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£ ( ........... ®IO 1 QQ4D 'VVIOM  Windigo 1981 Edina-West Upper Division Edina, Mn. Volume IX Pnoro by Sreve K Anderson (8)SAVING Till 2 loyout or ; Cw floy oro £W Ooyrf WIT, ««y awvoxe Oy fftyiy Ocy JBEST FOR LAST: his find yecr or Edino-Wesr wfl long be remembered for ir's many ’'bests.” Few sru-rs will ever forger rhe many dd friends rhey v rheir high school years with, or rhe new s rhey acquired dong rhe way. High school life .our rhese speool friends, wherher few or many, would hove been unbeoroble Norhsng con compore wirh rhe feelings we've shored or ger-rogerhers. ofrer o vicrorioos gome, fdlowing on uplifting performance, on o dore, or even ddng homework. These rimes were dwoys rhe best of rimes.Edino-Wesr's orhleric reams were Known as "the best” ro rhe srudenr body, regardless of rheir records. A Thrilling fall season leaped upon rhe school wirh many reams advancing ro regions and onwards roword rhe srare rourno-menrs. Few people will ever forger rhe Gris' Soccer reams courageous journey ro rhe srare finals and rheir hearr breaking 1 0 loss The Boys' Goss Country ream reached rhe srare meer and captured 9rh place Meanwhile, rhe Boys' Soccer hod one of ir's besr seasons losing only rhree games. Unforrunarely one of rhe losses came in rhe region finals ond ended all hope for rhe Cougars The Girls' Tennis ream also had a smashing season wirh only one loss m season play, which was ro our crossrown rivals ond srare champs, Edino-Easr. Wirh these reams serring rhe pace, rhe orher Cougar reams followed right behind. 4 Loyour and copy by Roy Lovelie and Pemn Boyd wirh Copy Assistance by Tiffany Boydr or rhe scholors of the school. Accdermcs were i best m rhe eyes, these feeing were nor muiuol for oil students During rhe third quorrer some sophomores could be found y seorch.ng for fry semeyer dosses Wirh rhe aid of wiser juniors and seniors, these "greenhorns" of rhe school soon found their way Though rhe sopho mores confused rhemselves orounc rhe school, rhey spared their minds of the confusing ycndcrd i ed rests which boggled juniors and seniors Most juniors struggled rhrough PSATs. also isnown os Norionol Merir Scholarships Qualifying res'S. ol though seniors worked rhe hordey on SATs. ACTs ood ochievemenrs to impress rhe coleges of the choiceThe “best” of' terory works were read by the majority of juniors and seniors. Juniors were blessed with reading works such as B 'y Dudd. The Scarier Letter and "Self-Reliance." Seniors enjoyed rhe Conrorbury Tofes, Deawulf, and MocDerh. Many of these students could be found the night before a rest with "life soing" diffnotes. Science doss often held rhe best odvenrure for yudenrs. Sophomores explored rhe woods, worching birds, and yudying the organisms of rhe deep oceons or muddy ponds (whichever wos dosesr) Few senior physicists will forger rolling bolls through the school corridors to study velodry. Likewise, those in Humon Physiology w. remember dissecting their very own, personalized cots Those yudenrs who hod Mr Dells win olwoys remember his infomous ine, "If you're smiHng. you're nor learning.” 10 JlyoJ or 5 Copy Oy Aoy Lovrte era Awril Qoyd wrh Copy Abwoix py Tfiony CcyOro check our the other student bodies. Hugh? Bandie ond Choir celefcranons lowed the group's mcjor perfor- Awoy from school. Fridoy cod S nights were set aside for rr denrs os rhe "best times" of oil C nights, srudytng ond practicing we Insreod they consisted of enjoyobl nessuch os earing, "crusing". T.P.lr one word-"PARTYINGi" To ,,parry,, meant a wide vo things ro Edina-West students This non included school dances, Do; Choir parries, ond those 'quesrk: gatherings in ond around Droemor dances, such os Homecoming. Sodi kins, ond Prom, gave many on opi Dr tying was olso seen in bnorher . Many students spent or lepy one a weeft or a church or synogoaue gatherings. os well as large groups :.:'r Campaigners. Crossrqods. o ■ 3 Life. offered o chance for enrich-and spiritual learning nor found of I Carrying rhe idea further some nrs organized rher own Bible studies ■yoymenr ond growth Loyour ond Copy by Roy Loveile MJnehorr a - u once by Tiffany Doyd ond Pot U  E early morning breokfasrs. as well as Fridoy nighi excursions ro rhe Creels Volley ploy ground, which followed fun-filled foorbc games, served to unite friends Posr game enjoyment also consisted of "chow downs" or rhe local D Q. Perkins, Arby's. Ponrfto's, or or one of Edina's "luxury" grocery stores Though rhe year seemed endless ro some, and short lived ro others, ir had ro come ro o dose Edno Wesr can no longer thrive, bur it's memo ries. rradirions. and accomplishments wi remain n the hearts of rhe students for years ro come Regardless of others’ views, rhose who witnessedSS.tV. v - • • •• i EDINA - WEST UPPER DIVISIONillJDENI IIIT Sal ■ SECTION EDITOR MAGGIE DOYLE (12)WE ALL KNOW THE SONG Neil Olom r "You Know you Know It's eosy 10 let It go." ♦ "The winner roKes Ir oil." -AOOA Hlr me with your best jhor.” Por Qenotor 4 “Are you ready? Are you ready for rhis? Are you honglng on the edge of your seat?!" Queen » "Stop. Hey. What's that sound?" {k fdo Spnrvg fieldw "It's my turn.” Dono floss "Pour me onother cup of coffee. Pop it down: jock me up.” Edc e Robb t Upside down. Ooy you turn me." Dono Ross "He's so shy.” Poorer 5 srets w "Another one bites the dust." -Queen I 4 S 41I4 S last l i I Net I east r was pepfesr rime cod pepfesr pJoce, and the pepfesr crowd hod gcrhered, yer somerh.ng was defioirely missing The gym, obsenr of cheerleaders ond cougcrenes. wos decked our m red corpering ond sportighrs. The decoronons ond rhe presence of porenrs ond hrrle brorhers ond sarers could meon only one rhmg: CORONATION' Corooonon. held Thursdoy of Homecoming Week, was o rwiy from rhe usual ofrernoon pep fesrs As Mary Poulson (12) song rhe Alma Morer, ond Pom Erickson (12) performed rhe Sror Span gbed Dormer, rhe mood wos ser. The Homecoming Court, our of rhe element, gorbed m sleek block ruxes ond flowing whre dresses, woired nervously in rhe shcdows while M.C.'s Leslie son (11) ond Doug Felron (11) announced rf When oil of rhe couples hod pa reded dowr oisle, rhe rension was finally, and ulrirrv broken when Conme Chopmon ond Youngblood were crowned rhe last King Queen ro reign or Edina-Wesr. The newly orvhrored koyof Couple Queen Connie man ond Kng Mko Youngblood holds rhe whie Corvee reods rhe rrodrord Homeccmrg spe« her "sotjeers" tQTQ Coorr member Sand Loenr too dong w h rhe Ju«or Kng ond Gueen Trocy W u Ohd Kewi Cwoyna soCCessTuty COve up rhe nervous exoremen’ with 05 yrVes on rhe way up rhe onJe The Court’s humor toctks succeeded ar the pepfesr tty the upcoming Homecoming foorba! gome ogansr Mromon-fca The week was fuf cf merry fun f ed ocr.v.res for rhe Cour members, among them wes a toga perry or Amy Wrtfer’s Here. Ange Ocfrxn (12) rakes o brook w.rh her she . AWre Kneror 02). 20. HOAAECOMJNG CORONATION layas by Am Srwn rC ooy by Ayry nmr fljp. freer, by 5mm rt2i fhfcx Vonar w»yw oyj Scr r vThe reason was fnoJy broken when Hog Al e Ycx-ogd food chose few Chapman cs Qjeen Korea Royce deployed her approve! of rhe choice The I960 Homecomng Court wos composed of seniors whose feflow snxjenrs fe bes represented rhe ctoss of '81 The Court coasted of the fo owr«g Seored MireDeZetor. Tracy We z. Amy Water. Di Rnghom Srondng. by cou pies Ange Domes. M e Krierer. Met Roomer Don Moron. Perm Doyd. Coeen Come Chapmen, Kng Mike Youngpiood. Kathy Hurley. Gavin Suivon, Km DuKi Mke North Korea Royce. Kevin Cwayne. Parry Mnehcrr. ana Dove Posrre Gory ness prevofod throughout rhe courr. exempifted by Dave Posrre (12)' ptayog rhe vein", Scorr Wootdndge (12) on rhe ?. end Kathy Hurley (12) on rhe "keyboards" err. Karen Royce (12) Coroner, on bongs with t meny reocrons from rhe s-udenr body The seniors experience rhe ewe end prde o' seeing members of rhe own dossmeres wok down rhe ase Jurors rhnk ond wonder obour nexr yect and SCpho mores don’t know wher rhe heck s 9009 on. os Krr Duin (12) a escorted by MAe Norm (12) HOMECOMNG CORONATION, 2 la txr by Am lmrr fOPtxxos by Svw Wetor 03) enc Sretrie) fyrxn» Despite rhe foe rhot we low the foorbol gome, noone doubted that the reom hod given rhev oi w One of the berrer tvghtghrs of rhe Homecoming porode. A Oof floor w»h rher mono. "Flush rhe Stoppers " Gbeen Corrte Chapman (12) and Kng M ie Youngblood (12). demowrored the more "borbonc" side of the Home coming Coon cr rhe frdoy pepfev 4 "Hongng ten" ocross the gym floor. foJ mon Goon Suivon (12)ond borhing cop beouty Karen (Koyce (12) eopy of rhe exdtemenf during the homecomng pepfesr. whie oddng their verson of court crozness 22. HOMECOMING loyou on} Copy by Mary 0 T rtOPhmc by Von Vcyt (O)“Il l IHE CCCD 11 41 R€ll“ Sill ISIS Ml Mill IS Ilf Sflfll 4T I f MH f HIM 8© Ler rhe Good Times Ro ”. rhe rheme of Homecoming '80. was defmirety evidenr during rhe pepfesr. gome, and donee Srorrmg off rhe Homecomng weekend, rhe pepfesr wos o prime example of how much fun Edinc-Wesr yudenrs could fir inro rwenry minutes. MC's Scorr Ferguson ond Mike O'Connor kepr rhe pepfey running smoothly while rhe enrerroinmenr did ir's bey ro rear things apon Doth rhe costumed court ond rhe A Ouf court provided o fcghrer more humorous side of o traditionally formal event. As rhe even more bizarre performances were donored by rhe infomous "Queerleoders," ond "Cougorrors." The Cheerleoders skit portraying rhe weoker side of rhe "Skippers" odded to rhe comperirive sptrir or rhe pepfesr The pepfesr ended in rhe usual rowdy woy with a final cheer from rhe cheerleaders. The Friday nighr gome rook pfoce with rhe expecred cold Homecoming weather The crowd was many in number, ond overwhelmingly enthusiastic, bur left disappointed os we losr ro Minneronko by o small morgin However, rhor didn't spo.! rhe spirit or rhe dance rhe following nighr Agon this yeor. rhe dance was held ar Sourhdole, ond rhe music was provided by rhe bond Ringer as rhe "good rimes" rolled on The dance proved memoro bie for some, remarked Anne Bush (12). "Homecoming was definitely a rowdy rime — good fun, good men. good chow!" nrtvjsoy dancers Gndy Petersen (12). flck Johnson (12. md Mote Monchomp (ii) ger nro me rnus c or "finger" t rhe Homecomng dorxe jpTYncres con hove tun roo, as shown by Krs Foresivnd. :on Lesie. Am Wetver. Todd Mcodyn. Mark Humphrey, hnsfi Hughes Anne Peterson (10). Mke Oberte (W. Cxk 5wensen (Word Lu Scuty (12). enjoyed 0 que: rde down rhe escoloro on rheir way ro rhe doxe floor ftwoj by JmMngAS THE STOMACH TURNS . .. Friday mghr m Edioo, Mmnesoro and rhe fare of severol female waiybnes is bemg decided WJi Mary hove that piece of p»e5 Od Sue have a malr for lunch5 Was that a large box of buttered popcorn Jooe corned into rhe movies5 For rhe answers to these and orher gosrronomtcol questions, yoy runed ro As rhe Sromoch Turns Food, everywhere' Molts and french fries n the cafeteria. Candy bars in moth class' It sur rounded rhe female population of Edmo West Aside from finding edibles in school it dominar ed rheir social lives os well When rhe yudenrs decided ro celebrate, rheir firy thoughts were for rheir yomochs Mothers became occuyomed ro picking up bogs of doriros, rosnros. potato chips, end of course, dier pop Those high coterie loveebies jomed by orher favorites, like chocolate. f»zzo, ice aeom. and green MGMs were rhe yapies of a yudenrs high coterie diet From rhe info mous Cougarerre porKxks ro o Zephyrus "food orgy", rhe yudenrs proved once ogam rhe infomous theory, stored by Moggie Doyle (12) "A happy mouth 6 o ful mourh ” Unforrunorely. as rhe coteries pled up. so did rhe yudenrs As "pigging out" become a hotxr. many high school girls perfected rhe jeon srreching and flab Fading techniques So. os rhe yomochs turned, the female population of Edmo West fified them up » Among rhe mony cereal fononcs. Sue Demonn (12' erjoys her toy tew bres of her snop aocKe artf pop 24. AS THE STOMACH TURNS layOJ by Dcr r tZ by ion l v r (133. and Copy by (‘cry Mnt cr (13)4 Kothy Hurley (12). fxndr g « necessary ro refuel her ocrrvo body. rvdutges n o cotossd solod from rhe new sckxJ bor provnded r rhe cofereria AS THE STOMACH TURNS. loytsu by Ctoy ftt . f orco by Ionite i AM conrmuol coonrdown of days wcs bemg | carried on by the majority of students or EdnoWesr This countdown was one filed w.rn onnciparion and excrement as srudents await ed the day when the winter wear could be pocked away as they heoded for the sunny tends of Cobforrva, Arizona, or Flondo Seeking fun in the sun and neve'ending nighrtfe were the primary goob for these sourhernbounc srudervs The essentials reeded to fulfil rhese goois hove proven once ogam ro be btanb, an unfimired amount of money, cno Dam de Sole Seniors, infamous for their Florida spring break rrips, were planning and looking forward ro on oaon paosed week Bed with mony odvenrures Whether basking in the sun or boogying down ro ther fovonre beat the moments passed so pucWy. bur rhe memones taued forever SUSIE SUNBATHER Becky Turner (10) okas "Sus Sunbarher". pre pored herself with o» necessities to ocqure rhot "Trope Ton" 26 SEA 6 SKI Copy Oy Me + Doy ( Kryou oy Ma e COy B Uxtt foww (B)»xyo» try Into FenKrt IB) ond Iont v r IB)For mony. o ski trip in rhe;Rockies wos the jlrrmoie vocation. In Colorodo, Wyoming, ond VAonrono there wos something for everyone The ski runs ranged from relatively eosy slopes 'o steep mogois for rhose who liked more of o rhaiienge Because of rhe mild ond sunny dl-note, one could ski oil day long without having o go in to worm up. caching o beautiful ton or he same rime. Another plus of skiing in rhe todsies wos rhe long runs rhor they provided ikiiers d nor end up hoving to srop os soon os hey got going, bur rather spent more rime on he slopes than wotting in line for the chairlift Vdd ro dl of this the endless, rich evergreens jnd the surrounding majestic mountains, and vho wouldn'r be anxious ro leave school ond teod for rhe Rockies?“YEE-HAW GENUINE HOE-DOWN!' •GOOD TIMES PREVAIL A O nee 090m ir wos hme for rhe tobies ro be turned Ir wos that hme of yeor for rhe girts ro relore ro rhor rroumoric experience of seeking our ood asking o dare ro Sodie Howkins Bur cfrer rhe deed wos done, (and ofrer o sigh of relief), rhe planning for o fun ftfced rughr began. Those pfons included dinner, o pre-Sadie parry, and rhen rhe donee The annual hoedown wos held «n rhe cafeteria, which wos festively decoroed wirh crepe paper, balloons, and hoy. For rhose who chose ro do so. there wos o phorogropher on hand ro rcke rhe couple's picture And for rhose gursy gals who could wresrie rhe-' fellas nro ir, there wos o Morry-NSom boorh where rhey could ger "hitched" Holding hones throughout rhe night wos o require- ment. 'less rhey were fixin' fer Trouble This "tow" wos enforced by rhe volunteer sheriffs, who "arrested" any mole nor obidng, promptly rhrow.09 rhem into jail, and serring bail gt 25 ! or o kiss For rhe vosr majority who worked up o hunger or o thirst, fresh popped popcorn wos available, os wos pop ond punch kegs The hgb’.ghr of rhe evening wos the music, provided by "Moxie". o sensational five-member bond They reolly gor into rhe spirit by donning overalls, bandanas, ond cowboy boors All m ol. rhe night wos o smashing success The chaperones were greatly appreciated for the.-rime ond contributions Student Counci pur forth their usual effort in rocking Edina-West's lost Sodie Hawkins o memorable event Krssy Johnson (11) looked or her morroge cenhccxe n awe after getting htfehed to Jett Runyan (11)»ADIE HAWKINS 1980 Jrr Xcfj (10) worked O' 'he rcfr«hm n» courvor "ramrq" the hungry ond rhrsty doncers 4 Xjtvx tarry Dosch's (W foce wos o gtow os o y Osppmon (10 reoehed fix rhe ring Thoroughly eryjyxig the music, sertors Jeff Verdoom. Musy Means. Andy Montgomery, ond Ji Swenson mode up o donee » Upon orrsvo. dod n western duds. Scorr Wcodrdge (12) wqs token m by me kxJe atmosphere SADIE HAWKINS. 79 loyou Cry rm Ocyor®. Copy Oy Ayi Vrwn r®. cncyoi Oy Vox -.’or' ft2 CLASSICAL BLUEGRAS ORCHESTRA CREATE 30 CAFE WEST Uay ki 01 LnOo FonnXtT). Pryxo-. Oy Oojj OrarrOO) ore icrvrVy P w ✓irh rr yren XA Concerirrofoo ond ski, Dor F oo(W • jornj'' oo the boss QfQ Corr. yt(l2) ond Jore Gubefvd (12) dtscvss fN ■ony uses of "cow crips" os other interested xmers te-'en o SUCCESSFUL COMBINATION Although it's smoll numbers kept rhe Concen Orchesrro relorivly unknown, rhey come our of hieing for the 9rh onnuol Cofe Wesr. Ploying one night for o lorger rhon overoge crowd. rhe Orchesrro entertained rheir audience with o wide variety of music ond skits. Following rrodition, rhe first half of rhe concert wos devoted to doss»col mus c. Under rhe direction of Ed Melichor (foe) rhe musidons of borh rhe Orchesrro ond o spedol selection of wood winds from rhe bends, practiced ond performed o Blue Gross Dash The bash, roking place in rhe second half of rhe cone err wos complete w.rh overalls, checked dresses ond freckles. The concert was an even mixture of serious ond cosod fun Despetotety tryng to onswer Kevo Hjghei(12) Qucvoos hs fnend sides ocross me floor 4 On the way exjr ro the miking born, rtyj cow performed c bonce ond o song o$ ne modeled his new bet CAFE VEST 014. SPIRIT TAKES 0VER N0T ONLY SEHBBb SPIRIT. BUT Tfl-RT BF GQID AS WELL C j ne specie! ospecr of Edina wos rhe mony religious ocrivines rhor were open for everyone ro porncipore in. Because of rhe obundonce of fellowship groups, srudenrs could porriopere in one almosr any rime rhey wanred ro Sunday nighr was Conraa or Sr Pcrs, where srudenrs discussed moral issues such os aborrion or drinking, ond compored rhetr views on rhe ropes ro rhose of rhe Corholic Church Uprising, or Chnsr Presbyrerion, wos where rhe srudenrs enjoyed singing songs ond lisrening ro Yourh Direcror Rich Phenow ond others give roiks relored ro rhe Bible Brother ond usief. Mte (12). ond Pom (11) North with Steve Hum (12) obetween them. ore rh ec students involved in the Thursdoy Morning bWe Srudy ro help srudenrs ger along weS ond live o meaningful kfe Thar nghr was also P.F. ar Colonial, where ogoin there were fun songs ro sing ond refreshog roiks given by Yourh Director Mark Wicksrrom ond by Senior P F Cobiner members P F Ccbner met on Monday nighr ond wos for rhe srudenrs who wonred ro pur more rime ond effort into P.F ro help moke ir a success Crossroods met on Wednesday nighr or Christ Presbyrerion for sharing ond studying rhe Bible more closely, as dd Compogners Ccmpogners was independent from any specific church, and wos composed of six sections: a boy's group a girl's group from each grade Larer on i evening was Young Life, where everyone s songs and liyened ro rhe leaders talk or perf various skits As students bummed our about school row rhe end of rhe week, rhe Thursday morning 0 studies or school helped ro Sfr everyone's sp And ro bring rhe week ro a dose was Co' House on Sorurdoy nighr or Sr Steven’s, wr mony srudenrs were able ro share rheir re' with others At Thursday Me r ng Study, srudenrs ksren and share as they srudy rhe book of J ynes Down Schoor (11) ond a frond ae entranced by the music of 0 y Sproggi. o guest soger or Uprising 32. REUGION Copy era Loyoa by trao femra 12) xka by Ur icve' (12) era tract fonrra 12JW ce W« l»Oo»» ® “"b'he Ttxxsboy So oo Angv Domey Coleeo Yooger ono Ccyvx CNaomoo o-o com‘ y?obte cf ’ e As Pcry informal Comparer Groop kyer ys ■■R ’ » • Visemon (fll Sew Ayo'1 Kevn Cv " a"3 ' . rr-vrO - Sp ? ® famly youP rTie rw group oct1 RELIGION. 33 (T2)Pr Kr tr lC l v r (t2) or 3 tr X FcnV } tG Vi II I I3f§l Cf Hf§1 I S W§l I »Sls 4 il iSI §UCCE For rhe Concerr Bond, second semester meont o toss of free rime, homework left undone, ond o tods of steep Second semester meont Pop's '81 The production of this concert or West wos o mqjor underrating of rhe yeor for rhe bond Although they met every day during fourth hour, director Ed Melichor (foe) colled rhe bond together for practice after school ond on Saturdays Long rebearsots provided preparation nme for two aspects of rhe show The bond wos responsible not o difficult insrromenrol pieces, bur also for coted song ond donee numbers selecre songs perfomed in post years As rhe weeks of practice dwindled dc o few precious doys, performers starred costumes ond losr minure deroils reody f oudiences From rhe dress rehearsal to rf performonce. rhe program ful of music, ond rhe traditional "bandte'' skits was o Keeping rhe JhOw n great corxdron. enrhuyeshe gris. "Wash Thor Mon Our ot Vrh o rremendous amount cf brass, rhe rrumper section odds rhe own The Har " dass Conceorrarng deeply on the rempo cf rhe music. Mo99° SeostyW) and Dtono FreOe (12), keep a conyarv warch on the drecror 34. POPS WEST layout Oy Ooy t7) Dy Lon Lr+r (O and Stfwrtrq Voc ord Copy V t2 Jono GctoenxHt2) ond May Meons (12). brush up on the danong sk s doxe "Rick Johnson (12). expressed Ns "Comp GrorxxJo Blues." Much sWi was accessory (or shoocing crops n the gomptng seiecron of "OkJesr Esrobtehod ' POPS VEST. 35 loyour tv Doyk- Ct2). ftoroi Oy Ion lc-.tr (t2 or«3 ithcring AmenCAST- In order of Sroge Monger Mimes Rebecca C ioy Oet Announcer . . John G Jtr Sabrso Mrs Arnobus .. . Orosour Mommotti Teiegrcph Ooy GkxJys jj Henry Mr Anrrco. ■■ Oocotor Nancy Greene (10) Doug Montgomery (10) ■ Cindy Peterson (12) Jane Ckxydman (12) ISreve CompQa.aa-------- 1(11) Kj ershof (11; O-tfton (12) Conway (11) Posrre (12) (12) A dinosour end o mammoth were the househoW pets n the fry ocr. the pretvsrooc oge of the ploy The Moses feir grotefu: to be ot » ro carry on riser gossp « ce Anrrctxjs home 36. WINTER PLAY loyou by irtia fentsd ( ). eno'OJ try icnnnj fV-vn 4 fill Ill( Ml III 44 IS If l4i 1% Sii f iiix 11 IN Mii Cl Cui Irctf. II T" hrough oil three performonces of rhe winter I ploy, rhe cosr found rhor “The Skin Of Our Teerh" wos o new experience for ecch oudience The unusuol aspects of this ploy included rhe characters, o moin chorocer who wos constantly yepping our of her rote ro speak to rhe oudience, o scheduled surprise inreruprion, and rhe use of focufry members ro complete rhe cay These unusual techniques enabled rhe audience ro become involved, giving rhe play on informal rone Prior ro rhe performances of this ploy, rhe yu-dents pur in rhe usual hours of work mandatory ro A pur rogerher o good performance Rehearsals held after winrer break were long and frequent Director Mark Armenro ond stage monoger Dove Dolick required rhe coy members ro come in after school, week nights ond Sorurdoys n on effort to perfect eoch aspect of rhe ploy These hours spent reheorsng ond promoting were used for perfection of fcnes ond sroge presence, however the ocrors ond caresses also mode testing relation-shtes As these new friends celebrated or on ol night party following rhe tost performance of the ploy, they enjoyed o videotope of the dress reheorsol, music ond good-times VINTER PLAY, 37 Copy by Ary AVWvn'K1. loyou by LnOo fctHsatfi. ond Aw by Awtfi 1IIII VIII l»M Ora Rodeke (ID. Pooto Foresn (12). Keren Terns (11). AJe SctmeMW. ond Corot Syvernen (ID. Oi erjoy rhe comfcrTs of Slob Doy 38. SPIRIT WEEK Copy ond lOy M by » cry Ot r, ftQfrwi by Myfc KuHr (ft) orxJ Ooug One (UdUgng n rhe sprt of Votenrnes Doy. the Cougar demon ores enrhusosm for rhe crowd or the pepfw Ever I li l i H r I III ( n l Damper I lii i Hest’i last iiil HhI Throughout rhe year Edmo-Wesr students hove severol chooces to express their school spirit, the mosr important being that of Sprit Week During this week students must show their spirit nor just mdivxpuotly but os o whole Tuesday, rhe first doy of Spirit Week found many studenrs coming to school in rher pqjomos FoBoweb by Wednesday which coughr sever ol m rhe midst of personalty changes; from o shy. hesironr E no-Wester to on obsolute punker On Thursdoy through rhe event of Slob Doy students were oble to express the more desroble woy to dress Friday ended rhe week with o series of events including: Student Counci's annual heart button contest, ond delivering carnations throughout rhe doy. meonwhile rhe Cougorerres odded the - Candy Groms to sweeten up rhe week To simulate o Valenrmes Doy mood rhe dress code become that of wearing only red ond white Of course rhe week was not complete until ofter rhe pepfesr. which featured rhe Senior Celebrities rhe Lorm Club Jelo eoring contest, ond o Volenrme spirit boost from rhe Cheerleoders. Cougorerres ond A-Guf Despite rhe focr rhor it was on early morning pepfesr spirit wos just os enthusiastic os it hod been ol week, this year Spirit Week reoly lived up to its name Pomopcrn n rhe lom Oub Jelo ecrng conreff nhak? rhe woy io it wmrwng posnon Joy Doryebondl). Anne Chcpots (11). Ono Fester (11). ond Moroo Hogcnson (11), deploy another prime exompfe of rhe "punk" vde of some srvxJeors Awokng from on early morning nop. Amy ObsrdD erjoyed the conversonon provided by her ever fothful beor SPIRIT WEEK. 39 Copy ore loyixi by Mary Ottn Hector (W Phortx try Morh Kufr. Doug Orar» «DThe Minneapolis Si rAR aeapolia Star and Tribune Company A Section, Part 1 Copyright 1981 Mia Single copy 20 U.S. EMBASSY RAIDED; HOSTAGES TAKEN By Ray Lavelle-Staff Writer On November fourth. Nineteen hundred and seventy-nine, an unheard of action took place in the small Mideastern country of Iran, which was to change the lives of millions. On this day a group of Iranian students-turned-militants raided the United States Embassy in Teheran and took over fifty Americans hostage. The reason the militants took hostages was to protest the deposed Shah of Iran's Guards were placed outside the U.S. embassy entrance into the United States for medical treatment of his cancer. The militants claimed the Shah stole several billion dollars from Iran when he was overthrown by a religious revolution. The new ruler of Iran was the Ayatollah Khomeini who condoned the terroristic actions of the militants. The Ayatollah and the militants were willing to make a trade. The hostages' captors were willing to trade the hostages for the Shah and his billions. The United States Government held strong against their extortionist demands. The United States, in an act of desperation, tried to rescue the hostages. but the attempt failed because of a faulty helicopter. This brave act proved only to infuriate the Iranians. Finally after 444 days of captivity, on January 21. 1981. the hostages were released by the Iranian Government. Talks were held through out the long week before the release. These midnight talks were arranged by an Algerian mediator. The U.S. Agreed to return the frozen Iranian assets to the Iranians in return for the hostages' safe release. The hostages took a twelve hour flight from Iran to West Germany where they were soon released and headed home. The whole world shed tears of joy as the hostages landed in the U.S. Tho Ayatollah Khomeini exhibits his hearty smile upon the worldII VV II IO 1C I The viewers 1980 debates earned what the c oxidates thought o! each other as well as their political views during the Sign them up By Ray Lavelle-Staff Writer The draft registration of the sixties became a reality of the eighties for thousands of young men across the country. Males turning nineteen years of age were required by law to register themselves in the event that a draft would take place. Registration started in the summer of 1980 and continued so that nineteen year olds in 1981 had to register in early January. Many protest movements were raised against this action. Outside post offices, the place of registration, various antidraft organizations could be seen picketing. Leaflets and letters were distributed to the registrees informing them ho they could stop the draft. Fall of 1980 showed government r ports based on the high rate of registr tion. due to the fact that males failing register were to be harshly punished. A case was brought to the Suprer Court about women registering tor t draft. This proposal is still in litigation. minists feel that women should be tre ed equally; therefore if men are draft so should women be. However, few p pie are in favor of a draft at all. iiiuouut; viuiury By Perrin Boyd-Staff Writer The fall of 1980 added a new spark and interest at Edina-West. Presidential campaigns were in full swing, capturing the attention of all history and American Studies students, as well as voting seniors. Incumbant Democrat Jimmy Carter was opposed by Ronald Reagan of the Republican party and John Anderson as an Independent for the office of the Presidency. As the excited fanfair came with the campaigns, major issues were discussed. Each candidate tried diligently to convince the voting and non-voting public that his solutions were the best. New dimensions to old topics such as inflation, the hostage crisis, the war in the Middle East, and nuclear warfare arose. The rising economic and political situations in the country were becoming unbearable. Americans needed a change. The general feeling across this nation of power and glory expressed a concern for the country's future. For this reason, the 1980 Presidential Campaign season was crucial. Washington and Oregon have been in the vanguard among states in protecting their water and air and beautiful green forests from man's foul excesses. Yet in the spring of 1980 nature took over as environmental villain, breaking open a majestic mountain in an-awesome display of power. Destruction was rained over such a vast area that-short of The Bomb-man would have great trouble duplicating nature's effort. The costs were not nearly so great in lives and property as. say. a major hurricane like Camille or a big earthquake like November's tragic shaking of Southern Italy. But the people of the Gulf Coast hauo rohnilt anW f n Major Presidential debates were held on two occasions, giving a few respected news commentators an opportunity to question the candidates on major issues, so that their stands would be known. The entire campaign drive came to a climax on November fourth. 1980. Eleci tion day brought several Americans, including a select group of Edina-West seniors to the polls to choose the fortieth President of the United States. Surprisingly. the results recorded one of the biggest landslides in history. The American people had chosen Ronald Reagan, the oldest Presidential candidate ever, as their future leader. President-elect Reagan and Jimmy Carter worked together in order to make a smooth transition from one administration to the other. Then, on January 20. 1981. Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the new President of the United States. top stricken Italians. Here, such rebuilding will not happen in our lifetime or in the lifetime of our children or grandchildren. The courses of rivers changed. Lakes disapeared. Conifer forests containing huge. 600 year-old trees were flattened in an instant. The top cubic mile-and-a-half was blown off the mountain's top. reducing its height by more than 1.000 feet and leaving the impression that some force violated it with a giant ice-cream scoop. Visitors to the area are not only awed by nature's force, but also humbled. Nature once again proved to man that he is but a small part in this large world of ours. Volcano blows By Steve Berg-Staff WriterMAKING IT AND Conrrory ro popular befeef. kids from Edina c hove their spending money handed ro them • silver plotter — they earn ir. Moving a job working for their own money gives kids a senbeing independent; a trait that reenagers kx possess Whether part-time during school, o! rime during the summer, there were a vorie jobs ro be had. and many kids rook cdvonroc the opportunities. Aside from gathering inc dence. the kids who opted for work oiso goth in the bucks After receiving their weekly, bi-weekly monthly checks, students either bonked it. spc or a mixture of both. Investments were mai several different areas. For exomple. the r industry got a lot of business from kids' 42 JOGS loytM OrtJ Cop tv A-vi 5mm r , Ptvo try Ion (TJ)SPENDING IT ereo sysrems were bougnr. records, ropes, and xxerrs were oli indulged upon Also, ir was be bed rhor closers needed revamping, so additions ere mode ro people's wardrobes Or. some ienr rheir leisurely rime end money on America's vorire posr ne Eoring. The rising prices of movies rroinly didn't srop roo mony from viewing the resr flicks. Tickers ro see Minnesoro's sporrs reoms aerton weren't clwoys cheap, or easy ro come , bur kids found ways ro go and cheer rheir ams on. And of course, rhere were rhe misers ho everyone was jealous of for purring rheir ird eorned money in rhe bonk. The pant i, rhe is in Edino aren't os proud of having the money rhey ore of earning ir for themselves 52S55BH. SMBSSMP MO W4BB08SI OUU I) ( MMUAttOAZY JOOS 4, Io oj ert) Ccoy Am SrrvUO). fhm by lor I M (tl SECTION EDITOR TIFF! DOYD (IDCOUGARS OH THE MOV Anhcipormg rhe pressure ond competition c rhe season, rhe football players stated pra tong eorly in August, It was a long season fra rhe first swelrermg days of summer ro rhe last chii gomes, but nor Qmre o long os ir hod been hopec In hopes of mokmg rhe last Edno-Wesr foot be season rhe besr, rhe players were shoot mg fc store Although rhe players pur forth o strong am "had ro bear” ream, loosing severd importar gomes cur rhe chance fa yore MVe rhe tea was dooppoinred, rhe fans remained loyd esp EDINA WEST IS MORE THAN JUST A TEA • Getmg reody ro "con" rher opponent ore som V foorOd pfayecs • Conceruronrg on rhe defenwe ptoyets moves, ere Pete OtmofY 12). John Deasey T2). ond Jm Dyror 12) « VARSITY FOOTBALL (on L j2ldolly enjoying rhe Eost-Wesr gome The gome in which West scored rhe only points in the lost 24 seconds of the gome. The gome for rhe "coke eorers” trophy was on ego booster for rhe West ream, os they brought home rhe prize once ogam Quorrerbock John Deasey(12) commented on the 4 5 season saying. "Overall ir wos o good year We ddn'r win os much os we could hove, but we learned alor and hod o greo’ nme ogorty Lincoln The Cougc S yyie ond form of the offensive teem, ftjs tro’es dsoplne ond control During o k e conference gome John DevotKW. scu»« the next ploy wth Cooch Krg VAIXSfTY FOOTOALL « Im j t y Snyo rerm(m. tv S' 4'afc»rt2» ond ia WORKING AS R T€flM! DEVELOPING saF PRIDE RND Team picrures on pages 56 ond 59 Fcorbc'i gomes hove always drown crowds or Edina Wesr, rhor is the Vorsiry gomes hove However. The Junior Vcrsiry and rhe Sophomore foorboll gomes were on entirely different story With o record of seven wins ond no losses os of October ninth, the J V ream hod our scored their opponems by o rotol of 219 points, ond allowed only 300 points to cross their Ine of defense The reom was proud of the' accomplishments, os Dove Moiey (11) stored, "We domncre" In spire of their outstanding record, rhe J V and Sophomore reams were sadly locking in specrc tors. With rhe ever fothfui parents present ond o few strays, rhe Cougars ployed and bear most of their opponents, to rhe joy of J V coaches. T( Serbn ond Steve Erdoll (foe ). With gomes every Thursday ond three pre rices o week with Vc'siry, rhe J.V was kepr but Alrhough rheir gomes were nor os highly otter ed os Vcrsiry, the Juniors did get rheir shore of r: cheering when they suited up for rhe Vars gomes, (just-in cose) All in oil. rhe Junior Vorsty ond the Sopnomc football players, the forgotten Cougors. ployed season they were proud of. cod mode rhe selves reody ro ploy o front of spectators rh Junior ond or Ser.or year(s). 16. JUNIOR VARSITY AND SOPHOMORE FOOTDAIL DoOgr ) rhe Loir's 3o!e ve -nc. 14. Quorterbock, Marti Schooling (If) mofc« a 17 yor J rcwcbdown JUNIOR VARSITY AND SOPHOMORE FOOTOALL. 49 loyOw fry ivenx fcrre (O). Cf fm fry Stew Voter «} on} Lor let 02?STRIVING FOR PERFECTION . . CBN W6 MAKE IT TO THE TOP? Three weeks before the school doors opened. rhe Grts' soccer ream was procricng hord. under senior coproms Korhy Hurley. Mtssy Dor be. ond Karen Kolzow When rhe season began, rhey were m rhe besr of condfrion. This proved ro be o srrong osser as rhe gris reoched rhe finals m rhe Gris Soccer Store Tournemenr. ogoinsr Jefferson Though rhe gome was close ond exiring. when rhe rime ran our rhe Cougars were short one goal "We reoty wonred ro win, bur second was as dose os we could come," commenred Missy Kun-err (12) Seniors Cody Larson and Jure Keilog were re warded wirh oH srore honors for their performance rhroughour rhe yore rournemenr Larson, who led rhe Cougars in scoring, also received oil cor ence honors dong with Kolzow and senior 0 Hare The combined rolenrs of ream memt resulted n a 14 4-2 record wirh three losses g ro Jefferson, rhe only ream thar rhe Cougars fc ro bear Junior Varsiry, under rhe coaching of JiAJ ing. improved consderobly rhroughouT rhe : son. The teem consisred of sophomores one niors wirh litrle ploying experience Procrices. and senmoges developed them nro o fine re Key players who led me Junior Varsiry were k ing scorer Sue Ahmonn (10) and co-coprons A Sullivon (10) and Jone Haugan (10). Team Picture On Page 59 » Agony Woyiofo. Cooch 04 Wekfi nyrvxrs flush (12) who She shexid mork Haiftxxk Wasy Date (12)ojt rnoneuvored Jefferson's M Dock n rhe yore finds 4 Although o krie w ond mudCy. rhe 9 vorsry soccer reom celebrated rher 20 victory over Woy oro «n rhe section ftnob 4 SUN photo by JOHK SHEJVAAH Sroppog o ee: our or o ?rend. Atthe »roc r?? Pods rhe bus bo'cye q go-re » Coorer ho'bock A Kofogg (tf; deers rhe txtf from :he Cougcr eed • Ojoog the ftrv quorrer of c seosoh gome. Jocbe Mrochek (W ou? ron her oppooem ond recovered the be) GIRLS' SOCCER, 51 layoa cy ireptor feref (Wort If OcyC (to. Cc©y by Tfi 0o «i «p CNyos by Av Vox VowGREAT EXPECTATIONS Boys SOCCER IS A TOUGH ACT TO FOLIO Goalie Wally Chopmon (11) proved ro be one of rhe moy valuable assets ro rhe ream, olong with rop scorers. Por Rdfes (12) and Dove Hagen (12) I f rhere's one ream rhor deserves rhe gold med-I al, ir would definitely hove ro be rhe 1980 Boys’ Vorsity Soccer Team. Dreoms of going ro store ended abruprty in a surprizing regional defear agoinsr Lindbergh. Fans and orher rop ranked reams were shocked or rhe gome's outcome, wh'e rhe Cougars showed much frusrrorion and grief With on impressive record of 11-2-5, rhe Cougors seemed well on rheir way ro denching rhe medol ond trophy in which they so greorly deserved. "We had an excellent ream with a tor of ralenr; I rhink rhar our overall record proved rhor." -Caprain Tom Vidmar (12) Having rhe reputation os being rhe bey conditioned ream in rhe league, Cooch Hock McCall and his assistant, Mike Collins, were responsible for providing rhe players with rhe strength and know-lege rhar united them rhroughour rhe enrire season. The Armor Vorsiry ream hod cn overc’l r-of 8-4-4. which prove rhor rhis ream hod ralenr ond a greor amount of potential. Th rhe ream did nor hove o permanent ca leoding scorer Rids Rice (11) proved ro be o rhe mosr prominent leaders, wirh a season rc eleven goals. Brian Rice (11) and Chris Perersr followed wirh six goals each. Cooch Mike Coins, a new recruit from Rid was a voluoble influence on rhe success c ream. Chris Peterson (11) commented or ream’s future: “We’re redly going ro kick yeorl" Team Pictures On Page 58 -» .rti or ms oowetched in sweer vfcrory. EdOe Wtoms (12) yes on impressive gool DOY'S SOCCER. 53 loyour ora Ccoy tu Aone OuVi (12). ftwoj tw u M (Q) Shefy Perenon (12) moves n ©xl sers rhe coHcx o center spi e As the opponerv rushes the net ro bkxk Ayny Gooer's (It) spte. she stems rhe boJ pear her 54. VOLLEYBALL Layout by Scot Ardenen XX , P oKn by Scryvln fv«vr ND VOLLEY£RLL5 FILLED THE FUR SUGAR SPIKERS STRIVE FOR R GOOD SEASON The Vorsiy Cougars gather Ground rher copfons ond cooch to ger psychod for mo gome Jcme Dome (12) serves me w v«ng porv n o vorvry homo gome xempfrfying their stols. the Edino West Vaey boll reams worked towards success Dump setting spiking, digging, dnlsing ond btoctong ? stressed n proaice, in hopes of "crooking on ? puppies." In order to get o head sron m rhe )n, c opr an Jo CoHeron (12) ond her ream ts began proctice in Augusr. giving up two ; o day to their gomes Coached by More yle, Louis Derg ond Lome Schlurer. new proc ?chn ques ployed o targe parr ta rhe effective-of rhe Cougar reoms Practices, held three times o week, were highlghred by circle fighrs, gross drils, partner tog ond serving drifts Along with the twice o week gomes, the Vorsty ond Junor Vorsity teams attended tournaments These oil day tourneys were highlighted by rhe spiking otxlines of Jessie Domeck (12) ond the true dedco rion of Jo CoKeron (12) Overoll, rhe votfeybcd teams enjoyed rhem selves, ond rook odvonroge of rhe opporruniry to moke new friends Team Pictures on poge 59 Potty Mnebcrt (12) pos oo$ herself ro return on oppo nenr's sorve VOLLEYOALL. 55 Loyoor by Scon A.xw Copy by tuny Mntr-en iO t+on 6yFOLLOWING THROUGH » The sheer dererrrvnoton written on Ann Webster's (10) foce told of her oW y -o win ♦ In o Prosing morch 090ns! cross-town nvots, Karen Jones (12) (cocopran) demonstrates her good concenrrcnon GIRLS’S TENNIS STRONGER THAN EVER The loag-seored rofy berween Edno Wesr and Edmo East's dream of capturing number one m store provided incentive for rhe 198081 Girl's Vorsiry Tennis Teom Yet, being upset by on inti more morch ogoinsr Way zero, West nor only lost rhe morch. (2-3). bur oiso losr its hopes of enrering rhe store rournomenr The coproins for Edino-West's lost rennis reom this yeor, were Nancy Greer 12) ond Koren Jones (12) Greer ond Korhy Houser (11) provided yrorg wins os rhe first doubles reom whrfe Uso Oeord (12) ond Ann Webster (10) ployed oursronomg renns os second doubles Jones, West's number one smgles pioyer commented. "Everyone on rhe reom has grown ro be good friends, and we oil hove a fun rime rogerher; ir's been grear!" One of rhe most exhiiarormg marches rook place during rhe beginning of rhe season ogonst Mnneronko For rhe first rime m West's history. West upser their long standing adversary. 52 Kan Johnson commented. "The reom hod never ployed stronger, ond rhe deremanation prevoted throughout rhe rest of our matches. ” The overall record proved ro be exceptional, six wins ond only one toss, ogoinsr Edmo Eosr Team picture on page 56 In rhe Cxcok pomr ct the march, sophomore Lynn Anderson sue cessfuty serves me warming pant 56. GIRLS' TENNIS loyois Orv5 copy V AM 1 ben f®. mora» 0y lory icfiote (8) 050 N 4 krtty Voryiy p oyorj fboberh X-f (If) cod Sue AMns 00) perform on outsrcodog choKenge rrtorch during procr e Cocoprori Afeocy Greer Approved wncr o vovobte osser ro rhe reom she wos. by rerirnng o $rrcog voJey • After wrvsng o rough march, Leo Ced'd (72) ord ty V) Anderson (TWcorvinue Vesr's rrodrion o.' good sporrsmorv s»xp GIRL'S TENMS. 57 l«yo one copy Dy A-vne i Aar? (17). c Ktas cy lorry lore (O)GIRLS' TENNIS Front Row ) Moe. C Od ond. L Anderson, K Jones. N Greer. 5 Kris. D Schoor. E Qu ' Second Row A Webster. A Peterson. 5 McElroy, A Aihouser. L PoJson. T Sco.n on Dock row N Anmonn, L Beard, K Houser. S Atkns. J Mo! (ossar cooch). 6 Ofveboge (cooch), C Tempie. L ForsAmd. K John son. P Dosch BOYS' SOPHOMORE SOCCER FRONT ROW D Buenz. D Swanson. T ftecnerr M Moyer. G Johnson. G ftozcatds, D Cohson. S Doner. K Dear. SECOND ROW 5 Hosper. N Sonrnos. W Herman. D Nerd. K Fossey. T Dotmer. T Tierney. G Gustafson. 3 Genung, BACK ROW T Emco. K Courtney. S Leste. ft Peterson, D Grorh (coach). J Forrer. C Doone. J. Deisto BOYS' JV SOCCER FRONT ROW A Giber, M Nome. D Owre. T McGtynn. P Vickers, K Peterson. M Then, T Nssen SECOND ROW C Lamb, ft DutinXk. M Lovele. W Coorrod. V Abr. J Gusnck-son. M Ku!er. D Dice. D Bns BACK ROW H McCo) (cooch). M Vervekfy. D. Ayd. D Schulze. C Zovm. ft ft e. G ftoberr son. H Persons. K Bergreen. M Nebm. D Porter (assistant cooch) M Coins BOYS' VARSITY SOCCER FRONT ROW T Dote. W Chapmon. T Vidtnar, C. WosJey. D Harr SECOND ROW D Dei. E W oms. K Monon. M Finley. E Lunoai. S Hunt, M DezeCor BACK ROW: H McCoi (cooch), P Fee. P Azar, 5 Newman D Flynn. P ftoKes. K Kazem. J Lohner. D Hogan. V Azar. M Coins (css onr cooch) VARSITY AND JV FOOTBALL Front row. J Austin, M. Spence. S Hershock, D Hale. J Do Mom. G Simons. C Wohtqmr, T Duenz. P Ofmom. S Warner, ft WiSoms. 6 Todvok. C Moyer. T Rah Second row D Tombornino. J Burke, D Schoenng. M Horoshok. T ftzeszut. J Byron. J Hemp. C James, S Ournsren, 5 Fonrone. C Fnk. M Schoob. M Wright, H Homon, ft Oisen Third Row M Schoenng, 5 Housh, C Sewoi. J Donohue. S ftobnson, K ftohs. J. Deosey. T McEiroy, M Perry. S Cusack. J. Smth, D Doiey. M Spear. A Hoben. ft Gensch Dock row B Hommtr, M Lmdemom. 5 Mogck. F Bums. D De'vedere, F. Medslen burg. S MSer, W Salem, J Okonowski. D Mdey. J DeVoe, G Srehey. D Brantley. D Johnson 58. TEAM PICTURES loyou by Scot Andenm. fKcxc oy Scntmy AtnmVARSITY VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW A Gresn n, J Owston. M MoCgowen. J Coieron. 5 Peterson OACK ROW K Alew . 5 Hedge's J Dorris, 5 Doemgsted. K Rickerr. M O'Doyfe (cooch). JV VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW L Derg (cooch) SECOND ROW W Hovr. J Frsvor P Mnehorr. A Chospo s, K Weber. A (Xenon, R Runshousct BACK ROW A Arndt, K Rickerr. J Onset. L Cohen K Mrkotxh. J Dandson, J Herbert B-SQUAD VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW S Lord. P TeeAroek, J Rodobaugh,' Harold. M Turner. E Truyvcfyfou BACK ROW C Syverrson, T Dobcock L Luno'ey. J. Day. t. Ketey, A Gteden. L Kot n. Sch ue:er (cooch) SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL FRONT ROW C lindens. P Metz, J Engds. F Pirsch, P Zdor. S Long, J McGa'hery. J Corson D Have. D Erickson. A1 Devon SECOND ROW M O’Onen. DJ Tengde M Hum phery S Shatter. F Ashenbrenner. M Morgan 0 Hz. M Swanson. D Hughes, J Mrkonch P Rosdnd. P Dohn D Moley. J Kqu TOP ROW C Weber. 0 Wdn. T Heoiy. M Worst. R Rcerner. A Mosherrdo. T Mckodyn M Sweeney. D Wary R Wossenoor, M Seasty, P Donohue. K Povtk. M Roberts GIRLS SOCCER FRONT ROW 5 Chcpmon. T Wen. W Gtohcm. C Mae. C Russet, A Drockwoy. M Dosrock. K Utmon. C Subvon. E McShone. P Andrews. ) Hongen, C Cress SECOND ROW M Reynolds, C Wotoce. C Nelson, W Cress. L Adorns. C Lund. ). Wadren. D Rood. A Su van. S Ahmonn. L Stewart, M McDxmef, M Frey. J Mrochck DACK ROW T Doyd. C Chapman. M Mem. D Horrngron, K Koizow. 6 Kcfu, T Rotes. A Hemp. K Hurley. M Dorbe. J Keiog. C Larsen. A Schuenemon, 0 Hore. J Schmet TEAM PICTURES. 59 IcyOK by Scot A Woo' i -Kro'. by Scner hex AND THE 4 Tofy Flora (10) and Knsry Hughes (10) show reom jgrt sfickrg rogerher 60. CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING loyw try Seen Andeocn t». Copy or S Ptxf y, by Dev) Onsv (10)ME OFF :OUGRRS RUNNERS WIN REGION RR n 198051 borh rhe Boys' ond Girls' cross-country teems enjoyed fine seosons Despite ving low interest omong the student body ond cheerleaders, rhe Boys' cross-country ream lieved rhe most success of oil the Boys' foil ims The Girls' ream hod more people rhon -in enr years and olrhough their record was nor os yendng os rhe boys, oil rhe girls’ enjoyed rhe son. he Boys' reom finished with o 6-2 conference ord. Leodmg rhe reom ro this fine mark wos tor coproin Mise Krierer The hsghtghr of rhe son wos Edina-Wesr's win or rhe Begion 6AA er Krierer placed firy foSowed by Bill Fai- son(12). Jim Dow(12), IVh Frey(12) ond others Mony reom members thought a key ro rhe win wos rhe fine cooching of Bon ViessneKfoc). The reom compered in rwo invirorionol meers during rhe yeor. Ar rhe Swon Invirorionol rhe ream wos fourth while Krierer was ninth over oil. In rhe sophomore race Greg BichordsOO). wos fourth In rhe Matterhorn Invirorionol rhe reom wos rhird Krierer won rhe event. The Gris' reom, led by coproins Korhy Oison(l2), ond Jenny FolleKl2), one of rhe berrer runners in rhe conference, finished with o 1-6 record. The girls orrended rhe some Invirorionol meers os rhe boys, ond olrhough rhey dd nor do os well, they srfll had a good rime. They enjoyed mony non-running ocriviries os o reom, induding o reom breakfast ond several dinners Mony of the girls expressed rhar rhey yorred our jusr ro enjoy some runrvng bur with many workouts ond coaching from Paul Weber (foe) rhey ron comperively in rhe conference With several returning sophomores end juniors, borh reams should hove fine seosons nexr yeor Team Pictures On Page 72 CBOSS COUNTBY BUNNNG. 61 by 5con- Artncn CO). by Doug Ortne (O Por Do'-e. senior copron. finishes Ns race wirh confidence 62. OOYS SWIMMING lo■, xt Cry fV rn Ooy0(tD. t»xxn try 0 finwn (T1 SPLfiSHINl « An ovofoge procrce for rhe boy swimmers c of 8.000 ycrds of NcifO workNTH STYLE he soys SWIM eh Da ey yob eococirogomenr to rhe ream procrice one doy TEAM GAINS STRENGTH C EXPERIENCE Fipping rurns and swimming numerous numbers of lops, rhe Edina West Boys' swim ream demonsrroted rhor dedication ond endurance were rhe keys ro rhe success Two ond rhree hour procrces were held six rimes o week This rime wos nor for social gathering bur rorher srrenu-ous workouts os rhe ream sworn on overoge of 8.000 yards Success oppeored ro be absenr from rhis Edna-West Boys' swim reom, finishing with o record of one win ond nme losses, however individuals tore up rhe water Swimmers such os Steve Boum-gorrner ond Por Dole broke individual ond school records. Although swimming ond improving rheir rimes were rhe number one objective of this group, good times ond food often decorated rheir fives Posr-meer por lucks ond pizza get-togethers were rhe major arrrocrions ro these big opperired swimmers. while on occassional breakfast was held before rhe infrequent morning practices Les rtfl. one of rhe few senior members of rhe team, commented. "Swimming 6 a demanding sport which rakes determination, dedication, ond a tremendous amount of endurance The whole reom pur rheir heorr into it ct both workouts ond parties " BOYS SHIMMING 60 Uryour a ) Copy by Pt rn OoydtXb l xxoi by 01 ttrwmOtROUNDING Off ANOTHER SWINGING SEASON BOVS GYMNASTICS SETS NEW SCHOOL BECOf The performance of rhe 1980 Ooy's Vorsiry Gymnayics reom wasn't exactly whor one would call o disappointing season. Even though the reom finished fifth in their region, rhe season was fSed with many surprizes and on obundonce of odjuymenrs that hod to be mode Because of o shortage of reommores EcSno East jomed rhe reom, contributing much to the roral ream's srotus In on exanng morch, Edno West achieved on art nme high score of 121 points in o single meet This score hod never been achieved in Edino West's history Co-coproins Don Kimmei (12) and Dove Pastre (12) contributed much spirit and enthusiasm to rhe reom during rhe more difficult rimes Post re suffered o foot ir ury or rhe beginning of rhe season, which forced him ro sit our rhe upcoming meets. Sophomores Ed Mekhor ond Dole Longfels proved ro be extremely voluobie assets ro rhe reom; bur especially Longfels, who pkxed third in yore Also providing incentive ro rhe ream's over oi performance, were coaches Bob Hoecherl ond Butt Selsbock When asked ro sum up rhe season m one sentence. Co coprom Don Kimmei (12) recollected some unforgettable moments Tl never forger rhe good times with Mike Amedon. Bridgemon's, ond Longer's chow ses sions All in erf. ir was o prerry rowdy season." A swryjng vuccess. Joe Kryvose (l2) conceorrores on rhe mgs for on upcomng rneer ogony Kenneoy Don Knrei (12) gahers rremendous ♦ botonce. concerv "posh” ro be n o hcndspmg rtaton ond naedUo vreogrh on rhe ban. 64 BOY'S GYMNASTICS by Scot Another- g». Cooy by Anne I f12). P'O'Crt By Vt-.e Wok (12) ith perfect form, Sophomore Ed AAekhor dsp’oys his leon orfy. and (XfVondnq bctaxe thor s so rnporrarv ro o gym 3SI i Upon completing another specrocu lor perfofmonce. Ed Mehchar (10) cfaxes over or rhe judge, in hopes of o h»gh score ♦ Deptaying h muscutor crms, Gw ftorhgeb (12) ccxvhbue vo'uoWe pc v$ rowcrds hs ream's score BOY'S GYMNASTIC 65 UJyOv by kor An ryyn flO , Ccpy by An L Ouf )(+ oi by kr U ofcv (Q 5PU5HIN6 ’H SPLASHING: DETERMINATION LEADS Concervroiog hard on her form. Done Tayior (12) enters the woter ond receives 0 h«gh score » Mery Frisk (11) tokes rme oof ro per beds ibe ropes OfTOr drying 66. GALS SWIMMING AND DIVINGIRC SWIMMERS TO NEW RECORDS It s nme for Oecky Turner (10) ro dive ogony ( h field » Moly McGrfynn (12) proposes ro dve or the sound of rhe gun “P he girls swimming and diving reom procriced six days a week and rwo mornings before school for rhe ennre ZVj monrh season Social ocriviries were something ro look forward ro ofrer rhe long and ex housring workours Highlights included breakfasts, pot lucks, candy exchanges, and o money rotser On rhe day of rhe EdnoEasr meet, rhe girls wore carno tons and celebrated with a porluck ofrer words A banana spkr parry with Kenne dy was another highhghr of rhe girls swim season "These were o few ways to ger ro know orher members of rhe reom ber rer," commented Chen Nichols (12) This years reom was coached by An dreo "Andy" Hil. Ted Wirrcoff. and Non cy Gould The swimmer's hard work paid off os some of rhe school records were broken Jane Rorman (10) broke five records and was o member of rhe 400 relay along wirh Stephanie Sevetond (7), Mon ha Doumgonner (10), and Loura Mornn (10). ro shorter her sixth record by nme seconds "We were m one of rhe roughest regions and forrunare ro have Jane Ror man (10) go ro store.'' commented Andy Hifl Our of rhe reams m our region, Richfield won yore. Burnsville captured third, ond Jefferson rook seventh "We hove o very young reom with rhe grear depth of many seventh grod ers Next yeor should be a good one." commented Jono McKonich (12) Team picrure page 74 GIRLS SWIMMING AND DIVING 67 U frxj ox! Copy By done Toytr (tD. Rwa By Mar Kuhr lit)REACHING NUMBER 6 MNfiSTS TUMBLE DOWN THE ROAD TO STR1 Gymnostics is one of rhe few sports which rakes deep concentration during every movement The girts gymnastic ream showed rheir concentration Through rheir successful performances Coached by Kir Srourenborgh. rhe 19 girls worked our six days a week for three hours. J V and Varsity's exceptional record showed that rhe many long hours of practice paid off The ream accomplished, setting several new srore records during the season Their success was due to rhe dedication and determination of rhe ream As a ream rhe girls had on overnighr and' our to dinner after many meets. Co captains Angie Bernes (12) and Lynn [ gold (12) commented. "We had a lot of fu gether and were a dose team ” The Gris oteo leorned how to cope and srn through meers when teammates were irj J V individuals were always ready to corr varsity whenever needed. Having o strong and Varsity gave rhe reom greor depth mode them number one 68. GftLS' GYMNASTIC IcrfOJ on} Ccpy Cry fttxw Toyky f®. ewoi Cry Tm Pdner t2 ehngo wdkovor. Lynn DrriggoSd 12)ihowposein •5© GtfXLS' GYMNASTICS, 69 loyoj oro Copy by Dor TayCr 02 phc ct by Trrt A 0 MAKING THE BEST OF THE LAS EDINA-WEST HOCKEV ' Under rhe leadership of senior rricaprons Jeff Kloewer. John Deosey. ond Mike O'Connor, rhe Cougar hockey ream didn't roke long ro es roblish themselves os rhe Lake South powerhouse Wesr got off to on exceSenr start, in fact, ir wos the besr in rhew history Doth rhe players ond Cooch Oort Lor son credited rhis year's success mainly ro rhe rough practices rhor rhe ream endured throughout rhe season The practices helped rhem ro arrive or what Mr. Lorson felr were rhe ream's strong pomrs: their skoring ond speed, the - obiliry ro move rhe puck, ond rheir size Also, rhe payer's otntudes helped ro attain good mentol growth os well. Coproin Jeff Kloewer (12) commented. "Our success throughout the season wos due ro rwo rhings- we worked really hard in proaices, and most of us ployed with each other last year " Another key ro rhe Cougar's good fortune was the focr rhor cA rhe fcnes were soundly bolonced Cooch Lorson named Mike O'Connor (12). Dove Moley (ID. ond John DeVoe (11) os rhe rop point gerrers in rhe high-scoring season Unfortunately. with any plus there is usually o minus Wesr's one downfol was their obsession with penalties, and rhe amount of time rhey spenr ploying short-handed Out. being rhe well dssdpfened ream rhat rhey ore. rhe Cougors zeroed in on they penolry problem ond all bur eliminated ir. One of rhe Cougor's goals for rhe season wos ro roke everything week by week, and then win rhe conference It turned our ro be a good philosophy because rhe turning point of rhe season rook ploce within rhe course of a week. They ployed Richfield. Jefferson, ond Edna-Eosr consecutively, ond hod rhey looked ro rhe nexr game, rhey may hove paid for rheir curiosiry. Dur Wesr prevailed in oil of rhose gomes, including an 8-2 rrounong of East. Ir was rhe last regular seoson East-West hockey gome ever, and Wey hod a field doy. Par Rotfes (12) pur rwo of rhe eghr goals post Eosr's goafce with his "Horner Sworrer" A source of motivation omong rhe ployers were rhe poy-gome chants on rhe bus ride home. The prerequisite ro these chonrs was a victory, so consequently rhey did rheir bey ro win. Th-home from on oway-gome loss could be c long one Although it's a sorr of unwrirren rule, cc especially otxde by ir; rhe belief rhor ratings meon o thing. Yer, ir gives rhe ployers a se confidence. And who soid rhor on opposing isn't intimidated when rhey know rhey're up against rhe 1 reom? As for rhe season as a whole, Cooch summed ir up simply ond directly by s "Everybody's ploying as well as rhey a that's rhe situation, ond we accomplished we did, then ir's too bad rhor just when f ore coming ro realize rhor there is cnorher h dynayy in Edna, we’l be one school A srudenr from a less hockey minded was in attendance or rhe Wey-Jefferson f gome. He commented. "It’s o little differe ber of ptay,” o clue ro Edmo-Wey's appn lay success 70. HOCKEY loycur oxj c»r Cy X vi Smm (Q) Dy Doug Orw (©cm Seen Anotfton (C • M e O'Ccmor (12) mes ro shake the defender for o or on one confrorvonon w h rhe goote Scorr Fergmon (12) ponenrty worches rho referee fey mo foeeoff. obo keepng on eye on the oppowon Team pictures on page 75 Goote kn Lozrtsk f y mokes o save n me second gory? ogorvy Oumsvie .extras s gorg ro be corrperng ogony me Eoy gootes for o yomng powoo on new ytor's com bned reom A LOST TRIBUTE STATE ‘81 Congrorulorions ore in order ro rhe 198081 Edno-Wesr hockey reom for rhea- excelieor seoson. Also, in attaining every high school orhlere's dreom The Srore Tournomenr. h rhe post, rhe Cougars hove always come up one gome shy of mokmg rhe rrip ro rhe elusive Civic Cenrer Our rhis yeor wos differenr Wesr cfcnched rhe Secrion 6 Tirle for rhe ’ firsr rourney txrrh ever Leading up ro rhe rirte were wins over Eisenhower, Armsrrong, and Edino-Eosr. Wesr ourscored rheir opponents 19-7, indudmg o 50 trouncing of East in rhe region finale. The lorrer wos perhops rheir finest exhibition of hockey this yeor Wirh rheir Region 6 trophy firmly in grasp, EdinoWesr mode ir’s oppeoronce in Sr Poul. In rhe opening round of tournomenr ploy, rhe 1 seeded Cougors foced hometown So. Sr. Poul. This gome turned our ro be one of rhe mosr controversial gomes in rhe rournomenr's htsrory. with rhe Packers coming awoy with o 2-1 victory The gome wos tied 1-1 in rhe wooing seconds of rhe third period, threatening overtime. So. Sr. Poul scored with five seconds remaining ro oil bur dismiss that rhoughr On rhe eascang faceoff. Mike O’Connor rook o despororion shot, rhe goote Kicked it our ro Tom Frisk, who shot ir bock in ond scored While rhe reom wos mobbing Frisk, ond rhe Edina crowd wos going wild, rhe referees were discussing rhe ploy They conducted rhor Frisk wos offsides on O'Connor's ninal shot. Therefore nullifying Frisk’s goal And so ir was rime for So Sr. Poul ro mob eoch other The good rhing obour high school rournomenrs is, even if o reom loses, they get ro continue ploying So, on Friday, despite rheir heartbreaking loss rhe night before. West ployed Roseou ond won 4-2 The win pitted rhem ogoinsr Grand Rapids for rhe console non championship Grand Ropids' tournomenr experience prevailed os they bear rhe Cougors 5 2 Although defear brings greor sodness, in rhe bock of every Edmon's heorr ond mind ts rhe loyoi belief rhor we ore ond always wi be 1, win, lose, or draw Despite rhe anri-Edmo feeling ond Dob Druce's exceptionally poor rasre in commentary, o genuine sense of pride surfoced. after ol isn'r Pride Edino-West's motto? A very special congrorulorions is extended ro Cooch Dorr Larson. whose ska ond dedcoron ro hockey developed one of Mnnesoro's finest hockey reoms Finolly. from o senior's srond poinr, Mke Spear commented. "I'm hoppy with rhe focr rhor we comprfed rhe best record in Edina West's history, ond rhor there ore o lor of juniors ro carry on rhe greor rrodiron of Edno hockey reoms." Thonks ... Tom Frisk (12) onxJoosJy cwo:s rhe dropping of rhe pufc A pr ne exorrp ? of rhe rhnl of v rory ond rhe agony of defeor rhe Coogors hoddte. cod rhe Sporrons bow John DeVoe (ID "crorA". scorog one of hs mony goofs durng rhe seoson SaombJng for rhe pock, these Edoc-Wesr Coogors try ro goin conrroi of rhe gome 72 HOCKEY lOyixx and Copy by Arvi irm f®. Wxxoi by ton CtJJond ftxj; Ow» rOSer eo Ccrr i Harm cr } Km [X,»n oo tt Oxfw Ml gave LOCKED ROOMS. 70 .era c Coj» Cs " Rw.attr lar » if Ajy- Ormaconbv 'V fi'w. Wf re, cverymn; ‘ct r y crwcowTt y N r io « FITNESS AND FUN! •J ? co-1 no 9:' rv-.vr» ,; ?« • hidden in rhe bock corners of rhe school, athe teres spent almoy os much time m -he locker rooms and the boay shop os they OP on rhe fiekJ or m the gym Naruroly locker rooms beccnse more than just o ploce ro change into uniform, they become the scene for good times odd croz ness One day the lockers woo'd tun whire with powder from o "mossive powder fighr" The floors, benches and lockers were covered with the white rolcom Another day the rooms would become novo! sues from water and e fights Occasionally after o supe performance. 0 sra mght suddenly hove fe t the "roindrops’’ of 0 cold shower On the serous side, pregame cod half time "chcto roHss" helped players concentrate on rhe upcomog event os cooches oyrue ted ond encouraged them on Doth the saiemness ond rowdmess mode locker room tfe more iivobie For those athletes who wanted ro increase ther yrengrh or yoy in shape. the body shop provided them with rhe opportunity Dung captains proc tics or earty days of ous sports developing various "go e muscles’' Frequently challenges were mode ond resulted m contest , m wetghfttrmg, bench pressing, ond chvn ups In this way the body shop served os both fun ond a conditioner or 'he seme tomeCROSS-COUNTRY RUNNING Front Row: K 7wymon. M Dyron. L Alen. Q 7wymon, L Hardwick Top Row.- K Hughes. K Papin. K Obon. J Foter. M Means. A Dnmocompe, P. Swanson. T Fkxo GYMNASTICS Front Row: D Peterson. A Domes. N MocGbton. G Donne. D Owre. K IMmen 2nd Row: D Schumocher. J Schoaer. D Longfeb. L Homen, W VonHuUen. W Grocemon, 7 Poerz-ntdsTop Row: Coach Srourenburgh. L Oringgotd. P Carseto. K Doumonn. K Carpenter. A Zorin. Cooch J Sovoe GYMNASTICS Front Row: D Perry 2nd Row: G Franco D Peterson, S Donebon. D Notgsrod. S Wnsness. D Longfeb. 7 Oevetond Top Row: 5 Carbon. V Perry. D Rorhgeb. J Krysrosek. D Kmmel. £ Mekhar. D Posrre CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING Front Row: D Chrtsrte. D Knerer. A Sr, P Gvnerome. M Knerer. M Swanson. A Nerrte. A Frey 2nd Row: J AAonots. D Zortng. 