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Windigo Edina-West Upper Division Edina, Minnesota Volume 1 —19732Edina High School... a school bursting with faces steeped in the tradition “We’re number One!" dim hallways clashing the optomistic attitudes of young ambitions reflecting joy and sorrow enduring through twenty two years4The Split. . . two separate schools with half as many members dividing of teams, associates, and friends breaking away yet retaining old ties remembering the past while fearfully stepping into the future the New. unknowingly shadowing its previous surroundings6Edina-West a new school with a new name building its tradition not on what was previously done but on what has relevance strong colors representing a strong school the Cougar with stalwart energy and powerEdina-West increased involvement uprooting stifled vitality from years before an opportunity to surface one's talents and come out from behind the masses participation repressing ever present apathy 0Edina-West . . - attitudes of varying degree for some it's achieving scholarly knowledge for others it's trying to beat the system and for still others it's the self assu ri ng realization. l can"12Edina-West. . . building individuals who care more about the world than their sheltered Edina community changing values toward God, war, and sex asking questions instead of accepting customsEdina-West.. . a new school for the year of 73 only for after one year, things begin to get old Edina-West is one year old— not one year young16 CONTENTSBuilding A New Tradition As. . . A Student 18 An Individual 44 A Celebrant 102 A Member 124 An Athlete 168 CONTENTS 17Building A New Tradition As. . . A Student1— Raymond Bechtle, acting administrative assistant for instruction; Dr. Ronald Redick acting coordinator of secondary curriculum. 2— James Chapman, administration assistant, research; Donald Pryor, director, business affairs. 3—Howard Merriman, director of athletics. 4—James Cabalka, upper division principal. 5-Dr. Ralph Lieber, superintendent of schools. 6—Duane Bell, assistant principal for operations; George Furney, assistant principal for instruction. 7—Rod Schmidt, dean of students. 20 ADMINISTRATIONAdministration Revised To Accommodate Two High Schools "One of the most outstanding features at the Edina West campus is the attitude, the phenomenal spirit. It was there virtually from the first day." Dr. Ralph Lieber (superintendent of schools) ... "The whole business of life can really get you uptight if you don't find the humor in something. I think the best thing about the split shift is that it’s brought out the best in everyone." George Furney (assist principal for instructions) . .. "My mam concern is students and that all students upon graduation have a feeling of satisfaction, and a positive self image whether it be scholastically, athletically or socially. My main objective is to provide a school environment that would make this possible, which is humane in its dealings with students, and where all students feel they are a contributing member and have something to offer." Rod Schmidt (dean of students) "This year the challenge is to accomplish the transition from a single high school into a seventh through twelvth grade campus. The spirit has been wonderful. My hope for the future would be to maintain the best possible instruction for students in Edina." James Cabalka (principal) ... "We re moving towards a campus type program. I think that’s good, we ll find more flexibility to offer our students because of it." Duane Bell (assist principal for operations) ... "I like to be around young, the thing I find most challenging is trying to find what they're seeking and to be in tune with what their needs are. Our student body’s been a success. This means we must be doing something right, but we want to keep improving and refining our program of education of young people so it will better meet the needs of all of our students." James Hamann (campus principal) . . . ADMINISTRATION 21Counselors Take On Additional Discipline, Attendance Duties "We try to operate on the premise that all kids have something to offer the world. Our goal is to never discourage anyone from trying what he wants to try, learning what he wants to learn; it is only through experience that a person grows. It's a great thrill for all of us to see a student progress and blossom out. beginning to develop an awareness of himself and others and making full use of his God-given talents." Ted Downs (coun) "Our main job is simply to be there when the students need us. There are many various duties under that first heading; sometimes we'll serve as an interpreter between the student and his teachers or family, or perhaps we can help an individual to make the decision that will best benefit him in the future. Or what is probably our most important function of all-lending the support that is so urgently needed during these years." Judy Pettijohn (coun) ... "I really do enjoy my work as a whole. Even the unpleasant aspects can have positive outgrowths-like our newly acquired responsibility for discipline. I feel I've begun to build good relationships with some students who came to me Tor disciplinary purposes, and with whom I would have had no contact otherwise." Wayne Kinion (coun) ... "The students need to realize that we would like to be so much more than automatic information givers. What we really want to do is be able to concentrate on the individual people and the directions their lives are going in. Self-knowledge and personal growth are great human goals. The school should focus more directly in this area and work hard toward the integration of intellectual. physical and emotional growth. That makes for a stronger, more complete person, and 1 firmly believe that it can be done." Pat Engelhard (coun) “This is my 17th year as a counselor. I wouldn’t stay with it if I didn’t like it.” Ted Downs (coun) 22 ADMINISTRATION COUNSELC1—Lily Schroeder, special education consultant: Ingrid Miller, library services consultant: Marcia Carthaus, supervisor of special education; Vladimir Kedrovsky, administrative assistant for data. 2—Dr. Gordon Rholl, director of secondary education: Armi Nelson, communication consultant. 3—Ted Downs, counselor; Wayne Kinion, counselor. 4—Patricia Engelhard, counselor. 5—Judy Petti-john, counselor. 6—Dr. James Hamann, campus principal. AD.MINiSTRATION COUNSElORS 23School Board Appoints Citizen’s Long Range Finance Committee "We have spent much time in planning for and working on the new school’s library, and I think the students will greatly enjoy using it. It's spacious and beautifully designed, with many new pieces of modern equipment.” Joyce Cavanaugh (lib) .. “I wanted to be an aid because it allowed me more freedom than a study hall.” Scott Oavis (12) ... "One goal of the School Board is to provide the students with many different educational opportunities and alternatives. I feel that we are only now beginning to remove the constant repetition that students encounter in their school lives. If we can succeed in setting up some alternatives to the way things have been before, kids can start to build on what they know already, and that element of frustration will be eliminated." Harriet Herb (vice chrm) ... "We on the School Board are here to represent the community from a decision making standpoint, and to provide educational leadership within the school system. That's our first responsibility." Or. Lester Wanninger (assist treas) "The enhanced opportunities for the creative involvement of students in academic and extra-curricular pursuits stemming from the community’s decision to provide a second high school are effectively mirrored in Windigo.” Dr. Charles Barao-auckas (assist clerk)... "Our real goal in PTA this year is to create an understanding of cooperation between parents, teachers and students, and to accept the responsibilities of each of these groups in opening the new facility of learning in our community. Also, to make available to the community this new school in such a way as to build a tradition of great pride in the building and staff which maintains our high level of education." Robert Sherman (PTA pres) ... 24 LIBRARY SCHOOL BOARO PTA1—Dr. Maurice Lindblom looks over an information report while Otto Byhre and Dr. Charles Baranauckas listen to comments from the audience at one of the regular school board meetings. 2-SCHOOL BOARD: FRONT ROW—Dr. John Hoyt, chairman: Harriet Herb, vice-chairman. Dr. Maurice Lindblom. clerk. BACK ROW—Otto Byhre. treasurer; John Brown. Dr. Charles Baranauckas. Dr. Lester Wanmnger. 3—PTA OFFICERS: Robert Sherman, president: Helen Groth. vice-president; Tom Lindquist, treasurer. 4—George Getten. audiovisual librarian. 5—David Christenson, campus librarian; Joyce Cavanaugh, librarian. “I joined the PTA because I wanted to interact more with the Edina parents.” Tom Lindquist (treas) U8RARY SCHOOI BOARD PTA 25“I like working at a nice school, it's beautiful and I can talk to the kids alot.” Raymond Anderson (cust) 1 - The hiring of professional window washers lightens the load of the Edina custodians as they clean the huge cafeteria windows. 2 Students are able to enjoy home cooking at school when the cooks make donuts from scratch. 3 - Leroy Lamb carries a double load of desks in order to clear out the multipurpose room for a performance of the play "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail." 4 - Anita Lennon hungrily watches as a cook dishes out some fruit salad for the school lunches. 5 -Ardyce Norbeck looks confused after being asked a perplexing question by an inquisitive student. 6 — Mary Lou Christenson concentrates while giving Robert Bowman his required tuberculosis test at the beginning of Ihe school year. 26 SPECIAL SERVICESStudents Seek Passage Inspite Of No Through Traffic Signs "It is pretty great to be here where enthusiasm is high and new traditions are being established. I enjoy and appreciate being involved during these beginning months of our new school." Wilma Steele (sec) ... "The higher level is really nice to work with. The kids are extremely polite. We consider it a new venture to be sending the food to Valley View and we have very high hopes that it will work well." Arlene Stanek (cook) .. “The kids have a real good attitude about the school, they really keep it in good shape, probably because they can have more pride in their lockers, classrooms and restrooms. It is a real nice school. We were afraid it would be a lot more cleaning with all of the carpeting. but it's not so hard at all." George Von-Eschen (cust) ... "I really dig all the kids and I dig the way they have all their opportunities. For example, all the many activities in the drama department areas, sports and athletics. It’s really nice. I dig all the kids-well, 99.9 per cent anyway!” Leroy Lamb (cust) "I think the attitude among the students is very positive. I feel the kids are pretty honest with their excuses. Right now we are pretty open, but I hope they will come here for reasons other than cuts or bruises-l sincerely hope that they could come to talk out personal problems." Terry LaMere (assist nurse) ... "I adore all of the kids and I'm not a bit surprised by them-l have four of my own. I am surprised, though, at the fantastic publications and the outstanding music, drama and audio visual departments.” Phyllis Wagner (sec) . "All of four hundred kids found on the first day of the semester that they didn't know where to go first hour. There was quite a crowd in the counseling office!" Juanda Larsen (sec) .. SPECIAL SERVICES 27‘‘Waking up to World Lit. and Kafka is better than never waking up.” Nancy Ring-ham (12) 1—Sheila Davis, sociology. 2—Julian Grev, advanced placement history, American political and social history. 3—Virginia Jensen. Latin. 4—Jim Hanson. American studies. 5—Larry Stotts, humanities I and II. acting and stagecraft. introduction to theater. 6-Martha Gub-brud, American political and social history. American political and economic history. 7— Birgit Anderson, world literature, short stories. English literature I. modern poetry 8— Dick Diercks, American studies. 28 HUMANITIES CULTURESocial Studies And Language Unite To Form Humanities Area “I come to school each day believing that the kids and I will learn more about society and about each other.” Ronald Wiesner (econ) . . “There is a need for more sensitive appreciation of people and fields and beasts if they are to continue to co exist. I try to teach my students to read and write better thereby increasing their possibility of deeper appreciation for people and fields and beasts." Jim Garner (Eng lit, nov dg) "Economics has helped me to learn more about how this country is run and understand what's occuring with President Nixon.” Jody Had (12) ... “Good literature has limitless relevance, it tells us what happens not what happened." Sue Mahowald (Am lit, comp) ... "People, not things, make life. We will determine the culture when we find the human.” Julian Grev (ap his, Am pol soc his) ... “It is my opinion that literature-speech-writing is the most open and universal of the academic disciplines, because it embraces a knowledge and allows investigation of all the values, cultures and aspects of man and his feelings. It is constantly growing and discovering new approaches and insights." Dorothy Rutishauser (pop nov) "A P. history is really hard. We have a lot of discussions. but we never discuss what we re supposed to be." Jackie Babineau (11) "I'd like to see a Latin program that is acceptable for all kinds of students, and able to adapt individualization to a student's need for group stimulus.” Virginia Jensen (Latin) "Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote the droghte of Marche hath perced to the roote ..." anonymous ... “You TOAD Larry Stotts (hum. act stg eft, intro theatre) .. "I can’t tell one loincloth from another. They're all the same to me.” Ted Larkin (12)... HUMANITIES CUiruRE ?930 HUMANITIES CULTUREPaper Walls Give Students Advantage Of Double Classes 1—Ronald Wiesner, American Political and Diplomatic History. Economics. 2—Shirley Mahowald. American Literature I and II. 3-John Sheldon, Humanities I and II. 4-Mar-donna Bartholet, African and Asian Studies. World History. 5—Judy Krook, Latin. 6—Robert Peterson, Psychology. 7—Thomas Lindquist, American Political and Social History. 8-Carolyn Rebholz, Popular Novels. •j 'i £ “What I’ve learned in American Studies has been an augmentation of my own knowledge” Chuck Tam-bornino (12) HUMANITIES CULTURE 31"Mr. Spindler’s overhead projector can take a flying leap (just kidding).” Mary K. Gilbertson (11) 1 — James Garner, composition novels before college, English literature II. 2 — Joanne Anderson, Spanish I and II. 3 — Bernard Bjerken, language study and vocabulary, composition, greek way. 4 — Dorothy Rutis-hauser, popular novels, creative writing. 5 — Kathy Otto, general English, communications. 6 — Heidi Gustafson, French II and III. 7 — Robert Spindler, Spanish II and IV. 32 COMMUNICATIONSCommunications Poll Confirms Parent-Child Thought Parallels "Sshh. not quite so loud, we wouldn't want to wake up Mr. Barnett." Robert Spindler (Span).. ."Mass Media is a good course. I think a lot of kids take it because it appears to be an easy course, and an easy grade. Well, that's partly true, but just because its easy doesn't mean you don't learn anything. It includes all different kinds of advertising, magazines. and newspapers. Mrs. Christianson really astounded me when she predicted that Life magazine would go out of business on the very first day of school, and now it has!" Mike Summers (12).. "I'm in first year French, and I just love it. French is such a beautiful language, and it just flows - that is when I can speak it! Our French class is having a really good time this year. We've even gone out to breakfast. Having a class like that makes learning so much more fun." Peggy Schmitt (11).. .“I think I would like to go into some sort of journalism, that's why I took the course. It's like an independent study type class, where we write, and the teacher writes criticisms. I think most kids in the class feel self-satisfaction when they have finally written what they want to say in a way that others can read and understand.” Jackie Nichols (12)... "Second year Latin is supposed to be the hardest, so I'm glad I’m getting it over with this year. I really like it. and I think it's really useful in almost any class, but the part I like the best is the Latin Club. Our float even took first prize this year!" Bob Ringham (10) "I went to school in Edina, and it's different coming back to teach with teachers I had At least I'm in a different school, so it isn't quite the same." Heidi Gustafson (French)... "german was too hard for me. so I decided to try Spanish." Brian Blunt (12)... COMMUNICATIONS 33“Mr. Garner is the only teacher I know that explains how to do a term paper by tel I i ng a story about ice fishing.” John Barnett 1 — Marilyn Stelli, composition, argumentation and persuasion, advanced public speaking. 2 — Barbara Mraz, communications lab. cinema arts. 3 — Ann Petri, French II. III. and IV. 4 — Joanne Christianson, mass media, journalism, communications lab. 5 — George Reimer, German I, II. III. and IV. 6 - Mary Berman, communications lab. cinema arts. 7 — Jane McNaught, short stories. 34 COMMUNICATIONSNew Area Structure Raises Hope Of Less Class Overlap COMMUNICATIONS 351 - Robert Bowman, modern geometry, college algebra and trigonometry. 2 - Roy Halvorson, plane and solid geometry. 3 — Lyle Berg, algebra II, plane and solid geometry. 4 Dave Larson, plane and solid geometry, algebra II. 5 - Elizabeth McQuoid, algebra II, plane and solid geometry. 6 — Edmond Green, introduction to algebra, refresher arithmetic. 7 — Curtis Johnson, plane and solid geometry, probability and statistics, advanced placement calculus, calculus preparation. 8 - Ronald Olson, algebra II. trigonometry, consumer math. “The one thing this school needs is a stairwell by exit 5.” Robert Bowman (fac) 36 ENVIRONMENTStudent Conflicts Arise In Joint A.P. And Calculus Preparation "Algebra II is challenging and difficult at times, but an understanding teacher like Mr. Olson can make it a lot more bearable." Mei Griebenow (11) ... "All the tests and quizzes we have in Mrs. McQuoid’s room are open book, and I really like that concept.” Peter Kraftt (10) ... "Chemistry would be more interesting if there were more labs and class math involved." Mark Cater (11) "It’s rewarding for me to see students who can look back at the end of a school year and really feel that they accomplished something useful and worthwhile." Ron Olson (alg, con math, col alg and trig) ... "There's a lot of good community support in Edina—I enjoy teaching here." Robert Bowman (col alg and trig, pi and sol geo) ... "My physics class has given me a perfect chance to discuss my friend’s love life.” Wendy Girvan (12) ... “It was when I was assistant teaching in graduate school that I realized teaching chemistry was definitely what I wanted to do." Glenn Seibel (chem) ... "The part of chemistry I like best is the experiments, like when we manufactured silver." Jim Barker (11) ... “If there could be any changes in the science area. I'd like to see more lab space. With the large number of bodies we have around here, we don’t have the space to make biology the lab course it should be." Karl Pegors (bio) ... "I know that a math background will come in really handy in the future." Mike Rzeszut (10) "I get a lot of satisfaction form helping students learn and understand more about mathematics, but the amount of paper work involved can be frustrating at times." Lyle Berg (pi and sol geo, alg) ... "We learn a lot in chemistry class that seems worthless now, but will be really helpful for college." Mark Christoffer-sen(11) ... ENVIRONMENT 3738 ENVIRONMENT1 - Delta Matti, biology, enriched biology. 2 — Anders Christenson, introduction to aerospace. 3 — John Belk, chemistry. 4 Karl Pegors, biology. 5 — Paul Weber, enriched physics, great ideas in science, physics. 6 — Gary Hutchens, biology. 7 — Gerald Bohn, astronomy. 8 — Bill Welch, biology, human physiology. 9 — Patricia Taylor, biology. 10 - Glenn Seibel, chemistry, practical chemistry. “There’s an interesting program on television tonight if you’re interested in contacting V.D.” Bill Welch (fac) ENVIRONMENT 39“I think voice is the purest form of music. All other instruments are just imitations of the voice.” Lucille Rud (vocal music) 1—Merril Gustoff, general wood, advanced wood. 2—Lucille Rud, Girls' Choir, music appreciation. 3—William Hughes, Concert Choir, music theory. 4-Paul Askegaard, Orchestra. 5—John Nielsen, Varsity Band. 6—Edwin Melichar, Concert Band, second hour band. 7—Virginia French, clothing I.II. and III. home-furnishings. foods I. food specialties; Mary Kay Williams, foods I and II. 8-Bob Hoecherl, physical education. 40 APPLIED ARTS Industrial Arts Gets Off To Slow Start Without Electricity "I think art is interesting and fun. It's a lot easier than regular academic subjects. Mr. Larson is a good teacher because he does not run the class like a jail.” Lora Herring (10) ... "Art seems to be more important now. The schools are beginning to re-emphasize the arts-all arts. Music, arts and crafts, and drama are now becoming more important in the school curriculum." Bruce Larson (art) ... “I took art because I like to work with my hands and create. I really hope to make art my career.” John Hagen (10) . . "In art I want to develop my creativity and further my art ability. I like the way we can work independently and build skills in any field we want to. Mr. Larson is a good art teacher, but he's a terrible comic." Keith Eastman (10) ... "From first grade on. I was always the class artist, so it was natural for me to become a crafts teacher. I really like the way they have put us down and out of the way so we can be our natural seives-loud and messy." Barbara Hultmann (crafts) ... "I took Family Living because I had originally planned to be a marriage counselor or a social worker, but it's also really good to prepare us for our own families. I also like the informal way the class is run." Kathy Pause (10) ... "I think it's neat to learn what life is all about and what to do in different situations. It'll help me to have a happy relationship with my family." Kris Aughen-baugh (10) I thought it was pretty funny when Miss Williams, our old Family Living teacher, was getting married and our class planned a party for her. Someone ordered a 'Happy Holidays' cake instead of a 'Congratulations' cake." Nancy Book (11) . . "Choir is just great, and Mr. Hughes is a fantastic director. I love Singing with the group." Margo Haeny (10) ... APPLIED ARTS 41Gym Classes Bring Outdoor Sports Inside With Field House 42 APPLIED ARTS“The art teachers would always watch us when we had food fights in food specialities.” Robin Morrison (12) 1 — Beverly Ottum, bookkeeping, notetaking. shorthand, typing I and II: Gordon Juliar, consumer law. Office Education. 2 -Stav Canakes, physical education. 3 Loren Evenrud, art I and II. art appreciation, modern art. 4 - John Olson, health. 5 - Walt Wayne, gas engineering; Jeff Lewis, graphic arts. 6 — Richard Reichow, Trade and Industry. Keith Wilkening, bookkeeping. Distributive Education, marketing systems. 7 - Robert Jaehne, office procedures, typing I. 8 — Sara Rock, physical education: Gayle Thacker, physical education. 9 - Barbara Hult-man, art I and II. crafts: Bruce Larson, art 1.11,111 and IV, studio art. 10 — Otto Janecke, architectural drawing, general drawing, general metal, mechanical drawing. APPLIED ARTS 43AUDIO-VISUAL RESERVE AND PERIODICALS INDEPENDENT STUDYBuilding A New Tradition As. . . An IndividuaEnthusiastic Seniors Comprise West’s First Graduating Class 46 SENIORS -1-SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Mark Mathison. president: Sandy Obetmeyer, secretary treasurer. 2—loni Anderson, Ann Clapp. Mary Lewis, and Linda Williamson finish sodas at Bridge-man's after their last high school football game. 3—Failing to gauge his time well. Chuck Hunt tries to catch the shuttle bus to his Consumer Law class in the Creek Valley residential units. 4-NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: W.Loegering. D.Rogers. D.Thomas. A Riggle, D. Stephenson. J. Olsen. M.Stanton. C. Baranauckas. S.Wilhams. Missing-S.Davis. J. Olson. 5—Gary Huggins, relaxing in the lower division library, is given a moment to reflect on his earlier umor high school days. 6— Catalogues in the counselor's office help fan McGlennon make her future plans easier. SENIORS 4748 SENIORS Twelve Years Of Physical And Emotional Growth Bind Seniors1 — "A friend is someone who does not push you down the stairs when you have a cast on your leg." Chuck Tambornino (12) 2 - "Sometimes people can make you hurt, but then I wonder, how can you make yourself grow and feel and care unless you let people touch your life?" Dana Phillips (12) 3 — "Friendship is a way of life. It enhances the great occasions and emphasizes on the sad ones." Joann Olson (12) 4 - "In order to make a good friend one must be open to true feelings. I feel there is no need to cover any part of my life." Karen lundin (12) 5 — “My best friend, like me. realizes the true genius of David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars (mutual music tastes)." Dick Champ (12) 6 - "Friendship is loving a person-not necessarily being in love with that person, but loving him." Ted Larkin (12) SENIORS 49Kiri Aaberge - A.F.S. student from Norway - enjoys cross-country skiing. European handball, and track -hobbies include art. painting, drafting, and cralts. Nancy Patricia Adams — Nance Student Council - Student School Board - Y-Teens - Young Lite - Optimist Award - trips to Tuscoo. Florida, and Canada - likes sewing, sknng. and sailing - plans include University ol Arizona Nadine Elizabeth Anderberg — Ande - Prior lakes Waler Ski Club and show lob's Daughters - Pilgrim fellowship tnps to Colorado and Expto 72 enjoys sewing and collecting stamps Joni lynn Anderson — Jones - likes to ski - Office Education - memorable trip to Mexico - job at Park Avenue Cleaners. Nancy Louise Anderson — International Christian Youth Eichange - trips to Europe and to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area enjoys cooking, reading, particularly gardening. Robin Mary Anderson — Buns treasurer ot IRA girls - Welcoming Court - trips to Bahamas — job at Penney's Mark William Andrews - Andy - Fellowship ot Christian Athletes varsity gymnastics - trips to Montana and Canada worked as an outfitter at a camp — plans to attend college Adam Ant — a real fly by mght - lives in a hole - always up and adam — bugs lus friends - a lot of fun at a picnic. Bruce Craig Arnevik — Arme I M S. Kotonia at Nor-mandate Church - varsity gymnastics job at Gregu-son's Nursery. Ellen Elizabeth Ashworth — vice-president ot Y-Ieens - Nereids - Red Cross - unforgettable trip to Jellystone worked as a playground leader during the summer plans include college Forrest Wilden Atkinson — Frosty enjoys working with cars 3nd electronics - plays throughout M dwest in a rock band -hopes to become a professional musician Juanna Back-rub — known tor her soft touch — works at a massage parlor plans to become a physical therapist. Sandra Jane Baldwin — 8atdy Office Education - M O. E A club M.D. club - enioys swimming works at Southwest Fidelity Bank — plans include college Marcie Elizabeth Baltz — Blatz Calliope — varsity cheerleading caplam - hopes to travel in Europe this summer and attend college m the fall Carta May Baranauckas -Clara May Wmdigo editor-in-chief - Nereids president - Whigrean — Aqua Nymphs — enjoys archery and softball - tnps to the bathroom with Cyd - National Merit Semi-finalist Deborah Ann Barker - Oebby -editor ol Calliope - Quill and Scroll Welcoming court 10b at Equinox - enjoys skiing and tenms - plans include college out East Carolyn Yvonne Barr — enjoys playing guitar interested in skiing - works at the Diplomat Cate Imng Jay Bartlett — Tripp - Trade and Industry - ski team for sopho more and junior years — captain of ski team junior year - plans include college — Welcoming court Gregory Gerald Bartley — Bart - snowmobile club - intramural football enjoys hunting and snowmobilmg - memorable trips to North Dakota and California job as a janitor and gas station attendant - plans include college, lynn Carol 8eardsley — German club - Good Sam U M Y.f. - trip to the United Nations - enjoys music and readmg |Ob roiling mini bog£3ns Students Place Confidence In Canine And Feline Companions 50 SENIORSSusan Ann B«!c — Sue Bee tennis team trip to Ie as — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Geoffrey Wayne Beebe - Jell Orchestra - varsity basketball captain - intramural football - church youth council and choir — trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area - all conference in basketball Shirley Kay Beers -Susan, Bloom - Animal Scouts ■ girls' volleyball Susan Elizabeth Berggreen — Bergie Red Cross S.W.V. - enjoys camping Holly Ann Berkley — Berk -Grims Gress - A.S.C. - enjoys skiing, sewing, and needlework future plans include college - job at Oell Fabrics Margaret Joan 8erres — Maggie - Coogareltes -- memorable Irip to Hawaii job al Arthur's future plans include Si. Cloud Slate Martha loan 8 lz — Murph — tennis team - Zcphyrus — Windigo — Park Board hockey future plans include the University o! Min-nesota - photography and 3Slronomy are among interests. Mary Ann Billard - works at Colonial drop in center memorable trip to Bermuda - likes canoeing. Christopher Bloch - Chris - Chess Club - Choir - National Thespian - future plans include study in Europe in acting and music - plays the flute, guitar, and piano. Polly Suzanne 8loom - Potsky Bloomsky - Edina Players - AF S. - French Club - Amazon Club reject memorable trips lo Japan and Europe - plans to attend Drake University - salesgirl at Hurrah. Brian Bullet Blunt - Welcoming King - enjoys hunting and fishing - intramural basketball - owns an old red motorcycle. Thinking about the right name for her recently acquired birthday present, Tedious hours of teaching in the back yard bring rewarding results when Peg Plasman decides that "Rev" suits the ten week old kitten perfectly. Bumpie. a collie of Ann Miller's, speaks at her first command. SENIORS siWith the expansion of the Edina Park Board Hockey Association to include being a part of a coached hockey team, as is happy Gracia Tayler when she the female gender, many senior girls are excited at the new prospect of finds a new hockey stick under the tree to take with her to tryouts. Ann Weatherfield Boerth - Snowbound - Orchestra mps to Aspen - pians to learn to fly enioys skiing, riding, and walking Mark Richard Bomblatus - Bomber - Hi-Y - varsity gymnastics - enioys camping, fishing, and trapping hockey coach Reta Book Paige -works in the library — likes to read — known for her novel ideas - bound to go to college - wants her paperback from Miss Anderson. Jaimie Boone - Gimper -Calliope - Winme-the Pooh fan - trips to Europe, the Orient. Scandan3v a, and Hawaii - collects wine corks plans to attend Gustavus Adolphus Debbie lu Borchers Sparky or Borch - Zephynis - Red Cross - German Club - memorable camping trip in Jellystone Park - summer spent at cottage in Michigan - -Sunday school teacher - tutor at Cahill School - waitress at Mr. Steak. Todd Michael Borgstrom - Borgy -trip to the Bahamas — interested in photography - job at Jerry's Foods - plans include travel and college Barbara Ann Borrman church group - bell choir -Concert Band - French Club - Y-Teens - S.WAP, -unforgettable trip to Europe - plans to attend college John Frances Boulay 8oo' travels in Europe - Math Club - Radio Club - enjoys tennis and skiing Mary Louise Boulay - Lu - Red Cross - Contact - Ski Club - American Quarter Horse plans to attend college to study special education - horsemanship awards |ob at Fairview Hospital. Mary Margaret 8owman - D.E.CA Robert Thomas Boyd — Fellowship of Christian Athletes - I Ball - Path 8oard hockey - tennis team - future plans include the University of Illinois Nancy Katherine Brecht - likes skiing - enjoys listening to music spent three months in Florida - works at Pennhurst Cleaners. 