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jfff fiffffg gif M' X I xg VSX gm g Q0 ' wg? Q 2 i 5 X65 E . ' Q uiiin , if ya ai g 5 ,fs i Q 3 fl" 2 t i ,J l i t f l ' gfaifi K Q I , I -,-- I MX NJ M ,, We, the members of the TURTLE STAFF and the CLASS of '46, hereby dedicate this yearboolc to Mr. Reynolds in appreciation for his willingness and interest shown in helping us with our school paper and year- book. l I 0 Charles Ellenberger Ma,-I4 jackson Hubert Sherwood Vera Gilmore Eleanor Hoffman Edgar Gumbert Elizabeth Ofrazia Sybil Odell l.ee Reynolds Doris Foy MY . David Ulmer Blanche Howard Norman Manners Ann Behler Louis Varricchio Gene Trexler Fister . K ' we 'Ihre' '15 . f 513 ' V -. k ' K egg 4 5 15 J .- 2 -f ' ' - -, , f'-- X?'?fQf59'fi',fx'yfQ?'F, Xi?-2' l l f gi, ::4f3gg.gp5j,' ,,.w: ,EE .- -, fa? f fzffu' QQ: Q -. jig" -, rggqjfigxxzy J.q9fff:,y5Yi3lWAf A lgggw - qw? fgxwfy f zefw WWW , A .W ffwv 'Relax wzkw Q 1 Y 1 :Q ix g ui . , H L i "'lp1H"'l', 1 , -.,,, M135 . ik Y 55 ' 5 5 Z. . Mgt it M, 2361 '73, F . 'fir . . . Wag 'fig t. 51:5-:-,1' 4' 3 41- , V, ',.' f , 4 3 i Simon Holowach-"Happy", our Vice-Presi. Charles Alcoir n-"Chuck," our President, is dent is best lcnown for his name. i known for his neat clothes. Lois Declcer-Lois is our "jacl4-of-all-trades." Herald Swift-l-lerald Finds girls more She is really a busy -gal. interesting than Edinboroites. y Homer lflutehison-"Hutch", our math whizri Bette Hostetler-Bette, with the natural curly can Find X anywhere. hair, was the editor of this issue. ,MMM-M Jack Rodgers--Jack is the Uwonder boy ol our class, he excels in everything, Pauline Sup-upollyn plans to go on to higher Fields in chemistryz James Alwarcl - "Jimmy" enjoys making friends and keeping them. Phyllis Dunton--"Phyl" is known for her corny jokes. Betty Sedor-Betty is the conversationalist ol our class. Helen Anderson-l-lelen divides her time between lfclinboro and Don of Spring Creek. Paul Hale-Paul gives us tlwat "summer in winter feeling with luis polo slwirts. Mary Rogersflvlary leaves us so slwe can spend more time witlw Whitey. Joel Fuller-Joel is one person vvlwo never argues. l'le is alvvays agreeable. Margaret Holup - "Maggie s,'i tliinlcing ol malcing use ol her Home Economics Course. Pearl Hayes-Pearl spent in tlwe library. of lwer time Josie Berger'-'Josie will because slwe lias a pleasant a line wile Bob Stevenson-Bob is best known lor the Shirley Troyer-Shirley is one girl who has way he plays his bass Fiddle. Finally mastered tier bookkeeping. Velma Robbins-Velma spends a lot ol lwer Marion Roos-Marion Finds something to time at tl'1e skating rinklll lauglw at no matter where it is. Catherine Davi,S4"KdlY" spends tier time Lloyd De Brakeleer-We still think Lloyd collecting boys pictures and autographs. puts luis lwair up every night. ,W , ,,,,,,T,,,,, Harold Campbell- "Reel" is best lcnovvn by Mary Ann Porter--Mary I, i.,.n spencls most of his hair. b her time waiting lor pete s letter. an e,e,s J ' y A I f t Charlotte Rinderle-Charlotte keeps up the John McLaughlin "Johnny Lt' 1 i l t , fee vt seems to have a , ' . 's""" s he s Pl 1 K so 's,V2- morale of a certain bo in our class. herd time kee in his car ke s from "Pete" Y F3 3 Y Scott Brown-"Scotty" spends his time won- Evelyn Hasbrouclc+"Evy" has clering why his motor bilce works. over all school publications. ly slaved Martha Davis-uMertH has clone well at sup- plying coach with icleas lor gym class. Frank Herrmann-"Pete," still lilces Penn State. We wonder whylll Laura Rugala-Laura has spent a goocl bit ol her time writing letters. Gene Tucci-We don't lcnovv just why "Jr," was in school alter football season. Anite Iverson-Although Anita is very quiet, she is a swell Friend to all. Joe Petrov-"Joe" won a state championship in Vocational Agriculture. A,.,1 l k . r ..,.. 2 - Catherine Bernoslci-Hlfatyn, our sweater girl, Tom Shaylco-"Toms" main interest seems to devotes her time to Home Economics. be in Mill Village. Harrison Kunkel-H"-Bun" Finds it hard to lceep Elsie TauMElsie is now sporting a diamond his mind on subjects other than Nancy. on the third Finger of her left hand. Marion Briggs-Marion has helped mal4e our dances a success with her posters. CLASS WILL We, the CLASS of 1946, declaring ourselves of solid body and sound mind, hereby bequeath the following articles to the bored teachers and brilliant students of Edinboro l-ligh School: Charles Alcorn-leaves his footprints. James Alwarcl-leaves Dick Tracy in the library wondering how he does it. Helen Andersonfleaves pearl Arris a book entitled, HQW TO GET YQUR MAN. Catherine Bernoski-leaves Luther after seeing him place a thumb tack on her chair. Josie Borgergleaves to see if she can make use of her l-lome Economics Course. Marion Briggs-leaves her art ability ,to Richard Rockwell. Scott Brown!leaves his bicycle parked in Paul l-lale's garage. Harold Campbellfleaves his red hair to Stella Mukina to match her blushing complexion. Catherine Davis-leaves, giggling as usual. . Martha Davisvleaves her books on the corner of Mr. Jacksons desk, satisfied in that they will fall in the waste paper basket. Lloyd De Bralceleer-leaves his wavy hair to George and Gordon Peters. Lois Declcergleaves, still hoping to grow an inch taller. Phyllis Dunton-leaves her locker for Mr. Jackson to clean out. Joel Fuller-leaves as quietly as he came. Paul Hale-leaves his yodeling to Mr. Varricchio. Margaret Holup-leaves the building with Tom Shayko. Evelyn Hasbrouck-leaves to see how soft an oyster bed is. Pearl Hayes-leaves her glasses to anyone who wants them. Frank Herrman-leaves, hunting his dream girl, who incidentally has red hair, green eyes and is 5' by Sf. Simon Holowachfleaves regretfully his last period typing class. Bette Hostetler-leaves, hoping not to be back next year. Homer Hutchisonfleaves thinking of "Bell Bottom Trousers." Anita lverson-leaves her speed test for Miss Foy to figure out. Harrison Kunlcle-leaves the wrinkled-faced teachers very happy after his being ushered to the back door by Mr. Reynolds. John McLaughlin-leaves his conquering smile to lrwin l-lecker. Joe Petrov-leaves his record of Vocational Activities to Delos Port, who is not far behind. Mary Ann Porter-leaves the high school boys for the one she's engaged to. Charlotte Rinderlefleaves the library window since she never saw anything interesting anyway. Velma Robbins-leaves, wondering what Betty Grable has, besides blond hair, that she hasnt .lack Rodgers-leaves No. Q3 to anyone who can get it clean. Mary Rogers-leaves her French Book to George Cochran. Marion Roos-leaves notes telling all the teachers how much she likes them Cthey're in disappearing inkl. Laura Rugala-leaves her short skirts to Mabel Wright. Betty