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,,.-, . ' " A ,, xi f .---TY,,,, xr N Y ' 1 4 + Q. -7 r ' ---- --L-P":n1QT'-F , ,, "C A ! 1, I n wb f .Qf:f,1-,rf I f 1 Q X ll- .5- . f , F. ,f ' 1 v"N7'Q fi Q - 1- xr E.. 4 ,:qi5'Q1b' -' ' " '-an ..-" -3? '. 'lr- f -N 4- -wr-ff' v. .,, ' X. 1 5. 1 1, 4 .iay F ei . .ij . 5, AG .,,d i' -'z '15 P-Q5-5' F, K f R-, ., :. ,- . W M 1.,.44..,, , ,.1.. ' Q V I ..: E, fl- 14 'E-1 w ,L . R.. , sa 4 .. . 4,4 L L 4 . . . .--., ,rv .U-4 -- ,c f xl. 'A 'mr' 1: TJ.. 4 Q. -h:H'.' f...- V 1, ' 1, :Z , f T' ,: :Ji-V 'C :HJ , 4 3 .4 - t' R ' 14'-+1r.g-1-H " , E ,fl fwxkljd, . .VV -, X . a , ,451 x ,-iff 4. a L..- yf-.xf , .. .atm -,- U 15,4 gh .- ,f--F. 8 v.W-A-',",, , 1 ., :f, " 'Q' 1 " . 4 -' . I M- A. eq . V .3 ' , .N 15. 5 .7543-1'5'-:ll , - - '1v.- ' , .nm '4 .-g.-g,"5?.'- , ,.g 1 W.. M Y. , . ' 1.1-.1.'1 4. . ' .i,14'.. -4.4.9 Y, ' ff I: Z 'JC Rf' L '-' ' "-:W "' ,l gfpf,74':1: -.E -.Q 3' , , Akf,,.4:.x.,- 4, ... :-- xp," ! f' 1' . fu.: 1 .- . 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A 31- '41 -.954 .Lge-e 4, :Ev 1 , f - , - -- 4 ' ,.- "-, -4 'if-wg-Q-2, ' 1- , rf 4. .L 1.' ,L -v.. '33 5' - il 4gf'f 9195.-, -i , -, L. ' ., " 1, 'mg ' -fr, ML., :Q-,," H' ', .' Au,-7".. 'NY is--3 '- va: .K 3. . :- x ' 1' '-,.- Q ' -V ff".-,,-,'1' ' -lv ' . 4-:f:f..4,,- -ffl wr,--.iv'p ' .1 . A' '- . ,Lgf -,QS-3? 3 ,4-i?.'f'fm.4A', I Q --. -Qfgwsk ,. Y - .h -.1 V ..:.11,-Y , ,,,q.,.l...3l Q .'.' ,M ,. qt- wp J- , ' Y, ,:- if-..,1 4 - .-- ' ---.1, -Aw,-. -4 ,- 4,-,M .4 - '. .-,'9':,-,-'ff - .,. 4:43 Ir , 1,3 - - .,-..w. -4 '.pz::. - 4 - - - '.-'-E, p -if X .-v 53+ 2165-4,', . .. --- j, . ,4, , - . ,: Q., 1.-"-S-'-.-q "ff -df.. uf-551-,., 1113" rv '-'- F.:-' Q-, N flfgi " 413, , 1- : , il J ,iw I 5'm,Q':,, :. IX.. N- V. Vi- ' . -4:'- ,..5 yr" -w3.gf- QQ -' ,Q f , ,, , . A 'fvilh -MR' i pg-'. "f":.,qz:.'4. --7-'M-a , :+P '-- ' -.1454 . , Q --'-:hge Qglhi, .L-0fg,.a, ,.., '4 ' . '1-xi -cf' -- - '- 1.11" 1 -. .4 ' -' , f 1 f, ,z -T' J , 4P1'd'f3f,5f.' -zf?.,,. . , 15. Ns..-. - j.-, 4-A :-j:, 1 -pr,-1.1-xv.-wg , .. ,, . - ,,. . ,X-,gr-4, 4.2:- ,'.-- 1: ' '1 -W"-4-VI"--rl. ' v 4 . i 4 ' .'i4.,-ui "P QL' . - . --Q3 '.':"15',. . .. C w '--14 1- ' - , ' 1' " -A", ' , P4 -- -Y' . .. . fg,g,, -, 62" . . 4 -. . . ' 4 yvu- . 3i"'f1" .-.,,v , 2- '. , . .,-, -,'f1.f' f- -,I ,X--L V- " .41 ?3gZkg'v',- -' 'Z In I f- ,-.. -5' UQ . . ,.1,,,- a.,1., . Q - y 5- Y., N- . -. -44, 4 7 ., ,t 4- ,'c.m,.r.,,--v --er -4 -- ,42- 4- -, , -.1 fa "-, f K, ..1--- ,, - y .J ...mc ,.,4w,W .N I 3 4, -, Y .:.2: -,. .::: 5 4-A, H, 4, , 4- 5--w . 1,--. 'spy - S+, ,g-,-rj" V, 4 . -7,-,H 4 ' ' ' , ".n'-'-"'.fP2ig7L52y- .- , ,xy 'Q-1. " ,' -' ,-- 4 ,-I'-'. L'-.2-s..w f -mf' 1-J.. - g - ,. 5 fy. ., ,. . ,ug . -. . ,. - -7, 1- 1, 1 Zia .JJ 3 "Y 'w,--:Kd ,f .- ,wi - i , 'A -1' I .'.- 3 ., ' . 'j,"1'l-14.1 A K X ' Y , , - -Q . .. ' -1 11, 'qv i ,lv 54- . ' -M.,-. , . . ,vga - . ,... ,. - 4- . '.,, ., A-1 2 .5 1,4 Q.: Ki. avi - 5 , 1 ,. 5 ,f K, . w-f - -A . , . 4. . . -,tar 4. sf- I, . L I f,.A.Q-gy , , ,'E'f"' fu: ,Y k . 1, nl-,Z ,gg--'L-2. , znvfl- ' - ' 1 -el-2' -4 - , 4 .- -WY' 'Jr' ' ' - 4 'QEFQKQ ,, L,-k 7.3 -fa, in-. I I. 2-if THE TURTLE 1 9 4 9 Publixhed by THE SENIOR CLASS of EDINBORO HIGH SCHOOL EDINBOR0, PENNSYLVANIA "Fl DEDICATION To extend our congratulations to our new assistant principal, we, the members of the Turtle Staff and the Class of 1949, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Sherwood, in appreciation of his understanding and guidance throughout our high school career. To The Graduating Class of 1949 Dear Seniors: It does not seem possible that you are the same people who started as first graders in our schools in 1956. But the truth stands-you are those same folks. How well I remember you as first graders in Room 2 of Normal Hall. You were described by your teacher as being "good first graders" and a promising group. Because of your date of entrance into school life you become my "first class" because in that year, I was elected as a member of the staff at Edinboro. So it happens that regardless of how far you roam or how widely you are scattered in your various professions and occupational fields, you will be remembered by the writer as the first grade, Edinboro State Teachers College Training School, 1936. With best wishes for your happiness and sucess, I am, Very sincerely yours, C. W. ELLENBERGER EDWARD BROWN New Wilmington High School Westminster College, B.S. Oberlin, M.A. Chemistry Chemical Research 1939-40 VERA GILMORE Franklin High School Allegheny College, A.B. Duke University, M.A. EDGAR GUMBERT Apollo High School State Teachers College, Slippery Rock, B. S. BLANCHE HOWARD Edinhoro High School State Teachers College, Edinhoro, B. S. 6 EDITH ELLIS West Springfield High School Geneva College, B.S. BONITA GORDON Corry High School State Teachers College, Indiana, B.S. JAMES HILL Strong Vincent High School, Erie State Teachers College, Edinhoro, B.S. Pennsylvania State College Columbia University, M.A. BRUCE IFFT Grove City High School Pennsylvania State College, B.S. MARK JACKSON Punxmtawney High School Grove City College, B.S. University of Pittfhurgh Penmylfzania State College, M.S. ELIZABETH OFFRAZIA Strong Vincent High School, Erie We:tmin:ter College, A.B. Mercyhurst College Bucknell Univenity Cornell Univenity, M.A. LEE REYNOLDS Edinboro High School State Teacher: College, Edinhofo Allegheny College, BA. HUBERT SHERWOOD Edinhoro High School State Teacher: College, Edinhoro, B.S. C olurnhia Univev-:ity SYBIL ODELL Allegheny High School, Pitnhurgh State Teachers College, Edinhoro, B.S. Penmylvania State Coll e eg , M.A University of Pimhurgh JAMES PARKER Watt:hurg High School State Teacher: College, Edinhoro, B.S. DOYLE SCHWAB Mar: High School Chicago Mmical College Indiana State Teacher: College Uni11er:ity of Pimhurgh, -.B.S., M.L.H. LOUIS VARRICCHIO Meadville High School ' Allegheny College State Teacher: College, We:t Che:ter, B.S. Univenity of Pitnhurgh University of Penmylvania 7 " K Promote, then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. Waxbington J f,f Q2-'f ,,- IV' ,ff gf"- t Z,,, , S ,, . ., MQ 'ff' ,5 ,,,,f- +14--"' I ' WH f mai f QA It - 1 I new 61" f1'f"r W f 5 , ' -f-"-1:47 .xg f gba L...l- - - jg... 4- ,,,..f""""",,- KZ, ,iQ i4-' ' -5 R ii X w A PAUL ADAMS Elyria High School 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Baxketball 2 Mixed Chorur 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Turtle Staff 4 Gym Exhibition 3 h CARL BILICH Conneauwille High School 1, 2, 3 F.F,A. Baxketball 4 IRENE CAP Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Library Club 3, 4 EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN Mixed Cborus 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Mixed Octet 4 Turtle Stag 4 IO CYNTHIA ALCORN Band 2 Girl: Cboru: 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 LARRY BULL junior Play 3 DAVID CARRIER ROBERT .CLAAR Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Cborm 1, 2, 3, 4 ANNAMARIE CLAWSON Girl: Cborus 1, 2 Mixed Cborus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 junior Play 3 EVELYN DECKER Band 1, 2, 3 Girl: Charm 1, 2, Mixed Cborux 1, 2, 3, Edinbi 1, 2, 3 Girl: Ememble 3, Senior Pla 5' Turtle Staff 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 Clan' Treasurer 4 Clan Secretary 2 EDWARD DUNDON Basketball 2. 