f ,, , 4 .W X' " f tv , .4 , 1 rt-MQ M Q I 5 K nv N f N V M ,f 1 A, W , li ng' In X. ,Q -3 W X U M " Q x mwwfav-9335 ,, 'f iw ak ,MAN W W 7, SW X 1, , ,C X , ,W .x , V iff .-5 H A 49' f, ,U - f , ,ff - M5 Wha- W, Q4 4 ' S277 M 4 f ff, X if f Z ff, Q f L Wf gi if , N , my X W4 , X' 52 If fi Z , 4 6' 304, S 1 rg "S uf 1 732 M ZW I? ,u uf Charles Goss, Franklin Area School Board, William Fenical, Assistant Director, PSBA, Freder- ick l-leddinger, lst Vice Presi' dent, PSBA. Barbara Yurkovich, College News paper Reporter, Nl. A. Rupert Sheffield Area School Board. HA '8sl14'lA Yun 3 a l. I i WS' 6 lVlajor Spring Conferences The Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Council for Social Studies was held at Edinboro State College on April 6, 1967, with approxi- mately five hundred teachers from area high schools at- tending. lVlr. Alex Pelinsky, Director of Community Orga- nization for the Re-development Authority of Erie, deliv- ered the address. His topic was "Human Renewal, Alter- native to Violence in the Streets." The keynote address at the dinner was given by Dr. Vernon Aspaturian. The Pennsylvania School Boards Association, Incorpo- rated, met at Edinboro State College on April 1. The main theme of the meeting was "Education ln A Dy- namic Age-Are You Prepared?" "The Duties, Func- tions, and Responsibilities of School Board Members" was the main topic of the general session under the lea- dership of lVlr. William A. Fenical, Assistant Director of P.S.B.A., and Congressman Franklin Kury. 1 -a. l i l . 1 1 t l Dr. Chester T. McNerney, President of Edinboro State College. Dr. Vernon Aspaturian, professor of political science at Pennsyl- vania State University, and Dr. Luther Hendricks, Chairman of the Social Studies Department at Edinboro. 1 i - -- -Y ff-f'f'i,,T ',7f""l-kr'-nf"-'7 . ff x.. E , ,Mann , 1 T.. . .gfwg ww - ix vb ' 144 , t QV! . I if C 1 ,- n,V 3 K -110-FL I - , 5 5 I 4' Ii ' A 5 A' Y y 'J , ! L X 6 ' V' 1 , , W P s b-. 5 . ? i I no gf P , Q1 W Q' Z' 9,, 4 My 1 ,,! ni ll E481 The Lettermen Jaggers Smokey Appear At Edlnboro 1 1 a -4 ix ,-1-'f"'+,, 1 V' 1 I 5 4 !?,4n'Z', 4 'I X, ' 'fi , ff 4' Q I, VIIVZ7, 5,,, ,ff 4 f 4 4 y W 0 1 1 4 pf ' ,,' 'Q 3 f 1 1 uf ,, .- Z S 1 4-5:25, Aff 'L A, yi. 1 , ,-:sf : . 41 ff-A r H 'CJ . W-. mf'- ' ff' M -. 9 , ,SJ ' 141:-cw, -'mmf 1Q,Qm:4rv1uvg,,,,aW f,f Xxf .- I v 1,f, 41 W4 41 UM ? nf , f ,f 3 Spring Distinguished Faculty Meet With For Informal Luncheon At IVICN Brings. . . Vietnamese erney Home 26 Scandinavian Seminar At Edinboro 'L 1 4 0 '- i . ,. , 5 , , .,?. . , 5 . Y, - .I I- I 1 ,, , ,-J, '- ' g " aff ' y Lung' 1 I 'I 1. Z 7 ,.!4'dl'Q , Summer ls The Nicest Time To Graduate rial Auditorium. umm At that time one hundred eighty-one graduates received degrees. Degrees conferred included eighty-one Bachelors of Science, nine Bachelors of Arts, and ninety-one Masters of Education. The graduates were addressed by Frank N. Hawkins, editor of the Pittsburgh . . . . f Post'Gazette. Georgia, is seriously interested in education. S er Commencement took place on August 26 in Nlemo Nlr. Hawkins, who received an AB degree from the University o I ' if A iff' 4 W' 2 l xv, gwlw I we ,twin M1095 4 fr 'll ..,-vw mn avi' 744-f 'WV' 41? "HW NA ,, M1196 QUT M K, H447 ff ,smfwf .ull .diff mi WWSWE ,noi uf W. , wx U nw H W1 ,-f ,ff uw umm W 1 aa W4 W an fnnvfv ,,,u,,-ai -Y , gym' pau nit V16 mi V, U 'avr -M 9 nl if gl l 1 tl l U SYFVH Wllatni UW Ki 93 l 'l iii? 1134 -U 'fVW'- 'IQVJWKYKQI :avoir ,Ym- H' -TF' - ,WW F H1 WI. i. . ,"l. Q? . V. . 1 ,Q . q Q. . ,I V A 4 1 , 4 ,livin .A M5 1' . , A 1, V - I , ' .i. ,I I 7' 50 ",' . .V,,' J t Ill il Pill IV!! 1,1 Ill lil Ill nl!! :ll il lil il Ill il ml 11 Ill 1! Ill il IIH il ll! il ull ll Ili il Ill il IIC il PIU 11 ll! il IS 1l I- I a-2 fa a-:E 5: 1 s ff- 1 1" xl r . 1' . ...Z QI f7"r', Summer '67 At Edinboro A Time For Cultural Expansion For the first time in its history, Edinboro State College sponsored an extensive summer cultural program which featured many famous lecturers and entertainment groups from throughout the nation and the world. Each of the programs was warmly received and considered a success. The first speaker in the lecture series was Victor Reisel, a journalist. Nlr. Reisel, who was blinded by a labor racketeer, spoke on labor in the world. He commented on the importance of labor and its growing movements. uw- :fk in l at 1 15" u X , . "Kgs, l f Q l Hans Nlorgenthau Arrives Cn Campus jf' 4 t b ! On June 29, the next speaker in the cultural program, Hans lVlor- gentnau, arrived on campus. lVlr. Nlorgentnau, a noted political scientist, spoke on the United States involvement in Southeast Asia. He expounded on our gov- ernment's policy in that part of the world and opposed it because he believed that it was inadequate. or 5 ? l Edinlooro Experiences Musical Variations ln the continuing presentation of the summer cultural program, a performance entitled "Gateway to Japan" was presented on July 26. The program encompassed Japan's song, dance, and theatre from the past 3,000 years. The music, narration, scenes, and dances per- formed were mainly from Kabuki and Noh. An out- standing performance of Japanese dance was given by Miss Sahomi Tachibana. ,f ,ig ff Ji 'X f IS ultural apan" wassed 3,000 s per- l Out- en by On the evening of July 19, the students and faculty were entertained by Count Basie and his orchestra. The lively two-hour concert was held in Sox Harrison Stadi- um. Count Basie is the famed jazz entertainer who has performed throughout the world. Beat 'Em Bucs! ,. 3' if Hail?" On July 7, two hundred fifty Edinboro students and fac- ulty members traveled to Pittsburgh to celebrate Edin- boro State College Night at the stadium. Two bus loads and several car loads were taken to Forbes Field where the Pittsburgh Pirates played the Cincinnati Reds in a night game. Nlost of the Pirate fans obtained seats di- ble to rectly behind home plate from which they were 21 enjoy the game, despite the Bucs' loss to the Reis. FEJI- lowing the game, a social hour was provided for I 6 I dents and faculty in the lounge of the Pitt University Tower. I f able to eds. Fol- the stu- niversity I ,.,4v9's f'U5 1 be 1 1 'v H , 5 Dick Gregory Brings Down The House Among the famous entertainers in the cultural program was the famed comedian Dick Gregory, who appeared in Memorial Auditorium on July 25. The comedian has made appearances in night clubs and on television pro- grams throughout the country. 1 ':."7 "-4 .. l Z an f E v X Q L 4 ff ,ff lf- g 5 fix, , 'Wi i w 4 M The Downfall Gt Reoltation Marks The Advent Of A University Among the many changes apparent on the Edinboro campus, the most out- standing is its visual expansion. As more and more buildings continue to be con- structed, a nine-acre lake which is now the outer limit of the campus will soon be- come its center. One of the structures most recently completed is the Elec- tronics Building which is attached to Coo- per Science Hall. Other buildings under construction include a World Cultures Building, Ghering Student Health Center, and two men's dormitories. Another change apparent on the campus was the removal of Recitation Hall. How- ever, the bell from its tower was saved for future use as a Victory Bell at athletic events. nxfuvr , ,N .ff ,Af ...., .1 . - ,,,-Aw - ,,,, an Q f M4 -- .,, ..- . ff Z f , ,Q + 4 E70 X , , wad aww F' gx 3 sl lux 'I' .. N 1 5 Way: f. ' All The Tanned Bodies Converge u alt! W Li fi n ,I e ef 4 M W il 1 I 1 Qi ,GX I X f, W wwf Kiiiilhhbf xx WMA -,, 6 M. ,ww :X - ww , N w 1 I f Z s K k 4 Xl ' 9 - 1 Q 1" sf. A Z A ff ' 2 ff Ja NUWWW W Mmm , , W5 " Ki M, W. fa -4 1 Zvi ne. 4, JM 'ull w-W3 Q wwlffo f ' 41 4 4 mr N if Q in O Uh 2' 1.x Y 'Ai MN x ,, - mf 5 IX' 4 Q7 W N in .' 'f , N sx QJW, f S -.. ,. , ,.A.?7T.riY3,...-,,,,,,,.,,.. .- 4 , , , 1 X, 121' mf" ,ja-,XA 4 118, 1 ,fd Q if , ,7 , 5? 1 I' , M, 1 ,f 1 7', 11 f X V In X . ' 1 wifi n x in x 5557 X 2 - Q A sa v f it-.I X N x 411 5.1 , u . ,Liz M If, 1 J! -L It L Zim' fyff' I , ' l 1 W, I ,' f 1 W' 1' J ,fy .. Q. , y.,f1 I, 1 jflfyjy X! My f 1 ky I 1 1 f 8,1 0,11- 'I . " ,114 .11l111f"g,1ffff X l f - W1 ,J ,f fy' ww MSW 1 - " Q ,ff 4: 10,1 M . , Q . X f Wx J1 ff i ggi! 4 . .N,1:'W"'+-7 f Nw ,ff f" 1,11 x- mf ' x ' ,1...M- lf" If Ill! I 1 ,f ' ' ff M"",w"',1f' I, ,J , , ,1 ff ,ff 2 Q ,M 'E W' 1 11 ' ffff rg ff' , L , , 2 ' E 1,1 - f Q I f ' WJ' fffffi, M, ,. W , , X I , X ff., X ' a 4 r I ' f V X4 , I 1 ff Kuff ff 1 , 0 1 1 1 ff 1 J' ' , HM 17' I 1- M1 f ' ' X: V,-22 1 W ff 1f ,X 1 5 ,W XM.. f ' ,' af x ' , 1 1 iff ,,1 WM f 1 , I ,QQ 5,1 1 , 1 1 . if ff ' 1 'V 1 ff ,1 1-' , '1 ,, 1 X ' V 17" -, fx ' f , ' U , , 0' 1fz:i11f I I ' ff ' I I ,I ,1- ,,1f ' gx Q, f 111, N ', 5? ny ,V ff f Z W , he Q 3 1 f , " W- .1 1-W' ff 1 9 ,f , 1 5 1 ,1 1 ,, 9, ,f ,gi 1 1 1 VV , 1, . f My 1,1 N , 4 U 4 ' x ,117 , Q '- , 1 ff 1 1 4 Lf, Z-Q22 . ,, -1 xy x, , 1 1 ,"' f f 7 iff 1"""'W" ' 1 ,MY If f , , Wu , ' f ,fm X iff 'y ' ' I I 3-fm. X1 ' 1 , f -fa .' - fx 1 X , f 1"' . QQ!! , X' 1 1 1 1 X' I 1 f X 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 ,M 1 1 I ,ff 'W ZH' i -u-,fx f A x 1 X 4, The Platters Sing For US . Artists Exhibit Un Clothesline V we 13225. 44 ff! 'ffffalli' E . 2 wx Hgh!! UM. fW'L W 5 is f f Q? gfbxii .W , , if af in 725 1 WI! Ai lj 9 ,ii I 5 xg' FZ U inf! f wx f 'X 7,3 f 4 Q 2 Y Q X gg-- ,.,., -ff- , of x.- QW , 4 " i ' I I And IVlathlas Treats Us To A Luau 1 32511 Ay!!! f In i t '35 f A. 1- ",. Q" -..'N, f 1 , wr 7'5" Z Homecoming 1967 46 The annual Homecoming Day festivi- ties were held on Saturday, October 14, 1967. The activities began in the morning with a parade forming be- hind Ross Hall and marching through the town to Sox Harrison Field. There the floats were judged with Phi Sig- ma Kappa placing first, Sigma Tau Gamma placing second, Alpha Phi Omega placing third, and with Alpha Gamma Delta receiving the aesthetic award. The game began after the queen, Sue Peterson, presented the football to the captains of the Highlander team. The court attending the queen included Nancy Dunbar who placed as first runner up and Kathy Rose who placed as second runner up. Later, during the half time ceremonies, the Sox Harrison Award for best athlete was presented to Harry Jenkins. 05 -a..u 11 . K W Ez my Y ,ru HQ, . ' WM 1 Q, f' 4 ly A 1 g X -Zf ' 1 I a Y, 1 '49 Y ,- 7 'Ii its ' 'UQVLVTYI Y -5. ' m 1 W' U' nf Nik, ' 1 . f , ""'F. , Q , , 9' W3 f v x- A' 152 ,Q f Q 44: nga Q, 4 235525 Ls., i 0 5? 19: 'UH , Y fflx J ' x -5' X:i'I"3"'-.:h 8 qs 'V' A X lx fi-?.5 '.RnmQv' 6 'EH is Xi "f:a:.'Q-W'13-'5' 'ea'-C-U' YS?-5 47 We wif W XY 5x f Q f ,I 1 js! .M .fig 5 , 4' . .., 1' u .Qi L. .Lt-L-.ff 5 '21 ' ' ". 1 , 1 1 , ,eff- ,, a Q 2 f , I f .fm . iz F We mx f! 15? wifi . ,. .4. I Smiling Faces And Warm Embraces C C .J 4 5 2 ,vAVbAtXX2, aX's!XXkX'5.!A2 E EXXXXXSAYX xx x 4, Xnixxlx s X a' XX XXXK XXXX XX!! WXXXXXXKX ik' XXXHEKSXKXXX A'XXX XXX XiXi XXXX Xi' Ugl Y IVI EH Contest 51 -,.,' ,Lv '- H., Spanish Students Visit The Edinboro Campus That many students work to help pay their way through college was an amazing fact to 7 Spanish student leaders from Bilboa, Spain, who spent two days on the Edinboro State College campus. Touring Eastern United States for 21 days at the invitation of the US Department of State, the students are visiting colleges and cities to gain educational and cultural knowl- edge of American life. The group is accom- panied by Mr. Kent Frank, vice-consul to Bilboa, who is serving as escort-interpreter. A number of tours, speeches and seminars were planned for the students while at Edinboro. First on the agenda was a dinner at the residence of the President of the col- lege, Dr. Chester NlcNerney. The next day, Mr. James Dronsfield, Assistant to the President, led the visitors on a tour of the campus. ln the evening, the student leaders of Spain met the student leaders of ESC for dinner in the Faculty Dining Room of Ross Hall. Latter the students attended a Student- Faculty Council meeting, which was held that night for their benefit. Bob Wasliek, graduate assistant in Spanish: Anna Maria Goicoa Guer- rero: Rich Troiano. president of SFC: Soledad Silva Verastegui , 42" -.M ft' C5 av 9-9 W I' V x I ?"k' ffl 'NESS '2?!!lruB. y,q,daJ'F' 15659427 WTF' '57 A Anniversary QDinnerj ln appreciation for the opportunity to serve at Edinboro State College for the last 10 years, the Mathias Company held an anniversary buffet dinner January 10 in Ross Dining Hall. The employees served the administration and students a special dinner by candlelight in honor of the company's decade of successful operation. 4 W tp in 9-. M 3 2 1 1 l "'-f ,,,...,-A fl? ll 'Z x 7' -La., y x f , l V , ,,,, ,, , , ' 1 ff , 'Q f i , , i in N ' , WW- f ,MW wg4 , X , I 53 W wf-ww-rpm J 5 fc' 'A Ti N xx -8- 1 I2 31' x 1 a E 5 . N 4 , 'SEV s. X WJ ', -" F f .ik 4 f., 3 . 15: M.--ff" L- ' ..-.-...... .. - ......- .M .--,,.,,,...,.,,,... .......,-.....-,.a.- ,....,-W..-.............1 1 "' ' J,,.......,.......,.,. -.-...- v - 74: -4 ,.......9f-. . .4 f ff fc, ff f fm wx M - f , f. My f, 5 f , f f ff .AL .9 .xx 'Q ? , M 1 J A 7 7-Q. , fff , W , ,, . , f 3 1 i . x ' 'ix . yi ., l 4 v - f f 4 0 X f W6f4C V ,iw in ,,,., , f' Q l f f 4 WW ' ie. 1 W If 4 f . ' 6 h ,,:.ai2::lf', qv f-S., x .,, ,af- fil V7 " kjfffaa -Q Z f , 4 N , wc' g .J ' fv, cg M4 ff :QQ za L , ' ,f SSS 3, , p VA , W an Q 4 A ' 7 Wifi 4 N" ' ,f L' ' v b ,Q ,,f , ff ' 5 . X g , ' 1, ...naw , v '- Q - 2' if-fff, , -i-.Exif . W N QV 4 "' ' l N - n ' - . . x x x f, , 3, 1-,. gg 3 -, X ,gxQ.,m , E' 1. ,G 'bt hgh., A , .f , K A ,Q I 44 AY ig."?.' W 'XZ 1 ' I 6? .,, 'V !k?F.x4, ,fy f I I ,, .- J' 1'-?v"" inf D vi 0 f - V.-5 sq: gl . Yf. 7, 2 ,N .7A",'-V2-'fl--C552-112 1 Hffk ff H 41 .-3 fl A 5: 'Z 14- he-' w - 'yi ' f -'14, 43 .1 L , WW P A 3t.,g5,, .1 ,jg ' ,, ucv. Q, 'ff x 1 In M " A ,fn QI' fl . 1 f' I 1 ' 1 ' , if U f , , ' i 1 YW' , "' . RSX ' 1 4 + ,f 'N iv , , , X, X rg . , H ' Varied Cultural Programs Stimulate The Students' lnterest The Metropolitan Opera Studio Ensemble pre- sented a concert on November 6, 1967. The purpose of this group is to offer training to its singers and to bring opera to students through their tour across the United States. For their program at Edinboro the Ensemble's presenta- tion consisted mainly of selections based on Shakespeare's works. The moods of these songs ranged from comedy to tragedy. Various other unrelated songs were performed, and a selection from "Kiss lVle Kate", Cole Porter's musical comedy, was also given. On October 10, Dik Visser, an outstanding Dutch guitarist, played for the students and held a seminar afterwards. Edinboro's Concert and Lecture Series proved once more that no matter what one's interest, it can be satisfied by attending at least one pro- gram. A pleasing performance was given by Werner Krotzinger, a noted German violinist, on October 19. bf 5, f . X .'-KW Z Um : c 71 1- :53 2-Z .mai-: ,r:.15fn'- .r?:a:ZZf:! -1 ::-: 1- .- .3 :g1kv.,:::. - 2.'?2I3"I-EC. .'. v.g..,:5.-.-- ., ,, ,. .l. -1,-. V L 4--:Q -- .:. . . -552.1 M .3::4b2..:rx: .- 35251. ...f Lx f ,.'. .:.-1-:-g . - W. .-..-. - - : -fm- a:g1:7':2, 'Andy- ":U ' . -24'?3:f Tig: f'!f1' 'lfig,:f17J5?:'5. H., '-:'-s"'-- - Swv 6 -1-42.1h..5.,v fm 2- .., .f. 11,4 .S ,-'vv-"'.,.-.,.,5,- I nf r N .- SM - A,-Q3-8 .-:E . wr afzglpdr. 2? M-,-Nw -. --H A .. . z..- .vw ,. . .,.,,.q',:'zf',f?-QF, N . 454 ff ff,,, "Vx ,fl ,fw X, In haw ... ,V 2' 1-fa ,,. AW' fp: ,.,., H. wl :fl fr PY is u,! I . 3 f 'fin - A K Y H . ,,,, u . ,M ,WA I U A , ,W .1 I V , , V qi A 5 , .Q "' ..... L 'QQ ' ,HQm,,l, ,.qv"+f Mqng ww dark ' 1 1 " "' ,, 1 ' lf - " -'53--h.m.'.,.m-zaiiimfffg-'-"4'f' 'ff f' i f, A qfyfwy, .. D - N ' -f' M , ,, H" ' 0' f I 344 fm iw. - , , , .' ' - 1,-L: W V - ,..,,.,,Az., . V, , g1,L,,5!, f , , V 1 A--. " , A ..,.. , fgff- , 4 ,7 ,, yn V M ...4 ! Spea 45 - sv., I f ,V lk In U ,K 1 S Z :QM 7 ,Z 7 , MWW f-fi? iff, :4WWf7 ' Ygigff iffy f A 7 76 ,ZZ kers af N , W Ms .Map I , , XWEW 11 1 Q 33 1 2, EBHEEN BEHHS Brilliant, inspiring tales of the little know b I lly p I I 1 U S defense, the crack teams of the Special F t I l h h h d the Green B t D dg l honor in th 1 gl 1V l d th ld ln Memorial Auditorium on November 7, 1967, Robin Nloore, author of The Green Be- rets, lectured. Mr. Nloorepwho had lived and fought with the Special Forces, stated that the accelerated military efforts and bombing in Viet Nam are the main reasons for hope of future success. He also mentioned that Americans must realize the determination of the Reds to win. m on campus, humorist As part of the continuing cultural progra and publisher Bennett Cerf lectured in Memorial Auditorium on . . . . h 67 l serting bits of humor into his speec , November 13, 19 . n Cerf discussed many topics ranging from international politics to Edinboro's snow. ln regard to the publishing world, he com- mented upon censorship and plagiarism. He stated that legal governmental censorship is necessary and that plagiarism ' ' to revent should be its transfer to the professional world. eliminated as much as possible in colleges p .JW ' ' .4 1 ' , ,N Drawing from his extensive background and using the best documented evidence available, Major Keyhoe lectured at Edin- boro in Memorial Auditorium on the sub- ject of flying saucers. This program dealt with the question of il- lusion vs. reality in UFO controversy. Major Keyhoe, recognized as a foremost authori- ty on this issue, is Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phe- nomena. His responsibilities include investi- gation of worldwide UFO reports, evalua- tion of all verified sightings, and reporting findings to the Congress and the press. The method used to protect one's self has to work all the time not 99 and 44!1OO per cent of the time. This was the key idea behind the two-part lecture program con- cerning the prevention of assaults on women. The presentation was offered by Mr. Frederic Storaska on Monday, Septem- ber 18. He spoke on the methods of pre- venting assaults and concluded by giving his reasons for going into the study of how to defend yourself. .., I - 1 Edinboro State t Has So Much To Offer mnunwwww- X 7 7, V , M '1 M., I i National Library Week was celebrated from April 14 through April 22 at Hamilton Library. Here, Nellie Greathouse receives the Justina Barron Award for outstanding Library service. Cecilia Burch of the library staff presents the award. Dr. Dorothy Clifford, Chairman of the Drama De- partment at Edinboro State College, and Dr. Nat Eek, Director of the Children's Theater Con- ference, presented the Children's Theater Division Seal of Merit to the Xerox Corporation and to CBS Television for their outstanding programs of lnter- national Children's Film. Receiving the Children's Theater Division Seal of Merit are Erwin Segalstein, Vice-president of CBS TV Programs at N.Y.C and Fred Silverman, VP. of the Daytime Programs. Dr. Clifford, Award Chair- man, is presenting the citation to Mr. David Cure tin, and Dr. Nat Eek assists in presenting the award. f X X X X X X nuvff f V"'vv- it M yq- A ...