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x., fi 1, 1 'i - 1- 155? 3 - A-'-f ' fi- 'Y' ,X i-.wb W .jg S 'X . w X we 8 1 F' .K Q a x I 1 Xt' 21. I I J , if f' ' W - . I ,, ..,, .i i A-- ,. ., F . , , ' I E .. I f "' If- ,, A . ref, - U'-A-: - v 8 I- . .1 YA -- - f ' r . - . . 1, "-, Y " , V -1 t , 2, 'M' '1 "' g V- . L' 4.-g..:.,, . -A . g4,,,,,LL .. - f ' ' ' Y ' ' ' - A ... gl..-......J-Xff THE TURTLE 1948 WW Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF EDINBORO HIGH SCHOOL EDINBORO, PENNSYLVANIA DEDICATION DEDICATION We, the members of the Turtle Staff and the class of '48, dedicate our yearbook to Miss Doris Foy in appreciation of her help this year and and in the past. N AVIGATOR Dear Members of the Class of 1948: It is with much pleasure that I have this opportunity to address you upon the completion of your high school career. You have engaged in many activities during your four years in high school, of both a group and individual nature. These activities have been of developmental value to you because you have actively participated. In the things that you do after you have received your high school diploma, all will be of value if you put yourself into the project. This is true whether it be recreational or occupational. The high school faculty, underclassmen, and the Board of School Directors, wish you every advantage in Whatever occupation you engage. We invite you to visit the high school at any time and to attend high school athletic contests and other programs. Yours sincerely, -C. W. ELLENBERGER Supervising Principal PILOTS Ann Behler Strong Vincent High School. Erie Pennsylvania State College St. Elizabeth Hospital, Washington. D. C. Registened Nurse American Nurse Association American Red Cross Nurse Doris Foy Academy High School, Erie Villa Maria College, B.S. Edgar Gumbert Apollo High School State Teachers College. Slippery Rock, B.S. Mark Jackson Punxsutawney High School Grove College, B.S. Pennsylvania State College, M.S. Edward Brown New Wilmington High School Westminster College. B.S. M.A. Chemistry. Oberlin Chemical Research 1939-40 Vera Gilmore Franklin High School Allegheny College, A.B. Duke University, M.A. Blanche Howard Edinboro High School State Teachers College. Edinboro. B.S. Sybil Odell Allegheny High School. Pittsburgh State Teachers College, Edinhoro, B.S. Pennsylvania State College, M.A University of Pittsburgh PILOTS Elizabeth Ofrazia Strong Vincent High School. Erie Westminster College. A.B. Mercyhurst College Bucknell University James Parker Wattsburg High School State Teachers College, Edinboro. B.S. May Taylor Rohde North Shenango Township Hiirh School Taylor University State Teachers College, Indiana, B.S. Pennsylvania State College Hubert Sherwood Edinboro High School State Teachers College. Edinboro. B.S. Joseph Ondrey Union High School, Turtle Creek Pennsylvania State College. B.S. Lee Reynolds Edinboro High School State Teachers College, Edinboro Allegheny College, B.A. Doyle Schwab Mars High School Chicago Musical College State Teachers College, Indiana University of Pittsburgh, B.S.. M. Litt. Louis Varricchio Meadville High School Allegheny College State Teachers College, West Chester, B.S. University of Pittsburgh SALUTE W 1 allude 'Mid storm and stress and calm of four brief years Thy guiding light has much dispelled our fears. We now salute you, guardian of the rightg Hail, Edinboro High, our beacon bright. ,.,,- il . . ,.i-,,,.,f- fi'-1-f --:..-I :gif-1 fi-'f 1.-f ':.-"" W .2 3 MU!! ..- 1-"'.."'i ,-.Q-, -2 ' rT?.. I r ig H 'iff' NIU u., N ,.. TASK FORCE ,.- ,,-, ,..- ..-- , "df ff :fl- CAPTAINS Charles Alward is best recognized by his speech. Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4 Golf 3. 4 Football 3, 4 Ellis .Atkinson uy who always has a quick comeback. Junior Play 3 Turtle Staff 4 Bernice Barnes an that girl dress!! Tri-Hi-Y 1 Library 2. 3. 4 Home Nursing 4 Senior Play 4 Janet Buckoski -the senior girl with that "new look". Tri-Hi-Y 4 Home Nursing Leonard Alw Leonard is quie to know. Library Club 3 Bette Baker "Bake" knows Joe Mill.er. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 3 Edinhi Staff 2. Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Home Nursing Ruth Belt Ruth is shy. but has a winning manner Mahatfey High School 1 2 3 Girls Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus Arthur Budzowskl Art has a smile thats really hard to resist. Mixed Chorus 3 4 Football 4 FFA Basketball 4 Senior Play 4 CAPTAINS James Burawa Jim can usually be found in the back of the room. Band 2. 3 Library Club 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Senior Play 4 FFA Basketball 4 Vice President 4 Doris Coyle Doris is shy. helpful, and generous. Library Club 3 Home Nursing 4 Helen Cupak If she's chewing gum it's sure to be Helen. Home Nursing 4 Lois Fetterolf Lois spends much time winning friends. Girls Chorus 1. 2. 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Library Club 3. 4 Charline Campbell "Char" is full of fun and nice to be with. Girls Chorus 2. 3. 4 Mixed Chorus 2. 3 Orchestra 2. 3 Band 2. 3. 4 Bette Crozier "Betts" is just everyone-'s friend. McKean High School 1 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Home Nursing 4 Charlotte Eastman Patty really has that girlish laughter. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Frank Fish Frank's the man southern drawl. Follansbee High School 1. 2. 3 W Football 4 l Basketball 4 with the i CAPTAINS Patricia Flynn Pat's the artist of our class. Meadville High School 1. 2 Library Club 3 Cheerleading '3, 4 Edinhi Staff 3. 4 Band 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Turtle Staff 4 Treasurer 4 Home Nursing 4 Marjorie Freeman Marj is small and definitely the silent type. Library Club 4 Driving Course 4 Margaret Harned Marg is the gal with vim. vigor, and vitality. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 4 Junior Play 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Home Nursing 4 Turtle Staff 4 Treasurer 4 Erika Henke Erika spends most of her time being helpful. Bremen. Germany Tri-Hi-Y 3 Library Club 3. 4 Mona Folmar Mo.na is friendly and nice to everyone. Cheerleading 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Home Nursing 4 Walter Ghering "Walt" is our man viith the flashy clothes. Band 2. 3 Orchestra 2. 3 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Football 2. 3. 4 Turtle Staff 4 Treasurer 1, 2 Ardell Hayes Our '48 class president. Model Club 1. 2 Basketball 1. 2 Football B. 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Edinhi Staff 4 Turtle Staff 4 President 4 Donald Hoig Don is a good student and a swell fella. Junior Play 3 CAPTAINS Red Dorothy Holowach Dot is studious. but lots of fun. Tri-Hi-Y l. 2, 3. 4 Mixed Chorus 1. 2. 4 GErls Chorus l, 2. 