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 - Class of 1949

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X SQ 53 fyywk fcpiifk if 3' Ji Q' ' Q' OJ - View xy xi XESQEWEQE A N QE' 54? fifff Jyddfj QQ! WNW ivy figs Wiff Q Exfxoxjff Wim f if 3' f' J ,SW gjiff Kfjfiyqjif fkjk M417 V Wg 056 xmfmdam ff iff!! ff XA V9 Q ff f:5gJwcL1fmfg,H,Qj2,j,,4iJ Qdkijx J! xw 'QNIAWAY gf in, , UMW ' MQ 6'-'ML-ffZL ,7 .1 .qs Vin.. It 5 444590 1, ' 7fffMf'fww 2 WM? Lf5flfMffef4:Mo,VfMWp fmff , . 1, Q I ....x..L QW 1 652 M5997 ibm Jyfdfdgfdgwyzj ,Mfg WM fr ,w4fMK7bjffjQ1f 2 af A' W: ,, fX ir Q QCD, rzkfia . ,Eb eLv0I71'V"1 1 . 'hyd A 3580! NE gjbvipoxd 3 xwwy if 'W' ff Q 5150 fiwfff DV fiiffgiiw W 7 ,M My 165031 I. , cf Wf1j!V, Qs-"YQMJgw,C3WfAJ5VQgt,,,Q X W 7 WP on V QMVQJQVF , I 1 f' ' Lf!! or ' ZA 5 . mn 11 1'y , , M MHail to thee, our Alma Mater glorious, Fresh wreaths we bring to bind thy brow . . . jim 0IfLlflQ6l,lflffQQ6tlfl OI" 7949 I-I E-R 4g o N wz w ,Q Q fr -r . '2- 5 ' 6 Q 0 7 l Q N 'E it 1 5 fn, .um :'.-Z! ml". 5 Oo Q,,,,,,.3"s 4Cx Q 'Nnsvv-'f' 5 0- .PEN9 Published a x11111 ally by the students of the STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE EDINBORO, PENNSYLVANIA Under the sponsorship of the Junior Class W lwfne ZA .70 W. urne ZaAni:ier we do humbly dedicate the 191149 CONNEAUTTEEAN as a symbol of our appreciation for his long and faithful service to the Edinboro State Teachers College. 66 Trials past thou has withstood victorious Never fairer, never statelier than now." '111 1111 11 1111 11111 'l1'I'1" 1111 '11 711 1111 Q11 Ill' l1l'l 1111 11 'Xl 1 'I fy ,S Y 15,12 11 -I i. 'I 1 lr , 'I T111 1111 1iIx 1111 1111 '- I 111 III1 f K 1 1 1 11 17 ' 'l. -j' 'I I , an -H" He is wise who can iI1Sll'lLCL us and assist u the business of daily Uirlu,0u,s livingf' s in QL. elf JL UM JJMQ we lqcziiclenfo 055Clg0 The opportunity zillorrleml me hy the staff of the 10419 clOI1IlG2lllttG2Ll'l to greet the students of lfldinhoro is much zippreciaited. This book, in part. records the an-liievenu-nts of the 1948-194-9 year. which, in many respects, muy he considered as one of the most successful in the history of the College. lVe are proud of our student body which is nmrkecl for its loyalty and seriousness of purpose. I, wish, also, to extend good wishes to the Seniors, who. this year, complete the prescribed curriculum of the College, and, thus, become part of the body of thousands of alumni scattered over the entire country. In the years to come this book will be El source of pleasant memories of comradeships and experiences. I wish them to know that the College will follow their careers with interest and stand ready to be of assistance whenever called upon. Finally, may I extend my congratulations to the staff which has devoted itself so wholeheartedly toward the prep- aration of this latest in the long series of Conneautteans. L. H. VAN HoU1'nN, Presiclem' F-io-st row: ARTHUR L. MCCOMB, M. Ed., Director of lVI61l,S Health Education, HARRY W. EARLLEY, M. Ed., Mathematics, B. WYCLIFFE GRIFFIN, M. A., Social Studies. Second row: WALDO F. BATES, Art, LOUISE BARBER, M. A., Training School, JOHN T. GATZY, D. Ed., Biological Science. Third row: CLAIR J. BUTTERFIELD, Ph. D., Psychology and Education, GEORGE W. NEEL, M. A., Social Studies, DOROTHY SKINNER, A. M., Art. Fourth row: H. W. MON EES, M. S., Physical Science, MILDRED M. FORNESS, A. M., Librarian, HELEN MCDONNELL, M. A., English, CARL L. WOZNTAK, M. in Litt., Social Studies. Fifth row: JUSTINA J. BARON, A. M., Ass't. Librarian, LUTHER V. HENDRICKS, Ph. D., Social Studies, ALFRED J. HALLER, A. M., Art, ERNEST R. LAFOLLETTE, Ph. D., Education. T op row: CHARLES W. ELLENBERGER, M. A., Training School Supervising Principalg DOYLE S. SCHWAB, B. S., Training School, JOHN C, HOSHAUER, Ed. D., Mathematics, MARK C. JACKSON, M. S., Training School. Second row: B. REGIS HARRISON, Health Education, CHARLES R. BOAK, A. M., English, JAMES P. COFFMAN, M. S., Chemistry 5 SYDIL P. ODELL, M. Ed., Training School. Tlmd row: J AMES HILL, M. A., Training School, LEE REYNOLDS, A. B., Training School, JOHN C. J OHNSON, Ph. D., Biological Science, EDWARD N. BRONVN, M. A., Training School. F oulrth row: PAUL A. LOXVDER, A. NI., English, DALE E. THOMAS, Ph. D., Geology and Biologyg GEORGE VVINCHESTER, Ph. D., Physicsg M. Sgt. RICHARD O. HASHAGEN, Military Science. Fifth 1-ow:RUTH C. TVIORTON, M. A., English, FREDERICK R. SCHLESSINGER, M. A., Physical Sciences, HAZEL MAE KETCH.AM, M. S., Geography, AIME H. DOUCETTE, Ed. M., Art. 11 Top row: A. K. YOST, M. S., Art: ELIZABETH IVIILLER, B. S., Dean of Women, JAMES A. REED, M. Ed., Dean of Men and Health Education. Second row: ROYCE R. TVIALLORY, Ed. M., Dean of Instruction, ESTHER W. CAMPBELL, A. M., Music, PAUL J. TESS, B. S., Mechanical Drawing and Descriptive Geometry. Third row: JANET E. BUTTERWORTH, M. B. A., Dietitian, RALPH D. BRUCE, A. M., Art, JANE S. LUDGATE, A. M., Speech and English. CAMERA SHYS AMONG THE FACULTY V. FREDERICK KOENIG, Ph. D., Modern Languages, JOHN C. LYNCH, M. A., Chemistryg NETTIE MAI RUTTLE, A. M., Health Education, D. FRANCES VVHITNEY, A. M., Elementary Educationg NELLIE MOCLINTOCK, R. N., Nurse. Training School faculty: FRANCES BURCHFIELD, B. S., BLANOHE HOWARD, M. A., MAUDE HONVARD, M. A.g CHRISTINE LANCASTER, M. A., EDNA M. SHENK, M. Ed., JAMES H. SHER- WOOD. B. S. 12 Snapoiofa 0 Edinboro, Edinboro, W e revere thee, love thee, serve thee ever 14 r What greater or better gg! can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth?" enio M The Seniors approach the climax of their years at Edinboro with both eagerness and reluctance for the day of graduation. It means for them the opening of a door to new oppor- tunities and new experiences. But regardless of how bright or promising the future may be it cannot usurp the place reserved in the heart of an Edinboro graduate for fond memories of E. S. T. C. The good times, the bad, the out- standing successes, the minor failures will all be blended into a pattern of life pleasant in- deed to recall. 16 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President V1'ce-presiflenl ROBERT C. LEE F. ROESSNER DAVIS Pleasantville, Pa. Springboro, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE GEoGIeAPHY MATHEMATICS Secretary Treasurer NIARY ANN LOUISE FELIX HEBERT MATUSZEWSKI Jamestown, Pa. Aliqllippa, P21- ELEMENTARY SCIENCE MATHEMATICS STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES DONA JEAN LEONARD A. FLOWER LUCIA Franklin, Pa. Warren, Pa. ART MATHEMATICS SCIENCE CAMERA SI-IYS AMONG THE SEN IORS MORTON W. DEXVEX' D. CROWNOVER DAVIS Greensburg, Pa. Erie, Pa. SCIENCE SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES SOCIAL STUDIES CARMEN E. HENRY E. GIORDANO LECHOWICZ Lewis Run, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES ART GEOGRAPHY BYRON P. JOSEPH V. MASTERS F MAY Edinboro, Pa. ranklm' Pa' SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES RICHARD EUGENE M. WALKER MYERS Bradford, Pa. Brooklyn N. Y. SCIENCE ART SOCIAL STUDIES GRADUATE STUDENTS NIARIAN ADAMS, JOHN HENNE, JOHN PIATT TEAN ETTA ELNORA ALLEN Westfield, N. Y. ART ALLEN W. BABCOCK Warren, Pa. MATHEMATICS SOCIAL STUDIES LAXVRENCE J. BARRETT Monessen, Pa. ART is Am v-----f MAIIYA LICE ARM AG OST Erie, Pa. ART JOSIAH L. M. BAIRD Pittsburgh, Pa. ANT ICATHERINE LOUISE BARTO0 Edinboro, Pa. ELEMENTARY FRANK J. BICDOGNE Sunnyside, Pu. A IC'l' W1l,LlA1x'I .I. B ICNNIC'l"1' l'lfliIl1KDl'0, Pa. sc'1ENr'E SOUIAII S'l'lYDlES NEs'rolc BLICECII Warren, Pu. Am' CIIAILLES R. 'BlENNE'1'T Coryflou, Pa.. scIENc'E SOVIAII STUDIES NVILIVIA IHENE BENNET1' SIJ?lI'LklI1Sl7l.1l'g, P: ART .RONALD B. BLOCH D' . J l l lttslmurgh, Ia. ART I ROBEIIT K. ' 'BLOOM Saegertown, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE CAMILLO A. BONOMI Aliquippa, Pa. SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES BARBARA ELLEN BUCKLEY Franklin, Pa. ART GALE H. BOAK McDonald, Pa. ART THOMAS F. BROWN Brooklyn, N. Y SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH NIAJORIE MAY CAMPBELL Edinboro, Pa. ART EUGENE J. CARNAHAN Erie, Pa. ART ROBERT E. CONNORS Albion, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY MARIAN TREVA DEAN Polk, Pa. ART PRIMA CHIOCCHIO Monessen, Pa. ART DOROTHY JEAN DAVIES Erie, Pa. ELEMENTARY HELEN NIARIE DE FLAVIO I.z1.trobe, Pa.. ELEMENTARY CHARLOTTE DEIJAX' ANDERSON Aliquippu, Pu. BIOLOGICA L SCIENCE ENGLISH LELAND E. DOH CHESTER Springfield, Pu. SCIEN CE M.vruEM.x'rIc"s l'nYI.Lxs I'IONOIl DUNTON Edinboro, Pu. ELEM:-:x'r,xm' I Fi ,I r' , Aj . UD? K Z X X P' ,U If I A PQ " Af' 3 . XJ lf - f N 30' W "ff fb' Hrfm' nf QW X752 JVM JV Q 0' ,Ari KV' it K, DW E XV' . x fc . il' fl ll K A fl I V J L , . W 5, E v HILDA GLORIA A! DENNIS Bl'21df'0l'li, Pu. V .-xwr .IEEFIQIQY C, DOUVI I..I,lC Norlh East, Pu. El,IilSHGN'I'.XHY I,UltO'I'IIY NIAIKIE ED W A R DS Norlh Ezxsl, Pa. sc-1ENr'E, lcxcsrl:-all sm'-r.u, s'rl'n1I'1S Y EQ! ', f I Q in o Af ,, ,,,2,g 'gf' I .,f'3rCf,3 ,Vin KJ fs J f uf, --' fy? ,1 JAMES D. if Q nj- A FORDENBACHER Erie, Pu. A Q if SCIENCE ,awxlgnce Park, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES Lk ELEMENT-WY M .xnGAuE'r HEIJEN , 1 1 GILBODY 'lmpedo' Pa' VVilliamsport, Pu. SCIENCE WT M..x'rHEM,v1'Ic's 4 RAYMOND GEORGE M. GOOD WI LL GRIMSHAW Meadville, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. PHYSICAL SCIENCE ART MATHEMATICS x 1 BETTY NIARIE GROSS Harborcreek, Pa. ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES MATHEMATICS MURIEL H. GUNDERMAN Oil City, Pa. ART JAMES R. HAMILTON New Castle, Pa. COMMERCIAL ART FRED GRUBBS Brookville, Pa. COMMERCIAL .-I RT rl f A U ff I7 f ,.. : f -' ' , fl ,Dix V U .-.Uf Iqj,f! Fl '-v' ,QWAJKSO Lf l glial 5 'alfljvgl MVK YIINV JL NJE ! 1 L is R A Wx ff' ' ' coi6MElzcI.xE N'IT.'jl39,,.1 f I ff le W' ' 'll if !Llj!:y!jJ fly!! NIARIE ELOISE HALL New Alexandria, Pa. ELEMENTARY --,,-...-..- .., - '49 Marie Hall Shea Iuly 10, 1994 4 ' lv lol ff yy jf f CLARE IV, J .