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 - Class of 1963

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EDINBCJRO STATE COLLEGE EDINBQRO, PA. 1963 I 2 35? Q 3 S 3 fs it ,pm ,. 3 ij A,.- if ,-k-. I VL .V X115 I , . 1 VW. lgfaf EF p""1u i . . A I ,L .L , - . 3,3 ' uw ,.,,m5 - v I I f "' J li Ui ' LL'f Q E Q 1 an .. ,va v sis S F v kg .av Q .fag X ,K fav , lg ' 4 ,J if 54 1, Q he , I 'Wk iw., 5 K 'QL 2 1 I li ii -fieigfw Q if 'LQQ1 . Zh ll.. , Ill if Il flii , 'Qi 'AJ COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA ,,. ,Ly DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Qwwgi svn: TEACHERS cones: is DINBORO PglNSYLVANIA ,-45 E 15, up ga' ,fp ,1-J - wx.: ? " q -.3..-.-5141 , f 'EPP its-A 'QE-1-T13 - 1 as as iw, 119 3 To the Class of 11963: This year's graduates, who became a part of Edinboro four short years age, en- countered a campus consisting of considerably less dormitory space, fewer offices and classrooms, a limited library, and very few of the elementary school observation facilities and special education clinic resources that today's Edinboro makes possible. The student body in 11959 was under 1500, and the graduate program was in its infancy. Today there is a new library with a capacity of 100,000 volumes, a fully operative elementary campus observation school, a language laboratory, a special education clinic, the beginnings of the closed-circuit television facility, and a student body of 2,000 plus Knot including two off-campus centers at Sharon and dwarren, and a vigorously active graduate study programl. No student who has lived through this transition and observed it personally can be unmoved by its spectacular four-year fruition. But it is to Edinboro's great credit that these achievements are a mere beginning. Thirty-five million dollars worth of Laboratories, classrooms, offices and dormitories are under serious consideration, pre- parations and plans for upwards of six thousand students are being seriously formulated for the next few years of Edinboro's explosive epoch. If these facts concerning the college's physical growth--the observable, external picture-were the whole story, it would be an impressive document to exhibit. But there is more. A whole new dimension of growth, academic and curricular, has lately been in- serted into the picture, In 1960 the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dropped the word "Teachers" from the names of its fourteen State Teachers Colleges, Edinboro included. what it meant to he named "Edinboro State College" as opposed to the time-honored "Edinboro State Teachers College" was not altogether clear at that time, but it sug- gested possibilities that excited one's imagination. Today those possibilities have assumed solid shapes that henceforth cannot fail to affect every student and staff member who is associated with the college. A new curri- culum designed to prepare students in the liberal Arts fields has been added to Edin- boro's historically successful teacher-education program. A recognition of the state colleges' responsibility to yo Pennsylvanians' liberal-cultural needs Cin addition to purely professional educatiggs is being urged upon the educational framework of the Commonwealth. Edinboro is a part of this new design and is being challenged to assume its full share of the tremendous new responsibility. Just what is going to happen, exactly, in the next few years at Edinboro cannot be accurately forecast by anyone viewing from the rapidly changing perspective of 1963. All of us who are a part of today's Edinboro can take satisfaction in what it has become since we joined it. More exciting, however, is the prospect of what it is going to become in the years immediately ahead. Students currently enrolled, freshmen in the process of enrolling, and graduates joining the ranks of the alumni, need to grasp the realization of this great potential. We are in what can well be an explosive epoch for Edinboro, and those who work in it as students, or faculty, or administration are ai very real part of that epoch. Sincerely, THOMAS R. MILLER, President PRE IDE ' SSAGE THGMAS R. MIL L1-QR, Ph.D. TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS 10 ADMINISTRATORS 40 UNDERCL AQSES 48 GREEKS 68 ACTIVITIES 96 ATHI ETICS 122 E , , K i A .Af..Z.A .. ff ,U ,, fm nw f L' favs' gawk' ff? IW, , 25 1 aw' N 8 A . S S . 9? Q. 9 Q A-A-will!" .ny K .A , Q ff 5' H :Q we M 5 W , A.v,.w:, ff ,,mM. f ig, , Q Eff' gk, jlisf A Bn ,W X kk Anderson, James Anderson, Patricia Austin, John Babbitt, Charles Secondary Elementary Secondary Secondary Bain, Jeanie .L I X ,si 3, Elementary 'RQ mmjjiig Barnes, Barbara Elementary Barnes, Harry Behan, Mary Ann Benzel, Nancy Secondary Secondary Elementary 12 5 Burger, Ethel Betz, Maryln Elementary Secondary B1schoff, Barry Secondary Bloom Edna Calhoun Elementary -'K elif, K we E 1 Q Hree 5 , l,or Bloornqulst, Seth Secondary 1 Bockstoce, Wallis Bradshaw, Arnold Elementary Elementary L Carando, Margaret Art Brown, Kathryn Elementary Ceho, W1ll1am Secondary Bunnell, Helen Elementary Burns, Patricia Secondary 1 14 Chambers, Cerald Chisholm, Penny Elementary Elementary Clark, Donna ' ' Elementary Cole, Lawrence l Secondary l Costlow, Delores Elementary Craig, Rhonda Anderson Elementary 15 Craig, Thomas Cramer, Ruth Secondary Elementary Dambach, Gerald Secondary . M . I Davis' al-Cla DeFor1o, Anthony Secondary Deal, Frederick Secondary 16 Desmone, Rosella Durfee, Mary Art Art Durish, Joseph Secondary Ellsworth, Don Secondary English, Phyllis Elementary Ewmg, Carole Secondary 17 Ekdahl, Bonnie Elementary Fagan, Karen Faglcy, Richard Fehlman, James Elementary Secondary Secondary Felege, Carole Elementary Fletcher, Rita Art I Ghere, R. Lee Giordano, Dom Joseph Secondary Elementary Frisina, Madaline Secondary Goldhart, Phyllis Goodrich, Donna Elementary Secondary Grubbs, Valerie Elementary 19 Graham, Nancy Elementary Groves, Keith Secondary Haise, Elaine Art Wh Y, Hannold, Karen Harmon, Ruth Hayman, Sally Reed Heberle, Nancy Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary Hill, Linda Secondary Herring, Robert Secondary Hovis, Donna Holmes Lmda Elementary McCloskey, Miriam McElroy, Patricia MCKiUnCY, Rebema Secondary Art Elementaw Mihalya, Helen Elementary Miller, Judy Minor, Milton Elementary Secondary 21 U5 14" ' i'.Q'C.azl If Hull, James Ianello, Charles Secondary Elementary Jacksic, Carolyn J. Secondary Johnson, Barbara Secondary Jackson, Virginia Secondary 22 Jambro, Thomas Art Jones, Dorothy Jones, James jones, Sally Secondary Art Elementary Jurlch, Marle Elementary N Q'-if Kappelt, Mary Kay Secondary ,aim Kennedy, Kerry Kimrny, Vircel Secondary Secondary Kelley, Thomas Secondary 23 Kingston, Kay Klaric, Marlene Klingle, Shirley Elementary Elementary Elementary Knapp, Barbara Elementary ,t,,t Kopfer, Arthur Secondary Krantz, Gary Secondary Koziarz, Phyllis