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 fctjwXXXQ Cte Xj Jdk- VUCxIlv AJlHL C$-CCA X ‘ A Cx “ A YYvtf Jor o Jt pJL-Y-V Up pQ. - %G -‘ Ovx C)cJ! k jLjunotvvv rrvjftjsdk JL COA. LWj jCvnr» CA vcSt Tve£ls-K. (?J£j Lor-;, Hi i fie re be rich prxrbvurl He er -fLuo knou ng you. ”H A5 cxstr peurt of +be year. VoiACec a. nexf person J jpfc . T've enjoyed being coirh OU during lu.K ck. Hcxva? CL rea-L summer cund yeoJrS ahead and X neexity bope -fc 3ce yoVA. + Vis summer £ood luck noifh pvory+h-mg. bona-, TTm B.-'-'T W yu 1 Cv- e-HM Tj v rs - - : - vLC - 0 - SVXJT • Th»w AMptej ' ■ v X-'' Y ’'1 0 0 C.Vkk .'- A- A. w. '---- — - -o- X- C . 3»ur«s7 - ?v- A "' o—|A V Uoy - » - 2From a tangled weh of humanity Where lives overlap and intermingle The individual calls out: “I’m different from anyone else. I’m unique!” Each of us have distinct characteristics. “I could listen to Edgar Winter all day with headphones.” “I jog around Edina even when it’s raining.” “I smile even when a student flunks a test. Then I encourage him to do better.”Each being With his own life to live Spends much of his time in contemplation. He gathers his own beliefs, Decides for himself, And tries to realize who he is. “I feel so depressed. Why did he ignore me?”With thoughts of his own The individual has something to say. He explains what he believes Through talking, singing, and writing. “The purpose of this paper is to explain why people have dreams.” “Singing is the best thing in my life.” “Will you listen to me. I’ve got a problem I know you’ll understand.” Ers r It takes the mind and body Of one single person To meet the challenge of performing. “I’ve won the race. I really could beat the others.” “Everyone is watching me — I can’t drop my baton.” “I feel like I’m going to faint, but I’ve got to finish t he rout ine." Though everyone is a unique individual. We share our identit ies With the people around us. We enjoy ourselves with Those that are like us And those who think differently than we do “The friends I have give me the confidence I need to be happy with myself." "Without people in my life,a player 98 a celebrator 14 I?15As Usual, Students Conform To 1974 Fads Fads “It’s a necessity for the sophomore girls to wear platform shoes or otherwise the senior boys would never see them.” Steve Smith (12) “The problem used to be finding socks to match your dresses. Now the problem is finding dresses to match your socks!” Sue Alevizos (11) "We've taken the wooden blocks away from the little kids and strung them up for chokers.” Jill Suttle (10) "Levi’s are always comfortable and last forever. Also. I can wear them with anvthing and at any time.” Pete Engstrom an “I still can’t figure out what happened to tight mid-knee jeans complete with loafers and no socks. I had only three pairs of socks when entering college — quite cold in the winter, though!” Mr. Ron O'Brien (faculty) “Tradition is removing the letter from your jacket when you graduate. This year the jocks take it off before the season ends.” Dave Plummer (12) “Once you leam to ski, it’s uphill all the way!” Jenny Aries (10) “The great thing about Levi’s is that you can buy them to fit. For once in my life I don’t have to take up a hem!” Martha Sieff (11) “Bummer” ... "Divot” ... “Crispy” ... “Wanna Boogie?” .. “Crude” Anonymous Argile socks would make a great combination with any one of the many different styles of shoes that are in style this year. 16 Jean Zion’s forty inches of hair shows a growing fad of long hair.A common sight in school this year is the “Levi’s” tag worn by both boys and girls, in the form of straight legs, cordoroys, and faded jeans. Mark Shoenfelder is right in style wearing waffle stompers. Karen Sueetland and Patty Walters portrays a new fad this year while wearing big beads. 17anxiously for the crowning of the 1973 King and Queen. Homecoming “It was the pepfest this year I think that got me so excited for the big Homecoming weekend. The participation in the skits and the enthusiasm shown made this year’s pepfest twice as good as the one when I was a Freshman.” Cathy Hegnauer (10) “I was so excited when I found out I was chosen to be on the court this year. I also was scared. I never before had been honored in front of so many people. However, in spite of my fright, I had a fantastic time. We ate dinner at Charlie’s Restaurant and had a good barbeque dinner at one of the boy’s home. The entire weekend was so great!” Gail McDermott (12) The question, “Being you are not an eighteen year old. would you like a coke?” seemed embarrassing for many of the couples ordering dinner before the Homecoming dance.” John Abbey (12) Queen candidates Alice Silha and Tern Whitehouse with their escorts John Daniels and Steve Curry wait 18 Homecoming Court: Steve Curry, Terri Whitehouse. John Daniels. Alice Silha, Dave Katkov, Karen Caspers, Scott McGarvey. Gail McDermott. Janet Wattson, Raleigh Humphries. Ann Kelly, Gary Johnson. I.inda Gagnon. Craig Norwich. Jody Ervin, Dave White. Maggie Quinlan. Mike Blessing.Homecoming Provides Many Activities For Court During the parade before the game, Pace Dave Katfun ride around the field and White, Jody Ervin, Karen Caspers, and wave to their classmates. Linda Gagnon and Steve Curry practice bowing. The excitement of coronation comes to its climax as Janet Wattson and Raleigh Humphries are crowned Queen and King. 19Homecoming Furthers Students’ Involvement Homecoming couples Mark Rollins and Rridget Wallin, along with Joe Whetstone and Sandi Snow, find a relaxing moment to sit down. L: - ?0The class float offers sophomore girls a new Hob Paplow pulled by Gary Engelking are representing the Freshman class means of transportation other than their with an amusing skit during the homecoming pepfest. bicycles. Homecoming "It was awfully frustrating trying to organize the junior skit because no one would come to the practices. Parts were switched around at the last minute and many changes were made. Even with all this confusion, the skit was a riot to put on and it turned out so much better than we all had ever expected.” Barb Shelton (11) “I thought the whole evening was fun but I could hardly wait until the end of the evening so I could get out of the suit that I was wearing.” Dave Plummer (12) “I was one of the women in the Senior skit. It was a gas because we all could make fools of ourselves in front of everybody and not be at all embarrassed. We didn’t care though because no one knew who we were anyway." Heidi Brehm (12) "The Junior skit was really just a sophomore joke.” Anonymous ? The senior women, presenting their rendition of the “crudes" and "prudes, bellow their beliefs to the captive pepfest crowd.Eating Serves As a Priority for Hangouts The practice rooms provide a comfortable setting for all bandies to sit and converse during any free time of the day. Smokers find grass is greener on the other side. Before a hot date, Nancy Evensen and Steve Polfuss Chip Cole and Tom Dale find Southdale, with its interesting stop in at McDonald’s for a quicky. shops, a great place for window shopping. 22After indulging at Bridgeman’s, Frank Bennett counts his pennies. Taking time out from the job to chat is common at Clancy's. Hangouts “I like Perkin’s because it’s the only restaurant you can sit for seven hours and pay only 20c for coffee.” Pete Balogh (II) "For my friends and I, our favorite place to go was Trob’s hospital room while he was recovering from his football injury.” Dave Plummer (12) "Bridgeman’s? Never on Sundae!” Jenny Hjelle(II) "I spend some of my spare time at Normandale Raquet Club. I like to lie around in the whirlpool and sauna and play racket ball.” Greg Swendseen (II) “Some of my Young Life friends and 1 go over to Getsch’s after games just to get together to talk and have something to eat.” Molly McGlynn (12) Maria likes to go to George’s in the Park!” Anonymous (12) "B. Dalton Bookstore is my social hangout. I sit amongst Shakespeare and Thoreau and have a wee of a time!” Ima Square (10) "After THE date, we went to McDonald’s for a coke, but that was the last straw! I must have gained a quarter of a pound after that McDonald’s hamburger!” Bee F. Patty (10) They have nothing to do so Mimi llappley, Sue Martinson, Teri Engelbert, and Patti Hayes find themselves at Perkins. At McDonald’s, a quarter pounder and a malted tastes good to Scott Gilkey while meeting some of his friends after a fun night. 23A Glimpse Of East Students At Their Best 24Satisfaction, Experience Obtained Through Jobs Annette Johnson, in order to find the right leotard, looks through stock at Parklane Hoisery. 26At a relaxed pace, Shawn XtcConneloug. working at Robinson’s, tries to coordinate an outfit for an awaiting customer. Waiting on customers in Dayton’s basement keeps Sue Mach very busy, especially during the hectic days of the Jubilee sale. Jobs “I got a job at First Southdale Bank because I like MONEY! No, really I just got a job there because I needed one. It gets kind of embarrassing though when you forget to give people their money!” Kate Ziessler (11) “My job, believe it or not, is mowing lawns and helping with janitorial duties at Crossview Lutheran Church. I started the job in place of my brother when he moved to the University. The worst part about it is the weird looks I get from the truck drivers going down the Crosstown.” Beth Schaefer (11) "I work as a bus-boy at the Brother’s, and one night I spilled a mustard jar on this lady. It got all over her purse and dress, and 1 had to get a rag and wipe it up. I don’t think that lady left us a tip that day.” Scott Gilkey (11) “Since 1 want to be a pharmacist some day. I’m now working at Griffen Pharmacy as a delivery boy. I’m learning a lot of useful things about being a pharmacist just by watching.” Joe Husbands (12) “You really get to meet a lot of different people working at a snack bar. On really busy days the customers get so impatient and nervous, everyone is yelling that they are next. It gets so frustrating.” Bill Poehler (11) “I’ve been working as a candygirl at the Cinema since June. When it gets really busy, I get all mixed up and I can’t talk. I stand there and stutter and mumble and finally I say, “Can I help you?” Everyone just laughs at me. The ushers are fun, and the staff gets together often.” Mary Fuller (10) 27Youth Groups "Campus Life is good for kids who want to find out more about their own lives and what God has for them.” Sue Pehrson (12) “This year PF got a new Youth Director, Mark Wickstrom, who has added the new life that PF needed." Kathy Baker (ID "At Young Life we sing or just talk. I always go when there are skits because they're usually pretty good." Steve Smith (12) "At PF you can always tell when Mark has made a pun because there's a terrible groan in the whole parlor." Janny Scholl (11) "I really think Young Life is a good group of people — everyone who goes is so nice and friendly. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy going "Linda Carter (10) “Campus Life is a place where you can go to talk about any problems you might have at school or home, or just about anything at all. I hope no one thinks the group is cliquey, because it's not. It’s a good place to go for new kids who want to meet people." Mary Higgins (12) Pit Stop attracts its members by offering many diversified activities, ranging from the study of the Bible to playing the guitar. Marcy l umilia and Mark Wickstrom find that windows can be extremely complex devices on a Pilgrim Fellowship outing. ?8 Young Life provides East and West students with the opportunity to get together every Wednesday night.Nancy Swenson and Barb May berg share Linda Carter’s jubilation as she wins a delicious holiday turkey from Young Life. P.F.’ers sort crates of apples on an apple-picking weekend. Young Lifers Barb Shelton. Jo Harmon. Gloria Even sen. Melanie Walker and Amy Warner sing carols during the holidays. A group of active Pilgrim Fellowship members prepare to brave the cold as they get ready for their an nual Christmas Caroling party. Students Find Youth Groups Fun, Fulfilling ?9“Broadway ’68” Highlights 1974 Pop Concert Nancybeth Sedgwick and Dave Crosbie convince the audi- Bob Elledge not only directs the hand, but. ence they “Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way." tidies up after them besides. 30 .Mike. Hill and Jim Poehler remind their mother just how lucky she is to have had all three of them.