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5555555551 fme, emez 1931 1555555555 GERTRUDE E. SCHAFER Secrefur v lo Nfzfss Nelle G. Hudson, Director ofErz'e Center Erie Business College WALLACE J. SNYDER Clzemistry and Physics Se. B. CChemical Engineeringl Bucknell East Stroudsburg State Normal Pennsylvania State College SC. M. Bucknell ELMER C. STILLINGS Dean of Inslrzldiozzi-Frelzth A. B. Hiram College A. M. University of Pittsburgh ELLENE M. SULLIVAN English and DfUI71flf1.l'X hq Eclinboro State Normal School B. L. I. Emerson College B. S. Boston University Whitney School of Platform Art Teachers College-Columbia University Ed. M. University of Pittsburgh ,EFEBESESEHESBSESEEHSEEESHSEEHHEE5f1':H':l:n':':n':E5':u':.F1':l:v'fl:1 96 '!E':lf1':EEI5':FI':I31EF':1f55'5I WHS, EIRTEZ 1931 IEQEQHHEEHHHFBFEEQ EE 55 EH LILLIAN C. THOMSEN E B s S th mfqnme' T h C ll EE EF' NI S C ll Ll 'eacxy 8 EE EFI EH 59 59 EE W. VERNE ZAHNISER EQ QE gl EE Ph.B.b 'CtCllg E E 55 55 551 55 H3 EE 'jcf RACHAEL J. ADAMS EF I5 Cnr? ff Gelffziplzy Inq 55 Ib B Umlifllfty EE H31 EH 55 EE 55 EE EF' CLARA BACON EF' 'ICI cfm of Geography and S IIE '-:FI J 1ff11 1 of High ECI HH if 59 Ha L ty of Vi EC' HH EE E EE EF5559EE55EEEE5555':E59':E5f515959'n5':En55EE'n55'5EEEE5Cu':F1 -41 97 IP. 'Ii'-i':i:1l:i:l':JEs':i:l':i:1':i:1':l:l':i:iI 'T P153 ERTEZ 1981 I':l:iEf3'3':u5':n':E':Fi':I:iEl:t"nil ADELLA E. BEAN 5:1 Critic for T11-ird and Fourth Grades Arilhmetic and llluszc Ph B University of VViscons1n MARJORIE C. BUTLER Critic for Kindergarten Oberlin Conservatory Oberlin kindergarten and Primary Schools A B Pennsylx ania State College Unix ersity of Pittsburgh EVELYN COULTER Cril-ic of Hisiory and Geography ing I nlerined fare B S in Education Ohio University Summer Sessions at Columbm Unis ersitx LAURA CRAMP Critic 0fE71gl'iS1l 'IPI Junior High l Erie City Normal University of Chicago I5 l , 55 H5 H?':i'5EE':EEl:i5'3Ei5':E5'3i':i71Eifi5':iEi5Elfi':w'f1Lj555':55Ci':HEE':E':EEE59 -ani 98 'E:E55EE':EEFH5EE59l WHS, ERTEZ 1931 lL:1':nE1C1':m':1':J':ni-f559EEEF:':Hf121f EE 55 55 55 :Fl 55 EF '19 59 EE EE 55 EE EE EF EH is E HH 55 '35 59 H31 55 EE f H5 'fu EE 55 EE EE , 59 EE E 55LgEE+'f15F5':H5'559':EEE':H5'fl':nl?':E':n'3':i'i'n5':E5C1EH'n5':F:5CaE:EH:n59 A -if 99 IF- 59':HEl3lEFl':F5':1El:1':l31':l31I WHS ERTEZ 1931 l':u':H5':Ftl:n':l:n':l5':E':1':n':Fnl Il-Fl MARIE O. GINGENBACH C rilic of M usic and Geography I nlermed ialey B S ID Education Umwerslty of Pxttsbursh EE GWENDOLYN HORSMAN Critic for Third Grade Eclinboro Normal School Extenslon VVorlt at State Teachers College at Edlnboro Erie Center Eh DOROTHY JONES Criffic for Firsl Glade H-Tl Fdinboro State Normal School Pennsylvania State Collebe St lte Teachers College at ECl1l1lJOIO 555555 HELENE JONES C rzflic for Fourth Grade gg B. S. in Education, Ohlo Unxx erslty as ea 59 ,El::L.11':1':l3l':EE:EEh5959EE5':1':l35'f1':.l:1El3':l5':EEE5f3EE':hEE':l:1EEbCEh 100 lla- ':Fl:E':E55'1l3':Fi':Ft5SEEI WHS, ERTEZ 1931 I5Sb5EEb':i5':tEEE5SEFi 'IE MARY KELLEHER Crflic for F frsl Grade bg Edinboro State Normal School Extension XX ork at Allegheny College Summer Session it Unix ersity of Wisconsin MILDRED LOCKWOOD Crilic of Jlifatlzanzatfifs Junior High B. S. University of Pittsbur h ANNA MCLAUGHLIN Cr'z'!1'f of H isiory E Jumfor High LX. B. University of Pittsburgh Columbia University MINNIE S. STUMP Cr'1'!1fc of Hawzdwritvfrzg and E7lgIZ'Sll IIE I ntermeziiale " B. E. Fremont College Summer Sessions at Columbia Universit5 Pennsylvania State College H?Ei'5EH:l:i':l5':l55l5':1SE-E':l:1':l5'nS':tl5Hf1El71'nLibS':l5EF':li':EEEEEbS'fh 101 555555555l fmt, ERTEZ1931 1555555555 ALICE E. SULLIVAN Criliic for Second Grade A. B. University of Pittsburgh Extension Work at State Teachers College at Eclinboro, Erie Center " 'QL X ,:::5:E-522:-p' , ,N .g k V -:ze-.5 we t 5, EVA WAGNER Crific 0fEl1gZl-XII Junior High A. B. Pennsylvania State College Summer Sessions at Columbia University KATHERINE O. WELLENREITER Crific of IlIatiza111a!1'fs I nfermediate B. S. in Education, Ohio University Summer Sessions at Columbia University ANN L. WILKINS SSI' A Critic 0fGe0grapl1y and Illusic-Internzedzfate Hi' Ph. B. University of Wfisconsin Extension VVorlc at University of Pittsburgh SSSEEEEHSSSSSSSSSEESSSSSSHSSSEEEEEEEl5H5':E':E5SEf1':l:Pl5 -41 102 ll- 5':E':l:159':F1':l3l El31El:l:E':FI THE, ERTEZ 1931 llIl:lllEiIlCllll:IlIl:llIlI:lL1ElI1l:lE 'ZF' llsalke Moods 'IE Eh I Eh 5:1 Calm H21 l:F1 The lake is smooth-its waters soothe, 5:1 And weariness takes flight. EFI I dive and dip, and quiet slip EE Out in the cool, still night. 1:1:1 5:1 I hide my face in foamy lace, EFI Where tiny wavelets play ll-F1 And whisper low the tales they know 5Q EFI Of nymphs and mermaids gay. 1:1-Tl Ha The moon from shronds of ragged clouds Smiles calmly down in peace,' lf-l:l I:F1 Each ripple gleams in pale moonbeams 1:1:' Like soft and shining fleece. l:l:l II I:l:l I:l:1 Storm l:l:1 I:l:l The breakers race in frantic haste EE l:1:1 To dash against the rocks,' EEI The pebbles grate on cliffs of slate- I5 The wild gale laughs and mocks. HT-1 EC1 I shoiit in glee when whitecaps flee EE As winds in fury shriek ,' EFI The flashing spray leaps up to lay E Wet fingers on my cheek. EE HI! N0 calm tonight with moonbeams brightj 5:1 The storm still rages high,' l:-E I love the gale, the storm-wind's wail, If 1:1-:I The white sea-gnll's wild cry. 5:1 I-:FI I Experiments in Verse-R. Ill. L. Ha E Poetry E A Definition EFI Poetry is a breath of life highly Colored with, or faintly suggestive of the EF EFI things men dream. Whether soothing or arousing the emotions, meter and rythm lj-T1 alone cannot make good poetry. Men may speak in their own words, without H:1 rhythm, of the stars, the night, or their little girls: yet they may be speaking H-:1 51:1 poetry. 1:12 Poetry is of reality or imaginationg it is restrained fervency, expressed in l:l:1 iitting words.-M. C. EF -all 103 ll' 5EE5GHS5G5'25'1.5GH25FI THE, ERTEZ 1931 l':F159':f:u':f:nL:f:nl:J':1':i':1EE?E 55 EH EE EE EF: 55 EE EF: H31 55 EE 55 H5 EE 59 59 E E 59 EE EF: EFI 59 'JCI H14 "Hold me n 1 1 'QE E am eagerfo h f . gg! I5 A h Q EFI 55 EE EH 55 EE EH EF: 55 '35 EE EE EH EE EF: EH EE H5 EE EE EE EF EFI EF: ' EF EE 3? ,EF':f:uEn':uEl:159EH':F5':n5C1':I::EF1E1l5EFnH:1EI71El:u':Fu':Fu':F1':F1':Fu.EFl':F1595Cu . -QI 104 1'- QEFHQEEEEQEEEI fff1EL ERTEZ 1931 lEn'5EE'35595EEEEn'3H5i 55 5 59 55 H31 E-H H5 2 FGDR H Mi 2 EH 2 55 H51 55 5 E3'ElDIQRS 59 3 ra i H5 E25 H5 "5 o W x ' EIC! 52 W W 5 EE 52 E 32 3 Ili' x W' 33 EE 2 QF 52 52 52 H5 x X EE gg X 55 EEF, 59 QE f EE E - 1 M 5 EE 55 5EE5f55252525252525252525252525252525252525252525252 -if 105 E- MR. W. VERNE ZAHNISER AEHEEQEFEEEFEQEFEFEQI 'THB EZRTEZ 1931 l':w'-H':l-i':E':E':l:u':FiEE':EE EEE lFou.iur Year Senior' History EEE LE OFFICERS E I-ti-:l First Semester IIE HI' President .,..,,,..,,,,, , e - - , , ,,.. Roy Bolkey if 'IPI Vice-President ...... - - . , .Isabel Foye :FI EF! Sefretary-Treasm'er .... . -M ..-.., , .... Nelson Hale EE 'jg Second Semester E IIE President ..,........... ........,,, M ildred Wilson EH EFI Vice-President .....,,,,r,,...r,.,., Ruth Hallinan IJIII ljla Secreiary-Treaszarer - .....,..,.,.,,, Coston Towns EE EE Four years ago, boys and girls together, we stepped into this de, school pathway. Today still together, we stand at the point where EQ the little path feeds into the broad avenue of the outside world. If H:l The little path has served its purpose. Its obstacles have tried Ha Elf, our mettle and tested our growing strength. At last, matured men 'IF' and women, we are ready for the long traverse that leads out over ECI an unknown country to eventually reach the setting sun. E H5 We are eager to go on. The rosy promise of life lies just where EFI EFI the ribbon of our road tops that first green hill ahead. Yet we H:l EE hesitate a moment for a last, long look back down the way we have H-T1 come. Suddenly a host of memories floods in upon us, In quick I:l:l review the pictures of our sorrows and our joys, our mistakes and our hcl EE triumphs pass before our eyes. EQ I:l:I But that part of our journey is over now, so a quick farewell and Ha EE with misted eyes we turn to the new road ahead. EE H::El:i':EEli':i5En'5':l5':l:l':F':E5':i':l:1El5El5LgFEl:1':F:':EEl:u':hH:1':l:lEi:15Eh --ll 106 ll- v Psssssssssssssselienl 'THE sruaz 1931 lssssssssemsgfaglaf. Marie W. Argow "Cowboy" 160 W. 20th St. Erie, Penna. Class Editor-3 Forum-3, 4 Glee Club-1, 2, 3 Pianist-1, 2 Accomp,-3 YV. Ath. Assoc-1, 2 3 4 Roy W. Bolkey HZ, "Father" R. F. D. No. 2 Ha Erie, Perma. P 4 Class res.-0 M. Ath. Assoc-1, 2, 3, 4 Basket-ball-1, 2, 3, 4 Captain-2, 4 Normen Club-2, 3 4 EE Vice-Pres.-4 Four Year Seniors -i l . .X 'X L. X. .,x X P J , l PJ' 2 W W x' ,VY lx AV! ll , 1 Esther L. Bash 'Ess XX fzshington, Penm. Art EclitorY2, 4 Class Rep.-4 XVelfare Board-4 Brush and Pal.-1 '7 jr. League NV. Votersfl 2 Chairman-2 1 Poetry Club-1, 1. HI' u , Science Club-1, Z.. EQ- Leona I. Chartley "G1'rl1'e" S39 E. 29th St. Erie, Penna. Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Poetry Club-1, 2, 3 Science Club-1, 2 ':l-?':F3nEl:1EH5'3lEF1':l5El5El?.El:1El:15'3':wCuEE5'f1':E':l:aE1E'n':15':1':F1':l:1EEEE':Fn -if 107 llv- f , ,f , 1 i ff l , !.Jg,6'Q! ,pa ffvcvwx I li n ff I ' " fxlaffudfl ll M .JV1 IJ U-IXAXL Lydvcwx-,g iq f, 5 4 Lx. X- X Qxcmfv Al' Mu R xy 5GEE5E59H2lfI'Fx6?,EIlTEZ1?l3l'Il1Cl5LiEi5EFi'Q.5L:E.LsE5F T its sg.. X Myrna L. DeVore 121 E. 29th St. Erie, Penna. Calendar Editor-4 Dramatic Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Poetry Club-1, 2, 3 YV:-lsh Staff-4 u. Editor-4 'iii ff' 'N I .1 ' M i lli .A f 99 .- R. Nelson Hale " Nate" 238 E. 22nd St. Erie, Perma. Class President-1 Class Secretary-3 Editor-in-Chief-2 Asst. Bus. Mgr.-3 Alpha Psi Omega-3, 4 EE Treasurer--1 E , . y 1 President-3 Dramatic Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Geog. Res. Soc.-3, 4 Vice-Pres.-3 M. Am. ASSOC.-1, 2, 3, 4 Basket-ball-1, 2, 3, 4 Normen Club-1, 2, 3, 4 President-3 Debatin Clubil 2 3 4 J Isabel M. Foye "Smiley" R. F. D. No. 6 North East, Perma. Class Vice-Pres.Q1 Class Sec.-Treas.-2 XVelfare Board-3 Forum-2 Prof. Club-4 XV. Ath. Assoofl lFccmuur Year Seniors 'l'l'l'l'I'l'l'l' ,dr- U Ruth F. Hallinan 3305 Cascade St. Erie, Penna. Class Vice-Pres.-2 Dramatic Club-2 Forum-2 Geog. Res. Soc.-3, -L Sec.-Treas.-3 Science Club-12 XY. Ath. Assoc.-1 "X, jxff 55El55f5':.':1En95ffi':l51EEEF1E1'55'55'3i5'5El5El5l:QEEEl5':EElf1':.F1':E':u'5El::EE -all 108 ll, K ssssssssssasssssssl fme, EIHEZ1931 lssssssssssssssssss EE Dorothy A. Hendricks ll DOI., 357 XX7. 22nd St. Erie, Penna. Class President-3 Class Sec.-Treas.-2, 3 Class Editor-3 Class Rep.-2 Alpha Psi Omega-3, 4 Brush and Pal.-1 Dramatic Clubh2, 3, -1 Cveog. Res. Soc.-2 Science Club-1, 2 XV. Ath. Assoc.-1 Margaret B. Marshall tKPeg!7 620 W. llth St. Erie, Penna. Inq Class President-3 Class Vice-Pres.-2 Social Rep.-2, 4 XVelfare Board-2 Asst. Editor-3 Class Editor-2 Alpha Psi Omega-3, 4 President-4 Debating Club-1, 2 Ha Dramatic Club-3, 4 Geog. Res. Soc.-3 Science Club-1, 2 Xxx 6 .580 .246 X , ,.f K .S lr .WW Y u Your Year Seniors Tl'l'I'I11'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'I'l'I'l'I'l'l'l' Albert H. Hilton HAZ., 1227 XX". 20th St. Erie, Penna. Conneautteean Editor Business Manager Class Editor-4 Dramatic Club-4 M. Ath. Assocgel Foot-ball Normen Club-4 Lucille E. Pollock "Lucy" 317 W. 3rd St. Erie, Penna. Eriez Stenog.-2 Debating Clubfl, 2, 3, 4 Poetry Club-3 Prof. Club-4 5L3L:l?Eal3':lf15':n5'5':l5E1'5uEE':l51':E':l5'g1f5595'-3'n5'i-m':l::':F1':EEEEF1il:1iFuEE --all 109 lk- sfaaassssssssssuassl fme, ERTEZ1931 Iss l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l. Your Year Seniors Ruth Lacey Spath 1262 W. 9th St. Erie, Penna. Forum--I Poetry Club-3 Prof. Club-4 if T 'Q nl' Mildred M. Wilson "Hifi," S36 E. 21st St. Erie, Perma. Class President-2, 4 Social Rep.-1 ' Welfare Boardfel Calendar Editor-3 Junior Aide-3 Sec.-Treas.-2 XV. Ath. Assoc.-l, 2, 3 President-3 Vice-Pres.-3 -- . -2 Wiueua smut "Willie" 344 W. 29th St. Erie, Penna. Forum-1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club-l, 2, 3, 4 1l Jean Stewart "Jean" Renova, Penna. Class President-1 joke Editor-3 junior Aide-1 Forum-3, 4 Secretary--l Science Club-2 XV. Ath. Assoc.-l, 2, 3, -L President-3 Basket-ball-2, 3, -1 Manager-3, -l Ruth I. Waite T0-1 E. 25th St. Erie, Penna. College Hi. Club-1, 2 Forum-3, -1 XY. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2 H3Lg.':l5l55559':l35'55'3E1'5El:il:n'f1':l3EF15'5':l:1':EEF1EE':l::':Fn5':nEnEu':Fb'-FEC: -ell 110 lk- ':l--il:l71':l:1':l31El-i':l:H:1':l:H51I 'T F163 ERTEZ 1931 l'1'i:ll3Cl'IEEi:l'IEi'l:l':l:l5q'1F1 WEEE555555EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mona Lisa It has been the habit for years to find some hidden meaning in the Mona Lisa of Di Vinci. There is the mystery in the deep-set eyes, the mystery in the enigmatic smile, the mystery in the calm repose. Many prominent writers have written volumes on the Mona Lisa, attempting to either explain what the artist meant, or to interpret the painting in their .own way. But let us recall that Mona Lisa is a portrait of the wife of a nobleman of the fifteenth century. Let us remember the importance of the nobility-and their consequent haughtiness. The Mona Lisa is then the portrait of a haughty noblewoman who views the rest of the world superciliously and indifferently. The mystery of the eyes is indifference, the enigmatic smile is a sneer: and her soul, we cannot know. An I1zz'e1'prefaz'1'on-R. Ill. L. Mona Lisa Before I had ever seen Mona Lisa, I had heard about her smiling eyes. I don't know just what I expected: perhaps it was a "Santa Claus" twinkle. Any way I still think that too much has been said of that smile. Mona Lisa seems to me a woman who has just had something come her way. She shows repose, and satisfaction, and a sort of studied measuring of something, which makes me think that she is considering the favorable results of some good piece of strategy. A n I nterpretatfion-D. G. EH EFEE':l5El:1E1':1':n':15'31E155'5':lf155El3E1':1H:1':.lf1':EE-E':H'n':1':EHiiEF15':1iF1':l31 -if 111 lk' 'EIHSEEHSEEEEEFHQHEHQI TBS, ERTEZ 1931 l':FN:E':F1':I:u':EEFu':E':FnE H31 t 55 H31 t 55 55 EH 55 EE EE EE 551 'QE 55 EE EE E EF 55 ':F EF: EE we If Yet G adm, tell it EE If ry truth: might I not ju bl t I:-E ll-E escape from the 'Whi1'Zp0oZ'?' Ha ISF! -Ch bd' EFI i EE 55 HZ: E i i E3 H5 55 E3 EE EE 55 H3 A 55 EE EF: EE EE EFEE5Cn55EE59H5EHEE':l?59H55f555EE':E':Eb'5':E':f:u':l:1':FuEF1kFuEF1t -1 112 lv- 1 EEQBEEEEEEFEQBQSQI fffilil ERTEZ 1931 I'3':1En5Ex5595EH5f:n':uf:1Ei55'5 EE 4 N4 J' . ' f , xv f K 55 553 my EE 59 3'i k x EH ea Q JN H5 59 fi EF Ha gf J, H5 EE EE 59 Lx L 5 z., E EE my x , 'fwff-Q. E A 1 I 515 Ei M 2' Qzlb Q IBC, , EE 5 QFUUIG RS EE 515 EFI . E3 F:F1':I5':EEn'f1':m':u55':E5':1El3F:l:1':E'n55':15'7159':4:lEE':EEFL:E':F i1C1b'5H71':Fu -111 113 lk- E':l:l.'ii:l':l:l5l:1':l:l':i:1':l:1':FIl THE, ERTHZ 1931 l595':u5'5':F15F1':F15l:u':l:tFi 555555 2:1 Q E. 3 5 5 '4 555'::5Fi5:n 5555 55 EE EE - OFETERS 5:1 ...ww-. Hz' 55 55 EE EE First Semester President ....... .5.5.5,555,5,5,5,5 M ina Crittenden Vice-President .,.5 ....... L ois Welsh Secretary ..5,. 5 5 .... Gladys Hartel Treasurer .555 5 ...,.5.5.v,,.,. Malcolm Mershon BCI Second Semester HI' President ,..,, . ,.,,..,,,,,,,,,.,....... Dorothy Gray Inq Vice-President- 5 5 5 ,... John Gillespie l:i:l HT1 ' Secretary- .,... .5 5 -Ida Bevilacqua EFI ECI Treasurer ,,,., 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ,5 .55555.55555 .. 5555 Gladys Hartel 'jg bzl VVhy should all the Greeks go clown in history as remarkable heroes? VVhat Ha ECI obstacles did they have to overcome? They were never students at E. S. T. C. I:-E Eg They were never Freshmen nor did they ever have to undergo a humiliating IIE initiation at the hands of such put-you-in-your-place Sophomores! In compari- HZI son, their battles were easily won! Moreover, their intelligence was taken for 'IF' EFI granted, whereas ours had to be tested and proved and perhaps even now, it EF is doubted a little. VVe battled hard that first year and gained sufficient recogni- EH tion to cease our struggle and become social-minded 3 in fact, we even held a party. H'-T1 EE This spirit increased and as Sophomores, we entertained the school at a I:i:l HZ, Hallowc'en party that was successful financially, gastronomically and otherwise. E The members of our class formed a large part of the Eriez staff in 1930 and looking Ha over the pages of that book, one wonders why the Greek manuscripts are even 'ZF'-I Hr' considered among the literature of nations. But in spite of having participated I-Fl in higher culture, we were not through with battling. Some higher power, fate '- Eg perhaps, decreed that we take more intelligence tests, this time in Edinboro, and l:Fl 'DEI there we contributed the best efforts of our imaginative powers for the enlighten- EFI IIE ment of Carnegie Foundation. VVill they, like the Romans, fail to assimilate or EE even respect them? 'jg ln this, our Junior year, we play, battle and feast as hardened old warriors. EE 'jr-Tl These present small frays in Measurements, Dramatic English and the like, EFI H:-I serve to whet our appetites for truly noble feasts, such as our recent tureen If 'ZF-1 supper. Also, we must continue to fight so as to be in trim for the Hnal struggle, I-:E Student Teaching. 5:1 Eh 5F555Cn':E555555555E55H55E5555':E55':F15Fu':F15Cu':F1':Fn':Fu55':F1 -all 114 liv- Wlb f . WJ , K ' If ' 1sa1 155 Wf2f1T.Z 11" f I HR' w Sk 1 Qkxrsgfw . J he of K .,.., v B X X , f '-us" Ethel J. Babe "Babe" 921 W. 31st St. Erie, Penna. .-yr, 1' 31.1 Ea.: n, Juniors Leroy E. Barber "Bobbie" 618 East 5th St. Erie, Penna. Basket-ballgl, 2, 0 Forum-1 Forum Club42 Prof. Club-3 Secretary-2 M. Ath. Assoofl, 2 Sec.-Treas.-1 Presic1entf2 Normen Club-1, 2 Sec.-Trcas.-2 BLM Science Club-1 . J -1 Wk 3 "' , ,K V N Ida J. Bevxlacqua 1 1 "4' . Mx .wl f ' A - " R 1 'QQT1 "Be'vy" ' .3 '-SEL-' F 1911 M' 1523 Wfalnut St. - Rm , X QF? . . 1.1 Q-bk AF V' 'fx'-fx .fp '1 Erle, Perma. 355' XXX 'W x ,,!. gg-ivy ' ,xv ,W 'A' . " ,K r Class Sec.-2 A ,o, M ' A ' Class Rep.-3 1 5 Brush and Pal.-1, 2 A, . 1- N nf" A f v! '--' ' 1111111 . ' wf lvr, - Presxdent-3 "3'1i'NM " "-.1151 - iff: 'AMX wN1 ,-X Olive L- Cfawfofd Wilhelmina Crittenden "OW 31f35"'2a'1Q S 1 - -J . et t. 2668 PCEICI1 St. Erie, Penna' Erie, Penna. QHSS EYES-if N A oc. ep.- Glee Llub-2, 3 Glee Club-2, 3 VV. Athi ASSOC'-3, 4 YV. Ath. Assoc,-1, Z, 3 sssssnsasqsssssssasssssfauissssss5555555525 --11 115 lv- EESHQESHQ 5S5S':FiH:iI THE, EIITEZ 1931 llIl:'Ii.:l:Iif.l:li:.l:l':l:llj:l',:i:IlIEE QE We siiaii Nm rail Q HE In 1921 when the Trustees of the Edinboro State Normal School I:-F1 secured the approval of the Department of Public Instruction in 'JCI eq order that the Erie City Normal School become a part of the State Institution, there were those who said Hitican but fail." l:l:l EF! Under the co-operative arrangement, the school at Edinboro HI' EE and the Erie Center have made phenomenal advancement. There IIE 'BE' has been a co-operation that could not fail. EFI ljlfl Your Alma Mater now has the opportunity to make another iz' advance step in the progress of the greatest educational institution EQ of higher learning in Northwestern Pennsylvania. EE If With a student body of whom we are justly proud, with a strong EE HI' faculty that will be strengthened, and with a forward-looking Board HI' of Trustees backed by the Department of Public Instruction, we li-F' challenge this new opportunity, and together we shall amalgamate li IIE the best that has come from the progress at both Edinboro and Erie. EF' It is not the end! Those in our Erie Center who have achieved Sq so much for the institution in a fine way will have a greater opportu- E HI' nity to carry on with a larger group under more favorable cir- IIE cumstances. HI' It is not the end! It is the dawn of a greater day for the students EFI L:-Fl of our Erie Center. 'jg 'IPI C. C. Crawford, President, Ha ':l:l STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE AT EDINBOR0 'SFI 55 '35 5'5L:il5':EE15':i'3EEElf159EF':lf1555L355El:15Li'n'55255555959555 allslk- 5'35?':F5Cl':l3l':l:H:l':E5ClI STKE, ERTEZ 1931 I5Cl5':n':l3':H:l:l':l:l':EEE59 Lillian E. Davies "Bill" 2703 Pennsylvania Ave. Erie, Penna. XYelfare Board-3 Brush and Pal.-2 Poetry Club-1 Sec.-Trcas.+l VV. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 Dorothy M. Gray "Dot" 2505 Liberty St. Erie, Penna. Class President-3 Class Eclitoril, 3 Asst. Editor-3 Brush and Palgl, 2 Juniors John C. Gillespie "J0l11117'1'c"' 448 VV. llth St. Erie, Penna. Class President+2 Class Vice-Pres.-3 Class Secretary-l ' Snapshot Editor-3 ChecrleaclcrA1, 2 Dramatic Club-1 Forum-2 Cweog. Res. Soc.-2, 3 President+2, 3 Vice-Pres.-2 Glee Club-3 Hi-Yi-1 M. Ath.Assoc.-1,Z2, 3 Normen Club-l, 2, 3 George W. Giesler ' ' lfVl1z'tey' ' 2-113 Peach St. Erie, Penna. Class Treas.-1 joke Rep.-1 Cartoonist-3 Soc. Rep.-2 Dramatic Club-2, 3 President-2 Hi-Yi-l M. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 Basket-ball-l, 2, 3 Track Norlncn Club-l, 2, 3 Orchestra-1 lVash Staff-3 Joan M. Hanley .JUN 728 XV. 9th St. Erie, Penna. Class Treas.-l Class Rep.w2 Forumgii D . - Cl b-2 -w Geog. Res. Soc.-2, 3 mmstlc il ' 0 Vice-Pres.-3 , mum SeC.-TreaS.-3 ll-. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 XV. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 Secretary-1 55L:l3l5'3:5':15ClE1f5ElflEEEn'5':E':l'flEl':l':F1Elfu':l:l':E':E5l35'55C1EE':l:1b':15':l':l5l -if 116 ll- ssssssssssssssssssl fme. ERTEZ1931 lssssssssssssssefass Cyril S. Johnson H:l vt , fl fin .l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l rx 1 'Q Jliuumonrs A "fs Gladys M. Hartel "GIady" 1230 E. 23rd St. Erie, Penna. Class Sec.-2, 3 Class Editor-2 Soc. Rep.-3 Forum-1, 2 Secretary-1 VV. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 ff ,,f:53y1.- , Q 'L 1 , 1 5 X N v L X A ,f .. -181 , af f f C - N' Catharine M. 0'Keefe ..KayH 618 Brandes St. Erie, Penna. NVelfare Board-2 Class Rep.-1 Dramatic Club-1, 2, 3 HC-yu 114 Hausmann Court Erie, Perma. Business Mgr.-12 Editor-in-Chief-3 Dramatic ClubS3 P Forum-2 :Q Geog. Res. Soc.-2 Y' Hi-Yi-1 Q M. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 N Sec.-Tre-as.-l P Tracksl X Normen Club-1, 2, 3 " Science Cluhfl xl 3 is yn' . E., --+,.' y5f V h V 3 1 Malcolm B. Mershon if N , P , HMM... , ,-I. fr 1 I I 1, ,lf f A, 1 i -Q, .VV.fyi.,J .J-fL4 V I-4"!14"" r Z4 U, I :P , 'U , 'gy on 3 ,Un Q, f"' 'U' C7' P :..v P5 mv -P' D2 Hp: -- A- fU'H'Ds3fvF"rfz5:.3 UQ R gf: -1 l' FD D U1 3 FD " GQ '-3 :..'1'J7Q .4 ,U E 'rv 5 l9y2'f"V OP- if E ,f b in O -" Q - V0 fp . E' "VU, I yn 57 I ... L: 2 gn f1Lwww.i I' U-7 .. O3 1-1 N, .A Q oo , H -N :O 1' 1 17 ' V3 "4 li' 'I V : Q- :gl h '04 P' ZS: :U v I 2 , fr 35 L ii S ?rx boro Perma. .., . , X F' ' X 5 X A 'A X , ,B ,J A 2681 Poplar si. . ' E P X XX ,Xxx E . y P . 5 HX xx 'QM TIC Enfla President-3 is 5 Tau. Phi Pi Frat. CPitt.J Vice-Pres.