Kozy, Donald Elementary Art Korpa, Steve Art 24 Ladner, Kafhleen Secondary Landas, Martin Secondary Lengauer, Donald Art Landefeld, Olive Elementary Laverty, Joan Art Lenhardt, Alice Elementary Lesko, Patricia Elementary Lewis, Vickie Elementary Litherland, Jerry Secondary 95" 5 Lewis, Edna Elementary Lewis, Susan Secondary Lukitsch, William Maloney, Richard Secondary Secondary 26 4. w l' :- Marceca, Rosanne Mangold, Margaret Manos, Mary Elementary Elementary Elementary at 'af' 'E-iiZ,,,, "Qi nguhh 5' 43:5 lim' "' Wino Mason, David Secondary Maravich, Mary Elementary Matlak, John Secondary McCann, Rita Secondary Mitchum, Carole Molli, Sandra Elementary Elementary Minnis, Richard Secondary Mosher, Barbara Elementary Morley, Richard Secondary Nesbitt, Gary Nurss, Mervin O'DonnelI, James Orzepowski, Karole SeC0f1daI'Y Secondary Art Elementary get 28 l I A Osborn, Margaret Palmer, Lester Elementary Art Paris, Lewis Secondary Pascarella, Carl Secondary Parrotto, Linda Elementary 2 Penrod, Jack Peard, Judith H Secondary Elementary mf, - Melia.. . .,., .. l. F21 X PAE. A'-Q '- Peters, Ruth Peterson, Dolores Pfusch, Susan Secondary Elementary Elementary Popovich, Gayle Popovich, Thomas Elementary Art Potter, Judith Elementary Postiy, Linda Reiber, Paul Riden, Bonnie Secondary Secondary Riester, Barbara Art Art Rosier, Mary Elementary 31 Rodgers, Joan Rosenberg, Charlyhn Elementary Elementary Rouen, Donna Secondary Rutherford Joanne Elementary Samuelson, Dlane Secondary Say, Robert Sawtelle, James Secondary Art Sawdy, Larry Secondary 32 r Secondary Secondary Schaber, George Schenker, Robert Schieber, George Schirmer, Charles Art Art W' 'Umm Schrxmper, Clarence Secondary Schultz, Thomas Secondary 'X X Schutzbach, John Secondary Shallop, Jeanette Elementary 33- Shanahan, Carl Art Sheldon, Gerald Secondary Sherwood, William Secondary Short, Bonnie Sieklucki, Janet Art Secondary Shiley, Thomas Secondary Sirnmerman, Eileen O. Skinner, Linda Smith, Olivia Smith, William Secondary Elementary Elementary Secondary 34- , .1 LN'm,. ' gy m.LAF. VL 4VA, ,K f ? skkwgzr M :cr 1 A-L A ,b. f Stallsmith, Philip Art Staydenmaier, Carol Secondary Stockman, Lawrence Secondary Stohlberg, Martha Stoner, Patricia M. Elementary Elementary 35 Stroup, Sally Elementary Stuby, Mary Ann G. Stucker, Sandra Art Elementary Sturga, Ronald Swank, Katherine Art Secondary Swank, Charles Secondary Swank, John Art Thomas, James Secondary Till, Nancy K Elementary - l Tomaino, Gerald Secondary Tomczak, Paul I Trimble, Reed Secondary Tripp, Beverly Elementary Underwood, Jesse Secondary Secondary VanOrmer, Douglass Secondary Watson, Joanne Secondary Whitbred, Edward Secondary Williamson, Georgann Secondary Wingerter, Susan Elementary Wright, Joyce Wyant, Sara Yeagle, Susan Art Art Elementary 38 S. Yatsko C. Yoder C. Zana S. Zanotti A. Davis N. Zeiler G. McAdams R. Lascik 39 . q, H X J ,Q ew 3 H? , 1 Q 2 if Q fu 'if' ,, "iii 1 Q' I fmzf 51 W A 1 A L. iilifif ii A K 2 . . ifff im., ,L . I . M - x- 2i, f5f?1gJ'?, Q , 5 L , , ' n iss if, ,wx a 1 4, R . Q, Q , Q Ku, 1-5 7 5 1,5 - xi? .f - .7 lm K S L? ak N1 ,- 5 Dr. H. Earlley Dr. L. Roland Dean of Instruction Asst. Dean of Instruction V. Herbel Bursar 42 Dr. Morris and Dr. Miller II E. Pedersen Food Service N. Carlson Asst. Dean of .si 'ss Q Women Dr. W. Cornell Dir. Admissions 14 6579 , Ai ff gifs W: I - Af xi A 1 .M V! I J M ,g'5i.Y-fs L ,H . 1 ' .ak 1 , ' ,. Q , Z V, 'L 5 .4 .4 Y i X ' ' "urs f .3 3 vi N-1' -www-ondvvf i 2 1 i 1 1 R. Peck Dean of Women J. Shallop Asst. Dir. Admissions H if E Z S ' . 2 f 3 . S Q 2 5 Hgrvsw V YW - . ,. g A sl 1, 2 .Ti-If V , 14.2 - v,'- S - far ' ' f "assi: Qs 'ffrhefsf .:f1?W'M " A. .y Q, eumflfk ,+:5..2q- -- , v. fs, - Q,.:.1L1 M51 .s.f-2:-M:.- . K - fini L- 1 fe st.-iff.-' Ya, Z- it -4 f.t75fv2i"?P it .g2ifi5Tif5QfQ9g"" L . 1 Q Li as was Q1-1 .fs 'T 'Z 59 .2 . kg.kg3ygf,z- i ,ri ,1fw-3F1gpg- wiv. 2gfP.33x1.. 32545, w if I , Q., ' .f ' H32 x3.i"',LT'YQ - 'rc wglym ,1-'5i13.'5' 5.21-- 9. Mas... .. 443, N , .sy . ,W ., .. , Qgxfsfif 152,--:g3qq..:fs X, V53 - A fifll3'1'I "?".- K' 'fx ' . 'i ':E' 2:1 ..- A ,kk 5:53 i1f, aiii?gi,Xx. u5ggn 5, 'vgngggx .1 Q35 .?s,,is.... Jimi: "Y :Q W ...si 1 f1'.w-'-g...Q.',f J. Harrison Dean of Men 4-3 R. Ackermann Psychology R. Asmussen l.B.M. Room J. Baron Library . 9573 'ir . iw + lim ,J gf . . V -1" iifzziibffig " MW . ..,....... -2 G. Bond English D. Carson Nurse R. Connors Education J. Estes Campus School F. Florek Athletic Physician J. Francello Social Studies fs. C. Butterfield E. Campbell Education Music M. 'if' K- x pig, . S X. A 2 V' Q 51' X 1 Q' 'V A G.. .I 5, V . fs... .rf J' . ,,, , V s 5 , :"' V wr. we , 4' 41 S M.. as 1.1f1efm1E.? if ,pi m L. Barber B. Bishop Campus School Campus School if x 'Lai iff' ,- ' :HY .., . . ' it iq :,yp N. Carlson Asst. Dn. Women J. Collins English M. Ditz Psychology B. Fcrcnce Nurse M. Forness Library J. Gatzy Science A. Carneil Art C. Glendinning English D. Clodthwaiter Science B. Griffin Social Studies R. Griffin Campus School R. Hankins English A. Bond Campus School 'E fs T ,QQ Jr fe na 16" i MQW '31 4 L H I, 5, A Q sf L 4 5 A I, f s N. 5 5 'E ' Q X 3' x Q! J. Coffman Science S f . J l : . . R. Harris English 2 5 4 W 'E i ' . WX 4+ S iw . ,.., , r W '? 5 5 1 if J. Hazlett Mathematics C. Ickes Mathematics F. Johnson Special Education H. Katzwinkel Art J. Kent English C. Kinnaird English W. Kohland Geography L. Hendricks Social Studies J. MacDonald Education J. Mehner Science L. Nanns Psychology J. Nemeth Education J, Hoshauer D. Howlett Mathematics Art E. LaFollet'te H. Long Education Geography H. Mariotti J. Marsh Physical Ed. English ,F , S aa ,Q . L in gf? -- -ri, Q 4- . iii? -if W- . me V4 ,MV W .sa D 9 2314 A. Huntley Education R. Mallory, Education .af , ,ff ,. -K -ai K Eg. . J. Marx Nurse R. McIntyre Physical Ed. M. Mellhuish Campus School E. Nelson Campus School H. Nicley English Jr. I ,L 0- ? Pr X 4 4 1 , iam ii D. Overheim 's 1 lbs , it :M ., .. .. V ,N 5 .. x is L' is 1 1- , X 4 -L. J f we . 46? if , M. 1 f . is el, R. Peck -. ,,...- sr ,, may .. . .1 ,si s .z " .W ..,. , Science' Dean Women 1 . 'QA .. 'V V -as .aff f '-:X '- J . Shell Psychology A. Schuster Social Studies E. Shenk Education E. Shoemaker Geography R. Stapp Art R. Stonesifer Social Studies J. Stonis Library L. VanLan1ngha.n'1 Education M. Witehead Science R. Wick Psychology R. Wilson Education A. Piper Science H. Reed M. Roebuck F. Sanders Education Languages English 1 Zilziigl 'W ' f Q 4 Sv .ii 'W i 1 X fx, N 1 'ig if gk We fa f .. ...yd ' is.- - R w-...M X - We 46 pi .s aqpf- I D. Thompson Social Studies D. Washburn English F. Whitney Education J. Williams Education C. Wozniak Social Studies .... -- ,m I , , 45255 Q A Q' W'-4 .4-' Il? E s P 5 H 2 , if xi? ?.' jfgf , , A to F W X X A-510' ' 1 iv, ix Y . 