4 Home Nursing 4 Secretary 3 Roger King " is the humorous joker of the class. Basketball 2, 3. 4 Football 1. 2 Football Manager 3. 4 Jesse Koon If you Want to know anything' about farming. just ask Jesse. FFA Basketball 3 Library Club 3, 4 Football 4 Senior Play 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Lorene Lodge Lorene is swell with a winning personality. Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4 Girls Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4 Home Ee. Club 2 Mixed Octet 3. 4 Library Club 3 Home Nursing 4 Theodore Hutchison "Hutch" is the all-around guy the girls are after. Edinhi 1. 4 Football 2. 3. 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 Band 3 Turtle Staff 4 President 1. 2 Harold Kingsley Tall, blond, and, yes, even handsome. Esther Lloyd Es spends a lot of time just helping others. Girls Chorus 2. 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Library Club 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Edinhi Staff 4 Turtle Staff 4 Vera McAtee Vera's the gal sporting a diamond on her left hand. Girls Chorus 1 Junior Play 3 Library Club 3. 4 Home Nursing 4 CAPTAINS Jennie Nason Jennie's trait is her bright red hair. Girls Chorus 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Home Ec. Club 2 Band 2. 3. 4 Orchestra 2. 3 Library Club 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Home Nursing 4 Ruth Peters "Pete" is reserved and very quiet. Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4 Girls Chorus 1. 4 Mixed Chorus 2. 4 Band 3. 4 Jean Salen Jean is sincere. quiet. and observing. but nice. Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4 Library Club 3 Home Nursing 4 Joseph Sedor Joe is forever trying to Start a conservation. Frank Nicholls Frank says little but is not forgotten. Wesleyville High School 1. 2 Student Patrol 4 James Pontious Jim's only wish is to grow up. and vie're all wishing with him Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4 Norman Sauers If there's a riot-it's "Putt". FFA Basketball 4 Andrew Sheets Andy'S the "brain" at everything. Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4 Eclinhi Staff 2. 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Band 4 Turtle Staff 4 Class Treasurer 1 Vice President 2 President 3 Secretary 4 CAPTAE Agnes Sikora "Ag" is kind. agreeable. and likeable. Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Girls Chorus 1. 4 Home Ee. Club 2, 4 Library Club 3, 4 Home Nursing 4 Pearl Soltesz You can usually find Pearl arguing with Miss Behler. Mixed Chorus 2. 4 Girls Chorus 1. 2, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Home Ec. Club 2. 3 Library Club 3 Home Nursing 4 Barbara Tuttle Barb's been a busy working gal. who divided her time equally fer study. activity. and Bob. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 3. 4 Edinhi Staff 2. 3. 4 Band 2, 3. 4 Cheerleading 2, 3. 4 Orchestra 2. 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Turtle Staff 4 Home Nursing 4 Secretary 1, 2 Mary Skalko Mary Can really play basketball and loves it. Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 3. 4 Drum Majorette 3. 4 Beatrice Tau Bea has a real personality plus. Tri-Hi-Y 2. 4 Reva Werren Reva is short, cute. and well liked. Tri-Hi-Y 1. 4 CAPTAINS Charlotte Windsor Peggy can usually be found skating. Girls Chorus 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 4 Home Nursing 4 i..! 3 F Doris Zindel "Zindy" is a whiz at solving a math problem. Girls Chorus 1 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Band 2, 3. 4 Mixed Chorus Junior Play 3 Edinhi Staff 4 Turtle Staff 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Vice President 4 3,4 2, 3,4 3 Donna Wright She's the little Mrs. of the the class who found herself with a. job and a halfi Girls Chorus 1 Edinhi Staff 2. 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. 3, 4 Orchestra 2. 3 Band 2, 3, 4 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Turtle Staff 4 rq. Home Nu sing 4 -' FRESHMAN YEAR lLoG Back in 1944 our present class of Seniors met for the first time under the leadership of Mr. Sh We were green as they ever came, but through the help of the teachers we soon became acq The following oEicers were elected: President ......... Vice President - -- Secretary ....... -- --- --- -- ---- Ted Hutchison ---- Andrew Sheets ---- Barbara Tuttle Treasurer .........................,............ Walter Ghering During our Fr.eshman year we had only a few activities. These were SOPHOMORE YEAR Our Sophomore year promised to be a busy one so that we buckled r the following officers were elected: President ....... --- Ted Hutchison Vice President --- .... Andrew Sheets Secretary ......, .... B arbara Tuttle Treasurer --- - --- ..... ..... ........ W . alter Ghering Advisor ........................................... Miss 'Gilmore ight down. After a class Our first activity was the "Sadie Hawkins Ball." Following that we had our "Sophomore Ball," was to our pleasure a great success. The whole class also picked potatoes to raise money prom which was to come the next year. We ended the season with a "May Dance." JUNIOR YEAR erwood. u ' alnted. our dance and a Christmas party. I neeting which for the We returned to school in the fall in an ambitious mood, knowing that we had a busy year ahea The following oHicers were elected: President ....... --- - Andrew Sheets Vice President .... ..,,...... D oris Zindel Secretary ....... -- - Treasurer .... -- - Dorothy Holowach Margaret Harned Advisor .............................................. Miss Foy We had several small dances, but the main events were the class play and the prom. The pl entitled "Almost Eighteen" and was enjoyed by all present. The prom was held at Culbertsc Golf and Country Club. All that were pr.esent hated to see the Seniors pass from the famol of Edinboro High. SENIOR YEAR It was our last year in Edinboro High, and everybody made the most of it. We were under the d of the following officers: President ....... .... A rdell Hayes Vice President --H --- James Burawa Secretary ..... .... A ndrew Sheets Treasurer --- ....... Pat Flynn Advisor .................