-2 1. ' Vice-Pres.-2 OrCl1CStra-1 L W X Executive Com.-2, 3 A54 , I WM of . if K EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE555555559 -ell 117 lk- J if ll W U H?EEEl5El25'2H5'3'?5E5'3I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 Ili lil? EFIEF1' Elf' BPH? 555555 Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts Robbie" 150 E. 31st St. Frm, Penna. Purcell, Okla. , .T e .5 X Q Qs, iw- , x - . ,if '-Hzgg: 'x A :" A e - .izrgm ' SEQ.:- C-if "N , 6,15 ,'.,.-.X .::'jg --' :gg , , .. . 2' A D L.. Sway 7511- 'W . ' 6 be ' ,.. I A ' 3' ' Qs Lois M. Welsh llL0ill 126 XY. 22nd St. Erie, Perma. Class Vice-Pres.-'3 Class Secretary-1 Asst, Bus. Mgr.-3 Dramatic Club-3 Girl Reserves Adv.f2 XV. Ath. Assoc.-l 7 EF' Treasurer-1 N Jlrulnicors , Elva W. Sterling HPFPH 221 E. 30th St. ' Erie, Penna. Dramatic Club-1, 2, 3 Sec.-Treas.+2 XV. Ath. Assoc,-1 2 3 W el SQ , Valor R. Shurrager "Val" 917 XV. 2Sth St. Erie, Penna. Forumv2, 3 Snapshot Drnmati Geog. M. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2, 3 Normen Clu6Al, 2, 3 I El:1':n'5lnCn':l::E1':1El5EwClEl-3El71':l71i-l5E1'5EFEl:u55':5EFnEl5'n'71':FubCu':n':n':l:1El:nEl:n -ll 118 ll- 55E55555555l fme, smez 19:11 55555555555 EE What ls Ymuur QE EFI Name? Addrc LJC1 59 H3 55 5 EFI 59 55 EE E 59 EE 55 EH 55 EE EE EE EE 55 U51 55 59 EE EFI EE EH 59 59 55 H5 ':Fu H5 H5 EE H5 EE H5 EFI EE H31 '15 EF: H5 EF' EE EE EE EE EE HQEQEEEEEEEQEQEQEEEEEEEEHSEQHSEH':E':EHF'355Cn5C1bCH::55 -if 119 lv- EEEHQEFEQHQHQHQEFEFI THE, ERTEZ 1931 l'3':uEv':1':I:1':n':u5':uEx'5l:!:u':E'gl:I:f EF' . 'QE 55 EH H5 E 55: EE H31 EE H5 EH H5 5 EE 2? EE E EH 59 IME The armor fitted every Z b E EE 'lsflljldaffm h P 1 h H5 EE had ever felt came ' I ' Z EE Q -A h . E EH EE H5 EH 'IF'-I 55 55 EFI EE 55 ':Fu EF: EE 55 EE 59 H5 bca EFI EE EFI EF E 3 5"9L:l5E19EF.L:f:lE15':f::':f7nEEEi:1EH:f:u59EI:uEl:1Ei:u':F':FaEFn':F15':n':F1':E':FuE5 -QI 120 lk- IEHQHIIEFEEQEFEQEFHQI THE ERTEZ 1931 I'3':iEf:n':1l3l:i5':f:u5':1EJqEl:uLiE 'JCI 55 59 H31 EF 533: EE 551 ifgilig 9 EH 59 :ima ' I 59 EEE egg f . H-T1 EE , N E aa 3 Q' Q SQK r , X 552 Q 7" EQ E2 if E 1 G HN" fa 55, SD ' E H9 Wllllhq 3 E H R gUQQ!llllPl Eg 3 HEAR. E 55 'N fx 52 55 59 if H5 3 ERESBUSEW N EE EE Q E35 ?I ini' .,.X. . Tl 5qL:l5En':n':f::':l:m':1'55'5i-r'55':155L:1'5':l5l:EEI:u':E55':F':E':EL:F1'i.1':15CI':f:1':JC1'EH -all 121 lk- E':l3i':l3H3EE':E':l31H3':l3lI 'I' F18 ERTEZ 1931 IEFi':FH:u':l:a':l:u':EEl:uEEE 3 Four Year Freshman History EE OFFICERS First Semester President ....., - ...,.,,,,,,,,.,... William Bannister Vice-President . e , - . e . a -Marilyn Woodburn Secretary ..,, . , . ,,,. Margaret Otten Treasurer- . , ,. ...,,,, , , .. ,David Yomtob Second Semester Pres'z'a'eni ....... - , . ,,,..,,,,,,,,. , - - . - - Earl Kyle Vice-President- t , . ,7v.... Clara Rhodes Secretary ...e, . e , -Marilyn Woodburn Treasurer- , . . . ,,,,,,,,,.., .,.,. .... A n na Koppelman On the second of September 1930 a very important event occured in the history of the Erie Center. The Hon. Fresh. Class started its career. In the Junior High Group there were exactly twenty new and intellectual personages. This class of 1934 started its noble career with a bang. First came the formal reception: all turned out in their glad rags, looking very wise and worldly. Then came the get-acquainted party. Such eats the poor Frosh had never before seen, so of course they stuffed themselves. We regret for statistics sake that the exact number of doctors called the next day was not kept. It may have been a high mark in the medical profession. Next came the Soph. Hallowe'en Party. VVhat fun, what eats, what cos- tumes. Everyone was out for a good time and they certainly had it. Then of course the Frosh had to have a get-to-gether party, because the unsympathetic upper classmen were initiating them, and they felt that they must make the ties stronger to shield themselves from such attacks. This party turned out to be a great success and a good time was had by all. VVe are looking forward to a happy prosperous future if the first year can be taken as any indication as to what will follow. EFiL:l:iEnl?E.-l31El555LgF5':1El3':E':1l3':l:1El55Cu':l5ln'f1':l:H:aEm':1':E':l::':l:n':EE.E5 -all 122 ll?- ':F':E':EEFrEl3r5'3r':Ifr':l:r'1FI 'FHS ERTGZ 1931 l'355'5':5.EEEE':.FrEl:r':F1EF1l Wallace M. Amy rrwallyv, "Sure" 2817 Raspberry St. Erie, Perma. William Bannister "Bill" "Harris" 234 E. 27th St. Erie, Perma. Class President Comstock Club Glee Club P. Albert Crawford UAV 416 Tiorresta Ave. Kane, Perma. M. Ath. Assoc. Basket-ball Elizabeth M. Doyle "Tommy" "Oh, Gee." 708 North Park Ave. Erie, Perma. W. Ath. Assoc. r ., . .sri 'an c " t, I . IZ Philip Baker "Pele" llS E. l7th St. Erie, Perma. J. Charles Bennett "C'l1aIlie" " Now linear" 2656 W. 23rd St. Erie, Perma. Glee Club Normen Club ,l.. "Om-ig 1 R. F. D. No. 5 North East, Penna John M. Hickey "f0m1ie"' "Good Grief" 1902 Brandes St. Erie, Perma. V Times Rep. Herald Rep. Wash Staff Comstock Club Glee Club H:rHfw':E5'f55'?':HEE':l:1':EEl:r':r'5':lfrEnC3EEEE'n':rH3EE'n':n':l:n5':rEFr':EEl:E':r -all 123 ,ff .5 A, W' .n 1 Q! lx, 4 C C. Lf ,' . EQEQSQEQEPAQEFHQEQI 'THB ERTEZ 1931 lElCl':l:l':E':El:l:lEHbClEl:l':Fll !m1b'M,Myl4! 1 WW EE ' ' let J. Gillespie .1 448 W. llfh sf Geog. Res. Soc. XV. Ath. Assoc. El-:I Erie, Penrla. H31 Ross S. Kitts "Rosie" "Thal's 1'-ight R. F. D. No. 4 Erie, Penna. Normell Club Glee Club J Y William Xgle n 1 if Duke x 'J ll h- uhm nj u f ' ff J n I ' xl!- , QZWV. nth - Erie,. Pezurfal. 551555555 NATX X4 u CE og : 5 667 H . CRX S38 E. 24th St. Erie, Perma. 0041 H3 Mildred H. Huebner "Connie" ll Yes!! 317 W. 26th St. Erie, Pellna. Glee Club W. Ath. Assoc. Anna G. Koppelman "A nn" H0111 Gee why" 2613 WVayne St. Erie, Penna. XV. Ath. Assoc. William T. McMurray "Bill" "Mac" 909 W. 30th St. Erie, Penna. Franklin B. Meyer 2313 XVayne St. Erie, Penna. Normen Club BQEQEQEEEEEQHSEQEEEEBQEEHSHEEE'j5EEEl:l':l5':l5':l:l':FlL3E':l71E'.l5 -ill 124 Wash Staff y 1 W. Ath. Assoc. V' Mb Mar nL. urn .iw , slisserissslielisssielil fthe, 51111521931 lssssssssusssisisli' 'N A f l Margare tten 55' . .. 6 , "Yo W ipe me." 1018 A . sth sr. ie, Penna. ass Sec. T Comstock Club V. Ath. Assoc. bf. Igwp lllj Uv Clara A. Rhodes Q ll lf .. . .. j A I W S-zs l l'!'Qly!!hars and thrz'pes." V J 3010 Holland St. Erie, Penna. Class Editor Wash Staff Comstock Club VV. Ath. Assoc. ' I A l ea tte ifeabrooke - 11 Jackson St. Erie, Pcnna. If Class Rep. 416C sn t. re, P na. l ss e-Pres. amatic Club . Ath. Assoc. William Panitzke "Bill" " Yeah" 1028 W. 29th SL. Erie, Penna. M. Ath. Assoc. Normcn Club Mary M. Schmidt "Mickie" 12205 Cascade St. Erie, Perma. Wash Staff Myrtle L. Shampoe "Dickie" Q9 . 4 J "Uh, O11 you an nlelzbf I 760 E. 7th St. Erie, Perma. NV. Ath. Assoc. Davidf G. Yomtob cfflllfwc 'IK' is ma fo0t.' M' 554615 AE Perma. Wash Sta , We la ' u 'Aj . yo men Club l J,,,,p-JA! ' s x ssssssssssssssessssssssssssssssssssssass . A -all 125 ll- ! f .Lf v3 2 If C. C. CRAWFORD, LL. D. President: State Teachers College At Edinboro 4593, E':F':E55EFuEF7u':F4':F1':EI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I':u5':f3u':lfm':I:uE155L3':iF':I:nEl:Ef EF. A L EE EE 55 EF. EE E9 EE EE 55 EE EQ 55 55 55 E5 EE QE EE H3 EH 59 A ' ZZ you take ojense EE E 'QF' 1. I . EH Q -C '1 Of The God Q ':Fu EH EH 59 H2 55 55 'QE EH EE EFI EE 55 EE EE EF H5 EE 55 EE EF EF1 59 ' EE EE P? '1F':EEE':1flEFl':EEF5159':I5E5':E':lf1':f5E!:1':ffu':EH5':u':n':l:nEE':F:':Fn':Fn':Fnh':u --elf 126 jk- . 'QJEEFEFEFEFHQHSEQEQI 'THE ERTE'-.Z 1931 IEEEEHEEEHHHQHQQFRI 59 2 as ' 9 E3 J KOH E 5 wi 9 as 5 an 5 9 EE E eq as 5 U5 R 5 EE EE 5 ea eq aa EQ as era as aa as 59 Ha as aa EH as Q EE aa W ae eff. 55 as 52 EFH71H:15':s':l:n5':1EEE1En'3l:uEf:n5'5':u'55':1EEEE53':n':f:15':1'3L5':F1':FH:1':FH:lEH -41 127 ll?- EEEEEEEEFHEEI THE, ERIEZ 1931 l5':1E19'n'5E1?':f5':v55'fntFEE1i 55 EE EE EE EE HE EE E E Q . . . 59 AGEU W fines EF EE X , 55 H3 H3 2 0 aa 52 :Oz 5 EE EE EE EE 59 59 59 52 59 H5 WX EF. 52 EE H5 N 59 525252s525252525252525252525252525252525252525252 -QI 128 112- 55 H3 EE Q 52 E lx E EE M2 2 E 59 EQFEEHQEQSQHSLEEQEI ST F18 ERTEZ 1931 I5C1':E'3'55'5':E55iEEF1i 5 E E 5 E E E X! E 5 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE555555555 -1 129 E- 0 as E we QQ 52 H5 ea 52 475 fini i E E 5 n 5 CQMSXEGYP Q E E E 5 EnB5B':E5Ci59EF':.l55Ci':l?I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 I':E5':i':hEl:i':EEFi':EEl:iEFu JOKES Do you remember: The look of surprise on Al. Hilton's face when the shade in room B fell on his head? The disappointment of the students in P. O. D. when Mr. Palmer failed to show up for the final exam? Mr. Emery's nonchalance when he received three proposals just before his trip to Cali- fornia last Christmas? Grace Shirley's Scotch burr cropping out when she gets excited? The Frosh girls trying to follow Annette in a Spanish dance during initiation? "1Yhitey" playing foot-ball with a husky two footer? The day jimmy Totman came in on time in Economics Class? Roy Bolkey's one-handed shots? The campfire cooking on the Comstock Club hikes? Cur Kresge Balls, without a stag line? Paging a piano player for the noon play period? Monday-Cream Soup: Tuesday-Tomato Soup: Wednesday-Bean Soup: Thursday- Celery Soup fremember what I told you about celeryl: Friday-Vegetable Soup. The P. N. A. C. basket-ball game of 1930? Those famous trios: lda, Bill, and Dot: Marie, Mil, and jean: Dorothy, Marion and Maryg and Grace, Annette, and Ruth? "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away?" "Now please don't misunderstand me, young people? Mr. McConnell's, "Good afternoon, young ladies and young gentlemen?" Dashing madly down to gym? . Elva and her foot-ball player? Miss Hudson's gentle reminders that this is a Class "A" Teachers College? Our short lived, f'1Vash Board", basement, attic, and so forth? Butch Yochim's and Cy Johnson's picnic dinner of apple pie and beans? Bill Bannister riding to school in a street- car on January 9th, 1931? The day Shirley said, "I must be blushingn? The day Mr. McCommons said, "Kam- inski", when Mr. Barrett rapped on the door as he was calling the roll? John Gillespie failing to write his daily letter in the library? Collegiate Proverbs CSophomoric versionl Do not calculate the amount of juvenile poultry until the entire process of incubation has been completed. The custom of retiring at a reasonable hour and arising at a similar hour has been known to benefit the physical condition, create a desirable state of financial indepen- dence, and to increase the intelligence quo- tient. Persons who inhabit residence constructed of a brittle, transparent substance, should re- frain from hurling missiles of metamorphosed soil. An unnecessary surplus of culinary experts may damage the palatability of the bouillon. A perambulating portion of igneous or sedimentary soil will collect upon its surface no alternating generations of the class Musci, phylum Bryophyta. Slips That Pass In The Papers King Wlenceslaus was accompanied by twelve 'beer-eaters', traditional bodyguard of the king.-fErz'e Dixpatrlz-Heruldj Miss justina Baron. faculty member of the Eriez staff, urged the students of Erie Center to hand in pictures for the snap-shot section of the 1931 book. john Gillespie and Miss Baron will receive the saps, and it is hoped that this will be one of the most attrac- tive divisions of the book. 'fEVI.E Dzfspalflz- Heraldl -Now, now, that isn't nice, Jay M. English As Mastered In Manchuria Copy of a letter received by an American firm from an Asiatic correspondent located in Mukden, Manchuria. Sirs: I am 1Vang. lt is for my personal benefit that I write for a position in your honorable firm. 1 have a flexible brain that will adapt itself to your business and in consequence bring good efforts to your honorable selves. My education was impressed upon me in the Peking University in which place I graduated Number One. I can drive a typewriter and my English is great. My references are of the good, and should you hope to see me, they will be read by you with great pleasure. My last job has left itself from me for the good reason that the large man has dead. It was on account of no fault of mine. So, honorable sirs, what about it? lf I can be of use to you, I will arrive on some date that you should guess. 5BEl5':hEF1':h5':i59':E5-l:15B':h':i'5E1'1iEl:i':lfiln'5':h':F1':h':Fi':1':i':Fib'5L-l:1':h -if 130 ilk- E :l':FL:E':f:n5q':Fml:I:n':l:1':f:1I ffftli ERTEZ 1931 I':F1':1Cu'3CiH:l':F15E':f:lEFl':lE ae W 2 55 , PC - .V i EE E ' ' UN 5551 EE I . HI 4 - If -IUC' , , J: I i f """ 555' 3 E7--T'i 'w E EE 5 H5 ECI Lo EE 'PIE wt Cas Q f EE as K if W as EPR .Q I E 'ZH . X MHYBRTREYTKE 4 'QN 'Xf bg Ha -' -5 A han Hnuemx, - IIE W" -fig-:-C-'-- . if W HEEHBSKE EFI IME MHIL OR K Dom- you 111539 EF' EE: 77 . , ' ' 59 E + EE 1- X S Q2'f i , ,., p x- HI' KA gw 455 5 "Fi E HI' JY ii -' I K EE H5 7 N S gy BQ Q 'qi-Hhjj,,x 59 , V1 -, ' new we wow. 3 , PHP TOY Cum BHLKF-Ylsemd Lana m K E Ecu 55 ':F':f:1':f'3L:1E15':n5q5q':f:n':F':l:n':F':F55EuL:u55'3q':FH:1':f:1':1Er'::F1':FH:H:15El n -el 131 lk- E5'55'?EF59El:u':l:15'71H?I THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'3Cl':F1EEHiH5':l:1':F1E-l:u':Fn Student: XVhat am I to do in preparation for the music exam? Mr. Emery: just read the notes. Towns: I wasn't going forty miles an hour, nor thirty, nor even twenty. Giesler: Here, steady now, or you'll be backing into something. Miss Baron: Who was the father of the Black Prince? Student: 'Why, old King Coal of course. Mr. Zahniser: Young man, your composi- tion on milk is half a page long, I said two pages. Earl Kyle: I was writing about condensed milk. Lucile Stafford: Have you heard the latest Ford Joke? Mary Brown: Don't make me laugh. I Own it. Peg Otten: The bus drivers are very romantic in this city. One of them said to me "Fare Lady." Cy Johnson: My shoes are killing my feet. Bernie Althof: They're killing mine too. Don't think you're a bargain because you're half off. Al H.: May I hold your hand? Olive C.: It isn't heavy. I can manage it, thank you. Peg Cat dancej: This is the twelfth time you've been to the refreshment buffet. Nelson: That's all right. I tell every- body I'm getting something for you. Bud: IfVhat makes that cop so fast? Lois W.: Probably too much traffic jam. Sis R.: Can any of you tell me what makes the Tower of Pisa lean? Sally S.: I don't know, or I'd take some my- self. Mamie D.: It says to beat the whites of eggs until stiff. I think they must be done now. Dot B.: Vllhy, are they stiff? Mamie: NO, but I am. Miss Metzner: Why do the lakes in Sweden occupy more territory than those in Norway? Ruth Viau: Because they're bigger. That's the way to do it. A teacher was having difficulties in teaching a small pupil to pronounce his "R's". She gave him this sentence to repeat: "Robert gave Richard a rap in the ribs for roasting the rabbit too rare. The boy promptly replied: "Bobbie gave Dick a poke in the side for cooking the bunny too little. Heard at the basket-ball game. Dot Sheldon: The referee rang his whistle. J. Hickey Cannouncing in assemblyl: "There will be a meeting of the Wlash Staff Thursday. Wle would like to have representatives from each class. Class presidents, send us your jokes. Miss Ketcham: What are the constituents of quartz? Roy K, CBrightlyj: Pints. EF':FfE1'3nEli':l:1El5Elf1':Fi':h':li1EE55':l:1EF15'iEn'F':F1Eh'd::Eh':EEh55bCvEh all 132 H952 EFI l:FH:":Fuj:, 'zfinjqbci I STKE, ER 5555555555 52551 HI: sb 55 EE , 1 EE i- a ?'Q, " Z., ,, ,, 'U . .fiiv ', il IJ In A 'IF' ' E5 f 1 EE EE .af Q Q 55 EE 1- , 3 EE Th f S IIICI W 00.-,g,Mj 'A " ,gg ,gf ' 5 HH . , fa H l . b fi 2 EE H fk 'ff-Q ' EQ EH Pi EE Z 'isf x 'xi' f fi H P :E EF' X 9 me az ,,.... N I A Q au. EE . X X '1.."4:v ,.-, , H5 A I f ' f H2 55 fm , ff ff f EF EFI up 'QF' aa M T 6' EE ' una B - E 'S E EH 55 IIJIII J-1.4-gg, Mm wt H'-:I EE 0 i Q' HH 55 ox Kay L 55 'fl '. 1- g m ',1:kA E QI ' is EE 'IH ':f:n3q 'nil ':FnEE5f:,5qH:Ha E 51' - 552 'qi 133 H715SEF':F':E':l5EFEE5!3I 'I' F163 ELRTEZ 1931 IEJ5EE!3SEJ':i':Fi':EEl:iEEEh Mr. Snyder: VVhat is H N O 3? Mac Mershon: I've got it on the end of my tongue- Mr. Snyder: Spit it out-it's nitric acid. Marriage is a great institution-for those who like institutions.-Winrhell Mr. Emery fexplaining to Girls Chorusi: To sing well, you should open your mouth wide, and throw yourself into it. Hey, Bill," the electrician called down to his assistant, "grab hold of one of those wires." "All right," said Bill, "I got one". "Feel anything?" xrN0pelvv it Good! I wasn't sure which was which. Don't touch the other one-it's got 6,600 volts in it." Frosh fwatching Kay O'Keefe play the celloi: My, what marvelous linger movement she uses! Soph Cwarninglyjz Don't mention finger movement around here: you're liable to be Cooked! "Seems to me," said the little grapefruit, "you're full of juice." "I don't want any back-talk from a little squirt like you," retorted the big grapefruit. Did you hear about the physiography student who called an Houtwash plain" a "wash basin"? Guess The Breed A man advertised for his lost dog, describing it as "A dog-and-a-half long, and a half-a-dog high". Miss Sullivan: The "Bard of Avon" made one of his characters say, "My kingdom for a horse". Al Crawford: I always though Shakespeare said that. This is what happens to poems when they are written down after being learned "Liza Greatmen all remindus Vweaken maker Liza Blime, Andy Parting, Lee B. Hindus by rote: Foot prince ona sanza dime." Miss Sullivan Cgiving testi : Show the effects of the Norman Conquest on English literature and give illustrations to prove statements. Annette Canswering second partbz Illustra- tions may be found in Heath Readings In English Literature. Mr. Barrett: I stepped into a printing press the other day. "Now who threw this banana pee ice?" Cy Cin physicsl: Mr. Snyder the meter has fallen. Mr. Snyder: Very much? l on the thermo- Cy Cslieepishlyj: Oh, about five feet, Attorney: NVhere was the prisoner the cow? milking Witness: A little back of the center, sir. DeVore: I don't mind jokes if they're mature, but I do hate them with whiskers. Johnson: Then keep away from the section. Russian Maid: lVhere is Dr. Jekyll? The collector is here for another payment on the radio. Mrs. Jekyll: He's down in the cellar Hyde- ing. Mr, Barrett: Miss Hanley, what was the cliief recreation of the old feudal lords? Jo.: Riding the serf. ESBSESEEESHHESHSBSEEEEEFHSHHBSBS':E':E':l:u5C:EEEHbS5H!:l5 -ali 134 Ilf- 5l:E5'31':E59EE5C1':E5'5H5I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l'nC15':1':E':F:H3':E':EEF1EH H5 'LEE Q A ' .J fm EE EFI X V-'Fw 1 FT. I K ' A HI' 'UC' o T9'l " Q..-1 W " 9 I 55 'ZF' ' 1 I -.:.-. I H3 Y T x .H Wt, 2" ' 1 55 EFI 'r ff-' Mnkonwu X f HNCHORS AWAY I:-E IIC' HSE My ruxxsa N ..lx,h,:.. . .Q qv 'JE' E P 'S EE E 5 EE RIDING: FOR A FAL EE 'jf' F hi I ' I5 'ZH Oun M usicrmm .Q.. A .. EH EE Ima Q fp ?nEAEiK' EE h Xxx - qxlbh ,ffj I ,X 55 , 23-':!pf,g EH F3 55 X ,. ,I .1 .VA H1-I Xl lj jxhjj ' ,f , EF HI' a 7 BETA Coax, who ,nag I EE HI' N D'S10vfREU LPNBRADORGD a, ljli, IDC' , 1 H Em on nose AD. - 5 HI' Il-F1 wi ECRET OF SUCCESS, WHHTS WRONG: HERE . tiff' EE EF 5'::':f:1':E55':1:n5':u5'5':H5'5Lgi:u':f5':F5':1l:F1':!5':E5555595555555 all 135 lk- 5':l':EH3l5'?59H:1EF':FEl31I THE, SRTEZ 1931 I':z':1':EEE':!::En5b'?':E'n5':Fu 55 55 A Message Inq From Our Director 'SFI Among the national ideals which distinguish Americans from other peoples are those of individual self reliance and equality of opportunity. These national ideals control the conduct of the compo- nent part of the body politic, not only in those adjustments that have reference to government, but also in many matters that concern only the individual himsebf. By virtue of his ideals he sends his children to the public schools and permits the public to supply them with materials for which he pays in taxes, and at the same time helps to give to the children of others the advantages that they might not otherwise have. At the same time, our great public educational system must have leaders and for this our people are willing to pay too. To do such training the various states have established special institutions. Since most of the expense of these institutions is met thru tax by Common- wealth, then there should be a choice of the best materials for the teaching jield. People who send their children to the public schools have a right to ask that real leaders be employed, tlzat those leaders be people of vision, that they know children, see what should be done, and know how to do it. In other words, skilled workmen in the field of teaching are tlze ones who are sought and kept. ' You, who are accepting free schooling to the end that you may be- come leaders among the young people of today, should think well. Do you have the ability to take and use, to your own advantage and that of others, the educational opportunity made possible by the state of Penn- sylvania? Such opportunity means service to the people in terms of leadership for the rising generation. Have you given enough of your time and energy to jind out whether you have latent abilities that might make for real worth in the indicated yield? If not, then make room for the other fellow who may be waiting for such chance. EE 59 ':FEu'-H5C:':F1EE59EF':t:u':l5EI3EE'1n'5':l5':1f3':if1L:J9':tf1':H5'f1L:EEF1':l:n':t5Ei:n':E -tt H, II.- EF5'31EE':Fr':l31':FrEl?':l3lEl?I THE, ERTEZ 1931 IEnCn55El:1':"n':E':l:u5':uEl:tl:n Did you hear about the sea-sick passenger who put glue in his soup to keep it down? Korrell: Basket-ball note-George Giesler has sprained his ankle, so jimmy Totman will not be able to play. Did you see Oliver Twist, Aunty? Hush, child. You know I never attend those modern dances. Senior CI-Iaughtilyjc Do you know who I am? Frosh.: No, don't you? In Chicago: Don't be silly, Mr. Peebles- it was an automobile backfiring. Those must be moth holes in your vest. Viau: Are you a sailor's sweetheart? Shirley: No, I don't like salt with my mush. New song title: Why do they make holes in the Swiss Cheese when it's the Limburger that needs the ventilation?-Waller Wi7lCflFfl Attention, Physiographers! Tourist Clooking at peculiarly shaped boulderj: And just where did you say this rock came from? Guide: A glacier brought it down. Tourist Clooking aroundl: And where did the glacier go? l Guide: Oh, it went back after another rock. George Yochim: XVhen I played Hamlet, the audience took half an hour to leave the theatre. "Duke" Kyle: lxVas he lame? He had just arrived in the country, and was not familiar with the use of the telephone. So he took down the receiver and demanded: Aye vant to talk to my wife. The operator's voice came back sweetly: "Number, please." "Oh,"he replied, "She ban my second vun." -. Leroy Barber: VVhen I read about some of these wonderful inventions in electricity, it makes me think a little. Mr. Snyder: Yes, isn't it remarkable what electricity can do? An Irishman was mounted on a mule which was kicking freely. The mule finally got its hoof caught in the stirrup. Begorral exclaimed the Irishman, if you're going to git on, I'll git off! Heard During Semester Review Senior: VVhat are you studying? Soph: English Literature. Say, do you know anything about Milton? Senior: NV-ell, he got married and wrote Paradise Lost. Then his wife died, and he wrote Paradise Regained. Modern Child's Prayer "And talce care of mother and father, mother's husband, father's wife, and mother's fiance."