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tA c of Title Page ............. Opening ................ Activities ............. Classes ................ Athletics .............. People ................. Senior Ads ............. Patrons ................ Special Messages ....... Index .................. Closing 266Wi l Aoo m V Ue j V e.w rA.m e. v At n v 'y'yA Jy (72) unbuttons his shut Edina. title pageA spirited Linaya Hall (12) combats the cold with her flag at the Homecoming parade. Before the parade. Robyn Moore (10) diligently warms up amidst a sea of her peers. Bearing Edina's colors. Bret Beecher (12) and Hans Swildens (12) glow with pride. OPE«'w°literally thousands of high schools exist in the united states of america. a small minority of this number can boast about an abundance of enriched programs; over twenty-five organizations; and an exceptional faculty, seventy-seven percent of which hold degrees beyond their bachelor’s. fewer yet have won sixty-four state championships, produce two all-state publications, and raise record breaking contributions for charity. a mere handful of schools send forth an average of more than ten national merit scholars into a community 100 years strong. one of these exceptionally rare high schools is edina high school; one in a million, ranked with the best. ... we can’t hide the pride. -v.p.cAco vy ouch. aucK. gray duck,” HC princess Beth DeVoe I A- V a i itAnne Gartner (12) and Cindy Burr (12) share a genuine faith in the ability of Concert Band. Seniors Lesley McBurney. Michelle Coleman, Jenny Bernet. and Beth Reese sport smiles. BOOM-BAH HEY KORHETS The EHS message board displays the popular “boom bah hey" spirit slogan. openingDespite the pain of performing the J'fllng." Donna Miller (12) beams at the pepfest crowd. Kate Riley (12) dominates the enthusiastic seniors on the SWIPE semi during the HC parade. rVOI M ■v A common link bound together theatrical productions, energetic tri-class bashes, award winning publications, beneficial charity drives, spirit-oriented pepfests, and popular language clubs — the link of pride. Extra-curricular activities provided a greater sense of involvement, as well as a rockin’ good time. Since such a wide diversity of activities were available, there existed a niche for all who were interested. The numbers involved, the intensity of performance, and the myriad of spirited smiles displayed proved that WE CANT HIDE THE PRIDE. The marching band contributes numerous hours in preperation to entertain spectators during halftime. 6 ACTIVITIES DIVISIONYoung Life thrives on music and smiles. Marc Paavola (10) sets the beat for a pepfest cheer. Bridget Ingram (12), Erin Kearney (12). and Molly Kelly (12) march for the Latin cause.§€441 Cf Ilf IIMI If IN€§ Spirit spread as the week dedicated for Homecoming came closer. Dresses were bought, made, or borrowed; and suits that came out from the back of the closet were dusted off and tried on for a last minute fitting. Corsages were ordered, reservations made, and plans drawn up as the dance approached. Then came Spirit Week, filled with the coronation, the pepfest, the game, and finally the dance, bringing the festive week to a close. Homecoming Court was a special one this year. As Sean Collins (12) put it. "It was picked not by popularity but by the way people are. These people acted the same all through high school. This makes a special court." The court was very unified and many new friendships were made. As Mary Shulze (12) described her experience on court, she stated, "It’s a real honor to be in such a neat group of people. We all became really close, like a family right from the start." Activities brought the court members together almost every day, establishing great friendships and an excellent Homecoming experience. As Thursday afternoon approached, the halls were humming with opinions of who would be king and queen. Angie Dobies (12). a member of court, had her own opinion which many others shared and stated, "By the time coronation came around. I realized that every single person on court was a king and queen; each in their own unique and special way." Scott Thorpe (11), Master of Ceremonies, welcomed the enthusiastic crowd to the royal ceremony. Matt Bertram (11) and Lora Aadalen (11) introduced each of the eleven couples. The royal court members were escort- ed in and nervously waited to see what would happen. With a huge hug from the 1986 Homecoming Queen, Katie DeVoe, Charlie Ei-frig (12) was crowned King. After a brief huddle with the boys, Charlie ran over, and after moments of tension and suspense, grabbed a surprised Beth DeVoe (12), crowning her Queen of Edina. The whole court celebrated afterwards during a festive reception in the library put on by Gretchen Nelson (11). Spirit and pride continued the following day during the pepfest. At 2:00 Friday afternoon masses of students and faculty decked in green and white poured excitedly into the gym. With Masters of Ceremony Chris Blum (12) Annie (Continued on page 10) Chris Blum (12) and Annie Emmer (12) lead the pepfest with an exercise. 1987 HOMECOMING COURT: Stephanie Haddad: Scott Rile: Debbie Prince: Bill McDavitt: Katie O'Rourke: Alex Holderness: Heidi Hilliker: Sean Collins; Mary Schulze: Greg Bisson; Queen Beth DeVoe: King Charlie Eifrig: Lesley McBurney: Kcrrwln Dempsey: Angie Dobies: Dean Enrico; Susie Vagnoni: Cully Vaughn: Jenny Moe: Corey Lahm: Andrea Allen: Jon Ebbert. HOMECOMINGA semi truck flatbed transported a spirited group of Senior Women through the parade. Raggedy Ann and Andy, alias Debbie Prince (12) and Bill McDavitt (12). skip through pepfestland. The Varsity Cheerleaders brought zest and candy to the young observers along 50th Street. HOMECOMING 9Emmer (12). Edina's enthusiasm was at a high. The court was clad in crazy outfits ranging from fire and ice to California Cool Raisins. The cheerleaders showed off their talent with a cheer for the royal court and crowd. The Hornettes danced to “And Then He Kissed Me" with another award winning performance. SWIPE (Senior Women) continued the excitement with a skit of chants. Showing SWIPE’s pride. Molly Holcombe (12) said with a smile,"S-WIPE is Edina High School's hottest organization! We ruled over ABGF! By the way. could anyone hear ABGF's skit at the Homecoming pepfest?!" Of course, let's not forget ABGF. our own bunch of fools, who also portrayed their school pride at the pepfest. The teachers added their support with their own version of Led Zeppelin, to bring the spirited pepfest to a close. As an added attraction, the parade was coursed through downtown Edina. Over 400 students were involved in the parade in some way or another, and it was composed, among other things, of a semi truck for the Senior Women, a gang of mopeds for members of ABGF. language floats, publications floats, the band. Cheerleaders. Hornettes. Homecoming Court, and various other components. The prize for the best float went to the Latin Club. The pride of Edina High School could not be hidden as Friday night's Homecoming game was played. With the slogan: "Come on Make Some Noise. Hornets Rock the Trojan Boys!", our football team led us through a spirited game, resulting in a 0-27 score against Wayzata. Although the game resulted in defeat. Edina's enthusiasm was at its greatest height. "Even though we lost our Homecoming game, the crowd had spirit — that's all that really counts." commented Darrin Du-fresne (11). Saturday night, the finer things appeared at the Homecoming dance. With the band Random Access. couples danced the night away with dates and friends. A new occurance this year was the court dance, during which the royal couples danced for their kingdom. With the theme "The Finer Things." the school was decorated with colorful bows, top hats, balloons, diamonds, and champagne glasses. Molly Bor-gen (12) summed the evening up by saying. " It was definitely one of the high points of my year." By Suzanne Williamson A jovial gang of seniors take time out from their enthusiastic cheering to smile for Windigo. Conducting his faculty orchestra. Mr. Charlie Eifrig (12) offers some young-Larry Stotts (fac) lets loose his free spir- sters candy while Beth DcVoe (12) conit. verses with some spectators. 10 HOMECOMINGAn unidentified member of the ABCiF clan struts across the gym with his spunky mascot. Lesley McBurney (12) and Kcrrwin Dempsey (12) portray a sizzling combo of fire and ice at the pepfest. HOMECOMING IIUMMEQ What do you remember about the summer of '87? Volleyball at "the Lake," the flash flood, or the Iran-Contra hearings? These events and more made the summer linger on in our minds long after we returned to school. Students kept busy during the summer in a wide variety of ways. One of the most popular was going to the lake, whether to participate in water sports, soak up the sun, or check out the social scene. Lake fun was also found at family cabins up North. Trips out of state were a common activity. Many students participated in sport camps, visited colleges, and some took advantage of the long vacation time and traveled overseas, such as Valerie Vandenhende (10) who "went to Spain for an awesome four weeks with my friends.” Those students who spent the summer at home observed movies like "La Bamba,” "The Untouchables.” "Full Metal Jacket" and "The Living Daylights" (which heralded Timothy Dalton as the "new" Bond). Popular music events in- cluded Motley Crue, Whites-nake. Madonna, and the Cure concerts. Kelly Salita (12), who attended the Bryan Adams concert, said "... it was jammin'." Riverfest was another place to find music. Whitney Houston, Night Ranger. (continued on page 15 ) Michelle Coleman (12). Lesley Me-Burney (12). and K.C. Saterbak (12) conquer the Montana mts. These Junior girls play on their favorite piece of Burger King equipment. 12 SUMMERSophomores nock together "up North" to experience the popular summer epidemic — cabin fever. From the waves of Lake Minnetonka. Pat McCarthy (12) catches a cool breeze. Brad Barth (12) arrives too late to defend his property from T.P.ers. SUMMER 13Ann Toepcl (12) and Beth DeVoe (12) dress Western for a night at Frontier Ranch in Colorado. 55J Un!‘ n ,2 - Malcolm Eaton ( 2) and Jeff Hayward (12) eniov Taylor s Falls. ' JOy David Dreher (12) Howell (12) pause for to ask. "which would er?" and Matt a moment you rath- GOING BEYONO THIS POINT MAY RESULT IN DEATH AND OR LOSS OF SKIING PRIVILEGES 14 SOMMERAfter a hard day's climb up Mt. Princeton, these triumphant seniors take time to relax. and Heart were among the performing acts. All were well-received, despite the poor weather. "It was raining. but fun!” reported Karen Kiang (12). "A Taste of Minnesota” and the Fourth of July fireworks display were among other spirited attractions. Aside from entertaining happenings of summer, the disastrous flood on July twenty-third affected many Edina residents. A record-breaking rainfall for the Twin Cities area created water damage to homes and businesses city-wide. Jobs were a large part of many students’ summer regimes. Some found that part-time work, while rewarding monetarily, often entailed a sacrifice of free time activities. Most felt, however, that the experiences were worth it. One of the more interesting aspects of junior Tonia Julius' job at Target was "... seeing people get arrested and people who didn't pay their bills." Besides the end of summer. August brought the Renaissance Festival, an annual fair of Medieval culture, food and craft, and the Minnesota State Fair, which enjoyed a record attendance. But all too soon colder weather and ominous envelopes containing class schedules heralded the coming Autumn as we said goodbye to the summer of '87. By Kathryn Keller Kris Pfeifer (12). Angie Borth (12). and Debbie Prince (12) play soccer in Denver. SUMMER 15Mark Scharenbroich motivates John Workinger (12) wraps him- Edina High School with his self in a blanket during the cold "Boomba-Hcy" speech. days of fall. Mr. Dale Mackereth (fac) is de- The Hornettes dance their hearts tained by the "rent-a-cop". out at the fall pepfest. 16 FALLInt'l Club members Kathryn ler. John Workinger, McCready. and Allison took to the trees in the fall. fall is a Barbara Walter’s interview question, kind of like oak trees with no leaves, dead tomato plants, and Donna Rice. — Jon Larson (10) Fall was a season of dramatic change; not only did the leaves change, but so did Edina students. They transformed from summer's wild and crazy spirits, into students slaving over chemistry and calculus exams. But the bad points of fall didn't add up to diddley squat compared to the mountain of fun that fall brought to us. The season of trees ablaze with color, brought a new school year complete with new friends, old friends, and challanges to tackle. All summer the seniors thought of methods to destroy sophomore egos, but soon abandoned their antics due to the stress of selecting colleges. After attending college meetings and reading dozens of brochures, seniors hit A BIG FAL the road during MEA to check out colleges firsthand. "School was busy due to the college rush, and all the stressful classes." commented David Kwon (12). MEA weekend for others was a time to kick back and relax, or take a final trip to the cabin. Stated Tom Colvin (10), "I like fall because I get to go up North and shoot Bambi." No matter what students did over the four day weekend they seemed to have a screaming good time. Don't forget the fall sports: soccer, cross country running, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, and, of course, football. Students donned jackets and gloves and ventured out to sit on cold aluminum benches, sacrificing their health to cheer on the Hornets. The most exciting football game definitely was Homecoming — garnished with fireworks, a rowdy mob of fans, and an entertaining halftime show that eased the pain of defeat. After the big Homecoming dance and extravagance, students had the holidays to look forward to. Halloween, cold noses, mittens, hot chocolate, and those first few flakes of snow all foreshadowed the close of a jubilant autumn and the advent of another cold Minnesota winter. By Scott Jaeger FALLITH A LITTLE HELP Having taken a quick glance through the Commons, it was hardly conceivable that one could actually form close friendships among the aweinspiring numer of people gathered here in one place. But within the confines of our school were many organizations which were helpful in aiding the formation of close friendships. Kelsey Hansen (11). a Concert Band mem- ber. explained. "During Pops, were together so much throughout the year that one can't help getting to know everyone really well." Organizations also bonded together many people with totally different interests who could connect with one common interest they shared together through their organization or activity. Sue Gebhard (11). a Ze-phyrus staff member, stat- ed. "People have a chance through activities to make friends with someone they would normally never meet." Finally, through clubs and organizations, one could discover what was needed to maintain a newly founded friendship. Jennifer Palacek (12) said International Club members were "interested and respectful of everyone else's opinion." By Nicole Troyer Jessica Schwartzbaucr (12) and Molly Kelly (12) relax for a moment in a Japanese garden. New Concert Band members get to know one another through a grueling initiation. 18 ACTIVITIES FEATUREBrian Fulford (11) and Sarah Jacobson (11) joke around behind the scenes of the Mamc production. A rowdy bunch of sophomores unite to cheer on Edina at a home football game. Doreen Armstrong (12) and Kevin Abramson (11) take time away from the dance to be together. ACTIVITIES FEATURE 19Upon returning to his car, Mr. Robert Peterson (fac) finds that it has been “Mamed." Molly Kelly (12) gets a look of surprise from Jessica Schwartz-bauer (12). HI 20 MAMEACCLAIM TO MAM The success of the fall musical, Marne, certainly showed that the end justifies the means. The hours of rehearsal spent practicing and perfecting prior to the performance were evident in the quality of the end product. Under the direction of Robert Peterson (fac), the fine EHS actors in Mame were brought into the limelight with their exceptional performances. Jessica Schwartzbauer (12) played the carefree role of Mame and mesmerized the audience with her superior acting and singing talents. Jen Fortmeier (11) did an excellent job of portraying Marne's best friend. Vera, and Molly Kelly (12) captured the audiences' attention just as skillfully playing Agnes Gooch, young Patrick's nanny. Other key per- formers included Baldwin Lee (12) as Ito the butler, Brian Fulford (11) as Marne's husband, Bill Otteson (12) as the older Patrick, and Al Cady (12) as Dwight Babcock, the banker. Mame was well produced and equally well received by the audience. Rick Davis (12) said. "The acting and singing really showed how talented the cast members were." Practices began months before the musical actually took place, and long, enduring hours were spent by cast members rehearsing their parts. All five performances of Mame filled the house, with many standing ovations given showing how truly fabulous the production really was. Jen Fortmeier (11) felt all of the hard work was worth it "because of all of the great friendships I made with the cast members." In addition to being directed by Mr. Peterson, Mame was choreographed by Mr. John Command, who was known for choreographing other movies and plays, in eluding Purple Rain. Command also served as artistic director for this production. As previously stated, the hard working, determined performers of Mame made it a truly delightful spectacle to watch. Many, many peo pie were able to display their talents in the theatrical field, and the end result was one that undoubtedly supplemented the pride already established at Edina High School. By Holly Ruppert The cast of Mame mirrors the audience's reaction. part was at I was carried out on stage by Dave Krutz (12), Dave Scudder (12), and Dan Diebold (12). — Jen Fortmeier (11) ft MAME 21LL WORK. NO PLAY The year was a host to many drama productions and was highlighted by the one act plays. The common denominator among all the one acts was that they were done under the experienced leadership of Cynthia Elmquist (fac). Another common factor was dedication. This was easily proved by the cast members of the first one act play. The Dining Room. Practice started at the begin-ing of December, and ran about two and half hours each day. with the final week of practices going from six to ten o'clock at night. The play's big challenge, at least for the cast members, was acting out forty-five different characters with only six crew members. "It was hard to remember all the different lines, it was very easy to get confused," commented Jen Fortmeier (11). All this hard work did pay off though, as The Dining Room ended up winning the regional competition in Hopkins and the right to perform at the state competition at the University of Minnesota. The second of the one act plays was the ever popular Martian Chronicles. This play utilized about thirty cast members, half of whose faces were never seen. It was also dubbed the biggest technical project ever tried, with at least fifteen to twenty people working on technical direction. As far as what the play had to offer, "I think it has a good message for people today, it talks about frontiers, human progress. had layered messages, and was different in that it was told from the point of view of the martian." answered Cynthia Elmquist. But, no matter what the message was, it was entertainment at its best. By Jason Fisher Accepting applause after their exceptional performance of The Dining Room, the cast proudly takes a bow. Edina hadn't been to state in so long; getting there and winning was just fantastic, and then to star at the G of M made it just that much better. — Nancy Schulz (II) 99 22 ONE ACT PLAYSThe Dining Room featured such performers as Jenny Andbcrg (12). Jen Fortmeier (11). and David Krutz (12). Bob Amden (10) proposes a toast to his fellow cast members. Guy Weigold (12) and Nancy Schulz (11) act in the state-qualifying performance of The Dining Room. ONE ACT PLAYS 23New Concert Band members have a rude awakening when they discover that they were chosen. CONCERT BAND ORCHESTRANOT LOW KE This year the members of the Edina High School Concert Band, after engaging in years of hard work and practicing Hal Freese scales, decided that they might as well have some fun. Whether it was preparing for the ■’Pops” Concert skits, selling pizzas for the trip to California. or practicing such timely traditions as being cruel to new members, this band had fun. The Concert Band also had a serious side to it. With the beginning of the year came Mr. Webb (fac), the new instructor. He also conducted the Jazz Ensemble, Dixieland Band, and Woodwind and Brass Quintets. Be ing in Concert Band required a large amount of practice, if one expected to succeed. "Practicing every day is a good way to learn and excel, but I didn’t always have the time," said Mark Lyon (11). Most of the members realized that a musician’s life was not an easy one due to the extensive time commitments. While the Concert Band member was blowing his horn, the Orchestra members were pulling a few strings themselves. The group was visited by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra for a workshop. Another new addition to the orchestra was the new conductor. De Vonna Murrin. Much of the year was devoted to practic- ing. The time and effort contributed was demonstrated in the Cabaret Concerts. Like Concert Band, Orchestra was not all work. "All work and no play makes Orchestra a boring class." said Cindy Burr (12). Added Anne Gartner (12). "Music is what I like most in life." We would like to thank both the Orchestra and the Concert Band for a great year of music at Edina High School. By Scott Jaeger De-nin Lee (12) and Katarina Bergh (12) work out the kinks in their music. A musician's life is difficult. It takes talent and tremendous amounts of dedication. — Denin Lee CONCERT BAND ORCHESTRAOOT YOUR HORN The Edina Varsity Band was a group of devoted students who chose a tough but rewarding course as an elective. Varsity Band had an ongoing reputation of being a fun and enlightening pastime, but also challenging. Doreen Armstrong (12), a well known "bandie", chose to take band in ninth grade, and has participated in it ever since. ' Band takes a lot of devotion and hard work, but the results of reaching your goal after practicing is the best fulfillment. Also, not only is it hard work, but it's very competitive which causes the people who want the title to shine through." One of the highlights which band members really looked forward to was going on tour. It gave the students an incentive to stick with the pressures which arose throughout the year. Varsity Band organized a trip to Kansas City. Missouri. The tour wasn't only hard work. It was also a unique, friendship-building experience. With a long ride on the Greyhound bus, one couldn’t help but to get to know the people surrounding them. The new band director, Mr. Daniel Nelson (fac), summed up his duties by saying, "Our purpose is to create a love between the students and their instruments." By Erika Norman Kia Erickson (10) and Jennifer Reichert (11) toot their horns. Band is a lot of devotion and hard work, but the results of reaching your goal after practicing is the best fulfillment. — Doreen Armstrong (12) VARSITY BANDMike Shaeffer (10). Steve Davis (10). and Jeff Magnuson (10) sound the battle call. In perfect form, the Varsity Band maintains their magnificence. Making sweet music on her bassoon. Suzy Schlafge (12) emulates talent. VARSITY BAND 27Chamber Singers Row 1: C. Voss. A. Holderness. K. Peterson. J. Schwartzbauer. J. Stevens. D. Scudder. M. Kelly. J. Rose Row 2: D. Getsch. D. Diebold, S. Prin. Row 3: J. Pluhar. D. Dragseth. L Harris. B. Otteson. M. Howell. L. HarroW A. Kemp. D. Enrico. Concert Choir Row 1: A. Boiler, M. King. S. Mathees. C. Opp. A. Dobies. B. Usem. L. Harrold. C. Voss. C. Quigley. H. Schnieder. P. Hoffman. A. Bilgutay. M. Reardon. L. Larson. K Pearson. S. Weir. D. Rippie, L. Pautz, K. Peterson. Row 2: L. Brinkman. L. Harris. S. Leonard. S. Lipps. A. Dahl. K. Zimmerman. S. Caldwell. J. Pluhar. A. Jarvis. K. Karls. T. Reid, E. Nelson. S. Rice. S. Howell, B. Underwood, K. Hostnick. K. Kleidon. T. Healy. M. Emstad. Row 3: A. Forrest. K. Tessmann. D. Dreher. J. Lindemann. J. Nord. J. Rose. R. Shannon, A. Beeson. M. Sutton. D. Peltier. C. Rodriguez. D. Kujawsky. B. Lee. M. Curry. D. Dragseth. D. Enrico. M. Howell. M. Bromer, M. Kelly. Row 4: S. Huber. J. Farmer. L. Lindman. P. Melin. D. Getsch. S. Campbell. M. Pederson. J. Rogness. B. Otteson. A. Holderness. S. Prin. G. Chapman. P Long. B. Bunce. G. Olsen. D. Scudder. D. Diebold. B. Fulford. A Kemp. Dan Diebold (12). with luggage in Molly Kelly (12) bursts forth in hand, gives his ticket to the "gate song at the annual Holiday Con- keeper.” cert. Smiling from ear to ear. Molly Kelly. Angie Kemp (12). and Jenny Pluhar (11) show off their tickets to Japan. 28 CONCERT CHOIR CHAMBER SINGERSSING AND BE MEED vious years, was exceptionally stunning. Many tears were shed as the last farewells to seniors were made. Current Jam. the most challenging and rewarding stage performance at Edina High, sold out every night. Chamber Singers was the group which wore the Renaissance outfits and signified the pride and talent of Edina. Their tour to Japan brought about not only a great experience in understanding vocal music, but also a greater appreciation of the United States. With the Concert Choir and the Chamber Singers combined, the year was a singing, ringing success. By Sue Weir Brian Fulford Since childhood everyone has been able to sing. Perhaps some not as well as others, but some had pride in the way they sounded. There were exceptional students that were blessed with a wonderful talent. Such students could be found in the Edina Concert Choir and the famed Chamber Singers. The Chamber Singers were known for, among other things, their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Japan. Concert Choir. Teamwork. Pride. These were the things which made Concert Choir star in local and regional contests. Throughout the year, Concert Choir acclaimed outstanding performances, yet not everyone knew what went on behind the green and gold robes — hours of work and dedica- tion — and the desire to be the best they could be. And that they were. Mr. Bob Peterson (fac), the choir's director, shared his motivation with the rest of choir. Molly Kelly (12) and Jenny Pluhar (11) referred to him as being “like a teddy bear." But he was also tough, and made the musi-cality of a piece first priority. not discipline. "The performances were the things I liked best about Concert Choir. Rehearsals were always challenging, but payed off once we were on stage and we achieved our goal of a good performance," stated Angie Do-bies (12). "Our voices achieved what our minds believed," said Brigette Underwood (12). Current Jam, like all pre- Singing along with vim and vigor. Ann Forrest (12) and Meg King (12) study songs. ft Our voices achieved what our minds believed. — Bridget te Underwood (12) 99 CONCERT CHOIR CHAMBER SINGERS 29UNED TOGETHER tc mk "Treble choir is a lot of fun; it teaches you how to enjoy music while enhancing your appreciation of music. We all learn to work as a group and perform together.” — Brooks Holder ness (10) 4 99 The largest classroom was filled with more songs than chairs and desks. Every fifth and sixth hour, numerous students who wished to pursue their musical talents filed into the choir room. The classes were Varsity and Treble Choir. Both choirs participated in the same three concerts: Holiday. Masterworks, and Happenings. Treble Choir competed in a choral contest which was held during the spring, and Varsity Choir competed against other Twin Cities' choirs in March. Varsity Choir broke in a new director. Dan Nelson (fac). Meanwhile. Robert Peterson (fac) continued to successfully direct Treble Choir. Treble choir consisted of all sophomore girls and singers who were experiencing their first year in choir. Classtime for Treble was spent experimenting with different types of songs and new forms of music. Varsity Choir tried out new songs, also, and they worked on sight-reading and other aspects of music. They also learned about the music they sang and about the musical scale, and they studied various musical instruments. John Colby (12) summed up Varsity Choir by stating. "I enjoy it. We have a great cunductor and a lot of good times. I'm looking forward to the end of the year and Happenings. Oh. ya, and also singing my solo.” By Velma Gleason Laurie McNeil (10) and Stephanie Hietala (10) practice new music chosen for Treble choir. 30 VARSITY TREBLE CHOIRTreble Choir Row 1: M. Juujarvi, M. Thomas. A. Kaplan. J. Andrews. J. Cady. B. Holderness. F. Marquina. L. McNeil, S. Hletala. L. Norback. K. Eiclv ten. S. Bins, V. Smith, N. Skrukrud. T. Harter. S. Laltala. Row 2: S. Hagemeyer, J. Yoder. L. Powell. K. Jenkins. J. Bognanno. S. Curry, S. Hartfeldt, J. Effress. M. Fiutak. J. Deusterman. K. Hilgren, K. Genovese. S. Juujarvi. S. Robertson, A. Simons. K. Fromke. J. Nord. A. Shanedling. J. Szarzynski. Row 3: G. Rierson, J. Brayman, H. Williams. C. Birkeland. T. Humann. T. London. S. Terwilliger. J. Noyce. J. Leslie. R. Moore. K. Johnston. H. Risch. S. Schulz. B. Johnson. E. Griffin. L. Weber. L. Fischer. J. Johnson, S. Erickson. Jenny Johnson (10). along with the rest of Treble Choir, warms up. Varsity Choir Row 1: J. Irwin, J. Erickson. K. Aune, K. Halker. J. Bernet. S. Schaeffler. K. Persons. M. Hotz. A. Cady. J. Wenaas. J. Yan. K. Griffin. A. Bannie, J. Griffin. J. Schmelz. M. Boyle. Row 2: S. Hang. S. Danford. J. Schoffman, T. Ghylln. L. Krienitz. T. Slngher. J. Sullivan. M. Adams. A. Berdahl. G. Sciola, M. Collins. B. Kaplan. J. Cox. D. Lee, R. Sandoval. K. Morgan. K. Tweedy, K. Hall. K. Cahill. T. Johnson. D. McCalvy. Row 3: A. Geary. E. Hoffman. J. Fortmeier. L. Beecher. R. Steinbach. C. Amundson. A. Knutson, J. Northrop. B. Huff. T. Garden. M. Eaton. B. Amaden. S. Smullen, C. Wilson. J. Harman. C. Martin. C. Barnett. M. Otto. J. Palecek, C. Kalogerson, S. Maas. M. Rifley. Row 4: C. Evans. J. Palecek. H. Bergren. J. Whitman. K. Paugh, N. Bleahu, J. Hilgren. B. Cooper. T. Gilbert. S. Wehr. C. Medrano. S. Murray. C. Rogat, D. Wright. M. Borgen. C. Bouchara. A. Beck. M. Marshall. A. Laing. Mr. Daniel Nelson (fac). the new choir director, demonstrates finding the right pitch. VARSITY TREBLE CHOIR 31Snow covered trees add to the beauty of winter. It would not be winter with out the occasional snowman. Mark McVcety (12) and Tom Mat-son (12) try to figure out why the jumper cables are not working on a cold day after school. 32 WINTER"The windchill was -65 degrees and the temperature was a week high at 14 degrees today." (click) What a way to wake up. Signs of Jack Frost dotted the landscape. Winter was a true love hate relationship. People seemed to love the snow, yet hate the cold. Winter activities enjoyed by high school students included skiing, boot hockey, ice skating, and snow fort building. There were things to do to keep warm, like "vacationing to warm spots." as Kerri Lewis (12) and Jennifer Powell (12) suggested. Su- v, ' • JACK'S BAC zanne Ratelle (12) preferred to stay in Minnesota and, "sit in front of a fire with a guy." When Jon Fromke (12) got cold he. "just went inside." Jon s highlight of winter break was "going to a basketball tournament." After break, people experienced Edina’s worst cold snap. It was not always easy to start the car after it sat all day outside in sub zero conditions as Scott Eberhardt (12) found out. He "tried to jump the car and ended up having it towed.” Mark Weisz (12) was asked if he knew how to jump start a car. He said, "no." If his car would’ve happened to fail he confessed that he "would have to call his mom." The cold quickly became one of the most popular used excuses for tardiness, so even those cold weather-haters found it somewhat beneficial. Overall, winter was very cold, very white, and part of ’88. By Velma Gleason Brent Obert (12) bends down to shovel away the snow. 5Kb Vv {■■■, ■■ % When it is cold prefer to sit in front of a fire with a guy. — Suzanne Ratelle (12) WINTER 33AND Priding themselves with everything, including fashion, Edinans were divided into several groups including: The Dead Head, the Gem Girl, and the Jock. Each one possessed an image different from everyone else. The image an Edina female portrayed was that of a 'Gem Girl." These girls were seen fully clad in rhinestones and acid washed clothes. Her skirts didn't fall below the knee, her socks matched her shirt (stones, studs, and glitter). She enjoyed Benetton wools for winter and Hollywood High tanks and ,,T’”s for the warmer seasons. When asked if other students’ clothes influenced her wardrobe, Megan McClees (10) said, "Mot really. I usually wear what I feel good in." Cathy Birkcland (10) glitters with pride on her Riva scooter. FADS AMD FASHIONSThe Edina male mirrored the image of a Jock. A jock was found wearing Girbaud jeans, a Champion sweatshirt, a jean jacket, and a baseball hat worn backwards along with running shoes with laces that weren't fit to be tied. On weekends one witnessed a jock cruising around in his Bronco II or another similar 4x4 vehicle. By Holly Ruppert An image that became more popular over the years was the Dead Head. Many were seen throughout the halls of E.H.S. The Dead Head was found with long hair, tie-die shirts in bright colors, ripped and worn Levi's. and suede fringed boots. When the Dead Heads weren’t making tie-dies, they were found making bracelets. traveling in trip vans, and listening to The Grateful Dead. Leaning on his ultimate Slug-Bug. David Ready (12) kicks back. FADS AND FASHIONS 35SWEETHEART Sweetheart '88 — a dance for many to remember. Sweetheart, however, involved much more than just a dance. A whole week was planned full of special Sno-Daze activities. Included in this special sweet week were kiss-o-grams, computer dating, Sno-Games such as boot hockey, a senior scavenger hunt, snow sculpting, and the ever-popular crowning of the Sno King and Queen. K.C. Saterbak (12) said. "It was the best dance I've ever been to; I have never had so much fun and danced so much in my life." Joanna Sandbo (12) relayed that her date was the best. "I had a spectacular time." On Sno Court were eight girls and guys, and out of these people, two became king and queen. Allison Rex (12) was crowned queen and Sam Somers (12) king. "It was fun to meet people that I didn’t know as well before. we were all a close little family. If I had to choose my favorite memory it would be rollerskating, yea, definitely rollerskating," said Allison. Andrew Platt (12) said. "Being a senior during Sno-Daze week had many advantages because most of the planned activities were for us." The snow sculpting seemed to be more creative than ever. A snow sphynx, a snow snoopy house, and a box of red Marlboros were a few of the competitive entries. Heidi Hilliker (12) commented on what it was like for Student Council during the week. "It was really hectic at the beginning, but when the dance came, everything was totally worth it. I had put so much time into it and it all paid off in the end." Nobody was left out of the fun times of the week. Even those girls too shy to ask that favorite guy, and the guys who were unfortunate to not be asked or maybe even to turn down an offer, were not excluded. Most of the dateless guys and gals partied with their friends that went to the dance after it was over. "I went out to dinner with a group of girls and met my friends that went to the dance afterwards at their hotel. I had so much fun!" Sara Williamson (11) said. Speaking of hotels, they seemed to be the hot item this year (like most years). Hotels and limousines were a must for the dance. Could it have been any more convenient. Summing up the week in one sentence. Coco Soodek (12) said, "It was a slambang of a time, and well worth all the dedication and planning." By Colleen Marnell The Hornettes. decked out in formal apparel, gave their annual Sweetheart dance after Coronation to the tunes of Whitney Houston. 36 SWEETHEARTTom Matson (12) and Dan Getsch (12) smile at International Market Square in anticipation for the night ahead. Chris Nelms (12) gives the "O.K." for himself and Lindsay Frear (12) to walk the aisle and hear the roars of the crowd. Allison Rex (12) reveals to the crowd her surprised King. Sam Somers (12). at an intense moment during the Coronation pepfest. SWEETHEARTDonna Miller (12) and Angie Dobies (12) were In the mood for love while Rob Sweet (12) seemed to be right in the middle. ABCJF strikes once again, this time appearing as the Hunkettes and dancing for the recently crowned King and Queen. Congratulating the new royalty at Edina High, the cheerleaders smile and chant Sweetheart •88. "Dinner will be served at 7pm in the school cafeteria and buses will be provided.” said John Ebbert (12). making fun of the youth. 38 SWEETHEARTVicki Dow (12) and Ann Forrest (12) scream In elation as they notice that Allison Rex (12) got the "red flower." SWEETHEART SWEETHEART 39Latin Club members put the finishing touches on their first place Homecoming float. Latin Club Advisor Mrs. Virginia Jenson (fac) supervises Latin festivities. Russian Club members plan for one of their many "tea parties." or monthly dinners. 40 LATIN RGSSIAN CLGBS v vOutside of class, students who studied foreign languages could further experience the country's culture and seek entertainment in several language clubs. Two of the more active clubs were Russian and Latin Clubs. Although they differed greatly, both clubs shared the common goal of providing a stimulus to learning a language. The Russian Club was a small, unique organization which consisted of thirty-five members. "The best aspect about the Russian Club," said advisor Mr. George Reimer (fac), "is that the students get to know each other better due to the small size of the group." Mr. Reimer did much to introduce his students to Russian culture, allowing them to pursue their personal interest in cultural projects. The Russian Club’s main events included a Twin Cities' Winter Festival in February complete with Russian food and entertain- ft Latin Club never failed to provide an entertaining side to learning the language. — Anne-Marie Boiler (12) FUN FACTO ment. Another prominent Russian Club function was a monthly Russian dinner. At this function, the Russian Club got together and indulged in Russian cuisine, usually in a potluck fashion. In addition to the Russian Club, the Latin Club was a well attended and highly active club. The yearly schedule consisted of officer elections. War Games, an Italian dinner for fourth year students. and the ever popular Latin Week. "Latin Club never failed to provide an entertaining side to learning the language." commented Anne-Marie Boiler (12). Mrs. Virginia Jensen (fac), described by Margaret Adams (11) as "our wonderfully peppy advisor," enthusiastically led the group of Latin students throughout the year with the help of Pontifex Maximi John Hammer (12). Andy Jones (12), and Bill McDavitt (12). Entertainment was a major focal point of the club. The Vestal Virgins, a select group of girls, delighted clubbers at numerous activities with creatively choreographed dances. "Making up dances was a lot of work, but it never felt like it since we had so much fun," reflected Amy Bannie (11). The obvious highlight of the year was Latin Week. First year students were purchased at a slave auction and forced to obey each and every command of their masters. "Believe it or not," stated Brooks Holderness (10), "Being a slave is the best part of Latin Club." Whether language clubs provided an inspection of a country’s culture or a wide variety of social activities, the success of the clubs was based on their fun factor. By G. I. P. Funnie The gods (fourth year Latin students) prove that mortals are no match for them in the tug-of war. LATIN RUSSIAN CLUBSWhat is the point of a club if there is no rival-ry? — Susan Gebhard (I I) 99 HE CLUB SCENE With so many students enrolled in language classes, there was a rise of interest in the language clubs. These clubs were beneficial for kids who liked to have fun and experience the cultures of the languages they studied. One of these clubs was the German Club. Headed up by Presidents Chris Zimmerman (11) and Andy Wor-kinger (11). the German Club started up rivalries with other clubs because, "what is the point of a club if there is no rivalry?" asked Susan Gebhard (11). The German Club decided to liven up things by kidnapping the presidents and vice presidents of the other clubs for a day. They also organized broomball games with the other clubs. Junior Scott Jaeger's favorite part of the club was, "the times when we ate bratwurst and sauerkraut." The French Club was led by President Aileen Furlong (12) and Vice President Barry Freeman (10). A few of the activities they participated in were treasure hunts and broomball games. Susie Vagnoni (12) felt that, "being in French Club was really fun and a good experience." The club also enjoyed speaking French to each other and eating French goodies such as croissants and cheeses. By Andy Furlong Sophomores Matt Enroth. Lee Peterson. and Ingrid Peterson plan a French activity. 42 GERMAN FRENCH CLUBSPresident of the French Club Ai- French adviser Mmc. Ann Petri leen Furlong (12) sets a high stan- (fac) raps with Barry Freeman dard to follow. (10) in French. Co-Presidents Andy Workinger (11) and Chris Zimmerman (11) plot the next German invasion. GERMAN FRENCH CLUBS 43International Club officers show Spanish Club Co-president Rich leadership on top of lockers. Effress (12) tries to find some good Spanish food. 44 INT’L SPANISH CLUBSCULTURAL MEETING PLACE Many social options were available for foreign students attending Edina or for those native Edinans who just wanted a bit of cultural diversity. Belinda Medina (10) from Mexico, and Sylvie Dorival (12). an exchange student from France, were two of many who chose to join the International Club. "People told me it was really fun and a great way to make friends." said Belinda, summing it up for the whole group. International Club was a loose and casual way to have some educational fun and anyone was welcome. One of the activities that Int'l Club members did was to have country presentations. This gave individuals a chance to talk about where they came from and Jennifer Palecek (12) spritzes her hair with a can of blue hair spray before the Int’l Club Bash. what their life was like through slides, pictures, and discussions. "It’s more like an open forum than a presentation," said Jennifer Palecek (12), an officer. "It's not like ’the population is so-and-so. and the average yearly rainfall is such-and-such.' We ask a lot of questions and learn a lot about the day to day life.” Other activities included Int'l Club weekends and spirited holiday get-togethers. Sylvie didn't think there could ever be such a prestigious international program elsewhere because "in France people are just French. There aren't many foreign students." Spanish Club was also available as a great way to meet friends and an enlightening way to learn about Spanish-related topics. Spanish Club offered an opportunity for any Spanish speaking person to socialize with other students who were taking Spanish courses. Sue Schaeffler (12) found another reason to join — "It looks good on a college application." Spanish Club had a fairly slow start. Co-president Stephanie Haddad (12) commented, "We had to pick Spanish Club up out of the dust this year. Spanish Club is not a very prominent organization, so we had a fairly slow start, and we made it our main goal to create a fun, easy-going atmosphere that offered involvement and cultural enhancement.” Once they got underway, Spanish Club mainly designed t-shirts and planned for the January Bash. By Jennifer Anderson Can you find Anja Juujarvi (12) amongst the pumpkins in this bazaar set-up? ft | It’s not like ‘the population is so-and-so, and the average yearly rainfall is such-and-such.’ We ask a lot of questions and learn a lot about the day to day life. — Jennifer Palecek (12) 99 INTL SPANISH CLUBS 45ft ABC brings different people from different places all over and they become one big family. — Jason Fisher (11) 99 PEN HE ACTS "Open minds extending open arms" was a fitting definition for two unique or-ganizatons. the Exchange program and the ABC program. Both of these programs allowed students from other cities, states, and even countries to experience life in Edina. The Exchange program hosted a variety of countries, among them France, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, England, and some of the Scandinavian countries as well. The program was under the same quality leadership as it had been for the last nine years. Mr.George Reimer (fac) believed, "the program was essential ... it helped to open windows." Exchange students stayed with generous host families who gave them a loving environment, in addition to the essential necessi- ties of food, shelter, and clothing. The program had many events for it's members such as a camping trip to Taylors Falls, a pre school and a farewell picnic, an International Weekend, and occasional presentations about a specific country which consisted of the showing of everything from slides, photographs, and artifacts to tickets and I.D. cards. ABC. which stands for A Better Chance, was a program designed for promising students who maybe didn't have as good an educational opportunity as the one present in Edina. The program allowed students from across the country to study at some of the best high schools around. When asked why she spe cifically chose to come to Edina, Janet Lee (10) said, "I heard that Edina was one of the top high schools in the country." Jane Edwards (10) described. "The ABC program chooses the school that they think is best suited for the student.” Just because a student had the desire to do better was no guarantee that they could get into the ABC program. After applying, a prospective student had to go through different screening processes and interviews. Maybe it was an uphill battle at the begining, but these ABC students succeeded in their goals and expectations for a higher level of education and excellence. And those in the Exchange program got to taste a way of life completely different from what they had ever experienced. By Jason Fisher ABC students smile with good fortune. 46 EXCHANGE ABCSylvie Dorival (12) and Myriam Mancel (12) enjoy learning about American culture. Delrdre Lloyd (12) and Susan Caldwell (12) enjoy the campfire at Taylor's Falls. EXCHANGE ABC 47AKING PEACE Peacemakers was a group dedicated to the sole purpose of creating peace not only throughout school but also the world. Student organizers Andy Lyman (11) and Shelly Atherly (12) led this group on a weekly basis. •'We’re trying to educate and inform the students on public issues.” commented Andy. “We want to give everyone the opportunity to be involved in demonstrating peace." The Peacemaker meetings were designed to create a new type of after school activity. Anybody could join; there were no requirements or limitations. John Workinger (12) said he went to the meetings “be cause I see a lot of pain in the world and Peacemakers is a way for me to help end some of it.” Twenty people on average showed up for these meetings. The majority of students who went were liberal and were willing to try all sorts of things. Such topics as South Africa, presidential candidates and many more were discussed. The meetings were not all spent in a room at school conversing over the hot issues of the moment. The group went to a presidential speech for Paul Simon, and they tried to get a presidential candidate to speak at Edina. ”We also watch movies. We watched one movie about South Africa that was really good,” said Andy Lyman (11). The general concensus of the meetings was that they served a needy function and also proved that something could be done to give peace a chance in our world. By Cdfleen Marnell Reading current issues. Andy Lyman (11) and Shelly Atherly (12) frown over nuclear dispositions. We of the twentieth century have developed the means with which to annihilate all life on earth. Peacemakers is a chance for the students to take an active part in making this world a better place and, indeed, in keeping it a place at all. — John Workinger (12) 48 PEACEMAKERSUJ.JT. i'l u t. ■’ Peace is the word, displayed by Andy Lyman (II) chuckles while Kathryn Keller (11). making a peace sign. PEACEMAKERS 49REATIVE CONCERN ft Thespians is an opportunity for a lot of people who can’t get involved in plays and musicals to express their theatrical abilities. — Jenny Andberg (12) dd One of the inviting aspects which Edina had to offer its students was the opportunity for unique extracurricular activities. Among these activities, students were able to show their creativity. concerns, and inner talents through Art Club. Writer’s Group, S.A.D.D., and Thespians. Art Club was a group of talented young artists who gathered together once a week after school with Mr. Tom Beaver (fac). Their goals in the group were not only to improve their artistic abilities, but to develop spe cial friendships with others in the group who had the same thing in common. Kathryn Keller (11) "liked the leisurly fashion" at which the group worked together. Writer's Group was in their fourth year and going strong. Their meetings were held weekly. The group's main interest was in writing poetry and short stories. The advantage to being a member of Writer's Group was the helpful critism offered on one's personal writings. When an interesting topic was written about, the group participated in heavy duty conversations. At the end of the year, the group gathered all their "creative juices" into one anthology called "Carnivorous Produce”. The group was led by two odd vegetables, cosquash Velma Gleason (12). and John Workinger (12) For the past two years S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) was in action. The history of S.A.D.D. began in Rhode Island, and was first introduced to Edina through Jefferson High School. With the devotion and concern of several Edina students, and some parental involvement, the organization was able to function every Friday and Saturday night from 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. S.A.D.D. volunteers gathered together on these nights and rented movies and ate free food. When intoxicated students needed a ride, all they had to do was to call a volunteer and they would be driven safely home. Karen Kleidon (12). a member of the organization, was impressed with the confidentiality the group had — "No one in the group asks one another who they picked up. No one gossips and I think that's impor- tant". When asked about the formation of S.A.D.D., John Nord (12) stated, "It was almost like a mission impossible because of the excitement of the organization taking effect". Thespians were young aspiring actors and actresses who gathered together and created characters with one another. They were able to jump into a chosen scene and express themselves with verbal and physical talent. The teacher who led the group with pride was Ms. Cynthia Elmquist (fac). She praised her group by saying "Each one of these actors, in terms of training and ability, were able to portray a variety of different characters." This conglomeration of organizations produced, for those who sought it, a creative outlet to display their concern. By Erica Norman The co-squashes display their ingenious product. This odd vegetable is the Writer’s Group mascot. 50 ACTIVITIESACTIVITIES 51Debators Valerie Struthers (10) and Susanne Halstings (10) prepare for their big debate. Jim Thomas (12) makes sweet music on the keyboard in computer club. Debate coach Dave Shimkie carefully examines a student's argue-mentive outline. 52 DEBATE COMPGTER CLUBThe computer club and the debate team maintained their status by excelling in their numerous competitions. Through dedication and honest interest the groups had a productive year. With strong recruiting efforts by coach Dave Shim-kie and assistant coaches Kara Benson and Jim Galvin. the debate team worked on rebuilding. With a core of sophomores and juniors and a strong following of junior-highers. the team successfully competed in the novice and junior varsity divisions. They placed well and achieved a first place finish in the four-man novice competition at South St. Paul High School, and a fourth place in the novice tournament at Wayzata High BDAINPOWE School. One of the outstanding individuals on the debate team was Tonia Julius (11). who earned a first place speaker award at South St. Paul. Valerie Struthers (10) earned individual honors with a fifth place speaker award at Lakeville High and a sixth place finish in the Go-verners Cup. Assistant Coach Jim Galvin stated "as the team matures I can see them becoming a force to be reckoned with." The computer club, headed by Dave Tabbut (fac). was geared towards the students who were interested in advancing to other computer sciences. The ACSL, American Computer Science League, held a competition four times a year where they sent out prob- lems that tested the students in different areas. The object of the competition was for the students to write a program that would perform a task. After several hours of trying to debug a program. Jason Kleckner (11) could only manage. "The program said something about: How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?" Jim Thomas (12) , Jason Kleckner (11), Eric Hall (11), and Dave Ho-kanson (12) all returned with the hope of repeating last year's first place finish in their divisions and going to the national competition. By Marty Guinee Jason Kleckner (II) diligently works on a program. ft With all the time and effort spent preparing arguments, learning how to support opinions with solid evidence, and hours of research, we became a close team of friends. — Tonia Julius (11) 99 DEBATE COMPUTER CLUB 53+ B MATH EXCELLENCE At one time or another, most of us have experienced that dreaded feeling called "Math Anxiety." However, our Math Team members were unfamiliar with that phrase. "Not meaning to sound overly confident. I think we can take state this year." says Glydewell Burdick (12), one of the team captains. "All of our members are strong in math." Every week the team got together with their advisor, Mr. Curtis Johnson (fac). "This year I think we need much more practice." stated co-captain Matt Rose (12). Describing the math problems the team must calculate on a weekly basis, Andrei Stoica (11) explained, "The theorems are innovative and preparation must be a continuing process." Monthly meets against regional districts consisted of four individual tests and a team event. Two members took the individual tests at a time, which usually focused on basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and logic. "We know nothing specific about the problems that will come up on the test," added Chris Hondl (10). Some members of the math team and other students in our school participated in the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program. Having passed a standardized math test in eighth grade, these skilled students journeyed to the University for a two hour class, filling their math re- quirements. Explaining why he finds math interesting, Glydewell Burdick stated, "I like logic, it taxes my brain." This intensive math study in high school may be applied to many college and job options in the future. When asked where he might apply his math knowledge. Scott Thatcher (11) replied. "It is certainly helpful for testing out of the beginning math courses of a major I may choose, such as engineering." Math anxiety for these students? Never. Success in a math-related career? Very likely. — By Nicole Troyer The Math itam stares In wonder and disbelief at the problems just given to them. The theorems are innovative and preparation must be a continuing process. — Andrei Stoica (11) 54 MATH TEAMJoyce Yan (11) listens while Mr. Glydewell Burdick (12) and An-Curtis Johnson (fac) explains and drei Stoica (11) collaborate on a assists with a math problem. difficult math problem. ------- MATH TEAM 55Student Council Tracic Farrell (10) takes her precious time to create a masterpiece. Although a president’s job involves numerous tasks and great responsibilities. Mary Shulze (12) clearly enjoys her work. Roshini Rajkumar (11). Amy Corrigan (11). and Sara Williamson (11) take time off from their busy schedules to read Zephyrus. Row 1: H. Hllliker, L. Moody. C. Erickson. D. Miller. C. Soodek. Row 2: B. Bagley. M. Lounsberry, M. Cronin. M. Curry. R. Rajkumar. H. Novogratx, S. Birkeland, N. Johnson. Row 3: M. Shulze. T. Farrell. M. McCleese. A. Stotts. J Bongaarts. S. Weeks. A. Corrigan. J. Grev. Not Pictured: S. Williamson. D. Enrico. B. Freeman. A. Rex. B. DeVoe. 56 STUDENT COUNCILUNITED BOND Student Council was stronger than ever this year despite the changing administration and its stricter enforcement of school policies. But this change was for the better since 'the new administration is willing to take us seriously. They are willing to work with our ideas instead of shooting them down." stated Cari Erickson (12). There was also a general consensus by Stud. Co.ers that this year's council was more unified between grades then past years. All grades were excited to contribute to the school. This union can be contributed to council’s President, Mary Shulze. "With a combination of respect and leadership. Mary makes a fine leader." added Dean Enrico admiringly. Mary's awesomeness can be summed up by Sara Williamson's (10) profound statement. "Mary rocks!" Like any other organization. there's bound to be some disloyalty towards its leader. Take, for example, Mike Curry (11), who fervently declared, "Beth De-Voe (12) is the brains behind Student Council." All jokes aside, the Student Council had some serious business at hand. One of the major jobs was to intensify the school's spirit and pride. Roshini Rajkumar (11) also commented. "We want the whole student body to know that we’re more than just the canned food drive. We're open to students' suggestions. and we want their input." Another factor which kept Student Council going strong was the enthusiasm of its members. As Donna Miller (12) boldly stated, "I love to argue at council meetings which are pertinent to the school’s welfare." Being on Stud. Co. had its own special advantages. "It gives you a chance to know what's going on in the school and have some influence on it," said Barry Freeman (10). And with these hard working, dedicated individuals serving our school, it could only become a better place. By John Sullivan ft ■ We’re open to students’ suggestions, and we want their input. Roshini Rajkumar (II) 99 STUDENT COUNCIL 57The best thing about Images? The wall. — Kristina Harter (I I) 99 At an after-school Tuesday meeting. Images woman Michelle Coleman (12) expresses her overwhelming staff spirit while Katarina Bergh (12) smirks. Although highly amused by the ever-wacky shenanigans of several of their fellow staff members. Imagers Scott Young (12) and Kari Halker (II) suppress their laughter. ... on the Wind It was the staff that couldn't decide on a sweatshirt color, the homeroom of the Kirby Puckett shrine, the subscription drive with the John Lennon posters, but most of all Images on the Wind was Edina's literary arts magazine. The winner of the All-American award for the nineteenth straight year. Images was one of fewer than ten magazines in the nation to receive this distinction. Leading such a hardworking publication were Co editors Matt Spillum (12) and Caroline Ostrom (12). As senior Erika Hagford said. "It's no small task to read through the reams of submitted literary and art works from various EHS students and select the ones we feel best represent our fellow students.” From entry selection to layout, the subscription drive to fundraising, the staff enjoyed themselves. Said Imager Brett-Anne Saarela (12). "We are all working for the common goal: to produce the best book possible. We thrive off each other's individuality.” But it was far from all work and no play. As Peter Kafka (11) explained. "Social events are an important part of the Images year." They supplemented their efforts with occasional parties. a Homecoming float, and a progressive dinner which, according to Nathan Olgivie (11). made Images "...the best thing since sliced bread." In the words of Images advisior Judy Layzell (fac), "This eclectic bunch of staffers always manages to get the job done while making it look easy and fun." By Kathryn Keller 58 IMAGESIMAGES Assorted Images staffers work diligently on their "roasted Trojan" Homecoming float. At an after-school meeting, junior Nathan Ogilvie contemplates life, humanity, and the upcoming subscription drive. Row 1: S. Weir. P. Kafka. K. Halker. B. Saarela. C. Ostrom. Row 2: S. Hagemeyer. K. Harter. A. Kaplan. S. Lindman. K. Guinee. M. Cheng, J. Layzell. E. Karlsson. N. Ogilvie. Row 3: S. Schlafge, K. Bergh, M. Spillum. B. Lee. M. Coleman. S. Young. 