S2dOY"l6dV6SKiO write Santa Claus a letter because all she got in her stocking last year was a runner Cshe expected a pole vaulterl Tommy Shaylco-leaves no remembrance behind-only declares that people should and could never forget him. Pauline Supgleaves a page of her hand writing to Mr. Ulmer because he claims it is genuine hieroglyphics. Bob Stevenson-leaves Edinboro. ffontinuecll Herald Swift-leaves his Ford parked in iront oi the DAIRY BAR. Elsie Taueleaves to become one oi the Joneses. Shirley Troyer-quietly leaves, alter lalling dovvn the last three steps. Gene Tucci-leaves his ability to carry on a one-sided conversation to Ed Chamberlin. All the Seniors leave alter extending our thanks to all our teachers vvho were so patient with us. We regret that we caused our teachers so many gray hair. We leave them one bottle oi aspirin and one bottle of hair dye. We want to thank Mr. Ellenberger for all the privileges he extended to our class. Convinced that our teachers' ellorts were not in vain, vve leave one oi the best schools in existence-'EDINBQRG l'llGl'l SCHQQL. CLASS HISTCRY FRESHMAN Qn September 'l, l94Q, titty-three oi the greenest Freshmen imaginable entered the doors ol E. I-l, S. Miss piahler and Miss Brumbaugh, our home room teachers, helped us to get under way and get most ol the green rubbed oil. We elected the lollovving otlicers: Presiclentflack Rodgers Vice-president'WHelen Wolchick Secretary'A'l.ois Decker lreasurery Mary Ann Porter Class Advisorsflviiss Brumbaugh Miss Pfahler During our lreshman year, vve had only one big feature, our Christmas Party. SOPHOMORE With summer a thing oi the past, vve entered school again, eager to meet our friends, some of whom vve had not seen in all summer. Alter our tirst class meeting, we were organized as iollovvs: president! Simon Holowach Vice-president Helen Wolchick Secretary ffMary Ann Porter lreasurerfalack Rodgers Class fdxdvisorv-Mr. Curry During our second high school year we had skating parties to help raise funds ior our Junior prom. JUNIOR We returned to school in a very ambitious mood. This was to be almost the most important year in our high school career. We elected ollicers as follows to help us: President-Simon Holowach Vice l7residentYCharles Alcorn Secretary-Mary Ann Porter Treasurer-Jaclc Rodgers Class Advisor-Miss Gilmore We sold hot dogs and pop at the lootball games and pop at basketball games and at a few dances. Vfe sponsored a l-lalloween Party lor the school and picleed potatoes a couple ol days as a class to increase the treasury lor our Junior Prom. Cur class play HA Mind ol Her Qwnu was presented April J3. Plans lor our Junior Prom and Banquet were gradually shaping into reality. We held our banquet and prom at Culbertson l"'lills Gold and Country Club. George Webers orchestra played lor the occasion. SENIOR With our last year ol school under way, we elected the lollowing ollicers and started our activities lor the year: President-Charles Alcorn Vice President-Simon Holowach Secretary-Mary Ann Porter Treasurer-Jaclc Rodgers Class AdvisorfMr. Jackson We have had a "Back to School" dance and a i'Sl4irt and Sweater" dance. ln November we had our pictures tal4en for the yearboolc. Alter our mid-year Hexamsn we settled down lor what was to be the last semester spent in Edinboro l-ligh School. Cn May Q and 3 we gave our class play "Clarence" CLUBS Charles Alcorn-Union City l'-ligh School J, Class Vice President 3, Junior Play 3, Class president 4, Senior lDlay 4, Edinhi Stall 4, Turtle Statl 4, Mixed Chorus 4. James Alwarci-Baslcetball J, Boys Chorus J-Q, Chess and Checlcers Q, Mixed Chorus Q, Senior play 4. Helen Anderson-lri-l'li-V J, l-lome Ec. Club J-Q, Band J-Q-3-4, Girls Chorus Q-3, Qrchestra 3, Junior play 3, Ensemble 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior play 4, Edinhi Statl 4, Home Nursing 4. Catherine Bernoslci-Dramatics Club J, Social Usage J, l-lome Ec. Club 3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, l-lome Nursing 4. Josie Borgerf'lri-l-li-Y J, l'-lome Ec. Club Q-3-4, Senior play 4, Art Club 4, Home Nursing 4. Marion Briggsflri-l-li-Y J, Home Ec. Club Q-3, Junior Play 3, Senior play 4, Dramatics Club J, l-lome Nursing 4, Mixed Chorus 4. Scott Brown' 'Boys Chorus JVQ, Mixed Chorus J-Q, Golf J-Q, Athletic Club J, Chess and Checlrers J, Model Club president J, Football 3, Baslqetball 3-4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4. Harold Campbell Union City l-ligh School J-Q, F. F. A, 3-4. Catherine Davis l-lome lic. Club J-3'4, Social Usage J, Dramatics Club J, Library Club 4, Home Nursing 4. Martha Davis-Social Usage 'l, l-lome Ec. Club 1-Q-4, Library Club 3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, l-lome Nursing 4. Lloyd De Brakeleer-Burgettstown lr-ligh School 'I-Q-3. Lois Decker-Girls Chorus 1-Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus 'I-Q-4, Ensemble 'l-Q, Cperetta 3, l-lome Ec. Club 'I-Q, Class Secretary 1-Q, Band 'I-Q-3-4, Orchestra 'l-Q-3, Junior Play 3, Senior play 4, Cheerleader 4, Edinhi Staff 4, Turtle Stati 4, Home Nursing 4, Mixed Ensemble 4. Phyllis Dunton-Girls Chorus 'I-Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus 'l-Q-4, Band 'I-Q-3-4, Orchestra 'I-Q-3, Turtle Stalt 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Operetta 3, Social Usage 'l, l-lome Nursing 4. Joel Fuller-F.F.Px. 'I-Q-3-4, Baseball Q, Chess and Checkers 'l. Paul Hale-Millcreek l-ligh School 'l, Vincent Q, Mixed Chorus 4, Basketball 4. Evelyn Hasbrouck-Social Usage 'l, Tri-l-li-V Q, Band 3-4, Girls Chorus 3-4, lfdinhi Staff 3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Turtle Staff 4, Operatta 3, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4. Pearl Hayes-Dramatics Club 'l, Social Usage 'l, Library Club Q-3-4, Press Club 4. l'lome Nursing 4. Frank Herrman-FFA. 'l-Q-3-4, Baseball i-Q, Chess and Checkers 'l, Boys Chorus 'I-Q, Mixed Chorus 'i-Q-4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4. Simon Holowacl1fl:ootball Q-3-4, Model Club 'l, Chess and Checkers 1, Social Usage 'l, Class Dresident Q-3, Vice President 4, Senior Play 4, Boys Chorus 1-Q, Mixed Chorus 1-Q-4. Margaret Holupfljbrary Club W-Q-3-4, Dramatics Club 'l, Social Usage 'l, Junior play 3, Senior Play 4, Home Nursing 4, l-lome Ec. Club 3-4. Bette Hostetler-Dramatics Club 'l, Tri-Hi-Y 1-Q-3-4, Girls Chorus 'I-Q-3, Edinhi Stati Q-3-4, Turtle Stali 4, Junior play 3, Senior play 4. Homer HutchisonfStrong Vincent 'l, Football Q-3-4, Basketball 4, Senior Play 4, Co-captain Football 4, Turtle Stati 4. Anita lversonfl-larrisville l-ligh School 4, Woodlawn l-ligh School Q, Munhall High School 3, Girls Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 4, l-lome Nursing 4. Harrisonilfunlcel-Football 3-4, Basketball 'i-Q, Senior play 4, Edinhi Statl Q-3-4, Turtle Stati 4, Mixed Chorus T-Q-4, Qctet W, Model Club T, Social Usage 'l. John McLaughlin-lflkcreek l-l.S. 