-L1fcf Johnny: I can't understand what is wrong with my razor. It won't cut at all. Margie: Nonsense, john. Your beard can't be tougher than the oilcloth. "I can read your minds like a book," the prof droned on. "I can tell you just what each of you is thinking." "W'ell, why don't you go there"? remarked a cynic in the rear seat. Frosh CAt Christmas Ceremonialj: lVhat's a wassail? Hilton: Haven't you ever seen a wassail- iron? "The thing to do in college," says the wise sophomore, "is to make a good impression, and then slide on it." May we add that most sliding is done down- hill? EFlEd:lEE':l5':Fi':Fi55':l55li55':lfr':l3E1'flhL5':l:1'nli':l:1E:Fu':l:u':l5':l:n':l:u':F1EEH5 --jj 136 jj- V' 55EH9':F':f959':l9':FH95EI 'THE2 ERTEZ 1931 I59595E595f95i95E59E9q 59 59 Trax Q. Ps Fox VEEK Canned EE Sovsxsed Y Gmmg! '2" EE 59 f 59 59 Q 5 55 5 AQQVZI eq H9 KQV W 9 592 wh L 7 59 59 59 ' 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 59 5 59 m .Qi , HZ' -'riff Hi 59 59 59 59 59 H9L:f9':f9':f9':F9':f95l9':f95'f9L:f9':f9':f95'9':l9':f9't.f9H9':f9':f:1':Fu5C1':FI':F1'ZFI59 137 555555555555555? 5 EE ,:.,g 5 EF' 'X E VWXM X 5 I tv ,.,,A lfl- ff, ge, 8 Q fa 5 on X55 K2 Ee' E112 KR EE W as 55555555555555555 55555555555555555 55555555 15 7 A.: 1 , -d Tm Beugs 5cnon-mf q,, .W 5 31: 555555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 55 225 55 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 555 x I - X W y i K 'FRNlNlEx Concnsm '-gf xx ' M , -:Zi 5 f Q ' .. .ri 'I' v 5 jg A Snug? or Agny .lfsi sg? :Dorn QVNVE GIRLS, W' , ' Ons M A 'nmfw grew- -- gf 5'5-ai.-31-I ' 'gi':F555C.55H5H35959l 'THB EPJEZ 1931 I'nC1EE':u':m5':n':J'mEE':EEE5EE 555'::EEE1':n55H:u':E5':m J 8 -'Q -I 2' 2 2 V 5 Q gs mf 5555955555555 5555 ':1':1 55 EH 'Duo 'IF' IEE - Smdes Shhed luv iitz zgg .b ' BEE 5 ' ' 5 H5 ':F1 EE H5 '15 EE E 'IF' .PEFQ MOT! .-WM AM'-Igagyg' hc, H31 '35 H:1':Fn'3CnEF55qEl:uEf:nEf:1H:uH:nE1E1EI:mH:uEi:uEl:uEH':EL:E':f:l':f:1':1':l':f:l':F1':Jq':Fl -if 139 H5':FH?El3H3El3i':l3i5'?":l:iI 'FEEL ERTEZ 1931 l'35EEEFi':E':l:n5EEE':l:Hn He: I-I-I l-1-love y-y-you! She: Say it again. He: M-my gosh! I-I s-said it three t-times the f-first t-time! In a theme: The sun fell through the yellow dimity curtains and hit the floor. Might have been a meteor, mister. Suspicious old lady Cin the country for the first timel: VVhat's that funny stuff on that sheep? Farmhand: VVool ma'am. Suspicious old lady: lfVool? Huh-it's prob- ably half cotton. Korrellatively speaking: There's nothing too severe in this world for perople who talk too much. VVhat's wrong with this picture? In a theme: A strong, manly face set upon broad shoulders. A drunk leaned over the Queensboro Bridge and gazed at the reflection ofthe moon in the water. A cop sauntered by. "Shay, officherf' said the stew, "ish that the moon down there?" "Yes it is," said the cop. "Then," hiccupped the drunk, "howinell did I get up here?"-Walter Winchel. Greeting Cas we climb to the third floor for first periodjz Top o' the morning to you! Little boy sight-seeing in Wfashington: Papa, when are we going to see the red,tape? Regarding those tall ones: A liar is a fellow who has no partition between his imagination and his information. Take that you big Swede! It was commencement evening. A youth rose to deliver his oration, the subject of which was "Light". He began: "In the beginning God said, 'Let there be light', and there was light. Now let us consider some of the modern improvements." Wfhat we could do to people who grin foolishly and remark, "Sure, I'll go up in an airplane-if I can keep one foot on the ground." Joke Editor: I'd like to get off something sharp. The Cynic: Try sitting on a tack. Landlord: Yes, we have two rooms for rent, fifteen dollars a week. No cats, dogs, pianos, victrolas, radios, or children allowed. Prospective Tenant: Do you mind if my pen squeaks a bit? At The Photographers Grace Shirley: Please arrange for the picture of the VVash Staff. Photographer: How many scrub ladies and janitors do you have at the school? The Power of the Press Then there's the one about the preacher who began his prayer, "O Lord, as you have doubtless seen by the morning papers-" Things To Do In Examinations Bill Z. fafter physiography finall: I made her think I knew the answers but wouldn't let on. The candidate had completed a full course of study in veterinary surgery, but had never practiced. He branched out into politics. During a political meeting his opponents re- ferred to him as "the vet", and in a heated debate one of them asked, "Are you really a veterinary surgeon?" "VVhy do you ask?" queried the quick- witted politican. "Are you ill?" Mr. Barrett Cspringing a testl: Now we are going to have a storm. Voice: VVe forgot our umbrellas! Lecturing Frenchman: Ees Meester Henri Ford in dees audience? QDead Silenceh Lecturer: I thought I saw hees car outside. Joke Editor's Lament. No matter how I dig and hunt, And work my fingers sore, Some darn fool is sure to say, "I've heard that one before!" EF':l:i5S':l5':nl3EE5'55'35ffi5'5':l5':l5':l3i5CiL:l3':?ESEEHSEEBHEEEEEEES -if 140 ili- EQEEFEFEQEFEQHQEFEFI 'THB HRTEZ 1931 I':mCn5':n':z'55Cm55EFti:1EFgg 5 E E 5 5 E 5 5 E 5 Hi, A Lament EF, E E ag I have been printed, stitched, and bound, lj-il EFI Autographed and passed around, EE EE -The Last of the Eriez. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5 ,E EF':I5':I:u':E':Fu':l3n':F3':1l55'3':I71':E595C1Ef:1El:1':5':Fu':E':H':E555C1EE':FuEH --if 141 jk- Blotted, blurred and skiqfed about, Ha And every thing but worn out. 'IF' With pages torn, and dog-eared too 'IE And splashed with inlay both black and blue, EE Some words of praise, a slam or two, EE Cartoons, verses, or somethingunew. EE But the worst is yet to be, EFI For I, in silent perjidy IZFI Will upon a bookshelf lay EFI The emblem of a happier day. IIE An ejigy, a ghost no doubt Eg Of college days spent here about, 'IF' A shadow of a time well spent, IIE-1 I do now end my sad lament. l-:FQ E E E E E E El:f71':F5q':Fu':Fu':Fm':l:n':Fl ffftll SRTEZ 1931 I5Ci':f:n':f:n':l:u':f:n':l:n':JCl':f:1'1E EH H5 H5 FE E Aftermath 'JE' 55 'U""""'3S"U'D:UE. D535 F331 aseificimwwaeal 0:-Q iw:-2 -9 ...-:Q,,... 5'-.1 9-V'-f...5-- -1 '3..g:m:m., ,2'Q.2g-11 F,-rg: 3:--1:-1 D 5ifHT1'D:s'1 Ewa 45", .-fiffaii -1 5 f" FD 9 O 3 535-'Q',g3s0?Q5'a, M289 133:23 un ,TS--rlbcfz'-xii.-fUr1g'-'5,...' 3,52 F-gffm' 5- mo -A O eww' Saw :D--Use -v-.DKDO p'- .,.,. Q ,-, -Q-. Z' UQ o-O-w'DU1::D5ora- '5"'m Q:Lf"" '5 1 'ff-+2-:n,3E"f1-jf-P212 52.53. Qitmgdg . THHOUUQA: as-:wo mom: :ESQ 5' E-5 f:O52.EUQ53:2'DE' VT: 55 ",.,fo'5' 'S Q N .... -,.,:sUQ'-3-,.,67G,3i 'mm FD .40 :l1g'i'N' .4 ""'f... ,JW E X' 'Of-r TD- UTD Nems Q U:-rggwgi'-f'DgT,-JD sw: mg:-'fp 'X-ZZN-N FD mf'DEd',...13g5m:5-'-O ,.1.'-t-1 mmm ggmwg pg g,,,5H.,D og :Bam Egwg :r f-+51 mwew rn. f0'mD:g5mO::.-. .f: .-.ff- E,:"gm N235 11 Seine QHMSUR PTUS- Siffqe game, "' gamgfagm Tggfe- 2.-f 0"DU3..f-r ,Fiviw ,Ed ':n'2'2,sD"'g-gmmvvc ima- gf'3.9,2' 'QQ:N3' f-f - s:s"'U'-+-v: ' UQV df' 53372-' " EQIQQEQEQEO UE' 53.2 'DfD:po ,.3eLN I an 'FH' U'f'D"'39f-5 :JDS BBW? 1. E ..-.UB O-ON .-. CD Q 5335 Uigizfbfffiswfw .mf 3.232 Q mmm UQ--Q-'o5'S.51 DHS 0:23 fD"U,5' NN-mb FD" -1 m"WS'N4.'I5" f'DQ,,m U15-:T rm Seuss ff1F5wof2---SDN-wvfi '- om--J :. 321,32 'S'-QECLCS-Z0-Q'OR" HSE' -HZVUE. f-D vm-2 O sims, 'Huff D' P+ fn: N Q-R43 5:92,-P-."Uf"l-1,-+00 NNE :Q-'Gm ' Q Y wt-5qQ5:r' O5"....:S",'T'D 'FH 0150 ,.. Q. an -fUqm'DflQ'V4m ff ,Wm ...OD-,:r go fm DUQN NSD ro -,317 -f:D"f mg rn on Q Q.--'cffmffqr-Ecu?-:O mp- wmww ,- r Ugg:-glgwm 39,97 5.354 QHQG . , ... , . C 3mG- 0270 s WW? rBO?sE':d "'OU1,.,rn93 ,...,f-'-.SVN 4, m-+w.-..- Q1-QHU.,-Onfioodnzr Q-0:2 .,o 0 :CDO mgdg-,-N,.,,,gO '-wrp -1ClQ-,3 Wedagdmqwssm sem awiw H-"'ff:-:s-fv,,g, 2.0 nn: Qffi' D 5m 4 ogg. mf-+ :DCI-7:-'2.fD.-.COf7OOf'3 fD,- 53.551 CD2,y1:,"1Q-.'44E'::-:DJ 115'-r SD-'1 f-v-Scif?-5'-:E 25-UQ,-I f,SD:h4'm E mfDSUU" ....""f"' Bomb: m'CJ'-3455r'DU"mTJ"' "Om Oow .IFDFDD-lU1'4f-'fri' 'CD'-r FDr"T'v-nf-r ':FmEE':EEFnEf:1':E':FnH:15"3Ei5E1':1EE55b'5Eu'35':uUjEI:u5':nEI:n5'5EIiEE5':uEi:1H553 Our struggles are over. At last the books have been safely EEe ?5 H55,'559EIf1E1C1EE':Fn':E':1'35'5':!35f55'5Eu':1l:!5':E59':E':EEH':EEEEE':Fn59 -if 142 Iv- 5l:EEl:15'3i59':l3r5C1':l:iH?El3I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l'Il:l'ZlCllZl:1lZl:I'1l:llIE'Il'd5qE H3 55 55 Eh H3 EE E EE EE HE E 3? 59 E 'lllo Uuur' Advertisers Often when attempting to see something through to a successful finish it is necessary to ask for assistance from those who we feel confident have a warm interest in our project. Among those who we felt were willing and anxious to make this year book successful were our leading business people. Believing the cause worthy of our efforts, these people made an immediate response by requisi- tioning space in our book, and through their faithful backing and staunch support this book has been successfully edited. It is therefore in appreciation of their interest in our success that we here express now by our words, and in the future by our patronage, our gratitude for the loyal and hearty support of our advertisers. EE 'nh 59 55 EE EE H5 El? 55 EE H31 EF H3 LE EFL:E5':i':l5El:i5':n':i':i':l?5lH':l5':1'5':l5':1'5EEEm5'n5':H':l5'nl?':E5':n':FaEl5':l:u55 -ill 143 ll,- l:':E':Fn':I715E:Em'::':I:m':l:n5':1':l71I WEB ERTEZ 1931 I':Fn5':u':l:1':Fl55':F':E':F1':5E EH EH 5 5 EE '35 5 5 5 5 5 5 551 EH 3 Q ':Fn EH 55 EF ':Fu 55 59 . 55 IZFI "Bear from my stores a gzft goodly, Inq EE and it shall bring thee the worth there- Inq f 55 Q in return." -A h I 55 EE 59 H51 EE 55 55 EF: '35 55 59 55 55 55 EE H31 55 H5 EE '35 59 H71 55 EF ' EF EE 3 H?H55CnEEH559':EEE59':EEEH5H5EEH5l5H:1EE':E':I:u':F:EF1':Fw':FH5 -Q 144 1- EEEQBEEFEEHSHZHQEFI ff F163 BRTEZ 1931 IEEEE':555H5F:EiEEE? 55 59 E NUUEWTISEWEWS 5 EE - 3 as ' se Ha wk 59 H2 Q EE E T22 LQ EH ' 55 5 J' If K 59 55 f ff ' CE? 42 X 55 E fm if E EH '-4 1 j L 1 Q EE V' 5 f aa 55 ,X-, , '-,.., A i Q 59 EE EE aqwssaanawssbqaqaqsswwaaaaw5555552 -if 145 E- NELLE G. HUDSON, PH. M Director: Erie Center. 11 lf- EF5SEFiEl3':l3H?5CH?':l?l 'THB ERIEZ 1931 I'3Cu':E'3':nEEH:u':E':EElf1EF1 Advertising Index Firm Badgley Beauty Parlor Baker, Isaac 8: Son Blower's Tire Shop Boston Store Campbell, J. W., Co. Chaconas Doubet, E. 8: A. Erie Auto Hospital Erie County Milk Association Erie Daily Times Erie Insurance Exchange Erie Teachers Association Erie Trust Co. Erie Typewriter Emporium Erie Window Glass Co. Firch Baking Co. First National Bank Folly Dress Shoppe Freihofer Baking Co. Hammermill Paper Co. Hanley, Edward C. Hill Mill Dairy Co. Imperial Brewing Co. Jergens, O. W. Kimmel, J. 8: Son Kramer, J. C. Malone Incorporated Marine National Bank McCarty Printing Co. McFayden Drug Co. Meyers, P. A. Naborhood News Offerle, Charles Owens, F. A. Publishing Co. Palace Hardware House Phillips, L. 8L Sons Richman Brothers Co. Robinson, A. A. Rybak Beauty Parlor Schaffner Brothers Co. Schlurali? Floral Co. Schneider, L. W. Second National Bank Security-Peoples Trust Co. Shepard, R. W. Sieger, B. F. Sperides, J. S. Sunshine Soda Grill Vorlang Co. Walk-Over Boot Shop Wilson Alumni Association Yaple Dairy oonoooo o fo Business Beauty Parlor Clothier Tire Repairing Department Store Stationery Supplies Confectionery Jewelers Automobile Rebuilding Dairy Products Newspaper Publishers Insurance Mutual Benefit Bankers Typewriter and Supplies Painters Supplies Bakers Bankers Womens Apparel Bakers Manufacturers Mortician Dairy Products Beverages Shoe Rebuilder Footwear Furrier XXIOIHGYIS Apparel Bank Printers and Binders Druggists Clothiers News and Confectionery Florist Publishers Sporting Goods Produce Dealers Clothiers Grocer Beauty Parlor Packers Florist Roofer Bank Bank Optician Jeweler Confectionery Confectionery Protane Gas Footwear Social Group Dairy Products Page 153 147 149 153 157 157 164 155 155 154 160 152 157 157 148 149 148 161 160 156 164 149 162 155 159 164 159 161 150 164 165 148 163 163 158 153 151 164 159 162 159 148 163 149 151 162 153 164 151 155 164 151 5'5':l5El3':lf1':E5L35'5El:155':nl3':E5'5EE':l:1b5':w'5'j::':l:u':1'5':Fa':.E':El:E':l:15':n 146 lk- 5'-?':lT159EFl':n'31t:x'?EFE55'3I THE, ELRTEZ 1931 l'nC155EEEl:H5':E 5955591 5 Ha EE gg BAKE R's H31 The Correct Attire For A Young Man l1l:1 In a S ecial Section---Better Known to P . EFI Mmm Well Dressed Young Men as "Varsity Hall" ' 11 ---Y0u'1l Find the Type of Clothes You HQ Want---Here We Show Smart and Distinc- tive Clothes for Young Men. Here You Elf, 5,4 Find the Last Word in Style and Service. I SUITS in "Varsity Hall" reveal all the newest in weaves, patterns and ooloro 111 tho oottor grooming to IIE effect rt modds and too can S PM Om IDLE the xoguc for this sew on find EC' -VI4 accepted by college fello vs as the toms - - A its Shown hero to For tounge wr tht Bm 'Il:l it S the Young fellows "f'Z:'I-" .-f'I:I:'1:I:'f:I:':: IDC' SHIRT of the emu QI:2f'I:1f'I:IfiC: 'f'1'Z:'f'f'f'I:I:'1' .....l,. CONN HffHChCfl and 'f'I:'1'ItZ:'I:f'I5,-.-Q' ISIC! t orooootod in eight mr 'jim'f:':'1:I:'lZ' 23-":'13.-.-:I-Iii-I-:3'I-" pastel shades of rayon 1'1-I-'32-'PZ-'f'I-'F' - :55i252E32zi55iii55555:'Tl j'I'I', Hg 5195 -:meg1::m,:::fm::1 QQ wg Q I:-l:l h9.oE'Wm """"' iii? gisgtigo wggsgeso. A Smart bafafhea CR-WAT ez seven fold tailored . . . in small El l Q re52sE2g?s' ilooootrio patterns in ld and H2 tigsisiigavs Shades' -qbgglagqe Z ':l5 tistiaglf 51 -0 0 dow!! :l5555l5Ew'35':1':z5':HiH55EE':E':vC1':l::Ea':l555555555555553555559 55 gg ISAAC BAKER 61, SON TTZSZTFE Ewmwmmmmmmsmwwmw555555595 A -all 147 ll?- EEEEQEFEQHSEQECIEQEEI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'35':f5Ez':1':1':n':m':uL:I:ul:I5EEEE "QUALITY" 'EDSSCO wffl it Pa z eadqnaz-Fai V I3 fnState Street PAINT - GLASS PAINT SUPPLIES Naborhoocdl News "Edinboro Branch Campus" NEWS Candies, Cigars, Tobacco and Sundries M 2 Sis , Pa L. W. Schneider Roofing-Furna 5 55 EF EC: EE 5 'SFI E 5 EFI EE H5 5 E5 EF 55 EE EH E 5 5 Eg Sheet Metal 5 E sa 551 'ZF' 12 West 30th Street 55 59 The First National Bank of Erie Erie, Pennsvlvania rtcr XO. C pital, 8300,000.00 S rplus, 31,500,000 00 ISS artcrcd 18655 190 Rec mrtcre 1 The Oldest Bank in Er C nty IDC' 55 LE 55':FuEE':E':E':E':mf5Em'51':If15?':HEI'i.':E':I3u55H5EFH:uEE':E':F:':E5':1iF1':E 148 'gE5C5El:.El3.':F.':l5El:1iF':l:1I WHS, ERTEZ 1931 IEEEEEEEEEHFEEEEQB 3 EE 59 Falls Tires and Tubes EE E Security-Peoples EPI 5th and French Sts. HH H5 H5 55 EF. EE EE-H EE 59 EE EF' 59 EF' EE 55 55 EF: H5 H3 55 EE 59 59 EE 55 lCe Cfeillll CO. HSLICEDH EE ERIE, PA- Not Sl d j t as You P efer. EE At All Good Grocery Stores. ljll-1 EE 3? 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ALL: 1 yi HZ' EE 50 E9 ECI 113 west Eleventh Sr E P , ,Y 59 EE 909-911 STATE STREET EE' 5 55 iq Vorlang Company Yaple'S Dairy E HI' Dz'sfr1'b11tors EF EQ PROTANE GAS 'AEETTER DA1RY PRODUCTS" Ha HI' L I N I C R R '1 D 1' ' E f 15 'IH Vo El 11 1 NI 11 SR A. M BQ EFI and l-pl V S Electric Irol - E E 9 E E Salesroom and Whr I Ph 01 HQ 551 118 West 12th S 1 EE Erie P 608 E 21 S E Pa. EE 59 EE 59 59 H:1EHE:l:1l:l55':1E15EE5':15I:1':F15L?':f5':FE1L3EF1':f31'1F155':1':1E1'f1':E':F1595F15C1 -Elf 151 H?- EEILQEEEESEEEHEEEHQHEI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l':EEE'nSEEbSH:1EEEF1EF1I E Why Not Join E QE THE MUTUAL BENEFIT SECTION QE EFI EE I-:F OF THE HI' H3 EF1 EEE ERIE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION? EF, H5 512 1 50 59 H31 QE BENEFITSI ll d q C1 11 fS 0.00 3 'IF IIE kf C1 1 11 Ii lx hethef LE tl 1 b 1 11 11 1 IIICI EE 'IE MEMBERSHIP F 00 CI 1 0 11 vided 'QF HI' they 1 1 0 11 1 f Hi, EF 55 HI' THE DUES 10 00 bl 100 hl f Q IJ h Ough HZ' ECI June. EFI Q N 1 ff 11350.00 1 10 00 lg H5 H5 :I ' gg EE CAN YOU AFFORD NOT T0 JOIN E H5 59 H3 'JS H5':1':1EE':I31595If1EI31':I35SEH:I:1':1SE1':1EI:I5I:S':I:1':I5':1':1':F1':E':1':1':I5':1':1':E -If 152 I- 'E5555559 ':F1EFH?EFI THE, ERTEZ 1931 l'nClEFl59EE55EE':w'5EEE5q EEE COMPLIMENTS OF E E L. Phillips' Sons Co. SE FRUITS AND PRODUCE QCICI E t bl h d 1890 :jig E 16th d s s F Pa. 551 EH H:l I '35, COMPLIMENTS E EF of IIE 5135 Sperides --- Confections QE LE Eighteenth at Peach Street Erie P a. E 55 EH E COMPLIMENTS IIE of I:-F1 H5 The Boston Store 55 gg' ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA E1-I:-I EH 55 'jc' Have yo th 1931 N w Process Wave. Th tstanding Wave EP' 'JE' of thessasontl' 11 't t ' 't B t S 1 d f BCI I:-PI these w2fvE31sveakr5loi?:flo51 bile lllforeotllllaneimllezfsecll. on See one 0 'JCI E Badgley's Beauty Salon if IIE D 15 W. 8th street IJE1 Inq Er1te's Largest and Fz1zestBea1zty Salon. I:-E H5 E5 EFEE5C1':E':E5Cn5959555'555595C155H5':i:1EF1':Fu':5'j3':1':m':l5Ei:1H5':1-3 441 153 ilk- 5G5GH259eE5QH25'25Gl fine, ERTEZ1931 l595G5'H5f15Q5Gef25EEE ' H3551 55 H11 55 E C H A R A C E R, Ei EFI Blitween .repuggt di t' d H71 3 riozfiftfinzsslgwsmgf ind 5 E cl d EE H5 . EF: ll-F1 o 1C . ' EE Establlslzed 1888 I Erie Dally Times shk, ' il EF 55 EE 55 EFEE':i:1':E55EEE15Ef31':f'515'3':!5EE':E5'5H5EwL35555553595595 154 EH EE 59 EE 55 59 E HH EE 55 H3 EH H3 H9 55 EE EE 59 EE EE EE llze same Uwlzer and Tublzsher ever smce Q 59 EFI 55 '55E5Q5GH25E5E5GH25Gl 'THE 11111621931 1555555553 59 EE EH H5 QUALITY I:i:l WE are now equipped to res l I lies' Ha Hr' 1N fine shoes Cinclucling McKay and t ned EH sh slb th f1lIlPz h'h bg I Shoes and Hoqiery elithiinateys butch Siting zjiigenailiriig IC HI' AT l il thlllth hp! di N ifiyiiif 'JC' Inq the appearance of b . l h EE The Only EC' 0. W. Jergens Hx' Experl Shut' Rebzzilder EFI Store HI' 1 11 s f 51 F Po. 5 E 826 State St., - Erie, Pa. E ECOMA MILK Co1v1PL11v113NTs is f Ha Extra FINE O EH Extra SAFE 'JE' Milk contains practically all the Erie IHC. I-jc, vitamins and food elements. ' - I Q IJCI For the richest benefits, choose 0011111011 Speclallsts IIE Ecoma Cream Crest Milk. Enjoy it every day. i-:E 18 E. 18th St. 5E' Erie County Milk Association Erie' Pa' IIE 21st and State Sts. EE Erie Penna. Phone 24-912-24 Hr. Towing Service 59 H5 59 55 59 LE EF':l3EE5'51Elf15l3':1'3E1'?1E1'5':E':l55lf15':1El71':l3El5':1'55'5El:159':l:15':1El5E19El:1 -ll 155 11. i':E55':l71':F5l71EFEE':F':F5I THE, ERTEZZ 1931 lL3':iEF1EEEE':l:u5':iE':l:1EFi I-I-l.l.l.l.l.l. Unr Selhooll Entertainers Verna Rogers ,A., W' Marie Argow Pianist Pianist Chapel Pianist Vg' A 3, Chapel Pianigt Aceompanist ifi., , ' Accompanist I -N-3. iq- 'F i 2 KW .QI Catharine O'Keefe Cellist IP' 1- H ri 5' if 1 'Ill '. so s i fffndmx Ruth Hartel Naomi Holcomb Soprano Pianist -, Uiuir Selhrocoll Entertainers lt is said that "music hath charms". Wie, as a group, will readily assent to this fact by the applause accorded those who gratuitously entertain us during chapel and on other occasions. XVe also attest to the fact that music lures. To be certain of this merely watch the large representa- tive group of dancers during the play period. We therefore take pleasure in presenting some of our popular and talented musicians who have played for us on Various occasions. .I bhihbgbhhlibhbghqbhbqbgiliblnbhthbqH?El:i'n9':.h':l:sEl::EEiFiEl71 12 EEECIEFEQEEHQEQHQEFI 'FHS ERTEZ 1931 l':EEEE:E':EEF1':E':f:a':FtE EE EE E tt QQ Hammermill Paper Company fl HI' Erie, Penns lvania EE y 552 EE EE E EE EE Manufacturers of E EE ttmgttw EE 2 W Mi t gg QND 5 55 55 lji, d th Utility Busines P EZ, Q E EF EH EE E E EE 59 If EFEE5C1EHEF1EE5C:l:Ft55':FEnCu59H:1h955H:n':F1':f:1EF':F1':FtEF1iFt':E5C1 -if 156 lt- HSHFESSSSSESEESSEEESESEC1 an important part in their Success. may complete your plans. Mimmeograph Supplies There 15 110171111 better 1111111 11- PORTABLE TX PEXVRI I EI for a Griluation Gift Your 6110160 of ROY-XL-CORON.-X-UNDERXYOUD RENIINGTON-BARR PORT-XBLES Rent a typewriter for your school xxorkg we have special rental rates for students HARTS TYPEWRITER STORE Great selections of moderateh priced ty pe writers are available at our store. o 'E soy ERIE NTED TYPEWRITER "f H., EMPORIUM ,af aces atv 9 West 12 St. Tel. '7-I 097 Ask Us About Our Special Purchase Plan 55E:S5L55SE1CiE1l55':nEuSE1'55'5Ev55'5EE5SE1'315':15'fi':H5l5 l:FEl:15'31':l55':1':l-'QEFEHSEHI 'I' F153 BRTEZ 1931 ISSSSSSHHHHSSHHSSEQHI READY MCNEY Men or women with business ambitions find that ready money plays An account with us will help--you to arrange your finances so that you ERIE TRUST COMPANY ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA STUDENTS SUPPLIES Note Books, Papers, Inks Office Equipment The J. W. Campbell Co. 29 West 11th St., Erie VVHERE THE YUUNGER SET AND STUDENTS MEET I - 2 STORES - 8th and State. 18th and State. Dainty Sandwiches and Soda Grill-Confections Mezzanine Rented for Parties and Bridge Teas. h':nEF1':EE:E 5EEE':1'5El5':1':n5F1':lliE15':l5l:1'5':l5 5959 H:1':H5C15S':1'55Ci':1Ci':l:1bS':i'555EEEl3n EHEF1 55 H5 H2 551 59 55 c 59 EE 55 H5 59 55 EE EE EF 59 59 55 59 H5 Eli 55 55 EFIEF1 -all 157 E- E5GHS5E5'f.HE5G5E5'2l 'THE ERIE-,Z 1931 I55'3f:1':f5L:l:1':f:lif:n':E':f:u'?I1E H5 Ha aa Ha HIT ,6vf'jWN 'IE EF: EFI X as EE 55 , EE X Qanlnfr bg 'HEI ,TT Lfwrmmzng may 'ZF' ea K e , EE 55 UQ ab 0 SA, EE 5 A666 5 kde S31 55 EE XZ? W mi if E Q, ., Q C1 . E JANTZEN SUITS FOR MEN AND WOMEN EE ll-E SUITS KNIT-TO-FIT EE E2 Swim S ' e Biiutifuw 'lgaioliefilg d iJr1elij'l ' lest E 5 g 3 Ea 'DCI Sp t g Goods D p tment 5:1 EE EE QQ Palace Hardware House E IIE 913-15 STATE ST., ERIE, PA. lag EF EE 55':FnEf:1Ef:1':1':nEEEH':FE1'71EF':EEFEi:1Ef:1':i:1L:f:u5Cn':5EF1'f15C1':E':EEEEFu , -all 158 55 55 55 'i 55 55 55 55 :E 55 55555555 55555555555555555555555555 5l:E555555':I55l5':l555':i5I THE, ERTEZ 1931 I5555555l5555555555Ff' 552 AT E Iiimmel Sc Son HI' Corner of 17th and Sassafras Sts. l-jc! Shoes That Wear May Be Bought At Reasonable Prices. E C077ZfJl'lI7Z6'1ZlS of EE Schlur-aff Floral Co. E QUALITY SERVICE LIE 30 West Eighth Street Masonic Temple E What is the Latest EFI in Womenls' Wear PERMANENT WAVE 5:1 Faghigny? QFrom 05.00 to 310.003 EH YOU lmw' only to slap 'inln lllr We Use the Latest Method in lllul Sl 0 l I' l T - - EE' qzlesfiouZ1:ziu'e1L,dPf1zllllzoljlcZ1'tielyiL Spiral and Croqulgnole' For 110 mallvl' wlzen you may drop 555' in you will always find some- We Specialize in the Parker flI17Ig.7lE'lU 071 display in 'ZC'0777FII'S Method of Hair and '55 iifflif f'fb5fCQQf,QbifS' .ififfwfg Scalp Treatments 'ZH Mm.. L6 For 05.003 EE E MI A IL 0 N IE Rybaks Beauty Parlor u 830 STATE ST. ECI 823 State Street :-: Erie Pa 5555 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 '55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 5555555555 fe I-l U1 0 'T' EEEQEFEFEHQHQEQEQI 'THE EHTEZ 1931 I':f:i':f:i'35':i:il:Hii:i':f:i':i:E'mqL 55 55 55 55 E 59 'LE 55 55 , 55 55 H? 5 ,wMMWd' i 59 E 55 E FINE BREAD QE EFI "The Original Sliced Bread" EE 55 EH E3 E 55 EE E3 3 EE HH E ERIE 5 EINSURANCE 5 E EXCHANGE E as as QE Auto Insurance For Less QE H3 59 HQ A Home lndustry with A Nation Wide Service EE EE 55 55 E5 EEEEQBQEQEQEQEQEQEQEQBQEQHFEEEHH':'35':i5'7i':EEFi':f:i':E':E':if1 -if 160 E- EIJEESESSSSSESESEIQEFI TBS, ERTEZ 1931 I':':n':Fn':E5':n':F1':!