1 S 1 . ' rv-val AX ,f f. 1' vig. xv, hw., "-laws.: WFS ,... "S ROW I: C. Roth, A. Dumblauskas, B. Camp P. Klinginsmith. ROW 2: E. Brown, S. Shall- Cross, M. Mihalek, M. Frantz. ROW 3: S Allison, M. Fozard, Andrews, M. Shacoski ROW 4: D. Sheneman, S. Nelson, R. Prime rano, W. Wetzel. ROW 5: M. Kashey. an 3 ag QP ROW I: Bryant, F. Fedorko, S. Manucci, C. Smock, Matika, Hankey, ROW 4: M. Jones, P. Harrick, G. Cermak, S. Bitters, D. ROW 2: R. Dey, M. A. Ruby, P. Mihalic, M. Hartland, R. Cooper, Staydelahar, D, Fogelbach, D. Kwiatowski. ROW 3: N. Wantz, A. Aversa, J. Szorik, K. Robbins, F. Onesky, ROW I: E. Dworschak, ROW 2: R. Reese, L. Radaker, ROW 3: R. Aversa. " : --12v' 3 ' if F 'E .,.- A - '17 -Mg. ROW I: DiMaggio, L. Morrell, G. Root, ROW 2: W. Pencille, F. Waronsky, Case, J. Greco, ROW 3: M. Zahorchak, C. Boyle, ROW 4: A. Wagner, B. Barry, T. Carnes, ROW 5: G. McKissiC, R. DcMaiolo, J. Carlson. ROW I: B. Cauvel, Szorik, S. Heath, ROW 2 J. Brubaker, Ritts, C. Dahl. ROW I: L. Drcxler, P. Mucklc, L. Halyama, Kaduncc, E. Haskaw, ROW 2: J. Bartnicki, M. Schrot, D. Hcyl, M. Sturrnan, Swanson, ROW 3: F. VVaronsky, J. Delvlaggio, C. Knapp, C. Klwmp, R. Clyne, ROW 4: R. Novotny, M. Zahorchak, G. Reed, F. Niles, D. Nelson, W. Donley. iff N 1 X . Q. 3 1 1 s 5 K ROW I: R. Behan A. Zonarich, J. Shale, J. Canfield, ROW 2: B. Jackson, T. Hleasley, B. Kirsop, E, Gathers. T. Pearcl. ROW 3: P, Vfalker. J. Parmitcr, B. Tallzmwm. J. Streduak, ROW 4: P. Kassi, D. Bratinh, B. Helmi, R. Strong, A. Carr, J. Wisc. A Y 31:77 ROW I: F. Tarbell, D. Onesky, P. Garvey, ROW 2: K. Barlow, M. L. Balko, D. Grimm, ROW 3: G. Hyduk, R. Belcher. ,N ROW I: Y. Harris, M. Bowen, O. Shup, C. Glass, E. Petruna, L. Mowry, M. Caylor, A. Shontz, ROW 4: G. Black, L. Vogel, L. Johnston, S. Klinkharncr, C. Twombly, ROW 2: A. Homich, S. Shontz, S. Benim, ROW 5: C. Colbert, S. Culp, B. Stewart, E. Rankin, B. Kuzma, A. Cofini, Gardner, ROW 3: R. Kosin, K. Caldwell. ROW I: E. Boyd, B. False, C. Sadauskas, ROW 2: B. Petrus, M Condon, C. Masley, ROW 3: N. Johnston, D. Wahl, M. Sanner ROW 4: B. Highfield, C. Resanovich, J. Stull. -f....,, '-4..,,, Q .., ' .. - ., nu. ' v., ., '-Q w., "ff -., ., ' , . ., a ' 1 1' . as .1 416 ROW I: P. Williams, E. Oliver, P. Rosa, S. Seib, R. McKinney, ROW 2: P. McCoy, L. Weinheimer, M. Grilfith. P. Connolly, ROW 3: A. Gatten, D. Fish, V. Eberhart, B. Casler, J. William, ROW 4: P. Zahniser, Casey, B. Carothers, B. McArdle, D. lWCCalmon. 32 W . ROW I: B. Kiser, T. Yazko, S. Hotchkiss, R9-W 2: M, Zirkle, L. Grove, L. Taylor, ROW 3: R. Travis, T. Morgan, D. Ewing, ROW 4: R. Sturtevant, D. Maloney, R. Yoko. ROW I: M. Chiappazzi, K. Anderson, P. Magee, B. Prenatt, J. Baker, C. Hower, J. Bernarci, ROW 2: J. Wozarski, J. Hamilton, N. Munz, G. Dermen, R. Howker, J. Smith, G. Proud, ROW 3: N. Scott, N. Wells, D. Shafer, M. Dulp, G. Kowalski, ROW 4: C. Bruce, L. Robertson, L. Kirk, ROW 5: J. Hoffman, D. Hall, M. Bober, N. Girardi, L. Solomon, R. Beson, ROW 6: G. Avedellas, B. Edmonds, B. Stanford, B. Highfield, Mamros. ROW I: D. Mikovch, F. Sylvester, Quoresimo, R, Polliferone, Barkham, A. Dick, K. Scott, O. Godcly, ROW 4: J. Harvey, B. J. VVhitcman, ROVV 2: P. Tallarico, N. Sorenson, K. Tabachek, Gilbert, P. Moran, J. Case, D. Crooks. C. Talbot, D. Mclilhinny, L. Boyer, ROW 3: D. Tarnburri, H. 9 ' Q if EES Riggs! z H E Q Q .. 'H ROW I: R. Cusirk, P. Cywinski, J. Siniclmk. ROW 2: J, Stefanidcs, J. Dillcy, ROW 3: R. Yaklich, L. Taylor, ROW 4: T. Morgan, T. Piotorwirz, H. Shields. Www 'ig-41 ,mms ,mf ROW I: L, Morrell, J. Brcnnemau, J. Ritts, ROW 2: J. Best, P. Cartwright, H. Rytc, ROW 3: B. Jackson, Krapp, ROW 4.' Sass, R. Crytzer. ........a... .VLL ,,v,,v . M... .. . . .. A .. . . .. ..,....... ROW I: B. Condcluci, S. Dennis, J Libcrto. S. Palermo, B. Lietschaft, E DeSallc. S. Felburn, E. Michail. ROW 2: D. lNIundkuwski, K. Hamilton, L. Galicia B. Klobrcsnik, V. Nlischick. ROW 3: S Gross, A. Krzysiek, L. Parker, D. Samoy. ROW 4: D. Hays, J, Mallory, R. Payne, S Giesler. ROW I.' Morozrwwigh, F. Weinil, D. Monk, B. Drcxler, ROW 2: H. Wcitzcl, B. Strunk, L. Wetzel, J. Ruda, S. Stitt, ROW 3: T. Wilczek, S. NVilson, ROW' 4: B. Ryan, F, Trcbel, W. Cady, A. Wkfslvl. L. Olson, ROW 5: P. Tallaricn, C. Wagner, D. Hill, ROW 6: E. Colonna, B. Rayl, S. Pace, R. Wukich. ROW I.' P. Rosa, K. Smith, N. Clowes, Caiarclli. ROW 2: R. Bianco, M. Zavacky, K. Budak, N. Scott. ROW M. Valiga, N. Kiser, B. Golla, Ll. Mishurda. ROPV 4: E. Swanson, C. Fisher, B. Vogel, S. Ott. ROW I.' Howell, S. Koziel, B. Iagneinrnn, B. Burkle, K. Snyder, L. Edmundson, C. Catherman, ROW 2: L. Ekdahl, F. Kollola, D. Burke, B. Newman, B, Powell, ROW 3: C. Herbert, G. Porter, G. Davis, B, Suppa, E. Devore, R. Drake, ROW 4: B. McCarter, J. McIntyre, ROW 5: J. Rogers, G. Rhodes, D. Meritt, T. Manee, F. Roebuck. 'If' ROW I: B. Hullihen, J. Hatheway, M. A Raybuek, Holcomb, C. Courley, M, K Cielccy, B. Bendiburg, J. DeCaria, ROW 2: C Butts, L. Pardo, J. Krebs, B. Matthews, C Simpson, L. Kern, D. Shoop, P. Hegeman D. Koche, ROW 3: D. MCfjvlliHHCSS, J. Still, H. Lesher, T. Henry, W. Weir, J. Tressitt, J. Mikrut, Bengston, ROPV 4: F. Cribbin, Keener, B, Campbell, B. Kowalewski, B. Thompson, Hough, W. Sehelien, C, Walker, J. Kuffia, A. Knox. ROW I: S. Abert, J. Cahagan, B. Fox, A. Albright, ROW 2: K. Berry, N. DePlatehett, B. Dubulis, C. Coeeo, ROW 3: J, Forbes, K. Alexick, P. Carthwaite, ROW 4: E. Allen, B. Carter, B. Connelly, ROW 5: J. Baldwin, R. Bueille, S. Bliss, Aiello. 'ff .M v rr.:- WSSQB Ellifi ROW I: J. Saine, J. Kunzman, S. Desmet, S. Copeland, T. Kenn, S. Bertchy, J. Golla, L. Fisher, ROW 2 J. Hoesch, L. Schambach, J. Mc Laughlin, J. Bialik, D. Dickson, S. Lindquist, E. Armstrong, P. Ball, ROW 3: Grupie, Kircher, G Stewart, N. Fisher, B. Diaddizo, B. Nelson, ROW 4: W. Smith, L. Baehn, P. Galla, J. St. George, J. Kinden, J Banaszak, ROW 5: T. Kline, T. New ark, T. Taylor, S. Ervin, W. Sibilica, ROW 6: T. Thayer, R. Frazier, J Gillis, R. Mazur, R. Webster, N. Shea. ll!HElZ A' 'L 4'-W . . - 555193 mums .