-.......................... Mr. Jackson The first event was a dance. Pictures were taken for the yearbook next and then came mid-yea Later on we started on our Senior play 'iHigh Pressure Homer" which was a great success. We ed the prom, and from there on we left Edinboro High School hoping only that we'd all mee in the future. I' d of us. ay was fn Hills lS halls ,rection exams. attend- t again THE CLASS PROPHECY or The Voice of the Turtle Some time .ago I was 'informed that I had "volunteered" to write the annual class prophecy for Edinboro High School's yearly pamphlet. After much research on the subject, and with the very able assistance of the noted fortune-teller, Dr. Hassenflaffer, who was kind enough to consult his crystal ball in order to help me, I was able to get a vivid picture of what each of us would be doing ten years from now. It did not take much time to arrange this prophecy, b.ecause rather than travel all around the world searching for classmates and possibly being accused of being a fellow traveler, I just put down the names of each graduate of the class of "48" in alphabetical order and followed each name with Dr. Hassenflaffer's prediction. The one who always occupied the front seat in our class is Charles Alward. In 1958 he will still be working with dairy products and will be aiectionately known by the com-mon he.ard as "old Icy Fingers." His fame will be due to having perfected the dairyman's hand-shake to a fine art. Then comes Leonard Alward, who will b.e a lawyer honorably defending his cases fof Pabst Blue Ribbonj. Next is the keystone of the class. I don't intend to mention his name because I'm too modest to say all the good things th.at I would have to say to do myself justice. -Will you please excuse me for a minute? Well, here I am again, I just had to get a drink. Arthur Budzowski in ten years will be in charge of a large nursery, he always did like babies! Jimmy Burawa will still be buying refills for his Toni wave, and doing push-ups to make his stature match his de.ep bass voice. Frank Fish will be a very successful plow jockey and own one of the biggest spreads in Erie and Crawford counties. Then, of course, Walt 'Ghering will follow a life similar to his father's. He will prevent disease from spreading and promote health by driving a truck for the Department of Sanitation. Dr. Hassen- flaffer saw a great future for Ardell Hayes four illustrious class presidentj as a traveling salesman. Now the farmer's daughters really have something to worry about. Next, Dr. Hassenflaffer and I considered the case of Don Hoig who, we found, twill be a big business tycoon, with Rolls Royces and Chauffeurs and Cadillacs .and Buicks: one for each day of the week. Ted Hutchison is one who can have anything said about him, and it will not hurt his feelings, so, ten years from now, he will be one the best umpires in the international sports world. Red King, after years of experimenting and trying new formulas, will finally End a soup that you can eat with a fork. He will be known as "The Soup King." Jesse Koon in 1958 will have ,a Gross of little Koons. Harold Kingsley will have a Ford in his future and fconfidentially, girlsj I think there's a future in his Ford! Frank Nicholls started out in 1948 with only two rabbits, and do you know how many he'll have in 1958? Two. They were both fe-males. If anyone has read this far into the prophecy I want to thank him for herj personally, and tell him for herl that the small medal at the bottom of the page is his Cor herj reward for valor. Jimmy Pontious, who is .everybody's friend, Will follow in the footsteps of his famous grandfather. Norman Sauers is going to move to Indiana so that he can be near the speedways. Joseph Sedor has finally reformed and is going to teach English Literature, especially Shakespearean plays. Andrew Sheets is going to be a Jack-of-all-trades and will hold down not one., but several jobs. It will be a long time before another guy as efficient as Sheets bustles around Edinboro High School. Now we start with the girls, and boy! will this be fun! Bette Baker is first on the list, simply because there are no girls' names in the class th.at begin with "A." In 1958 Bette will still be trying to bring back the "old look"-meaning short skirts. Ruth Belt, our gift from Mahaffey, Pennsylvania, will have realized her fondest wish and attained the height of 5 feet 13 inches. Bernice Barnes will be a very happily married woman with a lot of little Internationals following her around. Janet Buckowski will be a psychiatrist's psychiatrist. Dr. Hassenflaifer said she could psychoan- alyze him anytime. Charline Campbell is going to come back to visit her old Alma Mater every day about 11:25, so that she may visit her old friends, the faculty. Doris Coyle will have just completed her famous book, "What to do With the Boring 99175 of the Class Period," or "There's a New Moon On the Door." Bette Crozier's ambition will have been fulfilled by 1958. She will have the former Miss oy for a sister-in-law. Helen Cupak will go skating every night and she'll really have something to slow for it. One million ticket stubs from various skating rinks. A quick and efficient way of bookkeeping books will be devised by Charlotte Eastman, her plan is to grasp the' covers firmly between th thumb and foreiinger of each hand and press them firmly toward each other. Lois Fetteroif will h ve just finished reading "Webster's Unabridged Dictionary." In a review of the book she will say, "Th author had a wonderful vocabulary, and the book has interesting illustrations, but the plot was weak." Pat Flynn always said that she wanted to swing across the gym on a long rope. In ten years she'll be work- ing in Tarzan pictures. ' Someone who read the notes I had on this prophecy said that only a fool would read it, which encouraged me very much. Since one is born every minute there should be quite a few who get a kick out of it. Everyone has heard of the book "Who's Who." Well, one of our classmates, Mona Folmar, will have her name in a similar book "What's This." Marjory Freeman will have developed her own scheme of life and be carrying it out quietly, saying little but doing much. Donna fHamiltonJ Wright has always been at the head of her class. One of her greatest achievements has been learning to write "Wright" right. Margaret Harned has a wonderful job waiting for her .as a beachcomber. She will not consider it a very profitable job, because, as soon as she has it all nicely combed, the waves come in and muss it up. Dr. Hassenflaffer sees Erika Henke in the future as a nurse, and -murmurs this warning, "Doctors and nurses bury their mistakes." Dorothy Holowach has realized her lifelong .ambition and is wlvorking for the telephone company. Now she can really be called a "big time operator." The bathing b auty of 1958 will still be an Esther-not Esther Williams, but Esther Lloyd. Gust ask Kingsley.J Our Elpalented fellow student Lorene Lodge will b.e making her debut at the "Met," and we will find Vera McAtee taking notes on Dale Carnegie's book "How To Win Friends and Influence People." Everyone has some remarkable characteristic about him, as for Jenny Nason, she will still be remarkable for her red hair. Ruth Peters will not only master P. O. D. but will be teaching it in 1958. Pearl Soltesz will be pleased to hear that, about 1958, someone will leave a tip for