-F':v'fn5SEE EE 55 'IF' QU TY Ml T --- S VICE EFI 55 EH H5 59 EE S N M S S S 5:1 Eg A MI PO U C S EFI l-:I-ig AT THE E LE Folly Dress Shoppe EE 652 West 26 Street HI' Erie, Penna. EE 55 'JCI Op C1 . Silk 'IFN E FM S p. BQ E EE 55 C EE Q Learn How to 'DEE 5g Save Money - - 55 ':F1 H31 E FIRST-By starti A ith h ' E paying 4675 Interes - EH A . . . EE IIE S 15213534555 for S CC ssd L savmgfj - E 59 59 EE 59 QE The Marine National Bank of Erie E an an EE L5 aqenanananananangeanaaqnenlasen555555559 -all 161 E Your Health Is Important' I IPF Heilth and Strength ire the mo t import mt thin s in life if one docs not h ue the.c nothing else matters. XVe'1lth Position and Power all fade into insignificance when one does not have good health. Health depends to a large extent upon the food one wholesomeness, strength giving qualities. e s-o its puriy, and its health and MEAT has for ages been one of our most important health and strength- giving foods. REM EM B ER-Schaffner Bros. Meat Packing Plant under the supervision Sleger s Polnt TheJ lyPl WthAPak gPla Hamilton and Elgin Watches Scheaifer Life Tlme Pens What We Say It Is It Is Jkt' 'fe . I V 'iiifif i diff K I If WWZQEEE, U 73, 0Hl'eHlYfllA' varlrflwlf 1326 TURNPIKE - ERIE, PA ':EL:E':E5Ei':F':PuEi:Hd':l5I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l'35':E':l:u':h':l:1El'i':l:u5Cl':r'd 5 . ss - 9 5 . E EH 0 HZ' -1 eww ace i rin C HZ' A 22 L tl I Diamonds we i N 2 i P E I:-Fl . A t 5-:II-1 at n t f 1 . 1-:Fl s 'Zh H3 'zh 5 E E E E E 5 E E E E E E 5 5 of the United States government. Every bit of food is carefully inspected by government inspectors before being prepared for the public, thus, when you purchase Schaffner's products you may rest assured that they are pure and wholesome. Ask for Schatifner Bros. Meats by name-insist upon SOVEREIGN Brand-look for the government label, Est. 286. Your meat dealer can secure Schaffner Bros. Co. Products for you at any time, and will, if, he is desirous of selling you the best. Sovereign Ham, Sovereign Bacon, Sovereign Lard, Sovereign Sausage Schaiiner Bros. Co. DRINK Imperial BEVERAGES They're pure, wholesome and re- freshing-a drink for every thirst, a iiavor for every taste. EFEJ'?59':l:i5Eu'3i':F':FEF':l-T1'gl7iEEEFiElf1':l5El3':h':F1EFi':l:i5':ul1h'3'::Eh':h --il 162 ll?- lj':E':FEl35S':FI55EFEn5El?I THE. ERTEZ 1931 IDSEEEEEEEEHSDSDSEEQ' 'jg C0l7IP1'i7776l1fS Qf 'LH EE 55 'ZH Chas. G. Offerle EF, E ffrhe Florist" 553, 'IE 24th and Poplar St. 5:1 EFI Erie, Penna. EQ EE . ,.,,, . .f' ' I ' ,...' The Most Helpful Classroom Magazine 'SFI IQRVIAL INSTRUCTOR ,I for Grade and Rural Teachers :Fl EFI Q1FUl3ClE'iIDM.INQI!51YT!?.!JQNS ' NORMAL INSTRUCTOR PRIMARY PLANS 'IPL 'JCI i Supplies more primary Material and EFI Eg more material for the upper grades EE I than any other teachers' magazine. I F. A. OWEN PUBLISHING COMPANY f'N'wmY-hrffulfw All Elfmff"1"VBUmh5 1 Dansville, N. Y. EE EF I 'IPI 'IPI 551 55 Q-Q-I EE ':l:I EQ The Second National Bank QQ HEI Erie, Pa. 'JCI EE HH EF, CAPITAL AND SURPLUS LLI......, ?l':3l,500,000.00 ECI Ijzl EE E COMMERCIAL BANKING EEE E SAVINGS DEPARTMENT TRUST DEPARTMENT EF, BQ SAFE DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT H11 'IPI A General Banking Business 'j':l EE EE o5SEH5E55bQ5559HH5'5595Q5'H5f5'n9':E55EEHHHHEEDSHHEESSEG -all 163 ll' , 32.00 per Year of 10 Issues ':Fl 2 Years for 33.00 IIF Sample Copy on Request ljla Ej':l3El5':F.5f25f71H?':EEl-?l THE. ERTEZ 1931 I':EEE'3C1EnCnl:l:1':l:lE:EEl:1':l:lg Q Let's Stop at- EE R tt ' ' H11 Sulglgglggngglsf? 235111 E. Sl A. DOH bet EFI IZE ' th St' Jewelers 'SX IZF1 Tasty Luncheons-Milk Shak EE S l s-Sundries-Ice Cream-C lv 5:1 EFI D ubie Dip Cones 5L 202 East 10th St, LJQ BtHtCh lteiT . IDC' T b -Cg tt Erie, Penna. l:-'CI EQ G HH M Q1 P I:-'II ':l3i 59 HI' ALMODINE HI' C In CURES ?nH:nl1P33i:J HANDS Ha l amp Lments of Excellent for the fice after EPI EE h slcgln slutftklfmnlgl th gl SITlOOt ,351 Wilson Alumni Association FEM Hg' I5 McFayden Drug Store EFI and Grocery and Confectionery Stores 55 EE EE J. C. Kramer ':l:u EFI- ERlE'S LEADING FURRIER l-:Fl 1014 State Street Erie, Penna. E 3E Inq EAGLEH URS T GROCERY Hi' THE RED AND XVHITE STORE EE Ulllake Our Siore Your Store" E-Fl HI' A. A. Robinson :-: :-: :-: :-: West Lake Road 'LEE' EH "One Friend Tells Another" E EE 'jc' About--- EE 552 Edward C. Hanley E HZ' Ninth and Liberty lnq 55 EE .':r'?l:l559':l:l':H5'359':l35E':lfi':l5':l5':l715'5E1'5Ln559b5':EEm':n':F1l:l:1':l::':J':u'n':: -il 11.4 ll' 5E55555555I THE, ERTEZ 1931 I555555555? 555555555555555 "f I3 D' fp W 25 W E fa O 90-1 O m r-4 gg FD E1 Q Z ,-4 5 E cn 2 I-4 "' "4 "' 'D O rl'-1 .. 3 E, O Q- v-1 aa 9 2 2 O G Q fn Q-5 'D Z FU Q S53 2 53 'ED' IT! .QTL-In are Q E :D Z 2. fp 2 ,U U 5 5555 X 2. if 5 Z fn 5' rrr 5 Q5 "' N ..,:, :Q:':5555555:5:: ':" ffieggm, N r - ':::: 532:35 '-2: ...zl . lf - 5 5 fog fn PU N C: 333.420, 4y,e,f,.6gP-,A.,.?.2.1 fl A 'fx-1' , ':a.w:m-4.m...,:4?. 4" 5555! A Q-I Cn xa .X O 7U r" ij vlT1 5555555555555555555555 55 55 E be 5 ismgz 2.403 59 E HQ? O as U9 O as C53 5 55, UD 5 55555555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 H5 mediately reflected in our clothing. Extra Trousers 34 'ZH Come in - let us show you the new 5 5 5 5 5 5 -if 165 II?- 'E:l:n':l:1EE59':F1':I:n':FlEEI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 'If.Fi'l'H'IFl'IFltIl:lI:l:Il1l:IlIl:l?l 55 55 E E 55 EE E EE 55 55 EE 3 H31 . . I5 In AppTCCl3flOH E 55 H31 I:-F' On behab' of the students of the college we feel that some IIE 'JCI measure of recognition is due those loyal members of the faculty I:-F1 who daily guide us in our activities, and in our preparation EFI for the teaching profession. As a mark of the esteem -we have Eg 'ZF' for them, the following pages are dedicated to H:-1 EE EE H3 EE EF Umar Deans .amd Supervisors HI' EFI In expression of our gratitude for their untiring ejorts to EFI 'ZF' make us professionally and socially better students. 'IF' 55 55 E E H31 55 H? EE EF: 59 EP: 59 H5 '39 EE 55 EE E5 55L:E':n':uEnl5':i:nEF':FEI:15fHL:I:1L:F1':':n5':1Ef5E!:u'35':Fl':t715Cu':E':n':15':1H:H:1':H -1 13 IF- ':FEl3i55':F':l3t':Ft':FEl?':Fl 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l'3':1EH:l:n':l::El:nbF':l:u':l::El:u Youth .aumcdl Ago-A Contrast A LITTLE GIRL The afternoon sun, streaming through a grand old maple tree, which made wonderful shade for a play-house, smiled upon the little girl who sat there, busily plying a big needle through scraps of cloth and bits of ribbon and doll clothes. Her dancing black eyes sparkled merrily as she sang happily to herself. Now and then her small body shook with laughter as she carried on an imaginary conversation between Pete, an old sailor doll who had a wooden leg, and Miranda, the spinster doll whose gray curls were becoming somewhat straggly and whose chalk-white hands and neck were cracking with age. The little girl's blue gingham dress was covered with a white percale pinafore, spotted here and there with "mud-batter" from the mixing bowl. Her sturdy sun-bronzed legs, which had run many an errand in their short time, dangled now from the ancient stone wall upon which she was sittingg and her tiny bare feet twined themselves around the neck of a huge collie who was composedly guarding the party. Suddenly she raised her head, and then quickly dropped her sewing. Some one was calling from the big house on the hill. It was supper time, and as visions of the big chocolate cake, which her bright eyes had spied in the cupboard that morning, danced through her head, the little brown legs fairly flew across the held, with the big collie trotting close behind. AN OLD WOMAN The old woman sat down heavily in her dilapidated old chair before the broad hearth to have her usual morning smoke. The bare poplar table stood in the middle of the floor: the unwashed blue tea cups sat in unwashed blue saucers: the unwashed blue plates kept company with a begrimed blue pitcher. The dirty skillets by the fire were kept in countenance by the dirtier pots, and ashes were drifted and strewn over the hearth-stones in utmost disorder. But this dirt and filth and neglect could not all be blamed on laziness. The old woman had lived a hard life of bumps and knocks and rough blows. Her last blood relative had died when she was just a child. Her only home had been an Orphanage and her only mother, its matron. Her married life had been one of continual strife. For many long tiresome years she had drifted about from pillar to post among the mountain folks of Kentucky. Now, at the age of sixty-live she was old and bent, worn out and weary, and extremely tired of living. Perhaps, if in the years gone by she had had the love and care and protec- tion that others had, if she could have heard kind words rather than harsh ones, or if she had been shown the beauty in life and not only the ugliness in it, she might have been a very much dilterent old woman from the tattered, ill- tempered, listless old wretch who now sat amid the dirt, tranquilly smoking her corn-cob pipe. -Grate Neil EQEEHSEQBQHSEHHQEHEEEEEQEQHHEEEEEFi':E':E':hEl::EFn':l::':F1':h -ill 166 E- ':.I:E5q':E5'?':l31':F1':Fn':I:1':l::l THE, ERTEZ 1931 l':E59':H5':nEFu':I:u':Fu':F1E EE EF1 55 H5 55 EE H5 EFI EE H5 EF: '35 EH 55 59 59 EE E 'IPI H5 H71 H5 EEE' Th gh y 'ng wishes, hopes and fears, E Eg F d h progress of these years H-:I 551 Y ci ys, weeks, and hs but seem Ha I-iq T h Zlection of a dream." 'JL-I 'ZH -Scott-Marmion. EH 55 EH EE EH EFI EE 55 H5 H5 EE 55 H3 EFI H5 EE 55 59 59 ':F1 EE H51 EE E3 E EF:':1'71EI::EI31Ef3lEu'5En':w5':nEEEF1EFEHEn':15':u5"il:5':FnEf3u':F:u':F1bC1':E5':1':I:1EH -41 167 lla- EE555555551 fme, e,fuez1sa1 15555555522 5 , X 5 5 E I 'X-I Q ZX Q 5 Q 5 5 5 mff 5 EE' ' ' j fx 7 ,alf nqr f H5 E X f 9 ' I E 5 , , YJ +P' 5 EE f 5 5 I' E 5 X 5 5 EH + H lf j EE gff' 7 i 5 W X X 3 1 5 5 5 5 5 X 5 , 5 5 5 , X 5 EE M I EE 5 5 -5 5:5 5 5 gl- 5 5 5 .555,55,5,5 5 5 E 5555555555555555555555555 41 ms Ib- yn 'fe f ,Q ' . fd Q ., 1 f,.1,. lv Q. ,QI 1' ' lj .".,,-. , , ,.., . I .lv-:, L .,, .m.x. ,,...- 1 1- h ' Vg?-,.v, : W . f,,,f,, .x ,K -4 ,xx 4, 1 '. , ' 1 if-gl N ,Q . K WA, ,. .. -4, A I F A "5"w1g.1. 35, ff, , , ,Tgf,LQ1.- -gl -f, -Fr gt I-' '-r ,, sl f'-'V '. ' . 1 ' -.1 f, Aj 1,-' Sv '.'.FuJ. li w ,loizgx-1 1 nf , V- Al.: ,',,,j':- , .L ffY . , . ,. JH, ,Vw , ..-1 v f- -Y-.--z , .' , 1 . ' V.: -- V, . . W' 'V ' '- ru H,-. ,rf A 5 V ,fa i. . N," Q lf. 7,1 v . 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I' 1 H'-' 1' fr-.-'-' . " - PI.'G'Q":b if 61' "-1, ' H 5- - '95 fi 1?-.1 -' l I i f .. 1 Q 1 ' -VN-:P xy 5.gLia"3v' .:- . I.-ii. mf: EMR.. 5. ' . s- . . ,lx-:w Emily H iguirl 'Puig :V1'X'Q'5' xnxx . ' . fxfilcg- 0 "Rai, , s . . 1.45. gl :X X xNASQx::?Z,w1 1 ii 4 -R . , 1 S 4 H3':E':EEl3l':l3.':v'31EF':i'35':iI WHS. ERTEZ 1931 l59EFi':EEFi':Eb':i':l:i':l:Hi HAZEL MAE KETCHAM Dean. Qf l'V0IlZF7Z-GEOIQVUPIIQ' Ph. B. University of Wisconsin Graduate Work, University of Chicago Graduate Work, Columbia University Erie ft-nter has always pricled itself upon its spirit of friendliness among its students and faculty. ' This spirit is Clue in no small measure to Miss Ketcham. As freshmen we appreciated her thought- ful helpfulness, and as upper classmen, her personal interest in us at all times. 6 S. GORDON EMERY Dam Qf .llr'11-.lfusif N. Y. School of Music and Art N. Y. University The student hotly will rememher Mr. Emery as " 'Chapel Meister", aml for his efforts to make us musically appreuiative of: "K-K-K-Katie", and, "Sweet Kitty of Coleraine." :Xs clean of men, the boys will recall his trials in trying to polish their manners on the eve of some important social event. However the girls will not forget his struggles as director of the Glee Cluh, or their struggles in mastering the several sequentials of music. H3LgiC:El3l':l5':l:l59595'5'gr'?':l71LgH:i'5EF1H3iEl5El:nEEEEEl:iEl55Cm5C1EE':FECn -QE 14 5555555551 fmt. waz 1931 1555555555 JAMES J. PALMER Direclor of EdIll'fZf'I'0II A. B. Allegheny College A. M. Allegheny College Although not well known to all of us in the EMMA L. MILLER Prinrfpa! Qf llze TI'tlfl7I-Jig Sflmnl Columbia University Pennsylvania State College University of Pittsburgh From the beginning of the Erie Center Miss Miller has shared with us cheerfully and fairly the limited housing conditions at NVashington School and remained to the end our most loyal friend. ,KYj,ff, X 1 capacity of educational director, we all know Mr. Palmer as a man of sound judgment, subtle humor, and as a person whose open mindedness is unques- tionable. Because of his sympathetic understand- ings and his intelligent suggestions, our problems seemed of no consequence after talking things over with him. VVe doubt if anyone could come in con- tact with him in the slightest degree without feeling the power of his personality. ':FEE59':lf15f3'11':l':l5EE5'55':l':l5':'55':1Elf1E:':l':EH:l':i':u'n'::l3l:u':l::':l::El3EEEli 15 ill.- ' 4 ,1 L :Wy . rv- 1-22--3 - if lx ,f 3, f, W, ,- , .,.5,, ,, ,.,l,,,, X. , ,,.g. . .Af ' ' ..4,g,.r ' c, f . , E-- w V, ,f- .n,. .ip 4- f -4: -529. -.1 Jr. N . , 1.Au.- LA 1:5 ,,'fA " "" 'ii ' 'Si ' -Q . EEE- ' 2.7 : -. ,"' f rf Z' " 5? .Z xg: 715 1 .lg . - .f .q,. .- it is ,- Jag' K I-., Q u ' '11, P 5, ' ' ' '-:Emi 2? , qi,- 711 . 1,3 .-K, '.-4,7 7 Y' ,Q .'1'.Y :Q 73,1 " ef-. Q, . a. n ' A 3 ,1 M: 1 ', AEE f,:,. 1 ,, -a Q,,-A'TL4'1'--1.78 jszlx ,3- .4..,--,f -N nv ff'-nz, .4-x.-.XM L, ,.. Y, I 4.4 - Y. ,, .fl 1' ,svn .' -3.3 hu .fag -1, ' mr -.n-.-K, :Q-.1 j. 2, 21 as 51- ' 5' 3. - A 'I x,,' ' K R+ , H , -aa' '- -' ' YH- V v' . -I Y, A . ,cf -, iz na: ' .swf ' fx -" . iff.: iff.: , ' ' Q1 19 T W ' ,na 'T'-,lyfl S. Y -V ,Q A . , -. - ', "iii XY. , , .f1'i"f 'e I' ' -1' 1' :Sh Hr" 1 fa Qifl -Q: iff ' 91 .. 14 .sig ' ., L M , fi ' :- --1 K i . f , . fi .ffx ', . Wg? J' 19. Q, .A - li: 941.5 "E mr 1, . .li ' li s 2:55 Y 5-., . x. gh. ai L X 95 .4 ' 4'--- vw . ay , Q9 l xii. Ehknibfihhbqzliiblikliibil THE, ERTEZ 1931 l'Il:I'Il:lL1lalIl:l'Il:lLlFllIE'Il:'l'Il:l SAMUEL M. ROBB J1l7Z7'L7l' High Superz"isio11 Ph. B. Grove City College A. M. University of Pittsburgh lVe were ready to go forth and try out in Stu- dent Teaching the many helps and suggestions Mr. Robb had given us, in past methods courses, from his personal experience, But he hadn't presupposed all our problems and we were often glad to go to him for further help in our particular cases. x f NE A! I f I L , 5 N f fsi RUSSELL D. McCOMMONS .-1 rl-,-I rl SZlPf'I'Z'I.S0f Edinboro State Normal School B. S. State Teachers College at Edinboro University of Pittsburgh Since we have scarcely had time to get ae- quziinted with Mr. Mefommons, perhaps the Art Students could better testify to his practical help and sympathetic understanding of their specific pro- blems in the Student Teaching Trials. XVe as out- siders can only add that we are thankful for their having so calm ll guide for their artistic tempera- ments. bghhbhbhbhkhbhbqbhbqbhbqihhhkhih':l:H55':1':E5':nEFi':.FeEl:1EFi 'il 16 lr ' 555555555l fmt. ERTEZ1931 1555555555 ""--fix EMMA GRAHAM Prz'mary S11pen'fis1'o1z B. S. in Education-Ohio University Western Reserve University University of Pittsburgh Miss Graham introduced us to the story, "Mil- lions of Cats", and that was only one of the "mil- lions" of practical ideas which she so willingly gave us. But even more valuable than these ideas were her early criticisms of our work, and her suggestions as to how we might best adjust ourselves to super- vision without losing our personality and initiative. EA x 'Viv get wg RUTH BARRETT Ililerlriedfule Szrpertiision B. S. Ohio University M. A. Columbia University It was Miss Barrett who conceived the idea of the Professional Club. lt was she who furnished the initiative to organize it, and the determination to carry it on. However she does not limit her professional spirit to the club but makes herself an example of it in her every contact with us. EEEEEEHEEEEEEEE5555555555 -all 17 lla- 5SEFi':E':F':h':l3i5S5S':EI THE, ERTEZ 1931 l5S':l-i':l-i':Fi':fi':l:HiEFiEFi Chronicles of llfriie Center Front the Beginning -Year One- This year the Erie City Normal becomes a part of the Edinboro State Normal School with headquarters in the Washington School, under the direction of Prof. L. H. Van Houten and with Miss Celestia Hershey in charge of the teacher training. -Year Two- This year sees the graduation of the class that had begun as a part of the Erie Normal. Twenty graduates receive Teachers Certificates from the State. -Year Three- This year finds a marked increase in enrollment and a growing interest in higher professional standing. -Year Four- More students, crowded quarters, difficult schedules, commuting teachers, a versatile faculty. -Year Five- This year more rooms are added, the faculty increased, a three-year class graduated. -Year Six- This, A. D. 1925-1926, is eventful in the appearance of the Eriez, the first school year-book. Heretofore the yearly achievements and records had been a part of the Qonneautteean, the Annual ofthe Edinboro Normal. The name Eriez was chosen as being of local significance: its decoration motif as a reminder of the aboriginal residents of the locality. -Year Seven- This year brings higher requirements and new dignity with the title of Teachers College, and four-year graduates granted degrees. ' -Year Eight- Miss Hudson in charge. Student Xllelfare Committee, a cut system for absences, weekly assembly, are significant of a growing college consciousness, more work and responsibility. -Year Nine- Through the years a reputation has been won. To the people of Erie and to students of other institutions the Erie Center is a school where there is plenty of hard work, good instruction, sufficient recreation, opportunity for social contacts, and friendly and helpful student-faculty relationship. -Year Ten- History repeats. As we began, we shall end. XVC began with the incorporation of the Erie Normal into the Edinboro Normal to make our school. XVe end with the incorporation of our school mto the State Teachers College at Edinboro. Of course we have been a part of it all the time, so we make only a campus change, a shift of scene. A bigger, stronger,'and better school it should be. El7159EE5'559EH':liElf1595'f1El5':l:1':EEnl'i':l5':l:i':E59H:iEh5C1':fHi':E':h -41 18 E- EQEEGEFEEEFHSEEFI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 I'nC4EE':C3E!:nEEb?Ew'5EI:pEH 52 '-Jmwfqa, 55525555959555':1':EEi5E.1L3EE':rCnEf35955':EEEEEEmCu5'::EuC1E1'55I55':n':E5CnEF1iE':E5':i 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 5252 -gli 1., IF- I3':EEl35?5'-Hl:15':I:15L?LgF1Eaf5I 'THE ERIEZ 1931 I':I:1':15b5':E':I5i-i:1':l:1':i:1E1Hf21 H31 551 'IPI 5:1 'IF1 EF1 H31 ':F1 i E 51.511114 House 'DINING Hn1.1. 55 59 ':F1 :H EF1 EE ':F1 EF 55 EF1 ':F1 EF1 EH H51 ':F1 EE ':F1 H31 ':1C1 ':F1 ':F1 EF1 '15 , EE ljf, MEIN Hnu. HI' 59 E151 'SFI EF1 '35 59 EE E? EE GIHIXIIPMS EE EE drnnnnnmp EQ EF X V H3 'jg GIRCS GYM! X 1'K-XX" Buffs 'GYM 1 IZF1 E E? ':FL:1':15':155L:l:1El71EF':!:1E1C1EF1Ef:1EF5':1Ef:1Ef:1'39':f555':F1EF1':F1':1':1EF15':1C1 -al 20 X X' i ERIE FROM THE LIBRARY WINDOW OF CTION ASE F ':F':F59EFH3i':FEF':l5ElfiI THE, EZRTEZ 1931 lEFi':E':l:iEEb':iEl:i':EEl:iEFu Kappa Delta Pi K A IT The State Teachers College at Edinboro, like other schools, wishes to show the quality of its student body. One way to do this is to compete in various ways with the students of other colleges. This has been done in athletics but not in other lines. Early in this school year the students wanted to organize an honorary co- educational Fraternity. They wished to show what they could do in academics, student teaching and ability to fit into outside life activities. They wanted the organization chosen to be national, as well as local. We looked about for such a Fraternity and hnally decided to try for the Kappa Delta Pi. The school petitioned to be placed on the list of schools eligible for chapters. After careful examination of our curricula, number in college courses, type faculty, equipment, library facilities and standards of achievement we were placed on the eligible list. The purpose of the Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage its members to a higher degree of consecration to social service by: C15 Fostering high professional and scholarship standards during the period of preparation for teaching. Q22 Recognizing outstanding service in field of education. Q35 Encourage the development of personal characteristics suitable to teachers and required for leadership in communities. The Fraternity consists of an international organization known the Execu- tive Council, of a Laurate chapter for national and local chapters. Qualifications for members-Students applying for membership in any chapter shall be at least the following: Full Junior standing, general scholarship of a grade in upper quartile of the institution, work in education completed, or in process of completion to the extent of at least six semester hours for Juniors, and twelve semester hours at end of Senior year. There must be an indication of continued interest in held of education and possession of desirable social qualities. The State Teachers College at Edinboro had twenty-one students who petitioned for charter membership. The petition for a chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi was sent to the Executive Council in December of 1930. The six detailed petitions were accompanied by seventy-Five abridged ones. These were to go to the seventy-five local chapters scattered over the United States. Each local chapter has a vote as to whether the petitioning group shall be given a charter or not. Hence it takes sometime to get returns. All communications from the Executive Council are favorable so far and it would seem the chapter is forthcoming. Students petitioning from Erie Center for establishment of chapter for the College are found on the following pages. ':l:i5'fi':l:i55':l55'fi5'3':H':l55'7iElfiEE5':i55H3':E':E5':i':Fi':E':l:i':FiEFii1':i':l5 -41 22 E- '!E':FlH5':FlEFH:l':q5E1':FI ff F152 ERTEZ 1931 l'If:l'IFl'Zf:'l'1l:I'1l':I'Zf:l'ZE'IFl'Il':E 55 55 H31 55 59 551 55 H71 ':Fu 55 H31 'SFI 551 H5 55 55 EE 35 EC' Ruth 1. Shattuck EF' E51 E HH , l EE Inq 3 ,,:: 4' 3 'IPI E KC. DL. P, f Ig EFI i?nn ' .b- A. V V I:-:FI 515 . c 5g 551 , Inq HI' Malcolm B. Mcrshcn ' . ' fe IDC' H3 'fu EC: 55 55 EE EH EE '35 '35 EF: EE '35 H31 59 55 HI' Lucille E. Pollock l:-F' EE EE EF':Fl5q':f5':l':l':f:lElEl':I:u5q.ElC1':F':f:lEF5L5EH5':l':Fl':l':l':FlEJ5':f:u':J5':f:l5':l':I:l --if 23 jk- EISECHQEEEEEHQEQEFI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I59l:f:lElFEl'-3El':l':E':EEi:l5EE EE EE EE E H5 EE 55 55 EE EH 55 H3 Margaret B. Marshall EE 55 EE EE 55 E Kr. D, Pr. EF EE EE H5 EPI Ruth F. Hallinan R- Nelson Hale 'IE EH 55 ':F E5 55 55 E X gq ljlf' Dorothy A. Hendricks HI' E EE '1FlEEEl'fl55':l':ll3El5El5':ll?':l5':f55q':l':lEl:l':f:l':l5':'H5Cl':l:l':l':l':Fl':Fl':E':l':l5'5 -eil 24 JF- EEQEFEFEEEBQHEEFI 'THB ERTEZ 1931 IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHQEEE Dorothy M. Gray Q EE 55 ...M .uw H5 5 gg 3 M-fnmf E 55 5 5 5 H2 55 E E E E gq LH EE Q5 5 E 5 X E HH EE QE as 5 55 E 5I:E':l71':I55'3nEF15'3EEEEEl5Ef5':af5':E55H5Effn59':FlEE5'55Cn':.Fu':FH5':Fu':i71 -42 25 IF- VFIXMW . ' ',W.H+"'VQ"3'9' AWVf?d2'17'i"?K'Y.'r F. 451' "'-:W15-J 1 VS .,n. H. H ,. n., ,. 