52 SENIORSPark Board Hockey Tryouts Increase Senior Women’s Sports Pamela Saye Brisse — Pam - Office Education - memorable trip to Arizona - plans to attend vocational school - volleyball awards - likes sewing Robert Edward 8roich — Bubbles - Distributive Education unforgettable trips to California and Wisconsin - future plans include the Cullinary Institute of America - works as a chef at the la Cantina. Terry lee Brown Brownie -involved in showing and riding horses - job as waitress at Woolworth's. Jeff Browning — varsity football — interested in hunting, water skiing, and golf - worked as a softball coach during the summer - plans to attend college Brian Paul 8urke - Red - varsity hockey - varsity football - enjoys coaching hockey - works at 3 warming house plans include college. Lawrence George 8urke - Shmirk - interested in scuba diving baseball — memorable trip to Hawaii plans to attend the U. otM Bruce Burnell - Bruce the pipe - committee to np-otl the president - trips to Canada along the Gunflint Trail - plans include the University of Minnesota works as a window installer Timothy Allan Burnett - Smily - varsity football - enioys skiing and cars - unforgettable trips to Europe and California — plans for college. Michele Mary Buss — Office Education - enjoys skiing -job at National Car Rental - plans to continue working after graduation. Scott Douglas Campbell - Otis varsity football - lettered in football - cook at Mr Steak -plans to lire in the mountains. Mary Ellen Carlsen Mares - Zephyrus staff supervisor Nereids - Concert Choir - Madrigals - summer job as camp counselor Fud G. Carmel — Chewy — likes apples — known (or Sticky fingers - wrapped up in candy factory. Janice louise Carpenter - J.C. - Red Cross - Cam paigners memorable trip to Hawaii - future plans include the University ol Minnesota - job at European Health Spa. Scott Fredrick Chadwick soccer - Park Board hockey - enjoys skiing. Richard Rei Champ Dick - church youth group - latm Club - Who's Who in American High Schools - plans include the U. of M Janitor at St. Stephens Church Mark Shane Chappie — Chaps - trips to Arizona and California - varsity ping pong - job at the Edita library Thomas Phillip Christenson - ski team enjoys snow and water skiing, and raquet ball - trips to the East and West coasts Ann Wain Clapp - Annie Baname - Ediru Y-Teens president — Student Council - Latin Club -varsity tennis - secretary of the YWCA Board of Directors - job at Camelot - trips to Florida and Arizona. Julaine Beth Clarke - Ju'ae - church choir and youth group - enjoys horseback riding - job at Sidewalk Cafe - trips to Mexico. Canada. Washington. Kansas and Texas Sharon Faith Clarke Student Planning Commission - Orchestra vice-president - Optimist Award — trips to Mexico and Explo 12 job at Justers. SENIORS 53Dennis Owen Clegg luigi - Zephyrus managing editor -Nine Mile Creek Advisory Board - MAC - enjoys fishmg and photography National Merit letter of Commendation - |Ob at Olson's Drug. Martha Ann Cleveland - Office Education - job at the Edina Police Department Stephen Hill Cochrane hobbies include cars - enjoys football and hockey luture plans include the Army Gary Patrick Cole - Pac rat - varsity hockey -enjoys golfing - used to work at Braemar Golf Course David lane Compton - Elm - co-captain of the football team - baseball - International Rigby Association -Optimist Award - All lake Conference football team. Debbie lynn Conway Roy Cougarcttes en|®ys skiing - waitress at Mr. Steak - plans for Arizona State University, fane Kathryn Curler - Kerter - Y-Teens -B G S Club - enioys the piano - plans to attend college lames Francis Curtin jim varsity football pUns to attend the University ot Minnesota. Sharon Ann Daggett - Contact - Y Teens - plans to attend college - enjoys skiing - job at Braemar Goll Course David Dahlin Dave - Amateur Boat Racing Association - varsity wrestling interested in racing hydroplanes. Sally Kay Dahlstrom - AF.S. — secretary of I R A. girls - Sunday school teacher - enjoys skiing -plans include college job at Fairview Southdale Hospital - trips to Anzona and F londa. Scott Davis - Debate — Declamation - political work - National Merit Semi-Finalist. Scott Kingsley Day Scotty Student Council - Pilgrim Fellowship - Hi-Y — Al's Pah - captain of varsity track - varsity football - varsity gymnastics job at France Avenue Shell Station. Danna Lynn Dekko Cougarettes — Sunday school teacher — enjoys skiing and sewing - plans include St Olaf College Douglas Jerome Dencker Denk vice-president of Student Council — PA announcer - Student Planning Committee - Park 8oard hockey - trip to Cape Cod Michael Thomas Densmore - Oensy National Thespians -enjoys dramatics and music - job at Target Foods. Kevin Deshler — VI.C.A. - canoeing down Namakogan and St Croix Rivers plans to travel enjoys music. Kimberly Anne Dietz - Kimmie - DE.CA AO T A -plans may include vocational-technical school or travel. Cathy Marie Donahue Donna Red Cross co service chairman - 0 E. secretary - job at Donaldson's Charlene Frances Donnelly - Charsie — interesting pastimes include talking likes turtles tops to Arizona and Teias - plans io attend college. Seniors Discover Games Offer Relief To Annual Senior Slump 54 SENIORSReferee Kay Hanson corrects the players difficult Psychology offers Keith Mobarry a chance to perform an experiment testing the greed of a young- words during a French Scrabble Tournament. ster and his small friend a chance to attend the "big” school for one day. Harry Norman Drajer — fellowship of Christian Athletes - trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area - interested in photography - intramural football and basketball — plans include the University of Minnesota - iob at the Edma pool Anne Elizabeth Duryea - German Club - received Concordia Merit Scholarship - plans to attend Concordia College — enjoys skiing. Lynette Renae Eggers — Scott Crosbie Band Varsity Band - SWAP - trips to Australia and Japan - job at Jerry’s foods - plans include college Cydney Alison Einck — Cyd - associate editor of Wmdigo — Cougarettes - Young tile Aqua Nymphs - Welcoming Court trips to the bathroom with Clara - skydiving - enjoys tennis, swimming. Sue Meryfe Engetbrecht - Suve - Student Council junior year - Y-Teens - trips to florida - future plans include fashion coordinating - job at Calhoun Realty Paul Christopher Engh — varsity basketball - intramural football. Scott Charles Englund - enuren youlh roup hobbies include electronics and aeronautics enjoys softball, hockey, and baskelball Reid Hamlin Erickson — letleicd Iwo years in tennis - enjoys all sports along with writing short stories and poetry future plans include college. Vicki Antionette Erickson — interested in scuba diving -job at White Way Cleaners - future plans include the University of Minnesota. Thomas Gerald Erlandson — Short Stuff Park Board hockey - intramural football and softball - plans to attend Moorhead Stale. Paul Johan Etling — flying Cloud Anpoit Club - iob af South-date Key Shop Allan Charles fackler — Al Concert Band Normandale Singers - enjoys all sports - carryout at Lund's plans to study dentistry al the University of Minnesota. SENIORS 55Playing tennis in tne afternoons. Ann Clapp finds a way to use her spare time as well as keep in shape for the girls' tennis team. Ginny Nelson and Sharon Daggett take a momentary break from their busy schedule at Braemar to chat with their friend Stephanie Held. Dale Marcus Fa{tc church youth group — Operation Friendship - tnps to Carribean and forty-nine states — plans include college - varsity baseball — Park Board hockey - intramural football Brian Vincent Falter -Chess Club — enjoys ping-pong - intramural sports -works at Kenny's - plans to attend college to study medicine. Jeffrey Paul Farley - Jeff. Kathleen Ann Feigal - Trade and Industry - enjoys cross-country skiing -plans to study nursing - nurses' aid at Fairview Southdale Hospital Robert Scott Fiedler - B Fied's - trips to Colorado enjoys snow and water skiing - likes having a good time - worked at a mortuary Scott Robert Fiedler - mem orable trips to Oonnybtooke - hobbies involve Ims car. Stephen Michael Filipcrak - religious education at Our Lady of Grace - Pit Stop - St Andrews Prayer Group -likes reading scripture and prayers - enioys skiing and tennis - plans include St John's College to study psychology Thomas Walter Fink — ski trip to Jackson Hole - job at Conte Corporation - plans include the University of Minnesota. Pamela Ann Finn — U.M.YF church council - Red Cross planning to attend college - likes water and snow skiing, and reading enioys traveling the state of Minnesota Patricia tee Foley — Jo Jo - trips to Florida - enjoys concerts - job at McDonald's Craig John Fris-void - Fru — Red Cross - intramural football - 10b at Dayton's memorable trip to Florida. Laura lee Fredendall — Concert Choir - Calliope — Animal Scouts. Guppey Division president - cross-country ski team — frequent trips to Lansing. Michigan - plans to attend Gnnell College 56 SENIORSAfternoons Are Full Of Varied Activities To Amuse Seniors Oeborah Ann Garrison - Oeb enjoys water skiing plans to attend college - works at Jerry's Foods Barbara Bonme Gehring — Cougarettes - Concert Band Aqua Nymphs — Orchestra - state music awards - University of Minnesota Musicians Proiect works for optome tnst's office - ptans to study nursing Merrilee Gerber-ding - Mare - French Club - volleyball - church youth group - enjoys riding horses, scuba diving, skiing, tennis, and swimming — hobbies include raising tish and collecting biological specimens plans include college to study marine biology. David Friberg Gening — Dave — varsity hockey - enjoys raquetball - all conference hockey team - job at General Sports. Charles William Gibson — Bill - Office Education - |ob at Snowmobile Parts and Supply Company enjoys motorcycles and skiing - plans to attend Denver University. Clark loseph Gilbertson - Geeb varsity fool ball - Edma Deliancy Society - enjoys hunting and play mg the stock market - plans to attend college in Colo rado Joan Diane Gilmore - Iwink - Olfice Education -Methodist Youth Fellowship - enjoys poetry, organ and piano - spends most weekends m Morns. Minnesota plans to attend Southwest State and go into occupational therapy Wendy 8arbara Ginran - Girbee — lettered in guts' varsity volleyball - Newcomers' Club Animal Scout Mascot - lived in Canada Jeffrey Charles Golden — Jeff - varsity soccer intramural sports enjoys skiing and sailing - trip out West Siegfried llyl Golthilf. Penny Rae Gottlieb — Nickel - M.O.E.A. interested in flying and traveling trips to Hawaii, California and Florida - job at M J Gottlieb Company. Margaret Eluabeth Gramling - Peggy enjoys horseback riding volleyball - tops to Denver and Tennessee - job at Radisson South David William Greer — varsity hockey - varsity baseball — Canoe trips to 8.W.C.A. — interested in hunting and fishing Steven Bruce Gresham - Gresh - varsity swim mmg. Carl Grimsby — basketball - football - track -trips to Pmk Rock. New York and California job at 8astad Construction - plans to attend the Naval Acad emy Ann Tracy Grogan - Racy Coogareltes Concert Choir - memorable tnp to Colorado - plans to learn to sky dive - enjoys ballet, skiing and tennis teaches gymnastics at Valley View Thomas Noll Grotting - Grot - International Rigby Association - Park 8oifd hockey - Hi-ball - plans to attend St 0 af Coliege. David William Grolh - Dave -Student Council president - Student School Board varsity gymnastics - Welcoming Court job at Interla-chen Country Club Robert Brooks Guberud - Bob Concert Band Orchestra - Madrigal Singers - ski lumping - makes ptenglas furniture. William Orlin Gudim - Bill - slalom ski teacher - hobbies include woodworking - enjoys water and snow skiing - trips to California. Florida. New York. Nassua. and Colorado attended Hillcrest School during junior year SENIORS 57Dialogues Cover Varied Topics; Lectures Lead To Boredom Jody Eileen Had — Joe - Nereids Aqua Nymphs - top to the Porcupine Mountains - enjoys swimming and Skiing - summer job at Edina Municipal Pool Terri Ann Hagemeyer — trips to Arizona. New York. Ohio. Missouri, and Oklahoma - enjoys archery - awards lor archery on state and national level - tutor - job at Sun Newspapers - plans to become court appointed defense attorney. Jay Kent Halvorson - trips to Isle Royal - enjoys hiking and camping - plays chess through the mail with Rick Coleman Martha Lynn Hancock — Welcoming Court. Elizabeth Ann Hansen — liz - treasurer ot Nereids -Aqua Nymphs - Conceit Band lor three years - SWAP. - memorable trip to Europe - state swimming awards -D.G.W.S awards - job at Olson Bros. Drues - plans include college. Kay Hardy Hansor A.0.T.A adnsory, board Women's Conciousness Group - Concert Choir - Minnesota Dance Theater and School - girls' varsity volleyball - American Girl magazine photography award - |Ob as Shaklee distributor. Jeffrey Douglas Hart - Marty - Ranger flying Association - private pilot's licenst - 1-Ball football and sottball Mari Susan Hasse — Sue - tutors al Creek Valley School - enioys skiing, skating, and bowling - trips to Colorado. Marvin Paul Halzung - Paul - interested in hockey -likes rock music. Steven John Hauser — Steve - varsity baseball • likes ail sports plans to attend St Thomas College. Stuart Bryan Haw - Stu professional magician - likes skiing - performed magic at Dayton's. Minneapolis Public Library, and on television - International Brotherhood of Magicians - job at Gmgiss formal Wear. Carolvnn Mae Heeb — Mama — hockey cheerleader Aqu3 Nymphs Sadie Hawkins Court Hips to Colorado. Mark Elwen Heigl - varsity hockey - co-captain ol soccer - enjoys making candles and water skiing -summer job with construction company. Jane Ann Heikenen - Heik - Concert Band - Scott Crosbie 8and - S W A P - Y-Teens - peer tutoring program - trips to Europe - plans to attend St. Olat David Brian Helm — D.E.C.A - church youth group - church bell choir -intramural football, basketball, and sollball - table tennis team enioys music and bowling Carolyn Rose Heise — Carol junior bowler at Biltmore lanes - trips to Greece and Florida - job at Snyders - plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Stephanie Lyn Held — Y-Teens Young life - trips taken to Mexico and Europe - hobbies include camping, honkmg horns, and having tun - plans to attend college. Lynn Henderson — Peaches — employed by Dayton's Valley View Room — recently moved to Cherry Hills. New Jersey Mary Jo Hendrickson - Mo- varsity cheerleader - captain ol volleyball team - involved in intramural sports - visits to Tennessee and Colorado - plans to attend Mankato State College Pamela Jean Henmngsen — Hen - counselor at "Give and Take" - modeled lor Powers - memorable trips to Donneybrooke and Mexico - known tor chewing gum - moved to New York in senior year. 58 SENIORSMitch Law, obviously stimulated by the discussion, directs a question to a member of the group who appears to lack his involvement. Although bored by the lecture, Craig Frisvold faithfully continues to take his notes in preparation for another upcoming test. David Timothy Hibbj — enjoys hunting, tubing, and camping worked at St Paul Book and Stationery David Jem Hillcren Orchestra - Ittter in gymnastics -hobbies include sitting in trees, and writing enjoys water skiing worked on construction jobs - plans to go south (or college next fall David Edward Hinker - involved m Edina Hockey Association - enjoys hunting and canoeing takes yearly trips to Canada - traveled to California and leas - employed by Nutrition World plans to 3ttend the university of Minnesota and study accounting. Gregory Allen Hitch. Phil Allan Holbrook — trips to Fort Lauderdale and California enjoys boating Thomas Holmberg. Susan Carol Holstrom — Job's Daughters - Pep Club Out door Club • church youth group - job at Edina Public Library Karen Louise Hopkins Job's Daughters - |Ob at Fairvitw-Soulhdale Hospital - church fellowship peer tutoring - plays softball during summer - worked with Mciican Amencans in Crookston - enjoys sewing -plans to attend the University ot Minnesota SENIORS 59Dan Woodbury finds that working at Jerry’s Food Store as a carryout boy is a good Jerry's drive-up service allows Jeff Lynch to simply load the experience for him because it allows him to have contact with the public. bags on the conveyor belt instead of carrying them out to the car. Paul H. Houck - Madrigals - Concert Choir - member ol Ihe board o! directors of the Hennepin County Mental Health Association — grows indoor and outdoor plants — employed by Bachman's on lyndate planning to go to horticulture school Thomas Michael Houser. Connie Marie Howard How Zephyrus — lalm Club goddess waitress at the Betty Crocker Pie Shop. Sarah lane Pennant Howell - Teen Corps - enjoys arm wrestling -involved in pool - trip to Yellowstone National Park -plans to attend the University ol Minnesota - wants to travel to Atnca - waitress at the Uncle John's Restaurant in Bloomington. Jane Louise Huey - Art Club - memorable trip to the Virgin Islands - collects coins and paperweights - enjoys swimming and golf. Gary let Huggins — Huggs — manager ol varsity hockey team - hobbies include canoeing, hunting. and broadjumping - enjoys raquetball and water skiing Charles Leighton Hunt - Chuck - Debate -S.T.E.P. - interested in mountain climbing, skiing and back packing - future plans include college - back packing trip to Glacier National Park Melissa Morgan Hyland — Mutt activities include skiing and bike riding - many memorable trips to Erdall's cabin and Aspen — plans to attend college out West Robert Forrest Ihinger - Boo - Math Club — Table Tenn s Club - High School 8owl Team - hobbies include flying and collecting coins Paul Alvin Ittner varsity gymnastics team - Outdoor Club back packing trip in Olympic National Park - planning trip to Europe - enjoys photography Marla Kristine Jacobs tutor at elementary school - lived in Europe - interested in skiing, making rugs and photography — works at Sun Newspapers Jeffrey lee Jacobsen - Jake — ski trips to Vail, Breckinridge, and Steamboat varsity ski team -member ol U.S.SA likes soccer and sports cars -Pilgrim Fellowship - worked for Gopher Patter Works. 60 SENIORSKaren Ann Jepson Calliope - Nereids Welcoming Court - Concert Band trips to BWC.A, Canadian Rockies, and Florida - jobs at Poppin Fresh Pie Shop and teaching gymnastics - plans a tup to Italy - likes the outdoors Debra Dee Johnson - Big Red church youth group trips to the 8 W.C A. and the West coast plans to attend college in Duluth - loves music and people jobs at Sun Newspapers and Gabbetls Edward Ernest Johnson — Ed - goose hunting in North Dakota - enjoys hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling. Robert Mark Johnson - Rob - varsity football Park 8oard hockey - drove in the Baja races. Thomas Stuart Johnsrud lom - varsity cross country and track - likes photography - enjoys all sports -plans to go to college - trips across United States and Europe Ross Richard Jones - Josh - Park Board hockey - memorable trip to Aurora collects music of the 1950's - works at Olson Brothers Pharmacy. William Herbert Kaiser III - Bill — varsity tennis team many camping trips to northern Minnesota - future plans in elude University of Minnesota - |0b at Mr. Steak Jeannette Marie Kallgren - memorable trip to Eutopt - job at 8ndgeman-s as a waitress Timothy lee Kane Doc - plans to attend the University of Minnesota Jennifer lee Kaufman - Jen - tnps lo cabin on the Canadian border likes to read J O Salinger - loves Skogie and Ihe Flaming Pachucoes. P Re , and Bill Rose. Gregory Hartaell Keane en|oys baseball and water skiing - member of the International Rigby Association plans to attend the University ol Minnesota in fall Jerry Kevin Kelley Mopar - T and I. - plays beer ball - hobbies include restoring antique cars - enjoys sailing the Minnesota lakes - interesting trips to London and the rest of Europe Penny A.C. Kelly - Pensi - Red Cross - choir - kinder garten student teacher - involved in religious group -likes all sports - hobbies include painting - trips to California. Teias. and Meuco Iasi summer works as a model and as a clerk at Donaldson's. Edward Allen Kem-mick — Schmuck plays juvemlle hockey — enjoys listening to music - wants to travel. Linda Susan Kenney - likes to ski - trips to Florida. Colorado, and Arizona — plans to attend school in Montana or Aiuona. Steve Michael Kinney - enjoys skiing, scuba diving and surfing - ski trips to Aspen works at a gas station - plans to attend the University of Southern California. Teri lyn Klindworth Froggie Red Cross - Braemar-Cily of lakes Figure Skating Club - participates in skiing and sailing - hobbies include sewing and dancing -placed third in Upper Great lakes Figure Skating Cham pionships - plans to go to college and teach skating Paul DuRant Klossner Wmdlgo varsity soccer -varsity track - coached third and fourth grade basketball - hobbies include photography plans to attend allege Trudie lynn Kloster - Trud — Y-Teens Red Cross - likes water skiing - trip to Hawaii - candy striping award. Dominique Dee Kneen - Niki - participated in competitive gymnastics - member of the Children's Theater of the Minneapolis Institute ol Ails for three years Local Merchants Give Students Valuable Working Experience SENIORS 61Lack Of Inhibition Allows Self Expression Of Upperclassmen Terie Jeanne Knutson trained and showed horses in State fair - employed by The Stable at Southtown -enjoys tennis - trips to Palm Springs skiing in France Deborah Lee Koch Kochie Conceit Band - F.B.l.E. - S W A P. - enjoys skiing and V B hockey - likes to make Smckerdoodte cookies - works at Donaldson's -trip to Salt Lake City - plans include junior college. Steven Charles Koerber - Kerb - likes working on cars and skiing - enioys concerts works at Biltmore Motel - plans to attend college Thomas Koets - Jack - member of Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen N A Local 653 likes skiing, gollmg. and biking - enjoys photography job at Lund's. Christi Dawn Korn - Crispy Critters Zephyrus - Con cert Choir Madrigal Singers - Student School 8oard - Welcoming Coronation chairman - Your.g Lite — Church High League president - church choir model for Patricia Stevens works at Donaldson's Robert Joseph Krekelberg — Krek varsity gymnastics - Hi-Y - likes art - works at Radisson South - wants to ski out West alter graduation Liu Carl Krogstad Job's Daughters - likes art works at Uncle John's. Janice Ann Kruse - enioys horseback tiding, skiing and hiking - trips to Canada. Indiana. Chicago and Michigan - works at Red Bam Marilou Kundmueller - Connelly - Latin Club - Park Beard hockey likes soltball - employed at Embers as waitress - plans to attend college Charlts Kupper Charlie - D E C A Jonathan Charles Lacey - Jon - enjoys watching all sports - collects coins - likes to listen to and record popular music - trips to the Bahamas and Hawaii - plans on attending the University 0! Minnesota neit fall employed by McDonald's at Southdale Ouie Renae Lang - enjoys dancing - employed as a secretary by Bergcjuist Incorporated plans on becoming a registered nurse. Douglas Paul langefels - Concert Band varsity soccer - track - lutemlle hockey - president ol the Phantom Council mechanical drawing awards - ten trips to Cincinnati - Edma Hockey Association referee Edward Alfred Larkin - Ted Calliope Concert Choir -hospital volunteer 3ide — lettered in cross country ski mg and track likes archery, target nlleiy and hiking -National Mem Letter ol Commendation - United Nations Seminar Craig Alan Larsen varsity soccer Math Club - National Merit Letter of Commendation Cynthia Kay Larsen - Lars - spent summer at Upward Bound -likes to mountain climb, ski and deep sea fish Todd Lindemuth Latter Master taster - awarded the annual Swift Bruch Award - coaches and plays hockey -paints houses during the summer - plans to attend Arizona State University Rela Ann lause Reel girls' ski team - Contact - church group - enjoys skungand art works at Kinney Shoes Mitehal Wellington Law Mitch varsity soccer - varsity skiing - enjoys tennis and playing the guitar — ski trip to Snowbird in Utah John Scott Lawrence — A.0.T.A hobbies include photography, cinematography, and composing music - trips to Europe and North Africa - lived in Tripoli. Libya for two years plans to become a professional photographer b2 SENIORSNicholas Plulip George legeros - The Golden Greek — Calliope - Sons ol Pericles - lih.es 11 sports - does (he afternoon announcements - works at Dayton's - plans to take a trip to Greece after graduation. Eileen Kay Lennon president of Pep Club - Young life - took tup to Young Life camp in Colorado - works at Bridge man's ■ future plans include college. Bonnie Jean LeVoir - Bonr — varsity volleyball — church choir - has received swimming, bowling, and badminton trophies -coaches girls' grade school basketball and softball learns - collects key charms from different places Mary Margaret lewis - Campaigners - Young Life awards in gymnastics - canoe tup in Canada - vacations in the western slates - works at Jerry's Foods. Valerie Annette liaboe - BAB E. — took trip out east and to Anrona and Utah - was a summer girl - works at Kitchen Lib in Southdale - plans to attend college in Arirona Paige Lynn lichy - Y-Teens — Outdoor Club -V.I.C.A - Job's Daughters - likes swimming, softball, and the piano — took a trip to the eastern states - job at Heritage Nursing Home - plans on becoming a nurse. Diane Margaret lickteig Di - F.B.LE. — trips to New York and Canada - worked with the Minneapolis Jaycees - plans to attend the University of Minnesota at Morris. Lisa Jean lindeman - hobbies include crafts, painting, and reading - took tup to Europe works at Edma Library. Trying desperately to study for the play "Murder at the Bus Stop", a French three student disrupts the quiet atmosphere of the library. Briefly mterupting a class. Claudia Swendseid attempts to lure the Concert Choir into subscribing to the literary art magazine. SENIORS 63Sophisticated senior Sue Berggreen still sticks with some of the sophomore traditions Margie Sieve and Robin Anderson find balloons and hats add to without any regard to the teasing given to her by fellow upperclassmen. the enjoyment of Diane Gustafson’s surprise birthday party. Holly Ann Lindquist - link - Young life - Hi-league -tups to Whctetish. Montana and Vail, Colorado - memorable trip to a group of islands on the Mississippi - works at Arthur’s - plans on attending Montana State. Douglas Allen lirdahl - Duffus - Debate Declamation - trips to Washington D C and Breckenridge. Colorado - enioys water and snow skiing. Weston Clarke loegering Wes -Student Planning Commission - All-State Orchestra -Boy’s State - senator to Boy's Nation - varsity swimming captain — A AU. swimming for three years — plays electric violin — National Merit Semi-finalist. David Peter londeen - student manager for football and basketball - 1-Ball. Carol Jean losleben likes lo ski. travel, and draw -trips to Florida. Canada, and Yellowstone - fob at Hopkins Nursing Home. Robert Shannon lovelace - 8ob -Park Beard hockey - lives lor skiing and hockey — memorable trip to Mexico - hitch hiking to Colorado -transferred to Shattuck School in senior year Philip Wallace lowry - Zephynis editor Project Youth -Human Affairs Conference co-chairman - bicycle touring in Nova Scota — mountain ctrmbing in Cascade National Park National Merit letter of Commendation -Natiorwl Forensic league "Award of Excellence.' Colby Barrett Lund varsity soccer - varsity golf United States Ski Association - Buck Hill Racing Team 64 SENIORSKaren Elizabeth lundin - church group - plays tennis -likes bicycling, hiking, and playing (he piano - waitress at Embers Robert Francis Lupo - motorcycling trip to California - likes music plays hockey - Golden Gloves borer Jeffrey Michael Lynch - Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1-Ball - Park 8oard hockey trips to the western states job at Jerry's Foods. Nancy Moore Lyon - A.O.TA - hobbies include sewing - likes to swim and play tennis — interesting trip to Meuco -employed at Bakke and Kopp - plans to attend college. Craig Scott MacNaughton - MacNuts - Concert Choir -Madrigals - enjoys hockey, chess, and checkers - plays guitar - makes jewelry starred in vocal music contest. Laurie Evans MacWherter - Young Lite - likes water skiing - lived in Europe tor two years - plans include SI. Catherine’s Mark David Madison -- enioys working with cars and listening to music - water skiing at his cabin during the summer Lucy Pearl Maki - hobbies include arts and cralts - plans to attend college in the luturc. Holy Mahiral - Fish - enioys swimming - known tor his colorful language - works at a fish hatchery - future plans include opening a swim school Oaniel Phillip Manion Dude - Park Board hockey likes golf, handball, and tennis - trip to Africa - job at Jerry's. Dean Philip Maragos - intramural sotlball - YMCA basketball - Sons ol Pericles - trips to Boston, Greece, and Arizona - vendor at Met Stadium Mark Steven Mathison Marky — National Thespians - United Methodist Youth Welcoming Court National Merit Letter of Commendation senior class president Minneapolis Star and Tribune Scholarship Susan Dawn Matthews - Pilgrim Fellowship - church choir Grim's Gress - likes hiking, canoeing, and camping trips to Colorado Martha Marie Maynard -MartKy - Calliope - Debate Concert Choir - Madrigal Singers - Quill and Scroll - placed second in State Speech Contest Debra Lynne McBride Brides -Calliope - lob's Daughters Honored Queen BG.S. Club - enjoys playing hockey and skiing - Quill and Scroll • Optimist Award - plans to become a nurse -job at Mr. Steak Karen McCloskey - M O.E.A likes horseback riding and summer sports - trips to Cali forma. New York. Canada. Mwico. Arizona, and Hawaii -works at Sears and Dayton's. Susan McCloud. Elizabeth Helen McCord president ol F.8.L.E. - M.OEA - has traveled all over the United States and Canada — employed by Fredrick Herfurth Real Estate Thomas Michael McDaniels. Jan lee Me-Gleimon Zephyrus co chairman ol Human Aftairs Conference junior year - presently attending the University of Minnesota Sophisticated Seniors Enjoy Pastimes Of Sophomore Friends SENIORS 65By Ihe sixth hour of the school day. study hall can become a useless time period for many seniors. Sitting in lower division desks is an uncomfort yet Betsy Walsh and Brian Spencer force themselves to work ahead. position for upperclassman Colby Lund. Jaklyn Rae McGre - Jack - treasurer ol VI C A I and I - memorable trip to California - likes lo ski and play tenms |Ob at Kaiiestad laboratories plans to go into medicine at the University ot Minnesota Scott Peter McMillan - Arme member ot Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen ol local 653 - trip to Utah - enioys skiing, sailing, goll. and photography -10b at Lund's Bruce Broun McPheeters captain o cross country varsity track — 1000 Mile Club -works tor J.C. Penney plans to attend college Mary Margaret Melrchar - Concert Band Orchestra -SWAP. - district and state solo awards National Merit letter ol Commendation - teaches oboe lessons Jeffrey Ralph Mendenhall - Jell — Concert Band -architectural award - job at Jerry's Foods and Viking Band plans to attend the University ol Minnesota Ann Elirabeth Mestemacher Mesty Madrigals - Concert Band - church youth group Concert Choir -enjoys singing, horseback riding, and skiing waitress at Poppin Fresh Pie Shop David Wayne Metjger Fig captam ol chess team - varsity soccer - 1. and I. -works at Famnew Southdale Hospital - intramural volley ball enioys tennis, medicine, and astronomy Virginia Ann Meyer [ Y C tup to California - enjoys archery - job at Penny's and St Stephen's Episcopal Church 66 SENIORSFirst Semester Senior Year— Last Chance To Make Grades Anne Maxwell Miller - church youth group trips to Florida and Mississippi playground leader tor the Edina Park Board. Michael Edward Millner M llr-ut -Conceit Band - enjoys skiing and camping - trips to the West Coast - State Music Contest awards. Keith Christopher Mobarry - Keith C - Edina Radio Club -interested in radios and electronics - tours the United States once a year. Peter David Moore Pete - National Thespians — hobbies include fencing, watching old movies, and reading Sherlock Holmes coaches basketball at Creek Valley School, Bruce Wilson Mooty — Moose - Red Cross captain ot the soccer team - varsity basketball - rarsity baseball -enjoys all sports - All Conference soccer Welcoming Court 8ruce Donald Morgan enioys guitars and pottery — involved in ping pong - trips to Colorado. Idaho. Oregon. Wyoming. Arizona, and Canada plans to study music alter graduation Dave Andrew Morris -Knspy - A.O IA works on motorcycles and cars plays Gin Rummy and Poker - jobs at the Camelot and DolUr-a Day Rent a Car. Michael toseph Morris Concert Band - Orchestra - chairman ol Student School Board — chairman of Student Planning Commission -district and state music awards - Optimist Award Robin lee Morrison - Vee or Mora - Red Cross Young Life - Panzers - enioys snow and water skiing trip to New Jersey - plans include college. Mick E. Mousiee -known for his big ears - has a particular interest in cartoons - trips to Disneyland and Oisneyworld. Elizabeth Ann Moynihan — Sunshine or Mother Moyn-.han -National lhespians — Girl's Gymnastics Club - Latin Club - Concert Choir - enjoys horsebackriding and skating job at Faitview Hospital - sings at weddings and cottee houses with her brother - known for her flirtations Cheryl Lynn Mutschter Munch - trains and rides horses - trips to Ireland. England, and France - job at the Schatzlsens Saddle Shop. Richard Edward Nagengast - Naggy varsity football -varsity baseball - enioys water skiing - canoe trip to Australia plans include St Thomas Brigita Vella Nagobads - Brig Hornettes - Cougarettes - enjoys ballet and gymnastics Welcoming Court Richard Nelson moved to Edina from Arizona Virginia Kay Nelson - Ginny enjoys swimming works at Braemar Arena — plans to attend college 8erd E. Nest - a real bird bram always up in the air -bird's eye wear of life Jacquelyn Ann Nichols - Nick Wmdigo trip to Hawaii - collects appleseeds - plans include college out West - Whigrean for |umor year -job at Bachman's Randall Todd Nipper Nip - varsity soccer - captain ot wrestling team - job at Southwest Clean ng - Concert Band A rating in state and regional competition Welcoming Court Michael Alan Nissen Mike enioys playing Ihe guitar |ob at Tingdale Kennel. SENIORS 67Cynthia Jant Nolan - Cyndy - lihes to ski. swim, and dure - several trips to Florida - has won awards (or her swimming and diving has worked as a nurses aid, plans on becoming a nurse Susan Jane Nordqwst - la Latin Club Consul - president Edina-West chapter Amazon Club trip to Appalachia with Project Concern -gold belt rank in jujitsu - job at Carole of Edma Nancy Jeanmarie Nunn - Young Life - likes to sky dive - enjoys hockey, soccer, skiing - Optimist's ol Edma Award - job at 8achmon's European Flower Markets Susan Beth Oashfim likes to ski and play tennis trips to Wyoming and Montana - job at Juster’s Sandra Kay Obermeyer - Obie - cheerleader class secretary treasurer - Contact - Homecoming chairman during tumor year - likes to ski and pamt - Edma Optimist Award lor Junior Achievement Week - works at Warren Advertising Company Ann Margaret O'Brien Annie - Welcoming Court - captain ol Cougareltes enjoys skiing plans on attending the University of Minnesota Yunko Okamoto - AFS Club Spanish Club -Math Club - eichange student from Japan - likes to play the piano and the organ known for her chattering and mischief Janice Ann Olsen - Concert Band - Ne rods Crosby Band - National Men! Semi Finalist Charles Olson - Charlie Joann Marie Olson - Bullets Concert Band - SWAP - National Merit Semi-Finalist - camping trips to Alaska - plans on attending the Uni versity of Minnesota Mark John Olson - Concert Band -Radio Club - first place m Begmmng Drawing State Industrial Arts Show - very interested m amateur radio -job at Jerry's Michael Carl Olson Concert Band -member ol the Roller Union - likes skiing, cycling, and snowmobilmg - got an award m the State Music Contest - baker at Jerry's Trips to Baskin Robbm’s 31 Flavors during the middle of a bitter Minnesota seniors Shirley Beers. Jeannette Kallgren, and Laurie MacWherter after they winter can help bring thoughts of last summer’s easy living as it does to make their decisions as to what kind of ice cream to enjoy. 