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ffgo edina -west mrlndlgi V kI i •$£ lrf • i ( Cj J 'frill (fol ,acr ,w UftP . kifitP IT tfJ li J ‘ .ul VC tf l z - , UJoatuL JuoJJ 37Zy 1 XTl pAA vXa l ? (CCLLfihj GDUbQh) MJCftfL) t vOct (AMSUs (JLTI %DfYUi Q 0Ul4JbO - XUzk Us nmt l}u aj ooa u i H£a£ cfwum. vjaM o. gwo(J- UJTYirYlMJ Jjouj) sjhilloi r "' (Pi M uHjJi'thaJ- kkaJc!)Mwdfc - dM (ph UU » A eAss-a A " 5 J Us€ lt t fsyU, f Uff 2 4 $ u. Sl( Sou Zio A oold u-r . J°cA 5 W m! ZVvt « rv c „v r ‘Alb’bldr Jt? a4 - rAV ? edina-west upper division edina, minnesota volume vii C: J , lx, 7 f ' ' student life 16 sports 48 organizations 92 academics 116 individuals 150 1UGWT KrVM - poML Mw) V- cieujs tyX. I cud s vnoi si ik £ . .- U T (V.,vC cxLav L3- j uMtevtoiMl. PW3 e L txttjLK. DnWo u3vH CKyen g,®e fcves" O VO 5 V Voce 'joe-ice. v QocK. Ch XjlA S?Ka SUAWJVWXA- 5 v eoJi M M CUv (UX $ VAe CtMl4a3l01 lOe Vlaoc. x 4in -tow Aca cMtf £,•0 €AS c £x fcqe+k A VisvA© y PAGE 2: UPPER MIDDLE: After playing a tuff game Gene O'Brien cools off. LOWER RIGHT: Taken by surprise John Neal (12). looks up at the camera. MIDDLE: During Human Phys. seniors Bill Benjamin and Jim Kerber dissect their cat.PAGE: 3 UPPER MIDDLE: Dean of students George Skluzacek displays his school spirit. RIGHT: Filled with excitement and anticipation, King Scott Bixby holds the Homecoming creed for Queen Ginger Tucker. LOWER: Holding the defensive line, the Edina-West Cougars try to gain some yardage.edina cake Edina has received many stereotypes over the years. A stereotype that still remains a mystery is the title of "Cake Eaters". We asked the student body and the teachers their opinions of how the title started. Chemistry teacher Mr. Belk stated, "In the late 1950’s Washburn High School had the title of cake eaters. In the 1950’s Edina had the reputation as a "well to do community". The famous quote “Let them eat cake” was believed to have started the title. A statement made by Kris Uppgaard (12), “Most people eat bread, but Edina eats cake”. Senior Sherry Johnson commented, "When Edina was one school the basketball team went to state. The team was asked to be on the television, when they appeared they were eating cake". Biology teacher Mr. Ehlert said, "Many years ago Edina did not have a high school, the students went to southwest, Park or Washburn, naturally the Edinans stayed closely knit and received the 'name cake-eaters from the other students. PAGE: 4 UPPER LEFT: Anxiously walking down the aisle Homecoming icouple Brad Herman (12) and Pamela Gillman (12) smile with excitement. LOWER: Senior Liz Shaar tries her best to eat a piece of bake. UPPER RIGHT: With a look of hunger on their faces, seniors jiShari Kuller and Karen Healy get ready to eat. PAGE 5: UPPER: The Edina-West cross country team is leading the race. RIGHT: Senior Todd Apple is returning a tuff shot. Representing a part of our school Edina-West cougrats dance at the Homecoming game. Xm qcA- -fe Kacmj v| saa vjrv oarvX AV S. 3SsV (J€3 rf SJBO ■4VlOokfl 'X v e' N[OU. a. Vw 4. "Vi me. X VlD 2, V]0j WVCrtX -+VJJV ■Vl W2 J® " is 1 of t v i PAGE 6: UPPER LEFT: Waiting for the band to begin. Liz Bugby (11) and Kathy Pohlad (12) glance at the stands. UPPER RIGHT: Beginning work on his term paper. Kyle Ral-lis (10) studies in the library. LOWER: THE MUSIC MAN cast performs the finale during dress rehearsal. PAGE 7: UPPER LEFT: Coming off the soccer field. Ralph Overholt (12) looks for the coaches opinions. UPPER RIGHT: Awaiting the coronation of the new queen, the queen candidates wait nervously. LOWER LEFT: Contemplating the molar mass of the camera. John Belk (fac.) ponders. LOWER RIGHT: Even before it was fashionable, Kevin Hughes (10) wears his toga for Latin Week activities. 7“The New School”, “Cake-Eaters”, “The Cougars”, “The one on Crosstown”, “The leaders of Lake South football”, “What do you expect, they are from Edina!”. These are just a few of the common stereotypes that plague Edina-West. True? . . . Maybe! Some Edinans deny the stereotypes. The Minneapolis Tribune cartoonist Guidon wrote, “We were not born to Edina, we achieved Edina.” While others show their pride in a different manner. A t-shirt displayed in a Southdale retail store prints “Nowhere else but Edina." No matter what our individual views are, we all strive to maintain our “Edina Tradition.” One football player stated it best when he said, “Everyone plays their best game of the season against us!” St. Louis Park refers to living our PAGE 8: UPPER: Getting team members back in order, senior Don Markwardt gives some friendly advice. MIDDLE: The cougar and the Edina-East hornet converse on the football field. LOWER: A group of sophomores take advantage of their study hall. PAGE 9: UPPER: Representing a part of the school. Lori Uhr (11) plays the school fight song MIDDLE: Edina-West football players express their joy after scoring a touchdown. LOWER: Junior Barb Moeller hits a forehand shot down the line. 810 communityOur town, Edina, became the Village of Edina on December 18, 1888. Then, the population was 485, and today it has increased to 48,920. Although the five Mills are gone today, the milestones still remain. Two are flagpoles bases at the American Legion. The others are on the site of Our Lady of Grace Church, St. Stephens Church and the Edina Historical Society. Highway 169 was an Indian Trail at one time but now is known as Vernon Avenue. In 1888, Edina was a farming community, Edina is now known as a prominent residential community. St. Stevens Church was built in 1879. Eighteen churches now serve the people of our community. The earliest school built in Edina was Cahill. Since that time, six elementary schools, Countryside, Woodale, Concord, Cornelis, Highlands, and Creek Valley. Two Secondary campuses also were added to the list of schools. Edina offers many opportunities for young adults. “I consider myself very lucky to be able to attend Edina-West and live in this community,” stated Kathy Luikens (11). community 11we are Who are we? Are we students! We struggle to complete a term paper, we go sleepless studying for a chemistry, history or literature test. Our arms are sore from dragging our books home. Is that Edina-West. Are we involved? Cougarettes practice hours to prepare one dance. Debaters spend their summers researching new topics. Publications staffs strive to reach the “All- American” level. Music Man rehearsals climax with the opening night performance. Is that all we work for in our lives? Are we jocks? Does everyone remain at school after a long day practicing our tennis serves, perfecting football or soccer passes, struggling to improve our racing times or just perfecting our talents to overcome our next opponent. Is that us?i o s anr more .'We Wve .We vjornj ete overcome tear anti asVA a . ntettomecomm , Satire, or even iYreereti Yne ootea anti soccer teams o [ arr vI or sV 'f s.'We even crreti vrt en v e asW ocV.e j qame. ; r tie ooursc oo . Etirna-WesV idvovAo a .ud j rv$, o f embet § adMaoVaga o d s bxoaV 10 . Ovmo§ dado C ub vbea, .axr fcasdoao y§ aud S a PoodNot {y§ pose tot tasoeta. UMKA . C ose dveods Aodt VAato {y§ and T odd toetX vid n . WGHT . otV o$ ovA oo de pata e bats, Aodt Ebert ptepates tot e ooxVoxooVA.O'HE . kppeat t p tott bed tYd a p ece ot 5 apet. Aodo vsdop Ve sVatWed o wda do sees.UPPER: Cheering to a football game is Senior Mary Scanlan. LOWER LEFT: Grinning for the photographer. Phil Nelson (12) talks with his homeroom table members. LOWER RIGHT: Reading the morning newspaper Debbie McCoy (12) focuses on an Edina-West soccer article. 14UPPER LEFT: With encouraging grins, Jeff Baker (12) and Tony Mitchell (12) watch the royal procession. RIGHT: Enjoying American life, foreign exchange student Claudia Lima (12) explains her Brazilian town. LOWER: Happy for the occasion. Larry Stotts (fac.) displays his favorite pet frog. 15The most important aspect of Edina-West is the togetherness of the student body. Extra-curricular activities that are carried throughout the school make it very special to the students and its community. Each organization contributes a great deal of enthusiasm and support by each individual. The after school functions are an important part of the Student Life. Breamer get togethers, T. P. parties, all night slumber parties, and Ice Cream I, II, III. All of these special activities contributed a great deal to the memories of our high school years.abcdef g hi jkl m 18nopq r st uv wxyz Wheaties-Eaters! buses — Thr na's own bus sleet, or snow be faithful. clock — T departure is sho the many clocks around school. 19abcdef g hi jkl m • During a fire drill students stooJ ou aather af'lhe aH» waiting for the bdlf to eturn to c ass.. shion Lbon arounc M HM ■fcon the Sidepf her hea ut his anxietiesnopq r st uvwxyz Food — The Doughnut Kid, Phil Nelson (12), has j done it again, he haM been caught devouring a doughnut. Education ing, like'll Ericksofl advantjl yUvi M f dina-West atej?, sctjdohlunche c buy Welch's frut' ice cream sandwich irious mrngsstpr lunch. si hers would saye thems Hostess pie QH- Tfrfe hoti lunfch bfc Edinak 'sch pj? I if foodndp ritag the‘three d:BURGER KING 3°t«eWH0PP£’! cruising: the “IN” places ft“Start your engines!’ Edina-Wost students have hit the |reets! Once equipped with the keys to the family car the “wild and crazy cruisers would transform a dull Saturday night into a gas-guzzling, belly-bust- ing fantasy. The evening would begin with cup of hot coffee from Perkins to warm the cold “lead-feet.” As soon as the bodies felt ready to roam, coffee was put aside for cruise- mobiles. From Perkins, many Ford Station Wagons as well as Mustang Il’s would have been seen heading towards neighboring Hopkins. Down the main strip, mufflers rattled and rubber burned! After a few passes, more intrigue was sought. Students managed to contemplate the situation while viewing the possibilities very easily over French Silk Pie from the nearby Poppin Fresh. Back into the cars and onto the road, drivers would aimlessly cruise around. Many students ended up touring one of the various Twin City Lakes. Lake Harriet proved popular as it had bike racks for the energetic sophomores. If on those nippy, sub-zero nights, the heater in the ’67 Chevy wasn’t “up to par” certainly ”2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” would “warm the cockles of their hearts.” By now the well-traveled car had a sufficiently emptied fuel tank. Super-America solved the situation. A few more meaningless roams through Indian Hill's dimly lit streets satisfied the “cruise-phobia." Time to put the car back into its nest. Thus, the end of another Edina-West cruising adventure 23abcdef g hi jkl m TiTTBr 'CTDm TEACHER 1»«bUID r Jioruffrn i tSruuT «ali. i P A A Ti: w L t T v Willi V eMtir Aioutt IcymiT-jr iWAlL tt 0 OFSTtMACr «• rr it "It I 7?i n r Si TS I T Til +-44 [ grades — Grades are something rhost! otjusl dreadvbute few'look forward to,—I —1 —j— jumnSuwc □ATI Jf . j Trijfjjff MARKING tripos jealous games people play — Flirting common things around school to catch somebody or m ke soi most trying 24halls — Many of us spend most of our time in the halls, whether going to our locker, the bathroom, or just not going to class. noPq r st u v wx y 2 onPAGE 26: UPPER LEFT: HOMECOMING COURT: FRONT ROW — M. Scanlan. L. Green. A, Vining, S. Poehler. N. Lilja. Queen Ginger Tucker. E. Goldberg. T. Boyd. B. Lunaas. P Gillman. L. Wahl. BACK ROW — J. Baker. S. Youngblood.'J. Roberts. M. Conroy. J. Bruer. King Scott 8ixby. C. Mooty. J. Neal. T. Hauser. B. Herman. T. Mitchell. UPPER RIGHT: Following coronation. Queen Ginger Tucker and King Scott Bixby take time out from the busy Court schedule for a formal picture. MIDDLE LEFT: Looking confident. Steve Youngblood (12) and Lori Green (12) begin their walk down the aisle. MIDDLE RIGHT: Despite the early hour. Ellen Goldberg (12) feels awake enough to celebrate. LOWER: Having eaten 18 plates full. Mary J can-lan (12) smiles contentedly. PAGE 27: UPPER: After just being awakened by the Student Council at 4:30 A M.. Court members looked dazed but excited. MIDDLE: Enjoying one of their many activities. Homecoming Court finds an appropriate castle at Lilli-putt. LOWER: Demonstrating their great musical abilities. Tom Hauser (12) and Jeff Baker (12) wonder where everyone went. 26 homecoming courta ’courtin It was early one September morn, when all of Edina lay asleep, that it all began. All of a sudden, twenty-two seniors heard the clamor of shrill, excited voices as the secretive Homecoming committee awakened the honored members of the 1978 Homecoming Court. The fact that the group was aroused from slumber in an array of unique attire was an omen that the royal week and its activities would be a worthwhile, yet sleepless seven days for Court. Most of the activities were centered around food and feasting. The guys and girls munched on all sorts of goodies, from Tucker’s and Wahl's banana-splits, to Hauser's lasagna, and finally to Boyd’s caricature cookies. As the week ended, those gluttons wondered whether or not their outfits would still fit. Due to the abundance of scrumptious edibles, the members of Court were full of energy to burn. Memorable moments such as communal gatherings on Bix's waterbed, playing games with Nanny, and waterskiing in 50° water, were just a glimpse of all the happenings. The thrilling suspense of Thursday's coronation, the zaniness of Friday’s pepfest, and the fascination of the game parade all combined to end the week with a climactic finish. John Neal summed it all up with his comment, “A lot of guys were up on having a good time.” homecoming court 27celebrate Sophomores barely had a chance to adjust to their new surroundings before they were subject to the classic celebration called Homecoming. The big event was held earlier than usual because of scheduling difficulties. “The Edina schools had traditionally held their homecomings on the first two weeks in October,” explained Sandra Lantto (11), “But the East-West game was the first week-end in October, so the only possibility seemed to be September 22.” Regardless of the summer-like atmosphere, Edina-West put forth a grand effort to make Homecoming 1978 a memorable one. Starting off the festivities with the choosing of the Royal Court, the entire school went into action as everyone took advantage of the opportunity to celebrate. “It was a nice break from the hassles of beginning another school year,” commented Genny Nagengast(12). Although some felt that coronation was the highlight of the week, others would argue that the 22-6 football victory was. Yet, others felt that the “Night in Paris" at Hotel de France was the climax of the festivities. Nevertheless, Homecoming 1978 was a success. PAGE 28: UPPER: Enjoying a "Night in Paris" at Hotel de France, couples dance to a slow song. MIDDLE: After building up suspense, former Court member Sue Robbins '78, crowns Scott Bixby (12). LOWER: Remembering their childhood days, John Bruer (12) and Nancy Lilja (12) portray boy and girl scouts. PAGE 29: UPPER: Lining up with perfect precision, the Cougar Rats begin their dance. LOWER LEFT: Acting cool, cheerleaders Lisa Hopkins (12) and Lynn Robbins (11) perform a take-off from "Grease". LOWER RIGHT: Taking part in the "queerleaders' " dance, Tom Kaju (12) really gets into it. 28 homecoming activitieshomecoming activities 29abcdef g hi jkl m lockers — Lockers are a student's home away from home throughout the school year. lakes — Summertime activities abound on the nearby lakes. 32nopq r st uv wxyzit was seventy-six in 78 Working their way through evenings and weekends, the cast of Music Man prepared for opening night. Although concert choir provided the support and most of the cast, talent was gathered from around the school to fill some of the -supporting roles and the orchestra. Along with the crews working on sets, lights, costumes, and make-up. directors Bob Peterson (fac.), and Tom Amundson (fac.), helped to keep the five performances running smoothly. From this production, many friendships abounded. "I learned more about myself and other people during “Music Man" than I have in my three years of high school," said Jaime Rodriguez. PAGE 34: UPPER LEFT: The barber shop quartet consisting of John Ratelle (12). Joel Severinghaus (12). Thomas Smith (12). and Kurt von-Schmidt-Pauli (12). obviously enjoy their part in Music Man. UPPER RIGHT: Senior Brenda Peskin. and junior Ann Hurley have a heart to heart talk concerning men. LOWER LEFT: Starring as the Music Man. Steve Youngblood (12). sings to the leading female actress. Brenda Peskin (12). LOWER RIGHT: Playing the role of a flirtatious young girl. Terri Morrison (12). talks with David Cook (9), an unsuspecting prospect. PAGE 35: UPPER: Many of the enthusiastic Music Man dancers take an applause break at the end of a thrilling scene. MIDDLE: Seated in the library scene. Susan Baker (12). and Laura Prentice (12). attempt to concentrate on their reading, but seem easily distracted. LOWER: The dazzling song and dance of the Music Man. played by Steve Youngblood (12). captivates the attention of the townspeople. music man 3536 popspops is poppin’ Diligent work for Pops Seven began immediately after winter break. Concert Band's biggest event of the year called for many hours of rehearsal after school and late into the evenings. Yet, the work paid off when Pops Seven was a success on February sixteenth, seventeenth, twenty-second, third, and fourth. Long remembered will be the pages of critique sheets, the endless practice, and the endurance needed to provide two and one half hours of quality entertainment. The theme this year was “Mary Poppins" although Steve Martin and other such skits managed to creep their way into the program. All together, Concert Band was proud of their achievement. “I’ve been in Pops for four years and everyone has been different," stated Linda Hansen (12) “Pops is an experience!" PAGE 36: UPPER LEFT: Portraying nannies. Carla Holmstrom (11). Wendy Welch (12). and Lanece Lathauer (12). join together in a song UPPER RIGHT: Harmonizing together. Rad Wakefield (12). and Stephanie Lewis (11) sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” LOWER LEFT: Playing the role of a suffragette. Kim Fleming (12) fights for her rights. LOWER RIGHT: Practicing for their duet. Bob Ewald (12) and Rich Skow (12) sing about the benefits of corporate finance. PAGE 37: UPPER LEFT: Enjoying their roles as maids. Carol Juhl (11) and Janet Grangaard (11) smile for the camera. LOWER LEFT: Flying her kite. Linda Hansen (12) performs for the crowd LOWER RIGHT: Singing their song. Kim Kelly (11) and Kathy Jones (12). portray Jane and Michael Banks. abcdef g hi jkl m nurse — Taking a quick snooze in the nurse's office is not at all unusual for tired, overworked students. In fact, the nurse even needs a break now and then. 38 oveHfming obstacles — Many students have«arned to overcome problems and lead a happy, fulfilling life. Being deaf has not kept John-Qlsonnskfc from wrestling or playing football.nopq r st uvwxyz pilgrim fellowship'— N ny students from Edina-West are involved in P.F. at Colonial Church. passes — Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, not all passes are signed by the hands of teachers either. 3940 special eventsEllen Goldberg senior celebrities most likely to succeed Kip Wahlquist Michelle Peacock cutest couple Joe Kinning Mary McQuinn luxurious legs Chuck Mooty Stephanie Micek top scholar Tom Smith Nancy Lilja sexiest smile Mike Conroy Shelley Stone flirtiest flirt Tony Mitchell Tierney Boyd most school spirit Jim Roberts Brenda Peskin most musically minded Rad Wakefield Ginger Tucker best bod Steve Viet Donna Ganly top jock Mike Sullivan Sally Poehler best personality Steve Youngblood Allison Wheeler most creative John Neal dance,dance dance “You should be dancing . . come the lyrics as crazy couples move rhythmically to the beat of a popular song. An increasing number of dances provided an outlet for students to show off their boogie talents and let off steam from the tensions of everyday life. Dancing became an activity every member of the school could participate in, became popular events. Although Homecoming. Sadie Hawkins, and Prom might have required a date and special attire, the many informal Friday night gatherings in the cafeteria guaranteed a good time and maybe a dance with that extra-special someone. The panoramic colors that dimly lit the crowded floor provided the perfect setting to ask that someone out. . . But whether the dances became the scene for a budding romance, or the atmosphere for a night out with friends, the dances at Edina-West served a productive and appreciated purpose. special events 41abcdefghijkl m iar, puff boots, •jDock Siders, fce been seen Kftsco beat, |fe)us social Social sod of the com spot, was seen chatj come, left (10), Mike (10) patien mores — Standing in the south 4 )ns, the sophomores self designa lere they could usually have bi j. Waiting for the commons crowd iggie Doyle (10), Dee Dee Chapn ungblood (10), and Soroya KazJ waited for class to get out.nopq r st uvwxyzabcdef g hi jkl m unique — In every crowd are a few who do something to make themselves stand-out and appear separated from the rest of us. I hether downs — in our sc everyday me again we sit through class not hearing a word the teacher has gs and endingjpp not learning 44nopq r st uvwxyz vocal — Singing is a well known talent around Edina-West this year. Walking down a hall or even in class, there is usually 45abcdef g hi jkl mnopq r st uv wxyz jncomrftoh at irovide outlets lyesi Eyan the netinWsTl I many zzzz’s — After a loAg hard day at school some students don't have enough epergy to find their bus. In eacythey decide to camQ )MjOe carrels.Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, 1 best described Edina-West’s athletics in the 1978-79 victorious year. Cross-country runners placed two individuals in the state tournament and for the first time the girls’ swimming relay team won in state competition. Cougars soccer .and volleyball teams were kcontenders until disappointing losses in region tournaments. Epitomizing on November 17, 1978, the Cougar football team captured the Minnesota Class AA Football championship. Hard work and overflowing enthusiasm car-ied into the winter months, he girls' gymnastic team vorked hard to their state itle, while, the downhill ski earns raced to their respect-ul state meets, boys’ team lacing first, girls’ marginally lacing second. The cross-ountry ski team gained a econd place state trophy. Other highlights included a hockey victory over Edina-East for the Edina championship and last minute basketball shoot-outs against contending St. Louis Park and Edina-East teams. Whether it was the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, students were proud to represent the green and gold. number 1 It was a sweaty day in August when the football players met for a hard practice. Few guessed that this was the same team that would play some three months later in the snow to become the AA football champions. After losing the first game to Minnetonka, the team went on to win their next twelve games and allow only 36 more points to be scored upon them. They made state high school history when they shut out every team in the tournament. The defense was considered one of the strongest in Minnesota, while many said the Edina-West 1978 team was the best the state ever put forth. Some of the success was credited to the raw talent of team individuals. Five members were named all-conference with four of those being named all-metro and one. John Olsonoski (11), being named all-state. Yet. much of it was due to the dedication and determination of the team. "We worked really hard." stated Todd lliff (12). "and we just wanted to win more than anyone else.” That goal was easily achieved. Ya man! PAGE 50: UPPER: Overjoyed at their touchdown, two team members show their spirit. LOWER: VARSITY OFFENSE FRONT ROW — P. Kraft. B Holm. S. Jones. J. Natole. T. Jennings. ROW TWO — D. Phillips. D. Markwart. P. Vaaler. T. Holmgren. D. Baily. C. Bent-dahl ROW THREE — R Madden. M Sullivan. D. Barbe. J. Bolin, M. Donahue. T Anderson. S. Rallis. L. Eastman. BACK ROW — T. lliff. G Bjork. D. Eike. P Sapiro, T Dean. M. Wagner. R. Korn. M Buenz. S. Veit. PAGE 51: UPPER RIGHT: Looking for an opening. Scott Housh (11). runs with the ball. UPPER RIGHT: VARSITY DEFENSE: FRONT ROW — J. Tenbroek. K. Wahlquist. J. O'Brien. K. McCoy. M Weiss. J Olsonoski. ROW TWO — B Johnson. T. lliff. D Hare. T Venable. K. Allison. K. Kloew-ver. C. Tadvick. M Woolridge. J Ryden. BACK ROW — D. Forster. J. Haberkorn. B Rickenbach. G. O’Brien. T. Apple. T. Grace. H. Williams MIDDLE LEFT: Gaining a couple yards. Mile Sullivan (12). gets the first down RIGHT: Ready for a signal. Kyle Allison (12). looks at the opponents LOWER LEFT: Deciding on the next play. Edina-West Cougars huddle and plan their strategy 50 football football 51PAGE 53: UPPER LEFT: J-V OFFENSE: FRONT ROW — A. Vaaier, G. Gay, M. Robinson. S. Pavlik, S. Housh. ROW TWO — J. Cardarelle, B. Wray. K. Werness. B. Weisz. J. Powell. D. Bailey. BACK ROW — S. Wales. T. Palma. J. Donlin. D. Ohlson. J. Pau-see. P. Rahn, O'Bbrien. UPPER RIGHT: Starting the game for West. Scott Wales (11) kicks off. MIDDLE: Trying to recover a fumble. Stuart Rallis (12) gets it from both sides. LOWER: Looking onto the field. Coach Stav Canakes studies a play. PAGE 53: UPPER: Having to follow his teammate. Doug Bailey (11) works his way for a touchdown. UPPER RIGHT: J.-V. DEFENSE: FRONT ROW — C. Sackrison, T. Rosland. T. Wheeler. D. Hunt. T. Eck-blad. ROW TWO — S. Webster. R. Tuttle. E. Olson. J. Severseike. J. Burckhardt. BACK ROW — G. McPherson. E. McGlynn, D. Peterson. D. Olson. D. Bjork, B. Olson. D. Schroeder. MIDDLE: After the play is over, Cougars make sure the opponents do not have the first down. LOWER: Concentrating on the plays. Dave Bjork (11) watches from the sideline. 52 footballfootball 53shot at goal If the goal of the soccer team was to finish the year with a winning record, they met that challenge, though some thought they had the potential to take state. Highlighting the season was the 2-0 victory over first-rated Lincoln. The team consisted of six returning lettermen. Chris Faris (12) finished the season as leading scorer, followed by juniors Bill Bascom, Bill Roberts, and Pat Tierney. Kirby Herman (12) explained that coaches John Olsen (fac.) and Hack McCall (fac.) ran the team differently. “The coaches put more emphasis on the players and their abilities.'’ Under the captainship of Tony Mitchell (12) and Jeff Baker (12), the team was not lacking enthusiasm. Daily practice included drills, kicking, and running hills. Some team members felt that traveling to practices to Braemar could have been a psychological disadvantage. Nevertheless, the team proved that practice pays off. PAGE S4: UPPER: While the referee explains a call, co-captains Jeff Baker (12) and Tony Mitchell (12) listen carefully. MIDDLE: JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER: FRONT ROW D. White. T. Kerker. S. Jones. C. Fuller. J. Sol-berg. D. Langefels, J Manley. A. Faris. M Goetzmann ROW TWO: S. Adams. D. Anderson. G. Leupold. L. Jurich. J. DeMann. W. Roberts. M Ahmann. D. Hirsch. BACK ROW. H. McCall (Coach). W. McDonnell. M Maas. J. Sjolander. K. Mingo. S. Warfield. J. Sestak. J. Mueller. C. Reynolds. J. Olsen (Coach). T. Larson. LOWER: SOPHOMORE SOCCER: FRONT ROW: E Lunas. W Cunliffe. D. Dougherty. J. Borman. K. Feiler. M. DeZellar, T. Scudder. E. Williams. T. Buie. S. Feinberg, T. Vidmar. J. Durham. ROW TWO: L. Hill. C. Smith. M. Fitzgerald. W. Faison. J. Kurth. D. Hagen. S. Neuman. P. Azar. D. Hart. C. Larson. K Manion. M. VervekJe. C. Vannag. S. Hunt BACK ROW: Arron Page (Coach). J. Lahner. J. Gorman. B. Johnson. D. Flynn. R. Johnson. B. Frisk. D. Bell. M. Reilly. S. Jecha. A Hays. R. Benjamin. P. Rolfes. G. Sullivan. R. Tabor PAGE 55: UPPER LEFT: Kicking the ball. Jeff Baker (12) watches it fly MIDDLE LEFT: Stopping the ball is Joe Kinning (12). UPPER RIGHT: VARSITY SOCCER: FRONT ROW: P Tierney. T. Monchamp. C. Faris. J Popowich. K. Feinberg. A. Mitchell (Co-Capt.) J Kinning ROW TOW: W. Bascom. R. Mori. S. Peters. S Reichert. W Roberts. C Reynolds. J. Baker (Co-Capt.) BACK ROW: H. McCall (Coach). C. Ranheim. K Herman. T Colleran. R. Oberholt. D. Peters. J. Bruer, J. Olsen (Coach). LOWER: Unhappy with the situation. Kenny Feinberg (12) Jack Popowich (12) and Ralph Overholt (12) watch the game. 54 soccerEDINA-WEST OPPONENT 5 CRETIN 1 2 MINNETONKA 2 2 RICHFIELD 1 2 BENILDE 0 1 ARMSTRONG 0 3 EDINA-EAST Vl t 2 1 JEFFERSON 0 3 EISENHOWER 1 1 ROBBINSDALE 0 BURNSVILLE FORFEIT 3 PARK 1 0 KENNEDY 2 3 COOPER 3 5 ROSEMOUNT 0 2 UNCOLN 3 LINDBERGH 4 WAY2ATA SECTION 6 FINALS 3 ROBBINSDALE 1 COOPER f soccer °55to serve with love With a seasonal record of five and three, Edina-West girl’s tennis had nothing to complain about. That was an outstanding record considering that ten of the twelve Varsity players were new from the previous year. A sophomore, Karen Jones, held the number one singles position and the smashing duo of Michelle Anderegg (12) and Sarah Oss (11) played at first doubles. Captains for the team were seniors Ellen Goldberg and Michell Anderegg. Also adding to the team was Betsy Tre-mann (11). Playing at third singles, Tremann made her way to the finals. Ranging from potlucks to early breakfasts, team spirit ranked high among the girl’s priorities. The mother-daughter, father-daughter, and mixed doubles tournaments also added a little extra excitement and team togetherness. Coach Gail Ofstehage (fac.) summed up the year on a positive note. "The girls had to live up to a winning tradition and they met that challenge with a great deal of enthusiasm." PAGE 56: UPPER LEFT: With precision and accuracy, Barb Moeller (11). returns a shot. UPPER RIGHT: With an overhead smash. Michelle Anderegg (12). returns the ball to her opponent. LOWER: VARSITY TENNIS: FRONT ROW — D. Johnson, K. Jones, M. Lee. S. Oss. MIDDLE ROW — B. Moeller. M. Ander-©99 (co-capt.), E. Goldberg (co-capt.). S. Poehler, B. Tremann, P. Boyd. BACK ROW — G. Ofstehage (coach). S. Ragatz, G. Donaker. L. Lynn PAGE 57: UPPER LEFT: Anticipating her next shot. Sarah Oss (11). is ready to return the ball. UPPER RIGHT: J-V TENNIS: FRONT ROW — A. Olson, K. Johnson. P. Karigan, L. Beard. P. Olson. BACK ROW — M. Barrett. N. Sampson. R. Punkris (coach), N. Ahmann, S. Whalen. LOWER LEFT: Getting psyched for the game. Karen Jones (10) and Mindy Lee (12) warm up. LOWER RIGHT: Ready to return a lob. Ellen Goldberg (12) keeps her eye on the ball. 56 girls tennisEDINA-WEST OPPONENT 3 Orono 2 2 Eisenhower Wayzata Irl 5 Richfield 0 3 Blake SrV 5 Kennedy 0 2 Anoka 'r' 3 4 Burnsville i 1 Minnetonka 4 1 St. Paul Academy 4 1 Edina-East - . 4 4 St. Louis Park 1 2 Jefferson 3 5 Lincoln 0 2 Wayzata 3 girls tennis 57over hill, over dale While many teams found their practice area confined to one gym, one field, or one court, the cross country team enjoyed scenery ranging from Braemar to Mud lake. The long runs through Edina were helpful in preparing for the team’s six victories and twelve losses. Throughout the season, forty-one boys and nine girls were coached six days a week by Ron Wiesner (fac.) and — Paul Weber (fac.). The coaches were happy with all the miles the team logged. ■ Each person ran 576 miles in k a three month season. All 15 totaled, the whole team log- ged over 28,800 miles. Between runs, the team % found time to have barbeque parties, a spaghetti dinner, and a run to breakfast. “We had a pretty good year,” stated Donna Ganly (12). “It was a young team ... a building year." PAGE 58: UPPER: At the end of a meet. Oonna Ganly (12) and Paul Weber (fac.) observe the team. LOWER: Preparing for their race. Jim Wallace (11). Dave Long (11). and John Nagy (12) stretch out against a tree PAGE 59: UPPER RIGHT: BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW — M. Krieter. T. Palmer. D. Zarling. B. Barrett. P. Guneratne. HI R. Frey. D. Zarling. M. McNally. J. Bell. R. Net- ■ tie. E Frisvold. R. Hauser. R. Sit. D. Long, T. 15 Willmert. ROW TWO — J. Klus. H. Jorgensen. • J. Dow. K. Harris. G. Larson. J. Felderman. K. Cwayna. D Peterson. B Benjamin. J Scaife. D. North. J. Nagy. J. Wallace. T. Angaelus BACK ROW — P. Weber (coach). C. Hub- Z" bard. M Brennan. J. Horns. V. Smith. M. McArthur. D. Hartman. T. Twyman. J. Peter-son. M Gibbs. D. Menz. P. Gibbs. R Wiesner (coach). UPPER RIGHT: Before running. Angie Barnes (10) stretches out on the grass. MIDDLE: There is tough competition when the boys come into the finish line. LOWER LEFT: After a hard race. Pat O'Connor (11) runs toward the finish line. LOWER RIGHT: GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW — P. O'Connor. J. Swarthout. D. Ganly. J. Roth. A Barnes. BACK ROW — P. Weber (coach). C. Eng. K. Olson. K. Peters. R. Wiesner (coach). 58 cross countryWEST IwW,, OPPONENT RICHFIELD, MINNETONKA 27, SO ST. LOUIS PARK. LINCOLN 43; 22 EDINA-EAST, JEFFERSON 22,30 BURNSVILLE, KENNEDY 17. 25 LINDBERG 28 GIRLS’ WEST OPPONENT RICHFIELD. MINNETONKA 23.20 EDINA EAST 26 BURNSVILLE. KENNEDY 20, 33 LINDBERG 21 EDINA 28. 15 43, 22 25 46. 30 29 EDINA 32. 35 15 43. 