1 . » ' MR V, ''v • f. .. A i1 IMAGES 59Jon Ebbert (12) expresses his point of view in a group discussion. ZEPHYRUS Co-editors Andy Harrod (12) and Jeff Bland (12) plan the next edition of the Zephyrus. James "the Modern Man" Hoi-royd (12) pays close attention in Zephyrus. Row 1: Tonia Julius (11). Joanna Sandbo (12). Heather West (10). James Holroyd (11). Row 2: Mark Dahl (12). Chad Paavola (12). Lesley McBurney (12). Kelly Salita (12). Shannon Drury (10). Karen Kiang (12). Peter Kafka (11). Row 3: Andy Harrod (12). Jon Ebbert (12). Eric Tadsen (12). Alan Martin (12). Andy Lyman (I I), Gant Wegner (12). John Hamer (12). Jeff Bland (12). Brian Liebo (11). Allison Rich (12). Jon Hobbs (11). 60 ZEPHYRUSSTOP THE PPESSE The monotony of homeroom was made more bearable thanks to Zephyrus. Once a month, it took away the boring minutes between first and second hour when everyone sat around doing nothing. Not only did the paper brighten up homeroom, but it also informed students of recent happenings in the school. The staff seemed determined to make the paper better than ever. Co-editors Jeff Bland (12) and Andy Harrod (12) helped draw the staff together and motivate them. "This year the staff is way more organized,” commented Kelly Salita (12). Joanna Sandbo (12) commented, "Even though we're such a diverse bunch, we all get along really well." Many changes were made in the newspaper. To speed up production, the newspaper staff switched to an Apple Macintosh computer system. This made the whole production process quicker and easier. Stories were shorter and covered a wider variety of topics. The paper also included artwork from staff members. But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This was the case with the newspaper staff. They worked together toward a single goal while having fun at the same time. By David Cooper ft I got on the Zephyrus Staff by going through ‘intense’ interviews, ‘years’ of hard work, and the determination to ‘be the best I can be.’ — Brian Liebo (11) ft ZEPHYRUSAN T CONCEAL THE ZEAL joy!'' David Weingartner (10) don’t know what is, I just — Derek Mogck (11) "It’s worth it when it’s all done!’’ — Cindy Burr (12) “Windigo is the intricate combination of stress and pure bliss." — Julie Betts (12) “Symptoms of Windigitis include computer headache and deadline disaster." — John Sullivan (11) The yearbook staff radiates ere ativity even as it sits in three de gree weather outside of Door Nine. Row I: A. Kenney. B. Fulford. Row 2: C. Erickson. A. Furlong. S. Williamson. S. Haddad. M. Coleman. Row 3: K. Riley. B. Benjamin. K. Harter. V. Gleason. A. Ga-busi. K. Keller. Row 4: J. Betts. D. Mogck. L. Adams. M. Howell. J. Sullivan. J. Fisher. Row 5: M. Guinee. D. Weingartner. S. Jae-gar. J. Anderson. C. Burr. Row 6: L. Russell. D. Cooper. D. Macker-eth. Row 7: M. Marchuk. A. Furlong. E. Norman. C. Marnell. E. Seifert. Yearbook was a creation that had some sort of an impact on each of those who were a part of it. Windigo meant different things for different staffers. It was from the assemblage of the Windigo staffers' individual opinions combined and looked at as a whole that Jason Fisher (11) kicks back and wonders why fellow staffer Velma Gleason (12) talks to the computer. one could really pinpoint the true essence of creation which went into the production of this 272 page publication. Filled with photos, copy, graphics, ads, etc., etc., from a staff which consisted of a unique, diverse group of happy Windigo-campers ranging from quiet Photography staffer Brian Fulford (11) gives his ever-positive reaction to being given another assignment. and conservative to extremely outgoing, Windigo somehow came to be. By Stephanie Haddad Layout by Kathryn Keller Cindy Burr (12) enjoys herself at a Windigo breakfast, while Kristina Harter (11) shows her true early morning self. 62 WINDIGOCAN'T UPPQEM THE ZES Nicole Troyer (II) sits, dumbfounded. at the page-long work load and decides to set priorities. ft “Yearbook has been strange." — Andy Furlong (I I) “Windigo is three parts silliness, one part stress, five parts creativity, ninety-nine parts chaos, mixed delicately with Cool Ranch Doritos and Diet Pepsi, broiled for one hour and then lightly toasted." — Liz Adams (12) "The worst part about Windigo is that you are never done!" — Colleen Marnell (12) “ Windigo isn’t a class, it’s an experience!" — David Cooper (10) "It’s a blast and a half." — Cari Erickson (12) “ Windigo is only painful if it’s done right." — Jason Fisher (II) 99 In response to the exclamation of a shorter deadline. Julie Betts (12) shows her "no nonsense, buckle down, get serious and work!" attitude. As Tish Seifert (12) works studiously hard on supplement advertisements. her fellow staffer. Holly Ruppert (II). gives her own heart-felt opinion about the whole ordeal. WINDIGO 63minimag minimag minimag minimag 1 LOVE EM’ OP HATE EM' | | ALL WASHED OUT f It was 4:50 a.m. and Bobby was awakened by the sound of twenty kids noisily bursting into his room and demanding he wear a flowered polyester shirt and skintight. polka-dot, bermuda shorts to school that day. Well, it's definite! Bobby made it on the team! This situation could pertain to almost anyone who had ever been accepted on an organization or team. It was a long-standing tradition in Edina for those "old people" to initiate the new ones. "We were picked up on a Sunday afternoon and taken to Lake Harriet to cheer," said Amy Beck (11) of her varsity cheerleading initiation. "We also had to cheer in the Commons the next day at school." From bean dip food fights to wearing colorful and conspicuous signs, initiations proved to be something to remember. Asked how she felt after her Concert Band initiation, Mol-lie Micek (10) summed it up by saying. "Now I feel like part of the group.” By Nicole Troyer Candcc Boubclik (12) and Missy Sackman (12) arc weary but happy after the Hornettes initiation. It's raining, it's pouring ... On the night of July 23, 1987, Minneapolis and St. Paul citizens experienced the "Super Storm." Nature took control as eleven inches of rain fell upon the Twin Cities in one night, causing extensive flood damage. It was a night to remember as people tried in vain to mop the rising water in the basement, or watch the backyard become a lake, complete with ducks and waves. "I was stranded overnight at work only to come home and find my parents had already drained two and a half feet of water out of our basement,” said Kristina Harter (11) of her storm adventure. "We had to move all our furniture out of the basement, and didn't get everything in order until a month later." As torrents of rain kept coming down, some were able to sit back and relax during the storm. Joe Shah (11) stated, "It was a night I'll never forget because I was stranded with my friends and we had a blast." Maybe the next time a person hears a clap of thunder, the sound of rain, their eyes may travel upwards ... wearily. Although it may be unlikely, the Twin Cities will always wonder if it could happen again. By Nicole Troyer The day after: remnants of the storm. 64 MINIMAGminimag minimag minimag minimag WHAT DO THEY EXPECT? HAPPY CAM PEPS | What do you want to do? What do you want to be? Be fore they answered these questions, most Edina students considered college. When setting up a freshman class, a college admissions board sought balance between students. In order to achieve this balance, the board considered geographical quotas and individual activities of applicants, to name just a few. The board looked for a number of musically-minded people. a number of intellectuals, so many athletes, etc., to produce a diverse class. When asked how she felt about criteria most colleges demanded, Sue Gebhard (11) explained, "I think the criteria is valid, but hard to achieve." Looking over applications, grades, test scores, essays, and interviews all singled students out. "I feel the most difficult aspect of the college application is the essay," stated Karin Tess-mann (12). Because Edina was ranked so high among the nation's high schools, "B" work in Edina was more of an achievement than "B" work in some other schools. Edina's striving for excellence was reflected in the fact that ninety-eight percent of Edina graduates went on to higher education. By Nicole Troyer The relaxed atmosphere of campus life is something most Edina students look forward to in the future. This summer most of us were working, traveling, partying, or just laying in the sun. But there were a few people who decided to try something different — they became camp counselors. One could become a camp counselor through training or attending camp for a certain number of years. "I found kids have the same problems we do. only from a simpler standpoint. In solving their problems, we can learn to deal with our own." said Jeni Ankeny (12) of her counseling experience. We all remember the camp counselor: the person we looked for when we didn't know what to do, when we were homesick, wanted advice, or just wanted someone to follow all over. When asked what she enjoyed most about counseling last summer, Trina Ghy-lin (11) stated. "The love and the fact I was considered a superior figure." By Nicole Troyer Summer counselors at Cathedral of the Pines camp take a break for a group picture. MINIMAG 65minimag minimag AIDING DECISIONS minimag minimag E A.P. LIFE When searching for "the perfect college” one often turned to the Career Center. Run strictly by volunteers, the Career Center offered job oppurtunity information, and. of course, college information. Pamphlets, books, magazines, and computers were filled with information. Volunteers were on hand to help with college decisions. When asked what volunteers hope to achieve working in the career center, Kathy Pluhar stated. "Helping kids make the right post-high school decisions." Another function of the Career Center was to have a place for college meetings. Colleges visited from all over the country in hopes of interesting students in their schools. These meetings proved to be helpful if a student wanted to obtain more information about a school. "Besides being informational, the college meeting is a good way to get out of class.” stated Christine Bre-zina (12). All in all, the Career Center was a place to gain information on colleges and help in making decisons for the future. By Nicole Troyer Kara Persons (12) talks to a college representative in the Career Center. There were two levels of smartness at E.H.S., regular smart and A.P. smart. A.P. classes were thought of as harder than “normal classes," but in some cases this wasn’t true. (Jpon examination, one might have noticed that the difference between an A.P. class and a regular class of a certain subject might have been something as menial as a term paper. The student in the non-A.P. class had to be on top of all material at almost all times to get an A-, whereas the A.P. student could slack off a bit, get a grade of B +. and still end up with an A because of the grade weighting. For people who took three or four A.P. classes, it was possible to get B's and still be on the A-honor roll. "I think if A.P. were a good deal different from the standard (classes) in intensity, depth of subject, and speed, students would reap a lot more. A.P. now is not very effective, the better percentage is the same as the regular classes. I don't like that...some people feel it's just a free ride," stated Jon Ebbert (12). One shouldn't have taken this as the case in every situation. "Some A.P. classes were a lot harder and in some places students weren't given enough credit for the work they did," was the opinion of James Holroyd (11) Regardless of the controversies, A.P. classes were here to stay. By Jason Fisher How can one distinguish whether this is a regular class or an A.P. class? 66 MINIMAGminimag minimag minimag minimag BEATNIK BANDS | COUGHING IT Just about everyone at one time or another wanted to become a musician. This was apparent to anyone during the past year who went to a school bash and noticed some of Edina High's very own students up on stage. There was Manchester, DINA Splice, O-Zone, and The Prehistoric Jello Babies. These bands were as different as any other, but they did have many things in common. On the average, they all usually tried to practice at least once per week. One characteristic all of these bands possessed was a varying music interest between members, which helped to create a unique sound. "WeTe just trying to be different ... a lesser per- centage of bands are different, more just follow," explained Jeff Halverson (11) of DNA Splice. Another important aspect of participating in a band was the fact that it enhanced friendships. "I like music a lot and wanted to be in a band, especially with people I knew ... I wasn't in it for the money," answered Scott Thorp (11) of the PJB's. This helped to create the wholesome and honest rock and roll that anyone and everyone couldn’t help but enjoy. By Jason Fisher The PJB’s In action as they jam to a special request at one of their First Avenue shows. What did a lawnchair, sleeping bag, camping tent, and even a car trunk have in common? They were all occupied by patient members of long, cold lines who were trying to gain any kind of comfort possible while waiting to purchase tickets. Many lines were for big concerts. Some of these crowd pleasers were David Bowie. James Taylor, REM, Kiss, The Replacements, and CJ2. The longest line of the sea- son was caused by enthusiastic Twins fans for the once in a life time World Series tickets. "We waited outside a day and a half in advance. My aunt, her boyfriend, and I waited in sleeping bags and on lawnchairs," said Chris Heikens (11). By Jason Fisher Steve Roe (12) takes it easy while waiting for 02 tickets. MINIMAGminimag minimag minimag minimag 100% EDINA SERVE AND PROTECT With last year's cold weather and the casually attired student body, it usually came down to a choice of which sweatshirt to wear. The common need to show off Edina spirit caused most to reach for their sweatshirt bought in the cafeteria, at the football games, or at hockey games. Most students didn't fully realize the complex procedure that went into selling these Edina products. Most of the products, which included boxer shorts, pens, teddy bears, sweatpants, mittens, sweatshirts, and many other items, were bought in Minnesota. Some things, however, came from as far away as New York. Atlanta, and Taiwan. One might think that this would have meant a big mark up in prices for students, which wasn't always true. Students were able to get the best deals on their Edina-wear, cited Jane Henrich, one of the many volunteer salespeople. "Not only did I get a really cool shirt, but I didn't have to spend my whole allowance doing it," exclaimed Scott Mark (11). The Spirit Committee, a division of the athletic boosters, was the group responsible for the creation of these products and was also responsible for the decisions made about their production and distribution. These volunteer booster salespeople worked, on the average, up to twelve to fifteen hours per week. Regardless of the amount of money spent on these products by any one student, everyone who bought something got their money's worth and a lasting, quality product to boot, which was not always the case in consumer purchasing. By Jason Fisher Waving their hornet hankies. Edina seniors promote Edina products. Explorers were students who had a desire to know more in a certain occupational field. Among some of the popular fields to explore were the medical, law enforcement, legal, and business groups. A favorite group was the police explorers. Edina Police Explorers was an often misunderstood group. Their job did not include reporting out-of-hand parties, which was a common belief. What they actually ended up doing was "cleaning up after them," cited one Explorer member. The Edina Explorer group had been around for five years, and planned to continue the program. For the last two years the group thrived under the leadership of Edina Police Officer Bill Barrington. Like most other Edina organizations. the Explorer group had a reputation for excellence. Last year at the state competition held in Breezy Point, the Edina group placed second in two events and first in two others. One might have wondered why a student would want to join this group when there seems to exist such a universal dislike for the police. “I was just curious and I thought it’d be kind of fun ... it might help out for a possible future job,” exclaimed Eric Podnieks (11). By Jason Fisher These Explorers are enlightened with firearm safety techniques. 68 MINIMAGminimag minimag minimag minimag 5EH1ND THE SCENES i CENTER STAGE Sure, Edina was swarming with students. Even teachers occupied the halls, classrooms, restrooms, and parking lots of school. But where would we be without washed and erased blackboards. emptied trash-cans, food to eat at lunch, and swept hallways? The engineers and cooks worked behind the scenes to help keep the school running. Frequently unnoticed or taken for granted, but always appreciated, they were the "backbone" of our school’s anatomy. The engineers and cooks were kidded with names like custodial technician and ca-feterial engineer, but every thing was taken in stride. "I think that a lot of the people just don't realize all the things we do, especially during the whole summer, but other than that it's not too bad," stated Tom Johnson (fac). By Jason Fisher Wendy Andrews (fac) smiles while students fight for pizza. Interested in jazz music? If so. students were able to participate in Stage Band. Conducted by Mr. William Webb (fac), this group of musicians practiced on their own time Mondays after school and Wednesdays at five o'clock. This group practiced vigorously to pra duce various enjoyable concerts during the year. The jazz band also participated in both Pops concerts, a prominent activity for band members. These students planned to go on tour on their own as well. "We will go anywhere but Morris," laughed Kristina Harter (11). Members of the Stage band were (on trumpet) Marc Sut- ton (12), Mike Rickman (12), Marc Samson (10). Paul Nelson (12). Steve Smith (12), (on saxophone) Pete Swanson (12), Steve Bonneville (12). Keith Hedlund (11), Diane DeMoss (12). Cindy Burr (12), Josh Peterson (10), (on trombone) Rob Walker (11), Brent Obert (12), Guy Weigold (12), Nancy Shulze (11), Glydwell Burdick (12), (on drums) Dave Wendt (12), (on piano) Kristina Harter (11), and (on bass) Amy Lange (11). By Suzanne Williamson Decked In tuxedos, the Stage Band looks professional for one of their many great performances during the school year. MINIMAG 69minimag minimag minimag minimag GTCY6 BREAKING AWAY Many musical students from EHS participated in an outstanding orchestra. This orchestra, the first one in the world, was known as the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, or GTCYS. Composed of seven orchestras ranging in age from K-12. these young musicians auditioned to become a part of this great orchestral system. To be a participant, one auditioned, rehearsed once a week for three hours, and performed frequently during the year. Many performances took place at Orchestra Hall, and others were as far away as the USSR. Nine students from Edina participated at the Symphony. or highest level, including De-nin Lee (12) at flute. Brad Bunce (12) at viola- .Mike Rickman (12) at trumpet, Mark Sutton (12) at trumpet, Scott Thatcher (11) at percussion. Cindy Burr (12) at clarinet. Ann Gartner (12) at french horn. Katie Peterson (12) at violin, and Dave Peltier (12) at cello. Describing the Symphony orchestra. Dave Peltier commented.‘‘The orchestra I am in is the most talented in the Twin Cities; it is our chance to get together, play what we play, and do our best at it.” This orchestra was directed by Dr. William Jones, was of professional size, and, with the help of these Edina students, was a wonderful success. By Suzanne Williamson These students can’t hide their GTCYS pride. When tension was high and minds were tired, Edina students found a way to break away. Enjoying laughter. fun. and close friendships. many students chose to go on retreats for their relaxation. Weekends were filled with overnights at various camps and churches, providing a break from the normal hectic city life. Students ventured off with various groups such as PF. Oasis. TEC, Young Life, and even off on their own. Many used these times to reflect on life, get to know each other better, release stress, and just get away. When asked why he liked retreats. Eric Meyer (12) replied, "Because you meet new people and your friendships become stronger." Retreats saved many from insanity this year and provided a nice break from school. Not much was worried about on these get aways. and relaxation and fun were top priorities. By Suzanne Williamson Seniors enjoy an Oasis retreat at Camp Warren. 70 MINIMAGmimmag minimag minimag minimag T.V. TEACHING | Being taught by a television monitor might have seemed strange, but to the 18 students in the Japanese speaking class, it was an everyday experience. With a mix ranging from sophomore to senior, instructor Yoshi Shatoh (fac) taught two classes of Japanese to eager students at both Edina and Richfield High Schools at the same time. With the help of a television monitor and cooperative classes, students were taught Japanese as they would be any other language. The two schools shared the teacher on a monthly basis; one would have the flesh and blood and the other a picture on the screen. Mr. Shatoh was able to see all of the other students at the opposite school on a screen, as well as hear anything that was said. Speaking of the educational experience, Stu McNaught (11) stated, "by studying Japanese and Japanese culture, it helps one reflect on our culture." Obviously. Mr. Shatoh had no problem communicating the importance of studying Japanese and it’s culture over a T.V. screen, and the new class was quite effective. By Suzanne Williamson For Yoshi Shatoh (fac). being on film is an everyday experience. WE CAN DO IT! [ Oh yes, "We CAN do it!” And did we ever! Pulling together, all classes worked to achieve and exceed the 25,000 can goal during the November canned food drive. Battling it out, SWIPE topped ABGF by a margin of 1,221 with a total of 13,767 cans. Speaking of SWIPE's effort. Aileen Furlong (12) stated, "The amount of work the Senior Women were able to accomplish within a twenty-four hour period was phenominal. We were able to do it because everyone contributed in one way or another." Adding to this, with the incredible number of cans brought in by the small number of ABGF members, the Senior class broke 30,000 by themselves. Sophomores greatly helped the effort with 8,474 cans. A portion of these were brought in by SCAM, a new sophomore group standing for Sophomores Can Achieve More. Juniors pulled through with 5,558 bringing the total to 45,067 cans, an incredible number and a new state record. Robert McClelland (12) commented, "The amount of cans was astounding — the thing is we did it. not how we did it — it was a great instance to recognize the unity of the school." Summing up the whole event, Mary Shulze (12) commented. "The positive effort of the whole school was incredible. The greatest reward, for me. was in bringing the cans to the shelves and seeing them go from nearly empty to completely overflowing!” By Suzanne Williamson Seniors John Colby. Charlie Ei-frig. B.J. Nelson, and Greg Bisson pack cans. MINI MAG 71Five days a week, thirty-six weeks a year, we subjected ourselves to the wonderful world of knowledge. We researched for term papers, conducted scientific experiments, read novel after novel, and conversed in foreign languages; all with the common goal of expanding our minds. The education we received was superior. We gained a greater awareness of ourselves and of the world around us, and a firm foundation on which we could make decisions and grow. Expectations were high, and we met them with flying colors because . .. WE CANT HIDE THE PRIDE. ft The curriculum at Edina provides a challenge at any level; it demands high quality performance and students meet that demand. — Debbie Prince (12) ff Aaron Byhre (11) concentrates on using his strength to his maximum ability during a gym class. 72 CLASSES DIVISIONStudying was a major requirement of any class: here a diligent German student buries his nose in an intellectually stimulating textbook. Mr. LaMourc (fac) animatedly illustrates a point in American History. College apps required as much thought as any test.A W MAGIC What do you like best about your math class this year? II "ECAT isn't something you like, it's just something you take that could help you later in life. There are monstrous piles of homework, but Ace Johnson (fac) is a personable guy with a great sense of humor." — Kevin Fallon (11) I I "Even though it's hard to follow sometimes, I usually catch onto it by the next day, or week ... " — Jeff Halvorsen (11) II "After a million years of math. I can't believe I've actually made it to CALCULUS!" — Ross Gubrud (12) I I What do you enjoy most about your math teacher? ii "His energetic and stirring lectures which relate so closely to everyday life." — Keith Hedlund (11) II • "Mr. Savre (fac) is so enthusiastic about calculus, and he does a good job of explaining its abstract concepts to his students." — Anne Gartner (12) I I Would you recommend taking math courses to other students? I I "Yes, because it makes it possible to eliminate taking remedial math courses later in college." — Susan Caldwell (12) II "If the student is ready for some action, then I would. The classes really move along fast — you have to be alert every minute.” — Steve Smith (12) II "Yes, it's pretty fun and educational at the same time. (It) is also definitely a necessity for anyone planning to take higher math in college." — Karen Kiang (12) II "Of course! Without geometry, we’d all be square!" — Scott Jaeger (10) Survey conducted by Cindy Burr 74 MATHBy tenderly hugging his ever-faith-ful computer. Mr. Bill Bcstc (fac) shows that math teachers are human, too. MATH Keith Hedlund (11) and Greg Kon-ezny (1!) eagerly listen to Mr. Larry Johnson's (fac) ECAT lecture. Mr. Curtis Johnson (fac) demonstrates his reknown "hand-waving” theorems to a class of sophomores. 75the competitive edge ft “When the learning experience becomes more of a game where the only object is to win, then the competition has become much too intense. Most people don’t seem to realize that education is basically what you make of it.” — Jon Ebbert (12) id Edina High School earned its reputation of excellence through a long track record of high achievement, especially in the area of academics. To many students, this translated into a festival of feverish activity known as competition; for it was not enough to be one the best — the goal was to be the best. Competition could be healthy, forcing students to strive for the most they could give. “I know sometimes it's too much, but I don't think I’d be as happy or satisfied without the pressure." claimed De-nin Lee (12). Quoth John Sullivan (I I), an AP pressured junior: "There comes a certain sort of high after pulling an all-nighter. I'll be tired, but my history reading will be done — I hate not being done when everyone else is." Competition, however, be came negative when students abandoned all else — sleep, health, fun — in pursuit of good grades and an impressive college transcript. "Edina is competitive." pointed out Andrew Lyman (11). "and that pits one peer against another." With the controversial gradeweight placed on enriched classes, many students ended up taking college classes for the purpose of their GPA's rather than the enlightenment of their minds. "There isn't always that much difference between enriched classes and regular." explained Jen Pale-cek (12). "except that the 'AP' in front of the course name makes a bunch of difference!" Perhaps the most evident area of academic competition appeared when many seniors began applying to prestigious colleges and universities. which had limited openings. "Edina students go to a highly competitive high school, and expect to be admitted to a highly competitive college.” said Jon Ebbert (12). "Most people don't seem to realize that education is basically what you make of it." Edina has always been a competitive school to attend. and students understood this, dealing with the good and bad as best they could. "It's okay for students to compete for grades in school as long as it doesn't become allencom-passing." summed up Brett-Anne Saarela (12). "but I think it's important for grades not to become an evaluation of how worthy you are as a person, or what you will necessarily become." By Cindy Burr An overworked junior by any standard. Dave Dragseth (11) surrenders first to the frustration of an American Lit. essay, then to a cushiony computer keyboard. 76 CLASSES FEATURECollege applications accumulate in many seniors' rooms. From cheerfully discussing AP European History to arguing about colleges (Yale or Obcrlin?). Andy Harrod (12) and Brett Anne Saarela (12) begin to realize that competition means more than a friendly game of tug-of-war. CLASSES FEATURE 77 °V V ICROSCOP C MEMORIES Why did you decide to take Biology this year? 1 1 "I took Biology because I want to become a botanist and open a flower shop of my own." — Molle Dunn (10) II What made you choose Aerospace over the other science choices available? II "I'd been looking forward to taking this class since I was in eigth grade. I wanted to earn my ground time needed for getting my pilot's license.” — Brian Fulford (11) II What did you think of your Chemistry class this year? II "Chemistry was a difficult class this year because everything was new and complex. Most of the work you did had to be done in your head." — John Sullivan (11) I I What did you look forward to doing this year in Biology? II "I looked forward to working in the labs and studying the things I couldn’t see." — Shonn • Schnitzer (10) II Do you plan on an Aerospace-related career now that you have completed the class? I I "I had always been interested in flying and I would like to be a military pilot when I graduate." — Jeff Parks (11) Survey conducted by David Cooper Daniel Dolsen (10) experiences a Cathy Gaschc (11) takes an active musical world of science. interest in Chemistry. 78 SCIENCESCIENCE Looking at a yeast population. Kaelie Rivers (10) finds a whole new world. Taking his subject seriously. Mr. Marv Griffen (fac) gives Chemistry his best shot.■■ Juniors Mike Tcrwilliger. Robert Derek Mogck (11) and Amy Mul-Uttendorfer. and Matt Maletta ien (11) listen attentively to Scott ponder a psychological problem. Lindman’s (11) argument. SOCIAL SCIENCES Mr. John Benson (fac). specs and all. asks the photographer what his best side is in his new American Government class. Steve Weir (11) persists that his idea is the better choice in a bubbling debate. EAL SOCIAL PROBE Are you taking an A.P. class, why. and do you feel that you will be prepared for the test by Spring? I am taking this class because I would like to avoid this class in college, and I am sure I will be ready by Spring — Mr. Mike Herzig (fac) is awesome! — Heidi Snyder (12) How do you feel about the texts? Do you need new ones? You know you need new books when the people in the pictures are still in bell bottoms and wide collared shirts. — Claire Martinson (12) The books are pretty bad, but the flower children rock! — Bridget Ingram (12) What do you like or dislike about this class? My teacher is just the nicest guy. I can't say a bad thing about him! — Jeff Bland (12) My teacher captivates the students with his original style of lecturing. He throws in unrelated facts pertaining to professional wrestling. — Mark Dahl (12) Tell something funny that is totally unrelated to your classes. By contorting her lips. Mrs. Margaret Skibbe (fac) is able to emulate 50 different species of animals including a "sleethstack" from LAND OF THE LOST, the movie PLATOON, and the SAAB 9000. — Mark Dahl (12) The sophomores aren't the bad kids this year, it's the juniors, who are still sophomores at heart. — Ann Forrest (12) Survey conducted by Susan Weir Chris Jones (11). Beth Hahn (II). Guy Smiley (11). and Todd Johnson (11) enjoy learning American History. SOCIAL SCIENCES 81Why is it important to study American Literature? I I "American Lit. is important to us. as Americans, because it provides a basis for our traditions, our relationships with God. and our relationships with fellow man." — Steve Wehr (11) II If it wasn’t required, would you be taking this Language Arts class? II "I probably would have taken American Lit. even if its credit weren't required because what I learn in Lit. helps me to understand more in American History which is required." — Susan Gebhard (11) II Since we are Americans, do think it is important to study English Literature? “Since America has adopted many of its customs from Britain, English Lit. helps us understand how American traditions and government formed during the colonial years." — anonymous • What makes Creative Writing different from other Language Arts classes? II "Creative Writing is not as structured as the other English courses. We have more freedom to express ourselves and our ideas." — Monica Poxon (12) II "I feel the main difference between Creative Writing and a class like Composition is that in Comp, you have to fit your work in between guidelines, whereas in Creative Writing, you fit guidelines in between your work." — Laurie McNeill (10) II "In Creative Writing you express your own thoughts and feelings; I feel free in my writings and poems. In other courses I feel trapped." — Kaelie Rivers (10) I "Creative Writing exposes the student to a variety of different kinds of writing — this class is a brain teaser." — Maureen Boyle (12) "In Comp, the final product is made up mostly of research. Literature is something someone else has written, but Creative Writing comes from within you. and within you. it’ll last." — Julie Hegstrom (12) ii How does Humanities differ from other Language Arts classes? II "It's much more interesting than other Language Arts classes. I don't find myself falling asleep in this class." — Rob Berry (11) II "It isn't so much dealing with questions that have a right or wrong answer. Instead it deals with your own feelings." — Steve Demont (12) II "It has more to do with actual literature in the classical era. It doesn't involve grammar or techniques, only the qualities of the piece." — Brad Barth (12) Survey conducted by John Sullivan 82 LANGUAGE ARTS. ■ L ■ " ;m , 5 jjc - 'X .-far; - “ ■ X f j .. ..- - e •■ -"’• i"r. ; v r' " i,; - f T: - .,- ujti' Giving her first public speech. An American Literature class Molly Borgcn (12) uses adequate takes a "bear" of a vocabulary eye contact. quiz. LANGUAGE ARTS Using his monstrous hands. Mr. Bud Jensen (fac) gets his point across clearly. Mrs. Betsy Cussler (fac) reads a excerpt from a literature text with meaningful expression to her class of eager students.Jeff Northrup (10) enjoys himself in his Spanish class. This accounting class tries to sum up everything correctly. Students learn to type on modern typewriters. 84 FOREIGN LANGUAGES BUSINESS EDUCATIONDo you feel that It should be required to take another language? Why or why not? I I "Yes, In today's lifestyles it is essential to speak another language. Business and traveling are just two of an infinite number of reasons." — Kim Lewis (11) "No. I believe in choice. A person who doesn't intend to do anything internationally, or even leave their state, should not have to take another language." — Dave VanderWall (11) Do you feel it is important to be bilingual? Why do you feel this way? "Although I find being bilingual is crucial to modern knowledge. I feel that those who have the desire to learn other languages should be the only ones who do it." — Stu McNaught "Yes, we are all together on this planet, and it's important for different cultures to reach out to each other." — Caroline Ostrom (12) "No. if people are not interested they should not have to learn another language" — Eric Hall (11) What language did you take? Is there a language you wish you could have taken instead? "I took Japanese because it is totally different from all the other languages offered. If Arabic were offered I'd probably take that. I like the more exotic languages." — Jeff Halverson (11) Will you use your language later in life? If yes how? "Yes, I plan to visit Europe in the near future and I will need to communicate in their language. I'm sure I will love it. so I will return again." — Gretchen Nelson (11) "Yes, because I want to live in Mexico after college." — Ana Thomas (10) Do you feel the business class you are taking will help you in the future? "Yes, it will help a lot when I go into accounting later." — Lila Sagataw (12) Why did you take a business education class? "I feel typing is an important skill to learn." — Bob Huestis (11) Do you feel that the Edina business classes apply to modern usage? "Yes, although a lot of the stuff is too old and should be updated." — Jack Nolan (10) II Survey conducted by Velma Gleason This class works hard In trying to memorize Latin grammer. FOREIGN LANGUAGES BUSINESS EDUCATIONHEALTH PHY ED tape WEIGHTING What is your favorite unit in gym? Why? •Archery I d never done it before and I always loved Robin Hood. I think that is what I'll be when I grow up. — Spenser Somers (10) Softball, because the weather is wonderful outside. It is more fun to be outside doing your favorite sport instead of being locked up in the classroom.” — Donna Wehrmeister (10) How do you feel about this being your last year of required gym class? I will miss gym. Although it was a pain, it was a nice break from a regular class.” — Linnea Carlson (10) • "Good, I am totally happy I don't have to go all day in school smelling gross.” — Aniie Dalton (10) Which do you think you like better, health or gym? Why? "Health, because I like to learn about mental and physical conditions of the body, and to better understand how to stay healthy.” — Amy Clifford (10) Do you find the explicit information difficult to handle in health class? Have you ever had to leave the room? Explain. "Not at all. I never get grossed out. I almost had to leave the room once, though. I had been feeling sick all day and seeing a bashed in head with an empty eye socket did not make me feel any better." — Jennifer Anderson (10) "No, it is all part of human nature." — Scott Moesenthin (10) "No, I cheered through all the first aid films. They lose their sense of drama the second and third times." — Jon Larson (10) Do you feel the need to have a change in lifestyle where your health is concerned? Explain. "No, I am healthy; superman is my idol." — David Mayeron (10) Do you feel your weight lifting class is a well needed break from the regular class day? Why or why not? "Sometimes. I like the fact that you don't have to sit at a desk all day and do homework, but it's not exactly a break; it is hard work, too." Kate Riley (12) "Yes, it is relaxing." — Pete Raether (12) Survey conducted by Velma GleasonBart Ryan (11) demonstrates his unyielding power at the bench press. Ms. Pacy Erck (fac) tries team teaching in her health class. HEALTH PHY ED Donna Wehrmeistcr Sophomores wait for a turn at bat. the ball to get theSuzanne Haisting (10) looks at Malcolm Eaton (12) and Dave (Jni-ads to get ideas for decorating tan (12) stuff their faces in foods her planned room. class.How has Life Issues helped you? It has benefited me to look at houses more and to recognize my surroundings.” — Ericka Quist (12) "This class has been helpful to me because it has taught me how to think more about how we live. — Libby VanDriel (11) Do you find the class that you are taking right now to be challenging in any way? II I think this class is challenging at times. It really takes a lot of listening, and it really has to do with everyone's own values and what they think and like." — Angie McLain (ID "This class is very challenging because you really have to think a lot about you do." — Chaya Bouchard (11) What special thing does this class do for you or others? This class brings out the hidden talent that most of us have, and it gives us to show that we can succeed in a particular class. — Stephanie Hang (12) "I think guest speakers in individual classes are helpful and a nice change.” Struthers (10) Why did you take this particular class? "I took this class for an elective because I really like to see different houses designs people use. I think it may become my career." — Katy Porter (11) "I chose this class because I'm interested in Interior Design, and it is one thing I could follow up in my future plans." — Jennifer Radder (12) "I chose the class because I thought it'd be fun to see if I'd be any good at maintaining and decorating a place to live." — Nicole Sturgeon (12) How do you like having your class next to the Windigo room? "Sometimes I just get real curious. I always wonder what the heck is going on — they are such a rowdy group!" — Stephanie Hang (12) "Windigo is pretty loud at times, but they are all having a great time, except when deadline comes along. Then you can hear a pin drop." — Suzanne Haistings (10) Survey conducted by Susan Weir the work a chance — Valerie andWhat does G.E.A.R. mean to you? "It means love, care, support, and responsibility.” — Pat Burice (12) What do you do in G.E.A.R.? "We talk and work through everyday problems.” — Jack Strommen (12) Does G.E.A.R. help you in any way? “G.E.A.R. helped me want to come to school and it helped me learn to like school." — Steve McPherson (12) What do you like about Vo-Tech? "Vo-Tech is a good program because you learn new skills, get out of school, and meet students from other schools." — Bob Nowak (12) How do the teachers help you in G.E.A.R.? "The teachers help us solve our problems and are very friendly." — John Skelly (11) Survey Conducted by David Cooper Smiling brightly. Dawn Clark (12) enjoys leaving school for Vo-Tech. 90 VO-TECH W.E.P. G.E. A.R.The G.E.A.R. group meets to discuss problems and help each other cope. VO-TECH W.E.P. G.E. A. R. Eric Miller (12) intensely contemplates Sir Isaac Newton's Universal Law of Gravity. Shelly Christie (12) listens in awe to the leaders of the discussion. The Edina High School Centennial Reunion over the Fourth of July weekend will be a great extravaganza! This is something that comes around only once in a lifetime and we're going to make sure that it is special. — Roshini Rajkumar (11) CENTENNIAL This year, the streets of Edina seemed brighter as colorful flags and signs suddenly popped up declaring that 1988 was Edina’s centennial. The history of Edina began over one hundred years ago. It was at this time that the rolling farmland that once occupied our city reminded a lone Scottish pioneer of his home city of Edinbourough, Scotland, and he decided to settle here, naming his new home Edina. Edina officially became a town in the year 1888. Since then, the city has thrived. It has grown from once being considered the "poor" part of Richfield to becoming one of the most prominent cities in Minnesota. To wish itself "Happy Birthday," the city of Edina planned a variety of events and celebrations for its citizens. Starting with the building of a beautiful ice sculpture on Lake Cornelia in January, each month a new activity was introduced. Some of the things that were included was a house tour of some of the historic houses of Edina, a twenty-five thousand dollar raffle, and an allschool reunion for everyone who has ever graduated from Edina since its opening. The most exciting and biggest undertaking of the events planned was the reunion that took place over the Centennial's highlight weekend of the Fourth of July and brought together all of the students and faculty who call Edina High School their alma mater, in- cluding the newest class to graduate, the class of 1988. With over a year put into its planning, the reunion included such activities as barbe-ques, fireworks, and a giant pepfest. Roshini Rajkumar, a junior member of the Student Council, served as the student liason on the Reunion Committee. As the only member of the committee who had not yet graduated from Edina High School, she said of the event, "It will be a great extravaganza! This is something that only comes around once in a lifetime and we're going to make sure that it is special.” By Cari Erickson This house on 50th Street, built over 100 years ago. is the oldest house in Edina. 92 CENTENNIALThis billboard Invited the entire community to participate in the city's festivities. These flags were hung from lamp-posts throughout Edina proclaiming that 1988 was Edina’s Centennial. These proud seniors are part of the graduating class of Edina’s Centennial year. 1988. This ice castle was built on Lake Cornelia for the 100th anniversary celebration. CENTENNIAL 93NEWS ISSUES “The world we live in extends beyond the boundaries of Edina. Any responsible (J.S. citizen should be aware of the world which surrounds him or her in order to have a worthy opinion on the subject of international news.” — Reid Paulfranz (12) “I Thought It Was ... A Neat Idea.” Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North testified in Washington during the Iran-Contra hearings, involving his part in financing anti-government rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran. 94 NEWS ISSUESHey! Aren’t these explosive? Suspicious of Iranian intervention in the Persian Gulf in Sept., the U.S. Navy confiscated mines laid by Iranian tankers. I Ousted The Senate rejected Pres. Reagan's nomination of Rob-Bork to the Supreme Court after a long debate. ■ SELL!!! The Dow fell 508 points on 10 19 87. causing economic chaos. Since the world first heard of the mysterio robbing disease, AIDS has killed nearly 25 000 an ? fata immunity' of dollars have poured into medical research mericans anc mi ions NEWS ISSUESA Messy Situation A barge filled with 3,128 tons of garbage became a national joke and symbolized the nation’s worsening problem with solid waste management. Heeere’s Johny! The Reagans greeted Pope John II in September when he arrived in Miami to begin a tour of the United States for the first time in eight years. All Shook Up Scandalous Affairs An earthquake, measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale, hit Southern California in October and caused extensive damage. 1987 provided intrigue for the nation with such scandals as Jim Bakker’s resignation from the PTL after confessing to a sexual encounter with a young women, not to mention Gary Hart's affair with Donna Rice which resulted in his departure from the '88 presidential race and later re-entry. NEWS ISSUESNEWS ISSUES A Golden Celebration 250.000 people jammed on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California for its 50th Anniversary, while 500,000 others enjoyed the fiesta from the shore. "I like to know what is going on in my country and others because it helps me to understand the relationships between countries and the world as a whole." — Miriam Benabdallah (12) MEWS 8 ISSUES 97Excellence in athletics thrived at several levels; from the motivated individual who strove for personal satisfaction, to the team who worked as a cohesive unit in the pursuit of victory, to the excited mob of fans who supported the Hornets all the way. Wins or losses held little merit; the exhiliration of involvement surpassed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The unlimited motivation and skill were well deserving of the uplifting cheers. We rooted on the green and white regardless of the score because . . . WE CANT HIDE THE PRIDE. through it I have met many people I have become good friends with. — Jon Fromke (12) ddAmy Hand (12) "dekes out' opponent. her Cheerleaders. Hornettes. and the fans were an active part of sports events, loyally cheering on Hornets everywhere. Here Callie Kalo-gerson (11). a member of the Varsity Cheerleading squad, participates in a pepfest cheer to psyche fans up for an upcoming football game. Going that extra mile. Mike Curry (11) pursues excellence in a cross country running meet.The defensive line anxiously awaits for the play to begin.ON THE ■ DEFENSE. The new spirit in the school was a plus approach to the attitudes concerning school and athletics. — Mr. Stav Canakes Team unity and fan support were the backbone of Edina’s football season this year. “The new spirit in the school was a good change. It was a plus approach to the attitudes concerning school and athletics. The fan support was great, a must, better then it had ever been." expressed head coach Stav Canakes (fac). The team’s successful season could be attributed to the team's togetherness and overall group determination. "We had a good bunch of guys, we worked hard and tried hard," stated Captain Steve Donlin (12). Joe Rog-ness (11) went on to add. "Our team was together as a unit, not individually; the crowd’s rooting and cheering helped to make things happen." The overall strong points of the team were most often found in the defensive and kicking game, defense being led by Steve Donlin and Matt Sever (11), and kicking by Peter Raether (12) and Mark Hanson (11). Matt Sever commented that "the team as a whole had a positive attitude. We strove for success and still had fun." Edina had a lot of talent this past fall along with a will to win. "We were a fine, hardworking group of individuals who, under the leadership of our captain Steve Donlin, had matured into a championship caliber team," commented Scott Dubes (12). Looking to the future Pete Raether added, "We can be really good if we work hard and give a full 110% all the way- By Meghan Davidson Moves such as this exemplified Huddling before a play, the often-the team’s uniqueness. sive plans their attack. FOOTBALL 101fa cellence and Edina have always gone together. This specially true for Edina athletics. With over enty varsity sports avail-students, there were many opportunities for dedicated and hard working athletes to excel. Although most of these athletes finished their varsity experience at the end of their senior season, a select few were offered a chance to continue at the collegiate level. The cream of the crop in Edina sports were the attention-getters of different college coaches and recruiters. After being discovered, the “prospective student-athlete," the title for a recrui-tee, would often receive questionnaires, newsletters, and friendly notes from various colleges hoping to sign the player on an athletic scholarship for their sport. Matt Hentges (12), a hockey recruit, explained one source of exposure. "College scouts often know who to watch by using recruiting lists.” While being recruited, Jenny Moe (12), a top-ranked tennis player, put her best effort in na-immer tournaments, under a lot of pres- sure playing in front of college coaches." Meghan Davidson (12) commented on the importance of her basketball play at national camps, “The summer camp experience helped improve my skills, while the top priority was exposure to scouts for recruiting." The next step after exposure to schools was to narrow the choices and, possibly, be offered a chance to meet the coaches, players, and see the school on an officially paid campus visit. Pete Raether (12), a recruit in both football and baseball, expressed. "It's an advantage to be able to see what the campus and school are really like." Throughout all the excitement of the recruiting experience, each athlete had to remember that the effort and desire required in high school athletics would need to be intensified for four more years at the collegiate level. However, after going through the recruiting process and finally making the BIG decision on where to play, the athlete has a great bonus: a full-ride athletic scholarship to college. By Kate Riley ORTS e continued 102 ATHLETICS FEATUREM The summer basketball camp experience helped improve my skills, while the top priority was exposure to scouts for recruiting. m Meghan Davidson (12) ™ ® College coaches often know who to watch by using recruiting lists, and locally, the Lake Conference preview hockey game is a chance for players to be seen by different schools before the season begins. Matt Hentges (12) As a result of Edina excellence in many different sports, evident in a total of over sixty state championships. outstanding athletes received mail from schools across the country hoping to recruit the "potential student-athlete" on a college athletic scholarship. Senior Kate Riley, who was heavily recruited by many schools to play Division I womens' basketball, got to know the players, coaches, and what dorm-life was really like during an officially paid visit to the (Jnivesity of Illinois over MEA weekend. ATHLETICS FEATURE 103Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Row 1: Asst. Coach L. Alexander. L. Anderson. J. Andberg, T. Montegomery. A. Guhl. Row 2: Head Coach M. O'Boyle. J. Slade. CoCapl. I. Podnieks. Co-Capt. J. Lynch. C. Hammond. Girls' Junior Varsity Volleyball Row 1: A. Braccini. J. Bon-gaarts. M. Hauck, E. Pasko, P. Hedquist. S. Burnett. Row 2: Coach L. Alexander. L. Paul-franz. S. Frank. C. Larson. S. Matthees. L. Krienitz. Girls’ Sophomore Volleyball Row 1: N. LeBlanc. C. McGraw, S. Bins. M. Sladek, H. Warren. A. Pearson. R. Gepner, S. Lee. Row 2: Coach P. Mosbacher. A. Dieckhaus, L. Flaten. J. Kief-saas. J. Leslie. H. Smith. S. Erickson. K. Genouese. With backup from teammates. Lesley McBurney (12) jumps high for an awesome spike. 104 GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL . SPIKING TO SUCCESS |i P We never lose a sense of how fun the game is. Lesley McBurney (12) j L--j Making huge strides, the volleyball team put out extra effort to improve in all aspects of their game. With varsity coach Molli O'Boyle (fac). and two new coaches Linda Alexander, junior varsity, and Pat Mosbacher, sophomore, all three teams saw greater team spirit, friendships, and most of all. greater results on the volleyball court. Ally Guhl (12) supported the new J.V. coach, “Linda really knows what she's doing. She's been very helpful to the team." Co-Captain Jeanne Lynch (12) also added. “We've had the strongest sophomore-junior varsity-varsity unity. It’s like we're one big team instead of three separate ones.” Agreeing with the closeness of the team. Co-Captain Ingrid Podnteks (12) expressed, "We have a lot of determination and we don't give up if things go wrong." Team members felt the importance of cheering each other on and communicating about both high and low points of each game. This attitude carried over to situations off the court also. One great accomplishment came for the varsity team as they reached the championship match of their mid-season Eden Prarie Invitational tournament. The second place trophy, the first Edina has won in some time, was evidence that bumping, spiking, and. setting everyday after school in practice was really worth it. Lesley McBurney (12) summed up the team's experience, “We never lose a sense of how fun the game is.” By Kate Riley Co-Captain Jeanne Lynch (12) receives advice from her coach during a team huddle. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL 105DECADE One thing that’s important to us is that we build lasting relationships on and off the court. — Susan Birkeland (12) Different year, same old story. The Edina Girls’ Tennis team captured yet another state championship. In fact, it was their tenth consecutive title. Mo one was surprised, since the Hornets went undefeated all year winning almost every match 7-0. Once again the team was led by superstar sisters, Co-Captain Jenny Moe (12) and Jackie Moe (10). Other key team players were Ai-leen Furlong (12). Co-Captain Susan Birkeland (12) and her sister. Cathy Birkeland (10). The girls had to maintain their number one ranking by practicing daily after school for two hours. Coach Charles Anderson (fac) made sure that the players were prepared. Cara Larson (11) thought that “the matches were what prepares us most for the state tournament." The team was more than a team of players, it was a team of friends. Susan Birkeland (12) felt that “one thing that's important to us is that we build lasting relationships on and off the court." Jenny Moe (12) felt that "it's been exciting representing a team, especially that of Edina High School, rather than me as an individual." Luckily for Edina Girls' Tennis team they have strong returning players such as Kari Sanderson (9). Jonna Furlong (9). Amy Erskine (9). Lee Williams (10) and Cara Larson (11). After dominating state girls tennis for a decade, these girls have built an "EDIMASTY." By Andy Furlong Friendship nourishes a winning team. OF DOMINANCE GIRLS' TEMMISCo-Captain Susan Birkcland (12) aces her opponent with her awesome serve. Varsity Girls' Tennis Row 1: L. Williams. L. Hall. J. Furlong. K. Sanderson. A. Er-skine. K. Rivers. L. Carlson. C. Larson. Row 2: Coach C. Anderson. Co-Captain J. Moe. C. Bir-keland. G. Nelson. J. Moe. S. Williamson. CoCaptian S. Bir-keland. A. Furlong. J. Stevens. A. Nemecek. J. Roe. Junior Varsity Girls' Tennis Row 1: J. Furlong. L. Williams. L. Carlson. J. Cady. A. Mullen. J. Effress. Row 2: J. Rosenblatt. L. Fischer. A. Erskine. K. Sanderson, T. Olson. E. Griffin, J. Cardarelle. Row 3: Coach T. Clark. A. Latham. J. Noyce. S. Terwilliger. S. Nemecek. J. Donohue. A. Ingwaldson. K. Rivers. GIRLS’ TENNIS 107Girls' Varsity Soccer Row 1: K. Fredlund. H. John son. H. Nitz, H. Blackwell. L Fredlund. Row 2: K. Kluge. T Olsson. A. Geary. C. Pfeifer. S Vagnoni, E. Hoffman. K. Kas bohm. Row 3: Coach P.Buie. M Regan. Co-Capt. D. Prince. A Borth. A. Corrigan. Co-Capt. B Reese. A. Hand. K. Montgom ery. Coach H. McCall. Oft Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer Row 1: S. Roe. J. Johnson. K. Velner. M. King. H. Rendelman. Row 2: F. Kong. L. Billings. H. Johnson. M. King, K. Reynolds. L. Powell. Row 3: L. Mueller. L. Coleman. J. Olson. A. Poncius. L. Aadalen. Girls' Sophomore Soccer Row I: B. Medina, G. Rierson, T. Harter. Row 2: S. Ducar, K. Koerber. J. 8rayman. J. Anderson. M. Thompson. Row 3: K. Jenkins. T. Farrell. J. Hagman, J. Warner. A. Bock. C. Orth. Chris Pfiefer (12) enjoys the spoils of yet another Hornet victory. 