-INA R. HANSON my fl MIHANSON Warren, Pa. ypjg 7 IfVarren, Pa. SCIENCE 40' SOCIAL STUDIES SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY JEAN LOIIISE PATRICIA HIMROD JARVIS Waterford, Pa. Bellevue, Pa- ART ART ARTHUR N' ANNA LOUISE JARVIS JOHNSON Bellevue, Pa' Greensburg, Pa. SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES MIVTHEMIITIOS ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES JD' fs CLEA M.-IIQIE JOHNSON Edinboro, Pa. ELEMENT.-Inv ANGELO A. J ULIANO VVa1'ren, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH JEANNE MAIIIE KENNEDY Lawrence Park, Pa. SPEECH gro.duate student DOIIOTTHY E. JOHNSON Clarendon, Pa. ELEMENTARY IIIENE L. KELLOGG Lawrence Park, Pa. ELEMENTARY EDWARD KICEYY Albion, Pa. SCIENCE MIITIIEMATICS W VIOLET FIIITII KIMBERLIN Slueffield, Pa. SOCLIIL STUDIES GEOGu.xIfIIY BENJAMIN F. KNOP1' Szxegertown, Pu. SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGIIAPIIY EDWIN P. KWIATANOWSKI Ambridge, Pa. ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES ALFRED O. KIPELA M unlw,ll, Pa. GEOGIIAPIIY SOCIAL STUDIES WALTEIL S. KOSOSKI Johnstown, Pa. A IIT JAMES R. I ,A FFE RTY Union City, Pa.. COMMERCIAL ART ALLEN L. LAKE Sugar Grove, Pa. SCIENCE, ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES HENRY LE BLANC96 THEODOII J. LYNCH Erie, Pa. ART graduate student BETTY ALLI E LAKE Sugar Grove, Pa. Am- TIIEODORE S. LEVI Oil City, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH, GEOGRAPHY DOMINICK M. MAGNIFICO Ellwood City, Pa. SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES K.XTHIiH'N ALBEI:T,I MAGOON North East, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISH, SPEECH MILTON A. MAXWELL Sharon, Pa.. SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY M,xnGAIaE'r ELIZABETH MCCONNELL Ben Avon, Pa. .I RT NIARIANNE AURELLX MARTUCCI Erie, Pa. COMMERCIAL .mr DRUTH ANNE M CCLURE Pittsburgh, Pa.. A RT DA LE N. MILLIG AN Hamilton, Pa. ELEMENTARY ALICE LOUISE MILLSPAW McKean, PII. ELEIIIENTAIII' E. EUGENE MUNSON Erie, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES ENGLISII FLOYD E NESBITT McKean, Pa. AIIT CIIAIILES F. MULLENS Meadville, PII. COMIIIEIICIAL AIIT ADIIIENNE MAIIIE NESTOR Meadville, PII. IJOIIIIIEIICIAL AIIT IIOWAIID G. NEWSON Titusville, Pa. SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES JAMES H. NICHOLS Erie, Pa. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES ARNOLD D. MIXRY ALICE NOXON Wattsburg, Pa. ELEMENTARY GEORGE C. ODY ODY Erie, Pa. MATHEMATICS SCIENCE JOHN M . OLIPHANT Cambridge Springs, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY Wesleyville, Pa. ART LEIIOY G. PECK Warren, Pa. SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES DOIZOTHY NIARIE PEPLINSKY Erie, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES SPEECH HELEN CHAMBERLIN PORTER Corry, Pa. ELEMENTARY BETTY BLIAE RHALL Rochiiip, wx: D M65 Uxfifffflle Lf' 'WX VX f ,gf fN I I ,Cv A .. 'Ire N, R JL 'ex , f , .I ff f' .,2 1 , . -rx. , - I,-. IVIAIIJORIE LOUISE PERKINS Torpedo, Pa. ART VIRGINIA GAE RANSOM Youngsville, PII. ELEMENTARY NIARY J ANE ROZELLE Curry, Pa. ELEMENTARY J AMES A. SCHINNELLER Erie, Pa. ,IRT FRIEDII BEVERLY SHERRETTS Linesville, Pa. SCIENCE MATIIEIvIATIcS NIILITON K. SHORES Edinboro, Pa. ART NANCY NIARGARET SPRAGGON Erie, Pa. ELEIVIENTARY ADRIAN A. SORENSON New Paris, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES SCIENCE GLORIOS0 D. STANZIAN Pittsburgh, Pa. ART ANGELO G. SUSI Lewis Run, Pu. SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY J ANE E. T W ICHELL Erie, Pa. ELEMENTARY CAROL ELAINE VLAHAKIS Bellevue, Pa. ART DAN A. SUSI Lewis Run, Pa. SOCIAL STUDIES GEOGRAPHY WILLIAM P. VAFEAS Aliquippa, Pa. ART JEAN LORA WEBSTER Edinboro, Pa. ELEMENTARY DONALD H. WEIS Warren, Pam Sc'IENc'E Soc'I.'xI, STUDIES JDIIN J. WINDAHI, Curry, Pa.. 1.'OMlNII'1llL'I,XL A HT PA UL E. ZARENKO Albion, Pu. Sc'IENcrE SUCI .X L STUDIES -,,...- My FLGILENCE W EYRAUCI-I Eric, I '11, A wr PA U L YANAK Farrell , Pu. A ILT enior JEAN ALLEN'-IIZIVCH House Council, W.A.A. CHARLOTTE ANDERSON-Student Council, Cheerleading, Choir, Newman Club, Spectator, W.A.A. NIARYALICE ARMAC-OST-Alpha Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Choir, Cheerleading, YV.A.A., Haven House Council, ScaRab. ALAN BABCOCK-Basketball, Forum Club, E-Club, Junior Class Vice-President. JOSIAH ISAIRD-Cl'lC6I'lG2lCliIlQ', Mixed Ensemble, Choir, Men's Ensemble, Canterbury Club, Kappa Delta Phi. LAWRENCE BARRETT-Delta Phi Delta. :KATHERINE BARTOO-Band, Choir, Mixed Ensemble, Mu Kappa Gamma, Orchestra, Y.W.C.A., Off-campus Assn. Treas. Who's Who. FRANK BEDOGNE-SOCCGY, Newman Club, ScaRab, Phi Sigma Pi, Delta Phi Delta, Dramatic Club, Conneaut- teean, E Club, Junior Class Pres. CI-IARLES BENNETT-Forum Club, Edinboro Players, Canterbury Club, Wrestling, Phi Sigma Pi. AYILMA BENNE'FT1H3X'6I1 House Council, Class Officer, Alpha Delta, W'.A.A., Y.W.C.A. NESTOR BLEECHQIQZIIJPZI Delta Phi, E Club. RONALD BLOCH-Kappa Delta Phi. ROBERT BLOOBIYFOFUTU Club, Basketball, Kappa Delta Phi. GALE BO.-IK-Delta Phi Delta, Scallab, Class Ol'Hcer, Choir, Men's Ensemble. C.-XMILLO BONOMI-Kappa Della Phi, Newman Club, Reeder Hall Council, Student Council. THOMAS BROWN-Kappa Delta Phi, Newman Club, Student Council, Spectator, Class Officer. BARBARA BUCELEY-Delta Phi Delta, ScaRab, Spectator, W.A.A., Alpha Delta, Class Otticer, House Council, Couneautteean, Who's Who. NIARYORIE CAMPBELL'-Alpllil Delta, Choir, Mixed En' semble, Spectator, Mu Kappa Gamma, W.A.A. EUGENE CARNAHAN-Kappa. Delta Phi, ScaRab Club, Delta Phi Delta, Sophomore Class Pres., Golf. PRIMA CHIOCCHIO-lY.A.A., ScaRab Club, Edinboro Players, Y.W.C.A. IIOBERT CONNORSQFOFLIITI Club, Photography Club, Spectator. DOROTHY DAYIES-Choir, Ensemble, W.A.A., Alpha Delta, Mu Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club, Haven House Council, Edinboro Players. IJEXYEY DAVIS-Football, Wrestling, Phi Sigma Pi, Forum Club, VVho's Who. LEE DAVIS-Choir, Ensemble, Biology Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Senior Class Vice-Pres., Mu Kappa Gamma. NIARIAN DE.AN'Slv.xNi.C.A., W.A.A., ScaRab, Choir. HELEN lFLAVIO1ChOil', Mu Kappa Gamma, Student Council, VV.A.A., Haven House Council. .xdcfiuifieb GLORIA DENNIS-Delta Phi Delta, Y.W.C.A., Edinboro Players. LELAND DoRcHEsTER-Band, Phi Sigma Pi. V JEFFERY DOUY'ILIJE'F0PuH1 Club, Junior Class Treas., Conneautteean, Publicity for Athletics, Phi Sigma Pi. PHYLLIS DUNTONmE11SCIHlJl6, Choir, Mu Kappa Gamma, WAA. , DOROTHY EDWARDS-Y.W.C.A., Biology Club. W.A.A., Camera Club, Edinboro Players. DONA FLOWER-vV,A.A., ScaRab Club, Class Officer, Y.W.C.A., Student Council, Spectator, Alpha Delta. JAMES FORDENBACHER-Phi Sigma Pi, Mu Kappa Gamma, Band, Choir, Biology Club. AVILMA Fox-Alpha Delta, Cheerleading, House Council, Canterbury Club, Conneautteeau, W.A.A., Forum Club. JO.-ANNE FULLER-W.A.A., Y.W.C.A. NIARGARET GILBODY-W.A.A., Edinboro Players, Haven Hall Council, Delta Phi Delta, ScaRab, Who's Who. CARMEN GIORDANO-FOOlb?lll, Band, E Club, Kappa Delta Phi. IKAYMOND GoODwILL-ScaRab, Forum Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Orchestra, Band, Wlhols Who. GEORGE GRIMSH.-ur-Phi Sigma Pi. BETTY GROSS-Y.lY.C.A., Forum Club, W.A.A., Edinboro Players, Whcfs Yvho. FRED GRIfBBS'SC3Rtlb Club. NIURIEL GI.'NDERMANfAY.A.A. NIARILYNN PIAIGI-IT-lY.A.A., Y.W.C.A., ScaRab Club. JAMES H.-KhI1LTON'SCHRHb Club, Choir, Dramatic Club. MARIE HALI.-Editor 1948 Conneautteean, Edinboro Players, W.A.A., Spectator. CL.-ARE HANSON-Forum Club, Dramatic Club, Spectator. JULANA H:XNSON'FOFlllU Club, Spectator, Conneautteean. NI.-XRY ANN HEllBEIiT1hi.lA'.C.ih., W.A.A., Band, Senior Class Sec., Forum Club, Spectator. JEAN HIMROD-Alpha Delta, Choir, Dramatics Club. W.A.A., ScaRab. ARTHUR JARVIS-Student Council, Radio Club, Edinboro Players, Spectator. . PATRICIA JARVIS-Dramatic Club, ScaRab Club. ANNA JOHNSON-YV.A.A., Edinboro Players, Choir, Forum, Y.W.C.A., Fresh. Class Officer, Alpha Delta, VVho's Who. CLEA JOHNSON-AY.A.A., Mu Kappa Gamma, Alpha Delta, Choir, Ensemble, Y.W.C.A., Forum Club., Oti'-Campus Assn. Pres., WhO'S Who. DOROTHY J OHNSON7Xv.A.A.. Forum Club, Conneautteean, Spectator. Continued on Page 102 xSDI'lCLl05A0f6 1353" 3,44 4 77 While class speedszclass 28 I I 4 1 4 1 H I N I fv cfs in the 'very MUJX'-Tllllfll of his youth, Ripe for exploits and mighty enterprises J UNIORS The Juniors began their activities by sponsoring a record dance in Crawford Gymnasium, and later a movie, "Sundown,l' at the loca.l theater. Profits from these events were designated for the eagerly anticipated Junior-Senior Prom in May. In addition to their Prom activities, the Juniors, with the cooperation of students from all classes, published the 1949 Conneautteean. At the beginning of the second semester, a mildly confusing state of affairs arose when all but one of the Junior oflicers, along with a large proportion of the class, be- came student teaching Seniors. However this situation served to strengthen and sharpen the interest of the remaining Juniors about the rewards and problems of teaching. CLASS OFFICERS President ...... .... F RANK BEDOGNE Secretary. , . . ...., JE.-KNNE SIMONI V ice-pres1'de11t ..... ..... A LAN BABCOCK Treasurer .... .... , JEFFREY DOUVILLE Siizdent Council Represenfatizves NANCY Coxrns J OHN GREENAWALT 30 Top row: N. Bailey, V. Batchelor, J. Biser, E. Brown, L. Byers, G. Byham. Raw two: B. Chadderdon, L. Cicchini, N. Coates, R Conrad, L. Daley, F. Davenport. Row three: W. Douds, M. Eades, O. Erickson, M. Evans, G. Fehrer, J. Finnefrock. Row four , H. Ghering, J. Greenawalt, P. Haley, B. Hammermeister, A. Hefller, R. HoH'ecker. Row five: E. Horanic, VV. Horosz, R. Keller B. King, W. Kisthart, M. Klinginsmith. D X leg 2 X 5 CN CAMERA SHYS AMONG THE JUNIORS V J. Barnett, B. Bartholme, M. Billings, D. Deardorff, B. Herr, G. Jinar, J. Joseph, J.'Kissman, M. Klein, JN ' h M. Lutz, S. Nan, O. Papaila, R. Rogers, J. Simmons. wwf .2 .O is , 335 Nxi me gi V as , as X, im My ' f .P , . Effie ,gg My gi 31 v for THB pl ii Tap row: N. Lalley, C. Lane, J. LaSlavic, W. Lopus, L. McCartney, G. McKinney. Row two: J. Mogle, E. Morrison, J. Mui' ray, W. Mustoe, G. Otto, J. Parry. Row zilzree: J. Petruna, V. Rice, J. Rodgers, R. Rolirer, J. Scofield. Rowfour: J. Simorii, L Snavley, R. Steadman, I. Turansky, J. Venman, R. Vincich. R0'wfi11e: J. Vinnicli, R. Wallace, A. Wlarren, H. Weaver, R Webster, J. Weixel. Row six: E. Wilson, B. Windoft, J. Wright. 