'l-Q, F.l:.fAx. 3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, FFA. Basketball 4. Joe Petrov-FFA. 1-Q-3-4, Chess and Checkers i-Q, Fhfx. Basketball 4. Mary Ann PorterAGirls Chorus 'l-Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus T-Q-4, Band 'l-Q-3-4, Qr- chestra 'i-Q-3, Turtle Stati, 4 Junior play 3, Senior Play 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Social Usage 4, l-lome Nursing 4. Charlgttg Ll3inderlefDramatics Club 'l, Social Usage 'l, Library Club Q-3-4, lfdinhi fd . Velma Robbins-Union City l'ligh School i-Q, Home Nursing 4. Jack Rodgers-Boys Chorus 'l, Basketball 'l-Q-3-4, Captain 4, Qctet 'l, Football 3-4, Mixed Chorus 'I-Q-4, Band 1-Q-3, Qrchestra 4-Q-3, Junior play 3, Mixed Ensemble 4, Edinhi StaFi1-Q-3, Senior play 4, Turtle Stati 4, Social Usage 1. Mary Rogers-Dramatics Club T, Social Usage 'l, Library Club Q-3-4, Press Club 4. Marion Roos-Cleveland l-l.S. 7, Girard l'l.S. Q, Girls Chorus 3, l'lome Nursing 4. Laura Rugula-Dramatics Club 'l, Home Nursing 4, Library Club Q. Betty Sedor-Social Usage 1, Library Club Q, Tri-l-li-Y 1-3, Girls Chorus 3, Home Nursing 4. Herald Swift-FFA. 'I-Q-3-4, Chess and Checkers T-Q, Senior Play 4, Class Treasurer 3, Pauline Sup-Tri-l'li-Y 'l, Girls Chorus 'l-Q-3, Mixed Chorus T-Q, Orchestra 3, Social Usage 'l, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Home Nursing 4. Thomas Shayko--Union City High School 'I-Q, PFA. 3-4. Elsie Tau-Band 3, Qrchestra 3, Social Usage T, l'lome Nursing 4. Shirley TroyerfUnion City l-ligh School 'l-Q, l-lome Nursing 4. Gene Tucci-F.l:.A. 'l-Q-3-4, Baseball 'I-Q, Football 1-Q-4, Chess and Checkers 'l. CLASS PROPHECY THE TRAVELS or RODGERS lt is the year 1966 and the whole universe is talking about the exploration of Pluto the last and most distant planet in our solar system. Our pilot was Captain Herald Swift of the Earth Space Fleet. l'lis reliability as a pilot is well known among all the planets. Perhaps the most famous person on board was Dr. Pauline Sup. Dr. Sup was investigating the landscape and looking for a likely spot to build an observatonf. Un the return trip our first stop was the planet, Neptune, where we refueled our space cruiser. Neptune is very sparsely settled, l never knew the answer until Captain Swift told me that Thomas Shayko had chosen this planet for the testing ground of his famous "synthetic Corn Cob Pipes." At the home of Simon l'lolowach, the well renowned batchelor and poet, l met Dr. Charles Alcorn who was looking for the cure of lovesickness. Dr. Alcorn was learning a few new angles from Professor l-lolowach. The good doctor invited me to return the rest of the way to earth with him. l graciously accepted and a few hours later l climbed aboard his sleek speedy Kurl Kosmic Kar. f-le informed me that l-larrison Kunkel had bought out the ford Motor Car Company and had started to build space craft. After a few hours of flight we arrived at Uranus, the planet of culture. ln order to kill a few hours we attended the Uranus foundation where we heard an interesting lecture by Dr. Lloyd De Brakeleer on mfhe value of Self-Confidence." l-lis able assistant Miss Margaret l"lolup illustrated the main points of the lecture on the Tele- board. As we walked down the corridor of the building Dr. Alcorn pointed to a sign that read HP. l'l. Dunton, Piano lessons by hour or day." At the last door in the corridor we heard two women arguing. The sign on the door told us that it was the office of Professor Catherine Bernoski, Superintendent of Schools. One of the women argued in French so immediately we knew that Mille. Mary Rogers was having trouble with her students again. The next day we set out for Saturn. We arrived there in time for lunch. Stop- ping at Borger's Borsht Bowl we ate a light meal and talked about E. f'l. S. with Josie herself. Before we left we each drank a toast for old times sake. The toast was milk from Alward's Dairy. The milk was a bit sour, so Charlie slipped me a stick of gum l had never tasted anything like it. The wrapper was printed Wiggleyis Sparcmint Gum, manufactured by Tau-Anderson and Co. Our next stop was Jupiter. Dr. Alcorn wanted to look up a few facts at the Library of Planets, the largest library in the solar system. Under the direction of Libra- rian Charlotte Rinderle this organization has become most famous. So much in demand is admission into it, one must obtain library permit from l-lead Bookkeeper froyer. Shirley got her start in Miss Qfrazia's bookkeeping class back in high school, and now is in charge of the entire financial department of the Planet Jupiter. Just as we boarded our ship for the next lap of our journey, l purchased a copy of "The Jovian Jupn the outstanding newspaper of the planet. It is owned, edited and published by Mrs. Bette l'lostettler Brainbuckle who does most of the reporting, newswriting, and typesetting too. Glancing through the paper l noticed a two page ad announcing the sale of Browns Super Atomic Rocket motor Space Bike-a new product. All bikes are painted red and yellow. We came in through the asteroids late that evening. Not being able to find our destined stop, we inquired for directions at a wayside rocket power station. We recognized the attendant as Anita Iverson and were surprised to learn that she had opened a chain of power stations all through the sateroids. Entering the city limits oi l.ltopia, we observed the sign which said, "Utopia, iounded 1954 by Catherine and Martha Davis." The doctor and l decided that the girls must have become bored by liie on Earth, and decided to get away from it all. That night my sleep was troubled by a sign blinking outside my window. Just as l pulled the shade l looked closer and read l mind anyone s business lor a price signed, available Hasbrouck. The next day we moved on to Mars. Beside a canal was a little park in which stood a monument. lt was a memorial to Joseph Petrov who aided so much in famous irrigation project. Mr. Petrov was at present working on a plan to bring water to the moon. As we stood there gazing at the monument we heard scmething and turned in time to catch a glimpse oi Frank l-lerrmann driving one oi the tractors he was selling. Later we strolled through a gigantic orchard of all kinds ol lruit. A worker told us that it was owned by l'larold Campbell, and that ever since he was elected President oi the Red-l-leaded League he has grown withery but red colored iruit. When we reached Earth l thanked Dr. Alcorn lor the delightful trip, said good- bye and took the first bus to Edinboro. Edinboro, you know, is one ol the