■John l.und. as John Adams, desperatrh urges Sr Haworth, a Jefferson, to write the Declaration of Independence in " 1776”. Pop Concert "1 spent from eight in the morning till ten-thirty at night at school — and then went home and dreamed about it! Every second was worth it I" Jeanne Sundt (12) “The great musicians and hardworking attitude of all the people involved is what really makes the Pop Concert go.” Charlie Lick (11) "When I found out that I had sewn my 'Paris Original' backwards so I was exactly opposite of the other girls, I was so mad. It wasn’t very fun ripping out the seams!" Laurie Johnstone (11) “In the long run, I had the most fun doing ‘Zorba the Greek.' Greek dancing is a real gas " Jeanine Johnson (12) ‘ lr. Elledge had a lot to do with the success of the concert because he forms the general ideas and helps us to elaborate and make a real production of the concert." Robert Anderson (11) “Mrs. Elledge worked just as hard as Mr. Elledge did on the concert. She auditioned the singing parts and was at every rehearsal. It really was a two-man team and we couldn’t have done it without them." Nancy Jamieson (10) “It was hard finding enough size 40D bras for the Hornettes!" Anonymous As in years past, this year’s '21st annua Pops was a: a it her sue- • • Impossible Dream” is excellently portrayed by Jim cess, as can be seen by the faces of the cruwd. and his Dulcinea, Sharon Joschko.Variety of School Entertainment Provided Jean Zion and Peter Hanson take time out from danc- Robin Roos and her partner dance to the ing to relax in a corner of the cafeteria. music at the Sadie Hawkins dance. Sadie Hawkins “It was a real informal evening. First dinner then I had to decide if we were to go to the dance or to a big hockey game. It was Sadie so there was no question. Right? The hockey game was great!” John Sexton (12) “I've gone both years now and I had a great time both nights. The only big difference was the band. This year it was great — one that you could really dance to.” Caea Smith (11) “Would you have been embarrassed if you had tripped over the band's microphone creating an echoing sound when it hit the floor?" Gail Yarger(12) “We are really glad that the big Sadie Hawkins dance comes only once a year because it takes all those months to get over what we did in that single night!” Margo Symchych and Lee Schaffhausen (10) “So help me! The next sophomore that asks me will get knocked down the hall!" Anonymous (12) The climax of the annual Sadie Hawkins dance is reached when Judy Brown and Bob Frawley are crowned Daisy May and Little Abner. 32Doug White and Beth Braur act as Fibber McGee and Molly in a concert skit. Dressed as the Andreu sters, Pat Schmidt, Joe Whetstone, and Mark Rollins perform Hoogie Woogie Bugle Boy at the Cafe Concert. First Violinists Heidi Brehm and Steve I'etzek concentrate as they plav their difficult violin music during the concert. Cafe Concert “Some people don't realize how quickly the concert was put together. Some of the numbers were even unrehearsed; so were many of the jokes. I wonder if that is why they were a bit funny?” Mark Smedvig (12) “The party after the concert is fun, but the party after the party is the real celebration! ” Jean Zion (11) “The last minute rehearsals are really fun!!?” Nancy Obern (11) "The best part of the concert was our outfits — the high-water pants, the choking tie, and the satin trimming. We don’t like them but we wear them just so long as we can wear our own socks.” Tim Carter and Kevin McCarthy (11) “No one knows what it is like to ride a stick pony across the stage in front of an audience but me. Believe me, it's an experience.” Anonymous 33Once Upon A Playground "Making the state competition was the climax of endless practices and traveling performences. It’s the best thing that’s happened since I moved here last year.” Janene Desotelle (9) "In acting, every second of silence is like eternity. When someone forgets a line so much goes through my mind in one second." Mike Putman (10) “You guys. Mrs. Grigg says I have to wear an undershirt!” KrisStorlie (II) “It was disappointing that I never really got to see the play. I was always involved in it from the inside on stage and never saw what it looked like to the audience.” Ann Merles (9) "Nobody wants a dumb friend!” Joni Williamson (11) Cast members playing the chorus of grade schoolers mimmick a very fat friend right before they sing ‘Fattv-Fatty Two by Four”. The girl with the funny nose, played by Kris Storlie. gets so upset that she almost screams. ‘Once Upon a Playground' Cast list The "Girl (Jill) The “Boy” (Johny) Wanda Bun.......... Toot ie Shoe Didi Fee Forda Moore Dixie Wicks Flirt Stevens . . x Georgia . . jrf.... Director .......... Student Director .. .. Kirsten Storlie Mike Putman .. Jean Domke . . .. Cathy Wright Ann Mertes Amy Jensen Janene Desotele . l Joni Williamson 7...' Dave Dorn . . Sandy Grigg ... . Dawn Schall Fat Forda, played by Amy Jensen, sorrowfully tells how she rudely Joni Williamson, as a playful sixth grader be-belched in front of her parents. comes engrossed in her comic book. 34Players Explore Shakespeare And Childhood John Lund, speaking as a Lord, discusses his request for a company of actors with Julie Hiniker. “The Taming of the Shrew Cast List ....................John Lund ................. Philip Sidell |................Jody Eaton ..............Caryn Schall Andrew Brown, Timothy Gempler, Kirk Mathison Charles Fletcher ...........Theodore Jones .......... David Beilair Michael Putman ............... Jean Zion Susan Elsen ..............Peter Jenks ... Stephen Hedberg .. .. .. . Andrew Brown ............. Lance Smith .............Steven Stryk Timothy Gempler Petruchio’s servants and wedding guests..........Karen Cramer, Eloi.se Bryan, Julie Hiniker. Kris Barry. Judy Brown A Lord .......... . j . Christopher Sly .. .. Hostess of the Inn Maid of t he Inn Huntsmen and Grooms Bartholomew .. Lucentio...... Tranio ....... Baptista Minola Katherine Bianca ....... Gremio Hortensio Biondello Petruchio..... Grumio Curtis A Pedant A Haberdasher A Tailor....... Vincentio ...... A Widow .. . Director ....... Technical Director Student Director Kris Storlie Kirk Mathison Timothy Gempler Thomas Richards Nancy Stoner Russell Thiem Dale Mackereth Jean Domke There is much verbal combat going on as Jean .ion and Saucy Stoner quabble over t he duties of a wife. Taming Of The Shrew “I barely knew anyone in the cast at first, but by the end I was so close to every person and I found that the closeness lasted past the performances and parties.” Kris Harry (10) ‘‘From being Kate the Shrew so often on stage, I began to resemble the quick-tongued woman offstage. When portraying a character, one temporarily acquires the traits of that character.” Jean Zion (11) ‘‘It was easy to memorize all my lines even though there were over 200. In fact I could still recite every one.” (Lance Smith (12) "Being one of the fortunates to have my costume originate from the Guthrie, I found getting into my character a pleasure to be enjoying especially when I went to McDonald’s in it.” Heter Jenks (11) 35Ballet offers Marcia Salors and Shiela Schamuhn a chance to keep in shape and a career possibility. Concentrating on a difficult piece, Sue Elsen finds the piano a meaningful way of self-expression. Steve Stryk obtains satisfaction and fulfillment when exhi ing his talent with the acoustic guitar.Interests Express Individuality Of Students Award winning skater Jan Frick, in executing a stag leap, performs with grace and agility while practicing at Braemar Ice Arena. Favorite Things “I enjoy hunting because the outdoors is alive. One could only understand if they participated as I have. The excitement of being so close to nature and the delight of success make it so great.” Chris Heegaard (12) “For me the best thing is Skippy Peanut Butter on toast for breakfast. I find it hard to talk though during first hour because it sticks to the roof of my mouth!” Bill Hoeft (11) “Sailing is for the free-spirited person. There are no goals to accomplish. It can be exciting when racing or relaxing on a warm day. Everyone who sails knows it is an art as well as a talent and it can be whatever you make it.” Mike Richards (12) “Like alot of East students, when weekends come, my favorite thing to do is to stop at all the parties. That’s where the fun is!!” Maria Novoa (12) “My favorite thing is ski racing. The challenge of it is trememdous in that one is faced with changing conditions to which he must adjust to. The keeness of competition, the personal satisfaction, and the dissappointments I have to bear, teach me more than I would learn in a classroom. Without it I’d be lost!” Ann Freeman (12) Indulging in a favorite of everyone, Bill Hoeft Human Physiology gives weary students the opportunity to catch up on finds a Quarter-Pounder can’t be beat. some sleep as they struggle to keep their eyes open.Senior Slump Begins To Set In First Quarter 40Senior Class Officers: Debbv Ellingson, secretary treasurer; Barb Hall, vice president; Sue Hanson, president. John William Abbey —Abbs — varsity football I-ball softball — trip to Florida in the spring — enjoys hockey — Concerts-East. Vicki Marie Ahl — Debate — job at Donaldson's — plans on going to L'.M.D. Scott F.u-gene Aksamit. Peggy Jo Alper.s — Peg — Varsity Girl's Gymnastics Campus Life — works as a cashier at Target — enjoys gymnastic — plans on attending St. Oluf College and getting her R. N. degree then has decided to specialize in Pediatrics. Marcelyn Marie Amble — Marcy — captain of Varsity Volleyball — job at McDonuld's — plans to attend the U. of M. Hruce Eduard Anderson spent the summer in Wyoming — raised horses — enjoys hockey and riding motorcycles. Deborah Sue Anderson — "Andy" — job at Perkins — known for ability to con people enjoys hockey and gymnastics — moving to Lincoln. Nebraska after graduation. James Aden Anderson Andy — varsity football. hockey, and track — attends P.F. likes water skiing and scuba diving. 4?Living It Up Is Motto For Senior Boys James Ford Anderson Andy — J.P.F. Advisor.' Committee — trip to Colorado — enjoys listening to Moody Blues. Judd Payne Anderson varsity tennis varsity skiing involved with Pilgrim Fellowship. Bible Study Fellowship, Hi-Y, Young Life — likes to make homemade crabapple jelly also enjoys cliffdiving and canoeing. Julie Ann Anderson — O.E. President job at Allstate Insurance Co. Robert Nugent Anderson — Andy — cabinet maker at UnPainted Place — hitchhiked to Florida. Canuda. and California. Mary Susan Antonson F.B.L.E. - Orchestra — works at Gregg's Pharmacy — likes to do embroidery work enjoys hiking plans on attending St. Catherine's next year. (Ian, Charles ApptequUt — A.O.T.A. swim team -enjoys skating. Jonathan Mark Aries - Jon — Give and Take counselor — enjoys skiing and jogging. Pamela Ou en Arledge - Pam — cocaptain of varsity tennis — enjoys volleyball and tennis likes to play guitar and listen to and write music. Ruth Delores Arnold Hornettes — B-squad cheerleader — one year as varsity cheerleader job at Dayton’s enjoys doing needlepoit — likes to skate, swim, and play tennis. Kathy Ellen Aynes DECA member of Northwest Saddle Club enjoys working with horses. Sabrina Milil Babb F.B.L.E. — Campus Life — enjoys decoupage — likes tennis, football. and horseback riding. Cynthia Ann Bach Cindy — job at Gager's — involved with Teen Corps last summer future trip to France with French Vovageurs E.O.G.'s. Leigh Ann Bailey — Bails — C's and P's — job at bakery O.F.B.'s trip to Colorado skiing.. Diane Mane Bank — Short-Stuff F.B.L.E. — Senior Women's Varsity Office Education job as secret ary at Soil Engineering Services. Inc. — cashier at Walgreens enjoys hockey and sailing. Ann Marie Barry Annie Bananie — active in Pep Club. Prom Committee, and Student School Board in junior year job at European Flower Market — planning trip to Europe — enjoys reading. Sarah Ann Bartholomeu job at American Part Systems. As the night grows old. Tom Stinson releases his inhibitions and becomes the life of the party with his dazzling outfit. 