108 GIRLS' SOCCEREveryone on the team fits in great! — Debbie Prince (12) Once again the girls' soccer team lived up to it’s reputation as an excellent team "by working hard" according to Co-Captian Beth Reese (12), as they completed a successful season. Debbie Prince (12) shared the co-captain responsibilities with Beth. During their intense three hour practices, the team was drilled by Coaches Hack McCall (fac) and Paula Buie on shooting, small games, and game situations. "It was total work!" described senior goalie Chris Pfeifer. Some highlights of the ’87 season were beating their arch-rival, Burnsville, and having an almost spotless record by going undefeated throughout the entire regular season — a feat not fre-qently accomplished by any athletic team. This year's team was a renaissance group composed of a handful of seniors, mostly juniors, and a few sophomores. The overall morale of the team was excellent, "We're psyched! ' exclaimed Beth Reese. Senior Amy Hand explained, "We all helped each other be a unit." During the season the girls enjoyed various off field activities including pasta parties, breakfast in the Commons, and a scavenger hunt with the boys' soccer team. "We're better than last year," shared Amy Hand. And like their sweatshirts claimed, they were back ... and better than before. By Derek Mogck Senior Beth Reese charges up the field for another scoring drive. LET'EM EAT CAKE GIRLS' SOCCER 109 TAKINGAIM It was the best time we’ve ever had. — Jim Owen (12) "It was the best time we’ve ever had!” exclaimed Jim Owen (12). The boys’ varsity soccer team enjoyed a new style of soccer as this year's team was younger than past years and they advanced into new strategies of play. The benefit of having a younger team meant greater skill and experience for future years. Senior Co-Captain Alan Martin described their training sessions as ‘‘intense". Focusing on ‘‘ballwork. fitness, and a little theory", was Coach Dave Jenson's summary of their daily sessions. Billy Garner assisted Coach Jenson in their second year of coaching at Edina, and both were vitally instrumental in directing the practices. "Our play is outstanding!" shared Co-Captian Dean Enrico (12). Throughout the season the team gained confidence as they built unity and increased quality. "They're a good group of boys who want to learn and go forward," said Coach Jenson. The season was at times "frustrating" as described by Alan Martin. Dean Enrico summarized by saying, "You have to make your luck, and we didn’t make any." Despite setbacks and frustrating losses, the boys' soccer team excelled in every aspect of team play to contend for a state playoff berth. By Derek Mogck Troy Jefferson (12) skillfully moves the ball away from his opponent. BOYS’ SOCCERWith control of the ball. Co-Captain Dean Enrico (12) decides his next move. Boys' Varsity Soccer Row 1: D. Larson. S. Grover. T. Jefferson. A. Stotts. B Reed. C. VanderTop. B. Benham, J. Hoi- I man, C. Vaughn Row 2: Coach j D. Jenson. B. Meiser. Co-Capt. D. Enrico. Co-Capt. A. Martin. J. Owen. M. Pesina. J. North-rup. C. Hardie. D. Rolfes. J. Keating. J. Benham. Asst. Coach B. Garner. Boys' Junior Varsity Soccer Row 1: D. Gens. Row 2: E. Schumeister. K. Pote, K. Campbell. T. Wells. J. Peterson. D. Mogck. J. Olson. Row 3: E Merchant, K. Connors. S. Hill. R. (Jtendorfer. B. Clements. P. Ness. S. Grover, M. Hiniker. Row 4: Coach D. Nissen, B. Sta geberg. C. Jones. J. Jorvensen, D. Gibson. D. Rolfes. C. Ott. Boys' Sophomore Soccer Row I: J. Gleeman. M. Dobrin, J. Blumcnthal. C. McGowan. C. Schumacher. L. Dejesus. J. Driver. Row 2: J. Cox. D. Arvin-son. K. Nyhus, N. Carlson. J. Uttley. M. Vavaro. J. Misselt. Row 3: Coach J. Bar tell. M. Quatley. J. Wolfe. B. Bagely, M. Colby. S. Gilbert. S. Dagnen, J. Peterson. BOYS' SOCCER 111Boys' Varsity Gymnastics Row 1: N. Kennedy, T. Trinh, Co-Capt. A. Reed. C. Ellefson, C. Brldenstine, Co-Capt. T. Stende, S. Joing, G. Giske. Row 2: K. Dieckhaus. D. Dreher. F. Taylor. S. Anderson. M. Eaton. M. Kovarik. C. Montgomery. Row 3: Coach B. Hoecherl. M. Waldron. C. Heikens. P. WII lette, C. Medrano. B. Kasper, T. Pasko. J. Holm. R. Genedak. Troy Stende (12) exhibits superior upper arm strength as he performs an "L". Andy Reed (12) skillfully executes a rotation. Chris Nelms (12) displays his balance. i 112 BOYS’ GYMNASTICSHIGH pi P Gymnastics is a lot of hard work, but you get out of it what you put in. ™ — Marc Waldron (11) y The boys’ gymnastics team had great potential. Unfortunately, they were plagued by numerous injuries throughout the season. When the team faced Kennedy at home in the fall, Chris Nelms (12) began and ended his competitive season. Through all the injuries and lengthy, strenuous practices, however, spirit soared and the team became closer than ever. Even though gymnastics is an individual sport, working together as a team, supporting one another. and joining ‘‘forces" to act competitively against other teams was highly important. But. as stated by Scott Lindman (11), "Everyone helped each other, and, with hard work, we had a lot of fun!" And have fun they did. The team worked after school on such events as the vault, horizontal bar. parallel bars, the rings, floor exercises, and the pommel horse. Commented Marc Waldron (11), "Gymnastics is a lot of hard work, but you get out of it what you put in." But. as Martin Eaton (11) put it. "It’s great to get together away from practice and have a good time, too." Co-Captains Troy Stende (12) and Andy Reed (12) provided great leadership for the whole team. Other important contributers were juniors Mike Kovarik, Ben Kasper, and Chris Medrano. As Coach Bob Hoecherl (fac) stated. "This year our strongest point was physical strength." With such a solid line up, the team had an impressive year. By Julie L. Betts Soaring above the bar Troy Stende (12) concentrates on his form. MNASTICS 113STRIDINGFOR success ■ Even though practices were hard, we made them fun and had a lot of good times. — Becky Sladek (12) M On your mark, get set, go! The boys' and girls' cross country running teams began their season with a strong bang, and ended it when they crossed the finish line in victory. The boys' team, led by Captains Chris Hamilton (12) and Eric Meyer (12), was coached by Mr. Larry Johnson (fac). The team rotated practices with short runs, long runs, and weight conditioning. "Coach Johnson worked us hard, but with a smile. The team was a swell bunch of guys who made the hard work easy and deserved more respect than they received," said Andy Pfouts (12). Reward for hard work came to the team when they placed third in State. The girls' team, led by Captains Michelle Chupur-dia (12) and Becky Sladek (12), was coached by Mr. Paul Weber (fac) with the help of student coach, Kathy Miller. Becky Sladek said of the coaches. "They helped in motivation and had a lot of knowledge about running." Even though the girls' team was dominated with seniors, contributions from underclassmen helped greatly. The girls, running better than ever, placed third in Regions. Cross country running, although considered an individual sport, was at the same time a team sport, due to the fact that the teams always supported each other. Summing up the year, Becky Sladek said, "Even though the practices were hard, we made them fun and had a lot of good times." By Michelle Coleman The Edina girls start their race with a burst of energy. •4 -- 1 14 CROSS COUNTRY RUNNINGGirls' XC Running Row I: L. Sagataw. D. Tarr. N. Jones. J. Mearkle. S. Ratelle. Row 2: C. Lester. J Milgren. B. Clements. B. Sladek. K. Peter son. K Karls. Row 3: Coach P. Weber. M. Churpurdia. C. Mueller. K. Kozar. S. Dorival. H. Berg, Coach Kathy Miller. Boys' XC Running Row 1: J. Nolan. C. Hamilton. M. Eaton. E. Meyer. J Wallace. K. Hedlund. S. Young. J. Hayward. J. Sullivan. Row 2: M. Maletta. A Pfouts. G. Rea. D Mayeron. J. Farmer. B. Barth. M Mitchell. D. Lee. Row 3: Coach L. Johnson. B. McDa-vitt. B. Stoneking. D. MacLen nan. S. Mayeron. T. Langer. D. Dolson, M. Curry. C. Niewoehner. Michelle Churpurdia (12) gets advice from her coach. Mike Curry (12) runs toward victory. CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING 115Varsity Hockey Row 1: M. Bertram. S. Fronek, S. Vickman, R. Morris. R. Copeland. J. McCoy. K. Humphrey. M. Hentges. A. Jones. Row 2: J. Lindsay. J. Sanderson. T. Nevers. M. Sever. P. Zwakman. M. Terwllliger. C. Justice. Coach Ikola. Row 3: R. Zweber. N. Rahn, R. Davis, B. Nelson. J. Hoekstra, M. Hiniker, G. Chapman. M. Enroth. Junior Varsity Hockey Row 1: M. Enroth. M. Shaffer. C. Howat. C. Lindell. C. Hesse. C. Lindell. M. Peacock. C. Chayer. Row 2: S. Velner. C. Bartholomew. E. Merchant. C. VanderTop. B. Collins. R. Viera. J. Peterson. J. Hornig, Coach O'Connor. Row 3: B. Smith, B. Ryan. J. Palecek. M. Cronin. D. Rolfes. C. Hardie, C. Garvin. N. Kennedy. Pete Zwakman (12) is smothered with congratulatory hugs after an impressive goal. Noel Rahn (11) challenges the opponent at the face off. Rob Copeland (12). looking for a victory, skates with style and ease toward the goal. 116 HOCKEY0UU SLAP SHOT We worked hard, always came to play hard, and wanted to win. m — Rob Copeland (12) ™ Upholding its outstanding tradition, the Edina Hockey Team once again was a competitive and powerful coalition in the rink. The team was at the top of the Lake Blue Conference as well as among the top-ranked in the state. Head Coach Willard Ikola returned for his 30th season to produce another outstanding team with many talented players. Captain Rob Copeland (12) commented. “He's a great coach, a nice guy. and players like to play under him." With a strong senior lineup. Edina’s team was experienced and ready for every opponent. Losing few games throughout the season. the team came through by winning the close ones. "When the game comes down to the wire, we bear down and play well." stated Matt Bertram (11). Edina had especially strong defense from seniors Matt Hentges, Rob Cope land. Scott Vickman. Pete Zwakman. Jeff Sanderson. and junior goalie. Matt Bertram. The offensive attack was led by seniors Scott Fronek, Rob Morris. Kyle Humphrey. John McCoy. Rick Davis, Judd Hoekstra. B.J. Melson. and sophomore Tom (Severs. These talented players were chosen from over eighty competitive players who tried out at the beginning of the season. While Edina proved to be among the best in the state, they gained recognition from enthusiastic fans at all of the games as well as national coverage on ESPN, a cable sports channel. Pete Zwakman summarized what it took to be an Edina hockey player. "You've got to be coachable as well as willing to work really hard for the team." These aspects were evident as the team lived up to its tradition and had another great season. By Kate Riley Seniors flaunt their style. HOCKEY 117It’s definitely the best year yet in terms of overall team performance. — Stacey Boettcher (11) Boasting eleven returning letter winners, the wrestling team sought to lay a new foundation. With a new coach and a new style, they rebuilt the team under the leadership of senior Co-Cap-tians John Holohan and George Rea. Coach Montague joined the wrestling coaching staff and brought experience with him. John Holohan said "he has a drive for excellence in him." Practicing from 3-6 pm every day, the team put in hard work running, extensive wrestling, and situation wrestling. Coach Richard Gaugharn (fac) said, "the team has progressed faster than any other year!" He attributed that to the experienced wrestlers. At the Edina Tournament, the team produced two champions. Captian George Rea and sophomore Erik Lindell. Continuing to excel both as a team and as individuals. the team rebuilt the squad. A unified team, better fitness. and a new coach were some of the things the girls' gymnastics team enjoyed. Under the leadership of Coach Dave Jensen, the squad looked to peak at the ideal time. Regions. The Edina Invitational was looked upon by the three Captains, Stacey Boettcher (11). Kelly Meredith (II). and Kristin Ebeler (12) as an opportunity to excel. A key part of practices involved fitness. running, and working on routines. The team stuck together outside of practice by doing such things as eating dinner before meets. Stacey Boettcher said, "it's definitely the best year yet in terms of overall team performance." By Derek Mogck John Holohan (12) prepares to pin his man as he puts on a bar. 118 WRESTLING GIRLS' GYMNASTICSAmy Clifford (10) exhibits grace and poise as she leaps during her floor routine. Girls' Gymnastics Row I: J. Crabb. C. Kelly. Tri Capt S. Boettcher. Tri-Capt K. Meredith. Row 2: K. Swanson. K. Miller, K. Cameron. G. Ebeler. L. Steffens. S. Winn. Row 3: Asst Coach L. Franz, A. Foust. A. Clifford. K. Miller, Tri-Capt K. Ebeler. L. Withers. Coach Dave Jenson. Wrestling Row 1: S. Anderson. A. Borcne. R. Sturgeon. E. Lindell. D. Mogck. C. Bridenstine. T. Laughlin. CoGapt G. Rea. Row 2: R. Gubrud. T. Thrin. Co-Capt J. Holohan, C. Sheldon. J. Anderson. P. Schwartzbauer. M. Shutts. R. Kong. Row 3: M. Moore, T. Chu. C. Ellofsen. R. Powell, T. Mollerus. P. Mi-chalke. T. Thrin. S. Benson. J. Bartolemi. R. Walker. J. Hinch-cliff. S. Davis. C. Boechler. WRESTLING GIRLS' GYMNASTICS 119Varsity and JV Basketball Liz Zeller (11) protects the ball from a St. Louis Park opponent. Row 1: M. Regan, B. Sladek, L. Aadalcn. C. Gasche. J. Palecek. Row 2: S. Weeks. S. Ricckhoff. A. Hand, M. Perry, J. Slade. T. Healy. J. Moe. Row 3: Coach D. Galliger. W. McNulty. I. Pod nieks. K. Riley, M. Davidson. L. Zeller. Coach M. Dahlen. Sophomore Basketball Row 1: K. Rivers. S. Bins, H. Warren. S. Schulz. H. Nitz. M, Sladek. A, Pearson. A. Connell. Row 2: N. Peterson. L. Buss. J. Klefsaas, J. Donohue. S. Daley. S. Nemccek. L. Flaten. 120 GIRLS’ BASKETBALLTOGETHER AS A TEAM P P We each have to play strong all the time in order to achieve our goals for the season. — — Ingrid Podnieks (12) ™ SWISH! Edina girls' basketball team swished through yet another successful season. With a positive attitude and a winning tradition, the girls took the Lake Blue Conference by storm. The successful season was not gained by only a few key players, but the team as a whole. The Sophomore. Junior Varsity, and Varsity players were all significant in making the year what it was. As the team constantly strove to improve their game, coaches Doug Galligher (fac) and Marty Dahlen pushed the team to give 110% all the time, whether during practice or during games. “Our practices are hard and intense. We each have to play strong all the time in order to achieve our goals for the season," commented Ingrid Podnieks (12). "It's exciting playing on a team with so many talented players, knowing if we work hard and keep our intensity level up we'll be able to go far and achieve great things," commented Kate Riley (12). The returning seniors this year were Meghan Davidson. Kate Riley, Becky Sla-dek, Ingrid Podnieks, Amy Hand, and Missy Perry. With six returning seniors and three returning starters. Edina had the chemistry and depth to go far. Summing up the season, starting guard Liz Zeller (11) commented, "Everyone gets along really well. There is a lot of team togetherness. We are all friends on and off the court." By Meghan Davidson Becky Sladek (12) takes off on a fast break with Ingrid Podnieks (12) close behind. GIRLS' BASKETBALL 121HOOPS 3 We have the best attitude in striving for the team goal. — Jon Fromke (12) s|J A strong team and a tough, competitive schedule were main aspects of the boys' 1987-88 basketball season. The team not only faced four top twenty teams in their outstanding Lake Blue Conference, but also faced many top teams in nonconference games. Coach Robert Savre (fac) noted. "We've played close with everybody to the last minute." This was attributed to the depth and equal talents of a strong senior team. As the season progressed, Co-captains Pete Raether (12) and Jeff Gronbeck (12), along with Jon Fromke (12), emerged as important players. Seniors Dave Meitz. John Randall. Steve Donlin, Ted Cohan. Jon Hellbusch, Mike Husebo and Scott Rile were also talented players with much to contribute. Dave Meitz stated, "Our all-around bench strength is one of our best qualities." This created a rotating starting line up for much of the season, but didn't create problems for the team. Jon Fromke commented, "There's no friction between players. We have the best attitude in striving for the team goal." Although the team's main weakness was a lack of height compared to their opponents, they utilized a strong outside shooting game and quickness to beat other teams. After each game, win or loss, "We look to improve, have fun, and maintain a high level of competitiveness,” expressed Jeff Gronbeck. The efforts of the team led to an impressive finish in the Lake Blue Conference as well as in the regional playoffs. By Kate Riley Co-capt. Jeff Gronbeck (12) looks to outlet the ball. 'N' HUSTLE 122 BOYS' BASKETBALL(Jsing the baseline. Dave Meitz (12) beats a Wayzata player on a strong drive to the basket. Varsity and JV Basketball Row 1: Man. B. Larson. M. Hu-sebo. J. Royce, J. Haggerty. S. Christiansen. M. Hansen, J. Rogness. Man. J. Snook. Row 2: J. Fromkc. J. Hellbusch. D. Rocpke. B. Way. J. Randall. T. Hurley. D. Meitz. Row 3: Coach R. Savre. S. Donlin. T. Cohan, S. Rile. Cocapt. P. Raether. Co capt. J. Gronbeck, Asst. Coach J. Rodberg. Asst. Coach P. Fin-ager. Sophomore Basketball Row I: T. Davis. M Smith. B. Quinlan. C. Davis. Man. M. Colby. Row 2: B Stoneking. N. Johnson. B. Peterson. S. Somers. M. Komar. Row 3: Coach J. Rodberg. J. Wolf. B. Christiansen. B. Freund. C Kamla. R. Lund BOYS' BASKETBALL 123Girls' Slalom Skiing Row 1: J. Dalhman. M. Corri gan. M. Warden. J. Sorem, S Denheapt Row 2: K. Richards H, Ryan. J. Anderson. J. Hul bert, S. Maas. A. Nemecek Row 3: M Shultz. E. Otter. K Forester. E. Hoigaard. E. Hahn C. Erickson. S. Williamson. B Underwood. Boys' Slalom Skiing Row 1: R. Kim. R. Shideman, J. Nolan. D. Dreyer, J. Hulbert. J. Dobrin. T. Reichert. Row 2: D. McWethy. P. Nelson, B. Moss, K. Fallon. G. Konezny. B. Stage-berg. Row 3: J. Dalhman. D. Rogers. P. Reichert. T. Zeiper. M. McVeety. T. Daffer. J. Colby. S. Anderson. S. Thorp. C. Dahl. J. McCarthy, S. Den-heapt. Derek Rogers (12) concentrates on his turning form as he races to victory. Senior co-captains Betsy Otter and Katie Richards are basking in glory after another win. With excellent form, this elite Edina skier masters the downhill ski course. 124 BOYS' GIRLS' slalom skiingBURN THE SLOPES- P The people who weren't skiing that day were always out there rooting for their teammates. — Lindsey Frear (12) Every year Edina has had a strong slalom ski team; this year was no exception. The boys' co captains. Jason McCarthy (12) and David McWethy (12). led their team to numerous successes. The team was great in depth with excellent skiiers such as Chris Dahl (11). Derek Rogers (12). Pe ter Reichert (12). and Tony Daffer (11) who usually placed high in the standings. The girls' slalom ski team was equally impressive. Cocaptains Betsy (Jtter (12) and Katie Richards (12) helped guide the winning team to many victories. One of these victories was captured in Grand Rapids, which was the highlight of the year for it was the team's only overnight. Some other star skiers on the team were Liz Hoigaard (10). Jen nifer Anderson (10). and Meg Warden (II). The teams put in a lot of time and hard work in order to maintain the winning tra- dition. In mid-November, before the season, the skiers started dry land training. It prepared them for the sea son and got them back in shape. The physical part of skiing was not the only part. One needed a good mental attitude to ski well. John Colby (12) felt that "being mentally prepared helped us perform at our peak." Friendships on the team also contributed to the teams' success. Lindsey Frear (12) felt that "we had a lot of team spirit and unity. The people who weren't skiing that day were always out there rooting for their teammates." The reason why this team was one of the best in the state is because they possessed all the key elements needed to be champions. By Andy Furlong It is dll smiles when the girls capture a major win in Grand Rapids. BOYS GIRLS' SLALOM SKIING 125•STATE P P We trained to the utmost of our ability because we wanted to be the best. h H — Kristina Peterson (12) P The Cross Country Ski Team met in November to start their dryland practices. They came together as a group full of excitement, enthusiasm, and a driving ambition to win the state meet in February. Both teams were made up of exceptional groups of people armed with not only an abundance of muscles, speed, and strength, but impressive brain power and optimism as well. These indeed were the ingredients which any team needed for the performance of excellence. Devotion was apparent during daily practices, often exposing skiers to inhumane temperatures of ten degrees below zero and bone chilling windchill factors. In spite of Mother Nature’s distractions. “the team members knew and respected the committment which they had made, and did not allow the freezing temperatures to phase them," acknowledged Suzanne Ratelle (12). The season proved to be highly successful despite the unexpected cold snap that seemed to last for an eternity. Numerous wins at various meets led up to a superb finish for both teams. The girls were led by such outstanding skiiers as Cocaptains Michelle Chuperdia (12) and Suzanne Ratelle. as well as Kristina Peterson (12) and Karen Kozar (12). Under the advisement of coach Tom Beaver (fac), the boys’ team featured powerful skiers like quad-captains Eric Lindskoog (12), Brad Barth (12), Bill McDavitt (12). and Glenn Peterson (12), reinforced with the speed of Steve Mayeron (12) and Steve Roe (12). An exciting finale to the season was the state meet, with the boys' placing first and Eric Lindskoog sweeping his opponents under the rug and taking first individually. In addition to athletic excellence, the teams displayed outstanding academic performance. Not many seniors earned a GPA below 3.3 (an “A" average being 4). Bill McDavitt stated, "skiing was also a way to maintain and improve your grades because it was a means of disciplining your time better." Along with the physical endurances and academic achievements the team also developed an incredible bond of friendships. Brad Barth said the thing he would miss most in college is "the people who I trained with; all my closest friends are on the team." Both the girls' and boys’ teams were successful in many aspects. After training hard and striving for their goals, they proved not only to themselves but to the public as well that Edina Cross Country skiers were unquestionably the best. By Erica Norman WAS GREAT 126 BOYS' GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY SKIINGGlenn Peterson (12) exhibits his powerful skating technique at Regions. Girls' Cross Country Skiing Row 1: J. Palecek. R. Rand-gaard, S. Ratelle. K. Kozar, K. Peterson. D. Tarr. Row 2: A. Boiler, J. Brayman. S. Dorival, A. Forrest. M. Benabdallah. H. Berg. D. Lloyd. Row 3: Asst. Coach J. Rykken. R. Gepner. J. Merkle. L. Powell. T. Johnson. A. Jarvis. J. Anderson. Coach T. Beaver. Boys' Cross Country Skiing Row 1: D. Mayeron. J. Valas. E. Lindskoog. B. Barth. G. Peterson. M. Dahl. S. DeMont. Row 2: T. Karls. B. McDavitt, G. Olsen. J. Doyle. S. Campbell. K. Meluge. G. Poulton. Row 3: Coach T. Beaver. T. Gilbert. M. Georgon. S. Mayeron. M. Pederson. D. Dolson. B. Burmaster. A. Beeson. S. Roe. The 1988 XC skiing state champion. Eric Lindskoog (12). concentrates on his style and form. Michelle Chupurdia (12). who placed 20th in the State meet in February, prepares for her start. 127 BOYS' GIRLS' cross country skiingBoys’ Varsity Swimming Row 1: Johnson, Mayer, Hau. Garrison, Bonneville. Keller. Downey. Row 2: Sweet, Lee. Holderness. Wickheiser, Beecher. Pardy. Berry, Wickheiser. Row 3: Stauffer. Clausman, Moses. Allen, Wehr. Hatzung, Donaldson. Boys' JV Swimming Row I: Holte, Rich. Walling. Fawbush. Enstad, Szendrey. Row 2: Kostich. Stinson. Stroch. Hayes. Colwell. Row 3: Marker. Wohlrabe. Quigley. Donaldson. Marker. Girls' Varsity and JV Swimming Row 1: Frisk. Rezak, Ramme. Bergman. Beecher. Parr. Nord. Mitchell. Williams. Vahamaki. Lundgren, Schniker. Row 2: Ramme. Kirklin, Kenady. Sampsall. Stewart. Vaurio. Rothe. Thorgansen, Reichert. Zimmerman, Thompson. Reis. Schaefer. Penwide. Row 3: Thomas, Myre. McCarney. Robertson. Welch. VanDriel. Fran-deen. Dow. Thorkelson. Seve-land. Wohlrabe. Thorkelson. Vales. Coach Time. Row 4: Holderness. Danford, Wilbur. Holderness. Colby. Martin. Heisick. Vieira. Wilbur. Seveland. Walker. Johnson. Belting.IN THE FASTI KJC Swimming is a very time-consuming sport that requires lots of energy, but it’s well worth it in the end. — Libby VanDriel (11) ™ On your mark, get set. go! The boys’ swim team was off to a quick start with an unblemished record. Team captains Matt Johnson (12), Baldwin Lee (12), and Alex Holderness (12) motivated the team to do their best. "We were state champs two years in a row and now we're looking for our third," said Greg Garrison (10). The team underwent a strenuous schedule with practices every day except Sunday. At their practices, the individual members worked to improve their skills by doing constant repetitions of their particular event. Mot to be outdone, the girls' swim team had just as good of a season. Winning the state championship for the second of the last two years, the girls kept the gold where it belonged, in Edina. Team captains Lindsay Martin (12), Vicki Dow (12). and Donna Wilbur (12) helped to bring the team together as a whole and to swim better. At the meets, individuals would compete against swimmers from other schools in their given event. The meets also included team relays in which a group of swimmers would compete against other groups. Often overlooked, however. was diving. Where most water sports were a matter of speed or brute strength, diving was a matter of finesse. The more graceful you were, the higher your score tended to be. This year, as in the past, Edina could be proud of its swim teams. They worked and practiced so that they could be winners, and they were. By David Cooper Grinning amiably. Lori Heisick (12) and Libby VanDriel (11) thoroughly enjoy life in the fast lane. BOYS' GIRLS' SWIMMING 129■ CROWD The crowd involvement this year was the best so far. There was so much more enthusiasm and spirit. — Ann Toe pel (12) The cheerleaders had one major goal in common, to get the crowd psyched up! "As cheerleaders we are responsible for getting the crowd involved. This not only shows school spirit, but also gets the team motivated." stated Sarah Howell (12). Ann Toepel (12) went on to say that "The crowd involvement this year was the best so far. There was so much more enthusiasm and spirit." The cheerleaders worked hard at accomplishing this goal. Captains practice. which was run by captains Ann Toepel, Sara Howell. K.C Saterbak (12). and Stephanie Weber (12). started in June and continued throughout July. During the school year they practiced twice a week, plus ad- ditional practices for pep-fests. Although cheerleading took a lot of hard work, time, and dedication, the fun aspects undoubtedly outweighed the more negative ones. "Cheerleading has been really fun for me be cause it has made me feel more involved in our school. It also gave me a chance to make some really great friends." noted Meg King (12). Angie Foust (11) concluded that, "By cheerleading all of the different sports it gives you a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people." By Meghan Davidson A group of varsity cheerleaders show the friendships that have surfaced. PLEASERS 130 CHEERLEADINGKim Kaufcnbcrg (12) pleases the crowd with another enthusiastic Hornet cheer. Varsity Cheerleading Row 1: K. Morgan. C. Kaloger son. K. Cahil. K. Hall. K. Sater bak. M. King, Row 2: A. Faust K. Tweedy. K. Kaufcnbcrg, M Borgen, C. Martin. A. Beck, S Weber. Row 3: M. Danielson, J Harman. L. Larson. K. Lewis. A Toepel. S. Howell. N. Simon. L Larson. Junior Varsity Cheerleading Row 1: S. Ressen, M. Johnson. A. Dalton. Row 2: M. O’Rourke. M. (Jrquhart, S. Curry. N. Skrukrud. Row 3: J. Blooston. J. Johnson, K. Hanson. J. Obst. J. Bognanno. During the Homecoming Parade. Meg King (12) leads spectator-rousing cheers. Matt Danielson (11) projects a Hornet cheer across the Edina gymnasium. 131 CHEERLEADINGHornettes Row 1: A. Abrams. B. Johnson. M. Sackman. K. Hcikkila, K. Aune. K. Kiang, K. Zimmerman. Row 2: L. Moody. D. Miller. J. VanLeer. B. DeVoe, C. Erickson. C. Bennett. Row 3: K. O'Rourke. T. Reid. C. Boubelik. E. Nelson. L. Wahl, S. Leonard. M. May. Ali Abrams (11) leads the line at the H.C. pepfest as they dance to “And He Kissed Me." Cookie Bennett (11) gets her kicks out of attempting to hit the ceiling. During half time at Homecoming, the Hornettes kick off on the fifty yard line. 132 HORNETTESA LINE OF SUCCESS. Just going out in front of the crowd and dancing at the first pepfest made it all worthwhile. — Katie O'Rourke (12) “One, two, READY! Five, six, seven, eight. Snap! Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Down two. HORNETTES!" Although few could ever understand exactly what they were saying, whenever the crowd heard that familiar cry, they knew that it was time to perk up and watch the Hornettes take center stage. It began in May of 1987 when fifteen girls were chosen from sixty Hornette wanna be s after a week of grueling tryouts. These "noogies," as they were labeled, worked all summer long under the guidance of five very strict old guys. Each day the dreaded word "Splitz!” would erupt from one of the old guys' mouths to begin the 8 a.m. practices. With weary muscles and ace bandages, but high spirits, the danceline was slowly born. Thinking back on her summer, Katie O’Rourke (12) said, “It all seems like one constant blur of pain, but just going out in front of the crowd and dancing at the first pepfest made it all seem definitely worthwhile." Eventually all of the hard work paid off and at initiation the new guys joined ranks with the old guys to A portion of the line shows off their new corduroy jackets with a grin during a chilly football game. become Hornettes. Stated junior member Ali Abrams of the experience. “It was one of the most memorable moments of high school." Throughout the school year, these twenty dedicated girls, led by Co-Captains Donna Miller (12) and Jenny VanLeer (12). could be found in the Commons every day after school carefully preparing and choreographing dances to perform and cheer at home ballgames, hockey games, and pepfests. This year the Hornettes also preformed at many out of school activities. They got a "kick" out of dancing on the race track at Canterbury Downs and in front of a crowd of sixty thousand people at a Viking’s game. Another highlight of their year was competing at the University of Wisconsin in Stout. The Hornettes not only danced together, but through all of their time spent together, became the best of friends. Potlucks and breakfasts before every performance. along with slumber parties, weekends together at cabins, and "kissing" team-members in order to wish them good luck, helped to bond these friendships. Exclaimed senior member Becky Johnson, "We'll never splitz up or fling apart, we’ll always be a mesh!" By Cari Erickson HORNETTES 133sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag SKATING AWAY Despite popular belief, every year Braemar Ice Arena is used by more people than just the hockey team. Early mornings before school, after school, and on weekends many students skated at Braemar for hours to practice technique, form, and skill required by the sport of figure skating. Figure skaters would train with a pro and on their own, working on the eight level tests that determine the skill level of each skater. Hard work at the individual level carried over to team competition for the Braemarettes, a precision skating line. The line had members from eigth to twelfth grade, with seniors Diane DeMoss. AnneMarie Boiler, Donna Miller. Shan- non Maas, and Bridget Underwood holding the veteran spots. The Braemarettes traveled to national competitions throughout the year. In the past the line had been to Lake Placid. Michigan. Ohio, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Anne Marie Boiler (12), a skater for almost ten years, commented. "I’ve learned patience and loyalty to the sport and to the line. You stick with it. even during the rough times, and keep going. Skating is worth the sacrifices it requires." By Kate Riley Shelley Torgerson (12). age twelve, started skating in third grade and continued with the sport throughout high school. ROWIN' ON THE RIVER Most students wouldn’t dream of getting up early on a school day. especially not at 4:30 in the morning. But for Suzanne Ratelle (12) and Kristina Peterson (12) this was a regular schedule three days a week in the spring and summer. Both were members of the Minneapolis Rowing Club and a crew team that rowed early in the morning for practice on the Mississippi River. Practice was often the tough part, but crew was an exciting experience for them both. Crew races, called regattas, were held on many lakes around the Twin Cities. The team went on several road trips to Madi- son. Wisconsin and Thunder Bay. Canada. Kristina commented on the races, "The best part about the regattas was the racing and feeling the power as the boat surges forward with each stroke." Rowing in either four- or eight-seat boats, the team members concentrated on clean strokes, technique, and timing. Suzanne expressed, "A lot of people don’t understand how much time and dedication rowing takes, but it's a fun sport and a rewarding experience." „ By Kate Riley Seniors Kristina Peterson and Suzanne Ratelle enjoy crew. 134 SPORTS MINIMAGsports minimag sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag CLUBBIN' IT IT'S IM'S AGAIN In the eighties many more people had become healthconscious and concerned about keeping in shape. As a result, the local athletic club became a rising trend and popular place for many people to work out. This was true for many students who frequented the Normandale Tennis and Raquet Clubs, U.S. Swim and Fitness Clubs, and the new Flagship Athletic Club. Each club offered many different activities and facilities for its members. Some of the most popular items were Nautilus. free weights, aerobics classes, tennis, suntan booths, and swimming both indoors and out. Other incentives were rowing machines, stationary bikes, run- ning tracks, stairmasters, and health food bars. Students used these facilities for off season conditioning in sports, just to keep in shape, or sometimes as a socializing spot with friends and other members of the club. Chris Blum (12) commented on his workouts at Northwest, "It's fun to go with a friend to help spot during a free-weights workout and then take a whirlpool and just talk for a while." By Kate Riley Kelly Salita (12). a member of the Flagship gym staff, shows off her work attire while wading in the pool. In the fall many students could have been found po pulating local park football fields with the intent of playing some serious, or maybe not-so-serious, intramural flag football. Flag football was popular among all creatures great and small. Team Barley, the champions of the flag football playoffs, ob viously took the game very seriously. Other teams played for fun. excitement, or just to be with friends after school. "Our team wasn't that competitive. It was something to do after school and was really fun," commented Kirstin Forrester (12). The winter left behind flag football and brought on basketball. Games were after school in the gymnasium. Once again, many teams participated and some were "out to win." while others played just for fun. Chip Blackwell (12) had his reasons for playing IM. "I really like to play basketball and it does help keep me in shape." Softball was the third intramural sport during the year available for students. In the spring, teams were formed and the schedule was set up by the IM man himself. Mr. Jim Garner (fac). Softball teams were similar to both flag football and basketball, in that some teams were competitive while others just played for fun. The intramural experience was a good time for everyone who chose to play. Carl Robinson (12). a participant of all three intramural sports, expressed. "You build friendships in a nonpressure situation." Compared to varsity level sports, it was an easy atmosphere for students to play and have fun after school. By Kate Riley Team Barley, the flag football champs, play to win. SPORTS MINIMAG 135sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag Lori Heisick (11). one of the school’s most accomplished swimmers, participated in the Pan American games in Indianapolis, Indiana this past summer. In late July and early August she swam in the National qualifying meet in Klobus, California. She finished third in the nation in the 100 meter breaststroke. Her time was so outstanding that it allowed her to participate in the Pan American Games on August eighth through the fifteenth. Lori stayed with the other swimmers in Athlete's Village in Indianapolis. She was part of the medly relay which won the gold medal, with a split time of 1:1:56. As an individual in the 100 meter breaststroke she swam a 1:12:56, which earned a silver medal. She described her emotions on the award platform as "such an honor to be representing the United States." Lori's future plans involve hopeful participation in the 1988 or 1992 Olympics. By Derek Mogck Lori Heisick (11) tastes success at the Pan American Games. One of the most grueling athletic events known to man is the triathalon, a race of all-around fitness and love of competition. Seniors Brad Barth and Bill McDavitt participated in these races. Bill trained by biking, running, and swimming at Hyland Lake Park Reserve. Brad liked to train at different spots because he got "bored with the same place." Out of the three sports involved, both Bill and Brad enjoyed the biking portion best. Brad described it as, “the part you can really get into, it's a time to relax." Bill's interest in triathalons grew from hearing other students talk about them, while Brad started triathalons out of sheer athletic interest. Both Bill and Brad competed in numerous triathalons. The amount of dedication required by these seniors was truly admirable. By Derek Mogck Senior athlete Bill McDavitt pedals his way to the finish line during a grueling triathalon race. 136 SPORTS MINIMAGsports minimag sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag WHEELCHAIR STYLE A SUMMER CAMPS Many disabled students were at a disadvantage when it came to participating in sports, but Julie Herbers (12) overcame such barriers by becoming involved with wheelchair basketball. With practices two nights a week throughout the basketball season, from October to the end of March, Julie played as a member of the Rolling Gophers, one of eight womens' wheelchair basketball teams nationwide. Playing basketball offered many opportunities for Julie, through travel, playing experience, and meeting new people. "I've traveled to Chicago. Dallas, San Diego, and to several states in the Midwest with the team. It's given me a chance to meet a lot of people from all over." Although Julie was the youngest on the team, she was one of the best players for the Rolling Gophers. Each year the team went to play in a national tournament for the eight wheelchair basketball teams, while Julie commented on one of her most exciting experiences with the team as being, "winning the national tournament last year in Dallas." Playing wheelchair basketball was a chance Julie jumped at and had a great time doing it throughout high school. By Kate Riley Julie Herbers. a tough competitor. is ready to take a shot. For the serious-minded athlete, summer was often a time for improving skills and keeping in shape for the regular school season sports at Edina. Summer sports camps provided a great opportunity for these athletes to play and practice against different opponents. The competition level at camps was often much tougher for the athlete than the regular competition at school. The concentration on one sport all day for a week could be exhausting, but was often a rewarding experience for the athlete. For Dave Meitz (12), Jon Hellbusch (12). and Jon Fromke (12) the chance to work on their skills was provided at a tough basketball camp at Memphis State in Tennessee. Jon Hellbusch commented. "The experience of playing against such good competition and having to hustle so much more than we were used to helped my game." Jon Fromke added. "I was able to pick up a lot of new moves playing against quicker competition." Summer camps, in all sports, were often a fun time as well as an important opportunity for the athlete. Whether in or out of state, long or short, the camps were beneficial to anyone who chose to participate. By Kate Riley At a summer volleyball tourney, seniors Linda Anderson and Jenny Andberg chow down. SPORTS MINIMAG 137sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag FAMILY TIES ATHLETIC ATTIRE In Edina athletics there were at least six sibling combinations this year. They were the Benhams, Jon and Brady, who played soccer, the Birkelands, Susan and Cathy, who played tennis, the Fredlunds, Liz and Kathy, who played soccer and softball, the Haus, Errol and Vince, who played football. the Moes. Jenny and Jackie, who played tennis, and the Sevelands, Stacy and Tracy, who were members of the swim team. One might think that being on the same team would affect their relationships as siblings and cause rivarly. Kathy Fredlund (10) shared about playing with her sister Liz, "I love it. it s really fun!' Vince Hau (12) said, "there's really not much competition between us." Brady Benham (9) said of his junior brother Jon. "he helps me out and influences me." "She's always there to help me." Liz Fredlund (10) said of Kathy. Errol Hau (12) said "we're always looking out for each other." Jon Benham thought of his brother as "just another guy on the team.” It was evident that being siblings in sports helped the pairs excel on their teams as well as building better relationships. By Derek Afogc c Sophomore sisters Liz and Kathy Fredlund give Edina's softball opponents double trouble. Always the epitome of fashion, athletes at Edina made a great impression setting the popular trends of the year. It was almost a sin for the Edina male to be seen without his valuable baseball hat on his head. Many letter jackets were worn by athletes as well as students who may have found Dad's old jacket hidden away in a closet at home. Champion sweatshirts were the only brand to wear for athletic teams. SWIPE, and many different clubs and organizations. Twins hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and homer hankies were definitely popular after the World Series Championship. Also, a new fad sprouted as many girls wore aerobic tights under skirts and shorts. High tops, aerobic shoes, tennis shoes, and running shoes were also popular among different people. As Shawna Tolan (12) put it. "It's amazing how many people in school, even non athletes, wear Ree-boks, but I can see why because they're really comfortable and fashionable, too." Somehow, guys decided the average belt didn't quite satisfy their needs, so instead they substituted a hockey string. These many fashions were a big part of the sports-oriented students' attire, but non-athletes contributed equally to what sports fashions were "hot.” No matter what people chose to wear, sports fashions were a big part of everyday attire for all types at Edina. By Kate Riley Jeff Gronbeck (12) sports several different trends of Edina athletic fashion. 138 SPORTS MINIMAGsports minimag sports minimag sports minimag sports minimag Minnesota Twins' designated hitter. Don Baylor, kept his cool while riding in the celebration parade in downtown Minneapolis. TWINS FEVER Twins fever! How could anyone have helped but catch it? October of 1987 was a month all students at Edina, along with the rest of Minnesota, would never forget. On October 25 the Minnesota Twins became the World Series champions and Minnesota went crazy! After a turbulent season of winning and losing streaks the underdog Twins surprised the nation by capturing the American League pennant and defeating the Detroit Tigers 4-1. They then went on to play an exciting seven game series against the St. Louis Cardinals, winning 4-3."lt was incredible walking through the streets after the game. Everyone was yelling, honking, waving their homer hankies and giving high fives." commented Leanne Coleman (10). Throughout the series, Minnesotans went mad over anything and everything that was Twins-related. The metrodome became known as the "decibal-dome." while Twins fans bought programs. hats, posters, cups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and. of course, homer hankies in support of their favorite professional baseball team. After the series. Minnesota kept on celebrating. Edina students were let out early in order to go to the celebration parade located downtown. Trudie Reid (12) expressed, "Everybody was excited to get out of school early. I was lucky enough to see the players up close and just be a part of everyone's enthusiasm.” The 1987 World Series was an exciting experience that everyone would remember for quite some time. By Kate Riley A police escort was necessary to Ticker-tape filled the air as Minne- keep enthusiastic Twins fans in sotans celebrated their world line. champs. SPORTS MINIMAG 139Stereotyped as cake-eaters by nonresidents, accused of being snobs by rival schools, and criticized for flaunting Franklins, Edina students strove for a pardon from predetermined assumptions. Upon closer inspection, such stereotypes were easily dispelled, leaving behind an image of a student body united with spirit and optimism. Edina’s atmosphere, built by individuals, was one of nonconformity, providing an opportunity for each and every student to be themselves, an opportunity we demanded because . . . WE CANT HIDE THE PRIDE. Richard Kim (10) and Matt Grace (11) board the bus in sub-zero temperatures. 140 PEOPLE DIVISION Fireworks enchant the crowd during the Homecoming game. With sincere smiles Louise Harris (12) and Anne Marie Boiler (12) agree that being with friends is the best part of school. Stacy Seveland (12) and Vicki Dow (12) grin after a refreshing night's beauty sleep.Seniors greet the police as they arrive at the scavenger hunt. — Liz Adams (12) U year created a feeling of friendship amongst the senior class.” “The realization that it was our final Sweatshirts and sunglasses show Senior Women pride. Loud cheers come from the senior section at a pepfest. “Every senior had the same responsibility to be an example to underclassmen. Thus, we united." — Steph Haddad (12) Although seniors had gone to school with the same people for three years, few felt the unity of a class until their senior year. Somehow all the people never seen on weekends appeared side by side at events and parties as the year progressed. According to Charlie Eifrig (12), "More people are out at parties because it is their senior year and that's how you get to know them.” Many seniors felt they became better friends with people in their grade because there was no one older to try and be friends with. As Heather Hepp (12) put it. "When I was a sophomore I felt kind of dumb, but when you are senior you get together and don't care as much what people think.” Also, seniors were more involved in sports activities such as intramurals because they gave an opportunity to get out after school together and meet people in a relaxed, sports-like manner. Senior Women also added to the unity be- cause as Kate Riley (12) put it. "everyone was included and I became better friends with people out of school at SWIPE gatherings." The canned food drive efforts of both the Senior Women and ABUF got the seniors together outside of school doing good for the community as well as having a good time in the process. The vast assortment of clubs at school drew seniors together because they organized, participated. and led them. Exclusive activities such as the senior class scavenger hunt on Halloween night brought them closer together. Organizer Paul Long (12) claimed that "it was really cool because rather than being a select party, the scavenger hunt got people from every peer group out there." As the seniors cheered, acted, and partied together throughout the year they became better friends and developed an undying sense of senior unity. By Aileen Furlong Football games draw seniors out into the night life. 142 SENIOR FEATUREOut-of-school gatherings bring seniors closer together. The seniors made a pile-up of goods on the scavenger hunt. Seniors help to cheer the football team on to victory. In the middle of the night, seniors unite. "V A SENIOR FEATURE 143 Another year at Edina was sure to bring another batch of fads. However, this year these fads were a lot more noticeable. The most frequently seen fad was. without a doubt, the flat top. This flat top craze originated in Mr. Robert Savre’s (fac) calculus classes, where the poster of George Washington with a flat top stares everyone in the eye, and spread throughout the school for various reasons. There were incentives for the canned food drive which influenced many individuals to get flat tops. For instance, various males promised to shave the majority of their hair off for acquiring a fixed amount of cans. When the barber arrived at school to start the shaving process on a few obligated heads, he had no idea that he would be staying for most of the day shaving the hair off of other volunteering males who had decided that they wanted haircuts, too. Then all of a sudden, everywhere one looked, boys were seen walking through the halls with inch-long hair, gelled and moussed to spiked perfection, and often adourned with lightning bolts, the Edina ■‘E’ or Bosworth imitations. The fad caught on, and soon underclassmen, the hockey team, and the wrestling team had no hair. Kevin Fitzgerald (12) commented on flat tops. "I hate 'em. There's too many of them." By Meghan Davidson Scott Barber (12) displays the "E" that was placed on his head with a forceful hand. Elizabeth Ann Adams — Liz: Windigo coed., Latin Club. Hi League; PTF, C.O.P.. 1 25 86, HC '87. A3. Sam; create. Kurt Patrick Adams — V Tennis, IM Football. ABUF; "dudes," Maz '88. toga, cruz; Billionaire Boys Club. Jason Bryan Adelman — Hamster; V Track. IM Football. ABUF; Cur-vey. HC '86. Culley's cabin. Andrea Joan Allen — Anie: Soccer. Ballet. CPC. SWIPE; HCC. Lesley's • K.D., Fitz's van. Jolie's cabin; college. Kathy Marie Allen — Kath; Art Club; Summer '87. curfew. HC '87. Arby's, girls night out; CJW — Stout. Cela Marie Amundson — Seal: SWIPE, choir; car roll. Robbie D.D., Nat. Pfelf. Ang. WT '87; marry D.D. Jennifer Andbcrg — Jen; V Volleyball. Drama Club pres.. Voices, Witness; the B-fast Club. Kirby. HC. Prom, Halloween '87. HJ. Jeffrey Gerald Anderson — Otis; Wrestling, yak attack; Marley, cabin trips. Marylou; to be. 144 SENIORS Ad-Be THE CUTTING EDGE Jill Jennifer Anderson — JJ; work, modeling; Moe, criticizing, nerds: college, nanny. NW Airlines. Karen S. Anderson — Agnus; skating, coaching soccer; youth group, "the house"; college, enjoy life. Linda Mae Anderson — Little Linda; V Volleyball. CPC; New Years. HC. July 4th; college, success. Simon Durken Anderson — Sperd; B Gymnastics. S Skiing; HC '87. Alaska. Alpine. MOUNTAIN BIKING; log cabin. Jennifer Lynn Ankeny — Jenl; Hi-League; Amy's house. C.O.P., HC '87. Sean; find a man like Gandhi: thin, tan reasonable. Robyn Ann Archibald — Archie; Andy. Vo-Tech, whatever, state pair '87; NMU — psychology. Doreen Frances Armstrong — Dor Beaner: Oasis. V Band; all x w ker's, Prom, floodlights; college. Kristjan Orn Arnar — Arnic; CC Running. Track; BWCA. waterskiing. Padre '88; college. Annica Marla Arvidson — French Club. SADD; B K TGIF. lake. Europe '87. CB. ML; college. Europe. Jeff Ashcnbrenner — Ashy; Bryant Lk. Moonshadow. Team Barley. ABUF. times w Jenni; to be the next face on Mt. Rushmore. Shelly Ann Atherly — Moo; Int'l Club. Peacemakers. French Club. Windigo-. lunchtime, uptown; college, travel. Howard C. Atlas — H; Am. Radio; Raqi; CSci major. Spanish minor. Benjamin Karl Ayd — napping after school; getaways, Bill's Resort; 11 25 — 11 27 87; college. Anastasis G. Bakritzes — Buckwheat; IM Football: Ouzo Park, poker. Rocky's. Canterbury; U of M. Michele Jean-Ine Bannie — Magic Witch Lady; Ger. Club; Tom. flowers. TGIF w K.S. M.; clothing design. Scott Douglas Barber — Bubba; Football, PF. GOD; Dave. Thor. Lunker. Squeeze, hunts; business, marry Louise. Thomas Edward Barman — Barney Rubble; V Weightlifting; summer '86, Sanibel '88; MSW. Mr. Olympia '99. Rebecca Ann Barnes — Becky; TEC. SADD, youth group; all C’s — J's. Texas Eye; college. Christine Marie Barnett — Chrisy; IM Football, Cabinet. TEC; WOP '87. G-ma's: college. Bradley Lawrence Barth — Butch; CC Skiing Run-ning. Track, tiddle-wlnks; SB w Beav. Ph. 's; Live in a box. Bret Weber Beecher — Beech; Diving. Skiing. cleaning up after someone else; Lori. Hans. Sweet. Bung; Olympics?! marry Bugs. Andrew R. Beeson — Beastman; C Choir. CC Skiing. IM Football, Russian Club; Nocturnal meneuvers. Uncle Ben; crop dusting. Myriam Emmanuclle Bcnabdallah — Int'l Club. CC Skiing. French Exchange Student; bowling. EF; Journalism. Gregg Allen Bennett. Jr. — Bo; IM team Frito Lay. ski instructor; Z's house. HC '87, Cataba Juice; Madison. SENIORS Ad BeSENIORS Be Bu Daniel S. Berc. Bruce Robert Berge — Bun-gie, Bruccssss; Hockey, IM Football, IM Tennis; PF ski trip '87. Being w friends, making new ones; college, Commercial Airlines Pilot. Katarina Bcrgh — Kata, Kats; Images, CB; SPAM. Florida '86, Misadventures w Rob. Pops; Vivre! Todd C. Bergstrom — Bergy; IM. Duetschfest '86-'87; BWCA during MEA summer '87. JC's Cabin. Scavenger Hunt. Brazil. Padre '88; college. Jennifer Leigh Bcrnet — Jen; Padre '88. the wabs, the Wagon. SOTB; college, marry wealthy. Julie Lynn Betts — Jewelz. PJB; Windigo; Hayride, Condusive moods. DMR, Iranians; Meet "Drew'', Write a best seller. Susan Leigh Birkeland — Birks; V Tennis '84 '87. co-capt. Stud co; GS Whitney. BHS forever, SF; college. Gregory Paul Bisson — Biss: HC Court. A8UF; Toga, the Fort. Bel '85 '86; Bil. Boys Club. George Winston Blackwell Jr. — Chipper; V Fball. Baseball; Summer '87. Mai Jeffe, CSB; college. Live w Mom. Geoffrey Alan Blalock — Geoffie; IM Fball, Golf; The Woods. Party's over!, T's Trailer; Europe, college. Jeffrey Daniel Bland — Colonel; Zephyrus Co-ed. YIG, FE-France; Prom. HC. S Seas; college, law. Nicole Noel Blcahu — Nick; Swim. S-ball, V Choir; C’s Cabin. Mad town buds. Go to Da; college w MKM. Christopher John Blum — Blumer; ABGF, Juvies; Gustavus. HCs. Maz '88; college. In the sac w Dr. Ruth. Melissa Joan Boelter — Missy; piano. Art, sailing; TEC. Adventures w friends; college. Travel. Anne Marie Boiler — Bolls; B-ettes. Hi-League. CC skiing; Treats. Sam. A3, COP; GL. Steven Marcus Bonneville — V Swim, C Band. Stage Band; COP. ILV French '85. FI '86, State '87; college. Molly Ann Borgen — Borgs, Nutcracker '82-'86. Cheerleading; Steven, TEC. Prom '87, COP, 3S; college, career. Angela Marie Borth — Borthy; V Soccer, State Champs. V Track; Exactly. Sadi. Dads, 11 18; college. Catherine E. Boubelik — Candee; Hor-nettes, Hi-League; Phh Club. Padre '88. C.O.P.. Scott: college, be a singer. Maureen Boyle — Mavry; Young Life. Marne, V Choir; “I'm ALWAYS happy!," Mexico '86; college. Christine Elizabeth Brezina — Swimming. Bob's Band, work; rm. 242. B-TGIF. Chicago. Tom's word, Acapulco: Valparaiso. Heather Tran Brezina — KC, SADD. SWIPE, VB; Prom '87, Sweetheart '86 '87, TG. Chicago, rm. 208, castaways; marry pooky live in eternal happiness. Amy Lynn Brock — SWIPE; Twins victory. Florida '87 '88; MS(J. Kevin Micheal Brown — Brownie: weekends the Dead. Emily, the big A. WWHOW Xw Deadlines and procrastination often walked hand in hand for seniors. Students often caught themselves saying “maybe later" about finishing their term papers, completing assignments, and writing those most dreaded college essays and applications. Deadline had a somewhat different meaning for members of publications. Julie Betts (12). a Windigo staffer, commented. "For me. deadline means stress!" The cause of this stress came from putting things off until the last possible minute. Favorite t.v. programs, phone calls, and the fact that there is always something better to do, often stood in the way of students' abilities to meet deadlines. Although procrastination caused problems for some students, most pulled through and got things done in the nick of time, thus surviving one more year. By Kate Riley Gregg Bennett (12) procrastinates by tuning out. Stephanie Lipetzky (12) catches up on the work she put off until the last minute. Bradley Clark Bunce — Buncer; C Choir. GTCY'S; Midget "A" State Championship. Soviet Union '88. C Jam '86. mission trips. S.B.(IWLYFATS); college. Glydewell D. Burdick. Patrick John Burke — Flower; Muff, sirens. Oger. Heavy F. Metal. SPEHS. Prom '87. chicks; tour de metallica. join a cult. Robert Joseph Burmaster — Bobert; XC Ski. Golf; CO, Birchmont '87. fun at the club; college. David Michael Burns — Ray V Tennis. V Fball; Northern Tundra w Courtney, times w Ben; bait store in Alaska. Todd William Burns — Burnside; Fball?; TO's boys. Alpine. Thanks Mom Dad; college, start a religion. Cynthia Carrie Burr — Cindy; C Band. Windigo. GTCYS; POP'S; hot E. Coast liberalism cool New Orleans jazz. David Loren Buss — Husker; V Fball. Hockey. Baseball; summer '86. friends; college. 147 SENIORS Be Bu.V. mm rmrntT mm v ■ ■ mm ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ V .V, ■ ■■■ ■ Joseph Francis Byron — I.M. Softball. Olympics; Chlppiwa. Bill’s Resort. 4th of July. Ben’s; college. Alfred Morris Cady — Alfie; Vars. Choir, Marne. Nanette, Ze phyrus. speech; New York. Susan Elizabeth Caldwell — Suz; cc. Gypsy, Nanette, Marne-. Spring Break. SGP. conversations; college. M.D. Karen Frances Cardwell — K.C.; V s-ball, ACTS; WHOP. Briefs. C.O.: Padre. HBG C. TEC; faith hope love. Mary Kathleen Carlin — Mares; Oasis; Queenie poems, death mobile, velcro man. yellow popcicle, drummer boy; college, marry. Julie Ann Carlson — Jules; C band. Daytons; Pops. tour. London. (JofM honors. AK. AG DL; poly scl. Capitol Hill. Laura Ruth Carlson — HBSH. Cuddles. Puritan; friends lovers. Europe A'Cappella '87. Mr. Plane. KMD MMC adventures. HOH. Nancy Patricia Carlson — Nane; F S hall. 3am. legends, times w Spaz. Blondie. limit “1”; college, money. Every student at Edina had been told that their junior year would be the hardest. However. the senior year was filled with a different type of hardship, the doomed college applications. The application itself was not the difficult step, but rather the circumstances hinged upon the application. It was no longer the mixed up history IDs in a senior’s head, just the jumble of deadline dates and essay questions. Some seniors decided to go with "early decisions because it was a lot less hassle," said Mike Rickman (12). The flip side to that coin was Steve Kuhn (12) who was just "too lazy." In any matter, the student had to decide where to go. Academics, location, and the social life were main factors in the decision making process of which college to apply to. Filling in the the blanks was not an uneventful experience. Some students found out what their parents did or even where they were born. Jodi Goodmanson (12) "didn't understand why it mattered where my mother was born." When it was all filled out and sent in, there was the anticipation of the acceptance letter. Overall, seniors had one last thing to comment on — Tufts. Trinity, Madison, and Northwestern had the best application covers. By Velma Gleason Completely frazzled. Chris Letsche (12) tries to piece together her applications. 148 SENIORS By-Da Zachary James Cheever — GBS. WCJH; hunting, fishing; poker, spending money, partying. KM. Summ. '87, Weng Kay Christina Chen — Winky, Chrissy; Nutcracker, performing arts. Thespians. SADD. Russian club. SWIPE; OC 85 w TB. sport, long-distance calls. Wis. Michelle Mei-Hsue Cheng — Piegeon; Stud Co.. Images, Spencer's track; Friends Lovers. ST. "25 single naked!"; college. Shelly Christie. Thomas Richard Christy — Damion; Wrestling; skipping; Cl of M. parties, enjoy life. Michelle Lea Chupurdia — Micky; captain XC running, skiing, track: x's in bthrms, w JH, w WB. buds 4-ever w JM. BCJ. AR. JH. x's w TM, state '88. Dawn Clark. Nadine Kay Clark — eagles, freakin on Floyd, mushroom tape, steppin into twilight zone. 2 am. July 4th. x's w L J. master of disaster. peace. Elizabeth Ann Clcmants — Clem; Buddys. Hi-league. Cath. choir: COP. WS chills, N. Orleans. Fla.; college. Theodore William Cohan — Big Ed. V f ball. V b-ball. FCA. IM s-ball: Sanibel; college. John William Colby — McGuyver; V tennis. V ski. ABCJF; Bryan lake buzz. Devo's, PJB, toga; college. Michelle Kathleen Coleman — My Bell; Win-dlgo copy ed. Images; 3S. BWCA. TEC, errands, MT. Amy's: fulfill all dreams. Sean Collins — Sporto; Hockey, Camp, Hunt; IOTA. BWCA. Isle Royal. Jeni. Big Red; Harvard Law. Margaret Marie Condon — Mags; Quad. 21-BB, 4Rs, Maz '88. CL Tourney. Dongers, DR w AT; college. THAAANKS! Margaret Mary Connell — Meg; Oasis; Rami, Sweetheart '87, 542, TRMW. HC '87, WBG; college. Robert Rich Copeland — Copey: V Hockey capt., V f-ball. V b-ball: HC '87. Bryant Lk.. Blum's, times w Jill; college. Jennifer May Corbett — Jenny; Oasis, Edina Sun; Fla. '86. Co. '87, Tour '86. Mol's Gl Joe; journalism, Sara Jane Couch — Say; work. Troy; running away. CO. '86; peace w mom dad. Kyle Patrick Courtney — K.P.; baseball, soccer. IM hockey; Midget State. Senior Babe '87; N. tundra w Burns. Holly Rene Crippa — Hols. Cripps; B-Sqd.-pop-pin', YL; Bunnies. 21BB. Maz '88. Tonka. Madtwn; college ( what not). Amy Jo Dahl — Sybil, Piker; CC. Mainstream, JR. CJ; Forever w J.R.. Goodtlmes w Moe, Crazy fun w 3 Sybs, Jesus; heaven forever. Mark David Dahl — Mr. D; XC ski, Zephyrus; Deutschland '86. Giant's Ridge. BWCA. Boston; Autobahn w all. Sarah Margaret Dahlgren — CB. VB, Church pres.; 412 Winnipeg. POPS. EH. JG. KE, Europe '87; college. Sara Louise Darwin — great times w best friends, a happy party?; happy life. SENIORS By-DaMeghan Ann Davidson — Hoops; V Basketball. Oasis. Windtgor, Tech Trek. Fowl Play. SH '87. bunnies, toga. ABUB; college. Richard Andrew Davis — Dicky; V Hockey. ABGF. Debate capt; Initiation, first down: NHL, janitor. Steven Eugene DeJong — Donger; 85 Xmas. PD. 86 New Years CP; Business owner. Stephen Ray DeMont — Dupont; XC skiing, running. Oasis: race shirts, A-Team; college so forth. Diane Mary DcMoss — Lady Di. Skating. C Band. Stage Band. MYS. GOYA; HS '87 AA. Grrr; law school. Elizabeth Ann DcVoe — Devo; Hornettes. Stud Co: Maz '88. Bunnies. Hepps Van. HCC. 21 BB: marry hockey player. THAANKS. Kerrwin Hagerty Dempsey — Kerr; Al's Pals. Oasis. S-CORE; IOTA. HC '87. Oct. 2; college in Cal. Daniel John Die-bold — Dano; CC Chamber Singers, soccer; CJ '87. Mamc, Ozone. PJB. Japan; play guitar! Catherine Louise Diercks — Dirkee: Prom '87. WOP patrol. Breezy crew. ABOBB, Dit-chin', NY '87; college-ASG. Angela Renee Dobies — Dobes; CC. Marne, C Jam. S-CORE: SF. Col 87. HCC. CSTWA. friends. John; Phil. 4:13. Deborah Sharon Dolginow — Debbie: summer 86-87. 