22 41 cross country 59EDINA-WEST BOYS’ GYMNAS EDINA-WEST 106.4 64.6 96.20 94.47 100.36 96.40 112.71 100.25 Lincoln Jefferson Edina-East Kennedy Burnsville Kellogg Invitational St. Louis Park 7th Place — Regionals OPPONENT 107.13 98.4 99.80 60 boys’ gymnasticsit’s just routine In anticipation of the season ahead, the boy’s gymnastics team began training before school started. The many hours of stretching and muscle building paid off when the team, led by captain John Ebert, came through the season with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses. Although they worked as a team during the regular season, most of the emphasis was placed on individual performances. The team members who accumulated enough points during the season were qualified to represent the team at state. The long hours of practice and the energy restoring times at Bridgemans helped to promote friendships and team unity. While only Dan Kimmel (10) went to state, the whole team went with him in spirit. PAGE 61: UPPER LEFT: Trying to keep his body straight. Scott Pauly (12), uses all his strength. UPPER RIGHT: Sophomore. Brent Rothgab. begins his routine on the parallel bars. MIDDLE LEFT: Concentrating on his routine. Eric Smith (11), works out on the horse. LOWER LEFT: JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS' GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW — S. Carlson, B. Skow, C. Patton. W. Coullard, J. Krystosek. J. Petry. MIDDLE ROW —S. Merbler. J. Otto. G. Lange, M. Storm. D. Petry. BACK ROW — T. Cleveland. D. Bernstein, E. Melichar, S. Winsness. T. Peterson. J. R. Belschner, T. Nissen. LOWER RIGHT: Ready to dismount. Brent Rothgab (10). balances himself on the parallel bars. PAGE 62: UPPER: VARSITY BOYS' GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW — D. Langefels. MIDDLE ROW — D. Pastre. E. Smith. B. Rothgab. B. Mattson. J. Ebert (capt.). BACK ROW — D. Nordstog. S. Pauly, M. Lange. S. Danielson. LOWER: Balancing on the rings. Scott Danielson (10) steadies himself. boys’ gymnastics 61Although volleyball is rapidly increasing in popularity, the backyard variety bears little resemblance to the power and precision of the bump, set, spike routine of Edina-West girls’ volleyball. With eight returning team members, Varsity volleyball proved to have the balance and depth, ending the season with a record of five wins, two losses. Taking time out from their busy practice schedule, Varsity volleyball players found time to spend a night full of swimming, eating and very little sleep at the Radisson Hotel, one of the many activities to promote team spirit. The experience that Varsity gained while on Junior Varsity and B-Squad paid off when they took fourth in regionals. PAGE 62: UPPER: B-SQUAD VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW — D. Johnson, A. Gresham. S. Kotzen. ROW TWO— P. Minehart, J. Hessberg, K. Lee. A. Rozentals. ROW THREE — M. Erdahl. M. MacGowan, V. Dreiko-sen, B. Hare. L. Armold (coach). BACK ROW — L. Paetznick. K. Ric-kert. L. Kubin, S. Peterson. MIDDLE: Resting between games. Katie Newell (10) takes a break. LOWER: J-V VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW — S. Lewis. M. Colleran, S. Fischer. ROW TWO — D. Vesper. S. Snook. A. Wurst. J. Hilgendorf. BACK ROW — N. Bishop. S. Rodgers. K. Newell. S. Hodder, L. McQuoid (coach). PAGE 63: UPPER LEFT: Varsity players and coach O'Boyle watch intently from the bench. UPPER RIGHT: VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW — L. Soucek. D. Kol-zow, D. Stinnett. ROW TWO — L. Leedens, B. Goehl. M. Johnson. ROW THREE — R. Gumlia, K. Hinker. L. Feese, M. O'Boyle (coach). BACK ROW —C. Dugdale. S. Erlandson (capt ). LOWER LEFT: Trying to outwit her opponents. Sue Erlandson (12) spikes the ball. LOWER RIGHT: Using teamwork. Peggy Johnson (11) and Roxy Gumlia (12) anxiously wait for the ball. 62 girls volleyballEDINA-WI PONENT 7,16 18, 18 13,9 19,10,14 KlO? ORONO RICHFIELD OSSEO LINCOLN LINDBERGH JEFFERSON WAYZATA EDINA-EAST ST. LOUIS PARK MINNETONKA HKENNEDY EISENHOWER BURNSVILLE REGIONALS KENNEDY EISENHOWER MINNETONKA ROBBINSDALE girls volleyball 63EDINA-WEST GIRLS’ SWIMMING EDINA WEST OPPONENT 84 Burnsville 86 29 Jefferson 55 61 Richfield 111 24 Edina-East 59 83 Lincoln 87 82 Apple Valley 89 54 Kennedy 28 58 Minnetonka 113 41 SLP 42 Vj 64 girls’ swimming r sink or swim The girls' swim team found that the water was not over their heads, but rather the competition was. The team of twenty-five swam their way through one of the toughest conferences. Besides swimming every day at practice, it took more than the usual appetite to be a member of the swim team. The team had many munching moments. Captains Gill Graham and Peggy Remole supplied the team with many parties, including a Halloween party, a pot-luck, and a camp-out. Coach Pricilla Specht (fac.), Jason Gould, and Andrea Hill were pleased with the season. The medley relay placed sixth in state. Backstroker Karen Andrews (11) also gained points for the team by placing fourth. “That was really an honor," stated coach Specht. "Although we did not have an outstanding record, we sure had fun," concluded Julie Gir-van (12). PAGE 64: UPPER LEFT: During a meet Molly McGlynn (10). Watches the action from the bench. UPPER RIGHT: After an exhausting 500 free. Julie Girvan (12) takes time to catch her breath. LOWER LEFT: GIRLS' SWIM TEAM: FRONT ROW — B. Purcell, M. Hanson, M. Burns, K. Lindeland, E. Rice. ROW TWO — S. Hizer, L. Forslund, J. Girvan. K. Andrews. ROW THREE — J. Gould (coach). S. Vahhaji, S. Evans. J. Rot-man, A. Christianson, Forslund. ROW FOUR — P. Specht (coach). M. McGlynn, K. Wales. C. Lande, T. Rolfes. ROW FIVE — B. Turner. D. Elliot. A. Hill (coach). J. Mrkonich. BACK ROW — D. Brellenthin. G. Graham (co-capt.), M. McQuinn, M. Tozer. LOWER RIGHT: While swimming a breaststroke event. Eileen Rice (12) attempts to pace herself. PAGE 65: UPPER: Surrounded by her opponents. Karen Andrews (11) prepares to start. LOWER: Splashing herself before an event, Diane Brellenthin (11) tries to psyche out her opponents. girls’ swimming 6566 hockeyedina champs At the beginning of the hockey season, coach Bart Larson and his boys decided that one of their biggest goals of the season was to defeat East. And that they did, as for the first time in seven years, the Cougars came away with a victory over the stingy Hornets. Senior winger Craig Ranheim said, “We knew that we were just as good as they were, but we wanted to prove it to everyone!" The team did just that before a packed Braemar crowd. But the games outcome was somewhat tarnished when co-cap-tain Greg Moore (12) was injured. He returned later in the season to continue his captaincy with Mike Sullivan (12) as the team finished in the lake conference. The team’s scoring attack was based on three balanced lines, and the defensive corps was just as strong. Although the team prided itself on its depth, there were many individual standouts. Among them were all-conference seniors Greg Moore and Jeff Bolin. PAGE 66: UPPER LEFT: Being quick on the face-off. Bruce Pearson (12) shoots the puck to his teammate. UPPER RIGHT: Taking advantage of the fallen goalie. Bill Roberts (11) shoots. MIDDLE LEFT: At the Edina West vs. East game, the face-off starts the game. MIDDLE RIGHT: Going down the ice. John Bruer (12) takes the puck in himself. LOWER LEFT: VARSITY HOCKEY: FRONT ROW — J. Bolin. K. Bock. C. Ranheim. B. Roberts. G. Moore. M. Sullivan, M. Donahue. B. Pearson. P. Tierney. BACK ROW —coach Bart Larson, coach John McMorrow. K. Herman. J. Connelly. T. Hurley. S. Lillestrand. D. Hunt. J. Bruer. J. Hobson. C. Perry. S. Ferguson. T. Larson, coach Bob O’Connor, mgr. Mori Ryo-suke. LOWER RIGHT: Keeping his eye on the puck. Jeff Bolin (12) is ready for anything. PAGE 67: UPPER: Waiting for the puck to be centered. Craig Ranheim (12) gets in front of the goal. LOWER: Pushing his opponent out of the way. junior Terry Larson gets a better angle. hockey 67PAGE 68: UPPER: Trying to find where the action is. Jim Koerber (12) takes a quick look MIDDLE LEFT: Keeping the opponents defense occupied. Dave Maley (9) and Mike O'Connor (10) then take after the puck. RIGHT: Taking the opportunity. Mike Sullivan (12) checks the opponents against the boards LOWER: J.V HOCKEY: FRONT ROW — D. Hartman. T. Frisk. M. Oliver. D. Maley. M O'Connor. C. Webster. J Kloewer. W Olson. J Koerber. BACK ROW — Coach John McMorrow. T. Schell. J. Devoe. S. Wales. C. Sackrison. J. Deas. P. Rolfes. T. Wmeberg. coach Bob O'Connor. PAGE 69: UPPER LEFT: Concentrating on the puck. Wes Olsen (11) waits for the referee. UPPER RIGHT: Obviously having won the game, the Cougars celebrated their victory over East. LOWER LEFT: Going after the puck. Chuck Webster (10) makes a sharp turn. LOWER RIGHT: Picking up speed. Greg Moore (12) skates toward the puck. 68 hockeyhockey 69holy buckets The Edina West Boys’ basketball team opened the year with a five game winning streak. The next few games were not quite as victorious, but the slump ended with the second game against St. Louis Park. Tied with twelve seconds left, Scot Housh (11) sunk a long basket to win the game 73-71. Park had only lost to the two Edina teams the entire season. A major setback was the loss of captain Chuck Mooty (12). This was due to a knee injury midway through the season. The starting line-up was dominated by juniors. Scot Housh, Jay Donlin, Stu Lark, and Rick Olson started as juniors. Dennis Morrissey and Kip Wahlquist were the regular senior starters. The team had a bit of trouble because of their lack of height, but they made up for it by their hustle. Coach Had-dorff (fac.) made sure the teatn spirit was always up. It was this impressive quality that brought them through the toughest of games. PAGE 70: UPPER: VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW — E. Olson, S. Housh, L. Eastman, C. Mooty, T. Angelus. B. Johnson. ROW TWO — G. Stehley. S. Lark. R. Tuttle. D. Bjork, S. Liner. BACK ROW — R. Olson. H. Wahlquist. D. Ohlson. P. Gibbs. J. Donlin. D. Morrissey. LOWER: During a time-out. Coach Haddorff (fac.) explains the strategy to his varsity players. PAGE 71: UPPER LEFT: Surrounded by his opponents. Rick Olson (11) aims for the basket. UPPER RIGHT: During an intense game, the varsity players watch from the bench. LOWER LEFT: Early in the game, Dennis Morrissey (12) fakes out his opponents. LOWER RIGHT: During a sophomore game, all eyes are focused on the basket. 70 boys' basketballRICHFIELD HOLY ANGELS BURNSVILLE MINNETONKA ST. LOUIS PARK JEFFERSON EDINA-EAST ARMSTRONG KENNEDY KENN LINCC boys' basketball 71UPPER LEFT: Shooting a technical. Greg Stehley (10) uses complete concentration. UPPER RIGHT: From the outside. Scot Housh (11) takes a shot. LOWER: SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW — K. Von-Schmidt-Pauli. S. Mogck. S. Lambert. R. Johnson, D. Brantley. ROW TWO — M. Wright. K. Rallis, J. Smith. C. Wasley, T. Ryden. BACK ROW — M. Appelbaum. P. Ollmann, J. Byron. S. Paulson. E. Johnson. 72 boys’ basketballwestern waters Minnesota has already gained the reputation for oeing the land of 10,000 lakes. Why then, people asked, did we add two more? Actually. Lake South and Lake North were not bodies of water, but rather renovated versions of the old, high school athletic conferences: Lake Red and Lake Blue. The revision was made in order to separate the teams according to location. All the south suburban schools were placed in Lake South and the northern schools in Lake North. Edina-West was put in southern waters. Many reasons were given to explain the change. One of the deciding factors was transportational reasons. By categorizing the teams in relation to their proximities, travel expenses were reduced. Costs of bus rentals were also cheaper and it was easier on the fans who didn't have to drive all the way to Park Center for an athletic event. There were some argu- ments from the Edina-West fans about the change. Many felt the switch to have been an unequal distribution. People thought the Lake South had been “stacked" with top notch teams. The competition in the league was harder, and many people wondered whether Edina-West would sink or swim. Though in the end, as the old saying goes: “We went down to the river . . but the Cougars did not drown! lake south feature 73with the greatest of ease While many sports required the members be unbendable, the girl’s gymnastics team required the members to have strength and agility. Coached by Kit Stouten-burgh, the 20 girls worked hard after school in the gym. The team's successful record showed that the many long hours of practice paid off. With Laura Franz (12) and Lisa Wahl (12) as captains, the team satisfied themselves and their audiences with precise accurate performances. ”We had an all around terrific team. We shared many great times and friendships" stated Lynn Bringgold (10). Going into the state meet very confident, the team of nine girls took the title and set a new state record with the score of 43.86 PAGE 74: UPPER: Finishing her bar routine is Angie Barnes (10). LOWER: GIRLS GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW — K. Wahl. S. Micek. M. Peacock. L. Beiersdorf. K. Foust. L. Franz (co-capt.), J. Micek. K. Hop-son. BACK ROW — S. MacGibbon, L. Wahl (co-capt.). L. Henneberg, M. Frisk. A. Barnes. D. Langefels. M. Manley. C. Yaeger. L. Bringgold. L. Mooney. K. Stoutenburgh (coach). UPPER LEFT: Somersaulting off the beam. Kelly Foust (11) ends her routine. UPPER RIGHT: After jumping off the vault. Michelle Peacock (12) prepares to land. LOWER LEFT: Warming up before the meet is Karen Wahl (12). LOWER RIGHT: Showing perfection on the beam. Lisa Wahl (9) does a backbend. 74 girls' gymnasticsgirls' gymnastics 75BOYS’ WRESTLING EDINA-WEST OPPONENT PARK CENTER BURNSVILLE ST. MICHAEL-ALBER r= E TOURNEY IRIE IS PARK ■EDINAJSaST MOUND r LINC TRIPLE DUAL ME MANKATO WEST EDISON COOPER RICHFIELD KENNEDY at the mat Pin your man! Edina-West wrestlers worked hard every day after school in an effort to accomplish that goal during their meets. Their efforts proved successful as the Cougar grapplers had a fairly good season. Plenty of pins and plenty of wins! The meets consisted of both Friday nights as well as a few all day weekend tourneys. The Saturday tournaments did tend to drag on and become tiresome. Even so, the team members retained their vigor and energy to finish strong in the finals. Coach Hack McCall along with co-captains Greg Kimball (12) and Steve Veit (12) were strong leaders and with the constant encouragement cheered the wrestlers on to victory. Even after defeat their spirit never diminished. Wrestling has always been a “back-seat" sport to Edina-West. The Cougar men would not let that affect their performances though. The team spirit plus victorious defeats combined to create a very first-rate season. PAGE 76: UPPER: After pinning his opponent, John Powell (11) looks up at the referee. LOWER: Preparing to pin a member of the opposing team, Matt Meyer (12), gets a good grasp. PAGE 77: UPPER: BOYS’ VARSITY WRESTLING: FRONT ROW — K. Johnston. S. Fink. J. O'Brien, D. Bailey. S. Veit, L. Maanum. BACK ROW — N. Conroy. H. McCall (coach), P. Peterson. G. Kimball, J. Powell, S. Pauly, M. Meyer, D. Peterson, S. Neval, D. Johnson, K. Dahlquist. MIDDLE: With his adversary in an arm lock, Tim McElroy (10), brings him to the mat. LOWER: BOYS’ JV WRESTLING: FRONT ROW — T. McElroy, M. Lindemann. SECOND ROW — J. Glieden, J. Quinn, G. Tadvick. BACK ROW — R. Hill. J. Solberg. P. Karis. P. Norelli. boys’ wrestling 77no quibbling over their dribbling The year began with a dribbling pace for the 1978-79 Edina-West girls’ basketball team. Led by captains Molly McGovern (12) and Cheryl Dugdale (12), the team combined all of their efforts to produce an extremely competitive season. Afternoon practices comprised of dribbling and shooting drills, lay-ups and various other skills. The girls worked hard during the week to put everything together when gametime arrived. All of the teammates worked with a team effort, yet a few stars did shine. Jessie Domec (10) led the Cougars in scoring, and in rebounding Laurie Runyan (11) and Linda Soucek (11) contributed strongly. Post-game parties were numerous. These special times all helped in building a unified team spirit. This year was one of the best the girls’ basketball team has had. From the looks of their talent, coach Bill Welch (fac.) and his Cougars have a right to feel proud of their accomplishments. PAGE 78: VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW — B. Cabalka. S. Rogers. M. Collerran, P. Johnson. P. O'Connor. M. McGovern. BACK ROW — K. Newell. K. Kol-zow. L. Runyan. J. Domek. C. Dugdale. S. Hodder. L. Soucek. K. Lee. B Welch (coach). MIDDLE: Moving down the court, the girls' basketball team tries to keep the ball. LOWER: JV GIRLS' BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW — D. Fride. K. Dulin. M. Barbe. K. Hurley. P. O'Connor. BACK ROW — S. Rogers. K. Newell. K. Kolzow. T. Boyd. B. Cabalka. S. Hodder. M. O'Boyle (coach). PAGE 79: UPPER: Dribbling down the court. Sherri Rogers (10) looks for her teammates. LOWER LEFT: While the ball is in mid-air. Katie Newell (10) prepares to jump while the team looks on. LOWER RIGHT: GIRLS' C BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW — K. Ridley. D. Griffen. K. Schmidt. D. Friede. K. Dulin. BACK ROW — C. Harris. M. Wuebker. B. Moss. T. Boyd. M. Monroe (coach). 78 girls’ basketballGIRLS’ BASKETBALL IA-WEST jBfePONENT 34 ST. LOUIS PARKp-50 41 JEFFERSON 52 25 • Lmmrn 40 35 44 RldHFlELO 26 27 ST. LOfe PARK Ot 39 MINNScMKA 32 39--EDINA-EABT 57 '' V girls’ basketball 79cold talent The increasing interest in downhill skiing provided the Edina-West teams with an obstacle. With double the number of prospects as there were spots on the team, the ski teams had to perform the unpleasant job of cutting. Yet, with all this talent, the teams were able to dominate the high school “ski scene.” Every day after school, the members were bussed to local ski hills to practice. Led by captains Kathi Koop (12), Ann Burman (12), Tony Mitchell (12), and Steve Jones (11) , the team's talent developed into the endurance and skill that made them unbeatable. The unity gained from pot-lucks, parties, and long bus rides also helped the teams become well-rounded. It was throug this the Cougars were able to "take the cake” when it came to skiing. PAGE 80: UPPER: GIRL S SLALOM SKIING; LEFT TO RIGHT — Kelly Peters. Marilee Hanson, Cindy Spear. Ann Burman, Kathi Koop. Perrin Boyd. Martha Nolan. Ara Bur-well. Kim Haugen. Karen Healy. Terry Peters (coach). Julia Buresh. MIDDLE LEFT: Carefully passing through the gates. Ann Burman (12) concentrates on winning the race. MIDDLE RIGHT: Paying careful attention to her skiing, Karen Healy (12) shows winning form. LOWER: Waiting in line for their turn, many of the slalom skiers watch their teammates race PAGE 81: UPPER LEFT: Hoping for a good run. Walt Zabel (12) passes through the starting gate. MIDDLE LEFT: Trying for his best time. Mike Maas (11) skies with great speed LOWER LEFT: BOY'S SLALOM SKIING: FRONT ROW — Sean Peters. Mike Maas. Dave Cherne. Steve Jones (co-capt.), Mike Gyetvan, Bill Bascom. Steve Jones (co-capt.). Mike Gyetvan. Bill Bascom. Scott Adams. BACK ROW — John Austin. Mike Conroy. Walt Zabel. Jess Ford. John Horns, Dave Smith. Rick Johnson. Tony Mitchell (co-captain). 80 girls' and boys' slalom skiingEdina-West Opponent 29 Armstrong 7 39 Cooper 16 49 Eisenhower 6 34 Jefferson -21 46 Kennedy 9 27 Lincoln 9 BOYS’ SLALOM SKIING girls' and boys' slalom skiing 81BOYS’ CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Edina-West Opponent Burnsville I Edina-East Jefferson Kennedy Lincoln Richfield St. Louis Pa GIRLS’CROSS-C SKIING dina-West Burnsville Edina-East Jefferson Kennedy Lincoln Richfield St. Louis Park Minnetonka Opponent % 82 boys’ and girls' cross-country skiingacross the finish line with speed and endurance Edina-West cross-country ski teams made skiing more than a recreational sport. With expensive skis and long hours of practice, they used their skill and endurance to turn cross-country skiing into a competitve sport. Although the girls’ team was without seniors, they came through the season with a record of 5 wins and 3 losses. Led by captain, Regina McGrath (11), they deepened team friendships with parties and breakfasts. The boys' team did not have many parties, yet captain Todd Willmert (12), kept spirit up especially when five of the members represented the team at state. The boys’ team ended the year with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. In the state tournament, Todd Willmert (12) came in first overall and the team came in second place overall. PAGE 82: UPPER LEFT: With a final stride of energy. Pete Cleaveland (11) passes across the finish line. UPPER RIGHT: GIRLS’ CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: FRONT ROW — J. Faller. L. Flora. S. Forrer, B. Hare. M. Kunert. L. Hardwick. BACK ROW — G. Lee (coach). A. Brimacombe. L. Ragozzino. J. Swarthout. V. Dreikosen. M. Seasley. B. Luke (coach) MIDDLE RIGHT: Having finished her race. Liz Hardwick (10). watches her teammates race LOWER RIGHT: With great speed and good balance. Mike Gibbs (11) heads for the finish line. PAGE 83: UPPER: Waiting to start his race. Todd Willmert (12) listens carefully for his time. LOWER: BOYS’ CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: FRONT ROW — P. Cleaveland. J Klus. D. Zarling. J. Maki. J. Peterson. D Zarling. M. Krieter. BACK ROW — T. Willmert (capt). S. Belrose, B Hagstrom. G. Lee. M. Gibbs. M. Buenz, J. Wallace. R Graupner, J. Scaife, J. Dow, D. Vanek (coach). cross-country skiing 83a stroke of luck 9000 yards is quite a distance. Especially when you have to swim it each day. This strenuous activity was a challenge for the Boys' Swim team. Bob Ewald (12) did not seem to mind though. "Swimming long distances was a great way to keep in condition. It allowed you to eat and lose weight at the same time." All this practice was displayed at their weekly meets. Each meet consisted of relays, individual medley, freestyle, and butterfly, the breaststroke, the backstroke, and diving competition. Excelling in the various categories were Pat Quinn (12) with the butterfly, Dave Ellingson (12) with the breaststroke, and Bruce MacGibbon (11) in the individual medley. Edina-West’s solo diver was Paul Danielson (12). Though they allowed eight and ninth graders to join the team for the first time, their biggest problem seemed to be the lack of swimmers. The team, coached under Fred John (fac.) enjoyed themselves with dinners, breakfasts, and occasional food stops on the way home from meets. Each swimmer had their own personal goals they strived to meet along with their team effort. All must agree that they met their goals very sufficiently. PAGE 84: UPPER: Diving off the blocks with a head start is Paul Danielson (12). LOWER: Swimming hard in the pool. John Bishop (12) stops to smile at the camera. PAGE 85: UPPER: During an everyday practice. John Bishop (12) works out. MIDDLE LEFT: Showing their diving skills, the team dives off the blocks. LOWER LEFT: BOYS1 SWIMMING: FRONT ROW — D. Ellingson, P. Danielson, (tri-capt.). P. Quinn (tri-capt.). J. Bishop (tri-capt.). T. Fitzgerald. ROW TWO — B Mac-Gibbon. P. Meadley. T. Paetznick. C. Winter. G. Retti. ROW THREE — G. Hoff. R. Benjamin. L. Hill. A. Hill (coach). BACK ROW — G. Felardeau. T. Smith. P. Dale. J. Fritz. F. John (coach). LOWER LEFT: Proving his excellent diving ability is Paul Danielson (12). 84 boys’ swimmingboys' swimming 85backstage Those people left working after every game were the underdogs of Edina-West’s athletic system. Statisticians, managers and assistant coaches all worked through endless seasons without receiving the glories that went to the team members and head coaches. Statisticians were never seen riding off the field on the team's shoulders. Although taking stats, and counting uniforms was not as earth shaking as the actions of the team, they were necessary, proving once again that all athletics need supporters. PAGE 86: UPPER RIGHT: During a volleyball game coach Molly O'Boyle and assistant coach Liz McQuoid concentrate on the team's strategy. LOWER RIGHT: After an athlete is hurt, trainer Larry New-mann helps him on the field. PAGE 87: UPPER LEFT: Watching a football game from the sidelines, assistant coach Pat Pavello observes. UPPER RIGHT: Before the team comes in. Coach Hack McCall gets things ready for wrestling practice. LOWER LEFT: In anticipation for the downhill races, the flags must be checked. LOWER RIGHT: Spotting a team member, coach Bob Hoecherl makes sure he doesn't fall. ■■■ 86 behind the scenesbehind the scenes 87 One may think that the only athletic teams at Edina-West were the Varsity and J.V. squads. This was far from the truth. There was a whole league in training behind the scenes. The intramural sports gathered a group of around 300 high school girls and boys. These students took their pick from football to basketball, softball, or table tennis. Each sport had its own teacher-coach who supervised the team and arranged the game schedule. Paul Vaaler (12) was intrigued by his flag football team, “The Over the Hill Gang” because it provided such fierce competition. Chuck Mooty (12), in his usual modest way, described his experience on the team. “The team’s strength was centered around the quarterback who was a tactically resourceful, physically dominant, intellectually overpowering, and all around great guy”. He refrained from disclosing the name of the quarterback. The various teams scheduled games amongst each other and were refereed by fellow student competitors. Some participants got involved simply because they did not desire to go out for Varsity teams; Others were out to improve their abilities without the pressure encountered in school sports. Whatever the reason may have been, each competitor benefited from his involvement. PAGE 88: UPPER RIGHT: After receiving the ball, Lori Green (12) starts to run. LOWER LEFT: As the referee of the intramural football game, Matt Burke (11) calls a foul. PAGE 89: UPPER RIGHT: The seniors show their school spirit at an early morning pep-fest. UPPER LEFT: Senior Peggy Remole, takes time to give a smile. LOWER RIGHT: Taking time to rest John Nagy (12), Pat Gibs (11), Greg Larson (12), Kevin Harris (12), watch their teammates. LOWER LEFT: Turning on his power, John Bell (10), runs to the finish line. 88 intramural sportsintramural sports 89ringa ringa pakeha! “A-Buf? . . . What the heck is that?” Many a new student at Edina West this year had been heard to utter these very same words upon first hearing of the integral part of the school. But after one pep fest, the new student was educated. A-Buf, aside from being one of the prime exemplifications of school enthusiasm, was a haven for imbeciles and social outcasts to express themselves in an off-the-wall manner. They performed at many school functions including various athletic events, and as "Co-captain” Dennis Morrissey (12) said, “The football and soccer teams owe all their success to us.” This year’s crop of deviants turned out to be as flagrant as those of previous years, and they were received by the students as feverishly as ever. When asked about the traditional A-Buf essay contest, in which those interested in being new participants submitted dissertations of their buffoonery, senior member John Neal replied, “We read the essays and got some good laughs, then we totally disre- garded them and chose our friends." One of the highlights of the year was the creation of a "Buf Beer” Homecoming float that took second place in the annual contest. The $25 prize money was used to supply the provisions for an ice cream social. A-Buf provided a strong backbone of undying support and was a substantial ingredient of the school on the whole as they, in their own unique way, tried to prove that ‘•SPIRIT” was not a dirty word. 92 a-bufThe great academic achievements and various organizations are well known symbols of the pride that we Edina-West students hold. Many lot our organizations have been recognized for being outstanding in their fields. The organization that has been receiving many high honors is the debate team. The literary art magazine, Calliope, has been awarded an All-American rating. The choirs and band have toured the area. Even cheerleaders, Cougar-ettes, and language clubs share their time to enjoy the special high school days. “We should be proud of the goals they have attained for them-selves.”The Pep Fest. A Veritable instil tution at Edina-West. Many a |Lower Division student who has sixth hour in the Upper Division I has nearly soaked himself at the mere thought of attending one of the monthly gatherings of ecstatic | stimulation. The Pep Fest came into being as I a means of rousing the spirits of I those semi-comatose students who roamed the halls of early I Edina-West. But since the introduction of the Pep Fest. that rambunctious Cougar spirit has been I revived. Long live the Pep Fest!PAGE 92: LOWER: A-BUF: FRONT ROW — M. Flumerfelt, B. Herman, D. Morrissey. D. Felton, J. Bruer, J. Hobson. J. Baker, T. Mitchell, J. Neal. BACK ROW — A. Vaaler. M. Weiss. M. McArthur, P. Vaaler, A. Moore. S. Strawbridge. PAGE 93: UPPER LEFT: A-Buf member Mark McArthur (11) imitates a sophomore on his first day of school. MIDDLE: A-Buf amuses the crowd with their funny antics. LOWER LEFT: Paul Vaaler (12). and John Hobson (12). seek shelter under a ■'tree'' as they are about to be attacked by the Hornet during the East West pep fest. LOWER RIGHT: The crowd watches enthusiastically as Mark Flumerfelt (12). leads the A-Buf chant.Cheers PAGE 96: ABOVE: To help with school spirit, the cougar was present at all the games. UPPER RIGHT: As a cheerleader. Lisa Hopkins (12) shows plenty of interest in the football game. MIDDLE RIGHT: At a soccer game some of the cheerleaders ham it up for the camera. LOWER RIGHT: At a pepfest the varsity cheerleaders attempt to teach the words of the school song. PAGE 97: UPPER: VARSITY CHEERLEADING: FRONT ROW — L. Hopkins. P. Tuttle. D. Gee. M. McQuinn. L. Robbins. B. Eames, T. Boyd. BACK ROW — C. West. A. Moynihan. T. Fountain. K. Foust, L. Sherman. D. Johnson. A. Burman. M. Scanlan. MIDDLE: B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: T. Casci-aro. M. Monchamp. M. Nanne. M. Johnson. J. Hammer. LOWER: A close football game causes Mary McQuinn (12) and Chris West (11) to watch intensely. 96 cheerleadersSurprise! seemed to be the tune to which the Edina-West cheerleaders cheered in 1978-79. From the exciting night the new squad was chosen to supporting all athletics, the cheerleaders encountered a year full of new experiences. The fun began mid-July with initiation held at Mary McQuinn's cabin on Gull Lake. The "new guys" will never forget their fragrant onion necklaces, greased-back hair, or beautifying sand-oil baths. One of the highlights was dancing in their seats while watching "Grease”. The "vibes" from the movie inspired their Homecoming skit. Upon return from Brain-erd, numerous practices consumed much of the remainder of summer. A new surprise for the squad was the responsibility to cheer for girl’s sports. Diane Johnson (11) commented "I was hesitant at first, but the exposure to girl’s athletics proved to be a lot of fun." Another change was having two captains instead of the traditional one. Seniors Lisa Hopkins and Tierney Boyd worked with advisor Virgina Jensen (fac) to provide the leadership required to unify the squad. Sleepless slumber parties, receiving new uniforms, feasting at potlucks, and fundraisers were a few memories. The ultimate fun was those late nights spent tee-peeing homes of the Cougar athletes. Creating school spirit was a major goal for the squad consisting of twenty girls. Whether it was surprising the players with decorated locker rooms, painting signs for the commons, or encouraging the crowd with new megaphones, the girls never ceased their endless support. cheerleaders 97to get their kicks. . . Practice, practice, and more practice were the fundamentals for the Edina-West dance line. The Cougarettes were faced with numerous practices during the summer and after school but they did not seem to mind. Commented Kathy Pohlad (12), “Although we had many long practices and a few hard times, when we danced it all seemed to be worthwhile." To spark up their summer, the Cougarettes attended the traditional band camp at Gear-dink’s lodge. This included an unforgettable initiation for the "new guys." All in the fun were crazy costumes, ratted hair, and embarrassment in town. They rewarded their long workouts with pot-lucks and slumber parties, the prime entertainment being home movies which were taken throughout the year to help preserve the memories. 98 cougarettesThe squad consisted of twenty lucky girls who competed with over eighty in the spring of '78. Co-captains Ginger Tucker (12), and Mary Kae LaRose (12), kept the squad together and maintained the enthusiasm throughout the year. When asked what she enjoyed most about the dance line, Peggy Holcombe (12) replied, “We thoroughly enjoyed practicing and getting prepared to dance but the best part of being a Cougarette was the amount of munchies we consumed!” PAGE 98: UPPER LEFT: COUGAR-ETTES: FRONT ROW — G. Tucker (co-capt.). J. Rogness. E. Bugby, T. Smith, C. Pearson, V. Bostock. ROW TWO — K. Schmitt. C. Chandler. J. Neal, M. O’Brien, K. Maley, K. Poh-lad. BACK ROW — L. Bold. L. Hansen, S. Brown. P. Holcombe. M. Dosch, N. Rowland. M. LaRose (co-capt). and J. Johnson. RIGHT: Cocaptain Mary Kae LaRose (12) gets ready to dance to the music of Cabaret for the Homecoming pep fest. LOWER LEFT: Juniors Kim Schmitt, and Julie Neal demonstrate their enthusiasm as they dance into formation. LOWER RIGHT: After eating a big potluck dinner, seniors Mary Dosch. Peggy Holcombe, Megan O'Brien, and Cindy Pearson head for the football game. PAGE 99: UPPER LEFT: Sheila Brown (11). Jill Johnson (12). and co-capt. Ginger Tucker (12). practice their smiles for the camera. UPPER RIGHT: Resting for a minute on a pet rock turtle are Karen Maley (11), and Megan O'Brien (12). MIDDLE: Showing the perfection of their dance line, the Cougarettes perform their famous high kicks. cougarettes 99100 calliopecreativity in action Under the direction of first-year advisor Loren Evenrud, Calliope upheld its tradition of high quality as it turned out yet another award-winning book. The new consultant brought to the publication a new feeling of unity which was sustained throughout the year. Edina-West students were encouraged to submit original material, and their entries were judged anonymously by the staff, with editor Cathy Brown (12) acting as director. Those who participated in the making of Calliope agreed that the publication met its purpose as a literary arts magazine, and thus viewed it as a success. Commented Lori Feese (12), “Calliope was successful in showing the students the great amount of talent and creativity within the student body that otherwise might have gone unnoticed." PAGE 96: UPPER LEFT: CALLIOPE GROUP SHOT: FRONT ROW — P. Jensen, A. Manolis, C. Brown, L. Feese. A. Smith. BACK ROW — J. Hendel. K. Hinker, L. Shirk. S. Baker, K. Rickert, J. Carlson, M. Johnson. MISSING — N. Friede. M. Aura, S. Bulver, B. Betz. J. Rodriguez. E. Munson. UPPER RIGHT: At a Calliope meeting, Pam Jensen (11) listens intently to the advisor. LOWER LEFT: Not sure what to expect, Amy Manolis (10) looks a little puzzled. LOWER RIGHT: In an ideas meeting, Calliope members think of ways to help sell their magazine. PAGE 97: UPPER: As editor of Calliope, senior Cathy Brown awaits for suggestions. LOWER: After a successful Calliope meeting, sophomore Jayne Hendel prepares to leave. calliope 101swift talkers Most students thought that members of either Debate or Declamation were just swift talkers. In essence, the teams did a lot more than just open their mouths. After the year's topic had been chosen, debaters spent long hours studying, taking notes, and preparing their arguments for competition. At tournaments, students argued ferverishly against other schools. Points were awarded depending on how effective one’s defense and argument was. Seniors Becky Dao, and Cathy Schumacher were West's top debaters. Declamation was the speech team. There were several categories of competition such as storytelling, dramatic interpretation, and more. Each category required special talents and those participants who put the talents together were winners. Richard Allendorf (12) last year's storytelling state champion said, "Speech was a lot of fun and yet hard work, also, one had to practice quite a bit in order to do well.” Obviously West's debate and declamation teams practiced hard for they were top state competitors. PAGE 102: ABOVE: After typing some fact cards. Becky Dao (12) looks them over for any corrections to be made. UPPER RIGHT: Having a trial run before are David Bloom (9) and Richard Pfohl. RIGHT: To help them in their debates, index cards carry all the facts. PAGE 103: UPPER LEFT: Trying to come up with the correct phrase. Cathy Schumacher (12) pauses for a moment. UPPER RIGHT: Always there to give advise is Tom Lindquist (fac.). BOTTOM: DEBATE: FRONT ROW — B. Dao. K. Connelly, D. Bloom. LAST ROW — P. Stringer. R. Pfohl. M. Johnson. C. Schumacher. T. Mellett. 