her at the Dairy Bar. Mary Ann Skalko will be a gym instructor. fWe wonder what Jim.J Beatrice Tau will have her study in cooking rewarded. She will be head chef at the Brown Deby. When Dr. Hassenflafer made that prediction he- said he wasn't talking thru his hat. Barbara Tuttle is the girl who never lets her school work interfere with her studies. In 1958 she will be an exp.ert typist, and I'm not ribbon you there. Reva Werren will not only be an excellent cook and a wonderful housewife, but her ch.ances look good for becoming a Baker. Charlotte W'indsor will have been in many picturesg her latest may be seen on her mother's dresser, Doris Zindel will probably be either' a math or a music teacher, and sh.e'll have a new Buick with collapsible fenders and all the other new gadgets. I feel that in finishing this I should mention something about the teachers who have endured us these past few years. I really think they'v.e been swell sports. I'm not going to say anything about our class being the best that ever graduated from Edinboro High School for three reasons. In the first place, bec.ause Pm not one to blow my own horn. In the second place, because there isn't enough space, and in the third place, because everyone knows we are in the Hrst place. Your author, Ellis Atkinson RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET We, the Class of 1948, regretfully leave our traits and accomplishments behind to begin a new life in our fast-moving world. We sincerely hope that the underclassmen enjoy Edinboro High School as much as we have in the past four years. CHARLES ALWARD-leaves his title "The Voice" to Mr. Varricchio. LEONARD ALWARIkleaves his pipe to anyone who can stand it. ELLIS ATKINSON-leaves his corny jokes to anyone who thinks he is funny. BETTE BAKER-leaves, wondering if Miss Foy and Mr. Parker will shed tears fof joyj. BERNICE BARNES-leaves her nice shape to Barbara Neiderriter. RUTH BELT-leaves her A's to Paul Adams. JANET BUCKOWSKI-leaves, wondering if Kenan will pick her or Bette. ARTHUR BUDZOWSKI-leaves his- broad smile and carefree ways as he skips out the back-door. JAMES BURAWA-leaves his curly hair to Eddie Dundon. CHARLINE CAMPBELL-leaves, running to the Post Oiice for that special letter and loses her report card for the third time. DORIS COYLE-leaves, hoping to become a "barber's" wife. BETTE CROZIER-leaves, taking her long finger nails for protection. HELEN CUPAK-leaves a carton of gum to Mr. Schwab. CHARLOTTE EASTMAN-leaves her silliness to Patty Harned. LOIS FETTEROLF-leaves, to make use of her Bookkeeping knowledge. FRANK FISH4leaves his hook with plenty of bait for some lucky girl. PATRICIA FLYNN-leaves Frank to Nobody! MONA FOLMAR-leaves all her men in Edinboro to find better ones in Wisconsin. MARJORIE FREEMAN-leaves her slimness to Velda Hicks. WALTER GHERING-leaves, wondering if he will break his ,arm again next year. MARGARET HARNED-leaves to find some bloodhounds to keep track of t'Hutch". ARDELL HAYES-leaves his careful driving habits to next year's Driving Course. ERIKA HENKE-leaves to become a nurse and learn to cure the aches and pains she gets from roller-skating. DONALD HOIG-leaves his person.ality to Freddie Skelton. DOROTHY HOLOWACH-leaves, to make someone a very efficient secretary. THEODORE HUTCHISON-leaves his athletic ability to Eddie Chamberlin and plans to join the Navy. ROGER KING-leaves, hoping Mr. Schwab missed his entertaining ways of driving everyone crazy. HAROLD KINGSLEY-leaves, hoping his shiny black Ford will Win him a girl. JESSE KOON4leaves Margie behind with the promise "I'1l wait." ESTHER LLOYD-leaves to use her brains on the college boys. LORENE LODGE-leaves to use her high school knowledge in college. VERA MCATEE-leaves to get the second ring on her third finger. JENNIE NASON-leaves with her hair as red as it was when she came. FRANK NICHOLLSfleaves his quietness to Herbie Schilling. RUTH PETERS-leaves to start her own gossip column on the radio so we can keep posted on the class of 1948. JAMES PONTIOUS-leaves his shortness to Bobby Johnson. JEAN SALEN-leaves, giggling as usual. PEARL SOLTEZ-leaves to show some boy what she learned in Home Economics. NORMAN SAUERS-leaves his pretty teeth to Eddie -Gumbert. JOSEPH SEDOR-leaves Bookkeeping class by jet propulsion. ANDREW SHEETS-leaves his versatility, pep, and vitality and plans to use his ability to be good at anything in college. AGNES SIKORA-leaves to become one of the Swifts. MARY ANN SKALKO-leaves her position as majorette to W-eltha Werren. BEATRICE TAU4leaves her shyness to Sally Pavkov. BARBARA TUTTLE-leaves to spend more time with her tall, gentleman friend, namely, Bob. CHARLOTTE WINDSOR-leaves her quietness to Alice Emerson. DONNA WRIGHT-leaves to become Glade's "private" secretary. DORIS ZINDEL-leaves, hoping to become first lady President. Name Charles Alward Leonard Alward Ellis Atkinson Bette Baker Bernice Barnes Ruth Belt Janet Buckoski Arthur Budzowski James Burawa Charline Campbell Doris Coyle Bette Crozier Helen Cupak Charlotte Eastman Lois Fetterolf Franklin Fish Patricia Flynn Mona Folmar Marjorie Freeman Walter Ghering Margaret Harned Ardell Hayes Erika Henke Dorothy Holowach Donald Hoig Theodore Hutchison Rodger King Harold Kingsley Jesse Koon Esther Lloyd Lorene Lodge Vera McAtee Jennie Nason Frank Nicholls Ruth Peters James Pontious Jean Salen Norman Sauers Joseph Sedor Andrew Sheets Agnes Sikora Mary Skalko Pearl Soltesz Beatrice Tau Barbara Tuttle Reva Werren Charlotte Windsor Donna Wright Doris Zindel PASSING IN REVIEW Pastime hunting dreaming sleeping dancing skating reading vacationing hitch-hiking fishing walking skating reading skating movies reading loafing drawing dancing movies eating ice skating driving swim-ming traveling movies sports eating movies thinking dreaming reading movies music trapping baby-sitting sports movies driving skating slnging dancing football reading craft work shopping dancing skating golf music Ambition farmer politician clergyman beautician professional skater teacher ' 1 'A ' " commercial artist farmer millionaire designer stenographer stenographer secretary receptionist teacher get rich designer beautician secretary get rich traveling salesman nurse air hostess farmer army live easy farmer farmer travel singer work at G.E. teacher fur trapper teacher navy operator navy get a mate engineer travel play softball nurse stewardess secretary receptionist beautician dancer own gold mine Favorite Expression How you are? Oh, my gosh! Now listen to mee Wanta' hear a good Jok 7 Which way did he go l1eorge" Gee whiz! Jeep.ers! You've got it! Is that right? You know?? No kidding? Wat's'- he look like? Oh, Bertha! g Don't kid me. 1. Jeepers! Holy Smokes! Is it green? Hey, youse- Christmas! Phooey, too. Drop dead! Don't