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Golf 2 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Turtle Staff 3, 4 EDWARD FOY F.F.A. Reporter 3 F.F.A. Secretary 4 jr. High Baiketball I WILLIAM COLVIN Band 2 Interclau Baxketball 3, 4 ELAINE DODDS Albion Higb Scbool 1, 2 ALICE EMERSON Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Library 3, 4 EDGAR GUMBERT Balrketball 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Turtle Stay? 4 Mixed Cboruf 1, 2 Football Mg-r. 1, 2 Clan Vice-Preyident 1, 2, 3 Gym Exhibition 1, 3 9 I VIRGIL LESLIE Football 3, 4 Stage Crew 3 MILDRED INIACK Girl.r Chorus 1 FRANK MUKINA Football 2. 3, 4 Turtle Stub' 4 Gym Exhibition 3 PATRICIA O'BRIEN Hamburg, New York 1, 2 Mixed Chorur 3, 4 Girl: Chorus 3 Girlx Ememhle 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Clem Vice-Prexident 3 Senior Play 4 Edinhi Staff 4 Turtle Stajf 4 GERALD LOUGHRAN Meadville High School 1, 2, 3 Turtle Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Golf 4 JOYCE MAYNARD ALOYSIUS NOVOTNY Interclau Barketball 3, 4 Stage Crew 3 Gym Exhibition 1 SHIRLEY PERRINE Tri-Hi-Y 2 Mixed Chorux 3 Girls Chorus 3 Turtle Staff 4 I3 PAULINE PHILLIPS ROBERT SANTOS Band 1, 2, 3 Mixed Chorax 1, 2, 3, 4 FRED SKELTON Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baxketball 2, 3, 4 Baxeball 1 Mixed Charm 1, 3, 4 Mixed Octet 3, 4 Boys Quartet 1 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Turtle Stay? 4 Eclinhi Staff 4 CLETUS TROYER Spaftamburg High School 1, 2 F.F.A. Baiketball 3, 4 Football 3, 4 F.F.A. Treaxurer 3 F.F.A. Prexiderzt 4 14 EDWARD ROOS F.F.A. Baxketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 junior Play 3 Mixed Choru: 1, 3 Secretary F.F.A. 3 Vice-Prexident F.F.A. 4 HERBERT SCHILLING Wilfon Ir. High School 1 Band 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Bayketball 2, 3, 4 Football Mgr. 4 Mixed Chorux 3 JANET TONCRE Rooceuelt 1 Library 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Edinhi 4 JEAN VAN LUVEN Girl: Chorus 1 North PI-IOEBE WALDO Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3 Mixed Octet 3, 4 Edinhi Stal? 4 Turtle Staff 4 Class Secretary 4 Senior Play 4 GEORGE WHEELER F.F.A. Basketball 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Treasurer 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Exhibition I LAVERNE YUNIC Braddock High School I Home Economics Club 2 Library Club 3, 4 ELLA ZULOVICH Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Girls Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 1 Library Club 3, 4 Edinhi Staff 4 THOMAS WARNER Jr. High Basketball 1 Class Treasurer 1 Class President 2, 3, 4 junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Edinhi Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Turtle Staff 4 Gym Exhibition 1, 3 THOMAS WILLRICH Football 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2, 3 Turtle SMH 4 SHIRLEY YOUNG Highland Jr. High School 1 Home Economics Club 2 Senior Play 4 Ezlinhi Staff 4 MARY ZULOVICH Tri'Hi-Y I, 2 Mixed Chorus I Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3 I5 FRESHMAN YEAR Under the guidance of Miss Fister, a very green class of freshmen elected the following officers: President .,.,,......,....................e......................................... Edward Dundon Vice Preriderit ....,.. E ........ ...,... E dgar Gumbert Secretary ............. ...... . Thomas Willrich Treasurer .....e.........................,........................,.....,........,,..... Thom Warner and being typical first year students did not get around to doing much except to sponsor two dances. SOPHCMORE YEAR As we came back to our second year of high school, we started out with a "bang" by giving the Freshmen their annual initiation. Because of so many other activities in the gym, we held only a couple of dances, one of course being the Sophomore Ball. The officers chosen for this year were: Prerident ,.............,.........,..................................................... Thom Warner Vice Preriderzt ....... - ....... .....,. E dgar Gumbert Secretary ..,,,.....,.. ......t. E velyn Decker Trearurer ...... ....,.. Th ornas Willrich J U N IOR YEAR This was the year of the Junior-Senior Prom, and we had to have money and plenty of it, so we sonsored a movie, put on the annual junior Play CScarecrow Creepsj, and held a dance or two. The Prom was successful and all books balanced as our Junior Year closed. Prerident .....,............,....................s......................,,.........,,,.. Thom Warner Vice Preridenz .,...... - ........... Edgar Gumbert Secretary .,.......,.... ....... B eata Hawkins Trearurer ..,....,,. ....... Th omas Willrich SENIOR YEAR Contrary to the saying, "the last year is the easiest," we found it to be full of problems. The Yearbook and Edinhi came out on time after a lot of work and a little luck. Our Senior Play was highly successful and after the Prom at Culberston Hills Country Club, our school days in Edinboro High School were nearly over, but we feel they weren't too unsuccessful. Prefiderlf -........................................................ - ........... Thom Warner Vice Pfefiderli ........ .......... ,..,.... P a tricia O'Brien Secretary .............. - ........ ..... - Phoebe Waldo Treasurer ....... ....... E velyn Decker v In CLASS PROPHECY "The 49-ers" The Class of '49 looks forward to a brilliant future. With the glorious past which we have had, how can we help but have a promising future! As we happen only once in hundreed years, with your kind permission, we shall endeavor to take you back to 1849 to see what the class of 1949 was doing at that time. 1849, as you will recall, was the year of the California Gold Rush, which led to the settlement of the West. Back in those days, my bosom buddy, Shirlee Perrine, and I were employed by the United States Census Bureau. We were to make a survey on the increasing population of California. We traveled by train to St. Louis, and from there started our journey to the Gold Coast by horseback. We had traveled just a few miles out of St. Louis when a feminine rider, Joyce Maynard, of the Hicks and Mack Pony Express Co., brought us the news that Davey "Crockett" Carrier and his husky young partner, Herbie Schilling, were bravely holding the Alamo against the Mexicans by every scheming trick which they knew. We overtook a wagon party headed by the famed trailblazer, Virgil Leslie. By the campfire, we recognized the gracious frontier woman, Evelyn