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 - Class of 1959

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Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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S G . , ,...-,, ,A--,.. , Y k f in-1 TO YOU LUCKY TURTLE OWNERS: As you browse through this work of art, please note with what care we have misspelled your names or misplaced your pictures. All correctly spelled names or correctly placed pictures are our mistakes. Any resemblance of this book to any other, published or unpublished, is purely on purpose because we are a bunch of dull clods with no original ideas. YCUR DISORGANIZED TURTLE STAFF l DEDICATION ........... BOARD OF EDUCATION --- ADMINISTRATION CLASS OF '59 --- CLASS OF '60 --- CLASS OF '61 --- CLASS OF '62 --- CLASS OF '63 --- CLASS OF '64 --- ACTIVITIES .... ADVERTISING -- Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 15 Page 35 Page 41 Page 67 Page 53 Page 59 M.-- - Page 67 ---- Page 91 We, the seniors of 1959, wish to dedicate the Turtle to those of whom we are most proud and to whom we owe so much, OUR PARENTS. zamay james Skelton --- Gerald Pettit ,-- john Rouse --- Mr. Leroy Hanson Mrs. Leita Hopkins Mr. Norman P. Manners Mr. Francis Rodak Mr. Walter Hollobaugh Mr. Andrew Soltis - - - - Prefiderzt - - - Secretary - , - - Treasurer Peter Gtegan Robert Russin George Fellows john Borland John Byrtus Kenneth Boyland 'K QQ , LX fi 4 -ft in 1 r w 03' 2 "Sf 5. Y 2 4 - - ri N s fem: f 'w -,. N Ve wig? ww ,Q Q57 f sg . 1 1, -f,,, ' L, V pig Q . , , , Faq 5 ., M.. me ,. " H 'nk .5 , X Wir, 'fu gm mf ffm, f 1 Q K Fa. an N53 , 1 Ab A .X.xf ,Q 5 . . V . ., 2 .-mid?-s:s:'f"41L?'QSf'ir'+. ' M M-. :ms HW f"5ii: "' W HV 13 14 ., .N ,QM w x .S F .ya Ms Ac gl I N 1: E A N A IJ A MR. BURGET1' A MR. ZARENKO MR. JACKSON MISS BARNES MR. JAMISON MR. ONDREY V 0 0 AA IR IT 08 N A l 9 PE Hn Yu Sc ,A GI A ln N MR. GUMB . Mas. sLos R. LINDEN R. HILL R. BUCK Ss 01 cu 'H A E . LS Y c 0 M M E R c I A L Miss BAR MISS LLOY SS O'DELL R. MEGILI. IVI ll A A S N R I U I ll 'I1 MISS BEHLER MRS. ROUSE MRS. O'NEIL MISS GILMORE MR. SCHENING 'S K E xx. vw f LJ - E. K 95, X 1+ ' as 3 L Q Q Xi . Jfgwf. .Q gffwi Lw.ziwW1 .ww ww . -5 AA? F A - . iRM3M9QbQQef :EEWWQEQQQ ,-L.-sg, .535 ' Ai 5jff"5,Qj nr, A J gi 3 W kaifw. MN fix E -ff K 551351 . - x Af C flmxwr -f -7 , fx N V Q , fgimx Q5 x Q , 9 3 y v Q fig aim Z , Q yn NW X S Y , fb ' QxQ1wW,..U-A , we gr W Lf zz X X. ,, I . -Q 5. 