be too sure- Oh, gee! Oh, fudge! Nuts! Oh, I'm "Hutch-" Right! It's okay. Oh, me. Dry up! You're crazy! Oh, no! Don't be simple. So what? Darn it. Who said so? Don't tell me! That's the way. Wow! Gosh darn. Golly, gee! Really? For Pete's sake. Ohhhi You know????? Oh, my gosh. You aren't kidding! I guess you know!!! Yes, sir, boy! BON VOYAGE Upon thy growing list We write each name And leave thy halls, to seek desired fame. W WW M f E is X ,if Riffs? fgzdfymw wliiii B? if ty ATWWVQ fy M56 Mfwiigvfvli ff , - Wg M ,J :MW J sms? by ' ' 2 he ik mm Q'2HJ'M W X55 ENSIGNS ENSIGNS 1 ENSICNS ELEVENTH GRADE First Row4G. Horn, J. Maynard, A. Clavwson, A. Hecker, E. Decker, P. O'Brien, C. Alcorn, B. Hawkins, P. Waldo, R. Martin, M. Zulovich, P. Philips, J. Van Luven, E. Dodds. Second Row-A. Emerson, S. Perrine, S. Young, O. Harayda, J. Toncre, D. Harned, D. Harris, L. Yunic, I. Cap, E. Zulovich, V. Hicks. Third Row-Mr. Schwab, E. Foy, E. Chamberlain, E. Roos, D. Carrier, E. Dundon, T. Willrich, T. Warner, W. Colvin, P. Adams, L. Bull, J. Hurta, F. Skelton. Fourth Row4H. Schilling, C. Wellman, G. Wheeler, G. Hrinko, V. Leslie, A. Novotny, FL. Claar C. Troyer, F. Mukina, E. Gumbert, B. Santos. Class Officers President ....... .................. - -- Thomas Warner Vice President .... --- Edgar Gumbert Secretary ..... --- Thomas Willrich Treasurer --- --- Beata Hawkins TENTH GRADE First RowYMiss Gilmore, I. Holowach, P. Young, G. Wright, F. Lang, L. Hahn, T. Hobbs, E. Belt H. Petrov, L. McAndrews. Second Row-E. Pavkov, M. Gross, R. Belyan, M. Vogt, W. Warren, L. Armel, S. Alward, C. Peterson C. Budzowski, K. Tuttle, L. McAndrews. Third RowwK. O'Brien, J. Shaffer, E. Troyer, M. Sanders, R. Johnson, H. Diehl, D. McLaughlin C. Campbell, R. Showman. Fourth Row-L. Boylan, P. Perry, R. Batchelor, C. Peters, N. Porter, R. Windsor, E. Almazon F. Walker. Class Officers President ........ ..................... .... F r ank Walker Vice President --- --- Kenan O'Brien Secretary ...... --- Carol Peterson Treasurer --- .... Katheryn Tuttle IWJTS BOOTS SEVENTH GRADE First Row-P. Hall, N. Kelly, K. Karrow, C. Johnson, B. Stafford, E. Klakamp, L. Armagost, B. Jones Second Row-P. Klakamp, L. Klakamp, M. Kunkel, N. Knickerbocker, N. 'Gardner, D. Jones , . Mason Third Row-Miss Howard, A. Ellic, L. Iverson, M. Harrison, L. Carrier, E. Doucette, S. Beason, D. Hayes. Fourth Row-R. Tobin, J. Postgate, B. Budzowski, G. Cole, J. Rinderle, J. Hurta, R. Carrier. Fifth Row-D. Manross, C. Lynch, C. Martin, B. Flynn, W. Sigmund, L. Drake, H. Brown. Class Officers President ...... .................... - -- Nancy Gardner Vice President -,- .... Betty Stafford Secretary ...... --- Ben Budzowski Treasurer .... --- David Manross EIGHTH GRADE First Row-M. Warner, R. Hudy, E. Soltesz, A. Severance, H. McCommons, M. Florek, M. Alward, M. Cole, J. Austin, P. Williams, M. Petrus, M. Petrov. Second RowiD. Lewis G. Korman M. Hreda C. Howard A. Atkinson B. Sheffer M 7 7 9 7 7 5 ' H R. Powers, G. Burleigh, F. Novak, V. Marsh, J. Hobbs, B. Hayes. Third Row-R. Horn, E. Ellis, A. Henry, L. Skelton, T. Richardson, J. Snyder, E. Brown, L F. Hudy, D. Dundon, J. W. Culver. Class Officers President ..,,..,. ...........v........ T homas Richardson Vice President --- ...... Edward Brown Secretary ...... ........ J ane Austin Treasurer A --- Richard Dundon NINTH GRADE First Row-B. Niederriter, B. Stanford, N. Maynard, R. Brumbaugh, J. Hemme, M. Wiley, D. Hoig, E. Van Luven, N. Alcorn, C. Sanders, G. Findley, N. Lawrence. Second Row-J. McLaughlin, L. Butterfield, F. Peters, M. Kingsley, P. Freeman, J. Sch E. Plasity, R. Poling, V. Brown, P. Yurcak, M. McMillen, V. Mack, L. Pieper, J. Lynch, Mr. Sherwood. Third RowfJ. Brady, A. Harayda, R. Mallory, M. Erb, R. Evans, H. Taylor, M. Naglowski, R. Lang, R. Fuller, W, Schmunk, M. Hurta, M. McAtee. Fourth Row-T. Lloyd, J. Somerville, R. Biby, F. Beemus, D. Young, C. Holowach, S. C. Troyer, S. Zulovich, D. Lewis, L. Peterson, E. Soltesz, J. Warner. Class Officers President ,..... ................ .... R o yce Mallory Vice President H- ........ Milton Erb Secretary ...... ..... N orma Maynard Treasurer ---- --- Jane Scheidemantel . Colvin C.. Hayes ollenbeck . Campbell P. eid T. E. Harned emantel Hrinko Lodge Bzvezinski 1 r TYPICAL STUDENTS BEST-LIKED TEACHERS CUTEST COUPLE ' Pat Flynn Miss Offazia Pat Flynn Ted Hutchison Mr. Sherwood Frank Mukina BEST LOOKING Pat Flynn ' Frank Mukina POPULARITY dated? MAN and WOMAN HATER Margaret Harned Ted Hutchison BEST DRESSED MOST ATHLETIC Moser LIKEY T0 SUCCEED Bernice Barnes Cynthia Alcorn Dorothy Holowach ' Frank Mukina Ted Hutchison Andrew Sheets 1 f , X U Z f Yg, X ' f ,Q U 2 Q-45 F 4 JAWZQS ,4g24SJk61 CVER Tl-IE BOUNDIN6 MAIN WARRIORS of the SEA First Row-F. Walker, E. Gumbert, E. Dundon, T. Hutchison, F. Skelton, R. King. Second Row-J. Pontious, F. Fish, R. Johnson, K. O'Brien, W. Ghering, C. Campbell. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Turtles had a fairly successful 1947-48 basketball season, taking fourth place in the Erie County Minor League. Winning 5 out of the 12 league games, they outscored the opposition by 21 points. Even though the coaching of Mr. Gumbert was first class, the support of the student body ine, the spirit of cooperation, and the will-to-win among the players excellent, the Turtles were held down because of the small squad, the lack of experienced players, and the lack of height of the team. The Turtles' first league game was with Fairview on the EHS floor. The contest was close throughout the whole 32 minutes, except during the last minute of playing time when Fairview put on a scoring streak to win by a 6 point margin or 31-37. The same situation was repeated in the next two league games with West Spring- field and Wattsburg, the Turtles losing in the closing minutes by 2 Q30-321 and 5 C23-28J points respectively. The next two league games were victories for the Turtles. The McKean team went home with a 38-29 defeat, being outscored by 9 pointsg the Turtles had a field night with Waterford by out-scoring them by 27 points, sending the Water- ford team home with a 47-20 defeat. The Turtles chances for winning 2nd or 3rd place Edinboro 14 Saegerstown 18 T WARRIORS of the SEA were nullified when they lost the next two league games to Union City and Fairview. On February 9th the Turtles played West Springfield on the home floor. The game was close to the final whistle, with the Turtles 3 points ahead, the score being 45-42. This victory was sweet revenge for the Turtles because West Springfield won the first game by 2 points. Going to Wattsburg for the next league game the Turtles came home with a 33-41 defeat. The next two league games were victories over McKean and Waterford. The McKean game was close, the Turtles winning by only 