Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Q-shi" Mfna L L. E M- .1 "'-Q-. N-.x wz XNxEmmwmm "'3.'-."'4-f"'!'- X "'-. ., 'QQ mm, mg,-:F wxwmxq N, 'hw "'2C.""2-. wwgxwwkkkwwmmwkq "R-z.,"i:-. x 'qi'-. 3123 X. 'W-. "'-2'.'l1':2-'iw xg'-o-., Xxx R3 '-Q.xX.EH,'-,l '53Xf-. SK x "-. 'X x H F ' '- 1 .F ER NW . ,Ex s X Nl I E5 1 N 'N 5 VII NW -Efrxrlgg .... Nb' ..... 5.. M : : 5 : wwggp. X -'-'- 1 -'-'i ""- 3 iii -"' ...... e X .'?:z.'.'1:??T.'.'1:.'.'?''ig ,R , EC-. -in v:-.':g51's.'::'q..':-::'Es".'. 5 'Ns ' I 'Nh ,HEEQEER S2 ,E . .. :gg 4 :xixfamxkihwgwgg -. H- . up 5' -L ' x 'X-Miqqxggsgx ,YQ P 33133 vm 5' N Ig. .gc , . '., ' , . ' . M - M, Q S E g. ,I' ' 'E' '.'."3fQI::f."-sz."-:?,""-,:2.., M. fx.. Q .fw A mis Tunnz -NN: Q. g353xm.AQXxN f X X 'R Qi Taiwfi WN Q: "--. ': ':g WH-QF: " 1-. '-wk '-ish. 'w .H ' " . '- . -w 's N NS .. Li ' - N- . :E -s. . 'iz-:GQ-." I: : x- NX 5E M, N c-' -:-:-:-.'-c-' - :1:5i:E5952EI":i"-:Q :E-:-:bfT:C:iiK's-2:3 N PUBLISHED BY funn.: surf znmlsono Ann man scnooL zvmnono, PzNNsvLvAmA - -:A.irr.' : . 'Q k www X x X ' X , K W. ' ' NSS wr .S F WX . G ,X 5 QS 1555- ..,. ES? . Him X 7? Acmzvzmznr MANAGEMENT EnucATloN Rscnsulon lnfznzsr COMPETITION Avvzimsma gilt? . I ls -C I i 7' " 4' s xNBo C ALMA MATER EDINBORO HIGH SCHOOL We will sing to you We'11 defend your standards Sh i .ragga r g ,ix .:k.. W K . g xx wx kk .hex X Our school, to us it is the focal point and symbol of American democracy. It has been the Hrst and certainly the most important civic institution in our lives thus far. in it we gather knowledge, strength and character. We learn the give and take of human relationships in our association with students and teachers. Through experience with student government we develop a practical understanding that well prepares us to carry the responsibilities of citizenship in a free country. Surely the public schools are one of America's finest achievements. WE, DEDICATE T0 MISS MARGERY LLOYD and whose forthrightness and AND MR. MARK JACKSON Loyal friends and counselors who have helped and encouraged us generosity have left a lasting impression on our lives the 1958 Turtle Q Q S X S QNX N SS E X S 2 W X XXX XX N X WWN5 Q X XX X XX Y. A XX gQg.a X fax +"'fQ'f'H M-Y X XV! X Y Q X . XR X X X X SQ X " if 3 XXX K XXXEA X X -Xi X .S X ii 1 X X .X X. M N, 'fx X , f X X XXX 5 X 3 N X L K . E Wx N X S XXX. X 1' QX XL 3 ? f' XXX 15 , BOARD OF EDUCATION I , MR. J. SKELTON MR. Aw. HOLLOBAUGH President Vice-President MR. I. BORLAND MR. K. BOYLAN MRS. L. HOPKINS MR. G. PETTIT MR. N. MANNERS Secretary MR . J. BYRTUS MR. I. ROUSE MR. P. GREGAN Treasurer MR. G. FELLOWS MR. R. ZJNDEL, .TR MR, F. RODAK MR. R. RUSSIN MR.. A. SOLTIS ADMINISTRATION MR. DERSHIMER Supervising Principal MISS BARLETT Secretary MR. PARKER High School Principal MRS. SHERWOOD Secretary EDWIN BAILEY X ANN BEHLER EJB 4 J T IZ 94 12 ll DEH C I ll I l DORIS BENOIT JOHN BUCK SYWOQ CGC, 65 M GQQWYGP l 1 Ak ESS!- Ill! M li!! 'YI SVTOV3 2:55 LANG-UAC,9. ,Q MR. GUMBERT . ff SB' , MR. HILL x X i K f' AWWA A 'x J S A . , . Q M, A H 4 I K f U Q' A f xx UN QSX x u A f 0 O I 3 V S X Qeii 13 X XM-ivvi VR 56' N MR. BURGETT MISS GILMORE 4 , MRS. HOLLOBAUGH MR. IAMISON Q U o sv:-:N lxp XX au, QW 1 V 4 1 L 11 lj'IXLi 17 Nr L- ' 'bf X '-"F 'J y jf' X.. 'LF ., p I K Bs.--' X 'W MISS KosTAs, -Jr, XWJ. 'W , MR, LINDEN G+' ,fi 'X . pf ' JP' sf X 1 " 1 sw . ' Nf3,.,!:, " K-, 6 X? x P I' H0615 'hs ' O6 Al I- 5 B gi 0 0 gg.. I l 0 0 D 5 M OC. R HQ Y M ,h,. r IS X MISS ODELL MRS. ROUSE MR. ZARENKO 1'1J:ff'11L'Wff'Jz1v-'af' gr HI! I U! rMf1N5ff"lS Wu sxagkzks c C U S T Q T D I A L A F EA TN ED R I S A T A F F Mrs. ,rx-1 .. X Q95 xt Qs. V X .xg X X xii! g . These pictures trace the progress of our education in high school. Those who are seniors this year were once fneshmerig the freshmen will sometimes be seniors. In between lie three years of growth and development -- physical, emotional, intellec- tual. It is the goal of our high school education to produce men and women who are strong in all these respects. sg A .kkx X X - wx 1 ky 5. X R 5 :QS -Q. A jgx xx QQ X X Sl X X QQ .. i5Y:Px-1 - X 1 S X .if XX - 3: N Q 'X X M we M My WM'lf I f M WM W, , f V WWW nf 3, f f Wf , 3 WL ,MWA KW 4 ' M WWW fQ W X A ,, 7 w W f si I W Ar , Q. 18 ,l. Q Sf Q lf., S N - v . xx , fm, 1, -X NY XFX' BARBARA