0 Just. P Gorman. L Drooks. G Richards. T Schwnd. L LoRose. 7 Palmer Top Row: 5 Gignsr. E Wison. L Larson. D Poppd. J Duhler. H Jorgenson. J Dow. D Fotson. M Ooerte. S Hanson 74. TEAM PICTURES loyou out Copy by W floytf (TO ttcm by SeTunq htner ora Jett (foe)SWIMMING AND DIVING Front Row: J Honsen. i Dow. i Tierney. G Zwofcmon. W VonHUzen 2nd Row: C Dahop. M M neke. L Wfbur. M Baumgartner. C Alexander 3rd Row: J MrkonKh. C Hchots A Hubbard. J flormon. P Hervges. L M r r . Cooch A HI. Cooch T urfrcotfTop Row-. D Turner. M Fnsk. C VonMjzen. I Gunderson. J Enckson. M McGtynn. G Hoff Front Row.- 5 Okxk. M Hotm. M O'Onon. K Gomer. G P n. P Fee. 5 Doner. J Dost Top Row: M Roberrs, n Pice. D 'i unr. M Devoe. M Worst. J Yorger. Cooch 0 O'Conner TEAM PICTURES. 7 loyc»-r ore Copy by TH OoyO tt f XXOl y ScTtrlng Snd Front Row: J Loonsfo. T Rzesut. T Fnsk. J Deosey. M O'Con ner. T Vidmar. D Moron. J Dost Top Row: Cooch D Larson. M Humphrey, M Spear. W Chapman. D Matey. J Qevoe. 5 Fergcson. W Otsen. M Over. Coach D O'Conner. 0 Orede hofr JV HOCKEY SWIMMING Front Row: Cooch T Datey. P Date. G Hoff. L Hi. J Hovde. Cooch T Wbrcotf 2nd Row: D Hoff. J Goermer, P Young M Hoff. P Marrm Top Row: A Lounsberry. K Henneberg, K Patvk, 0 Dorman. A Wokjusr. G Levre VARSITY HOCKEYSWISH-IT-IN 76. GftLS DASKETDALL loy x ond Copy by Tr OoytJ 10, f croi by • Vardc Veytr 0) As Koren Kolzow (12) blocks our the Skpper defender. Sfrefn Rodgers (12) mokes o tost second toy-op in the first qocrter 4 m Doyd (11) cod Jo CoSeron (12) woir orwcosty ro rebcond o Minnetonka freethrow n the find nvsutes of rhe first hoffSUGARS CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES penence ood deprh proved successful for he Edno-Wesr Girls' Boskerbofl reom os if ? its first ood tost tnp to the Stote Dosketbotf romenr. Four srorrers ood srroog bench xt returned for the Cougars while rwo transfers odded o new dimension ‘ense was the key for the Cougors who j their opponents to on overage of only lints while scoring 54 themselves Against ?dy. the reom held the Eogles scoreless in periods and to o total of seven points » Bill Welch (foe.) commented. "At mid--i we begon ploying mon to mon and it ved our whole gome." :h of the success was due to o lock of which oBowed the reom ro mold When tjuries did occur, the deprh showed )h as the reom continued ro succeed Coria Dishop paced rhe Cougors m scor ✓eraging 15 pornrs o gome Karen Kol- zow (12) led rhe reom in rebounds Highlights of rhe season included ploying or Williams Arena, defeating top ranked Hi! Murray beo’mg EdmaEasr m the lost two Eost West gomes ond of course most of all. their trip to store. Kim Dulm (12) described rhe odvenrure os "o great, b g. endless slumber parry " As o fruit of their efforts, the Cougors brought home rhe consolation chompionship trophy Mo O'Boyle (foe) cooched rhe junior varsity which wos plagued with injuries ond sickness Gordy Jufcor (foe) cooched rhe sopho mores to o successful season winning ofl but three games To generate spirit rhe Cougors listened ro rhe song “Celebration" by Kod ond rhe Gong ond tried ro live rhe line "We’re gonno hove a good rime tonight Let’s CELEBRATE, it’s oil right" Porw guard Corto Duhop (ID son up a corner br« ogony Kennedy for me Cougars Team Picrures on pages 88. 89 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL, 77 loyoir a Copy w Vonar lV}» TOUGH FIND DETERMINED tXxng o nme-out. rhe reom gets some vduobie ioppon from Cooch Hatty (foe ) a Outdodgmg the rwo Eogie forwords and putting rwo ponrs on the boord tor JV, Chuck LmOorn (JO;ieoped up ro rhe bosket 4 For o sure bosker. Tim One 72;maneuvers cround severe! Kennedy ptayers 78. OOYS' BASKETBALL loyom by S'pjyxrw 02) or } Wl OoyO dft Dy Sntt x+ fen . pwoi w 'rT’ £toy0 rt2,or«’ Sn.y f®IESE BOYS DRIBBLE WITH SUCCESS e glory did nor come without the sweor rhor KComporued eoch doy's vigorous work-outs procnces consisted of fosr-breok drills, fundo-3b, speool drills pornculor to the next oppo i strategy. free throws, loy-ups ond finoily o noge. Apparently the taxing workouts j off Although their record wasn't well jh ro rank them 1 os they hod hoped, the xs planted thee feet ond pur up o fighr ogoinsr the top ronked reams in their region The Cougars were led by the rop scorers, newcomer Din Bishop (12) ond coproin, Greg Stehley (12). Coproin, Orion Johnson (12) also ployed well, putting mony points on the board ond dodging the opponent with his shorp moves The guys stuck together nor oaty as o reom. bur olso os dose friends BOYS' BASKETBALL, 79 tv fentf (VUT6 mooyaao. Cotv by iwow for ton Ooyd an) CW -uy C 4 Jomei M r oH (V) procrices hs smde on o neartoy pond due ro me lock of snow else where ♦ Don taring (12) presses onward n o dud meer or Hylond Mfc SOyS1 TAKE STATE TEAM SPIRIT CONQUERS WINTER WEATHER n rhe lay year of Edtno-Wey, rhe Boys' Cross Counrry ski ream provided rhe school with o firsr by snorching rhe Srore Championship Led by coproms Vn Dow (12) and Mke Knerer (12) rhe reom nosed our Bur ns vile for rhe reom championship by four poinrs. Individ-uofy, Dow ploced second overofl, Knerer rhird. Don Zortng (12) 24rh ond Dove Zorling (12) 25rh The Cougars bowed ro no one posring o perfea season The Gals' ream earned irs mosr successful season ever roking o dose second in rhe Region 6AA rournamenr Unforrunorely. only rhe rop place reom qualified for rhe srore rourno-menr Jenny Fofler (12) did, however, qualify ro represenr rhe Girls' reom in srore Ar fry. ir was questionable wherher or nor there would even be a season due ro rhe worm weorher ond lock of snow The reams rromed nevertheless by running ond roBer ski-mg when there was nor enough snow ro shov el o rrock Meers were held or Hylond His on a rrock rather rhon on nearby golf courses as usuol The sprit ond unity of each reom mode up for rhe unusual winrer weorher ond led rher reoms ro rheir mosr successful seasons » Seocr Jenny Foter poced herse nrc querying jpor w h her performance n regon meer 80. CROSS COUNTRY SKIING l raj ano Copy 6y W Ooro (IQ. Py On9 Onr+  Fnehtfig ?he run with on excetenr rme. Jane Edison ( ?). posses the And gore 82, QR.LS DOWNHILL SKIING LoytsU by 5e0" ArOerycn 00) by ion Lew (12). Copy by ftyry WW 02)KI6RS FINISH STRONG UCCESS WAS NOT ABSENT, LTHOU6H THE SKIEfiS MISSED THE SNOW T rhough mosr of the snow of rhe winter corre afrer rheir seoson, the girls downhill ski reom monoged ro moinroin o full seoson Making up for rhe lock of snow, rhe reams ron has. to bo'd strength ond endurance As rhe seoson srorred. proaices were held or Hylond hlk, Duck H18 end os occassional trip ro Welch V«loge The inner seoson ol meets, on occulmononcn of rhe practice rime pur m were held or Welch Village, also rhe sre of regional WhHe rhe reom os o whole mode o good showing or rhe regioncl meet. Elizabeth Porror 00) wos rhe only Cougcr allowed ro go ro yore Al in oil, rhe Cougor ski reom ond cocoproins Morgorer Crawford (12) ond Gobbi lourhlon (12). cooched by Orion Srrond. hod o successful seoson. os individuals, ond os o reom Sfrung or of her many runs ihs yeor. Coprotfi Dob6 lomhlon (12) fc es on rhfi gruetng course loytxr try Scot Oy Lon Ir v f© Copy Cr» Ponyl°MSKiikq5CHUSSIHG WITH STYLE So much foe snow' Despire the poor conditions. the boys ski reom got into condition by run iog every doy otong with thetr usuol stretching. 6 soon os the snow finolly fell, or os soon os it got old enough to moke snow, rhey were our on the ills working extremely hord ro ochieve rher store tompionship cotour rohng The reom hod doiy rocrices or Hylond Hills Ski Areo. olong with week ■y meets ond severol invirorionols It wos o long frustrating seoson trying to deol nth the weorher which wos o rrvojor cho enge if every downhill reom this yeor With the worm oys. the snow often got pocked down ond jshy, ond ot night with the cooler temperatures. e courses got rather cey Even though rhe boys reom wos ranked 1 m e yore for the third yeor in o row. rhey srtl felt or rher hord work payed off os they were on er woy ro onorher possible yore championship e The doseness ond success of rhe boys mode e Edina Wey reom yond out from the rey COUGARS RACE ON SNOW Team picture on page 89 » Wrh hgh hopes of rher reonvrcre ptoong o fosr rrr ogonsr Hophns Eisenhower. Doug Porter (W. John Amm (tl). Crog Deiegord(12) v Mhe Derekx (12) wot pcnon ly or rhe bortom o rho on DOYS SLALOM SKIING. 85 'T orO Copy tv frtprorw farfiG). htfoi by Srr 'ii' tr 02}6RRPPUN6 FOR POINTS Eric Torp 00) rries fv c if oc? on one of Ns mony oppo nenrs th yecr 86. WRESTLING Loycnjf by Kon Arderxr (10). ►to'cn by Orarx (10) or I Sccrr ArdtrfOn. (O) INA WRESTLERS GET A START ON THE MERGER ith rhe prospecr of rhe 1980-81 seoson looming in fronr of rhem. rhe gropplers ?d rheir preperorions eorly Preperorions nr gaining or losing wetghr ro meer rhe lords of o wetghr dossrficonon. The doty •ours from rhe begnings of coprons proc-o rhe end of rhe seoson were o boon ro vresrters who were rrying ro lose wetghr ptre of rheir pre season work, rhe Cougars realized rhor rhis season would be o -mg year As rhey moved rhrough rhe seoson, rhe Cougors found rhem selves panned rorher rhon pinning Yer. some of rhe tndividuol wrestlers constsronrly performed well, bringing up rhe ream moral os weJ os rhe scores for rhe Cougors This ouryondmg ser of ream members included Vorsiry members John Quinn (12), Mott Lmdomen (12) and co-coproins Chor ke Fink (12) and Sreve Neville (12) Team picture on page 88 VRESTUNG. 87 Lo ocr Oy ic r AyJnon (O). S’rxro 6y Doug Orv (0)0 Scot Anoayy (OCoe try Pary c©CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING From Row: M Frey 5 5c by. A Pererson. T Flora. C Nelson 2nd Row; T Thompson. 5 Swonson. 5 Chapman. L Hardwick Top Row: 4 Onmocombe. J Wcfdron. J Foler. Cooch G Lee WRESTLING Front Row: P More . 5 Nevte. P LOughtn. R LOughbn C wore 2nd Row; M Lndemonn. £ Torp. C Fnk. T Mcfroy M Pfvttenfe ter. D Huff Top Row: D Amor. G Robertson C Weber. 0 Holo. P Cecere. P Dronrty. M Doter VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: D Fnebe. £ Krerchmon. C Wotxe. K Dufn. C Homs. M Dorbe. C Dehop Top Row: Cooch M O'Doyle, K Hurley. 5 Rodgers. J DomeK T Doyd. K Koirow. M Wuebker. J Coteron Cooch D Welch |SI»4 VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: J Donohue. M Schoenng. 5 Housh. G Srehley. D Johnson. K Rots. M Appleboum. G Smon. D Hughes Top Row: Cooch D Hoddorff. M Heim. 5 Mogck. R Roerher. T One. G Hendershor. D Dehop. W Salem. £ Johnson. Cooch 5 £rd(A V IN IB 4 01 21 i- 41 86. TEAM PICTURES loyour on} Copy by 7W OoyO (W pncrot by Strwtnj Atncn on} lon ten (O)CROSS COUNTRY SKIING Front Row: M DrmocorrOe. T Schwinn. M Hors , P 5;. L Velond7nd Row: J Dow, D Zortng, D Zarhng, M Krieter. 0. Pevio, 5 Tussing Top Row: J Monois. S Heed, P Workdo. D Johnston. M Hubcrd, D Fason, Coach D Knutson SLALOM SKIING Front Row: P Vickers. K F fr J Dekko. D Poner. C Dele-gord. T Goodyear. K Berggteen Top Row: A Mrcnet. J Pen-. J Austin. T Schmed. 6 Ada-ns, M Lfo. T Hedy. M DeteScr, M Olson. D Tengdn, A Hayes. S Neuman. D Schoenhg SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Front Row: C Logono. P Gendreor J. WeSoms, 0 Nc d. P Me9Z. D Arnold. D Hi. C Lmoers Top Row: Cooch J Gocnck. P Donohue. M Seasly. J Decuo. M. Sweeney. P Nelson. P Wossenoor. T Dyyk. 6. Monson - sisc mini ati wts a vLOM SKIING .ow: A Brockway, V Dokfuac. P Smih. M Monchomp. M Crawford. K Robuse Top 3 Louthon, L Stewcn, L Parrot. C Tanner. G. Anderson, J Er kson, L Otro, 5 Dei. D Strand JV SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Front Row: J Podabough. J HorrokJ. K Mdrreres. L Anderson. C Mae. P TenOroek Top Row: P Lews, A Althouser, J. SchmeJ. K Henteges, L Kety, M McDonald, D QuinnJUST FOR FUN PlflyiNG WITHOUT PRESSURE I nrromurcl sports gave everyone o | chance to be social, os we3 os other : Every teem was response bfe for rheir own practices Inrromurcl foorbon and basketball gove rhe students o chance to pek their own reams ond to play without rhe pressures of vors-ry compe tition. Ths seemed to be rhe overall view of rh parttopenrs m inrromurcl sports Inrromurol foo bo1! was advised by J. Corner (foe.) ond inrr murol boskerbo" by C Johnson (foe.). Gvn rhe students a chance to shorpen their arhlet skills, inrromurol sports clso erected a definat opportunity for challenge between membe of rhe oppo$ir sex » ProvnghsOrtoWng skis, jaw OonOtsonov opponenr ond crosses the »oe n rhe tool gome of ike season, poorrerfeock John Gx er (12) ond reoever Pod OcW (12) ven o pfcy 90. NTRAMURAl SPORTS lOiOJ Ano Coer Or SW'W'W for 02) Art3 PMT0J Or Lor te.f. (T})•on Green" quorrerbock Morr RosentXxxn 02) pasei •vg bomb for o roochbown f Orerv Johnson WocKs fcr punrer Sre ve Donohue (12) h jrsdoy ofrernoon gome INTRAMURAL SPORTS. 91 UjyCM And Ccoy 0 Viynjn- for f«2 And fN oi Ojr toi (Q fm- Dorr Larson OPLE TOO! COACHES. 93 o» r»e U o»» • o- Pt A- iw 'T?: THE COUGARS Boys' Lake Conference Boys' Loke Conference Girls' Loke Conference Standings in Gymnastics Soccer Standings Tennis Standings Wi WLT WL Jefferson 110 Dunsvfle 11- 2-1 Edno Eov 80 Ports Center 101 Edmo Wes 615 Edino West 7-1 Robtnsdo!o 92 Jefferson 624 Minnetonka ►2 Armyrong 80 Armstrong 62-4 OunsvOe 50 Osseo 74 Sr Lous Pis 764 Lous Pk 0-5 Lncoin 65 Lndborgh 842 Uxon 05 Kennedy 56 Edno Eos-' 644 Richfield 2d Edino Wost 4-7 Robbmsddc 455 Jefferson 2d DunsvJe 08 Mmeronko 275 Kennedy 08 Ednc Eosr 29 Lincoln 275 Lindbergh 1-10 Woyzo o 092 Fndey Oil Cooper 6101 tVhfeJd 194 Ersenhower 1-10-2 Girls' Loke Conference Soccer Srcndmqs Boys’ Loke Conference Lake Conference U 4.T Cross Country Srandmas Football Standings Jefferscn 900 WL WL Edina-West 6-1-2 Du ns vie 80 Ounsvie 80 Kennedy 6-21 Sr. Lous PK 71 Richfield 62 Unco»n 600 Edino West 62 Jefferson 62 Woyzoro 501 Lncoin 50 Mmeronko 50 Dunsv£e OdO Jefferson 05 Edino-West 4-4 Sr Lous Pl OdO Richfield 05 Edmo Eov 65 EdnoEcs 2d1 Edmo Eoy 17 Kennedy 2d Richfed 270 Kennedy 08 Lncoin ♦7 Mmeronko Odd Sr Lous Pk 17 Gds' Loke Conference Swimming Standings Pochfied Jefferson Mmeronko Kennedy DurnsvSe Edino West Uncdn Sf Lous Pk Edno Eos Gris' Loke Conference Cross Country Running Standings WL Du ns vie 80 Lncoin 7-1 EdnoEcs 62 Mmeronko 56 Kennedy 65 Ridded 65 Edino-West 65 St Lous Pk 0-7 Jefferson 07 Girls' Loke Conference VofieyboU Stondings Edno Eos Mnneronko Edino West Lncoin Kennedy Du ns vie St Lous Pk Richfield 94. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGSGris' Loke Conference Downhill Skiing Standings vi hfield ©1 nwrong 92 Ina-Wesr 6-3 noEos 74 com 74 ctoergh 74 bbnsdde 55 ?nhower 47 opof 38 nnedy 29 Loos Pk 110 ferson Oil Region 6 WresrSng Sronc ogs Boys Loke Conference Downhi Skiing Srand-ngs Vi Edino-Wesr 11.0 Armstrong ©4 Jefferson 80 Richfield 63 Lncoh 74 Lindbergh 65 Cooper 47 Ebnofoy 47 Robbnsdale 47 Sr Lous Pk 29 Esenhower 110 Kennedy 110 Gris' Loke Conference Baskerbol Standings Lincoln ©0 Edino-Wesr 9.2 Sr Lous Pk 92 Ounsvle 83 EdnoEosr 65 Jefferson 38 Kennedy 29 Mnneronko 19 Richfield O10 Loke Conference Hockey Standings Edlno-Wesi Vi-T 11. 0-0 EdnoEosr 6 30 Ournsvie 6 50 Mnneronko 6 50 Jefferson 5 50 Richfield 5 50 Lncom 0 61 Kennedy 3 71 ST Lous Pk 0110 Boys' Loke Conference BoskerboS Srondings VI Richfield 80 Jefferson 61 Dunsvie 7-2 Sr Lous Pk 54 Edina-West 4-5 Lincoln 45 EdnoEosr 2-7 Kennedy 1-9 Mmercnko 18 Boys' Loke Conference Cross Country Skiing Srondings V-L Ours vie 80 Si Lous Pk 7-1 Edlno-Wost 62 Lincoln 53 Jefferson 35 Richfield 35 Mnneronko 2-6 EdnoEosr 17 Kennedy 08 Kennedy Mmeronko Jefferson Lincoln Richfield Ournsvie Ebro VI 60 4 2 4 2 3-0 33 15 06 Boys’ Loke Conference Swimming Srondings rfferson jnnetonko xotn Lous Pk ?mdy chf«Sd jrnsvie Vx East Jno Wey Conference Gris Lake v L 60 7- 1 62 52 4 4 3 5 2 6 2 6 0 8 LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS, 95OUR | EDI 1ST A-WEST! A SPECIAL SCHOOL You arc invited to take a look at Edina-West‘s past. Observe those moments of trial and joy. which helped dcvclopc the grand spirit and competition of W est. Sit back and relax, enjoy the achievements of this friendly school in Edina. Read of the school's grand opening just nine years ago, then state titles, musical accomplishments, and thrilling theatrical performances. Sow Edina-West$ traditions and growth have come to an end. Come and experience West's heritage. ENJOY TIIE MEMORIES! MEMORIES OE ED IA-WEST 97 Qrvy on r.m tv »V n a?-, v V The academic year of 1972-1973 was a very exciting and yet difficult year at Edina-West. Several aspects of school, education and team spirit were different from the previous year. Edina-West was a scpcratc school now. it’s identity had to be found and strength had to be established. The student's goals had been drastically redirected, and become considerably more challenging. Unfortunately a construction strike during summer vacation prevented school from being finished before classes resumed in the fall. Measures had to be taken for the classes to be started on time. A split-shift schedule was put into effect requiring the high school students to attend class at Valley View Junior High School in the morning while the junior high students reported in the afternoon. No school lunches were served during these first three months while the split-shift schedule was in effect. Life rolled on for the Edina- West students, despite the “unique" schedule and minor problems Diced each day. “Welcoming ” week went from October 9-14. This was Edina-West’s equivalent to homecoming in 1972. The students used the title “welcoming" so they might invite the community to their ceremonies, seeing that they had no returning graduates. Fun. happiness and friendly activities took place throughout the week along with some craziness, such as King Brian Blunt’s attire during the royal ceremonies. Overall the week was a grand success. Competition and rivalry within the community was first confronted at the East-West football game that year. Scpcratcd into two teams. Edinians viewed the situation with mixed emotion. During half-time the cheerleaders of both schools met at mid Held to exchange carnations. Everyone from the students to their parents, and others in the community shed a tear at the beauty of the scene. Although parted into two schools. Edina was still one in spirit. The game was won 14-0 by Edina-West, giving it the self conEdcncc it needed to compete. After a hectic first quarter. "The great move" took place. During Thanksgiving vacation students, teachers and administrators helped fund it. On Sunday January 28th they from Valley View Junior High into the new school. Monday morning a building with curved walls, shorter lockers and a larger, more efficient cafeteria became the “home away from home” for the high school students. This transition was both confusing and difficult, but a semi-normal relaxed lifestyle soon returned to the school. In January of 1973 the Edina-West students decided to display their new building to the taxpayers who helped fund it. On Sunday January 28th they held "The School in Action and Dedication Program”in the building. All Edinians were invited and encouraged to come view the school. Throughout the day plays, demonstrations. speakers and concerts were presented, sharing a glimpse of the school and it’s activities to the people of the community. These efforts were define tcly well-received and successfully accomplished. Many “firsts ” were experienced this year, but for the most part, Edina-West’s initial year ran quite smoothly. Current Jam was initiated. Vo-tcc was established, an award winning aiptapult was built by the Latin Club and the Boys' Golf team captured the state title. These were just a few of the school’s numerous accomplishments. There were problems but they were overcome with joy. spirit and the challenge of “becoming". 4 •bun — Tum., Aug. 1,1672 PowefT Krueger st High School opening delayed by strike jEd»na We i High School, under con- About h if «t ik- on — — •. -«. —• Here stands Edina• West High School neither finished nor prepared for the incoming students. A construction strike over tltc summer caused a great delay, postponing the opening of the new school until late full 98. MEMORIES OF 1972-1973 Rnejn:h, Dcti B And Copy by Prrrtn Boyd (tili To add fun and cheerfulness. King • To lhe Edina- West students the Brian Blunt (12) wore his baggies at coal of arms symbolizes pride, the Welcoming coronation. friendship, and their invovement in the arts and athcletics The Students and Staff of Edina-West and the Board of Education of the Edina Public Schools cordially invite you to attend the School in Action and Dedication Program at our new EDINA-WEST UPPER DIVISION BUILDING on Sunday, January 28. 1973 at 2:30 p.m. 6754 Valley View Road. Edina. Minnesota Ed inn-West’s split shift schedule: Grades 10-12 Period I 7:15-8:00 Period 2 8:05-8:45 Period 3 8:50-9:30 Period 4 9:35-10:15 Period 5 10:20-11:00 Period 6 11:05-11:45 Grades 7-9 Period 1 12:30-1:15 Period 2 1:20-2:00 Period 3 2:05-2:45 Period 4 2:50-3:30 Period 5 3:35-4:15 Period 6 4:20-5:00 Senior Colby l.und watched his putt fall in the State Golf Tournament, which the Cougars won. v Edina- West created its own version of "West Side Story" as seen on the Welcoming buttonRolling into the second year at Edina-West was very comfortable for the students. Major problems had been solved and traditions established. therefore the academic year of 1973-1974 proved quite successful. Energy became a major concern to the country, effecting the lives of all Edina-West students and teachers. Thermostats in the school were turned down to 68 and 55 at night and on the weekends to help combat the energy problem. For this reason sweaters and turtlenecks became the "in” attire at West. Another major deficit developed in the amount of gasoline available. Cut-backs had to be made in the number of afterschool activities buses used, and the number of students driving to school. Teachers also began car pools, and even riding their bikes to school. Cutbacks in school activities and teachers began this year because. "In simple terms, the amount of income for next year is less ♦ 77)cm? Edina-West students spent their winter weekend camping up in northern Minnesota A fa pastime this year. that the school budget." commented Dr. John Hoyt. Jr., chairman of the Edina School Board. Several things were proposed to help sa vc money. Ideas such as eliminating all athletic and non-athlctic extra-curricular activities. reducing the number of teachers and even requiring each student to spend one semester of his high school education having an "out of school experience" were discussed by the board. .More fundraisers by the ETA was also proposed. Final decisions came in the spring with the reduction of the budgets for student supplies in Art, Home-economics and Industrial Arts, to name a few. Athletics in the school initiated team spirit in this second year of Edina-West. Fall began with a rocky football season while the soccer and Girls' tennis team accumulated fantastic season records. Unfortunately state tournament play was not included in their schedule. Winter time brought the initiation of two new girls ski teams to Edina-West, downhill rac- ing and cross-country. The Boys'diving t. however, colored the record board pla first overall in the state competition. ( swimmers also made their mark, conclu their first season with a phcnominal l2- cord. Competing in the state tournan also were the Boys’ basketball team anc Boys’ golf team who took the title agaii the second year. Highlights at Edina- West included the concert by Up With People, an internati singing group composed of 110 young ad in the spring of 1974. Also John Denver Yes concerts, the movies Day for Night The Exorcist along with Present Tense. , Tense, a play performed at the Chanha. Dinner Theater. Filled Edina-West stud weekends with activity and fun. 1973-1974 was a successful year A yea changes, accomplishments and new ex, icnccs for the Edina- West students. 100. MEMORIES OF 1973-1974. HncjK . Ocsign tod Copy by Arrw Boyd (IJyEdina'West students were honored with a free visit from Up With People, an international singing group Junior-Senior Prom V) )UJ rrnrtt Calhoun Beach Hotel 9:00-12:00 May 11.1974 Tux Optional 50 Cents The Girls Swim Team started off on the right foot by obtaining a 12-0 record in its first year. In curly September of 1974 the hustle and bustle begun. Students returned to Edina-West, eager to learn and achieve new goals. Along with the Edina-West students came students from the inner cities of New York. Ohio, and Philadelphia. These teenagers were a part of the A BC program established at Edina-West. ABC stands for “a better chance”. This title explained the students' opportunity to come from lower class neighborhoods. and poorer educational systems to get their academic education at West. The program was proven successful and still remains in the Edina community. Edina's new flag was established in the fall of 1974, to give the community the recognition it deserved. Contained on the flag were lines signifying the intersection of highways 62. 100, and 494. an irish shamrock, a mill, a Scottish thistle and a small ”e” for Edina. These arc all sentiments connected with Edina’s ancestors and origin. Along with adding a city flag in this year of 1974-1975. Edina 's taxpayers decided to give the 50th and France area a facelift. This down-town area was remodeled due to poor parking and an inefficient traffic pattern, not to mention the hope of upgrading the shop- ping facilities. Three million dollars pu the construction aided in making that ”smashing; better than ever.” comm one Edinian. On the sports side of Edina-West commendable things happened. Despit injury of star quarterback Gene Purd’• football team did quite well. The soccer and Girl’s volleyball team also need be gralulatcd for making it to the finals in r play. Also working hard, yet falling sht their goals were the Boys’ basketball . and the ski teams, only to hope for a I season next year. A team of "gnip-gnop however, marched towards top honoi winning the state title in table tennis, title was a very special one for Edina-1 From the teachers stand point the yea. not proving so well after all. No cont had been signed. Negotiations were it procedures stage, yet many difficulties had to be ironed out. Besides a 19% increase the Edina educators desired benefits, regulated class size and tea transfer benefits. Teachers picketed school board meetings and open house signs such as, “Reading, Writing and ofF’ to express their views. “The situ Edina educators, upset over their contracts. picketed on the school's sidewalks during the parents open house in November. Ness to Edina-West crc these energetic ABC girls. They came from inner city school's to gain a better academic education at Edina West '02 MEMORIES OF 1974-1975 tneircb. Deufti ltd Copy by Perri.i Boyd (12)  is not good." commented Rod Kesti, chief gotiator for the teachers. Life went on. wever. as four hundred Edina teachers, thoul contracts, taught each day. More on the social side of 1974-75 came ivies, records, restaurants and fads. King Hearts and Hearts and Minds led in the icks“category, while "Dragonfly.” “Wait's in a Donut Shop". “Brothers and Sis-s“ and “Haven't I Seen You Somewhere fore” were the top “tunes” of this year, ‘ter football games and movies teenagers ided for big name restaurants such as The lit Shop. Perkins and Jake’s. Girls in this y wore their hair long, and short skirts. He the guys dressed in t-shirts and bell ttom cords. What special memories of tse years we hold close to our hearts. The commencement ceremonies were held ieratc from Edina-East for the first time $ year. Control was virtually impossible for f advisors to maintain with the combined tup of seniors. For this reason Edina-West d it’s commencement ceremony in it’s own mnasium. Concluding the year with a ng. seniors celebrated at the all-night par-rejoicing with grand memories. i F.dina cured its traffic problems and upgraded its shops by remodeling 50th and France. i The Cougar's added a state championship to their record this year in table tennis. r mil .Hyi rtoO MAJT 2IKHJT HUT MOllMAMD !T moT .154} N wM ,(£0 romorfT oitM .(f) II) io »»i8 non8 :(ooilMnJ .11 9 1 ot tHl) » The Lincoln Bear's saw Cougar football stars at ihr. year's homecoming game.» Vietnamese students, new to America, inhabited Edina-West this year. They studied for three n over the summer to learn the basics of the English language Edina- West was delighted by the arrival of eighteen new Vietnamese students in the summer of 1975. These students escaped their country cither by plane or ship. Unfortunately not all members of these students families were able to flee the country with them, therefore several of the newcomers were homesick for Vietnam. In order to help familiarize these foreigners with English, history, crafts and mathematics, not to mention the American education system, summer classes were held at Edina- West. This extra attention really helped the kids They picked up several basic skills and became somewhat comfortable with the community. When school started in September Edina-West students not only noticed unfamiliar Vietnamese faces in school, but also the devclopcmcnt of a special career library. The career center as it was called, contained college caicloges from all over the nation. Information on vo-technical schools and military along with careers and upcoming college board tests cluttered the rooms shelves. The sole purpose of this resource center supervised by volunteering parents was to aide the high school students in making decisions about their future. The first musical ever attempted at Edina-West was Carousel, in 1975. This play, with a cast of seventy members, was one of Broadway's longest running musicals, making it very technical to perform. Students stayed after school many hours perfecting dance steps and acting skills until the final performance concluded. Being unique and a "first” at Edina-West, the production drew large audiences. The students efforts and work proved very successful, as they received tremendous congratulations from the people of the community. Women's athletics at Edina-West expanded again as basketball was added to the girl’s activity list. Although quite unsuccessful in their first season, team members saw positive prospects for the upcoming years. Hockey also had a slow season, but came back strong, only to lose in regions. However "booting” it’s way to a third place finish in the state tournament, the soccer team attributed it’s accomplishments to hard work and strong team spirit. Also finishing Edina-West High school quite well was the Girls’ volleyball team after capturing it’s third conference crown in a row. Times were fair athletically at Edina- West this year, yet student spirit and enthusit boomed stronger than ever. The stu were very proud of their school. An exciting and fun-filled amuse park was completed in the spring o. 1976, providing weekend entertainn and activity for Edina-West studeni Valley Fair, located in Shakopec M contained all the pleasures; clowns, merry-go-rounds, comedy shows am "honest-to-goodness” fun. Ending with enthusiasm and anti tion for summer the Edina-West scj performed a very smooth commence ment ceremony, and enjoyed thems at the all night party. The party wa held at Edina-West, and Edina-Eas dents were invited, giving the scnioi time to celebrate together before ct barking out into the world. 