5 points or 37-32. The Water- ford game was an easy victory, the Turtles piling up 24 more points than the opposition to win by a score of 48-24. The last game of the season was a league contest with Union City, the Turtles losing 30-44. The first six regulars were Eddie Dundon and Eddie Gumbert, forwards, Fred Skel- ton, centerg Ted Hutchison, Roger King, and Walter Ghering, guardsg Hutchison was captain-elect. Only part of the credit should go to these first six boys, though, because without the loyal, hard-working bench-warming substitutes, the team wouldn't have had any scrimmages, which are necessary for a successful team. The graduating Seniors are Hutchison, King, Fish, Pontious, and Ghering. With 3 experienced regulars for the backbone of next year's team, we hope for a better season. The Turtles' schedule and scores are as follows: Edinboro Albion Edinboro Cambridge Springs Edinboro Apollo Edinboro Spartansburg Edinboro Albion Edinboro Alumni Edinboro Fairview Edinboro West Springfield Edinboro Saegerstown Edinboro Wattsburg Edinboro Cambridg.e Springs Edinboro Spartansburg Edinboro McKean Edinboro Waterford Edinboro Union City Edinboro Fairview Edinboro West Springfield Edinboro Apollo Edinboro Wattsburg Edinboro McKean Edinboro Waterford Edinboro Union City Edinboro Roscoe BOLD BUCCANEERS 5 , Y fe' 'LA If K My , BOLD BUCCANEERS JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The Junior Turtles, taking second place in the county, had a very successful season. Winning eighteen games out of their 20 game scheduleg West Springfield, alone won over us. The Junior High team had more height than most of their opponents and all the regulars had valuable experience from last season. There are 14 Freshmen on the squad, five of .them being on the first six. N-ext year's Junior High squad will start with only one regular, but the Varsity will gain some valuable players. Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Sherwood and Mr. Parker we are sure that all the members of the squad have improved in their technique and have gained some val- uable basketball experience. First Row-Mr. Parker, L. Peterson, D. Dundon, F. Fuller, R. Mallory, H. Taylor, M. Erb, R. Evans, E. Lodge, L. Butterfield, T. Butterfield, Mr. Sherwood. Second Row- F. Novak, J. Warner, A. Atkinson, D. Millspaw, R. Bilby, J. Snyder, A. Harayda, L. Campbell, J. Lynch, B. Budzowski, E. Brown, W. Flynn, W. Siegmund, T. Lloyd. FOOTBALL The 1947 football team made little improvement over last year's unsuccessful season, The Turtles won one out of their eight contests, scoring 45 points to the opponent's 179. Although the coaching of Mr. Gumbert and Mr. Sherwood was superior, the boys willing and hard-working, there was a definite lack of football material and school spirit. The unfair schedule and small squad diminished the team's success from the very first. Captain, fullback Hutchison was Edinboro's outstanding player, both offensively and defensively. The team, following Hutchison's aggressive example and leadership, always fought to the end, whether they were winning or losing. Losing to Conneaut- ville, Albion, Wesleyville, Edgewood, Fairview, Union City, and North East, the Turtles gnished their season by shellacking Waterford 32-7, after nearly beating Edgewood, hio. Captain Ted Hutchison and Co-Captain Ardell Hayes were selected for the All-Star game, but only Hayes got to participate, due to Hutchison's receiving a knee. injury during one of the All-Star practices. The squad loses only five Seniors: Hutchison, Hayes, Fish, Koon, and Alwardg plus the managers, King and Ghering, With an experienced line and part of the backfield left for next year's season, we hope for the best. First Row-V. Leslie, R. Johnson, E. Chamberlain, R. Showman. Second Row-C. Troyer, J. Shaffer, T. Willrich, H. Taylor, E. Roos, E. Dundon, R. Adams, B. Evans. Third Row-Mr. Gumbert, R. King, F. Fish, E. Skelton, K. O'Brien, T. Hutchison, A. Hayes, W. Ghering, Mr. Sherwood. Fourth Row-L. Peterson, D. Ryan, R. Fuller, C. Alward, J. Lynch, C. Holowach, J. Warner. FOG HORNS 1 FOG HORNS SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS When the going's tough for the team who is it that peps them up '? Why, it's those cute cheerleaders of E.H.S. who are in there every minute giving all they've got for victory. Red skirts, white sweaters, with cheerleading letters, and bright red bows made up their outfits. Some of the new cheers such as A-tisket-A-tasket, Bounce-dribble, Alabebo-Alabibo went over big with the student body. These girls deserve recognition for the time and energy they put into cheerleading, and you can't say they didn't enjoy it! C. Budzowski, P. Flynn, K. Tuttle, C. Peterson, B. Tuttle, D. Wright. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS The Junior High Cheerleaders fixed up some tricky cheers this year. One, Big apple-Little apple centered around little Barbara Jones. Another, Enthusiasm really caught on. Their uniforms are white skirts and red sweaters. D. Hoig, P. Freeman, B. Jones. REVEILLE REVEILLE GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus this year consists of fifty-four members. We had our annual Christmas Carol Service in the college auditorium under the direction of our music director, Mr. Varricchio. We are looking forward to taking part in the Northwest District Choral Festival., the Forensic Contest, and our own Spring Concert. First Row-M. Kingsley, N. Lawrence, L. McAndreWs, R. Belyan, L. Hahn, E. Belt, P. Yurcak, S. Perrine, C. Alcorn, D. Harris, P. O'Brien, M. Gross, E. Pavkov, S. Alward. Second Row-D. Zindel, B. Stanford, R. Brumbaugh, B. Neiderriter, G. Findley, C. Sanders, N. Alcorn, M. Hemme, M. Wiley, P. Harned, W. Warren, K. Tuttle, T. Hobbs, L. Fetteroff, R. Peters. Third Row-E. Lloyd, J. Scheidemantel, N. Maynard, P. Freeman, E. Plasity, B. Hawkins, R. Pulling, C. Peterson, A. Heckler, D. Holowach, L. Armel, D. Harned, A. Sikora, P. Waldo, R. Belt, E. Decker, I. Holowach, Mr. Varricchio. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus is made up of approximately eighty members. We united with the Girls' Chorus to put on the Christmas Carol Service. The band accompanied us in a few numbers. Some. of the activities our choruses are looking forward to under the direction of Mr. Varricchio are the Northwest District Choral Festival, the Forensic Contest, and our own Spring Concert. First Row: M. Kingsley, N. Lawrence, L. McAnderws, R. Belyan, L. Hahn, E. Belt, P. Yurcak, S. Perrine, C. Alcorn, D. Harris, P. O'Brien, M. Gross, S. Pavkov, S. Alward. Second Row-Mr. Varricchio, P. Flynn, D. Zindel, B. Stanford, R. Bruambaugh, B. Niederriter, G. Findley, 3. ?nders, N. Alcorn, J. Hemme, M. Wiley, P. Harned, W. Warren, K. Tuttle, T. Hobbs, L. Fetteroif, . eters. Third Row-C. Budzowski, E. Lloyd, J. Schiedemantel, N. Maynard, P. Freeman, E. Plasity, B. Hawkins, R. Poling, C. Peterson, A. Hecker, D. Holowach, L. Arrnel, D. Harned, A. Sikora, P. 