2 5? ini i1,,Q5ig,.5x 9 Man, like you dig that '59 Calendar the most? Recall? Like we're strictly from Sharpsville and we're having a riot. Seems we go steady and loaf by bugging around in bombs and crashing pizza and slumber sessions. Girls garbed in only the heppest, dirty tennis shoes, gum drops, Bermudas, sweatshirts or those crazy leotards. The guys went way out for desert boots, white ducks, crew necks and even "tan shoes and pink shoe- laces." Every cat had a "nebbish" perched on the dash of his ragtop. Entertainment was the most, we really sucked up "Peter Gunn," "Quiet Village," "Mad" mags and Huckleberry Hounds' progressiveness. The "Shag" haircut, and chemise craze, followed by the bouffant, t-straps and squash heels were also the way outest rage. But most of all we remember the coolest, but heppest "hula hoops," dig? Advisors' notep We don't dig the above paragraph. DENNIS RUSSIN President of Letterman's Club FFA Athletic Council PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT WILLIAM KUHN Football I.ette:man's Club FFA Mixed Chorus JOHN BERGER Football Lettermarfs Club Class Officer Yearbook Staff SECRETARY TERRY HALL Class Officer Football FBLA TREASURER ETHEL BERGER BETSY ANNE BROGDON Concert Band Majorette Mixed Chorus Ensemble Girls' Chorus Edin-Hi Yearbook Gym Team Class Officer District Chorus Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Edin-Hi Tri-Hi-Y DAN BUCHO Football Basketball Letterman's Club Gym Team RALPH BURGER Sportsrnerfs Club FFA JERRY COVERT Band Chorus Basketball Lettermaxfs Club Sportsmen's Club Student Council Edin-Hi Class Officer DALE ELLIS Football Letterman's Club Gym Team JACK ELLIS Football Letterrnatfs Club Student Council Gym Team MARILYN ELLIS GAA Sportsmen's Club BOB FLEEK Basketball Football Golf Letterman's Club Chorus Band BONNIE FLYNN Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Ensemble District Chorus Band GAA Gym Team Cheerleader FTA Edin-Hi JOE FULLER KEN GEBHARDT FFA Gym Team LEE GHERE Band Chorus Football Yearbook Lettermarfs Club BEVERLY GNAGI Cheerleader GAA Chorus Girls' Chorus Yearbook Gym Team FHA Yearbook Class Officer LARRY HAYES Football Letterman's Club Gym Team NORBERT HAYES Gym Team Sportsmen's Club CHARLES HOCH PATTY JENN IN GS GAA Library Club Edin-Hi Art Club Chorus Band Chorus Basketball Manager Lerrermarfs Club LOUELLA JONES Band Maiorette Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Ensemble Edin-Hi Yearbook District Team Gym Team DAVID KLIE FFA Sporrsmerfs Club JANET KNAPP Band Chorus Ensemble FBLA FTA GAA Mixed Chorus NANCY KRAUTTER FHA EVELYNNE KRIVONAK Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Ensemble Edin-Hi FTA GAA DAVID KROLL Gym Team FFA SHIRLEY LANG Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Ensemble District Chorus Band Maiorette Distric: Band Gym Team Edin-Hi FBLA Chorus Band Golf Basketball Letterman ED KULIGOWSKI STANLEY LASKO 's Club w l DIANN MANNERS Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus MARY ANN ON DREY Cheerleader Mixed Chorus Ensemble Ensemble Yearbook Staff Class Officer Tri-Hi-Y FTA GAA HELEN MILANO