68 SENIORSt Belinda Ann Other-Gee Bmdi A F S Student Council Rotary Scholarship - enioys skiing, traveling, swimming. and tennis Rotary eichange student from Famworth. Australia. Ellen Rhee Overby en oys sailing, skiing, sewing, knitting, and macrame - |0b at McOon aid's - tnps to Calilornia. Tews, and Mexico - plans to attend Sam! Benedict's Michael John Pacha Mike enioys srvowmobihng. water sluing, and motorcycles works as a carpenter - plans include Minnesota Inst) lute of Technology to study civil engineering Janice Ann Parker. Marc Alan Partridge Parto latm Club - Stage Band - varsity soccer — enjoys the guitar, backpacking, ski ing. and tennis - trips to Isle Royale. Glacier National Park awards include "weakest link" in soccer Tern Lynn Patterson IP Concert Choir Madrigal Singers - F B I E job at Edma Reull Drug James Allan Pearson - Pig - Hoigaards Ski Racing Team - enjoys photography and water skiing tops to California. Utah, and Donnybrooke - plans to attend the University ot Minnesota Steven Cameron Peer Fntg favorite pastimes include photography, music, camping, skiing, and scuba diving - trips to Wisconsin and New Meiico. Douglas Strong Perkins mtramur.ii football enioys tenms - trips to California and Colorado - |0b at Radisson South Kathleen Annette Petersen Windigo Y Teens MD. Club |0bs at Hot Fish. Coiffure E« quise. and Yalley View Room enioys water skiing and bicycling - plans to go into nursing Alan Brian Peterson likes cars 10b at Larry Wilson. Inc. Dand Erwin Peterson Petey varsity ski team - interested in painting, sculpting, and skiing ski tups out West plans to travel - job at Hoigaard s Ski Shop - studied sculpture at Saint Catherine's College Ingrid Louise Peterson Job s Daughters church youth group awards for Orchestra participation and candy striping job at Heritage Nursing Home as a r.yrses aide. Dana Jean Phillips Y Teens treasurer Mekagha Camp Council - volleyball learn - spent eight weeks camping Canadian canoe trip - Animal Scouts. Penguin Division president - job at Penny's - enjoys horseback riding John Harvey Phelps Phelper - Concert Band - Stage Band canoe trip on the St Cron River enjoys football and cosmo hockey - state music awards collects old comic books - private music teacher Nancy Siuaiww Pirsch Nan Young lile -Contact - Concert Choir Pep Club president as junior Margaret Plasman Peg - AF.S Club - Concert Band - church youth group memorable tour with Children's Theater - enjoys gymnastics, hockey, tenms. and art plans to attend Oberlin Michael Anthony Podolinsky Pod NAVI Protessiorul Association ot Oiving Instructors - Minnesota Martial Arts Association Collette Ann Priebe - French Club - enjoys sailing, skiing, and swimming raises Persian cats - lived m Montreal for eight years. Barbara Anne Punch Puncher trips to England. Scotland, and Disneyland likes needlework, skiing and working on cars — plans to attend Mankato State College Minnesota’s Winter Chill Goes Unnoticed By Upperclassmen SENIORS 69Seniors Spend Split Shift Spare Time On T.V. Soap Operas Marcia Dawn Quimby - Tick Quimbeeltciustetles - F.8.L £. - Red Cross - involved in five church sponsored plays - worked at Bndgemans in Hopkins - plans to attend Concordia College m Moorhead Thomas 6eorge Rachit -Rach Young Life - wrsity skiing - plans include college Paul Laurin Ratelle - Rat - band - Student Council — enjoys football and skiing - trip to Alaska -plans to attend college Al Ways Ready collects clocks - known lor his promptness — motto is "be prepared at all times." Bradley Alan Rebers - Brad enjoys riding motorcycles - job at Marc's Big 8oy Ann Carot Regli - memorable trips to California. Florida, and Texas - interesmg pastimes include skiing and swimming - job as a "Spicette" for Schilling Spices Paul Richard Reichow - tup to California last summer - worked on two-hour long film -plans to attend college in Arizona - interested in SCience-liCtion and photography James Michael Reklis -Jim memorable trips to California and Arizona - enjoying playing his guitar. Anne Remington — Spanish Club officer - belongs to National Water Ski Association - waitress at Woolworlhs and Squaw Point Resort trips to Pennsylvania and the Atlantic Ocean - likes flag football Barbara Delia Rent-schler - Rentch - enioys meeting people - belongs to Mpls Institute of Arts Childrens Theater - plans to study psychology and travel Kevin James Reynolds - Ren -Welcoming Court - varsity soccer - varsity golt - Y.T.T. - memorable trip to Waterloo. Iowa - plans to attend Gonzaga University Ann Kathleen Riggle — National Merit Semi-Finalist Concert Choir - French Club -8 W.C A. canoe trip - enjoys camping Nancy Jane Ringham Wiodigo - Concert Band - State music awards - drum major for Edina-West - Welcoming Queen - teaches flute lessons Richard lee Rogers Oick - National Merit Semi-Finalist Stage and Concert 8and summer tour with the Children's Theater -Minnesota Youth Symphony JanineRoth - Gigi - plays the celfo - Minnesota Youth Symphony - Schubert Club - All Slate Orchestra. Suzanne luverne Rudquist Rud -SWAP - Concert 8and Scott Crosbic Band -trips to Tews and Arizona - plans to attend college out West Vicki Rae Rue. Carolyn Rente Sacknson - Ra-reep -active in Red Cross - involved in Big Sister program -trip to Montana. Pamela Sadowski - Sid - interesting pastimes include sewing, horsebackndmg, and reading -employed by Clark's Submarine Sandwich. Mark Carl Satlerlund - enjoys skung in Colorado - interests include cribbage. hunting. Hi-bail. and baseball - camping trip out west plans to attend Colorado Stale University 70 SENIORSComing home at noon during the split shift schedule means to many seniors. favorite popular soap opera "All My Children." which tends to draw shocked as it does to Nancy Simmons, a chance to keep up with the events on their expressions from its viewers during typical episodes. David Kenneth Sawyer involved m P f Cabinet and At’s Pats - helped tumor high church program - aided in building a Clinic in Applachia Mark Patrick Scanlan -leech Concert Choir Madrigals varsity football -received cooking award tor Goober cookies - interested m photography - plans to attend Podunk University in Salt lake City. Dale Wesley Schauer - Schju varsity basketball - church youth council - F CA - bike trip to tste Royate canoe trip to B W.C A |Ob at Inter lachtn Daniel William Scheerer Dan Latin Club enjoys baseball - memorable trip to Disneyland - plans to attend a vocational school Peggy Ann Schiel secretary of T and I - enioys the outdoors - likes people eicitmg trip to Anrona last summer - job as dental assistant at Southdate Medical Building - plans to attend college m Colorado. Kathleen Mane Schlueler - Kathy - Nereids pep and publicity officer - Aqua Nymphs one year - en;-oys sewing state swimming awards job at Jester’s Clarissa Brarelton Schnetder Ka K3 - Y-Ieens chapter president -waitress at Valley View Room Amy lynne Schulte memorable trips to California. New York, and Montreal -likes to ice-skate and ski enjoys watching hockey games plans to attend college after graduation SENIORS 71Mark Salterlund finds himself deeply absorbed in the sports page of the paper, as he passes his free time along in the library. Senior boys begin using the library and its resources more and more in preparation for all the studying they will encounter as they enroll in college. Or Jit Alan Seines - $elly vars ty basketball president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes - church youth group - enjoys cosmo hockey - intramural football championship team - plans to attend the University of Minnesota - seven year lawn mowing veteran Kimberly Brook Seiton Kim enioys horseback riding, skating, and skiing Debra Lynn Shaw Debbie Miss Teenage America Pageant - lived in Europe. Japan. California, and Florida - dramatic award - hopes to become a stew ardess Richard Dean Shepard Dean hockey likes cars and water sports - trips to New England. Gulf Coast, and Montana - plans include college David Kevin Shird Red enioys golf, hockey, and badminton - memorable trips to New York. Florida. Ohio, California, and Iowa Phil T Shoe - marathon walker -known for his distinctive odor - works at Dr. Scholl Laboratories — hopes to become a foot specialist Deanne Dale Shull - Shulty - High league Office Education -likes M.G.'s and lime green cars - trips to Canada and Ohio - enjoys volleyball, swimming, and camping - plans to work after graduation Marjorie Ann Sieve - Slew -Red Cross D.E.C A likes roller and ice skating Nancy Marie Simmons - Pep Club mterscholaslic volleyball enjoys sewing, skiing, and working on arts and cralfs - plans to attend college Steven Bruce Singer - Spanish Club memorable trip to California -job as a cook at Embers likes motorcycling - plans to attend the U. of M I.C. Skate - enjoys figure skating and hockey - keeps a sharp edge - works for an ice manufacturer plans to join the Ice Capades Nancy Ann Skordahl - French Club - Campus life Student life - |Ob at 8ndgeman's 72 SENIORSTrudi Ateda Snoeyenbos - Dressage and Combined Training Association Minnesota Hunter Jumper Assocta-tion - enioys horseback riding. Sharon Marie Solberg -memorable trips to Florida 3nd Mackinac Island - likes poetry and judo plans lor college at the Medical Institute of Minnesota 10b at Valley View Restaurant. Richard Russel Sotebeer - Dick - Welcoming Court varsity tennis - Student Council - canoeing in Canada - camping in Ihe Rockies — enjoys snowmobiling — chairman ot Welcoming - job at Poppm Fresh Pie Shop Robert William Sotebeer varsity tennis - Red Cross - enjoys snowmobiling and dogs memorable trip to Mexico City job at Braemar Golf Course Welcoming Court Brian James Spencer varsity soccer varsity skiing V.T.T. memorable trips to Colorado. England, Florida, and Wisconsin ex-animal trainer — enjoys water skiing, sailing, and scuba diving Drippy Sponge - a real wet rag - hates the dry look, loves the wet look enjoys all water sports known lor her absorbing conversations 83rbara Lou Springer German Club -church group -- likes skiing and broomball - trips to New York and Colorado plans to attend college out West Scott Ouane Stanley - Stan the Man varsity swimming - enjoys Roll - plans to enlist in the Marine Corps Uarylynn Elizabeth Stanton National Merit Semi-Finalist interesting pastimes include riding her horse "lofty" and Dressage and Jumping job as a waitress lor Dayton's - plans to go to the University ol Minne sola. Denise Elaine Steinback memorable trips to Colorado and California Scott Frederick Slender involved in skiing enioys camping and music - plans to attend college at the University o! Wisconsin after graduation Donna Leigh Stephenson. Ann Elizabeth Stewart - Anna Banana summers at Whitelish Lake - loves to water and snow ski enjoys good music and reading Campaigners - was waitress at Ruttgers Resort - trips to Hawaii. Florida, and Washington D C Maty Alice Stoddarl - McGovern volunteer campaign - enjoys skiing and bicycle riding - plans to attend college at Seattle University job at Synders Barbara Carol Storm - Barbie or Stormy Concert Band - Orchestra teaches the clannet - All Rats Hockey - music awards. Michael John Sullivan Mike enjoys cars and goll Varsity Band - Concert Band trip toWinnepeg. Canada. Michatl Joseph Summers Summs - varsity gymnastics - involved in Hi-Y - employed by Jerry's Foods plans to attend college after graduation William Edward Sweet - Willie - varsity baseball - church fellowship - memorable trips lo Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Grand Marais Canoe Area - plans to attend University of Minnesota at Morris. Claudia Evonne Swendseid Claud Calliope - A.F.S. - Madrigal Singers Concert Choir - enjoys playing the organ, piano and cooking -memorable trips to Far East and Japan - job at Pilgrim's Cleaners. Gary lee Swenson - G I - summers at White fish job at Anthonies - loves to water and snow ski Library Develops Into Local School Hangout In Afternoon SENIORS 73Holly Berkley still has high hopes of finishing her needlework by Christmas, in spite of Marilou Kundmueller discovers that making Christmas cookies Sally Dahlstrom's attempt to distract by telling the latest gossip. for her large family will be a lot of work, but worth the praise. Charles Mark Tambornino - Chuck Concert Choir — Madrigal Singers - plays puno and guitar trip to Europe past summer enjoys water and snow skiing -awards lor p-ano Gracia Florence Tayler - memorable trip to Como 2oo - enjoys boot hockey with neighborhood plans to attend college at Bemidji - job at Fannie May Candies Gail Ann Thernell Ander - memorable trips to Florida and out West - likes sewing and water-skiing - loves to laugh - plans a career in nursing. Darnel Matthew Ihomas - Naliooal Merit Semi-Finalist -plans to major in music at University ot Minnesota en-loysartand literature Jeffrey Rome Thompson - Piaa varsity football enioys the outdoors and hockey plans to attend college al Drake University memorable trip to Colorado -works lor $.K Products Richard Bruce Thon Dick -varsity tennis chemistry aide plans to study architecture at University oi Minnesota - job at Olson Brothers Orug Store David Clayton Ihotson involved in Radio Club - enioys sailing and amateur radios — plans to go to college alter graduation Paul Herbert Thurow president ol Varsity Band favorite pastimes include music, skiing and camping - look a lun trip I-Southdale 7d SENIORSOne Week Vacation Results In Hurried Christmas Preparations Kevin lo«l Tierney — Chum - ping pong team Maureen Anne loal - Contact Tankerelte likes skiing and swimmmg - |ob as an Edma A A U swim coach - memorable trips to Montana, New York, and Jellystone -future plans include college Tony Eugene Trussell -varsity cross country - intramural soltbali team captain - yearly trips to Big Powderhorn and Indianhead - plans for travel and college after graduation - worked in Pit and Trench, lames Charles Tyson - Red Cross De fancy Society of Edina enioys hunting, fishing, hockey, and ht-bail - |Ob as a button man - plans include college ano traveling during the summer Valerie Kay Ulstad Val Concert Band president Orchestra Scott Ctosbte Band - SWAP. - Student Planning Commission — Edina Optimist Award - drum major - Roller Union 273 - music awards - p'-ans to attend St Olaf College Nancy Mae Vak - V.l.CA T. and I music awards - job at Mr Steak - Park Board softball - plans career in nursing - loves to go to lakes in the country Linda Joy VanOoren varsity tennis — Red Cross — enjoys needlepomtmg and flying — plans fo live abroad lor a year Robert Wesley VanGorder assistant manager at Zapata's family trips to Spam. Portugal Morroco. Canada, and Mexico - enjoys skiing -plans to attend vocational school Jeanne Renne Van Someren Young life - church youth group - loves outdoor activities and going to lake cabin - enioys volleyball and swimming job at Radisson -plans include college Peter Fredrick Van Veen - varsity soccer - Chess Club Hodaka Packrats memorable trips fo Jackson Hole and Washington D C Park 8oard hockey - job as maintenance man. Dona Lynn Vellek -Orchestra - church choir - Shubert Club - Minnesota Youth Symphony Greater Twin Cities Youth Orchestra - works with handicapped children Marie-Andree Verlet - Nette - A.F.S student from France — enjoys modern dance, volleyball, and swimming - plans to become a stewardess Mary Curtis Vining - Wmdigo - Cougarettes church youth group job at Midwest Tenms Center Animal Scouts. Bear Division president Mary Patricia Vizzier Viz - Cougarettes - Amazon Cluo school activities director plans to attend the University of Minnesota 8ryan David Voight - enjoys snowmobilmg and motorcycling - has his own construction business - state award for drawing plans to go info civil engineering Julia Sue Waack - Tools - Panzers Young Life loves playing the guitar and gucks - job al SI Paul Book and Stationery wants fo be an international playgirl after college. Patricia Ann Wadlund Wad Young Life - Dotribuliv' Education - memorable trips to Hawaii - enjoys sluing - plans to attend college in Colorado job at Steven-sons’ Susan Marie Wagner Sue A.F.S. president -enjoys the country and art - favorite sport ts rugby — job at Mirette and Minnesota Slate Fair Gregory Howard Wakefield The Wake Concert Choir Madrigal Smgers National Thespians - Schubert Club Edina Environmental Commission - teaches piano Elizabeth Shelley Walsh - Betsy varsity cheerleader V TI plays p-ano enjoys tennis and swimming - plans to attend Marquette University - memorable trip to California - job at Olson Brothers Drug SENIORS 75Jennie Christine Wiltlcn — memorable tnp to Canada plans to raise horses - enjoys skiing - job at Arthur's Bonnie Eluabeth Waters Orchestra — loves playing the tlute - plays m background theater mus - Thurs day Musical Scholarship - Young Artists Competition Finalist - plans to attend a school of music. Mary Catherine Weigel Kal- 01 Aatsa - Hornettes - Cougarettes - Pilgrim fellowship - Contact - job as Avon Udy -memorable trips to Colorado. St. John's, and Boston lynn Mane Wendlandt - Greenie — Ottice Education -likes skiing, snowmobilmg, ice-tistung. and working on her own car - trip to Montana - plans to attend vocational school at Bramerd. E Omah West - new to Edina this year - owns a pet Cougar lavonte colors are green and gold known lor being late plans to go into education, lisa Ann White Y Teens - M O Club modeling tor Estelle Compton -trips to MD tor S.C.C - moved to Ohio - |Ob at Stevenson's Susan Barbara Wigart - Sue varsity cheerleading Welcoming Committee - Canadian Waters canoe tnp - en|Ojrs tennis, art work, and golf - known for Iter driveway Guy Richard Wikman Little Wik Wmdigo Whigrean — bkes M.G.B’s and Bl.l.’s -enjoys sknng memorable tups to Jackson Hole and Steamboat - |ob at Edina Red Barn - Bliraard Crairt Award Karen lynn Wilkeo - Red Cross - Y Teens - KAH -tups to Canada and California - likes hockey - 10b as cook at Dayton’s Valley View Room - plans to attend St. OUt College Soranne Aieta Wilkenson - Sunt - Sunday school teacher - memorable trips to kUystone. New Orleans and Washington DC - enjoys tap dancing. Carol Eluabeth Williams - Willie - captam of basketball cheerleadmg - Campaigners - enjoys cross country skung. softball, and people - tnp to Bridget Bowt -plans to attend college in Montana Susan Carol Williams - National Merit Semi-Finalist - Concert Choir -Zephyrus - church youth group - trips to Europe and Aurora - eoyoys reading and piano. Linda Lee Williamson Willie - OHk Education trips to Antoni and Europe - people-watcher - job as a back up dispatcher at Edina Police Department - plans to mi|or in social criminology. Laurie Louise Wilson Frog Horn - Madrigals - Concert Choir - prints and sells cards - known tor her laugh and pep - plans to attend college. Ross lee Wilson - Concert Band -Orchestra - French Club treasurer - sot© and ensemble music awards - plans to attend Carteton College Barbara lynn Wmstow - Barbie - Cougarettes - Hornettes -loves gymnastics, sknng and drawing - memorable tnp to Europe - plans to attend colllegt and study abroad -envoys teaching gymnastics lessons Cathryn Nina Wntrand - Cathy - Concert Chou - M S - takes voice lessons - worked at Cory Coflee Service Plan Inc and FISH - plans to attend University ol Maine Eric Blame Wistrand - National Merit Letter ol Commendation - band - German Out - Orchestra -member ol A 0 V - trips to 25 states. Mexico and Can ada Darnel Robert Woodbury - Woody - e«|oys tennis, hockey and goit - memorable trips to Hawaii and Canada - plans to attend College ol St Thomas - employed by Terry’s foods lellrey Wan Woodcock - Chuck - enioys motorcycling and working on cars - plans to travel and go to vocational school - 10b at Sears 76 SENIORS Students Skip Study n C To Make The Scene nTeresa Bridget Wray Cerman Club Y-Teens - Junior Achievement memorable trips to Europe. Florida. East and West coasts - likes to travel — plans to go into medicine - job at Jerry's Hardwaie. MicheJe Ann Wurst -Shelly - Windigo - Concert Band - Pep Club - teaches flute lessons music awards enjoys snow and water sluing, and bicycling - music project at the University ot Minnesota Elizabeth Ann Yaeger — Liz - treasurer ot 0 E dancing at Minnesota Dance Theater Fountaine Uv Youth - enjoys historical study ol Ponce de Leon a real baby works in an old folk's home - appeared on the program Years to Youth Craig Robert Zabet - likes skiing and tennis employed by Mr. Steak plans to attend college alter graduation. Richard Kurt Zarling - Stark - enjoys skiing and tennis - trip to Quad Cities - job as a snow plower future plans include college Windy Zephyrus 8rcczy a real blow hard - works on the newspaper start - came to Edma Irom out West worked on the Latin Club float known lor her background in Latin Thomas Michael Zenill Z - varsity soccer - employed by Mr Steak -plans to take a trip out West Gary Kiel Heinng - Hemy varsity tootball VT T memorable trips out West last summer - traveled to New Jersey - Ail Conference tootball Most Valuable Player Award for football printer tor Mid-State Manufacturer. John Michael McMorrow varsrty hockey - varsity golf - coaches Pee Wee hockey - trip to California with golf team lettered in hockey Katherine Irene Schibur Kathy enjoys tennis trip to Florida plans to attend college in Mankato Wesley Eugene Sund - Wes -president ol T and I. plans to go to Europe wrestling in junior year enjoys cars, musrc, and pholog raphy. SENIORS 77Planning Of Joint Spring Prom Brings Two Schools Together 1—JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Pete Rose, president: Anne Reynolds, secretary-treasurer. 2— Relating to others is a common part of Mr. Grev's sixth hour history class as this seminar group discusses witch hunts, while the remainder of the class studies communism. 3- Gail Johnson takes advantage of the early dismissal time by spending her free afternoons at McDonald's with a bag of french fries. 4-Wednesday night's Young Life Club provides a time for students from both East and West Edina schools, to join together for songs and form new friendships. 5—Mary Mahoney catches spare moments to memorize her part as Ellen in the play "The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail." 6-John Reimann, Rick Nagengast. and Tim Curtin prove that boys may be hazardous in the kitchen. 78 JUNIORSJUNIORS 79Enthusiastic Young Christian Campaigners Meet Each Week Junior Camoaigner girls from both East and West schools. Molly McGlynn, advisor Dianne Getsch, Tracy Raitt, Jayne Sonnesyn, Andrea Myklebust, and Joan McCoy gather at one of the weekly meetings to discuss, this evening, the movie Love Story and how it relates to Christian lives. Adams, Sandy Albrecht. Penny Allure. Janice Alpuerto. Palrse Anderson. Jeffrey Anderson. Julie Anderson. Unda Anderson, Mimi Anderson. Victoria Anderson. Wayne Andrues, Rosemary Appelquist. Gerald Arteel. Patti Atkins, Pat Aura. Jim Ayd. Steve Babineau. Jackie Baldwin. Susan Bangs. Linda Bann. Stanley Barber. Bill Bard. George Barker, lames Barno. Scotl Barrett. Vince Baisamian. Nancy Bartholomew. Bill Bartlett. William Bassett, Tom Bassmger. Mark Bean. Lynne 8ecker. Band 80 JUNIORSBecker. Randall Beese. Steve Bell. Cynthia Bell, Dand 8enson. Mike 8ergmann. Steven Berres. Thomas Bie. Jo Anne Blomquist. Kathi Blunt. Melissa Boblett. John Bodine. Stephen Bonnett, Tim Bonofl, Mike Book. Nancy Borg, Patty Boyd. Randy Boyum, Lisa Bredeson. Jell Bros. Bob Brown. Missy 8uresh. Dan Burling. Bob Burns. Doug Buscher. Scott Byrne. Randall Calhoun. John Campbell. Mark Canakes. Steve Carlson. Nancy Carlson. Nancy Carlson. Paul Carlson. Sue Cascoro. lesli Cater. Mark Cecere. Sharon Chapman. Steve Cherne. Linda Chnstotfersen. Mark Clay. Sheldon Cleawiand. Susan Oothier. Joan Cole. Candia Colbns. Eliaabeth Connelly. Charles Coon. Karen Craig. Brad Crowell. Randall Cummings. John Curtin. Tim Danielson. Debby Deeds. Nancy Demson. Doris Deveny. Leigh Oick. Brian Dick. Jim Divine. Pat Dockendorl, Pat Domek, Larry Dornseit, Dave Dosen. Lora Dovahs. James Oovolis. Dean Oreisbach. Dan JUNIORS 81Juniors Utilize Spare Time And Get To Know Each Other Drew, Stephen Drewelow, Jacque Oropps. Cheryl Dugan. Diane Dulm. James Eaton, James Eaton. Tara Eikenberg, Kathy Etler. Cynthia Ellis. Steve Engels. Victoria Engquist. Robert Erickson. Gary Erickson. Kristin Erlandson. Nancy Everaert. Iim Felker. Sue Eellman. Dnight Fmdell. Gary Fine, Pauline Finley. James Finley. John Fisher. Laurie Flynn, Michael Foltese. Jefl Fontaine. Michelle Foi. Linda Francis. Mary Frederick. Jane Frey. John Frey. Thomas Fuchs. Jom Fuller. Scott Garven. Robert Geis. Kendall Gibbs. Tim Gilbertson, Mary Gilman, Marcy Goelsch. Charlie Gottsacker. Philip Gray. Dave Gregory, Dan Greiser, Diann Griebenow, Me« Gnnnell. James Gunderman. Janice Gunderson. Todd Gust. Dave Haberkorn. Robert Hall. Joan Hall, lisa Haiseth. Theresa Halseth. Tom Hatvorsen. Sandy Hammerschmidl. Tad Hannah, Jeanne Hansen. Carol Hanson, Scott Hanson, William Hardmg. Greg Harr. Sue Harrison. Mark Harl. Susan Hartranft. Earl 82 JUNIORSHassmger. Mary Hastings. Lisa Haugen. Melissa Hauser. Susan Hayden. Gary Hayhoe. Nancy Hedelson, Paul Heilig, Chuck Helmke. Randall Hendrickson. Alan Herb, Hans Holland. Peter Hidy. Martin Hirschey. Neil Hollman. John Hogenson. Thomas Holberg. Robert Holman. Charles Holms. Alan Houns. Larry Houserman, Rei Houston. Carol Hovde. Leonard Howells. David Huebscher. Heidi Hummel, Marcta Hunt. Judy Jachimowict John Jackson. Oebbie Jacobsen, Anne Jacobsen. Dan Jacoby. Jim Kyle McNeil corners Pete Rose against a back hallway with just enough time to tweek his chin before they each pass to their classes. Paul Joas fails to notice the no talking rule of the library as he sneaks a short visit with Kim Robertson unbeknownst to the librarian. juniors 83Jahn. Robert Jambois. Richard Jenson, Thomas lenstad. Nelson Joas, Paul Johnson, Carol Johnson, David L. Johnson. Gail Johnson. Gregory Johnson. Janice Johnson, Jay lohnson. Leslie Johnson, Martys Johnson, Peggy Johnson. Sue Jones, Karen Jones, Kathy Juhl. Sue Junko. Gregory Kam, Mane Kaiser. Tncia Kaisler. Mary Karos. Ale Keeler, tori Kelley. Mike Kelly. Steve Kerkei. Lisa Kidd. Robert Kilian. John Kiltan. Pam Kim. Carol Kimball. Michele Kiser. Karen Klein. Victoria Klucas, Karen Knowles. Kim Knudten. Scott Koch. Karen Koist, Brent Kragh. Jean Kneset. Drew Kruse. Kenneth Lang. Tony langhotf. Paul Lantto. Gwen Larsen. Richard Larson, Julie Larson. P3ula Larson. Stephen Larson. Valerie Laum, Debbie Leek. Steve Lee. Donald lee. Ed Lee. Floyd Even in the frustrating hours of Physiology. Scott Lilja manages to crack a smile. 84 JUNIORSle«ier. Jay lemirc. Kathy Lennon, Anita Leopold. Wayne le-ntt. Jennifer lery. Ann lidstone. Richard lilja. Scott Lindberg, David Lmhardt. Sue little. Rob lium, Candy lodahl, Mike losieben. Joan lo . Sharon lundejard. Jody MacCarthy, Kathleen MacCarthy. Shawna Mack, Thomas MacNauf.hton, Bonme Mahoney, Maty Mandil. Dan Mark. Stephen Marti. Rudolph Martinson. Jane Matzen, Richard McCall, Scott McCarthy, Darnel McCoy. Joan McDonald. Debbie McEnary. Martha McGraw. Laurie McNeil. Kyle McNulty, Jana McQuinn, Arne Meester. AJan Meester. Elizabeth Mmter, Mary Melander, Laura Overlooked School Pressures Enable Students To Enjoy Life JUNIORS 8SFriday Football Games Bring Edina Boys To Toast The Town Meliang, Jane Meyer. Rob Miller. Anne Miller. Debbie Mitten. Mary Mobauy. Jane Moore. Michele Moorhead. Mernlee Morgan. Stan Monsette. Tom Morns. Gmny Mornson. Steve Mueller. Rick Murphy. David Naas, Mark Nagengast. Dave Nederostek. Karen Nelson. Becky Nelson. Lyn Nelson, Steve Nesset. Joan Nichols. Cathy Nielsen. Joyce Nielson. Scott Scott Thode, Jeff Thompson, Neil Hirschey, and Steve Canakes encircle their they played the game that counts, and not that the Cougars lost at their Wei- table at Bridgemans to toast their football team while deciding that it's how coming football game played against the Jefferson Jaguars. 86 JUNIORSNordby. Christopher Nye. Ruth O'Brien, William O'Donnell. Meg Oeike. Sue Olson. Debra Olson, Mike Orfield. John Overby. Jon Page, Dick Peckham. Anne Pettier, Nancy Peters. Reaves Petersen. Scott Pttefson, Erie Peterson. Mallory Peterson. Michael Petschauer. Deborah Petsolt. Vicki Phe'ps. Kim Pick. Doug Pierce. Debbie Pillcn, Nancy Pmcus. Steve Ptatou. Patricia Pochler. Cathy Pohlad. William Portinea, Andrea Post. Carol Pratt. Dave Pratt, Mary Price, Mary ProbSt. Martin Pumphey. Kirk Quinn, Nancy Quirk. Kathryn Raitt. Tracy -Raskind. John Raymond, Beth Raymond. Chuck Reid. Frederic Reimann. John Remington, Thomas Remington, Timothy Rentschler, George RetJlall. Gregory Reynolds. Anne Rhodes. Lynn Rholl. Gregory Rice. Stephen Richman, Lori Rtckord. Barbara Ridley. Robyn Riesberg. Kristen Rme. Oavid Rmtelmann, Kathryn Robertson. Kimberly Robinson. Ginny Robison, Carolyn Rogers. Karen Rose. Peter Rose. Ward Rottmghaus. Mark Rottmghaus. Sue JUNIORS 87Rowley. Debbie Rupp. Nancy Rustvold. Keith Rutishauser. Don Ryan. Dave Ryan. Edward Sampsell. Mary to Santnzos. Scott Salher. Jeanette Sawyer. Debbie Schaumberg. Greg Schetrer. John Schelper. Mark Schmeltz. Don Schmitt. Peggy Schultz. John Schwab. Douglas Schwartz. Andy Schwartz. Kathy Sedgewick. Ann Segur. Kemp Sharpe. Earl Shaw. Kathy Sherman. Barb Sieve. Judy Sladky. Patricia Slater, David Smith. Charles Smith. Cindy Smith. Constance Smith, Kirby Smith. Rebecca Smyth. Paul Snyder. Jan Sommers. Susan Sonnesyn. Jayne Spear. Sheolyn Steubs. Ronald Stotesbery. Gail Strachan. Cathryn Streeter. Tim Sullivan, Oenms Sund. Brian Swanson. Joanne Sweet. Imda Swetman. Janet Tautges. Tom Tenneson. Vinjie Thayer. Maureen Thernell, Diane Thews. Eric Ihode. Scolt Thomas, Kathleen Thomas. Richard Thompson, Robert Thorson. Sherrie Timing. Gretchen Tillery. Martha Tindall. Tom Tiaden, Ruth Toal. Michael Tolbert. Preston Towey. John Turner. Sue 88 JUNIORS Independent Study Courses Teach Juniors Self DisciplineV Uhtemann, Thomas Ulstad. Keith Vaaler. Mary Valentine. Edward Van Gorder, Bradley Vellek. Lmda Vetsen. Christine Ylasek. Kym Vogt. Jay Wagner. Ann Waldron. Carol Walker. Kim Walker. Robb Wall. Joe Wallace. Linda Wallin. Brooks Walsh. Mike Wanner. Tom Warded. Scott Watson, Marcta Watters, Ben Wegmeyer. Kathy Weisman. Gary Wene.'t, Dirk Wett. Rick Wheeler. Jim Wheeler. Sadhona Wiest. Mike Wilder. Robert Williams. Bob Williamson. Jim Wilson, 8ruce Independent study during sixth hour Latin offers many opportunities for Chuck Heilig to disregard assignments and steer toward visiting. Wilson. Mike Wmdahl. Shauna Wmeberg. Debbie Wmsor, Jana Wiseman, Curt Wollgram. Joe Jean Worsmg. Ann Wray, Linda Yackel. Joy Young. Matthew Zahn. Valerie Zins. Jane JUNIORS 891-SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Fred Winter, vice-president; Monica Moran, secretary; Dave Magnuson, treasurer; Tucker Boyd, president. 2—Betsy Hobson, a 1972 U.S. National Free-Skating competitor, demonstrates how practice makes perfect as she works out at one of her daily practices at Braemar Pavilion. 3-Pat Benson finds working at Jerry's Coffee Shop five days a week a must in order to keep up with his weekly social expenditures. 4—Slouching off in a corner. Marnie Lilja discovers that biology isn't always as gruesome and strenuous as it often proves to be. 5-Ron Beiersdorf escapes from the monotonous strain of curricular activities as he comfortably reclines at a table and picks up a few hockey tips. 90 SOPHOMORESTraditional Sophomore Jokes Forbidden By Administration SOPHOMORES 91Halloween Brings Strange Faces To Edina-West School Grounds Aanestad. Jennifer Allison. Robert Altholl. Nancy Anderegg. Michael Anderson. Christine Anderson. Cynthia A Anderson. Cynthia J Anderson, Janice Anderson. Karen Anderson. Kim Anderson. Timothy ap Jones. Todd Armstrong. Charles Arnevik. Debra Ascher. Dawn AUtson. Jacrtuelm Aughenbaugh, Kristen Austin. Kristi Austin, Michael A'yd, Michelle Baehr. David Bailey. Leigh Baken.Lesl Baker, Carolyn Baker. Catherine Barnes. Cynthia Barnett. John Barnett. Timothy Barno, Allison 8ar». Lydia Barrett. Mary Bart . Christina Bassmger. Dan Beardsley. David Becker. Gary Beckman. Lynn Beiersdorf, Ronald Benson. Nancy Benson. Patrick BenUen. David Berkley. Mark 8ette$. Keith Beta. Daniel Biblin. Margo Bishop. Michael 8jorklund. Dawn Blair. Timothy Bolen. Jane Boim. Julie Bonnett. Kathleen Bonotl, Tern Boyd. Jane Sophomore boys get an early start on Halloween fun, anticipating lots of funny tricks and delicious treats. 