Edinboro University - Conneautteean Yearbook (Edinboro, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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Edinboro University - Conneautteean Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1950 volume:

WW WU nf' My M539 4- 1 1 ., 1, LV, A 1 .rx-5' S if x 'L 7 Ars! 'fa' :- ' . mfg. -.ers I iv x,-mf? Q v X. - ' . W . Qs--.1 1. .-s sf' - --'wbrf f X..,f . X 2 x .abit Mal. " Q -r . xx i':Qf ,-,.-fs, V , f ESX . A . X .,,,fX X:-.41 A D -- 1 Pau: y.x K . X s ,iff-fs X ,Q-1,.g V .- . - xf '3fJl.1-- - ' ' 1 ' N 4'-Ann N ' 51-1 Tv ff 'fe-1 .i.'.0.A,'1q -,"'L5L-fziv.-:x:.Qif.P:-2, xii-Q ' f ' 'XER9ztQzff,Ef X- Siva' N iwap'-'..z-ffxwff' 1 1 E i I s E 2 5 E 5 3 .4 S . Q Z I 9 2 5 i F I ! 5 3 1 1 3 l S Q 3 1 S e E -i 2 5 a S l E S , Q i 3 -YZ 'M'- fg 5 lux? ' It .1 'll lsln 14 afzfzmuffeezzfz 4 Q if:-t':-v.-':w:-f-:-.-b-,-.- -'-:-.0 QW-'A -.v.'.-.-.-:- -. .'-'-'-S r-. v '.'-A-'.e,-ze,-' -: xv-. s-.- Q. -.-.-.-.-.-.'.- o '. .-.- Q .- '.-. . . .- . . . . . V . .. - . . . . , . . . .. . 4. . . . . 9, .-.-. . . . , ,-,- .-.-. , ,o, .-.-,o,n. . . . .,. . .-. . Q -,-.-,-,-.-,v, .-3, . - , , ' ... Q,-.-.-. . Q.. 2.3. ,-, ,.. . . . , .mx . . .'.- , , , .-. . . . .-,o. . , , . . . ,.,. s . . . , , . . .nw Q . . s,.,-,-, ,-,.,- - . ,.,- -, . . ,-.V . , . .,-,- . ., -,..... x-.1 . . . . .A.,. .,., - -, .-.1 -,.,.,., ov . .x -5, . .-,-,-, . . N . . . ., , , , . , , ,.,.,., ,- -, , .,-,. . , ...,.,.,- -. -. .-,- . . . .N . .,, QR... 34.3.1,.gq.g2::g.g.'3.1:33.g!gZ'.g,3,01-'.5324-.5:1.-,-1-3-,-35.3.:::Qq.2.'.-.g.g.,-,.g.,:.-:ey4.3.f-.'T'-:.-.- 3 -3.-q.3qfg.f.1.-:-:f -.-.. Q.-.',-he-:I .-' -,-.-.,-.ff -T' -. 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'CM' "' 'ff 0, y '-,Q-'f Q 'W' 80.1 .. s.. ...Q ...,, ., ..' .. 4 .,.,-.4-.v.. . ...1...g4 .,. -,.,... e,.,.g.,.'-'-.Ns-f .3.,-q.-.:.-.-9-.-.3-q.-.-.5-1., .-Q..-.--,--.3.1Eb.-.--gem.-.-,.-. 93.5.30-..g. .,-.,,-,-.-.2.g.-.-.1Q..-,-.-e.'.'.'.-.-.-.:.:-:-.f.-.... .9 v.-:-:-.g.:4q.-.-.-.--2-.-. 3343'.-igifqffivg-5.52-2:22:31-:3Q"e'd5,g-95.1251-.'.3q.-ig,-.-3 -15-:T'.+'-4.3 -Eg: 'g.Q.gY-.:-'5fg5-.e-g-:r2- -3-'e.-3-at-3-ff.-.-.-.-.'.-Sv.-3'Qwg.-2-.-.' Qf-:?'.'.-.- -:-.'.-.'.:-p-:-.-.-.- - 0'-'-Q8 -1'-'f:-'ef-.Q-.10 - 1' . , , .. 0 . 9 w - . ,, .. 00- ,.-... 0 S 1 ,ae .'- .,- -,dv . 'S . . '. ' D. a -,ua -S '.-,-. . 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M - A ' ':.':.g55..'q:f2.S.-...:..5.. , Q N EXE, 545 W, XS In, , , I f . -5, , I 1 xx, .-, Q s't sa - N. 9 -, : ', B , ,Nea I A 'N '- A X .il V' t F3 , ,J 4' . yq- ' ' . , -'5 fy li l Q ' ' f ' 1 ",,.1f' X 4, -B' ff X . 21 ., 'f '. 3- I 'Q a ,. '- .Z L K , If . ,, I SJ 4 ' 4, I - -rg . 'r n 'W X X is if s .-- , 3 .Rl 1 ik .. ,Q , V gm , A uh! 5 Dub in Q "' ' .F . I-l"'-ill D U 3 -Q xi 9 1 ' 5 - 1 kl Q "5 A mx- i QL- f f.:-' . Q ff F 4. sfcof I ' X S 2..:'?'5'f?:',',F'L'f: N if ' W 3 gf -"5 's q ra fh -- 1 - -,.':,g-.J-,Q , If-f 5 "f"qcf ' '-57.2. 4 't ' ' ci'c "-'x' N ".l' Q ' .L I C , -. I. E - 'ali A . N .N in . hs- -'u.:.- YW, Sv ,X tv I 'I x Q -' Yf w. ., ,L H -,, . - Q. an JL 5 , - mx ,vu 5 Q' . -4- E Ax' hm fx VX S' X I tgyl 1 d X l x NK -- ' 2 f f - k - v 5 '. ,4 -I ' ' sa A X A . , 4 ' Q N-, bf K "' W 1S,,2Mab 1 . 1 "lf is gf mjun A N- .1 - 'ull r f,:l - I J x 0 Y 0 J. ' - 'q - . Il: . X 1 ,O rl td ' ' ,X mic Es R t ' Q 11 6 - 'S Q L55 2X1cxi..Y.t M: -'- S' 1 1 ' -- 3 lg, d L ' A v fl K Q - .Dip Q .L l JL Lx-JS' 11 ' - 1 ,Q ' jd -n L 5, -Kc K -K ,V 'Tlx' 5 6591- i . fi? m 4. all ' .. Cd,-,rc O ll ' p. Ll., " r . . 4 -5 I . cf ff. . 3 Qzesfkzbzf 2' Cwaxxaye This issue of the Conneautteean marks the tenth time that I have extended greetings to our students through its pages. The issues since 1941 have marked an eventful decade of college history. The depression merged into the period of World War II when less than ten men were left on the campus. The close of the war brought the G. I. Bill and an enrollment that filled the college to overflowing. We hope that the judgement of the future will be that Edinboro successfully met the challenge. The year 1950 finds the college looking ,forward to the addition of much needed dormitories and of other building facilities, that will enable us better than ever to discharge the function of education of teachers for the Commonwealth. For those seniors who appear for the last time in a Conneautteean, I wish a happy future. For the others who return, a warm welcome to further study and experience at Edinboro in 1950-1951. L. H. VanHouten 4 We dedicate the 1950 UCONNEAUTTEEANU to MISS NETTI MAI RUTTLE who, by her enthusiastic leadership and generous coopera- tion, has taught us to think fearlessly and act courageously in our work and in our play, that we may become worthy of the heritage Edinboro has given us and share with others the joy of living which she has so beautifully personified. 5 eofc ' siwcxocs who comgose dem eu1.QXfe.- oi ew abXe an ' us and Q8 vi goo? 1XxwXLs'xs doe me X1 ugh :Xiu xmixtkxx ako and om each gear fa. oe Xing Qioiesixoo. 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Ed., John C. Hoashauer, Ed. D., Paul E. Tess, M. Ed. PHYSICS-George Winchester, Ph.D. DEANS - james A. Reed, M. Ed., Eliza- beth Miller, B.S., Royce R. Ma1lory,. Ed. M. TRIANING SCHGOL DIRECTORS, QFACULTYD Dr. Leland V. Langingham, Frances Whitney, Ch arlcs Ellcnberger HEALTH SERVICE- H. A. Gehring, M.D., Nellie McClintock, R.N. E SEC' QL - ' f Q-10, G SCHG A N- yoga., TRANS fiwafyxexx, M' QOYXC A . Q. fx.. . ONS? bxx 1 Ni- Ad Nm.. ive xaovfia ew-M5 BQ' Bxwc Ny. W ' SGW wb , mes Y afket ' W NLS., SOCIAL STUDIES-Luther V. Hendricks, Ph.D., B. Wfycliife Griffm, M.A., Hazel M. Ket- chum, M.S., George W. Neel. M.A., Carl L. Wozniak, M. Litt - TRA1 FILE IVHVQ S Sha ,, f'ff1vr,1 R YCHOOL Blick M.ABaEeC Bag IYQRYSQE Sflenk ' BUIC-bg' R ENGLISH-Paul A. Lowder, A.M., Thomas Dume, Helen Mc- Donnell, M.A., W. Verne Zahniser, A.M., Ruth C. Morton, M.A. rd, 7 a. N1-1 E H Qoucfillelxli :ed ,AW ' A-W mace, tggoxhv Slixillxllw 2 Kenneth , ues H gxli. YQ axdo Y . B3 AN-S . KIQSKS 14 EDUCATION - Leland VanLan- ingham, Ed. D., Charles W. Ellen- berger, M.A., Clair J. Butterfield, Ph.D., Frances Whitney, A.M., Rus- sell Morgan, M.A., Ernest R. La Follette, Ph.D. QQ 'lltsxg till 0 I P . 'ff -.,-.L iii' ' ir :il R x fm ND K IQ Xx Axis A71 W W f 4d .55 Q3 Q J 'lax "NJ: . 4' ' e. ,I 515 .A f 3,0 f-gfv., Q5- . Vx., QQIWQQ 2 " ff! A. TL. 5 -5 If x A '4 , ,- BERTHOLD. JOSEPH W. BISER, JOHN XV., JR. BOGART, JOHN E. BRENNAN, FREDERICK A ANDEXSON, JAMES R. ASHLEY, HARRY E. aAl1NE1'r, JAMES E. HATCHELOR, VIRGINIA A. BROWN, ELLEN J. BYERS. LOIS J. CARLSON, CHARLES R. COATES, NANCY A. F pw 1 WM If x come, THOMAS v, CONRAD, RICHARD D DALEY, LAWRENCE N DELEO, Jossm-1 D. 5 1 DUNN, FRANCIS D. EGLOFF, JOHN J. EADES, MARIAN J. ERlCKSON,..ORVID G EVANS, MARTHA 1. GRACK, PAUL P. GREENAWALT, ,IOHN W. HALEY, PAUL W, X, u Nf my , x0 J! Q49 w SLK fgfaf A MQ HAMMERMEISTER, BERTHA B. HEFFLER, ALLAN J. JOSEPH, JOHN A. KELLEY, MELVIN C. 1 KISTHART, VZ'INlFRED J KLINGINSMITH, MERLE G KKNAPP, RUTH L. KOSTELNIK, EDWARD J. MULLEN. CHARLIE F. MURRAY, JAMES R. OFFERLE, THOMAS E. OPERINI, EDWARD KUSHAN. ROSE E. LALLEY, NORMA J. LANE, CYNTHIA R. LASLAVIC, JOSEPH L. orro, GEORGE s. PALOMBINI, PETE A. PARRY, JOHN R. PA'I'l'E RSON, JOHN W. PETTIT, VIRGILAH. PLETCHER, ROBERT E REED, EDWARD H. RICE, VIRGINIA A, SARGENT, HAROLD R. scoslnm, Lors J. s1MoN1, JEANNE L. smm, EVELYN 1. 4 RICHARDS, LOUIS K. ROGERS, ROLAND J. RHODE, VUILLIAM F, RODGERS, JOSEPH K. SORENSON, ROBERTA A. s1'nADMAN, Ross H. THOMAS, JOHN H. VENMAN, s. JANE VINCICH, ROBERT VISLOSKY, ROBERT J, XVARREN, Anmun M wana, WAYNE J. WEIXEL, IOHN F. WILSON, EDGAR C. VVIMER, BETTY L. WRIGHT, JOHN P. YOUNG, RICHARD E. SISK. MARY I.. MCCARTNEY, LORIS A. MORRISON, EDNA M. .Q Y XA 5 .. . V . XX Ss X S A as Qi K Hs .,. X f ...fx rx: is? ig Q. X SWR i . S I SA x f 5 SESS.. Sie as R x if . X: 2 1 S I 5:5 X Q! x is 5 S X x X X x X S I XSS? if X523 Qs fx if Q 5 ' N 52 5 I, 3? 3 fix N ggi X , 1 I Q E A : 5 S X f X s S eggs iii Es 'Q S X T is S :QR ' X I 4 1 5 X X ' .. an W 5 r 1 SN. .ia B X X an . .. X. Q M , Q NX 3 1 RRS. fn ES I 5.135 X x .Ex mm anim' TORGLER, CONSTANCE L BAILEY. NORMA RUTH BYHAM, GEORGE H. CHADDERDON. BYRON B. x clccnml, Louis D. cRowNovER. MORTQN W., JK DAVENPORT, FRANK T. DILLER, HENRY F., JR. PETRUNA. JOHN 'l'. MAXWELL MILTON A. WINDOFT. BYRON I-I PAYKOS, ANDREW WEBSTER. RICHARD D WALLACE, ROBERT W SNAVELY. LYLE G. I-IOROSZ, WILLIAM F. KLEIN, Momus Lows, wlmlsn c NARDONE. EVAN PAPAILA, OLGA GARDEI, JOAN M. NAN, SAMUEL KELLER, RALPH J KING. BOYD VU. COMMERCIAL ART Lgmzfuefes DFPLACIDO, DONALD A FLYNN, I. PATRICIA FREEMAN. VALERIA HEWIIT, -ROBERT-V. BURGESS, TERRY E. CARVER, CHARLES D. HOXVE. LAXVRENCE R. MOFFAT, RICHARD D. PARABECK, JOHN D. VARGO. JOSEPH L, WALK. B, GORR XVILKINS, VUAYNE A. XVYNEKEN, MARGARET ,I at 'fl gfjvifiw ANDERSON, JAMES RICHARD Kane, Pa. Social Studies ASHLEY, HARRY F. Erie, Pa, Elementary BAILEY, NORMA RUTH Conneaut Lake, Pa. Art Dean's List, W. A. A. BARNETT, JAMES E. Erie, Pa. Social Studies Dean's List BATCHELOR, VIRGINIA A. Meadville, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Dramatic Club, Choir, Mu Kappa Gamma, Conneautteean '48, W. A. A., Jr.