102 debate and declamation rs debate and declamation 103 u.y104 latin club 6 104: UPPER LEFT: Julie Melin (10) and Janis Gass (10). work on the Latin float. UPPER RIGHT: Huddled together. Sue MacGibbon (12). and Peggy Remole (12). attempt to learn something new. LOWER RIGHT: SECOND YEAR LATIN CLUB: B. McGraw. L. Robbins. J. Tupa. P. Jensen. P. Boyd. G. Korst. J. Hessberg. P. Rolfes. G. Sullivan. H. Jorgenson. LOWER LEFT: Larry Eastman (12) is dressed in full costume for Toga Day. PAGE 105: UPPER LEFT: THIRD YEAR LATIN CLUB: N. Bishop. D. Kane. K. Hansen. A. Moynihan. L. Eastman. L. Flora. J. Karnegis, J. Grangaard. M. Rottinghaus. K. Naros, K. Curtin, G. Rietti. D. Sorem. E. Smith. E. Chapman. J. Horns. M. Maas. R. Graup-ner. M. Brennan. LOWER: Fourth year Latin scholars enjoy themselves in the library. D. Cunningham. L. Hansen. L. Reed. S. Mac-Gibbon. P. Remole. J. TenBroek, T. Smith. G. Rietti. S. Poehler. J. Bruer. S. Kuller. T. Boyd. C. Bonello. S. Azar. V latin club 105PAGE 106: UPPER RIGHT: FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS: J. Westlund. S. Kostich, M. McGlynn, P. Richards, C. Eng, J. Hendel. D. Daniels. J. Bernstein, A. Petri (fac.), M. Hansen, K. Reaulo, J. Foldenaur. K. Dalquist. T. McClellen. LOWER RIGHT: French members try to spread the word about their language. LOWER LEFT: French club members advertise their country. PAGE 107: UPPER: Engrossed in their studies. Todd Miff (12). and Kelly Berg (12). work ambitiously. LOWER: German Club poses for a picture — K. Cusak, K. Berg, S. Zivkovich. G. Reimer (fac.). J. Bednar. J. Arndt. V. Dreikosen. J. Neal. T. Bach. P. Lindeman. INFLUENC FRANf AIJ A MINNESOT 106 french clubquad lingual "Adios amigos!” "Sprechen Sie Deutsch,” "Comment vas tu?.'' "Multo bene grazie,” "Forsan et haec blim memin-isse juva-bit!" Such was life in the language clubs at Edina-West this year. Each club was created in the hopes that students could learn more about the culture they studied beyond the classroom. The clubs were all headed by the language teachers and were comprised of students in all grades. The main focus was on fun. For each different language there were parties and activities to be had. Many times the fun was done in the way of the country. Specialty dishes and costumes were a few examples. As a whole, every fall, all the languages competed in Homecoming's float competition. Then at Holiday time, an all language party was held. Finally, in spring, was the renowned inter-club soccer tournament. The clubs offered extra knowledge to students in their preferred language, while also intermingling plenty of fun. As the saying goes, "Tres Bein!” german club 107linking together Throughout the year, the student body was offered many opportunities to participate in various activities like dances and special days. Many of these were sponsored by the student council. The council was led by presi- dent Jim Roberts (12). Council members were elected by their classmates in the spring of the previous year. Starting as early as last May, council began planning events like Homecoming, Spirit Week, Sadie Hawkins, and the Canned Food Drive. Another key function of the student council was to represent the students. "We were the link between the student body and the administration," commented Tom Hauser (12). The council tackled problems like the seven minute break, and the merging of the two schools. Overall the council felt that they were here to serve. "We were set up to spread enthusiasm of our school and keep that spirit at a peak," stated Roberts. Student School Board also 1l8 student governmentserves a representative function but at the district level. Many students are dubious as to the exact function of the board. Senior Nancy Lilja stated, "I am not clear as to the purpose of the board. I think it is merely a repetition of the council." Yet the board serves a dif-erent current issues; prob-ems in the school district, and nform the Senior School Board of student’s opinions. PAGE 108: MIDDLE: STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW — G. Gay. J. Kellogg. M. Thiem, M. Monchamp. J. Kinning, T. Briggs. S. Lantto, M. Klein. D. Brellenthin. ROW TWO — T. Monchamp, G. Petrowski. G. Kaju, M. Mikan, L. Green, R. Gensch. L. Armstrong. BACK ROW — B. Rickenbach, J. Roberts, S. Thon. K. Werness. M. Lang. G. Sullivan. S. Bixby, T. Hauser. LOWER LEFT: Content with the motion. James Cabalka (fac.) overlooks the meeting. LOWER RIGHT: Obviously enjoying her job. Julie Kellogg (10) creates a sign. PAGE 109: MIDDLE: STUDENT SCHOOL BOARD: FRONT ROW — Robert Gensch, Sue Davis. Cindy Curry, James Cabalka. BACK ROW — Jim Roberts. Scott Thon. Pat Quinn. Terry Kopp. LOWER LEFT: Student council officers. Joe Kinning (sec.), Tom Hauser (V. Pres. Activities). Mia Klein (V. Pres. Charities), Gardner Gay (treas ), and Jim Roberts (Pres.) gather around advisor J. Grev (fac ). LOWER RIGHT: Attending a student school board meeting are Superintendent Ralph Lieber and Terry Kopp (12). student government 109“all the world is a stage” This year ten students were drawn together into a theatre-based group called the Thespians. Each of these students has accumulated thirteen points or more for taking various active duties in school theatrical prductions. The Thespians casually group together to engage in a wide range of activities including adorning the Homecoming Court with pies and going to assorted theatrical productions. The theatre program at Edina-West faced a serious threat of termination this year. Due to the devotion of the Thespians and a handful of concerned people, the program will continue here at Edina-West. Jim Cress (12) alias, Cresskin of Arabia, considers the preservation of the program to be the most crucial action that the Thespians have ever taken. Brenda Pes-kin (12) concluded, "Earning thirteen points is not easily done, to accomplish this task marks great dedication. It is good to know that students will have a chance to continue striving for the goals that I felt were so important." PAGE 110: UPPER: Jim Cress (12) instructs the Thespians on the finer points of acting. MIDDLE: THESPIANS: FRONT ROW — L. Lathauer, N. Lilja. P. Nelson. BACK ROW — R. Norman, T. Morrison, J. Cress, M. Kelly. B. Peskin. S. Einck. NOT PICTURED — J. Rodreguiez. LOWER: A handful of Thespians pose with their toad mascots. 110 thespians ' V jj v'“v . V finding your place v In school where a student could lose themselves admidst the faces, many clubs developed to insure that wonderful feeling of "belonging”. Although the school related organizations often accomplished a direct purpose, it was the ones not affiliated with school that provided students with the security needed. Toh. , .-r yf 6f tain row'dTndto »i,h a cer' inner thVT ¥!d to exPress an tho ri hou9ht seemed to be UdPn?IrV?r£Valem 0f manV arnnn£r'.C ubS Were ,ormed around interests, attributes or private jokes and helped students to relieve the pressures of everyday life. Clubs such as IBTC, Ike Siseters, BBFC, and the Neil Club were exclusive in membership and exclusive purpose, but members all in smiled about their secrets. The antics of these groups were sometimes zany, sometimes unbelievable, but always fun. Breakfasts, par- ties, and initiations were part of the activities in which members participated. It was through these clubs that Edina-West became a unified environment. MIDDLE: BBFC: FRONT ROW — M Paulson. T. Hacker. M Johnson. L. Schaar MIDDLE ROW — B Peskin. K. Fleming. C. Winter. BACK ROW — L. Rzeszut. E. Felton. T. Smith. R. Allendorf BOTTOM RIGHT: NEIL CLUB: K. Feinberg. K. Herman, T. Hurley. T. Mitchell. J. Baker. J. Bruer. BOTTOM LEFT: IBTC: FRONT ROW: J. Flaaten. L. Bold. C. Delong. MIDDLE ROW — K. Jones. S. Pastre. S. Peterson. BACK ROW — K. Pollad, L. Hanson. K. Johnson. L. Schaar. school clubs 111wild crazy crew Often a student walking by the publications room would stop and stare at the activities going on inside. Yet, during third hour, the door sometimes would be crowded with curious onlookers watching the Windigo antics within. The mammoth task of capturing the year 1978-1979 in a 224 page book sometimes seemed to overwhelm the 41 member staff chosen to do it. Somehow, pictures had to be taken, pages had to be laid-out, and copy had to be written. All this had to be done by what seemed too early deadlines and with some amount of accuracy. The previous yearbooks had won Windigo the reputation of quality that this year's staff wanted to maintain. Under editors Katie Fad-ness (12) and Pam Gillman (12), the staff worked many hours during school, after school, and on Saturdays to achieve this goal. Yet, the staff still found time to relieve the tension by having eraser fights, birthday parties, and the infamous "quiche dinner ala Carp". Long remembered will be those overcrowded Perkin’s breakfasts, Saturday at Vin-ings, building pyramids for group shots, and the whines of staffers when they realized the deadline is the next day. Commented staffer Denise Vesper (12), “I have been on Windigo for three years, and I think it's provided me with many friendships, and many supportive people, besides some feel of responsibility." PAGE 112: UPPER RIGHT: Being a new advisor Jeff Lewis (fac) tries to imagine how the book will ever be done on time. ABOVE: Just being assigned another copy, Jon Good (12) wonders if it will ever end. RIGHT: Filling out a photo request, Wendy Welch (12) looks to the sports schedule for time and dates. PAGE 113: MIDDLE CENTER: Getting over their camera shyness, some Windigo members take part in a picture. MIDDLE RIGHT: Taking time off from doing spreads Julie Wallschulaeger (12) shows that she has other qualities. LOWER LEFT: A true thought of a sophomore is shown by Maggie Doyle (10). LOWER RIGHT: Hearing a rumor that Mr. Bill is dead, Phil Nelson (12) goes into shock. 112 windigoPAGE 113: WINDIGO: FRONT ROW — A. Olson. M. Doyle. T. Boyd. P. Gillman (co-ed.), L. Spel-man. H. Raether, L. Opheim, A. Vining. ROW TWO — J. Good. L. Leslie, P. Nelson. C. Spear, K. Fadness (co-ed.), S. Okinow, S. Teorey. W. Welch. ROW THREE — K. Recht, J. Wallschlaeger, C. Lima, S. Petersen, G. Reitti, M. Cassleman. C. Winter. ROW FOUR — D. Vesper. J. Losleben, C. Hoedeman, C. Carpenter. A. Rosen, J. Bednar, P. Minehart, L. Oberle. ROW FIVE — S. Davis. D. Johnson, R. Post, S. Poehler. D. Kaiser, M. Dulin. windigo 113new news A newspaper with class was the Edina-West Zephyrus. Coming out every three weeks, the paper contained everything anyone ever wanted to know about school happenings. It consisted of an opinion page, features, sports, current events, and etc. Newly added was a feature on an outstanding student or faculty member each issue. Editors Ellen Goldberg (12) and Ann Kemble (12) coordinated each issue and made sure each job was carried out properly. Their staff members held jobs such as writers, photographers, artists, advertising manager, and contributing editors. Each member added his own personal touch to put together an educational and entertaining newspaper. The staff was united by parties, a banquet, and other group happenings. They attended a workshop at the U. of M. campus early in the year to gain ideas and learn basic fundamentals of putting together a school paper. Commented Lois Anderson (fac.) "Each year, we tried to do a better job of serving the students. The more student reaction we got, the better the paper could be.” PAGE 114: LEFT: During a moment. Kathy McMahon takes time off for studies. RIGHT: Co-editor Ellen Goldberg (12) takes her deadline frustrations out on a pencil. PAGE 115: UPPER LEFT: Photographers Jim Granlund and Dave Meuwissen enjoy a famous national pastime in uniform. UPPER RIGHT: Seeming content with the material at hand. Ann Kemble, co-editor, smiles on. LOWER LEFT: Pretending she can read. Gail Eckert puts on a smile. PAGE 115: LOWER RIGHT: BACK ROW — S. Ragatz. P. Olson. S. Carrier, K. Curtin, S. Kotzen. R. McGrath. K. McMahon, K. Naros. L. Anderson (adv ). MIDDLE — K. Harris. P. Limwick, D. Meuwissen. J. Grandlund. T. Dean. J. Swenson. M. Leak, R. Gumlia. P. O'Connor. FRONT ROW — C. Lowe. M. Johnson. S. Micek, G. Eckert. S. Bohannon, J. Cress. T. Willmert, E. Goldberg (co-ed ). A. Kemble (co-ed). 114 zephyruszephyrus 115 We at Edina-West began our six period day at 7:40 am and officially ended at 2:20 pm. Business, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science departments, and 114 teachers spent their days, and nights getting the information to students, some in the traditional ways, and others using unconventional techniques. After school activities gave students opportunities to meet individually with the teacher or to participate in extra-curricular activities. These are some of the opinions of the student body. “There were two teachers who influenced me most. Not only did they teach me a great deal but also showed me certain aspects about my personality that I had never before realized. They made learning fun.” Genny Nagengast (12)they do it all for you . . . To obtain a positive atmosphere while also obtaining a quality education was one of the major goals of the administration. They felt it was of the utmost importance that the students enjoy their school and take pride in being a member of the Edina-West student body while also receiving the best education possible. It was their job to see that the students were offered a variety of extra-curricular activities in which to become involved. For instance; intramural sports, the all-school musical ‘‘Music Man”, student government, high school publications, etc. With the declining funds available, this is a more difficult task than it appears. The administration of Edina-West was faced with a number of obstacles at the onset of the 1978-1979 school year. Included in these were increasing vandalism, seven-minute breaks, and preparing for the transition from two high schools into one by 1980. Mr. Cabalka, Mr. Skluzacek along with the rest of the administration worked hard to resolve these inconveniences, with sometimes seemingly no cooperation from the student body. It is because of the administration that we, the Edina-West students have one of the best educational opportunities offered around and take pride in being “Cougars”. PAGE 118: UPPER: Concentrating on an important conversation, George Furney (fac.) discusses school problems. LOWER: Smiling, even through a desk full of work. Dr. Hamann (fac.) takes a moment of rest from his busy schedule as campus principal. PAGE 119: UPPER: Watching a basketball game. James Cabalka (fac.) looks on with interest. LOWER: Being held captive by deranged A-buf members. Skluz’ tries to keep his spirits up. 118 administrationJAMES CABALKA — Upper Division Principal GEORGE SKLUZACEK — Dean of Students GEORGE FURNEY — Assistant to the campus principal for instructions OUANE BELL — Assistant to the campus principal for operations SARA LYKKEN — athletic coordinator administration 119back stage edina-west When asked what the requirements for the secretaries position were, Mary Benjamin (fac.) kiddingly said, “It takes a strong back and a weak mind and we qualify for both!" The secretaries were very active throughout the year performing various administrative chores, some of which were answering phones, preparing each day’s attendance record, filing transcripts, and typing for the counselors and the dean. The seven secretaries all looked forward to the challenges that each day provided, and their job was made more enjoyable by the fact that they were well received by the students. The cooks, or lunch ladies as they were fondly called, were also kept busy in their relentless quest for the perfect school lunch. Although some students expressed doubts as to whether or not the ladies achieved this distinction, most students were pleased with the fine quality of the food. Even though the cooks had to prepare food for over 1500 kids, they always seemed to pull through with something edible every day at snack break and lunch. The custodians, faced with the mammoth task of keeping this conglomeration known as Edina-West impeccably clean, did the best job they could with seemingly little cooperation from the students. The janitors, as they were more commonly known as, not only had to clean and vacuum each classroom after each school day was over, but also had to work overtime whenever there was any night activity in the auditorium or the gym. Although students could not often see the production behind many of the things they took for granted, they certainly could appreciate them. For without people like this, the educational quality of Edina-West would have been disorganized, mal-nutri-tioned and unclean. 120 special servicesPAGE 120: ABOVE: Proudly displaying a tray of appetizing meatballs is cook Irene Patterson. PAGE 120: MIDDLE: Cook Lois Lundeen is caught slicing an extra piece of cake. PAGE 120: COOKS: FRONT ROW — M. Moroy. J. Downing, B. Ryan, A. Stanek, (head cook) L. Hansen. G. Warden. ROW TWO — C. Carlsen, J. Johnsrud, G. Kargel, M. Dunbar, I. Patterson, F. Ziman. BACK ROW — G. Perschin. L. Mclnery, A. Snow. M. Fornell, D. Barrett, V. Meyer. D. Rosemark. MISSING — L. Valo, D. Hjelli, R. Anderson. P. Jensen. PAGE 121: UPPER: SECRETARIES: A. Nor-beck, A. Flor, B. Inman, K. Colin. J. Rebholz. MISSING — M Benjamin. J. Davies. PAGE 121: MIDDLE: CUSTODIANS: FRONT ROW — M. Smith. S. Rannow. V. Gustafson. K. Frost. E. Schenck. ROW TWO — L. Jandert. G. Dunn. T. Loescher, H. Burnyeat, E. Ress. MISSING — R. Fieguth, D. George. D. Goodman-son, T. Kulseth. E. Piontek. B Rucinski. D. Sandtee. E. Turner. D. Usher, L. Behrens. G. Voneschen. LOWER: Counselor Ted Darns contemplates a new student program. special services 121opportunities The standardized English class left behind, Edina-West students found themselves swamped with opportunities in which to fill the six-credit English requirement needed for graduation. Although two literature courses, a communications course, and composition were required, the number of courses under each heading provided something for every student. Outside of those basic requirements, students found themselves exploring many fields of life within the English department. Courses like mass media, cinema arts, and journalism helped students extend their knowledge of career opportunities. Classes like efficient reading, vocabulary, comprehension skills, and public speaking provided their partakers with information they could apply to their own lives. Others felt like exploring other worlds through literature and discussion. THOMAS AMUNDSON — argumentation and persuasion, humanities, creative writing. BIRGIT ANDERSON — British literature, composition. Shakespeare. LOIS ANDERSON — composition. American literature. Zephyrus advisor. MARY ANDERSON — special education. MARDONNA BARTHOLET — world studies, American political and economic history. 122 language arts ■■■miPAGE 122: UPPER RIGHT: During communications class, sophomores Bradford Bredehoft. Bridget Bruer. and Jane Waldron work on their project. MIDDLE LEFT: The humanities class watches the lip-syncs with intensity. LOWER LEFT: While grading his classes efforts, Mr. Stotts (fac.) takes a break. LOWER RIGHT: Senior Richard Allendorf recites the exciting Tales of Canterbury to his Brit Lit class. PAGE 123: UPPER LEFT: Demonstrating his flute technique. John Neal (12) plays a tune. MIDDLE LEFT: Sophomores Rob Gensch finishes up his composition paper. LOWER RIGHT: Explaining a piece of classical music, Mike Lejeune (12) enjoys the selection. LOWER LEFT: Senior Roger Oerter shows a film as his presentation. JOHN BELK — chemistry, junior class advisor. JOHN BENSON — advanced placement American history. American political and economic history. LYLE BERG — advanced algebra II. refresher math, consumer math. BILL BESTE — algebra II. geometry OONALD CAMERON — efficient reading language arts 123i hear america Required courses have not been abundant in the Edina-West curriculum, yet a few were apparent. One of the required departments was Social Studies which ranges from American History to Sociology. All juniors were required to take American History of either the Economic, Political, or Social type. For seniors, the choice was between American Studies of Economics and Sociology. After those requirements had been met, World Studies was available to explore history more thor- oughly. Whichever course the student selected it demanded a substantial amount of time. To break the trivial monotony of tektbooks, J.B. handed out his hour-long, one question essay tests. McCall assigned role-playing for his interludes, and Wiesner delighted students with his multi-page, four point study guides. There was also Marsh's "Beef Box" to prepare for and the traditional Econ parties to cram for the weekly tests. The Social Studies classes have been beneficial to all students as they are informed of past heritage and taught how to cope with societies demands. DOLEEN CAMPBELL — health aid JOYCE CAVANAUGH — librarian. DAVE CHRISTENSON — media coordinator. TED DOWNS — junior class counselor. JOHN EHLERT — biology. 124 social studiesPAGE 124: UPPER RIGHT: Senior Brian Lew looks bored as Patty Tuttle (12) concentrates on the Psych lecture. LOWER LEFT: During Reconstruction debates, juniors Lisa Schroeder, Mark McArthur, and Dave Long watch the Radical Republicans make a point. LOWER RIGHT: A break in classes allows Mr. Grev (fac.) to satisfy his hunger pangs. PAGE 125: UPPER LEFT: Ecstatic over their Econ homework Mike Weiss (12) and Tom Venable (12) read their pamphlet. MIDDLE LEFT: Lecturing to his American history class. Mr. McCall (fac.) makes a point. LOWER LEFT: Juniors Margie Rzeszut, Karen Yarger, and Bill Lewis muse at their lesson. PAT ENGELHARD — sophomore class counselor. LOREN EVENRUD — humanities. Calliope advisor. JANE GAASEDELEN — librarian, JIM GARNER — British literature, composition. novels before college, efficient reading. KATHY GRAY — mass media, Greek way. social studies 125it figures Although math was not required after tenth grade, many students, who longed to drop the subject from their schedules, found themselves in one of the many courses offered at sometime in high school. Although traditional courses, such as algebra, geometry, and calculus were taken, a new interest in classes that were relevent to life made courses such as Computer and Consumer math popular. "I took math for college credit." Barb Goehl (12) "Geometry is the most educa-t, tional experience I’ve ever encountered . . . next to ’homecoming." Pat Rolfes(IO) "I think that we have a really good math program here . . . well constructed, lots of opportunity." Brenda Moss (12) "The program allows the more advanced students to move ahead at their own pace." Mike Mayer (11) PAGE 126: UPPER: Reaching for her calculator. Virginia Seay (12) diligently completes her assignment. LOWER: Working intensely on his Prob Stat. Ray Russell (12) takes advantage of his study hall PAGE 127: UPPER LEFT: Pausing briefly, Steve Teorey (12) looks up at the photographer UPPER RIGHT: Looking disdainful. Lisa Peterson (12) scolds an intruder for interrupting her Calculus class. LOWER LEFT: Looking intent. Mr. Green (fac.). attempts to explain the homework assignment to Mark McArthur (11). LOWER RIGHT: Absorbed In his teacher's lecture. Kevin Hughs (10) listens intently as Algebra II is explained to him. I EO GREEN — algebra I — college algebra and trigonometry JULIAN GREV — sociology — American political and social history. EDITH GRISSINGER — typing ROBERT HADDORFF — trigonometry — algebra II — varsity basketball coach. BARBARA HULT-MANN — design — jewelry — two and three dimensional studies. 126 mathematics11, ft or S) £ j? Hs')( '-• v w i V'vi). T -e -Tf -(-■ - Jet t ,T T' - W C7tf l"W i (T W r '■‘“Ovc {?o y sA 3 , w 7", -£: t W , e cyi' c t'cs c. p 0 -0 l l L vy k 'Y”C‘ v7 . fWui VIRGINIA JENSEN — epics — Latin — Spanish — Latin club advisor. CURT JOHNSON — geometry — calculus. DON JOHNSON — American literature — short stories — composition. GORDON JULIAR — O.E and work experience coordinator WAYNE KINION — all grades counselor. mathematics 127young franken- steins As a student entered high school, the decision of whether to continue in science became optional instead of required. Yet, the 1,037 students that took part in the science program found themselves doing everything from dissecting cats, to playing marbles inside a circle. While many students stayed in the general progression of biology — chemistry — physics, others found themselves diverting off into special courses like human physiology or astronomy. "I’m planning on going into a profession that will probably require science,” Michelle Abel (11). "Biology expanded my horizons,” Gavin Sullivan (10). "It was good to know about our environment,” Nancy Ahmann (10). "The cats weren't too bad but I really liked the urine lab," Joe Coppolo (12). "I found my life in the phys-ics lab," Jon Good (12). PAGE 128: LEFT: Absorbed in he class, Alisa Fredericksen (11) take notes. RIGHT: Very pleased to havt his face as a dart board, Glen Seib I (fac.) smiles with gratitude. PAG • 129: LEFT: Trying to get the exat weight of an object, junior Tor Johnson fidgets. RIGHT: Looking little bewildered, Karl Pegors (fac. turns the page of his notebook. BART LARSON — algebra II — varsity hockey coach. DAVID LARSON — college algebra and trigonometry. JUDY LAYZELL — composition — communications — short stories. MARTHA LEISTIKOW — communications JEFF LEWIS — Wmdlgo advisor — graphic arts. 128 scienceTOM LINDQUIST — economics — American political and social history — varsity debate coach. DELTA MAILLET — biology — ecology. DAN MARSH — American studies — anthropology. HACK McCALL — American political and diplomatic history — varsity wrestling coach — assistant track coach — assistant track coach. ED MELICHAR — marching band — concert band — orchestra. science 129how great thou art Despite having one of the smallest sections in the lake conference, the Edina-West Art department consistently turned out quality work, and thus kept up its tradition of being one of the finest art departments in the area. Numerous art teachers noticed the high quality of work of Edina-West students when compared with that of students from other lake schools. The instructors agreed that some students might have taken their courses with the sole intention of ‘‘having fun.” They had fun all right, but only until grades came out. Although most emphasis was placed on the expression of ideas through art, much was also placed on the use of time and the disciplining of oneself. Barbara Hultman (fac.) commented, ‘‘We gave little homework, but our grading was tough. If you got an ‘A’, you really deserved it.” UPPER: Completing a sculpture in 3D studies, Court Holman (12). gets assistance from Barbara Hultman (fac.). LOWER LEFT: Working with watercolor, senior Brad Herman concentrates on his strokes. CHARLES OAKES — bookkeeping. SALLY OHLY — foods — food specialties — life issues — consumer In today s world. JOHN OLSEN — health — varsity soccer and track coach. RON OLSON — algebra — typing. 130 arteveryday business Sally Ohly (fac.), the normally vivacious home economics teacher at Edina-West, became somewhat outspoken in her defiance of the courses she taught this year. When asked if there was one recurrent myth which she would’ve liked to dispel, she replied with an emphatic, "Yes! home ec is not just cooking!" And dispel it she did. For this year, more than any other, was marked by an increase in the number of guys who signed up for any one of the six home ec classes. As the stereotypical home ec class disappeared, so did the boundaries which had kept guys from taking the course. Mrs. Ohly agreed that many students expected her course to serve as a much-needed rest in their busy schedules. But she made sure that all who took her classes were well aware of their purpose — to deal with real-life issues and help improve family life. UPPER: Students prepare fruit in their food specialties class. MIDDLE: In life issues, students concentrate on Rabbi Rywek's words of wisdom. LOWER LEFT: With delightful visions of devouring his masterpiece, Tory Becker (12), prepares a scrumptous dessert. LOWER RIGHT: Sifting flour, Gayle Goetz-man (12) is careful to measure accurately. BEV OTTUM — shorthand — notetaking — bookkeeping — consumer law — business typing. KARL PEGORS — biology. HELEN PELLOWE — resource room. ROBERT PET ERSEN — psychology. home economics 131relevance While much of what was learned in school seemed to bear no relevance to life, the business education courses provided its students with lessons they could apply to their day to day existence. Note taking, typing, and shorthand could help students with their term papers and everyday classwork. Accounting and bookkeeping prepared students for business jobs. Although the business education courses prepared its participants with basic skills that could be used forever. UPPER LEFT: While bent over her typewriter. Catherine Blanchard (12). practices her typing skills. UPPER RIGHT: Writing information on the mimeograph stencil. Debbi Meyer (12). takes great pleasure in her work. LOWER LEFT: Trying to fill up his notebook with as many notes as possible is senior Kevin Kloewer. LOWER RIGHT: Pushing a few buttons on the adding machine, Karen Ellingsen (12). adds up some figures. ROBERT PETERSON — concert choir — chorale — chamber singers MARY POEH-LER — resource room CAROLYN RE8HOLZ — popular novels RICHARD REICHOW — Trade and Industry education coordinator. 132 business educationbodies The things that were required for gym and health were definitely different than the things needed for any other class. Besides the conventional shorts and T-shirt needed for previous phy. ed. classes, this year, gym also required clothes that were warm enough to slide and ski in. All that was needed to prepare for health were lips and a good pair of hands. Students performed mouth to mouth and CPR on class dummies. They also heard talks from Sally Seductive, Marvin Macho, and Harry Highschool. These required classes provided the sophomores with an awareness of their bodies physical and emotional needs. LEFT: Trying to start his debut as a gold-medal Olympic Gymnast. Michael Vervelde (10). decides maybe it's not his thing. UPPER RIGHT: Impressed to see 100% of her students in the class that day. Gail Ofstehage (fac.), smiles with delight. LOWER RIGHT: Performing mouth to mouth resuscitation. Ann Greenfield (10). checks to see if her baby is breathing while Elizabeth Fruth (10) looks on. GEORGE REIMER — German — American political and social history — German club advisor ELIZABETH SCHMITZ — French. ROBERT SHEA —senior class advisor PRISCILLA SPECHT — foods — young living — child development — clothing health — gym 133bonjour, ola, guten tag, ave Broadening their horizons and confusing their tongues, students attempted to learn a language other than their own. In addition to learning a second language, students were exposed to another culture through their teachers and language classes. Students learned by repeatedly reciting phrases, memorizing vocabulary, and reading foreign novels and plays. And of course, never to be forgotten were the Spanish tapes, Latin translations, French worksheets, and German tests. “Although learning the language was my main motive for taking French, the ‘cultural experiences' were definitely the best part of the class,” commented senior Julie Thomas. UPPER RIGHT: Contemplating complex sentence structures in German is Steve Hidy (12). UPPER LEFT: Working on yet another tough Latin test. Ann Moynihan (11), seems discouraged. LOWER LEFT: Students correct Spanish assignments. LOWER RIGHT: Relieved not to have any homework for the day. French students play manille, a french card game. ROBERT SPINDLER — Spanish. LARRY STOTTS — humanities — acting and stagecraft. DAVID TABBUT — geometry — college algebra and trigonometry WALT WAYNE — electronics — gas engines — electricity — woods. 134 language classesespecially for them Students who did not learn well through conventional methods of education developed ways to increase their learning potential through special education. Working with faculty mem- bers Helen Pellowe and Mary Poehler one hour a day, the 40 students in the special ed program worked on their individual problems with charts, tapes, and various other techniques. The use of an approach different from that usually used was successful in helping these students be comfortable with, and therefore learn the subject matter UPPER LEFT: During their alternate American history class, students listen to a lecture. RIGHT: Working together. Helen Pellowe (fac.), assists Mary Erdall (10). by indicating the finer points of biology. LOWER LEFT: Concentrating on completing an assignment is sophomore Maria Arevalo. BILL WELCH — biology — human physiology — girls' basketball coach. THELMA WHITTON — library RON WIESNER — sociology — economics ANN WILSON — practical chemistry. special education 135la, la, It took concert band more spoonfuls of practice than it took Mary Poppins spoonfuls of sugar to make Pops West a supercalifragilistic event. Under the direction of Ed Mel-ichar (fac.), the concert band used Mary Poppins as the theme for Pops West '79. Pops West was not the only event concert band spent long hours on. They also la, la! devoted a lot of time to the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert. Concert band also spent many enjoyable times at parties, section breakfasts and on the spring tour. Carolyn Shepard (12) summed up the year by saying, "concert band was really a great experience." CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW — L. Pearson. W. Welch. K. Cooper. J. Guberud. S. Poehler. C. Chandler. D. Cunningham. J. Grangaard. L. Shirk, N. Mosharrafa. S. Doeringsfeld, L. Reber, L. Nydahl. A. Rosen. ROW TWO — K. Kelly. B Goehl. M. Gottsacker, R. Farley. M. Means. K. Towey. S. Nelson. A. Burman. ROW THREE — M. Johnson. P. McClelland. J. Lathauer. C. Juhl. R. Knippenberg. S. Stickel. B. Freiberg. R. Allendorf. S. Hidy. J. O'Brian. BACK ROW — D. Peterson. R. Ewald, L. Bold. M. Flumerfelt. R. Skow, M. Johnson. D. Phillips. 136 concert bandPAGE 136: UPPER LEFT: Enjoying the music, Dave Peterson (11) plays the marimba. MIDDLE RIGHT: Warming up for rehearsal. Alex Moore (11) plays a few notes on his sax PAGE 137: UPPER LEFT: Practicing for the winter concert, Todd Willmert (12) perfects his part. UPPER RIGHT: During a fast-moving number, Drew Nipper (11) hurries to turn the page. MIDDLE LEFT: Concentrating on the music. Mark McArthur (11) and Jim Melichar (12) rehearse for Pops. CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW — C. Shepard. P. Vaaler, L. Hansen. K. Jones. S. Carrier, L. Prentice. R. Post. M. Rzeszut, S. Snook. C. Holmstrom. ROW TWO — M. Seasly. D. Friede. R. Wakefield. S. Lewis. A. Vining, C. Delong. L. Lathauer. S. Loehr, J. Maki. ROW THREE — L. Reed. J. Flaaten, G. Weber, J. Burckhardt. J. Wood. T. Bach, N. Friede, K. Fleming. T. Guberud, J. Sjolander. A. Moore. BACK ROW — R. Nipper. P. Melichar. M. McArthur. J. Melichar. S. Loehr. T. Bains. B. Rosenthal. T. Willmert, J. Karnegis. J. Melichar. concert band 137-Uf - ji)£ T) 2aT u I) (fc 'UfwK'T ) . T| 1 tuned in All tuned up and ready to go, varsity band started the year on the right note. Beginning with a winter concert and ending with a spring tour, the varsity band had a full year. In between preparing and performing varsity band found time to hold parties after every concert and hockey game. They also challenged the concert band in a game of hockey. Although Flashbacks was a lot of work for both the band members and their director, John Nielsen (fac.), the end result was a success. Sarah Prentice (10) commented, “Varsity band was really fun. It was a lot of fun preparing for Flashbacks and the tour but it was worth it in the end." PAGE 138: UPPER RIGHT: During a fourth hour rehearsal. Dave Hartman (11) plays the tuba. MIDDLE LEFT: Keeping the beat at the hockey game, Tim Junko (10) drums out the cadence. PAGE 139: UPPER LEFT: As principal of the french horn section. Beth Champ (12) plays a solo. MIDDLE LEFT: Playing at the hockey game, John Hall (10) adds to the sound of the band. VARSITY BAND: FRONT ROW — L. Ragozzino, S. Fischer. N. Olsen. B. Tremann, J. Hilgendorf. K. Opeim. P. Pray. N. Bishop, J. Nielsen. ROW TWO — K. Yarger, C. Vanhulzen, T. Ericson, M. Currier, K. Schwartz, C. Belanger. R. Johnson, D. Brellenthin. ROW THREE — S. Filreis, B. Larson, T. Overpeck, P. Chandler. D. Smith, C. Benttahl. J. Bentley. BACK ROW — J. Parry. B. Hagstrom, D. Dougherty. T. Junko, S. Gabriel. B. Branstrom. E. Hendrickson, S. Armstrong. J. Con-tardi. 