104. MEMORIES OF 1975-1976 Hoetnti. Dense tad Copy by frrnn Boyd .V4 Laura Hoddcr t 12) displayed her basketball ability in the first year of the sport at our school. I Rod Schmidt Rod Brannon Out'etO’ Community Education eOMMUNTTM BflHEEH eewTes Edma-Eatt Upper Division Building 927-9216 570i Normanttola Road 927-9721 OPEN: Tuesday and Thursday Evenings by Appointment The F.dina Community Career Center opened up at West this year to aid the students in planning their future. The Cougar skaters made their way to region finals after a strong season. t The Cake-Fitters of Fdina West were beaten thorough-ly by the Richfield Spartans at their Homecoming game. 4 105“Stars and stripes forever”. “Two hundred years and just a baby", “Happy Birthday America” all danced in the minds of Edina -West students this bicentennial year of 1976-1977. Throughout the summer celebrations and Fourth of July fireworks were set off to congratulate the country on it's past years of success and growth in power. Upon return to the books in the fall the students were surprised with some new deve-lopemcnts. Amongst these was a new facility enabling them to maintain or improve their physical fitness. The Body Shop, filled with various weight lifting and body building equipment, was available to the students Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school. “Its purpose is to provide another extracurricular activity and to help people in supervised physical conditioning. ” explained school principal James Cabalka. This room Tilled with S.000 dollars worth of equipment was very well received and appreciated by the students. Also designed this fall of the 1976 was Project Charlie. Project Charlie was a com-munity based project designed to educate the community on chemical use and abuse. Broken into six divisions including: church and clergy: the school system: business: community civic and service groups: health professionals: and city government, the group's major purpose is to communicate the importance and dangers involved with chemical use and abuse to the community. Several Edina- West students volunteered for the Project Charlie organization, sharing their concerns with students at school. Looking at a more national aspect of the I I At- I year 1976-1977, a presidential election took place. The major parties sponsored Gerald Ford, Republican and Jimmy Carter for the Democratic party. Voters also had nine other candidates to pick from for president representing parties such as the American Party and the Socialists Workers Party. After a long fall of campaign promises and debates, the day came when the new president of the United States would step forward. This man was Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately throughout the first semester several Edina families were losing big beautiful trees to dutch elm disease. Over 35,000 trees were effected, and in turn had to be cut down. This disease, which proved dis-asterous. was transmitted by beetles. They would burrow under the bark of an elm tree, laying their eggs there, which eventually killed the tree. For the students at Edina-West the bicentennial year was not Tilled with state titles or world records. Several teams, such as Girls' and Boys' x-country and downhill skiing. Boys’ basketball, and wrestling, to name a few, lost in the region competition after impressive season records. Most of the problems stemmed from small teams, or inexperience. What students liked most in 1976-1977 was enjoying and expressing themselves. Several artists cluttered the halls, along with musicians and authors. These students took the time this year to create and improve their skills. Bands were also formed, some even played at the school dances. Everything done was for the purpose of keeping spirit, interest and participation live in the school. Time: 8-22 Date: Nn f. 7 97 Adai c. J.QC. Absent following dates: A Reason for absence: Excused Illness Prof.Appoint. Trip Family Need Other Unexcused Truancy Suspension Attendance Officer: CnPiC 106, MEMORIES OF 1976-1977. Rneoroh. Dcuf tod Copy 6J P ™ Boyd (13) (o 0. VAUD WH« USED TOWARD THE PAYMENT Of REGULAR PUTT-PUTT® FEES Y OKI TICKET MAY BE USED EACH PURCHASE PASSES MAY BE WON ON THIS TICKET VALID ON ANY OP THE OVER 800 Putt-Putt’iM GfWffses ----------iouMM--------- CD CO CD CD CD CO NOT VAUD UNLESS STAMPED Pull-Pull was a fun way for students lo relax from school and this discount makes it all the better MARCH 2 - All District Employees MARCH 15 - Elementary Employees 4 Project Charlie was intuited this year to help the community learn more about chemical use and abuse. 4 Joe Student's attempt to forge this admit was futile ■ Proud of their country and it's accomplishments. Edina-West students honored the United States flag.The alarms rang earlier for Edina-West students in September of 1978. Decisions by the school board had altered Edina-West's starting time from a previous 8:10 back to 7:40 a.m. This switch was a great transition for the "sleep needing" teenagers, but the early time soon became natural. Also a new twist to the student body of West was the group rate for all sports events, concerts, and participation in school activities. l or a mere 35 dollars students could purchase their activity card. This card would enable them to participate or enter any school activity without paying at the door. Although this idea was cleverly arrived at. it's success was not abundant due to it s unconstitutionally. Therefore it was discontinued after the duration of the year. In an effort to eliminate heavy traffic and increase safety a 9.75 million dollar revision project was under way on Highway 100. The highway was widened to six lanes, passing over 70th street and under 66th street. Robert Obermeycr. Superintendent of Design with the City of Edina commented." I am confident it is going to make driving on Highway 100 much more relaxing and safe.” With a majority of the cost being paid by the government, Edinians enjoyed the revision without suffering economically for it. ",Fiddler on The Roof’ performed at Edina- West was just as professionally done as it was on Broadway," commented one Edina woman. "Fiddler on The Roof' was the 1977 fall musical involving 125 students, 10 advisors, such as choreographers, musicians, set designers, etc , and several hundreds of hours of practicing and perfecting. Taking place in a little Jewish-Russian village named Anatevka. "Fiddler on The Roof' was depicting the life and problems faced by a milkman named Tevyc. Traditions were the main element holding the lives of these villagers together. For this reason, when Tevye's daughters each broke tradition and got married without his consent or that of the village matchmaker, he went through various changes These changes were explored and exemplified through the choreography, costumes and acting of the students involved. "Pulling on the fall musical was an incredible and fun experience." stated Mark Solicit, who portrayed Tevyc Lisa Severinghaus the musical’s student director added. “It’s a neat feeling to meet new friends and become close. ” The more athletic students at school held their own by achieving tremendous heights. With a 9-0 record at the season's close, the football team only dreamed of state titles. Unfortunately being beaten by Richfield in the Lake Conference Championship shattered their dream. Also losing in regions were the soccer team and the Girls’ volleyball team. Both squads had tremendous season records and need to be commended. Earning a respectful 2nd place in the state cross country skiing competition was Todd Wilmcrt (II). The Girls’ gymnastics team also won a second place Finish in the state competition, after a season of phcnominal achievements. Not to omit the third state golf title earned in June of 1978. the year was fantastic in overall accomplishments of the students. For entertainment and relaxation movies such as Oh God starring George Bums and John Denver filled Saturday nights for Edina-West students. High Anxiety, by Mel Brooks and Julia also w ere popular movies in 1977-1978. The New Zoo which opened on May 10 in Apple Valley. Mn. provided a different aspect of enjoyment for the Edina-West students The oo was complete with a giant 560.000 gallon aquarium, more than 100 kinds of wildlife in natural settings and comfortable viewing areas for visitors. ’ot traditional in its selection of animals the Minnesota Zoological Garden, as it is called, displayed animals such as tapirs, sloth bears, macaques and other unfamiliar animals: camels, giraffes and lions would not be found. This addition made great summer entertainment for Edina- West students and their families. Displaying determination and Edina-West player picks hir, reaching Ihe ball before his '■ himsc is’opr competition, this f up in hopes of snenl. 108. MEMORIES OF 1977-1978. Rrtc Kb. Demr W Copy by Perrin Hoyd it})4 The New oo in Burnsville added u new attraction for Fdina-Wcat students on weekend's •noticing for the state meet helped topho-ore Chris Perry as he led the golf team to a ite championship and claimed the individ-rI title himself. 4 Todd W'ilmcrt (II), running hard, showed no signs of fatigue a he placed second in the State Cross-Country Meet. 109The senior “class with class” triumphantly led Edina-West to astounding accomplishments. through athletics, plays, concerts, and academics in this year, 1978-1979. Starting off under new educators. Edina-West students welcomed and ”conditioned” transfer teachers coming from their crosstown rival school. Edina-East. These teachers concluded that “West students are more enthusiastic than East. ” Mr. Ehlert, a biology teacher verified the truth by saying. ”Kids is kids- they’re just nice people.” On a different note, school administrators had diminished the passing time between classes from ten minutes down to seven. They claimed too much time encouraged the students to vandalize school property. As an act of protest, sophomores, juniors, and seniors held a sit-in in the cafeteria. Unfortunately their efforts proved worthless, ceasing to influence a change in the amount of passing time. This failure was the only one, followed by an abundant number of victories. Leading in the victories was the football team coached by Slav Canakcs. The team captured the slate championship, in turn boosting the school's spirit and moral. That enthusiasm never stopped pouring as all Edina-West teams displayed optime success. Both the Boys' and Girls' slalom ski teams advanced to the state meet with flying colors. Co-captain Tony Mitchell (12) summed it up this way. "We were state champions because who really remembers who finished second", Unfortunately their female counterparts weren’t as successful, missing the title by four one hundredths (.04) of a second. Realizing that state titles were the “in” thing this year, the Girl gymnasts balanced and flipped perfectly to receive one of their own. Phcno-minal achievements need be mentioned for Angie Barnes (10) and Laura Franz (12) placing Tirst and fourth respectively in the overall competition. Not to be over-looked was the Boys’ golf team maintaining it's prestigious reputation by gaining it's fourth state title. Success seemingly was in the blood of Edina-West students this year. As the athletes got attention for their grand accomplishments, so did the school's debaters. Being big talkers is not all it takes. Debaters put in anywhere between twenty and forty hours a week of study and research. But Dave Bloom (JO) explained. “Wc arc not bookworms, we like to have fun too.” “Turn of the century con-men and moralistic town folk, "stated the November 10. 1978 issue of Zcphyrus, “march to the rythum of 76 trombones in the 1978 fall musical production of Music Man.” This show starring Steve Youngblood (12) as Professor Harold Hill, took place in a town called River City. The plot revolved around the escapades of Professor Harold Hill, a clever musical instrument salesman. The students portrayed the story with precision and tact, making it one of the “best productions ever to hit the high-school, ” remarked Steve Youngblood. Showing their appreciation for the coverage and support throughout the year, Edina-West and East students together published one addition of the Edina Sun for the city. Compiled with stories, pictures, artwork, and articles, the students said, “Thank-you Edina ” for contributing to a fantastic year of accomplishments and fun. Professor Harold Hill, portrayed by S Youngblood (12) convinces the town fo invest their money in musical inxlrvtt for their children. This was a popular s from the school musical, music man Dave Bloom (10) and Tim Mcllct (9) search before their debate meet. These students have been a great contnbutuioi the debate teams success. HO. MEMORIES OF 1978-1979 ftocm-lt, Dttrgt ttuS Copy by Ptrrm Hoyd (I2y Hard work :wd practice paid off for sophomore Angie Barnes who won the State All-Around title in gymnastics. Proud of their accomplishments, senior co-cap tains Don Mur quart and Kevin McCoy present the Stale Football trophy to the student body. I Mocking the stereotype of Edina, West modlcd this years Homecoming button after the fifty cent piece. bearing John F. Kennedy's profile. IllI Displaying his winning form. Mike Krieier (II) skied into seventh place in the Stale Cross-Country Meet. S a Thoughts oCstudying, school spirit, accomplishing and enjoyment danced in the minds of Edina-West students as they returned to the school in September of 1979. A year of great expectations was about to begin. Starting off. student parking permits were required on each car found in the school parking lot. This action was taken to control the attcndence and vandalism at school. Several students found excuses to "skip” classes and head towards McDonalds or Kenny ’s when their car was available. Also the destruction and abuse of cars would be easier to control, therefore the permits were enforced. Fines were paid for ignorancancc of this new rule. Also to combat vandalism and littering, snack-break clean-up committees were established this year. Each day a second hour class volunteered to pick up wrappers and food after snack-break. If no class volunteered, snack-break was cancelled that day. This policy was changed to eliminate the 5-10 minutes each day that the Dean of Students. George Sklu acck spent cleaning up after the students. This system worked beautifully, with a tremendous amount of help from the second hour classes. Sports wise, Edina-West had a satisfactory year. To begin with, the Girls’ soccer team, new to the school, had a "Bonus” season Unfortunately the Boys' soccer and football teams didn't excel past regions, after hardworking and successful seasons. The girls tennis and volleyball teams also struggled to achieve in regions, but came against difficult and competitive teams they were unable to slop. Winter, however, brought more positive results for the school. The Boys’ downhill ski team carried away the state trophy with confidence accompanying it with a third place individual title by Bill Bascom (12). Competing in the cross country ski meet, Mike Krieier (II) and Mike Gibbs (12) finished 7th and 9th respectively in state. John Powell (12) represented the wrestling team in the state tournament, while the basketball and hockey teams lost in regional play. In the spring to end with bang. Chris Combs (12) led the Boys’ tennis team to the state title, capturing the individual title himself. It was a good year for students, athletically speaking. Special new things happened in this year of 1979-1980 in which the students participated. The most extravagant possibly being Kart Johnson (I I) and her family's involvement in the Family Feud television show Filmed in California. Also gaining recognition were Cindy Peterson (II). Lydia Flora (12) at Barb Hardwick (12) as very successful mi dels. In February the Bracmarcttcs gaint national recognition for Edina. This group 55 girls was invited to skate at the Olympi in Lake Placid New York. "This was a re experience, a once in a lifetime chance summed up Stacy Cater (12). Led by John Olsen (fie.) several studen participated in the Jump Ropc-a-Thon March 19th, 1980. Being a team ever, groups of six students got together and co. sccutivcly jumped for three hours. The pr ject was a fundraiser for the American Hea Association, and added a new goal for ti students to strive for. On November 3rd, 1979 a tragic and sea thing happened to the United Stales. Fit amcricans were taken hostage in Iran. T only possible w ay of release for them was t, return of the Shah to Iran. Knowing that L health of the Shah, a former Iranian leadt was terrible and his life would be taken if were returned. President Carter refused compliment Iran’s desires. This broug fright into the hearts' of several Edina- Wt students. War was in the air. If war bro. out. many seniors would possibly be drafti and sent to defend the country. During the times tension and nervousness filled ti hearts of U.S. citizens and more speciafical Edina- West students. In an effort to show their apprcciaiton the Edina Community, students from F.i and West held the Thank-you Edina Fair. May 10th. Consisting of booths from sevet Edina groups, rollerski demonstrations, chi and band performances, food. German sk. and energetic Latins dancing in togas, t fair was very successful. It displayed a grt deal of appreciation and hard work to t taxpayers of Edina for their tremendous su port. 112, MEMORIES OF 1979-1980 RtKjrt . Dcvfa tnd Cop} by Pern Boy 4 ll!lUSPEND THIS PERMIT FROM SUPPORT POST F REAR VIEW MIRROR INSIDE THE VEHICLE HEN PARKED IN EDINA-WEST PARKING LOT NAME TOE srupcNT DATE f' X» M . 1 "i Si AUTHORIZED BY ADMINISTRATE DESIGNATED PARKING LOT h rEMPORARY PARKING PERMIT + Jill Moore (12) showed enthusiasm as she scored a goal for Edina-West in it's first season. ♦ Many Edina-West students spent their week-ends skiing at Afton Alps. Often JOE STUDENT” would drive to school in an effort to avoid those blistering winds. ST WHO EVENT ST MHO S0U 138 ADULT SEC ADVSSON L A F ATTACHED cn Jj L. C w O f: ROW ah THE WHO IN CONCERT ST PAUL CIVIC ARENA iirr addt| or.lQpn 7.onpv hi tut wo viiVOu I i oui I SEAT 03TAp 138 f! ? SEC ROW BOX SEAT SOU r A L UL S TO TAX txxuoeo The Who Concert was a popular attraction to students in the spring of 1980.GOODBYE OE’ FAITHFUL £ Goodby okJ fonhful. our deor friend who cheered os on until the end An ordmory cougor you ore nor bur rather the pick of the tor You roughr us to fighr. nor ro yetto in both the classrooms and on the field You gave us yrengrh ro meer eoch resr Knowing our ream would do ns besr Your spmr ro fighr s on inborn rroir that led Edma Vesr reams on ro store Your courage ro continue when the chips were down symbolized both our school and our blessed town. In our school you showed great pride whether it be cheering or on Creek Vofley's slide Your knock for fun tn child's ptoy released the stress present eoch day Most tmporronrty whether our reams lose or win you roughr us ro hold up our chm and hove pride in our gradous school which you wi no longer ruleSECTION EDITOR SAM WORTHEN (11)LEADERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL: The 1980-81 school year proved ro be on ac rrve one for rhe Edina Wesr Srudenr Counci Under rhe guidonce of Gavin Sullivan (12), Srudenr Council mode crucial decisions ond significant con-rrtourions ro school life in rheir weekly Thursday meerings The desriny of snock break toy m rhe hands of rhese derermmed individuols, who indud-ed vice president Mike Youngblood (12). Ten Rolfes (11). ond Parry Dosch (11) Thanks ro rht soles of "Hoppenings” ond “Enrerroinmenr '81 Srudenr Council wos able ro moke such evenrs« rhe Kickoff Donee, Sodte Howk-ns, ond rhe Horn coming o reoiry Srudenr Council members ext cised rheir choriry in o benefit for rhe Taman Horr for MenroBy Rerorded Children ond rhe onne pre Thanksgiving conned food drive Govm Sc I Some Srudenr Counol member FRONT ROW D Gnffn. I Derfomin. J Mrochek. R Gensch. SECOND ROW N Ah moon. T Rotes. M Houser. P Dosch THfCD ROW J Kqu. 5 Angelos. L Sreworr. K Toyior. 5 NcOoff 118 STUDENT COUNCILTHE PEOPLE The Problem Solvers 'On. Mike Youngblood, ond Jim Koju (10) odded neir inspired lunccy ro rhe food drive by offering o crop rhetr locks unri rheir heods shone if o erran omounr of cans was turned m. Such be •Qvior morivored yudenrs ro appreciate their ound ond bring in cons, enough ro fiil rhe srom-chs of many fomined folks Student Council en couroged dossmares to cooperate with the teachers, custodians. and cofererio workers, oil of whom compose rhe bockbone of Echo West's educottonol structure Because of srudenr Council’s immeasurable oid. West’s find yeor has been o yoble one filed with rhe espnr de corps of its elements 4 Deooo Gnffr, (12) reUcrovIy rckes stem counseling from Rob Gensch (12) coocerrwvg nor work on Sod ? Howfcns GrxJ Andenon (W ond MAe Youngblood (12) robUo'e myrdds underfed • Mogge Houser (10). Jock - Mrochek (11). Anne Suivon (10) ond Nancy Ahrmonn (12) exchonge decs for Sooe Hawk » President Govn Su yon (12) mo pensive moment of cons Before serxJng them on rheir journey to me lokx STUDENT COUNCIL. 119 lOyOX onj Copy By Vorhtn CtOPhc-Ol By Sw Wfe (Tj)STUDENTS 6ETTIN HEAD OF THE CLA Mony yudenrs didn’r know who rhey were. bur rhe doss officers hod o t g job Vored into office by feSow dossmores. rhe Senior ond Junior doss officers eoch hod o specific job. The seniors were pur ro work organizing furore re unions for rhe doss of 1981 They compiled rhe ter of names ond worked on doss unity m generol As retared by Senor Closs Treasurer. Debt» Grtffen (12). “Our pre-school Senior Bosh was o bg success ond rhe overall unry of rhe senior doss has been greor " Keeping rhe senior doss rogerher during rhe yeor ond o rhe furure wos o job well done Summed up m rhe words of Pob Gensch (12). Senior Closs Vice President, "Dosed on doss re sponse ond enrhusiosm, nor only hos rhs yeor been greor. bur our doss reunions will be o sure success ’ For rhe Junior doss officers, rheir work moinly revolved oround rhe ptonmng of rhe Xjthc Senior Prom To be cerroin of o fanrasric P'c rhe losr yeor of Edmo-Wey. rhe Junior worked extensively on fund-raising ond p rheme One woy rhe Junior Oass rosed n wos by selling food or rhe foorboS gomes bggesr money maker for rhe Junior Closs v Edmo-Wey — Edno-Eay Donee or rhe bee of rhe yeor As commented by Pony Dos Junior Class Vice President. "Though it rook planning ond preparation ir wos o! worth 9 SEMCA CLASS OfhCEftS DeCO GSfen Treasurer. nob Gertsen Vee Core Gottven Secretory. Nor r Phcxo. Nancy Ahmonn President 9 Sorting cons Oumg rtse food drive were EUoberh C not Geosch (12). Nancy Ahmom (12). end Debt (12) Tckng odvanroge of some free rme, CLASS OFF1CEAS Noncy Ahmonn (12). Ten Rotes (ID. end DetX Grtfen (12) 120 CLASS OFFICERS took a break ng O meetng icryalf CTXJ Cw » Mcrw fwo (rv, f crc» by C Lrm (TO JUMOft CLASS OFFICERS Wse Obehe (V) PresxJ Dosch(WV e President. Qno Anderson (Wirec notes (IV SecreroryPEOPLE GOING PLACES! Kye has hod rhe rhnll of dancing in Tchot-kowsky's Nutcracker Fonrasy Doller each ho5doy season for six years. Thinking bock on dancing in rhe Nutcrocker, Kye srored rhar rhe Nutcracker Dalter is her favorite She added, "After dancing in rhe Nurcrocker I had o grecr fee'ng of accomplish-menr, ir's such a happy lively baler " For Kye incomperency is nor rolerored or her level Her nsrrucror, Sr on Ooreman, drives ci rhe dancers ro perfechon and requests excellence in each performance Dancing proves chatlonging for Kye, her future plans after graduorion from Edna ere ro donee as on apprentice for rwo yeors then try fa o position in rhe Theater's professional company MEET: Tckng o tyeok between porformooces of rhe Nurcrockef Gofer. Kye Schteer 10. gave o strife of oaompkihmo v MEET: --- TRACEY KLINDWORTH As o sephomore or Edro-Wesr. Trocey Kind-worm compered ronenoty n figue skartng comperroo Rocng runm n rhese chompon shps, rhs Oroemor Oub Chompon hoped ro qj ty for world compernon in rhe lore wrver In order ro moke rhose chomponshps, Trocey rnusr hove compared her eghrh level resr which mvofved compferng "rech-r col figures" These figures ore pure dfficut." remarked Trocey, "ond reQjre rremendous concenrro-rton ond perfecron " The skerng chompooshps Trocey poropored «■ nvolved rwo programs The firsr progrem, or "royrne' ‘ was o rwo miryxe rfcptoy of severof repixed moves Usuoiy rhe skorer rnusr execute seven moves wrh perfecron ond groce The second "routr " cfewed oeonviry ond freedom The skorer performed c rhree manure deploy of unpueness onginoiry. end perfecron n several dfficUr moves of her chc ce Trocey's cooches Tom Kindwonh ond Eleanor Fisher helped her develop rhs ease ond hgh quafcy performance sbe marvoOs "Alrhough rhe Oympcs ore o tong way off." Trocey conduded. "They ore my dream." KYE SCHLUTER Nor al students hove rhe experience of dancing m o reknown boiler, but fa Edino-Wesr junta Kye Schlurer this is jusr rhe cose Kye is on experienced dance student with rhe Minnesota Dance Theater where she ottaned the highest student level in ballet Being o serious dancer and studying bo8er requires a rremendous omounr of dedication ond work. "There was a rime when I wonred ro quit ond give up," recals Kye, "but I stuck ir our ond now love doncing mae than =ver" 4 Displaying ha leodershp ro e n The Roc Cross Orgonuoron. Kevn Hughes (12) leods o pubic specking workshop MEET: KEVIN HUGHES As o sema or Edina-West, Kevin Hughes ochieved national recognition within rhe Bed Cross agoruzorion, in May of 1981 Afrer four yeors of eoger porrioporion. including rwo years as president of rhe Minneapolis Youth Board, Kevin was chosen ro speok or o Notional Bed Cross convention in Woshingron D C. Ths rosk involved severol boas of prepaorion and nervousness os Kevin's speech conveyed rhor o "spirit of youth energy is essenriol fa rhe success of rhe Bed Cross agonizorion " This occomp'shed sena felr rhor, "rhe Americon Bed Cross should develope new opportunities fa youth ro explae. in ader to establish mae well-rounded orizens." Kevin's ex-pkxotion ond exposure ro "new Things'’ hove been numerous. In oddirion ro gaining quolificotion in CPB, Muiri-Mecio First Aide, ond Advonced Firsr Aide ond Emergency Core, Kevin wos involved in Mouloge (accident simulation) ond leading workshops on working with groups, pubic speaking ond basically getting ro know oneself Kevin stored his scttsfocrion wirh his work ke rhis, "I would easily give up everything ond devore my life to Bed Cross because rhe rewads I receive from working wirh ond helping people ae fifty times greater than rhose I give ” PEOPLE GOING PLACES. 121 UjyCU era Cc v Y Arm OoyC (O ere MyvBI-LINGUAL Hello Deutschlam Deurschiood may be odd ro hear for many, bur for some, fun and new underyondngs were ocqured through German Club For rhose involved German yudenrs, German Oub was o conyonr source of vonous activities In rhe option of German Oub President (Ko ser) Prossona Guner otne(12), "German Oub was greor, we were oil cble ro ger together and have a wid ond cra2y time1" With rhe help of Heir Reimer (foe). Ger mon Oub conducted several successful events pro vtding both fun and education The htghbghr of rhe year for German Oub members was Okroberfesr. o rroditionol German hobdoy. where there was plenty of gomes, brerwury and fun. In addition ro porTokjng m German tradition. German Oub sponsored competition between the other languoge dubs through rhe Spring Soccer Tournament ond war games The AH Languoge Chnymas F was also Ger mon sponsored To end off the German Oub used the profits from rhe sehr their famous Gummi Deors for rhe Arc Du Scholarship Moy appropriately rhe sc hole was for the yudenr who showed rhe moy er siasm towards rhe German program and fine need for ir. GROUP PHOTO PAGE 142 Poodecvig on whor to rove next. Crag SchuneOO. K'6 PxherKV). Kety 5chworz(12). ond Terry Overped l2). sampled desens or Okroberfey Rumng one c rhe mony gomes of Okroberfesr. Dove WOKK12). md friend v r $rrvye(l2). cholenged people ro try rher Uck 122. GERMAN CLUB loyou a-«3 Copy Cry Mana OV. Cry Ion I ever (0 FRIENDS 'IVE LE FRENCH r hough rhere weren't os many French Club members rhis year os rhere hove been in rhe isr. rhe members of French Club remained loyal spite of rhe lock of members, ir was opperenr Dr French Club was "rhe rrue resisronce." ond ? words “Vive le French Gjb" or "long fcve ‘nch Club," were rhe proof As commented by nch Club President Mindy Ktaskyfll), Every dy hod fun or oil rhe rhings we did, and with rhe help of our advisor, Mme Perri, we had o greor year'" Some of rhe evenrs rhor French Club held were rhe onnuol French Oub dinner or L'Ho rel de Fronce, o Mardi-Gras celebronon, rhe selling of French "bon bons" ond learning more obour Fronce through vonous activities. In oB, rhe year was besi wropped up by Mme Perri, "Despre rhe ow level of parridporion rhis yeor, rhe kids devel oped o real ‘esprir de corps"' GROUP PHOTO PAGE 141. er a Shorr mooring. Dane RoabCIO). M hefe Horn- w Mrxjy KJasky. Prei dQ ond Lu DefeondD showed rhe «► Km WeberdO. demonsrrores her Knowledge of rhe rxXW. Mery B h Hove ondl). ond Km WeberdV. enrtvAOsnc desghr concemng mproved membership, or o French vocabulary, by acknowledging rhe sgn wirh me Dyed some ighr French reodng OuC ideas moerng proper response FRENCH CLUD, 123 layout ert5 Copy by Mcro ftm (IV. PNycn by P £yrc n (WEXPLORINf THE SPIRIT OF ROME LIVES ON AT EDINA-WEST LT nrhustasm end dedcatmn srorred rhe Lorm ■— Club yecx off with 3' j weeks work oo rhe Homecormog floor Elections, porlucks, ood working or rhe Couroge Center for hondicopped children were on important porr of Lorm Club Fo also consisr of rhe onnuol "stove masrer wor gomes", including frisbee foorbofc. soccer, ond rug of wor The staves revolred obour paying dues, so if they won, rhe movers couldn't demand rhe pay The Lorin Club moinroned their spirit through out oil of their activities The biggest event wos Lorm week held m May "This is o busy week wirh much excrement." commenred Tiffony Boyd (11) Kevn Hugha (12) shows rhe vcr 0 rhe floor for Lam OJo Srocey Hotter (Oort) Lndo Hogy ft?; wo croooj y fcx rho ourayr . of rhe elections. held n rhe foi IXmg rhe Lorn Xto Eiecnons, Scon Homer (Wand Mfce Ooerte (IDqrve rhec speech for rhe counsJ 124 LATIN aUO uhoj r Com y 0cr ®y ■ 'B n c ooNEW CULTURES STUDENT EXPERIENCE LIFE A NEW COUNTRY There were some inremoronal visirors or Edmo-Wesr These srudears were spending o year of rher edocorion yudyng in the Unired Stores. more specifically in Edrno. ro 900 new experiences and knowledge Eaoo Wesr was for runore ro hove rhe Counrnes of Belgium. Ger many, ond Iroly represented Along with leornng ond srrugglmg Through "the Americon woy of life.” rhe Inrernorioncl Club gave rhem o chonce ro feel welcome ond meer Amer icons Inrernorionol Nfcghr wos o very speed ocriviry, held rwice o monrh n order ro give each yudenr o chonce ro shore wirh rhe or hers o fcrrte br of rheir culture ond fcfesryle The yudenrs showed sWes ond mode o cteh native of his her counrry. ”lr wos greor ro ger rogerher. hove fun. ond chow.” commenred Presidenr Mona FerroCII). mo Feno (11) hrernoronci OJi Dresden: rokes O moment ro erjoy rhe doors Olv v Srrvye (12). Perm Ooyd (12). ond PotOQ forresn (12) procnce o ptoy jncrond ( X rxx c freody gorr fooibol, one Saturday afternoon n September INTERNA TONAL CLUD. 125 u yOw« am Com m bom to tO , Very Oe« nTHE 1980-81 WINDIGO STAFF WINDIGO STAFFERS LEARN THAT AN EDINA-WES YEARBOOK IS NOT JUST A PIECE OF CAKE At rhe WrxSgo Hotoween Pony. Mono Fetrodf). on j Jenny i aeman(l2). ihow rwo Oxompes of rho o er penon r of rhe Wirvj»go sroffers Potty Mnehotf02). h Dy o sueiOcn rapreron. 