2 years w RC. Arby's; own business. Steve Joseph Donlin — Meat; V Football capt. V Basketball; JR, Academics, Padre Crew. HRH. My SDL: better grades. Kristen Margaret Donnelly — Charles; fun x’s w LRC MC. August nights. Prom '87. Duluth; College, get married, live in DC. Sylvie Helene Dorivai — exchange student-France, Int'l club, tennis: college. I'll come back someday! Matthew Aaron Dorsey — Horse. Dork; IM sports: getaways; college. Victoria Ann Dow — Fatty, Too Tall Jones: TEC 80. BC; BWCA. Happy Hogies rule. WHOP. Padre. G ma's. Champs 843637. Michael R. Doylng, James Allen Doyle — Jamie. JD; Poptarts. J-vllle brats. XC skiing; Party Palace. Alpine to Chicago back, the Beast; college, law school. John Robert Drake — Jay. Jaybird: Loads Club; DGA's. Fla. porch parties. MYATGT; college, design ultimate city. David Marshall Dreher — V skiing. V Gymnastics. Gilboa, CC, Manchester; Jackson Spring. Mt. Hood. Scot Michael Dubes — Doobie; V Football. V Track. IM B-ball. Debate co-capt; flipper furrles, Boneheads. Zwaks. Prom '87. Padre. Lewie; KG. marry BL. nuclear rocket scientist. Mark David Deuholm — Dewey. Mush; V Band, IM sports; saving Paul's life. VB parties; college in Cal, rich. Thyde M. Dumont — Amie, TDWED, "Eiffel Tower"; Int'l Club. ABC; 3 Muskateers. ST P, camping trip; college-E coast. Jon Owen Ebbert — Ebbc. Ebbs; Zephyrus. birth to llamas; Kinko all-nighter. Blum, HCC; medical school. X 150 SENIORS Da-ElBRING HOME THE BACON HMWWM- Kristen Aileen Ebeler — Eebes; CB. Gymn Capt; 412!. m m's. Prom 87. Rob; college. Scott Kenneth Eberhardt — Ebby. Bubble-head: V Baseball. V Swimming; poptarts from hell. Any Amount Gang; marry hot wife. Paul Andrew Eckberg — Eck; V C Band; Chicago. Prom 87. MB drummers; best friends w Phil Collins. Richard Joseph Effress — Ray V Tennis. Frito Lay; HC 87-KC, Tonka Boating, CZ's. Sob Cab. 12 5 87; BG. be like Tom Barman. John Matthew Egan — Egs. Johnny; V Baseball, watching Volleyball; X's w Scott G Todd, meeting Allyson. parties w Scott; college, marry Allyson. Charles William Ei-frig — Frig; V. Tennis capt. ABUF. Barley champs: HCC. Bay Lake. Captive, TOGA. Maz, BT Lake. Mawl Crawl. State Champs, no quarter: college. Scott Marshall Elliott — High LeagueFF; Alpine Valley. DDD, BLS, Baby, FF; pro dead head Mara Elofson — Carrot-top; piano, Arizona. 86 ski trip, businessmen: colleae. career. Who said that Edina students didn't need to work? The misconception that all children in Edina could be supported by their parents was proved wrong when one saw that a majority of students did in fact hold part time jobs. Rising college costs, the security of a savings account, and just some extra spending money were a few reasons to work. Whether they scooped yogurt for tired shoppers at Southdale, sharpened skates at General Sports, or answered telephones for small business firms, students worked hard and earned their wages. When asked where his income came from, Paul Nelson (12) said. "I get money through a combination of me working and receiving it from my parents." Michelle Coleman (12), a cashier for a sporting goods store, said, "I got a job because I wanted to save some money for my future, be more independent from my family, gain experience in dealing with all kinds of people, and have some spending money." Some of the more common jobs were working at gas stations, cashiering at retail stores, doing secretarial work, construction, stocking store shelves, tutoring, and making pizzas. No matter what job a student worked at, the important factors were earning money, gaining experience, and having a good time doing both. By Erica Norman Nicole Sturgeon (12) earns her wages as an employee for Daytons serving yogurt. 151 SENIORS Da-El ■ ■ This year's new administration brought plenty of changes to school mandates. One of these changes occurred in driving and parking policies for students who chose to drive to school. The policy was strictly enforced, shown by the towing on the first offense, but students gradually adjusted. After a month of attempting to utilize the old system of permits issued on the basis of need or by daily purchase, Asst. Principal Robert Carlson (Fac) created a new system that allowed any student to purchase a $20.00 yearly permit and parking became available on a first come, first serve basis. Although the new system was created to alleviate the many problems and complaints resulting from the first attempt of permit parking, mixed reactions followed. Many seniors were not too pleased with the loss of priority parking. Bob Burmaster (12) commented, “Even though I've never really had problems with parking, I still think we're getting ripped off compared to past seniors." Also, late morning risers needed to be fast runners or late arrivers to first hour classes due to the distance from the far north west corner of the parking lot to the school building. All in all. the new parking system seemed to work, but a lack of spaces and privileges was evident for many. By Kate Riley Due to a lack of parking spaces before school. Greg Olsen (12) makes his own and dashes off to first hour. Ann Marie Emmer — Ems; Jerrys Kids. YL. SWIPE; Life w J. ICC w Pg, ACA; sin-free, sober, celibant. Maren Solveig Emstad — Mars: CC. Ho Ho Han. CJ; BRI, Brkfst Club. Byerlys: Luther, marry into $5. Lisa Marie Engelking — Lis; Buck Hill Race Team; Austria. Times w Nat. Cela; college, $. hap py marriage. Dean Michael Enrico — Dino; Capt. V Soccer, Chamber Singers. Stud Co VP; Japan, Rises Cabin, LKF, Colorado; college. Bret Douglas Erickson — Lazio; Drums: Colleen. HC ’87. Remer, O-Zone, Doyings; Drums ALAP. Carolyn Alice Erickson — Babs. Droopy: Stud Co. Windigo. SI Skiing. Hornettes; Breezy Crew, WOP Patrol. Maz '88. PHH; Boulder Bound. Marc W. Erickson — Irish: V Band. Downhill Skiing, Running; Procrastinators are usually Perfectionists. Cassie Anne Evans — Cassandra; St. Stephens YG. TEC. Jabberwock, Mame; RRRPX-JN, regression HONK. FC w Jo. Friends. H 152 SENIORS Em-Ge Gretchen E. Fcrnclius — Gretchie; Bufs Margaritaville, Quadna, Sanibel; live in Irish casle w BOHE. Stephen Patrick Flnkenaur — Nuts; Als Pals, VB; hausin w gang, SSH, Oyed Tours, Pregame; Madison. Kevin David Fitzgerald — Fitz; Chippewa. Quadna. New Yrs 87. my van. Bens cabin. Amy. Peter Joseph Fiutak — Fiu; IM F-ball. Bskt-ball. S-ball; Pop-tarts from Hell. Johnsonville Brats. Pooty Pies; college. Kristin Cranmer Forester — V Skiing. IM F-ball, Cabinet; Cayman. SH. Whop; college. Mike Forpahl — god; skipping 10-11th grade; Alpine 87. Your a putz!. School? life In a different dimension. Jeffrey Thomas For-rer — Four-five; F-ball. hunting, skiing; times w MG, Taylors falls, 6-16. speeding violations: J of M. Ann Katherine Forrest — Banana; Golf Capt, CC 87. FCA; Sagan, HC 87 the gang. Rae. ME A 87; college. Amy Jean Francis — Franny; Pentagon Park. ST Wagon. SB 87. HC 87. times w Jamie. Jennifer Lynn Frandeen — Jenni; V Swimming. State Champs. Cabinet. PF; Summer 86. Whop. Vic’s cabin, SB 88: college. James Henry Frank Jr. — IM F-ball; MF. Hawaii 87. "Jeff did It", fun w Rhonda; live off land w bears. Todd Theodore Frank — Franky; HC 87. goodtimes in Am Hist. Hidden Falls; Family w "little Toddlers." Lindsey Ann Frear — Linds; track, skiing. YL; MAZ. Prom w Devo. A-8sum, QUAD; aerobics teacher in Colo. Scott Paul Froehlke — mountain biking; skiing, Alpine. Kind; college in mountains. Jon Eric Fromke — Frog: FCA. basketball, baseball. 20; Hoops in Memphis. Myrtle Beach; college. practice w Dr. Gronbeck. Scott David Fronek — Gebber; Als Pals. V f ball, hockey, b-ball; Rado. front row seats; to beat up Meyer. Aileen Mary Furlong — Furbong, V Tennis. Windigo. JVHCCw AE . ABOBB; MEA 86. Bre-z Crew. Bug, ACA, Lost Wk-end. Angela Marie Gabusi — Windigo, Peacemakers, HCS; 50th France w Val. Hi Hurtlns. embarrassing moments w Jill, swimming at nite; college. Kent Lee Garbers — skiing, flying. FCYF; 1st solo flight, f-ball games: pilot. Tom Garden — Tommy G.; looking for job; being w friends; rock vocalist, roadie. Anne Elizabeth Gartner — Elf; CB. Pit. GTCYS. Tanglewood. Dominant 8. P-ettes, choppln broccoli. Julie Denise Gcnung — Jules; sleeping, getting cold. YL, Campaigners; Sanibel, Rado 87; college. Karin Janet Gessner — Kake; German Club: A happy party?, "Why must we go on hating, why can't we live in bliss?" Daniel David Getsch — Skitz; CC. CS. JV soccer. YL. PF; FOTLG 1. MW 87. Pop Tarts. SAF; Luther College. SENIORS Em-Ge ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i ujrnuuLujjjljjl i Meredith Rae Giske — Joey, Scout: Soccer, IM F-ball, PF. TEC. Cabinet. Whop 87. Caymans, B-fast club. Andrea L. Glaeser — Yannie; ape monk, MTSE, thanks oggic!; going to Horst. Debra Jean Glass — Bubbles. Doo Doo Bird. SLPs. M. Jackson, Stuff happens, Holy Zone. JP's crew. Velma Carol Gleason — Gizmo, Bepa; Co-squash writ-ers', Int'l club. Windigo; Garners, Good Sam. ASP. Star; college, travel. Jay Stark Gleeman — Gleemo; Zephyrus, Dayton s. IBTR; Isreal 86. NY 87. CJ of M law. Patrick Michael Goergen — Gorgy; XC Ski. IM F-ball, ACTS. Al's pals, Bfasts. CO 87. KC TO; follow lacocca. (JSFL ref. Steve M. Gohde — Nads; therepeutic couch. FL w Beaner. TEC. MER its getting better all time. Jodi Lee Goodmanson — Jodilee; C Band, Syncho, NLCYouth; FL 86, State 86. POPS. RM 412. MBF-ILTA. Peter M. Grauze — Boogaboo; Eating at the Y. Guitar; Jerry's kids. Dave's cabin: Catch a leprechaun. John Peter Greiner — Gloves; CEC, Greeg's porch. Order, Ringing the bell, no raw deal; Rangers. ASCJ. Kristin Mary Griffin — Krissy: WC Choir. Youth Group. FBSBC, Yah-te-hay, Gr. Brltian; college. Jeffrey Michael Gronbeck — Gronny; V Bball. capt 44. FCA, Track; Padre, talkin boogie. EM TAE; Ivy college, doc. Ross Elliott Gubrud — Gubs; Wrestling, PF. PF Band; CO. MAZ. Bob's Band, Cabin. Mad town: Med. Molly Christine Guest — Mol; XC Run. Oasis. GIO; MC. Stallone. Day-TONS: freedom at last. Allyson Marie Guhl — Ally; VV-ball. Latin: Sanibel. B-fast club; Madison, marry John. Stephanie Jo Haddad — Steph; Windigo ed. Oasis, YL: IOTA. HCC. CO. slap w Suz. 12 5. errands; "to try and make the world a little bit better." Julie Christine Hagan — Jules; Whop 87. RWC. Gnu's, Padre, 4 July 86': college, meet Paul McCartney. Erika Jodie Hagford — Ricky: VB, CB. Images. Int'l club; Pas de I'eau. Grendel, man hair moo cow; college. Nannettc Christine Halsting — No-No; Europe. Prom. Bobsy twins; CJ of W-Eau Claire, Austrailia. Kristin Lynn Hale — HI 87. "and you know wherever I am ...", 10 12 91 and happily ever after. Linaya Irene Hall — Naya; Varsity Tennis. Concert Band; Indian head, "spare!", Gusta-vus tennis camp. New Year's Eve. "as if!"; Purdue Cl. John Charles Hamer. Christopher Hoge Hamilton — Hammy; Varsity Track captain. State 87. Concert Band; "Yea, whatever", "Nada, my son". OPUS, ACCJRA 135; college. Christine Lynn Hammond — VVB 867. V Track 86-8. Russian Club secretary; JL. SG. KK. BL. SL. Palm Springs, noodle: college, engineering. X 154 SENIORS Gi Hafcj Q Q fc) S Why did we get a half day off after the record-breaking canned food drive performance? Why did seniors have a "Senior Snack Break" during homeroom on Wednesdays without the juniors and sophomores? The answer is simple — the new senior leadership committee, along with the administration, created these senior privileges. The privileges were meant to "liven up" the senior year. The committee met monthly and consisted of students who were leaders among their peers, such as captains of teams, editors of publications, and presidents of clubs. The committee, along with Mr. Robert Lynch (fac), Mr. Robin Carlson (fac), and Mrs. Shirley Vaux (fac) worked together to discuss what the senior class needed improvement on, what they deserved commendation for, or what was going on in the class. Another reason for setting up the leadership committee was to build a foundation upon which future senior classes could add. Future goals included creating a "seniors only" lunchroom, planning a senior trip, and possibly having a senior breakfast. Suzanne Williamson (12) commented, "I think seniors deserve the right to be awarded for their twelve years of accomplishments." By Stephanie Haddad and Michelle Coleman Amy Melissa Hand — Foot. Amez; V Soccer. State 86. VBball; Halloween at Dartmouth. BR KH; Madison. Stephanie Sou-Van Hang — Amie. Wolfgang; Int'l Club co-prez. ABC. Oak Terrace, 1st blood w Rosie; college. Justin Blair Hansen — Band. VB tour, VB hockey games, "it won't break its got the cap on!". CJ of M. Karen Diane Hansen — JJ Prom. Rogue. Ski trips. New Years w the gang; college. Kirsten Ellen Hansing — BUD; HC 87. EKC. B. b what begins w b?. Ms. Lynch friends; Maine. 12 kids. Carol Joy Harrington — BC; waterskiing; cabin w Nick. "don't ask why". Bosom buddies; college, happy life. Louise Littler Harris — Squeeze; Chambers. CPC. C Choir. Latin Club, VV; PTF. L.L. Cuisine. Japan, my T.B., mission trips; college. marriage. Andrew E. Harrod — Bambi; V Debate. C Band. Zephyrus coed; Dominant Eight. Red Volvo. 155 SENIORS Gi-HaElizabeth Fay Harrold — Liz; CC 86-88. Cham. Sing.. V. Golf 85 7. Marne. CJ; JAPAN. Mex.'86. times w BC: college. Seth Patrick Hartigan — Butch; 12x12 curling crew, track, BDS; Can.’87. Madison. Mex.'88; Rambo. Todd J. Hartmann — Harty; HDHR ski team; Spring Break '87. TR In '88; true freedom. John Anthony Hasper — Spot; tri-"s"; papa jo. Sheridan house, cabin, le car; St. John's. Errol Andrew Hau — Role; V. f-ball. V. swimming. class Sec.; Hau Long Somers. Prom '87. Vail. Holiday '85; Madison. Vincent Royce Hau — Vinney; V. f-ball. V. track, "girls, girls, girls:" Hau Long Somers, hunt. Go down in history. Jeffrey J. Hayward — Jefe; CC running. IM s ball "Brats"; Summer '86. Chuck's. Malcolm's; college. Vermont. Julie M. Hcgstrom — Heggie; SWIPE, work: MG's kissing contests. Sugar Hills w squid; (JMD. Wow. becoming an adult ... it seemed like a big step, and for many seniors this was their year. Birthdays rolled around, and it always seemed to be someone's big 18th. But what did this big step really mean besides a voting privilege? To Stephanie Haddad (12) it meant, "nothing.” Michelle Coleman (12) argued, "it means everything. I am now fully responsible for everything I do, and I love the freedom." There was a large range of views from individuals as their degrees of freedom varied, but most had to agree that eighteen was a lot more "groovy" sounding than seventeen. Many things at age eighteen stayed the same. The argument "I am an adult" was usually followed with a. "Well then, live in your own house." As a result the more proud eighteen year olds kept quiet. Also, becoming eighteen meant arrest and prison for offenders of the law as opposed to having been placed in detox. Others, however, just enjoyed the fact that they were "an adult" and were grown up. Birthdays were celebrated accompanied by various parties and gatherings. These occasions were special times to be with close friends. Adding to the celebrations. cakes were frequently seen in the Commons with a small circle of hungry campers around. All in all, the year of becoming eighteen was really keen. By Suzanne Williamson Onlookers watch with anticipation as Katie O'Rourke (12) opens her presents. H 00 s N X 156 SENIORS Ha-HoMWHM v.,.v LB ■ ■ ■■■■■ i Kelly Kay Heikkila — Hornettes, Mainstream, "Nanette”, NG; Math 6:33, Padre '86. getting to know Jesus; college. Jon Arthur Hellbusch — Busch; V. bball track, FCA. Frito Lay; Hoops in Memphis, Fla.'87, Hawaii '88; college. Calif. Heather Lynn Henkel — QT; SWIPE. Rachel's friends. HELC: 1st day. cosmotology, MTI. Steven Bradley Henkels — Damlon; flag f-ball. Latin Club; summer '87. carryout, HC '87; college, med school. MD. Mathew John Hentgcs — the Hammer, Hench; hockey, b-ball. IM f-ball; "touching them all;" college. Heather Deborah Hepp — Heath; Bunnies. Maz '88. The Van. TOGA, Tonka. 21-BB; college. Julie Angela Herbers — Jules; Rolling Gopher b-ball Nat'l Champs ( 21). track asst.; Nicky AJ. Easter '87. talks w CD; Mankato State. Debra Ann Higgins — Higgy; Bunnies. 4-R's. S-8'r. 21-BB. Happy Hour. Toga. Pinestock; marry rich. Mark David Hildebrand — Listening to Floyd; BL's; learn to fly. Jolie Ann Hilgren — Joles; soccer, ballet; Summerfest '87. Keystone, "shoot, man." zzzt-moua!: marry. Heidi Louise Hilliker — Scooby Dumb; Stud. Co.; Breezy Crew 1,11, F F Kiss cuz. WOP Patrol. HC '87; happily married. 5 kids. Tai V. Ho — working; weekends. Newave Dancing, coming to O.S.; college, businessman. Judd Derek Hockstra — Hoegs; V hockey, bball, IM f-ball; Yellow line. Bay Lake. Sr. Babe '87; college. Pamela Lee Hoffman — Pam; HiLeague. CC tennis; Banana boat. Meg. HC '87. Errol. SSTS: college, marry rich. David Robert Hokanson — Hoke; JV tennis, b-ball. hockey, comp, club; Washington '87; college. John Leo Holahan II — Bucky; V wrestling. Al's Pals. Oasis; skinhead. PC. DM day; grow more hair. Molly MacDonald Holcombe — Molly Magnolia; Culla'sohohohYEA!. ABOBB. HC '87; heaven. William Alexander Holderness — Holdie; ABUF. CC. swimming; HCC. CJ, PJB. Japan. Colby's. Cam's. Thorpie: college. Jeffrey John Holm — Holmbic; V gymnastics. skiing, golf; HC Half, state gym meet '87; succes. Jason David Holman — Jase; mt. biking, sports; CO skiing, soccor tourney Metrodome: college in mts. Julia Lee Holman — Munkin; VC. CO '86. Do I have any food on my face, petunia piglet. X's w good friends. Grant; college, pre-law. Todd W. Holman. Michael John Hombcrger — Hombie. Slam; Ray-V tennis. IM ball, Al's Pal's; Frame Fellas. Rado. Hau-sin' Gang. HC '87 KC, Tonka boating. Z's House; college, work some deals. Jennifer Marie Honstad — Muf; Swipe, church: Duluth. Dale and "the funny." March 13 w David, summer '86. Prom '87; college, marry rich. 7 cars. SENIORS Ha-Ho XKatherine Mary Hostnick — Katie; BCV. ballet, friends; J.H.'s cabin. C.C. initiation: college. Matthew Pennant Howell — Ga zooter; S Skiing. CC. Chamber Singers; Ja-pan, bands, musicals; find a decent girlfriend. Michele Krista Howell — Sponge; Windigo. PF. SWIPE. Prom 86. SLP's. France '87; college. Sarah Caroline Howell — Rar Rar; Cheerleading, CC, Latin Club; PW adv. the lost cork. CO '87; college. Shawn Holden Huber — Hank; Mainstream. Insight, great times w ADCSJSEZGVMJ-JETR; living for Jesus Christ. Jennifer Kaye Huge — Genevieve; Oasis. GLO: 10 24, times at WW D KC; eternal happiness. Jill Noelle Hulbert — Jilly: (JSSA Team Gilboa, Slalom Skiing; Shangoya. Mt. Hood, CO w PF, college. Kyle Martin Humphrey — Hump; V Hockey. ABGF; bullfrogging w Steffi, times w Kelly; 1st man to eat the Milky Way. Robin Ann Hurley — Woobie; guitar. Big Al's; Prom '87. Hayward, Wl. the club; college, famous advertising agency. Michael John Husebo — Rodney; V Tennis. V Basketball; Onion's cabin. Whitey's house; college. Laura Anne Hykes — C Band, tour '87. POPS '87; HI '87. HC '87. surferdudes: col lege, live life. Bridget Kathleen Ingram — Gladys; VS Club; Sanibel '87. 5 5 87, 10 31 87, Mavi '88; Design. Jon T. Jacobson — Jake. Snake. Jake lake; IM Football Softball; make money. New York Rangers. Rachel Christine Jansen — Ray-ban; people watching; MLK. Patrick James, Jamaican beaches w ?; to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no man has gone before... Troy Francis Jefferson — Troy boy. Soft Monkey, hair: Soccer; Germany. Sara. Brian Johnson Matthew Lewis Johnson — M.J.; V Swimming capt; Edina Rod Reel Club; college, wrap starburst fruit chews. Rebecca Lane Johnson — Little Becky; Hornettes. FCA; Maz '88, PHH, Rado, Breezy I II; Madtown bound. Scott Carl Johnson — Scottie; JD MM HRA; college, become one of Santas helpers. Scott Morrow Johnson — Scron-nie; Yak-Attack; Forest Dale, Marley. Mary-Lou; marry a Hornettc named Beth. Wesley David Johnson — Wes; IM Basketball; Canada '87. CO '86. Onion’s cabin, Whitey's House, Rays; college. Todd Roger Joing — Potsy; IM Fball-Team Curvey, Snow Olympics-Team Bill; summer '87. Ben's cabin. Round Lake, getaways; college. Andrew Douglas Jones — Drewfy; V Hock-ey Football, church: crankfish. State '87. GP BM BC. CO; college. Natalie Marie Jones — Gnat; Soccer. Track, V CC Running; Carlos. G G. Lisa. Jenny, Cela. CA '87. 7 19 87; college. 158 SENIORS Ho KaJared Brent Jordal — JJ; IM Football. Spanish Club; good times w the gang, summer ’87. Karin; college, fun life. Timothy Jon Joyce — Joycer; 12x12 curling crew. Golf; Mex '88. Waterfall '87. Whlteys. "I hit a rut?''; college. Scott Thomas Juhnke — Ja-make; Hockey; college. Anja Helena Juu-jarvi — On-ja; Span. Club. Int'l Club: Jul's cabin, b f w AB JH. Mrs. J's HR, Scandi '85. DBS Tropicals: college. Europe. Husam Dean Kamshch — Sammy. Sandig-ger; indoor soccer, skiing. IM Fball Hockey: HC '85 '87. cruzin the Z w Jake. FL. Vail; college, exotic auto. Bryan Nolan Kaplan — Hen; V Choir. Comp. Club; Slalom Skiing, waterskiing, karate. CO '86; college. Tom F. Karls — skiing. CC Skiing; Sweetheart '85. HC '87. CO; college. Ebba Jena Karlsson — Images. Int'l Club; Kennedy Airport. Blmgtn. good friends. EF. Am. B'fasts. Root Beer; Jund's G. make $$$. Once upon a time at a school called Edina, there was a young, shy boy named Chris Kringle who had an incredible crush on a beautiful young girl. He wanted desperately to give her a gift for Christmas, one which would show his affection for her. but he was too shy to do it in person. As a result of his desire to give her something. Chris creatively left gifts and candy in her locker or in one of her classrooms for the next week. He had a special messenger deliver his gifts, and each time he signed the card. "Love, your Secret Santa." Gossip hit the air. Jealousy spread. Who was this man? Everyone wanted a secret santa of their own. The next year, more of these curious elves mysteriously began to shower the school with gifts. Soon, they were everywhere. By the year 1987, Secret Santas were the latest "in" thing in holiday gift giving. Everyone from organizations such as Student Council and Hornettes to groups of friends were doing it. All thanks to a shy boy named Chris Kringle. a tradition of giving and sharing had been passed on which helped to bring the true joy of the holiday spirit to Edina High School. By Cari Erickson These senior girls reveal their happiness at a holiday gathering after receiving gifts from their "Secret Santas.” SENIORS Ho KaWWOW'K HCWWOOW5M Right smack dab in the middle of the week, a book report due Friday, a test in economics Thursday, and no time to fool around — was this a typical Wednesday night for anyone? Instead of stressing out. there was something to save the mind from exploding into oblivion. This quick ventre-lease option was the rock concert, often held during a weeknight at one of the many Twin Cities rock concert locations. Many groups came to Minneapolis, including U2, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi. and more. Concerts came and went sporadically throughout the year, and those that were a bit more desperate to get away from the hustle and bustle of Edina or those who really wanted to see a particular group travelled a bit further, possibly to Chicago to see Boston or maybe even followed the Dead to California. Robert McClelland (12) said, "Rock concerts are cook because seeing the band perform live is so much better and you're with people who have the same interests in music." Susie Vagnoni (12) commented, "I remember going to Bon Jovi and a bunch of people got totally decked out and went looking like real Jovi fans. It was a great stress relief — we just kicked back, enjoyed the music, and forgot about obligations at school and at home." Just like Susie, many others found concerts to be a real treat. By C.I.P. Funnie All ready for the Bon Jovi concert. Susie Vagnoni (12) and Jenny Bach (11) flash their leather. Laura Ellen Karpeles — Cheerlcadlng. CC. musicals; Sweetheart, Prom. CJ, Philly, "Blondes;” travel. Kimberly Marie Kaufen-berg — Kimbert; Cheerleading; Sanibel '87. Culla's MEXICAN. Padre 88. Erin Caitlin Kearney — Eirbear; Latin Club; V.S. Club. Peter Isle. Booney Fu Wkd., Sanibel 11 pts; college. Patricia Ann Keegan — Patty; P.F., Cabinet. Youth Council; Tours. Fla. '86. Winnipeg '87. Rm. 211; college. Mary Elizabeth Kelly — Molly; C.C.. Chambers. C.J., Afame; times w 3 sybils. Philly. JAPAN!; happiness. Angela Jean Kemp — "Glac”; C.C.. C.B.. Chambers; IBT Club. NORWAY '86. SFJorden '87. JAPAN; college. Kristin Elizabeth Kenady — Kiki; swimming; cruisin 941. times at E C., sum mer '87. schmiels; college. Anne Katherine Kenney — Windigo, C.B., V.B.; darkroom talks, the church, parties w Lara; college. 160 SENIORS Ka-Ke ROCK ON H □ j BTi ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ MUM mrnmT i I n Karen Minnie Kiang — Kare bear; Ze-phyrus. Hornettes. Spencer's pond, Boo-bery Nortons, NGWD; college. Margaret Ann King — Meg-r; V Cheerleading. C.C.; hunting rabbits, HC '86. COP, getting muzzy; college. Karren Marie Kleidon — Kleidy-boob; voice; Co., Cute!, CLWM, time of my life; Mission work. Julie Marie Klein — Jules; P.F., Cabinet; Mexican, Sanibel '87, Latin Week B.C.. ABOBB; college. Ian Kenneth Klein — Tigger; f. f-ball; HAZY. GREAT friends, skiing; back pack around world. Michael David Knudsen — LaR-ouche; V track. IM hoops, f-ball; Forest Dale, strato. PAM; Normandale. Andrew Christian Knutson — Knuter; Master, Thespians. Young Life; Heavy Metal, the Wife. Maiden. H.A.; Rock Star. Kristin Lynne Kopp — C. Band; Arby's w DD, Summer '87; college, lake side cabin, mcdjugorie. Jason W. Korst — Jam Master Jay; waterskiing, downhill; 1st day school. I Love this school!; college. Mike K. Kostick — Koz; Young Republicans. LLBOR; Arguments in Benson, the Butster; Foreign Service. Karen Marie Kozar — Karebear; V swim. CC run. XC ski; Padrels '86. Telemarks. Fla. '87; college. Peter Alan Kozar — Bernie; Hi-League. F.F.. C.C.. IM f ball, bball; C.O.P.. TomSGer; college. David William Krutz — V f ball. IM bball. MAME; moving, Atamemoon man. SP-car roof tops; college. Stephen David Kuhn — Kuhner: A.S.P.. Church, Clancy's: WSSGFO. Cosmic Pete!. MOSH. A.I.R.; college. Jason James Kunze — Kunzer; Pole Vault; summers at cabin. Rome, Venice. Paris; (J of M. David Soon-ho Kwon — Kwoner; Ray V tennis. V band; Fogey's hr., the watch game, tailgating at Strikers; colfege. Corey Frank Ebb Lahm — Lubber; AL's PAL's, swimming; Getaways. Summit Gatherings TGC Knights. WOW!; college. Eric Lahti. Mary Catherine Lainsbury — Bob's band. B-TGIF Club; Chicago. Duluth '87. Rm. 242. him he, April Fools '87; college-CI of M. Dana llene Lange — Langer; 21 B.B.. S.-8'r, Happy Hour, Felipe and Pepe. WOP. Bunnies. Mini Mouse Maz; college, psychologist. Brad Edward Larson — V Mgr. bball; Faira-bault. Great Bets. Great Gradesds; college. Derek Randolph Larson — LARS; V soccor '87; Benny’s Cabin. Fitz's house. ACTS. Edina. HC '87; college. Leah Lynne Larson — V Cheerleading, soccer. Oasis; 1614. July 2. "the booth," spring break '87. Millermen; college. Baldwin Joseph Lee — Lee; V swim capt.. Images, Mame, CC. Debate; any amount gang; cat fish farming. 161 SENIORS Ka-Le■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I nnnnnnnnnnnQnQQO ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i■ ■■■■■■■■■ De-nin Deanna Lee — Neen; IBT: love-laugh-ter-music-tears. Life has just begun...sunny CA. school fame. Steven T. Lcfferts — Gnarly Charlie; Pilot. 8 Ball. Art; the Wall. Side Pocket wkends; pilot. David Lewis Leinfelder — Leiny; V Fball. Hunting, YL; Prom'87, HC'87. Padre, Okey. Beds. Frontier, x's w AB. Christine Anne Letsche — Chris; Oasis: Miller Men. 25. Jo's Boat. EBH. CO. Pyro. MSU T. Elizabeth Maria Lewis — Lewie; S.F. Bay. Prom'87, Indian, Toga. 2IBB. Dubes; marry FB player, live richly ever after. Kerri Ann Lewis — Buffy: C Band '86; Ylng Ying. WS'87. awesome3some, M's party; college. Paul Martin Lewis — Louie; Jet Skiing w Spuds; x's w Mary, Swht Prom'87. 1614. Siggy; apt w Sig. Sara JoyAnn Lewis — Int’l Club; FR camp'87. Holland'86, Dean. TEC. C.Band, Winnipeg'87; psych social wk. Kirk J. Lietzke — Capt.; Dead shows; meeting Chrissy, parties w Boys, New Years'87. KIND!: deadyland. Christian L. Lind — ski. Latin, Spanish clubs; 2nd hr club; "Life is only what you make of it;" L of the R F. Lee Jalmar Lindman — Bubba; IM Fball. Bball. chugging; Lone Lake. Tonka; marry sex goddess. Eric J. Lindskoog — Skoogs; skiing. GSSA, mtn biking. ABGF; Olympics. Krista Jo Lineweaver — NYC. London Paris’86. Cayman'88. x's w MV. TM. BSFL; find Mr. Right. Stephanie Anne Lipetzky — Wefers: Drama Club VP, "LTTImages". Jab-berwock; Summerfest, IFClub, CO; marry Prince of Spain. John Christopher Lishman — Ponch; band; VB'87 tour. '87POPS. Bob. Dan. Spud. Rm 204. Dcidrc J. Lloyd — Dee; Irish AFS student, drama club sec. IM f ball; eating s'mores; Human Nutrition In Dublin. Suzann Rae Lofing — Booze. Lil’ Lofi; SADD; Pee Nord. SS. Weffs and Sharbear- 3 muskateers; Road trip to CO Spring '88. Paul Nelson Long — Duck Dong; Choir, piano; The Hunt, Lady Stardust, BAD KARMA. BWCA. Vick's. HC '87. thanks mamma pappa; find the answer. Hue Chi Lu. Robert Earle Luikcns — Bob; Thur. League Bowling, Berman Club; Chicago '87. Code One T-47; College-N. Dakota, pilot. Matthew R. Lunde — Matt; Hockey. V track; State Midget A Champs, fishing; Eau Claire. MX star. Kathryn Mary Lunkley — Kate; VB '86: Cal. '86 '87 w Lynn. summer '87; college, marriage. Margaret Jean Lynch — Jeanne; VB capt.. Oasis, S-ball; Bfst Club, Team talks. The Lit. Team, “friends;" college. Shannon Meredith Maas — Macer; V choir, Ski. Bettes; Feb. 14 '87. Oct. 10 '87. Harriet '85. Lake Placid; college. X 162 SENIORS Le-MaSome of the romantic relationships which provided a major diversion for seniors started years before high school and traveled along their rocky courses all the way through senior year. It started during playtime at Kinderberry Hill when Henrietta loaned Henry her Superaction Tonka truck to climb the communal sandbox dunes. Things moved slowly until third grade when hormones kicked in. leading to "cooties''. Even an innocent game of tetherball became a fatal risk. With junior high came school dances where the sexes separated themselves into two distinct factions, and friends worked feverishly with secret notes and telephone calls to bring the two together. It soon became acceptable for each to become locked in the den at home on the phone, giggling nervously about "safe" topics like English or choir. Anyone could see that Henry and Henrietta LIKED each other. High school presented an unending plethora of ways they could express their affection. Holding hands in the hallways and sitting together at fall musicals proved their relationship was serious. Dances certainly added to the relationship, with candlelit dinners and show, sappy music on the dance floor. Henry and Henrietta have built a solid relationship which could last forever. By Cindy Burr Barbie and Ken are held together in the throes of passionate attachment. John Michael MacKany — Dad; boating enthusiast. skiing; togetherness desire for perfection were evident. Douglas Everett MacLennan — Mac; V CC. V Track. IM b-ball; Few's turtleneck. Harriers 15; college. Shari Lynn Maertens — Shars; Oasis; Duluth and the funny, happy whistle, GLO. JG MK; college. MaryKatherine Marchuk — Mucka; Windlgo. SWIPE; Sushi, sleds. BWCA w LR. Kulps '86: college. FF w NNB. Colleen Marie Marnell — Leener; Windigo, Spanish Club; Summer '87. Ecuador. Les-n-Jo. "Quick, pretend like you're lighting a smoke;" sunshine daydreams. Emma Elizabeth Marshall — Inti Club; Macalester College. RADA. London. Alan Joseph Martin — Big Al; Capt. V Soccor, Zephyrus-, Rochester. "new Attitude." Davanni's; travel. Ann Lindsay Martin — Lindsay; V Swim Capt.. Jr. Natl. Kayak Team; Sr. Natl. Swim Champ. Silver Fox. M3F, Indy '87; paddle 500's at Indy. 163 SENIORS Le Max-xvx-x-x-x :-x-: x-x-x-x-: Claire Leigh Martinson — Psalms 42:1 "Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him." Terese Marie Matson — TC: FCA; Rouge. Midnight Wading. TX. 5 in 1. J K; college, horsetrainer. Thomas Elliott Mat-son — Thume: PF. Als Pals. Ray V Tennis. Frito Lay; HC 87 KC. Rado 86-8. Oval Gang; live in Lexington. Karen Marie Mattison — Bud; Oasis. GLO, JV Golf; Bod Movie of the Week. Bud Jenson's Class; St. Olaf. Chris John Mayer — Skin-nip: Bettys; Fla. Mich. Monkey Seat; CJ of San Diego. Steven B. Mayeron. Lesley Ann McBurney — Zeph.: Jo Coll, TEC. 12:30 Bus. Gumboil Game. Court times, lunch w SW. SH Prom; female Donahue, be happy. Jason Wallace McCarthy — Wally Jr; V Golf. Capt V Ski ing; Winning state. Melanie. Vail. Wally World. HC. St. Croix, working deals: college, sell cars, get rich. Question: Name one inevitable trap that most seniors fall into at some point during the year? Answer: a senior slump. Few EHS students were able to avoid the unrelenting grasps of this mysterious trap and an even smaller percentage seemed to care. After years of hard work and months of the dreaded college application process, seniors were ready for a break. In-school cat naps and half hearted homework efforts were just a few of the telltale signs experienced by those caught in a slump. Instead of staying home to cram for tests on weekday nights, many seniors opted for the more enjoyable aspects of life and chose to wing it on their exams. Shawna Tolan (12), summed up the attitude perfectly when she said, "I’d much rather eat, sleep, go to a game, watch a movie, or party with my friends than do my homework." Many students chose not only to blow off their homework, but also a few more classes than they had done in the past, and classroom attendence was also effected by this new senior attitude. Somehow life outside the school was far more tempting and exciting than it had ever been before. All in all most seniors found ways to escape the dreariness and monotony of class, some via cars and others via daydreams of graduation and summer. „ , By Aileen Fur mg Obviously, when sixth hour study hall rolls around nothing, including Hawthorne and the Scarlet Letter, is enough to keep John Randall (12) awake. (Z P9 2 o pa r G 3 "0 X 164 SENIORS Ma-Mo Patrick Lenihen McCarthy — Milan; wind surfing, hunting, hockey; talking boogie, Padre. Madtown. Warrior. State St.: college. John L. McCoy — Johnny: V hockey; Team Barley. Moon Shadow. Maz. Mawl Crawl; own Miller High Life. Robert D. McClelland. William Nelson McDavitt — Billiam: Capt V XC skiing. XC; Age. Glaybz, Braids, crank-fish; perm hair. Megan Quinn McGarry — Megs: Bsktball; Maz. Bunnies. HBC. OTw AT, 8sum. FF MP. Breezy Crew; marry KR. Stephen James McPherson — McBob: baseball, skiing. trying to pass; skiing w cuz. times w Bro; ski bum, maybe college. Mark Fraser McVccty — Jazz-head; V skiing. Als. PF Band; Blue moon w Schrods; write a book. David B. McWethy — Bristle; V skiing. CJSSA. Paleriders. Als Pals. BWCA. Bskt.Boys; marines w Sheldon. Marco Antonio Medina — Mark; travel Italy. own Lamborginl. marry Edina princess. Jill Renee Meinke — Rainy; V track, soph, cheering; Ml, Aitkin, vacations w Weiny, Robby; college. David Cassius Meitz — Meitzer; V football. V baskball. V track; BWCA-LRB; St. Thomas, walrus hunting in Alaska w Oly. David Robert Melaas — Sauce; Lee Ann Chin. ATC. Gregs cabin; Alphine Valley. 82 VW, Grateful Dead. Eric Campbell Meyer — Mies; V track. XC Capt.; lota Mojo. Als Pals; times w CIND. R.D.R.C.s: eternal happiness. Donna Ruth Miller — D. Hornettes Capt.; Braemarettes Capt.; Stud Co. Cayman Crew. Fab 5. Colonial church. Mankato man. no keys. Grand Rapids; college. Sally Jean Miller — Mallard; OASIS, T47; Summerfest 8587. Washburn. TRFCMW. best friends, scooped. Nasty. 18; Madison, family. Michael Edward Misewicz. Jennifer Marie Moe — Moester; V tennis capt. FCA. HCC; GS-Whitney. cockroaches. Miller men; college. Jeffrey Bryan Molinar — OC from LA; have fun: Lakers-world champs: home to Cal for college. Thomas Ransdell Moore — Duke; V football, baseball; Beny's, Chippewa Falls: Dreadloek Rockstar, college. Kimberly Ann Morgan — Kimmy; V Cheering capt. V Choir; Fruit sisters. DQw KZ hot fudge?; college in Mad. James Walter Moroz — Gl; Dullys BK SAGA. Mike loves SHOTGUN. I go bed: sue cess and happiness. Amy Morrlssette — Penelope; field hockey; times w KS.PC. PJP. BF in Calf..Beach bombfires. beach bums; success and fun. Robert Hollis Morris — Merc; V golf Capt., V hockey; Prom 87. Drexel Ave, Night Golf; college. Molly DeeAnn Mortensen — A HAPPY PARTY?. BT. Daytons. "Nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile ... 0 of M. SENIORS Ma-Mo Angela Marie Mrachek — choch-che; soccer, track. Oasis: Holiday. Prom. HC. SH, Special X's w Nick; college. NYC. Julie Lynn Mueller — Jules: Sheridan House. Schmidtty-Schmidtty. Larry Lovers: seek out new life-forms. Paul Otto Munster — Spunky: V Choir; JM; college and whatever else comes my way. Maia Karolina Namt-vedt — Hiya Maia. Kelly's. Cannon Falls; next Frank Lloyd Wright. Christopher John Nelms — Nelmsy; gymnastics: driving ferreri. Dec 4th; $, leave Edina. Braden Jeremy Nelson — BJ; V hockey. ABCJF, Team Death, JV Golf; BF w Gohde. Sandy sober?, FFF; play pro golf. Elise Ruth Nelson — Hornettes. C Choir, B-squad; Puerto Rico. Fab.5, "sonday nite”, bobsey 1; college, lunch w CGW. Mark Stephen Nelson — little markie; JV Soccer: work, Sunday f-ball; college. Paul Erik Nelson — Nelly: V skiing. Al’s Pals. C band; Laughing at Scamper. Oyde Tour. HC '87. CL, hausn w the gang; Soaking up the Son. Alicia Nemecek. Mike Blair Nesbitt — nez; youth group. TEC. Florida '87 '88. led head. California '86'88. 12 10 82. potato bug; college, success. Chi Thi Bich Nguyen — HC, cans drivers. Happen-in's. Mrs. Goetz, friends: college, business. Cxi Nguyen. Linh Thi Nguyen — Linne; art club; Homecoming. California. Vietnam, friends. "York", camping; college, marriage. Thu Trung Nguyen — two; soccer, music, times w friends; CO ski '86. HC '86. Oasis, better life in America, times w MB; college. Christopher S. Nicwoehner — knees: Cross Country. Track, IM Basketball. Latin Club; Soeul '88. state, harriers, browns, red fox leader. Jennifer Lorraine Nord — Jen; Oasis, Glo. crusin 941, summer '87, HRRP; college. John Patrick Nord — Iggy; Plays. SADD, LC gods: friends. IF club. RHPS. Sum.Fest; College. 7 wonders. Erica Anne Norman — Eri; youthgroup, TEC. Windigo; Lisa's "holy” cabin, summer '85. window w SCR w love a; To maintain a gentile spirit. Heidi Jo Novogratz — Heiders; Stud.Co.. Oasis; EBH, SF. Kinger. Berkegratz; College. Robert Thomas Nowak — Nowalk. Ca. 52 Ford: get a harley. Shannon Elizabeth O’Brien — Pinelope; F-ball at CE, work, grndmixer 1st, hayward. AH. DB; Famous, rich musician. Kathleen McGowan O'Rourke — Katie O; V Cheerleading. Hornettes. YL. PHH; 21 BB. Bunnies. Hepps van, HBC, rich famous. thaanks. Brent Cornell Obert — BO; Stage Band; beating on the dash hound, Eric's parties; College, entre-peneural ability. 166 SENIORS Mr-Op Clinton Brice Odell — Odey: sno Olympics-team bill; chippewa. bills resort, boating daze: College. Bradly John Olsen — babies: girlfriend Farrah. pool; 2 16 87. "happy" pockets. 4. Perkins. B F; Marry GF. Gregory Brckke Olsen — Oly; track, b-ball. XC skiing. Al’s Pals: BWCA. LRB. Padre. Hawaii; College. Nicholas Conrad Olsen — Oly; V F-ball. V B-ball; RC’s. summer "87; College. Anthony David Olson — Oegre: IM F-ball. YL. SB 87-88. BWCA. Frontier; Steven’s Point. Kimberly Anne Olson — Kerm: Peacemakers: Pugs. Bung 1.2,3,4; Cancun w Tork. Thomas Donald Olson — Hawk; IM F-ball, fishing, boot hockey: Poker. C-bury Downs. Twins World Series; G of M. Cynthia Marie Opp — Schmind; YL. Oasis. CC. Accents; Colorado. Times w Erik. Prom 87; college, happy life. The rank and file of the Senior Women swelled this year to well over two-hundred and fifty. These young ladies attractively attired themselves in green and white sweat shirts and challenged every and any group in the school to outdo them in anything. They were called SWIPE and they proved a difficult force to overcome. During homecoming week these senior women could be seen riding high on a semi through the streets of Edina cheering the loudest and definately walking away with the award for the largest float. Their enthusiasm continued on through the canned food drive. Phone-athons were held into the wee hours of the morning to raise money to help the needy. The ladies dug deep into their pockets to finally raise enough to bring in over 13,000 cans, a total that outdid their closest competitor. ABCJF. In the spirit of good, clean fun. SWIPE remained a gracious winner. During pepfests. SWIPE sat together to help promote school spirit and on the weekends. the ladies of SWIPE became good will ambassadors at various Edina parties. It is true that Senior Women Intensely Pursued Excitement and their presence definitely added excitement to the halls of E.H.S. Colleen Marnell (12) commented on SWIPE. "Being a senior woman made me feel more motivated to involve myself in the school's spirit." By Cari Erickson The women of SWIPE showed their pride at the Homecoming parade. SENIORS Od OpThey appeared out of nowhere and at times when one least expected them. They came as a group mysteriously cloaked in a shred of veils and secrecy. Who were these mystical giants — these promoters of fun. rowdy school spirit and even good will? Were they senior boys with a late case of acne or were they just men who did good deeds and insisted on going unrecognized for their good efforts? Perhaps this incognito entourage entitled ABCIF was a little of each plus a whole lot more. ABGF was an organization that had been a part of E.H.S. for fifteen years. Their creed remained a secret but the spirit that they generated was real. This year ABGF was seen during Homecoming week working madly on a float for the parade or devising a skit for the pepfest. The group played a vital role during the canned food drive, collecting a charitable 12,546 cans, which placed them a close second behind the Senior Women. They were also present during pep fests rousing the crowds and riling the faculty. They were not sanctioned for their boisterous antics, but they were here to stay and E.H.S. was a better place because of unique organization of "A Bunch Gf Fools." By Cari Erickson Brave beyond belief behind their clever disguises, these foolish members of ABCJF mocked the sophomores and the Senior Women at the Homecoming pepfest. Amy Patrice Catherine Orr. Caroline Elizabeth Ostrom — Images co-ed. Orchestra. Jabberwock: great times w BAS. CB. KP. NC; college somewhere. William John Otte-son — Bill; Chamber Singers. Marne: Knockin' w Alex. Ice Cream Man. LS of H w Dan, Japan; rock star or surgeon. Monica Lynne Otto — Monicow; Spanish Club. SB 88. awesome 3some. Faith. Pididle; college. Heaven. Olaf Otto — Lof. Otte; XC Skiing. Int i Club: It was a totally fun year at Edina High. Sheila Ann Overlin — broomball; U of M frats, Hopkins, the Hein Bros. HI '87. RL Kelly. SIP, Cruzen; (JND. travel. James Walter Owen — V Soccer; Key to the city. Mike's cabin. Rochester. Dome Run '86. Chad D. Paavola — Chadley; Zephyrus. Drama Club; Gantster's HC adventure. GT lemon. B-ball w Mark, Gant Greg; many more years of school, some serious fun. X 168 SENIORS Or Po FOOLISH CHARACTERSMWwMWWm HMCW Jennifer Ann Palccck — Jenniepee: Inti. Club. XC Skiing; yellow banana cab. Olten. Gumby; BMWTTM. Amy Louise Patrick — Amus Louisa: SR PF. Peacemakers: "Little Darlin." Times w JD. KOH. CD. MN. Quadna; Stout. Mark Edmund Paulson — Pauly: V track. IM bball f-ball; ACTS. CO. Alpine: walk w JC. Mel Gregory Peacock — Peaks: IM fball bball. B Y. Olympics, late night Fiesta; San Diego w Janet. Molly Elizabeth Peck — Pishes: SADD. Sa-feridcs. Band; Leto falcons. Fla. forever. 1 2 day; college in CO. Mark Jonathan Pederson — Pede: V Choir. CC. XC skiing; SAGAN. SAF. Epoch Pilot '87, Yacht Cluber; tlniv. of ND. Jill Ann Pedley — Jillian; sleep, work; Adventures: college, travel. Dave L. Peltier — Davey; Musical. GTCYS. kybd tech. CC: Marne. SMM. Su's, Pit Hankie; college. Melissa Kay Perry — Missy; bball. SWIPE; Prom '87, ABOBB. Tent Night '86. S-8'R; college, marry Lee. Peter D. Perry — Lip-monster; Hockey- 12 by 6: '88 Prom. Puerta Vuertta-meat sauce; college. $. Kara Lyn Persons — IDGE; Tork. SOTB. Mexican at Cullas, The Wabs. Cancun, Padre; TC(J, no kids! Michael A. Pesina — Whity; V Soccer hockey: Onions Cabin. M M connection. Mexico '88: college. DeeAnn Susan Peterson — Queen Green: Dancin' w the dead. DeeAnn Tom 4-ever, Green Peace. Sunshine Daydream. Glenn Karl Peterson — Glabes; XC skiing, Oasis; BWCA LRB. The Naked Man. ABUF; college. Katherine Anne Peterson — Katie; GTCYS. Discovery; Mame. Japan. Gypsy, college. Kristina Hellikki Peterson — Tina; CC running skiing, crew; ASP. Germany, summer '87, ski team; 0 of M. Christine Marie Pfeifer — Feif; V. Soccer: Dome '86. Bay Lake BP. SB '86. KL. KG 3 88: St. Thomas. Andrew Douglas Pfouts — Pfouty; bball. IM ball, lota MoJo. RC's; Sr. Babe '87, good X's w good friends: be happy. Kindra Hughes Pierson — Huey; F and S Hall. Legends, BGL w Nanc. Shortcake; big bucks. Eric Ronald Pilegaard — Pile; Road Trips. SJ. silver streak. Frey Felipe’; become an entrepreneur. (J of M. Andrew Jay Platt — Splat; The Band: HS in Israel, summer '87. Gumball Game. Andy. Jeff. Jo's House; pursuit of happiness. Ingrid Renee Podneiks — Ingo; V VB. capt.. Bball. S-ball; Missions. Chicago '87. s-ball cops, potato salad; Medical School-Mark Robert Pollman — Poll, psycho; IM FB BB SB. HRRP. MWBBT '87. HHFB. Church Gym; BY(J. Mike J. Porter — Potsy; track: MTKA. n'things. snort, lovie. truckin in the sun; college. • 169 SENIORS Or Po Jennifer Lynn Powell — Jeni; Gymn; Kari, Stef. JE. TP. CJB; marry an Aussie, college, Patrick James Powell — PJ. Peeej; wor kout, rockin on guitar: Mohawk, the Rock. Dave Cook: Marin. Cal. Monika Lynne Poxon — Moni; Mainstream, Riot: LNB. 5th hour. Lady Di; Dir. of Adolescent Med. Steve Thomas Prin — Prinner. Pringle: V Golf. Chamber Singers. Current Jam; Japan; piano man. life to the fullest. Deborah Elizabeth Prince — Princer; V Soccer capt. Track. PF; AB MC. Kel. Dome Run. HC '87; jeep. Evan Hollister Pryse — EV. Ivan; IM Ball. CPC, Dominoes. AL's; DC. Col. SPUDS. HRRP; bachelor. Christine Amy Quigley — Shorty. Quigs; Gypsy. NMN, Mame. Drama Club. CJ; HP's, summer '87. SLP's. Scott: see peace before I die. Erika J. Quist — SADD; EPHS. friends. EHS. thanx guys!. SWIPE; SW Texas State. Jennifer Anne Raddcr — Rads. Ratner: SD. 2IBB. Prom '87. Toga. Bunnies. S8er, HBC. Hepp's van: U of M. Scott Charles Radloff — telemaster 40 Midair. Super Stick. SE 5a. Milhoff Steel, Pete Jason Raether — Rae: V Basketball. V Baseball, V Football; 4wheelin’. cabin. Juanita. Beachmore; college, pros. John Walter Randall — Walter; V Football, V Basketball; Padre, the brary, so long suckers: college, somewhere. Rachel Leotta Rangaard — Rae. Foz; FCA; MEA, Ann. Mem. Day. Softball, treats. GR. AR. MC. JH. JH; College enjoy life! Suzanne Patricia Ratelle — Shazam: XC skiing capt. crew; State. Riverplace. KR. KP. SS; own shoe store. George Stephen Rea — REA; Wrestling. XC running. Track; 320 bench. Iron Man; male dancer. David La-Mont Ready — Redload; IM fb. YAK: Ventura. MITE CREW. Ron. Boys; hug Jerry, bus, band. Megan Marie Reardon — Reardo; CC, JVHCC; SSB. Rick, friends. Tent Nitc, SJU: college. Mercedes. David Jerome Redman — Remmen; St. Stephens. TEC; Ml. cabin fellas: where the winds don't blow so strange. Andrew Peter Reed — Apple-head; V Gymn capt. PF; Chicago. Big Dogs, SMB-T; college, west coast. Elizabeth Ann Reese — Bessie; V Soccer capt-state champs. V Track. Dome Run; Mouse. 3 Stooges. Amy's: work at Dominoes. Nalumon Michelle Regan — flfi. Moon, NaNo; BWCA. ASP. Latin Weeks; 6 14 86. quarters. Bean Kris. Moonlight Bowling; 2 kids. dog. good job, lots of $$. Peter Bryan Reichert — Pickle. Pedro; V Slalom Skiing. USSA, IM football, hausin w the change: flattop. Burn Crue. Spring Break. M Crue; college U of W-Madison. Trudie Ann Reid — Little Trudie; Hornettes. CC, Mainstream. Ho. Ho Hannette; Current Jam. Summer. "I never X's w KP. Bobsey Twin 2; college, marriage. Chad Reinhart. 170 SENIORS Po RiAWESOME ALTERNATIVES » ««««« ■ ■ ■ mujm mum ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■ Two groups began their trek for Edina Excellence last fall; organizations which sprung from the desire for fun, alcohol-free activities. The first to form was CHAMPP, or "Children Have Alternatives for Meeting Peer Pressure.” Members of CHAMPP, which was led by Mrs. Jane Donovan (fac), signed a pledge to be chemically free. These members formed a group that tutored and talked to elementary kids. The high school students told the children about life in high school and the many alternatives to chemicals that were available there. CHAMPP was the core group, and from this came another similar assemblage. This new group, possibly more realistic as a starting organization because it didn't require their members to take an alcohol-free pledge, was BASE. BASE, or "Bringing Alternatives to Students at Edina." centered on providing chemically free alternatives. BASE, led by Mrs. Pam Campbell (fac), held events at places like the Braemar Golf Dome, the Braemar Club House, and Edinborough. BASE members stressed that they were neither putting down nor advocating the use of alcohol, they were simply providing alternatives. Mike Curry (11) commented, "Instead of labeling students who drink, BASE is an organization that focuses on providing chemically free alternatives." By Stephanie Haddad CHAMPP members discuss future functions at a homeroom meeting. Aimee Victoria Reker — Bueatious: CJFMS. Guido. LK MTKA VB. Wharf 20. JC; Cl Puget Sound. Allison Marie Rex — Al. Rexy; Stud Co; McSummer Classics. BC12JHMCRR, Daytons. NAPF. Cabinet. Pyro; happiness. Jeff R. Reynolds — Juan; IM football: Hawaii. HC '87. Arby's. Coke syndrome. Aly-son Rich — AlySue; North Star. Zephyrus. Swim tm, NHS. Key Cb. Junior Brd; Europe. 1 2324 87. Spg Brk. WHAT?!. LH-KR, Che trips. Katherine Elizabeth Richards — Braidy Bo; V skiing capt; Breezy K ll. Tent Nite. ABOBB. WOP Patrol. Mazatlan. Vail; school in CO. Michael William Rickman — Mark; CC VP. Stage. GTCYS. Honors. EJMB. Dixieland; Florida. Project. POPS. Orchie Pit. Morris; college. Scott Carlton Rile — Dog. Dogy Poop, Groviness; Basketball; Padre. Randall's. Eastie Boys. HCC; college GS. Katherine Elaine Riley — Gumby. Buckets; V Bball capt. Windigo spts ed; Pto Val. 30. PJB. PIP. SM. SR. CJ of IL. FR-business. 171 SENIORS Po RiWilliam Sieves Ring — Willie: Alpine, boating days. Chippewa. X's w Juanita; college. Jason R. Ritchie: Stephanie Beth Roback — Taco: Hepps Van. DAR, The Quad. 21 BB. bunnies, sleepovers, Sher-Ber. Sticker-lady. CL tourney, toga; Bullfrogging w Har kin. Christopher Patrick Robertson — oral; V tennis. IM f-ball b-ball; plucking. CW. SW. RD. CW. KA. Boots. STGTF. Summer '87. Break '88; college, sleep. Carl Dallas Robinson — C; IM Everything; Pop Tarts-Harriers Clash of '87. Bap-ball; college. play for Cardinals. Stephanie Leigh Rock — The Rock Rock; swim., synch, swim.; TEC Kansas. Lunch time w DK. HB. SA; marriage-2005. Edgardo E. Rodriguez — Edguardo: IM b-ball. Musicals and Plays; StJSAN ELIZABETH CALDWELL I Love You!; college. Steven Thomas Roe — Skid: biking. XC skiing, running; State. LaCross trips. Jackson; CO. KC Saterbak (12) relaxes in the comfort of a warm and hypnotic bubble bath. Ahhhh, at 2:25, another day of tedium, tension, and tyranny had passed in the form of education. As the bell rang, slightly less than 2,000 students escaped from the confines of a nearly windowless building to the comfort of home. Once safely inside, sheltered from blasting winter winds, the average student did one or more of the following to relieve boredom or just relax. - Rent a movie - Talk to a friend - Watch T.V. - Eat (Domino's pizza or Oreo cookies) • Shop - Listen to music - Mountain bike - Go to Perkins - Turn into a couch potato - Sleep - Work out - Meditate - Read a novel - Make chocolate cookies ■ Attend a Youth Group function - Watch Sesame Street - Build a snowman ■ Drink caffeine ■ Take a bath - Pick one's nose - Play cards - Pick a fight with a sibling • Go tanning • Gaze into the mirror - Call Gab-line - Twiddle thumbs By Colleen Marnell 172 SENIORS Ri ScI ■ I Chris John Rogat — Upper; swimming, skiing, concerts, parties; Michigan; Fla or Cal. Vo-Tec. Derek Nicholas Rogers — Rog: Ski Team, (JSSA, Curvy; Pale Riders, Isle Royale, CIT, ARV. Apple Ernie's car; swim to Cuba. Matthew M. Rose — Splat; Math Team CoOpt, ICC; Fridays. Orlando. "Fiend": wealth, Lamborghini. Jonathan Marc Rosenberg — Rosie; IM football; CO, poker. Schlicter. Madtown, Karen; Madison, beach. Sarah Kathryn Rosenbloom — Rosen. Rah; Kelly, everyone. Bowie. BS, Uptown, clouds; freedom in London. Ann Elizabeth Roskam — Skammer, Skummy; Hepps van. Bunnies. 2IBB. 4R's, YWP. Tuggs. BFMC. Maz; rich HPHP; Sharon Lynn Rothe — TGT. Roth; V Swimming, PF. Cabinet; WHOP. Vic's. Pyro, NAPF, Rado. Padre. Buds; Mrs. success. Jeffrey Richard Rummler — Rums; Barley; Colby's. Twins, RMH, Spring Break; college. Lisa Marie Russell — Windigo bus ed, youth group: BWCA, Winter Camp. MK. NB. CW; college, live in Africa. Heathyr R. Ryan — Heathy. Nella. Rye; ski chap, sessions; SAVAGE MAN!. Fellas, "x ". too much. Prom '87; unknown. Katherine Jean Rydell — Kate; Gross. U2. DrM. LPD. STF. SS, Doabilily, Toup. permless; become rich. Brett Anne Saarela — XC skiing. Images. soccer. BEE7 men. 31, eggrolls $ Emerson; enlightenment. Melissa Pam Sackman — Sack; Hornettes. PHH, 7slammers, Amy's: CV VJ; Maz. Hearle; aerobics. Astrid Elise Saether — Auzzie; CB. Campus Life; traveling. John B. I am. TEC. friends; UofM. Kelly Sue Salita — Chiquita; Zephyrus. Princer. DrM; Israel. Goo Mcryl, Toup: jeep. Joanna Elizabeth Sandbo — 36-24-36; Lenner-n-Les. Hi League, walking in the light; summer love in spring, fall. winter. Jeffrey P. Sanderson. Rosaura Sandoval — Rosie; ABC. V Choir. Marne. WY CHAMPS: X's in ABC. the awesome 3some. Sandra; UC Berkeley. Deirdre Lee Santos — Dede; Peacemakers; Chicago. Shelly: I'll never forget; Hawaii LOA. Here I Come! Valerie Ruth Sarvcr — Sarvs. Flat: piano, parties. TEC. SD RR; JV. Beasties, Parents?. Is there a problem occifer?; Cal. surfing, apartment w Kim. Kristen Carol Saterbak — KC. (jone$), Satcr; V Cheerleading capt; TEC, MT. BWCA(W). Sanibel. NYT. Weasle Wook. Wook, SH '87. steeple. Wait!, treats; live forever. Donna Marie Schaefer — Schaes-ter; Oasis, Acts. JV tennnis: Summerfest. HC '87. CO. Pyro. 17. scooped. Joey. 553; college. Susan Arlaud Schaeffler — Schmoozen. Susne; MG. Ohio. KS. JP. KE. CB. DC. TOP; V fh. Mame; Ohio bound. Jolenc Kathy Schenck — Jo: W-W w CD. movies; late nite swmg. passout. KC. marry an EP or Blmtn man. SENIORS Ri-ScWWMWHHHWHHW Erin Andrew Schcttlcr — Skippy; IM Football, Youth Gr. Blmgtn.; Boogie Boogie. French Class corner; college. Suzanne Marie Schlafge — Spaz; Images. C Band; SPAM. Fla., Cayman Crew '88. Pops runs; college. Europe. Daniel David Schmelz — Flippy. Spic; Team Bill; Boating daze. Chipewah flowage. Alpine; sleep. Teri Anne Schmitz — Terrance; Whop '87. "E.I.B.I.G.H!", ACTS. B.C., Karen; Love, marriage, lots of babies! Charles H. Schneider — Chuck; Chippewa '86-'87. Alpine. Ben's cabin. ACTS. Quadna; college. Gretchen Lea Schneider — Shanks; SWIPE; SH '87. Marco. HC '85. KG w Shanks Devs: KG. marry M.O. Julie Ann Schoffman — Jules; XC skiing; New Years 87. JSH, K R. Sanibel. HC '85-'87; college. Mark David Schroedcr — Roder; V.Football; times w Muffy Hildy. the falls. Orange V.; college. Kristen Leigh Schultz — Schultzie; Park Rapids, cabin, Madtown. Bean. S F, those 2!; Madison. Jessica Lyn Schwartzbaucr — Syb; CC. Chambers. Mame etc; ALPINE, Sybils. buddies. Ren, Japan; performing w happiness. LOVE. David Lawrence Scuddcr — Scudds, Scum; XC skiing. Chambers; SAGAN. CEMENT CLUB; the world is my oyster. Alicia Catherine Scarlc — Flo. Gumby: summer. TEC, CO. BC. WHOP. Padre. CQ; CCCP! Elizabeth Anne Seifert — Tish. Bethan II; Windigo; Toast to Melba. ENC. Lib w Ted. to ESCape; Patron of the Arts. Stacy Jean Sevcland — TCJ; swimming. WHOP. Prom-DS. Vic's, Turk 182, Padre. July 4th; college. Tracy Joan Seveland — Twace; Swimming; Turk 182. WHOP. Hoggies. HC. SH. Prom. Mike, caves; college. Jody London Shanedling — Jodels; Track. ABOB; Sanibel. Maz. SF Bay, 21BB; live In Australia! Richard C. Shannon — Dickey; CC. IM Bball, golf; Phil. Castaway. NY; what John Bush does. Eric Stewart Sheldon — Shelby; Hockey; Paleriders, Mccweths. scooger, BW. friends, Arv Jason: hall moniter. Bronwyn Elizabeth Shepherd — Bunky. George; Francis. GLG, Valentines, ff3, BTtalk, Rachel; New Zealand. William John Sherman — CHIGGLES; ABGF. YL; Prom-CD; BBE. Toga. CO. Rumm's. Maz; lots of money. Sean Adam Shiff — Pita; JV Golf; Lake Tahoe. Canada Border Patrol. Onion's; G of M. Mary Susan Shulze — Mare; Stud Co. V Slalom Skiing. V Golf, YL. Oasis. Campaigners. S-CORE: HCC. Windy Gap. IOTA. CO. Castaways. NY. Frontier. FLICC; Dual Income No Kids. Jackalyn Marie Shyman — Jackie. Jack. Smack; C Choir. Buddies. Hi-League; COP. WS chicks, Clem, Mort 8 31. S Fest. NO. Chicago; College. Erik John Sigvcrtscn — Siggy; getting pie; TA. Aquanauts. CB. jet skiing. T-typc. college. SENIORS Sc-SmMark Henry Silver — Biff; 12X12 curling crew. Golf; Canada '87. Mexico '88. Onion's Cabin; UofM. Wealth. Deborah Kim Silver-man — Deb; IM f ball; ABBOB. Lost Weekend. Rolling the Car. the "U." contest w DC. SJ JB; marry rich. Alex Theodore Sirko — Big Al; 12X12 curling crew; Canada'87. Onion's cabin, Madison '87; enjoying life. Julie I. Sklar — Jules; HVK Evangelist. Midnight Wading, cows. Kal. Aspen '87; college. Jodelle Jane Slade — Jody; C Band. Tour '87 '88. BWCA '87. HC '87 Kings Court. FLA-GETTES! SPRINGBREAK; college. Have Fun. Rebecca L. Sladek Michael John Slaughter — Slaught booge. Eugene; Al's, BWCA. Big John's Cabin w Big Red. Padre '88. Grandma's. Hunt '86'87. Impala; college G.S. Jonathan Mark Pibel Smith — Jon; Intl. French Clubs. "Nick" '87; BWCA. Taylor's Falls. Halloween Bash '87; college, travel. Palmer. Palmer with sweet Michael Jack-son. Palmer with Ronald Reagan. Palmer with Spuds Mackenzie in Honalulu. Hawaii. Palmer with ... who’s next? What was Palmer? Or, maybe one should ask. "Who • was Palmer?” Sure, there was Arnold Palm- . er, the famous golfer. And there was Palmer Springs, Florida. But which Palmer was floating around Edina all last year, or. for that matter, for the past few decades? Upon careful examination of pictures taken with Palmer, the true Palmer came to light. A book. An A.P. European history book, as a matter of fact. Why was Palmer such a prominent figure, and why did Mr. Michael Herzig (fac) enjoy obtaining pictures of Palmer at various foreign locations and with diverse people? Ann Emmer (12) explained that, "Mr. Herzig must feel sorry for Palmer because nobody reads it. so he tells students to get pictures of Palmer at different places." Palmer was a heavy, semi-annoying and quite unexciting book which A.P. European history students were required to read and lug around. Hopefully. Palmer would be taken to strange places and would associate with famous figures so that it could be correctly noted that Palmer had experienced much more than the students who were required to absorb its vast array of historical facts. By G.I.P. Funnie These Chamber Singers, all of whom are Edina seniors. are honored to pose with Palmer, and Buddha, during their trip to Japan. 175 SENIORS Sc Sm■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■ Windigo, Zephyrus, and Images were the recognized and administratively accepted literary works at Edina High School, but if one was interested in finding out the half-truths, rumors, and gossip spread around the halls, Special X-press was the place to look. Special X-press was a bimonthly newsletter written by seniors, about seniors, for seniors, and selectively distributed only to seniors. This highly informative publication crudely, and sometimes rather cruelly updated them on current happenings both in and out of school. As Vince "the Prince” Hau (12) put it, "I love to read the stuff when they bury people in Special-X, but I especially like it when they talk about me." The group of spirited young men who took it upon themselves to write the paper felt it was their duty to carry on this underground tradition, and they enjoyed themselves immensely while researching their topics. However, some felt the senior paper quality was not quite up to that of years past. According to Cathy Diercks (12). "It's not funny anymore, in fact the things they write are rather sick and perverted." Others felt the content of the paper was humorous and entertaining because it revealed intrigueing details about Edina social life. All in all. Special-X provided a refreshing diversion from homeroom and Cari Erickson's morning announcement show. by Aileen Furlong Who are these men of Special-X? Micheal Alan Smith — Smitty; IM football, hockey: Schlickters, Spring '87. Canterbury Downs; College. Stephen Addison Smith II — Smitty. Buthead; IM ball. C. Band. Stage Band: KB's. Z's house. Tonka; college. James Dcsales Snook — Snooker: C.B.. Hoops 8588. P.F.; S.H., Prom '87. Tonka; M.M.C.. college. Heidi Beth Snyder — Snides; CC. TIPty. Youth Group; Hawaii '87. Homecoming '87, Harriet; Find prince charming. Mary Catherine Giffored Snyder — MC; props for Musicals '85. '86. Latin Club; Oasis, ASP '86; college. Samuel Clayton Somers — SAMMY!; V Football. V Track, Youth Group Pres.. IM basketball; BWCA '87. Padre '87, '88!. HauLongSomers. ELIZABETH; Dartmouth. Caroline Seasongood Soodek. Jennifer Lynn Sorem — Sodyrim; V skiing; Lost Weekend. Breezy Crew-WOP patrol. ABOBB: college. K 176 SENIORS Sm-TayssssssssssM Jennifer Lee Sorrell — Jen; Cal '86. Az '87. Mex '88. R.B; marry a hippie. Matthew Eric Spillum — Matt; Images Ed.. Writer's Group; Layout. JethroTull '87, Cat Stevens. Erik Tyson Stang — Stanger; V golf, b-ball, S.O.M.; '87 State Champs. Myrtle Beach '87; college. Kelly Michelle Stangel — Kel. Stang; tennis; good times w A.M., P.C.. A.E.. summer '84. '87. OASIS. My flop-out; college. Robin Whitney Steinbach — Bobbin, Bird; MG's Delight. DB Mark at CF. Arlo hugs RBR. Peace, love fuzzie bunnies. Troy Anthony Stcndc — Smurf; V gymnastics; juggling, poo-cu; surf bum. Jennifer Marie Stevens — Stevie; V tennis. Chambers; HC 87. KALL, I never, the Hunt. Lady Stardust; balance. Paul T. Stewart — Stewy; Hockey. IM ball (yak); BUBS CABIN. The Regulars, walking with Jesus; Youth Minister. Catherine Elizabeth Stoltz — Katie. Cuddles; dancing; Dallas '87. Dec. 3. Jandstone '87, B-day '87. Financially Stable, the rings: Be a pilot. Richard Dudley Stone — Rick, B.B.; Flippin' the minnow; Team Curvey. S.P.EHS. Rog, J.S., J.A.; Move to Australia. Warren Chester Stow — Quorky; IM f-ball. Boothockey; Schlickler, ouzo park, gambling; college. Todd Striker. Jodi Lynn Stromberg — Maiden Concert. 