92 SOPHOMORESJulie Parsons collects dirt while she and other students step outside to explore the natural environment. Boyd. Tucker Boyum. Leslie Brain. Susan Brennan. Kerin Brennan, Mary Brouillard. laYonne Brown, Michael 8ubliti. Bob Bulver. Thomas Bunker. Stephen Burckhardt. Kathy Burger. Cathy Burke. Joan Burke. Linda Burns. Nancy Bursh. Jeff Bursh.Jerry Byrne. Linda Byrnes. Dennis Canakes. Scott Capra. Leslie Carlsen. Patty Carison, Dan Carson. David Casciaro. lisa Cater. Jeff Cetere. Tony Chandler. Lois Chapman. Sheila Chappie. Pat Cherne. Cathy Cherry. Wiliam Childers. Kathy Chizum, Douglas Cipera. Oonald Cochrane. Jeff Collins. Pat Compton. Tracy Conroy. Lynn Converse. Stephen Coursollc. Many Crawford. Bill Curtin. Tom Dahilt. Katie Dahl. Nancy Dahl. Patricia Dahlen. Dand Dale. Timothy Danielson, Patrica Dcmce. Debora Demko. Peter Oemoya. Oavid SOPHOMORES 93Deremer. Patrick Devereaui. Dana Derellar. Jett Doe. Chartes Oolber. Julie Donahue. Susan Ooslal. Patrick Dow. Jan Oowns. Thomas Doyle, James Oresser. Steven Dulin. Steven Duryea. Lee Eastman. Lynn Eastman. Tom Edwards. David Eickenberg. Linda Eide. John Ellingson. Stephen Ellis. Gail Erickson. Christopher Erickson, Jan Erickson. John Eriandson. James After much hard work, concentration, and preparation mixed with a lot of festivities with mouseketeers Sharon Fuller and Sue Olsen adding to its fun. the sophomore float jubilantly parades by at this year's Welcoming charm and luring the crowd to join in the excitement and gaiety. Sophomores Proudly Display Imaginative Welcoming Float 94 SOPHOMORESErvin. Martha Estem, Thomas Fap.re. Pamela Faber, Lawrence Fans. Mark Fenlason, Kristofe Fennell. Kathy Filipcaak. Meg Filreis. Kenneth Findoftl. Paul Fine. Janice Fisk, Kenneth Fitrgeiald. Peggy Fiare. Douglas Fleming, Scott Ftoren. Owen Flynn, Mary Forstund. Stew Fredriksen. Kathy Freeman, 8ruce Freerks.Karl Frey. James Fuller, Sharon Fylle. Pamela Gee. Dave Gilbertson. Carmen Glover, Grant Graupncr. Anne Greer. Robin Gresham. James Grimsby. Ellen Griswold, Joseph Grotting. Mary Guberud, Mary Gulliiord. Sue Gustafson. John Haag. Nancy Haben, Maureen Haeny. Margo Hagen. Gary Hagen. John Hagmeier. Robert Halpm. Julie Halverson. Joan Hancock. Chuck Hansen. Barb Hansen. Denise Hansen, Nancy Hanson. Laurie Hart. Karen Hartmann. Thomas Hasse, Charles Hauge. Mitchell Haugen. Kristen Hauser. James Hayden. Geralyn Hed. Thomas Held, Susan Hemp. Mary Henderson, Clayton Herman, Brian Herring. Lora Hesterman. Daniel Heutmaker. Sherri SOPHOMORES 95Upper Division Students Share Lockers On The Upper Floor Sharing a locker may prove to be a tedious job, but Patty Kundmueller and Lynn Nancy Hansen stops at her locker between classes to make a quick Jones find it somewhat amusing as their books plunge to the ground. book switch and talk to some friends down the hall. Hewitt. Pamela Hifgendorf. Scott Hill. Debra Hines. Jefri Hobson. Elizabeth Holstrom. Cynthia Hotzfield. John Houser. Scott Hovanes. Judy Howell. Robert Hubba d. Karen Huebscher. Becky Huey. Thomas Hultgren. Jane Hunt. Janice Hunt. Judy Huppert. Thomas Hurley. John Hunger, lance Ittner. Gail I wen. Joan Jacobs. Douglas Johnson. Jerome Johnson. Jerry 96 SOPHOMORESJohnson. Lynn K. Johnson. Lynn M Johnson, Mark Johnson. Michael Johnson. Michael T Johnson. Rebecca Johnson. Ross Johnson. Sandy Johnson. Shelley Johnson, William Jondahl. Susan Jones. David Jones. Denms Jones. Lynn Jones. Mary Jones. Shan Juntli. Jane Kaeppel, Steven Kaisler. Laura Kallgten. Susan Kane. Norbert Kehoe. Patricia Kim. Patty Ktnning. Daniel Kuksey. Kevin Kjome. Lisa Klein. Paul Knab. Lorctla Knudten. Gregg Koels, Mary Jo Kraft. Peter Kragh. Patricia Kundmueller. Patricia Langefels. David Larson. Bradley Larson. Melissa Lcefeldt. Anne Leflem, Nma Lugle . Jenmler Lesman, Vccki Levine. Melonee Lilj-3. Maren Lmdberg, Enc Lmdquisf. James Lmwick, Reed Lopes. Omo Loving. Gary lundgren. Mark Luther. Mark Lynch, Kevin Mach. Joy MacNaughton. Barry Maclaggart. Paul Madden. Michael Mader. Michael Madsen, David Magnuson. David Manton. Patrick Manotes. Nicholas Waragos, Renee Manama. Wendy Marks. Barry Martin, Ann Mathens. James SOPHOMORES 97Mattson, Susan McCoy, Steve McCarthy. Kevin McCauley. Susan McClosKey, Kim McDaniels, Mart McDonnell. Michael McGlennon, timothy McPherson, Randy Meilenthm. Joel Men;. Stephen Meyer. Carolyn Michus. Ann Miller. Kristen Miller, Mary Beth Moe. Lucille Moore. Steven Moran. Monica Morgan. Christine Moser. Michael Murphy. Susan Naltick. Oan-n Nash. James Nechville. Thomas Nelson, Carla Nelson. David Nelson. Julie Nelson, lisa Netsoo. Paulla Nelson. Susan Neuger. David Neuger. Debra Nenman, Andrew Nielsen. Bradley Nipper. Timothy Nolan. Jory Nolte. Anne Nunn. Jelfrey Oathout. James Oberg. Janice Ohlson, Vaterie Olsen. Julie Olsen, Susan Olson. David 98 SOPHOMORESOfson. Deborah OKon. Patricia Ofson. Teresa Orarem. Steven Oilman. Christopher Olterdahl, Connie Otterlei. Gordon Packa. Diane Paisley. Duncan Palmer. Michael Parsons. Julie Pause. Kathleen Pearson. Charles Peer. George Peratt. Jctlrey Peru, Joseph Petersen. Barbara Peterson. Amy Peterson. Jeffrey Peterson. Susan Peterson. William Phister. Paul Phillips. James Phillips. Steven Pierce. Kimbal Pmcus. Elizabeth Podany. Linda Poll. Richard Pontius. Betsy Pool. William Poppelaars, Linda Porter. Mary Potter. leddie Pouliot, Catherine Pratt. Gregory Purdy. Gene Quimby. Laurence Rice. Edward Rasmusson. Karen Ratelle. Marguerite Rebhol . Jeffrey Reich. Deborah Reichow. Ann Remole. Patricia Reynofds, Mark Ricciardelii. Lisa Richardson, David Ridge. Oavid Rigglc. John Rmgham, Robert Robb. Seldoo Roberts. Ann Robertson. Mike Robertson, Nancy Rogers. Laurie Romundstad, Robert Rosche. Roger Rossi, Todd Rud. Robert Russell. Bryan Ruth, Dave Ryan. Liann Rzeuut. Michael Saari. Catherine Friendships Continue To Grow Despite Sophomore Class Split SOPHOMORES 99Sacknson. James Sthmitl. Laura Schmill, Thomas Schulte. Becky Schwartrbauer. Janet Schwmkendorf. Sandy Seifert. Beverly Sherman. Lorraine Shull. Mark Ssav Joseph Sigler. John Sigurdson, Paul Skordahl. Kristi Siettebo, Eileen Smith, Nancy Smith, laurel Snow. Gregory Sobieski. Anne Solberg. Thomas Sorem, Richard Sour. Jennifer Springer, Jeffrey Steinback, Barbara Steinmet . Timothy Sterner. William Stitt. Bryan Stoddart. Paul Stoeger, Carol Stone, Charles Stone. Clark Stuart. Mary Sullovan. Richard Svanoe. Deborah Swanson. Anne Swanson, Susan Swendseid. Greta Swreta. Mary Tabor, Peter Tangen. Nancy lengdm. David Thayer. Paul Thode. Tan Thomas. Ginger Thomas. Michael Thomas. Wendy Thompson. Kathryn Thompson. Sandra Toal. Bruce Tiel. Lori Tommeraasen. Mary Towcy. Beth Towne. Paul Trimmer. Linda Trussel. Susan Tucker. Patsy Unger. Anne Uppgaard. Heidi Valley. John Valo. Susan Varno. Joseph Varno, Thomas V3ui. Laurel Venable. Kathi Victorsen. Jon TOO SOPHOMORESCreative Development Courses Help Students Display Talents Margo Haeny, Oon Lcbaron, and Dave Beardsley depict a crowded elevator in a pantomine for their acting class. Viamg, Nancy Voight. Wf ndy Waggoner. Catherine Wall. John Walsten. Randall Waivenreid. Andre Weeding. John Wehrwein. Peter Weiss. Cathy Weller. Richard Westorson. Candace Westman. Nancy Welt. Daniel Wheeler. Jeffrey Wildenberg. Ihomas Williams, Cory Wilson. Gail Winter. Fred Winter. Nancy Woodcock. Nancy Worsmg. lean Wroru. Beverly Wuebker. Peter Worst. Heidi Young, Scott Zarlmg. Anne Zero. Sheer A Ziegler. Cynthia SOPHOMORES 101Building A New Tradition As. . . A Celebrant18 Year Old Vote LeadsTo Student Involvement In Election "In an election year everything that goes on is somewhat important, so anything anybody does is important. Working in an election you learn a lot about politics, and you have a much better perspective on elections.” Scott Lilja (11) "My favorite aspect was canvassing because I got to talk to people and hear what their views were. I worked for a cause that I believed in. and even though McGovern didn't wm. I was doing something I felt I should be doing." Steve Orazem (10) ... “I became involved to see if I could bring about a constructive change. I found out a lot about the people in our country and about myself, but I don't think I made that much of a dent in the political process as far as the election went. I think it probably would've worked out a lot better if more kids, whether or not they voted, had gotten involved m the election. I feel then the impact of the belief of youth would've been greater.” Steve Phillips (10) ... "The experience and knowledge that came from working m the political process was the most valuable thing I gained.” Scott Davis (12) ... "The part I liked best was talking to people and trying to convince them. I think we changed a few people’s minds about who they were voting for and made them see things differently." Cathey Pouliot (10) “I figured I was adding something to the political process, you can't attack the government unless you offer something better." Kevin Lynch (10) ... "It was one way to let other people know what I thought and what McGovern's stand was by making the information available to them Marguerite Ratelle (10) ... “I decided to do something about getting my candidate elected instead of just sitting around hoping." Laura Fredendall (12) “If I swung a few votes. I'm happy." Chris Bloch (12) ... 104 ELECTIONS 1—Kevin McCarthy silently rehearseshis speech before he confronts his next voter as he campaigns door to door for Nixon. 2—During their free time. Mark Bomblatus, Peggy Berres, and Bob Kreckelberg gather at Republican Headquarters to phone people and remind them to get out and vote for Nixon. 3—Dennis Clegg votes for the candidates of his choice at the twelfth grade polling booth in the mock election at school. 4-Standing in line at Countryside School. Bill Gibson and Marcia Quimby patiently wait to vote in the national election for their first time. 5—Duncan Paisley has trouble deciding on his candidate choices so he chooses to support a number of candidates. 6—Spending an afternoon to aid with McGovern's campaign. Sue Nordquist, and Brooks Walin show their support. "While I canvassed I met a guy who tried to convince me to attend his republican church.” Terri Wray (12) ELECTIONS 105“We have the spirit— that’s for sure!” Tracy Grogan (12) Pepfests Pack Gymnasium With Unmistakeable School Spirit "Some of the kids at the pepfests only come to get out of school, but I think they're in the minority. Most of the people are there because they really care and that's great!" Sandy Obermeyer (12) ... "I think most of the players really appreciate the pepfests.” Tim Nipper (10) .. “The general school spirit has greatly improved this year. Maybe its because its a new school and everything, but whatever the reason, It's fantastic!" Mary Price (11) ... “In planning the pep-fest. we have to go through a whole complicated procedure getting o.k.'s from various staff members, finding an emcee, and virtually planning down to the last minute what will be when. At times, you even wonder if it’s even worth it when the kids aren't psyched at all. They'll just sit there and stare at us sometimes as though we were there only to entertain them. That's not the cheerleaders’ purpose at all!" Sue Wijart (12) ... "All right Huggins, you've already made a fool of yourself. Now sit down and give me a chance!" Brian Burke (12) ... “It seems as though there’s never enough room to sit down. At every single pepfest I've ended up sitting on the floor." Greta Swendseid (10) ... "Everybody concerned with the pepfests works so hard, the least people can do is go and watch them. The few illegal sophomore jokes don’t bother me at all-in fact they're funny!" Sandy Schwinkendorf (10) ... "The whole idea of pepfests will go downhill unless we start getting some variety into the format. This year we've been trying to do many things differently, anything to create interest and prevent boredom. It would be really sad if we had to stop the pepfests because kids just didn't bother to come." Sue Wigart (12) .. "Pep rallies here are twenty times better than they were in North Carolina.” Mark Bolick (11). 106 PEPFESTS1—The cheerleading squad, spotlighting Sandy Obermeyer and Mary Jo Hendrickson, keeps the pace moving, but stops for a breather to watch a skit and lead the crowd in a round of applause. 2—Senior Jane Huey holds her own over sophomore squeals at the pepfest. 3—It's teen heaven for senior women Sue Nordquist, Robin Morrison, Jackie Nichols, Carol Sackirson, and Julie Waack as they go wild, screaming and stomping to the sound of Dave Compton as he imitates Elvis. 4— Dressed in fifties fashion. Cougarettes Debbie Conway, Linda Wallace, Peggy Berres, Kati Weigel. Danna Dekko, and Carol Hansen sway to the song. "Rock Brother Rock.” 5—Mr. Hutchins calls attention to Bruce Mooty as he models the stylish new soccer uniforms at a pepfest for the soccer team. PEPFESTS 107Fashions Return To 50’s For Unforgettable West Side Story "Don’t step on my 'Blue Swede Shoes'!" Dave "Elvis” Compton (12) "Ann and I get to split the Sotebeers?" Debby Barker (12) ... "You guys look like you’re in a wedding." Mark Mathison (12) . "Coro- nation would have been too serious if it hadn't been for Brian Blunt-he really livened it up." Dave Magnuson (10) "What can I say, what can I do?!" Tripp Bartlett (12) "All right, one more time. The King picks the Queen, she takes his arm. they walk back to the thrones where he holds the proclamation and she Mr. Diercks (adv) "I'll be so nervous out on the field alone, Ringham. What if I give a wrong signal or something?" Val Ulstad (12) ... “Just look at all those people and think of how many pmaburgers they could eat!" Dave Geving (12) . "We're Gonna Rock. Rock. Rock Around the Clock!" Harry and the Hubcaps (band) ... "Walk slower guys. you aren't in a sprint!" Kris Korn (12) . .. "When I first heard the theme was ‘Return to the Fifties. 'I thought it was already too over used, but as I got into it. I discovered it was a lot of fun.” Lisa Smith (10) ... “All day Friday was such a treat-Como Park, Mama Rosa’s, the parade, then Sponsel's to top it all off!" Kevin Reynolds (12) ... "It’s too bad I got to dig being King so late—it was really fun." Brian Blunt (12) ... "I want a kiss from Kris!” anonymous ... "Walking up there my mouth just froze. It stayed in one position and I couldn't move it!" Bob Sotebeer (12) ... "But you guys. Mr. Bo Jangles’ is my favorite song!” Brig Nagobads (12) . “I have never had as much fun or gotten to know as many neat kids as I did during those few days on court." Nancy Ringham (12) ... "Coronation was fun for me because I got to wear my new suit.” Dick Sotebeer (12) ... 108 WELCOMING1— Teen Angel, Frank Heffeffinger tunes in to Nowsville with a bottle of Uncola as Missy Hyland looks on at the Welcoming Dance. 2— Chris Bloch, Liz Moynihan, and Fritz Reid display the misunderstandings created through senior high flirtations with their skit at the Welcoming Pepfest. 3-latin Club's six weeks of planning and hard work result in a first place for the float competition with their representation of the West Wind in the Welcoming Parade. 4—Teens return to the fifties as they jive to Harry and the Hubcaps during the twist contest. 5-Fred Winter and Debbie Borchers plaster Goofy to the wall to set the mood for the Welcoming Dance. 6-Dave Compton, alias Elvis, making the scene at the Welcoming Pepfest. arouses the enthusiasm of Doug Dencker and Nick Legeros. “I’m glad everyone had fun, but I was exhausted from all of the work.” Nancy Adams (12) WELCOMING 109Thrilling Memories Help Create Lasting Friendships For Court 110 WELCOMING“During the parade, I was afraid Bob would drop me when we got out of the car.” Debby Barker (12) 1—Dave Geving, Nancy Ringham, and Martha Hancock laugh with surprise at the mystery dinner at Kris Korn’s house. 2—Brig Nagobads and Mark Mathison give their order for breakfast at the Radisson South. 3—Nancy and Brian happily wave to an excited crowd at the Welcoming football parade. 4—Brian blushes as Edina's first Homecoming queen reveals Edina West’s first Welcoming king. 5-WEL-COMING COURT: M.Mathison. M.Hancock, T.Bartlett. K.Faith. D.Groth, B.Nagobads. B.Mooty, K.Jepson. B.Sotebeer. N,Ringham. B.Blunt. D.Barker. R.Nipper. A.Stewart. D. Sotebeer. A.O'Brien. K.Reynolds, R.Anderson, D.Geving. C.Einck. 6—The audience blinks in disbelief as twins. Bob and Dick Sotebeer escort Debby Barker and Ann O’Brien down the aisle at coronation. WELCOMING 111“It sure was a surprise that two drum majors should get ‘Daisy Mae’.’’ Val Ulstad (12) East-West Dogpatch Couples Meet At Joint Sadie Hawkins "Being named I’ll Abner was one of the biggest thrills of my high school career. I thought because L’il Abner is supposed to be big and stupid that Ron Olsonoski would win for sure. It was a surprise when I got it." Brian Burke (12) "The Sadie Hawkins' Dance is a lot more fun than the other high school dances, because there is more to do than just sitting around listening to the band." Mark Bolick (11) . . "The Sadie Hawkins' Dance seemed kind of simple. I've been for four years and it got progressively worse each time." Dave Peterson (12) . "I like the idea of Sadie because it’s one of the few times of the year when a girl can repay a guy for all the favors he does for her." Todd Gunderson (11) ... "Sadie Hawkins was a lot of fun. and it surprised me that more people didn't show up. I really got into it. Brian Burke and I were huggm' and kissin' each other when we learned that he got L'il Abner.’ Ron Olsonoski (12) ... "What a bummer, I got asked by a really ugly girl and it brought me down for the rest of the year." Brian Spencer (12) ... "The only rotten aspect of Sadie is all the girls that I had to turn down." Rick Nagengast (12) ... "Most of the Edina girls took the guys to good ol' Mama Rosa's for ’pizza breath' beforehand." Anne Reynolds (11) "My date and I got hitched by Marryin' Sam alias Mr. Larson. We got tied together and when I went for a drink from the water fountain, I nearly knocked her tooth out." Mark Mathi-son (12) ... "Nagey and I had more fun standing around and watching all the other weird people at Sadie than anything else.” Barbie Winslow (12) ... "I couldn't have been more honored than to be accompanied to Sadie by EdinaWest's first and foremost L'il Abner, Brian Burke." Tracy Grogan (12) 112 SADIE HAWKINS1 — Dressed in their patched overalls ano suspenders, the couples dance to the music of. "Birth." 2 — Lynette Eggers, Mike Summers, Jack Atkins, Bob Krekelberg, and Cathy Nichols gather round to try out the taste of some Indian corn. 3 — After their double wedding. Scott Chadwick, Debbie McBride, Deanne Shull, and Guy Wikman find themselves tied together with string which is part of the traditional marriage ceremony. 4 — Barb Sherman, Mark Bolick, Sue Summers, and Tim Streeter rest a minute and watch the others dance. 5 — While the band takes a break, Dave Johnson accepts some refreshments from Becky Smith to quench his thirst for the exciting night ahead. 6 — Bruce Larson, alias “Marryin Sam," and Robert Jaehne marry Lisa Smith and Tom Hartman. SADIE HAWKINS 113Pops-West Premiere Sellout Attributed To “Guys And Dolls” "But underneath the glitter, all the makeup. and even beyond the music is the thing that makes Pops a part of you. The spirit of eighty-three people pulling together in love." Mary Melichar (12) ... "We're lost in space, captain!” Dan McClellan (11) "Peyps!" Al Fackler (12) ... "My heart is leapm'. I'm havin’ trouble sleepin'!" Sue Juhl (11) .. "We have to concentrate. Think about what you're trying to accomplish, and why. This is our last night. A year in band is like three roads-Pop concert, tour, and Spring Concert; and after tonight, only two of them will be left.” Ross Wilson (12) ... "A person, can develop a BAD. BAD, COLD." Nancy Ringham (12) . . "I might as well jump with you. I just washed my hair, and I can't do a thing with it." Heidi Wurst (10) . "Who’s having steak with his pears?" Barb Storm (12) ... "The first annual Pops West is two hours of the greatest entertainment Edina has to offer." Val Ulstad (pres) ... "Natan, concentrate on da game. Da town is up to here in high players!" Chuck Connelly (11) ... "Our big number. El Salon Mexico, was a real challenge for such a young band, but they tackled it. and earned their name-The Miracle Band." Ed Melichar (dir) . "I'm halfway through the tune and I'm falling far behind." Ann Mestemacher (12) . "The sin and shame in which you wallow." Karen Erickson (9) . .. "And finally, you kids have really got a show. It’s a knock-out." Marian Hansen (adv) . . "Old Dan Tucker just standm’ there lookin'." Steve Peer (12) “Silence!" John Boblett (11) ... "Gotta have the game, or we'll die from shame." Leigh Wakefield (9) ... "What made you think, that I was one of those girls (wink)?" Suay Rudquist (12) “Some sun. some grass, some dew." Bob Ringham (10).. 114 POP CONCERT“Silly Rabbit Ears, Star Tricks are for kids.” John Phelps (12) 1 — Joanne Swanson, as one of the Hot Box Nite Spot show girts, screams "Take Back Your Mink." 2 — In "Fugue for Tinhorns." Bob Ringham, Val Ulstad, and Dave Magnuson argue which horse, Valentine. Paul Revere, or Epitaph, will win the big race. 3 -Aging Steve Peer warns his son. Alan Fack-ler, not to drink from the wrong side of the family heirloom cup because it will dribble down his front. 4 — Gamblers, bookies, and card sharks, intent on a crap game, solemnly plead with Nathan Detroit to put up the thousand dollars. 5 - Lamenting her single status, Nancy Ringham as Miss Adelaide, sings about her fourteen year engagement to Nathan Detroit. 6 — Concentrating on the big number of the pop concert. "El Salon Mexico," the band successfully performs the unusual rhythmic patterns. POP CONCERT 115“This was the first year we used skits. It really added variety to the concert.” Nancy Deeds (11) 1 - Concert Mistress Sharon Clarke watches carefully so as not to miss her cue in the song "Love is Blue." 2 After being served refreshments in true cafe style, the audience sits back to enjoy the melodic tones of the orchestra. 3 — Mark Partridge, Wes Loeger-ing, and their band "Wake” provide additional entertainment for the audience during intermission, 4 Tuba player. Ross Wilson, shows his musical talent by playing in the band as well as supporting the orchestra in the song "Music for Orchestra" by Nelybel. 5 — John Raskind, Wes Loegering, and their two gangs pretend to be ready to fight but surprise everyone when the band strikes up the tune "Tonight" and they begin to dance. 6 — "Maestro" Scott Thode prepares backstage before he directs the orchestra in a kazoo number. 116 CAFE CONCERT‘Beginnings’ Cafe Concert Marks OpeningOf New High School "The concert was the best Edina has ever had. I think we played as well as we possibly could, and the results were tremendous." Westy Loegerinc (12) . .. "Because it was the first major project that our orchestra had ever undertaken, it really seemed to pull us together as a group." Shelley Johnson (10) "I was so pleased with the way all the kids at Edina-West backed us up-their support helped to give the concert an atmosphere of unity. And when we saw the audience's reaction, it seemed as though all our work had finally paid off. It was just a great concert—I thoroughly enjoyed participating in it.” Sharon Clarke (11) . .. "The concert was a lot of fun. as well as good experience, and it all went just great." Nancy Deeds (11) ... "Playing the song 'Beginnings' really made the concert." Nancy Vining (10) ... "This was absolutely the best Cafe Concert we've ever had in Edina. There was more enthusiasm generated by the kids than any other time." Karen Rasmusson (10) .. "It took a lot of effort to get this year's Cafe Concert all put together, but it was greatly worth it. The show was so cool, just really tough. We were putting on a production, not just a concert." Dave Hilleren (12) "One of the most outstanding things was the guest group 'Wake', but I think the kids enjoyed the whole concert. Several people told me afterwards that they had really liked it Donna Vellek (12) . . "It was fun to do the arranging for 'Beginnings'. The orchestra cooperated with me. and I appreciated that." Dick Rogers (12) "You'd better have your mutes or the room is going to fall." anomymous ... "We rehearsed all day Saturday and as the day went on. our orchestra spirit grew, so that by concert time it was at its peak." Brad Craig (11) CAFE CONCERT 117Civil Disobedience Concepts Depicted In Thoreau Production "I thought it was one heck of a powerful, moving play. I've never been affected as much by a play as that one. I think it changed a lot of people's minds about being more expressive and more forward in their views." Chris Bloch (12) ..." ‘Thoreau’ was done for enjoyment but primarily for the philosophical attitudes it expressed. Hopefully the best thing accomplished was the people watching felt a piece of Thoreau. “Thoreau’ was built on an impact level where when you saw the play you should’ve felt something inside." Fritz Reid (11) ... "It was a fantastic play. It really hit and made me see a lot of things I hadn’t seen before in myself." Sue Harr (11) ... ‘‘The cast was so tightly knit and into it so much, we knew each other’s characters so well that when we were on stage it wasn’t Chris and Greg it was Henry and John Thoreau. Within each cast member a part of Henry Thoreau still lives on.” Greg Wakefield (12) ... "The war scene made me feel strange, awkward and uncertain as to what would be my proper response. I wanted to jump up and join them but since I didn’t think that would be proper. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry." Julian Grev (fac) ... "I felt the cast put out 100% all the way. They didn’t quit half way through rehearsals and have to be pushed. They really enjoyed doing the play, they worked very hard on it and came out with a good show." Pete Moore (12) ... “As a member of the audience I became totally involved m the play because of the superb acting and the informality created by the multistage." Patti Arteel (11) . "Those who saw the play remember that Thoreau did live in Walden for two years. He did return to society, he had to return because he wasn't getting done what he wanted, but he wouldn't conform." Mark Mathison (12)... 118 "THE NIGHT THOREAU SPENT IN JAIL"“When we got the standing ovation, we were almost crying backstage we were so happy.” Rick Mueller (11) “The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail' Waldo Emerson Don LeBaron Lydian Ann Wagner Mother Mary Mahaney Henry Chris Bloch John Greg Wakefield Bailey Mark Mathieson Deacon Ball Kris Fenlason Ellen Cricky Verson Sam Staples. Fritz Reid Edward Bruce Davis Gretchen Gretchen Thwmg Elizabeth Jan Snyder Williams Craig MacNaughton Aaron Rick Mueller Mary Joan Hall Ruth Margo Haeay Alice Dawn Nallick Johnny SigGotthilf 1 - Kris Fenlason, as pompous Deacon Ball, stubbornly orders Thoreau to conform to more conservative teaching methods. 2 The townspeople of Concord listen with shock and disgust while Chris Bloch, as Henry David Thoreau. expresses his radical ideas. 3 — Mark Mathison, as Thoreau's cellmate. Bailey, cocks a quisical eyebrow at one of Thoreau's philosophies. 4 — Mary Mahoney, as John Thoreau's mother, sorrowfully prays for her son's soul while his spirit lingers on. shortly after his death. 5 - A fugitive Yankee soldier, played by Craig MacNaughton, seeks advice and refuge with Thoreau at Walden. 6 - Upon returning from England. Ralph Waldo Emerson, played by Don LeBaron, explains to his son Edward how Napolean would have opened his stack of mail after returning from a long journey. "THE NIGHT THOREAU SPENT IN JAIL" 119 Pre-Career Work Produces Variety Of Interesting Jobs “Skiing is a big part of my life. It’s fun to teach other people what I know in hopes that they'll like it as much as Ido." Debby Barker (12) .. "Working in a candy store I get to meet interesting people, they're all usually nice, and I can eat as much candy as I want.” Mary Kaisler (11) "The Betty Crocker Pie Shop is such a small place that all the people who work there really get along well. It’s like a family, so it’s fun to work there." Lynn Beardsley (12) ... "From three to seven o’clock I fry donuts and then come to school, it keeps me busy. It's a job where I can look at what I’ve done when I’m through I feel like I've accomplished something. I plan to work my way through college at it. To start work at three in the morning I have to be in bed by seven-thirty period, so my night life is cut down." Mike Olson (12) ... "One of our jobs as library pages is to find the overdue books people have left in the book drop so they won’t have to pay and then we fine them.” Sue Linhardt (11) ... “While I am on stage I have to believe I’m doing the impossible so the audience will believe it also. I feel I’m doing something worthwhile they'll enjoy and will remain with them if I do a good job. It’s only a half hour show, but if I can do it right. If I can give them that moment of happiness it creates just as much happiness for me. I really love doing magic. I don't think I’ll ever give it up." Stuart Haw (12) ... "Teaching piano is a fulfilling job. I can pick my hours, my students and the area of music I want to teach." Don Lee (11) ... "I like to watch the little kids play, it’s kind of like watching yourself in miniature. Being a referee you sometimes have to accept a lot of disrespect from the fans, but its still fun." Bob Williams (11) ... 120 J08S1 - Magician Stuart Haw amazes the audience with his disappearing bird trick during one of his fascinating magic performances. 2 — Chef Bob Broich prepares mouth-watering dishes in the kitchen, while busboys Todd Gunderson and Steve Gresham busily set tables at the La Cantina night club. 3 -Helping with swimming practice, Maureen Toal and Sue Gulliford offer encouraging smiles to enthusiastic young swimmers. 4 — Jeff Cater finds comforting the animals to be one of his many tasks while working at King-dale Kennels. 5 — As an orderly at Fairview Southdale Hospital. Dave Metzger hurries with a stretcher to help patients in the emergency room. “I would like to be like Thoreau and only work when I need money, but since that’s all the time, I’d be working all the time.” Brad Craig (11) JOBS 121Students Learn To Cope With Nuances Of New High School "I enjoy moments of relaxation in the commons, the auditorium is another Guthrie. 3nd the total openness of the cafeteria as well as the rest of the school is great." Peg Plas-man (12) "The sports were so messed up on the split shift. The full day works out better." Scott Fuller (11) ... "I miss having windows in the classrooms and clocks in the halls." Valerie Ohlson (10) . "The in- formal atmosphere created by the bright colors and unorganized seating is good, but the open walls have such a plastic effect. Everything folds up. or in. or out. It really kind of bothers me.” Mike Millner (12) "This building is an architectural disaster!" Duncan Paisley (10) "Now we can feel as though it's really our school, instead of just being an extension of the junior high." Sally Dahlstrom (12) . . "The folding walls don't make me feel as closed in " Loretta Knab (10) . "There are no clocks in the halls at all. but you still get detention if you're late for class." Joyce Nielson (11) ... “We need a different, more informal system to go with the structure of the building. Modular scheduling would be good. It would make the open walls more effective." Lori Richman (11) "The library and the commons are great, but we should have more freedom to use them during class." Jon Jachimowicz (11) ... "The clocks are always facing the wrong way." Kim Anderson (10) ... "I like the school much better now than I did in the beginning." Mary Francis (11) ... "Everything about the school is really unique." Mark Campbell (11) "It's so good to be able to walk down the hall without literally having to shove the bodies aside." Claudia Swendseid (12) "I especially like the new atmosphere of the whole building." Steve Singer (12) ... 122 NEW SCHOOL CHANGES“If you’re near a bathroom or water fountain, use it if you need to or not. You may not see another.” Sheila Davis (fac) 1 — Students learn to tolerate interruptions during class as custodians check up on the the many adjustments to be made in the new school. 2 - With a starting push from Scott Fuller. Steve Pincus manages to make good time between classes. 3 — Because of the shortage of lavatories in the new school, Ann McQuinn searches desperately for a women's sign before it’s too late. 4 - On the new flat-topped lockers. Dick Page. Steve Beese, and Rick Zarling keep their distance from Dawn Nallick and other anxious sophomore girls. 5 — Communications students find themselves without desks during their first few weeks in the new high school. NEW SCHOOL CHANGES 123Building A New Tradition As. . . A Member1 — At an early deadline, Cathy Poehler finds she can't type and watch T.V. at the same time 2-FIRST CLASS FRONT ROW - T.Dale, M.Bolick, K.Petersen, J.Nichols. ROW TWO - R Boyd. C.Poehler. A Peckham. i. Sonnesyn BACK ROW - C.Kim. LFox. N. Hayhoe. 3 - At a progressive Windigo dinner. Mary Vining, Shelly Wurst, and Greta Swend-seid stuff their faces. 4 - Bewildered by the sudden line-up of cars. Linda Cherne stops with her trusty hose in hand trying to decide which car to squirt next. 5 — TOURIST: FRONT ROW - S. Wurst. L.Cherne. M.Vinmg. ROW TWO - J.Mellang. N.Deeds. C.Saari, G. Swendseid ROW THREE - J.McCoy. G.Fmdell. A. Reynolds. A Roberts. G.Levitt. BACK ROW . B. Crawford, P.KIossner. P.Borg, N.Vinmg. 6 ■ PILOTS: C.Emck, assoc, ed.. C. Baranauckas, editor-in-chief. Late Hours, Long Deadlines Yield Flushed, Bushed Staffers "I think I've learned discipline from working on the book, to get things done. Windigo demands most of my time." Nancy Hayhoe (11) ... "After a year on Windigo, I've gotten pretty good at asking people for money!" Greta Swendseid (10) "I QUIT!" Carla Baranauckas (ed) ... "When I found out that I made the staff. I was so happy that I couldn't stop crying. Responsibility is so important. If your section bombs out. the whole book is ruined for everyone." Ann Roberts (10) ... "I personally like 'The Bush.”' Guy Wikman (12) ... "Miss Baranauckas will see you now-please strip to your shorts." Jayne Sonnesyn (11) ... "Where were you guys?" Bill Crawford (10) . "A lot of people have asked me if I'd do this over again, and even though its the most frustrating thing I've ever done, there's no doubt in my mind that I would. The kids and the fun we've had make the whole thing worthwhile.” Carla Baranauckas (ed) .. . “Where can you buy a cup of apple seeds?" Jackie Nichols (12) ... "I'll have to admit that the most frustrating deadlines were also the most fun. Everyone was so nutty from exhaustion. At times when you wanted to cry. you just couldn't because there was always something to laugh at." Mary Vining (12) ... "You guys. I still wear Carter's!" Nancy Deeds (11) ... "The things I'll always remember are McDonald's every night during deadlines. Jackie threatening to eat a cup of apple seeds, being searched at the airport and Carla's letters of resignation to the staff." Joan McCoy (11) "When Clara and I go to the airport at 3 a.m. to mail the pages, we wait for the mailman — he’s always late. To waste time, we ride the carts, run up down escalators, write nasty letters to the mailman and ask what the barbershop pole means." Cyd Einck (assoc ed) ... 126 WINDIGO"After counting copy for a year, I find myself counting everything I write unconsciously.” Anne Peckham (11) WINDIGO 127“I find myself thinking about Zephyrus all the time—in all of my classes, in the shower. I even have nightmares about deadlines.” Phil Lowry (12) 1—In a quiet moment of thought, managing editor Dennis Clegg looks over the latest edition of Zephyrus. 2—Mary Carlsen strives for perfection in her articles, and has Margo Biblin proofread for mistakes. 3—Although Zephyrus deadlines are exhausting for Patty Kim and Phil Lowry, Phil’s dog finds time to rest. 4—Jenny Sour interviews ABC student Willie Wilkes as he discusses his new pro-gram.5—ZEPHYRUS: FRONT ROW-C.Baker. M.Biblin, M.Hummel. P.Wehrwein, P.Kim, B. Hobson. ROW TWO-S.Phillips, K. BIomquist. A.Graupner. M.Betz. M.Thomas, P.Lowry, M. Carlsen, C.Howard. BACK ROW—B.Pincus, J.Sour, S.Williams. l.Kaisler, S.Held, D.Rutis-hauser, J.McGlennon, O.CIegg. 6—With an experienced eye for mistakes, copy supervisor Jan McGlennon checks over articles. 128 ZEPHYRUSZephyrus Brings New Format To West School Newspaper "The overall tone of the Zephyrus is one of dignified, staid authority interspersed with brilliant slashes of avante garde wit, judgemental editorials (divine rights clause and all) and the usual gay. brilliant, provoking format." Connie Howard (12) .. . "Being on the staff is a lot of fun. but its hard work for all of us. especially the editorial staff. They deserve so much credit for all the extra time and work they put into the magazine." Anne Graupner (10) . . "After working two years on the newspaper staff, my most obvious gains are learning to write effective articles and to understand the process of producing a newspaper. But more important. I think I've learned something about people, both on the staff and off." Mary Carlsen (12) . . “We're hoping to start a tradition of an interesting informative and enjoyable magazine for the years to come.” Betsy Pincus (10) .. "Our goal for this year is to start a precedent of being one of the top ten papers in the country." Cathy Baker (10) ... "As managing editor. I do layouts and decide which stories we want to use. what needs to be edited, and how we use them.” Dennis Clegg (12) ... "In past years the auxiliary staff has been known to do absolutely nothing. but this year we have regular meetings and do the 'ETC.' writing." Lois Chandler (10) ... "More than anything, being editor is a growing experience. You learn to weed out what's important to you and what isn't. You also develop sort of a 'I can get through anything attitude'—a sense of survival you might say." Phil Lowry (ed) ... "I’ve gained a great deal of confidence and a lot of great experiences by interviewing strangers. Working on the staff has given me the opportunity to work on a team and produce a tangible result that I can take pride in." Sue Williams (12)... ZEPHYRUS 129Forming Of Calliope Meets Literary Demands Of School “We had an unbelievably hard time choosing a title for the magazine. At first we had a list of about two hundred names: that was narrowed down to fifty, then five, then to two. 'Jewelweed and Nettles' and 'Celebrant.' And then, after all that, we decided that we didn't really like those very well, and had to start over again. It’s miraculous that we ever came up with anything at all!” Oebby Barker (ed) ..." 