BAILEY JAMES BEASON Mixed Chorus Girls Chorus Band District Band Trl -Hi -Y G. A. A. Junior Class Play Football F. F. A. Gym Team Junior Play Sportmen's Club Yearbook Staff Gym Show Ensemble Edin-Hi U. N. Delegate X RONNIE BILLINGS F. F. A. Junior Play 1 ANTHONY BURGETT VINCENT CAULEY Football Football Basketball Golf Letterrnau's Club Basketball Student Council Letterman's Club Sportman's Club Sportmatfs Club Chorus, W Y' ki . K K Ax.x..,,,, V if 'X -flx x - Num- I-.aft DOROTHY COLVIN F. H. A G A A Chorus Y-fr do LDL " 1 U' L x . . u , L 1 44 ff. 1.1 ,Lf Q, I L at Q 'JM I bu Sy' R If 1 '. ' -1 a, " ' I ' f .L 7 - " -' 4 4' 1' r I rl' . A, , L. v I L ' if SL V gf , f L, J ' 1 5 71! f' Q MLC' L ' 1 f . , .uf aflt 1" 4 ' , a .U 'V Q' gp .sl , U . . lb' ,. 1- A 'X 6 N 'I ft, Y . L , UA 311. JL ,.,,U P' A, . ,V Xa f . REGINA ER1cKsoN PATRICIA FALKowsK1 Cho,-us Chorus F' B. L. A. Girls Chorus Edm-Hi Head Majorette Girls Chorus EdiU'Hi G, A, A, F. B. L. A. Junior Play G- A- A- Iunior Play Gym Show Turtle Staff GEORGE FELEGE Letterman's Club Sportrna.n's Club Golf ' ".-t!'Ir: I , 3 -, f f 1 . , 5 r if .... ,J ,H 5-,1 ,fy--rj., .4 y 1 . .nv Q-: -.A -.1-. 4, fn ' f 'F NORMAN FOY idvffi 'J Linz ,.-', A J r, F.F. A. V1 QM P Sporrmaxfs Club 'G gg' J1,31f,.. Boys Gymnastics WA 2351. -. wr ,fP !T4:2fS?q:2g" 'N 57 M5 luis I V-gfdif S f' .-i W' ' mm rf " flfffv '7 ' aff ,ff ,ffIQQBQQ3-171gfrfiikgrlliifktfif-2 LW V' , gf-Q,,fMzf -as1:sfA115,1.qf:+:riff-gg f--A4 f ,wx-fri' -4' ,fl A : ,ffffbdal fy' cj , ,X W I X A ff gf J. 1 'I 'I iff!!! il. XM f fi , 'W rruu CAROL FRANTZ Chorus Girls Chorus Band Tri-Hi -Y District Band G. A. A. Junior Play Turtle Staff MICHAEL HALL LARRY HARNED Chorus Band Edin-Hi 'Iurtle Staff District Band Sax Quartette is ,Km 3- f'f,xQ5 wk .K , ".-SQL.-N Nu- YNJ, :Q X N e-'.f ,1 K - I5""f-KQQf'if' fs ,wg --:ni +.,m,.. '- XG ' JOHN HARTLEY Football Basketball Junior Play Letterman's Club Class Officer Chorus Math Club Chorus Junior Play Basketball F. F. A. Gym Show DARLENE HAYES Chorus Girls' Chorus Ensemble Tri-Hi -Y District Band G. A. A. , Junior Play Class Officer Gym Show Turtle Staff Cheerleader Band U. N. Delegate r ff, 0. 4, .f' , M :J . n U 1 DU I J .1411 I A , I J fff ' ' ' 1: l, . 1 1 1" rf, 5 - vii ffl, Uk! v 1' L. i ZR Q' Y 'L-U .L V f , . ,1 . 1 111 v ff 1, 1 f Jw uf' 1.1 om , 2 f :,j VIQ, ID hz' ' H i r 1. fi fjzuof jflji 12.1 ,z x , 1 , 1 I ' A' ,, ,-'L' j Ig IIJLL' . A .J .ry .2 U? .1 1'-cf V 1' E' . 4'1 . Darby' ,j 5,41 ' 1 K .JI lf Vx . ,f 7' 7- N .Vu ,LI 1 10" .1 Ah., if ,ful , 1 Pil"i5o5'f'f . ' f ,.,-fe 1 0- ' Jf'L-Um, H 1 L L L. f , iw fp' PWY 1 t. ., .r ,. , 1 , gf ! 1 if 1 Yy be If 1, 1 1,1 '1' lf 13 H , I , . I , , 1 'Q-'31 ,' Q- .1 .f , L, 1 , gg! , , .- ',: ,e LA!! ' J fa 'gt L' L 7 ,J I ,.4,?4'1 I , fv f1,N i lg L ,L f uv I I ,f f', X C- .. f "W, fr 4' K 'MV ,,., rj X'- N- , , . fi ' 0 l .g'f."'-1' .A , ...X .- X -T. Ll-' vsillg. . I , 1 1 nj Q LL ' if W I , 1 1 A,- K gifdfm " K , J' .,. I 4-'if'-X f .V by M1106 LL v ,g. .f1, ' ' 'Lf 'I -' Lf w , x X ik. 4 W f... ,, Lf l - j ,- -ji ly J Xt!!! 'Lab' E -1 Lf ffl' 1'5" 1 ,,,1 15 CHESTER KELLY J fl, Z! 'rx DORIAN HORN Football Gym show I-'.F. A. Junior Play Letterman's Club KENTON KELLY Sportsmen's Club Junior Play Gym Show Library Club 'T'-. ' ' APY. k .- .rx Q l Q---1" -- . -' ,. , H' . A. -.Mx -.- - xx-, . L., ,..4 ,.-urivkw, . , x .. .wr Xi-54 ,.-wg-qv: f- C., Cb.: C. ., K K.,-RV-Lk xii ' W.. : "gig .f fr '- -, g C " EUGENE KLINE Band Chorus Letten-nen's Club Sax Quartette Golf Basketball Sportsmen's Club JERRY KNICKERBOCKER Band Chorus Basketball Lettermen's Club Class Officer Edin -Hi Xxfwx - " ' K: .CX -5 X' x ' fx' A N ,X ,tx , .fax K1 xff' ,.k. :..1w,'. RN .. r C --gh . x x r -Afx -NN . A . , .-X.Cu G N N." - . ls. -jwxx X .h T,x,MA, M - uv .X N - . Q Cf .x -' K. A xx . .. L V: XIX- .. . r X X x WILLIAM KOENIG Basketball Letterman's Club Junior Play Chorus Class Officer xx Turtle Staff 4-lkwbl f ,f -fD1,l!'t'f HW77 , "YQ ,I , x a lV'4 'J fi,r 1' Jug , M2353 QL i ,. 1, 'Ji ',mV J'Jv' bf Yr' As ff1'74' 100 VW AW A x 1 4-7' F 'QA' ,my AW f rffefw A A ,,fbL"'! I wgffyv !f74'4' "A' 9,1 ,Q-U! K' if" V, X ,fffrff XX., RAMONA LEW IS Cheerleader Chorus G. A. A. Junior Play F. H. A. N U ,fin LULA LANE Girls' Chorus Ensemble Tri-Hi-Y G. A. A. Gym Show Cheerleader Junior Play ..v ,pr , ,Q 1 f,,.