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Lore 3 oasrA Oooavv 'K'S y''" -VWHIGR€dN Volumn 25 — 1975 EDINA EAST HIGH SCHOOL Edina, Minnesota... the Edina flag ... being initiated ... a better highway ... a hornet mascot ... the new practice field ... a thrilling and different experience ... a squad of flag girls ... With each luminous, rising sun. we awaken to a new day. Living through different adventures, seeking virgin horizons, like a bird on the wing, we survive in our constantly changing universe. :«-- • 4... a disappointing dance ... a discouraging race ... frustration and depression ... the most hopeless situation ... an unforgettable mistake ... ignoring responsibility ... Failure creeps into everyone’s life. Just like black, rolling clouds quickly cover the baby-blue sky on a bright morning, we humanly experience the discouragement of life. spondering the correct route searching picking out a lifestyle ... In the crispness of for the best explanation ... a helping hand in de Autumn, swift geese sense a change and seek the cisions choosing to hit the books as seniors south — we too. must search for answers by rid- daydreaming in a sea of mellowness ing on the carousel of life and decide, decide looking into college and future life . prevailing... attempting to gain a favorable approval ... trying to win a never ending battle ... undertaking a new task ... straining for a victory ... struggling to meet a deadline ... Like a new born babe wobbling on weak limbs but never resting, we seek our identity, then strive and grasp for victory, success. 8triumphant gourmets .. relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere silliness surpass es seniors ... displaying talents . . creat- ing a masterpiece East's own soccer champs .. . congratulating a fine performer the unexpected A' ... satisfaction guaranteed Through a maze of mirrors. we can see the finish, the prize just within reach. Then, with wildly pounding hearts, we grab and clutch it close to our souls, for suc- cess has been achievedStudent Life 14 CONTENTS Classes 40STUD€MT LlfGCOURT: FRONT ROW — Jill Freitas. Sue Student, Sue Aleviros. Peg Cushing, Nancy Nugent. Julie Person. MarySue Vaney. Sue Harmon BACK ROW - Scott Nesbit. Brad Colbert. Tim Mahoney. Greg Swendseen. Jim Ladner. Nicole Gillet. Kevin McCarthy. Pete Balogh. Frank Bennett. Tim Carter.Mr. Detmar Fredrickson, anticipating the climax of Edinas' 26th coronation ceremony, prepares the cape and crown. After the initial excitement of being crowned. Queen Nicole reads her royal proclamation assisted by King Jim. 17 Homecoming 74 Proves To Be a Real Showboatl)S p 1 A r' yt A A P With the help of her sick humor, Barb Shelton entertains the Homecoming Court by mocking Sue Harmon's smile. Rosemary Rauth patriotically represents the Junior Class while participating in the Friday night Homecoming Parade. Jim Ladner temporarily abandons his newly acquired and fellow classmates sing "Thanks For The Memories" throne to join in with the Senior Class skit. The King to the pepfest crowd.During the Homecoming pepfest. Kim Degeberg jjVes . the Senior Women’s Varsity reject cheer. music of Lynn Thorvilson attempting to get close enough to receive a pass from a football player, bikes onto the field. Homecoming "Being on court was really a good experience because I got to know people I really didn't know before and we really just had a lot of fun together." Sue Harmon (12) "The look of complete surprise on Jim's face, the look of joy on Nicole’s face, the looks of pleasure and enjoyment on the entire court's faces, the look of bashful self-recognition on Jim Becker's face, the looks of complete delight and enjoyment on the faces of those cruising down the river, and the look of utter exhaustion and satisfaction on my husband's face proved to me that Homecoming 1974 captured the fun and enjoyment of the best times of our lives — those high school years. The student body seemed to be genuinely involved and having a good time." Mrs. Fredrickson (faculty) 'Homecoming would have been better if I didn’t have to drive eighty-five miles an hour just to get there before the boat shoved off." Bill Taney (12) "We all knew we were better, but we all got together and decided to bow out gracefully." Court Rejects "Being a freshman is hard enough, but when you try to do a skit and someone backs out, it really just makes it a lot worse." Phil Sieff (9) "I was really surprised, but it sure was fun! The people on court were so fun. We had so many jokes and laughs. The dance was really super. It was one of the best nights I’ve ever had. It was funny because everyone’s mouth was sore from smiling for pictures, but looking at them now they were really worth it. I thought the whole week was great. I’d like to do the whole thing again.” Jim Ladner (12) ”1 think the boat was only going about two miles an hour." Phil Olson (12) "The Homecoming dance was fun. except you were stuck on the boat for three hours and you either had to dance or you could engage m other top deck activities. Right Jim? Anonymous "You know even with eating dinner and going on the boat and all. I still think the most fun was afterwards in the parking lot." Pete Engstrom(12) “I just kept worrying all through Homecoming if everything was going to go all right. When I got up on Saturday morning I didn’t think my idea about the dance on the boat was too hot. I heard the weatherman on the radio say it was supposed to snow.' Robb Peterson — General Chairman "The pepfest was one of the best I've ever seen. I really enjoyed all the cuts, especially the ones aimed at some of my friends." Charlie Lick (12) "After driving ninety miles an hour to get to Stillwater we missed the boat. We decided to go downtown to a movie. 1 felt dumb enough in a long dress, but then to top it off. I swear I could have started to cry when the opening scene of the movie was a boat.” Cindy Collins (11) "The dance was great! All the girls in their long dresses and all the guys in their suits made it really a lot of fun. But you know there was this certain tie that caught my eye from across the room." Mar-gi Johnson (12) “I think the senior boys are just a bunch of rowdys." The Senior Girls "What ever happened to Emerson. Lake, and Palmer?" Anonymous Foul Weather Fails To Dampen Flomecoming SpiritsFads "Shoes are being noticed more this year. When I went shopping lor shoes I wanted some that didn't look like barges on my feet. I saw these clog like shoes with alot of padding inside and I decided to get them. The next morning I went to a breakfast with the Hornettes and more than half had the same ones on. We all looked at each and laughed till we had tears in our eyes. I still can't believe we all had them, but they are really great and I'm glad they caught on so fast." Mary Fuller (11) "With the energy shortage hitting school and it being cold in class. I'm glad hooded sweaters are in style. It is really a good sweater, because if your ears start to turn blue all you have to do is pull up your hodd and tie the strings and instant hat.” Jane Cameron (9) "Last spring everyone was getting their hair cut so I did too. It's so easy to take care of. The only thing is. this year the guys decided to cut theirs too. I like short hair on girls but some of the guys should have left theirs long." Martha Sieff (12) "It seems this year the big thing to do for girls is needlepoint. It seems everytime you look, someone is doing a new one. I’m not sure the teachers like it that well though. It seems once you start in crafts class, you can't stop in your next class." Suzy Mork (11) "Like 3 million other people. I got a down jacket vest for winter. Af first I wasn't sure how warm they would keep me. but now I wear it all the time. They are really great for hunting and fishing. Getting a down vest jacket is practical, they keep your arms free for other things Pete Engstrom (12) Patty Kelly conforms to this year's fads turtleneck, and a cozy sweater. wear.ng wa"abe«. argyles. Ie,i cords, a 20Mr. Smythe thought these were the hooded fire alarm vandals, but. lo and behold it is just another sweater craze. When teachers advise students to put their best foot forward many best feet are footed in Earth Shoes, advise or not. Fads Prove Styles Come And Go And Come. . . Typical weekend rumors of non-existant parties bring carloads of high schoolers together to find out, "What's the buzz?”, only to lead them on another goose chase. With no other means of transportation, freshmen the weekend, however, they do avoid the party can only rely on their bicycles to take them through traffic. Yes, There Is Life Beyond Perkins ... 22Some Easl students looking for a change from Perkins find themselves too late Like any other people looking for something to do. Deb Sturges and Lee in the season for a Tastee Treat. Schaffhausen try the obvious - a restaurant. Disaster comes to the Tie Rack at Southdale when friends and nearby employees gather, creating a ruckus in the midst of the customers. Hangouts "After another fun-filled night of driving around looking for a party, it seems we always end up at our ‘home away from home’, Perkins. Here we sit for hours upon hours drinking coffee and just talking and seeing everyone.” Marcia Millett (12) “A lot of people work at Southdale. so every night around eight o'clock, we get together down at The Tie Rack and talk about how much we should get paid, and all the homework we should be doing." Carol Buzby (12) “My friends and I all get together and go to Jake's Pizza. It's great there because you can make as much noise as you want.” Kathy Beckley (12) "Who needs to hang out in one place when we can pile ten girls in one car. cruise the streets and try to find the senior guys." Sophomore Girls "What we really like to do is get a bunch of girls together. stop at the liquor store with a quick stop at McDonald's, then head to the park and just talk about old times." Andrea Johndreau (12) "Where do I hangout? Well. I hangout every day!” Barb Shelton (12)Edina East Gives Regards To Broadway In 75 Pop Concert 'Working on and being in the Pop Concert this year gave me something different to look forward to. We put alot of time into it. but in the end we found out that it was really worth it.’ Barb Schroder (10) "Band really keeps me in tune with the times." Kay Mielke(ll) "Mr. Elledge. what rythm you have with the sand blocks.” Jean Hanske(12) "I’ve never had more fun doing the Pop Concert than I did this year as a senior. I’ll miss not doing it next year." Anne Brosius (12) "I thought this year's Pop Concert was done really well. Camelot was great! It went smoothly and it was exciting to watch." Nancy Haworth (10) "My what pretty legs you have Charlie!” ... "Blast it Merlin, this is all your fault!" ... "High Ted!" ... "Bridenstine. the perfect American male?” Anonymous With her Teddy Bear in hand. Nancybeth Sedgwick performs her impression of the funny and familiar Edith Ann. Colin Anderson interviews the entertaining Oressed in the costumes of the Middle Ages. Sharon Joschko and Steve "Charo”. portrayed by Pat Devroy. Haworth perform a duet from Camelot. 24I The concert kept the tradition of Pops’ excellence alive. As in this cafe, the whole show was filled with atmosphere. These boys display some of the many talents in the concert. 25Orchestra Imports Talent For Cafe Concert 26 Illiterates would never have enjoyed the Cafe Concert because, as a last resort. Bandies offered a suggestion and a plea, with the holding up of a sign to laugh. Skeetz Langley, accordianist and almost everything else imaginable, was a welcomed highlight of the show.After many long hours of diligent practice, orchestra, percussion and violin members discover and prove that practice makes perfect. Cafe Concert "This year's cafe concert was a great success. It was more of a production than in past years. I was in the square dancing and it was a good feeling to get up there and know what you're doing. Everyone worked really well together and we really took pride in this concert." Bob Curtis (12) "The concerts have really improved over the last few years, and so has the orchestra. The quality of the music has been better. We had sell outs both nights, and it was fun to see the public’s response." Shari Klippenstein (12) "From a spectator's point of view, the concert was fantastic! Everybody on the stage looked as if they were having such a good time. It was fun to see Or. Lieber and Mr. Smythe sing and perform on the stage with all the kids. I never knew that Dr. Lieber was such a fantastic singer." Zibby Platter (12) "What really made the concert good was Mr. Freeze’s attitude. He was so excited and he made everyone want to work hard." Anonymous 27Keeping busy after school at Marvin Orecks. Amy Warner in desperation for a sale, tries her Flipping through some contemporary records at the Rec-best to find an elegant outfit for her customers. ord Shop. Kathy Beckiey takes inventory. Terry Gruzebeck cautiously looks about to see if anybody is watching him pick out a pair of knickers for himself.Jobs Provide Fun Money For Many Students Nancy Erickson is one of the many people who have found out that working at Woolworth's as well as shopping at Woolworth’s can be profitable. With her hands full. Sandy Iverson rushes to serve a hungry customer where she waitresses at the Sidewalk Cafe. Jobs "Working at The Tie Rack is a gas with all my friends around, but a better name would probably be the Southdale trading post.” Margi Johnson (12) "We work at the Edina Theatre. It's a pretty good job. but like any other job it has its ups and downs. Some of the downs are when you have to see the same movie for eight weeks and then having people drive by and honk at you and then you spend the rest of the night wondering who it was. One of the ups is getting free passes to other movie theatres, especially the drive-in." Rita Swift and Katie Johnson (11) "I’m a waitress at DeLaria's. It’s an o.k. job. Being a waitress can be hard especially on Saturdays, but after counting my tips I really think it’s worth it. There's also a lot of fun people who work there and lots of times after work we all get together and go out to eat and comment on the way the restaurant is run." Sue Adams (11) "Being on the O.E. program. I've gotten to work at Now and Then a lot more hours. It’s a really good yob and you get to meet and know a lot of interesting people." Sue Rischmiller (12) "Working at 2+2 at Southdale is real thrilling especially when Fred asks you out on your break." Sharon Edlund (12) "The only way to have a job is not to have a job. Then I decided that wasn’t too good, so I decided to spend my time visiting people at their jobs, and I think that's a job in itself." Gary Lomauro(12) "When I first started working at Things Remembered I swear I couldn't remember a thing. Working with jewelry and engraving it’s very important that you do remember things. I still think I've got a lot to learn and remember but. it's still a fun job. Nancy Nugent (12) 29Plays "The play Sally and Sam was really a riot because of the competition and small cast. It is a corny comedy about a boy and girl going on their first date. I really enjoyed working on it.” Robyn Pearson (10) "I tried out for Sally and Sam because I like acting m plays and because of acting I get to meet and know many new people." Gloria Larson (10) "The reason the play wasn't as successful this year as last year was probably because of the over-sized cast. I had a lot of fun both years." Oawn Schall (10) "Working on the play Sally and Sam gave me a lot of pleasure because I like acting and I like anything associated with acting.” Nancy Rogers (10) "Can't man. got football." ... "Wide mouthed frog." ... "Direct hit.” ... "Et toot Brute?" ... "My seven-up is fine — how's yours?" "Happy Birthday Ann!” ... "I hope the porch light isn't on. because we can't do anything with that glaring at us!" ... "Can I have a straw? I don't have any sucking power. Anonymous The enthusiastic cast of Sally and Sam prove that teamwork is the way to ensure amusing entertainment. One can't always rely on painted face and costumes to identify an Edina Player, but in some cases they help. Sally and Sam" Cast List Sally.......... Sally's Payche Sam Sam's Psyche Matilda .... Alex Sally's Mother Sam's Mother johnny Line Tootie Triangle -teart Joni Williamson Eloise Bryan Dave Dorn Andy Brown Robyn Pearson Bob Grohnke Elyse Brady Tom Hennesey Charlie Bachmann Nancy Rogers I.'.. ! J Ann Mertes fry............... Randi Kvam Larson Julie Johnson. Dawn Schall 30As Student Interests Grow, Plays Get Better Charles....... Ruth Elvira Madame Arcadi Or. Bradman Mrs. Bradman Edith Student Director "Blithe Spirit" Cast List The cast of Blithe Spirit pauses for a short break during one of their rigorous rehearsals. Peter Jenks ............... Elise Brady ........ Amy Jensen Sue Taylor L..............Greg Marguardt ............... Ann Mertes ........ Rondi Stallard .........Norman Harrington Plays "The effect of Blithe Spirit is good in that you are very close to the actors. One get the feeling that one is sitting with the performers." Gregg Marquardt (9} "I think dramatics is really a great way to express yourself. The very best part of the field is that you're working with a bunch of really neat people and with Nancy who's a fantastic director. I have lots of hope for the future dramatics department in the school because the success of this year should help it to prosper." Ted Jones (12) "The strain of the accent has finally gone and I enjoyed playing the part of an eccentric English woman in the play Blithe Spirit." Susan Taylor (12) "Being in a group like the Edina Players is really great for the kids in it because it gives them an outlet in the theatencal field. We work on plays all year and even get the opportunity to go see various plays. I know that I throughly enioyed working on Jonny Omonseed." Mike Putman (11) 31The Bright, White Season Of ChristmasWinter "One thing good about winter in Minnesota is it is so cold the only way to keep warm is to cuddle up with someone else.” Rita Swift (11) "Christmas vacation was really fun because my parents were out of town. The only thing is I spent most of my time trying to keep all of my friends and their friends’ friends off of my waterbed." Carrie Moran (11) "I like winter during school because I can just sit and look out the window and watch the snowflakes come down." John Vanko(12) "This year when we had the huge snowstorm it was boring because everything was closed and no one could go anywhere. It seems just our luck it started on Friday and by Monday you could drive again so we didn't even miss any school.” Nancy Nugent (12) "The first snow is always fun when you throw someone unexpectantiy in a snowbank." Corrie Skagerberg 02) "Most people like summer alot better than winter, but I really like the snow in Minnesota with all the skiing and falling that goes with it." Sue Lyman (12) 1 IA number of anxious students eager to participate in the P.F. apple picking expedition found A big part of Young life is the skits and activities kids participate in. themselves cramming for room. which attract a crowd from all grades. The annual spring ski trip to Colorado allows time for these girls to be themselves after a long day outside. Laura Englebert forces herself to stay awake to guard against intruders. One never knows being m the wilderness of Castaway Youth Groups Bring About Close Relations 34At Silver Cliff. Junior girls pause to express their close friendship. Youth trips such as these provide opportunity to find oneself and others. Youth Groups "P.F. is a fun place to go on Sunday nights for a good time. You see alot of friends there that you usually don't see during the week. Being there brings out the love and fellowship between people. "Ann Pepper(12) "I got really involved in Young Life this year, especially at Castaway when I was blooping." Larry Hauskins (12) “I really enjoy going to Campaigners. It's a time when a bunch of girls get together and talk about our problems or just fun things that have happened to us. This year we each got a name of a person who would be our secret pal for a year. We give each other presents and notes. It's hard to try to figure out who’s yours is. but it’s alot of fun trying." Melanie Walker (11) "The trips that I have taken through Young Life have been the greatest experiences I have had. I've had a chance to meet kids from other schools and allowing me to build strong and lasting relationships with kids other than those at school." Barb Shelton (12) 35Rolls and rolls of T.P. await an unsuspecting fellow student after being paid a visit by some anonymous culprits the night before. As the school day wears on, some of the students find it difficult to remain in class. Missy Maxeiner is able to release frustrations riding her horse Amar out in the country. To break the monotony of school, three inventive sophomore girls prefer to look at the world from an entirely different perspective. Spare Momenents Allow Time For Student Antics 36Spanning the room, a nosing camera catches freshmen. Pete Otness and Paul Johnson, on a typically fun night, gathering around at the Student Center, for an intriguing game of foosball. Favorite Things "One of my favorite things is getting the girls together for birthday parties. We usually have dinner at someones house and then do something mean to the birthday victim, like put them on their boyfriends lawn in their pajamas, or sit them in the middle of Perkins with a sign that says kiss me it's my birthday. It's really funny to see some stranger kiss the girl. It's really hard to get all the girls together because of jobs and things, but when we do get together it really gets rowdy. " Cari Moran (11) "After taking Plant Science. I learned aboul diffrent kinds of plants and how to grow them. It's really fun to do diffrent things I like grow a tomato on top of a potato. " Barb Johnson (12) "As long as I can't say what my favorite thing really is I'll say waterskiing is my next favorite activity. I really get into falling down in water when it feels like melted ice. " Mike Woolsey (12) "My favorite thing is to after school go over to Kathy Lambs and lay on her bed and eat." Kim Carpenter (12) Parties Sleeping in Going out to lunch .. J J's .. Freebird . Bopping to 50's .. Whigrean .. The sophisticated Seniors who have recently attained the legal age of eighteen, celebrate and take advan- Decorated lockers enhance the high spirits of tage of their new found right to drink, no matter where they might be. people celebrating birthdays. 37Snow Daze: A New Tradition Set At East 1975 Snowcourt: C. Dectes. J. Brenny. P. Reagan, B. Bowles. D. Finks. N. Woodley. J Hjelle. J. Schall, M Mach, S. Iverson, D. Westwberg. Missing; J. Becker Sweetheart "There is nothing like going to a nice Chinese restaurant and ordering steak. Right Tom and Jim!" Linda Carter (11) "The table was great, the table cloth was even better, but it was the table top that ruined everything!' Bob Zollars (12) "I was really excited when I found out that I was on court, but I didn’t know who to ask to the dance. It’s a good thing that I'm not a boy because I’m such a chicken!" Nancy Woodley (12) "Sweetheart dance was really fun this year but next year we'll have to be sure of the addresses before we pick the guys up. Jenny Aries (11) "Sweetheart Oance was a good ending to a funfilled Snow Daze week that aroused so much school spirit. I hope that Student Council will plan it again next year." Kathy Baker (12) "The best part about the Sweetheart Dance was seeing all the guys dressed up for once. I never thought I would ever see half of them looking that nice. But it was slightly obvious that they didn't dress up very often. The Treks just didn't make it. Anonymous King Dave and Queen Nancy pause in the reigning land The first annual Snow Daze Dance brought together the junior girls and the senior guys. 38International Events Touch Those At School Fearing that tha quality of education was declining together and displayed their disapproval in front of in our school district, some Edina teachers rallied Wooddale School last Fall. August saw Gerald Ford assuming Richard Nixon’s shattered presidency. cimuks f toyotas WJCATIOI '"“Tfibune President resig Ford will be sworn in at noon t he will continue Nixon’s foreign Student Government Day is enhanced by visiting state legislature representatives. Events “Like an elevator, the economy has its ups and downs.” Jenny Hjelle (12) “The last time I listened in on someone's phone call. I got grounded for the weekend. Believe me. Nixon, crime never pays!" Leslie Grafelman(lO) "The stock market is a bunch of bull, even when it's bearable.' Merrill Lynch (10) "I used to drive a luxury car with a big backseat, but. because of the fuel shortage. I was forced to trade it in for a Volkswagon with hardly any backseat at all.' Mike Wool-sey (12) “I though the oil crisis was a real gas!" I. Am. Fuelish. "One day I came to school and saw Mr. Goldenstein and asked him about this mustache and beard. At first I thought he was trying to look younger but he told me he was trying to look like an Arab in case King Faisal decided to buy Edina." Nancy Nugent(12) "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" ... "The world sure is screwed up!" Anonymous. Since their formation, the Edina Boosters have lifted school spirit through activities. J9Rowdy Or Relaxed, Seniors Pull Through 42 COUNCIL 43Nancy lynn Adams — Nanner - D E Waitress at Woolworthj - Inown tor her rowdiness - ptans include college or Air force frank Lagree Aiken - delivers lor Griffens Pharmacy — enjoys hunting and ftshmg in Montana and Minnesota. Susan Marie Aleviros - Olive - Hornettes - Homecoming Court - P.f. - Creme de Mitts - |Ob at Edme Country Club - travels to Greece Steven Kyle Allbright Alby 10b at 8. Dalton book store - has traveled to Europe been in 48 states in the U S. - would like to become an architect Donald Bruce Almars - Don enjoys foot ball - would like to travel before college Robert George Anderson - Obby - Captain of ski-jump mg team - memorable trips to Florida - enioys skiing and golfing. John fredrkk Anderson Andy Varsity football and Baseball - memorable trip to The Orark Music festival - enioys veiling with the wu ard Robert John Anderson - Turkey - Band - Latin Club Cod - job at Red 0w - enpys golf - would like to go into law or medione Scott Thomas Anderson - Andy Varsity Soccer — Young life — P.f E O T - memorable trips to Hawaii and Canada - enpys backpacking and camping lames William Appel Aps Varsity Soccer travels to florida. Colorado, and Montana - would like to practice law. Michael OeVilliers Archer - Arch - A f S eichange student from South Africa enpys skm dnnng. surfing, and rugby - would like to go into accounting. Linda Denise Aronson - Charo — Girls Varsity Tennis and Skiing - works at McDonalds — loves Big Macs -known for straight legged pants. Jorge Arturo Arroyo -Coco - Varsity Soccer and Cross Country - Af S. -Student Council - ts known for loosing his route in cross country meets - plans include college in Costa Rica Senior Class Officers: Mark Peterson, Jim Ladner, Zibby Platter, and Robb Peterson. 44 Class Officers Find Final Year FulfillingHilton Oliver Austin - AB C. student from Chicago enjoys bowtmg md chess would like to become a teacher or a doctor Helen Marie Bachtold He! - 8and -Orchestra - A.F $. Ctub — Senior Womens Varsity -cook at Byerly's - would like to go into Marine Archeolo-gy- Rebeca Marie 8aird - M 0 EA - works as an attorneys secretary - would like to go camping in the Rockies -ambrtron is to become a writer Kathryn Ann 8aker Whigtean - Aqua Nymph President 73 - Student Council - Creme de Mitts - Zombies - trip to the South Pacific - enjoys sailing and skiing Peter Joseph Baiogh Petah - Chamber and Swing Choir — Homecoming Court - Eagle Scout - enjoys mountain climbing and backpacking m Western U S - known as Yankee Doodle Boy Paul Edward 8ankey Latin Club God Varsity Baseball and Basketball - travels to Washington - would like to go into engineering Ailetn Marie 8arrett - Youth Action - Contact - clerk at Pilgrem Cleaners - enjoys painting and sculpting - would like to be a commercial artist Catherine Elise 8arton Hornetles Aqua Nymphs -JPL - Concert Choir — Contact - loves chocolate covered raisins. Jean Adele Batifi - Girls Varsity Gymnastics - Jobs Daughters - enjoys ballet and modem dance -travels to France Susan Ellen Bayers - D E - Jobs Daughters - cashier at Country Club - travels to Canada and Montana -plans to attend trade school James Allen Becker - Jimto - Whigrean Captain ol Varsity Football and Wrestling - Track - 1-Ball Beavers - F.CA - enjoys racket and handball - member of the 58th Street Fruit Bowl Kathryn Ann Beckley Beck - Concert. Jass. and Chamber Choirs - JPl - Contact - |Ob at the Record Shop — enioys the guitar and pano Peter Michael Benjamin Benp - Varsity Football and Basketball - 1-Ball Beavers - Young life - F.CA - travels to Colorado. 45Senior Life Isn’t Too Bad ... Funk Burton Bennett - Captain of Varsity Swimming — Varsity Tennis Student Council President - Homecoming Court - Student School Board - P.F. Cabinet - Al's Pal’s - enjoys golf and skimg - memorable trip to Hickey Creek Beth Ellen Berg - Fruit - Varsity Volleyball — P.F. Creme de Mitts - Zombies. Bruce Kenneth Berg-land - Bergee - |Ob at Braemar Golf Club - enioys hockey and golf - plans to attend Mankato State John William Bing Bmger - Varsity Skiing. Track, and Cross Country —enjoys cars and boats. Gina Kristen 8jerken Captain of Girts Varsity Tennis — Girls Varsity Cross Country Skung job at lancer -lorn Todd ffungren. Sharon Lynn Bjerken Whlgrean P.F. - Senior Womens Varsity - job at Oonaldson's -known for her laugh. Diana louise Blanchard Blanch -member of "Hermp Weethider" - looking forward lo a king and healthy life Haney Jeaan Blatdieim - Blot — Band - Orchestra - |ob at student center -enjoys musk and long quiet walks Edward Robert Bohl - job at camp in the summer — trip to Gunllint Trail - hopes to be an auto mechanic Elizabeth Jean Bohl - Concert and Marching Band - F.A.M. - known for week-end entertainment Mark Kenneth Borden Varsity Wrestling - Young life job af Griffen Pharmacy - memorable trip to Colorado and Washington plans to 3ttend Stout Slate Kim Marie Borden - Campus Lite - Young Lite - member of The 8lue Dusters |Ob at a horse farm - air hockey champ. William Donald Bowles. Jr. - Varsity Football and Track - Vice-President of F.C.A. - Al's Pals - memorable (ups to Hickey Creek and North Carolina Michael Donald Boyle - job at Skyway Theatre and would like to manage a theater someday - enjoys hockey. Trying to drown his sorrows by reading the morning comics. John Vanko, afflicted with a knee injury, does his best to relax in the library with his pal Ray Moore. 46Elyse Maiia Brady - National Thespians Swing and Chamber Choirs - travels to Canada enjoys acting, singing, and playing the guitar. Janet Sue Brady Smiley - Professions Club - Youth Service loves to pamt -would like to become a secretary. Donald Joseph Brandenburg - 8and - Varsity Soccer Varsity Swimming -1-Ball Beareis F.CA - job at McOonalds member ot the 5$th Street Fruti Bowl. Henry Newton Branyon III -Varsity Football - Varsity Baseball - I-Ball Beavers -member ot the 58th Street Fruit Bowt. Robert Mark Braseh - Crisco - job at Braemar Club House — enjoys hunting and fishing Mark Daniel Brauer — Bunette Editor Latin Club — Varsity Football and Basketball manager (or (our years - job as sports writer known as the "mother to the athletes" John David Brecht - Band - Youth Group - enjoys motorcycling. Shed Jo Brenna O.E. Program |Ob at National Bank - loves garlic pot3toe chips. John Bernard Brenny — Varsity Football - Hockey -Concert Choir - memorable canoe trip to Quetico. John Carl Brink - Varsity Football member ol E.0.T - enjoys skiing and softball - travels to California. Jeff William Bros - Band - 1-Ball Beavers - |Ob at Shell Station - enjoyS playing the cymball’s - known for his antique car. Anne Louise Brosius — Hornettes — Concert 8and - Senior Womens Varsity - enjoys the piano and flute. Deborah Jean Brown - F.B.L.t - Nurse Aid At Heritage - enjoys basketball and water-skiing. Diana Marie Brown - Buuette - Youth Service - Campus Life - enjoys ice-skating - known for her sincerity. 