-.L4.l.....- -- Hanging Of The Greens w Maw """-W 1 J 3 X x X ' N. X 1 5 ,i is .,-lx XS Z , .rf in uf. " , xz' Z , Q Q X! 1 G 4 1 ' in Q f W ,, N V' V f E K 'Q X . K 7 x 'N' ffl , f ,nw ww fm , M-lv' , 4 U , x, 14 X ff ,, ,Z ' fz 7, 1"::.5 , ' Q 07' RQ, f Qgx A X f '4 wS?Z4,7 vw 4 A 0 X A Nlime A nd A Fencer Tony lvlontanaro, a graduate of Columbia University, presented "A lViime's Eye View" in lVlemioral Au- ditorium. The art of mime is the ability to represent situations by movements with no assistance from props, music or indicative costuming. lvlontanaro has a unique gift of mimicry and pierc- ing insight into the foibles of man. Rod Colbin, the nation's foremost fencing master, gave a most accu- rate presentation of "The Deadly Art" in Memorial Auditorium. x E Q i 2 . M 3 2 I 5 1 9 1 1 f 2 . E E l l 5 . E S 5 Q i 5 l K i 'V V !ffW GREEKS AND GRGUPS .A , I I I 5 I I I ' I I I I I 9 k I I I I I . 1 I I 1' 1I', I-I Ii II in I I I I I I . . I I I f i I ,I I I I I I I I 7 I I I I I I F II, I MI Jif I Ii iw IIIII I I I IQ IJ' I, In II, If I5 ,If LI, I I I 2-PII 4 'I is I II I I XII , II I I 1 I I g . . I I 5 I I I E 1 I ,,,- I I Greek Council Inter fraternity Council Dean Harrison Sigma Tau Gamma Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Chi Delta Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Kappa Lambda Chi ic Council L. Cherney -.-- .....,....f -...-f.. .- ,-....,,- L,,......... -.......,...---.- . Standing: P. Hebert, K. l'IelSCI'1 ,av-1 The Greeks QW, ga. in-u-suv' A I I lg! , , . a. g , 451, . s n f 'M 1. ' .4 4 .. x" 'vfs I 1421.1 . I U Y' EI? elvis' "Q sf -4 l 4? 1 4 ' e M Y , W , ,199 4 ff- . .W 'Ffh'-7-..,: S n 'Wie --iv iw -ff 4.4 YH, ,. X51 ik. UK ,I ' 'id I 1 Ku -i X .5 lf . W ' 'U'fW+4 z. N X -5, 1 X .I N fbf' gynxt no P 1- w".-n , -4. t. s 1 .r nn ,,,, f,, XZ, If 95,3 QJWMZ' W V ff X ff, ff' Z, Ill, 1 Q5 .4.'...-5? an is '11, X 1? x w 1 y I W is V 4 7 ,. . Alpha Gamma Delta is an international social fraternity for women. Alpha Tau Chapter was in- stalled in November, 1959, becoming Edinbo- ro's first national sorority. Alpha Gamma Delta's goals are exemplified through its sisters' participation in numerous activities. This year, seven sisters were named to Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Several sisters are members of clubs, honorary fraternities, and have received scho- lastic recognition. The Chapter's success is evident in Home- coming, Greek Sing, and campus elections. Al- pha Gamma Delta also contributes to the com- munity through its altruistic programs. Striving for intellectual, social and spiritual per- fection through the bonds of friendship in sis- terhood is the purpose of Alma Gamma Delta fi K ,iff f 'J J," V 'S "Xp ,N ,Jf,Ai'js 13,1 N j ,f2,ffEN1y2T gf' if? ILA. D' i Q, , 1, ,X of id ,J fx 'ARA' :-' fi ff' N .J Qsipl 5 aft ff'-h , :NYS jf? ffplff' iff 45555 CQ 2 wo ifvkfci M sg f S X ' fi fa l, . if T ri, gg 4, A2 Qf if is, X g Q, ,WK , f' If I ' i , ,ki.J.m, N I ,iii l ' i if ii 'i T, i X N T- l F 'J t, 1. K. Rose . Hreso 2. R Eazer Jolley 3 K. Robson . McLaIlen 4 J Rodgers Ochsenhirt 5 J Causgrove Haggerty 6 C Smith M. Mook 7 E Foote Carroll 8 R Malloy Mihaly 9 J Brown Pitzer IO P Heinrich Michelangelo ll L Schockling Martino 12 l Bogovich Ocel 13 P Lewis Yake 111 H Roedi-r Pomeroy 15 S Peterson Wrplf 16 P Hebert 17 S Diilllaivlivt 18 N Paulus lf! l Ori 70 t Svdvlriwywi All S CBUS "Y l Hviririrh 73 l kumar is 71 C hi ni M5 Q ikiilvl ti LSL-tl " I ilu i- . 'H A '.'- 1 '44 A fl,, wt' L PM Alpha Gamma Delta 'Hingis W'-4' aff' 5 Q ' M .1 W J-si 3 ,. Xt 1' . 4 -is if N X X as L F la vw J X 'QW " i. Q- Q i F47 94. if 'f V, H, .A .520 fel 1 E s , Q X 1 Ii? x L-434, . A S .Li f xx "' H Vi: 2 , 5: N., 24 V1 7 at - x Z f ' 5 "n ' .Q iw , . 'mi i ,F- ,7 f, W :X a 4 31 n i Q s 52 n4u.,n Y.. .,-, ,-u . an...-..4.-....,..-.-An.:-r.r...G-.y.an'.,,, ..,.f. 'T , ,..h . , s., 1 ' 'll f .-4 , 1 ""'j"' Li 52Pr V Pl 'QQ4 . fs E , , , ,W,h4,, . 4 I .-'fa X ig , A 1 Q' .g,. H . 4, F P , A X N 4 - sun' . 0 9 Y . f 1 T ' "' mldfg V A 4 'ftv i'!6sJ'4,- r ' ' f f' ' '4 5 ,i 25 If' 2 9 -,I 451 . vis -. NV ' 557543. f 0 0 ' " I ' ., .'a ,aff , ' .-ff... ' ss ' . ,,-'L z Y 3 ' - ' ? 4 5 , . ., Q . 'f3" 'f.,':3,Q?'?.' 3 I U I ' 124 .WO Q -an 7 1 4, A an X .r nu 0 l ov' 44' , lg 'haf c 9 E? 1 . 1 Y ww f , md f -Q K We .vk 1 1, . V o 4 f' "' Nw 1 ff Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau Gamma is another social fraterni- ty on the Edinboro campus. Besides its many social functions, Sigma Tau Gamma also means work, work towards a set of ultimate goals. First on the agenda were the elections of officers, without whom work cannot be completed. The brothers have compiled an impressive record these past two semesters. Second semester of 1967 the brothers start- ed off by winning first place in Greek Sing competitiong for the ninth year in a row the brothers received the Academic Trophy of Ex- cellenceg and in the spring, the fraternity joined with the Sisters of Kappa Gamma Psi in backing Miss Janet Popovich who then reigned over the festivities as Spring Carnival Queen. 1. F. Klapach Pantzis . M. Bair 2. V. Tenney Fisher Sterm 3. T. Mackey Aloi Peterson 4. E. Lauth Miller Garverick 5. T. Bair Ickes Korczynski 6. D. Goodwin Bunton Alstadt 7. S. Amendola Nlunnell Bailey 8. J. Pillitteri Baffhel Beatty 9.51, Herzing Skinell Pantzis 10. R. Bauer Petrisante Dernar 11- R. Maloney Temperante Hanks 12, D. Byler Bidwell Steinbrink Wallace Kreiling 37 38 16 I 1.19 2 ' as 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a 9 ,, 2 B N I5 K 1: 1121 ff' 72,4 1, fy' 'fm ,, fy W3 W Manx: ,bmw , ll V,V.. ' ax 51 459 4,5 n , .,,. W iix ? "N fl 15 gn 'Q 'FIU 1 C1 Y -Ml 1 1 K 111 170 1 1 Buba Troiano Getkin Moore Podowski Schafer Sage Shaffer Espey Voltzrnan Geisel Frazee Cola donato Ca rdone 'W 1 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44 45 46 Mariani Vorasso Wagner Bonchi Va nderla ke Skelton Herrirnan Pierotti Va rassi Bufalino Scarpetti Meako Schafer Simrnon B. Morgan . Dellapiazzi . Tenbocn . Srnitn llf TA sf' pw 1 . vs ,,r' I if 4 4 X L06 C if ., ,egg I w ilu l I 'YM gggfi l J. 'lv ! XM ' V Fkw X xx get 7 XX 1 f wifi-f fy I i I y . , I :lg 5 The sisters of Delta Zeta, are united in bonds of sincere and lasting fV'9'ldSl'iID, and are successful because of their unity in action. The Delts were proud to have sisters, Carol Hunter reign as Glamour Girl,4Terri Hughes as a member of the Carnival Queen Court, and president, Nancy Dunbar, as first runner-up during the week of Homecoming. Sisters Terri Hughes and Karen Cook were also selec- Ted as the sweetheart of Delta Sigma Phi and Alpha Phi Omega fraternites. Delta Zetas are leaders in many different clubs and activities and in- still this feeling of leadership in varied fields among the new sisters. Delta Zeta Htl 1 4 1 ,li 9 W N -1 I ., ff x lifffg' 5 I --. so-'wx"1.. f 1 , ,,., .Mir NMWSMN t Y, Q- , X 1 . TMNN 3,5 ,Nh P N.,MmA ,, In V M, .,,, LM-X, A W UMW , .MmMQ4 , A 'W "k"-N , WN., VffA,ap,'UL I " I ' 5 f """U ' X fx , f , A 'W' 'W ' f N' Us , W rm, ' ' .gum X 6 " ' W r V . , ,, ,wg Wx T X , 3 , Q fx V .A 1 -.. H ,f he K ' V V 3 X X V ,, .x y 5 , f , ,I - Q 1 x- 1 I A o 1 XX 3 I K 'NM ' A , f gf 'H I iffy inf x If xx Q , ,E A AV ff Mfr X l I bg, S , 5 a "V , X ,K X I , K ' X . f fy ,f Q A ,f , I nb, xx i ,J V f z ' ,,'-- ' V Q,,:f4'5f,f,fz f ' ' : nw ' 49,gf,,:iIV by I' .5 "Alf-46 ig I t x A f s I 2, , , ' A ' V K - ., , HT If.. 'W X, X, Zlyiwg ,WM ,, 3 I . .' , ,, 1' V H ' Ia! " iw x 1 'tw W 2,,f,2 4- I ,x . X f , ' I 55 .I ' Q 5 'ri . ' 4. L sq ,Z : ' ' in , - 'A' X '. My 'V . fi' . ,' ny, , H' ,. f Y Q' , l, ,.f' x n ,I 5,3 ,i I Q4 yy, ' " , wif" '11 " 'f 1 f 'i.f,-'0 A mt V, V ' - ave ac' In the rom0l' QS The in the farsiTY Olll6V5 U5 ZS f true ,I 1. L. lVlertz 8. G. Martin P. Dooley K. Berry 2. R. Gorny 9. T. Zeleznik R. Hess D. Edwards 3. J. Lucas 10. H. l-laine A. Rometta W Bair 4. W. Kozell 11. R. Wiser F. Sousi Nl Chapman 5. N. Erb 12. J. Hart W. Crowley J. Tauro 6. J. Fouse 13. R. Fitch R. Gossman T. Rupnik 7, Nl, Bartfalvg 14. G. Grayak C. Kirchner N. Arlov W. Forte L bda Chi a social fraternity at Edinboro State College, was founded October am , 20, 1966, and was chartered Nlarch 1, 1967. The purpose of the fraternity is to the s irit of scholarship, honor and integrity within fulfill its motto by instilling p its members The fraternity s the school year main social event the Yellow Rose Ball was held at the end of Q- 9 -fm- W im., X., 1211! '--..... f , I ' Q if s 4' .Q 1 tp yur Q N , 3 3 , 1 Q. rl' I ,, f-U ' I "' ,,., ' .els V, 'kngsfy ,VVVI 1: 1 , ,E '- , '.. , '15 , ,f ' , 45.4 44. 4. W , 'V I I ,Q , f 1 , rs ,, sy fi 04.4. , A B A ,I 'W 5 1,11 , Q If inwjp . 1 C' , f 1.11 M M, fi 5 Q' 'Qlffh ' FTS wifffxx ' N, .X if sf f .V ..-,p W W., ' W.. 1, . if 1 ,,, ,, , Z , ,X , . M . H I .1 V., ,u x ,f ,. f WZ ff 'z-M, V .- W., 4- Y f ,J Q .ya if We 'eg "" . k ,S V , 5, , qw- 4 f fu, ff , , . . fig, t K ix, w w, af 'Ur W ,. , S x W Q , , 4 you A W . 1 xv: X' . . yi V -.f 1, 5. 4, Y , 'xx ,, 5 Q. A Q I i -1a.EQ,.5!'. ,y'3i.7V .MQ 1' ", X-W2 ,ff ,.-VN-ww' ff' ' 3713 I , X v - 1 XX ? v ' . , " ' ' , Q 2 , vg,ll'!L7-50351 ' 1 I ' . N 5' 0 1 X 3 5-V' ' f K ff ,E X if 4 x . I , ,,f 47,05 , ,.f'fZV' f 1, " ,yn Wg I if q. ' lmff, ' S ,X xw X ,Q ,, , ey, I . will , ' Jw , -N: X X 9,3 Q17 T2 t 1 sb 5 ,Qs K, A 9 1 'W i A! , M T1 'E ,zyf ren X X , X . , ,. . f + f . 15 2+ 5 by ,3 5 Q f + Y Q46 Y 2 X,', X xg Mf ,gm wg! N ,YZ M. 1,4 .s z vg sf. fQ?'f:.wf'ii ff. X , V ,I , - gi iih-cg, ., .V if ' if 'Q mf' 1 , x I ' v 4? QT f' ilk , i?!', , u V 4 Q G ,J , . A-H L.." L ' mi, 'ffyf W f 1'-ff, f f 'We v , 8 J V., . ith. 5 1 ' er We I Z - , ,g L 4- 4 ' on O E ' x A , Win. . ji? I zz 5 A ,L 'Hx ., ,L , 4-3 ' f ? K 1.4, A Wx. ' fx 2 f v - , - , J N , ' -' f' , K fo , ' , , J, , ' ' wg , f ' x 'ff P C x ix ,wma 'fi ' , - ' M-, X. 1 Ref' ' , 5 1' Q Y, , , , 5 . ?. A, ,, f- ' ' "if" 'ly 5,Q"f" Q' , fe., f ',f --,, sf. " wa "'f"4w . .-41 fm' 3 -9,2 V:-M W- . ,W Q, , , , ,,.,,f, 4, . . ff A Q A Y . ' V . H Q Njzjflzlygsgwg H f 1 .L+ 3 ,f A x - f A. . ' . Q 1: Q Q Y 6' , H n X ,gf 2, ,rv V -EWQSA f f f' 314. Q f ' A x f P, , A f My Pg A N' X is 1 fx X ' .QQ3 f f . J , , 1 Wi ' X f 'W X YZ- M f X' . , ,- V' Q f ' Mz swf X Y Q X 1, QV 4 f' fi , ff!! w f ,ff Q X f E: ' -Qfk ywgnhv is , 4 'Q 1 ' l x" x 1 1 1 a ...A - --.. X HI X ff ,K f N f ' ff W WT QW! - ' M, 3 ' r 'QW 1 Y w 4 1 i F V, X I L s I L 9 9 1-f "f ' ' "nf fnffrl- -e:LQr,..L:-L .H--....,.-..m-i:.1-..:.,, ,fin 'A - mi i , I? ' a IZ 5 if 4 Alpha Phi Omega W it lm. . Pilpovich Gesparich Dewey Slaten Slodowick Anglis Eager Kuhns Piemme Panek McClarin Pelc Morgan Wilson Coccarelli Schrall Brown Rewers Hansen Pain Druschel Saxton Crawford Doyle lv. rrrr i n , A J. Calaski R. Moore R. Herron M Carrig W English L. Sill 31. R. Sauers 32. J. Varley 33. L. Caffro 34. J. Nobbs 35. T. Lewandowski 36. M. Malone nfximqxgmbfa fs ,, x Nd if f-X ra, at 'jffq CZ ,Q ' 1. i 1 ff fl X ' il 7 - X Nj X if M? Kill, X5 l - f",JsfP2f' L' i' 4,f,.SfBmgHrtftNf l . H TJ l i l 84 Alpha Phi Omega is a national senlice fraternity founded on the principles of leadership, friendship and senfice. The primary goal is to extend these princi- ples to foster the betterment of humani- ty. Founded in 1925, the fraternity has become an international organization numbering 450 chapters with over 100,000 brothers. Iota Xi chapter of Al- pha Phi Omega was formally installed on the Edinboro Campus in February. 1951. Since then, the fraternity haS sponsored many activities, projects and drives to aid in the advancement of Edinboro State College and the community. The Edinboro chapter, Iota Xi, was Se- lected as one of the thirteen most out- standing chapters of the national fraternity. f . Sigma Chi Delta 8 'If .1 111 ig 9 I ' 7 10 Q 1 9 -6 NOT PICTURED: J. Withers, D. Caudwell. 1. W. Locke 2. P. Steff 3. J. Bennett 4. R. Werger 5. C. Wornstien 6. W. Doak 7. J. Sowerby 8. C. Morrison 9. B. Garritano 10. J. Salsi ll. W. Malone 12. E. Lindburg 13. J. Marchlewski 14. F. Moraski 15. R. Miller 16. J. Amon 17. T. Matiia 18. W. Houghton 19. G. Anderson 20. S. Rock 21. T. McCauliffe Sigma Chi Delta, the newest fraternity on the Edinboro campus, was chartered in May of 1967. With a membership of thirty, the fraterni- ty has been very active in campus functions. The brothers selected Miss Kathy Darkoch as their candidate for homecoming queen and en- tered their float, The Robert E. Lee, in the homecoming parade. Due to the recent activation of the Sig Chis, a small pledge class was taken in the fall of '67, but the brothers plan to add a large class in the spring of '68. The newly elected president of Sigma Chi Delta is Phillip Steff, while Clark Hornstein was selec- ted vice president. Gamma Sigma Sigma The Edinboro Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was formally installed into the national organization at the June Convention in Missouri. Beta Epsilon Chap- ter is proud of its history of service to the college and the Edinboro community. Several of its new proj- ects are sewing cancer bandages under the guidance of the Methodist Church, babysitting for the faculty wives while they meet for bridge, babysitting for the church women during their morning Clutch and Cof- fee discussions, and aiding our local Brownie and Girl Scout troops in organizing art, sewing and sing- ing activities. The big event of the fall was the first Edinboro Hal- loween parade and costume judging which the girls organized and helped sponsor. The parade was led by the Great Pumpkin who distributed refreshments at the fire hall. Several distinguished judges awarded prizes to the best costume in each age group. The sisters, sporting new burgandy heather suits, joined in the Homecoming festivities by entering their own float. The Spirit of Gamma Sig. in the Home coming parade. and by having a reception for their parents and friends, 17 2 1 L Diedrichs lngold Valentine Weight Blystone Karl Thomas Jones Buchete Stumpf Senowitz Klinge Ekstrand Van Dyke Kokoski Sprock Heinrich 27 . .R .9 JO 3 L 8 12 A 26 13 I 25 -i. 5 ie 12 6 A 7 8 9 10 1 Emig Mesick Presta Nowakowski Davenport Lola Rothrock Lakatos Soska Thompson Hendricks Groves Volpe Rounds Crosby Michaels Samson 2 3 1 5 6 7 1 F 3 1 1,'.S.isiiff2J5QX 2b 2 26 271 29 F30 X gt 35 36 37 3. f Sprenger Knapp Ta rcey Smith Simmons Willis Kreider L. Lohrbaugh Wagner Kensill Ewig Miller Backus Straw Moore Ya rosik Ogurchak Wohlbrook Oyler Raffle B. K. B. M J. S. K. G. A. P. L. P. I. J. B. R. S. S. M. K. . Fritz Hermonsky Reese L. Edmondson McWhirter Massy Rhodes Herbert McAleese Eisaman Bair Kintz Cooper Savko Flannery Hibba rd Higgins McCray Buckwalter Sand Sigma Sigma Sigma The sisters of Gamma Rho chapter of Sigma Sigma Sig- ma strive to develop character, responsibility, lead- ership, social consciousness in its members, and to es- tablish perpetual bonds of sisterhood. The major service project of the Tri Sigmas is a con- tribution to the Robbie Page Memorial Fund. This chari- ty organization provides money for the children's room at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital. The social calendar included an annual spring pledge dance, two banquets, a Homecoming Tea, spring picnic, serenading, a candy sale, and supporting a winning candidate for Ugly Man, Dan Slodowick. President Marie Buckwalter and sister Melody Wohl- bruck attended the Regional Meet in June, 1967, at Woodstock, Virginia. 2-.1-.......:.n4zru ,F.. x-.-pcm.. ,. ,,' ' sa . 