43Susan Ann Becker — Sue FBLE — job at Byerly’ — camped for ten days last summer known for appearing at parties — plans to attend U of M. Daniel Scott Becgle — varsity gymnastics — works at Burger King likes cars — enjoys hockey, football, and skiing. Jill Ann Behning — Drum Major of Marching Band — Concert Band — Girl’s Varsity Swimming. James Thomas Behringer — Clyde partner in Behringer Company — likes bicycle racing — plans include U of M. David Arnold Bctmore — Bells — Varsity Football — job at Byerly’s — enjoys skiing, hunting, fishing, and baseball — future plans include college. Thomas Dale Bergren — Tom — Concert Band — involved in Scouts — known for playing split parts in the 1st Comets section — likes the outdoors. James William Bezanson — Bezcr - job at Woolworths — known for red hair — B.O.A. — enjoys hockey. Roberta Ann Bigelow — Bobbie — job at Walgreens — Campus Life — trip to France during spring vacation. Pamela Kay Bing — Pam — A.F.S. — French Voyageurs — trip to France — job at Cecil’s — likes flying and motorcycling — career in medicine. Robert D. Binger — Bob — Bing — owns diamond mines in Africa — plans include college. Bradford Everett Biasing — Flash — Tennis — Explorer Post — job at Control Data — enjoys electronics — likes football — plans include going to the U of M. Michael Kevin Blessing Mike — Concerts -East — enjoys soccer and hockey — Homecoming Court. Mark William Bockley — Varsity Soccer — canoe trip to Snatch Lake — Tull — enjoys playing the guitur. Barry Pat Bolin — Captain of Varsity Wrestling — Varsity Track —job at Griffen Drug — plans to work on a farm in the summer — enjoys bowhunting, fishing, and canoeing. Gregory Russell Bomsta — "Bummer” — likes to hunt. ski. and ski-jump. Chris James Boosatis — Boo —baseball — job at Tails — plays golf and waterskis — went on tripout to California and Las Vegas. Michael Richard Brain — Harold — Boris — Varsity Tennis — memorable trip to Brainerd — job at Edina Texaco — Buc Cue’s. Gregg Brandow — A.F.S. Club — Concert Choir — likes skating, skiing, hiking, and sailing — been on vacations to Morrocco. Rome, and London — likes cars. Tim Brandow — President of A.F.S. International Club — plans on studying biological science and art at U of M. Heidi Lynn Brehm — Behm — orchestra — Senior Women’s Varsity — F.E.P. — C’s and P's plans on attending St. Benedict’s. Karen Jeanne Brickley — Varsity Band. Marie Elizabeth Bridcn — Beth — Girls Varsity Tennis — Student Council — Senior Women’ Varsity — job at Camelot — P.F. — ski trip to Utah and Las Vegas — enjoys skiing and sewing — bom on April Fool's Day. Mark Allen Brinkman — Punchy — job at Holiday — moving to Albert Lea after graduation — likes football and hockey.Mark Allen Brosius — "Mack” — Concert Band — intramural tennis — job at Lund’s — likes photography — known for perscrverance — enjoys outdoor sports. •J4Photographer Becomes A Photo Subject Whigrean photographer Jim McDonald receives a taste of his own medicine as a fellow photographer sneaks his picture. Tom Kramer Brower — Varsity Football — Varsity Hockey — job at airport — member of Flying Pipers — enjoys music, flying, and scuba diving. Cathie Corrine Brown Brownie — Red Cross — Senior Women's Varsity — Nor-mandale Singers — (Pitstop) — Campus Life. David Paul Brown — Popcye — M.K.l. — plans include college. Judith Coles Brown ■Judy — editor of Images on the Wind — Edina Players — Senior Women’s Varsity — C's and P's — Red Cross — job at Dayton’s known for being late — enjoys skiing and tap dancing — Daisy Mae. Richard Alan Brown — Herman — enjoys restoring old cars. Dave Allen Bruner — plays baseball job at American Parts — plays raquet ball — enjoys football und baseball. Mary Martha Bucktin — Buck — Hornettes — B-squad cheerleader — memorable camping trips to Fergus Falls — known for eating chocolate — loves to collect stars and elephants. Laura Ellen Bulawsky — Laurie — Newcomer's — D.E.C.A. — Campus Life job at European Flower Market — enjoys horseback riding. sewing, swimming, and skiing. Prakam Busayasiri Ouie — A.F.S. International Club — J.V. Soccer — known for being football crazy — likes to read — enjoys golf, hunting, und fishing. Richard Wilson Bushman — Squirtness — varsity football — varsity track — trip to Colorado — enjoys poker and motorcycling. Philip Dust a Campbell — Phil — Concerts East. David James Carlson — Varsity Skiing — I-Ball Softball — likes photography, hunting, fishing, and waterskiing - enjoys football and hockey. 45■fame William Carlson Jim Chico varsity football varsity basketball — varsity baseball — job with Kdina Park Board vice-president of Luther league — frequent trips to Hibbing likes fishing. Kenneth Harvey Carlson - Ken — job at Goodyear Store — ski trip to Colorado likes motorcycles and cars —■ enjoys water skiing. Robert Scott Carlson John Thomas Cartier — Carter — A.O.T.A. — job at the Den at Southdale — plays in a band enjoys partying. Karen Louise Caspers — Casey — Homettes — Student School Board Student Council — Red Cross — Senior Women's Varsity — P.F. — Homecoming Court — trips to Spain. South Africa, and Amsterdam enjoys skating. piano, and reading. Michael Anthony Caterina Munchy — Youth Action — B.O.A. — enjoys snowmobiling. Lawrence Drake Cerf involved in track, cross country and diving — Cerf's Turf Service. Howard Martin Christophcrson Howie — involved in T.l. Program — known for eating Burger King Whoppers likes camping. Paw R. Clark. Kathleen Mary Clarke Kathy — Red Cross Senior Women’s Varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — trip to Colorado. Michael Joseph Collins — Mike — job at Ace Hardware — likes skiing and swimming plans on attending U. of M. Tom Collins — Boozer — known for being the life of a party seen out late at bars - bad breath — collection of seventy-four drunk driving tickets has a definite problem of slurring his words and stuttering —- trips a lot while walking. Getting away from the typical study habit, Jon Aires and Bruce Anderson discover new suitable positions for studying. 46 A Relaxing Atmosphere Aids In StudiesCasey Steven Compton — Stumpy varsity wrestling — known for being a scatter-brain enjoys football and hockey. Kathleen Mary Conroy Confoy — Hornet tes — Aqua Nymphs mage on the Wind — Senior Women's Varsity — received award for being on outstanding girl athlete. Ralph Ward Corey — varsity soccer varsity track trip to Canada — likes basketball and soccer. Cheryl Lynn Coursolle — Cherie Concert Band stage band — orchestra — state band — orchestra state music award teaches clarinet and sax — enjovs writing poetry. Richard Steven Cramer Kick job at Adam's Rib canoed down Kettle River enjoys photography and film developing known for jokes. David llruce Crosbie Kroz — Concert Band - assistant conductor for Stinger Band coaches park board hockey known for good jokes. Melanie Diane Croze Mel — I)ECA — job at National Uniform likes horses. Nancy Elizabeth Cullen Chamber Singers — Concert Choir job at Edina Library — church youth group and choir — cniovs football. Jilt Ann Curran DECA job at Cager’s. Charlotte Lynn Curry — Char C’s und P’s — Good and Plenty — Senior Women's Varsity — Red ('ros$ — job at Dayton’s — ski trip to Colorado and Montana enjoys skiing and hockey. Stephen Anthony Curry Steve Marching Band - Concert Band Drill Major of Marching Band — Homecoming Court Pontifex Maximus of l itin Club SSSD. John liishop Daniels, Jr. — varsity football varsity hockey — friends call themselves french fries enjoys water skiing Homecoming Court. Jeffery Scott Davies Hosco — plays intramural basketball likes music enjoys being. John Frost Deckenbach Whigrean likes playing basketball worked at state fair on night shift — excursion to the West Coast -- friends called “the crew”. Mary Lois Denk-er — Homettes — Whigrean — Aqua Nymphs and Red Cross in junior year job at Dayton’s Hey Man Area — memorable trips to Park Rapids enjoys swimming and waterskiing Senior Women's Varsity. Jean Marie Domke — National Thespians likes to read and ski. Richard Allen Dorsey Rick — cross country — varsity track — Intramural basketball vacationed at South Padre Island known for being a Pancake Champ. Mike Donald Dosen Dos — varsity golf — enjoys hockey — plans to attend college. Kathleen Crace Dougherty — Kathy — Dort varsity cheerleader B-squad cheerleader — Red Cross — Senior Women's Varsity vacation in Florida O.F.B. — enjoys riding bikes going on walks, skating, and skiing. Chris J Dovolis Joanne Ellen Drake memorable trip to California — loves the ocean enjoys waterskiing and snowskiing. Ellen Marie Dreis El — counselor at Give and Take worked in a project called S.T.A.I.R.S. with Indian children enjoys hockey. Jan Marie DuHois — tutors 8th grade math spends summer at cabin in Wisconsin — plays guitar enjoys canoeing. Diana Lynn Duncan Dune — F.B.L.E. — O.E. — job at Edina Pet Hospital — known for red hair — hobbies include dog show . 47Steven Robert Dunker Dunk works for Kunz Oil Co. — plays basketball — likes short wave radios enjoys all sports. Nancy Ann Dunne — editor — in-chief of Buzzette — cochairperson for Homecoming — job at Marvin Oreck — likes watching old movies. Carol Elizabeth Dunsmore — “Duns" — Senior Women's Varsity — Red Cross — C’s and P's job at Heritage Nursing Home — friends called O.F.B.’s. Jan is Marie Edwards — Jan — job at Sound Post teaches guitar known for art work — plays guitar and sings. Finding a quicker route to her classes, Shelia McNamara takes a fast detour by whizzing down the stair’s railing. Mark Robert Edwards — Eddy — enjoys skiing — likes to watch auto racing. Sheila Anne Egan — Homettes — skiing in Colorado — friends call themselves Good and Plenty — enjoys skiing and sewing — known for being creative. Debra Gay Ellingson — Debbie — class secretary-treasurer junior and senior years — Chamber Singers — Senior Women's Varsity — treasurer of Concert Choir — church youth group. Joan Inez F.ndert — A.F.S. — Red Cross — Campus Life Minnesota Youth Symphony — from Holland — likes music and track. John Paul Engelbert — Latin Club — Chess Club — job at Southdale Library Y.M.C.A. ski program — trip to Hawaii. Teresa Anne Engelbert — Teri — Senior Women’s Varsity — job at St. Paul Book and Stationary — editor of P.F. flyer — P.F. cabinet — Grim’s Gress — likes needlework and collection poems and quotes. Gary Paul Engle — job at Kunz Oil — manager of E. and O Boatworks — chairman of F.B.P.O.A. — enjoys guitar and rebuilding sailboats. Richard James En-gler — Rick — plays baseball — enjoys basketball. 48 77 Students Break Away From Social Norms With the intent of breaking up the monotony of the day, Karla Owens accepts Rick Bushman’s offer for a piggy-back ride. Judy Kay Ensminger — involved in a beauty school — known for not talking much enjoys art - plans to attend Pillsbury College. William Andrew Erbes - Bill — Concert Band job as Mobil Gas Station attendent — likes swimming, biking, and canoeing — plans to attend St. Olaf for two years. JoAnn Ervin Jody — Homettes — Concert Choir P.F. cabinet — Homecoming Court. Nancy Gale Evenson — Even — Senior Women’s Varsity — Good and Plenty C’s and P's — job at Penny's — enjoys snowskiing and waterskiing. Debra Kay Falconer Debbie. David Milton Farnham — Dave job at Kunz Oil Co. — church group — likes horses — plans on going to college in Wasica. Judith Ann Fetenmaier — Judy — Bubbles — International Club one of the Sidewalk Sisters — vacations to Utah and Europe enjoys skiing, swimming, and motorcycling — Boxco. Nancy Alva Firth — Patch — ski team — secretary of Professions Club — fantastic trip to Idaho — known for animal impersonations. Linda Marie Foecke — secretary of O.E. Club — Campus Life job at Kberhardt Co. — likes sewing and cooking. Kristine Louise Ford — Tina — Concert Band — State Music Award — Crosbie Band H.S.M.P. music project Do Dah hockey. Jeffrey Dale For-seth Jeff — cross-country skiing asst, guide for canoe trips in B.W.C.A. — enjoys camping, bicycling, and skiing. Franklin Jay Foster — Frank or Frog — varsity football — varsity basketball — varsity baseball job with Edina village in summer — enjoys fishing. 49Charles Slansfield Fox — Foxy Varsity football — Park Board Hockey — vacations in Florida likes waterskiing and listening to music. Steven Thomas Foy - Foyum — Steve FiFi Varsity Football — job at Gingiss Formal Wear — traveled through Europe — lived in Johanncsborg. South Africa. Robert McNair Frawley - Bob — Varsity Football — Varsity Hockey — Teen Corps Lil Abner. Kim E. Freden — Co-Captain of Homettes — Whigrean and Student Council in previous yeurs P.F. — job at Dayton's — trip to Great Britain. Ann Elizabeth Freeman — Free — Boy’s Varsity Ski Team — Good and Plenty — U.S.S.A. Competitive Skiing — memorable camping trips to the St. Croix River — CTC. Mark William Freitas Frito — D.E. — Stinger Band - job at Senty Enameling trip to Japan — likes cars and baseball. James Richard Frey — Jim Varsity Skiing as a junior — Eagle Scout —J.A.S.M. — counselor at Many Point R.O.L. Susan Marie Friborg — traveled throughout North America — enjoys sketching — likes both classical und modem music. Robert August Frykman — Bob — enjoys all outdoor activities, especially football and skiing. Robert Carl Fuhr — Rob — been on camping trips to Temperance River and Taylor Falls — skiing at Jackson Hole — wants to do a lot of traveling. Barbara Lynn Gaasedelen Barb — Bobber — Girl's Varsity Ski Team — F.B.L.E. — Latin Club goddess — instructor with Blizzard — job at Marriott Inn — has private pilot's license — vacations to Europe and Puerto Rico — likes motorcycling. Scott Anthony Gaff — Concert Band. Linda Michelle Gagnon — Hornettes — Aqua Nymphs memorable camping trips to the St. Croix — vacations in Hawaii and Vail — Homecoming Court — CTC. Blake Thomas Gambrel — Varsity Football — Intramural Basketball. Scott Alan Gensmer — Gensi — Band — job at Senty Enameling — vacations in Wyoming, Las Vegas, and at Jackson Hole — likes skiing and hunting. Mary Patricia Gerval - Gerbil — Red Cross — Senior Women's Varsity — C-s and P's — Bugs Bunnies — trip to Florida — enjoys hockey. Gregory Gordon Gibson — Rooster — custodian engineer at a Realty Company — enjoys motorcycling. Karin Sue Giovanelli — Gory — Gio — Concert Band — shows and owns quarter horses — went on trip with priebs to Arizona. Nancy Patricia Gislason — Gis — Senior Women's Varsity - - job at Dayton's — C’s and P's — vacation in California — enjoys skiing. Sarah Jean Gjerstad — job at McDonald’s — vacation to Colorado for skiing — enjoys gymnastics. swimming, and skiing — plans to attend UMD Diane June Glocke enjoys canoeing and playing badminton — likes to sew. knit, and crochet — plans to become a secretary. Nancy Kay Gluek — would like to move to another city soon. Michael David Goblirsch — Mike — Harpo — Varsity Football — Varsity Track — works lor Park Board in summer — job with Dayton's — enjoys football — plans on going to college out East. Gregg Riedel Gohlke — Gunkie — Varsity Tennis — Ski trips out West — likes foreign sports cars — enjoys racket ball and handball. 