---.......,. lwmuwm-'..w0fQwS n V ROW I: K. Durkee, Drake, H. Dankmyer S. Bavas, G. Sirnmerman, P. Strak, ROW 2: F Sobota, W. Cable, S. Halmi, D. VanWinkle J. Kataski, ROW 3: S. Perry, W. Piersol, G Heasley, H. Shields, Di Nella. Q 5 . ROW I: C. MCCague, J. Tate, B. Taggart, L. Rupp, J. Kronz, August, M. McClatchey, R. McLallen, I. Dyer, D. Murkens, C. M. Soisson, ROW 2: B. Liotta, K. O'B1-ien, L. Pitt, B. Lenguel, Miller, ROW 4: D. Berent, D. Roebuck, J. Story, ki. Williamson, B. Burke, P. Mazzeo, M. Schmitt, ROW 3: R. McFarland, B. N. Kerchin, C. Hrabica, T. Reiser. ROW I: L. Rupp, B. Fritz, L. Manusc, M. Farver, P. Jenkins, Patton, J. Swanson, M. Atwell, H. Till, D. Vurgich, ROW 5: C A. Scalzitti, ROW 2: J. Read, D. Allison, J. Nygord, S. Bird, C. Kraschneske, J. McCauley, M. Drake, M. Youngs, B. Claus, ROW 6. Snitger, F. Hanna, ROW 3: B. Stateder, K. Salenian, C. Moreland, G. Fykc, J. Tassone, D. Van Winkle. D. Mmka, H. Mikovch, J. Pumice, ROW 4. M. Willard, F. wi .. ' Q fs- no ,gates get 55,5522 .Q ROW I: J. Kouvararas, B. Dolzell, L. Rupp, Centilman, S. Arda, B. Fritz, ROW 2: B. Welton, J. Kane, M. Bcirline, R. Henk, S. Hocken- hergcr, J. Swartz, ROW 3: C. For- sythe, M. Ellsworth, P. Vogel, Emily lklarralc-, S. Nc-Q, J. Cryda, ROW 4: F. Schrcck, S. Smith, K. Orcnd, M. A. Young, ROW 5: D. Prince, K. McFarland, M. Luclvhak, C. Baird, P. Mcvrdink, C. Schultz, ROW 6: W. Wfciglc-, L. Thomas, J. Danvcr, R. Barrett. W 1: P. Hollar, D. Gold, Marino, L. McMichael, ROW 2: B Johnston, M. McKenna, S. Headings D. Haubrick, L. Klein, ROW 3: T Hamrock, C. Mayer, M. Fucci, R Leaks. ROW 4: N. Kelly, C. Himes S. Krall, B. Miller. ROW I: Nancy Grippo, Dave Davis, M. Cares, M. Wood, ROW 2 R Hans J Wetzel D. Raufoman, ROW 3: F. Franke, D. Cole, G. Dzubak, ROW 4 F Marazma M RICI E. Adler. ROW I: C. Tack, V. Shenk, E. Rassanelli, J. Riggli M. A. Webb, J. Nycum, ROW 2: S. Young, E. Rose C. Vance, L. Yarnelle, M. A. Shellenberger, N. Smith K. Prescott, ROW 3: Kelly Sommer, S. Mills, P. Muraski, R. Wallace, D. Shenefelt, M. Swanhart, S. Wheeler ROW 4: J. Kuhn, J. Williams, D. Korneich, G. Osborn T. Wentworth, ROW 5: G. Slater, E. Young, B. Scanlon M. Zabec. ROW I: J. Colla, G. Anderson, N Unger, B. Spahr S Schreiber, L Nash ROW 2. E Feher C. Lohr D. Kerr S. McCurdy V. Wolfe ROW 3: P. McDonough, L. Eberl . Wasil . Porter K. Ryan Berexa, ROW 4: B. Sanzi J. Skeec- za, J. Perrotto, A. Crawford, A Kujawinski. is Ni-nh " ' ' oi er is L., 'N vb 1?- U2 Y' ROW I: D. Crittenden, P. Osterberg, J. MaCDougall, B. Gerard, K Marshall, S. Inghram, L. Ermi, ROW 2: K. Kebaugh, C. Robin, N Meyers, C. DiMichael, J, Fleming, S. Thompson, ROW 3: B. Miller, P Shaffer, C. Moser, J. Srnoosc, M. Gay, P. Rosegrant, ROW 4: G. Petriany P. Klug, P. Sec, B. Callahan, J. Swick, PO E. . SLE Q..'1: v -s E. FUS- Q76 :SO as 211 .'I.'.2n Q51 UD? f-UE. Era H, V1 EQ ' -4 -. ----.Maman ummm f ROW I: R. Srincman, M. Latta, L. Spencer, C. Foster, R. Browning, ROW 2: A. Meyers, J. Means, S. Herman, J. Garner, ROW 3: S. Mullen, C. Hayes, D. Jackson, ROW 4: S. Sibert, C. Schumm, S. Norris. v SHENANGO FRESHMEN: ROW I - D. Sirianni, G. Rogan, Taylor, R Sakonyi, K. Cooper. ROW 2 Y D. Gereb, C. Leilfmgwell, O, Rakoci, S. Durst, K Tibolet, A. Tolone. ROW 3 - M. Stuyvesant, G. Lloyd, D. Brest, D. Hollibaugh, A. Griffiths. SHENANGO SOPHOMORES: ROW I -- P. Ogden, J. Bucciarelli, E. Lufriu, B. Donatelli, B. DeCello, N. Lucas. ROW 2 g R. Sakonyi, A. Mihalcinrn, A. Murphy, M. Zola, D. Mitchell, W. Eichelberger, M. Martuccio. ROW 3 7 F. Fitzgerald, F. Wiercinski, G. Ristvey, R. Wilcox, F. Swogger, T. Bancroft. . ,,.. . .M . we bi -1 M... Z 42 SHENANGO FRESHMENZ ROW I 7 M. Baird, S. Pleso, G. Palazzo, G. Young, G. Whitmore, S. Cartwright. ROW 2 -- A. Greggs, Gorzo, R. W Dixon, E. Gilkey, M. Roman, S. Schwartz. ROW 3 - S. Bartholomew, R. Zahniser, R. Heck, T. Rossi, L. Riley, L, Summers, Young. "J-'EK WARREN CENTER: ROW I -- F. Ti- nelli, A. Hyatt, C. Carter, M. Danielson, D. Durlin, H. Carlett, F. Bubash. ROW 2 1 C. Hendrickson, L. Linvoln, D. Hume- rich, R. Duffy, L. Riggs, P. Mourer, Dr. Collins. ROW 3 3 B. Fago, G. Nuhfer, E. Anderson, Clark, P. Holmberg, W. Haskins, P. Emlett. 'C,f" WARREN CENTER: ROW I -A F. Pogge, M. Horan, P. Lindquist, K. Culbertson, M. Swanson, C. Musante, H. Sanden, D. Thompson. ROW 2 - H. Boiney, L. Slocum, S. Anderson, F. Wagner, Mclntyre, J. Phelps, C. Livescy, Mr. Johnson. ROW 3 7 E. Woodin, D. Hottel, J. Lucia, W. Sclimader, L. Crippen, F. Soloman, J. Durbin, K. Strom. ww I' 6 Q", I' Q... .- p 1 K, N, w,4...f....w,..A.4..W """"--.....,,,-,. p GREEKS 6'1" GY 5 ii? P. Anderson N. Benzel M. Carando N. Graham J. Shallop M. Jerich S. Lewis 72 R. McCann S. Hayman ff.. J. Peard X I x A s s s 3 K M. Manos P, McElroy B, Mosher QP?" K. Kingston K- KCUI1'3dY S. Pfusch M. Kappelt B. Riden L. Skinner B. Short S Wmgerter 'Ci' 5 WC-P' P. Burns R. Craig B. Johnson M. A. Behan D. Jones U X . . 'Q Wi Rf 'Nb My 55 ,N if f ff f '1,x"C X , 9 . 5 i J. Laverty S. Jones J. Mlller J. Porter .1 353 , I f,- f f 1... f- P. Lesko J. Rodgers Ri. J. Rutherford C. Yoder J. Wright J A , r :.,:.. 1 : g tg- ':Z. gl 1 of 2 ,. -rw if Q A J fr -. 1 H iw - -nf V Q f" I A A - V. . .- 4 C7 zgzn ei.-. 5 i ., , - 423' Y 'A " V A f . 'F' ' ,fy . Jr Q J iw Ol if U 1 e. I K ,'4. is r 'VV' W . fy J iixyg f J + ff ,QB-,, , . e M J J.. .AA mf V ' " 75 D. Goodnch N. Johnkstone R. Fletcher 76 S. Molli K. Ladner B. Costlow Y12! 1? P. English ,yn 6 , K, .Q ,,, 25, 5. f ee an Z W, mm ...M 'Fw UQ x.. . F K:-. 9? 9 K. Fagan R. Harmon E'-if '15-1 I I 1 1 Nz- S. Klingle fi?-.P R. McKinney wm""' -Q.-mf N. Till V. Lewis G 4 P. Mangold J. Sieklucki S. Yaegle N- Zeller 79 R. Fagley M. Landis R. MIHHIS L. Paris G. Nesbitt Q .t ,,L,, , ti L,AL 1 i . Q . X V 11 , . I ... t 4' W. Smith C. Schrimpcr R. Say Underwood A A 81 5 A. Bradshaw W. Celio A. Davis R. Deal J. Durish D. Giordano 82 S. Fehlman J. jones R. Sturga A 7 1 .ig W. Lukltsch C. Shanahan P' Tomczak D. VanArmer y 83 YJ lt? B. Bischoff L. Cole --': Lllyy "LY J f ., gp A L if -1 . f 1 L. LEi5a5,H1f ': M21 . , K Us h,.s,A,,W X x 5591 YA 4 9' A' A mf" 5 i X Q - :Z ' .,., V in s if G. Dambach -' ' Q T. Craig - J. Tomaino 1 I ,, I AP" -'mf .+P ,f R. Trimble D, Shiley Q fi Q Q . , L3-i , 5 L E bk? V37 ff, A " 'f 'A ' Q, "' adj-wreath M4- ' f - , Q 4 H " g.1J' i'Ek5' "W w w1M 'iiflkf M W' 'm 'NWN f--f W M... V . f 1, , f f'mefsf,.,n:g - mlzgmiff 85 S. Bloomquist J. Austin C. Babbitt K. Groves D. Lengauer wx- 1,,.,,iF' 4'-as vc-,,,. R. Morley C. Pascarella -qxNai9'L vw- C. Schirmer A, DeFurio f?!""" X 13 2 ti Y X 3 X, WE! .-M, 1 H. Katzwinkel A. Huntley Kappa Delta Phi Phi Sizma Pi P-lr. f 'N R. Harris Alpha Gamma Delta l C. Ickes Sigma, Tau Sigma f ii. if 3 -'.- ,L ...iw 5 f?'v-'W J ..,., - , 11' 5 wx. if .. .,.. A aw ,--1' F 7 ' ' 89 Wa' 2 M it .f IV M. Forness H. Long Alpha Delta Iota Zeta T2-U f . 7 - i iW.Y, in T J. Marph Delta Sigma Phi A. Schuster Rho Sigma Chi NATIONAL ART FRATERNITY 90 HONORARY MUSIC SGCIETY 91 NATIONAL BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETY 92 .73 HONORARY GEOGRAPHY FRATERNITY .Q-' my '!!""" 'im-If? wwf' fl I Q. 5, af '16 Q: ,ae-.,,, .,M..X7 -'U fx GM V :2r5'K wk, A w- 1-QQ affix 'ki' NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY IN EDUCATION 9 nil. NATIONAL HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY 95 3 i ACTIVITIES STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL 98 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS ,gk.., .im 53 Q Ek 5. . .M . .. .1w,,4 Wyqmi W. ,fm 515. :Q --. KJ! 4 - Q, QM' Q32 I ik' 2 15 - Q , rg' ,iii Q M in ffsha fl . ., , 'wf w 2 r fp , .. .xfey P'f.. I I. 4 I F- X 9' 5 zu nf" K ,yy In .f ' 5 I gf: g ' 5, 141 31 r , A ! Q 1.4541 mngmm' . ,, ,,A,11, A . --L,, ,,,,, .Q . V ' ' .. 'IIVMW1 'T W .UL Jggmgmww--f ' H W ..... :'w PM 9' .W - M 'TMmMf""lm'- , W. .