FHA Student Council Gym Team Yearbook Edin-Hi 27 W 28 GAYLE POPOVICH Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Edin-Hi GAA LOUISE SAUERS Cheerleader Gym Team DONALD SCI-IRUERS Band Chorus RETHA SHELHAMER Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Majorecte Cheerleader FBLA Tri-Hi-Y GAA JANE SKELTON Mixed Chorus Girls' Chorus Girls' Ensemble Edin-Hi Girls' Basketball GAA DAVE STORCH Basketball Football Lerterman's Club Band Mixed Chorus l KATHARINE SWAN K Band Chorus Yearbook Edin-Hi Tri-Hi-Y GAA PETER TROJANOVICH FFA Football Gym Team Sportsmerfs Club JOHN VAN LANINGHAM Band, Football Manager Basketball Lettermaxfs Club SHIRLEY Chorus FHA JANET YOUNG Edin-Hi Ensemble Chorus Student Council Officer GAA FTA VOGT BERNICE YEAST FHA KENNETH LEWIS FFA CATHERINE JOHNSON CARRIE JOHNSON Library Club Library Club MARTIN KEPHART FFA They said it couldn't be done! BEVERLY GNAGI The faculty choice for The DAR Award Z1- NANCY KRAUTTER Our elected F.H.A. queen who represented our school at the Northwestern Pennsyl- vania Livestock Association parade. li mg , Q - gift? 'S , .3 Q f f D. Bleakley J. Carter J. Plat-z T. Heasley President Vice-President Secretary Trearuref A. Anderson W. Belfiore C. Boylan P. Brown J' Bfvaflf G- Bufho J. Carl R. Colvin 36 n l i T. Dershimer J, Dietrich T. Dillon L- Frantz J. Fuller M. Gregan C. Gleeten I. Guriel B, Halmi D, Hayes P. Kelly K. Krivonak L. Laycock A. Leonard J. Lovett G. Marcinowski K. McG1augh1in V. Nelson M. Pencille W R. Peterson C. Popovich J. Porterfielcl D. Pulling J, Sanders M. Schening E. Shelhamer S. Snell J. Soltis J. Stanford J. Tobin M. Terrill nnnn H M. Toddy N, Travis C. Wetsell A. Vfinschel J. Woods G. Wursr E. Yeast R. Young J. Zimmer ale ,QB wx-my ,gs . U 0 Ni -s D. Squires J. Goodban P. McAtee E, Lewis Prexident Vice-PreJident Secretary Treamrer R. Belfiore P. Billings 1. Borland M. J. Brown D. Davis J. Fellows R. Ferterolf R. Fisher B. Gleeten J. Guriel M. Hand R. Hart L ' T B. Hill x D. Holt T. Hum F. Keith J. Knickerbocker B. Korom J. Kunkel D. Lasko J. Laycock L. Leimer R. Lewis P. McCoy D. Meyers C. Miller K. Miller L. Miller D. Russell B. Ryan J. Senyo K. Shelhamer A. Talmo M. L. Tobin R. Travis J. Wells 1. Shields, J. Syzmanski -- C- White 145 D. Bernharclt B- Fleck T. Falkowski D. Gilbert D. Gifford R. Hendricks J. Kuligowski S. Strait J. Wirxkelbauer M. Brown J. Severance M, Stofch L- VRIICC If wif Q f in A al 'wk 123: Q i self, Y' W S X M 1 if R 2 WW? Q 1 ' mx k Ji P Rv X me N was ff h 2g.l, ,. g im fc. 2 . -W1-. .K 4 4 5 M k N, , -ze if V , mum: K W ,I V' ,, QI ' at D. LeSeu: Parry Frick F. Carter B. Mclallen President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer L. Anderson G. Billings B. Bowers j. Brown N. Bucho M. Burger: . ' I C. Copeland D, Davis .Ml