'O hor J n opprehenson whJe sp ng our her won crivry for one of rhe more ngerxa copes 126 WINDIGO l «r r Copy Y ay Oe HmterttO, f cecn tty Vr.» VeteCC1he 198061 Wmdrgo sroff proved ro be yer onorher exompie of rhe kind of herd working icored people we hove or Edino-Wesr Despire ?ven kyger yoff rhis yeor, eoch sroffer found rhey hod pienry of work ro do The some s hec yeor wos composed of meering deadlines (or mssing rhem), developing negonve-s(or exposing rhem). rypng copy, pulling our ecch others hair, ond dong rhose incredible dyouts The end product wos on interesting coogiomera rion of pictures, copy ond coprions; oil mode possi ble oy rhe hard long hours of work pur m by rhe various Windigo editors ond "rookie" sroff members. Through it oil sroffers goined losring friendships, leorned rhe meaning of dedicorion, ond rhe importance of hord work Thor cerromly wos rhe yearbook rhor wos ...(? kookei" M SchueoomoidO. ond Etfy TravofyloudO) find rhe enres of seoor yeff members from rhe reOous work nn 5mth(12). and Mogg DoykX 12) er,oy one of rhe more serous momeors durog rhe Wodgo Our wMe scovemg whor Sonro proughr them WNe Oigenrty working on hs toy our ro neer rhe nexr deodine. Scon ArtienortlD). nys ro figure our rhe compfc cored monuevers of a pnorogroph cropper WINDIGO 127 loycu OOCcpyW MCTyO IV Oy IZGPHYRUS REMEMBERS MORE FUN THAN ANY ORDINARY NEWSPAPE Running oround in everyrhing from poker ourfirs ro yellow bunny suirs(for rhe mole yoffers only) rhe Zephyrus staff often dd nor look journalistic In spire of rheir interesting habits, rhe Zephyrus sraff brought ten issues to rhe student body, opproximorely one every rhree weeks. Regular feotures included coverage of school sports, concerts, and special evenrs. Letters ro rhe editor and rhe opinion page were also important ro the papers populohry In addition to school coverage, rhe yoffers chose to give each issue o theme retaring ro something away from the school. These rhemes, such os politics, physical fitness and summer trove! were new ideas, giving Zephyrus a mogozine rather than a newspoper style Whie mosr students thought only about rhe finished product, rhe sraff worked for rhree weeks ro pur each Zephyrus our Their dedconon helped ro solve rhe problem of breoking in o new cdvisor. John Sheldon (fee) and rhe communications problem resulting from rhe mojOrity of sraffers who were unable to have rhe hour The tack of communication was solved by rhe rrodtrion of "doily zany dirros", sent by ediror Coral Rorelle (12) and sroff coordinator Ji,i Swensen(12) about everything from deodines ro food When rhe sroff members whose schedules in duded fifth hour in rhe pubocortans room were nor working on rhe next issue, rhey kept themselves busy celebrating. Expressing rheir creativity, rhe sroffers colored in rheir world of Dorbie coloring book and ployed with rheir plastic cnimals Always keeping themselves pleasantly plump, rhe sroffers maintained a supply of cookie dough one corn for rheir Thursdoy “Journoiyic" m Whte rhe fifth hour sroffers dd enjoy them. during rhe hour, rhe paries involving rhe % sraff were 08 our btosrs. These celebrations if mg food, costumes and more food gave rhe ers o reputation fa elebaore ond frequen ties Noting almost every occasion fa o parr yoffers hod a HoSoween party Hoidoy Orgy. A Valentine parry ond an endless srr offer deadline ponies Through our rhe year, rhe Edmo-Wesr neper sraff hod a greor rime, bur more impor broughr rhe srudenr body rhe toy ten issues Edmo-Wesr news paper Jl Swenson ftfjrnericu cxsty coicJcfies rhe mulrple sfc "Zephn " 128 ZEPHYRUS loyou by Jeonftr Ve mcn(t2)Cctry Oy ry MnttaiKD Oy V e«TZ zony zippy Zephyrus yoff Dock row; Km Weoerdl). Ji Swenson(12). Coro SyversendV. Jetf SchneOert12). Melon nertW. John N son(l2). EJi DonetodO). Jock Unc (W. From row: Oys NeHondO). M he L mson(l20. Corol Rorelle. or(l2) Joyne HenOe (12). Trocy Enckson (11) loycxs ot "■ 'CREATIVITY IN MOTIOI Calliope Put 4 CALLIOPE Frorv flow L Lever. J Hendel. M KJoshy Oerdcr. fteX e Row M Mocgowon. 0 Sh U. J. 5c v e 5 Perenor). A Monots. Dock Row M Gowf d. P Norrt fK-ckerr, J Kjicnhot Bursting wirh energy from their recoot ptayground ex-son or on decs meerng Moggie Crowfot X12). Lon ver(t2). Amy MonoteA 12), ont} Pom Norrh (IV. gtodly roc rosr Wofkog herd ro produce o rop notch Issue of CALLK Kns (VJserK12) ond AAe KaershorOA. colobofore on i rhoughrs or o meeting 30. CALLIOPE oy-ou ond Copy by Mono ftrro (tO. r» ro» by ion lew (O)til Together » ususd srorr ro o bronyorm of success emed ro onse from rhe "cookie craze" or Wednesday Coltope meetings The fun-‘nrhusiosnc sroff with heod editors, Joyne •K12). Amy Monoksd2), ond Kns fockerT(12). 'hot pur together our Edina Wey bterory orrs zme This provided on outlet for rhe creative . for mony Edmo West students In order ro Calliope to We. the sroff members of Cohope forced with ro ng the necessory funds on rher own Some of the hghbghrs of the yeor ,r c)uded o successful Homecoming cor wash ond on okjmnum con drive Through the con drive Calliope yoffers found rhar o great place to collect cans wos the reknown Met Cenrer parking lor As remembered by Jule Kizershorfll). "If was on unforgettable experience'" Sroff members otso recoil some of rhe “fun times" to kick off the yeor Cofcope yoff members spent o weekend or o fellow members cobm in Amery. Wisconsin, where they were able ro fry the skJ or skmg Stmdar ro moy aeonve omys, Coiofx ers enjoyed expressing rheir indvduol creorr non conforms woys One of the more mren ideas meetings was spenr or the Creek V EJemenrory playground where rhe orVy ' wos — nor enough nme ro ploy ft k xperoted from rhe brorryormng rhcr jjy occured. Mor ret Crawford 12), corvnued ro ponder her thoughts Ldect Amy Manets (12) confused by o fetow member gesnon confronts Mote Mocgowon (12) for soeota On o Ighrer rote or one ot rheir meetings Ccflope yoffers hod some fun w h rher "phlosophy". Menhordf). Amy MaxXs(l2). Mogge Crawford 12). Pam Morrhdf). Joyne HendeK12). ond Mr Evenrude (foe) After the munches were fmshed or one of me weekly meetings. Cofcope yoffers. Joyne Hende l2). ond Oone yw ?;. kyened to Mi Evenrude (foe). whie Ms ftek-err(l2). worked on her own CALLIOPE. t3t UffCKT vC Copy By Atano ftrro (IV. nx cn By Ion lcw (tZ)SIDELINE ENTERTAINMENT We’ve Got Spii Cheerteodng. rhor glamorous job. was f by 20 exored girls from Aprd of rhe pr-year. Throughout rhe 1980 81 school yecr Ir lor of hard work balanced our with just os fun. The girls hod rime ro enjoy rhemsefves kxks, o corwosh, rock wirh pebbles, uni-da' iniriorion Practices were never duS with 220 balloons and a fire extinguisher coming or from rhe boy' soccer ream. Tris will never being forced into hiding behind rhe sreel c I Intensely nvotveO r rhe lay ploy of the Homecomng foot Dd gome. Louro Mognrvs (t2) wcrches os Mmetonko secures v tory wuh a safety » CheerteotJeoOo tne own "season opener "on me eve of rhe fry foorbol gome by "T P "ng" the footbol players' houses 132. CHEERLEADING layou an3 Copy by Omf Toy (r2). tby U' TIEdw ’bout You? (12) commenred. "Everyone go; along so well end hod such o good rime rhor we hared ro see ir end." ne biggey highlighr wos bond comp held in usr, "New guys'' will long remember Amry-Horror, swirilies, boby a;, powder. 3.0 line ond punk rods om "T.Ping" ro pepfeys, foorbcll gomes, n meers, ond even cheering girls' sporrs, rhe )-1981 squods kepr up rhe school morale ond . To moke rhe cheering season run smoorhly. aprains, Morde Johnson (12) ond Trocy We$z worked wirh odvisor Cindy Seers (foe.) ro 5 rhe squod rogerher in spirir Louro Mognns CHEE3LEAOJG. 133 U»y x crO Cc©y by Otr Taylor !TZ. Vtcka by Smv V aler 02)C0U6ARETTE CAVALCADE Fine Finale For Edim The Cougcretres hod o very busy 1980 8 son. full of rheir usual onrics and htgh-hi dondng After o myriod of summer practice girls went to band camp at Geordmk's. v they used the theme of Cougorerre Co Comp. Here they also ninared the new girls, the veterans corned on the traditions of p and pool hopping They procriced twice c (amounting to on eight hour workout) cod r 134. COUGAKETTES loyov orrf Copy by Sor, Wcr -n (W. ffco«» by Tm Pc r r (t?)avorite Dancing Line erazed Cougar Bars how ro donee. Couga » sryte The r opener wos o benefir donee fa menrolly hondicopped They donced on rhe fcnes or foorboll ond soccer gomes (even when r reerh were chortermg), os wea os or Pep , where they wae bright red cowgirl cosies Before the gomes rhe Cougorerres gaged mselves or pa-lucks, ond ofrerwords rhey hod erous slumber paries or Sorest Prenrtce's house “T.P irvg” rhe soccer ployers’s houses olso wos o fovaire posrrime Co Coproms Kaen Boyce (12) ond Wendy Bice (12) agonized rhs wild bunch of ga-ts. ond odvisa Mr Me chor (foe ) kepr rhe epoup under some control. Ir wos o grand year fa the Cougorettes 4 Mogpe Doyle (12) ond Karen Payee (12) rote o breeder from rhew donong The Cougorerres spkr o footbol gome m heif wth mew successive sp rs COUGABETTES. 135 UJXX» ond Copy by Som Vanr n (t2). (ho(o» by Trr Par , CORIN6A A-Buf! A Radical A PAKAHA! Though the crown went ro Queen Zeido or the Home comng pepfesr. these courr members were bubbfcng with spirit ft Keeping « ynde wth things rhe A-0uf member rushes ro one of their notorious meetings OOTTOM RIGHT Even the lock of snow end 00 degree weorher rSdn't keep the A Ouf member from sk ng he woy to victory, in the A Ouf Olympics • When you’re neor A Ouf you hove ro expecr the "unexcecrecT "Reody. Set. get rodt-coM” •On the Fridoy cfrernoon of their "A Ouf Oympcs." A Ouf mt prepared for the fmol event of the day 136. A DUF Loy xr one COOV by Mem ferro W. toxroi Dy Am Orrrxxorroe (t2 OVEABLE BUNCH j nee upon o rune rhere was on organize-y non coiled A-Duf "There snll 6 on orgonizo i colled A Duf." was rhe proud philosophy of A A-Duf wos on essenrol ingredienr ro sp-nr c to Wey vn organization fomAor ro Edna West. A Duf lenrs provided enrerronmenr ond on ourler for rebellious sprirs of many srudenrs. epfesrs, foorboii gomes ond announcements meetings, "in rhe usuol pace." were parr of memory for many yudents and foculry mem bers A-Duf Homecoming Court ond the crowning of Queen Zeida was o rroditon corned on ot mony of rhe Homecoming Pepfeys. When asked ro tell about some of rheir moy memoroble ond obnoxious events. A-Ouf was burying wirh answers ... "Going ro school ond being on A-Duf. ” "Our big roder float or Homecoming," "ADuf photo ses sions," ond from one of rhe more exotic mem bers. "I wos attacked by rhe great Gismo whie wondering through rhe forey of Kowo Dunga " As for qualities needed os on A-Duf member, rhe response seemed ro be "nil" with rhe exception of "msorvry " As quoted by o senior member of A Duf, "A-Duf is rhe most loyo! school-spirited ocnvity group that has ever been in Edrno West " Ir wos evident rhor much respect and recognition wos issued ro A-Duf for rheir loyalty by rhe requesrs of yudenrs or pepfeys. The memories of A-Duf con be summed up in a few words ... the infamous A-Duf chonr: "Dingo Dingo' Pokaha Pokoho'" Members of rhe royol A Out court aruoousty cwoced me moment when the new queen wos crowned After nor so giooous o ftneh n the Du? Oiympcs' fine roce, members commented. "A day w.rhour suhshne 6 Ike o cloudy sky" • Arths peprest. A Duf members reoermg mmedotety wrh exoremenr. left rhe gym ro onswee the "fkX-A-Phone" x g whor they do best. AOuf members got Together ro die plons fex the upcoming foexbot gome lay ou art) Copy by Mens Ftrro (tv. town by Am Onmocart (tZEDIXAPOLT GLEASON ROAD INDIAN HILLS ROAD 4 fVf ing op the lay few needed Terrs for rh ? 't g weekend' Cory Zanin (11) ond Kevin Cwoyno (12) mode o quxk rnp ro rhe srcxe Tokng odvonroge of some free rime after rher work 6 done. Pom Rkhords(l2) and Nora O'Noil(ll) hove fun or o loco Country Oub 3PN3AV NONV3A 1331113 H199 133 b EONAPOLY, lev CX an) tv MaoC VALLEY VIEW 4 Tokmg cm some funds for hs spring break trp. Henry Persons(ll) mokes o rrp ro h6 toed bonk ROAD ... for srudenrs or EdooWesr. the ups and downs of We con be expressed cs "rhe gome of We" Through rimes, both in ond our of school, many of us hove token on rhe chdfcnges of school work, reaching for o god. or even pfenning a t g rrp In many ways, our Ives may resemble o typed board gome to which we fry our besr ro win; yer we keep smfcng no matter whor comes of tf for« eoch cose rhere's o vicrory W h a the good times we've played n. .r seems proper ro view rtxs gome with o smile ... kj kj =3 ki 5 O ki § 5 a ki O TALKING TO THE TOP SILVER TONGUI | ors of hord work and dedication olong with regular visits to librories, researching new topics, ond the obdiry to pick up new concepts quick wos whor produced o top rote Debote reom. ond our Deborers hod it This yeor the reom estobiished rhe top record Edtno hos ever hod Desides rhe individ-uol preparation eoch Deborer pur in, much schooi time went to Debore. For some rime it become habitual for rhe reom ro hove o foir day school week os they porribpored in tournaments on many Fridays. Advised by Mrs Wold (foe) ond Mr Undqutsr. time and rime ogoin returned vicrori ous ond with trophies in hand Judged on rhe effectiveness of their orguemenr ond presentation or tournaments. Edma-Wesr hos rhe top Debate combination in rhe store, being Vorsiry Debaters Dove Gloom (12) ond Mke MoHerus (11). The r-even debated themselves for firsr place in rournoment or Eou Goire Commented by L Gloom (12). "We've hod quire o successful sec hopefully we'l keep rhe momentum ond cf ponshps up Dove Ooom (12). Pzch PfoN (W. observed ibec fetow « DEGATE FRONT ROW- rt Pfohl. M Moktrvs MOOIE ROW-V Azor, L Chester. J Goium, M Oppeohevn. K Conr deboren greo» rxe ev o procrice sev-oo Atoer. m Johnson, m Peterson DACK ROW- D Dova. D Doom, S Jones. A Chovoter. £ Domerr NOT N PHOl 140. DEOATE Layout yj Copy y Mm Ftm (IV. y Atv ftmocane (t2)RATORS ACHIEVE SUCCESS orhy Conntty tfOond Corot Moer (12) prepeyed for rhe ?xr tounomecr by check g nores on o new rop ♦ Pxfi PfcN (WcrO M e JoTytsoo (Wpouied for o rronw fo agonize rNv rhoughr duwj on ofrer school reseach session ♦ Confused ond iV reed. rha debow o e s ro gorhef rifamonon for ha upcomng rocrnomenr Conoon by ftondol Ooyd (to. pwot Or loyoif OTO Copy Oy Mono rr '0 DEDATE. 141 Am Omocorte (O)et Better Learning Opportunities♦ NTFftNATOiAl ClUO FftONTftOVO 0 Vnjyc P Vonde Weye'. C ScNj e K. Termr, M Fe ro fprei). ft Lovc e. P Foreyi BACK P.OV—P GunerorTV P Mogpjvon J Mowe 0 m KvA P Ooyd. ft O J M 1 Hcrvcfeon MTERKATIONAL CLUD fnEhOl CLUO 143 !•? ' ' A » 7 y Ok P . Vo ', IN , tv p »•• ••• ftVARSITY CHEERLEADING ROW ONE K Hrsch. J Oson. S Ncototf, P Dahl. j Meek ROW TWO A1 Frisk. 5 Hdmsrrom. L Mognns. T V e c. P Oosch ROW THREE £ Johnson L Berturd. M Johnson. W Marqoordr. H Roerher. C Morxhomp D-SQUAD CHEERLEADING L Johnson. M Moynhon. J Baker, N fWhords, P Sox COUGARETTES ROW ONE 0 Ueon. C Bugby. P Ptokos. 5. DeMonn, W Bice. P Chancier. K Wohl. L Pearson ROW TWO M Doyle. I Pocrznck. A Greer-fed L Nydohi. A Murphy. J Hammer ROW THREE L Mooney. L Peg . L Brown, K Boyce. S Prentice. M Noion 144. GROUP SHOTS Ixr ou Ov Dm to (t3). fby (Foe THE LATIN CLUB "GODS" now ONE - L Nogy. P Moynhon. P Azor, T Dote. 5 Perry. P McQeior ROW TWa C Porele. K Hughes. J Nelson. H Jorgenson. Vergi. J Mein. J Hotter. M Wuebter ROW TM EE P Doyd. T Goodyeor 2ND AND 3RD YEAR LATIN ROW ONE M Comer. A Moborry. A Peterson. 5 Swonson. K Momores. W Swanson ROW TWO • J Komegs. T Doyd. C Weber. 5 Hanson. M Oberie. M Dyron GERMAN CLUB ROW ONE K Teona, T Overpech. K Schworz. P Purahouser. J Scheme! ROW TWO • M Doumom. P Moore. J Duhler. J Schneder. M Phlppsen. D Welch. P Gunerome (Koser). L HI. J Moore. C. Chore. P Verde Weyer GROUPS SHOTS. 145 loyow by Oar J r cr (O) PNorcs by Scr» njACADEMICS SECTION EDITOR JENNIFER WISEMAN (12) Jomes Homonn; Compos Principe Deon of Students, George Sk zocek. rokes rime o busy dcy ro shore o jcte with Ocrrh Voder. w Jomes Coboho. Upper Division Prinopol. points to one of his prize possessions. Edno Wey Hgh Schoct George SWozocek Decn of Srudenrs George Forney Assi ro Compos PrYvepoJ 148, ADMINISTRATION leryour And Cccv y fny Trtov ytou. Proto-. Cry 01 £grtmWHAT IS AN ADMINISTRATOR? Homom, Campus Principal of E x West. '0 0 concerned porenr orge Furney, Assaranr ro rhe Campus Prmppo) looks wgh rhe course corologe looking for ideas ro improve i year's cumcufcjm The Key To Keeping The School In Working Order r odminisrroror. os employed by Edina West in 1980 hod completed six years of co'iege Therefore receiving nor one bur rhree degrees For rhe 1980-61 school year. Edna-West hod five such qualified people under employment. Dr James Hamann, Compus Principal ond James Cabalko, Upper Div on Principal, were ro-gerher responsible for rhe school's management This included budgeting, scheduling, school events ond personal hiring, George SWuzocek, Dean of Students, stored, "The Dean's job is ro bounce students desires with that of their parents and yer moinron rhe besr possible atmosphere for learning. ' George Furney, Assistant ro rhe Campus Princi pal and Soro Lykken, Athletic Coordinator, com plered rhe administrating staff They all did their jobs to keep Edna-West running smoothly The adminisrrarion regrers rhor ir has come ro rheir orrenrbn rhor reachers dying on rhe job ore foiling ro fall down. This pracrice musr srop, os ir becomes impossible ro disringuish berween dearh ond narural movemenr of rhe sroff. Any readier found dead in on uprighr posirion will be dropped from rhe payroll. Pomoyng her role os Arhleric Coordnoror. 5oro LyMen raped new school products ADMINISTRATION, 149 loyou orvj Copy Dy Iffy Ttartctytaj y 0 £mm150. ADMINISTRATION loyoI Am} Copy Oy lao Co o HZ' X Oi by »i(p» Vbl ft yw (Oj DECISIONS FROM ABOVE SCHOOL BOARD HAD BUSY YEAR The 1980-81 Boord of Ecucarioo for the Ed.no schools hod o busy year Mcny decisions needed ro be mode about the merging of Edna West and Edinc Eosr High Schools Besides these problems, there were decisions ro be mode about the school yecr in progress One very important deoson of this type was mode n November The Boord changed dare of the 1981 groduotion from Monday. Jur ro Thursday. June 4 This oiso necessitate chonge in the Seniors' tost day of school Board, led by George Hire ond oded by Sup rendear Dr Rolph beber. mode mony succt decisions during a very hectic school yecr EDINA BOARD OF EDUCATION Chairperson -Vice-Choirperson • Treasurer ■ Qerk - Asst Teosurer -Asst Clerk -Asst Clerk -Board Secretory George C. H te Noncy Archtson Glenn Smith Dr Lexer Wenninger Paul Gens Peggy Kelly Robert Christenson Sheila Luff l Dr Les Wonringer and Robert Christianson dscuss on issue ce ore of rhe schco doard meet sgs wh»e Qeon Srrwh looks cxxec 4 Memders of the Edno Docrd of Educcron stop work ro pose for o peture Dock row. from left. Pad Geos. Dr Les'er Womnger. Glean Srrvh. ood Robert Chnsron son From row. from ie r. Nancy Archson. Dr RoUpb Leber, orb Peggy Kety4 Srudecr School Ooord Front Row - 6 5u v y . P Uphcft. M Horfigon Dock Row • T Erickson, M Molerus. P Dosch. G Anderson ACTING AS THE MAJOR LINK TUDENT SCHOOL BOARD SERVES A eeriog bi monthly or eirher Edina East. Edina-West. or rhe district offices were o p of very mporronr mdrv»duo!s These yu-s, represenring borh Edmo high schools. ?d rhe needs of rhe schools in rhe highest ble way They were rhe link between rhe school student body ond rhe Senior School d. o group of adults who mode oi major lions concerning rhe educational community ituairy rhts group of yudenrs dealt with topics os energy saving projects in rhe school, on Wey ski day. rhe posstafiry of purchasing e computers, ond their foremoy job of deofcng rhe merger •rings were held precisely bke rhor of rhe Sen or School Board including the imtiotton of o mo non, discussion ond o vote to dose ony morion. Ar oil times rhe group’s secretory ftenoe Linegord rook rhe minutes ond then ot o lorer dote senr them to each board member This student school board, os they were offioaly named, served rhe needs of rhe people Choir-mar Logon Kapron, senior ot Edino-Eoy, com merred. "Working on the board gave me the gratification rhor I helped my fefow yudenrs " Potty Dosch (11) summed up the whole exper lence "The benefits of rhe board come from rhe A knoWlode we learned, rhe friends we mode, ond rhe work we accomplished in addition to rhe good rimes we hod " THE STUDENTS STUDENT SCHOOL BOARD, 151 Copy cm f xrea by Ooyd 11Z)Dlrglr Anderson - Orinsh Uercture Lois Anderson Compos rton - Ametlcon Lreroture Moty Anderson Speed EduCOfion Mordonno Dorrholer World Srudes Amencon Hsrccy John Belk Algebra I - Oerrxyry Moty Denjomln Office Secretory John Benson Amercon Hsrcry Lyle Berg Geometry AJgebro I Bill Beste CoJege Algebro o xJ Trigonometry. Comparer • Geomerry Don Cameron ■ Efficient fleoding Doleen Campbell Health Aid Joyce Cavanaugh Librarian David Christenson Compos Mode Coordinator Ted Downs Coooseto' Allen Dubbledee TGI Oass Work Experience Loren Evenrud Ceramics Sonia Eogelman Amertcon Lrerorore • Drowng and Painring - Composition • Art Expkxcrion James Corner Composition Effiber; flooding Novels • British Ueroturc . eon Goosedelen Ubrorion Korhy Gray Mass Modo Communications Lob Ed Green Algebra - Trigonometry - Cdege Algebro ond Tngonometry Julian Grev American Hsrory Sociology fd t t Grlsslnger -Typing. Barb Inman Office Secretory 0o6 Haddorff Heoith - Physical Educofion. Jinny Jensen - lorin I.B.rv Sporish I Curt Johnson ■ Cofcdus - Geometry Don Johnson Amefcon Ueronjre - Arguemeo-ronon Oeotive Wrring Korhy Jones Shcn Stores Gnemo Arts • Corrmjncotions Lob Mrs Nelson takes time out to scold o studen- oboe his heckinc 152, FACULTY Copy ond loyoo Cy JwrVt Vawi (T2J, f xro-. y Soaring At xr Gordon Jullor Typing Work Expense Penny Kulp Spanish 1.1 Mory Lou Larsen Audio Visual Secretay Oort Lorson Aigebto 0 Do ve Larson ■ Geometry Cotege Agebro ond Trigonometry Judy Layzell Longuoge Composition ond Vocobukyy Short Sta-es Carol Lelnfelder ■ Geor Marty Lelsrikow Communi caoos Lob Language Ms Lob Jeff Lewis Photography Office Grophc Arrs Windgo Adv«or Jean Lossing Utcorlon Shirley Mohowold Composition American Ueroture Delta Moiller Ototogy Dan Morsh Americon Stud«es • Economics -Soootogy Edwin Melichor Orchesrro Concert Dood Hack McCall Pcpuky Novels • Americon Hsrory Darwin Mlssling Vasty Char Arm Nelson Office EduCO' non Bruce Ness - Metd Working ■ Furnture Construction John Nielsen Vasry Bond Donnie Norlander Office Secretory Solly Ohly Foods - Life Issues - Young Uving Consumer in the World Ron Olson Wood Workng Brewing Dev Ottum ■ BocWseepping • Typing Consumer low Mary Parachlnnl Geor Catherine Patterson Spansh 1.1V Commohcorions Lob » With o tore look of dsgust. Mr. McCof expans to his students who won the Americon Revolution A dass M's Compbd writes one of her infamous notes whJe Govn Sutvon (12) uses the phone fa business matters, of course. 153, FACULTY toyou era Copy by Jcmter Vttmon (12). fNxov by SOxrtrt} flwvnKarl Pcgors - Oology PhySiCd EOuCOron Helen Pc Ho we -Resource Room Robert Peterson Chorde Concert Oxxr Ann Petri French I. 1. IV Mary Poehler Resource Room George Relmer German 1. ■ • Ameocon rtsrory Robert Seho Counselor Glenn Seibel Chomtstry John Sheldon Hjmonnes American Lreroture Poputor Novels Joumcfcm Pot Sonnobend Oology Ann Stoneberg Chemerry Lorry Stotts Acting and Srogecroft Humonries Diane Wold French I. I Nancy Wongstod Ofce Secretory Por Watkins Counselor Wo r Woyne Mechancd Drawing Smcd Gas Engines A chirecfurol Drawing Dill Welch Human Physiology EcoF ogy Asrronomy Ron Wlesner Economics Sociology Ate Jensen loughs os her students try to rok her our of a re; Gear shxJeor. Ceda Rodriguez (12). reoeves help wrh her homework assignment from her odvsor. Rids Wolf 154. FACULTY LoyOU on) Copy by Mmffr Vtemn W ( ctoi by Scnertrq flm n Air Gamer johes ro h doss that they wi soon have a pop qaz:OOKING AND CLEANING Doks And Custodians Do It Again Irhough rhe yudenrs were only in rhe bufld ing for rhe required six hours o doy, ir rook x ks ond custodians olmosr rwice rhor long ro ir reedy for them oking lunch for rhe fifreen hundred hungry y s heorred In spire of rhor. rhe cooking yoff me; rhe demand every school doy Going beyond rhe usual school lunch program, rhe yudenrs were offered ice cream, homburgers. french fries, o salod bor ond rhe regutor hor lunch While rhe cooks were busy feedng rhe yu- Edna Vey Cooks. front row. M Dunbor. L Vaio. 6 Wordd L Luxleeo. a DorxJo 0 Ryon M Creweiow txxK row. M ■ujmh. D Dorrcrr. L Hetmke. P MXXwn. A Snow. V Meyer. L Mdnerny. R AnOenon. I Porrenon A Stone wereojr kng nspration dears, rhe cusrodions were busy clearing up ofrer rhem School ocnviries ond bus drivng kepr rhe cuyodions conyanrly busy Meeting I rhe demands of rhe school body rhe cooks ond cusrodions worked ro keep rhe school running smoothly ond rhe yudenrs wen fed throughout rhe school year Dumg ther rr»d rryymng coffee block J AAefWO end P Koch sm e, wh e 0 HoOcn oos boshful COOKS AND CUSTODIANS. 155PEOPLE UNITED Language Classes Break The Communication Barrie Reasons for tohng o foreign language are numerous A foreign looguoge exponds a yudenr's knowledge of grammar in his or her own looguoge, srudenrs learn ro commumcore wirh people of foreign rongues. and rhen learn obour rhe culture of people in orher counrries Looguoge dosses wenr obour rhe tarrer in enter roining woys. Everyone was invired ro come ond er oy rhe Ocroberfey. organized by German dosses; rhere was Lorm week, wirh rhe m famous slaves and rogos, ond rhere was rhe week of Mordigros for rhe French yudenrs Of course wirh oil rhs fun come rhe reoding. rearing, pronuno or ton, grommor exercises, ond memorizing for ol rhe looguoge dosses 156. LANGUAGE CLASSES l6y«u ond Copy Cy In)o tanks ! (f2 . A'O'C try Tm A3 rw» (O « Teoch g obour Spaneh cvAure. Mo Ponenon gr es on rhe«- dose kn» "fomty". o go ger ’em omruC example of « by modetng her "sombrero.” nponon w h Mo Jensen ond her 4m year Lonn sa • Surrounded by rhe oJrvxe of afferent languages. Terry OverpecH (12). Cyryfy Detonger (12). ond Ao0 Pijraoouser (11 more obour German cukvxe«r In Getmon dess. Scotr Gkhrisr (11), Chock Beeson (If), end Scott Roohson (11) srody ther "Vorer and Sohn" from the overheod projector ncc cn marclte limiromaado OUR LATIN HtRJTAbt Here o greor vonery o' rhe books used by rhe Ongooge students Mrs Pen is caught, guiry of possng out rhe dteoded French rest LANGUAGE CLASSES. 157 Utyoo oV Copy by Into fentund 02). t xros ty Tm Pbfryv 02)HEALTHY: Physically And Mentally As rhe yudenrs passed rhe health room, rhey occastonoty yopped to rake a second glonce or the bodies lying on rhe floor Realizing rhor rhey were CPR dummies, rhey continued ro rheir classes In heolrh doss rhe yudenrs yudied over a dozen different rop s Some roptcs cov ered were firy od. chemiccl abuse, function of rhe human body, nutrition and physical fitness Along with Heolrh. Phys ol Education was re qured for graduation The sophmores yruggled rhrough ourdoor sports m remperatures rhor ranged from a freezing 45 degrees ro o sweltering 90 degrees, ond indoor sports rhor ranged from vofleybo ro archery As rhey worked rheir way rhrough Gym, rhe sophomores were re keved rhor it would be rheir lay Mr Conokes yored. "The three words yudenrs don't like ore work, swear ond move rher feet ” SCIENCE: cotea the reons bols Complex But Fun Although science was nor o requirement for graduation, it offered rhe yudenrs many valuable ospecrs In 1980-81 some of rhe courses offered were Otology. Cherniyry. Physics ond Hu man Physiology In most courses moth was a requremenr The yudenrs dd everything from pond studies ro dissecrng cots Through soence rhe students gamed knowledge of themselves ond rheir surroundings • A numerous number of soence books con be found n the science deponmenr Robert Modorff (toe) dewonyrorcs rhe movemerv of rhe humon arm ro hs hearts yodon-sMATH: MKe UrxkOond. (12) fnshes up hs computer assignment for mom doss Accepted: Not Understood Many students, especially sophmores. dreoded math doss and looked forwcrd ro dropping it from their schedules However, although math was nor a requirement in high school, mony yudenrs yuck with it In 198081 Edina Wey offered the yudenrs a wide variety of math courses ro suit any yudenrs oWiry Some of the courses offered were Geometry. Algerbra I. Computer math, College Algerbra and Trigonom erry. and Calculus. Through these math courses the students increased their numerical skills. T bese ore on assortment of bocks rtxst frustrate moth stu dents rxfo Mooney (12). measles out XX) ml of Potassium Phospfxxe for her “secrer •-penmen; AxWj her Chemfstry doss » Investigating poryj wcrer during sixth hour Qoto lass Srocy Angeijs (10) demonstrates her MATH AND SCIENCE. 159 loyou 6 Copy try ory Tro ytou (to. »«ro Cty t«r rr. (TO ono £ nc-LEARNING TO COPE WITH THE WORLD: Business And Social Studies Prepare Students For Future Business Educofion dosses provided o breok in the ordnory schedule for many Alrhough there were no requirements ro meet for Business Educorion, many yudenrs chose ro take odvon-roge of the opportunity There were dosses ro leorn bostc skfls such os rypng, which is usefU while still in highschool. ro courses such os book-keepng ond accounting, for students who plonned ro be involved in the business world, ond wonted ro get o heodsrarr. Through the Social Studies courses or Edino-Wesr, yudenrs learned how people formed soberes from pay ro present, ond about people oround the world from east ro west ond north ro sourh. Since the yudy of society was above most of rhe Sophomores heods, they hod no Sobol Srudtes requirements ro meet until their Junior ond Senior years, oirhough World Studies ond Anthropology were mode ovotable ro them Jurvors were required ro rake History, from which they could choose American Politico! and Diplomatic. Economic, Sobol hferory. or Advooced Placemen-History Senior requirements were satisfyed by ei ther American Studies or Economics ond Sodolo 9y- Vhte McGovemflO). tries hord nor ro look a? his hoods, r Surrounded wrh rhe spW of rtie eiectco, Juniors % $reve Oautson (12) types hopprfy with error free results on assicyvnenr n ttsrory 160. BUSNESS AND SOCIAL STUDIES Copy yx3 loyotf by tsxX fontand by Sd Oev. crd ftxg V DIGGING DEEP FOR CREATIVITY: Home Ec., Industrial Arts, And Art Bring It To The Surface Home Economics cfosses helped mony stu-denrs prepore for rher future our on rheir wn. and furthermore roughr srudenrs mony skills nd knowledge applicable ro rheir present lives ■tis was accomplished nor only through classes rch as sewing ond cooking, bur also through asses of housing ond interior design, child development. consumerism, and life issues Home Eco-omcs was another way that Edina West taught s students to cope with the world in which they e I ndusrriol Arts Tne very words conjured up vi-' sions of chess sets, smo robies. boxes, ond even canoes Whie these were some of the projects mode in the Industrial Arts dosses (such os wood working, metoi working, ond mechanical drawing dosses), srudenrs olso learned many vocational skills and skills useful ro keep up or odd ro a house cr an oporrmenr Through rhe err dosses or Edina West, srudenrs were able to explore rheir creative copobii ties Every piece of on provided a challenge, which was met by hard work ond accompanied by great enthusiasm This was true from beginning ro odvonced orr dosses, for rhe students who 'ook the orr dosses possessed o desire ro use -heir creotiviry ond imagination « lo An doss, M U'ebver (10). ccuousiy caves the nrncore coral nro rxx mesrerpeco ro Co Oone Pererson(l2) ood hi SrrvhdO). coroMy meeswe ingredients occordng ro rho recipe o order ro got perTecr rcsuBs HOME ECONOMICS, INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND ART. 161 Copy or J OyOj try IrxJo f r n31 . f»x«» 6y } Ore.