138 varsity banda band of cougars The cougar band provided musical education without the dedication of the higher bands. Led by Gene Trowbridge (fac.), the cougar band took over where the marching band left off. They could be seen playing and providing spirit at all the home basketball games. The music of the cougar band kept the cougar-ettes dancing and the crowds cheering all year. COUGAR BAND: FRONT ROW — L. Corriveau. J. Kellogg. C. Dahlquist. G. Rietti, A. Bentdahl. D. Schneider. J. Glazer. T. Kemp. S. Hizer. E. Chaldgren. C. Nicols, S. Nankaville. S. Nankaville. ROW TWO — D. Taylor. A. Arndt. M. Dow. M. Byrne. S. Dostal. S. Salhus, A. Maimares. B. Elofson, D. Voss. J. Schneider. J. Scaife. M. Erdall. S. Gnerer, L. Hopkins. ROW THREE — C. Johnson. D. Johnson. M. Weiebker, T. Buie. G. Luepold, G. Warfield. M. Burke. S. Maas. S. Jones. M. Schmiel, J. Flynn. S. Lambert. B. Hess. J. Kneskny. D. Boylan. S. Hodder. E. Trowbridge (dir.). BACK ROW — J. Wallace. K. Rose. S. Rutherford. B. Leonard. P. Magnuson, S. Leonard. J. Solberg, T. Fjare. S. Roepke. M. Helmke, T. Holmgren. R. Tschinterle. J. Lahner. M. Horn. VARSITY BAND: FRONT ROW — K. Swendseid, P. Jensen. L. Madden. M. Lamson, S. Karr. S. Prentice. M. Sund. A. Ogren. A. Vaaler. ROW TWO — M. Anderegg, B. Eames, J. Ryden. J. Swenson. J. Karnegis. K. Stiles, R. Olson. B. Wary. B. Ringham. J. Nielsen (dir.). ROW THREE — K. Finer. L. Opheim. J. Faller, P. Moore. M. Bettes. K. Hansen, D. McLaughlin. B. Holm. J. Peterson. J. Hall. C. Martens. BACK ROW — J. Quinn. D. Hartman. C. Delegard. P. Danielson. A. Raskin. L. Schroeder. L. Uhr, J. Johnson. B. Champ. varsity band — cougar band 139do re mi "Music makes the world go round!" Music has also made Edina-West go round. The vocal department of the high school consisted of three choirs; Concert, Varsity, and Choral. Together and separately, Concert and Varsity provided delightful entertainment in the forms of the Holiday Concert, Masterworks, Happings, and Current Jam. A great deal of hard work went into the preparations of concerts. Choir members were responsible not only for practicing during class, but also spending several afternoons and evenings "amidst sectionals and rehearsals." Robert Peterson and Diana Leland together worked the songsters hard in order to perfect concert material. Choir also abounded with fun memories. After Concerts or during holidays, parties were held at various homes. Also in the spring both Concert and Varsity singers entertained various schools of the Midwest with their talent. The Choirs, through their fine quality performances put "a song in the hearts of Edina-West students.” 140 vocal groupsPAGE 140: UPPER: Concert Choir I during their first performance in I October. MIDDLE: Pausing during a first hour Varsity Choir rehearsal are John Nagy (12) and Pat Dale (10). MIDDLE RIGHT: Director Diana Leland prepares to hand out new music. LOWER: VARSITY CHOIR: FRONT ROW — S. Forrer. W. Mead-ley, C. Haeny. A. Bush, C. Goldstein, J. Keinath, M. Daumann, J. Twym-ann, J. Horns, K. Deegan, S. Wilkins, P. Santrizos. J. Klus. J. Bell. K. Williams. C. Deegan, J. Krieter. J. West-lund. K. Mesna, P. Stone. E. Abt. SECOND ROW — K. Mooney. C. Pearson. J. Bednar, T. Morrison, P. Eisele, M. Doyle. A Moynihan, J. Boardman, B. Moe. S. Nattrass. P. Dale. B. Skow. J. Nagy, K. Werness. M. K. LaRose. D. Boyce. S. Bohannon. C. Brown. A. Olson. THIRD ROW — L. Lathauer. S. Rockier. T. Weisz. L. Beard. J. Ping. S. Nelson. B. Hanson. V. Overton. R. Korn, G. Hoff. P. Laughlin, R. Williams, S. Lones. M. Lemenager, C. Holm-strom. J. Carlsen, D. Larson, K. Royce. D. Aksoy, M. Fatchett. B. Obermeyer. BACK ROW— S. Sund-berg. N. Sampson, J. Melin, K. Hall. D. Paulson, M. Ratelle. B. Moss. J. Saude. P. Lindemann, M. Amren. B. Johnson. D. Karpeles. T. Twyman, G. Whittemore, J. Gorman, R. Johnson. T. Eckblad. A. Montgomery. N. Fredendall. L. Reber, G. Korst, K. Rickert. A. Fredricksen. J. Buresh, S. Speliopoulos. PAGE 141: UPPER: CONCERT CHOIR: FRONT ROW —- S. Stone. S. Anderson. J. Rodreguiz, J. Green, H. Williams. M. Paulson. R. Caldwell. E. Conty, B. Filipzeck, M. Kline. M. Johnson. L. Hill. R. Gumlia. A. Giavobil. M. Kelly. T. Smith. D. Kane. SECOND ROW — K. Peterson. T. Smith. V. Johnson. C. Brede-son, C. Canakes, E. Champ. C. Winter. L. Weber. M. Scanlan, E. Felton. T. Hacker. B. Peskin, S. Bixby. J. Hendel. L. Schaar, A. Montgomery. K. Hanson. K. Styles. THIRD ROW — K. vonSchmidt-Pauli, J. Richardson, S. Einck, S. Fink. K. Halpin. M. Mayer. C. Nieland, E. Smith. E. Seasly. B. MacGibbon. S. Conway. B. Weber. K. Fleming. P. Cleveland, B. Ewald, L. Resuzut, S. Uphoff. BACK ROW — M. Sundberg, L. Kuehl. T. Morrison, S. Youngblood. L. Sailer, J. Ratelle. K. Sullivan, R. Skow. L. Robbins. C. Swenson. K. Maley, R. Allendorf. P. Asman, C. Beeson. P. Quinn, S. Erlandson, P. Krafft. MIDDLE LEFT: At the first concert of the year. Varsity Choir performs one of their selections. MIDDLE RIGHT: LOWER: Concert Choir director Bob Peterson emphasizes on the emotion which was written for one song. vocal groups 141what’s your pitch? Tryouts consisting of rigid sight-reading tests, beat pattern tests, blending ability, and vocal range started off the year for two singing groups at Edina West. The Chorale and the Chamber singers were choirs involving students with outstanding musical ability. The Chamber singers performed in the Holiday Choral Concert, the Ensemble contest, MasterWorks Concert, and Current Jam. The sixteen ! members also enjoyed caroling throughout the community and singing for several clubs and organizations. A new feature was the addition of instrumental accompaniment ranging from recorders to tambo-rines. Commented Kurt von Schmidt-Pauli (12), “The most important thing about singing in the chamber group was to blend with the other singers M The chorale was a group of high school girls singing under the direction of Mr. Peterson (fac.). Since there were a lot of singers who had never before sung in a choir, much time was spent on notelearning and sight-reading. They participated in the Fall Concert, Holiday concert, Spring Concert, and Master-works. All singers enjoyed the activities, the Concerts, and the learning experience of participating in a high school choir. 142 vocal groupsPAGE 142: UPPER: Listening to last minute comments before their first school concert. Chamber Singers listen intently to their director MIDDLE: Chorale arrives at a cadence in their first selection during the October concert. LOWER: Paul Asman (11). Eric Smith (11). and Jaime Rodrigues (12) practice their part in one of the three Spanish carols performed in the Holiday Concert PAGE 143: UPPER: GIRLS' CHORALE: FRONT ROW — S. Evans. P Minehart. C. Yeager. C. Basil. B. Fruth. A Johnston, J. Hillstrom. S. Snyder. S. Kostich. M. Williams. A Burwell, M, Gibson. L. Lever, R. Chalgren. W. Swanson. M MacG-ibbon, P. Swiggum. C. Lima SECOND ROW — L. Webker, L. Powell. B. Evenstead. K. Hopson. N. Schumacher. J. Owsten. J Wise-men. L Brown. J. Coffee. M. Zivkovich. M. Gibson, R. McGraw. E. Scully, N. Quilling. L. Riggly, A Manotis. C. . BACK ROW — L Nagy. R Karpeles. P Schibur, S Schi-bur. A. Gresham. L. Ewald. S Levine. L. Paetzmck. M. McGlynn. K Perry. B. Wernick. P. Deegan. C. Pappen. C. Rodriguez. S Petersen. L Leadens. N. Greer. L. Julig MIDDLE LEFT: Lynn Jultg (12) gives accompanist Sue Conway (12) an "extra hand" during one of the choral selections. MIDDLE RIGHT: Colleen "CO CO" Deegan (11) diligently sight reads her part in one of the songs. LOWER: CHAMBER SINGERS: FRONT ROW — J. Rodriguez. J. Ratelle. E Conty. S. Stone. B. Peskin. L Hacker BACK ROW — C. Winter. E. Smith. J. Richardson. E. Felton. L Sailer. L. Schaar. P Asman. T. Smith. K vonSchmidt-Pauli. M Johnson. vocal groups 143144 orchestrasimply symphonic The Edina-West orchestra, consisting of about 25 musicians, displayed it's talents in various ways throughout the year. Some members volunteered to play in the musical, "The Music Man.” A big highlight for the orchestra was the annual cafe concert in which they worked hard on new pieces and between-song skits. They also enjoyed a three day tour where they traveled by bus to play for numerous schools. Concluding the year was the final concert in May. The large group remained close by holding "post concert bashes” and poster parties in which signs were made advertising their concerts. They held many fund-raisers to raise money for activities such as the Spring tour. Candy sales, raffles, and a cafe group during Christmas brought in large profits. Under the conduction of Mr. Melichar (fac.), the orchestra met for daily practices during second hour. Practice proved to have paid off as the year ended on a “good note.” PAGE 144: UPPER LEFT: Playing difficult music. Tami Fountain (11), eases over the rough spots. UPPER RIGHT: Diligently practicing, sophomores Richard Quinlan and Dan Felton play with precision. MIDDLE LEFT: Orchestra members listen to suggestions from the director during a practice break. LOWER LEFT: Preparing the orchestra for an upcoming concert is director Ed Melichar (fac ). LOWER RIGHT: Engrossed in the music. Kathy Hinker (12) concentrates on tone PAGE 145: UPPER LEFT: During a cafe concert skit, seniors Lesley Reed. Amy Rosen, Joan Flaaten, Dawn Cunningham, and Carolyn Shepard lip-sinc "Lullaby of Broadway." UPPER RIGHT: During a typical second hour, orchestra members keep in perfect time. LOWER: ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW — J. Arndt. P. LaBerge. K. Peters. C. Schoenecker, C. Shutte. K. Hinker. J Sjolander. T. Fountain. ROW TWO — J. Danielson. K. Jones. K. Morgan. K. Hughes. L. Lofing. Y. Kee Chung, R McGrath. S. Carlson. S Valentine. T. Boylan. N. Richards. S Springer. ROW THREE — M Flu-merfelt. B. Ewald, L. Shirk. W. Welch. D Cunningham. J. Gran-gaard. S. Carrier. K. Jones, L Prentice. R. Post. P. Melichar. R. Quinlan. D. Felton. J. Maki. BACK ROW — T. Bains. T. Willmert. J. Karnegis, S. Hidy. K. Fleming. N. Friede. T. Bach. orchestra 145technically speaking ... The halls of the school may have seemed emptier during the afternoon than in the morning. After third hour, the stu- dent body of Edina-West were not just found within the halls of the building but also in various jobs, and learning experiences throughout the community. Students participating in programs such as OE, Vo-tech, and T l were exposed to a different type of education other than the one offered in the classroom. Involving over thirty students, Vo-tech seemed to be the most popular of the three programs. These students left after first lunch and journeyed to the Vocational Center in Eden Prarie. Here, they were joined by students from all over the metropolitan area in taking courses from commercial art to mechanics. They were then brought back to school in time for the 2:30 bus. "It was run just like a business,” commented Karin Johnson (12), “it was right for me.” 146 vo-tech, o.e.,t. i.Trade and Industry allowed seniors the opportunity to explore a career possibility through on the job training. In the morning, a class was instructed by Richard Rei-chow (fac.) that taught the seniors about personal relations and their own particular jobs. This learning was then applied at their afternoon jobs. PAGE 146: LEFT: Filing is one of the jobs Karen Ellingsen (12) does at the district school offices in old Cahill school, her O.E. job. ABOVE RIGHT: While at her job at South France Standard, senior Linda Persons writes up a service order for a customer. LOWER: VO-TECH: ROW ONE — E. O'Hara. J. Hibbs, C. Sly. A. Struthers. S. Howe. M. Thornton. S. Erickson. B. Betz. ROW TWO — K. Morgan. C. Bergeron. M. Kojetin, K. Johnson. S. Miller. K. Heide, J. Bangs. C. Bremner. W. Smith, K. Malcom. ROW THREE — G. Kimball. W. Johnston. M. Fulford, L. Maa-num. S. Reardon. ROW FOUR — M. Flamm. G. Malcom. M. Schwinken-dorf, E. Root. D. Sweet. D. Norell. T. Schwartzbauer. T. Ohlin. J. Dow. S. Kelly, M. Coen, W. Hayes. D. Smith. PAGE 147: ABOVE: T. l.: ROW ONE — L. Miller. L. Persons. J. Stocks. R. Reichow (adv.). ROW TWO — S. Uphoff, R. Hans, D. Phillips, G. Miller, G. Sadowski. ROW THREE — C. Giles. D. Kaiser. C. Jacobsen, S. Quenroe, J. Thwing. C. Mueller. ROW FOUR — M. Davolis. C. Felton. D. Shelley. N. Hann. MIDDLE: At Southwest Fidelity Bank. Jonna Holzworth (12) okays checks as part of her O.E. job. Another program offered for seniors was office education. The course provided training for hundreds of jobs classified in the office field. Students spent mornings taking courses like English to fill their requirements, and a course called office education. Afternoons involved an office job in a local business establishment. Participants enjoyed the course and felt it would play a great deal in the terms of the future. vo-tech, o.e., t. i. 147148 career center — study hall — libraryhelp yourself There were many facilities in the school which were made available for student use. Among these were the Career Center, the library, and the study halls. The Career Center was manned by volunteers, and its primary purpose was to offer information about college and vocational schools to help the students in their selection of a post-high school career. A small group of dedicated ladies kept watch over the stacks of books in the library. Although the librarians agreed the theft rate did decrease this year, they had a tough time keeping track of the 26,000 volumes which the library held. Study halls remained, as ever, a haven for the restless student. CUL o chb PAGE 148: writing, Stephen Hunt (10). puts down his pencil and takes a snooze. MIDDLE LEFT: Studying for their upcoming test. Daniel Zweber (12) and Terry Kopp (12) review. MIDDLE RIGHT: Listening to the latest gossip. Linda Mooney (10) looks interested. LOWER: Hard at work, Jennifer Micek (10) asks herself. "Will I ever get this problem?" PAGE 149: MIDDLE: Looking quite bored. Craig Johnson (10) observes the picture on the microfiche. UPPER LEFT: Not believing in reading signs, a student puts his feet on the desk. LOWER: Taking a look at the daily paper, Mary Thiem (11) smiles at what she sees. C — career center — study hall — library 149Sophomore jokes abound and a junior’s work runneth over, though every underclassman was able to find their own niche in the Edina-West story of 1978-79. At first some might have been apprehensive walking Iby a senior man (or woman) but that was soon overcome. Curious underclassmen wondered about “Senior Only” announcements only to realize that their time would come, all too quickly. In time, everyone discovered “their own thing.” Whether it be crowding the south end of he commons, riding a icycle to school or being accused of staying home an a Friday night to do lomework, everyone did heir part to comprise the Edina-West Student body.sophomoric 1: "Of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophomore." This is the commonly accepted interpretation of the word "sophomoric" and is received unanimously almost everywhere. Everywhere, that is, but here. This year at Edina-West, there was another legitimate definition of this term which became much better known: 2: "Being conceited and over confident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature." (And if you don’t believe us, look it up — it's there!) Most students would agree that the sophomores we knew usually fell under that category of definition number 2. West’s sophomores have taken years to build up their dubious reputation, and this year, whether the behavior really existed or not, they were notorious for being squirrelly, impulsive, egotistical and obnoxious — in general, a real joy to be around. But some of the abuse taken by sophomores was unfounded. For instance, when a senior criticized the sophomores as having no class, we all knew that this wasn't true. Sophomores had lots of class (it just happened that most of it was third.) And even though endless numbers of upperclassmen condemned sophomores as being wimpy, gutless creatures, the truth came out in the end: It had to take a lot of guts to ask a girl to Homecoming, knowing full well that you were going to ride your moped. As it turns out, sophomore year was an experience that will long be remembered. It was a good chance for the youngsters to get an introduction to the "Edina away from Edina,” a taste of what's to come in the two years, and although many sophomores felt somewhat deprived (or, as Perrin Boyd (10) put it, "We were all revved up with no place to go!"). It was true: sophomores were little people in a big person world. Terrence Nancy Marjorie Deniz Dawn Deborah Nancy Susan Tina Adams Ahmann Akins Aksoy Allan Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Mark Scott Mark William Brad Eileen Angela Alan Constance Appelbaum Armstrong Aura Avery 8abcock Barbe Barnes Barr Basill Lisabeth Cynthia David Jodi John Tony Richard Ann William Beard Belanger Beil Bell Bell Benda Benjamin Bentdahl Bergthold John David David Jane Chris William Jay Michelle Perrin Beirnat Black Bloom Boardman Bolin Borg Borman Bostock Boyd 152 sophomoresWith a full tank of gas in his moped and a Bachman's corsage in hand. John Philbin (10). arrived to pick up his Home coming date. Daniel David Bradford Brigitte Ann Lynn Lisa Thomas Jonathan Boylan Brantley Bredehoft Breuer Brimacombe Bringqold Brown 8uie Bundt Bonnie Franz Ara Anne James Rodney Steven Catherine Scott Buroker Burris Burwell Bush Byron Caldwell Campbell Canakes Canfield Carol Steven Sara Tris Erin Connie Deirdre Alan Norman Carls Carlson Carrier Casciaro Chatgren Chapman Chapman Chester Christiansen Richard Thomas Timothy Judith Mary Jo Scott James Daniel Lisa Clarke Cleveland Cline Coffey Colleran Colville Contardi Cooney Corriveau sophomores 153William David David Margaret Colleen Wayne Scott Kevin Steven Couillard Cox Crane Crawtord Cress Cunliffe Cusack Cwayna Dahl Patrick Lisa Scott Mark Paul John Patricia Craig Susan Dale Danielsen Danielson Daumann Dean Deasey Deegan Delegard DeMann Michael Lisa Sarah Jessica Dirk James Judd Margaret Rebecca Dezellar Diamond Doeringsfeld Domek Dougherty Dow Dow Doyle Dudley Kimberely Dulin Virginia Dunn Jeftery Durham Tracey Earl Elizabeth Egan Catherine Eifrig Lars Eklund Kristen Ellingsen Bruce Elofsen Beth Linda William Glenn Evenstad Ewald Faison Falardeau Jennifer Roberta Kurt Steven Faller Farley Feiler Feinberg Brent Scott Maria Sharon Fetderman Ferguson Fester Filreis Proud of their Halloween costumes, sophomore girls get together to show them off. 154 sophomoresJeanne Charles Michael Mark Fmgerman Fink Fitterer Fitzgerald David Steven Stephanie Linda Flynn Fontaine Forrer Forslund Julie William Susan Heidi Forster Fraser. Jr. Fredlund Fredrickson Stephen Rich Diana Norman Fredriksen Frey Friede Friede Checking out the adorable senior men. Martha Nolan (10). looks on down to the North end of the Commons. Walter Katharinea Janice Robert Nancy Gaertner Gamble Gass Gensch Gibbemeyer Bob Thomas Elizabeth Stanley Frisk Frisk Fruth Gabriel John Linda Carole Thomas Glieden Goetzman Goldstein Goodyear John Mary James Ann Nancy Gorman. Jr. Gottsacker Grant Greenfield Greer Amy Gresham Deborah Griffin Jane Guberud Prassana Guneratne Robert Stacey David John Julie Haben Hacker Hagen Hall Hammer David Tina Steven Besty Hamre Hansen Hunt Hare Carron Daniel Thomas Wendy Richard Harris Hart Haugan Havir Hawkinson sophomores 155under construction Every year, more and more students arjTwearing tinsel teeth, railroad tracks, tin grins and metal rftpuths, all otherwise known 3$ braces. Wearing braces can create many embarassing situations. Rememberf ven being shot from behincfcjsjy a small object then turningf round and seeing someond innocently covering their rrijaiuth? By looking around the lunchroom (tyring lunch, people wearing braces can easily be spotted. They are the ones who get caught with their fingers in thejlumouths. They usually getirfood caught in their braces and they've got to get it out somehow. Cherie Nidbols (10) commented on wearing braces: "I did not mind Rearing braces all that muclfknew that when I got them off, my teeth would look oeTter.’'- Andrew Joseph Jayne Lisa Eric Jacquelin Leslie Lisa Stacia Hays Hemp Hendel Henneberg Hennkson Hessburg HiU Hmchcliffe Hizer Gordon Kathryn Christopher Lisa Kathleen Janice Douglas John David Hoff Jr. Hoff Holman Hopkins Hopson Hougen Houston Hovde Hribar Kevin Kathleen Mark Curtis Steven William Barry Brent Brian Hughes Hurley Inks James Jecha Joas Johnson Johnson Johnson 156 sophomoresJennifer Scott Julie Daniel Daniel Thomas Karen Jeffrey David Keinath Kelley Kellogg Kllian Kimmel Kinney Klas Kloewer Kolles Craig Johnson Deann Johnson Kari Johnson Kayla Johnson Marcie Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Michael Jolton Karen Jones Hans Jorgensen Timothy Junko John Juntti Regina Kaju Jon Kane Nancy Kardell Rachel Karpeles Soroya Kazemi Doing anything for a good laugh, sophomores show off their terrific smiles. Pictured clockwise: Karen Jones, Mike Youngblood. Rick Benjamin. Cindy Peterson. Marci Johnson, Mike Wright. sophomores 157Karen John Candi Kelley Steven Michael Joseph Lorrie Melissa Kolzow Konezny Kotzen Koukal Krank Krieter Krystosek Kubin Kunert Joseph James Scott Michele Michael Darla Barbara Cynthia Debra Kurth Lahner Lambert Lamson Lang Langefels Larson Larson Larson Janelle Patrick Debra Shari Kari Bradley Lon David Michael Lathauer Laughlin Lavelle Lavine Lee Leonard Lever Lewan Lilja As you can see this year's sophomore class was one of the most enthusiastic sopohmore classes Edina-West has had in many years. 158 sophomoresMichael Matthew Bobbette Eric Carla Carolyn Molly Elizabeth Robert Lindeland Linedemann Louthan Lunaas Lund Lund McGowan Madden Madsen Peter Magnuson Carol Maier Anne Maimares Paul Mandeil Kevin Manion Maureen Manley Amy Manolis Todd Matzke Pamela McClelland Timothy Molly Sean Therese David Tracy Michael Melissa Frederick McElroy McGlynn McGovern McGraw McLaughlin McLellan McNally Means Mecklenburg Kathleen Todd Julie Meitz Melicher Melin Steven Pamela Richard Merbler Meyer Meyer Jennifer Maureen Paul Micek Mikan Miller Scott Patricia Steven Miller Minehart Mogck Melissa Andrew Ann Monchamp Montgomery Montgomery Hiding from the crowd of students rushing to class. Judy Coffey (10). stands back. sophomores 159oops! Student drivers on their first day out were nervous to be a hazard before they left the parking lot. The thirty hours of classroom training did not seem to adequately prepare drivers for the challenges they met on the road. Though starting the car is a major step for a nervous student, the ignition and the accelerator usually come out of hiding long enough to be located. Once moving, the objects seem to be maintaining a speed fast enough to keep the car going and still stay clear of any obstacles. Though driving over a curb, an island or coming close to a driving instructor could be the thrill of a class’ day, it does tend to promote a bad reputation for the student involved. Other hur- dles included entrance ramps, one way streets and parallel parking. Despite the nerve wracking moments on the road, gory movies, and long lectures, most students made it through driver’s education in time to take their license test after their sixteenth birthday. Hopefully their excellent training prepared them for the obstacles faced as part of being a licensed driver Linda Daniel Mooney Moran Patrick Jana Moynihan Mrkonich Lawrence Robert Mull Nagengast slim THIS IS NOT A PERV.IT OK LICENSE TO DRIVi 5ncL Ave. w-dLiAO—, In- • • AM ttvl VMfNMHP IliNO i «« ..) r JCC ci. .r Cl .. zj. LA A IT M i frW •-» • i Aswtt. ---------------- MINNESOT A OfFARTMINT Of PUNIC.AFITY - PtlVlt ft WHICH SERVICES DIVISION Linda Nagy 8. Sue Nankivell Sally Nankivell Michelle Nanne Kimberly Neilson John Serge Russell Nelson Nepormastchy Nettle Steven Neuman Stephen Neville Kathleen Newell Cheryl Nichols Martha Nolan Julianne Nordby Michael North P Michael North S Lisa Nydahl Linda Oberle 160 sophomoresDriver's Ed is a major part of a sophomore's year. Wesley Katherine Lori Lori Terryl Joan Linda Timothy Calla Olsen Olson Opheim Orchard Overpeck Owston Paetznick Palmer Papin Stephen Susan David Christopher Mary Steve Melissa Leslie Jeffrey Parry Parry Pastre Patton Paulson Paulson Peacock Pearson Pedderson Michael Cynthia Diane John Paul Shelley Timothy Janese Laura Perry Poterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Petsolt Pfannenstem Thomas John Sue Ann John Richard Lisa Penny Sarah Pfister Phibin Jr. Pierson Pohlad Popko Post Powell Pray Prentice Julie Nanette Richard John Heidi Todd Kyle Anne Carole Quenroe Quilling Quinlan Quinn Raether Raihill Rallis Raskin Ratelle sophomores 161Lynn Lisa Marc Wendy Pamela Julie Kristin Guido William Regli Reichert Reilly Rice Richards Richardson Rickert Rietti Ringham Sheen Sherri Cecilia Scott Jerald Patrick Matthew Robert Brent Rockier Rodgers Rodriguez Roepke Roethler Roifes Rosenbloom Roth Rothgeb Kathleen Karen Andra Joel Keith Peter Thomas James Stefam Rouleau Royce Rozentals Rudin Russell Russell Ryden Sadowski Salhus Thomas Daniel Dana Jeffrey Cheryl Schmelz Schmiel Schneider Schneider Schoenecker Patricia Schribur Paul Paul Jon Sanson Santrizas Saude Nancy Michael Kelly Schumacher Schwab Schwarz Tad Elizabeth Margaret Scudder Scully Seasly Mark Michael Christ Severseike Shamblott Shaw Jeff Brian Cheryl Sindermann Skow Smiley Inhaling his drumstick. Kurt Feiler (10) relieves his growling stom ach. 162 SophomoreAnn Christopher Jeffrey Patricia Michael Paul Gregg Debra Kristen Smith Smith Smith Smith Spear Springer Stehley Stemback Stiles Pamela Michael Steven William Jeanne Gavm Wendy Michael Jill Stone Storm Strom Strout Strothers Sullivan Swanson Swenson Swenson Richard Swensen Kathleen Swofford Pamela Swiggum Diane Taylor Holly Thompson Jorge Tovar Kathleen Towey Picture Not Available Richard Tschimperle Jan Tupa Paul Tabor Gary Tadvick Cyrus Vahhaji Sara Valentine Jeffery Verdoorn Michael Vervelde Thomas Vidmar Schmidtoauli Daniel Voss Jane Cathy Amy Steven Chris Gregory Nancy Charles Tracy Waldron Wallace Waller Waller Wesley Weber Weber Webster Weegmann Mark Tracy David Tamara Craig S. Reid Stephanie Edward Weekley Weisz Welch Wenborg Werness Wessman Westburg Whalen Williams Karen Michele Randall Jennifer James Scott Michael Jennifer Margaret Williams Williams Williamson Wiseman Wood Wooldridge Wright Wuebker Wuebker Carolyn Michael Daniel David Cathieen Bruce Edward Yaeger Youngblood Zarling Zarling Kline Johnson Johnson Sophomore 163stuck in the middle Junior. The very word makes one think of words like "so-so” or ‘‘mediocre”. And with good reason. The life of a junior at Edina-West was just that: humdrum. Not really boring, but then again, nothing to write home about. Somewhere in the middle. The juniors seemed to be in the midst of things, many times not only physically (they always occupied the midmost region of the commons, surrounded by seniors on one side and sophomores on the other), but also emotionally (turning seventeen was no big thrill — at least nothing like that of the sophomores, who became “sweet-sixteen" or the seniors, who matured into the “real people" at eighteen). All in all. juniorhood was the epitome of middle-of-the-roadism. But the juniors learned to deal with this feeling in a variety of ways. When they were being shunted at the pep-fests (the seniors got to emcee, and the sophomores got all the jokes). They formed JETS and when those athletic juniors, who felt that they were just as capable as the seniors in their sports, found that they had been relegated to the infamous "JV", they oftentimes responded by outperforming their upperclass counterparts. So maybe the junior year wasn’t that bad after all. Many juniors held the outlook of being fortunate, while the sophomores had to deal with the hassles of a new school, and the seniors felt that nervous expectation of an impending college life, the juniors could be “foot loose and fancy free". Along with their new found fun, they found themselves face to face with new experiences like chemistry, history. and the excitement of prom. As it turned out, most juniors made something of their year — they were finally able to shed the image of being "Stuck in the Middle." Hanging around with Phil Krafft (12) left and Dave Lewan (10) right, Sarah Oss (11) middle proved she could be just as tall as her two partners. Bret Abbott Michele Abel Suresh Abeyes undere Elizabeth Abt David Adams Scot Adams Michael Ahmann Barbara Alexander Charles Allen Diane Allen David Anderson Kris Anderson Marc Karen Thomas Anna Paul Alexandra Anderson Andrews Angelus A mar Asman Austin 164 juniorsDouglas Tracy Charles Richard Tracy Steven Melissa Robert Steven Bailey Bains Bale Bann Barott Barr Barrett Barrett 8artz William Lisa Steven William Mark Scott Jane Mark Nancy Bascom Boiersdort Belrose Bender Benson Berg Bernstein Bettes Bishop Susan David Susan Steven Paul Steven Michael James Bryan Bitter Bjork Black Blair Boblett Bodino Bolen Brambilla 8ranstrom Carolyn Diane Cynthia Michael Tracey Sheila Blythe Barbara Elizabeth Bredeson Brellenthin Bremner Brennan Briggs Brown Bucher Buenz Bugby Suzanne John Julia Matthew Victoria Julie Elizabeth John Jane Bulver Burckhardt Buresh Burke Burke Burnham Cabalka Cardarelle Carlsen Suzanne Scott Mark Stephanie Colleen Edward Susan David Christopher Carrier Carson Casselman Cater Chandler Chapman Chaoman Cherne Chilstrom Julie Mary Jane Peter Micheal Kevin Jill Nancy Ann Janice Christine Christy Clark Cleaveland Coen Cole Conda Conroy Contons Corcoran Daniel David Judy Cynthia Kathleen Kent Diane Jill Kari Cress Cronoble Curie Curry Curtin Cusack Dahl Dahlquist Dahtquist juniors 165Jill Colleen Thomas James Lisa Danielsen Doegan Deick DeMann DeMee Jeffrey Eric Jay Melissa Dean Doering Doernbach Donlin Dougherty Dreisbach Catherine James Ethel Elizabeth Elizabeth Drewelow Duncan Dunn Eames Earl Todd Karen Paula Colleen Claudia Eckblad Eide Eisele Eller Eng A smile of confidence is what Janet Grangaard (11). has. Curtis Stephanie Karen Margaret Andrew David William Charles Robert Engels Erickson Everaerl Everson Faris Felton Feske Field Filipczak Karen Thomas Mark Lydia Jami Jess Tamara Kellie William Finer Fjare Flamm Flora FokJenaur Ford Fountain Foust Foye Suzanne Alisa Nancy Karen Brad Eric Jeffery Lori Michael Francis Frederiksen Fredendall Freeman Freiberg Frisvold Fritz Froebe Fulford Chris Gardner Amy Michael Patrick Myra Anthony Chen Michael Fuller Gay Giannobile Gibbs Gibbs Gibson Gleekei Gnerer Goetzmann 166 juniorsKaryl Janet Robert Julie Lynn Michael Christopher Tina Carolyn Golden Grangaard Graupnor Green Gresham Gyetvan Haas Hacker Haeny Karon Kari Kathryn Marilee Barbara Daniel David Kimberely Frederick Hall Hansen Hansen Hanson Hardwick Hare Hartman Haugen Hauser III William Hayes Paul Hays Jill Haywa David Hed James Heinzen Mark Helmke Thomas Duane Robert Hemp Hennebergjr. HershockJr. Bradley Hess Leonie Heystek Nannette Hibbard Janet Hibbs John Hibbs II Julie Hilgendorf Randy Sarah Hill Hiller David Hirsch Susan Carla Jilleen James John Scot Susan David Hodder Holmstrom Holstrom Horns Horns Housh Howard Hunt Ann Hurley Involved at a football game. Mike Goetzman (11). smiles at all the excitement. Wade Inskeep James Jastram Y. Jennfer Diane Eric Jeffery Johnson Johnson Johnson juniors 167Jill Margaret Thomas Victoria Andrea Steven Carol Lance Peter Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnston Jones Juhl Jurich Kaiser Debra Harvey Pamala Paul Daniel Kimberely Shannon Thomas David Kane Kanter Karigan Karos Karpeles Kelly Kelly Kerker Kerwin Kerry Thomas Mia Christopher Patrick John John Robin Sharon Keyes Kizershot Klein Klemp Klesk Klindworth Klus Knippenberg Knippenberg jerseyitis We're lucky we made it through the year alive! The presence of jersies at Edina-West this year reached almost epidemic proportions. The existence of only a few more of these garments could've easily pushed it to plague status, but luckily this never came about. Many of West’s students were swamped with jersies — of every size, type, and color. But the sophomores seemed to be immune from the abundance of T-shirts. Upperclassmen wore jersies for numerous groups: Intramural teams, Windigo, JETS, Calliope, and play members all had their own jersies, and there were special days when group members all wore their shirts, thus giving them a feeling of identity. Jersies, however commonplace they might have seemed, played an important role in unifying many of the school's organizations. T-shirts gave their wearing when they were able to say, "Hey, I’m one of them”! And even though it may have appeared that everyone and his brother wore a different jersey, jersies did give the school’s various activities an added sense of spirit. While getting ready for her next class, Peggy Johnson (11). shows she is one of the many juniors who belongs to a certain club. 168 juniorsDuring a football game. Kathy McMahon (11). and Melissa Dougherty (11). find time to talk. Michael Mikol Knouse Kojetin Gail Susan Korst KostiCh Shari Thomas Kotzen Kozar Janine Steven Krieter Kruse Laura Patrice Sean Katherine Mark Dennis Sandra Stuart Daniel Kuehl LaBerge Lafferty L8mb Lange Langefels Lantto Lark Larsen David Kris Mark Terranco Michael James Steven Glenn Thomas Larsen Larson Lsrson Larson Lennon Lenoard Leonard Leupold Levin Stacy Stephanie William Daniel John Scott Steven Peter Sandra Levine Lewis Lewis Lieberman Lilja Lillemoe Lillestrand Linwick Loehr Susan William David Stephen Katherine Mark Lisa Michael 8ruce Loehr Logefeil Long Lowe Luikens Lund Lynn Maas MacGibbon juniors 169While getting a few laughs from his friends. Mike Weiss (11) grins. Kristen Karen Karen John Michael Magnuson Malcom Maley Manley Mayer Mark Mary James Robert William McArthur McCall McCauley McDonnell McDonnell Charles Edward Nancy Regina Amy McDougal McGlynn McGovern McGrath McKinney Kathloen James Wendy Lynnly Paul McMahon McNee Meadley Meidinger Melichar Anne Meyer Jeffery Miller Curtiss Mingo Barbara Moeller Karen Mooney John Vincent Ann John Mark Morris Morrow Moymhan Mueller Mueller Joy Suzanne Carrie Joanne Robert Nelson Nelson Nieland Nielsen Nipper Patricia Ann Daniel Stephen Reed O'Connor Ogren Ohlson Okinow Olsen Alexander Claire Jill Mollie Moore Moore Moore Moore Mary Kristen Scot Julia Mueller Naros Nattrass Neal Julie James David John Nolan Nordby North O'Brien Amy Derrick Edward Pamela Olson Olson Olson Olson 170 juniorsKaren Sarah Timothy Stuart Anne Kurt James Steven Elizabeth Opheim Oss Palma Palmer Paulson Paulson Pause Pavlik Perkins James Kristine William Kelly David Joel Katherine Katherine Gregory Perry Perry Persons Peters Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Petrowski Jack Charles Pennee Jo Lynn Nancy Thomas Sonjia John Frank Petry Phillips Picou Ping Platou Popowich Porter Powell Raab William Susan Lisa Paul Mary Christopher Nancy Winston Adam Radford Ragatz Ragozzino Rahn Ratelle Reynolds Rice Richards Richardson juniors 171jets Meetings were held the first few weeks of school to put together a junior girls spirit group. The name was decided upon — JETS, and the production of baseball shirts and funfilled activities were underway. The 100 or so junior girls involved sat together at pep-fests promoting enthusiasm and class togetherness. They also made signs to support the various athletic teams and held potlucks. In particular, the group met with the East spirit committee before the East-West football game for a friendly pep dinner. Not only did this group unify the junior class but Edina-West teams benefited from their radiant enthusiasm. Throughout the year the green and gold jerseys were worn to help keep this enthusiasm going, also to signify “Juniors Encourage Team Spirit". A close-up shot of a "JETS" jersey shows the unique detailing and design that went on the front. Mary Erica Laurie Steven Jodi Margaret Chris Lisa Jonathan Rottinghaus Rudin Runyan Rutherford Ruzic Rzeszut Sackrison Sailer Salhus Tracey Rodgers Jodi Rogness Earl Root Brian Rosenthal Timothy Rosland Thomas Rotman William Drucie Roberts Jr. Robertson Mitchell Robinson Nancy James James Todd Kimberly Douglas Lisa Scott Timothy Sampson Satterlund Scaife Schell Schmitt Schroeder Schroeder Schultz Schwartzbauer Mark John Joel Jeffrey George Lisa Barbara Roger Jeffrey Schwmkendorf Sestak Severinghaus Severseike Shaw Shirk Sieve Sit Sjolander 172 juniorsClaire Adrienne Brock David Eric Pamela Terry Stephanie John Sty Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snook Solberg Linda Stephanie Lynn Scott Lynn Sally Karin Morley Keiri Soucek Speliopoulos Spelman Springer Stevens Stickel Stover Strachen Strandberg William Sandra Theresa Kimberely Monica Sarah James Susan Thomas Streeter Strout Strout Sullivan Sund Sundberg Swansen Swanson Swanson Dennis Sweeney Kristin Swenseid Gary Swenson Mary Tambornino Cheryl Tanner Kenneth Teese Carolyn Thayer Mary Thiem Margaret Thomann At a pep-fest. junior girls sit together to show they have team spirit by wearing their jerseys. Michelle Patrick Thornton Tierney Margaret Elizabeth Tozar Tremann Athena Robert Triantatyllou Tuttle Lori Andrew Uhr Vaaler juniors 173Talking with each other in the hall during break. Betsy Tremann (11) and Alisa Frederiksen (11) show that, they too, belong to the junior spirit group JETS. Graham Ana Pamela Scott James VanDixhorn Varela Vogt Wales Wallace Lori Steven Mark Mark Scott Walsten Warfield Watson Webster Webster Dawn Michael Rebecca 8radley Jon Weiland Weiss Weiss Weisz Welker In one of her classes. Lydia Flora (11) laughs at her friends joke. 174 juniorsChristine West Joanne Westlund William Westman Lisa Westphal Thomas Wheeler Donald Scott Mary Carrie Leonore White Wilkins Williams Willmerl Wilson At the end of class. Beth Eimes (11), gives her classmates a nice, big good-by. Todd Bryan Andrea Karen Wineberg Wray Wurst Yarger Jennifer John Eman Margaret Yoon Young Zaki Zivkovich juniors 175We at Edina-West began our six period day at 7:40 am and officially ended at 2:20 pm. Business, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science departments, and 114 teachers spent their days, and nights getting the information to students, some in the traditional ways, and others using unconventional techniques. After school activities gave students opportunities to meet individually with the teacher or to participate in extra-curricular activities. These are some of the opinions of the student body. “There were two teachers who influenced me most. Not only did they teach me a great deal but also showed me certain aspects about my personality that I had never before realized. They made learning fun.” Genny Nagengast (12)BELOW: After diligent hours of practice and figure fitness classes, senior wo-men, show off their talents. RIGHT: Proving to his classmates that he did not fail the Crest-test senior, John Bruer, smiles for the camera. ANDREW BYRON AKINS — Tortus — Zig Zag's 1-Ball Team — Memorable experiences at BCWA, and Taylor Falls Job snow plowing with Red Truck — college. JAMES CLIFFORD AKINS — Akes — Football — trips financed by P.B.'s — photographer at Action Shots and Sun Newspapers — college at U. of M SCOTT BRADFORD ALLAN — Doctor — Creative Corner — ELimi-nato 1-Ball team — Job at Radisson Hotel — college — obsession with skiing and dirt bikes. RICHARD CARL ALLENDORF — Steve — Disco Duck — concert band — concert choir — declamation — BBFC — A-buf — numerous declamation awards — job as Robin Gibb stand-in college — enjoys 8unny-Ears KYLE BRENT ALLISON — Alii — Varsity Football — co-captain varsity baseball — "I like what I see'' — Ice Cream I II — trips to Florida, and Minnetonka Football game — employed by Dorothy Collins Interiors and "Carpenters" — college MARK CHARLES AMREN — GONZO — Grizzly — varsity choir — trips to and from Colorado. Calif., and the Civic Center — summer construction job — guitarist for rock-band — college MICHELLE MARIE ANDEREGG — EGG — varsity band — co-captain varsity tennis — all-conference tennis team — Pegor's homeroom — trips to Mexico and Vail — college TODD PAUL ANDERSON — Andy — intramural basketball — varsity football — varsity track — memorable experiences at State Championship and Jackson Hole — AAA Road Striping — college WILLIAM L. ANDERSON. TODD ROBERT APPEL — Apps — varsity football — varsity tennis — Book I — Grev's homeroom — plans include college and Book ll. PETER CORNELL ARCHBOLD — Archie — l-ball — trips in Florida and Lewy's cabin — College of St Thomas. TERRY A. ARCHER — enjoys skiing, camping. and fishing — memorable experiences at door 9 and sleeping in home room — job at Jerry's — plans include travel. 