32 ,ln X bi ...J 'Z 0 xx, . :qw af-,f,L:,,'g-,fix rv A f-15. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ,..... ..... J OHN LATINI Vice President ........., BLAIR LOGAN Secretary ..... .... A NGELINE VITALE Treasurer ........... HUGH POMPEANI Social Chairman. .ROBERT ROSEQUIST Student Council Representatives- IRENE CRISTEA DICK LEECH First row: T. Cristea, J. Tiatini. A. Vitale. Second row: R. Rosequist, B. Logan, H. Pompeani. SOPHOMORES The sophomores worked like beavers preparing plans and decorating for that great gala event of the year, the annual Snow Ball. Music for dancing was provided by Neil Charles and the orchestra. The identity of the Snow Queen Was concealed until the very moment of her coronation, Which was the high spot of the Ball. Miss Angeline Vitale was indeed a most beautiful and charming sovereign. Her court attendants were the lovely Misses Jean Portz, Marilynn Haight, Joan Welms, Enid Hoffman, Nancy Coates, Sally Sechler, and Nancy Earlley as Crown Bearer. 34 First row: A. Nicely, S. Mukina, J. Hancock, M. Petruso, B. Wimer, P. Zuzula, E. Smith, C. Torgler, E. while, A. Ongley, J. Whittaker. Second row: R. Swick, N. Wirth, F. Schilling, H. Sargent, L. Richards, H. Price, C. Newman, J. Parry, C. Wall, A. Perkins. Third row: H. Symons, E. Symons, J. Berthold, J. Wissinger, D. Hostetlgler, R. Lawrence, S. Smith, H, Mont- gomery, J. Thomas, H. Johnson, T. Snaman. First row: W. Leech, G. Krizmzmich, N. Dundon, H. Carlson, H. Bovard, M. Boney, G. Anderson, M. Handley, R. Knapp, F. Gray, M. Groce, A. Damico, R. Hahey. Second row: W. Culberlson, N. Bogue, R. Bogdan, R. Anderson, G. Imig, E. Lyons, K. Kenney, M. Bowen, S. Dunn, J. Allegretti, F. Dunn, J. Theocloron, E. Krzan. 35 V26 l'l'I,el'l 61.65 .7 l. Cf The freshmen began the year with an enthusiastic election of oflicers. Their campaign and election were con- ducted like a major American political campaign, complete with speeches, handbills, posters, and free hand-outs. The winners were Al Pettit and his cabinet who led their class to success- fully stage the Mayhower Dance in November. Don Harrison and Barbara Carlson, elected as king and queen of the ball, Were appropriately titled Priscilla and John. Of course the fresh- men participated avidly in numerous extracurricular activities and were al- ways on hand for any excitement. Preszdent ALBERT PETTIT Vzce Preszdents ........, fRoN.xLD COLEMAN Secretary JEAN PORTZ lGERALD MCKARTNEY Treasurer MARJORIE R XCE Student Counml Representatwes F11-st row P Smith M Race N Shay N Snapp V Smith M Signorelli W. Skelton, S. Wygant, L. Symes. Second row:E Renalli L Zyck J Stephens R Zamlerowskl S Shney L Stfuger E Power, H. Smith, C. Bleakney. Third row: D. Snyder, D Turchan L Stamos D Stevens I Zahniser R Specht H Hawk B Watson, W. Wilkins. Fir.st1-ow.- L. Shellogg, P. Johnson, P. Duncan, V. Olson, A. Gillespie, M. Hasinger, C. Barrett. Second row: D. Gumbert, E. Herman, G. Cummings, D. Hess, H. Henk, C. Falzone, W. Hershey, J. Hildebrand, P. Holly, A. DeJulius, C. Donaghey, Third row: D. Herman, P. Custer, F. Dillner, J. Gordon, T. Durek, T. Hanna, R. Hartle, A. Engle, R. Hansen, R. Henry, R. Harkins. Fourth row: J. Harrison, D. Harrison, H. Fleming, W. Fried, W. Fike, W. Gourley, A. Froimson, R. Hinman, W. Greenawalt, J. Harkins. First row: D. Sisti, C. Sundean, A. Siegel, M. Wilson, J. Wallace, J. Connell, D. Palasynski, G. Weaver, M. Snodgrass. Second row: R. VVestman, J. Seavy, B. Trautman, W. Whipkey, R. Williams, M. Sowers, E. Wilson, L. Webster, R. Wilson, F- Whittaker. Third row: H. Williams, G. Strickler, R. Steele, R. White, A. Swimmer, A. Smith, N. Robinson, J. Wylie, H. Splatt. Fourth row: R. Thompson, D. Siekkinen, J. Zakor, J. Wilie, W. Wolfe, J. Sotak, W. Schramko, R. Stanley, T. Scott, W. Williams, A. Woodard, WV. Starr. 37 First row: R. Carter, F. Allison, R. Brown, C. Christie, C. Barrett, E. Beck, D. Corwin, C. Coen. Second row: B. Bronk, F Angelo, R. Coleman, B. Brown, R. Allio, H. Asplund, R. Bilich, J. Brooks, H. Cover, T. Anderson, H. Croushore. Third row J. Blasius, W. Beatty, C. Crispens, WV. Blaha, C. Ankney, E. Baker, J. Barth, R. Bloom, R. Armstrong, W. Anderson H. Culbertson, G. Beynon, P. Armstrong. Fourth row: R. Burkhardt, G. Bailey, D. Andrews, J. Bergstrom, M. Benson L. Burdette, W. Crummy, A. Brunner, G. Brown, J. Bartos. Firsi row: J. McCarrier, M. Peck, S. Snell, D. Stearns, M. Malicki, A. Paul, A. Porter, N. Rust, M. Price. Second row: W Snyder, WV. Pears, F. Michel, S. Rhines, J. Moran, K. Reardon, C. Myers, F. Shane, E. Nicholson, D. Prager. Third row: R Miller, H. McCormick, A. Quarterson, R. McKee, E. Schrager, R. Ratton, D. North, W. Mihalich, F. Pramuk. Fourth row H. Ross, R. Mather, T. Peters, R. Patterson, J. O'Connor, E. Schaffer, R. Reed, M. Valastiak, M. Markowitz, J. Pasike, R Pebly. 38 First row: H. Lucas, E. Hoffman, J. Leopold, C. Johnson, S. Mathis, B. Gorr. Second row: J. Harvey, P. Henderson, P. Holsing P. Legters, M. Lay, T. Lyons, C. Humphreys. Third row: R. Hewitt, S. Lippincott, W. Kellogg, B. Manotti, E. Johnson Fourth row: D. Malarkey, J. Bills, F. Grazier, F. Loop, R. Klingensmith, L. Howe. First row: J. Jantzer, L. Johnson, R. Leta, N. Hood, M. Lemmon, D. Krings, E. Karolak. Second -row: H. Johnson, H. McCor- mick, J. Matus, H. McArdle, W. Kadoich, R. Koelle, R. Johnson. Third row: M. Kimelman, H. Light, D. Kuhre, G. Jeffries J. Leitzinger, R. Klingensmith, W. Lear, H. Hummel. Fourth row: R. Marasco, D. Lind, A. Kapcar, J. Ingham, J. Kylander D. Lutz, C. Martz, J. Jones, N. Lewis. f "2 , L .O LL,-,ff iflzifdff M ,,- 1 L X WWW ff . 'XX 39 V! y 5 A ., Ji" . ifwk ' fin 'L KO I X A 'W Yr QMIZAQQQ F UA- k W .5 np I any 5. ,vigrx-,l we E, KD Y fx , LW lf XZJVL , N ' 1 . n' ' , ' ' v ' " ,bv , I . 1 K . ' . 5 f ' x 1 qllydf mf ,Mi .4 0, q Njxjlj ig! Qlijlljfy il Til L . . ,f , I ,U l ll VV U ,Q A I ll J IJYLQJV I' xii' H 3' Pgjjlf ,T-iwlzqgujjjbnfilijl .M .. I 1 il l l l 3. .l l l . w 1, W w ll ' ll l, First row: B. McIntyre, J. Panzarello, H. Samuelson, J. Rieger, J. Piatt, F. O'I-Iare. Second row: D. Quinn, A. Miller, P McClimans, Minnis, M. Wyneken, M. Spitler, J. MeLaud. Third row: F. Angeloni, J. McAllister, R. Moiatt, R. Palermo P. Nyberg, A. Saul. Fourth row: G. Meck, R. Stoker, J. Vargo, J. Parobeck, W. Shields, R. Shaw. First row: R. Belt, P. Flynn, M. Aber, B. Carlson, P. Campbell, S. Britton, M. Alder, V. Beck. Second row: E. Lloyd, V 'l Freeman, B. Crandall, L. Fetterolf, D. Brodbeck, M. Robertson, D. Tucker. Third row: W. Arbuckle, F. Brantlinger, W gf Cramer, N. Dubic, R. Akam, J. Anderson, T. Burgess, D. Placido. Fourth row: F. Cain, J. McAlister, J. Ferrick, L. Jourdan R. Zarilla, C. Carver. li 40 ' Snapohofa aa 77 AS swytt years pa 42 N' lff f.'. ,Z 45 QU! X X ,M ooo oo X ,Q .Q ,,,,, 57 ' . f 1 1 o A J A J 4 I "7 .- f H' x'. J ' ' f., . - fr K ' 'fl Lx .H- , V, , 1' -.-if -' , f --f , : --:K Lf?44f1' L4 " V' Y 'I 'f X ,- .1 A J 2,4175 o :ff i7i""""' '4' V Q' 'Q ,, Q., . " v y V J, Mi! . N Q' I A A j 'i,,.4'7 L ' f ' 3 A .-,fyfg v""' ' ' ff Y? A L!?.yk.,f,f,,,, V g I ,wgx 5 f ', . 4 ' -', ff Lf J W, MIL LS always good 'L,,,,,,,4', f W VM!! Whelz a man has two irons in thefiref, J I9 CH 2,0 ll, "Dynamo! Dynamite! C'mon team let's fightlv Right out in front for every foot- ball and basketball game are those peppy cheerleaders in their new red and white uniforms. The activities of the Pep Club include organizing pep rallies complete with bonfires, snakedances, and cheers. The club also holds other social activities for its members. Officers were: Captain -Ruth Knappg Secretary-Treasurer-Ann Markliamg Publicity Maiiagei'-Louis Cicchini. M1'. Lynch is the faculty advisor. cf CM Maintaining a high standard of athletics at Edinboro is the aim of the E Club which is composed of those who have won a varsity E in intercollegiate competition. The club presents special awards, varsity letters, and sweaters to outstanding athletes. Other activities of this year included the annual intramural basketball games, and the annual E Club Ball. Ofhcers were: President-Art Warreng Secretary-Joseph La- Slavicg Treasurer - Jack Weixel. 44 B. Clnxddcrdon. A. Murklizun, M. Bc nxx' cn, S. Secliler, R. Anderson, R. Knapp, C. Dice, J. Sinioni. L. Ciccllini. First raw: F. Matuszewski, D. Susi, H. Diller, A. Warren, J. Weixcl, A. Juliano. Second row: J. Palmer, R. Rosequist, E. Saracllinc, H. Mon Lgomery, G. Krizuianicli, M. Henderson G. Otto, Third row: C. Gior- dano, J. Peckham, M. Klein, S. Nan, P. Paloznbini. First rom: R. Belt, I. Cristea, N. Coates, J. Greenmvnll, J. Oliphant, A. Marklin xxm. D. Flower, D. Tucker. Srl-r 111r I raw: E. Schaffer, Dr. Johnson, C. Bonomi, R. Roseqnist, A. Jarvis, L. Lucia. First row: J. Webster, B. Buckley, M. Eades, K. Barton. Sccmzrl rom: A, John- son, D. Davis, B. Gross, M. Gilbody, L. Peek. .SJfun!enf Counci The purpose of the Student Co-operative Government is to promote the organiza- tion and direction of student 21H3.l1'S, to take action concerning matters of student wel- fare, and to aid in developing effective citizens a.nd teachers. During the past year the Council, among other things, sponsored dances for the entertainment of the student body, enacted amendments to the constitution, estab- lished a system of previewing all expenditures from t.he Activity Fund, and adopted a Code of Ethics. Officers were: President- John W. Grcenawaltg Vice President- Nancy Coates g Secretary-Dorothy Tucker. M03 mo Among .gyfuclenfzi in merican niuerdilfieo unc! gofhgeo Students are nominated to 'Who's VVho among Students in American Universities and Colleges annually by approximately 600 colleges and universities. In making their selections, college nominating committees are instructed to consider the student's scholarship, his cooperation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, his general citizenship, his promise of future usefulness. The organization awards to all its members certificates which are presented on occasions determined by officers of each school. 