41. Delta Sigma Phi L. Bayer H. Shaffer W. McCracken M. McGarey D. Lattanzio W. Frick D. Deem W. Pettigrew E. Hovanik R. Bloomquist W. O'Tooie T. Baglini B. Johnson P. Smith J. Peters D. Smith J. Siple V. Caligovi T. Robison F. Bova G. Bianchi C. Standenmaier W. Balizette A. Sikes T. Griffin T. Moxie T. Lynn J. Baglini R. Palochak T. Marr T. Niehds R. Walters D. Frisind J. Snider Mr. Pannbacker D. DeBacker S, Nogei G. Lucht J, Caretti R. Matts G. Wasosky L. Mangione D. Chenoweth C. Chapas K. Starz C. Clark R. Costa S. Bemis L. Burnett 'Ol 4 9 i 133 37 39 44 Q ff! if LUX Mix I ,K i M is if T W ,Jn f2a.ii1r.5l124aqii494? Ea. ,QL As KA 33 X . Af X A U! .W if at -in KJ H3 The Delta Nu Chapter at Edinboro State College, was organized in 1959 from the Delta Tau Club. The Delta Sigs strive to DfOmote the ideals of education, brother- hood., and social success. The fraternity has initiated a program of Engineered Leadership, 21 method for achieving its Ideals. The fraternity is now in an expanding process in direct corelation with the growth ot Edinboro's campus. A fraterni- ty house is in the planning stages as Delta Sigma Phi looks ahead to bigger and better things. We hope to have a house ready for occupancy by the spring of 1969 89 Nlarching Band The Edinboro State College Marching Band is the largest instrumental music group on campus. It performs at all home football games and makes several trips each fall. The majorettes and Tam O'Shanter dancers add variety and color to the band's half-time performances. The Concert Band, selected largely from the Nlarching Band membership, appears in several concerts on and off campus each year. The Marching Band, Concert Band, State Band, Pep Band and instrumental ensembles pro- vide a variety of musical experiences for both partici- pants and listeners. l Y 1 'I ,V,w Z Brasses Tam O'Shanters , ' ip ew f TZ rr? cb 4 Percussions Nlajorettes Flutes Cla rinets Trumpets FRENCH CLUB Officers L. Orr, G. Gryak, H. Parizis, N. Geier. BETA BETA BETA B. Torok, B. Storten, Dr. Paxson, S. Kristyak, J. Taylor, S. Ronge, N. Kreicler, D. Nuss, L. Litwin, D. Sykes, J. Ludwig, B. Sturm, R. Drop, Dr. Gatzy. GAMMA THETA UPSILON 1st Row-D. Deem, P. Eisaman, IVlr. Panbacker, J. Buba, K. Rose, lVl. Stasky, D. Clever 2nd Row-H. Whittenberger, G. Yarbenet, B. Lower, L. Summerson, A. Brown, J. Ste phens, G. Colonna, S. Decota, L. Smith, F. Himes. COLLEGIATE PLAYERS lst Row-H. Kaus. S. Gauschemam. Dr. Clifford. S. Kimble. J. Singer. M. Burt. D. Ammk, L. Root. L. Schneider. J. Kurlkle 2nd Row-Mr. Herring. L. Caffro. L. Law- ver, T. LeCorchick, R. Kaus, N. Arlov. D. Pfister. C. Coss. D Yonker. . ...L Student Faculty Council KfZ'7'm A James Hillmeyer Joe NIcNauI Linda Neubrand President Vice President Secretary 5 KF' l 40' H ,gil W ,S , Q4 was 515 A 1 Out-going President-Richa rd Troiano vi. Y ' A t, V W 1 V Y 3 4 sw f, 5, R N . .. A A Q vb ' ' , V . 'Q gk, ' QQ? " , 4 F, Wi I x5 V U SPEECH AND HEARING VETERANS' CLUB lst Row-W. Rodgers, K. Smith, D. Bugno ni, S. DeCothg 2nd Row-G. Casanova, D Hunsberger, B. McCorkle, L. Moyer, D. Det- zel, P. Valentine, 3rd Row-C. Gallagher, J Mallough, R. Moore, D. Sippy, J. Robinson PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Officers: C. Stull, Janet Moore, Jill Busch, Barb Pringle, Larry Herl. DEBUT lst Row-V. Ria, R. Casinelli, D. Scanell, M. Manse, T. Hudson, D. Hager, D. Double! 2nd Row-S Conolly, J. Askey, B. Maizie, C. Krill, S. Eller, D. Stoneburner, D. Manzini. A.W.S. Seated-C. Matthews, P. Rump, P. Zalikg Standing-N. Yadlosky, Miss Manship. T. Hughes, K. Kristy, D. Sheets, E. Cosentino. af ZS? EARTH SCIENCE CLUB J. Osterholrn, Mr. Knuth, Dr Wegweiser, G. Yarbenet, D. Doug an, T. Folino, E. Walthour, Mr Lukert, B. Garritano, W. Malone G. Wolfe. SPANISH CLUB S.L.A. Officers: J. White, J. Fera, K. Schmidt. Absent is K. Begg. 1st Row-Mrs. Hitchings, Mrs. Hesketli, Miss Fornessg 2nd Row-M. Tirnashen SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB Front-Dr. Francello, H. Haine: Back-Dr. Vance, J. Quill, Mr. lutcovich, Mr. Mughal. ko, L. Cochran, L. Persichetti, J. Bond. Dr Jg. T. ev en. ,ge . SENIORS I I I i If 'I II I I I , I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 - ,A -rg Vivian L Abbott Art Education Cheryl Aber Secondary Mathematics Ja net A bert Elementary Education Jack Adams Elementary Education Jeanne Adams Elementary Education Phyllis Mae Adamson Elementary Education Susan Albaugh Elementary Education Wendy Ellen Albitz Secondary English Elementary Education Daniel G Altenburg Liberal Arts Gloria Anderson Elementary Education Judith Anderson Art Education Karen R Anderson Elementary Education Patricia Anderson Elementary Education Charles John Ansbach Social Sciences i 'V , l l I i 1 i l i l . 8 i l l ' i f J l Q , I 1 ' l 4 i ,Q Z ' i Martha Alford is if J if li iv - ll . ' ll ' i , i J . Q l 5 L lp h ' 4 at ,. rils W :li il . in f4l-1-an-L-4h45f J,,'w,,- , Graduating 98 t l I Seniors Charles Ross Anthony Secondary Social Studies Christine Amaditz Art Education Margo A. Ambill Elementary Education Nancy E. Aquadro Elementary Education Donna Arnink Art Education Peggy Augustino Elementary Education Elizabeth A. Ayres Liberal Arts John F. Baglini Art Education Heather Baierl Liberal Arts Joseph C. Barera Secondary Science Barbara Ann Barney Secondary English Roger J. Barton Secondary English James J. Beatty Secondary English Mary Ellen Beedy Secondary English Joanne Benedict Elementary Education 99 Bonnie Benson Elementary Education Cris Benzing Secondary Mathematics Anita Berardi Secondary English Robert Berry Library Science Barbara J. Bigley Elementary Education Lynn C. Bishop Elementary Education Susan Fae Black Secondary Social Studies Bonnie B. Blackburn Elementary Education Carolyn Bleutge Elementary Education Robert D. Bloomquist Secondary Mathematics Dorothy Blystone Elementary Education Mary Ann Bober Elementary Education Jack P. Bock ll Secondary Mathematics Christine Kay Bodamer Elementary Education Jill Bond Library Science -,W -K .e Paulette Bongiovan ni Elementary Education Sallie M. Bostaph Art Education Catherine Bott Secondary Spanish John Martin Bowen, Jr. Secondary Biology Ronald L. Bowen Secondary English Cheri Brady Art Education Michael E. Brennan Elementary Education Vicki Lynn Brice Elementary Education Barbara Brown Elementary Education Judith R. Brown Elementary Education Lyona Brown Elementary Education Gary B. Brozenich 4. .gl 45 if it TSW' WT Elementary Education 1 Sandra Bruno Elementary Education Jo-Anne Burger Elementary Education Mary Althea Burt Art Education 101 Jo-Ann Busatto Elementary Education Dan Byler Art Education Glenda Callahan Elementary Education Norma Lee Callahan Art Education Sandra Lee Callo Elementary Education Barbara Campbell Secondary English Judith Campeau Secondary English Yvonne Caputo Elementary Education John L. Caretti Liberal Arts Faye C. Carlson Elementary Education Nancy Carlson Elementary Education Lawrence J. Carmen Secondary Science Patricia Carmosino Elementary Education Linda D. Carr Secondary Mathematics Ma rnie Carter Secondary English exft' Carol J. Cass Art Education Sheryl Cass Elementary Education Joyce Catroppa Elementary Education Denise Chizmar Liberal Arts Sharon Clark Secondary Biology James Cline Elementary Education Kenneth Coburn Secondary Mathematics Vincent Colaguori Secondary Social Studies Sally Janine Cole Elementary Education Martha Condriet Elementary Education Sandra Congdon Elementary Education Kathleen Anne Connolly Elementary Education Daniel Vincent Cook Secondary English Judith C. Cook Elementary Education Beth Linden Cornell Art Education "" ' ' ' -sci -I 'QW . '17 1-'M ,W 103 David Cozad Liberal Arts Linda Cridge Elementary Education Christine Crissman Elementary Education Ann L. Cubbison Secondary English Loreen D'Amico Elementary Education Andrew Danielson Elementary Education Kathleen Darkoch Elementary Education Peggy J. Davenport Library Science Karen M. Davis Secondary Mathematic Patricia Dean Liberal Arts David P. DeBacker Liberal Arts Mrs. Rose E. Debevec Elementary Education Martha Deeter Elementa ry Education Mary Ann DeFazio Elementary Education Betty Deiger Elementary Education -.....,V1... t-. mv- l 1 I wg-i ruff Michele Anne DePrille Elementary Education Gloria Jean DeSantis Elementary Education Mary Catherine Desmone Elementary Education Carole Lee DeTuerk Elementary Education Allyn Louise Detzel Elementary Education Ron Dickson Elementary Education Linda C. Dinger Art Education Mary Louise DiMott Secondary Biology Judy Dopierala Elementary Education Ritz Ann Dudzinsky Secondary French Edward Duffin 75 '15 2 Secondary Mathematics Brent Dugan Liberal Arts Laurel Duncan Elementary Education Ronald Ealy Secondary Mathematics If frm, qZ.:.,,,. ZL..4..,.'., 42, ..,"f'w' . ,C Frances Egyud Secondary Mathematics l i 105 Bart Eiduke Liberal Arts Sandra A. Ellis Secondary English Susan Erichson Elementary Education Karen Sue Estman Elementary Education Lynda Jane Evanich Art Education Geraldine Gates Ewig Elementary Education Dorothy Fargo Elementary Education Susanne Fasenmyer Secondary English William L. Fehrenbach Secondary Social Studies Glenn Curtis Fields, lll Secondary Biology Gary A. Fisher Secondary Social Sciences Trudy Flinn Elementary Education Sheri Fogleboch Secondary Spanish Thomas E. Folino Elementary Education Robert Fontana Elementary Education Y 7 George B. Fordyce Liberal Arts John J. Freiwald Elementary Education Nancy Fretwell Elementary Education Dominic C. Frisina Liberal Arts John W. Frombach Elementary Education Kathy Fuller Art Education James Michael Galbraith Elementary Education Gerald A. Gasparik Art Education Ginnie Gass Elementary Education Rose Marie George Secondary Science 'K Regina A. Frederick Art Education if 107 Doris Fruehwirth Art Education Christine Fry Art Education Sharon Gallagher Secondary English Joy Geisler Elementary Education Linda Gerger Elementary Education Elaine M. Gier Elementary Education Candace Gillette Elementary Education Pam Gilliam Elementary Education Antoinette Gosik Art Education Barbara Gray Elementary Education Sharon I. Gray Secondary English Darlene J. Green Secondary Spanish Christine L. Greenfield Secondary Social Sciences Vicki Greyhosky Elementary Education John J. Gribbin Elementary Education Jacqueline Gross Elementary Education William E. Gross Secondary Mathematics Cherylee Grove Elementary Education JoAnn Gural Elementary Education fw. Lawrence Eugene Gurrera Elementary Education Judith Ellen Halcomb Secondary Social Studies Mary Ann Hanas Liberal Arts Donald L. Harpst Secondary Social Studies Samuel D. Hartzell Secondary Social Studies Marie Heaster Secondary English Christine A. Heckman Elementary Education Patricia Heinrich Art Education Susan E. Heise Elementary Education Louann Herb Elementary Education Gail Herbert Elementary Education Kathleen Ann Hermonsky Elementary Education William A. Herrmann Secondary Social Studies Ruthie Hubbard Elementary Education Dorothea J. Higgins Elementary Education l 109 Susan Ann Higgins Elementary Education Marian Hildman Elementary Education James Leo Hilligan Secondary English Catherine Hines Art Education Peggy Jeanne Hoellein Elementary Education Bette Hoenes Secondary Biology Dennis W. Hoesch Secondary Social Studies Colleen Hofer Elementary Education Jerry D. Hoffman Secondary Biology Adrienne Diana Hoko Elementary Education Linda Holden Elementary Education Mary Lou Holmes Elementary Educati Carol L. Houck Secondary English Louis J. Houser Secondary Mathematics Salli Howlett Art Education on Dorothy Ann Hritzay Liberal Arts Thomas D. Hudson Secondary English Joan Hunt Library Science Rose Marie lntrieri Elementary Education Elizabeth Ann Jackman Secondary English Mary Catherine James Elementary Education Elaine R. Jeffery Elementary Education Beverly Ann Johnson Elementary Education David W. Johnson Secondary English Joan L. Johnson Elementary Education Marjorie A. Johnson Secondary English Wayne G. Johnson Liberal Arts Kathy Johnston Secondary Science Madeline E. Jolley Elementary Education Bonnie Jones Elementary Education 111 Suzanne Lee Kadel Elementary Education Barry L. Kallmann Art Education Ja net Ka sper Secondary English William D. Kent Elementary Education Joyce Marie Kibuz Art Education Kristine Kiefer Art Education Karen Kirk Secondary French Pamela Klein Art Education Patricia Kondzielski Secondary English Ja mes Kopcza k Secondary Mathematics Fran Kopf Elementary Education Anastasia Kosaniak Secondary English Shirley Kramer Elementary Education Carrie Lee Krill Secondary English Shirley Kuzio Secondary English Ed Kullti Secondary Biology Judy Kunkle Elementary Education Georgia Lada Elementa ry Education Elizabeth A. Lang Elementary Education Isabelle A. Lang Elementary Education John M. Laniewicz Secondary Mathematics Linda La padat Elementary Education Russell Lasher Secondary Chemistry Diane Lassack Elementary Education Mel Laughner Secondary Mathematics Andrea Jeanne Lauricia Art Education Barbara Lawrence Secondary English Ruth M. Layton Art Education Barbara J. Leary Elementary Education Karen Leaver Elementary Education --Q. Aa Dennis Ledebur Art Education Eve Lefever Elementary Education Roberta Linder Elementary Education Larry M. Litwin Secondary Biology Dale U. Livermore Secondary Social Studies Marjorie Livingston Elementary Education Kitty Lucia Elementary Education James MacArthur Secondary Social Studies Jean MacArthur Art Education Sandra Lou McClurg Elementary Education Jean L. McConnell Elementary Education Jacqueline McCorkle Elementary Education Daniel Martin McCue Secondary Education Douglas McCullough Elementary Education Marsha M. McEntire Elementary Education .1-...ii -.h....- -...-...,...... ,,,,, , ,.., V.. Judith McFarland Elementary Education Karen lVlcFiggen Elementary Education David McGranagan Elementary Educat Sharon lVlcKinley Secondary Spanish Bette J. lVlcKlveen Elementary Education ion Michael O. McMunn Liberal Arts George A. Macey Secondary English Janet L. Nlahaney Elementary Education Ruth K. Nlaines Elementary Education Irwin Mapel Elementary Education Thomas A. lVlarr Art Education Gary Nlasiroff Secondary Social Denise Nlassenas Elementary Education Charlene H. Mastrian Elementary Education Thomas Matija Liberal Arts 115 Studies , , Ginny E. Matone Art Education Rachel Mazza Elementary Education Mary Ellen Means Art Education Bon nie Merrima n Secondary English Sharon L. Merz Elementary Education Pamela Mesick Art Education Marilyn K. Meyers Elementary Education Virginia Meyers Elementary Education Alice Michael Elementary Education Suzanne Michael Elementary Education Sarah Michelangelo Art Education Carole Jean Middendorf Elementary Education Catherine L. Miller Secondary English Dave Miller Secondary Mathematics Glenn Miller Secondary Social Studies ,, ,..... ... -- -1 ........---. Jean Clark Miller Secondary English Jerry Miller Lyle M. Miller Secondary Social Studies Susan L. Miller Elementary Education Dorothy La Rue Mills Art Education Francine Mineo Elementary Education Dennis W. Mohr Secondary Social Studies Garold S. Molli Secondary Mathematics T. Moor Tom Moore Secondary Social Studies Janice Mordush ' Elementary Education J. Morgan Thomas F. Morgan Secondary Spanish Beverly Muir Elementary Education Richard Muntean Secondary Mathematics 117 Fra nk Musiek Secondary Biology Nancy Myal Griffin Art Education Margie Nancie Kathleen M. Nathan, Secondary English Nicky Joan Nickolazas Elementary Education Steve Nishnick Elementary Education Therese A. Nola Secondary Biology Frank A. Noll lll Secondary Mathematics Gerald Novelli Liberal Arts Dolores Nowak Secondary English Ca role Olszewski Elementary Education Michael J. O'NeiIl Secondary Social Studies Richard L. Orner Elementary Education Robert LeRoy Orner Elementary Education Suzanne Ostberg Elementary Education 118 ! Al Sharon E. Otis Elementary Education Janet Packo Elementary Education Jean Packo Elementary Education Darlene E. M. Padasak Secondary Mathematics James R. Palmer Secondary Mathematics Harvey Pantzis Secondary French Patricia Jean Paterson Elementary Education Patricia Anne Patnik Art Education Nikki Paulus Elementary Education Raymond A Pegg Secondary English Franny Perry Elementary Education Leslie E. Peterson Secondary Math-Physics Gerald D. Petrarca Elementary Education Rocco Petrella Secondary Social Studies Vicki Lynn Petri Elementary Education 119 Marsha Petrosky Elementary Education Diane Pfisterer Speech Therapy James R. Pfisterer Secondary Mathematics Charlotte Pilotti Secondary Spanish Denise Anne Piroli Secondary English Nancy Pluskota Elementary Education Jack Podowski Art Education Patricia A. Ponticello Secondary English Dorothy Pomeroy Elementary Education Ja net Popovich Elementary Education Kathleen Poux Elementary Education Dennis Powell Secondary English Theresa Presta Elementary Education Ann Quadack Sally A. Rabits Elementary Education l'lJ 1 Donald E. Raybuck Secondary Mathematics Diane Reedy Elementary Education Beverly Dawn Reese Elementary Education Paul Eugene Reichart Liberal Arts Philip L. Reisker Elementary Education Sue Ann Reno Art Education Robert D. Rhodes Secondary Physics Kathryn Lynn Rhodes Elementary Education David R. Rich Elementary Education Bill Rieste Elementary Education Dennis H. Riley Secondary Mathematics Susan Taggart Rinder Library Science Russell W. Ripper Secondary Social Studies Leanna Roden Elementary Education Joyce Rodgers Elementary Education 121 1" Elizabeth Roeder Elementary Education Judith Roman Elementary Education Karen Ann Rulli Art Education Dennis R. Rupert Elementary Education Donna Salkeld Elementary Education Norma M. Sandell Elementary Education Mark C. Sargent Secondary Social Studies Katie M. Schaefer Art Education John Paul Schaof Elementary Education Joseph H. Schauer Elementary Education Bonnie Schietroma Elementary Education Diana M. Schmoke Elementary Education Colette N. Schreiner Elementary Education Derek Schruers Liberal Arts Suzanne L. Scoble Elementary Education .. ,. ...k -- -.