50Senior Girls Experience Tradition Uniquely Giving her a hearty welcome home, Char Curry and Lisa Lindborg give Sandy Pierce a taste of American life once again. Debbie Rea Granger Mosquito — Homette — Treasurer of F.B.L.E. — Red Cross — Sr. Women's Varsity — job ut Brother's — Avon lady — plans include college. Wi liam Richard Greig — Varsity track and football 1-Ball President of Hi-Y — Warehouse job in summer — plans a trip to California — Future plans include college. Katheen Ann Gustafson. Fredrick Hadlcigh West Varsity football and track concert choir — chamber group — jazz group — went to Alaska in the summer — enjoys hockey and singing. 51 While taking time out for a breather, Mary Janssen learns that goal tending is a fairly simple task as long as the puck is at the other end of the rink.Mike J. Hagen — captain of varsity swimming — member of Geeks — known for patented Pro Hook — plans include college in Colorado — Harbara Ann Hall — Images on the Wind — V. P. of senior class — job at Justers. Susan Hamm — enjoys waterskiing and swimming — plans to become a psychologist. Debra Kay Hansing — I.B.B.C. — Campaigners — job at Dayton's — memorable trips to Ohio and Florida — trips with Young Life to Canada and Colorado — enjoys football and hockey — plans include college. By reading a composition of her own to Marcos Miguel, Joan Endert discovers that the view of another is beneficial. Peter Mitchell Hanson. Scot Spencer Hanson — Lloyd - Cross Country Track — Choir — job at Beard Park Ice Rink — member of EEHSCC Harriers — enjoys piano, hunting, golf — plans include college in Northwest. Sue Ann Hanson — Suzy. Sues — Senior and Junior Class President — Senior Women's Varsity — gymnastics team— concert and Chamber choirs — job at Red Bam — Member of friends of the Frog — plans include college. Michael Harold Harris — Mickey — job at Delaria's and delivery boy — trip to California — enjoys hockey — plans include college. Jill Marie Harmd — kindergarden aid at Cornelia - Campus Life — job at Target — summer retreat — enjoys swimming, reading, football and hockey - pluns include college later. Paul William Hartley — Concert Band Professions Club — Boy State Representative — teaches clarinet — volunteer with Little Brothers of the Poor — enjoys tennis and 50's dancing — plans include college at U. of M. Holly Hatch. Patricia Anne Hayes — Patti — treasurer of AEN — F.B.L.E. — Senior Women's Varsity — plans include college or nursing. 52Seniors Learn Through Busy Work And Play Adding some spice to his day. Mike Westin has the opportunity to take part in an experiment in Chemistry pulling taffy. Mark Henley Haymaker — Hay — varsity wrestling — enjoy hunting. skiing and skating — plans include college. Jeffrey Heath — Jeff. John Christian Heegaard — Heegs — Whigrean — varsity ping pong team Hi-Y — archery — memorable trips to Montana and Europe — known for being Edina's white Hunter — enjoys trap and skeet shooting — future plans include college. Karen Fader Heegaard — works for a photographer. Nancy Ann Hegnauer — Wally — O.E. — Senior Women's Varsity — worked at State Fair — known for eating a lot and having a big mouth — plans include art school. Peter A. Heiam — varsity track — known for attending football games in shape. Mark Douglas Hem-pel — varsity tennis — plans a trip to Europe after graduation — enjoys football and tennis — future plans include college and majoring in art. Mark R. Henderson. Joseph Starnes Henry — Budman — Student Council — P.C.A. — known for getting thirsty — enjoys concerts, skiing, skydiving — plans include skiing forever. Tom M Henson - job at Duffs in the Park plans to tour the country — enjoys guitar, psychology-. Frued, skiing and Mr. climbing — plans include college. Edward Dunbar Hers hey — Ned — chess club — enjoys photography and hockey — plans include college. Jerry William Hershey — Concert Band — trip to Florida — enjoys all sports — plans include college. 53Kim Mary Herzog — Kimmy — Zog — Concert Choir — Aqua Nymphs — Young Life — Memorable trip to Europe — known for laugh — plans include college. Martin Joseph Heuer — Band - plays in a rock band — enjoys all sports — Jacol Rie — memorable trip to Rapid City — plans include college — ROTC Scholarship. Hal Bradley Heyer — Fan — varsity soccer and basketball — two trips to Europe — enjoys skiing, banjo, hunting and fishing — plans include college. Mary C. Higgins. Peter Andrew Hines — enjoys skiing — memorable trips to Colorado and Utah — County Seat employee. Marcia Jean Hinterberg — Hinta - cheerleader — Sr. Women's Varsity job at Marvin Oreck — enjoys skiing and gymnastics — plans include college in Colorado. Elizabeth A. Hogue Betty — Senior Women's Varsity — Church Youth group — job at Clancy’s — plans a trip to Balboa Island — enjoys swimming and horseback riding — plans include college. Rich Holden — Ricky — known for his promptness — plans include college. Jeffrey Scott Holker — Hoke — varsity soccer — Whigrean — I-ball — baseball — enjoys Jethro Tull — plans include Purdue U. Karen Helga Hoppe — High School Bowl — Red Cross — Sr. Women's Varsity — job at Fanny Farmer — girl’s hockey — plans a trip to Spain — plans to go to U. of M. Arthur Andrew Horecki — Art — vanity track and cross country — trip to Poland — member of jocks — known for being Polish — enjoys tennis and basket ball — plans include college. Charles B. Howard enjoys guitar and singing — Chariy. 54 Concentration and alertness play an important role in the days of Bill Untiedt and Nancy Evensen who realize that early weekend planning does not pay off.While In School, Studies Are Important Sally Ann Hoyt — Concert Band — Dance Band — Teaches Sunday School Hockey Team — Member of Dodah, S-D organizr. Sally Dean Hoyt — Buzzette — Varsity Tennis — Student School Board Chairman — P.F. — Community Staff Advisory Council plans include St. Olaf. Rich Franklin Hrdlichka — job at Perkin’s — enjoys all sports — plans include college. Susan Marie Huff Varsity Tennis — Intramurals Church Choir — job at McDonald's — enjoys music, drawing, and softball. Raleigh Vreen Humphries — Homecoming King — Debate — Co Captain of Varsity Soccer — President of P.F. — Big Brother — Plans to go East. Joseph Dottin Husbands — Joe Huzzie — Concert Choir — Job at Griffon Pharmacy — Known for voice change Plans include college. Katherine Lee Iverson — Ivy — Jazz group with choir — Job at Perkin's — Plans include college. Mary Irene Janssen Jans — Member of CTC Good N Plenty -C P — enjoys skiing, and biking — Memorable trip to St. Croix. While pulling out the gasoline hose, Bruce Larson begins to contemplate how he is going to break it to his customer that the pump has just fizzled out. 55Once Accepted Tense Emotions Can Relax Serious expressions give a typical picture of the attitude towards college by seniors, Dave Crosbie and Judd Anderson. Kathleen Goldie Jensen — Jens — F.B.L.E. — job at Allstate Insurance Co. — plans a trip to Europe this summer — enjoys tennis and ice skating — plan — include college. David Charles Jeronimus — job at Swiss Chalet — had an interesting trip to Duluth — enjoys skiing — plans include college. Annette L. Ji■ rousek. Janie Rosemary Johns. Barbara Ellen Johnson —Barb — tennis team — plans include college. Bart C. Johnson — Band — plays the drum. Brian Lee Johnson — 1-Ball — Senior league — baseball — Hi-Y — trips to California and Jackson Hole — enjoya downhill and cross country skiing, baseball and tennis — plans include college. David Robert Johnson — job at Fairview Hospital — trip to Guam - enjoys skiing, hunting, fishing and horse back riding — plans to attend Colorado College. 56Gary Phelps Johnson — varsity cross country, basketball and track — member of EKHSCC — memorable trips to Florida and Canada known for his body — plan include St. Olaf. Jeanine Debra Johnson — Concert and Marching Band — Sr. Women's Varsity — member of Do Dah — job at J.C. Penny — enjoys sewing, tennis, and the flute — plans include work in dental hygiene. Grant Howard Johnson. Jerome Kim Johnson Jerry — varsity hockey — enjoys tennis and golf — plans include college. Larry Charles Johnson - Concerts East. Patti l.ynn Johnson — F.B.L.E. — O.E. — Concert Band — job at Eberhart Co. and Swiss Chalet — enjoys swimming and horseback riding — plan include college. Richard W. Johnson Rich — Jollybull — bowling league — known for ability to converse — enjoys guitar, football. and photography — plans to travel the country — future plans include college. Roger Charles Johnson — varsity golf — job in a warehouse — plans include college. Steve Allen Johnson — intramural basketball and track — enjoys racketball and all sports. Frank T. Jones — Chip. Chopper — T.I. president — job at Moon Sound — enjoys drawing, sailing, camping and Mt. climbing — plans to travel the U.S. over the summer — known for masculine body and eating zucchini pizza. Marcia Anne Jones — Joncsy — Whig re an job at Scandival Imports — memorable trips to Florida and Europe — Good N Plenty — L.H.L.A. — plans include college. Robert Randi Jones. Thomas John Kasper president of DECA — job at Now and Then — enjoy hunting, fishing and parties — plans include college. David Hyman Katkov — Hoigaards Racing team — ski trips to Colorado and Wyoming — sailing trips — plans include college. Ann Margret Kelly — Hometts — B-squad cheerleading — job at Perkin’ — memorable trip to St. Croix. Kathleen Adele Kelly — Katie — C’s P’s — J.A. — job at Camelot — memorable trips to Florida — plans include Colorado University. Cynthia Eugenia Kennedy — Cindrome — Red Cross — Senior Women’s Varsity — memorable trip to Florida and Colorado — member of C's and P’s — known for chatting — likes to tap dance. Kristine Mary Kennedy Distributive Education — ski trip to Steamboat Springs — job at Donaldsons enjoys horseback riding — plans to attend vocational school. Kevin l aron King — enjoys acting and dancing — plans include college after graduation. Pamela Jeannine Kintop — has been on a memorable trip to Mageline Island. Kent Charles Klingensmith — T. and I. Education — works at Solid Controls. Inc.---- trips to Montana and Canada — AOTA. Mary Jean Kloster — job at Sidewalk Cafe — trip to Colorado skiing — member of F.E.P. — C’s P's — plans include college. Susan Quinlan Knowland — Suzie — Senior Women’s Varsity — job at Fanny farmer — varsity cheerleading — O.F.B. — C’s P's. Kathleen Maura Ko-lars — Images On the Wind — chamber singers — French Voyageurs — plans trip to France — Pilgrim Fellowship — plans include college. 57Laura Suzanne Kondrick — Varsity Band — F.B.L.E. — French Voyagers — Senior Women's Varsity - plans to go to France. Sharon Kaye Kopveiler — band — Senior Women’s Varsity — works at Byerly’s and Target — plans to go to Spain — bowling league. Carl Wdliam Kruse — Crusher — varsity wrestling — been to Spain and Africa — enjoys water skiing and boating. Angela Suzanne Lang — Angie — Red Cross — Senior Women's Varsity — trip to Aspen — member of F.E.P. and C's and P's. Bruce LeRoy Larson — Lars — Varsity Band — Works at Dayton’s Gas — trips to Colorado and Indianhead — M.K.I. David Lee Larson — Varsity Track and Cross Country — trips to Montana and Wyoming — plans include Naval R.O.T.C. — Gregory Michael Larson — Varsity Tennis — Concert choir — Job at McDonald's — Memorable trip to Florida over Christmas. Lynn Marie Lea — enjoys skiing and skating — works with Colonial Church — trip to Colorado with Church — likes art. Donald Barrie Lewis Marching band — Varsity gymnastics — Pilgrim Fellowship at Colonial Church — trips to Colorado — member of the mutts. Lisa Ann Lindborg - Senior Women’s Varsity — volunteer at Hopkins Nursing Home — ski trip to Alta — C’s and P’s. Debra Jean Lindemann — Student Council — Aqua Nymphs — P.F. — job at Fairview Hospital — memorable trip to Colorado. Maria iMubeck — Hey — Senior Women’s Varsity — job at Donaldsons — Church Choir — has been to Europe. 