7-4-87. Stepping into the Twilight Zone. Noko-mis. SanDiego, CA. Jack Bernie Strommen — Hung; Debate, Curvey. Crue; Swallowing, sirens, flashing lights, chicks. S.P.E.H.S., RATT; Move to Cuba. Nicole Ann Sturgeon — Sturge; tennis: cruising in the white wonder. the house, the dorm; college, marry T. Andrew John Sullivan — Dully; B.K. Saga: Lake Harriet. MGM. Halloween '87; Drake. Wendy H. Sundseth — Wendith; T.E.C.. J. Donovan. Seasons in the sun; Guitar. Art school. Mark William Sutton — Markus: C. Band Pres.. Stage Band, C. Choir. GTCYS: Pops. Fla '86, Band Scam. Peter Charles Swanson — IM f ball, C.B.; H.C. '87 K.C.. Grev's 5 hr.. Stalker Surfin'. Dead Tomato; College. Robert Marten Sweet — Sweetness: Club V swimming: Any Amount Gang. Big Dogs. SPAZZIN; college med. school. . Johan Douwc Swildcns — Hansi; Diving, Track; S.D.B.P. w Roter, "Tropical Blender Week," P.O.B.J.; move to coast. Eric Ronald Tadscn — Toastmaster: Zephyrus; Deutschland. BWCA, Runs. Z; fly fast planes. Dina Katherine Tarr — Dino: C.C., XC skiing, softball; TM, softball '87. K.Z. J.L.; college. John Frederick Taylor — Fritz; Gymnastics; TECS, NITE hockey. Summer '87. New Years, spring break '88; college. 177 SENIORS Sm-TaI ■■■■■■■■■■■■■a MMwwm Scott K. Taylor. Karin Lynn Tcssman — Tessy: COP. Leeann's, Skiing; CO '87, white limo. TSCABD. Prom '87. Licorice. Lutsen, Bill's Summer Festival; live in Australia w Richard Luzaich. Erik David Tetzloff — Tetzy; Baseball. Mainstream, Target; Texas. World Series; College. Yvonne Nicole The-venin — Von; German Club, S.A.D.D. Int. Club: times w Netty. Spring Break '87, M.S.: hiking camping in Europe, college. James William Thomas — Jim; Writer's Group. Peacemakers. D.C. w Comp. Club; College. Tiffany AnneMaric Ticchc — Tiffer; Art. Drama Club; Joey Tempest I love you. Stryper. bless you all; Ca. Ann Marie Toe pel — Toeps; V. Cheerleading '86 88 and Capt. '88; DRW m.c., Maz '88. Hepps Van. Toga. H.C '87. THAANKS! Shawna Kathleen Tolan — Shawnawanabee; ABOBB. MEA '86. Latin Week. B.C.. Spring '88; college. Heidi Ann Torgcrson — Torgy; V.P. Art Club; Toast to Melba. Mexico '87. '88. Flashlight Women, Twiner. Homecoming '87; Fashion school in Europe. Rochelle R. Tor-gerson — Shelly; skating; Dead Dylan. Friends. CPG. Puritans; Snoopy in the Sky w Diamonds. Kict Anh Tran — Kitter; fishing'. tennis; Neanderthal man Ebbert at Shelard, Yukage at BK; more fish ing’, (J of M. Tong Trinh. Loc Vinh Truong — Pishing, soccor; Loc. college, architecture and English. Thanh Vinh Truong — Dong: f-ball, soccor; King of Rock, good times w friends: college In Minn. Bridget Ann Underwood — Figure Skating. Bettes, CC; Cayman '88. p.y.m., Co. '87. X's w Krista Heidi; college. David Alan Unitan — Uni; IM ball. Yak Attack; Lone Lake, work at DHS. "YO JOE!." Dok-ken. go to Alaska. Michael E. Unitan — Uni; IM ball. Yak Attack. Prop 48: The Cabins. Hawaii. S.S.D.: college. Betsy Louise Usem — Weeder. Rasta; CC, aerobics: Key West. Rappin' on WLOL. THE FIRM; College in Hawaii. Elizabeth Ann Utter — Betsy: Capt V track S Skiing: the Cape. bsmt. wind., ory-in-toy w wb; college Susan Michelle Vagnoni — Vags; V soccer. HC Court; SF Bay. Bunnys, 21 B.B . TOGA. S-8er. the fort; THAANKS! Victoria Lynn VanDusen — Torky: V Choir. SWIPE. G-mas. WHOP, rado '87. Padre '87. JenHoulty; ASU. Jennifer Louise VanLeer — VanLeer: Co-Capt. Hornettes; DMR, tropical fish. SPAM. Cayman Crew '88; to be a Badger. Stephen Sean VanNatta — V, Steve; V Football B ball. 4 4 hockey: "Lil' Clauds.” HC '87. graduate. Jonell Beth Vant'Land — Jo; Latin Club. VSC; Peter. Fla. '86. Erin's bar. TX; college. 178 SENIORS Ta-ViWwwWWWC !v!v Every group at Edina, including sports teams, clubs, religious groups, organizations. and even "a bunch of friends” experienced the thrill of going out to breakfast before school every once in a while. Almost everybody did. and it wasn't a bad habit or an illegal wrongdoing — it was just fun. The Pantry and Perkins were the hot spots, with Pannekoeken House and possibly even Burger King, pulling up the rear. The reasons for going to breakfast, which often meant waking up somewhere in the mid-five o’clocks (this is crazy!?!), ranged from chatting and having a good time to holding a bible study, or even discussing team strategies. Often times, breakfasts were held to promote team or group unity, or they provided a casual, social setting for people who only normally got together for a school-related purpose. For many, partaking in breakfast before school was a good start for the day, and for others it meant having to be tired throughout the day. Cindy Opp (12) stated. ”1 like going out to breakfast in the morning once in a while because it kind of wakes you up before you go to school, and also it's a chance to take time out of your busy schedule and talk with friends.” Whatever the reason, whoever the advocates, breakfast-going was frequent in many peoples' agendas. By Stephanie Haddad "The Breakfast Club", as they affectionately called themselves, raided Perkins every Friday. Greg Dale VanderTop — Vandy. Topper; the lake. KGJ. PRS, TVG, boating; college. Cullen G. Vaughn — Vaughner; ABCJF. HCC, soccer. IM f-ball; July 4 '87. Toga. Siesta Bay. Thanks Burke; college. Kim Veary — Math Team. Int'l Club, badmitton. High School upward bound; college. Sara Catherine Velner — Vels; track. Oasis; LBT run w DEVO. HC '87. Maz '88. Bunnies. BB 21. 8sum; Thaanks! Scott John Vickman — Vick; V hockey. V B-ball; vs. Tonka '87. State Tourney '87; college. $$$. Jessica A. Viljaste — Jessie; Williams. 1st Ave; Derick. 3 witches tower. Sandy: NY City. Bernard Samson Vittali — Ben; Mame. piano; Dec. 3. Dallas. Sun. at Bredsen. 3 7. the cabin; become a doctor. Julie Katherine Vitullo — Jules; J.H.. Buddy-Buddy. Papa Jo, Sheridan House. Le Car; happiness. 179 SENIORS Ta Viwo wow: Cheryl Ann Voss — Audiva: CC, CS. Russian Club; 13 ft.bottle. Sheriff Womper. ASP. Ren Fest, Philly. Japan: avacado decadence. Amy Elizabeth Walker — Amos; Mainstream; Pididk, Mike's. Faith, Awsome 3some. SB; college, architect. Kristine Marie Wangcn — Kris; Span; HC'87. College. David D. Ward — Wardo; St. Stephens. Leadership team. TEC; Kansas. Fball, Skiing. Steamboat. Atlanta. HRRP. Aliens; College. live overseas. Christine Marie Warner — Christy; CB. VB. JV Soccer. Hi-League. COP; Chicago. Orleans. Pops; Happiness. Jonathan Harold Warinick — Warty; Zephrus. Cooper; Steve. Sleepers Awake. KW. Stephanie Ann Weber — Wefanie Steber; JV V Cheerleading capt, Buddies; Maui w AG. HC. SH. Prom. COP. Hi-League. GT. MT. Gant Edward Wegner — Wags. Gantman; Zephrus-. Europe. BWCA. all-nighter, I.D.'s. Doorstep, the loop; College. 911. Christopher George Weigle — Wiggle: V. football track; Paco. Mrs. Stoney's wardrobe; College. William Guy Weigold — Guy. "Jabberwock". FI. '86; Taylors Falls, "Oh you're so busted”, 4th hour skip; College. Diana Lynn Weiland — Flush: Marne-, Coby. Bones. Dinos. Mrs. Mons Mr. P; College, med school. Lesley Anne Weinberg — Weiny, JV V soccer; Trips w rainy, Hepp's van. Sticker lady: Madison. Susan Kathleen Weir — Suze-Q. wierdo; Voices from High School, concert choir. Spanish club. Jabberwock, TEC; Julie Betts-“BEANS!"; College, happy. Mark Weisz. Kathryn Louise Welch — Katie. Welcher; PF. Cabinet. Best of times w best of friends, getting into way to much trouble; Col '86; C.C.C.P! Brian Curtis Wells — Writers Group. Concert band. FPS; TQOSWEBB, ; GW Madison. Hollywood. David James Wendt — Baby David, Super Dave; CB. VB. Jazz Ensemble; Chicago '86. PB; St. Olaf. Carla Groves Westerberg — P F. Pops '86.'87.'88; Chicago '86 87. last of Bob's band; College, marriage. Jennifer McRoe Whitman — Jen; Choir; Samo Stevo. Cabin. La Banza. Madcity Mill; Waldorf. John Kenneth Wickiser — Wickman. Wick; Edina Rod and Reel Club; Varsity Swim Team. Donna Lynne Wilbur — Wllbs; capt. V. swimming '86.'87; "Whop til u drop”, Summer '86. TEC. I never. Gumball Game. Vies cabin; College, marry rich. Nancy Marie Wil-ham — Fuzz; Oasis; Colorado'86,'87; College. Andrew Alan Willett — Willie; V. Football. Robyn's refrigerator; Robyn; College. Mankato. Patrick Andrew Willette — Pud; V.Gymnastics; M.I.G.. Cabin. Parties. Mr. H. A.S.G; Physical Therapist. 180 SENIORS Vo-WoWWG ■ ■ ruj mm Suzanne Rachel Williamson — Zanne. V JV Tennis '84-'87, YL. Wmdigo; Tech Trek. NY. CO. Mez.. other half, slap w Steph; College. Christopher K. Wilson — Chris: CB, Auto Enth.; Wht. Saab turbos, rusty z’s. Byerly’s. Borton limos. Thomas Mair Wilson — Skiing, hunting, sailing; M's driving. Embassy; College, cash. Philip Bickerton Winston — Bick; jammin"; Natural disorders, carlos y Charlies ; MW. "to ramble". Oyvind Winstrom — Oyv; Smone Nessie. Nankin; Spring Break '88. college: room w Phil. Gunilla Elisabeth Wissenberg — Gunl; International club: C.W. post Long Island w AFS, Hunted woods; school in Denmark. Emily Catherine Wittkopp — EM; Cid journeys. Mushhroom tape. Black Magic. Kevin-Dale William Wodrich — Woody;working at Penneys; Mound Parties. Scenic overlook parties; Normandale. Jamaica, Ixtapa, the Caribbean, perhaps these were af ours as we anticipated the big thaw in April. But how many of us started making plans in early October, and never followed them through? The hottest spots to travel to were still the traditional spots. These included Mazatlan and Sanibel. Virtually anywhere in Florida was considered a "primo vacation spot.” Mazatlan seemed to be the most economical place to go considering the dollar exchange rate of Mexico. The latest most popular sun stricken lands to have been in were Jamaica. Virgin Islands. and the Bahamas. Of course, only the most prestigious, wealthiest chap would even think of taking a cruise to a remote island far, far away, right? Wrong, you too could have enjoyed a seven night, six day journey throughout the tropical isles of St. Thomas for only $699.95 per passenger. Jessica Viljaste (12). claimed she'd be taking a long spring break in Mazatlan,” It's a great place to go because there is so much night life yet in Mexico everything is so cheap.ln the end of all our tries and tribulations to find a destiny for Spring Break 88' we realized it's not the place you're at that can make or break it (excuse the pun), it's the wonderful experiences we shared. By Colleen Marnell Thinking of her senior spring break plans. Val Sarver (12) sips a refreshing drink and tries to gain a base tan from the mid-November Minnesota sun. SENIORS Vo-Wo:-:vXvX-:mx-:-Kv Ann Howl Wohlrabe — Howl; Swimming-State '87; summer ’86, Vicki's cabin '87. WHOP. JenTorTi. TURK 182; college. I ll get by w a little help from my friends John C. Workinger — Writer's Squash. Int'l Club. Fencing. Anarchy. FPS. Peacemakers; ? Matthew L. Workman — Matt; Kenny's, skiing; GT w T. P, B. M. Lake Harriet w Tami. Colorado ’85-'87. Prom '87. SH '87; college life w Tami Dustin Wright. Chris Young. Scott Christian Young — C Band. C Choir. Images, running; Applachia '84. CPC. Florida '86; college, live each day to the fullest. Jonathan Brett Yuhas — U HOUSE; Running Marathons. Skiing Instruc tor. Oasis. Normandale; Bahamas '87, crazin' w my pals. Wayzata; college, live on a tropical island. Todd David Zieper — ZEEPS; Skiing. Oasis. Als Pals. GLO Staff; REM. U2. azone. Col 86 '87 w PF. CJ '87-'88. Flat-Top; College, marry Mrs. Wilder work some deals. Mike Kostick (12) speaks to Robertson supporters over the phone in addition to sending flyers. Who said Edina students were simply a group of uninformed, uninterested citizens who strove for materialistic pleasures without regard for important world events? Mr. John Benson's AP Comparative Government seniors showed that because they would soon be eighteen and voting for our country’s leaders, they took special interest in political events facing the United States. In the classroom, debates between liberals and conservatives became heated. “I really like our discussions," said Michelle Cheng (12). "because people come up with interesting points." Perhaps students showed their most controversial sides in their choice of which presidential political campaign to do volunteer work for. a mandatory part of the classroom agenda. Julie Carlson (12) worked on the Democratic campaign for Michael Duka kis. saying. "I feel like I'm becoming an important part of the political process." Mike Kostick (12) supported Pat Robertson as the Republican candidate, and helped send out flyers. "You can't know what politics is like until you get involved in this — a lot of people working towards a common goal." Susie Vagnoni (12) commented. "It's important to be aware of what's going on politically." Reassuringly enough, even students soaked with the privileges of the glass dome suburbia of Edina were alive and interested in the political process, looking towards the U.S. 1988 presidential election. By Cindy Burr V SENIORS Wo-Zi POLITICAL ACTION Keri Jeane Zimmerman — Zimms. Hor-ncttes. Vo Vo Marinette; Florida '86. Winnipeg ‘87, HI; CO. $. Christopher Piper Zinn — Zinner; CB. V Golf. IM Ball Frito Lay; HC '87. C Detour. Prom '87. T AK. Braemar; college. Peter John Zwakman — Zwak; V Hockey. V. Fball; Flipper Furries. Bone heads. Padre; college, sanitorial engineer. Robert John Zweber — Zwcb; V Hockey SM 1 fan, Bball; Oasis; college in addition to sending flyers. not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not Steve Alexander Dan Azar Lynn Beecher Scott Bennett Daniel Berg Cathrine Bergmann-Lowe Henri Buckney Anna Douglas Malcolm Eaton Janet Erickson Eric Haider Michelle Heikens Tori Hollaway Amy Hreha William Hunchis Eric Johnson Merja Juujarvi Timothy Kerans John Kienzle Sharon Lipps Rol Meiller Erik Miller Christina Muller Connie Ogren Reid Paulfranz Matthew Petruska Stacey Rice Jamie Rose Kristian Schmidt Michael Skrukrud Tom Soucek Robert Spierings Jennifer Stauffer David Steen Annette Winkler K SENIORS Wo-Zwfriends Heidi Novogratz celebrates her Tony Olson. Chip Velek and Pat birthday with her buddies out on Burke reluctantly agree to show Lake Minnetonka. off their masculine physiques. Jolie Hilgren and Allison Rex get squeaky clean in a relaxing bubble bath. Gant Wagner. Mark Dahl and John McKay contemplate pushing the photographer off the dock. 184 FRIENDS-A Dean Enrico kiddingly manhandles Kerrwin Dempsey at a retreat in Eveleth. MN. Friends A shoulder to cry on. An ear to bend. Money to borrow. Clothes to lend, Friday night movies. Afternoon walks. Being together Our "private" talks Mending our hearts Crying those tears Planning our futures. Voicing our fears Our memories together. May they never end. Always together Forever friends!! — Anonymous Liz Adams. Jenny Stevens. Karen Cardwell, Chrisy Barnett and Kirsten Forrester practice their J.C. Penney poses. Layout by Aileen Furlong FRIENDS 185BALANCING ACT Even as juniors faced the rigor of an increased academic challenge, they sought to find time for other extra-curricular activities, sports, part-time jobs, and themselves. Most soon found it was no easy feat. Courses like chemistry, American history, algebra, and American litera- ture, not to mention their accelerated counterparts, all had heavy homework requirements that were enough to drive any junior crazy, or at least keep them up later than David Letterman would. After school time was in high demand. Those juniors involved in activities could count on staying at school past 2:25 at least one day a week. Part-time jobs employed those who could find the time to work. As with extra-curricular activities, many juniors sought work experience simply because it would look good on a college application. However, rather than an unwillingness to be involved. the typicial junior’s primary complaint was not having enough hours in a day. By Kathryn Keller Junior Keith Hedlund realizes what his counselor meant by a "heavy work load." 186 JUNIOR FEATUREPeter Kafka (11) wonders how he will finish his history, literature. math, chemistry, and still get his Zephyrus in on time. Junior Callie Kalogerson. in a flurry of pencil, papers, and books, tries to conquer her homework in one fell swoop. TESTING, TESTING. . . One of the things that got juniors’ minds into college planning was the many preparatory and college required tests administered throughout the year. The PSAT’s. or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Tests, served to give students an idea of how they might score on the SAT’s. show how they compared to other students on a national and state level, and also served as the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarships. The GATBY was an option for those who chose not to take the PSAT, or whose post-high school plans were vocationally oriented. The U.S. Armed Forces required the AS-VAB for those enlisting in the military. Although many of the batteries were general ap titude tests, or concentrated on verbal and mathematical abilities, the Advanced Placement and Achievement Tests focused on specific sub ject areas for either college credit, advanced standing, or exemption from required freshman courses. While many ju niors adopted a casual attitude and simply took the tests as they came, zero-hour preparatory classes and study-aid pamphlets and books were a popular option for those dedicated to last-minute learning and review. By Kathryn Keller Just one of the many study books available for anxious test-takers. JUNIOR FEATURE 187MIDDLE OF THE ROAD When asked to write down exciting and unusual things about juniors, it was only possible to come up with one: they were not sophomores. Let's face it, the junior year was the middle of the road and mediocre at that. From the senior point of view, juniors were not as much fun as the sophomores to ridicule. and in a sophomore's eyes the juniors were not as venerable as the almighty seniors. Every junior knew an annoying relative who asked if they were a senior yet, and every junior replied, "No. I'm just a home work-cranking, stressed junior." It was a fact of life that every person has gone through the boredom of their junior year. But rest assured it was only one year. The future promised a chance to reign as superior seniors. By Scott Jaeger Studying comprised a large The middle of the road is a percentage of the average ju- tricky place to be as Tonia Junior's time. lius (11) proves. Lora Aadalen Ali Abrams Kevin Abramson Julie Abt Margaret Adams Aimee Ahl Bob Amaden Jennie Andrews Edith Annen Kari Aune Jennifer Bach John Bailey Mark Baker Amy Bannie Corey Barke Matt Barrett Jeff Bartleson Judy Bartolett 188 JUNIORS Aa-CrI J Anne Beadahl Amy Beck Jamie Beiswanger Jon Benham Caroline Bennett Christina Benson Marta Benson Lisa Berc Heather Bergren Robert Berry Matt Bertram Anya Bilgutay Leslie Billings Mark Bjerke Holly Blum Stacey Boettcher Matt Bofenkamp Joanne Bongaarts Chayanne Bouchard Angie Braccini Harry Brar Lisa Brinkman Matt Bromer Steve Brothers Andrea Brown Jamie Brown Jon Bunce Keith Burdick Sally Burnett Teri Burnett Aaron Byhre Kimberly Cahill Fran Calabrese Kevin Campbell Scott Campbell Jill Cardie Julie Carl Bridget Carlin Maggie Carlson Paige Carlson Jamie Carsello Jon Chance Greg Chapman Chris Chayer Peter Cheney Scott Christensen Edie Christian Kimberly Christian Eric Christiansen Chris Clingerman Jake Coleman Holly Colwell Amy Ccrrigan Matt Cronin JUNIORS Aa-Cr 189Geoffrey Crumrine Katie Cunningham Mike Curry Keith Curtain Christopher Dahl Annika Dale Matthew Dalton Ciaran Daly Sarah Danford Matt Danielson Thor Davidson Christine Docherty Daniel Dolson Richard Dong Erin Donnelly David Dragseth Christopher Duff Bridget Duffy Darrin Dufresne Derrick Dyka Brett Ebert Amy Eiselein Erika Ellis Audie Emond Jackie Erickson Jill Erickson Peter Erickson Leslie Esau Kai Esbensen G.J. Evenson Kevin Fallon Paul Falstad Jeffrey Farmer Shelly Finney Elizabeth Fiola Jason Fisher Julie Fishman Peter Foley Graig Fornell Jennifer Forney Jen Fortmeier Angi Foust Jason Frank Stephanie Frank Julie French Rhonda Friesz Brian Fulford Craig Fulgency Andrew Furlong Amy Garner Chris Garvin Cathy Gasche Amy Geary Susan Gebhard 190 JUNIORS Cr-GuASYLUM AAAHHH!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! How many overstressed, sleepless juniors were seen relieving themselves with this primal scream? With thoughts of raising their GPA to impress colleges, many juniors overloaded themselves with advanced classes. This meant tons of homework, sleepless nights, and isolation from the world. "I've become a homework ninja!" conceded Tom Mollerus (11). All this constant studying occasionally brought out student hostility. "Sometimes I look at my good friends and wonder how we STAY such good friends when, at times, I want to kick their butts in school so I can get to a better college," exclaimed Mark Lyons (11) belligerantly. Even though most juniors were not this extreme, some found it hard to cope with the constant pressure, competition, and homework. "You don't know what stress is until you've experienced junior year." added Kristina Harter (11). To relieve themselves from the insurmountable tension, juniors found ways to alleviate their hectic lives. Nikki Israel (11) claimed that she "banged her head to hot-rocking 104" whenever she needed a break. Somehow juniors eventually adapted to this crazy lifestyle, and a few such as Patty Kaju (11) dared to say. “In all honesty, junior year isn't that bad if you don’t mind doing homework until two in the morning while hallucinating about Mr. Belk's chemistry tests." By John Sullivan Tonia Julius (11). nearing insanity. wonders “How will I get all this home?!" Thomas Gendreau Darren Gens Trina Gylin Robert Gibson Chris Gill Michael Glassberg Robert Goetz Stephanie Gozum Mathew Grace Barbara Gramigni Chad Grams Greg Granson Jennifer Griffin George B. Griffiths Marty Guinee Shelly Gulliford Ned Gustafson Sara Gustafson JUNIORS Cr-Gu 191J Jack Haggerty Beth Hahn Kari Halker Eric Hall Kristen Hall Jeff Halverson Carrie Hamer Kelsey Hansen Mark Hansen Nick Hanson John Hardacker Jenny Harman Kristina Harter Monica Hauck Ann Hawkins Tara Healy Keith Hedlund Penny Hedquist ACADEMIC DRUGS to stay awake in school. Caffeine pills could be found everywhere, along with the ever present can of caffeinated pop. This helped students stay awake in those boring classes that they tended to nod off in. Holly Rup-pert (11) stated, "caffeine kept me awake from the first bell of the day to the last." In these hard, trying times of high school, caffeine was a student's best friend. By Andy Furlong He walked into class and found out there was a five page report due the next day. To complete the report meant to stay up all night. What’s the solution to this problem? An answer that many students had was caffeine. Whether it be NoDoz, Vi-varin. or Jolt, many students consumed these in order to stay up. Susie Hurley (11) commented, "caffeine has been very helpful in my high school years." Caffeine was also used Christina Benson (11) slams a Chris Garvin (11) finishes off can of Jolt In the morning. his six pack. JUNIORS Ha-JoL J Eric Heiberg Chris Heikens Steve Heim Lori Heisick Todd Hepworth Heather Herchert Paul Herrick Charlie Hesse Heather Hilleren Mike Hiniker Erik Hinkie Gretchen Hinkie Brad Hipps Jon Hobbs Emily Hoffman Scott Hoglund Jim Hokanson Mike Holetz Dia Hollenbeck Doug Holtan James Holyrod Alexi Homstad Jay Hopson Matt Hotz David Houston Paul Hovelsrud Chuck Howat Kellie Huber Joseph Hulbert Tom Hunt Susie Hurley Theresa Hurley Tim Hurley Todd Hurley Nicky Inderbitzin Julie Irwin Nicole Israel Chris Jacobs Sarah Jacobson Mike Jellen Brian Johnson Bryan Johnson Craig Johnson Heidi Johnson Jody Johnson Lisa Johnson Matt Johnson Melissa Johnson Renee Johnson Stephanie Johnson Teri Johnson Todd Johnson Chris Jones Margy Jones JUNIORS Ha-Jo 193L Lisa Juhnke Tonia Julius Celeste Jundt Chris Justice Peter Kafka Mandy Kaisler Patty Kaju Jason Kallsen Callie Kalogerson Kristal Karls Kristen Kasbohm Ben Kasper Alicia Keane Jim Keating Kathryn Keller Lynn Kennedy Phirun Kim Holly King Kevin Kirsch Nola Kisse Edward Kitsis Jason Kleckner Kristian Knudsen Bradley Koecher Greg Konezny Richard Kong Mike Korsh Ted Korupp Larissa Koslow Mike Kovarik Linnea Krienitz Julie Kriesel Bill Krueger Dan Kujawski Kelly Kurth Amy Laing Dana Lamb Timothy Langer Lori Lansing Tory Larivee Cara Larson Christine Larson Linda Larson Tim Laughlin Jason Lawrence Jennifer Layer Andy Leet Huyen Lenguyen Susan Leonard Carolyn Lester Susan Lettmann Carrie Levin Kimberly Lewis Tiffany Lewis 194 JUNIORS JuMaDaniel Licht Brian Liebo Chris Lindell John Lindmann David Lindman John Lindsay Eric Long Michael Loudon Molly Lounsberry Jeff Lundquist Kristina Lutter Andrew Lyman PHAPPY? The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or the PSAT. was taken by most juniors. Once the long awaited returns were back, there were two ba sic emotions prevailing, happy and not happy. For the unhappy test-taker. there were two sim pie reasons for such discontent. The first was not having studied enough, the second reason was a potent distaste of the test itself. Common complaints against the test ranged from a lack of time to complete a specific section, problems arising from knowing the answer but not having a speedy rate of recall, or merely breaking the fourth number two pencil. When asked about his po sition, Andrew Lyman (11) said that ”1 feel that the PSAT is not fair in the respect that it doesn't tell how well we've learned to analyze or comprehend." On the other side of the spectrum. Peter Kafka (II) said. "Seeing as how it can qualify me for the National Merit Scholar Competition. I think it's great. Also, it's not that important in the college acceptance denial process." Juniors were enthusiastic to take the PSAT's to show off their intellectual level of achievement. Also, it was a chance to become a "National Merit Scholar.” a prestigious scholarship opportunity. Regardless of personal opinion. PSAT was here to stay. For all juniors who'd already taken it. however, it was in the past for good. By Jason Fisher Larissa Koslow (II) memorizes a PSAT Student Bulletin. JUNIORS Ju-Ma 195B.K. BLITZ As the lunch bell rang, students ran out to their cars, desperately attempting to make it to Food-Fare or Kenny's and back before the next class began. Every day groups of students made "lunch runs." Some went home, others to Kenny's, and some of the daring even attempted to visit Burger King. Matt Bromer (11) found that "you have to chow down on the way back" if you wanted to get back on time. As an alternative to the cafeteria's Tuna Suprise, these places offered everything from Whoppers to Heath Bar Blizzards, from Cool Ranch Doritoes to Reeses. "It’s definitely worth the trip!" exclaimed Karl Ness (11). For the adventurous, a lunch run was essential to relieve the day's tension. By Derek Mogck Seniors Jenny Powell. Monica Monica Otto (12) proudly dis-Otto, and Keri Lewis scramble plays her long-awaited Mac-n-to place their order in time. Don’s treat. Scott Mark Amy Marrs Chris Marshall Magda Marshall Tony Marshall Christine Martin Monica Martin Gloria Martinez Shana Matthees Mike Matysik Melissa May Deborah McCalvy Erik McCready Jason McCulloch Pat McGovern Amy McKay Karen McKean Angela McLain 196 JUNIORS Ma-PaKari Miller Carolyn Mingo Chrissy Mitchell Dean Mitchell Mons Mitchell Derek Mogck Stuart McNaught Wendy McNulty Chris Medrano Paul Melin Kelly Meredith Allison Miller Tom Mollerus Katie Montgomery Terra Montgomery Leslie Moody Todd Moore Brent Moss Rob Mozis Amy Mullen Katie Mullin Dave Mundy Steve Murray Jason Nasby Anne Nelson Gretchen Nelson Larry Nelson Lori Nelson Karl Ness Kelly Nipper Laura Nye Shelly Nystrom Aran O’Brien Katie O’Keefe Matthew Obst Amy Odland Nathan Ogilvie Jeff Olsen Guinilla Olson Jeff Olson Jenny Olson Steve Olson Tina Olson Tiffany Olsson Scott Opitz Chris Ott Stacey Oyner Matt Paar Bob Pace Nicole Page Jason Palecek Julie Palecek Mitch Palmer Jeffrey Parks JUNIORS MaPaJ Mallette Parry Eva Pasko Katey Paugh Lisa Paulfranz Michelle Pause Lisa Pautz Lydia Petersen Mark Petersen Brian Peterson Heather Peterson Jill Peterson John Peterson William Peterson Linnea Petzel Dawn Pladson Jenny Pluhar Eric Podnieks Andrea Poncius Kathleen Porter Elizabeth Powell Becca Pryse Quyen Quach Kathy Quilling Noel Rahn Roshini Rajkumar Dan Ramberg Angela Rankka Kari Rasmussen Julie Rea Malunee Regan Jennifer Reichert Eric Resler Randy Rhodes Carrie Richards Susan Rieckhoff Michelle Rifley Doug Ringling Debbie Rippie Farrah Roberts Carlos Rodriguez Darren Roepke Karin Rofidal Kevin Rofidal Carla Rogat Joe Rogness Darren Rooney Timothy Root Paula Rosemark Jill Rosenblatt Joe Royce Chad Rubin Holly Ruppert Bart Ryan Sanaz Sadegheyeh JUNIORS PaSaHEAVY WEIGHT BOOKS American History American Literature Chemistry Algebra II Four folders Five spirals One three ring binder 563 sheets of paper One T.l. calcutator With an average of 25.03 lbs. of books and materials, a junior came up with some creative ways to carry them. This immense weight caused Kathryn Keller (11) to blurt out, "Who needs Nautilus?" For the A.P. addict, this average weight presented a fun filled, easy weekend because of the comparatively light load. The uncool backpack of grade school became a necessity by the junior year. In search for the ultimate backpack, a light blue, slightly worn, heavily graffitied one. with the la- EST. WEIGHT 4.67 lbs. 3.92 lbs. 4.12 lbs. 3.44 lbs. 0.75 lbs. 1.72 lbs. 1.00 lbs. 4.75 lbs. 0.66 lbs. bel of JanSport. filled the need. Discussing the weight of books, Jeff Halvorson (11) stated. "Most of the sophomores are pretty weak because the plain and solid geometry book is not very heavy, while the big strong seniors have had to carry a history book for a full year." Nevertheless, all students had to carry text books, and even though they were heavy, most survived — except for the few who admitted themselves to chiropractic clinics. By Marty Cuinee fft Roman Wright (11) finds it easier to evenly distribute the weight of his books. Heather Salstrom Aarti Arun Sarup Scott Schaefer Jennifer Schmelz Chad Schmidt Derrick Schultz Nancy Schulze Eric Schumeister Matthew Schutts Aaron Schwartz Gina Sciola Brian Scott Jimmy Seliga Matt Sever Rajesh Shah Chris Sheldon John Shelly Rick Shideman 199Erica Shiff Nicole Simon Traci Singher Tyan Sinykin Jill Slade Valarie Smoot Sarah Snyder Paul Sorenson Jacy Sorlien Brian Soukup Laurette Spillum Brad Stageberg Nicole Steinberg Michael Stillpass Andrei Stoica Chad Striker Sara Strothman Ross Sturgeon RATED There was not much to turning seventeen. It was quite a static occassion, suffering drastically in comparison to turning sixteen or eighteen. At sixteen, one was able to obtain the driver's license, and eighteen-year-olds reached adulthood, where voting privileges finally arrived and the draft became real. What, however. happened for the new seventeen-year-old? The word "unrestricted" when dealing with movies came to mind. The familiar sentence "children under seventeen not admitted without parent" could finally be thrown out the window, and the ingenious ideas on how to sneak in to a "rated R” movie could be passed on to the younger generation. "The best part is when they ask you for your I.D.," exlaimed Tom Gendreau (11). “because you're proud to take it out." Lisa Johnson (11) contemplates seeing the movie of her choice. Nichole Page (11) points out that it's rated R. No problem, let’s go! JUNIORS Sh-WiL David Sullivan Jennie Sullivan John Sullivan Patrick Sullivan Rebecca Sushak Nikki Swiggum Lisa Switzer Erick Tate Holly Taylor Mike Terwilliger Kristopher Tetzloff Mitchell Thatcher Scott Thatcher Chris Thomas Colleen Thomas Marcia Thorkelson Scott Thorp Stephen Thorpe Christie Todd Dang Tong Gerry Trainor Thai Trinh Nicole Troyer Andrew Turner Kathy Tweedy Robert (Jtendorfer Libby VanDriel Raquel VanNamen David Vanderwall Anthony Vasoli Janet Venaglia Jodi Venaglia Eric Vestal Cory Veum Claudia Vieira Leslie Wahl Marc Waldron Robert Walker Jennings Wallace Char Wangen Meg Warden Jeremy Wartnick Sethina Watson Brady Way Suzanne Weeks Steve Wehr Jenny Weinert Terri Welch Rick Weldy Amy Werner Rachel Wexler Rebecca Wexler Tony Willett Sara Williamson 201YOUR TIME WILL COME What did Juniors really think of Seniors? How would it feel for them to step into the shoes of Seniors? What would it be like to rule the school? How would they know what to do. how to act? Would natural instincts take over? These following quotes gave a "behind the scenes" look at their true feelings. "I'm looking forward to being a senior so I can be rowdy and have it thought of as having fun rather than obnoxious." — Carla Rogat (11) "We're looking forward to senior year, inheriting the senior Commons spot, Skip Day, being Senior Women, and gaining recognition!" — Meg Warden (11). Leslie Moody (11), Angi Foust (ID "I'm looking forward to having privileges that ju- niors and sophomores don’t get. Plus, it will be my last year of school!" — Val Smoot (11) By Colleen Marnell Holly King (11) smiles as she proudly struts towards her senior year. Footprints lead to senior stardom. Robert Winnick Julie Withers Dan Wong Andy Workinger Aaron Worrell Roman Wright Joyce Yan Josh Yuhas Elizabeth Zeller Lisa Zima Christopher Zimmerman Amy Zylka JUNIORS Wi-ZyL j not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not Gregory Adler Andrew Anderson Jason Anderson Heather Austin Anne Berdahl Heather Berg Margaret Brezina Caprina Brown Jennifer Bundy Tony Daffer Catherine Donnelly Tim Duffey Martin Eaton Julie Foss Seth Halvorson Brigitte Hamblin Mike Hogan Douglas Holtan Robert Huestis Alise Jarvis John Kim Scott Liebo Gina LoPesio Michelle Louden Jeffrey Lundgren Daniel Maley Jason Meili Shannon Messier Michael Morley Amy Morrissette Brent Murphy Sarah Nagle Kristina Olson Jason Poulos David Pulscher Carrie Reinertsen Ranya Riad Nola Risse Gitanjali Roche Jason Rogers Janelle Schenck Dean Schneider Young Sharp John Skelly Heather Swanson Phuong Truong Gus Woolley sign here sign here sign here sign here sign here sign here sign here sign JUNIORS Wi-Zy 203 SOPHOMORE DILEMMAS 1. Forgetting a note in last hour and having to walk into a classroom full of seniors and get the note without causing too much personal embarrassment. 2J Being a newly liscensed sophomore who managed to kill his or her car in the middle of the 2:30 p.m. school rush hour traffic. § Rushing to get to health class and tripping on the stairs which sent geometry, composition, and biology papers flying down the stairs along with the rest of one's body. 4, Entering the girl's bathroom to apply a fresh coat of makeup, the sophomore decides to go to the bathroom rather than fix her face after realizing that the mirror is occupied. Ql i Walking down the Commons past the upperclassmen and suddenly becoming extremely interested in one's shoes, the floor, or the books in one’s hands. © 6 Staring at the gorgeous senior in study hall who suddenly turns around and catches the stare from over a geometry book. Avoiding the Commons because being late and serving detention is a much less severe consequence than walking past the seniors who rule. By Aileen At. Furlonq SOPHOMORE FEATURESOPHOMORE FEATURE Looking up at a sky-scraping senior, this sophomore chick dies over Matt Lunde (12). Cathy Birkcland (10) and Li; Hoigaard (10) wander aimless ly trying to find their class. Crowded in their section of the Commons, these sophomores need some more elbow room. 205Suzy sophomore stupidly stalls her sleek SAAB. "Mom, will you drive me and my friends to the movies?” What a familiar request that was. But with the advent of one's sixteenth birthday and the acquisition of a sacred and monumental piece of plastic the request changed to: "Mom. can I have the car tonight PLEEEEASE???!!" Like small children begging for birthday presents, the youngsters returned to the days of catering to every whim of one's parents in hopes of getting the car for Saturday night. Hats off to everyone who had to earn the right of the 'rent's keys! By Jennifer Anderson Jason Amundsen Gregory Anderson Jennifer Anderson Jennifer Anderson Julie Anderson Lee Anderson Nancy Armstrong Danny Arom Michael Arvidson Sonja Axelson Brian Bagley Peter Barott Janell Barry Jim Bartleson Kirstin Becker Missy Beggs Britt Benjamin Marshall Berg Greg Bernstein Pamela Berry Susan Bins 206 SOPHOMORES Am-DeCathy Birkelartd Heather Blackwell Denis Blake Jody Blooston Jon Blumenthal Alyssa Bock Jessica Bognanno Chris Borden Matt Bowers Janna Brayman Chris Bridenstine Sherrie Brinkman Stacey Brown Michael Brudenell Brett Bruininks Shannon Brury Jerry Bubrick William Buckner Collin Bucchler Cathy Burke Elizabeth Burrit Leslie Buss Jane Cady Julie Cardarelle Linnea Carlson Nathan Carlson Robert Carlson Andrew Carteng Burt Chamberlain John Chapman David Chatterton Brian Christiansen Josh Ciernia Ryan Clausman Amy Clifford Marcus Cohen Mike Colby Leanne Coleman Brian Collins Marty Collins Travis Collins Thomas Colvin Amy Connell Kevin Connors Brian Cooper David Cooper Tyler Copeland John Cox Angie Crowley Stacey Curry Jessica Daffer Peter Dahl Lynn Dai Coby Dale Shannon Daley Anjie Dalton Gina Dalton Maria Dalton Laura Darwin Chris Davis Steve Davis Tony Davis Luis DeJesus SOPHOMORES Am-De 207Joanne DeMoss Peter Dean John Degnan Karen Delaney Gabor Deli Jennifer Deusterman Amy Dieckhaus Lee Dills Jonathan Dobrin Cathy Donnelly Edward Donnelly Jean Donohue Kelly Dorris Jeremy Driver Sandra Ducar Laurel Dunn Molly Dunn Stephanie Eckman Janice Edwards Julie Effress Kathleen Eichten Robert Elsing James Engelsma Matthew Enroth Kia Erickson Solveig Erickson Jennifer Erlandson Jon Eyberg Jennifer Farrell Tracie Farrell Greg Favaro Tyra Fesler Miguel Fiol Raleigh Fischbein David Fischer Laura Fischer Melissa Fiutak Lesley Flaten Andrew Fossum Kathy Fredlund Liz Fredlund Barry Freeman Lorie French Brian Freund Benjamin Friswold Kara Fromke James Gamble Alison Garner Gregory Garrison Christopher Gaspard Kathryn Genovese Risa Gepner Susan Gessner Michelle Getsch Nicole Gilbert Thomas Gilbert John Glas Jonathan Gleeman David Goodnuff Jesper Goransson Jana Graney Erin Griffin Dale Groth 208 SOPHOMORES De-Ha? I T ' S Z £ Sophomores were short. That was a fact of life. Following is a list of the various tortures all less-than-giant sophomores had to endure: 1. Being elbowed in the face while standing in the a la carte line trying to buy Ding Dongs. 2. Walking through the Commons and feeling as if engulfed in a never-ending tunnel. 3. Having a permanently uptilted head if desiring to participate in any form of communication. Luckily, most sophomores had a growth spurt. By G.I.P. Funnie A lowly sophomore is humbled in size by a tremendous senior. Scott Grover Jeffrey Gryga Kathleen Guinee Hugh Gustafson Deirdre Gutweiler Joy Hagan Stacy Hagemeyer Susanne Haisting Marc Hamann Brigitte Hamblin John Hammond Robert Hanley David Hansen Ian flansing Kristina Hanson Chad Hardie Jennifer Harman Bradley Harmon Theresa Harter Sara Harfeldt Bart Harvey SOPHOMORES De-Ha 209David Hatch Kim Hayden Jenny Hegman Matthew Heien Holly Henrich Jason Hepp Stephanie Hietala Kristi Hilgren Steve Hill Jeremy Hilliker Jenny Hjelmeland Elizabeth Hoigaard Heather Holahan Brooks Holderness Mike Holt Chris Hondl Jennifer Hoopes Jon Hornig Betsy Houser Robert Huff Theresa Humann Sophomore year was frustrating for many, many reasons. Among other detrimental characteristics of being a sophomore, there was the fact that jobs, necessary to many sophomores' lives so that they could pay for transportation, namely taxi rides, were tough to find. Outside of working for the various fast food chains, babysitting, braving paper routes, or answering phones at Domino's Pizza, the working world was not open to the sixteen and under age category. That didn't seem to bother many people, such as Toni Vasoli (11), who worked at Arby’s his sophomore year. “I wanted a job where I could concentrate on work and school at the same time. The pay was bad, but I had more free time.” When Toni became a junior, he changed jobs and started to work at Bravo Pizza. "I feel that working at Bravo Pizza was a step up from Arbys . . . and it also paid more per hour.” It was a simple fact that sophomore jobs were hard to find. Finding a job as a sophomore. however, was the only way to get started on that long, winding road that eventually led to more prestigious employment positions. One had to begin somewhere, and McDonald's was as good a place as any. By Jennifer Anderson Nick Johns (10) dishes out a scoop of chocolate fudge at Baskin Robbin's. SOPHOMORES Ha-Lu il 1 V. — • Jetta Jacobsen Scott Jaeger Tim James Kate Jenkins Mark Johns Nick Johns Becky Johnson David Johnson Derek Johnson Greg Johnson Jennifer Johnson Melanie Johnson Neil Johnson Zachary Johnson Stacey Julian Shannon Juujarvi Ryan Kaliher Allison Kaplan Donald Kasbohm Scott Katiman Erik Keldahl Nick Kennedy Bonnie Kiang Richard Kim Kris Kimber Jeff King Margaret King Megan King Mike Klas Julie Klefsaas Stephany Klein Theodore Knutsen Kim Koerber Michael Komar Susie Kompelien Frannie Kong Mark Kouatli Max Krause Rachel Lager Stephanie Lailala Carol Lang Jeff Larson Jonathan Larson Mark Larson Bryan Laskin Charlie Latterell Sarah Lawson Nicole LeBlanc Dan Lee Debbie Lee Janet Lee Samantha Lee Kristine Lehr Joanne Leslie Steven Leung Kelly Lewis Chad Lindell Erik Lindell Ari Lindner Rebecca Locke Trisha London Andrew Lund Kirk Lund SOPHOMORES Ha-LuRyan Lund Nancy Lundgren Amy Luona Mia Lustine John Luther Heather MacDonald Steve Maddux Jeff Magnuson Jay Maloney John Maloney Frances Marquina Jessica Martin Amy Mason Patricia Maxon Chris Mayer David Mayerson Christine McCabe Megan McClees Jane McCracken Chris McGowan Cherilyn McGraw Jim McGuire Kirsten McLain Scott McMerty Dan McNamara Laurie McNeill Bonnie McPherson Tim McShane Edward McSpeamon Michael Meagher Jennifer Mearkle Belinda Medina Milon Merchant Mollie Micek Bill Middleton Bryan Mills Jason Misselt Laura Mitchell Jackie Moe Scott Moesenthin Robin Moore Joe Moroz Heather Morrissette Paul Moskallk Lynn Mueller Eugene Munster Nathalie Nawrocki Chris Nelson Sara Nemecek Tom Nevers Tram Nguyen Heidi Nitz Amy Noran Lora Norback Jenny Nord Lisa Nordstrom Jeffrey nortnrup Anthony Novachis Jennifer Noyce Kevin Nyhus Molly O'Rourke Jonell Obst Jeffrey Olsen 212Mike Olsen Colleen Orth Thomas Ovikian Marc Paavola Brett Paine Ande Parsley Tom Patrek Matthew Patrick Marc Peacock Amanda Pearson Tim Peissig Jane Perry David Peters Ingrid Petersen Jon Petersen Paul Petersen Joshua Peterson Teri Peterson Dave Pelsolt Brian Platt Andy Porter "Mommy ! I'm like sooo bored ...” "Mommy ! There’s nothing to do ... These cries were heard often on Friday evening throughout the home of sophomore Donald Duxs. Finally Mom realized that enough was enough, she was going to put a cease to his whining. It was time to do something, so she picked up the phone and called Donald's best friend's mother to invent something for him to do. After a long talk about the upcoming newcomers' luncheon, Mrs. Dux offered to have the kids over for a sleepover. "Yipee Yeah!" Donald screamed as thoughts of Candy-Land and Chutes and Ladders, along with Rondo and Pepsi Cola danced through his head. Spending a fun-filled evening watching a double feature of Walt Disney’s "Lady and the Tramp." Michael Jackson's "The Making of Thriller." and munch ing on Lick-em Sticks while reading MAD magazine, Donald and his friend were in second heaven. However, at the turn of ten o'clock, a voice from up the stairs yelled the bedtime hour. Oh well, there's always next Friday! By Marty Guinee Missy Fuitak (10). participating in a typical sophomore weekend activity, aims (or the bottle in the "clothespin” game. She is warming up her aim in preparation for "pin the tail on the donkey" In which she hopes to win a small prize. SOPHOMORES Lu-Po When placed in the wrong hands, the innocent plastic material that mothers used to wrap a piece of cake for a bag lunch became a instrument of bondage. Yes. we're talking about that clinging, clear, sticky, inhibiting "saran-wrap” that seniors used to hold their sophomore victims captive. The chosen victim was stalked through the hallways until he was forced to enter the senior section of the Commons. Like a cat waiting for a bird to land within reach, the seniors pounced upon their prey and before the poor sophomore knew what happened, he had been mummified. While one sheet of cellophane was not the strongest stuff in the world, when it was twenty sheets deep (or more), it had remarkable strength. It paralyzed even the strongest of sophomores. After the task of wrapping the student was completed, the perpetrators raised the cocooned form above their heads as a trophy of moral and physical superiority, and displayed him to all who cared to see. When the seniors had had enough fun, they finally released the sophomore, and let him continue on his way. with not quite sorry enough apologies. By Marty Guinee A saran-wrapped sophomore. who shall go nameless so as to avoid embarrassment. is carried through a mob of seniors. Linda Posingles Jennifer Possis Kevin Pole Gregory Poulton Kristin Procopio Bryan Quevli Brian Quinlan Irfan Quraishi Andrew Raabe Jennifer Reckc Joanna Redman Robert Reed Julie Reissner Hollis Rendleman Sara Ressen Kimberly Reynolds Gretchen Rierson Heather Rische Erin Risdal Alyson Ritchie Kaelie Rivers 214 SOPHOMORES Po-VeAimee Robertson Susan Robertson Sarah Roe Jessica Rogers Kimberly Rogers Daniel Rolfes Edwin Sampson Kristine Schelper Shonn Schnitzer Joseph Schuller Susan Schulz Richard Schulze Clark Schumacher Alan Scott Michael Shaffer Anne Shanedling Alison Sharpe Gary Shubinsky Thomas Shyman David Seibert Julia Sigvertsen Alison Simons Nicole Skrukrud Melissa Sladek Bradley Smith Heather Smith Matthew Smith Victoria Smith Scott Smullen Joseph Soderlund Spenser Somers Destiny Stafford Christopher Stauffer Kevin Stinnett Benjamin Stoneking Andrew Stotts Whitney Slruse Valerie Struthers Joseph Sullivan Robert Sullivan Jody Szarzynski Dale Taylor Susan Terwilliger Bradley Teufel Michelle Thevenin Brent Thill Charles Thiss Margaret Thomas Carey Thompson Martha Thomson Michael Tolan Jeffrey Troldahl An Truong Dao Truong Le Truong Meagan CJrquhart Anthony (Jttley Karin Vaa John Vales Christine VanLeer Valerie Vandcnhende Chad Vandertop Katherine Velner SOPHOMORES Po-Ve 215D £ T O Let's face it. the Commons were an intimidating place for the sophomore who was not yet sure of his her identity or how to handle himself herself around upperclassmen. This was why most sophomores chose to go the round about ways, sometimes even going completely out of their way to remain targetless amongst the giant-sized seniors. "I recognize the looks on some sophomores' faces when I see them walking through the halls, as though their challenge of the day is to make it to their next class," said Joanna Sandbo (12). An alternate route usually meant getting to class via the downstairs hallways which were com- pletely inconvenient if the next class happened to be upstairs in the language lab. According to some of the more timid sophomores, avoiding the Commons . had more advantages than disad-vantages. “I go through the Commons and see Derrick Shulze (11), and I get scared. Then I see a good friend and don't worry about it." said Chris Gaspard (10). This increased the population of the downstairs hallways considerably and left a 3:1 sophomore upperclassmen ratio. This wouldn't be all that bad, except for the fact that half the seniors’ lockers were down there. By Colleen Marnell Brian Mills (10) takes a detour to his next hour. Kurt Vickman Robert Viera Zachary Vogland Christopher Walling Judith Warner Heather Warren Lisa Weber Gannon Wegner Shelley Wehr Donna Wehrmeister David Weingartner Tony Wells Jason Wenaas Eric Wernli Heather West David Wickiser Holly Williams John Williams Lee Williams Craig Wilson Nicolette Wilson SOPHOMORES Vi-ZoJennifer Wing John Wolf Janice Yoder Therese Young Ray Ziekman Monica Zona not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not pictured not Chad Bartholomew Marshall Berg Sergio Cuevas Daniel Dolson Shannon Drury Kristopher Gratz Roger Haider Charlie Hesse James Hokanson Joby Holman Bryan Johnson Lara Johnson Kristine JohnstonSchelper Christopher Kamla Kristian Knudsen Josh Leadholm Kenneth Morrison Jack Nolan Brett Peterson Christian Refsell Edwin Sagataw Peter Schwartzbauer Shana Silverman Scott Smith Bridget Stephanie Douglas VanSloun sign here sign SOPHOMORES Vi-Zoa ® THAT WAS THEN “There was greater respect for one another in the 60s.” — Pacy Erck (fac) ‘ ‘ Freedom , you demand and expect it.” — Judy Layzell (fac) “Times have changed more than kids have changed.” — Rosemary McGuire (fac) Often we heard and read of high school reunions of classes which graduated ten. fifteen, or twenty-five years ago from our high school. This made one wonder what high school was like during those years. Were high school students of the 60 s exposed to the liberal movements that we hear about now. or didn't it affect them? Did those students of the 50’s typically wear poodle skirts and bobby socks to school and watch American Bandstand on television? Many of our teachers lived and went to high school during these years. Of the teachers asked, many agreed that values have changed since the 50’s and 60's, but there were some differences on what exactly had changed. Marty Leistikow Our perception of yesteryear's student. Allan Olson (fac) looks debonair in suit and tie. (fac) stated. "There was much more confrontation between the young people and 'the establishment.' Today's students are less confrontational and rebellious." Others believed that attitudes have changed, as Pacy Erck (fac) explained. "There was greater respect for one another in the 60 s." When asked about some of the major differences between attending high school today as compared to attending high school twenty or thirty years ago. many teachers stated that the amount of freedom and experience has been greatly increased. "Freedom, you demand and expect it." said Judy Layzell (fac). Many teachers felt today's students were much more knowledgeable and experienced with situations that didn't always reach them. "Some Edina students are more sophisticated than I was. Times have changed more than kids have changed. The 'Leave It To Beaver' days are gone for most kids." added Rosemary McGuire (fac). Most teachers agreed that students now have more opportunities than yesterday’s students. Bob Savre (fac) stated. "Parent's relative affluence and society support systems have made many great opportunities. The sky is the limit!" As can be seen, high school has changed in many ways, but has also managed to cling on to some "old" ideals and has also improved. To sum it all up, Marty Leistikow said, "Edina students can and should be part of the leadership of our country in many areas." By Nicole Troyer Shirley Vaux (fac). age nineteen and just out of high school, looks forward to college. 218 TEACHER FEATURETHIS IS NOW Dale Mackercth (fac). center, enjoys a high school get-together with friends. “Parent’s relative affluence and society support systems have made many great opportunities.” — Bob Savre (fac) “Today’s students are less confrontational and rebellious . . . Edina students can and should be part of the leadership of our country.” Marty Leistikow (fac) TEACHER FEATUREBirgit Anderson •- Eng. Lit. I ll, Am. Lit 1, Enr. Eng. Lit.. World Lit. 1. Joanne Anderson — Spanish lll IV. Mardonna Bartholet — Am. History. Tom Beaver — Art For Fun. Studio Art, Cr. Photo.. Drawing. Ceramics. Design. Barbara Belk — Biography. Humanities I, Am. Lit. I ll John Belk — College Prep. Chemistry. John Benson — A.P. Am. Gov't. Am. History. A.P. Com-paritive Gov't. Lyle Berg — Basic Geometry. College Algebra and Trig. Bill Beste — Study Hall. Algebra II. A.P Computer Science. Pam Campbell — Health. Phy. Ed.. Fit for Life. Stavros Canakcs — Phy. Ed.. Study Hall. Robin Carlson — Assistant Principal. Betsy Cusslcr — Composition I. Enr. American Lit. I ll. Lynne Clark — Adaptive Physical Education. Trcfflc Daniels — Librarian. Rae Dicks — Popular Novels, Composition I. American Lit. II. Marian Dombrock — Housing and Design. Child Development. Life Issues I ll. Cynthia Elmquist — French II. Acting Stagecraft. Communciations Lab. Pacy Erck — Health. Diane Fansler-Wald — French l lll. Sonia Fogelman — American Lit. I ll. Journalism. Drawing. Michael Freeman — Work Experience Class. Job Training. Doug Gal-ligher — Refresher Math. Algebra II. Consumer Math. Jim Garner — Efficiency Reading. Study Hall, Composition I. English Lit. I ll. Ruth Mary Gens — E. S. L. George Getten — Audio Visual Coordinator. Lori Goddard — Goals Encourage Academic Re sponsibility. Richard Goldcnstcin — 8iology. Vernida Grant — E. S. L. Kathy Grey — Mass Media. Hu manities I ll. Cinema Arts. Edmond Green — Algebra I. Col lege Algebra and Trig. Julian Grev — Student Council. A.P. European History. Social Problems. Marvin Griffin — Chemistry Barney Hall — A.P. American History. Mike Hcrzig — A.P. European History. L L LiilL BlMlMtSlMlMmiTEACHERS ROCK OH! At pepfests. the untrained eye could scan the crowd and pick out a new group of enthusiasts. No. they were not wearing jerseys. They were not in miniskirts. And no. they weren't jeering the sophomores. Yes. they may have had wrinkles on their faces, their heads may have been balding, and yes, they liked the sophomores. Who was this tight-knit group of merry noise mak- ers. one might ask? They were the faculty cheering section comprised of the teachers and faculty members of E.H.S. Although in class, they were often known to be straight and follow the rules to the letter, once inside the gymnasium, they became party animals. They put on outrageous skits for the students. did not hesitate to cheer no matter what the cause, and the wave often originated in their section. What brought them to this new found enthusiasm? "It is because all of the girls in school this year are beautiful and pleasant and do A-work” said Mr. Larry Stotts. Mr. Julian Grev accredited this behavior to "a deliberate attempt to make the staff feel better about themselves." He went on to say. ”We (the teachers) sense a much more positive attitude in the student body and therefore reflect it in our behavior.” Whatever the reason was for their overwhelming spirit, no one could deny that the teachers played a major role in putting the fun back in Edina pepfests. By Cari Erickson UUUUUU IBlBlIllllllfl]“rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr TO SMOKE, OR NOT TO SMOKE? A new policy was instigated concerning teachers and their right to smoke. As of January 1, 1988, no person in Edina was allowed to smoke in public buildings. Was it fair to infringe on a person's right to smoke? In a survey taken of sixty teachers at Edina, fifty-nine of them answered, ' definitely yes!" They were overwhelmingly in favor of a smoke-free environment, and even many of the smokers have decided that it is better to leave their cigarettes at home. In fact, some said that it has helped them to kick the habit, or at least cut down. When asked whether students should be allowed to smoke if they were over eighteen, the message that came back from the teachers was very clear. "We do not approve of anyone killing themselves." stated one member of the faculty, while another said. "We (the teachers) should not have to play detective in catching the smokers.” Consequently. school became smoke free. After all. stated Mr. Emil Muhlhausen (fac). “Smoking is a social turnoff. Who wants to kiss a smoker?!" By Can Erickson Dean Enrico (12) shuns a kiss from Heidi Hilliker (12) because of the smoke on her breath.Bob Hoechcrl — Physical Fitness l ll. Fit For Life. Tauna Holasek — Spanish ll lll. Judy Hugelen — English Literature l ll. Composition I. Victoria Jacobson — Library Assistant. Bud Jensen — Public Speaking. Composition l ll. Jinny Jensen — Latin II. III. IV Curt Johnson — Enr. CAT. P S Geometry. Problems Statistics. Larry Johnson — Enr. CAT. P S Geometry. Lee Kaphingst — Study Hall. Physics. Astronomy. Wayne Kinion — Counselor. Judy Krook — Latin l ll. Study Skills. Composition I. Study Hall. Barbara Laederach — E.S.C. Ron LaMoure — Social Problems. Am. History. Bart Larson — Algebra II. P S Geometry. Study Hall. Dave Larson — Algebra II. Topics Math. Judy Layzell — Composition I, Short Story. Humanities l ll Marty Leistikow — Communica tions Lab. Am Lit. l ll. Enr. Communications Lab. Pete Leuty — Aerospace l ll. Economics. Sally Lindman — Activities Counselor Secretary. Jim Luther — Study Hall. Psychology. Jewell Lyngaas — Counselor. Dale Mackereth — Gen. Woods l ll. Technical Drawing, Adv. Woods l ll. Windigo. Delta Maillet — Biology. Dan Marsh — Sociolo gy. Economics. Enr. Economics. Applied Economics. Hack McCall — Am. History. Rosemary McGuire — Counselor. Patricia Merritt — Reading Comprehension. Alt. Math. Writing Lab. Alt. Social Problems. Resource Room. Testing Helen Morris — Para. Pro. Emil Muhlhausen — Ecology. Health DeVonna Murrin — Orchestra. Karen Natwick — College Alge-bra Trigonometry. Enr. P S Ge ometry. Daniel Nelson — Section als, V. Band. V. Choir. Study Hall. Chuck Oakes — Marketing. Personal Typing. Biology. Hclga O'Brien — Counselor Secretary. Dale Ogren — Computer Lab. U U 111iJ1iJiil'1 iJ1iJiil il1SJAllan Olson — P S Geometry. Consumer Math. Beverly Ottum — Beg. Typing. Accounting l ll. Business Law. Cay Patterson — Spanish l ll. Helen Pcllowe — Alt. Am. History. Resource Room. Writing. Alt. Composition I. Janet Peterson — Library Clerk. Marian Peterson. Robert Peterson — Concert Choir. Sectionals. Tre ble Choir. Ann Petri — French ll lll. Marc Reigcl — Communications Lab. Enr. Communications. Classical Lit., Humanities II. George Reimer — Russian l-IV, German l-IV. Elaine Rothman — Resource Room. Bob Savrc — Calculus Prep.. AP Calculus. Pat Schilling — Social Problems. Joan Schulz — Enr. Composition I. Communications Lab, Creative Writing. Sharon Scott. Bob Scha — Counselor. Margaret Skibbe — Sociology. Enr. Sociology. Zephyrus. Lonnie Skrcntner — Social Problems. AP Am. History. Renate Stefan — French ll IV, AP French IV. Ann Stoneberg — Biology. Chemistry. Larry Stotts — Humanities l ll. Margaret Stubbs — A.V. Lab. Bruce Swanson — GEAR. Jay Swanson — Chemistry. Study Hall. David Tabbut — Study Hall, Microcomputers l ll. Roger Clhr — P S Geometry. Algebra II. Gretchen (Jsher — All Fabrics. Ind. Living, Cr. Foods. Int'l Foods. Am. Foods. Chemistry. Shirley Vaux — Assistant Principal. Julie Warnes — Spanish l ll. William Webb — Sectionals, V. Band. Concert Band. Coordinator. Paul Weber — Physics. Enr. Physics. Bill Welch — Biology. Human Physiology. Study Hall. Nancy Wicka — Counselor Secretary. Keith Wilkening — Micro Applications. Work Ex. Class. Job Training. wiw aval 00 aiil TEACHERS TAKE A BREAK Have you ever really wondered what a teacher does over the average weekend? While students were thinking partying, studying, or whatever their preference of pastimes might have been, what was Mr. Michael Herzig or Mrs. Joan Schulz thinking? Well, heard through the grapevine, our teachers had a wide variety of interests and special activities which they enjoyed. Take, for example, Mr. Dan Marsh. To most he seemed like a diverse, active, and acceptably cool teacher, but did you ever know his weekends were literally "spent in a tree" hunting down white tail deer? In .addition to this, as if there could be more, he worked out with weights and enjoyed archery. On the more mellow side, Mr. Bud Jensen spent his weekend time casually din- J U ing at such yuppie restaurants as TGI Fridays or Fig-lios. He also enjoyed perfecting the inside and outside of his house on those lazy, hazy Saturdays. Mr. Julian Grev could be seen at one of three places on any given weekend: "working in my garden at the farm, escaping to the lake house, or in my home grading papers." The infamous English Literature teacher, Mr. James Garner, liked to spend the weekends on his farm. "I usually work at the farm, and I love the outdoor work." Our teachers took advantage of their weekends and enjoyed them to their maximum potential. By Colleen Marnell Exhibiting her prize horse in the POA Int'l Show. Mrs. Joan Schulz shines with pride. 