'Jewelweed and Nettles'—hmm. put that in your pipe and smoke it!” Ted Larkin (12) . . “Why does everybody always say Cally-ope?" Jaimie Boone (12) ... "It was so disappointing to have the poster fall down-not once but three times! If we can ever get it to stay on the wall, everyone will be able to see why we kept putting it up again and again. It's a fantastic creation! (Of course I'm not biased or anything)." Laurie Rogers (10) ... "It's not big enough!" Nick Legeros (12) ... "I told you it should have been bigger. It only fell down three times!” Debby Barker (ed) .. . "You guys are all bananas!" Martiey Maynard (12) ... "Will the person who sto-found a roll of white tape please return it to the office?" Nick Legeros (12) ... "This year's staff is only about half the size of last year's, and that makes it much easier to work with." Jane Mobarry (II) ... "Calliope performs a unique and important function in the school. It gives the kids an opportunity to express themselves in a beautiful and creative way. and their work is recognized through publication. That's why I enjoy working on the staff. We can really see just what the people in our school can do. Selecting their best work and assembling the magazine is a great experience, one that I wish more people could share. I feel lucky to have been a part of it." Claudia Swendseid (12) ... 130 CALLIOPE1—In one of their more creative moods, Jane Mobarry and Lori Rogers aspire to being airplane pilots. 2—The late hours of Calliope deadlines find Ted Larkin taking Claudia Swendseid home incognito. 3—Jamie Boone reads over a manuscript submitted to find out what material is to be selected for the first edition. 4—Calliope staffers Anne Peckham, Debbie McBride, and Jane Mobarry confer on some ways the staff can raise money. 5—A new school means that there has to be a name for the literary magazine, and editor Debbie Barker leads a meeting for this purpose. 6— CALLIOPE: FRONT ROW-C.Swendseid. L. Rogers. M.Baltz. ROW TWO—D.McBride. M. Maynerd, J.Mobarry, J.Boone. BACK ROW—N. Legeros, K.Jepson, D.Barker. T.Larkin. “We made a huge poster the size of Debbie Barker’s basement to explain our name. Too bad it didn’t stay up.” Karen Jepson(12) CALLIOPE 1311—STUDENT ORIENTATION COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW-R Boyd. ROW TWO-S.CIarke. M. Jones. J.Swanson. BACK ROW—M.Morris. F. Winter. V.UIstad. W.Loegermg. M. Berkley. D. Groth. 2—Afternoon announcements are brought to the attention of the students every afternoon, when the golden voice of Doug Denker comes over the P.A. system minutes before dismissal. 3—STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW—K.McNeil. secretary; D.Groth. president; D.Dencker. vice president; S.Mc-Carthy. treasurer; D.Dierks. ROW TWO—S. Moore. T.Potter. K.Phelps. M Moran. M. Bonoff. CSmith. M.Jones. BACK ROW-D. Paisley. P.Rose. P.Ratelle. S.Day. D.Sotebeer. N. Adams. ACIapp. 4-STUDENT SCHOOL BOARD: FRONT ROW-M Meester. C.PIummer. Dr. F.Lieber. N.Adams. C.Korn. ROW TWO-S.Hoyt. A. Barry, D.Groth. D.Dencker. M Walton. B.Fraatz. BACK ROW-M Morris. T. Holmes. C.Peterson. D.Paisley. Council And Commission Jointly Plan New School Orientation Our biggesl goal in the beginning of the year was getting the school spirit started. It was a big disappointment to a lot of kids to find themselves in |unior high again. It was our job to try and keep the kids interested while we kept hoping the new school would be finished soon." Dave Groth (12) "The education committee is trying to work out a no-pass system for seniors, where the seniors could be gone a day. or even a period, and would not be required to have an admit. The idea behind this is that most seniors at Edina attend college after graduation, and a no-pass system would help prepare the seniors for the responsibility." Mike Bonoff (11) ... "The Student School Board is much closer to the regular School Board than is the Student Council. The Council is more like a good will ambassador between the students and the administration, and can only change school policies by sheer power of suggestion. The Student School Board actually deals with school policies, and leaves the specifics to the Student Council." Nance Adams (12) "Everyone kept asking me why the Council had 'Freefare' come. They contacted us during the summer and asked if they could come and play for free. The Council thought it would be something the kids would really enjoy, and so we said 'sure'." Mr. Diercks (adv) “Kim Phelps and I went to a convention in St. Cloud—The Minnesota Association of Student Councils (M.A.S.C.). Two kids from each school around the state went, and we talked about each council's problems and accomplishments. We came back with a lot of new ideas." Cindy Smith (11) ... "I think all the kids on Council are pretty pleased with what we've accomplished so far. especially Welcoming, and are excited about current projects." Monica Moran (10) ... STUDENT GOVERNMENT 133“Any organization dedicated purely to the welfare of others can only be a good thing.” Jo Bie (vice-pres) 1 - REO CROSS: FRONT ROW - J.Hult-gren, P.Kelly. C.Sackrison, L.Jones, M.B. Miller. ROW TWO - J.Kragh. L.Fredendall. J. Mellang. D.Ougan, G.lttner, C.Smith, M.Moorhead. H.Huebscher. ROW THREE - J.Bie. M. Filipczak, P.Licky, T.Thode. S.Cleaveland, C. Barnes. I.Fox. M.Gubberud. BACK ROW — J.Hovanes. S.OIson, S.BIoom, D.Shaw. M. Lewis, S.Wigart, E.Ashworth, T.KIoster. C. Frisvold. M.Brown. J.Reiman. D.Metzger. 2 - Jean Kragh helps wrap Christmas presents for underprivileged children. 3 - Selling the last of their candy canes is easy for Linda Wallace and Cindy Smith, as they approach stray students. 4 — Mary K. Gilbertson helps the Kidney Foundation by buying a box of candy from Lou Boulay. 5 — Diane Dugan and Nancy Deeds lead one of the many Red Cross meetings. 6 — Breaking into small groups enables Martha Gubbrud to assist representatives. 134 RED CROSSFewer Representatives Promote Many Worthwhile Activities "I honestly think that Red Cross has done an awful lot to make things better for people. It’s definitely a worthwhile organization." Mary Beth Miller (10) "We have so much in Edma that it only seems right to spread some around to people who aren't as fortunate. I don't mean just money-giving our time can be really important too.” Craig Frisvold (12) "I've always been interested in all aspects of the health field. (I'd like to be a nurse someday) and I like to do things for the good of others. That's why I joined Red Cross. I guess. It's entire purpose is to help people who need help." Trudie Kloster (12) "There are kids in the organization who really do want to get involved in somehmg like this, but there are also quite a few who are just volunteered to be representatives. If they didn't especially want to do it in the first place, they don't do a good job." Chris Bartz (10) .. "This year we've been trying to place more emphasis on the giving of our own time and effort Money is important too. but it can become an easy way out.” Diane Dugan (pres) "Mrs. Gubbrud is such a great adviser. She's so young and receptive to our ideas, and she tells us whether or not they'll work." Gail Ittner (10) "I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that I'm doing something to help someone else." Nancy Rupp (11) ... "It's important to get out of Edina's sheltered atmosphere sometimes, acquainting ourselves with other communities and living conditions and helping, not just sitting back and letting things go on as they are." Lu Boulay (12) . "Sometimes we have a problem in getting the homerooms interest and attention." Jo Bie (vice-pres) "We have so many ideas it would be impossible to carry them all through." Cindy Smith (sec) RED CROSS 135Three Cheerleading Squads Arouse Vibrant School Spirit “It's neat to start out a new squad with a new school, where the kids are more spirited. I also like the potlucks that we have with the cheerleaders of the schools we play." Sue Juhl (11) ... "This year we threw out most of the long and hard cheers, and found easier ones that would really encourage everybody to participate." Sue Wigart (12) ... "To me. the most exciting thing about cheerleading is just being out there for the team, but most of all. really getting everyone to cheer loud! And we're out there to lead cheers, not just for show." Marcie Baltz (12) ... "Getting to know everyone on the squad is important and really getting people to cheer, whether we're winning or not!" Martha McEnery (11) .. "I think the most exciting thing is when the team we cheer for wins!" Leslie Capra (10) . . "I think it's fun to do stunts out on the field, but it’s embarrassing to trip or something right out in front of everyone!" Ann Swanson (10) .. "When we got our uniforms, we were having a practice at the high school. Then Marcie said she wanted practice at her house and asked us inside for something to drink. We all kind of knew then." Betsy Walsh (12) ... "We paint a lot of signs for the soccer games. There’s an old wound. I don't think it was very nice of the school to make such a stink about some of our signs." Carol Williams (12) . "They changed the complete cheering style. Also they are trying to relate more to the audience rather than to themselves." Diane Fansler (adv) ... Being a cheerleader. I feel like I'm more a part ot the games. The most important thing to me is knowing that our team tries." Jeanne Hannah (11) ... "It’s so much fun when we can really get the crowd going and really start to build up everyone's spirit.” Laurie Fisher (ID... 136 CHEERLEADERS1—Joy and excitement is reflected on the faces of varsity cheerleaders Betsy Walsh, Sandy Obermeyer, and Carolynn Heeb as they cheer the Cougar football team on to victory in their first and last year of cheering. 2—VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW-S.Juhl. C.Kim. M.McEnary. A.Swanson. M.BalU, capt; ROW TWO-C.Williams, co-capt; l.Fisher. J.Hannah. B.Walsh, cocapt: C.Heeb, co-capt; BACK ROW—S.Wigart, co-capt.; M.Hendrickson. T. Thode. M.Vaaler, S.Obermeyer. 3—The smiling faces of juniors MaryVaaler and Karen Nederostek portray the good times shared between cheers at the cross country meets. 4— B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: C.Nelson. L. Capra, N.Vining, capt; C.Westerson. M.Porter. 5- Junior Laurie Fisher helps teach students the school song "On Cougars." The cross country team let off fireworks and T.P.’d in the front yard, then asked us out to breakfast. Carolynn Heeb (12) CHEERLEADERS 137Four Returning Veterans Whip Novice Dance Line Into Shape "Ever since 'Oh You Beautiful Doll’ I've been oh you horrible mess!" Petty Berres (12) ... "People, point your toes, don't bend those knees, strut-strut, c’mon you sweathogs." Annie O’Brien (capt) ... "Oh rocks in our bed. that's real funny." Barbie Winslow (12). ... "There’s no way I can't smile while dancing." Barb Gehring (12) "Being an end is kind of hard, but then I don’t know how to be anything else.” Rosemary Andrues (11) ... "Split shift was great because sometimes we got home from practice before East even finished school.” Joan McCoy (11) ... "Our slumber parties wouldn’t be complete unless they got started at 2:00 A M., we T.P.ed the houses of those special people, or got raided by the Hornettes." Linda Wallace (11) ... "MAYBE I wish it was P.I.O.” Debbie Conway (12) ... "Michael get out of here, I'll have to do another solo." Danna Dekko (12) 'At practice some of us are really moles, but we get psyched doing our favorite pom pom 'Take a Dump'." Kati Weigel (12) “Has anyone seen my Ben-Gay? I might have known Queen Klepto's got it in her purse ” Tracy Grogan (12) ... Just half kicks you guys. O.K.?" Brig Nagobads (12) ... "I get the neatest feeling when we run onto the field and people are clapping just for us.” Mary Vining (12) .. . "The only horrid thing about Cougarettes is making a mistake while dancing." Debbie Pierce (11) ... "We’re all such emotional babies. We cry every time the old guys spring a surprise on us. They make up such bizarre stories that we never expect anything." Cyd Einck (12) ... "Being the advisor for the Cougarettes is a lot different from Radio City Music Hall." Ann Wilson (adv) ... "The first time we did straight kicks, the old guys knew it would be a long summer." Carol Hansen (11). .. 138 COUGARETTES1—COUGARETTES: FRONT ROW-l.Cherne. 0. Pierce. K.Weigel. B.Nagobads. P.Berres, D. Dekko. R.Andrues. C.Hansen. BACK ROW—J. McCoy. B.Gehring. T.Grogan. M.Vizzier, M. Vinning. D.Conway. C.Einck. l.Wallace, AO'-Brien. 2—Psyched up for a new dance. Cougar-ettes gather during a break while captain Annie O’Brien contributes ideas 3-Feeling a little "light headed." Cougarettes find they must keep a foot anchored to the ground to keep from going "Up. Up and Away!” 4-En-joying a change from the routine style of dancing. Barb Gehring's face reflects the excitement of performing at the Welcoming pepfest. 5— Just having learned a new dance, the line practice steps to "Cabaret." "The first time we danced everybody stood up and clapped even before we started dancing.” Debbie Pierce (11) COUGARETTES 139"I was just a wreck trying out. I thought I would wet my pants.” Patti Arteel (11) 1—During a weekly Monday night practice, Nereids take a few minutes to rest from vigorous practice. 2—NEREIDS: FRONT ROW—J.Mellang, D.Danielson, J.OIsen, M. Carlsen, S.Gulliford, K.Jepson. SECOND ROW—l.Fox, K.Schlueter, L.Hansen, K.Burck-hardt. J.Had. THIRD ROW-C.Johnson, P. Arteel, M.Haugen. B.Pincus, M.Miller. BACK ROW—G.Johnson, B.Hansen, C.Baranauckas. K.Skordahl, E.Ashworth. 3—Old members display their ability, by executing a circle of flamingo legs. 4—Patti Arteel, Ellen Ashworth, and Kristi Skordahl wave goodbyes as they leave the locker room in various modes of dress. 5—Linda Fox finds it helpful to limber up before swimming. 6—After having only two hours of outside practice time. Carol Johnson finds a hiding place from other disgusted Nereids. 140 NEREIDSSixteen New Girls Add Spark And Splash To Swim Group "We’re not a very good team, but we try our darndest." Jody Had (sec) ... "Nereids is different this year, because it's new. We got to decide our mascot, slogan and song, plus we even got sweaters." Kristi Skordahl (10) ... "It’s horrible when you've just finished twenty laps and Carla says to do two more." Jane Mellang (11) .. "Go to the afternoon practices and see how many dates you can get for Saturday night." Ellen Ashworth (12) . . "Nereids is definitely not a status thing this year, it's just plain hard work, but I love it! Swimming twenty laps, over-unders. ballet legs, and no breathers are really exhausting, but you know you've worked when you're done. That's a great feeling!" Mary Carlsen (12) ... "We only had five old members at Edina-West. This really hurt us because most of the new members were new to synchronized." Linda Fox (vice pres) ... "If you can’t find a necklace to put your charm on. drill a hole through your finger or something." Carla Baranauckas (pres) "While judging tryouts it was hard not to be biased with people I knew and to keep a straight, impersonal face." Liz Hansen (treas) ... "Throw me a kiss." Mary Beth Miller (10) ... "It was awful when I found out that I made it. They got us out of bed at 6:30 A M. on a Saturday morning and took us out for breakfast. I didn’t realize what had happened until I got home. Then all I could do was cry.” Gail Johnson (11) ... "The hardest thing about practice is trying to keep time to ‘Yellow Submarine’ when you're about to sink." Carol Johnson (11) ... "Everybody has been working hard to help each other and the team. Many new members have taken a lot of responsibility to work especially hard." Ginny Soule (adv) We always celebrate for everything like stunts and extra hours." Patty Danielson (10) NEREIDS 141“You guys, we’ve got a bell of a swell band!” Steve Peer (12) 1 - CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW - K. LeMire. K.Venable. H.Uppgaard. P.Remole, L. Schmidt. C.Johnson, R.Andrues. M.Wurst. N. Ringham, A Mestemacher. C.Post, C.Hansen. G. Robinson. M.Guberud. l.Boyum. B.Storm. M. Melichar, S.Rudquist. M.OIson, K.Austin. J. Frederick. N.Jepson. M.Sullivan. ROW TWO D.Koch. L.Wakefield, D.Mclellan, B.Borrman, G.Johnson. M.OIson. M.Meester. T.Huppert. J.Phelps, J.Jachimowicz. S.Converse. H. Wurst. L.Smith. D.Carlson. F.Wmter. E.Meli-char. ROW THREE - S.Clay. J.Swanson. A. Fackler, G.Junko. D.Magnuson. M Morris. N. Tangen. B.Guberud. S.Nelson. J.Mendenhall, R.Nipper. B.Hansen. M.Hidi, M.Milner. S. Peer. K.Kirksey ROW FOUR - J.Anderson. C. Connelly. S.Fuller. J.Grinnel. B.Rmgham. B. Engquist. R.Wilson, J.OIson. S.Carlson. S. Fleming, S.Bann. J.OIsen. J.Mobarry. J.Heike-nen. L.Hansen, V.UIstad, B.Meester. C.Lium. P.PIasman. 2 — Val Ulstad gives Nancy Ringham a hand in final hat adjustments before their pregame performance. 3 - Reflection of deep concentration is seen on the face of Scott Fuller during band practice as he waits for his cue to come in on the drums. 142 BANDBlankets Provide Temporary Solution For Poor Acoustics “At first I was disappointed about not making Concert Band because I thought this year’s Varsity would be like last year’s Stinger, but it isn’t. I'm really having a gas in V.B.!" Jane Mellang (11) ... “Nance and I went to a drum major clinic this summer in Illinois where we learned how to work together and conduct the Star Spangled Banner. Directing that piece has got to be one of the biggest thrills I've ever had.” Val Ulstad (12) .. "I often wonder if when I die. I'll be lucky enough to go to the big F-sharp in the sky!" John "C-43' Boblett (11) ... “We've had to overcome tremendous obsticles this year; no marching field, a split-shift where our 9th grade members had to come early everyday for rehearsals, and a younger and more infeel we overcame these drawbacks, and because of the dedication and spirit each individual put out. we had a fantastic season." Ed Melichar (dir) "| just loved march- ing. I'll never forget when I was the ’privileged' one at band camp who was chosen to demonstrate my style to all the marchers.” Jon Jachimowicz (11) ... "SWAP, is an organization that the senior women in band formed to draw us together as a unit. Because there were so few of us. we decided if we were going to accomplish what we wanted to in band this year, we would have to pull together." Suzy Rudquist (12) . . "Head '3m up. and move 'em out!" Nancy Ringham (12) .. . "Band is an organization that is really neat to belong to. All the kids are so friendly; and everybody treats everyone else with respect." Steve Converse (10) ... "I think the people around St. Pat's were glad when marching season was over, but we did get a few letters from people saying that they enjoyed their afternoon serenade." Tim Streeter (11) BAND 143“I enjoyed the sweater while it lasted. Easy come, easy go.” Wayne Leupold (11) 1 - Tucker Boyd begs for help in finding his place in the music. 2 - Total sophomore French horn section proves age is no problem in producing good sound. 3 — Playing two instruments confuses Julie Parsons as she finds herself without her flute. 4 — Both band directors reflect similar attitudes and music tastes. 5 - VARSITY BAND: FRONT ROW - C Morgan, L.Vaux. N.Pillen. S.Mac-Carthy. J.McNulty, L.Eggers. J.Nelson, C. Barnes, L.Kjome, l.Keeler. M.Haben, K.Reis-berg. L.Hanson, K.Oberg, D.Langefels, P. Phelps. P.Wrona. K.Eickenberg. G.lttner, E. Elrod. J.Mellang. J.Parsons. N.Burns. S.Young, B.Sherman. ROW TWO — N.Rupp. D.Packa, L. Wallace, E.Peterson, C.Nelson, D.Greiser. l.Nelson, A.Moore. L.Sweet. M.Goehl. M. Christofferson, M.Berkely. J.Bursh. B.OIson. S.Green. T.Downs. P.Ratelle. J.Nielson. ROW THREE - J.Wymore, D.Fjare. D.Johnson. D. Fellman. L.Baily, J.Sigler, R.Byrne. M.Salovich, P.Grangaard. D.DeMoya, R.Patterson. D. Reich, J.Vaater. M.Levine. T.OIson. L.Chandler. BACK ROW E.Wistrand, T.Solberg. G.Peer. M. Stuart. T.Streeter. S.Mark, M.Reynolds. D. Chizum. J.Aura. P.Thurow. T.Boyd. D.Olson, G.Holmgren, S.EIIingson. R.Schibur. M.Col-lins. J.Mendenall. J.Schlueter, A.Schwartz. S. Wood. !44 BANDVarsity Band Strives Toward Regaining Previous Reputation BAND 145Bass Playing Cougar Becomes New Edina-West Orch Mascot "I feel that the musical experience and the friendships with other orchestra members are the things which I like best about orchestra." Wes loegering (pres) “I like to play good music and have the different parts an orchestra has. Orchestra is fun because I love music." Debbie Arnevik (10) "Nancy in the kitty litter." anonymous "The Cafe Concert was probably the highlight. Someone came up and said it was the first year they had enjoyed the concert and were going to suggest it to friends." Kathy MacCarthy (11) ... "Mambo." John Rasking (11) . . “The orchestra has developed since the beginning of the year because we re more of a unit now. We can work and play better together." Karen Rasmusson (treas) "The tour at the end of the year is what I like best about orchestra." Ingrid Peterson (12) ... "Rick Rogers!" Mary Kaisler (11) ... "Mr. Aaske- gaard is concerned about everybody in the orchestra. He doesn't ignore any one that isn't in the first or second chair. He makes you feel like you count. That's a feeling that every orchestra needs, but too many just haven't got." Jan Oberg (10) "I won't forget the day Gigi Roth wore the McCleod plaid when Mr McCleod came to class." Paul Towne (10) .. “From being in the orchestra. I'm gaming the experience of playing in a group and working together to make the orchestra a worthwhile organization." Mary Price (11) ... "We at West have a chance to see a full orchestra grow with the new facilities and new people." Kris Fenlason (10) . "It seems to me that this year the kids care about the orchestra and are trying to achieve the highest performance level possible." Dona Vellek (12) "I especially like the experience of playing with good musicians." Laurie Rogers (10) ORCHESTRA 1461 - Blankets hang from the walls of the instrumental music room to enable Jeff Beebe and the Orchestra to overcome poor acoustics. 2 - Sharing their music stand. Sharon Clarke and Linda Vellek play "West Side Story." 3 - ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW S.Clarke. L.Vellek. S.Stickle. M Price. ROW TWO - W.Loegering. K.Rasmusson. K.McCarthy. J.Oberg. C.Heilig. ROW THREE - N.Deeds. J.Raskmd. N.Vining, C.Fenlason. S. Dresser. ROW FOUR - L.Wray. D.Arnevik. S. Tangen, A.leasett. K.Fenlason. K.Venable. A. Peterson. B.Waters. K.Riesberg. G.lttner. BACK ROW - K Burckhardt. M.Kaisler. J. Bie. I.Peterson, P.PIasman, D.Reich. A.Swan-son. T.OIson. V.UIstad. M.Morris, B.Guberud. 4 - ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW - D.Hilleren. B.Craig. J Roth. D Vellek ROW TWO - S. Griebenow. P.Towne. L.Rogers. J.Filreis. S. Moore. ROW THREE - M.Melichar. B.Storm. M.Meester. T.Thode. L.Boyum. S.Brain, J. Frederick. D.Rogers. C.Connelly, J.Gnswold. J. Clay. BACK ROW - GJunko. N.Tangden. M. Millner, S.Bann. S.Carlson. R.Wilson. E. Wistrand. J.Anderson. N.Baines. S.Thnde. J. Beebe. Missing — P.Huppert, B.Meester. “A cougar playing a five string bass?!?” Dona Vellek (12) ORCHESTRA 147Choir Brings New Musical Aspect To Christmas Pepfest “This choir is alive." Dave Lindberg (11). ... "We get very involved and seem to live with and inside our music. When you really know the music you become emotionally involved with it." Meg Filipcaak (10) ... “We have a fabulous director, he knows what he's doing and everyone respects him as he does us. Everyone works together and that's what makes our choir great." Val Liaboe (12) ... “I sing all day and hum in my dreams." Claudia Swendseid (12) "The choir kids seem to be so close and that's the way I think it should be since we work together so closely. It just helps us musically." Chris Korn (12) .. .“We've become a choir as opposed to a group of individuals. When we sang the "Magnificat' we achieved something that night that only a total effort of both individual singers and group as a whole could produce. There is a sense of purpose that choir people have, the spirit is unbelievable. Not to mention that choir people know how to laugh, too!" Bill Hughes (dir.) ... “The choir has added an aspect to my life which was never there." Joe Tambornino (9) ... "At first we were unsure of our small group, we felt much lower than the concert choir, but after our first concert we were complimented by the concert choir which made us more sure of ourselves.” Jan Snyder (11) .. "We really knew we had accomplished something when we saw the expression on Mr. Hughes' face as he directed the 'Magnificat'." Laurie Wilson (12) ... "Mr. Hughes and our choir have a form of non verbal communication on a higher plane than words: music." Kay Hanson (12) ... “I have so many memories of choir this year, white and gold mums. Laurie Wilson's laugh, the pillow game, getting our robes and singing 'Carol of the Bells’ in the snow." Candy Lium (12) ... 148 CHOIR1 - GIRLS CHOIR: FRONT ROW - K. Walker. L.Eastman. l.Brouillard. J.Hunl. S. Swanson. L.Smith. J.Snyder. ROW TWO -K nderson. J.Johnson. J.Carlson. K.Jones. S. Cleveland, M.Brennan. S.Rottinghaus. J. Wicka. l.Rud. ROW THREE - K.KIucas. L. Peterson. P.Borg. C.Hayden, K.Knowles. T. Evanoff. M.Tillery, H.Howell, J.Blair. 2 -During their masquerade party for Halloween, Margo Haeny, Paul Houck, Mary Carlsen, and Greg Wakefield gather around the piano to entertain choir members. 3 — During a daily rehearsal, Chuck Tambornino, Ellen Grimsby, and Connie Smith join Concert Choir in preparing a song by Bach. 4 - CONCERT CHOIR: FRONT ROW - B.Hughes, l.Wilson, M. Filipczak. C.Wistrand, C.Smith. L.Boyum, M. Haeny, L.Moynihan. C.Heise, G.Levitt, V. Petsolt. L.Nelson. N.Pirsch. ROW TWO - E.Grimsby, l.Barr. C.Korn. C.lium, M.Ervin. A. Mestemacher, V.Liaboe, C.Swendseid, S. Williams, M.Carlsen. M.Maynard, D.Svanoe. J. Swetman ROW THREE - K.Koch. K.Hanson. N.Winter, L.Fredendall, G.McCracken, J. Tambornino. M.Scanlan. C.Tambornino, S. Sailer, T.Grogan, K.Kiser, T.Patterson, L. Capra. A.Riggle. BACK ROW - D.lmdberg. P. Smyth, G.Wakefield. D.Thomas, R.Steubs, D. Lee. M.Bishop. B.Van Gorder, C.MacNaughton. B. Rud. D.Rogers. T.Larkin, C.Bloch, B.Mac-Naughton, J.Riggle. ‘‘Choir has grown in technical ability and in spirit. We established traditions that didn’t exist.” Sue Williams (12) CHOIR 149French Club Makes Comeback; Latins Still Reign Supreme "I think the highlight of the year so far has been making the Latin Club float for Welcoming. It was just great to see the way everybody worked, trying to make it really good.' Mari-lou Kundmueller (12) ... "Latin wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it weren't for Latin Club. Mrs. Jensen and the kids together make it a really superior organization.” Mark Berkley (10) . . "Latin Club is great! Where else in the Twin Cities can you buy a good looking girl slave for under ten dollars?" Duncan Paisley (10) "I agree with Duncan 1000%" Pete Rose (11) "Latin week is one of our biggest events, and the club plans the activities for a long time in advance. This is my second year in Latin, so I'll be a slave owner instead of a slave. I'm really looking forward to that!" Kathy Burck-hardt (10) ... “Latin Club has so many fantastic activities to offer!" Kathy McCarthy (11) .. "My duties as the president of French Club mainly involve finding ideas for club activities, or else having other people bring their ideas to me. looking into them to find out if they're workable, and then finally organizing them into reality. This year, we've made a major change in the format of the club. It goes like this: first year students are serfs, second year students are dukes and duchesses, third year kids become barons and baronesses, and the fourth year people are the leaders, called souzerains. The Club is split up into five main provinces, inhabited by people from each class division and governed by a souzeram." Toni Rossi (10) ... "We had a French Club dinner at the Chateau de Pans at the Dyckman Hotel. It was really neat, and it tested our ability in French. All of the waiters spoke French! It was really a riot. Ross Wilson (12) ... 150 FRENCH CLUB LATIN CLUB1—FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: RWilson. treasurer; T.Rossi. president; C.Priebe. vice-president; J.Hovanes. secretary. 2—LATIN CLUB: FRONT ROW-B.Wallin. P.Borg. M. Price. D.McDonald. M.Mahoney. ROW TWO-JJacoby. P.Wehrwem, S.Sommers. M.Kund-mueller. B.Meester. M. Berkley. M.Kaisler. J. Babineau, K.Lynch. BACK ROW—S.Held. J. Halvorson, M.Partridge. S.Nordquist. G. Purdy. C.Nichols. S.Held. 3—FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW—CDulm. K.Childers. M.Flynn. S. Fuller. L.Conroy. T.Bonoff. N.LeFlem. M. Grottmg. ROW TWO-ASobieski. S.Carlson. B Pmcus. N Haag. D.Ascher. M.Tommeraasen. C.Pouliot ROW THREE—N.Skordahl. P.Krafft. V. Ohlson, N.Hansen, L.Wallace. L.Hall. K Blomquist, C.Post, M.Miller. BACK ROW— W. Mayoma, G.Swendseid, LJones. S.OIsen. G. Ittner. J.Parsons. J.Oberg. J.Sour. B.Mac-Naughton. 4—Amongst the chicken wire and tissue. Mark Berkley proceeds with the tedious task of applying an outer surface for the Latin Club float. 5—Shirley Beers. Karen Rogers. Wendy Girvan, Polly Bloom. Ross Wilson, and Jaimie Boone, along with the rest of the club enjoy a French dinner out at the Chateau de Paris. “With leftover paint from the float we sprayed SPQR in huge letters on Mrs. Jensen's car." Steph Held (12) FRENCH CLUB LATIN CLUB 1511—GERMAN CLUB COUNCIL: FRONT ROW- L.Boyum, M.Meester, L.Beardsley. B.Sprmger, L. Wray. BACK ROW-M Hidy. G.Reimer. G. Johnson, O.Rutishauser, C.Wiseman, G.Harding. 2—The German Club float set the mood for Friday the thirteenth with Oracula and the slogan "Drain the Jags.” 3—Polka music at the Oktoberfest put German Club into the swing of things. 4—New acquaintances are made between members of the Spanish Club as they get together for the first time at St. Alban's for a pot luck 5—SPANISH CLUB: FRONT ROW—M.Faris, A.Peterson, L.Wilson, J. Wicks. J.Victorson. ROW TWO—P.Docken-dorf, M.Ayd, A.Remmgton, P.Dahl, D.Denison. C. Bang. L.Ricciardelli. BACK ROW—M.Johnson, M. Stuart. L.Schmitt, C.Poxon, L.Deveny, J.Anderson. “The Oktoberfest was a fun way to learn about Germany and its’ people without knowing it.” Terri Hagemeyer (12) 152 GERMAN CLUB SPANISH CLUBReorganization Brings Success, Enthusiasm, And Involvement "German Club has always been somewhat insignificant, so when the opportunity came to reform the structure and get things going, we decided to make German Club Number One. This is the first year with the new structure and so far it has been pretty successful." Curt Wiseman (11) ... "Building the German Club float was the most fun. The combination of the pain of calling 20 kids every night to work on the float, the hilarity of creating a jaguar which resembled a pregnant cow. and riding on the float, knowing any moment Oracula's head would fall off." Linda Wray (11) ... "At the Oktoberfest. German Club members lost their inhibitions and joined in the folk dancing. Afterwards, winner of the rootbeer drinking contest. Bob Williams, didn't mind having an audience while he vomited up the awful stuff!" Nancy Vining (10) ... "Meine Nase ist rot und nass." Greg Harding (11) ... “Our goal for this year is to recruit a lot of new people and really create interest in Spanish Club. The other language clubs are way ahead of us because they've been so highly active for a long time, but we would like to catch up somenow." Leign Ueveny (11) •.. "We've been busy trying to make money for a proposed trip to Mexico this summer. It's a goal worth working hard for-we're really excited about it." Jill Wicka (10) ... "We'd like to get a lot of activity going this year and involve as many people as possible. Just a few of the things we've planned are a Spanish dinner, a hayride, and a Christmas party complete with Spanish food and a pmata!" Anne Remington (12) ... "The real purpose of our organization is to learn as much as we can about the Spanish customs and culture, as well as to have fun together within the club. And we do have a lot of fun!” Kathy Pause (10) .. GERMAN CLUB SPANISH CLUB 1531—Girls interscholastic sports win the recognition of Pep Club as juniors Sue Linhardt, Mary Price, and Beth Raymond hang a sign announcing the game. 2—AFS OFFICERS: P.PIasman, S.Wagner, B.Other-Gee. 3-AFS STUDENTS: Yuri Okamoto, Japan; Kari Aaberge. Norway; Marie Verlet, France. 4— PEP CLUB OFFICERS: B.Raymond. S.linhardt, E. Lennon. 5-PEP CLUB: FRONT ROW—B.Raymond. J.Halvorson. C.Morgan. S.Wurst, 0. Olsen, K.Hart, L.Linhardt. ROW TWO-J.Losle-ben, S.Linhardt. D.Demson, S.Sommers, C. Zeigler. S.Jones, C.BIomquist. BACK ROW— K.Stephenson. B.Towey, D.Arnevik, M.Swieca, A.Graupner, W.Voight, E.Lennon, M.Price. 154 AFS PEP CLU8 “Pep Club is the enthusiasm behind the enthusiasm at Edina-West.’’ Shelley Wurst (12) Exchange And Pep Clubs Still Completely Dominated By Girls "I joined Pep Club because I wanted to be Involved in the sports, and because I've always been terribly interested in school spirit. What better way to do it than in Pep Club?” Eileen Lennon (12) ... “Once a month we have a special activity, like a pot-luck or a party, where we can really get acquainted. I'd say that's the best thing about the club, meeting all the different people. The worst thing has to be getting blamed for the cheerleaders' negative signs!” Anne Graupner (10) .. "Our mam purpose is to promote pep m the school, and make all the sports events public. That way. no one has an excuse for not coming to the games.” Sue Linhardt (11) ... "The biggest project we've undertaken this year is making a cougar costume to be a mascot." Mary Swieca (10) "We can't plan too far ahead this year. The split has really affected our organizing." Beth Raymond (11) ... "I think the opportunities AfS offers are definitely worth the time and effort that goes into applying to be an AFS student." Missy Haugen (11) . "AFS Club gives us the chance to meet different kids from around the world and exchange ideas with them." Peggy Plasman (12) .. . “I feel AFS is really working out good this year. It gives the foreign students a chance to get together and do things they would not have a chance to do otherwise." Sue Olsen (10) ... "When I signed up for Rotary. I thought of going somewhere first and learning things second. Now I realize how much there is to learn (not necessarily in school) and that where you learn is not that important." Bindi Other-Gee (12) .. "I wanted to be an AFS student because I like meeting and talking with people. I believe talking is the only way that we can get to know and understand each other." Yurki Okamoto(12) .. AFS PEP CLUB 155Thespians And Debate Team Aim Towards Recruiting New Talent "Debate is a learning experience, it teaches you how to think logically, organize thoughts and put them into words. It's a matter of refining techniques and practicing, like any skill. Debating gives confidence in public speaking. You compound mounds of file boxes of evidence. but technique, analysis and thinking are more important." Steve Moore (10) ... "We like to win and win well. One of our goals is to win. another is just to compete and do the best we can with what we've learned." Martiey Maynard (12) ... "Debate is about 90 per cent psych and 10 per cent knowledge.” Duncan Paisley (10) . . "It’s a lot of hard work but the fun you get out of it makes it worthwhile. You have the opportunity to meet and be around different kinds of people, people from all over the state and the country, and you get to be close friends with people outside of your school." Linda Wray (11) "The best thing about the Thespian Club is working with people really interested in the theater, the real dedication to it." Peter Moore (12) . . "We want to strengthen dramatic arts and build student interest in drama, learning both from the acting standpoint and watching plays as an audience. It should be something fun while learning skills they'll always be able to use.” Mark Mathison (12) ... "Thespians are actors, they might have seen a little more, been in more plays, possibly learned a little more. That doesn't mean all thespians are the best actors and actresses. Many people in their first plays are better than we are. There is a difference between most experience and best.” Chris Bloch (12) ... "I love the people, their interests vary enough from mine to constantly delight and surprise me; yet we all love to act. there's always that bond." Liz Moyninan (12) ... 