58 Liberated study halls provide time for Kathy Conroy and Debbie Gran- ger to talk or for Ron Soltau to sharpen his pool accuracy.Socializing Still Part Of School Curriculum Sophomore girls followed those who preceded them and try out their amateur flirting techniques on gullible seniors. Patricia Kay Ixtve — Job at Perkins — hobbies include writing poetry and playing guitar — plans include college. Robert Allen Lowell — Treasurer of O.E. — Job at Christian -Richards Co. — plans include trips to Colorado and Californio. John William Lund member of Concert and Drama State Bands plans to go into Music — known for drumming ability. Jody Susan I.undegard — Varsity and Concert Band — Senior Women's Varsity — D.E. — Job at Dayton's — enjoys boating. David John Lundstrom Lenny — Varsity Football enjoys snow and water skiing. Suzanne Elizabeth Mach job at Dayton's trip to Arizona and Europe — enjoys all sports. — plans to attend college in Northern Iraq. jVartcy Mair — D.E.C.A. Club — works at Susie's Casuals — spent junior year on a square rigged sailship — trip to London. Christina Eva Mandic — Senior Women’s Varsity F.B.L.E. — D.E.C.A. — Church youth group and choir — job at Byerly's — has been to Europe Canada. Diane lx uise Markun — De Di — F.B.L.E. — Office Education — went to Mexico and plans to go to Europe — enjoys music. Robert Wen-dell Marshall — Varsity Tennis canoe trip to Snatch take — plans include college somewhere out West. Sue Matilda Martinson — Seal — Lou — Senior Women's Varsity — O.E. F.B.L.E. — trips to Miami — known for wearing bobby sox — enjoys biking and skiing. Julia Marie Marxen — Distributive Education — works at Two Plus Two. 59Diane Linda Mattson F.B.L.E. Club — O.E. Club works at First Southdulc National Bank — trip to California over Christmas. James McCarthy — John — enjoys listening to music. Shawn Desiree' McConnetoug — job at Robinson’s Pant Pocket — plans to travel in the future — enjoys swimming — plans to major in music. Gail Ellen McDermott — Derrnit — Plans to attend U. — Red Cross officer - job at Baskin-Robbins — trip to Florida in the Spring — F.E.P. Gregory Mark McDonald - Dougoll D.E. Club job at Senty Enameling — plans to go to Jackson Hole — Unique. James Robert McDonald — Intramural and church basketball — has been to Europe — known for his driving habits — enjoys photography and skiing. Michael E McElligott Migil — varsity skiing and baseball has been to the Bahamas and plans to go to Colorado. Scott Robert McGarvey — Harvard — varsity track — Homecoming Court — juvenile hockey team Y.M.C.A. camp counselor — plans to attend St. Olaf College. Molly Ann McGlynn — Whigrean — Senior Women’s Varsity — Young Life — Campaigners I.B.B.C. — trip to Canada. Colorado and Italy. Michael C McGrau — enjoys skiing and hockey — owns a lawn serv ice. Sue Mary McGrau■ — after graduation plans to travel all around the U.S. — enjoys riding motorcycles and traveling — known for liking Grog. Kevin Blair McKernan — The Bullet — varsity swimming captain — job at Christian Nielsen Sports — enjoys racing Yamahas and tennis — plans to attend M.I.T. Shelah Mary McNamara Mac — Pork — boys gymnastics — Red Cross — dental nurse — went to Canada canoeing — enjoys collecting things. Linda Garland Metcalfe —Cabinet of Colonial Church — teaches Sunday school — spends summers in New Hampshire. Marcos de Souza Miguel — an exchange student from Brazil — enjoys motorcycles, races and music — Alan’s Squirrels. Barbara Jane Mitchell — varsity cheerleading — Concert Band - Senior Women’s Varsity — job at Fashion Fabrics. Tern Lynn Moore — Images on the Wind — waitress at Clancys — memorable trip to Hawaii — plans include college. Barbara Ann Moreland — Barb — member of F.B.L.E. — memorable trips to California — plans include working. Robert John Moreland — Bob — works at Mike’s Mobil — trips to California — enjoys coin collecting — plans include trade school. Andrea Lucille Myklebust — Andi — Bust — Co-captain of Varsity Cheerleading — job at Marvin Orccks — known for chink eyes. Gregory Charles Nasby Nas — Varsity Golf - job as hockey referree — likes to go hunting, fishing and waterskiing. Charles Roger Neitzel — Chuck — spent summer with the Teen Corps — enjoys playing the guitar and repairing engines — plans to attend vocational school. David Drew S'ellermoe — Moe — job at American Parts System. Inc. trip to Singapore — enjoys the outdoors. Barbara Lea Nelson — Whigrean works at Daytons — active with Church group — trips to Arizona and Florida — plans to attend college — C's and P’s. 60New Selection Of Classes Offered This Year Debra Ann Nooieen Whtgrean — job at Dayton’s — summer camp counselor went skiing out West during Christmas member of C's and P's. Scott John Norbeck Norton — marching and concert bands orchestra memorable trip to Aitkin. Minn. — plans to bike out to the West Coast. Crain Richard Norwich — hockey plans to go to the Rocky Mountains and college. Maria Eugenia Novoa — Cuban Fool — Vice President of Red Cross job at Teen Center and Donaldson's — trips to Florida — enjoys waterskiing plans to attend the U of M. Steven Louis Nulsen — Nutse — table tennis — job at Target — has a cabin in Canada summer job in Canada enjoys T.V. Daniel Patrick O'Connell park board hockey enjoys snowmobiling and skiing future plans include college. Daniel John O'-Donoghue — baseball job as cook at Zappa-ta Restaurant — plans a trip to Colorado enjoys football and raquctball. Coby Michael O'Dowd Sweetlips — active with church group — trip to Colorado he is known for never tying his shoes. Lynn O'Leary Concert and Dance Bands — French Voyagcurs - Croshie Band — trip to the East and France SSSD do dah. Barbara Lynn Olson job at Hickory Farm President of Frun skiing in Colorado — enjoys all sports. Brent J. Olson — skiing — golf — works at the Health Club — went West skiing over vacation enjoys hunting and skiing — plans to attend school in Bemidji. David Alden Olson — Ollie- page for South-dale Library — numerous trips canoeing in the boundry waters — enjoys skiing and sailing. Variety of activities in classes helps break up the day for Kim Walker who attempts at mak- ing a pie and for Chris Xfandics who plays a unique part in Notetaking. 61Linda Jean Olson — Orchestra — Student Council — Debate — Senior Women’s Varsity — enjoys political campaigns and playing the viola. Thomas Jay Olson — Cross Country skiing captain went to Denver skiing and Bamff, Canada backpacking. Kathleen Dawn Oren D.K.C.A. — works at Marc’s Big Boy — plans to study wild life preservation out in Montana - loves nature. James David Oren-stein - Kddy track and Cross Country teams — enjoys camping near Canadian border and motorcycles. John Orfield — audio visual aide. Michael James Otto Toot Truck varsity football and basketball — track — baseball — lifeguard at church camp — known for his fantastic Mr. Misty flavor. John Andrew Overman — Andy — varsity football and track — enjoys music — plans include college. Karla Ann Owens Homecoming coronation chairmun — Senior Women’s Varsity — Concert Choir — ski trips to Lutsen and Indianhead known for being a flirt and talking alot. With steadiness of hand the minds of Debra Falconer and Judy Ensminger are centered upon creating unique sculptures. Creative Hands Produce School’s Talent 62Kimberly Jo Palmer — Kim Images on the Wind — job at Clancy’s — loves to sing plans include college. Michael John Patera — co-captain of varsity football — track — hockey — job at Dayton's gas station and Minnesota Vikings plans to work at a grain elevator in the summer — college out West. Deborah Kay Patineau Teresa Robin Paulsen Kesa — on the office education program in school job at Bermel Smaby Realtors — spends her summers at a cabin on Bay Lake plans include college. With the locking of the thermostat at an all time low temperature, a scarf and mittens came in handy for Kathy Clark. James Nolle Paulson — enjoys mountain climbing — plans to attend Hamline University. Timothy Joseph Pavek — Petrovich — varsity soccer and hockey — works at General Sports — Tull — enjoys watching college football — known for having a loud mouth. Jeff Charles Pearson varsity gymnastics works on a ranch has been out West — enjoys hunting, ice fishing and camping known for gray -shirts. David Earl Peck — job at American Parts — plans include college after graduation. Suzanne Elizabeth Pehrson Whigrean Girl's Choir Chamber Singers — job at Edina Library — church youth group — Campus Life plans include Bethel College. Susan Graham Penner Pennah — Senior Women's Varsity — Whigrean Editor job at Equinox — worked on a ranch in Montana for four summers — C's and P’s — U. of Montana. William Robert Peterman — enjoys playing basketball — job at Mr. Steak — spent his summer in New York. John Howard Peters varsity gymnastics. 63Charles Raymond Peterson — Charlie — Cocaptain of Varsity Soccer — Varsity hockey — plans include college out Hast. Eric Jorson Peterson — Concert Band — Stage Band — Job at Kenny's Markets — Bandies — MKI -enjoys music and skiing plans include college. James Christopher Peterson — President of Concert Choir — Morning announcer — Concert Band - enjoys teaching music. Debra Sue Phelps - Phlips — Girls Cross Country Ski Team — trip to Denmark — plans include Veterinary College. Sandra Elaine Pierce — Lived in France — Experiment in International Living — a volunteer at Hopkins Nursing Home. David Warren Hummer varsity football — Young Life — trip out to Colorado - Likes music plans include college. Stephan Howard Polsfuss Varsity hockey and baseball — KHA hockey referee — baseball umpire — trips to Colorado and Miami Beach. Bennett Jay Porter III — varsity track and Cross-Country Harriers — EKHSCC -- interested in photography. Robert William Prestrud - memorable trip to Red Wing - hiked to Canada — member of Geeks enjoys hunting plans include college. ('aria Jean Pumilia Senior Women's Varsity varsity cheerleader — job at Frank Kreiser Real Estate — “O.F.B.". Margaret Mary Quinlan Bean — Varsity gymnastics — member of C’s P’s — Concert Choir O.F.B. - went skiing in Colorado. Mary Bernadette Quinlivan — T. and 1. — works at a hospital enjoys rending and hockey — plans on becoming a nurse. Joseph Patrick Quinn — works at Perkins — attends vocational school — enjoys hunting and fishing - plans include the Navy. Maureen Elyse Rappley Senior Women’s Varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — trip to Colorado with Young Life — College. Linda Marie Rausch — Concert Choir Chamber Singers Hiking and mountain climbing in Colorado — plans include Bethel College. Debra Kay Reed — works at First Edina National Bank — canoeing in Boundary Waters — enjoys riding her horse. Kay Ellen Rice — Concert Band — Aqua Nymphs — been skiing out West — can make excellent animal noises — SSSD — Do Dah. Thomas Karr Richards — Edina Players — Chess Club — Student School Board — Student Council loves music and reading. i an-cy Rae Riley — known for her white, white hair. Kathleen Mary Robertson Robbie — Homcttes — Senior Women’s Varsity — Park-board job — job at Met Stadium known for liking watermelon — plans include college. Richard Allen Robertson Ric — band and orchestra — enjoys snow and water skiing — plans to go fishing up North — Vocational school in the future. Oltha Derrick Robinson — O.T. — known for his charm — I. ball basketball — Cab Coalition — enjoys rapping — plans include college. Randy David Roff — job at Byerly’s Foods enjoys sketching, playing the harmonica, biking, and climbing plans include the Navy and then college of Forestry. Mark Cameron Rollins. 64Winter Sets In Late But Hard This Year Chuckling to himself, Tim Pauek sweeps the last trace of snow from his sidewalk, knowing that there is more to come. Mary Elizabeth Root. Kristen Safford Rouner — Images on the Wind — ClBre’s Clan — Pi-grim Fellowship Cabinet member — church choir — known for being a good cook — spends her summers in New Hampshire. Robin J. Ruben — on Distributive Education program — works at the County Seat her hobby is horses — spends time riding horses — plans to attend college. Robert Sackey - Spanish Club — J.V. football — assistant manager of basketball — known for his good ability in sports. Karen Louise Sacnder Sacks — Office Edu- cation — job at Allstate Insurance — plans to major in nursing at the U. of M. Eric Richard Sahlsteen attends vocational school — works at H. Thom Interiors — enjoys cars and hydroplane racing. Marcia Jane Sailors — Birdc — drum major of Marching Band Concert Band — SSSD Do Dah — Ballet Center — known for worrying. Susan Jane Sanders — Senior Women’s Varsity — member of C’s and P's and F.E.P. — plans a trip to Germany. Therese Marie Sanders — president of Red Cross — Senior Women’s Varsity Choir — C's P’s — enjoys football and hockey. Caryn Lee Schall — Barbara Hennessey — C’s P’s — known for her love for bubble gum and playing jokes on people — enjoys tap dancing and acting. .Susan Leslie Schaller Senior Women's Varsity — Buzzette Y-Teens — active at her church — likes water skiing — college at Gustavus. Shelia Jane Schamuhn — Spanish Club — Images on the Wind — enjoys ballet, biking, and writing — has lived in Mexico. 