-...--...........--. S W f - f JG Lawrence Sebak Art Education Stephen Lamond Seblink Liberal Arts Ellen Sedelmyer Elementary Education Donald L. Shafer Liberal Arts Patricia Ann Shaginaw Secondary Social Studies Virgie G. Shea Elementary Education Sue Shearer E. Colleen Sheppard Secondary English Teresa M. Sheridan Elementary Education Nancy Ann Shiring Secondary English Sandra Shoenberger Art Education Robert Simmons Art Education Kathryn Simpson Elementary Education Nell Simpson Elementary Education Marcy Sites Art Education 123 ,r"' Paulette Joanne Skandera Elementary Education Jane E. Sklencar Art Education Ja mes Smalley Sylvia S. Smiley Elementary Education Lawrence Smith Liberal Arts Norma L. Smith Liberal Arts Ronald C. Smith Art Education Thomas Smith Wilma Jean Smock Library Science Art Education Judith Sninsky Elementary Education Roberta Specht Elementary Education Jacqueline Stankiewicz Secondary English Sharon J. Stark Elementary Education Fra nk Sta ryszak Elementary Education Mary F. Stasky Elementary Education -on-W' MQ? Aa Edward Stefancik Art Education Linda Stevens Secondary English Cheryl Steward Liberal Arts Alycefaye Stewart Art Education Sharon Stewart Elementary Education Karen M. Stoltenberg Art Education Marlene Streich Judith Strong Secondary English Raymond Swanson Secondary Social Studies Don E. Sykes Secondary Biology Ma ry Szyma nski Elementary Education Karen E. Taylor Elementary Education Vernon S. Tenney, Jr. Secondary Mathematics Gary J. Thomas Secondary Biology Mary Elizabeth Thomas Elementary Education Gloria G. Thompson Elementary Education Frank Todd Elementary Education Ronald F. Toncini Secondary Geography Joseph C. Torelli Elementary Education Richard L. Travis Elementary Education Richa rd Troia no Liberal Arts Sylvia Troyer Elementary Education Karen Trumbull Elementary Education Norman L. VanEpps Elementary Education Steve Vavra Secondary English Diana L. Viglione Secondary Mathematics Marsha Volk Elementary Education David Vukelich Art Education Karen Wade Secondary Mathematics Donna Lou Wagner Elementary Education Dennis J. Walberg Secondary Biology Carol L. Walter Art Education Ann Warner Judith Weber Elementary Education Kathy Weya nd Harold Whittenberger Liberal Arts Don Wiedenheft Secondary Biology Anna Nlae Wilson Elementary Education Carole M. Wimer Art Education Silvia Wisbar Elementary Education 5 1 i P dard al Sludr nation SS r I 4 1 I r l i I 1 v J I a i I 4 T I E 5 v 4 I I F 1 n I I I 0 5 a 1 s 1 1 w 4 1 NJ' '22 All-Sports Banquet Edinboro State College held its Fourth Annaul All- Sports Banquet lVlay 15, 1967, in Ross Dining Hall to honor all those persons directly involved in the Highlander intercollegiate athletic program. Gary Collins, 5-year All-NFL flanker for the Cleve- land Browns professional football team, highlight- ed the after-dinner program by offering short hu- morous stories about his grid career and an- swering questions asked by the audience. During the awards ceremony, Jim Dietrich, senior Edinboro wrestling champion from Nlifflinburg, was presented the Sox Harrison Senior Award for being the outstanding senior athlete. John Ferraro, senior Highlander gridder and baseball player from Sharpsburg, was given the Annual Senior Athlete of the Year Award by Pete Chulak, president of the Varsity "E" Club. lVlr. James Dronsfield, Assistant to the President, served as master of ceremonies. Baseball lnheriting 16 veteran competitors from the 1966 baseball gqu d Coach Jim Christopher began his first season as head Highlang ' baseball mentor by restructuring the team around this solid nucleu? Although adverse weather conditions hampered the team's practi I time during most of the season, the Highlander diamond-men pogtgg a respectable 6-6 overall record. Edinboro initiated the 1967 season by splitting a double-header with Youngstown University. Bill Balizet, senior southpaw from Nleadvill pitched a masterful one-hitter only to suffer a 2-1 setback on an ue' earned run in the ninth inning. In the second game, the Highlandgr hitting strength powered a 4-2 victory. Other ESC wins were registered against California 4-1, Slippery Rock 3-2, Gannon 3-O, and a sweeping 10-O and 5-2 double-header win over Alliance. Bill Balizet, who finished the season with a sparkling 0.67 earned run average, and Rod Herron, a sophomore right-handed hurler from Jackson Center, were elected the lVlost Valuable Pitchers of the team Wayne Bair, a sophomore from Pitcairn, was elected the Nlost Valuf able Player. John Ferraro, senior letterman from Sharpsburg, served as squad captain. sxymw A V... ,., ,,..ff,f,WWWZW,,,,,f, ,I ZI I f 2 Z f .,, ..,., ,,,. VVVV f Z WWWWW I M ga W 2 . ,f in f s Q E M ,,, . ,ff ,I . V ' I Y I I I ,. 4 3 ,6 III. . f.,'K',"f'f'ea, t I 'Iwi IIIIII. II It MII. ,I,a:g:.?f -.Qi If-, , w,I4tfI.:gt ,in Q I - V 'JfYf!', Y . Z. ff' f . ' Q I I I I I IijQIfAIypI I,I. I I.. .. I I 4 1232 s II II4,IIIIIII ,II ,I , !1,,4II:-L-4 -Mgt I.I.,g9.'x,3IIM'bv. I I IQ ,fix ,S,jfVI.. als., ' fx .I fig' I ' "P" ... tsp hx ' 224'-if Y" VR"-3 A -1 I x ' I If W I II , II ?I.,I.Igi,- . I aI,I.,,.4,. if, ,445 wynjsi-,I' K . Aiwfg - - A 7 'A 1 . -1" 'ff' :"7"'?.9'5.'-X ' 4"2w aff.-?5fw'2.' . n "'?'ggg-im.. " f ' ' WJ " .. x -A . , .1 1. f ff Mia... -if .W A-4-1, . ., JW'- , , ff. . ,W Lf V fy, ,.g,,f,.Jq. ,f- , W f. 47, J-.t-5.5 " 6 'Wu' awagsfifi-5-1" JI? ' 'Q 5012 if ' 7.w'Q'X?g fi '. "fa 1 ' s ' V5 H170 ' 1 ' " 'X ' 'Q - 'ff 'Q ' " If - ' -Y W II SIE' ,I .f,I4g5.f,I,V.IQffQQnQI.,I I II III . .I .II II I ,TI I V, I I I I ,. .II , VII A I Ifin I In I I ,f II 0.0. , , Id. 5 ' . -f'., 'f' 'lsfW.J 'W 1- ' '. was , i ' -'ff . .. .',.,'w.'iQ .1 ef I. -. E I II I . ,I , II QI ,II .. I , I I. ' . . W! f' f' 5 'l .J ' Qi. 'R' in x ' ,. l ' 34' 5'-RQ' K A A ,I A' K. pg, '- ' 'Q us' U I wins I 3 SqUad shlandep nucleus. 'Practice posted fel wh , h 'adville an llla nggr Rock ed fun ' from Team. l Valu. Squad I 4, ,- i 1. fn, ,, Q if ,I il 'W 1',' ' ' , ui . 1. r' ,l ,1 V, 5, ,, .W .afaaw JL ' 57 "Ji I rl' Y "qw, '. ' ,wf-4 ' - s '-"tr: a, 55. 5. .. f , -.1-1 L z'?15-l'f A' 1, -, ,r ru V ' ',4A'u ,1 1 ' hw 3F'r..lf sl ' 'Q ' Ja I I v, '-I " ff ,- gelo, Ed Lindberg, Gary La Front: Bill Novak, Dan Pawlowski, Emil Brenkus, Jim Colan- Dietrich: 3rd Row: Bill Balizet, Wayne Bair, Ron Young, Bill WSOl'li 2nd ROW! Tom Z9l9l'lSl'llk, lVlcElroy, Rich Stolar, Rod Herron, Coach Jim Christopher. Rich Stipula, John Ferraro, Russ Stoneman, Joe Lecce, Jim 1967 Baseball Results Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Youngstown University Youngstown University Clarion Clarion California California Slippery Rock Slippery Gannon Gannon Alliance Alliance Rock Record: 6 wins 6 losses Lost VVon Lost Lost VVon Lost VVon Lost Lost VVon VVon VVon Uh 1 i . t g . f J -up rw ""' , I W px H., .. n,,,,.t, fa.. fl S, N xafiiw is t ff ,Q ,. 132 56.52 Track Highlighting the 1967 Highlander track season was the establishment of four ESC track records during a dual meet with Indiana University of Pa. at Sox Harrison Stadium by Darryl Meachem and RON Wiser. Nleachem, a senior from Aliquippa, set two Edin- boro records by soaring 6'6" in the high jump elfeflt and leaping 46'3" in the triple jump contest. Wis- er, a junior from Sligo, reset two Highlander traCk marks by running the mile in 4:41.9 and pole vault- int 12'3". Although Edinboro compiled 11 of 17 first places in the meet, Indiana squeaked to 2 76-69 win. ln other dual meet matches, the Highlanders were defeated by Grove City, 91-54, and ClarI0Vll 77-68, as a result of a lack of scoring depth bb' the ESC tracksters. As a result of his outstanding track abilitiesr Meg' chem was selected to represent District 18 in the NAIA Track lVleet in South Dakota. was nring Sox Ron din- lent Nis- 'ack MH- 17 J a ere on, the ea- he N la faux? W, Q , 'Q-M. 'M - W W ,Jia-1 , if ' " wg t iw ,W-sf' ,il 1 Q -An-A 'Ov Kr 4 4 if' , N.. 5 vp 14 IWW fra, Wai D955 nefw SON The h0P Glas 5 Sha Ger At 1 nin if W , 1 I l 1 Y S 7 I I I 1 4 I 1 1 1 1 1 uf Wy' K-mum, W: 1 1 1 f f 1 3 1 A 1 Q f ,, X I l , X N' 1 lk 1 I1 f ' v 1 x 'I v 1 1 A I 1 1 1, K , gf f , . Q 3 Wm swf, , x , 'I 1 ? z I "'!'M"w 1 A . - , f ,M x , Ak ' i Y 79 v ' f f f 4 X ' 1 1- ' , 1 .M 2 2 ,, 1 , 9 0, 4 , f 'Z ' f, 2, 1 fl X 4 .1 A kv C.. 'f 51 fi.- 7-. ,V mx? gf L. 1 NQAW Q Q4 -Q . 1, xuff 'RYQK A o 'Z 9 N' 134- S Wf A was 5. ., , M 4 'av 5,1 . ,QQ in si" my f GOH l Despite the return of a solid nucleus of lettermen and 3 year award Wm. ner, Pete Chulack, the Edinboro linksters slipped to a 2-5 mark in sea- son action. H' hlander golfers met stiff opposition in conference play, but The I8 hopes for next season are bolstered by the return of Jon Frobouck from ' r ort Pa Floyd Oliver from Conneautville, Pa., and Jay Barto rom Glassp , -1 Shaler, Pa. The team lost 4 year letter winners Pete Chulack and Dick Gerhart. At the PSCAC Golf Tournament held in Hershey, Pa., Edinboro placed ninth out of the 12 competing state colleges. r T Tennm suffered an extremely disap- The Edinboro State College netmen ' tin season dropping 6 of 7 scheduled matches. The opposi- poin g tion registered narrow margins of victory in most of the varsity ' ' d im ressive rec- encounters. The Highlander squad which ha an p ord of 6 by graduation. wins and 3 losses during the 1966 season was hard hit tt s were Sandy Smith senior captain from Pitts- Leading the ne er , burgh, Pa., Tom Nloore, a junior from Erie, Pa., and Don Braden, a junior from Verona, Pa. Fortunately the Scots will lose only the services of Sandy Smith through graduation, but he will still be a difficult man to replace. -----I-'1 M V ,., .... . ..,,...-...N ..,. .,.. ,, . ,............,,...,....... ... 1 ,.,, . ,, ,, , ,, . .-.......-c-....4,- ,,... .-1 f ..-..--4...-- .... ' ... ...-...,.--,..-...-.............. .1 , . , I, JS' Q f mv Eg, 4 The Fighting Scots ,gif ,mas M, Q V' M fx,! X ff, 7 ,AV X f- 7 i 21, 4 K , J f ,X l f QQ 94 Q 4' ,g, ,841 if ,v L? 1 W tl 'vs "'-QU'-C371 , , 19' uw.. , ' , ,, j .V V ,ml My i P 'F " '--an 3, faeh, 1 L - kk 9-,,,.. ,W - , ' 7- ,ofgt M5 ax "'-W-5 ,ll ,bm , Wir Y 7 Q ff. F A 5 5 f Z' My . ' fwf WW I v !-I x W, f , ' f In W av ff' 15 X- f f 1 W H 'ESU , .Q-4' ,fym,g f. x ,ffm ,, ff , ' "M" M' -4i?'?,fz?.v, . , Mas! , , 5 6 , Y ,V , 1 V, I ' 4 K AV .um wfywf 3 fmphy ,,Zv59,,W M I ' fyuqd.-',. , V , ,, .Q 3 41 . . . , ,H Q 4 ' ,. 4 s nn," 'ix' wrt . N XL . -xv., aff, , 5 F45 -1 'W 5 A Q P v 1 f 0 A ,, ' 4 J., .V s Y. Wa, 8. X 9 H 'W r. J K y M QQQ u W 0 I N r, ., Q ' s 1 .- A., ,AM AIC' 'Q n A 'i 1967 Highlanders Show Promise For The Future Numerous unsuccessful extra-point conversion attempts and experimentation with quarterback personnel and ffl ballplayers in key varsity slots produced a dis- yicplprcfnting 2-7 overall grid record during the 1967 sea- son but gave promise of a stronger and more respected Highlander football team next year. The Edinboro grid team was comprised mostly of soph- omores who, of course, were young and inexperienced. Oni six seniors on a 56 man roster will be lost through 21, tion Among those ending their football careers ua . gfaiidinboro are Bob Bloomquist, Bob Grief, Bob Koleno, Dan NlcCue, Tom Martin, and Steve Nishnick. Three Edinboro State College gridiron stalwarts won ts on the PSCAC Western Division All-Star first-team slo ' Team, while seven other teammates earned either Sec ond Team or Honorable Nlention honors. Dan Bissontz, a 6'1" 216 lb. tackle from Pittsburgh, nailed down a first team spot on the offensive platoon. Jim Jaruszewicz, 5'11" 200 lb. sophomore linebacker from Erie, and Bob Koleno, a 5'11" 165 lb. senior half back from Vandergrift, were named to first team slots on the defensive team. Included among the ten standouts are seven under- classmen who will be back next year to bolster the 1968 Highlander football squad. A fine freshmen team that posted a 2-2-1 slate is stud- ded with much talent that will add to the Scot's depth chart. ,aw-VM ' ,- X A., 4wua9 V--u..-N - ..:.nr.a'.r ,,,-,43 . , -'wr Zvgwff' ,. ,, Au, lv 'MY l, -, nw wfmw W WZ. ff? , W, , , ,,, , yff-J ' u M , , IW f ' , W 4, ,1f' f 7, f .144 , 1 WI, ,, 4 19' I, ss 3' Q if 54. 'W f Af. 'Vip' lx: ., 6 A dr nf 4 V, ' , "4"'0, ,vp-.,,, rug, Ili? fmfwf Lfmwfw W ,W lm. , A '21 I A ff W, , , 5 'A fs lg QQVMKQ as F 1 1 W .1 , Z 1, ,V ,V , if fi " WI' '4 ff ,I 'QI sf, IGI in-fini, . wa g,.Z,. ,, 'rf'-v dn i , ,'..n A , QM! nf ,' ' 2 f 4 . hiv, ' 'l'J'g-, ' ' V g 1 '.1 "1 5'5" 1 Q1--mu. dug, ' ' . , f "-uvwmi. 'Inn iw., , X 7 F9 . f 8 N , I I " ' -f .x 0 IA I . J I' X 5 V I 4 .,i, V' iff' ' ,lb 'W -v A Y '17,-4 ' ic f 4 1' x ' P' ' M' 'Q ,v I., ' .' -, ,, ..M,1 ,mmf A 'JL .' ' , 1 1 1, f W : ' .L f 5 0 . .1 4. I .1 0 ,ii ', f, ' 9 Q. ' .' ,- f ,Q A ,1ff' 4.1, P ,ity ' I f V , 1,11 ' a if ,pzh ip f f'fQff',Hf lr ,Q x ' 1 1' f ', I" f - . 'a. ff" ' ' Q il' 1- ' - fa. f an' f ' tzks lhx 55.44 ,f J"'i " 'j- LL! ns uuvupuulpuus q,., W4 ls' llsiliifi, 1' 4 f I 1 44471 '1 " 1 rfb 'f 1 1 P Jw!! ,il if 14401 Q 1 ", f , 1 , 4,,z3,f,g5n,j, 4 4334, V :iff 1- K4 'Lin 4 1 fx-1, W , if 4" Z if . O ' f Q I 1 17511 1 ff' f fy? -rf fl e 2' 1 I S. Y 5 K Wf g 'Q sf 3 1 L 2 1 r i 1 1 1 I I r A A , 1 i 1 l ,Q ? H 4 H v 3 e :X 5 E E 5 K Yr , ,I f 1 ., 41 ll I . U 1 , wi T 1 i, -,7 is I X. ,M . 6 54 w..,Luaa M ,, K I f- f TX! 1? "' S Ng-1. E 5 if ,J , Bob Fuhrman, Ted Radom- FRESHMEN Larry Harrington, Dennis Menold, Dale Hrach, Bob Bender ski, John Kuhns, Tom Liebel, Ken Jones, Tom Glorg fstandingj Bruce Schoff, Pete Natalie, Dave Dim- marck and Bill Nicolleta. 145 ESC lVIatmen The Edinboro State College grappling squad compiled a respectable 6-4 victory record during the 1966-1967 wrestling season. Coach Fred Caro's grapplers started the season 'by tallying a string of five consecutive victories. Wins were registered against California 22-21, Fairmont 37-8, Mansfield 26-19, Slippery Rock 24-18 and Thiel 28-15. Edinboro's victory chain was broken by the Golden Eagles of Clarion 37-5. Hit by academic ineligibility the Highlander matmen were vulnerable to another victory attempt by Grove City grapplers and were dealt a 23-11 loss. Coach Caro's team bounced back into the victory column by slamming St. Vincent Col- lege 33-8. In their final two matches of the season, the High- landers dropped close decisions to Indiana University of Pa. 19-11 and West Liberty 24-19. Throughout the season, Jim Dietrich, a senior from Nlifflinburg, spearheaded the Highlander victory at- tack. Co-captain Dietrich emerged undefeated through ten matches during regular season competi- tion. Junior Co-captain Bob Rosenfeld was defeated only once during the season. Dave Hrach recorded the fastest pin of the season by nailing his opponent from St. Vincent College in 59 seconds. The 1967-1968 Highlander wrestling squad made its season debut by placing second in the Waynesburg Invitational Tournament at Waynesburg College De- cember 2. Edinboro compiled 65 points compared to the 110-point total of tourney winner Waynesburg. The Highlanders were paced by Denny DiLoreto, a 115 lb. sophomore from Erie. DiLoreto was the only Highlander to remain undefeated during the tournament. Rosenfeld, a 130 lb. junior from Erie, is the captain of the 1967-1968 Scot wrestling team. i .1 , wa ' , fW'f i ff , WWW, y y,-7 lg! " 1 awww, 3 WMM nd' arf' v fb A 6 up-4' 'li ,wxytfi ' 6-fywa ,i My ap r- 45:1 y , Z 1 WA W 4...---..wa nga!! , 11 1 " Z, a V .B ...1 ,, - ,..-.-.a--.-..-.--..........1-.w.g-....-...x..... -,- Manager Pat Bemis. Manager Tom Moxie. Danny Smith. Dave Ron Burton. Bob Schofield. Mike Burke. Ray Overholt. Burk Krohe. and Knowlton. Craig Hiatt. Bill Hale. Doug Etzel. Art Dickinson. Jim Mann. Freshman Coach .lim Christopher. I gwhr 1 . 1 s ' v G 4 ji A 150 'I .wb X KQ Q., I I '- X : Z! 4 li 1 X 525317, s. .J ' 3- , 3 WKW 'iv 7 ffff My I 1 f ff t f f 7 f 7 , ff W f 5 ff y ,Zzfffg eff, gif, , ,-4 4 mmm AJZNI' g Mf, fi, ...Thy ,H ...--.-,.. ,.,, ,, , i r 'EV4 1 ,ls 1 1 74 V 7 gg A ,f 4 ,' Q f f fXf W! QM 4? F 9 X f ,.'f,-554561.10 yin:-Jriun .. .. , ..' - 1 ...' -'I-f V x N X 5Aw, Q- wx , Wm, A Q 'fi . 1 xy gk gf N- N N X X 3 X R ywsxz A x gi Rf X: Z9 X Fm X , x - X , www.:-' - .QM kv S 3 Xb N355 Q35 .2 -as r 5 X SSN tiff FY' N' Y Nw QQ is X xg., - X M ,W M W ,V N ,Www w is 4 S Xe S L A 4. M Q 1 ,f, jf .4 2,- x ggi 1 Wx, Wm ww . M4 Cheerleaders x , W. f , Rachel Mazza, Johnna Hinkle, Pat Patnik, Karen Fedrow, Kathy Darkoch, Sue Peterson, Vicki Rivetti and Denise Piroli. ' .5-M :'- , -, 41 E J , M5754 X -4? H Vicki Rivetti, Johnna Hinkle, Jackie Rump, Sue Peterson, Linda Neubrand and Beth White. 156 1st Row: Vicki Rivetti CCapt.J, Beth Whitey Row: Jackie Rump, Sue Peterson. 2nd Row: Johanna Hinkle, Linda Neubrandg 3rd , Karen McCIune, Cheryl I 157 ..v, . , , A I Cfne qCapt.J, Beth Robert Son, Mary Barrickman, Wanda D --u-b.n.4...n-....- -1-4-1 V . , -----..-....