largest cities on the planet. It is second only to McLane. Edinboro owes its rapid growth to l-lomer Hutchison who pioneered in city planning alter receiving the basic funda- mentals in P. Q. D. class. The outstanding organization of the city is the Womenis Club organized by Miss Pearl l-layes. l decided the next day to make a complete tourvol the planets so l set out lor Venus. Venus is best known lor her beauty, so l wasn t surprised to Find Betty Sedor running a beauty parlor there. As l stood, gazing at the billboard oi a theater which featured the First lady oi the stage and screen, Marion Briggs, l heard a deep loud voice call out my name. l turned around only to have my hand seized by John McLaughlin's mighty Fist. l hadnit seen John since he had become the mightiest mortal in the universe. l'lis UDynamic Relaxation" course really builds men. Later l set out lor Mercury, the playground oi the planets. As l approached the planet a loud rumble drowned out, even the motors oi my ship. It was a roller skating rink, and the largest one l had ever seen. The sign was painted on the roof: 'Rugula's Rocket Roller l2ink', L. Rugula, proprietor. l went inside and received a pair of one wheeled skates which l lound l could not stand up on. Two skating in- structors rushed to my aid. They were Marion Roos and Velma Robbins. They ex- plained that the skates were their own invention and that they had taught many famous people how to skate on the 'Robbins' skate. Leaving l traveled until l saw below me a beautiiul lake. Cn my map it was chartered 'iAbinboro Lake," but l did not learn until later that it had been discovered by Bob Stevenson who had come in search oi a spot to open his boat bicycle car and air sled livery. l had some motor trouble while Flying over the Mercuria Alps and l was lorced to make a landing among them. l climbed out to look at my engine but was lured to the edge of a clump oibushes by some yodeling. l saw seated on the edge oi the clill, Paul l'lale and Mary Ann porter. l assumed that paul was trying out a new kind oi yodel, and lor that and other reasons, l decided l should not bother them. l signaled a ship that was Flying overhead. It was piloted by Lois Decker, oi the "Decker Detective Agency." Lois took me back to a small village that turned out to be the training camp of the Mercurian Mugwumps. The ball club was owned by Ton. Joel Fuller who was now in the senate. Manager Gene Tucci showed me around t e camp. l obtained some spare parts and returned to my rocket. l fixed the motor in no time at all. As l flew back to Earth l lelt that, alter all, the years spent attending Edin- boro l-ligh School had not been in vain. Few other classes could equal ours. FAREWELL TO E. H. S. The class ol 1946, lull of years and wisdom, being ready to cast oil this robe of mortality and pass forever to immortality, and being willing to have those who follow profit by our considerable store ol lcnowledge, experience, and other impedimenta, dc hereby and hereupon sign a hearty farewell. We leave little undone-we have tried everything. Time must go on, and so must we, and Find our place in the world, May we thus part, saying that it was a swell party, and an experience which we will all long remember. l-lere's hoping that when we are old and gray we will not need to loolc baclc and say Nl-low l wish l would have worked in school and learned something. It would have been so helpful now." . jf!-me 'TWH-Jlqk W riff' M . f Q: g, ' XS. 5!'J"6tLMWg yvfitlihly of M qi: ' Eiititwffigi ,ij UM llfrftff ta MQW NJQBfQQV.a1ffM, gi lffaflffiiffgffr EVMll?wt?5f,,1Rr 'F i '? JUNIORS Row 'lz H. Wellman, M. Belyan, C. Florelc, M. Wright, E. Porter, W. Harper, S Caulman, N. Dillen, H. Cap, E. Slcallco, Z. Peterson, M. Riley, F. Williams. Row SZ: Miss Qlrazia, D. Dowler, D. Hostettler, P. Rockwell, E. Kingen, G. Klempay Y. Sherwood, G. Tau, J. Schiedemantel, S. Mulcina, B. Kiehl, P. Arris, L. Pristis, M Sauers, F. Emerson, G. Peters. Row 3: A. Rowland, A. Batchelor, D. Porter, R. Walicer, J. Clover, G. Emerson, J fggflcmees, Millspaw, l. Heclcer, G. Cochran, J. Oiiner, D. Lawrence, G. Peters . arne . Junior Class Officers President-Marcella Sauers Vice President-Andrew Batchelor Secretary-Catherine Florelc Treasurer-Zelma Peterson Class Advisor-Miss Ofrazia SOPHOMORES Row'l: R. Warren, H. Cupak, M. Harned, B. Barnes, J. Buclcoslci, A. Silcora, B Crozier, E. Lloyd, D. Hamilton, B. Tuttle, H. Kennedy, R. Peters, J. Salen, D. Coyle. Row Q: Miss Gilmore, J. Nason, V. Mcfxtee, L. Lodge, C. Eastman, P. Saltez, D Zindel, M. Folmar, B. Baker, D. Holowaclw, C. Campbell, M. Freeman, B. Tau, L Fetteroii, L. fxlward. Row 3: M. Skallco, C. Windsor, J. Sedor, N. Sauers, A. Sheets, A. Budzowslci D. Severance, W. Gliering, R. King, C. fxlvvard, D. Eastman. Row 4: J. Burawa, J. Pontius, H. Brumbauglw, E. Atkinson, H. Kingsley, D. Hoag A. Hayes, lr, Hutcliison, H. Tau, L. Henretty, J. Coon. Sophomore Class Officers President-Ted Hutchison Vice-President-Andrew Sheets Secretary-Barbara Tuttle Treasurer-W. Ghering Class Advisor-Miss Gilmore FRESHMEN Row 'l: J. Maynard, l-l. Davis, l. Cap, D. l-larris, D. l'larned, C. Alcorn, E. Declcer A. Emerson, S. Wilkins, P. Phillips, A. l-lorn, V. l-licks, Q. l-larayda. Row Q: V. l-luyclc, M. Burger, E. Zulovicli, V. Cliivari, M. Zulovicli, D. Ellis, A Heclcer, J. Van Luven, B. l-lawlcins, P. Waldo, A. Clavvson, M. Mack. Row 3: E. Gumbert,Jr., E.Wellman, A. Novotnv, J. Bonlg S.Speclc, G.Dana, l Warner, S. Rugula, T. Willriclw, E. Roos, l.. Bull, B. llniclg G. l-lrinl4o, B. Santos. Row 4: F. Slcelton, F. Mulcina, E. Dundon, ls. Foy, T. Vader, W. Colvin, G. Wlweeler l.. Mcclallen, J. l-lurta, l-l. Walwa, D. Carrier, lf. Brown, B. Claar, C. lverson. Freshman Class Officers president--Eddie Dundon Vice president--E. Gumbert Secretary ---Tom Willrich Treasurer--H Tom Warner Class Advisor-'Miss Fister 5 2 X N N Z ax ix. Y keg akx Lil XXV, 'x Rx xi Rx I X ,HN ' XX xx Y Q md'-XZ V XX K, , R 2 X 2 X 3 wx vii xxx 1 ENR A, WM S V Mwvxvv, Vx wr X 'WW-...M H' V xnxx V wwmwymvwwi, fi f" 1 XE 'ff4Q"'V' L ARMRMX E ffl ' I 1 . ffl r i' if xx' A K 'Ugly 2' :gg- i'f.K'.3 gsgf Our Coaches I X ff ' Mr. Sherwood W- Q f . gj,Afg awww 4, if me aj' sr .-'81 Q Q I Jn f- 1 ' '52 NM Qyumfg' w . K rg fs lf' ix? 4, : .if W, . bg, in ,, J 545 X W 4 Y my , . 'W 3,5 'Q ,334 Q 2 ga .sis rx fr ' 'sw F lyulilljk gag 474 K N x,ff,g A 'lit f'7Zsg. '9 f ' w ,,ig3.- rf, , Q ',' bw, fn: :.2.Ig, 'Q s'-, ' '. . 