-Asif -ga 'fr 1, riff. , T-.3-. WILMA MACK Chorus Girls' Chorus Nurses Club BARBARA MC LALLEN Chorus Junior Play G. A. A. F. B. L. A. Cheerleader Edin-Hi BARBARA MC ANDREWS Chorus Girls' Chorus F. H. A. G. A. A. Tri-Hi -Y N ,,... 5' N mv .. NORMA NELSON G. A. A. Chorus Girls' Chorus F. B. L. A. Tri-Hi-Y Junior Play flux X Fm 'Q .xx .. x. TTT X ri . , -K 1 Alf . is JOSEPH ONDREY Band Gym Show Basketball Football Lettermen's Club Class Officer Edin-Hi JACK OSTERBURG K NANCY PERRY Basketball Cheerleader Sportsmen 's Club Chorus Junior Play Gym Show Lettermen 's Club Girls Chorus , Tri -Hi -Y Junior Play G. A. A. LW WR W My l fr W' IU!! AJ' 1' VANCE RAUN Football Basketball Lettermen 's Club Turtle Staff Class Officer l JAY REA JOHN REA F. F. A. F. F. A. Football Football Gym Show Gym Show Lettermen's Club Lettermen's Club F'-rf C H+, Q Q 414' 4+:2'UQQ3B' .- 'Wf v f-.iiffiiftf glad Hg, ..- , . , fl- ,l.-N, ,rrktf ,v ,lgfyi ,fl ,, i EBERTE ROBBZTS Lettermen's Club Football Gym Show Sportsmen's Club Iunior Play w . .gb-4' L gl , l' YJ ww' Klrx I V 1' lllfl 1 n f 3 I V1 1 ' I ' w X ' 1, VL no A LH :L . .- 77' gf' N .LL Y I l .48 f, ' P 1 1 . , Af mf L. JOHN SCHULZ. BETTY SHIELDS F. F. A. F. H. A. Sportsmen's Club Turtle Staff Football Junior Play Edin -I-Ii F.B.L. A. Gym Show G. A. A. MERRILL SMITH Class Officer Band Junior Play Basketball Lettermen 's Club Student Council Math Club Y f . , .l. K ,l 1 ,X.1..,L. '..1. .I xl-A U- .Y-.lk.lk'AxY,,3 . J. L m 1' x' .A N.,,,., fr: ,"i,'g, . A! ,1 . ',y-"v','..f A X ,-'J ...-X.-1.-.'.:-..-'ww J .yrs Ji-.,l.i.' 3 5 F L, fl, X14fxxf,,,,U , , K. Ly'.uxmvyb-.l,fl'Ra-?hi.1 Y: 1,1 1 i , ill. ,xx 1 ,-'w -Xl: M.-'t,-'.4,"sfYI'xr" fy X ,g,.53,f0. . w x ' x' N' 1 I ' ,x .fig -,Yw ..-Ai 4. - . Ja K 'Ayr Y Q . r .P . .- . , ' gQ'.!x.k.- r 3 JY r , a . - M 'gm' fy C D M PETER STANFORD , Jw .I K EJAIWQ JUDITH STEADMAN Football M' ' Mp ' Chorus Bask H3811 1 Q , ' GIIIS' Ch Lenimenu Club 'WW Wa! 7 G.A.A. cms Gym Show J ,W F. B.L. A. Band v . y 4 Junior Play fi ,,..,, i A N4 i I Uy X X .ox x N I AMES STEWART Class Officer Band Chorus Junior Play Football Manager Basketball Edin-Hi Lettermen's Club Math Club SHIRLEY SQUIRES EUGENIA STORCH F. H. A. Girls' Chorus Junior Play Chorus G. A. A. G. A. A. Tri -Hi -Y F. B. L. A. Chorus - - 'En 3 J to K QW' . N-I, 'f , fx N B 4 1. - 'X Lfftf' -.. , - W . - . u..' A-is ,, T .4 0 .kwlrgqwtzw-V . I ,,L+4'4i'yg-54.4 ' k ' 4 My '-1 Was.. + r -. sfrzrexzrf- ,A 1' N325 is Ag 4- .Tj--:giis . 1 ' ' j-'s an-4. W' rx '14, 315:--.?fq.:.w, , X 4 ,X 5 ,rq'.: ,NNW gA,',', r x A - 1, uqw - smfsgz , W-NN,Yqw1,1LjgA,k my KJ - 'MC ig'-Y:5j"'.QrgsAh .K-,hQJ,l. ' K Jr ul T- a,f.y,5 .,,-3.-:jj -r , - A. 19?Ji?i'?Yt1+11-1124-e,,+s-s. . . X ukk N.. 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Junior Play Gym Show Turtle Staff Cheerleader v I , - ' . a 9 " ' V' -,wi .5,QX K.: 1 K'f ,...-f-r N. ,.f ., ., P V -M -JAM' x A 'I y 5. 4 Y-" . 1 . , - 1 ' ' ".f,rffl'-,i-4'fF.-'.. 1,-f, -,' , . K. '- Ni. .-VF KJ"-Efl' 144, fl' N EQ' .-'UQ' V' u v ,. ' . ' . ,-'r '...-iff .:.-Q,"---254 ,.-.1 . 1 .. 1,1 .uf nl ,Vg R 1,-X 4 ,ff-' fp., . 5. A, I-fp if 5'f.v"U'S5 " ar' V- . ' -"J ' 1 .1 P-'ff ' f ' - X -' -' v ' gr' f',"Yx4ff"1'f"l.'f- f f' A fl f'. ".' ...- ..f.X'1". 'J' ffi f,'.f,r.' f, .1 -.f ' -,cg xy..,IJ'X- r'y,f',5,,' ,',.f1y. f '- ,- - Q ' ' r P ..- I .x if V':'vvY7'j1W wr .7511 JI- ',.'vV,,.f Q K - Y: J. .Q ,.- .Q ,,-Y,-'xl gf -' f..,,:' f ,mf - nf. .Q.fififzfgfiav-.fjv-1..-f.f:fiA ,f i, . V A ' r 1,-'gin ,- ,- f, ,, ,1 J". ,v ., . - ,, 1-Y, V 1 ,X . , .Xi X -wx Q AX S' ' xx X xx N HX . X33 fx. -i 9' 3 5 2 as Q 3 X "' J . 1 I f X 5 X 2 , 1 251, X , ,,, N Q,E: ,Q .. q q X X xb E Y X x XX Q X X X X Q X A S55 55 A FS X .Ast Q M- S E -5 .W S .f . Q: 'X VX- if 55 ? l .V M - ,EN xx QR X X XFX N xv A X N B. Brogdon D. Bucho M- Cam Pben J. Covert I. Ellis s E. Berger M- Ellis J. Berger B- Fleck R. Burger D. Ellis I. Fuller K. Gebhardr B. Gnagi . g..,Ll S,-' V, r ,, . .., . .gfff 'Q . QNX... NX X X E? YW eng x Q 1 Xa Q' 5 S , N : X R M X X . N W -, Nxxwf .. 22 X' A sig. . ., I E , 5 ,EX ,,.. W f 5,5 35 - gi Xi Y , X - ' ., f 5 5 N.. .Mx . 3 FQ 55 SFR.: A fix X ' S .