45 Jaffa Pla .gbeffa Delta Phi Delta, national honorary art fraternity, aims to promote art interests among art students in college and to help in every way possible to create, stimulate, and develop art interests in communities at large. Miss Skinner is the faculty advisor. Officers were: President-Theodore Lynch, Vice President-Gale Boakg Corresponding Secretary-William Vafeasg Recording Secretary-Glorioso Stanziang Treasurer- Louis Cicchinig Historian-Lawrence Barrett. Gale Boak served as President during the second semester. Members not shown are: Carnahan, Eades, Schinneller, Lechowicz, and Armagost. This year the fraternity held several exhibits of work by its members, as well as an all-student exhibition in the spring. Last summer Ted Lynch represented Edinboro at the National Convention in Cincinnati. .S7l0eCf6l,f0l" The Spectator, campus newspaper, is distributed by-weekly. The policy of the paper is to reflect student opinion insofar as possible and to maintain wise judgement and good taste in accordance with E.S.T.C.'s high standards. In printing "all the news that's Ht to print," the Spectator aims at a high plane of journalism, Mr. Lowder is the faculty advisor. The editorship this year was divided: Co-Editor Allen Lake worked with Co-Editor Marie Hall in the early part of the year, and with Co-Editor Phyllis Johnson during the latter part. Earl Baker served as news editor during the year and Kathryn Magoon served as Features Editor for the first semester. George Jellries served the year as sports editor. 46 Standing: L. Cicchini, G. Ody, G. Stanzian, T. Lynch, M Gilbody, F. Bedogne, Mr Haller, G. Dennis, Mr. Bruce Seated: Miss Skinner, B Buckley. First raw: M. Race, K. .Ma- goon, P. Legters, P. Johnson Mr. Lowder, M. Signorelli NI. Minnis, B. Lake, M. Hall Second row: A. Lake, C. Fal- zone, R. Connors, C. Johnson L. Shell0gS, J. Hanson, H Sargent, J. Shaffer, R. Bogdan Third row: A. Pettit, D. Tur- chan, F. Pramuk, W. Schram- ko, BI. Sargent, Nl. Klingin- smith, J. Murray, J. Gordon, G. Jeffries, R. Klinginsmitll, T. Snaman. 1 First row: A. Babcock, L. Peck, E. Morrison, Dr. Hend- ricks, K. Magoon. A. Lake, .l. Piatt. Second row: N. LaSlnvio, J. LaSlavic. J. Barth, M. Snodgrass, A. Kipela, A. Hef- iicr, J. Allegretli. R. Connors. D. Davis. First row: YV. Kistliart, DI. Funk, F. O'Hare, P. Flynn, B. Gorr, P. Holsing, D. DIcClure, M. Eades. Second raw: J. Miller, M. Spitler, D. Brodbeck, S. Mathis, M. Wyneken, A. Nestor, V. Free- man. Third row: R. Klingen- smith, R. Hcwitt, J. Anderson, I. Sargent, L. Staiger, N. Dubic, R. Moffatt. Fnurlh row: J. Wright, T. Snaman, P. Gstalder, L. Richards, R. Bogdan. C-izrum CM The Forum Club devotes its time to the discussion of current problems of national and international scope. The first semester it sponsored tl1e mock election on campus, preceded by an Assembly program in which students presented campaign speeches for the major political parties. The second semester was devoted to social meetings, outstanding among which was Mr. DeardorH"s playing of records featuring excerpts from the most outstanding speeches since 1933. Club membership must be earned by speaking, research, or organzational work. Officers were: President -Leroy Peckg Vice President-Alan Babcockg Secretary-Kathryn Magoong Treasurer-Jack Rodgers- Second semester President-Jack Rodgersg Assistant Secre tary-Nancy Shay. Dr. Hendricks is the faculty sponsor. CCLITL The ScaRab Club is primarily devoted to furthering the art interests of its mem bership, which is open to art students and others interested in art. With the guidance of faculty advisors Mr. Bates and Mr. Bruce, ScaRab held a number of instructional meetings and during the second semester, several outstanding social activities including an art students party in the halls of Loveland and a swimming party in Crawford Gym- nasium pool. Olficers were: Big Bug-Pete Gstalderg Little Bug-Maggie Funk, First Semester Scratches- Druth McClure3 Second Semester Scratches-Dick Mazattig Eggs-Bob Klingensmith. 47 ra.. .W Cm The Biology Club keeps abreast of the newest events in the World of biological science. It has been especially beneficial to its members because they learn by observa- tions on hikes, field trips, movies, and outside speakers. Officers Were: President- Frank Davenport, Vice President-Lee Davis, Secretary-Elsie Lyonsg Program Committee-Roberta Rohrer, Joseph Rodgers, and Lee Davis. Dr. Johnson is the faculty sponsor. pA0f0gl"6'l,l0Ay The purpose of the Photography Club is to instruct all those students actively interested in photography. Dr. La Follette sponsors the club and gives demonstra- tions and helpful suggestions at the weekly meetings. The members of the club are given the use of the dark room in Normal Hall where they learn the developing, print- ing, and enlarging of photographs. Pictures taken by the club members may often be seen on the club's bulletin board. The officers are: President-Jack Jantzerg Secretary-Treasurer-Jay Zahniserg Chairman in charge of the Exhibition Board-Edward Karolak. 48 First row: Dr. Thomas, R. Zamierowski, C. Oldzicll, B. Brown, R. Rohrer, B. Haun- mermeister, H. Ross, L. Penna, Dr. Johnson. Second row: J. Rodgers, R. Carlson, F. Davenport, I.. Davis. L. Daley, A. Perkins, H. Sanford, M. Klinginsinith. Firxi row: B. Solak, K. Mu- goon, E. Wilson, J. Jantzer. Sccgfzd row: G. Gall, B. Bronk, W. Hershey, J. Zahniser, Z. Schrager, E. Karolak. First mm: J. Venman, W. Kistlmrt, BI. Eucles, J. Pamzn- rello, V. Batchelor. Szrconzl raw: R. Wallace, J. Douville, Butterfield, T. Snaman, Dr. Mr. Boak, F. Angeloni. Third row: J. Pasike, R. Bogdan, B. Logan, B. Blurray. Seahrl: S. Hazlewnod, J. Duuville, I". Angeloni, M. Eades. B. Murray. Stanriings F. Bcdogne, R. Wallace, M. KllnglH5Yllllll. 0l'll'l86LlfLff266ll'l Under the sponsorship of the Junior Class, the 19419 Conneautteean was produced through the co-operative efforts of members from every class. Business staff members - S. Hazlewood, J. Pasike, J. Barth, J. Shaffer, W. Kisthart, V. Batchelor, J. Finnefroek. Art staff members-N. Dubic, R. Bogdan, T. Snaman, L. Cicchini, J. W1'ight. Literary staff -Francis Angeloni, Jane Venman, Margaret Wyneken. Photography Staff - Blair Logan, Merle Klinginsmith, Julana Hanson. Typists and general staff-N. Coates, J. Panzarello, M. Evans, S. Mathis, P. Ledwig,fN. Lalley. Faculty advisors Were: Business-Dr. Butterfieldg Literary-Mr. Boak. Editor ............. . .MARIAN EADES Business M anager. . .ROBERT WVALLACE Assistant Business Manager ........ JEFFREY DOUVILLE Art Editor ........... FRANK BEDOGNE Literary Editor ..... KATHRYN MAGOON Photography Editor. . . .... BOB MURRAY 49 I 'ja' X ,.:. ,J ,I I, AJ! Q 57. ! -ll! rj- I - I A 5 J X.-klii vvub D17 MJ- Sfdge Pell! For every dramatic production presented on the Edinboro stage, members of the Stage Crew work many hours in designing, building, and assembling stage settings, collecting properties and costumes, Working out the details of lighting, and learning the art of stage make-up. Mr. Schlessinger acts as faculty advisor with Boyd King as pro- duction manager. Other officers were: Stage Manager-Edwin Horanicg Assistant Stage lVIanager - Lane Jones g Costumes - Edna Morrison 3 Make-up - Joan Finnefrockg Head Electrician-John Patterson, Head Carpenter-Millard Behburg. ramafic Cfug The Dramatics Club gives its members a medium of expression for their dramatic abilities and an opportunity to gain experience in acting and in Working cooperatively back-stage. During the first semester the club presented "Love is an Obsessionf, a group of four one-act plays. The major production of the year, Ruth Gordon's "Years Agof, Was presented second semester. Officers for first semester were: President-Art Jarvis g Business Manager- Ed Horanic. Second semester officers were: President- Alan Heffler and Business Manager-Pat Hamilton. 50 v First row: K. Mngoon, E. Morrison, J. Finnelrock, J. Whittaker, Mr. Schlessinger, K. Krings, J. Pfister, N. Dundon, C. Barrett, M. Wil- son. Second row: J. Kylnnder, L. Jones, E. Horanic, B. King, A. DeJulius, R. Patterson, R. Klingensnxith. E. Schaffer, D. Magnifico, J. Thcodorou, A. Jarvis, F. Angeloni, C. Hanson. First raw: F. O,H8FC, P. Legters, J. Finnefrock, Miss Ludgate, C. Johnson, P. Duncan, J. Whittaker. Second Tow: A. Jarvis, E. Horanic, G. Imig, M. Minnis, M. Race, R. Parry, A. DeJulius. Third raw: J. Pasike, A. Heflier, T. Levi, J. Patterson, P. Nybcrg, C. Wall, F. Schilling. 4 f 1 1 I '7 C32 2 C 6, 7 N. Z 'fi q A 34. .Z , gg 5.5 Rf 2-X .4 1 ,X qi' xx 'QQ ff C. .JC 'P -C' MCL 'PAX C: f -fi iff JB gykav-55523354 fC!!! 52, fi Zi? CQ ka A if A Lgczfwccfaz nalad off: 2659, if rg I- 4 Q? 'T Q5 14 51 gmc. This year a group of interested students and faculty members reorganized a Y.M.C.A. on campus after six years inactivity. They invited a Y representative to lecture and show movies about possible Y activities. After its initial organizational efforts first semester, the Y members, during the second semester, elected their first officers Who Were: President-James Shafferg Vice President-William McKayg Secretary-Kenneth Reardong Treasurer-Albert Pettit. ywcy. On the Edinboro campus, as on campuses all over America, the Young Women's Christian Association endeavors to further Christian beliefs and feelings among the students and to bind them ever closer in Christian fellowship. The organization meets every other Wednesday evening to enjoy readings, musical solos, group singing, and some special program by a guest. Miss McDonnell is the faculty advisor. Officers Were: President-Cynthia Laneg Vice President-Katharine Kenneyg Secretary-Evelyn Whiteg Treasurer-Helene O,Dayg Music Chai1'man-Marion Robertsong Pianist- Ann Markhamg Publicity Chairmen-Margaret Lucas and Lucille Shellogg. 52 Firs! row: W. McKay. W Mihalicli, J. Pasike, J. Parry. C. Wall. Senrmrl row: B Nicholson, T. Scott, A. Pettit W. Williams, J. Sllafler. First row: N. Coates, K. Mn- goon, Miss McDonnell, F. Slxerrctts. D. Edwards. Srcrmd row: W. Kistlmrt. P. Legters, M. Robertson, M. Alder, N. Shay, J. Venman. 