1 1 u HjBjAonJyoHv) J Bj H| ™ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft li ftift1ft)ftiftift Mrs. Shirley Vaux (fac) who came from Valley View. Mr. Robert Lynch (fac) who came from Washburn. and Mr. Robin Carlson (fac) who came from Jefferson discuss one of the many new policies which are making waves. MEW ADMINISTRATION MAKES WAVES This fall brought more than brilliant leaves and new classes. It brought new administration. headed by Principal Mr. Robert Lynch (fac). To help him were his two Assistant Principals, Mr. Robin Carlson (fac) and Mrs. Shirley Vaux (fac). Together these leaders changed policies and offered advice, helping each student to make the most out of his her year. Along with members of the administration, there were also new policies which were being continuously adopted and amended. "A main concern of the administration is to establish an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, between faculty as well as the student body," said Mr. Lynch. Not only was the social environment important but, as always, academics played a key role. Excellence was synomynous with Edina. Administrators were looking to accomodate the needs of each and every student on an individual basis. Despite the fact that the administration was forming and keeping popular views, students had their share of grievances. Among these was the closed campus rule which seemed to raise most of the noise. "I'd like to have open campus, but I understand that it isn't possible. I commend them for enforcing the policy," said Donna Miller (12). Also sympathetic to the new policies was Steve Kuhn (12). "They're just doing what they are told to. It's not their policies, it's the school board's." The problem of open campus was a difficult one. Some thought that the campus should have been open to seniors as a perk. Other difficulties included monitering halls, the parking lot situation, and reducing drinking at school functions. As with every new beginning there were a few rough edges, but after a while it was smooth sailing for both administration and the student body. By Elizabeth Seifert The new creed of "We Care. We Dare. We Share" is explained by Mr. Robin Carlson (fac). 8 ll S l! l! l! S IS ll ll Li 0 lS lP 0 0 l!nmm n nsi Mr. Robert Lynch (fac). the newly assigned principle, and Mr. Julian Grev (fac) look in awe at the incredible school spirit demonstrated at the Homecoming Pcpfest. Talking on the telephone to concerned parents is only one of many duties that Mrs. Shirley Vaux (fac) encounters every day. IjlflljBjljljljBjljljljtfllflUMichael Alan Smith We re so proud of you and all you've accomplished Wishes for all the happiness you deserve. Happy Graduation' Love. Mom. Dad. and Brian Gant Edward "Gus" Wegner I'd prefer a Porsche, but nothing runs like a Deere! Karen Marie Mattison It's time to feed us! You heard me! Benjamin and Betty Marie Warner You can Imagine, you con achieve, you can dream and you can become all that you can be, for it's the good fortune of all who know you and all you will meet We will always be proud of our favorite redhead Love. Mom. Dad. I Rachel Leotta Randgaard "Soar with the eagles. Rachel!" You've given much joy and happiness to everyone you come In contact with God s richest blessings' We love you Mom and Ed Angela Borth "Angie the party animal" she knew how to party young as well as today. To a considerate, thoughtful, and special daughter whom we love. Wishing her the best and all she chooses to do M the future. Mom and Reed Erik Tyson Stang Erik • You are so special, and we are very proud of you We wish you much happiness as you venture out to the new challenges of college Love. Mom and Dad Christian Neal Rogat Congratulations. You have worked hard. Be proud of the person you've become. You have been a special joy to us We are thankful to have been able to share In your growth God bless you. Love. Mom. Dad. Carla and Tim Carol Joy Harrington Keep your Irish eyes smiling and life's challenges will be a breeie Love, your family w. Margaret Jean "Jeanne" Lynch "We believe in YOG! Congratulations and much love. Mom and Dad. Beau. day. Joshua. Theresa and Daniel Keri Zimmerman We re so proud of you' Everything you've done is special Your laughter brings joy. Mow take your magic to the dance of life We ll always be here to share the toy of living and help with the bumps Mom. Dad and Lori t Mary Katherine Marchuk Thanks for being you and for being ours. Congratulations sweetie and we wish you the brightest future possible God Ness you now and always' Love. Mom. and Dad. and Nick, and Anna Scott Morrow Johnson Dear Scott. My S A T. scores were better So why do I have to stay home with the schmeds? XO Nook Deborah Sharon Dolginow Oh. what a beautiful baby' We are so proud of the beautiful young woman you have become. We wish you everything the best In your future Happiness always. Love; Mom. Dad. Lisa G Jamie £ Andrew Peter Reed The thing that goes the farthest towards makmg life e . worthwhile, it costs the least and does the most is Just a friendly smile Congratulations ikA Keep on smiling. A' Love you. Mom. Dad. Rob. and W.ll 228 SENIOR ADSI Laura Ruth Carlson Your children are not your children, they are the children of Life's longing foe Itself. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for these dwell m the house of tomorrow, which you can't visit, not even In your dreams Patricia Ann Keegan Congratulations Patty! Remain your own person and keep your wonderful smile You give so much to others We are very proud of you and hope all of your dreams are realired We love you. Mom. Dad. Susan, and Amy Susan Leigh Birkeland We are so proud of you. Susan, and wish you much success as you pursue your goals in life Love. Mom Dad and Cathy Jeremy Nelson (B.J.) "Beef Congratulations son' We are very proud of you. Your future holds many happy surprises and the best is yet to come All our love Mom. Dad. and Kelly Karin Janet Gessner Your family wishes you good luck! Heidi Ann Torgerson Congratulations to our Lovi and may all your dreams come true Mom and Dad Jennifer Leigh Bernet Congratulations Jennie! You're terrific! Love. Mom and All! Carolyn Alice Erickson Your smile, your strength, your kindness shows in everything you do How lucky we have been to have a daughter as special as you. All our love. Mom. Dad. Staci. and Mike Catherine E. (Katie) Stoltz In 18 short years, your love and joy of life has matured into grace and beauty You have grasped the thrill of learning and you are becoming wise With you always, we are warm with pride All our love. Mom and Dad Rosaura Sandoval Mama y Papa Gracias pot el amor y fe en Dios que me dan y por la oportunldad de extender mis alas Los a mo con todo me coraton. So hlja. Rosi Amy Louise Patrick GO FOR IT AMY. YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES WE RE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!" Our love. Mom. Dad. Matt I Victoria L. VanDusen (Tori) Congratulations Tori, we are so proud of you Love. Mom. Dad and Chip Alfred Morris Cady. IV Congratulations. Al We are proud of you and wish you every happiness Love. Mom. Dad. Jane, and Ben When you were born we said you were a special gift Thanks for proving we were right We are so proud of you Love. Mom and Dad Mark Jonathan Pederson Mark, congratulations' God bless you as you enter a new phase of life Thanks for the joy you bring to our lives' Love. Mom. Dad. Julie. Lisa SENIOR ADS 229I Lisa Marie Engelking We love you so much and really are proud of you. Your innter strength Is continual Inspiration We want only God's very best for your future He loves you and so do we' You are so special Dad, Mom. Jeff. Jamte. Laurie and Lyndie Kent Lee Garbers We re very proud of you May God answer all your prayers. Love Vo' .9xT . My. Mom and Dad tira Mark David Dahl With pride in all you've been and all you've become With love for the very special person you will always be Mom and Dad Matthew (Matt) Mason Rose You've always filled the family with pride and happiness We anticipate your future Love. Mom. Dod. Kristy. Tim. Ward and Kirk Jennifer VanLeer You have always had your feet on the ground and made the Journey easier Congratulations" Love Mom Sarah Caroline Howell You'll always be a cheerleader with that bubbly, high spirited attitude. May that personality radiate throughout your life Love. Mom. Dad. Ann Kelly Kay Heikkila We wish you lots of luck for the future and know that you will succeed in whatever you do We are proud of you. Sweetheart Congratulations! Love. Mom. Jock. Wendi. Mick. Willy, and Bob Rebecca Ann Barnes To our first born As you move ahead in bfe take with you our love and hopes for your, bright future Always know we will be here with love and support Go for your dreams Mom. Dad. and Vickie Jennifer Lynn Sorem i - ■ JTnni The possibilities are emSnt1 Reach for the stars' Tomorrow is yours, and we are so proud of you Love Mom. Dod. Jeff, and Kalli Robert Rich Copeland W you can dream «. you can do It! We love you Always. Mom. Dad. Tyler and Sam Todd Theodore Frank We re proud to call you son Congratulations on a Job well done Love always. Mom and Dad Elizabeth Ann i| Adams Congratulations Li , we re all proud of 4T «JT you' Love Mom. John. Margaret. Jenny and Ford Derek Nicholas Rogers Congratulations! Keep that carefree, happy disposition Love Mom. Dad. and Kimberly Susan Elizabeth Caldwell Best Wishes to a very special daughter You have filled our hves with joy We cherish you and our times together We ore very proud of you Vou will always have our love and support Love. Mom and Dad Kristin Elizabeth Kenady Congratulations Kiki' Keep up the great work, but take time to enjoy Ufe too' You are truly special Love Mom. Dod, and Erika I 230 SENIOR ADSJared Brent Jordal J.B We love you and wish you health, hap piness and prosperity your whole Me God bless you always! Mom. Dad. Joyllyn. Juliette and Grand mas Kindra Hughes Pierson To our one and only re arc JO very proud f you and all your tard work. We love rou Mom and Dad Jill Noelle Hulbert Fancy. May the sun shine warmly on your lace. May the wind be always at your hack And may the best of your dreams come true love. Mom and Dad Kristin Margaret Donnelly The best of times and the worst of limes One day you'll know the thrill of launching a delight of a child into the future; — but all the same, we ll miss your smile and chuckle' love. Mom and Dad Richard Joseph Effress Congratulations. Rich! We couldn't be more proud of you and wish you I he best of luck m the future love Mom. Dad and Julie Sara Louise Darwin Dear Sara. You'll always be our "number one da ugh ter " We wish you health, wealth, sue cess and happiness al ways love. Mom and Dad (and Laura too) Laura Anne Hykes We are very proud of you. you have done a great job despite all the moves You have a wonderful life ahead of you and we wish nothing but the best for you Love. Mom and Dad Mary Elizabeth Kelly (Molly) Dear Molly Muffet. May the road rise to meet you. may the wind be always at your back You have truly given joy to us all Be happy and continue lo pass il Love. Dad. Mom. Bn an. and Megan Susan Michelle Vagnoni We are very proud of you and hope that your life is filled with a balance of challenges and successes as well as happiness through out love Mom. Dad. Rick, and Rocky Karen Minnie Kiang Numerous happy moments to enjoy; oc casional stressful events to share Thank you for many beautiful memories Our best wishes and love. Mom and 0 d Carlson Donna Lynne Wilbur Donna. The great ad ventures m life come to those who live in the present as you do Congratulations and love from Mother. Dad. Linda and All Thanks for being such a sweetheart' I wish you all the happiness life can give you May God bless you and guide you always' Love. Mom Stacy and Tracy Seveland The best things m life come in pa«s We hope your dreams come true Love. Mom. Dad. and Steph ame I Ann K. Forrest Succeed or not. fade or soar, crank or shank, trip or score, nobody loves you more Love. Mom. Dad. and J Anthony David Olson (Tony) May you find the hap ptness that we have found m you Love from Mom and Dad SENIOR ADS 231Michelle Coleman Divine Miss M You have brought special joy Into our lives We're proud of you and your accomplishments May the future hold challenges and many rewards. God bless and keep you. Go with our love Dad. Mom and Leenne Christopher K. Wilson Now you have wheels Nest you want wings Whatever fate deals, whatever life brings, remember we love you. Mom. Dad. Joanne. Barbara, and Michael Alex Holderness Ale , your music and late night discussions are permanent treasurers We are very proud of you We all love you very much. We miss you already. May the Lord Mess you all your days Love. Mom. Dad. Matt. Ashley. Brooks Julie llene Sklar You have brought us great joy and pride May all your hopes and dreams come true We love you Mom and Dad Richard C. Shannon You have brought us great pride and joy. We give you our love, support, and best wishes and may all your dreams and hopes for the future come true Love Mom and Dad Molly Ann Borgen Remember Miss Priss, Whatever you can do or dream you can. begin it'" Much love. luck, happiness and health We re with you all the way. Mom and Peter. Kristen Carol Saterbak May your special love of life and bright, creative spirit shine out in all you do keep the faith KC we enjoy and appreciate you for who you are Love. Mom. Dad. Steve (Bandit and Snuff) William John Otteson You make music wherever you go and bring joy to our bves and everyone you know. Our love, support and best wishes go with you always. Love Mom and Dad Nick Olsen You've brought us such joy and filled our hearts with bright memories ol you to cherish always! Congratulations! We're so proud of you' Love Always. Mom and Dad Peter Charles Swanson Congratulations on your graduation and all your past achievements. We re very proud of you We wish you continued fun. friends, and success as you launch mto the next stage of life. Love. Mom and Dad Daniel John Diebold Thanks for the many happy hours of music — from the days of Let's pretend" to the real thing. You're our favorite musician May you always have a song in your heart Love. Mom, Dad and Deanna Christine Brezina and Heather Tran Chris-You are so special and have brought us joy and happiness! Met You're the best surprise gift we've ever received! God go with you May your hopes and dreams come true. You're both one in a million! Love. Mom and Dad Jennifer Lynn Ankeny Congratulations Jem' You are and always will be the sunshine to my Me. I'm so proud of you. Love. Mom Christine Anne Letsche You are a fine young woman. Chris We re so very proud of you Good luck In all you plan to do We re behind you all the way! Mom and Dad Lisa Marie Russell Congratulations Usa’ With Love. Dad. Mom and Katie ... and Penny and Lenny. Salter and Pepper, Jody and Roily. Patch and Latch. Spot and Dot. Blob and Blot. Blackie and Whitey. Roger and Anita and Nanny Cook. I 232 SENIOR ADSJolie Ann Hilgren Congratulation Jolie! We are very proud of you With Love. Mom and Dad. Kristi and Andrea Ingrid R. Podnieks We re so very proud of you. so glad you're you. Ingrid May all your dreams come true. Love. Dad. Mom. Ed. and Eric Weber Stefanie. you are truly a beautiful girl both inside and out. We ate so grateful for the happiness and wonderful memories you hovt given us and so proud of your accomplishments We love you Love. Mom. Dad. Bet. and Molly Elizabeth Ann Clemants You've got the world on a siring and we are bursting our buttons with pride May all your dreams come true. Love. Mom and Dad Theodore William Cohan Congratulations on a job well done! We wish you happiness, good health and enjoyment in the future. We love you. Mom. Dad. Kim. Rten. Spot. Guru, and Finley Heidi Jo Novogratz Me»di. Don't ever change just stay the way you've been and you can t miss! Good Luck in whatever path you follow Congratulations and Love from Mom, Dad. Chris, and Heather Colleen Marnell A lively bunch from a flower street are proud as they can be Because we have In our midst a genuine star to see. While three are near and two arc lar. we all join together to honor this star. Chris from N J and Jen from 8.C . join Tun from S-V. and Mom and me. Zeiper Congratulations to a special guy! May fame and fortune be in your future, playing those drums We believe In you and wish you the best. Love. Mom and Dad Julie Betts and Kerri Lewis From clown noses to long stem roses, the road is long Congratulations! Jennifer Marie Honstad Congratulations Jenny our Radar ". our shot-put thrower, our home run hitter. You have enriched our lives and brought us so much happiness God's richest blessings to you Love. Dad. Mom. Jessica. Janelle Paul Nelson Long "If one does not understand a poem, it is not r »« u because the author 1 f- - m' Is not understandable The reader must look deeper inside himself to find his own meaning by JdL Paul Long We re j proud of you and know you II make it Love. Mom and I— Dad Sara J. Lewis God has blessed us with many gifts. But none can measure up to the gift He gave when He brought you Into our lives. We thank Him for your life and the joy you bring to all. Love Mom. Dad. and Eric Kelly Sue Salita Congratulations. Kelly! We are so proud of you Love. Mom. Dad. Dean. Scott, and Rocky Stephanie Jo Haddad Steph your dimples and smile appeared on the day you were born and have brought us joy ever since Keep them shining as you strive to attain your goals We are so proud of you! We love you! Mom and Dad SENIOR ADS 233Linda Mae Anderson Linda As you enter a new beginning, may your dream be pail of your future, and may your future bring you happiness and success Love. Mom. Dad and Karen Scott Kenneth Eberhardt Happy travel and good luck from all of u» who have loved you You've made us so proud. Mom. Dad. Julie, and Stacey Susan Kathleen Weir Memories of great adventure will always be remembered when you look at this photo May your future be full of great adventure Broad horuon and above all great happiness and fun' Alicia Anne Nemecek Congiatuta tlon Alicia, and good luck in the future You can do anything you choose — be yourself and you'll be great! Love Mom. Dad and Sara Matthew Lynn Workman YOU ARE SPECIAL a real Joy and blessing to us and all who know you. May your life be filled with health, success, peace and happiness You deserve the best WE LOVE YOU! your family Debra Ann Higgins Wishing our Dynamo Debbie a Delightful Destiny Love. Mom. Dad. Doug and Jay Katharine Elaine Riley Dream your dreams Hope your hopes. And set your goals for your tomorrows. But as you do. treasure the Joy and wonder of your todays. We love you very much! Mom. Dad. and Scott Laura Karpeles You are a wonderful, giving person We are so proud of you. and we love you very much May your future be only happy lime and beautiful memories Love, forever, your family. Gregg Allen Bennett Jr. Bo. you've worked hard. Keep your smile your humor and your faith and take the future one day at a time. We re so very proud of you Cocv gratulations and lots of love. Mom. Dad. Jennie, and Cookie Meredith Giske Dear Meredith, to some you are Moo. Biff or Mer. To ut you are wonderful Love. Mom. Dad. and Greg Diana Lynn Wciland Your enthusiasm for life it contagious. We with you happiness end fulfillment of your dreams. We love you dearly. Baby Boo! Love. Mom and Dad Nicole Noel Blcahu Laughs, tears. Incredible Insight — thank you Mickle, for the Joy and fun you brought into our lives Wherever you go our hearts will always be with you Love Mom. Dad and Michelle Scott Carlton Rile We think you're the greatest! You have had a terrific 1st 18 yrs. the best is still ahead! Do your best' Have fun! Don't gel discouraged! We are very proud of you! Love. Mom and Dad Gleason Your objectives will be achieved if you keep your beautiful personality and compassion for others Continents and oceans may separate us but our love will always be with you. An open door at home for you always. Love. Mom and Dad 234 SENIOR ADSJennifer Marie Stevens You ore written on our hearts and we will never, ever be the same. What a beautiful part of our lives you are! We love you Mom. Dad. Mark, and Mike n Bridget Underwood and Shannon Maas You ate the 'light'' of our lives! Love, your families Ann Marie Emmer Congratulations to my beautiful and precious little blue eyes I do love you wtth all of my heart Mom Michele Howell Some call It luck but we call It skill! May you always be as skillful in your future Love you Michele. Mom and Dad and Scooter Jason Bryan Adelman The good old days when I was bigger and stronger than you I guess things have changed I knew you could do It little bto! I Love You! Jody Julie Ann Carlson Congratulations Julie. May all your dreams for the future come true. All our love. Mom, Dad. and Elizabeth Julie Ellen Hcgstrom Definetety feminine already at 7- and a very dear and wonderful daughter always. Our love. Mom and Dad Mary Kay and Nlckle We are friends and no matter what else happens In this crazy world of ours. I N always be here for you in whatever way I can be ... to cheer you up. to dry your tears, to share your smiles, to care about you forever. Louise •‘Squeeze” Harris Thanks for taking notes, entertaining us with your caffeine highs (etc ). provkSng the spoons, and for the hugs May your love continue to spill forth into the world. Love. Pooky and the Gund gang To the Class of 1988 "Don't wish to be anything but what you are. and try to be that perfectly! " — Anonymous Good luck In the years to come!’ The Edina Hornet Kimberly Ann Morgan Congratulations to our little Rah Rah' Thanks for being so sweel and for all the hugs and kisses you gave us. We love you Kim and are so proud of you. God bless you honey, may all your dreams come true. Love Mom and Dad and Mike We re very proud of you. May your future be the best. Love. Mom and Dad Stephen Addison Smith. II Elizabeth Adams Uz. Love from the Gulch, where all 1 the stepmothers are compulsive, all the dads tell knee- V ileppets. and the children salt everything at once, (the humor never stops!) Anne Marie Boiler Without you there would be no me. and no one would be there to read with me at sleepovers. Thanks for being my second sister Love. Lizzie P S Mo need for thanks. After all. what are friends lor? Mr. Robert Lynch Thank you for the Immense time and effort you contributed in order to make Edina High School a better place for all oT us. The Class of 1988 SENIOR ADS 235 layouts • another deadline • staying aften thanks to a wonderful . 513JJ on pages • ser Lvj o, , MMjLu r1°re d EDINA WEST BARBER STYLISTS 5101 Vernon Ave Call 929-2211 Hours: Tues Fri 8:30 to 6 00 Sat. 8 00 to S.00 FINE ART STUDIO As a senior in high school you have a lot of exciting decisions ahead of you. Some of these decisions might include college, career or travel, your choices could last years, or a lifetime. Fine Arts Studio makes one decision easy. Simply stated, our graduate potraits are superior. We encourage you to compare by taking a glance through your yearbook. A Fine Art portrait will stand out from the rest of the photographs, and will be the ones that are remembered. Our portraits are as unique as you are. The facts are in, the choice is yours. Call today ... bookings are limited. 236 PATRONSEdina Realty INC Edina's Favorite Homeseller! Complete Real Estate Services Including: Relocation Insurance Home Financing Title Insurance Business Properties 50th France Southdale 3930 W. 49 Vi St. 4015 W. 65th St. 920-1960 927-1100 PATRONSEDINA FLORISTINC y OHjjed50!h 5 rvd Cdmotyhnncxs o 55 ?24 QUALITY FIDRIST ANTIQUES duncWcfbonougb 9Q0-5665 537-95V2 A special thank you to the graduating class of 1988. Your spirit, strength, and unity not only emblazoned a path for future classes to follow, but made it a pleasure for us to produce this yearbook for you. May your future endeavors be as fruitful and memorable as your senior year. GOOD LUCK!! The WINDICO Staff Ten VNHOME CONDO pAUTJTTgJ f b inc. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’88! ’red sport S' r CMerai j •QUALITY MfclCCMANOafc S- « 3oWAL-3£eVK-£ fVU. UNC MOCJOCV •-nWMiS CMMVCX 2OT««TSL n3 •3C r V«0- i AtwiiTc • ae Au- Tea Ua feft o (r twM Sftvbf- 929-4010 PRAHTX. 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PATRONSCongratulations to Edina High School Students and Faculty on another great year! Many thanks to these past and present Edina High students for their great job performance at The Connection: ★Dean Salita ★Jennifer Abrams ★Adam Abrams ★Harlan Blumenthal ★Jon Blumenthal We invite and encourage ’88 grads and next year’s Juniors and Seniors to explore employment at: The Connection 1322-901 gtihejacts Cl crTonisnr LLLL I l ui IIL YELLOW PAGES ALSO YOUR WLOL ENTERTAINMENT CONNECTION 241 PATRONSII usages so much! Thanx for Ne me boushi! Lora NJS- you're the greatest friend! Last Summer was crazy w bowling. swimming. StaleGFain, movies. Homecoming Wow! Spring Break will be awesome!(Keystone)Don't forget Embassy: our nights out.Hopefully this summer will be crazy too. I LOVE YO(J TODD FROM THE GIRL IN 6TH HOUR. I LIKE TO WEAR MINI SKIRTS XXXOOO ILLMISS YOULISA BUTHAVE FUNIN COLLEGE. DUHGEORGE! your drivers test? Mint. How long have you had it? Bang those drums!! Let's scream some more. Embassy Suites! Penny SCOTT. Remember this? Thanks for all the great memories and for your friendship. GREGG SYBILS 1-4 will forever remain with happy, ear pockets cause we are INSANE! I love you guys! LQtRBIE-Youmean theworld tome.You've al-waySbeen therefor meand Ihope I've done the same Hpve you.'88all theway! Love-LIBBO Luck-IWon t ForgetYou ••SNUGSYauhave broughtsomuch happiness tomy life. Reh mber I'llalways loveyou TJ-Goodbye A LoveME Lousis Louis Louislua! L ng Live Herzig! Ralphie. Teri. and Kaz- ThankS or the laughes. Love Ya-Kerr Twen 2! the one best buds! Devo. Katieo. Sackers Memories will last 4ever!! - Susie Band Geeks forever! AUNE THE CLUB. HOUSEQUAKE. KOOKOO. PLUNGER. RUDEGIRLS. COPS. STRESS .GUYS.JOINED AT THE MOUTH. ACCOR DIONS. B.SESSIONS. MILK THE CAT. "WANT TO TAKE A BATH?"-NIPS Ally-Thanks for the wonderful times you have given me. You are a dream come true. John Teri Johnson Had to let you know I've been watef for 4 yrs. I now regret being so shy. I your smile! Good Luck w your Senior Year graduate(w no guts) Curt- Keep smiling Kiddo! If you need a friend I'm sailing right behind you. Luv ya. Roland Dean. Andy. Eric. Rob. Sean. Sara. Katie. Steph. Cindy. Mary. Julie, and lota(MoeJoe) Love ya All-KERR DEAN- Well bud we made it!! Our friendship has really grown over the years and we've gotten each other in and out of a lot of trouble. I see no end to the fun and good times!! Love Ya Kerrwin Aimee. What a rush! Let's do the mogals! Keystone is awesome!! Penny We're Going to MEXICO! Me.Jeni.Suz.Ole GBecky CIND. Max had puppies in this little FORT! Frisky want a piece of pie? Love.Rambunctious Julie- Last summer was hot. the pacific NW; Plu. K-16 complete' So what did you get on MARY KAY AND NICKIE-WILL YOU EVeC FORGET HOLY SH T ITS A MOUSE OR STR y KE.STROKE.STROKE! LMR 4th of July 1987! S-t Face Bay!! Charades, tu bln' slamin' in the sun! DULUTH ... DRIVING ... fljL... FOOD . COOL;V + S=2F + 2B "Another SAT Night ..." Best Buddies Al ways! CMW BASKETBALL GAMES WE FOR US! LMR MADE Matl-we've been throug everything! I Love You! let toll! Wc Ihe ■ J.XHf times Moonchild. Love friends forever. Starchild Kirby-Thanx 4 many yrs of friendship. I love you bud-Dino Ipse Dixit-Drew.Hoegs.Fronny. He said It! CINDerella I'll always be your GEEK. LOVE YA!Hey Bugs You're gorgeous and a beautiful person. Don't ever forget that I love You. Mark! How about me? Seven months man! 0 suck toasty! the z bites it! SD? Nahh! Go fer it! Chris! SL is much too ample but you like it! Cosmic Peete! Don't forget those condoms! Bugs. I have a question for you. I've noticed you've taken a liking to me and You know I've taken a liking to you. so I was wondering if ... will you marry me? STEPH- Never forget cream cheese the worm! LRC MMC- You two are the best! Remember: Mr.Jokes, adventures. TW's Mom ... Miss ya-KMD S-my thingsinlhis world weremade withbeer! The first summer at KP's Cabin! Thanks for all the special memories-cheerlead ing 8788 Love. Stefanie KK. JW. NB. KP-The time is now REGRESS!!! XO. CE ESPI I LOVE SURFER DA S FRITOS! ILOVEU ESP2 KC "THISISIT" SUMMER 88 BIKING AMY DOES IT AHL Eric some s — t happened this year Eh? go to the bathroom now? Patrick- April 28th. when we're 21. right?? Tugs-1 Love Katsup!!-Tugs f MeCoy-This is the LAST time 2 say Hill! -Vags C.L. "Y P.N. Coby Dahling-1 love you! So many movies but. what were their plots? Strained honey and sour cream. CJ can't keep a secret. TWINS HUH? No matter what, you will always be my stud muffin. I love you Diana MRSMON • REMEMBER ALL OUR TIMES. BOTH GOOD AND BAD: EVER FLIPPED A VETTE? STUDENT AIDE. TWEET. SO SOR RY. U.M.D. AND BACK AGAIN. OUT THE WIN DOW!!! REMEMBER LATE NIGHTS? EGG YELLOW. TRANS - AM I MAKING CENTS? TALK TO ME! STU WOULD BE PROUD. TEARS AND LAUGHTER. KNEES AND PT. PICK UP SOME DINOS BIO = TROUBLE. WE PROVED THAT! DIVORCE!! LET'S COMPARE PLAQUES. WE'VE HAD IT ALL • THE BEST OF FRIENDS!!!!! I'LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS. LADY Dl LADY Dl THE CHICK Want someM's Poor Ma cheshaving ahedday Twins I want a divorcePa lamony youscare mesomany restauran tssolit-tle timecancun Nopr oblem poor Mrsandwich-steu Bipolar DR.D.D.? Yeslm writingnotes in classwh at class Susan • You are the bestest friend ever!!! Prom and the great escape. Let's see. 4 rats. 3 rats ... and you know all the rest! We've been so close for so long — college will be hard. AFS. ASP. Christmas's and skiing. We've done so much. Shop til you drop!!!! We re so much alike. I think we're sisters. I love ya Diana KEL-thanx 4 being such a great friend. Always keep your strong values. I love you!! EN Blumage Thanx 4 all the fun times talks! You're one in a million! Love ya. SF Rocks Hard Jill Les-Thanx 4 being the best! Luv Ya-Vags Diane thanks4 all thegood times!5th gradeand 4ever! Sweetheart 86cartowing policestations summer86 tramtgifridays first lovesalways lo-veAnie TO MY BEST in love??? you guys! Keep Smiling!!! my best friend! Syybia Squat team livcs-ILuvU Kirstin. Mer. Donna. Chrisy Chris Gill Farted!!!!!!! Mr. Sensitive • thanx for some special times in my life • M JH Hopkins. Library. Hockey Games. BL.ML. all the fun things in life. Shari - Long live the memory of Marty!!! Corb Nanc Friends last forever L Ya Mutt Hey Guys, never forget all our fun times espe daily New Years Eve '87 — Love ya MG King These past four years have been so much fun knowing you. Thanx much for the use of 714 this year. I can't ever forget the Gucci canteen, illegal U costin the big zoo. a day around Easter of 1987. 6th hour to school Lis? Frances Limo. weekend at LS. ccchip. B in shrubs by Hwy 18. Keys in car. puttin to school together. Thats what Friends are 4. Maybe life can be like DD. Love always. The Bug. Ps Can't forget night at Eddie Webbs 17th Jenny-Thanx for always being there. Sorry about the new car incident at Sdale. Leave me in control anything can happen, I bet your shoulder is tilted from me. Doublin with Rob movin in closer. Member little Lars Yummy Chi Chis? Keep your head on straight.Don't get lost remember that next time you hear that sound look out your window to see that red. white. blue Mystry roaring bye Love Blonde UMD Wise. Michelle Thanks for being such a great friend!! You are the BEST!! Love Ya. MUF Natalie Well 6 years is a long time, it has been the best time of my life. I am really glad you could spend them w me. Thanks for everything you have done for me and for being my best friend. I love ya lots! Love Jennifer Christine and Mary Duluth was great! Don't do to many Dales or swimming at 3:30 the "funny" was great! Next time bring your I.D. April Fools Day Luv. Jennifer Keep in Touch’ Mr Bucko when we live together can we wear socks to bed? i promise the dogs won t bite anymore’ i dont know about forever but I love you now. Mrs Buckette KL Someday we will find himwhen welcast expect HS MOODS WE SNAGGED THE BEST FRIENDS HAD THE BEST TIME! LEAN ON ME BES SIE. GERTIE. MYRDAL the road is going SLOW and I’m soooo happy. KMD DHBSHS — Thanks for saving my sum mer '87 Who drinks WHOLE milk, anyway?? 243Everyone knows that Baker's Square is I — but some of us don't even know where the tupperware i$!!Oh well — what do you expect from a Member of the Mister family?!? Love MC SKT — Who's Frank Lloyd Wright??? KARENKE — Now will you bake him a cake? You've been the best friend I could ask for — Thanks for everything. Conan's shop 4cver!!- I Love ya! MC MY ALMALWAYS REMEMBERRICHARD'S PARTY. SWTHRT .HC. YCKJR HOT BODY. PEETY WEETY. MOLLY. MARG. FRANK. FRED. PATTY GOD YOUR GOOD. STOP!! TICKLISH. BLACK SILK. AMFAC; JUST LIKE LIVING IN PARADISE. AWESOME TIMES BE TWEEN 1 6 AM. IO:23.HORNY. LIKE YOU DO THIS TO ME. OTT'S CABIN. FIREPLACE. PRAY FOR YOUR AUNT. WHO FELL FIRST? RED LACE. RED SILK. I'M YOURS. YOU'RE MINE. WE RE AWESOME. JUST YOU AND I. TOM. IWY SYW.IT'S BEEN THE TIME OF MY LIFE. ILY!!YOUR JRC JON- thanx for the wonderful year, angie Peteyweety- worn out yet? Patty Jon Kiss me im timmy John 1991. Ashley. Anthony, we were meant to be I miss you I love you this much. Angie Otter. James. Patrick. Johny.Timmy.you guys bave been the best friends ever. I love you.An- gi Steiny ■ III never forget you all our times friends forever: Dont forget me. Mclooser Katesters- MSHSBH: yippee skip day. pool hop-pin. times w Brennan£r Sieve. My b day B f f Banger Chancey- I'll always be one up on ya! Lov. ANG TPing Richards was the classic, right guys? Jon- T.O.M Seeya Embers HC Swthrt Amfac 10:23 Lunch not Launch otts cabin Nov 7 Nips nuts Sneaking over No regrets No Goodbyes No enps You haven't seen anything yet! 95% mine 5% yours Being equal Constant hornyness Many many more Don't ever forget me Truly yours; AM Jon-Peteyweety. Frank. Fred. Molly. Marge. Patty Dont ever forget them!! Luv Ang Joey thanks for all the great times Iv Donna JM SM AD AM LL MC HN CL JS BC SB AR SR KC 14 3DS RS May all your dreams come true. Love HS BU thanks for being my dear Abby. Love ya HS BC-Don't Toucf the Radio! My eyes are up • HB Carol Cakes- I I ve you! Love. Liz Bun Peety-18 years of Love and Laughs! Harry Lizmobile Lives B.C. I'm mad a Does ANYBOD DANNY Van? 1988 Swim ca wish you the Faith, and Hop Lisa will you n ury me!! Pete •out you! Love, your huny bun know what happened to the tains! Lori. Claudia. Terri We est for next year! With Love. Lov U! Donna. Lindsay. Vicki Goodness.Gracifcus.Great balls of Fire LM + CH Jason- Thanx 4khe memories! BBF! Love Molly Wanted dead or June 9. 1987 alive: the Danny Van. Last seen ubstantial reward offered BR. MC. lives MB MB-3 tooges 4ever! Minute blanket Hector says: H LISA I Year ha same. I sure hi PDW LH AF RR DD RE THANKS KEEP IN TOUd H f DR LA thanks for always love !Love Mugsie AT.NSThanx P.N. Good Luc Jay-Thank4 e’ buddy Ross!!! gone by and I love you just the pe you dont hate me by now. PK CZ SS PS TZ JS TM MH SLL THE GREAT TIMES! H LOVE JODS seing a loving friend sis I'll yo i! GoodLuck inall that you do the C.L. Memories!Love MB .Scorp..Love always cl pal trything. Buds 4 ever.Brace Diz: Ura cool b onde.Takecare.Pokey's Pal 2gether we stand tall. 2gether we've become strong, and 2gether we'll always be!lluvu!Vic ITALIO Takecare.UraDude.S.L.Wonder Jordan:YourSmilels alo. Your moves r so raw. 14 We luv ya C R P-nut:Brazils r great but ur the best Junior Pick 6: Nasby. Olson. Lindsay, Daffer, Matysik. Gens RUPGFORD:Let's rock this sum. Bike Buddy Sullie LOLO: 2mod students 4 ever Luv brazil Scotty. Johnny. Moody. Sor:Scorpios Rule Concrete Sequentials Rule SLOPEMASTERI ALWAYS LUV YA-GRAN-ADE DRLN SOULMATES ROCK MARKIE- URA GEM PAUL- Thanks for the awesome scavenger hunt. So what do you have planned for this summer? PL arobics wouldn't be the same w out you!-LA IMAGERS: Let's not be stopping running that cheesy fluff! LONG LIVE ELMO! Worship Kir-by the King! Hector says:Bop 'til you drop! Endless reading.LAYOUT.Buffalo Run; stay alive and keep partying!Keepsmiling-ILoveYa EH KM BETH Lets go see LA'S!MB J P.CHOCCHIP COOKS RULE BESTBUDDIES LAW FIRM AHEADLOVE ALWAYS ROSH 32HOW BOUT A LITTLE 1 ON I? 244 RAGU TOROS. P6. DEST. OUR DUDES. LIFE.special messages RAW. LAUGH. 1989. FRIENDS 4EVER- GRAN-ADE TERI-Stories J's Orcos Drv Bys Swt Hrt 87 Shrg Crm KSR LADIES NIGHT ”1 NEVER' DMR I LOVE YOU! KP MOODY-Cabin Florida Laughing ShakesDB-F FLOVEKR Leslie Terl Karin Friends AreFriends Forever-KSR LH. JS. DD. LH. HS w NOT HAVE BEEN THE SAME w out U. THANX 4 EVERYTHING LUV PK Jon. You really have gotten into good shape this year, those three mile hikes to A's two times a week gave you great endurance! You must have been seriously motivated!! S J Jason. We are grounded tonight our little secret "Push it ' pancakes the bat cave Pud Huey Nancy Joanie headgear mylicense the Bahamas Pididle Chemistry Kimmie Oh okay you remember that Thanx ALOT! No. I'm not ticklish Poison Drakkar my fuzzy arms Amy's sledding THANKS! Love always. Nectar Buns THE BEST TIMES WERE WITH YOU.I LOVE YOU. CANDEE BBF! Becky. I hated you as an old guy: but I LOVE you as my enemy! Thanks for all the encouragement! I'll miss you! -OEOGP!- Love. Kari MK N: "D" BOOKS. WHIPPED CREAM FIGHTS. BOBBY PINS (YUCK!),NIGHTGAMES. NMZDs FOREVER! LOVEUC Chambers-Don't you fart at my party!!! Robin-The Dynamic Duo LIVES!! Batman Katie-Takk for alle gode tidene!How myA baby- ?Love ya. Ang Chin-The Clarinet Wonder-1OQy for being my POPS BUD.LIFE'S Better w oOrumpetsHAng Hi KATE! Don't take to many shower's-Love you’re thee bestest! I LOVE YOU!RudeGirls-ME Rock- Kari Annums. Neen. Jules-Thanks for all the good times!Love ya.Ang Di-what to say? You are the most awsome space case buddy! Twins w different color hair?! GRRRrr! I'll miss you ... Love, theone w blondehair! Babbit-Sophomoritis! BWCA-CB Best Buds! Memories to last a lifetime -The Best is yet to come! Friends 4 ever me Kegger-Partyw thePcnguins wherever U go-LAH MS CB JA BR MC MB AAROCKIN AT, AA'S!MB KH-Everything from Hawaii to BigLake-We've done it all! Allx's together!"lf you can'th w the 1 you love.love the I you're w I'll mis ou LAH MS CB JA MC BR I will miss y GOOD LUCK ILOVEMB N-HE PULLED DOWr HIS ZIPPER! AP PLAUSE?C GROVES: HE'S B ING MY ARM! F — -A! BOBS BEST WE BE JAMMMIN CWX2 NEED A DAT ? LOVE YOUCHRISTY DAVID ISyA FRUIT LMR T ANKS FOR BEING THEREFRLOVE YOUTCMW UH JS "You've Got A Friend."I love you guys-LH Biggums. Do you have a woody? Me neither. I am a lucky dog;tho. RUFF!I Love you! -Derri Heather.Shut-up already! D — •! you're kinda cute, wanna take a bath? ha-he-hi-haa-he-he !Have YOU ever kissed the Knut? Plunger at "The Club" GOLDRUSH white boys think they're fresh! Thanks for always being here. DOUGY UOUGYYOU KNUCKI EHEAD-COM MENTSS.L. BEST FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS THERE ALWAYS THERE EVEN WHEN THERE NOT IM GONNA MISS YOU WtVGOTSUMER Amc(dingle)Firery6 on 11 29,Super ocho romps.Dirty DaoCing Thanks for all the special memories.yotWe the best. Love Pete INTL CLUB GAVE BOWLING A WHOLE NEW MEANING! jp Where is t. d and h? college? you BJ?T! AJ YOU ARE MY DENSITY! UH. I MEAN DESTINY. BB CH WATCH OUT WE STILL OWE YOU PINK FLAMINGO TARGET (THE GIRLS) TINA-WHO.WHAT.WHEN? OH YEAH CHIP . .. THE LADIES ZANE-So he spent the night eh?l thoughF'AII MEN SUCK "u ere you after NIKU SL LITTLE TRUDIE-Some say you'd never ... we know you did-the Ladies KATE ON A BEACH ALONE A GUY DID YOU KNOW HIS NAME-THE LADIES Torra-Scammin Queens the U-Valli Pizza Scott? Tom? To All The Girls We've Loved Before itch Me I'm Fallin-Hentges-the little Yellow your 2minL Crushes-scarey place!Luv KT1 SHARf hanks all of the great times and being tlu re always'Duluth. the "funny".sweet-heart and almost every Mrgekend! Here is to the good times rind the great time to come!! Look out UMD hcr?QK B BB Llots.muf 1 AURf .l S AM (RENE THANKS FOP Al l THE GREAT I TnD MEMORIES! FRIENDS FOREVER! SANGER 245JULIE-Hey ya dude! You are a great friend! You taught me how to open up more. Thank you.We need more nites like New Years. Witch out that 7th time might get you.Time for a big banana! Love ya! Luv Jennifer JODI LEE THANKS FOR STICKING WITH ME! GS.ECC.PAPERS IN THE HALL LOVE YA FOR EVER SHARS MC MARSHMALLOW FEVER TCJNA PER FUME SHAREBEAR JH. MG. NW, JC TREATS E.NEWYEARS-SM ANYON- MUFTHANKS FOR BEING THERE.DULUTH .DALE AND THE FUNNY.GUESS WHAT? SH87 NEW YEARSFFSHARI MANDA SUEBUDDY AND ORVILLE LIVE! LOVE YA SM Donna.control is an illusion!! luv you!Jen the fai h. LOVEYA! MEREDITH CAYMAN CREW LIFE'S A BEACH HORNETTES: THANK YOU FOR A GREAT YEAR AND FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME! GOOD LUCK! ILOVE ALL SOY CAPITAN TRINAFRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!SMILE AND NEVER FORGET THE GOOD TIMES LOVE ALWAYS SQUEEZE TODD ZEY THANKS FOR EVERYTHING-THE WALKS TALKS AND FRENCH SILK POLO CHUBBY CHEEKS FRIENDSHIP TAKE CARE-LOVE ALWAYS SQUEEZE JOBRIEERIN THESE YEARS WITH YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SO MEMORABLE! PETER! Er-Nope itsamaytag! Spinning Veggie Wheel! MAUM988-What an amazing time! Sweetheart! COOLI Carl Rob John MichaelOh the men of our lives! Sanibel contests-New Years Eve-you guys never cease to amaze me. All of the amaz- sna»ffirememwr surprise patura. 9»i gr notes, ladies'night. thee movie. Steve Miller, rating men. LK Harriet. Riverplace, Otay, summer '87. last night of school85-87, Lk.Mtka. sausaronl, grandstand wave! "I never"will4-get-u. ILUVUMLeer Tina:poor the milk, bigred. dollypants KBye.D-Bags some have blond hair some brown. DWD. tacopie. life on Mars? COMMENDABLE, dude! Missya nextyear.love you!Jennifer KOH-We've had some great times! Thanx for everything. Friends forever!-ALP JN. KK. KM-Thanx for all the good times! ALP Tina. Tree. Tudis. PJB. PetzkySan. and Leer Beer- Thanks for all the good times! LNs forever! Riverplace. MEN. dancing. MEN. eating. MEN. well you get the idea."DMR"-ha.ha! Good luck in the future! Remind me 2 show you pictures of my kids and my tall and DARK beau! I Never! (But ask Tudis if she has!) Love ya! Zan Men have 2 faults:Everything they say and do KLK Didn't we have a swingin' good time at Jungle Larry's?!? CJH Robby Thanks for the best times. J. M. Booz-Thanks fer being my best carpool bud.JM SmuggiB-been outofbounds lately? How's flasher? WOWMOM! Turns my crank! Remember us forever-Love you always-ON RIAH. WOWMOMWOW! weiny B.F.F. from C.K.'tlll forever-Rainy R.C. "With a Little Luck " Wings J.M. SR.CABINET: Best of luck next year! Keep up myTTinemiat wgnavwuau wuirt m-trgiffjtywg will roady to Calvin Er-Mad town will be aweso-me!Brle-l hope you will join us-but you will have fun.I love you guys.AI Pedro- Thanx 4 the good times! Moodeyo KLUTZ KANGO THANKS FOR SOME OF THE BEST TIMES I LOVE YOU GUYS! TAKE CARE POODLE-A. AnieHere's to Best Friends Forever! I'll never forget ALL times with you!LoveDi JENNIGE. TOR. Tl. THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES(THE TIMES OF MY LIFE!) LOVE ALWAYS. HOWL!!! RELAX CHRISTOPHER!!! John the past year and a half has been the best time of my life. Thanks for being my best friend! I love you-forever! Ally Hykes-THANKS FOR ALL the goodx'sSpaceCa se!LuvDi LIZ. JEN. ANNE MARIE KATE-FRIENDS LIKE YOU GUYS ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESSWHEEZE MY TB THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES! YOU WILL ALWAYS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART! A FRIEND LIKE YOU IS VERY HARD TO FIND! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! TAKE CARE LOVE SQUEEZUMS BUCKETTE-the time Ive spent with you has been the best time of my life.Dont let us grow apart, ok? I'll always be here for you. I'll always be your friend I Love you.forever.Mr.Bucko 5 you are my goal forever! Love always, your 1 fan special messages 246 JCharms. M. G. the annual boothockey game- Twin-Thanks for being such a special one-ILuvDi .Superbowl. carpooling in the future.l can't wait!-We'll have our sweatshirts!-K 13 you are my goal forever! Love always. 7t Tr“ T T Sophomore wing 15 GC Kirsten wishes can come true see you in 10 for boot hockey Puce 206-Bestest Bus Buddies Ever!-Puce 290 Donna Happy Birthday! Karen JN TO ALL THE GREAT TIMES AT ST! KK B ball buds. Being friends comes so natural lytous- wearealways there for each other its never achore it is done from desire. Im sure you know what I mean when I sat he memories we have are some of the finest I ever hope to have with many more to come !Reeb88Love-Jill MATT AND DAVE HOW BOUT THEM BLIZZARDS? DON'T DREAM ABOUT WINNING THEM BACK. SUZ AND LORA ARE UNDE-FEATABLE! SPORTOUR the SUNSHINE of my life! Thanks for all the special times! Cassiopia!we're 2 P's in a pod! 9 11 4ever! Eternally yours-SUNSHINE HYKES NEVER FORGET MR. HIGHWAY PATROL -GEEK SHAMP THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIMES. NEVER FORGET "OBWW," OR THE RETREAT. TOM NEVER FORGET AL'S PAL'S. KEEP THE FAITH.TOMO NEVER FORGET THE UNDEFEATED FRITO LAY TEAM. TURBOShe dsnt ware undrwr! arplnb trms-Jst 1 more! na KNU! Evrtngsb trwn wet! 911-itsw-tanyway SPUNKY TVAN Oirm41 bgisle SEOUL WOMEN! Thanx 4 grt times! stay GOLD slvrclshs!we're UNTOUCH ABLE! BFFIvOi BAMOGRYEC WOOBIES CHAMPAGNE! U BEACH BUM!lv BAM Doc-lts been good times in the B-Zone even though the BPM requesting a D M only ended up as BM. Twin Star '88? I'm comfortable if you're comfortable but I don't think G-man is. MACKANY TOWERS at '98 reunion-alwys rlxd-Mr.D J. P. Banana I 35mph and it falls apart! Is you carpet still green? Liz-You are the biggest spread queen we've ever met. Sorry you didn't quite kick the habit. Dr. Pepper Cool Ranch Doritoes will always remind us of you. Hope you don't always have as many boy problems. Thanks for all the great fimssT UKriH aw h mnm yau. s pn Michelle Geek. Ewok. Mom-No Matter What There's Al way's Katy Power -Spring Break 87 Talkin' with Tommy. You Tommy me Nelly-our secrets-Ann Coming Back. Your House-Pat; You Dad dy In The BATHROOM Bradbury Perkins On New Years SweetHeart88 -Whoknows?! Thanx For All The Wonderful Memoriesl LOVE YA GEEK FLASH J iOOD LUCK AND KEEP THE FAITH! LOVE.S Vags. Thanx for all the memories, love, and friendship! Stressing out won't be the same without you! Biskit-head. Best friends forever! Luv.BJ Hey 5 "I don't know why I like you. I just do" KIM + ANG-GALLAVANT. DROP. DINGBLAH. and that's how it all began!! To 5th hour 1st Semester-Garner-1 LIKE ORAL THINGS!! — VAL 10:16pm. Jan.30'88 3girls go wild!! Nailpoli sh.anyone?? We're so creative- Boa.Cab $l000 HEY MYRIAM KNOCK ON THE KNEE IN CHI CAGO! WE DO LOVE U AND YOUR BAN NANNA! SW is the smell out of your car yet? Gooney-did you like SW's garbage can? Next time you clean it!! TUBORG.CARLSBERG Olaf- can you speak slower? ps wed waxing Mr "I want to be anonymous" how much was the phone bill CM what did Dad say? SW do you love her? Her father does. PEST REMEMBER THE STORE B4 SCHOOL MRS 5'CANDY-THE TRACTOR SUMMER W ERIC YOUR HAL. COSTUME SAN DIEGO 88 LOVE C BONZOBBIC FOREVER! LOVE YA! }ONZO IOTA Rocks! KP JC MG NW JV JL Remember this? What's flopping TDWED? Musketteers live forever. ABC Juniors. Love ya all! STEPHO ABC JJ's. Good Luck and I'll be thinking of ya! STEPHO How TyPegTwace-Times will pass but great friends will last! Luv ya Torky STEVENSYEAH. YOU KNOW. WHATEVER. REMEMBER LADY STARDUST AND ME "JUST SMILING" LOVE ME Hey Lush! Hey Hey We're The Monkees. Bang Bang Your Dead. The Bananas In The Freezer. DriveBys. Parent Problems. Lewis-Jim: Always Forever-Catch Me I'm Fallin'-Ted. Henlges! Best Ever! Luv-FLASHmmbsbc TO EVERYONE.I WONT GET PERSONAL. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. GOOD LUCK. PAUL. PS PEACE ON EARTH Joey. Thanks for being you! Luv.BJ Chap. Thanks for all the help! Luv.Beck Joey, it was the commanches! Luv.Beck Skipper. ILove ya. Kiddo! Love.Beck OGs. We made it! Good Luck next year! Love. BJ Howl Hows The Silver Bullet-Luv ya Torky Sweetheart 88-TV-KF AWCR JFCS VD TJ TS CO LA-TB JS-PL-Special thanks to Kevin! I get by w a little help from my friends JF- SS-TS KC DW JH AS VD- PH SR LA JS LUV AK-You are really truly one Dazzling Dude VD Drew-Guess what? Who cares!Luv ya VD Jan23Feb5 The best 13 days so far-Thanks Drew JV If you're dry take a shower. Love Ya MGP We love the 3 of you Good Luck! The ABC Crew! MB. HAD ALOT FUN W YOU ILL MISS YOU. LOVE TTN Dude. You wanna lose some weight? Well then •come with me we ll go in the bathroom! Hayride Fall Retreat '87 Nov.6.87 ’Sweetheart 88 You've made this year special for me Thanx-specially for being you you'rc the best I'm the luckiest! Love.Bucko I'm so emotionally drained.Oscar! MK Avoid the Boyd BS ah bah ah ah ah forget it Hi CJ Grunt! MATT — PLEASE DON'T GO TO CLASS!! — VAL J.J.- We Rocked. We Rolled. Good Luck. E.L. KARIN ERIC ERIN STEVE MARK TOM. ETC .. ETC ... THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ! I WON T FORGET YOU . — JJ — • TARA: IT WAS GREAT TO GET TO KNOW YOU THE DANCES WERE SUPER THANKS FOR MAKING MY JUNIOR YEAR MEMORA BLEERIC IVE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE .. OLIVE JUICE LBRJAKPete To all the EHS Teachers — Thanks for putting up with us and for packing our minds with knowledge' Miss lets make some buppies! Luv u. Candee who is the goddess of love and beauty? A)venus B)S. Velner C)both A B pebbles and bam bam AIR wicka. remember guys are jerks! luvya! jewia! kk. eq. mp. ja thanx for the good x's-luv jh FLARA YOU ARE AWESOME I LOVE YA! FLARAZ 247GRANADE THE YEAR HAS BEEN WESOME WITH YA.WE FOUND OUR DREJ MS. SCAN-DLES HAVE MORE FUN THAN SCORPIOS !BUT WE CAN ALWAYS WATCH ' HE TOROS PICK SIX MADE IT AND WE LL ROCK EM RAGU NELLIE THANKS FOR SUCH A Gl EAT YEAR AND SO MANY MEMORIES.THIJ WAS THE BEST YEAR EVER.CL MB when youre in provo when yo i wish upon a star, remember what it says n amt.6art-3ctause8 Is this a tittle gray? now ti r and follow me on this-all I'm saying is thanks f r the laughs advice-next yr i'll bring ablb. Scotty its thicklto the best purple g ape I know. You're the coolest friend, thanks for all our talks. Luv ya CL how much? how mount? any am unt!!!!dog!!! the n'amount gang!! yeas! RobEb Willis-Vic TO MY DEAREST HOGIE-I will tr ily miss ya next year! take care! I love you! c a hog Mowa-like you even did that! He! Hr Luv ya!Vic al is the ultimate fart king! he! he Luv.Vic Ned is a schmed!!! he!he! Love.Vii troy-ur a special guy!take care!Lu .Vic Di-wc will keep in touch after 88 no natter what Thanx for all the help when I neede I it.I'll never forget you. Dave no thanx. I dor t need any chocolate! Susan-1 expect letters from wherr yer you are don't you dare lose touch! Love a ways. Dave all gtcys people look out for Edin comrades AB thanx 4 all the memories! you vere always there-i'll miss u love suz GIRLS HOOPS REEB! yosk wishy bills place isstill full of 'Iranians buny Kris- to my most favorite older sis er .. . good luck next year as you move on t bigger and better things! I will never forget y u or any of your advice (I only pretended t t to listen.) Thanks for EVERYTHING! (esp.yo r marketing notes) "Live long and prosper!"-E s Bosom Buddies forever-Michelle and Bridjet. Tuesdays meeting.(Barbara)-our fi end-U2."My big flopout" (disaster)-.carton an cartons of eggs.l love you-forever! Dear frier s thanks for a memorable year. I love you all. Kelly ! GRETCH THROUGH GOOD TIME i AND BAD WE HAVE STUCK TOGETHER.I'A PROUD TO CALL YOU MY BEST FRIEND. W SHINGTON AWAITS. LOVE. COCO LH. CC. HB. JH. KW. CE. SE thanx 4 the fun XS LV B To all people from mpls. TEC I love you BB!! PADRE PALS'I ... WANNA ROCK N ROLL ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVRY DAY . . !luv u!SHARON William-n-Joseph watch out 4 those kisses, they'll blow u away! xoxoSharonn Donna Lin well the year has come to an end and I just wanted to take the time to tell you that you are the greatest sister any one could ask for-thanx for all the special times that we shared together from both being rah-rahs to all the shopping trips during the state tournies-you're the greatest and I wish you all the luck in the world next year love sis. ROBIN AND HEIDI CB AA- remember the boy shim and hescott joey tjmanka tone w years87- 88 71 5 332 glove compartment sweetheart 88 you 2 are the best-luvya!ML Hey dudes • Meg. Chris. Donna. Heidi and Leah • the perfect Florida Five • thanx for all the memories (so sexy), calling BH at 3am, sunglasses man and MAMBA!(so awesome)as a good puritan. I wish you a wholesome future!(that means no reams of men!Xand no volumes of volcanoes mr's)take care.love DHBSHS.CUDDLES.LRC Charles-thanks for your friendship-1 never would have survived w o you.from "friends n lovers-".new student mtgs. Reslnn, McDonsdrive-thru, Gmr.h.toikk signs, our post at Daytons. The ThornBirds. Florida adventure.Noah 2.and seniors lump.we (true edina girls) made it! Love always. LRC. crash, cuddles puritan. Tex-what did y'all say about wholesome animal lust?love. Becka Sue j h. sip. r k. new years 87'. fourth of july 87' j s. minnetonka, perkins. ski show, sanibel summer 87', griff and todd. Cuba, jerry's sanibel. special ex. wtc, truffles, skippy and chris.u of m. dale and lyle. mouies. apt., Ima.best friends forever and always Toastmaster T:"hey you!he wants to .. up your and for that matter"horsesh — you2zmen ate ment for embry but nur 1 knows the tull sara lewis story, don't laugh SF as you bite into your favorite beef morsel Gscream wildly "bring back the Bakkers" all 3 of you learn to drink heinee's heavily manw the whiteSAAB Hey 1-20 thanx for everything this year was great-remember how scared we all were at the first pepfest remember UCA camp w sister sara all the bruises on the knees from dropping, most of all thanks for all the good friendship love 15 4u. w ? 4 feU k SPECIAL FRIENDS LAST FOREVER MC-send Mr.Leuty 1000 pizzas.reduce those TNs.S trade the Chev for a 911. good luck at CC thanx for the one time experience MD (Mr.Plane)-! do owe standardized testing, but I must ask-what rain?and who squints? oh my-what legs!no obscenitieslno sorry.Did you lose your keys?who me?for the happiness.l thank you.wal.love.carly Hb(mmc).we've been through so much-thanks so much for your friendship, remember bailing Heidi!don't be such a p.l.!l really love my un-cle!be careful with the lipgloss!!robin mbsbcdiz, remo. lush, adrian. spaz. bambam. flash, cara; perkins. happy gum. muffins. h2o ZEEPS! I can't get enough of your cologne truly sexy ankles!! LINOS Samuel — words can't describe the last four years. Thanks for teaching me all about Life. Love. Laughter. I don't know much about forever, but thoughts of you. misquitos in Lewis Park, drive-ins. Prom HC '87. long talks and poetry will linger in my mind for many days yet to come. With love. Elizabeth Bearin-.let's take the amoco card and drive to California! Peace love and fuzzy bunnies! love ya:Bojo P.S.Arizona and margaritas!!!!! NMJSiThanx 4 the dreams see ya in California Donna M thank you for making h.s. so fun B.fy HORNETTES: CALGIRLS, JOG. SIGNS. O LOS.K'S EYES. BROOMS. H20. PAINP RK. SHINS. NG-OG. BANGHEADS. GIRLS. SWAR KLE. NGF LIGHT 1988. "SOARING EXPf R .. 8:00 SPLITZ. MPH83. Ml NDG AMENDE VO. KATIE-O. BOFF. ATHENA. WOOD PARTY-PARTY. BUGALOO. JUMPIN' JACKFLASH. HEAD2TOE. BUSTED NOOGIE!y SUZ-SMU WILL LIVE FOREVBR: SHOW ME MOODS HEY!BREAKFAST CLUf TNAKS4 THEECELTI MESILVU KC P.S.Iets see lots of teeth-M.J.-K.C. Ylnkul. get a hat to cover up your hair.Zeph. Suzanne, keep the faith. Your friend Cara, should I push the gas or not? You're right short girls are good. Later MT. the past 2 months have been the best R Mr. sensitive. Your'e so karing C-boy Pete, you put the fire out. Morms. how are cheerleaders?Sp y Ladies'night 87-88! I never-eveTever!!! Great times-George M., Steve M th lake! We had a blast! PJB. PIP. st. kp. tr. jwb.i love all you guys! Watch out summer I d KR J.J J-sweetheart 88! we'lr take you guys on 3 on 3 anyday! k.m. s.fj KCL. You're my best lend. Your heart is with me now always. Yo were there in hard times make them gre jf. You're "unforgetable" in my thoughts memories! 1:13 cor ... "I love you" PN Simon leave t e pepper under your pillow-Val Hallo butt! tow are yuh? I duh! jetskiiii. monzan-illo.sleddirtg many more, esset! Euge-hay babes we're on our way.everyday Is closer o forevcr!"thc unstoppable combo!"no doublet's rock the summer of "88 luvpat — hollond-swak-love always, spike JtCH tests? wholesome animal lust! love you ! 2-22 how are your welts?wrigley cured mine. seph-thanks for all the great times, the dream will survive for always, voyevoli. knob Derri-as if I could ever hate you!who else would eat saug om w me?sophboys-yuck! be my friendforever jennybiggumms RCcola when are we going to go overboard? Don't go in the‘bushes w Jim! when we get married let the twins pay! together 4ever i love you Nohair-Biggs."magicfingers"!! Giggly giggly le poo- lake harriet in a bikini?? I don't think so but you're on for another session with the sprinklers! Thanks for being such a great friendfiove always le poo 2 DaveDec3. sweethert, vafrum. enriched dropouts. mjquotes. how long can you treadwater? dan cinggummy bears, vafrum. phantom engine lights, eatme, vafrum.i loveyou! love.susan Castaway Retreat Dingleberries TheSunset Frieny BoofCate nights munchies PMS appendix-less stMnge conversations 4rats3 b atsajet a GMC tlM greatest ernomaster how many times did we ee the same stupid movie? !saaay Hike being in a car with a feet driving duck murderer wolf wilf wolll fc jd dlp! thanks for the memories thanks for being the best friend ever!! love al-ways-splati lahale, it is a rare and special thing to find friends who will remain friends forever! so many great memories! you are the best! love jods JMS my best sister! youre going to be a great vb captain! I'll miss you! have fun next year love you! jod! Alyson! In a few short weeks we'll be skinny, sleek and sexy! Remeber that! KR Angi-Member Cards PeeWee G Bears Speck Paranoid Lake Faith DriveB's Thanx 4A II The Great Memories Luv KR Droopy.sodi braidy-when are we buying the hotel. so our kids can grow up together? Luv.BJ MW SM JH MG JH u guys r the greatest! thanks 4 all the good times good luckMove ya Corb III drink a brew.and take a chew, cause i love you THE CAYMEN CREW! Alpalpa-Pooeylmat's a dinky one!-butweet BREAKFASTCLUBfBBOOFyBEST OF LUCK NEXT YEAR GUYS!i love you and i'll miss you !! MER STEVE-thank you ... for everything.-MER-EDITH CV-thanku for the very special memories-may-be our dream will come true and we will get married. I will luv u 4ever. ms and vj Candee-ur so special 2me luv Missy Ali-have a great senior yr-u deserve the best! Iuv 2 KHMH-2 mouths. 1 glass. a bottle of Absolut! To my best friends ever — remember the great times we had and all the ones to come! What did I do w out you all those years? Thanks for always being there. Let's not ever forget our friendship! I love you all! Kate Chamber Singers: remember always Japan and the good times we had. Sarah — if anyone saw your bare butt in the light, what would you do?! @ $% •( x WHAT?? ... noth- ing. J-Thanks for following me around I love you bumpkin! Always-your little Heath TG-GREEN PILLOWS ALWAYS! LOVE YOU!-JG HEIDI THANX 4 EVERYTHING. YOU'RE THE BEST-TZ TKO-I LOVE YOU!!Hawk! Jam and Stro 4ever!!! Rosen, thanks for all the memories, "were going to the U” you're awesome love always N.S. HEY NASTY GIRL. YOU'RE THE BEST THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES. REMEMBER THEM ALWAYS N.S. Nasby- Nice Beef! Luv SPA- Aug. 22. 1987 Wobby thanx for all the laughs, the hugs, the tears, the love! Luv u always. HOG The real sporto's!nuts. zeeps. pickle, snellis other sporto's 8off!!class of 88 rocks!! Bret B.-Thanks for being such a great friend! Good luck in which ever warm region you move to and good luck w your diving. I hope you follow your dreams and win a gold in the Olympics. Love always. Cela Lisa E.- Thanks for being there for me and being a great friend! Someday you'll have R.L. and I'll have D.D.