47 Even With It’s Ups And DownsMeredith Dodd Brown - Chorateers A F S. - Young Life - Campus Life Campaigners - Bible Study Fellowship en iys cooking Steven Blaine Brucciani -Boch - Varsity Swimming D.E. - Hi-Y Officer -Young Life - 10b at freemans — travels to Hawaii and Colorado Efoise Mada Bryan - Elio - Edina Player Inter national Thespian - travels to France - plays the guitar, piano and compose music - would like to go to college for music or dramatic therapy. Mary Jo Ellen Burgraff JoJo Zombies - enjoys dating Bob Redford - travels to California. Carol Anne 8urby Bu? - Senior Womens Varsity -Juicy Fruits - job at Two Plus Two memorable trip to Holland and Hawaii - known for "thank-you'' Roland Joseph Bydlon - 8uuy - Concert, Chamber, and Jaw Choirs Edina Players - travels to Colorado and Florida enjoys photography Thomas Seymour Cabot - Kini-binall - memorable ski trips to Colorado. Montana. Utah, and Canada job as a house painter - enjoys hunting and parlies Marilynn Marie Cagle Kegger - Bunette - Images - Pep Club enjoys photography and graham crackers. Jay Wiltz, Scott Nelson, and Dave Cobb have to laugh because they can hardly recognize Phil Orn-dorff's picture without his “cool dude shades" Teresa Lynn Cameron - Chink - Whigrean — Senior Womens Varsity - Juicy Fruits - Young life trip to Malibu. Canada 8 Squad Cheerleader - waitress at the Brothers - memorable trips to Holland and out East. Lori Anne Carmichael - job at Donaldsons - travels to France - plans to travel to Germany before college Kim Marie Carpenter Carp - Captain of Gifts Varsity Skiing - Young Life - Campaigners - enjoys skiing and tennis - waitress and cook at Cfancys. Michael James Carroll -Clay - Varsity Soccer. Hockey, and Baseball - job with Parkboard. hockey referee, and baseball umpire - memorable tnp to Omaha Robert Nickle Carruthers - enjoys skiing and skating - plans include college and ski trip out West. Timothy Mark Carter - Varsity Soccer and Track - F.C.A. - Homecoming Court trip to California. Jonathan Allen Carver - Environmental Adventurist member of Ropwell - job at Picture Frame Shop - travels to Chicago. Wisconsin. and Iowa Andrew Nick Castellano - Cash — Varsity Soccer and BasketbaJl F.C.A travels to Colorado 58th St. Fruit Bowl Mary Ann Chadbourn — Concert Band - Drum Majorette - Aqua Nymphs — P F. -teaches piano lessons - would like to go into nursing. 48Oliver Henry Clutter III Skip Bundle Co-Cap-Um of Varsity Track - Varsity Cross Country - enjoys playing poker and collecting traffic tickets - known 3$ the Forest feeder. Jerome Francis Chapman Jerry - enioys motorcycle racing |ob as a construction worker plans include college and getting rich Karin Lynn Chedister - Ched - Swing and Chamber Choirs - Y.E.S. Counselor waitress at the Brothers memorable trips out West and to Greece - loves to play the guitar. Bruce Allred Christenson - Christy - Varsity Golf - hunts. David Rideout Cobb - Butch job at Target - moved to Edina from Kansas - plans to attend Kansas University Medical School. Bradford William Colbert - Bar - Co Captain of Varsity Soccer - Homecoming Court - Contact job at Country Club Market - travels to California. Brian Fulton Cole Chip Varsity Ski Jumping — member of E O T. - ranchwork in Montana - went to the Olympics in Germany. Cathy Jean Coleman - Triny toper - Senior Womens Varsity - job at European flower Mar ket - travels fo California and Northern Pines - Enioys Crafts. Bruce lee Collings - Stage and Concert Band Hi-Y -P F. plays in Minnesota Youth Symphony. Willard Michael Comstock - Beans - enjoys skiing, camping, and beer dnnkmg - works pumping gas and hopes to go to Alaska Darnell Aaron Corbin Turtle - Irom Pittsburgh likes basketball and bowling - job at McDonalds. Nancy Ann Corcoran Corky Senior Womens Varsity Spanish Club - travels to Greece and Hawaii - enjoys math, skiing, and St. Thomas - does volunteer work Brian Patrick Costello Pat Varsity Football and Div ing - enjoys concerts and running in the nude - known lor his woo. Jill Ann Crosby Cros — Senior Womens Varsity Choraleers - Girls intramural sollbaJI - works at Byeilys Memorable trip to Florida. Gregory Charles Curtis Cooter - Varsity Football and Baseball -Hockey - memorable trip to the West coast likes music and hunting. Robert Kevin Curtis Orchestra -works at McDonalds - enjoys archery and biking wants to live very simply. Margret Hudson Cushing - Cush Homecoming court Co-captain ol Hornettes - Images as a sophomore -P.F. cabinet trips to Colorado. South Dakota. 3nd Prior lake Thomas Richard Dahl Big D Varsity Basketball - travels to Europe - likes to get to know people, especially girls Thomas Manlord Date Varsity Ski Team -S.E.G.I.S. - job at Fas Gas - trip to France - Bubs Daddy - gets into alot ol sticky situations - girl friends name is Candy - someday hopes lo be President ol Trident. 49 Senior Pics Cause Excitement Even For Hard GuysPartying Proves To Be Top Priority For Seniors Linda Doten Dalen - Palo - BunctU - O.E. member of Blue Outers plans to attend University of leas to become a vetranarians assistant - EJ.W.C.U. Deborah Lynn Davis Oebbie likes meeting new people - en-|Oys summers and plants. Robert L Dayton B.D -Spanish Club - P.f. enioys baseball. Christopher Chartes Deckas - Topper - O.F.B.U.A.F.G. - Varsity Football and Golf - works as warming house attendent -plans to attend U.S.C - memorable trips to Greece and Florida, Kim Renee Deteberg Whigrean - Pep Club - Senior Womens Varsity Zombies - loves cheesecake and silver teeth - works at Country Club Cleaners. Mkhael Robert DeMuth Muff — Co Captain of Varsity Soccer -plans include college out west - memorable trip to California Lucinda Jean Denk - Cindy - Secretary of Aqua Nymphs - plans include majoring in muSK - enioys prano. Elton John - known for her laugh - E.J W.l.U Patricia Ann Oenman - Pit - T.l. works as a nurses aid - plans include psychology - enjoys people. Phyllis Joann Dismeyer - D.E. Explorers Varsity Volleyball and Skiing — trips to Aspen. Cynthia Ann Ditt-bemer T.P. Senior Womens Varsity - participates in Pil Stop and church choir - Varsry Cross Country — plans include nursing - likes animal crackers and peanut butter Thomas Christopher Dorsey — Dorse - E.D.T — Young Life -Co-Captain of Varsity Wrestling - enjoys driving and E.S.M.H Mark James Dougall - Doogs - forestry included m the future - memorable trips to Colorado - enjoys hunting and fishing. Jody I. Eaton - Concert Choir - Edina Players - job as waitress - travels include Greece - enjoys skiing, musical shows, and singing Sharon lee Edlund Ed B-Squad cheerleader - Juicy Fruits - P.F. Young life — trip to British Isles - eats hamburgers with Buu Joseph Thomas Egge DeGnngo - Varsity Basketball and Track - likes music, dancing, guitar and people Charles Either. Susan Lynn Elsen — Chappy - National Thespians — choir Senior Womens Varsity - Campus life - Sunday school teacher - works at S and D cleaners Peter Duane Engstrom - Inky - enjoys catching snapping turtles and moning - Varsity Soccer - known for going to girls slumber parties Kathleen Jane Erickson - Band and Orchestra - figure skating - Gary Stench - plans include a trip to Greece - H.S.M P. Nancy Rose Erickson -Jobs Daughters -Varsity Swimming — travels out West SOSeniors take time out from a memorable bash to make a toast to the photographer and Rob Si-tek's eighteenth birthday. Mark Steven Erlandson - Berme — Concert Band works at Edma Counify Club - enjoys mus c - Eagle Scouts. Jane L. Esbensen - drama groups — band -AFS. - plans include teaching the deal - likes painting, gymnastics, dancing, winter, skating Nancy Grey Etrwiler - band - R.O.l.l. - Westminster Youth Group -Counselor at Camp St. Cron - peer G.S Gloria Jean Evensen - Glo - Juicy Fruits Softball Team - Young Life and cool dub - waitress at Perkins - trips to Malibu. Colorado, and Castaway - enjoys snow and watering Kristin Louise Fagerlie - Krts — Concert Band - Senior Women's Varsity - Campfire - works at Daytons - en-loys traveling likes to dance Micheal Terry Farkas -works at Target - enjoys skiing and parties - travels throughout the United States - goal in life to be rich. Susan lee Farrell - Concert Band - teaches flute lesson -she wants to become a jaw musicun Steven Oavid Fetrek - Fet gymnastics - orchestra - "Macs Macs" -tennts - works at McDonalds - trip to Greece planned 51Patricia Elizabeth feyersen Tnoa - President ol Aqua Nymphs - Gary Stench Association - Works at Me-Donalds P f - trip to Greece Dale Frances field -Chmk - 0 ana A phito group - enjoys gymnastics, painting. and writing - works at Ember’S. David William Finks - Linus Buckwheat - Varsdy Hockey and Football -FCA Dawn Michelle Fitzgerald - Mouse - Senior Womens Varsity - Red Rock saddle dub - likes golf, hockey, watersknng. and pizza - trips include Lake Minnetonka. Hawaii. Europe. And ten Corp camp Charles Freemont Fletcher - Turk perserves as many worthwhile music endeavors as possible. Katherine Simmons Flom Pretzel - Co-Captain ot Varsity Volleyball - French Voyagers - enjoys writing. Fore - Bugs -Flying Pipers Varsity Baseball - wants to be an airline pilot - trip to Canada - enioys football, baseball, and eating carrots Jill Marie Freitas Frerto — Peanut -Images - Homecoming Court - Choir - New testament church group - trips to Hawaii. Seattle, and boundary waters canoe trip. Steven 0. Frich Varsity Gymnastics sells shoes -wants to ranch - travels to the Canadian Rockies - enioys camping. Janice LuJean Frick - fuzzy -Choirteers - Braemarettes - 10b at KZAQ - wants to be a skating teacher Steven John Frykman - Varsity Gymnastics -member of 8 0 s. - memorable canoe trip - enjoys wat-ershiing. Anna Lucille Fuhr - works at OonaJdson’s — wants to be a photographer - enjoys embroidary Disgusted with his grade. Steve Haworth finds an appropriate word on his tips. Stephanie June Fuller — Varsity Ski team - works at Mil-ton’s — memorable trip to C and C boat works - known tor running out of gas and rocking the boat. Susan Diane Gagnon DECA - works at Kenny's shoes - plans include skiing in West lor a year. Michael Timothy Gailager - slim - Al’s Pals - Varsity Football and Basketball - works at Penn Cycle - canoe trip to Canada - member of Geeks and Buc Bucs - enioys hunting, fishing, and guitar James Michaet Gammello - Varsity Gymnastics - memorable tnp to the Boundary waters and Michigan - enioys fishing. 52Mary Elinbeth Garbetg - Garby - Sensor Womens Var sity - Young Lite - works at Sidewalk Cafe - trip to France trip to the Boundary Waters - enioys football, hockey, swimming, and snow Richard Gebard Garrity -works at Fox's Men Store - memorable tup to Florida. California. Colorado, and the Vir n Island known for looking serious and being live entertainment. William Cadyl Gaskdl - Ftsh - Conced Band wants to become a professional musician - intramural hockey, baseball, and skiing, Chysanne Debra George - Student School Board - participates in Bible Study Rotary Exchange to Brazil. Engrosed in the basketball game. Ted Stark doesn’t even notice the photographer. Steve Merrick Gethm Wings - Varsity Cross-Country and Track — pb with Edina Park Board trip to Florida known for Red Owl and his love for coffee. Sandra G. Gibson - nurses aide in Park Nursing Home - travels to the Nodh Woods - enpys music. Scott Charles Crikey Gunk P.F. Softball Beavers — Varsity Wrestling -pb at King's Inn Nicole Marie-losephe Gillet Hornettes Homecoming Queen - lakes ballet at the Minnesota Oance Theater pb at Foimoor's - wants to be an interpreter of French. Stephen Elliot Gluek Ace - Orchestra - Mac Hacks - job at McDonald's — enpys McDonald's padies and sailing - trip to Jamaica Janice Irene Gordon - Secretary of O.E. - Choir - trip lo Europe - secretary for CP Stephen Christopher Grabb - maintenance man for Target - plans include Forestry - trip around United States after graduation Thomas Graves Latin Club -C.8.F.T. - travels lo cabin in summer enpys football and hockey. JoAnne Greet - Jody - pb at Perkins - Joves to work with kids — likes crafts, swimming and tennis. Cynthia Ann Grill - enpys all music - Varsity and Concert Band - Aqua Nymphs - plans include college and traveling. Gordon K. Grimsby - Gordy - works at Knowllwood 76 - likes green M and M's Kimberly Dianne Gross - Happy hoper - woiks at Burger King leaches retarded children - wants to become a special education teacher -travels to the Caribbean Island Seniors Relax After Many Years Of Hard Work S3John Andie Groven — Varsity Debate School Bowl mtmber of B.O.S Thomas Scott Grurtbeck Scott -works for Pentagon Park - enpys working with radios and collecting rocks. Terry Grurebeck - salesclerk at Dayton’s. Carmen Dorathea Habighorst OEA - Edina Players - Guls Volleyball - job at Poppin fresh Nannette Helen Hadley tob at Marsden Maintenance spent summer in South Dakota - loves music and track Susan Elirabeth Hagen Aqua Nymphs - Youth Action - Professions Club - Contact - Co-Captain of Varsity Swimming |umor year Peter Hall. Martha Mary Hannon Marti - Senior Womens Varsity — Child Development Tech memorable trip to Willow Creek - loves taco-flavored Donto's. Saturday Morning’s Filled With College Tests Jean Marie Hanske Homettes - Band Gums Cress - travels lo Greece and Colorado - loves lo ski. Getting devilish delight out of her caper. Teri Cameron winds up another T.P. adventure with a smile on her face. Jill Catherine Hanson Buwette - Senior Womens Varsity - travels to France — known for her creativity. lani Rene Hanson P.f Whigrean - likes Todd Rundgren - known for meeting famous rock stars. Leigh Andrea Hanson - Concert and Marching Bands - Varsity Volleyball - loves to dance. Diana Lee Harmon |ob at Edma Theatre - travels to California and Florida - lores concerts. Sutanne Louise Harmon Hormones Co-Captain of Homettes - Homecoming Court — Young life - waitress at The Brothers - loves racquelball and skimg - has a pet bear named "Wools". Norman Wendall Harrington Jr. - Ulm Club Speech - bag boy at Byerly's - loves poetry and all sports Mark Alan Harrod - Vo-Tech - job at Ramada Inn spent summer m Arkansas likes cars and posters Lawrence Thomas Hauskins Young life Varsity 8aseball and Varsity Skiing member of Geeks and Buck-Buck's spent summer back packing in Glacier Park Steven Charles Haworth Band job at Kunr Oil 54Robert Kendall H r« C.B f .1 - Varsity Football - travels to his cabin and to Texas - enjoys water-skiing. Stephen lohn Hedburg Head Edina Thespians Church Youth Rocky Mountain back packing trips -known as the "Party King" Griff James Heidkamp N.RO.T.C. - job at Edina Country Club memorable trips to downtown Mpls. - enjoys tacos and good music. James Benedict Herman - Buster - Whigrean member of "Geeks" - Varsity Soccer spent summer in Montant — enjoys skiing and hiking. Jeff John Higgins - "Higgy" Varsity Football and Varsity Baseball - F.C.A. - job at Braemar Arena - loves parties. Mary Gerald Hildreth Varsity Gymnastics National Merit Finalist Choraleers - Chamber Singers — plans to be a physical therapist Linda Louise Hines -Aqua Nymphs — P.F. - Senior Womens Varsity - loves to write and sew |Ob at Dayton's. John Cartes Hippe -Varsity Baseball - Student Council — Chamber and Con cert Choirs - P.F. - Al's Pal's - enjoys hunting and playing poker John E. Hirsch "Bunny" - Varsity Soccer - Young Life P.F. - always found lumping around. Jennifer Ellen Hjetle - "Leggs" Hhigrean - Hornettes F.8.L.E - Zombies - part owner of General Motors - known lor her puns and jokes. Robert John Hodges Professions Club Varsity Skiing — church youth groups — guard at the airport plans to be an attorney Amy Marie Hodnett Hobbs - Bui-xette - Contact - member of the Blue Dusters. Gard N. Hoe - active in Weed Control Club - really digs dirt - hangs out at "The Shed" - a real pansy. William Leonard Hoeft - Varsity Football - member al The Brass Rail - involved in the Motocross toeing Team. SS Brad Warner plays his senior role by assisting Sharon Edlund to her bus via piggyback.Are You Different .. . Now That You're 18? Cheryl Marie Hogue — Hoadi Bundle - D.E. — |Ob al Clancy’s memorable trip to Montana - loves to horseback ride. James William Holm — Band — I Ball Beavers - jobs at Texaco and 8yerlys - loves to hunt and tish Scott Vern Holmgren - Pep Club - Co-Chairman ot Youth Service - Varsity Baseball and Tennis -Campus Lite James William Huff 8and - Varsity Ski Team |Ob with Superior Maintenance Co - memorable ski trip to Montana. Susan Clare Huntslinger Hunts - A.F S. - music classes at McPhail Varsity Swim Team - yob at Came-lot ■ loves to play the piaRO. Debbi Hutson. James Robert Ingman "Ing” - C8FT - Varsity Baseball and Basketball - trip to Canada loves to waterski and to boat -plans to attend Arirona State. Sandy Jean Iverson Ives - Zombies - job at Sidewalk Cafe - has taken many east and west scenic tours - interested in Choppers. The moment is finally here for Karen Sweetland and Kate Zies-sler as they cut the cake for their eighteenth biggy. Tom Ives - D.E.CA yob at Dayton's - hitched to California and back - loves motorcycles, waterskiing, and racquetball - plans to go to college in Hawaii. Kirsten Diane Jacobsen - Chamber and Swing Choirs - Senior Womens Varsity - job at Allstate - likes to play the piano, land Jxoby. Joanne Carol Janish Jo - Senior Womens Varsity - yob at Snyder's - trips to England and Mexico - loves to dance and swim. 56 Patricia Kay Jeffris - Senior Women , Varsity - CA's -new Lite Swingers Choir - job at J.C. Penny's. Peter Quick Jenks - Buuette. Amy Louise lemen — Armse Edina Players Buuette - Senior Womens Varsity - Latin Club - Church Choir - Sunday school teacher Andrea Faye Johndreau "REA" - Spanish Queen 73 -Hornettes Juicy Fruits - memorable trips to Hawaii, New York, and Chaska Susan Kay Johns - Professions Club - |ob at Brothers - memorable trip to France -likes tennis. Annette Lee Johnson Nett - F8LE President ol O.E. - secretary at Guardian Lite Insurance - spends summers at cabin Barbara Ann Johnson Drill Maior ot Marching Band Concert Band Stage Band - Whtjrean Editor - ski instructor O F F H B trip to Europe with U.S. Collegiate Wind Band planned. Christopher Conrad Johnson Puck - Varsity Hockey and Soccer coaches youth soccer - likes to waterski and play racquelball. Jeffry Charles Johnson F.CA lob at Normandale Sports and Health Club would like to own a health club in future Julie Kay Johnson Concert Band - Orchestra teaches Sunday school - job at Marvin Oreck's - plans to become a receptionist Margaret Gains Johnson Juicy Fruits - rob at lie Rack - trip out East - known for taking care of "Business" Campaigners. Randall MacGregor Johnson - Spnndy - Varsity Soccer and Tennis - interesting trips to Menco and Colorado -plans to be an architect - likes skiing, boating, and motorcycles Todd Michael Johnson Hi-League - Young Life - job at Target - camp counselor likes all ports Laurie Kay Johnstone - J J. Marching and Concert Band Edma Girls Hockey - horseback riding teacher - TUR. David Rays tones - Deacon - Latin Club -Varsity Track and Cross-Country - canoe trip to Arctic Circle Pamria Virginia Jones - takes voice lessons at U. ot M yob at an advertising agency would like to be an art director - likes music Theodore Thomas Jones - Tedders - National Thespians - A.F.S. - ILYA - memora bit travels to Montana and Jamaica - likes to sail and ski. Sharon Elirabeth Joschko - Josh Hornettes - Concert Band - P F - J.P L. - plans to major in vocal music -likes guitar. 57At Last — Class Of 75 Attends Seniors Only Parties Karin Anna Marie Juhlrn - Rotary exchange student from Sweden - loves playing the guitar and sewing - plans to continue school in Sweden Kurt Peter Kalland — Nard -Hileague - Varsity Football and Varsity Wrestling -F.C.A. 1-Ball Beavers — member of the 58th Street Fruit 8owt Megan Maurine Kavanatigh Meegs - A.F.S. Youth Service - O.B. — memorable trips to New York and Montana. Todd Keating plays in a rock band - interesting trips to Jamaica and Acapulco - plans to become a yarr musician Andy Burgin Keith - job at Sears Varsity Swimming -enjoys horseback riding, canoeing and camping - travels to Canad3 and Montana Thomas Michael Kernan - Varsity Track and Varsity Cross Country Debate likes to tour on 10 speed bikes. Jeanne Marie Kitburg - Mud - Testament Church - job at a nursing home - loves animals and art. Robert King - Varsity Baseball and Varsity Basketball - F.CA. - job at Braemar - moon van excursions - future plans include college. Thomas Jeffery Klein Kleiner Forty-Niner - F.CA -Varsity football. Cross Country. Skiing, and Track - plans to be a pilot |0b with College Craft Painters. Shari Patrice Klippenstein Klupp hostess at Valley View Restaurant trip to France. Joel Klucas - job at a warehouse - likes fnsbee's. traveling and skiing. Renae Sue Kool - Senior Womens Varsity - |ob at Oelaua's -tnp to France - plans to attend college. Elizabeth Anne Korbos yob at Hickory Farms - loves pirra. beer, and green M and M's - interesting trips to the Virgin Islands and California David Duncan Krtmer Young Lite - job at Bachmann's - loves to water-ski. camp and go canoeing - plans to attend Colorado College. Ronnie Sue Kronfeld - Professions Club - job at Red Bam — enioys tennis and being rowdy - memorable trip to Mexico - plans to become a teacher. Sherri Ann Kruppstadt job at Woolworths - planning trip to Mexico. Cindy Lou Kuhnley - "SIS" Band - O.E. - job at GiGi's - Campus life - loves all sports pro's. James William Ladner - Homecoming King - Student School Board and Council - Varsity Tennis - Senior Class Vice-President - trip to Australia with A.F.S. - Al's Pal's. Kathleen Marie Ladner - Barrette A.F.S. - Varsity Swimming - yob at Dayton's - loves skiing, canoeing, and lifties music. Candi lake - D.E. - waitress at the Brothers. 58Katharine Marie lamb Lamber - Whigrean — Varsity skiing - Bliward Apprentice - Young Lite Ju y Fruits waitress at The Brothers - enjoys tennis. Beth Ann I arson - A.F.S - EF.T.T - job at the Camelot -plans to travel. Joseph larson Varsity Skiing Cross Country, and Track DeNeal Marie laughlin mus« tutor - O.EA. - yob at an insurance co. loves to draw and pamt. Stephen Roland layeui Varsity Track - ptans to tom the Armed Forces Cindy Kay lea Aqua Nymphs - P F travels to Colorado Amy Jo lee. Reid Severin leighton — Varsity Swimming - P.F - yob at Kunr Oil - enioys Skiing. William Carrol leslie Varsity Track and Cross Country and Track - enyjys Irshing and canoeing - moon-van evcursions - known for his poker winnings. Charles John lick - Concert 8and - Varsity Football -loves to water-ski and canoe in Canada - memorable party week ends - enjoys softball and basketball Margo Helen limbeck - Senior Womens Varsity Blue Ousters - plans to become a nurse - loves hockey 59 Taking time out from a tough class. Dave Finks, Dave Kremer, and Craig Scofield soak up a little sunshine.Jerome Bradley lindberg Band cook at J.C. Penny's plans include Science and Math - likes tennis and basketball lorna Ellen list Baton Twirler m Band -teaches Sunday school - travels to France enioys tennis and ballet. Dean Curtis Little - job at Northern Cap Manufactures - loves music, concerts, paddle ball, and being mth people. Gary Paul lomauro - F.C.A - Varsity $w mmmg and football works at Wally's gas station -loves pun and holds pi«a eating record at Shakey's John E. lonsbury - Fly Band Latin Club - Varsity Summing - travels to Greece. Angelica Marion loobeck FBLE — Girls Softball iob at Sidewalk Cafe -memorable trip to Europe - likes skiing, tennis, and canoeing - JPl. Willum Nesbit Loomis - Band - Varsity Track and Cross-Country - |ob at Bim Meyer's Standard loves led ZepJm Mark Edward Lovaas — Varsity Soccer and Hockey - plans include college in East -likes tennis, gotf. drawing, and eating Lemon Meringue pie. Embarrassed to be M.C.inga pep-test. John Vanko, Tim Mahoney, and Kevin McCarthy try to act nonchalant while Mr. Beaver talks. James A. Lowell. Susan Elizabeth Lyman - Cheerleading - Juicy Fruits - Young life Campaigners - enjoys water and snow skiing - loves apples Mary Louise Mach -ML - Young Life - Varsity Tennis - memorable trip to Colorado. Mexico, and Monlana - enjoys waler and snow skiing. Judy Carol MacHolda Jock - Co-Caplam ol Skiing - jobs at Edina Country Club and Edina Pool -enioys 0 P.M. and |ungle juice. Paul H MacTaggarl. Pamela Faith Magnuson - Pammy Mag - Choir tup to France — Church Youth group -E M 0 C - job at Cargrll Print Shop Timothy Paul Mahoney — Homecoming Court — Guitarist lor a contemporary String Group - Choir - Christian Fellowship Elizabeth Ann Mammd 8etsy - travels to Greece, the West Indies. and Virgin Islands. 60Robin Mample D.E.CA - trips to Utah. Montana, and Colorado - enjoys skiing. MarySusw Maney Images-Editor Homecoming Court P F Boundry Waters Canoe Trip iob at a realtor's James Walker Martin Jr. Varsity Soccer - from California via New Jersey - college out west - sicks to the goal John Phillip Martinson plans to become a commercial artist - travels to Glacier Park and Canada - likes to backpack lisa Ann Masterson "Bubbles" - Professions Club -teaches nursery school - enioys waterskiing and climbing trees James Michael Maunder - Varsity Tennis - orderty at Heritage Home - plans to go into business management - enjoys reading and all sports. Melissa Grace Maieiner Images - cashier at 8urger Brothers rides and shows her Arabian mare - enioys talking to people travels to Canada Douglas Ian McCampbell Concert and Varsity 8ands - job at McDonald's - bicycle trip. Kevin James McCarthy - Mac - Varsity Soccer. Basketball and Baseball - Homecoming Court - Isolationist's East - plays the bass and guitar memorable trip to Omaha. Mary Elizabeth McClain - Molly Co-Chairman of Coronation Committee Juicy Fruits — CoolClub -plans to go into nursing. Karen Elaine McKay - M.O.E.A. - F.B.l.E. Co-President - trip to Seattle - J.P.l Karen lee McKernan - Varsity Volleyball - Creme DeMitts plans to enter convent with PW - Zombies - enjoys motorcycle riding. Mary Pat McMorrow Zombis - Girls Parkboard Hockey. Tim Barlett McNamara - Cross-Country Captain -Bibfe Study enjoys tunning and skiing - job at Holiday. 8elram Mehn Varsity Soccer - A.F.S. student from Afgamstan - plays ping-pong and tootball Paul Donald Meyer Concert and Stage 8ands - plans to become a youth minister - travels to California with gospel group. The highlight of another pepfest, these attention-starved guys ham it up for an adoring crowd of rowdy. whistling senior men. Senior M.C.’s Take Their Turn At Pepfest Jokes 61Seniors — We Have Eaten 2172 School Lunches Russell William Meyer Russ - Concert and Stage Bands - John Phillip Band - Europe with U S. Collegiate Wind Band - Concert Band President - enjoys tennis. Robert Henry Michelson - plans to attend Iowa State -B.W.C.A. - Montana trips likes the guitar, skiing, and tennis. Grant Miller Chess Club - was on Buzzctte - job at Southdale library. Roseann Therese Miller Rose -waitress at Happy Chef - would like to be a vetranarian enjoys training dogs. Marcia Ann Millett Millio -Young life - Juicy Fruit - Campaigners |Ob at The Record Shop - memorable trips to Colorado - plans to go to Arizona State. Jennifer Ann Mitchell - O.t Church Youth Gro p -job at Pickford's Restaurant in New Jersey in the summer - enjoys mountain climbing in Colorado. Kathleen Ann Monson Aqua Nymphs - 8and — District Music Awards — memorable trips to Byerly's - enjoys sewing, eating, and collecting dolls. Michael John Montilino -"Wop'' - Contact - yob at Marc's Big Boy enjoys camping and working on cars. George William Moore -Varsity Football - l-Ball 8e3vers — Co-Champ of Frozen Wilderness Club - 58th Street Fruit Bowl Raymond Eugene Moore - E D.T. — Varsity Gymnastics and Varsity Wrestling - enjoys pet insects - intramural football and baseball. Jaine lean Moran - “Moran" -Aqua Nymphs - A.F.S. - Clare's Clan P.F. waitress al Byerly's - has traveled to Greece and plans to return to Greece as soon as possible - Gnms Gress. John Patrick Moran - Bugs - Varsity Soccer and Tennis -P.F. - enjoys hockey and all sports - known for chasing parked cars. Cynthia Gayle Moss - Mossy - 8uaette - has worked at Zapata and Target - fall play - enjoys acting and traveling. Daniel Edward Murphy - "Murph" - Varsity Soccer. Varsity Oivmg and Varsity Track — memorable trips to Canada and mountain climbing expeditions. 6?While Debbie Brown, Stephanie Fuller, and Sue Teisberg try to turn the camera away, all they manage to do is to turn the eyes of the boys. Laurie Ann Murphy - teacher and member ot Kegs Gym rustic Association - won 1st on bean. 2nd all around, and 2nd on bars in the Wisconsin State Gym Meet - P.F Cynthia Jane Meyer - Varsity Cross Country — job at Or-unity trips to 8.W.CA - enjoys concerts Craig Douglas Naas - O.E - enjoys hunting and back-pack mg. Richard Carl Nelson - member ot B.D.S. - trips to B.W.CA - enioys playing racQuetball and eating pita -plans to attend U M D. Scott Alan Ndsen - FCA - Varsity Football and Track - member of Marvin's Motocross Racing Team - enioys hunting, and back packing. Sheryl Lynn Ndson would like to become an artist - has traveled around the world - likes to draw and collect records. Scott Alan Nesbit Student Council - Varsity Cross Country. Skiing and Tennis - Al's Pal's - enjoys rice knspies. KM., and all sports - Homecoming Court. David Michael Nevin ID T - jobs at Typhoon Car Wash and Holiday Gas Station - plans to head for the hilts — enjoys hunting and fishing Steven Harold Nichols -Nix - Varsity Hockey and Baseball - job with Edina Park Board - memorable trips to Colorado. Park Rapids, and Chaska - likes listening to Chicago. 631975 — The Last Year To Act Young And Restless Kent Thomas Nkkander Nick - jobs at HeriUee Ren-brant and Pentagon Park maintenance - plans include forestry at the U. ol M - enjoys water and snow skiing interested in photography Wendy Sue Norquist -Guga - Zombies Pep Club - P.F. - Creme de Mitts Varsity Volleyball - trip to Sweden, Norway, and Colorado Nancy Patricia Nugent Nuge - Whigrean — Homecoming Court — Zombies f W.S.T. - enioys hockey James Lee Nybeck - Band - Ski instructor for Southdale YMCA - plays in a band |0b as a janitor. Raymond Sievert Noel Student Council - Exchange student plans lo be an airline pilot - likes basketball and music Nancy Ann Obern - Obie Orchestra — Youth Symphony — McPhail Enrichment Program -plans include professional music, Nancy Ellen Olson — Bubbles Band - Church Youth Group - job at Baskin Robbins - enioys ballet, logging, and Cross-Country skiing. Philip Ray Olson Cub - Varsrty Football, Basketball, and Track - Al's Pals memorable trips to Prior Lake-Bear's little brothee. Richard Dean Olson — Buddy Concert Band — N.D.P.N - plays drums at Hopkins House. Nancy Sue Orenstein - waitress at Marc's Big Boy memorable trip camping up North. Florida, and Mexico - enjoys horseback riding and partying Phillip Stanton Orndorff III -Ort Varsrty Football - cook al Nelson's - football team Guru - trips to Florida, Mexico. Arizona. and Amery Wisconsin. Maty Kimberly Otness Kim - Zombies -Aqua Nymphs - job at Bermel Smaby - plans to attend the University of Samoa Teresa Marie Pagani - Senior Womens Varsity - Contact travels to Tennessee - loves to ski - job at Target -known as the Italian. Thomas George Pappas Nick the Greek - Chamber Choir - job with Up A Tree - travels out West - enjoys fishing and music - plans to be a millionaire. Donald Richard Paugh VII - Varsity Football and Track - F.CA - memorable moon van excursions -member of the 58 Street Fruit Bow'., Monica Jean Peddie - Mk - Buzzette AF$ - Varsity Volleyball - loves to ski and bike. Aim Sarah Pepper Salt - P.F. Cabinet - Campaigners - Gnms Gress - Creme de Mitts - counselor at Camp Chirho - involved in Hamburger Club - memorable trips out West and Colorado. Linda Jean Perkins -Senior Womens Varsity - member of EMDC Church group -job with Allstate. Julie Lynn Persons Julie P - Co-Captain ol Varsity Cheerteadmg - Homecoming Court - 8-Squad cheerleading - Zombies - memorable trip to Brazil. Gay Susan Peterson Zombies Gnms Gress Varsity Gymnastics - memorable trips to Colorado and Utah. 64These two girls, Sandy Saxton and Sally Woodrow, live up to the senior women's reputation of being desperate for some male companionship. M»k 8radly Peterson - Vice-President of Student Council - Senior Class Treasurer - Student School Board -N.A.S.C Conference - Varsity Oebate - Latin Club Choir President. Mary Elizabeth Peterson - Petro - Co-Captain of Varsity Chetrfeading - P.F. Zombies - 10b at Mornmgside Library. Michael Charles Peterson Var sity Cross Country, Ski-jumping, and Slalom - enjoys hunting, tishmg. and sleeping. Robin Joet Peterson - Robb - Whigrean - Senior and State Student Council President - Varsity Shimming - Youth Service. Scott Bradly Peterson Pete - Varsity Tennis - Latin Club - Explorers - enioys football and tennis. Thomas Steven Peterson Weed - PeeWee enjoys music. Elizabeth Ann Platter - Zibby - Class Secretary - lazz Choir Stuoem Rep. ot P.T.A - Varsity Cheerleader 73-74 - enjoys creative writing and riflery shooting. William Allen Poetiler - Captain Howdy - Stage Band - Edina Environmental Commission MBPN - 0.8 - interesting travels to Hawaii. David Michael Pollock Dave - involved m relipous education - |0b as camp counselor - interesting travels to South Dakota - enjoys tennis and soccer Robert Harrison Porter - Ports - Varsity Soccer I-Ball Beavers -58th Street Fruit Bowl - enjoys hunting and listening to lethro Tull. Susan Mary Potterton - Potts - Images born in Rodesia and emigrated from South Africa - enjoys sewing and embroidering. David John Ptiebe Varsity and Marching Band — enjoys hockey and skiing. 