-WM-: E - WW Yiffm ' wk' . I E w ,, E5 Y H nmmmw .:,,,:,-, , M. I v A , - ' 2' W W W .wg pw, .. ,eg K nk 4.4. ., ,.,,,,g.,,,. .... .w,W..,f..,.m:. '--- ,QM .-5,5 id , K. yi, .V - fp. .: -- 4 W " " " .. uv, . : .::f:?f'EE-151. - if M . A wg.. will -E"',g V' M 'P 7' . H ifi' 5"'::5,5 :"Q"i'gQfE2Qf ',:": -'ffjfpi-": j'Q':Ef. 511- ., fin". 1 551- .1 A .NN 311,35 ,jf '--'7,..55:5-jj., W E , W V' . f . ' . .v33..:-u,'- 1 ."..:f,..f-.. vm. . V.. .... ,.f.., , W A M, , W .. M- T, -- E... , W .. ..-:M . , , , : H ,R-17: ,tg : . ,.- :M :M .. - ... W- V- , .. . .V I , .. .. , - . .. - sf.. Mg.. ...M HJ' ,M M .. -,N . .Q - - 5 5 . L s z wifw ,M , .Q . ...A , P , A u Y ' E 1' yi, L g 1? Q- 1 M W -- ..... ww ...Nw 5 .,,.f- ,,. r fAfYX w?f"9HD?' ?3 my 3' .., I W W gm. :g..: ,Q---' A :rv . --If z-.:.--,:., ' '11 ' T an H ' wxg we ff MQ? WH K H 4. J 2 ' 525 My ljxw? ziiiswgm XV S.. fi ixxxg , wig 4 Jin G' 4 ZH? I.. W 51 .S , f. W m f Jw J sg! H' 5' W 4 91 i' K, 433 33 'ez K P 1 Km. 5 ffffqk xg,qX2S'W3 Kg L K L 4,5-. .19 ' kv , ms! K.. Q W. . ,...., . . . EE gig? 5531 fjxii lm wwfhggsm, fx 55 ix V Hs A L1 Ng as .51-Q.: Mali 1' 1-1" 1- , S Q- , Sf M 1, ., ,ef .f m s w Q S fi .. K ,flfff .. gfwu gim fi , 1 4 A ng W lb 5 f 1' fs Ji' H L I Q Ek, ,W f , 'E 1 Q1 ,J lf, If Q Y wu z ,, in 59 fi ' ,I 1 X Qjgrf fy? M3133 HG 5 4,55 5 1. Eg If in Av E 'Y was. M L? :.. . - '-:gm ':'A " -'AA 4 -2., -.A' f ':"' AA' A :2' L4 9 193 5, .. X aug. i, Mn in W ,,,,g,,..,f.q-K .., M 5 A Y Y + H W ' E E 1 G H wi t 5. ig '- 1 I if ggi f f 1? 'M 5 e ff M. s fl! M WI fm M we .W W1 if 1 Wklpwldkrismw . ? i ' .,.V, ,X .M .:.:e!"':?1 - I Aw A W- QP A xg, my wi iffy ,-k' .. L: 'gp' L Www Q Q: .gg f s X QM A v X. zz.. .... ' W me 2 11--M-,rx A' ing wif ,,.. .,5.y gg. :,, ,, , . U... .. . . , L21 mm :- f' fiZfs'fspf:1 , Y ,L,M,w1,fh ,M 222111519 QHMWWW 5 'S ivigffgzsfiigs51423545237'ii.. ' SN 103 WESTMINSTER CGLLEGIATE FELLOWSHIP 104 NEWMAN CLUB """'f DEBATE CLUB 105 llllllllIIlIl!!!!! lllilllllllllllllli:-I1 filsi 3 WESLEY COLLEGE FELLOWSHIP COLLEGE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP RED CROSS P.S.E.A .W ' Q ,M ,W , if N, 1, 5 W, . 5 X, .ix 5 W--if .,n W 'iff . x SNSEES Q ,.v, M . ,. g ,W '.,. ,A W .1 ' , -fr" , fisfmgw' M' pg: ng.. 33 i . 73. 'X gxkdg 1' W' fx N sg f. ,. W r . if f,,. Us .Bri QW fm ff Vik X We - MM. 44441 ,, "W- ,izxfm M, X 'X :Ss V253 is EE E, 2 .32 I si Q 'ff' , 5' ,.: '- E ,.s 5 5:25 8-5 QE .wg- EM ? H I ,ni .Z i 8 1 fl .3 X74 3 gg f. I .1 ,Ei S E -2,5 E2 V 5 3 Q M img? 3? as 55? 552225 HQ 55? v iii? E f E ,gm QQ? l 154 2,45 FE .Ag:,..Z,::.. g g V , ,gig Q. 2 g g 1-114 fm-- pz. M u sn f , V M ,Q 2' 3,3 Q z ,Q Y 4' 1 ' .J I ,Q , B ,A 4 , I w 4' M 'H---2, 1 W -, Y Y . ff iv lf Wg war- Q, 8553-Q 'ff ' V ' q,'ff':, 9 ' 61 6 I ' 5 - v ri ' L' fx A XJ 1 , ,L A W 'Q he-n 7' . 5 V' 'X ,a K v , I A 2 if -1 5 Y ' 3 :QQ -is 5 sg ,QM 4 32 Y 9 2- K " 1 ' 5' 'W T Q Q 'Z h"L Q .5 'Zi' ::,,:' :'35?1 2:32 92, I ' x v .V V 2 1 . . f- -f - - ' i, W, ' ." ,MVVK ,QM .,N,?,.1.....h.,7 X y f .., .,,,,w ..,,.,. XJ' " new ,swim .l..4l"'tv-'-W EQRRP' Q B 2 as 1 T - x E fr A Wm: 3 ,.-, is? Q Q 'fi s 1 islam S, S' 1.5 L as 5 E9 2 sf 'xg 1 fs f SE gitsigi E , .:,, ,,,:, Q4 lf 'SE is :g e 5 x wmv- QW Kxw ""1hu-Q. 'E . ruth- N X 3 WX , wi 1, -vw .VS 'if Nh ww: X2 H Q 2 A 'Aw .,fgsv3:A:g1fw .hfwwizig 3 S V'k21:.wg:, k.:":!f1A W -'i M S :MK--,uw.f'4.fs121fw?fa 2 Z : S W G: .. X -Ixizs-A16.41S2Z9za2I:32-ms:12921519 V-Si U A waz! wiv E"Vl56f!'F55 2 rieafimziwzsz K M Us .W 5 , gk, if. L '91E.l',f'57ky'Zk--55. : '1"'f1f - A S X ' 'OI' If O 9 '3 5, so on wmimw ATHLETICS 124 I S-fc. 25' 9150 S.T.C, XNB :jg 0 5.T.C, STI' if, 2 Lf: .C. NN BD S.'I',E UE" CLUB :M RQW 1: 1. Hazlctt, H. lklarlottl, R. Forcucci, J. Suns, J. Fusetti, D, M K H . . K4 Gerber, W. Rojik, K. Barker, D. Petchel, N. Schroeder! J- V. Bagasiikf SVBIQISS, R. MOCSIC1H,J. Davis, J, Snatejjf I M Ma4gCartney. ROW 2: Coach, J. McDonald, D. Shenefelt, J. Cfak, 4 J ' amhardff N. Girard' - J I h 1, R. Rete-Ck1. MS au, I' "'L.,, r x,.W f'-LJ ,h :,-:ff-wx +- 1i'V215" 5 94, Mft 5, O fv""pa9f Q9 'Xi V 132 133 ROW 1: J. Cavanaugh, B. Tallarom, J. Case, R. Deal, J. Fehlman, W. Berger, H. Lesher, J. McIntyre, B. Kaczenski, I. Battles, B B. Celio, B. Lukitsch, Capt. B. Dinges, B, Golla, J. Dingfelder, B. Kowaleski, J. Crupie, R. Smith, D. Schutte, McCartney, J Schwamberger, D. Kwiatkowski, R. DeMaiolo, G. Ghieffo. ROW Eggelston. ROW 4: D. Feltenberger, S. Keene, R. Barret, J 2: B. Gibbs, Kegel, H. Scott, J. Lukac, N. Girardi, Mamros, Cavaras, D. Kornic, J. Corrdi, B. Canon, B. Lynn, St. George F. Karasinski, S. Samol, J. Linden, R. Purdie, M. Barnarding, B. C. Andrea, L. Pardo, C. Younger, J. Sims. Thompson, D. Petchel. ROW 3: D. Green, M. Fisher, L. Bosley, 134- ,, f 1521555 :Evil wk. gwsg, f aff' :la 4, MAS mm, V, M H iw an zz ff' W. MM A53 '95 L y Q M. M fn, 3 4 ff Weisz 5 Lg Q me Ga ik Q5 if? amz, gf mf Q QE, 3 '54 ag 151 Km ' 'kde' 138 ACK OWLEDGEME T lVe wish to thank those who willingly gave their time and effort in ordcr to niake this publication of the 1963 Conneautteean possible. To Dr. Bond, our faculty advisor, and to Mr. Parker, Richard Groomer, and Dave Shencman whose work as photographers was invaluable. 139 ffm ,ggi A41 vw RQ x wins' Ar' ,Wm ff 1+ ,, .gf ws mf! ,qi few, pw :W -he ,, w we 4 M' as ,Q 1. 4 54 If sf I-,lu .xx Higgs mr 4 9 R ,V B ti rv Y 1 A 11 .R If, gagging -vm 1 22. inf, 1565. ' wiv ww mu, 4 H1 xiii yi Magi, 2 fnimfw.-L X, f Q' as ,xl L if 1 sffmv. 1-nw f on va-wi' .Q x! K 10? 4552 ww Q 1 sw-ufw 1 'zfgxff-5 sf 52737 1. Q " 4-uw new W if , 35532 if 63 11115 ,Y FEEL' 4 ug, wifi -'V 'fm 5 :gg , fm, f Q ze H WW: af. k A sr Sw Es! 5,5145 ef wr S4 F 'fa J ,J-T 'Gd wg 'EJ 140 Q l wiv , -m . Z' 7 ', ' H 52 ui, 2 , ' -ff' f' L M Y 'fy 5 " Z: l m wfeizis ' 'Qs f, 4,l.,iQ.4 - :ff 234, X .6 Aegnjr 3' V. w ...gi 141 FW E IOR DIRECTORY GORDON ABRAMS: Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, PSEA, Wesley Coll. Fellowship, Varsity sports Intra-mural sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. PEGGY ALEXANDER: PSEA. JAMES ANDERSON: Physical Science Club, PSEA, Intra-mural sports. PATRICIA ANDERSON: Student-Faculty Coun- cil, PSEA, Yearbook, LSA, Collegiate Players, Alpha Gamma Delta. JOHN AUSTIN: Freshman Orientation Commit- tee, PSEA, Physical Science Club, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship, Varsity sports, Intra-mural sports, Delta Sigma Phi. CHARLES BABBITT: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Physical Science Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Student-Faculty Council, Fresh. Orientation Comm., Stud. Union Comm., Social Comm., Bud- get Comm., Inter-Fraternity Council - Treas., Newman Club - Treas., Varsity sports, Intra- mural sports, Newspaper, Handbook, Delta Sigma Phi, Class officer - Treas. JEANIE BAIN: Freshman Orientation Committee, PSEA, WVestminster Coll. Fellowship, WAA, Col- legiate Singers. MARCIA BARDO: Collegiate Players, PSEA. HARRY BARNES: Social Studies Club, Varsity sports, Homecoming Committee. JEAN BAUBLITZ: Wfesley College Fellowship, YVAA, PSEA. MARY ANN BEHAN: Red Cross, Beta, Beta, Beta, PSEA, Newman Club, Kiltie Fins, WAA, Collegi- ate Singers, Modern Dance Club, Collegiate Players, Alpha Delta. BARBARA BENS: Newman Club, Collegiate Players. NANCY BENZEL: Kiltie Fins, PSEA, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Pom-Pom Team. ETHEL BERGER: VV-esley College Fellowship, PSEA. . V MARYLYN BETZ: Newman Club, Kiltie Fins, PSEA. BARRY BISCHOFF: Intra-mural sports, Collegiate Singers, Kappa Delta Phi. DORIS BLACK: Social Committee, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Kiltie Fins, WAA. EDNA BLOOM: English Club, Band, WAA. WVILLIAM BLOOM: PSEA, Kappa Delta Phi. SETH BLOOMQUIST: Varsity sports, PSEA, Del- ta Sigma Phi. C4043 pg l4l-2 jin IVALLIS BOCKSTOCE: Intra-mural sports, Drill Team, PSEA. DIANE BOURNE: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, WAA, Canterbury Club, Band, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Alpha Delta. ARNOLD BRADSHAVV: Varsity sports, E-Club, Intra-mural sports, Phi Sigina Pi. KATHRYN BROWN: Newman Club, PSEA, WAA. HELEN BUNNELL: Freshman Orientation, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, College Christian Fellowship, NVAA, CEC. PATRICIA BURNS: Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA, English Club, Student-Faculty Council, Freshman Orientation, Newman Club, Women's Dorm Coun- cil, Intra-mural sports, Inter-sorority, yearbook, Class officer, Bookstore Committee, Alpha Delta Pres. VANCS BURNS: Intra-mural sports. MARGARET CARANDO: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Alpha Gamma Delta. E IOR DIRECTORY PHILIP CARRUBA WILLIAM CELIO: Social Studies Club, PSEA, E-Club, Varsity sports, Intra-mural sports, Phi Sigma Pi. HEROLD CHAMBERS: Freshman Orientation, Class Officer, Delta Phi Delta, PSEA, Alpha Phi Omega. PENNY CHISHOLM: Drill team, PSEA, WAA, Lutheran Students Association, Yearbook. DONNA CLARK: PSEA, WAA, CEC. DARYL COE: Varsity sports, PSEA, Intra-mural sports. LAWRENCE COLE: Social Studies Club, Freshman Orientation, Intra-mural sports, Varsity sports, Inter-frat. Council, PSEA, Kappa Delta Phi. JAMES COLLINS: Intra-mural sports, Newman Club, PSEA, Delta Signla Phi. DOLORES COSTLOW: Psychology Club, PSEA, Inter-Fraternity Council, Newman Club, Yearbook, Zeta Tau, Modern Dance Club. JERRY COVERT: Student-Faculty Council, Fresh- man Orientation, Beta Beta Beta, Menls Dorm Council, Intra-mural sports, PSEA, Kappa Alpha Phi, Men's Glee Club, Biology Club. RHONDA CRAIG: Yearbook, PSEA, Class Oflicer, Alpha Delta. THOMAS CRAIG: Intra-mural sports, PSEA, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta. RUTH CRAMER: PSEA. PHILIP CURRAN: Social Studies Club. GERALD DAMBACH: Intra-mural sports, PSEA, Kappa Delta Phi. ARTHUR DAVIS: Intra-mural sports, Newman Club, PSEA, Phi Sigma Pi. 14-3 FREDERICK DEAL: Social Studies Club, Student Union Committee, PSEA, E-Club, Varsity sports, Intra-mural sports, Class Officer, Phi Sigma Pi. ANTHONY DEF URIO: Psychology Club, EAA, Freshman Orientation, Varsity sports, Intra-mural sports, PSEA, Alpha Phi Omega, NAEA. ALICIA DEJOSEPH: Yearbook, PSEA. ROSELLA DESMONE: Newspaper, PSEA, WAA, Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players. JAMES DUNN: Social Studies Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon, E-Club, Varsity sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. MARY DURFEE: Collegiate Singers, PSEA, Council Exceptional Children. JOSEPH DURISH: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Intra-mural sports, Handbook, Phi Sigma Pi. BILLIE EATON: PSEA. BONNIE ECDAHL: Mu Kappa Gamma, PSEA, Lutheran Students Association, Band. DONALD ELLSWORTH: PHYLLIS ENGLISH: Mu Kappa Gamma, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Band, WAA, Zeta Tau. CAROL EVANOFF: Wesley College Fellowship, PSEA, WAA, Collegiate Singers, Alpha Gamma Delta. BARBARA EVANS: Student-Faculty Counc., PSEA, Commuter Committee. CAROL EWING: Social Studies Club, PSEA. KAREN FAGAN: WAA, PSEA, Zeta Tau. RICHARD FAGLEY: Inter-Fraternity Council, Wesley College Fellowship, PSEA, Intra-mural sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. JAMES FEHLMAN: Inter-Fraternity Council, Var- sity sports, E-Club, Phi Sigma Pi. IOR DIRECTORY CAROLE FELEGE: Red Cross, PSEA, Band, New- man Club. MICHAEL FIELDS: English Club, PSEA, Fresh- man Orientation, Assembly Committee, E-Club, Varsity sports, Intra-mural sports, Newspaper, Class Officer. BARBARA FLYNN: Delta Phi Delta. THERESA FRANZ: Newman Club, PSEA, Delta Phi Delta, Yearbook, Rho Sigma Chi. MADELINE FRISINA: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Newman Club. LEE CHERE: Tennis team. DOM JOSEPH GIORDANO: Student-Faculty Coun- cil, PSEA, Newman Club, Varsity sports, Intra- mural sports, Phi Sigma Pi. DONNA GOODRICH: Mu Kappa Gamma, PSEA, VVesley College Fellowship, Band. NANCY GRAHAM: Psychology Club, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Red Cross, Student-Faculty Coun- cil, Yearbook, Band, Collegiate Singers, CEC- President, Freshman Orientation, Alpha Gamma Delta. ELAINE HAISE: VVomen,s Dorm Council, PSEA, WAA, Modern Dance Club. ROBERT HAKEL: Social Studies Club. KAREN HANNOLD: Wesley College Fellowship, Women's Dorm Council, PSEA, WAA. RUTH HARMON: Wesley College Fellowship, PSEA, WAA, Handbook, Kappa Delta Pi, Zeta Tau. FRANCIS HART: Social Studies Club. .SALLY HAYMAN: Band, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Kappa Gamma, Alpha Gamma Delta. NANCY HEBERLE: Band, PSEA, WIAA, CEC. BEATRICE HERRICK: PSEA, Alpha Gamma Delta. WILLIAM HENDERSON: Beta Beta Beta, E-Club, Varsity sports. ALBERT HERMAN: Collegiate Players, Jr.-Sr. l'Veekend Committee, Alpha Psi Omega. ROBERT HERRING: PSEA, Beta Beta Beta. MARTHA HIGGINS: Band, Wesley College Fel- lowship, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Collegiate Players, Collegiate Singers. LINDA HALL: Wfesley College Fellowship, PSEA. LINDA HOLMES: Wesley College Fellowship, PSEA. DONNA HOUIS: W1omen's Dorm Council, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Mu Kappa Gamma, Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players. JAMES HULL: PSEA, CEC. GEORGE HULSINGER: Physical Science Club, Varsity sports, Intra-mural sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. CHARLES T. IANNELLO: Varsity sports, PSEA, Intra-mural sports, Collegiate Players, Kappa Delta Pi. JACKIE JACKSIC: English Club, PSEA, Psycho- logy Club, Yearbook, WAA, Newspaper. VIRGINIA JACKSON: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Yearbook, Newspaper. THOMAS JAMBRO: Newman Club, PSEA, CEC. MARIE JERICH: Red Cross, PSEA, WAA Presi- dent Freshman Orientation, Handbook, Alpha Gamma Delta. DOROTHY JONES: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Student-Faculty