156 DE8ATE NATIONAI THESPIANS‘‘I don’t think of Thespians as a club; it’s more of an honor.” Janice Johnson (11) 1 - NATIONAL THESPIANS: M.Mathison. L. Moynihan. F.Reid, J.Johnson, C.BIoch. P. Moore. Missing — G.Wakefield. 2 — Rehearsing for Ihe play ‘The Nighl Thoreau Spent in Jail,' Chris Bloch, as Thoreau, confronts Greg Wakefield with his plan to open a new school. 3 — Doug Livdahl assists Scott Davis in arranging the evidence needed to win their next round. 4 — Steve Moore looks over a few of the trophies that he and his team mates have won for Edina West's first debate team. 5 — DEBATE: FRONT ROW - S.Held, S.Valo, J.Oberg. L. Wray. A.leefeldt. ROW TWO - K.Lynch, 0. Elston. D.livdahl, S.Moore, D.Fansler. T. Lindquist. BACK ROW — S.Davis, D.Paisley. S.Phillips, J.Sour, M.Haben. Missing — K. Filreis, R.Holbrook, J.Hovanes. M.Maynard. M. Ratelle. DEBATE NATIONAl THESPIANS 157‘‘The most fun thing we do is play hockey at 1 o’clock in the morning with other Y-teen chapters.” Ann Clapp (12) Strategic Moves Aid Growth In Number And Enthusiasm Y’Teens stems from the YWCA and the YMCA. They are our sponsors. We re many groups of girls, with twenty girls in each group, getting together for fun." Nancy Adams (12) ... "This year will hopefully include a Christmas dance. It will be semi-formal, where the boy asks the girl. We want it to be really festive and Christmassy, to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. This would be one of our major fund raisers." Ann Clapp (pres) ... “It's been hard to get new members with so little time at school. But I wish more kids would join. Once we start doing things, we have such a good time. We re hoping to have joints with Hi-Y groups from other schools, but are finding there aren't many Hi-Y groups around." Ellen Ashworth (12) ... “We have bake sales, car washes, and dances to raise money to give to the Y. and to sponsor our own excursions such as potlucks." Sue Gulliford (10)... "In Chess Club, there is a team of five of us. We practice everyday and play other schools at Blake every Tuesday. We started last fall and are going to continue until the big tournament in the spring.” Dave Metzger (capt) "Something that really hit me was when I walked into my first tournament this year. Everything was really tense. The room was just covered with chess boards and it was really weird to think that so many kids were going to compete for just one championship." Chris Bloch (12) .. "This year's team has a lot of depth and many good players but we don't have one outstanding player as of now. although many have the potential. I think we have the ability to end up third in our division, even though Southwest is an awfully strong opponent." Mr. Bowman (adv) ... "Playing chess is getting to know a person's motives and adjusting." Mike Thomas (10) ... 158 Y-TEENS CHESS1—Y-TEENS: Ann Clapp, president; Ellen Ashworth. vice-president; Sue Gulliford. publicity; Lori Sherman, secretary. 2—CHESS CLUB: FRONT ROW—Mike Thomas. Jim Doyle, Paul Thayer. Chris Bloch. BACK ROW-Robert Bowman, Pete Van Veen. Donald Lee, Roger Rosche. Missing-Dave Metrger. Brian Faller, Rob Holbrook. 3—Paul Thayer, frustrated with the play Jim Doyle has made, considers which move would put him in a good position to attack his opponent’s queen. 4—Intently watching every move ol his opponent, senior Pete Van Veen attempts to place his opponent in check. 5—Y-Teens Chapter PRESIDENTS: FRONT ROW-Nancy Adams. Ann Worsing, Susan Gulliford. BACK ROW-Lori Sherman, vice president; Patti Arteel. vice president. Y-TEENS CHESS 159Home Ec Club Holds Open House For Teachers From East "This year in Business Education we are trying to help the kids reach a certain skill level in such areas as shorthand, typing, and accounting. We hope that they’ll be able to use these skills to good advantage in the future." Beverly Ottum (adv) ... "The biggest activity that Future Business Leaders of Edina has sponsored is the joint ‘Sadie Hawkins’ dance with Edina East. It was a big success because old friends from both schools had a chance to see each other all together." Beckie Smith (11) ... “I joined F.B.L.E. because I plan on following a career in the business field of a secretary or a receptionist and thought that this organization would be useful towards these goals." Beth McCord (pres) ... "The club members earned money this year in order to hopefully give one or two scholarships to help a student continue his education next year." Debbie Koch (12) .. "Our main goal is to be a service group. We held a pizza party in October and a tea for East and West faculties.” Sue Brain (10) ... “The reasons that I joined Home Ec Club were that I’m hoping to major in the field of Home Economics and I thought that through this club I would get some idea as to what I could do after graduation" Ruth Tjaden (11) ... "A special activity Home Ec Club was involved in this year was a tour of the Radisson South Hotel in mid-November." Andrea Porting (pres) ... "Home Ec Club exists to serve others, to volunteer, to lend service, and to help others that need it. I think it is a worthwhile organization." Debra Danielson (11) ... "Our advisor helps in that she takes control of our meetings, but then we don’t get too rowdy being that there are only five or six active members. I like the club being fairly small." Sue Cfeaveland (11) ... 160 F B.LE HOME EC CLUB“The kids in F.B.LE.are justa bunch of girls who do a lot of crazy things." Marcia Quimby (12) 1 — F.B.L.E. is concerned with finding out about the Edina business world, and for some of her future business skills Debbie Koch types letters for needed experience. 2 — HOME EC CLUB: FRONT ROW - P.Danielson. A.Portinga, K.Gwaltney ROW TWO — S.CIeve-land. S.Brain. R.Tjaden. S.Thorson. 3 — F.B.L.E. OFFICERS: L Wilson, president- V.Larson. vice-president; T.Patterson, secretary-treasurer. 4 - HOME EC CLUB OFFICERS: A.Portinga. president: P.Danielson. secretary; S.Thorson. program chairman. 5 — Patty Danielson and Sue Brain provide home made refreshments for the Edina-East faculty members as they await a tour of the new campus. F.B.L.E. HOME EC CLUB 161Calculating Clubs Work Toward Math Test And Radio Station "The purpose of Math Club is mostly just to get together with a group of kids with a similar math interest who can help each other with the different problems and theories." Mike Bishop (10) . "The club is both fun and good experience. I'd like to be a math teacher someday, so I want to have as much contact as possible with all kinds of math." Kathy Thomas (10) .. "It’s an interesting group, and you can learn quite a bit from it. Martin Hidy (11) ... "Any person who really enjoys math and wants to excel in that area should difmitely join Math Club." Steve Converse (12) ... "We all get individual help with the problems from Mr. Johnson, and then get additional help from our discussions, so it's possible to learn an awful lot m the club. Also, we take a sample test every week to help us prepare for the National Math Contest in the spring.” Val Ulstad (12) . . "Working with radios is a serious hobby for me-l've been involved for about three years now. and have had my own radio station for two years. Radio Club is just a way of continuing what Mike to do." Mark Olson (pres) .. "In the middle of the year, a special radio room was installed in the new building, and that understandably helped our club a lot. Prior to that we had had mostly demonstrations at our meetings." David Thor-son (12) "Ham radio operating can really be described as a social sort of thing. In fact, the reason many people begin working with radios in the first place is to meet interesting people in all different parts of the world. Probably the most exciting contact I've made so far was when I spoke to members of the Cape Kennedy ground control crew during a rocket launch-that was a tremendously thrilling experience." Keith Mobarry (12) 162 math CLUB RADIO CLUB“Math Club really makes you think, and it gives you a chance to exchange knowledge with other kids.” Ann Reichow (10) 1 - MATH CLUB: FRONT ROW - C. Johnson. ROW TWO — A.Reichow. K.Eicken-berg. V.UIstad BACK ROW - M.Bishop. S.Con-verse. M.Morris, R.lhinger. Missing - B.Wrona. R. Rodgers. R.Rutishauser, V.Larson. 2 — Mike Morris and Val Ulstad make use of the giant slide rule to save them time in their calculations. 3 — Unable to solder intricate parts of his radio. Bob Schwartz asks for the advice of advisor David Myers. 4 — Working out a challenging problem. Martin Hidy gains experience for the National Math Test. 5 — RADIO CLUB: FRONT ROW - R.Holbrook. S. Cleavland. dowry. K.Mobarry. K.Eicken-berg. P.Oberg. BACK ROW - D.Myers. B. Schwartz. A.High, M.OIson. M.BIocki. J.Natole. MATH CLUB RADIO CLUB 163Renaissance Musical Mood Revived By Madrigal Singers "We started fresh with sixteen strong voices which blended well but not knowing what the outcome would be. Every bit of work has been worth it. I'd do it again, again and again. The experience, the kids, the fun and the performances have been great." anonymous .. "I’ll always remember singing 'Goin' Out Of My Head' for tryouts. There was one high note that I couldn't hit at first, but Mr. Hughes told me to put everything into it. and I hit it and even finished the song." Mary Carlsen (12) ... "Initially it was more student interest than anything else that got the group started. Now what has maintained the strength of the group is their closeness and their genuine love for madrigal literature." Bill Hughes (director) .. “The guys always looked so ridiculous in their costumes and I'll always remember Mark Scanlan pulling up his tights all the time." Terri Patterson (12) "I like to compete. Intramurals has given me a chance to do just that, not with real tough competition but with girls my own age." Nancy Burns (10) ... "The first couple of times the men working in the gym wouldn't let us in and I think that discouraged a lot of girls from coming." Janice Alkire (11) ... "Our first meet was a challenge, even though we lost it was fun." Linda Trimmer (10) ... “Intramurals gave alot of kids a chance to get more involved m competitive sports. It gave kids that aren't really good a chance to play. The program could've been better if we'd had more kids turn out.” Mary Jo Hendrickson (12) ... "It was really a lot of fun. I just wish we could have more after school intramurals." Toni Rossi (10) .. "The football season was the success this year except for the disappointing loss to East." Dave Londeen (12) ... "It's a blast." Mike Flynn (11) ... 164 MADRIGALS INTRAMURALS“I’ve never learned so much about people and the way we could work together.” Margo Haeny (10) 1 - MADRIGALS: FRONT ROW - L.Wilson. J.Tambormno, M.Maynard, D.lindberg, M Haeny. M.Scanlan. M.Carlsen. BACK ROW — C.Tambornino. C.Korn, G.Wakefield. T.Patter-son, B.Guberud. C.MacNaughton. C.Swend-seid. P.Houck. 2 Terri Patterson helps Mark Scanlan warm up for Madrigal practice with a breathing exercise. 3 — Paul Engh strains to get the football past Dale Schauer at an intramural game. 4 — Alan Meester tries to block a shot in an intramural basketball game. 5 - At an intramural flag football game. Paul Engh with the aid of Dave Lon-deen, attempts to run for a touchdown before Craig Frisvold and Rusty Jones are able to tackle them. MADRIGALS INTRAMURALS 1651—D.E.: FRONT ROW-D.Heim. K.Diet. C.Lar-son. V.Rue. M.Billard. B.Rentchler. ROW TWO-P.Houck. S.Haw, C.Donahue, M.Sieve. BACK ROW—B.Broick. C.Kupper. M.Summers. D. Hibbs. 2—T. and I.: FRONT ROW: S.Shadwick. M.Kemp. W.Sund, D.Metager, K.Deschier. C. Lee. S.Campbell BACK ROW-K.Feigal. P. Lichy. N.Valo. J.McGrew. C.Mutschler. J. Walslen. P.Shield. D.McBride. 3—D.E. member a purchase made at the china department in Donaldsons. 4—O.E.: FRONT ROW—L.William-son. S.Baldwin. J.Gilmore. J.Anderson. P.Gott-lieb. ROW TWO—K.McCloskey. M.CIeveland. B. Gibson, D.Shull. M.Lefor. L.Wendland. BACK ROW-K.Sexton. D.lang. M.Buss. P.Brisse. G. Juliar. 5—Cindy Larson finds that much of her time is given to her job at Angelique. 166 WORK PROGRAMr Split Shift Allots Extra Time i To Work Program Members 1 “I wanted to go into pre-med, so I got a job as an orderly to see if I liked it." Dave Metzger (12) “I joined O.E. because I thought it was a good chance to gain working experience in an office without too much background experience." Sandra Baldwin (12) "Being in T. I. teaches me different aspects of working on a |0b such as attitude, cooperation, and getting along with people.” Peggy Schiel (12) ... "I like the idea of O.E. except that I really don't feel that I'm learning as much as I could, because the class really overlaps itself." Cathy Donahue (12) "I guess the main goal of T I. is not to get fired from your job." Debbie McBride (12) ... "I joined V.I.C.A to try to get into organized crime." Mitch Kemp (12) ... "This year in O.E. we elected officers to the M.O.E.A State Convention which was held at the Radisson South at the beginning of November." Mary Lefor (12) . . "O.E. members realized this year that we. as a group, need more recogni- tion and participation within the school and our activities." Joni Anderson (12) "As elected treasurer of D.E. all I can say is. give me all your money.” Tom Lund (12) "The best thing about V.I.C.A. was selling Vicabars." Scott Chadwick (12) "The purpose of O.E. is to train high school students to operate all of the different office machines that might be used in a real situation on the job." Deanne Shull (12) "Pdr. Wilkening. our teacher for D.E.. is very understanding and he can relate well to the class. He always stands behind us and helps deal with our problems on the |ob." Stuart Haw (12) ... "I didn't join O.E. just to get out of school early, but to see if office work is what I want to do in the future." Martha Cleveland (12) .. "I had never held a job before, so I joined V.I.C.A to find out what it was like to work." Scott Campbell (12) t: WORK PROGRAMS 167UPPER GynNASIUMo Building A New Tradition As. . . An Athlete“If we make it to the Met, let’s forfeit.” Rob Johnson (12) 1—Co-captain Dave Compton sweeps around left end for another Cougar first down. 2— Rambling around left end, Gary Heinzig shows East that West is best. 3-Quarterback Gene Purdy listens intensly to Coach Canakes’ instructions. 4—Lincoln linemen rush futily after Dave Compton. 5—VARSITY FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW—T.Burnett. D.Compton. S.Thode, J.Reimann, G.Heinzig. S.Campbell, D.SIater, T.Bassett, V.Barrett. G.Loving. ROW TWO—D. Nagengast, J.Barker, G.Purdy, S.Day. M. Flynn. S.Drew. J.Finley. S.Canakes. ROW THREE—M.Hall, P.Ratelle, D.Gregory. M.Bonoff, C.Wiseman. B.O'Brien. B.Burling. S.Canakes, B.Welch. ROW FOUR-J.Browning. R.Walker. 0. Rutishauser. N.Hirchey, D.Rine. P.Rose, J.Wil-liamson, A.Meester. R.King, M.Gustoff. BACK ROW—j.Thompson. M.Scanlon. R.OIsonoski. R. Johnson, R.Nagengast. B.Burke, R.Johnson. J.Curtain. L.Hovde. B.Bjerken. Missing-M. Sladkcy. 170 FOOTBALLWest Triumphs In Premier To Edina vs Edina Rivalry “I’d describe the team as inexperienced, green, but they worked hard and they had enthusiasm." Stav Canakes (coach) ... “The spirit on our team was unbelievable, it helped make two-a-day bearable. Even after we lost, the spirit never broke." Scott Thode (11) ... "The game against East was the most memorable this year because everyone in Edina thought we would lose. We had different ideas though, and proved it to them." Scott Day (12) ... "Robbmsdale was my favorite game this year because we were eliminated from the playoffs and it saved us from one or more weeks of practice under a dictator." Brian Burke (12) .. . "We managed with what we had and strived for the championship, but it was a tough fight and we didn't make it to the Met." Neil Hirschey (11) ... "Hey Ref. how about two out of three?" Bill Welch (assistant line coach) "The Edina East-West split took away a lot of talent, but it gave guys like me a chance to play when we wouldn't otherwise be able to." John Reimann (11) "I went out for football 'cause I've been playing it since kindergarten." Dave Compton (co-captain) .. . "Coach Canakes has the ability to second guess the opposing coach and react accordingly." Curt Wiseman (11) ... "Hey Nagen-gast. why are you kicking with your nose?" Randy Johnson (12) ... "Midget One!" Mike Bonoff (11) "Midget Two!" Mark Hall (12) . "I went out for football this year ’cause I'm basically an animal." Pete Rose (11) . "The high school split really hindered the Edina Football Dynasty.” Robb Walker (11), "Give ’em the mouse man attack!" Stav Canakes (coach) . . . "I'm going hunting.” Scott Campbell (12) "The East-West split kept me from being a super star on a championship team so I had to settle for being a standout player on a otherwise lousy team." Ron Olsonoski (co-captain) ... FOOTBALL 171Junior Domination In Varsity Football Shows Split Outcome 1—Injuries and illnesses to key players reduced the Cougar's chances for a first year conference championship. 2—Fullback Scott Thode displays the form that made him one of the better running backs in the conference. 3—In a close game, Stav Canakes disputes a major penalty. 4—Gary Heinzig closes in on an East running back to keep alive a West shut-out. 5—John Reimann sweeps around left end for a big gam in the Welcoming game. 6— SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW-T. Nipper. D.Baehr, B.Pool. P.Wuebker, J.Peterson, M.Johnson, 0.Jones, R.Beiresdorf, ROW TWO—M.Johnson, D.Tengm. S.Hilgendorf, J. Greshman. B.Ringham. T.Steinmetz, C.Stone, C.Canakes. ROW THREE—D.Gee, B.Hansen. M. Madden, T.Blair, J.Phillips, B.Rud, C.Williams. K. McCarthy. BACK ROW—S.EIIingson, M.Robertson. J.Sackrison, G.Pratt. T.Rossi. G.Hagen, P. Tabor, M.AIIison. 172 FOOTBALLLake Conference Blue Division Won Lost Tie Robbmsdale . ... 6 0 1 Jefferson......... 5 2 0 Armstrong 5 2 0 EDINA-WEST 4 3 0 Lincoln . .3 4 0 St. Louis Park . 3 4 0 Mound 1 5 1 Lindbergh 0 7 0 E-W Opponents 20 0 Lindbergh 14 0 Edina-East 8 21 Columbia Heights 8 6 St. Louis Park 21 13 Mound 21 11 Lincoln 8 33 Jefferson 6 14 Robbinsdale 34 35 Armstrong “The few seniors on the team did a good job of showing leadership.” Rick Nagengast (12) FOOTBALL 173One Veteran, Novice Runners Form West Cross Country Team “The thing that stands out most in my mind about cross country is the morning workout when I ran down the streets in the fog and could see the streetlights." Paul Thayer (10) .. "Cross country's a very worthwhile sport because it teaches you mental discipline: and because of the hardships the team goes through the team members stick together." Bob Williams (11) . .. "Running is something not everybody does, some people consider it different. I suppose it is: but there was much more to our season than just running." Bruce McPheeters (capt) ... "The coach was such a fine coach; he took a personal interest in each one of us and our running. I’m really grateful to him. I have a technique now I can use indefinitely." Ted Larkin (12) ... "When you are really psyched up running isn't work, you just fly along." Bob Wilder (11) .. "You have to do it to experience it." Tony Trussell (12) .. "My team has one of the finest team spirits ever developed by any of the school teams. I would have to say that they would be rated far above average.” Van Nelson (coach) . . "If you want to be good you can be: if you don't want to work you won't be any good." Steve Beese (11) "Despite the effort we put forth a tremendous amount of credit has to be given to our coach. The amount of work he put out showed how much he cared about the team and his dedication to the team. The thing I appreciate the most is sometimes a team will lose confidence and spirit but because of our coach we didn’t." Peter Wehrwein (10) ... "When I think of cross country I think of the times we go running in the cold with everything really neat outside," Dick Page (11) ... "The coach took the team from scratch; he helped us accomplish goals we never thought we could originally." Tim Bonnett (11) .. 174 CROSS COUNTRYLake Conference Won Lost Lincoln ,.. ... 14 0 Armstrong..........................12 2 Eisenhower ........................12 2 Minnetonka ....................... 10 4 Jefferson ..........................9 5 Cooper .............................8 6 Edina-East ........................ 8 6 Lindbergh ..........................8 6 Kennedy ... 6 8 Richfield.......................... 6 8 St. Louis Park..................... 5 9 Robbinsdale ....................... 2 12 EDINA-WEST ........................ 1 13 Mound ..............................0 14 1—Senior captain Bruce McPheeters rounds the corner and makes his way to the finish line. 2—With the sound of the gun. Edina runners battle for position as Coach Van Nelson starts his stopwatch to determine the outcome. 3-CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW- T.Johnsrud. P.Wehrwem. S.Beese, J.Bursh. K. Fenlason. P.Thayer. B.Wilder. T.Trussell. D Ridge. BACK ROW-V.Nelson. D.Page. B. McPheeters. T.Bonnett, T.Larkm, T.Gibbs, B.Williams, R.Rosche. A.Hendrickson. S. Chapmen. 4-Promising sophomore Peter Wehrwein seeks his coach's approval after a tough race. 5—Pacing himself to last the distance. Bob Wilder uses as much power as possible to still have the stamina to put on a final burst of speed. 6-Exhausted. Tim Bonnet! pants while easing off the tension of a vigorous race, at the end of the season. "I'm not a jock, but I'm proud of my cross country letter. I worked hard for it!” Ted Larkin (12) CROSSCOUNTRY 175“I think it’s good for girls to letter if they deserve it, but they gave out too many this year.” Cindy Anderson (10) Lmdberg . , Lake Conference Won 5 Lost 1 Edma-East . 4 2 Eisenhower.. 4 2 Richfield .4 2 EDINA-WEST 3 3 Armstrong .. 1 5 1—Junior Ruth Nye strains with the hope of effectively completely a volley and winning the point. 2—Mary Gubrud's face shows the determination all the girls on the team share in representing Edina-West to its fullest. 3— Ann Worsing shows the result of much hard practice and perserverance as she uses her serve to her advantage. 4—Onlooker Leslie Boyum keeps tabs on her teammate. Martha Betz, hoping to give her a few pointers. 5— VARSITY TENNIS: FRONT ROW-C.Assad. M. Griebenow. D.Nallick, K.Jones, P.OIson. L. Boyum. S.Griebenow. ROW TWO—M.Betz. A. Clapp. M.Moran, J.Worsmg. R.Nye, C.Ander-son, A.Worsing. M.Gubrud. BACK ROW—S. Bede. C.Gilbertson, D.Demee. S.Wagner. S. Gulliford. P.Fuffe, L.Shermen. l.VanDoren, G.Thacker. ‘SIRT'-TISSlTSBJr 176 GIRLS’TENNIS Interscholastic Tennis Opens Up New Opportunities For Girls "We should have won all our meets, but we decided to give the other teams a chance. We ll take them all next year 'cause we’ve got the best girls! How could I say anything else?" 6ayle Thacker (coach) ... "The East-West split has given us more time to practice after school because of the split shift schedule, and we still have time to do other things." Sue Griebenow (10) ... "Tennis is really unique this year because it's the first time girls have had a varsity sport in which to participate in. and many of us have already earned our letters.” Ann Horsing (11) ... “Ms. Thacker was great, she did a fine job setting up the team for the first season, she's very sportsmanlike and really cares for the whole team." Martha Betz (12) ... "The reason I went out for this sport is because it presents the best opportunity for me to improve my tennis game. It's really different this year because we've never had practice everyday for three hours before, it's a lot more fun this way ” Sue Gulliford (10) ... “We ate orange jello for instant energy before the East-West tennis meet, num!" Karen Jones (11) ... "I do cheers in the middle of our meets, before, and after our matches, too! Miss Thacker gets kinda angry, but it cheers up the team.” Dawn Nallick (10) ... "The most memorable meet was the Lindbergh one when we all went to Farrell's with the cross country team, saw Billy Kidd, and pretended it was Jonesy's birthday-it almost beat the time Sue Griebenow slammed a ball so hard her racket broke in half-we could have died laughing." Jean Worsing (10) ... “Miss Thacker has enthusiasm which keeps everyone happy. She drives us hard and gives us confidence when at times we feel we can't do it." Pat Olson (10) ... "Oh Lima Beans!" Mei Griebenow (11) ... GIRLS'TENNIS 1774 Cougars Kick Off New School With Successful Soccer Season "When I first saw my team in the early practices of the year, all I could see was eleven faceless gladiators chasing around as though the clubhouse was on fire; but now at the closing of the season I see a team that has the potential of a champion." Gary Hutchens (head-coach) ... "The Edina East-West split cut the team ability in half, but it gave a lot more guys a chance to play. The reason I went out for soccer was because it's not as rough as football nor as boring as cross country." Greg Retzlaff (11) .. “I'll never forget the day Mitch and I missed the bus to the Armstrong game. We finally arrived at the Armstrong field with the famous last words, 'But we thought the bus left at 7:30,' luckily our coach can take a |oke-one |0ke!” Brian Spencer (12) . "One difference in soccer this year from other years is that I'd never seen straight freaks and freaky jocks work so well together." Wayne Leupold (11) ... "This year there was a lot of changing positions, inexperience as a team, and remolding into a new system." Bruce Mooty (co-captain) ... "This year we started with an inexperienced team and we had to work that much harder to make up for it. We had only three returning varsity men from last year." Ed Ryan (11) ... “The most memorable game this year was against Jefferson. At the time Jefferson was No. 1. and although they had better individual skill we were psyched and the feeling of beating No. 1 seemed pretty remote, but we won and it was great!" Jan Jachimowicz (11) ... “Way to hum!" Mark Heigl (co-captain) ... "Our coach went to Europe this summer and saw a lot of soccer and learned some new game technioues." Craig Larson (12) "Coach Hutchens knows the right things to say at the right times, like. 'Retz. don't forget to give me my underwear back!' Paul Klossner (12) ... 178 SOCCER1—Varsity soccer coach Gary Hutchens discusses defensive tactics with players during halftime. 2-VARStTY SOCCER: FRONT ROW-S.McCall. N.Rice. B.Spencer, M.Partridge, W.Leupold. E.Ryan, A.Karos, L.Houns. ROW TWO—J.Wheeler. P.VanVeen, R.Nipper. B. Mooty. J.Jachimowicz, B.Russell, C.Larson, D.Langfels. M.Heigl, M.Law. BACK ROW-G. Retzlaff. C.Lund, P.KIossner, S.Chadwick, J.Golden. R.Meyer, K.Reynolds, D.Metzger. G. Hutchens. J.OIsen. Missing-S.Rice. 3-Forward Doug Langfels demonstrates the powerful offense which led the Cougars to victory over number one rated Jefferson. 4-Rivals Edina East and West battle as Peter VanVeen attempts to gain control of the ball. 5-Speed is a key factor to Mitch Law as he races to prevent a Burnsville halfback from intercepting the ball. “I had the best trap of the night, but I guess the ball trapped me. My leg is broken.” Rick Sponsel (12) SOCCER 179Thunderstorms And Rain Fail To Dampen Netters’ Spirits Lake Conference Won Lost Tie Richfield 11 0 0 Lincoln 8 1 2 St. Louis Park ...7 2 2 Kennedy 6 2 3 EDINA-WEST 6 4 1 Lindbergh 4 5 2 Edina-East. 3 6 2 Jefferson . 3 6 2 Eisenhower 3 6 2 Cooper ... 3 6 2 Robbinsdale 2 8 1 Armstrong 0 10 1 E-W OPPONENTS 2 1 Eisenhower 1 3 Bemlde 3 0 Burnsville 2 2 Mariner 3 1 White Bear Lake 3 4 Richfield 0 3 St. Louis Park 2 1 Jefferson 0 2 Edina-East 3 0 Eisenhower 3 1 Robbinsdale 2 0 Cooper 2 4 Lincoln 1 0 Armstrong 3 1 Lindbergh 0 0 Kennedy 180 SOCCER“We mightfeel like runningaround harder if there was more enthusiasm from the crowd.” Jeff Beebe (capt) Edina Cagers Defeat Third Rated Rochester John Marshall "The unity of the team has been our biggest key to success, because of the fact that our starting five are all Christians. This has enabled us to openly talk about any problems we're having as a team and has eliminated any dissension." Craig Selness (12) "The funniest thing was when Dale and I got sick on the bus coming home from Duluth. We tried to see which one of us could out-com-plain the other." Don Rutishauser (11) ... “I think the main reason we won as many games as we did was because we played as a team and not as individuals." Mark Bolick (11) ... "The team works well together on and off the court. We're all good friends. We played Password on the bus to the Duluth game for four hours." Greg Retziaff (11) "It was really lousy sitting out when I broke my hand. I would have been much happier playing.” Jeff Beebe (capt) "Armstrong was the most exciting game for me. because I got to replace Beebe and on top of that we won." Tucker Boyd (10) "The starting five were really close, afterall we played together for six years. After the games we usually went to someone's house or went out to eat gutt bombs.” Paul Engh (12) "The team really helped me when I-moved here, because basketball was just starting and that's how I got to know most of my friends." Tim Gibbs (11) "Being a sophomore. I feel I must work harder than my teammates. But during the game we work as a unit, and we either all play good or we all play bad" Mike Johnson (10) "There's less pressure this year because I'm a senior and there's less competition for my position. Mr Rodberg is really a good coach. He knows when to work us hard and when to let us relax. Robbmsdale was the best game. We all played unselfishly which you have to do to win." Dale Schauer (12) 1 - J-V SOCCER: FRONT ROW - M. Reynolds. T.Anderson, T.Curtin. T.Compton. P. Mamon. BStitt. D.Bentzen. P.Chapple. T. Huey ROW TWO - D.langfels. K.Bettes. M. Cater. S.Bodine. B.Larson. W.Johnson. D. Olson. S.Forslund, M.Shelper. J.Nunn. BACK ROW M.Bishop. J.Hagen, J.Johnson, J.Cummmgs. S.McCoy, T.Nechville. D.Dovolis. B.Neilson. J.Johnson. J.Bursh. J.OIson. Missing - R.Boyd. 2 - Strange arm gestures help Doug Langfels keep his balance and aid as he attempts to score against a tough Cougar rival. 3 — Junior Don Rutishauser keeps an alert eye on the ball hoping to regain possession of it for the Cougars in their game against the Armstrong Falcons. 4 - Fancy footwork combined with great agility and balance prove to be an asset to captain Bruce Mooty as he overpowers his opponent and takes control of the ball for Edina. 5 - Forward Dale Schauer out jumps a Falcon player to successfully gain possession of the jump ball. 6 - Senior Paul Engh strains to complete a basket while a Falcon opponent tries to block his efforts at Edina West's first home game in the gymnasium of the new school. BASKETBALL 181Lake Conference Blue Oivision Won Lost EDINA-WEST 11 3 St. Louis Park 9 5 Mound 9 5 Robbinsdale 7 7 Lindbergh 7 7 Lincoln 6 8 Jefferson 6 8 Armstrong 2 12 1 - VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW - P.Rose. M.Bolick. B.Williams, S.Knudten. T. Gibbs. S.Canakes. G.Rholl, V.Barrett. M. Rzeszut. M.Johnson. BACK ROW — S.Kagol, B.Mooty. D.Schauer. P.Engh. G.Retzlaff, J. Beebe. T.Boyd. D.Rutishauser, C.Selness. J. Rodberg. 2 - Craig Selness watches his shot arc towards the basket and a possible two points. 3 Dale Schauer leaps high off the floor to prevent an opponent from passing to a teammate. 4 - Determination shows on Paul Engh's face as he goes after a loose ball in the East-West game. 5 — SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW - S.Burman, R.Johnson, L.Baily. B.Russell. D.Neuger, M. Johnson. T.Wildenberg, J.Eiue. BACK ROW - R.Halverson, K.Kierksey, S.McCoy. T.BIair, M.Bishop. B.Allison. T.Rossi, P.Tabor. G. Knudten. 6 — Teamwork and defense help Edina defeat Wayzata and stay in contention for the league title. “An enthusiastic crowd could add ten points to every game.” Craig Selness (12) 182 BASKETBALLCougars Earn State Tourney Berth With Region D Title E-W Opponents 35 Jefferson 46 Rochester John Marshall 50 Robbinsdale 33 Armstrong 55 Osseo 78 St. Louis Park 53 Duluth East 36 Mankato 51 Lincoln 55 Lindbergh 46 Mound 51 Edina-East 52 Wayzata 47 Minnetonka 58 Eisenhower 74 St. Thomas Academy 51 Richfield 57 Kennedy 42 Cooper BASKETBALL 183Early Morning Workouts And Breakfasts Build Team Unity “Swimming is a unique sport because of the kind of conditioning we do, no other sport asks for more from you individually than swimming. Also, if you lose there's no one else to blame for your mistakes except yourself." Wes Loegering (capt) . "I guess the main reason I went out for swimming was because I'm just too short to play basketball.” Bruce Toal (10) . “We usually practice on the average of 20 hours a week including one meet. After morning practices we eat breakfast at school. We used to eat in the locker room until our Coleman burner was deemed a fire hazard so now we're back to the school cafeteria." Todd Gunderson (11) ... “Our main goal is getting to the top in state competition, then every team member usually gets the best times because they're so psyched.” Roger Rosche (10) ... "The entire first half of our season this year was directed at beating Cooper. They should have walked all over us but we gave them a good scare even though we didn’t beat them.” Randy Boyd (11) ... "I guess the main reasons why I want to be swimming coach are because I basically like helping people and I especially like working with Edina kids. I really believe that my swimmers are Edina-West’s best all-around athletes” Robert Petersen (coach) .. " ‘L.B., gentlemen'. 'Tnx'. 