Decker, carefully tending the gaping wounds of Rattle- snake Al Novotny-wounds which he had received during his latest skirmish with the redskins. That well-known pioneer woman, La Verne Yunic, greeted us and cordially invited us to spend the night in her humble but safe group. Miss Yunic was known all over the west for founding those small "one- horse" towns with a population of twelve or fifteen. Since we were growing hungry and tired, we accepted her invitation. The delicious aroma from the kettle told us that for supper we were having Hungarian Goulash and that good old western dish, roast coyote spareribs, prepared by those wonder- ful cooks, Dolores Harned and Dorothy Harris. Early the next morning, we continued our journey to the Gold Coast. In the distance we could see Boom Town. Before arriving in Boom Town, we met a stagecoach of Cap's Coach Lines. It stopped and we recognized the driver as Cactus Clair. He introduced us to the shotgun guard, Texas Troyer and the two occupants of the coach, Beata Hawkins and Ed Dundon, the Eastern executives who had success- fully convinced Big Chief Larry "Sitting" Bull that the new Reservation Act had granted him enough land on which to sit. We decided to have our horses reshod at Boom Town and to take in its spectacular sights in the meantime. We went to the blacksmith's shop and there was Frank Mukina diligently shoeing the horse of Clamity Jean Van Luven. Calamity jean, we learned, was at that moment turning loose her feminine charms on wealthy Jerry Loughran, proprietor of the Buzzard Nest Hotel. She considered her feudin' with Wild Bill Hiccups too trying and had decided to settle down. Of course, she had many rivals, especially Mademoiselle Olga Harayda, the Russian bombshell from Gay Paree. The whole town consisted of eight main buildings. One-half of the town was composed of a chain of four saloonsg the other half consisted of a trading post, the blacksmith shop, the hotel, and an Under- taker's Parlor. The trading post was run by those oldtimers, the Zulovich sisters, Ella and Mary, who had survived many an Indian war. The Undertaker's Parlor was operated by the famed Doctor Jekyll Chamberlain, who was known for his modern method of burying people in pine boxes. While we were saddling our horses and readying our departure from Boom Town, we saw, riding toward us, two of the West's few law-making citizens. As they came closer, we saw the never-to-be- forgotten sheriff, Pat O'Brien Garrett, and her one trusted deputy, Cynthia "Bring 'Em Back Dead or Alive" Alcorn. They were on the trail of Billy the Kid, the notorious outlaw. We informed them that we had not seen any sign of the Kid on our journey. While passing through Buffalo Country, we saw Buffalo Bill Colvin riding over the plain. Sudden- ly a buffalo came charging toward him. He drew his trusty Hogley, but before he could fire, a shot rang out and the buffalo fell dead, shot square between the eyes by Annie Marie Clawson Oakley. W' e were badly in need of water, and in our search for it, we came across Alkali Adams, snoozing under a Coukamonga tree on the bank of Gizmo River. Lying on the sand beside him were his prospect- ing utensils. Behind him, we saw his ambitious partner, Gold-Digger Dodds, faithfully panning the river for gold. Why Elaine was working so hard we do not know, for Alkali still owned 51? of the partnership. We exchanged greetings with Elaine, ignored Alkali's snore, filled our water canteens, and moved toward the Rocky Mountains which we could see in the distance. As we passed the Great Salt Lake, we saw Shirley Young standing on the shore with her stalwart young son, Brigham. At last we began our climb up the Rocky Mountains where we saw that prosperous trapper, Wildcat Willrich, dragging behind him on a leash two bears, one mountain lion, and a shmoo. His mule was plodding along under the burden of many beaver pelts and foxtails. As we approached Pike's Peak, Lumber-Jack Gumbert was seen fearlessly riding a treacherous log jam toward the Colorado River. He was so brave! The weather in the mountains was much colder than on the desert and we had to find a cabin in which to spend the night. We were thankful when at last we glimpsed a rustic cabin among the pines. A tall object located beside the cabin aroused our curi- osity. As we approached, we saw that it was Totem Pole Hecker. She was delighted to see us and we spent the night in her warm cabin. The next day we proceeded- through them that hills and started our journey down the mountains. Here we met another old '49-er prospector, Fred Skelton, leading his faithful old mule, Clementine. ln- cluded with his other equipment were Indian trinkets and warpaint, which he sold on the side. At the foot of the mountains, we came to the Bar Nothing Ranch, owned and operated by Tom Warner. He showed us around his ranch with great pride. At one end of the Corral, Carl Billich the Bronco Buster sat on three pillows. At the other end of the corral was Geraldine Horn, the horse trainer, teaching the horses not to horse around. We thanked Tom for a delightful visit and continued on our way. A little farther on, we saw a squatter's cabin belonging to Ed Roos and his family. A sign on the gate, Roos's Roosters' Roost, attracted our attention. We came to the amazing conclusion that he raised chickens for a living. 1 At last we arrived on the Gold Coast, and at the fort just outside the city of Frisco, we met the "First Fire and Then Duck Regiment" commanded by Fearless Foy. The regiment was on its way to rescue Toncre's Traveling Medicine Chest. janet and her caravan had been attacked by Indians. We certainly hope they arrived in time to save her. Our journey from the East to the Gold Coast was brought to an end as we entered Frisco. We immediately went to a hotel to get some rest before starting out for a sociable evening at the Opery-House. Featured at the Opery-House that night were our old friends, Madame Butterfly Emerson and Robert Jose Santos. We never realized how lovely Queenie's Chorus could sound in an Opery-House. It wasaltogether a delightful performance. After the Opery, we attended a free-for-all celebration in honor of George Hrinko, the industri- ous miner,,who had just STRUCK IT RICH. The affair lasted far into the night and used up at least 25? of Georges profits. . Since our business was completed, we decided to return to the East by steamboat. We finally made arrangements with Pauline Phillips' A and P CAtlantic and Pacificj Line. As we went aboard, we recognized Whirlpool Wheeler, captain and guardian of the sturdy little craft. He assured us of a safe journey home. As the whistle blew and our boat pulled away from the dock, we regretfully bid farewell to all the '49-ers. Though life seems difficult, heed the example of the Class of 1949, for they proved that the first hundred years are the hardest. It is no wonder that the teachers thank their