Edinboro University - Conneautteean Yearbook (Edinboro, PA)

 - Class of 1962

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Edinboro University - Conneautteean Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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MU UZ Gisfz H2011 Z 19625 an , K, ' ,, f ,, , W-.f1,,,v, 1-.wvqg .,,,, ,X X, MA Q, 'w 'Q , . ' 'I 1 EJ' .' . 1 ' ,'vf'.i'. w , L' . - 1-Z ' nf ' -I-". P5 .1-' J. A ..1 . JE. ,1 I4 -0 - A- 1 4 . p 4 4 . ., -I M , I , 11 , amz., ' -Q. , f ,vc " ,, - Lf. - -nw. + 5-'qv 9 !,f- ,, a.. ,,' ug A. -- ,- .- 5 , 1- -,,,b,,..- , .- ,, 1 Ugg- 153. ,, , -: H V- ,g nu . gl 3. 4153 ,L f J ing, Q4 mf? - "A-+1112 3 1? Q 5 ' nv- W- ' fb -mf-:fl K, 3,-'Q 1, , A I 15'af'f" 'T' ' ' ' '-W ' W' ' f 4- . 3' -Y PC- '- M' -' -' Q A . f ' ' 1 .' 42' . fgh-Hs? 19 .I 4 v A , I , J ' , if r . K 4 , fa x 3 . ' x , . , X7 C -,Q J . .A 'J 1 Q, . . ' s ,Q , Y' X Q f, . Y. ' 2 Ng , i f? f 22' . , , Y ', 11, ' , , Fr fig, , ., ,. ' +A' , . I .J y, .fa ,ig 'Pi 1 915, ' A, ,ju ' . 1, f X .. I X. .2 5 ,V r it M 2.5 ,F ,, , . . gl . gr., ,S . cf YH 145 .t '. ,Q Ir 1 '31, ' x m f? , X X , fm- uf.-Q ' -'Y lv. , X 'sf sir J - L, . 4 - ' ' K Mm: X lk' M 2 v W' mga., 1.251 P2 Q 25 '25 - - , ,. v ww. - ' X-11, 'T' , X f-. ,. 1? iff, , X V' " ,f f Ai ,, vu. X522 fig ' X M. 1- "vm ,QQ ' N 'F ' 1, Ti, f at K '?'Q-, am , 1' -. -Q1 , Q, ,I in -1-f'w,'f1f:,w1s:', Q' , , ' . A . 1, A 5 ' wfxpg f is f.f,,ff- ,JW 2 Aw. L iq N-f ,Q ymgc, ,mm 4 , ., , ., A 1 fg Q- .w.+ff:.Q - -,W ,, -'g-L15 W, .w + + 'W v 1 wk . f ,I , H ' . ,Av 1, 1 N - .-1 ' - ew Q., ,w ffw ., I, ,, I . 6, ,. , J. .N , HL, 4 N ,, 1' -11 , . 31 W f A M -,,s...1, ff.dm,.f,- 1, nb Q. . , ,., , . e . 1' v1 -1 Q' f 2 ,f- x -' 14. 19 -:Lf J f . -N :Q I 1- ww- 'KQV' v 'N'-' ,nf N ,- , Q U ,.x,p'if 5w,vf 1 :'iF f' -,fx -f + ,, Q W I N. rw. aw- ef-14 p. QM-11, .4 .M f .J ..-Q, ,F 4, Y.. ., . . .., . ,, . '- ,' 4 mf . r- -f ,- ,b g..,. .,'- .' ,3,.ff'g..,,g, .-.aww ,K+ nf 1.53.15-114.4-, f 'A . - -' ,H 5 THE TS ASS PRESEN CL JUNIOR THE V , M-ff A fr 5' 'Ai 5' is KT Q, f jf qffi wma? M ffyig if ln ,. Z slg.ki!,fLg LL A , sas: ,ef T ii , , , f ,,--f .f,-f , ,' ,, ' if . a - ,,:"' K L, Edinboro SToTe College - The second oldesT insTiTu- Tion in Pennsylvonio - proudly beors The ScoTTish nome of iTs moTher Town. Cne hundred 66 yeors ogo Williom CulberTson, o noTive of Edinburgh, ScoTlond, come here To Tound o smoll seTTlemenT in The volley of The C-onneouTTee, which wds on Indion nome meoning "snow-plocef' Becouse This Town never become coughT in The roce oT business, mochines, ond indusTry, iT hos held o chorm ond conTenTmenT ThoT is rore in The modern doy. The noTive in The busTling ouTside world mighT hosTily coll Edinboro unprogressive ond scorn oT iTs serene conTenTmenT To leT The resT oT The world whirl oheod oround iT, buT iT This very soul would pouse Tor o mo- menT he would see ThoT from The Town's very begin- ning iT hos puT Time To onoTher use - educoTion. ln l857 The SCoTTish pioneers esToblished on ocdd- emy ThoT hos evolved from o SToTe Normol School in l86l, To o SToTe Teochers College in l926, ond To The presenT doy Edinboro SToTe College in l96O, purposing iTselT wiTh developing The minds of The decendoms of The very people who founded IT. ThroughouT The chonges ThoT hove Token ploce in Edinboro ond The college, There hos remoined o spiriT of Triendliness ond sTurdiness oT The ScoTc:hmen whose ToresighT Tounded The Edinboro we know Toddy. ,S ui mi rs g ff X! nu 3 W, ,-.L . ,Y . 'M-Q-AMW M -if wan 1 it . 'vo f - SE if?" ,. is f" N2-g.f1. . ,g I aa Q0 ' "iff iw ' Wfen. if 7 V,-ig, Q ,af FI ,,,vn...., ,. ,QM .gmpilr W-nvsammw M, , ,X ff mm. N--I. A A 'igggggaw-'x A b Q , , Hum K ,i . T-4 W 51 - , " V gf'fl1?,f4"'. ' il 7 Y L f 'V Q V- . , c f , O Y ?S lY' ll .4 -,, S rg wi , X :.,,, , ,Q ,,X. K. 4 v' . W W l .,. gf gk, . 'S JW I 4, 1 Q. yy. . Q f 9 9 a F ?+ f - 1 'Q 4,1 ,tai -.3 A Q Ah. . T3 aa A , - . ws 'ff KJ' W., .:., Q Wi ' :.. - 'h'A br f'4- :sf-K .Z Q. Pj X 70 'f ,quam 2 -.M lg . uf I k"' 'Lux 1 Z wry' Em '- XA , xx Y is Y W viz A K' -wk if' Yi ' .' ,A ', k ' I - 'V . Lf 1 1 H - C I .- 1 ., - p is ,W 5 i 3 X E I w xl' Q Ya -. MK ,al 'ALE i, fxx gm !, X-9,4 K Q, ww 'sim 'lil vw-9. Q M a I M--w....., we ' ':: ei if 5, 'ffl rj 1 , .g f . lf E K 1 if i 3 . 49" -if-a-n-.W-... ,,, s Q K 4 5 1 I '11 f 2 ff..-.fl P' ff! Qui! ?-'iff , 'A K.. fn: HM' as .4 A fi .Q 12 1 11. uf' rf! N' . .Qi "ijt -X-r Ei f a - if 1' ' s ,fm 2 K 5 'M X-. 1 X ir . M , I , xx I ,f f f, sin A I S ,uw Zu, I M1- WM' i i,,- Q as. 1 m 15 it tx.-.jx W xx "' " is COMMUTERS rf A ff J A N.. """""---.--Qwi rx Xu , ,KAN wz fy ,QA rf xf' Q , is W as ' 1 .sf ' 4 Y, 1 , it W vw film 1... r V v XR - Q -L g 'sw 'CTF' g , 2 HX I-I-I X My E' .pw Q9- E 'vw -. ,.-.. an T.. vw' 'wxigw ' ,J ."4'f 1.3 r x fi was B K, W . fk5,,,,,?31 E Q ' Tiki 'c r fy ,Ty t 2 4 . na Kgxx ,Ar 4 ui 1193-. he--m 13 EIQIQ Ei! -:E 33 iF? E I iii E4 E IE El 2231 E3 E ig IIE wi E ii E!! E!! ? , E!! E!! mum THOMAS R. MILLER, PH. D. PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE The worldwide situation as it is pointed up in Africa, in Europe, and in Asia, as well as here at home, shows us con- tinents steeped in misery, discord, and selfishness. Here at home amid plenty there is less work done, and there is more time off than ever before. Each individual expects the highest possible monetary return for his labor. There seems to be a greater and greater desire to corner the easy dollar and less and less desire to make any sacrifice for the common good. The result of these attitudes shows up abroad in the loss of American prestige, and at home in the growing anxiety over our threatened security. Never has there been a greater need for willingness to sacri- fice or for readiness to defend the freedoms which our ances- tors won, Never has there been a greater need for learning at a higher level. Perhaps instead of a five-cent cigar what this country needs right now is at least one generation of dedicated citizens who place the common good above individual greed, who place sacrifice higher on the scale of virtues, who believe that this nation of ours is worth saving and who are ready to worll in- telligently with all the skill at their command to bring about desirable results. Are you a part of this needed generation? ilf you are not, is it just possible there will not be another opportunity for such a generation to exist?l Deon of Admissions: Mr. William Cornell Assisfonf Deon of Adm Mr. Jon Shollop Deon of Instruction: Dr. Leo Roland Assisfonf Deon of lnsfructionz Dr. Harry Eorlley issions: -.ws Emi i Assistant Deon of Women: Miss Nancy C Deon of Women: Mrs. Ruth Pec orlson Deon of Men: k Mr. James Horrison 'w...,.! SOCIAL STUDIES DE- PARTMENT - ROW 'l: Lufher Hendricks, Ph.D., Alice Schuster, Ph.D., Joseph Fron- cello, D.S.S., B, Wy- clifle Grifhn, M.A., ROW 2: Dwayne Thompson, Ph.D., Pal'- rick Faulkner, M,A., Carl Wozniak, M.Lit1., Roy Sfonesifer, M.A. .5 5 ENGLISH - SPEECH DEPARTMENT - ROW T: George Bond, Ed.D., Ruth Harris, M.A., Helen Nicely, M.A,, Rosc 'ie lacovefla, BS., ROW 2: Franklin Case, M.A., Angell Marhevvson, Ecl.D., Robert Kloss, M.A., John Marsh, Ph.D., Charles Glendenning, M.A,, Robert Singdahlson, M.A. GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT - Chi Jen Chang, Ph.D., Earl Shoemaker, B.S., William Kohland, M,S,, Harriet Long, Ph.D. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - J. La Marco, Nancy Acker, B.S., Arthur McComb, M,Ed. 5 1 Kev'-if ,f -.. C., rm.. -sony-0-rj rg' VVk,. f ,M ta mt L, 1 R 1: .': ., in Aix,-n, Kg b 1 vr "' D 'Nu' CATION DEPARTMENT - SEATED: Mary Ditz, M.Ed., MATH - SEATED: John Hoshauer, Ed,D., STANDING, William Etling, B.S., James- SPECIAL EDU Hazlett, M.L,L., Curtis lclces, M.Ed. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT - ROW 'Ir John Gatzy, Ed.D.g Anson Pi- per, M.A., Clayton Spencer, Ph.D., Robert Hansen, M.Ed., John Mehner, Ph.D., ROW 2: Daniel Goldthvvaite, M.Ed., Mar- vin Whitehead, Ph.D.p James Coffman, M.S. Absent: Daniel Welker, M.EcI. Laurence Nanns, M.Ed,, STANDING: Francis Johnson, M.Ed., John Schell, Ph.D.p Ralph Ackerman, Ph.D. I I if iw bert Wilson, Ed.D., Jack Williams EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - SEATED: Carol Megill, B.S., Helen Reed, B,S,, Whitney, MA., Edith Nelson, Ed,M., Ro Edna bitenk, M,Ed,, Brooke Bishop, BS., Ava Bond, M.A., Louise Barber, Ed.D,, Loyal Park, M.Ed., Alton Huntley, M.Ed,, Robert Connors, Ed.D.z MN' M.A., STANDING: Clair Butterfield, Ph.D., Ernest LaFolIette, Ph.D,, Frances lyn Mvlliuisli, BS.: ABSENT: Reba Griffin, L. W. VOI'1LC1ftif19I1C1m, Ed-D 4,1 A.: CAMPUS SCHOOL FACULTY ROW 1: Reba Griliin, B.S., Louise Barber, M.A,p Brooke Bishop, B.S.g Ava Bond, MA., ROW 2: Marilyn Melhuish, BS., Edith Nelson, M.Ed., Carol Megill, B.S. ,pus-Q.. ART DEPARTMENT SEATED: George Ferguson, B.A.i Elenor Caldwell, Ed.D.g Ralph Bruce, M.Ecl.g STANDING: James Parnell, M.F.A,g Ray Sfapp, M.A.p Richard Mower, M. Ed., William T. Brown, M.Ed. Henry Katzwinkel, B.S. BURSAR'S OFFICE SEATED: Vaughn Herbel, B.S.g STANDING: Mary Wor- ner, Margie Zemick, Russell Wood, Judy Eaton, Mary MUSIC DEPARTMENT Glenn Low, Ecl.D., absent from picture A- Esther Comp- bell, M.A. LlBRARY STAFF Mildred Forness, M.A., Emma Rossbocher, B,S,, Justine Boron, M.A,, Absent from picture A John Stonis, M.S. Heod. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mildred Roebuck, M.A, . Ji :gf ,sg 5.159 DOCTORS AND NURSES Dr. Morris, Dr. Miller ll, Joyce Collins, RN., Donno Corson, RN. FOOD SERVICE Engerrnonn Pedersen 25 ...Nd 'inf' rw'-1 it 5 T, isy, ii f fs 'hm ELM E :i:f:il I E-'i: I 11:13 E I Eigli EI EI E12 E1 X W E RICHARD CHARLES HOLLEN BECK SECONDARY ,pu-sg ff? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Midge Williams, Christine Mocosko, Larry Behon. President Joseph Lodge was absent. EVELYN ANN DUKOVICH SECONDARY JUDITH DAY JOHNSON NORMAN JOSEPH CARLIN CAROLYN HARMES ' ELEMENTARY SECONDARY ELEMENTARY KATHLEEN ANN BARBER GARY WADE ANDERSON ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY Qi. , WF . 5,1 - . .. :E mf - WQMWW ,ggi pm sz ,mi 7,,. I K , SX , I k ,Y-. , GORDON ARNOLD SUTTON PATRICIA ELAINE BARBER RICHARD EUGENE VARISH ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY SECONDARY V. YII I-': I f TR R I A ' M ,Q.: 5 QW I Qu, I A ROSEMARIE ANGELA MASTRIAN JOSEPH LORENZO GIORDANO JOANN LOUISE WONDERLING ELEMENTARY SECONDARY ART digg... WILLIAM JOHN GROSHNER JEAN KATHERINE RICCI ROBERT WILSON GRIMM SECONDARY ELEMENTARY SECONDARY TM , SANDRA LEE SAMUELOFF ELEMENTARY EDWARD WALLACE PRATHER MARY KATHRYN STRANEVA SECONDARY ELEMENTARY ANTHONY JOSEPH SANFILIPPO SECONDARY EV L KAROL KOSCINSKI MARJORIE SMITH SECONDARY ART ERNEST WILLIAM MAUTHE JR. SYLVIA ANN FARTRO ART GERALDINE ANN REEDER ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY ROYCE ARLIN RICE SECONDARY ARTHUR J. KIGHTLINGER ELEMENTARY MARIE FERRIS PETERS ELEMENTARY L JO ANN FELDMEIER ELEMENTARY JEROME J. DANTRY ELEMENTARY JOSEPH R. CAFAZZO SECONDARY DARLENE LUCILLE KUNDRACIK ELEMENTARY .WE WALLIS ANN MCCOMMONS SECONDARY BARBARA ANN LUEDTKE ELEMENTARY MARIAN J. MANDELA ELEMENTARY ww-Sliy' JAMES CRIBBS MYFORD ART PATRICK JAMES SANTELLI SECONDARY PATRICIA LOU MEERDINK ELEMENTARY CARMELA CONCETTA FABRIZIO SECONDARY CAROL EVANOFF ELEMENTARY I? BEVERLY ANNE BORIO LOUIS JOHN KWIATKOWSKI SECONDARY SECONDARY PATRICIA ANN KRILL ELEMENTARY L JEAN MARIE LEO SECONDARY COLLEEN MARKS SECONDARY , l f , .W -' Jie f,.,fQiiI"wYSiAQ? f- Iwi 2 im 'I-s y k m-g .W , fa . . V I, 39, I Q4 wwe - Us V. .:. -. .- MWA L' I N -'LI -ifiisi uw: Tuff ,. ,zfxfggfl A - - 'f gfi lsfg- I ' In 45" , W9 ,'..: I ' .f -gi f f J 1 I PATRICIA ANN COWLES SECONDARY IWW CHARLES I. CREEGAN ELEMENTARY 1 . DIANE M. SHEARER SECONDARY MARILYN ANN STARK E L EM E N TA RY WALTER M. SWANSON SECONDARY 1 Sz Q W 4 BETTY ROSE GILBERT ELEMENTARY CHARLES JOSEPH SZOCH SECONDARY JAMES BURTON FOULK SECONDARY ,QQ T 1 , 4 I . E Al F. M -1' w 'MM 'Z 1 I ff an 15' N R YY L MARY JO BUCKLEY ELEMENTARY JOANE IRENE ANTOS ELEMENTARY MARILYN JEAN CERVONE SECONDARY .V.VV,,L I JUDITH VAL JEAN WALKOVIAK S E C O N D A RY Li 'yy K , . V sf? Biff I ORVILLE WALLACE WE ISLOGEL E L E M E N T A RY BERNICE JUNE BRENNER SECONDARY MARY BETH DOUGHERTY SECONDARY ,Ma JOSEPH CALVIN LODGE PATRICIA ELLEN MOODY SECONDARY ELEMENT ELSIE K. MEYER ELEMENTARY THOMAS CRAIG FAIRLEY SECONDARY 'I Q 'E 62 .. 'X if ' 2- fkxsivm . 'Wa' s igggm K S me ,E I Ey- FI sz . ' -ffgfz .Q .QE E15 if , . , . AMY JEAN MILLAR ELEMENTARY RUTH ANN SEABERG M. REGIS KONTRA ARY ELEMENTARY ART 34 MARY JOY FRENCH ROSE MARIE BONGIORNI ELEMENTARY TH EODORE ANDREW LESTYK ELEMENTARY ' , 'VH . -,, L,,!ql??vj'a, ' ' --" 1,1 'via wsah, I A WAR I 1. 'im-A HOWARD FRANCIS CRISP NANCY JEAN SWANSON ART ELEMENTARY L., L I MEREDYTH ANN WILLIAMS SECONDARY 35 ART NANCY GAY BARSTOW ART ARTHUR LEROY HOPPER ART KAY LOUISE BEAL CHARLES A. BATTIST ELEMENTARY SECONDARY NANCY ANNE STEWART CHARLES JOSEPH LUCAS ELEMENTARY ART JOYCE MARJORIE OKLOTA ELEMENTARY mi DOROTHY CHARLENE WEED ELEMENTARY LAURENCE DAVID BEHAN SECONDARY .,fy Aw-40" ,163 :+- M ASA? ga diff? ,Q 1 Q. X A 2 K x Rf 4 -mf IX I! we N1 , , ' L Q' V JI NZM? Q .5 it ,fi I JOSEPH LEE ERVIN SECONDARY PATRICIA ELLEN STEFFAN ELEMENTARY L 1 MARY ANN PETRUSO ELEMENTARY NANCY JOAN MCWILLIAMS ELEMENTARY Wagga! 'Qld' wi- SARAH GLADYS HOBBS SECONDARY Liv RUTH CAROLYN MCKENZIE KENNETH BRADFORD MCBRIDE ELEMENTARY SECONDARY ' MARJORIE HELEN SAMPLE SECONDARY HELENMARIE DOWNING ELEMENTARY HELGA M. BERTHOLD SECONDARY A ARET LUCILLE FAIR M RG JOHN PAUL SHONTZ CAROL DIANE BALKO ART SECONDARY ELEMENTARY I I C. MELVILLE HAZEN SECONDARY DORIS MAE STEWART SECONDARY DONNA MAE PAULENICH ELEMENTARY ,WRT BARBARA LEE RODEMAN SECONDARY JULIE MITCHELL ART JANET JEAN SOVAK SECONDARY DONALD HENRY HARDESTY SUSAN NANETTE COOPER SECONDARY SECONDARY :- ,V My -5 zm I A ln. 'K KATHERINE LUCILLE JONES ELEMENTARY 7 , L 192+ A+ 41 Qi I q Y '25 1 V: V I JUDITH L. FULTON GLORIA JUNE BOND ELEMENTARY ART ' i if wieifsii weuifxz If " Wfsyggi 22, GAIL ANN GREXA ELEMENTARY CAROL JEAN REITER RICHARD NELSON OLMSTEAD ELEMENTARY ART ROBERT PASQUALE CERVONE SECONDARY HARRIET ANN WILAMOWSKI SECONDARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS ELEMENTARY MARTHA J. HORNYAK ART A MARJORIE ANN THOMPSON ELEMENTARY sv, aim. WILLIAM FREDRICK SMITH MARLENE CATHERINE D'AGUSTINE SECONDARY ART JUDITH ELAINE WAREHAM ART C WJ 12 .IUDITH ANN NORDER WANDA JUNE PARKER ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY NORMA LOU ERB ELEMENTARY QQ!- MARILYN GAE MARTIN SECONDARY DENNIS A. LESICK ART SANDRA J. FLETCHER ELEMENTARY 'Q'- TERESA KAY VAN NETTE ELEMENTARY JUDIE ANN WAUGH SECONDARY CAROL ANNE BEST ART -A.T x WINNIE LEE ZANOTTI SECONDARY JOHN B- HAMM VIRGINIA BECK BROWN SECONDARY ART PATRICIA ANN MEADE ELEMENTARY in-. DIANE HELEN BLEICHNER SECONDARY P , W, y If-' .J ,.. Q: www ,. I .53-1,' I , 7- '-A. -E A-,X ,Z ,, .... N1 A- A I I if R 1 . 3 I IR Q5 A R ' A f 15 LAVERNE GUY KONEN SECONDARY BARBARA RUTH REISKER ELEMENTARY GLENN MATTHEW BRAKEMAN SECONDARY ANNE MARIE CAMPBELL SECONDARY ,::- Y x I k hvk i 5 VA A .L'L 1:11 Lx Esifsiaqgik 5151 ii' . ilqH,w.,,,,qimj, Str' A , M . i1::?x1siT ,ma ' I- ' .- -523,3 2 E .aw . , 5:5 : :'. 7 J . IAS- E Q EEE' ' ,K V- 13,311 gui? EE- -wnwggwf' MARLIN EUGENE LASHER .IUDITH ELAINE BYERS ART ELEMENTARY ,..fnmnm..,., MARILYN DOROTHY BRIGGS ELEMENTARY KAREN SUE MENCER SANDRA KAY TEPSICK ELEMENTARY ART THEODORE ZERNICH JR. ART IVA JEAN DOUTT ART BARBARA ANN SOBECK ELEMENTARY WILLIAM SAMUEL BROWN JR SECONDARY FELICIA ANNE WARD ART YVONNE LORRAINE HENDERSON JOHN RICHARD BELLIAN ELEMENTARY SECONDARY I A , T Q ,Ei M. ,S ,. 1. , Q. KM W Q I M, , Xia swiig' - U'-A b. , n KATHLEEN ELIZABETH CLAY ARLENE M. BEVERIDGE ELEMENTARY SECONDARY LEON B. BARSTOW ESTHER ANN MINOR SECONDARY ELEMENTARY ,,.1u..n FRANCES STROUP BROOKS GAY JULIA REVI ELEMENTARY SECONDARY I I DE VERNE BOOKWALTER ART BRADLEY RUSSELL SECONDARY LYNETTE BEEMAN HOMER SMITH ELEMENTARY SECONDARY CHRISTINE MACOSKO ELEMENTARY DAVID FLACK WAVA GUIHER SECONDARY ELEMENTARY PAUL ROSE LINDA SECONDARY A MASON RICHARD DULANY ARTHUR OAKES RT A RT A RT , 44 ROBERT PALMER ELEMENTARY RALPH SIMMERMAN SECONDARY JANET MATTIS ART MARY ANN MIHALKO ART 45 KATHY COOLEY ELEMENTARY T-and FRANCES MIHAL SECONDARY DOROTHY DINGLE SECONDARY ROBERT HEAGY SECONDARY NORMAN THOMAS MAMIE HINES SECONDARY ELEMENTA GEORGE SUESSER TRACY ROBERTSON SECONDARY ART JOY THOMSON ART ri I 11 1 fx R , 4 fu' 8 wx W rf M R I KENNETH GREGORY RY SECONDARY KATHY PARRETT ART E-......., 4. KAREN O CONNOR ELEMENTARY JULIE MITCHELL ART DONALD KOLAKOWSKI SECONDARY CHARLES CUMMINGS SECONDARY -nq.,...5, WILLIAM RISKO SECONDARY . VIRGINIA HAVEN ELEMENTARY "5nrnuv EARL DAVIS RONALD BATSON ART SECONDARY I f'i"Q DAVID ETHRIDGE JOYCE OKLOTA SECONDARY ELEMENTA RY ROBERTA BARNHART SECONDARY .,..,.1 - I In I ,- .