1 2-7 mir. .2 X. -.4 l ,.f ,ffm R.,-.,?. f X---1...-.-.. ' 'M 'L-' .. -f... My . f 5 - 'v. - x L , ,I . ...N ,f ' g 5.-,il -. 4. ivy, .K- ,, . - -xx .:', 1'.. . 'Q .,: -.'z . 1 QB?" U- 15'f .. . 4f'xIf..' . -.iq ' ,Frfw Ffiffa T 1 A f . .. , 7 . ' ' f-1 c-RJ! . f -ug. :fs-. .W ,. -vw..-Q Y ,Az , J . Q. , ,. .: 4 , 4 , rw ' 112' kd Y.. .'-ffm". ' ,tl 'QL Bin .L+ ' 'BSA 'x 657 -...L .L any -.AF ge 1- j rig: -1 - .T .'15J'.-.fi ii' .,-- , , 13: - rr ff, ' ,..1nwg-.. L-ff :A '-7-2' .+l.2-1 .-y1.Y'2".,Q'-5 ag rf Qi. 4'g.,ff31av: . . .Y . -1, x - .. 5' "Lis: - ..-752 - -'. ' x . rr' ffggivf 125.-2'i',. 4 -uf 3 ... 4 ,-f.-- -f 2. ,.ww,gf..f- 1 L -, . . Q, .A .-K A , 51,1 P.,-5 R , x. -91. 'f 'SWS - .-,Q 11- ,--. ., .E 7 ,ff gf ' : -,L 74 '-TJ' ' ..3'flfE?Jy? . -V 11,5 .ag Zi,:fff':?,' frffaf, . 12.42. .1 . ., V. . , ,FQ I-T zffiw T l?4r?'?5' A lv Vilas? rn: 1.- -.Jing .1 '-is vs 1,9 grin ' ' Hia! Q - 1, . - ,qi-M . rf 55,4 13 Lnf , Z, '.5g.3l1'f. L, Ld . .Q . l ,A 1, n5:z.Q' M ,. ., ...I QM. nh .1 25?g,..'2s ,.-,ZW Q-.Q . -.' ww.-F: -4 -. 15... fi ,..- 11' -- W. -aw -'r v.. Nr. .--3. . 4, .--. -. .,.. vg - W., Y, ,-3 .1 w 1,1 " rf A - -ff 1 V. . .4 . ,i v. .Q f?C5".' Pi ...-. 1A'?"'if1c . V., J . - 1. . f ag s ' ffl. J M ' "" H- . Q.:-. Z 5' x M' I EE':l5':l:t'1l:t':l3t':l3i':l:u':l:t':l7iI 'TBS ERTEZ 1931 l'3Cu':E'3C1hS':l:nEE':l:u':l::':':Ei EFI , hh EE Alpha Psi 0megazGainn1ma Kappa Cast: E EFI AWQ QM IIE EF' Through the combined efforts of petitioning students at Edin- boro and the Erie Branch, a chapter of this national honorary ECI dramatic fraternity was established in the Edinboro State Teachers EFI EF' College. In their directory are in-cluded such colleges as Colgate, EE lj:-I Marhsall, Vllashington and Lee University and University of Texas. EFI EE !'22'3!'Z E E Officers of the Gamma Kappa Cast E I5 President ,,,,,,., ,,.,.. M iss Margaret B. Marshall EFI VI.C6-Pl'6S1i0181Il- - - ...t.,. Miss Charlotte Zerfass IIE Ha Secretoryu .,,, t,,,,, M iss Veronica Decknic EE Treasurer ..,.,.. Mr. R. Nelson Hale E EQ :-::-::'::-: E Hzl The Erie Branch of Alpha Psi Omega in October, 1931 produced EFI HTI Lula Vollmer's drama of mountaineer life, "Sun Up", Cast included: I:l:l EF' Widoxv Cagle lllzfss Dorollzy Herzdrirlzs ALFQ Eg lj-:I Pop Todd-- - Mr. Cyril Jolzrzsou 'SFI 'JCI Emmy ------ llliss llifavrgarezf lllarslzall AIFQ Incl EFI Bud- ------- lllr. Leroy Barber 'IPI EH Sheriff Weeks ------ - ---- lllr. Royce R. lllallory AUFQ Ha IIE Rufe Cagle-- lm. George Giesler EF, ljll' Preacher ---- Air. R. Nelson Hale ALFQ HI' ll-FI The Stranger llfr. Jolm Gillespie Ha EFI Bob ------- lllr. l'l'lZill'il177Z Kyle E Director- - - llliss Ellerze Sulllzvan .-UFQ. IIE g Stage Scenery lllixs Caflzafrine O' Keefe ATQ HI' H5 Eh EE 59 EBHEESEBBSHHBBHSSBBQSBEEBSEEEEHH5555555955555 -it 26 it- 3-' ' -.f!ga,,'f1,. . . ff ,, ,:ra'r:g,..f 4 Ij5E5G5GEE59H55ij?9J THE, ERTEZ 1931 l555Cl':EEEEEEE':EH5':5E EE ' H5 55 ,jffvrf ff 55 E QV 'VJ EE EFI EE 59 fjf ff EE H3 ,sf 5 I:-F' X F! - Margaret B. Marshall EE HE jf EE H? ' H5 EEN' EE EE EE A. P. 0. 55 EE 55 EE HQ R- Nelson Hale Dorothy A. Hendricks EE HH a r1a . 55 HH a 59 If-Fl .4 '. ,, 'ZF' EF A 52 'SFI Catharine M. 0'Keefe 'JCI E SE 59L:l5Eal5'::'i':1':r':n'3':w'35f3lgrl5tEH?5ffr':EEm'HEl5ln55555555555995 -..lf 27 E- 5'?':FEl7i5'559':l3i':l:i':F':FiI THE, EHTEZ 1931 lEFi':FH:nE1'5':Eb':i':E':Fi':Fnii The llfriez Staff - - - - - - - - -Ediior-in-chief - - - -A sst. Edilor-1711-chief Cyril Johnson-U Dorothy Gray- - Dorothy Gray ,... Grace Shirley-- - - Lois lVelsh- - - ------------Serrelary . - - -Business Manager . - - . .,...,, ,... A ssf. Business Nlgr. Assistant Editors -----------------U .----Plzoiograplzer - - - - - -Photographer . - - - - ---- -School Life . - - -Ol'gCl1ZiZGl'i07I Editor john Gillespie -.-- George Yochim . Myrna DeVore ---- lfVillian1 Zahniscr ---. Ruth Lindgren - - - ----------JokeEd1for ---------Carloonisi George Giesler- - - Esther Bash--, - Helen Bole Lillian Davies Winifred George Albert Hilton Glenna Boardman Dorothy Gray Esther Bash Mary Brown Ida Bevilaequa Myrna DeVore lcla Bevilacqua Artists Class Editors Class Representatives Stenographers Isabelle Griflis Faculty Committee - - - -ArtEd1'lnr Mildred Huebner Earl Kyle Lucile Stafford Florence Silvertliorn Clara Rhodes Marion Pelton Rose Yomtob Jeannette Seabrooke Ruth Henderson Lois Xvelsh Olive Plum justina Baron ...-.... , - ---...-.- CIIKZIDVHZIIII Russell MeCommons- - - ---- Assl. Clzaiirnzan Russell McCommons-- ---- A rt Clzairmau Russell McCommons --.- - - - Plzotography Samuel M. Robb ------ ------ H umor NV. Verne Zahniser- - - -.-- Ezzglisll W. Verne Zahniser ---- ---. I Vrite-ups Adella Bean .......- ..... B uiiness Nelle G. Hudson ---- ---- F inannz EF55El5El5i5':i595'5El:i':l:iEE':l-3':l51555'H5f5':E':E':EH55C1':CiH5':Eb555 -iz 28 lt- ME7- MW Mr. Zahniser ndg Bean Miss Baron I GJ L.. Li Seabrooke Ve!! C L.- O -I 53: 2 0 3 O E.: M I O m I -1: O 'W .2 N 5: gc- 23 UI: P ua Q Q 5 - E'g.".:' E -G' VJ go O:- I Pelton DeVore Gray OHS IIIH1 Mr. McCo S Bole tafford EHEEQBQEFEFEFHEEFEFI THE, EHTEZ 1931 I'355':n':I:1':l:n':l:uEn'5E:f:n':i:1'gE 55 EE 55 EE H5 59 'i EE 551 EE 553 59 55 59 55 55 EE E? 55 EE E EE ECI Tl moving finger writesi' and having writ, IIE Inq IU nor all your Pzety nor 'Wzt I:-E EE I Il Z rt back to cancel half a lzne, IDE' E ll Tear ash out a 'word of E 55 EH EE 55 H31 EF: 55 EF: 55 55 EH 55 EE EE H3 55 EE 59 EE EE EH EFI EE 33 H:vL:.':fEEE!55':1EE':l:uEEEI:u':i55'3Ef:1':l:1EF1Ef:nEf:1':F1':E':FnE:E':r'71':F:':l':uiFl':H -41 30 15- EE H5 g5GeE52ef25G5Q52e42l fine, 12111621931 155555595555 H5 EFI EE: H 35 J -U" EE eff G vefk :EE 55 G i g X9 1 .., EF E fa n' N w H5 E M W f 55 E ' wa EF C-f I 5 EE X EE E V 'l'UWl'N EE L5 W 55 EC: EE SCHUQI5 5155 Him EE 5G5Q5G5Q5'25QH-3eE5G5G5G5G5fHeE5Q5G552555555525 -il 31 5555555551 fmt. waz iam 1555555555 The Tragedy of College Daze CAST OF CHARACTERS KING KNOWLEDGE-A despotic monarch, MONEY-An elusive, fast disappearing fellow. A MESSENGER-inclined to gossip. GRADES-A monster with a double head. FATE--the villain in the deal, who gets the blame. CHORUSES-The Faculty chorus ...... all trained voices. The Student chorus ...... specializing in ballet. SCENEfBefore the throne of King Knowledge. tHe has jus! ascended lhe throne and is .Sitting 1711 solitary sfalej CFate enlers for Ilze prolngual FATE- Once more we come upon this stage, All actors of our destiny But many will have the unkind fate So they will only stage hands beg Some, instruments will wail and sigh, And some no melody may playg But give our eFfort's what they're worth And graduate us all SOFIIE day. FACULTY CHORUS- Yes, graduate them all-some Day ,.,, Enler lhe Illessenger ...,.. .,,,.. K he bows low before the lhroneb O, honorable sir, those who would be thy subjects have done other things than get their home work. Here have I many indictments against them ,,.,,. tHe picks up a scroll and begins lo readl So says a diary of one of your votaries. SEPTEMBER September 3rd-Back to the grind. I find a fine time awaiting me as I havea non. -conformist schedule. VVe all resolve to get all A's. CFale 11zuml1Ies an aside.jYlVe'll see. September 4th-This place has a reputation for keeping the students busy and is living up to that reputation. September 5th-Money takes a hand and disappears from the students pockets. Claudia comes back to visit us. September 6th-Miss Baron is not here and the student librarians are running things. ll'e show our sympathy to Miss Baron in her sadness by being in our best library behavior. September 8th-All the Sophomores tell us what a good class they have so we are beginning to look for proof. September 9th4Miss Hudson tells us what is expected of us. September 10th-Another revision of schedule. September llth-We are appalled at the lack of amusement and the future work to be done. If all work and no play made ,lack a dull boy we should all be geniuses. September l2thfFriday may be bad luck to some people, but it could come twice a week and we wouldn't care. KING KNOWLEDGE: Cfro'zw11'1zgfeazjfullyl Is that all she writes? llihere are all the lofty thoughts and ideals that should be present in those who would approach me? Read OI1. tFate resumes the read-ing of the nzmzusrripfl September 15th-Grace Shirley get ambitious and carries home an unabridged dictionary. Dr. Crawford speaks-especially to the Freshmen. September 16th-lVe see several Sophomores conferring in the halls ,..,.. lVe wonder why and more than half suspect. September 17thfWe hear rumors of a school publication ...... Two students get the same idea at once and decide to spring it. September 18th-It is suggested that Mr. Robb instruct his junior high student teachers in auto mechanics before sending them, hither and yon, observing. Of course they can learn by experience that gas can be turned on and off at will but experience costs money, for gas. El:iL':i':l5':lfi':HElfi':l-i':l5':l7159Ei'3EFiEl5Eif55Ei':n5':E':Fi5':1':Fi':l:iEl:i':lFiF:Eh -1 32 it- ':F':Ci':l?5Ei':l:iEl:iEF5'7i':hI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l5i5955b9':E':E':l-Fklabla September 19th-XVC really must let the Sophomores at the Freshies. They are getting a home feeling and have ceased to stare: something must be done: they're too comfortable. We turn out in our best company behavior for the Reception .,,,,, and are formally intro- duced to each other. W'e enjoy the eats, and the music where Lois pinch hits for Marie. September 22th-Blue Monday-everything went wrong today-and we don't know why. September 23rd-All Freshies must obey the edicts of the haughty Sophomores, and how! September 25th-We haven't decided whether this is a day nursery or a lunatic asylum. The Freshmen certainly look pathetic. Kresge and XVoolworth have a run on green ribbon. September 26th-Dramatic Club has a mess of tryouts-reported to be strenuous. Normen Club gives a get-acquainted party at Academy. First appearance of the school orchestra. Good eats, good music, good crowd, good time. What else can one ask? September 29th-XVhen we need to do a big job of washing we are going to borrow the XVasli Basin that Olive tells us about in Physiography. September 30th-Some of the teachers get mean and give us tests. VVe are glad some one sees our side. Mr. Brunner tells us that a bad boyis a bad boy, and nota poor misunderstood creature as we have so often heard. OCTOBER October lst-Dramatic Club meeting. Old members only. October 3rd-Here's the reason. They pull a party at Peg Marshall's cottage in honor of the new members. The steak was fine. October 6th-The grade children actually march in to a new tune. It must have been a mistake. Did you notice the muscle displayed at VV. A. A. initiation? What Amazons! October 7thfThe Freshmen hear the sad news about intelligence tests. XVe feel for them but only think it is just punishment for discarding their colors. Mr. McConnell talks to us in Assembly. October 8th-We hear some conjecture about the Eriez. XVe wonder who must do the hard work this year. October 9thfVVe seem to have a great many deck tennis enthusiasts, including Mr. McConnell. Vllho will win the tournaments? October 10th-W'e begin to sense a mystery behind the assembly room doors. The curious are discreetly barred. October 13th-lNe have a lot of fun with a stray dog. The school rag gets a name, The Wlash. Lindgren is the girl with the bright idea. October 14th-VVe do like to hear Ruth Hartel sing. Do it as often as you like. October 15th-Some bright student suggests Held trips in Physiography. Do they expect us to be future rock breakers? October 16th-The state does a good job in its selection of speakers. It is nice to find someone who has kept his idealism these days. Send more journalists if they are all like this one. October 17th-We hear more about the Eriez. The tribe is evidently going Greek. As for panels I suggested restaurants and confectionary shops and received only a cold look. The Freshmen throw a party and what a party. Special music by request broadcasted direct from Buffalo. October 20th-Someone said something about mid-semesters. VVas that nice or necessary? October 21st-Autumnal equinox. Hilton feels in season and is using the nox. NVe like Humor- esque with variations. Verna played it for us in assembly today. October 23rd-They promise us "Sun-up" tomorrow at 8:15 P. M. NVe wonder at the marvelous control some people have over natural phenomena, Joshua merely delayed the sun while the College Players hasten its arrival. October 24th-We see "Sun-up". It certainly was a Fine production. Dot Hendricks was good as XfVidow Cagle and we liked Whitey and Peg especially in the wedding scene. They were ably supported by the other members of the cast. Kitty O'Keefe deserves special praise for transforming our assembly stage into a log cabin. October 27th-It is hard to crawl out for that 8:30 class. The teachers are not fond of snores. If you snore-there ought to be a moral in that. October 28th-Glee Club welcomes their new members at a very delightful tea. Music and refreshments were enjoyed by all. '1F':l3i':l3b'5Ei5':EEE59':lfiEl:i':l:i'1EEE5':h'n5H5':v'5':Fi':EEEbCi':Fi':E5h ' -i ss is ':F':l3l:l?5'3i':l3i5'71':H:l71'gFI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 IEl:1L:F15':i5':n':l5El:bCn':FuEF1 October 29th-The grade school children are going to have parties. All the Student Teachers are invited. Here's once that we'd trade places with them. Food is much better tasted than observed. October 31st-The Sophomores throw a party for the school. 'We'd have Hallowe'en every month if it always meant pumpkin pie. The orchestra was good, and costumes, .,..., well ...... well. NOVEMBER November 3rd-Everybody is talking about grades. Cheer up, this is only the mid-semester and we have another chance, with which we'll do the same as in the past. November 7theNature Study Club plans another picnic hike. Is it too late to become a mem- ber? November 10th-Many an inadequacy in description. Consider the following from a Freshman theme-"It was so dark that all we could see was her startling red dress." November llth-We like to sing, Madelon, for it is so pleasingly nasal. November 12th!-lust another XVednesdayg a beautiful day to take those long deferred cuts. The Professional Club sponsors a card party. lVe may as well get accustomed to this form of entertainment. But it was a very nice party. Every one was glad she had gone especially if she was the prize winner. November 14th-The Gods are good-if you avoid Bacchus-Poseidon rules inlthe Y pool. Normen Club feel they owe it to themselves for a little recreation and have a dancing party for members and friends. November 17th-We notice that our school is getting much favorable publicity in the papers. Hickey and Lindgren are the reporters. November 18th-We hear a gentleman from China speak, -very finely- ,and yet he apologized-- for his English ,,,, which was unnecessary, November 19th-Two Seniors indulge in some authoritative punning. 'We give the prizes to the following-Did you ever hear a Cowper? She is not considering what her XYordsworth. XVhy did he Addison? Because he saw Defoe. Then essay class interrupted. November 20th-We must eat an apple. XYe can't stand the odor or is it the noise of those being eaten about us. November 21st-We intend to make this a strong instead of a week end. November 24th-We are beginning to smell that turkey or its substitute and get our bags packed for that trip if we are so fortunate. November 25th-Thanksgiving-Pilgrims and all accompanists. November 27th-"Across the river and through the wood to grandfather's house we go. etc." The weather man did his best to furnish the snow but we couldn't find the horse and sleigh. It was a real storm. ' DECEMBER December lst-Fearing the penalty of double cuts, we were on time for the 8:30 classes-if we didn't happen to be late. December 2nd-The Normen are thinking seriously about Basket-ball. Assembly reminds us of a jazz orchestra taking its bows with all the bobbing up and down for announcements. December 3rd-All we hear lately from the Intermediate group is English projects-more or less ambitious. December 4th-Hickey wears a derby and almost starts a riot. December 5th-We are all busy planning Christmas presents, planning doesn't cost money. We also speculate on what we may get. December 9th-We are still dashing madly about this town of ours after ads for the Eriez- and still eating apples. December 10th-We hear Anne Campbell-A f'poem" a day keeps the wolf from the door especially if he has any appreciation of poetry. December llth-We start on a trembly, hot subject, volcanoes and earthquakes in Physio- graphy class. ':F'gl5':l5El:il:i'3i5'35':1':l355El-5':E':E5l5EI:1':l5l:lfiH5iEE':E':h'1FuEl:i59':E5C1 34 ':i'35'71':l35EH3':l:il:l:i':l7i':FI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'n':iEE':F1':l:i':l55'5ElfiEl:iEF1 December 12th-XVe learn about a classic love affair, ,,,, or rather several, B. Ivj. L.-G. B.- E. T.-Really such gossip is a bit unkind. Professional Club asks us to lay aside our dignity for one evening and attend a Toyland Frolic. We did and are glad we did. December 13th-Erie Center hasn't changed quarters even if you do see a big representation in the Boston Store toy department. December 15th-Christmas spirit everywhere except in one faculty member's heart, else why would we get a test at this time of year. December 16th-VVe find out that Mr. Emery is going to California. Bishop VVard spoke to us in Assembly ,,., we always like him .... he can come back anytime. December 17th-XYhat shall we wear to that Christmas Festival at Edinboro? Another wash-out. It is necessary for Mr. Barrett to say Good-morning seven times extra to late arrivals. December 18th-The Christmas Festival is one of the lovliest functions that it has ever been our privilege to attend. IYe begin to appreciate the real significance of Christmas traditions. We enjoy everything from the solemnity of the Madonna and Child to the humor of the slaying of the dragon. December 19th-Our first basket-ball game. Wie play Thiel. IVe were not as good as they at the waiting game and they beat us, but not badly. December 20th-Some of the performers for the Christmas Festival go back and reappear for the benefit of Alumni and Guests. December 22nd-We are counting the hours instead of exhibiting the sang-froid that befits our dignity. , December 23rd-Mr. Zahniser dusts off his beloved "Dickens" for our benefit and reads the most ghostly passages of "The Christmas Carol". December 25th-Ivhat was left in your stocking? How many white elephants? December 31st-Our boys play DeMolay Alumni. Bolkey carries off the honors but Whitey carries the cane. JANUARY January lst-We could have made some resolutions, but what's the use. January 5th-Back again with a lot of new chatter about trips, Christmas presents and etc. Note especially the etc. January 6th+Mr. I-Iorsman makes this assembly period worth while. January 7th-Five Sophomores and a Senior organize an impromptu sing on the campus-the lower corridor-Note the banging shut of the faculty room door. January Sth-We did not trust this date and now we have reasons. Visitors-Dr. Crawford, Mr. Diehl, Mr. Culbertson. The sad news breaks. There is to be no more Erie Center. Dr. Crawford is optimistic and holds out a vision of a bigger and better school in the futurewwith a larger campus. January 9thfIf you did not attend the Glee Club Concert tonight you were the loser. W'e enjoyed every number. Mr. Emery can conduct and the boys and girls can sing. Kitty is ever on hand to thrill us with her cello. January llth-The reserve list grows longer and longer-another indication of the nearness of the close of the semester. January 16th-Commencement and we feel the loss of the graduating class. just what will we do without Marie? FATE Cclzuckling sardonicallyj-And for the next three days I held them in my clutches while my hound with the ugly face whom I have named Grades, lurked in the background. It was just punishment for their frivolities. KING KNOWLEDGE-And in that time I heard many prayers that I should desert them not- but I usually did at the critical moment. They will learn that to gain my favor they must not trust to you but must approach the throne themselves. MONEYAAnd on the last day I made the want of my presence fearfully felt. How reluctantly some of the chorus members parted with me. QFate picks up the manuscript and contimzes lo readl EEIBBBBEBEHEEBBEHEBBBBBBBHQHHEEEQE1':iEl:i':l:i':l:i':l:i':l:iEa':iiE5C1 at 35 it- VFIXMW . ' ',W.H+"'VQ"3'9' AWVf?d2'17'i"?K'Y.'r F. 451' "'-:W15-J 1 VS .,n. H. H ,. n., ,. 1 2-7 mir. .2 X. -.4 l ,.f ,ffm R.,-.,?. f X---1...-.-.. ' 'M 'L-' .. -f... My . f 5 - 'v. - x L , ,I . ...N ,f ' g 5.-,il -. 4. ivy, .K- ,, . - -xx .:', 1'.. . 'Q .,: -.'z . 1 QB?" U- 15'f .. . 4f'xIf..' . -.iq ' ,Frfw Ffiffa T 1 A f . .. , 7 . ' ' f-1 c-RJ! . f -ug. :fs-. .W ,. -vw..-Q Y ,Az , J . Q. , ,. .: 4 , 4 , rw ' 112' kd Y.. .'-ffm". ' ,tl 'QL Bin .L+ ' 'BSA 'x 657 -...L .L any -.AF ge 1- j rig: -1 - .T .'15J'.-.fi ii' .,-- , , 13: - rr ff, ' ,..1nwg-.. L-ff :A '-7-2' .+l.2-1 .-y1.Y'2".,Q'-5 ag rf Qi. 4'g.,ff31av: . . .Y . -1, x - .. 5' "Lis: - ..-752 - -'. ' x . rr' ffggivf 125.-2'i',. 4 -uf 3 ... 4 ,-f.-- -f 2. ,.ww,gf..f- 1 L -, . . Q, .A .-K A , 51,1 P.,-5 R , x. -91. 'f 'SWS - .-,Q 11- ,--. ., .E 7 ,ff gf ' : -,L 74 '-TJ' ' ..3'flfE?Jy? . -V 11,5 .ag Zi,:fff':?,' frffaf, . 12.42. .1 . ., V. . , ,FQ I-T zffiw T l?4r?'?5' A lv Vilas? rn: 1.- -.Jing .1 '-is vs 1,9 grin ' ' Hia! Q - 1, . - ,qi-M . rf 55,4 13 Lnf , Z, '.5g.3l1'f. L, Ld . .Q . l ,A 1, n5:z.Q' M ,. ., ...I QM. nh .1 25?g,..'2s ,.-,ZW Q-.Q . -.' ww.-F: -4 -. 15... fi ,..- 11' -- W. -aw -'r v.. Nr. .--3. . 4, .--. -. .,.. vg - W., Y, ,-3 .1 w 1,1 " rf A - -ff 1 V. . .4 . ,i v. .Q f?C5".' Pi ...-. 