lucky stars that a class like ours only happens once in a hundred years! Phoebe Waldo and Shirlee Perrine CLASS WILL PAUL ADAMS-lCaVCS his eloquence of speech to Bob Johnson. CARL BILICH-leaves his mustache to Ed Almazon. LARRY BULL-leaves his way with the girls to Mike Naglowski. DAVID CARRIER--leaves his wise cracks to Ted Hrinko. EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN-lC3VCS his refined intelligence to Bill Schmunk. ROBERT CLAIR-leaves his prowess with a trumpet to the Music Department. WILLIAM COLVIN-leaves his shyness to Douglas Ryan. EDWARD DUNDON-leaves his guard position to some aspiring unclerclassman. EDWARD FOY-regretfully leaves Marjorie Vogt. EDGAR GUMBERT-leaves his muscles to Frank Walker. GEORGE HRINKO-leaves his wavy hair to Harold Taylor. GERALD LOUGI-IRAN-leaves his blush to Bob Lang. VIRGIL LESLIE-leaves his manly physique to Jim Warner. FRANK MUKINA-leaves his football ability to Tom Lloyd. ALOYSIUS NOVOTNY-leaves his gum-chewing ability to Mr. Schwab. EDWARD ROOS-leaves his height to the Butteriields. ROBERT SANTOS-lCaVCS his shortness to Ernest Droms. HERBERT SCHILLING-leaves his unique brain to the Biology Department for further study. FRED SKELTON-leaves his boldness to Larry Schirmer. CLETUS TROYER-leaves the Athletic Department so that he can fill silos. THOMAS WARNER--leaves a good example for future seniors. GEORGE WHEELER-leaves to make practical application of everything he has learned in the Vocational Department. THOMAS WILLRICH-leaves his broad shoulders to Ralph Batchelor. CYNTHIA ALCORN-lCaVCS her cooking ability to Weltha Warren. IRENE CAP-leaves her quietness to Barbara Niederriter. ANNAMARIE CLAWSON-lCHVCS her acting ability to next years seniors. EVELYN DECKER-lCaVCS her dry wit to Sally Pavkov. ELAINE DOODS-leaves her cheerful smile to any sour puss who wants it. ALICE EMERSON-leaves her sparkling personality to Estella Van Luven. DOLORES HARNED-leaves her dancing technique to the struggling beginners. OLGA HARAYDA-leaves her deviltries to Priscilla Freeman. BEATA HAWKINS-leaves Mr. Varricchio white-haired and broken in spirit. ALLENE HECKER-leaves her long legs to Winifred Decker. VELDA HICKS-leaves her shortness to Myrna Wiley. GERALDINE HORN-leaves her quiet tongue to Miriam Kingsley. MILDRED MACK-leaves her shyness to Pauline Yutcik. JOYCE MAYNARD-leaves her horse pictures to the Art Department. PATRICIA O'BRIEN-leaves her studious attitude to her brother. Sl-IIRLEE PERRINE-leaves her brains to the backward juniors. PAULINE PHILLIPS-lC8VCS her athletic ability to Dolores Hoig. JANET TONCRE-leaves to become a nurse. JEAN VAN LUVEN-leaves school so that she will have more time to improve her mind. PHOEBE WALDO-leaves to make a home for Howdy. SHIRLEY YOUNG-just leaves promising never to cut her hair again. LA VERNE YUNIC-lCaVCS her naturally curly hair to Mary Alice Harris. ELLA ZULOVICH-leaves her placid way to Nancy Alcorn. MARY ZULOVICH-leaves to marry a boy whose last name starts with "A" so that she will no longer be at the end of the alphabet. NAME PAUL ADAMS CYNTHIA ALCORN CARL BILICH LARRY BULL IRENE CAP DAVID CARRIER EDWARD CHAMBERLAIN ROBERT CLAIR ANNAMARIE CLAWSON WILLIAM COLVIN EVELYN DECKER ELAINE DoDDs EDWARD DUNDON ALICE EMERSON EDWARD FOY EDGAR GUMBERT DOLORES HARNED DOROTHY HARRIS OLGA HARAYDA BEATA HAWKINS ALLENE HECKER VELDA Htcks GERALDINE HORN GEORGE HRINKO GERALD LOUGI-IRAN VIRGIL LESLIE MILDRED MACK JOYCE MAYNARD FRANK MUKINA ALOYSIUS NOVOTNY PATRICIA O'BRIEN SHIRLEE PERRINE PAULINE PHILLIPS EDWARD Roos ROBERT SANTOS HERBERT SCHILLING FRED SKELTON JANET TONCRE CLETUS TROYER JEAN VAN LUVEN FHOEBE WALDO THOMAS WARNER GEORGE WHEELER THOMAS WILLRICH SHIRLEY YOUNG LA VERNE YUNIC ELLA ZULOVICH MARY ZULOVICH PASTI ME Hunting Cooking Sports Hunting Dancing Sleeping Reading Fantasies Trumpet Eating Hunting Sewing Hill-billy records Teasing Having fun Margie V. Sports Writing letters Dancing Mischief Jack Bowling Telephoning Horses Day-dreaming Golf Union City Eating Horses Cabbages Loafing Music "Lincolns" Dancing Women Odd jobs Women Fishing Reading Eating Piano "Howdy" Art Hunting Travel Cutting hair Skating Dancing Working SENIOR PAGE AMBITION French Foreign Legion Model Agriculture Machinist Live in Cleveland Aviator Science Travel Radio Artist Farmer Nurse Secretary Be a boss Marry her boss Navy Dentist Comptometrist Travel Phys. Ed. teacher Marriage Nurse Beautician Nurse Millionaire Chemical Engineer Cowboy Secretary Saddle Acrobat Drive a truck Make money Psychiatry Private Secretary Work Stay single Bookkeeper Musician Get educated Nurse Farmer Working To grow up Hotel Manager Farmer Most anything Medical Secretary Getting Ralph Working Waitress FAVORITE EXPRESSION What a revolting develop You know? I don't know! Hubba, Hubba! Don't be dumb! Coit'ny. Duhhi ' Who you trying to kid? Now what happens? Who said so? Well, whatta ya know? Oh, nuts! You gotta thuprise. You make me so-mad! Don't ask me! How's that? Oh, beans! Oh, dear! Oh, shucks! I'm so mad I could spit! Yoo-hoo, baby. No it isn't! Cat's sake! How about that? Gee! Son of a gun. Is that right? f Yee gads! I'll be darn! Ya don't say! You dumb bunny! Bull-pups! You're crazy! Guess what? Holy man! I say old man! Hi ya! Yes rna'am! What the thunder! Golly! Mein Gott! How ya doing? Gosh darn it! mtnt this is! So what? Hey! I'l1 put a race track around your eye! Oh golly! Ohhh---! QV MQW SQA Q Ny Af Wuwlvw E JMWfjW?Ef EE,Q?, 4 gYffg4ff"'5 3 .3 or , . H Q q3w?ff?JfflQif-ffffiz fp ffgms-3. Qi' WGBH QQ Q2 wa-iw-M' ff W 1-, X If 'I if ELI , b wx X JUNIOR CLASS First Row:-H. Petrov, F. Lang, M. Vogt, P. Young, E. Belt, l. Holowach, R. Belyan, W. Warren, L. Hahn, S. Pavkov, M. Gross, G. Wright, L. McAndrews, Second Row:-Miss Gilmore, C. Budzowski, C. Peterson, D. Ryan, I.: Boylan, C. Peters, F. Walker, S. Alward, B. Hamilton, T. Hobbs, L. McAndrews, S. Cauley, K. Turtle. Third Row:-P. Perry, E. Wells, D. McLaughlin, R. Johnson, C. Campbell, E. Droms, K. O'Brien, F. Nichols, L. Schirmer, N. Porter, H. Diehl. OFFICERSI Prefide-nt ........... ............. ....... K e nan O'Brien Vice President ...... A ........ ..... . Irene I-Iolowach Secretary ........ ....... C arol Peterson Treaxurer ........... .....,..... F rank Walker Clan Advisor -...... .....