'Waldo, R. Belt, E. Decker, I. Holowach, M. Harned. Fourth Row-Schilling, F. Walker, L. Boylan, R. Biby, A. Harayda, C. Alward, P. Perry, C. Campbell, R. Batchelor, C. Troyer, C. Peters, R. Santos, E. Almazon, L. Butterfield, T. Butterfield, T. Lloyd. Fifth Row--E. Roos, R. Johnson, E. Chamberlain, A. Sheets, G. Wheeler, A. Budzowski, P. Adams, T. Willrich, F. Skelton, R. Claar, J. Koon. BAND Our Junior-Senior High School Band is composed of forty-nine members. We have had various activities during the year, some of which were playing for the Edinboro Fair, supplying music for the Junior Play, and we also had a part in the Christmas Carol Service. Three of our members, Doris Zindel., Milton Erb, and Royce Mallory took part in the Northwest District Band at Oil City. The Band is anticipating a good year which will culminate in our own Spring Concert. The music played by the band is much higher in standard than it was when we started to play under the direction of Mr. Varricchio. SETTING UP l 1, . SETTING UP THE SENIOR PLAY "HIGH PRESSURE HOMER" Mrs. Chester Woodruff ....................,.....,.......... Bette Baker Chester Woodruff ...... Junior Woodruff ...-.. Boots Woodruff ....- Arlene Woodruff --- Zenith ............,... Aunt Cora ............... Mrs. Margaret Taylor ..... Bunny Taylor .............. Homer Hampton Haywood --- Wade Wainright ........... Chetwynde Cluett ............... ...... .,....... --- Arthur Budzowski ----- James Burawa ----- Patricia Flynn ---- Barbara Tuttle. ---- Mona Folmar ---- Esther Lloyd ----- Jenny Nason --- Bernice Barnes --- Andrew Sheets ----- Jesse Koon -,- Ardell Hayes First Row-J. Nason, B. Tuttle, B. Baker, B. Barnes, D. Zindel. Second Row-M. Folmar, J. Koon, A. Hayes, A. Budzowski, Mr. Schwab, A. Sheets, J. Burawa, P. Flynn. THE JUNIOR PLAY USCARECROW CREEPS" Adam Throgg ..... Maudie Hobbs .... Roderick Gage ......... Dr. Kenneth Gage ........ Aunt Zinnia Washington --- Trailing Arbutus fT.A.j ---- Paul Adams ----- Janet Toncre Thomas Warner ----- Fred Skelton ---- Patricia O'Brien ------ Edward Dundon Perry Gage ..........,... ............ E dward Roos Mrs. Annabelle Gage --- Miss Amelia Gage .... Norma Gage ............-......... ..-...... ......., '9 Anna Marie Clawson ...... Beata Hawkins Cynthia Alcorn First RowfJ. Toncre, B. Hawkins, C. Alcorn, A. Clawson, P. O'Brien. Second RowfE. Dundon, L. Bull, P. Adams, Mr. Schwab, T. Warner, E. Roos, F. Skelton. KEEPERS of the LOG THE TURTLE STAFF Editor ............ ...................,.,,, Assistant Editor .... Business Managers Music ...... ....... Clubs .... Sports --- Art ........ Prophecy ...... Class Will ..... Class History --- Typists .......... Faculty Advisors ..... -. .....,......,............ - KEEPERS of the LOG ---- Andrew Sheets ---- Barbara Tuttle Ardell Hayes Theodore Hutchison 4--- Lorene Lodge ---- Margaret Harned ---- Walter Ghering ----- Patricia Flynn ---- Ellis Atkinson HI ---H Donna Wright --- James Burawa Doris Zindel U' Esther Lloyd Mr. Lee Reynolds Mr. Doyle Schwab First Row-P. Flynn, M. Harned, D. Zindel, Bi. Tuttle, A. Sheets, Mr. Schwab, D. Wright, E. Lloyd. Second Row-W. Ghering, A. Hayes, T. Hutchison, F. Nichols, E. Atkinson, E, Dundon. Editor ........ Co-Editor ......... Assistant Editor .... Art Editor ...... THE EDINHI 'STAFF --- Donna Wright ---- Andrew Sheets ----- Thomas Warner Patricia Flynn Barbara Niederriter Theodore Hutchison Sports ..... Ardell Hayes Bette Baker Evelyn Decker Class News ---- Carol Peterson Jane Scheidemantel Jane Austin Erika Henke Clubs ---- Barbara Tuttle Arthur Budzowski Jennie Nason Typists --------- - Doris Zindel Esther Lloyd Faculty Advisor ................................ ......... M r. Schwab First Row-P. Flynn, E. Lloyd, D. Wright, E. Henke, Mr. Schwab, B. Tuttle, B. Niederriter. Second Row-E. Decker, D. Zindel, T. Warner, A. Sheets, B. Baker, C. Peterson, J. Scheidemantel. HELMSMEN HELMSMEN THE LIBRARY CLUB President .......... ...... I rene Cap Secretary-Treasurer .............................. Alice Emerson These girls, 'under the leadership of Miss Gilmore, have really done a wonderful job of keeping our books and library in good condition. They have kept the books mended and filed, and they have collected on overdue books. The girls worked in the library before school and at lunch time as well as during class periods, Everyone appreciated their work. The club has been very fortunate in going to the Playhouse to see the plays, "Anything Can Happen" and "January Thaw." Keep up the good work, girls. First ROWME. Zulovich, A. Emerson, J. Toncre, A. Sikora, J. Nason, V. McAtee, Miss Gilmore. Second Row-L. Alward, I. Cap, M. Freeman, E. Henke, B. Barnes, D. Harned, L. Fetterolf, L. Yunic, J. Koon. 1 THE TRI-HI-Y President ...... .... ............ - - - Doris Zindel Vice President --- .... Barbara Tuttle Secretary ...... --- Dorothy Holowach 'lreasurer ...................................... Carole Peterson This year under the supervision of our faithful sponsor, Miss Odell, the Tri-Hi-Y has accomplished many things. This year for the first time, the Senior girls received white sweaters trimmed in red. Our traditional salt water taffy made a big hit again this year with both the school and town people. At the beginning of the new semester., monthly nite meetings were held in the Gym. All of the girls enjoyed these Recreational meetings. The booth, sponsored at the Fair, really boosted the Treasury, providing for a grand Mother and Daughter Banquet at the end of the year. First Row--R. Poling, R. Brumbaugh, M. A. Skalko, R. Peters, D. Holowach, D. Zindel, B. Tuttle, C. Peterson, M. McMillen, V. Brown, P. Yurchak, N. Maynard. Second Row-N. Alcorn, C. Sanders, B. Stanford, S. Pavkov, M. Gross, S. Perrine, M. Wiley, M. Hemme, J. Buckoski, B. Crozier, M. Folrnar, R. Werren, D. Wright, G. Findley, Miss Odell. Third Row-A. Clawson, I. Holowach, J. Salen, C. Eastman, S. Young, M. Harned, P. O'Brien, B. Baker, B. Tau, L. McAndrews, N. Lawrence. LANDLUBBERS THE F.H.A. Mrs. Rohde, J. VanLuven, J. Nason, G. Horn, B. Tau, P. Philips, M. Zulovich, C. Alcorn. THE F.F.A. President .......... --- James Burawa Vice President .... ..... J esse Koon Secretary ....... .... E dward Roos Treasurer ..... ............. ................. C l etus Troyer Reporter .......................................... Edward Foy Under the new leadership of Mr. Ondrey the F.F.A. has had an interesting year. The Farm Show at Harrisburg was the outstanding event of the year for the boys, several of whom won prizes. They have made many interesting experiments which should be useful to them soon. They had a Hallowefen Party followed by a Football game, but much remains a mystery concerning it. The boys sponsored a booth at the Edinboro Fair which was really a big business. The money went toward the Father and Son Banquet held at the end of the year. First Row-E. Soltesz, H. Schillings, J. Burawa, C. Troyer, E. Roos, E. Foy, J. Koon, R. Batchelor, J. Somerville. Second Row-Mr. Ondrey, R. Showman, V. Leslie, F. Nicholls, B. Colvin, A. Budzowski, J. Hurta, E. Lodge, M. McAtee, M. Naglowski, N. Porter. Third Row-C. Wellman, L. Pieper, J. Brady, A. Harayda, M. Hurta, -G. Wheeler, N. Sauers, D. Ryan, C. Windsor, E. Wells, R. Fuller. LANDLUBBERS AUTOGRAPHS 17, ff 4, , ,., 'Q Q fx fQ ff M MW Ny fm M fx-VN gal-j f j -91 an --. J. x 4 m4fXJd2w ww4 ,fn ' any "'kg.x f22.:w,.