1 w Fira! row: M. Lucas. G. Lela S. Britlin, P. LaSlavic, Bl Mallieki, F:il,lwr Dwyer, G Hasinger, M. Marlucci, Nl Zuzula, H. DcI"laviu, J Sinioni. Srvmul row: J. BIC- Allisler. li. Krzan, H. O'Day, BI. Drobl-aa, A. Vitale, J Piisler, L. Shclloggi L. Aquilino, J. Coleman, li, Powers. Tlzira' row: A. Kap- Kar, D. Mi-Ardle. J. LaSlavic P. Douds, R. Kuchla, J. Koshulc. J. Allcgrelti, F Angeloni, R. Coleman, R. Bogdan. Fourlh row: T I'lonseman, J. Janlzer, L. Cicchini, Rf. hIarkinez, W. Wolfe, M. Zofchak, J. Brou- ghcr, D. Turehan. Fzlsl row: P. Flynn. B. Gorr, ll. Robertson, D. Patrick, G. Weaver, Father Dwyer, R. Kushan, H. Lucas, J. Mc- Laud, K. Krings. Scconzl rom: E. Operini, L. Lucia, C. Donaghey, A. DeJulius, JY, Mihalieh, A. Juliano, A- Kipela, S. Lechiara. Third four: E. Schaffer, B. Shields, J. Sotak, R. Burkhardt, F. Pramuk, A. Huntley, T. Durek, R. Hal-Llc, J. Wright. , 0lfUl'YlCll'L The Newman Club is a religious organization for Catholics. With Father Dwyer as Chaplain, and lVIr. Lynch as faculty sponsor, the club holds devotional and discussional meetings on topics of interest to Catholics. In the Fall the club held a Communion Breakfast at the Robinson House. This Winter the Newman Club for the first time sponsored a dance which was the Very successful informal Valentine's dance called the "Heart Hopf' Newman Club ofhcers were: President -Angeline Vitale, Vice President -Leonard Luciag Secretary - Dolores Kringsg Treasurer -Gene Latini. 53 ECHL! Under the direction of Mr. Neel and student director Andrew Paykos, the Edinboro College Band, with their spirited renditions of our favorite marches, helped to boost enthusiasm of both spectators and partici- pants at many of our football and basketball games. rum aio refferi "Ready-Forward marchll' OH' they went into a busy season of hard practice and fun, with Marilyn Wetzel as Head Majorette, Marie Hall, and the three freshmen, Peggy Lutz, Marjorie Race, and Barbara Giddings. During practice the girls were trailed by their little mascot Susy whose ideas were big in spite of her small steps. The majorettes with their full white skirts topped by brilliant red sweaters added zest and color to the pep rallies and football gamesg and with the help of Sergeant Hashagen they led the band through a very successful season. D My UW I -J . bgtfwlli Firsi raw: W. Fried, A. Porter, L. LAeMon, N. Robinson, C. Falzone, J. Ingham, H. Johnson. W. Hershey, J. Scofield, W. Cramer. Second row: BI. Diaxwcll, lv. Snyder, A. Paul, J. McVeigh. W. Fike, N. Bogue, R. Stead- man. Thirzl row: J. Nichols. M. Snodgrass, R. Klingen- smith, Porter, D. Zindel, L. Dorchester, W. Nichol, V. Smith, E. Kucnzig, D. Tur- chan. X f rf' tj J, p .yt W X 'nine N ' We L. N - RON M559 X dll! l 54 tl ll Y- HW H i, F gf-1 mi , var ff ' 'if y X :J lui .v K, 5 Will i- xii xg .L 'x W K, ' jx Li . if , . . " X ntl' ,ill wr, x - .NHLJ .yfxr Wil. M w UUA" ' K" is Nik 5 X 1 V ,J 5 , Q 1, v .1 l I i J f frm .X .f ' I ' 2 ' l Xp . X. Miiirie gall? Phggyltdlliidzl ili- Bafgwtl GidaiSgs.tXl1lrari1yni.J It M 5 i Firsi row: J. Panzarello, B. Mclntyre, I. Cristea, F. Weyrauch, S. Brittin, P. Campbell, M. Alder, R. Rohrer, W. Kisthart N. Shay, P. Smith, K. Kenney, Nl. Handley, A. Ongley, F. 0'Hare. Second rozr: C. Lane, J. Rieger, P. Legters, H. Hagerty M. Peck, M. Race, M. Robertson, R. Belt, Mrs. Campbell, P. Henderson, C. Johnson, P. McClimans, R. Leta, M. Spitler Third row: D. Brodbeck, M. Boney, S. Sell, M. Lemmon, V. Olsen, H. Kemp, M. Rozelle, P. Danton, D. Humphreys, A Nicely, B. Giddings, E. Beck, M. Campbell, B. Batchelor, N. Lalley, I. Robison, C. Sundean. Fourth row: N. Bogue, C Crispens, K. Reardon, R. Steadman, P. Nyberg, W. Hershey, F. Allison, G. Jeffries, G. Patton, E. Baker, R. Johnson, Arm- strong, D. Stevens. Fifth row: A. Smith, S. Smith, H. Ross, P. Holly, A. DeJulius, C. Myers, C. Falzone, R. Lawrence, W Anderson, M. Benson. 6Aoir The choir, which provides music for many occasions during the college year, presents one major con- cert each semester. Its membership consists of approximately seventy-five students who are chosen by try- outs at the beginning of each semester. Activities of the tirst semester culminate in the Christmas Vespers held in the auditorium. During the second semester the choir prepares both for its annual Spring Concert and for its appearance at Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. One of the outstanding assembly programs this year was a concert presented by the combined choirs of Edinboro and Slippery Rock College. This year the members of the choir determined to raise enough money to buy new choir robesg and with this aim, they sponsored various social events including an Amateur Night and the Irish Country Fair. Othcers are: President-Charles Falzoneg Vice President-Ted Myersg Secretary-Marjorie Boneyg Treasurer-Nancy Shay. 6dl'li0I'LUI"g The Canterbury Club is composed of a group of Episcopalian students who meet for religious and social functions at the home of Miss Ketcham or the "Witchens." Father Abel from Waterford, who otticiates at the Communion Services, held the third Sunday of every month, also joins with the members in other club activities. Ofcers were: President-Nancy Spraggong Vice President-Dorothy Daviesg Secretary-Treasurer -Mary Lou Handley. Faculty advisor is Miss Ketcham. 55 , . . . ff? . ifJ , rs. . Pmjirgi 2 4 1- '-.f"'i - Wi ..'l,f1'lJ.' A ,F -J-Vs, Xa ,figs -'X wa N FS. , ' . Hkg.. lf XV? M fugfg li-,gk ,difvli , yep" . ,' i ' U 1' 1, li s fy jing' A s Q ,U ,ff . avifx , t-51, fav N' 1 , ig . . -.M f ' ' .2 'fl -. N i M f " - haf" 'Lf 'gf ff' 'Q-' 'J' ,A J! '- -g, if. 1' J lzl-" ,V i ,FV ,,4.,f , 3 -.-' Q ,fd -ef-f . , 92 J' .. Yi it f T .in . ,, ,QB lv, N .J X fl, , IYJ J .4 .bf , .iv . 3 1,1 we YJ 4' P :DIA tiki! M,,,A,,f' Y' -far . . , , ii, w , PZ!" , in-A ' fi, . iff' .,- ', :Q 4, f-' la 1 , -pffff' Q p ffl, if GM Wu .jgalolaa amma I The Mu Kappa Gamma provides a social and professional group for those students who have contributed in an outstanding Way to music activities on the campus. New ix membe1's are selected on the basis of musical ability, contribution to music activities v nfl' on the campus, scholarship, and leadership. This is the Alpha Chapter of the Mu ' 2 Kappa. There are also chapters at Slippery Rock and Thiel, and plans are now being made to establish a chapter at Penn State. Officers of Alpha Chapter Were: President- Katherine Bartoog Vice President - Paul Zarenl-:og Secretary - Cynthia Lane, Treasurer M X . .,,,1. -Katherine Kenney. iii 7!Mixe0! gndemgd The Mixed Ensemble provides music for programs in which a large group of singers cannot be used. During the first semester the Ensemble sang both in the college Chistmas Vespers and at one of the local churches. During the second semester it T appeared at the college Spring Concert and at the Alumni Reception given in the home ' of Dr. Van Houten. The Ensemble also provides music for women's clubs, service - clubs, high school assemblies, and other groups. 56 First row: B. Lake, N. Lalley. BI. Boney, C. Lane, F. Weyranch, R. Rohrer, W. Kistlmrt, DI. Handley, P. Dunton. Second raw: W- Buchanan, M. Campbell, A. Nicely, A. Lake, K. Kenney, V. Batchelor, R. Steadnian. First row: M. Boney, C. Lane, V. Olsen, C. Humphreys, A. Nicely, B. Giddings, lVI. Handley, A. Ongley. Second row: W. Buchanan, C. Myers, M. Benson, C. Falzone, F, Allison, W. Anderson, G. .leH'ries, R. Johnson. INJX .1 ,Q:.JJx:NTSi .f5'2'L UiQll JD' Q, 'Q QQ G- ' Eff-5 f'-Dwgff X 9--"JJ gixx Snow Ball Queen Angeline and Clea, Queen ofthe E Club Ball 57 'iuusnwr-. gcc To thee our hearts are tr 58 of LLC VW 1 1 ' e fffrg - if r A 'J lj -O ,, ' AAA 'f' ,Z fg f C3 Hwgfv 53 4You must therefore love me mvsel d , Y f, an not my clrcumstancesg we are to be real friends? Top row: N. Spraggon, J. Scofield, J. Simoni. Second row: N. Skeel, J. Venman, J. Yvebster. Third row: F. Weyrauch OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Presiclemf, JEANNE KENNEDY Vice-President, JOANNE SCOFIELD Secretary, MARJORIE BONEY Treasurer, STELLA MUKIN.A Corresponding Secretaries, JUNE HANCOCK BERTHA HAMMERMEISTER Historian, NORMA LALLEY lVIars7zalls, MARTIIA TMIURDOCK GENEVIEVE ANDERSON ,aaa QM.. The Iota Chapter of the Alpha Delta sorority is designed to provide a social program for a selected number of girls chosen for their scholarship and personal integrity, This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the found ing of the Iota Chapter at Edinboro. Members in faculty are: Mrs. Campbell, Miss Baron Miss McClintock, Miss Odell, Mrs. Miller and Miss Forness, who is the faculty advisor In December the sorority purchased a radio phonograph with money Which was a gift from the alumni members. With sprinff came rush and pledge parties, the formal initi ation dinner, and the sorority dance. The season's activities were concluded with the IXIOther's Day Tea and the Alumni Breakfast SECOND SEMESTER ' President, JEANNE ISIENNEDY V ice-President, JEAN HINIROD it Secretary, GENEVIEVE ANDERSON T reasurer, STELLA MUKINA Corresponding Secretaries, IRENE CRISTEA ROBERTA ROHRER KQS Y xi J H istorian, NORRIA LALLEY Xi Marshalls, CHRYSTENE DICE JEANNE SIMONI re-.XNEA -. A7 'S-5 CN, X, Critic . . . MAR.IORIE PERKINS fo DTS it QR Qi K 60 l - l ii D ll ' l ll l 2 Q, . . Nd I c 'li gl fl T ik ,Til X? : ,, if il ' Q ix X fa xl E - i Y . sf Di A its . X X5 I a it If 3 j J 1 'T 1 l s l l- l A M x' idx B Q 3 31 1 . 1' Q v x ' 'Q 1.- N wx X ls "1 'N-J X my N - Q X W - I V s XY, x 'M dl N 'y x v . To 11 row: l I 6L 438461 Cr. Anderson, M. A1'1nzLgosl', W. Bennett, M. Honey, M. Camplmell, ll. Buckley. Second row: N. Coales, I. Crislea D. Davies, C. Dice, M. Eufles, D. Flower. Tlziral rom: W. Fox, V. Hull, P. Hzunilton, B. I-Izmlmerrxleister, J. Hancock, M ' ' Handley. Fozzrflz rm1'.'J. Hixnroml, A. Johnson, C. Johnson, J. Kennedy, N. Lnlley, C. Lune. Fliflh row: S. Mukinu, M. Murcloclx K D. l'eplinsky,VM. Perkins, V. Rice, K. liOl1FGI'. 