-Sr. Prom, BERTHOLD, JOSEPH W. Pittsburgh, Pa. Biological Science Kappa Delta Phi, Student Council, Dean's List, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Soccer, In- tramurals. BILLINGS, METHEL ARLENE North Girard, Pa. Elementary W. A. A,, Choir. BISER, JOHN W. Russelton, Pa. Science Phi Sigma Pi, E Club, Intramurals. BOGART, JOHN EDWIN White Plains, N. Y. Biological Science BROOKS, CLINTON HOWARD Corry, Pa. BROWN, ELLEN JAYNE Pittsburgh, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Jr.-Sr. Prom., W. A. A. BYERS, LOIS JEAN Harrisville, Pa. Art College Orchestra, Soc. Chairman Haven Hall Council, Jr.-Sr. Prom., W. A. A., Sr. Class Treasurer, CARLSON, CHARLES R. Warren, Pa. Biological Science-Social 'Studies ' Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Con- neautteean. COATES, NANCY A. Lawrence Park, Pa. Elementary Vice-Pres. Choir, Pres. Mu Kappa Gamma, Alpha Delta Pres.-Vice-Pres,, W. A. A.,Council Sec., Y. W. C. A. Vice-Pres., Student Council, Haven Hall Council, Who's Who '49-'50, Dean's List, Jr. Aide. COME, THOMAS VINCENT Titusville, Pa. Mathematics Spectator Bus. Mgr., Kappa Delta Phi Treas. CONRAD, RICHARD DOUGLAS Meadville, Pa. Social Studies Forum Club DALEY, LAWRENCE NEAL Warren, Pa. Science Choir, Biology Club, Dean's List. DE LEO, JOSEPH D. Clarendon, Pa. Science Band, Newman Club. DONNELL, CLIFFORD N. Butler, Pa. Elementary DOUDS, WILLIAM PETER Jeanette, Pa. Social Studies Forum Club, Dramatics Club, Wrest- ling, Kappa Delta Phi, DUNN, FRANCIS DEVERE Erie, Pa. Social 'Studies Newman Club EADES, MARION J. North East, Pa. Art Delta Phi Delta, Pres., Alpha Delta Vice-Pres., Conneautteean Editor '49, Spectator, Dramatic Club, Who's Who, Dean's List, ScaRAb. EGLOFF, JOHN J. Edinboo, Pa. Secondary Forum Club ERICKSON, ORVID GRANT Edinboro, Pa. Social Studies Kappa Delta Phi EVANS, MARTHA JEAN Pittsburgh, Pa. Art ScaRAb, Jr.-Sr. Prom,, Conneautteean '49, W. A. A. GAURILOFF, DAVID Ellsworth, Pa. Secondary GRACK. PAUL RAYMOND Erie, Pa. Art Kappa Delta Phi GREENAWALT, JOHN W. Oil City, Pa. Science Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis. Phi Sigma Pi, Pres., Student Council Pres., Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta, Who's Who, Spectator. 32 HALEY, PAUL WALTER Lockport, N, Y. Biological 'Science Sr. Class Pres., Kappa Delta Phi, Intramurals. HALL, VIRGINIA J. Charleroi, Pa. Art Alpha Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Who's Who, Dean's List, ScaRAb Club. HAMILTON, PATRICIA J. Monongahela, Pa. Art Alpha Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Who's Who, Dean's List, Dramatics Club, ScaRAb, Alpha Psi Omega, Haven Hall Council. HAMMERMEISTER, BERTHA B. Springboro, Pa. Science Jr.-Sr. Prom, W. A. A., Alpha Delta. HEFFLER, ALLAN JORDAN Erie, Pa. Speech Forum Club, Pres. Dramatics Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Dean's List. HERR, BENJAMIN J. Allison Park, Pa. Art Phi Sigma Pi, Dean's List. JOSEPH, JOHN A. Aliquippa, Pa. Geography Intramurals KAPLANOFF, ELIZABETH JANE Waterford, Pa. Elementary W. A. A. KELLY, MELVIN C. New Brighton, Pa. Art ScaRAb, Spectator, Photo Club. KIRSCHNER, HENRY C. Erie, Pa. Social Studies KISSMAN, JOHN P. Erie, Pa. Elementary KISTHART, WINIFRED J. New Castle, Pa. Art Conneautteean '49, Choir-Vice-Pres., Mu Kappa Gamma, Y. W, C. A., W. A. A. KLINGENSMITH, MERLE G. Meadville, Pa. Biological Sciencr+Art Phi Sigma Pi, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, ScaRAb Club, Conneautteean '49, Spectator '49. KNAPP, RUTH' L. Greenville, Pa. Elementary - W. A. A., Pep Club-Capt. '49, Forum Club. KOSTELNIK, EDWARD J. Homestead, Pa. 'Secondary Conneautteean '48, Kappa Delta Phi. KUSHAN, ROSE E. Sharon, Pa. Secondary W. A. A. KUSY, STANLEY W. Warren, Pa. Mathematics LALLEY, NORMA J. ' Oil City, Pa. Art Choir, Mu Kappa Gamma, Jr.-Sr. Prom, W. A. A., Alpha Delta. LANE, CYNTHIA R. Waterford, Pa. Elementary ScaRAb Club, Y. W. C. A., Choir, Mu Kappa Gamma, Mixed Ensemble, Band, 'Stage Crew, Jr. Aide, Dean's List, W. A, A., Alpha Delta. LE SLAVIC, JOSEPH L. Westview, Pa. Social Studies Wrestling, Forum Club, Newman Club, Phi Sigma Pi. LATINI, JOHN J. Kittaning, Pa. Social Studies Forum Club, Newman Club, Class Pres. Soph., Football, Kappa Delta Ph' 1. MOGLE, JOHN J. Cloe, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club MORRISON, EDNA M. Erie, Pa, Secondary Forum Club, Dramatic Club, Stage Crew, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Dean's List, W. A. A. MURRAY, JAMES R. Cambridge Springs, Pa. Science-English Photography Club, Spectator, Con- neautteean, Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta-Pres., Forum Club-Vice-Pres., Phi Sigma Pi, Who's Who, Dean's List. MUSTOE, WILLIAM G. Hot Springs, Va. Art ScaRAb Club, Phi Sigma Pi. MC CARTNEY, LORIS A. Meadville, Pa. Art Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., ScaRAb Club. MC GRAW, PATRICK Burgettstown, Pa. Social 'Studies MC KINNEY, GLENN A. Corry, Pa. . Elementary Choir, Mu Kappa Gamma, Men's En- semble, Phi Sigma Pi, Intramurals. MC MAHON, ANN T. Elgin, Pa. Elementary W. A. A. NATORSKI, THEODORE J. Danielson, Conn. Secondary NICHOLS, JAMES S. Erie, Pa. Elementary Band OFFERLE, THOMAS E. Warren, Pa. Biological Science Kappa Delta Phi, Soccer, E. Club, Beta Beta Beta, Biology Club, Intra- murals. OPERINI, EDWARD Aliquippa, Pa, Social Studies ORR, ROBERT G. Albion, Pa. Biological Science Conneautteean '48, OTTO1 GEORGE S. Lockport, N. Y. English , Swimming, E Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Forum Club. PALOMBINI, PETE A. Aliquippa, Pa. Social Studies Football, E Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Newman Club. PARRY, RICHARD J. Erie, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Dramatic Club, Conneautteean '49, Intramurals, Y. M. C. A. PATTERSON, JOHN W. Edinboro, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Dramatic Club. PECKHAM, JOHN s. Bradford, Pa. Social Studies-English Basketball PETTIT, VIRGII.. H. Edinboro, Pa. Geography Y. M. C. A., Phi Sigma Pi. PLETCHER, ROBERT E. Conneaut Lake, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Kappa Delta Phi. REED, EDWARD H. Lock Haven, Pa. Art Kappa Delta Phi, ScaRAb Club. RICE, VIRGINIA A. Titusville, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Jr.-Sr. Prom, W. A. A., Alpha Delta-Pres. RICHARDS, LOUIS K. Pittsburgh, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Band, Orchestra. RODGERS, JOSEPH K. Belleview, Pa. Elementary Stage Crew, Biology Club, Phi Sigma Pi. ROGERS, ROLAND J. Cambridge Springs, Pa. Art ROHDE, WILLIAM F. ' SARGENT, HAROLD R. Riceville, Pa. Social Studies Dean's List, Phi Sigma Pi, Spectator. ak 53 SCOFIELD, L. JOANNE Conneaut Lake, Pa. Elementary Alpha Delta, Dean's List, W. A. A. Council, Sr. Class Sec. SIMONI, JEANNE L. Aliquippa, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Alpha Delta, Newman Club, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Jr. Class Officer, Student Council, Pep Club, W. A. A. SISK, MARY L. Pittsburgh, Pa. Art Dramatic Club, ScaRAb Club, Canter- bury Club. SMITH, EVELYN'L. Erie, Pa. Social Studies- Forum Club, Newman Club, W. A. A. SORENSON, ROBERTA A. Warren, Pa. , Science Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta, Dra- matic Club, Choir, Mu Kappa Gam- ma, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Sr. Class Sec., Alpha Delta, W. A. A. SPIERLING, RICHARD Erie, Pa. .Social Studies Forum Club STEADMAN, ROSS H. McKean, Pa. Science Phi Sigma Pi, Spectator, Dramatic Club, Band, Choir, Mu Kappa Gam- ma. TALKO, MICHAEL J. Lilly, Pa. Social Studies Kappa Delta Phi, Basketball, E. Club. THOMAS, DAVID J. Erie, Pa. Social Studies Football THOMAS, JOHN H. Clarendon, Pa. Art Newman Club, ScaRAb Club. TURANSKY, ISADORE Erie, Pa. Social Studies Dean's List TURNER, DONALD E. Avalon, Pa. Social Studies Phi Sigma Pi, Forum Club, Wrestling. VENMAN, S. JANE Girard, Pa. Elementary Alpha Delta, Jr. Aide, Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club, Conneautteean '49, Spectator, Dean's List, Haven Hall Council, W. A. A. Council. VINCICH, ROBERT Aliquippa, Pa. Elementary WARREN, ARTHUR M. Bradford, Pa. Biological Science Kappa Delta Phi, Biology Club, E rlub- res. '48-'49, Swimming Team pt occer. R, HOWARD J. , ean, Pa. lementary ISNER, GLORIA F. Sligo, Pa. Elementary WILSON, EDWARD C. Clinton, Pa. Social Studies Photography Club-Pres. WIMER, BETTY L. Sharon, Pa.' Elementary Forum Club, Y. W, C. A., W. A. A. WRIGHT, JOHN P. Pittsburgh, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club. Newman Club-Pres., Kappa Delta Phi, Dramatic Clu-b, Stage Crew, Choir, Mu Kappa Gamma YOUNG, RICHARD E. Elwood City, Pa. Social Studies JANUARY GRADUATES BYHAM, GEORGE H. Girard, Pa. Social Studies CHADDERDON, BYRON B. Warren, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Dramatic Club, Pep Club, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Phi Sigma Pi, CICCHINI, LOUIS D. Aliquippa, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Newman Club, Pep Club, Dramatic Club, Jr.