--- ii -- I fig I ' I III -0? . f - f X A PETER MIKOVCH STUART MORRIS ART SECONDARY DIANNE ELLIOT ELEMENTARY WILIAM FUGAGLI SECONDARY e M?'Mu 3? Vx EE L E , if . xg., gg V, Q . gs C Lily! 5-A A -I -I 'TIZHKM , g ,. fhi , ,.,.,fZ I gf +5 'E 1' DODDS JOHNSON DONALD VOLBRECHT ELEMENTARY 1? Qi! KEITH TODD ALICE SUNDELIN SECONDARY ELEMENTARY JEFFERY HARDN ER SECONDARY SECONDARY by 1932 I .- Sf if rf ' I. -TV xiii . Q, Q Q15- WILLIAM TROUTNER SECONDARY 'DAVID PHELPS SECONDARY in as ,W :I '- 4, ii ww, I Ex L " 14+ if 'EW 'fx Hu? 'Q NANCY SHUNK SECONDARY , x ig' DAVID KNABLEIN SECONDARY LE ROY WARTHMAN ,. SECONDARY J ,gh . . V Ls- '-'L qi, 1 3 NED MEYERS ART vu: f K, fig xi W f A L V x i f ig QF Y f ' ffk I K I RAYNALD BOUTWELL SECONDARY ANDREW LANTZ ART t . . e-fxl l: I. , N U J, J, M' Y CLIFFORD WOOD SECONDARY Cnr! .e""H' EWNE NELSON CATHERINE WIGREN ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY ROW 1: P. Burns, M. Berz, D. Jones, J. Sieklucki, ROW 2: R. Fcxgley, D. Shiley wood, D. Klopper, S. Strucker, M. Londos, B. Abrams. ROW 3: J. Dingfelder, J. B. Dingos, B. Lukirsh, J. Tomoino, C. Babbitt. J' 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICEF Pof Burns, KCIY Kingston Curl Shonchi Chuck Bobbi' Q N-.1 4 1 T .HI ' I 1 u?v iv T 'JMASTE -3 35, I ' ' .ff . ' . A "'fl',.2, 'Q A Q . . . .V 4 e K -u 5 T .., ' 4 T 2 IYQWX K y ' is .1 .f . 1 Xggh . waxy, ,,, . , A H in 14, g,"4PQ'V 'lv .14 .t .urn J , .. NL . vWF' x. ... Fizz -hz: Sw: km. ff if no he A if if 15 5 . . i 1"""'? 0--Q, -My ROW 'I: R. Peiers, B. Lendick, D. Samuelson, K. Kennedy, J. Jocksic, D. Goodrich, C. Yoder, ROW 2: K. Laclner, N. Johnstone, D. Kroll, R. Mielewski, M. Fields. ROW 'l: T. Zernich, J. Jones, J. Sanfelle, P. Corrula, J. Hoagland, M, Grippo, M, Carondo, L. Palmer, C. Gregory, J. See, ROW 2: R. Sturgo, L. Holm, B. Riesrer, D. Rouen, B. Short, J. Schmtzlooch, R. Bonominio, B. Curci: ROW 3: P. Stallsmifh, T. Jombro, D. Lengauer, G, Jurysia, H. Thomas, E. Bakaysza, B. Riden, J. Wrighf, C. Shanahan: ROW 4: T. Popovich, J. Stunfz, R, Herring, J. Swank, J. Schafer, ROW 5: A. DeFurio, S. Zonotri, D. Durfee, D. Kozy. 'E ew Q-3' I ,f AM., ...W v... .im 7 1, 1 Y ' Q'.s x ff :AQ 9 s. .- NV. fb' .Vw -'vw fig. - .Q .fy X. FTW fi , lr 1 ki . ,ff- .hw x 1 - V , iffy -fr ,W.,.5...:iiZQ.TWw,.gf. L :L-ifl?'gii53-'sw 'fi 'A 1 .v., . 7 K K figs.-1: X f', W' N, 'fill N.'l'3 X. A ,Sw K. , , 7 413 9. - 2 L : . , Jw lawffqlig ' fx .. : . ... g r , 7 X . if Mia gg, ' xi 'mfvv 535532 K t' L -, . , f YJ-1 . N wi S sr -0 :path Tim N-ww ROW I: C. Ewing, M. McClosky, C. Babbitt, D, Curran ROW 2: D. Morley, L. Sowdy, F. Roebuck, C. Scott, C. Poscurellu. X ROW 1: L. Skinner, S. Yotsko, C. Mosholcler, P. Koziorz, J. Wil cox, ROW 2: N. Zeiler, R. Rothenstein, B. Tripp, S. Yoegle, E Williams, ROW 3: M. Stoblberg, C. Zona, O. Smith, R. Simcho J. Miller, ROW 4: G. Popovich, C. Rosenberg, K. Weidner, D Peterson, ROW 5: B. Ekdohl, P. Osborn, E. Calhoun, H. Miholyo M. Munos. ROW 1: E. Berger, ROW 2: H. Bunnell, L. Higley, D. Block, ROW 3: M. Durfee, J. Bain, P. Anderson, STANDING: D. Clork, R. Croig, A. Davis, B. Bornes, V. Grubbs, A. Broclshow. 52- is will .. I g. Y I . u , , f L Y. J ROW l: J. Lonclefeld, P. Marshall, R. Mczrceco, R. Harmon, S. Winger- Ter, ROW 2: K. Hcxnnold, S. Hoy- mon, E. Lewis, B. McKinney, M. Jer- ick, C. Felege, ROW 3: V. Lewis, G McAdams, C. Weed, P. Mangold ROW 4: J. Norder, J. Dcnfry, S McKlveen. ROW 2: B. Smith, B. Soy, B, Henderson, B. Costlow, K. Brown, M. A. Behcn: ROW 2: D. Ellsworth, J. Doug- lass, G. Kronrz, D. Coe, C. Poscorello. Awww.: Hr,r,,,.- .si ...M MRL: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - Jerry Chambers, Rocco Dimailo, Sue Shallcross, Betty McGregor. ROW I: C. Smock, G. Sfates, L. Yorgar, B. Munson, M. Swanson, M. Lefller, P. Bassey, P. Alexander, D. Cafferson, V. Marks, ROW 2: R. Dey, L. Stitzinger, N. Till, C. Verner, R. Wheelock, M. Volcheck, S. Snyder, D. Stayduhar C, Sobesld, M. Smith, G. Smith, N. Wilcnmowski, K. Terpack, J. Toth, L. Ely, ROW 3: T, Hed- man, W. Pencille, F. Waronski, D. George, J. DiMaggio, R. Refecki, B. l-link, D. Struck, J. Greco. 1ig11f - -X : ur. . KNEELING: E. Franklin, J. Hankey, A. Davis, l. Grant, E. Fodor, K. Fagan, P i Gregory, ROW 1: M. Barrett, R. Fagan, C. Case, R. Cyprych, D. Fogelbach, F Feclorko, ROW 2: K. Hatton, L. Crooks, A. Fell, G. Cermak, S. Gingolcl, ROW 'lz H, Purpiclw, M. L. Balko. ROW 2: R. Yoko, M. Pelkinsky, P. Machuga, D, Mikola- lczyk, B. Krall. ROW 'l: S. Mclnlyre, S. Johnson, A. Bowman, ROW 2: V. Laipple, N. Kohur, B Knapp, M, Jones, M, Johnson, ROW 3: M. Johnson, B. McGregor, P. Herrick, J Maykowski, H. Meiisel, B. Michel, L, Linn. H -as '17 W5 45" 'E R., 1 .diwn .Q ROW 1: T. Carnes, D Soulier, L. Reinhardt, B Martin, D. Bush, G. Root, B. Warren: ROW 2: K Baur, S. Brudney, J. Pen- der, G. Harrigan, K Evans: ROW 3: T, Kies nowski, J. Montini, R. Ri denbuugh, ROW 4: P Pessolano, J. Sims, K Barker, M. Zmiianac, G Woods, N. Schroder. ROW 'iz J. Greco, J. Mi chell, G. Miller, J. McWi Iiams. J. Austin, R. M4 Canna, B. Bischoff: RON 2: G. Georgieff, i Schnieman, C. Higgin B. Landkrohn, D. Boyc P. Walker, L. Rodoke i ROW 'l: A. Dumblauskas L. Soderquist, I. Joyce M. Mihalik, J. Andrews B. Oliver, S. Shollcross R. Cauvel, ROW 2: E Whitehouse, D. Heyl, M Ferens, M. Frontz, N Bintz, S. Heath: ROW 3 R. Helm, R. Waronsky, G Chambers, T. Halmi, J Sass. I l ei. f , . I 5,1 ' ww' ROW 1: S. Manucci, S. Refsfanct, D. Mineo, S. Planfz, M. Ruby, N. States, C. Nelson, P. Mihoci, P. Rowley R. Mitchell, ROW 2: V. Reimold, A. Miller, J. Porter, C. Paulson, L. Raczyminski, P. Anderson, M. Rubay ROW 3: W. Kinf, P. Youngs, B. Marquis, N. Neubrand, H. Nawrocki, R. Palmiero, D. Mottern. ROW 1: C. Wrixron, N, Richardson, J. Bell, M. DuMars, J. Chapel, B. Johnsfon, D. One-sky, B. Carpenter, R. Sterreff, ROW 2: B. Duplaga, M, Zelinski, S. Karolewski, L. Morrell, C. Galicia, D. Grimm, B. Slivinski, ROW 3: J. Mac Isaac, M. Keefe, T. Steiner, P. Newman, R. Gillam, F. Roebuck, ROW 4: D. Martin, T. Baker, P. Wolfe, K. Nordberg, B. Burtner, B. Gribbin, C. Swank. 1 ROW 'lx R. Ross, F. Tarbell, P. Garvey, L. Hanlin, B. Kirsop, R. Behan. ROW 2: C. Duffy, J. Tolco, K. Bar- low, P. Cipriani. ROW 3: C. Rupp, G. Sfengl, M. Larko, A. Wagner. ROW 4: H. Barkham, F. Ewing, G. Boyle, K. Barker, K. Gerber. ROW 1: T. Peard, D. Shaffer, V. Owen, M. Starch, C. Wykoff, J. Canfield, K. Robbins. ROW 2: C. Hodges, R. Belcher, M. Hand, B. Kirsop, M. Sfichick, D. Whitman. ROW 3: F. Ewing, D. Schwab, R. Strong, T. Heas- ley, R. Behan, J. Blodgeff. ROW 4: A. Folkowski, B. Finley, J. Porierheld, J. Buffiington. l l I 5 I l 2 ,Q Y is s Q ., 5 SE. I is 4,v, ......,,g,13lu...,- . . , .Ei JL mfvwntllmvllvlhlrw k ef' 1: , . zfirrf 1 Q w N Q K 1 1 gm Rmmws fm YH, A VL pm, xv ii- l JSP bro. -lr mf: X ri ll X5 5, ee!! Q. r'l"'SlQ ROW 1: M. Barnes, G. Raughr, P. Klingensmith, J. Ritts, C. Knapp, ROW 2: Z. Brahm, V. Stryker, P. Muckle, M. Shacoslci, L. Halyama, R. Primerano, ROW 3: M. Fozard, D. Allen, J. Bartnicki, M. Sturman, M. Cosmark, N. Helfast. W-""", .4 1.3 ROW 1: M. Chereka, P. Mihalic, S, Manning, F, Onyskow, M. Smith, J. Zipper, ROW 2: C. Zelinslci, J. Da- maska, L. Young, J. Shannon, B. Russell, C, Himes, ROW 3: M. Hartland, L. Moore, J, Englert, ROW 4: V. Wheeler, J. VcnZandT, J. Briggs, C. Hunt. 59 r -"""ri':' D-.Q-ngadi iHH M' KNEELING: C. Clark, G. Hayduk, D. Grant, L. Crawford, E. Gathers, H. Lynn, ROW 1: H. Clwmie- Iewski, K. McGlaugl1lin, J. Sager, J. Renkes, J. Kelis, J. Luehm, J. Shale, M. Sullivan, P. Hanna, V. Hillard, P. Reiber: ROW 3: B. Boone, B. Finley, T. Boyd, P. Black, B. Tullaram, J. Sfrednak: ROW 4: J. Towle, R. Greener, W. Rojik, P. Kussi, S. McCus- key, L. Boyer, R. Copper, J. Fuller. ROW 'I: B. Magee, G. McKissock, A Carr, J. Maxwell, D. Bush, ROW 2 J. Battle, D. Kilbane, M. Gregan, G Harrigan, S. Cione, K. Evans, J Beuchar, P. Mahoney, ROW 3: R Noel, B. Coggin, P. Kelley, P. Pessc- lano, R. Posali, J. Bender, G. Di- Angio, B. Martin. 