65Senior Boys Alter Dress With The Styles Bradley Warren Schmidt — Schmidty - Varsity Football — P.F. at Colonial Church — memorable trip up North — known for forgetting a lot. Richard Dean Schnittker — Riff — Varsity Football active with Campus Life — future plans include college. Scott Ronald Schnobrich — Schnobie — coached baseball in the summer. Sandra Kay Schwalbe — Schwab — involved with girl's sports — works at Eber-hardl — enjoys sailing and skiing — trips to Canada. Montana, and Wyoming — P.L.D.B. With the fast pace of changing styles, Jeff Holk-er and Steve Sherman try to keep up by donning their crisp bow ties. Janet Louise Schwartz Buns girls choir works at Outlook Publications and Perkin’s — loves to sing. knit, and play the guitar. Scoff Edward Schwarz — Teen Corps - went skiing at Snowbird in Alta, Utah — enjoys music and tennis — college at UMD. Jeffrey Thomas Sears — Deadhead — member of Deadend kids — canoe trip to Canada — known for being absent a lot. Debra Ann See-ber — Seeb — Homettos — Concert Choir — Job’s Daughters — memorable trip to Pennsylvania— plans to attend St. Olaf College. 66John LeMaitre Senior Junior — Varsity Golf — Hockey Manager wants to play professional golf Mickey Mouse Fan Club. John Wiliam Sexton Varsity Golf — job at Normandale Golf went to Ohio to watch the P.G.A. Golf Tournament — Edina Four. I.afe Curtis Shannon — Varsity Gymnastics — state finalist on Side Horse — has a commendable start on a collection of traffic tickets. Jess Clinton Shaver BoBo — on D.E. program trip to Mexico in the summer enjoys skiing and motorcycling. David Countryman Shaw trip to Algeria plays jai lai played in a jui Ini tournament last September — college or trade school in the future. Steven Maurice Sherman varsity soccer — enjoys listening to the Who or Jethro Tull — varsity hockey goalie. Alice Barbara Silha — Homettes Aqua Nymphs — Whigrean Homecoming Court memorable camping trips to St. Croix — member of C.T.C. and Good and Plenty. James Francis Simone — Jim enjoys skiing and outdoor life — "digs" law and legal systems. Mark Steinar Smedvig — Smed — Concert Band — works at LaCantina and Radisson — Bandies - known for his practical jokes - college of Augsburg. Ixmce Archie Smith lead part in the Taming of the Schrcw known for his name — trip to Florida — plans include college. Linda Mae Smith — varsity track church H.S. Director — plans to travel to Europe after attending college — enjoys reading the Bible and watching football. Martain «. Smith — National Merit Finalist. Sandra Lee Smith — Colonial Pilgrim Fellowship — works at Target enjoys listening to music, reading, and swimming — future plans include college. Steven Jon Smith — Smidy -varsity soccer — plans canoe trip to Canada — enjoys listening to Jethro Tull plans include college. Steven Willard Smith Dirtball — Concert Band — Transcendental Meditation — bicycling. Uiuire Anne Snider Red Cross — Spanish Club — enjoys ballet, body surfing, water and snow skiing — college somewhere in California. Carolyn Jan Soltau — Carrie — enjoys acting member of the Edina Players. Ronald Jay Soltau — works at the Edina Country Club — backpacked in Utah — enjoys playing hockey, skiing, and golf - plans to attend college. Win Jennings Spalding ■ lied — enjoys skiing and tennis — known for beating his Volkswagon — trip planned for Jamaica. Katharine Alice Spear — Spcaro — Spanish Club, C's and P's — Senior Women’s Varsity - Camp Counselor — ski trips to Colorado. Jonathan Henry Squires — Squi — Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, and Cross Country — trip to Connecticut — plans include college. Cheri Louise Stansfield Trade and Industry Program — attend beauty college. Joseph William Stasney - Stas — Co-captain of track — cross country — job at Edina Pool and Dayton’s - trips to Canada and California — likes all sports. Thomas Patrick Stinson — Stins — track — cross country — chews gum a lot member of E.E.H.S.C.C. The Guys. 67Karin Sue Stoeke — A.F.S. Club — job at J.W. Heller's as stock-girl — future plans include college. Nancy Gaye Stoner — Motor Mouth — Whigrean asst, editor — in Taming of the Shrew — C's P's — enjoys writing poetry. Susan Lynn Stoner Senior Women's Varsity Whigrean — C’» and P's — memorable trips to Florida involved story teller. Vicki Jane Stromme — president of Junior Achievment Company — enjoys collecting insects and skiing known for her uncanny luck. James Bentley Struthers — Jim. Scott Allen Sundet — captain of ski team co-captain of cross country — varsity track — been skiing at Squaw Valley. Mammoth Mt. and Aspen. Colorado — Geeks — E.E.H.S.C.C. Jeanne Renee Sundt Marching Band — Stage and Concert Band — waitress at DeLarias — counselor at C.O.P. — trip to London and Europe enjoys cross country skiing — plans to attend college after graduation. William Scott Supplee — Bill — varsity football. Jan C. Svejkovsky — Swager D.E. — job at Baker's as cashier — enjoys music — active with Our Lady of Grace plans to attend school in Florida as a barber. Gregg D Swed-berg — co-president of Chess Club — High School Bowl Team — Student Council — plans a trip to Spokane for the World’s Fair — plans include college. Timothy Thornton Tail — cross country ski team — owns several Cor-vairs — enjoys working on Corvairs and playing tennis. William Rustan Thayer — Concerts East. Terrence Neal Thomas - Terry — works at Zapata — enjoys football and skiing plans to attend college after graduation. Mary Beth Tichaua — Tish — works at McGraw Hill — active with Our Lady of Grace — loves music and Shawn Phillips. Elizabeth Tit a — Lizzi — A.F.S. Club French Voyageurs — Contact — Church Group — fantastic trip to Utah — known for her frizzy hair. Clyde Robert Torvik — D.E.C.A. Club — job at Donaldson’s — enjoys working on cars and photography. James Trobaugh — Trobs — varsity football and track — park board hockey — is known for being the Class Clown. Scoff Richard Turn-ball — Turnie — band — Campus Life — Sounds of Life — a Chicago fan — Bandies — college at St. Cloud State. William Harold Untiedt — job at Southdule library enjoys playing the piano, baseball, tennis, hockey and football. Roxane Sue Velgersdyk — Latin Club — Young Life — trips to Mexico and to Europe — enjoys dancing — future plans include Peace Corps or Vista. Beth Ellen Vigdal — Debbie Ann Volstad — active with Youth Action works at Viking Interprizes — known for her artistic ability — plans to go to art school or in to the Army. Cheri Lynn Vork — Tork — publicity chairwoman of F.B.L.E. — receptionist at Data Card Corp. — known for doing crazy things — been skiing out West — enjoys both water and snow skiing. Mary Beth Wagner — D.E.C.A. — works at Red Owl — enjoys water and snow skiing — will probably attend a business college. 68Music Soothes The School Day Tension Steven Howard Wagner — Wag — Larrs Trade and Industry — machine operator — enjoys building boats and hydroplane racing. Star la Kaye Walburg — choir church group — enjoys sewing, music, and gymnastics plans to go into nursing school. John Clark Walker — Distributive Education — trips to Jackson Hole and Aspen enjoys tennis and skiing. Kimberly Ann Walker Keu varsity cheerleading — trip planned for France — known for her fantastic driving. Jean Marie Walsh — girls gymnastics job at Perkins' Cake and Steak — planning a trip to France — plans include college. Simmc Ann Walton — president of student council Student School Board — Senior Women’s Varsity enjoys reading, football, and hockey — plans to attend the U. of M. Mary Ellen Ward — Whigrtan — Latin Club Senior Women’s Varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — Teen Corps Volunteer job at Nelson’s. Susan Ann Ward — Sue. Gregory Mark Warner — Buzzette — known for his sick humor — plans to attend college at the University of Minnesota. Janet Grace Wattson — Homecoming Queen — co-captain of varsity cheerleading — Colonial Church P.F. — trips to Colorado. James Scott Webster — Web - vanity soccer — went mountain climbing in Banff, Canada — enjoys skiing and soccer. Michael Alexander Weinzettl — AFS Club — Latin Club — from Austria — enjoys good movies, music, tennis, art and skiing. Tom Keith Wellinger — Wello soccer — softball — been on canoe trips — member of Geeks and Buck-Bucks — enjoys skiing. Keith Elliot West — Kellie — varsity football — camping trips in Canada — enjoys skiing job at Gabberts. Michael Arthur Westin Rotary Club — Rotary exchange student to Sweden — job at Valley View Drug — enjoys water snow skiing. Barbara Lee Wheeler — Wheels — member of C's and P's — job at Hoigaards Ski Shop — enjoys skiing and tennis — college at C.S.U. Music plays a major role during Sally Hoyt's free hour as she practices a difficult piano piece. 69•Joseph William Whetstone job at McDonald's ami Service Bureau - Eagle Scout Mack Hacks enjoys electronics. Kevin Heed Whipple — Concert Band — Tennis — Bald Eagle Water Club — enjoys hockey, tennis and water skiing — plans include college. Cynthia Kim Whitcomb Pep Club — Red Rock Saddle Club Known for her love of horses trips to Colorade. Florida and Mexico. David Moore White — football Homecoming Court — Camp Chi Rho in the summer. Douglas Richard White — Doug — Marching, Varsity, und Concert Band — Stage Band enjoys music and skiing — college at U of M. William (ktrl White — Lloyd — Varsity Football and Baseball — trips to Colorado and Florida — plans include college. Teresa Ann Whitehouse — Munchkin — Banoochka Homecoming Court — plans to go to Europe and maybe stay in London. Elizabeth Darker Wigg — Sis on Student Council — Choral Jazz Croup — plans to travel to London — enjoys poetry. Picking up her food, Mary Kloster decides that eating with chopsticks is not her cup of tea. Clifford Edward Wiley — Varsity Basketball team — trip to France during spring vacation — enjoys playing the guitar. Michael Dennis Wilkins — was a car salesman — ski trips out West — enjoys skiing — plans to attend Luther College. Cathy jo Williams —- hostess at Perkins — enjoys parties and horseback riding — known for being a scatter brain. Sue Carol Williams - Avon representative — New Testament Church — Pipstop — Canoe Trip to the Boundary Waters last summer. 70Often Senior Women Spend Time With Food For Caryn Shcall, gum is the vacuum for much of her money which she uses for the feat of blowing her immense bubbles. Peter Lee Windahl — Images on the Wind — ski club trips to Canada and Colorado enjoys skiing — known for white hair. Gary Lynn Wladyka — vice president of Trade and Industry — plays organ and lead guitar for a band — plans to travel in Europe. Sharon Kay Wolff — Senior Women's Varsity — president of Luther League — job at McGraw-Hill — known for wearing baby blue — member of Peyton Place. Elizabeth Mane Wollan Clare's Clan — Church Choir — college at U. of M. Lisa Margaret Wollan Children’s theatre Classes — trips to Europe. Canada. East and West U. S. A. — enjoys acting and singing. Craig Allan Woodruff — Woody — varsity basketball and baseball — camped up North — known for eating alot. Mark Eduard Yaeger — trips to Texas and Spain — enjoys chess, coin collecting, football, and baseball — college in the future. Gail Ann Yarger — Yargs — C's and P's — Senior Women’s Varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — summer job in Seattle — I.B.B.C. — loves plants. Adria Wynn Young — Poonie — Chamber Choir — Campus Life — Concert Choir Waitress at Southtown Bowl — trip to Hawaii. Isabel Hinging — a real ding dong — job ut the Telephone Company — Church bell choir. Perry Noid — Scaredy Cat — has claustrophobia — memorable trips to the psychiatrists — plans to attend Schizo State. Michael Howard Richards — Philadelphia Flash — likes sailing — enjoys playing Lacrosse and squash plans to study law at St. Olaf Hopes to vacation in the East. 71ZLSeniors Can’t Keep Away From The Camera 73Juniors Pass Time In A Variety Of Ways 74 ■ a75 vvu Juniors Get Involved With Helping The School Adams, Nancy Aiken, Frank Alcvizos, Susan Allbright, Steve Almare, Donald Anderson, Robert Discovering that even nurse’s aides get hurt, Gina Bjerken uses her inside knowledge on applying bandages. Anderson, John Anderson. Robert Anderson, Scott Appel, James Archer, Steve Arenson, Linda Austin. Hilton Bachtold, Helen Baird, Rebecca Baker. Kathryn Balogh, Peter Bankey, Paul Barrett, Aileen Barton, Catherine Batzli. Joan Bayers, Susan Becker, James Beckley, Kathryn Beim, Mary Benjamin. Peter Bennett, Frank Berg, Beth Bergland. Bruce Bing. John Bjerken. Gina Bjerken, Sharon Blanchard, Diana Blanchette, Mary Blatzheim, Nancy Bohl, Edward Bohl. Elizabeth Borden. Mark Borgen, Kim Bowles, William Brady, Elyse 76Brady. Francine Brady. Janet Brady. Susan Brandenburg, Donald Branyon. Henry Branch, Robert Brauer. Mark Brecht. John Brenny, John Brink. John Bros, Jeffrey Brasilia, Anne Brown, Deborah Brown, Diane Brown, Meredith Brucciani, Steven Bryan, Kloise Burgraff. Mary Jo Burt. Mike Buzby. Carol Bydlon, Roland Cagle, Marilyn Cameron. Teresa Carmichael, Lori Carpenter. Kim Carroll. Mike Carruthers, Robert Carter, Timothy Carver, Jonathan Castellano, Andy Chadboum. Mary Chalker. Oliver Chapman, Jerome Chedister. Karin Christensen. Bruce Junior Class Officers: Bill Taney, Bob Peterson, Mark Peterson, and Zibby Platter take charge of concessions. 