-Sr. Prom Kappa Delta Phi. CROWNOVER, MORTON W., JR. Greenburg, Pa. Science DAVENPORT, FRANK T: Springboro, Pa. Science Choir, Y. M. C. A., Spectator, Bi- ology Club, Kappa Delta Phi. DILLER, HENRY F., JR. Bradford, Pa. Social Studies Football GARDEI, JOAN M. Oil City, Pa. Speech Alpha Psi Omega, Dramatic Club, Choir, Conneautteean '49, Stage Crew, W. A. A. HOROSZ, WILLIAM F. Munhall, Pa. Art ScaRAb Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Dean's List. KELLER, RALPH J. i Pittsburgh, Pa. Mathematics Forum Club, Spectator, Dean's List, Biology Club. KING, BOYD W. Bellevue, Pa. Art Q ScaRAb Club, Dramatic Club, Stage Crew. KLEIN, MORRIS Aliquippa, Pa, Social Studies E Club, Football-Capt. '49 LOPUS, WILMER C. Corry, Pa. Social Studies Phi Sigma Pi MATUSZEWSKI, FELIX Aliquippa, Pa. Science Phi Sigma Pi, E Club, Football, Wrest- ling, Student Council-Treasurer '48, MAXWELL, MILTON A. Sharon, Pa. Social Studies Band, Phi Sigma Pi, Jr.'Sr. Prom. NAN, SAMUEL Aliquippa, Pa. Social Studies E Club, Football, Basketball, Intra- murals, Dean's List. NARDONE, EVAN Coppel, Pa, Social Studies E Club, Football, Intramurals. PAPAILA, OLGA Conemaugh, Pa. Art Dean's List PAYKOS, ANDREW Philadelphia, Pa. Social Studies Kappa Delta Phi, Band Director. PETRUNA, JOHN T. McKeesport, Pa. Art Phi Sigma Pi, Jr.-Sr. Prom. RODGERS, JOHN H. Edinboro, Pa. English Forum Club - Treasurer, Football, Student Council. ROZELLE, MARY J. Corry, Pa. Elementary Haven Hall Council, Choir,Y.W.C,A., Forum Club, W. A. A. SNAVELY, LYLE G. Warren, Pa. Social Studies Kappa Delta Phi, Forum Club. WALLACE, ROBERT W. Union City, Pa, 'Speech Student Council, Dramtic Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Conneautteean '49, Spec- tator, Phi Sigma Pi-Treasurer '49, Who's Who, Dean's List. WEBSTER, RICHARD D. Edinboro, Pa. Science Dean's List, Kappa Delta Phi, Jr.-Sr. Prom. WINDOFT, BYRON L. Titusville, Pa. Social Studies Forum Club, Basketball, Intramurals. GRADUATE STUDENTS BRENNAN, FREDERICK A. St. Mary's, Pa. Social Studies A. B, Arts and Letters-Penn State 1949, Forum Club, Dean's List. BROWN, THOMAS F. Brooklyn, N. Y. Elementary B. S. Social Studies-Edinboro State Teachers College 1949, Class Officer '47, Student Council, Conneautteean '49, Spectator '48, Kappa Delta Phi, Newman Club, Dean's List, Forum Club, Inter-Fraternity Council '50. CUTHBERTSON, ROBERTA Cyclone, Pa. Chemistry ' B. S. Science and Mathematics--Grove City College 1949. n -Q2-QL-ia' -gu- J-,ff I 5 Tl'- I:,fi:. W , .-.Nd --- ' Ns N-s... i an J fgk f K ,.- X fi -. fx,-, - ' --X - 36 UZJZWK XVETZEL MARILYN E XWHITTAKER JANE L XVETI-IERHOLD. BARBARA A. WHITE, EVELXIN B. ZUZULA. THERESA M. BLEAKLEY, CHARLES CULBERTSON, WILLIAM M BOGDAN, ROBERT DAM ICO, ALBERT ALLEGRETTI, JOHN ALLENSON. VINCENT J. ANDERSON, RENO L. BRETER, DONALD 1: CASOLI, ROBERT j. CRAVYFORD, JAMES VU. WEYAND, JAMES I. JUNIORS ADRIKO, ERNEST A. AQUILINO, LOUIS J. BARKER, GAIL T. EARTOS, JOHN A. BOVARD, HELEN L. DEARDORFF, DAVID H. DEMARCO DOMINICK A. EDWARDS, DONALD J. FUNK, MARGARET GARFIELD, GEORGE E. I.ISIAi'Ic, JR., NICHOLAS M. LAWRENCE, REGINALD A. LEDXVICK, PHYLLIS A. LEGTERS, PHYLLIS J. LEOPOLD, JUNE D. LEYDE, PATRICIA J. MALICKY, JOHN MANNARINO, RUDOLPH A. MERSHON, MILLARD M. MONTGOMERY, HARRY A. NIUILLIAMS, XVAREN F. MUDIE, ELIZABETH A. MUTO, NICK MCKAY, WILLIAM O. MCVEIGH, ROBERT M. NICOLLS, CLARENCE KEITH PRAEIZEL. RICHARD L. ROLISE, EDXVARD C. SADLER, MARTIN L. SAUI., A, ALVIN SNELL, JOANNA L. STEVENS, DOUGLAS B. SYMONS, HARVEY NV. TROUTNER, ARTHUR E. VITALE, ANGELINE XWESER, CAROLYN V. WILKINSON, STANLEY S. XVOLF, ALAN E. WIRTH, NORMAN A. YEAGER, NIUAYNE O. ZEILER, BERNARD B. NVISSINGER. JOSEPH k. SENIORS BOGART, JOHN E BROOKS, CLINTON H. BROVUN, THOMAS F. CUTHBERTSON, ROBERTA A. DONNELL, CLIFFORD N. DOUDS, WILLIAM P. GAURILOFF, DAVID HALL VIRGINIA J. HAMILTON, PATRICIA J. HERR, BENJAMIN T., JR. JOSEPH, JOHN A. KIRSCHNER, HENRY C. KISSMAN, JOHN P. RAPLANOEE, ELIZABETH M. RUSY, STANLEY W. LATINI, JOHN J. MOGLE, JOHN J. MUSTOE, WILLIAM E. MCGRAW, PATRICK MCRINNEY, GLENN A, ZAHNISER J IAH MCMAHON, ANN T. NATORSKI, THEODORE NICHOLS, JAMES H. ORR. ROBER:I' G. PECKI-IAM, JOHN s. SPIERLING, RICHARD TALKO, MICHAEL J. THOMAS, DAVID J. TURANSKY, ISADORE TURNER, DONALD E, WEAVER, HOWARD J WEBER, NANCY L. WHISNER, GLORIA 3 9 1 0 X oxoz f V ' u. . A" A ii' rf' i:iSV"'A. 'J u - 43 +2 fAN:z.9,.,f TS,-.L,6L..R.. QL., zJ.z4,.,aef A R x . Q ---- g ,g 1 ,, K QR ':"""X . Nfl? 'S i f' xx ,,, . Yi . t ,, D E ' "" 2 3 , . PWA : hw , -4 xg WJ-Tsiilt 3, J is :ix 'NfN Ann K + lqx A se: . KG I ON f ,5 U' ' ' . I -. 5 4 , --Gain ' 0 ."C Q' Rauf 1: M. Signorelli, P. Henrilcson, M. Alder M j. Relger, L. Feterolf. Rau' 9' G Skelton, H. Kemp D P R. Bilich , . Lay, D, Tucker, S. Wygant, -. . Middleton, V. Smith, C. Humph , . article, P. Lutz, AI. Race. Rau' 3 , R. Zamierowslci, R. Palermo j F Stocker, A. Gmsso, J. Blaslus Bieleq R. Hinrmn D W' l reys, W. . .' L. Penna, A. Saul, , . errlck, C. Lodge, P. Nyberg, I , J. Mahoney. Row 4: H. Couch, J. Guclcert, E . , H. Farnbaugll, E. Kuenzig, D. Wl1eelet, D. Dixon, C. Horne, .. a slz, J. Stephens. QFFICERS leY, Seqremry Donald Lep nldflwj-' . -Char1eS Bleakllelgounrzl ReP'efe - Vjfe-Prefzdeflf getty 5111017977 . lavlf, len Hag ' . -Nlck I-as ,-er-He P. J-jdellf . , ITEC?-fu ...Llliia 'lpgltlglngharles Lodge' Dor0fhY u , 46 gzifiyafiamaw 54255 Always the high-light of the activities of every sophomore class, the Snow Ball proved to be an especially gala event this year Held on February fourth a snow l d S ' . , -c a w1ss village set the scene for the ball and the college orchestra provided music for dancing. The center of interest of the ball was the Coronation of the lovely Snow Ball Queen, Miss Jody Welms. She and her court, the Misses Shirley Brittin, Mickey Hill, jo Anne Piatt, Jean Portz, Marion Rob t d D ' ' er son, an orothy Tucker, made the evening a memorable occasion. pold, S Brittin l' Mdl1l:udiEli Egndau' . . " s av, - Row 2f , 0 HMC- nz, N' L eas- Rou. . - N Snapp, I- gogohngon. H' IR Roberlsmh gxith, . 1 bell, - tpfice, ' 'MgnniS, la. iii-ig, Eg,fIZ1Tl'7i- Hmiiffls. Slolieallifbucklei .L sim- uefi- V derS0n' ion- 5' G. Neck' c' sunaean- ' aer, 1- Same 155, D- Tu" Downing, lion, 4: iHYSmm05, j, Bar Tmutmallf er 5- viteull lzirkCV- E' Powe j. MCAwStei1ens B' Ma chufh D' 47 l E- Lee, E. Ugyd, R. S mes. Row 9.D. Quinn, L. -.,.viu, J. Dimling, R. Thoma, R. A .,.., ru. uunn, M. Boyd, j. Schumann, D. johnson, C. , C. merviicnael, D. Henry. Rau' 2: M. Rockmore, L, Helfner, S. Robison, B. Griewahn, j. Rausch, J. Kerness, j. Rowe, E. Strehler, N. Adsit, C. Fleming, R. Bentley, L. Bloomstrand, B. Gesin, P, Meeker, C. Elchynski, C. Foley, G. Mourer. Row 3: W. Williams, j. Fortino, E. Gumbert, R. Cutshall, D. Peck, N. Freshcorn, F. Furlong, W. Sopchak, F. Wleck, R, Bittinger, P. Plumpis, R. Vatter, 'B. Walters, C. Poswiatoroski, J. -Senic. Row 4: W. Jakob, G. Dickson, I. Hornstein, E. Chamberlain, R. Thomas, A. Swanson, H. Davis, R, Streich, L. Park, D. Winton, J. Pernlio, C. Wise, j. Haizlett, W. Bendig, G. Meyer, C. Bedogne, R. Jensen. OFFICERS --Mary Hill gm-ew? ---- -- -"' ' """ I" H enuik President ,,,, ,,,-,,,,,, A rthuf Treasurer---Egjlatlitehafglrglensen l . - N ,,,. .L I ,... P tricia w '5'f2:1f:55i3i.. 'F a fl! 48' Cgfzesfimafz E655 Eager with enthusiasm, the freshmen entered Edinboro with many new plans and ideas. The class election started the year off with a bang, for the campaigning candidates were always thinking of new ways to get votes. When the smoke had cleared the results were: Art Rosfeld, presidentg Larry Dinkel, vice-presidentg Mary Hill, secretaryg and Natalie Humenuik, treas- urer. Under the capable leadership' of these oflicers, plans for the annual freshman dance were made. The Stardust Ball was ruled by Queen Pat Poole and her royal court. The freshmen have been active in many extra- curricular activities and have helped to make this one of the best years in Edinboro's history. R0w1.- A. suis J B H. Fehlman, aff fown' P- D0Y1f,E.Owen, s. H ll' . JRou.- 2: Cwcgbtigmii Iguiffgffg Iigowicki? J- gfigormick, ' ,-Jonesj,B1ak " 1U,.SteenjM'fh' ' -e' - err-M M, P1-odem Roi! ' c , P. Packer, S, Euer J 1 C ell, E. Gilmore B H d ' A. Hyde, BQ K,- U 3' J' Falf9He, D. Christ, ' 'U 3 P- Hughes, P. HOlf,,L,lS K 6' Brickner, B, Mefilfy iigrgontl B. Richardsoi?Sgfl'R5z:ge1iY:RD-,CrYder, j, Crgggl' Christenson, R. Ralg, 'D' ESP i Mazzuea. Raw 4: Gfzigre 281113, W. Ackley, H? Wooden R Londo 'mm S V OHar fl ers D cox ,- ,D, - -- ,3,R.Nl '- Cman,R. P. Walsh,F. skeitonfjl Scoftwiff, B. Applequisi, D, Kejjgggi212175352-liigriifhgg, pK. 49 Rau' 1.' R. Sauers, R. Kenyon, D. Schoerke, W. Winterburn, H. Flora, R. Hamilton, R. Frame, I. Melnick, J. McLaud, G. Thomas, -J. Davis. T. Clay- poole, M, XX'olfe. Row 2: D. McCormick, C. Henderson, C. Erickson, W. Swnney, W. Be- chale, G. McDermott, G. Olsen, G. Frank, D. Fagar. J. Knox, T. Leyland, C. Knoe- dler, P. Stahlberg. Rau' 3: M. Dickerson, T. Lazaroff, C Waag, D. Coon, B. Gray, G Pakala, R. Christensen, D Swanson, J. Plyler, W. Bishop G. Cummings, A. Ovesney, C Lichy. Row 4: J. Moss, R Atkins, J. Hunter, B. Black H. King, R. Wessel, H. Wells E. Sheasby, R. Herald, J. Rich: ard, B, Brown B. Crawford D. Shoaff, s. sffain, R. cmeff L. Hart. mn Qgffw Jesimen Rau- 1: J, Ablauf, R. Hiles, W. Pyle, P. Pool, M. De Stein, F. Gottlieb, G. Kozu- chowski, A. Dodds, B, White, M. Duffy, R. Otto, B. Deakins, R. Young. Row 2: R. Nelson, A. Kachic, D. Blasche, R. Peterman, W. Fairfield, R. Wrent- more, G. Manwaring, R, Womeldorf, G. Herman, J. Kiser, J. Budesky, -J. Meell, D. Fisher, R. Mauchline. Row 3: K. Roose, D. Wood, F. McCall, W. Blair, F. Carr, D, Milenius, A. Welsh, E. Hermano- wicz, H. Hanna, R. Landis, J. Kaufman, B. Altemus. Rout' 4: J. Hale, K. Crooks, D. Shirey, E. Fromm, M. Burdette, J, Durek, W. Hume, G. Monspade, R. Gamble, K. Bell, E. Bra- ton, R. Dansey, G. Ma- thews, S. Wolfgang, P. Smoley. 