65Elizabeth Ann Quinn - 8eth — E.M.O.C. Gymnastics - job at Allstate. Kenneth Edward Qumn 'Bsg Q" -Varsity Soccer Basketball - A.F.S - Spanish Club -Acolyte Church Group - job at the Cooper Theatre -travels to Brazil. Menco, Portugal, and Israel James Walter Ravetl - "ftavul" Concert and Varsity Band - job at Perkins - enjoys playing monopoly. Debra lee Reese Senior Womens Varsity — member of E.M D.C. - job at Allstate - enjoys biking and skiing. Patrick David Regan - "Regs" Varsity Football member of 1-Ball Beavers - S8th Street Fruit Bowl -planning a trip to Alaska. David Paul Reichmann - Varsity Coll Voung Lite - memorable trip to Europe - plans to attend Anwn3 State. Susan Camilla Reietsgord - Debate Club - F.B.l.E. - National Merit Semi-Finalist -travels to Greece Susan Loree Renne - 11 D CA - job at Oonatdson’s - travels to California - loves tennis and water-skiing. Diana Marie Rethlake — Varsity Band - Latin Club -Senior Womens Varsity job at Gregg s - travels to Greece and Hawaii. Ronald Fredrick Rischmiller - Concert and Marching Bands - security job at the airport - travels to the Bahamas - enjoys scuba-diving, water-skiing, and snow mowing. Susan Elizabeth Rischmiller - "Risch" - D.E. - job at Now and Then - memorable trips to Aspen and Utah -loves to ski. David John Rirrold - "RIZ” - Vaisity Baseball - memorable trip to Taylor Falls enjoys playing the guitar and hockey - plans to attend St. Cloud College CLLivening up mid-morning break, Linda Hines finds herself the victim of Bill Taney and Larry Haus-kins as they proceed to capture and tape her to a post. Susan Jeanne Roberts - Varsity and Marching 8ands Professions Club - travels to Mexico - enjoys music and drawing. 8arry Richard Roche - Clip Varsity Gymnastics - job as a janitor — pians include a motorcycle top out west - enjoys football Gregory Donald Rogers -"Reef" — Varsity Hockey President of E D.T. - I-Ball Softb3li memorable trip up north James Patrick Rooney - Varsity Football 8li«ard - travel to Hawaii -enjoys skiing and girl watching. Peter Henry Rowland Varsity Soccer Captain of Slalom-Ski Team - job as a skimstrutor - memorable ski trips out west. Mary Elizabeth Roy Concert and Marching Bands - P.F. - Gnms Gress - travels to Scandinavia and the Soviet Union - enjoys needlepoint Sheree lee Rudd - Professions Club - Senior Womens Varsity -travels to France - job at Mormngside Library. Richard James Russell - Baseball iun«r year -job as a medical aid - enjoys biking. Mary lou Ryan - job at Edina Care Center - moved to Ed na Irom Canada - enjoys concerts. Sharon lee Sate Band and Orchestra A F.S - job at Jake's Pia a -travels to British Columbia and France - loves art fairs. Susan Claire Sams - Professions Club - Senior Womens Varsity - travels to France known as hurricane Bruce Wan Sandberg - Concert and Marching Bands Co-President of Chess Club - gives trumpet lessons - would like to become an engineer. Pranks Break Up Monotonus Senior Slump 67Dave Reichmann finds that he and his Karmen Ghia are trapped between the photographer and a one way. Hill Raymond Sanders. Thomas Richard Savre - $av - Varsity Basketball and Cross Country - member o( I Ball Beavers and the 58th Street fruit Bout - memorable trip to Boundry Waters — enjoys Jethro Tull. Sandra Ann Saxton - Senior Womens Varsity — Young Life - memorable trip to Boundry Waters in canoe Roi-ane Doris Scarborough - cashier at Target - enjoys parlies and concerts - plans include a trip out west Elizabeth Ann Schaefer - Latin Club travels to England. Ireland. Scotland, and Canada - enjoys skiing and needlepoint. Janet Mary Schall Whigrean Editor - Hornettes - Spanish Club P.f Cabinet - travels to Spam. Colorado - love of donuts and ice-cream - known for manac driving. Bonnie Jean Schlxhter Bon - job at Valley Drug Boundary Waters Canoe trip - loves snow and water skiing Steven VMliam Schmidt Schmitty - Varsity Hockey — member of LO T. - job at freemans - trip to California and Florida Lorna Ann Schnase - Lori Red Rock Stable Club - job al Insurance Co - enjoys working with horses. Mark Schoenfelder. Clinton Alan Schroeder - Clint Band — Varsity Debate Student Council - job as a packer at Jewelmont la-Vonna Lee Schwartz D E sales clerk at Penny's -memorable trip to Cape Cod - loves to write poetry Craig Scofield enjoys hockey and golf - works at Braemar Golf Course Nancy Beth Sedgwick -Sedgie Marching and Concert Band - teaches flute and piano lessons -memorable trip to Colorado - plans to go into music -known for her long hair Zonked Seniors Take A Break On WeekendsHaney Augusta Sedolt Gussie Whigrean Latin Club - P F Grims Gress - memorable trip to Prance John Harold Selvig Marching 8and - job at Target memorable trip to 8WCA - known as Sneaky Petes. David Andrew Senior P.F. - Young Life - Varsity Golf -enjoys music and traveling. Barbara Joan Shelton - Images - Homecoming skit - Young life Juicy Fruits -known as the Rowdy R N women memorable tup to Colorado Michael lee Sheperd Shep - Chou - P.F. Varsity Swimming and Baseball. Steven Philip Sherry Beaver - Varsity Football and Swimming I Bail softball - 10b at H.T.C Martha Jean Sieff Marl's - Whigrean Juicy Fruits - Senior Womens Varsity - |Ob at Record Shop — memorable trip to Holland - plans to attend Stout State and go into Home Ec. — known for her loud laugh James Knute Simmons - Simbo - Orchestra enjoys music and reading. Robert William Srtek President of E O T. job at Holi day Gas Station - plans fo go out West - likes to star gace Corrine Marie Skagerberg memorable trip to Men co - enjoys teaching religion - loves rainbows. Caea Ter-rjrt Smith - Smdty - Choir - President Youth Service - Edma Players - Campus Lite job at Woolwoth's -enjoys writing and skiing — known for PJ's - picket fence Deborah Joane Smith 8unette AFS - Senior Womens Varsity memorable trip to lutsen - plans to be a social worker - loves to ski. Franklin T. Smith - Tad - Student Council - PCA and NRA - enioys hockey and Volleyball - likes to lift weights. Kathreine Ann Smith - Hoot - Zombies P F. - job at Penny's memorable trips to Hawaii. Greece, and Menco Margaret Mary Smith - President ot Pep Club - Bunette — Senior Womens Varsity known for her duck sneece. Cindy Beth Snell - job at Poppm Fresh -plans to attend Colorado University - enioys skiing and tennis. James Loomis Sowle enjoys trick skiing hunts and does woodwork, Todd Russell Spencer — member of J.C.OA - was in Marching Band - job with manufacturing Co. - enjoys free ja« mslruments. Kathleen Marie Spoodis - Choir - works as a dental assistant plans include nursing at St. Teresa in Winona - enjoys cooking, cake decorating, and gymnastics. Paul Mark Stadnik — lebeau - choir - job at Byerly's enioys bowling, camping, archery, and roller skating. Jayne Frances Staler - Cross-Country skiing job at lancer's - memorable trip to Florida. Ancona, and New York - wants to travel Theodore Eugene Stark - Soccer - P.F Cabinet - trips to Colorado. South Dakota, and Boundary Waters canoe trip - Seminary planned in the luture Steven James Stillwell Bunette AFS trav eh to New York City. California. Washington. Wyoming, and Fargo — 0.8 Lynn Carol Stoakes -Drum Major - Band - Senior Womens Varsity - tup to Greece - wants to go to I.T. at the University. 69A group of senior girls find that the first snowfall is always a good time to let out their school tensions. Sabina Ellen Stollz 8inn:e - Bad - French Voyagers - job at CameJot - girl scouts - enpys camping. Melissa Jean Stone - Stoney - AFS - Varsity Volleyball and Track enjoys eating, acting squirrelly. and concerts. Mary Kirsten Storlie Kris - President of Edina Players AFS - Track - plans include studying the theater -trips to Hawn. Vail. Meiico. and St- Paul - known for her laughter and immitatton of Charo. Linda Carol Struthers -Lindy - Choir - O.E. treasurer — FBLE - teller at Citi-zan State 8ank - hates peanut butter. Suzanne Patrice Student - Whigrean editor - Varsity Cheerleadmg - Homecoming court - skiing instructor - N.C.T.E. - likes to jog. Mark Steve Sulander - E-Flat Student School Board - Band - P.A. announcer -backpacking in Wyoming and trip to Kansas City — Continental kid. Joseph Andrew Sullivan Sully - Images Park board hockey and football — Varsity Baseball -wants to play pro baseball. Mark Scott Suttle - Suts Varsity Cross country trips to Florida. Canada, and Hawaii - enjoys fishing, softball, and movies. lisa Louise Swanson - Edma Players - travels include the United Stales. Europe, and South America enjoys skiing, biking, and the guitar. Karen Elizabeth Sweetland -Sweetie - Aqua Nymphs — Co-captain of Varsity Swimming - likes to water and snow ski - Creme de Mitts -Coot - Zombies - loves to stare and wolf. Cart Gregory Swendseen - Swendenson - Varsity Tennis and Skiing - Student Council enjoys hunting and waterskiing. Roberta Jo Swenson - Ribbon - Hornettes - Band -Creme dc Mitts - trip to Greece plans include Iowa State - enjoys water skiing. Energy Is Used By Seniors In A Variety Of Ways 70 l«hn Elias Symchych - Simmy 1400 mile canoe trip through Canada - enjoys skiing and playing the guitar. Sagita Tandon Nancy - Girl Scout - |Ot at Me-Oonalds - Indo-American Club - immigrated Irom India. Bill lenard Taney - B.l. - Varsity Basketball - Home coming Chairman - 1-Ball Sollball - Geeks - job at Cahill Garden - Royal order ot the ■'Turtles" Carol lean Tamil - O.E Professions Club - job at Braun Engineering travels to Sp3in. Caroline Helen Tarboi Concert and Varsity Bands Latin Club Treasure - travels to Europe - enjoys hockey and tennis. Susan Taylor - A.F.S -Drama immigrat ed from Wates - loves to write and dance. Susan Giere Tetsberg F 8 LL memorable trip to New York -lom to water-ski and needlepoint. Douglas Morgan Tharp Whigrean - AF.S. - iob at lakeside travels lo Colorado and Canada David Thomas Thayer - Band Varsity Football - trip to Omaha - enjoys back-packing and playing Monopoly Deborah Kay Thompson - Professions Club - job it Edina Country Club - camping trip to Canada enjoys horseback riding Lloyd Milton Thomdyke - Butch -Varsity Wrestling - 1-Ball sollball travels to Germany and France - "Red Baron". Lois Arlene Timm Hornetles - prls softball - travels lo France and Aspen - JPL. Teen Corps provides many ways for Lori Carmichael and Nancy Erickson through learning experiences, to help others in need. Dale William Tracy — Vo-Tech job at Target - enjoys racing cars and also plans to own a body shop someday. John Trojohn - member of B.O.S. - Captain of the Table Tennis Team - job with Sibley Co. - enjoys the piano and golf. Kim Wayne Ufford Latin Club - Oebate — Sports Car Club of U.S. - job at Mr Steak Robert Mark Vaalev - Golf - Table Tennis - Spanish Club - B.D.S. - job at Cicero's - canoe trip in Canada - enjoys cross country skiing. 71Kathy Ann Van Biocklm - Senior Womens Varsity -intramural softball - yob at Woolworths - enpys horseback tiding and horse shows. John Vanko Varsity Soccer Hockey — enjoys playing and singing with the guitar. Joseph Edward Van Ois Bundle - job at Woo! worths -travels to Chicago - enjoys poetry, songwriting, and camping Susan Kaye VanSomerson — Rabbit Concert 8and Senior Womens Varsity - travels to North Carolina and Washington loves cross-country skiing Jane Van Vaikenburg - Concert Band - Latin Club -camp counselor in the summer - job at Target - traveis to Mexico and Greece - President of 0 F.f.H B Lawrence Anthony Vecchi Professions Club - Young life - Park board hockey plans to attend St. Cloud College Mark Volpe Band M.Y.O. - Shuberl Club - |Ob at The Childrens Theatre Bruce Volvtad enjoys music Emotions show on the face of Captain Brad Colbert after he finishes a very: ..;.h but rewarding Varsity Soccer game. Gad Von Orashek - V.O. - Hornettes - P.F. - Grims Gress — O.F.F. - H.B. - Senior Womens Varsity. Mark Charles Walker - Varsity Football -Varsity Track — enjoys back-packing. Patricia Jean Wallers - Zombies - Senior Womens Varsity - Pep Club — plans to attend the U. of Pago Pago -engraving awards. Sue Mary Ward - Wardo - Aqua Nymphs - Senior Womens Varsity Buuette - job at Daytons - loves to water-ski. 72Brad Stewart Warne Varsity Ski Jumping - enjoys hunting, camping. parties, and skiing Doug Warner III -v Kip - works at Unpainted Place - enjoys ski ng and guitar David Stuart Weatherhead Head Marching and Varsity Band plans to attend the University ol Minnesota memorable trip to Hawaii lisa Dianne Webb -Webber - Aqua Nymphs Vice-President - Zombies works at Freeman's Mens Store memorable tup to Pago Pago lames Thomas Weidt Wheat - job at Bachmans -memorable trip to Duluth Ice Races - known lor his tag mouth - tr.fiys biking and skung Joy Christine Welch -works key punching - plans include the studying and teaching ol the clarinet - enioys skiing and swimming. Diaru Louise Westerberg Westy - Varsity Cheerleading - Zomfcses - memorable tup lo Colorado - enjoys skating and loves lo wolf. Margaret Lynn Westermin Peg tf - Pookie works at Side Walk Cale plans on mere mg and working -enjoys tennts and walking. Adam Campbell White - Manager ol Varsity Football. Hockey, and Baseball Wendy Christine White works at Two Two - would like to travel out West and lo Europe alter graduation Jacquelyn Rae Wiersema - Jay - O.E Vice-President — worked at European Health Spa - interesting travefc to Florida. Omaha, Greece Gary Stench Assooaton Eric Lowell Wigdahl - E.D.T. - I Ball soft-ball - E SA - memorable trips lo Colorado and Mon taiu - enjoys skiing and camping A great football victory is evident at this game as shown by fans John Hippe, Zibby Platter, and Janny Schall. 73 75 Blizzard Makes For Roughest Weekend Since ’40Kathryn Collins Williams - Kitty - Student School Board Young Life - Senior Womens Varsity - 10b at Camelot - plans to attend cooking school in Switzerland - enjoys skiing and horseback riding. Joni lee Williamson - Chamber. Swing, and Concert Choirs - Vice'President of Youth Service - Edina Players - Senior Womens Varsity - 3 year Queen of AV Richard Winstron Wilmert — Ski Club - Golf - involved with the YMCA - plans to be a Forestry Pilot. Working diligently on her art project. Betsy Mammel tries her hardest not to break up before the camera. lay A. Wilt . Thomas Adam Wires - P.f, —Varsity Base ball - enjoys water skiing known as "Barney Phife". Nancy Jean Woodley Varsity Cheerleading Senior Womens Varsity - contact - Zombies - known as Coot Jargon Sarah Hogan Woodrow - Young life - P.F, -Senior Womens Varsity - job at Valley View Drug -Boundary Waters Canoe Trip - known as Queeney. Michael Woolsey - E..D.T. - I-Ball softball - plans to attend St. Cloud College - memorable tup to Florida — known as the Hardguy Elizabeth Mary Wray - Whigrean - latin Club - Professions Club - Church Group -job at Dell Fabrics - trip to Finland - lores fo sew and munch MSM's Lisa louise Young - enjoys pottery -trips to Teas and Indiana -loves to play the guitar and paint. Michael Young. Final Pages . . . 74 74 Cheryl Louise Youngrtn - Girls Chorus plans to visit Greece - loves to travel and horseback ride William Patrick Zeman - “2" - Varsity Basketball - 58th Street Fruit Bowl - enioys music and jogging spends memo rabte times at his cabin Jeanne Sue Zieper Zeep -Hornettes - Professions Club - P F - A.I PM -Creme De Mitts memorable trips to Montana and Wyoming - "Cipher". Already having scored with the shake lady. Pat Regan, hamming it up. smiles flirtatiously at the photographer. NOT PICTURED: Catherine Brochard Michael Burt William Dunne Charles Fletcher Michaet Fredrichs Mark Gode Jim Grogan Tami Hammitt Brian laehn Stephen lamperl Brian McGra Gary Schultz Richard Seaman Wayne Thompson Debbie Volstad Oouglas Warner Olga Jean Zion Kate Louise Ziessler - Pep Club - Zombies - Creme De Milts loves pickles and marachmo cherries yob at Southdale 8anh. Randal Zimmerman - enjoys sluing and biking Lotti Zits - job as a tester for Clearasil Co memorable trips down Whitehead Ml - Professional Pun pie Club President. Robert Jay Zollars - C.B.F.T Varsity Golf - park board |0b in the summer — plans to attend Arizona State - memorable trip to Florida Year 75 Mark The Final 75Senior Smiles Gone In A While 76Juniors Think Of 75 As A Time Of Reflection 8081Juniors Vibrate In And Out Of Edina East Crisp autumn weather, a swing set, and no one around, is much to tempting a set-up for Sally Oetschlager, Mary Carter, and Kay Mielke to resist. Adams, Susan Anderson. Cheryl Anderson. Collin Anderson. David Anderson. Janet Anderson. Todd Aries, Jennifer Arnold Adone Arnold William Aldernink. Donna Babb. Teresa Bailey. 81II Barry, Kristen Bartlett. Leslie Basil. Christopher Batten. James Baukmght. Mark Bthning. William Bayer, Sandra BeckJey. Caren Bellair. David Benner. Colleen Benson. Nancy Benz. Julie Berdahl. James Berg. Kristen Berkbiglei. Rik Bigelow. Mary Bissonette. Steve Bjerken. Todd Blancharl. Sam Bohn. Ted Bowen. Robert 8ranslord, Richard 8recht. Marianne Brink, Pat Brose. Ken Brown. Andy 8rown. Mike Brown. Robert Brown. Robert Bransell. Jane Buckley. Paul Burke. Jim Burley. Martin Burt, Matt Byrd, Richard Cardie. Kathy CatJsen. Mary JoStudent Coucil Members work on the homecoming display, while others scan the old Whigreans. Carlson. Jell Carlson. Scott Carmichael. Lmda Carter. Linda Carter. Mary Catier. Nancy Cavonor. Paul Cederholm. Patty Chapman. Candy Chapman. Todd Chastek. Matt Christenson, Emily Clausen, Amy Colburn. Linda Collins. Cindy Comb. Jim Connell. Lisa Coi. Jocelyn Coi. Robert Craig. Jell Cramer, Karen Crowley. Karen Cullen, Mark Daniels. Nancy Daum, Mark fames. Dwight delambert. 8ob Delaney. Tom Diamond. Tony Dimmerman, Jay Doepke. Ann Ooleial. Jim Downey. Mark Dubois, Jody Dunne. Mike Edleman, Diana Edwards. Jeanette Edwards. Robyn Eicher. Robert Ellmgson. Erik Engle. Laurie Engelbert, Darid Engelbert, Laura Engle. Janet Engler. Lee Etbes. Mike Erdall, Donald Erdall, James farmer. Janet farnham. Robert Feck. Penny field. Doug field. Jack Field. Terry Fischer, Trudi Flaskamp. Thomas Flynn. Brian Flynn, Daniel 83Ford. Carolyn Foster. Jeff Foy. Barbara Fraatr. Paul Freeman, Doug Fretberg. Barbara During his lunch hour Pete Hedberg diligently tries to get his homework assignment done before his class begins. Fried, John Fronk.Ann Fuller. Mary Gaasedeten. Jon Gempler. Timothy George. Stephanie Gernbacher. Steve Gerrie. Rebecca Ghostley. Barbara Godfrey. Curt Gotschall.Anne Grafclman, Glen Gregoiy. Michael Guest, 8rett Grimsby. Charles Grohnhe. Robert Guetrke. Thomas Gunderson, Richard Gustafson. Debra Hadleigh-West. Margaret Hagen. Richard Hall. Anne Maine . Brent Hanlon, Elubeth Hansen. Marcy Hansen, Mark Hanson. Mary Hanson. Valerie Harmon. Joanne Harty. Susan Hastings. Oave Hayes. Thomas Hedberg. Peter Hcegaatd. Julie Hegnauer. Cathy 84Some Juniors Study While Others Sit Around Hegnauer. Colleen Heinrich. Gerald Hendrickson. Barry Hershey. Robert John Hughes turns to Matt Ikola for assistance in solving many of his very difficult Alge bra II problems, but Matt seems baffled too. Hewer. Robert Hmiher. Julie Hoi. Michael Hoffman. Timothy Holtum. Andrew Hoppe. Steve Horstman, Tammy Hougnon. Michele Howard. Donald Hrdlichka. Cindy Hughes. Jon Humphries. Cary Hylton. Mark Ikola. Matthew Jackson. Diane Jacobs. JHI Jacoby. James Jahn. Russell Jamieson, Nancy Jensen. Dawn Jensen. Gary Johns. Oebra 85Johnson, Brad Johnson, Dale Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Kathleen Johnson. Kendal Johnson. Lynn Johnson. Martha Johnson. Patti Johnson. Rhotfy Jones. Tom Jordon. John Jordon. Patricia Kalantan. Michelle Kemtske. Jane Kaplan. Gregory Kelly. Colleen Kelly. James Kelly. Patricia Kiel. Paul King. Gregory Klmgensmith, Ion Knutson. Mark Kolars. Paul Kondrick. Chris Kosters. Wayne Kouatli. Susan Kuenslar. Laura Kuenrli. Pete Kuhlmann. Frederick Kuna, Walter Kvam. Randi Landen. Linda Landis, lisa Larson. Ann Larson. David Latourell. Lee Leary. Ann Lees. Kim Anne lehar. Patricia Lennick. Bruce lichy. Kevin Liebeler. JoAnne Liedl, Patrick Lmdborg. Nancy Lmderholm. Debra Logstrom, Dennis Lomauro, Chris Lorimer, Bonnie Luebke. Cynthia Lundeen.John MacLean, Robert Matey. Mary Ann Manske. Jill Trying to help each other study for a test. Kris and Sue Muske decide they are really not in the mood. They find it very hard to be serious. 86Juniors Try To Get Their Work Done In School In algebra, Brett Griest finds that it's not as easy as he thinks when he begins his assignment. Manthey. Gary Marmovich, Merrif Markun. Jayne Marshall. Bruce Martin. Lisa Massopust, Martha Masterson. Scott Mastor. Michael Mattson. Cheryl Mayberg. Barb Mayville. Michael McCambudge. Boh McCarthy. Molly McDonald. Tim McNellis. Judith Meadcn. Karen Merritt. Kevin Mertes. John MicUeson. Lynn Midke. Kay Miller. Charles Miller. Emily Miller. Sue C. Miller. Susan L Mills. Eric Molta. Emil Monteleone. Seb Towne Moran. Carolyn Moran. Patricia Mork. Sury Morrison, Scott Muske. Kris Muske. Sue Nass. Jennifer Nellermoe. Darcy Nelson, Linda Nelson. Philip Nelson. Robert Nerheim. Brian Nilles. Greg Notd. Bernadette Norgren. Jeffrey O'Connell. Kay O'Connor, Maty O'Connor, Patrick O’Donoghue. Dave Oelschtager. Salty O'Leary. Richard Olson, David Olson. Jenny Olson, Randi Ohon.Tim Olson. Tom Ordeman, Bill Orfeild. Mary Orlady. Skip 87Some Juniors Ham It Up In The School Halls Orrben. Debbie Onley, Mike Pace. Cindy Palmehn. Lawrence Palmer. Kristen Patrioif. Judith Paulson. Julie Paulsen. Todd Pearson. Thomas Pedicim. lea Pendergast. Kevin Petersen. Steve Peterson. Aileen Peterson. Mary £ Peterson. Mary £ Pita. Mary Pitrer. Sanford Pollock. Susan Preksto. Colleen Prestrud. M3tk Prior. Nancy Pumilia. Marcy Putman. Michael Quintan. Kate Ransbottom. Sheryl Rauth. Rosemarie Randlo, Anthony Reed, Keith Re.ersgord. Robert Rhoads. Martha Richards. Kevan Riley. Nancy Ritchie. Mark Rivall. Peter Roberts. Paul Robertson. Scott Rolschau. Jeffrey Ronald. Mike Ronnei. Scott Roth. John Roughton. Elizabeth Rudstrom. Lon Russel. Tom Stopping to talk on the stairway. Lisa Connell and Merrie Mari novich find themselves being pushed on. 88Sams. David Sams. Ooug Sandberg. Ion Sanlilippo. Robert Saxton. Scott Schauffhausen, lee Schnobrich. 8 ll Schoentelder. Matt Schwalbe. Lynn Schwarz. Carrie Seats. Cathy Sellers. Pamela Selvig. Tom Semenliewit . Peter Silas, Scott Sirany. Steve Sirany. Sue Slosser. Katrin Smama. Darin Smead. Peter Smith. Altyson Smith. John Smith, Katherine Smith. Mark Smith. Pamela Smith. Penny Smith. Tom Sorem. Julie Sonte. Teri Stephens. Monica Stevens. Tony Stocke. 81II Stoutenbuigh. Damet Struthers. Lisa Struthers. Mark Stryke. Steve Sturges, Deborah Stynk, Ewe 89Juniors Like Being Involved With School Work Junior Class Officers — Tom Pearson, Vice President; Linda Colburn, Secretary; Gref Yeager, Treasurer; Barb Mayberg, President. Sunberg. Richard Sundeii. Dame) Suttle.JiM Sweaaey. John Swendsetfl, Nancy Swenson, Nancy Swift, Rita Symchych. Margot Srarrynski. Lori Taykir. Marcia Taylor. Tern Teegen.Sue Thing. Kristi Thompson. Jeffrey Thompson. Fred Tongen. Michael Trudeau, 8etsy Turnbull. Jeffrey Vanberkcm. Mary VanBrocMm. Kenneth VanHercke. Thomas Vigdal. John Voelker. Susan VoWad. Charles Voss. Gregory Walborg. Bonita Walker. Meiamc Walker. Scott Waller. Deb. Walther. Mark Wambold. Amie Ward, Michael 90Warner. Amy Warner. Diane Watson. Frederick Weimer. 8rel Wescott. Barb West. Julie White. John Whitehead. Laura Whitefcouse. Patti Whitley. Bill Williams. Laura Williams. Molly Wilson. Paul Wilson. Tom Wolff. William Womack. Molly Woodley. Steve Yaeger. Gregory Young. John Zech. Paul Ziessier. Susan Zoyers. Robert 91 Edina Hornet Junior Varsity football players Bob McCambridge, from their strenuous afternoon practice to pose for a picture Steve Brock, and Jack Field take a short, but relieving break and catch their breath.Sophomores Find Time To Have A “Little” Fun 93Abbey. Stephan Adams. Susan Adolphson. Robert AM. Gary Ahl. Shari Alerreos. Jayne Allen. Lori Ann Anderson, Barbara Anderson. Beilina Anderson, John Anderson. Lynn Anderson. Margaret Anderson. Sara Anderson. William Applequist. Evan Avery. Mark Babb. Harold Backus. Michael Bailey. Kathleen Bailey. Kimberly Barden. David Basil. Mary Bateman. Tracy Bausman. James 8ayers, lames 8eal. John Becker. Tom Belkin. Scott Beiienve. Annette Benson. Gergpry 8erg. Ferd Bigelow. Dawn Bjerken. Brett Bjorklund. Gary Blanch. Katherine Bloom. Maty Bohl. David Bolin. Lori Bonner. Richard Bordewick, James Jr. Boubeik. Debi Boyle. Donald Braddock. Dale Brady. 8ruce 8rady. Ronald Brasch, Eric Braucr. Eliaabeth Brauer. Sonia Sophomore class officers. Mike Maney, Lori Olson. Maureen Smith, and Bill Spalding have a productive meeting in the sandbox. 94Class Sentiment Expressed By Class Officers Braun. Joseph Brtnny. Carol Bndenstme. Ted 8roback, Mary Brock. John Brose. Kimberly Brown. Beckie Brown. Melissa Burbidge. Steven Burke, Thomas Burley. Brad Bumnett, Stephen Burns. Steven Busdicker. Karla Cardie. James Carlson. Ooris Carlson. Oavid Carlson. Julie Carlson, Tammy Carpenter. Julie Carrico, Cart Carroll. Laura Carroll. Stephen Castellano, Roberta Oaranaugh. Joseph Chapman. Camille Chapman. Tim Chedister. Susan Christensen. Jill Chnstenson, Pa ge Clark. Chris Clark, Kathleen Clay. Joel Code. Gary Colihan. Cathleen Comstock. Mark Cracraft. William Crawley, Nancy Cummings. Clyde Curry. Paul Curtis. Gary Curtis. Mary Oale. Cynthia Oale. Matthew Davek. Steven Davey. Scott Davidson, Lynn Davies. Linda Dege. Jeffrey Denman. Walter Desotelle. Janene Devroy. Patricia Dimmerman. Michelle Dorn. David Dornblaser. 8right Dorsey. David 95Sophomore Girls Splurge During Their Break Edmondson. Linda Eefma. Karen Eidsmo, Nancy Eischens. Daniel Eisenbrey. Mary Engelkmg, Steven Engsminger. Wendey Erickson. Martha Erickson, Todd Ervin. Bruce Elrwiler. Lisa Evans. Jenny Evon. Cynthia Fagre. Michelle Fesenmaier. Maria Field Jane Field. Kathy Fish. Diane Flynn. Molly Flynn. Sharon Flynn. Timothy Fore. Melenie Foster. Steven FrankJin, Lynn Fraser. David Fraser. John Fricker. Carol Working hard. Jenny McKibben and Teresa Korbas attempt to prove Geometry is tough when doing proofs. Sophomore girls find that the mid-morning break supplies them with their candy needs for the whole day. %While Gordy Hampson attempts to translate a question on a worksheet. Jerry Sitek searches for an answer to it in the book. Ftonk, Thomas Frykman. Oavid Fulco, lane Frey. John Gallagher, lames Garber . Ann Baffled by some perplexing history events. Mary Bloom turns to Polly Peterson, hoping she can render assistance. Gilkey. Steve Gierstad. Steven Gleason. Kim Gleason. Robert Gmitro. Karen Gmitro, Kathryn Gardner. George Gempler, Karla George. Phillip Gernbaeher. William Genral. Ion Gethin. Laurie Gibson. Douglas 97Sophomores Try Their Best To Be Hard Guys Gohlke, Bre«t Grafelman. Leslie Grandbois. Janet Grandquist. James Gray. Brian Griffiths. Robert Gruys. John Gammell. Laurie Hadley. Peggy Hagen. Kevin Hall. Mike Hall. Nikolas Hall. Peter Hammitl. Kyle Hampson. Gordon Hansen. Kimberly Hanske. Anne Harmon. Jeff Harpestad. Jenny Harris, Delores Haugland. Mark Haworth, Nancy Hayes. William Hedges. Steve Hempel, Michelle Hemstad. Peter Hennessy, Thomas Henwood. Tim Herman, Dan Hersey. Edith Heraog, Karen Higgins. John Hildreth. Mark Hirschey. Lynn Hiserodt. Scott Hoak, Thomas Hodges. Cynthia Hoffman. Doug Horecki, Richard Hsu. Peter Huff. Kathy Hughes. Paul Hurvstmger. Jane Hustad. Cheryl Hulesek. Lori Iverson. Debra Jacobson. John Jacoby. Robert Jamieson, Richard Jeffris. James Jenewesn. Sue Jensen. Christine Passing time during lunch. Met Pearson, Danny Johnson, John Higgins, and Dave Dorsey find an interesting new hobby, staring at people. 98Jensen. Michelle Jeronimos. Kathi Johnson. Dan Johnson. Dune Johnson. Julie Johnson. Pamela Johnson. Philip Johnson, Seth Johnson. Shea Johnson. Steve Jones. Ann Jortenson. Robert Kalantari. Lawrence Kan en. Scott (Lamps. Lynn Kasper. Robert (Cattleman. Kim Kavanaugh. Michele Keegan. Wanda Kegel. Ross Keith. Alison Kelly. Shannon Kemplter. Barb King. Mary Kmtop. Teresa Kittleson. Gregg Kleve. Lavonne Knowles. Sandra Kotars. Maura Kool. Cnsti Korbos. Theresa Kosters. Jay Koss. AJeiander Kovach, Dean Kuehn. Annette Kuenster. Carrol Kuntz. Elizabeth Landis. Peter Larsen. Richard Larson. Gloria Larson. Jan Larson. Katnna Lauen. Metmda laughlin. Mary layeui. Timothy Leighton. Elizabeth Leslie. Peter limbeck. Marc lindberg. Bradley Lmdbtom, lisa Lindquist. Theresa tinner. Elizabeth Litchfield. Thomas looey. James stead of going to lunch. Sue Adams, accompanied by Mickey Olson and Jeanne Wattson find rd floor a good place to study for an upcoming test. 99Long. Penny Loomis. Jane lorimer. left Ludvigson. Noel Luge . Dave Lund. Thomas Lyall. JeJIrey MacHotda. Edward V-Kken. John MacLennan. Dave Maley. Michael Mane . Michael Manske. Lon Marshall. Julie Marshall. Kelly Martin. Manbetn Man. Elirabeth Maslor. John Malhison, Kirk McElligott, Christopher McGarvey. Sue McGraw, Dame) McKibben. Jenny McNamara. Anne McNamara. Brent McNamara. Katie Mead. Marsha Meeker. Hugh Melander. Joyce Menckel. Maureen Mertes. Ann Mertes, Anne Meyer. Ginny Meyers, Richard Miller. Judy Moffa. Michael Monte. Mark Mooney. Carol Moore. James Morgenson. Elizabeth Morine. Virginia Mulkern. Dane Myers. Rebecca Naab. Elizabeth Neison, Dawn NHson. Ronald Nestle. Susan Nevers. Gordon Nerbeck. Sherri Nyc. Daniel O'Connor. Eileen Oelschlager. Amy Ohm. David Ohnstead, Alison Olsen. Lori Olsen. Lynn Olson, Diane Olson. Jeffrey Olson. Rae Lynn Olson. Kris Olson. Karen Olson. Scott Olson, Michefte The Homecoming button sellers show an example to a prospective customer. tooOstlund. William Otto. Paul Olt. Terrance Overby. Charles Paptow. Robert Patera. Mary Patten. 115a Pataloll. Mark Paugh. David Pear$on. Metvin Pearson, Robyn Peet. Mark Pehrson, Julie Pepper. Stephen Peterson. Brett Peterson. Gary Peterson. Jane Peterson. John Peterson. Polly Petty. l«sa Pierce. James Pitier. Neil Plummer. Marcu Portlier. James Prestrud. Kathy Prtckman. Thomas Qu«nn. Bruce Qu.nn. Thomas Ramler. Steve Reierson, Renee Renwick, Foster Reynolds. Connie Richards. Casey Richards. Robert Risvotd, Annette At the exciting Homecoming pepfest sophomore Jeff Vlaming alias T.P. represents a bandie and toilet papers the gym. Homecoming Thrills Put Sophomores In FrenzySophomores Find Time To Relax Between Classes During the passing time Steve Ramler and Maureen Smith After a long hour. Lulu Basil and Pete Rivell show interest in last hour's lesson and are find an uncrowded place to talk. getting very involved in the assignment. Rooney, Daniet Roberts. Richard Robertson. Mary Rogers. Nancy Rocs. Robin Roskam. Catherine Rutherford. Robert Sallen, Nathan Sandvih. Gretchen Schali. Dtane Schoenecker. Robert Schroeder. Barb Schroeder. Mary Scoggin. Paul Seidenstncker. Thomas Sena. Valerie Serton. Michael Shackle, Louise Shaver. Virginia Shaw, tames Shea. Kathleen Sheely. Paul Shepherd. Peggy Sideil. Philip Silber. Ned Silseth. Nancy Simmons. Randy Simmons. Scott Simpson, Matthew Sitek. Jerry Skageberg. Jod Smith. Archie Smith. Maureen Smilh, Paul Smith, Paula Solhe. Steven Soltau. Steven Sorem. Kim Spalding. William 102Sperides, Nicholas Spoodis. Michael Squires. Jane Stairs. Lori Stewart. Robert Stewart. Michael Stinkamp, Jennifer Stinson, lisa Sundt. Oavid Supplee. Richard Svakovsky. Mark Swanson. David Swanson. James Swanson. Marion Sweder. Margaret Swenson, Mark Swift, Catherine Tandon. Sum.l Taylor. Steven Termlliger. David Tcynor. John Tharp. Sharon Thayer. Jonathan Thomas, 8rian Thompson. Octira Thompson. Roseann Thompson. Thomas Thorndyke, Keith Tiejen. Susie Trojohn. Lynn Trosin. Christopher Ulsacker. Sandra Untiedt. James Vaaler. David Vacant.. Mark Van Benthuysen, Scott Vanderplaats. Scott Van Valkenburg. John Vaughn, Timothy Vesgaard, Connie Vlaming. Jeff VoeJker. Christine Voss. Bruce Wachsmuth, John Wagner. Craig Walburg. Steven Walker. George Walsh. Peter Warmath, William Wartchow. Karen Wattson. Jeanne Weatherhead. Scott Weikert. Jeffrey Wentworth. Cynthia Wescott, William West. James Wheeler. Jane Wheeler. Julie Whitehead. Kristi Wiersema. Dianne Wigdahl. Laura Williams. Thomas Wrfson. Maja Windhorst, David Woehrle. Paul Wolf. Jeffrey Wollang. Beth Woolsey. Matthew Woodley, Matthew Woodrow. Thomas Wnght. Catherine Wunder. HoOy 103104Freshmen Have A Fantastic Time In The Big House 105Abrams. Mark Aksamit. Rand AJfonsus. Steven Allen. Geoffrey Amble. Curt Anderson, Cheryl Anderson. Nancy Aries. Phil Atneson. Martha Aulik. Gary Bachman, Charlie Bang. Pamela Bankey. Lisa Barklmd. Anita 8arry. Colleen Barton. Carol 8auman. Jim Baumgartner. Bonnie Benson. Laurie 8enr. Jim Berdahl, Jon Berkbigler. Vikki Bingham, Jack Bivens. Karen Bjerken. Dave Blake. Kathy Blake. Bob Bleahu. Michelle Bockley. Todd Bogner. Kim Bohrer. Kirsten Bolin, Dare Bowles. Lon 8radley. Carol 8raun. Teresa 8renna. Kristin Brink. Tim Bros. Kim Brosius. Jean Brown. Diane Brown. Earle Brown. Mike Buckley. Karen Call. Chris Cameron. Jane Cardie. Tom Carlson. Sharon Carrico. Tom Carter. Bonnie Cassin. Dave Cassm, Jane Cauble. 