-. Miss Vera Gilmore SOPHOMORE CLASS Firrt Row:-Mr. Hill, E. VanLuven, M. Kingsley, P. Freeman, P. Yurclk, E. Plasity, R. Poling P Harned N Alcorn C. Sanders, J. Schiedexnantel, N. Maynard, B. Stanford, B. Niederritter. Second Row:-L. Butterfield, R. Brumbaugh, G. Findley, N. Lawrence, D. Hoig, J. Campbell M Wiley V Brown R. McAllister, T. Butterfield, C. Troyer. Third Row:-M. Hurta, J. Lynch, T. Lloyd, S. Zulovich, R. Biby, R. Mallory, G. Pinguely M Erb F B emus J. Warner, C. Holowach, J. Sommerville. Fourth Row:-F. Peters, L. Peterson, T. Hrinko, J. Severance, M. Naglowski, E. Lodge M McAfee R Evans G Cooper, A. Harayda, L. Peiper, J. Brady, E. Soltesz, J. McLaughlin. OFFICERS! Prendent .... L ......... ....... Vice Prerident ...... ..... Secretary ......... ........... Treasurer ......... ...... Clars Advisor . Eugene Pinguely Charles Holowach Nancy Alcorn Charlotte Sanders Mr. James Hill FRESHMAN CLASS First Row:--M. Warner, A Severence, M. Winkelbauer, J. Falconer, B. Sheffer, C. Gilley, M. Shirmer, M. Mahuski F. Palmer, H. Hoag, M. Petrus, R. Powers, E. Soltesz, R. Hudy, E. VanLuven, D. Campbell, L. McJinnete. Second Rout:-Mr. Sherwood, M. Alward, H. McCommons, J. Horst, M. Cole, R. Williams, J. Sybrant, J. Austin M. Hollenbeck, M. Petrov, D. Pinguely, M. Florek, H. Belt, M. Prihoda, J. Kerr, M. Comstock. Third Row:--A. Henry, C. Howard, J. Fetterolf, R. Dundon, G. Burleigh, A. Atkinson, D. Millspaw, M. Hreha, J. Snyder, L. Campbell, E. Cosy, P. Frndak, L. Skelton, R. Horn, K. White, R. Cole. Fourth'Rlow:-F. Connell, J. Hobbs, E. Brown, W. Hayes, T. Mosier, F. Novak, S. Romba, V. Marsh, G. Fuller S. Bernac i. OFFICERS: President .. ....... - .. ...,... .,,...,,,, E d. Cosey Vice President ....... - ............. ....... D . Dundon Secretary .........,... .,,.,... .t ,,..... .,... D . Pinguely Treasurer ......... ,......... ...,.. D . Millspaw EIGHTH GRADE First Row:-M. Harris, A. Ellis, B. Stafford, E. Klacamp, D. Vogt, P. Hall, L. Armagost, N. Kelley, S. Beason, M. Kunkel, E. Doucette, E. Kickette, B. McClalla. Second Row:-D. Jones, E. Soltesz, P. Klacamp, L. Klacarnp, J. Postgate, E. Colvin, N. Knickerbocker, C. Johnson, D. I-Iolowach, E. Goodban, A. Atkinson, D. Hayes, N. Gardner, Mr. Parker. Third Row:-L. Iverson, H. Brown, E. Cooper, G. Roos, W. Seigmund, R. Alcorn, R. Tobin, F. Nichols, J. Hurta, J. Postgate, J., Rinderle, R. Roos, B. Budzowski, L. Carrier. Fourth Row:-C. Tallman, P. Cap, G. Cole, P. Dewey, J. Lunnic, W. Flynn, C. Lynch, J. Estock, R. Peters, D. Mantoss. OFFICERS: ' President ............. - ....... - ......... ............... G . Roos Vice President ....... L ......... ..... - B. Budzowski Secretary .............. ........... D . Holowach Treasurer ..,...... - ........ C. Johnson SEVENTH GRADE First Row:-C. Orlop, M. Warren, J. TeWinkle, F. Henry, P. Hobeck, M. Hecker, M. Dundon, J. Fuller, K. Kiehl, F. Henry, J. Haller. Second Row:-Miss Howard, D. McLaughlin, D. Winklebauer, G. Ghering, N. Artis, A. Collins, S. Boylan, D. Baker, T. Brogdon, P. Hurta, W. Decker. Third Row:-E. Brumbaugh, K. Egloff, D. Scheidemantel, J. Koon, C. Martin, S. Plascity, G. Severence, K. Fish, R. Manners, F. Wooldridge. Fourth Row:-J. Holowach, S. Buchanan, R. Erb, J. Hall, T. Cochran, R. Estock, G. Plascity, A. Williarnsg D. Buchanan, M. Kelley. - OFFICERS! President ................... ...... ...... M. Dundon Vice President ....... .. ......... - ..... .. ......... - ................ - J. Hall Secretary ...... - ........ ................ - G. Severence Treasurer ......... - ........ - ............ R. Etb J 28 M x ,gf 9' N ' TX XX, fa-U N ,Q 7 S522 df' 2 Jw Ywlll , Y g1 '., qfllwfl llml X -Y vi M Mki ffF"" x Firrt Row:-L. Butterfield, R. Dundon, J. Snyder, J. Fett erolf, E. Brown. Second Row:-E. Pinguely, T. Willrich, E. Gumbert, P. Adams, E. Dunclon, R. Mallory, R. Evans. Third Raw:-C. Troyer, F. Mukina, H. Taylor, K. O'Brien, F. Skelton, I.. Schirmer, Coach Gumbert. Fourth Row:-P. Frndak, V. Leslie, E. Roos, R. Lang, C. Holowach, D. Ryan, L. Peterson. FOOTBALL The 1948 football season proved to be one of the best compiled by an Edinboro team in several years-the Turtles' record of five victories and one tie gave them the County Minor League championship. Fine teamwork, combined with excellent coaching on the part of Mr. Gumbert and of Mr. Sherwood, gave Edinboro its iirst undefeated season. On September 10, after two weeks of hard practicing, Edinboro played host to Cambridge Springs. The two teams battled for three quarters with neither team scoring. Finally, in the fourth quarter, full- back Fred Skelton made the only and winning touchdown. A week later, Edinboro journeyed to Waterfo:d where the Turtles ground out a 15-6 victory. End Gene Pinguely ran the opening kickoff back 70 yards for a touchdown. A blocked kick, resulting in two points and another touchdown by Fred Skelton, provlded all the scoring needed for the Edinboro victory. On September 24, a highly praised Fairview squad held Edinboro to a 6-6 deadlock. This proved to be the hardest game of the season. Although the game was rough throughout, it was marked by the superb line play on the Part of both teams. Edinboro took a 6-0 lead on a touchdown by half back Frank Mukina late in the second quarter. This lead seemed to be a great one as the game went on, but in the waning minutes of the game, Fairview tied the score at 6-6. . On October 1, Edinboro came back into the win column by defeating Union City by 8-0. The first half ended with the score reading 0-0, but two points in the third quarter and six months in the fourth quarter on a touchdown by Fred Skelton gave the Turtles their victory. After a three weeks' vacation, Edinboro trounced a visiting Edgewood team 20-0. It seemed as if the Turtles were going to lose as the Ohioans drove down near the Edinboro goal line in the early moments of the game. However, Edinboro staved off this attack and came back in the second half to score twenty points. The first two scores came from touchdowns by halfback Cletus Troyer. End Bob Evans scored the third touchdown on a pass from Fred Skelton. Edinboro journeyed to Conneautville on October 29 for the closing game of the season. The Turtles preserved their undefeated record by bringing home a 15-0 Victory. Halfback Larry Schirmer scored Edinboro's first touchdown. Late in the game, Fred Skelton was tackled on the live yard line after making a seventy-five yard run. Two plays later, halfback Frank Mukina carried the ball over for the Turtles' second touchdown. Six of the first eleven men were chosen for the All-County Scholastic Team. These men were Frank Mukina, Fred Skelton, Paul Adams, E. Gumbert, Royce Mallory, and Gene Pinguely. In the annual All Star Game held in Erie, Frank Mukina and Fred Skelton represented Edinboro. Although the team will 'lose Paul Adams, Ed Dundon, Fred Skelton, Cletus Troyer, Tom Vlill- rich, and the co-captains, Ed Gumbert and Frank Mukina, all of whom are graduating this year, next year's grid hopes still remain bright. ' SEASON RECORD 6 Cambridge Springs 0 1 5 Waterford 6 6 Fairview 6 8 ' Union City 0 20 Edgewood 0 1 5 Conneautville 0 E6 E ilu' 'fiffth Firrz Row:-E. Gumbert, E. Dundon, F. Skelton, K. O'Brien, H. Taylor. Second Row:-F. Walker, E. Pinguely, M. Erb, R. Evans, R. Mallory, Coach Gumbert. Third Row:-T. Lloyd, L. Peterson, R. Biby, E. Drums, A. Harayda, J. Warner, T. Butterfield. VARSITY BASKETBALL Edinboro's 1948-1949 basketball squad finished second in their scholastic league with 14 victories and 8 losses. As a team, they scored 975 points against the