50 N A nfx fQ'5 1,256 A tw XXX X X wi, . 5 Q A g,g...,,,,m A Q , W 1 . ' SES,--PS: 1 ' ., 11 z ie- Q fr E X X NX X x Ek X 'Q X W 'll X! .S , MI 1""l ul ! Qt , k'x, milk LLIL 38 A ,. 1 A m N i w f X - g , ' , I X Nx,,a, 5 A I f M! E 7" ,s ,, dlx Q I 'fy-LL' '-411 V 'I 'igfg 'yilhini all I t "V" 13: 52 V --" fl Q52-.. gl lg - x :S 45 S ' ff M1292 CW ff M Zfffffffff The Mu Kappa Gamma provides a social and grofessiona group for those students who ave contributed in an outstanding way to music activities on the campus. Musical ability, contribution., to music activities on the campus, high' scholarship, and leader- Blending voices, able direction, fellowship of members, and the ability to work together to attain a goal-there are the attributes of the college choir: Some of the year-'s ventures into the musical world included a trip to Slippery Rock State Teacher's College where a joint concert was given, the annual Christmas Vespers pro- gram, and a highly successful Spring Concert. Small groups rep- resented the organization at Penn- sylvania's first Inter-Collegiate Choral Festival and presented sev- eral television programs and pro- grams for high schools and local groups. The fair and square dance was the most important of the several social activities sponsored by the choir for the pleasure of all students. Kan- 1: R. Belt, P. Campbell, C. Lane, K, Kenney, I. Cristea, S. Brittin. Row 2: M. Adler, N. Coates, M. Race, M. Robertson, N. Shay, P. Smith, A. Ongley, Row 3: P, Legters, C. Humphreys, H. Kemp, J. Ham- ilton, K. Harvey, A. Nicely, E. Atwater, M. Boney. ..,.-4.5. '. .. .,.'..,.-,. . ..eg.:.. ' 'G ,. S - .. 1.-,. -,.'..-.- 1 .e-'.- I-:GA-'.-'.-'E6-'C-'13-'.v'-6-.1-.-. .. ,. .-...m .. ,. .-.. 't s "fag-:-3: Q EEICE RS FIRST SEMESTER: Prerident-William Bendigg V ice- Preridezzt--Nancy Shay, Serrelrvry-Marjorie Boney, Trearurer-Douglas Stevens. . SECOND SEMESTER: Prerident-josepli Nolan, Ifire- Prerideul - Douglas Stevens, Serremry - Maryorie Boney. Tr-e.1rm'er-Phyllis Henrickson. :VA gfvfazk ii-fflififw-rife!!-:E 1--:.-z-auf. 1--'.-z-3 - ....-. 1- . .-w'.- '. as'-F.-is-eea1r.S:m ugfiiqrgg-gazgkag.-. we 1 Gan .-:wh-S-".s'. 1 '1'A5-'iufvixa-'59 ' -.-.xg 54 Raw I: R. Buttice C. Torgler S. Brittin P. Campbell I. Rieger C. Lane B. Griewqhn R. Belt F. O'Hare M. Hill C. Johnson A. Ongley P. Henriksen R. Orange Row 2: I. Cristea E. Herr A. Markham M. Adler E. White B. White H. Fehlman B. Rauscher I.. Symes P. Smith K. Kenney M. Boyd C. Wright E. Lloyd H. Hagerty ship are the basic requirements for membership. First semester otiicers of the Alpha Chapter were: presi- dent, Norma Lalleyg vice-presi- dent. NVinnie Kisthart: secretary, Cynthia Lane: treasurer, Kenneth Harvey. Second semester oliicers were: president, Audregene Nice- lyg vice-president, Phyllis Leg- ters, secretaryg Nancy Shayg treas- urer, Kenneth Har- vey. Row 3: H. Kemp A. Nicely C. Humphreys M. Robertson N. Coates M. Race P. Legters E. Atwater S. Robison N. Shay M. Boney A. Dodds I.. Bloomstrand P. Henderson C. Sunclean Mrs. Campbell Row 4: R. Swick K. Harvey C. Griffen G. Thomas D. Schoerke J. Knox D. Stevens E. Sheasby J. Hamilton P. Nyberg W. Bendig R. Wrentmore Raw 5: R. Streich E. Chamberlain R. Gessford N. Nuber E. Kuenzig B. Brown I.. Hart A. Grasso R. Hamilton R. Christensen Yeah CBM C5212 Row 1: Dr. Gatzy, Dr. Thomas, Mr. Larsen, Mr. Hutton, Dr. C. Sayles, A. Per- rotta, M. Galbraith, Dr, Johnson. Rau' 2: R. Murray, R. Zamierowski, H. Hagerty, R. Young, T. Offerle, S. W'ilkinson, F. Matuszewski, R. Sorenson, E. Andriko, N. Wfeber, P. Haley, M. Klingensmith, T. Come, D. Wfebster, I.. Aquilino, R, Carlson, J. Greenawalt. A new fraternity on campus this year is the Beta Beta Beta, the only national undergraduate fraternity of Biological Science. The chapter here at Edinboro, Alpha Chi, was formed by Dr. john C. johnson. Edinboro is the hrst state teachers' college in Pennsylvania to have a chapter of the Tri-Beta. lgzbhgy 5 615 Preride fif... ...,,...... ..,.... R o berta Sorensen Vire-P1-efidefzf ......... ....,... 1...Joe DeLeo Treafurer ......... ........ C harles Carlson Serrerary ................. ...... P riscilla Holt Program Chairman ............ Raymon Streich Featured in the club meetings were the projection of slides dealing with the west- ern trips of the two sponsors, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Thomas, and various types of discussion. 5 4 l YQ1 77 N ,Af . :I -er 'bl fem ff' wt pf! FS-NI5l.i'f1 'l 'N'- Alfif' E 1 1 EV! f -' -Y. -Q 'fi' Q - " 4 l ' C.. r ,gr , vr f ,- , x Qwgg, 1151? gr' K2 Ln i Qi 9' L? 55 R l Wifi llbbdfldf Rau' 1.' H. Pompeani, R. Testa, L. Richards, Mr. Neel, J. Anderson, XV. Willialrns. Row 2.' A. Paykos J. jack, R. Gessford, A. Seligsohn R. Sauers, G. Thomas, B. Mc- Veigh, D. Turchun, H. johnson. afiaifkzg Rau' 1.' R. Zamieruwski, G. Thomas. Rau' 2.' M. Hartong, L. Richards, W. Willirlms, H. Johnson, H. Pompeani, G, Georgieff, G. Olsen, R. Gessford, A. Seligsohn, D. Scalera, J. Moss, J. jack. Row 3: A. Paykos, Mr. Neel, B. Blair. 56 Em' The Edinboro College Band, with their spirited renditions of favorite marches, helped to boost the enthusiasm of both spectators and participants at our football and basketball games. Its membership is approximately thirty-five students. The band has played for many assembly programs under the direction of Mr. Neel and student director Andrew Paykos. Julie Ann Rowe Nancy Earlley Marilyn Wetzel Sally Hollingsluead 413421925 57 f.411'f' ' , ' ..vjY1gixfS?' M Y 'u-.v mf' ap1J:55?QE' K ,mn:fE'51 .S -1ffwF,5Ff"sia - 1,.,, 4111! ... .-if--fx 1.-:gs glhfagif , ..- R222-w '- -mf-"sa-ig! S 1' iw.g:1'qffi2T9fmg!v1'.f:-Q, -rf, , , ,,,5,,Wg,p 5aa3?s:g-'her QA-+.ee.:va:a:-Ksgiw-fh,g:vm:4::-1:-.52 ': www ,glhxr-w-M -J q,.RS-1' ,,, . . . Q- f:-+.u-.v4vf.nr.Iv':- -- ,. ,541 --5-G21-'H www- .f,-X-vfht.-i:D.'5+9N-N131-gg.-5-.-a 1- 155.-Qwlfnbgw-fgi+QQ3g,yfyg,ugg A ' - -e1.ii:L:f1i-?.5:,:gg:gqgW-:a'3sQ+:.!33,-ir1' r-vigxr-gqfgfgff,:,e,'ggwLp-g5f,:h..sq-.15.x:'gI,:,xf:1 ' -. -' 2 v- -,a .: :. -. - '- Av ., '. , - '- . '-if-an flrae.-bk! M .vi,.V,ns1 .:v1-wr: 'ubmhm'-:+i:' 1"4J'.v x-bvhifx-fair?-KvC1 X--gg . x 5' :gin gg5.x'!c.!v rg., 9-.'.6,5,,!,.S'i5, ,1f,s:35q-i1,Qga5'-wiQg:?N'Zf'1 'e'-':'rwm-+C ,HQ-,-:-'---ww-g'i-e'f' r. fr. i.. 'nf' .- 1-7 + . - , p. 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W "' S xt -L". ' 'iglliiifzn varsity, although the alumni team was com- posed of some of the best players Miss Ruttle has trained. The Alpha-Delta breakfast feted the soror- ity alumnae. The Parade of Floats, with the Phi Sigs copping the award for the second consecutive year, was a colorful and exciting prelude to the tense football game which climaxed the afternoon activities. The great day was brought to a festive con- clusion with the Club Ball, one of the big dances of the year. T fa.-iii , his- I wagg ,n -A33 g-.-'f4:14- ,xr '-ca. .gl L, ' tw, Q -3 3: , t.. '.....4,,. .-. fi. D S aiafefsrarw- ., 525,'1f:-Qzaqigigm'-fb'f--g H'- , 5 i , - 1 l'i's'Z ,'u.r . ,b ' l"r I -N v: - r W- 'if ' .1-J r- -' it li 1'f3hQYfi ' is s. X X N, I., 44" ' 5--1,-, Q,- sa l,t?e4" V x-do 3- -' r Y 'Wil IW Q, J' . J' ' "Nfl X +t fvStI?f'33'f'Y?3 iwxb . t 'J"wiU5r'X flL!"L"'7'?-'Y' II L 1' 2Qw,5,ic,5,,.s...,t,h4:, K ,, ',:.- 1 ' A ,-'r'.r-.-V is , 3 1!2Llw7f'ii'g.5'34f? is' ., Q ' ---w 5-QJQWCQSFQEZAE5 ' ' 'FEA5 -f5Q!if31R,1e,'lf3' TGJ!fcZ3f?'2kfj,Ln5l' ' "' 'K' A""vt"'.w.'L'-'. "AH-QC'-ALJ. 1 'Plea'-hi-4'-J'9s 'wQ.1'+- -5--:,-4. f.:-U ' .. pg i'i.,f,.gY' fs' QA--'var o J-f51c-:fs . -r.,-A-fx.,-Q-.,,,2 : tr:-c,,L-Q 1:-L-31.51-is-4 .5-'..'g,'45:v .-.-QQ:-fg'f'3?5"4l W-9 pug. 1.-wgb. ' 4,31-j,,12'.i 'gf Y QQ ff .'-.ww Q ..,e' Eff.: 115'75'-t'.JgM5'J.31-!filg1'."5'f" r,:hHJ'fL:t-3-'if' fry.-'S' ' -N .QT 4: flu V-Ph R un, .I Q ,KL Q-iq, -.-51. ,Q I R., ,ihfgilx-,Sta ...grimy , , 3 -,lc-:NH '1,?v,,Y., ,15e.l,g. -77-gv'jf5w4.. fffiszl-5?Efiigfvigefiiffl5:iSsZ'sTiZ4i4gjQLQ33..':92rE,t'i,i?2?4?r5,2'Afgg.'rg5:Q-'jStfi.EF,i4Ti ' gigtii-1--remfgwel:51z.v:1f3fg4,2?i-':-,iv 1 :P lsstfm-:::QrYi.a. G'1553te,fSp' 21512-'RF-f:ETi?w5:fL':fffa.::a41.-W-5wif!-11 F9 :'1-?f'i?3f4f"'f :'f"F- X-1-"1'MX-:?2"i L , W X 'Q Q I 1 ' I .l, . Q 'V ff X P! VZ 5 Innnvv s '47 7 E nl' " x y,.."' 1 , 2 9 Aj I ' '-4' rw- ' s"u"1uZ2v.5 o Q aflszfgf Ga-aa The Womens Athletic Association is open to every woman student on campus. The Council tries in every way to plan a schedule of sports permitting every woman to choose something in which she is particularly interested. The present Council, president, Bertha Hammermeisterg Phi Leader, Margaret Lucas, Delta Leader, Helene O'Dayg Secretary, Nancy Coates, Treasurer, Marjorie Boney, Publicity Chairman, Georgia Imigg Head Cus- todian, Marjorie Race, Delta Custodians, Wilma Skelton and Marion Robertson, Phi Custodians, Margaret Lay and Marjorie Alder, has planned the many college events in which women interested in athletics participate. In the fall, tennis, golf, and hockey occupy every spare minute. Winter sports include skating, skiing, basketball, bowling, and swimming. Softball and archery are the outstanding spring sports. Early in the fall the W.A.A. holds an initiation tea which helps the incoming members to become acquainted with each other and with the older members. Several times throughout the year other colleges and high schools are guests of the W.A.A. at play days and sports days. Intra-mural competition forms the basis for many of the W.A.A. activities. ,Miss Ruttle is the supervisor of this organization. A. Markham, S. Wygant, C. Sundean, H. O'Day, B. Wetlmerhold, J. We-lms, M. Lucas, H. Lucas, j. Simoni, M. Alder, M. Wetzel, D. Tucker, P. Grace, B. Hammermeister. 