77Colbert. Bradford Cole, Brian Coleman, Cathy Collings, Bruce Comstock. Willie Corbin. Darnell Corcoran, Nancy Costello. Brian Crosby, Jill Curtis. Greg Curtis, Robert Cushing. Margaret Dahl, Tom Dale. Tom Dalcn, Linda Davis. Debbie Dayton, Robert Deckas, Chris Degeberg, Kim DeMuth, Mike Denk. Lucinda Denman, Patricia DeWeert, Jan Dissmeyer, Phyllis Dittbemer, Cynthia Dorsey. Thomas Dougall. Mark Eaton, Jody Kdlund, Sharon Egge, Joseph Richer, Charles Risen, Susan Engstrom. Peter Erickson. Kathleen Erickson, Nancy Erlandson. Mark Etzwiler. Nancy Evensen, Gloria Fagerlie, Kristin Parkas, Mike Farrell, Susan Fetzek, Steven Feyerson, Patricia Field, Dale Finck, Kevin Finks, Dave Fitzgerald, Dawn Fletcher. Charles Flom. Katherine Fore, Marc Freitas. Jill Frich, Steven Frick. Janice Friedrichs, Mike Frykman, Steve Fuhr, Ann Fuller, Stephanie Gagnon. Sue Gallagher, Mike Gammello, Tim Garberg, Mary Garrity, Rich Gaskill, William 78Break Brings Out A Variety Of Entertainment In order to avoid the crowds at the cafeteria these girls choose to play a quick game of cards in the bathroom. Gethin, Steve Gibson, Sandra Gilkcy, Scott Gillet, Nicole Glass. Pete Gluek. Steven Gode. Mark Gordon, Janice Grabb, Steven Graves, Thomas Greer, JoAnne Grcywitt, Sandra Grill, Cindy Grimsby, Gordon Gross. Kimberly Graven, John Gruzebcck, T. Scott Gruzebeck, Terry Habighorst, Carman Hadley, Nannette Hagen, Susan Hall, Peter Hannon. Martha Hanske, Jean Hanson, Jill Hanson, I.ani Hanson, I,eigh Harmon. Dianne Harmon, Suzanne Harrington. Norman Harrod, Mark Hauskins, Laurence Haworth, Steven Hayes, Robert Heidkamp, Griff Herman. Jim Higgins. Jeff Hildreth, Mary Hines, Linda Hippe. John Hirech,John Hjelle, Jennifer 79Hodges. Robert Hodnett, Amy Hoeft. William Hoffman. Jody Hogue. Cheryl Holm. James Holmgren. Scott Huff. James Hunstiger, Susan Hutson. Deborah Ingman, James Iverson. Sandra Ives, Tom Jacobson, Kirsten Jacoby, Janet Jeffris. Patricia Jenka, Peter Jensen. Amy Johndreau, Andrea Johns. Sue Johnson. Annette Johnson, Barbara Johnson. Christopher Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Julie Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Randy Johnson. Todd Johnstone. Laurie Jones. David Jones, Pamela Jones, Stephen Jones. Theodore Joschko, Sharon Kalland, Kurt Kavanaugh, Megan Keating, Todd Keith. Andy Keman. Thomas Kilburg, Jeanne King, Anthony King. Robert Mistaken for a food tray, Joe Sullivan takes the conveyer belt down the line to the spray room. 80Juniors Resort Back To Sophomore Actions Cherishing her childhood pleasures, Mary Ann Chadbourn experiments in coloring her animal friends. Klein. Thomas Klippenstein. Shari Korhos. Elizabeth K raker, Teresa Kremer, David Kronfeld, Suzy Kruppstadt, Sherri Kuhnley, Cindy Ladner. -James Ladner, Kathleen Lamb. Katharine Larson. Elizabeth Larson. Joseph Laughlin, DeNeal Lav in. Timothy Layeux.Stephen Lea, Cindy-Lee. Amy Leighton. Reid Leslie, William Lewis. Mary Ellen Lick. Charles Lind berg, Jerome List, Lorn a Little. Dean Lomauro, Gary Lonsbury, John Loobeck. Angelica Loomis, William tavaas, Mark Lowell, James Lundeen, Kent Lyman. Sue Mach, Mary Lou Macholda, Judy- 81Anticipation Plays A Major Role In Junior Year Vowing never to go shopping again, Maggie Smith takes a breather among piles of pants to soothe her aching feet. Mugnuson, Pamela Mahoney. Tim Mnmmel. Elizabeth Mamplc. Robin Minty, Mary sue Martin. .James Martinson. John Mastereon, Lisa Maunder. James Maxcincr. Melissa McCampell. Douglas McCarthy. Kevin McClain. Molly McGraw, Brian McKay. Karen McKeman. Karen McMorrow. Mar.- Pat McNamara. Tim Meyer, Paul Meyer. Russell Michel son. Robert Miller. Grant Miller, Roseann Millott, Marcia Mitchell, Jennifer Monson. Kathleen Montilino. Mike Moore, George Moore. Ray Moran. Jaine Moran. John Morinc. Timothy Moss. Cynthia Murphy, Daniel Myers. Cindy 8?Nelson, Richard Nelson, Scott Nelson. Sheryl Nesbit, Scott Nevin, David Nichols, Steven Nickander, Kent Norquist. Wendy Nugent, Nancy Nybcck, Jim Obem, Nancy Olson, Nancy Olson. Phil Olson, Richard Orcnstein, Nancy Omdorff, Phillip Otncss, Mary Kim Pagani, Teresa Pappas, Thomas Paugh, Don Peddie, Monica Pepper. Ann Perkins, Linda Person, Julie Peterson, Gay Peterson. Mark Peterson. Mary Peterson, Mike Peterson, Robin Peterson. Scott Peterson, Tom Matter, Elizabeth Poehler, William Pollock. David Porter. Robert Potterton, Susan Prentice, Kelly Priebe, Dave Quinn. Elizabeth Ravell, James Reese, Debra Regan, Patrick Reichmann. Dave Reiersgord, Susan Renne, Susan Rethluke, Diana Richards. Michael Rischmiller. Ron Rischmiller, Susan Risvold, David Roberts, Susan Roche. Barry Rogers. Greg Rollins, Robin Rooney. James Rowland. Peter Roy, Mary Rudd. Sherrce Russell. Richard Rutherford. Kathleen Ryan, Mary Ix u Sale, Shari Sams, Susan 83Sandberg. Bruce Sanders. Hull Sauers. Cora Savre, Thomas Saxton. Sandra Schaefer, Elizabeth Schall, Janet Schluctcr, Bonnie Schmidt, Steven Schnase, I.oma Schoenfclder. Mark Schroeder, C. Alan Schwartz. LaVonna Scofield. Craig Seaman, Richard Sedgwick, Nancybeth Sedoff. Gussie Selvig, John Senior. David Shelton, Barbara Sheperd, Michael Sherry, Steven Sieff. Martha Simmons. Jim Sitek, Robert Skageberg. Corinnc Smith, Caea Smith, C. Franklin Smith, Debi Smith, Margaret Sowle, James Spencer, Todd Spoodis, Kathy Staler, Jayne Stark. Theodore Stillwell, Steven Stoakes, Lynn Stoltz. Sabina Stone, Melissa Storlie, Mary Strothers, Linda Student, Suzanne Sulandcr. Mark Sullivan. Joseph Suttle, Mark Swanson. Lisa A. Swanson, Lisa L. Sweetland. Karen Swendseen, Carl Swenson. Roberta Symchych, John Tandon, Sangita Taney, William Tonsil, Carol Tarbox, Caroline Teerman. John Teisberg, Susan Tharp, Douglas Thayer, David Thompson. Deborah Thompson. Wayne Thomdyke, Lloyd Timm, I ns 8dLunch Provides Juniors With Relaxed Setting Tracy, Dale Trojohn. John Ufford, Kim Vaalcr, Robert VanBrocklin, Kathy Vnnko. John VanOss, Joseph VanSomeren. Susan VanV'alkenberg. Jane Vecchi, Larry Volpe, Mark VonDrashek, Gail Walker. Mark Walters, Patty- Ward, Sue Warner, Brad Weatherhead. David Webb. Lisa Weidt, James Welch. Joy Westcrberg, Diana Westerman, Margaret White, Wendy Wiersema, Jacquelvn Wigdahl. Eric Williams. Kathryn Williamson. Joni Wilts, Jay Wires. Tom Woodley. Nancy Woodrow, Sarah Woolsey. Michael Wray. Elizabeth Wunsch, Peter Young, Lisa Young. Michael Younggren. Cheryl Zeman, William Zeiper, Jeanne Ziessler, Kate Zion,Jean Zollars, Robert Jim Becker realizes that there is some place like home as he settles himself down in the lunchroom. 85Sophomore Antics Lead To Teacher FranticsSophomores Make This Year A Learning Year Adams, Susan Alderink, Donna Anderson. Cheryl Anderson, Cindi Anderson, Colin Anderson, David Anderson. Elizabeth Anderson. Janet Anderson. Todd Aries, Jennifer Arnold, Adone Arnold, William Babb, Teresa Bachman, Salle Backus, Holly Bailey, William Barry, Kristin Basil, Chris Batten. James Bauknight. Mark Bayer, Sande Beckley, Caren Behning, William Bellair, David Benner, Colleen Benson, Nancy Benz, Julie Berdahl, James Bern, Kirsten Bergee, Brian Berkbigler, Rik Bigelow, Mary Billingsley, Steven Bing, Jeff Bissonette, Stephen Bjerken, Todd Bodine, Michael Bowen, Robert Bransford. Richard Brecht, Marianne Brink, Patrick Without the help of Katie Johnson and Sudsy Zeissler, Barb Foy is unable to remember her locker combination.Sophomore Class Officers: Harb May berg, Tom Pearson, Mike Glass, and Tami Horstman climb on the monkey bars. Britton, Carroll Brock. Steven Brose, Kenneth Brown, Hosmer Brown, Michael Brown, Robert G. Brown, Robert M Brusnell, Jane Buckley. Paul Burke. James Burley. Martin Burt, Matthew Bushman. Katherine Byrd. Richard Cardie. Kathryn Carlsen. Mary Jo Carlson. Jeffrey Carlson. Kent Carlson. Scott Carmichael, Linda Carpenter. Rita Carter. I.inda Carter. Mary Cartier, Nancy Cavanor. Paul Cederholm. Patricia Chapman, Candace Chapman. Todd Chastek. Matthew Chinn. Elizabeth Christenson. Emily Clausen, Amy Cohen. Wendy Colburn, Linda Coleman. James 89Sophomores Take Interest In New Courses Collins. Cynthia Comb. James Cox. Jocelyn Cox. Robert Craig. Jeffrey Cramer, Karen Crowley. Karen Cullen. Mark Daniels, Nancy Daum. Mark Davies, Dwight deLambert. Robert Delaney, Timothy Diamond, Tony Dimmerman, Jerome Doepke, Ann Dolczal, James Downey, Mark DuBois. Jodette Dunne, Michael Edwards, Jeanette Edwards, Robyn Eglite, Dagmar Richer. Robert Ellingson, Erik Engle, Laurie Engelbert, David Engelbert. Laura Engle. Janet Engler. Ixtc Erbes, Michael Erdall, Donald Erdall. James Fagre, Laurie Famham. Robert Looking at the art class’ sculptures, Richard Gunderson wonders what the assignment was. 90Feck, Penny Fee, Kathryn Field, Douglas Field, Jack Field, Terry Floskamp, Thomas Flynn, Brian Flynn. Daniel Foster, Jeffrey Foy. Barbara Fraatz. Paul Freiberg, Barbara Fried. John Fronk, Ann Fuller. Mary Gammel. Lori Gempler, Timothy George, Stephanie Gembacher, Steven Gerrie, Rebecca Ghostley, Barbara Godfrey. Curtis Gootschall. Anne Grafelman, Glenn Gregory, Michael Griest, Brett Grimsby, Charles Grohnke, Robert Guetzke, Thomas Gundersen, Richard Gustafson. Debra Haleigh-Weat, Katherine Hagen, Richard Hall, Anne Halwcg. Brent Hanlon, Elizabeth Hansen, Marcia Hanson, Mark Hanson. Mary Hanson, Valerie Harmon, Joanne Harty. Susan Hastings, David Hayes. Thomas Hcdberg. Peter Hegnauer, Catherine Hegnauer, Colleen Heinrich. Gerald Hendrickson, Barry Hers hey, Robert Hestad, James Hines, Nancy Hiniker, Julie Hof, Michael Hoffman. Timothy Holtum, Andrew Hoppe, Steven Horstman.Tamerin Hougnon, Michele Hughes, Johnathon Humphries. Cary Hylton, Mark Ikola. Matthew 91Eager sophomores Anne Gottschall and Laura Kuenster almost gather enough nerve to walk into the liquor store. Jackson, Diane Jacobs. Jill Jacoby, James Jahn, Russell Jamieson, Nancy Jensen. Dawn Jensen, Gary Johns, Debra Johnson, Bradley Johnson, Dale Johnson, Jennifer Johnson. Kathleen Johnson. Kendal Johnson. Martha Johnson. Rhody Johnson. Todd Johnston. Mary Jo Jones, Thomas Jordan,John Jordan, Patricia Kalantari, Michelle Kamiske. Jane Kaplan. Gregory Kelly, Colleen Kelly, Patricia Kiel. Paul King. Gregory Kjcllson. David Klingensmith, Ix ri Knight. Tamra Knutson, Mark Kolars. Paul Kondrick. Christopher Kouatli. Susan Kuenster. Laura Kuenzli, Peter Kunz. Walter Kvam, Randi Landen, Linda Larson. Ann Larson. David Larson. Nancy 9?New Privileges Do Not Extend To Sophomores Latourelle. Lee Lean,’. Ann Le«, Kimberly Lehar, Patricia tannick. Bruce Liedl. Patrick l.indborg, Nancy Linderholm, Debbie Logstrom, Dennis l.omauro. Christopher Lorimer, Bonnie Luebke, Cynthia Lundeen, John MacGregor. Laurie MacLean, Robert McCam bridge. Robert McCarthy. Molly McDonald. Daniel McDonald. Timothy McNellis. Judith Mnley. Mary Manske, Jill Manthey. Gary Marinovich, Merrie Markun. Jane Marshall, Bruce Martin. Lisa Massopust, Martha Masterson, Scott Master. Michael Mattson, Cheryl Being a sophomore brings Rick Hagen to the conclusion that the only type of bar he can get into until he is eighteen is a salad bar.Mayberg. Barbara Mayvillc. Michael Meaden, Karen Mertes, John Michelson, Lynn Mielke. Kay Miller. Emily Miller. Susan Mills. Eric Moran, Carolyn Moran. Patricia Mork, Suzann Morrison, Scott Muskc, Kris Muske, Susan Naas. Jennifer Nellermore, Darcy Nelson. Linda Nelson. Philip Nelson. Robert Nerheim, Brian Nevin, Martha Nilles. Gregory Nord, Bernadette Norgren, Jeffrey O’Connell. Kathleen ODonoghue, David Oelschlager. Sally O'Leary. Richard Olson. David Olson. Jenny Olson, Randi Olson. Thomas Olson, Timothy Orfield, Mary Orrbon, Debra Oxley. Michael Pace, Cynthia Palmehn, Larry Palmer. Kristin Patzloff. Judity Paulsen, Tod Paulson, Julie Pearson, Thomas Pendergast. Kevin Petersen, Steven Peterson, Aileen Peterson. Mary Peterson, Mary Pitz, Mary Pitzer, Sanford Pollock, Susan Preksto, Colleen Prestrud. Mark Prior, Nancy Pumilia, Marcy Putman, Michael Quinlan. Catherine Ransbottom, Sherry Rauth, Rosemarie Razidlo, Anthony Ready. Michael Reed. Keith 94Study Hut Provides Sophomores With New Toys Disregarding all the action and excitement which surrounds them, Sue Teegan and Jane Kamiske take time to chat. Rhoads. Martha Richards. Kevan Riley, Nancy Ritchie. Mark Roberts. Paul Robertson, Scott Roche. Molly Rolschau, Jeffrey Ronald. Michael Ronnei, Scott Roughton, Elizabeth Ruben. James Rudstrom, Lori Russell, Thomas Sams. David Sams, Douglas Sandberg. Jonathan