'Tails', and the phrase 'divers are not toys', have all had special meanings for this year’s swim team.” Greg Snow (10) ... "This year our basic goal was just to improve because we started out the season ranked in the middle of all the schools in our district so to come in ahead we really have to put forth some effort.” Bill Peterson (10) "I'll never forget the morning workouts with breakfast included, that really made the season." Steve Gresham (12) . 184 SWIMMINGLake Conference Won Lost Jefferson 11 0 Cooper 10 1 Eisenhower 9 2 Lindbergh .8 3 Wayzata 7 4 Robbinsdale 6 5 EDINA-WEST 5 6 St. Louis Park 5 6 Armstrong 5 7 Edina-East 3 8 Minnetonka 2 9 Kennedy 1 10 Lincoln 0 11 1 — Mike Toal exhibits his winning form in executing a front layout with a half twist. 2 — Ravenous swimmers gather around a table in the cafeteria as Coach Petersen serves breakfast after a 6:30 a.m. practice. 3 — Bruce Toal gets off to a good start for a winning effort in the 200 yard freestyle at the Lindbergh meet. 4 - Bob Rud strives to make up ground on the backstroke leg of the 200 yard individual medley against a Lindbergh opponent. 5 - VARSITY SWIMMING: FRONT ROW - G.Snow. B.Toal. C.Nolte. O.Keane. D. Wagner. ROW TWO — J.Erickson, S.Pmcus, T.Gunderson, B.Peterson. S.Stanley. B.Peter-sen. BACK ROW — R.Boyd, S.Gresham. 8. Rud, R.Rosche, W.Loegering, D.Mason. 6 — B-SQUAD: FRONT ROW - R.Wanzenreid. L. Ihinger, D.Beardsley, C.Golden. BACK ROW — M.Poli, J.Gresham, R.Behning. “I couldn’t once feel my swimmers weren’t the best, then I wouldn’t be a good coach.” Robert Petersen (coach) SWIMMING 185Many Cougar Injuries Attributed To Ill-fitting Hockey Uniforms "I think our goal is to get to the state tournament." Dave Dornseif (11) ... “The buses are usually pretty quiet except when we get on the road leading up to Braemar everybody starts yelling and stuff. Then to celebrate after a win we all go wild and go to a party or something." Scott Nieland (12) ... "I think that being a sophomore on the team is a joke, because I always get knocked and get the jokes. But other than that we all get along real well." Jeff DeZellar (10) ... "Because I'm a senior I have to project an example to the players that weren't on the varsity team last year. They kind of look up to you." Brad Becker (12) ... "Everyone has to do their job. that's your main responsibility. If one person goofs up. it fouls everyone up." Dave Geving (12) ... "Did you get over or under?" Dave langefels (10) .. "The purpose of scrimmages are to simulate game conditions, so that when you get in a game with a tough team you won't be surprised. The only difference is that the coach is on the ice and he'll stop when you do something wrong." Brian Burke (12) ... "East and West are two separate schools with two separate hockey teams. When we played East we expected to win. because we have a great team." Rob Holberg (11) ... "At the East game, we were all pretty confident that we would win. You have to have confidence automatically. It was really a fantastic win." Dave Bell (11) "Playing my position well is the most important thing on my mind during a game." Dave Greer (12) ... "The first reaction after the team scores is shock." John Reiman (11) ... "I remember when John Reiman went out on the ice with his skate guards on and fell flat on his face. In the same game he couldn't get his feet out of the box. and he fell flat on his face again." BobGarven (11) 186 HOCKEY1 — As he races down the ice. senior John McMorrow eyes the opposing team in hopes to break their defense. 2 — John McMorrow puts his offensive tactics to work as he skates around a Mound player to overtake the oncoming puck. 3 - The referee signals another goal for Edina West while senior Mark Heigl congratulates a co-player on his performance. 4 - Quick reflexes and coordination prove to be valuable to Dave Langefels as he prepares to get the puck during a faceoff. 5 - Cougar teammates rejoice after scoring a goal against the Hornets. “Brian Burke and I use a Ouija board before the games. It’s been right every time.” Rob Little (11) HOCKEY 187“Welcome home Dorn.” Brina Burke (12) Lake Conference Won Lost Tied Edma-East 11 1 1 EDINA WEST ... 10 1 2 Armstrong 8 3 3 Kennedy 6 2 5 Jefferson 7 4 2 Cooper 7 5 1 Richfield 7 5 1 Minnetonka .... 5 5 3 St. Louis Park .. 6 7 0 Robbinsdale. . . 5 7 1 Lincoln 4 6 3 Eisenhower 5 8 0 Lindbergh .. .. 4 7 2 Mound 1 12 0 Wayzata 0 13 0 1 - )-V HOCKEY: FRONT ROW - C.Hasse. B.Larson. P.Mamon, S.Houser. G. Cole. BACK ROW - D.Schmelz. G.Loving. J. Johnson, J.Dezellar, J.Mathews. J.Bursch, B.Beste. 2 - Concentrating on keeping control of the puck, junior Dave Dornseif enters the tough defense of the Edina-East Hornets. 3 — Skates, sticks, and bodies clash as senior Brian Burke takes a shot in front of the Pioneer's goal. 4 Center Dave Greer heads down the ice after securing the puck from Hill Murray's players, bringing the Cougars to a 4-3 victory. 5 — West’s top goalie Rob Little keeps a careful watch as he defends the Cougars' net against the opposing offense. 6 - VARSITY HOCKEY: FRONT ROW - C.Holman. B.Burke. B.Garven. M. Heigl. B.Becker. S.Nieland. D.Greer, D.Lang-fels. R Little. BACK ROW - B.Larson. D. Schmelz. K.Tierney, R.Holberg. G.Purdy. D. Bell. D.Oornseif. J.McMorrow. D.Geving. J. Reiman. G.Huggins. B.Beste. 5 188 HOCKEYEdina-West Loses Region Six Title To East With 3-2 Score E-W 8 1 7 0 2 4 4 3 4 0 1 1 6 2 1 4 5 0 8 1 5 2 2 0 2 2 6 1 8 0 5 4 4 0 3 1 4 3 10 3 Opponents Alexander Ramsey Minnetonka Eisenhower Armstrong Wayzata Kennedy Southwest Virginia Lincoln Mound Jefferson Edina-East Robbmsdale Richfield Bemidji Lindbergh International Falls Cooper Hill-Murray St. Louis Park HOCKEY 189Edina-West Rebuilds Varsity Grappling Squad With Sophs "Wrestlers sacrifice more than any other athlete in that we have to lose weight, and keep it down, and yet still have practices that are more demanding than football.” Martin Probst (11) .. "Old you read those signs on the wall?" Jim Luther (assist coach) "Each match counts so much, and I have to win no matter what. I only work for one match at a time because I can't look ahead -I don't know if my knees will hold out." Randy Nipper (capt) . "Fish!" Kirk Pumphray (11) ... "This year we had two returning varsity starters, one from B team, and two from C team to fill twelve weight positions, so eight of our positions are filled by sophomores. Everybody likes to win. but we were realistic when we started the season. From there we worked harder than ever before, and with Randy, the best captain I can remember, we've made terrific progress." Hack McCall (coach) "We ninth graders get to prac- tice with the varsity team, even though we compete against other Jr. Highs. This way we learn not only by demonstration, but through actual matches." Paul Wendlandt (9) "Before meets I get so nervous that I can't concentrate in school, especially for our big one-Robbinsdale." Tony Cecere (10) . "You bunch of rinky-dink hot-dogs!" anonymous "At the beginning of the year everyone knew we wouldn't win as a team, but nobody gave up. because wrestling is a one to one sport, and even if your team doesn't win. you still can. So everyone has been really working hard, and striving for individual wins and personal satisfaction.” Tim Nipper (10) "We thought that with all the spirit and involvement with the new school this year, wrestling might have a better turn out, but I guess it died by the time the season came around. It’s all been pretty deep." Tom Remington (11) 190 WRESTLING1 — Scott McCall battles head to head with his opponent, hoping for a takedown and two points. 2 — Sophomore Mark Reynolds gets a headlock on his opponent hoping to pin him. and win the match. 3 — Larry Farber’s face contorts with exertion as he tries to escape from the hands of a Jefferson wrestler. 4 — VARSITY WRESTLING: FRONT ROW D. Dahlin, M.Reynolds. L.Farber. L.Quimby. S. McCall. T.Remington. J.Williamson. R.Nipper, R.Beiersdorf. C.Connelly. C.Williams, S.FIem-mg. BACK ROW - J.Doyle. T.Cecere. B Pool. M.Johnson. K.Pumphrey. C.Grimsby. T. Nipper. E.Cherry. C.Erikson. J.Browning. B. Mark. H.McCall. 5 — Getting a good hold on his opponent. Jim Williamson attempts to pin him and his match. 6 — Dave Dahlin waits for the referees whistle to start his match. Lake Conference Blue Division Won Lost Robbinsdale ........................ 7 0 Jefferson........................... 5 2 Armstrong .......................... 4 3 Mound .............................. 4 3 Lindbergh .......................... 3 4 Lincoln ............................ 2 5 St. Louis Park ..................... 2 5 EDINA-WEST ......................... 0 7 “This is a fine looking group of cupcakes..." Randy Nipper(12) WRESTLING 191“The hockey game with the soccer team was the high point of my skiing career.” Rob Haberkorn (11) Lake Conference Won tost Tie Lincoln 10 2 0 Kennedy 9 3 0 Jefferson 8 4 0 EDINA-WEST 7 4 1 Eisenhower 7 4 1 St. Louis Park 7 5 0 Robbinsdale 6 6 0 Armstrong 5 6 1 Edina-East 5 7 0 Lindbergh 5 7 0 Richfield 4 8 0 Cooper 3 8 1 Mound 3 9 0 Minnetonka 3 9 0 1 - In warm and mushy conditions against Richfield. Bob Thompson stays close to the poles to save precious seconds. 2 — On a tough and icy slalom course, sophomore Dave Tengdin uses his edges to keep on the course and in control. 3 — VARSITY SKIING: FRONT ROW — R.Weisner. D.Tengdm. S. Leslie. B.Thompson. M.Brown. T.Peters. ROW TWO - G.Junko. D.Gee. B.Hansen. 0. Olson. J.Springer, T.Boulay. S.Moore, B. Crawford. S.Chapman. ROW THREE — K. Smith. B.Spencer, T.Larkin. J.Jacobsen, K. Segur. J.Knutson. O.Page. R.Haberkorn. BACK ROW - D.Buresh. G.Hagen. B.Gudim, T.Christenson, C.Hunt. B.Wilder, K.Horns. D. Hallett, P.Ratelle. T.Roche. 4 - After a giant slalom race. Dan Buresh takes a relaxing run down the rutted course. 5 - As he nears the final gate. Gary Hagen shows the form that makes him one of West's top slalom skiers. 6 - In the first meet of the year against Mound. Kennedy, and Lindbergh. Jeff Peter- 4 son nears the last gate with a good time. 192 SKIING Resignations And Bad Weather Forecast Tough Ski Season “The Ski Team this year is different from other years in that a larger number of boys turned out for it. there are no more assistant coaches, the facilities and equipment are all new. and the snow conditions are especially variable. Despite these differences or because of them. Edina West will have a balanced ski team which will be our strongest point in the Lake Conference. District 18. and State Competitions. However, to achieve at these and all meets the boys must dedicate themselves to improvement." Ronald Wiesner (coach) ... "Ski team this year is different from many other years in that we have the potential to do well and we care about our results." Rob Haberkorn (11) ... "Our consistency makes us a real jumping threat this year. It's also a personal threat being captain 'cause I get all the grief." Tom Rachie (capt) ... "Practices wouldn't be the same without our coach. Mr. Wiesner. He is usually at every practice and meet instilling in us the motivation to try our hardest. He'll never give up trying to urge us on to attain our goals." Dick Page (capt) "There are a few skiers on our team who are having their first try at cross country racing this year so we end up practicing six times a week, usually at Hyland Park or Braemar." Paul Ratelle (12) .. "I think we are a more organized team this year than last. This organization will work to our advantage and maybe help to balance the inexperience of our racing team. The Edina East-West split gave more guys a chance to make the team and at the same time took from us a couple of our best skiers. This year six out of eight of our starters for the slalom team are sophomores, consequently much more time has been allotted to instruction." Gary Hagen (capt) . . SKIING 193LAKE CONFERENCE Won Lost Richfield 5 1 Kennedy 5 1 EDINA-WEST 3 3 Edina-East 3 3 Wayzata 3 Mound 1 5 Armstrong 0 6 1—Precise timing and good coordination are necessities for B-squad player Beth Altman, as she demonstrates her powerful serve. 2— B-SQUAD: FRONT ROW-S.BIoom, B.EIrod, N.Simmons, P.Fagre. B.AItman, N.Denker. BACK ROW—J.Hunt. D.Phillips, N.iipson, K. Hubbard, M.Gayle, S.Halvorsen, B.Price. 3— Judy Hunt moves to her feet to prevent the 4-Varsity player Bonnie Levoir jumps high as she battles for a point against two Richfield opponents. 5-VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: FRONT ROW—J.Aanestad, S.Felker, L.Richman, V.Lar-son, V.Anderson. W.Gervan. BACK ROW—B. Levior. B.Meester. J.Dolbeck. M.Hendrickson, J.AJkire, K.Hansen. 6—The important skill of teamwork is shown by Vicki Anderson as she sets up a high ball for a fellow team member. “We were as good as any other team. It just depended on the kind of day we had.” Mary Jo Hendrickson (12) 194 VOLLEYBALLVolleyball Team Shares Second Place With Two Other Schools "At the end of the volleyball season we had a party for our coach, Miss O'Boyle. It was a lot of fun. but we did get a bit carried away, and ended up throwing her into the swimming pool! She wasn't alone though—Lori Richman and I were tossed in to keep her company. Another time neither the team nor Miss O'Boyle will ever forget was Halloween night, when we T.P.ed her car and office. Our activities weren’t restricted to the games!" Julie Dolbec (10) ... "Miss O’Boyle really helped to make being on the team a lot more fun. She was constantly breaking us up with her jokes, and she was a fantastic coach. We had such a great time this year, especially on the bus rides to the away games!" Sue Felker (11) ... "Winning was always a principle conern for us. After all. that's our real goal, but it was extremely important that we learned to be good losers, too. The games were always so neat. Before the Mound game we had Mounds candy bars, and we sort of kept up the tradition with candy bars before every game." Bonnie LeVoir (12) ... "Everyone was so excited and tense before each game. We got so psyched to get out there and try as hard as we could to beat the other team, and that made actually playing even better. That and meeting all the people on the team were the most interesting things about volleyball." Jenny Aanestad (10) ... “I wanted to be on the team this year simply because I love playing volleyball, and because I enjoy working with a group. It was so neat that they began this year to run the girls' athletics the same way that the boy's sports have been managed for so long. We're even having letter jackets! I'm really glad that I was a part of it all. It was a great feeling to be the very first ones!" Beth Meester(ll) ... VOLLEYBALL 195Lake Conference Armstrong Won 11 Lost 0 Cooper 10 1 Robbinsdale 9 2 St. Louis Park 8 3 Lincoln 7 4 Kennedy 6 5 EDINA-WEST 5 6 Richfield 4 7 Jefferson 3 8 Eisenhower 2 9 Edina-East 1 10 Lindbergh 0 11 1 Team captain Bob Krekelberg executes a handstand on the rings, a stunt that combines great strength with good balance. 2 -Senior Jack Atkins gains important points in the meet against Eisenhower with a flip on the mat. 3 Dave Groth shows good form and good balance as he performs a handstand on the parallel bars. 4 - Top side horse man. Steve Nelson ends his routine in good form with a dismount off the end of the horse. 5 - VARSITY GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW -M.Shull. J.Bradeson, I.Phelps. G.McCracken. B.Kilian. B.Bartlett. L.Houns. J.Atkins. BACK ROW - B.Krekelberg. J.Barnett. T.Reming-ton. D.Hilleren. G.Johnson. S.Nelson, M. Summers. M.Andrews. P.lttner. B.Arnevik, D Groth MISSING: D.Barnett. P.Atkins. “The crowd doesn’t matter to me. I’d be just as happy if the meets were held behind closed doors.” Paul Ittner (12) 196 BOYS’GYMNASTICS mtSplit Fails To Affect Edina’s Best Gymnastics Team Ever "I've experienced the importance of thinking positive in gymnastics. Self-doubt has just caused me too many falls." Bruce Arnevik (12) .. . "Maybe he’ll make it. I just don't know.” Dave Groth (12) . "At the meets lately we've been crossing our legs one at a time, starting with one end. Then we cross to the other side coming back the other way. We make fools out of ourselves, but the crowd loves it." Tim Remington (11) ... "Chops.” anonymous ... "If the schools hadn’t split this year, we would have had an absolutely super team, but as it was. we lost three good men. Even with the split though. West has the best gymnastics team Edina has ever had. Its been the most talented, hardest working, and most consistant of any before, and has been the best for working under pressure." Bob Hoecherl (coach) ... "Crank that Puppy." Greg Johnson (11) "Jefferson was our toughest meet. Everyone was so psyched for it. That morning. Summers made a P.A announcement about it. then the coach made signs and put them above our lockers. The whole team was so psyched-up. and we beat ’em!" Jack Atkins (12) . .. "Atta boy. A-hu-huhu.” Mike Summers (12) . "Gymnastics is a very individual sport, and if the guys want to work, they'll work. As captain, my job is to keep them in line, and try to see that they do." Bob Krekelberg (capt) "Bill Bartlett has an exploding routine.” John Barnett (10) "At one of the meets this year I was doing a California Hop. missed, and did a nose dive onto the floor. It was so wierd-l got up smiling!" Dave Hilleren (12) . "I really like gymnastics a lot. but this time of year can get tedious because you've learned your routine for the season, and you just keep practicing it over and over again." Paul Ittner (12) BOYS-GYMNASTICS 197‘‘The toughest meet was meeting Bob Krekelberg for the first time!” Kim Phelps (11) 1 — After the completion of a stunt Sharon Fuller gives a pose and then prepares to perform another stunt. 2 — Mary Jo Hendickson concentrates on the end of the balance beam while she executes graceful steps of movement to add variety to her routine. 3 — A still moment is captured in the fast moving unevens routine of Jane Zins during the Edian West Mound meet. 4 - VARSITY GYMNASTICS; • FRONT ROW - K.Phelps, L. Dekko. E.Anderson. C.Peterson, J.Buchwalds. S.Rottinghaus. C.Nichols. l.Werneke. ROW TWO - B.Niles. B.Shultz. B.Winslow; capt., S.Fuller. M.Pool, C.Nichots. J.Hunt. J.Zins. D.Sawyer. BACK ROW - N.Book, M.lewis. M.Hendrickson, J.Sather. M.PIasman. T. Sullivan. N.Robertson, C.Houston. 5 - Skill, gracefulness, and uniqueness are factors that make Barbie Winslow a good gymnast. 6 — Debbie Sawyer shows her skill on the beam by executing a headstand. 198 GIRLS-GYMNASTICSGirl Gymnasts Display Poise And Beauty As Well As Strength "Our team’s goal is to do our very best in all of the meets, and to always be good sports." Janice Hunt (10) ... "I love the uneven bars, working hard, and the girls on the team-and working with the boys isn't bad either!" Jane Zins (11) "The way we all work together seems more like a real family than competitors trying to be better than one another." Sharon Fuller (10) ... "Mound was our toughest, closest and most exciting meet. We won by five one-hundredths of a point!" Sue Rottinghaus (11) ... "The best things about gymnastics are all the super people on our team, working with the team and having fun." Jane Buchwald (9) .. "I hope that someday we ll be able to compete against boys and win!" Cathy Nichols (11) ... “Our favorite song is 'You’re So Vain’ meaning the boys’ gymnastics team." Carol Houston (11) “I have been involved in gymnastics for about five years now. I have really enjoyed it in the past, and I wanted to continue it up through my senior year." Mary Lewis (12) . "Our coach is important. and she helps a lot. but it seems as though the team members help each other just as much." Mary Jo Hendrickson (12) ... "It’s really discouraging sometimes when your hands are all ripped and blistered and you fall or something during a competition." Lisa Werneke (10) ... "People are starting to give girls credit for physical achievements as well as mental achievements, and I think that's great!” Barbie Winslow (capt) "Who could forget Cathy's green hair, nodding to the judges, beaves. and the Olympic butt-walk races?” Karen Coon (11) .. "I like all of the girls that are on the team. Liking everyone makes it that much more fun to be working with the people and be on the team.” Nancy Book (11) ... I ake Conference Armstrong ... Won 7 Lost 1 EDINA-WEST... 6 2 Robbinsdale 6 2 Richfield 5 3 Edma-East .. 4 4 Mound 4 4 Mmnentonka... 3 5 Lincoln 1 7 St. Louis Park 0 8 GIRLS'GYMNASTICS 199PATRONS "It's the last headline we'll ever write for you You'll come looking for the deadline and It won't be there." Claire and Cyd Scherlmg-Pletsch Studios Fargo. North Dakota and St. Louis Park. Minnesota Congratulations, Best Wishes Seniors Kraus-Anderson of Mpls., Inc. General Contractors for Edina-West 501 South Eighth Street Minneapolis. Minnesota 55404 Congratulations! E.W. Blanch Co. Edina. Minn. 55435 It is our hope, that the school We've helped build will be a place of true education. •Loosen Inc.- The Sound Post Music Store Quality Instruments-Quality Instruction Varsity Band, remember: "The ref beats his wife". “What", and "Ching what's the word?" There was a young girl from Edina Whose friends always liked to maligna After joining the band, they're seeking her hand Now all of her woes are behmda Sico Incorporated 7525 Cahill Road Edina. Minnesota 55435 Thanks for your patronage and the best of luck. Cahill Barber Shop Good Luck Seniors! Allied Steel and Engineering Corp. 3400 Meridian Drive: Mpls.. MN. Reuben L. Anderson-Cherne. Inc. 5060 Excelsior Boulevard Minneapolis. Minnesota 55416 Arrigom Brothers Company 817 Vandalia Street St. Paul 645-9321 Good Luck Seniors! Atlas Prestressing Corp. Edina. Minn. Barrie Building 6500 Barrie Road Edina. Minnesota 55410 Good Luck Berg Farnham Co. 5209 Eden Avenue Biltmore Barber-Stylists 5111 West 50th St. Call 929-9890 for an appointment Biltmore Motor Hotel 5212 Vernon Avenue Edina. Minnesota Bredesen Enterprises Good Luck to Edina-West Norman J. Bishop Interstate National Corporation Edina. Minn. Burns Engineering Inc. 5301 Edina Industrial Blvd. Minneapolis. Minnesota 55435 Casework Concepts. Inc.-Edina Cabinetry Specialists for all Schools, churches, hospitals. Thanks for all the spirit and support The Edina-West cheerleaders Long hair is old-fashioned Mary Poppins is a junkie Studying causes cancer Best Wishes Coiffure Exquise 5008 Vernon Ave. Best Wishes Conway Fire and Safety Inc. 2613 Nicollet Avenue 823-4819 We could've danced all night! RA. BW. PP. LC. AO. JM, BG, TG. CR. MV. CE. DC. LW. PB. BN. KW. DD. CH. Eddy Arnold's Chicken Shop 6341 Penn Avenue South Come and see us! 200PATRONS Edina Electric Co. 5244 Eden Circle Phone: 929-5544 Environmental Service 5309 Edina Industrial Blvd. 941-7517 Fabri-Tek Incorporated 5901 So. County Road 18 Mpls., Minn. 55436 Greetings to the class of '73 Fairview Southdale Hospital Edina. Minn. Compliments of Federal Lumber We are proud of a full line of lumber and building materials. GENERAL! ELECTRIC 7450 Metro Blvd. Congratulations Windigo Managed Services. Inc. 5309 Edina Industrial Blvd. Goodyear Realty Realtors-MLS 6620Penn. Ave.South 869-3271 Grandview 76 Service 5100 Vernon Ave. Edina. Minn. Best of Luck to class or 3 Gulliford Sales Company Edina. Minnesota Congratulations Seniors! Hauenstein and Burmeister. Inc. Mpls.. Minn. 55435 Congratulations! Hayden Associates Edina, Minn. 55435 Congratulations to the graduating class Hesston Corp. 7355 Washington Ave. Compliments of a Friend Jerry Leonard Apparel Big and Tall Men 5000 Normandale Rd. Juhl-Pacific Corporation 7275 Washington Ave. So. Edina. Minn. 55435 Electronic Equipment and Supplies K M Electronics of Todd Communications. Inc. 7360 Ohms Lane. Edina Lucille R. Smith. Inc. 5034 France Ave. Edina. Minnesota Marble Imports Gifts and Specialties Edina and Way ata Congratulations! Midwest Marketing. Inc. 5301 Edina Ind Blvd Modern Window Shade 3400 Cedar Avenue Mpls., Minn. mm Congratulations! Mr. Steak-Edma 5203 Vernon Ave. Swim the Sea in 73: PA. EA. CB. KB, MC. PD. LF. SG. JH. BH. LH. MH. KJ. CJ. GJ. JM. MBM. JO. BP. KS. KS. Good Luck Seniors! Northwestern National Bank Southwest 7900 Xerxes Avenue South Phone:831-5000 I can’t hear you. I have pencils in my ears. Larson Industries Inc. 7400 Metro Blvd. Edina. Minn. 55435 We can’t believe we did the whole thing. The Windigo StaffPATRONS Office Interiors Inc. 7521 Washington Ave. So. Edina. Minnesota 55435 Pam American Life Insurance 5100 Edina Industrial Blvd. 835-5099 Compliments of Carl H. Peterson Co. Excavating Grading contractors Compliments of R 0 Elevator 6045 Pillsbury Avenue South Mpls.,Mn. 55419 Red's Union 76 5415 West 70th Street Edina, Minnesota Ryan Construction Co. 7400 Metro Blvd., Edina. Minn. 55435 Sample Mart Savings on Women's Fashions 5000 Normandale (50th Hwy 100) Stauffer Chemical Company 7505 Washington Ave. So. Edma. Minn. 55436 Congratulations from Oad Sally and Marie Suburban Ready Mix. Inc. Or. and Mrs. Charles F Baranauckas 202 Super America Service Station 5205 Vernon Ave. Congratulations Swanson and Youngdale. Inc. Commercial Painting Contractors Mpls., MN. 55426 Typhoon Edina Car Wash 5201 Vernon Ave. So. Edma. Minn. 929-2763 United Savers Association. Inc. 7400 Metro Blvd. Suite 321 Edina. Minnesota Viking Enterprises. Inc. 5200 W. 74th St. Edina Best Wishes Viking Press, Inc. 5300 Edma Industrial Blvd. Edma 941-4235 Welander Quist Edina Chapel 5116 Vernon Ave. S. Edina. Minn. "Zephyrus reeks?!” Compliments of Warren Shade. Inc. 2905 Hennepin Avenue Mpls., Mn. Don't fiddle around. Good luck to next Year's Edina-West Orchestra. "Come Ski With Us' • at Mt. Frontenac • Red Wing Mr. Mrs. John W. Brown We are great, we are cool We are from the brand new school E.W.SX. Edina-West is the best! Compliments of a Friend. Clara May and Oinks - The Zero Twins! Estelle Compton Models Institute Mr. Mrs. John Hayhoe Anonymous Compliments of a friend With friendship we exist. Kim and Sue Best wishes to'73 from MT. Congrats West Seniors from East Seniors "What's a Bush without a Fly?'1973 Windigo Staff Editor-in-chief........................... Associate editor ......................... Layout editor ............................ Student co-editors ....................... assistant .............................. Individual editor (Seniors) .............. assistants.............................. Individual editor (Underclass) ........... assistant ................................. Celebrant editor.......................... assistant .............................. Member editor ............................ assistants.............................. Athlete editor assistants Copy editor assistants Business manager assistants .. . Photo Coordinator Photographers .. Adviser . Carla Baranauckas Cydney Einck .......Mark Bolick ........Linda Fox Guy Wikman .......Cathy Saari Jackie Nichols .......Mary Vining Shelly Wurst . . Jayne Sonnesyn .......Ann Roberts Cathy Poehler ... Anne Reynolds Nancy Hayhoe .......Joan McCoy Jane Mellang Nancy Vining .........Carol Kim ......Bill Crawford Nancy Deeds Gary Findell ... Anne Peckham ......Linda Cherne Mary Jones Gaye Levitt Nancy Ringham ....... Randy Boyd .........Patty Borg Greta Swendseid Kathy Petersen .......Martha Betz Tim Dale Paul Klossner Joanne Christianson Thanks It took a lot of cooperation and hard work to put together the 1973 Windigo. We would like to express our sincere thanks to: Burt Hedstrom and the American Yearbook Company for their service and advice, Orlando Scherling, Scott Knight, Pat Scherling and the Scherling-Pletsch Studios for their photography and patience. Karla Faith for the cover design, The administration and faculty for their cooperation in yearbook endeavors, Debby Barker. Dennis Clegg, Jim Grinnell, Mike Kelly, Dave Langholz, Nick Legeros, John Raskind, Bill Rodman, and the Sun Newspapers for special pictures and photographic assistance, Armstrong Schlicting. Torseth and Skold Inc. and our patrons for their much needed financial support. Lesley Meyer for sharing her room during the split shift schedule. Raymond Anderson for putting up with our messes and unlocking the room at all hours of the night. Sue Ann Baranauckas for her sympathy, help, typewriter, and bathroom, And our understanding parents for crowd pleasers. pretzels, rec rooms, rides to the airport, and believing “I won't stay up too late tonight." 203A Aaberge, Kari (120) 50,154 Aanestad, Jennifer (10) 92,194,195 Abauza, Maria (10) Adams, Nancy (12)50,132,133,158,159 Adams, Sandy (11) 80 Administration 20-22 A.F.S. 154 Albrecht, Penny (11) 80 Alkire, Janice (11) 80,164,194 Allendorf, Steve (12) Allison, Robert (10) 92,172,182 Alpuerto, Patrise (11) 80 Althoff, Nancy (10) 92 Altman, Don (12) Anderberg, Nadine (12) 50 Anderegg, Michaeg (10) 92 Anderson, Birgit (fac) 28 Anderson, Christine (10) 92 Anderson, Cynthia A. (10) 92,176 Anderson, Cynthia J, (10) 92 Anderson, Janice (10) 92 Anderson, Jeffrey (11) 80,142 Anderson, Joanne (fac) 32 Anderson, Joni (12) 50,166,167 Anderson, Julie (11) 80 Anderson, Karen (10) 92 Anderson, Kim (10) 92,122,149 Anderson, Linda (11)80 Anderson, Mimi (11) 80 Anderson, Nancy (12)50 Anderson, Raymond (cust) 26 Anderson, Robin (12) 50,64 Anderson, Timothy (10) 92,181 Anderson, Victoria (11) 80,194 Anderson, Wayne (11) 80 Andrues, Rosemary (11) 80,138,139,142 Andrews, Mark (12) 50 apJones, Todd (10) 92 Appelquist, Gerald (11) 80 Applied Arts 40-43 Armstrong, Charles (10) 92 Arnevik, Bruce (12) 50 Arnevik, Debra (10) 92,146,147,154 Arteel, Patti (11) 80,140,159 Ascher, Dawn (10) 92,151 Ashworth, Ellen (12) 50,134,140,141,158,159 Assad, Carol (10) 176 Askegaard, Paul (fac) 40 Atkins, Jack (12)113 Atkins, Pat (11) 80 Atkinson, Frosty (12) 50 Atkinson, Jacquelin (10) 92 Aughenbaugh, Kristen (10)92,41 Aura, Jim (11)80,144 Austin, Kristi (10) 92.142 Austin, Michael (10)92 Ayd, Michelle (10)92,152 Ayd, Steve (11)80 B Babineau, Jackie (11) 29,80,151 Baehr, David (10)92,172 Bailey, Leigh (10) 92,144,182 Baken, Leslie (10) 92 Baker, Carolyn (10) 92 Baker, Catherine (10) 92,128,129 Baldwin, Sandy (12) 50,166,167 Baldwin, Susan (11)80 Band 142-145 Bangs, Linda (11) 80 Bann, Stanley (11) 80,147 Baranauckas, Carla (12) 50,140,141 Baranauckas, Dr. Charles (sch bd) 24,25 Barber, Bill (11) 80 Bard, George (11) 80 Barker, Debby (12) 50,108,111,130,131 Barker, James (11) 33,80,170 Barnes, Cynthia (10) 92,134,144 Barno, Scott (11) 80 Barnett, John (10) 34,92 Barnett, Timothy (10) 92 Barno, Allison (10) 92 Barr, Carolyn (12) 50 Barr, Lydia (10) 92,149 Barrett, Mary (10) 92 Barrett, Vince (11) 80,170,182 Barry, Ann (East, 11) 132 Barsamian, Nancy (11) 80 Bartholomew, Bill (11) 80 Bartholet, Mardonna (fac) 31 Bartlett, Tripp (12) 50,108 Bartlett, William (11)80 Bartley, Greg (12) 50 Bartz, Christina (10) 92,135 Basketball 182,183 Bassett, Tom (11)80,170 Bassinger, Dan (10)92 Bassinger, Mark (11) 80 Bean, Lynne (11) 80 Beardsley, David (10) 92,101 Beardsley, Lynn (12) 50,152 Bechtle, Raymond Becker, Brad (12) 186 Becker, David (11) 80 Becker, Gary (10) 92 Becker, Randall (11) 81 Beckman, Lynn (10) 92 Bede, Sue (12)51,176 Beebe, Jeff (12) 51,147,181,182 Beers, Shirley (12) 51 Beese, Steve (11) 81,123,174 Beiersdorf, Ronald (10)90,92,172,191 Bell, Cynthia (11) 81 Bell, David (11)81,186 Bell, Duane Belk, John (fac) 35 Benson, Mike (11) 81 Benson, Nancy(10) 92 Benson, Patrick (10) 90,92 Bentzen, David (10) 92,181 Berg, Lyle (fac) 32,33 Bergmann, Steven (11) 81 Bergreen, Sue (12) 51,64 Berkley, Holly (12) 51,74 Berkley, Mark (10) 92,132,144,151 Berman, Mary (fac) 34 Berres, Peggy (12) 105,107,138,139 Berres, Thomas (11) 81 Bettes, Keith (10) 92,181 Betz, Daniel (10) 92 Betz, Martha (12) 51,128,176,177 Biblin, Margo (10) 92,128 Bie, Jo Anne (11) 81,134,135,147 Billard, Mary (12) 51,166 Bishop, Michael (10) 92,149,163,182 Bjerken, Bernard (fac) 32,170 Bjorklund, Dawn (10) 92 Blair, Jill (10) 149 Blair, Timothy (10) 92,172,182 Bloch, Chris (12) 51,104,109,119,149,156,159 Blomquist, Kathi (11) 81,128,154 Bloom, Polly (12) 51 Bloom, Sue (12) 51,134,194 Blunt, Brian (12) 33,51,108,111 Blunt, Melissa (11) 81 Boblett, John (11) 81,143 Bodine, Stephen (11) 81,181 Boerth, Ann (12) 52 Bohn, Gerald (fac)35 Bolen, Jane (10) 92 Bolick, Mark (11) 112,113,181,182 Bolin, Julie (10)92 . Bomblatus, Mark (12) 52,105 Bonnet, Kathleen (10) 92 Bonnet, Tim (11) 81,174,175 Bonoff, Mike (11) 81,132,133,170,171 Bonoff, Terri (10) 92,151 Book, Nancy (11) 41,81 Boone, Jaimie (12) 52,130,131 Borchers, Debbie (12) 52,109 Borg, Patty (11) 81,149,151 Borgstrom, John (12) Borgstrom, Todd (12) 52 Borrman, Barb (12)52,142 Bouley, Lu (12)134,135 Bouley, John (12)52 Bowman, Mary (12) 52 Bowman, Robert (fac) 26,32,33,158,159 Boyd, Barbara (10)92 Boyd, Randy (11) 81,85 Boyd, Robert (12) 52 Boyd, Tucker (10) 90,93,144,181,182 Boy’s Gymnastics 196,197 Boyum, Leslie (10)93,149.176 Boyum, Lisa (11) 81,142,147,152 Brain, Susan (10) 93,147.160,161 Branstrom, Jennifer (10) Brecht, Nancy (12) 52 Bredeson, Jeff (11) 81 Brennan, Kevin (10) 93 Brennan, Mary (10) 93,149 Brisse, Pam (12) 53,166 Broich, Bob (12) 53,166 Bros, Bob (11) 81 Brouillard, La Vonne (10) 93,149 Brown, John (sch bd) 25 Brown, Michael (10) 93,134,192 Brown, Missy (11) 81 Brown, Terrie (12) 53 Browning, Jeff (12) 53,170,191 Brownless, Missy (11) 149 Bublitz, Robert (10) 93 Bulver, Thomas (10) 93 Bunker, Stephen (10) 93 Burckhardt, Kathryn (10) 93,140,147 Buresh, Dan (11) 81,192 Burger, Catherine (10) 93 Burke, Brian (12) 53,112,171,186 Burke, Joan (10) 93 Burke, Larry (12) 53 Burke, Linda (10) 93 Burling, Bob (11) 81,170 Burnell, Bruce (12) 53 Burnell, Charles (12) Burnett, Tim (12) 53,170 Burnham, Mike (12) Burnham, Steven (10) 182 Burns, Doug (11) 81 Burns, Nancy (10) 93,144,164 Bursh, Jeffery (10) 93,144 Bursh, Jerry (10) 93 Buscher, Scott (11) 81 Buss, Michele (12) 53,166 Byhre, Otto (sch bd) 25 Byrne, Linda (10) 93 Byrne, Randall (11) 81,144 Byrnes, Dennis (10) 93 c Cabalka, James (prin) 20,21 Cafe Concert Calhoun,John (11)81 Calliope 130,131 Campbell, Mark (11)81,122 Campbell, Scott (12) 53,166,167,171 Canakes, Scott (10) 93,172 Canakes, Stav (fac) 170-172 Canakes, Steve (11) 81,86,170,182 Capra, Leslie (10) 93,136,137,149 Carlsen, Mary (12) 53,128,129,140,141,149,164,165 Carlsen, Patricia (10) 93 Carlson, Curt (12) Carlson, Daniel (10) 93,142 Carlson, Nancy (11) 81,149 Carlson, Paul (11) 81 Carlson, Sue (11) 81,142,147,151 Carpenter, Janice (12) 53 Carson, David (10) 93 Cathaus, Marcia (fac) 23 Casciaro, Lesli (11) 81 Casciaro, Lisa (10) 93,101 Cater, Jeffrey (10) 93 Cater, Mark (11) 33,81,181 Cavanaugh, Joyce(fac) 24 Cecere, Anthony (10) 93,190,191 Cecere, Sharon (11) 81 Chadwick, Scott (12) 53,113,167,179 Champ, Dick (12) 53 Chandler, Lois (10) 93,129,144 Chapman, James (fac) 20 Chapman, Sheila (10) 93 Chapman, Steve (11) 81,175,192 Chappie, Mark (12) 53 Chappie, Pat (10) 93,181 Cheerleaders 136,137 Cherne, Cathryn (10) 93 Cherne, Linda (11) 81,139 Cherry, William (10) 93,191 Childers, Katherine (10) 93,151 Chizum, Douglas (10) 93,144 Christenson, Anders (fac) 35 Christenson, Mary Lou (fac) 26 Christionson, Joanne (fac) 34 Christianson, Tom (12) 53,192 Christoffersen, Mark (11) 33,81,144 Cipera, Donald (10)93 Clapp, Ann (12) 53,56,132,158,159,176 Clark, Julaine (12) 53 Clarke, Sharon (12) 53,116,117,132,147 Clay, Janice (10) 147 Clay, Sheldon (11) 81,142 Claeveland, Susan (11)81,134,160,161,163 