(you know who)Good Luck! C.A. special messages 249special messages Nat- Good Luck in California and keep in touch! You're the best! Love C.A. ROCKER. LOOSELIPS. NIKSIXX — THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! REMEMBER CRCJE, JOVI. DOKKEN. "ERIC." FREEPORT. "CHIN-EESING." MCXJND NIGHTERS, "IS TED NUGENT THERE." HOMECOMING '87. CAPTAIN CR.. LAKES. FRY YOUR MIND '88. AND THE SMOKING TREE? FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WITH LONG. LONG. HAIR. WE SALUTE YOU!! KGJ NGB RGD L2BD. LUV. COTTON-MOUTH Vafrum Jen • bigred redjohns stuffed with dollies pull my tights! hostages say coconutman Kathlirve Anderson WCC pipsquirting to china times in B.O. please pour the milk oyeth I gave u some taco pie turtle chair DWD betcha wanna peel it but ya cant some D.bags have brown hair and some have blonde it didnt Fort Meyers kiss the one you like the best!!! Luv Tina 8air keep your gina on a leash dont let it fall out the window or it will be a bust LISA. CELA. NAT Ebba Can we borrow some money please? M-J PSSST ... .MY WORLD IS ALL SMILES WHEN I AM WITH U. YOU ARE MY BABIES-LOVE U. "CHEEKS" Ann - Well what can I say to sum up an entire year of fun and special times? U have been a really great friend. I'll never 4get our talks and fun sayings! Thanx 4 always Being there 2 listen! I'll miss you! I LOVE YOU! • RAY (FCA) BOMBER BROWN' PUT ON THE DEAD"-NY'87."I HAVE HALITOSIS.I HAVE BOM-BERS' WE DOM!'MEMBER — "THE AL-LEY.'KGT.'THE CAVES." DGM.' SIYONG'• UR A CLOCK. LUV UGTHANKSFARRAH "MANE" Swannie • Bouf and cruise. Sanger • Pretty lady like! MLGAA • Thanks for everything! Dont forget summer'87LWM MAwardsf air BonJovi Lak ca-teriks party Rm 715 12-31-87 early curfews racing home Duluth Mankato obsessions goals R151 Scott Joey TJHimhe the others boys to men dreams Rm 332 sweetheart '88 good girls go bad riverfest nice movies and all special times • CB WEINY -Its a bottle opener!l luv ya! -Gorney TACO I think it was renna at KatieO'sMvTACO Erin. Ally G Brie-EHS yrs are done!Did we have fun!l'm gonna miss ya next yr Maui. Peter. Teds kitchen G the past 6 yrs have been a blast! Thanx for it all take care Love Jo. fellow FL Amy farted.........I DID NOT!!! D- this year's been great. I IOVE YOU- PAT 800FU.Gcneral-Have a great time w Bucky next yr drive the Slang to sec me. we'll have a blender party G watch TopGun-Take Care- Lo-veJo Heather-thanks 4 being a great sis. good luv in everything you do-Love Christine BRIAN F WHERE'S THE MAGIC STICK??? LISA Bridgehey twin-my orange locker bud.fast times w good food. Peter. Maul. FL. the LK. Take care next yr wherever you are! Love Jobe NZBOopsie! M G Ms G DC. my bartender. TX men. FL. driving abilities, hockey goals. Bob. greeneyes TopGun. BluGDomi-NZB bud DebNYE'87.SH.The Lake.7 4 87.BB ga-mes,HC,"l don't like it @ all.""Goodbye."FBF-Love.CRIS SusMAME. Lindsay s. HotDog. MGP. NYE88. Swtheart. Fla. Georgetown. OldStyle.lLUVYOU-Cris LLL-lt was great while it lasted. I MISS U 3! Move 2 R Island JJAPSS G Live in XTC 4ever! Baylakers-St.Elmo'sFire, 87, Pitparties! Jumpin waves. Ruttgers. Skiing. Ropeswing. Cantwait 88 luv. Pfcif-DJ. LF. DG. TL. KL. LM. LR. SR. AH. TL. KS THE THREE AMIGOS • BEST OF BUDS (LIGHT) SEC-There's more, we compete, we complement each other. You're gorgeous as you are. and a wonderful person. These are the reasons that I want you. I will love you always! DLP KareBar-Thanx for the times. FtMeyers '86. HI. Slurp. Iowa. Baylake. H.parties, the big"v"!2of us forever. Dormlife. crash. Garfield, love K.P To the Bon Jovi campers:"Feed me more cho-colate!"Luv. Queenie Steffi. Marge. Heath. G Rasko! Party w the Sophs before the bash! Nice dyes! B B A Love Steffi Remember: You guys are cordially invited to a reunion at my mansion on Dec 31. 1999. R.S.V.P.-Jen Idge-Campus? Lindseys Stout Wabs Hove u BFF Luv Moi Beenis - baby, memories of junior year. IOW-truck. DA sleds G sushi. Hersey Bars. Kudos. DAVID. KEVIN. Stand By Me. — Future? Marry KGD — Live next to each other G live happily ever after. I LOVE YOU Nickie; you will always mean the world to me. now off to college! Love Venus Sig thanx for the good x's. remember LFalls jet skiing on Tonka, cruisin' in the TA. FB. jeep lookin 4ward to our apartment. 2 refrigerators CMW-I love you. Thanks for being such a wonderful person, watch out for sharp bobbypins! Seperate schools must NOT GET BETWEEN US! visit me G III visit you ! JOHN TAYLOR LOVES YOU 3 Stooges: rebel of the week, breaker at SD. G TH flirt JS-Smir-CC. KH heman. the guys at the park-91 2 week-talk dirty to me! Strike 1 million! To Shan. Rob. G Jan. we eat neufs- Love ya Jo EM. MON. KAZ — SO MANY MEMORIES. SO 250LITTLE MONEY — HEY MON! HOW YOU DOIN'?! DO YOG WANT TO GET A SMALL OR A LARGE? I THINK I'LL GET A MEDIUM! SO WILL MY BRO FROM THE GHETTO KAZ — YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW PRES SURE? WELL - YOU. JUST - YOU! LET'S GO TO A MIDNITE MOVIE W SB (BUT I GET TO SIT BY HIM!) EMHERE COMES CLARK KENT! MY NECK ITCHES • WAIT DIDN'T WE WANT TO GO THIS WAY! YOU'RE FUNKIN HOT WHEN I LOOK AT YOU I MELT SO .. ME! JUL Kel- you're great at rooming!! Ingo Becsters- thanks 4 all the mission learn how to park!! INGO V.V.team-thanks for the great season! Ingo WE BELIEVE Ingo Dina how's ? IP IRP:LIVE EVERY MOMENT TO THE FULLEST. GOOD LUCK RLS KK:YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF SPECIAL. I LOVE YOU! BL ME-.THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES. AND REMEMBER ... RLS MICHELLE MOLLS AND KG ... (OR WAS IT SKIP?) JO MARGERINE CONTAINERS W A LITTLE DRINK LOTSA LUV DONNA:THE FEELING CAME UP ON ME LIKE A TIDALWAVE JO KIRK:DANCE WITH ME THROUGH DEAD DREAMS JO Julie- Chemistry joke book 4-evcr!! Tour '88 Summer of '88 thanks for everything Thanks for crashing my van- you're welcome butthead loves and kisses-from BOOTSIE Strap. Ferdi, Black Letters! Do bananas grow on trees? Is it your grandmas? REEB! Edith-Ann-I love you! Thanx for giving me the Gift of God.I could never repay you. Thanx for BWCA.the Bus.Garry Zeek, Christianity most of all for being so loving caring.I love you Lisa. God bless Good luck in Africa I'll visit often Chad Chad Ryan Thanx 4 homecoming 87. 18 Betty Crocker left Baked potato? Luv Krissy Tina Tracie ANG- GOT ANY LIFESAVERS? JILL MISSY HEY BABES CARS ARE AWESOME. ESPE- CIALLY THE OLDS! SWEETHEART WAS THE BEST IN MY LIFE- AND MELTING SNOW. WHAT CAN I SAY !?! MY ONLY FEAR IS LOSING THE THINGS I LOVE MOST! STAY WITH ME ALWAYS! Jo COLL- 4 yrs You're still the best. High times forever. Arneson Park- In my heart. L Anne Marie. Jenny. Louise Kate — What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Go out into the world and conquer it with your charm, strength, style, love and wisdom. You guys will remain in my heart forever and a day. Love. Liz Maggie-Ann- Thanks for being there when I needed you most. You're a great sister and a beautiful person. Love you. Lizzie SPINAL PAP STALKS. BULLS — T WALKS. NIGEL KAH-TY: WATCH FOR SHARP INTELLECT. L J C- "Just pretend you're lighting a cigarette." DEAR SEAN-THANK YOU FOR MAKING EVERY NIGHT AS SPECIAL AS THIS. LOVE AL WAYS. JENI WGKT? I'll never lie;please believe me! and never forget tuxes, heart boxers, and black lace! here's to the future! love Jen J.J.A.P.S.S. Remember all those good times will last forever: Sweetheart '88 at the Residency w ED Jas. Homecoming '88. 12-31-87. the tracks w jjap-''ls anybody hurt?". Jamming at U2 Aerosmith. NSP w Mitch Bach-”Reali-ty!", ALL the fun times in keirtap's basement, times w Jose our good buddy Weiser. the bug, MARLIES, Little River Pit. Lake Rebecca w No jWein Brid Pat Mitch Andy, enils, "X"o-lent times w good friends. Wombats. "Touch Me” suz. Taco Johns w Bridge n-Suz. 3rd hr w Jeni. Mexico, circle walking at Arden,DOPEON-AROPE. The Dukes of Hazard. Grape Nuts man. "I'm natured out!", RAW. Resin Hippies Unite. Beat It On Down The Line -n- The Music Never Stopped -2 13 88. the bridge. Brady Bunch, "Wake me up when the light turns green". "Oink-oink". "Good girl. neat, way to go," "l,2.3.drag", "I looooove yoou!!" This Is to some great friends-Potato, Weinnie. Kcirtap. Burls. Furbong. Jenbug. "Don't worry 'bout a thing, cuz every little thing s gonna be alright" BREEZY CREW: Thanx for all the slammin' and jammin' good times. I LOVE YOU ALL. A.F. WALNUT RIDGE RULES FOREVER!!! If you've been there you know what I mean. Love. Fur-bong A.E. Do U C what I C?, Trail mix ooompas. late nite convos, Maaarlboro Red Box. pleasof WHY US ???. Skating and the After Effeofe, little red bug. summer: just the two of us. IJove you. A.F. I S.T. Thanx for everything, little Mis eliable. All the walks, talks, and sessions Knylhing, anyplace, anywhere, anytime, a r otto to live by!!! Love always. A.F. KASE- J.C. ROCKS. STAYIN THE LIGHT DON'T LET THE RED CAR DISTRACT YOU FROM THE STEEPLE.LOVE ALWAYS- LES ANNIE- YOU'RE THE SWEETEST PERSON I KNOW. I'LL MISS YOU LOTS NEXT YEAR. YOU'RE SO SPECIAL AND DON'T EVER CHANGE. MARLBORO RED BOX RULE FOR EVER. LOVE YOU! Beyond the 2-week phase ... We've come a long way baby I'll love ya always LindsVristin The Acapulco gang- BB HS MS livinimhe"gold” C M Thanks for all the good timeyG guys R the best! 3's Co. right. Remember Nyf Yrs eve. The boys the men, Mac's ketchup? the lake. the world. We will have a great sfimmer. Think of Ts. Joey and Scott — Dakota No Rich fish. rass. ali. yd sheum! Yes Ang! Ang- if you ever or diif pump the keg goodbye! Hope you know i'll always be good! I love U! JC Boys (the yorki t- drunks) we do like bott Michelobs. we did those in Hims driveway, and we love olde nen. the bad three KallThan ffor the love, good times, and friendship. I Ioj4 you guys and you will always have a place iif my heart! Love Jen PNyThanx for making me see myself. See ya oi he week-ends next year In Oh lo. Luv Jen CW Twist and shout Tv 4 ever I love you! EN Bobsey 2 thanx 4 these 2 years! I love you 1 T.s. + a.p.- shaving cream heads! J.h.-f s.s JF VD AW KC SR DW JH CV TS MG thanx ss Mark- lets hope that your bored out Saab of the 5wl- your my baby!252 Nat- ur the best friend a person could ever have, you have been there for me always, even through the hellish times. Thanks, bf Lisa Billy I love you so much eunice JM JS JV JN GF KM MC KK KH • Thanx 4goodtimes JH Blum — "Hey Hot -!! — Guess Who Mac- Hrumph. but keep it fresh! Jen Bunsi- those satelites can be dangerous TS Deb? Dude! check out those trees!!! Thanks for all the good times and memories • I love you Twace Bri I've had the time of my life! Stay you and never say goodbye! Susan (George) — Thanks for taking Nickie out to dinner .. . What? thanks for letting susan sleep over ... What? Target - let's take a poll. I only have Mommy's Charge card!!! I don't care if you turn purple Gross!! You Poscelain Queen!! That's so funny-Shut up! You are my tube hog. my only tube hog. you make me happy when skies are grey . .. Mommy and Daddy are in the Carribean Wanna play pick Petethanks for all the good times. I'll never forget you. Don't ever give up. you can do anything! I love youMisa Monica.Jeni CKerri-l luv ya guy$!Love amy J Back of bus? Popmachinc 10.30 spuce slider much Nickie fKah la at jt mb th lit tw l yn,. qiiycl KP Do you r caused? N.l Sybils thanx|4 all the special memories! luv u 2 amy Wishing my fellow "Belly Zoners" the best of success in t le future! Dad (Betsy.Bach d xLm« ihaL Squeeze.always remember New Years 88 love REMEMBEF te.Herb!.we’ lize how much trouble we've and C.H. '77 '88 BETHdo yqu want to skip next hour?-MI-CHELLE Stacey.Sharon = B.S2)l officially an intidf.-jokf EWI RFD RFF - don't drink and flossIDon't be la-; got the fever for the flavour of Here's to good friends, so screw the rest of you!!! Thanks for the great times ! Lov li all! future is better than Me could ever be. Loly Bologna! But seriously • good luck Don't hery yourself pushing paper. Eric He's a Doll Chris - Need a lift? Dial 1-976-Sara Awesome 8sum. friends forever love toeps 21 bb. we love you ! love Steffi Katie Ko. jmcc. cb. jr. ce. homecoming '87 lets pass out love toeps Veeny or Mary Kay • How many jokes do we have? Da's sleds, swimming, zimbobway, plick-lewww! kudos, hershey bars, sushi-ooo! July 20 and April 4 (Memorable nights) remember skateboards. slipper skiing, going on diets for two days then going to Italian Feast. Remember our one minute conversations • "meet me half-way..OK.Bye” I hate to think of us not being together College will be so fun. I love you very very much your Madtown bud always Beeny (Nickie) Christy-1 love you but you're a geek! Applause!! I miss brkfast at your house! By the way. I'll miss you at college Good Luck- your little bear-Boo Agnes, karebear. paganboucle. - you guys are the best • keep being holy! Jackson Karpapna- R newfound friend- loekitnerkferd Oh gross Boiler, you're not going to get sick are you? cw. dv. dk. dr. jf. ke. sm, pc. jh. jk. Is. eh. jb thanks laurie PARTY HARDY!! Death to Brundle-bear! Chicks Mazatlan 88 bestsringbreak ever!- AT Srs. 88 toga blums oldswills etc. Bestoftimes bestoffriends never forget luv steffi toeps Mg nw jh sm jc hopkings nes years room 608 pat reed marly cam kissing contest millerlite through good times bad we made it the class of 1988 kicks a — ! I love you all love Julie Happy 17th bday Moods! TP Newspaper!! 2 r the best! always know i JS Thanx foj all the great times. San87. Ny 88 etc. we ll alvlays be best friends. Luv. La KR Michelle. Le rer. Jo Les keep the falthHv.KC jv. jm. gf. kh jn. me. jh-Thanks so much for the party!lt was i id and I got exactly what I wanted! jh better watlh out. I'm going to get you when you're not Ic king!jv Erika thanx your special friendship luvusamy Scruffy. I lo e you! Pumpkin Jenny luv u 2graffiti's.usda prime choice beef-1 like mine well dorvell've been working on my term paper. PMS. DMS. AMS. So kill yourself, It's the only alternative puffed rice.swollen lipps. cotton mouth. LIIT -57 chevy. Sharon's neo maxizoom dweebie!"lt's raining-it's definately raining" Ball and chain, Ballok'tin foil.that’s whats in her lunch today-Hey!Frats 86,strohs its a phyche. — me sillyJSmall bed-scary closet. TMFJI run like lightning.I pass like thunder AIF cleos.We’re originally from birmingham.but we live in lorvdon now.Brittany St.clair.Landau west.Rhodes(rudolph)Brandenburg.l know you're sebbin.l know youre sebbin.you'll be a sebbin year ole walkin a dog.no house.sonuvab---hlum.is that my car?an'gijoe went to sec wheda IMAGES: Thanks for everything, you people are the best.love Emerson maccleish bubbles was cummin from aydeelyou treat urn-fufu like aneemal! Eddie! Aunt bunny fell down the stairsINow dats a fyalpleasegod. kill her. let her get hit by a truck and die.dats a wewfay green peppa bugga.pullovalpullova! whaddin-‘me.haf!Stacey"l can't do that it's not feminin-e"Rice. Betsy"you don't understand"Usem. Sharon"don't touch my chastity belt"Lipps .Jenny'TH try anything once"Bach. tom. whip me. beat me. call me butch.UMS"Wait,you told him you were HOW old and you went to school where?" "he's — married.Stace?" a nice br- y is far more enticing.Cody devin-michael Chris-.Don't you see it?!Pizza!do you really want to go to 1st hr?its simply doesn't matter.oooh.lts a warm breeze.ok k 3000$. what kind of car is it?Um..ah ... a camaro?Fish heads are never seen in Italian restaraunts drinking cappacino with oriental women! they don't wear sweaters they don't play drums.NY'87.it was only of those knee kneehand hand falls.Little miss muf-fet sat on her tuffet. eating her curds and whey.Along came a spider and sat down beside her and said "yo b-- . what's in the bowl?". Mother goose, yeah. I — her.This is really fun.like..in reverse.not even.oh. i don't think so.l think not.that's a no. understand rubberban-d?Yo Fetus, what's up?Goal post-ftball-hockey-puck-stick.net!Summer roadtrip '87 schbetz. sharin. stacia.That's def clem johnson.it's killer so pure.doc you suave — !if i could just get a naflin ntt.fasgbmies ?Mega — ing death.Ohway -ohway-ohway. — it happens.How 'bout those mets?l hate soccer."! special messages play soccer" if I could just get a word in edgewise.absolutely.Red glowing eyes and a cone head(foot).want an oreo?how 'bout some fruit-loops?The knights of knee kneefshrubbery) My hair goes this way.Neil:"so let's one of us go to the door right, and then one of us could let them In right." "no it'll never work!" you know what's great about us?we all get messy at the exact same time!oh sad.rusty pipes.My helmet and them shoulder mipads.Five knuckle shuf-fle.jumpback.oh siv.and if you join now you get a free hood.brando.find it.Bennigans. corona.s-x on the beach scheiks guido parties.club casino-.marsh's pacific club.red mustang summer of '87 red roof.free the warden at any cost.run.just another nice thing about staying at a red roof inn.If I could run this fast.I'd be king of the dogs. Don't look at me man. I'm with people.A pop can.Anything."if there's ever anything I can do for you. or more to the point, to you. please feel free to let me know." TFBSOL "Women, make me a turkey pie." Suprise me not.Ash Wednesday '87 I'm giving up skipping for lent.St El mo's fire."Prison" I'll be a baglady of course I'll have alligator bags.Janitor on a trash cart quick, part your hair down the middle.lf it hap pens 1 more time, the car's campus.Hey Man. you wanna sport me a piece of that chocolate man?What is that. Hershey's. Nestles?..Don't make no difference, it's all brown."That guy over there in the suit looks out of place." "no he's a pimp" Pimp at play.Think you ain't a pimp?BMW window.Hey Rocky. Nothin' up my sleeve. We be grillin' HaHaHa. a boogida.Boo gida Boogida. ah.ah. ah. "Don't - with me fel las" "Christopher. Christina, — ."I know it's childish immature But then again, so is High School. "She hauls" That be ignorant.Pork! Boodie Shot.videos.Slam. Ouch ... oh good cover up!you're creasing.anyone wanna buy my friend?Y'all are perpatraton. Draws.Cold Dissin' start spreadin' manure. (NY NY) 911 call me emergency love.St Paul, "be vewy. vewy quiet i'm hunting wabbits.Who says you can't be a rastafarian on Xmas. "Betz make me jewish"Prontos'88 Weanie sombrero. "Pick a glass, any glass." Tag. your it.Planned stupidity.the grateful trend.Horny fry.wahoo — wa-hoo!Sharon"the commies are coming" Betz "Road trip." freezell'm with the HBI. I gotta ember's. I gotta perkins. I gotta figlio'$."Not in my car you don't".Biddy!"Daddy. I ain't be like it here no mo." "Sharon ... This is the —?key Sharon" "Aimec has the answers to the ..horst thing" "Betsy ... Aimee has the answers to the. horst thing" "what what?" Limited ability, "nevahh say nevahh till you reach the el-eh-va-tahdoah." Jon Bon Jovi on american band stand up north.Superior shores '87-88 Once upon a time there were 5 girls. I had a thing for bald older men. I had a flair for men period. I had a passion for french chocolate. I was possessed by bottles. I was called cu cumber. They all lived happily ever after. The lost weekend lives on! CE JS Boing the doing, yahoo, jean skier, bloop bloop boozer, shi ra. balman ski team rules forever. Sweetheart '88 ce. ps. js. gc. bj. jr. kr. cd. jd. bw. mr. jk. the nite that rocked! The maz 6 pak! BJ. SW. MD. KR. CE. JS!! PHH What are we thinking? We've in our undies!! ... 5678 slam!! Party! Party! Party! To the grateful but not dead noogies • we got by. we survived and we kicked! Farms:Thanx for the paper-0 made it happen Lizura schmed. but I love you any way Nerd Mike-1 hope our kids grow up to be best friends Mark(Our individual kids, that is!) Louise: You're finally out of Highschool! I want you to know how much I have appreciated your friendship this year. Even though we will be going our separate ways. I hope we can stay in touch. As ever. Paul Libbo-Thanx 4 all we've shared I love u Lori Bret-1 want 2 thank u 4 being my best friend loving me even when things got tough good luck in college next year I'll be waiting. I'm looking forward 2 life w u endless love. Lori CHRIS AND CHAD I LOVE YOG GUYS DROP TROU GRONBECK!!!! MKM You're invited to my mud hut for fillet of ostrich and mangos foster Dec 2. 1995 in Zimbabwe! RSVP Edith FETTICHINIE. SHAGGY. AND ENEGMA DON'T EVER FORGET ABOUT: POOTlES. be ing so cold, crazy hats, colleen, burning bridges, eating pizza, rock scissor paper, alive in the sky. singing, sharing. "Its overflowing." evelleth. holiday inn. skiing falling on our faces!, messy rooms. Feb 20 1988. we understand each other, give thanks with a grateful heart, and of course. ... the chirp song, i love you guys, miss no wiahita mi ■ Breezy crew wop patrol forever! Love CE JS Hey Angie Babe It is babe, isn't it? Where the 253Boing the doing, yahoo. jean-skiV. bloop bloop boozer, shi-ra. balman-ski team rotes forever. Sweetheart '88 e, ps. js. gc. bj. jr. r. cd. jd. bw. mr. jk. the nite that rocked! The maz 6 pak! BJ. SW. MD. KR. CE. PHH What are we thinking? We're in our n-dies!! ... 5678 slam!! Party! Party! Party! To the grateful but not dead noogies • we got by. we survived and we kicked! Farms: Thanx for the paperU made it happen Liz-ura schmed. but I love you anyway-Nerd Mike-1 hope our kids grow up to be best friends-Mark (Our individual kids, that is!) Louise: You're finally out of Highschool! I want you to know how much I have appreciated your friendship this year. Even though we will be going our separate ways. I hope we can stay in touch. As ever. Paul To my twenty-one BB's - Mazatlan '88. Bunnies. Hepp's van. bashes. Toga, my basement, dances. "You shook me.” Coors Light, our guys, charader 8er. Colby's, indian. six-sided. FETTICHINIE. SHAGGY. AND ENEGMA DON'T EVER FORGET ABOUT: POOTIES. be ing so cold, crazy hats, colleen, burning bridges, eating pizza, rock-scissor paper, alive in the sky. singing, sharing. "Its overflowing." evelleth, holiday inn. skiing-falling on our faces!, messy rooms. Feb 20 1988. we understand each other, give thanks with a grateful heart, and of course. .. the chirp song. I love you guys, miss no nickname Hey Angie Babe It is babe, isn't it? Where the hell are those janitors? What is the meaning behind The Wall? Does anybody here remember ...? The bliss of it all in the beginning: Angie Jean Green; the COW shirt; Leeann Chin and nting chopsticks at the park (I wonder if they w?) the Flintstones; closet beer and all-nighters; thanks for the Green M M Man; it is Ar life Fang? The closest thing to Norway; "I coulk totally go for some chocolate chip cookies." o)k 7 19 87. ask and you shall receive- in abundance; Laura Ashley no. 1 Drakkar; Walking the LMces. Feeding the Ducks, the Maverick out of ga Ha Ha nice going Angie; July 4. drawing onVe tables, ice cream on your dress, and Brad (WAn t he cool?!) The NUTCRACKER (with my new qlasses) so let's go. George Winston; the limos«es. the champagne (Probably too much ha) artd THE gift from the heart-completely. What re best friends for? If I'm crazy, blessed are (be insane. Take Care see you in Pennsylvania for Fred! With love M.M. Nelson Susan-Never stop sharingViods beauty-Lisa special messages MK-Dec 2. 1987 will always be special. You have shown me so much about myself. I'm going to miss you a lot but life is only a minute of eternity! L "I'm gonna win that race- lemonade-that cool refreshing drink." Certified-liquid transport engineer what's that? I wash cars at the wave. I think we ain't think you ain't eighteen. Poppin' rolaids like candy. Dancing in front of Erik. Doug. Phil, and Bob to girls on film. "No! No!" it can't be!" "She's got nasty c ch. "Sharon, say no to drugs, good girl." "Did you two boof? Oh my God!" "So he doesn't have a clue, betz please give the guy a clue!" Looks like latoya but sings like micheal. "I am such a b--ch .. I love it" We have to get her st-d Raggedy Ann doll. The M M story, the meaning behind e=mc2. by stacey jenny. Teaching sharon with the champagne bottle shaped bubble bath. Frozen-o (He's catholic) Here's to the champagne that sits in our glass and here's to B.S.2 'cause we've got such class. Jill • Thanks for a cool couple of years • Love Rob Hey guysRemember this? Thanks for the memories!! Love ya! Susan Bolls and Squeeze • We'll have to do the Drake thing as the three of us next time! There are enough of my brother's friends to go around, right Squeeze?! And of course there are enough of Boiler's brother's friends to go around! Love you guys! Kate Alyson ■ Glad you came to Edina. Its been great having you a part of the momories. We love you. all of us - Squeeze. Trina. Anne Marie, and Liz. CHRIS AND CHAD I LOVE YOG GUYS DROP TROG GRONBECK!!!! MKM-You're invited to my mud hut for fillet of ostrich and mangos foster. Dec 2. 1995 in Zimbabwe! RSVP Edith hell are those janitors? What is the meaning behind The Wall? Does anybody here remember ... ? The bliss of it all in the beginning; Angie Jean Green; the COW shirt; Leeann Chin and planting chopsticks at the park (I wonder if they grew?) the Flintstones; closet beer and all-nighters; thanks for the Green M M Man; is it Ang, life Fang? The closest thing to Norway; "I could totally go for some chocolate chip cookies." ajk 7 19 87, ask and you shall receive- in abundance; Laura Ashley no. I Drakkar; Walking the Lakes. Feeding the Ducks, the Maverick out of gas. Ha Ha nice going Angie; July 4. drawing on the tables, ice cream on your dress, and Brad (Wasn't he cool?!) The NUTCRACKER (with my new glasses) so let's go. George Winston; the limosenes. the champagne (Probably too much ha) and THE gift from the heart-completely. What are best friends for? If I'm blessed are the insane. Take Care see In Pennsylvania. Fis for Fred! With love Nelson Crips Christmas party. New Years Eve at Sack-mans, and so many more!! Thanks!!!! I love you all! - Devo Libbo-Thanx 4 all we've shared-l love u-Lori Bret-1 want 2 thank u 4 being my best friend looking forward 2 life w u endless love. Lori EMBASSY SUITES B DAY PARTY!! VANESSA SB AM PE-SB JJ LLA-SW RICK FLAIR WELLO-VEUJason, Kathryn John — Congratulations! Thank you for all your hard work creativity. We wish you the best of luck. Remember. WIN' DIGO is not a 4 letter word! Love. LI . Steph Michelle Ebby — Ann Arbor will never be the same again after we arrive. Here's to fake IDs. bagels crowded dorm rooms. Yukon Pete is waiting. Love, the sleepwalker Pete — This bud's for you! Love. Suzanne Billy Boy Muffin — Latin has been "swell": from Hercules to "ohoh-oh totus floreo.” from Virgil the Chauvanists to Latin Week. Skidus Rowus Vivit! — Cucumber Pamela: thanks for all the talks tunes. Your words of wisdom will always ring true. Bosa donuts, the MAC. C.O.P. 2 out of 3 ain't bad but I want to play with my ding-a ling so I'll give S M: Out of chaos came a yearbook. Or maybe we just imagined it. Thanks so much for the giggles the snorts. I'll never forget flying telephone directories, errands. Cool Ranch Dori-tos. Diet Pepsi Dr. Pepper, sneaking Into the bathroom getting caught, the natural light board, sport, sport, sport. @$ ( — What? — Nothing. Which post office? flavored stamps, disappearing grease pencils crop pers. the missing spreads are in Steph's hair, early Saturday mornings, late week nights. Paul Scott R. I Corinthians forever-love E.N. Leanne- Thanks for being the greatest sister ever. Remember our past five New Years'? (how much longer do we have to sit here?!?) Wanna his pet vacuum, mood charts, soap operas qualify as nothing, dirty notebooks, murdering disks. Life just won't be the same w out de- go skiing? Utah or Colorad ? Love, your sister Varsity Pyramiding Row 1: Debbie Sil rman. Debbie Higgins. Steph Haddad. Karati Kirsch. Row 2: Holly Crippa. Row 3: Da a Lange. Leslie Weinberg. Beth DeVoe, Susir Vagnoni. you an answer in the morning. "If it makes you happy, DO IT!!!" May all your dreams come true. Love always. LA My daddy said nothing good ever happens after midnight. My daddy was WRONG!!! Double birthday parties are immortal! Convex tion Grill. Dirty Dancing. Football games, actually watching, grasshoppers, trashy novels. short stories, s---g in a parking lot. pinball. chocolate chip cookie dough, old movies, quarters. U2. REM. serious talks. I never, spoons. Lk Harriet, but most of all just LIVING. Margy — let's do aerobics and pizza with the works! — the front center club ATTN. WIHDIGO STAFFERS: thanks for all the hard work and effort all of you put into the book. It is truly beautiful (although perhaps a layed deadlines. Until we reach yrbk heaven, (just South of Topeka) love, the spread queen. Summer '87 — S.H.. C.O.. G.S.. M.D.. S.W.. M S. — Friends Forever! Joanna. Michelle. Molly, and KC portaging thru swamps of mud and mosquitoes in the pouring rain and cold was the BEST! Let's do it again someday soon. L JFour years of margarine containers. (?ol leen's on fire, do we have a tap?. TEC. lew Yearsx4.-This is a true friendship, mdy all you're years ahead be as special V Love. Leener Montana friends xplosions. lon s. Bobo, cross. Dickinson ... ooh. what a Jrip! love. M BOBBY SLADE- I heard you're pretty good babysitler!-H.R. Molly. Jenny (lAefuse to spell it with an "I"), and Beth- Ca you believe all the fun times we've shared? Bowling, doinker. endless sum mers. chipsf Amy. breakfasts, and the list is endless I I love you guys to death, but will you please get your licenses? We'll each be going ouf separate ways, but I know in my heart that wyll be friends FOREVER. Yours truly, MC Suzafme This is better than a "note." isn't it? NoJ you owe me one. I wanted to thank you for teaching me how to hug. I guess it's pretty fun ice you get the hang of it (its only taken me Uwee years). Thanks, also, for all of the memorable times — the trek to see the fine New Hope chess players (and avoiding blowing Christmas trees), waiting on the lawn by Lake Calhoun for the Snr. Women meeting (pretty tricky, you fooled me), trying out the new bean bag. hiking to Northwest (or the Nature Center) for a workout. jamming to the Sound of Music sound track w a little bubbly, doing yearbook (actually it was more fun not doing the dang thing), talking, watching movies, going to the Africa slide show (an exceptionally stimulating exper ience). after school snacks at your house, help Ing w Sunday School, etc., etc. Oh. ya. one more thing, "and I. you." -Steph wee bit late — only time will tell). We wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors and remember — Windigo breakfasts are mandatory. Peace, love grease pencils — Your Gracious Editors 255256 a a aggressive Aadalen. Lora (11) 8. 108. 120. 188 Abrams. Ali (11) 132. 133. 188 Abramson. Kevin (II) 19. 188 Abl. Julie (11) 188 Adams. Elizabeth (12) 83. 142. 144. 183. 230. 235. 271 Adams. Kurt (12) 144 Adams. Margaret (11) 31. 41. 188 Adclman. Jason (12) 144. 235. 268 Adler. Gregory (II) 203 Ahl. Aimee (II) 188 Alexander. Steve (12) 183 Allen. Andrea (12) 8. 144 Allen. Kathy (12) 144 Amaden. Robert (11) 23. 31. 188 Amundsen. Jason (10) 206 Amundson. Ccln (12) 31. 144 Andberg. Jennifer (12) 23. 50. 104. 137. 144 Anderson. Andrew (II) 203 Anderson. Birgit (fae) 220 Anderson. Charles (fae) 106 Anderson. Gregory (10) 206 Anderson. Jason (II) 203 Anderson. Jeffrey (12) 119. 144 Anderson. Jennifer (10) 86. 108. 124. 125. 127. 206. 270. 271 Anderson. Jill (12) 145 Anderson. Joanne (fae) 220 Anderson. Julie (10) 206 Anderson. Karen (12) 145 Anderson. Lee (10) 206 Anderson. Linda (12) 104. 137. 145. 234 Anderson. Simon (12) 112. 124. 145 Andrews. Jennie (II) 31. 188 Ankeny. Jennifer (12) 65. 145. 232 Annen. Edith (II) 188 Archibald. Robyn (12) 145 Armstrong. Doreen (12) 19. 26. 143 Armstrong. Nancy (10) 206 Arnar. Krfstjan (12) 145 Arom. Danny (10) 206 Arvldson. Annlea (12) 145 Arvldson. Michael (10) 206 Arvlnson. Dave (10) 111 Ashenbrenner, Jeff (12) 145 Atherly. Shelly (12) 48. 143. 270. 271 Atlas. Howard (12) 145 Aune. Karl (11) 31. 132. 188 Austin. Heather (II) 203 Axelson. Son]j (10) 206 Ayd. Benjamin (12) 145 Azar. Dan (12) 183 b b b b b b b b b buddies Bach. Jennifer (11) 160 Bagley. Brian (10) 56. 111. 206 Bailey. John (II) 188 Baker. Mark (II) 188 Bakritzes. Anastasis (12) 145 Bannle. Amy (11) 31. 41. 188 Bannle. Michele (12) 145 Barber. Scott (12) 145 Barke. Corey (II) 188 Barman. Thomas (12) 145 Barnes. Rebecca (12) 145. 230 Barnett. Christine (12) 31. 143. 145 Barott. Peter (10) 206 Barrett. Malt (II) 188 Barry. Janell (10) 206 Barth. Bradley (12) 13. 82. 115. 126. 127. 136. 145 Bartholct. Mardonna (fac) 220 Bartholomew. Chad (10) 116. 217 Bartleson. Jeff (II) 188 Bartleson. Jim (10) 206 Bartolett. Judy (II) 188 Beadahl. Anne (II) 189 Beaver. Thomas (fac) 127. 220 Beck. Amy (11) 31. 64. 131. 189 Becker. Kirstln (10) 206 Beecher. Bret (12) 2. 128. 145 Beecher. Lynn (12) 31. 183 Beeson. Andrew (12) 28. 127. 145 Beggs. Missy (10) 206 Beiswanger. Jamie (11) 189 Belk. Barbara (fac) 220 Belk. John (fac) 220 Benabdallah. Myriam (12) 97. 127. 145 Bcnham. Jon (II) 111. 138. 189 Benjamin. Britt (10) 206. 270. 271 Bennett. Caroline (II) 132. 189 Bennett. Gregg (12) 145. 147. 234 Bennett. Scott (12) 183 Benson. Christina (II) 189. 192 Benson. Marta (II) 189 Berc. Daniel (12) 146 Berc. Lisa (II) 189 Berdahl. Anne (II) 31. 203 Berg. Daniel (12) 183 Berg. Heather (II) 113. 127. 203 Berg. Lyle (fac) 220 Berg. Marshall (10) 206. 217 Berge. Bruce (12) 146 Bergh. Katarina (12) 24. 58. 59. 146 Bergmann-Lowe. Cathrine (12) 183 Bergren. Heather (II) 31. 189 Bergstrom. Todd (12) 146 Bernet. Jennifer (12) 4. 31. 146. 229 Bernstein. Greg (10) 206 Berry. Pamela (10) 206 Berry. Robert (II) 82. 128. 189 Bertram. Matt (I I) 8. 116. 117. 189 Betts. Julie (12) 62. 63. 146. 147. 196. 233. 270. 271 Bilgutay. Anya (12) 28. 189 Billings. Leslie (II) 108. 189 Bins. Susan (10) 31. 104. 120. 206 Birkeland. Cathy (10) 31. 34. 106. 107. 205. 207 Birkeland. Susan (12) 56. 106. 107. 146. 229 Bisson. Gregory (12) 8. 71. 146 Bjerke. Mark (II) 189 8lackwell. George (12) 135. 146 INDEX Blackwell. Heather (10) 108. 207 BUke. Denis (10) 207 Blalock. Geoffrey (12) 146 Bland. Jeffrey (12) 60. 61. 81. 146 Bleahu. Nicole (12) 31. 146. 234 Blooston. Jody (10) 131. 207 Blum. Christopher (12) 8. 135. 146 Blum. Holly (II) 189 Blumenthal. Jon (10) 111. 207 Bock. Alyssa (10) 106. 207 Boechler. Colin (10) 119 Boelter. Melissa (12) 146 Boettcher. Stacey (11) 118. 119. 189 Bofenkamp. Matt (11) 189 Bognanno. Jessica (10) 31. 131. 207 Boiler. Anne Marie (12) 28. 127. 146. 235 Bongaarls. Joanne (II) 56. 104. 189. 269 Bonneville. Steven (12) 128. 146 Borden. Chris (10) 207 Borgen. Molly (12) 8. 10. 31. 83. 131. 146. 232 Borth. Angela (12) 15. 108. 146. 228 Boubelik. Catherine (12) 64. 132. 146 Bouchard. Chayanne (II) 31. 89. 189 Bowers. Matt (10) 207 Boyle. Maureen (12) 31. 82. 146 Bracclni. Angie (11) 104. 189 Brar. Harry (11) 189 Brayman. Janna (10) 31. 108. 127. 207 Brezlna. Christine (12) 66. 146. 232 Brezina. Heather (12) 146. 232 Brezina. Margaret (I I) 203 Bridenstine, Christopher (10) 112. 119. 207 Brinkman. Laura (II) 28 Brinkman. Lisa (II) 189 Brinkman. Sherrie (10) 207 Brock. Amy (12) 146 Bromer. Matt (I I) 28. 189. 196 Brothers. Steve (II) 189 Brown. Andrea (II) 189 Brown. Caprina (11) 203 Brown. Jamie (II) 189 Brown. Kevin (12) 146 Brown. SUcey (10) 207 Brudencll. Michael (10) 207 Bruininks. Brett (10) 207 Brury. Shannon (10) 207 Bubrick. Jerry (10) 207 Buckner. William (10) 207 Buckney. Henri (12) 183 Buechler. Collin (10) 207 Buie. Paula 109 Bunce. Bradley (12) 28. 147 Bunce. Jon (II) 189 Bundy. Jennifer (11) 203 Burdick. Glydewell (12) 54. 55. 147 Burdick. Keith (11) 189 Burice. Pat (12) 90 Burke. Cathy (10) 207 Burke. Patrick (12) 147. 184 Burmaster. Robert (12) 127. 147. 152 Burnett. Sally (II) 104. 189 Burnett. Teri (II) 189 Burns. David (12) 147 Burns. Todd (12) 147 Burr. Cynthia (12) 4. 25. 62. 70. 147. 270. 271 Burrit. Elizabeth (10) 207 Buss. David (12) 147 Buss. Leslie (10) 120. 207 Byhre. Aaron (11) 72. 189 Byron. Joseph (12) 148 b b b b b b be e e e e e c e e cowboy Cady. Alfred (12) 21. 31. 148. 229 Cady. Jane (10) 31. 107. 207 Cahill. Kimberly (11)31. 131. 189 Calabrese. Fran (II) 189 Caldwell. Susan (12) 28. 47. 74. 148. 230 Campbell. Kevin (II) III. 189 Campbell. Stoll (II) 28. 127. 189 Canakes. Slavros (fat) 101. 220 Cardarelle. Julie (10) 107. 207 Cardk. Jill (II) 189 Cardwell. Karen (12) 148. 185 Carl. Julie (II) 189 Carlin. Bridget (II) 189 Carlin. Mary (12) 148 Carlson. Julie (12) 148. 182. 235 Carlson. Laura (12) 148. 229 Carlson. Linnea (10) 86. 107. 207 Carlson. Maggie (II) 189 Carlson. Nancy (12) 148. 231 Carlson. Nathan (10) III. 207 Carlson. Paige (II) 189 Carlson. Robin (fac) 220 Carsello. Jamie (II) 189 Carteng. Andrew (10) 207 Chamberlain. Burt (10) 207 Chance. Jon (II) 189 Chapman. Creg (II) 28. 116. 189 Chapman. John (10) 207 Chatterton. David (10) 207 Chayer. Chris (10) 116. 189 Cheever. Zachary (12) 149 Chen. Michelle (12) 149 Chen. Weng Kay (12) 149 Cheney. Peter (II) 189 Cheng. Michelk (12) 59. 182 Christensen. Scot (II) 189 Christ!. Shelly (12) 91 Christian. Edit (II) 189 Christian. Kimberly (11) 189 Christiansen. Brian (10) 123. 207 Christiansen. Erie (II) 189 Christiansen. Scott (II) 123 Christie. Shelly (12) 149 Christy. Thomas (12) 149 Chupurdia. Michelle (12) 114. 115. 126. 149 Ciernla. Josh (10) 207 Clark. Dawn (12) 90. 149 Clark. Lynne (fac) 220 Clark. Nadine (12) 149 Clark. Tonis (10) 107 Clausman. Ryan (10) 128. 207 Clemants. Elisabeth (12) 115. 149. 233 Clements. Bob (II) III Clifford. Amy (10) 86. 119. 207 Clingerman. Chris (II) 189 Cohan. Theodore (12) 122. 123. 149. 233 Cohen. Marcus (10) 207 Colby. John (12) 30. 71. 124. 125. 149 Colby. Michael (10) 111. 123. 207 Coleman. Jake (II) 189 Coleman. Leanne (10) 108. 139. 207 Coleman. Michelle (12) 4. 12. 58. 59. 149. 151. 156. 232. 271 Collins. Brian (10) 116. 207 Collins. Marly (10) 31. 207 Collins. Sean (12) 8. 149 Collins. Travis (10) 207 Colvin. Thomas (10) 17. 207 Colwell. Holly (II) 189 Condon. Margaret (12) 149 Connell. Amy (10) 120. 207 Connell. Margaret (12) 149 Connors. Kevin (10) 111. 207 Cooper. Brian (10) 31. 207 Cooper. David (10) 63. 207. 270. 271 Copeland. Robert (12) 116. 117. 149. 230 Copeland. Tyler (10) 207 Corbett. Jennifer (12) 149 Corrigan. Amy (II) 56. 108. 189 Couch. Sara (12) 149 Courtney. Kyle (12) 149 Cox. John (10) 31. III. 207 Crlppa. Holly (12) 149 Cronin. Matt (II) 56. 116. 189 Crowky. Angle (10) 207 Crumrine. Geoffrey (11) 190 Cuevas. Sergio (10) 217 Cunningham. Katie (II) 190 Curry. Mike (II) 28. 56. 57. 99. 115. 171. 190 Curry. Stacey (10) 31. 131. 207 Curtain. Keith (II) 190 J»Cs ' 4on a d determined Daffer. Jessica (10) 207 Daffer. Tony (11) 124. 125. 203 Dagnen. Scott (10) 111 Dahl. Amy (12) 28. 149 Dahl. Christopher (II) 124. 125. 190 Dahl. Mark (12) 14. 60. 81. 127. 149. 184. 230 Dahl. Peter (10) 207 Dahlgren. Sarah (12) 149 Dai. Lynn (10) 207 Dale. Annlka (II) 190 Dale. Coby (10) 207 Daley. Shannon (10) 120. 207 Dalhman. Joe (10) 124 Dalton. Angle (10) 86. 131. 207 Dalton. Gina (10) 207 Dalton. Maria (10) 207 Dalton. Matthew (II) 190 Daly. Ciaran (II) 190 Danford. Sarah (II) 31. 128. 190 Daniels. Treffle (fac) 220 Danklson. Matt (II) 131. 190 Darwin. Laura (10) 207 Darwin. Sara (12) 149. 231 Davidson. Ann (12) 233 Davidson. Meghan (12) 102. 103. 120. 121. 150. 266. 270. 271 Davidson. Thor (II) 190 Davis. Chris (10) 123. 207 Davis. Richard (12) 21. 116. 117. 150 Davis. Steve (10) 27. 119. 207 Davis. Tony (10) 123. 207 Dean. Peter (10) 208 Degnan. John (10) 208 DeJesus. Luis (10) 111. 207 DcJong. Steven (12) 150 Delaney. Karen (10) 208 Dell. Gabor (10) 208 DeMont. Stephen (12) 82. 127. 150 DeMoss. Diane (12) 134. 150 DeMoss. Joanne (10) 208 Dempsey. Kerrwin (12) 8. 9. II. 150. 185 Deuholm. Mark (12) 150 INDEX d d d d Deusterman. Jennifer (10) 31. 208 DeVoe. Elkabeth (12) 3. 8. 10. 14. 56. 57. 132. 150 Dicks. Rae (fac) 220 Dlebold. Daniel (12) 21. 28. ISO. 232 Dleckhaus. Amy (10) 104. 208 Diercks. Catherine (12) 150. 176 Dills. Lee (10) 208 Dobles. Angela (12) 8. 28. 29. 38. 150 Dobrin. Jonathan (10) 124. 206 Dobrin. Mike (10) III Docherty. Christine (11) 190 Dolginow. Deborah (12) 150. 228 Dolson. Daniel (10) 78. 115. 127. 190. 217 Dombrock. Marian (fac) 88. 220 Donaven. Jane (fac) 171 Dong. Richard (II) 190 Donlin. Steve (12) 101. 122. 123. 150 Donnelly. Catherine (II) 203. 208 Donnelly. Edward (10) 208 Donnelly. Erin (II) 190 Donnelly. Kristin (12) 150. 231 Donohue. Jean (10) 107. 120. 208 Dorival. Sylvk (12) 45. 47. 115. 127. ISO Dorris. Kelly (10) 208 Dorsey. Matthew (12) 150 Douglas. Anna (12) 183 Dow. Victoria (12) 39. 128. 129. 141. ISO Downey. Art (fac) 128 Doylng. Mkhael (12) 150 Doyk. James (12) 127. ISO Dragseth. David (II) 28. 76. 190 Drake. John (12) ISO Dreher. David (12) 14. 28. 112. 124. ISO Driver. Jeremy (10) 111. 208 Drury. Shannon (10) 60. 217 Dubes. Scot (12) 100. 101. 150 Ducar. Sandra (10) 108. 208 Duff. Christopher (11) 190 Duffey. Tim (11) 203 Duffy. Bridget (II) 190 Dufresnc. Darrin (II) 8. 10. 190 Dumont. Thyde (12) 150 Dunn. Laurel (10) 208 Dunn. Molly (10) 78. 208 Dyka. Derrick (II) 190 endurance e e Eaton. Malcolm (12) 14. 88. 115. 183 Eaton. Martin (II) 31. 112. 113. 203 fcbbert. Jon (12) 8. 38. 60. 66. 76. 150 Ebekr. Kristin (12) 118. 119. 151 Eberhardt. Scott (12) 33. 151. 234 Ebert. Brett (II) 190 Eckberg. Paul (12) 151 Eckman. Stephanie (10) 208 Edwards. Janice (10) 46. 208 Effress. Julie (10) 31. 107. 208 Effress. Richard (12) I. 44. 151. 231 Egan. John (12) 151 Eichten. Kathleen (10) 31. 208 Eifrig. Charles (12) 8. 10. 71. 142. 151 Eiselein. Amy (II) 190 Elliott. Scott (12) 151 Ellis. Erika (II) 190 Elmqulst. Cynthia (fac) 220 Elofson. Mara (12) 151 Elsing. Robert (10) 208258 Emmer. Ann (12) 8. 10. 152. 175. 235 Emond. Audi (II) 190 Emstad. Maren (12) 28. 152 Engelklng. LiM (12) 152. 230 Engelsma. James (10) 208 Enrico. Dean (12) 8. 28. 56. 57. 110. III. 152. 185. 222 Enroth. Matthew (10) 42. 116. 208 Erck. P cy (lac) 218 Erickson. Bret (12) 152 Erickson. Carolyn (12) 56. 57. 63. 124. 132. 152. 229. 270.271 Erickson. Jackie (II) 190 Erickson. Janet (12) 31. 183 Erickson. Jill (II) 190 Erickson. Kia (10) 26. 208 Erickson. Marc (12) 152 Erickson. Peter (II) 190 Erickson. Solveig (10) 31. 104 Erlandson. Jennifer (10) 208 Esau. Leslie (II) 190 Esbensen. Kal (II) 190 Evans. Cassie (12) 31. 152 Evenson. G.J. (It) 190 Eyberg. Jon (10) 208 ;KA''• f f fly Fallon. Kevin (II) 74. 124. 190 Falstad. Paul (II) 190 Fansler Wald. Diane (fac) 220 Farmer. Jeffrey (II) 28. 115. 190 Farrell. Jennifer (10) 208 Farrell. Trade (10) 56. 108. 208 Faust. Angie (II) 131 Favaro. Greg (10) 208 Fernclius. Gretchen (12) 153 Fesler. Tyra (10) 208 Flnanger. Phil 123 Flnkenaur. Stephen (12) 153 Finney. Shelly (II) 190 Flol. Miguel (10) 208 Fioia. Elizabeth (II) 190 Flschbein. Raleigh (10) 208 Fischer. David (10) 208 Fischer. Laura (10) 31. 107. 208 Fisher. Jason (I I) 46. 62. 63. 190. 270. 271 Fishman. Julie (II) 190 FiUgerald. Kevin (12) 153 Fiutak. Melissa (10) 31. 208 Flutak. Peter (12) 153 Flaten. Lesley (10) 104. 120. 208 Fogclman. Sonia (fac) 220 Foley. Peter (II) 190 Forester. Klrstin (12) 124. 135. 153. 185 Forncll. Graig (II) 190 Forney. Jennifer (II) 190 Forrer. Jeffrey (12) 153 Forrest. Ann (12) 28. 39. 81. 127. 153. 23! Fortmeier. Jen (II) 20. 21. 22. 23. 31. 190 Foss. Julie (II) 203 Possum. Andrew (10) 208 Foust. Angela (II) 119. 130. 190. 202 Francis. Amy (12) 153 Frandeen. Jennifer (12) 128. 153 Frank. James (12) 153 Frank. Jason (II) 190 e e e f f g g g g g g Frank. Stephanie (II) 104. 190 Frank. Todd (12) 153. 230 Frear. Lindsey (12) 37. 125. 153. 234 Fredlund. Elizabeth (10) 108. 138. 208 Fredlund. Katherine (10) 108. 138. 208 Freeman. Barry (10) 42. 43. 56. 57. 208 Freeman. Michael (fac) 220 French. Julie (II) 190 French. Lode (10) 208 Freund. Brian (10) 123. 208 Friesz. Rhonda (II) 190 Friswold. Benjamin (10) 200 Froehlkc. Scott (12) 153 Fromke. Jon (12) 33. 98. 122. 123. 137. 153 Fromke. Kara (10) 31. 208 Fronck. Scott (12) 100. 116. 117. 153 Fuitak. Missy (10) 213 Fulford. Brian (II) 19. 21. 28. 62. 78. 190. 270. 271 Fulgency. Craig (II) 190 Furlong. Ailecn (12) 42. 43. 71. 106. 107. 153. 270. 271 Furlong. Andrew (II) 63. 190. 271 guzzle Gabusl. Angel (12) 153. 270. 271 Galliger. Doug (fac) 120 Gamble. James (10) 208 Garbers. Kent (12) 153. 230 Garden. Tom (12) 31. 153 Garner. Alison (10) 208 Garner. Amy (II) 190 Garner. James (fac) 135. 220. 225 Garrison. Gregory (10) 128. 129. 208 Gartner. Anne (12) 4. 25. 70. 74. 153 Garvin. Chris (II) 116. 190. 192 Gasche. Cathy (II) 78. 120. 190 Gaspard. Christopher (10) 208. 216 Gaugharn. Richard (fac) 118 Geary. Amy (II) 31. 108. 190 Gebhard. Susan (II) 18. 42. 65. 82. 190 Gendreau. Thomas (II) 191. 200 Genovese. Kathryn (10) 31. 104. 208 Gens. Darren (II) III. 191 Gens. Ruth Mary (fac) 220 Genung. Julie (12) 153 Georgon. Mike (12) 127 Gcpner. Risa (10) 25. 104. 127. 208 Gessner. Karin (12) 153. 229 Gessner. Susan (10) 208 Gctsch. Daniel (12) 28. 37. 153 Getsch. Michelle (10) 206 Getten. George (fac) 220 Ghylin. Trina (II) 31. 65 Gibson. Robert (II) III. 191 Gilbert. Nicole (10) 208 Gilbert. Scott (10) III Gilbert. Thomas (10) 31. 127. 208 Gill. Chris (II) 191 Giskc. Meredith (12) 154. 234 Giaescr. Andrea (12) 154 Glas. John (10) 208 Glass. Debra (12) 154 Glassberg. Michael (II) 191 Gleason. Velma (12) 50. 62. 154. 234. 270. 271 Glee man. Jay (12) 154 Cleeman. Jonathan (10) III. 208 INDEX g g g g Goddard. Lod (fac) 220 Goergen. Patrick (12) 154 Goetz. Robert (II) 191 Gohde. Steve (12) 154 Goldenstein. Richard (fac) 220 Goodmanson. Jodi (12) 148. 154 Goodnuff. David (10) 208 Goransson. Jesper (10) 208 Gozum. Stephanie (II) 191 Grace. Matthew (II) 140. 191 Gramigni. Barbara (II) 191 Grams. Chad (II) 191 Graney. Jana (10) 208 Granson. Greg (II) 191 Grant. Vernid (fac) 220 Gratz. Kristopher (10) 217 Grauze. Peter (12) 154 Green. Edmond (fac) 220 Greiner. John (12) 154 Grey. Kathy (fac) 220 Griffin. Erin (10) 31. 107. 206 Griffin. Jennifer (11)31. 191 Griffin. Kristin (12) 31. 154 Griffin. Marvin (fac) 79. 220 Griffiths. George (II) 191 Gronbcck. Jeffrey (12) 122. 123. 138. 154 Groth. Dale (10) 208 Grover. Scott (10) III. 209 Gryga. Jeffrey (10) 209 Gubrud. Ross (12) 6. 74. 100. 119. 154 Guest. Molly (12) 154 Guhl. Ally son (12) 104. 105. 154. 267 Guinea. Kathleen (10) 59. 209 Guinea. Marty (10) 191. 270. 271 Gulliford. Shelly (II) 191 Gustafson. Hugh (10) 209 Gustafson. Ned (II) 191 Gustafson. Sara (II) 191 Gutweiler. Deirdre (10) 209 Gylin. Trina (II) 191 h li Haddad. Stephanie (12) 8. 45. 142. 154. 156. 179. 233. 271 h Hagan. Joy (10) 209 Hagan. Julie (12) 154 Hagemeyer. Stacy (10) 209 Hagford. Erika (12) 58. 154 Haggerty. Jack (II) 123. 192 Hagman. Jennifer (10) 108 Hahn. Elizabeth (II) 81. 124. 192 Haider. Eric (12) 183 Haider. Roger (10) 217 Haistlng. Nannette (12) 154 hHaisting, Susanna (10) 52. 88. 89. 209 Hale. Kristin (12) 154 Halkcr. Karl (II) 31. 58. 59. 192 Hall. Barney (fac) 220 Hall. Eric (II) 53. 85. 192 Hall. Kristen (II) 31. 131. 192 Hall. Linaya (12) 2. 107. 154 Halverson. Jeff (II) 74. 85. 192. 199 Halvorson. Seth (II) 203 Hamann. Marc (10) 209 Hamblin. Brigitte (10) 203. 209 Hamer. Carrie (II) 192 Hamer. John (12) 41. 60. 154 Hamilton. Christopher (12) 114. 115. 154h It h li h h h li h Hammond. Christine (12) 104. 154 Hammond. John (10) 209 Hand. Amy (12) 99. 108. 109. 120. 121. 155 Hang. Stephanie (12) 31. 89. 155 Hanley. Robert (10) 209 Hansen. David (10) 209 Hansen. Justin (12) 155 Hansen. Karen (12) 155 Hansen. Kelsey (11) 18. 192 Hansen. Mark (11) 101. 123. 192 Hanslng. Ian (10) 209 Hanslng. Kirsten (12) 155 Hanson. Kristina (10) 131. 209 Hanson. Nick (II) 192 Hardacker. John (II) 192 Hardie. Chad (10) III. 116. 209 Harfeldt. Sara (10) 31. 209 Harman. Jenn (II) 31. 131. 192 Harmon. Jennifer (10) 209 Harrington. Carol (12) 155. 228 Harris. Louise (12) 28. 141. 155. 235 Harrod. Andrew (12) 60. 61. 77. 155 Harrold. Elizabeth (12) 28. 156 Harter. Kristina (II) 58. 59. 62. 64. 191. 192. 270. 271 Harter. Theresa (10) 31. 108. 209 riartigan. Seth Patrick (12) 156 Hartmann. Todd J. (12) 156 Harvey. Bart (10) 209 Hasper. John Anthony (12) 156 Hatch. David (10) 210 Hau. Errol (12) 128. 138. 156 Hau. Vince (12) 138. 156. 176 Hauck. Monica (II) 104. 192 Hawkins. Ann (II) 192 Hayden. Kim (10) 210 Hayward. Jeffrey (12) 14. 115. 156 Healy. Tara (I I) 28. 120. 192 Hedlund. Keith (II) 74. 75. 115. 186. 192 Hedgulst. Penny (II) 104. 192 Hegman. Jenny (10) 210 Hegstrom. Julie (12) 82. 156. 235 Heiberg. Erie (II) 193 Helen. Matthew (10) 210 Helkens. Chris (II) 112. 193 Heikens. Michelle (12) 183 Helkklla. Kelly (12) 132. 157. 230 Heim. Steve (II) 193 Heisiek. Lori (II) 128. 129. 136. 193. 270.271 Hellbusch. Jon (12) 122. 123. 137. 157 Henkel. Heather (12) 157 Henkels. Steven (12) 157 Henrich. Holly (10) 210 Hentges. Matthew (12) 102. 103. 116. 117. 157 Hepp. Heather (12) 142. 157 Hepp. Jason (10) 210 Hepworth. Todd (II) 193 Herbers. Julie (12) 137. 157 Herchert. Heather (II) 193 Herrick. Paul (II) 193 Hesse. Charlie (10) 116. 193. 217 Hietala. Stephanie (10) 30. 31. 210 Higgins. Debra (12) 157. 234 Hildebrand. Mark (12) 157 Hllgren, Jolle (12) 31. 115. 157. 184. 233 Hilgren. Kristi (10) 31. 210 Hill. Steve (10) III. 210 Hilleren. Heather (II) 193 Hilliker. Heidi (12) 8. 36. 56. 157. 222 Hilliker. Jeremy (10) 210 Hiniker. Mike (II) 111. 116. 193 Hlnkie. Erik (II) 193 Hinkle. Gretchen (II) 193 Hlpps. 8rad (11) 193 Hielmeland. Jenny (10) 210 Ho. Tal (12) 157 Hobbs. Jon (11)60. 193 Hoecherl. Budd (fac) 112 Hoekstra. Judd (12) 116. 117. 157 Hoffman. Emily (II) 31. 100. 193 Hoffman. Pamela (12) 28. 157 Hogan. Mike (II) 203 Hoglund. Scott (II) 193 Hoigaard. Elizabeth (10) 124. 125. 205. 210 Hokanson. David (12) 53. 157 Hokanson. James (10) 217 Hokanson. Jim (II) 193 Hotahan. Heather (10) 210 hHolahan. John (12) 118. 119. 157 Holasek. Tauna (fac) 223 Holcombe. Molly (12) 8. 10. 157 Holderness. Alex (12) 8. 28. 128. 129. 232 Holderness. Brooks (10) 30. 31. 41. 128. 210 Holderness. William (12) 157 Hoietz. Mike (II) 193 Hollaway. Tori (12) 183 h Hollenbeck. Dia (II) 193 Holm. Jeffrey (12) 112. 157 Holman. Jason (12) 111. 157 Holman. Joby (10) 217 Holman. Julia (12) 157 Holman. Todd (12) 157 Holroyd. James (I I) 60. 66. 193 Holt. Mike (10) 210 Hoitan. Douglas (11) 193. 203 Homberger. Michael (12) 157 Homstad. Alexl (II) 193 hHondl. Chris (10) 54. 210 Honstad. Jennifer (12) 157. 233 Hoopes. Jennifer (10) 210 Hopson. Jay (11) 193 Hornig. Jon (10) 116. 210 Hostnkk. Katherine (12) 28. 158 Hotz. Matt (II) 31. 193 Houser. Betsy (10) 210 Houston. David (II) 193 Kovelsrud. Paul (II) 193 Howat. Chuck (II) 116. 193 h Howell. Matthew (12) 14. 28. 158 Howell. Michele (12) 158. 235. 270. 271 Howell. Sarah (12) 28. 130. 131. 158. 230 Hreha. Amy (12) 183 Huber. Kellie (II) 193 Huber. Shawn (12) 28. 158 Huestis. Robert (II) 85. 203 Huff. Robert (10) 31. 210 Huge. Jennifer (12) 158 hHugelen. Judy (fac) 223 Hulbert. Jill (12) 124. 158. 231 Hulbert. Joseph (II) 193 Humann. Theresa (10) 31. 210 Humphrey. Kyle (12) 116. 117. 158 Hunchis. William (12) 183 Hunt. Tom (II) 193 Hurley. Robin (12) 158 Hurley. Susie (II) 192. 193 Hurley. Theresa (II) 193 Hurley. Tim (11) 123. 193 h Hurley. Todd (II) 193 Husebo. Michael (12) 122. 123. 158 Hykes. Laura (12) 158. 231 idle 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Inderbitzin. Nicky (II) 193 Ingram. Bridget (12) 7. 81. 158 Irwin. Julie (II) 31. 193 Israel. Nicole (II) 191. 193 joke Jacobs. Chris (II) 193 Jacobsen. Jetta (10) 211 Jacobson. Jon (12) 158 Jacobson. Sarah (12) 19. 193 Jacobson. Victoria (fac) 223 Jaeger. Scott (10) 42. 74. 211. 270. 271 James. Tim (10) 211 Jansen. Rachel (12) 158 Jarvis. Allsc (11) 28. 127. 203 Jefferson. Troy (12) 110. III. 158 Jellen, Mike (II) 193 Jenkins. Kathryn (10) 31. 211. 108 Jensen. Virginia (fac) 40. 41. 223 Johns. Mark (10) 211 Johns. Nick (10) 210. 211 Johnson. Brian (II) 158. 193 Johnson. Bryan (10) 193. 217 Johnson. Craig (II) 193 Johnson. Curtis (fac) 54. 55. 74. 75. 223 Johnson. David (10) 211 Johnson. Derek (10) 211 Johnson. Eric (12) 183 Johnson. Greg (10) 211 Johnson. Heidi (II) 108. 193 Johnson. Jennifer (10) 31. 131. 211 Johnson. Jody (II) 108. 193 Johnson. Lara (10) 217 Johnson. Lisa (II) 193. 200 Johnson. Matthew (12) 128. 129. 156. 193 Johnson. Melanie (10) 131. 211 Johnson. Melissa (II) 193 Johnson. Neil (10) 56. 123. 211 Johnson. Rebecca (12) 31. 132. 133. 211. 158 Johnson. Renee (II) 193 Johnson. Scott (12) 158. 158. 228. 272 Johnson. Stephanie (II) 193 Johnson. Terl (II) 31. 127. 193 Johnson. Todd (II) 81. 193 Johnson. Wesley (12) 158 Johnson. Zachary (10) 211 Johnston. Kikl (10) 31 Johnston-Schelper. Kristine (10) 217 Jolng. Todd (12) 158 Jones. Andrew (12) 41. 116. 158 Jones. Chris (II) 81. III. 193 Jones. Margy (II) 193 Jones. Natalie (12) 115. 158 Jordal. Jared (12) 159. 231 Jorvensen. Jasper (II) 111 Joyce. Timothy (12) 159 Juhnke. Lisa (II) 194 Juhnke. Scott (12) 159 Julian. Stacey (10) 211 Julius. Tonia (II) IS. 53. 60. 188. 191. 194 Jundt. Celeste (II) 194 Justice. Chris (II) 116. 194 Juujarvi. An a (12) 45. 159 Juuyarvi, Merja (12) 31. 183 Juujarvl. Shannon (10) 31. 211 259260 k k k k k k k k k kiss Kafka. Pete (11) 58. 59. 60. 187. 194. 195 Kalsler. Mandy (11) 194 Kaju. Patty (II) 191. 194 Kaliher. Ryan (10) 211 Kallsen. Ja»on (11) 194 Kalogerson. Callie (II) 31. 99. 131. 187. 194 Kamlo. Christopher (10) 123. 217 Kamsheh. Husam (12) 159 Kaphingst. Lee (fac) 223 Kaplan. Allison (10) 31. 59. 211 Kaplan. Bryan (12) 31. 159 Karl . Krystal (11) 28. 115. 194 Karls. Thomas (12) 127. 159 Karlsson. Ebba (12) 59. 159 Karpeles. Laura (12) 160 Kasbohm. Donald (10) 211 Kasbohm. Kristen (II) 106. 194 Kasper. Benjamin (II) 112. 113. 194 Katiman. Scott (10) 211 Kaufenbcrg. Kimberly (12) 131. 160 Keane. Alkia (II) 194 Kearney. Erin (12) 7. 160 Keating. Jim (11) 111. 194 Keegan. Patricia (12) 160. 229 Keldahl. Erik (10) 211 Keller. Jim (II) 128 Keller. Kathryn (I I) 49. 50. 51. 194. 199. 271 Kelly. Molly (12) 7. 18. 20. 21. 28. 29. 160. 231 Kemp. Angela (12) 28. 160 Kenady. Kristin (12)128. 160. 230 Kennedy. Lynn (II) 194 Kennedy. Nicholas (10) 112. 116. 211 Kenney. Anne (12) 160. 270. 271 Kcrans. Timothy (12) 183 Klang. Bonnie (10) 211 Kiang. Karen (12) 15. 60. 74. 132. 161. 231 Klenxle. John (12) 183 Kim. John (11) 203 Kim. Phirun (II) 194 Kim. Richard (10) 124. 140. 211 Kimber. Kris (10) 211 King. Holly (11) 194. 202 King. Jeff (10) 211 King. Margaret (10) 108. 161. 211 King. Meg (12) 28. 130. 131 King. Megan (10) 211 Klnlon. Wayne (fac) 223 Kirsch. Kevin (II) 194 Klsse. Nola (II) 194 Kitsis. Edward (11) 194 Klas. Mike (10) 211 Kleckner. Jason (II) 53. 194 Klefsaas. Julie (10) 104. 120. 211 Kleldon. Karen (12) 28. 50. 161 Klein, tan (12) 161 Klein. Julie (12) 161 Klein. Stcphany (10) 211 Kluge. Kristen (II) 108 Knudten. Kristian (10) 194. 217 Knudsen. Michael (12) 161 Knutsen. Theodore (10) 211 Knutson. Andrew (12) 20. 31. 161 Koecher. Bradley (11) 194 Koerbcr. Kim (10) 108. 211 Komar. Michael (10) 123. 211 Kompejlen. Susie (10) 211 k k Konezny. Greg (II) 75. 124. 194 Kong. Frannle (10) 108. 211 Kong. Richard (II) 119. 194 Kopp. Kristin (12) 161 Korsh. Mike (II) 194 Korst. Jason (12) 161 Korupp. Ted (11) 194 Koslow. Larissa (11) 194. 195 Kostick. Mike (12) 161. 182 Koualli. Mark (10) 211 Kovarik. Michael (II) 112. 113. 194 Kozar. Karen (12) 115. 126. 127. 161 Kozar. Peter (12) 161 Krause. Max (10) 211 Krienltz. Lynnea (II) 31. 104. 194 Kriesel. Julie (11) 194 Krook. Judy (fac) 223 Krueger. Bill (II) 194 Krutz. David (12) 21. 23. 161 Kuehn. Richard (fac) 271 Kuhn. Stephen (12) 148. 161. 226 Kujawski. Dan (II) 28. 194 Kunze. Jason (12) 161 Kurth. Kelly (II) 194 Kwon. David (12) 17. 161 leather 1 1 1 1 Lach. Rebecca (II) 25 Laederach. Barbara (fac) 223 Lager. Rachel (10) 211 Lahm. Corey (12) 8. 161 Lahti. Eric (12) 161 Lalng. Amy (11) 31. 194 Lainsbury. Mary (12) 161 Laltala. Stephanie (10) 31. 211 Lamb. Dana (II) 194 LaMour. Ron (fac) 225 Lang. Carol (10) 211 Lange. Dana (12) 161 Longer. Timothy (II) 115. 194 Lansing. Lori (II) 194 Larivee. Tory (II) 194 Larson. Bart (fac) 223 Larson. Brad (12) 123. 161 Larson. Cara (II) 106. 107. 194 Larson. Christine (II) 104. 194 Larson. Dave (fac) 223 Larson. Derek (12) 111. 161 Larson. Jeff (10) 211 Larson. Jonathan (10) 17. 86. 211 Larson. Leah (12) 131. 161. 229 Larson. Linda (11) 28. 131. 194 Larson. Mark (10) 211 Lsskln. Bryan (10) 211 Lattcrcll. Charlie (10) 211 Laughlln. Tim (II) 119. 194 Lawrence. Jason (II) 194 Lawson. Sarah (10) 211 Layer. Jennifer (II) 194 Layzell. Judy (fac) 218 Lcadholm. Josh (10) 217 LcBlanc. Nicole (10) 104. 211 Lee. Baldwin (12) 21. 28. 59. 128. 129. 161. 269 Lee. Daniel (10) 31. IIS. 211 Lee. Debbie (10) 211 Lee. Denln (12) 24. 25. 70. 76. 162 Lee. Janet (10) 46. 211 Lee. Samantha (10) 104. 211 INDEX 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 •s III 111 Leet. Andy (II) 194 Lefferts. Steven (12) 162 Lehr. Kristine (10) 211 Lelnfelder. David (12) 162 Lenguyen. Huyen (11) 194 Leonard. Susan (II) 28. 132. 194 Leslie. Joanne (10) 31. 104. 211 Lester. Carolyn (II) 115. 194 Letsche. Christine (12) 148. 1622. 232 Lettmann. Susan (II) 194 Leung. Steven (10) 211 Leuty. Pete (fac) 223 Levin. Carrie (II) 194 Lewis. Elizabeth (12) 162 Lewis. Kelly (10) 211 Lewis. Kerri (12) 33. 162. 196. 233 Lewis. Kimberly (11) 85. 131. 194 Lewis. Paul (12) 162 Lewis. Sara (12) 162. 233 Lewis. Tiffany (II) 194 Ucht. Daniel (II) 195 Uebo. Brian (II) 60. 61. 195 Llebo. Scott (II) 203 Uetzke. Kirk (12) 162 Und. Christian (12) 162 Undell. Chad (10) 116. 211 Undell. Chris (II) 116. 195 Lindell. Erik (10) 119. 211 Undemann. John (11) 28. 195 Undman. David (II) 195 Undman. Lee (12) 28. 162 Undman. Sally (fac) 223 Lindman. Scott (II) 59. 80. 113 Undner. Ari (10) 211 Undsay. John (II) 116. 195 Undskoog. Erie (12) 126. 127. 162 Llneweaver. Krista (12) 162 Upetzky. Stephanie (12) 147. 162 Lipps. Sharon (12) 28. 163 Llshman. John (12) 162 Lloyd. Deidre (12) 47. 127. 162 Locke. Rebecca (10) 211 Lofing. Suzann (12) 162 London. Trisha (10) 31. 211 Long. Eric (II) 195 Long. Paul (12) 28. 142. 162. 233 LoPesio. Gina (II) 203 Louden. Michelle (II) 203 Loudon. Michael (II) 195 Lounsberry. Molly (11) 56. 195 Lu. Hue (12) 162 Lulkens. Robert (12) 162 Lund. Andrew (10) 211 Lund. Kirk (10) 211 Lund. Ryan (10) 123. 212 Lundc. Matthew (12) 162 Lundgren. Jeffrey (II) 203 Lundgren. Nancy (10) 212 Lundquist. Jeff (11) 195 Lunkley. Kathryn (12) 162 Luona. Amy (10) 212 Lustine. Mia (10) 212 Luther. Jim (fac) 223 Luther. John (10) 212 Lutter. Kristina (11) 195 Lyman. Andrew (II) 48. 49. 60. 76. 195 Lynch. Margaret (12) 104. 105. 162. 228 Lyngaas. Jewell (fac) 223 Lyon. Mark (II) 25. 191. 195Ill 111 111 111 111 11 in m m muscle Mm . Melanie (II) 195 Mm . Shannon (12) 31. 124. 134. 162. 235 MacDonald. Heather (10) 212 MacKany. John (12) 14. 163 Machereth. Dale (fac) 219. 271 MacLennan. Douglas (12) 115. 163 Maddux. Steve (10) 212 Maerten . Shari (12) 163 Magnusoo. Jeff (10) 27. 212 Maillet. Delta (fac) 223 Maletta. Matt (II) 80. 115. 195 Maky. Daniel (II) 203 Maloney. Jay (10) 212 Maloney. John (10) 212 Manthie. Kent (II) 195 Marchuck. MaryKay 163. 228. 270. 271 Mark. Scott (II) 196 Marnell. Colleen (12) 63. 163. 167. 185. 233. 270. 271 Marqulna. France (10) 31. 212 Marr . Amy (II) 196 Mar h. Dan (fac) 223. 225 Marshall. Chri (II) 196 Marshall. Emma (12) 163 Marshall. Magda (II) 31. 196 Marshall. Tony (II) 196 Martin. Alan (12) 60. 110. 111. 163 Martin. Ann (12) 163 Martin. Christine (II) 31. 131. 196 Martin. Jessica (10) 212 Martin. Lindsay (12) 128. 129 Martin. Monica (II) 196 Martinet. Gloria (11) 196 Martinson. Claire (12) 81. 164 Mason. Amy (10) 212 Matson. Tcrese (12) 164 Matson. Thomas (12) 32. 37. 164 Matthees. Shana (II) 28. 104. 196 Maltison. Karen (12) 164. 228 Matysik. Mike (II) 196 Maxon. Patricia (10) 212 May. McIIsm (II) 132. 196 Mayer. Chris (10) 128. 164. 212 Mayeron. David (II) 86. 115. 127 Mayeron. Steven (12) 115. 126. 127. 164 Mayerson. David (10) 212 Me Burney. Lesley (12) 4. 8. 9. II. 12. 60. 105. 164. 185. 267 McCabe. Christine (10) 212 McCalvy. Deborah (II) 31. 196 McCarthy. Jason (12) 124. 125. 164 McCarthy. Patrick (12) 13. 165 McClees. Megan (10) 34. 56. 212 McClelland. Robert (12) 71. 160. 165 McCoy. John (12) 116. 117. 165 McCracken. Jane (10) 212 McCready. Erik (II) 196 McCulloch. Jason (II) 196 McDavitt. William (12) 8. 41. 115. 126. 127. 136. 165 McGarry. Megan (12) 165 McGovern. Pat (It) 196 McGowan. Chris (10) 111. 212 McGraw. Chcrilyn (10) 104. 212 McGuire. Jim (10) 212 McKay. Amy (II) 196 McKay. John (12) 184 McKean. Karen (II) 196 McLain. Angela (II) 89. 196 McLain. Kirsten (10) 212 McMerty. Scott (10) 212 McNamara. Dan (10) 212 McNaught. Stuart (II) 71. 85. 197 McNeill. Laurie (10) 30. 31. 82. 212 McNulty. Wendy (II) 120. 197 McPherson. Bonnie (10) 212 McPherson. Stephen (12) 90. 165 McShane. Tim (10) 212 McSpeamon. Edward (10) 212 McVecty. Mark (12) 32. 124. 165 McWethy. David (12) 124. 125. 165 Meagher. Michael (10) 212 Mearkle. Jennifer (10) 115. 212 Medina. Belinda (10) 45. 108. 212 Medina. Marco (12) 165 Medrano. Christopher (II) 31. 112. 113. 197 111 111 111 ni in m Melli. Jason (II) 203 Meilkr. Rol (12) 183 Meinke. Jill (12) 165 Meiti. David (12) 122. 123. 137. 165 Melaa . David (12) 165 Melin. Paul (II) 28. 197 Melueg. Kurt (II) 195 Meluge. Kevin (10) 127 Merchant. Eric (10) III. 116 Merchant. Milon (10) 212 Meredith. Kelly (II) 118. 119. 197 Merkk. Jennifer (10) 127 Merritt. Patricia (fac) 223 Messkr. Shannon (II) 203 Meyer. Eric (12) 70. 114. 115. 165 Micek. Mol lie (10) 64. 212 Middleton. Bill (10) 212 Milkr. Allison (II) 197 Milkr. Donna (12) 5. 38. 56. 57. 132. 133. 134. 165. 226 Milkr. Erik (12) 91. 183 Milkr. Kari (II) 119. 197 Milkr. Sally (12) 165 Mills. Brian (10) 212. 216 Mingo. Carolyn (II) 197 Mlsewlcr. Mkhael (12) 165 Missel!. Jason (10) III. 212 Mitchell. Chrissy (II) 197 Mitchell. Dean (II) 197 Mitchell. Laura (10) 128. 212 Mitchell. Mons (II) 115. 197 Moe. Jackk (10) 106. 107. 120. 212 Moe. Jennifer (12) 8. 102. 106. 107. 165 Moesenthin. Scott (10) 86. 