1A'?"'if1c . V., J . - 1. . f ag s ' ffl. J M ' "" H- . Q.:-. Z 5' x M' I 5E':EH?5Ei':F55':l5':l3i':EI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 I5':H:i':E':l:i':h5':i':Fu':FiEl:n January 20th-This is a new semester-It is high time that we reformed, and we have, to all appearances at least. Miss Hudson feels that we are not quite as grateful as we should be. Our Junior High students return to us hiding well their scars of student teaching. January 22nd-Did you notice all the new faces in the library and in'the halls?. Some are the new students and some are from Edlnboro, but we won't tell you which are which. January 23rde-VVe decide there are three things for us to do during the new semesterfstudy- study-study. It really is a bother to get accustomed to the new schedule. Our basket-ball team loses to Edinboro. VVe can't seem to show our real fighting spirit against our twin sister. January 26th-Wie struggle through the snow to school and there is a slippery coat of ice under the snow. Cheer up-it will not last long. The W. A. A. is talking sleigh ride. January 27th-In assembly Chief Flying Iron was an interesting speaker. XYe admire his ability to arouse our sympathy for his people. January 28th-We like Winnie-and so does Coston. January 29th-Another Kresge Ball-Like the Saturday Evening Post a lot for your money. January 30thAlVe get the low down on the Miltonic Divorce affair. Kay O'Keefe, Al Hilton and Dave Yomtob serve "Tea for Three" assisted by Mrs. Launer and Earl Kyle. Very well done. January 31st-VVe beat our local rivals in a fast game. FEBRUARY February 2nd-Our boys play a snappy game but lose to G. E. Tech. February 3rd-Miss Harner from Edinboro sings for us. Wle certainly enjoyed her delightful voice. February 4th+Did you get one of those pages of outside readings for History of Ed. class? One consolation, the library does not have all the references. February Sth-It seems that there isaclass called Modern Novel in school, that is having a lot of lectures. We register a vow to attend. February 6th-Another basket-ball game-and we get the best end of the score from Kanty College. Freshmen turn room C into an attractive dining room and serve supper to their class. February 7th-Victories seem to be more than plentiful .... Alliance this time. It was a costly victory for Whitey has sprained his other ankle. February 10th-George Yochim plays for us in Assembly. XYe especially enjoyed the last number. DeMolay falls our victim this time. February 12th-We hear of the helpfulness of biography in the teaching of ideals. Mr. Barrett will not venture an opinion as to the ethical value of the Maurois Biographies. February 13th-Friday, but Evangeline Adams says the moon signs help to correct the super- stitions connected with the date. February 14th-The boys bring us a Valentine in the form of a victory over Alliance. February 16th-We learn about the Tropics and wish we were there. The color of the pictures was intriguing. February 17th-A favorite question of the Seniors-"lVhere are you applying?" Our voices get another practice on Dixie. The Normen Club have a stag dinner served them in the Cafeteria. Chicken is the important item on the menu. February 19th-Lovely weather. People's minds turn to thoughts of-anyway the walks around the block are getting well pounded. February 20th-VVho was the Father of Our Country?-One bright student answers Brigham Young. Our boys can play basket-ball. This time they bring home Kanty's scalp. February 23rd-Class attendance gets worse and worse. Flu hits both faculty and students. February 24th-Grace Shirley scolds eveyone collectively and individually for not having turned in writeaups. Sophomores are presented the Eriez ad cup this year. They have Lindgren to thank. February 26th-How do you spell Sophomores? Eriez tribe again beat the Clit? Dwellers .,., a good game. February 27th-Woodchuck is an old fraud .,,, the weather has been lovely. EFEf3iEE':l5Ei':i59El5':l5lgl515Ci5'3i':i'5':t'f1EiFiEE':5':Fi':h':h':l:i':E5EFiH:159 36 H:i':E':l359':l3iEF1Elfi':Fi':lfll THE, ERIEZ 1931 IlnCiEl:i':E':l-iEl:lEgEEl:i':l:tn':1 MARCH March 2nd--lN7e hear the Boston Male Choir-and encore them-and they respond graciously. VVe agree with the jury that the judge was a very good judge. In fact we vote this the best thing the state has sent us. March 5th-Comstock Club suggests that we have a pocket book to match our gown. XVe have often wondered what pocket books were for. March 6th-Eriez material in the hands of the printer. First sigh of relief from the editorial staff. KEN? KNOWLEDGE Qin utter disgzcstj-XVill theytnever get serious? Isn't there something you can o. FATE-I have it. I'll send Chicken Pox. tReszzmes readifugl March 10th-The woodchuck was right after all-in fact he was perfect. Biggest snow of the season. Did we hear XY. A. A. mention sleigh ride? March 11th-Mothers grow gray trying to keep suppers warm for the eager basket-ball enthu- siasts. But it really is most important. Will the Four Year Freshmen take the cup from the Intermediate Seniors? VVhat of the dark horse, the Four Year Seniors? March 12th-Seniors learn just how important this business of graduating really is. Now for plans for Commencement, Pageant, Class Day, etc. March 13th-Another Friday the 13th, but if it can mean anything worse than Mid-semester Tests, let's get it over. Our boys play Fredonia on their floor. That means something to us. March 14th-lille battle with G. E. Tech. and what a battle!! March 17th-R. Pierre NVright tells us of Erie County Indians. Dramatic Club present "The Groove" at 4:10 to anyone who can attend. March 18th-You should have no doubt as to whether or not our boys can play basket-ball after seeing the Edinboro game. March 19th-There have been Kresge Balls in the past but this is Tl-IF. KRESGF. BALL. Programs .... Orchestra, our old friend Gordon .,.. No eats? What do you expect for your extra nickle? March 20th-Be kind to the faculty members. To-morrow it will be of no avail. Grades go in to-day. March 23rd-The brave arrive early and ask for their grade sheets. Disappointments and sur- prises as usual. Faculty need no earmuffs for warmth. FATE-Some of them escaped me that time but I'll get them at the end. flies-zmzcs readingl March 24thAWho would have thought our faces were prized so highly? There is a lesson to be learned from an auction, Quick or Gone. March 25th-Final proof corrected. Sigh of relief number 2. If you are getting too anxious, ask any member of the editorial staff and he can quote you verbatim by this time. March 27th-Miss Thomsen entertains the Comstock Club with a most delightful surprise. Did we have fun? APRIL April lst-Some people do not need to wait until after death to have a day celebrated for them. April 2nd-And it's too early in the game to risk double cuts. Juniors wisely dine and dance to-night. All vacation to wear off the effects. April 6th-We were just as thankful for that day as if we had had a vacation. April 10th-The Eriez is yours provided you have paid for it. That wasn't a slight earthquake, merely the weight coming off the Editor's shoulders. Be prepared for a bigger shock when the Business Manager pays the last bill, and she lays aside her troubles. April 13th-VVe've written our name 100 times today and it wasn't because we whispered or shot paper-wads either. April 15th-VVhy can't all these rainy days come before our goloshes get worn out? April 17th-Now we know why we came to College. Did you suspect everyone could look so charming? Wie hold our own with the best of them anywhere, Our congratulations to the Committee for the success of everything. It was a real dance in an ideal place. April 2lst4NVafile supper, the annual gala event of the Class of 1931. Fewer casualities this year, but an equally good time. lVe miss those of our Freshmen and Sophomore days who are no longer with us. It was good to see Mrs. Homer again. 5'f1LgE59':E':l3i':liE1'3i5'fi':l3El:i':Fi55555':l:n':5El:1'nCHi':li':l::Eh5'::':lf1Eh -ij 37 jj.- 5SEF5?EF':E55EF':F5'?l THE, ERTEZ 1931 IbCiL:F1El:1bCi':l:i':l:i':E':EEFi April 24th-Commencement Play. We sure won't be ashamed to take this to Edinboro or any- where else for that matter. There may be better directors than our Miss Sullivan but we demand proof before we will admit it. Need we say that every member of the cast did exceptionally well? XVe have come to expect that in any of our dramatic productions. April 28th-juniors are royally entertained at the home of Mr. Zahniser. XVe not only like that man but his whole family. MAY May lst-Once more we enjoy the Glee Club. lf possible, it was even better that the first. May 5th-junior Aides are selected. VVe hope they appreciate the honor of their position ..,. and the work that goes with it. May 7th-This time we eat and pay honor to the Seniors. life do hate to have them leave us in spite of any words we may have said to the contrary in sisterly anger or jealousy in our Fresh- man-Sophomore days. The food was good, the music delightful, the speeches clever. May 11th-Hay fever in the fall, Flu in the winter, Spring fever now. lN'e are a sick lot. May 13th-VVe eat again. This time we honor our athletes. 'Wish we had worked a little harder. Those numerals look hue, then the letters-jealousy makes us refrain from mentioning the blankets. Wie only offer our congratulations to those who earned them. May 14th-The Seniors being brave are made to suffer first. Exams for them going full swing. May 15th-The Seniors display their hnal social polish. What else are teas for? Human beings enjoy playing peacocks and we are no exceptions. Did you count the faculty? May 18th-Were all.Queens as much bother as ours? She is lovely and we must admit most democratic for she is also head-overheels in work but she does Cause us a lot of trouble getting her court ready. May 19th-Here's where father's electric bill goes up. Tell him to cheer up. This is our last night to cram. May 20th-XVe gratefully receive all the Seniors have to will us. May their prophecies all be fulfilled. May 21st-lt is nice that in all the practice and costume making we have time to do a little planning for our few days of dormitory life. Ask the junior Aides of the past and with your originality you should be able to keep not only Reeder but Haven Hall as well in wide awake state for the three days. May 22nd-lt is all over for better or worse. Good-by. See you all in Edinboro. Seniors tomorrow. All other next September. Normen Club give their farewell dance. May 23rd-Alumni Day. See yourselves two, three, five, ten, twenty years hence. Q May you have as much loyalty and be on hand to help boost your Alma Mater on every occasion. May 24th-Baccalaureate Sunday. Our hats are becoming a little more easily balanced. Our faces and arms will need plenty of Ungentine after an afternoon on the lake. Now is a good time for that snap shot in your regalia. Are you well supplied with eats for the evening? XN'hen do we sleep? When you can no longer keep your eyes open. May 25th-A final practice that no slip may mar the dignity of our court. This afternoon we appear in movies. Now we know how other celebreties must feel stooping in our tracks so that some photographer may get the picture from the best angle. It was very beautiful. In the evening we enjoy our Commencement play even more than the first performance. May 26th-Commencement. Once more arrayed, wc gather in front of Haven Hall. This time the faculty are suffering with us in the juggling of tassels, etc. lt is soon all over, diplomas and certificates received .... a shedding of gowns .... a dashing for bags .... a rush to our families and home. EH:E5':ib'5En'555':H':E':l5':i'fi5Ci5'55':155':l5'n5':E':l:i':l:i':Fub'3u':Fi':l:niE':h -41 38 lk- '55':l3':F':l3ElfiEl3i':I3i':l?H?I 'THB ERTEZ 1931 IEnCiEEbLiEFH5':Fi':E':FnEFni KING KNOWLEDGE frnozved lo angry learsl- And is that all, of me alone Not one entreaty to my throne Not one sweet pardon for my grant Now I shall prove I'm adamant- This will not have a pleasant savor I condemn them to teaching labor- They must sue me with every breath Or I mete intellectual death. MONEY-They too shall find the want of me A grief from which they're never free Unless they play me upon treason And marry while they've yet their reason. FATE-And memory of Grades will bark At them from out the Freudian Dark. KING KNOWLEDGE- Bring them in, let them hear their doom The hard, thin diet and the gloom. STUDENT CHORUS-fE71lFf hmnblyj Oh, we have heard your hard decree And beg of you for clemency. KING KNOWLEDGE- My verdict stands, no use your plea And therein lies the tradegy. Your life shall be one plea to me. The chorus dances of wilh drooping lily expression. KING KNOWLEDGE fdesceading from lhronel- I wonder if they will conquer me. Apologies fa Ezzripides. NOTE-The afuthor assumes no respmmfbilzfly as io the accuracy of any dale or arrourzl in this calendar. ':FL:i':ibL55lib'55n'555':i5':E5l?5'5':EEE':l5':l:iLn5l:l:u':l:iE-l:i':Ebf5EFi':l:iEh5h. -ri 39 Lt- 5I:E55':E':F1':I31 ':FH:l':l:1EEI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I':I:nE1Cn':n'5EF1':J':n':EEi:u':H':':ET as 5 5 aa as 9 as EE H5 as 52 ea 5 5 55 59 EE EE 55 H5 5 ua aa EE 5 5 59 , 5 EE f ala as e aa as aa as ga es 5 an as aa an as aa as as as as H3 EE as as as EF as ga 33 E EFEEEQEESQBQEQEQEEEEBQEQHSHHEQEQ55l:f5n':E':F1EF:':Fub':1':.FH5 .eil 40 B, 'EEQHSEEEEEFEEHSI THE, EIEIEZ 1931 l':19':f5E15':15':f:nl:u':m':l:u':Fx'iE EE A EE EE EE 52 EE 2 ATRG EZTTCS 5 59 52 H5 59 55 59 EE X 52 EE H3 52 EE EE K X E Hr! xfk QV 'DEI E R ' E2 52 ' " 59 EE 59 E 2 E 55 I Y 5 fl 55 52 - Am EQ H5 W 1 A H5 55 ' Vg EE 5 W 3 5 5 EE A fi C5 EE E E 525252525252525252552525252525252525252525252525222 .41 41 IF. ':F':FHiEE5h':F':E5Ei':FI THE, ERTEZ 1931 l5Ci':EEE':Fi':l:uH5':F':Fi':h Athletic History oft: The lliiriie Center In 1926 the fellows of the school decided to have a basket-ball team. Although the idea was excellent, the team was handicapped because of lack of experienced men, and because we received little support from the student body. However the team won 3 out of 7 games played. The next year we branched out and met a few new opponents in Kanty College, and james- town Business College. Roy Bolkey was captain, and the lettermen were, Page, Hale, Drozeski, Towns, and Reiman. This team won 4 out of 8 games. In 1928 we put forth our first team of college calibre, and won our first city championship by defeating Pitt Extension in two consecutive games. Another outstanding victory was a 28-20 defeat of the DelVIolay team, a feat which few teams accomplished. Coston Towns was captain, and among those who wore our colors were, "Sock" Fleming, fone of the best athletes to ever wear our school colorsj, Bolkey, Hale, Giesler, Robinson, and Barber. Then at last we came into our own, for with every member playing inspired ball under the careful coaching of, "Doc," Ainsworth we won 11 out of 15 games to win the N. Y. -P. Junior College Conference. Captain Fleming led his mates to victories over such teams as Fredonia, Alliance College, Pitt., and Kanty Collegeg and then wound up the season by handing the powerful Meadville Commercial College a 23-9 beating on their own Hoor to settle beyond a doubt the championship team of this district, and a team classed by the newspapers as "one of the out- standing teams of this section." Lettermen wereg Fleming, Bolkey, Robinson, Towns, Barber, Giesler, Hale and Totman. Bolkey with 98 points was the star of the season. In this, the last year of our school existence, we bid fair to win a great majority of our games. Despite losses to Thiel College and Edinboro, we have won a large majority of our games and bid fair to win the Conference championship again. With such men as Bolkey, Beck, Cohen, Totman, H. Meyer, Towns, Kyle, and Barber playing fine ball we hope to duplicate last years championship. At the present time we have won 30 and lost 23 games over a period of five years. VVe now turn to track, which has been carried on mostly for enjoyment. lliith never more than S or 10 fellows to compete in a meet, our chances of victory were slim. Competing in five meets we failed to win a single contest. The fine performances of Giesler, Fleming, Towns, Phillips, and others are outstanding! Giesler's time of 14 seconds for the low hurdles, and 15.-I seconds for the high hurdles stamps him as one of the best collegiate hurdlers in the district. lVords fail to express our appreciation for our coach J. C. "Doc" Ainsworth who has given his services so cheerfully, and who is responsible for our hne record. Not until this year did "Doc" have any experienced material, but built his championship team of 1929 with only one experienced man. His confidence in us, and the fact that we know that the lives of our boys are immeasureably better because of our contact with him is the highest tribute that we can pay him both as a man, and as a coach. lVe appreciate the effort and spirit of Mr. Robb and Miss Hudson in securing for us better competition and playing facilities. We feel that this is a truly remarkable record for a school that has not had over 35 boys at any one time, and no Hoor of its own. Such a spirit among the boys, and confidence from the faculty and students, and such interest by our coach has made this record possible. EFEEEE5h5'35':i':lfil:l5El5L:fiEE5fiEi':i5'3':l-iHi5CiEH:H59':E'j:i':5b9hCi 42 lk, 5555555551 fmt EMEZ1931 15555555551 59 T 55 H71 5 55 5555555555555 555959595555555559 IIE Zahniser Giesler Kyle Korrell Blakeslee Eizl K:-H Yomtob I Qhristian Kitts Hale Panitzke Bannister Ha Johnson Gillespie Mershon Barber F. Meyer Bennett EH Mens Athletic Association IIE If The purpose of the Mens Athletic Association is to promote and back the HI! Eg athletic activities of the men of the college. HT' Managers for the basket-ball and track teams were elected by the associa- EH tion, and everyone cooperated in selling tickets, and Edinboro stickers, and in Inq IIE the paying of dues to secure the funds for financial backing of the sports. EE EFI A hand-ball tournament was sponsored by some of the members during the IIE 'IE first semester. VVe might also mention deck tennis!!! 'ZF' H2 OFFICERS 15 Hr' Pfesidentu r..., ,,t.,.,..t,.,tv,,.... L eroy Barber I5 ll-FI Vice-Presideazt ...,t .....t,.t.,,.tt. l William Zahniser 'IF EE Secretary and Tifeasurer ....,,,t - ..... Malcolm Mershon LF' all 43 Q -1 . X NJ A! LM' ,, A Ql 'Q xx. ':l3El?':FEFi555CiEFiEFEFI THE, ERTEZ 1931 lift-E5'5El:iEl:iEE':E5Ci':5E EEHEEEEEEEQ c EE x Eh 55 EE H5 H5 A l Yom tob Bole Arn ts Huebner Brezelle Pelton Boyer Dodd Baldwin Diehl Stafford Hood Ford Griffis Boardman ' Wentz Riewalt Shampoe Miss Magrane Seabrooke Bury Yochim E VL,"-N Womlens Athletic Association EFT President ,,v,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,, L ucile Stafford EQ Im-Piesfdaif. o,,o . -- -Phyllis Hood 55, HI' Secretary ..,,. , - . e -Frances lYood I-:E Treaszzreix- .. . , - - . - -Marian Diehl Faculty Advisor ,,,,,, ,,..,,. v,.,,., . . ,Helen Magrane H'-rl EE The XV. A. A. was organized six years ago to promote health and good sports- manship among the girls in school. Through the activities of the students it IIE has grown to be one of the largest and most popular organizations of the school. Ha In order to enter into the association, each member must be willing to partic- ipate in some organized branch of athletics. All forms of popular sports comprise 5:1 the activities, so that each member has a large tielcl from which to choose. H-T1 A full program was planned for the year. VVe started off with a bang by having a "Hare and Hound Hike", and what a hike-stil? joints and sore muscles were Hr' the penalty for vacation idleness. Next on the program was deck tennis-we wonder if Miss Magrane had hopes EFI of us all going abroad. Eh El:I59Eif3i':l3E1':i'gl?El55':iElfi':i'5':l3i':li1El:iEl35f5'n5':E59El3'ji5':l':Fib9':H':h 44 Eh 55 59 as f as as 55 EE Eh 59 Eh EE EE 55 ':l::E.F':l3l':l3i':l3l':F15'3l':l3E-FI 'THE ERIEZ 1931 I':Fi':li'3'5E1'3':l:ii-E':.E':l:u'3Li Gillespie Gray Feuerlichr Rhodes B. Dunn Bevilacqua Koppelman Bonniger Welz Humphreys Arndt Hanley Forrester Shattuck Sheldon Lindgren Washek Kurfess Palmer George Plum Davies Crowell K-R-E-S-G-E - B-A-L-L! The usual routine of the month is relieved by the Dime Dance where all the dancers and would-be-dancers frolic. Vlfhile speaking of dance-we sometimes wonder where the "minority sex" is hiding. VVe don't bite. Basket-ball!-How many know that we have UD class basket-ball teams? Have you seen them play? lt's as thrilling as any varsity game and Cit's a secretj -not as costly. Interest runs high between the teams in friendly rivalry over the championship trophy. Splash!-Take a peep in on the swimming classes. Such a splash! Not time for a plunge-we must hurry or we will be late for the banquet. Rewards!-VVhy the air of expectancy? Oh yes-it's almost time for those long waited for-much coveted awards. Numerals, letters, one or two sweaters ffor they're hard to getj-and perhaps a blanket, the highest of all honors. At last, here comes the rewards, but we must be on. In ending we only want to say that next year at Edinboro we hope the W. A. A. will continue to grow and prosper. ':F':1'55':i':h':l:lEn':i5':i':l3':l559E-l31':Fi':l5':l5El5El5':1'5':i'5':':H:HiEFn':l:1b':H5 at 45 lt- Qwzayfa , w-3fy,Ag,M,cQ,4a7L 5555555551 Ima, emez 1931 15555555532 5 5 5 5. 5 gg ax GIHRI5 gg 5 55555,,,5555555 .,5555555t,55555555 55555,5555555 5 5 5 EE h Eg 5 f Y 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 EQ 5 5 E 5555555555555555555555555 E':l3iEl3iEi9Ei'3i595l:i':i':i55l 'THB ERTEZ 1931 IEnCi':l:i5':i'gl:i':uL55'?EE':l:i'i,l5:I1i I5 Basketball Hg' 5:1 At the start of this year's basketball season, we found that we had gained two EE E new players, Meyer and Crawford, to take the place of Fleming and Robinson 5:1 who were with us last season. After weeks of strenuous training, the boys opened I'-:Fl the season on December, 19th against the strong Thiel team. VVe lost, 10-16 HI' IJVH but came back strongly on December 31st, to beat the DeMolay Alumni. The EE next two games the team lost, one to Fredonia on the Academy Court, and the 5:1 other to Edinboro on Edinboro's Court. These defeats, although giving us a EH l:-F1 bad start, seemed to prove that a bad beginning marks theway for future EFI victories. Out of the last seven games played, we have won six by wide margins ljq and lost one to the G. E. Tech. team in an overtime period at Lawrence Park. HI' If In the winning streak the team has displayed, they beat the other two members IIFI of the N. Y.-Pa. Conference, Pitt and Alliance,and won from such teams as IIFI. Kanty, Alliance, and DeMolay. If-E ECI Score ljcl Opponcizt Place Teachers Opponent EE Thiel Academy I:-FI DeMolay Alumni Y. M. C. A. bg Fredonia Academy EFI Edinboro Edinboro Pitt. Y. M. C. A. G. E. Tech. Lawrence Park Hil Kanty Kanty EFI Alliance Cambridge Springs IZF1 De Molay Academy AEE Alliance Y. M. C. A EH Kanty Roosevelt HI! Pitt. Y. M. C. A. 'IF' Fredonia Fredonia HI' DeMolay Alumni Y. M. C. A G. E. Tech. Y. M. C. A .EFI Edinboro Y. M. C. A 'HCl EQBEHEEEEEHSEEEE 'ji 5E':l:HfiEliiEEEl:1555':1Ei:iEl:1EEEl:u':F1Eu':1Ei':uEl5. 