3 ww' ml H2556 1 H 'Z 1 EW' HQ :HW fm Qiiwiw - wan EW W Wm 4' N I ROW 'lz A. Sickerp ROW 2: L. Drexler, B. Prirnosic, R. Clyne, J. Aiolo, J. Szorelc, F. Susi, F. Niles, T. Hed- mong ROW 3: J. Swonson, C. Klomp, M. Scl1roT, J. Kropp, B. McClymonds, D. Nelson, D. Davenport, C. Smifh, ROW 4: H. Hunler, D. Bixler, D. George, T. Bernowski, P. Sonodi, ROW 5: J. Greco, N. Field, L, Splone C ' ggeo M Elko B. Gollo. , . Underwood, J. DlMo , . ROW 'l: V. Bongiorno, B Bendiburg, J. Anderson, M. Doncufucci, S. Bitters, ROW 2: K. Wood, J Greo, R. Coburn, C. Ben- edetto, J. Bundick, J Brown, E. Hosko, P. Ce- koric, ROW 3: C. Carr. fm 32311225 f . A ami gl 1 1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICER CANDIDATES: ROW 1: Myra Griffith, John Sherrod, Riia Glasl, Tom Roche, ROW 2: George Mamros, George Knopic, Bill McGardIe, Richard Pefterson. fm if ww. w ww C ..,,,..f-1 -if'1?- an e ROW 'lz R. Abraham, J. Berexa, S. Brady, J. Arnold, E. Babbitt, P. Mall, P. Bush. ROW 2: B. Geller, C. Bitts, M. Anfonelli, W. Bodkowski, C. Pascarelli. if 1 an .- A cm -qv 1 ,mv C' Q gil 5 Q FK 1 J 5 L . 3 7 . f I 5 L-f 'l ROW 1: M, Morceco, K. Mowry, E. Moyer, C. Parson, P. Magee, G, Proud, H. Lundberg, ROW 2: D. Monk, L. Mickle, B. Morok, M. Murkich, G. Kowalski, M. Lorson, S. Sprucebonk, ROW 3: A. Murroy, J. McCormick, J. Mcxnion, L, Bongiovonni, S, Liberg, N, Munz, S. Ott, ROW 4: H. Kiser, F. Lobonowski, S. Perry, K. Miller, E. Mitchell, M. Grignol. -vwr . I 1 E F WS: K l ROW I: J, Quoresimo, J, Bufclino, L. Duffln, E, Woloson, A. Getter, S. Walker, N. Veilotef ROW 2: R. Pollifrone, H. Smith, K. Scott, A. Dick, D. Crooks. 63 l 1 l ROW 'lz T. Sfockman, H. Hepburn, J. Marshall, D. McKrell, ROW 2: J. Shannon, V, Aquino, J. Whiteman, F. Sylvester. ROW 'lz G. Koerber, P. Jackson, A. Homich, M. Sanner, N. Johnston, ROW 2: M. Ptlcum, S. Klinkhomer, C Pomorski, N. Hollenbaugh, S. Lankexg ROW 3: L, Kirk, G. Puzarowski, A. Holmes, B. Jackson, E. Pefruna M. Windsor, B. Klingle, L. Johnston, N. Kiser, ROW 4: B. Schwamlserger, P. Knuth, B. Weitzel, J. Bufhngfon A. Wahl, D. Shafer, B. Bollinger, E. Schnoth. . '--- . A 'J W fan? Q1Lf 55 7 " " r .. iiiff,-4' v iwfztxf - . ...mf 1 1.,..lw.:-at W.-mes.,maz nm L.: 1 I FRONT: B. Prenati, J. Ursing: ROW 1: L. Wetzel, J. Rudo, F. Weinel, B. Popovictt, N. Roberts, B. Peterson, E. Colonna, ROW 2: B. Rayl, H. Weitzel, F. Trebel, B. Strunk, M, Raufos, L. Robertson, E. Puskar, S, Wilson, S. W. Ryan, T. Wilczek, C, Wagner. fx' 1 ' -f , 1 Q1 'WS ' r' .mix ' Le. A' 5 : r - ww A it 4 'G 'rf is if r WRT I 2 ii K . U. 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Lesko, P Heals, T. Heckman, N. Forsyth, J. Altenhot. 152. dem. ROW 1: B. Spaulding, G. Wall, D. Mundkowsky, B. Koleida, R. Anderws, K. Mitchell, P, Martin, S. Hotchkiss. ROW 2: L. Cole, T. Luther, B. Smith B. Fitch, B. Stanford, J. Geisinger, D. Bruno, B, Nelson. ROW 3: D. Ewing J. George, R. Higgins, A. Ste-inloach, L. Grove, R. Kibble, D. Turner, J Wolford, M. Zirkle. ROW 4: D. Cook, C. Mott, W. McArdle, B. Roschy D. Molony, R. Shaw, B. Cosler. I ROW 1: L. McArclle, N, Lener, S. Somol, N. Leslie, J, Leglers, R. Oglevee A. Foyer, M. Romcmiszyn, B. Sc1xTon, C. Stevens, R, Weems, ROW 2: W Tozier, L. Rundell, K, Schoeffel, R. Forsythe, G. Knopick, K. Tobocheck, C Powers, J. Walsh, ROW 3: J. LoScolc1, D. Tomburri, R. Thomas, R. Gebhardf J. Lukuc, J. Leskovich, T. Peoirowlcz, R. Sfilley, STANDING: R. Monfini, V Crowe, P. Ross, E, Rose, P. Ohrmon, L. Botempo, S, McCc1ndless, E, Maxwell R. Novotny. 'E' msg. at-TS V ' 'Il ,': 'rx ', fi-1e.fLLsg..sf.L. TF T.. fi? 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Cervone, N. Biftler, P. Zolmiser, ROW 3: D. Mclfllwinny, A. Kohuf, D. Hoys, B. Ogren, B. Corothers, D. Potfersonl . Cololuese, G. Arclellos, M. Bower, G. Block, ROW 4.7 Aw' ,f Q 5:-. P. ig, A ...Q S ROW 1: M. Nicks, J. Dilley, T. Yaiko, ROW 2: D, Chmielewski, C. Dickson, B. Bary, S. Roach, L. Valentine N. Furdiga, T. Morgan, ROW 3: G. Barth, D. Wielond, R. Sammon, R. Chalmers, ROW 4. R. Ealer, J Woodring, J. Aanborn, B. Wolford, R. Yaklich, 70 V Q ROW 1: M. Ulp, M. Ulp, M. Zovocky, M. Voligog ROW 2: G. Cermok, E. Swanson, P. Scntelli, S. Vcxrrcusscz, A. Shoofz, R. Bianco, N. Reed, L. Shoofz, J. Smiflwp ROW 3: J. Uzorski, J. STUH, R. Sdelzer, S. Sloss, B. Sfewc rf, L. Tiedy. ,. 3 1 5 -5 .T rw fe ,,M.R . . F gk A 'gm 10K ROW 'lz D, Ledney, R. Kronenmefter, J. Gucxrniri, J. Miller, ROW 2: P. Molec, M. Dey, L. Mengel, D Hoverillo, M. Lison, L. Murray, K. Guyton, J. Grubbs, B. Hogue, ROW 3: G. Lucas, B. Mehcsll, L. Olson, D. Jenfgens, D. Lighfner, J. Holcombe, J. McClure, C. Leipertz. I lg8?'fw bw w- f ":S'1"H!IiwTtqgf-rfk .,.. 2 ,gt , . .., - ,,A :-WMM? f w. AQQSSY J. .-'., V ' -' ::, .g i f Jimi ,Y- ' 'Q Wu"-2 'L 'A QQ A .,' V . Ms, lm-In n m I E!!! I III ' 'W ' I E zum EI E am E14 , ' ' wr 'N 4 - , i X EEE am IE IE E-Em '55 I 3 El ma an w n , INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL QF Sgr INTER-SORCRITY CCUNCIL Wg? """'!l SQ INTER-FRATERNITY OFFICERS: Bunny Coslow, Secretoryg Charles Babbitt, Treosurerp Curl Shcnohon, Presi- denfg Susan Lewis, Vice-President. X. .-eg'-1 FELICIA WARD OFFICERS: Rhonda Craig, Treas.f Patricia Burns, V, Pres., Joy Thomson, Pres., S. Mc- Kleeven, Sec. I I I .A I I . MARILYN MARTIN GERALDINE REEDER -'z,, -QP!! ,'? . if : Q1 2 JUDITH WALKOVIAK xi I I 32 MARY ANN PETRUSO GAIL GREXA BETTY GILBERT 76 I iam I .I f' BARBARA REISKER DIANNE ELLIOTT C I. Iv ,4 .k,, I I fn. Q I hx ,ww '- L uw ,, S ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Lge .,I, . - . 5" HARRIET WILAMOWSKI PATRICIA MEERDINK JOYCE OKLOTA af' is ' A : , ,. ' Sm is vs Q-T? f JOYCE BEAL 12" NANCY McWILLIAMS I .f' -. 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I mg -My PATRICIA KRILL SYLVIA McCABE MARJORIE SAMPLE BEVERLY BORIO PATRICIA COWLES OFFICERS: Don Lengouer, V. Pres.p George Suesser, Pres.g Carl Poscorelli, Trec1s.p Erne Muuihe, Secretory. ima! V14 SWEETHEART: Ccxfhy Ccxse C? any JOHN BELLIAN ERNEST MAUTHE 'ad' -my X! WILLIAM SMITH '56-"" ww. inn., '27 rf-W K K. N- , K 159 if K4 Q -f-,f J, . I A K kif :QA L1 .L ANTHONY SANFILIPPO k A A L.LQ KAROL KOSCINSKI M4 fi : ,f ax 1 I CHARLES BATTIST A u ,mf-1, ifdi JOSEPH GIORDANO ll.. .lk if Ev 1 -L ww... 2 a-,nfs Q OFFICERS: Duane Shiley, Secretary, Reed Trimble, Treas.f Joe Giordano, Pres., Martin Manning, V. Pres. LOUIS KWIATKOWSKI CHARLES IANELLO H L Vina ,-Q., rf 4? XJ TAN! 092. wa 'Wfw w-,. JOHN HAMM CHARLES CREEGAN WILLIAM HATHAWAY I rg "2-.N SAMUEL BROWN 83 m...f'fQQ SWEETHEART: Mary Alice Keefe CHARLES SZOCH CHARLES LUCAS OFFICERS: Mickey Giordano, Treasurer, Arflwur Oakes, Presiclem, Arnold Joseph Durish, Vice President, Bradshaw, Secretory THEODORE LESTYK fl' af-0' JOSEPH LODGE LAURENCE BEHAN KENNETH MCBRIDE DENNIS LESICK NJ KL! gf'-N V95 Nqgu-"Y L x ROBERT CERVONE 9 A. PATRICK SANTELLI JAMES FOULK GLENN BRAKEMAN 59- ak , ak- Aw DIANA SHEARER MARGARET FAIR RHO SIGMA CHI OFFICERS: M. M. Barnes, Corr. Sec.g Bev Sfraub, Rec. Sec.g Kafhy Ladner, Pres., Judy Beuchat, Treas.g Gloria Martin, V. Pres. GAY REVI JULIE MITCHELL y 'W Sd? CARMELA FABRIZIO v 1 'V Wx X iii' I NORDER W OFFICERS: Robert Palmer, Treosg Rich Fogley, V, Pres.7 Lou Porrls, Pres,f Richard Minnis, Sec.g Jim Srunfz, Chaplin, Am- WALTER SWAN SON up-df" ROYCE RICE GARY ANDERSON WALLY HUCKNO 88 Rs ' N? ' 1 1f R In ' , efg f ' ,M A S 'Nadi' A M Aq M, jg ARTHUR HOPPER if 5 RICHARD HOLLENBECK SWEETHEART: Priss Hanna NORMAN CARLIN OFFICERS: Susan Yogle, Pres., Ruth Harmon V Pres.f Dolores Costlow, Sec., Vickie Lewis, Chaplin Sally Klingle, Trecus. ESTHER MINOR DIANE BLEICHNER , an X 'EW my 6 I ASP DONNA PAULENICH C37 PATRICIA MEADE I' W6 if AMY MILLAR wk Q ,. X? BARBARA soszcx 4-5 . Axim Nw +P SANDRA FLETCHER w. f -li' . , fx , A., , L. JUDITH BYERS MRS. JOHN SCHELL RHO SIGMA CHI Q1-M' ga? Wjmfq' vii' 1' L-Q Hg ry :"': , A,k.. z,., 1 igg f 1 Q . fgfw ,Q mg, . r , ,girl w if , Wm: :NA 4:55 J .. MR, CARL WOZNIAK KAPPA DELTA PHI ADVISORS MR. RICHARD MOWER "Nuff" MRS. MILDRED ROEBUCK ZETA TAU 1'D"1 'Rf' up-sv0"'f MRS. RUTH HARRIS ALPHA GAMMA DELTA MISS MILDRED FORNESS ALPHA DELTA IOTA PHI SIGMA PI MRS. WILLIAM CORNELL ZETA mu f V DR. ALICE SHUSTER RHO SIGMA CHI DR, HARRIET LONG ZETA TAU W3 L 'lui' 'ww wtf? MRS. JQHN MARSH MR. HENRY KATZWINKEL RI-I0 SIGMA CHI KAPPA DELTA PHI ALPHA PSI CMEGA NATIONAL HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY 94 .lk 1:-sr Aft. BETA BETA BETA NATIONAL BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETY GAMMA THETA UPSILON 'A'N..r' 'CTI-" KAPPA DELTA PI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IN EDUCATION MU KAPPA GAMMA HONORARY MUSIC SOCIETY 7.