Council, Freshman Orientation, Newman Club, Intra-mural sports, Modern Dance Club, Inter-Sorority Council, Alpha Delta. E IOR DIRECTORY JAMES JONES: Social Committee, Delta Phi Delta, Phi Sigma Pi. SALLY JONES: PSEA, YVAA, Social Committee, Hlesley, Alpha Delta, Modern Dance. NANCY JOHNSTONE: English Club, PSEA, Wes- ley College Fellowship, WAA, Yearbook, Rho Sigma Chi. GARY JURISTA: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Delta Phi Delta, Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players. MARY KAPPELT: Newman Club, Newspaper, PSEA, Inter-Fraternity Council, Alpha Gamma Delta. JUNE KELLEY: Kiltie Fins, WAA, Beta, Beta Beta. THOMAS KELLEY: Social Studies Club, Photo- graphy Club, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Delta Sigrna Phi. BARBARA KEMNEC: Newman Club, Alpha Delta. KERRY KENNEDY: Student-Faculty Counc., Stu- dent Union Committee, Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Budget Committee, Women's Dorm Coun- cil, Kiltie Fins, WAA, Newspaper. VIRREL KIMMY KAY KINGSTON: Red Cross, PSEA, Social Com- mittee, Freshman Orientation, Assembly Commit- tee, Newman Club, Women's Dorm Council, Hand- book, Newspaper, Class OHicer, Alpha Gamma Delta, Constitution Revision Committee. MARLENE KLARIC: Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA, Collegiate Players, CEC. SHIRLEY KLINGLE: Wesley College Fellowship, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Zeta Tau. ARTHUR KLOPFER: Chess Club, PSEA. GARY KNANTZ: PSEA. BARBARA KNAPP. PSEA, CEC, American Speech and Hearing Association. STEPHEN KORPA: Intra-mural sports, Newspaper. PHYLLIS KOZIARZ: PSEA, WAA, Newman Club, Social Committee, Majorette. DONALD KOZY: DAVID KRALL: English Club, PSEA, Chess Club, Newspaper. KATHLEEN LADNER: English Club, PSEA Fresh- man Orientation Committee, Inter-Fraternity Council, Newman Club, lNomenls Dorm Council, WAA, Collegiate Players, Rho Sigma Chi, Inter- Sorority Council. MARTIN LANDAS: Newman Club, Intra-mural sports, PSEA, Sigma Tau Sigma. OLIVE LANDEFELD: lVeslcy College Fellowship, PSEA, Collegiate Singers, Mu Kappa Gamma. RUDOLPH LASCEK: PSEA. JOAN LAVERTY: Newman Club, PSEA, WAA, Collegiate Singers, Alpha Delta. BARBARA LENDICK: English Club, PSEA, New- man Club, A.W.S.-Treas., Cheerleader, Yearbook, Modern Dance Club, Alpha Delta. DONALD LENGAUER: Student-Faculty Council, Collegiate Singers, PSEA, Collegiate Players, Mu Kappa Gamma, Delta Sigma Phi. ALICE LENHARDT: CEC PATRICIA LESKO: Student Union Committee, Social Committee, Newman Club, Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Intra-mural sports, Alpha Delta. JOYCE LEOPOLD: PSEA, Alpha Delta. EDNA LEYVIS: Won1en's Dorm Council, PSEA, WAA. E IOR DIRECTORY SUSAN LEWIS: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Budget Comm., Assembly Com- mittee, Inter-Fraternity Council, Women's Donn Council, Collegiate Singers, Newspaper, Alpha Gamma Delta, "South Pacific." VICKIE LEWIS: Newman Club, PSEA, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, Zeta Tau. JERRY LITHERLAND: Social Studies Club. SHIRLEY LUCAS: PSEA. A WILLIAM LUKITSCH: Varsity sports, PSEA, Intra-mural sports, E-Club, Phi Sigma Pi. GAYNELL MCADAMS: Majorette, PSEA, Drill Team. RITA MCCANN: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Newman Club, Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Yearbook, Collegiate Players, Modern Dance Club, CEC, Inter-Sorority Council, Alpha Gamma Delta, "South Pacific." MIRIAM MCCLOSKEY: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Band. PATRICIA MCELROY: Student-Faculty Council, PSEA, Delta Phi Delta, WAA, Alpha Gamma Del- ta.. REBECCA MCKINNEY: Psychology Club, PSEA, Inter-Fraternity Council, Wesley College Fellow- ship, CEC, Newspaper, Zeta Tau. MARY MACK: PSEA. RICHARD MALONEY: MARGARET MANGOLD: Drill Team, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Zeta Tau. MARY MANOS: Canterbury Club, PSEA, WAA, Modern Dance Club, Drill Team, Alpha Gamma Delta. MARION MARAVICH: Kiltie Fins, PSEA, WAA, AWS. ROSANNE MARCECA: Newman Club, Women's Dormitory Council, PSEA. DAVID MASON: Band, Mu Kappa Gamma, Beta Beta Beta. JOHN MATLAK: PSEA, Gamma Theta Upsilon. JANET MATTES: Collegiate Players, PSEA, Delta Phi Delta, Newman Club, Deanls List. RONALD MIELEWSKI: PSEA, Varsity Sports. FRANCIS MIHAL: Social Studies Club, PSEA, English Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players, National Council for Social Studies. HELEN MIHALYO: English Club, PSEA, Social Committee, Newman Club, WAA Newspaper. JUDY MILLER: Psychology Club, PSEA, Red Cross, Alpha Delta, Class OPHcer. DAVID MILNER: Social Studies Club, Kappa Del- ta Phi. MILTON MINER: RICHARD MINNIS: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Debate Club, College Christian Fellowship, Sigma Tau Sigma. CAROLE MITCHAM: Wesley College Fellowship, WAA, Band, Collegiate Singers, Mu Kappa Gam- ma, PSEA. SANDRA MOLLIE: Newman Club, PSEA, Rho Sigma Chi. RICHARD MORAN: Newman Club, PSEA, Var- sity sports, E-Club, Kappa Delta Phi. RICHARD MORLEY: Intra-mural sports, PSEA, Delta Sigma Phi. BARBARA MosHER1 Newman oiub, PSEA, WAA, Women's Dormitory Council, Yearbook, Alpha Gamma Delta. LAWRENCE NEE: Social Studies Club, PSEA. 146 SENIOR DIRECTORY GARY NESBITT: Physical Science Club, Intra- mural Sports, Yearbook, Science Fair, Sigma Tau Sigma. MERVIN NURSA: JAMES O'DONNELL: Collegiate Players, PSEA, Kiltie Fins, Delta Phi Delta. EILEEN OSBORNE: Canterbury Club, WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma, PSEA, Yearbook, Newspaper, Band, Drill Team. MARGARET OSBORN: Wesley College Fellow- ship, Women's Dormitory Council, PSEA, WAA, Modern Dance Club. LESTER PALMER: Jr.-Sr. Weekend Comm. LENVIS PARIS: Psychology Club, PSEA, Physical Science Club, Freshman Orientation, Inter-Frater- nity Council, LSA, Intra-mural Sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. CARL PASCARELLA: Physical Science Club, PSEA, Newman Club, Varsity Sports, Intra-mural Sports, Delta Sigma Phi. BETTY PATE: PSEA, WAA, Pep Club. BETTY PATTON: PSEA. GEORGE PAYER: Physical Science Club, Photo- graphy Club, Varsity Sports, PSEA, Alpha Phi Omega. JUDITH PEARD: YVesley College Fellowship, PSEA, Women's Dormitory Council, VVAA, Alpha Gamma Delta. LINDA PERROTTO: Womenls Dormitory Council, PSEA, Collegiate Singers, Mu Kappa Gamma. RUTH PETERS: Physical Science Club, PSEA, Kiltie Fins, WAA. DOLORES PETERSON: Kiltie Fins, Intra-mural Sports. SUSAN PFUSCH: Inter-Fraternity Council, PSEA, Yearbook, Alpha Gamma Delta. GAYLE POPOVICH: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Newman Club, W7 AA, Newspaper. THOMAS POPOVICH: Varsity Sports, PSEA, Freshman Dance Committee. LINDA POSTIY: English Club, PSEA. PAUL REIBER: PSEA, Newman Club, Intra- mural Sports, Varsity Sports, Collegiate Players. BONNIE RIDEN: Red Cross, PSEA, WVAA, Stu- dent-Faculty Council, Student Union Committee, Vllesley College Fellowship, Alpha Gamma Delta. BARBARA RIESTER: Social Committee, WAA, Yearbook, Modern Dance Club, Intra-mural Sports, Alpha Gamma Delta. YVILLIAM RISKO: Psychology Club, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players, Varsity Sports, Intra-mural Sports, E-Club, Newspaper, Phi Signia Pi. DIANNE ROBERTSON: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Social Committee, Inter-Fraternity Council, LSA, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship, Modern Dance Club, Majorettes, Alpha Delta. JOAN RODGERS: Inter-Fraternity Council, PSEA, YVAA, Intra-mural Sports, Yearbook, Newspaper, Newman Club, Dining Hall Committee, Jr.