3 . if ,M xv ' H N as Name Jaclc Rodgers .lerry Clover John McNees Diclc Walker Ted Hutchison Bill Millspaw Height 5' 'IO" 5' 10" 61 QU 5' 811 51 Q11 5' QU Position guard guard center lorwa rd forwa rd g u a rd Slcetch This was Jaclls third season on the varsity. l-lis one-hand shots from the foul line paid him dividends. l'le was high scorer. Jerry holds two letters for service on the varsity. A good shot from any place on the court, Jerry will lead the team next year. "Macs" territory is under the bucket. l-lis six feet odd inches will help him out a great deal next year. This is his First year on the varsity. Diclc received his second letter this year. A valuable ball handler, Diclc also showed extra-ordinary ability in retrieving the ball from the banking boards. led was a sophomore this year. l-le started every game and held down his position well. l-le will be a valuable player in the future. Bill played substitute guard most of the season, but he will come into his own next year. Bill is left-handed and shoots a shot hard to block. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 'l: Coach Sherwood, R. Fuller, F. Slfelton, E. Dundon, N. Fuller, R. Batchelor, Mgr. E. Gumbert, Jr. ' Row Q: l. Lloyd, R. Doucette, F. Wallcer, P. Perry, T. Warner,' R. Evans, R. Mallory, C. Campbell, R. Biby, L. Boylan, L. Peterson. Row 3: J. Warner, J. Willey, H. Taylor, R. Johnson, M. Erb, L. Bull, M. McAtee. The Jr. High baslcetball season started out with a squad of twenty-four, most of them staying out lor practice the whole season. A majority ot this large squad was seventh graders which is an indication ot the interest shown in Jr. High baslcetball in our school. According to Coach Sherwood it is also an indication of stronger Jr. High teams in the future, as most ol the size on the squad came from the seventh grade. These younger players were given a chance throughout the season to get valuable game experience, and, as a result, will be back next year as experienced players. This year the Jr. High sends tour freshman on to the varsity ranks, namely: Ed. Dundon, F. Slcelton, Ed. Roos and Tom Warner. All the good wishes ot the Jr. High squad go with these boys as they leave Jr. High. ln league competition the Baby Turtles won 5 games and lost 'IO and had to cancel one due to an epidemic of measles in Cambridge Springs. At the close ol the league season they were invited to participate in the second annual ALBION JR. HIGH INVWATIONAL TOURNAMENT which they accepted. r l l l t Dm. 2 -S fs ,...awg.Zf FOOTBALL Row 'lr Manager E. Gumbert, Jr., G. Dana, N. Fuller, R. King, F. Slcelton, W. Ghering, E. Roos, Manager E, Dundon. Row Q: S. Holowach, D. Hostettler, H. Kunlcel, W. Millspaw, T. Hutchison,J.Ollner, A. Batchelor, S. Rugala. f Row 3: H. Hutchison, J. Clover, J. Mclxlees, J. Rodgers, D. Mack, G. Tucci, Assistant Coach H. Sherwood, Head Coach E. Gumbert. For the Edinboro Turtles, the 1945 grid season has been the best season lor several years. Although there were seldom enough boys lor two complete teams, the spirit was marvelous and the determination to improve was splendid. The success ol the season can be attributed to this line spirit and to the excellent coaching of Mr. Edgar Gumbert, new at Edinboro High School as ol 1945. ln regard to the season, the team made better scorings away from home than on their own Field. It is just one ol those things that cannot be explained. The team had exactly eight days to prepare to meet a strong Albion combine, who had been practicing lor several weelcs. During this time Coach Gumbert had to train practically a whole new baclclield. Being so unprepared, Edinboro lost its First start on September 'l4, by a score ol T3-6. EIGHTH GRADE President-Carol Peterson Vice-president-Franlc Walker Secretaryffvlarjorie Gross lreasurerfpaul Perry Class Aclvisor4Mr. George Row 'lz G. Wright, M. Gross, K. Tuttle, C. Budzowslci, H. Petrov, A. Alvvard, F Mcfaxndrews, L. MCAHdF6WS, R. Belyan. Row Q: D. Ryan, R. Showman, A. Hall, C. Peterson, A. Van Deventer, W. Warren E. lroyer, C. Campbell, L. Boylan, F. Wallcer, Mr. George. Row 3: R. Perry, R. Batchelor, W. Severance, J. Shovvman, R. Johnson, N. Fuller J. Severance, R. Windsor, l-l. Diehl. SEVENTH GRADE Rresidentvfvlilton Erl: Rovv'l: B. G. Findley, V. Mack. Row Q: T. L. Peterson, Row 3: T. M. Erb, H. Vice Rresident'Dolores Hoig Secretary-Jane Scheidemantel Treasurer-Barbara Stanford Class Advisor-Miss B. Howard Stanford, B. Niederriter, N. Maynard, E. Rldsity, R. l'larned, D. l'loig R. Brumbauglw, N. Alcorn, M. Kingsley, J. Rosengrant, J. Sclrieidemantel l-lrinlco, C. lroyer, J. Willey, M. l-lemme, M. Wiley, V. Haynes, R. Fuller J. Somerville, Miss B. l'lovvard. Lloyd, J. Warner, R. Doucette, R. Biby, R. Scott, R. Skelton, R. Evane Taylor, R. Mallory, M. Hurta, M. Mcfxtee, l.. Roscinslti. I I I . ufggx 355531 FOOTBALL fContinuecD Determined to do better the next time, the Turtles invaded Fairview and brought home an outstanding victory. Being outplayed the First hall and trailing by a score of 6-O, the squad bounded baclc to score 7 points on a long touchdown run by Rodgers, and to score 7 more when End Jerry Clover carried the ball across during the Final stages ol the game. This was Edinborois tirst victory over Fairview in ten years. The following game with Union City was played in three inches ol water. Holdinga spirited visiting team until the last quarter, the boys wealcened and permitted the invaders to score their winning margin and end the game 'I3-6. Next the Turtles journeyed to Cambridge and avenged last year's defeat by trouncing the Blue and WhiteTQ-O,with Ends Clover and Batchelor doing the scoring. Due to injuries acquired in the preceding game, Edinboro lost out by yielding a scoreless tie to Conneautville. The Turtles were favored to win, but luclc was against them and the game ended O-O. Edinboro showed its best form and scoring power against Waterford October 24, the closing game ol the season. The Final score was 41-O, the Turtles scoring practi- cally at will, Hallbaclt Homer Hutchison accounted for three touchdowns, Fullbaclc Jack Rodgers two, and Quarterback Gene Tucci one. , The annual Sweater Fund Classic, the Senior-Underclassmen Game was won by the Seniors, only to prove again that a scoring baclcfield is as important as a strong line. The score was T8-O. Rodgers and Qtlner gained positions on the All-County Scholastic Team, while Home Hutchison and Simon Holowach represented lfdinboro at the All-Star Game on Thanlcsgiving Day. Next season will Find the entire line returning and of course most of the subs. Although the team will sutler the loss ol Hutchison, Rodgers, Holowach, Tucci, and Kunlcel, through graduation, next years grid chances loolt good. BASKETBALL The second team is said to be as important as the lirst team in that the harder they play, the faster they push the First string. Ours did a good job and should have some ol the glory. Here they are: Seniors Juniors Sophomores Scott Brown George Cochran