- X X X :RSA ' .. . x R Z gi Q Q S E n fi SXXQX2-s 2-Q f.. N W SSNSSA X E SK Nm. - 2 K ' N .. M .... K- .N .X X Q 2 - Q ix NE , 5 5 K 5 - .vmiw k 2 ' Xin 2 ' Si iii S I N5 Q55 S5 3. Q 1 C. Hoch B. Holt P. Jennings C, johnson B, Jones Hall M. Kepharr Hayes D. Klie Hayes Johnson J. Knapp N. Krautter E. Krivonak 7 ' ,V f 1 GI , If X I vxf . X ,ff I D. Kroll V Nelson B- Kuhn F M. A. Ondrey .1 I ' X .' E. Kuligowski S. Lang V G. Popovich Russin Ryan Ryan Sauers S. Lasko K. Lewis D. Manners D. Schurers 1 I V ' .I S. Vogt R. Shelhamer G. Wurst J, Young B. Yeast J. Skelton D. Storch K. Swank P. Trojargpvich J. VanLaf1ingham One of the few times we all paid attention. SHOTS X157ll What happened on the last play? He was later revived A "co1d" night against Wesleyville. N3 ass' 1 5 NW' L , Lg. 3 X X XX 'ww . Q, Nw R fs X 5. -Q - X M-.Q . ,X A A-Q? : ' . Y X X QA X., es. x .Q gl X 5 S. x--. BN xx X 5 -f X.:: N 9 N X NF 11? A .fzfii :QCIN X - . Xxx 2 A QA Q N: S . . xv LW. NS: .VN X S . aff--' 2 5 . vw x gg Q - 5 kg? X fl 'Tl gif: is RIF - S M ml iw S if af S 5 .. f Sis . if -. A If gf .X - R I . m, .1 5- ff .W au., Y , Q b rw N5 g Q - ,X::::.-N. Q , ::-:. Q ,.., gg 5 X E 41 ii- X X is 5 k.3',,-4 J.- . 1 , . 1 s Q : 2 225 H25 Q 2 Z5 E .- .53 Ik .A 2? ' ik? -ef if F J. Bowers G. Bucho X 'yfgll X I ,. X X Roof" " N9 by , ,KN , NV , I ,xxx-j fn ,N 7 jv' Nw-px O ,M 'Q X .: X.-' . Q M Q1 D. Bleakley I . Bryant C. Boylan Lf? U QU . A! AJ Pix ' M N QW' .14 .xx J. Carl A. Anderson C W. Belfiore I' arte: D. Bernhardt My . E 1 VJ AXE! fNfXvJ3 fx, P. Brown NX C fx V 1 0' .XA X 5 X3 ,Q Q1 Niqlj, RQ Spidey- ,-,U 'Y , I LX W ,.' i .f- u ,MV D X R. Colvin T . Dershxrner I. Dietrich Dillon Falkowski F leek Gleetin ln.. I I 1 I1 1. ,AL Aj, , 5 L e Lf r, n -1 IL.. D. Glfford L. Frantz J. Fuller I. Guriel I. wHai?l1 M1 XAQVX L0 vpxxx . QR," VIA' 15.5, R Hain! 1-Igudri cks t W' M. Gregan 7 LA i D. Gilbert? N Avy' L- ' Y s AJC ft LV .7'L'N J + Q uf' ff 'ii X' I . Kuhgowski J. Platz ,- I. 4 1 .f .T - n , 1- . " 'Y J' V, , HJ . 'L rs ' ' 4 , , 1 v Y I J 'M ' wi 41 U 4' 1 flj bl L41 Ep .- ily' df ' 'U if NU ,JT 'W' XL .UU W, LY' ibn! ay! ink P L1 ilfllfw RJ VILL ' . . ' 'ppc Q. 3 U V A ,'1,LxV, 1 L, .P ,U Mg ,, kx gif 1 j . ff' My W 'Uk' . V -4 V VA' U x img., ,A 1 lw. f .' V I 1,1 L J' QWLL K. Krivonak 4 A , ji .V K 1 , . 'ff' C. Popovich ffx L- L . H up D. Pulling ' .. ,1 TV L .fr L" . 'N IVV! K 'E k A LL I 5 , Ll, L, 1-1 1 L I , ,Lif ,. ,Y 4 'I V, . 1 I. .L L LL K . , 11-' ' 1 ,y xl fl' wx Q PLL KJ H .2 .5 ai' r. N. Q RX uk -,,u , ,ily . kb ' JY' 'KX V It Xi U 1 I , .5' L! :,' xx wf lf 'A, .3 -..,. . V, V. v ,. ky l ,o 1 I L. Q. 01 ii 1- . N ' I 7 P. Kelly 1,4-'U' J-Lf, J V --.y fi. I. Lovett EMP W, .f 431.-1' J. Sanders U A Vfff .1 J 5? E, Shelhamer it Aff ir"'Lbf?f1 jf" M. Schening ' 1 I - 1 .1 J- 'q 'J , 5 id. L, L2 lfifff' it ,, 1 1- 4. - rn- , U Ml' Ml j J. Shqwman 111 an , ' 1 ,fr ig, , ,gf ,. f si' ,Ji ..L.-1" I?-1-xiii! ! . ,gs . r 1' , K. McG1a.ugh1in J. McMillan M. Pencille l .a-'. u N Travis XY? x N4 ,bv 1 ,' J. Winklebaur f - nl J J, . 2 511, -f ' if LV J W Q' fan .-.fl"-.19 J. Woods jf! VIH' E. Yeast M. Terrill J. Tobin I K V 1 WL if , J'L!1' I , ,V Ll! 'VK VJ ivy ld xd , A ,I ,-V ,, f I . 4 Nh X V J ji ,SQL A fy wx ff WOM 633 ASM! M W I XV .fx x R Yount Q . - 8 v V-x ' , Zi'mn'1erx:j-f Hx - F L", I Y WX ilk S s X X ggi Mmixfgw X 2, Q., -Q, 5 fri :- sixSx4KMA5H W- M si-. SNQSA+ssx MXNQXSEQXNPL . 2-QP A. XS K- Siem .- W fgssvgifxs Q- S WM i QESX Q r f SQ Ng S s x J. Averill C. Bailey M. Brown R. Ferreroff 2 M. Cames D. Davis I, Guriel B, Glettein J, Goodban G. Easter R. Fischer D. Genzler D. Fish S J. Fellows 3 I T. Hurta ,LH P .f a nf F. Keith 2 J . lyvij MJ R. Haight M. Hand R. Hart J. Knickerbocker W V41 B. H111 Lg J ,ff orom D Holt f J. Kunkel L. Leimer D. Lasko D. Lewis E. Lewxs P. McAtee P. McCoy B. Plasity D. Meyexs C. Miller D. Russell B. Ryan J. Senyo J. Severance E. Shelhammer M. Storch K. Miller L. Miller J . mdrey E YM.. 5 ....... D. Squires I. Szymanski A. Talmo C. White 5 M. Tobin R. Travis 2 3 f . E L. Vanco A. Weld , -QLl2"',1j , 5 , 01" , J m - ,-.af Y' Uo,,L,g ya 1 :puff I-QW ,ff . A P ! , 4 ' ' 1 AQ -1, :VA Lrillliftfp V 3.4 Z JH 'LLLJ ,X7 if 4 ,7'Z , ' .. , ,C+ , yi' .nf .Alf ,nil 1' x , , I ' .flf , ,Gia ,gf iff!! 'ffb' 5.9! 1 ' V? AL' 77 '57-717 Q! ,qw J f 01,1--' , ' Biff" ff?