62, J. XWHITTAKER G. MOURER E. DEAN M. HILL M. EVANS C. JOHNSON J. Pomz D. SULLIVAN ZIZIZIQS' 5144772 5 awww Gyms Ro B. M. C. R. R. J. N. Ro A. L. L. G. P. R. P. S. w 1 : GESIN MCKINNEY PIERSON BUTTICE PETERS DIMLING HUMENUIK w 2.' NOWAK BLOOMSTRAND HEFFNER CRAWFORD HENRIKSON BENTLEY MEEKER HOLLINGSHEAD -1992.-s'f4ffmfz mmf Row 1 .' CRISTEA WDWU' D' J- B G E. f"1F1TUE'1Z5"!"1TU5F' QU1NN O'HARE z1NDEL GLDDINGS . VITALE Row 2: REIGER CARLSON Pf CAMPBELL J. PIAIT M . SIGNORELLI . MIDDLETON LEE Row 3 : LYONS KENNEY SMALL LLOYD MUKINA PETRUSO LYONS SMITH SMITH GRAY B. HAMMERMEISTER S. WYGANT J. MILLER D. TUCKER M. LAY D. HENRY M. VVETZEL N. SHAY M. ALDER I. MOURER I. LESHKO I- MCLAUD M. LUCAS H. LUCAS gpffj Qwvfgq 929777 gl ! CQ' 5772472 Qiijgdy Swim I. I. S. P. E. I- 64 D. M. S. R0B1soN 1, BROWN ELCHYNSKI DODDS BYERS LESHKO MOURER HOLLINGSHEAD HENRY OWEN MCMICHAEL DIMLING BENNER GZ!! Mx? Row 1 .' H. LUCAS C. SUNDEAN M. LUCAS B. GESIN P. MEEKER Row2.' N. SNAPP wosswgz si KS LAY KELTON s HAMMERMEISTER WALLACE SMITH CRAWFORD TWOMBLEY Rau' 1: J. VENMAN P. DOYLE N. com-Es J. WELMS M. ALDER P. WYNKEN M. EVANS Row 2: wwozgzv DODDS . HUMENUIK HILL . WETZEL DICE HOLLINGSHEAD HAZELWOOD awffkzg Qwdm 1. XVELMS A. MARKHAM M. XVETZEL E.. STREHLER C. SUNDEAN G. IMIG D. SHAW P. O'BRlEN D. ZINDEL C. DICE R. BELT fbpesiefiaff JEANNE SIMONI LOIS BYERS RATCHELOR H MMERMEISTER ' ' MARTHA EVANS WN. zwmffzmg wi SW Q, X g is QS? Q X X S X x . at kg :Q 1 xx X3 X f X EM xr - WG 66 is 1 1 . W Q f 0 , 0 ws I K ,' R f , ,, .... .L ,... V- -.. .,., .:' -V g M il-A '- . LKL. " f .L ,. - ww- X ' :A I-ki i 41... L , PW .SD 42 The Iota Chapter of the Alpha Delta sorority is designed to provide a social program for a selected number of girls chosen for their scholarship and personal integrity. Mem- bers in faculty are: Mrs. Campbell, Miss Baron, Miss McClintock, Miss Odell, Mrs. Miller, and Miss Forness who is the faculty advisor. This year the sorority room was redecorated and furnished with an attractive refreshment bar which played an impor- tant part in the many social activities of the chapter. Rush and pledge parties, formal initiation dinner, and the sorority dance were the features of the spring program. The activities of the year were concluded with the annual Motherfs Day Tea and the Alumni Breakfast. OFFICERS Puts? SEMESTER: President ............ ....... ............,,.........,................. V i rginia Rice Vice-President ....... .. ......... .......... M arian Eades Secretary ......................,....... . ........ Norma Lalley Treasurer ..... ............. .......................... ,... .............. S t C lla Mukina Corresponding Secretaries ................................... .... ........... Helen Haggerty, Marion Robertson Historian ......... . ............................,.................... Masporle Alder Marshalls ........ .........,.......... N ancy Shay, Lucia Downing Critir ........... .............................................. J eanne Simoni SECOND SEMESTER: President .................................... ..... .......,............... N a ncy Coates Vice-President ........... . .................................. Shirley I-Iazlewood Secretary .................. . ........... ......................... E milie Atwater Treasurer ..................... . ...................................... Helen Haggerty Corresponding Secretaries .......... Marjorie Alder, Joanne Piatt Historian .............................................................,.. Esther Lloyd Marshalls. .............,,................ Irene Cristea, Marion Robertson Critic .......,.. ................................... J ane Venman V. Rice M. Eades N. Lalley S. Mukina M. Alder G. Anderson R. Belt M, Boney I. Cristea C. Dice L. Downing V. Hall P. Hamilton or E , I H1 1 .Q S. we S W1 is W fl 5 4 ' 1 ., - dk : 4 Li - If ' S S A -,jlii A ,, 'T LA TQ 4 - LS v . - Ev ' ' g 1 H li ' W ' 'f W ' . B. Hammermeister 'M. Robertson P. Smith D. Tucker C, Lane J. Scofield R. Sorenson J. Venman J, Legpgld D. Shaw Spilflflbiillet E, Lloyd N- SYJHY I. Piatt N. Skeel 69 Q - WLFUL N. Coates S. Hazelwood E. Atwater H. Haggerty Miha We Spf!! Mr. Amie Doucette Officers of Kappa Delta Phi for 1950 are Charles Bleakley, presidentg Joseph Sabatini, vicepresidentg Alvin Saul, corresponding secretaryg james Shaffer, secretaryg Thomas Come, treasurerg and George Smittle, chaplain. The Kappa Delta Phi was proud to elect Mr. Amie Doucette to serve as National President of the Fraternity. Several conventions have been' held in Boston during the past year with Mr. Doucette and several of the members of our local Theta Chapter attending. Theta Chapter hopes to present programs in the future for the benefit of the college. The fraternity has held several banquets for its members, presented free movies for the entire college, and have recently established a Kappa Delta College Service. This service, to which the members of the fraternity give their whole-hearted attention, has turned out programs for the basketball games, ushered visiting members of the college assembly program, and provided other services to the college. The fraternity cooperated with two other Greek letter organizations on campus in sponsoring the Inter-Fraternity Dance. R. Anderson R. Bogdan R. Casoli J. Crawford C. Daugherty C. Bleakney J. Sabatini M. Henderson 70 E. Kostelnik R. Kuchta G. Latini J. Latini N. Perry H. Pompeani E. Sarachine A. Saul W. Wilkens J. Wright G. Otto L. Garedi V. Allison ?5f giyma 1' Phi Sigma Pi is a national professional educational fraternity represented on campus by the Upsilon Chapter. Its prime purpose is the advancement of the three educational ideals: knowledge, professional skill, and fraternal fellowshi . The fraternity also endeavors at all times to adzrance the interests of education. In the past year the chapter fostered its usual social and educational events. Besides holding seven pro- fessional meetings with prominent speakers from the field of education it also promoted some of the most enjoyable social activities on campus including an all-college hayride and square dance. Other activities were an all-college roller skating party,-an elaborate Founders' Day banquet, several chapter pimics, and college movies. Trying to extend this pleasureable fun to all, the fraternity Chapter promoted a public ice skating rink and hel ed in planning the annual Inter-Fraternity formal sauce, which was one of the most successful ever produced. Phi Sigma Pi also sports the tro hy for the best float .in the Homecoming Day parade for the second consecutive year and its members hope to continue their winning ways while they as fraternal brothers strive together. OFFICERS Prendenz .......... .............................. R obert Vnslosky Vice-President ...... .......................... Th omas Snaman Secretary ...................... ......... J oseph Rogers Anirtant Secretary ...... ........ A lex Perkins Trearurer .................. ...... .......... E rn il Krzan Social Chairman ...... .....,........ ......... B l air Logan Hinarian .............. .......... .. .,..........,.... E mest Symfms J. Allegretti J. Anderson R. Bilich J. Biser F. Brantlinger R. Vislosky T. 'Snaman R. Conrad H. johnson W. Cramer J. Logan W. Culbertson C. Mullen D. Edwards J. Murray J. Greenawalt G, Meck J. Hamilton J. Parry A. Heffler A. Perkins XXX A 9 XXxX XX th Rogers E. Krzan -'il' . -finfirw . -rfftciq'--1'-If E33-5-4 wa' Q.vrgsigietfgfftsgiiiwfi-.9'g'54iQ svw-ffw': f - -.. - '-J 1-.am-.1 'wwe f "-.'- f'2:4vJr,R"F-4 4- -- y..1-NR-':,f:,v,-, ,. .JJ .-'-417: Mu 6'-.s-'-:'4'f-" .9 -Ls.-"A is .II-p,lu...h:us.,13,v0 1-.'Q,f."-4-Yau. gf -.gh-1 gig:-.rt -:qw-I ...gay - 'PY1'.5'-5'14s'1:3i'4f3-X?ff5?.2'su3fl Q . vials.fp-.f.5.t,,..v,r:,,15r..p. , ,3 wg -4"6'?!"S-ms vw- ameri o " l 9 .-Q ' I 'f 'lT?'-:?Qgv.!3-!.7.'l1RQs.""Q,6g'2'l'-eYr'3- Nmfvig 1 2,93'hQ:-l'1f":1q-3 ,.e'v!:i -rrifigx.44gg11k,r',9-'Roi-rr,S!S'q1. :rg .- au-'kr 4. 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Parry ,'1f11gg,J5gyn2.i3f3t'4gajs3:.::5Fiqsgggsgvqggqwii.-53.-.-5cQ'4MgSigT:5igZY a Sum bb U Y ' E. gigafe competent oihcers of the club, elect- - - .". :. -' "' -- ".- c ' 'g'.w-"f-. ' ' ' ' ' Q. Ilzfarklpnm 5g23gl3,gZ:glfZ?-.-efeglrv' ' '35'S:ff5.l?i?wJ:g,Qg5S2'Sfc:,23'f3'.L.g,-Qiq,'Q:g, ed by its members at the hrst of , . .1-,.: -Q ,.-m, ue . N ,-q '., . EQ BSE? 'E' the year, and the able supervisors, gb ffggsahn Mr. Bruce and Mr. Yost, were res- I,-Srrgenr :Q-53,2 ponsible for its success. The officers u 1. I 1. ,Q , 5 51 . . . D- Pt"1'50n Row 2 Saw were: president, Al Saulg vice- - MfC0fmffk Wi'-'li '45-'9-'v .3574'3- il'1G,'4 resident joe Koshute- secretar E. McM'chael 'Lf "if""' 'f':'Nl?' ' 4' P . ' ' Y' D. sreeri 523333 Dick Moffattg treasurer, jean Portz. 