61 OFFICERS President Vice-President EUGENE CARNAHAN DALE WEBSTER Secretary Treasurer ROBERT ROSEQUIST WIIJLIAM Horcosz Cora-. Secretary Pledge-Master JOHN WRIGHT GENE PLETCHER njgalaioec .Jehu Kappa Delta Phi Inc. is a national professional, social, and educational fraternity open only to those who are definitely interested in education. The local chapter, Theta, is one of nine chapters in various colleges of education. In its professional aspect, Kappa Delta Phi aims to support and foster the highest educational ideals and to promote the best educational practices. Its social aim is to strengthen and preserve the bonds of fellowship through organized social activities. This year, which is the fiftieth anniversary of Kappa Delta Phi, Edinboro's Theta chapter received the honor of a request to furnish the National President for the fraternity. 62 Top Tow: J. Anderson, R. Anderson, N. Bleech, R. Bloch, R. Bogdan, C. Bonomi. Second row: D. Breter, T. Brown, R. Casoli, T. Come. Third row: J. Crawford, A. Damico, F. Davenport, L. Davis. F ow-th row: C. Daugherty, O. Erickson, P. Haley, M. Talko, G. Gall, G. Garfield. Fifth row: C. Giordano, P. Gstalder, A. Juliano, B. King, A. Kipela., J. Koshute. 63 Top row: R. Kuchta, G. Latini, L. Lucia, H. Mazetti, H. Newson, G. Otto. Second row: T. OHerle, P. Palombini, A. Paykos, J Roessner, R. Rhodes, E. Sarachine. Third row: E. Savaglio, J. Shafer, A. Susi, D. Susi, J. Theodoro, B. Vafeas. Fourth row? R Vincich, J. Weixel, P. Yanak. 64 OFFICERS President Vice President JEFFREY DOUVILLE JOHN GREENANVAIJT Secretary T-reasurer LELAND DORCHESTER ROBERT W,u,r,AcE Ass'istant Secretary Pledge-lllaster . WARREN VVILLIAMS GLENN MCKINNEY pdf .Sigma i Upsilon Chapter of the Phi Sigma Pi, national professional fraternity, is a member of a nine-state organizarion that emphasizes the professional development of teachers and promotes the spirit of fellowship, brotherhood, and loyalty to the college. Mem- bership is based on scholastic standing, social aptitude, and leadership. ' This year the Phi Sigs were the proud winners of the trophy for the best float in the Homecoming Day Parade. Besides their regular Monday night professional meet- ings, they sponsored several roller skating parties and sent delegates to the annual Phi Sigma Pi national convention in Washington D. C. 65 1 Top row: L. Aquilino, F. Bedogne, F. Brantlinger, W. Buchanan, B. Chadderdon, R. Connors. Second row: W. Culbertson, W Drexler, J. Fordenbacher, R. Goodwill. Third row: G. Grimshaw, H. Johnson, E. Kicey, M. Klinginsmith. F ourtlz. row: W Kososki, E. Krzan, J. La Slavic, A. Lake, R. Lawrence, B. Logan. F ifth row: W. Lopus, E. Lorshbaugh, T. Lynch, D. Magni Eco, F. Matuszewski, M. Maxwell. 66 'v.r'1" I :P f J" ,, 11,11-it Q ,A 5179 iff? Top row: C. Mullen, J. Murray, W. Mustoe, J. Nichols, F. Nesbitt, A. Ody. Second row: V. Pettit, L. Richards, J. Petruna, J Rodgers, F. Schilling, T. Snaman. Third row: A. Sorenson, G. Stanzian, R. Steadman, H. Symons, E. Symons, D. Turner F ourth row: R. Vislosky, W. Webb, D. Weis, J. Zahniser. Virgil Pettit-.J ."4 ' ,J A rte' W A J. A Afieladee Dian Nowak ygigfj ' 'mcllard Bonneu. itll 'f f,,-mrwf , - Qzjigg-:-14, , - .11 1.4-4,1 -1,x::-ezsw1:ff:,:- , -g-we 4, . 4 " -. . , L-it:L-...zr-.-:f411i.::.1-,-1:::-mierzweikgQ--rss? 5 SYfwz+w::'1-,-m:::'-..f.1 :,::1,2:":-5 -wr-:Wv:,:w::"' - - 'fp f X f ,. 4 qw.-,15::,.L5, -,1,,.,-,, 4 4- V. . . -05134 -1".'.'L't'Q'-4z'?f'7 ,. ':'2':3.'4.t 4 M,,QQf.f1 fi: , ,gg- gg:L'b5fK'17:1?1-'-'-I" ' " . LN Assn.. . 4, , . HW'e'll defend our standards In whate9er we do." 68 Will stick together for the Crimson and white." omecoming ag Undoubtedly the most spirited, exciting, and exhilarating day of the year was our 1948 Homecoming Day. Student Council invited each organization on campus to enter a float in the Homecoming Day Parade. As an incentive for good work on the floats, the Student Council offered a trophy for the best float. If an organization wins the trophy for three successive years, that organization becomes its permanent owner. There was keen competition among the various organizations, and many clever and beautiful floats were assembled. The undisputed Winner of Hrst place was the Phi Sigma Pi fraternity. The Parade formed on East Normal Street and marched down through the town and then back to parade around the football field for judging before the start of the Edinboro vs. Thiel game. The E Club Ball was held the same evening and Clea Johnson was chosen as queen of the Ball. 70 First row: Costello, Rosequist, McAllister, Mc-Cloy, Matuszewski, Narrlone, Jinar, Santel. Second row: Henderson, Klein Krizmzmich, White, Smith, Horne, Malarkey, Boyd. Thirrl row: McAlister, Sarachine, Lzmtini, Palombini, Andriko, Pinto Sabatini, Malec, Donohue. Fourth row: Coach McComb, Wilson, Wilkins, Stout, Dixon, Lorlge, Perma., Zamierowski, Diller Fifth raw: Lzmlfoon, McCur1e, Crouse, Smittle, Marsh, Oldach, Dellubies, and Coach Reed. ... L A - - . 71 H , ' ' 'fe--sm: Simba! With nine returning lettermen, and a host of talented freshmen, the Edinboro Red Raiders seemed destined to go places during the 1948 football season. But due to frequent injury of key men, and numerous misplays, which invariably meant the difference between a Win and a loss, the Raiders found themselves, at the close of the season, confronted by a record of a solitary victory out of eight starts. This one bright spot came when Edinboro defeated Brockport S.T.C. by a score of '7 to 0. Although the seasonls record does not imply it, Coaches McComb's and Reed's proteges displayed, in every game, a Hghting spirit and the will to Win. Edinboro . California Edinboro , Clarion ECliI1b01'0 Slippery Rock Edinboro , Indiana EdiI1bOI'0 Brockpgrt Edinboro , , Thiel Edinboro . Mansfield Edinboro . Alliance , Qi, .-fu W Qi . 51 14 ,JL F-Ji - rg. Ee ,H GE if gf. 1, 1 l N 4 1 , . , , HI N W , . ' 4 .. I , P ml . . , , , R , 5 W I w '51 , 4 . . ' ' A wf H , ,l . U I: IN K-I 3 L K1 I . I I' L K -4- I. f 1. , rv! ' :L 1 l X-e 3: "ii L ,B 495 if 5' . A ia F5 32 .H F. , Ki 'fl .H Mizz 'fl 'ff 'QQ ',,L l -1 , ,T . gow!-eidaf From the opening Whistle of the first game to the closing gun of the last, the Edinboro Raiders provided basketball fans with many exciting moments. The Raiders won their first game, then dropped the next two before beating Gannon for the second Win of the year. For the remainder of the season, the Basketeers had alternate Winning and losing streaks, and ended the season with a pair of victories on their home Hoor. Probably the most exciting game of the season was the home game against California S.T.C. When E.S.T.C. avenged their earlier defeat by a smashing 81 to 69 victory. The ledger for the season's results gave E.S.T.C. '7 Wins against 9 losses, three of which were by a 2 point margin or less. Our thanks go to. Coach "SOX" Harrison and the members of the team for a basketball season We can well be proud of. First row: M. Talko, H. Ghering, R. Reed, R. Praetzel, C. Nicholls. Second row: W. Mihalich, J. Peckham, R. McVeigh Coach Sox Harrison, J. Crouse, P. Haley, R. Walsh. Mascot, Tommy Cochran, 74 Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Z?a4Lefda!f Seo red Fredonia Alliance Slippery Rock Gannon Indiana Slipery Rock Clarion Buffalo Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Fredonia Alliance California Clarion Gannon Thiel California Indiana 75 l First row: P. Haley, T. OH'erle, R. Coleman, H. Montgomery, E. Krzan, D. DeMarco, A. Warren, W. Kososki, J. Currie Second row: H. Ghering, D. Magnilico, L. Snavley, R. Palermo, J. Stephens, S. Shirey, J. Blasius, Coach Harrison, P. Nyberg, V. Allenson, L. Lucia, R. Pletcher, B. Zeiler, H. Light. . OCCQI' Although 1948 was only the second season for soccer as a major sport at Edinboro, the Booters turned in an enviable record of 1 Win, 4 losses and 2 ties. After shaking off a losing streak which cost them defeats to Slippery Rock, Westminster, and Grove City, Coach "Sox" Harrison's charges tied Allegheny, then Went on to gain a decisive victory over Thiel, and a hard earned tie with Indiana. The Red Raiders ended their 1948 season by losing to Grove City for the second time. E.S.T.C. may well be proud of this scrappy, aggressive team which added much to the fall sports picture. Edinboro 0 . . Slippery Rock 4 Edinboro 2 . . Westminstei' 6 Edinboro 0 . Grove City 1 Edinboro 1 . Allegheny 1 Edinboro 3 . , Thiel 0 Edinboro 1 . . Indiana 1 Edinboro 1 . . Grove City 3 76 W Top row: R. Anderson, G. Garfield, A. Smith, R. WVilson, J. Hilldorfer, B. Bronk, M, Zofchak. Bottom row: G. Latini, H Johnson, Captain A. Warren, H. Montgomery, J. Palmer, F. Abbott, Coach A. McComb. wimming The E.S.T.C. Mermen began the 1948-49 swimming season with victories against Allegheny, Westminster and Thiel, alternating these wins with losses to Fenn and Pitt. In the next 3 meets, Edinboro came out on the short end of the score, giving Buffalo, Kent State, and Slippery Rock, each a victory. Then the splashers took the remaining two meets, one from Allegheny and the other from Grove City. On March 2, E.S.T.C. placed 4th in the Penn-Ohio meet at Pittsburgh with two members of the team taking firsts in their respective events. Joe Hilldorfer set a new record for the 150-yard backstroke, and Art Warren took first place in the 100-yard free style. 37 Q9 Edinboro Allegheny Edinboro 33 Buffalo 42 Edinboro 29 Fenn 46 Edinboro 25 Kent State 41 Edinboro 38 Westminster 27 Edinboro 22 Slippery Rock 33 Edinboro QQ Pittsburgh 53 Edinboro 37 Allegheny 36 Edinboro 51 Thiel 21 Edinboro 40 Grove City 26 Penn-Ohio Meet - 4th Place. 78 medfhng Q By winning 4 of the 7 meets which they had, the E.S.T.C. Wrestling team turned in, for the second year straight, the best win-loss record of any Edinboro team. The victims of E.S.T.C.'s mighty Grapplers were Indiana, Clarion CQD, and Baldwin Wallace, while Coach Reed's Musclemen suHfered defeat at the hands of Lock Haven, Bowling Green and Wlaynesburg. On IVIHFCII 4th and 5th, the hlatmen traveled to Mille1'sville for the State Teacher's College Meet.. In a field of 8, E.S.T.C. was tied with West Chester for 41th place. Jack Weixel took first place in the 128 lb. class. Lou DeBubies garnered a third, and Bob lVIalarlcey and Joe LaSlavic each received a fourth in their respective weights. Edinboro 15 Lock Haven 8-5 Edinboro 22 Baldwin Wallace 10 Edinboro QQ Indiana 13 Edinboro 8 Waynesburg 25 Edinboro 19 Clarion 11 Ediuboro Q8 Clarion 8 Bowlin 0' Green 17 Edinboro 11 ,,, State Teacher's College Meet - 4th Place Tie Top row: Coach Reed, R. Malarkey, D. Lepley, M. Henderson, N. LaSlavic, R. Shaw, W. Beatty, R. Stout, D. Malarkey. Bottom row: "Swede" Johnson, J. LaSlavic, J. Weixel, I.. Dellubies, A. Wolf. 4... X. . l 4 2 K .X-: . , "-4257, '-T' .