46 ilk- 7 Kyle-C, F G ri, Leu Nm E Tot Korrell4 Mgr. Bolkey-G F. Meyer AF C Zahniser er4G 95' H.M U Lu EN fn- Oo T iesl F G Barber- EFI:1':I:1':F':l:1':F1':1:1':F5':1':l:1I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 IlZFI'Zf:IlZf:l'IFl'Zf:l'IFlEE'IFll1':E1 EH ' 3:1 H31 EF1 551 ':1':1 55 EE 551 'LF1 55 55 551 55 59 55 59 :E1 H31 WIFI 59 ':I:1 '35 59 59 EE 15 Tl fi h ci 513 5g ph 1 1 li 11 15 EH 01 1 ci 'hf " EQ 'QF1 -Th F ll fT EH IIF1 EF1 ':1C1 55 EE EE ':1C1 'IF-1 5:1 'LF1 H5 EH EH EE EF1 551 '35 551 H5 551 551 EF 55 ' '39 3 EE 5qL:E':1':1':H':f:1':f:1EEE1C55E1Ef:1l:FEf:1':I:1Ef:1El:1'355':1':F1EE5C1EF1':F1':1C1':i:lf1Cl, -41 48 11- 'E:FH555':I51':4:l':FEFlEF.I THE, ELRTEZ 1931 I':H5'5'3'35':15':1':Fn':EEEEzEE 55 55 QRHAUEATIQUS X EF F 9 4 Ha 59 T 4 , HF as . 4 I 1 5 55 I 55 EE f 5 EE f Q as ea f EE 59 A 1 EF as M .i 4f is ua L X," ga an A EE ea as EH , 5 as I M aa Ha f f an E QE H5 X 5G as as EE EE EFEH5CHH5595955EE59'gE595QH555555?55555955595 -41 49 Hg- 'E:l31':gi'3l':l3l':l:1':l:r5'3lEl55'flI THE, ERTEZ 1931 l':l'3u':E':l55':1':l:q5':n':l5':l:lEl:I-alf Brush and Palette Club The beginning of the semester found the members of the Brush and Palette lljzgl Club diligently seeking new members to add to the membership list. Ha The new members were then entertained at the home of Annette Forrester. ' Plans for the semester were discussed with much enthusiasm. As no organization can exist without funds, and as we are not an exception, we sponsored several successful candy sales. I Mr. McCommons, our advisor, was very helpful in making our club enjoyable jg and helpful. E 5 5 5 E E 5 5 E 5 5 5 E 5 E E 5 5 E E 5 5 5 E E E E E E E OFFICERS President ....... ese,eeeeeee,e.. A nnette Forrester SecreZa1'y-Treaszzrcr .sss,.ss.,.s..., Marjorie Yochim Annette Forrester Marjorie Yocbim ,lean Mosher Amalia Vllenstran Ruth Hotchkiss Ruth Viau Mildred Feuerlieht Marcella Graney MEMBERS Esther Vllilliams Margaret Dunn Edra Kolpien Harriet Hogan Beulah Bonniger Margaret Mulvin Roberta Seifert Ruth Henderson HONORARY MEMBER Miss Justina J. Baron oooooooo o'o o'oo'o o'o OUR MOTTO "A prominent club of this college: VVhose program includes fun and knowledge." ':l:il:E555559El3595'5EE EE 555559 ':l5El3':l:H:n55':HEl:nb':u 5 E H:1E.l55'5':EEl:iEl515l3':l'fl':i'?':E55El5':EEl5':l5':'359':E59':E':l::':l:H5':E55 -lr 50 Il- 5 Feuerlicht hkiss TC H0 Mulvin aney s Gr Kolpien Yochim el' Forrest eff H- .- 0 CL' E Ng 5 5 SSESBSESESEFHQEFESI WHS, HRTEZ 1931 l5':1':n'fu':h':hEl:1':l:i':F1EFgEFi' Dramatic Cllulb OFFICERS Presidenl .A...,,, ,,,,A,.,.A., , , ,Catharine O'Keefe Vice-P1'eslde111',f -, , , g ,,,, -loan Hanley Secretary ....., ..... D orothy Sheldon Treasurer ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dorothy Hendricks Last spring the Edinhoro Players were honored by receiving a chapter in Alpha Psi Omega, national Dramatic Fraternity. Several members of the Erie group were entitled to wear the pin of this fraternity. The members of the chapter played the leading roles in the hrst public play of the season, "Sun Up," a three-act drama given October 24, 1930. The splendid portrayals of difficult character roles, under the capable direction of Miss Ellene Sullivan, marked "Sun Up" as an outstanding success. The cast: W'idow Cagle ,,,,,,,,,,, .,.. D orotlzy H?71,df'1'EkS Pap Todd, , 1 ,,,,.,,, Cyril f0l17150l1 Emmy .,.,, .... ll Iargarel llI!17'SlIl1ll Bud ,,.., .. ,,,,.,., Leroy Barber Sheriff ,,,,, ..,. R Uyce Hlallory Rufe ,... ,,., G eorge Giesler Preachers - , ..,. Nelson Hale Stranger, , . ,,,., J0l111 Gillespie Bob .,,,, H ,.,.....,.. .... - . ,-- ...e... Earl Kyle At the regular meeting of the club in Nov. two one-act plays were presented. They were: "A VVoman's A W'oman" directed by loan Hanley: and L'Beau of Bath," directed by Albert Hilton. The second public performance on Jan. 30, 1931, was a comedy-drama, "Tea For Three" also directed by Miss Sullivan. This play gave a new and amusing twist to the old "triangle" theme of bored wife, interesting friend, and Jealous busband. The cast was as follows: Philip, the friend ....,.e,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,.,.,., ..... 4 Uber! Hilton, Doris, the wife ....,,,.,, - - - Catlzarfine O' Keefe , , , , , David I'7l7l77ll7b - - - -Irma Lazmer Carter, the husband ..... Dracott, the maid ..,,, Austin, the butler .,i..................................,.,, Earl Kyle Plans are now being made for further productions in the second semester. THE MEMBERS OF THE CLUB Emma Arndt Margaret Baron Rita Barron Myrna DeVOre George Giesler Nelson Hale joan Hanley Dorothy Hendricks Albert Hilton Cyril Johnson Earl Kyle Margaret Marshall Minna Massiroff Catharine O'Keefe Mary Schaper Dorothy Sheldon Grace Shirley Elva Sterling Lois Wlelsh Mildred XVilson Marilyn llloodburn George Yochim David Yomtob Rose Yomtob Irma Launer Ruth Lindgren BSESSSESESEHEEEESSEEEEEHSSBSES':h5S':l5L:l:1':1'3':l:i':Ftl:1h':Eh at 52 ii- P- cv 1 E CA .a E E o 9' ui ea ..- aa en i O I O 'E o ii Ta 3 Es 23: :vu EE u-I Arnd t s odhurn Wo .bt .2 x- 'U Hen el' Schap aa In o D ev C Y ss Sullivan Mi Hanley 555555555555? 5 E 55 5 2 sw 'i 3 P1111 H E'li C Q l O 53 W if lisa 3 S gi? FD 5 Cn E l lm N E Q N1 2 l :Er U2 if E3 2 -id" ca lily' 6 -3 iiilc'-if :A -- Q 5 5 55253 5 saws 5 vQ2::f3'wv 5 5 555555555555 President v A . . , . , . . . Dorothy Bury Vice-Pres1'de11zf . ,.... H elen Crumb Secretary. .....,. - .. .... Lucille Ames T1'eas1H'e1' ,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. . . .,,, Esther McNamara President- - D, .u.u .. uuuuu.u.u...r.u.u.u.. Evelyn Coulter Vice-Presz'de1zt- ,r.r ..... H elene Jones Secreiary- - ., . - Y.,, Mrs. Stump Secrelary ...,,, D - - D Dorothy jones 5555555 5555555555555555555 5555 Social Adzr'zfs01'.. - - - - . - - Emma Graham Sponsor H.......,.,...,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,... Ruth Barrett The Professional Club was organized for the purpose of acquainting the students with people interested in professional life. Through the medium of the club, the members are brought in closer contact with professional life, duties, and work. , 55 55555 55 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5555 i-A-1 U! vb E? In November, the organization was very fortunate in getting, Doctor Gary O. Meyers, of Cleveland, to speak to us. On other occasions, Mr. C. XV. McNary, principal of Academy High School, and Mr. G. O. Moore, assistant superintendent of the Erie schools, delivered very interesting messages. Social functions were not overlooked, and a very delightful tea was held, following the address by Mr. Moore. Another of the social undertakings of the club was the Professional Bridge party, given at the Y. XV. C. A. for members of the club and their friends. Last but not least was the Toy Frolic, a Christmas Party held at the Academy High School. Jack-in-the-Box, Tin Soldiers, and Little Miss Muffet, turned out en masse. 55 I 2.3 lan-I 3: ea I .... 'L' 'na Eh.. L1 Q S m 'E EE: U: Em ... va 21: :E 5 gi I cu 3 O CD a. 2 I-E :SN .:: EMM I- ,"' Q O 3:02 o D5 .. .2 E IES?-n llim an Wi Fr her 'U L.. O EE U Bute Baccus Brown EI' .ck I- I- 5 m 0 Cro McNamara Reagl Zn U1 Wenstr Yochi gbqsgbebammwz fme, waz 1931 u5Q5s5Q5Q5a5Q5q5aEqfQ as 5 EE EE 59 5 EH as H2 H5 Ha H3 E 5 HF EH 5 5 H5 EE 5G HI. 5 55 EE op fz h p z fi :DEE H2 h it H P 'Z g fi EH EE 5 5 as H5 EE 55 EE 52 H5 5 59 ea 5 EH as H5 EE era H5 5 :Q ea as EE 9 55 an E HE aqmbammmsenssmsaqssaq5552555555 -'il W- EHQHSHSEESQHSHEBQI 'THE SRIEZ 1931 I':':nEH'nLiEfiEF1':EE.-l:n':m':nEE EE 59 EE 35 H31 EE E E 55 EE 32 3? H? 55 55 551 EFI George Rowe Washek Shattuck Bannister Hendrickson Sheldon Palmer Pelton Rhodes Shirley Miss Thomsen Yomtob Sq Comstock Club 'ilzl EH OFFICERS H71 EE P1'6S'I-!l7E77ZIf .....,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,.,,,,., . -Grace Shirley V1'ce-Presidelzzf ,e.e.e...e...e.e.,...... Luella Shattuck IZF1 HI' Secrefary ........,.,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,, Dorothy Sheldon EFI T1'easm'e1' ..,. Seee,e.e.e.e.e.e.e.,.e.... M arion Pelton If-Fl The Comstock, or Nature Study Club, was organized this year under the EE EFI direction of Miss Thomsen, The club is made up of students who are especially interested in science. EH EE Most of the meetings are held out-of-doors in the form of hikes or field trips. LF' The members feel that they have received much enjoyment as well as benefit - Incl from the various activities of the club. l-:Pl HQ MEMBERS E Wallace Amy Marjorie Palmer IZF1 VVilliam Bannister Marion Pelton HT, Margaret Crowell Clara Rhodes HZI Bertha Drezner Edith Rowe H:-I IIE Winifred George Luella Shattuck Katherine Hendrickson Dorothy Sheldon I:l:I EF' John Hickey Grace Shirley HI' Doris Osborne Sarah True 'IPI Margaret Otten Alma Wlashek Htl EE Mary VVentz Rose Yomtob LE 56 Althof Bevilacqua Miss Metzner Gillespie Gray Gillespie Welsh Davies Arnts Viau Geographical Research Society President ...... - , cjohn Gillespie Vice-President .... , , , , Dorothy Gray Secretary-Treaszzrer- , - , - ,. -Lillian Davies The Geographical Research Society was organized in 1929, and since that time has functioned as one of the prominent scholastic organizations. One of the aims of the club is to study current topics from a geographical viewpoint. The regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. At this time one of the members or a guest presents a topic having a geographical aspect. This is followed by a general discussion and questions. In addition to these meetings the club has planned some interesting social activities. Much of the success of this organization is due to the assistance of our faculty advisor, Miss Metzner. -r 57 r- if 55 H31 EH 59 59 55 59 EFI 5 J-2 35 GU S CQ EH EH EE EH EE 'zh Eli 55 EE, ':F15'71':E 59 55 55, . EE Barber Mr. Barrett Bury Brown Meyer Zahniser Diehl Lyons B. Dunn Argow The College Forum OFFICERS i First Semester 5955 1-4 R! iffsis Jfij Sore fries -Noi Dfw SSN. MQ-SA. za-Fl :mas ,YW www -Eyes, wa: :Tl i,: 4351.11 iv' 'N' i NPN Fall Dv, 1 fan! ,I i w i i, 'iilgilg 'l'0? . i isil' ' in-:ii ' 1 Qiiml I i if5i'li . , l,w9ti1n ii , i ll Ip , di! YZ' ,..., W , QW? Q'-1 :Fam 5332 figs. ,QL .... SD on raw: Daz D90 Oo -vaU 45-.2 CIQ4... mrzfg 9522. 55"1 'Ir-ri H555 In organizing the club this fall, we realized the support the class of 1930 IIE had given us, In appreciation of that support, we carried on in spite of losing nine-tenths of our members by graduation, and tried to keep the same high ideals EF-l of open-minded, unbiased, frank discussions of social, political, regilious, and 5:1 economic problems of the world. Our "court" convened the second Tuesday of every month. We followed as nearly as possible in the footsteps of all great conferences which end in royal banquets. Realizing the power of food to relieve the tired brain after the fatigue and worry of pondering over serious problems, we had a banquet after each meet- ing. Since the Teachers College has often told us of the importance of a balanced Inq program of work and play we feel that the Forum Club is one of the most ideal of the Erie Center. ':l559':l:i':F1':lf1El5EE':l?5'55'3i5li5'fi':l5H5':if1l:E':l5H:iEE':1':i':E':F1':E':l5'fl5 58 Pollock Mershon Lindgren Debating Club The debating club started out with a large membership, and an active season was planned. A question relating to the chain-store was chosen for debate. However, a number of the members dropped out, and unavoidable difficulties in obtaining a coach and arranging a schedule made it expedient to discontinue the club for this year, The group will be reorganized for the 1931-32 season. 59 lk- Mr. Barrett Bury Kitts Mr. Zahniser Brezelle Kaminski Miss Metzner Student Welfare Committee "Will the persons whose names I shall read, kindly meet the Welfare Committee immediately at the close of this assembly in room 315?" Not a terrifying announcement, but just the same, each one of us breathed a sigh of relief if our name was not read. You have heard, "you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time," but we wish to add, "with the exception of the Student Welfare Committee." Though much of the Committees time is taken up in determin- ing the validity of absences, that is not its sole purpose. It was organized to bring a closer and more understanding relationship between students and faculty. In this committee, problems of the school are discussed, and viewpoints of the school and students are considered. Though the resolutions passed are only recommendations tothe head of the school it is encouraging to know that every resolution passed has been accepted by the school and put into effect. -41 60 It 1 V , 1 X , 1 ' , DeVore D. Yomtob Seabrooke Hickey Schmidt R. Yomtob Rhodes Wash Staff Since so many people say "It will all come out in the wash", the 'Wash has been created, and much of value and interest has been coming out in it ever since. This organization is unique in that it is entirely a student group. The idea was suggested by students, boosted by students, and worl-:ed out by students. The faculty demanded but two things: That it be self-supporting Hnancially, and that its material be clean and fair in the portrayal of students and school ac- tivities. This pioneering work deserves much praise and our only regret is that the time has been too short to allow it to develop all its possibilities. -lr 61 Ii- D. Yomtob Giesler Kitts Zahniser Hale Korrell Panitzke Gillespie Bennett Christian Mershon Mr. Barrett Barber F. Meyer Johnson The Noirmeim Ciliui Presiidenzf ..,,, - , ,Malcolm Mershon Vice-P1'eside1zt ...,, - - - Roy Bolkey Secretary-T1'easm'er, , e , , ,Leroy Barber During the past year the membership of the Normen Club surpassed all former limits. Two successful initiations were held to which the new members responded well. The social affairs of the Club were elimaxed by a school party and a Club dance. At the present time we are looking forward to a stag dinner, and later to a dinner dance as a hnale to the school year and our career at the Erie Center. 62 M embers U 5555555551 fmt, eirrez19a1 1555252555551 Barney Baldwin Brezelle MacIntosh Silverthorn Massirolf Hartel Williams Barron Harner King Mr. Emery Huebner Kaminski Crittenden Boardman Wenstran Baker Rogers McKinney Hassinger The Girls Gllee Cllmullb PI'6SI.l11ElZf ...,..,... ,......,,.,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,.. B ' lina Crittenden T1'ea5zU'er --,,.,,,,,5, ,,,,, T helma Rodgers S6'CI'6fllI'j'.L'lb7'lZI'l.C1lI ,,., ,,,.. I Iargaret Baker Direrlor ..5.,.,,,, . . . ........,.,5,,,,,., ,,,,,, S . Gordon Emery .eicmuzpaazisl ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,....,.,.,, R larie Argon' The 1930-31 Chorus was organized Oct. 1, 1930 and since has held its own with the other organizations of the school. The old members entertained the new at a Tea held at the Y. XY. C. A. Oct. 15. The Girls Glee Club, in union with the Boys Chorus, presented a noteworthy concert in the school auditorium on January 9, 1931. The Erie girls have truly enjoyed Working with the Edinboro girls who have assisted them throughout the year, In the work of this last semester the one big aim of the club is to make the Concert a suitable and fitting finale for its career as an Erie Center Organization. Eleanor Baldwin Margaret Baron Glenna Boardman Doris Barney Mildred Brezelle Margaret Baker Mina Crittenden Gertrude Calkins Leona Chartley Eleanor Dennis Sophia Duerr Gertrude Flynn Irene Guillot Elizabeth Hassinger Jeannette Harner Ruth Hartel Agnes Harrington Mildred Huebner Ixy Johnson Florence Kaminski XYinifred King Laura Maclntosh Minna llassiroll Emily McKinney Margaret Mosier Thelma Rodgers Verna Rogers Marion Reed Florence Silverthron Helen Smith Cara May Troutman Amalia X1'enstran Mary 11'illiams BFEQEEEEEEEQEQEHEEQEEEEEEHEEEZEEEEQEF5'5EE':Fv':E'1Fu':w'5 -41 63 IF- EE':l:15qEl3l':l:l':F':I:u':I:1':F1l 'THE ERTEZ 1931 I':i:n':E':19fJ'5':l:m':I:nEl?':l:iE'i ss i i as 551 55 H5 55 Eh 55 H31 55 EE 'zh 55 EE EE Q EE EE q Eh 55 EF: Eh 'zh i EH 5 Y 59 ' EE l:':I G. Emery Cox Bennett Hoiiman E 'JCI The Boys Glen Club 'QF1 EIDE Mr. Sf Gordon Emery, Director Q MEMBERS EFI Ecilliiaglft-:ttgfgl'i-zrilscfii-ein Yglihgiligiiiister EE 'ZH Cgeizjivintlnglihors OSIecoi1cl:Slg3ss EE IJE1 Orlo Cox Ross Kitts EFI HI' Merrill Young Charles Bennett Ha John Hickey Ralph Hoffman HI' Earl Kyle EF This organization though short lived can rightfully claim its place among LJE1 the school groups as having done something both useful and entertaining for 'IF-1 its Alma Mater. In conjunction with the Girl's Chorus they gave a public 55-:I ccgiacert which stamped them as a musical club of much talent, and much latent L-BE a 11ty. 5'::5'5En'::En':nEf:uEf:nEl3u5'7m':l7n5E':l3EFl'EEEEEI:1l:E591-Fn':EEE5C15C1H:uhC1':E si 64 is i' HSHQSSEFEFEFEFSSEFI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'j:i':E5SEE5S5S':E':l5Eh Roll Call For IIQQQQJIQBO Four Year Mary M. Allen-Substitute Madeline Alward-Loweville Mattie L. Bobbitt-At home Mrs. Dorothy Bollman-At home Luella M. Braley-lYest Millcreek Edna Branch-Ludlow, Pa. Ella Buchner-Hamilton School Ruth Disterdick-Lincolnville, Pa. Robert B. Duncan-Fairview, Pa. Clara DurbiniUnion City, Pa. Elizabeth Fisher-Library School Cleveland, Ohio Two Year Sarah P. Adam-Davidson School Katherine Appel-Wesleyville, Pa. Gertrude Barber-Mrs. Larry Lawson Dorothy Blakeslee-Concord Township Wilma M. Bonnell-Hill School Helen Brown-Mrs. A. Casey Anne E. Conway-Glenwood School Dorothy M. Crouch-Lafayette School Ruth E. Diffenderfer-Tracy School Alice M. Donovan-Substitute Betty Engels-Married Isabel Falconer-McKinley School Virginia Fleming-LeBoeuf Township Evelyn Gillis-lVesleyville, Pa. Eleanor Glass-Zern-Zem Hospital Mary Griffis-North Springfield, Pa. Ruth Gustafson-Garfield School Laura Helmer-Wayne School Donald F. King-Wattsburgh, Pa. 0,0 op Q o Q o Seniors Homer E. Flemingfllarren, Pa. Beatrice Heberlein-Academy High Tekla Laffey-Substitute Charles llgichalski-East High Adelaide More-Farrel, Pa. Burton Neff-North Giracl, Pa. Elsa Remler+Academy High Rose Sabatino-Roosevelt Martha Schroeck-East High Evelyn Schutte-Beaver Center, Pa. Isadora M. Storm-Strong Vincent High Louise Tefft-At home Ida G. Warfel-Strong Vincent High Seniors Hilda G. Kitts-Murphy School Summit Township Helen Pope-Beaver Center, Pa. Helen E. Reighner-Columbus School Helen Spencer-Waterford, Pa. Jeannette Summerton-North East, Pa Julia Swan--llayne Township Violet T. Swanson-Columbus School Hilda Thornton-lYeed School Greene Township Grace C. Torrance-Burns School Margaret A. Trout-Heidler School Fairview, Pa. Mary Whittaker-Albion, Pa. Ida Williams-Tionesta, Pa. Edna Wright-Hammett, Pa. Evelyn M. Yaple-Emerson School Betty B. Ziegler-Kriecler School Fairview, Pa. HfiL:E':l3i':l5':lfnE1Ci':l55S5'fiiiS':l3':l5':EH:i':l:i'nS5S'.:Fi':S'3S5C1':1C15SEl:uEh 65 lk- EE HI: E5Q5Q5La5Q5ae+a5Q51a5Ca5la5Qswsaasmwmmmssssfwsmsssabg ala wx 1' 5G Ha Ji, 5 aa ff LS 2 as C 2 EF fx' S E if C, FSJPQX Q Q 1142525 E bg ga gg as E . E i55555CuEH5'5':HEE 5555 EEEEEEHFEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEQ 413115- E'n'7159':F':F':I:n':Fu':F5'31l 'THE ERTEZ 1931 lEE5'E5'5EE':E':E':EEEgg EE EE EF: EE 59 H5 55 EFI 55 EF 59 H5 EF EE 55 53 E E EE H5 55 EE B cz s h ci E? EE 'IEE thing as wi h 1 E , 55 Medea Com T C EH EF: 55 59 H5 EE H3 HI: E E H5 EE 55 EE H5 55 55 EE EE EE H31 59 EF: ' , EF E E EF':f:u':E':I71':Fn':F355':f:u':n'f1595E15'5':EEFu5':n'35':H5'3':F1EFu':Fu':FuE:F:':E':l:1 -..E 66 1- EEE159EF5'3H3EFH559EFI ff F167 ERTEZ 1931 l'nC159'3'355':1:m55EEEi:ng 55 EE E NJ '35 EE Q EE f fum HQ as J I K Q 9 52 M Q J I EE 3 M QJEAR qw gg aa f Q 'lb ea H5 we 55 'uv 55 5 as EE "F E E X' B wil E f 7 2 f M 3 HH X ala E C xx 4 QE EQ 'fi K EE EE 0 ' -0- as 5 -1'b'.'f a.'.'.'-if Q, 55 EE ,J l l l l I 1 171, 5g EE """E" ' as 525Q5Q5Q5Q5a5Q5Q5Q 5Q5Qf5Q5la5a5a555555555 -41 67 lg, ':ijlgI5l?5C159':l:i55El:1':l':r':l-il THB ERTEZ 1931 IEn'5EFu':l:155':l:i':HEl:u':EEfim E555 EEEEHHHF EFS? hhhhbcihhkhklilhhhlihfibhklihfihhklihhkldddild 59 H5 Two Year Freshmen History OFFICERS First Semester President ....,..., , ,eY,,..,, V - . , .. - -Mary Schaper lVI.C6-P7'ESZiIl7E7ZZi -...e, ,.,, M azie Kurfess Secretary-Treaszzrer ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,, Naomi Holcomb Second Semester Presfdevzt ,......o.e.....,. .o.e.e., M ary Schaper Vice-Pres1'de1zt ...o,o , .o., Mazie Kurfess Secrelary-TreasnVert oo.,.,. e.eoe,o,o,o . ,sGrace Neil lF rom A Freshman Diary ' Sept. 3, 1930 First day of school. It is all very exciting and confusing. We freshmen are looked upon by upper classmen and faculty, as curious slabs of unchiseled stone. They all seem doubt- ful of our prospects as teachers, and we feel inferior, ready to die, rather than move a muscle at the wrong time. Sept. 18, 1930 Initiation day. If we had any inferiority com- plex before, we threw it to the winds today. VVhat's the use! If we have had any dignity, it's gone now. Those upper classmen had us dressed like a recent explosion. VVe had not only hopeless shoe and stocking combinations, queer hair dress, and reversed clothing, but we were greened up and stamped with 'LFrosh" signs. And then we had to become childish 'before the whole school! VVe feel five years younger tonight. Oct. 17, 1930 Freshmen party. VVe tried our social wings to- night. VVe had a party. It was a retreat for all us abused freshmen, and some of our self-respect and self-confidence was restored. Wie now know our classmates more foolishly and the faculty less nerv- ously. Jan. 9, 1931 Exams ahead, and that bibliography must be handed in soon. But we don't care. It seems as if we were always a part of this school, and we're going to stay. H3 5'55'35'f1EhEh5'5El3EE5'?':l5595'?5'f1El5EEEE':l:i':CiEF1EFH71':Fi5':uEFuEh all 68 5q':l:1':l71':l5H?':l3l':l:l':F':FI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'n':nEEEEEl:v':FtE':l:1E1'5El:i H-3 5 wi an 59 Agnes Applebee ' ' Pe g gi P' ' R. F. D. No. l Union City, Pennn. Helen T. Bole HSN, 2639 Sassafras St. Erie, Perma. Social Rep. Eriez Artist NV. Ath. Assoc. Ruth L. Boyer i.B0b,, ssgghsk-Gigli P 21. - Jane L. Carpenter "Carpie" 359 VVest 11th Sr. Erie, Penna. C. Lois Cross "Load'ie" 434 E. 6th St. Erie, Penna. Doris T. Barney "Dol" Wattsburg, Penrm. Glee Club Beulah Bonniger "RI'idgeI" R. F. D, No. S Erie, Perma. Brush and Pal. XV. Ath. Assoc. Mildred M. Brezx ye ' Ulf!! ' ' 244. pst ,if ,f" Mead ' le: Ha. Is , f W' lf. arc Q iilx liW.z.i.:3.iWi l me EFI Robert C. Christian .,B0b,.,L fi ,. ' 659 UE. 10th St. ky - Erie, Penna. Aj V . ' V Glee Club n M. Ath. Assoc. K " Margaret E. Crowell Hlllargif' R. F. D. No. 2 Corry, Perma. Comstock Club W. Ath. Assoc. l:i:l .El:1El5Ei'55'?EE55':v':lEl3iEFi':i'f1El5':1'5EFiEl3uEI:i':5EE':E':E59':E'1E5Fb9EF -41 69 il.- TV 5 M EHTEZ1931 1555555555 Penna. ' 'I My I argaret L. Dunn l P 'V ' ll egw 3613 South St. Om Wlesleyville, Penna. N l Brush and Pal. Marie S. Firewick QXVesleyville, Pcnfxa. Qfllflalr fREYWLH CJ Tk Yyinifred M. George fy rlwv-,gdyieyy JN 451115 24th sf U!-JI J . . ir., yJirie,Penna. . J X 2 5, Eriez Artist Comstock Club YV. Ath. Assoc. X My x n ' ' , Marcella G. Graney jf R I '. 