5' Ei 'ff 'mit' '-.wi4'f WW" M b f th bl'c't committee J' Powicki 521219.-1 Le'ga:,,,5.Q:xJ',!E15a em efs O C Pu 1 1 Y E. were Kent Swanson and Ron Ralg '- e--'-1' ,- .L Q3 x M!-:va f h ' 1 ' J. Rowe .'.g3.e. .Q4,'u.':.g'gs,g5,1,,g and 0 t e socra committee were N. Humenuik W2.5'1 T-'-'sim'-'lvs"-"-'.'i7 . 114- '1:a:Ri"'.w.'v.--- . ., .. . . .. -- . .. .... . -. - S. Hazelwood S i 'TIA fig'-jpgfag,-QW"--":::f:"' " ' -.fdffe-" "V-'1B5,'f1-?N'ul' v 'A-f.-di' - -- -. .- - . . - I'-,x .- Q., N o'5v'v:gl.fLa . - vyfggpe- .--A-, B- Thompson iilffryt-. i15F'3'e:-P913-.'-' 'wqetilg -.o?wJ!Q..g...5,.q5e2 :Pa c. Davis 'ggbfrgs-Q, --gg3,,,Qg5.3:q:,gg,..-gg--g3e:. now avclws tr. .'1?-5'iJhi"q! -:wp--.-:,:Eei:g'mths--ilaiin - - r'1v Ay. r 1-N . - .91 Jai' 'it ffgfxzrf 31"-' 1' I ' 591-Q-'g v. O'I-Iara 'i-' ll?-'7-In -'WMBISif'-295f??5vm55!5"i'fc-'PE' i!:'i?h'L13-V375 14.1436-'xi-' 'f'!.1!'-.4!.1325'- " xv. Kisthart '?5'I+'-22:-'-ri'-23'f::ai:F-Q-1v:.'5,3g'bflf5'-SNS-:.'3, 2A'v:gFr-1'i.'M'21-Far!-4179! "sash '.'-EW: B. Austin Hgenigzzayse.wQ3'ZfF:3e,1f.:,s?Z':?.Efg53t'W?"-if?-1E1:2PQ'-s'iP'-vhgirrs 4- fG":-'f?J- . -5- '19 z.. - - .'. i . . 5 '5 'P u,,yY'. 9 Pdf- q sg-gfgfnfr B. Twombly "u,',Ri3,2fJffY1"clzh,'1.Q 'fg::'frQ,17."51'Z2'4'l,'L'llf4lcg9LX5-,sQQ'5Y'f'g' xg3l.'a'tf4 1-gif' P. Doyle Xiiulj ffff'5f2'b5'2'-r, Nsffzllbbflszr-Sa-'?,.5b-.'Ki7Q'5-4" -7155275253 :g. gffavffliti J. Mink -Hiwzvntir-21369:-Er: Rvws-15:4-aiwli'-'.!i4,!33'5'-'3'1Ff:,r-jk. 53234: M. Pmdehi -e:.'r.-3:13-.has-s?3'.f 1:nsvA':uf1s'f.f:w'z.f:!gasv'-E-'-imefwsfflt- em 'P-fig: L. smm. f-5-weJ.-.3'a?..v3b121i'g"1T--vii, mzdsn' ages?-94 'er-rspiv .Q Qgfbjfg-4: ' Y Row 4 154 fp ,,k,.. , u Jw. Q, 1 g.,,,f-A .5 -u.-I fi B, N. Freshcorn !N"'!"'m'1i3.'fP""' 31-'i'4"'5v31'f."'-974 "':NI""ll"'5'1Y P'Z'7J"" ' 'll ' 5"u- - s Q ' 1. 1 vo 'g I c-I R. Nelson B. Christenson ffi-" ly! .5 "K 94 -'35 M34 Wi' -0"-3' '47l'- - 'f"'.'l K. s........ -1ffgqgfgg-I3:fg5QJgg11j:5?,QgE12Qi4ff:fLf2?QU'2 ' 'V '- XV. Cramer B. Moore B. Krieg D. Coleman l- Crawford D. Breler J. Vargo L. Stamos B. Vatger J. Perhlio B. VC'alters Row 5 -Jesfgearfagfrsehiw-.ge'v.1:s-3:64.53 "kb: ' 75- 3'-A-.-A w- et- r-231m-3e3x9-:S-Qswcefswg-I--fe A: ,v'.:,"".,-S "ag -'lg IX go. .K 1- -152: --"""'-- e"-'1'uf'ui "' 1'5":-J- "f53'z'b5i5?lJ2f?:ggaireg-,MQ:'75J.-fe" 4 - ' .Y 0 l nn -x Q 5 ....nsffgiwf-254a"?'1:ffSfPZ--.ztwy - -r 111- . ' J' sw-51.4" :u:L 2"""'J"'v'5' ' V "'5-'wffgfir-LTVS1373-2":'3'f5'-rW-gF.1f4'??a- ,-f ur . iexciifg ' ' .as f:1'g:g.sgqra 'M' J an -" . e'--.1 .-.me-w -53-'h.:,3.'gpu..J-,,: , . for-.-f ' s,- ef 'EJ' 1"b'.f 1' ""1Raff3rf'1'f ?2v2h'21' 'ffl' 7:14 155'-1i:lG"fd"7"5'?5':V"'-S ' ' "1as?Fl,T'gi'5r3g 7'-53 -ik 4,25 9134- Fig-df:-Q:nA1,1f57Z,yrl Q61-M V' 'Vik-gEf55?ff?1'WgS 52?'7f'55f:'?5'fSib'ii""'l1?S'f5f 74 1- if V4.0 121. vm -5 -14 W32iEf?L'5.'5ist-Lfftevsn-,,. m at ? -1. ". 'I Ji" - -31' 51- . - 'D' F545 vw 9:01 .- 9141345 -.1 5.3 "Gig, sit-"3".?s--732 335- -an-:f . . 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Dancing to records often completed the evening. The Club sponsored trips to Erie and Pitts- burgh to observe Art Exhibits. It also set up, in Loveland Hall,,art work doneby its members. Painting sessions with models Provided in- teresting meetings. The ScaRAb Club completed this year with big- ger and better plans for the next. cawfiwsea-rf-w fr- 'f-1'2" ' '- .' 1. 7. A . ' "'lf"'Q?S'i7s1 QR'-' e5.'9J 'gig' hiss?-wav?-P-ggafnc wht!" 1 - I -.- S.:-' -'E JW ga' 3YE'i1'3?i"vN5fo 1' -W-1 4-'11 ':1g,el1:hl1g'P 'afrq-.fi :11:i45i?'bi'.:e 'I :Univ ul! tiff?" EQ " 'hi rg - ..- .rm .A ,fr-H ss ez-'. 4 ,l.JL.1,v?b4A.su-zfs.-!wr,h.lf, di., , is-.rrqw ...many-3 -1-"' 5.-.3652 I""2'1-"' .- ' ' 1 pf- :Wag-': ' :fSv?ff'1'?s2s1 P-.5-M1-0"22+r-1 u42kfrg.'!5S2.3'eQffP2fv'!"5'c-g,3ig.j5P PE.'iI,U5A' 'f?gf..Q,W33,,:?.g,-'g 'xptsi I?-a1vyQg'5Q'gq?'-E,-g:4'ea-.fS"v -: ipf3T576f 31,1-:L up -'-.1-rx ry. var aasfsiees:-wi-riwaiisatffrg 'rl-faitvhv-52'-5-v2iIg,14isx-J .-.ga-3 Q12 536-sfgrufil' V' -'TJ' H egg gi. - ua hR!13:f-2343? 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L:-13235: A 1. gifs f:iS.vf,,p,Zzwr' as . 'a . g 1 , 5 'Slwf' :Ter 5:-fewer T. Lyons D. Quinn P. F ynn J. Dimling R. Thomas B. Walk J. English ?.g3unbar . ers B. Pzzrold E. Herr B. Carlson R. Orange N. Skeel J. Brown E. Henry P. Wynken R. Anderson S. Hollingshead T. Black I. Jones V. Freeman M. Funk A. Nicely I. Miller I. Snell C. Humphreys B. Troutman Row Row Row Row Row l 75 M. Race P. Lutz E. Power R. Christenson A. Saul R. Kuchta L. Richards R. Klingensmith H. Iohnson N. Muto R. Thomas D. Kelleher A. Regina E. Ranalli L. Mazzuca M. Klingensmith S. Dufenderfer T. Snaman G. Latini I. Zahniser R. Ralg R. Bogdan K. Wonddell G. Moyer I. Hamilton D. Edmunds R. Moffat C. Carver H. Bury D. DiPl:rCido I. Gunkert B. Manotti E. Savalzin A. Damien Y. Koshute W. Applequist R011' 1.' A. Nowak, J. English, G. Latini, Rev. Dvsiyer M. Robertson, C. Bedogne, M. Signorelli. Rau' 2: J. McLaud, C. Elchynski, M. Petruso, M. Lucas, G Kozuchowski, M, Boyd, B. Thompson, M. Dunn, J. NVo zicki, D. Sullivan, E, Smith. Rau' 3: Chamberlain, R. Kuchta, E. Power, J. McLaud J. Koshute, W. Jacob. B. Krieg, J. Meell, F. Dunn, J. DeLeo Row 4: B. Vatter, E. Savalgio, J. Ferrick, N. Muto, J Perlilio, L. Hart, D. Fagan, J, Budeski, A. Grasso, V. O'l-lata. The Collegiate Players put on two productions this year, the second se- production, was "The Importance of 1 621177240 The Newman Club is one of the most active groups on campus. The officers, resident, Angie Vitale, vice-presi ent, Gene Latinig secre- tary, Marion Robertsong treasurer, Charles Bedogneg and faculty ad- visor, Carl Wozniak, have done ex- cellent worl-: toward making the club run smoothly. Father Dwyer, the Chaplain, dis- cussed things of interest to all stu- dents at the meetings held twice a month. He also explained the Cath- olic viewpoint of current happenings in the world. Several times during the year the club members go to Communion in a body and then attend a Commun- ion breakfast held at one of the hotels in town. An all-college dance was sponsored by the Newman Club in the spring and was considered one of the outstanding affairs of the year. Every Sunday a choir composed of Catholic students sings at Mass. This choir, like the New- man Club, is open to all Catholic students. Despite the limitation of membership to Catholic students, the Newman Club is one of the largest organizations on campus. mester, a three-act play, Slst annual J awww! 5 615 Being Earnest" by Oscar XVilde. The' first semester work was a group of four one-act plays. The club has lost sev- eral valuable members this year through graduation: Allan Heffler, Robert Wfallace, Joan Gardei, Marian Edes, Mary Lou Sisk, and Edna Mor- rison. Miss Ludgae and Mr. Dume were the advisors. Ron' 1: R. Thoma, l. Leshko, C. Fleming, S. Hollingshead, J. Rowe, L. Jones, P. Leg- ters, P. Hamilton. G. Holowach, P. Hen- rikson, L. Heffner, G, Crawford. Rau' 2: M. Marti, J. Dimling, E. Burig, B. Herold, P. Pool, B. Griewahn, J. Ker- ness, N. Adsit, M. De-Stein, F. Gottlieb, A. Nowak, N. Humenik, C, Sundean. Ron' 3: H. Fehlman, J. XVhittaker, J. Ste- phens, H. McCauley. H. Montgomery, NW. Yeager, R. Bilich, D. Christenson, M. Eades, P. Henderson. Row 4: A. Heffler, R, Stowe, G. Yeager, M. Sadler, D. Edwards, A. 'Rosfeld, D. Eagan, J. McClaud, E. Ranalli. 76 aww UZ!! R0 11' 1 : 3Z?l?ll?llill:ellQv'cmrmd 0 all l! Rau' 2: Marion Robertson Evelyn 'White Mrs. Miller Nancy Shay Rau' 3 .' Emilie Atwater Carol Sunclean l l Robert Cusoli Dean Reed Paul Haley joseph Sabntini Hugh Pornpeani WMM Uzkzff gaufzcff wily! Ugfiff ganna: Mary Proclchl Margaret Wynekcn Elizabeth Smith gf!!! ZW! 0201017 john Lzzrini Frank Pinto 77 gfpiaiagdaiiy gfu! Rau' 1: G. McBride, C. Mullen, M. Martucci, J. Zahniser. Raw 2.' C. Brooks, D. Coleman, B. Leightner, M. Kelley, R. Gray, J. Hamilton, G. Myer. Hold that pose! The members of the Photo Club are very- active on campus. The event supreme which the 'fshutter bugs" sponsored was a campus snapshot contest. They also presented a booth at the Irish County Fair, and may be credited with many of the pictures that ap- pear in the Conneautteean and Spectator. While the main emphasis in the meetings of the Photography Club was placed on the basic principles of photography, some demon- strative lectures were given regarding copy work, enlarging, composition, flash and flood lighting, and portrait photography. Wide-scale plans for trips to various pho- tographic centers added an air of excitement to the meetings. The officers of the Photography Club are: Charles Mullen ..........,,.................... Preriden! George McBride ............,,,..... Vive-President Marianna Martucci ...... ....... S ec.