--u0..,....,.... . . eSimon ln order to provide each Edinboro coed with an opportunity to par- ticipate in group athletics, the Women's Athletic Association CWAAJ was founded on the ESC campus. During the intramural program, the WAA sponsored softball, vol- leyball and basketball tourna- ments. Trophies were awarded to the independent team champion and the top sorority squad. A trophy was also presented at the end of the year to the team that earned the most points throughout the ,competitive program. The incorporation of Fun Nights for Edinborowomen supplemented the year's activities. The "Fun Night" agenda included a tug-of- war, potato roll, and watermellon races in the pool. WAA continued to sponsor a Ladies Night at Crawford Gym when all of the col- Iege'sathleticfacilitiesarereserved for the exclusive use of the coeds. A five-week karate course was also sponsored in the Crawford Gym Conditioning Room. Swimming, tennis and horseshoes are other activities offered during the WAA program. All coeds automatically become members of WAA by being en- rolled at Edinboro State. Nancy Carson served as president of WAA. ' Women's Athlet X .J C Association Edinboro State's 1967 women's intercollegiate volleyball squad posted an outstanding record of six victories and only two losses during season competition. Coached by Miss Nancy Acker, the coed netters scored twin wins over Allegheny, Thiel, and Alliance. Slippery Rock and Westminster gained the only vicotires over ESC. The Highlander women initiated the 1967 season by netting four consecutive wins. Marlene Leopold captained the 1967 squad. Ann BonGeis and Peg Tobin will serve as co-captains of the 1968 volleyball squad. 1967 Schedule Results Oct. 13 Alliance Home Won by forfeit Oct. 19 Alliance Away Won by forfeit Oct. 25 Allegheny Away Won 15-8, 4-15, 15-11 Oct. 26 Thiel Home Won 15-9, 15-5 Oct. 30 Westminster Away Lost 10-15, 6-15 Nov. 1 Thiel Away Won 11-8, 11-4 Nov. 2 Allegheny Home Won 15-10, 15-12 Nov. 16 Slippery Away Lost 10-15, 15-12, 7-15 Rock QW! .NX 'll , I x . 1 P' ,. J WJ" 4 L! ,N ff pl HA' 1 ..- 'S n ,,, -7,12 ., rg 1 '4 . +5 -,fv on I , A L '-H41 'Q '..gf.3,,q N V v 1 ma 1. I an F ,- , ya Q X wi? A hx, , J- ' L-M f..fAt'pqQ-f'f- .-' ' 'lik' gf.'4,.f,"Zf"' 160 V' , I 3 ! 4 H i Y i 1 1 I I 1 I i I i 4 i . H W gf i 1 4 i I W I ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 6 -K M! Mr M1 M D ' 'SQ Dm bor The Of w SVG fra vill Boa rd Of Mrs. D. Conaway Trustees Mrs. G. Diehl Mr. M. Gabreski Mr. F. Hopkins Dr. G. Ledger Mr. W. Rose Mr. I. Murphy Mr. W. Reitze Mr. C. Welch Mrs. M. Koon CSecretary to the Boardj During the past year, the administration at Edin- boro State College has changed and expanded. The administration has made plans for a number of new programs including Bachelor of Science de- gree ln Physical Education, in Music Education and training in Nursing in conjunction with the Mead- ville hospital. To further our international ties, a 161 ......-,..Y ........,-..-4 ... -..1......,.....-- National Education Program in England has been activated. With an increased budget, the college's building program has expanded outside of current plans. This will enable us to have more classrooms, dor- mitories, and a professional school. .,.--.....- ...1 .-.4 f.-.---a.,...-.........--...--4.-........-...........x...- ....-... . .....,. Q ff 2 AK ,mfg f,, 1 ' f Z f 5 Y 1 ' ff, 62. W W - e X Q Q Y, o0'? 3 1 'Q W 49 . wk f M JW 1 909' iff, Wf f fw,,,,,,,a' E f , 1.1 -,fffyrf 2 4 K2 21,1 K :H 'fx ' I ,ff fy' I ,T 0 ' 93, , 131 f?2 , x ,ff f5Q73 'figs JL fi' IV ,. I ,,f , 547 if I g 1 A 4 ' if f , I up ,. ' ' if ' -1 A g Q I ff 1 I Q. ,S f f 52? ff,f - , I 2.5 5 f' ' 1' !' ,v - 'go' 21,11 gf f:fji2Q: fze'i? ici' Y 'Za fum 4 ,AA N., k'x"""vn A ff 4 yr MW! mm V , f, f 4 if ,V ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , , fy, 44 'Sz , 5 -'WA ,Aww : .4 i . 0 , 1 , X. ff ,fmt , f gwcfhifzwlyfkhvw Wt: we ,fs I' Z JM awww Www ffifkt Y2?.s":-fV 7, 'x-x ,Y X , f ,J , 7 f, J., ffwuzp, S 5 'K 4" 4 M' Nkfzcfn QQJN xgirw ff1'V'f X. ,Q Awkif' , 1 V, .zfirffwgyh S' f t,V, W of , ZPMIE f . an W, 4, .7 , , ,f, f V eff, Z 0 W . Mimi, , twyifyig ' -3, A S f f, Q fs v .4 f,ww,Z Q L' Asst. to Director of Admissions, Mr. W. Benoit, Director of Summer Sessions, Mr. R. Berlin, Director of Admissions, Nlr. H. Vmbarger. I - in 5 . ll C Ei ,f -1 ,J 5- '.. Q Curriculum Coordinator, Dr. D. McGarey: Dean of Students, Dr. ' C. Butterfield: Dean of Graduate Study, D. J. Williams. 164 Grad XAMSQE 31114 ' fy' ,W .,K. ,M L " ' ' '- ----1 ,-,... ,.-. ., ,W Alumni Can Boost Edinboro Student Relations Committee, John Allegretti Ray Van Slyke, Willard Andre. Marvin B. Ellis, Alumni Executive Secretary Edinboro States' recent surge forward borders on "brinkmanship". We are now a threat to the big league. In a very short period, we will pass over the line and com- pete at the top. Undoubtedly, University status will be part of our punch. Every student is a part of this. You are experiencing the growing-pains. You can see the growth. You can imagine the future. As you become Alumni, you are the salesman, the patron, the legacy. You will champion education for yourself, family and others. Really, in effect, you become and play the roll of a Director of Education in life. There is no better person than you, the degree-holder, to do this. As time goes on, society, Edinboro State College, necessitates your "directing"-regularly, a bit of a trans- fusion to help perpetuate the academic contribution to life. The college plans to demonstrate itself worthy of the par- ticipation of its directors. In cooperation with the present Alumni Board, it has established the new position of Alumni Executive Secretary, your secretary. ln this posi- tion, it will be his full-time effort to accept the re- sponsibility of your direction. With your help, he will solic- it, interpret and program your participation. lt will dem- onstrate to the college our alumni worth and a proud Highlander association. 166 In Memory Of Dr. L. W. VanLaningham Dr. Leland W. VanLaningham, fifty-eight, Director of Student Teaching and Placement at Edinboro State Col- lege, died December 2 as the result of a fall at his home. He had been a member of the Edinboro faculty and ad- ministration since 1949. In 1949, Dr. VanLaningham was appointed to his post at Edinboro. A sabbatical was awarded him in 1961 which enabled him to tour public secondary schools, colleges and universities preparing teachers in England and Western Europe. He was a Blue Key member of Phi Delta Kappa, honor- ary education fraternity, and served as president of the Northwestern Pennsylvania State Educational Associa- tion and as member of the executive council for PSEA. Dr. VanLaningham was a past president of the Pennsyl- vania Association for Student Teachers and his name is listed in the Leaders in Education Directory. "Dr. VanLaningham epitomized for prospective teachers the perfect image of the educator and supervisor. Strid- ing across the campus or in conversation with students, this genial administrator always engendered enthusiasm for the profession." "Whenever a student teacher was in difficulty, his well- known expression was 'Everybody deserves a second chance. He is too good to lose. What can we do to save him?' This expressed Dr. VanLaningham's philosophy concerning the young people to whom he had dedicated his energies and talents." ,....,.. --B-....,.....- ..,.,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,.- M -i B-M . .,...,.,,... -....-....,... -...- -H --.-.-.-4.,.......................,..,...- .. . ,,.. Art Department Seated: Seymour L. Blinderman-Department Chairman, George E. Pit- luga-Art History, George Ferguson-Ceramics, Harry Hasheian- Ccenterl-Drawing, Mildred D. Bruce-Crafts, Mary Jane Kidd-Graph- ics, Henry Katzwinkel-Jewelry, Standing: Mitchell M. Smith-lntro. to" Art, Dorn Howlett-Education, J. Roland Lafferty-Ceramics, Charles F. Mullen-Commercial Art, James Goldsworthy-Painting, Jerry S. Valley-Sculpture, Louis Rosenfeld-Color 81 Design, Lee Francis For- rest-Painting, James H. Vredevoogd-Painting, Darrell Nyberg- Graphics, Harvey Wayne Peterson-Painting, Myron Helfgott- Sculpture. Although the Art Education Department at Edinboro has the largest undergraduate program in the state of sylvania, it still continues to expand. While the depart. ment has nineteen faculty members during the present year, it will increase to thirty-two members in 1968-1969. ln addition, the department has increased its cultural program by enlarging the Bates Gallery Shows. This year's program included collections from the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Institute, and the American Federation of Arts. Also, due to con- tributions from the Student Activity Funds, the depart- ment was able to expand its valuable art collection by half its content. Penn- Besides internal expansion, the Art Education Depart- ment has extended its facilities to others. ln October the largest High School Art Conference in the history of the college was held with over one thousand high school students participating. 168 1 l M Sepl ollered. SChools will be will be be reql als. NE COUl'Se5 Qumos COUISQ ti0n t Oflerin Music And Drama ln September, 1968, a B.S. in Music Education will be offered. This will qualify students to teach music in public schools. To initiate this curriculum six new staff members will be hired, and Advanced Theory and Music Education will be taught. Students in the B.S. and B.A. programs will be required tb appear in a certain number of student recit- als. Next year, East Hall will be used for Applied Music courses. The rooms will be sound-proofed encompassing studios and practice rooms for private lessons. Although there will be no degree offered in Drama, more courses will be offered. Fundamentals of Actin lntroduc gr ' tion to Theatre, and Children's Theatre are the new offerings. Sitting' Mrs. E. Campbell Standin : Dr D. Clifford Mr L. Willi . . g . , . ams, Mr. F Mueller, Mr. K. Gombert, Mr. F. Anderson, Mr. D. Panhorst, Dr. W. Alex- ander, Mr. P. Herring. - - Nc.. .. , H. , ..,.....-.-..,,. --..............i....-.....--4-.....................,..,..-a.., ..............,,..-..-..--.........-f .M -.....--5................-.--.-,.................-.,....- .. ..... ....-., . .-......, :,:,-...ff ..1. -,.- , Philosophy ln September, 1967, the Department of Philosophy was constituted as an independent department. Previously, it had been a part of the Humanities Department. Since the department is now a whole in itself, it is growing and will continue to grow. In September, 1968, the de- partment will offer a B.A. in Philosophy under the Liberal Arts Program, and will also offer a course on the study of Existentialism. The commencement at the second se- mester this year brought enrichment to the department through three new courses: Theory of Knowledge, Meta- physics, and Philosophy of Religions. The department hopes to soon have additional members on its staff and therefore to have additional courses, such as Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy, and Symbolic Logic. lVlr. Nlartinson, Miss Pierce, lVlr. Abegg, Dr. Reid, Dr. Holloway Psychology The Psychology Department has again made a remark- able growth in size and function in keeping with its role in the growing stature of Edinboro State College. De- partmental staff membership has been increased to eigh- teen during the second semester of 1967-68 along with three full time graduate assistants. An expanded pro- gram has also been proposed and applications submit- ted for approval. One of these is for a bachelor of arts degree in psychology which will prepare students to further graduate study in the professional field of psy- chology. Another addition is a proposed curriculum for teachers of socially and emotionally maladjusted chil- dren which has been requested by the Erie County,Men- tal Health Association. Sitting: Dr. Schell, Miss M. Ditz, Mrs. J. Lawrence, Mr. A. Both, Dr. R Ackerman. Standing: Dr. R. Scollon, Dr. Fisher, Mr. J. Brokaw, Mr. A. Stone, Mr. J. Comi, Mr. Wi. lngraham, Mr. J. Kennedy, Mr. J. Sim Several new graduate curricula have been proposed. Ohe of these is a two year program leading to certifica- tion as a Public School Psychologist-this will be the only program in this area in northwestern Pennsylvania. Another program involves a master's degree in mental retardation. Also, in keeping with state regulations, the guidance curricula will be changed into three separate programs: elementary, secondary and comprehensive. With all these improvements and a sizeable increase in staff and facilities, the psychology and special services department will have one of the most complete pro- grams in the state. mons, Dr. W. Groves, Dr. D. Hanson. Missing from picture: Mr. E. An sell, Mr. D. Berringer, Dr. P. Timashenka. f-ww' ' -ul ' WA- - . . .......-....-,,,., . .,.. .... ,-..-..A..,..-.-... .....-.......A .....-,....-..,. ..-....., ,.. . .- ,.....-- ...., , ... r Humanities -. D ,fr f fits? 172 :- . SL 1 A -- i ft! s 3 'sw ., , . . ,gf V' Wav A 1 A J Dr. J. Marsh, Mr. Ch. Glendinning, Miss S. Coyne, Miss K. Mulroy Mrs. C. Lynch, Mrs. P. Bowering, Mr. C. Psychos, Mr. J. Tohtz, Miss N Weed, Mr. J. Wolliscroft. 4 4 A5 part of its broadening program, the Humanities De- partment has produced three films for its televised litera- ture prggram. Two of these programs deal with Walt Whitman while a third one, which was filmed in Philadel- phia, concerns Benjamin Franklin. For the future, the department plans another film which will be about Washington Irving at his home in Sunnyside. In addition to planning these programs, members of the department have been attending conferences. During Thanksgiving vacation Mrs. Ada Kuhns attended a meeting of the National Council of Teachers of English at Honolulu, Hawaii to hear professional papers. Then, in Chicago in February 1968, Mr. Jack Tohtz and Mr. Homer Mershon, members of the Humanities Depart- ment, attended a meeting of the Modern Language As- sociation for the purpose of listening to scholary papers. Tir. C. Clements, Dr. D. Washburn, Mr. H. Mershon, Mr, A. Sleptzoff, Mrs A. Kuhns, Mr. H. Haiewski, Mr. J. Silva, Mr. P. Angelo. Mr. R. Bevevino Mr. P. Herring, Mr. E. Stoddard, Mr. P. Bowering. Mrs. L. Bucho, Mr. T Stanko. Missing from picture: Mr. E. Carlson, Mrs. C. Compton, Mr. E. Mor ris, Mr. G. Eskelson, Mrs. D. Snell, Mrs. P. Manwaring. 173 -'-X-'.'1...,,-.,..,.-........... ,- -.f.......u...--..-.--L.Q......-.4..........-......-...i .--s- ...- , , , . -. . - ' .- 4 . - . H ....- ---.-.4...-.....-.......-....,..-...............,...x-...N... ... . ,,..,.... ..-.. ,..... .. ,, Social Studies fMW,,WW,,,,W,h W. AMERICA S CUIHITIHH ASBMB M0817 HHJTLBY IAVGYEH H3016 1' . M , I R ff Q Sitting: Dr. J. Francello, Mr. D. Trainer. Standing: Mr. R. Gromen, Mr. M. Iutcovich, Dr. R. Vance, Mr. K. Jacob, Mr. R. Frederick, Mr. C. Wozniak. fa .1 Q , 5 .,,, W ' . i 5.3 . : Lgn .:, I saga r 3 j?f-ral? 34-'E .4 v . cv Wit unc pro gre. cial plie soc MJ! m0l scie By 3 can and havi Nor On Spee assi , 1- - "'340""2 "' ' , i,.,,g f f . ai to v. . . 5 ,2 Af. - Q 4, I 13-'H' ,Fifi 'G' 'L . I 5 Inq.. N ww- g ,ad Within the past year, the Social Studies Department has undergone expansion and has planned for its future progress. As in the past, it has continued its efforts in greatly expanding the library facilities in its area, espe- cially primary source materials. The Department has ap- plied for an A.B. program in history, political science, and sociology for September 1968, and it has also applied for M.A. programs in political science and history. Further- more, it has expanded electives in all of the social sciences. By attending numerous conferences such as the Ameri- can Historical Association and the Academy of Political and Government Sciences, members of the department have gained insight in their field. Also, they hosted the Northwestern Pennsylvania Council for Social Studies on April 25, 1967. At the conference, outstanding speeches were given in content and methodology to assist high school teachers. Sitting: Mr. M. Strausbaugh, Mr. E. Ledrick, Mr. H. Heath. Standing: Dr. R. Stonesifer, Mr. A. Rusnak, Mr. E. Zebrowski, Mr. J. Meehan, Dr. L. Hendricks, Dr. L. Meyer, Mr. G. Lessig, Mr. N. Mughal, Mr, R. Heasley. 2 auf 2 zffw W 2 M 4 a f W4 X ' ,Q s . fww nk ff . f , ' X Q i' 'win L X y M 3. Q , f L , . ,. Uv! L. My , .. 1 Q, Zv- Planning a new reading clinic with a full time clinician is one outstanding characteristic of growth in the Educa- tion Department. This clinic will serve both the Campus School children and college students. Another aspect of pansion is its increasing faculty the department's ex membership and its widening graduate program which will offer a reading teacher certificate. ln addition, the department has applied for twenty teacher fellowships which would be for men only who would receive 32,000 f . or their one year of graduate study. The department usy attending conferences. members have also been b They represented the college at a three day conference of the American Association of Colleges for Teachers' ylvania. The department Education in Bethlehem, Penns will be employing videotape recorders and machin es which will record different types of experiences a teach- er may encounter. Therefore, students will be better able to learn how to control these problems prior to stu- dent teaching. 76 , f M f'f :W ' 7 LL . f. ,1 Bottom: Mr. Shinol, Dr. Come, Mrs. Baron, Mr. l.aFlamme Dr Fruechtel. Top: Miss Jones, Mr. Rocca, Mrs. Gracenin, Mr. Nordberg, Dr ,La Follette, Mr. Gates. Standing: Mr. McClune, Principal: Mrs. Larson, Miss DiPlacido Mrs Parsons, Mrs. Vance. Seated: Miss Melhuish, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Dantry, and children of Compton School. Standing: Mr. Zaccari, Mr. MacCluskie, Mr. Zanotti Dr Wanamakef Mr. Nanns. Seated: Dr. Van Laningham, Mr. Cryder, Mr. Hitchings, Mr. Morrison. Missin : M . H Uhleman. g r untley, Dr. Masonbrink, Dr. Syeda, MV. 11me. Dr dberg, Dr zido, Mrs. r. Dantry, namaker. nngs, Mr. 