-1 ,- t,:..,35 :Hz 'ei new , f 'az'f2,i1. Q a, .W --,., gm QWZ, -4' 1561! Z .i r Tl 22312514.11 !:.g,f V: 35313551 Yg,f5f.t-"- 744522-52 va if 2 ' CWI-'AM I-5 ' '7 79 WA. A. The Women's Athletic Association, a member of the Athletic Federation of College lVomen, the United States Field Hockey Association, and the National Archery Association, carefully plans many types of rec- reation aiming for the development of every girl rather than for the perfection of a few. This year the mem- bers of W.A.A. Council, which governs the organization, were: President-Margaret Gilbody, Phi Leader- Bertha Hammermeisterg Delta Leader-Jeanne Simonig Secretary-Chrys tene Dice, Treasurer-Lois Byers, Publicity-Jane Venmang Head Custodian-Angeline Vitale, Custodians-Mary Lou Handley, Margaret Lucas, Helene 0'Day, and Joanne Scofield. In November, Kathryn Magoon represented Edinboro lV.A.A. at Grove City in a meeting for organiz- ing a State Association of the American Federation of College Women, and she participated there in a panel discussion headed by the National Director of that Federation. Edinboro sent two representatives to the National Convention of the Federation at the University of Wisconsin in April. Allegheny, Thiel and Westminster Colleges attended a February invitational swimming meet consisting of games, speed, technique of stroke, and competitive synchronization. In March the XV.A.A. held an in- vitational basketball sports day in which participants were Allegheny, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh College for Women, California, Slippery Rock, Westminster, Lake Erie, Geneva, Mercyhurst, Villa Maria and Alliance. ' - This spring the W.A.A. presented to Clea Johnson its highest honor, the Blanket Award, which has been given only four-times in the past eleven years. The blanket is awarded only to persons definitily outstanding both in different phases of athletics for four years and in contributions to school life. Congratulations to Clea! I VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM Kneelmg: J. Twichell, D. McClure, C. Johnson, M. Gilbody, A. Johnson, W. Fox, A. Markham. Standing: J. Venman M Lucas B. Buckley, D. Johnson, N. Spraggon, B. Hammermeister, M. Rozelle, D. Flower, M. Hebert, J. Simoni, N Coates " -ug, sw 1 4 er s 80 an Q-.Meg FRESHMAN HOCKEY TEAM First row: H. Lucas, L. Downing, G. Heidish, A. Gillispie, C. Sundean, J. Leopold, M. Alder, J. McLaud, J. Welms. Second row: A. Miller, S. Wygant, P. Johnson, D. Patrick, P. Ledwig, M. Robertson, J. Connell, L. Shellogg, N. Shay, M. Lutz, M. Minnis. Diqocgeg This Was an outstanding hockey year for Edinboro. The Seniors, With nine four- year players Won the Inter-class games and the Phi's copped the Phi-Delt title. Top honors Went to C. Johnson, A. Johnson, M. Gilbody, D. McClure and W. Fox, who were chosen to participate in the Great Lakes Tournament held in Detroit, Michigan. Here they Were undefeated and three girls, C. Johnson, M. Gilbody, and A. Johnson were invited to attend the National Hockey Tournament in Chicago repre- senting the Great Lakes section. 81 J. Simoni, M. Lucas, lVI. Gilbody, H. O'Day, H. Carlson, B. Hammermeister. Firstrow'J Miller M Price H O'Da M L J S' ' R . . , . ' , . y, . ucas, . imoni, . Rohrer, P. Duncan, H. Samuelson, R. Brown,'G.'HasingeI', M. Race. Second row: B. Hammermeister, C. Sundean, D. Tucker, M. Robertson, N. Lemmon, M. Lay, J. Woznicki, J- Poftzf E. Beck, J. Leopold, M. Alder, D. Zindel. .!gI"CAQl"y Our archery team has a handicap due to Edinboro's inclement weather but even with a short season in 1948, lVga1'g31'ef Gilbody and Bertha Hammermeister showed their ability by achieving national "B" rating. They participated in the Rational Intercollegiate Telegraphic Archery Meet in which ninety colleges and 750 girls competed. The team will try for an A rating on May 11, 1949 with the same national organization. ' 82 Hi First row: J. Sirnoni, J. Brown, V. Batchelor, L. Byers, B. Hamrnermeister, G. Ransom, K. Magoon, D. McClure, O. Papaila, D. Johnson, M. Gilbody. Second row: M. Lucas. P. Zuzula, M. Groce, H. O,Day, A. Vitale, C. Dice, R. Kushan, A. Ongley, E. Lyons, M. Wetzel. Third row: P. Henderson, V. Smith, D. Zindel, J. Leopold, J. Miller, J. Woznicki, N. Shay, R. Belt, B. McIntyre, C. Johnson. Fourth row: H. Lucas, J. McCarrier, P. Legters, N. Snapp, M. Lay, W. Skelton, D. Patrick, M. Wilson, C. Sundean, F. O'Hare. First row: G. Fehrer, M. Peck, C. Christie, C. Torgler, A. Porter, R. Brown, A. Gillespie, D. Stearns. Second row: A. Siegel, D. Norris, M. Bowen, M. Handley, K. Kenney, M. Evans, J. Twichell, M. Lucas, M. Alder. Third row: J. Welms, J. Venman, D. Johnson, D. Gill, C. Johnson, R. Knapp, J. Scofield, M. Race, C. Sundean, P. Duncan, H. 0'Day, R. Rohrer. 83 QW In the two golf tournaments held last fall forty-live girls competed in the beginning and advanced groups. In the advanced group the winner was Lois Byers. Donna Norris took top honors in the beginners tournament with VVilma Skelton second, Helen, Samuelson third and Marge Boney fourth. Edinboro received an invitation to partici- pate in the National Intercollegiate Golf Tournament to be held at Ohio State University in July. enn id For the tennis championship last fall there were elimination consolation tournaments. These tournaments in which seventy-two girls competed were very capably managed by Jane Whittaker. Winner of the advanced tournament was Betty Gross with the consolation going to Carolyn Barrett. Carol Johnson won the Freshman beginners contest with Doris Zindel receiving the consolaa tion award. The Sophomore first was taken by Genevieve Anderson with the second going to Helen Bovard. M. Lemmon, C. Christie, D. Tucker, H. Carlson, M. Signorelli, P. Legters, VV. Skelton, D. Norris, I. Robison, B. Wimer, C. Lane, E. Smith, M. Boney, G. Imig, M. Petruso, V. Beck, H. Samuelson. Instructor, George Gall. First row: P. Smith, R. Belt, M. Petruso, J. Whittaker, A. Vitale, A. Ongley, C. Dice, R. Leta, I. Cristea, F. O'Hare. Second 1-ow: B. Wimer, N. Skeel, J. English, N. Snapp, R. Knapp, J. Scoield, M. Handley, J. Rieger, P. Henderson, H. Carlson, J. 'Panzarello, C. Barrett, E. Beck, E. Hoffman, E. Smith, P. Campbell, B. Spiesman, C. Lane. T hird Tow: G. Weaver, M . Malicki, S. Sechler, V. Olsen, A. Nicely, H. Kemp, M. Wilson, N. Hood, G. Anderson, J. Hancock, V. Smith, S. Mukina, M . Race, M. Lay, D. Shaw, T. Lyons, E. Lyons, M. Boney. s.s,.,... ' ' 9 "EAW fr V - f ' 5 .-,.. g 2 ... , 2 5 N' 1" a . , . , i , W...-W., ...... I ,,. , .V . . ,,.. , v .... , ., .. ,,,. .1-, .. -. .... Y.. -,,. -NV -1 . , - .... . .... . 3" "" "yr f 12,1 5 .W ' K : ' N 1. Q' ,'f,"i v. N. :X . W ...as .. za4ggf..gsf'V a f . jg-' -4 I 1 ' ,jx-my "i ' tgyg' ,,, ' 2 V' N. . ' 4 , xg .ff 7 11 -f.,-:mf f 1:,,,-q uiz' ,... . ,f , , 'r . ' , - . 0 1. .- ...X -. ,it ,V '. fr ,ei -GUN JV . :ITS W"-9: nf -f' t -g"- Y. HW. ky .- ' , .,,:, my - :M 1 U. fr :ity A WTS" I ' ,Q , W 9 X' ,X '41 222:-.Vslit W' S 1, . ' -...g -' V. is A S . - -Veg? K '- K X N -' ' ' , Vv , Q , L .V , , i . V . X r ' " ' 'Q . , " f ' .. ' 4-4.51, 4 I 1 ' T '- .N 551: "gy ' V ., K ., V egg: .V f , " Q 'V V ,' ., is . .. ' V 'i ,. 4 5 Y 4 jf 1 any , .f.,,. W- A . , V .. aff . -.::Vf.-1,-. V, VV S . ' ,f V' VV-:.x.- W V,-K .,,. z W' ' ' W ' V' -Q., J Q. - o' , ' f. ff V1,,,4.:-V- V . fi, V 'fs fa , ., .N V M ,seas V3 .9 i s " W ' " V ,V ..,, ,Y .. ' -. 5 " t . 4 H W Ili: VVVV i 1 , YV V ,ig ""' ..f.v:.g'Vf .... i W Tai rr ' -'-' :g,gyz"f1fr 5- Vssgg .V ,: f' H ,V fn .... wwf: ,N ' Q , .-,NVE V . 5, . 1,1 -----V " ..... L. e ' .jiil .-fe.: . " ' , H ill adn .ai-1 '-: C 'Y 2 1' ' ' ,sf 1 3 ' Y 5 f ' ' ' 'H 'rw ' 1 f 1 2 15- '- frff' 15:-2.5: an W V 2 W. ZWWLEEW we - -wa.2,:nf2m ws: ' V: '- f .,.- A ..---1.zgqa:....1..r-,.--lu v -. -, ,, , , Y, 84 sS7I'lCl,l05A0f5 fy fl!! fl! if '17, r 5 fy wi pl' My 2157! V , a I ' ' v 'af x 'jj S A ,JV MM X V: 'fry yr 1 , ' I N " .ff 4 UM' J MQ, J db WM 1 if -1 5 ,1 ' " . f' I 1 4, 1 ,L 6 4 J , -f Id S! , xx' ff!! f PM , p 47 vw' , JM LL J" "1" ' f V , 1 .IQ ,J J ,V Af X R I ' ,Lf , f rx , 2' A f I 0' pf 42' H gf' X, MN P Lf!!! fl, N995 lv, . fx 1 g 1 ,l, yf 1 fm ,ff fffffz! , Y i 4 V nf 'I V' I I 1 , L V IYWIXI 4 ff I lf ,I V 1 J , Vu My PRINTERS, LITHOGRAPHERS, BINDERS, PUBLISHERS 423 Sfaie Sfreel - Erie, Pennsylvania Phone 2-2863 86 Good Luck Graduation Class '49 SCHRYVER'S PHARMACY 238 S. Main St., Cambridge Springs, Pa. Phone: 2342 -Reliable Prescriptions- PERRY SQUARE CLOTHES Made to Measure Suits for Men and Women Personally Priced S3415 to 565.00 ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA 12th STREET R0llER SKATING RINK 12th Street Market Building Erie, Pennsylvania Open every evening except Monday and Wednesday from 8 to 11. Matinees Tues- day, Thurday and Sunday from 2 to 4:30. Phone C-5128 for reservations for Private Parties A. O. JOHNSTON, Mgr. EBIE'S FASHON STORE for discriminating Women Compliments of ERIE WHOLESALE GROCERY Don-De' Qffee At your HOME OWNED FOOD STORES JACOB HALLER CO. Wholesale Distributor L. PRESS 8c CO. Everything for Work, dress and play l206-16 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania CHAS. A. MILLER'S SONS -Shoes- 22l Chestnut Street Meaclville, Pennsylvania 4608 F l 0 r a l C 0 . Wfe Telegraph Flowers 819 Peach Street -Erie, Pa. CON CILLA'S CLEANERS CLEANING, DYEING and BEPAIRING 28 S. Lake Street North East, Pennsylvania Compliments ot CROOTS DRY GOODS CO North East, Pennsylvania Compliments ot JAY'S SCHOOL of FLORAL DESIGN North East, Pa. THE VILLAGE SHOP Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania WELDON 'S MEN'S SHOP 178 Chestnut Street Meadville, Pennsylvania Compliments of NATIONAL BANK North East, Pa. , f 7wwg4. 