-.A 'Q av if I DELTA PHI DELTA 1 gig, r- 1- , zwpjex, V f 1. ww ,gf-K ? Q e 55 ? Q 2 5 T fi s sl Sw 2 E S . 5. f Ill! l E E if 9 W: 55 I , ,,,, f, , H- H , ,ef ex W W . ff ve. M 513 S . 5 ws 1: , m .,, -, 0 e L S 6 K 2 K , 4 X ij Bm .Y N Q M ig' S . N 'lf ' will f Z. .-.w l H-y, The Queen ond her attendants Bonnie Short and Dione Bourne. QUEEN HARRIET WILAMOWSKI 5 -53 :I 7 ,V.. ...L FIRST PLACE FLOAT I X T A . ,s JM .unit SECOND PLACE FLOAT JwLJUm7W5H!f6H!4ND6QS . TH I RD PLACE FLOAT ...ni X 3 3 x X Q D S FRESHMEN H-Wa n"'5"f""'mif 105 VY' I' al... ,qqph Vx! EXECUTIVE BOARD OF ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS: Rita McCann, Parlia- mentariang Pat Lesko, President, Janet Anders, Social Chairman, absent, Evelyn Dukovich, W STUDENT-FACULTY OFFICERS: Dorothy Jones, Secretary: Charles Szoch, President, James Stuntz, Vice Vice president! President. STUDENT - FACULTY COUNCIL .L. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS MEN'S D O R M C O U N C I Y-Nui-5 'EE' CANTERBURY CLUB Q ff-'N xi 108 AIQMZIS WESTMINISTER COLLEGIATE FELLOWSHIP LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION I 'mv 5 WESLEY COLLEGE FELLOWSHIP E CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP .WIS js. NEWMAN CLUB ENGLISH CLUB SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB PSYCHQLOGY CLUB GEOGRAPHY CLUB A ST HE 1 54 nl f li? Q KH' nlmddv I I , iq. ekgp, 5 Qui? fa WM ' W OM , H we-n T Q-M. K Q , . yi 4N MK X "' 1- :'1- ESD, ,... L v., .A 'E .A 1, 1 1 sf We ik 51' as 33" tl f 1. EDINBORO COLLEGIATE SINGERS MADRIGALS '1- In-' 119 WH-F' 459' AL,, f ,MM 4,-ww -s ii ff xl 1-.4 Jw.. 53' 101. ,Q Was! RY' fx, Sm,- my 'Q at fl' i i E E2 QM VOICE OF CAMPUS OPINION 2 . SRECTATOR STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ............. Mariin I-I. Murphy EXECUTIVE EDITOR .... Michael Fields MANAGING EDITOR ... ... Refer R, Connolly ASSOCIATE EDITOR .. Edwin N. Rroberf ASSISTANT EDITOR .. . ... Virginia Jackson COPY EDITOR ..... FEATURES EDITOR .,. ... NEWS EDITOR .... SPORTS EDITOR ... ART EDITOR ..,. ., 4 i .qi lb 5 y i,f'v?,..,lr"P 'Kiwi-ugh . 'T . , , M. M. Barnes . Carlfon Wagner Margarei Ze-Iinski , , . , Robe-ri Ogren Judirn Brubaker Ip if xx "5"-17 nn 3 A 2 'fin A . ' .1 .,1 A. . .N , .H , . I E E 1 S+., xy, ,I vi, mnntwf M '-112: 66' K. 1 1 45' X zaxzfxf 'A' 1 R ' "? he .'..e554g. J xiii WL li -at 1 if vs if 2 f-'W I M wr' wx .Pb ":4s1e1.'7' wgiq ,.f. i y. A .Ml .kfdig wkfw Ywjr wk ,.Q s Q. Q - ff1nm N "N w A Us HM Editor . . . Art Editor .. Faculty Editor Greek Editor Classes Editor Photographer Advisors .... CONNEAUTTEEAN STAFF ... Rita McCann Carl Shanahan Susan Wingerter Barbara Mosher Pat Burns Richard Greener Dr. George Bond Mr. Henry Katzvvinkel The Conneautteean stat? would like to give special thanks to those without whose help we would not have been able to proudly present this book, To Mr. Katzwinkel, vvho gave us time and patience, - to Dr. Bond, without vvhose suggestions we would have been lost - to the Administration, who gave us assist- ance when vve asked - and to Richard Greener, whose photography gave us this book. sw ,annum iw A ,, 1, fiiiii jfzi ' E sm ElQIE Mia IE EIEIE E4 :Elf-D 11515 EVE' E I E ll? Elglg EI ""'w-val "'Wll7ZniP' nw! I """"' eau: vu- 1 msc: ,a :Q-,. x.,,,,f wwf ,df-14 "1-.. ,.--N xfflf- , -. 'fixgxvtz-A '5 -N ., X. ,X Mr. McComb, you come to us in 1946 remoining loyol to the school ond to your fit- ting for life. As o youth your interests in sports ronging from bowling ond golhng to fishing ond hunting stimuloted you to seorch for ci woy of life in those very things. Your othletic record over the yeors hos been impressive os you, on othlete, proudly goined your letter in boseboll of Slippery Rock Stote Teochers College. Then, even more im- pressive wos the feeling you hod eoch time your footboll teom scored onother win of Aspinwoll High School, bringing mony seosons to ci close with onother record broken. During forty-three yecirs of teoching everything from History, Heolth, ond Sofety owoy ond here ot Edinboro 84 cooching every sport we hove offered, you hove mode outstonding ochievements in trock ond tennis. Your record ot Edinboro is even more impressive thon the ones you left behind. You hove become not only o cooch but olso o friend loyol to the students ond to your profession. lt is to you, Mr. McComb, with these things in mind thot the stoff of the i962 CON- NEAUTTEEAN respectfully dedicotes this yeorbook. 133 Q sf 2 if wg! iii' .,, 155551, X 'ei ,H ,X .x K vw f P ,sw . 7, Xi. A A, Wm ,X ' V. gf Am S ..,.4-1" MT' 5' M I.. -'A- I K L A - " , . MA A V 9 , ,M K, - B Aa B 1 1 I C 5: if V' L .- k Q f- 17 ,KW L ,, V ,,,,-na +-.nv Ke E N -2.?67,. .i53,, ge3.gH,gs4i..,a1,,S4o?m 1A33,..a2b...3o 4 lat- I Xie, fa , , ' - in , 1 X 1 , AY .M 1 'Drk A HS? 5 " ' . V A W M gf ':-f V' f hx 'k 5 Em ik? f W K f B 'F' 1?-'K' Q -H 7 7' f f 5 4. I K f V W vs A JL 1. - 1 if km .M 1 5 wif . V 11, , Li .www Mai f 7-,K m X , g i gm E B1 .40-sxrg 53'-3,,,, VARSITY A 2 f E ,J 1 138 ,V I 5? I 0 gym K iwfifii 21 + . if :I Ei? JV's .,.ff" 4 f v- f wi y K .-1,1 N 'i ,IT QW , v w 1' ? ,A .. , fr 5 if if e K e 5-12 DRILL TEAM y :xnSxix?t?t?X V 141 iiwm fi: WS X K. X 1 J 5 5 """'MH-mr 5 :iff , ex QQ if f ., Q I .:,:: -- - ,.V , gi V A xrrh ?m'j .Iwi ,ww :QS 4 Wai' A A--'mf A-V 'ln vwim k- mi. 'sf' ww if 3 - 4 s N "' muff I sfjguigggi :Ai . J 'f',..,1S,m-+ HM., , ., T H W,.w.w ,..,. ,,,, , , , Lfgw-fgszvz f 1 , . A, A 1 J H 1 Af:.5,,w .f Q, ,. "",1,' ,- ,, -, Ms-y,.--f:Q,, ,i M M .V f-f ,.f,- z , A-wwe' ws H ,-, . s, My .-ww Q ' K - I f A W v :.',f?f:1f1m,g2w, Mg L ' F ' ifgg H-f 4:15555 5 if -S M 4 A fi' Ti :-' 'wxw F S .- 'AGA .. - 1 ' ' I- V ,' ' ??,.Q'? ' r'x:"55, ':5,,'f"i:3: , . . w if ' I A 'yi 1 ai.e.3s:2:"" M225 ,M QW ng. , , , .. 7 .4,.... is ,QW V qwag, Q w .QQ J 'K A ,qv I s my H f Q S W M ,gi ff, if Q 4 mf" W L, , ,. ,. . gg... 4' . ,- , " Y ' - N 4 1..M.ww .xg N : fx- . vu , iffili'-'Ez-1. w f, 41 .MN , Qffm, - f? HX. 1 mffek-'V-Lwsiivwitiwg iv f1??2hggP qu 'Si -iuifsmyki , 5 , wa , K -ff inffs3Ew:4a '- 94 15' ' 1' Q., 147 w P QQ 6 1WEU f ,m1AL 92 . Q. , . - ti f 5, ' vw-,, g k.,, . , , X . 4VQ:x'N K N8 i ' 3 NB - -SPX Gini 5' V 4 X 0,9 3 Wagga .' WC 5.T CM ,L Kg xvfjvipf R .,..- X if, if f- 1 QW ,. f W f ' N fa J' f 4wwMM fvNWwf J 5845, 2 A A M f g. V V,,LL .LS if 1, 3' 57 , , in , 1 KV,, W . ,4 5 ,K i if f"?'1 if fi ' Q'-'lf a QI' g ff 1 5 I . , ,.f:, ' A .-.., 5 K . i K LV E , T? :11 A mi s ' . 'ktfgm g H A' f Zzz T V L .1 K Q, 1-- M . vfa, '1" Mm 1 f .VQ " x- K xQ7f!'3 1 , LV, ig g fu 5 f " L L ,L T M gm ' W ' ' ' f Q E E' Q 5 X I ,. M .. . I 'A' 5 5 I 5 W Ni V 4' ' 5 , S ,qi 148 Ek Q 17,41 fi mlm v.. M QR U , M, .-my Q V C w :fig ' 2 wiv E ",' ff, Q-' 'gi K5 2 Q is A 5, ,g.,, A , W mi. , if , -. QRU , i Q- Q, gf W ,gy .3- H 1-1 42 is-Q HP? 6' Mx L 7A L 5 ,is E 3? my mx Q f' ts 5 fr sam W9 ZW' ,-Q-vt' ffl .Q 1. W, 5 Q HW J My iff sg. ' f N M G A Sagem ia M rg 27 ff 47' I , J -Q ywmyyw., A N ,,,w-f M -M14 mm wLw, ,W 5....- W1-www , .,.', ' In 'L Mya v,A.,. V , K Mmwwmwmwwmk m xnxx as X M ,. zf, , ,. '96 ' ,H-wx. V-.N A . M .ff . -7 4-v.,l' -' - ' '.Nf+,,4- Ae if-iff. f "L, 1 'Hui .1 '84 .miidrf 'uf 5'2- W 1, 9,1 ,Q hh s,13gQfymxgfgf4 ,Lu Cv' - - gk, V j,qQ'4dVik,.wgga5g','.,1HWQ35 .A-fin I H - A ,F --.--11?pf'E?'-ff , F - A gym fwfifa . A w Carl Slwonohcm, Sec,g Bull Luklfsch, Joe Giordano, Pres. ' W, gf 'Z-5 C7 Pre-s.p Rich Deol, Treos. it ff L ,M -pk. 1 Q, l xml-I P ,!?"'f!l ke! Kr QWQ Qi? N' HJ' v. iw i'5ff",'5:ffQf 'mfr 3- A, ,, I 'Z K - ' any J Sv 9 mv., K' 7 u "wq.,,,, K 2 ,gy ? 