8ruce Attempting to fully awaken himself with coffee. Mike Olson begins to enjoy the early hour at mid morning break. 106Mid-Morning Break Is A New Experience Chapman. Mike Chedister, Imda Childs. Sieve Christenson. Eric Christian. Nancy Church. Pat CUpp. Gregg Ctemmer. Ooug Coates. Martha Cobb. Dave Cohen. Laurie Coleman, Paula Connel. Tim Coi. Sarah Cracratt. Edward Crane. Bob Crosby. Barb Crose. Deland Dale. Krtssy Darrell. Trudy Delaney. Terry Derudder. Dan Desotdlee. Jolmda DeVries. Doug Dissmeyer. Carol Oomhe. Steve Domke. Sue Donnelly. Mark Domblaser. Merry Dossett. Debbie Oudley. Jim Egge. Joyce Eischens. Dave El ken. John Ellmgson. Jean Ellmgson. Patti Engler. Angela E"glund. James Engstrom. Roll Enlow, Melissa Esbensen. George FaHon. Mike Farmer. Joanne Feck. Dave Fetaek. Dave Field. Fred Fmnane. Kelly Flom. Sarah Flor. Jon Flory. Kathy FFynn. David Foster. LeighFrawfey. Sally Fredrickson. Kent Friborg. Mary Fuller. Kurt Gaasedelen, Karen Gamble. Tom Gambrel. Kirk Gelhin. Susan Gilkey. Michelle Gluek. Cynthia Godlrey. Sue Greensweig. Daniel These three boys try to be hard guys but when it comes to picture taking Pete Otness cannot hold back his laughter. Grestad. Tom Griest. Vicki Griswold. Kim Grodmck. Marcia Gross. Deidre Gunderson, Sharon Gustafson. Lori Gulknecht. Melanie Hall. Dan Hall. James Hall. Sam Hanske. John Freshmen class officers: Paul VanValkenburg, treasurer; Mary Zieper, secretary Chris Larson. V. President: Phil Sieff, Pres. 108Sports Become A Big Thing With The Freshmen Hanson. Bruce Hanson, Jocelyn Hanson, Kenn Hanson. Michelle Hamson. David Hayes, Jean Healh, Bradley Hedberg. Carrie Heiam.Sue Heidkamp. Chns Hendrickson, Todd Hield, Susan Hill. Marcu Hines. Joe Hirschey. John Hjelle. Kns Holker, Stephanie Holm. Karla Holmen. Chns Horovit . Kathy Hougnon. Maty Hoyer. Nancy Hughes. Margaret Humphries. Walker Hunnmghake. Denise Hymes. Mike Ikota. Steve Ives, Tim Janssen. Ed Jarchow. Kurt Jensen. Curtis Jensen. Jett Jirsa. George Johnson, Julie Johnson. Karl Johnson. Larry Johnson. Marty Johnson. Pam Johnson. Paul Johnson. Scott Johnston. Jean Johnstone. Bruce Jones. Nancy Joyce. Tom Katanian. Jeanette Kapsaits. Peter Kegd. Ann Kelly. Mary Kelly, Tom Kemplfer. Pal Kittleson. Suanne Klos. Steve Knowles. Mark Knutson.Sue Kendrick. Denise Kool, Cassie Krian, Paul Krogseng. Pam Kunr. Dave Laehn. Tracy lagerstrom. Ron Lambert. Carol Larson. Ann Mane Larson. Chris Larson, Emily Larson. Sarah Larson. Sue Lawson. Oavid Lees. Allison Lemieui. Tom Lenmck. Sieve Lewis. Sarah 109Lichy. Stacie Liedl. Knsti lilenquist. fior.da LifldberR. Mark Lmdborg, Tom lindemann. David Lindquist. Tom Lovass. Scott Ludvigson. Tod lundeen, David Lundfreo. Tanya Maclerman, Steve Mammel. Nancy Manfred. David Marquardt. Gregg Marinovich. Mara Marshall. Andy Marlin. Philip Martinson, Karin McClain. Doug McCtung. Michefle McDermott. Trudy McElrath, Ooug McNeil. Chris Meeker. Brian Mdander. Eric Mellema. Robert Merickel. Marci Michael. Mary Michael. Sue Miller. Glenn Miller. Kathy Miller. Mike Miller. Tom Mitchefl. John Montgomery. Tim Montilmo. Lisa Moore. Tammy Mooty. Paul Mork. Molly Moyer, Jenny Myers. Sue Nelson. Ann Nelson. Carry Nelson, lore Nelson. Vicky Nerheim. Kathy Nevin. Sarah Neuman. Mike Nickander, Kim Niday. Brent Nilles. Itsa Norman. Kirsten Nygaard, Greg O'Donoghue. Matt Olson. Ginny Olson. Mike Omestad. Tom Orenstem. Amy Ortield. M3rk 110 Homecoming button seller Phil Aries utilizes his own special ized techniques for getting customers.Freshmen Show-off In High School Atmosphere Orth. Oeborah Otness. Pete Overby. Mm Pate. Bill Page. Michelle Paulson. Jerry Pauly. Phillip Payne. Jett Penner. Cici Perlm, Gary Person. Kristi Peters. Jett Peterson, Karen Peterson, Paul Peterson. Rosemary Peterson. Bril Plutrenreute . Laura Pittman. Mary Platter. Ben Platter. Jenny Porter. Sue Poulton. Dvnght Preston. Sue Quinlan. Pat Typical Freshmen attitude is shown in this picture as a group of ninth grade girls cluster for the photographer. Quinlivan. Ray Ramler. Oeanne Randlo. Mark Ready. Chris Recke. Jim Reed. Ronald Reese. Patty Reget. Janette Reynolds. Brad Rilley. Chene Roberts. Steve Robertson. Jaime Robertson. Mary Robinson. Jay Rolschau. Bob Rooney. Barb inFreshmen, Always Admiring Someone Older Roth.Jell Roughton. Tom Rouner. Li; Roy. Lisa Russell. Ron Sandberg. Julie Sandberg. Paul Schedm, Kathy Schneiderman. Stephanie Schnobrich. Bob Schol;. John Schult;. Scott Schwalbe. Julie Schwar;. Jay Seaman, Terry Setters. Steve Sewall. Barry Serton. Mary Sharp. Gregory Shay. Dave Sheehan. Dave Siebenaler. Kevin SMI. Phillip Sittar. Chuck Sifter. Paul SigeJman, Laurie Singer, Bryan Slocum, Brett Slosser. Gretchen Slovick. Jay Smith, Alison Smith. Dave Smith, Mike Smith, Pam Smith. Rocky Smith. Sue Soderlmd. Kristina Sorenson. Allen Spokes. John Spoodis, Ann Stadmk. Lyn Stark. Karen Starts, Scott Stechmann. Dana Stephens. Tod Stirrat, Bran Stirrat. Nancy Stoakes. Leigh Stocke. Date Stott;. Paul Struthers, Tom Stryng, Beans Sometimes during the spring it's fun to be twins. Allison Lees and Pam Krogseng try it out. bikes and all. 112Freshman Tom Carrico, Benjie Platter, and Peter Winkels enthusiastically listen as Ms. Robi explains the fundamentals of Grammer and Composition. Stuart. Steve Sullivan. Dan Sutherland. Laura Svejkovsky. Alan Swcetland. John Swift. Judy Symchych, Mark Srarrynski. Tom Taylor. Kathy Teegen, Martha Tegen. Doug Thang. Mark Thorvitson. Lynn Tietjen. Kristi Tita, Mike Tongen. June Towler. Ann Travis. Sue Turner. Kim Vandervort, Mark Van Oss, Mike Van Someren Van Valkenburg. Paul Vetsersdyk, Kevin Viosca.Randy Volpe. Chns Von Drashek. Bruce Walburg Wendy Wandersee. Lee Ward. Tncia Warner. Jim Wartchow. Luanne Webb. Craig White, Katie Wichterman. Julie Wiersema. Doug Wilbnght, Wayne Wilkins. Wendy Williams. Chns Williams. Janet Wiilmert. Sandra Wilms, Peter WiHoo. Kent Witson, Mary W.tta, Sarah Wintes. Peter WoeJtel. Mike Wolt. Mary Woodrow, Nancy Yaeger, Sandy York. Lia Zieper, Mary Ziessler, Steve 113nsDuring their last year of play. Edina Varsity football players. Bill Bowles. gression of the Hornet s game with great anticipation as assistant Coach Senior end. and Chris Deckas, Senior Quarterback, patiently watch the pro- Robert McCarthey whistles on the field the defensive formation. Vanity: FRONT ROW: Coach 8 McCarthy. $ Ramler. T. Deckas. C Curtis. 0. Thayer. J Ander son. C. Lick, J. 8nnk.P. Orndorff. 8. Hoeft. G. lomauro. B. Hayes. $. Sherry. M. Walker. J Hig gins ROW 2: Coach 8 Savre. J Becker. B 8ow1es. P. Olson. 0. Flynn. 8 8rown. 8. Me Cambridge. J. Batten. P Regan. K. Kalland. G. Moore. 0. Paugh. H Branyon. T. Flaskamp. D Stoutenburgh. I Rooney ROW 3: Coach Haddortt, A White. M Gallagher. I Smith. 8 Whitley T. Guetake. J Stewart, G Gratelman. S. Brock. R. Johnson. T. Setng. G Nilles. J. Field. G. Kaplan. D Olson ROW «: M Brauer. 0. Finks, J Kelty. P. Liedl. J Mertes. R. Branstord, M Gregory. T. Klein. M Erdes. J 8erdahl. T. Hayes. 0. Anderson. 0 Watson. R Kostdu. F. Fischer. Missing: P. Benjamin. $. Nelson 116Frustrating Year Overcome By Players Attitudes Senior sensation Dave Finks sweeps to his right Inspired by Homecoming week activities. |umor Jim Kelly breaks through three Eisenhower tac-agamst St. Louis Park. kies before being pulled down after a long gam. Down in points but not in spirit, the Hornet defense lines up and anxiously awaits another chance to turn back the Jefferson offense. With a determined look on his face, senior Mike Gallagher Team speedster. Mike Gallagher, takes pride in carrying the ball for the Hornets; the struggles to hold a Warrior for a loss. ultimate in each football players’ season. 117Seniors Leave With Style By Beating Cooper Football "Practice sure is alot more meaningful when you have game action to look forward to. right Gary?" George Moore (12) "We had so much talent this year we could have won Superbowl 9 you figure it out.” Chris Deckas (12) "There is no greater satisfaction in football than really sticking somebody. " Tom Guetike (11) “For the year's finale we found the Rodeway to a great season.” Jim Becker (12) "Being so short makes meort.” Phil Orndorff (12) "Holy Mother Bunny".. .“How do you like your eggs? Ahhh” "Alright you guys".. . "The Ranger” "Wambo".. ."Zowie Regan” "There is no room for humor on this team" ... "Odo is lurking” "Take a trip to the Dog Pole!" . "Too Fat Pat" . . “You got to suck it up" . "Too Short Ort" "Higgy ya stunk the joint out” "Ram- mer" "Watch out for the Higgy Monster" "It's got to come from here” . . "Put your helmet on Klein, you idiot!" ... "Don't swallow the olive!" Anonymous. Senior Co-Captain Phil Olson is at the sidelines after receiving a painful ankle injury early in the season in a non-conference game against St. Louis Park. 7 12 0 28 Edina-East g 24 21 0 21 Edina-West 12 St. Louis Park 28 Richfield 20 Wayzata 7 Kennedy 7 Eisenhower 14 Jefferson 43 Minnetonka 29 Cooper 15 Senior quarterback Chris Deckas cuts inside Junior punter Tom Smith gets the football off just in time, before a Jefferson rusher gets for an East 1st down. there, while the rest of the team covers down field. nsSeniors Spark Hornets To Successful Season In their last game of the year, seniors Kevin McCarthy, Brad Colbert, and Ken Quinn pour all their efforts and skill into an attempt to score a goal against Cooper, but the weather and the mud proved too much for them and they finally were defeated in the fifth overtime, ending their chances for a state championship. 119Senior John Hirsch surveys the field m search of a prospective receiver. Waiting for his play in the game, Scott Anderson is distracted by a camera. Senior Puck Johnson carefully eliminates a Lincoln player to gain control of the ball. jy FRONT ROW: 0. Howard, 0 Johnson. S Soil e R Sanwiipo. R Gleason m Mastor. a Smith ROW 2. m Comstock. 0. Sun- Cary Humphries struggles quickly to gam control of dell. 0. Herman. D Erdall. P Scoggins. P Smead. R Richard R Nelson ROW 3: B Bjerken. T Bohn R Hagen. G. Peterson. B the ball before it rolls Out Of bounds. Hendrickson, P Woehrlie. N Petzer BACK ROW: I Frash. M Kundson. B Johnson. M Hanson. D Frash. J Erdall. S. Soltau. S. Woodley. P. Heinrich. T. Bierken. 120r Soccer Team Takes First In Lake Conference ... FRONT RON: J. Mow. J Appel. J Martin. M Carrol 2nd RON: 1. Carter. J. H.r h. S Anderson. dtt. B MeNra. J Herman. C Johnson. M lovaas. M Mastor. K Quinn. P Roland. P Cavanor. J. 0. Murphy. 8. Colbert. M Oemuth. K McCarthy. P tngstom. A. Castellano BACK RON. N Sper- Brandborg. R Johnson. 0 Field. B Porter. C. Humphies. I Smdrty. Benilde White Bear Lake Cretin 51 Eisenhower 3 Minnetonka Cooper M St. Louis Park Applying total concentration. Coach Srendrey watches his beloved team in action. 0 1 5 1 2 1 1 0 2 0 1 1 1 2 Soccer "Soccer gives me a chance to play a lower keyed contact sport, concentrating on speed, finesse and accuracy." Tim Carter (12) “I feel the main reason that we were so successful this year is that we were all friends and enjoyed playing together." Mike Demuth (12) "Soccer has a very relaxed, yet highly competitive atmosphere. This year's team was a very closely knit group, and stereo before the games was great." Kevin McCarthy (12) “To be a winning team you must have teamwork, a great passing game, and players and coaches that get along well. No one in the conference could match us in those." Muscle-beach Bob Porter (12) "We knew from the very start that if we worked hard enough we could be successful. And with everyone's help we were." Cary Humphries (11) "For me. this was more than just a winning season. I made some new friends and even though I didn't start I played pretty much and had lots of fun." Paul Cavanor(11) "Being one of twenty-two seniors on Varsity this season I knew that this would have to be the year.” Jim Herman (12) “Zoink" ... "Get your elbows down Keneth" ... "Who is that longhair at right fullback" . "Bunny" ... "Who's bringing the Stereo" ... "B average" ... "Freebird" ... "Dagomt fellas" ... "Give me an A .. Martin" ... Anonymous 121Cross Country Harriers Dash To State Meet Vmrty: FRONT ROW - 0. Oorsey. M Maney; BACK ROW - A. Holtum, J 8ing. S. CWktf. S Gethin. 8. Leslie. 8 loorms. Missmj -1. Savre. M Suttle, M Peterson. Cross Country "I run cross country because it is a totally different type of competition from all others. It is a team sport but it is made up of each runner's individual efforts. ’ Skip Chalker (12) "The most important thing about cross country is getting everyone to get along and work for the team and not just for themselves. With the guys on this year's team that was no problem." John Bing (12) "To be a good cross country runner you have to make yourself work harder even when you think you can't take another step." Mike Maney (10) "I run cross country because it's one of the few sports that seldom lasts past six-thirty, that's when I eat dinner." Forest Fezzler (graduate) "Discipline is the biggest thing in cross country. We run twice a day and without discipline it couldn't be done." Bill Leslie (12) "Follow the yellow brick road" ... "Hey Bing, who is the other captain" , Anonymous 128 Eisenhower 84 73 Minnetonka ,145 66 Cooper 154 107 Lincoln 103 58 Kennedy 170 64 Richfield 162 128 Armstrong 86 68 Wayzata 126 105 Robblnsdale 152 88 St. Louis Park 107 89 Edina West 130 88 Jefferson 124 Forrest Fezzler is amazed when he learns that Skip Chalker finished tenth in regions. Exhausted, senior Tom Savre crosses the finish line well ahead of his opponents. Senior Mike Peterson rounds a flag and heads for the home stretch. 122Senior Cross Country runners Bill Leslie, Skip Chalker, co-captains Steve perior running style that took them through District 18 and Region 5 finals Gethin and John Bing. Bill Loomis, and sophomore Dave Dorsey show the su- and on to the state meet at the University of Minnesota golf course. Mike Peterson, Dave Jones, Tom Savre and Tim McNamera prepare in different ways for a Junior Varsity dual meet. J.V.: FRONT ROW - B. l.ndberg. B. Gray. C. Arroyo. N Hall. J Braun: BACK ROW: M. Patrtoff. M. Adamovich. 0. Jones. C. Carrico. J. Clay. R Horecki; MISSING -T. Kcrnan.Girls Sports Gain Popularity At Edina East Girls Volleyball And Tennis "I love being active and getting to know people better by working with them. It's a good way to improve your game and your sportsmanship." Deb Sturges(ll) "Watching Carrie Schwarz lead warm-ups for the tennis team was worth a few good laughs!" Jenny Aries (11) "Trying to squish all the players into one little bus was really something to see!” Sue Domke (9) “I'll never forget the day our uniforms didn't come back from the cleaners in time for our match and we had to play in stretch pants that were too small." Betsy Man (10) "Ann Nelson has legs!" . . "Emotional? Who us?" Anonymous "i really enioyed being on the volleyball team this year because I love the game and I enjoyed improving myself to the point where I can play a varsity sport." Missy Stone (12) "I think the most important thing about volleyball is team work. We combine everyone's skills and it works out great because everyone is a good spiker. setter, or bumper." Kathy Flom (12) "I play volleyball to make use of my physical attributes!" Randi Olson (11) "Who's the squirrelly kid on the court?" "Hey Beth, you want to go to Southdale?" "Ba-Fruit-Ba!” Anonymous Randi Olson moves into position under the ball and Annette Risvold looks on. i Lost Chaska Lost Lincoln Lost Orono Won Armstrong Edina East Lost' Wayzata Lost Minnetonka Lost Robbmsdale Lost Richfield Lost Cooper Lost Eisenhower Annette Risvold lumps high into the air and skill fully returns a shot. Flom. N Rogers. M Mead. P Dtssmeyer. A R.svold. S Flynn. R Olson. B Berg. M Stone. Coach Efck. 124 Varsity JV FRONT ROW - K McKernan. C Oissmeyer. K Flom, 0 Schall. M Fesenma.er, G Slosser, I. Etrmler. I Hunstiger, K Yaeger. I. Wattson. C. Hodges BACK ROW - C Mattson. SShowing extreme coordination and balance Mary Lou J.v.: FRONT ROW: L. Drake. C. Nelson, J Aries. K Smith, $. Ulsaker, C. Benner. K Gm.tro, K Gmitro. BACK ROW: Coach Mach serves a smash ball over the net. Hedberg. S. Oomke. J. Squires, M. Williams. J. Field. K. Baily. K. Hull. K White. A. Mertes. Coach Mach. 4 Blake 1 3 Armstrong 2 5 St. Louis Park 0 - 4 Madison 1 3 Edina-West 2 5 Wayrata 0 5 Eisenhower 0 Edina-East 5 Cooper 0 2 Minnetonka 3 5 Lincoln 0 2 Richfield 3 5 Kennedy 0 0 SI. Paul Academy 5 5; St. Louis Park 0 Sophomore Lynn Olson shows deep concentration in re- Varsity: FRONT ROW: L Olson, c. Hcdberg. I. Aronson. C.Wright. I Olson. BACK ROW: c. Schwarz. M Rhodes. D. Sturges. turning her opponent’s ball with a crash. A Nelson'M Mach-B Marx-G B erken-Coath Gretr 125One of the few seniors on the team. "Puck" Johnson skillfully skates up the ice. Hockey " Everyone wrote us off as a building year and that was the initial thing that we as a team had to overcome. That was quickly taken care of. and we began to play hockey like a team that wanted to win." Mark Lovaas(12) "Any success had by an Edina hockey team can be attributed to the way that all of us have been playing together for many years, and now we come together under the best coaching possible." Steve Pepper (10) “All the guys are really great, and we get along on and off the ice. I have never seen two guys as friendly as Greg and Steve." Anonymous "It’s really a good feeling to come out on the ice at an away game and see a crowd full of people who really care whether we win or not." Jon Hughes (11) "We had some rough times this year but when the pressure was on. we came through." Dave Finks (12) The East Hockey team seems to be on top of this situ- Pepper clearing the puck, while Jon Hughes covers the ation. with senior Mark Lovaas and sophomore Steve net. as best he can. 126 Sophomore Steve Ikola, anxiously waits for a pass at the blue line.Underclass Men Gain Experience In Good Year After passing the puck forward. Mike Carroll skates up ice In front of a home crowd at Braemer Arena, a hornet offensive line, centered by Greg Rogers, is with anticipation of getting a rebound. ready to face off in the attacking zone. Senior Steve Nichols has only one defender to beat before he will have an open chance to score another goal. After a slap shot. Mark Lovaas finds that the blue line should be called for a tripping penalty.Puckmen Find Encouraging But Unpredictable Year Matt Ikola looks on as Rhody Johnson waits for Mike Mastors' pass so they Freshman Tom Kelly watches the action near the opponent’s goal in antici-can head down the ice for another Hornet goal. pation of a pass and the chance to score. VARSITY: FRONT ROW - J. Hughes. M, Carroll. S. Nichols. G. Rogers. J. Batten, D. Field. S. Pepper. S. Ramler ROW 2 —E. Zms. P. Gagnon. M. Lo-vaas. C. Johnson. M. Ikola. T. Kelly. Coach Ikola ROW 3 - A. White, J. Brenny. S. Schmidt. 0. Terwilhger, R. Johnson. S. Ikola. 0. Finks. 0. Ohm 1 Lindbergh 1 5 Cooper 4 2 Southwest 4 3 Robbinsdale 2 6 International Falls 0 1 Ouluth East 4 7 Blake 4 4 St. Paul Johnson 3 8 Minnetonka 2 7 Eisenhower 2 1 Grand Rapids 4 10 Armstrong 0 4 Kennedy 3 4 Edina-West 2 2 Lincoln 4 2 Wayzata 3 1 Jefferson 3 3 Richfield 5 7 Roosevelt 4 7 St. Louis Park 0 JV: FRONT ROW - J. Higgins. $. Johnson. M. Pearson. T. Kelly. M. Hanson. J. Erdall. S. Ikola. S. Carroll ROW 2 — Coach Zins, A. White, P. Gagnon, J. Craig. J. Field. J. Mastors. 0. Terwilliger. D. Vaaler. J. An derson. G. Hampsok. C. Smith. B. Bjerken 128Girls’ Swim Team Spashes To Fourth In Regions Sophomore Allison Keith knows that intense concentration is an essential part of her diving preparation. Girls’ Swimming Varsity: FRONT ROW: N. Prior. A McNamara. T Braun, M. Bl«a-hu. J. Been. M Collins. C Wentworth. ROW 2: C. Richards. S. Jenewm. M Collins. A SjxxxJiy S Michael, M Ericsson ROW 3: M Hanson. M Mannovich. C Beckley. A Keith. 0 Ramler. A. Larson, M Maley, K. Sweetland. S McGarvey. ROW 4: D Boube- lik. C. Ford. L. Franklin, N Mammtl. K. Kool. L Rouner. A Wambold. M JoFinson, E. Chinn, J. Paulson. J. Carlson. ROW 5: S. Yaeger. B. Anderson. M Michael. I Montilmo. J Mac Holda. C Kool. L. Landen. L Edmondson. 0 Edelmen. Cheryl Tucker. Coach. "I think we had a very successful season this year, with alot of new friendships made and plenty of reward for all of our hard work." Julie Benz (11) "The main reason we had such a productive year is that we all helped each other develop our talent and get up for the big meets." Casey Richards (10) "I enjoy swimming because it is a team sport made of individual efforts. Each person works hard so that if big points are needed they'll pull through." Cassie Kool (9) "This years team was lots of fun. we won together and lost together and each time our talents and our attitudes improved." Michelle Bleahu (9) "Just add water at the same time ." “Do it with a smile ...". “Bursitus on Thursday. I thought. I thought it was Monday ,." “Macholda. how's your begay? ...", "Who brought the Visine? .. ", "Why is my hair turning green7” Anonymous In anticipation of the gun. Mary Michael gets herself into her ready position for the upcoming freestyle swim event. 48 Armstrong 49 92 Jefferson 111 111 Wayaata 83 66 St. Louis Park 37 78 Lmdberg 126 42 Cooper 54 134 Lincoln 67 46 Edina-West 51 62 Robbinsdale 34 62 Eisenhower 27 67 Kennedy 22 79 Minnetonka 125 129Swimming "I'm involved in swimming because I enjoy the conditioning and also because I like the kind of sport where the competition is so great that you have to fight for a spot in every meet". Jim Burke "Good team membership, good coaching, spirit, and a group of guys that are willing to give their all. These are the things necessary for a team to be successful season, and we had them all”. Reid Leighton (12) "Every season is successful if you know that you and everyone else gave their all.” Griff Heidkamp. Andy Keith (12) "The coaching is always a big part of a teams success and even though we didn't win one hundred percent I feel that I improved a little every week with help from Mr. Downey”. Jeff Foster (11) "We have had our best season since the split this year and we hope to keep improving with a good season next year too". Mike Ronald (11) "Bi-lateral breathing " Anonymous 29 Armstrong 54 66 Jefferson 104 55 Washburn 28 111 Wayzata 60 43 St. Louis Park 40 51 Mpls. Southwest 31 Edina East 73 Lindbergh 99 31 Cooper 52 98.5 Lincoln 70.5 47 Edina West 36 46 Robbmsdale 37 32 Eisenhower 51 38 Kennedy 44 75 Minnetonka 94 A perfectly executed dive is necessary to swim- Behning. if they are to be the first to finish an- mers Reid Leighton. Steve Sherry, and Porky other of their nautical races. J.V.: FRONT ROW - G. Gardner. I Nelson, B. Voss. T. Montgomery. P. Hill. S. Zersler. R Quin-livan ROW ) Berdahl. B Putter. B Cauble. L. Johnson. B Hanson. T. Icnioox ROW 3 - J. Gallaget. K Velgersdyk. K. Hanson. S. Olsoo. H Saab. S Johnson. J. Jacobson BACK ROW - J Hall. D. Swanson, P Martin. 0. Kuna. M Donnelly, D. Tegen. Mr, Saendrey Varsity: FRONT ROW - D Murphy, P Costello. R Qumliran. G. Heidkamp, J. Bena. T. Burke ROW 2 Mr Penney J Norgren A Keith. 8 Behn.ng. F. Bennett. B Johnson. J. Bayers. J. Burke ROW 3 - J Foster. C Volstead. G Maothey. I Erickson, M Ronald. R Peterson BACK ROW -W Kuna. J lonsbury. G. Yaeger. I Brandenburg. M Downey. R. Leighton 130Edina East Tankers Splash Their Way To Victory Demonstrating intense concentration as well as physical skill, diver Pat Costello performs mid-air gymnastics before hitting the water. As the gun sounds. Mark Downey powerfully lunges back to make sure he gets a good start in the backstroke. Mike Ronald touches up as he completes his invigorating warm up before another important meet in theSouthview pool. Lari - rfs bee w; 3 yarth n | LsTc elev'tT apev C. SS?S- Coo d UucK 0 J! Ia wT uK«va he ra( i'TTo IqcicI i vScKool. Hofita see. foes TK(S Sumner. L-C V . JTei to Kerry ----- — 131 Bill Behning realizes that the timing of his terfly if he is to receive a good time that Senior Robb Peterson senses the cameraman and decides it's time breathing is extremely essential in the but- could benefit the team. come UP f°r a breather.East Basketball Players Experience Difficult Season Basketball "This has really been an exciting year in basketball so far. The players and coaches have dedicated a lot of their time towards having a good year and despite our record. I think we have been rather successful." Marty Burley (11) "Good crowd support is essential in basketball. When you've got a big crowd cheering for you it helps you to keep going hard when you feel like you could drop. The game where the crowds were the rowdiest made a noticable difference in our game." Phil Olson (12) "Baksetball takes a lot of hard work and good conditioning. It also takes a lot of quick thinking and pinpoint timing, and as individuals we had many of these but just couldn't put them together." Pete Benjamin (12) "With every season, good or bad. comes a learning experience. As a team we became closer every game and began to appreciate each other more." Bob King (12) " Gun -O-Matic ... King got an owie?" Anonymous Junior sensation Marty Burley strains to overpower his White Bear opponent. The biR "Z" zips down another crucial rebound against the Cooper Hawks. 132 V oi»r- FRONT ROW - Coach Bob McCarthy. Head Coach Bob Sayre. Manager Mark Brauer B Zeman. V Gregory. P Olson, R. Kuhlman. T Oahl. B King. T Savre. B Eryin BACK ROW — A Castellano. P Bankey. M Burley. D. logstrom. P. Benjamin. ) [gge,) Ingman.J.V. - G Nilles. V Burley. P. O'Connor. D. logstrom, T Olson. Flynn. B. Ervin. 0 Howard T. Chapman, M Gregory, R Kuhlman. G. Kaplan. T. Kelly, 0. 50 Mound 31 55 Richfield $7 60 Ramsey 77 45 Kennedy 59 45 Cooper 70 62 Park Center 61 52 . ■Minnetonka 43 53 Kellogg 40 65 White Bear 56 48 Eisenhower 58 Edina-East 41 Wayzata 50 57 Austin 70 39 Lindbergh 81 56 Lincoln 84 51 Edina-West 52 56 Jefferson 90 47 St. Louis Park 70 59 Washburn 64 37 Robbmsdale 70 48 Armstrong 74 Sophomore BACK ROW G Nereis. J Kmpp. M limbeck. T. Williams. 8 Stewart. P Olto. C. Carrico. D Nye. M. SvtjVowky. S. foster. B. Richards. M Woodley. B Burley. 0 Braddock. S. Burnett. V Coleman Varsity basketball players Phil Olson. Tom King. Rick Kuhlman. and Pete Benjamin each exhibit their individual shooting, rebounding, and free throwing abilities at various home games during their challenging nineteen seventy four - seventy five season.Sophomore Joel Cavanaugh and his opponent from Kennedy Manuevering his opponent for a crucial two points and a reversal, junior Tom prepare to start the second period. Flashkamp is in excellent position. Varsity - FRONT ROW: J. Cavanaugh. M. Gallagher. T. Bohn, 0. Freeman. I. Comb. S. Gilkey. B. Dayton. T. Dorsey. T. Becker. R. Moore. T. Flashkamp. J. Becker JV — SECOND ROW: M. Baukn.ght. T. laehn. R. Hagen. S. Woodley, D. Dorsey. L Thorn-dyke. $. Orlady. J. Olson. I. Forseth. H Branyon. K. Kalland. D. Olson Soph. — THIRD ROW: D. Bolin. T. Hoak. W. Os-tlund, G. Ahl. J. Shaw. Manager Tom Guettke 14 Minnetonka 34 20 Lindberg 35 27 Hopkins Eisenhower 23 3 Wayzala 55 North S. Paul Tartan 18 Mounds View 38 18 Hastings 40 15 Orono 38 Edina East 30 Lincoln 13 ■ sa V 24 Spring Lake Park 27 u Edina West 43 V 18 Richfield 9 St. James 49 w 8 18 14 Albert Lea 55 lafR UETTWT Kennedy 38 11 Cooper 48 134Wrestling Gives Individuals A Chance To Excel Senior Jim Becker uses his superior skill to overpower his opponent, and his younger brother Tom shows similar ability. While the team has the tedious task of rolling the mats, captain Jim Becker and Coach Gunderson settle an arguement. Wrestling “The reason I wrestle is because when you do something it's all you and there is nobody else to pass the blame on to'' Henry Branyon (12) “I don't know of any other sport that requires as much self discipline. You have to live wrestling for the whole season, always watching what you eat and drink'' Rick Hagen (11) “I am in wrestling strictly for the body contact and violence" Ray Moore (12) “Success in wrestling comes through much more than winning, it comes with self improvement, it comes with the improvement of the skills and attitudes of the team as a whole, and most of all with knowing you did your best". Kurt Kalland 12) “Wrestling is the only contact sport that lets you participate against guys that are your own weight. This makes it a sport for kids of all sizes and shapes to work hard and have a good time". Tom Becker (10) "Coaching and self discipline are the two most important aspects of wrestling. The coaches work individually with each of the players and then it's up to us to carry on with the skills and conditioning". Tom Flashkamp (11) "Chump ." "Captain Bulk ..." "Bulk man .." "Sorrie ladie "you gotta have just that much courage .." "Cancerspot " Anonymous Totally out classing his opponent with the Mankato spiral, junior Doug Freeman disposes of another victim. 13SSkiers Weather Season Well Thru Success and Victory An East slalomer prepares himself for the all Senior Mike Reget, Who turned in the best times for the slalom team this year, gives us an example of the important start of a race. style that helped him win. Boys Skiing "Depth and consistency are two things a ski team has got to have to be successful. You can’t rely on just one or two racers the whole season, you have to have a group that are all capable to ski their best when needed. We had lots of guys that could do that for our team this year.” Peter Rowland (12) "I think this year has been really successful. We lost only three meets and two of them were down to the last minute. We have nothing to complain about, we had a great time and made some new friends too." Dave Overman (10) "I don't think we could have hoped for a better cross country season this year. We worked as a team and we gave it our best shot, but unfortunately we didn’t have the depth that the other teams had. Our inexperience hurt us but with Mr. Beaver and all the guys out to help each other we still had a real good year, and one of our strongest points was John Bing didn't break one ski." Tim McNamara (12) "This year has been a rewarding one for both myself and the rest of the team. Through this year we have skiied independently yet have stayed united toward our single goal of success. Emerson once said. "The only gift is a portion of thy self.” John Bing and the Guys (12) Lmdberg Robbmsdale Kennedy Jefferson (Armstrong Edina West FRONT ROW - T. Duff. M Peterson. 0. Overman, K Hagen. 0. Carlson, S. Silas. BACK ROW - M Peete. M Hanson. K. Carlson. G Code. P. Rowland, R. Sandberg, L. Hauskins. 136Mr. Hall, the coach, looks uphill waiting for the next skier to appear on the course. FRONT ROW: M. Ptferson. R. Hodges. SECOND ROW: F. McLean. I Pitrer. T Glemper, B. Hal eg. BACK ROW: B. Hall. J. J. Knutson. 7 8 Lindberg 3 10 12 5 Robbinsdale Kennedy ' io 5 Jefferson 7 Armstrong Edina-East 11 k 4 Edina-West 4 11 St. Louis Park 5 10 Richfield 5 10 Lincoln 15 o Eisenhower 3 12 Cooper W' WiM 15 0 Lindberg 6 9 Robbinsdale 6 9 Jefferson 7 8 Kennedy 8 7 St. Louis Park 4 11 Edina-West 1 14 Richfield 10 5 Cooper 2 13 Lincoln 15 0 Eisenhower 137 FRONT ROW: T. Hayes. C. Arroyo. P. Hedberg. M. Adamov»cb. SECOND ROW: T. Pearson. T. Klein. J. Berdahl. BACK ROW: D. Anderson. T. McNamera. R. Bransford.Girls Ski Their Way To A Victorious Year Girls Skiing Sara Anderson and Linda Aronson show determination as they concentrate on the next gate. "I really enjoyed skiing this year because we approached it with the right attitude. There is always pressure on you in skiing but we didn't add more by forgetting about having a good time." Sara Anderson (10) "Giving us more opportunities to practice this year has really helped our team's skiing. It’s also helped more than just skiing because it gave us a chance to be together more so that we became a closer knit group, which is necessary for great team spirit." Kathy Lamb (12) Skier Jeanette Regat smiles happily after finishing a slalom run. Cross Country Varsity FRONT ROW - P. Ellmgson. K. Barton. J. Hanson ROW 2 - $ Meyers, L 8enson. R Peterson. K Ne-.rhetm, M Flynn. K YoUer. Coach Cavert BACK ROW - K. HuH. B Kuntr. C. Wright. S Wsxker. J. Hayes Slalom Varsity: FRONT ROW - K Hedberg. C Hegnauer. M Symchych, L Chedater. I. Dnriltr. J. McHolda. M Marinovich. S HiHd ROW 2 - K Comb. L Aronson. K Gaasedelen. A Nelson. P. Dosmeyer, C. Hodges. S Fullef. S Anderson, 0 Hegnauer. j. Regat. M Grodmck 130Girl Gymnasts Improve Greatly In Their Third Year Girls’ Gymnastics "Gymnastics has always fascinated me. It is so much different than most other sports because almost everything you do comes with practice and very few things about it come naturally." Betsie Anderson (11) "I enjoy gymnastics because it's something that my friends can really help me with, and no matter how good you get there is always room for improvement." Josie Carlson (11) "I think I’ll always like gymnastics because there is always something more to learn, and the girls on the team were always willing to help out if they got the chance." Marcia Plummer (10) "In gymnastics you are not only competing against other teams, but you compete against yourself also to see if you can do as well in the meets as you had hoped." Darin Smania(ll) "Guess who’s at the door girls?" Anonymous Varsity FRONT ROW - Coack Campbell. J. Batali. K. Olsen. J. Moyer. S. lichy. B. Anderson, M. Sexton. C. 8arry. C. Anderson. R. Rauth. K. Field. J. Naas, L Bolin, H Hildreth SECONO ROW - M. Smith. C. Beckley. M Patera. P. Johnson. M. Plummer. P. Kolars. K Keith. C. Ford. B Carter. M Maley. D. Edeiman. L Stages 72.2 Richfield 79.3 79.55 Edina-West 83.8 73.9 Minnetonka 73.9 73.5 Jefferson 48.65 70.35 Wayrata 58.1 East 81.5 Armstrong 81.25 76.45 Lincoln 71.55 82.2 St. Louis Park 66.6 80.1 Robbinsdale 83.15 79.1 Cooper 74.1 82.15 Kennedy 67.65 Pleased with her performance, gymnast Bonnie Carter completes After long hours of practice, sophomore. Marcia Plummer exhibits her talents on the floor her floor routine with a graceful pose. with her teammates as an audience. 