--u-,.... -gg... Nh- XM-5 ' 155 ADVERTISERS Zin Memoriam Fred Hutchings Everyone's Friend This ad purchased by one of his friends Frank Pine Compliments of Leo E. Fetterolf ICE -4- - COAL Edinboro, Pa. Compliments of Perry Theatre ALBION, PA. R. C. Fies, Mgr. Hellmann's ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3162 The Measure of Quality A , E fi Best Theatre ECQMA llsihioifliffif ERIE COUNTY MILK ASSOCIATION S- L, Rawson Erie, Pa' Edinboro, Pa. YOUR WHEN YOU COME TO E R I E MAKE THE Y M C A DOWNTOWN HEADQUARTERS Kimmel 6? Son "SHOES4HOSIERY--BAGSU 17th and Sassafras Streets Phone 59-150 Bud's Barber Shop The Shop of Quality Edinboro Cooperative G. L. F. Edinboro, Pa. FLOUR - FEED - FERTILIZER Phone 2822 Try the Drug Store First Jolley's Pharmacy F. H. Jolley, Prop. 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'AVS-SM " THE LOAF -- IN THE '- ' , onANce I DEI T'I-my WRAPPER "J TRY The Knit Shop Ha1's Barber Shop Mrs. Norman D. Patterson Shop Hours 1 - 5 Edinboro, Pa. Lakeside Service Station DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Edinboro, Pa. Phone 2992 H0bb,5 Lumber CO' Edinboro Sports Store Everything for Building Everything for the Sportsmen We Deliver Stan Fuller, Prop. Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3252 Coffee Shop d ' h ' ' San Wm es Umted Gas Statton Plate Lunches - Dinners Sundaes and Milkshakes W. R. Jones Phone 9575 Lyle's Garage KAISER -'M- FRAZIER Repairs All Cars Waehing - Greasing - Steam Cleaning Edinboro, Pa. 1' Just ILK l 1 f11 '1? E5i 5 f iiifii ' f g35mH1g,MmwmHHf5 ix-5 1EzEsE5Eri " 1? I' 1555: is 22,2-1 22222255faiii525Eif2222siifsfsigizizisiisiaiaiaifaiifsizizfif?EEE' ' :SE "" i A 1 + I+ 0 0 Sanida Vitamin D Homogenized Milk is also an excellent source of the bone-builder Vitamin D. Each quart contains 400 units of this element so necessary to the development and maintenance of strong teeth and bones, Children and grown-ups alike need the benefits of this fortified milk. Start 'them on it today. lt pays handsome dividends in health and well being. And they'll like it, too...! SA Il Vito mm-D Homoeimnzio 111 I L K l PRODUCT OF SANITARY FARMS DAIRY At Independent Food Stores Everywhere Russ Photo Service Roll Film Developing . . . Printing and Enlarging Candid Wedding . . . Commercial . . ,. Portrait PHOTOGRAPHS ACROSS FROM POST OFFICE Russell Alward Harry Kunt Compliments of Lang Electric Manufacturing Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3213 K. R. Hawkins HARDWARE - PLUMBING and HEATING Hot Point-Appliances . . Refrigerators . . Stoves Meadville Street Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3884 Edinboro Cleaners CLEANING, PRESSING and CLOTHING If It's Not Becoming To You, It SHOULD Be Coming To Us. Edinboro, Pa. Phone 2462 Compliments of State Street Jewelers Association CONRAD'S Jewelers DARLING'S Jewelers SEYMOUR'S Jewelers 1001 8: 703 State Street 905 State Street 708 State Street ABBOTT Jewelers HIRSCH Jewelers MACK Jewelers 1110 State Street 1104 State Street 921 State Street ROLEN'S Jewelers 931 State Street Compliments of The Prentice Shop Ladies' and Men's Furnishings Wallpaper - Notions Scheidernantel Service Station and r Electrical Home Appliances Phone 2482 Edinboro, Pa. Edinboro Dairy Bar Ek Try Our Lunches U- Sanida Dairy Products Proud Printery EDINBOR0 Compliments of Kunkle's Grocery McKean, Pa. Phone 3635 Compliments of Billing's Bowling Alley SPORTS DEPARTMENT Palace Hardware House 913-915 State Street Erie, Pa. Compliments of Shelhamer's Jersey Dairy Edinboro, Pa. Phone 3938 Since 1901 . . . . The Store of Famous Shoes for Men, Women and Children E .. Jcoufs. Tenth and Peach Compliments of Don's Grocery Mrs. Laura M. Riley Edinboro, Pa. Compliments of Alice E. Evans M A N O R. Bert Kiehl's FUNERAL HOME Cjourteous Truneral ,Service Phone 2362 Edinboro, Pa. "We Install and Service What We Sellu Harrison Electric ELECTRIC and PLUMBING SUPPLIES Youngstown Kitchens McKean, Pa. Phone Edinboro 3690 For over 98 Years Compliments of ERIE'S Finest Men's Store First National Bank Isaac Baker 6? Son of Edmbofv State Street at Seventh Edinboro, Pa. Dieges 6? Clust 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8, N. Y. Official Jewelers for the Class of 1948 Edinboro Hatchery QUALITY CHICKS POULTRY SUPPLIES R. A. Fuller, Prop. Phone 3258 Compliments of Tuttle's Jewelry and Gift Shop Cambridge Springs, Pu. Compliments of Maple Inn Read the Local and Domestic News in the Edinboro Independent "YOUR LOCAL NEVVSPAPERU Ben Skelton Edinboro Auctioneer M. E. JONES, D.C. Palmer Representing CHIROPRACTOR West Farm Agency X-RAY N. C. M. Phone 2522 Edinboro, Pa. Edinboro 2451 Compliments of TeWinkle's Market GROCERIES . . . MEATS . . . FROZEN FOODS Telephone 2472 Compliments of Hutch's Hut Lower Erie Street Edinboro, Pa. Culbertson Hills Golf and Country Club SPORTY 18-HOLE GOLF COURSE Club House Open Daily for Dinners Bridge Parties, and Parties The Culbertson Company Edinboro, Pa. City Market We Deliver STANFORD MATHEWS Fresh Meats Groceries Dairy Products Fresh Vegetables Frozen Foods Edinboro, Pa. Phone 2392 Compliments of Lee Reynolds' Livery Harvey Diehl Andy Sheets Paul Perry Bob Santos Please Patronize Our Advertisers H I I l c I mu l lm: gg-J-JONES LSQN PMMZEI 'dl imllviy ,iam in u3m,l4rlrllllrs'1zfwmesezillllr Wm, H W W MM qty AN ORGANIZATION EQUIPPED 1 f 'f TO PRODUCE ALL YOUR '53 ' ,..- PRINTING REQUIREMENTS 1563 WEST 26th STREET . ERIE, PA. A.-f,-- .. , 3:1 1 n n 'F t , . , .vi rl .. , - ., 1 vw QL- 1 LQ 1 'Q ,fl ,. , ni' " fl L1 Q V . y .Y . L, 35 . .. , ' 5. s W. 5. ,Q"'1,. 1' l., ,, .L I .. V QA-:g il ' ' ... V .J : XLQLVD. A ' it ,L . .EFL , fb fig' 1" , , Ja, '- f' 'ai sm 'I - - , -or . V, Q.. .,, 'F' 4' s . . VM , ,Q qt. , . -A :'i1f,fI' . f :'f"v. ' - 4 1 5 f'- I f Q if ref' 1.2 i H K i, ,,,. ,, . 3 :q fix . , . 'F - fail' vip:- .- ig! 13,31 fr 'WY' "VS xr. '95 'ull 4.5 . ,Q 1 Y. v, -A K v 'W Q ' 13 if r ' .. 9 F X, WY 1 K Q ... .L 44-

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