308 W. 22nd St, M 'fl J Erie, Penna. ' Brush and Pal. 1, 2 MJF!" ijfaiff. ff' u! Betty E. Dunzlcfff "Judy" VV 2114 Cherry St, J Erie, Penna.f?V,f X Forum Clubfili NV. Ath. Assoc. , V fl f lj l M . lu WA X f 5 O L ws M3251 laj.L1f1euer iQhr lf 2. 1P fx vQ1,fL"1 I ,VC Erie, EHTIHJKY .X 1, H , J Brush and Pal. XV. Ath. A,ssoc. . y r llflq J! , JU ily! YJ! fd? ,VXQ-ft W My frf'l Yexlyl flliorci 4 Urdyvy jf yB0xf117 Ldv VM 9!Q,ubi!0 , ' OC. N 'ffl'-u4 ,Jf'.f..gf'1l ' Genevxeve M. Gleason if .Cebu ,fluff R. F. D. No. 1 Springboro, Perma 1 elle i s I X utfssbvv . F. D. 1 . f ' , enna. I I :ez Stenog. ' XY. Ath. Assoc. EFf':l5E1'3l':E':l:l5l:l':l3':l3Eml5':EEl3EE':l5Elf1El5':5':l:H3':Fn':Fu':E':EH5EF1EE off 'l 'Wy Q . ,lf Oils! 52552 521 THEERTEZ1931 I':F.EEEH59 ,sfgfsmf ll f.'b' Viv? , C 5 6 Ruth Henderson Ho b 4' 'ZF' Ha KN "Buddy" P " Nu-om' lx 1165 W. 29th sf. 1 . F. D. NO. 2 HI' Q Erie, Perma. Crescent Drive H:I Class R p. k Erie, Penna. l I Bfuigjjl Pal' , Class Sec.-Treas. ljlrl F I J ll ,J lf 512, w " ' JJ ,f Qkgighumpweys Mazie M . Kurfess U ,N Lf!!! "1 'V -'ALQV' "Bri el" J l os qww-ron Ave. l rj LW ,fl I gzwrknce P lrk by of ' W M Psi U . - L, ., Y , L- xce- ow 1.1: Athi?-issocf lv-A ' 5500- ' , wx' ' W ' f . l F if W 55 if -- fl.: , f, l , jay, - M C sy, 5 , .J-L ici?-1Lsl2Qaey l H lvffxgraii, .' eil YM V ' .ff ' ' 20 NYarden St. ' j :JPG , C1'0us"f ' lj :1 V L , J Llhwwmna. yfgflofth Girard, V J f' ff' Brush and Pal. cl -ff' l ' v X Clafss Sec!-Vlgreas. If fff Q' .l ,, I 'J C J, -o Dolis , n '35 ljilf arjorie A. Palmer ' ".Marjie" Wwyl NO' gif 2910 Holland St. faterfow Erie, Penna. omstock Club-2 Pm! Comstock Club MQW l:':l w Marion H. Pelton ' ' , -n VT f by l 4 I M-J f , M ,MkgwB4+f3S C, C-.41 Olive F.P1um - 1 ' ' ,JL4 W lm t. f l f f f fa! v'E,Qj -0 f H21 1 aff! f I 1 s , I , gnfyij Q! fab: f "Fuzzy" lv Vwu ' 'Q,..4 EUC' Eenna- Girard, Penna. '-of LAM g 1154, . s ' f Clffs, Balt Erlez Stenog. 9 -' 'Y' 'U ? C0E't5Uf7di:1Lfb, VV. Ath. Assoc. Va!" x.f.f"'f . .' 'tAS50e.ff, f . if f., T:rlvL"'T ixflo- r ls::d4' 'WT C lg Hgcrw f . fLMQL4...,-Jn , 'Lf' 1 f,,.,4Q.7l Y ff J I EEEEEEEQEEQFEEEHEEEEEEWE -41 71 ju, f I Yr .JM . mf uf .. - 5'3':1':H71':l:1EFL:F1'5zEH5':FI 'T F153 ERTEZ 1 5C15':d:H:n':I:n':F1':Fu . WJ V . j 'df Dj EF' fffffy JW gif!! Q ,W t tp 7 VM 6 Georg E R th ck hc' I W 1.5 Helen S. Riewaldt 3 R F 2 ' 2701 G St. . .D No. North East, P nna. VI. . .- W. Ath. Assoc. l Ath A H31 EE EE H5 55 EH EF 55 EE 55 55 55 55 EE 55 H5 55 EF: H3 59 55 H5 55 EFI r 0922 ss - - A 'f ,fJfQ,'.H:l 1 JJJ' ,dl .1 L . jlff-7 J "P1 ch" Georgia M. Stratton i EE 301 . r "Dad-ie" Eri , na. 29 Parad St H-:I Class Pres. Uni C ty P . IIE Dramatic Club , H5 f e as S h True I Mr J H5 Hsallyu ma Washek EE 1 965 St. R. F. D , 6 , . 0 jigs, Penha. Ha Erle, Pe 11 . f ' , - ,QVkfComstoqk mClu Con oc lub-2 ,I V 1 CW. h ssoc.-' N W' Athfvdss 'A N JW W V . 1 , i, x W J j v V K Mary S. Wentz B- 612 148 E. 12th St. "Girlie" E penna. 1352 NV. 26th St. ' C t lx C1 1, Erie, Penna. Y VV Ath A C- XY. ith. Assoc. MA .... - of EE 5'355EHH55'5EEEE5'5EI55'35Ci5'5H3EE555555H3EEH5EEtH5'555 -41 72 lt- E P . EE 1 No CI b-1 HII 55 Charlotte E. Seaver ':F5Fi55El?EE':FEl71EE':FI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'3Ci':E':E5'i':FnEE5S'nSlnCi Lenore Hainsworth 123 E. 4th St. Erie, Penna. 2 Year Senior lmamatic Club-1, 2 ' Rrof. Club-2 Ig . D. No. 1 'ion City, Penna. ry .'Williams I 2 Year Senior r tg D , Glee Club-2 ', Howard L. Blakeslee x 1. CAV.. R. F. D. No. 1 Corry, Penna. 4 Year Freshman Forum Victor R. Donovan 1115 Poplar St. Erie, Penna. 4 Year Freshman Forum Sec.-Treas. M. Ath. Assoc. Normen Club Mary E. Waller 2218 Cascade St. Erie, Penna. 4 Year Freshman 658 VV. 24th St. Erie, Penna. VV. Ath. Assoc. 2 Year Freshman Carl Beck 502 E. 23rd St. Erie, Penna. 2 Year Freshman Forum M. Ath. Assoc. Basket-ball NliicdlaYeanr Scgucdlenits 'blrene P. uillot Margaret B. Mosier ,. -' ...fx-' up H I 5.4 I K eg J I 1 ' I I 2709 German St. 'fn , ' " 1 'Gb' " Erie, Penna. Clarence Wagner 2 Year Freshman "VW'Yd3"' Glee Club R. F. D. No. 7 ENE' Pefma' Myrtle E. Women 2 Year Freshman H ,, Belly William R- Hicks 217 Light House St. 24 ggzggl S Erie, Penna. 1 I ' t ti 2 Year Freshman Irregular Fommfg Brush and Pal. M. Ath. Assoc.-1, 2 Normen Club-1, 2 Science-1 Charles S. Heintz n57,, Cranesville, Penna. 2 Year Senior Rita Barron "Bee" 114 E. 17th St. Erie, Penna. 4 Year Freshman Dramatic Club Forum VVash Staff Abe L. Cohen 2108 German St. W. Ath. Assoc. Joan Blackshaw nh., 213 W. 17th St. Erie, Penna. 2 Year Freshman Annecifae Perll C- "Blondie" 12-5 E. 21st St. Penna. 2 Year V reshman.. Foru 1 Lois N. Butte P. O. Box No. S6 .4 Erie, Penna. 4 Year Freshman Harbor Creek, Penna. Forum 2 Year Freshman Vice-President Geog' Res- SOC' Samuel D. Levine 'LSanzmy" 262 E. 17th St. Erie, Penna. 4 Year Freshman Forum Normen Club Winifred Kingm 2935 lNalnut ser 1,1 X Erie, Penna. N! junior Art F orum-3 Glee Club-3 X-ug : Dxs .El?L:Fi':l:i':lfi':l:i5'5':i'35S5'5El55'55':iElf1':15b9':55Fi5'5':l:1':l:iEl::':F1':EH::59 -..II 73 11- ':Fu5'::5':1h'559H559Ef515'55l55Q5':uEEEz5555CnH5555EE E 'nc' EE 59 55 S 55 :L S 4? Q E 3 , 5 ff N 5. 55 EE ,ZH EE 55 E 595f3EEEH5':nEE555Cu59EFiE55EE5'?EEk!5H:vEE5'5EIfi55 bagwwmaesmssaqmmbqs 52 Ha 52 ua as Ha 52 5G an 5 Ha 5 52 as as as era EE . 52 52 EE EE59':l:1':Fu':!:n':F1EI:1EE':f:v':E':n':u':EE:I:m5':1 HZ' -QI 74 3555552555: fme, waz 1931 lamfmffaqaqi' 55 55 55 ' H5 59 EE 55 ' EE EH S013 HQWGRES fa E E E -., ? Ha Q H3 EQ 4 f QE EE X EE 5212 lyggw wx If EE E W QQQQ, EE 5 QSM X 1? eq 11 sp ,1 EE 4:39 E EFI g if" H3 EE - Q W X 55' i f ff' EE CF, k f EE U92 fm 2? Q66 EF '15 '15 ':H:E':n':n5L5EEEH5l555Enl3':E':E5'5EEH55'55':nH?':HEr'?'3':u':F1':FuEn'::if:1'3Cu 75 lb- l:Fl:F,5q E 162 19 31 les EE 55 EE 513 55' Hi 55 EQ E EE 3 23 55 EE 55 55 'SFI F 55. E We have I Orcwmwdl 'JE1 entrusted to fdztlzfulzy a H:-I H9 af eq Ha 1315: will Sewg file year. Wnese Pages 3037120 f uljigl the IIE IIE ch jiaour fiends aawllken im hgpe that inecord Uf the e t k HI' 'ZF' ve tried to aclfjfi Cla 5517165 PS' mgmoyies ffilfzwe yeaysvigzfg EFI HI' We G purposgtoiile Erie ggi? days 51,93 HI' EF' reach a goalr, wheye we BC' 55 59 55 EH 55 EE E5 EE 55 55 E E Sm E 555595 52 555 '41-115, g5'?5l?':l-?lgF':FEl:b5EFI WHS, ERTEZ 1931 I':E5':1':l5Ei'::EJ':nb5':l5':E':5Fqi Q Sophomore History E611 EE OFFICERS 'ZF' ljlfl First Semester EE IIE P7ES'Zid67Zl- c - r .,.,.,.,.,.,.....,.,.,.. Roy Korrell EE EFI Vice-President- S .. .- .. . - -Luella Shattuck l-LF' H-:I Sewetary-T 1'easz11'e1'- ,. .,.,,,. . ,. .,.. Harriet Hogan EE EF' Second Semester IDE' I-ZF' P1'es'z'de1zt .t,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,.,...... , - - - Emma Arndt EFI ll-H Vzte-Presidenf ,r.. - 7 ,.,., , -Luella Shattuck L:-E E Secretary-Treaszufer, N ,...,, ,, , ,Florence Kaminski HI' IDE' Although we entered these portals as meek GD Freshmen with EFI much trepidation, having heard all kinds of forbodings as to what IIE fierce ogres were to confront us, we soon overcame any shyness we ':l:I EFI may have shown. E ECI Indeed, we screwed up enough courage to give an all Freshman 1-:Pl HI' program in Assembly. This eventful, and never-to-be-forgotten year closed successfully with an unique taffy party, with a few hcl causalties Cnot seriousj to make it immemorial. Ha lllcl We returned to greet, in the customary manner, those who have EE EE! come to take our place. That is one day the Freshmen will never H:-1 ll-E forget. ' HI' Hi' Oh! isn't anyone coming? How hard we have worked. You Ha IIE have guessed it-the annual HalloWe'en party. Did they praise us? If It just shows that one doesn't know what he can do until he tries. If We shall be able to tackle anything now. In fact we are-the two EE I5 highest positions on the Eriez Staff are held by representatives from E this versatile class. EFI lj-:I We, the Sophomore Class look forward with keen anticipation Hill to our two succeeding years and hope that they will leave as pleasant IIE EFI memories as have the first two. EFI -Q 76 li- . JR A 17 ' ,MM 1 J My M f 4 ' J ,WJ gf My 555555555 'TH 1 ' ez 1851 A5 ' 5 W E I S-QER1 V M5 Q, Ye 5 ':F1 +55 5 Swphomorss EE 'IPI 5 gg EE Bernice S.Althof Emma T.Amdf HZ' 1021 NVP'76th st. 2627 EastyAf . EE 59 G gl S iq 59 EE D 1 cn b 9 EE 51:1 xx Am A 0 J IIE 'IPI 55 EFI 'IPI 'IH EE EFI June A.AmfS EE LQF1 Hspogki ' EH HI' 2816 W y sf. ILE H5 G i 312 59 'IF' W Ath A 52 EE EE: '35 N Fxfmeste Ruth G. Harm HZ' 925 wxfeizjh sr We 'Z'l 3'L i"dH EE 1230 E 2- dst E gg 5 11512 G1 Cl 1-1, E JW! W. 1. ss c.- E EFEEEEEQEEEQEQEEIHQEEEFEEBQEEEQEQ':F1':f:1':F1E:E':Fl':Fl':F1':3q5E1 -QI 77 IP.- RQ P wwqna emez 1931 155555555555 M ...ff Elizabeth C. Hassinger "Berg" 142 XV. 25th St. Erie, Perma. .l.l.l.Ll.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.ll.l.LLLLLl. SOPRHOIHOTCS Florence J. Kaminski ,Q lfasx -N Harriet C. Hogan lmflzy 2912 Poplar St. Erie, Perma. Eriez Stenog'-1 HFDggigH Class Sec.-Tre-as.-1, Glec Clubf2 X H, +1824 Ash St. Brush and I:-al.-1, L 4 'X 'Lf-31 I P '-6 .,,.,1:j:5i-'sf ' ' 1 ' 'I ' 1' - ,-.,.,, ' ' EE Roy B. Korrell "Illia Coral" R, F. D, No. 3 Erie, Penna. Class Pres.-2 Geog. Res. Soc.-2 M. Ath, Assoc.-1, 2 Basket-ball Mgr.-2 Normen Club-1, 2 w1f,,'- p f ,f rge epnaffr-g , ' Ex 1 1 ,f,LfL,ff7,V' L Vial-4 I Class Sec.-Treas.-L Wflfffrb Boafrl.-2 1 1 f ! GleeClub-1,1'j 'MWT 4 Ai?oc.TgMnl, P fl, . ,X . Q L"VK . l'x W ,LN 1 in Q 1 ' Sggiai P Nl 259 fx -1 .. A -: 3 uth M. Lind re ' . 21 it .l I -1 Wa Irma E. Launer fi "Lazmic" ' ,,. dx or 1 ' df -0 3940 lxfryl-ue sr. 3 ' L w '12 D e t Erie, Penua. u P -id -2 F2111 at' WJ N Y' A:-a C.- , 2 Dramatic Club-2 El:1':FlEHEl:nEn':1El3l':z'5El-F5'?':lf1':F1':E ':E':H5':1':E55EE5':1':l5iF1il::5':u 78 ll, 2 X E P 5?g35 u ' H 5? Y ef 5, eg, :eye if T-,J V!Jr':Li N if Apifxy 5555555551 feae9sg1eQ1aam5Q5555555sE' 55 Sophomfores 'SFI Minna Massiroff I "-Jlifmien 610 XV 19th St. Erie' Perma' Roberta M. Seifert - fn!! wiv Ji H 2213 Nlvrtlc St 101. ! JL Neg? Eric, Penna. ' tj , Brush and Pal.-1, 2 V 'J --cf 'ff 'Lv Grace A. Shirley . , . l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l.l..l.l.l.l. Harold Meyer "Buddy" 631 E 10th St Lrxo Icmm. I"Olllll1 Club-2 PlCSiClCI11f7 NI Ath. Assoc.-2 B1 kct blllfq 55555555':f55E555E5555555F15Fn55 555555 555555 XF 2 if Y 4-.ff Ci AIX xi-idx " I .kg .5 55 M 0 K FX- is NLX Cgyx . "" U1 - ' 5359552135 f5P""Qg.5'r1'1N1a: 5. nm,-4551 ska bb? Rae-ggw-5.355555 N- gc-tmgffg ..,, 5:1 2 QN K W 131:-5 Q cn "f E' 5. L' w- eb? S K 3,3 AX, 5 5 S EU EFI U mf-aww Er? -925: 3 5C1"'U:gw 5' : IZFI 555821 U' www 2.--MQZTC 2.2 A 0.'Z15:gUq'-1.-1 5-Q 'Q5ff7o5f 'EQ g-, M, FD Q H E ,wwf Q E 3 ? . E L 55 55, 55 Q 9 55 5' S:-Og, fflgilgl 0 on ' 'SFI 2 214 'U 2 9 'C 7 '-1' , ' Q- H fi? ' nga 'DQ V Q Q E xfixwg 55555553 9' 5 -5195- MJ' J EFEE gy 555CIEEEFI THE, ERTEZ 1931 llzl-H5'H':Fn5'::':l:a':1':n':EEE5':1 3 X lx ass? xl El Florence A. Silverthorn "Flo" 1759 Ottawa Drive Erie, Perma. Class Sec.-Treas.-1 Class Editor-2 Glee Club-1, 2 ,- 'lHuslz" srl H950 Scopllinomonros James M. Totman Hjflillllllfu "J. T." 5222 E. 9th St. Erie, Penna. I , 22-L Sassafras St. ' J Erle,,Penna.l,, ' . 'N Lf Wx af glass YicC?FPrEs.-1 Basket-ball-1, 2 Normen Club-1, 2 ' Soc. lisp.-2 -A R' -' Bfill ag? Fil 3 William D. zahniser M. Yomtob ee U 9 HB,-11-r 2657 Poplar St. Eric, Penna. 346 E' 23rd St' Class President-1 E1-i Perma, t 1 XVelfareBoardf1 7 0 Forum Club-L. Cla ep -1 A I -X 1 J r ' "' 1..t1..ssoc.-,.. CiOl ock Clubf' ' Vicwpresh-Q Dra t' Club- ,2 '73 Basket-ball-1, 2 '. LXKASSOC 2 5 X Normcn Club-1, 2 L-5 EE'Ew9El:lEE5'5El5El35'55'f15'35'5El555H5H5El5El:nEEEl:1EE5'5 .lr 80 Il, 5555555551 fme, 51111521931 1555555555 E5 3 'ICI V.z"s 'imfl 'IPI ECI 'TL f nx IZPI 5 ff A3 5 5 Q YN WM EE 5 M J? 5 EF: AMA, EE . J K , E 'ff 5, 5 . ff-'FPX 5 QQ x ., QQ x -' 'ia' ' 'ZF' Da? X!! 'A 1- H5 55 f Wffxy 5 55 EE' "i.i:E:' QQ 5 I " X 1 1' 5 E O 4 5 '72 fi ' 1 5 E EQ if I Q '? ' M X EQ EE fm ig E QE 5 + . - ' A Q -416 5 E E3 5555555555555555555555555 .41 81 lf.- 55EEF':E':F1':E':FEE':F59I 'THE ERTEZ 1931 I':FnEw9':rCn'g1:s':iH':I5Ei5':i:1':lE 55 55 55 55 EE 59 55 EH 55 55 59 55 59 EE EF 55 EE :Fl EE EE H5 H5 5? 55 EE Q N y ' ' b E P E -od EE EH 55 55 EE EQ EE '35 H5 EE EE H5 EE .EE EFI H5 H5 59 H5 EE 55 59 EE as H9 EE E EE HQEEEEEHEQHSEHEQEEEQEEEHEEEEEEL5':F:':f:1':E':E':F1':E5':1i1':15'5 -fll 52 ll" A Q 552555555551 fins. 5115112219211 I555555555 55 5 5 A EPI 5111" f"i'Hl 5 L fv 5 H5 wi rx 5 EQ 5 . ECI H ai 'IPI 5 if ' 5 5 " r f 52 H5 V4 EE Eg jf! 5 f f I Q HEAR jg E 5 4 5 55 5 55 22 SEUTQR5 E 5 55 H5 5555555555555555555555555 E:5E15EE':l55555':l5':I5':l5I WHS, ERTEZ 1931 I':n555'3'555':l55l5H5':l55EEi EE Two Year Senior History 5 HZ, OFFICERS E First Semester H21 President ...... .-.-.,,,,,,.,., .... A m alia VVenstran H'-:I T7ZiC6-PT6S1idC7Zf ,r,, .... G enevieve Mayberry EE Secrelary ....A.r ,,,.. G wenlyn Kearney l:-E IIE Treaszzrer ..,. ,,.,Y,,,,,,.,.,, .... R L ith Hotchkiss EFI H51 Second Semester 'IE President rr.rrr rrrrrrrrr ,.....-,. . . - - Mary Brown Vita-President .r.. ,,,.r,.. L ee Bean Secretary ....,. - - -Margaret Baker I:-E U S Q 3 3 Q I 1 I I i w l r w w 2 I i 'FU C F? D' I O FP Q D' Ei U7 Ui ':l5E.-l5El5 ':l5':l5 ,., ,D .. H. '53, o E120 5 Hig- gmf-r yg --sf! rr fn D ,... 1-r 'J ... O r-4r+ E g3Z..iC.D,-,C Z C ,,,-.m ,D :H 5,72 D"gg0,'Z'.,.,r':s:'r'o fig Q-ffirog-f'DggCJ"I f-+ ,.,:-3 - Ulm :Sm gg OOFD-1 3, '10-1 f-rg fr:-'f-1-O 5OfDa""f-r.... 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Lo, now, see-the mist is clearing, and now Hecate tells us of the happenings of our class. Muttering softly, slowly she brings before our eyes the day we entered college. Woiidering what 'twas all about then we were trying to find our way. Clearer, clearing, the mist is changing color. Gay frocks and music rule the scene. Fun is King to-night as never before, and to-night we are deciding it isn't going to be so bad after all. Oh, but see-the mist turns color. VVhat is it- none other than green. This week is the "week of weeks" and upper classmen rule. The mist is blurring for the scene is changing. There seems to be dancing and confusions on a stage. Oh, now we seeg it is the first Freshman Assembly Program. The fun and music of the class entertains the rest. W1'iting themes and talking on subjects we hardly even knew existed-gone! I Back to study, as the scene changes, and a library is a scene of endeavor. 'DEI the scene is changing again. Gaiety rules once more 'and we see the Spring Dance. Another beautiful E Ev5':r5H5El5EI5'35H5':l5Ei'5El5':n'5E15El5El5En5'j5':f5':l5':l5':u5':x5':F1':l555':l5 84 ill, 5l:E':Fu5q':F15E1H:uEnEn':5EFI 'THE ERTEZ 1931 l5Ci5':155EHEFnb5':i:u':n'71E:1q r EE EE H71 Two Year Seniors 'IPI Primary -ew 'SFI E EE EE Marg2i1ZZgZHBaker E1eanfTB1ZZ3l??1dwin HI' 219 W 1 t Sr- Unio kfypemm. HI' E P . ,f,4f'gEf46r1,2 , ,,, Q can Eat,-il yir7.ASS0C.?L1Q W EE Gl C1 b-1 - f WL J r A HI' S Lb -2 QJXUJJ ,JA Yi f' HI' ala 0, f, eva EE EE EE Glenna L. Boardman , N HI' R Iflgoiiy .6 REE IIE P ff a ld P . w BQ ga E1 521: img EFI XX Ath A -2 'ZF' EE QL EE 'IF' Elizabeth s. Gifford Ed A G hh, I:-F' E Win? an flignta' Gi faff 1 , Perma. LE EE1 PP tfycilblzl B h lp 'MZ 'jE1 H71 EF 551 '15 H::L:i:uEEEf::5':1Ef:uEFEf:nEf::LgI:u':1f5':':uEf:1EF1EEl35':f:1':m':1l:F1':E5Cl':FI':r':1EJC1H:1 85 5l:E':F':I3':F1EF15':1EFEFH?I WHS. ERTEZ 1931 l':FH5':955H3H5':i:uEE55E E f if E Llr-V1 ,. Ja .J N X 55 bg L ,k H -f XX XX XX EE :A V' :J w E H2 H5 55 I SN L E as Q W Q EE '- EE EH swam EE E 553939 E gg seams urea 0 ,t , gg Eg Afmmfzfrres i i - E H5 oraclggslzexrons Q . 59 EE 6055218 was EE gg men ww AVDUERWISEUSEDTS 3 EE F EH EwI:E':nf3n':E':H':!:15'3lEf:15':nLgFl':!559':w55':1EmL355lJ55555559555553 451, 1 ,A A' 4,0 fu, I . ,wif e , Qyff . 55 55555 ' F1E,EiI4HI3Z1931l'jH59EE':i:n':f:1':E':EE1::EFi ji! A 1 rffff, bf l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.I.l.l.l.l..I..l-l-l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l..l. Two Year Scmors 55 EE EE EE EE EH Primary ,MW 5 fi ' ' 4 ff , I 'IPI Ed,-a M. Kolpein Thelmqj. Rodger?-If l-L , X N ljt'-1 2120 Center sr. T 'D0f"3i f 2 ' QQ ' EH We Igyville Penny 516'HiglfTf15Tl?lAfVQ95', ' N N , .A , x ', , , ' q I Bru h 'md P11-1 9 Bekggigue. W ft " L . Glee Clnilkllxfj' ' Treasu rwfl ' Eg VX. Ath. Ass .-1, '7 ., W n 55 EQ E5 X XX HEI X ," , X A J Verna P. Rogers W., , " X 1 N x XVelfare Board-1 Glee Club-1 7 X. X, L K . EE Edith D. Rowe 'I Frances E. Wood Qi 'IE 12s xx vom sr. ' X HFfa'1"5"' YQ IW . 701 Dunn Blvd. ' , 'DEI EUC Perma' Erxe Penn'1. ' F I Brubh 'md Pal,f2 CLP XY Afh- ASSOC--1 3 X Com took Club-2 Serra-tar!"-2 Y I Poetrv Club-1 I5 Prof Club-2 5 55 59 5E?':I:l55':I515'f1'::'3':!315'3lEf3l':E5'f1Ef:l5'f15l?EE'j5':F155':Fn':H':F:Ei:u':E':FH5 -41 86 5, HR HSIHHIQYH Q 5 V 1 Xu Q , 3109 Hizel St. 1 N ' , --5 Rf 55 Erle Pcnna. X ' J H5 Er 55 ':I:EEF':F':1'3E1':1':F1':FE1'71':15l THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'T.FllZFI'j:1'IFl'IE5:li'FI-'IF1'i'FI:'l 59 BQ 551 EE H5 1 B 'IPI EE Margaret B. Baron K, EE HI' Spd gurl I if 2 If f fx' Off!! 31-P-E,9,rh'sr, I:-ICI xx A 11 A -- Q Clagzrggryg EE C1-in-1 A Ha EH Qfff B 55 fx 55 EH EFI 5 55 'JE1 H31 HI' ' ' DorothyE Bury l-ji, HZ' 6 F 10 11 5 EFI BQ , E P as ECI " rrrf ' CI P 1 'IPI EFI , P I '. b xx 12 B 51 ljf! 'ZF 'QE igr, . .r , ' Ax 3: Evb NX PA h Excl b 3 EE EF Margaret C. Cochran c U:-E HI' 21207 Plrry sr. Inq EFI B h cl P 1 1 2 EFI 53:1 EH EEEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E1 -il 87 5555555551 'ma EHTEZ1931 l555555555 5 Marian R. Diehl "JUamie" 2210 XVillow St. YYesIcyville, Perma. Forum-2 President-'7 Poetry Club-1 KY. Ath. Assoc.-1 2 Treasury rf'7 . in 2. 1 N MXN NNW' " X N rm x W ., X JN -W -. , ki 4 mix . ,AM- Q X ' x rr kr X X x X ix ff ,mir 'S I Kathryn G. Hendrickson I E HKHNH 924 E. 29th St. Erie, Perma. Comstock Club-2 Brush and Prl.-1 '7 Two Year Seniors Intermediate -- if .5 X . QX N X X X - 5 'S' X Q X . Q- . . 1. r .-QVV' -' HK. ., .egfx r . X :sw A . Bertha T. Drezner 2132 Bradford St. Erie, Penrra. 'Comstock Club-2 41' Alice M. Dodd "Allie" R. F. D. No. 2 Corry, Perma. Prof. Club-2 YY. .-Xth. Assoc.-2 vw MA MW 94- 'J Ms, 1 C: . W ii' 1 ' so X x .. E-. Golda M. Hoffman 253 XY. 20th St. Erie, Penna. Prof Club-2 XY. Ath. Assoc -7 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE555555555 -Qi S8 X .1. J bij ,ff W'-'1fy' ffl J .1 Ij X J 3555555551 frame, 11111112 1931 155555555553 1 fl' ,fiixb 'MJ 11 55 fx! fv- Two Year Senulors Intermediate 'IPI 5 i 'ZF' xyildoo SRi.DxPl.1 IIE EF xi 315 ll Ptsth. CT gQ T EE EE 11 111155 b 5' EE 55 55 55 EH 1 1 55 i ' f Q 11',1e fi EIC! MZZXLSZI' 1 55 UnionCity,Pen1m, f.1g llc! 0166611111-2 C - ' A A IQF1 1 W ee EQ 'IF' Ellzabefzgy. Lyons Emi? liyjiijara EFI I-TF 39' E 21 f Sf- E e, Penna. .EPI 'IE E P - Fl Cl 1151 EQ 551 B 5 dffl 115114 Cl blg 551 EE E? H:1L:H5':1EF1':f:15':1EHEf:1EE':1:1':F1EEEI:1El:1Ef:1El:1E:E':Elj:1L3E':f:15L5':1':1E19'fF1 -11 S., E. f y e I . Y V 1 V HI: El?5F5'S5E5G5G5'S5fR59IffBE,E1R1EZ193fllEfH i l 5 ff Q HE Y ' l or j WJ .. Li.i.. 5 . Two Year Seniors Intermediate 'I'l11'I'l'l'l'l'l'l"l'l'l'l'l"'l"l'l"l'l1'l1'l'I'l . 1 ' . L - Margaret E. Mulvin Lucile M- Sf350fd R. F. D. NO. 5 120 Goodrich St. EF' Union City Penm. EUC Palma- EE Brush and Pal -1 2 ' Cliss V'ce-Pres.k1 E Artist-'7 Eg , Prof. Club-2 E jrj XX Ath. issoc.-1 '7 EF ' 3 President-2 1' 'M as l i E 59 5 'Ill-l EF: EE EF: EF EF: EFI H5 55 ax '35 k ga ,WY 59 Lil rf Sim 5571 Ludlow, Pen a BCI ' Claes Pr S 2 Ha Eg QQ Lljshaandeli-fl? l-:E EH Glee Cl -1, 2 Ha ' X urer- ' Hil A si' 'lcl I:l:l Esther I. Williams f Marjorie R. Yochim H-Tl EE 1302 Buffalo Road Hjlargely -. I:-Fl R F. D. No. 4 Ha Er ef Pemm' llhterforcl Pe-nna. 5:1 Brush 'Ind Pal.--7 Brush and Pal.-1 2 'Il-:I W Ath A oc.-1 -1 SGC--Tfea---2 'SFI Prof Club-Z2 EE XX Nth -X oc.-2 I:I:I 55 EE El:l':l:nEEEl:iL:HEEEl:1EF355El3':l:iEl:u':n':iEl:1El5':':nl:l:1':F':l:1El5':l:1H:ub':1E1':lE'E 90 fu 'jf' 5.2 EE 59 Amalia I. Wenstran HI' 3555555551 me HRTEZ1931 n555555555l H31 The Ballad of Trincdly H00 5 EE The knight came down from Trindy- Hoo EEE' To kill the dragon, old Baku. Lil-:I His scabbard held an old tin sword, EE I-:Fl Tied by a ragged hempeu cord. I-:FI Incl His battered mail was full of holesj IIE hcl His banner fell in tattered folds, And as he sat astride his more EFI EFI Both looked somewhat the worse for wear IIE As on the river bank he pranced EPI 'jf' From time to time testing his lance, 'IF' The dragon on the other side ljcl Watched every movement of his ride. 'SFI And breathing jire with sulphurous smoke EE1 EFI His dormant fury quickly woke,' Ha Eg He madly flipped his monstrous tail And sent to heaven a horrid wail. H51 Eg The knight prepared to ford the stream ,' IJEI Ha His eyes with lust for jight did gleam ,' Ha EFI He gave his steed a vigorous slap- EH They reached the middle without mishap. Then Baku breathed his frightful flame 51-1 IDE! And scared the mare from hoof to mane, EF' EFI She made a sudden frightened dash- BCI ECI The knight fell of with mighty splash. ll-F1 H-'fl The splash put out the dragon's jireg The scared knight rose up from the mire, RIF! E And when he found out what he slew, K:-FI IIFI Took back the news to Trindy- Hoo. 3:1 5:1 From mouth to mouth the story flew, HZ' And with each tale the hero grew,' H:l Still in that land, the story's told, 'IF HI' How he fought and slew the dragon bold. EFI 'IE -Dorothy Gray. EFI El::L:HEl:nEE':l:b':nEl5':l:1El:u':E':l5El:nEl:1El:1El:1El5E:F1':FnEFu':E':l:u':l5':F1H:155 .41 91 g5G5E5C.5E5Ci':If.5G5'3I THE, BRTEZ 1931 I'3'5':f-H':E':Fn':FuE':E':Fn'iEq 59 H5 55 E EE EE 55 55 'nc' H5 55 59 H5 55 59 5 55 35 EQ EE EE EFI EE EE EFI "I f you are as those gone before EE you- orze ready to fum!! both word I:-E ECI a ci work your voyage will not b 'ZF' 'jg aiu H51 EE -Od aa H5 59 EH EE H3 55 E EE 55 55 EFI EE EFI H5 H3 EE 55 EH EE , EE EE H5 E EE EFEn'5Ef:nEH':f:nEn':nEFE1':nEvf3':I5En'?El:1Ei:uEF15':1EEEH':E':F':E':EEFuEF1EE5E1 -1 ,Z 1- ' f' EIQQEQHQEFEFSEEFEQEI THE, ERTEZ 1931 I'3Cu':Fa':H5':nEf:niHL3Fl'3Cb':m E , EF EF: 55 59 E A.,,, lgli-: Ili In Q EE EQ 5 EE A Znurpur41un yiunvw l me w :jg . ' 4-., 55 1 I l U' L as E lhlfv Xu. EE f umm +- 5 K EF gg E EF5955':f::':f5EE':F5':nF:F':f:1595'55':1Ef5':zL3':E':Fu':E':H':Fu':F:':Fn':i'3EF1EF -41 93 E- L:H:FH71555Ci':F':E':FH5I 'THB ERTEZ 1931 lEl:1':l:iEv':1EE':l:ub'?':EEEEh JUSTINA J. BARON Librarian and English Edinboro State Normal School Carnegie Library School A. B. University of Pittsburgh HENRY J. BARRETT Social Sludzfes A. B. University of XX oostcr A. M. Columbia University ,Q--M Graduate XVork-University of Chicago ANNA V. BURNS Primary Suhjctls B. S. in Educitlon-Central Missouri State Teachers Colltge M. A. University of Missouri Chicago Unix crsity S ROHEASE B. COOK HI' Bgafila iivlfl 26511112 Halizdzrvzllzcig L-TE mia tate eac ers o ege E EE . 59':.'3iElHEH5'35'fiElfi55Elf15Q':E'j?':il5EFi':n'5EH5555555555955 94 ilk.

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