178 seniorsDANIEL ROBERT ARMSTRONG — O D — skiing — memorable experiences at Mountain Noodle-Leg parties — school. LISA RAYE ARMSTRONG — Wheezer — treasurer of V.B.W — student council — intramural football — SMASH — Campaigners — 1-Ball champs — trips to Colorado. Canada, and Taylors Falls — job at Perkins — Pegor's homeroom — college. JENNIFER SUE ARNDT — german club — president of orchestra — vice-pres. TSAC — memorable times in the library and trips out West — waitress at Poppin Fresh — St Olaf SILVIA MARIE AZAR — Beestie — Latin club — trips to Argentina. Florida. Caracas — Grev's homeroom — job as envelope stuffer and stamp sticker THOMAS JOSEPH BACH — "Ace" — concert band — orchestra — German club — "Music Man" — piano Honor's recital — memorable trip to Europe — job at Le Bistro — loves homework — college. DENISE MICHELLE BAEHR — Boo Boo — Yogus — SMASH — GUBW — TMBS — trips to Alton with MO. Fla with Crazy 8. and up Mt Diet Shasta — Dules Jewls — Campaigners — YL — job at Perkins — college JEFFREY JOSEPH BAKER — Jeff — Siberian squad — most improved skier — Ice Cream I II — ballistic warfare at Mooty's — job as part-time brain surgeon — plans to pursue graduate study at Edina-West — almost met the vice-pres SUSAN MARGARET 8AKER — Calliope — "Music Man" — jazz dance — teaches church school -SMASH — founder of the Todd Rundgren fan club — Dubbledee's homeroom — jobs at L'Hotel Sofitel. Fair-view Southdale. and Dayton's. TIMOTHY W. BALTZER. JEFFREY ALLEN BANGS — "Hair" — vice-president of "GURD" club — memorable experiences at Pat Traver s concert — job at K-Way gas station — college to study psychology. DAVID ANDREW BARBE — varsity football — varsity track — 1-8 basketball — Cougarrats — memorable experiences at pepfests. planting Ms 8artholeJ's garden, and in Montana. Fla and Texas — college SHAUN ROBERT BASSETT — Bass — varsity football — varsity baseball — varsity B-team — memorable trips to Low's cabin — U. of Arizona. TORENCE LEE BECKER — Becks — varsity track — Haddorff's homeroom — EWA8DS — trips to Germany. Colorado, and Taylor's Falls — |ob at La Pepmi-ere Montesson — U. of M. JOAN MARIE BEDNAR — Windigo — varsity choir — TMBS — Kaisenn of German club — TSAC — SGGSE — trips to Eau Claire with J A. — memorable August '78 — job at Gordon's Jeweler's — college out East (Wise.) CAROL SUSAN BEESON — Bom Emotion — concert choir — Esse Driving School grad. — "The Group" — CCKC — "Music Man" — memorable times at Susie Baker's party — U of M SUSAN JEAN BELANGER — Suzy — BWOA — memorable trips to Fla . Colo., and Montana — super ?reat times with W P.. Rocky, and 8aa Baa — job at arget — college — "Hi" Mom and Dad While eating is an important part of any student's day. George Rietti (12). puts all he has into the event. seniors 179WILLIAM JOHN BENJAMIN III — Benji — soccer — baseball — track — C-215. Yahtzee King — trips out west and east — college riches and wealth. LAURA L. BENSON. SANDRA RAE BENSON — Bennie — varsity softball — l-ball — SMASH — lotter in softball — Wonder Woman Award — college CRAIG ELRAE BENT-DAHL — varsity football — E.W A B D.S. — varsity band — trip to St. Moritz — job at Americana State Bank — college JOHN ROBERT BENTLEY — Bent — varsity band — I-Ball — trip to Colorado and Toro-Hudson — SSI — college LAWERNCE KELLY BERG — "Bergie" — varsity basketball, track — intramural basketball — Lindquist s homeroom — Kaiser of German club — letter in track — trips to the southland — E J.’s basement excursions — job at Edina Country club pool — college STEVEN ROBERT BERGLUND — Bergie — intramural softball and football — iob at Lund's grocery store — college. KATHERINE LOUISE BERGNER — 8oak. Cassy — track — Smash — D O C. — winner of the "mensa" test — times at L H C . Amoco and two canoe trips — college a career in medicine LAURA A. BERNSTEIN. BAR8ARA ANN BETZ — Bebo — Calliope — Votech — RWFC — waitress at Byerlys — Mpls College of Art and Design ELISABETH ANNE BIE — varsity choir — National Merit Commended Student — trips to Taylors Falls and Colorado — work at E S Dygerl Co — plans to travel the country via motorcycle JOHN MARCEL BISHOP — Bish. Johnny — captain varsity swim team — fun with toys in physics — econ-shareholder — Cousteau’s "shark hunting" award — Trips to France. Switz . Austria — stockman at 8yerly's — college SCOTT WILLIAM BIXBY — B.x — student council — concert choir — PF — Homecoming King — 1st runner-up in Eddie Haskell look-alike contest — college — likes Julie(s) GREGG DEAN BJORK — KROJB. GGERG — varsity football and baseball — A-Buf — FCA — intramural basketball — PF — state AA football champs — Ice Cream I II — times with SueAnne — Radio Shack — college TERESA LOUISE BLACK — Stork — YL — PF — SMASH — “Do it to it's" — Campaigners — V P of V.B W. — girls 1-Ball champs — memorable times climbing Mt Diet Shasta, “skiing". Taylors Falls, and in C'S tent — college CATHERINE MARY BLANCHARD — Blanch choir -— band — Y-ski club — Lowthian — trips to Vail. Acapulco and Hawaii — nights around S N.'s kitchen table — jobs at Fair-view Hospital. Dayton’s college and fashion merchandizing 180 seniorsKENT E. BOCK — varsity hockey — l-baii — memorable trips to Connelly's cabin — B l.R — college at St Thomas THERESE LOUISE BODINE — Bodes — Bea-tlemama — The Tcideneb Krid club — trips to France and the Swiss Alps — Grev's homeroom — University Of Wisconsin SUSAN LYNN BOHANNON — Sue Bee. Bo. Susie — varsity choir. — Grev's homeroom — wild Zephyrus — "Happenings" — Seib's chem class — big Ron's soc tests — Olson Bros Pharmacy — college m Texas, romance marriage and kids LINDA ELEANOR BOLD — Boldie — I B T C — Cougarettes — varsity and concert band — EGA — enjoys skiing, eating and playing the piano — Honor Roll — piano concert honors — memorable trip to Nebraska — D ATC. — Poppm' Fresh — St Olaf LYNN BOLICK. JEFFREY THOMAS BOLIN — Boles Bolmski. Nolan. Gump — varsity football and hockey — Cougarrats — l-bail — V B — state football champs — memorable trips to Florida. Becida. and B I R — future includes college and hockey — "custom'' CATHERINE LOUISE BONNELLO — Cathy-Scuz — varsity skiing — SMASH — Latin club — Young Life — Campaigners — trips to Colorado and Grand Canyon — college out west VALERIE BOSTOCK. TIERNEY ELIZABETH BOYD — TB — Pinky — Stella" — co-captain cheerleading, Windigo — P F Cabinet — Latin club — Optimist club "Youth Achiever", junior class president — skiing in the Rockies. talking with C B in L C. — "diz chats" — Jackson Graves — college out East PAMELA GAIL BRANTLEY — Pam — shorty — yammie — Milwakee 6 and 1 club, church youth group — SMASH — Wally Cleaver fan club — RWFC — Kramer Klub — Daytons — college NEIL THOMAS BREMER — ranger flying association — private pilots license — Rolling Stones 1978 concert — trips to England. Calif. and Greenham common air tattoo — X-mas treelot — U of North Dakota JONATHON PAUL BROWER — Jonny B — Bruiser — snow football league — stuck in elevator with Casey Jones — Beacon bookstore — Colorado, college and Law School LEFT: Taking a break from their usual uniforms, senior women Lisa Sherman and Patty Tuttle exhibit their answer to Calvin Klein fashions ABOVE: Showing their enthusiasm for our school, members of the senior class prove the class has spirit seniors 181CATHERINE ELIZABETH 8R0WN — Brownie. Cathy — editor of Calliope — varsity choir — clean place club — trip to Hawaii, canoe trips in Quetica and BWCA — college and trip to France JOHN DONALD BRUER — Brew, Bruiser — varsity soccer hockey — l-ball — officer Latin club — A-Buf — FCA — National Merit — Homecoming court — balistic warfare at Mooty's — job at General Sports — U of M AMY BUCHWALD — memorable times working at the Cricket — college and trip to London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. MARK JOSEPH BUENZ — Zoid, Benzer — football — skiing — track — German club — National Merit Semi-Finalist — memorable experience, being cut from the best football team in the state. MARIANNE E. BULVER. ANN MARIE BURMAN — Burm — cheerleading — concert band — Nerieds — co-captain slalom ski team — trips out west and to the BWCA — plans include becoming a ski bum. MARY BETH BYRNE — Mba Bba — E SC — contact — H.C.C. trips to Canden and Chicago — job at Powers — college at U of M EDWIN ADOLF CAFFREY — I-Baii football — Declamation — varsity baseball manager — memorable times at St. Olaf and summer of '76 '77 — job at Byerly's — plans to join the Navy CHRISTINE MARIE CANACKES — Nacker. Canack — P.F —YL — Campaigners — concert choir — SMASH — Sec of Pegors homeroom — trips to Colorado and Florida — Sunday school teacher — job at Powers — UMD TODD THOMAS CARLS — varsity wrestling — I-Ball — hockey — water skiing — memorable times chowing down after weigh in — college BARBARA HELENA CARLSON — Barb. Midge — H.C.C — trips to Florida — job at Donaldson s — college at U of M. — enjoys snow water skiing KENT ALLAN CARLSON — KC — trips to Norway. Colorado and Taylor's Fall job at Gingiss Formaiwear — college at U of M ABOVE: Taking a break (rom the hectic pace of a senior's day. seniors Pam Gillman and Cindy Carpenter are able to smile and relax for at least a moment. RIGHT: With a large order of McDonald fries in hand. Wendy Welch (12). truly enjoys her mid-afternoon snack. 182 seniors Intently watching the soccer game, seniors Sharon Petersen and Peggy Holcombe show no alarm that Cindy Carpenter is losing her head(s). RICHARD CURTIS CARLSON — Doctor — B ARK — H.H.B. — co-former of the Wedge — experiences to "the Hill" — U of M Business School RONALD CHARLES CARLSON — Ron — 7th hour club — Dar-ariam Imports — trip to Hawaii — job with kids toys — college in Arizona — travel. CYNTHIA LOUISE CAR-PENtER — Cindy — Carp — Rona — Windigo — SMASH — Project Charlie — mascoting — memorable experiences watching baseball with Vine — TMBS — enjoys alleys — college out oast ROBIN MARIE CHAL-GREN — Job's Daughters — job at Target — college and nursery school teacher. ELIZABETH ANN CHAMP — Beth — varsity band — concert choir — drum majorette — cabin oil of Gunflmt Trail — college TRACEE ANN CHAMPLIN — SMASH — trips to Florida and Hawaii — times at Crosslake and the parties on the island — Grev's Homeroom — job at Jake's and Jerry's Foods — school and work LAYNE WILLIAM E. CHAPPLE — Chaps — Daranan Imports — Untouchables — trips to Hong Kong and Indianhead — fond of midgets — asst mgr Braemar A-frame. DEBRA JEAN CHRISTIANSEN — Debbie — H.C.C — trips to Bramerd. Colorado, and memorable experiences with T.C. —job at J. C Penney's — college SHELLY ANN CHRISTY — SMASH — trips to Hawaii and Snowmass — loves Mr O.J — enjoys skiing and tennis — job at Dayton s TIMOTHY JOHN COLLERAN — Color crayon — varsity soccer — varsity baseball — vice-pres. of TDA's of MN — memorable times at Ice Cream Eating Contest — and L L — college TERYLL DARLENE COLVILLE — Turtle — AFS — Thespians — NFL — National Honor Society — Smash — moved to Edina from Houston. Texas —job at Dayton's — college and major in accounting JOHN FRANK CONNELLY — Connors — Zig-Zag l-ball team — B-club — trips to R.I.. Brainerd. and the Croix. MICHAEL J. CONROY. BETH AMY CONSTABLE — Young Life — Campaigners — member of VBW — CSEF — climbed Mount Diet Shasta — trips to Washington. D.C and Arizona — college at U of W Stout ELIZABETH ANN CONTY — Lizzy — concert choir — chamber singers — Crossroads Coffeehouse — baton twirler — trips to Mediterranean Cruise to Greece. Greek Islands, and Egypt — plans include becoming an actress and study in London — college SUSAN PHYLLIS CONWAY — International club — Campaigners — YL — trips to Colorado and Marco Island — Pegor s homeroom — college at U of W-Stout seniors 183CRAIG ALAN COOPER — active m Wooddale Baptist Church — trips to Trout Lake Camp, Mexico and Chicago — Moody Bible Institute JOSEPH J. COPPOLA — Whop — Jo-Jo — varsity baseball — 1-ball champs in football and basketball — trips up North — college JAMES FRANCIS CRESS — Water — Creskm — Zephyrus — Thespians — Nat l Merit Scholar - NCTE Finalist — lettered in speech — Z-month retreat at NPH — college — free-lance writer for Rolling Stone CHRISTINE MARIE CRONK — work program — SMASH — Mr Juliars Class — run-ins with Duvuvu BRUCE ALAN CUNLIFFE — Coon — Beze — IHRWFC — letter in track — honorary member of the Wedge — job at Kmgdaie Kennels — experiences with Jenny — BARK — Thursdays — future in Veterinary Medicine LOUISE DAWN CUNNINGHAM — Dawny — Aurora — concert band — orchestra — Latin club — varsity golf — is president of her church choir — memorable experiences while counseling at COP — college BARBARA JEAN CURLE — Curly — Marbles — 8abs — Jobs daughters Milwaukee six — trips to Florida and Chicago — job at Poppin Fresh — travel and college BRADLEY C. DAHL. DANA SHERRIE DALE — d.zzyD — BaBa — FADI — trips to Crosslake, BWCA and Rick's cabin — EPDT — job as manager at McDonalds — EPMDSBT — college PETER GATELY DALE — Donny — swimming — trips to France — Big Mac attacks — job at Yorktown Theater — college and to marry Marie Osmond. PAUL WALDEMAR DANIELSON — PW — Wally — P Dubs — co-captam of swimming and diving — varsity band — Sagdag — trips to Colorado and Boston — job at Devac-Monray — college at the U REBECCA DAO — BD — debate — declamation — choir — Nat'l. Merit Semi-finalist — memorable experiences in Augustana college at 3am — jobs at Cicero's and Gelco Corp. — U of Chicago SUSAN FAY DAVIS — MTP — Sue-SuO — Windigo — student school board — SMASH — lived in Belgium — breakfasts at Perkins and Original Pancake House — Bush Lake — job at J C. Penney's — college out east TIMOTHY JAMES DEAN — Russian — Disco — Doano — varsity football, wrestling — Zephyrus — class VP — EDABDS at Reichert's — trips to Stone Lake 10-3-8 — Petes Pike — college KEVIN P. DEEGAN — Eager — varsity choir — trips to Indianhead — weekends at Quadna — |Ob at Mr Steak — college CARRIE JO DeLONG — LeDong — varsity and concert band — IBTC — Zephyrus — trips to Florida and Prince Arthur — SMASH — Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation — job at Southdale Cinema — college at Gustavus. MEREDITH DIAMOND. CARA ANN DOMEK — automo-bila — Campaigners — MG fan — l-ball champ — memorable experiences at Taylors Falls — Arizona — will never forget that one day — job at Donaldsons MICHAEL JOSEPH DONAHUE — Irish — varsity football. hockey and track — Young Life — Campaigners — slate football champs — trips to Montana. Florida, and Texas — college GWEN DONAKER — varsity tennis — BWCA trip — college at the U MARY JEANNE DOSCH — orky of the little end — Cougarettes — SMASH — trips to Snowmass and Hawaii — college at St Catherine — loves Mr. OJ. TRACY ANNE DOSTAL — SMASH — trips to California, Penn . Texas, Wash — ESC — ski club — Hads homeroom — job at Woolworth — college at Norman-dale. UMD MICHAEL CHRIS DOVALIS — Dovo — trade and industry — trips to Colorado and Hopkins Central Park — job at McDonalds — college and travel MARY ALICE DOW — Zow — Heffer — skiing — Milwaukee six Mr 81II fan club — trips to Florida and A W — job as camp counselor. County Seat — U of W Stout 184 seniorsVERENA ORELKOSEN — Ena — German club — International club — volleyball B-squad — cross-country — work in a recycling center — plans to go back to Germany ALLEN DUANE DROOPS — al — E.W V B.T — trips to Big Horn and Canada — job at Biltmore Lanes CHERYL DIANE DUGDALE — Dougs — varsity volleyball, basketball and golf — Queon of Industrial Arts — BWCA canoe trip — draftsperson at RFA — plan to go into engineering at SDSMST MARY PATRICIA DULIN — Dules — SMASH — Windigo Dules Jewels — YL — Campaigners — TMBS — made it to the top of Mt. Diet Shaska, visited Mt. 9 — trips to Florida and Colorado — job at Swensen's — St. Mary’s and study psychology CHARLES B. DUNN. LAWRENCE RICARD EASTMEN — Easter. Eater — varsity football, baseball, basketball. track — Cougarrats — Latin club — state football champs ’78 ballistic warfare at Mooty's — fired at E.V.M — college — team up with Mooty to sober Mitchell. JOHN GORDON EBERT IV — Eeb's — gymnastics — 3 year letterman and captain of gymnastics team — trips to Calif, and Florida — job at Jodi Enterprises — college, commercial airline pilot. GAIL MARIE ECKERT — Zephyrus — SMASH — memorable times water ski-ing —job at Fanny Farmer — college. DAVID HOBERT EIKE — Spike. Eikor — varsity football — 1-Ball basketball, softball Cougarrats — captain of the Dirty Dozen — state football champs — trip to BWCA — warming house attendant — college STACY ANN EINCK — Oink — concert choir — crossroads — Thespians — 57 club — CCSW — best Edina-West actress 77- 78 — memorable times. 18th birthday, touched Bono's dimple — pomegranates will be a factor SUSAN LYNN EISELE — 8onus Emotion — Nereids — trips to Colorado. California. Montana — job at Dayton's — U. of W. Stout and travel — member of the Wally Cleaver Fan club. KAREN MARIE ELLINGSEN — Karen the Red Baron — office of education — job at the Dist. office, community education coordinator — move to Seattle. DAVID BRADLEY ELLINGSON — Elite — Swimming — trips to visit The Wizard, impromptu trip to St. Louis — good times working at Jerry's and Mr. Steak — to go to college and become rich and famous. GWEN ALLISON ELLIOT — Bucky. G.8. SMASH — summer '78. EL Sal — job at Buttery's — college. ARNE PAUL ERICKSON — Arn Bones. No mind — co-captain of varsity tennis — trip to St. Croix job at Health club, recycling center and insulation co. — college SUSAN MARY ERLAND-SON — Erl. Treelops — SMASH — 8BFC — concert choir — S.G.G.J.B. varsity volleyball captain — summer of '78 with G.H. — trips to Orient and Cayman — Memorable times at Byerly's — plans to go into nursing — "Peace. Rox.” ROBERT CHARLES EWALD — Bobby. 2% — concert band — concert choir — varsity swim team founder co-director of 3-M productions — "Music Man" — scene 13 — one-way trip to the Bermuda Triangle — Grev's homeroom — job at Byerly's — plans include drums, college, trip to islands with J.B. KATE MARIE FADNESS — Fads — co-editor — Windigo — Dules Jewels — SMASH — YL — Campaigners — TMBS — times In Colorado climbing Mt. Diet Shaska. Mt. 9. MDEP. drive-ins — job at Pantry — Rm. 425 — U. of M. CHRISTOPHER NEAL FARRIS — Ace. Gomez — varsity soccer and track — Haddorff's homeroom — Queerleaders — all-conference and all-state in Soccer — trip to "dead" concert — EWABDS in Reicherts basement — college. MELISSA ANGELL FATCHETT — Missy — varsity choir — declamation — trips to Wash. D C.. Denver. Orlando, and New Orleans —■ UMD. LORI ANN FEESE — varsity volleyball — trip to Europe — memorable times munching out at volyball parties — job at Data Card corp. —college. KENNETH JAY FEIN-BERG — Leonard — varsity soccer — Queerleaders — pres, of Neal club — trip with Octive — job at Music-land — college JEFFREY ALAN FELDERMAN — DeMolay — trips to Hawaii. Canada, and the East Coast — Grev's homeroom — job at Dayton's — college CHARLES J. FELTON — Fanbelt — member of Minn. Zoological Society — lettered in varsity diving In 9th and 10th grade — future plans include becoming an upper class herpatologist. seniors 185Aside from her busy high school schedule. Linda Persons (12). also finds time for part-time work at a filling station. ERIC THOMAS FELTON — Ferric Elton — pres, ol concert choir — "Fiddler" and "Music Man" — BBFC — fourth hour soc. — chambers singers — can — H8ND — does not know Kim Fleming — RWFC. STEPHEN JAMES FINK — Finko — Finker — varsity swimming — l-ball champs — lettered 12 times — Nat l Merit Semi-finalist — trips to San Diego. BWCA. and hunting — self-employed — plans include work and travel STEPHANIE ANN FISCHER — Steph I — Fish — volleyball — varsity band — trips out west — loves to sk. — college and travel TIMOTHY GEORGE FITZ-GERALO — Fitz — varsity swimming — contact — PF — trips to Florida, New England and northern Minn. — job at Byerlys — college JOHN EDMUND FITZSIMMONS — Fitz — radio Club — plans include college at the U. JOAN KAREN FLAATEN — Flats — concert band and orchestra — EWCBD — memorable experiences at ice cream socials and Steve Martin concerts — SMASH — job at Dayton's — college — VP of IBTC. KIMBERLY FLEMING — Kimmy — Funnel Mouth — concert band, orchestra and choir — Music Man — 88FC — knows Eric Felton — 3 summers of Music Honors program — college at the U. MARK EDSON FLUMERFELT — Flums — Sparky — OAFAAF — A-Buf — concert band — orchestra — ice cream socials — in college. DAVID ROBERT FOROSTER — Stir — Stirby Wha — varsity football — l-ball basketball and baseball — memorable D8 meetings at Hals house — memorable experiences with Mary Jane — plans include college. ELIZABETH M. FOSTER. ROBIN RAY FOSTER — Rob — weekend party — GABDA — job at St Louis Park Med Center — camping trips to Maryland. Washington state. Canada and Texas — plans include Navy and becoming an airplane mechanic LAURA K. FRANZ — co-captain of girls gymnastics — Had's homeroom — college LISA LOUISE FREDRICKSON — Boofer — Phoebee — Edina Baptist Youth Group — VC — Chic — memorable experiences on the fourth of July — Minnehaha Pkwy — Lk Harriet — job at Foxmore Casuals — college CHRISTINE ANN FREERKS — Head wheeze — Contact — HCC — trips to NYC. Florida, Bramerd and Camden — enjoys tennis — memorable experiences with TC — job at Powers — college GREGORY PAUL GADBOIS — ROTC finalist — deer hunting in State parks — Grev's homeroom — jobs at Edma Laundry and Alberts — college DONNA MARIE GANLY — varsity basketball, cross country track — SHARE — Contact — All Conference in cross country — state track champ — trips to Tenn. and Wisconsin — college 186 seniorsWILLIAM MARK GARRISON — Gar — l-ball — memorable trip to Foley. MN — |ob at Interlachen Country Club — college and travel. DANA SUE GEE — R S G — varsity cheerleading — memorable trip to CaK — memorable experiences at the ski jump — |ob at Day-ton's — college DANIEL JOHN GIBBEMEYER — Dan — chef at Ember's pit college at U. of M MAREN KAY GIBSON — chorale — memorable experiences in Winnipeg. flying with OOK and 99F, and Prom — college at MSU PAMELA JOY GILLMAN — student school board — co-editor of Windtgo — jr class treasurer — Homecoming court — memorable times playing with Sir Twopence — camp counselor — college JULIE ELIZABETH GIRVAN — Girv — Gerb — captain varsity swimming — Campaigners — SMASH — Windigo — TM8S — memorable trip to Mexico — Hadd's homeroom — employed at Normandale Tennis club — W A L B A D BARBARA ELIZABETH GOEHL — Blerb — varsity volleyball — concert band — cat-walk crew — I B T.C. — varsity band — SMASH — UMYF — trips to Colo. Hawaii, and Florida — volleyball parties and band tours — college GAYLE SUZANNE GOETZMAN — PF — Campaigners — memorable trips to Colorado, and Florida — memorable times in Brainerd with K.F — college at ASU. ELLEN SUE GOLDBERG — Goldie — Alien — co-capt varsity tennis — V P. of activities council — co-editor Zephyrus — SMASH — Homecoming Court — Girls Nation — Grev's homeroom — sophomore class pres — camp counselor — college out East JONATHAN B. GOOD — Goods — Jonny B — PF — Windigo — varsity tennis — FCA — does strange things to his cat with a spoon JOHN J. GOODYEAR — Gush — l-ball loot-ball and softball — memorable experiences receiving report cards — summer vacations, and skipping marathons — job at Jerry's Foods — college at U of M TERRANCE ALLAN GRACE — Dent — Terry — state varsity football champs — Hadd's homeroom — "Door's" fan club — college SANDRA GILLETTE GRAHAM — capt Of varsity Swimming — track — soccer — YL — Campaigners — SMASH — PF — V B W — trips to Jerry's and Colo rado — college JAMES CALVIN GRANLUND — Capt of Daman Imports — presidential commendation for saving the lives of 36 Indians during 1976 drought — memorable camping trip to St. Croix state park. LORI KAY GREEN — Greenie — PF — student council — YL — Dules Jewels — Campaigners— SMASH — Homecoming Court — TM Bible Study — memorable experiences m Colo.. Mi 9. Montana, and B.B L R S — college THOMAS A. GROVES — Grover — varsity track — two year letters for track and field — |ob as head cook at J. C Penney coffee gallery — college THOMAS L. GUBERUD — Gubs — l-ball — varsity swimming — minister of war-ABA — donut runs — and rowdie s front lino — plans include wilderness camping trips and college ROCHELLE JUNE GUMLIA — Roxy — =12 — varsity volleyball — capt varsity golf — FCA — secretary-treas. senior class — Zephyrus — SMASH — concert choir — "Peace Erl" — plans include "the tour' and college JILL AILEEN GUSTAFSON — Gusto — l-ball football — SMASH — charter member LPPC — trips skiing out West. Hudson, and Taylor's Falls — flat tires — job at Donaldsons — U of M JAMES RONALD HABERKORN — Haby — Habers — state football champions — Ice Cream I II — trips to Colorado — "Custom" — cook at JP's — travel and college BRIAN DONALD HAGSTROM — Haggy — Hags — Cross-Country running and skiing — varsity band — stage band — trips to Telemark — job at CBM KATHRYN ANN HALPIN — Kaye — "Music Man" — concert choir — memorable breakfasts at early hours — Tweek sister — Grev's homeroom — job at Typhoon car wash — college NANCY I. HANN. RICHARD G. HANS It — Rich — memorable choir tour and getting out for summer — job as salesman — plans include construction and becoming a supervisor seniors 187KENT HAROLD HANSEN — Hanse — one day of l-bail — RWC — tube'n at Rice's cabin — job at Holiday Inn — plans include college at Arizona LINDA KAY HANSEN — Ditto — Eflie — Cougarettes — co-captain Neneds — concert band — Latin Club — Nat l. Merit Letter ol Commendation — sailing in the 8ahamas — enjoys sailing and swimming — job at Lindskoog Florist — plans include college ROBERT F. HANSON. KEVIN MICHAEL HARRIS — George — Had — Capt K. — Zephyrus — Student Council — varsity track, cross country — JA — memorable trips to Florida. Calif. and London. Ontario — job as soccer and hockey referee — plans include replacing Vine and college EDMUND L. HART — Ed — varsity baseball — trip to Arizona — job at Lyndale Garden Center — future in business ad — U of M KELLY ELIZABETH HATCH — great times with JP and TR at TC's house — trips to Florida — Grev's homeroom — job at Fairview South-dale Hospital — college THOMAS FRANCIS HAUSER — no 6 — VP of student council — Younglife — l-ball sports — trips to RF. Apjsel's cabin — president-owner of Stay Green Lawn Service — Grev's homeroom — Homecoming Court — college KAREN MARIE HEALY — Stretch — Helium — varsity skiing — soccer — SMASH — Buck Hill Racing Team — job at OPH — plans include college GRACE ANNE HEFFERNAN — Giraffe — Stretch — IBTC — YoungLife — summer of '78 with SE — Greyhound bus stations — job at the Pantry — future includes college and working for the airlines STEPHEN J. HENRICKSON. BRADLEY W. HERMAN. KIRBY ALFRED HERMAN — Herm — Worm — squir-man — varsity hockey and soccer — Queerleaders — NC — trips to Florida and Canada — college. STEVEN NICHOLAS HIDY — Stevie — concert band and orchestra — Fiddler — Music Man — CCFC5 — treasurer of Mr Pegors homeroom — trips to Calif.. Colorado. Washington DC and Europe — job at Hotel d' France — future at the U KATHLEEN ANN HINKER — varsity volleyball — girls gymnastics — Hinks — Kmker — fourth hour soc — Calliope — treasurer in orchestra — track mgr — CCG — college at Notre Dame STEPHEN ANTHONY HIRSCH — Stevie — l-ball football — golf — PR director of Pegor's homeroom — trip to Texas —job at Interlachen CC — college MARCIA LYNNE HITCH — Mellow — Blonde bomb schell — SMASH — Indian Gang — Tweek Sister — trips to 8ndgets cabin — memories of white vw — known for pre-post games — college JOHN ARTHUR HOBSON — Hobby — varsity tennis, hockey — l-ball hosing down — A-Buf — captain of tennis — knows Toff — trips to SB's house — job at Olson Bros — college CARLA MARIA HOEDEMAN — Car — Hoots — co-capt of varsity track — volleyball — SMASH — Windigo — fourth hour football bets — german club — lucky number is 18 — college CHRISTOPHER HOL — Chumley — l-ball softball — member of CHA — state water skiing champ of 78 — weekend at Iowa State — skiing in Colorado — job at Win Stephens Buick — college at Iowa state and then to sell cars ELIZABETH BRYANT HOLCOMBE — Zib — do it to it — member of LPPC — HTA — l-ball football champs — detours with Ruby — 1110 memories — job at Athletic Outfitters — college at the U. MARGARET ANN HOLCOMBE — Peggy — Piglet — Young Life — Campaigners — SMASH — Cougarettes — coach of IBTC — memorable experience climbing Ml Diet Shasta — GVBW — plans include PTL, follow Paul and major in sign language. WILLIAM L. HOLM. COURTLAND EDWARD HOLMAN — one eye — cyclops — Court — l-ball football — skiing — job as warming house attendant — trips to Arizona — college and architecture — U or NO State. TIMOTHY ALLEN HOLMGREN — Stretch — Homegrown — varsity football — band — trips to Alaska and Habbx with MBP and ML —job at Dayton's — college and travel 188 seniorsJONNA LYNN HOLZWORTH — John boy — SMASH — Do it to it" l-ball team — sec of V 8 W — Edina Baptist Church — trips to Fla . Taylor's Falls. Trout-Lake, and Arizona with Steph — job at Poppin' Fresh LISA ANN HOPKINS — Hoppy — Hopper — co-capt varsity cheerleading — varsity track — YL — trips to Grand Rapids. Taylor's Falls, and Silver Cliff — |Ob at Justers — college and traveling BENJAMIN KERR HOUSTON — Meb — Sam — three letters in track — football fan — creative corner — motorcycle obsession — memorable times sitting at Allan's house on Friday nights — job at the car wash — plans include motorcycle trip around U S and college STACY A. HOWE. CHARLES DONALO HUBBARD — Chuck — track — lettered in cross country running and skiing — trips to Cloud Peak and Grand Tetons — plans include becoming a doctor and travel in the Himalayas DAVID ARTHUR HUNT — Huntsie — l-ball football and softball — varsity wrestling — imperial leader of Hunt's Hulks — experiences climbing Tetons. Prom 78. and New Jersey trip — job installing underground sprinkling systems — plans include marriage — college MARY KATHLEEN HUNTER — trips to Calif Mexico. Canada, and Winona —job at Christen b — college THOMAS JOSEPH HURLEY — Hurls — varsity hockey — l-ball football and softball — A-8uf — Gov of N C — trips to Canada and RF — pres and part owner of Stay Green Lawn Service — college TODD RUSSELL ILIFF — varsity football — varsity baseball — original zig-zags — memorable trips to Fla — memorable big nights at Veits and 4th hour football bets — college and football CHRISTOPHER SCOTT JACOBSEN — Jake — memorable Octoberfest and Fridays — job at Convention service-Radison South Hotel TIMOTHY JOSEPH JENNINGS — J.J. — track — football — hockey — BL F C president — Who's Who Among American high students — Edina citizenship award — Letterman — memorable times, winning state AA football tournament. 2 5 done. New Year's Eve — college out west and ski in competition BLAKE RANDALL JOHNSON — Arnold — varsity football and track — all-conference football — memorable times winning class AA state football championship — Grev's homeroom — job at Mr Steak — college Performing for the Latin club, seniors Dawn Cunningham and Linda Hansen display mixed expressions. VWe,, VaJ CVO JiiYD6A' ©Y ciL "SL C cuaSX 3 VAC A- 0 U A. 