oppositions 924 points. The Turtles wound up their regular season's play with a record of 10 victories and six losses. Entering the Erie County Class C Tournament, 'the Turtles beat McKean 50-42 and then lost to West Springfield 69-53. The Turtles reached the finals by registering victories over Waterford, 58-34, McKean, 40-39, and Fairview, 40-50. On the neutral Lawrence Park floor, Edinboro met West Spring- field for the Class C crown. The Turtles lost this game by a score of 47-57. The players who saw the most action throughout the season were Ed Dundon, captain, Ed Gumbert, Fred Skelton, Ken O,Brien, Harold Taylor, Royce Mallory, Milton Erb, Bob Evans, Gene Pinguely, and Larry Peterson. Coach Gumbert will lose the services of Fred Skelton, Ed Gumbert, and Ed Dundon who are graduating. Despite the lose of these players, basketball hopes look bright again for next year. Varsity Basketball - Complete Season s Record Edinboro Cambridge Springs Edinboro McKean Edinboro Waterford Edinboro McKean Edinboro Union City Edinboro Albion Edinboro Alumni Edinboro West Springfield Edinboro Wattsburg Edinboro Fairview Edinboro Cambridge Springs Edinboro Albion Edinboro Waterford Edinboro Fairview Edinboro Union City Edinboro West Springfield Edinboro Wattsbmirg Edinbora McKean Edinboro West Springfield Edinboro Waterford Edinboro McKean Edinboro Fairview Edinboro West Springfield Total Average per game: Edinboro 42 Average per game: Opposition 40 gpnvllbw ,:i "" -1 , First Row:-R. Dundon, B. Budzowski, J. Snyder, L. Campbell, A. Atkinson, J. Hall, T. Cochran. Second Row:-G. Burleigh, R. Erb, R. Manners, C. Lynch, T. Mosier, D. Scheidemantel, J. Hobbs, Coach Parker. Third Row:-P. Hurta, J. Ghering, D. Buchanan, C. Buchanan, T. Brogdon, W. Siegrnund, D. McLaughlin, A. Williams, D. Manross, E. Brumbaugh. JUNIOR H IGH BASKETBALL The "Baby Turtles," following in the footsteps of their elders, also came through with a successful season. Under the guidance of Mr. Parker, the junior High team turned in a record of ll wins against 8 losses. They scored 465 points against the opposition's 444. At the end of the season, the team elected Dick Dundon as their captain. Players graduating to the ranks of the varsity are Lawrence Campbell, Dick Dundon, Jim Snyder, Torn Mosier, and Jim Hobbs. The "Baby Turtles" entered the Junior High Invitational Tournament held at Albion on March 10, 11, 12, but as this Yearbook goes to press, the tournament has not yet begun. ,ff , x N W I' ,'f,'+ n K J? V' X 'P x I ff, x f ,Z X X4 If X jf Z X If f ' f f 1 uf X42 W N CAL I F Un fx E 4 " qv J X X Kg fix i X Il - 1 Q' N wjd, A , , G THrArn:wQU Fint Row:-J. Sybrant, P. Williams, R. McAllister, T. Hobbs, M. Gross, D. Harris, T. Butterfield, L. Butterfield, S. Pavkov, M. Cole, M. Prihoda, M. Florek, M. Alward, D. Pinguely, Mr. Varricchio. Second Row:-L. Decker, P. Waldo, B. Hawkins, L. Holowach, D. Harned, A. Clawson, F. Walker, T. Lloyd, C. Budzowski, C. Peterson, L. Hahn, K. Turtle, N. Lawrence, G. Findley, L. McAndrews. Third Row:-W. Warren, C. Sanders, S. Alward, N. Alcorn, B. Niederritter, B. Stanford, M. Vogt, B. Santos, J. Lynch, E. Belt, J. Austin, M. Hollenbeck, H. McCommons, R. Belyan, P. O'Brien, N. Maynard, C. Alcorn, A. Hecker. Fourth Row:-L. Boylan, G. Wheeler, B. Clair, T. Willrich, F. Skelton, E. Chamberlain, C. Campbell, R. Johnson, R. Evans, M. Erb, R. Biby, C. Troyer, C. Holowach, XV. Flynn, B. Budzowski, T. Mosier. THE MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus started the school year with sixty members. The lirst performance of the Chorus was at the Fairview ,High School where an exchange program of Christmas music was given. On the same day, a concert was also given at the Albion High School. Our own Christmas program was the next event on the calendar. Immediately following the Christmas vacation, the Chorus began to work on the music for the Forensic Contest, the County Spring Festival, and our own Spring Festival. The last program in which the Chorus took part was the Baccalaureate Service. In addition to these activities, several members of the organization were given an opportunity to take part in the District Chorus whose program was held at Fairview. THE BAND Under the able supervision of Mr. Varricchio, the Edinboro High School Band, consisting of sixty members, made great progress in the past school year. Their first performance was at the Edinboro Fair where they played in the parade and gave three evening concerts. During the football season, the Band played for the home games and at the hnal game played at Conneautville. Upon request, they journeyed to Albion and gave a short concert at the Albion Fair. At the Variety Show, which was held for the purpose of raising money for Band uniforms, the Band played several selections. The Band also furnished the music for the junior and Senior plays. On February 10 a combined program was presented by the Edinboro and Cochranton bands at Edinborog on February 16 the same program was presented at Cochranton. The Band entered the annual Forensic Contest and took part in the County Spring Festival, in addition to participating in our own Spring Festival Concert. The final performances of the school year were at the Commencement exercises. At the beginning of the school year, the Band Uniform Campaign was renewed with great enthus- iasm. The Band earned part of the money for its uniforms by giving concerts. Businessmen, organiza- tions, and interested friends gave generously to this campaign. The amount needed for the project was realized and the uniforms were ordered. -Q Il X . V . SENIOR CLASS PLAY First Row:-S. Young, P. O'Brien, F. Skelton, J. Toncre, E. Dundon, Mr. Schwab. Second Row:-E. Decker, B. Hawkins, T. Warner, G. Loughran. Yours Until Tomorrow by DANA THOMAS CHARACTERS: Irene Sandley ..... ..............,............ - ....... P at 0'Brien Walter Sandley .,... .- .... ......,. T om Werner Coletta Sandley -.- ..,,..,. .,,.,.......,...... P laoebe Waldo Hazel Sandley ........ - ......,.... Beam Hawkins Stanley Hanford ....,.. ......... F red Skelton Jim Redford ........, ..... G erald Longbmn Bill Judson -. ......,... ....... E cl Dnndon Joan Hummel -, ........ janet Toncre "Honey" Maley ........ ...... S lairley Young Julius Lawford .,.... - ........,..... ..., .......... E d ward Roof Emelina Tetler ...... H.-- ........ - ........ - ..... Evelyn Decker J UN IOR CLASS PLAY Seated from Left to Right:-C. Budzowski, M. Gross, C. Peterson, L. McAndrews. Standing from Left to Right:-D. Schaub, Directorg L. Hahn, C. Campbell, Kaye Tuttle, F. Walker B Johnson S Pavkov L Boylen. "Out Of This World" CHARACTERS! Linda Russell ..-- .......... .................................. ........ K a y Tuttle Pauline Russell ..... ............ C arol Peterson Otis Kerby ......., ----- Robert Iobnton Homer Judson ...... ....... C hafler Campbell Bruce Judson .......... Frank Walker June Bishop ..,.... ............ S ally Pavkov Donna Craig ..... ........,........., L air Helm Phebe Atkins .. .....,.... ....... ........ L IJ cille McAndrewJ Miss Edith Crest ....... ............. ............ M a rjorie Gran Glen Willard ......... - ..,....... ........... L loyd Boylen Leo Dennis Myrtle Hull .,..... Ralph Batclalor ----.-- Carole Budzowxki THE TURTLE STAFF Pint Row:-A. Hecker, T. Warner, E. Dundon, E. Gumbert, P. O'Brien. Second Row:-E. Decker, B. Hawkins, F. Skelton, E. Chamberlain, P. Adams, G. Loughran Editor ........,.. Art Editor ....,.,..,.... Business Manager Music - ..,.,............. -- Plays ...... Clubs .,...... Sports .....,..,..... Snapshots ..... Class Prophecy Class Will ........... Edward Dundon Thom Warner Edgar Gumbert, Paul Adams Evelyn Decker Beata Hawkins -.------ Allene Hecker M- ........ ,........................ G erald Loughran Fred Skelton . ...........,...... Shirlee Perrine, Phoebe Waldo Patricia O'Brien, Edward Chamberlain Class History ....., r............ .,.,......... , .................... E d ward Dundon Typist ......, . ...,.,,..... Faculty Advisors ....... - .....,... .............,............. M iss Offrazia Miss Olfrazia, lvir. Reynolds THE EDINHI STAFF Fin! Row:-C. Peterson, T. Warner, B. Hawkins. Second Row:-E. Decker. J. Maynard, P. Young, J. Scheidemantel. E. Belt, J. Austin B. Niederriter, E. Zulovich, P. O'Brien, J. Toncre, S. Young, P. Waldo, F. Walker. Editor ........................... ..... Th omas Warner Advertising Manager ....... ............. F rank Walker Art Editor ....... . ......... - .................... . ........, . ................ Barbara Niederriter Sports ........... .... ........................ .................................... F r e d Skelton Class News . Clubs ............ Fashions ..... . -. Undercurrent ..... Typists ....... . . l Evelyn Decker, Beata Hawkins, Carol Peterson, Jane Scheidemantel, Jane Austin, Dick Alcorn, Eleanor Doucette, Winifred Decker. Irene Cap, Patricia O'Brien .. .... ........ . ........ j anet Toncre, Ella Zulovich Phoebe Waldo Edna Belt, Evelyn Decker, Joyce Maynard, Patricia Young, Shirley Young. 44 THE LIBRARY CLUB Firrt Row:-A. Emerson, E. Belt, I. Cap, L. Yunic, Miss Gilmore. Second Row:-I. Holowach, M. Hollenbeck, D. Harned, R. Belyan, E. Zulovich, J. Toncre, S. Pavkov. Third Row:-B. Niederriter, L. Boylan, C. Campbell, R. Johnson, P. Perry, F. Peters. The Library Club, under the supervision of Miss Gilmore, has charge of our library which con- tains a wide range of reference materials as well as fiction and non-fiction books. Students are trained in the cataloguing of new books, in book repairing, and in the selecting of new books. The staff is to be com limented on th ll ' ' ' - ' books, and collected lines. p e exce ent way in which it has kept the books in order on the shelves, checked the Prerident ......... - ........ ...... ................ I r ene Cap Vice Prerrdent ....... - ....... La Verne Yunic Secretary .............. .............. Edna Belt Reporter .... - ....... - ...... ...... A lice Emerson THE TRI-HI-Y CLUB Firxt Row:-Miss Odell, C. Peterson, A. Hecker, P. O'Brien, C. Sanders, M. Cole. Second Row:-I. Holowach, M. Hollenbeck, N. Alcorn, M. Petrus, F. Palmer, J. Austin, B. Hawkins, J. Sybrant, P. Williams. Third Row:-M. Schirmer, B. Stanford, J. Schiedemantel, M. Gross, E. Soltesz, B. Niederriter, A. Clawson, H. McCommons, D. Harned, L. McAndrews, B. Sheder, F. Lang, L. McAndrews, R. Hudy, N. Maynard, R. McAllister. Under the guidance of Miss Odel, the Tri-Hi-Y had a very successful year. The book, "Girl Alive," was studied by the club members. Throughout the school year, the organization was engaged in numerous activities including a Christmas Dance, a benefit movie at the Best Theatre for the purpose of sending girls to the Tri-Hi-Y Camp, a float in the Edinboro Fair parade, a skating party, and movies for the school as a whole. Five senior girls received their sweaters and letters. The last and most pleasant activity of the year was the annual Mother and Daughter Banquet which is held at the end of each school year. Preiidertt .............. ...... P atricia O'Brien Vice President ---- .......... ............. ......... C ar ol Peterson Secretary ............ - ........ L ......... ....... C harlotte Sanders Treasurer ..... ........ A llene Hecker 45 46 HOME ECONOMICS First Row:-R. AcAllister, V. Brown, D. Campbell, S. Pavkov, M. Zulovich, R. Powers, L. Poling. Second Row:-E. Van Luven, M. Vogt, N. Alcorn, F. Palmer, M. Wiley, M. Petrus, W. Warren, E. Soltesz, C. Alcorn. Third Row:-M. Comstock, L. Mcjinnete, E. Plascity, M. Shirmer, E. Dodds, H. Hoag, S. Van Luven, M. Mahuski. Fourth Row:-J. Kerr, J. Falconer, B. Sheffer, M. Winkelbauer, A. Severence, R. Hudy, C. Gilley, M. Warner. THE F. F. A. Firrz Row:-Mr. Iffr, J. McLaughlin, P. Frndak, L. Peiper, E. Foy, C. Troyer, E. Roos, G. Wheeler, M. Hurra, J. Severence, S. Romba. Second Row:-A. Henry, W. Colvin, E. Lodge, D. McLaughlin, N. Porter, M. Naglowski, G. Cooper, F. Nichols, A. Harayda, M. McAtee, V. Marsh. Third Row:--E. Soltesz, E. Wells, C. Bilich, L. Campbell, L. Skelton, V. Leslie, J. Brady, J. Snyder, K. White, B. Horn. , Fourth Row:-F. Peters, D. Ryan, H. Schilling, B. Hayes, F. Novak, S. Bernacki, T. Mosier, J. Somerville, G. Fuller. With Mr. Itfr as the faculty advisor, the F. F. A. organization began itsschool year by sponsoring a very profitable stand at the Edinboro Fair. In addition to the regular meetings, the members of this organization have sold maazines, entertained at several parties, and sponsored their own basketball team. Eleven boys participated in the main event of their school year-a trip to Harrisburg. Prerident ............. - ......... .... C letus Troyer Vice Prerident ....... ..... E dward Roos Secretary ............. ......... E dward Foy Trearurer ...... ..... G eorge Wheeler Reporter .... ...... R alph Batchelor Sentinel ..... ..... R alph Showman- AUTOGRAPHS ADVERTISERS In Jiilzmnriam FRED HUTCHINGS EVERYONES FRIEND This Ad purcbaxed by one of bi: friend: FRANK PINE Compliment: of LEO E. FETTEROLF Ice - Coal EDINBORO, PA. Compliments of PERRY THEATRE HELLMANN S ALBION, PA. Electrical Appliances R- C- Fics. Msf- EDINBORO, PA. Phone 3162 THE MEASURE OF QUALITY EEST THEATRE IN THE coUN'mY's E C O M A BEST COMMUNITY Erie Couny Milk Association ' s. L. Rawson ERIE, PA. EDINBORO, PA. WHEN YOU COME TO ERIE MAKE THE Y M C A YOUR DOWNTOWN HEADQUARTERS KIMMEL 8. SON SHOES - Hosusnv - BAGS 17th and Sassafras Streets Phone 5-9150 BU D'S BARBER SHOP ?7aZa6a4. CAN DY THE SHOP OF QUALITY 926 State Street "Bud" Bleakley Rex Baker ERIE, PA. TRY THE DRUG STORE FIRST JOLLEY'S PHARMACY ENDICOTT JOHNSON FACTORY SHOE STORE A COMPLETE LINE OF FOOTWEAR FOR THE FAMILY AT POPULAR .