'eda, Mr. Sitting: Miss Jedlicka, Mr. Abplanal , Mr. Nuhfer Mrs. Kin Mr. D p v gv en' nis, Mr. Ickes. Standing: Mr. Sherwood, Mr. Comella, Mr. Baker, Mr. Etling, Mr. Hamilton. -H45 The Mathematics Department, located in Conneautee House, consists of twelve faculty members for the aca- demic year 1967-68. The department provides three semester hours of mathematics for the basic general education of all students. The department also offers a large number of electives in analysis, algebra, and ge- ometry. New courses offered during the academic year 1967-68 included Theory of Numbers and Introduction to Geometries. One of the highlights of the year for the Mathematics Department is the hosting of the annual meeting of Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This conference was held on the Edinboro State College Cam- pus on May 11, 1968. Mr. Etling and Mr. lckes were in charge of local arrangements. The Mathematics Depart- ment sponsors a Mathematics Club. The club's programs include panel discussions, speakers, and films. -. ,,,,, M., pgs, ., ,,..,. ,. , W., ,, , . ,,,, , -2 , .. . .,, J eautee E SCQ. three eneral Offers nd ge. C Year uction matics ing of . This IE Cam. 'ere in lepait- grams Geography 1st row: Dr. Long, Dr. Wegweiser, lVlr. Lukert, lVlr. Pannbacker, lVlr. Stahl, Nlr. Moses, 2nd row: lVlr. Brinkle, IVlr. Coffman, lVlr. Knuth, lVlr. Soroka, Mr. Grosch. The new two-story Electronics Building is also the new home of the Department of Geography and Earth Sci- ences. It contains classroom laboratories, cartography research and projection rooms, computer rooms, observa- tory and planetarium wings, lecture hall wings, extensive geological equipment and materials, which anticipate diversified geographic studies. Geography and Earth Sciences, effective September, 1967, is the recent heading acquired by the department which previously was two separate departments. Forthcoming, is the optional development of two programs, a BA in Geography and a BS in Geology. lt is possible that these will be effective in September, 1968. Currently, the pro- fessors are exercising team teaching methods with the World Geography classes in the new Lecture Hall. Science Hopefully, in September 1968, the Science Department will be offering a B.S. in the field of Biology. This year, September 1967, a new curriculum, Medical Technolo- gy, and previously a graduate course, Plant Physiology, were introduced for study to undergraduate students. The Astronomy course now has laboratory periods with- in its study. Mr. Brown has spent over 510,000.00 on electrical equipment in order to teach a graduate course in Electronics, which is offered to everyone. The new facility constructed for the use of the department is the Green House located on the south side of Cooper Hall, which is supposed to be in operation this spring, 1968. lt will be under the supervision of Dr. Paxson and Dr. Lowenhaupt and will be used in the teaching of two courses: Physiology and Ecology. Back: Dr. Coffman, Dr. Paxson, Dr. Lowenhaupt, Dr. Bowne, Mr erheim, Mr. Hansen. Lower: Mr. Legge, Dr. Gatzy, Mr. Friend, Brown, Mr. Renn, Dr. Williams. Missing: Mrs. Berry, Mr. Dunegan Fertig, Mrs. Gordon, Dr. Jacob, Dr. Sarma, Dr. Wheeler, and Zarenko. ie, Ml. OV. friend, Mr megan. Mr and Mr. Instructional TV lVlr. Wallace, Nlr. Weinkauf, lVlr. Lindey. 000000 lnstuuctional Television's most recent develop- ments have been the establishment of a film pro- duction unit and the utilization for campus pur- poses of WQLN, Channel 54, Erie. The film unit will serve all areas of the college, producing mo- tion pictures for publicity, instruction, and course enrichment. The linking with Channel 54 has pro- vided new enrichment services for the Campus School and a source of instructional materials for the college curriculum. Plans are presently under development for the extension of television ser- vices to the new buildings on campus. Libra ry Staff lst row: Mrs. Zebrowski, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Hesketh, Mrs. Hitchings, Mrs. Grippe, Mr. Stonis. 2nd row: Mrs. Overheim, Mrs. Ansell, Dr. Lee, Mr. Leeper, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Chou, Mrs. Hand, Mr. Weinstein. 2 Ever since its erection, Hamilton Library has continued to expand. In 1967, several innovations were introduced. For instance, the reserved readings were transferred to the newly renovated basement area where a very pleasant Reserve Reading Room was created. In addition, there was tremendous growth in the library's collection. Two special collections were relocated and greatly ex- panded. They are the Southeast Asia Collection and the Government Documents Collection. Full implementation of computerization of routine library operations is expected to begin in 1968. In anticipation of future growth of the college, a three million dollar new library building has been planned and should be completed by the summer of 1970. inued uced. lerred very ition, u ,tion. y ex- 1 the Jrary hree and Library Science The Library Science Department has expanded from fif- teen enrollees in 1961 to two hundred fifteen in 1967, and as a result has been able to increase the staff and offerings. This year there was a fifty per cent increase in staff, and the department will add additional full-time teachers within the coming year. These additions en- abled the department to increase its offerings in library science courses. Among its many achievements, the Li- brary Science Department has received the Pennsylvania Award for the obsenfance of National Library Week at the college level for three consecutive years. ln addition, approval was given to the department to establish Alpha Beta Alpha, an undergraduate honorary library science fraternity. Mr. Leeper, Miss Forness, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Hesketh, Mrs. Hand Mr. Chou, Mr. Weinstein, Mrs. l-litchings, Mr. Stonis, Mrs. Grippe. Dr Lee. i 1 C Af ,A , , ,ew- tv Physical Education This year has brought a progressive change in the Physi- cal Education Service Program. The men and women students now have a wide variety of courses from which to choose for accreditation in the P.E. curriculum. This also enables the department staff members to have a more personal contact with the students. Some of the courses have expanded from within, and these courses offer adaptive programs for elderly and handicapped students. Beginning in September, 1968, the department will of- fer to incoming women students a curriculum designed to culminate in a BS degree in Health and P.E. with certification at the elementary and secondary school levels. Mr. Caro, Miss Acker, Miss Gustaveson, Mrs. Saurer, Mr. McDonald Mr. Cutcher, Mr. DeGasperin, Mr. Mariotti, Mr. Klingler, Mr. Christopher From The Classroom To Campus Life an i 'il 'ln' N W lwvknifvv, We-'iff' ,G..,:r'i?K I l :cv-UI '4 11.1 . xfifrq , n ' I l 0 1' H nie Q 1,1 1:2 , :Cru . se ,. jiiifln 4 up . 4 4f'f'le hum.- . xg ' li 1, .4 , F 'I 'X ziysgfiv' I if.l,Q6, 5, Hifiif v Q 1 1 1 Q ua S 4 1 x X n '- 0 s 0 fy V . .,WW,, 1 ff f,'?Z'7ie .,,y?,,, V tiff, S ,C fw . gk -Yf- 'www , Y f X V4 K age, Ag, .JA 'N 'affix 5 ,ff x , ff f 2 mf vw f Z ' f f f f bf ' - , f ,fyygw gy bw if mf, ' A A f-,,,,. 6172':fu.faf,f 'ff .F?:wx2,,,,'?ff3 ffl 5 I ffyfi 4?3o"'-190 57,3 W'5.i154"-wig, T .f5fv2i'1.'.vs':r,f05 qi ' 'cs' s ld iff fl S alex! O75 D jf fig wx N-,N , ,A 1 .BSQCTQI L V . G F mx ,bf Q ,W I' ' f Xp-.0 , T1 ' f' ff W 'fi 1 1 f if V W I fi 1. A 2, V if , ,I ,1 gm, 135, . f H, ,MU .ff , ,V 0 , w Q af Q wwf 0 f X 4 I -if' - J. W ' il! , '.,'.' . ,. . sv, , , .,1 ,f if M A IU i VF . 3' I - , , ,, W, -.--..-4- '-.--...-.-.......,...,4. .s..... ,...-,V . H..,.... V, Aram- ., .. , :F Exam Time Is Cram Time L l I - , , 2 f ihha-nm,,,,,.m+-WW 'D-1 'vfyi dim JJL if A Gratifying Feeling Of Accomplishment ,M i' 'lg n-ni 5. F fxnf ,Ma f4Qd' f D I ,, WMA WAK- uf f , . , WW, ..,,,W. ff ,,, vu.. raw 1' 4744959 M X f W M., x x X XS H wk xt WWW' X X Mlm 4 ,W 1 X 'iw X, , f LWHM4 JW? X1 1 vga, a , 1. l , Q I MA,- 1. 4 ,B. f M, fi, 5 1 v .J 4 ww , 9 ,If- GF7' f' -xf' 7 1--Q., 5.4 --' """ 1l , ff N, 5 ul '4 ,nf '57 YI' L.- IJV 'KA 1' v , 'T-H "-Ulf' X 1 ,ff ' fu 'ff . -M H' MM d I .M a """"' ' W ,QM . fm ,,, 1 'T' nl f f f ,gr Q . m ' ' .r -s,. 4 .,f4,-VW' 1 I I S 1 Y p Y w w 1 1 M f X? W , , H, 1 k' L ww, x- , -f X nf, W A ' in ff 4 W Wwfik ,.. , A QQ S 1 ff K N y iw N' - w ' SX 5 M A .wwwx A fd X WW X Ar- S7413 f-K f Z +3 ,IR , Q A X S. ,lvf f f, 1 i - W, 3- wx , H 'Aw ' 4 ,ff ' WW g 7 f Wx 1 , ZJXW 1, W it f in ff ,wa , ll N H5 is I -,,.,..'- -ii 21-X 'Tl' ,..,, ...ma .-qu f Library Assistant f-.,,, X x ,,f X N, Xw 1 , 'M M, M X 4 fV'x4m X X 4- M ,px M-A N N ss www.: WWI 357 .gs ,X f 7 Q W! f 7 f f iq f A ff ZZ ,A ,, fi ,X gg ,I f me sxf gf v f N X i X A-R ' x X 9 wuts X Q ,pg 3!fg': s ZW ff WK' f 4? fwm 7 , 7 1 ' , A7 ff , , 1 f V f 'plllp 9 'fb 37411 1 .fff wr ,, .lf All Work And No Pay . , , 1 i l l Center Forum Staff: L. Berchtol, lvl. Williams, C. Selad, C. Terchila, G. Fedor, Ed. Publicity: Nl. Williams, C. Tercnila, D. Farley-Pres., B. Sheri bandy. 2 I W. Student Senate: J. Outrakis-Pres., B. Deiger, J. Gverino Treas., A. Horkey-Sec., B. Yankovich, M. Williams. D. Forley-V. Pres., R. Ro- J. Outrakis, . 1 state, G. Fodor, J. Tuskan. George, G. Fedor, L. Fye, Arlene Horkey, C. Gilson, E. Zipay, I. Rearick. Cultural Club. Nl Wh'te, C. Seladi, Sec., R. Hoffman: B. Deiger, Pres., C. CQ we-we A Day In The Life The Spirit Of Lenny Bruce. 1 A , I rf V lg, Z 'fi "" X cw L-J fm, If N X 1, IN 'X QL X1 2 ,, - 'I' I f -1 .gf EE 4 :fy wig ffuf ,pw alt AVQ A lagging -r1"'?:w:"u q N" 'A 5 01 y I 3 1 gh I ,Mi , C -V Nm Q .,,, ,, , 'LM ' 4 1, ' I W Q -. ...M ,,,. .,..4. wmv M r 5. fe F- ' x. A Q ,,f Z' JM s w x H -Q ., 1- 5 l "ffl X 1 f 4 ff WW, , , Z if f, if rw, f 'X 7? , , , , ,I ,A ,. .M ff ,,,,,,.f ,,,.M-.4 Q ,yu ' fx W 1, ,I ,,,f X , ,K . f . ff f , .x 1 f f , 52,2 . f , 4 , ,f 'lx--'HW , f "af XXVNJ5 wif ,fm f,. , f 5 ,Q gwzig ,M , Q Q' f ff' ' ff wg X ff UM ' , - f-mf Z ff ,ww , 9 .,, 0, , 4 , 33, NH, ,, ,, ,fp X , W, f 2 ' ' C: f E 4 hr -995 sr' L 'x - "fn W ' 'f' F' " 'W f- ---V - V Y' '-' , , ff -ffm" " '-A -' "-' '-- A :Q "--f+- L-'A--4-.Y1,-,:,........-A --+..--....-........ .,-..,.., :,5-.c:.- .,:.,v..., Y, , ,,. ' I, , A:- fi ll, I .ff 1. N app in .1 l 1 I! 'T' 'UO .. 4-N-' A fl I 'V vw I "ff I . -1 +- cb 4 , '00 4 1 -.- H,.1.4-...Y - 9, Dedicated People 'fm 3 , 1 'r , Q 7 x e eeee ,.::..m,L!l fffmx www Z W WM, , '14 , A W0 W N, Communications Editor Associate Editor Makeup Editor Political Reporter Student- Faculty Council Reporter Feature Editor Feature Writers The Spectator Bob Skelton Sue Eller Karen Skadhauge Pam Taylor Julie R. Gould Anita Hakanson Pat Versaw Donna Chalovich Linda Kline College Union Reporter Sports Editor Ca rtoonist Circulation Manager Editorial Consultants Adviser Sue DePlatchett Pat Nardelli Eric Schwartz John Dubus Dr. Donald Washburn lVlr. Jack Tohtz lVlr. Eugene Stoddard lVlrs. Kay Ryall Nliller ,Z ""'Q-, 212 '5- ,ml , . l lf U V fig? b ' I f l' As the major medium of communication between the student body and the college, THE SPECTATOR aids in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion and of intellectual exploration of the Edinboro campus. Every ESC student and faculty member is free to express his opinion on current cam- pus issues by submitting letters to the Editor. In addition, Edinboro's student newspaper serves as the guardian of Student-Faculty Council, and its commit- tees' news. THE SPECTATOR, financed solely by Student Activity Funds budgeted by Student-Faculty Council, is published weekly during the academic year, except during vacations. 'J x 07' This year Editor, Bob Skelton introduced two new col- umns into the news agenda-"Around the State College System," and "Through Perry White's Window", and editorial comment on numerous campus issues. The Editor, selected by the out-going editor, the advisor and staff members, is approved by the Publications Board and Student-Faculty Council on the basis of his credentials and experience. THE SPECTATOR seeks to follow the Code of Ethics set forth by the Associated Collegiate Press and Pi Delta Ep- silon, national honorary journalism fraternity. THE SPECTATOR office is located in the Student Communi- cations Center, Room B-7, Normal Hall. Station Manager-Tom Lopez Program Director-Russ Peck Traffic Manager-Nlyra Keisler Treasurer-Joeldene lVlarietti Record Librarian-lVlary Benko Publicity Director-Nlarge Krill Chief Engineer-Gene Casanova Advisers-lVlr. J. Dantry, lVlr. R. Wallace WJ KB WJKB, the Radio Voice of Edinboro, Pa. is operat- ed for and by the students of Edinboro State College and broadcasts on a closed circuit AM frequency of 560 kilocycles. Membership is open to all students maintaining a cumulative average of 2.0 who desire practical experience in the field of radio communication. ln the school year 1967-68, WJKB expanded its broadcast time to a full fourteen hours a day from noon to 2:00 A.lVl. Students living in the dormitories were able to hear a wide selection of music including rock and roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, folk music, show tunes, classics and easy listening. WJKB also enlarged its coverage of campus and community events by presenting interviews of celebrities and live broadcasts of Student Faculty Council meetings. WJKB's news and sports reporters also covered ESC's football and basketball games around the state. Hoping to bring better service to the campus and community, WJKB is presently making plans for a 250 watt FlVl educational station and has installed United Press International wire service in order to facilitate better campus, local, and world-wide news coverage. 1968 Tartan Staff Bobbie Anderson Editor-in-Chief Jeanne Huber Connie Smith Mike IVlanfredi Doug Hager Gerry Kornas Bob Skelton Jeanette Ali Karen Kristy Sandy Bart Chris Brodict lVlona lVlook Carol Patterson Cindy Ferrick Gamma Sigma Sigma Alpha Phi Omega Bob Hals Dave Anderson lVlr. Carl Nelson lVlrs. Sylvia Burdick IVlr. Paul Newman lVlr. Richard Swanson Art Editor Senior Editor Administration and Faculty Editors Copy Editor Sports Editor Organizations Editor Greek Editor Typing Staff Distribution Staff Receiving and Handling Student Photographers Professional Photographer Senior Photographer Adviser Company Representative 215 sv wif." Q .Q 'K XS My V7 x 2 4 E 1 i 2 4 Www VW' f ff A fran ' Wh f W W , fff 4' ff f if 4? fwfr x Q! is . M X , 4 . Us ' fx jg fi ' ' 'f ' 'HV -fri J 51' if I . Q 1 A x V . A 12, Er . ffl . 'fu gf" bk gk Q 1 s QQ is JH., v J, '- .' ' Q f "bv . wiv' ' 1" 'Q ,rw X ' F555-fi-.Y 7 . Egbfgflgi ' 9351 w lg 5 N d:7f"1.b ,W .. ,, xjwl. . . L- ,l A Lvl Q V Yah .xg , - I T- , 'af W 0 Yi? ' - . 4, ,, F I I 2 414 gi Egf 1, Q. , V 9 E E 1 12 A - - - 0, . M-warm-..w i A 55, me ' new 153 f ff' 5 ,M f M1 X I ,W Wfjfdff MX4fvf"3f41f0Wf fy . . XS, ,f QQ, N 5 Q: -gy 3- ",,,,ffff.-x - V f . .,,.,,,f,M, , 9 ff .1 ,V if 4 " -V V ,x N 49' ,4,'., ' lf gfflfify 'I "A ' fc,lffx',7f, 'X Av ,5'W"'f , f, ., ,, 1 411' ' 417' , J' 9 'Q X 7 w it pf 39" ' -- -f---A -V -"- Y ...--- Y.-Y--Y-.:4,,.., ---.., . . Senior Index A Abbott, Vivian L. Art Education Aber, Cheryl Secondary Mathematics Delta Zeta-Asst. Treas., Math Club-Sec., Dearborn Hall-Sec. Abert, Janet Elementary Education A.W.S., P.S.E.A., Psychology Club. Adams, Jack Elementary Education Television Staff, P.S.E.A., C.U.B. Adams, Jeanne Elementary Education Delta Zeta, P.S.E.A. Adamson, Phyllis Mae Elementary Education C.E.E., P.S.E.A. Albitz, Wendy Ellen Secondary English A.W.S.-Sec., Centennial Hall-V.P., English Club. Alford, Martha Elementary Education Altbaugh, Susan Elementary Education Psychology Club, P.S.E.A. Altenburg, Daniel G. Liberal Arts. Amaditz, Christine Art Education Delta Phi Delta, Student Faculty Council, Dorm Council. Ambill, Margo A. Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Judith Art Education Tartan Staff. Anderson, Karen R. Anderson, Patricia P.S.E.A., Alpha Gamma Delta-Corr. Sec., Psychology Club. Ansbach, Charles John Social Sciences Collegiate Players. Sig Upps, Wrestling. Anthony, Charles Ross Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club, Tennis Team, P.S.E.A. Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Aquadro, Nancy E. Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Newman Club, A.W.S Arnink, Donna Art Education Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players. Augustino, Peggy Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Speech and Hearing Club, One Act Plays. Ayres, Elizabeth A. Liberal Arts B Baglini, John F. Art Education Delta Sigma Phi-Athletic Director, Track, P.S.E.A. Baierl, Heather Liberal Arts Delta Zeta-Social Chairman. Barera, Joseph C. Secondary Science Sigma Tau Gamma, N.E.A., P.S.E.A. Barney, Barbara Ann Secondary English Gamma Sigma Sigma, P.S.E.A., English Club. Barton, Roger J. Secondary English N.E.A., P.S.E.A. Beatty, James J. Secondary English Sigma Tau Gamma-Pres., Intramurals. Beedy, Mary Ellen Secondary English English Club, Chorus. Benedict, Joanne Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A., Math Club. Benson, Bonnie Elementary Education Collegiate Players. Benzing, Chris Secondary Mathematics Sigma Sigma Sigma, P.S.E.A., Math Club. Berardi, Anita Secondary English Gamma Sigma Sigma, English Club, P.S.E.A. Berry, Robert H., Jr. Library Science Veteran's Club, Student Librarian Association. Bitley, Barbara J. Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Bishop, Lynn C. P.S.E.A., N.E.A., A.W.S. Black, Susan Fae Secondary Social Studies Varsity Cheerleader, Delta Zeta, A.W.S.- Pres. Elementary Education Blackburn, Bonnie B. Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Collegiate Players. Bleutge, Carolyn Elementary Education P.S.E.A., C.E.C., Alpha Gamma Delta-House Chairman. Bloomquist, Robert D. I Secondary Mathematics Delta Sigma Phi, Football, lntramurals-Stu- dent Director. I Blystone, Dorothy Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, C.E.C. ' Bober, Mary Ann Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. t Bock, Jack P., ll Secondary Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega, Math Clubhlntramurals. Bodamer, Christine Kay Elementary Education English Club, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Bond, Jill Library Science Student Library Association-V.P., Dearborn Hall-V.P., Majorette. Bongiovanni, Paulette Elementary Education N.E.A., P.S.E.A. Bostaph, Sallie M. Art Education P.S.E.A., Newman Club, C.U.B. Bott, Catherine Secondary Spanish Dean's List, Newman Club, P.S.E.A. Bowen, John Martin, Jr. Secondary Biology Chess Club. Bowen, Ronald L. Secondary English English Club. Brady, Cheri Art Education Centennial Hall-V.P., A.W.S., Newman Club -Social Chairman. Brennan, .Michael E. Elementary Education Swimming, Speech Club, Psychology Club. Brice, Vicki Lynn Elementary Education English Club, Collegiate Players, P.S.E.A. Brown, Barbara Elementary Education Brown, Judith Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Delta Zeta, A.W.S.-So- cial Chairman. Brown, Lyona Elementary Education Brozenich, Gary B. Elementary Education Bruno, Sandra Elementary Education Delta Zeta, A.W.S. Burger, Jo-Anne Elementary Education Dorm Council, P.S.E.A., Spanish Club. Burt, Mary Alethea Art Education ClDtelta Phi Delta, Collegiate Players, Newman u . Busatto, Jo-Ann Elementary Education C.E.C. Byler, Dan Art Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Concert Chorale-Pres., C.U.B.-Fine Arts Chairman. C Callahan, Glenda Elementary Education Callahan, Norma Lee Art Education P.S.E.A., Delta Phi Delta. Callo, Sandra Lee Elementary Education Majorette, P.S.E.A., A.W.S. Campbell, Barbara Secondary English Delta Zeta, English Club, Majorette. Campeau, Judith Secondary English English Club, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Caputo, Yvonne Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Collegiate Singers, Col- legiate Players. Caretti, John L. Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi, C.U.B. Carlson, Faye C. Elementary Education Student Librarian Association. Carlson, Nancy Elementary Education Majorette, Speech and Hearing Club, A,W,S, Carmen, Lawrence J. Secondary Science Carmosino, Patricia Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Carr, Linda D. Secondary Mathematics Math Club, P.S.E.A. 218 Carter, Marnie Secondary English English Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Cass, Carol J. Art Education Collegiate Players, P.S.E.A. Cass, Sheryl Elementary Education Catroppa, Joyce Elementary Education English Club, P.S.E.A. I Chizmar, Denise Liberal Arts Clark, Robert D. Secondary Biology Chess Club, Spectator. Cline, James Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Couburn, Kenneth Secondary Mathematics Colaguori, Vincent- SOCial Studies Delta Sigma Phi, Social Studies Club. Cole Sally Janine Elementary Education Dean's List, Le Cercel,Francais, A.W.S. Condriet, Martha Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Band, C.E.C. Congdon, Sandra Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club, A.W.S., P.S.E.A. Connolly, Kathleen Anne Elementary Education Delta Zeta-Corres. Sec., P.S.E.A., Resident Asst. Cook, Daniel Vincent Secondary English English Club. Cook, Judith C. Elementary Education Spanish Club, P.S.E.A. Cornell, Beth Linden Art Education Delta Zeta, C.U.B., P.S.E.A. Cozad, David Liberal Arts College Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha. Cridge, Linda Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club, P.S.E.A., Psychol- ogy Club. Crissman, Christine Elementary Education A.W.S., P.S.E.A. , Cubbison, Ann L. Secondary English Mu Kappa Gamma, English Club, Tam O'Shanters. D D'Amico, Loreen Elementary Education Psychology Club, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. Danielson, Andrew Elementary Edication P.S.E.A. Darkoch, Kathleen Elementary Education Varsity Cheerleader, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. Davenport, Peggy J. Library Science Gamma Sigma Sigma, Chorus, S.L.A. Davis, Karen M. Secondary Math and Physics Cllvgu Kappa Gamma, String Ensemble, Math u . Dean, Patricia Liberal Arts Delta Zeta, A.W.S. DeBacker, David P. Liberal Arts PhJr. Class Decoration Comm., Delta Sigma l. Debevec, Rose E. Elementary Education Deeter, Martha Elementary Education DeFazio, Mary Ann Elementary Education C.E.C., Dorm Council, A.W.S. Repre- sentative. Deiger, Betty Elementary Education P.S.E.A. DePrille, Michele Anne Elementary Education Madrigals, Concert Chorale, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Mu Kappa Gamma. DeSantis, Gloria Jean Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Spectator, P.S.E.A. Desmone, Mary Catherine Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club. DeTuerk, Carole Lee Elementary Education Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players, Span- ish Club. Detzel, Allyn Louis Elementary Education 'C.E.C., P.S.E.A. Dickson. Ronald Elementary Education Veterans Club, Lambda Chi, Intramural Basketball. - 5 Dim P.E Ding' D0 sial? DGP" P.E Dudl Fri Dulii Ju DUB? C0 Dunr Ba Ealyi M. Egyl Ps Eidu P: Basl Ellis Ei Erid Sl Estr Ji Clul Eval A Ewii S Farg C Fasi E Feh F Fiel W P Fisl Flii Fo Fol t Fol l Fol Fru Fri- Fr- Fr Fr F F F F nglish Cation ration tation l Arts nology lation natics Zudies :ation :ation tation E.A. cation dent iglish ation ation Arts ation chol- ition glish Tam ition tion tion ance sics lath Arts lrts ima :ion :ion :ion are- ion ion ma ion ion ion all' ion ion iral DiMott, Mary Louise Secondary Biology P.S.E.A., Psychology Club. ginger, Linda C. Art Education Delta Phi Delta, W.A.A., Womens Intercolle- giate Sp0riS- Dopierala, Judy Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Zeta Tau, A.W.S. pudzinsky, Rita Ann Secondary French French Club, Arts Festival. Duffin, Edward Secondary Mathematics Junior Aide, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Dugan, Brent g Liberal Arts Collegiate Singers, English Club, Madrigals. Duncan, Laurie Elementary Education Band, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. E Ea'y, Rgnald Secondary Mathematics Math Club, P.S.E.A. d, F Louise I Egyu rances Secondary Mathematics Peyeneiagy Club, P.S.E.A., iviarn Club. Eiduke, Bart Liberal Arts Psychology Club, Newman Club, Freshman- Basketball. Ellis, Sandra A. Secondary English English Club, N.E.A., P.S.E.A. Erichson, Susan Elementary Education Student Faculty Council, A.W.S., P.S.E.A. Estman, Karen Sue Elementary Education Judson Fellowship, P.S.E.A., Social Studies Club. Evanich, Lynda Jane Art Education A.W.S., P.S.E.A. Ewig, Geraldine Gates Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma,FC.E.C. Fargo, Dorothy Elementary Education Collegiate Singers. Fasenmyer, Susanne Secondary English English Club. Fehrenbach, William L. Secondary Social Studies P.S.E.A. Fields, Glenn Curtis, lll Secondary Biology P.S.E.A.-Pres., Tau Kappa Epsilon. Fisher, Gary A. Secondary Social Science Sigma Tau Gamma. Flinn, Trudy Elementary Education A.W.S., Library Assist. Fogleboch, She'ri Secondary Spanish P.S.E.A., Spanish Club. FognS,BThomas E. Elementary Education Fontana, Robert Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Fordyce, George B. Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi, Tennis. Frederick, Regina A. Art Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, A.W.S. Freiwald, John J. Elementary Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gamma Theta Upsilon. Fretwell, Nancy Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, C.E.C. Frisina, Dominic C. Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi. Frombach, John W. Elementary Education Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Faculty Council. Fruehwirth, Doris Art Education P.S.E.A. Fry, Christine Art Education A.W.S., P.S.E.A. Fuller, Kathy Art Education G Galbraith, James Michael Elementary Education Band. Gallagher, Sharon Secondary English English Club-Sec., Choir, P.S.E.A. Gasparik, Gerald A. Art Education Clifltlpha Phi Omega, Newman Club, Bowling u . Gass, Ginnie Elementary Education Delta Zeta, C.U.B., P.S.E.A. Geiger Joy Elementar I V y GeTJrZE'lliolt?rTMg3.Shante'5i Dorm Couaglllon r le ' G D'ama,-Plglb. WJKB, P.s.E?1i?Ondary Smence erger, in a El . G.St"EF Ensemble. ememary Educahon 'er' alne M- I Elementary Educat' Thgglqr-3-, Collegiate Players, Warren Camping, Gillette Candace Elementar A ' . , y Ed t G-gamma Sigma Sigma, Glee Club, P.Sl?E?AiOn 'i32mE AamSpeeen dmflmentary Education . . . ., an g'Shanters. earmg Club' Tam osik, Antoinette Art Education cHiAglgaEt.Xamma Delta, Student Faculty Coun- Gray, Barbara EI t - G Delta Zeta, c.E.c. emen ary Educahon Yay, Sharon Second E l' h Green, Darlene J. Secondaaryy Spragnlih P.S.E.A., N.E.A., A.W.S. Greenfield, Christine L. Secondary Social Studies Gamma Theta Upsilon-Pres., Alpha Gam- ma Delta-Act. Chairman, A.W.S.-Treas. Greyhosky, Vicki Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Speech and Hearing Club, P.S.E.A. Gribbin, John J. Elementary Education Griffin, Nancy Nlyal Arr Education Kappa Gamma Psi, C.U.B., Residents Assistant. Gross, Jacqueline Elementary Education C.E.C., A.W.S. Gross, William E. Secondary Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega, Math Club. Grove, Cherylee Elementary Education A.W.S., P.S.E.A. Gural, Jo Ann Elementary Education Band, P.S.E.A., Psychology Club. Gurrera, Lawrence Eugene U Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A., lntramurals. H Halcomb, Judith Ellen l Secondary Social Studies World Civ. Procter. Hanas, Mary Ann Liberal Arts Harpst, Donald L. Secondary Social Studies Hartzell, Samuel D. Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club. . Heaster, Marie Secondary English Heckman, Christine A. Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, P.S.E.A., Newman Club. I Heinrich, Patricia Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta. n Heise, Susan E. Elementary Education Kappa Gamma Psi, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. I Herb, Louann Elementary Education P.S.E.A., W.A.A., R.A. I Herbert, Gail Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Band' k thl A H , een nn , ermonsky a Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, C.U.B., P.S.E.A. Herrmann, William A. g Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club. n Hibbard, Ruthie Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Choir, P.S.E.A. I Higgins, Dorothea J. Elementary Education D It P. . H'Ki2EsJaSuesa?1 Ann Elementarbl Educahon 'gg 1 , i Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tam O Shanters. l 1 ' Elementary Education Hildman, Marian C' b Newman Club C.E.C., Psychology u . - . Hilligan, James Leo N Seco2dE1:HbEl'18llSl'l A ma - English Club, P.S.E.A., GW t Ed cation . th - Ar u I ll:Te'lfeii?aPeggryeJeanne Elementary EdU9at'0n Hoenes , Bette Secondary Bwlqgy Hoesch: Dennis W. Secondary Social Studies R.A. 219 Hofer, Colleen Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A., Student Librarian Assoc. H0ffm3f1. eleffy D-G Secondary Biology Hoikgggriexlrt-eADiane Elementary Education H0ld9l'l. Linda Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Delta Zeta-V.P., Choir. Holmes, Mary Lou Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Houck, Carol L. Secondary English English Club, P.S.E.A. Houser, Louis J. Secondary Mathematics Newman Club, Math Club. Howlett, Salli Art Education C.U.B.-Exec., A.W.S. Hritzay, 'Dorothy Ann Liberal Arts Marching Band, Concert Band, Brass Choir. Hudson, Thomas D. Secondary English Sophomore Class President, Judicial Comm., Dining Hall Comm. Hunt. Joan Library Science Student Library Assoc., P.S.E.A., Wesley Stu- dent Foundation. I lntrieri. Rose Marie Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Psychology Club, A.W.S. J Jackman, Elizabeth Ann Secondary English Commuter's Club, English Club. James, Mary Catherine Elementary Education English Club, Psychology Club, P.S.E.A. Jeffery, Elaine R. Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Debating Society, Col- legiate Singers. Johnson, Beverly Ann Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Psychology Club. Johnson, David W. Secondary English Who's Who, English Club. Johnson, Joan L. Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Johnson, Marjorie A. Secondary English C.U.B., P.S.E.A., English Club. Johnson, Wayne G. Liberal Arts Veterans Club, P.S.E.A., Psychology Club. Johnston, Kathy Secondary Science Gamma Theta Upsilon, Intercollegiate, lntra- mural Sports. Jolley, Madeline E. Elementary Education Gamma Theta Upsilon, Gamma Sigma Sigma. Jones, Bonnie Elementary Education Choral Groups-Sec.-Treas., Mu Kappa Gam- ma-Treas. K Kadel, Suzanne Lee Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Spanish Club, P.S.E.A. Kall.mann, Barry L. Art Education Ski Club, People to People, P.S.E.A. A Kasper, Janet Secondary English Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, English Club. U Kent, William D. Elementary Education Men's Glee Club, Concert Chorale. I Kibuz, Joyce Marie Art Education Kiefer, Kristine Aff Education P.S.E.A., A.W.S. Kirk, Karen Secondary French Gamma Sigma Sigma, French Club. I Klein, Pamela Art Education P.S.E.A., C.U.B., A.W.S. I Kondzielski, Patricia Secondary Engllsh English Club. P.S.E.A., Collegiate Players. Kopczak, James Secondary Mathematics Phi Sigma Kappa, Varsity Football, E-Club. Kopfy Fran Elementary Education Kosaniak Anastasia Secondary Efjgllsh English Club, College Union Board, Orienta- tion Committee. Kramer, Shirley Elementary Education W.A.A., P.S.E.A. , Krill, Carrie Lee Secondary Engllsh Pi Delta Epsilon, WJKB, Newman Club. Kullti, Ed Secondary Biology Kunkle, Judy Elementary Education Kappa Gamma Psi, A.W.S., Pan Hellenic Council. Kuzio, Shirley Secondary English English Club, P.S.E.A., A.W.S. L Lada, Georgia Elementary Education Lang, Elizabeth Elementary Education lVlu Kappa Gamma, Women's Glee Club, Speech and Hearing Club. Lang, Isabelle A. Elementary Education lVlu Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Speech and Hearin Club g . Laniewicz, John M. Secondary Mathematics Karate Assn., Ski Club, Bowling League. Lapadat, Linda Elementary Education President Psychology Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Collegiate Players. Lasher, Russell Secondary Chemistry Lassack, Diane Elementary Education Psychology Club, Social Studies Club, P.S.E.A. Laughner, "Mel" Secondary Mathematics Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma Kappa, C.U.B. Lauricia, Andrea Jeanne Art Education Tam O'Shanters. Lawrence, Barbara Secondary English English Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Layton, Ruth M. Art Education Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta. Leary, Barbara J. Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Zeta Tau Alpha, Chapel Choir. Leaver, Karen Elementary Education Algha Gamma Delta, Pan Hellenic Council, C.E. . Ledebur, Dennis Art Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, P.S.E.A. LeFever, Eve Elementary Education Pi Delta Epsilon, Tartan Staff, P.S.E.A. Linder, Roberta Elementary Education P.S.E.A., People to People, Tam O'Shanters. Litwin, Larry M. Secondary Biology Beta Beta Beta, Marching and Concert Band. Livermore, Dale U. Secondary Social Studies Wesley Foundation. Livingston, Marjorie Elementary Education Psychology Club, A.W.S. Lucia Kitt Elementar Education I Y Y P.S.E.A., N.E.A., Newman Club. M MacArthur, James Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club. MacArthur, Jean Art Education Delta Zeta, P.S.E.A., A.W.S. McCIurg, Sandra Lou Elementary Education P.S.E.A. McConnell, Jean L. Elementary Education Student Library Assoc., Kappa Delta Pi, Glee Club. McCorkle, Jacqueline Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Collegiate Singers, S.L.A. McCue, Daniel Martin Secondary Mathematics Football Team, Math Club, Intramural Sports. S McCullough, Douglas Basketball, Volleyball, McEntire, Marsha M. N.E.A., P.S.E.A. McFarland, Judith Delta Zeta, Member o Elementary Education Softball Intramurals. Elementary Education Elementary Education f Judicial Board. McFiggen, Karen Elementary Education McGranagan, David Elementary Education McKinley, Sharon Secondary Spanish Student Faculty Council, Spanish Club, Peo- ple to People. McKlveen, Bette J. Elementary Education Psychology Club, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. McMunn, Michael O. Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Faculty Council V.P., Soph. Class Officer. Macey, George A. Secondary English English Club, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Mahaney, Janet L. Elementary Education Psychology Club, P.S.E.A., Wesley Founda- tion. Maines, Ruth K. Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club. Mapel, Irwin Elementary Education Phi Sigma Kappa, C.U.B., Intramurals. Marr, Thomas A. Art Education Delta Sigma Phi, President Junior Class, C.U.B. Masenas, Denise Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club, P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Masiroff, Gary Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club. I Mastrian, Charlene H. Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club, P.S.E.A. Matija, Thomas Liberal ANS Matone, Ginny E. Art Education R.A. Dearborn Hall, Girls Intercollegiate Basketball. 1 Mazza, Rachel Elementary Education Cheerleading, Resident Assistant, A.W.S. Means, Mary Ellen Art Education Merriman, Bonnie Secondary English English Club. Merz, Sharon L. Elementary Education P.S.E.A., Sweetheart of Phi Sigma Pi, A.W.S. Mesick, Pamela Art Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, P.S.E.A. Meyers, Marilyn K. Elementary Education Dorm Council, R.A., P.S.E.A. Meyers, Virginia Elementary Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Psychology Club, P.S.E.A. Michael, Alice Elementary Education Tam O'Shanters, Speech and Hearing Club, Psychology Club. Michael, Suzanne Elementary Education Michelangelo, Sarah Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Middendorf, Carole Jean Elementary Education Collegiate Singers, Psychology Club, C.E.C. Miller, Catherine L. Secondary English Delta Zeta, Student Faculty Council Sec., A.W.S.-V.P. Miller, Dave Secondary Mathematics Basketball. Miller, Jean Clark Secondary English English Club, P.S.E.A., Chorus. Miller, Jerry Sigma Tau Gamma . Miller, Lyle M. Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club. Miller, Susan Linda Elementary Education P.S.E.A., English Club, Psychology Club. Miller, R. Glenn Secondary Social Studies Sigma Tau Gamma, C.E.C. Mills, Dorothy LaRue Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta, S.F.C., Intercollegiate Basketball. Mineo, Francine Elementary Education C.E.C., Newman Club, Collegiate Players. Mohr, Dennis, Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club, Intramurals. Molli, Garold S. Secondary Mathematics Moor, T. Moore, Tom Secondary Social Studies Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Studies Club, Tennis Team. Mordush, Janice Elementary Education A.W.S.. English Club, Psychology Club. Morgan, J. Morgan, Thomas F. Secondary Spanish Alpha Phi Omega, band, track team, Span- ish Club. Muir, Beverly Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club. Munteam, Richard Secondary Mathematics Math Club. Musiek, Frank Secondary Biology and Speech Therapy Football and Track, Class Advisory Council, Speech and Hearing Club. N Nancie, Margie 220 Nathal, Kathleen M. Secondary English Art Festival Committee, English Club, P.S.E.A. Nickolazas, Nicky Jona Elementary Education English Club. Nishnick, Steve Elementary Education "E" Club, Football. Nola, Therese A. Secondary Biology Beta Beta Beta, English Club, Newman Club. Noll, Frank A., Ill Secondary Mathematics Lambda Chi. Novelli, Gerald Liberal Arts Football. Nowak, Dolores Secondary English English Club, Math Club. O Olszewski, Carole Elementary Education Social Union Committee, P.S.E.A. O'Neill, Michael J. Secondary Social Studies Sigma Tau Gamma, C.E.C., Psychology Cdub. Orner, Richard L. Elementary Education Chi Alpha, Wesley Foundation. Orner, Robert LeRoy Elementary Education Chi Alpha, Wesley Foundation. Ostberg, Suzanne E. Elementary Education Kappa Gamma Psi, C.U.B. Otis, Sharon E. Elementary Education Earp Hall-Pres., P.S.E.A., Alpha Gamma Delta. P Packo, Janet Elementary Education Concert Band, Chorus, Mu Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, P.S.E.A., Glee Club. Packo, Jean Elementary Education Concert Band, Chorus, Mu Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, P.S.E.A., Glee Club. Padasak, Darlene E. Marie Secondary Mathematics P.S.E.A., A.W.S., N.E.A. Palmer, James R. Secondary Mathematics Pantzis, Harvey Secondary French Sigma Tau Gamma, French Club, C.U.B., Psy- chology Club. Paterson, Patricia Jean Elementary Education C.E.C., P.S.E.A. Patnik, Patricia Anne Alpha Gamma Delta, Cheerleader. Paulus, Nikki Alpha Gamma Delta, Pegg, Raymond Allen Tau Kappa Epsilon, Officer. Perry, Franny Alpha Gamma Delta Art Education Delta Phi Delta, Varsity Elementary Education C.E.C., C.U.B. Secondary English Basketball, Jr. Class Elementary Education C.E.C. Peterson, Leslie Secondary Math and Physics Sigma Tau Gamma. Petrarca, Gerald Elementary Education Petrella, Rocco Secondary Social Studies Intramurals, Social Studies Club. Petri, Vicki Lynn Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Delta Zeta, R.A. Petrosky, Marsha Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Pfisterer, Diane Speech Therapy Delta Zeta, Speech and Hearing Club. Pfisterer, James R. Secondary Mathematics Pilotti, Charlotte Secondary Spanish Spanish Club, P.S.E.A. Piroli, Denise Anne Secondary English Varsity Cheerleader, Pan Hellenic Council- Pres., Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pluskota, Nancy Elementary Education Podowski, Jack Art Education C.U.B., Tau Kappa Epsilon-Pres., S.F.C. Pomeroy, Dorothy Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, Speech and Hearing Club, Collegiate Players. Popovich, Janet Elementary Education Kappa Gamma Psi, Concert and Marching Band, P.S.E.A. Poux, Kathleen Elementary Education Psychology Club, Newman Club. POW' Pi D00 all Ga Quill Rabi Mi RaT Co Regi dent Tarr Reia P Reis T: Ren A Rho S Rho Ricl E Rie: Rillj V Rin S Rip E Roi, E Roi I Spi R01 E He Ro I cei Ru Ru Sa S: S: S1 C Si Si S S S S F E S 1 1 tlish lub' tion tion JOEY lub. tics Arts lish lion lies dub. :ion Zion iion ion ma ion na, ion na, tics ics ich lsy- on Oil iity Ol'l ish iss on ics on ies Ofl Oil PY cs sh sh Jil Jl'l an 13 in lg lil D ' Secondary English Poglegeltgngpiilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Year- bo0k..Greek 81 Sports Editor. I pyegfa Theresa Elementary Education Ganema Sigma Sigma, Newman Club, W.A.A. Q Quadack, Ann R Rabits, Sally Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Band. I Raybuck, Donald E. Secondary Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon, P.S.E.A., Orientation flgggldryt' Diane Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club, Stu- dent Library Assoc. U Reese, Beverly Dawn Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tam O'Shanters, Band. t Reichaft, Paul Eugene Liberal Arts Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega. Reisker, Philip L. Elementary Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, S.F.C., P.S.E.A. Reno, Sue Ann Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Rhodes, Kathryn Lynn Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma-Pres., P.S.E.A. Rhodes, Robert D. Secondary Physics Rich, David R. Elementary Education English Club. Rieste, Bill Elementary Education Proctor, S.F.C, Newman Club. Riley, Dennis Secondary Mathematics Wrestling, Math Club, Football Manager. Rinder, Susan Taggart Library Science S.F.C., Delta Zeta, Student Librarian Assoc. Ripper, Russell W. Secondary Social Studies Band, Jazz Band. Roden, Leanna Elementary Education Speech and,Hearing Club, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. Rodgers, Joyce Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, English Club, Spectator. Roeder, Elizabeth Elementary Education S.F.C., Alpha Gamma Delta, Speech and Hearing Club. Roman, Judith Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, College Marching, Con- cert and Jazz Bands. Rulli, Karen Ann Art Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A., C.U.B. Rupert, Dennis R. Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A. S Sagtt-E42 Donna Elementary Education Sandell, Norma Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Sargent, Mark C. Secondary Social Studies Social Studies Club, N.E.A., P.S.E.A. Schaefer, Katie M. Art Education Culgelta Phi Delta, Zeta, Tau, Manager of The 5Cha0f, John Paul Elementary Education P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Schaller, Joseph H. Elementary Education Schietroma, Bonnie Elementary Education C.E.C., P.S.E.A., A.W.S. Schmoke, Diana M. Elementary Education Kappa Gamma Psi, C.E.C., C.U.B. Schreiner, Colette N. Elementary Education S P.S.E.A., N.E.A., People to People. chflfleffsf Derek Liberal Arts Phi Sigma Kappa. 5C0bIe, Suzanne Elementary Education Collegiate Players, Collegiate Singers, Alpha Psi Omega. Sebak, Lawrence Art Education Sebllnk, Stephen Lamond Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Epsilon. Sedelmyer, Ellen Elementary Education tagplgilafgamma' Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Spec- Shafer Donald L I-,be I . V I A t CII-su Kappa EpSIlOn. C.U.B., Social rgtudiei Shaginaw, Patricia Ann U Seco d S ' l ' Social Studies Club, Ogsosgudfys People. Shea, Virgie G. Element Ed t' Collegiate Singers, English Clu?bTyP.S.Ei2 Ion Shearer, Sue ' Sheppard, Colleen E. Secondary English Alpha Psi Ome , D It Z t , legiate Players. ga a e ea' WJKB' CO' Sheridan, Teresa M. Elementary Education Newman Club, Library Club. Shlflng, Nanfly Ann A Secondary English Spectator Staff, English Club, P.S.E.A. Shgegtlgelrxgeliligindra Art Education 5lmm0l1S, Robert Art Education .President of College Christian Fellowship. 5'mPS0n, Kathryn Elementary Education -Sigma Sigma Sigma, P.S.E.A., C.E.C. 5!mPS0n, Nell Elementary Education Sites, Marcy Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta. Skandera, Paulette Joanne Elementary Education Sklencar, Jane E. Art Education Psychology Club, P.S.E.A., Newman Club. Smalley, James Tau Kappa Epsilon. Smiley, Sylvia S. Elementary Education Smith, Lawrence Liberal Arts Smith, Norma L. Liberal Arts Smith, Ronald C. Art Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Delta Phi Delta, P.S.E.A. Smith, Thomas Smock, Wilma Jean Library Science and Art Education S.L.S., A.L.A., P.L.A. Sninsky, Judith Elementary Education Dean's List, C.E.C., P.S.E.A. Elementary Education Specht, Roberta P.S.E.A. A Stankiewicz, Jacqueline N. Secondary English En lish Club AW.S., P.S.E.A. g , . Stark, Sharon Jean Elementary Education P.S.E.A. Staryszak, Frank Elementary Education Phi Sigma Kappa, E-Club. ' Stasky, Mary F. Elementary Education P.S.E.A. I Stefancik, Edward Art Education Stevens, Linda Secondary English English Club, P.S.E.A. . Steward, Cheryl Liberal Arts Stewart, Alycefaye Art Edueaflpp Sigma Sigma Sigma, E.S.C. Choir, P.S.E.A. Stewart, Sharon Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, S.L.A., P.S.E.A. I Stoltenberg, Karen M. Art Edueatlprl C.U.B., N.E.A., P.S.E.A. U Streich, Marlene Secondary English Zeta Tau, P.S.E.A. , Strong, Judith Secondarl' Eflgllsh Delta Zeta, P.S.E.A., Freshman Orientation. Swanson, Raymond S0CIal 3'fUd'eS Social Studies Club, P.S.E.A. A Sykes, Donald E. Biology Beta Beta Beta. , Szymanski, Mary Elementary Educatlon Tam O'Shanters. T Taylor, Karen E. Elementarlf Education Collegiate Singers, P-5-E-A h , V 5, Secondary Mat Teggwyia Tzrrgamma-Treas., Math Club. Thomas, Gary 1 Secondary Biology Mu Kappa Gamma, 'sigma Tau Gamma' Band. 221 Thomas, Mary E- Elementary Education Spanish Club, Newman Club, P.S.E.A. Th0mPS0n, Gloria Elementary Education MU Kappa Gamma, Tam O'Shanters. Band. Tpdd, Frank Elementary Education Alpha Phi Omega. Tvncini, Ronald Secondary Geography T0l'ellI, Jpseph Elementary Education TraVIS, Richard Elementary Education Collegiate Players. Troiano, Richard Liberal Arts Beta Beta Beta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Council-Pres. Tfoyer, Sylvia Elementary Education Speech and Hearing Club. Trumbull, Karen Elementary Education P.S.E.A. V VanEpps, Norman Elementary Education Vavra, Steve Secondary English Tau Kappa Epsilon, P.S.E.A. Viglione, Diana Mathematics P.S.E.A.-Sec.-Treas., Math Club, Spectator Staff. Volk, Marsha Elementary Education C.E.C., P.S.E.A., N.E.A. Vukelich, David Art Education Scuba instructor, Veterans Club-Athletic Director. W Wade, Karen Secondary Math Math Club, Psychology Club. Wagner, Donna Lou Elementary Education Concert Chorale, Madrigal Singers. Walberg, Dennis J. Secondary Biology Mu Kappa Gamma, Band Walburn, Carol Secondary Biology Gamma Sigma Sigma, WJKB. Walter, Carol Art Education Warner, Ann Watchek, Janet L. Social Studies Social Studies Club, Psychology Club, P.S.E.A. Weber, Judith Elementary Education Weyland,Kathy Whitaker, Betty Elementary Education Social Studies Club, A.W.S., N.E.A. Whittenberger, Harold Liberal Arts Gamma Theta Upsilon, Psychology Club. Wiedenheft, Donald Secondary Biology Williams, Sandra Lou Secondary English Gamma Sigma Sigma, Collegiate Players.. Wilson, Anna Mae Elementary Education Delta Zeta, French Club, P.S.E.A. I Wimer, Carole M. Art Education Alpha Gamma Delta, P.S.E.A., Dorm Council. I Winchell, Philip T. Elementary Education Sigma Tau Gamma. v lvia Elementary Education Wisbar, Sy Spanish Club, P.S.E.A., Newman Club. I h Wise, Tomothy D. Secondary Englis English Club. u A Woodard, Charles James Social Studies Social Studies Club-Pres. v Wygant, Carol Lee Elementary Education Mu Kappa Gamma, C.E.C. Yarosik, Marlene Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pan Hellenic Rep. I Yeaney, Carole Elementary Education C.E.C., P.S.E.A. L Yoder Susan Mary Secondary Eflgllsh English Club, Newman Club, P5-E-A l Yurkovich, Barbara Elementary Education P.S.E.A., A.W.S., Newman Club- Z Zaritski, Patricia Elementary Education A Administration ..... All Sports Banquet . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Omega . . Alumni ........... Anniversary Dinner Art Department. . . . A.W.S ........ B Baseball ...... Basketball ...... Beta Beta Beta .... Board of Trustees . . C Cheerleaders ...... Chess Club ....... INDEX Pages 163-164 ....129 ..70-71 .....84 166,209 .....53 ...168 ....95 130-131 148-155 .....92 ....161 156-157 . . . . . 94 Classroom 81 Campus Candids . . . . . . 185-199, 210 92 Collegiate Players . . Commencement ......... Commencement, Summer . . . . CUB ................,. Cultural Programs . . . . D Debut ........ Delta Phi Delta . . . Delta Sigma Phi . . . Delta Zeta ........ Drama ........... Drama Department . . Dronsfield, lVlr. James E Earth Science Club . . Education ....... .. 12-13 .. 28-29 . . . . .94 .. 56-61 ...95 .....94 . ...22-23 . . . 88-89 ... 78-79 ... 169 ... 162 . . . .96 176-177 222 Engle, Paul .... . . .37 F . Financial Aid . . . .... . 165 Football .......... 136-143 French Club ......... ...... 9 2 Freshmen Orientation . . . . . . 40-41 G Pages Gamma Sigma Sigma . . .86 Gamma Theta Upsilon .... . . . 92 Geography ......,.... . . . 179 Glamour Girl . . . . . . . 18 Golf .......... . . . 135 Greek Candids .... . 66-69 Greek Council . . Gregory, Dick . . H Hanging of the Greens . . . . . Homecoming ......... . . . Hootenanny . . . Humanities . . . lnaugration ..... Instructional TV. . . J Japanese Program . . K Kappa Gamma Psi. . . Kappa lVlu Delta . . L Lambda Chi. .. ....65 ....36 . 62-63 . 46-49 . . . .42 172-173 . . . . 2-11 . . . 181 ....32 . .... 82-83 . . . . 74-75 ...'.81 Library Science Department. . . Library Staff ....... Luau ............. Nl Marching Band . . . Nlath ............. Nlath Club ......... NlcNerney, Dr. Chester, Mime and Fencer . . . Morgenthau, Hans. . . Music Department. . . lVlusicaI Entertainment. P Phi Sigma -Kappa. . . Philosophy ........ Physical Education . . Pirates Baseball .... Psychology ...... Psychology Club . . . Publicity ........ R Recitation .... Reisel, Victor . . . S . S.L.A. ........... . Scandinavian Visitors. Science .......... Senior Index ..... Seniors .......... Shenango Campus . . Sigma Chi Delta . . . President ...183 ...182 ....45 ... 90-91 .....178 ......94 162, 208 ......64 ......31 .....169 2 5, 33, 44 Pages ...-.80 ...170 ...184 . . . 34-35 ...171 ...95 . . . 165 . . 33-39 ....30 ...96 .....27 ....180 218-221 . 98-128 200-203 ......85 Sigma Sigma Sigma. . . Sigma Tau Gamma . . . Social Studies ....... Social Studices Club . . Spanish Club ....... Spanish Visitors ...... Spectator .......... Speech 84 Hearing Club Sports Candids ...... Spring Carnival Queen. Spring Conferences . . . Student Faculty Council Student Union ....... T Table of Contents . . . Tartan Staff ........ Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Tennis ........... Track . . . U Ugly lVlan Contest . . . V Van Laningham, Dr. . . Veterans' Club ....... Vietnamese Visitors . . . W Warren Campus . . . Who's Who ....... WJKB ................... Women's Athletic Association . . . . . Wrestling ................. .... ....87 . 72-73 174-175 ....96 ....96 ....52 212-213 . . . .95 159-160 . . ....... 19 . . .... 20-21 ...93 ...43 .......15 215-217 ....76-77 ....135 132-134 . . 50-51 . . . 167 ....95 ....26 204-207 .....97 ....214 ....158 144-147 I 4 I n W W W ! V l 1 S l 1 l J i F 2 I l 5 3 '1 I 1 v 4 1 I 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 f I I 1 1 . N l I 1 Av 1 1 11 A 9 1 S 1 K I 1 Y 1 1 f 5 1 Y 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 x L 1 1 Q 3 2' ,i 2 4 1 . I ,xv Q I 2 2 5 9 1 4 ! g ,. I 1.5 ,M X W. . I 1 I k , SQ nr . 1,1 T 9 E. I Y Q. 5 1 is s 4 Q , In N g. 6 I JVEQ Q I E . Q V I i x 5 1 4 ' 5 3 1 5 r w ' w 1 1 W l 1 1 1 1 N Q. i 5. , 1 5 4 Sf ff yr 3 1 '

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