'X'vrx vCoJl “t©- a a. - Aj'-A 'AvuA . JH ® Vvo e iors -tg9 SLP DEBRA LYNN JOHNSON — Debbie — Deb — Hot Blooded — YL — Water-skiing — Smash — trips to Acapulco, Florida. California. Wisconsin. Silver Cliff — job at Dayton's — college and fashion KARIN SUE JOHNSON — Darrel Dance Center — SMASH — skiing, sunning, dancing — L.T D contest — long distance phone calls — trips to Akeley and the Caribbean — jobs at D O and The Limited — college of art and design and travel MARGARET LEE JOHNSON — schmeg — Calliope — Zephyrus — concert choir — chamber singers — "Music Man" — Merit semi-finalist — bbfc — RA-1 — college. MITCHELL EDWARD JOHNSON — Mitch — crossroads — concert band — Holy House band — A B A. — P.F — lab technician — Bethel college SHERRY SUSAN JOHNSON — Sher — loves concerts — plays guitar — SMASH — trip to Fla — job at But-trey's — plans to marry Jackson Brown KYLE C. JOHNSTON — Shark — skiing — varsity wrestling — enjoys cars and parties — 3 yr. letterman —job at Rad-dison South — college and travel KATHRYN LYNN JONES — Kathy — Jonesy — concert band — orchestra — "Music Man" — IBTC — contact — RWFC — trips to Calif, and Fla. — job at The Brother s — U of W-Stout STEVEN WILLIAM JONES — Jonesy — member of the Edina state championship team — golf — hockey — Dirty Dozen l-ball — trip to Fla. — St. Cloud or Eau Claire SUSIE ELIZABETH JONES — Jonesy — Fly — lay har-round club — YL — SMASH — Butch — trips to Fla.. Arizona. Colo., and the zoo — P.Z.'s table — college DAVID P. KAISER — Windigo — photographer — lettered m varsity tennis — traveled the continent — job at Southdale Bank — plans include St. Cloud, further travel and fortune KATHRYN LOUISE KAISLER — Kathy — shortstuff — contact — RWFC — trip to Chicago — job at Donaldson's — college in Wise. THOMAS FRANCIS KAJU — Arab — YL — PF cabinet — Queerleaders — varsity soccer — Colo, trip — Geno's cabin — job at Kaju Travel — llama with T.B. — U. of M. BRUCE HAROLD KALGREN — l-ball — memorable practices with the Imports — job at Edina Country club — U. of M JANICE LEIGH KARNEGIS — Petasa — concert band — orchestra — Latin club — Haddorf's h.r. — gand tours — trips to Mexico and Canada — job at Metro News — U. of M, — journalism. DOUGLAS MICHAEL KAYE — A Z A — trips to Hawaii and Calif — job at Lincoln Del — U. of M and travel. BRIAN ROBERT KEELER — Keels — varsity baseball — l-ball — trips to Chicago and Washington — enjoys camping and sports — job at Windwood — college. COLLEEN ELIZABETH KELLY — l-ball football — SMASH — trips to Arizona with GT and Quadna — Wally and friends — waitress at O P H. — loves cheesecake — college MICHAEL FRANCIS KELLY — Pardon 4 — EWCC — Windigo — l-ball — V.F.A.B. — Thespians — plotting orbit of a ham sandwich — job at Valleyfair — Had’s h.r. — social security and welfare. ANN ELIZABETH KEMBLE — Kerns — co-editor of Zephyrus — YL — Campaigners — SMASH — VBW — job at Barberio's — too much salt — JFC — Colo. — college FREDRICH ANTHONY KEYES — hockey and all sports — trips to Texas. Silver Cliff. Montana. Fla., and the Dart — college, major in business. DEBORAH MARY KIM — DK — Kimbies — co-capt varsity gymnastics — RA-1 — being a barbie doll at a pepfest — college in Calif GREGORY PAUL KIMBALL — Vo-tech — co-capt of wrestling — Santana concert — job at Shell Oil — college JOSEPH THEODORE KINNING — Airhead — student council — soccer — golf — Latin club — trip to Washington DC — job as referee — ballistic warfare at Mooty's — U. of M. KEVIN LEE KLOEWER — Fuzz — Klavcs — varsity football — l-ball — Cougarrats — V B — Florida — Hauser's scream'in safari — painting business — water skiing —college. 190 seniorsJAMES PAUL KOERBER — Koerb — varsity hockey — l-ball — trips to Hawaii — jobs at Mr. Steak and Lunds — college GREGORY KOLLES. DONNA LYNN KOL-ZOW — Zow — varsity softball and volleyball — Latin club — church youth group — SMASH — V.B. parties — job at Jerry's Hardware — Iowa State. KATHERINE MARY KOOP — Kathi. Rupe — 2 years captain of ski team — YL — Campaigners — PF — TMBS — SMASH — trips to Silver Cliff. Brainard. Steamboat — P.Z.'s table college out east — Peace Corps. TERRENCE GARNER KOPP — Terry — TTK — Bamm-Bamm — student school board — Oasis — the way — SHARE — youth council — V.I.A. — church retreats — BWCA trips — close-up — job at J. C. Penney's and O L G. — college at St Johns BRIAN DEAN KORTOF — job at Byrely's — trips to Virginia, Washington D C. — college at Rensselaer Polytech or U of M NEIL LUYIN KOZEROWITZ — Lutin — job at A.D P services — plans to go out east for college PHILLIP JAMES KRAFFT — Lihp — choirboy — Phil — P.F cabmate — football and basketball — softball — Straw's parties — Colorado — jobs at Jerry Leonards and colonial church — college at U ofM SHERRI ELLEN KULLER — Sharnest — Whaaa — varsity ski team — SMASH — Latin club — IM football — trips to Wally's TH — S lake — Colorado — W.L.O. — job at Jackson Graves — better than M B P — college. MARY CATHERINE LAROSE — Mary Kae — MK — co.capt cougarettes — SMASH — varsity choir — PF — job at Donaldsons — hot tamales — college. NANCY LYNN LARSEN — curls — Smash — piano — youth group — RWFC — European for 7 years — 8WCA trip — job at Dec-lronics — college and travel. GREGORY RAYMOND LARSON — Lars — l-ball — hockey — cross country — soccer student — skiing — trips to Wyoming, boundary waters and hunting and fishing—jobs at Braemar and Lanat Lanes — college LANESE R. LATHAUER. DENISE M. LAVELLE. PETER ANTHONY LAWLOR — Pete — Wmdigo — job at Day-tons — Anderson's quality student award — ethnocentric binges — Robert Zimmerman — plans to become an Edma cop. and snowplow Edina streets on the weekends LISA MARILYN LEADENS — Eelalie — Music Man — E.W.B.C. — FSL — trips to New York. Europe. California and Mexico — "Here's another fine mess. Mar" — Newport beach — Donaldsons — plans include college, travel, and career LORI CAROLYN LEADENS — Leeds — varsity volleyball and softball — EWBC-M.O — lettered in volleyball and softball trip to Florida — volleyball parties — Alaska — college at River Falls Wis MICHELLE MARIE LEAK — SMASH — Zephyrus — horsebackriding — rodeos in Montana — trip to S.L — Cicero's — college CHARLES CLARK LECOUNT — hunting, fishing, photography, camping — state archery champ — trips to BWCA — Las Vegas — St Cloud — St. Croix Park — carwash — college MELINDA ALLISON LEE — Mindy — Amazon woman — Tb3 — Spike — Braemar-ettes co-capt. — varsity tennis team — dancing — P M MICHAEL L. LEJUENE — band — art club — trips to Florida — job at Lancers — college MARK ALEXANDER LEMENAGER — Lemon — Lem — varsity track and choir — Had's homeroom — S S I. — Mopar wrecking team — l-ball — national merit honorable mention — trips to Washington D C and Toronto — jobs at Bajus Jones and the Record Shop — college at Baytor University LORI ANN LEMIEUX — TB — running behind Donna — varsity letter in softball — year with T. — ASI with Julie and Denise — college at St. Benedicts. LYNN LESLIE — Lynme. Lez — Dules Jewels— TMBS — Wmdigo — SMASH —Campaigners — YL — member of Kramer Klub — GV8W — honors with F8I — trips to Colorado. Hawaii and Wisconsin — climbed Mt. Shaska — job at The Pantry — plans include college at Colorado state. MTclimbing and skiing seniors 191GREGORY ALAN LEVER — Leves — l-ball football and softball — head statistician for football — Apple River trips, trips to St Louis — ice Cream Socials — |0b at Daytons Music n Things and Byerlys — college in Missouri BRIAN DOUGLAS LEW — Lewy — l-ball football champs — varsity tennis — Queerleaders — all conference tennis — cabin trips with Sean. Pete and Bill — Florida — Stone Lake — college out west NANCY SUZANNE LILJA — Lil| — Thespian — SMASH — The Curious Savage — varsity track — Homecoming court — trips to Hawaii and Steamboat Springs — good limes in summer of 78 — job at Mr G — college CLAUDIA KHOURY LIMA — X.mbica — Windigo — international club — chorale — table tennis team — AFS student from 8ra il — trips to Canada. Colorado, Florida and Wisconsin — plans to study medicine in Brazil PAUL MICHAEL LINDEMANN — Lmdy — German club — l-Bali football, basketball and softball — varsity choir — National Merit Honorable Montion — trip to Germany — Fabn-tek — college at Eau Claire JOHN PHILLIP LITTLE — JP — l-ball football champs — l-ball basketball — Zephyrus — golf — commended student — Optimist Award — fishing trip to Lake Kawmpi, Canada — referee, lifeguard at V V — college at St Olaf MICHAEL JAMES LORD — Jack, Duck — skiing, canoeing, sailing. Nancy — Trips to BWCA. California. Washington DC — Dietary aide at Methodist Hospital — plans include college, fame, fortune and waters-nakes JEANNE ANNE LOSLEBEN — Los — Stump — Windigo — VBW — S F gang — memorable trips to Colorado and Mississippi — job at Brauns — plans include college, work and travel — friends with Mr Bill CYNTHIA SUSAN LOWE — Zephyrus — trips to Colorado in the summer — work with Elly — college BRITT ANN LUNAAS — Hot Blooded l-ball — SMASH — Homecoming Court — memorable trips with 8RLLS. plan include travel to Norway and Europe and college LANCE CHRISTOPHER MAANUM — wrestling — job at bowling alley — plans include electronics at Vo-Tech SUSAN ANNE MACGIBBON — Mac — gymnastics — memorable trips to Bridgets cabin and neighbors house — job at Jackson Graves Gift shop — plans on marrying the guy next door — college in the Pacific Northwest JOHN M. MACGOWAN — Mac — Magoo — Ford-four-door-fan-club — E W S B T — second hour Perkins. 8aker road — job at Edina Shell and Chanhasses lawn and sports — turbo gremlin RICHARD PATRICK MADDEN — Oick. Maddy — varsity football and track — Cougarrats — state football champions — Stone Lake 10-3-8 — Book I the cabin — Taylors Falls — plans include college. Book II — 'Custom", JOHN WIL8UR MAKI — Max — Latin club band — orchestra — Project Charlie — Boys State — letter in track — cross country and skiing — National Merit Finalist — Menon-omie — job at Big John's Lawn service. GRANT J. MALCOM. BRUCE A. MAUN. JAMES PATRICK MANLY — sway back — l-ball — varsity soccer — Stone Lake 10-3-8 — college DONALD F. MARKWARDT — co-captain of state football champs KIRBY ALYNN MARQUARDT — Kirbs. VC — Campaigners — SMASH — "Do It To It" — aV B W and B B W reject — l-ball girls champs memorable trips to Florida. Mexico and Castaway — college. CHARLES L. MARTENS. BRAIN ANTO MATTSON — Bn — gymnastics — the grog club — fish dinner club — hog hounds Irtc — trips to Taylors Falls — job at La Pemeer Montessori School — plans include college and travel TOM NEWTEN McBRIDE — McFried — Bridski — EWBT — skiing — memorable trips in Florida and Hawaii — job at K — college DAVE DOUGLAS McCALL — Barney — vo-tech — Ford-four-door-fan-club — skiing — Baker road — trips to Florida — hunting trips to Mora — mechanic at Edina Shell — college 192 seniorsJEFFERY S. McCALL. TIM JOHN MCCARTHY — trip to Montana — broken leg — plans to travel out West. DEBORAH LOUISE McCOY — Butch — wusie — SMASH — l-ball — hockey statistician — PF — zoo — trips to Florida. Sandy’s cabin — G.R.H.T. — O.L.I.O.V. — job at hotel D’France — college KEVIN CHARLES McCOY — l-ball — varsity basketball — co-captain of state football team — A-buf ice cream socials — Bloomington police — poker games — Coy — Mac — D. J. — lucky 18‘— college. JOAN LOUISE McDONNELL — Smash — tops to California and Mexico — enjoys swimming and tennis — job at Daytons — college NANCY MARIE McGORMAN — NannyFanny — skiing pepsi parties — trip to Missouri — jobs at Donaldsons and a ding fong lady — college. MARY BRIDGET McGRAW — quick-draw — Latin club — I M. — football — SMASH — frosting on A-buf float — excursions to Montana. Colorado and northern Minnesota — plans include college THOMAS DAVID McNAMEE — Tom — varsity tennis — trips out west and down south — college at U of M DAWN M. MCPHERSON — Sunday school teacher — trips to Canada. Smokey mountains and Nashville Tenn. — future includes becoming a secretary, travel and singing MICHAEL McPHERSON. MARY MARGARET McQUINN — McQue. Mac — choerlcadmg — varsity diving — RIC group — EP club — job at Olson Bros. — trips to Arizona. Florida, Colorado and Gull Lake — enjoys waterskiing and P D.H — college at U. of M PAUL W. MEADLEY — Meads — Meatioaf — student council — swimming — Normandale singers — dorm on Canada tour — college seniors 193JAMES EDWIN MELICHAR — Mel — concert band — CCFC5 — student honor roll — summer scientific seminar at the Air Force Academy — trips to Canada — jobs at Jerry's and Kenner's — Air Force Academy. JOHN FREDRICK MELICHAR — Mel — Factor — Flush — varsity band — concert band — skiing — Flashbacks V and VI — memorable trips to 8recken-ridge and Thunderbay, Winnipeg — employed by PM services — Minneapolis Vocational Technical School. JOHN DAVID MELOCHE — chess club — trips to BWCA — job at Methodist Hospital — college. DAVID DOUGLASS MENZ — Dave — D A. — Menzy — varsity track — varsity cross-country — CHA captain and coach — jobs at SA. Standard, and CHA — wants N.A. and J.S. —UMD. RONALD JOHN MERBLER — Merbs — Pffff — l-8all — Operation Sunbird — member of the G.C.C. — trips to Snowbird. BWCA — Jody — drove with Deegan and lived to tell about it — employed by Peterson Pontiac — college NANETTE CECILIA MERZ — Nan — SMASH — choir — employed by J. C. Penneys — college at UNO — enjoys music, animals, and money. KRISTIN JOAN MESNA — Kris — Mez — Campaigners — varsity choir — SMASH — CCG — iob at Sears — memorable Pepsi parties and midnight drives to Byerly's — RA-1 — loves peanut M M's and Kit-Kat's — St Olaf. JOSEPH DAVID MEUWISSEN — Mave — Mew — Goon = 2 — Head photographer on Zephyrus — memorable Zephyrus hours and turning 18 — employed by Valley View Roller Rink — St. Thomas. DEBRA ANN MEYER — trips to Hawaii and California — employed by Bituminous Insurance Company — plans in the office business MATTHEW LOUIS MEYER — Myraze — Cougar band — lettered in wrestling — memorable experiences in Bahamas. Mexico. BWCA. and at a Santana concert — jobs at control center and Eclipse Electric — vo-tech construction or National Guard LESLIE J. MEYERHOFF — l-ball — cofounder of WGWA — memorable experiences with Tracee and Meredith in S O. — college STEPHANIE JANE MICEK — Stepher — Zephyrus — "Music Man” — Two's club — varsity gymnastics — Honor roll — Optimist Award — memorable spring break and dance lessons. GREG ROBERT MILLER — Millebrew — T l — skiing — EWBT — employed by Cherne Labs — remembers "cruisin'' — college SHERI MILLER — A.V. tech — B.S. Bogie Cruise — jobs at SuperAmerica — dancing with Billy — California Rondevues. ANTHONY JOHN MITCHELL — Tony — soccer — skiing — A-buf — I-ball — Homecoming court — Grev's homeroom — Ice Cream I and II — trips to R.F. — is better than Mooty and Eastman — has yet to llama — college BRADLEY DEAN MOE — varsity choir — l-ball football and soft-ball — memories trip to Hopkins on Friday nights — maintenance engineer — college. TIMOTHY J. MONCHAMP. ELLEN KRISTINE MONSON — Monsoon — Calliope — National Merit Commended student — college GREGG WILLIAM MOORE — Mor-goon — baseball — hockey — queerleaders — all-state hockey — trips to Hawaii and Canada — taught Connelly how to fish but is still working on Hurley and Herman — plans include hockey, college. SANDY LEE MOORHEAD — Blade — SMASH — CBJ — memorable experiences at the zoo and Highlands — plans include college and reaching 100 pounds. CHARLES WILLIAM MOOTY — Moots — Superstar — Basketball captain — state golf champs '77 78 Homecoming court — l-ball champs — llama captain — Ace's Delta Epsilon club — college — team up with Eastman to sober Mitchell. KAREN ELIZABETH MORGAN — Morgus — Kato — SMASH — Vo-tech — orchestra — job at Jake's Pizza and teller at first South-dale Bank — career in banking. RYOSUKE MORI — Charlie — varsity soccer — hockey manager — letter-man — trip to Winter Park. Colorado with P.F. — college at California state and return to Japan to take over dad's Company TERRI ELLEN MORRISON — Ter — Disco — varsity track — "Music Man” — SMASH — concert choir — times in Lutzen and east coast '77 — N.I.V. Bible — Bethel — job at Rusty Scupper. 194 seniorsTIMOTHY MICHAEL MORRISON — Tim — concert choir — "Music Man" — Thespians — president of International club — trip to Europe with MYC — job at Yorktown Theatre — college — UMD. DENNIS JOSEPH MORRISSEY — Denny — l-ball football champs — varsity basketball and track — A-Buf coleader — writer for debate team — ico Cream Socials — almost playing darts at Mooty's — almost studying Econ at Straws — job at Dow chemical company — college NEVENE MOSTAFA MOSHARRAFA — Red — concert band — YL — SMASH — memorable nights around S.N.'s kitchen table — job at Chrysler Credit Corp — college BRENDAJO MOSS — BJ, Lurch — swimming EWVC — B.B. — V P I. club — J.A. — youth Gov’t — close-up — trips to Rochester and Northfield — Country Kitchen and Embers — jobs at Malmg shoes. Biltmore and Hopkins House — college CYNTHIA MARIE MUELLER — YL — Campaigners — PF — D-group — workcrew '78 — trips to Colorado — Phil 4:4-7 — PTL the waits over — U. of M DANIEL J. MUELLER. GENETTE LOUISE NAGENGAST — Genny. Nags — SMASH — Duies Jewels — Campaigners — Distant memories of cheerleading' — taking notes with Terry — memorable trips to MDbP-dnve-ms — salesperson at Musicland — college JOHN CALVIN NAGY — Nags. Snags — varsity cross country — varsity choir — letterman in cross country — trip to Florida — memorable weekends — job at Humbolt Standard — warming house attendant — college — Med School JAMES J. NATOLE — Nate. Jimbo — varsity football and basketball — memorable nights at Lake Nakomis — jobs at Lydale Garden Center and Southdale 8owl — college at vo-tech. JOHN ROBERT NEAL— Chwohn — German club — A-buf — homecoming court — PF cabinet — Lmdquay International Shareholder — Colorado trip — ski-jamer instructor — college PHILLIP LEE NELSON — Nels. Phil, Cousteau — Windigo — shareholder of Lindquay Int. — PF cabinet — Thespians — "Mr Bill" Spoon River — job at JC Penneys in cameras — kolledge at ISU SARA ANN NELSON — concert band — memorable trips to Colorado and Park Rapids — memorable nights at the table — college SHEILA ELAINE NEUMAN — Neum. she. Idaho — SMASH — Milwaukee six — trips to Colorado and Wisconsin — job at Marvin Orecks — travel and college at Arizona State RONALD JOSEPH NICHOLS — Ron — SAH — EBC — l-ball — BSF — skiing — Al’s Pals — pilots license — skiing in Montana. Switzerland. Austria and Hawaii — job at Pannekoeken Huis — college. MICHAEL HEINRICH NIPP — Nipper. Mike — restores cars — college at Madison JOHN DOUGLAS NISSEN — working on instrument and commercial ratings — received private pilot license — job at Thunderbird Aviation — plans include college, flight instructor and airline pilot. TIMOTHY J. NORD — Nerd. Tim — varsity soccer — EWABDS — l-ball basketball — Foghat — Telemark — Grevs homeroom — job at Sound Environment — college — enjoys skiing MARTIN DONALD NORELL — snow and water ski — college. REBECCA ANN NORMAN — Becky. Kate — Thespians — SMASH — Milwaukee six — trips to Boston and Chicago — waitress at Poppm Fresh — college. CHRISTIN NYMAN — Chris — German club — International club — student international service — exchange student from Sweden — trains gallop racing horses — trips to California. Georgia, and Ohio — return to Sweden in July. BONNY SUE OBERMEYER — Obe. Bubba — RWFC — SMASH — varsity choir — Winnipeg trip. Sadie Hawkins, homecoming and Prom '78. running out of gas. going to the Apple River and Tingdale Park —job at JC Penney Product Service — college and Ron. JAY DEAN O'BRIEN — O'B — concert band — varsity football — l-ball softball — Edina Baptist Youth group — letterman in football — state champions — Honorable Mention All-Conference in football — ski trips to Colorado — summer nights — Valleyfair — job at Kings court and Room and Board — college and to major in business GENE GEORGE O'BRIEN — varsity football weight room man — senior bash — 8IR MEGAN KELLY O'BRIEN — Meegs. Obi — TMBS — Contact — Cougarettes — ESC — SMASH — IBTC — HCC — trips to Camden and N,D. — memorable experience with T.C. — job at Sears — U. of M seniors 195JEFFREY BRICE ODELL — BJ — buffalo — E.W.G.A D — Zephyrus — junior achievement — boating and watorskimg — trips to Disneyworld and Sanibel Island — college at U o! M. Duluth ROGER EDWARD OBRTER — Congo — national merit letter of commendation — Dr Pepper ERIN JEANNE O'HARA — Irish — shortcake — SMASH — teaches Sunday school — Normandale singers — HEART — trips to Colorado, Alaska, London. Korea, Hong Kong and O B s cabin — Sims Security — college and travel. TOMOHLIN. ANN ELIZABETH OLMSCHEID — SMASH — Highland park and the 200 — C.J.B. — skiing and scuba diving — travel and college. NANCY LYNN OLSON — Ole — congo )t — mush — varsity band — D.D.S. — trips to U of M, Texas. Hawaii, and Colorado — college, travel. ROBERT M. OLSON — Ole — O — balls — varsity baseball, football, wrestling and band — stage band — job at Braemar — trips to Canada — college — business administration RALPH JAMES OVERHOLT — Raul — varsity soccer — PF — Queerleaders — l-ball — trips to Israel — thanks to JRN — college out west. TODD DANIEL PAETZNICK — Patz — varsity swim team — working late for novels before college — college TERESA ANN PALANCH — Terry — gymnastics — SLP — college at U of M. SUE MARY PASTRE — Sue — SMASH — Younglife — Campaigners — PF — Dules Jules — GVBW — I.B.T.C. — Mt. Diet Shasta — trips to Florida. Arizona and California — job at Day-tons — college and travel. JAMES KENNETH PARRY — crossroads — church youth group — varsity band — stage band — backpacking in Seattle. Quetico. St Croix and Wyoming — job at southwest services — college. LORNA MEOA PASK — AFS — Northwest Exchange student club — plans to study law or medicine. SCOTT JON PAULY — Buffy — Scott-o — varsity gymnastics — varsity wrestling — boys scouts — E.F.A B.D.S. — jobs at gas station — camp counselor — Montessori school house — Sunshine — college or military MICHELLE PEACOCK — MICH — gymnastics — Joe — college BRUCE ALLEN PEARSON — Peanut — varsity hockey — Baseball — l-ball — Young Life backpacking in Montana and Lew's cabin 196 seniorsCYNTHIA ANN PEARSON — Cougarettes — Dorky of the little end — H T.C — 4-square club — PF — SMASH — YoungLife — Sunday school teacher — abwater dinner at Erl's — trips to Castaway. Trail west. Mt diet Shasta — Europe. Fair Hills. S.A . Taylor Falls, and the cabin — college BRENDA LEE PESKIN — frendel — EWCC — chambor singers — BBFC — hespians — CFC5 — all state choir — national merit semi-finalist — 1110 — Music Man — Fiddler on the Roof — job at Minnesota Renaissance Festival — study theatre, at college LINDA PERSONS. SEAN WILLIAMS PETERS — varsity soccer and skiing — lude dude gang — year in Taos. N.M —job at Taos ski shop — plans include college SHARON FRANCES PETERSEN — Sher — W A L-B.A.O — Windigo — SMASH — Dules Jules — I.B T C. — Campaigners — trips to Florida, Colorado, and Tennessee — job at Byerly s — college and Bill Bixby BRADLEY JOHN PETERSON — T A — 6 6 — Brad — Darrian Imports — l-ball — team Ohlm — trips to Vail — home cooking at McDonalds — job as car washer — college DOUGLAS JAMES PETERSEN — Doug — soccer — wrestling — honor societies — the two's club — Rosemont soccer game — soccer banquet — landscaping technician — Personal control manager — Engineering and success JUDITH CHRISTINE PETERSON — Judy mom — PF — trips to California, Las Vegas. Florida, and Brainerd — job at vai-leyview drug — Had's homeroom — college LISA KAREN PETERSON — "P" — gymnastics — Music Man — commendation for National Merit Scholarship — trip to France — pepfests — job at Cicero's — Lawerence University. MARYBETH PETERSON — Whitezaff — trips to Wally's TH.S.L.. Michigan, and Hawaii — Jackson Graves — . DASH . . college SCOTT WILLIAM PETERSEN — Petey — Pedro — I-ball — B C squad hockey — treasurer of TDA of Minnesota — trips to Florida. Colorado, and Arne's — job at Soda Fountain — college SUSAN JANEL PETSOLT — varsity choir — skiing — worked for Rudy Boschwitz during election — college DAVID WARD PHILLIPS — Philly — varsity football — concert band — works in Boundary waters — enjoys skiing, scuba diving, and rock climbing DEBRA LYNN PHILLIPS — Deb. Debbie — SMASH — Colorado — Grev's homeroom — job at the learning tree — college JEANNINE LYNN PINT — SMASH — P Z s kitchen table — trips to Wally's TH. Palm Springs. Aspen, and Taylor Falls — GiGi's — college and meeting Jackson Browne and travel SALLY ANNETTE POELER — varsity tennis — Windigo — Latin club — concert band — PF — Homecoming Court — trips to Europe and Jamaica — Had's homeroom —college. Realizing similar taste in evening attire, seniors. Debbie McCoy. Shelly Christy, and Mary Dosch become very chummy. 4 nnc I, -d seniors 197 KATHY MARY POHLAD — Poh — Munchie — Cougar-ettes — SMASH — trips to Fla and P's cabin — job at First State Bank of New Brighton — college of St Benedict's JOHN POPWICH. WENDY JANE PRAY — BWOA — loves waterskiing — trips to Hawaii. Colorado. Wisconsin, and Lagoon Park — super year with S B and J.R. — job at Target — plans include full time job and to live out in the country. LAURA EMILY PRENTICE — Prenass — concert band — "Music Man" — SMASH — "Do it toit” champs — "Nuts" award — I.8.T.C music awards — college PENELOPE J. PURDUM. JEFF KAMON QUALE — varsity skiing — enjoys working on cars vo-tech — cook at Cicero pizza — plans to attend Vo-tech in Montana in the field of Auto Mechanics. PATRICK FRANCIS QUINN — Quinner — concert choir — student school board — captain varsity swimming — "Music Man" — SHARE — Pres of the Wally Kleaver Fan club — CCBS — college JILL ELLEN RADABAUGH — skiing — Job's Daughters — trips to Colorado — Florida — job at Target — nursing CRAIG THEODORE RANHEIM — Himer — P F cabinet — varsity hockey — varsity soccer — trips to Sanibel Island. Colorado, and the Iron Range — plans include being Tom Kaju's best man — college. ALEX P. RATELLE. JOHN MICHAEL RATELLE — Rat — Barber shop quartet" — "Fiddler on the Roof" — "Music Man" — high hurdle relay — Toga parties — St. John college. SEAN M. REARDON — Dinski — Pres of GURD club — Vo-tech — memorable trip to Ireland — job at K-way station — plans include Vo-tech and Dun-woody. KATHRYN LOUISE RECHT — Kathy — Wrecked — JA — Achievers Association Treas. — Job's Daughters — honored queen — Windigo — Dale Carnegie class scholarship — trips to Orient and Hawaii — orginator of N D club — college LESLEY RENE REED — concert band — Latin club — orchestra — trophies from horse shows — trips to Caribbean — college SCOTT A. REICH — Joe — Airhead — enjoys skiing, sailing, camping, and hunting — memorable experiences sailing the Cat at Lake Harriet — job at Reich Products — college. SCOTT DAVID REICHERT — varsity soccer — 1-ball sports — John Birch Society — coach Dule's Jewels — trips to Crow Wing. Tampa, and somewhere m Wisconsin — plans include pre-med and kids JENNIFER ANN REICHOW — P B. — "QQR4" — memorable Thursdays camping — job at Byerly's — college at U of M. PHILIP REILLY JR. MARGARET DUNN REMOLE — Peggy — Ram — captain swim team — varsity diving — sr. class pres. — Latin club — SMASH — religion teacher at St Patricks — job at Edina Pool — B.C.S. — St Catherine's. EILEEN MARIE RICE — Rice Patty — varsity swimming — memorable trips to Texas — job at Zantigo — U of W-Milwaukee. BRADLEY MARK RICKENBACH — R.ck — YL — Campaigners — varsity football — student council — 1-ball — plans trips to Colorado, the Beartooths. and Laurie's cabin with Pee Wee — the Gap — college GEORGE RIETTI — Goose — Latin club — Windigo — ski team and manager — trips to Italy. BWCA. and breakfasts at Perkins and OPH — job at Braemar — hopes to become a U S citizen — U of M ELIZABETH ANNE ROCKLER — USY — trips to Israel. Europe, and visiting Earn — job at laundry business and Gucci — U of M' JAMES ANTON ROBERTS — Rob — Jim-Boy — I-ball — student council pres. — tennis — track — R.P. of Ranger Flying Assoc., student school board — Homecoming court — Mr Cameron s homeroom — Private Pilots license — plans to become professional pilot. 198 seniorssmash Seniors make a smashing hit! That was the line for class of 79! The title fairly described the impact the seniors had at Edina-West this past year. In the first of September, seniors Sandy Moorhead and Alice Smith spearheaded the spirited group of ‘‘women.” The two took numerous orders for sweatshirts and got “SMASH” underway. At pepfests, the girls organized themselves together with their bright green sweatshirts to identify their “cause.” They added both color and vigor with their supportive cheering. The spirit was not limited to pepfests, either. During athletic events, "SMASH” added extra encouragement. The decorative signs they made, locker rooms they raided with crepe paper, and even houses they helped tee-pee proved their unceasing pep. All of the “women's" efforts were not unfounded, but assisted in psyching teams to victory! Donuts were not an uncommon sight in the Commons after the numerous SMASH breakfasts. which were held during the football season. As Grace Heffer-nan stated, "It gave us a chance to enjoy being together with old friends, but also the ability to build new friendships." It seemed totally just to say that the senior women not only landed a smashing effect, but also a sensational, spirited, super impact on the Edina-West Cougars! ABOVE: Adding to the spirit of the pep-fest, SMASH provides psyche-up posters to encourage class participation. MIDDLE: Originators of SMASH. Sandy Moorhead and Alice Smith seem pleased with the group s success. LOWER: Taking a break from all the breakfast food. Katie Fadness. Kirby Marquardt. Lisa Armstrong, and Grace Heffer-nan show their enthusiasm with a smile. seniors 199JAIME RODRIGUEZ — chamber singers — Thespians — Ron Weisner fan club — clams — token BBFC — • Fiddler". Music Man" — college KIRK THOMAS ROSE — Rosie — Smirk — Kwirk — Big Sky Montana — Edina pepsi parties — Shady Lady rope swing — jobs at American parts and Edina Standard — college AMY LYNN ROSEN — concert band — orchestra — Windigo — active member of Economic Airheads — summers at camp — college JUDY ANN ROTH — cross country running — track — job working for Edina — likes outdoors and animals — college at Rochester or Winona state NANCY ANN ROWLAND — Roly — Cougarettes — YoungLife — Campaigners — SMASH — mount nine — climbing Mt Diet Shasta — trips to California. Mtka . NO — job at Third Stone Music — college MARY ELIZABETH RUDIN — Mary Beth — writing short Stories — swimming — ice skating — bowling — article in Edina Sun — trip to west coast — job at Radisson — Israel — college. THOMAS RAY RUSSELL — A B C. — Colorado — college CAREN SUE RUTMAN — USY — M JYC — SMP — trips to Israel and Hawaii — college TERESA ANN RYAN — Add — Mom — varsity basketball and track — SMASH — T C and crew on the island — Crosslake. Minn — |ob at Edina Care Center — college at St. Benedicts. JOHN M. RYDEN. JOHN MICHAEL RYDEN — Golden Boy — varsity football and band — stage band — 2nd place m State Spanish Contest — sunrise in Winnipeg — Ho-HO — college LESLIE ANN RZESZUT — Bogus — EWCC — "Fiddler on the Roof" — "Music Man" — BBFC — RA-1 — Emotions — RWFC — trips to Water-tower, MN — and Craguns Lodge — loves green — college at University of Arizona While most senior men sit entranced at the eventful pepfest. Mike Donahue seeks out the camera to give a most '■friendly” glare. 200 seniorsGARY SADOWSKI — Harry — lot man at Ryan Olds. — memorable times at school and class — future includes work at gopher motors — KIRSTEN MARIE SALHUS — Kirst — SMASH — DHBH fan club — trip to St Louis and Duffs — job at Berman Buckskin — college at Macalaster. WILLIAM PATRICK SALITERMAN — Buzz — l-ball. football and softball — honorary member of the CHA — trips to California and Mexico — jobs as gas attendant and life guard — college — KIMBERLY LYNN SANBORN — Kim — OE — trips to Florida. Indi-anhead. and Colorado — ViOO's — job at insurance company — plans include college in Colorado and travel. PAUL OAVID SAPIRO — Luap — Sap — varsity football — S T R A F. — varsity track — snuffers — Prom 77 — ice cream I — BWCA — jobs at Super Value and Wilton A P - college at U of M MARY KRISTEN SCANLAN — Scan — varsity cheerleadmg — Homecoming court — SMASH — trips to Florida and Kenny s — |Ob at Byerly Bakery — college ELIZABETH ANN SCHAAR — Lizz — Fr.2Z — swim team — concert choir — chamber singers — Music Man — SMASH — Campaigners — trip to Mexico — |ob at Edma care center — college and travel MARTIN WAYNE SCHEERER — Marty — l-ball — football and softball — ranger flying club — creative corner — job at Brae-mar arena — college SUSAN EILEEN SCHIBUR — Sue Sh.bs — SMASH — SDC — Jekalb — WW6 club — job at While Way dry cleaners — college and working with handicapped kids MARK OONALD SCHLAEFER — Eagle SCOut — trips to Colorado and Scandinavia — Jobs at Spencer Gifts and National computer systems — bump bashing — Blue 8arry Bill show — college CRAIG D. SCHULTZ — tennis snowmobiling — skiing — brown belt Tao KwonODo Karate — college CATHERINE LEIGH SCHUMACHER — varsity debate - declamation — MMTA state winner — co-chairperson of the dynamic duo — 10.000 box candy sales — job at Cicero s and Embers— college and a professional career EILEEN MARIE SEASLY — Seas - concert choir — r2730.2 "Music Man" — cross country skiing — track — golf — SMASH — trip to Milwaukee with Milwaukee six — job at Donaldsons — college at Eau Claire VIRGINIA LOU SEAY — belong to 9 Sherlock Holmes societies — trips to the USSR. Scandinavia. London, Holland and Hawaii — English maior at Hamhne LISA JOY SHACTER — Raccoon — CSEF — OSY — Taylors Falls — Eagles concert — Bush Lake — job at Poppm Fresh and Marin Orecks — plans include college travel and work DOUGLAS PERRY SHELLEY — on PF cabinet — racketball — teaches Sunday School — Prom 78 job at Jerry's hardware — college and plan to become a cop CAROLYN JANE SHEPARD — C J — concert band — orchestra — “Music Man" — I8TC — Spirit Mt Smo-key Mt — waitress at The Brothers — college at Iowa State ELIZABETH ANN SHERMAN — Sherm — Shormy — SMASH — varsity cheerloading — captain of Nereids — figure skating — letter m Nereids — tups to Arizona. Montana, and Grand Rapids — job al Olson Bros and The Limited — college at St Catherines JOAN MARIE SIGURDSCN Siggy — Jom — freestyle skiing — Jobs Daughters — SHARE — trips to Spirit Mt — job at Roller Rink — college and career as physical therapist CHARLES DAVID' SIMENSEN — Simpenson — Slimey — golf — trips Arizona and St Paul civic center STEPHANIE LYNNE SIMON — Steph — SMASH — YoungLife — Campaigners — PF — VBW — girls I-ball champs — Mt Shasta — skiing — c's tent — Taylor falls — Arizona — Colorado — ice cream II — college RICHARD WARREN SKOW — Zowman — concert band — concert choir — V r.A B — varsity choir — Scuba diving — wilderness adventures — job at Sears and Hopkins House — college JILLANNE SLA-NASKY — Jill — Babes — tennis — wrestling — skiing — 78 prom — lake Pepin with D.H — donut pusher — plans include college and marriage to Dave Hunt MARK A. SMILEY — camping — fishing — hunting — skiing — trips to Brownsville. Texas and Specht s homeroom — cook at Mr. Steak — plans include Nor-mandale college, then head out West seniors 201ALICE MARIE SMITH — Al — SMASH — C B.J. — memorable trips to Sandy's cabin. Mt Noodle-leg. highlands, and the zoo — job at Byerly's — college CHRISTINE ANN SMITH — Tina — Cougarettes — concert choir — SMASH — YL — GVBW — memorable trips to Florida and Colorado — climbing Mt Diet Shasta and visiting Mt. 9 — job at Marvin Oreck — college DAVID G. SMITH. THOMAS LAWRENCE SMITH — Bono — Stupid — concert choir — Latin club — varsity swimming — chamber singers — B8FC — memorable trips to Italy — memorable experiences in 4th hour soc — loves babies — college at Purdue VINE HAROLD SMITH — Vineyard — cross-country running — apathy club — National Merit semi-finalist — seller WILLIAM HENRY SMITH — Shell man — I-ball — baseball — memorable experiences at New York Finger Lakes region and at Bay Lake — future plans include Dunwoody Institute DAVID WALTER SORUM — Wabbit — Mr. Zy — varsity baseball (mgr.) — l-ball — crossroads — Latin Club — memorable trips to El Paso and Jordan — Job at 8yerly's — college CYNTHIA LOUISE SPEAR — Cindy — Spearo — PF — Campaigners — SMASH — varsity skiing — YL — Dules Jewels — TMBS — Wmdigo — memorable trips to Colo. climbing Mt Diet Shasta, and to Mt. 9 — school in Colo STANTEN C. SPEAR — blue ribbon honors in state music contest in 9th grade — chess champ of E-W campus in 9th grade — memorable trips to Florida — college CATHERINE RUTH STAPEL — Cathy — church youth group — SMASH — T.C. — memorable trips to Carolyn’s cabin. Florida. Spirit Mt.. and Brainerd — waitress at Ember s — UMD STEPHEN W. STEH-LEY. DEBRA JEAN STINNETT — Stubbie — varsity volleyball — YL — Campaigners — PF — TMBS — memorable experiences at Silver Cliff. Eau Claire, Water Street, and with P S. — job at County Seat — U of W-Eau Claire ABOVE: Full of camera shyness, seniors Nancy Liljia and Gwen Elliot react to terribly funny Sophomore joke. RIGHT: Advertising the "Music Man”, seniors Meg Johnson, Tom Smith and Kurt von Schmidt-Pauli stand in a comfortable yet "cool" position. 