-Sr. VVeekend-Co-chairman, Alpha Delta. JOSEPH RODRIGUES: Varsity Sports, E-Club, PSEA, CEC. CHARLYNN ROSENBERG: PSEA. MARY ROSIER: PSEA. DONNA ROUEN: English Club, Social Committee, Kiltie Fins, Yearbook, Newspaper, Collegiate Sing- ers, Collegiate Players. E IOR DIRECTORY JOANNE RUTHERFORD: Student-Faculty Coun- cil, PSEA, LSA, Collegiate Singers, Alpha Delta. DIANE SAMUELSON: English Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players. LARRY SAWDY: Social Studies Club. JAMES SAWTELLE: Varsity Sports, Intra-mural Sports, Delta Phi Delta, Delta Signia Phi. ROBERT SAY: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Intra- mural Sports. GEORGE SCHAUER: Social Studies Club, PSEA. ROBERT SCHENKER: Phi Sigme Pi. CHARLES SCHIRMER: PSEA, Delta Phi Delta, Delta Sigma Phi. CLARENCE SCHRIMPER: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Wesley College Fel- lowship, Intra-mural Sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. THOMAS SCHULTZQ Alpha Phi omega. DAVID SCHUTTE: Varsity Sports, Inter-Frater- nity Council, Delta Sigma Phi. JOHN SCHUTZBACH: Physical Science Club, J Beta Beta Beta, Student-Faculty Council, Com- muter Committee, Freshman Orientation, Alpha Phi Omega. JEANNETTE SHALLOP: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Budget Committee, Kiltie Fins, WAA, Band, Collegiate Singers, Alpha Gamma Delta. CARL SHANAHAN: Social Committee, Class ofli- cer, Delta Phi Delta, Freshman Orientation, Bud- get Committee, Assembly Committee, Inter-Frater- nity Council, E-Club, Varsity Sports, Intra-mural Sports, Yearbook, Newspaper, Phi Sigma Pi. GERALD SHELDON: Lutheran Student Associa- tion, PSEA. WILLIAM SHERWOOD: THOMAS SHILEY: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Student-Faculty Council, Freshman Orientation, Newman Club, Intra-mural Sports, Kappa Delta Phi. BONNIE SHORT: Freshman Orientation, PSEA, Kiltie Fins, WAA, Collegiate Singers, Collegiate Players, Alpha Gamma Delta. V JANET SIEKLUCKI: PSEA, Wesley College Fel- lowship, Zeta Tau. JAMES SITTER: Delta Sigrna Phi, Social Studies Club, Collegiate Players. LINDA SKINNER: Drill Team, PSEA, WAA, Ma- jorettes, Intra-mural Sports, Band, Modern Dance Club, Alpha Gamma Delta OLIVIA SMITH: Newspaper, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Alpha Psi Omega. WILLIAM SMITH: Band, PSEA, Intra-mural Sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. LYLE SORENSON: Social Studies Club. PHILIP STALLSMITH: Freshman Orientation, In- tra-mural Sports. RICHARD STANCZAK: CAROL STAUDENMAIER: PSEA, Lutheran Stu- dent Association, '4The Matchmaker." LYLA STAUSS: PSEA. LAWRENCE STOCKMAN: Beta Beta Beta, PSEA. SALLY STROUP: Red Cross, PSEA, Freshman Orientation. MARYANN STUBY: Inter-Fraternity Council, PSEA, Newman Club, WAA, Intra-mural Sports, Newspaper, Modern Dance Club, Alpha Delta. SANDRA STUCKER: Conterbury Club, WAA, PSEA. IOR DIRECTORY JAMES STUNTZ: Student-Faculty Council, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Inter-Fraternity Council, Intra-mural Sports, Sigma Tau Sigma. RONALD STURGA: Student-Faculty Council, In- ter-Fraternity Council, Varsity Sports, Intra-mural Sports, Newspaper, Collegiate Singers, Class Offi- cer, Phi Sigma Pi. CHARLES SWANK: Wesley College Fellowship, Intra-mural Sports, Alpha Phi Omega. KATHARINE SWANK: PSEA, Social Studies Club, Wesley College Fellowship. CHARLES THOMAS: Varsity Sports, E-Club, In- tra-mural Sports. HARRY THOMAS: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Student-Union Committee, Freshman Orientation, Assembly Committee, LSA, Intra-mural Sports, Class Ofhcer, WUS Carnival Chairman, Delta Sig- ma Phi. JAMES THOMAS: PSEA. NANCY TILL: Kiltie Fins, Newman Club, Zeta Tau. GERALD TOMAINO: Social Studies Club, PSEA, Intra-mural Sports, Varsity Sports, Canterbury Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Kappa Delta Phi. C. REED TRIMBLE: Freshman Orientation, Gam- ma Theta Upsilon, Inter-Fraternity Council, Intra- mural Sports, Kappa Delta Phi, Collegiate Singers. BEVERLY TRIPP: Assembly Committee, PSEA, Gamma Theta Upsilon, WAA, Earth Science Club, Wesley College Fellowship. JESS UNDERWOOD: Student-Faculty Council, PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Freshman Orientation, Wesley College Fellowship, Band, Class Officer, Sigma Tau Sigma. RICHARD VARISH: DOUGLAS VANORMER: PSEA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Phi Sigma Pi. l 149 JOANNE WATSON: PSEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Col- lege Christian Fellowship, Collegiate Players. DONALD WENSLOW: PSEA. EDWARD WHITLRED: PSEA, Newspaper, Chess Clu-b, Alpha Phi Omega. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS: PSEA, Psychology Club, WAA, Newspaper, Modern Dance Club, Alpha Delta, Association of Women Students. GEORGANN WILLIAMSON: PSEA, Collegiate Players, Collegiate Singers, WAA, LSA, Alpha Psi Omega. SUSAN WINGERTER: PSEA, Red Cross, WAA, Yearbook, Newman Club, Handbook, Freshman Orientation, Collegiate Players, Modern Dance Club, Alpha Gamma Delta. JOYCE WRIGHT: PSEA, Handbook, WAA, Delta Phi Delta, Wesley College Fellowship, Womenis Dormitory Council, Yearbook, Alpha Delta. SARA WYANT: PSEA, Delta Phi Delta, WAA, Col- legiate Singers, NAEA, EAA. SUSAN YATSKO: PSEA, Intra-mural Sports, Year- book. SUSAN YAEGLE: PSEA, Psychology Club, Wesley College Fellowship, CEC, Newspaper, Inter-Soror- ity Council, Zeta Tau - President. CORINNE YODER: PSEA, WAA, Kiltie Fins, Eng- lish Club, Social Committee, Newman Club, News- paper, Modern Dance Club, Alpha Delta. CAROLE ZANA: PSEA, Social Studies Club, New- man Club, Intra-mural Sports, Yearbook, Drill Team. SAMUEL ZANOTTI: PSEA, Collegiate Singers, Mu Kappa Gamma. NANCY ZEILER: PSEA, Social Studies Club, Inter- Fraternity Council, Mu Kappa Gamma, Wesley College Fellowship, Collegiate Singers, Inter-So- rority Council, Zeta Tau. JOANNE ZIPPER1 PSEA, Alpha Delta. 5 A gygy, 4 Zxai 1 5 O ,:::, , ,i msemagw N 'HX' "'- A A 152 51 Ig"-+114 6"'ff'f-xx' .,-P" ur 151. Q V g. ,. W if F V, X 2 .J ,. ,fl A 4 2 K 'Vi ,, , Y Q Awww K .LE 1,1 Lf - V ., iz. -. f . ,Wu- TH7 w?4fqEsf :: :E9Y5 1m:w1:: - , .. W ,W-vm W M, W. Q., H mggiswga sf rg gig 3 0 7 tg wa? Milf 'FY' 'WU-, fl!! W...

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