M. Eastman M. Foy E. Frick D. Gilbert D. Gould I.. Halmi C. Hardman S. Hamed G. Hayes T. Heasley Q M. Huyck N. Hobbs A. Kieper S. Lechefsky A. Lenard R. Lewis K. Loucks R. Lovett D. Milano D. Nelson E. Schnarrs A. Scott B. Severance D. Showman 1. Skelton K. Snell P. Snyder L. Stanford M. Troianvich E. Vogt P. Tallman H. Walburn T. Yeast T. Wmds R. Winkelbauer JYZ' - 0 D. Hutchison R. Laycock C. Matthews R. Bowers D. Brown C. Copeland E. McAr1drews B. Millspaw J. Pettit 1 1 1 'P fm K f WC .V N 567 YR W, .k,- ,,XX,,, Y 9-Sfufffzs 1:4 5 , be ' E, L Q ' f 'K J, Vancg C, Mccreafy T. Sherrick M. PapSUm President Vice'Presidem Secretary TWH-Wfef L. Alward B. Anderson G. Breiding E. Brown G. Campbell B. Cavely R. Esrock L. Ferrerolf 54 -A D. Fleck B. Fuller J. Garihan D. Gifford J. Gober x B. Hardman J. Hall E M. Harrison l C. Keiper K. Jennings F. Henry A. Hayes l M. Keith J. Kelly L. Kelly I. Klakamp B. Kovschak R. McMillan R. Miller 5 S. Miller R. Nece H. Petrich K. Pulling D. Rea S. Russin D. Schurers D. Senyo S. Shields E. Skelton V. Snyder, C. Smith W , w D. Soltis P. Storch M. Straub C. Teerzel K. Wells E. Wetsell H. Williams J. Wursr 1. Wursr C. Yeast J. Zemcik C. Zimmer E. Zimmer L C. Crawe S. Sherrick S. Wilcox R. Woods Prexidenl Vice-Prexidemf Secretary Tfef-WW' V. Abbot E. Brown K. Butrick A. Carter G. Campbell 1. Culbertson M. Dershimer S. Derugen J. Johnson N, Johnson J. Kavelish R. Keith D. Knickerbocker J. Knobboch J. Koman S. Krivonak D. Kuhn R. Lewandowski J. Lewis J. McAtee M. Lloyd K. McCreary B. Millspaw L. Myers P. Myers D. Peiper J. Rea R. Robinson A. Roberts M. Rodak J. Sedwick D. Sanyo n. severance B. skeuon J- Snyder V. Swift M. Syzmanski B. Taylor R. Travis D. Waxnishus D. Wiedenheft L. Kuligowski D. Pieper M. Lewis ZZ B. Cornell C. Fleck W. Hayes N. Reynolds B. Taylor B. Walker s, mg? I -. , W , ,N 4- zz ,, '-:iz-, ,z 1- 1.. Q. ,av- of E. 1 JIM COACHES ESTES AND JAMISON TOM 3 DENNY LARRY Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Whds Tackling Who 6 Xiffesleyville 7 8 North East 6 7 Lawrence Park 19 15 Girard 6 14 Cambridge Springs 0 25 Union City 0 13 Fairview 26 53 Albion 6 7 LeBeouf 0 No Holding, Here, The Ref Pass Ir Where's The Ball YF W M is If L',L m D 'IP I S-if Q M 526 f ,Wk , '. ,W - 1 -1 A 5 QUE sv' ' . XX 1 ,215 'P' K ' 1 N A af i .K 1 R Wfgzyg. 11 .NvHls xi if jpg W? mmf 6 n, Gu QVN Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Get that rebound! Rack up two for Edinboro! Close your mouth, Pulling! faaaw F405 46 Randolph 59 Cambridge Springs 38 Wansburgh 39 Sagertown 45 McKean 27 Randolph 44 Fairview 39 Le Boeuf 38 Girard 50 69 55 68 43 60 54 59 61 Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Albion Le Boeuf East High Fairview Sagertown McKean Girard Albion j 4 Jeff iff- W A Wljw Rerha Mary Ann Phyllis Rita Beverly Joanne Martha Barb Celia Parry Janice Linda jane Kathy Sally Patty Sandy Stephanie Terry 73 4 .