-' ' f 41" . " I V 1' Q44 J F These twelve girls were contestants. N i The announcement is made! "Edin-Hi" editor, Mike Hall, crowns Michelina Papsun as "Miss Edin-Hi". Bonnie Holt and Ramona Lewis were second and third place winners. I n .1 S L L xL,. L LL m.LXL L L.LL LA.. L LL LLLL L L S 3 L L Wx A L - SX -L L .3 TN - ' .: iifx l l 5 L.. 1 L .,,L .,LL qxbbb K Q L INQQL L ZLLL AL N 5 S vi' X L- ' .. L L L .. nm S .L X L W, iff? l ' X Q X ..LLL ' ' N LL . t N ' LLLL W i 3 S 4 L A X kg ix Q S Q X fir! ' I xx qw NF Q My 5, -Lg, 4 L. Anderson H. Baurngardner G. Billings J. Brown B. Bowers B. Bowers B. Carter C. Cauley C. Copeland D, Bowers D. Brown N. Bucho M. Burgett G. Campbell D. Gilbert D. Gould M. Foy P. Frick L. Halmi D. Davis C. Hardman M, Eastman S. Harned R. Fleek T. Haight N. Hobbs D. Hutchison J. Keith K. Lane E. McAndrews J . Lechefsky S E K R. McLa11en D. Milano LeSuer Lewis D. Nelson J. Pettit S. Pohman A. Roberts K. Loucks R. Lovett C. Matthews J. Sk81I0l1 K, Snell L. Schnarrs K. Schulz A. Scott L. Snanford B. Severance J, Synder . D. Showrnan 1 5 P. Snyder P. Tallman . 1 E Sf D. Travis M. Troganovich E. Vogt I, Wetsell R. Winkelbauex HOW COULD YOU RESIST VOTING FOR US? T. Woods T. Yeast EDINBORO'S ANSWER TO THE SPUTNIK s gs 5 4 E I 3 : 5 , S E35 i 5 AQ. ka SX 5332 iii? -x S, Q .1 YAG 3: 'Yk X Nw S X 3 W A ig. S X X wimwfy- SE ' --Q .. -5 -1, .. Q 4 K , -1. --.- x. ,M jp?-...,.xMX:m L L,, WNW A..,. . S WN NR L. Award ' 3' B. Anderson ' H. Baumgardner G. Campbell E. Brown S. Bowers D- C3-mes G. Brieding L. Fetterolf B. Fuller I. Garahan - M. Burgett - its XQQXX X X XX XXX .NK Sa X XXXXY .XX X X. Ki, XX N3 XQX SRX Xb. Q. X.. X X H X A XSS XX X W X X X XXXQXX XX WX XXXXX X XX X L X XX X Xi S X X A XX X SX 'Qi Y Y R5 R XX A X we N355 X X .X X XX X XXX ,XX Q XXXX XX XX X X X X XX X X XX 'Nr X X X X X XX .Qji',j1lX X X Xi SX QR X X ir-:ag X .SX xXx Q XXX -.4 . ' X-EX T5 X. ..X.. . .X . .. X. .XX X- X. XX -5:1 1. . X5 gg.. X X X . .... - .X .XX .9 X X X sf za XX X .X- X.. -- X: X X XX ...X X5 .X X Q XX XQXX E SXX . . .Xu .RNA SS G A Xe? X X M. Harrison A Hayes B. Hardman L. Harris fi. SX- V. Hayes D. Gifford J- Jeflcik J, Gober K. Jennings I. Hall G. Hayes J :fe -I XX N W .S X Q r:e.X:.X4:2:qfSk 12. Q' H' 1 5 ' X: .fQgiSsfXfiX5 E: ' ' .. :1XF2.": by .. .X X - T X X X SSR C. Keiper M. Keith R. Keith 5 s I Kelly R Mxller L. Kelly B. Klakamp I. Klakamp S . Miller C. McCx-eary B. Koman B. Kovschak D. Lane R. McMillan R. Nece M. Papsun H. Patrick K. Pulling D. Rea S. Russin B. Skelton 5 N. Senyo A. Ryan G. Sloboswick D. Schur P. Storch M. Straub V. Synder BIS C. Smith D. Soltis S. Shields P. Travis I. Vanco H. Willams E. Wetsell I. Wurst J. Wuxst E. Zimmer R. Zemcik gif in 5 r 3 Q X S 1 R E C R E A T I O N Clubs and committees are an important part of our school training. They increase our social consciousness and broaden our experience in cooperation. In clubs we dis- cover that our hobbies and interests are shared by others. We learn that by pooling our ideas and energies toward the development of these interests we can achieve greater satisfaction and better results. Activities produce interesting, profitable recreations, still more important, the sense of "togetherness" that is the very core of American Democracy. MATH CLUB "Einstein" Hartley, "Euclid" Smith, "Plato" Stewart, "Archimedes" Bailey, Mr. Bailey, Advisor. Devoted members of the "Brush and Palette" Set. C. Johnson. J. Severance, Mr. Dodd, Miss Odell Mr. Hanna, C. Johnson. 5 S E, W Q E D R0 Q . .r . S. .kXX' America, for all its rights and freedoms, would be a dull place in which to live if its people did not have fun. These pictures recall the good times we have had at Edinboro High School The band, vocal groups, plays, Edin!-Ii and Turtle. These activi- ties have given us precious experience in working with others and bearing group respon- sibilities. They have been good practice in democratic cooperation. S. Lang R. Shelhamer E.H.S. P. Falkowski B. Brogdon L. Jones TWIRLERS AND TWEETERS D. MHHHCIS, I. Young, J. Knapp, B. Flynn, M. Ondrey, R. Young, S. Lang, L. Jones, P. Winschel, D. Hayes, B. Bailey. X , N 2x 4, QEZIDITORS N j QQ- if STAFF "SB" TURTLE STAFF Carol, Betty, Gary, Merill, Peggie, Darlene, Bunny, Mr. Linden, Bill, Mike, Patty, Barbara. We Made the Deadline! Gary Nesbitt Nancy Perry Merrill Smith Bill Koeing . Darlene Hayes Barbara Bailey Betty Shields . . Mike