-I I PRICES F- H' JOIICY, PTOP- Phone 6-5222 1112 Stare Street ERIE, PA , MEP .RER I zmoel. and STAUFFER ilu I ilit HARDWARE - GROCERIES .Vi LI li 1 "I, ' A ff I ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Img-Lg Jklf, ' 54 . I-' - - .. .ff I ' I In 1. VII EDINBOR0, PA. " I ' L' 'I' I X .. Sports pause. . . Have a Coke THE VILLAGE GIFT SHOP DRY CLEANING -- DRY GOODS DISTINCTIVE GIFTS Leita Ryan Hopkins Phone 3793 EDINBOR0, PA. ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE E R I E'S BUSINESS TRAINING CENTER Eighth at sme O. C. Brown, Prerident EDINBORO SUPPLY CO. R. McCombs, Prop. COMPLETE LINE OF HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES PIITSBUIIGI-I PAINTS AND WALLPAPER Phone 3782 Edinboro, Pa.. ENJOY GOOD FOOD APPAREL AND EQUIPMENT FOR and HUNTING COMFORTABLE LODGING FISHING CAMPING "' RIDING YE OLD ROBINSON HOUSE M. W. Ogsbury, Prop. L- 8 Co- Suinrner Rates American Plan State Sffeef PA. Compliment: of U IRASA S EDINBORO CLINIC Youn FRIENDLY, ESCALATOR STORE .' Stare ar Ninth DR. HAROLD A. GHERING DR. BOYD W. GHERING THE ERIE DAILY TIMES IS PREFERRED IN 9 OUT OF I0 HOMES Compliment: of GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP Compliment: of I WH-LEY,s als:-lor s DELICATESSEN Red and White Store GROCERIES ' COLD MEMS GROCERIES-MEATS-PRODUCE KEYS MADE Phone 3331 116 Erie, sneer Phone 9534 Sunbeam Bread -, Q. -L ! 5'-,.,1unuo Tp 1 Af Your , I- A K - - . Q -- ' Mbedni ' ' . ' . 3 Independent S:NllCllf9"n. ,, Q A ,I GROCER'S ' ' '-ff' iii Za" ,- - .J-. ' "Bread af Its Rest' LAKESIDE SERVICE STATION Edinboro, Pa. DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2992 I ll I Q gfQM , ,'m:iWWu,W7' ki"""'L"""' M1-E 3 I1IfffLgr,'m-L" ml .. bw V 1 X ww llllm 5 I Qf:fMMII!i.l'41 !I,li1UIf L. Huh Ii KSXXXS i - , .5--Alibi 2:-MJW .fe ??d5t:- x X , AN ORGANIZATION EQUIPPED A E " TO PRODUCE ALL YOUR Y 7 PRINTING REQUIREMENTS 1563 WEST 26th STREET . ERIE, PA C omplimefm of LANG ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING Edinboro, Pa. Phone 5213 K. R. HAWKINS HARDWARE -- PLUMBING AND HEATING HOT POINT - APPLIANCES . . REFRIGERATORS . . STOVES MEADVILLE STREET Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3884 EDINBOR0 CLEANERS CLEANING, PRESSING AND CLOTHING I f If: Not Becoming To You It Should Be Coming To Us. Edinboro, Pa. Ph0nC 2462 SPORTS DEPARTMENT PALACE HARDWARE HOUSE D 915-9 1 S State Street ERIE, PA. Since 1901 .... THE STORE OF FAMOUS SHOES FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN w ,,.afaoufl0 TENTH AND PEACH Compliment: of Mrs. Laura M. Riley EDINBORO, PA. C omplime-ntx of ALICE E. EVANS MANOR BERT KI EL'S FUNERAL HOME Courteozu Funeral Service Phone 2362 Edinboro, Pa. "WE INSTALL AND SERVICE WHAT WE SELL" HARRISON ELECTRIC ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS McKean, Pa. Phone Edinboro 3690 Compliment: of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EDINBORO EDINBORO, PA. EDINBORO HATCHERY QUALITY CHICKS POULTRY SUPPLIES R. A. Fuller, mp. Phone 3258 Edinboro, Pa. Compliment: of MAPLE INN B E N SH E LTO N EDINBORO AUCTIONEER Reprexenti-ng WEST FARM AGENCY We Sell More Farms Phone 2522 ' Edinboro, Pa Compliment: of Compliment: of TeWlNKLE'S MARKET TUTTLE'S JEWELRY GRocER1Es . . MEATS . . FROZEN Foons GIFFEDH OP Te'ePh0"e 2472 CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, PA. CULBERTSON HILLS GOLF and COUNTRY CLUB Sporty 18 Hole Golf Course Club House Open Daily For Dinners Bridge Parties, and Parties THE CULBERTSON COMPANY Edinboro, Pa. EDINBORO SUPER MARKET WE DELIVER V. W. Mathews GROCERIES FRESH MEATS FROZEN FOODS FRESH VEGETABLES DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 2592 Edinboro, Pa SANIDA 0 MILK c ICE CREAM o DAIRY M X Pnooucrs 4 Products of E? A R I snnmmv mms nnmv 521 EAST 18th STREET ERIE, PA Thursday Night ls Show Night CIT THE CANOE CLUB LAKESIDH DRIVE Please Patronize Our Advertisers "WE HAUL EVERYTHING" HOBBS LUMBER CO. EVERYTHING FOR BUILDING . . Frank Mukrna's Truckrng WE DELIVER Phone 3277 Edinboto, Pa Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3252 DIEGES AND CLUST 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8, N. Y. OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR THE CLASS OF 1949 RINGS - PINS - MEDALS - TROPHIES - CUPS - PLAOUES - ATHLETIC AWARDS LLOYD'S THE STORE Fon MEN 709 State Street Erie, Penna. United Fruit 8. Produce Co WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS 1703-05 Peach Street ERIE PA C. A. CURTZE CO. Commodore Foods, ERIE PAINT CO. 14th and State Streets ERIE, PA. For Exclmive . . PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT STUDIES WEDDINGS . . FAMILY GROUPS Nu-fiery Studio Specializing in .... BABY PORTRAITURE COOL, NON-GLARING MODERN SPEED LIGHTS Dial 4-6274 Nights, Sundays and Holidays Call 6-9414 THE PARSON STUDIO 917 STATE STREET Complimemr of PERRY SQUARE CLOTHES, Inc. QUALITY MADE T0 Youn MEASURE SUITS - TOPCOATS - O'COATS LARGE SELECTION IN STOCK 701 State Street CCorner 7thJ Erie, Pa. ROY S. CARLSON MACHINE WORK-GENERAL REPAIRING ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Phone 381 I Compliment: of MARCELLA'S BEAUTY SALON R. R. WALKER 8. SON JOHN DEERE Saler and Service DeLavaI Milking Machines and Food Freezers Pioneer Seed Corn JOE'S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION A Friendly Place to Meet 200 Erie Street Phone 9424 Edinboro, Pa. Compliment: of KAYLOR'S BOWLING ALLEY EDINBORO, PA. PROUD . . . PRINTERY Skelton and Hutchison COMMERCIAL AND SOCIAL JOB PRINTING EDINBORO, PENNSYLVANIA In The Borough Building Behind The Post Office For Your Printing Needs U I PHE t Compliment.: of STAT: smear Jswttsns Assocumou CONRAD'S JEWELERS DARLING'S JEWELERS SEYMOUR'S JEWELERS 1001 and 703 State Street 905 State Street 708 State Street ABBOTT JEWELERS HIRSCH JEWELERS MACK JEWELERS 1110 State Street 1104 State Street 921 State Street ROLEN'S JEWELERS 951 State Street Compliment: of THE PRENTICE SHOP LADIES' AND MEN'S FURNISHINGS WALLPAPER -i NOTIONS SCH EIDEMANTEL SERVICE STATION and ELECTRICAL HOME APPLIANCES Phone 2482 Edinboro, Pa. EDINBORO DAIRY BAR TRY OUR LUNCHES - SANIDA DAIRY PRODUCTS ' . READ THE LOCAL AND DOMESTIC NEWS GLEETEN and ADAMS IN THE REAL ESTATE EDINBORO INDEPENDENT INSURANCE "Your Local Newspaper" Erie Street Edinboro, Pa. ERIE COUNTY G. L. F. and EDINBORO COOPERATIVE GASOLINE , G. L. F. SERVICE, INC. KEROSENE-FUEL-OIL Edinboro, Pa. Phone 5363 FEED -SEED-FERTILIZER Phone 3281 WHEN IT'S I , F I o w e r s LOU and HELEN S YOU WANT GAS - GROCERIES THE FLOWER SHOP REAR OF YE OLDE ROBINSON HOUSE On the Diamond 101 Erie Street Edinboro, Pa. Smart College Styled Apparel for Hi-Students CLOTHING : FURNISHINGS SHOES : HATS Aim Miuei' 8: Teen-age Mantailored SUITS and COATS Compliment: of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE John Banko, Owner Phone 2454 ' P. A. MEYER 8t SONS ERIE'S FOREMOST CLOTHIERS ' Ea' b , P . Em sneer m om A 817-819-821 sim sf. 1 65 , 4-Q , 1----1-r-r if X. I DUN' lun.,-1 J5imAEA334" ix..-Q." ' fif- .f ,J l ,M A H

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