139Boys’ Gymnastics Pull Hard In 74-75 Season Gymnastics "I think that any success this season could be attributed to our coach. Mr. Smith is the kind of coach that can really spark initiative and keep our attitudes up to par. Also having him being able to demonstrate was a great help to all of the guys.” Barry Roche (12) "I really enjoy gymnastics because it gives me a sense of inner satisfaction when I look back on my past improvements. It's a sport where you can really see where you've come from and how you've improved." Jim Gammetlo (12) "I have always thought that gymnastics was a lot of fun and this year with a good coach like Mr. Smith, the season has been even better than I thought it would be. With only one guy going at a time in the meets, you’ve got lots of time to meet other teams and get to know people." Dave Smith (9) "I like gymnastics because you can compete not only against other teams but against yourself. You practice all week and realize your potentials and try to do the same in the meet." Tim McDonald (11) "Gymnastics has been a lot of fun for me this year. I have seen myself succeed and fail, and each time it makes me want'to do better. It's a good conditioning sport that makes you want to improve whenever you can." Bob Karnham (11) "Gymnastics is the greatest! Having such an extremely small team gives us all a chance to talk with each other and kid around at practice. The only thing wrong with our meets is that there isn't anyone there to cheer you on.” Steve Frykman (12) Who is that little guy with the beard? ... The chump makes it again.” Anonymous Exhibiting his perfect form. Tim McDonald holds steady on the rings. I Senior. Steve Fykman, impreses the judges by his outstanding routine. Vanity: FRONT RON - 0. Halls. J. VanValkenburg, B. Famam. 0. man. B. Roche. C. Smith. Smith. S Sirany BACK RON - 0. Sams. T McDonald. S. Fryk- 140During a hard practice, junior Robert Farnham executes a difficult back layout on the The high bar routine being professionally carried out by Barry Roche trampoline in perfect form, an important factor in gymnastics. requires a great deal of carefulness and discipline. - 70.65 Richfield 85.95 74.74 Edina-West 85.20 73.56 Eisenhower 87.68 67.10 Jefferson 90.61 83.85 Lindbergh 82.17 Edina-East 79.20 Armstrong 132.11 87.86 Lincoln 86.79 88.27 St. Louis Park 145.34 89.80 Robbinsdale 119.07 79.44 Spring Lake Park 77.30 73.28 Cooper 114.76 82.07 Kennedy 101.72 Coach Chuck Smith physically explains to his assistant coach from Armstrong the Steve Frich portrays extreme concentration and discipline as he ap-importance of winning this particular meet. pears to perform with poise and relaxation.143Our Faculty .. . We Think We'll Keep ’em! Horn Economic : C. Kuntz. L. Mona, B, Craag. S, Mills. G. Usher 144 Industrial Arts: 0, Mackereth. T. Rodgers. G. HarmsSocial Studies: 0. Marsh. G Godtrey. 8 Hall. L. Fredrickson. J. Matlon. R McCarthy. D Fredrickson. 0. Heyer, D. Sanvil'e. » 145 Business Education: 0. Clare. L Gf $$inger. R 8o«fger. R Reichow, R. Otto. p.cxtWI. « 8 0 t Individualism In Teachers. Library: J. Losing. V. Jacobson. T. Daniels. M Stubbs “USIC R E" e'. D Muslmg. H F'ttse. R lake ✓ y ’ O' 146 ‘-'Vc, • -4 . Physical Educate ' Bottom Ro« p £rck. C. Smith •»■ • Board. FRONT ROW - N Burb.ge, R Boerger. E Putter. G Paplo.. M Pehrson J SwrrtUnH p Ring. BACK ROW - R Smyth. £ Hammmten. C Schroeder. T Pearson. A Schroeder, R Jamieson I Coll n£S. W Sffiilfl • ■ 7% ■ - x-ix C u, ZA- Art L McCarthy. T Beaver. Mathematics: FRONT ROW — R. Savre. R Haddorff. BACK ROW - T Greer. I Johnson. 147 lantuate Arts: FRONT ROW - B. Hare. U. Costello. M lestkow. T O'Neril. J. layaell. J. Schut: 8ACK ROW - N Anderson. L Mitchell, 0. Fmholt. M Jecpbak. V. Jensen. E Anderson. M Conover, K. Jones. S. Gngg.Academic Courses Prepare Students For Future Math: L Zins Foreign Impute : L Saendrey 148 Social Studies: M Herrig Mathematics: FRONT ROW - W. Hakala. K Natw.ck: BACK ROW - R Hartman. 0. GaHigher. R. UhrSocial Studies: F. Fischer Science: M. Griffin. R. Rickabaugh. Science: $. Norstad. R. Gotdenslein. G. Usher. W. Jepson. M Johnson. R Kuefcn. 0 Meyer, t Halvorsen. J. Ehlerl 149School Board: FRONT ROW - J. Hoyt. R. lieber. L Wanninger; BACK ROW — J Brown. B Bagtey. G. Hite. F Winter; not pictured - 0. Byhre. Special Education: R. 8u$ch. M Anderson. Area Leaden: A Ogren, D. Fredrickson. L. Mona. 0. Meyer. H. Martin. B. Prestrud, M. Wyatt. Campus Principal: Raymond Smyth. Staff Works Hard, But Gets Little Recognition 150Foreign languages: M Wilbright. S. Hoaglund. R. Stefan, t Schmitt B. Nolle 151 Upper Division Principal: Roiland Ring.O.E., D.E., And T.I.; More Than Just Abbreviations. Tutors: Front Row B. Dornblaser. J. Sorem. E. Bryan. T. Carlson. H, Backus. M. Flynn. 0. Bigelow. L. Fore. C. Voelker. C. Skagerberg; Row 2-S. Kronfeld. R. Thompson. D. laughlin. T. Ott. N. Silber. A. Arnold, S. Voelker. J. Carlson, S. Woodrow. M. McClain. G. Evenson; Row 3 M Collins. P. Sellers. M. Garberg. J. Anderson. D. Braddock. J. Skagerberg. M. Backus. H. Branyon. J. Macken. L. Bailey: Row 4 K Bailey S. Flynn. S. S. Ransbottom. S. Klippenstein. M. Hannon. 0. Jensen. B. Ghostly. T. Horstmann. J. Jacobs. C. Overby. N. Sallen; Back Row-B. Grohnke. S. Hiserodt. K. Hagen. G. Code. B. Hall. T. Hayes. J. Mertes. J. Moran. N. Harrington. K. Quinn, K. Hurd . Business, OE, DE, Tl, Student Tutors "I think that Office Education is a really good program. It teaches us basic office skills that will be helpful for us in our jobs. We try to promote Office Education to kids at school. It helps people develop a sense of leadership, and most importantly, self confidence." DeNeal Laughlin (12) "I like only having to go to school for four hours. The work program gives you good experience for a job. The one thing I don't like though is missing some school functions, like pep-tests. Jan Gordan (12) "Being on work program has really been fun for me. I love the thought of being out making money while all my friends are stuck back at school!" Cindy Denk (12) "One thing I noticed about Mrs. Grissinger is that she loves owls. As a result, you never get any thing below a C on a project if there's an owl on the cover! Anonymous "Our Shorthand class is really a blast, except you can never predict anything about Ms. Clare. She is one mysterious lady!” Lisa Connell (11) "I hate it when Anne Brosius eats the food I bring to Shorthand everyday. I intended to eat it fourth hour!" Cathy Coleman (12) "Being a student tutor is really educational for me. I swear I learn more than the kids do!" Holly Backus (ID "It's such an experience!" Henry Branyon (12) 152 Jan Gordon slips into her own world of office ed.; the dictaphone is a goou means of speeding her typing rate.Naughty children in typing. Tom Flaskamp. Jill Manske. Betsy Anderson. and Janine Desotetle are sent out into the hall where they will behave themselves and do their work properly so that Ms. Clare will enjoy their company. Becky Baird plays secretary, and fits right into the role as she is Chuck Miller reaches for the prize as Dave O'Donahue plays surrounded by typing and shorthand for O.E. Monty Hall in "let’s Make A Deal ". 153History Adds A “Slice of Life” To The Year. Dreaming fantasies of traveling to all of the interesting places that they Tim Mahoney, and Bill Bowles snap back to reality and realize that there are studying in World History, senior men John Hippe, Bob Caruthers. is still an assignment to be done. Attempting to distract his students from noticing the debris cluttered on his desk. Mr. Mr. Godfrey listens attentively as one of his students ex-Herzig points to the outline on the screen. plains an aspect of government. 154Bill Bowles contently looks on as the mad scien- and hypothesize while wearing their protective tists of Mr. Swanson’s third hour class experiment glasses to insure their safety. Social Studies And Science "The biggest joke about our history class is that Mr. Godfrey always tells us that the world is flat, and the funny thing is he really believes it!" Jennie Platter (9) "The best thing I have learned in Mr. Hall's American History class all year is how to play Rabbit Rabbit!" Debbie Gustafson (11) "Mrs. Fredrickson.I hope it didn't botheryou when six people always had to leave your class early for Whigrean doughnut sales!" Betsy Wray (12) "I really like my Astronomy class. The atmosphere makes it easy going and fun to learn." David Weather-head (12) "I have to chuckle when I see Mr. Halvorsen wearing Wallabees with a suit!" Anonymous "I love to hear Mr. Halvorsen’s anecdotes about when he started teaching, when he first came to Edina High School, favorite books he's read, etc., etc., etc." 8eth Morgeson (10) "If you ever have any problems, go talk to Mr. Griffin. He's a fair man. Bill Taney (12) 155Math Adds Intellect; Music Sharpens Voices. Amidst his usual array ol figures. Mr. Savre does not figure on a camera being present. Tony Smith finds that his mathematics book sometimes serves him better as a pillow rather than as a learning instrument. To avoid fatigue while writing on the board, this stu Asked to show how to do number three on the board. Dawn Jensen resorts to help dent brought her desk with her. from her notebook to give her a few clues 156Mr. Elledge still captures the attention of his musicians, although the band room is filled with distractions such as a television, radio, posters, and onlookers from the above window. Math and Music "The tall tales heard in the back of the room during study time have got to be the best part of Mr. Zm's class!" Laurie Johnstone (12) Our Trigonometry class has got to have the highest attendance record of any class in the school. Anyone would come to class for four points!" Nancy Blatzh-eim(12) “One thing I really like about Mr. Gallagher is that he takes his time explaining things. He’s slow and easy going." Mark Raridlo "I love to watch Mr. Savre use his calculator. He is so fascinated and intrigued that he looks like a little kid with a new toy!" Birdie Schaffhausen (11) "The tangent of one half of pi is equal to the recipri-col of the contangent of the other half that Mr. Savre ate!" Anonymous "Sometimes our music class can waste half of practice time while the boy argue about what the girls should wear to the concerts!" Jill Manske (11) "Most of our preformances are only one evening so we all try to have fun in practice to make it all worth while." Jill Freitas (12) "Music is one class you better be sharp in or Darwin will knock you flat!" Deb Sturges (11) "I really have high hopes for the concert choir in the years to come because a lot of kids that are in it now are underclassmen. This year is the beginning of something great!" Kathy Beckley (12) 157 Mr. Missling directs the Concert Choir as they practice a catchy tune as well as other pieces that was presented in their fall concert. "The The marching band puts fourth hour to good use by One Before Christmas". practicing for upcoming games.English Is So Exciting That Students Could Scream Putting on the play "The Crucible" for their American Womack. Mary Carter, and Sue Ziessler scream as they pre-literature class. Debbie Sturges, Peggy Cushing. Molly tend to see a little yellow bird flying toward them. Sonia Fogelman and Tom Clark, from the Language Arts department, stop by the office to check their P.O. boxes, to find lots of interesting mail. Mr. O’Dougherty catches Jack Field moseying around the library when he is supposed to be moseying elsewhere. 158Betsy Anderson realizes that Spanish isn’t that easy, and asks for assistance from Mary Hildreth, who uses her Spanish dictionary. Struggling to understand and complete a Span- books, notes, dictionaries, and so it seems ish assignment, students use their Spanish sometimes other people's papers. Languages and English "One of the funniest things I have noticed about Mrs. Finholt in our Grammar Composition class is her strange tendency to wear her Adidas with dresses " Anonymous (9) "Mr. Anderson told me he goes for the taller women! Thanks!" Andrea Johndreau (12) "It took me a couple of weeks to get used to watching Mr. Jones's moustache wiggle when he talks in Cinema Arts!" Barb Mayberg (11) "Novels Before College is my favorite class. Mr. Anderson is more than just a teacher-he is a best friend to anyone who needs one. He is always ready with a smile." Zibby Platter (12) "Lip potion makes your lips so kissable-it’s almost sinful!" Advanced Creative Writing Class "French class just wouldn't be the same without bubblegum eating contests. Marius and Fanny, watching Tom turn red. and notebook fights." Kim Degeberg (12) "My Spanish class makes me feel like I'm back in first grade again!" Cici Penner (9) "I like the loose atmosphere of Mr. Clark’s Latin II class. There isn’t any feeling of constant pressure to work. Paul Zech (11) "The fantastic five is fun in French!" Anne Gotts-chall(ll) "Spanish III class is alright as long as we don’t hable en ingles and get puntos roios. Right Cary?" Linda Carter (11) "Listen to big mamma!" Anonymous 159Relaxing Atmosphere Gives Students A Break Home Crafts and Interiors gives Marysue Maney a chance to work with her The clutter of machinery, people, shelves, and wood lets you know that the Indus-hands. as she rips material for a quilt. trial Arts classes are deep into their projects. Home Economics, Phy-Ed, And Industrial Arts "The only part I don't like about my foods class is eating what we make!" Anonymous "I was in a unit with all girls this year in advanced foods so I never had to do the dishes!" Scott Nelson (12) "Having Home Economics fourth hour sure beats eating the school lunch!" Bonnie Schlacter (12) "The mam ingredient to the food in our class is pepper!" Gary Lomauro (12) "General Mills!" Anonymous "Those practice games in Volleyball are so much fun, but Perky's head always seems to get in the way of the ball!" Mary Bloom (10) "This one boy always gives evil stares when we miss the ball, and he laughs at our mistakes. Not only that, he's a court hog!” Nancy Crowley (10) "I took Volleyball in gym and I played it as a varsity sport. It’s hard to play in class after you've worked with a team where everyone knows what they are Working with wood and making furniture is the probably enjoys a whole classroom full of hard- doing." Dawn Schall (10) kind of thing that Jeanne Kilburg enjoys, and she working, handsome men a little bit too. "Mr. MacKereth is one teacher who will work with you when you have a problem. Mark Hanson (11) 160Mrs. Campbell’s and Mrs. Cavert’s fourth hour vol- muscles by doing two different styles of push-ups ley ball classes warm-up and strengthen their arm before they compete against each other in a volley- ball game. A gymnastic favorite, the trampoline provides good exercise and. Strength, balance, and form are what count on as Dave Overman discovers, lots of fun. the rings as shown here. 161Art Offers Many Aspects For Some creative boys spend their classtime letting their ideas and abilities flow forth and develop onto their canvases. Each Person’s Niche During her Jewelry Design hour. Gina Bjerken designs a piece of jewelry while others work steadily on. Jewelry Design students gracefully display their creations in the front foyer display case under the direction of Mr. McCarthy. Mr. McCarthy fires up his Art classes by his mind-expanding get-ups and inspiring enthu'iasm for his work.Between hours, and during their lunch breaks. talk about how school's treating them, and in women faculty members take time to nibble. general, gab about everything under the sun. Art And Teachers "Something I like about Mr. McCarthy's class is knowing that art class is a class to come to and not worry about being quiet or raising your handl' Beth Berg (12). "Any average red blooded American — goonybird can do it so we all qua—li-fy."Lisa Webb (12). "Mr. McCarthy is so well matched everyday that we can't help wondering if his mother helps him dress in the morning!" Wendy Norquist (12) "I love Mr. Beaver's wiggle!” ... "Igor" ... "Frequent muscle spasms huh Mr. Beaver!" . "Strangers in the night." Anonymous "I don't like to give the kids the answers all the time because it spoils the fun! They wouldn't have anything to do on the weekends!" Mr. Greer (faculty) "I love my Clothing one class because all the students are so advanced that they hardly need a teacher there!" Mrs. Craig (faculty) Several teachers get up enough courage to sing a tune in front of the whole student body as they perform their faculty skit at the homecoming pepfest. Dean of the month, him?: suspicious eye: and. for students only. 16374-75 Whigreaners Make Money For COLOR! 166Whigrean Whigrewm: front Row — J. MtUnder. J. Betktr. L Hanjon. Row 2 — S. Oomke. L Connell. J. Herman, 1. Sarrynslu. S. McGarvey. L. Grafetman. Row 3 — B. Craig. T. Cameron. R. Peterson. 8. Miybcfg, J Me-Under. Row 4-0. Tharp. S. Oomke. J. Harmon. C. Collins. J. Herman. L Connell. L. Sarzynski. Row 5 -B Wray. G. Sedolt, M. Sieft. J. Hjelle. K. Degeberg. S. Bierken Row 6 — J. Schall. S. Student. B. Johnson. Symchych. K. lamb, K. Baker. "Whigrean slumber parties are really great except by 3:00 A.M. at Perkins everybody is pretty weird, and by 5:00 A M. we are the only two still awake and surviving!" Molly Womack (11) and Cindy Collins (11). "The worst thing about Whigrean are dead lines and the best thing about Whigrean are deadlines! It's still a fun organization.” Nancy Nugent (12) "So what's wrong with wearing thongs and bermudas at Perkins at 3:30 A M. in November?! Robb does, too!" Kim Degeberg (12) "Airport “T.P-ing" . . . "self portraits" ... "At 10:30. ewe stynk" ... "FOOD fights" ... "initiation" ... “Mary Poppm music" ... “Soggy, sinking balloons" "Mayflower" . “Dinkytown bakery" ... "Gotcha" "You guys, shut up!" ... Us. An Excedrin headache slowly creeps up on Janny Schall, as she and Sue Student discuss a Whigrean problem. Whigrean adviser Mrs. Craig found typing to be a useful skill, especially when trying to beat a deadline. 167Images Staff Finds New Ways To Raise Money images. FRONT ROW - J.Anes. S.Oelschlager. N Swendseen, L.Schaflhausen. S.Teegan. M Maney. S.Patlerton. E.Kmpp, M.Cagel BACK ROW J.fteitas. J.Sullivan, O.Sturges. 8.Sfielton. K.Palmef. S.Olsen, J.fried. During the week of Images On The Wind book sales, staff members Nancy Lindborg and Scott Olsen promote the book by showing a previous edition to possible buyers. 168Imager John Fried Keeps a close watch over a prospective costumer thumbing through a book at the Showing her delight. Nancy Swendseen throws can Images garage sale which helped to raise money for the book. dy to the homecoming fans. At a weekly staff meeting. Mrs. Schulz, the advisor of Images, discusses with the rest of the members new ideas for the upcoming literary art magazine. Images "I think as a staff we have lots of creative people who are full of original ideas. We all have fun together in our outside activities and in everything else we do.” Jill Freitas (12) “Being around all of these creative people has shown me how untalentedl really am!” Jennifer Aries (11) “Our subscription drive was more successful than ever so now we can have better supplies to work with. Then all we need is the talent of the student body! The staff as a whole is great, and everyone gets along well together.” Marilynn Cagel (12) “Mom Maney has Carmel Knowledge!" Debbie Sturges (11) “I have such a good time on the Images staff. It's such a terrific learning and growing experience and so much fun that I'm sure it will benefit me in my future life, etc." Pete Balogh (12) "Have you ever played Post Office with a box?" Birdie Schaffhausen (11) “It's the best way to meet all the girls!" Joe Sullivan (12)FRONT ROW - C Moss, C. Hogut. M Smith. D Brown. S. Ward. K Ladnw. A. Hodnctt. BACK ROW - 8 Weimer, M, Daum. L Palmehn, P SemenkewiU. F Thompson. 2 7an;o. M Putman. J. Van Oss, W Peddic. K Richards. S. Chalher. D. Smith. M Brauer "I became a member of Buzzette because I've always been interested in journalism, and Buzzette sounded like a good way to experience writing for a newspaper.” Cindy Moss (12) "Quality is Buzzette’s number one goal. We want everyone to look forward to Buzzette as an interesting and informative magazine that's been printed in their benefit on their behalf.” Mark Daum (11) "Interesting information, alot of time, patience, reliable sources, and a cooperative staff are some of the things that make a good magazine." Sue Ward (12) "By being on Buzzette I have gained the ability to interview people witnuut fear of feeling stupid. I have also learned how to write an effective story that the student body will read and enjoy." Debi Smith (12) "Excuse me while I go in my corner and meditate.” ... "I am not that type of person.” ... "Eat my shorts.” ... "Why aren't you writing anything?" . . "Diane, have you fixed the heater yet?" . . "Legs!" ... "I never joke around. Everything is always serious." "To many type o’s!” .. "Harnk. Harnk, Harnk, it’s onionhead and his wonderpal nose!" . .. "Hey Mark, how do you spell skiing?" ... "Three inch by lines." . "I enjoy drinking coke with my fellow Buzzetters!" ... "The whole staff is a big joke!" Anonymous As this is her first year as advisor to Buzzette, Miss Elizabeth so she contemplates in wonder about the next issue of the Schmitz realizes that giving suggestions isn't as easy as it looks, newspaper. 170Typing seems to be essential for Cindy Moss, giggling as she takes dictation from Oiane Brown, who does not understand that typing is not as quick, but more effective than shorthand. Linda Dalen shows a sign of frustration and relief of another tiring, and strenuous hour of trying to make a newspaper. Mark Brauer, editor-in-chief, makes a few points about the staff and other related activities that need some advice. Buzzette Has New Advisor And An Extra Room 171Four Aqua Numphs. Sue Pollock. Kendal Johnson. Sally Oelschlager Coach Cheryl Tucker has Sally Oelschlager weigh in. a new idea, hoping she has not and Karen Sweetland swim a routine. gained any weight during the past week. Showing off their legs as possible candidates for a Legs commercial, some of the Aqua Numphs form a pyramid of toe-pointed ballet legs to prove to everybody that Aqua Nymphs is where the legs are. 1721974-75 Aqua Nymphs Work Towards State Competition Amy Oelschlager, Trish Jordan, Lisa Webb, Nan- land. Kendal Johnson, Sally Oelschlager, Suds cy Crowley. Paige Christensen, Karen Sweet- Ziessler, and Allyson Smith form a float. At an Aqua Nymph's pot luck. Jayne Alevisos pours some cider for a hungry Jaine Moran. Aqua Nymphs Aqua Nymph : FRONT ROW - K. Johnson, A. Oelschlager. S. Pollock. T. Jordan. A. Smilh. S 2»essler. K Richards. J. Moran ROW 2 - M Massopust. J Johnson. P Smith. T. Feyerson. C. Denk. J. Alevisos. N. Crowley. S. Jensen, $ Ward. J McKibben. N Silseth BACK ROW — S. Oelschlager, B Schroeder. A Monson. I Webb. S. Hagen. C lea. K $we land. K Baker. P. Christensen "Being on Aqua Nymphs is really fun. especially with all the bruises we get from hitting each other." Sally and Amy Oefschlager (11) and (10) "Aqua Nymphs takes up alot of time, but it's really worthwhile. First of all. we have alot of fun. we also get alot of exercise, so we keep in good shape. Most importantly we will hopefully take state!" Sue Hagen (12) “The different medals are earned by passing off stunts. The way we pass off stunts is to show our coach the stunts and when they're good enough she checks them off." Jenny McKibben (10) "The number one goal of Aqua Nymphs is to take state in competition. Another goal of Aqua Nymphs is to put on a really good spring show. These two things are what we really work for all year." Penny Smith (11) "Remember D.L.?" ... "I wish Baker would get a suit that fits!" "Tricia, what did you get in your locker today from your secret santa?” "Sweetland what does it mean when a boy stares at you?" . "What do Sweetland and S. Oelschlager do Thursday night? Synchronized spaghetti eating??" ... "Captain Kangeroo. Mr. Greenjeans and Matilda too!" .. "Peace!” ... "Big Nymph!" .. "Babo's perfect point." ... "Allyson's sour milk." ... "A.O.K.!" ... "You jum-buck!" ... "Dogdoo bon tons" ... "F.F. to D.D.!" Anonymous 173Cheerleaders Acquire Their Own Homeroom Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW - J. Kamrske. N Swenson. L. Carter. D Smama. J Manske. S. Student. 0. Westerner . S. Mork BACK ROW - M Pumrfia. B. Mayber . N Woodley. M. Peterson. J. Person. M Walker. S. Muske. K. Muske. Nancy Swenson and mascot Barb Mayberf watch the game in anticipation. Senior Diane Westerberg does "the swim" during the cheerleaders’ homecoming skit. At a fall peptest. Suzy Mork cheerfully forms an "O' in the "sock-it" cheer. 174An afternoon practice enables Nancy Woodley, Linda Carter, Sue Muske, and Kris Nancy Woodley and Melanie Walker give a sigh of relief after fnishmg a Muske to perfect their cheering for an upcoming game cheer on the ice at Braemar. B - Squad FRONT ROW -A.Garberg. J.Robfftson ROW 2 - J.Dostn. KJeronimts. BACK ROW - M Anderson. J.Wheeler. Cheerleaders "During Christmas vacation, the hockey squad went to International Falls and Duluth with the team. We had a panic, and the hockey games became much more meaningful to us. We took back a lot of memories with us that I'm sure none of us will ever be able to forget. We really had a great time."Nancy Woodley (12) "I enjoy cheering for hockey a lot more than the other sports because I feel like I'm part of the g me. We're down so close to the players, and the enthusiasm trom the crowd is unbelievable." Ann Garberg (10) "Cheering is really satisfying for me because I think that it improves the team spirit and response from the crowd.” Jane Wheeler (10) "The thing that I like most about cheering is when the kids start to yell and cheer with me to support the team. Personally, I love to cheer because of the close friendships in the squads " SuzyMork(U) "Over the years I have found that through all we do together, cheerleaders form closer friendships than people realize.” Jane Kamiske(U) “This year was great, the friendships were memorable, but the lack of funds and school support made it difficult at times."Julie Person (12) "M - j = I + I = Z” ... "Replace your divot”... Crunky!" ... "lynyrd Skinnex” ... "Dugouts Mary P ?” "Who got locked in the satellite?” ... "Water tower attempt” .. "Was that a thank you note?” ... “Spider-man. Cheese, Toby. Stick, Swappo. Saga, and Jolly Joe” ... “Memory land" ... “Cruising C.S.” "Stairway” ... "Room 129 and 253" ... "Blind him in the eye-dee deedee" Anonymous 175Successful Start Makes For A Good Year Hornetles; FRONT ROW - K Mielke. $ Alevi os. J. H|e)lc. J. Zicper. R Swenson. P. Cushmg. G VonDrashek. J. Schall. A Bro sius. L Timm BACK ROW — S Harmon, E 8»rton. A Gotlschall. S. Joschko. I Connell, P Kelly. M Fuller. I S arzynski, N.Gillet.) Hanske, Showing off her garter. Jeanne Zieper also Ending the football season with a pepfest. the Hornettes wait in their familiar "H" position anticipating the jazzy displays some hip action. and rhythmic sound of “Wall Street Rag."While Hornette captains are at Homecoming practice, the rest of the group takes time out to practice their smiles. Hornettes IS 5 I ’!'■■■ •• i 5 55 Bjj- ■ o « '“’jjffl s.::. § ass ■.,! 'fk "Ladies please line up! 5678 8-10-2-4. twix. twix." Peggy Cushing (12) "What kind of sucker is that you guys?" Nicole Gillet (12) "Everyone may think that the Hornettes love to eat. but what we like best is spaghetti a la pants!" Lois Timm (12) "My favorite step is Happy Trumpeters!" Janny Schall (12) “Pull my finger!" Mary Fuller (11) "Who needs something? XXXO Love. Mom." Robin Swenson (12) "Exhausted bodies, frustrating practices, and many tears are but a small price to pay for all the good times and lasting friendships." Sue Alev-izos and Elise Barton (12) "Is that a true story?" Anne Brosius (12) "We like staying up at slumber parties and being obnoxious!" Lisa Connell and LoriSzarzynski(U) "5. 6.7.8. Chow!" ... "Shine on. Hjelle. Gillet. Joschko. and Connell" .. "Who farted. Grits?" . "Godzilla below the bobbie socks" "P.K., we hear you came from a HICK town” ... "Polka dancing” ... "Pit towels” ... "P. and perverted stories under Tee Dee’s trees” ... "Jeanne where’d you put the chickens?” ... "Cheetos" ... "Mental Woman” ... "Who’s gonna wake up Olive?" ... "Sue H„ what were you doing in the stairway before practice?" ... "Close your eyes and point" ... “Toe wall” .. "What'd the ghost say to the bee?” ... “You guys guess what? We’re going to Africa with the North Stars!" Anonymous Getting m shape before one of the pepfests. Kay Mielke limbers up by doing exnaustmg straddle Summer heat makes solos difficult for juniors Patty stretches in the hall outside of the gym. Ke,,Y and Mary Fuller. 177Elected Reps Meet To Serve Students’ Needs Youth Seroce OHkwv front Row - S. Holmgren. C Smith Bxk Row - 0 Brown. P. Smith Mating: I Williamson Commissioners Birdie Schaffhausen, Carrie Schwarz, and Jeff Allen discover some interesting materials in the council files. T uth Swrier Front Row — L Leighton. L Olson. E. O’Conner. J. Paulson. M Pit;, E. Brady. 0. Brown. N. Olsoo. 0. Fitigerald. M limbxk Sxond Row - N. Rogers. I Hayes. 0. Gustafson. P. Smith. M Merickel. M. Walker. S. Frawtey. J Cameron. C. Tansil. C. Mattson. K. Gimtro. G Sand-nk. t Sharw. 0 Dossett Third Row - J. Wattson. 0 Wiersma. V. Sena. P. Long. J. Squires. $. Oefechlager. L Bowles. P. Smith, R. Huff. S. Genuine. M Eisenbrey. L Ramps. C Hegnaux. L Bar- tlett Fourth Row — S Holmgren. P Oissmeyer. R. Norman, S. Larson, P. Crosmt B Bomgard. J. Williamson. C Smith. R Bushman. S. Hagen. T Pagam, L Perkins. R McReam. L Cohan. C Dale Bxk Row — B Larson. J loney, I. Layeui. P. CosteMo. R Borgen. J VanOss. 0. Oom. M Phoe-IW.S. JohnsonStudent Council Row 1: K. Fredftckjon. 6. Alien. P Aries. C. Larson. P. Sieff. Row 2: R. Olson. L Chapman. J. Ladner. $ Muske, W. Rum. P. Peterson. T. Vesgaard Row 4: A Schroeder. Mr. feed Schaffhausen, K. Muske. F. Bennett. C. Schwarz. G. Swendseen. M Bloom Row 3: B. Mayberg. C. rickson. S. Nesbit. M Peterson. R. Petefson. K. UHord. Chris Larson and Phil Sieff prove that freshmen can do some sort of useful work. After taking apart the cabinet. Rae Lynn Olson still can't find her box. Student Council And Red Cross "I wanted to be on Student Council because I thought it would be an interesting experience. It's everything that I had hoped for plus it’s quite a bit more fun than I had expected! "Camille Chapman (10) "Work, work. work, and a lot of talking, and an occasional moment of just plain nonsense are what make up this year's first hour.” Mr. Fredrickson (faculty) "The only way I can describe the council is a lot of good friends having a good time doing something useful." Phil Aires (9) "Nesbit's poems and songs " Anonymous "A little more publicity would help Red Cross a lot. but I still like it because I know I am a part of helping people less fortunate than ourselves." Pat Costello (12) "The ideas in Red Cross are good this year. It’s just hard to get the sleeping homerooms to do things, but it's not hopeless! There are those interested few." Chrysanne George (12) "I decided to become a Red Cross representative because I thought it would be a fun. exciting, and challenging way to spend my spare homeroom and after school moments.” Anne McNamara (10) 179ABC And AFS Involvement Yields Satisfaction AFS students. Coco Arroyo and Ray Noel enjoy a Amidst a sea of balloons on the AFS Homecoming float, sophomore members Janene Desotelle and Dawn typical Edina East lunch. Schall try to expand their worldliness at the parade. AFS: FRONT ROW - K. Juhlene. S. Jensen. 