202 seniorsJOHN GREG STOCKS — VBT — skiing — Outstanding Performance award in vo-tech — job at Century Mfg — college and vo-tech SHELLEY M. STONE — Stoney — concert choir — chamber singers — SMASH — "The Music Man” — PF — trips to Palm Springs around P.Z.'s kitchen table — job at St Paul Book Stationery — U of W-Madtson. STEVEN PAUL STRAW-BRIDGE — Straw — l-ball football champs — 1-ball basketball — A-buf — Ice Cream I II — job as pool shark — study sessions around my pool table — college JOHN GRAHAM STRINGER — String — Fish N' Tautch club — varsity golf — l-ball sports — trips to Vail. Colo — job with SSI — Kip still can t beat me in ping-pong — Baylor University ANNE STRUTHERS — Strut — l-ball football "Ozon-ers" — memorable times at the rope swing at Shady-Lady and playing 9Vt hours of pool — college out West MICHAEL JOSEPH SULLIVAN — co-capt varsity hockey — varsity football and track — trips to Stone-lake and Taylor's Falls — Book I — job at Warner's Hardware store — plans include Book II and college LAURIE JEAN SUMMERS — Summs — SMASH — trips to Arizona. Fla., and Wally's T.H — cashier at Jerry's — interesting story teller — college MARK DAVID SUNDBERG — Sunny — concert choir — honorary member BBFC — "Fiddler" — ' Music Man" — varsity choir — crossroads — original member of HHB — trips to Calif.. Montana, and canoeing — job for 3 years at D.M.S. — college. JO ANN SWARTHOUT — Josie — cross country running and skiing — track — letters in cross country sports — trips to Utah and Canada — Food Service Worker — "I'm waiting for my ship to come in" — college KEVIN A. SWEENEY — l-ball softball and football — boot hockey — times at Taylor's Falls and Perry's house — job at Pop Shoppe — college DAVID FREDRICK SWEET — memorable trips to San Diego — college CLARK JAMES SENSON — Swens 1 — Nor-mandale singers — N.S.P — Pit Stop — concert choir — trips on Toronto choir tour, church ski trips and in BWCA — job at Olson Bros. — Lutheran Affiliated college MARK LEE SWENSON — Schuen — l-ball Darrar.an Imports — Private Pilot's license — 7th hours — trips to Indianhead and hunting — physics and econ parties — college STEPHEN CRAIK SWENSON — Swens III — Croak — member of Pontiac Team Comp — skiing trips to Jackson Hole and a summer spent in New Orleans — job at Soda-Fountain — college out West LISA TONETTE SWIGGUM — Swig — rides and shows ara-bian horses — chorale choir — memorable times watching Cougars winning state championship football title — teaches dancing and riding lessons — St Cloud State CHRISTOPHER DONALD TADVICK — Cal — varsity football and track — J A. — memorable times at Windy Gap and winning state championship — job at Hopkins House — college STEVE BLAIR TEESE — Teeser — l-ball football and softball — contact — memorable weekend at St John's "Octoberfest" and trips up north to friend's cabin — job at Pic-a-Popand D R I. — college JAMES PAUL TENBROEK — Erica — varsity football — John Birch Society — EWABDS — National Merit Letter of Condolence — memorable trips to Montana. Hinkley Historical Society, and the Congo STEVEN CLAUS TEOREY — Teorance — Windigo — member of Economic Airheads ltd — enjoys photography — trips to Calif and Mass. — job at Coast to Coast and Byerly's — college JOHN H. THIEM. JULIE ANN THOMAS — track — J A — scholarships from J A. — conference of region title for 440 (track) -trip to France-mais oui! — job at Action Shots — college STEFFANY L. THOMAS — Stef — Fanny — l-ball football — SMASH — S S — memorable breakfasts — intramural boy watching — job at Super America — college SCOTT RAY THON — Thoner — Treas and V P of student council — youth in gov't — debate — speech — student school board — active in politics — octa-finalist m state debate — nat'i finalist in officer of the year in JA — Close-up — Ice cream socials — U of M JOHN E. THWING. seniors 203PHILLIP E. TRIANTAFYLLOU — Heavy - Trants — trips to Greece — cruisin with M D and J O — job at Lunds — Wayne's homeroom — college GAIL VIRGINIA TUCKER — Ginger — co-captain of Cougar-ettes — SMASH — Homecoming Queen — OK in Arizona — job at The Limited — college PATRICIA JOAN TUTTLE — P — Tuttle — Tuts — Peen — varsity cheorleading and choir — Campaigners — SMASH — trip to Arizona with Shorm — five f's — froggy kisses — college and a trip to Florida TODD ANDREW TWYMAN — twy guy — Taiwan Todd — track and cross country — National Honor Society — lettered in track and cross country — jobs at Burger King and Poppm Fresh — college and possibly the 1984 Olympics STEVEN JODY UPHOFF — Steve — concert choir work program — Sadie with Missy — Mr Waynes homeroom — Missy — sports — job at Robert's Rent a Tux future includes college KRISTEN GAIL UPP-GAARD — Uppy — Y L — P F — Campaigners — trips to Colorado and Ml nine — R M in 6th hour — college PAUL MARTIN VAALER — Vaylor — A-buf — varsity football and baseball — IM-basketball — concert band — co-captain baseball — state AA football championship — Ice Cream I and II — job at Olson 8ros — Mr Cameron's homeroom — "I like what I see — plans include Ice cream III and college STEVEN V. VEIT. THOMAS M. VENABLE — Venny — T — varsity football and track — Stone Lake 10.38 — Minnetonka Football game 1978 Pat Pavelco — job at Lancers — college DENESE ELIZABETH VESPER — Trans — T82 — Contact — volleyball — varsity track — Windigo — lettered in track and volleyball — S F gang — CSD J — job at Action Shots — college EDWARD JOHN VID-MAR — Vid — IM football — l-softball — cougar Band — Current Jam — trips to Florida. Hawaii. Octoberfest — Share — Contact — plans include coiiego ANNE ELIZABETH VINING — Vine — Chip — Dizz — Concert Band — Windigo — Campaigners — TMBS I B T C. — SMASH — church youth group — PF — piano honors — Homecoming court — climbed Mt Diet Shasta — trips to Florida. Colorado and California — baseball games with Carp — job at swim club — college KURT TASSILO VON SCHMIDT-PAULI — Baron — stupid — disco mosquito — B B F C — concert choir — chamber singers — Fiddler on the Roof" — Music Man" — l-ball —4th hour soc —429 — job at Kenny's — plans include Italy and Germany and college WILLIAM PAUL WAGGONER — Willy — ww Bill — Share — EHA — Trips to "Franks Auto Body" — jobs at Perkins and JP's — Camerons homeroom — college, king of the world, and the better things in life MICHAEL ROSS WAGNER — Daddy Wags — varsity football — tennis — CougaratS — Jr Board of directors First National Bank of Edina — stone Lake 10-3-8 — Outlaws — pres of stay green lawn service — James Flemming fan club — college LISA ANN WAHL — Wally — Chumley — varsity gymnastics — SMASH — l-bail — trips to T H . S L . and Florida — college Ma MO Uv cvrv sjftd (A bu vD'oe. Kflvw Op , rv H h iW. iM In one of his usual moods. Richard Allendorf proves there's a full moon. OJwnJJL WiJli COtWL tfr had mojYua QAod OMAil q|t fhwm ujwi u -uy m- 9 ho M) odr a j) uilJr qpod oJJJla GU i -moM. UO-u.0 © S) a. Mtti cLuaMa towm- il OSUL UQW - jKiQa 0NOJJ Ujdh lout- 204 seniors HAROLD GEORGE WAHLQUIST — Kip — varsity football and basketball — Latin club — FCA — Sunday school teacher — Optimist award — football scholarship award winner — trip to Italy with L.P. — Shakey's after 8-ball — college at Southern Methodist University. RADLEIGH DOUGLAS WAKEFIELD — Wakes — Stagehand — concert band — Muv — CCFC5 — drum major — Eagle scout — teaches sax lessons — U of M. BARBARA MARIE WALKER — Barb — SMASH — cheerleading ice skating transfer student from Boston — jobs at Park and Rec office and Braemar — college and law career. JULIE ANN WALLSCHLAEGER — Walsh — Harvey — Job's Daughters — Windigo — Honor Queen — summers at the lake — trip to San U o Af s to Colorado and California — job at Edina Recycling Center — enjoys baseball, hunting, fishing and camping — study sessions around pool table — college and travel WENDY IRENE WELCH — Wends — grape jelly — Wetchie — concert band — varsity band — orchestra — Declamation — Windigo — SMASH — International club — trips to Mexico. Colo. Wash., Winnipeg and Taylors Falls — Marvin Oreck — college and travel BRENDA WERNICK. SHEILA ROGERS WESTON — Wow-we — diving team — SMASH — C.8.J. — trips to Florida. Colorado, highlands, and the zoo — PZ's kitchen table — warming house attendant — college ALLISON JAYE WHEELER — Al — Jody — Wheels — Ozoners l-ball team — national merit scholarship semi-fmalist — job at Carousel snack bar — college in California SUSAN LEE WHELAN — moved from Chicago, IL — trips to Florida — summers — college GREGORY ALAN WHITTEMORE — Whit — Greg — varsity choir — golf — bowling — hunting — memorable times al Pebble Beach, spyglass golf courses, and Las Vegas — jobs clerking and landscaping — Bethel college and becoming a Pharmacist SIMON JOHN WILKINSON — motorcycle riding — skiing, fishing, and camping — lived in Europe for two years — trips to Australia — restaurant employee seniors 205RONALD ALLEN WILLIAMS — Fuzzy — Ronn.e — president of varsity choir — wrestling — translantic swim champion — memorable times with Chris and police in P R — homecoming — job at Butler Drugs — college HAROLD GORDY WILLIAMS — Hap — Willie — varsity football — concert choir — hockey with the gang — trips to BWCA, Australia and Russia — X-mas tree salesman, painter — college, skiing, hunting. TODD CLAY WILLMERT — Zephyrus — concert band — orchestra — cross country skiing capt — skiing capt. co-captain track — soccer referee — Dartmouth College CORY SCOTT WINTER — Thorwald. Wally Cleaver — EWCC — Wmdigo — chamber singers — "Music Man" — founder of BBFC — trips to Indian-head — counseling at COP — college MICHAEL WAYNE WOKAL — Woks — Mikey — likes karate and hunting — expert rifleman medal — trips to the west Canada and Mexico — plans include full time job and marry Michelle. MARK CHARLES WOOLDRIDGE — Wooly — Dredge — varsity football — I-ball softball — trips to Cancun and West Indies — Ice cream II — job at Bracmar Golf Course — college. STEVEN BRADLEY YOUNGBLOOD — Blood — YL — l-bail — student council — lead in "Music Man" — Homecoming Court — WECFKK — trips to Montana and Taylors Falls — hired hand on ranch — future includes being with guitar and college. GLEN DAVID ZABEL — l-ball sports — trips to Colorado and Taylors Falls — member of JLFHP — college. WALTER H. ZABEL — varsity ski team — l-ball — times at Taylors Falls. BWCA. BIR — self employed painter — college HALA HUSSEIN ZAKI — Yawaski — SMASH — skiing trips to Egypt and Rome —job at Gabberts — college and travel PAULINE ZARLING — SMASH — memorable times around PZ's kitchen table and Taylors Falls — job at Tiger Eye Imports — college, travel and meeting Jackson Browne MARK FREDRICK ZEIG-LER — Zigs — Joe — Willie — football — basketball — varsity baseball — manager of Zig-Zags — baseball stealing champion — trips to Florida and Arizona — Ice Cream I — Friday night session — college — Mr. Camerons homeroom STEPHEN ZIVKOVICH — Zork — Zivvy — German club treasurer — trips to 8ig Sky and Concordia Lan-uage village — jobs at Viking Pioneer and Spooner Country club — college DANIEL JAMES ZWEBER — junior achievement — l-ball sports — trips to Colorado. Florida and Toro Hudson — SSI — member of JLFHP — college JEFFREY RICHARD DOW — Pegor s homeroom — captam VBT — Dough boy — Low-boy. Checking out the Denver scene, six sophisticated seniors seductively smile to show off their spectacles. tSCSXv X) ‘yro 206 senio F'r -V Cr olX 31 WOA"V -l-o -w ©xOc. UOU. 5tr s Vernas -V-o ©Jl ro o «ms Doo c (a little. frtAOrf hum o- 5) ScjllVnoa 4. ( «aXj- VcV fot' dou n ic Virr» c-sJ c r -W ooj V £ 3T rc iVvj " V. VAoul t. fO dxxjy nt odU lcc oiar .rrs,w rc baoK n -w »»•• 'W tt was that whimsical feeling that possessed us every so often: that knot J fc3Sreg %ai excitement of seeing our own then the excitement or seeing classmates on court. CuuJtya in our stomachs, that reflective mood It w s a unique thing; this Senior that came to us when a souvenir stirred Supposedly knowing all and hifcc wvu a memory. It was that lump in ouri.jVvcA doing all, yet, still feeling lost. We d throats that formed when we realized r- i r walk through the halls and see people Ty, that this was our last high school foot-, we'd faced for years and wish we d ball game. • M slopped to know them before. And Life seemed to be multi-colored foro rHs uLrVtV we'd cling to our own group of friends .U-JL pkAktr . seniors. The fear of leaving the secure but in the end the final decision was for the unknown combined with the f ours and ours alone.1 feeling of freedom at last. The seem-yy t College? ic VH c rs dLOu TV . ( dLcuLj junr ivvJe v. ingly endless wait for graduation day Career? x while thinking back on how quickly Life? , w , Pc sse cL -Atv e high school passed. LuuliKa. . As the year drew to a close. the» We can still remember those trium-S yV kaleidoscope oflhe many rhemorieso -™-1 phant waterfights with seniors we iv; ' seemed to swirj about our heads. JA-VtUlCoAH staged as sophomores. We can Whether or not we made any sense of 0 remember being the "class with .. it was not important; what was impor- r class". We can remember what a big ‘ ‘ tant was that we held them forever, deal that first Homecoming was and CzOOdL Ptf C € t y i Qjl GJ . -VW A0Ua-« » i I jpu. vc, 'qjul - M, AfSl A l . ■ . - ; 2 ')VS OU -Tr S tVyn I JU- y Tr ix v Wa-ajlt ijOAV O3or CL f CjOUA co-n rtaJLmc Jr i - r ( ou. ruuL . gftryy'Ji.Qy - +fc - clMc. -tej PLvA L cau. SZVSU? Toi 1© «- ■+» 4.“t v -fV 5 A V VwAA aw a X» otl { -fA or V pv r lw v.ar ucia'.Ao oo)V YVffV- ''HlWS SO bphmwic.” lCiCtl «Ofc ' seniors 207 KtNfcv; 9.S. DoKa ih G0o c. s pO J m«A, c vA. W i ftaking care Plaza Stamp Coins. Inc. 3939 West 50th Street Edina. MN 55436 612-927-9626 for the collector Phone: 922-0070 5023 FRANCE AVE. SO. . 3908 West 50th P Street 927-4694 in downtown Edina NORTHWESTERN BANK SOUTHWEST 7171 FRANCE AVENUE SOUTH. EOINA. MINNESOTA 55435 Olson Brothers Pharmacy 5121 Vernon Ave Edina. MN 55436 i Saints Valley View ROLLER SR AT INC CENTER Cnty Rd. 18 V.V. Rd. terton poaimiit J 3821 west fiftieth street, minneapolis 922-2771 n Thiele Engineering Company a division of Paxalt. Inc. Complete Neighborhood Shopping Center 2 Blks. West of HWY. 100 at 50 st. Edina. MN © Jeny’s Congrats E-W Seniors Acme Awning 737 East 14th Street Minneapolis. MN FIRST EDINA NATIONAL BANK 4100 W 50th Street Edina. Minnesota Vernon Avenue Office 5116 Vernon Avenue ROBB'S Clothing Inc. 7100 Amundson Avenue S Minneapolis. MN 55435 941-7286 Home Federal Savings and Loan Edina Realty Minnesota Federal Congratulations! Mr. Steak — Edina 5203 Vernon Avenue Casual Living Inc. 7101 France Ave. Minneapolis. MN a family restaurant with a taste of yesterday 5212 Vernon Ave Edina Congratulations 4 Thank You! H Harvey Hansen Realtors 5307 Vernon Ave Edina. MN 55436 927-7701 Valley View Drug 6123 Woodale Ave. 926-6519 Heartwick Realty Inc. 6161 Woodale Ave S Edina. MN 55436 Congrats E-W Seniors Look for Super buys from Superamerica 5205 Vernon Ave peter on fine art Wife Writ 0th Sited Idina (Mplv). MN SS434 fe12IS2(Vb070 ■ SOUYMOALI 6635 Yo«» South • COim MnnnoU SMiS Pht«s» 612 9204300 208 patronsof business FMtmwt lOffu. mihsivou mM JCMOOt PHOrOCRAPMr SYiJIM ROGER KARJALAHTI 5101 W. 50th Street 929-3391 '-JwU ■icimum.«c 3939 WEST 50TH STREET 4111 927- ■ ICO INCORPOR AT ■ O fcOS L' Scnph toULh l! The acw'f» over ouacA beev reoA. XT Vvqp« 4an. Cerne u-p to C.ft - V)Je ‘d V cu- « a. -Vvvwfi. Wo- a QCeoJr (Wok u e-'U -W «. aJU . TL£v e loer - ter« 910 4, erf's II V. . I ■ ii i ■ •UMI C i I MM t| ( r • »• A «■( — ••• s €§trmi ii:.• m • • ■IW- »M W ti VOih Si ton e m end .ml wth m' JB. J3. ftose iflusic Co. 612-920-1262 3905 W. 50th St. Mpls.. Mmn. 55424 Congrats Mary. Dave, and Lynn. Swensen’s Ice Cream Factory 127Southdale Court FREE Cahill Shopping Center KI SHOP Exotic and Unusual Greenery and Plant Furniture ANYTHING GROWS SKATEBOARD CONNECTION 5018 France Ave. So. Edina. MN 55424 920-1851 MIN6'f ORIENTAL ARTS 6c GIFTS •0)) FRANCK AVENUE SOUTH EOINA. MINNESOTA 33410 (612)929-3446 Congratulations Graduates Southdale YMCA 7355 York Ave South Edina. Minnesota 55435 5025 FRANCE AVENUE SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS. MINNESOTA 55410 I id MINNEAPC )fwrt) FLORIST THE GALLERIA K0RST SONS Jewelers • Gemologist • Detlgnere EDINA. MINNESOTA Congratulations Graduates Edma Cleaners 4500 France Ave. South Best Wishes from Humboldt Standard 5209 Vernon Avenue Edina. 929-7338 action shots inc. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY 70lt 078 Amunmon Av« $o«;h I Ed. JM35 9 1612) 844-1830 C -V S C«"WT Berg Farnham Company 5209 Eden Avenue Minneapolis. MN 55436 EDINA ELECTRIC CO. 5244 Eden Circle AMERICAN DEFIBRATOR INC. 7400 Metro Boulevard Minneapolis. MN 55436 Congratulations to the Class of 79 Allan Htg. Air Cond. LEWIS ENGINEERING COMPANY COIN . MINNESOTA WANNER COMPANY 5145 Eden Avenue So Minneapolis. Minnesota 55436 (612)929-1070 Anna 8rownton-Mattox 927-4343 3926 Wnt 49% Street Edma. MN 55424 patrons 209Pro Color 611 4th Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 1979 Latin Club Gods say: Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit! What appears to be the end May really be the beginning. Your joy is your own; Your bitterness is your own; No one can share them with you. Our first responsibility is to ourselves. We should become our own best friend, a true companion, learning to respect our own acts. We should feel comfortable with our personality, for it follows us as a shadow follows the sun. We should feel comfortable by exercising our feelings. We should know we have worth and importance. 210 patronsLook at this day for it is life. The very life of life. In its brief course lie all The realities and truths of existence The joy of growth The splendor of action The glory of power. For yesterday is but a memory And tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived Makes every yesterday a memory Of happiness. And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore, to this day! patrons 211aaa AB80TT. BRET (11)— 164 ABEL. MICHELE (11)—164 ABEYESUNDERE. SURESH (11) 164 ABT. ELIZABETH(11)—164 A-BUF —94.95 ACADEMICS —116-149 ADAMS. DAVID (11)— 164 ADAMS. SCOT (11) — 53. 164 ADAMS. TERRENCE (10)— 152 ADMINISTRATION — 118. 119 AHMANN. MICHAEL (11) - 54. 164 AHMANN. NANCY(IO) — 20. 57. 152 AKINS. ANDREW (12) — 178 AKINS. JAMES (12)— 178 AKINS. MARJORIE (10) —152 AKSOY. DENIZ (10) — 152 ALDERINK. SARAH (12) ALEXANDER. BARBARA(II)—164 ALLAN. DAWN(10)— 152 ALLAN. SCOTT(12)—178 ALLEN. CHARLES (11) — 164 ALLEN. DIANE (11)—164 ALLENDORF. RICHARD(12) — 92. 111. 122. 136. 178. 204. 141 ALLISON. KYLE (12)-51. 178 AMREN. MARK (12)— 178 AMUNDSON. TOM (fac ) — 122 ANDEREGG. MICHELLE (12) —56. 178 ANDERSON. BIRGIT (fac.)—122 ANDERSON. DAVID (11)—54. 164 ANDERSON. DEBORAH (10)— 152 ANDERSON. KRIS(11) —164 ANDERSON. LOIS (fac.)—115. 122 ANDERSON. MARC(11)— 164 ANDERSON. MARY (fac.) — 122 ANDERSON. NANCY (10) — 152 ANDERSON. SUSAN (10)— 152. 141 ANDERSON. TINA (10) — 152 ANDERSON. TODD (12) —50. 178 ANDERSON. WILLIAM (12) — 178 ANDREWS. KAREN (11)— 64. 65. 164 ANGELUS. THOMAS (11) — 59. 70. 164 APPEL. TODD (12) —51.178.5 APPELBAUM. MARK (10) — 72. 152 ARCHBOLD. PETER (12) — 178 ARCHER. TERRY (12) — 178 AREVALO. MARIA (10) ARMOLD. LINDA (fac ) — 62.87 ARMSTRONG. DANIEL (12) — 179 ARMSTRONG. LISA (12) — 108. 179.199 ARMSTRONG. SCOTT (10) — 138.152 ARNAR. ANNA (11) — 164 ARNDT. JENNIFER (12) —107. 145.179 ASMAN. PAUL(11)— 164. 141 AURA. MARK(10)—100. 152 AUSTIN. ALEXANDRA (11)— 164 AVERY. WILLIAM (10) —152 AZAR. PABLO (10) — 54 AZAR. SILVIA(12) — 105. 179 8ABCOCK, BRAD (10) — 152 BACH. THOMAS (12) — 107. 145. 179 BAEHR. DENISE (12)—179 BAILEY. DOUGLAS (11) —50. 52. 53. 77.165 BAINS. TRACY (11)— 145 BAKER. JEFFREY (12) — 26.54. 55. 92.111. 179.15 BAKER. SUSAN (12)— 35.100. 179 BALE.CHARLES(II) —164 BALTZER. TIMOTHY (12) — 179 BANG. THOMAS (12) 8ANGS. JEFFREY (12) —146 BANN. RICHARD (11) — 165 8ARBE. DAVID(l2)—50. 179 BARBE. EILEEN (10) — 152 BARNES. ANGELA (10) —152 BARROTT. TRACY (11) — 165 BARR. ALAN(10)—152 BARR. STEVEN(11)— 165 BARRETT. ROBERT (11) — 59. 165 BARTHOLET. MARDONNA (»ac ) — 122 BARTZ. STEVEN (11) — 164 BASCOM. WILLIAM (11) — 55.165 BASILL. CONSTANCE (10) — 152 BASKETBALL 212 index Boys —70.71.72 Girls—78. 79 BASSETT. SHAUN (12) — 179 BEARD. LISABETH(IO) — 57.152 BECKER. TORENCE (12)— 131. 179 BEDNAR. JOAN (12)— 107.113.179 BEESON. CAROL (12) —179. 141 BEIERSDORF. LISA (11)— 165 BELANGER. CYNTHIA(10)—138. 152 BLANGER. SUSAN (12) — 179 BELISAIO. MERCEDS (11) BELK. JOHN (fac )— 123 BELL. DAVID (10) — 54. 59.152 BELL. JODI (10)—152 BELL. JOHN(10)—152 BELROSE. STEVEN (11) — 165 BENDA, TONY (10)—152 BENDER. WILLIAM (11) — 165 BENJAMIN. RICHARD (10) —54. 152.157 BENJAMIN. WILLIAM (12) —59. 180.2 BENSON. JOHN (fac ) — 123 BENSON. LAURA (12) — 180 BENSON. MARK (11) — 165 BENSON. SANDY (12) — 180 BENTDAHL. ANN (10) —152 BENTDAHL. CRAIG (12) — 50. 180 BENTLEY. JOHN (12) — 180 BERG. DEBORAH (11) BERG. LAWRENCE (12) — 107.180 BERG. LYLE (fac )—123 BERG. SCOTT (11)—165 BERGERON. CAROL (12) — 146 BERGLUND. STEVEN (12) — 180 BERGNER. KATHERINE (12)— 180 BERGTHOLD. WILLIAM (10)— 152 BERNSTEIN. JANE (11) —106. 165 BERNSTEIN. LAURA (12) — 180 BESTE. BILL (fac )—123 BETTES. MARK (11)— 165 BETZ. BARBARA (12) — 100.146. 180 BIE. ELIZABETH(12)—180 BIERNAT. JOHN (10) — 152 BISHOP. DANIEL (11) BISHOP. JOHN (12)— 180.13 BISHOP. NANCY (11) —62.104. 138. 165 BITTER. SUSAN(11)—165 BIXBY, SCOTT (12)— 26. 28.108. 180. 3. 141 BJORK. DAVID(11)—53. 71.165 BJORK. GREGORY (12) — 50.180 BLACK. DAVID(10)—152 BLACK. SUSAN (11)— 165 BLACK. TERESA(12) —180 BLAIR. STEVEN(II)— 165 BLANCHARD. CATHERINE (12) — 132. 180 BLOOM. DAVID (10)— 152 BOARDMAN. JANE (10) —152 BOBLETT. PAUL (11) — 165 BOCK. KENT (12) —181.66 BODINE. STEVEN (11) — 165 BODINE. THERESE (12) — 181 BOHANNON. SUSAN(12)—115. 181 BOLD. LINDA (12) —20.98. 111.136.181 BOLEN. MICHAEL (11) — 165 BOLICK. CAROLYN (12) BOLIN. CHRIS (10) — 152 BOLIN. JEFFREY (12) — 50. 181.66 BONELLO. CATHERINE (12)— 105. 181 BORG. WILLIAM (10) —54. 152 BORMAN. JAY (10)—54, 152 BOSTOCK. MICHELLE (10) — 152 BOSTOCK. VALERIE (12) — 98. 181 BOYdE. DEVRA (11) BOYD. PERRIN (10) —56. 104. 152 BOYD. TIERNEY (12) —26.41. 78. 79.97. 105.113. 181 BOYLAN. DANIEL (10) —153 BRAMBILLA. JAMES (11) — 165 BRANSTROM. BRYAN (11) —165 BRANTLEY. DAVID (10) — 72. 153 BRANTLEY. PAMELA (12) — 181 BREDEHOFT. BRADFORD (10)— 122. 153 BREDESON, CAROLYN (11)— 165. 141 BRELLENTHIN. DIANE (11) —64. 65. 108. 138.165 8REMER, NEIL(12)— 181 BREMNER. CYNTHIA (11) —146. 165 BRENNAN. MICHAEL (11) — 105. 165 BRUER. BRIGITTE (10) — 122.153 BRIGGS. TRACEY (11) —108. 165 8RIMACOMBE. ANN (10)— 153 BRISSE. LAURA (12) BROM. PAULA (12) BROWER. JONATHON (12) —181 BROWN. CATHERINE (12)— 100. 101.182 BROWN. LISA(10)—153 BROWN. SHIELA (11) —98.99.165 BRUER. JOHN (12) — 26. 105. 111.178. 182.66 BUCHER. BLYTHE (11) — 165 BUCHWALD. AMY (12) — 182 BUENZ. BARBARA (11) —165 BUENZ. MARK (12) —50. 182 8UGBY. ELIZABETH (11) —98. 165.8 BUIE. THOMAS(10)— 54.153 BULVER. MARIANNE (12) — 182 BULVER. SUZANNE (11)—100. 165 BUNDT. JONATHON (10) — 153 BURCKHARDT. JOHN(11) —53. 165 BURESH. JULIA (11) — 165 BURKE. KELLIE (11) BURKE. MATTHEW(II) —88. 165 BURKE. VICTORIA (11) — 165 BURMAN. ANN (12) — 97. 136. 182 BURNHAM. JULIE (11) — 165 BUROKER. BONNIE (10)— 153 BURRIS. FRANZ (10) — 153 BURWELL. ARA(10) — 153 BUSH. ANNE (10) —153 BYRNE. MARY (12)— 64. 182 BYRON. JAMES (10)—72.153 ccc CABALKA. ELIZABETH (11) —78. 165 CABALKA. JAMES(fac )—108. 109. 119 CAFFREY. EDWIN (12) — 182 CALDWELL. RODNEY (10) — 153 CALLIOPE —96. 97 CAMERON. DON (fac) — 123 CAMPBELL. DOLEEN (fac.) — 124 CAMPBELL. STEVEN (10) — 153 CAMPION. CHARLES (12) CANAKES. CATHERINE (10)— 153 CANAKES. CHRISTINE (12)— 182. 141 CANFIELD. SCOTT (10) — 153 CANNON. MELISSA (11) CARDARELLE. JOHN(11) —52.165 CARLS. CAROL (10)— 153 CARLS. TODD(12)—182 CARLSEN. JANE (11) —100.165 CARLSON. BARBRO (12) — 182 CARLSON. KENT (12) — 182 CARLSON. RICHARD (12) —183 CARLSON. RONALD (12) — 183 CARLSON. STEVEN (10) —60. 145.153 CARPENTER. CYNTHIA(12)— 113.182. 183 CARRIER. SARA(10)—153 CARRIER. SUZANNE (11)—115. 145.165 CARSON. SCOTT (11) — 165‘ CASCIARO. TRIS(IO) —97.153CASSELMAN, MARK (11)— 113. 165 CATER. STEPHANIE (11)— 165 CAVANAUGH. JOYCE (lib.) — 124 CHALGREN. ERIN(IO) —153 CHALGREN. ROBIN (12)— 183 CHAMBER SINGERS CHAMP. ELIZABETH (12)— 139. 183. 141 CHAMPLIN. TRACEE (12) — 183 CHANDLER. COLLEEN (11) —98. 136. 165 CHAPMAN. CONNIE (10) — 153 CHAPMAN, DEIDRE (10) —42. 153 CHAPMAN. EDWARD (11)—105. 165 CHAPMAN. KEVIN (12) CHAPMAN. SUSAN (11) — 165 CHAPPLE. LAYNE (12) —183 CHEERLEADERS — 96.97 CHERNE. OAVID(II)—165 CHESLER, ALAN (10) — 153 CHILSTROM. CHRISTOPHER (11)— 165 CHRISTIANSEN. DAVID (lac.) — 124 CHRISTIANSEN. NORMAN (10)— 153 CRANE. DAVID(10)—154 CRAWFORD. MARGARET (10)— 154 CRESS. COLLEEN (10) —154 CRESS. DANIEL (11) — 165 CRESS. JAMES(12)— 115.184 CRONK. CHRISTINA(12)—184 CRONOBLE. DAVID (11)— 165 CROSS COUNTRY — 58. 59 CUNUFFE. BRUCE (12) —184 CUNLIFFE. WAYNE (10) — 54. 154 CUNNINGHAM. DAWN (12)—105.136. 144. 145.184. 189 CURLE. BARBARA (12) —184 CURLE. JUDY (11)— 165 CURRY. CYNTHIA (11) —109.165 CURTIN. KATHLEEN(11)— 105. 115. 165 CUSACK. KENT (11)— 107.165 CUSACK. SCOTT (10) — 154 CWAYNA. KEVIN (10) — 59. 154 DOERING. JEFFREY (11)— 166 DOERINGSFELD. SARAH (10)— 136. 154 DOERNBACH. ERIC (11)— 166 DOMEK. CARA (12) — 184 DOMEK. JESSICA(10)—78. 154 DONAHUE. MICHAEL (12) —50. 184.200.66 DONAKER. GWEN (12) — 56.184 DONLIN. JAY (11) — 52. 70.166 DOSCH. MARY(12) —98. 184. 197 DOSTAL. TRACY(12) —184 DOUGHERTY. DIRK(10) —54. 154 DOUGHERTY. MELISSA (11)— 166. 169 OOVALIS. MICHAEL (12)—147. 184 DOW. JAMES (10) — 154 DOW. JEFFREY(12)—59. 146, 206 DOW JUDD(10)—154 DOW. MARY (12)—184 DOWNIE. GAYLE (12) DOYLE. MARGARET (10) — 42. 113. 154 DREIKOSEN. VERENA (12) — 62. 107. 185 DREIS.CHRIS(II) CHRISTIANSON. DEBRA(12)— 183 CHRISTY. JULIE (11) — 165 CHRISTY. SHELLY (12) —183. 197 CLARK. MARY JANE (11)— 165 CLARKE. RICHARD(IO)—153 CLEAVELAND. PETER (11)— 165. 141 CLEVELAND. THOMAS (10) —60. 153 CLINE. TIMOTHY (10) —153 COEN. MICHAEL (11) — 146. 165 COFFEY. JUDITH (10)—153.159 COLE. KEVIN (11) — 165 COLLERAN. MARY JO (10) —62. 78. 153 COLLERAN. TIMOTHY (12) —55. 183 COLVILLE. SCOTT (10) —153 COLVILLE. TERYLL (12)— 183 COMBS. CHRISTOPHER (11) CONDA. JILL(11)— 165 CONNELLY. JOHN (12) — 183. 66 CONROY. MICHAEL (12) —26. 183 CONROY. NANCY ANN (11) — 77. 165 CONSTABLE. BETH (12)—183 CONTARDI. JAMES (10)—138. 153 CONTONS. JANICE (11) — 165 CONTONS. PAUL (12) CONTY. ELIZABETH (12)—183. 141 CONWAY. SUSAN (12)—183. 141 COOKS — 120, 121 COONEY. DANIEL (10) — 153 COOPER. CRAIG (12) — 184 COPPOLA. JOSEPH (12) — 184 CORCORAN. CHRISTINE (11) — 165 CORRIVEAU, LISA (10) — 153 COUGARETTES — 98.99 COUILLARD. WILLIAM (10) —60. 154 COUNSELORS—118. 119 COX. DAVID(10)—154 ddd DAHL BRADLEY (12) — 184 DAHL. DIANE (11)—165 DAHL. STEVEN (10)— 154 DAHLQUIST. JILL(11) —165 DAHLQUIST. KARI (i 1) — 106. 165 DALE. DANA (12)— 184 DALE. PATRICK(IO)—140. 154 DALE. PETER(12)— 184 DANIELS. DEBORAH (11) — 106 DANIELSON. JILL(11) —145.166 DANIELSON. LISA (10) — 154 DANIELSON. PAUL (12) — 184 DANIELSON. SCOTT (10) —61. 154 DAO. REBECCA(12)—184 DAUMANN. MARK(10)—154 DAVIS. SUSAN (12) — 109. 113. 184 DEAN.TlMOTHY(12) —50. 115. 184 OEASEY. JOHN (10)— 154.68 DE8ATE DECLAMATION—102. 103 DEEGAN. COLLEEN (11)— 166 DEEGAN. KEVIN(12)— 184 0EEGAN. PATRICIA (10)— 154 DEICK. THOMAS(11) — 166 DELAOSSA. JUAN (10) DELEGARD. CRAIG (10) — 154 DELONG. CARRIE (12) —20. 111. 184 DEMANN. JAMES(II) —54. 166 DEMANN. SUSAN (10) — 154 DEMEE. LISA(11)— 166 DEZELLER. MICHAEL (10) —54. 154 DIAMOND LISA (10) — 154 DIAMOND. MEREDITH (12)— 184 DREISBACH, DEAN (11)— 166 DREWELOW CATHERINE (11)— 166 DRIVING —22. 23 DROPPS. ALLEN (12) — 185 DUBBLEDEE. ALLEN (faC.) — 124 DUDLEY. REBECCA(10)—154 DUGDALE. CHERYL (12) — 63. 78. 185 DULIN. KIMBERLY (10) — 78. 79. 154 DULIN. MARY 12) —88. 113. 185 DUNCAN. JAMES (11) — 166 DUNN. CHARLES (12) — 185 DUNN. VIRGINIA(IO)— 154 DURHAM. JEFFREY(IO) —54. 154 EAMES.ELIZA8ETH(11) —97. 166. 176 2ARL. ELIZABETH (11) —166 EARL. TRACY(IO)— 154 EASTMAN. LAWRENCE (12) — 50. 41. 70. 104. 105. 185. 13 EBERT. JOHN(12) —61. 185. 13 ECKBLAD. TODD(11) —53. 166 ECKERT GAIL(12)—115. 185 EGAN ELIZABETH(10)— 154 EHLERT. JOHN (fac ) — 124 EIDE KAREN(11)—166 EIFRIG. CATHERINE (10)— 154 ElKE. DAVID (12) — 50. 185 EINCK. STACY (12) — 185. 141 EISELE. PAULA (11)— 166 EISELE. SUSAN(12)— 185 EKLUND LARS(10)— 154 index 213ELLER. COLLEEN (11) — 166 ELLINGSEN. KAREN (12)-132.146.185 ELUNGSEN. KRISTEN (10)-154 ELUNGSON. DAVID (10)-185 ELLIOTT. GWEN (12)—185.202 ELOFSON. BRUCE (10)-154 ENG. CLAUDIA (11)— 106.166 ENGELS. CURTIS (11) — 166 ERDALL.MARY (10) — 62.135.154 ERICKSON. ARNE (12) —185 ERICKSON. BRADLEY (10)-21.154 ERICKSON. PAMELA (10) —154 ERICKSON. STEPHANIE (11)—146.166 ERLANDSON. SUSAN (12) — 63.185.141 EVANS. SUSANNE (10) — 64.154 EVERAERT. KAREN (11)—166 EVENRUD. LOREN (lac)—125 EVERSON. MARGARET (11) —166 EWALO. LINDA (10) — 154 EWALD. ROBERT (12) — 141 F AONESS. KATE (12) — 113.185.199 FAISON. WILLIAM (10) — 54.154 FALARDEAU. DEBBIE (12) FALARDEAU. GLENN (10) —154 FALCONER. JODY (11) FALLER. JENNIFER (10)—154 FARIS. ANDREW (11) — 54.166 FARIS. CHRISTOPHER (12) —55.185 FARLEY. ROBERTA (10) —136.154 FATCHETT. MELUS$A(12) —185 FEESE. LORI (12) — 63.100.185 FELLER. KURT (10)- 54.154.162 FEINBERG, KENNETH (12) — 55.111.185 FEINBERG. STEVEN (10) — 54.154.13 FELDERMAN. BRENT (10) —154 FELDERM AN. JEFFREY (12) — 59.165 FELTON. CHARLES (12) — 147.185 FELTON. DAN (10)—144.145 FELTON. DAVID (11) — 92.166 FELTON. ERIC (12) — 111.186.141 FERGUSON. SCOTT (10)—154. 66 FESKE. WILLIAM (11) —166 FESLER. MARIA (10) — 154 FIELD. DANA (11) FIELD. CHARLES (11)—166 FIL1PCZAK. ROBERT (11)—166.141 FILREIS. SHARON (10) —138.154 FlNDORFF. JOHN (11) FINER. KAREN (11)— 166 FINGERMAN. JEANNE (10) —155 FINK. CHARLES (10)—155 FINK. STEPHEN (12) — 77.186.141 FISCHER. STEPHANIE (12) —62.138.186 FITTERER. MICHAEL (10) —155 FITZGERALD. MARK (10) — 54.155 FITZGERALD. TIMOTHY (12)— 186 FITZSIMMONS. JOHN (12) —186 FJARE. THOMAS (11) —166 FLAATEN. JOAN (12) — FLAMM. MARK (11)— 146.166 FLEMING. KIMBERLEY (12) — 111.144.186. 141 FLORA. LYDIA (11)—105.166.174 FLUMERFELT. MARK (12) —88.93.136. 145.186 FLYNN. DAVID(10)—54.155 FOLDENAUR. JAMI(IO) —106.166 FONTAINE. STEVEN (10)— 155 FOOTBALL — FORD. JESS (11)— 166 FORRER. STEPHANIE (10) —155 FORSLUND. LINDA (10) — 64.155 FORSTER. DAVID (12) —51.186 FORSTER. JULIE (10) —155 FOSTER. ELIZABETH (12) —186 FOSTER. ROBIN (12) — 186 FOUNTAIN. TAMARA (11) — 97.144.145. 166 FOUST. KELLIE (11) — 20.97.166 FOYE. WILLIAM (11)— 166 FRANCIS. SUZANNE (11)— 166 FRANZ. LAURA (12)— 186 FRASER. WILLIAM (10) —155 FREDENDALL. NANCY (11)—166 FREDERICKSEN. ALISA (11) — 128.166.174 FREOLUND. SUSANflO)— 155 FREDRICKSON. HEIDI (10) — 155 FREDRICKSON. LISA(12)—186 FREDRIKSEN. STEPHEN (10) — 155 FREEMAN. KAREN (11)-166 FREERKS. CHRISTINE (12)-186 FREIBERG. BRAD (11)-136.166 FREY. RICH (10)-59.155 FRIEDE. 0IANA (10) — 78. 79.155 FRIE0E. NORMA (10) —100.145.155 FRISK. ROBERT (10)-54.155 FRISK. THOMAS (10) —155.68 FRISV0L0. ERIC (11) — 59.166 FRITZ. JEFFREY(II)-166 FROEBE. LORI (11) — 166 FROEMMING. MARK (11) FRUTH. ELIZABETH (10)-133.155 FULFORD. MICHAEL (11) —146.166 FULLER. CHRIS(II) — 54.166 GAASDELEN. JANE (lib.)—125 GABRIEL. STANLEY (10)-155 GADBOIS. GREGORY (12) —186 GAERTNER. WALTER (10) —155 GAMBLE. KATHERINE (10) —155 GANLY. DONNA (12) — 58.186 GARNER. JIM (fac)— 125 GARRISON. MARK (12) —187 GASS. JANICE (10)—104.155 GAY. GARDNER (11) — GEE. DANA(12) —97.187 GENSCH. ROBERT (10)— GIANNOBILE. AMY (11)—166.141 GIBBEMEYER. DAN(12)—187 GIBBEMEYER. NANCY (10)—155 GIBBS. MICHAEL(II) —166 GIBBS. PATRICK (11) —70.166 GIBSON. MAREN(12) —187 GIBSON. MYRA(11)—166 GILES. CLAYTON (12) —147 GILLM AN. PAMELA (12) — 5 GIRVAN. JULIE (12) — 64.187 CLAIM. PAT (fac.) GLEEKEL. ANTHONY (11) —166 GLIEDEN. JOHN (10) — 77.155 GLOVER. CHARLES (11) GNERER. CHERI(II) —166 GOEHL. BARBARA (12) —136.187 GOETZMAN. GAYLE (12)—131.187 GOETZMAN. MICHAEL (11) — 54.166.167 GOETZMAN. LINDA(IO)— 155 GOLDBERG. ELLEN(12)—26. 56.57.114. 115.187 GOLDEN. KARYL (11) —167 GOLDSTEIN. CAROLE (10) —155 GOOD. JONATHON(12)—112. 113.187 GOODYEAR. JOHN (12) — 187 GORMAN. JOHN (10) — 54.155 GOTTSACKER. MARY (10) — 136. 155 GRACE. TERRENCE (12) —51. 187 GRAHAM. SANDRA (12) —64.187 GRANGAARD. JANET (11)—105.136.145. 166.167 GRANLUND. JAMES(12)— 115.187 GRANT. JAMES (10)— 155 GRAUPNER. ROBERT (11) —105.167 GRAY. KATHY (fac )— 125 GREEN. ED(fac )—126.127 GREEN. JULIE (11)— 167.141 GREEN. LORI (12) — GREENFIELD. ANN(IO) —133.155 GREER. NANCY(10)—155 GRESHAM. AMY (10) —62. 155 GRESHAM. LYNN (11) — 167 GREV. JULIAN (fac )— 109.124.126 GRIFFIN. DEBORAH(10)— 79. 155 GRISSINGER. EDITH (fac.) — 126 GROVES. THOMAS (12)— 187 GUBERUD. JANE (10)— 136. 155 GUBERUD. THOMAS(12)—187 GUMLIA. ROCHELLE (12) —41.63. 115. 187. 141 GUNERATNE. PRASSANA (10)— 59. 155 GUSTAFSON. JILL (12) — 187 GYETVAN, MICHAEL (11)— 167 GYMNASTICS Gif ys' — 60. If —74. 75 hhh 2T4 indexHAAS. CHRISTOPHER (11) —167 HABEN. ROBERT(IO) —155 HABERKORN. JAMES(12) —51.187 HACKER. STACEY (10) —155 HACKER. TINA(11)— 111. 167. 141 HADDORFF. ROBERT (fac.) — 70.126 HAENY. CAROLYN (11) —167 HAGEN. DAVID (10) —54. 155 HAGSTROM. BRIAN (12)— 187 HALL. JOHN (10) — 139.155 HALL. KAREN(II)—167 HALPIN. KATHRYN (12) — 187.141 HAMMER. JULIE (10) —97.155 HAMRE. DAVID(10)—155 HANCER. ALISON (10) HANCER. CLAIRE (12) HANN. NANCY (12)— 147.187 HANS. RICHARD(12) —147.187 HANSEN. KARI(II)—167. 141 HANSEN. KATHRYN (11)— 167 HANSEN. KENT(12)— 188 HANSEN. LINDA(12) —20.98.105. 111. 188. 189 HANSEN. TINA(10)—155 HANSON. MARILEE (11) —64.106.167 HANSON. ROBERT (12) — 188 HARDWICK. BARBARA (11) — 167 HARDWICK. ELIZABETH(10) HARE. BETSY (10) —62. 155 HARE. DANIEL (11) — 51. 167 HARRIS. CARRON (10) —155 HARRIS. KEVIN (12)— 59. 115.188 HART. DANIEL (10) — 54. 155 HART. EDMUND(12)—188 HARTMAN. DAVID (11) — 138.167. 68 HATCH. KELLEY (12) —188 HAUGAN. THOMAS (10) — 155 HAUSER. THOMAS (12) —26.59. 108. 109. 188 HAUSER. FREDERICK (11) — 167 HAVIR. WENDY (10)— 155 HAWKINSON. RICHARD (10)— 155 HAYES. WILLIAM (11) —146.167 HAYS. ANDREW (10) —54. 156 HAYS. PAUL(11)—167 HAYWA. JILL (11)— 167 HEALY. KAREN(12)— 188.5 HED. DAVID (11)— 167 HEFFERNAN. GRACE (12) — 188. 199 HEINZEN. JAMES(II) —167 HELMKE. MARK(11)—167 HEMP. JOSEPH (10)— 156 HEMP. THOMAS (11) — 167 HENDEL. JAYNE (10) — 100.101. 106.156. 141 HENNEBERG. LISA(10) —156 HENNEBERG. DUANE (11) — 167 HENRICKSON. ERIC(10)— 138. 156 HENRICKSON. STEVEN (12)— 188 HERMAN. BRADLEY (12) —26. 92.188. 5 HERMAN. KIRBY(12) —55. 111. 188.66 HERSHOCK. ROBERT (11) —167 HESS. BRADLEY(II) —167 HESSBERG. JACQUELIN(IO)—62.104. 156 HEUTMAKER. MONICA (12) HEYSTEK. LEONIE (11) —167 HIBBARD. NANNETTE (11) — 167 HIBBS. JANET (11)— 146.167 HIBBS. JOHN (11)— 167 HIDY. STEVEN (12) — 134.136.188 HIGENDORF. JULIE (11) — 62.138.167 HILL. LESLIE (10) — 54.156.141 HILL. RANDY(11)—77.167 HILLER. SARAH (11) — 167 HINCHCLIFFE. LISA (10)— 156 HINKER. KATHY (12) — 63. 100.144. 145. 