Roger King Homer Hutchison John Offner Walter Ghering Jimmy Pontius The Turtles had a good season in spite ol a lew bad brealcs. As a team they scored 513 points. Basketball chances lor a championship team next year are very probable, and with practically a whole First team returning the outloolc is excellent. GIi2LS' CHORUS Under the able direction of Mr. Varricchio, Girls Chorus was well under way the second weelc oi school. Our First performance was last fall when we sang three numbers for Community Club. Alter the candlelight service we started vvorlcing on Spring Festival Music and music for Baccalaureate. Row 'lz M. Zulovich, L. Decker, F. Emerson, B. Hawlcins, M. Porter, E. Porter, D. Holowach, A. Clawson, E. Kingen, A. lverson, E. Declcer. Row Q: V. l-luyclc, L. Pristas, E. Zulovich, Y. Sherwood, L. Lodge, M. Wright, J. Van Luven, M. l-leclcer, E. Slcallto, E. Hasbrouclc.. Row 3: D. l-larrison, J. Wilkins, S. Mulcina, C. Florelc, M. Belyan, O. l'larayda, P. Dunton. D. Ellis, V. Chivari, l'l. Davis, L. Fetterolf, E. Lloyd, P. Waldo, M. Mack, Mr. Varricchio. C MIXED CHORUS Row 1: P. Arris, E. Zulovich, L. Decker, F. Emreson, B. Hawkins, E. Porter, A. Hecker, D. Holowach, C. Bernoski, L. Pristas, D. Harned, E. Kingen, A. lverson, E. Decker. Row Q: V. Huyck, L. Fetterott, H. Davis, C. Alcorn, S. Mukina, C. Florek, M. Belyan, L. Lodge, M. Wright, C. Campbell, J. Scheiclemantel, E. Skalko, H. Anderson, E. Has- brouck, A. Clavvson, M. Davis, R. Peters, H. Kennedy. Q Row 3: B. Kiehl, D. Zindel, F. Williams, J. Wilkens, E. Lloyd, M. Porter, P. Dunton, J. Nason, P. Soltez, P. Waldo, A. Sikora, G. Horn, S. Cauiman, M. Briggs. Row 4: T. Willrich, G. Wheeler, Cu. Peters, CJ. Harned, D. Lavvrence, C. Alward, F. Skelton, R. Claar, C. lverson, E. Gumbert, R. Santos, Mr. Varricchio. Row 5: G. Peters, J. Qliner, S. Holovvach, P. Hale, J. Rodgers, J. Mclxlees, J. McLaughlin, H. Kunkle, C. Alcorn, D. Dovvler, A. Sheets. Our Mixed Chorus started with a bang this year. The First day one hundred stu- dents came out for the club. Oicourse, this group had to be thinned out. Later, with a group of about seventy vve really started working toward our Christmas Candlelight Service which was a success. Since we were organized as a club vve elected officers as iollovvs: President-Jack Rodgers, Vice President-Charles Alcorn, Secretary- Mary Ann Porter, Treasurer-Phyllis Dunton, Chaplain-Simon l-lolovvach, Accom- BAND Rovv 'iz R. Santos, E. lroyer, L. lVlcLalian, W. Colvin, D. l'loig, l'l. Anderson, R. Rockwell, R. Arris, J. Scheidemantel, C. Peterson, A. Hall, K. Tuttle, G. Wright. Rovv Q: C. Troyer, R. Biby, L. Decker, R. Claar, Nl. Porter, T. Willrich, P. Dunton, J. Clover, G. Peters, D. Zindel, E. Declcer, S. Alvvard, F. Xxfallcer. Rovv 3: Mr. Varricchio, R. Doucette, A. Van Deventer, E. l'lasbrouclc, l'l. Kunl4le, W. Ghering, D. Harned, L. Rristas, C. lverson, T. Lloyd. Rovv 4: C. Campbell, F. Emerson, B. Tuttle, D. l-lamilton, J. Scheidemantel. When school started in the fall and we had our first band rehearsal it was very discouraging because only eight members turned out . It vvasnit long until things started moving and by the end of the First semester vve had a band of approximately Fifty members. SENIOR CLASS PLAY Booth larlqingtonis lamous CLARENCE was the vehicle chosen lor the Senior Class Play. l-laving an unusual amount ol talent, the play was double-cast and very successfully presented on May Q, and 3 at 8:15 p. m. in the Edinboro l-ligh School Auditorium. Clarence, a returned veteran, Finds himself hired by the Wheelers because of a misconstrued statement he malces about his ability to drive mules without svvearing. The female members of the lamily are completely victimized by his naivete, and in his innocence he straightens out the Family problems along with his ovvn. The lollovving participated in the class play: Senior Play Cast l-lelen Anclerson Mrs. Martyn Marion Briggs Paul l-lale Mr. Wheeler Simon l-lolovvach Margaret l-lolup Mrs. Xxfheeler Bette l-lostetler Scott Brovvn Bobby Wheeler l-lomer l-lutchison Lois Declfer Cora Wheeler Evelyn Hasbrouck Mary Ann porter Miss pinny Phyllis Dunton Charles Alcorn Clarence Jacl4 Rodgers Josie Borger Della Elsie lau l-larrison Kunlcel Dinwiddie Frank l-lerrmann Mr. Stem James Alvvard JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Cn Friday, November 8, 1945, at 8:15 p. m. in the Edinboro High School Auditorium the juniors presented their class play, THE HAUNTED HIGH SCHOQL, by Qrville Snapp. ' At Eagle High School, vvhere the entire action of the play takes place, it has become tradition to celebrate VOUTP-VS DAY once every year by reversing the usaul procedure and having the students change places with the teachers, the teachers taking the places of the pupilsfthis lor one day only. Shortly before the play opens, Mr. Southard, the Principal oi Eagle High School, has been run over by an automobile, resulting in his death. lvvo other unexplainable accidents occur, adding to what turns out to be a battling mystery. A detective is summoned, but his bungling eFlorts only succeed in producing a series of liascos. The board is about to close the school until the mystery is cleared, but they reclcon without the youthful determination of the students, who held a meeting and resolve to do everything vvithin their power to lceep their school open and restore lavv and order. They are successful in their worlc of clearing up the mysteries, and bringing once more lavv and order to Eagel High. The following juniors participated in the class play: Myrna Manson Ambrose Giles Cordelia Dralce Clarence Arliss Mrs. Ogden Pendleton Penny Celia Smapson Flavia Delande Butch Callahan Dopey Sheldon Esther Myles Stephen Jelierson Pearl Southard Johnnie Strupe Betty Kiehl Richard Roclcvvell Nancy Dillen Dick Walker Stella Muldna Zelrna Peterson Marcella Sauers Marjorie Riley Jerry Clover John Qifner Eleanor porter George Cochran Lucille Pristas John Mclxlees Row 'iz D. l"lamilton, L. Decker, Z. Peterson Row Q: B. Tuttle, M. Wright, M. Porter. CHEERLEADERS This year our Varsity Cheerleaders, consisting of the above six girls, worlced out a number oi new cheers for us. They deserve a great deal of credit for the time worlc they did, cheering at all the games. They received their letters, which they earned shortly alter the end ol the First semester. These girls, dressed in the school colors of red and white really showed us that they had some school spirit. They sponsored a benefit dance for the electric scoreboard Fund after the game with Apollo. TURTLE STAFF Row 'lr E. Hasbrouclc, l.. Declcer, B. Hostetler, P. Dunton. Row Q: H. Kunlcle, C. Alcorn, H. Hutchison, J. Rodgers, Mr. Reynolds Editor .......... ........ B ette Hostetler Class Will Typist .......... .... E velyn Hasbrouck Class History Music ........ ...... l, ois Decker Clubs ... ..... Phyllis Dunton Mary Ann Porter Sports .... .... J aclc Rodgers Prophecy Snapshots .... ..... C harles Alcorn Art ......... ..... H omer Hutchison Advertising .... .... H arrison Kunlcel Faculty Advisor ..... l.ee Reynolds Row 'lz H. Anderson, M. Wriglit, B. Baker, E. Decker, C. Rinderle, W. Harper, E. Hasbrouck, B. l-lostetler, B. Kielml. Standing: J. Scliiedemantel, M. Rogers, P. Hayes, C. Peterson, B. Tuttle, D. Hamilton, J. Clover, l., Decker, C. Alcorn, A. Sheets. EDINHI STAFF Tlwe many members ol our stall vvere under tlwe careful guidance of Mr. Reynolds. During time first of time year, Jack Rodgers was our editor. Tlie responsibility of editor was tlien passed on to Bette Hostetler. Editor ...........,.....,.. ..,. . . . Bette Hostetler Publications Editor .. ...,... Betty Kielsil Art Editor .......... ... Andrew Slweets Assistant Art Editor ..... ........... .... ...... ..... T o m m y Warner Sports Editor ..........................................,..... Jerry Clover Typists ...... Evelyn Hasbrouck, Lois Decker, Helen Anderson, Joanna Sclweidemantel Reporters ........................ Mary Rogers, pearl Hayes, Cliarlotte Rinderle Cliarles Alcorn, Betty Kielwl, Slwirley Caulman, Wanda Harper Barbara Tuttle, Dona Hamilton, Artliur Budyovvski, Evelyn Decker, Carol Peterson, Janie Sclieidemantel Ads ........ .............. H arrison Kunkel, Riclward Rockwell Faculty Advisor .. ............................ Lee Reynolds TR.-HI-Y Row 'lr H. Kennedy, R. Peters, D. Harned, fx. Clawson, D. Holowaclw, fix. Hecker, E. Porter, B. Hawkins, P. Waldo, M. Zuloyicln. Row Q: M. Harned M. Skalko, J. Cap, D. Zindel, G. Klempay, M. Folmar, D. Hamilton, M. Riley, A. Emerson, M. Sauers. Row 3: E. Zuloviclw, J. Salem, J. Wilkins, V.Cl'1ivari,B.Baker,B.luttle, Z. Peterson B. Hostetler, Sybil Qdell. Presidentf-Eleanor Porter Vice l9residentf4Mona Folmar SecretaryJfDorotl'1y Holowach Treasurerllviargaret Harned Faculty Advisor'fMiss Odell Led by tlwe excellent lielp ol Miss Qdell, tlwey opened tlwe year wlltlwha candlei liglit service lor tlie installation ol ollicers. ln December tliey sponsore t e annua Tri-Hi-V Clwristmas dance. We also packed a Cliristmas basket for a family vvlwose liome burned just belore tlie lwolidays. We sold salt water tatly. We lweld our annual Cliristmas party in tlie east recreation room wliere games were played and gilts ex- clnianged. Beginning tlie second semester we voted to liaye a group ol speakers Wlwo were M F tlni second was Miss to speak on Aileen-lopicsf' llwe first speaker was iss ister, e Qdell. -lliere were numerous speakers on tlnese topics wlio were residents of Edinboro. ln tlne spring we sponsored a lri-Hi-Y dance. LIBRARY CLUB Miss Gilmore, W. l'larper, F. Williams, M. Davis, C. Rinderle M. Ro ers P. l'l 1 3 1 dyes: C. Davis, Miss Olrazla. This year For the First time the library has been open all periods ol the day with the libra ' th h rran ere eac period. The newspapers and a lew new boolcs on science and arts, also some ol the recent bestsellers have been the new additions ol the year. The club is under the excellent leadership of Miss Gilmore. HOME EC CLUB Row l: V. l-luyclq E. Zuloviclm, L. Lodge, C. Dovis, P. Saltez, M. Davis. Row Q: Q. l-larayda, A. Sil4ora, V. Clmivari, C. Bernoslqi, J. Bor9er,.lVliss l-lollman. llwe l-lome Ee Club under time supervision of Miss l-lotlman consists ol 14 members and time following otticers were elected: pV2SiCfl6ULg'M6fg6f2f Holup Vice president-Lorenz Lodge Secretary-Katy Davis Treasurer-'Mary Zulowich !AXdViSOFvMiSS Hoffman As a means ol raising money tl'me members sold lmot dogs at time lmome football games. lime lmome EC Clmapter became affiliated vvitlm time Home Ee Department tlmus entitling us to purclmase time standarderized l-lome EC pens vvlwiclm we did. Eaclm member has a riglmt to clmoose lmer own projects pertaining to l-lome-malcirmg. F. F. A. Row 'l: F. l-lerman, l'l. Campbell, J. Fuller, A. Rowland, J. Petrov, Mr. Manners, A. Batchelor, l-l. Swift, J. fVlcl.aughlin. Row Q: D. l.awrence,' l.. Nlcloallan, W. Colvin, G. Dana, D. Severance, T. Vader, J. l-lerda, J. Coon, l-l. Waha. Row 3: J. Burawa, lf. Wellman, l-l. Tau, E. Foye, J. Bonl4, E. Roos, l.. l-lenretty, G. Wheeler, E. Brown, C. lverson. Qur organization met during the summer months and in July we ment to North East lor a county meeting. August found us entered in the Wattsburg Fair where we won third place in projects, third in total points and sixth in window exhibits. With the opening ol school we had thirty-eight members with sixteen ol them being green hands which were duly initiated. ln Qctober we were hosts to all the l:.l:.A. Chapters from Erie, Crawford, Warren and Forest counties lor an Qtiicer Training School. November saw us closing project books and entering the state contests where we won fourth in the entire state. Joseph Petrov and James Burawa won First place, Gasper Tucci won third, Allan Rowland and Delos port each won a seventh, and Dale Lawrence won fourteenth. l Best Liked Typical High School Student Best Looking Best Lilced Teacher Zelma Peterson Zelma Peterson Miss Ofruia .lack Rodgers Homer Hutchison Mr. Sherwood Most Athletic Best Dressed Cynthia Alcorn Betty Ann Kiehl .lacle Rodgers Charles Alcorn Man and Woman l-later Most l.ilcely to Succeed Simon Holowach Jack El0d92F Margaret Harnecl Bette Y ostet 9' EDINBORO HIGH SCHOOL Since 1941 students enrolled in Edinboro l'ligh School have been enjoying the privilege ol attending school in the new building. Edinboro High School is Fire- prooied, equipped vvith the latest gym apparatus, and chemistry and physics laboratory needs, supplies and room lor art vvorl4. Students oi Edinboro l-ligh School also have access to' the college swimming pool. A separate building houses the Vocational l-lome Economics Department, the Vocational Agricultural Department, and the school cafeteria. The gymnasium is by lar one of the best ones to be found in the county. Not only are the buildings used extensively during the day, but often at night the community enjoys the privilege of using them. As the inscription, on the east wing reads, Hpromote, then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of lcnovvledgef' so we at Edinboro are doing. Charles Ellenberger--Clarion High School, Juniata College, B. S., Columbia University, M. A. Nlarlcfveaglcson-Punxsutawney High School, Grove City College, B. S., penn State, Edgar Gumbert-Apollo High School, Slippery Roclc Teachers College, B. S. Hubert Sherwood-Edinboro High School, Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Vera Gilmore-Franklin High School, Allegheny College, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, B. A. David Ulmer-Loclc Haven High School, Loclc Haven State Teachers College, B. S., Bucknell, Cornell, Penn State, M. S. Elizabeth Olrazia-Strong Vincent High School, Westminister College, A. B., Mercyhurst, Buclcnell. Eleanor Hoffman-New Albany High School, Mansfield State Teachers College, B. S. Norman Manners-Eldersridge High School, Penn State, B. S. Louis Varricchio--Meadville High School, Allegheny College, West Chester State Teachers College, B. S., University of Pennsylvania. Doris Foy-Academy High School, Villa Maria College, B. S. Gene Fister-Kutztown High School, Kutztown State Teachers College, B. S., Columbia University, M. A., Universidad de Nacional de Mexico. Harold George-Grove City College, B. S. Lee Reynolds-Edinboro High School, Edinboro State Teachers College, Allegheny College, B. A. Sybil Odell-Allegheny High School, Edinboro State Teachers College, B. S., Penn State, M. S. University of Pittsburgh. Ann Behler-Central High School, Penn State, St, Elizabeth Hospital, Registered Nurse, American Nurse Association, American Red Cross Nurse. Blanche Howard-Edinboro High School, Edinboro State Teachers College, B. S, Columbia University, M. A., Berkley University. ff mf, , if ,xi X 3 xx .X ,uk ,X K 5 XX we h M iw ,iz RAE AX 1,-lx KKK Km 2, X 1 K A ik Sen. ,gtk 5 xxx xc x X1 X 3 Q Q ii, S' S X v 2 is R' -A N2 'M X R A 'fs K H4 az? K , ,Sz lx 'fm RQ I QS? 3' - 'V 2 Ai A M,,,5y9wI5kg7,,3'Ki 7' S! 3 ,..V-' Q h'5 ga ' ,, f 4 W gfigwiglggsgkgfg f 1 A K ' fwef .. ,K ww' I if k Sal , ,KL A 2 E , Q f 21 5 ., v ,gf M 3' ,, ,M Compliments of Eclinboro Clinic Dr. Harold A. Ghering Dr. Boyd W. Ghering Bert Kiehl's Funeral Home Courteous Funeral Service Phone 2362 Edinboro, Pa S. W. Motor ESSO Gas and Oil Erie and Market Streets Edinboro, Pa. Phone 2502 F uller's Market Meats and Groceries Edinboro, Pa. The Village Gift Shop Distinctive Gifts - Dry Goods Dry Cleaning Edinboro, Pa. Leita Ryan Hopkins Phone 2473 Beauty Salon Avis Shields, Prop. Edinboro Home Bakery Fresh Baked Goods Frank Liemer, Prop. Read the Local and Domestic News in the Edinboro Independent iigif- "Your Local Newspaper" Erie County G. L. F. Gasoline Kerosene Fuel Oil - Phone 3363 - Eclinboro Cooperative G. L. F. Edinboro, Pa. FLOUR - FEED FERTILIZER Phone 2822 Red and White Store Groceries, Meats, Produce C. C. Erb Phone 3831 Compliments of the First National Bank of Edinboro Edinboro, Pa. Zinclel 8: Stauffer . Hardware - Groceries Electrical Equipment Edinboro, Pa. STANFORD'S Super Market C. H. Stafford, Prop iii.-.i Phone 2392 Edinboro, Pa. The Prentice Shop Ladies' - Men's Furnishings Wall Paper - Notions FIRST WITH PHILCO Radios - Refrigerators Electrical Appliances Baker's Store Compliments of SHIELY 8: HUTCHINS Ladies' and Men's Furnishings and Shoes Sportswear by B. V. D. Arrow Shirts Sportswear by Mates Rugby Sweaters Cortley Clothes for Boys Clothcraft Clothes for Men SCHAUBLE STUDIOS Every Type of Photographic Service Telephone 22-413 2101 Peach Street, Erie, Penna. L. C. Schauble Ken Schauble H, J, Nelson TRASK, PRESCOTT 8: RICHARDSON DEPARTMENT STORE First Quality Merchandise State at Ninth Street Erie Pennsylvania DIEGES 8z CLUST Manufacturers of Specialty Jewelry I-1-1-I-1-1.1-, Cass Pins - Class Rings - Fraternity Pins - Medals Trophies - Plaques - Prize Cups - Bronzes Lakeside Service Station C. I. Hanson, Prop Car Repairing Official Inspection ATLANTIC GAS AND OIL PLYMOUTH - DESOTA Sales and Service Compliments of Blatt Bros. Perry Theater Albion, Pa. United Gas Station W. R. Jones Enjoy Good Food and Comfortable Lodging at Ye Olde Robinson House ON THE CIRCLE M. W. Ogsbury, Prop. Summer Rates American Plan BUY THAT Ed111b0l'0 Supply Co. NEW BICYCLE, BOAT or CANOE Complete Line of AT HOUSEHOLD and AUTO SUPPLIES Phone 3782 Edinboro, Pa. J. W. Kingen, Prop. Lee Reynolds Livery Lakeside Drive Hawkins 8: Jones PLUMBING - HEATING HARDWARE Sheetmetal Work Electrical Appliances Compliments of Lang Electric Edinboro, Pa. The Erie Daily Times Is Preferred in 9 out of 10 Homes Endicott Johnson Factory Shoe Store A complete line of Footwear For the Family at Popular Prices 1112 State Street Erie, Pa. 1: Q W , IAVORITI 926 DllRY'l0oD Y Y 6 Erie County CANDY Milk Association x Erie, Pa. Shoes - Hosiery - Bags fig -i For 11 -N Men, Women and Children X ... ofcourse Tenth and Peach I X Pause appeal Apparel and Equipment for HUNTING i ' l' Boston FISHING 1,4 CAMPING Store RIDING 5535 f W " rgf: , - MIIIIHIM Erie, Pa. L. Press 85 CO. 1206-16 State St. Erie, Pa- I G l Irving R. St. John Justice of Peace Insurance 8: Real Estate Edinboro, Pa. - Phone 2792 Coopers A Little Bit of Everything Edinboro, Pa. Zortman Schruers' Dairy Flour and Feed Co. Raw and Pateurized Milk and Cream Feed - Fertilizers - Coal Edinboro's Largest Dairy Service Building Supplies Home of "Better Feeds" Edinboro, Pa. - Phone 2453 Bud's Barber Shop Compliments of Buchanan's Bus Station The Shop of Quality CANDY ICE CREAM SOFT DRINKS Try the Drug Store First Jolley's Pharmacy F. H. Jolley, Prop. Crossroads Dinor Edinboro, Pa. Paul R. Gleeten, Mgr. Host to Travelers ' ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists in Business Training State at Eighth Street The business world is always in need of well trained Secretaries and Accountants Bill Lang Riverside Boat Livery Boats - Canoes - Motor Boats Fishing Tackle Firch's MA-MADE BREAD FIRCH BAKING CO. Erie, Pa. Cambridge Theater Cambridge Springs, Pa. The Show That Pleases The Whole Family Cargo Cleaners At Your Service for Service l,,. Cambridge Springs, Penna. CHAS HELLMAN RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Electrical Appliances Meadville St., Phone 3162 Edinboro, Pa. EDINBORO DAIRY BAR I-I-1-1-1-fel Try Our Lunches . . . Sanida Dairy Products THAT GOOD GULF GAS f.,1,f-1-.fsf-1-., SCHEIDEMANTEUS GAS STATION AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT CULBERTSON HILLS GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB l5. SPORTY 18-HOLE GOLF COURSE Club House Open Daily for Dinners Bridge Parties and Parties -...l,. RIVERSIDE BOAT LIVERY Boats -f Motor Boats - Canoes Bait and Fishing Tackle of all Kinds On the Outlet on Route 6-N, Next to Concrete Bridge HIGHLAND CAMPS OF EDINBORO Cussewago Camp for Boys Tecumseh Camp for Girls l. RIVERSIDE INN AND COTTAGES At the Bridge on 6-N Inn Open the Year Around l.... Cottages Rented in the Summer by Week or Month The CULBERTSON COMPANY Edinboro, Pa. .-.,.- ' 1 v-.L Ya n-1 ,, l.. ,Viv Q, Wu! - wi.. Q 5 9 1 ' gc? A ' .ft 3-te.. 5 5 J s-lf" 54 'T- A . A T Q W v -zu I'-34' T z . J 1 Qi ! -. .- 1 I A K . 4 . r A - - Q I yi. 'ff ,.'i 5, is Hi -is

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