- rOo-p k'w.; PiencWORK PROGRAM AND VO-TECH School Away From Scho Hovmg fulfilled more than enough credtrs for groduorion. rhere were seniors who chose ro drop rheir srudeni roles for o work role holf woy Through rhe school doy Pother then filling rheir free hours wirh unnecessary credits, rhe students on rhe work program opted ro leaving school after fourth hiour for jobs that ranged from secre rartal ro derks The students found rhea1 own jobs ood rranspor rarion They were assisted in employer employee relations by advisor Mr Dubelldee (fac) The work progrom provided and opportunity for seniors ro leove the famtor high school ormo sphere for the unfomilor relevant job marker Although rhe curncutum ar Edna-West was wide and varied, it did nor meet the de monds of some students For those students, Vo Tech v os one answer Vo Tech, a combination of regular school dosses and rrade ironing away from Edmo-Wesr was on opportunity for more advanced studies in choosing a career Leaving school directly ofrer first hour, rhe Vo-Tech sru dents traveled ro rhe Vo-Tech center where they leorned along wirh other students from oil over the Metro area Courses ranging from Commercial Art ro Auto Mechanics helped rhe srudents ro face the red career problems that they would be feeing after high schod Above Porricpomg n ihe Work Experxxxe program ore Fronr Row T Anderson, M Worm, ft Forkxy. P Svnggum, MxJcSe Row C Dovi. S Srrom, T Pfoter. T Hougon. K Hopson. W Ooerrner. 6 Tovor Dock Row 0 FetcSermon. D. Houston. M North j Soude. E ftoor ♦ Ge xge 7 (12) Pomopcres rt rhe Work Progrom by working i cosher or Woof worths n Somhacfe 162. WORK PROGRAMS loybur by Amy Cmtom MX C ey by Cary Or Vox Vey t3  Ar Vo-Tech. M nefo Hen (II). Tony O Tda (II). ord KeXy AOtndcn (11) got together to rcsJh before ck»s 4 Vo Tech yudents hove o kxge snxfy crec to wcxl on rher ocrivnes 163. VO-TECH loytxr by Ary Grtuvm 0)Cooy by Axry Mmff arr (V . Ptxrot. by tarry tcfcnc (17)THE SINGING STRINC 164. ORCHESTRA toy by -Vm Ooytf. (tj Copy by f OoyO (TO, Wwoi by 01 W» (TOIE EDINA-WEST ORCHESTRA PLAYS WITH CLASS The yrmgs of 25 musioons song ro more people rhis yeor or ol three concerts rhon in ony posr yeor Improved often-donee If red the morale and created spirit odmisr the Edino’Wesr orcheyro Accomponied by several bond members rhe group ployed seasonal pieces for both rhe winter and spring concerts along with various dosscol numbers Just as rhe bond helped out rhe orcheyro. rhe orcheyro accompanied the moss choir or rhe onnuol Holiday concert, making rhe entire music deportment interdependent amongst itself In April. rhe orcheyro ployed for rhe Music 4 On Netscn (On txxdey or prance Educators Narionol Conference (MENO which was heoded by director Ed Meuchor (foe ). The event was termed “All Edna Night" as rhe merge pro vided encouroging insight of next year ro rhe yudenrs. Junior Don Felton projected. "The larger number next year wl increase our sound and will moke us better in thor sense." To rose money for their spring tour, orchestra members sold condy ro hungry Edno Wey students Money from admission ro rhe three con certs also went toward tour expenses Tour yrengrhened friendships, a eared o sense of unity ond ended the year on o pleasant note ORCHESTRA, 165 iOfOJ by f+rn0or Hl2) Copy by trtOoytfCTO. f 0 C» by 0 fyrrm(tt). Vmrfryj «CONCERT BAND AN CONSTANT] Under rhe direction of Ed Mehchor (foe.) rne Concert Bond spent rheir frsr school doys morching, olong with rhe rest of rhe bond mem bers Doe to rhe weather, rhey were only able to morch or three football gomes Ir was unfortunate os they learned and practiced several routine pieces during fourth hour and after school When morching season tryouts were over, rhe bond settled down to rhe regular routine Triplets, challenges and new pieces for their winrer concert kept rhe bond busy, and alwoys practicing. After the winter concert was over, rhe bond began for Pop's '81. tour, and rhe spring con- cert. Outside of school, rhe "Bandies" devote spore time to band couses. Selling candles, second year in o row helped raise money tour Sections such as rhe flutes and ciarirv joyed getting together for breakfast. toughit eoring. Although rhe large size of rhe m bond prevented their traditional on bond the Concert bond found spare time for the parties after concerts ond rhe rrodirionol c Pop’s potty These parries were famous U enthusiasm, which left rhe "Bcncies" rired food, ond exhilarated | he irixnpcr sea on gives r o they hove jrng proaice a Ed Mexhor (foe ) on energetic Veaor gives rh Oond on "OK" ro begn ptayng w Sue Hotrorrom (11). Lao Corrveou (12). Sue Swanson (10) end Else Krerchmcyi (11) concenrroce on rhe mus Senors Kety Schwarz (12) ono Ann ftoskn (12). show rhe rrue spirit of ixrti 166. Concert Band Wyix. cry OTy TwcfyKxZO) Co(y Cry fixy Oy re Part' t2)THEIR COUNTER PARTS! iCHIEVING PERFECTION? Included for rhe first time n the morching bond. the Cougor bond members goined experience for the merger wirh rhe Eost bonds, giving them more opportunities for rhe future Decouse of the long hours of reheorsol rhe Cougor Bond found that rhey hod left no time for Winter Concert Insreod. rhe bond, under rhe direction of John Neilson. concentrated on ploying or rhe boys Vorsi ry Doskerboi gomes and preporing for their sprng Concert Moving directly out of the march ng season mro their preparations for rhe Winter Concert, rhe Varsity Bond found that rhey dso had very little time They firwshed rhe concert, rhey concerrcted on their two mojor projects of rhe year, tour and Flashbacks Rotsing money by selling Chrisrmos wropping paper and preparing dance and solo numbers os well as band numbers kept rhe bond ond director. John Nefcon. busy throughout rhe yeor x? tubo secroo perfects the music for the upcoming tour ffectmg tvs repertory for rhe Christmas Concert. Pool •meoogef (If) gives his M concentration Ann ftversan (10) raises o break whie waring for her quo The members of Couqor Done! proct e rvenrty for cn upcoming boskeroofi gome Sophmore. Er Torp sets the beer for Cougor Band Simon PCDprocrces her piece for o port n flashboefcs VARSITY 6 COUGAR BAND 167 loyou Oy Hfy Irprtpytojlt}) Copy tty Mnmon’lS’P oy Im Porr r (Q)INTRODUCING EDINA WEST’S .. The 196061 Concert Chor Decode me vy Eano Chor ever 'o .n Ochevro Ha ne'e rhey ck ay mer expc’-ece CONCERT CHOIR In on orrempr ro monron their repuroron for excefonce for rhe fino! yeor, rhe Edino West Concert Char worked; practicing ond performing Under rhe crecron of Dob Peterson (foe), the chor dwoys hod o performance for which ro ready themselves. Outside of the usual school concerts, rhe choir was asked ro sing or Orchesrro Holl for o High school conductors convention After finished with moy of rher performances ond ob-V gorons. rhe choir wos foced with rher dggey task of rhe yeor Current Jem '81 meant sdo auaton ond reheorsd. bonds ond rhe annual senior slide show The hours of work ond dedication required were oil reworded when rhe choir performed in front of several full audiences For rhe students who wonted ro devote more time ro char ond rher talents. Chomder Smc group of yudenrs chosen by oudirion perfc oH over rhe merropoiiton area Our ro o reycuronr or o party or o horn Concert Char members never let o chance celebration sip by With these pones, the chor found rhor socialized os we« os hormomzed well roge CHAMOFR SnGERS FRONT ROW K Sties. R Johnson A HMxrO. R CoWwe . C O Connor. Concert Chor ofwoys shows rhe benefits of rher hord work A Montgomery. J Uchordson. 0 Wecer OaCK ROW A Montgomery, j Dovers D Teton. r dk of rher perfcrmaxes D Amen. A Den. J Swenson D Koch 168 CONCERT CHOIR loyoar by than WoArrftflCcey by Tory .MroV'O)elxrov Cy lorry ItActdO)'OCAL HARMONY rhe cVecron of o new mon. Dorwvi Msstrg. (foe) orgorwed »he porervol on Vcrstfy o meet rhct goefe VARSITY GOA ENSAM E front ROW A Lo Gorge. E German 5 Gove L Coe-' P Deegan K Hbbs. K FonijrO. C Yceger OACK ROW 5 G LoogHn. G T Jennsor T Horten 0 Topin. C £Vhpu«j . 5 Armyrong VARSITY CHOIR CHORALE dly owoke, much :ess reedy to sng. rhe 'or$iiy choir procriced firsr hour, «n rhe lower n choir room rnng rhe yeor wirhour experience staging ter ond under rhe direction of o new direc orwm Missling (foe), rhe choir found rhor rhey o be porienr ond dedicored ro be oble ro rogerher os o choir ? foil workshop, rho Holtdoy Concerr, Mosrer-, one Happening's 81 kepr rhe members ng ood performing new numbers almosr consronrly. Alrhough busy wirh performances o'one, Vorsi ry choir found rime ro work for ond go on rheir rour in rhe spring of 1981 Frur soles, ec-iy n rhe yeor were one of rhe merhods rhor rhe choir, along wirh rhe help of rhe Booster Oub worked ro rase money for rhe rour While rhey lecrned ro work well rogerher, rhe cho r members oto learned ro enjoy each orher Porludss os well os parties mode rhe long hours of practice bearable A char mode up of senior, junior ond sophomore giris. Chorale procriced second hour, every day. Under rhe orecron of Bob Pererson (foe), rhe char performed five rimes, Fo- workshop, Ho doy Concerr. Mosrerworks, Contest ond rhe Spring Concerr The vorery of performances meonr rhor rhe char hod ro ieern o number of afferenr kinds of pieces From songs abour rhe hoWoys. ro Clossi col pieces, ro rhe popular songs of rhe Spring Concerr. rhe giris in rhe char learned ro practice ond perform a wide vorery of music. Chorale was 0 Chor of high school grts. ood wirh rhe help of Dot Peterson (foe). rhey emerged os o wei rtxmoed voed group The heymorwed voces of Cboroie were often occompo r»ed by rhe pono ptoyng cf Rachel Pkxhos (ID VARSITY CHOIR. CHORALE 169 by Oxn u et t WCepy Oy Mn nomt2) nxtot by lorry UAa+trziCONCERT BAND :RONT ROW. L Pearson. L Shorn. C V«j. P Chonddr. P 'AcGeiond, K Cooper. J GuOerud, M fAoVnores. J Legos. S Joemgs eid. M Gorrsocker. M Means. K Towey SECOND IOW. T Kemp. M Johnson. S Ahns. M Hupporr. R Johnson. J Moore. C VonHMen. M Corner THIRD ROW. J Lothouer. Swanson, E Johnson. L Comveou. 5 Hotmsrrom. T Over XXX. P Moore. J Foter. J Shoffer, 0 Teasfy BACK ROW. w •dvr, J Horrod, T Junto. K Johnson, E Hennckson VARSITY BAND •RONT ROW. K Upson. P Anderson. 0 '.arson. J G oeser. L Yescke. G Mom. P °roy. S Sohus. K Metz. S Red. A Arndt. C Syverrson. L Johnson. 5 Lund. E Mod Jen. 5 Karr. R St. C Beeson. SECOND OW. A Towey. M McGbne. L Mekhcr. I Goodmonson. K Groff. K Peterson. S Chancier. 5 Suby. M Turner, K Ferrero. K Mognuson. W Orchard. T Froemmng. ft Keomg. M Uhr. J ftasmusson. M LeGros. I Duke. D Voss DACK ROW. A Peter son. K Honsen, 5 Gabriel. 0 Esrrem. J Frtondson. P ftosiond. S Woischtoeger. K Johnson. L Ophem. T Due. T Cecere. E Oelschner. J McGJorhery. C Johnson. D Montgomery. J DchJer, G Hendershort. L. Leopold. A Krond. J Rogers. J Simon. J eten(foc). COUGAR BAND FRONT ROW. C Divine. M Morgan. K Sobering. H Wesrphoi. G Swenson SECOND ROW. C ExJe. J Wonnnger. D Edfson. J Konezy. C Whre. L Gloss. V DohJqUsr. 0 Turner. J Simon. J Rase THIRD ROW. 5 Ornggod. C Ede. K Povtk. J Doering. J Corrrveou. J Wonnger, G Gnerer. D Hi. M Korin. D Malcolm, J. Gozum. T Koisier, G Richards ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW. C Nelson. P Hervges. K Jones. S HenrAson. D DJresne, W Von HJzen, S Ovftinon, A LoDerge. A Dty SECOND ROW. J Danielson. L Kupn. D Olson. K Hughes. L Lofing, C Schoenedser, J Sjoiander. ft Perschn. N Richards. P Zeter THIRD ROW. ft QurJon. W Poxon, D Mcfor. M Hem mond. C Schunie. M Reynolds. G Monson. D Feton. 170. MUSIC GROUP SHOTS lOfOJ onS Copy 0y AoYVKv U tomx- (12)CONCERT BAND FRONT ROW. L Nydohl. M Seosty. 0 Fr.ede. 5 Corner A Lemon. R Post. D Ons. E Lyon, A Momores SECOND ROV. E Mekhor, T Enckson, J Kornegs. J. Swenson. K Sties. Hopkns, D Doyton. D Peno THIRD ROW. C Weber t Swanson. 6 Cunnnghom, M Homs. D McLougNn. U Fned J Hoi. J Wood. D Rnghom. C Oe onger. K Schwarz BAC ROW. J Monots. J Moore. E Jjhi. 5 Armstrong. C Deegor T Fkxo. A Webster. 0 White, A Roskn, L Kubn CONCERT CHOIR FRONT ROW. T Season. P North. Derby. P Stone. D Fe on, D Jeon, M Po son. R Cakfwel. A Hjbbord. D Pokos. Moterus. K Stuckey. J HorroKj. 0 Lorson. Hendel. C O'Connor. S Honson SECOS ROW. P Dosch. R Gensch. C Kedon. HI. K Carpenrer. P Dole. A Roskn. Morske. R DoN. P Me Gym. T We z. Rnghom, A Bush. M Lovete. C Gddste D Felon. K Royce. G Hod THIRD RO P Sonmzos. P Moore. A Montgomery. Srles. D Swenson. 0 Rogers. S Muroy. Monots, 0 Weber. J Doordmon. R Joe son. M SeosJy. P Loughtn. M Byron. Dorr. J Richardson, P Enckson. D eeton. Trebtod. R Peterson (foe ) BACK ROW. Arrren, M Seosty. A Montgomery. Thompson. P Schtxr. J Gorman. J Swt son. K Von SchrrxF Pout. K Rckert. Koch. S Hofstod. M Youngblood. J Dove D Peterson. L Poerzrxk. J Bender. J Dt ebon, S Mter. L Nydohl. V Overton VARSITY CHOIR FRONT ROW. A Lo Derge. D Jungles. Shrk. J Nelson, M Moynhon. K SJtvon. Rogers. C Yoeger. C Merer. A Perersc. K Leung. P Sox. J Haugen, j Doker. Olsen. SECOND ROW. D Mtsstngdoe). Koeier, S Glover. J Schuenemon. C W sron. T Vickers. L Coen. N OuAng. Weemon, f Rickman. E Reardon. M J L Gunderson. D Schoor. J Scfrriet. . MocGowon. C Cox. K Dong. K Jonnsrc THIRD ROW. K Fcrsiund. C Candies. Codey, 0 Oorth. R Peterson. C Perersc M Lemeux. G Dremner. S Armstrong, Hansen. N Sonmzos. W Hoywo. S Wt ness. D Doyton. K King. P Nelson. L Po son. M Korver. P Mnehorr F0UR1 ROW. S Moss. K Hbbs. S Frectckson, Doty. J Mein. R Loughtn. T Johnson. Fotdenojr, S Dow. N Peterson. T Me4e G Robertson, M Morgan. D Toptn, . Hole. S HaNerson. C Ehnqutsr. J Kcfu. Mrkonch. P Deegon. T Cfrtst. J Nebor CHORALE •NT ROW. L Wetond. R Purcet. W Gahom. L Dose. L drum, J Glover. N Jepson. M Sndermonn, P Premier. D von. L Anderson. L Kubn. N Richords. 5 Perry. J Ander K Roshdr, M Frey. D EAot. J Morrrtson. J Moddux. N ene. S Wngrv. L Twymon SECOND ROW- J Downe. P f. S Rjppinger. K Efiig. L Ewdd, L Wheeler. A AJrhouser. 5 Ahmom. P Russet. 0 Turner. A Oben. M Rozmon.W Morguordr. D Kreuzer. M Hoyek, D Alon. M WAoms. L Oumby. D Runke. J Kcpkm. E Nebon. J Legus. C Sonsom BACK ROW- R Perersondoc). M Menz. K Hughes. A Ohl son. N Schumacher. D Cordwet. B H ford, J Goodrum L Decfcmn, K Pm. T Klen, 5 Nerud. J Srensrrom, K Tennis. H Htdebrorxj. A Rorhgeb. C Temple, C Morgan. A Massrtck. 5 Angekts. T Babcock. L Derg. R Lews. P Tenbroek. J Shbo. A Brodsky MUSIC GROUP SHOTS. 17' Copy 0X3 loyoo by imVt Wttfnon (tj.KjfrunmrvTINDIVIDUALS SECTION EDITOR HE® (IAETHER (12)SOPHOMORES WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER BEING LOST IN THE CROWI AND "I wfl always remember rhe school lunches Maybe ir would be better to forger them " Mark Mason (10) "We will olwoys remember forgerring our er combinations after Chrisrmas break " Mrs. Andersons' Homeroom "I will dwoys remember my first boy in rhe Upper Division I was so lost thar I didn't find my firsr hour doss until third hour." Margaret Lewis (10) ‘Tl never forger being grounded and watching Charlie's Angels while everybody else was watching the East West foorboR game." Anonymous "I wl forever remember the lost Edina West Homecoming I went to ir with a guy from Edina Eosr." Done Raob (10) "I'll never forger how sore my muscles were when I was kicked out of Mr Conakes' doss and hod ro come bock and do 100 burptes." Trioo Russell (10) "I can'r forger learning rhe life story of Mr SMuzocek wh le shaking honds wirh him " Suzonne Kirk (10) "IT always remember Matt " Decky Turner (10) "I will never forger rhe rime I lettered in nasties." Ed Mekchar (10) “We wil always remember footboll go oronge lunch rickets, green MGM's, gomt mopeds, fox hunting, alligators, sophomore socializing, being si y, gerrrng disgusted looks rhe seniors, and having a locker rhor won’t unless you say "please ” Tne Sophomore Gris (10) Enrhusosnc sophomores gorher for rhe Soccer pep few to cheer rhe soccer reams on to vKiory 174. SOPHOMORES loytw tyf M D)on) HKf Hoe Q . PhO-o by Oov } Orano (t»Abel. More Adorns, Joy Adorns, liso AN. John Ahmonn. Suson Akins, Susan Alkon, Cyntfto Allen. Cynrhio Alrhouser, Amy Anderson. Lisa Anderson, Lynn Anderson. Scott Andrews. Poge Angelus, Srocy Appelboum, Ellen Arnor, Bernhard Arnold. Robert Ashenbrenner Jr,, Fredric Babcock, Tocio Bcbcock, Thomas Baker, Joanne Balrzer. Gregory Bonnie, Genevive Bormon. William Bosill. John Bear, Keirh Belsiro, John Berg, Darcy Berg, Laura Bixby, Timothy Bjerke, Dovid Bjork, Thomos Blevins, Eric Bloom, John Bock. Thomos Bohmer, Thomos Bolin, Perer Bonello, Wi'liam Boner, Sreven Boone. Christopher Bremner. Geoffrey Dreuer. Joochim Briggs. Liso Brimocombe. Mork Bringgold, Scott Brockway, Anne Brooks. Loren Brown. Thcddeus Brudos, Thomos Buds, Brenda Budde. James Buenz, Wiiiom Bulver. James Burke, Thomos SOPHOMORES, 175 toyon by M JtfvwwKM 00 yO H a 2 . ptx K by Scftfrtnj Pierxt Busch. Brian Butler. John Cdias, Thomas Carlson. Daniel Corsello, Potrscio Carson. John Champlin. Christopher Chance. Nicole Chapman, Soro Chnsrie. Doug GeoveJand, Sorah Conley. Karhleen Corrivecu. James Core. Kelly Courmey. Kevin Cox. Cara Cunningham. Greg Doggert, Robert DeVoe. Michael Dick, John Dietrich, David Divine. Ccrhy Docherry, Goire Doe. Robert Donohue. Patrick Dow. Stephen Downie. Joni Drewelow. Kenneth Dronen. David Dumoneoux. John Eilers, Mark Eksrrom, Karen Elmer. Thomos Eng, T Andrew Engels. Joseph Enrico. Anthony Epple. Christopher Erickson. Bruce Erickson, Undo Ehckson. Ross Evenson. Stacey Evensrod. Thomas Fogerstrom. Brodtey Forrel!. Stonley Foul, Steven Felton, Brian Flora, Talley Forrer. Joseph Forskjnd, Kristina Fossey, Kurt Fredrickson. Sue Freeman. Michelle Frey. Mary Froemmng, Traci 176, SOPHOMORES layout y M $truer my flO an} HeO Roe (O: Photoi Oy JV'y?'Gabriel. Linda Gamble. Scott Gendreou, Richard Genung. Gregory GdrvnoWe, Mary Gteden, Amy Gnerer, Jerry Gorman. Patrick Grocemon, Wendy Greene, Nancy Groves. Timorhy Gustafson Jr.. Gory Guthrie. Troy Halversen. Scorr Hammond, Michoel Hon. MicheS Hansen, Kristopher Hanson, Todd Harrington, Bridget Harris, Michoel Harrison, Robert Horrold. Juke Hartman. Mono Hasper, Gregory Hougan, Jane Houser. Margaret Hovir. Douglas Hayes. Michael Hoywo, W am Healy, Timorhy Hearon, James Hemp. Angela Henrges. Patricia Herman, Weston Hesdorffer. Meredith Hessburg, Thomas Hildebrand. Heidi Hill, Bran Holm. Marcus Horn Jr.. Mchael Hribar. Keren Huey, Nan Hughes. Daniel Hughes, Kristi Humphrey, Moris Dde Lor,gc(oii (10), dreiks coffee Purirvg soock tyeok to woke himsetf up for h s eorty mernng posses SOPHOMORES. 177 loywir by M Scnueoemon f«35 ord He«d flcwxv 02). Pr n by Jcft ? fltrxnftcf1 Lcnon (10). gets neecfcd support from h s crutches wtsJo rokng o brook from he hectic sophrrvxo scfiecX e Hupperr, Morrhew Iverson, Eric Iverson, Scroh James Jr., Charles Jepson, Noncy Johnson. Gory Johnson, Kiris Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Lisa Johnsron, Dovid Jolliffe. Eric Juhl, Erik Jundr. Marcus Jungels, Donnie Koehler. Ludmilla Kaiser, Shoron Kaisler. Thomas Kaju, James Kcnrer. Marcy Kcplon. Jane Kcrolis. Amy Karos. Tina Kearing, Rhonda Kelley. E zoberh Kirk, Suzcnne Klem, Lori Klindworrh, Trocey Klug, Anne Kolzow. Dnan Kroemer. Jonathan Krone. Andrew Kubh. Leslie Kubin, Linda LoBerge, Annerre Logorio. Craig Lcmb. Drerr Lander. Jennifer Long, John Longe, Gary Langefels, Dole Larsen. Leif Larson. Richord 178. SOPHOMORES layout by M J(O) a ) rtct T2). Wxxoi by Scot -WVwiLowler, Michael Legler. Corherine Legros, Michelle Legus, Jennifer Lemieux, M-chael Leslie, Scort Leung. Koy Lewis, Morgorer Lewis, Ruth Limbens. Charles Lindeiand, Karen Lindsay, Krisrene Lirrle, Robert Long, Srephen Lund. Perer Lund, Susan LunWey. Laura Lyon. Elizoberh Macgowan, Frank Macholek. Sally Moddux. Julie Maimares. Knsonrhy Mato, Thomas Molcom. Drion Maley, Brian Manolis. James Martin, Louro Marrinson, Julie Mason, Mark Matthews, Dorse! Matson, Gregory Moyer Jr., Momin McBride. Andrew McDonnell, Mary McElroy, Shawn McQarhery. Jock McQone. Mary McGovern, Timorhy McLoughSn, Sreven McShone. Erin Meirz, Patrick Melichar Jr. Edwin Metoche, William Menz, Morjorie Merra, Steven Moborry, Anne Moe, Jamie Mogilner, Jube Montgomery. Douglas Moore. Pamela Morgan, Michael Morgan. Michelle Mosharrafa, Ali Moynihon. Morie SOPHOMORES. 179 loy«w by M Sctxxwon Ocrt3 Heti flower 03). m by S(fx tn) pitw 9 WANTED: LICENSED DRIVER "fVrr+rvg!" "Hello?” "Hey Joe. did you pass your drivers resr?” "Oh. hi Steve Yeah, but just barely. I gor a 71." "Congroruiarioos, old pal, now you're rhe first sophomore in our doss to get his license! Do you think you con get rhe cor for the gome tonight? I was talking to rhe guys ond everyone wonrs to go " "Well. I think I con, but I con only fir four in my cor.” "Oh, that's too bod because eight of us need rides." "You gorro be kidding! I con’r take dl you guys!" "Well, you hove to because you're rhe only one who drives. See you in five minutes'" CLICK!!! Sound fomilior? The obove telephone conversation was just o sample of what mony new sophomore drivers experienced All sophomores were excited for rhot special doy when they could finoBy get rheir license, bur until then who would drive them around5 Wefl. it just seems logtcol that rhe first sophomore to get his license should roke rhe initiative This sophomore. Joe. being noive ond inexperienced, hod no idea what was coming his way First of p . he noticed rhor suddenly he wos becoming very popular ond wos making mony new so colled "friends". All this populoriry wos great except when Friday night come around ond he hod to cram eight of hs friends m o four passenger Fiat Joe also reokzed how fast his hord earned money wos disappearing. Gas wos selling for $1.20 o gallon ond since he wos o boy his insurance hked up to $200 o yeor His nexr problem wos rhe constant fighting with his sisrer for use of rhe cor It seemed rhor she alwoys needed it or rhe some rime he did They'd screom, ye«. ond couse so much commotion rhor finoly Mom would srep in ond soy. "If you two ore going to fight about it. neither of you get the cor!" This kense wos realy becoming o hassle for Joe. but os rhe yeor went on his friends passed their drivers rests ond this rook rhe pressure off him Phew! Wos Joe relieved! He hod these final words to soy about Ns whole ordeol. "Even though it wos considered o privilege to get my big "D.L.," ir wasn't quite ai it wos crocked up to be."Mrkonich, Jon Nelson. Christine Nelson, Elizobeth Nelson, Jone Nidsodyn. Todd Nieiand, Lynn Nordsrog, Douglas Norelli, Christopher Oberoigner. Robert O'Brien, Morrhew O'Brien, Orine Ohlson, Allyson Ollmaon. John Oimschetd, John CHsen, Amy Olsen, Moris Olson, Commie Olson, Ted 0'Ne;l, John Pacioai. Peter Palmer, Stephanie Parrott, Ekzoberh Pavlik. Kyle Pederson, Dohel Perio, Willom Peterson, Amy Peterson, Ann Peterson. Arthur Peterson. Neil Peterson, Rolf Petty, Suson Pfohnenstein, Matthew Phillips, M chelle Pierce, Mork Rrsch, Frederick Pitrmon, Airimo Pittmon. Jeon Pogue. Michael Purcell. Rebecca Quimby. Linda Quinlan, Elizabeth Roab, Done Rodabaugh, Julie Raerher. Eric Rogozzino, Williom Rasmussen. Jil Reichert, Troy Retd. Samuel Reynolds, Mary Richords. Gregory Richards, Nancy Risse, M Roberts. Michael Robeson. Thomas 182, SOPHOMORES layout by J» Jcfiv nn (V). ond (O). P c ot by ScfycrtTg Amc"Rogers, Bernony Romine Jr., John Rosholr, Christine Rostand, Poul Rorhgeb, Andrea Roiman, Jane Rozenrols, Gunor Runke, Bersy RusseS, Patricio Ruijes, Poul Ryden. Jennifer Sansom, Claire Santrizos, Nicholas Sox. Pomelo Schuenemon, Jfl Schuenemon, Raymond Schumacher, Steven Schurz, Jennifer Schwmd, Thomos Seosiy. Michael Sebek, Michael Sheerer, Brian Shaffer, Stephen Shambtorr, Melissa Shirk, Dione Shoos, Lesley Stmon, Jill Simon, Susanne Simonson, Karen Sindermann, Morioyne Sir. Raymond Sjosrrom, Leif Smith, Elizabeth Soderling, Kristyn Srenehjem, John Srensrrom. Jo Ann Stewort, Lisa Srrondberg, Heidi [Xrwg corrYrvjrKQioos class. Karen Hrtxy (10) rrys rbe IceesJ harsryte on ctossmoro Lr do Gobr el (10) SOPHOMORES, 1 3 ayOJ by M OPJand Meat Vx 1 (W. fcwoi by iav ng Aerxr.Stuckey, Kimberly Suby, Soroh SuSvan, Ann Sufcvon. Kerry Suftvon, Perer Swonsen. Doniel Swanson. Morrhew Swonsoo. Suzanne Sweeney, Michael Tonner. Carolyn Toylor. Robert Teasley, Brian TenBroek, Morgarer Tengdtn, Daniel Thomas, Jeffrey Thomas. JeU Tierney. Thomas ToBefson, Sreven Torp, Erik Towey, Anne Trionrafytou, Thimaa Turner. Mary Turner. Rebecca Twymon. Lisa Uhr. Mmdy Ulmen, Karen Uphoff. Paul Valentine, Elizabeth VonDoren, Holly VonHUzen. Wendy Verweij. Jeon Paul Vickers, Tobie Woles, Karen Wallin. Bradford Wossenoar. Robert Weber, Craig Webster, Ann Webster. Jfl Westphal, Heid Wheeler, Lynn Whelan. Molly White III, Charles Williams, James Williams, Tereso Winston, Coroiine Winter, Michele Wirkkoia, Paul Wray, Nicole Wright, Susan Wurst, Daniel Wursr, Michael Veschke. Lyndo Zeller. Perer 184 SOPHOMORES loyou by M Ww (tO. arxl Hfid fic r (12). Oy totna  UBLICALLY SPEAKING e ng o sophomore hos irs nerve wroctong ond emborassing moments One of rhe wory ?s hos ro be: rhe speeches given in Communions doss i preporonon for rhe speech, o topic fry hos ro chosen, rhen rhe reol work begins After hours £ seorchng. o rhe nformorion gorhered hos ro organized in o logkcoi way (Sometimes it's d ro be logicol ond o sophomore or rhe some ?, bur it's been done) ependmg on the sophomore, many hours of procrice moy go into rhe speech They may give rhe speech ro o variety of people or things, such os rher porenrs who listen poSrefy ond wonder ro themselves. "Where did we go wrong?" They moy olso give rhe speech ro o friend who doesn't kke ir bur is encourogmg onywoy. or ro rheir per goldfish who don'r reafiy core After rhe speech is fnoty over, presented, ond groded. rhe sophomore con wipe his or her swear off ond heove o sigh of relief despcrorcfy sccrtfvig for mformonon. Nancy Jepson (O, worths on o speech for her CommurKonons doss lor x h' ct2)crx} m i— Tom Schwrtd (10), onorher tnjiirateo sophomore sceech JtuJeor. proof reoch ho ottogrophy n o fay nrwx e efforr ro ftrwh his speechJUNIORS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER BEING PART OF THE CROWD AND “Being psyched obout gening owoy from cer- "IT olwoys remember being asked yopid q tan seniors.' rions like these by more intefegenr teachers.' John DeVoe (11) Chris Sour (11) Jm Otsonoski (11) Dove Motey (IV ’Tl olwoys remember seeing Wesr kick East's bun the lost time " Drone Popowich (11) "IT olwoys remember those J B. resrs every Friday” Jeff Turner (11) ‘Tl olwoys remember the Koboom Kobash or Broemor ..." Joy Gender (11) ... with the little morshmellow srors. Doug Felton (11) "We'l olwoys remember those stronge true olgebro problems like P« 44 + 4bk + 5 5PE W B Mr Olson's Moth doss "IT always remember singing the Cougar F Song the last time.” Mike Greshom (11) "The rrogic death of John Henry Bon horn.” Depressed Juniors ‘Jenny Moris Swonson (11) Tl olwoys remember thermos days Som Worrhen (11) A crowd o Juncr grfc qe reody ter rhe Soccer peptesr jyoJ by yxt' Vo r» tD. Leo Com (© on) »■ » ftjw tZ Copy by Ory V tr (W K ‘ 2Abr Jr.. Vincent Adorns. Gregory Alexonder. Susan Akon. Korhy Allen, Laurie Allum, Steve Arrvren. Debro Anderson, Carl Anderson, Dar o Anderson, Gina Anderson, Julie Anderson, Pomelo Anderson, Stephen Antotak, Alison Arndt. Anne Asb ornson. Elizobeth Austin, John Axr. Edward Ayd, Donald Azof, Victor Babcock, Rebecca Boiey, A Robert Bole, John Bong. Kristine Bortodzsej, Wiliam Beard, Leslie Beeson. Charles Beiswonger, Anne Belrose, Dove Beischner Jr., Earl Belvedere. Wiliam Benda. Tony Bender. Jay Benjamin, Elizobeth Berg, Roger Berg, Thomas Berggreen. Carl Berglund, Lynn Bevers, Jana Bins, Doniel Block, Steven Bohrer, Nicholas Borth, Barbara Bose. Mory Boyd. Tiffany Boylan, Therese Boenz, Thomas Buetel, Barry Bugby, Carolyn Buhler, James Bundt, Erika Burke. James Burke, Joseph Burnsrein, Steven JUNIORS 187 loyou by HeO fice (12). Leo Com (12) end C oo v oher CTO. tarns by flpvnButwimck, Richord Oyron, Mortho Comimte. Angelo CordweH. Deboro Corpenrer, Korhryn Cassidy. Sreobea Cecere, Teresa Chandler. Potricio Chapman, Sally Chopman. WoEy Cheesebrough. Jennifer Chepoks, Anne Christian, Eizoberh One, Elizabeth Cole, Peter Constable, Mary Conrons, Susan Conway, John Cooney. Mary Coonrod, Wode Alan Cooper. Kelley Cramer, Sue Cress. Wendy Kay Cundy, Sreven Cunliffe. Philip Cunningham, Christine Currier, Meione Dahl, Robyn Daly, Jeanne Danielson, Joy Davis. Annette Deleon. Elizabeth Demean, John DeVoe. John DeVries, Undo Didsens. Simon Doermg, Beth Donohue Jr., Jomes Dorsey. Wendy Dosch, Patricio Eastman, Krtsrm Eastman, Mike Etde, Charles Elbotr, Down Elmer, Todd Elmqust Jr . Ronald Erickson, Trocey Erlondson, John Estrem, Williom Fee, Paul Felton, Doniel Felton. Douglas Ferreira, Robert Ferro. Maria 186. JUNIORS loyoj by Mnd IWftvf 02). Lao Com 02). om5 Oreo W'ofc (W. VKKA by »tncr Gunderson, Lynn Guy of son, James Hoogensen, Marcia Hogen. Joyce Hoglund, Kimberly Hole, David Homan, Hugh Hommond. Michele Fesler, Dno RekJen. Thomas Finger man, Jock) Fingerman, Judi Fischer. Thomas Fitzpatrick. Liso Fokjenaur. John Fosrer, Jodi Frisk, Mary Frisvokj, Julie Frurh, Carl Fi ford, Doniel Gamble, Mery Gomer. Kenneth Garoutre. Carol Gayharr Jr , Manford Gionnobile, Dovid Giberr, Andrew Gikhriy, Scon Glfix, Steven Gloeser, Jennifer Goetzmann, Jean Gozum, John Goham, Wendy As another weory school week comes to o dose. Grog nobmson (11) shows ha onnopenoo tor o GREAT weekend JUNIORS, 189 loyou by He ftoc-fxv (TZ. Uso Coto (O). and Onan Vet W, Pberos by Honsen, ftchord Hanson, Scon Hasnngs. Carrie Hoyek, Morrho Heoty Jr.. John Heim, Michoei Henry. Scorr Henrges, Korhieen Herbers, Jennifer Heysrek, Korhryn Htobs, Kori Hi. Susan Hirsch, Keily Hoedeman, Thomos Hofsrcd. Suson Hoimsrrom, Suson Horoshok, Msehoel Houser, Korhieen Housh, Sreven Hovetson, Mary Oerh Hubbord, Ann Hufford, Berh Humpfer, Kimberly Iren, Michelle Jenson, Mary Cloir Joern, Mark Johnson, Corherine Johnson, Ernesr Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Krisnn Johnson. Robm Johnson. Thomos Johnsron, Adorn Johnsron. Krisren Junrri, Ann Jurich, So8y Jusr. Roberr Kornegis, Jill Kozemi. Kion Kemp, Toro King, Kimberly Kirk, John Kjzershor. Julie Klasky, Mmdy Klein. Terri Kiemm. Kurr Kness. Srocey Koch, Dovid Koop, Moureen Krerchmon, Else Moe Kruezer. Eiizoberh Kriesel, Goye Krierer, Doniel Kuller. Mork 190. JUNlOftS Loytx Oy MM Xje r Leo Core (12). ore £Kn Vc+r (W. PKxou try i 'rm; w  Wording w« ogomy rho cc np«jtef, Tm SreXxsg (W tries get the bey of hs "opponent " Lorson, Baird Lorson. Jeffrey LougNin. Robert Lovelle. Mork Lavelle. Raymond Lemenoger, Pcul Lewis, Tomi Lilja, Potrick Limber is. Michael Link, Alison Lofing. Uso Lovlie, Reidun Maos. Laura Mognuson. Cynthio Morquordr, Whitney Marti. Gretchen Mossmck, Andrea Mayer. Christopher McCondless, Scott McDonald, Timothy McDonnell, Elizabeth McGnty, Mary McGlynn, Paul McGlynn, Thomas Mellert. Timothy Merz, Suzanne M8er, Lynn Mifier. Nancy Mingo. Lisa Moe, Cathy JUNIORS, 191 loyoi by HcO Ac ' - tffl, ItO Com (V cna Onyn V ahe (tV. t+cn by 5f YPIll EDINA- Wh e yuCyv g for her cigetxa rev. Karen 0'ohl (ID finds rime to be derrocred by o fneod is a Sll l« Deing o yudenr has some smoll periods of fun. yer being o junior obviously hos fewer rhan rhor Mony juniors only experience o bnef hour in school which hos no srress of note roking, pop quizes, or research papers, rhor hour of couse being srudy hoi This is normally o useful rime for yudy. bur rhere ore rhose days when one just needs o break from rhe doly etghr ro rhree grind From American Nyory and American literarure, ro cherrvyry and olgebra, 61 juniors experience rhe pains and pieasues of being o srudenr Even rhough Ok cK E4e (tVa supposedy rc ang notes Icons bock n hrs dor ro vgrdy rhe corrperon of era greor drowog n Ameocon Ur After redously srruggjrg Through her chemarry resr. Denjomn (ID looks up and shows some sors-'oehon copse she has froly completed rhe resr rhor she srudted two hours for ffC fhcroi m fc ' v Arotn 8 X S'IUNICR IMfKIIMI Flng (X rhe fomed "Pr Stp". Oov 5eftUte (Wdeo x whor goes n wtxh blank r r Qo d (W and Tort? U vr (W deploy the red feeings jbod ol the homework ond srudynng rhey hove for rhe veekend Vrti ryv ,od cr Cocnry Scot, Deleon (10 fvxft mcr sorrng be 6 nor rhe mosr excrmg rr ng rnor has ever hoopeood ro her 11 I Ion I Deyond life or Edmo Wey. sood life for mony juniors is hectic For mosr yudenrs rhere is nor much rune on school nights for onytNng bur homework, yer some junors con find r.me for o little fun Desides rhe burden of beng o full rme yudenr. mony jumors hove rhe response «ry of o porr rime job Another orgonizonon rhor reputes rime from rhe junior s rhor of rhe church These groups include Pilgrim Fellowship ond Composers No matter how much our of school work is assigned, rhe juniors or Edmo-Wey seems ro find o way ro let rheir school work ond rhe social life exiy together JUNIORS. 