3 if A 1 I if 5 My K , A-.1 W A X I DIRECTORY JANET ANDERS: Association ot Women Students - Social Chairman, Alpha Gamma Delta - Secretary BETTY ANDERSON GARY ANDERSON: PSEA, Sigma Tau Sigma JOAN ANTOS1 Psychology Club - President, Coun- cil ot Exceptional Children - President, Red Cross, PSEA, Choir, Rho Sigma Chi - Parliamentarian - Historian SARA ASIVIUS CAROL BALKO: PSEA - Secretary, Red Cross - Secretary, College Christian Fellowship KATHLEEN BARBER: Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA' Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta I PAT BARBER: Psychology Club, WAA, Newman Club, Alpha Delta - Alumnae Chairman, Council of Exceptional Children - Secretary, Junior-Senior Weekend - Committee Chairman ROBERTA BARNHART1 WAA, PSEA, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship LEON BARSTOW: Student-Faculty Council, Physical Science Club NANCY BARSTOW1 Delta Phi Delta, Dean's List RONALD BATSON1 Conneautteean cHAi2iEs Bfxttistz PsEA, Kappa Delta Phi, "South Pacific," "Poor ot New York" KAY BEAL: Association ot Women Students, WAA, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Alpha Delta, Dean's List CAROLE BEEDY: Choir, PSEA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Band, Dean's List LYNNETTE J. BEEIVIAN1 Psychology Club, Modern Dance Club, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Red Cross, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship, Dean's List LARRY BEHAN: English Club, "E" Club, Track, New- man Club, Phi Sigma Pi- Treasurer JOHN BELLIAN1 English Club, Wrestling, Delta Sigma Phi, Spectator J. STEPHEN BERDY: Delta Phi Delta, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship, Sigma Tau Sigma HELGA BERTHOLD: English Club - Secretary-Trea- surer, Social Studies Club, Mu Kappa Gamma, Collegiate Players, Band ALLAN BEST: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Chorus, Tennis, Spectator CAROL BEST: WAA, Spectator, Alpha Gamma Delta - Rushing Chairman ARLENE IVI. BEVERIDGE: Association ot Women Stu- dents, English Club, Social Studies Club - Vice- President, WAA, Spectator, PSEA, Lutheran Stu- dent Association, Alpha Gamma Delta - Editor, Dean's List EUGENE BIANCHI JOYCE BIANCHI DIANE H. BLEICHNER: English Club, WAA, Conneaut- teean, Spectator, Collegiate Players, PSEA, New- man Club - Secretary, Inter-Fraternity Council - Alternate, Zeta Tau, Dean's List, "Julius Caesar," "The Bad Penny" GLORIA BOND: Kiltie Fins, WAA, PSEA ROSE BONGIORNI: WAA, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta - Corresponding Secretary DEVERNE BOOKWALTER1 Student-Faculty Council, Kiltie Fins, Choir, Collegiate Players, Freshman Orientation, Alpha Psi Omega - President and Vice-President, "Taming of the Shrew," Skin ot Our Teeth," I'JuIius Caesar," "South Pacific," "Poor ot New York," "Much Ado About Nothing" BEVERLY BORIO: Social Studies Club, WAA, Spec- tator, Collegiate Players, Red Cross, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta RAYNALD BOUTWELL NANCY JO BOWERS GLENN BRAKEIVIAN: Student-Faculty Council, Eng- Iish Club, PSEA, Phi Sigma Pi - Chaplain, Dean's List BERNICE BRENNER1 English Club, WAA, PSEA, Red Cross, College Christian Fellowship - Secretary and Vice-President, Band MARILYN BRIGGS: WAA, PSEA FRANCES BROOKS: Geography Club, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Dean's List VIRGINIA B. BROWN: Delta Phi Delta, Dean's List wiLLiAiyi s. BROWN, JR.: PSEA, Kappa Delta Phi - Parliamentarian, Band LOUELLA BUCHO1 English Club, Spectator MARY JO BUCKLEY: Women's Dorm Council - So- cial Chairman, Psychology Club, Alpha Delta - Treasurer, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, WAA ELAINE BYERS: WAA, Collegiate Players, Zeta Tau, PSEA, "Julius Caesar," Dean's List DIRECTORY JOE CAFAZZO1 Social Studies Club, Newman Club, Geography Club - President, Phi Sigma Pi ANNE MARIE CAMPBELL: English Club, Wesley Col- lege Fellowship, Rho Sigma Chi - Recording Secre- tary, Spectator - Editor-in-Chiet, Dean's List JIM CAMPBELL: Social Studies Club, Wesley College Fellowship LYNN CAMPBELL NORMAN J. CARLIN: Book Store Committee, Physi- cal Science Club, Sigma Tau Sigma - President, Chaplain, IFC Representative, Freshman Orienta- tion, Inter-Fraternity Council, Newman Club SUSAN CARROLL: English Club, Modern Dance Club, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Dean's List CARMELITA CASERTA EILEEN CASSIDY SYLVIA CASSIDY YVONNE CEBE MARILYN J. CERVONE: English Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta - Second Vice-President ROBERT CERVONE: Student Faculty Council, Social Studies Club, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Phi Sigma Pi, Freshman Class President, Assembly Committee LARRY CLARK KATHY CLAY KATHIE COOLEY: Student Faculty Council, Psycholo- gy Club, Kiltie Fins - Secretary-Treasurer, WAA - President, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Conneaut- teean - Photo-Editor, Wesley College Fellowship, Inter-Fraternity Council, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship SUE COOPER: Psychology Club, English Club, Choir, PSEA, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship, Band PAT COWLES: English Club, WAA, Gamma Theta Upsilon - Secretay, PSEA, Alpha Gamma Delta - Treasurer, Dean's List CHARLES CREEGAN1 Psychology Club, Track Ge ography Club, "E" Club, PSEA, Newman Club Kappa Delta Phi - President, Historian HOWARD CRISP: PSEA, Freshman Orientation, New- man Club, Phi Sigma Pi- Social Committee CHARLES CUMMINGS: Social Studies Club, Basket- ball MARLENE D'AGOSTlNO: WAA, PSEA, Newman Club JEROME DANTRY1 PSEA, Newman Club, Band EARL DAVIS: Alpha Phi Omega - President, Secre- tary, PSEA, College Christian Fellowship DOROTHY DINGLE ELEZ DORCHESTER MARY BETH DOUGHERTY: Psychology Club, WAA, English Club, Social Studies Club, PSEA, Newman Club IVA JEAN DOUTT: Association ot Women Students, Modern Dance Club, Choir, WAA, Alpha Psi Omega - Vice President, Collegiate Players - President, Freshman Orientation, Newman Club, Delta Phi Delta Art Award, "The Skin ot Our Teeth," "Julius Caesar," "South Pacific," "The Poor ot New York," "Much Ado About Nothing," "The Crucible" DOROTHY DINGLE HELENMARIE DOWNING: WAA, PSEA, Newman Club EVELYN DUKOVICH1 Association ot Women Stu- dents - Vice-President, English Club, PSEA RICH DULANY1 PSEA, Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players DIANNE ELLIOTT: Modern Dance Club - President, WAA, Maiorettes - Head, "South Pacific," PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Lutheran Student Associa- tion, Inter-Fraternity Council - Secretary, Alpha Delta - Historian RONALD ENIG NORMA ERB: WAA, Choir, PSEA JOSEPH ERVIN: Beta Beta Beta DAVID ETHRIDGE CARMELA FABRIZIO1 English Club - Secretary-Trea- surer, Conneautteean, PSEA, Newman Club, Inter- Fraternity Council, Rho Sigma Chi - Vice-President PEGGY FAIR: Conneautteean, PSEA, Rho Sigma Chi THOMAS FAIRLEY: Choir, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship JO ANN FELDMEIER: Woman's Dorm Council, New- man Club, Rho Sigma Chi - Treasurer JOAN FISHER DAVID FLACK1 Golf Team, Inter-Fraternity Council, "E" Club, Delta Sigma Phi, Geography Club, PSEA DIRECTCRY SANDRA FLETCHER: Psychology Club, Mu Koppo Oommo - Historion, PSEA, Freshmon Orientotion, Conterbury Club - President, Inter-Froternity Council, Zeto Tou, Bond JAMES FOULK: English Club, Mu Koppo Oommo, Choir - Vice-President, PSEA, Phi Sigmo Pi, "South PocifIc" MARY FRENCH: PSEA, Alpho Oommo Delto, Dedn's List WILLIAM FUGAOLI LYNNE FULTON: Cheerleoders, Drill Teom, WAA, PSEA, Inter-Froternity Council, Alpho Gommo Delto - President, Deon's List, Inter-Sorority Coun- cil NORMA OEHR BETTY GILBERT: Newmon Club, Alpho Delto - Cor- responding Secretory, Assistont Treosurer, Treos- urer JOSEPH OIORDANO1 Sociol Studies Club, "E" Club, Footboll, Koppo Delto Phi MARY OOURLEY: PSEA KENNETH GREGORY: PSEA OAIL OREXA: WAA, PSEA, Newmon Club, Alpho Delto - Choploin, Morsholl ROBERT ORIMM1 "E" Club, Bcisketboll WILLIAM OROSHNER1 PSEA DAWN GROVE: Modern Donce Club, WAA, Spec- totor, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, W.U.S. Queen WAVA GUIHER1 PSEA JOHN HAMM: Physicol Science Club, "E" Club, Troclc, Conneoutteeon, PSEA, Newmon Club, Koppo Delto Phi- Secretory DONALD HARDESTYQ Physicol Science Club, Alpho Phi Omego - lst Vice-President, 2nd Vice-Presi- dent JEFFREY HARDNER1 PSEA CAROLYN HARMES1 PSEA, College Christion Fellow- ship WILLIAM HATHAWAY: Sociol Studies Club, "E' Club, Wrestling, Koppo Delto Phi VIRGINIA HAVEN: Modern Donce Club, Collegiote Ployers - Executive Council, Alphci Gommo Delto - 2nd Vice-President, Alpho Psi Omego, Who's Who in Americon Colleges ond Universities, Deon's List, "Julius Coesor," " South Pociticf' "Poor ot New York," "Much Ado About Nothing," "The Crucible." C. MELVILLE HAZEN: Alpho Phi Omego - Historion, Porliomentorion, PSEA ROBERT HEAOY: Oeogrophy Club, Wrestling, PSEA, Lutheron Student Associotion YVONNE HENDERSON: Women's Dorm Council - Treosurer, WAA, PSEA, Wesley College