8 Anderson. M Stone. J Desotelle. I Etrmler. M Bradley. J. Hiniker. C. Smith. B. Johnson. K. Kattleman. 8. Morgeson. K Richards. D. Smith. S 8rown. C Brenny. K Ladner. J Moran. K. Olson. D. Schall. 8. Baumgartner. C Bachmann. ROW 2 Roberts. P. Pauly. BACK ROW - J. Ladner. P Nielsen. D Tharpe. L Thorvilson. S George. J. - I Esbensen. S. Taylor. M Peddie. K Eelma. P. Christensen. M Brown. M Archer. K. Herrog. C. Farmer. N Pryor, K Crowtey. M Flynn. J. Heegard. R Pearson. T. JonesABC: IRON! ROW - Calvin Gilts. Victor Coleman. Jim Gammdlo ROW 2 - Tony Smith. 8ob Dayton, Mark Baukmght. K«v m Merritt BACK ROW — Hilton Austin. Darnell Corbin MISSING - Jim loney ABC And APS "ABC's main purpose is to provide a good college preparatory education for all students involved. It has given me a new and better way of life." Bob Dayton (12) "In being in the ABC program. I have a chance to strive for a goal in life that I will always remember.” Calvin Giles (11) “To get a good job you need a good education so when opportunity knocks you can grab it." Kevin Mer-rith (11) “I can't really compare the whole United States with my home in Wales. Living in Edina has many differences. such as climate, foods and attitudes. The school is very much the same, but the emphasis on tests is far greater at home." Susan Taylor (12) "APS has always sounded appealing and fun." Beth Morgeson (10) "I think I'm more tolerant of people's differences. Also I think I have a better idea about what's important in life. I found out a lot about another country and have memories which I'll never forget. I became closer to God and found out that there are great people all over the world." Jim Ladner (12)Swing And Concert Choir During the Christmas Concert, choristers dressed in warm outdoor clothes sing ot winters Christmas thoughts to the audience. “To better ourselves in all of the categories of music and to put on fun and enjoyable concerts are two of the mam goals of swing choir." Adone Arnold (11) "I like to sing and I enjoy being with other people who like to sing, so I joined Swing Choir knowing that I would like it." Missy Stone (12) "Making a song polished and interesting for those who listen and working hard to perfect a difficult piece and then hearing a good result are some of the things that I enjoy most about Swing Choir." Caea Smith (12) “We try to accomplish many different things in Swing Choir, such as timing, getting the right notes, togetherness, and the most important — singing a song the way it's supposed to be sung." Lani Hanson (12) "Jody, we hear you!" . "Mamamia, Mamamia, Mama-mia!" . .. "Sit down, Jody." Anonymous "I enjoy music and find great pleasure in singing. I am thinking of going into a career in music and therefore. I would like to have as much experience as possible." Emily Christenson (11) “When we're all really working at it and putting ourselves into it, we sometimes can produce a really beautiful sound, and that is really a great feeling." Beth Morgenson (10) "Thay. if you have a problem, just give it to Mickey." . . “Let's hear it for the fourth row. altos!" ... "Hey. shorty!" ... "Big B. you're really cool." . "Hey. little T. would you be quiet." ... "You're late, go get a pass." .. "They're all coming late." ... "Yo Yo" .. . "Results not excuses." ... "French horn section, pipe down and shape up!" ... "Let's get this baby moving." . "A real spark plug!” ... "Corruption" ... "Kniption" "Trust maker" Anonymous Swing Choir: FRONT ROW K.Kool, K.Chedister. APrestrud. N.Rogers. I.Hanson. EBady. JEaton ROW 2 - KBecUey. SEben. S.Chedster. BWollang. C.Smith. LStruthers. M.Slone. ROW 3 - M Hoglan, 0 Sturges. A Arnold. R-Bydlon. JHippe. Mr. Misslmg. BACK ROW — J.Shaw, P.Balogn. M.Shepperd. S.Hedberg. P.Stadnik, R.8usch, A Merles. S.KIipp«mtein An important part of choir is the accompanist who must practice many hours for concerts. 182No Sour Notes Make For An Exciting Year While practicing a song arranged for a quartet. Zibby Platter, Beth Wollang, Pete Balogh, and Jim Shaw A lot of planning by Ms. Berens and Mr. Missling work for perfection on the piece. keep the four choirs organized. Concert Choir RONT ROW - J.Williamson. K.Spoodis. KKool. M.Wilson, K.Peterson, L.Pfutzenreuter, K.Crammer. S.Taylor, M.Kelly. D.Warner. C.Wentworth. J.Suttle. ROW 2 - N.Sedgewick. J.Manske. M.Martin. N.Cartier. E.Christensen. N.Rogers. K.Marshal, P.Sheperd. L.Grafelman, C.Smith, J.AIevizos, D.Edelman. J.Eaton. ROW 3 - Mr. Missling. L.Hershey. L.Etzwiler. R.Roos, M.Erickson. C.Frich, B.Morgeson, B.Spoodis, K.Herzog. R.Person. C.Kool. LFranklin. C.Benner. A.Wambold, K.Palmer. BACK ROW — K.Brose. LShakle, K.Beckley, S.EIsen, E.Moffa. K.Brose, D.Davies. C.Bachman. T.Russel. P.Sidell, M.Avery. M.Shepard. J.Peterson, S.Nestle. 183Holiday Solos On Short Notice Go Over Big Girls Choir: FRONT ROW — J. Williamson. N Hadley. S. Youngren. C. Hobtsh. D. Warner. ROW 2 Thang. J. frietas. J. Anderson. 8. Anderson, M. Brown. 0. Johnson. 8ACK ROW — 0. Brown, C. - L. Jenijoist. I. Fagre. K. BecUey. A Smith. M. Curtis. M Hildreth. ROW 3 - Mrs. Berren. K Hegnauer. P. Larsen. 8. Walber, J. Crosby. L Perkins. Ouring Home for the Holidays. Jill Crosby, Sue Alevizos and Bonnie Walburg sing for joy with all their hearts to the audience.In rehearsal. Mrs. Berrens gets involved While watching the director, these girls try hard with directing the girls choir. to hit right notes. CHAMBER AND GIRLS CHOIR "I joined Chamber Choir because I like to sing and it sounded very interesting. I have heard that this choir does a lot of fun and interesting things.” Kris Kool (10) "To have fun and perfect our music so that we enjoy it when we sing and thus, the audience does too. Another exciting thing about being in Chamber Choir is when during a performance we do our absolute best and the audience shows their appreciation by becoming entranced.” Deb Sturges (11) "The most exciting thing about Chamber Choir is the feeling you get when everyone is into a song and the result is really enjoyable and beautiful music." Linda Struthers (12) “I was in music in elementary school and I enjoyed it then. I decided I would stay in choir and I am enjoying it very much.” Steve Hedberg (12) “The excitement of performing our numbers that we've worked so hard on is what we enjoy most about Chamber Choir." Jody Eaton and Elyse Brady (12) "One of the major goals of our choir is to sound as unified as possible.” Sue Chedister (10) "When we first try to struggle through new music we sound pretty bad. The more we work on it. the more exciting it is when we finally sound united and balanced.” Sue Alevizos (12) Singer Debbi Sturges waves to the photographer. Chamber Chaw: FRONT ROW - J. Willumson. J. Freitas. N Rodgers. K Jacobson. M Hildreth. L Brady. Mr. Misslmg ROW TWO - A ArnoTd. M Rhodes. L Hanson. L Struthers. C Smith. T Hamlet ROW THREE - K Bechley. 0. Sturges. S. Elson. R Bydlon. S. Klippenstem. A Mertes BACK ROW - J. Shaw. J. Hippe. R. Busch. P Balough. J. Chaomen. M Shepard. TBSCONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW - MChadbourn. J.Ravell. JHanske. Uohnstone; CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW - M Gregory. J.Sdnt C.Volpe. B Johnson, DO'leary. H.Bachtold. ROW 2 - ROW 2 B Thomas. $.8ufbidge, P.Curiy. C Cummins. N.OIson; BACK ROW - B.Schroeder. B Sandberg. LJohnson, D Thayer. BAnderson; BACK ROW - A Oelschlager. J Poehler. B.Collmgs J.Huff, T.Bridenstine, RMeyer. RRischmiller; Missing - B.Gaskill. J.Pehrson. P Meyer. B.McCampbell. J.Kosters; Missing - B.Poehler, B.Voss CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW - M PoeMer. P Hall. DBohl. BACK ROW -P.Sehmid, R Bowen. D.Stoutenburg, Click. CAndtrson. ) Oosen; Missing -S. Haworth CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW - S VanSomeran. ABrosius. K Erickson. B leskee. B Stoltr. N Segwick. ROW 2-C.Tarboi. S.Sale. ROtson. KMonson. C Jensen;BACK ROW - M Roy, J.VanValkenburt .Johnson. N Jamieson. N.Etmlcr. LStoakes. LWandersee. Missing -K Mielke. Elmner. $ Joschko. CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW -ACUuseri.J Engle, D.Rethlake, S Miller. A Hall. j.Markun. ROW 2 -LGcthm. K Fagedie. B.BoW. P.Devroy. M Sulander. BACK ROW - M.Ertantooo. LHanson. M Volpe. T.Korbos. M Massopust. C.Gnl. 186Band Displays Many Talents At Vikings Game Band directors Mr. Lake and Mr. Elledge proudly review their halftime performance after ——— their first appearance at a Minnesota Vikings game. Band "Band is not only a lot of fun, but a lot of work as well. I think it's worth every bit of the effort put forth." Nancy Jamieson (11) "Many people think that band is just for kids going into music, but it’s not. Band teaches lots of things besides reading notes. It teaches you to get along with people and give your all for something you can be proud of after your concert." Judy PatzJoff (11) "Marching Band was more fun this year than ever before for me. The perspective is entirely different as a drill major as compared to a marcher; I could move around on the field wherever I wanted to and watch all 128 marchers make figures on the field. The whole experience was really a gas!" Barb Johnson (12) "Varsity Band is enthusiastic and really plays very well. The leadership in band is very good and works well with the younger members.” Mr. Robert Lake, Varsity Band Director "I still wonder why Mr. Lake didn't get a kiss while he was sitting under the Mistletoe!" Bill Anderson (10) "I have really enoyed band this year. Most of my friends are in the band which helps to make the hard work all the more worthwhile." Barb Leskee(lO) Veteran Concert Band members Nancy Jamieson, Jane Van Valken-burg, and Kay Mielke practice diligently during fourth hour band. During an after school marching practice, the woodwinds step right into the swing of the music. Diana Rethlake violates the ever-present band tradition by choosing to study in the hall rather than in the confinement of the practice rooms. 187VARSITY BAND: FRONT RON - t Millet. B 8owies. Ll.ndNom, B Gertie. I Bolin. K Peterson. R Kegel. D.HMI. F.erg. J Mo,ft. K Fredrickson. JBrosius. SNorbeck; RON 4 - DWeatherhead. M Houjnon. ATowter. S.Roberts. K.Dale.N Haworth. SSm.th. P Smith. K Hull. B Papk w. SSilas. P Stoll . I Brandenburg. B Sanf.lippo. T Jnes. G Peterson. JVUm.ng. S.Gethm. R Jaihieson. TPaWoH. RON 2 - CPace. CPreksto, SKooatli. I Martin. J Williams. Cluebke. N.Jones. RSwenson, GKapUn. B Ha!»eg. M Knutson. T.Fronk, B Myers: BACK RON - Jloiwbury. LBankey, l Patten. OHunnmghake. J.lmdberg. IWartchow. B Trudeau. M Patriotl. OWiersema. CHcdbtft C Hodges. P.George. LEngJer. J.8ros. J Rolschau. B Anderson. j.Ooleai. T Olson M Pita RON 3 T Erickson. W W.IbngM. DBierken. JSwewey. T Pnckman. T.Hoffman. RJahn. 0 Pnebe. P Sheely. J Minsk . P Sandberg. R Lake. Varsity Band trumpet players entertain high school hockey fans at Braemar Arena between periods of fast action play. Hornet Marching Band Drill Major Barb Johnson concentrates on leading the band during the third annual indoor show. 188 Band Garage Sale Boosts Bank AccountStinger percussion member, Greg Voss. The Varsity Band room provides the atmosphere that these bandies enjoy for eat-happily drums his heart out. r •• £ lunches. A Stinger Band member practices diligently. Band "This was my first year in Varsity Band and from what I've seen. I like it a lot. Marching season was the part I enjoyed the most." Mary Hougnon (9) "A lot of the kids tend to kid Mr. Lake but I. personally, believe he's doing a pretty good job. He really puts out a lot." Dave Weatherhead (12) "Marching Band can be anything you want it to be and to me it was a life of fun and hard work amoung really great people. Bandies are the most joked about individuals in the school, but those jokers will never know what they've missed" Binnie Stottz (12) "The musicals we've been working on this year have been lots of fun to work on and I think, in general. the band looks as if it’s going to be really strong throughout the entire year." Dan Stoutenburg (11) "I was lucky to have this year be my first year in the high school band because the Viking game was so much fun!" Jean Brosius (9) 189 Marching Band members Lynn Stoakes, Amy Clausen, Carol Tarbox, and Jerry Lindbergstep into the music and give their all as they perform in front of a crowd of Vikings fans.Orchestra’s New Motto, Results Not Excuses First and second violinists work together during the orchestra period to play Two orchestra members, Mike Gregory and Mark Walther practice their cornets their music as well and as perfectly as they can. to make results so they will not need an excuse. Orchestra: FRONT ROW - N Obern. k Person. G. Jirsa. M Brecht. M Johnson. $. Simons. 8. Brauer. K. Slosscr. ROW 2 - J. Simons. R Kvam, G. Sharp. M Adamovich, J. Williams. L Carrol. L Bowls. P. Peterson. L Mickelson. K. Norman. J Loomis ROW 3 - P. Sellers. C. Dale. M Hanson. M Maley. K. Taylor. P. Bang. N. Etavnler. I Wandersee. A Hall. I West. ROW 4 - S. Fettek. K Cardie. S Khppenstem. B. Stevens. K Haronta. J. Dege. K Taylor. B. Gerry. P. Christenson. F. Berg. B. Thomas. L. Johnstone. M ChadDoyrn. H Bachtotd. P. Meyer. B Meyers. 0. Fetrek. P Schmidt 8ACK ROW - Mr. Freeze. B. Bowen. $ GaasdelenAfter a concert. Mr. Freese hands out a new piece of music to orchestra member Bob Grohnke to be worked on for the upcoming concert. Orchestra "Working on the Cafe Concert is hard, but very rewarding. The final Cafe Concert offers variety and entertainment for the audience as well as the players. Tour, for me is the fruit of the labor. I think these two things are the most exciting parts of the year.” Jane Loomis (10) "To get an orchestra going that the kids, conductor and public will love is one of the main goals of our orchestra." Shari Klippen-stein (12) "I would say the most exciting part of the year is our annual tour. It gives us a chance to show different people just how much work, as well as enjoyment that goes into our concerts.” Randi Kram (11) "Orchestra tries to involve the kids that join in the concerts to not only enjoy doing the concerts, but to work at it and to improve the entire orchestra and all the students involved." Becky Myers (10) "Yo Yo!" ... "Results not excuses." ... "French horn section pipe down, shape up!" ... "Let's get this baby moving." .. "Hey cou2!” ... "A real sparkplug." ... "Corruption!" ... "You little trustmaker." Anonymous At the Cafe Concert, three orchestra members. Lori Bowles. the rest of the orchestra and the audience listened intently Becky Gerry and Kathy Erickson played a flute trio while to the music flowing from their instruments. 191Different Clubs Touch All Interests At Edina East Debate and Chess Club "I joined Debate Club because I am interested in being a lawyer and I thought it would give me all the background information that I needed to get into law school." Sandy Ulsaker (10) "Being in Debate club this year. I've learned more about our electoral process. I have also increased my vocabulary a great deal." Elaine Knipp (11) "Debate has really helped me to develop logical thinking and to get to know many different people from all over the area.” Steve Taylor (10) "Cathy, why did you quit, too much hugh a bone?" ... "We're experts at stuffing a million people into John’s Mustang.” ... "Varsity Debate had fun bombarding the novices with ice cubes. . . "Leonard is our own Bobby Fischer ." ... "Steve just loved his sweet and sour ribs." Anonymous "I joined chess club because I think it is a fun and interesting game to play." Grant Miller (12) Debate Club: Front Row - B. Dornblaser, K Ufford. E. Knip. S. Taylor. S. Ulsacker. T. Kernan,). Carlson. J. Groven. E Mofta. Back Row — Mr. HerriR. 192 Cbm Club: B Nerheim. S. Stryk. A. DeJont S. Kelleo, M. Struthers. J. Ehlert. G. Miller. B. SandberR. B. Weiner. R. Meyerspwish Club: Front Row - W. Wilbright. A. Keith, M. Meride. P. Smith, Row 2 - R. Olsen. R Ross, M. Cagle. N, Corcoran. T. Moore. Row 3 - A jhen. P. Smith. L. Olsen, M Spcodis, M. Baockmght. S. Katkov. L Sutherland. A. Merdis. Row 4 - J. Peterson. A. Etrwiler, J. Schall, P. Cushing. P nith.J. Squires. B. Anderson. H Wonder. Row 5 — I. Stairs. M. Hildreth. L Strothers. 8. Quinn. J Looney, B. Dayton. J Sullivan. I. Hanson. D. Ris-volij. J. Alevuos. Spanish And French Club "One of the main activities we do is to eat French foods, but we also show movies and go to the Guthrie to see French plays. The most important thing that I have gained by being in French Club is that I am able to use my French and learn new words.” Jean Batzli (12) "Watching Kathy Flom trying to stuff a whole loaf of french bread into her mouth is the funniest thing that has happened this year.” Lisa Etzwiler(lO) "Bruce, put that eraser down!" ... "The officers are a jokeif .. "Bruce, don't forget a phone-book." Anonymous "I decided to become a member of Spanish Club because it sounded like a fun and interesting club. So far this year we have had a couple of Spanish Club breakfast sales." Jane Peterson (10) "I became interested in Spanish Club because I wanted to get involved in school activities and make Spanish Club the best of all clubs." Ann Mertes (10) During French Club, Kathy Flom FrenchClub. C. Juhlin, B. Voss. H.Bachtold, 1.83trti Missing — K. Flom, N. Etzwiller, K Shea. J Fried, J Brady. B. Soltr. $. George, LMolfa. L Let. enjoys eating french bread. 193Latin Club proudly displays their talents by winning the Home- Latin Club: FRONT ROW - B. Wray. S. Harty. T. Guet ke. SECOND ROW - R. Pearson. I Bohn. C. Tarbw. G. coming float for the second year in a row. Sedoff. A. Jensen. C. Luebke. M. Eiswbrey. BACK ROW — D. Jones. J. lonsbury. T. Pearson. M Brauer. A ninth grade Latin slave dutifully pays his monthly taxes of sixty Officers: Front Row - T. Pearson. K. Ufford. J. Lonsbury. M. Peterson, C. Lomauro. T. cents to censor Ted Bohn. Bohn. Back Row - G. Sedoff. C. Tarbox. 194Pontifex Mark Peterson with the help of Peter Hedberg and Kim Ufford attempts an assassination on consul John Lonsbury while Amy Jensen distracts him. Latin and Pep Club "I always wanted to be a slave to a beautiful girl. (This is the only way I could get near one.)" Roman M. Pire (12) "Roll cherries down the hall with your nose, pinching waitresses, kissing slaves, kissing masters, kissing a bar of soap, kissing a are a few of the more exciting slave activities. Making a slave do these is the fun of being a master." Nick Sperides (10) "Latin is Greek to me. I want my money back!" Aileen Peterson (11) " . . There I was standing in my toga, saluting a flag on the sidelines of France Avenue . funny. Ted. funny.” Mary Eisenbrey (10) "Luckily there is no disease to get from kissing people's feet!" Robyn Pearson (10) "The funniest thing that has happened this year was when we T.P.ed Gethin's house before the State Cross Country Meet and we got caught twice!" Maggie Smith (12) "I joined the Pep Club because this school needs some enthusiasm and school spirit. I've seen other school's Pep Club and they are so big that our school looks like a dud." Jeanne Zieper (12) "Who's turn this Friday?" ... "Go Gerts.” .. "Kim - Smile for the camera!” Anonymous Pep Club: FRONT ROW - 0. Werner. T. Babb. K. Ziessler. J. Hjelle. M Smith. K. Degeberg. J. Zieper. SECOND ROW - p. Sheperd. I Kamps. G. Sandvick. R Castellano. K. Eelma. J Harpestas. N Eidsmo. K Flory BACK ROW - M Mead, L. Edmondson. L Johnson. R. Rocs. T Moore. L Shackle. S. Travis. V 8erkbigen. L. Benson. T. Bndemstme. S. Knutson. Kim Otness and Maggie Smith laugh hysterically over the pep club slogans. Pep And Latin Clubs Begin School Year With New Images 195Karen McKay and Andy Brown look over notes before making an announcement. Profession's Club: FRONT ROW - ((.Blanche. M Cagle. S. Roberts. S KronfeTd. S Rudd. J.Gordon. K.McKay; ROW 2 - S-Teisberg. Aloobeei. A Johnson. S Sams. A. Broun. S. Johns. 0. Thompson. C. Tansd. J. Hppie; BACK ROW - B Wray. 0. Brown. J. Zieper. J. Hielle. J Brady. J. lonsbury. 8. Hodges. C. Miller. C. Sandvih. With food and drink in hand. Jan Brady and Sue Sams After an interesting meeting. John Hippe and Chuck Miller talk to the speaker on graphoanalysis check over the list of upcoming speakers. while other members chat with Ms. Clare. Specialized Organizations Have Good AttendanceIn an improvisation, a group of five Edina Players form an imaginary box with their hands and bodies. Edina Players And Profession's Club "It was a certain creative spark that touched me one day while having nothing to do that first got me interested in acting. It came to me and said. 'You're going to be an actor!’ ever since then. My creative inner anxieties have driven me on." Norman Harrington (12) "Anonymous is a great author who has written many great poems, songs, plays, and short stories truely a great man.' Andy Brown (11) "I started acting because I wanted to find out what those looneys were really doing." Mike Spoodis (9) "There are so many people inside of me that I want to be. and the stage is one place where I can be them.” Kris Storlie (12) "Ms. Clare said we would get extra points for going to Profession'sClub so I thought I would join. I'd like to learn a lot of different things and thought that this wold be an interesting way to do so" Mary Patera(10) "The club’s aim is to make it a different and interesting time for students." Karen McKay (12) "The club gives students a chance to learn about their possible future careers and to become involved in them." Susan Teisberg (12) EOin Players: FRONT ROW - Ms. Ctigg. Ms. Anderson. ROW 2 J. Eaton. L Anderson, N Rogers. K Storlie. E Brady. P Jenks. A 8rown. J. Williamson. ROW 3 S Taylor. B. Spoodis. S Danes. C. Bachman. R. Kvam. ROW 4 C, Lea. M Flynn. J. Himker. C. Smith. G. Marcourt. P. Sidel. P Pearson. J. Johnson. R. Roos V Putman. K. Anderson. N Harrington. $ Elsen. BACK ROW - T. Fischer. L Swanson. $. Hedberg. S. Stryk. S 8achman. S. Domke. T. Hennessy. 197 RONS PAT RO NS PAT RO N S PAT RONS PAT RO NS PAT RONS PAT RO N S PAT RO N S P SCHERLING-PLETCH STUDIOS Fargo, North Dakota and St. Louis Park, Minnesota Compliments of a Friend THE KUNZ OIL CO. 5200 Eden Circle Congratulations WHIGREAN Staff and Class of 75! MOM, DAD, BROTHER, SISTERS COMPLIMENTS OF GABBERTS FURNITURE Across from Southdale in Edina Ifll Hillll Hiiliwir «m» I lirrtMat We Own this Town! 58th STREET FRUIT BOWL Edina. Minnesota 55424 Congratulations Jenny, WHIGREAN, Hornettes and the Senior Class LOVE MOM AND DAD For Barb and Nancy Love, RCA RECORDS AND TAPES BOB KALLAND’S SHELL SERVICE 5036 France Avenue South Edina, Minnesota SCHMITT MUSIC CENTERS 3500 W. 70th St. 920-5080 In the Galleria Mall n • Cetm. be. Stmt U"u Mhaocft 5V THE BROTHERS RESTAURANT Southdale Center Edina. Minnesota HARTWICK REALTY, INC. 6161 Wooddale Avenue 927-7146 AUDIO KING Home Entertainment Center 7101 France Ave. BYERLY’S FOOD 7171 France Ave. So. Congratulations to Class of 75 WHIGREAN Business Editor Jenny Hjelle, assistants Cindy Collins and Rob Peterson each hold handfuls of WHIGREAN money with the hopes of escape. I graduated from Whigrean and joined Theta Delta Chi. Jeff Holker Protect your eyes with a professional eye exam and rely on BRX-Quality Eyeware from BENSON’S Congratulations WHIGREAN and Class 1975 C.W. OLSON INC. FREEMANS MEN'S CLOTHING 3650 Hazelton Rd., Edina The House of Quality, Since 1917 EDINA SUPERETTE 4508 Valley View Road 922-9888 Thanks to Colonial Church And Young Life THE STERLING MILLERS 190r RO N S PAT RONS PAT RONS PAT RO N SAT 0 N SAT RONS PAT RO N SAT RONS P AT RO Is NELSON FAMILY RESTAURANTS 3655 Hazelton Rd. Edina 831-5159 )M «UJU»0 l tt»W WilMIOTA U«1 OOMAUC MIMV South France Standard 3901 West 70th Street Edina, Minnesota 55435 HAPPINESS IS LINDSKOOG FLORIST At the Galleria in Edina 3480 West 70th 920-1742 WINDSOR GALLERY 5019 France Ave. Congratulations WHIGREAN VENI, VIDI, VICI SPGRVivet Semper Edina-East Latin Club TWIN CITY FEDERAL Savings and Loan 3924 West 50th Street LADY BE LOVELY 3903 Sunnyside 926-6020 TANYA’S BEAUTY LOUNGE New Styles New Cuts 922-2277 or 922-2288 Hillcrest UPHOLSTERING 4390 France Ave. South AG Rood Marv Meyer SOUTHDALE MEDICAL BARBER SHOP 6545 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota HIAR GALLERY 3903 West 50th Street Edina 926-7691 B.A. ROSE MUSIC COMPANY 3905 West 50th Street Finest in Band Instruments FREDRICK HERFURTH Real Estate at Edina 3930 W. 49 St. 920-1960 THE PRINT SHOP OF EDINA, DIVISION OF PRINT QUICK 3926 West 49 Street Edina, Minnesota 55424 THE SHOE TREE James Hager 3946 W. 50th Street PAPPAGALLO IN THE GALLERIA Next to Gabberts Edina, MN. 925-3388 EDINA REALTY 6500 France Ave. 927-5621 LUNDBERG FLORISTS 3801 Sunnyside Ave. Edina, Minnesota EDINA CLEANERS LAUNDERERS Adolph Anderson Cleaners 4500 France Ave. 927-9991 LINHOFF COLOR AND PHOTO 4402 France Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minnesota GENE’S EDINA “66" 5101 Edina Ind. Blvd. 835-6454.831-9826 GENERAL SPORTS JERRY JOHNSON thought for a long time over this advertisement Congratulations WHIGREAN COLONIAL BEAUTY SALON 3920 West 49 Street 927-6353 BURGER BROS. SPORTING GOODS 4401 France Ave. Edina, Minnesota CICERO’S MUSICAL EATERY 7107 France Ave. So. - Leisure Lane Regards to class of “75" BRIDAL REGISTRY Casual Living Inc. 7101 France Ave. Edina l cteod-. Distinctive Apparel for Men and Women Galleria Shopping Area, Edina Patio VILLAGE 3918 West 49 Street Minneapolis 926-2771 CONGRATULATIONS WHIGREAN-DUNCAN B. MCDONALD L.L.U. 4620 West 77th Street Suite 210 Edina, Minnesota 55435 MURPHY'S FRANCE AVE. MOBIL 4916 France Ave. South Edina, Minnesota 922-9717 MORNINGSIDE TEXACO 4360 France Ave. Edina, Minn. 55410 We're Bullish on you — class of 75 JOESZARZYNSKI Conticommodity Service 199tronsPatronsPatronsPatronsPatronsPatronsPatronsPatronsPatronsPatronsP Clancy Drug 3948 W. 50th Edina. Minnesota Have your High School We love you Hornet teams Oh yes we do. We love you and we'll be true - Cheerleaders Convention Grill This is our 60c worth of memories Musical Experience with us Serving Edina for 33 years from a real Kuehn Senior Homeroom The Record Shop Under the same management Senior Homeroom 167 , STORM k COMPANY Yata hey Homeroom 206 I 1 UV llll nil 1 1 3909 W.50TH STREET Indian Arts Is where its at MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. 55424 Leisure Lane February 17.1975 Watch out Woolworths SENIOR HOMEROOM 239 for the 114 Southdale Center Is leaving this school WHIGREAN Deadline Edina, Minnesota But they had a good time Best Wishes 75 Enjoy yourself at Gus Young's Lucious — Dancing thru Daytons — Gingiss Formal Wear Southdale Bowl Waterloo — Hum baby — Get it in — Southdale 3401 West 69th Street Where’s C.C. — Chow — Hornettes John N.Zech Junior Homeroom 311 To LudooLus, Loudys Candy Bars Piano Tuning Teaching We have a Mary Congrats. Good Luck Love 4609 Arden Ave. 926-8147 Time being us! Dad-Mom-Tuck-Barb- Dirk-Todd-Sam Congratulations Janny! Good Luck Whigrean Good Luck on a tough job well done McGarvey Coffee Inc. Class of 75 Love. Mom and Dad 1129 Curve Ave. No. Dorothy Collins Interiors Congratulations Keep your feet on the ground and Congratulations Sue! to the Class of 75 your head in the clouds on a tough job well done Target Stores, 7000 York Now and Then Love. Mom and Dad Dennison's Dairy Store Griffen Pharmacy r, a a ft 1 3918 Sunnyside Ave. Congratulations to Class of 75 Dahl’s 4412 France Ave. Edina, Minnesota Tell your Mother Leopard Lady dances in as the bell Southdale Pharmacy Inc. House of Large Sizes chimes. The tears flow as she thinks of Southdale Medical Building Yorktown Fashion Mall lost loves and times. Smile yet! Good luck on the 75 Book Marje Thanks to our Library Aid and Hall Lamb Business Forms 5022 France Ave. Monitor, We made it through the year Mpls. Minnesota Edina, Minnesota Love Whigrean 200A ABC. 180.181 Abbey. Stephen (10) 94 Abrams. Mark (9) 106 Adamovich. Michael (10) 123.190 Adams. Nancy (12) 44 Adams. Susan I. (11)29,82 Adams. Susan 1.(10)94.99 Adolphson, Robert (10) 94 Ah!. Gary (10) 94.134 AM. Sheri (10) 94 Aiken, frank (12) Aksamit. Rand (9) 109 Alevizos. Mary (10) 94.183 Alevizos. Susan (12) 177. 184.193 Aifonsus. Steven (9) 106 Albright. Steven (12) Allen. Geoffrey (9) 106.179 Allen. Ion (10)94 Almars. Donnald(13)44 Amble. Curtis (9) 106 Anderson. Robert (12) 44 Anderson. Barbara (10) 94 Anderson, Bettma (10)94.186 Anderson. Cheryl (9) 106.139 Anderson. Cheryl I (10)82.139 Anderson. Colm (11)82.186 Anderson. Cynthia (10) Anderson. David (11)82.116 Anderson. Everett (Fx.) 147 Anderson. Elizabeth (11) 139.1S3.159. Anderson. Janet (11)82.152.184 Anderson. John F. (12) 16.44 Anderson. John R. (10)94 Anderson. Lynn (10)94 Anderson. Margaret (10)94.175 Anderson. Mary (Fac.) 150.177 Anderson, Nancy (9) 106 Anderson, Nancy (Fac.) 147 Anderson. Robert (12) 44. 188 Anderson. Sara (10) 94 Anderson. Scott (12)44.120.121 Anderson, Todd (11)82 Anderson. William (10) 94 Appel. James (12) 44.121 Applequist. Evan (10) 94 Aqua Nymphs 172.173 Archer. Michael (12) 44.180 Aries. Jennifer (11)82.124,125.169.168 Aries. Philip (9) 106,110.179 Arneson, Martha (9) 106 Arnold. Adone(l 1)82.152. 182.185 Arnold. William (11)82 Aronson. Linda (12) 44.125 Arroyo. Jorge (12) 44.123.180 Ashley. Charles (9) Aulik, Gary (9)106 Austin. Hilton (12) 44 Avery. Mark (10) 94.183 B Babb. Harold (10)94.130 Babb. Teresa (11) 82.195 Bachmann. Charles (9) 106.177.180 8achmann. Sally (11)82, 177 Bachtold. Helen (12) Backus. Holly (11) 153 Backus. Michael (10)94,152 Bagfien. Duane (fac.) 151 Bailey. Kathleen (10)94.125.152 Bailey. Kunberty (10)94.152 Bailey. William (11) 82 Baird. Rebecca (12) 45.153 Baker. Kathryn (12) 45.167 Balogh. Peter (12) 8 and Bant Pamela (9) 106.190 Bankey. Lea (9) 106.188 Bankey. Paul (12) 45.132 Barden. David (10) 94 Barklmd. Anita (9) 106 Barrett. Aile«n(12)45 Barry. Colleen (9)106.139 Barry. Kristin (11)82 Bartlett. LesJieann (11)82.178 Barton. Carol (9) 106 Barton. Catherine (12) 45.176 Basil. Christopher (11) 82 Basil. Mary (10) 94 Basketball 132.133 Bateman. Tracy (10) 94 Batten. James (11) 82.116 BaWi. Jean (12) 45.193 8aukmght. Mark (11) Bauman. James (9) 106 Baumgartner. Bonnie (9) 106.180 Bausman. James (10)94 Bayer, Sandra (11) 82 Bayers. James (10) 94 Bayers. Susan (12) 45 Beal. John (10)94 Beaver, Tom (Fac.) 60. 147 Beck«.James(12) 118.167 Becker. Thomas (10)94.134.135 8eckley.Caren (11)82.129,139.182. 185 Beckley. Kathryn (12) 184 Behnmg. Wiliam (11)82.130.131 Belkin. Scott (10) 94 Bellair. Oavid (11)82 8ellerrve. Annette (10) 94 Beniamin, Peter (12) Benner. Colleen (11)82.125,183 Bennett. Frank (12) Benson, Gregory (10)94 Benson. Laurie (9) 106.195 Benson. Nancy (11)82 Bena. James (9) 106 Benz. Julie (11) 82.129.130 Berdahl. James (11)82.116.130 Berdahl.Jon (9)106 Bert Beth (12) 46.163 8ert Frederick (10)94.188.190 Bert Kirsten (11)82 Bergee. Brian (11) Bergland. Bruce (12) 46 Berkbigler. Rik 11)82 Berkbigler. Vikki (9) Berrens(Fac.) 184. 185 Bigelow. Damn (10) 94 Bigelow. Mary (11)82.152 Billingsley, Steven (11) Bint Jeffrey (11) Bing. John (12) 46.122,123 Bingham. Jack (9)106 Bissonette. Stephen (11) 82 Bivens. Karen (9) 106 Bjerken, Bret (10) 94.120 Bierken. David (9) 106.188 Bjerken. Gina (12) 46.125,160 8jerken. Sharon (12) 46.167 Bjerken. Todd (11) 82.120 BiorkJund. Gary (10)94 Blake. Katherine (9) 106 Blake. Robert (9) 106 Blanch. Katherine (10) 94.196 Blanchard. Diana (12) 46 Blanchard. James (11)82 8lanchette. John (10) 8latzheim. Nancy (12) 46 Bleahu. Michelle (9) 106.129 Bloom. Mary (10) Bockley. Todd (9)106 Boerger, Roger (fac.) 146 Bogner. Kim (9) 106 Bohl. Oavid (10)94 Boh l, Edward (12) 46.186 Bohl. Elizabeth (12) 46 Bohn. Theodore (11) Bohrer. Kirsten (9)106 Bolm. David (9) 106.134 Bohn. Lon (10) 94.139.188 Bonner. Richard (10)94 Borden. Mark (12) 46 Bordewick. James Jr. (10) 94 Borgen. Kim (12) 46. 178 Boubehk. Deborah (10) 94.129 Boubefik. Ricky (9) 106 Bowen. Robert (11)82.186.190 Bowles. Lon (9) Bowles. William (12) Boyle. Donald (10)94 Boyle. Michael (12) 47 Braddock. Dale (10)94.133.152 Bradley. Carol (9) 106.180 8rady. Bruce (10) 94 Brady. Elyse(l2)47.177. 178.182.185 Brady. Janet (12) 47.196 Brady. Ronald (10) 94 Brandenbutt Donald (12) 47.130,188 Bransford. Richard (11) 82.116 Branyon. Henry (12) 135.152 8rasch. Eric (10) 94 8rasch, Robert (12) 47 Brauer. Elizabeth (10)94.190 Brauer. Mark (12) 47.116,132.170.171. 194 Brauer. Sonya (10) 94 Braum. Julia (9) 106 Braum. Joseph (10)95.123 Braum. Teresa(9) 106.129 "recht. John (12) 47 Irecht. Marianne (11) 82.190 Jrenna. Shelli (12)47 3renna. Xristme (9) 106 Brenny. Carol (10) 95.180 8renny. John (12)47 Bridenstme. Ted (10) 95. 