-, A, Y KM , PM : f ' L 1? F' gk am 2 ' 5 , 'fi , 1 "3 .P fwuw ,Q L 8 ,- ff --.,g.44,, 0 ,yr v ft V3 ..,. A: C a ...,..,fa,: 5. 7. xy yi X MSIE-5.53 V K 2 ,, Wi 1 6 .XB B, A .E , g x X5 l , , l Km .5 x X3 s '11 1 92 Q . '. -my w 5 Q-me Q M65 Bunny Shirley Doris Jayne Betsy Anne Peg, Nancy, Bernice, Diann, Peggy Lou, Diann, Audrey, joanie. Barb, Carol, Joyce, Nancy, LuRae. Phyllis Gayle Popovich, Edizor Kay Snell Jaynee Perrir Pam Billings Martha Hand Mr. Hill, Advixor Charles Hock Ethel Berger Mary Ann Ondrey Janet Young Janet Knapp Beverly Gnagi Don Schurers Miss Lloyd Bonnie Flynn Gayle Popovich Evelynne Krivonak Kathy Swank Diann Manners Rose Mary Fischer W7 7 Rita Young Bob Covert Prexidem Mary Ann Ondrey Vice-Prexidenr Barbara Hill Bob Halmi Dorothy Pieper Stephanie Krivonak Mary Lou Tobin Carolyn Hardman Derek Schurers Mr. Zarenko -w- .af 4'4r 1 , . Wg Kg , 2 'W ' U s -2 J f 5 ti .Mafia jffikf Th' ' ,w if" -4 3 ' ' br. ' 25255 Uff2WF5,3f+fWq -' , ' K 'il' "1 '13f5'1'7Qk'?if Q ' ' ,3xfi?4?:?:W39!1"?'H wr- gf- Q: 1 -'f -N we fr. - - f vs: A " Q ' sw , Q. 'fu . - 1 .. . , 5 . - Q W- v.iQ4:,w.. 1,0 I J. -- R P X , riff!!! x ,S - My-f-.. A , - - 1 X, - Q W? ggglgw I gf 4 ,, sir' SR A f Q 5 f ,N w 1. 91 JQXKIZX. S 5 si' al Q , Q 2, . ., .il A I Qi Xiiifxffl K' if I -r 57? ff.. :1 . fJ:fX'h?7?f K x X 'T if C V ,. 'gjf' is?-M '1 Fig HP g X 45355 ' 221735111 'V-1' '7Q,.'i3L'-SZ:i1l"3i:Ff S11 Y' ' ' ' ,wg - . -'M .. V, qgwf- X' Fig., a,"ii'i, .vrsafig Q ,e A .egg x 3 . Q-V ,. 4 Pa' in LW X my - .. . kg, ., ,lggvy 1. infix., , fr? sw has WHL-Q., xv 4, Wk 5 ,m., L, m if '-Q s? i Q A 'li wwf-1 - - 'M X ian x if ax M5 ,EQ , -3 bww. ? wr J? NX N4 -Q 53654 Q 3523 may 15' 'lik 'V A-' At? K Q zw f .QX , my A 'Q 'Silvan 'WW ",,g1j2'f'siw- Ki? 3 'Th Mum. 'Q , ws-wwl , iv 1132 ' Q, N 'rm M www . ,. , W . Jeannie Ginger Agnes Howard Mr. Hoffman Joan STAGE CREW AND STUDENT DIRECTORS Joyce Joan Kathy Geraldine Babs Susie jerry Bob Jim , W y PUUDY Donald Tony M,-5. Kirby Mr. Da Pima paul Alice Reba Essie 0188 GUUCIPQ Kalenkov Miss Wellington s A A A A A A A Www fig 'MGI- A x , 'IWEE 2 vie Q 4' ,Q Ng' .-, 5 5 fi ' Y ' x, -Nl Im .-vw - , gs' , 5':.'S:f '- fm f A A , Vjgyr aw ,, . A 'f 1 fe? -V Sri! . , ek 0 'lv Y .,'. . 1 6. Y! ' N. 3 5, 5 ' ' HQ: Xlffh ' 2 ,-.'L.:is3, H53 Q SENIOR ACADEMIC AWARDS Icience and Marhematicr Betsy Brogclon Social Studier, and Girlx' Phyrical Education Beverly Gnagi Music Shirley Lang in Carrie Johnson Ynglirh Louella Jones Tlome Economic: Shirley Vogt focutional Agriculture Bill Kuhn Boyr' Phyxical Education I Jack Ellis ndurtrial Art: Dale Ellis Languagex Evelynne Krivonak SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS The Cooper Scholarship Louella jones Parent Teacherx Auocialioaz Scholarship Mary Ann Ondrey X N X , M A , Q 'SM fl x ' Aim A: -:Maki - - 'S , ft. ,,f, les, f if .E . 