193 Loyots ond Copy try 9W Vohtr (W y s, try Ann Qvnocambe 0) on) 0 br m (WMollerus, Michael Monchomp, Caroline Moae, John Moore. Michele Moore. Poul Morgan, Christine Moss. Shan Mrkonich, Krisren Muei’er, Karen Murphy. Anne Murray. Scon Ncnne. Marc Name, Michoel Nelson. Jcner Nelson. Paula Nerud. Sue Nicotoff. Stephanie Nissen. Thomas Nordling. Gregory Norman. Andrea North. Pamela Obecoigner. Thomas Oberie. Michoel O’Brien. Austin Obsr, Amy O'Connor. Catherine OJmonn. Amy Olson, Julie Olson, Mary Kay Olson, Bon Cfeonoski, James Oisson. Lisa O'Neil, Noreen Orfield. Kevin Osrlund, Julie Orto. Grayson Owre. David Parry, Bruce Potch. Johanna Paulson, Leslie Pehrson, Kent Persons. Henry Peterson. Debra Peterson. Kora Peterson. Kristian Peterson, Thomas Petry. Doniel Pfohl, Bichard Philipsen. Mchael Pirsch. Bcrbara Place, Karen Plckos, Bochel Plotr, Anthony Popko, Boxane 194. JUNIOBS ICyou by Uto RoMxr (T2 . Leo Co v) (17) ox) Onm (IV. frc'cn by denenGood friends. Potty Ooah (W and Whtney MorQixytf (W. rogeshec ro rok o bif before rhe Soccer pep fes» Popowich. Diane Poppelaors. Daniel Porter, Douglas Possis, Christopher Quill. Elisabeth Rabuse. John Rahn. Gregory Rebers. Kristen. Recht. Thomas Remerrsen, Amy Rice. Drion Rice. Richard Richards, Noncy Rtchmon, Ellen Riplioger, Susan Robertson. Gregory Robchon, KeSy Robnson. Gregory Robinson, Scotr Rodeck. Christine Rogers. Karla Roirenberg, Ursulo Rolfes, Theresa Roor, Gory Rozmon. M'ndy Runyon, Jeffrey Rutjshouser, Robin Ruiman, Dan-el Ryon. Stacy Rzeszur. Thomas JUNIORS. 195 LayoL by frd Ac ' , t2). lea Cc r, CO) trc IVahtr (W by f Sodowski, Undo Solem, Wode Solovich. Susan Scnd.llo. Rober-Scotfe, Joner Sccnlcn. Therese Schoor, Down Severer, Jeffrey SchJurer, Kye Schmeiz. Korhieen Schmiel, Julio Schneider. Christopher Schoening. Moris Schoenzeir, Loren Schroeder. Sreven Schueneman. Amy Schultz. Julie Ann Schulze. Dovid Schurre. Gordon Scorr. Srccy Sewdl, Cory Show, Dana Simons, Gory Sjolanber. Julie Skibo. Joner Smith, Joy Smirh. Sheryl Sour. Christopher Spence Jr., Russell Stehley, Shoron Srellburg, Timothy Sundquisr, Morrhew Swenson, Julie Syverrsen. Corol Tombornno. Dovid Topvn. Drodley Toube, Jeffrey Temple. Christine Tennis. Karen Terry. Alexonder Thiem. Mark Thompson, Durk Thorne. Eds Turner. John Turner. Thomos Tussing. Scorr Turtle. Timothy Tuveson. Karen Ulrich. Jogueline Ulring. Rondy Ulron, Deborah Vohhoji. Sma VcnHulzen, Cord Vegsund, Ju'-e ?6. JUNfORS r sj by He lO) ISO Coco CO) Oxy Vc r W. PNyov by f c xr JEEP Juniors Encourage Enthusiastic Participation The 1960-81 junior spirit group J.E.E P , which for juniors encou'oge enrhusiosric porndpo-rion, qot off the ground in eoriy Ocrcber Ju e Olson (11) Thought up the eniriob ond Potry Dosch (11) tools core of ordering the numerous shirrs The price for these shirrs was $6 00 The shrrs arrived in time for the Homecoming gome so the juniors were very excited The doy o' the Homecoming gome the grls got up eoriy ond went our ro breakfast After breckfosr the group headed for the school to decorate rhe interior, moinly the commons. The commons were decorated with signs, posters, end words of encourogemenr spelled out in roier poper Later mot night .t was rime for rhe show, and all of rhe 106 girls jumped mro Potty Dosch's, Kathy Schmelrz's. end Joel Hogan's jeeps for a ride around the playing field or half-rime The junior sprit group erected great enthusiasm at PI of rhe gomes they orrended The JEEP'S assemble on rhe namesake r 1 rd e the messoge ro the crowd JUNIORS. 197 Copy era UJyOJ by Oner VoK» W. by Sre ng « , " 1 Xjricxi. Doug Feiron (ID Tom Johnson (ID Koro Pereryy Simo Vohhof (11) ond Lynn AMer (W arrive eorty to ger bey seas for rhe Soccer pep fey Venoble, Leo Vork, Anthony Wohl, Karen Wolquisr. Charles Walker. Orion WoHschloeger. Sreven Wonmnger, John Warner, Sreven Weber. Kimberly Weiss, Chrisrine Wert, Teresa Wheeler, Loren Whire, Drenda Williams, Roben Winsness, W Scorr Wolff, Carol Yorger Jr., John Zonan, Cory Zmeskd, Mork Worrhen, Somuel (Marlon Orondo) 198, JUNIORS lOyex o KJ Copy by Onon 1 ctier rffloxj HcO doerr (t7). f»wi by Sccr AnOtnon (10)JUNIORS, JUNIORS AND MORE JUNIORS . W h rime moving slowly in Mr Comeron's 6th ho , Greg Mr Sebel's chemistry ctass 6 proud ro reokie rho» they Rohn (11) gozes or rhe dod wuhng rhot the long day somewhor comprehend rhe 90s lows r chopter four would finoty end Preoccup d with on interesting novel, iyrvs 0erpUx?(11) posses nme m rhe tor ary with greet eose JUNIORS. 199 Copy and loyCKf by Omn vc+r (TOSENIORS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER STANDING OUT IN THE CROWD AND Tl olwoys remember yonding our m rhe crowd ... but yi being short'" Leslie Pearson 'Tl olwoys remember A BUF " Mike Finley Tl remember how we fmoBy achieved our senior dom ' Morgorer Wuebker "IT never forger spying on senior men Lao Henneberg "Wei never forger having lodge meetings or rise Imperial Oder of the Water Buffalo Hall during Notional "Save o Yard Apple Week " Joe Hemp Gregg Srehley "IT never forger Connie Chapman in her Torzon suit" Uso Deord "We won’t ever forget pulling a Soc all nighrer" JoneH Lorhouer Terry! Overpeck "I won’t ever forget writing endless collegi essays" M Swenson “IT remember the weekends ” Tris Cosooro "IT olwoys remember the enthusiastic effort rhe seniors to moke it the bey year, since was our lay " Nancy Greer "IT always remember my GREAT anxiety r groduore ’’ Penny Pray A aowd ot yTving sernofs onxKxiily wo lot o pep l«r ro 200. SENIORS layou Of Mud (03 C x»o 0y lor lev (G)TERRENCE MOHS ADAMS.T rryGc MD OcdSOME m»mcrot c rm s v h 0 trnos j Ve.es-ps ro Son OejoondRondojobcy AudoKm) c 9»crNc -m0c o ro NANCY JOAN AKMAKHGhawi Vo-icy Te-mjCon. "oo StXXiSlMSV-oOPY CoenctSener Oau Pexdn-f TIC w K SAf OO Anjono wAD Washrrgron OC Vc j» os Krue'i A de A p pons mddp Franc cm3 m U Of M MA(UO « MU AKINS. M3f esKm}UO 79 5T5J 1 MSEV« DT J on tr 1 howl -mn s w S nps ro Ron ). Pom'i aOr Sonbe one 01 W y-CC 9 DENIZ ZEMRA AKSOY.T Ae'PdsSENCftSCorfOcrCamooy. mCar««M ing 1M won Aocr'ocoWrr crv bndjpr rnp, to Ot CA . 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Copy p» Coen rODAVID OlAIA CAANf (V) Copy by too Corn (O) Wyjto by ton ifvt (O)SENIORS. 205 loyax by Hp rtof.’nr r© . Copy by (« 3 Com (07 y : • 1 S.E.N.I.O.R.S. THE WOMEN’S SPIRIT GROUP WITH CLASS. Nor only were rhey seniors, bur rhey were S E N I O R S ! The senior women's spirir dub prom ised on exciring losr yecr for rhe 1981 grcduores SENIORS (Senior energy NOV is oursronding rowdy spirir) provided srounch suppcrrers to mony sporting evenrs ond rhe blur of green ond gold sweorshirfs wos unmsrokcbly presenr or pep fesrs The dub, which begon in rhe fof when co presidents Debbi Griffin (12) ond Trccy McLellon (12) begon rokmg sweorshirr orders, hos hod nu merous pot-Judss "Ir wos o good woy ro build up school spirir No one felr like she wos rhe only one cheering." commenred McLe'ion "Yes.” cgreed Griffin. "SENIORS wos formed ro develop friendships among rhe senior girls ond ro get school spirir on rhe rise'" Perhaps rhe most memorable event wos rhe brisk ride on rhe rrodirionc! firerruck during rhe Homecoming gome halftime fesriv.ries Undo Poerznick (12) summed ir up nicely when she said. "Ir wos o good rime ro ger rogerher with friends and support our school I'm really glod I got involved I Copresdem ofSENORS, Trocy McLe n (12). showed one of rhe mony swearshrrs ro be given ro rhe group members, whie rrymg ro orgorvze ol rhe orOers w SEMQ S members M Chrisr (12) end Kcy y floyce (12) ier some of rhe spr show n rher faces os rhey retexed erfrer one of rhe group's rowdy ocr.wes Am Greecf d (12) modeled one yyle of rhe group s sweorshrr L ° CO) Copy rrocy »a«an (to. «« Oy ion f©SENSORS. 207 loyfe by He Raerher (13). Copy by (« 5 Co ? ft® 'AU- VorjryI Avid Soccer lorn, 0 Derg (12) end Tom Goodyear (12). ger psyched ro see rhe Boys’ Soccer reom on exorng gome ogoinsi EcVo Eoy DIANA BETH FRIEOE- Fr diA orvry DcalwOal orb Sc tx ! cop NMM FoorocA OomcfttVCO evoem Wtftn ASSSwnoi C 3AMrcX poy v.tecereo APw XH? oSrcre NORMAN SCOn FMtOf.Kr TNJuC l»eo»A WfM2V« P- OeorCromyi OoyiPoplGOi n me mw'i roomrrpi ro trie Non woodicndCocrodo sbcr ApoetoewmiUvO THOMAS C. FRISK- HoOoCwHocHeyGerf O s end Cl OcOASOOOol locoed 0 OTpi5ne l Awjm WO rood rrcKCAfJO SANLEY ). GAORIEL- GoOesVeyvy OcsccolHocHeyOrvrY Prtrrp ro fix coo fib 3 Verdi COW ? VALTER JOSEPH GAERTNER III. GerV Vco ‘Aen} -yrovurmo-tsV morercydn T Ro«r mpi ro CVeory Pact or-d Mawo fib c fynena Dy'xm oFcrvc '"Oudes owiVq prrr Vco KATHERINE ANNE GAMBLE- Mod wr«rV - -O JHI •»-.} OeoveoTVi OrNmjCWorvng SM erd fcftnpi ro Span end Fcndopo cr Dcryrcni -u C VEou Coro jEanEHE MAE GARLANO- Uungovcng •- irrpfiyNe YeoriCcn Ccmr jiroCoierOdO.Morroro. CctfermoEez COO! 0"d vcv Coes job cr Coer fry X crwocm ro DO O Sto Ck m ROBERT GORDON G£NSCH-GmoOco DeiFFoOfeoMDal 3ar«t 0i Sv dov Ccxr l£VCC Vodorr SeT'OO OxrcJA OcwVyj Leo x-Norrb Von gerco-, “0 ro Yonjob or Met Spcri Comer FTovderr n W NANCY ANN GIOOEMEYER- GOby-FeTee-Germon OobVn dow prrpr-5 w TEOE t Oenetmem e owsS PoJ Cmc c rr«» The oexy Fryng cr IMtnp ro CNCOQO.nO or Snyder i Colege end trove- JOHN Vuliam GUEDEh. G od I0o i mogMAAFOFAJCS MAPTFOOHl Lnoee TO Crdje-rpi ro OVCA. codn Cocrodo. end Apogee coW r cxr Vev LINDA ROCHELLE GOETZMAN XjetCfKKr r Mffi mcncySrore For w TAKW v SPOvCA LPC P0f0d Ar.toro 00 or Oei rrcnS Fcrmd Vear c eje CAROLE MARIE GOLOSTEIN-GoWy5rvpk5fuO r CocncFEVCC 50J0R35WS lOVgmo mm w GFNHT end Comp MnoQuoCco- fjyi’'C ro Pecno y b cr Orexn'Kotege n Vyomng THOMAS PATRICK GOOOYEaR. GusnJV TemaVorvy S -rqLcm OuDH (Ane«oo»rfX JLry A v ho Vi cobnmpi ro Wed Cero-cds.Te ®. end v xvo-o,oc or ECC o e«je JOHN ANTHONY DESMOND GORMAN. Spdcv Soccer TOcROtyrrv pc Ooor HocHeyLom OeOAO x i S'Nxy« orode S mp ro Yc-ord, Cenodo. ord OovonjdO a Ofitoj Geroeov ccAego end tour Etscpe w Govn MARY ELIZABETH GOn. SACKER- VanGortyEvav Lem XbOtr "0 TOe Pomry roe w Ood end Kdi H »?» cr Normondoie c eje JAMES VESL.EY GRANT. FredHodreyOoMOOl }- fib or Oxg f Ores ecAcx r 208. SENIORS loyour t?v Mne» JVjrrm O Copy by io Com (f?J P o by Im Lever ft»(UZAMTM GMtKflllO- (ye«ryVcrvy Tr« .WE WILL NEVER BE THI On o sumy day tn Ooobe' rhe bsr sen y doss of Edro , Ww Qot together for o-groop picture cri the dock CLOSE AGAINUSA JANE heknEBERG- vQLit fiy ngodege 'Tfncn} conp r+Xior f'V Ci0'00o. fiords - je ERIC H HENRWSON. EggyEVCO, Ocrw ASA -tx SW1T OVCA » 0» Tw OJo5C jacqueune marie hessourg- jo pco-o » og ww w OCOSfOROny •! «•• JM.V’Covoc- Vow VMf Rom1 A i itfod Ov. LESLIE JOHN MU- Or leiSo«C' S r rr VAAJLAGermon OubPF CoerodoCVCC KX lOro poc OmoOcnrv»Y USA ANN HINCHCUFFE- SquOw. HrCty. (OOESEnCAS TOC m r nC'JArrr i w Ocor- LOry rwfn JMCCdc-yC STACIA IODISE HIZER.GOROON VIUIAM HOFF. Jr., Gordy.G'O . Trvcjx Swrmviq foorbd. IbdKrreegobvg fttmoow r-o tr Hc Yeori yy pAow'anc OOdCdege JOHN CHRISTOPHER HOLMAN.Yore UxiCcooOo yr+tn) yaj- fJt y. -coN-jo PETER A. HOOGENDORP USA SUSAN HOPKINS- Hope . L I G'rrojoHbd IbdCorxen OoncKs ng XR J6 "Kz re rxrWg AP w JOrm SOSVrgnotCpcrory worker oi 9C KATHLEEN ANN HOBSON- Hod JynY 'aE VwOTker-oh OAK Toylon Ffcflor »Om Err rcra sTvO Ol 9P JANICE KATHERINE KOUGEN- JonED yOJ group. JOfttWMWhOrd CorrevCcxroOoCkXOpeOv- ' M«Oo Ce-verOerYN Cdc-gc S- rrrrrv } lOOKSAP IAIAN HRlBAR JOHN GLENN HOVOE- OubboTnocr FcrWo looccxdege. GAP I DAViD BRIAN HRI6AA- yy OvpllbdMC e « »p» YlorrJoGeorgoOyRryiooecijc KEVIN NOBLE HUGHES- Corvr Ek »yLerY OJoOhw-o Pr« 0tOCrrorcr,tt 3 OOU vCAjnreerM- Oy-QCOO rrrret w KF.AO.MW SH YoyGrooxc-vrv; STEPHEN THOMAS HUNT. Kmy Soccer. 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MARY LEE PAULSON. MoriEWCCSWATOd deiPF CoOrer-fYSA Coou Srcre For 80C rtn lorn AJ-nc Merer OVMuirC MonU of M Muk Honors FYogrom PF CctorodoDoyonecoiege STEPHEN OAVIO PAUL-SON- MeiOcenerboLOoseboUOol FocrtolO OubSTPK EJXSO Go FCA SNore Conroo OeHOO Courvry Ovyrpon shp vs Mecn Green Geer LcNeMcD VHe YGoyley 'i Oooryordcoiege on} CoHornc n R ure bonaTHE SUCCESSFUL SENIOR BASH Coughr in rhe middle of their summer activities, the lost senior doss of Edino-Wesr received news about the "Senior Bosh" through rhe mail or by word of mouth The parry, srog ond semsformol, wos o traditional ending of rhe summer for rhe incoming senior doss. Orgonizcroa of rhe parry wos undertaken by Nancy Ahmonn (12) and Debbi Griffin (12): rhe gathering rook place in ond around rhe Hylond Hills ski choler. With o bond ro boogie by, the doss of '81 danced together, strengthening old friendships end developing interesting new ones. For rhose who did nor fee’ like dondng, popcorn, donuts and pop were provided inside rhe choler; enabling seniors ro rcke o b'eok ond munch or rhe some rime The doss of '81 found rhe pony on exiting beginning ro the senior yeor lr was a greor opportunity ro ger ro know their doss os a whole It wos o definite success1 Exhcoved end rtvyy from Ocncng senen Cnc Lunooi, Trocey Wnghr, Korhy Garble, ond iVcncy Gcbemeyer cod off end rep rhemsetves ro some pop » "Sena Men." CWmd Cm WoieyiOe ond Vai). yep nro rhe office for o br-ef coherence » Swngog senors rock ro rhe sound of rhe fobutous Toavers 220. SENIO06 LoycM tv « Aoc’V’ ■ Copy IV (13). C cOy Mrey Atmerr SENIORS. 221 toyo by » «t» noe02) Copy by U-o (ce (O)aPff Three days before Christmas Oreok o group iocyot grts n !W»Second lunch ce ebroted rhe hokJay by having o cooke ex-. ‘Jr honge Korhy Kriey. Debbie Gr fn. and Chc«e Ncrxii. jhored rhe own dozen and then nduiged m rhe cookies rhor if 'jhe orher girts broughi 'SENIOR tf He » Aoere T2). Copy toy too Qj||| rtt). Bw toy lev l» ve (O IOOOL AAIHIU-WVSxrOotcotejeCA . ev ANNCJOOl AASKM- Rani BorreyteN oeomSENCAS CVCDEVCC S»cr AS'i coft) Oireo Oear vxso) d Konooo w JAE Oct Itwevy CAAOl lit PaTWCU AaTUU. WX-rxo Meontro Ato rwo for, Edlcm Ou TKHAT.Sr Pcr» •ea' r«r.T w», Sosecm MovwMfoo w OA Wr Poj c 9 erV Cerrw»ili »or«« e rcrcr Don's fn rraH IYNN MAUI AC6U- negt.r»m on ton «e vC»Cpr •e'evSINOftS StMSToto4VKCorroc? EOGser MDV22TT oi o nigr morons, ocr Oceomca KSLD Acopijco Itotoxotogr’iM' USA KYU AOCMtAT. SIMS VOl mod x A30honeooo. rang ••dor'•• Mvn GU w lM. IMOkAlti w SOX Iv wn w MM Ongrct Poncce r XAe cteg MAAC THOMAS AHU.V-Oxr . 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WetroJon PrcvJer TGT MGVAO Rcrnpe room Hcneco AP WIN jOAtt O CCMt » The "Two sfooges" of Edro Wev. severs M e You gbk - ond Go in 5o von, used O fol pep lev ro cteptay rher tva-«- ond cro y hurrxx 224. SENIORS lo,- by Net ftoeme (7. Coo. by ito foe .O • -. o f r ■'?'PAW. AND TaDOA- TobM-T V foC t C T-OCH{LO Ocnj Dor . Out Wi»'tc ( pro pout' (POywCcWyno OA Y XXN TADVKK. Tod 0 rfix bOl. TroO Vr vmg or too Outf Yoem CanJ'coe w OraryyOkj orvConoOo. Cd(«»fio» (W» hxa hxo pomi ct IFJC WANt LYNN TAYIOA. HN}GyrT»-'C - W«y3go EW»l£HOfti Corr©ogp -»A fi Jcrirg i Horsey MX CO»oOO norttoM rryVCOtog HOLLY IVAN THOMPSON. 0 crH rOSiMS VOl-MOO SfACOA'OT DON rttnjMAtn tl O w Uvy4ton’» w «ngAjgg » Coc coclW(c4 )« trovN.orW VOL JOAGt TOVAA. JCrg»M «o rw -Voot ormYrynsn roM wco KATHHIN ma Y TOVfY. rowLOci C'Of'G fva StNCfiSCcrroc ofy pwy-iwnj O am « £. .compng. fior »0rcm »y ccA o AAAI IUZaMTH TAILSTAO- Acrr», OobymxH tVCCOO one) Coon . d p«p»W CcKraO gr n rcrnooo vOx gy't MW, Excpt.COIF Suger p-5f»nv C g» WCX PATAJOC TSCMMHAU- OmoKx Jfti co n vw Vf Holer-ffnAVOXl, P W (Wc CQf CCWMOWO Sw CYAUS AU VANHAACywXCW. V r«}C0A3S0eO Hi M wvier i-igr wocftwru lW loU tiyoo fr » ryW 0 9» 5AAA ANN VAUNtlNt- ,0 "OClCOl "OS to KyorylVmnoQryvavCA Moo'l oe«- Mr StoCNU e WO MoCto' PHAIPM 6IAAR0 VANOC WIYCA- (Y t tr"cr CXoO'-ro- OjOATS VeOgiHAmgrot «M r nr»vxc»' ••»"« to US I soc CPolyS cotog » U of ONgs-t osnobm JtmtY HI VIAOOOAN. v :Mx x tc f C croisroo » eJ'Orgr t' m ore m'v Cot ' 0 0n pom'-howoi Htr« Vyomrglowo V«r h»cma£l scon vtAvnoc. yx , vx . » . wro i Vtjio Vxwnot bir :Xoya AcP Jw?yKctog Or tfWO THOMAS STEPHEN VIOMAA- V »y oCc» V (fno THOMAS STEPHtN VIDMA . VdOyCoCf V xxc«».txx t»y HjcRYMYYKoTy G N Votoy Hogt. AamovfY- HowONt fWow N qtW(cfl,Co yco3 Pxr fVr GoTPVT- cotog momog UTTH von SCHAUOT-PAUUXVSP. vatvV OQWtTMl, WxJ IVCC AVAAMarHxrtHOfooOQf OwCAcctog OANItl JOHN VOSS- axxfevtXAttfttXi AWVAfvWfl CotoroOoCynda Gort5 n Ctrmj M MTOAl ;ah( V A ID ON 5f Jor» -V MARY tOCC ' unM dmnh Um mT CC»,Y«J DC CATHERINE CAROL own WALLACE- Devy WO cotog twYM-MKerr OuOSINCfiSSMSE Cenwg' WAlllR- M moN r.no-E V27TT VKortrxotog A«Y Coi r JOiCftSP TWO' Otowtoodng HomocooV'g CoOrHfCompagnHtvnm w DAQI Wtong hem Mm STE MXOymeoto Cotcrooo COUNV MCI «tog : oSt Poj VIN TAYLOR VAUIA- WcPy.WOtoWncJgo- Sf CC 0 Go C i coOr-Coic«o« LuO« V {Ore nrm r cotog VtNOY SWANSON. ML KARIN SWENSON JbJ y b Or»i x Oxyrt » {vaSOnror CLiDZ t V'AM ry. •"0 Moctovo OuDUMYTMn ScWfcMj i Hom y tlXPtom 'COOermony, ApoEoO oTarg r Otog AtCHAAD UN-NTTH SWENSON V n.Ooo-3{W C ptem V . •oOLury Cono Aj»xOe g Oronj of C Pamela JOT SvtGOUM- figs iNorr VlCAWONV CouncTPor Ntnyciyrg heo vO!AA ooyvSpom SptoOV'POJ- EVmoo. VH..Cxop m mco,Nowo»ay WcHootog SENIORS. 225 LOyCx b tfc-O v. r '»v 0 c ry by E u 6xv) ((? t? Cooy by teo Com (V) Being A Senior Means Having gone through it all Putting up with homework and teachers Through our the years Now it’s rime to say goodbye. Any regrets? None? Then move on to the next stage of We And storr ogotn, It’s your life. Do with it whor you wont Wolk forward reaching for new horizons Out look bock once in o while And remember how it was! •Julie Thomas Seniors, 227 loy xr OX) Copy Dy Lao Coeo tSR y loo levt (O: W.-xV O s sorry bur due to crcumstonces beyond out control, rhe fdowmg seniors ore not pctured n the section DAN{L VS ZARlPJOforoel. KukotoC C Running ond Sking. ond ski jjrrpcg rrps to Grond Rapids. Jr Noton ols m CO. ond Tdemork DA VC N ZARlh GZork C C Running ond Skung ond sio jumpng trps to Howot, Jr Nctonol Ncrd ChomponsJups n CO. G D 0 S ffo in Sourer on Industries cotege Christopher Joy Dotn Tns Rene Cosooro Douglos Cartwright Houston Moth Robert We PoJ Harry Monde! Gunor C Olson Kyle John Rots Christopher F Rogers Jon Rchord Soude Curts J lk h Edward Francos Vilaume Tmothy Pout VShiteschmitt music centers The Galleria 3500 West 70th Street Edina, MN 55435 CLANCY DRUGS f DINA'S BEST-BIGGEST-BUSIEST 50th St. West of France Ave. 926-7687 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT im »•« DH1I0 SCHOOL INOIVIOUAl TEAM vm »••««• a- Sc NmHOMM. UUm WO Congrorulorions Groduores EDINA CLEANERS A americano state bonk of edino MEMBER FDtC ZMAM SAVINGS BANK WNWeOMa 6i00« o- « s ( ■ W-"C1CA3 iS 3i B A. Rose Music Hlnec IrwH 920-1262 M ha France 3‘K)5 West 50th Si reel MinncuHK MN 55424 MIDWEST FEDERAL 4500 France Ave So. 5050 Fronce Ave South Edino. MN 55410 Office (612) 9200120 Edina Office 3100 w 66th S! « 9-244S 228V. m G u USAUE COURT MINNEAPOLIS. JJ SO Mi ST MINS NMH2 Derg G Fronhom Com pony 5209 Eden Ave Ecfcno Drick G DotkJog Materials a OLSON BROS. £ CPHARWfl C V O OOUC A IK)V Ot ON. mil. Pm ▼ W» ||M0« I Omm pm on i 929 0034 Wintered Collectible SPECIALIZING in UMITEO EDITIONS Coogrorulorionsii 1981 Grods 3922 West 50rh Street Edino. Mnnesoro 55424 612-9250300 EDINA ELECTRIC CO. SWEDEN'S Southdole Shopping Cenrer 5244 Eden Circle Twin Crrv Fimaal Savings anoI.uan Association phow 61MW-TIT0 JMO wen iVSm IBUI, IMS , ms 5MIJ m MOTOR INN 1 IIVIMOR AVI NO i Mum % »4 »«. CosuqI Living Inc. 7101 France Ave So Edrno A (AVION C mnl QtACK NC 61219274343 CVwgn rvppwinog Kn ""S Pnrtnag 3926 W« Sired Edina. Mmnrtota SM24 9 miles south of Red Wing Open Every Doy •111' ES.-"1' FirM Ed-na National Bant 4100 Wot I 50in Street Edina, Minn »oU SS424 612 92V ? 300 Member F D.I.C Member First Bank System 229ODE TO THE 4fh YEAR LATINS OF 61’ Cxxtytv s end Lysol Kirk Hoffmoyec's C xhes Verde ox3 Piglets end me hor s from your nose w h rtc Hoec Hoc ond Vrgis Deom Day ine grecrev of were me whe of MJ v fei JOUTHOALI MJ4 » • Sou!’- • SS43S FREESTYLE SKI SHOP Oesr Wishes Mr Sreok Edtno 5203 Vernon Ave KORST SONS Jewelers • Gemologists • Designers EDINA. MINNESOTA Realty, Inc. 6161 Wooddale Avenue South Edina, Minnesota 55424 Corxjrotutotkxrs Seniors1 Super America woe diiee ed.na five-0 GWFFEN PHARMACY. MC 4412 Fronce Ave. So Ed«no Minn 55410 Save for a brainy northwestern bank Southwest Banco Mam Office Burnsville Center Office East Bloomington Office Northwestern Financial Center 2154 Burnsville Center One Appietree Square 7900 Xerxes Avenue South Burnsv.uo MN 55337 8009 34th Avenue South Bloomington MN 55431 Bloomington. MN 55420 CLARK L. MILLER, Reoltor GRADUATE REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE GENERAL MANAGER-PRESIDENT OFFICE 927-4111 • HOME 941-4164 3930 West 49Yi Street Edtno, Minnesota 55424 OFFICE (612) 9201960 RES (612) 926-5231 EBERHARDT FOX HERFURTH BEAL ESTATE. INC • Better Tr Hgjngs. 920 1960 230FOSTERS COTTON GIN-BOOTI E R W women sy—WwowtHsO .waoTHNOA MaotxNcy m li 1 I i SHOW fc. 0018 £ 8 i 3 r OPtN UON 8 I Mft tv — iff i iV O eocrs t 5009 FRANCE AVENUE SOUTH 926-7112 O' First Bank Southdaie Member Bank System luworrict sooTHO»i«ccHts«o»nci »w» MOUSTMAl PARK orrici «'»•!• UR LEWIS ENGINEERING COMPANY TUin City Federal r„„ SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION I "Fff1 3924 W. 50th Street Edina. Minn. 5S424 ] |f MINNESOTA NORTH STARS wish ro coogrorulare Anne Bush. Sue Korr. Mike Oiver and Mtchelle Nanrte 231 Good Luck!CIAO AUF WIEDERSEN GOO Edina HELLO WORLD! As rh s 1980-81 yeor comes ro o close, memories donee m rhe minds of eoch student. Foorboll gomes, donees, homework and friends oil mode our yeor or Edina-West very special. Now we musr look ro rhe furore Life goes on after highschooi. wherher It be Edina-Wesr. Edino Eosr or simply Edino We musr ochieve our own porenriol in work and in leisure Many srruggles shall come our way. challenging us ro improve ond grow stronger Bur ony yruggle we meet con be overcome with o strong self-imoge ond confidence Let us moke sure we ore positive of ourselves before we attempt ro conquer rhe world We wish you the best! “The Guy In The Glass” When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself And see what that guy has to say. For it isn't your mother, your father or wife Whose judgement on you must pass. The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the guy staring back from the glass. He's the fellow to please, never mind all the rest For he's with you clean to the end; And you've passed your most dangerous and difficult test If they guy in the glass is your friend. You may be like Jack Horner and chisel a plum And think you are a wonderful guy. But the guy in the glass says you are a bum If you can't look him straight in the eye. You may fool the whole world-down the pathway of years And get pats on the back as you pass; But the final reward will be heartaches and tears If you've cheated the guy in the glass. -Anonymous YE AU REVIOR ADIOS The greater our obstacles, the more glory we find in overcoming them. y - 200A A A A DC- 142. Abel. Mate- 175 Abr. Vincent- 56, 167 A-Buf- 136-137 Acknowledgements- 240 Adorn. Llso- 59, 175 Adams. Gregory- 89, 187 Adorns. Joy- 175 Adams. Terrence- 201 Administration- 146. 149 Ahl. John- 175 Ahmonn. Money- 56. 116. 119, 201 Ahmonn. Susan- 59, 171, 175. 181 Akins. Marjotle- 201 Akins. Susan- 57 . 56. 170. 175 Aksoy. Denlz- 201 Alexander. Susan- 187 Alkon. Cynthia- 175 Alkon. Kathy- 187 Alton. Down- 171. 201 Allen. Cynthia 175 Allen. Laurie- 74. 187 Allum. Steven- 167 Althauser. Amy- 58, 89. 171. 175 Amren. Debra- 171. 187 Anderson. B.- 152 Anderson. Carl- 187 Anderson. Dario- 187 Anderson. Deborah- 201 Anderson. Gina- 89, 119. 151, 167 Barfholet. M. - 152 Bartodzlej. William - 167 Basil. Constance - 162. 201 Basil. John - 75. 175 Basketball - Boys-75. 77, Gltls-78, 79 Baynes. Todd - 201 Bear. Keith - 58. 175 Beard. Leslee - 57. 58. 167 Beard. Llsabefh - 201 Beeson. Charles - 157, 170, 187 Belswonger. ne - 187 Belanger. Cynthia - 122. 156. 171. 201 Belk. J. - 152 Bell. David - 58. 201 Bell. Jodi • 201 Belrose. David - 187 Belschner. Eorl Jr. - 36, 37. 170. 187 Belslto. John - 58. 89. 175 Belvedere, William - 58. 187 Benda, Tony - 163. 187 Bender. Jay - 129, 130, 171. 187 Benjamin. M. - 152 Benjamin. Richard • 202 Benson. J. • 152 Bentdahl. Ann - 202 Berg, Darcy - 175 Berg, Laura - 171, 175 Berg, L. - 152 Berg, Roger - 187 erg. Thomas - 187 Berggreen. Karl - 58, 89. 187 Berglund. Lynn - 144, 187, 144 Bergthold. William • 202 Beste, B. - 152 Bevers. Jane - 187, 171 Bins. Daniel - 58. 171. 167 Bishop. Carla - 77. 68, 187 Bishop. William - 79. 88. 202 Anderson, Julie- 171, 187 Anderson, Lisa- 171. 175 Anderson, L.- 152 Anderson. Lynn- 56. 57, 58, 89, 175 Anderson. M- 152 Anderson. Pamela- 170, 187 Anderson. Scott- 127. 175. 240 Anderson. Stephen- 187 Anderson. Tlno- 162, 201 Andrews. Paige- 59. 175 Angelus. Stocy- 118, 159, 171, 175 Antolak. Alison- 187 Appelbaum. Ellen- 175 Appelbaum. Mark- 68. 201 Arevalo. Marla- 201 Armstrong, Scott- 169, 171, 201 Arnat. Bernhard- 88, 175 Arndt. Anne- 59, 170, 187 Arnold. Robert- 89, 175 Asbjornson. Elizabeth- 187 Ashenbrenner. Fred- 59. 175, 181 Aura. Mark- 201 Austin. John - 58, 87. 85. 89, 187 Avery, William- 201 Axt, Edward- 187 Ayd. Donald- 58, 187 Azar, Pablo- 58. 145. 201 Azor. Victor- 58, 140. 187 b b b Babcock. Brad- 201 Babcock. Rebecca- 187 Babcock, Tada- 59, 171, 175 Babcock. Thomas- 175 Bailey. A. Robert- 58. 187 Baker. Joanne -144, 171, 175 Bale. John - 187 Boltizer. Gregory - 175 Band - Concert-166. Varslfy-167, Cougar-167 Bang. Kristine - 138. 187 Bannie. Geneviev . 69. 74. 171, 175 Bonnie. Marlssa - 201 Barbe. Eileen - 50. 59. 88. 201 Barman. William 75, 175 Barnes. Angela - 20. 21, 33, 74, 111, 171, 201 Barr. Alan - 171. 201 234 Blxby. William - 171, 175 Bjerke. David - 175 Bjork. Thomas - 89, 175 Black. Steven - 75, 187 Blevins. Eric - 175 Bloom. David - 110. 140. 141. 202 Bloom. John - 175 Boardman. Jane - 36. 37, 171. 202 Bock. Thomas - 58. 175 Bohrer. Nicholas - 187 Bolin. Chris - 59 Bolin. Peter - 175 Bonello. William - 129. 175 Boner.Steven -58. 75. 175 Boone. Christopher -58. 175 Borg. William -202. 206 Borman, Jay -202 Borth. Barbara - 171, 187 Bose. Mary -171, 187 Bostock. Jomes -175 Bostock, Michelle -49. 202 Boyd. Perrin -21. 125, 143. 145. 202. 240 Boyd. Tiffany -75. 88. 145. 159. 187, 193. 240 Boylon, Daniel -170, 171, 202 Boylan. Therese -187 Brantley. David -58. 202 Bredehoft. Bradford -74, 202 Bremner. Geoffrey -171, 175 Breuer. Brigitte -202 Breuet. Joachim -175 Briggs. Lisa -175 Brlmacombe. Anne -73, 74, 81, 88. 202, 240 Brlmacombe. Mark 89, 175 Brlnggold. Lynn -202 Gringgold. Scott -170. 175 Brlsse. Llzann -175 Brockway. Anne -59, 89. 175 Brodsky. Andrea 203 Brooks. Loren 74, 175 Brown. Lisa 24. 33. 144. 203 Brown. Thaddeus -175 Buck. Brenda -175 Budde. James -175 Buenz. Thomas -58. 187 Buenz. William -58. 175 Bugby. Carolyn -144, 187 Buhler. James 74. 145, 170, 167 Buie, Thomas -58, 145. 170, 203 Bulford. David -167 Bulvet. James -175 Bundt. Erika -167 Bundt. Jonathan -203 Butke. James -170, 167 Burke, Joseph -58. 187 Burke. Thomas -175 Burnsteln. Steven -58. 167 Burris. Franz -56, 176. 203 Busch, Brian • Bush. Anne -50. 171. 203, 240 Butler. John - 176 Butwinlck. Richard - 58. 188 Byron. Jomes - 46. 58. 203 Byron. Martha - 74, 145. 171, 188 c c c Cabalka. J - 148 Cafe West - 30. 31 Caldow. Robert - 188 Caldwell. Rodney - 171, 203 Collas. Thomas -176 Calllope-130. 131 Cameron, D.-152 Camlnlte. Angelo -187 Campbell.D-152. 153 Campbell. Steven -203 Canakes. Catherine -171. 203 Canakes, S.-92 Cardwell. Deborah- 171, 187 Carls, Carol-203 Carlson. Danlel-58. 175 Carlson. Steven -74. 203 Carpenter. Kathryn-74. 171, 188 Carrier, Soro-31. 33. 171, 203 Carsello. Patricia 74, 175 Carson, John - 59. 176 Cosclaro, Trls- Cassldy. Stephen-186 Cavanaugh. J.-152 Cecere. Theresa-170. 188 Calgren. Erln-33. 203 Champlln. Chrlstopher-175 Chance. Nlcole-175 Chandler. Potrlclo-33. 144. 170. 188 Chapman. Connie- 20. 21, 22, 33, 59. 203 Chapman. Solly-29, 59, 88, 188 Chapman, Sara-143. 176 Chapman, Wally-58. 73, 75, 188 Cheesebrough. Jennlfe-188 Chepolis. Anne-59. 188 Cheerleoders-132. Alan-87. 203 Childers. Crls-175 Choir: Concert-168. Varslty-169. Chorale-169 Christ, Totjono-171, 188 Chr stenson, D.-152 Christian. Elizabeth -187 Christie. Douglas-74. 176, 240 Christie. JIII-203. 206 Clarke. Richard- 203 Class Officers - 120 Cleaveland. Sarah-176 Cleveland. Thomas 74. 203 Cline. Timothy-78. 88. 203 Cooches-92, 93 Coen, Mory 59. 169. 171, 203. 240 Coffey, Judlth-171. 203 Cole. Peter-168 Colleran. Mary Jo-59, 76, 88, 203 Collins. M.-52. 58 Colville. Scott-203 Conley, Kathleen-140. 141. 176 Constable. Mary-166 Contardl. James-204 Contons. Susan-166 Conway, John-37, 176 Cooks-155 Cooney. Danlel-204 Cooney. Mary-188 Coonrod. Wade Alan-58. 188 Cooper. Kelley-170. 188 Corrlvea u. James-170. 176 Corrlveau. Llsa-166, 170. 204 Cote. Kelly-175 Cougarettes-134. 135 Cougar Feature-114. 115 Coulllard, Wllllam-204 Courtney, Kevln-58, 176 Cox. Cara- 138, 171. 175 Crane, David- 204 Cress. Wendy- 59. 188 Cross Country Runnlng-60. 61 Cundy. Steven- 188 Cunllffe. Philip - 188 Cunllffe. Wayne-204 Cunningham Chrlstlne-168 Cunningham. Greg-171. 176 Current Events-40. 41 Currier. Melanie- 129. 145, 170. 88, 199 Cusak. Scott- 58. 204 Cwayno. Kevin- 20. 21, 33, 138. 204 D D D Daggett. Robert- 175 Dahl. Robin- 144. 171. 188 Dale. Patrick- 75. 171. 204 Daly, Jeanne- 59, 171, 188 Danielson. Joy- 59, 170, 171. 188 Danielson, Llso- 204 Danielson. Scott- 74. 204 Daumann. Mark- 145, 204 Davis. Annette- 36. 143. 188 Dawson, Cary- 175 Dean. Paul- 204 Deasey. John-46. 58. 75. 204. 216 Debate- 140. 141 Deegan. Patricia- 169, 171. 205 Delck. Tlmothy-175, Delegard. Cralg-35. 89, 171, 205 Deleon, Ellzabeth-123. 143. 168. 193 Demonn. John- 58. 166 Demann, Susan- 24. 144. 205 Devoe. John- 47. 48. 48. 70. 72. 75. 188 DeVoe. Michael- 59. 75. 176 Devries. Linda- 188 Dezellar. Michael- 21. 58. 85. 89. 205 Dick, John- 176 Dietrich. David- 176 Divine. Cothy- 170, 175 Docherty. Claire- 176 Doering. Beth- 188 Doerlngsfeld. Sarah- 59, 170, 205 Domek. Jessica- 55, 59. 88. 