186.195 Brink. John (12) 47.116 Brink. Patrick (11) 82 Brink. Timothy (9) 106 Britton. Carol(ll) Broback. Mary (10)95 Brochard. Christine (12) 47 Brock. John (10)95 Brock. Steven (11)91.116 8ros. Jeffrey (12) 47.188 Bros. Kimberly (9) 106 Brose. Kenneth (11)82.183 Brose. Kimberly (10) 95.183 Brosius.Anne(12)47.176.177. 186 Brosius. Jean (9) 106, 188. 189 Brown. Andy (11) Brown. Beckie(10)9S Brown. Diana (12) 47.170. 171 Brown. Diane (9) 106 Brown. Oeborah (12) 196 8rown. Earle (9) 106 Brown. Jack (Fac.) 150 Brown. Melissa (10) 95 Brown. Meredith (12) 48 Brown. Michael (9) 106.180 8rown. Michael T. (11)82.184 Brown. Robert (11)82.116 Brown. Robert M (11)82 Brucciani. Steven (12) 48 Brunsefl. Jane (11) 82 Bryan. Elo.se (12) 48.152 8uckley. Karen (9) 106 8uckley. Paul (11)82.89 Burbidge. Steven (10)95.186 Burbige. N. (fx.) 146 8urgra!f. Mary (12) 48 Burke. James (II) 82.130 Burke. Thomas (10) 95 Burley. Bradley (10) 95.133 Burley. Mart (11) Burnett. Stephen (10) 95.133 Bums. Steven (10) 95 Burl. Matthew (II) 82 Burt. Michael (12)48 Busch. Richard (Fx.) 150 Busch. Richard (10) 182 Busch. Robert (9) 106 8usd«cker, Karla (10) 95 Bushman. Katherine (11) 178 Buzby. Carol (12) 23.48 Burrette 170.171 Byolon. Roland (12) 48. 182.185 Byrd. Richard (11) 82 C Cabot. Thomas (12) 48 Cafe Concert 26 Cagle. Marilyn (12) 48.169.196 Call. Chris (9) 106 Cameron. Jane (9) 20.106.178 Cameron. Teresa (12) 48.54.169 Cambell. Pamela (Fx) 146 Cardie. James (10) Cardie. Kathryn (11)82.190 Cardie. Thomas (9) 106 Carlson. David (10)95 Carlsen. Mary (11) Carlson. Cons (10) 95 Carlson. Julie (10) 95 Carlson. Jeffrey (11)83 Carlson. Kent (II) Carlson. Scott (11)83 Caitson. Sharon (9) 10 Carlson, Tammy (10) 95 Carmichael. Lmda (11)83 Carmichael. Lori (12) 48 Carpenter. Julie (10) 95 Carpenter. Kim (12) 20.27.48 Carrico. Carl (10)95.123.133 Carrico. Thomas (9) 106.113 Carroll. Laura (10) 95 Carroll. Michael (12) 48.121.127 Carroll. Stephen (10)95 Carruthers. Robert (12)48.154 Carter. Bonnie (9) 106 Carter. Lmda (11) Carter. Mary (II) Carter. Timothy (12) Cartier. Nancy (11)83.183 Carver. Andrew (9) 106 Carver. Jonathan (12) 48 Cassm. David (9) 106 Cassm. Jayne (9) 106 Castellano. Andrew (12) 48 Castellano. Roberta (10) 95.195 Cauble. 8ruse(9) 106.130 Cavanaugh. Joseph (10) 95 Cavanor. Paul (11)83.121 Cavert. MaryBeth (Fx.) 146 Cederholm. Patricia (11) 83 Chadborm. Mary (12) 48.186. 190 Chalker. Oliver (12) Chapman. Camille (10) 95 Chapman. Candxe(ll)83 Chapman. Jerome II (12) 49 Chapman. Michael (9) 106 Chapman. Timothy (10) 179 Chapman. Todd (11) 83.133 Chastek. Mathew (11) 83 Chedister. Karen (12) 49.182 Chedisler. Linda (9) 107 Chedister. Susan (10) 95.182 Cheerleaders 174-175 Childs. Steven (9) 107 Chinn. Elizbeth (11) 129 Chou 182-185 Christensen. Bruce (12) 49 Christensen. Jill (10)95 Christensen. Paige (10)95.173.190 Christenson. Emily (II) Christenson. Eric (9) 107 Christian. Nancy (9) 107 Church. Patrick (9) 107 Clapp, Gregory (9) 107 Clark. Christopr( 10) 95 Clark. Kathleen (10) 95 Clark. Thomas (Fx.) 158 Clausen. Amy (11) 83.189 Clay. Joel (10) 95.123 Clemmer. Douglas (9) 107 Coates. Martha (9) 107 Cobb. David (9) 107 Cobb. David (12) 48.49 Code. Gary (10)95.152 Cohen. Laurie (9) 107.178 Cohen. Wendy (11) Colbert. Bradford (12) 72 Colburn. Linda (11)83.90 Cole. Brian (12)49 Coleman. Cathy (12)49.152 Coleman. James (11) Coleman. Paula (9) 107 Coleman. Victor (10) 133.181 201CoHings. L 146 Codings. Brine (12) 49.186 Colihan, Cathleen (10) 95 Collins. Cynthia (II) 19,83.167 Collms. Marc.a(11)91. 129 Collins. Marilyn 11)91.129.152 Comb, lames (11) 83.134 Comstock. Mark (10)95.120 Comstock. Willard (12) 49 Connell. Lisa (11) 177 Connell. Timothy (?) 107 Conver. Mary (Fac.) 147 Corbin. Oarneii (12) 49. 181 Corcoran. Nancy (12) 49.193 Costello. Brian (12) 49.130. 131. 178 Costello. Ursula (Fac ) 147.151 Co . Daniel (9) Coi. locelyn (11)83 Coi. Robert (11)83 Coi. Sarah (9) 107 Carcraft. Edward (9) 107 Cracraft. Wiliam (10)95 Craig. Betty (fac.) 144.163.167 Craig. Jeffrey (11) 83.89 Oare. Diane (fac.) 145.1% Cramer. Karen (II)83.183 Crane. Robert (9) 107 Crosby. Barbara (9) 107 Crosby. Ml (12) 49.184.189 Crosby. Todd (10) Cross Country 122.123 Crowley. Karen (11) 83.180 Crowley. Nancy (10)95.160.173 Croze. Deland (9) 107 Culen. Mark (11)83 Cummings. Clyde (10) 95.186 Curran. Jeffrey (11) Curry. Paul (10)95.186 Curtis. Gary (10) 95 Curtis. Gregory (12) 49.116 Curtis. Mary (10) 95.184 Curtis. Robert (12) 49 Cushing. Margaret (12) 176,193 D Dahl. Thomas (12) 49.132 Dale. Synthia (10) 95.190.174 Dale, Kristine (9) 107.188 Dale. Matthew (10) 95 Dale. Thomas (12) 49 Dalen. Linda (12) 12.50 Daniels. Nancy (11)83 Damals. Treffle (Fac.) 146 Daereil, Trudy (9)107 Daurn. Mark (11) 83.170 Davey. Scott (10)95.177 Davidson. Lynn (10) 95 Davies. Dwight (11) 83.183 Davies. Linda (10) 95 Davis. Deborah (12)50 Dayton. Robert (12) D.E. 152 Debate 192 Deckas. Christoph (12) 50.116.118 Dege. Jeffrey. Jeffrey (10) 95 Degeberg. K.m (12) Oejong. Andrew (9) 192 Delambert. Robert 11) 83 Delaney. Terry (9) 107 Delaney. Timothy (11) 83 Oemuth. Michael (12) 119.121.50 Denk. Lucinda (12) 50.152.173 Denman. Patricia (12) 50 Oenman, Walter (10)95 Derudder. Daniel (9) 107 Desotelle. Janwe(10)95.153.180 Desotetle. Jolmda (9)107 Devries. Douglas (9)107 Devroy. Patricia (10) 95,180 Diamond. Tony (11) 83 Dunmerman. Jerome (11) 83 Ownmerman. Michelle (10) 95 Dtssmeyer. Carol (9) 107.124 Dissmeyer. Phyllis (12) 50.124.178 Dittberner. Cynthia (12) 50 Doepke.Ann(||)83 Dolezal. James (11) 83 Ools. Richard (Fac.) 151 Domke. Steven (9) 107.167. 177 Domke. Susan (9) Donnelly. Mark (9) 107.130 Dorn. David (10) 95.175 Dombiascr. Bright (10)95.192 DomMaser. Merry (9) 107 Oorsey. David (10) Dorsey. Thomas (12) 50.134 Doscn. Janet (10)95.175.186 Dossett. Oebtxe (9) 107.178 DougaU. Mark (12)50 Downey. Mark (11)83.130.131 Drake, lisa (10) 95.125 Dreiseger. Dale (10)95 Dretssiger. Marciana(ll) Orew. Marla (10) 95 Dubois. Jodette (11)83 Oudley. James (9) 107 Duff. Thomas (10) 95 Dunne. Michael (11)83 Dunne. Wiliam (12) Eaton. Judy fl2)50.177. 182.183 Eaton. Mxheal (10)95 Eaton. Robert (10) 95 Eaton. Stacey (10) 95 Edelmann. Diana (11) Edlund. Sharon (12) 29.50.55 Edmondson. lmda(IO)96.129.195 Edwards. Jeannette (11)83 Edwards. Robyn (11)83 Edma. Karen (10)96.180.195 Egge. Joseph (12) 50.132 Egge. Joyce (9) 107 Ehlert. John(Fac.)49.192 Etcher. Charles (12) 50 Etcher. Robert (11)83 Erfsmo. Nancy (10)96.195 Etschens. Daniel (10)96 Erschens, David (9) 107 Etsenbrey. Mary (10) Elken. Jon(9) 107 Eliedge. Robert (fac.) 157.187 Ellmgson. Erik (11)83 Ellingson. Jean (9)107 Ellmgson. Patti (9) 107 Elsen, Susan (12),177 Engel. Laurie (11) 83 Englebert. David (11) 83 Engelbert. Laura (11) 34,83 Engelking, Steven (10)96 Engel. Janet (11)83.186 Engler. Angela (9) 107 Engler, Lee (II) 83.188 Englund. Jamers (9) 107 Engstrom. Peter (12) Engstrom, Rolf (9) 107 Enlom. Melissa (9) 107 Ensmmger. Wendy (10) 96 Erbes. Mvcheai (11)83.116 Erdall. Donald (11)83.120 Erdall. James(U)83.120 Erickson. Kathleen (12) 50.168.191 Erickson. Martha (10)96,183 Erickson. Nancy (12) 29.50.168 Erickson. Todd (10) 96.188 Erlandson. Mark (12) 51 Ervin. Bruce (10) 96.132.133 Esbensen. George (9) 107 Esbensen. Jane (12) 51.180 Etzwiller. Lisa (10) Etzmlier. Nancy (12) Evens. Jenny (10) 96 Evernen. Gloria (12) 51.153 Evon. Cynthia (10) 96 Fads 20.21 Fagcrlie. Kristin (12) 51.186 Fagte. Laurie (11) 184 Fagre. Michelle (10) 96 Farkas. Michael (12)51 Farmer. Janet (11)83 Fallon, Michael (9) 107 Farmer. Joanne (9) 107.180 Farnham. Robert (11)83.140.141 Farrell. Susan (12) 51 Favorite Things 37- feck. David (9) 107 Feck. Penny (11)83 Fesenmaier. Maria(10)96.124 Fetzek. David (9) 107.190 fetzek. Steven (12) 51.190 feyersen. Patricia (12) 52.173 Field. Dale (12) 52 Field. Douglas (11) 83.121 Field. Fredric (9) 107 Field. Jack (11) 83,91.116.158 Field. Jane (10) 96.125 Field. Kathleen (10) 96.139 Field. Terry (11) 83 Finnane. Kelty (9) 107 Fish. Dianne (10) 96 Fischer. Frank (Fac.) 149 Fischer. Trud. 11)83.177 Fitzgerald. Dawn (12) 52.178 Ftaskamp, Thomas (11) 153 Fletcher. Charles (12) 52 Flom. Katherine (12) 52.124.193 Flom. Sarah (9) 107.124 Flory. Kathryn (9) 107.195 Flynn. Brian (11) 83 Flynn. Daniel (11)83.116.133 Flynn. David (9) 107 Flynn. Molly 96. (10) 96. 177.180 Flynn. Sharon (10) 96.124,153 Flynn, Timothy (10) 96 Flor. Jon (9) 107 Fogelman. Sonja(Fac) 158 Football 116.117.118 Ford. Caralyn(l 1)84.129.139 Fore. Marc (12) 52 Fore. Mefeme (10) 96 Forseth. Joel (10) 134 Foster. Jeffery (11)28.84.130 Foster. Leigh (9) 107 Foster. Steven (10) 96.133 foy Barbara (11) 84 Fraatz. Paul (11)84 Franklin. Lynn (10)96.129.183 Fraser. David (10) 96 Fraser. John (10)96 frawiey.Sara(9)108.178 Fredrickson. Del (Fac.) 150.179 Fredrickson. Kent (9) 108.179.188 Fredrickson. lavonne(Fac) 145 Freeman. Douglas (11)84.134.135 Freeze. Hal (Fac.) 146.190.191 Freiberg. Barbara (11) 84 Frertas. Jill (12) 16.17, 184 fnborg. Mary (9) 108 Frich. Steven (12) 52 Frick. Janice (12) 52 fr ker.Carol(10)96.183 Fried. John (11 84, 168.169.193 Friedrichs. Michael (12) 52 Froemmmg. Robm (9) Fronk. Ann (11) 84 Fronk. Thomas (10) 97,188 Frykman. Oavid (10)97 Frykman. Steven (12) 52.140 fuhr. Ann (12) 52 Fuko. Jane (10)97 Fuller. Kurt (9) 108 Fuller. Mayy (11) 20.84.176. 177 fuller. Stephanie (12)52.163 Funder. Phillip (9) G Gagnon. Paul (10) 128 Gagnon, Susan (12) 52 Gallagher. James (10)97.130 Gallagher. Michael (10) 134 Gallagher. Michael T. (12)52.116.117 Galligher. Daug(Fac.) 148 Gamble. Tom (9) 108 Gambrel. Kirk (9) 108 GamrneHo. James (12) 52.139.181 Garberg. Ann (10) 175 Garberg. Mary (12)53.153 Gardner. George (10) 97.130 Garrity. Richard (12) 53 Gask.ll. William (12) 53.186 Gem pier. Karla(10)97 Gem pier. Timothy. (11) 84 George. Chrysanne (12) 53 George. Philip (10) 97.188 George. Stephanie (11) 84 Gernbacher. Steven (11) 84 Gernbacher. Wiliam (10) 97 Gerrie. Rebecca (il) Gerval. Lori (10) 97 Gethm. Laurie (10) 97 Gethm. Steven (12) 53. 122. 123. 188. 186 Gethm. Susan (9) 108 Ghostley. Barbara (11) 84.152 Gibson. Douglas (10) 97 Gibson. Sandra (12) 53 Giles. Calvin (11) 181 Gdkey. Michelle (9) 108 Grfkey. Scott (12)53.134 Gdkey. Stephan (10) 97 Gillet. Nicole (12) Girt' Gymnastics 139 Girl's Swimming 129 Girl’s Tennis 124.125 Girl’s Volleyball 124 Gierstad. Steven (10)97 Gleason. Kim (10) 97 Gleason. Robert (10) 97.120 Gluek. Cynthia (10) 108 Gluek. Steven (12) 53 Gmdro. Karen (10) 97.125.178 Gmitro. Kathryn (10) 97.125 Code. Mark (12) Godfrey. Curtis (11) 84 Godfrey. George (fac.) 145.154 Godfrey. Susan (9) 108 Gohlke. Brett (10)98 GoWenstem. Richard (Fac.) 149 Gorder. Tenley (9) 108 Gordon. Janice (12) 53.152.196 GottschjH. Anne (11) 84.159.176 Grabb. Stephen (12) 53 Graebner. Phyllis (fac.) 151 Grafdman. Glenn (II) 84.116 Graf el man. Leslie(10) Grandbois. Janet (10)98 Grandouist. James (10) 98 Graves. Thomas (12) 53 Gray. Brian (10)98.123 Greensweig, Oanol (9) 108 Greer. Joanne (12) 53 Greer. Ted (Fac.) 147.163 Gregory. Michael (11) 84. 116. 132. 133 186.190 Grestad. Tod (9)108 Griest. Brett(U)84.87 Griest. Vicki (9)108 Griffen, Marvin (Fac.) 149 Griffiths. Robert (10) 98 Grigg. Sandra (Fac.) 147.177 Grill. Cynthia (12) 53.186 Grimsby. Charles (11) 84 Grimsby. Gordon (12)53 Gnssenger. Edith (Fac.) 145 Grrswold.Kimberty (9) 108 Grodmck. Marcia (9) 108 Grogan. James (12) Grohnke. Robert (11)84.152.191 Gross. Deidre (9) 108 Gross. Kimberly (12) 53 Groven. John (12) 54.192 Gruys. John (10) 98 Gruzebeck. Scott (12) 54 Gtuzebeck. Terry (12) 28.54 Guetzke. Thomas (11) 84. 116. 118. 134. 194 Gundersen. Richard (11) 84 Gundersen. Sharon (9) 108 Gunderson. Mark (Fac.) 135 Gustafson. Debra(ll)84.155.178 Gustafson, Lori (9) 108 Gutknecht. Melanie (9) 108 Gymnastks 140,141H Habighorst. Carman (12) 54 Haddorff. Robert (F c ) 147 Hadleighwest, Margaret (11) 84 Hadley. Nannette (12) S4 Hadley. Peggy (10) 98 Hagen. Kevin (10) 98.152 Hagen. Richard (11) Hagen, Susan (12) 54.173.178 Hakala. William (Fac.) 148 Hall. Anne (11) 84.186 Hall. Daniel (9) 108.140.188 Hall. James (9) 108,130 Hall. Nickolas(10)98.123 Hall. Peter (12) 54.130,186 Hal. Peter (10) 98 Hal. Samuel (9)108 Hal. Wiliam (10) 98.152 Hahorson. Elmer (Fac.) 149 Halweg Brent (11)84,188 Hammersten. Ed (Fac.) 146 Hammitt. Kyle (10) 98 dammitt. Tamara (12) 54 Hampson. Gordon (10) 97.98 Hampson. Scott (9) Hangouts 22. 23 Hanlon. Elizbeth (11)84 Hannon. Mathat (12)54.153 Hansen. Kimberly (10)98 Hansen. Marcu(U)84 Hansen. Mark (11)84.120.160 Hanske, Anne (10) 98 Hanske. Jean (12) Hanske. John (9) 108 Hanson. Burce(9) 109.130 Hanson. James (9) Hbnson. JiH (12) 54 Hanson. Jocelyn (9) 109 Hanson. Kevin (9) 109.130 Hanson, lam (12 ) Hanson. Leigh (12) 54 Hanson. Mark (10) 98.120.128 Hanson. Mary (11) 84 Hanson. Michelle (9) 109.129.190 Hanson. Valerie (11) 84 Hare. Barbara (Fac) 147 Harmon. Dianne (12) 54 Harmon. Jeffrey (10) 98 Harmon. Joanne (11) 84.167 Harmon. Suzanne (12) Harms. Gary (fac.) 144 Harpstad. Jenny (10)98.195 Harrington. Norman (12) 54. 152. 177. 197 Harris. Delores (10) 98 Harrison. David (9) 109 Harrod. Brent (9) 109 Harrod. Brian (9) 109 Harrod. Mark (12) 54 Hartman. Richard (Fac.) 148 Harty. Susan(ll)84.194 Hasting. Oavidd 1)84 Herzig Michael (fac.) 148 Haugtand. Mark (10) 98 Hauskms. Lawrence (12) 35.54.67 Haworth. Nancy (10)98.188 Haworth. Steven (12) 54 Hayer. Nancy (9) 109 Hayes. Jean (9) 109 Hayes. Robert (12)55.116 Hayes. Thomas (11)84.116.152 Hayes. W.llam (10)98.178 Heath. 8radiey (9) 109 Hedberg Carolyn (9) 109.125 Hedberg Peter (11)84.195 Hedberg. Stephen (12)55.177. 182 Heegaard. Jutied 1)84.180 Hearn. Susan (9) 109 Heidkamp. Christpher (9)109 Heidkamp, Grill (12) 55.130 Hemrick. Gerald (11)85 Hegnauer, Catherine (11) 84.178.184 Hegnauer. Colleen (11)85 Hektner. lorn (10) 98 Hektner. Scott (9) Hempei. Michelle (10)98 Hemstad. Peter (10) 98 Hendrickson. Barry (11)85.120 Hendrickson. Todd (9) 109 Hennessy. Thomas (10) 98.177 Henwood. Timothy (10) 98 Herman. Daniel (10)98.120 Herman. James (12) 55.121.167 Hersey. Edith (10) 98.183 Hershey. Robert (11)85 Herzog. Karen (10)98.183 Herzig Michael (Fac.) 192 Hestad. James (ID Heyer. Delores (fac.) 145 Hield. Susan(9) 109 Higgins, Jeffrey (12) 21.55.116 Higgins. John (10) 98 Hildreth. Mark (iO) 98.139.193 Hildreth. Mary (12) Hill. Marcia (9) 109 Hines. Joseph (9) 109 Hines. Linda (12) 55.67 Himker. Julie (11)85.177.180 Hippe. John (12) 55. 73. 154. 182. 185. 196 Hirsch. John (12) 55.120.121 Hirschey. Lynn (10)98 Hiserodt. Scott (10)98.152 Hite. George (S B.) 150 Hielle. Jennifer (12) 196 Hielle. Kristin (9) 109 Hoaglund. Shirley (Fac.) 151 Hoak. Thomas (10) 98.134 Hockey 126.127 Hodges. Cynthia (10) 98.124.188 Hodges. Robert (12) 55.196 Hodnett. Amy(12)55.170 Hoeft. William (12) 55.116 Hof. Michael (11)85 Hoflman. Timothy (11)85.188 Hogue. Cheryl (12) 56.170 Holker. Stephanie (9) 109 Holm. James (12) 56 Holm. Karla (9) 109 Hotmen. Christ phr (9) 109 Hotnutren. Scott (12) 56.178 Holsather. Kathleen (11) 184 Hotum. Andrew (11)85.122 Homecoming Hoppe. Steven (11) 85 Hoppenrath. Steven (9) Horecki. Richard (10) 98 Homettes 176.177 Horovitz. Kathryn (9) 109.190 Horstman. Tamerm(ll)85.152 Hougnon. Mary (9) 109.189 Hougnon. Michele (11) 85,188 Howard. Donald (11)85.120.133 Hoyt. John(S B ) 150 Hrdkhka. Cmdy (11)85 Hsu,Peter (10)98 Huff. James (12) 56.153 Huff. Kathryn (10)98, Hughes. Jonathan (11)85 Hughes. Margret (9) 109 Hughes. Paul (10) 98 Humphries. Cary (11)85.120.121 Humphries. Walker (9) 109 Hunnmghare. 0enise(9) 109.188 Hunst.ger. Jane (10) 98.124 Hunstiger. Susan(12)56 Hurd. Kendall (10) 98.152 Hustad. Cheryl (10)98 Hutson. Deborah (12) 56 Hylton. Mark (11)85 Hymes. Mehael (9) 109 I I kola. Matthew (11) 85 I kola. Steven (9)109 Images. 168.169 Ingman. James (12) 56.132 Iverson. Oebra (10)98 Iverson. Sandra (12) 29.56 Ives. Thomas (12) 56 Ives. Thimothy (9) 109 J Jackson. Diane (11) 85 Jacobs. Jdl (11)85.152 Jacobson. John (10)98,130 Jacobson. Kirsten (12) 56.185 Jacoby. James (11) 85 Jacoby. Janet (12) 56 Jxoby. Robert (10) 98 Jahn. Russell (11)85.188 Jamieson. Nancy (11) 186.187 Jamieson. Richard (10) 98.188 Jantsch. Joanne (12) 56 Janssen. Edwin (9) 109 Jarchow. Kurt (9) 109 Jetfris. James (10) 98 Jetfns. Patricia (12) 57 Jenewein. Sue (10) 98.129.178 Jenks. Peter (12)57.177 Jensen. Amy (12) Jensen. Christine (10) 98,186 Jensen. Curtis (9) 109 Jensen. Oawn(l 1)85.152.156 Jensen, Gary (11) 85 Jensen. Jell (9) 109 Jensen, Michelle (10) 99 Jenson. Vernon (Fac.) 147 Jepson. Wiliam (fac.) 149.155 Jeronimos. Kathi (10) 99. 175 Jerpbak. Marjorie (fac) 147 Jirsa. George (9) 109.190 Johndreau. Andrea (12) 23.57.159 Johns. Debra (11) 85.186.196 Johns. Susan (12) 57 Johnson. Annette (12) 57.196 Johnson. Barbara (12) 37. 57. 167. 180. 186.187.188 Johnson, Bradley (11) 86.120.130 Johnson. Christoph (12) Johnson. Dale (11)86.184 Johnson. Oamef (10)98.99.120 Johnson. Dianne (10) 99 Johnston. Jean (9) 109 Johnson. Jeffrey (12)57.186 Johnson. Jennifer (11) 86 Johnson. Julie (9) 109 Johnson. Julie K (12)57 Johnson. Julie R. (10)99.173.177 Johnson. Karl (9) 109 Johnson. Kathleen (11) 29.86 Johnson. Kendal (11) 86.172.173 Johnson, larry (Fac.) 147 Johnson. Lawrence (9) 109.130 Johnson. Lynn (11)86.195 Johnson. Margaret (12) Johnson. Martha(ll)86.129 Johnson. Martin (9) 109 Johnson, Mert(Fac.) 149 Johnson. Pamela (9) 109 Johnson. Pamela (10) 99.139 Johnson. Patti (11)86 Johnson. Paul (9) 37.109 Johnson. Philip (10) 99 Johnson. Randall(12)57 Johnson. Rhody (11) Johnson, Scott (9) 109 Johnson. Seth (10) 99.130 Johnson. Shea (10) 99 Johnson. Steven (10) 99 Johnson. Todd (11) Johnson. Todd M 12)57 Jones. Thomas (11)86.180.188 Johnstone. Bruce (9) 109 Johnstone. Laurie (12) 57.186.190 Jones. Ann (10)99 Jones. David (12) 57.123.194 Jones. Kent (Fac.) 147 Jones. Nancy (9) 109.188 Jones. Pamela (12) 57 Jones. Theodore (12) 57 Jordan. John (11) 86 Jordan. Patncad 1)86.173 Jordon. 8ill (Fac.) 151 Jorgenson, Robert (10) 99 Joschko. Sharon (12) 57.176 Joyce. Thomas (9) 109 Juhlm, Kann (12) 58.180.193 K Katantan. Jeanette (9) 109 Katanian. Lawrence (10) 99 Katantan. Michelle (11) 89 Kalland. Kurt (12) Kallen. Scott (10) 99.192 Kamtske. Jane (11) 86.174 Kamps. Lynn (10) 99.178.195 Kaplan. Gregory (11) Kapsalis. Peter (9) 109 Kasper. Robert (10) 99 Katkov. Steven (10) 193 Kattleman. Kimberly (10) 99.180 Kauffman, Roberta (fac.) 151 Kavanaugh. Megan (12) 58 Kavanaugh. Michele (10) 99 Keating. Kipp (9) 109 Keating. Todd (12) 58 Keegan. Wanda (10) 99 Kegel. Ann (10) 109.193 Kegal. Ross (10) 99.188 Kerth, Alison (10)99.129,139.193 Keith. Andrew (12) 58.130 Kelly. Colleen (11)86 Kelly. James(ll)86.116.177 Kelly. Mary (9) 109. 183 Kelly. Patricia (11) Kelly. Shannon (10) 99 Kelly. Thomas (9) 109.133 Kempffer. Barbara (10) 99 Kempfter. Patrich (9) 109 Kern. Michelle (9) 109 Keman. Thomas (12) 58.123,192 Kid, Paul (11)86 Kilburg. Jeanne (12) 58.160 King, Gregory (11)86 King Robert (12) King Mary (10) 99 Kmtop. Teresa (10) 99 Kirby. Peter (11) Kittlesen. Gregg (10) 99 Kittleson. Suanne (9) 109 Kfelisen. David (11) Klein. Thomas (12) 58.116 Kleve. lavonne(10)99 Klippenstem. Shari (12) 59.153.182, 185.190.199 Klmgensmith. Lon (11) 86 KJos. Steven (9) 109 KJucas. Joel (12) 58 Kmpp. Elaine(II) 168.192 Kmpp. John (10) 133 Knowland. Thomas (9) Knowtes. Mark (9) 109 Knowles. Sandra (10) 99 Knutson. Mark (11) 86.188 Knutson. Susan (9) 109.195 Kolars. Maura (10) 99.188 Kolars. Paul (11)86 Kondrick. Christoph (11) 86 Kondrick. Denise (9) 109 Kooi. Cassie (9) 109.129.183 Kool. Kristi (10) 18.99.182 KooJ.Renae(12)58 Korbos. Elizabeth (12) 58.66 Korbos. Theresa (10) 96.99.186 Koss.Aleunder(10)99 Kosteliz. Ronald (Fac.) 146 Kosters. Jay (10) Kosters. Wayne (10) 86.186 Kouatli. Susan (11)86.186 Kovack. Dean (10) 99 Kremer. Oavid(lO) 58.59 Knzan. Paul (9) 109 Krogseng Pamela (9) 109.112 Kronfeld. Room (12) 58.152 KruppStadt. Sherri (12) 58 Kuehn, Annette (10) 99 Kuehn. Richard (fac.) 149 Kuenster, Carol (10) 99 Kuenster. Laura (11) 86 Kuenzil. Peter (11) 86 Kuhlman. Fredrick (II) 86.132.133 Kuhnley. Cmdy(12)58 Kuntz. Carol (Fac.) 144 Kuntz. Elizabeth (10) 99.138 203Kuntz. Walter (12)86.130.179 Kvam.Randi( 11) L Ladner. femes (12) S8. 179.180.181 Ladner. Kathy (12) 170.68.180 Laehn. Brian (12) laehn. Tracy (9) 109.134 lagerstrom. Ronald (9) 109 Lake. Candi (12) S8 like. Robert (Fk.) 146.187. 188 lamb. Katherine (12) 59.167 Lambert. Carol 9) 109 lamont. Kent (11) lampert. Stephen (12) 59 linden. Linda (11)86.129 Land«. Lisa (11) 86 Landis. Peter (10) 99 language Clubs 194 Larsen. Richard (10) 99 laeson. Ann 11)86 Larson. Annemane (9) 109.129 Larson. Brian (10) 99 Larson. Charles (9) 109 Larson. Christoph (9) 108.109.179 Larson. David (11)86 Larson. Emily (9) 109 Larson. Elizabeth (12) 59 Larson. Gloria (10) 99 Larson. Janna( 10) 99 Larson. Joseph (12) 59 Larson, Katrina (10) 99 Larson. Nancy (11) Larson. Pamela (9) 109 Larson. Patricia (9) 109 Larson. Sarah (9)109.178 Larson. Susan (9) 109 Latham. Roberta (11) Latin Club 194.195 Lalouretl. lee (11)86 laun. Melida 10)99 laughlm. Oeneal (12) 59.152 laughlm. Mary (10)99 Lavm. Timothy (11) Lawson. David (9) 109 layeui. Stephen (12) 59.178 Layeus. Timothy (10)99 lay ell. Judy (Fac.) 147 lea. Cindy (12) 59 Leary. Ann (11)86 lee. Amy (12) 59 Leighton. Reid (11) 59.130 Lees. Allison (9) 109.112 Lees. Kimberly (11)86 I epos. Marc (10) 99 Lehar. Patricia (11) 86 Leighton. Elizabeth (10)99.178 leisthow. Martha (Fac.) 147 Lemieui. Thomas (9) 109.130 lennick. 8ruce (11)86 Lenmck. Steven (9) 109 leskee. Barbara (10) 186.187 Leslie. Peter (10) 99 Leslie. William (12 ) 59.122.123 lewis. Sarah (9) 109 iKhy. Kevin (11)86 l chy. Stacie (9) 110.139 l k. Charles (12) Liebeter. Joanne (11)86 Lieber. Dr Ralph (S B ) 150 l.edl. Christine (9) 110 liedl. Patrick (11) 86.116 Uljenquist. Ronda(9)U0 limbeck. Marc (10) 99.133 Limbeck. Margo (12) 59.178 Imdterg. Bradley (10) 99.123 LindDevg. Jerome (12) 60. 189 Lmdberg. Mark (9) 110 Lmdborg, Nancy (11)86.168 Lmdborg. Thomas (9) 110 Lmdbtom. Lisa(lO) 99.188 Lmdemann. David (9) 110 Lmderholm. Debra (11) 86 Irndquct. Teresa (10) 99 Lindquist. Thomas (9) 110 Imner. Ehzbeth (10)99 List. Lorna (12) 60 litchheld. Thomas (10)99 little. 0ean(l2)60 Lodoen. Darrell (9) 110 logstrom. Oenms (II)86.132.133 lomauro. Chn$(l 1)86 lomauro. Gary (12) loney. James(10) Long. Peneope(lO) 100.178 Lonsbury. John (12) 60. 130. 188, 194. 195.196 loobeek. Amgetica (12) 60.169 Loomis. Jane (10) 100.190.191 Loomis. William (12) 60.122.123 Lord. Amy (10) Lorm.mer. Bonnte(ll)86 Lorimer. Jeffrey (10) 100 Lovaas. Mark (12) 60.121.127 Lovaas. Scott (9) 110 James. Lowell. James (12) 60 ludvigson. Noel (10) 100 ludvigson. Todd (9) 110 Luebke. Cynthia (11) 86.194 Luettjohann. Lynda (9) 110 luger. David (10) 100 Lund. Thomas (10) 100 lundeen. David (9)110 lundeen. John(U)86 Lundgren. Tanya (9) 110 lyail. Jeffrey (10) 100 Lyman, Susan (12)60 lynguas. Jewel (Fac.) 154 M MacGuiivray. James (9) MacGregur. Laune(ll) Mach. Mary (12) 60.125 MacHotda. Edward (10) 100 MacHolda. Judy (12) 60 M»ckeo. John(10) 100.152 Mackereth, Dale (Fac.) 144 Maclean. Robert (11)86 MacLennan. David (10) 100 Maclennan. Stephen (9) 110 MacTaggerl. Paul (12) 60 Magnuson. Pamela (12) 60 Mahoney. Timothy (12) 16.60.154 Maley. Mary (11) Matey. Michael (10) 100 Mammel. Elizabeth (12)60.73 Mammel. Nancy (9) 110.129 Mample. Robin (12) 61 Maney. Marysue(12) Maney. Michael (10) 100.122.168 Manlred. David (9)110 Manckie. Jill (11) Manski. Ion (10) 100 Manlhey. Gary (11)87.130 Marmovich. Mara (9) 110.129 Marmovich, Merne (11)87.88 Markun. Jayne (11) 87.186 Marquardt. Greeg (9) 110.177 Marsh. Dan (Fac.) 145 Marshall. Andrew (9) 110 Marshall. Bruce (11) 87 Marshall. Julie (10) 100 Marshall. Kelly (10) 100.183 Martin. Harry (Fac.) 150 Martin. James (12)61.121 Martin, lisa (11)87.188 Martin. Mar.beth(lO) 100.183 Martin. Philip (9) 110.130 Martinson. John (12) 61 Martenson. Kaem (9)110 Man. Elizabeth (10) 100.124.125 Massopust. Martha (11)87.173.186 Masterson. Lea (12) 61 Masterson. Scott (11)87 Master. John (10) 100 Mastor. Mishad (11)87.120.121 Mathison. Kirk (10) 100 Matlon. John (Fac.) 145 Mattson. Cheryl 11)87.124.178 Maunder. James (12)61 Mayberg. Barbara (11) 87. 90. 159. 167. 174.179 Mayviile. Michael (11)87 Manner. Melissa (12) 36.61 McCambcdge. Robert (11) 87.91.116 McCampbeil. Douglas (12) 61.186 McCarron. James (11) McCarten. Mark (Fk.) 151 McCarthy. Lowell (Fac.) 147 McCarthy. Kevin (12) McCarthy. Molly (11) 87 McCarthy. Robert (Fk.) 162 McClam. Douglas (9) 110 McClain. Mary (12) 61.153 McCiung. Michelle (9)110 McCoy. DameM II) McDermott. Trudy (9)110 McDonald. Judith (10) McDonald. Timothy (D) 87.140 McElligott. Christoph (10) 100 McEllath (9) 110 McGarvey. Susan (10) 100.129.167 VcGraw, Brian (12) 61 McGraw. Daniel (10) 100 McKay. Karen(12)61.196.197 McKernan. Karen (12)61.124.178 McKibben. Jenny (10) 96.100.173 McMorrow. Mary (12) 61 McNamara. Anne (10) 100.129 McNamara. Brent (10) 100 McNamara. Kathleen (10) 100 McNamara. Timothy (12)61.123 McNeil. Chrstopher (9) 110 McNeri. Laurie (10) Mead. Marsha(IO) 100.124.195 Meaden. Karen (11) 87 Meeker. Brian (9)110 Meeker. Hugh (10)100 Mehra. 8alram(12)6l. 121 Mefender. Eric (9) 110 Melander. Joyce (10) 100.167 Mellema. Robert (9) 110 Mcnckd. Marcia (9) 110.193 Merickel. Maureen (10) 100.178 Merritt. Kevin (11)87.181 Mertes, Ann (10) 100,124,193 Mertes. Ann (10) 100.182.185 Merles. John (II) 87.116.152 Meyer. 0onald(Fac.) 149.150 Meyer. Paul (12) 61 Meyer, Virginia (10) 100 Meyer. Russell (12)62.186 Meyers. Richard (10) 100 Mxhatl. Mary (9)110.129 Michael. Susan (9)110.129 Michetson. Robert (12) 62 Mic kelson. Lynn (10)87.190 Miflke. Kay (11) MiNer. Charles (11) 87.196 Miller. Emily (11) 87.188 Miller. Glenn (9) 110 Miller. Grant (12)62.192 Miller. Jody (10) 100 Miller. Kathleen (9)110 Miller. Michael (9) 110 Miller. Roseanne(12)62 Miller. Susan (11)87.186 Miller. Susan (11)87 Miller. Thomas (9) 110 Millett. Marcia (12) 23.62 Mills. Eric (11)87 Mills. Susanne(FK.)144 Mitchefl. Jennifer (12) 62 Mitchell. John (9) 110 Missimg. Darwin (Fk.) 146, 157. 182. 183.185 Moffa. Emil (11)87.192 Motfa. M hael (10) 100 Mona. Linda (Fk.) 150 Monson, Kathleen (12) 62.168.173 Monte. Mark (10) 100 MonteJeone. Sebastian (11) 87 Montgomery. Timothy (9) 110.130 Mont.l.no. Isa (9) 110.129 Montilmg Michael (12)62 Mooney (10) 100 Moore. George (12) Moore. Raymond (12) 62.134 Moore. Tammy (9)110 Moore. Tracy (10) 100.193.195 Mcoty. Paul (9)110 Moran. Carolyn (11) 37.87 Moran. Jane(12) Moran. John (12)62.180 Moran. Patricia (11) 87 Morgeson. Elizabeth (10) 100. 155. 180. 181.183.185 Morme. V.rpma(lO) 100 Mork. Molly (9) 110 Mork. Suzann (11) 20.87. 174 Moss. Cynthia (12) 62.170.171 Moyer. Jennifer (9) 110.139 Mulkem. Diane (9) Murphy. Darnel (12)62.130 Murphy. Laune(12)63 Muske. Kris (11) 86.87. 174.175.179 Muske. Susan (11) Myers. Cynthia (12) 63 Myers. Rebecca (10) 100.191 Myers. Susan (9)110 N Naab. Elizabeth (10) 100 Naas. Craig (12) 63 Nass. Jennifer (11) 87.139 Natwick. Karen (Fk.) 148 Ndlermoe. Darcy (11)87 Nebon. Ann (9) 110.125 Nelson. Caroline (9) 110.125 Nelson. Dawn (10) 100 Nelson. Lmda(ll)87 Nelson. Philip (11) 87 Nelson. Richard (12) 73 Nelson. Robert (11)87.120 Nelson. Ronald (10) 100 Nelson. Scott (12) Nelson. Sheryl (12)63 Nelson. Tore (9) 110,130 Nelson. Vicky (9) 110 Nerheim. Brian (11) 87.192 Nerheim. Kathy (9) 110 Nesbit. Scott (12) 17.63.179 Nestle. Susan (10) 100 Nevers. Gorden (10) 100.133 Nevm. David (12) 63 Nevm. Martha (11) Nevm. Sarah (9) 110 Newby. Leslie (9) Newman. Michael (9)110 Nichols. Steven (12) 63.127 Nicklander. Kent (12) 64 Nicklander. Kim (9) 110 Nufey. Brent (9)110 Nielsen. Phyllis (10) 180 Ndles. Gret(ll)87.116.133 N .lies. Elizabeth (9)110 Noel. Raymond (12)64.180 Nolle. Barbara (Fac.) 151 Norbeck. Sherry (10) 100. 188 Nord. 8ernadett(U)87 Norgren. Jeff (11) 87.130 Norman. Kr«(9) 110.178.190 Norsted. Scott (Fk.) 149.155 Norqucst. Wendy (12) 64.163 Nugent. Nancy (12) Nybeck. femes (12) 64 Nygaard. Greg (9) 110 Nye. Damal (10) 100.133 0 Obern. Nancy (12)64.190 O'Connell. Kathleen (11) 87 O'Connor. Edeen(10)178 O Connor. Mary (11)87 O'Connor. Patrick (11) 87.133 0 Daugherty. David (Fk.) 158 O'Donoghue. Dav.d(ll)87.153 O'Oonoghue. Matthew (9) 110 O.L 152.153 Oelschlager. Amy (10) 173.186 Oehchlager. Sally (11) 172. 173. 178 Open. AI(Fk.) ISO. 151 Ohm. David (10) Ohnstad. Alison (10) O'Leary. Richard (11) 87.186 Olsen. Lori (10) 125 204Olsen. Lynn (10) 12S. 178.193 Olson. David (11)87.116.134 Olson. 0une(10) Olson. Gmny(9) 110 Olson. Jeffrey (10) 134 Olson. Jenny (11) 87 Olson. Kristen (10) 139 Olson. Karen (10) 180 Olson. Michael (9) 106.110 Olson. Michelle (10) 99 Olson. Nancy (12)64.178.186 Olson. Philip (12) 140 Olson, Rae Lynn (10) 179 Olson. Rand. (11) 87.124 Olson. Richard (12)64.168 Olson. Scott (10) 130.168 Olson. Thomas (11) 87.133.188 Olson. Timothy (11) 87 Omestad. Thomas (9) 110 O'Neill. Theresa (Fac.) 147 Orchestra 190.191 .Ordemann. William (11)87 Orenstem. Amy (9) 110 Orenstem. Nancy (12) 64 Orfiefd. Mark (9) 110 Orfiefd. Mary (11)87 Orndorff. Phillip (12) Ortady. Thomas (9) Orrben. Debra (11)88 Orth. Deborah(9) 111 Ostlund. William (10) 101.134 Otness. Mary (12) 64,195 Otness. Peter(9 ) 37.108. Ill Ott. Terrance (10) 101 Otto. Paul (10) 101.133 Otto. Robert (Fac.) 146 Overby. Charles (9) 101.152 Overby. John (9)111 Overman. David (10) 160 Oxley. Michael (11)88 P Pace. Cindy (11) 83.188 Pact. Sam (9)111 Pagan.. Terry (12)64.178 Pate. Mvchetl(9) 111 Palmehn. Larry (11 88.170 Palmer. Kris (11) 88.168.183 Pappas. Thomas (12) 64 Paplon. Robert (10) 101.188 Patera. Mary (10) 101.139.197 Pattern. Lisa (10) 101.188 Patdoff. Mark (10) 101.123 Pat toff. Jody (11)88.187.188 Paugh. Dav.d (10) 101 Paugh. 0onald(12)64.116 Paulson. Jerry (9) 111 Paulson, Julie (11 88.129.178 Pauly. Phillip(9) 111. 180 Payne. Jeff (9) 111 Pavek, Stephen (10) Pearson, Melvin (10)98.101 Pearson. Rpbyn(l0) 194.195 Pearson. Thomas (11) 88,194 Peddie. Monica (12) 64.170.180 Pedicmi. Lisa (11)88 Peey. Mark (10) 101 Pehrson. Julie (10) 101 Pendergast. Kevin (11) 88 Penner. Carolyn (9) 111. 159 Pepper. Ann (12) 35.64 Pepper. Steve (10) 101 Perkins. Linda (12)64.178.184 Perlm.Gary (9) 111 Person. Julie (12) 16.64.174 Person. Kristi (9) 111 Peters. Jeff (9) 111 Peterson. Steve (11) 88 Peterson. Aileen (11) 88.190.195 Peterson, Brett (10) 101 Peterson. Gary (10) 101.120.188 Peterson. Gay (12) 35,64 Peterson. Jane (10) 101.183.193 Peterson. John (10) 101.193 Peterson. Karen (9) 111. 183 ■eterson. Mark (12) ’eterson. Mary (11)88 ’eterson. Mary (11)88 ’eterson. Mary (12) 65.174 Peterson. Micheai (12)65.122.123 Peterson. Paul(9) 111 Peterson. Polly (10) Peterson. Robm (12) 167.179 Peterson. Rosemary (9) 111 Peterson. Scotty (12) 65 Petson. Thomas (12) 65 Peterson. William (9) 111 Petty. Lisa (10) 101 Petty. Steven (9) 111 Pfutzenreuter. Laura (9) 111.183 Pierce. James (10) 101 Pittman. Mary (9) 111 Pita. Nary (11)88.178.188 Prtzer. NH (10) 101.129 Pitaer. Sanford (11) 88 Ptatter. Ben (9) 107. 111. 113.130 Platter. Elizabeth 12) Plotter. Jennifer (9) 107.111.155 Plummer. Marcia (10) 101.139 Poeter. James (10) 101.186 Pochler. M heal (10) 101.186 Poehler. William (12) 65.186 Pollock. David (12) 65 Pollock. Susan (II) 88.172.173 Pop Concert Porter. Robert (12)65.119.121 Porter. Susan (9) 111 Potterton. Bruce (10) Potterton. Susan(12)65.168 Poulton. Dwight (9)111 Preksto. Colleen (11)88.188 Prestrud. Betty (Fac.) 50 Prestrud. Kathleen (10) 101.18? Preston, Susan (9)111 Prestrud. Mark (11)88 Prickman. Thomas (10) 101.188 Pnebe. Dav.d (12) 65 Prior. Nancy (11) 88.129.180 Professions Club 1%. 197 Pumilia. Marcy (11)88.174 Putman. Michael (11) 88.170 Q Quinlan. Catherine (11) 88 Quinlan. Patrick(9) 111 Quinlivan. Raymond(9) 111. 130 Quinn. Bruce (10) 101 Quinn, Elizabeth (12)66.193 Quinn, Kenneth (12) Quinn, Thomas (10) 101 R Ramler. Deanne(9) 111. 129 Ranler. Steven (10) 101.102.116 Ransbottom. Sherry (11)88.152 Rauth. Rosemarie (11) 18.88.139 Raveti. James(12)66.186 Randlo. Anthony (II) 88 Razidlo. Mark (9) 111 Ready.Chnstphr (9) 111 Ready. Michael (ID Retke. James(9) 111 Red Cross 178 Reed. Keith (11)88 Reed. Ronald (9) 111 Reese. Oebra (12)66 Reese. Patricia (9) 111 Regan, Patrick (12) 66,75.116 Beget. Janette (9) 111 Reget. Michael (12) Reichmann. David (12) 66,68 Re«chow. Richard (Fac.) 145 Reversgord. Robert 11)88 Rerersgerd, Susan (12) Reierson. Renee (10) 101 Reonfetd. Roberta (9)111 Remfetd. Scott (11) Renne.Susan(12)66 Renmck, Forster (10) 101 Rethlake. Diana (12) 66.187 Reynolds. Bradley (9) 111 Reynolds. Connie (10) 101 Rhoads. Martha (ID88.125.185 Richards. Casey (10) 101.129 Richards. Kevan (11) Richards. Robert (10) 101.120.133 Rickabaugh. Richard (Fac.) 149 Rifley. Chene (9)111 Riley. Nancy (11) 88 Ring. Ronald (Fac 146.151 Rischmiller. Ronald (12) 66 Rischmiller. Susan (12)66.186 Risvold. Annette (10)124 Risvold. David (12) 66.193 Ritchie. Mark (11) 88 Jbva»l.Peter(ll)88 Roberts. Paul (ID 88 Roberts. Richard (10) 102 Roberts. Stephen (9) 111. 180.188.196 Roberts. Susan (12) 66 Robertson. Jaime(9) 111 Robertson. Mary (9)111 Robertson, Mary J. (10) 102.175 Robertson. Scott (11) 88 Robinson. Jay (9) 111 Roche. Barry (12)66.140.141 Roche. Mary (11) Rooney. Daniel (10) 102 Rogers. Gregory (12) 66.127 Rogers. Nancy (10) 102.124,177.178. 