-Trea.r1n'er p 520502 C3050 Row 1: M. Eades, P. Hamilton, V. Hall, N. Coates, Rau' 2: B. Murray, E. Wlmite, H. O'Day, C. Lane, M. Boney, J. Greenawalt. Students are nominated annually to Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges by approximately .600 colleges and universities. They are selected by college nominating committees who con- sider the student's-scholarship, his cooperation and leader- ship in academic and extracurricular activities, his general citizenship, and his promise of future usefulness. CANTERBURY CLUB This social discussion group meets on the first and third Wednesdays of every month and every Wednesday during Lent. It is an organization primarily for Episcopalians, but students of all faiths are welcome. Two meetings are held for discussion by the groups, and the following meeting is a party. Mary Lou Sisk is the only senior member leaving this year. Miss Whitney is the able advisor. Rau- 1: A. Welsh, J. Harvey, G, lmig, Miss Whitney, W. Bendig. Row 2: B. Landis, Miss Ketcham, P. Holt, I. Stephens, H. Couch. gafzfmzfzffly 5 615 Y. W. C. A. The Young Women's Christian Associa- tion is the organization established on our campus to further Christian ideals among students and to bind them closer in Christian fellowship. Miss McDonnell is the faculty advisor of this group of women students who enjoy a varied program of worthwhile ac- tivity. The olticers for the first and second semester are: President-Cynthia Lane, Faith Gray Vice-President-Katherine Kenney, Virginia Schumann Secretary-Evelyn White, Marilyn Hyde Treasurer-Helene O'Day, Evelyn White Hostess-Dorothy Tucker, janet Mitchell Music Chairman-Marion Robertson, Grace Middleton Pianist-Beverly Rauscher, Patricia Hender- son Publicity Chairman-Margaret Lucas, Mari- lyn Marti Art Chairman-Lucille Shellogg, Patricia Packer Mary jane Rozelle and Elsie Lee contri- buted much to the spirit of the organization by their reports on their Y. W. C. A. camp experiences. Rau' 1: P. Henderson, G. Middleton, V. Smith, F. Gray, Miss McDonnell, V. Schumann, J. Mit- chell, M, Hyde, E. White. Rau' 2: C. Torgler, P. Campbell, P. Legters, N. Adsit, E. Strehler, J. Rowe, P. Pacher, M. Boyd, D. Tucker. Row 3: M. Dunn, C. Fleming, E. Lee, J, Piatt, E. Herr, M. Benner, R. Bell, E. Owen, K. Kenney. Rau' 4: A. Ellis, P. Hughes, P. Henrickson, S. Robison, C, Humphreys, V. Wallace, M. Marti, B. Thompson. 9 o 0 0 79 The Delta Phi Delta Honorary Art Row 1: B. Wimer, P. Ledwick, R. Knapp, H. O'Day. M. Duffy, E. Smith, L. Heffner, M, XX'etzel. S. Hazelwood, Rau' 2: P. Plumpis, R. Conrad, W. Douds, B. Murray, P. Hughes, M. Boyd, L. Aquilino, R. Bilich, E Khorey. Rau' 3: D. Christenson, M. Wfolfe, A. Perkins, VV. Yeager, J Stephens, J. Greenawalt. B. Logan, D. Leech, R. Hamilton. Rau' 4: R: Carter, E. Lillie, D, Edwards, L, Hart, E. Sheasby, F. Brennan, R. Spierl- ing, D. Milenius, F. Hutchinson, H. McCauley. Fraternity, Chi Chapter, has been trying this year to make Edinboro College sit up and take notice of its activities. The club's able advisor, Miss Skinner, was an important factor in the great success of the All-School Art Exhibit held in Febru- ary. Another accomplishment of the fra- ternity was the beginning of the "Picture of the Week" contests which have aroused a great deal of interest on campus. Oflicers for the year were: P1'e.rident ...,...................... .... M arian Eades Vice-President .............. Patricia Hamilton Recording Serrelary .......... Marjorie Boney Correrponding Serrelary ...... Virginia Hall Trearurer ............................ Evelyn White Historian ..... ...... C hrystene Dice Row 1: E. Wliite, V. Hall, P. Hamilton, M. Boney. Row 2: R. Kuchta, M. Eades, C, Dice, j. Koshute. mm gh! The Forum Club, under the supervi- sion of Mr. Griffin, has moved from a position of relative unimportance to that of one of the largest organizations on campus. Wayne Yeager, president, jerry Stevens, vice-president, and Lou Aquilino, secretary-treasurer, along with the various chairmen on the Council fDick Leech, program chairman, Shirley Hazlewood, publicity chairman, and Don Edwards, speaker training chairmanj have done a fine job in making the club run smoothly and successfully. The speakers gave a talk to the Men's Club in town and exchanged programs with Fredonia and Gannon Colleges. At each meeting the pro and con arguments of a current issue are discussed. Qekz 5014! Qegtz gm x xx Q. X Xi 5 5 -LEWQE X A X Q 1? X jg X1 .. K Y FN 0 M va., liar :EQ Sari' 4 '11, KY U! 'N' A ,ini X7 DOY QT 'ik as .D , S Q4 i xx , sf . "M im. 82 Q... -f ilxlsfky- -Q .gdf C9542 Roggljatggfson I1 i4.,fgfjnj C' Penn . e .aw E. Sari? - o 272211510 afgzaien aw ZW D. hifi' ery B. S ardfgom E- Iqlfffilbies ff'D2fXe' J. iizggte E. KOS J. .4 ',5'?'1'2,5.'2'3i.. V . T- ?,,Sffe1d 51.1 N. Gar Crow G'zH"2i1la R-Coffltoh Ib, hgdac. 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L.'1-at-.zzz-:W lolatllfllnoiqiska-1. 0:-QQT.-.n.-' ' ,.m4hQ12?:.':::q -.-...f."' :sq--q-,qu-:none ' -q..,...,.g::.':' :zztili-:ii-" :lzmun '55 ..... 2'5" N .. uf"" m N v.. EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO EDINBORO FOOTBALL SCHEDULE I -Y BASKETBALL CALIFORNIA CLARION SLIPPERY ROCK INDIANA THIEL BROCKPORT MANSFIELD ALLIANCE INDIANA SLIPPERY ROCK GANNON SLIPPERY ROCK CALIFORNIA CLARION BUFFALO TEACHERS INDIANA CLARION ALLIANCE FREDONIA THIEL FREDONIA ALLIANCE GROVE CITY GANNON CALIFORNIA 84 eww? 1 50 I ss aesfkkzg BASKETBALL Though the team has only Bob McVeigh topping the six foot marker, it has proven itself virtually un- beatable on the home court. There have been many spills and thrills this season, as Coach I-Iarrison's Raiders enjoyed a successful season. Our Alma Mater is fortunate in that the same team, except for john Peckham, will return to play again next year. The past season has discovered such stars as Peck- ham, Talko, McVeigh, Nichols, Praetzel, janosik, and Richards who formed the nucleus of a well- balanced squad. They served their school well in carrying out the tradition of former great Harrisonian teams. Their success lies in the fact that they played to- gether very well. Despite their lack in height, they went on to beat teams many times the favorite. This was the result of indomitable spirit, good coordination and great cooperation. It all adds up to another winner for ESTC. Row 1 : - With intercollegiate champion jack 'L Yiggica Weitzel on a squad of many talented D.Malarky wrestlers, many schools sat up and A.W0lf took notice. Coach Reed has always Row 2-. presented formidable wrestling teams, L. DeRubieS and this year was no exception. B' Stan. The school takes pride in building I. Laslavic a team.of the highest caliber. P. Dum As in other years, the grapplers R. Malarky proyided many thrills, We saw Jack Row 3: ' Weixel come charging out to pin his E'K1av0n man as the first period was barely R. Bwnzie underway, and Dillon, with his inde- D- Kenny fatigable spirit, taking on men com- I.McAniste,. pletely out of his weight. Then we M,..Reed must not forget DeRubies crushing V' Ernest his men into submission. ' R.Klingensmith Yes, sir, here's hoping we have D. Lyons more seasons like the past one. C. Lonzo J- SCUIC WRESTLING SCHEDULE Edinboro 0 Lock Haven 26 1 7 Indiana 1 7 1 4 Bowling Green 14 22 Baldwin Wallace 10 2 Waynesburg 2 5 SOCCER The soccer team, in rebuilding its squad, fielded a green team this past year, but no one can say that it wasn't a fighting one. One must look beyond the final scores to properly conceive the fighting heart of every player on the squad. The team was led by such stellar players as Zeiler, Warren, and Sabatini, who afforded a bit of their experience to the squad's extra efforts. Marked im- provement was shown by the end of the season, which inspired the squad as well as our new slogan, "Wait 'til next year". Coach Sox Harrison expects a winning season next year, and is depending upon most of these same men to fulfill his expectations. I'm sure they won't dis- appoint him. SOCCER SCHEDULE Edinboro 0 Westminster 2 Edinboro 1 Grove City 2 Edinboro 1 Allegheny 3 A Edinboro 2 Thiel 4 Edinboro 0 Sli pery Rock 4 Edinboro 2 Indiana 3 Edinboro 2 Grove City 0 Edinboro 1 Buffalo 6 86 FOOTBALL Coach McCombs used the two platoon system this past season. OFFENSE DEFENSE R.E. Smittle, George R.E. Crouse, john R.T. Sherwood, Lou R.T. Costello, Bob R.G. White, Russ R.G. Horne, Chuck C. Malarky, Don C. Nardone, Evan- LG. Brown, Jack LG. Palombini, Pete L.T. Klein, Moe L.T. Thomas, Gus L.E. Andriko, Ernest L.E.