Clegg, Dennis (12)54,105,128,129 Cleveland, Martha (12)54,149,166,167 Clothier, Joan (11) 81 Cochrane, Jeffry (10) 93 Cochrane, Steve (12) 54 Cole, Candia (11) 81 Cole, Gary (12) 54 Collins, Elizabeth (11) 81 Collins, Patricia (10) 93 Compton, Dave (12) 54,107-109,170,171 Compton, Tracy (10) 93,181 Connelly, Charles (11) 81,142,147,191 Conroy, Lynn (10) 93,151 Converse, Stephen (10) 93,142,143,163,181 Conway, Debbie (12) 54,107,138,139 Coon, Karen (11) 81 Cougarettes Counslers Coursolle, Mary (10) 93 Craig, Brad (11)81,117,147 Crawford, William (10) 93,192 Crowell, Randall (11) 81 Cummings, John (11) 81,181 Curler, Jane (12) Curtin, Jim (12) 170 Curtin, Thomas (10) 93,181 Curtin, Tim (11) 54,78,81 D Daggett, Sharon (12) 54 Dahill, Katy (10)93 Dahl, Nancy (10) 93 Dahl, Patricia (10) 93,152 Dahlen, David (10) 93 Dahlin, Dave (12) 54,191 Dahlstrom, Sally (12) 54,74,122 Dale, Timothy (10) 93 Danielson, Debby (11) 81,140,160 Danielson, Patricia (10)93,141,161 Davis, Scott (12) 24,54,104,157 Davis, Seila (fac)28 Day, Scott (12)54,132,170,171 Deeds, Nancy (11)81,116,117,134,147 Dekko, Danna (12) 54,107,138,139 Demee, Debora (10) 93,176 Demko, Peter (10) 93 Demoya, David (10) 93,144 Dencker, Doug (12) 54,109,132 Denison, Doris (11) 81,152,154 Densor, Mike (12) 54 Deremer, Patrick (10) 94 Deshler, Brandon (12) Deshler, Kevin (12) 54,166 Deveny, Leigh (11) 81,152,153 Devereaux, Diana (10) 94 Dezellar, Jeffrey (10) 94,186 Dick, Brian (11)81 Dick, Jim (11)81 Diercks, Dick (fac) 28,108,132,133 Dietz, Kim (12)54,166 Divine, Pat (11)81 Dockendorf, Pat (11) 81,152 Doe, Charles (10) 94 Doleec, Julie (10) 94,194,195 Domek, Larry (11) 81 Donahue, Cathy (12) 54,166,167 Donahue, Susan (10) 94 Donnelly, Charlene (12) 54 Dornsief, Dave (11) 81,186 Dosen, Lora (11) 81 Dostal, Patrick (10) 94 Dovalis, James (11) 81 Dovolis, Dean (11) 81,181 Dow, Jan (10) 94 Downs, Ted (fac) 22,23 Downs, Thomas (10)94,144 Doyle, James (10) 94,159,191 Drager, Harry (12) 55 Dreisbach, Dan (11) 81 Dresser, Steven (10) 94,147 Drew, Stephen (11) 82,170 Drewelow, Jacque (11) 82 Dropps, Cherl (11) 82 Dugan, Diane (11) 82,134,135 Dulin, James (11) 82 Dulin, Steven (10) 94 Duryea, Anne (12) 55 Duryea, Lee (10) 94 E Eastman, Keith (10) 41 Eastman, Lynn (10) 92,149 Eastman, Tom (10) 94 Eaton, James (11) 82 Eaton, Tara (11) 82 Edwards, David (10) 94 Eggers, Lynnette (12) 113,144 Eickenberg, Linda (10) 94 Eide, John (10) 94,182 Eikenberg, Kathy (11) 82,144,163 Einck, Cyd (12) 12,55,139 Eller, Cynthia (11) 82 Ellingson, Stephen (10) 94,144,172 Ellis, Gail (10)94 Ellis, Steve (11) 82 Engelbrecht, Sue (12) 55 Engelhard, Pat (fac) 22,23 Engels, Victoria (11) 82 Engh, Paul (12) 55,165,181,182 Englund, Scott (12) 55 Engquist, Robert (11) 82,142 Erickson, Christopher (10) 94,191 Erickson, Gary (11) 82 Erickson, Jan (10) 94 Erickson, John (10) 94 Erickson, Kristin (11)82 Erickson, Reid (12) 55 Erickson, Vicki (12) 55 Erlandson, James (10)94 Erlandson, Nancy (11)82 Erlandson, Tom (12) 55 Erling, Paul (12) 55 Ervin, Martha (10) 95,149 Estrem, Thomas (10) 95 Evanoff, Theresa (11) 149 Everaert, Tim (11) 82 F Fackler, Allen (12) 55,142 Fagre, Dale (12) 56 Fagre, Pamela (10) 95,194 Faith, Carla (12) Faller, Brian (12) 56,159 Fansler, Diane (fac) 136,157 Farber, Lawrence (10) 95,191 Faris, Mark (10) 52,152 Farley, Jeff (12) 56 Feigel, Kathy (12) 56 Felker, Sue (11)82,194,195 Fellman, Dwight (11) 82,144 Fenlason, Kristofer (10) 95,119,146,147 Fennell, Katherine (10) 95 Fiedler, Bob (12) 56 Fiedler, Scott (12) 56 Filipezak, Mararet (10) 95,134,148,149 Filipezak, Steve (12) 56 Filreis, Kenneth (10) 95,147,157 Findell, Gary (11) 82 Findorff, Paul (10) 95 204Findorff, Rob (12) Fine, Janice (10) 95 Fine, Pauline (11) 82 Fink, Tom (12)56 Finley, James (11) 82,170 Finley, John (11) 82 Finn, Pam (12) 56 Fisher, Laurie (11) 82,136,137 Fisk, Kenneth (10) 95 Fitzgerald, Peggy (10) 95 Fjare, Douglas (10) 95,144 Fleming, Scott (10) 95,191 Floren, Owen (10) 95 Flynn, Mary (10) 95,151 Flynn, Michael (11) 82,164,170 Foley, Patty (12) 56 Follese, Jeff (11) 82,85 Fontaine, Michelle (11)82 Football 170-173 Ford, Constance (10) Forslund, Steven (10)95,181 Fox, Linda (11)82,134,140,141 Fraatz, Bill (East,12)132 Francis, Mary (11)82,122 Fredendall, Laura (12) 56,104,134,149 Frederick, Jane (11) 82,142,147 Fredrickson, Kathy (10) 95 Freeman, Bruce (10) 95 Freerks, Karl (10) 95 French Club 151 French, Virginnia (fac) 40 Frey, James (10) 95 Frey, John (11)82 Frey, Thomas (11)82 Friendship 48,49 Frisvold, Craig (12) 56,59,134,135,165 Fuchs, Joni (11) 82 Fuller, Scott (11) 82,122,123,142 Fuller, Sharon (10)94,95,151 Furney, George (adm) 20,21 Future Business Leaders of Edina 160 Fyffe, Pamela (10) 95,176 G Garner, James (fac) 29,32 Garrison, Debbie (12)57 Garven, Robert (11) 82,186 Gee, Dave (10) 95,192 Gehring, Barb (12) 57,139 Geis, Kendall (11) 82 Gerberding, Merrilee (12)57 German Club 152 Getsch, Dianne (adv)80 Geving, Dave (12) 57,108,111,186 Gibbs, Tim (11)82,175,181,182 Gibson, Bill (12) 57,105,166 Gilbertson, Carmen (10) 95,176 Gilbertson, Clark (12) 57 Gilbertson, Mary K. (11) 32,82,134 Gilman, Marcy (11) 82 Gilmore, Joan (12)57,166 Girls’ Gymnastics 198,199 Girls’ Tennis 176,177 Girvan, Wendy (12)33,57,194 Glover, Grant (10) 95 Goetsch, Charlie (11) 82 Golden, Jeff (12) 57,179 Gotthilf, Sig (12) 57,119 Gottlieb, Penny (12) 57,166 Gottsacker, Philip (11) 82 Gramling, Peggy (12) 57 Graupner, Anne (10)95,128,129,154,155 Gray, Dave (11) 82 Green, Edmond (fac) 32 Greer, Dave (12) 57,186 Greer, Robin (10) 95 Gregory, Dan (11) 82,170 Gresham, James (10) 95,172 Gresham, Steve (12) 57 Grev, Julian (fac) 28,29,78 Griebenow, Mei (11) 33,82,176,177 Griebenow, Sue (10) 147,176,177 Grimsby, Carl (12) 57 Grimsby, Charles (12) 191 Grimsby, Ellen (10) 95,149 Grinnell, Jim (11) 82,85,142 Griswold, Joseph (10) 95,147 Grogan, Tracy (12) 57,112,138,139,149 Groth, Dave (12) 57,132,133 Grotting, Mary (10) 95,151 Grotting, Tom (12) 57 Gubbrud, Martha (fac) 28,134 Guberud, Bob (12) 57,142,147,165 Guberud, Mary (10) 95,142,176 Gudiifi, Bill (12)57,192 Gulliford, Sue (10) 95,140,158,159,176,177 Gunderman, Janice (11)82 Gunderson, Todd (11) 82,112 Gust, Dave (11) 82 Gustafson, Diane (East, 12) 64 Gustafson, Heidi (fac) 32,33 Gustafson, John (10) 95 Gustoff, Merold (fac) 40,170 Gwaltney, Karen (fac) 161 H Haag, Nancy (10) 95,151 Haben, Maureen (10) 95,144,157 Haberkorn, Robert (11) 82,192,193 Had, Jody (12) 58,140,141 Haeny. Margo (10) 41,95,101,119,149,165 Hagemeyer, Terri (12) 58,152 Hagen, Gary (10) 95,172,192,193 Hagen, John (10) 41,95,181 Hagmeier, Robert (10) 95 Hall, Joan (11) 82,119 Hall, Lisa (11) 82 Hall, Mark (12) 170,171 Halpin, Julie (10) 95 Halseth, Theresa (11) 82 Halseth, Tom (11) 82 Halvorsen, Sandy (11) 82 Halvorson, Jay (12) 58 Halvorson, Joan (10) 95,154 Halvorson, Roy (fac) 32,182 Hamann, James (adm) 21,23 Hammerschmidt, Tad (11) 82 Hancock, Charles (10) 95 Hancock, Martha (12) 58,111 Hannah, Jeanne (11) 82,136,137 Hansen, Barbara (10) 95,98,140 Hansen, Brian (10) 142,172,192 Hansen, Carol (11) 82,107,138,139,142 Hansen, Denise (10) 95 Hansen, Liz (12) 58,140,141,142 Hansen, Nancy (10) 95,96 Hanson, Jim (fac) 28 Hanson, Kay (12) 55,58,148,149,194 Hanson, Laurie (10) 95,144 Hanson, Scott (11) 82 Hanson, William (11) 82 Harding, Greg (11) 82,152,153 Harr, Sue (11)82 Harrison, Mark (11)82 Hart, Jeff (12)58 Hart, Karen (10) 95,154 Hart, Sue (12) Hart, Susan (11)82 Hartmann, Thomas (10) 95,113 Hartranft, Earl (11) 82 Hasse, Charles (10) 95 Hasse, Kari (12) 58 Hassinger, Mary (11) 83 Hastings, Lisa (11) 83 Hatzung, Paul (12) 58 Hauge, Mitchell (10) 95 Haugen, Kristen (10) 95 Haugen, Missy (11) 83,140,155 Hauser, James (10) 95 Hauser, Steve (12) 58 Hauser, Susan (11) 83 Haw, Stewart (12) 58,166,167 Hayden, Gary (11) 83 Hayden, Geralyn (10) 95,149 Hayes, Casey (12) Hayhoe, Nancy (11) 83 Hed, Thomas (10) 95 Hedelson, Paul (11) 83 Heeb, Carolyn (12) 58,137 Heigel, Mark (12) 58,178,179,187 Heikenen, Jane (12) 58,143 Heilig, Chuck (11) 83,89,147 Heim, Dave (12) 58,166 Heinzig, Gary (12) 170,172 Heisse, Carol (12) 58,149 Held, Stephanie (12) 58,151 Helmke, Randall (11)83 Hemp, Mary (10) 95 Henderson, Clayton (10) 95 Henderson, Lynn (12)58 Hendrickson, Alan (11) 83,175 Hendrickson, Mary Jo (12) 58,107,137,164,194 Henningsen, Pamela (12) 58 Herb, Hans (11) 83 Herb, Harriet (sch bd) 24,25 Herman, Brian (10) 95 Herring, Lora (10) 41,95 Hesterman, Daniel (10) 95 Hetland, Peter (11) 83 Heutmaker, Sherri (10) 95 Hewitt, Pamela (10) 96 Hibbs, Dave (12) 59,166 Hidy, Martin (11) 83,142,152,163 Hilgendorf, Scott (10) 96,172 Hill, Debra (10)96 Hilleren, Dave (12) 59,117,147 Hines, Jefri (10) 96 Hinker, Dave (12) 59 Hirschey, Neil (11) 83,86,170,171 Hitch, Greg (12) 59 Hobson, Betsy (10)90,96,128 Hockey 186,187,188,189 Hoecherl, Bob (fac)40 Hoffman, John (11) 83 Hogenson, Thomas (11) 83 Holberg, Robert (11) 83,159,186 Holbrook, Phil (12) 59 Holman, Charles (11) 83 Holmberg, Tom (12) 59 Holmes, Terry (East, 12) 132 Holmquist, Tom (12) Holms, Alan (11) 83 Holstrom, Cynthia (10) 96 Home Ec Club 160,161 Home Ec Club 160,161 Hopkins, Karen (12) 59 Hotzfield, John (10)96 Houck, Paul (12) 60,149,165,166 Houns, Larry (11) 83,179 Houser, Mike (12) Houser, Scott (10) 96 Houser, Tom (12) 60 Houserman, Rex (11) 83 Houston, Carol (11) 83 Hovanes, Judy (10) 96,134,151,157 Hovde, Leonard (11) 83,170 Howard, Connie (12) 60,128,129 Howell, Robert (10) 96 Howell, Sarah (12) 60,149 Howells, David (11)83 Hoyt, Dr, John (sch bd)25,132 Hubbard, Karen (10)96 Huebscher, Becky (10) 96 Huebscher, Heidi (11) 83,134 Huey, Jane (12) 60,107 Huey, Thomas (10) 96,181 Huggins, Gary (12) 60 Hughes, William (fac) 40,148,149,164 Hultmann, Barbara (fac) 41 Hultgren, Jane (10)96,134 Humanities 28,29,30,31 Hummel, Marcia (11)83,128 Hunt, Chuck (12) 60,192 Hunt, Janice (10) 96 Hunt, Judy (11)83,194 Hunt, Judy (10) 96,149 Huppert, Thomas (10)96,142 Hurley, John (10)96 Hurley, Mike (12) Hutchins, Gary (fac)35,107,178,179 Hyland, Missy (12)60,109 Ihinger, Bob (12) 60,163 Ihinger, Lance (10) 96 Intramurals 165 Ittner, Gail (10)96,134,135,144,147 Ittner, Paul (12) 60 Iwen (10) 96 J Jachimowicz, Jon (11) 83,122,142,143,178,179 Jackson, Debbie (11) 83 Jacobs, Douglas (10) 96 Jacobs, Marla (12) 60 Jacobsen, Anne (11) 83 Jacobsen, Dan (11)83 Jacobson, Jeff (12) 60,192 Jacoby, Jim (11) 83,151 Jaehne, Robert (fac) 113 Jahn, Robert (11) 84 Jambois, Richard (11)84 Jensen, Virginnia (fac) 28,29 Jenson, Thomas (11) 84 Jenstad, Nelson (11) 84 Jepson, Karen (12) 61,131,140,142 Joas, Paul (11) 83,84 Jobs 120,121 Johnson, Carol (11) 84,140-142 Johnson, Curt (fac) 32,163 Johnson, David (11) 84,113 Johnson, Debbie (12) 61 Johnson, Dwight (10) Johnson, Ed (12) 61 Johnson, Gail (11) 78,84,140-142 Johnson, Gregory (11) 84,152 Johnson, Janice (11) 84,149,157 Johnson, Jay (11) 84,157 Johnson, Jerome (10) 96 Johnson, Jerry (10) 96 Johnson, Leslie (11)84 Johnson, Lynn(10) 97 Johnson, Lynn(10) 97 Johnson, Mark (10) 97 Johnson, Marlys (11) 84 Johnson, Michael (10) 97,172,181,182 Johnson, Michael T. (10) 97,191 Johnson, Peggy(11) 84 Johnson, Randy (12) 170,171 Johnson, Rebecca (10) 97 Johnson, Rob (12) 61,170 Johnson, Ross (10) 97,182 Johnson, Sandra (10) 97 Johnson, Shelley (10) 97,117 Johnson, Sue (11) 84 Johnson, William (10) 97,181 Johnsrud, Tom (12) 61,175 Jondahl, Susan (10) 97 Jones, David (10) 97,172 Jones, Dennis (10) 97 Jones, Karen (11) 84,176,177 Jones, Kathy (11) 84,149 Jones, Lynn (10) 96,97,134 Jones, Mary (10) 97,132 Jones, Ross (12) 61,165 Jones, Shari (10) 97,154 Juhl, Sue (11) 84,136,137 Juniors 80-89 Junior Class Officers 78,79 Junko, Gregory (11) 84,142,147,192 Juntti, Jane (10) 97 K Kaeppel, Steven (10) 97 Kain, Marie (11)84 Kaiser, Bill (12)61 Kaiser, Tricia (11) 84 Kaisler, Laura (10) 97,128 Kaisler, Mary (11) 84,146,147,151 Kallgren, Janette (12) 61,68 Kallgren, Susan (10) 97 Kane, Norbert (10) 97 Kane, Tim (12) 61 Karos, Alex (11) 84,179 Kaufman, Jennifer (12) 61 Keane, Greg(12) 61 Kedrovsky, Vladimir (adm) 23 Keeler, Lori (11) Keeler, Mike (12) Kehoe, Patricia (10) 97 Keinath, Jacquelin (10) Kelley, Jerry (12) 61 Kelley, Mike (11)84 Kelly, Penny (12) 61,134 Kelly, Steve (11) 84 Kemmick, Ed (12) 61 Kemp, Mitch (12) 166,167 Kenny,Lunda (12)61 Kerker, Lisa (11) 84 Kidd, Robert (11) 84 Kilian, John (11) 84 Kilian, Pam (11)84 Kim, Carol (11)84,137 Kim, Patricia (10) 97,128 Kimball, Michele (11) 84 King, Ronald (fac) 170 Kinion, Wayne (coun) 22,23 Kinning, Daniel (10) 97 Kinny, Steve (12) 61 Kirksey, Kevin (10) 97,142,182 Kiser, Karen (11) 84,149 Kjome, Lisa (10) 97,144 Klein, Paul (10) 97 Klein, Victoria (11) 84 Klindworth, Teri (12) 61 Klossner, Paul (12) 61,178,179 Kloster, Trudie (12) 61,134,135 Klucas, Karen (11) 84,149 Knab, Loretta (10) 97,122 Kneen, Dominique (12) 61 Kneen, Nikki (12) Knowles, Kim (11) 84,149 Knudten, Greg (10) 97,182 Knudten, Scott (11) 84.182 Knutson, Jim (12) 192 Knutson, Terie (12)62 Koch, Debbie (12)62.142,149,160,161 Koch, Karen (11) 84,149 Koerber, Steve (12) 62 Koets, Mary Jo (10) 97 Koets, Yom (12) 62 Korn, Christi (12) 62,108,111,132,148,149,165 Korst, Brent (11) 84 Krafft, Peter (10) 97,33 Kragh, Jean (11) 84,134 Kragh, Patricia (10) 97 Kreckelberg, Bob (12) 62,105,113 Kriesel, Drew (11) 84 Krogstad, Lisa (12)62 Krook, Judy (fac) 31 Kruse, Janice (12) 62 Kruse, Kenneth (11) 84 Kundmueller, Marilou (12) 62,74.151 Kundmueller, Patricia (10) 96,97 Kupper, Charlie (12) 62,166 L Lacey, Jon (12) 62 Lamb, Leroy (cust) 26,27 LaMerr, Terry (fac) 27 Lang, Dixie (12) 62,166 Lang, Tony (11) 84 Langfels, David (10) 97,186 Langfels, Doug (12) 62,144,179,181,187 Langholz, Paul (11)84 Lantto, Gwen (11) 84 Larkin, Ted (12) 29,62,130,131,149,174,175,192 Larsen, Cindy (12) 62,166 Larsen, Craig (12) 62,178,179 Larsen, Juanda (fac) 27 Larsen, Richard (11) 84 Larson, Bradley (10) 97,181 Larson, Bruce (fac) 41,113 Larson, Dave (fac) 32 Larson, Julie (11)84 Larson, Melissa (10) 97 Larson, Paula (11) 84 Larson, Stephen (11)84 Larson, Valerie (11)84,161,163,194 Laster, Todd (12)62 Latin Club 150 Laurn, Debbie (11)84 205Lause, Reta (12) 62 Law, Mitch (12) 59,62,179 Lawrence, Scott (12) 62 Lebaron, Donald (10) 101,119 Leek, Steve (11) 84 Lee, Anne (12) Lee, Clint (12) 166 Lee, Donald (11)84,149,159 Lee, Ed (11) 84 Lee, Floyd (11)84 Lee, Terry (12) Leefeldt, Anne (10) 97,147,157 Leflem, Nina (10) 97,151 Lefor, Mary (12) 166,167 Legeros, Nick (12) 63,109,130,131 Legler, Jay (11) 85 Legler, Jennifer (10) 97 Lemire, Kathy (11) 85,142 Lennon, Anita (11) 85,126 Lennon, Eileen (12) 63,154,155 Lesman, Vicki (10) 97 Leupold, Wayne (11) 85,144,178,179 Levine, Melonee (10) 97,144 Levitt, Gay (11) 85,149 LeVoir, Bonnie (12) 63,194,195 Levy, Ann (11)85 Lewis, Mary (12) 63,134 Liaboe, Val (12) 63,148,149 Library 24,25 Lichy, Paige (12) 63,134 Lichteig, Diane (12) 63 Lidstone, Richard (11) 85 Lieber, Dr. Ralph (adm) 20,21,132 Lilja, Maren (10)90,97 Lilja, Scott (11)84,85,104 Lindberg, David (11)85,148,149,165 Lindberg, Eric (10)97 Lindblom, Dr. Maurice (sch bd) 25 Lindquist, Holly (12) 64 Lindquist, James (10) 97 Lindquist, Tom (fac) 25,31,157 Linhardt, Laurette (10) 154 Linhardt, Sue (11) 85,154,155 Linwick, Reed (10) 97 Livdahl, Doug (12) 62,157 Little, Rob (11)85,187 Lium, Candy (11) 85,142,148,149 Lodahl, Mike (11) 85 Loegering, Westy (12) 64,116,117,132,146,147 Londeen, Dave (12) 64,164,165 Lopes, Dino (10) 97 Losleben, Carol (12) 64 Losleben, Joan (11) 85,154 Lovelace, Robert (12) 64 Loving, Gary (10) 97,170 Lowe, Sharon (11) 85 Lowry, Phil (12) 64,128,129 Lund, Colby (12) 64,66,179 Lund, Tom (12) 167 Lundegard, Jody (11)85 Lundgren, Mark (10)97 Lundin, Karen (12) 65 Lupo, Bob (12) 65 Luther, Jim (fac) 190 Luther, Mark (10) 97 Lynch, Jeff (12) 60,65 Lynch, Kevin (10) 97,104,151,157 Lyon, Nancy (12) 65 M MacCarthy, Kathleen (11) 85,147,146 MacCarthy, Shawna (11) 85,132,144 Mach, Joy (10) 97 Mack, Thomas (11) 85 MacNaughton, Barry (10)97,149 MacNaughton, Bonnie (11) 85 MacNaughton, Craig (12) 65,119,149,165 MacTaggart, Paul (10) 97 MacWherter, Laurie (12) 65,68 Madden, Michael (10) 97,172 Mader, Michael (10)97 Madison, Mark (12) 65 Madrigals 164 Madsen, Gary (12) Margos, Dean (12) Mandil, Dan (11) 85 Magnuson, David (10) 90,97,108,142 Mahoney, Mary (11) 78,85,119,151 Mahowald, Shirley (fac) 31 Maki, Lucy (12) 65 Malone, Tom (12) 65 Manion, Daniel (12) 65 Manion, Pat (10) 97,181 Manning, Brian (12) Manoles, Nicholas (10)97 Maragoes, Dean (12)65 Maragos, Renee (10)97 Marjama, Wendy (10) 97 Mark, Stephen (11) 85,144 Marks, Barry (10) 97,191 Marti, Rudolph (11) 85 Martin, Ann (10) 97 Martinson, Jane (11) 85 Math Club 162 Mathews, James (10) 97 Mathison, Mark (12) 65,108,111,112,119,156,157 Matthews, Sue (12) 65 Matti, Delta (fac) 35 Mattson, Susan (10) 98 Matzen, Richard (11) 85 Maynard, Martiey (12) 65,149,156,157,165 McBride, Debbie (12) 65,113,131,166,167 McCall, Hack (fac) 190,191 McCall, Scott (11) 85,179,191 McCarthy, Daniel (11) 85 McCarthy, Kevin (10) McCauley, Susan (10) 98 McClosky, Karen (12) 65,166 McClosky, Kim (10) 98 McCloud, Sue (12) 65 McCord, Beth (12) 65,160 McCoy, Joan (11) 80,85,138,139 McCoy, Steve (10) 98,181,182 McCarthy, Kevin (10) 98,105,172 McCracken, Gary (11) 149 McDaniels, Mark (10) 65,98 McDaniels, Tom (12) McDonald, Debbie (11) 85,151 McDonnell, Michael (10) 98 McEnary, Martha (11) 85,136,137 McGlennon, Jan (12)65,128 McGlennon, Timothy (10) 98 McGraw, Laurie (11) 85 McGrew, Jackie (12) 66 McMillan, Scott (12) 66 McMorrow, John (12) 187 McNaught, Jane (fac) 34 McNeil, Kyle (11) 83,85,132 McNulty, Jana (11) 85,144 McPheeters, Bruce (12) 66,174,175 McPherson, Randy (10) 98 McQuoid, Elizabeth (fac) 32 McQuinn, Anne (11) 85,123 Meester, Alan (11) 85,170 Meester, Elizabeth (11) 85,141,142,194,195 Meester, Mary (11) 85,132,142,147,151,152 Melander, Laura (11)85 Melichar, Edwin (fac) 40,142,143 Melichar, Mary (12) 66,142,147 Mellang, Jane (11) 86,134,140,141,143,144 Mellenthin, Joel (10) 98 Mendenhall, Jeff (12) 66,142,144 Menz, Stephen (10) 98 Merriman, Howard (adm)-20 Mestemacher, Ann (12) 66,142,149 Metzger, Dave (12) 66,134,158,159,167,179 Meyer, Carolyn (10) 98 Meyer, Ginny (12) 66 Meyer, Rob (11) 86,179 Meyers, Dave (fac) 163 Micks, Ann (10) 98 Miller, Anne (12) 51,67 Miller, Anne (11) 86 Miller, Debbie (11) 86 Miller, Ingrid (fac) 23 Miller, Kristen (10) 98 Miller. Larkin (10) Miller, Mary Beth (10) 98,134,135,140,141 Millner, Mike (12) 67,122,142,147 Mitten, Mary (11) 86 Mobarry, Jane (11) 86,130,131,142 Mobarry, keith (12) 55,67,163 Moe, Lucille (10) 98 Moore, Michele (11) 86 Moore, Pete (12) 67,156,157 Moore, Stephen (10) 98,132,147,156,157,192 Moorehead, Merrilee (11) 86,134 Mooty, Bruce (12) 67,107,178,179,181,182 Moran, Monica (10) 90,98,132,133,176 Morgan, Bruce (12) Morgan, Christine (10) 98,144,154 Morgan, Stan (11) 86 Morisette, Tom (11)86 Morris, Dave (12) 67 Morris, Ginny (11) 86 Morris, Mike (12) 67,132,142,147,163 Morrison, Robin (12) 67,107 Morrison, Steve (11)86 Moser, Michael (10) 98 Moynihan, Liz (12) 67,109,149,156,157 Mraz, Barbara (fac) 34 Mueller, Rick (11) 86,119 Murphy, David (11) 86 Murphy, Susan (10) 98 Mutschler, Cheryl (12)67 Myklebust, Andrea (East, 11) 80 N Naas, Mark (11) 86 Nagengast, Dave (11) 86,170 Nagengast, Richard (12) 67,78,112 Nagobads, Brigita (12) 67,108,111,138,139 Nallick, Dawn (10) 98,119,123,176,177 Nash, James (10) 98 National Thespians 157 Nechville, Thomas (10) 98,181 Nederostek, Karen (11) 86,137 Nelson, Armi (adm) 23 Nelson, Becky (11) 86 Nelson, Carla (10) 98,137,144 Nelson, David (10) 98 Nelson, Dick (12) 67 Nelson, Ginny (12) 67 Nelson, Julie (10) 98,144 Nelson, Kim (12) Nelson, Lisa (10) 98,144 Nelson, Lyn (11)86,149 Nelson, Paulla (10) 98 Nelson, Steve (11) 86,142 Nelson, Susan (10) 98 Nelson, Van (fac) 174,175 Nereids 140,141 Nesset, Jjan (11) 86 Neuger, David (10) 98,182 Neuger, Debra (10) 98 Newman, Andrew (10) 98 New School Changes 122,123 Nichols, Cathy (11) 86,113,151 Nichols, Jackie (12) 33,67,107 Nieland, Scott (12) 186 Nielsen, Brad (10)98,181 Nielsen, John (fac) 40 Nielsen, Joyce (11) 86,122,144 Nielson, Scott (11) 86 Night Thoreau Spent in Jail 118,119 Nipper, Randy (12) 67,142,179,190,191 Nipper, Timothy (10) 98,172,190,191 Nissen, Mike (12) 67 Nolan, Cindy (12)68 Nolan, Jory (10) 98 Nolte, Ann (10) 98 Norbeck, Ardyce (sec) 26 Nordby, Christopher (11) 87 Nordquist, Sue (12) 68,105,107,151 Nunn, Jeffrey (10) 98,181 Nunn, Nancy (12) 68 Nye, Ruth (11) 87,176 0 Oashiem, Sue (12) 68 Oathout, James (10) 98 Oberg, Janice (10) 98,146,147,157 Obermeyer, Sandy (12) 68,107,137 O'Brien, Annie (12) 68,111,138,139 O'Brien, William (11) 87,170 O'Donnell, Meg (11) 87 Oelke, Sue (11) 87 Ohlson, Valerie (10) 98,122 Okamoto, Yuri (12) 68,154,155 Olsen, Janice (12) 68,140,142 Olsen, Julie (10) 98 Olsen, Susan (10) 94,98,134,155 Olson, Bruce (9) 144 Olson, Charlie (12) 68 Olson, David (10) 98,181,192 Olson, Deborah (10) 99,144 Olson, Debra (11) 87 Olson, Joann (12) 68,142 Olson, John (12) 179,181 Olson, Mark (12) 68,142,163 Olson, Mike (12) 68,142 Olson, Mike (11) 87 Olson, Patricia (10) 99,176,177 Olson, Ron (fac) 32,33 Olson, Teresa (10) 99,144,147 Olsonoski, Deborah (10) Olsonoski, Ron (12) 112,170,171 Orazem, Stephen (10) 99,104 Orchestra 146,147 Orfield, John (11) 87 Ortman, Christopher (10) 99 Other-Gee, Bindy (12) 69,154,155 Otterdahl, Connie (10) 99 Otterlei, Gordon (10)99 Otto, Kathy (fac) 320ttum, Beverly (fac) 160 Overby, Ellen (12) 69 Overby, Jon (11)87 P Packa, Diane (10) 99,144 Packa, Mike (12) 69 Page, Dick (11) 87,123,175,192,193 Paisley, Duncan (10) 99,105,122,132,156,157 Palmer, Michael (10) 99 Parker, Janice (12) 69 Parsons, Julie (10) 93,99,144,147 Partridge, Marc (12) 69,149,151,179 Partridge, Marc (12) 69,116,149,151,179 Patterson, Rob (9) 144 Patterson, Terrie (12) 69,149,161,164,165 Pause, Kathleen (10) 41,99,153 Pearson, Charles (10) 69 Pearson, Jim (12) 69 Peck, Mark (12) Peckham, Anne (11)87,131 Peer, George (10)99,144 Peer, Steve (12) 69,142 Pegors, Karl (fac) 33,35 Peiffer, Nancy (11) 87 Pep Club 155 Pepfests 106,107 Peratt, Jeffry (10) 99 Peria, Joseph (10) 99 Perkins, Doug (12) 69 Peters, Reaves (11) 87,192 Petersen, Barbara (10) 99 Petersen, Kathy (12) 69 Petersen, Scott (11) 87 Peterson, Alan (12) 69 Peterson, Amy (10) 99,147,152 Peterson, Craig (12-East) 132 Peterson, Dave (12) 69,112 Peterson, Eric (11) 87,144 Peterson, Ingrid (12) 69,146,147 Peterson, Jeffrey)10) 99,172,192 Peterson, Linda (11) 149 Peterson, Mallory (11)87 Peterson, Michael (11)87 » Peterson, Robert (fac) 31 Peterson, Susan (10) 99 Peterson, William (10) 99 Petri, Ann (fac) 34 Petschaur, Deborah (11) 87 Petsolt, Vicki (11) 87,149 Pettijohn, J udy (coyn) 22,23 Pfister, Paul (10) 99 Phelps, John (12) 69,142 Phelps, Kim (11)87,132 Phillips, Dana (12) 69,194 Phillips, James (10) 99,172 Phillips, Stephen (10) 99,104,128,157 Pick, Doug (11) 87 Pierce, Debbie (11) 87,138,139 Pierce, Kimbal (10)99 Pillen, Nancy (11) 87,144 Pincus, Elizabeth (10) 99,129,140,151 Pincus, Steve (11) 87,123,128 Pirsch, Nancy (12) 69,149 Plasman, Peggy (12) 51,69,122,142,154,155 Platou, Patricia (11) 87 Plummer, Cindy (12-East) 132 Podany, Linda (10) 99 Podilinski, Mike (12) 69 Poehler, Cathy (11) 87 Pohlad, William (11)87 Poli, Richard (10) 99 Pontius, Betsy (10) 99 Pool, William (10)99,172 Pop Concert 114,115 Poppelaars, Linda (10) 99 Porter, Mary (10) 99,137 Portinga, Andrea (11) 87,160,161 Post, Caro1 (11)87,142 Potter, Teddie (10)99,132 Pouliot, Catherine (10)99,104 Poxon, Cynthia (10) 152 Pratt, Dave (11)87 Pratt, Gregory (10) 99,172 Pratt, Mary (11)87 Price, Mary (11)87,146,147,151,154 Priebe, Collette (12)69,151 Probst, Martin (11) 87,190 Pryor, Donald (adm) 20 P.T.A. 24,25 Pumphey, Kirk (11) 87,190,191 Punch, Barb (12) 69 Purdy, Merritt (10) 99,151,170 Q Quimby, Lawrence (10) 99,191 Quimby, Marcia (12) 70,105,161 Quinn, Nancy (11) 87 Quirk, Kathryn (11) 87 R Rachie, Tom (12) 70,193 Radio Club 163 Raitt, Tracy (11) 80,87 Raskind, John (11) 87,116,146,147 Rasmusson, Karen (10) 99,117,146,147 Ratelle, Marguerite (10) 157 Ratelle, Paul (12) 70,104,132,144,170,193 Raymond, Beth (11) 87,154,155 Raymond, Chuck (11) 87 Rebholz, Carolyn (fac) 31 Rebholz, Jeffrey (10) 99 Recklis, Jim (12) Red Cross 134,135 Redick, Dr. Ronald (adm) 20 Reebers, Brad (12) 70 Regli, Ann (12)70 Reich, Deborah (10) 99,144,147 Reichow, Ann (10) 99,163 Reichow, Paul (12) 70 Reid, Frederic (11) 87,109,119,157 Reimann, John (11) 78,87,170-172,134,186 Reimer, George (fac) 34,152 Reklis, Jim (12) 70 Remington, Anne (12) 70,152,153 Remington, Thomas (11) 87,190,191 Remington, Timothy (11) 87 Remole, Patricia (10) 99,142 Rentscher, Barb (12) 70,166 Rentschler, George (11) 87 Retzlaff, Gregory (11) 87,178,179,181,182 Reynolds, Anne (11) 78,87,112 Reynolds, Kevin (12) 70,108,179 Reynolds, Mark (10) 99,144,181,191 Rhodes, Lynn (11) 87 Rholl, Gregory (11) 87,182 206Rholl, Or. Gordon (adm) 23 Ricciardelli, Lisa (10)99,152 Rice, Edward (10) 99,179 Rice, Stephen (11) 87,179 Richardson, David (10) 99 Richman, Lori (11) 87,122,194 Rickord, Barbara (11) 87 Ridge, David (10) 99,175 Ridley, Robyn (11) 87 Riesberg, Kristin (11) 87,144,147 Riggle, Ann (12) 70,149 Riggle, John (10) 99,149 Rine, David (11)87,170 Ringham, Nancy (12) 28,70,108,111,142,143 Ringham, Robert (10) 33,99,142,172 Rintelmann, Kathryn (11) 87 Robb, Seldon (10) 99 Roberts, Ann (10) 99 Robertson, Cal (12) Robertson, John (10) Robertson, Kimberly (11) 83,87 Robertson, Mike (10) 99,172 Robertson, Nancy (10) 99 Robinson, Ginny (11) 87,142 Robison, Carolyn (11) 87 Rodberg, Jerry (fac) 182 Rogers, Dick (12) 70,117,147,149,163 Rogers, Karen (11) 87 Rogers, Laurie (10) 99,130,131,146,147 Romundstad, Robert (10) 99 Rosche, Roger (10) 99,159,175 Rose, Peter (11) 78,83,87,132,170,182 Rose, Ward (11)87 Rossi, Todd (10) 99,172,182 Rossi, Todd (10) 151,164 Roth, Jannine (12) 70,147 Rottinghaus, Mark (11) 87 Rottinghaus, Sue (11)87,149 Rowley, Debbie (11) 88 Rud, Lucille (fac) 40,149 Rud, Robert (10) 99,149,172 Rudquist, Suzie (12) 70,142,143 Rue, Vickie (12) 70,166 Rupp, Nancy (11) 88,135,144 Russell, Bryan (10)99,179,182 Rustvold, Keith (11) 88 Ruth, Dale (10) 99 Rutishauser, Don (11) 88,128,152,163,170,181,182 Rutishauser, Dorothy (fac) 29,32 Ryan, Dave (11) 88 Ryan, Edward (11) 88,178,179 Ryan, Lizann (10) 99 Ryberg, Catherine (10) Ryberg, Donald (10) Rzeszut, Michael (10) 33,99,182 s Saari, Catherine (10) 99 Sackrison, Carol (12) 107,134 Sackrison, James (10) 172 Sadowski, Pam (12) 70 Sampsell, Mary Jo (11) 88 Santrizos, Scott (11) 88 Sather, Jeanette (11) 88 Satterland, Mark (12) 70,72 Sawyer, Dave (12) 71 Sawyer, Debbie (11) 88 Scanlan, Mark (12) 71,165,170 Schauer, Dale (12) 71,165,181,182 Schaumberg, Greg (11)88 Scheerer, Dan (12) 71 Scheerer, John (11) 88 Schelper, Mark (11) 88 Schibur, Richard (9) 144 Schiel, Peggy (12) 71,167 Schlueter, Jim (9) 144 Schlueter, Kathy (12) 71,140 Schmelz, Don (11) 88 Schmidt, Rod (adm) 20,21 Schmitt, Laura (10) 142,152 Schmitt, Peggy (11) 33,88 Schmitt, Thomas (10) Schneider, Clarissa (12)71 School Board 24,25 Schroeder, Lily (fac) 23 Schulte, Amy (12) 71 Schulte, Becky (10) Schultz, John (11) 88 Schwab, Douglas (11) 88 Schwartz, Andy (11) 88,144 Schwartz, Kathy (11) 88 Schwartzbauer, Janet (10) Schwinkendorf, Sandra (10) Sedgewick, Ann (11) 88 Segur, Kemp (11)88,192 Seibel, Glenn (fac) 33,35 Seifert, Beverly (10) Selness, Craig (12) 72,181,182 Seniors 46-77 Sexton, Kim (12) 72,166 Sharpe, Earl (11) 88 Shaw, Debbie (12) 72,134 Shaw, Kathy (11) 88 Sheldon, John (fac) 31 Shepard, Dean (12) 72 Sherman, Barb (11) 88,113,144 Sherman, Lorraine (10) 159,176 Sherman, Robert (PTA) 24 Shibur, Kathy (12) Shird, Dave (12) 72 Shull, Deanne (12) 72,113,166,167 Shull, Mark (10) Sias, Joseph (10) Sieve, Judy (11) 88 Sieve, Marjie (12) 64,72,166 Sigler, John (10) 144 Sigurdson, Paul (10) Simmons, Nancy (12) 71,72,194 Singer, Steve (12) 72,122 Skelly, Nancy (12) Skordahl, Kristi (10) 140,141 Skordahl, Nancy (12) 72,151 Sladky, Patricia (11) 88 Slater, David (11) 88,170 Slettebo, Eileen (10) Sletterdahl, Kurt (12) Smith, Charles (11) Smith, Cindy (11) 88,132,133,134,135 Smith, Constance (11) 88,149 Smith, Elisabeth (10) Smith, Kirby (11) 88,192 Smith, Laurel (10) 149 Smith, Laurie (12) Smith, Lisa (10) 108,113,142 Smith, Nancy (10) Smith, Rebecca (11) 88,113,160 Smyth, Paul (11) 88,149 Snow, Gregory (10) Snoyenbos, Trudie (12) 73 Snyder, Jan (11) 88,119,148,149 Sobieski, Ann (10) 151 Solberg, Sharon (12) 73 Solberg, Thomas (10) 144 Sommers, Susan (11)88,151,154 Sonnesyn, Jayne (11)80,88 Sophomores 90-101 Sorem, Richard (10) Sotebeer, Bob (12) 73,108,111 Sotebeer, Dick (12) 73,108,111,132 Soule, Ginny (adv) 141 Sour, Jennifer (10) 128,157 Spear, Sherilyn (11) 88 Special Services 26,27 Spencer, Brian (12) 66,73,112,178,179,192 Spindler, Robert (fac) 32,33 Sponsel, Rick (12) 179 Springer, Barb (12) 73,152 Springer, Jeffrey (10) 192 Stanek, Arlene (cook) 27 Stanley, Scott (12) 73 Stanton, Marylynn (12) 73 Steele, Wilma (sec) 27 Steinback, Barbara (10) Steinbeack, Denise (12) 73 Steinmetz, Timothy (10) 172 Stelli, Marilyn (fac) 34 Stelzner, William (10 Stender, Scott (12) 73 Stephenson, Donna (12)73 Stephenson, Karen (10)154 Steubs, Ronald (11)88,149 Stewart, Ann (12) 73 Stitt, Bryan (10) 181 Stoddart, Mary (12) 73 Stoddart, Paul (10) Stoeger, Carol (10) Stone. Charles (10) Stone, Clark (10) 172 Storm, Barbara (12) 73,142,147 Stotesbery, Gail (11)88 Stotts, Larry (fac) 28,29 Strachan, Cathryn (11)88 Streeter, Tim (11) 88,113,143,144 Stuart, Mary (10) 144,152 Sullivan, Dennis (11) 88 Sullivan, Mike (12) 73,142 Sullivan, Richard (10) Summers, Mike (12) 33,73,113,166 Summers, Sue (11) 113 Sund, Brian (11) 88 Sund, Wes (12) 166 Svanoe, Deborah (10) 149 Swanson, Anne (10) 136,137,147 Swanson, Joanne (11) 88,132,142 Swanson, Susannah (10) 149 Sweet, Bill (12) 73 Sweet, Linda (11) 88,144 Swendseid, Claudia (12) 63,73,122,130,131,148,149,165 Swendseid, Greta (10) Swenson, Gary (12) 73 Swetman, Janet (11) 88,149 Swieca, Mary (10) 154,155 T Tabor, Peter (10) 172,182 Tambornino, Chuck (12) 31,74,149,165 Tangen, Nancy (10) 142,147 Tautges, Tom (11) 88 Taylor, Gracie (12) 52,74 Taylor, Patricia (fac) 35 Tengdin, David (10) 172,192 Tenneson, Vinjie (11) 88 Thacker, Gail (fac) 176,177 Thayer, Maureen (11) 88 Thayer, Paul (10) 100,159 Thernell, Diane (11) 88 Thernell, Gail (12) 74 Thews, Eric (11) 88 Tho, Jeff (12) Thode, Scott (11) 86,88,116,147,170-172 Thode, Tari (10) 100,134,137,147 Thomas, Dan (12) 74,149 Thomas, Ginger (10) 100 Thomas, Kathleen (11) 88 Thomas, Michael (10) 100,128,158,159 Thomas, Richard (11) 88 Thomas, Wendy (10)100 Thompson, Jeff (12)74,86,170 Thompson, Kathryn (10)100 Thompson, Robert (11) 88,192 Thompson, Sandra (10) 100 Thon, Dick (12) 74 Thorson, Dave (12) 74 Thorson, Sherrie (11) 88,161 Thurow, Paul (12) 74,144 Thwing, Gretchen (11) 88,119 Tiel, Lori (10) 100 Tierney, Kevin (12) 75 Tillery, Martha (11) 88,149 Tindall, Tom (11) 88 Tjaden, Ruth (11) 88,160,161 Toal, Bruce (10) 100 Toal, Maureen (12) 75 Toal, Michael (11) 88 Tolbert, Preston (11) 88 Tommeraason, Mary (10) 100,151 Towey, Beth (10) 54,100 Towey, John (11) 88 Towne, Paul (10) 100,146,147 Trimmer, Linda (10) 100,164 Tussel, Susan (10) 100 Trussel, Tony (12) 75,174,175 Tucker, Patricia (10) 100 Turner, Sue (11) 88 Tyson, Jim (12) 75 u Uhlemann, Thomas (11) 89 Ulstad, Keith (11) 89 Ulstad, Val (12) 75,108,112,132,142,143,147,163 Unger, Marianne (10) 100 Uppgaard, Heidi (10) 100,42 V Vaaler, John (10) 100,144 Vaaler, Mary (11) 89,137 Valentine, Edward (11) 89 Valo, Nancy (12) 75 Valo, Susan (10) 100,157 Van Doren, Linda (12) 75,176 VanGorder, Bob (12) 75,149 Van Gorder, Bradley (11) 89 Van Someren, Jeanne (12) 75 Van Veen, Pete (12) 75,159,179 Varno, Joseph (10) 100 Varno, Thomas (10) 100 Vaux, Laurel (10) 100,144 Vellek, Dona (12) 75,117,146,147 Vellek, Linda (11) 89,147 Venable,kathi (10) 100,142,147 Verlet, Marie (12) 75,154 Versen, Christine (11) 89,119 Victorsen, Jon (10) 100,152 Vining, Mary (12) 75,138,139 Vining, Nancy (10) 101,117,137,147,153 Vizzier, Mary (12) 75,139 Vlasak, Kym (11) 89 Voight, Bryon (12) 75 Voight, Wendy (10) 101,154 Vogt, Jay (11) 89 Voneschen, George (fac) 27 Votava, Raynond (10) w Waack, Julie (12) 107,75 Wadlund, Patty (12) 75 Waggoner, Catherine (10) 101 Wagner, Ann (11)89,119 Wagner, Sue (12) 75,154,176 Wagner, Phyllis (fac)27 Wakefield, Greg (12)75,119,149,157,165 Waldron, Carol (11)89 Walker, Kim (11)89,149 Walker, Robb (11)89,170,171 Wall, Joe (11)89 Wall, John (10)101 Wallace, Linda (11)89,107,138,134,139,144 Wallin, Brooks (11)89,105,151 Walsh, Betsy (12) 66,75,136,137 Walsh, Mike (11) 89 Walsten, Jennie (12) 76,166 Walsten, Randall (10) 101 Walton, Murry (12-East) 132 Wanner, Tom (11) 89 Wanninger, Dr. Lester (sch bd) 24,25 Wanzenried, Andre (10) 101 Warden, Scott (11) 89 Waters, Bonnie (12) 147,76 Watson, Marcia (11)89 Watters, Ben (11) 89 Weber, Paul (fac) 35 Weeding, John (10) 101 Wegmeyer, Kathy (11) 89 Wehrwein, Peter (10) 101,151,174,175 Weigel, Katy (12) 76,107,138,139 Weisman, Gary (11) 89 Wiesner, Ronald, (coach )31,192,193 Weiss, Cathy (10) 101 Welch, Bill (fac assist football coach) 35,170,171 Weller, Richard (10) 101 Wenell, Dirk (11) 89 Wendlendt, Lynn (12) 76,166 Werneke, Lisa (10) Westerson, Candace (10) 101,137 Westman, Nancy (10) 101 Wett, Daniel (10) 101 Wett, Daniel (10) 101 Wett, Rick (11) 89 Wheeler, Jeffrey (10) 101 Wheeler, Jim (11) 89 Wheeler, Sadhona (11) 89 White, Lisa (12) 76 Whiting, Bill (12) Wicka, Jill (10) 149,152,153 Wiesner, Ronald (fac) 29,193 Wiest, Mike (11) 89 Wigart, Sue (12) 76,134,136,137 Wilman, Guy (12) 76,113 Wildenberg, Thomas (10) 101,182 Wilder, Robert (11) 89,174,175,192 Wilken, Karen (12) 76 Wilkenson, Suzie (12) 76 Wilkes, Willie (East) 128 Williams, Bob (11) 89,174,175,182 Williams, Carol (12) 76,136,137 Williams, Cory (10) 101,172,191 Williams, Mary Kay (fac) 40 Williams, Sue (12) 76,128,129,149 Williamson, Jim (11) 89,170,191 Williamson, Linda (12) 166 Wilson, Ann (fac) 138 Wilson, Bruce (11) 89 Wilson, Gail (10) 101 Wilson, Laurie (12) 148,149,152,161,165 Wilson, Lynn (10) Wilson, Mike (11) 89 Wilson, Ross (12) 116,142,147,151 Windahl, Shauna (11) 89 Wineberg, Debbie (11) 89 Winslow, Barbie (12) 112,138 Winsor, Jana (11) 89 Winter, Fred (10) 90,101,109,132,142 Winter, Nancy (10) 101,149 Wiseman, Curt (11)89,152,153,170,171 Wistrand, Cathy (12)149 Wistrand, Eric (12)141,144 Wolfgram, Jo Jean (11) 89 Wood, Steve (9)144 Woodbury, Dan (12) 60 Woodcock, Jeff (12) Woodcock, Nancy (10) 101 Worsing, Ann (11) 89,159,176,177 Worsing, Jean (10) 101,176,177 Wray, Linda (11) 89,147,152,153,156,157 Wray, Terry (12) Wrona, Beverly (10) 101,163 Wuebker, Peter (10) 101,172 Wurst, Heidi (10) 101,142 Wurst, Shelly (12) 142,154 Wymore, Jim (9) 144 » Y Yackel, Joy (11)89 Yeager, Liz (12) Young, Matthew (11) 89 Young, Scott (10) 101,144 Y-Teens 158 z Zabel, Craig (12) Zahn, Valerie (11) 89 Zarling, Anne (10) 101 Zarling, Dick (12) 123 Zephyrus 128,129 Ziegler, Cynthia (10) 101,154 Zins, Jane (11) 89 Zurrul, Tom (12) 207"We live in the basic belief that man's soul is not satisfied by what other men offer him, so he must look for something more ... something theraputic instead of neurotic. Like, the outdoors instead of the city, solitude instead of magnitude." Mark Mathison (12) 208  

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