182.183.185 Rotschau. Jeffrey (11) 88.188 Rohchau. Robert (9) 111 Ronald. Michael (11)88.130.131 Ronnei. Scott (11)88 Rooney. Barbara (9)111 Rooney. James (12) 66.116 Roos. Robm (10) Roskam. Catherine (10) 102 Roth. Jeffrey (9)112 Roughton. Elizabeth (11)88 Roughton, Thomas (9) 112 Rouner. Mary Liz (9) 112.129 Rowland. Peter (12) 66.121 Roy. Lisa (9) 112 Roy. Mary (12) 66. 186 Rudd. Sherri (12)66.196 Rudstrom,lori(ll)88 Russel. Richard (12) 66 Russel. Roland (9) 112 Russel. Thomas (11)88.183 Ryan. Mary (12) 66 s Sale. Shan(l2)67.168 Sailen. Nathen(lO) 102.152 Sams. Dav.d (11)89 Sams. Douglas (ID 89.130 Sams. Susan (12) 67.196 Sandberg. Bruce (12) 67 Sandberg. Jonathan (11) 89.192.186 Sandberg. Julie (9) 112 Sandberg. Paul (9)112 Sanders. Hall (12) Sandvil, Grechen (10) Sandvil. David (Fac.) 145 Sanflippo. Robert (11) 89.120.188 Savre. Robert (Fac.) 147.156 Savre. Thomas (12) Saxton. Sandra (12) 65.68 Saxton. Scott (ID 89 Scarborough. Roxane(12)68 Schefer. Elizabeth (12)68 Schaffhausen. lee (11) 23.89.178,179. 188 Schall. Oawn (10) Schall. Janet (12) 193 Schedin. Kathleen (9) 112 SchlacMer. Bonnie (12) 68.160 Schmid. Patrick (11) 89.186 Schmidt. Steven (12) 68 Schmits. Elizabeth (Fac.) 151.170 Schnase. Lorna(l2)68 Schneider man. Stephanie (9) 112 Schnobnch. Robert (9)112 Schnobnch. Wiliam (11)89 Schoenlelder. Mark (12) 68 Schdenfelder. Matt (11)89 Schoenecker. Robert (10) 102 Schotz. John (9) 112 Schroeder. Alan(12) 168. 179 Schroder. Barbara (10) 102.173.186 Schroeder. Mary (10) 102 Schultz. Joan (Fac.) 147.169 Schultz. Scott (9)112 Schwalbe. Julie (9) 112 Schwalbe. lynn(U)89 Schwartz. Laverne(lO) Schwartz. tavonna(12)68 Schwartz. Carne(ll)8S. 125.178.179 Schwarz, lay (9) 112 Scotiefd. Craig (12) 59.69 Scoggm. Paul (10) 102.120 Seaman. Richard (12) Seaman. Thersa (9) 112 Sears. Cathleen (11)89 SedwKk. Nancy (12) 68,168. 183 Sedoff. Nancy (12) 69.167.194 Seidenstncker. Thomas (10) 102 Setters. Pamela (11) 89.152.190 Seilers. Stephen (9) 112 Setvig. John(12)69.186 Sehig. Thomas (11) 89.116 Selzer. William (10) Semenkrwitz. Peter (ID 89.170 Sena. Valerie (10) 102.178 Senior. David (12) 69 Sewatl. Barry(9)D2 Sexton. Mary (10) 112.139 Sexton. Micheai (10) 102 Shackle. Lous (10) 102.183.195 Sharp. Gregory (9) 112.190 Shaver. Virgma(lO) 102.178 Shaw. Jamers (10) Shay. David ((0112 Shea. Kathleen (10) 102.193 Sheehan. David (9) 112 Sheely. Paul (10) 152.188 Shelton, Barbara (12) Shepard. Micheai (12)69.182.185 Shepard. Peggy (10) 102.183.195 Sherry. Steven (12) 69.116.130 Sideil. Philip (10) 102.177.183 Siebenaler. Kevin (9)112 Sieff. Martha (12) 20.69.167 Sietf. Philip (99 Siftar. Charles (9)112 Siftar. Paul (9)112 Sigeiman. Laune (9) 112 Silas. Dcitt (11)89 SHber. Ned (10) 102 Silseth. Nancy (10) 102.173 Simmons, James (12) 69,190 Simmons. Randy (10) 102 Simmons. Scott (10) 102.190 Simpson. Matthew (10) 102 Suns. Elizabeth (9) 112 Smger. Bryan (9) 112 Sirany. Steven (11) 89.130 Sirany. Susan (11) 89 Sitak. Jerald (10) 97.102 Sitek. Robert (12) 51.59 Skagerberg. Cormne(12)69.152 Skagerberg. Jod (10) 102,152 Skiing 136.137.138 Slocum, 8rett (9) 112 Slosser. Gretchen (9) 112.124 SJosser. Katrin (11) 89.190 SlovKk. Jay (9) 112 Smanta.Djrin( 11)89.139.174 Smith. Alison (9) 112 Smith, Allyson (11)89.173.184 Smith. Archie (10) 102.120 Smith. Caea(12) Smith. Franklin (12) 180 Smith. Oavid (9) 112.140 Smith. Deborah (12)69.170 Smith. Kathnne(ll)89 Smith. Katherrme(l2)35.69.125 Smith. Margeret (12)69.170.195 Smith. Mark (11) 89 Smith. Maureen (10) 102.139 Smith, Micheai (9)112.195 South. Pamela (11)89.179 205Smith. Pamela (9) 112,18$. 193 Smith. Pwl (10) 102 Smith. Paula (10) 102 Smith. Penny (11) $9.173 Smith. Susan (9)112.188 Smith. Thomas (11) 99.116.118 Smith, Tony (10) 156.181 Smith. Wiley (Fac.) 146 Smith, William (9) 112 Smead. Peter (11)89.120 Smyth. Raymond (fac.) 146.151 Snell. Cindy (12) 69 Sno-Daze 38 Soccer 119.120.121 Soferlmd. Brrttan (12) 69 Soderlmd. Kostina 9) 112 Solberg. Oamel (11)89 Soliie. Steven (10) 102.120 Soltau. Steven (10) 102.120 Sorem. Juliane (11) 89.152 Sorenson. Allen 9)122 Sorenson. Chns (11) Sowle, James (12) 69 Sowle. Teresa (11) 89 Spalding, William (10) 102 Spencer. Todd (12) 69 Spendes. Nicholas (10) 103.121.195 Spokes. John (9)112 Spood«s.Ann (9)112.129 Spoodis, Kathleen (12) 69.183 Spoodis. Micheal (10) Squires. Jane (10) 103.125.178,193 Stadmk. lyn (9)112 Stadmk. Paul (12) 69 Stars. Ion (10) 103.139.193 Stars. Scott (9)112 Staler. Jane (12) 69 Stark. Karen (9) 112 Stark. Theodore (12) 53.69 Stechann. Dana (9)112 Steen. Robert (10) Steten. Reflate (fac.) 151 Stemkamp. Jennifer (10) 103 Stephens. Monica (11) 89 Stephens. Tod (9) 112 Stevens. Anthony (11) 89 Stewart, James (11)89.116 Stewart. Micheal (10) 103 Stewart. Robert (10) 103.135 Stillwell. Steven (12)69 Stinson. Lisa (10) 103 Stirrat. 8rian (9) 112 Stnrat. Nancy (9) 112 Stoakes. Leigh (9) 112 Stoakes. Lynn (12)69.186.189 Stocke. David (9) 112 Stocke. William (11)89 Stoltz, Paul (99112,188 Stoltz. Sabina (12) 70.189 Stone. Melissa (12) 185 Storlie. Mary (12) 70.177.197 Stoutenbergh. Dan-al (11) 89.116.186. 189 Struthers. Lmda(12)70 Strothers. l.sa(ll) Struthers (11) 89.192 Struthers. Thomas (9) 112 Stryk. Steven (II) 89.177.192 Stuart. Steven (9) 113 Stubbs. Scott (10) Student Council 179 Student. Suzanne (12) Sturges. Deborah (11), Sulander. Mark (12) 70.186 Sullivan. Damal (9)113 Sullivan. Joseph (12) Sundberg. Richard (11) 90 Sun dell. Damal (11)90.120 Sundt. David (10) 103 Supplee. Richard (10) 103 Sutherland. Laura (9) 113.193 Subtle. Jill (11)90,183 Suttle. Mark (12) 70.122 Sveikovsky. Alan (9)113 Sveihovsky. Mark (10) 103.133 Swanson. David (10) 103.130 Swanson. James (10) 103 Swanson. Lisa (12) 70.177 Swanson. Marian (10) 103 Sweaiey. John (11) 90.188 Sweder. Margeret(lO) 103 Sweetland, John (9) 113 Sweetlar.d. Karen (12) 173 Swendseen.Greg(12) 16.17.70,179 Swendseen. Nancy (11) 90.168.169 Swenson. Mark (10) 103 Swenson. Nancy (II) 90.174 Swenson. Roberta (12) Swift. Catherine (10) 103 Swift. Judy (9)113 Swift. Rita (11) 29.90 Swimming. 130.131 Symchych, John (12) 70 Symchych, Margot (11) 90.167 Symchych. Mark (90 113 Szarzynski. Oelores (11)90.166.167. 176.177 Szarzynski. Thomas (9) 113 T Tandon.Sangita(12)71 Tandon. Sund (10) 103 Taney. WHIiam( 12) Tamil. Carol (12) 71.178.196 Tarboi. Caroline (12) Taylor. Kathleen (9) 113.190 Taylor. Marcia (II) 90 Taylor. Steven (10) 103.192 Taylor. Susan (12) 71.177. 180.181. 183. 192 Taylor. Terri (11)90 Teegen, Martha (9) 113 Teegen. Susan (11)90.168 Tegen. Douglas (9) 113 Teisberg, Susan (12)68.71.1%. 197 Terwilliger. David (10) 103 Teynor. John (10) 103 Thant Kristi (11)90.184 Thant Mark (9) 113 Tharp. Douglas (12) 71.167,180 Tharp. Sharon (10) 103 Thayer. Oavrd (12) 71.116 Thayer. Jonathan (10) 103,186 Thayer. Stephanie (10) 103 Thomas. Brian (10) 103.190 Thompson. Debra (10) 103.190 Thompson. Deborah (12) 71 Thompson. Jeffrey (11) 90 Thompson. Roseann (0) 103 Thompson. Thomas (10) 103 Thompson. Wayne (12) Thomson, Frederick (11)90.170 Thorndyke. Ke.th (10) 103 Thorndyke. Lloyd (12) 71.134 Thorvilson. Lynn (9) 19.113.180 T.1.152 Tietien, Kri$fi(9) 113 Tiefjen. Susan (10) 103 Timm, lots (12) 71.170.177 Tita. Michael (9)113 Tongen. June (9) 113 Tongen. Michael (11)90 Towler. Ann (9) 113.188 Tracy. Dale (12) 71 Travis. Susan (9)113.195 Trojohn. John (12) 71 Troyohn. Lynn (10) 103 Trosin. Christopher (10) 103 Tucker. Cheryl (fac.) 129.172 Trudeau. Dan (9) Trudeau. Elizabeth (11)85.90.188 Turnbull. Jeffrey (11)90 Turner. Kimberly (9)113 u UMord. Kim (12) 71. 72. 192.194.195 Ulsaker. Sandra (10) 103.125.192 Untiedf. James (10) 103 Ushen. Alison (fac.) 149 Usher. Gretchan (fac.) 144 Uhr, Robert (fac.) 148 V Vaaler. David (10) 103 Vaaier. Robert (12) 71 Vacant.. Mark (10) 103 Vanbenlhuysen. Douglas (10) 103 Vanbrocklin. Kathy (12) 71 Vanbrocklm. Kenneth (11)90 Vanderplaats. Scott (10) 103 Vandervort, Mark (9) 113 Van Hercke. Thomas (11) 90 Vanko. John (12)60.71 Vanoss. Joseph (12)71.107.178 Vanoss, Micheal (9) 113 Vansomeren (9) 133 Vansomren (12) 71.186 VanValkenbert Jane (12) 71.186.187 VanValkenbert John (10) 103.130 VanValkenbert Paul (9)108.113 Vaughn, Timothy (10) 103 Vecchi. Lawrence (12) 71 Velgersdyk, Kevin (9) 112.130 Vesgaard. Connie (10) 103.179 Vigdal. John (11)90 Viesca. Robert (9) 113 Vlammt Jeffrey (10) 101.103.188 Voelker. Christine (10) 103 Voelker. Susan (11)90.153 Volpe. Christopher (9) 113 Voipe. Mark (12) 71.186 Vobtad. Debbie (12) 71 Votstad. 8ruce(l2)71 Voistad. Charles (11)90.130 VonOrashek. 8ruce(9)113 Von Drashek.Gad(12)71.176 Voss. Bruce (10) 103.193 Voss. Gregory (11) 90.130.189 W Wachsmuth. John (10) 103 Wagner. Craig (10) 103 Walburt Bomta (11)90.184 Walburt Steven (10) 103 Walburt Wendy (9) 113.184 Walker. George (10) 103 Walker. Mark (12) 72.116 Walker. MHame (11) 178 Walker. Scot (11)90 Walters. Mark (9) Walters. Patricia (12) 35.72 Waller. Debra (11) 90 Walsh. Peter (10) 103 Wither. Mark (11) 90.190 Wambold. Amie(ll)90,129.183 Wandersee. Lee (9) 113.190 Wanmnger, Dr. Lester (S B.) 150 Ward. Michael (11)90 Ward. Patricia (9) 113 Ward. Susan (12) 72,170.173 Warmath. William (10) 103 Warner. Amy (11) 28.91 Warner. Bradley (12) 55.73 Warner. Oiane(l 1) Warner, 0ouglas(12) 73 Warner. Gregory (11) Warner. James (9) 113 Wartchow. Karen (10) 103 Wartchow. Luanne(9) 113,188 Watson, Frederick (11) 91.116 Wattson. Jeanne (10) Weatherhead. David (12) 73.155.189 Weatherhead. Scott (10) 103 Webb. Craig (9) 113 Webb. Lisa (12) 73.163,173 Wetdt. James(12)73 Weikert. Jeffrey (10) 103 Weuner. Britton 11)91.170.192 Welch. David (9) Welch. Deanna (10) Welch. Joy (12) 73 Wentworth. Cynthia (10) 103.129 Wescott. Barbara (11)91 Wescott. William (10) 103 Wessetmt Scott (10) West, James (10) 103.190 West. Julie (11) 91 Westefberg. Diana (12) 73.174 Westerman. Margaret (12) 73 Wheeler. Jane (10) 103.175 Wheeler. Julie (10) 103 Wheeler. Paul (11) Whigrean 166.167 Whitcomb. Sandra (10) 103 White. Adam (12) 73.116 White. Catherine (9) 113.125 White. John (11)91 White. Wendy (12) 73 Whitehead. Krist.(lO) 103 Whitehead. Laura (11) 91 Whitehouse. Patricia (11) 91 Whitley. Wil!iam ll)91.116 Wichterman. Julie (9) 113 Wiersema. Dianne (10) 103,178.188 Wiersema. Jacquelyn (12) 73 Wiersema. Douglas (9) 113 Wigdahl. Eric (12) 73 Wigdahl. Laura (10) 103 Wilbnght. Mam (Fac.) 151 Wilbnght. Wayne (9) 113.188.193 Wilk.nns, Wendy (9)113 Williams. Christoph (9) 113 Williams. Janet (9) 113 Williams. Kathryn (12) 74 Williams. Laura (11) 91 Williams. Molly (11)91.125 Williams. Thomas (10) 103.133 Williamson. Edmund (10) 103 Wdliamson. Jon. (12) 74.177. 178.183. 184.185 Willmert. Richard (12) 74 Willmert. Sandra (9) 113 Wilms. Peter (9) 113 Wilson. Kenneth (9)113 Wilson. Mary (9)113 Wilson. Maia(10) 103.183 Wilson. Paul (11)91 Wilson. Thomas(11)91 W.ltr. Jay (12) 48.74 W.ltr. Sarah (9)113 Windhorst. David (10) 103 Wmkels. Peter (9) 113 Winter. Fred (S B.) 150 Wires. Thomas (12) 74 Woehrte, Paul (10) 103.120 Woeitel. Michael (9)113 Wolf. Jeffrey (10) 103 Wolf. Mary (90 113 Wolff. William (11)91 Wolland. Beth (10) 103.182 Womack. Molly (11)91.158.167 Woodley. Mathew (10) 103.133 Woodley. Nancy (12) Woodley. Steven (11) 91.120.134 Woodrow. Nancy (9) 113 Woodrow. Sarah (12) 74, 153 Woodrow. Thomas (10) 103 Woolsey. Kevio (9)113 Woolsey. Michael (12)37,74 Wray. Elizabeth (12) 196 Wrestling 134.135 Wnght. Catherine 10) 103,125 Wunder. Douglas (12) Wunder. Holly (10) 103.193 Wyatt. Mane (fac.) 150.151 Y Yaeger. Gregory (11)90.91.130 Yaeger. Karen (10) 124 Yaeger. Sandra (9) 129 York. Elizabeth (9) 113 Young. John (11)91 Young, lisa (12) 74 Young. Micheal (12) 74 Younggren. Cheryl (12) 75 Younggren. Thomas (9) 113.184 z Zech. Paul 11)91.159 Zeman. Michael (9)113 Zeman. William (12) 75.132 2iegewe d. Timothy (10) Zieper. Jeanne (12) Zieper. Mary (9) 108.113 Ziessier. Kate (12) 56.75.195 Ziessler. Steven (9)113 Ziessier. Susan (11)91, 130.158.173 Zimmerman, Randald(12) Zollars. Robert (12)Itjj been one of the longest, spastic, hectic, grossest, best, rowdiest, fattening, challenging, expensive, exhausting, time-consuming, fingernail- biting, and all around normal year we've ever had. Now. we d like to thank a number of people who helped pull us through once more A big thanks to: Betty, Burt, and Oick for sharing our ulcers and headaches. Poindexter. Armi, Gordon's. Grey's, Bridgeman's. MacDonald's. Mr. Donut, Calhoun, salads and Tab for a great summer. Josten's American Yearbook Company, especially for sorting our dupli-2 pages cate Mary Kistler. our sexy copy lady Mr. Matlon. for not turning all of us in. understanding third floor custodians for tolerating Whigrean party of Edina East for their financial support and cooperation in .... after retakes after retakes. Scherling Pletsch Studios and their photographers for taking retakes ■ler retakes after retakes. jr patrons, for showing sincere devotion in a time of economic crisis, lidlines, especially 5. for finally being over, ie angelic parents of each evertovm Whigreaner. And. last, but certainly not least, every Whigreaner for all the time and thought they put into our book and the friendships we shared because of it. 1975 WHIGREAN STAFF Co-editors: Janny Schall Sue Student Overflow editor: Barb Johnson Seniors: Kathy Baker Ten Cameron Kathy Lamb Academics: Sharon Bjerken Gussie Sedoff Joanne Harmon Lisa Connell Business: Jenny Hjelle Robb Peterson Cindy Collins Photographers: Lani Hanson Sue Miller Doug Tharp Mary Eisenbrey Organizations: Betsy Wray Kendal Johnson Barb Mayberg Lori Szarzynski Molly Womack Sue McGarvey Underclass: Kay O'Connell Sue Domke Merne Marinovich Leslie GrafeJman Sports: Jim Becker Kim Degeberg Jim Herman Cary Humphries Student Life: Margo Symchych Joyce Melander Nancy Nugent Martha Sieff Advisor: Betty Craig Business Advisor Richard Kuehn 207- Atekn- UJUw-Oi+- yew. 6- erf iw X -fa rirj9 fap 2+n otc -4 r - 6ifa ih,(Xa Curfz c' 'icCe vsfaecl o i ow. oqt Wc u ML % , ' 6-M v C L dk jW CtA.M' m.I n 'i 7S6 V " % -'Vr- sj i IF . ■ t u v C p 211 filxccJx cw f fta c,icUo y ju CDl rais-c A 0 pfa vb ,z£ K W WFt-p 5C ,r .JU f V7 ill 1 iP ? ■ v a i UP pjQ -k) Mav tpa-jus-t q, s WMi W UOOL 1A0M fl£. {ez seM ute jf wifs year V ot gpAt so $ fast -t aw'-t litlt -Wt ioere geoauati g-gosy) toe groa) up-fas-t. ir jc to c yotX i da ioeii ( i -we tort-x wist) 6pw we test lutfc- ®rvf rji3er to cxiuaous swi'ie, aiiva cry fe atways (augn, but 'iiost of oji aitOdys your ouon persab.id f Lexer, % A) V » A $ ' t. l iW .r ' ij yta jlf.'l C. y-r v? yyy'k r vO "?£ «y y , A A? fJ V' Of .£( $' P V» vT O' x’ •Girls Track Soars Upward And Onward Girls Track: FRONT ROW- M Robertson, C Schwarz. L Sutherland. M Gutknecht. K. Pool. P Hammersten. S. Hayes. S. Oomke. J Benz. 0. Ramler. $. Co . R Olson. S Georje. $ Heiam. Coleman. H Backus. C. Wright SECOND ROW- A. Lees. $ Taylor. B Mar . I Etzwller. J. M Hougnon. B Fnberg, K Larsen. A. Fronk. Ms. Carert Reget, J. Swift. P. Krogseng. $ Flom. C Wentworth. P. Oevroy. A. Kuehn BACK ROW- Mr Girls Track "Our record wasn’t exactly the most impressive or desirable, but that's not the most important thing. It's working with the girls and becoming closer friends." Randi Olson Conference: 6th in Red Division (11) Conference Invitational: 1st in Mile Relay (Conf. "This was my first year on the track team. Although it took up alot of my extra time Record) alter school, I feel it was a rewarding experience and worth it in the end. Especially after Region: 880 Medley Relay, 1st place some of the girls made it to state." Sue Domke (9) High Jump. 3rd place "This year I felt we had a great team even though we were inexperienced. Next year State: 880 Medley Relay we will be even better, but it will take a lot of hard work plus alot of individual effort High Jump from everyone." Cindy Wentworth (10) "I feel the competition at the state meet was alot harder than any I have crossed before. It made for a more exciting meet, but I don’t feel the importance of the meet affected my performance any.” Barb Freiberg (11) iTrying hard to beat her opponent, freshman. Sarah Flom, executes great skill Qjr(s tfack team member Carrie Schwarta. exhibits her strength while while flying over the hurdles. throwing the shot put. Senior, Tom Klein, hopes fellow teammate Tim Carter does not have butterfingers as he passes the baton. Junior. Tom Hayes, tries to impress the cameraman by throwing the shot put the farthest. 2Track Team Takes Third In State Meet FRONT ROW- 0. Anderson. S. Soltau. J lya«l. E. Williamson. J Braun. I City. 0 Dorsey. B. Spalding. S. Johnson. P. Scoggm. J. Olson, A. Hotum. T. Bohn. B. Lindberg. K. Thorndyke. P. George ROW 2- J. Ktily. R. NeHon. G. Yaegw. R. Grohnke. B Steiran. B Leslie. M Maney. P. Cavanor. 0 Mxtennan. J Jeflris. J Anderson. 0 Frykman. J. Wachsmulh. P. Otto. N. Ludvigson, D. Terinlligef. M Sveikovsky. J. Stewart, G Manlhey ROW 3 • J 8e ker. T Carter. D Murphy, D Paugh, S. Nelson. R Brown. J. Egge. S. Chalker, T. Klein. T. FUshkamp. P Ohon. T. Hayes, D. Jones. W Loomis. S. Layeui. R Coi. R Brandslord. M Walker. J. Bmg. M Erbs 8ACK ROW-0 Watson. C. Cameo. M Gregory. R. Horecki. J Mertes. S. Pitzer. D Olson. T. Guetrke. P Liedl Co-Captain "Cub" Olson shows the form that won the State Discus Championship for him. Trudging to victory for Edina are Dan Murphy. Rick Bonner, Skip Chalker. State Runner up. Dave Dorsey and Dave Terwilliger. shows perfect form. Track "I'm really glad I went out for track because it was a good experience and I got lots of competition and in shape for other sports." Paul Cavanor (11) "I thought the team did better than I expected and I was pleased with the outcome of the season." John Bing (12) "I really enjoyed pushing the weights with Mr. Kosteliz and the other weightman. It was a great group." Tom Flashkamp (11) "I really enjoyed track and I made alot of new friends. Overall, it was alot of fun." Scott Robertson (11) "Bob, Spfft, you could do better with a steel pole. Ha Ha Ha Spfft." Theo Bohn (11) lTennis, Only Team To Take State FRONT ROW - 8 trvm. G. Jensen. 0 Barden. G Swtndseen. S. Ncsbit. B. Arnold. D. Howard; BACK ROW - Coach ) Mat Ion M Zeman. P. Gagnon, S. Peterson. T. Pearson. P. Woehrte. T. Szarzynski. J. Schwarz. . Wt With a look of determination Scott Nesbit follows through after a threatening shot from his opponent. Lake Conference W L Edina-East 13 0 Armstrong 12 1 Edina-West 10 3 Minnetonka 10 3 St. L P. 9 4 Kennedy 8 5 Cooper 7 6 Richfield 5 8 Robbinsdale 5 8 Wayzata 4 9 Jefferson 3 10 Eisenhower 2 11 Lincoln 2 11 Lindbergh 1 12 4Sophomore Bruce Ervin, standing in the ready position Setting himself up for the serve is State Sin-awaits his opponent's shot. gfes Runner-up Greg Swendseen. Coach of 8 championship teams. John Matlon watches his players. Tennis “The 1975 tennis team played up to their potentiality and to the standards of teams of the past decades. They continued to carry on the success of the past teams by winning the 8th State Title within the last ten years. The team did very well by blanking all of their opponents in the State Meet. Bill Arnold and Scott Nesbit played remarkable tennis and were able to win the State Doubles title. Greg Swendseen did a tremendous job in advancing to the State Finals of the State singles. He gave real tough competition to Mark Wheaton of Minnetonka before losing to him for the State singles championship." Coach Matlon “Our team was so successful mostly because of Mr. Matlon and the time he sacrificed to help us progress." Scott Nesbit (12) "We are definitly not having ‘Roast Barden’ tonight." Dave Barden (10) "Tennis took State this year and yet hardly anyone knew it, but it is sucha fun sport, it doesn't matter that much. It is also a very self rewarding sport." Greg Sweenseen (12) "All the members of the team really played their hardest together as a team, not just for themselves, but to really help the team score." Paul Woehle (10) "Mr. Matlon is the guy that helped the team the most. Especially with our conditioning and most of all our attitudes. If it weren't for him, we couldn't have done it," Bruce Ervin (10) "This year was alot of fun and the team was really close together. That's what I like about teams." Scott Peterson (12) "Sorry Scott. I just couldn't quite get the handle on it." Bill Arnold (11) "It was a great season. We wouldn't have taken State if it weren’t for our great coach. Mr. Matlon." Don Howard (11) "I'd say. we have a pretty good advantage over the other teams just having Mr. Matlon as a coach." Mike Zeman (9) "Guadrangler ... Hi Bill Buddy ... Anonymous 5 Keeping an eye on the ball, Sophomore Dave Barden prepares for a smashing forehand drive.East Putters Sink Their Way To Third Place GoW: FRONT ROW- B. Zollars. S. Pepper. B Christensen. T. Hoak. 8 Schroeder. 0 Senior. 6. Hampson. i. Field. 0. Reichmann. V Warmath. B. Vaaler. BACK RON- Mr. Beaver. T. Anderson. A. Vacanti. M Seaton. J Batten Golf "The Varsity Team this year was a close-knit group of guys and they deserved every match that they won. Encouragement by Mr. Beaver always inspired us to win." Jack Field (11) Half our season was lost to the ram. It was a tough year for everyone because it was difficult to get a chance to play." Dave Senior (12) "Next season we will have one senior and four juniors for sure returning, making our team a young, but a good one." Mark Vacanti (10) "There were many good players on the golf team this year, but we couldn't get it together.” Bill Warmath (10) "Oo-oo-ooh! Pepperman charging!" ... "Hoakus-Pokus" ... "Well Arnie Palmer told me in his book" ... "Bill did it" ... "Bruce, check out!” ... “Schmay and Chop and Zollars were charging!" .. Anonymous Tom Hoak skillfully scans the green for imperfections before making an important putt and cupping the ball. Junior golf man Pat Brink looks at the different views of his shot before he putts the ball. 6Having teed off, sophomore Steve Pepper watches the course of his ball with a look of determination displayed on his face. 216 Eisenhower 230 211 Armstrong 221 210 222 Cooper Lincoln 236 222 221 245 209 231 Robbinsdale Kennedy 215 Richfield 225 157 St. Louis Park 168 211 Minnetonka 214 214 Lindbergh 207 7 Varsity Baseball: FRONT ROW - K McCarthy. F. 8ankey. S. Nichols. S. Carroll. ROW 2 G Nilles. G. Curtis. T Smith. D Rrtvold, G. Kaplan, M Burley. BACK ROW Coach Haddortf, $ Ramter. J. Sullivan, $. Foster. A White, Coach McCarthyLingering Snows Delay Hornet’s Attack With an eager look on his face, underclassmen Marty Burley uncorks a fast ball toward the opposing batter. Baseball "The women were pleasing, baseball was promising, and school was okay." Tom Smith (11) “The team was great, but not quite major league." Mike Carroll (12) "The funniest thing that happened was when Oave Risvold layed down a perfect bunt with his head." Joe Sullivan (12) “It was an excellent season. We proved to ourselves that we were capable of beating anyone that wanted to play us. We were a great team and we worked well individually and as a team." Greg Kaplan (11) "Since I'm a little spider who else could be number one." Greg Nilles (ID "Practicing everyday after school became repetitious but, in the games it proved very worthwhile." Jim Erdahl (11) "We got a slow start because of the snow still being on the ground in April. Although, once we got going we had a successful and rewarding season and the game that I thought was the most exciting was the game against Minnetonka." Marty Burley (11) "Hey. Mike, you feeling alright" ... "You little pigeons." ... "All right!" ... “Owie, it sure wasn't low, ump." ... "L.S. and B.S." ... "Gumby." ... "Smith, what's your problem?" ... "Hey. Baldy!" Anony- Edina-East 1 St. Louis Park 15 7 Eisenhower 5 1 Armstrong 11 1 Jefferson 9 4 Edison 3 2 Kennedy 4 13 Lincoln 6 5 Robbmsdale 0 2 Cooper •0 0 Edina West 6 8 Minnetonka 7 6 8 4 £ Richfield 2 Sleepy Eye 1 Lindbergh 0 r 7 1 TTdJftdld mous Senior Kevin McCarthy unloads a long drive for a powerful and accurate base hit to assist the Hornet team to a victory.Judy Patzloff, better known as Maria, leads a group in singing selections from “The While performing in one of the many skits in this years Varsity Band Sound of Music" in the Varsity Band Smash. Smash. Jeff Vlaming and Mark Patzloff act out a robbery scene. Dave Weatherhead and Mary Piti using their vocal talents, perform music from "The King and I” Prior to the start of the Varsity Band Smash. Mr. Lake stands at attention after being surprised by the sudden brightness of the lights. Varsity Band Smash "I really had fun. It was alot of real hard work, but it paid off on the nights of the concerts." Jennifer Moyer (9) "This year's Varsity Band Smash was alot of fun to produce, but the party afterwards was the highlight." Cindy Hodge (10) "This year in band was the best I've ever had and the Varsity Band Smash was the high point. The hair skit had to be the best skit ever done on the Edina Stage." Lee Engler (11) "Brent, if you've ever played anything right, play it now." ... "Doelzal. are you on something?" ... “I'll wear my tupperware.” Anonymous Varsity Band Smash Pays Tribute To Richard Rogers 9With the band behind him. Bruce Collings steps out and With sixty voices raised in song, the combined efforts of East and West choirs turned shares his talent with the audience. the spring concert into a vocal success. An occasion to get dressed up for, Jubil-East demanded cooperation and dedication from every one of its participants. Ignoring the pounding kettle drums behind him. Rob Bowen concentrates on his own instruments. 10 Spring 75 — Reflections And EchosSubmerged in her world of glass animals. Laura was Andy Brown, as Jim. lent the only aspect of aptly portrayed by Sue Elsen. realism in a play of illusion. Spring Concerts And Play "It was a hard play for a high school group to put on. but I thought we pulled it off quite well. Nancy did a great job on the set." Andy Brown (11) "I really liked being in the play because I worked with three of my closest friends. It was a most rewarding play, mostly because we worked so hard on it." Sue Elsen (12) "Jubil-East was a culmination of all our favorite songs from all the other concerts.” Sue Alevizos (12) "I really liked being in the Jubil-East concert. It was a collection of all the songs that we all felt were our favorites. It was alot of work putting it together, but I think it worked out pretty good. All the effort was worth it." Caren Beckley (11) "I thought that the Jubil-East concert was pretty good. I know that some people in the audience thought it was to long but we combined all our favorite songs for that concert and we had alot of favorites.” Jill Manske (ID n Elyse Brady, Sue Elsen, and Steve Haworth ex- tured the overall dream like quality of the play, plored the subtle moods and feelings that cap- "Glass Menagerie."50’s Day "Organization for 50's day was tough since few students were willing to take part in an event designed for their pleasure." Rob Peterson (12) "It was indeed a pleasure to participate although the lack of spirit dissappomted me greatly." Dave Ohm (10) "I thought pony tails and bobby sox were a cute idea but by fourth hour I rolled down my jeans and let my hair go back to normal.” Leslie Grafelman (10) "On 50’s day all my friends got together in the morning and everyone was going camera happy. Then when we got to school, the brave ones kept wearing high ponytails and red lipstick." Judy Swift (9) The nostalgic cheerleaders perform a rousing cheer during the pepfest as they join in the celebration of 50's day. Casually dressed for a 50s day sock hop. Lisa Pedicini smiles contently despite her obligation to the classroom. tff d 11, I The fact that many students refused to dress-up didn't stop Mrs. Layzell from showing how kids really dressed in the 1950’s. ients And Faculty Display 50’s Spirit 12 An appropriately dressed Jim Shaw demonstrates his guitar playing ability before the cheering pepfest crowd.Theme Of “Color My World” Sets Prom Mood While dancing with his date. Nancy Nugent, Jim Becker shows off some fancy footwork Amid several dancing couples. Terry Pagani grins and as he seems to be really getting into the music. dances glamorously for her partner. Prom "Decorating for the prom was really fun but it was too bad we couldn’t have gone."" Mary Carter (11) Cindy Collins (11) "Prom is exactly like ‘The Great Gatsby,' really elegant!" Sue Alevizos (12) "Dinner at the Ranch House was fun and when we got to the Lafayette Club it was oh. so beautiful!" Maggie Smith (12) "Prom is a lot of different things to different people, but most will agree that prom is fun, and something that you'll always be able to treasure throughout the years to come." Patti Johnson (11) “Southdale . . up the down escalators . . Byerly’s toilet paper ... Mary P.’s house ... "Wasn't reject party fun?"' Sophomore Girls The band. Harvey, provided a combination of slow tunes and rock hits to satisfy all the prom couples' dancing preferences. uArms raised. Gary Lomauro and Rich Garrity jubilantly leave the stage as graduates. Happy graduates on the way to the senior party pause long enough for a final picture. Graduation: The Beginning Or The End? Mr. Everett Anderson gives a final farewell and good luck wish to Mark Brauer, Mark Fore, Bob Hayes, and Mark Suttle. 14Dave Weatherhead says "Aloha!" from the Hawaiian Room as he concentrates on learning Jacqui Wiersema, DeNeal Laughlin and Don Brandenburg the right techniques of the hula from his lovely instructor. wait on the bus to breakfast. Tricia Feyersen, Cindy Denk. and Jan Frick ponder whether or not to be big gamblers as they bet all of their chips playing poker. Graduation And Senior Party "I have watched graduation for many years and it seems to get rowdier every year. The party was well organized and it was really great because everyone had such a good time. But I still can’t believe that after twelve years I finally got my diploma.” Shari Klippenstein (12) "Lovaas. how come we didn't win anything at the horse races?" Charlie Lick (12) "It was really fun watching all the people that I had gone to school with for so many years graduate together." Andrea iohndreau (12) "I thought graduation was too rowdy. The graduates should have waited for the party to have fun and kept the commencement exercise more serious." Mary Hildreth (12) "I thought graduation was fun. It is something I will always remember. The senior party was worth waiting for-it was almost as good as Charlie's kegger. I guess the rain was the deciding factor.” John Brenny (12) "I never thought I could have fun at a party without having the punch specially treated." Anonymous (12) 15Outstanding Students Receive Awards National Merit Finalists: FRONT ROW- J. Simmons. 0 iones. T Kernan BACK ROW- i. Jacoby. M Hildreth. S Reiersgord. Quill And Scroll: FRONT ROW- S Student. G Sedofl. R Peterson. K Baker. J. VanOss. N Nugent. ROW 2- B Wray. J. Schall. B. Johnson. J. Hanson, K Palmer BACK ROW- M Cagle. K. Degeberg Missing- J Becker. M. Brauer. 0 Brown. S. Chalker. M Maney. C Moss. M Peddie, S. Potterton, B. Shelton. M. Smith. Winners And Presenters 01 Awards: FRONT ROW - Mrs B. Wilson; S. VanSo-menn. Edina Optimist Scholarship; Mrs. Z. Gray; J Jacoby. Betty Crocker Leadership m Family living Award. National Honorable Mention; I. Denk. Edma Women's Club Scholarship; I Schnase. Golden Scroll Award for Scholastic Achievement; L Webb. Edma Women's Club Scholarship. BACK ROW - M Lovaas. Golden Scroll Award for Sports and Scholarship; S. Holmgren; Dr. F. F Wipperman; $. Ayers; K Degeberg. Mormngside Women's Club Scholarship. J. lonsbury. Latin Club Awards; M Hildreth. General Mills Scholarship; J. VanOss. N.R.O.T.C. Scholarship; T Clark 16lor i - X C nk ac-Uy say -that rt has beeo ita £spah!oI ,but . -thinks -for all "the. he p an u y. Good luck aP'Q rt-s -loo bad yyjns r -t pc»r Q -to G-vskavus. Lbs'll miss WOO coc the . Rt Ife s-L 4Jr Curves co. r be ; , usx vus. oj-e i mi ss -tV e rj. ftt le.as 4 -Ur t Curves co .Vi- 'isb. a «°od -four years, and V'VV'V ''C'Boena Soert-e.'. . -h V" I . LCUQy Oancc( fC jf o° x v j y y y • ,Vl 1 -T v) . j 1 jv v» ' , id y ■ y■ y xwK 'ty' S' ' VV $ V v i 3 Wj ' c w x1 j k T - j-r3 V „0j (t Vw tVV f rj V GeTv y shvAfiVs, k W V 90 ' M vAi ,v v v VkVV1 6 i M-yy y ' S, y ' •»• v 4 v cvttuO-J it V; V- vov -5 x v7 x) " " yry 1 V Q n v y r7J 7rz (l2 S fk pv YfrAj a V. l V S.fA k : I-Ki A 1 I A 1 A J A f L ' ' 1 . 1 VJ 1 v - € tSXcrl-C Ut ecvx ky-LtLAsvnQ tot C.4L ■ t Cx) £ JLQ itfejcois I WX litv Aa f ' X A,'- - A v JX 5V« £j )JU A v 4 C v X'-t iv % L«. . ( —- -'-vo vow ffv-4 $Eo ■ -'-a: 3 1=1 f 20 —5 c Cl X 0 K r ' £ »■ . yriJi . £ • } ., W y » U'U f-r UsJ r - 5 £w yd, yS j m('.■ + • (' s 14- tt . poc - . To c t -v .s '"■«« . + J-O C cjty ft ? , ‘ sf-L -s v"’- -■ -'( «. - 7 « A- = - ;® -7 ' —■f -., f- • y«po A + U . • ® «► yC" f Ocn»y WtSSpky r "(fro' .y(r AjWL s JuX 4 H ; cA- - 'v ' -v oU j w 4“— O ♦- . ) A-h - ••■ 3 id 

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