Hall Pat Falkowski Peg Winschel Carol Frantz Bunny Jones Mr. Linden . . Bunny, Nancy, Gary, Bill, Pat. Editor Assistant Editor . Ad Manager . . Assistant Ad Manager . Subscriptions . Subscriptions . Treasurer . . Advisor SQMMERI-10p JEWELERS MARKHAM MUSIC COMPANY MEHLEWS FORMAL WEAR RENTAL SERVICE '711 Peach Street 17 West 11 Street y 1121 State Street, Erie, Pa. Erie, Pa, Erie, Pa. OUR HEARTS W E R E YDUNG AND GAY D BEST LOOKING Judy Steadman Vance Raun BEST DRESSED Baxbara McLa11en Merrill Smith R. C. ZINDEL AND SON LAKESIDE SERVICE STATION Hardware and Paints De Soto - Plymouth S E I O R S O F 8 MOST ATHLETIC Joe Ondrey A Dorothy Colvin MOST HUMOROUS Pete Stanford Regina Erickson WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WILLEY'S RED AND WHITE Phone 5434 - Edinboro Edinboro MOST POPULAR Tony Burgett Pat Falkowski BEST DANCERS Lulu Lane John Hartley Compliments Of FORD E. O'DELL, IEWELER EDINBORO BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTOR 24-W. 10th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania I R S F 5 8 Mos'r LIKELY TO succssn Barbara Bailey B111 Koenig SHYEST I ean Storch George F elege SHlRLEY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE GEORGE C. PTASICK, IEWELEP, PhoneQ2261 Edinboro Elgin and Bulova Watches JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET I957 -M--'v-ww +XX- -ff XQXX iwx-X'm--m.v-NAXN-W-C-K'-mx-'Q Xwwxx W AW ,--- mx--wmmW...,.,...--W X-XxxXxX - X L X .Xw Y N . Q . X XX X X -X' X. K N ,X 'X NX XX X 1 Q xg SX 1 X X X N Xia X XX X X X XX H X X xy X X X . S XX Q wk ' :Ke l . 1 - X A .. . 2-SS 3 .X X X X X X.-X.. x . . S X. ik X .E . A X1 Sgr Q S A - ..X.X. W -xp 5.5 SS X .. .. .K X, .X K X XX? ,X ,Z 3 XS... ,. A Q. .XX. 4-X ' X. pg.. K xi .Xa . 3553 . ' - "T 2533'- itii k ,, X-. f ff xx S .... X XM. WN - 4, K Xef XXX NS' . x N X 'X we . f .. Q X is QERYWQ' . A X ... A ix . A A ' X X. A igii x ws .Q A Jw .X 1 KR- Sk X X X g . 2 M ' k ,, Xgx .. - S N X S .. " 2 K W X ,' M . Dave Storch Eberte Roberts X X Q. X X 'X X 'N K fe X- -N' . Q -'X -vw 'X X xx EDINBOR0 0 ALBION 0 A deadlock XX 1 -. -X 1 , 4 K W , Q Q M X X X X 5 A Pete Stanford Tony Burgett EDINBORO 0 WESLEYVILLE Turtles bitten by Bulldogs. 6 Q Larry Hayes EDINBORO 20 GIRARD 6 if Turtles swat Yellojackets A q f --defense terrific. ' NN X "gi .5 is! 3 fkxx, . A of - '4-uf A6 , f .eby L. XQYQ. EDINBORO 13 FAIRVIEW 0 Turtles snap 54 game winning streak. Tom Dershimer Danny Bucho Dorian Horn N 9.--u...., S N vw QNX Xi Q X i Q If es P Mxi A SAS X X. be X N, Denny Russin EDINBORO 31 UNION CITY 6 Turtles Walk over Bears. EDINBORO 12 LE BOEUF Turtles sneak by Bisons. Jay Rea Q John Hartley EDINBORO 6 NORTH EAST 32 Grapepickers dash Turtles cham- pionship hopes. I ohn Rea T H xx Dale Ellis Joe Ondrey Vince Cauley Jack Ellis EDINBORO 0 LAWRENCE PARK 13 Turtles and Parkers mud covered, Turtles smothered. 7 58 VARSITY SQUAD l s ROW ONE: Coach Estes, M. Burgett, Jay Rea, D. Bucho, T. Dershiner, N. Travis, D. Storch, T. Burgett, J. Schulz, P. Stanford, J. Ellis, Coach Jamison, J. VanLaningham. ROW TWO: D. Russin, T. Hall, J. Hartley, D. Horn, I. Ondrey, Dale Ellis, John Rea, G. Marcinowski, Larry Hayes. ROW THREE: G. Bucho, D. Pulling, P. Trojanovich, D. Gilbert, V. Cauley, D, Hayes, T. Heasley, E. Roberts, John Lovett, I. Carter. 58 IUNIOR HIGH SQUAD U ROW ONE: I. Ondrey, D. Soltis, E. Skelton, Coach Culbertson, D. Holt, Travis, B. Hardman, M. Bllrgett. ROW TWO: J. Kelley. R. Lovett, F. Carter, B. Cauley, D. Squires, L. Stanford, R. Travis, B. McLellan, E. Shelhammer. VICTORIOUS FIRST now: Pere, Bill, Eugene, Gary. A SECOND ROW: Don, Jim, Tom, Coach Buck, Joe, Chuck, John. FIRST ROW: John, Bob, Danny, Don, Stanley. SECOND ROW: Manager Jerry, Dave, Jerry, Vince, Gary April Celia Linda Carol THE BABY TURTLES P. Storch, B. Hardman, R. Travis, M. Huyck, C. Bailey, C. Copeland, D. Gould, R. Lovett. ' M. Burgett, I. Ondrey, E. Shelhamer, L. Halmi, I. Fellows, J. Kelley, V. Snyder, D. Brown, L. Stanford, Coach Jamison. I. Kunkel, D. Holt, D. Squires, T. Woods, D. Lewis, J. Guriel, J. Koman, D. Travis. Barb "Pat Jane Ioy X. X JOHN HARTLEY "Paisan" N. H . X E I Don Pulling Q0 UNTY GH T .o 0 . E 1 xx 1 JOE ONDREY F n yu Ex Q f ir, 3 PETE STANFORD 8 "Hawes" GARY NESBITT BILL KOENIG llRedlI llBevoll LEAGUE SCORES 83 Edinboro 51 McKean E 59 Edinboro 27 Fairv 55 Edinboro 69 Girard ' 48 Edihboro 45 Albion i ff 62 Edinboro 48 W. Springfield N 5 X J as Edinboro 56 McKean 3 Q I X 5 82 Edinboro 38 Fairview E 'W N X 56 Edinboro 71 Girard EQ ' X 48 Edinboro 4'7 W. .Springfield 35 Edinboro 48 Albion S W ERIE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFE " 50 Edinboro 41 Wesleyville Y A ' 'fi' " W "'k Chuck Wetsell Jim Carter Tom Dershimer X . -Xxx M 'S gi E x . 