918 Peach Street - Erie, Pa. I. MILLER SHOES FINE ACCESSORIES Uhr llittlr Shun cambridge Springs, Pa. ELLA E. FINK GIF T S FIRST NATIONAL BANK North East, Pa. The Bank that Service Built Since 1893 iii' The Quality Shop of Erie Cflhv illallr Erma. Gln. Times Square - Erie, Pa. iii' Compliments of ERIE AVIATION, INC. and STEELBUILT CONSTRUCTION CO. Erie, Pa. Compliments of DON JOHNSON Compliments of RELIABLE HOME EURNISHING CO., Inc 1213-1219 State Street SHOES Erie, Pa. 18 West Ninth Street HIT does MAKE A DIFFERENCE Erie, Pa. WHERE YOU BUY YOUR FURNITURE" , 9 Sports Dept. Fzwcm. PALACE HARDWARE HOUSE 913-915 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania Clothing and Shoes iWork or Dressj Phone 5-2207 23 W. 12th Erie, Pa. gongrallzzfafionin fo Me Cjfaaa of ,49 We extend our best wish for your continued success The Crawford Store Meadville, Pennsylvania TOM K- WILLIAMS MEADVILLE BREAD 7,tea.d Zz ia, COMPANY 257 Chestnut Street FI U V 0 ' R -i f C-3 Meadville, Pa, BREAD and ROLLS 91 C. A. Curtze Co. Commodore Foods ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 22-233 LEEDS Inc. ERIE, PA. MEANS BUSINESS EQUIPMENT 20 East 1Eth ERIE, PA. Martha Iohnson G Matte Keete In Erie since 1901 0 The home of famous Shoes for WV Telephone 'Y-5135 Men, Women and Children N TENTH-PEACH S WESCHLERS KEEFE - JOHNSON SHOP . . . of course WOman's and Missesx Wearing Apparel I7 West 8th Street - Erie, Pa. 92 Compliments ROGER BROS. CGRPORATION ALBION, PA. Compliments Compliments of of UNITED FRUIT 81 THE MUSIC DEN Meadville, Pa. PRODUCE CO. 1703 Peach St. Erie, Pa. SCOTT'S FINE FOOD 910 Peach St. For Breakfast, Luncheons, dl Full Course Dinners Complete Fountain Service Erie's Ideal Rendezvous for Alter-Theatre Snacks Men's Furnishings Clothing, Shoes, Accessories to tit Your Wardrobe. L L O Y D ' S 709 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania Photography For Exclusive PORTRAIT STUDIES VVEDDINGS-FAMILY GROUPS NURSERY STUDIO Specializing In BABY PORTRAITURE COOL, NON-GLARING MODERN SPEED LIGHTS Dial 4-6274 Nights, Sundays and Holidays-Call 6-9414 74a ?7cvwan Studia 917 State Street SAN NER OFFICE SUPPLY P U L A K O S 1119-1123 Peach Street Erie, Pa. 926 State Street DESKS Erie, Pa. CHAIRS FILES ' SAFE 4 Candles P S SYSTEMS SUPPLIES 94 Erie's Style Leaders Approaching a Full Century Meyer-Quality Is Your Guide to Satisfaction Authentic University Stylings In Men's FINE QUALITY CLOTHING-FURNISHINGS SHOES-HATS SPORTSWEAR Also Ladies' and Misses' SUITS and OUTERCOATS P. A. MEYER 8c SONS Erie 'S Foremost Clothiers 817-819-821 State St. Watches-Diamonds -SILVER- 'For The Best in Jewelry See" FORD E. O'DELL female: 24 W. lOth Street Erie, Pa. "Open Monday Evenings" Compliments Of MARKHAM'S MUSIC CO. Erie, Pa. 95 "Your Store Always, During College and After" ROUSE 556 to 31.00 STORE Edinboro, Pa. Compliments of GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP Edinboro, Pa. Wiley Bros .... RED 8: WHITE GROCERY Headquarters tor Quality Foods Edinboro, Pa. Compliments of FRANK LIEMER BAKERY Edinboro, Pa. Compliments of HOBBS LUMBER CO. Edinboro, Pa. Compliments oi SCHRUERS DAIRY Edinboro, Pa. Comphfmms JOE'S ATLANTIC O I SERVICE STATION WESTERN AUTO H U ASSOCIATION 200 Er1e St. - Edmlooro, Pa. John Banko, Mgr. Erie St. - Edinboro, Pa. Phone 9424 "Friendly Place to Meet" SCHEIDEMANTEL SERVICE STATION Phone 2482 Edinboro, Pa. Compliments of CROSSROADS DINOR Eclmboro, Pa. Compliments THE ALBION NEWS THE HARDWARE Co. GBAZEJQNRATH ZINDELS U IS er Edinboro, Pa. pzdntchgmtdenwdmamczmza THE VILLAGE GIFT SHOP Try the Drug Store First J OLLEY'S PHARMACY Distinctive Gifts, Dry Goods Leita Ryan Hopkins Eclinboro, Pa. Edinboro, Pa. THE PRENTICE SHOP Congratulations from Footwear Ladies,-Men Furnishings UNITED SERVICE STATION Wall Paper-Notions Edinborol Pa' Edinboro, Pa. 98 Compliments of Congratulations from EDINBORO CLEANERS the and EDINBORO JEWELRY MEN'S SPORTWEAR Edinboro, Pa. Phone 2462 Edignboro, Pa, S 0 Shop at D The Edinboro Ag SUPER MARKET The Edinboro Mathews - Stanford . DAIRY BAR GIOCSIIGS - Meats Phone 2392 "Where Friends Meet and Eatu Toe 81 Bertha Douglas Proprietors H 4... .,,,.,,, 99 Compliments of the X -3262 . 'P 'X 519 ' 1 , q Q51 I 74 x Q, ., . -- f bg 5 ' . I I 'E 1- X z' -2 -I fx - -Q f V - - .. ,i 7 in 1 if 4 sz. , - ' i ' . -.4 S- ' - ,Q v. j. - 4 I -A . J." .az l Q K . 5 2 - 5.11- 1 x " nil? E jfqxxn 4 Q 5, fllil i . I 1 fii lai? .. -Egl gfa , P . Q iw 'Q sas .QA Ill lg? ' , . i f W' P , f LN dl Q ' '1 X fnv i 11 nl I f ' r -Lv'-lgggawu I Erie, Pa. 100 Erie's Young-Minded Store With the City's First Escalators Beautiful Fashion Floor And Many More Services to come State Street at Ninth SPORT CENTER A complete line of Sport Equipment l2l West Ninth Street Erie, Pennsylvania STATE STREET JEWELER'S ASSOCIATION OF ERIE, PA. Abbott's Conrad's Darl.ing's Hirsch's Mack's Rolen's Seymour's "Something from the Ieweler's is always something Special" Compliments of DUGGAN - RIDER CO 729 State St. Erie, Pa. Drawing Instruments 61 Supplies Gifts Office Furniture enior ,fdcfiuified --- confinue ANGELO JULIANO-Football, Golf, Newman Club, E Club, Forum Club, Kappa Delta Phi. IRENE KELLOGG-W7.A.A., Edinboro Players, Key Club, Forum Club, Y.W.C.A. JEANNE KENNEDY-Alpha Delta, Edinboro Players, Newman Club, Choir, Haven House Council, W.A.A., Spectator, Conneautteean. EDNVARD KICEY1Phi Sigma Pi, Newman Club. ALFRED KIPELA-Newman Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Forum Club. WALTER Kososrcr-Football, Phi Sigma Pi, Newman Club, ScaRab Club. EDWIN KWIfSTANONVSKI'EdiHbOI0 Players, Spectator. ROLAND LAFFERTY-Photography Club. ALLEN LAKE-MU Kappa Gamma, Choir, Editor of Spectator 1949, Phi Sigma Pi, Fresh. Class Vice-Pres., Biology Club, Forum Club. BETTY LAKE'ChOiY, Mu Kappa Gamma, Y.W.C.A., Spectator, W.A.A., Edinboro Players, Biology Club. HENRY LECHOWIOZ-ScaRab, Kappa Delta Phi. THEODORE LEVI-Dramatics Club. LEONARD LUCIA-Soccer, Kappa Delta Phi, Newman Club, Student Council. THEODORE LYNCH'-SCHRHB, Delta Phi Delta, Phi Sigma Pi, Edinboro Players, Conneautteean. DOMINICK MAGNIFICO'Phi Sigma Pi, Biology Club, Edin- boro Players. KATHRYN M.AGOON-W.A.A., Forum Club, Photography Club, Y.iV.C.A., Spectator, Conneautteean, Stage Crew. BYRON MASTERS-FOIUM Club, Edinboro Players, Soccer, Kappa Delta Phi. MARIANNE MARTUCCI-Dramatics Club, Newman Club, ScaRab Club. FELIX MATUSZEWSKI-Football, E Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Senior Class Treas., Wrestling. MILTON MAXNKVELL-Phi Sigma Pi, Forum Club, Band. DIIUTH MCCLURE'ifV.A.A., Spectator, Conneautteean, ScaRab. MARGARET MCCONNELL'Stud6Ht Council, Haven House Council, ScaRab, Choir, W.A.A. EUGENE MEYERs-ScaRab, Newman Club, Class Officer, Swimming. ALICE MILLSPAWV-ChOiF, Orchestra, Band, Vice-Pres. OH- Campus Assn., W.A.A. FLOYD NESBITT-Phi Sigma Pi. ADRIENNE NESTOR-SCHRHD Club. HOXVARD NEWSON-Forum Club, Kappa Delta Phi. JAMES NICHOLS-Phi Sigma Pi, Forum Club, Band, Biology Club. MARY ALICE NOXON-Forum Club, Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. ARNOLD ODY-Phi Sigma Pi. GEORGE ODY-Phi Sigma Pi, Band. JOHN OLIPHANT-Forum Club, Radio Club, Pres. of Student Council, Soccer. LEROY PECK-Forum Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Mixed En- semble, Men's Ensemble, Edinboro Players, A Capella Choir, Who's Who. DOROTHY PEPLXNSKY-W.A.A., Newman Club, Edinboro Players, Alpha Delta, Haven House Council, Conneaut- teean, Spectator. MARJORIE PERKINS-Alpha Delta, Choir, Ensemble, Mu Kappa Gamma, Edinboro Players, W.A.A., ScaRab, FOrumLClub, Haven House Council. VIRGINIA RANSOM-Y.VV.C.A., Haven House Council, Forum Club. BETTE RHALL-Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. ROBERT ROESSNER-SOCCSP, Kappa Delta Phi, Senior Class Pres., Golf. MARY JANE ROZELLE-W.A.A., Y.W.C.A., Spectator, Hockey, Forum Club, Choir. JAMES SCHINNELLER-Phi Sigma Pi. FRIEDA SHERRETTS-Y.W.C.A., W.A.A., Biology Club. MILTON SHORES-ScaRab Club. ADRIAN SORENSON-Forum Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Biology Club, Edinboro Players. NANCY SPRAGGON-W.A.A., Haven House Council, Con- neautteean, Dramatics Club, Canterbury Club, Forum Club, Y.W.C.A., Fresh. Class Vice-Pres. ANGELO SUsI-Forum Club, E Club, Footballq DAN SUSI-E Club, Kappa Delta Phi, Football, Forum Club, Band. JANE TWIOHELL-Haven House Council, VV.A.A., Forum Club, Canterbury Club. VVILLIAM VAFEAS-ScaRab, Delta Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Phi. CAROL VLAHAKIS-ECiiI'lbO1'0 Players, Y.W.C.A., VV.A.A. JEAN WEBSTER-Choir, Ensemble, W.A.A., Alpha Delta, Mu Kappa Gamma, Band, Forum Club, Who's Who. DONALD VVEIS-Phi Sigma Pi, Soccer, Wrestling, Junior Class Treas., Dramatics Club. FLORENCE WEYRAUCH-Edinboro Players, Alpha Delta, Mu Kappa Gamma, Y.W.C.A., WV.A.A., Choir. JOHN WINDAHL-Spectator, Conneautteean. PAUL YANAK-Kappa Delta Phi, ScaRab Club. PAUL ZARENKO-Photography Club, Biology Club, Mu Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Phi, Edinboro Players, Choir. 'i 'i .Aga in. - - It is our pleasure to wish Success and Happiness to another graduating class of Edinboro State Teachers College. NATIONAL SERVICE ENGRAVING COMPANY 1714 French Street ERIE, PA. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 103 1 ml A ., ggfrw I It X! N E V- fi' I, l. H , v u : ,N , : 4. " -1: .. ll., ,J . Y , . W: , , T. , , S" w ,zu-X 'A' .. "ma -,I 'J 3 A-' f gm 1 H ,R ' H Y . - 11 ':-'-1 1 - - 5 ':x',-u uf u n Wffwwwwza Jamal. f .4 i r 1 X , + 3 4 1 w ' 4 1 4 J 4 lv U -Q , ' '., 1 I , Ee . qppooigggfyo clad? al? , CHX My yy Sv Wx ob OXTS oy F,-J W ti-'Y - Z? ggi? Ciiix, D Q by . 2313 we of 523 Qfogfoilf 3525 f iOo,"67 032i Xfygrgufgiwfmv Ay? J xiii? O f51fgwif29Z,f2SfS 2 56399 1jQff55lJfDQflJi'?W3Q3'0o gm SLWSJOO Obsvglavkfigff dj iffy - KMA? 02,09 bg' fb vmw Qzff-Q55g,25 W aigwy XD . ,. VW - W. M www? 4 0 M 'ff Effgfyjj f QWXZWW A gd 2 W MMM f 9 Qf ,M is yixhfv ,gf 3 f N5 'UU H Ji MJ ' 365 0,2 fxww ffQ,,,?f on ,W AQQKKQV WQERM M f'?D"X

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