- Zamierowski, Rich Q.B. Dixon, Dick Q.B. Latini, John F .B. Oldach, Chuck F .B. Lodge, Chuck R.H. Lepley, Don R.H. DeRubies, Lou L.H. Edmonds, Don L.H. Glasser, Jack We started the season with high hopes of a success- ful campaign. Lodge ran 98 yards for a tally against California. We held the lead until the second half, when California scored with two long passes. Then came the Clarion game in which we lost some of our starters due to injury. This hampered us the rest of the season. Things didn't go too well then until the last three games, when we finally found ourselves. At Brockport the half ended with Edinboro on Brock- port's half yard line, and the final gun found us again in the same position. At home against Mansfield, ESTC had two of Edmond's TD's nullified and the game ended with a 6- 6 tie. At Alliance the team went all out and handed their rivals a 19 - 6 defeat. Barringinjuries, the football team should be much improved next year, and make a better record. SWIMMING SCHEDULE Edinboro 52 Brockport 45 2 1 Fenn 5 3 50 Westminster 36 40 Grove City 26 1 3 Buffalo 64 26 Grove City 40 22 Kent 5 5 22 Slippery Rock 5 3 2 5 Allegheny 39 39 Thiel 27 19 Niagara 56 Looking back over the season, the "Ducks" won two and lost nine- not too good, but certainly not bad. Three school records were broken this past season. Art Warren bettered his own records in the 50, 100, and 220- yard dashes. Next season he'll cer- tainly be missedra great captain, a great swimmer, and a great guy. 187 Ybbasiafiaff Row 1 D. Winton H. Bechtold A. Janaszek B. McVeigh L. Parks D. Stankey Row 2 M, Talko J. Peckham W. Richardson C. Nichols R. Jensen Row 3 C. Faust XV. Sopchak Sox Harrison F. Skelton D. Praetzel Jwffdff Raw 1 .' B. Starr L. DeRubies R. Malarkey .G. Smittle R. Costello C. Home J. Latini C. Oldach Row 2: J. Ferrick V. Allenson M. Henderson W. Gratson G. Holowach J. Crouse D. Dixon C. Lodge D. Lepley Row 3 : P. Palomibni M. Klein J. Concilla C. Longo S. Fonzi- N. LaSlavic J. LaSlavic R. Bilich R. Weistling Ro w 4: J, Fortino L. Parks D. Winton P. Walsh F. Furlong F. Skelton E. Nardone W. Gerdy J. Brown Row 5: V Coach McCombs J. Glaser R. Zamierowski E. Bielach G. Thomas L. Penna L. Hutchinson R. Cutshall D. Edmunds Coach Reed Row 1 .' A. Damico J. Greenawalt A. Warren J. Koshute P. Neyberg E. Krzan H. Montgomery J. Stephens D. Kenny E. Hardy P, Haley Row 2 : R. Landis J. Palmer C. Bedogne G. Latini R. Rosequist N. Muto J. Crawford C. Daugherty F. Hutchinson R. Palermo Coach Harrison I. Sabatini B. Zeiler T. Offerle D, DeMarco Row 1 K. Woodell E. Ranalli G. Garfield H. Montgomery H. johnson A, Warren, Capt. G. Latini J. Palmer B. Gray Row 2 B. Kenyon R. Mauchline M. Hartong G. jones W. Vfinrerburn D. Michelsen R. Christinsen R. Young W. Pyle Coach McCombs maxi wmmmg 89 gdffazzhf gawzcl' Row 1: D. Leech, P. Pool, N. Coates, J. Greenawalt, D. Tucker, M. Wetzel, C, Lodge. Row 2: J. Sabatini, R. Jensen, J. Bills, Dr. johnson, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Reed, Mr. Wozniak, J. Berthold, M. Robertson, H. Fehlman. The Student-Faculty Cooperative Government has the responsibility of promoting and directing student affairs, cooperating with college authorities in matters of student welfare, and seeking to make the college a better agency for developing effective citizens and teachers. Its representatives, elected by their fellow class- mates, have participated fully in its many activities. An important accomplishment was the election of a social chairman, Marilyn Wetzel, who, with her com- mittee, directed several council-sponsored dances and parties. Among other projects were the freshman initiation enforcements, approving of financial state- ments and requisitions, and -amendments to the Con- stitution. Oflicers elected were: president, Jack Greenwaltg vice-president, Nancy Coates, and secre- tary, Dorothy Tucker. .At the beginning of the second semester Frank Pinto was elected to the presidential position. aflsvly Let's go, Raiders! The Pep Club, consisting of a junior and Senior Varsity, is always hard at work maintaining an increasing our school spirit. You'll always see our lively cheerleaders spurring on the teams at all basketball and- football games. They also take care. of all the gnep rallies, snake dances, and bon res. Ofhcers this year were Ann Markham, captain, and Reno Anderson, publicity manager with Mr. Griffin as faculty advisor. Wei 5615 , N I Row 1: E. White, Mr. Yost, R. Bogdon, A. Markham, J, Shaffer, J. Zahnisser, M. Boney. Row 2: C. Carlson, A Damico, E. Savaglio, J. McCormick, T. Lyons, F. O'Hare, C, Fleming, B. Thompson. N. Aclsit, J. Rowe. S. Robison, H. O'Day, C. Beclogne, W. Cramer, Row 3: R. Swick, R. Streich, W. Bendixz, D. Parry, H. Johnson. B. Murray, T. Snaman, C. Mullen, G. McBride, J, Hamilton, D. Turchan. annmnffeezzn Qffaff Again this year, under the sponsorship of the Junior Class, the Conneauttean was produced. Members from every class and organization worked in combined efforts to bring forth the annual yearbook. Editor ,....... ...................,. . .. .................... Ann Markham Business Manager ....... ............ J ames Shaffer . l . lMarjory Boney Lztemry Editors ........... ....... -l Evelyn White Plaoiograpby Editor .............. ........... I ay Zahniser ' Faculty Advisors were: Arr ,...................................... . ............. Mr. Yost Business ....... ....... D r. Butterfield Literary ,.,,, ,.,..,.. - , ....... Mr. Dume 93 Rau' 1: B. Herold, F. OyH8f6, F. Gottlieb, G. Middleton, M. Lay, C. Pierson. Rmb 2: F Hutchinson, H. johnson, D, Turchan, T. Leylancll J. McI.aud. Rau' 3: C. Henderson, L. Davis, R. Swick, R. Streich, J. Zahniser, G. Meck. D. Milenius. Mariah! The policy of the Spectator is to reflect student opinion and to operate on the highest planes of journalism. Mr. Lowder is the faculty advisor of this bi-weekly campus newspaper. Editorship this year was held by Donald Turchan, Paul Croiford was news editor for the first semester and ad- vanced to associate-editorship for the second semester. News editor for the second se- mester was john McI.aud. Richard Swick was features editor for the year, while joseph Rodgers served in the capacity of sports editor. Jay Zahniser was art editor for the year, and George Meck held the new position of photography director. Thomas Come was business manager of the publication and was assisted by joseph Mahoney. 94 E. S. T. C,'S TELEVISION SHOWS The 1950 Conneautteean is proud to he the first yearbook to report that Edinboro State Teachers College presented a series of programs on television. We are pleased to reproduce a picture of one of the programs. Each department of the school presented a 15-minute demonstration feature showing its activities. These programs were broadcast from VVICU-TV in Erie, Pa. 95 Complimentx of GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP Edinboro, Pa. , v 7mm 4 CLOTHING AND SHOES iWork or Dreuj Phone 5-2207 23 W. 12th - - - Erie, Pa. In Erie since 1901 Tbe borne of fdlII0llJ Sboex for Men, Women and Cbildren TENTH-PEACH WESCHLERS . . . of course C om plimentf of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATION JOHN BANKO, Mgr. Erie St. - - - Edinboro, Pa. "Your Store A1 wayx, During College and A fiery ROUSE Sc to 51.00 STORE Edinboro, Pa. I PIRODA MOTOR SALES Kaiser-Frazer Dealer SERVICE ON ALL MAKES Phone 2391 Edinboro, Pa. C0v1P1iwe11fJ WATCHES - DIAMONDS of - Silver - CLE "For the Bexl in fewelery See" AND FORD E. O'DE'LL MEN'S SPORTWEAR Jeweler Phone 2462 24 St. Edinboro, Pa. "Open Monday Evening!" PERRY SQUARE CLOTHES, INC. 7th 81 State - - - Erie, Pa. Mead to Meamre Suit: for HUTCHINSON PRINT SHOP MEN and WOMEN Cfarmerly Proud Printeryj Reasonably Priced 349.50 to 369.50 MERLE HUTCHINSON SUITS and TOPCOATS in Stock for Men Printer 320.50 to 849.50 YOUNG MEN'S SLACKS 35.95 to 314.95 GOOD LUCK to GRADUATION CLASS '50 I SCHRYVER'S PHARMACY 238 S. Main St., Cambridge Springs, Pa. Phone: 2342 -Reliable Prescriptions- 99 CULBERSON HILLS GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB 100 Try the Drug Store First JOLLEY'S PHARMACY Edinboro, Pa. Complim ent! 01' CROSSROADS DINOR ' Edinboro, Pa. Compliment.: of A MARKHAM'S MUSIC CO. Erie, Pa. For Three Generation: PULAKOS 926 CANDIES PAST RIES ICE CREAM 926 State St. 26 at Parade St. C om pl imenlx 01' kelton hoe ervice 30 Meadvilie St. Edinboro, Pa. W' e repair tbem for you to wear them. THE VILLAGE GIFT SHOP Distinctive Giftss, Dry Goods LEITA RYAN HOPKINS C omplimenix Edinl-,Ol-0, Pa, 01' THE HARDWARE CO. ZINDELS Edinboro, Pa. THE PRENTICE SHOP Congratulations Foatwear from the Q Ladies' - Men's Furnishings EDINBQRQ JEWELERY Wall Paper - Notions . ' Edmboro, Pa. Edinboro, Pa. 102 S O D A S The Eclinboro DAIRY BAR "lVlJere Friendr Meet and Eat"' JOE AND BERT!-IA DOUGLAS SCHEIDEMANTEL SERVICE STATION Phone 2482 Eclinboro, Pa. Proprietors Shop at THE ALBIGN NEWS The Edinbol-0 GRACE CONRATH SUPER MARKET Publisher Mathews - Stanford Prinling in the modern mamze: Gfofefies - Meats Phone 2392 In WALKER BROTHERS Canzbriz?e S prin gs BUICK it S FRIGIDAIRE THE VILLA Sales 8: Service Spaghetti Dinners Phone 4334 C oufleoux Serzfire GLEETEN S1 ADAMS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Iwlice of the Peaee Edinboro, Pennsylvania Compliment: , of MINNIE'S BUS STATION MARCELLA'S BEAUTY Under Jewelry Store SHOP BEST THEATRE Edinboro, Pa. Complimermf of I. R. ST. JOHN jutiee of tbe Peace Insurance 8: Real Estate " M I K E S " FINE FOODS "Beit Hanzburgefx in Town" 127 Erie St. Edinboro, Pa. Efie'J Style Leader: Meyer-Quality IJ A pproarlain g a Your Guide to Full Century Satixfaftion Autbenlic Uni1,'erJity Styling: in Men'J Fine Quality CLOTHING - FURNISHINGS SHOES - HATS SPORTSWEAR Also Ladies' and Misses' SUITS AND OVERCOATS P. A. MEYER S1 SONS Erie's Foremost Clothiers S17-819-821 State Sr. 3 J sin-l gb--jp SV!" 0-+A-"Al o C o m plimenly of DUGGAN - RIDER CO. 729 State St. Erie, Pa. DRAWING INSTRUMENTS Ga SUPPLIES GIFTS Office Furniture EPP FURNITURE COMPANY Erie, Pa. You don't know Edinboiro until you know COOPERS' 1 1 If Af '51 iiii , El f E54 'P f i 1 L ULU' I ERIE DRY GOODS CO HELLMANN RADIO Sz APPLIANCE CO. Meadville St. Phone 3162 Edinboro, Pa. C om plim ent! of LOU WIGGINTON N 106 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Edinboro, Pa. LUN ff, Q23 TOLFTY 1 r ix fi-.QS mi BOGDAN E is : 5 S Q 1 I. e E . 5 Q- X E i E F F 5 Q A E Z 's F 5 Z S 2 2 2 Q 5 5 H L 2 5 a . , 9 w E -I E 6 5 -K S A A l 3 J Z E E 5 ls 5 E f 2 E 5 S R n 5 a E i i .......i

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