'Msg 57. 2 'i5f'jvgL3?v1'Hf,w"'Q-3.,?f72i5'- ' argl ? 2 Qfwgzj S445 5 .- rf asa 'V 4 'A g-N4 uw V ,, -' ag.-x"vf"'f .Z '?f'f'w,, vi 5b,f.1L.f-"ff f Q I N -2"MiJ1:ll!f - Q L-ff ff.: ff ' X f X Q i xv - Y E X W1 A-2 K -H fi: , iw? in ff:-else rw 'wwfi-f, mem ,ffalff N ., -W 5. N 5 ,g15,1:IlL,fffU, x N 2 Y-4 ,795 f pgfivilfsf wk ff if fi lg jf 'zilifx Ah . Q xl N ,N Wfq . fr. 4. x. Q, A Q. 1,-:I 1 X i is vb S I . -5 M 5 ia. fw N . .,..,,.1. . ,4 33 59 ., A , wa g ' , 5655 N YI..-14:1 .If"l?-13351 1 ' y x wsij A:-4 5 ----- A-vnmwmi. K Wx-MN-fm W - N a m . "WM fgggs ,, M A . if f AL wi-gN,::f:f1aQ,,. ,i-, QS::.f-1'f'es-xv . 22 Sf- a i Emi-- Q K EW A M 3 N51 .5 255 451 I I P A9 ,gif X 2 gg N I . 53,2 .,, S .ff ,QYAHAQ if :Q vw -W ., , axfexffifx., X- f Nm f - - 5 5 5 . 'aff ---HW! , 3 1 Hhs., V K IK .- 1 ,ff .ge 5 i fm' ,fi !f g, i f EWR ' .- I .. it as, wa Mgvm X """" S S M 3 wtf LW? E55 If ' ,Q QFQ? Jfgfxg 1 ,ef , mag, L35 .LL fx A A -I .311 51:21 kai FY if gg. .i , . M610 From Us the last graduating class from Edinboro Area High School and from the last edition of The Turtle. The Turtle born in 1937 has managed to crawl through the halls of Edinboro for the past twenty seven years. If it were possible for the Turtle to talk he could tell much- vicrories won on the athletic fieldsg of forensic contestsg friendly but firm teachersg hard testsg assembly programsg field rripsg bumpy roads in school buses, heavy snows which kept us from schoolg occasional sadness and all those things which are found in a typical American high school. As the tired Turtle pulls his head under his hard shell never to emerge again he Wishes his successor, THE LANCER, the best of luck. Hb, :X S. . 15511. is , 'V . 6 xga7,i.e--nggsvfk v, - f 2, QL - N .. ,.h: We 'X 2 M- A -X X' -. . he ' V2-fag -I -Q-4 'wg fii. in x x- W .. Nw- - A U g my is J. L. "1 '2p,.'w:f,:z Gyn, , . A gf- . m - begin A., - 1 I in Q: - 1 -F Q WW Q. , ,K Nm. ,S A k iv. . ,W . ,,w1a:.,q, ,Mmm my N... ,,.QfX., ,Q V 555 zfgg:S3Ebg,sS,q,1, -ml fgx - 1,-,N wm5gge,1.,1Q,fZ--gtg Q-e gm-x,w3ggS355w,faYfN . W S 'Naam X 5 " ' -Q wr? , .M M-,F , . ,H X ,V , x. N X. , 7 l K ffl! , fy 'A Rf iiilfi if , - .,, .Q -N ik.. .4 5, -:3-'g-,:a-:Q:5:3- x , lx '51 f 2, , jfff f' ' any xx ig If 5. i ,, , FTQQLIIQ7 f V , '- HK R: K- W ,- 5 1? 'QM Y f V i'i-Xfw, ' f ff ' Y ss ff ' ,iff 5. Y Q xvj if -f fi-3 f' 9 is .ff yiz' k ff" 1' ax L. 73 Q. KATRINA SAYS: I'm 4 lucky dog - I get petted by tb nicext Jtudent: at Edinboro Hi! COOPERS of course GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB CULBERTSON HILLS COMPLIMENTS OF . . . KAUFFMAN'S SNACK BAR EDINBQRQ PENNSYLVANIA 92 I A Drug Store of Quality 0 P1 I i Y lllifb G JoLLEY's PHARMACY J' Edinboro Phone 4774 Pennsylvania ' 'nn-nity' i EDINBORO CO-OP G. L. F. Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Farm Supplies Lime Spreader Phone 401 l Edinboro Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF . . . I.R. ST. JOHN AGENCY Personal Service For All Kinds Of Insurance I.R. ST. JOHN GENE SHEETS H9 Erie St. Edinboro, Penna. Phone 5021 COURTESY OF . . . BUD'S BARBER SHOP "The Shop Of Quality" Erie Street Edinboro Pennsylvania e e 'V WELLMANS FLORIST Flowers For AII Occasions ,T IZ' 90 list 39 MEADVILLE STREET EDI NBORO PHONE 2442 PENNSYLVANIA COMP-LIMENTS OF . . . ZORTMAN FLOUR AND FEED COMPANY COAL - BUILDERS' SUPPLIES EDINBORO PHONE 4043 PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF SCH RUERS DAIRY ffI'T"fff'i . 5' :TJ CONTENTED cows MEAN 1 is P .4 FRESH HEALTHY MILK "GOOD MILK" I N AT YOUR OOOR MILK-:num PHONE 3252 EDINBORO, PENNSYLVANIA -I WE DELlVER-- PHONE 5762 V. W. MATTHEWS DAIRY PRODUCTS EDINBORO PENNSYLVANIA N M R LAIDLAW BROTHERS School Text Books ' I 1 Edb EDINBORO CLEANERS AND ESTLEY APPAREL Look Your Best Alway: COMPLIMENTS OF . . . LANG ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 3213 Ed b P I JOHN QUIRK TIRE SHOP Goodyear Deoler For the ben in new tirer 8: recaps Ph 4363 Ed b P 202 Ed b W. H. Crandall W John R. Rouse A. W. Wiggers c.ANDA"l AGENCY R. Dale Webster uNloN cuw 155 137-I y ' N S U R A N C E Edinboro 4385 coruur Eomnono UNION cmr com, 3-5254 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE One of the largest agencies in Erie County Specializing in insurance surveys and insurance Accounts manogements. Surveys made at no obligation. R. R. WALKER 8. SON John Deere sales and service Delavel Milking Machines Hudson Barn Equipment Pioneer Seed Corn Gehl Harvesters Unadilla Silos Edinboro Phone 252 Pennsylvania SID KUHN ouvER NEW HOLLAND Sales and Service Fertilizer and Lime Edinboro Phone 3924 Pennsylvania DRAKE HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Porter-Cable Power tools Revere Stainless Steelware Pyrex Ware Jamestown Furniture Mohawk Carpet 278 South Main Phone 474l Cambridge Springs I l COMPLIMENTS WHITE ENGINEERING CORP. I24 Grant Street Cambridge Sp g P yl i COMPLIMENTS OF. .. EDINBORO ENGINEERING COMPANY, INC. Ed' b I P yl PROUD PRINTERY 0 0 P INTI C I I f - I Agent f -SJIPI7 URAG VAN LINES INC Ria, SH PPIN I 0 ' . of X pl!! NORTH AMERICAN I G 48 I Ph 24 E P yl 8 E. I2I1St t 4 8I GOOD FOOD 24 HOURS A DAY LAKE RESTAURANT 822 PARADE STREET Quality Chekd PHONE 4-9646 ERIE PENNSYLVANIA BOSTON STORE ERIE PENNSYLVANIA Enjoy . . . T - SANIDA MILK X ICE CREAM CONNDITIONED HOME OWNED 'BQ .off HOME OPERATED You oil' 521 Eos: CIS Street ERIE PHONE 2-56I7 PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF PHONE 2-3340 MARKHAM'S MUSIC I7 WEST 'Ilth STREET ERIE WALKER BROS. BUICK Buick and Frigidaire Sales and Service Edinboro Phone 4884 Permgylvqniq r--- ---- - -. " Regular and Homogenized Milk m " Light and heavy Creams Eado B k ' Old Fashioned Buttermilk w "' Chocolate Milk " Cottage Cheese " Chip 'n Dip " Finer Ice Cream ERIE g - for goodnen' sake, we Meadow Brook AREAIS highest quality DAIRY PRODUCTS MEADOW BROOK DAIRY U oo "8 "Fixx 2365 B ff I Rd. E ' COMPLIMENTS OF . . . SEALTEST Ice Cream and Dairy Products Rieck Doiry Division Erie Pennsylvania BUSINESS PATRONS Branchville Salvage Company Branchville Pa Covert's U.G. Market Edinboro Pa Crossroads Dinor Edinboro Pa Edinboro Furniture and Appliance Store Edinboro Pa Edinboro Beer Distributor Edinboro Pa Edinboro Independent Edinboro Pa Ed's Atlantic Station Edinboro Pa Edinboro Home Bakery Edinboro Pa Erie County G.L.F. Edinboro Pa Evan's Manor Edinboro Pa Evergreen Hotel Edinboro Pa George's Barber Shop Edinboro Pa George Ptasick Edinboro Pa Hall's Auto Body Shop Edinboro Pa Kiehl's Funeral Home Edinboro Pa Lakeside.Service Station A Edinboro Pa Leonard Niederriter Furniture and Appliances Erie Pa L. Press and Company Erie Pa Mc Lane Service Station McLane Pa Mehler's Formal Wear Rental Service Erie Pa Mel's Dairy Store Edinboro Pa Modern Radio and Electric Company Cambridge Springs Pa Reinhold Pharmacy Erie Pa Rosco Billings Edinboro Pa Scheidemantel's Service Station Edinboro Pa Shirley's Beauty Shoppe Edinboro Pa Skelton Brothers Edinboro Pa Springs I.G.A. Foodliner Cambridge Springs Pa Sunset Canps Edinboro Pa BUSINESS PATRONS The Fabric Shop The Village Gift Shop Times Publishing Company The Style Shop Tony's Country Villa Trask's Vere Woods Wayne Harrison Western Auto Willey's Red and White Y.M.C.A. Zindle's Hardware Minnie Buchanan Ferteroff PROFESSIONAL PATRONS F. F. Florek, M.D. M. D. Hoch D.D.S. R. Birchard D.V.M. M. D. Sproll D.D.S. W. H. Higgins Atty Erie Edinboro Erie Edinboro Edinboro Erie Edinboro McKean Edinboro Edinboro Erie Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Edinboro Pa Edinboro Pa Edinboro Pa Edinboro Pa Edinboro Pa Presented By Turtle Staff Edinboro Area Union School Edinboro, Pennsylvania 959 Biff il?-3 ffzjf , 255' 'VT-Z: ff' if., 7 wr 2317 . -'iq 5 'I if '+ TY-' Q k- J LV '- 4 E' ,. 'ggi' N. 5 ,il . .Q v V ' ' wg: X- 221 3 ' Lf. j 0., j.,:. -- i' '-n 1-V 4 '71 , -51' 7, ia: :Z-2: ' 54-'Q-V-.4 . ' -1?3'g?T2 12-f 'sf'- -gfisf fj :Af-' , .f-fr , 5 ' '45 L , -'E' ., Q,.:i' V m . 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Suggestions in the Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) collection:

Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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