205 Domek. Russell- 176 Domke, James- 176 Donahue. Darryl- 205 Donohue, Steven- 91. 205 Donohue. Jomes Jr.- 58. 88, 188 Donohue. Patrick- 59. 89. 176 Dorsey. Wendy- 188 Dosch. Potrlcla-29, 58. 118. 144. 151. 171. 188. Dow, James- 14. 81, 69. 205 Dow, Judd- 205 Dow. Stephen- 171, 176 Downle, Joanie- 171. 176 Downs. T-152 Drewelow. Kenneth- 176 Dubbeldee A-152 Dudley. Rebecca 36, 37. 205 Dulin, Kimberly -21. 73. 88. 205 Dumoncequx, John -176 Eorl, Tracy -205 Eastman. Kristin -168 Eastman, Mike -188 Eade. Charles -170. 188 Eifrig. Cothereine- 171, 205 Ellers. Mark w -176 Ekstrom, Karen-175 Ellingsen. Kristen -205 Elliott, Darcl- 188 Elliott. Down 171, 188 Elmer. Thomas -176 Elmer. Todd -188 Elmquist, Ronald Jr. -169, 171. 188 Elofson. Bruce 179. 205 Eng, Andrew -176 Engels. Joseph -59, 176 Epple. Christopher -176 Erdall. Mary -206 Erickson. Army -176 Erickson. Bradley -205 Erickson. Bruce 59, 176 Erickson. Linda -176 Erickson. Pomelo -20. 171. 205 Erickson. Ross -176 Erickson. Tracey B (11) 129. 151, 171. 188 Erlandson. John -170. 188 Estrem. William- 170, 188, 249 Evans. Susonne. -205 Evanrude. L. -131, 152 Evenson. Stacy -176 Evenstad, Thomas -176 Ewald, Linda 171, 205 Faculty -152-4 Fagerstrom, Bradley -176 Faison. Wllllom -61, 74. 89. 205 Falordeau. Glenn-207 Faller. Jennifer -74. 80. 88. 170, 207 Farber. Katherine -207 Farley, Roberta -162. 207 Faul, Steven -176 Fee. Paul -58. 75, 188 Feilet. Kurt -89. 207 Felnberg. Steven -207 Felderman, Brent- 162, 207 Feldermon. Stanley -176 Felton, Brlon -171, 176 Felton. Daniel -31, 170, 171, 188 Felton. Douglas- 20. 171, 188, 198 Ferguson, Scott- 71, 75, 207 Ferreira, Robert- 188 Ferro. Maria-125. 126. 143. 188. 240 Resler. Dina-189 Fesler. Marla- 207. 218 Fielden. Thomas- 189 Filreis. Sharon-207 Flngerman. Jocki-189 Flngermon. Jeanne-207 Flngerman, Judl- 169 Fink. Charles-48. 68. 207 Fischer, Thomas- 189 Firterer, Michael- 207 Fitzpatrick. Llso- 188. 189 Flamm. Barry- 189 Flora. Tolley- 50, 74. 88. 124. 171. 176 Flynn, David- 58. 207 Fogelmon, -152 Foldenour. John- 171. 189 Fontaine. Steven- 48. 207 Food- 24-25 Football- 46-49 Forestl. Paolo- 125. 143. 207 Forrer. Joseph- 58. 176 Fotrer, Stephanie- 126. 207. 240 Forslund. Kristina- 23, 158, 171, 176 Forslund, Linda- 58, 169. 207. 240. Kurt- 58. 151, 176 Jodi- 189 Jr.. Wllliom- 207 nd, Susan- 207 kson, Heidi- 171, 207 kson, Suson- 171, 176 ksen, Stephen- 207 on. Michelle- 176 Club- 122 4ary- 59, 74, 171, 176 Uchord- 61, 88. 207 Diana- 88, 171, 208 Norman- 171. 206 Aary- 64. 65, 75. 144. 189 homos 70, 72, 75, 208 Julie- 59. 189 nlng, Traci- 176 . George- 148. 149 G G G :Jelen, J.- 152 I. Undo- 177 I. Stanley. 170, 208 er. Walter- 162. 208 ier. D- e, Katherine. 208, 220 e. Mary- 189 e, Scott- 177 , Kenneth- 88, 189 d. Jeanete- 208 . J- 152. 154 te, Carol- 36, 138, 189 rt, Manford- 189 lou, Richard- 89. 177 i. Robert- 58, 118, 119. 171, 208 g. Gregory - 58, 177 n Club - 123 nh, David - 189 bile. David - 189 bile, Mary - 177 neyer, Nancy - 108, 220 Andrew - 58. 189 t, Scott - 74, 157, 189 Iteven - 189 r, Jennifer - 54, 59, 170, 189 .aura - 179, 177 l, Amy - 59. 177 l. John- 208 Jessl - 171, 177 Susan - 169, 171, 189 , Gerald - 170. 177 tan, Linda - 208 tan, Jean - 189 •In. Carole - 171, 208 m, Jeanette - 189, 171 m, Leslie - 171, 177 »or. Thomas 89, 145. 206, 206 i, John Jr. - 171, 208 i, Patrick - 74, 177 :ker, Mary - 170, 208 . John - 140, 170. 189 tan, Wendy - 177 ft. Wendy - 59. 171. 189 James - 208 t. - 152 E- 152 ■, Nancy - 36, 171, 177 eld. Ann - 24. 144. 206. 209 Nancy - 57. 58, 202, 209 son, Elizabeth - 189 m. Amy - 59, 209. 240 m. Michel - 189, 199 . - 118, 152 Timothy - 177 d. Jane - 31, 170, 209 son, Lynn - 171, 189 fne. Prossana - 143, 145, 209, 140, Gustafson, Jt. - 58. 177 on, James - 58, 189 . Troy - 177 stlcs-Doys - 66, 67, Girls- 68. 69 H H H sen, Marcia - 189 Robert - 58, 209 Stacy - 124, 145, 209 f, R. - 78, 88, 152, 158 Joyce - 189 David - 58, 209 I, Kimberley - 189 □vld - 58, 171, 189 hn - 171, 209 ?n, Scott - 171. 177 Hugh - 58. 189, 199 i, James - 148. 149 r, Julie - 144, 209 t. Bradley - 58, 189 nd. Michael -170. 177 nd, Michele -123, 143, 189 David -209 tchell -209 tchell -89, 177 Kristofer -170. 177 Richard -190 Tina -169. 209 k. Elizabeth -74. 88. 209 tfsy -49, 209 i. Mark -209 on, Bridget -59, 177 on, Michael -118, 190 .»■ ■ Harris. Carron -73. 151, 209 Harris. Michael -171, 177 Harrison. Robert -177 Harrold, Julie -59. 89. 170. 171, 177 Hart. Daniel -58, 209 Hartman. Marta -177 Hasper. Gregpry -58, 177 Hastings. Carrie -190 Haugan. Jane -59, 138, 171, 177 Haugan. Thomas -162, 109 Hauser. Margaret -118, 119, 177 Havlr, Douglas -59, 170, 209 Hawklnson, Richard -209 Hayek. Martha - 17. 190 Hayes. Michael -177 Hays, Andrew - 89, 209 Hoywa, William -171, 177 Healy. John Jr. -190 Heoly, Timothy -59, 89. 177 Hearon, James -177 Helm. Michael -88. 190 Helou. Beatrlcla -177 Hemp, Angela -59, 177, 181 Hemp. Joseph -58, 209 Hendel. Jayne -129, 130. 131, 177, 209 Hendershott. Gregory 88. 170, 190 Henneberg. Lisa -212 Henrikson, Eric -170, 212 Henry- Scott -190 Hentges. Kathleen -89, 190 Hentges, Patricia -170, 177 Herbers. Jennifer -59, 190 Herman, Weston -58, 190 Hesdorffer, Meredith -177 Hessburg. Jocquelln -212 Hessburg. Thomas -177 Heystek, Kathryn -190 Hlbbs, Karl -169. 171, 190 Hildebrand, Heidi -171. 177 Hill, Brian-59, 170, 177 Hill, Les- 75' 145, 171, 212 Hill, Susan-190 Hlnchcllffe. Llsa-212 Hlrsch. Kelly-144, 190 Hlzer, Stacla-212 Hockey-70, 71, 72 Hoedeman. Thomas-190 Hoff, Jr„ Gordon-75. 171, 212 Hofstad. Susan-171. 190 Holm. Marcus-75. 177 Holman, Chrlsfopher-212 Holmstrom, Susan-144, 166, 170, 190 Homecomlng-20. 21, 22, 23 Hoogendorp, Peter-212 Hopkins, Lisa- 122, 171, 212 Hopson. Kathleen- 162, 212 Horn, Michael Jr.- 177 Horoshak. Mlchael-58, 190 Hougen. Janlce-212 Houser, Kathleen-56, 190 Housh, Steven-58. 88, 190 Houston. Douglas-162 Hovde, John-75, 212 Hovelson. Mary Beth-123. 143, 190 Hrlbar. Dovld-212 Hrlbar. Karen-177 Hubbard. Ann-75, 171, 190 Huey, Nan-177 Hufford, Beth-171, 190 Hughes. Daniel-49. 88, 177, 181 Hughes, Kevln-30, 31, 121, 124, 145, 170, 212 ughes, Kristl-23, 60, 74, 171, 177 Humpfer. Kimberly-190 Humphrey. Mark-23, 59, 75, 177, 181 Hunt, Stephen-32. 53, 56. 212 Huppert. Matthew-170, 178 Hurley, Kathleen-21, 26, 29, 88, 212, 222 Hurst, Christopher- Hurst. Stephen-212 Indrehus, Stephen-178 Inks, Mark- Inman. D-152 International Club-125 Intramural Sports-90, 81 Iten. Mlchelle-163, 190 J PJ Jacobs. Kellle-178 Jacobson. Peter-178 James. Curtis -58, 212 Jonitors-155, Jenson. Mary-190 Jensen. V.-152, 156 Jepson, Nancy-171. 178, 185 Joas. Wllllam-212 Jobs-42. 43 Joern. Mark-190 Johnson. Robert Jr. Johnson. Barry-212 Johnson. Brent-212 Johnson, Brion-58. 88, 212 Jo Ho Son, Bruce - 212 Johnson. Catherine - 190 Johnson. Craig - 170. 213 Johnson. C.- 152 Johnson. Deborah- 171. 190 Johnson. Deboroh L- 144, 213 Johnson. D.-152 Johnson. Edward- 88, 142. 213 Johnson. Ernest-140, 141, 170, 190 Johnson. Gary-58, 178 Johnson. Jeffrey-190 Johnson, Korl-24, 58. 240, 170, 213 Johnson. Klrk-170. 178 Johnson. Krlstin-26. 190 Johnson, Leslle-170. 178 Johnson. Llsa-144. 176 Johnson. Marcie-144. 270, 213 Johnson. Richard-23, 37, 170, 171, 213 Johnson. Thomas 190, 189. 169, 170 Johnston. Adam-190 Johnston. Davld-176 Johnston. Kristen-171, 190 Jolliffe, Erlc-178 Jones, karen-56. 58, 152, 213 Jorgensen. Hons- 74, 145 Juhl. Erlk-171, 178 Juliar. G.,-153 Jundt. Marcus-178 Jungels. Ronnie-143. 171, 178 Junlors-186- 199 Junko. Tlmothy-170, 213 Junftl, Ann-190 Junttl. John-213 Jurich. Solly-190 Just, Robert-74. 190 K K K Koehler. Ludmllla-171, 178 Kaiser. Sharon-176 Kaisler. Thomas-170, 178 kaju, James-29, 59, 118, 171, 178 Kaju, Kothryn-190 Kaju. Regina-59. 213 Kane. John-190 Kanter, Marcy-171, 178 Kaplan. Jane-171. 178 Karalls. Amy-178 Kardell. Nancy-213 Karnegls, JIII-145, 171, 190 Karos. Tlna-176oqKarpeles. Rachel-213 Karr. Susan-213 Karr, Susan-213 Kazeml. Kian-53. 58, 190 Szaeml. Soroy-213 Keating. Rhonda-176 Keinath. Jennifer-214 Kelley. Elizabeth- 59. 69. 176 Kelley. Scott-214 Kellogg, Julle-59. 214 Kemp. Tara-170, 190 Kennedy. James - 214 Killan. Daniel - 214 Klmmel. Daniel - 64. 74. 214 King. Kimberly - 190 Kinney. Thomas • 214 Kirk. John - 190 Kirk. Suzanne - 58. 176 Klzershot. Julie - 130, 131, 190 Klasky, Mindy - 123, 130. 143, 190 Kleidon. Cheryl • 190 Klein. Lori - 178 Klein, Terri - 171, 190 Klemm. Kurt - 190 Kllndworth. Tracey - 121, 178 Kloewer. Jeffrey - 70, 214 Klug. Anne - 178 Kness. Stacey - 190 Koch, Dovld - 171, 190 Kolles. David • 214 Kolzow, Brian - 176 Kolzow. Karen - 59, 76, 88, 214 Konezny. John - 214 Konstas. Andrew - 214 Konstos. Anthony - 178 Koop. Maureen - 190 Korin. Michael • 190 Kotzen, Condi - 214 Koukal. Kelly - 214 Kraemer. Jonathan - 178oqKrane, Andrew - 178 Krank. Steven - 214 Kretchman. Ellse • 77, 88. 190 Kreuzer. Elizabeth • 190 Kriesel. Gaye - 190 Krlefer, Daniel - 74, 190 Krleter. Michael - 20. 21, 74. 89, 112, 214 Krystosek, Joseph - 66, 214 Kubln, Leslie - 59. 178 Kubln, Undo - 178 Kubln. Lorrle - 171. 215 Kuller. Mark - 58, 128. 143. 190 Kulp. P. - 153 Kunert, Melissa - 215 Laberge. Annerte - 169, 171, 178 Lagorio. Craig - 89, 178 Lahner. James - 58, 215 Lamb, Charles Jr. - 58 Lamb, Brett - 159, 178 Lambert. Scott - 215 Lamson. Michelle - 129. 171. 215 Lander. Jennifer - 178 Lang. John - 178 Lang, Michael - 215 Lange. Gory - 178 Langefels. Dale - 74, 177. 178 Langefels. Darla -74, 215 Language Classes-156.7 Larose. Lawrence-74. 215, 240 Larose. Lawrence-74. 215. 240 Larsen, Lelf-74. 178 Larsen. Llso- Lorson. Baird -170, 191 Larson, Barbara -171, 215 Larson. B.-93, 150 Larson. Cynthia -59, 215 Larson. D.-153 Larson, Jeffrey -191 Larson. Richard-178 Lathauer, Janell -170, 215 Latin Club-124 Laughlln. Patrlck-68. 171, 215 Laughlln. Robert -88, 169. 171, 191 Lavelle, Debra -215 Lavelle. Mark -58, 171, 191 Lavelle. Raymond -191, 240 Lawler, Michael -179 Layzell. J. -53 Lea, Richard -191 Lee. Karl -215 Legler. Catherine -179 Legler, Lee -215 Legros. Michelle -170, 179 Legus. Jennifer -170, 171, 179 Lelstikow. M.-153 Lemenager. Paul -167, 191 Lemieux. Michael -171, 179 Leonard. Bradley -215 Leslie, Scott -23, 58, 179 Leung. Kay -171. 179 Lever, Lori -130. 215. 240 Lewis. J.-153, 240 Lewis, Ruth -89, 171. 179 Lewis, Toml -191 Lilja. Michael -89. 215 LlIJo, Patrick -191 Limberis. Charles -59. 78, 89. 179 Llmberls. Michael -191 Indeland, Karen -179 Llndelond, Michael -159. 215 Lindemann. Matthew -58. 88, 215 Lindsay. Krlstene -179 Link. Allison -191 Little. Robert -179 Locker Room Feature-73 Loflng, Lisa -170. 179 Losslng, J.-153 Louthon. Bobbefte -89, 215 Lovlie, Reidun -143, 191 Lozinski, James -70, 71, 75, 191, 220 Lunoas. Eric -58, 215 Lund, Peter -179 Lund, Susan -59, 68, 170. 179 Lunkley, Laura -59, 179 Lykken. S.-149 Lyon. Elizabeth -171. 179M M M MocGowon, Frank -179 MacGowan. Molly -59, 130, 131, 171, 216 Machado, Stantlago-216 Machalek, Solly-179 Madden. Ellzaberh-170. 216 Maddux, Julle-171, 179 Modsen, Robert-216 Madson. Allison191 Maglnnls. Laura-25, 143. 144. 215 Magnuson, Cynthia- 170, 191 Mognuson. Petet-143, 216 Mahawold. S.-153 Moler, Carol-140. 141, 171, 216 Maillet. D.-153 Malmares. Anne-89, 189, 216 Malmales. Krlsanthy-145, 170, 179 5 ’■ Major, Mary Deth-170, 179 Makl, Thomas-179 Malcom. Drlan-59. 179 Moley, Dovld-58. 70, 75, 191 Moltby, Stephen-217 Mandell, Paul Manion. Kevin-58, 217 Manolls. Amy-36, 37, 130, 131. 171, 217 Manolls. James- 74, 80. 89, 171, 179 Marquordt. Whltney-144. 171, 191, 195 Marsh. D.-153 Marti, Gretcheh-170. 191 Martin, Laura-65. 179 Martinson. Julle-171, 179 Mason, Kelth-191 Mason, Mark-179 Massnlck. Andrea-171, 191 Matson, Gregory- 89, 170, 179 Matthews, Dorren-179 Motzke. Todd-171, 217 Maxson. Barbara-179 Moyer, Martlnn Jr.- 58, 179 Mayer, Chrstophr-58. 191 McCall, H.-53, ,58. 153 McCarthy, Geoffrey-191 McClelland. Pamela-145, 170, 216 McDonald. Tlmothy-191 McDonnell. Ellzabeth-191 McDonnell. Mary-59. 77, 89, 179 McElroy. Shawn-58, 179, 181 McElroy, Tlmothy-58. 88, 216 McGInty. Mary-191 McGlafhery. Jock-59, 170, 179 McGlone. Mary-170, 179 McGlynn, Molly 75, 158, 216 McGlynn. Paul-171, 191 McGlynn, Thomas-58. 160, 191 McGovern, Sean-216 McGrow, Therese-216 McLaughlin, Davld-171, 216 McNally. Mlchael-216, 240 MCshone, Merln - 59, 179 Means, Melissa - 29, 74, 170, 217 Mecklenberg, Frederic - 58. 217 Meltz, Kathleen - 170, 217. 240 Meltz. Patrick - 59. 89, 179 Mellchar. E. - 30. 153. 166 Mellchar. Edwin Jr. - 67, 74, 165, 171. 179 Melichar. Todd - 217 Melln. Julie - 145. 171, 217 Mellett. Timothy - 110, 140, 171, 191 Meloche. William 179 Menz, Marjorie - 59, 171 Merbler. Steven - 217 Merta. Steven - 179 Meyer, Pamela - 217 Mlcek. Jennifer - 144, 217 Mlkan, Maureen - 217 Miller. Daniel - 179 Miller, Lynn - 158, 191, 198 Miller, Nancy - 191 Miller, Potrlcla - 179 Miller. Paul - 217 Miller, Scott - 58, 171, 217 Mlnehart, Patricio - 20, 21, 55, 59. 126, 171, 217, 241 Mingo, Lisa - 191 Missllng. D. - 153, 171 Mitchell, Andrew - 84, 89, 191 Moe. Jamie - 58, 179 Mogck. Steven - 58, 88. 204. 217 Mogllner. Julie - 179 Mollerus. Michael - 140, 156, 171, 194 Monchamp. Caroline - 133, 144, 194 Monchamp, Melissa - 23, 82. 89 Montgomery. Andrew - 27, 36, 37, 171, 217 Montgomery, Ann - 29. 171, 217 Montgomery, Douglas - 170. 179 Mooney, Linda - 134, 144, 159, 217 Moore. John - 143, 145, 171, 194 Moore, Michele - 194 Moore. Pamela - 145, 170, 171, 194 Moore, Paul - 170, 194 Moron, Daniel - 21, 75, 217 Morgan, Christine - 171, 194 Morgan. Michael - 59, 159. 171, 179, 181 Morgan. Michelle - 170, 179 Mosharrafa, All - 59, 171, 181 Moss, Shorl - 171, 194 Moylhon. Marie - 144, 171, 179 Moylhan. Patrick - 145, 217 Mrochek. Jacquelin - 50, 51 59, 118, 119 Mrkonich. Jana - 13, 217 Mrkonich, Jon - 59, 182 Mrkonich, Kristen - 59, 171, 194 Mueller. Karen - 194 Murphy, Anne-144, 194 Murray, Scott-158, 171, 194 Nagy, Undo-124, 145, 217 Nanklvell. Sue-218 Nanklvell. Sally-216 236 Nannie. Morc-58. 194 Nanne. Michael-194 Nanne. Mlchelle-218 Neilson. Klmberly-122, 158. 218 Nelson, A.-152. 153 Nelson, Chrlstlne-58. 88, 129, 165, 170, 182 Nelson. Ellzabeth-171, 182 Nelson. Jane-171, 182 Nelson, Janet-194 Nelson, John-129, 145, 218 Nelson. Mark-58 Nelson, Paul-89 Nelson, Paula-171, 194 Nerud. Sue-171, 194 Ness. B.-173 Nettle. Russell-74, 219 Neuman. Steven-58, 89, 218 Neville. Sfephen-88.218 Newell. Kathleen-59. 218 Nichols. Cheryl-75. 218. 222 Nlckodym. Todd-23, 59, 182 Nlcoloff. Stephanie-118, 144, 194 Nielsen J.-170 Nleland. Lynn-171. 182 Nlssen. Thomas-58, 194 Nolan. Martha-119, 144, 218 Norbut, Gena-218 Nord. Wllllom-58, 89 Nordby. Jullanne-218 Nordling, Gregpty-194 Nordstog. Douglas-74, 162 Norelll. Christopher-88, 162 Norelll, Paul-86. 218 Norlander. B- Normon, Andrea-194 North. Michael P.-21. 32. 218 North, Michael S.-162. 218 North, Pamela-130, 131, 171. 194 Nydohl, Llsa-24, 144. 171, 219 Olson. Gunar Olson, Julie - 144, 171, 194 Olson. Katherine - 74, 219 Olson, Mary Kay - 194 Olson, Ron - 58, 90, 153, 194 Olsson. Lisa - 194 Oneil, John - 183 Oneil. Noreen - 139, 194 Opheim. Lori - 170, 219, 202 Orchestra - 164, 165 Oredson. Erik -Orfleld. Kevin - 194 Ostlund, Julie - 194 Ostlundk194 Otto, Grayson - 194 Offum. B. - 153 Overpeck, Terryl - 122, 145. 156, 160, 170, 219 Overton, Vincent - 142, 171, 219 Owre, Dovld - 58, 194 Owston, Joan - 59, 219 P P P Pocioni, Peter - 182 Poetznlck, Undo - 144. 171. 219 Palmer. Stephanie - 182 Palmer. Timothy - 74. 126. 219, 240 Papin.Colla - 219 Parrott. Ellzobeth - 82. 89, 182 m ■ 0 0 0 Oberalgner. Robert-182 Oberaigner, Thomas-194 Oberle. Llnda-219, 240 Oberle, Mlchael-23. 74, 145, 194 O'Boyle. M.-58, 88, 93 O'Brien. Austln-194 O’Brien, Matthew-49, 89, 181, 182 O'Brien, Orlne-182 Obst, Amy-158, 194 Ochs, Carl-219 Ochs. Rolner-143 O'Connor, 2ofherlne-171. 194 O'Connor, Mlchoel-70. 71, 72, 75, 219 Odell. Bradley-90. 219 Ohlson. Allyson-171. 182 Ohly, S.-153 O'Keefe, Ellzabeth-219 Ollen. Derek • Oliver, Murray - 75, 219, 220 Ollmann, Amy - 36, 59, 194 Ollmonn. John - 182 Ollmonn. Peter - 46, 58. 219 Olmscheld. John - 182 Olsen. Amy - 171, 182 Olsen. Mark - 89. 182 Olsen, Wesley - 70, 75. 219 Olson, Wesley - 70, 75, 219 Olson. Cammle - 182 Olson. Douglas • 164. 170 Parry, Bruce - 194 Parry, Stephen - 219 Parry, Susan - 171, 219 Pastre, David - 21, 37, 66, 74, 219 Patch, Johanna - 194 Patterson, C - 153, 156 Patton, Chrlstohper - 219 Paulson. Leslie - 20, 58, 171, 194 Paulson, Mary - 20, 171, 219 Paulson, Stephen - 160, 219 Pavlik, Kyle - 59. 170, 182 Peacock, Melissa - 221 Pearson, Leslie - 144, 170, 202, 221 Pederson, Daniel - 182 Pegors. K. - 154 Pehrson, Kent - 194 Pellowe. H. - 154 Perla. William - 182 Perry, Michael - 58, 221 Perry, Susan - 145, 221 Persons, Henry ■ 58. 139. 194 Peterson, Amy.171, 182 Peterson, Ann-23, 24, 58, 88. 145, 167, 182 Peterson, Arthur-171, 182 Peterson, Cynthlo-23, 37, 221 Peterson, Debra-171, 194 Peterson, Diane-74, 161, 221 Peterson, John-221 Peterson, Kora-194, 198 Peterson, Krlstlon-58. 170, 194 Peterson, Nell-171, 182 Peterson, Paul-221 Peterson. R.-154. 171 Peterson, Rolf-56. 169, 171, 182 Peterson. Shelly-54, 59, 130, 221 Peterson, Thomas-194 Peterson, Tlmothy-221 Petri, A.-143. 154, 157 Perry, Danlel-74. 194 Petty. Susan-182 Petsolt. Janese-221 Pfannensteln. Laura-221 Pfannenstein. Matthew-159, 182 Pfister, Thomas-162, 221 Pfohl. Rlchord-140. 141, 194 Phlllpsen. Mlchael-145, 194 Phillips. Mlchelle-182 Pierce, Mark-162 Pierson, Sue-221 Pint, Kothryn-171 Pltsch. Batbaro-194 Pltsch. Frederlck-59, 182 Pittman, Alrlma-182 Pittman. Jean-182 Ploce, Karen-194 Plokus. Rachel-144. 171, 194 Platt, Anthony-194 Poehler, M.-154 Pohlod. Ann-221 Popko, John-221 Popko. Roxone- 194 Popowlch. Dlone-195 Poppelaars. Danlel-195 Pops West-34, 35 Poque, Mlchael-182 Porter, Douglas-58. 85. 89, 195 R R R Richard - 58. 72, 75, 195 Rice. Wendy - 144. 222 Richards, Gregory - 60, 74. 170, 182 Richard, Nancy - 170, 195 Richards. Pamela - 139. 222 Richardson, Julie - 171, 222 Rlchman, Ellen - 159, 171, 195 Rlckert, Kristin - 59, 122, 130, 131, 171, 222 Rlngham, William - 21, 171, 222 Riplinger, Susan - 195 Risse, Jill - 170, 182 Roberts. Michael - 59, 75, 181, 182 Robertson. Gregory - 58, 88, 171, 195 Robeson, Thomas - 182 Roblchon, Kelly • 163, 195 Robinson. Gregory 189. 195 Robinson, Scott - 58, 157, 195 Rodeck. Christine - 195 Rodgers. Sherri - 59, 76. 88. 222 Rodriguez, Cecilia - 154, 222 Roepke. Scot! - 222 Rogers. Bethany - 171, 183 Rogers, Chrstophr ■ Rogers. Karla - 171, 195 Roltenberg. Ursula - 195 Rolfes, Patrick - 58. 222 Rolfes, Theresa - 25, 59. 118, 195 Romlne, John Jr. • 183 Root, Earl - 162, 222 Root, Gory - 195 S-- Rosenbloom, Matthew . 223 - j Rosholt. Christine • 171, 181, 163 Roslund, Paul-59, 170, 183 Roth, Robert-223 Rothgeb. Andtea-171, 183 Rothgeb, Brent-67, 223 Rotmon, Jane-74, 75. 183 Royce, Karen-21, 22, 135, 144, 171, 206, 22; Rozentals, Andra-223 Rozentals. Gunor-56, 183 Rozmon, Mlndy-171. 195 Rudin. Joel-223 Runke, Bersy-171, 183 Runyan, Jeffrey-29, 195 Russell. Patrlcia-59, 171, 183 Russell. Peter-223 Rutishauser. Robln-59, 122, 128, 129, 138. H Rutjes, Paul-183 Rutman, Danlel-195 Ryan. Stacy-195 Ryden, Jennifer-183 I Rzeszur, Thomos-58. 70. 75, 195 i s s s Sadie Hawkins-28. 29 Sadowskl. Linda-197 Salem, Wade-58, 88, 197 Solhus. Stefanl-170, 223 Salovlch, Susan-197 Sandilla. Robert-197 Sonsom, Clalre-171, 183 Sonsom, Paul- Sntrlzos. Nlcholas-58. 171, 183 Santrizos. Paul-171, 223 Soude, Jon-162 Sox. Pamela-144. 171, 183 Scanlon, Therese-58, 171, 197 Schoar. Down-32, 58, 171, 197 Scheerer. Jeffrey-197 Schlbur, Patrlcla-171. 223 Schlufer. Kye-121, 197 Schmelz, Kathleen-197 Schmelz, Thomas-89, 223 Schmiel. Daniel-89. 223 Schmlel. Julla-59. 89, 145, 171, 197 Schneider, Christopher-197 Schneider, Jeffrey-128, 129, 130, 145, 223 Schoenecker. Cheryl-30, 170, 223 Schpenlng, Dovld-58, 85, 89 Schoening, Mark-58. 88, 197 Schoening. Paulelt. Loren-197 oord - 150 »r. Steven-197 man, Amy-59, 197 man, Jill-127. 171 163, 240 man, Raymond-163 Julie Ann-197 David-56, 193, 197 :her, Nancy-74, 223 :her, Steven-163 Gordon-122, 143, 145, 154, 170, 197 lennlfer-163 Michael-56. 223 zbauer, Dviad . Kelly-122, 145. 160. 166. 223 . Thomas-163, 165 da. Paul □cy-197 Tod-223 llzabeth-23, 223 Margaret-171, 223 Mlchael-59, 69, 171 163 Michael-163 -154 G. - 134 Sectlon-200-227 Ike. Mark-33, 223 Cary-56, 136, 197 Brian-163 John-170. 223 Stephen-59, 163 )tt. Mellssa-163 3ft, Mlchael-223 lhrlstl-223 oft. Mlchael-223 Ihrlsti-223 )ana-l97 . J -154 lane-130, 131, 171, 163 .esley-170, 163 1111-167, 170, 163 Susanne-163 Gory-56. 66. 197 n. Karen-163 lonn. Morlayne-171, 163 mond-74, 69, 170, 163 ?r. Julie-170. 197 ». Leif-163 anet-171, 197 CC-60, 61. Downhill-62. 65 ek. G.-146 Cheryl-224 knn-127, 224, 240 Zhrlstopher-224 [lizabeth-161 163 ay-197 eff-56, 224 atrlcla-62, 89. 224 heryl-l95 Boys-52. 53. Glrls-50. 51 ig. Krlstyn-170, 163 end, P.-154 lore Sectlon-174-185 irlstopher-197 Mlchael-56, 75. 224 . Russell Jr.-56. 197 eek-38. 39 . Gregg-58. 79. 66. 224 g. Tlmothy-191, 197 em, John-163 ', Daniel- m. Jo Ann-171, 163 f. Llsa-59. 89. 118, 181 163 Kristen - 171 224 Pamela - 171, 224 erg, A. - 154 Michael - 224 David .. - 154 erg, Heidi - 163 Steven - 162, 224 Steven Strout, William - 224 Struthers. Jeanne - 224 Struye, Olivier - 122, 125. 143, 224 Stuckey. Kimberly - 171, 164 Student Council - 118, 119 Student School Board - Suby. Sarah - 66. 164 Sullivan. Ann - 59. 181, 164 SulllYan, Gavin - 21 22, 119, 151 153. 224 Sullivan, Kerry - 171, 164 Sullivan, Peter - 164 Sundqulst, Matthew - 197 Swansea. Daniel - 56. 164 Swanson, Mark - 61, 74 Sanson. Matthew - 59, 164 Swanson, Suzanne - 66, 145, 166, 170, 164 Swanson. Wendy - 145, 225 Sweeney. Michael - 59. 89. 164 Swenson. Jill - 29. 122, 128 129, 171 225 Swenson, Julie - 171, 197 Swenson, Richard - 23, 171, 225 Swift, Michael Swlggum. Pamela - 162. 225 Swimming - Boys-62. 63. Girls-64, 65 Syvertsen. Carol - 59. 129. 197 Tabor. Paul - 225 Tadvick. Gary - 56, 225 Tambornino. David - 56. 197 Tanner. Carolyn - 89. 164 Taplln. Bradley - 159. 197 Taube. Jeffrey - 171, 197 Taylor. Diane - 64, 225. 227 Taylor. Mary - 118 Teasley. Brian - 170. 164 Temple, Christine 56. 171, 197 Tenbroek. Margaret - 59, 69, 171 184 Tengdln, Daniel - 59, 89. 164 Tennis - Girls-56, 57 Tennis. Karen - 136. 143. 145. 171 197 Terry. Alexander - 197 The Skin of Our Teeth - 36. 37 Thiem. Mark - 56, 197 Thomas. Jeffrey - 164 Thomas. Jill - 164 Thompson. Durk - 171 197 Thompson, Holly - 225 Tierney, Thomas - 56, 164 Tollefson. Steven - 164 Torp, Erik - 66. 66. 167, 164 Tovar. George - 162, 225 Towey. Anne - 164 Towey, Kathleen - 170, 225 Trelstad. Karl-171. 225 Tralntafyllou. Thlmlo-59. 127. 164, 240 Tschimperle, Rlck-225 Turner, John-197 Turner. Mary-59. 164 Turner, Rebecca-26, 171 164 Turner. Thomas-197 Tussing. Scott-69, 197 Tuttle. Timothy- 197 Tuveson. Karen-197 Uhr. Mlndy-171 164 Ulmen, Karen-59, 74. 164 Ulrich, Jocquelln-129. 197 Ulrlng. Randy-197 Ultan. Deborah-144, 171, 197 Uphoff. Paul-151 164 y y y Vacotlons-26, 27 Vahhaji. Cyrus-225 VahhaJI. Sima-197. 198 Valentine, Ellzobeth-184 Valentine. Sara-225 Vande Weyer. Phlllppe-143. 145. 225. 240 VonDoten. Holly184 VonHulzen. Catol-75. 197. 170 VanHulzen, Wendy-74, 75. 184 Venable. Llso-198 Vetdootn. Jeffrey-29. 225 Wetness, Ctalg-226 Wetnlck. Beverly-143, 226 Westphal. Heldl-164 Wert. Teteso-59. 193, 198 Wheelet, Loren-198 Wheelet, Lynn-171. 184 Whelan. Maty-189 White. Brenda-11. 198 White, Charles-164 White, Timothy Wlesnet. R.-154 Wllharm, Paul Wlllloms. Edword-53. 58, 226 Williams. James-89. 164 Wlllloms. Mlchele-171. 226 Williams. Robett-58. 198 Wlllloms. Teresa-184 Wilson, Edword-61. 74. 226 Wlndlgo-126. 127 Wlnsness. Scott-74. 169, 171. 198 Winston, Catollne- 171. 164 Winter. Mlchele-184 Wirkkala. Paul-164 Wiseman. Jennlfer-33. 126. 171. 226. 240 Wolfe. R.-154 Wolff. Carol-196 Wood. James-171. 226 Woodridge. Scott-21, 29. 226 Work Program-162 Worthen, Samuel-198. 240 Wray. Nlcole-184 Wrestllng-86. 87 Wright, Mlchael-58, 226 Wright, Susan-171. 184 Wright. Trocey-220, 226 Wuebker. Jennlfer-226 Wuebker. Margaret-88, 145. 226 Wuertz. Todd- Wurst. Danlel-59. 184 Vervelde, Mlchael-58. 225 VerwelJ, Jean-Paul-164 Vickers. Peter-58, 84, 89 Vickers. Toble-171, 184 Vidmor. Thomas-53, 58, 225 Vllloume. Louls- Volleyball-54, 55 Von Schmidt Pauli. Kelth-171. 225 Vork, Anthony-198 Voss. Daniel — 225 Vo-Tec-163 w w w Wahl. Karen-144. 192. 198 Wald. P- 154 Waldron. Jane-59. 84. 88. 225 Wales. Karen-184 Walker, Brlan-196 Wallace. Catherlne-33, 59, 88, 225 Waller, Amy-20. 21. 133. 225 Waller, Steven-59. 225 Wallin. Bradford-184 Wollschlaeger, Steven-198 Wangstad, N.-154 Wannlnger. John-198 Warm. Melanle-162. 226 Warner. Steven-58. 198 Wasley. Chrls-58. 220, 226 Wassenaar, Robert-59, 79, 89, 184 Wotklns. P.- 154 Wayne. W.-154 Weber, Benjamln-171. 226 Weber. Craig-59. 88. 145. 171, 184 Weber. Greory-226 Weber, Klmberly-59. 123. 129. 138, 198 Weber. Nancy-226 Weber. Steven Webster. Ann-23. 56. 58. 171. 184 Webster. JIII-161. 184 Weekley. Mark-226 Welher. Vicki Weiss, Chrlstlne-170, 198 Welsz. Tracy-21. 120, 144. 171, 226 Welch. B.-88, 92. 154 Welch, Davld-122. 143. 145. 226 Wenborg. Tamara-226 Yaeger, Coleen-33. 169. 171. 226 Yarger, John Jr.-198 Yeschke. Lyndo-158, 184 Youngblood. Mlchoel-20. 21. 22. 36. 37. 119. 171. 224. 226 z z z Zanin. Cory-56. 136, 196 Zorling, Daniel-61 74. 60. 69, 227 Zorling, Davld-69. 227 Zeller, Peter-59. 164, 164 Zephyrus-126, 129 Zmeskal. Mark-196 237A SPIECIIaV! MIESSaVPE ifpie Deer CoroJ. "cor dorned $por'"-Love. Jcyne '3 20 80' Scort- Thanks always - Corhie Dcoroy Zephyn Thanks for mcking ths yecr the bey Ever ycors. Joe Rudy Sverve-Thonks for being rhe bey fneo J- J R "Buddies"-wfl oSvoys remember good nmes-Bousch Love you ol- 0 D.V A M.M Long ive morning exrrovogonzos!! Corhy-Pols forever, huh?!- your ». Lori Hoggies Foreveri TH. TR. KR. KG.. KN. KM THE LANGUAGE OF HONKUTUDE Froorswcrd. underycnd. yock. poor, week. Wish, quoiry. bosch. schob. gnat. ugly. brts). cere, rhn, stow, nonosmotic. rod cd. respec for ourhorry. 17. rnuhk. degrogne toper denev dehrow Honk dies ... won: o frikbone?. Cufdown. Mewd. bormoo A J von Shorr. Rih-weoH. AJexi Shoffoooveh. 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Love Mag ummec doesn't hove ro end-Jeff I love you Pom One of rhe memorable ernes mas '80 239 or Quodoo ... X-SAVING THE “THANKS” FOR EAST “‘WindigMts” We Thank-You!' A si rty txzorre Wlndigo Staff meefj o The Golero From row: 5 Forrer. D Chnne. 0 Esrrem. M Mchoty Row 2: K Mott, L Oberte. P Gunerarne. T Potmer. ("Joe Oumy" m hood) L LoPose. 5 Anderson Row y K Johnson. P Vonde Weyer. A Oush. 5 Worrhen. T Doyd. P DoydRow 4: L FonkrO. M Doyle. M Ferro M Hovelson, L Lever. A Smrh. J daemon. J Schoenemon. E Tnonro ytoRow 5: L Coen. J Lews (odv) Row 6: P LoveFe. A Ormocombe. P Mneharr. A Gresham Edlno-West High School: for being o school wirh vigor, spirit, ond grond oppat unifies for its students Mike "Get o job D.H." McNolly: for greot work on the sWe show ond business yoff Steve "HI" Woller: for on ever-possive otri rude rowords Wmdtgo Som "Morion Orondo" Worthen: for being so bizoor Kothy "Kotuko Dozooko" Meitz: "Get o crew-cut!" Lisa "Ugl” Coen: for good rimes wirh snow Lori "I love Flipper" Lever: for Keeping Ph i ipe occupied in the dork-room. Brian "Chew" Walker: "We're sorry reionons wirh P M. didn't work out.” Scott "Can I toke pictures" Anderson: for porieace doing reom pictures spreod. Ann "Purple Grope" Smith: for enrhusiasrical- ly supporting the Hockey reom Phlllipe "I took thot picture" Vande Weyer: for sroying after 7 hours one night ro develop pictures Jenny "Teachers are so dumb" Wiseman: for loud discussions with R.L. Doug “60 snowballs" Chrlste: fa dose en counters with the snow drift. Ann "Moody” Brimacombe: " ... ike that skin right disco suit." Jill "Jeep" Schuenemon: "Moy I go ro the ibrory?" Karl "Giggles" Johnson , fa the fonrasric Wm-digo shins. 240 Marla "Moffla" Ferro: fa connnuolly coming ro S.W.'s rescue Tim "Swiss" Palmer: fa constant prosing of J.L. G D.H. Morgret "I'm moving" Lewis: fa rhe excel lent ortwork Heidi "Bosanova" Raether: fa being o chico loco with o mego boco Larry "I'm o prep" LoRose: “Fager Wmdigo, let's ploy renms!" Diane "Sorry, no swimming pictures" Taylor: fa reaching fVL to do o spreod Prassono "Parana" Gunerarne: fa keeping dose worch of "Joe Dunny " Linda "Money" Oberle: your onxiery was justified, bur nor necessary "We hod rhe utmost confidence m you " Maggie "Chow” Doyle: fa being nor "just o cougaerte” ro us. Anne "Plan Ahead" Bush: fa rhe ter of suggestions ro improve (?) Wmdigo Steph "Looks oblique to me" Forrer: fa nor fagermg ro bring o birthday coke Potty “No I won't model my tassels" Mine-hart: fa being rhe proud owner of on aonge 50DD Linda "I hate phofog.s" Forslund: fa taking active interest in Wmdigo Amy "Excuses, excuses” Gresham: fa rhe occassional appeoronces ro 6th hoa Tiff "E=me " Boyd: fa rhe excellent job on your section Morybeth “Questions" Hovelson: fa waking into rhe "wee hours” of rhe maning on Wmdogo Bill "Horny" Estrem: fa radmess due ro conversations wirh T W Effy "Cold Stores" Triontofyllou: fa your constonr "constructive" criticism Jeff "Kick them off the staff" Lewis: fa rhe photo on rhe bock endsheer Bert -Is It worth it?" Hedstrom: fa lerring us go through with our "expensive” ideas Armi Nelson: fa roking on inreresr in our book ond helping us our when we were m o "pinch.” George Sklutz: fa rhe use of your 1979 homecoming button James Cabalka: fa impressions ond infamo- non on rhe history of Edmo-Wesr Hornet G Cougar: fa joyfuIyC?) posing rogerh- er Whigrean Staff: fa phoros. food G broomboli Zephyrus Staff: fa cure, irrie. blue "Joe Dunny!” Minneapolis Star G Tribune. Edina Sun. Newsweek Magazine: fa pictures ond nfa-morion on current events Scherling Plefsch: fa porience when roking group shots ond perfect pictures everyrime Morgie. Derry G Sis: fa food, "rhe ca", putting up with crobby "deodline" moods, ond rhor WICKED DWVEWAY Ray "I'm In a state of depression" Lavelle: fa showing no worry aound deodline rime, getting yelled a, ond keeping P D soneP). "JAY!" we love you PS "Do I hove ro go ro your house?" Perrin "Why does everyone get scared of me?" Boyd: fa "whipping" rhe sroff into shope ond purring up with fVL P S. How's your friend from rhe University?WAT Pocking Their Dogs . . . Ox» a m» rood •« . •jrrox r r K o n) Nn! MTI zmi rrt uv W" C I jf.A ..r» •5A . goo i o 'W'. Oxtrtra trrr ny -» inAxrtnnxruiMKrcoi ■My ? r ••«Km aij am H r (n r ?a crv—w. crti o i--iu» V« pi oni)Yiifc»»« (mMW T » [rwrrtl yiinctoj j' KiD'CwvWTrvoS IW» 0»"«v : ►.- ».• i r-o » J K »««■» (tramp • •■• Vj3 "« or» r »W »«» W'fll't w nto™ »« « «♦ v jtr oi »»y o»At r j • } ). om to Attn; »-f. n»rr A J.1X v -o« nw UorcJ forvw'ypy r lore Ooown rv-tj »ju »t» vyeo a »• «wr tr)« «MWi •u (R»n » x»o»« « toMni. And Opening The Doors The awakening of rhe fo8 semester broughr rrtds ond rributaron in oddirion ro rhe enrichment of mony souls. Fresh oir was scarce Close encounrers with people, wafts, desks, ... everything exisred. Individuals were forced to share sears In rhe lunchroom The ever famous "confused sophomore" no longer reigned, as juniors ond seniors were dso viewed wondering aimlessly in the corridors. Break rime meonr extreme panic for most sru-denrs of rhts newly condensed kngdom Promm-once in rhe lond of wealth confirmed ro govern, however ArhJeric companies joined, forming stronger and more rival forces. Success was plentiful Championships were numerous This new. closely confined institutional kingdom continued ro flourish for years ro come. The catastrophe en-honong this empire enriched rhe minds ond hearts of rhe wealthy

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