3 X X NX fi ' in xx k k. Q 3: -5 gif V M 5 X N X X X1 'X X N X x 3 fb X Q 93,5 X Q , 5 is 5 T .ag 1 K S A - -f s - X-'SLN SL X A ,xg E . 6 ,W S - rf x ' , 5 X , 'X' X . - is -W Q f w Q N - f Q '- 5 - is Q . LQ 1 ,- hhhh.' fi . N I 'A S HS: X wb ff' 1' L sm 5 K Q K S Q Q XXX K F K R l I -gf, X F x 1 Ry ,Q 5 -. K - . Q . X S X . KX W, XS W if Qi we X yf , X 91. X .X ii- 5 , ,gf 5 5 is 3 3 A 5 - 14155 ww ,.. K N -? t' q ' if: P 5 r 5 ' X SQ! X X 2, T X X 3 Q X 'Q 1 K , K Ji ff? W3 X 5 X FN X in j x S 2 S' SS N if ,nv Q.. , Y x NY, .X E, W x xg: 5 .Nf- X W giwmiwwigs eff- ,Q K qw N X i ii' fee R x ,, DRIVERS V TEAM SCORES WOULD BE DRIVERS Vince, Gene, Gary, George Stan, Mr. Jackson, Don Mr. Jamison, Diann Dave, Gary Compliments Of HAGAN BUSINESS MACHINES, Compliments Of TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES CROSSROADS DINOR, Edinboro, Pa Erie, Pa. I 1 V 35 M 422 "" ' 5:sEEe,a- W' I 'Mk if nm' , zq. J L is RN 5 5 E . X Q X M X X xzwfxw N Sill s E295 Q 5 E . S - 5 N , .- B Q! 'X X I g X I 1 L 5 ? i f Q ! if ' 5' we K S Q X. I E... R j'2 M X l g 1: Q1-W X E X me s ' 5 a 5,5 ig, ig, 1155 X x W '- p' -1 Enjoy... .. I SANIDA W-Qgbrkgwp ' " " ' Quality Chaka Quan., Chem 824 Peach Street Milk Ice Cream Erie Pennsylvania Phone 64512 521 East l8 screen Erie Pennsylvania When in Erie Make the YIM C A Your Downtown Headquarters Near the nCentern of Erie Near the nHeartU of Erie ERIE DAILY TIM S ERIE MORNING NEWS ERIE TIMES-NEWS 12th and French St. Erie Pennsylvania Compliments of THE CHUCK-WAGON DRIVE-IN Erie Pennsylvania SEALTEST Ice Cream and Dairy Products Rieck Dairy Division 21st and State Streets Erie Pennsylvania MODERN RADIO AND ELECTRIC CO. Your Westinghouse Dealer Hi Fi and Phono Records Phone 3992 Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania Compliments of RIGHT G STEARNS FORD 293 S. Main Street Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania 4 .I F' ' I LA MAR BEAUTY SALON uMake your hair the nicest thing you wear.n 1 704 Peach Street Furniture of Quality Since 1918 . R ' ' UQ A PAQLDE U UUWERIEIDA. -A Erie Pennsylvania mfumgnmansua p I -J BREESE TIRE CO. For Wholesome Well Prepared Fine Foods Buick - Pontiac Stop at Sales and Services l STEFANO'S RESTAURANT Phone I DOI1 Diandrea Ray MElStIey I Proprietors 32-34 State St. Phone 4-9846 I 123 East 12th St. Albion Pennsylvania Efle Pennsylvanla for the family West 8th and Pittsburgh at I W. Erie Plaza Erie Pennsylvania BUNGALOW PARK Grocery and Meat Products Staple and Fancy Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Phone 4-6441 3223 Peach Street Erie Pennsylvania l 1 , H BOSTON STORE Erie Pennsylvania I i DUGGAN'S SERVICE G APPLIANCE COMPANY 24 hour service on Television G Appliances 1515 State Street Pennsylvania J ' covERT's MARKET Compliments of . Groceries - Meats FISCHER VARIETY STORE Free Delivery Erie Street Meadville Street 'I I Edinboro Pennsylvania . Edinboro Pennsylvania 11- -nd WALKER BROS. Buick Compliments of Buick and Frigidaire SCHEIDEMANTEL SERVICE STATION Sales and Service Phone 2482 Phone 4884 Edinboro, Pennsylvania Edinboro Pennsylvania IGA The finest lunches are waiting We Deliver for you at V. W. MATTHEWS J G M DAIRY STORE Dairy Products Fountain Service I Phone 2392 Waterford Edinboro rl- - Y I ' f an ClANDAll AGENCY Compliments of IRE I N S U R A N C k I Edinboro, Pennsylvania Plum Street A GEORGE' S BARBER SHOP John R. Rouse Union City, Pennsylvania North Main St. A-W-Wmyw Edinboro, Pennsylvania R. Dale Webster Corry, Pennsylvania North Center St. Frank E. Graft ' Compliments of the Let's Be Friendsl RUTKOWSKI FAMILY Waterford FIRCH'S Wattsburg SUNBEAM BREAD Wesleyville and Erie - I RRA E CH OL O J AN S O I Compliments of Barber - Beauty I Day 6 Evening Classes Reasonable Rates I Free Booklet BUD'S BARBER SHOP HThe Shop of Qualityn 10755 W. 9th Street Erie Street Erie Pennsylvania Edinboro Pennsylvania 