Fellow- ship, Alphci Oommo Delto - Ist Vice-President MAMIE HINES: WAA, PSEA, College Christion Fel- lowship - Vice-President, Secretory-Trecisurer SARAH HOBBSf Student Foculty Council, PSEA, Deon's List RICHARD HOLLENBECK1 English Club, Choir, Spec- totor, Inter-Froternity Council, Sigmo Tciu Sigmo ARTHUR HOPPER1Oolt, Sigmo Tou Sigmo MARTHA HORNYAK: WAA, Collegiote Ployers, PSEA, Freshmon Orientotion, Newmon Club, Inter- Froternity Council, Rho Sigmo Chi - President, Inter-Sorority Council WALLY HUCKNO: Sociol Studies Club, PSEA, Sigmo Tou Sigmo ALICE HUTCHISON: Geogrophy Club CHARLES IANNELLOI Boslcetboll, Kcippo Delto Phi - Sergeont ot Arms DODDS JOHNSON JUDY JOHNSON: PSEA, Rho Sigmo Chi - Choploin, Bond, "Julius Cciesorf' "Much Ado About Nothing" KATHY JONES: Wesley College Fellowship WAYNE JOSLYN KERRY KATCHEN ROBERT KENT ARTHUR KIOHTLINGER: Deon's List DAVID KNOBLEIN1 Collegiote Ployers DONALD KOLAKOWSKI1 Sociol Studies Club, Bosketboll, Collegiote Ployers, PSEA, Freshmon Orientotion, Newmcin Club, Inter-Froternity Coun- cil - President, Phi Sigmo Pi, "South PocitIc," "Poor ot New York," Freshmon Customs Committee, Decin's List LAVERNE KONEN1 Sociol Studies Club, Wesley Col- lege Fellowship M. REOIS KONTRA1Conneoutteeon, Sgpectotor KAROL KOSCINSKI: English Club, "E" Club, Foot- boll, Spectotor, Koppo Delto Phi - Secretory DIRECTORY CAROL KRIBBSI Choir, Wesley College Fellowship, Alpha Gamma Delta - Scribe PAT KRILL: Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dean's List DARLENE KUNDRACIK: WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Dean's List LOUIS KWIATKOWSKI1 Social Studies Club, Ge- ography Club, "E" Club, Track, Football, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Newman Club, Kappa Delta Phi - Vice-President ANDREW LANTZ MARLIN LASHER: Delta Phi Delta, PSEA, Collegiate Players, Freshman Orientation, Lutheran Student Association, "Taming of the Shrew" JEAN LENHARDT1 Maiorette, Newman Club JEAN MARIE LEO: Women's Dorm Council, Social Studies Club, PSEA, Westminster Collegiate Fellow- ship - Moderator, Dean's List DENNIS LESICK1 Wrestling, PSEA, Newman Club, Freshman Orientation, Phi Sigma Pi, Bates Gallery Committee - Student Director NANCY LESLIE THEODORE LESTYK: Conneautteean - Art Editor, Phi Sigma Pi JOSEPH LODGE: Wrestling, Freshman Orientation, Phi Sigma Pi - Corresponding Secretary, Presi- dent, Evaluation Committee NELLIE LONG CHARLES LUCAS - Student Faculty Council, Delta Phi Delta, Newman Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Junior Class Vice-President BARBARA LUEDTKE: Women's Dorm Council, Psy- chology Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta, Dean's List KEN MCBRIDEZ Men's Dorm Council, Geography Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Phi Sigma Pi, Dean's List WALLIS MCCOMMONS1 Cheerleader - Junior and Senior Varsity, Drill Team, WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Westminster Collegiate Fel- lowship - Vice-Moderator, Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Alpha Gamma Delta - Chaplain, Recording Secretary, Madrigal Singers MARTI ANN MCDANNEL GENEVA McGRAW RUTH McKENZIEf Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Conneautteean, Collegiate Players, PSEA, "Skin of our Teeth," "The Crucible" NANCY MCWILLIAMS: Choir, Conneautteean, PSEA, Inter-Fraternity Council, Alpha Delta - Secretary, Dean's List EVELYN MCKISSOCK CHRISTINE MACOSKO: Women's Dorm Council, Psy- chology Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta, Senior Class Secretary MARIAN MANDILA: Kiltie Fins - Secretary, Presi- dent, WAA, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Newman Club MARTIN MANNING COLLEEN MARKS: Psychology Club, English Club, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, Conneautteean, Spectator, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Dean's List, "Julius Cae- sar," "South Pacific," - Box Ofhce Manager, "Poor of New York," "Much Ado About Nothing ELSIE MARSH: PSEA, Lutheran Student Association, Inter-Fraternity Council, Rho Sigma Chi MARILYN MARTIN: Student Faculty Council, Women's Dorm Council, Psychology Club, English Club, Modern Dance Club, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Lutheran Student Association, Alpha Delta, Psy- chology Club - Treasurer, Social Committee - Chairman, "Julius Caesar" LINDA MASON: WAA, PSEA, Wesley College Fel- Iowship, Alpha Gamma Delta ROSEMARIE MASTRIANZ PSyCI1OIOgy Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club JANET MATTES1 Collegiate Players, Newman Club, Dean's List ERNEST MAUTHE1 Choir, Collegiate Players, Delta Sigma Phi - Secretary, Scholarship Chairman, Jr. - Sr. Weekend - General Chairman, "Skin of Our Teeth," "South Pacific," "The Poor of New York" PAT MEADE: WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma - Secretary, Treasurer, Choir, Spectator, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship - Motive Chairman, Zeta Tau PAT MEERDINK: Psychology Club, Modern Dance Club, WAA - Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir - Sec'y, Conneautteean - Honors Editor, Wesley College Fellowship, Alpha Delta Corresponding Secretary, Dean's List, Madri- gal Singers MARY ANN MEHELKO KAREN MENCER: Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA, Westminster Fellowship RONALD MICHIC1 Social Studies Club, PSEA, Phi Sigma Pi - Secretary, Intramural Basketball and Softball DIRECTORY FRANCES MIHAL1 Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Play- ers, Social Studies Club, National Council for So- cial Studies, SNEA, PSEA PETER MIKOVCHZ PSEA, Red Cross, Lutheran Stu- dent Association, Delta Sigma Phi AMY MILLAR: WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma - Secretary- Treasurer, PSEA, Zeta Tau - Publicity Chairman, Band - Vice Pres. ESTHER MINOR: WAA - Vice-President, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Zeta Tau - Song Mistress JOYCE MITCHELL: Kappa Delta Phi, Wesley College Fellowship, Rho Sigma Chi, Dean's List JULIE MITCHELL: Kiltie Fins - Vice-President, WAA, Delta Phi Delta, Conneautteean, PSEA, Westmins- ter Collegiate Fellowship, Zeta Tau - Treasurer PAT MOODYf WAA, Collegiate Players, PSEA, West- minster Collegiate Fellowship RICHARD MORAN1 Basketball, Kappa Delta Phi STUART MORRIS: E-Club, Track, Intramural NED MYERS: Psychology Club, PSEA, Newman Club JAMES MYFORD1 Men's Dorm Council, Football PSEA, Inter-Fraternity Council, Phi Sigma Pi GARY NESBITT1 Physical Science Club, Sigma Tau Sigma, Conneautteean, Intramural Basketball JUDITH NORDER: Women's Dorm Council, Geogra- phy Club, PSEA, College Christian Fellowship, Rho Sigma Chi, Ott-Campus Women's Representa- tive ART OAKES: Inter-Fraternity Council, Phi Sigma Pi -President JEANNE O'BRIEN: Social Studies Club, Geography Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Secretary ot Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's List KAREN O'CONNOR1 Kiltie Fins, WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Inter-Fraternity Council, Zeta Tau, Inter-Sorority Council JOYCE OKLOTA: Women's Dorm Council - Treas- urer, Psychology Club - Vice-President, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, Conneautteean - Greeks Editor, Spectator - News Editor, Collegiate Players - Secretary, Business Manager, PSEA, Wesley Col- lege Fellowship - Breakfast Club Chairman, Dean's List, Alpha Delta - Treasurer, Secretary, "Skin ot Our Teeth," Alpha Psi Omega RICHARD OLMSTEAD1 Delta Phi Delta - President, PSEA, Eastern Arts Association, Dean's List BOB PALMER: Newman Club - Treasurer, Sigma Tau Sigma - Treasurer JUNE PARKER: Cheerleader, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club KATHY PARRETT: WAA, Delta Phi Delta, Conneaut- teean - Class Editor, Spectator - Business Mana- ger, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Zeta Tau - Corresponding Secretary, Dean's List BETTY PATO: Dean's List LLOYD PATTERSON GEORGE PAYER1 Physical Science Club, Wrestling, Alpha Phi Omega - Alumni Secretary, Photogra- phy Club, PSEA DONNA PAULENICH1 Psychology Club - Treasurer, WAA, Choir, Spectator, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Newman Club - Recording Secretary, Zeta Tau - Recording Secretary, Dean's List AMALIA PERSON MARIE PETERS: PSEA MARY ANN PETRUSO1 Student Faculty Council, Psy- chology Club, Modern Dance Club, WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma - Historian, Choir, PSEA, Newman Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Alpha Delta -- Cor- responding Secretary, Song Directress, Pledge Mis- tress DAVID E. PHELPS: Dean's List MARY PHILLIPS: PSEA, WAA ED PRATHER GERALDINE REEDER: Student Faculty Council, Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi - Treasurer, Conneautteean - Editor, PSEA - Treas- urer, Freshman Orientation, Alpha Delta - Vice- President, Class Secretary - Sophomore and Junior, Dean's List, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities BARBARA REISKER: Women's Dorm Council, Modern Dance Club, WAA, Conneautteean, PSEA, Inter- Fraternity Council, Alpha Delta, Women's Dorm Council - Secretary, Homecoming Clueen - T959 CAROL REITER1 Psychology Club, WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Psy- chology Club - Sec'y, "South Pacific," Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart, Homecoming Queen At- tendant, Madrigal Singers, Council at Exceptional Children GAY REVI1 Collegiate Singers, Madrigal Singers, Col- legiate Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Spectator, Inter- Fraternity Council, Inter-Sorority Council, Rho Sigma Chi, English Club, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities DI RECTORY JEAN RICCI ROYCE RICE: Social Studies Club, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Inter-Fraternity Council, Sigma Tau Sigma, Dean's List, "Julius Caesar" TRACY ROBERTSON, JR.: E-Club, Football, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, Conneautteean, Collegiate Play- ers, Phi Sigma Pi, Freshman Class Vice-President, "South Pacific," "Much Ado About Nothing" BARB RODEMAN: Social Studies Club, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Spectator, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Red Cross, Newman Club, Alpha Gamma Delta LOWELL SALMON MARJORIE SAMPLE: Social Studies Club - Secre- tary, Kiltie Fins, WAA, Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Red Cross - President, Freshman Orienta- tion, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship - Presi- dent, Alpha Gamma Delta, Madrigal Singers, "Much Ado About Nothing," Intercollegiate Choir Festival SANDRA SAMUELOFF1 Psychology Club, PSEA, Con- neautteea n, WAA ANTHONY SANFILIPPO PATRICK SANTELLII Student Faculty Council, Men's Dorm Council, Social Studies Club - Historian, Treasurer, Geography Club, Newman Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Intramurals JON SANTNER: PSEA JOYCE SCHANZ1 Choir, PSEA, Red Cross, Lutheran Student Association JOANNE SCHENING RUTH ANN SEABERG: Psychology Club, Modern Dance Club, WAA, PSEA, Red Cross, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship - Vice-President, Secretary DIANA SHEARER: English Club, WAA, Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Rho Sigma Chi, "Much Ada About Nothing" - Assistant Stage Manager, "The Crucible" - Stage Manager JOHN SHONTZ1 Mu Ka a Gamma - Vice-Presi- PP dent, Beta Beta Beta - Historian, Collegiate Play- ers, Freshman Orientation, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship - Vice-President, Band - President Dean's List, "Julius Caesar" NANCY SHUNK: Beta Beta Beta - Secretary, Dean's List ARDEL SMITH: WAA, Westminster Collegiate Fel- lawship HOMER SMITH: E Club, Basketball, Freshman Orien- tation, Sophomore Class Vice-President MARJORIE SMITH: Psychology-Club, Spectator, Col- legiate Players, PSEA, Westminster Collegiate Fellowship RICHARD SMITH: Alpha Psi Omega - President, Choir, Collegiate Players - Vice-President, "Taming at the Shrew," "Skin at Our Teeth," "Jul- ius Caesar," "The Crucible," "Much Ado About Nothing" WILLIAM SMITH: Social Studies Club, Geography Club, PSEA, Freshman Orientation, Delta Sigma Phi - Vice-President, Band BARBARA SOBECK1 Women's Dorm Council - House President, Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club, Zeta Tau JANET SOVAK: English Club, Cheerleader, Modern Dance Club, WAA, Newman Club, Alpha Delta, Dean's List, Alpha Delta - Secretary, Marshall MARILYN STARK: Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Conneautteean, PSEA, Newman Club - President, Treasurer DAVID STAIGER PAT STEFFAN1 WAA, PSEA MARCIA STEINHAUSER DORIE STEWART: English Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Collegiate Players, Westminster Fellowship, Band, Dean's List, "Skin ot Our Teeth," "South Pacific," "The Poor ot New York," Steering Committee tor Shakespeare Festival- Chairman JAMES STEWART NANCY STEWART: WAA, PSEA, Westminster Col- legiate Fellowship, Alpha Gamma Delta - Presi- dent, Corresponding Secretary GRACE STORCH MARY STRANEVA1 Mu Kappa Gamma, Choir, PSEA, Newman Club, Madrigal Singer, "Much Ado About Nothing" BONNIE STROHM GEORGE SUESSER1 Geography Club, E Club, Track, Wrestling, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Delta Sigma Phi - President, Band, "Much Ada About Noth- ing," Intramural Sports ALICE SUNELINI Psychology Club, WAA, PSEA, Wes- ley College Fellowship, Alpha Gamma Delta - Guard MICHAEL SUTCH GORDON SUTTON: PSEA NANCY SWANSON1 WAA, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship - Vice-President DIRECTORY WALTER SWANSON1 Student Faculty Council, E Club, Track, Wrestling, Inter-Fraternity Council, Sigma Tau Sigma CHARLES SZOCH: Student Faculty Council - Vice- President, President, Men's Dorm Council - Presi- dent, Beta Beta Beta, Freshman Orientation, Phi Sigma Pi - Corresponding Secretary, Class Otcficer - Sophomore President, Junior President, Social Committee SANDRA TEPSICK1WAA, Alpha Gamma Delta JOSEPH THOMAS NORMAN THOMAS: Kappa Delta Phi, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club, Social Studies Club, Wrestling MARGE THOMPSON: Psychology Club, Kiltie Fins, WAA JOY THOMSON: Student Faculty Council, Women's Dorm Council - Publicity Chairman, Cheerleaders, WAA, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Phi Delta - Historian, Spectator, PSEA, Lutheran Student Association, Inter- Fraternity Council - Vice-President, Alpha Delta - Vice-President, President, Dean's List, Junior Class Treasurer, Sophomore Oueen Attend- C1I'il' KEITH TODD WILLIAM TROUTNER KAY VAN NETTE: Women's Dorm Council, WAA, Collegiate Players, Newman Club, "The Poor ol New York" RICHARD VARISH1 Wrestling, Alpha Phi Omega DON VOLLBRECHT: Geography Club, E Club, Track, Football, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Kappa Delta Phi - President JUDY WALKOWIAK1 English Club, WAA, PSEA, Newman Club, Alpha Delta, Dean's List, Student Faculty Council- Budget Committee ALBERT WALLER: Intramural Basketball FELICIA WARD: Delta Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, PSEA, Red Cross, Newman Club, Alpha Delta JUDITH WAREHAM1 WAA, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, Psychology Club, Conneautteean LEROY WARTHMAN JUDIE WAUGH1 Student Faculty Council - Freshman Representative, Secretary, Women's Dorm Council, English Club - Publicity Chairman, WAA, Con- neautteean, Spectator, Student Handbook, Fresh- man Orientation - Customs Committee, Constitu- tion Revision Committee JAMES WAY: Band D. CHARLENE WEED ORVILLE WEISLOGUL CATHERINE WIGREN HARRIET WILAMOWSKI: English Club, Cheerleaders, Drill Team, Modern Dance Club, Conneautteean, Spectator - News Editor, Student Handbook, Freshman Orientation, Newman Club, Alpha Delta, Sophomore Oueen Attendant, WUS Carnival Can- didate ELIZABETH WlLLIAMS1Wornen's Dorm Council - Sec- retary, Psychology Club, Modern Dance Club, WAA, Spectator, PSEA, Wesley College Fellow- ship, Alpha Delta MEREDYTH WILLIAMS: Student Faculty Council, Eng- Iish Club, WAA, Choir, PSEA, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chairman ot Jr.-Sr. Prom N. JEAN WOLZ: Delta Phi Delta - Recording Secre- tary, Collegiate Players, PSEA, Dean's List, NAEA, EAA JOANN WONDERLING1 WAA, PSEA, Spectator, Conneautteean, Westminster Collegiate Fellow- ship, - Publicity Chairman CLIFFORD WOOD: Beta Beta Beta THOMAS YACOBOZZI WINNIE ZANOTTI: English Club, Cheerleaders, Drill Team, Modern Dance Club, WAA, PSEA, Wesley College Fellowship, WAA - Treasurer, Modern Dance Club - Vice-President THEODORE ZERNICH,JR.1 PSEA, Phi Sigma Pi KENNETH ZlRKLEf Geography Club - President, Social Studies Club, State Geography Club tor Col- lege Students - Vice-President it

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