188 HIRSCH. DAVID (11) — 54.167 HIRSCH. STEPHEN (12) —188 HITCH. MARCIA (12) — 188 HIZER. STACIA (10) — 64.156 HOBSON. JOHN (12) — 92. 93.188. 66 HODDER. SUSAN (11) — 62. 78. 167 HOEDEMAN. CARLA (12) —113. 188 HOFF. KATHRYN(10)—156 HOFF. GORDON (10) — 156 HOL. CHRISTOPHER (12) — 188 HOLCOMBE. ELIZABETH (12)— 188 HOLCOMBE. MARGARET (12)— 98.183. 188 HOLLWAY. WILLIAM (12) HOLM. WILLIAM (12) —50. 188 HOLMAN. COURTLAND (12) — 130.188 HOLMAN, CHRISTOPHER(10)— 156 HOLMGREN. TIMOTHY (12) —50. 188 HOLMSTROM. CARLA (11)— 167 HOLSTROM. JILLEEN (11) —167 HOLZWORTH. JONNA (12) —147. 189 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES —28. 29 HOMECOMING COURT — 26.27 HOPKINS. LISA (12) — HOPKINS. LISA (10)— 156 HOPSON. KATHLEEN (10) — 156 HORNS. JAMES(II) —105,167 HORNS. JOHN (11) —167 HOUGEN. JANICE (10) —156 HOUSH. SCOT (11) — 51.52. 70. 72.167 HOUSTON. BENJAMIN (12) —189 HOUSTON. DOUGLAS (10) — 156 HOVDE. JOHN (10) — 156 HOWARD. SUSAN (11) — 167 HOWE. STACY(12)—146, 189 HRIBAR. DAVID (10)— 156 HU8BARD. CHARLES (12) —189 HUGHES. KEVIN (10) —127.145.156. 7 HULTMANN. BARBARA (fac.) — 126. 130 HUNT. DAVID(12)—189 HUNT. DAVID(11)—53. 167.66 HUNT. STEPHEN (10) —54. 149. 156 HUNTER. MARY(12)—189 HURLEY. ANN(11) —34. 167 HURLEY. KATHLEEN (10) — 78. 156 HURLEY. TOM (12) — 111.189. 66 III ILIFF, TODO (12) — 50. 51.107.189 INKS. MARK (10)—156 INSKEEP. WADE (11) — 167 INTRAMURAL SPORTS — 88, 89 JJJ JACOBSEN. CHRIS (12) —147.189 JAMES. CURTIS (10) — 156 JANITORS—120.121 JASTRAM. JAMES (11) —167 JEANS —30. 31 JECHA. STEVEN (10) —54.156 JENNINGS. TIMOTHY (12) —50.189 JENOS. BRENT(11)—167 JENSEN. PAMELA (11) —100.104. 167 JENSEN. VIRGINIA (fac.)—100 JOAS. WILLIAM (10)— 156 JOHNSON. BARRY (10) — 156 JOHNSON. BLAKE (12) — 189 JOHNSON. BRENT (10) — 156 JOHNSON. BRIAN (10) —70.156 JOHNSON. BRUCE (10) —163 JOHNSON. CRAIG (10) — 157 JOHNSON. CURT (fac ) —127 JOHNSON. DAVID (11) —77.167 JOHNSON. DEANN (10) —157 JOHNSON. DEBRA(12) — 62.190 JOHNSON. DIANE (11) — JOHNSON. DON (fac ) — 127 JOHNSON. EDWARD (10) —72. 163 JOHNSON. ERIC (11) —167 JOHNSON. JEFFREY (11) —167 JOHNSON. JILL (11)— 168 JOHNSON. JILL (12) — 98. 99 JOHNSON. KARI (10) — 20. 57.157 JOHNSON. KARIN (12) — 20.111. 146.190 JOHNSON. MARCIE (10) — 97. 136.157 JOHNSON. MARGARET (12) — 42.100.111. 115.190. 202.141 JOHNSON. MARGARET (11) — 63.168 JOHNSON. MITCHELL (12) —136.190 JOHNSON. RICHARD (10) —54. 138.157 JOHNSON. SHERRY (12) — 180.190 JOHNSON. THOMAS (11) —51.129.168 JOHNSON. VICKI (10) — 141 JOHNSON. VICTORIA (11) —168 JOHNSON. ROBERT (10)— 72.157 JOHNSTON. ANDREA (11) — 168 JOHNSTON. WILLIAM (12) —146.190 JOLTON. MICHAEL (10) —157 JONES. KAREN(10)— JONES. KATHRYN (12) — 20.111. 145. 190 JONES. KATHY (fac.) JONES. STEVEN (11) —168 JONES. STEVEN(12) —50.54.190 JONES. SUSAN (12)—190 JORGENSEN. HANS (10)— 59.104.157 JUHL. CAROL (11)—136.168 JULIG. LYNN (12) JUNIORS—164 JUNKO. TIMOTHY (10) —138. 157 JUNTTI. JOHN (10)— 157 JURICH. LANCE (11) — 54. 168 kkk KAISER. DAVID (12)— 113.147.190 KAISER. PETER (11)—168 KAISLER. KATHRYN (12) — 190 KAJU. REGINA(10)— 157 KAJU. THOMAS(12) — 28. 108. 190. 193 KALLGREN. BRUCE (12)— 190 KANE. DEBRA(II)— 104. 168.141 KANE. JON(IO) —157 KANTER. HARVEY (11) —168 KAPHINGST. LEE (fac.) KARDELL. NANCY (10) —157 KARIGAN. PAMELA (11) —57.168 KARNEGIS. JANICE (12)— 105. 145.190 KAROS. PAUL(11)—77. 168 KARPELES. DANIEL (11)— 168 KARPELES. RACHEL (10) — 157 KARR. SUSAN (10) KAYE. DOUGLAS (12) — 190 KAZEMI. SOROYA (10) — 42.157 KEELER. BRIAN(12)—190 KEINATH. JENNIFER (10) — 157 KELLEY. SCOTT (10) —157 KELLOGG. JULIE (10) —108.157 KELLY. COLLEEN (12) — 190 KELLY. KIMBERLEY (11)—136. 168 KELLY. MICHAEL (12) — 190.141 KELLY. SHANNON (11)—146. 168 KEMBLE. ANN(12)— 115. 190 KERKER. THOMAS(II) — 54.168 KERWIN. DAVID (11)— 168 KEYES. FREDERICK (12)— 190 KEYES. KERRY(11)—168 KILIAN. DANIEL (10)— 157 KIM. DEBORA(12)—190 KIMBALL. GREG0RY(12) — 77.146. 190 KIMMEL. DANIEL(10)—157 KING. STEVEN (11) KINNEY. THOMAS (10) —157 KINNING. JOSEPH (12) —55. 108. 109. 190 KIZERSHOT. THOMAS (11) — 168 KLAS. KAREN (10)— 157 KLEIN. MIA(11) —108. 109.168. 141 KLEMP. CHRISTOPHER (11)— 168 KLESK. PATRICK (11) — 168 KLINDWORTH. JOHN (11) — 168 KLINE. CATHERINE (11)— 163 KLOEWER. JEFFREY (10)— 157. 68 index 215KLOEWER. KEVIN (12) — 51.132. 190 KLUS. JOHN (11) —59. 168 KNIPPENBERG. ROBIN (11)—136. 168 KNIPPENBERG. SHARON(11)— 168 KNOUSE. MICHAEL(11)— 169 KOERBER. JAMES(12)— 191.2.68 KOJETIN. MIKEL (11) — 146. 169 KOLLES. DAVID (10) — 157 KOLLES. GREGORY (12)—191 KOLZOW. DONNA (12) — 63. 191 KONEZNY. JOHN (10) — 158 KOOP. KATHERINE (12)— 191 KOPP. TERRENCE (12) —109. 149. 191. KORN. RANDY(12)—50 KORST, GAIL (11) — 104. 169 KORTHOF. BRIAN (12) — 191 KOSTICH. SUSAN (11) — 106. 169 KOTZEN. CANDI (10) — 158 KOTZEN. SHARI(II) — 62. 115. 169 KOUKAL. KELLEY(10)—158 KOZAR. THOMAS (11) — 169 KOZEROWITZ. NEIL(12)— 191 KRAFFT. PHILLIP(12) —50. 164. 191.141 KRANT. STEVEN (10) — 158 KRIETER. JANINE (11) — 169 KRIETER. MICHAEL (10) —59. 158 KRUSE. STEVEN (11) — 169 KRYSTOSEK. JOSEPH (10) — 60. 158 KUBIN. LORRIE (10) — 62. 158 KUEHL. LAURA(II)— 169. 141 KULLER. SHARI (12) — 105.191.5 KUNERT. MELISSA(IO)—158 KURTH. JOSEPH(IO) —54. 158 LABERGE. PATRICE (11)— 145. 169 LAFFERTY. SEAN (11) — 169 LAHNER. JAMES(IO) —158 LAMB. KATHERINE (11)— 169 LAMBERT. SCOTT (10) — 72. 158 LAMSON. MICHELE (10)— 158 LANDE. CHRISTI (11) — 64 LANG. MICHAEL(IO)— 158, 169 LANGE. MARK(11)—61. 108 LANGEFELS. DARLA (10) — 158. 169 LANGEFELS. DENNIS (11) — 54. 61 LANGUAGE CLUBS — 104. 105. 106. 107 LANTTO. SANDRA(11)—108. 169 LARK. STUART (11)— 70. 169 LAROSE. MARYKAE (12)— 98. 191 LARSEN DANIEL(11)—169 LARSEN. DAVID(11)— 169 LARSEN NANCY(12)—191 LARSON. BARBARA(10)—138. 158 LARSON. BART (fac.) —128 LARSON. CYNTHIA (10)— 158 LARSON, DAVE (fac ) — 128 LARSON, DEBRA(IO)— 158 LARSON. GREGOERY (12) —59. 191 LARSON, KRlSTIN(ll)—169 LARSON, MARK (11)—169 LARSON. TERRENCE (11) —54. 169.66.67 LATHAUER. JANELL(IO) —136. 158 '.ATHAUER. LANECE (12) — 191 hAUGHLIN. PATRICK (10)— 158 LAVELLE. DEBRA (10) — 158 LAVELLE. DENISE (12) — 191 LAVINE. SHARI (10)— 158 LAVINE. STEVEN (12) LAWLOR. PETER (12) — 191 LAYZELL. JUDY (fac.) — 128 LEADENS. LISA (12)— 191 LEADENS. LORI(12)—191 LEAK. MICHELLE (12)—115. 191 LECOUNT, CHARLES (12) — 191 LEE, KAR1 (10) — 62. 78. 158 LEE. MELINDA (12) — 56. 57. 191 LEISTEKOW. MARTHA (fac )— 128 LEJEUNE. MICHAEL(12)— 123. 191 LELAND. DIANA (fac.)—140. 141 LEMENAGER. MARK (12) — 191 LEMIEUX. LORI (12)— 191 LENNON. MICHAEL (11)— 169 LEONARD. BARDLEY (10) — 158 LEONARD. JAMES (11) — 169 LEONARD. STEVEN(11)— 169 LESLIE.LYNN(12)—113. 191 LEUPOLD. GLENN (11) — 54. 169 LEVER. GREGORY (12) — 192 LEVER. LORI (10)— 158 LEVIN.THOMAS(II)— 169 LEVINE. STACY (11)— 169 LEW. BRIAN (12)—124. 192 LEWAN, DAVID (10)— 158. 164 LEWIS. JEFF (fac.) — 112. 128 LEWIS. STEPHANIE (11) —62. 169 LEWIS. WILLIAM (11) —125. 169 LIBRARIANS LEIBERMAN. DANIEL (11) — 169 LILJA. MICHAEL (10) — 158 LILJA. NANCY (12) — 26. 28.192. 202 LILLEMOE. SCOTT (11) — 169 LILLESTRAND. STEVEN(11)— 169. 66 LIMA. CLAUDIA (12)— 113. 192. 15 LINDELAND, MICHAEL (10) — 159 LINDEMANN. MATTHEW (10)— 77.159 LINOEMANN. PAUL (12)— 107. 192 LINDQUIST. TOM (fac ) — 129 LINER. STUART (11)—70 LINWICK. PETER (11) — 115.169 LITTLE. JOHN (12)— 192 LOEHR. SANDRA(II)—169 LOEHR. SUSAN(11)— 169 LOGEFEIL. WILLIAM (11)— 169 LONG. DAVID (11) — 58.59.124. 169 LOPESIO. JAMES (10) LORD. MICHAEL (12) — 192 LOSLEBEN. JEAN (12) — 113. 192 LOUTHAN. BOBBETTE (10) — 159 LOWE. CYNTHIA (12) —115.192 LOWE. STEPHEN (11) — 169 LUIKENS. KATHERINE (11)—169 LUNAAS. BRITT (12) —26. 192 LUNAAS. ERIC (10) — 54. 159 LUND. CARLA (10) — 159 LUND. CAROLYN (10) — 159 LUND. MARK (11)— 169 LYNN. LISA (11) — 56. 169 mmm MAANUM. LANCE (12) — 77.146. 192 MAAS. MICHAEL (11) —54. 105. 169 MacGIBBON. BRUCE (11)—169. 141 MacGIBBON. SUSAN (12) —104. 105. 192 MacGOWAN. MOLLY (10) — 62. 159 MacGOWAN. JOHN (12)— 192 MacHALAK. KENNETH (12) MacHALAK. ROBERT (11) MADDEN. ELIZABETH (10)— 159 MADDEN. RICHARD(12) —50. 192 MADSEN. RICHARD (12) MADSEN. ROBERT (10) —159 MAGNUSON. KRISTIN (11) — 170 MAGNUSON. PETER (10) — 159 MAHOWALD. SHIRLEY (fac.) MAIER. CAROL (10)— 159 MAILLET. DELTA (fac.) —129 MAIMARES. ANNA (10) — 159 MAKI. JOHN(12)— 145.192.13 MALCOM. GRANT (12) —146.192 MALCOM. KAREN (11) — 170 MALEY. KAREN (11)—98.99. 170. 141 MAUN, BRUCE (12) — 192 MALTBY. STEPHEN (10) MANDELL. PAUL (10) —159 MANION. KEVIN (10) —54. 159 MANLEY. JOHN (11)—54. 170 MANLEY. JAMES (12)—192 MANLEY. MAUREEN (10) — 159 MANOLIS, AMY (10) 100. 159 MARKWARDT. DONALD(l2)— 50. 192. 8 MARQUARDT. KIRBY (12) —192. 199 MARSH. DAN (fac.) — 129 MARTENS. CHARLES (12) — 192 MATHIAS. JULIE (11) MATTSON, BRIAN (12) — 61.192 MATZKE, TODD(IO)— 159 MAYER. MICHAEL (11) —170. 141 McARTHUR. MARK (11) — 92.92. 124. 127. 170 McBRIDE. THOMAS(12)— 192 McCALL. DAVID (12) — 192 McCALL. HACK (fac ) —54.55. 77. 125. 127 McCALL. JEFFREY (12) — 193 McCALL. MARY(11)—170 McCarthy, timothy (i2) — i93 McCauley, james (i i)—170 McClelland, pamela(io)— 136.159 McCOY. DEBBIE (12) — 14.193. 197 McCOY. KEVIN (12) —51. 193 MCDONNELL. JOAN (12)— 193 McDONNELL. ROBERT (11) — 1 70 McDONNELL. WILLIAM (11) —54. 170 McDOUGAL. CHARLES(11)— 170 McELROY. TIMOTHY (10) —77. 159 McGLYNN. EDWARD (11) — 53. 170 McGLYNN. MOLLY (10) — 64. 106. 159 McGORMAN, NANCY (12)—193 McGovern, molly (12)—78 McGOVERN. NANCY (11)— 170 McGovern, sean (io)—159 McGRATH. REGINA(11—115.145. 170 McGRAW. BRIDGET (12)— 104. 193 McGRAW. THERESE (10) — 159 mckinney. amy (in —170 MCLAUGHLIN. DAVID(10)—159 McLELLAN. TRACY(10)— 106. 159 McMAHON. KATHLEEN (11)— 114. 115. 169. 170 McNALLY. MICHAEL (10) —59. 159 McNAMEE. THOMAS (12) —193 McNEE. JAMES (11) — 170 mcpherson. dawn (12) —193 mcpherson. gregory(ii)— 53 mcpherson. mark (12)—193 McQUINN. MARY (12) —64.97. 193 McQUOID. ELIZABETH (fac ) — 62. 86 MEADLEY. PAUL (12) — 193 MEADLEY. WENDY (11) — 170 MEANS. MELISSA (10) —136. 159 MECKLENBURG. FREDERICK (10) — 159 MEIDINGER. LYNNLY (11)— 170 MEITZ. KATHLEEN (10) — 159 MELICHAR. ED (fac.) — 129.144 MELICHAR JAMES(12)—194 MELICHAR. JOHN (12) —193 MELICHAR. PAUL(11)—145.170 MELICHAR. TODD(IO) —60.159 MELIN, JULIE (10) — 104. 159 MELOCHE. JOHN (12)— 194 MENZ, DAVID(12)— 194 MERBLER. RONALD (12)— 194 MERBLER. STEVEN (10) —60. 159 MERZ. NANNETTE (12) —194 MESNA. KRISTIN(12)—194 MEUWISSEN. DAVID(12)—115. 194 MEYER. ANNE (11)— 170 MEYER. DEBRA(12)— 132.194 MEYER. MATTHEW(12)— 76. 77. 194 MEYER. PAMELA(IO) —159 MEYER. RICHARD(IO)— 159 MEYERHOFF. LESLIE (12) — 194 MICEK. JENNIFER (10) — 149.159 MICEK. STEPHANIE (12)—115. 194 MIKAN, MAUREEN (10) —108. 59 MILLER. GREG (12) — 147. 194 MILLER. JEFFREY (11) —170 MILLER. LAURA(12)— 146 MILLER. PAUL(10)—159 MILLER. SCOTT(10)—159 MILLER. SHERI(12)— 146. 194 216 indexMINEHART. PATRICIA (10) — 62. 113. 159 MINGO. CURTISS (11) — 54.170 MITCHELL. ANTHONY (12)— 15. 26. 54. 55. MOE. BRAD(12)—194 MOE. KATHERINE (11) MOELLER. BARBARA (11) —8. 56. 170 MOGCK. STEVEN (10) —72.159 MONCHAMP. MELISSA (10) —97.108.159 MONCHAMP. TIMOTHY (12) —55.108. 194 MONSON. ELLEN (12) — 100. 194 MONTGOMERY. ANDREW(10)— 159. 141 MONTGOMERY. ANN (10) — 159 MOONEY. KAREN (11) — 170 MOONEY. LINDA (10) — 149.160 MOORE. ALEXANDER (1D — 92. 170 MOORE. CLAIRE (11) —170 MOORE. GREGG (12) —66.69. 194 MOORE. JILL (11) — 170 MOORE. MOLLIE (11) —170 MOORHEAD. SANDRA(12) —194. 199 NEAL. JOHN (12) —26.92. 123. 195. 107.2 NEAL. JULIA (11) —98. 170 NEILSON. KIMBERLY (10) — 160 NELSON. ARMI (lac.) NELSON. JOHN (10)— 160 NELSON. JOY (11)— 170 NELSON. PHILLIP(12) —21.113. 195 NELSON. SARA (12) — 136. 195 NELSON. SUZANNE (11) — 170 NEPOMIASTCHY. SERGE (10)— 160 NETTLE. RUSSELL(10) —59.160 NEUMAN. SHEILA (12) —195 NEUMAN. STEVEN (10) —54.160 NEVILLE. STEPHEN (10) —160.77 NEWELL. KATHLEEN (10) —62. 160. 78. 79 NICHOLS. CHERYL (10)— 160 NICHOLS. RONALD (12)— 195 NIELAND. CARRIE (11) —170.141 NIELSEN. JOANNE (11) — 170.138 NIELSEN. JOHN (lac.) NIPP. MICHAEL (12)— 195 OHLSON. DANIEL (11) — 52. 70. 170 OHLY. SALLY (lac ) — 130 OKINOW. STEPHEN (11)—113. 170 OLIEN. DEREK(II) OLIVER. MURRAY (10) —161 OLLMANN. PETER(IO) —161. 172 OLMSCHEID, ANN (12) — 196 OLSEN. JOHN (lac )—54.55. 130 OLSEN. REED(11) —53. 170 OLSEN. WESLEY (10) —68.69. 161 OLSON. AMY (11) —57.113.170 OLSON. DERRICK (11) —53.170 OLSON. EDWARD (11) —53. 70. 170 OLSON. KATHERINE (10)— 161 OLSON. NANCY(12)—138. 196 OLSON. PAMELA (11) — 57.115. 170 OLSON. ROBERT (12) —70. 71.196 OLSON. RON (lac.) — 130 OPHEIM. KAREN (11) — 138.171 OPHEIM. LORI (10)— 113. 161 ORCHARD. LORI (10) — 161 MOOTY. CHARLES (12) —26.41. 70. 194 MORAN, DANIEL (10) —160 MORGAN. KAREN (12) — 145.146. 194 MORI. RYOSUKE (12) — 55.194 MORRIS. JOHN(11)— 170 MORRISON. TERRI (12) —34. 194 MORRISON. TIM (12) —195.141 MORRISEY. DENNIS (12)—70. 71.88.195 MORROW. VINCENT (11) — 170 MOSHARRAFA. NEVENE (12)— 136.195 MOSS. BRENDA (12) — 79.195 MOYNIHAN, ANN(11) —97. 105. 134. 170 MOYNIHAN. PATRICK (10) — 160 MRKONICH. JANA (10)— 160 MUELLER. CYNTHIA (12)—147. 195 MUELLER. DANIEL (12)—195 MUELLER. JOHN (11) — 54.170 MUELLER. MARK(11)—170 MUELLER. MARY (11) — 170 MULL. LAWRENCE (10) — 160 MUSIC MAN —34.35 nnn NAGENGAST. GENETTE (12)— 195 NAGENGAST. ROBERT(10)— 160 NAGY. LINDA (10)—160 NAGY. JOHN (12) —58.59.140. 195 NANKIVILLE. SUE (10) —160 NANKIVILLE. SALLY(10)—160 NANNE. MICHELLE (10) —97.160 NAROS. KRISTEN (11) —105.115. 170 NATOLE. JAMES (12) —150.195 NATTRASS. SCOT (11) — 170 NIPPER. ROBERT (11) —170.175 NISSEN. JOHN (12) — 60. 195 NOLAN. JULIE(IO)— 155. 160 NORD. TIMOTHY (12) —195 NORDBY. JAMES (11)— 170 NORDBY. JULIANNE (10)— 160 NORELL. DON(l2)— 146. 195 NORELLI. PAUL (10) — 77 NORMAN. RE8ECCA (12) — 195 NORTH. DAVID (11) — 59.170 NORTH MICHAEL (10) —160 NYDAHL. LISA (10)— 136. 160 NYMANN. CHRISTIN (12)— 195 ooo OAKES. CHARLES (lac.)— 130 OBERLE. LINDA(IO) —113.160 OBERMEYER. BONNY (12) —195 O BOYLE. MOLLIE (fac.) —63.86. 78 OBRIEN. JAY(12) —57.136. 195 OBRIEN. JOHN (11) — 52. 77.170 OBRIEN. MEGAN (12) —20. 98.99. 195 OBRIEN. GENE (12) —51.195.2 OCHS. CARL (10)— 161 OCONNOR. PATRICIA (11) —78. 115. 170 OCONNOR. MICHAEL (10) — 161 ODELL. BRADLEY (10) —161 ODELL. JEFFREY (12) —196 OERTER. ROGER(12) —196 OGREN. ANN(11)— 170 OHARA. ERIN(12)— 146.196 OHARA. PATRISK (10) — 161 OHLIN. THOMAS (12) — 146.196 OSS. SARAH (11) — OTTUM. BEVERLY (lac.)— 131 OVERHOLT. RALPH (12) — 8.55. 196 OVERPECK. TERRYL (10)—138.161 OVERTON. VINCENT (10) OWSTON. JOAN (10) —161 ppp PAETZNICK. LINDA(10) — 62.161 PAETZNICK. TODD(12)— 1% PELLANCH. TERESA (12)— 196 PALMA. TIMOTHY (11) — 52.171 PALMER. STUART (11)— 171 PALMER. TIMOTHY (10)— 59.161 PAPIN. CALLA(10)—161 PARRY. JAMES(12)— 196 PARRY. STEPHEN (10) —161 PARRY. SUSAN (10) — 161 PASK. LORNA (12) PASTRE. DAVID (10) — 61. 161 PASTRE SUSAN (12) —111.196 PATRONS — 208. 209.210 PATTON. CHRISTOPHER (10) — 60.161 PAULSON. ANNE (11) — 171 PAULSON. DIANNE (11) PAULSON. KURT (11)—171 PAULSON. MARY (10) — 111.161.141 PAULSON. STEPHEN (10) —72.161 PAULUS. SUSAN (10) PAULY. SCOTT(12)— PAUSE. JAMES(11)—52. 171 PAVLIK. STEVEN (11) — 21.52. 71 PAVELKO. PAT (fac.) — 86 index 217PEACOCK. MICHELLE (12)— 196 PEARSON, BRUCE (12) —66.196 PEARSON. CYNTHIA (12) —98. 197 PEARSON. LESLIE (10) — 136.161 PEDDERSON. JEFFREY (10)— 161 PEGORS. KARL (fac ) — 129.131 PELLOWE. HELEN (fac.)—131. 135 PERKINS. ELIZABETH (11)— 171 PERRY. JAMES(II)— 171 PERRY. KRISTINE (11) —171 PERRY. MICHAEL (10) — 161 PERSONS. LINDA (12) —146. 186. 197 PERSONS. WILLIAM (11)—147. 171 PESKIN. 8RENDA(12) —34. 111. 197. 141 PETERS. KELLY(II)— 145, 171 PETERS. SEAN (12) —55. 197 PETERS. THERESA (12) PETERSEN. ROBERT (fac.)— 131 PETERSEN. SHARON (12) — HI. 113. 183. 197 PETERSON. BRADLEY(12)—197 PETERSON. CYNTHIA (10) —157. 161 PETERSON. DAVID (11) —53.136. 171 PETERSON. DIANE (10) — 161 PETERSON. DOUGLAS (12) —59. 77. 197 PETERSON. GREGORY (11) PETERSON. JOEL (11) —171 PETERSON. JOHN (10) — 161, 3 PETERSON. JUDITH (12)— 197 PETERSON. KATHERINE(H)—171. 141 PETERSON. KATHERINE (11) — 171 PETERSON. LISA (12) — 127.197 PETERSON. MARYBETH(12)— 197 PETERSON. PAUL (10) —161 PETERSON. ROBERT (fac.)—132.141 PETERSON. SCOTT (12) — 197 PETERSON. SHELLY (10) — 62. 161 PETERSON. TIMOTHY (10) —60. 77.161 PETRI. ANN (fac.) — 106. 108 PETROWSKI. GREGORY (11)— 171 PETRY. JACK (11) —60.171 PETSOLT. JANESE (10) — 161 PETSOLT. SUSAN (12) — 197 PFANNENSTEIN, LAURA(IO)— 161 PFISTER. THOMAS (10) —161 PHELPS. KELLY (11) PHELPS. TRACI (12) PHIL BIN. JOHN (10) — 153. 161 PHILLIPS. CHARLES(11)— 171 PHILLIPS. DAVID(12) —50.136. 197 PHILLIPS. DEBRA (12) — 147. 197 PICOU. PENNEE (11) — 171 PIERSON. SUE (10) — 161 PING. JOLYNN(II)— 171 PINT. JEANNINE (12) — 197 PLATOU. NANCY (11) — 171 POEHLER. MARY (fac.) — 132 POEHLER. SALLY (12) — 113. 136. 197 POHLAD. ANN (10) — 161 POHLAD. KATHY(12) — 8.98. 111. 198 POPKO. JOHN (10)— 161 POPOWICH. JOHN (12) — 55. 198 POPOWICH. THOMAS (11) — 171 POPS-WEST — 36. 37 PORTER. SONJIA (11) — 171 PORTER. TODD (12) POST, RICHARD(IO)— 113.145. 161 POWELL. JOHN (11) — 52. 76. 77. 171 POWELL. LISA (10)— 161 PRAY. PENNY(10)— 138.161 PRAY, WENDY(12)— 198 PRENTICE. LAURA (12) —35.145.198 PRENTICE. SARAH (10) —161 PROST. TODD (12) PUNKRIS. RAY (fac.) — 57 PURDUM. PENELOPE (12) —198 qqq QUALE, JEFF (12)— 198 QUENROE. JULIE (10) —161 QUENROE. STEPHEN (12)— 147 QUILLING. NANETTE (10) —42. 43. 161 QUINLAN. RICHARD(IO)— 144. 145. 161 QUINN. JOHN (10) — 77.161 QUINN. PATRICK (12) —109. 198. 141 rrr RAAB, FRANK (11)—171 RADABAUGH. JILL (12) —198 RADFORD. WILLIAM (11)— 171 RAETHER. HEIDI (10) — 113.161 RAGATZ. SUSAN (11) — 56, 115.171 RAGOZZINO. LISA (11) — 138.171 RAHN. PAUL(11) —52. 171 RAIHILL. TODD (10)— 161 RALLIS. KYLE (10) — 7. 72. 161 RALLIS. STUART (12) — 50. 52 RANHEIM. CRAIG (12) —55.66.67. 198 RASKIN. ANNE (10)— 161 RATELLE. ALEX(12)—198 RATELLE. CAROL (10) — 161 RATELLE. JOHN(12) —34.198. 141 RATELLE. MARY (11) REARDON. SEAN(12) —146, 198 REBER. LYNNETTE (11)— 136 REBHOLZ. CAROLYN (fac.) — 132 REED. LESLEY (12)— 105.144. 109 REGLI. LYNN (10) —20.162 REICH. SCOTT (12)— 198 REICHERT. LISA(10) —43.162 REICHERT. SCOTT (12) — 55.198 REICHOW. JENNIFER (12) — 198 REICHOW. RICHSRD(fac ) —132.147 REILLY. MARC (10) — 54. 161 REILLY. PHILLIP(12)—198 REIMER. GEROGE (fac.)— 107.133 REJALI. ROXANNE (11 REMOLE. MARGARET (12) — 104.105. 198 REYNOLDS. CHRISTOPHER (11) — 54. 55. 171 RICE. EILEEN (12) — 64.198 RICE. NANCY (11) —171 RICE. WENDY (10) —20. 162 RICHARDS. PAMELA (10) — 106. 162 RICHARDS. WINSTON (11) —171 RICHARDSON. ADAM (11) — 171 RICHARDSON. JULIE (10) —162. 141 RICKENBACH. BRADLEY (12) — 51. 108.198 RICKERT. KRISTIN (10) —62.100. 162 RIDGE. PATRICIA (11) —171 RIESER. TIMOTHY (11) RIETTI. GEORGE (12) — 198 RIETTI. GUIDO (10)— 162 RINGHAM. WILLIAM (10)— 162 RISON. CHARLOTTE (11) — 171 RISON. MICHAEL(12) ROBBINS. LYNN (11) —28.97. 104.171. 141 ROBERTS. JAMES (12) —26.108. 109. 198 ROBERTS. NANCY (11) — 171 ROBERTS. WILLIAM (11) — 54. 55. 66.172 ROBERTSON. DRUCIE (11) — 172 ROBESON. NANCY (11) ROBINSON. MITCHELL (11) —52. 172 ROCKLER. ELIZABETH (12)— 198 ROCKLER. SHERRI(10)— 162 RODGERS. SHERRI (10) —62. 78. 79. 162 RODGERS. TRACEY (11) — 172 RODRIGUEZ. JAIME (12)— 100. 200.141 ROEPKE. SCOTT (10) —162 ROETHLER. JEROLD (10) — 162 ROGNESS. JODI (11) — 98. 172 ROITENBERG. SAMUEL (11) ROLFES. PATRICK (10) —54.68. 104. 162 ROOT. EARL (11)—146. 172 ROSE. KIRK (12) —200 ROSEN. AMY (12)—113. 136. 144.200 ROSENBLOOM. MATTHEW (10) — 162 ROSENTHAL. BRIAN (11) — 172 ROSLAND. TIMOTHY (11) — 53.172 ROTH. JUDY (12) —200 ROTH. ROBERT(10)—162 R0THGE8. BRENT (10) —60.61.162 ROTMAN. THOMAS (11) — 172 ROTTINGHAUS, MARY (11) — 105.172 ROULEAU. KATHLEEN (10)— 162 ROWLAND. NANCY (12) — 98. 200 ROYCE. KAREN (10) — 162 ROZENTALS. ANDRA(IO) —62.162 RUOIN, ERICA (11) — 172 RUDIN, JOEL (10)— 162 RUDIN. MARY (12)— 200 RUNYAN, LAURIE (11) — 78.172 RUSSELL. KEITH (10) — 162 RUSSELL. PETER (10)—162 RUSSELL. THOMAS(12)— 126. 200 RUTHERFORD. STEVEN (11) — 172 RUTMAN. CAREN (12) RUZIC. JODI (11)— 172 RYAN. TERESA(12)—200 RYDEN. JOHN (12) — 200 RYDEN. JOHN MIKE (12) —200 RYOEN.THOMAS(IO) —72.162 RZESZUT. LESLIE (12) — 111.200.141 RZESZUT. MARGARET(11)—125. 172 SACK RISON. CHRIS (11)— 53. 68. 172 SADIE HAWKINS —41 SADOWSKI. GARY (12) — 147. 201 SADOWSKI, JAMES(IO)— 163 SAILER. LISA (11) —172. 141 SALHUS. JONATHON (11) — 172 SALHUS. KIRSTEN (12) — 201 SALHUS. STEFANI (10) —162 SALITERMAN. WILLIAM (12) — 201 SAMPSON. NANCY (11) — 57. 172 SANBORN. KIMBERLY (12) — 201 SAPIRO. PAUL (12)— 50. 201 SANSON. PAUL (10)— 162 SANTRIZOS. PAUL (10) — 162 SATTERLAND. JAMES (11) — 172 SAUDE. JON (10) — 162 SCAIFE. JAMES(II) — 59. 172 SCANLAN, MARY (12) — 14. 26. 97. 201.141 SCHAAR. ELIZABETH (12) — 5. 20.111.201. 141 SCHAUB. WILLIAM (11) SCHEERER. MARTIN (12) —201 SCHELL. TODD (11) — 68. 172 SCHIBUR. PATRICIA (10) — 162 SCHIBUR. SUSAN (12) —201 SCHLAEFER. MARK (12) — 201 SCHMELZ. THOMAS (10) — 162 SCHMIEL. DANIEL (10) SCHMITT. KIMBERLY (11) —98. 79.172 SCMITZ. ELIZABETH (fac.) —133 SCHNEIDER. DANA (10) SCHNEIDER. JEFFERY (10) SCHOENECKER, CHERYL (10)— 162 SCHROEDER. DOUGLAS (11) — 53.172 SCHROEDER. LISA(II)—124. 172 SCHUENEMAN. MARTHA(II) SCHUENEMAN. THOMAS (12) SCHULTZ. CRAIG (12) — 201 SCHULTZ, SCOTT (11) — 172 SCHUMACHER. CATHERINE (12)— 145, 201 SCHUMACHER. NANCY (10) — 162 SCHWAB. MICHAEL (10)— 162 SCHWARTZBAUER. TIMOTHY (11) —146. 172 SCHWARZ. KELLY (10) —138. 162 SCHWINKENDORF. MARK (11)— 146. 172 SCUDDER. TAD(10)— 54. 162 SCULLY. ELIZABETH (10) —162 SEASLY. EILEEN (12) —201.141 SEASLY. MARGARET (10) — 162 SEAY. VIRGINIA (12)— 126. 201 SECRETARIES—120.121 SENIORS—176 SESTAK. JOHN (11)— 54.172 SEI8EL. GLENN (fac ) — 128 SEVERINGHAUS. JOEL (11) —34.172 SEVERSEIKE. MARK (10) — 53. 172 SEVERSEIKE. JEFFREY(11)—53.172 SEVERSEIKE. MARK (10)— 162 SHACTER. LISA (12) — 201 SHAMBLOTT. MICHAEL (10)— 162 SHAW. CHRISTI(IO)— 162 SHAW, GEORGE (11) — 172 SHELDON. JOHN (fac.) SHELLY. DOUGLAS (12) — 147. 201 SHEPARD. CAROLYN (12)— 144. 201 SHERMAN. ELIZABETH (12) — 97. 181.201 SHIRK. LISA(11)— 100.136. 145. 172 SIEVE. BARBARA(11) —172 SIGURDSON. JOAN (12) — 201 SIMENSEN. CHARLES (12) — 201 SIMON. STEPHANIE (12) —201 SINDERMAN. JEFF (10) —162 SIT. ROGER (11) —59. 172 SJOLANDER. JEFFREY(II) —54. 145. 172 SKIING — SKOW. BRIAN (10) — 60. 162 SKOW. RICHARD (12) —136. 201.141 SLANASKY. JILL (12) — 201 SLY. CLAIRE (11)— 146. 172 SMILEY. CHERYL (10) — 162 SMILEY. MARK (12) —201 SMITH. ADRIENNE (11)—100. 173 SMITH. ALICE (12) — 199. 202 SMITH. ANN (10) — 163 SMITH. BROCK (11) — 173 SMITH. CHRISTINE (12) — 98. 202 SMITH. CHRISTOPHER (10) —54. 163 218 indexITH.DAVID(II) — 138.U6.173 ITH. DAVID (12) — 202 ITH. ERIC (11) — UTH. JEFFREY (10) —72.163 IITH. PAMELA (11) —173 UTH. PATRICIA (10)—163 UTH.TERRY (11)—173.141 UTH. THOMAS (12) — 141 rfITH. WILLIAM (12) —146.202 MITH. VINE (12) — 202 NOOK. STEPHANIE (11) — 62.172 NYDER. NANCY (11) NYDER. STACY (11) OCCER —54.55 iOLBERG. JOHN (11) — 54.77.173 JORUM. DAVID (12)— 105.202 JOUCEK. LINDA (11) —63.78.173 SOPHOMORES —150 SPEAR. CYNTHIA (12) — 113.202 SPEAR. MICHAEL (10) — 163 SPEAR. STANTEN(12) — 202 SPECHT. PRISCILLA (lac.) — 64.133 SPELIOPOULOS. STEPHANIE (11) — 173 SPELMAN. LYNN (11) — 113.173 SPINDLER. ROBERT (lac.) —134 SPRINGER. PAUL (10) — 163 SPRINGER. SCOTT (11) —145.173 STAMANT. ROBERT (12) ST APEL. CATHERINE (12) — 202 STEHLE Y. GREGG (10) — 70.163 STEHLEY. STEPHEN (12) — 202 STEINBACK. DEBORAH (10) —163 STEVENS. LYNN (11) —173 STICKEL. SALLY (11) — 136.173 STILES. KRISTEN (10) — 163.141 STINNETT. DEBORA (12) — 63.202 STOCKS. JOHN (12) — 147.203 STONE. PAMELA (10) —163 STONE. SHELLEY (12) —203.141 STORM. MARK (12) STORM. MICHAEL (10) — 60.163 STOTTS. LARRY (fac.) — 122.134 STOVER. KARIN (11)—173 STRACHAN. MORLEY (11) —173 STRANDBERG. KEIRI (11) — 173 STRAWBRIDGE. STEVEN (12) — 92.203 STREETER. WILLIAM (11) —173 STRINGER. JOHN (12) — 203 STROM. STEVEN (10) —163 STROUT. SANDRA (11) — 173 STROUT. THERESA (11) — 173 STRUTHERS. ANNE (12)— 68.146.203 STRUTHERS. JEANNE (10) —163 STUDENT COUNCIL—108 STUDENT SCHOOL BOARD — 109 SULLIVAN. GAVIN (10) — SULLIVAN. KIMBERLY (11) —173.141 SULLIVAN. MICHAEL (12) — 66. 68. 50.203 SUMMERS. LAURIE (12) —203 SUND. MONICA (11)— 173 SUNDBERG. MARK (12) — 203.141 SUNDBERG. SARAH (11) —173 SWANSEN. JAMES (11)—173 SWANSON. SUSAN (11) —173 SWANSON. THOMAS (11) — 173 SWANSON. WENDY (10)— 163 SWARTHOUT. JO ANN (12) — 203 SWARTHOUT. MICHAEL (10) SWEENEY. DENNIS(11)—173 SWEENEY. KEVIN (12) — 203 SWEET. DAVID (12) — 146. 203 SWENDSEID. KRISTIN (11) —173 SWENSON. CLARK (12) — 203.141 SWENSON. GARY (11) — 173 SWENSON. JILL (10) —115.163 SWENSON MARK (12) — 203 SWENSON MICHAEL (10) —163 SWENSON. RICHARD (10) —163 SWENSON. STEPHEN (12) — 203 SWOFFORD. KATHLEEN (10) — 163 SWIGGUM. LISA (12) — 203 SWIGGUM. PAMELA (10)— 164 SWIMMING TABBUT. DAVID (lac.) —134 TABOR. PAUL (10) —54.163 T ADVICK. CHRIS (12) — 51.203 T ADVICK. GARY (10) — 77.163 TAMBORNINO. MARY (11) —173 TANNER. CHERYL (11) — 173 TAYLOR. DIANE (10) —163 TEESE. KENNETH (11) —173 TEESE. STEVEN (12) —203 TENBROEK. JAMES (12)—51.105.203 TENNIS — 56 57 TEOREY. STEVEN (12) —127.203 THAYER. CAROLYN (11) —173 THESPIANS —110 THIEM. JOHN (12)— 109. 203 THIEM.MARY(II)—149.173 THOMANN. MARGARET (11) — 173 THOMAS. JULIE (12) — 203 THOMAS. STEFFAN Y (12) — 203 THOMPSON. HOLLY (10) —163 THON. SCOTT (12)— 108.109.203 THORNTON. MICHELLE(11)—146.173 THWING. JOHN (12)— 147.173 TIERNEY. PATRICK (11) — 55.66.173 TOVAR. GEORGE (10) —163 TOWEY. KATHLEEN (10)—136.163 TOZER. MARGARET (11) — 64.173 TREMANN. ELIZABETH (11) —56.138.173. 174 TRIANTFYLOU. ATHENA (11) — 173 TRIANTFYLOU. PHILLIP (12) — 203 TSCHIMPERLE. RICK (10) —163 TUCKER. GAIL (12) — TUPA.JAN(IO) —104.163 TUTTLE. PATRICIA (12) — 203 TUTTLE. ROBERT (11) —53. 70.173 TWYMAN. JAMES (11) TWYMAN. TODD (12) — 203 uuu UHR.LORI(II) — 8 UPHOFF. STEVEN (12) —147.203.141 UPPGAARD. KRISTEN (12) —203 VAALER. ANDREW (11) — 52.92 vvv VAALER. PAUL (12) — 50.92.93. 204 VAHHAJI. CYRUS (10) —163 VALENTINE. SARA(10) —145.163 VANDIXORN. GRAHAM (11) — 174 VANNAG. CHRIS (10) — 54 VARELA. ANA(11)—174 VEIT. STEVEN (12) — 50. 77.204 VENABLE. THOMAS (12) —51.125. 204 VERDOORN. JEFFREY (10) —163 VERVELDE. MICHAEL (10) —54.133.163 VESPER. DENISE (12) — 62.113. 204 VIDMAR. THOMAS (10) —54. 163 VIDMAR. EDWARD (12) —204 VINING. ANNE (12) — 20. 26.113. 204 VOGT. PAMELA (11)— 174 VOLLEYBALL —62.63 VONSCHMIDTPAULI. KEITH (10) — 72.163. 141 VONSCHMIDTPAULI. KURT (12) — 34. 202. 204.141 VOSS. DANIEL(IO)—163 WWW WAGGONER. WILLIAM (12) —204 WAGNER. MICHAEL (12) — 50. 204 WAHL. LISA (12)— 26.196.204 WAHLQUIST. HAROLD (12) —51. 70. 205 WAKEFIELD. RADLEIGH(12) — 205 WALDRON. JANE (10) —122.163 WALES. SCOTT (11) — 52. 68.174 WALKER. BARBARA (12) — 205 WALLACE. CATHERINE (10)— 163 WALLACE. CHRISTOPHER (11) WALLACE. JAMES (11) —58.59.174 WALLER. AMY(10)—163 WALLER. STEVEN (10) —163 WALLSCHLAEGER. JULIE (12) — 113. 205 WALSTEN. LORI (10) — 174 WARFIELD. STEVEN (11) — 54.174 WASLEY. CHRIS (10) — 72.163 WASSENAAR. JEFFREY (12) — 205 WATSON. MARK (11) —174 WAYNE. WALTER (fac.) — 174 WEBER. BENJAMIN (10)— 141 WEBER, GREGORY(10)—163 WEBER. LAUREL(12)—141 WEBER. NANCY(10)—163 WEBER. PAUL (fac )— 58.82 WEBSTER. CHARLES (10) - 68.69.163 WEBSTER. MARK (11) —174 WEBSTER. SCOn (11) — 53.174 WEEGMANN. TRACY (10) —163 WEEKLY. MARK(10)—163 WEILAND. DAWN (11) —174 WEISS. MICHAEL (11) — 174 WEISS. REBECCA (11) —174 WEISZ. BRADLEY (11)—21.52.174 WELCH. BILL (fac )—78.135 WELCH. DAVID (10)— 163 WELCH. WENDY(12)— 182.205 WELKER. JON (11)—174 WENBORG, TAMARA (10) —163 WERNESS. CRAIG (10) —163 WERNESS. KEITH (11) — 52.108 WERNICK. BEVERLY (10) WERNICK. BRENDA (12) — 205 WESSMAN. S.(10)—163 WEST. CHRISTINE (11) — 97.175 WESTBURG. REID (10) —163 WESTLUND. JOANNE (11) —106.175 WESTMAN. SHEILA (12) —205 WESTPHAL. LISA (11) —175 WHALOM. STEPHANIE (10) —163 WHEELER. ALISON (12) — 205 WHEELER. THOMAS (11) —53.175 WHELAN. JOHN (11) WHELAN. SUSAN (12) — 57.205 WHITE. RICHARD (11) WHITE. DONALD (11) — 54.175 WHITTEMORE. GREGORY (12) — 205 WIESNER. RON (fac)— 59 WILKINS. SCOTT (11) — 175 WILKINSON. SIMON (12) — 205 WILSON. ANN (fac ) — 135 WILLIAMS. EDWARD (10) —54. 163 WILLIAMS. KAREN (10) —163 WILLIAMS. MARY (11) —175 WILLIAMS. MICHELE (10) —163 WILLIAMS. RONALD (12) —206 WILLIAMS. HAROLD (12) —51.206.141 WILLIAMSON. RANDALL (10)— 163 WILLMERT. CARRIE (11)— 175 WILLMERT. TODD(12) — 206 WILSON. EDWARD (10) WILSON. LEONARD(11)—175 WINDIGO—112.113 WINEBERG. TODD (11) — 68.175 WINTER. CORY (12)— 113.206.141 WISEMAN. JENNIFER (10) — 163 WOAKL. MICHAEL (12) — 206 WOOD. JAMES(10)—163 WOOLDRIDGE. MARK (12) —51.206 WOOLDRIDGE. SCOTT (10)—163 WRAY. BRYAN (11) — 52.175 WRESTLING —76. 77 WRIGHT. MICHAEL(10)— 72.157.163 WUE8KER. JENNIFER (10)— 163 WUEBKER. MARGARET (10)— 79. 163 WURST. ANDREA (11) — 62.175 yyy YAEGER. COLEEN (10) — 163 YARGER. KAREN (11) —125.138.175 YOON. JANE (10) YOON. JENNIFER (11) — 175 YOUNG. JOHN (11) — 175 YOUNGBLOOD. MICHAEL (10) — 42. 157. 163 YOUNGBLOOD. STEVEN (12) — 26. 34. 36. 206.141 ZABEL. GLEN (12) —206 ZABEL. WALTER (12) — 206 ZAKI. EMAN(11)— 175 ZAKI, HALA (12) — 206 ZARLING. DANIEL (10) — 59.163 ZARLING. DAVID (10) — 59. 163 ZARLING. PAULINE (12) — 206 ZIEGLER. MARK (12) —206 ZIVKOVICH. MARGARET (11)— 175 ZIVKOVICH. STEPHEN (12) —107. 206 ZWEBER. DANIEL (12) —149. 206 index 219senior Joan Bean thumbs through’ senior summaries LOJJgBi Turning on their charm,’Stev Okinovf(n), Phil Nelson(i2')i and' Dave Kaiser(l2) smile neiui naetneru f and Wendy Welch (l ) £SS£ ombre Patty Mine-hart trie’s not to ? di ors" . « . • «.. • •«. • • . « . tuc ent life . ••• •« • ;p rtirir:}. •DO2 tS.'. « ucac ..Katie Fadness Pamela Giliman ..•Sally Poehler •Cindy Curry • Maggie Doyle ..Wendy Welch Julie Girvan Lynn Leslie Denise Vesoer rg4nizations,............Carla Hoe deman Michael Kelly Jeanne Losleben Mary Williams emics............Julie Wallschlaeger Amy Olson Cory Winter Amy Rosen .nd viduals...................Anne Vining Joan Bednar Sharon Petersen Heidi Saether Lynn Spelmancbpyi • Cindy Carpenfe Tierney Boy Jon joo Patty Mineiar Diane Johiso:i Linda Obsrl index......................... Sue Claudia business Te d ,Steve Mary D •photographers Di vi!: Lim t re; • Jlin ...........Dave Kajisef Phil Nelsoit Richard posx George Riettj Cindy Speaf Mark CassejLmaty Steve Ok[ino f Pete Lawlor Kathy Rpch-f artist................Todd Willjner advisor..................Jeff L£wi business advisor...... Pat Schilling 75 pi7h| As the year comes to a close, everyone will soon be going their own ways, some just for the summer, and others maybe even forever. People are looking towards the future while still remembering their high school accomplishments. Beginning last spring, hours were spent thinking of ways to convey in the form of a yearbook the 1978-79 school year at Edina-West. We have attempted to capture some of the special moments in a variety of ways, some new, others old. It was difficult to please everyone, especially ourselves, but this is our attempt. Thank you, Edina-West, for making this a year to remember.C-239 7 thank you thank you thank you thank you Sue Davis: thank you for always being there and willing to help with anything, and who could forget the food. food, food . . . Our special congratulations for being the recipient of Windi-go’s Mark Berkley Award Anne Vining: thank you for being a perfect "mommy", and keeping her daughters pictures straight. Michael Kelly: thank you for putting up with all the gruff in fourth hour, and being our broom-ball champion. Carla Hoede-man: thank you for putting up with Michael. Wendy Welch: thank you for being able to bribe Foremost into taking group shots. You were the only one able to get them to do anything. Steve Teorey: thank you for taking care of business when we really needed it. George Rietti: thank you pictures, pictures, pictures, and more pictures! We could never have done it without you. Cindy Spear: thank you for giving up her rendezvous to stand at the ticket window. Cindy Carpenter: thank you for her many words of wisdom even if they were informing third hour with "The Many Loves of Cindy Lou." Jon Good: thank you for being Jonny B. Good and deriving his ecstasy in print. Tierney Boyd: thank you for her consistent happiness and willingness to work without a fuss. Sally Poehler: thank you for constantly being FIVE minutes late but eventually getting there. Julie Girvan: thank you for always having her spreads in on time (even early when it counted) and pulling through when we really needed it. Phil Nelson: thank you for your wonderful clockwork by having photo assignments in on time (most of the time), and our "ear photographer." Amy Rosen: thank you for being able to please both us and the bands. Sharon Petersen: thank you for always finding a way to avoid re-typing her senior pages. Denise Vesper: thank you for being our Action Shots associate when other means of photography did not come through. Claudia Lima: thank you for being our unexpected arrival and adding a bit of culture to the staff. Joan Bednar: thank you for never being there but managing to get things done. Lynn Leslie: thank you for practice, practice, and more practice until her group shots were in the right order. Cory Winter: thank you for doing spreads without pictures, and just being "Thornwald." Julie Wallsch-laeger: thank you for her Kenney's excursions to keep the staff happy. Jeanne Losleben: thank you for finishing her last minute spreads in time. Mary Dulin: thank you for lollypops, balloons. patrons to keep the income coming in. Dave Kaiser: thank you for always being able to force a smile for a camera. Pete Lawlor: thank you for his fourth hour photo service. Kathy Recht thank you for hanging in there through rough times. Lynn Spelman: thank you for working on a confusing job, finishing it and still being confused. Cindy Curry: thank you for unbelieveable spreads that could not have been done better. Amy Olson: thank you our second semester drop-out but still being able to help. Mary Williams: thank you for not infecting us with her Russian flu. Steve Okinow: thank you for being our Blake loyalist. Mark Cassel-man: thank you for his Ken- ney's excursions. Diane Johnson: thank you for smiling like a rah-rah should. Heidi Raether: thank you for being a gutsy sophomore and laughing at the accomplishment. Patty Minehart: thank you for being a bubbling sophomore. Linda Oberle: thank you for doing her best without any bother. Lori Opheim: thank you for her careful watch on grades and maintaining a sports career. Maggie Doyle: thank you for doing a great job of driving before her time. Richard Post: thank you for keeping up his end and persuading others to do so. too. Todd Willmert: thank you for fantastic drawings that are not "cute." John Neal: thank you for adding his share to third hour with Greased Lightning. Mr. Lewis: thank you for being our rookie advisor and doing his best at everything, even straightening out all of the impossible problems. Jeff Odell: thank you for his photo assistance when we needed it. Anne Mueller and Taylor Publishing Co.: thank you for all of their help and understanding. Mr. Weiss-ner: thank you for crosscountry skiing pictures. Mrs. Schilling: thank you for her help in business if we needed it. Mrs. Benjamin: thank you for her help with our business affairs. Mr. Skluzacek and Mr. Cabalka: thank you for their help with our "Professional Photographer." Stan: thank you for his after school spirits. Action Shots: thank you for there assistance in providing pictures. thank you thank you thank you thank you 224 acknowledgements j rf (jjK xk cukJ£$ xjjy xj ovns- ,r ?i $b jyu um U J ‘ pfc A rr i QAj jr€ y OrV 6 • yy ’ u ttyir VC j v 9 V2jl v- 'MX- a Mj oJlr 0 Q xx r W( jl, K XX cvKq r oJLfi-J gf iu zt -W oysr A y ZKD V -A- - a VA-aa „ vv » f yy- , -1 J“ A f 1 y JaVj ojA U- tWUck XStoi ■ ,yW V5; “■“ a—ca S i Cr p xaj Ja J l 1 I CXACLrrx flcJUL (Ro, ) m xoa CHJLJV ' 5 A v” ' j jf J 5 - y - - t. '-CrfaItAM‘2 4uwm (T U0j ’ jj tv W€- a ya sz Xox (XO (Yxsl '. jljJL JU -- A 0, V“° - 1 ufclxQ y x §- - rUL fs Otct WTJVUJV Qjuyz ,a A -“-c v y J.tJ: Q. cU- sn x 4 Jr s,vw o'" rfi -tXcL yfKL. sfjr w Xxjk x. C-a.lt XO C°v -zou t, n 0 . , %r , - y r y y%.)L. QoO JLc cJC jv s r " OO SN 9 JtMt ■3W j kyyd’Z OX faU. Ccwl W jC Cjpttft go edina -west mrlndlgi

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