212 Mogck. Derek (11)62.80. 111. 119. 197. 270. 271 Mollnar. Jeffrey (12) 165 Moilerus. Tom (10) 119. 191. 197 Montgomery. Katk (II) 108. 197 Montgomery. Terra (II) 104. 197 Moody. Leslk (11) 56. 132. 197. 202 Moore. Robin (10) 31. 212 Moore. Thomas (12) 165 Moore. Todd (II) 197 Morgan. Kimberly (12) 31. 131. 165. 235 Morky. Michael (II) 203 Moror. James (12) 165 Moroi. Joe (10) 212 Morris. Hekn (fac) 223 Morris. Robert (12) 116. 117. 165 Morrison. Kenneth (10) 217 Morrissettc. Heather (10) 212 Mortensen. Molly (12) 165 Moskalik. Paul (10) 212 Moss. Brent (II) 24. 197 Moris. Rob (II) 197 Mrachek. Angela (12) 166 Mueller. Julie (12) 166 Muclkr. Lynn (10) 108. 212 Muhlhausen. Emil (fac) 222. 223 m Mullen. Amy (II) 80. 107. 197 Muller. Christina (12) 183 Mullin. Katie (II) 197 Mundy. Dave (11) 197 Munster. Eugene (10) 212 Munster. Paul (12) 166 Murphy. Brent (II) 203 Murray. Steve (II) 31. 197 Murrin. DeVonna (fac) 223 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 nap Naeder. Laurie (II) 195 Nagle. Sarah (II) 203 Namtvedt. Mala (12) 166 Nasby. Jason (II) 197 Natwkk. Karen (fac) 223 Nawrocki. Natalie (10) 212 Nelms. Christopher (12) 37. 112. 113. 166 Nelson. Anne (II) 197 Nelson. Braden (12) 71. 116. 117. 166. 229 Nelson. Chri (10) 212 Nelson. Daniel (fac) 30. 223 Nelson. Elisc (12) 28. 132. 166 Nelson. Gretchen (II) 8. 85. 107. 197 Nelson. Larry (II) 197 Nelson. Lori (II) 197 Nelson. Mark (12) 166 Nelson. Paul (12) 124. 151. 166 Nemecek. Alkia (12) 107. 124. 166. 234 Nemecek. Sara (10) 107. 120. 212 Nesbitt. Mike (12) 166 Nest. Karl (II) III. 196. 197 Never . Tom (10) 116. 117. 212 Nguyen. Chi (12) 166 Nguyen, linh (12) 166 Nguyen. Thu (12) 166 Nguyen. Tram (10) 212 Nkwoehner. Christopher (12) 115. 166 Nipper. Kelly (II) 197 Niti. Heidi (10) 108. 120. 212 Notan. Jack (10) 85. 115. 124. 217 Noran. Amy (10) 212 Norback. Lora (10) 31. 212 Nord. Jennifer (12) 31. 128. 166. 212 Nord. John (12) 28. 50. 51. 166 Nordstrom. Lisa (10) 212 Norman. Erica (12) 166. 270. 271 Northrop. Jeffrey (10) 31. 84. 111. 212 Novachi . Anthony (10) 212 Novograti. Heidi (12) 56. 166. 184. 233 Nowak. Robert (12) 90. 166 Noyce. Jennifer (10) 31. 107. 212 Nye. Laura (II) 197 Nyhus. Kevin (10) 111. 212 Nystrom. Shelly (II) 197 odd o o O'Boyle. Molly (fac) 105 O'Brien. Aran (II) 197 O'Brien. Helga (fac) 223 O'Brien. Shannon (12) 166 O'Keefe. Katk (II) 197 O'Rourke. Kathleen (12) 8. 132. 133. 166 O'Rourke. Molly (10) 131. 212 Oakes. Chuck (fac) 223 Obert. Brent (12) 33. 166 Obst. Jonell (10) 131. 212 Obst. Matthew (II) 197 Odell. Clinton (12) 167 Odland. Amy (II) 197 Ogllvk. Nathan (II) 58. 59. 197 Ogren. Connie (12) 183 INDEX 261262 Ogren. Dale (foe) 223 O Olsen. Bradly (12) 167 Olsen. Gregory (12) 28. 127. 152. 167 Olsen. Jett (II) 197 Olsen. Jeffrey (10) 212 Olsen. Mike (10) 213 Olsen. Nicholas (12) 167. 232 Olson. Anthony (12) 167. 184. 231 Olson. Gulnilla (II) 197 Olson. Jeff (II) III. 197 Olson. Jennifer (10) 108. 197 Olson. Kimberly (12) 167 O Olson. Kristina (II) 203 Olson. Steve (II) 197 Olson. Thomas (12) 167 Olson. Tina (11) 197 Olsson. Tiffany (II) 108. 167. 197 OpiU. Scott (II) 197 Opp. Cynthia (12) 28. 167. 179 Orr. Amy (12) 168 Orth. Colleen (10) 106. 213 Oslrom. Caroline (12) 58. 59. 85. 168 Ott. Chris (II) III. 197 Otteson. William (12) 21. 28. 168. 232 Otto. Monica (10) 31. 168. 196 Otto. Olaf 168 Ottum. Beverly (fac) 224 Overlln. Sheila (12) 168 Ovikian. Thomas (10) 213 Owen. James (12) 110. 111. 168 Oyner. Stacey (II) 197 psyched Paar. Matt (II) 197 Paavola. Chad (12) 60. 168 PPaavola. Marc (10) 7. 213 Pace. Bob (II) 197 Page. Nicole (II) 197. 200 Paine. Brett (10) 213 Palecek. Jason (II) 116. 197 Palecek. Jennifer (12) 18. 31. 45. 76. 127. 169 Palecek. Julie (II) 31. 120. 197 Palmer. Mitch (II) 197 Parks. Jeffrey (II) 78. 197 P Parry. Mallette (II) 196 Parsley. Ande (10) 213 Pasko. Eva (II) 104. 198 Patrck. Tom (10) 213 Patrick. Amy (12) 169. 229 Patrick. Matthew (10) 213 Patterson. Cay (fac) 224 Paugh. Katey (II) 31. 198 Paulfranz. Lisa (II) 104. 198 Paulfranz. Reid (12)94. 183 Paulson. Mark (12) 169 P Pause. Michelle (II) 196 Pautz. Lisa (II) 28. 198 Peacock. Marc (10) 116. 213 Peacock. Mel (12) 169 Pearson. Amanda (10) 104. 120. 213 Pearson. K. 28 Peck. Molly (12) 51. 169 Pederson. Mark (12) 28. 127. 169. 229 Pedley. Jill (12) 169 Peissig. Tim (10) 213 Pellowe. Helen (fac) 224 Peltier. David (12) 28. 70. 169 Perry. Jane (10) 213 Perry. Melissa (12) 120. 121. 169 Perry. Peter (12) 169 Persons. Kara (12) 31. 66. 169 Pesina. Michael (12) III. 169 Peters. David (10) 213 Petersen. Ingrid (10) 42. 213 Petersen. Jon (10) 213 Petersen. Lydia (II) 198 Petersen. Mark (II) 198 Petersen. Paul (10) 213 Peterson. Brett (10) 123. 217 P Peterson. Brian (II) 198 Peterson. DeeAnn (12) 169 Peterson. Glenn (12) 126. 127. 169 Peterson. Heather (II) 198 Peterson. Janet (fac) 224 Peterson. Jill (II) 198 Peterson. John (II) HI. 116. 196 Peterson. Joshua (10) 213 Peterson. Katherine (12) 169 Peterson. Katie (12) 28. 70 P Peterson. Kristina (12) 115. 126. 127. 134. 169 Peterson. Lee (10) 42 Peterson. Marian (fac) 224 Peterson. Niki (10) 120 Peterson. Robert (fac) 29. 224 Peterson. Ten (10) 213 Peterson. William (II) 198 Petruska. Matthew (12) 183 Pelsolt. Dave (10) 213 Petzel. Linnea (II) 198 P Pfeifer. Christine (12) 15. 108. 109. 169 Pfouts. Andrew (12) 1154. 115. 169 Pierson. Kindra (12) 169. 231 Pilegaard. Eric (12) 169 P lad son. Dawn (II) 196 Platt. Andrew (12) 36. 169 Platt. Brian (10) 213 Pluhar. Jenny (I I) 28. 29. 196 Podnieks. Eric (II) 196 Podnleks. Ingrid (12) 104. 105. 120. 121. 169. 233 PPollman. Mark (12) 169 Poncius. Andrea (II) 108. 198 Porter. Andy (10) 213 Porter. Kathleen (II) 89. 198 Porter. Mike (12) 169 Posingies. Linda (10) 214 Possis. Jennifer (10) 214 Pole. Kevin (10) 111. 214 Poulos. Jason (II) 203 Poullon. Gregory (10) 127. 214 P Powell. Elizabeth (II) 198 Powell. Jennifer (12) 33. 108. 170. 196 Powell. Libby (II) 31. 127. 269 Powell. Patrick (12) 170 Poxon. Monica (12) 82. 170 Prin. Steve (12) 28. 170 Prince. Deborah (12) 8. 15. 72. 106. 109. 170 Procopfc). Kristin (10) 214 Pryse. Becca (II) 198 Pryse. Evan (12) 170 Pulse her. David (II) 203 queasy Ciuach. Quyen (II) 198 INDEX q r r r r r r r Quatley. Mike (10) 111 Quevll. Bryan (10) 214 Quigley. Christine (12) 28. 170 Quilling. Kathy (II) 198 Quinlan. Brian (10) 123. 214 Quist. Erika (12) 89. 170 Quraishl. Irfan (10) 214 results Raabe. Andrew (10) 214 Radder. Jennifer (12) 89. 170 Radloff. Scott (12) 170 Rae. George (12) 118 Raether. Peter (12) 86. 100. 101. 102. 122. 123. 170 Rahn. Noel (II) 116. 196 Rajkumar. Roshini (II) 56. 57. 92. 196 Ramberg. Dan (II) 196. 268 Randall. John (12) 122. 123. 164. 170 Randgaard. Rachel (12) 127. 170. 228 Rankka. Angela (11) 198 Rasmussen. Kari (II) 198 Ratelie. Suzanne (12) 33. 115. 126. 127. 134. 170 Rea. George (12) IIS. 119. 170 Rea. JuHe (II) 198 Ready. David (12) 35. 170 Reardon. Megan (12) 28. 170 Recke. Jennifer (10) 214 Redman. David (12) 170 Redman. Joanna (10) 214 Reed. Andrew (12) 98. 112. 113. 170. 228 Reed. Robert (10) III. 214 Reese. Elizabeth (12) 4. 106. 109. 170 Refsell. Christian (10) 217 Regan. Maluncc (II) 108. 120. 198 Regan. Nalumon (12) 170 Reichert. Jennifer (12) 26. 198 Reichert. Peter (12) 124. 125. 170 Reid. Trudle (12) 28. 132. 139. 170 Relgel. Marc (fac) 224 Reimer. George (fac) 224 Reinertsen. Carrie (II) 203 Reinhart. Chad (12) 170 Reissner. Julie (10) 214 Reker. Almee (12) 171 Rendleman. Hollis (10) 108. 214 Resler. Eric (II) 198 Rcssen. Sara (10) 131. 214 Rex. Allison (12) 36. 37. 39. 56. 171. 184 Reynolds. Jeff (12) 171 Reynolds. Kimberly (10) 108. 214 Rhodes. Randy (II) 198 Riad. Ranya (II) 203 Rice. Stacey (12) 28. 183 Rich. Alyson (12) 60. 171 Richards. Carrie (II) 198 Richards. Katherine (12) 124. 125. 171 Rickman. Michael (12) 70. 148. 171 Rleckhoff. Susan (11) 120. 196 Rlerson. Gretchen (10) 31. 108. 214 Rifley. Michelle (11) 31. 198 Rile. Scott (12) 8. 122. 123. 171. 234 RUey. Katharine (12) 5. 86. 103. 120. 121. 142. 234. 270. 271 Ring. William (12) 172 Rlngling. Doug (II) 196 Ripple. Deborah (II) 28. 196 RIsche. Heather (10) 31. 214Rlsdal. Erin (10) 214 Rlsse. NoU (11) 203 Ritchie. Alyson (10) 214 Ritchie. Jason (12) 172 River . Kaelie (10) 79. 82. 107. 120. 214 Roback. Stephanie (12) 172 Roberts. Farrah (II) 198 Robertson. Almee (10) 215 Robertson. Christopher (12) 172 Robertson. Susan (10) 31. 128. 215 Robinson. Carl (12) 135. 172 Roche. Gltanjali (II) 203 Rock. Stephanie (12) 172 Rodriguez. Carlos (II) 28. 198 Rodriguez. Edgardo (12) 172 Roe. Sarah (10) 108. 215 Roe. Steven (12) 126. 127. 172 Roepke. Darren (II) 123. 198 Rofldal. Karin (11) 198 Rofldal. Kevin (II) 196 Rogat. Carla (II) 198. 202 Rogat. Christian (12) 31. 173. 228 Rogers. Derek (12) 124. 125. 173. 230 Rogers. Jason (II) 203 Roger . Jessica (10) 215 Rogers. Kimberly (10) 215 Rogness. Joe (II) 28. 101. 123. 198 Rolles. Daniel (10) III. 215 Rooney. Darren (II) 198 Root. Timothy (11) 198 Rose. Jamie (12) 28. 183 Rose. Matthew (12) 54. 173. 230 Rosemark. Paula (11) 198 Rosenberg. Jonathan (12) 173 Rosenblatt. Jill (II) 107. 198 Rosenbloom. Sarah (12) 173 Roskam. Ann (12) 173 Rothe. Sharon (12) 128. 173 Rothman. Elaine (fac) 224 Royce. Joe (II) 123. 198 Rubin. Chad (II) 198 Rummler, Jeffrey (12) 173 Ruppert. Holly (II) 63. 192. 198. 270. 271 Russell. Lisa (12) 173. 232. 270. 271 Ryan. Bart (11)87. 116. 198 Ryan. Heather (II) 124 Ryan. Healhyr (12) 173 Rydell. Katherine (12) 173 spirit Saarela. Brett Anne (12) 58. 59. 76. 77. 173 Sackman. Melissa (12) 64. 132. 173 Sadegheyeh. Sanaz (II) 198 Saether. Astrld (12) 173 Sagataw. Edwin (10) 217 Sagataw. Ula (12) 85. 115 Salita. Kelly (12) 12. 60. 61. 135. 173. 233 Salstrom. Heather (II) 199 Sampson. Edwin (10) 215 Sand bo. Joanna (10) 36. 60. 173. 185. 216 Sanderson. Jeffrey (12) 116. 117. 173 Sandoval. Rosaura (12) 31. 173. 229 Santos. Delrdre (12) 173 Sarup. Aartl 199 Sarver. Valerie (12) 173. 181 § s s § § § s $ Saterbak. Kristen (12) 130. 172. 173. 132 Savre. Robert (fac) 122. 123. 218. 219 Schaefer. Donna (12) 173 Schaefer. Scott (II) 199 Schaeffler. Susan (12) 31. 45. 173 Schaffer. Mkhael (10) 215 Schclper. Kristine (10) 215 Schenck. Janelle (11) 203 Schenck. Jolene (12) 173 Schcttler. Erin 174 Schilling. Margaret (fac) 222 Schilling. Pat (fac) 224 Schlafge. Suzanne (12) 27. 59. 140. 174 Schmelz. Daniel (12) 174 Schmelz. Jennifer (11) 199 Schmidt. Chad (II) 199 Schmidt. Kristian (12) 183 Schmitz. Teri (12) 174 Schneider. Charles (12) 174 Schneider. Dean (II) 203 Schneider. Gretehen (12) 174 Schneider. Heidi (12) 28 Schnltzer. Shonn (10) 78. 215 Schoffman. Julie (12) 31. 174 Schroeder. Mark (12) 174 Schuller. Joseph (10) 215 Schultz. Derrick (II) 100. 199 Schultz. Kristen (12) 174 Schulz. Joan (fac) 224. 225 Schulz. Nancy (II) 22. 23. 199 Schulze. Richard (10) 215 Schumacher. Clark (10) III. 215 Schumelster. Eric (11) 111. 119 Schutts. Matthew (11) 199 Schwartz. Aaron (II) 199 Schwartzbauer. Jessica (12) 18. 20. 21. 28. 174 Schwartzbauer. Peter (10) 119. 217 Sciola. Gina (II) 31. 199 Scott. Alan (10) 215 Scott. Brian (II) 199 Scott. Sharon (fac) 224 Scudder. David (12) 21. 28. 174 Searle. Alicia (12) 174 Seha. Bob (fac) 224 Seibert. David (10) 215 Selferi. Elizabeth (12) 63. 174. 270. 271 Sellga. Jimmy (II) 199 Seveland. Stacy (12) 128. 141. 174. 231 Scveland. Tracy (12) 128. 174. 231 Sever. Matt (II) 101. 116. 199 Shaffer. Mike (10) 27. 116 Shah. Rajesh (11) 64. 199 Shanedling. Anne (10) 31. 215 Shanedling. Jody (12) 174 Shannon. Richard (12) 28. 174. 232 Sharp. Young (II) 203 Sharpe. Alison (10) 215 Shatoh. Yoshl (fac) 71 Sheldon. Chris (II) 119. 199 Sheldon. Eric (12) 174 Shelly. John (11) 199 Shepherd. Bronwyn (12) 174 Sherman. William (12) 174 Shldeman. Rick (II) 124. 199 Shift. Erica (II) 200 Shlff. Sean (12) 174 Shubinsky. Gary (10) 215 Shulze. Derrick (10) 216 Shulze. Mary (12) 8. 56. 57. 71. 124. 174 Shutts. Matt (II) 119 Shyman. Jackalyn (12) 174 Shyman. Thomas (10) 215 Sigvertsen. Erik (12) 174 Sigvertsen. Julia (10) 215 Silver. Mark (12) 175 Silverman. Deborah (12) 175 Silverman. Shana (10) 217 Simon. Nicole (II) 131. 200 Simon . Alison (10) 31. 215 Slngher. Trad (11) 31. 200 Slnykln. Tyan (II) 200 Sirko. Alex (12) 175 Skelly. John (II) 90. 203 Sklar. Julie (12) 175. 232 Skrentner. Lonnie (fac) 224 Skrukrud. Mkhael (12) 183 Skrukrud. Nkole (10) 31. 131. 215 Slade. Jill (II) 104. 120. 200 Slade. Jodelle (12) 175 Sladek. Melissa (10) 104. 120. 215 INDEX Sladek. Rebecca (12) 114. IIS. 120. 121. 175 Slaughter. Mkhael (12) 175 Smiley. Guy (11)81 Smith. Bradley (10) 116. 215 Smith. Heather (10) 104. 215 Smith. Jonathan (12) 175 Smith. Matthew (10) 123. 215 Smith. Mkhael (12) 176. 228 Smith. Scott (10) 215. 217 Smith. Stephen (12) 74. 176. 235 Smith. Victoria (10)31. 215 Smoot. Valarie (II) 200. 202 Smullen. Scott (10) 31 Snook. James (12) 123. 176 Snyder. Heidi (12) 81. 176. 268 Snyder. Mary (12) 176 Snyder. Sarah (II) 200 Soderiund. Joseph (10) 215 Somers. Samuel (12) 36. 176 Somers. Spenser (10) 86. 123. 204. 215 Soodek. Caroline (12) 36. 56. 176 Sorem. Jennifer (12) 124. 176. 230 Sorenson. Paul (II) 200 Sortkn. Jacy (II) 200 Sorrell. Jennifer (12) 177 Soucek. Tom (12) 183 Soukup. Brian (II) 200. 270. 271 Splerings. Robert (12) 183 Spillum. Laurette (II) 200 Splllum. Matthew (12) 58. 59. 177 Stafford. Destiny (10) 215 stageberg. Brad (II) 111. 124. 200 Stang. Erik (12) 177. 228 Stangel. Kelly (12) 177 Stauffer. Christopher (10) 128. 215 Stauffer. Jennifer (12) 183 Steen. David (12) 183 Stefan. Rcnatc (fac) 224 Steinbach. Robin (12) 31. 177 Steinberg. Nicok (II) 200 Stende. Troy (12) 112. 113. 177 Stephanie. Bridget (10) 217 Stevens. Jennifer (12) 28. 107. 177. 235 Stewart. Paul (12) 177 Stillpass. Mkhael (II) 200 Stinnett. Kevin (10) 215 Stlotz. Catherine (12) 177 Stoka. Andrei (II) 54. 55. 200 Stone. Richard (12) 177 Stoneberg. Ann (fac) 224 Stoneking. Benjamin (10) IIS. 123. 215 Stotts. Andrew (10) 56. III. 215 Stow. Warren (12) 177 Striker. Chad (II) 200 Striker. Todd (12) 177 Stromberg. Jodi (12) 177 Strommen. Jack (12) 90. 177. 268 Strothman. Sara (II) 200 Struse. Whitney (10) 215 Struthers. Vakrle (10) 52. 53. 89. 215 Stubbs. Margaret (fac) 224 Sturgeon. Nkole (12) 89. 151. 177 Sturgeon. Ross (II) 119. 200 Sullivan. Andrew (12) 177 Sullivan. David (II) 201 Sullivan. Jennk (11) 31. 201 Sullivan. John (11) 62. 76. 78. 115. 201. 270. 271 Sullivan. Joseph (10) 215 Sullivan. Patrick (II) 201 Sullivan. Robert (10) 215 Sundseth. Wendy (12) 177 Sushak. Rebecca (II) 201 Sutton. Mark (12) 28. 70. 177 Swanson. Bruce (fac) 224 Swanson. Heather (II) 203 Swanson. Jay (fac) 224 Swanson. Peter (12) 177. 232 Sweet. Robert (12) 38. 128. 177 Swlggum. Nikki (II) 201 Swildens. Johan (12) 2. 177 Switzer. Lisa (II) 201 Szarzynski. Jody (10) 31. 215 263264 talent underwear Tabbut. David (fac) 33. 224 Tad ten. Efk (12) 60. 177 Tarr. Dina (12) 113. 127. 177 Tate. Erick (II) 201 Taylor. Dale (10) 215 Taylor. Fritz (12) 112 Taylor. Holly (II) 201 Taylor. John (12) 177 Taylor. Scott (12) 178 Terwllllger. Mike (II) 80. 116. 201 Terwllllger. Susan (10) 31. 107. 213 Tesaman. Karin (12) 28. 63. 178 TeUloff. Erik (12) 178 Teuton. Kristopher (II) 201 Teufel. Bradley (10) 215 Thatcher. Mitchell (II) 201 Thatcher. Scott (II) 54. 70. 201 Thevenln. Michelle (10) 215 Thcvenln. Yvonne (12) 178 Thill. Brent (10) 213 Thiss. Charles (10) 215 Thomas. Ana (10) 85 Thomas. Chris (II) 201 Thomas. Colleen (II) 201 Thomas. James (12) 52. S3. 178 Thomas. Margaret (10) 31. 213 Thompson. Carey (10) 215 Thompson. Mamie (II) 108 Thomson. Martha (10) 215 Thorkelson. Marcia (II) 128. 201 Thorp. Scott (II) 8. 124. 201 Thorpe. Stephen (II) 201 Thrin. Thai (II) 119 Thrln. Tong (12) 119 Tlee he. Tiffany (12) 178 Todd. Christie (II) 201 Toepel. Ann (12) 14. 130. 131. 178 ToUn. Michael (10) 215 Tolan. Shawna (12) 138. 164. 178 Tong. Dang (II) 201 Torgerson. Heidi (12) 178. 229 Torgerson. Rochelle (12) 134. 176 Trainor. Gerry (II) 201 Tran. Kiel (12) 178 Trinh. Thai (II) 201 Trinh. Tong (12) 112. 178 Troldahi. Jeffrey (10) 213 Troyer. Nicole (II) 62. 63. 201. 271 Truong. An (10) 215 Truong. Deo (10) 215 Truong. Lc (10) 213 Truong, toe (12) 178 Truong. Ptiuong (II) 203 Truong. Thanh (12) 178 Turner. Andrew (II) 201 Tweedy. Kathy (II) 31. 131. 201 Uhr. Roger (fac) 224 U Underwood. Bridget (12) 28. 124. 134. 178. 235 Unitan. David (12) 14. 88. 178 Unitan. Michael (12) 178 Urquhart. Meagan (10) 131. 215 Usem. Betsy (12) 28. 178 Usher. Grctchcn (fac) 224 Utendorfer. Robert (II) 80. III. 201 Utter. Elisabeth (12) 124. 123. 178 Uttley. Anthony (10) 215 vertical V V V Vaa. Karin (10) 213 Vagnoni. Susan (12) 8. 42. 108. 160. 178. 231 Vales. Jack (10) 127. 215 Vandenhende. Valerie (10) 12. 215 Vandcrtop. Chad (10) III. 116. 215 Vandertop. Greg (12) 179 Vandcrwall. David (II) 85. 201 VanDriel. Libby (II) 89. 128. 129. 201 VanDusen. Victoria (12) 178. 229 VanLcer. Christine (10) 213 Vanleer. Jennifer (12) 132. 133. 178. 230 VanNamcn. Raqucl (II) 201 VanNatta. Stephen (12) 178 VanSloun. Douglas (10) 217 Vent-land. Jonell (12) 178 Vaeoli. Anthony (II) 201. 210 Vaughn. Cullen (12) 8. 111. 179 Vavaro. Mike (10) III Veary. Kim (12) 179 Velek. Chip (12) 184 Velner. Katherine (10) 108. 215 Velncr. Sara (12) 179 Venaglia. Janet (11) 201 Veneglia. Jodi (II) 201 Vestal. Eric (II) 201 Veum. Cory (II) 201 Vkkman. Kurt (10) 216 Vlckmen. Scott (12) 116. 117. 179 Vieira. Claudia (II) 128. 201 Viera. Robert (10) 116. 216 Viljeite. Jessica (12) 179 Vittali. Bernard (12) 179 Vilullo. Julie (12) 179 INDEX Vogland. Zachary (10) 216 Voss. Cheryl (12) 28. 180 women w w w w w w Wahl. Leslie (II) 132. 201 Waldron. Marc (II) 112. 201 Walker. Amy (12) ISO Walker. Elizabeth (10) 128 Walker. Robert (II) 119. 201 Wallace. Jennings (II) IIS. 201 Walling. Christopher (10) 128. 216 Wangen. Char (II) 201 Wangcn. Kristine (12) 180 Ward. David (12) 180 Warden. Meg (II) 124. 125. 201. 202 Warner. Christine (12) 180. 228 Warner. Judith (10) 108. 216 Warncs. Julie (fac) 224 Warren. Heather (10) 104. 120. 216 Wartnkk. Jeremy (II) 201 Wartnkk. Jonathon (12) 180 Watson. Sethina (II) 201 Way. Brady (II) 123. 201 Webb. Mr. (fac) 25 Weber. Usa (10) 31. 216 Weber. Paul (fac) 224 Weber. Stefanie (12) 130. 131. 180. 233 Weeks. Suzanne (II) 56. 120. 201 Wegner. Gannon (10) 216 Wegner. Gant (12) 14. 60. 180. 228 Wehr. Shelly (10) 216 Wehr. Steve (II) 31. 82. 128. 201 Wchrmcister. Donna (10) 86. 87. 216 Weigk. Christopher (12) 180 Weigold. William (12) 23. 180 Welland. Diana (12) 180. 234 Weinberg. Lesky (12) 180 Welnert. Jenny (II) 201 Wetngartner. David (10) 62. 216. 270. 271 Weir. Steve (II) 59. 80 Weir. Susan (12) 28. 160. 234. 270. 271 Weisz. Mark (12) 33. 180 Wekh. Bill (fac) 224 Wekh. Kathryn (12) 180 Welch. Terri (II) 128. 201 Weldy. Rick (II) 201 Wells. Brian (12) 180 Wells. Tony (10) III. 216 Wenaas. Jason (10) 31. 216 Wendt. David (12) 180 Werner. Amy (II) 201 Wernli. Eric (10) 216 West. Heather (10) 60. 216 Westerbcrg. Carla (12) 180 Weitcr. Rachel (11)201 Weakr. Rebecca (II) 201 Whitman. Jennifer (12) 31. 180 Wkka. Nancy (fac) 224 Wkkiser. David (10) 128. 216 Wicklser. John (12) ISO Wickiser. Ken (12) 128 Wilbur. Donna (12) 128. 129. 160. 231 Wilham. Nancy (12) 160 Wilkening. Keith (fac) 224 Wilktt. Andrew (12) 180 Wilktt. Anthony (II) 201 Wilktte. Patrick (12) 112. ISO Williams. Holly (10) 31. 216Williams. John (10) 216 Williams. Lee (10) 106. 107. 216 Williamson. Sara (I I) 36. 56. 57. 124. 201 Williamson. Suzanne (12) 107. 155. 181. 270. 271 Wilson. Christopher (12) 181. 232 Wilson. Craig (10) 31. 216 Wilson. Micolette (10) 216 Wilson. Thomas (12) 181 Wing. Jennifer (10) 217 Winkler. Annette (12) 183 Winnick. Robert (II) 202 Winston. Philip (12) 181 Winstrom. Oyvind (12) 181 Wissenberg. Cunllla (12) 181 Withers. Julie (II) 202 Withers, lisa (10) 119 Wittkopp. Emllyn (12) 181 Wodrich. Dale (12) 181 Wohlrabe. Ann (12) 128. 182 Wolf. John (10) 111. 123. 217 Wong. Dan (11) 202 Woolley. Gus (II) 203 Workinger. Andy (II) 42. 43. 202 Workinger. John (12) 16. 48. 50. 182 Workman. Matthew (12) 182. 234 Worrell. Aaron (11) 202 Wright. Dustin (12) 31. 182 Wright. Roman (I l) 199. 2Q2 o y y youngsters Van. Joyce (II) 31. 55. 202 Yoder. Janice (10) 31. 217 Young. Chris (12) 182 Young. Scott (12) 58. 59. 115. 182 Young. Therese (IO) 217 Yuhas. Jonathan (12) 182 ■■■■■ Yuhas. Josh (I I) 202 Z z z zzz’s Zeller. Elizabeth (11) 120. 121. 202 Ziekman. Ray (IO) 217 Zieper. Todd (12) 124. 182. 233. 288 Zima. Lisa (II) 202 Zimmerman. Christopher (11) 42. 43. 202 Zimmerman. Keri (12) 28. 132. 183. 228 Zinn. Christopher (12) 183 Zona. Monica (IO) 217 Zoikman. Peter (12) 116. 117. 183. 268 Zwebcr. Robert (12) 183 Zylkb. Amy (11) 202 INDEXMembers of Stud. Co. beam proudly over the outstanding success of the Canned Food Drive. Meghan Davidson (12). one of the top scorers in the state, steals a rebound. The male members of Sno Court protect their sensitive eyes from the blinding lights of fame. 266 closingevery good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. windigo has not escaped this treacherous fate; consequently our pages are numbered and we have now reached the conclusion, but, the memories windigo has captured will continue to live on. as we close this volume, we unfold a new chapter of our lives, we stand at a fork in the road which leads toward the future, the paths we choose may differ, but each of us will always possess the similar foundation established at edina high school, the situations which we have encountered have helped us develop our character and have given us values and opinions which will undoubtedly enhance our futures, years from now, when our paths cross, and we have made the world a better place, we will look back with smiles on our faces and recall all of the experiences at edina high school which made us who we are. With a handshake. Lesley McBur-ney (12) and Allyson Guhl (12) demonstrate team unity. 267Seniors Todd Zicper and Heidi Snyder catch their breath at the Sweetheart Dance. Jason Adelman (12). Jack Strohmmen (12) and Dan Ram-berg (11) express themselves. Behind the net. Peter Zwakman effortlessly gains an edge over his opponent. 268 clos gJeff Ashenbrenner (12) and Ann Em' mer (12) impatiently pause before strolling down the isle. Baldwin Lee (12) psyches up for a performance of Mame after reviving a red rose. Juniors Libby Powell and Joanne Bongaarts find a minute to relax In American Literature."Listen up you turkeys! Yes, Scott Jaeger, the man who redefined fall, that includes YOU!!!! It's another terrific Monday Meeting in which your weary. wonderful, and witty editors will make one last futile attempt to communicate something of questionable significance to the entire staff of thirty-five.'' "Turn off General Hospital. Jennifer Anderson, too much TV will bleach your hair. And Marty Guinee. borrow Janitor Paul's broom and clean up your mind. Seriously, though, thanks you two for the great (but late) sophomore section." "WE HAVE AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE ... No. David Weingartner, we've already eaten 7.354,857.6 candy bars this year. But your hard work and go-fer-ing were mucho magno appreciated. Now for the important message (drumroll, please) ... Suzanne Williamson was present a total of sixteen days out of the entire year. Congratulations and thank you for all your work, on minimag and everything.” "Wait, wait a minute ... did Cari Erickson's mom write this? Oh. never mind, this writing is at a thirty-two degree angle, it must be Super Massive Ultra Perfect John Sullivan's. Thanks, John, for being our perfect example of how it's supposed to be done. Oh yea. Cari. we were just kidding about your mother. No matter where the words came from, they were groovy and your cheery attitude always brightened our day." "Meghan Davidson, if we've taught you anything. hopefully it was to recognize the difference between Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Free. You did a superb job in the sporto section." "Who's singing back there? Danke Shane to you two. Sue Weir and Julie Betts, the giggle n gossip sisters. SILENCE! We thought we heard Colleen Marnell say something. Never mind, she is too engrossed in her work to hear us. Thanks for keeping us company on those early Saturday mornings. That goes for you. too. Velma Gleason. Your interior decorating techniques will take you far. but maybe you should take the neon Windigo banner to college with you. And don't worry, we will have an index meeting next week (maybe)." "Brian Fulford. what goes up must come down, and someday you will unexpectedly drop in on Mrs. Dombrock's Life Issues class, so get down with, we mean from, the ceiling. Derek Mogck. go buy yourself one of David's candy bars and a singlet with the remaining Windigo funds. Speaking of money. Lisa fed'® Russell, we owe you our lives and a carnation for your hard work on Senior Ads. Special Messages, book sales. Patrons and helping us to maintain our sanity. It was a slightly difficult job." "Sorry that this meeting is dragging on, Anne Kenney and Co., we know that you are itching to develop some film, if we ever get supplies. Lori Heisick. have you been swimming laps in the fixing solution? You ought to try out for the '88 Olympics as a juggler: both your photographs and swimming season were outstanding. Peaceful Shelly Atherly and Angela Gabusi. we can only guess at the darkroom stories you two could tell. Kristina Harter and Cindy Burr — do you want to buy a raffle ticket during the meeting intermission? They are only a dollar and we will personally guarantee that you both will win! Although you were rather pesky. Brian Soukup, your cross country skiing photos came through just in time. And our picture snapping sophomore. Britt Benjamin, your ever present smile dispelled the myth that it's hard to be a photographer and cheerful, too." "Peter. Paul and Mary helped us pass time more quickly, Jason Fisher, and your obsession with rub ber bands, as well as your hard work, really added a little zing' to our neverending headlines. Speaking of deadlines. Aileen Furlong, you procrastinator you. how did your spreads spontaneously appear all the time? Don't worry about it. though, we never once doubted your ability." "Michele Howell, is the baby here yet? It's truly a shame that your original Senior Ad didn't get in the yearbook. WE DEMAND SILENCE!!!! Liz just thought of a funny, so listen up. Mary Kay Mar-chuck: how much Mar could a Marchuck chuck if a Marchuck could chuck Mar!??? Tish Seifert will you kindly stop talking business, you have already made this year profitable in more ways than one (ask any man over 20). All you business staffers, rumor had it that there was a wee bit too much funny business up near the office, but whatever you guys did. you did good!" "David Cooper. Windigo's original Belgian Waffle. thanks for helping everyone else with their spreads after yours were done years early. You are truly a good Samaritan. Kate 'Skycraper' Riley, your talent abounded for yet another year on the sports section. The recruiting feature was gorgeous — where did you come up with the idea?" "Erica Norman and Holly Ruppert. (cont. on next page) 270 WINDIGO CLOSING(cont. from pg. 270) the fashion plates that turned many a head, perhaps you can mesh the Art Club spread with Fads-n-Fashions and build a fashion palace. Nicole Troyer, the one who disappeared for several weeks, your hard work and diligence really saved our faces. And Kathryn Keller, we finally figured out how to spell your name (we think). Procrastination will catch up with you (tomorrow), but your creativity will carry you beyond mucky gray horizons into a land of layouts and literary devices." "We have been graced by another surprise visit by Burt Hedstrom, the Josten Genius, whose anecdotes softened the blow of bad tidings. No, that can't be right, we are only 689 days behind sched ule! Special thanks also go to Tom Schnide (or is it Schneed?) for the perfectly professional athletics and court pictures. And of course, the invisible yet omnipresent Dick Keuhn. our Business advisor. Did we manage to set a world record for yearbook spending?" "Mr. Mackereth, did we get any proofs today? Oh. only ninety two pages, that's cool. Thanks for putting up with our errands, our sarcasm, and our profanity when we didn't know you were in the room. Believe it or not. we re essentially good kids. In the future, if we ever need anything (like a floppy disk, or a lamenated hall pass, or maybe even some money) can we give you a call?" "Thus our Monday Meeting has officially come to a climatic close. Our work is done and we may now reap the benefits of the grueling hours of staring into innumerable Apple lie's and searching for grease pencils. Yes. Andy Furlong, the job number IS 00561. and you can leave now." "Hey wait. Where'd everyone go? There's no one left here except the three of us." "Kind of reminds me of deadlines." "Yeah, or Saturday mornings." "Well, the only people left to thank are ourselves. Steph, thanks for all the building permits." "Thanks. Michelle, for the errands." "Liz, thanks for drawing all the squiggles." "You're welcome. Hey. let's get together some time and write a book." "We just did." "See you later, alligator." "In a while, crocodile." "Bye guys." "Hey. Liz. do you need a ride?" eccDcyc EDITORS liz adams steph haddad COPY EDITOR michelle coleman BUSINESS lisa russell michele howell mary kay marchuck tish seifert david weingartner ACTIVITIES • suzanne Williamson jason fisher scott jaeger kathryn keller erica norman holly ruppert nicole troyer CLASSES • cindy burr david cooper velma gleason john sullivan sue weir PEOPLE • aileen furlong jennifer anderson julie betts cari erickson marty guinee colleen marnell SPORTS • kate riley meghan davidson andy furlong derek mogck PHOTOGRAPHY shelly atherly britt benjamin brian fulford angela gabusi kristina harter lori heisick anne kenney brian soukup ADVISOR mr. dale mackereth BUSINESS ADVISOR mr. richard kuehn JANITOR paul WIHDIGO MASCOTS scott eberhardt kevin fitzgerald karl ness 271 WINDIGO CLOSING 0 OHS), Wewe Scott Johnson (12). reading som( prophetic words pertaining to his fu ture. prepares to say farewell to hi« high school career. bl 94 valley vi w ro Ji mu 272 GOODBYEs u When the last school bell rang at 2:25 p.m. on a hot, sticky June afternoon, hundreds of kids rushed out of the school doors, anticipating the start of their summer of 1988. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores rejoiced in the fact that their time would now be filled with hot days at the lake and cool nights with their friends instead of cramming for final exams. Various emotions permeated through the building air as smoke bombs, fireworks, and sheer chaos filled the hallways. Seniors were filled with mixed emotions. Although these soon-to-be-graduates were ready to leave high school and embark on new experiences, a 1 9 8 8 S P R 1 N G p p L E M ENT "The last day of school felt like kissing for the first time.” ■Chris Blum (12) remorseful feeling of fondness could also be found. While Chris Blum (12) believed that "the last day of school felt like kissing for the first time," others found this final day a bit more melancholy: "It was a sad feeling to think that our high school years were over, but I would never go back even if someone paid me." remarked a wistful Molly Holcombe (12). Although underclassmen would certainly miss their senior classmates, most juniors echoed cries of triumph as they finally conquered the demanding school year. This class could now put away their books and backpacks in order to prepare themselves for their senior year, a time when they can positively lead the underclassmen. A relieved Beth Hahn (11) spoke the universal words of every junior: "I was really excited to get out of school because my junior year was a drag and was extremely hard." But nothing could stop these determined indivi-duals from "getting psyched" for their following year at the head of the totem pole. And who can forget those perservering sophomores? No longer the butt of pepfest jokes and targets of ABCJF's water hoses, the sophomore class could now get their long-awaited respect. When asked about how he felt upon hearing the last bell ring, Spenser Somers (10) re- plied. "It was incredible! It felt like someone was washing your hair for you." This exciting outburst of celebration, also known as the last day, seemed to cleanse everyone's mind. Students could now throw academic responsibility on the back burner while striving to have the most awesome, rockin' summer of '88. Celebrating their last day of school, these students picnic at Highland Park. LAST DAY 1SMILE... When my mom gave me my diploma, all I wanted to do was hug her. ■Velma Gleason (12) Graduation is a day remembered in many people's lives. For over five hundred Edina High School seniors each year, it marks the end of over twelve years of working nine months a year, five days a week. Graduation also marks the beginning of M a new freedom, an almost scary excitement of preparing for and accepting the future. The Class of 1988 was no excepton. "It was real," said Mark McVeety (12). A sea of green and white dominanted Kuhlman Field as the stands full of families. You're Alumni! sophmores, and juniors gazed on. The seniors were completely psyched and emitted an electric energy among each other. "It was the greatest time of my life." remarked Andrea Allen (12). As the choir sang and the band played, one by one the seniors became alumni. "I felt sad because I wasn't go ing to see half the people I have become friends with, but I am excited for the future," said Molly Kelly (12). While Mr. Lynch (fac.) and others were sending Excited seniors triumphantly march towards commencement and their future. graduates off into the world, seniors passed the time by tossing around beachballs. lighting sparklers and bottle rockets, throwing balloons, and even doing flips. "The antics should continue." exclaimed excited senior Bill McDavitt (12). Finally, when the last senior had graduated, the class participated in the traditional throwing of the cap. and took a victory lap around the track. "It is a relief to be done with." commented Elise Nelson (12). Jon Ebbert (12) eloquently addresses his peers and spectators on the topic of friendships in education. 2 GRADUATIONJennifer Powell (12) smiles with gratitude as she is proudly presented with her diploma from Mrs. Gleason. Kurt Adams (12). Jason Adclman (12). and Steve Alexander (12) look towards commencement and their future. GRADUATION 3Katie O'Rourke (12) demands half of fellow senior Steve Alexander's winnings. Debbie Prince (12) happily participates in one of the party's many activities. 4 SENIOR PARTYAfter graduation ceremonies at Kuhlman Field, the class of 1988 returned to the high school for a final time together. As the buses pulled up to the school, the theme. "Opening Night." which committee members had kept secret for the entire year, shone from the "marquee" in over twelve hundred tiny white lights, and Barbara Streisand's stretched white Mercedes limousine sat out in front. At the door, each senior received a pair of sunglasses and a white T-shirt where "Opening Night. Class of '88" was written in black and neon pink. As they walked through the front entrance and into the transformed school, chandeliers and pillars graced the "lobby" of Edina High School's own version of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Rodeo drive was another attraction. The graduates could stroll into Bijan's. Georgio. or any of the other hip boutiques. Live entertainment included a juggler, a hypnotist, a phrenologist who reads the various bumps on the head, a DJ in the large auditorium, and a rock band called the "Whitesidewalls.” The senior class also had time to win prizes through the various fun and games. With an overall theme of "Games People Play in Beverly Hills," each game had a movie or television title such as Friday the 13th for the frisbee game and Star Wars for lazer tag. Brian Wells (12) said that "winning the pin ball machine made the party great for me." With the same enthusiasm. Jon Smith (12) added. "I got a really neat tape by Thillo Von Westerberg, but unfortunately most of the songs were in Norwegian." The photo room and the Hollywood Walk of Fame were the two attractions that recognized each graduate by name. The Photo Room had pictures of each graduate, and on each star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame was the name of one graduate. After all the festivities ended and the seniors gave a last goodbye to their fellow classmates, these tired par-tiers lugged their prizes home and crashed on their beds. What a perfect way to catch up on one's sleep after three years of hard work and high school! Mark Sutton (12) watches while Mike Rickman (12) intently flips the frisbee at the target. At •'Wheel of Fortune." Jason Korst (12) wonders if he can buy a vowel. SENIOR PARTY- Who's Bad? Edina is the ultimate in both athletic performance and school spirit! ■Bob Huff (10) Hornet athletes jammed to seven state championships last year, shattering records and leaving opponents crushed in their paths. These seven state titles, added to the sixty-four other titles won in the past thirty-four years, gave Edina a state record of seventy-one state championships in the thirty-five years of its exis-tance. Edina students reveled in the glory of the athletic successes. The incredible fan support exhibited by Edina students throughout state tournament events climaxed with the ‘‘Spirit M Award” given to Edina during the girls’ state basketball final game. Many thought Edina deserved this award in the state hockey tournament as well. “We was robbed!" exclaimed Thor Davidson (11). The intensity of the Edina crowd helped Edina athletes win an unprecedented seven state championships last year, futhering the notion that Edina students can’t hide the pride. Hornet fans were in high attendance to cheer on the EHS girls' basketball team. Edina, that's who! 6 1987-88 EHS STATE CHAMPIONSJubilant Edina skaters celebrate their victory over Hill-Murray. As fans watch in anticipation. Meghan Davidson (12) aims to eliminate Harding. Band member Marc Hamann (10) knows that Edina is always number one. 1987-88 EHS STATE CHAMPIONS 7Boys' Track Row 1: D. Lee. M. Barrett. G. Johnson. T. Hunt. B. Krueger. K. Connors. A. Byhre. K. Fallon. S. Anderson. C. Borden. Row 2: M. Knudsen. J. Vales. J. Peterson. M. Heien. D. Mayeron. J. Hammond. K. Knudsen. S. Schnitzner. C. Niewoehner. A. Worrell. Row 3: S. Roc. M. Eaton. M. Paulson. D. Sullivan. G. Olsen. K. Hedlund. D. MacLennon. E. Meyer (Co-capt). C. Wilson. Row 4: C. Hamilton (Co-Capt), C. Medrano. M. Cronin. B. Stoneking. M. Dalton. D. Dragseth. M. Holt. D. Weingartner. Row 5: M. Curry. J. Lawrence. S. Mayeron. R. Lund. B. Quinlan. A. Lymann. J. Larson. Row 6: M. Hansen. S. Mellem. E. Podnieks. S. Dubes. M. Lunde. M. Paar. C. Blum. J. Misselt. Row 7: J. Kunze. T. Willett. G. Blalock. Coach P. Schmidt. Coach J. Bogen. Coach T. Larson. Coach L. Johnson. Not Pictured: J. Adelman. T. Moore. M. Jellcn. M. Mitchell. M. Maletta. M. Johnson. B. Freund. C. Jones. Chris Hamilton (12) slows his stride after completing a grueling run. Tom Hunt (11) flies over the hurdle with supreme agility, leaving his opponents in the dust. 8 BOYS' TRACKRunning Wild I wish we had more fans ■Mike Curry ( 1) Once again the Edina track team showed the other Lake Blue teams that we were not just hockey. This year the athletes on the boys' track and field team were gods. Through hard and strenuous training, our teams prevailed above the others especially on the track. Chris Borden (10) described track as. ’’Grueling punishment from hell, but worth it.” Here are just a few of the years many highlights. Chris Hamilton (12), Eric Meyer (12). Mike Curry (11). and Greg Olsen (12) ran a record breaking 4 x 800 meter relay in 7:59.2. Chris Hamilton (12) Aaron Worrell (11). Mark Hansen (11). and Greg Olsen (10) took second in the conference for the mile relay in just 3:26.1. Mike Curry (12) ran the 1600 meter run in just 4:24.9. Ben Stoneking (10) was right behind him with only nine tenths of a second between them. Optimistic about the team's future, Curry remarked."I think that our 'super sophomore' Ben Stoneking will be breaking records when he's a senior. The field team also had its share of stars which included Tony Willett (11) on the pole vault. Scott Dubes (12) with the discus, and Chris Medrano (11) leaping the long jump. With hard work and determination, the boy's track team placed an impressive fourth at the Lake Conference meet. The track and field team deserves a big round of applause for this past year of broken records and amazing feats. Matt Lund (12) uses his pole to its fullest in order to reach new heights in the vault. Edina runners lead the pack as they confidently pace to the finish. BOYS' TRACK SQueens Synchronized Swimming Row 1: T. Rasmusson. K. Ref-scl. J. Pollman. M. Young. K. Guinee. J. Duesterman. T. Lewis. J. Yan. M. Nelson. J. Fricke. Row 2: T. Young. K. McLain. K. Jenkins. J. Nord. J. Wing. G. Hinkie. S. Rock. H. Morris. A. Moore. Coach Kathy Monson-Lutes. Coach Mary Monson. Mascot: Chelsea. Not Pictured: H. Warren. Chlorine Although competition is an individual effort, we do everything together as a team! ■Jenny Nord (10) Synchronized swimming, an activity which most people consider as pointless as underwater basket weaving, is actually a demanding sport. The swimimers must withstand a sweltering high temperature in the pool area while having to scream in order to communicate. These dedicated swimmers mixed graceful ballet movements with swimming techniques and put it all together with music. During practices, the coach tapped a long stick underwater in order to help the swimmers feel and hear the music's beat. Perfecting the moves took grueling practice, and long routines were exhausting. After two hour practices, team members were ready to collapse. "It's a lot of hard work." remarked co-capitan Therese Young (10). "but it's worth it because we have so much fun." The team's relative youth provided another challenge. "Our team is basically sophomores. so we have to work hard." said co-captain Heather Warren (10). "but in the next couple of years we M will be pretty strong." Out of the sixteen members, only three were juniors and seniors. Coach Mary Monson commented on the girls' performance. "The teams we compete against all all mainly juniors and seniors, which makes it difficult for us to place sometimes. But out of this year's team, over seven members will be returning next year. They will all have the experience of working together, which will help to make a good, strong team." After a productive building year and placing sixth in state, the synchronized swim team can look forward to a season that will be better than ever. A sense of balance and strong lungs help this swimmer accomplish intricate moves. Before an important competition, these dedicated girls perfect their techniques. 10 SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMINGQi |i We practiced longer and harder and really earned what we worked for. ■John Colby (12) For the second year in a row, the Edina Boys’ Tennis team captured the State title. Under the direction of their new coach, Steve Paulson, the Hornets held an unbelievable season record, losing only their first match to the number-two-ranked Moundsview team. The Hornets avenged their 4-3 loss As Charlie Eigrig (12) serves. Jason Nasby (11) prepares to poach the ball. Boys' Varsity Tennis Row 1: C. Eifrig. M. Terwilliger B. Friswald. S. Campbell. C Robertson. M. Huesbo. R. Ef fress. Row 2: Coach S. Paul sen. D. Hokanson. M. Korsh A. Furlong. J. Colby. J. Ey berg. J. Nasby. P. Erickson to them by beating them 5-2 in the state finals. Mike Ter-williger (11), co-capitans Mike Huesbo (12) and Charlie Eifrig (12) led the team to yet another Minnesota State Championship. Eifrig also joined up with Jason Nasby (11) to win the state individual doubles tournament. The boys worked hard all season to prepare for the state tournament. They put in at least two hours a day after school on the court. John Colby (12) felt that “having a different coach this year made a huge difference." If the Hornet boys keep up their determination and dedication, they'll continue to be a dominant factor in boys' tennis. Boys' Jr. Varsity Tennis Row 1: D. Downey. B. Lujan. K. Gabrik. R. Hoch. S. McMahon. C. Hykers. B. Harvey. Row 2: T. Jennings. T. Davis, A. Car-teng. K. Pote. M. Ebbcrt. D. Patten. M. Arvidson. Row 3: Coach R. Punkris. J. Buncc. T. Copeland. M. Colby. D. Gibson. J. Beiswangcr. E. Christianson. J. Degnan. Manager A. Latham. Not Pictured: R. Goetz. J. Hcpp. S. Palmer. Court Kings of the BOYS' TENNIS II" Aiming Dedication paid off. -Rob Copeland (12) The boys' varsity baseball team ended with a great season record of 14-4. Most players felt the season was extremely successful since they placed second in regions and were conference champs. “We were a strong hitting team. It was great to work with good coaching and a fun bunch of guys.” remarked Andy Pfouts (12). The boys' J.V. baseball team felt they had a good season even though they were a bit inconsistant in their playing. Rob Winnick (11) remarked, “Coach Gaughran was a lot of help and he inspired us.” The sophomore boys had a challenging season. Shortstop Chris Davis (10) said. "I think we tried hard and played well. We benefited in the long run from many practices.” Girls' varsity softball did very well last season. "I'm looking forward to next year. I think we had a lot of talent and dedication." said Patty Kaju (11). "Laughing, losing, and licorice.” was how Terra Montgomery (11) described the girls' J.V. softball team's season. "We became close friends, had lots of fun, and didn't give up.” for Success Girls' Varsity Softball Row I: M. Micek. P. Kaju. L. Fredlund. K. Fredlund. L. Coleman. A. Connell. Row 2: J. Klefsaas. B. Sladek. A. Neme-cek. D. Tarr. R. Randgaard. Row 3: Head Coach D. Wood. K. Cardwell. I. Podnieks. L. Zeller. J. Slade. Asst. Coach R. Behning. Girls' J.V. Softball Row 1: M. Rasmussen. D. McCalvy. T. Montgomery. E. Pasko. T. Burnett. K. Rofidal. M. Johnson. N. LeBlanc. Row 2: Head Coach M. Frey. M. Jones. J. Erickson. S. Neme-cek. A. Poncius. K. Paugh. J. Reissncr. H. Nitz. T. Johnson. The varsity team takes a break from the action while their tea-mates are up to bat. 12 BASEBALL SOFTBALLWhile Jon Fromkc (12) hits the ball, his teammates watch in awe at his incredible stance. Boys' Varsity Baseball Row I: S. Van Natta. S. Vick man. R. Copeland. C. Schmidt A. Pfouts. N. Olsen. Row 2: J Egan. S. Eberhardt. C. Garvin J. Fromke. S. Fronek. J. Peter son. Row 3: Head Coach J. Lu ther. P. Raether. T. Nevcrs. D Buss. C. Blackwell. Asst Coach P. Finager. Boys' J.V. Baseball Row 1: J. Haggerty. S. Chris tensen. S. Heim. R. Viera. C Chayer. J. Royce. R. Winnick G. Chapman. Row 2: B. John son. C. Clingcrman. P. McGo vern. C. Kamla. M. Bertram. M Bromer. J. Carsello. Coach D Gaughran. Boys' Sophomore Baseball Row I: J. Luther. S. Davis. S. McMerty. M. Peacock. D. Sie-bert. C. Davis. N. Kennedy. E. Lindell. Row 2: J. Sullivan. B. Johnson. M. Komar. N. Johnson. J. Hornig. M. Bowers. T. Patrek, Coach T. Hclgrcn. Chris Garvin (11) slaps his team-mates’ hands as he casually jogs in after hitting a homerun. BASEBALL SOFTBALL 13The girls' varsity team proudly displays their first place state trophy. Liz Harrold (12) smiles as she chips onto the green for a hole-in-one. U)l£ m GIRLS’ VARSITY GOLF TEAM Row 1: M. Shultz. Coach D. Gal-lighcr. P. Lutz. Captain A. Forrest. Amy Corrigan. Liz Harrold. GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY GOLF TEAM Row I: Coach E. Hammersten. L Weber. S. Bins. J. DeMoss. J. Rei chert. Row 2: K. Fromke. A Luoma. H. Bergren. S. Frank. T Farrell. M. Lounsberry, K. Han son. Not pictured: J. Irwin. G Sciola. BOYS’ GOLF TEAM Row 1: J. Hulbert. B. Platt. B. Middleton. J. McGuire. G. Wegner. Row 2: R. Morris. A. Turner. S. Schaefer. T. Collins. T. Joyce. S. Shiff. Row 3: M. Shaffer. B. Burmaster. E. Slang. C. Zinn. B.J. Nelson. Not pictured: Head Coach B. Larson. JV Coach T. Beaver. Jason McCarthy 14 GOLF...Oh, yeah... we won state! ■Liz Harr old (12) High standards have become a hallmark of Edina athletics over the years, and the girls' and boys' golf teams readily carried this through their seasons. Both teams finished with impressive records, and a never-let-up style they have exhibited in the past, and hopefully will continue to exhibit in the future. "Yes. we won alot of games, but we still lost three." reflected Erik Stang. "Our main problem was that we played on the road alot. and missed the home advantage.” Even without the home advantage, however, they placed first in the fSorthfield Invitational and second consistently through division, conference and regional playoffs. They can also be proud of the achievements of Mike Shaffer (10) and Senior Rob Morris who placed third and seventh, respectively. at state. A round of salutes must also go out to the girls' team who left nothing but the remnants of their opponents strewn about in a whirlwind of victory. "Well, we won all twelve dual matches." said senior Liz Harrold. "We also won the Mound tournament, districts and regionals." The girls' team also went on to win state. In view of Edina's low ranking before the tournament (sixth out of eight), this victory takes on an even more impressive side. The girls played the underdog and came out on top with flying colors. Yet again it is the close of another golf season and Edina has another pair of well-rounded golf seasons. Together, they were a perfect display of the breed of athletics that makes Edina proud. Mary Shulze (12) speeds down the course. GOLF 15" Lane Ji 53 There are a lot more rewards when you win on the high school level. ■Kim Reynolds (10) This year the girls' track team needed only one word to describe it: spectacular. They worked together to produce one of the finest track seasons so far. The sprinting, long distance, and weight teams all complemented each other on the track and field. The team finished third in its section, and fourth in the conference. Co-Captains Betsy Utter (12) and Michelle Chupurdia (12) helped motivate the team's effort. Karen Kozar (12) described the team as "a lot of hard workers.” Their coaches really worked them hard, but it all paid off. "There are a lot more rewards when you win on the High School level." said Kim Reynolds (10). "I felt really good when I won my first race." added Sally Burnett (II). M One of the team's major accomplishments was placing first in the 1600 meter relay at the Lake Conference meet. This same team of Michelle Chupurdia (12). Betsy Utter (12). Karen Kozar (12). and Kim Reynolds (10) placed third at the State meet. Michelle Chupurdia also came in fifth in the 1600 meter run while Betsy Utter finshed third in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles at State. The team also worked together to T.P. their coach's house. "I looked out my window and said to myself. Betsy Utter."’ reflects coach Hack McCall. No matter what the reason they joined track, the members who stuck with it felt satisfaction in the fact that their hard work paid off with a spectacular year. Carolyn Lester (11) gets a running start after receiving the baton. Karen Kozar (12) runs wildly to complete the final exchange which will insure victory. Changing 16 GIRLS' TRACKTaking off with powerful strides from the block. Kim Reynolds (10) races down the track. Amy Clifford (10) focuses all her energy on gracefully sliding over the high bar. Barb Gramigni (11) sails into the air after a running start, hoping to achieve her maximum potential. Girls' Track Row 1: S. Danford. J. Nord. J. Barry. C. Harrington. J. Mearkle. S. Burnett. H. Blackwell. L. Powell. C. Lester. Row 2: K. Reynolds. A. Parsley. L. French. T. Hcaly. C. Mueller. B. Gramigni. M. Hauck. J. Brayman. A. Parsley. I. Johnson. Row 3: L. Mason. T. Nguyen. J. Edwards. H. Holahan. F. Kong, M. Beggs. J. Schmelz. J. Lee. G. Martinez. S. Roc, T. Humann. Row 4: Coach H. McCall. M. Chupurdia. B. Utter. B. Reese. A. Hand. I. Podnieks. C. Hammond. S. Velner. K. Montgomery. A. Clifford. Coach P. Weber. GIRLS' TRACK 17A Night at the As the second semester passed on for many students at Edina, some dedicated individuals were put to an additional task. Their assignment: to keep up the Edina tradition and give another outstanding set of '’Pops” performances. And just who were these hardworking students? The group of students were actually two groups; the Edina Concert Band and the Edina Varsity Band. Under the direction of Mr. William Webb (fac). Concert Band presented their "Pops" show with the theme of the musical “Lil Abner.” After a month and a half of rehearsing three times a week, the skits came together Lisa Zima (11) and Jeremy Driver (10) dance the night away during Varsity Band's version of "Jailhouse Rock". All spiffed up in red bow ties. Varsity Band shows off its horn section and the difficult performance pieces were perfected to a tee. Mark Sutton (12) commented. "We had a lot of fun during Pops'; I wish more kids knew what Pops' concerts are like.” Each night of the Concert Band's show was excellent, and mastered and performed beautifully. Varsity Band. also, gave outstanding performances night after night. Mr. Dan Nelson (Fac) conducted the band in their Springfest show which was comprised of great American traditional songs. "This year we changed the format, and I was pleased with the way it worked out. Everybody worked hard and was able to put together wonderful shows.” The skits presented turned episodes of American history into humorous anecdotes, and the songs performed were familiar to all. Explained Marc Hamann (10), "We had to try out for skit parts, and rehearsing and performing really made the shows a good time.” All in all. both shows were expressions of each band's own uniqueness and style, and both shows greatly contributed to the continuing tradition of Edina excellence. Concert Band performs one of the many skits which entertain the audience. 18 CONCERT AND VARSITY POPSConcert Band members quickly rally the troops in order to save Dogpatch from certain doom. These four early inhabitants of Manhatten Island exuberantly kick up their heels for their Varsity Pops skit. Mike Rickman (12) thrills the audience with his masterfully performed solo while Josh Peterson (10) backs him up. John "Christopher Columbus" Degnan (10) begs Karen "Queen Isabella" McKean (11) for money to journey to the New World. Marc Hamann (10) persuades an unsuspecting woman from the audience to do a dance with him. CONCERT AND VARSITY POPS 19Current Happenin’s The chatter behind the stage rose steadily with nervous excitement. A signal is given from the house and a spotlight pierces the darkness on stage. All eyes turn to a lone figure seated at the piano, his fingers racing over the keyboard. The choir enters and suddenly he is no longer alone in the spotlight. He is part of a group production of "A Handful of Keys," and every smiling face is the star of the show. This quality of enthusiasm is not unusual for an Edina production, and certainly not for the spring choral concerts. Current Jam is one of the only shows of its kind for a high school. Choreographed choir numbers and auditioned solo acts mix to form an outstanding display of Edina's talent. Preparation for Current Jam began in early May with daily after school rehearsals, in-class choreography, and countless hours put in by the solo acts to prepare for audition. "You get really annoyed and frustrated at rehearsals." explained Jenny Pluhar (II),"but all your work is paid off during the three nights of Current Jam performance." The Happenin's concert gave the Varsity and Treble choirs a chance to Concert Choir members Jenny Pluhar and Steve Wehr (11) help usher during Happenin’s. step off the risers and perform the music they chose the way they wanted to. This year's show glowed with an aura of excitement that was apparent because the choir was truly enjoying themselves. "Happenin's was a lot of fun. The rehearsal time definitely paid off!" said Brooks Holderness (10). For the first time on the Edina stage. Happenin's was split between two directors. Mr. Bob Peterson (fac) produced the Treble choir, and newcomer Mr. Daniel Nelson (fac) lead the Varsity choir. The directors' diversified ways of producing made Happenin's an exciting display of energy and talent. The Treble Singers started the show with "Dream Girls," "So Emotional." "My Boyfriend's Back." "It's My Party," and "Rockin' the Paradise." and Varsity choir kept the energy going with "Lift You Up," "Operator." "Happy Together," and "Good Night." Concert. Treble, and Varsity choirs all put in long, hard hours, and made their spring concerts the perfect way to end an exciting year of pride. At Happenin's. Varsity Choir members Bob Huff (10) and Jeff Northrup (10) perform their original composition. "Life to Share.” 20 CURRENT JAM HAPPENIN'SBill Otteson (12) displays his multi-faceted musical talent in Current Jam. Jessica Schwartzbauer (12) and Molly Kelly "During Current Jam your friendships expand (12) mesmerize the audience during "The Cru- and the choir is like one giant family."-Jessica el War." Schwartzbauer CURRENT JAM HAPPENIN’S 211 he Time of My Life April 30th. 1988 set the scene for a remarkable night in the lives of Edina High School seniors and juniors. Earlier in the month, students found themselves busy making decisions regarding who to ask. what to do. what to wear, and where to go after the dance. Students racked their brains, trying to decide if they should take the luxury cruise, celebrate at some body's house, or go out on the town. Renting a hotel room was another popular choice. "We got one because it s a good place for everyone to meet." said Pete Cheney (11) "and we could be rowdy and have fun." Finally. all the pre-Prom arrangements were made, and the long-awaited night was at hand. People anxiously picked up corsages, and then dates, usually after being subjected to a parent's Dressed to impress. Kurt Adams (12) and Jeff Sanderson (12) cut a sharp image for Prom. idea of "just a few pictures.” "By the time you're done with pictures." said Marty Guinee (11). "your face has frozen into a 'perma-grin'!" Students used their imaginations as they planned the evening's agenda. Before the dance, activities ranged from the traditional dinner out and limo ride, to dining in a park, dessert over a highway, or canoeing through the lakes. Upon arriving at the dance, students were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the setting. "It was fun seeing who was paired up with who. What surprises!" said Brett Anne Saarela (12). Junior class officers Molly Lounsberry. Suzanne Weeks. Leslie Wahl, and Amy Corrigan were responsible for organizing the successful evening. They were busy with such details such as setting up the decorations at Landmark Center, finding chaperones, balloons, flowers. punch, tickets, publicity, and deciding on a theme. "We spent so much time getting the dance ready," said Suzanne Weeks (11), "that we barely had any time to get ourselves ready!" Their effort was well spent, as hundreds of students found the dance to be an exceptionally great time. "It was a most memorable night," said Becky Johnson (12). The Rockin' Holly-woods provided upbeat music that kept the students dancing all night long. "It was the best dance yet," proclaimed Annie Hawkins (11). "We just jammed all night!" Along with dancing, another popular activity was waiting in line to get a formal picture taken. The grand finale occurred at the close of the dance, when a cascade of balloons fell from the ceiling and the music reflected the feeling that Prom 1988 was “the time of their lives." PROM Katie Montgomery (11) and Terra Montgomery (II) cooperate with the ever-present video camera.A shower of balloons rains down on the happy Prom couples. Maggie Condon (12) and Charlie Eifrig (12) dance to the non-stop music of the Rockin' Hollywoods. Whether they left shoes or a suit- Ross Gubrud (12) and Lara Dan-coat behind. Prom-goers gathered ielson join their friends on the to dance the night away. Landmark Center dance floor. 23SEMIOI C E L E B R I T FRIENDLIEST FLIRTIEST Vicki Dow Greg Bisson Katie O'Rourke John Colby BEST ISLAND PARTNER BEST BOD Jenny Andberg Chris Blum Leslie Weinberg Steve Donlin BRAINIEST BRAIN MOST TALENTED Cheryl Voss Jessica Schwartzbauer Jon Ebbert Alex Holderness TOP JOCK Michelle Chupurdia Pete Raether MOST EXPRESSIVE EYES Megan Reardon Charlie Eifrig MOST CREATIVE Meredith Giske Brian Wells PARTIEST PARTIER Aileen Furlong Scott Barber ROWDIEST Maggie Condon Rick Stone MOST RESPECTED Mary Shulze Scott Fronek MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Steph Haddad Sam Somers I E S DIZZIEST Heather Hepp Jeff Sanderson GOT AWAY WITH THE MOST Holly Crippa Kyle Humphrey MOST LIKELY JAILBIRD Jenny Bernett Pat Burke MOST CASUALLY ATTIRED Lesley McBurney Corey Lahm SEXIEST SMILE Meghan Davidson Eric Meyer MOST LUXURIOUS LEGS Ann Toepel Scott Rile 24 SENIOR CELEBRITIES

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