3 EDINBORO HOME BAKERY It costs no more at For Your Fancy Pastries THE CRAWFORD STORE and Snacks l Meadville Pennsylvania We Have What You Want with Phone 2441 quality and fashion assured Edinboro Pennsylvania 7 "'1" """ 'I' "" "' ""' ""1""i'i"""'-"' GIFFORD'S DRAKE SNACK BAR V I HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Lunches Sandwiches Dinners Philco Washers - Philco Dryers Pizza Mohawk Carpet - Kroehler Furniture Complete Fountain Service Schenck Birch Kitchens 278 S. Main Street Erie Street Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania l Edinboro Pennsylvania J Compliments of FETTEROLF'S VARIETY STORE EDINBORO FURNITURE G APPLIANCE CO. Kelvinator and G. E. A Complete Line of Appliances for the Home Phone 4691 Edinboro Pennsylvania EDINBORO CLEANERS 8 ESSLEY APPAREL Look Your Best Always The Drug Store of Quality JOLLEY'S PHARMACY F. H. Jolley, Prop. Phone 4774 Edinboro Pennsylvania in THE VILLAGE GIFT SHOP Distinctive Gifts WELLMAN'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for all Occasions Leita Ryan Hopkins Phone 3708 Phone 3793 Short St. Edinboro Pennsylvania Edinborg Pennsylvania Compliments of THE STYLE SHOPPE Watch For Nationally advertised "Martha Manning and Carol King Fashions" designed with an eye to- ward giving women the dresses they need to "go places in, " while keeping the budget al- most intact. Compliments of J. R. ST. JOHN AGENCY Personal Service for All Lines of Insurance and Real Estate Phone Edinboro 5021 J. R. St. John Gene E. Sheets r.. -T E Compliments of I .Compliments of ERIE COUNTY G. L. F. ZORTMAN FLOUR AND FEED The Home of Cleaner Fuels COMPANY Phone 3363 Coal -- Builders' Supplies Edinboro Pennsylvania T Phone 4043 - ULBERTSO HILL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB Edinboro Pennsylvania 1 1 Read the Local News and See the Local Pictures in the EDINBORO INDEPENDENT Dorothy Hall, Editor Phone 2994 105 Plum St Compliments of LANG ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 3213 Edinboro, Pennsylvania r-, pp,, L Compliments of ,B B FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF K For You in '58 EDINBORO Compliments of FriendiyrService THE CANOE CLUB Your Banking Needs Erie St. Pat Crawford Edinboro Pennsylvania R. R. WALKER AND SON ED'S ATLANTIC SERVICE John Deere Sales G Service Lubrication DeLaval Milking Machines Gehl Harvesters Washing Unadilla Silos Pioneer Seed Corn Tires Phone 2452 Edinboro Pennsylvania Edinboro Pennsylvania COOPERS Compliments of Of Course Cameras "' Greeting Cards Erie St, Jewelry - School Supplies Edinboro Pennsylvania Records Try Coopers First COMPLIMENTS OF SCH RUERS DAIRY CONTENTED COWS M AN FRESH HEALTHY MILK HGOOD MILKH AT YOUR DOOR Phone 3252 Edinboro, Pennsylvania SCHRYUER'S PHARMACY SPRINGS SUPER MARKET It's Thrifty to Shop the HSuper Wayu Large Free Parking Lot Phone 2342 Phone 358? 238 South Main st. Cambrldge Sprmss Cambridge Springs Pennsylvania Compliments of EDWIN N. BAILEY EDINBORO C0-OP G. L. F. Feed - Seed - Fertilizer LAKE ISLE ESTATES E Farm Supplies - Lime Spreading Edinboro Pennsylvania Phone 4011 Edinboro, Pennsylvania Professional Patrons M. D. Hoch, D.D.S. Edinboro, Pennsylvania' B. C. Kiehl Edinboro, Pennsylvania F. F. Florek, M.D. Edinboro, Pennsylvania M. D. Sproul, D.D.S. Edinboro, Pennsylvania Raymond Birchard, D.V.M. Edinboro, Pennsylvania - BpydlGhEring3 M.D. Edinboro, Pennsylvania Donors The Evans Manor Edinboro, Pennsylvania Minnie Buchanan Edinboro, Pennsylvania Sid Kuhn Edinboro, Pennsylvania Skelton Brothers Edinboro, Pennsylvania f A ll . Q QW , 1 , f 1 1 V ' N 1 xffk Q Q J If 4951 f 2 Li. w f4 ,L Ni fm QVGA if WX 5 ' A ' A ' Lf Pj' xfsfilgx " W P 1 A L'f'kVP gif, ,JY ff 'X 1 5 YVV G .KX Pay' PQ yy W 0 ffL5wvQvM ay 33 N Q ,-4 O ,, 'v .7 f lf X U JB? . . ,aj AQ fi J' f3 Y X A O' Elf , Q ,f LW W ' I . 1 Q 56 85 INTER- C0l.l.EGlATE PRESS rAcrl2t::1gnnSu'ncsnmQrrlcf PRINTED IN U. 5, A. X-X nc. 1 - N .K T X. xx x. i X X . Q W -,,,,...r f , , ..... . , if '-" A , , fazm.ff.fLzwMf'fUa f'i K- . W mf ,ig ,4 fa A 'ff,'f ff. Qwx V .

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Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Edinboro High School - Turtle Yearbook (Edinboro, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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