Sanfilippo, Robert Saxton, Scott Schaffhausen, I e Schmid. Patrick Schnobrich, William Schoenfelder, Matthew Schwalbe, Lynn Schwarz. Carrie Sears, Cathleen Sellers. Pamela Selvig, Thomas Silas, Scott Slosser. Katrin Smania, Darin Smead. Peter Smith. Jeffrey Smith. Katherine Smith, Mark 9bSmith. Pamela Smith. Penny Smith, Thomas Sorem, Juliane Sowle. Teri Steel, Curtis Stcphons, Monica Stevens. Anthony Stocke, William Stoutenburgh, Daniel Struthers. Lisa Struthere. Mark Stryk, Steven Sturgcs. Debbie Sundherg, Richard Suttlc. Jill Sweazey, John Swcndseen, Nancy Swenson, Nancy Swift. Rita Symchych, Margot Szarzynski. Delores Taylor. Marcia Taylor, Terri Teegen, Susan Thang. Kristi Thompson, Jeffrey Thomson, Fred Tongen, Michael Trudeau. Betsy Turnbull. Jeffrey Van Brocklin, Kenneth Van Hcrcke, Thomas Vigdahl, John 96 Like many other sophomores, Brian Nerheim buys a nourishing breakfast of candy at the mid-morning break.Sophomores Enjoy Their Second Year In High School Using their physical features as an asset to their career, Pam and Penny Smith portray the Double-ment Twins. Zech, Paul Zeissler, Susan Volstad. Charles WalburK. Bonita Walker. Melanie Walker. Scott Waller. Debi Walt her. Mark Ward, Michael Warner. Amy Warner, Diane Warner. Gregory Watson, Frederick Weimer. Britton Wescott. Barbara West,.Julie Wheeler. Paul Whitcomb. Steven While, John Whitehead, Laura Whitchouse. Patti Whitley, William Williams. Mol lie Wilson, Paul Wilson. Sara Wolff. William Womack. Molly Woodley. Steven Yaeger. Greg Young. John 97East Massacres West In Highlight Of Season Dave Plummer attempts to ward off 3 Minnetonka defenders in a fight for valuable yards. Using speed as an advantage, Andy Overman tries to elude his-op-ponent with one of his many lightning-quick moves. Football "Our record was kind of a letdown to everyone, since we had a good team. One satisfaction was beating Edina-West, though.” John ,4 bbey (12) ‘‘The hardest part of the game is getting psyched up. The games we were prepared for we won.” Pat Costello (11) “All I can say is that it’s been a disappointing season.” Mike Patera (12. Co-Captain) “The long, hard hours we practice seem to be worthwhile after winning a game.” Tom Klein (11) “Football practice this year got boring as the year went on. I think the team will do better when Mr. McCarthy returns, although Mr. Fischer made it fun with his humor in the film room and on the playing field.” Brad Schmidt (12) "This year was a building year for us. I’m waiting for next year.” Pat Began (11) "During practice all the guys could hardly wait for the season to come to an end, but now that it is over, we miss it.” Dave Plummer (12) “You stink up the joint!” Anonymous from the locker room. too Senior Mike Goblirsch tucks the ball in and looks to the inside for a possible first down and hopefully for a game-breaking touchdown.Varsity Football: Front How B. Gambrel, R. Schnittker, B. Greig, R. Bushman. M. Patera. J. Anderson, F. Foster. B. White. M. Brauer. Row 2 — B. Dayton, F. Hadleigh-Wcat, K. Holland, H. Branyon. J. Becker. J. Carlson, C. Fox, T. Klein. S. Sherry. B. Hayes, T. Graves. J. Weidt. J. Rooney, Coach Kostelix. Row 3 C. Dcckas, P. Omdorff. D. Thayer. P- Benjamin. A. Siverls, J. Brink. S. Nelson. D. Lundstrom. B. Hoeft, P. Costello, J. Anderson. D. Watson. M. Walker. J. Brenny, Coach Savre. Rack Row D. Finks. G. Curtis, N. Harrington. B. Bowie . P. Olson. S. Foy, B. Supplee. J. Abbey. B. Frawley. A. Overman. J. Johnson. M. Gallagher. I). Paugh. C. Lick. Coach Fischer. Edina East 7 vs. Wayzata 00 Edina East 18 vs. Edina West 00 Edina East 14 vs. St. Louis Park 21 Edina East 6 vs. Kennedy 14 Edina East 18 vs. Eisenhower 6 Edina East 7 vs. St. Cloud Tech 14 Edina East 14 vs. Minnetonka 00 Edina East 35 vs. Cooper 00 Edina East 7 vs. Richfield 7 ■ 101 Seniors Brad Schmidt and Dave Plummer listen in as Coach Savre gives valuable strategy in a possible scoring attack.Gridders Season Breeds Many Mixed Emotions An onrushing Edina-West back finds Steve Foy and Phil Olson tough competition from all sides. This score of 18-0 brings back memories of jubilation when the East football team performed with style against West. HOME • • m » • • TIME (TOO • VISITOR ' ••• • • • m m DOWN 0 0 ► 0 QUARTER • • • • • + m TO-GO • A ► • 0 • % 102 Using extreme precision, Dave Plummer re- journey downfield with the hope of gaining suffi- ceives a handoff and instinctively begins his cient yardage for a first down.Skaters Start Strong, Despite Christmas Layoff Senior Steve Polfuss reminds the Blake goalie that he is better off staying in his crease. Jerry Johnson, center on the Hornets' highest scoring line, is congratulated by his teammates. Stick raised, senior winger Bill Thayer skates away leaving a defender in the net, along with the puck. 103Craig Norwich picks up the puck behind his net and checks the traffic up ice, as he starts one of his classic rushes. Hockey “Everyone on the Varsity team is great friends. We’ve been playing our hockey games together since we’ve been young. We have won and lost games together and each time we do, we become better friends.’’ Larry Johnson (12) “Louisville Slugger has got to be the best stick ever. To that, Norwich agrees.” Tim Pavek (12) “The highlight of the night after all our Saturday games is listening to Craig Norwich. Steve Polsfuss and Dave Finks, argue with Bill Thayer and Larry Johnson about who puts on the best concerts. I would have to go with Polsfuss’s group. After all. they use real guitars instead of the hockey sticks with strings.” Jerry Johnson (12) “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but Tom!” The Seriior Hockey Players Goalie Jon Hughes watches the puck during a scramble in front of the net. but his view of it quickly disappears. 104Hornets Are ’74 Minnesota State Hockey Champs J.V.: Front Row — C. Johnson. M. Carroll. M. Lovaas. S. Kamler. S. Schmidt. G. Rogers. J. Brenny; Rou 2 — A. White. G. Curtis. J. hrdall. J. Vanko, Coach Zins: Back Row J. Craig, M. Mas tor, M. Ikola. J. Field, J. Daniels. Edina East 5 vs. Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Edina East Blake 2 Richfield Lindbergh Cooper 1 St. Louis Park 2 Armstrong 5 Wayzata 0 Kennedy 1 Edina West 2 Lincoln Mound 0 Southwest 3 Jefferson 4 Eisenhower 1 Duluth East 0 Minnetonka 3 Roosevelt 1 Robbinsdale 4 5 vs. 6 vs. 8 vs. 8 vs. 9 V8. 9 vs. 1' vs. 8 vs. 9 vs. 9 vs. 6 vs. 7 vs. 25 8 vs. 5 vs. 9 vs. 4 vs. 5 vs. Just missing from the crease. Charlie Petersen keeps his eye on the puck, hoping a teammate will put home the rebound. Varsity Front Rou .J. Hughes. B. Thayer. C. Petersen. J. Johnson. S. Nichols. T. Pavek. S. Shertnan; Row 2 Head Coach W. Ikola. L. Johnson. A. Overman. M. Maxtor. M. Ikola. D. Finks. Coach K. Zins; Back Row — A. White. C. Norwich, J. Anderson. T. Brower. B. Frawley. S. Polsfuss. D. Senior. I0? “Towering” Finish In Lake Due To Tull And Jerseys Edina East 1 vs. St. Louis Park 2 Edina East 0 vs. Jefferson 2 Edina East 0 vs. Lindbergh 1 Edina East 0 vs. Robbinsdale 1 Edina East 2 vs. Edina-West 1 Edina East 2 vs. Minnetonka 0 Edina East 2 vs. Armstrong 1 Edina East 4 vs. Eisenhower 1 Edina East 3 vs. Kennedy 2 Edina East 3 vs. Lincoln 2 Edina East 1 vs. Richfield 1 Edina East 1 vs. Cooper 0 Charlie Peterson shows the proper form necessary in heading the ball. Soccer “I like playing goalie because I know the whole game is up to me. When we'd lose a game I’d wish I was Living in the Past, when we’d win I’d feel as though I was in a big sweet dream. Mr. Szendry is a great coach and he kept the team together in hard times." Jeff Holker (12) "Zoink!” Kevin McCarthy (11) "This year has been better than last. With those men who returned came many with good potential and talent. We tell how we’ve improved by how much we score. We're scoring more!" Steve Smith (12) "In shuffling madness of practice I often get lost.” Hal Heyer( 12) "Under the direction of Tull on the tower, we won!" Mark Hockley (12) J V. : Front Row — R. Johnson. R. Hagen. J. Hughes. .1. Craig; Row 2 — B. Nelson. T. Bone, 1.. Thomdyke. I). Field. J. Heinrich. T. Stark. B. Johnson. A. Costellano; Row 3 — J. Moran. B. Hendrickson. S. Woodley, T. Bjerken. D. Carlson. I). Krdali, T. Porter. M. Knutson, Coach Reigel; Hack Row — P. Cavanor, T. Johnson. C. Basil. P. Roland. T. Wellinger. Ouie Busayasiri, J. Brandenburg. R. Johnson. N1. Hagen. 10bMark Bockley illustrates the shot which made him the team’s leading scorer. Sophomore Cary Humphries looks over to the bench for some pre-game strategy from Coach Szendry. Varsity: Front Rou B. Colbert. C. Johnson. S. Anderson, P. Kngstrom, M. Blessing, J. Holk-er, K. Corey. D. Murphy, J. Hirsch. T. Carter. S. Webster, W. Humphries: Hack Row K. McCarthy, J. Herman. M. Demuth. j. Martin. M. Ixnass. S. Smith, R. Humphries, H. Heyer, M. Mastor. C. Humphries. C. Potmen, S. Sherman, M. Bockley, T. Pavck, Coach Szendry. Senior Jeff Holker exhibits his cat-quick reactions as he leaps for a dangerously high shot. 107 » Wrestlers Work, But Can Only Look To Next Year Wrestling Mark Haymaker makes his way down the line of players as wrestlers from both teams complete the traditional post-meet handshakes. “We wrestlers and a certain redheaded cheerleader really know how to eat!" Tom Hayes (10) “Our record this season hasn't been as good as we would have hoped for. hut 1 don't think that it's entirely the fault of the coaches and wrestlers. I think we could have done better if we had had more spectators.” Jim Becker (11) “Just wait ’til next year!” Steve Woodley• (10) “Barry Bolo has it all for you!" Kurt Kalland (11) “It’s been rather a disappointing season, even though we worked really hard. The hardest part is getting down to your weight and maintaining your strength at the same time. It was still a fun season for me because of the guys on the team." Karl Krause (12) “Having a good practice makes you feel good." Harry Bolin (12) "Karl Marx" ... “Pinko” ... “Pay the piper” "Get up! Get up! Get up!” You’re eight pounds over!" “Potty mouth........rhe weezer is icing his elbow again!” Anonymous Despite smaller than average size. Junior Jim Becker Mr. Harms calmly sits back, but assistant coach Mark Gunderson is is usually on top of things in his matches. too involved in the match to think about relaxing. 108Varsity: Front Row — J. Cavanaugh. T. Bohn, D. Freeman, C. Compton. S. Gilkey. M. Rollins. B. Bolin. T. Dorsey. T. Klein. R. Moore. K. Kalland. J. Becker; Row 2 — S. Mastereon, S. Woodley. C. Krause, J. Comb. R. Bransford. M. Borden. B. Dayton, M. Haymaker. C. Richer, M. (Hass. T. Hayes. D. Olson; Back Row — I). Dorsey. R. Hagen. J. Olson. T. Houk, B. Selzer. M. Maney, J. Forseth, T. Flaskamp. T. Becker. T. Goetzke. Edina East 6 vs. Wayzata 54 Edina East 18 vs St. Paul Johnson 40 Edina East 13 vs. Richfield 46 Edina East 12 vs. Kennedy 49 Edina East 9 vs. Cooper 45 Edina East 9 Spring Lake vs- Park 44 Edina East 9 vs. Minnetonka 44 Edina East 21 vs. Eisenhower 33 Edina East 17 vs. Orono 33 Edina East 18 vs. Mounds View 38 Edina East 16 vs. Hastings 31 Edina East 11 vs. Edina West 36 Edina East 24 St. Louis vs- Park 27 Long hours of practice and hard work seem worthwhile to junior Kurt Kalland who had his opponent well under control. 109Cagers Lack Consistency, But Win For Home Crowds As his man pulls up for a shot. Jim Carlson rushes out to play defense in the East-West game. Varsity Front How B. Sackey. P. Benjamin. M Gallagher. C. Wiley. G. Johnson. J. Squires. J. Carlson. B. King. M. Brauer; Back How - Head Coach Mr. Savre. T. Dahl. P. Olson. M. Otto. B. Zemon. C. Woodruff. F Foster. J. Egite. H. Heyer. Coach B. Haddorff. UO„ „ . o Tanev. I . Ban key. T. Savre. L. - —• »■ —■ Hos- M n,s man beat on a fast break Open in the lane, hesitate to put up Hal Heyer doesn’t a shot. 111Hornets Go With Senior Starters, But Juniors Sub Although he is being rushed by the opposition's center, guard Jon Squires remains cool, taking time to aim carefully before shooting. Basketball “If there are lots of fans there cheering for us, we definitely perform better. We've won most of our home games where we have a lot more fans to inspire us. For example, against Eisenhower we were six points behind with about two minutes to play and we came back to win by three. The crowd really helped.” Gary Johnson (12) “I play basketball just because I like it. It’s a great all around sport which utilizes many different kinds of skills. But. believe it or not. the best part of basketball is running line laps!" Tom Sacre (11) "Basketball is a lot of fun for me to play. I feel I have some natural talent for it that I can further develop and improve. My most satisfying game was against Jefferson when we finally won after three minutes, but it was still an exciting game for me.” Hill Zcman (11) ‘‘Beep. Beep, Beep" "Chisholm's secret weapon." Anonymous Edina East 46 vs. Washburn 65 Edina East 56 vs. Wayzata 48 Edina East 54 vs. Ramsey 62 Edina East 60 vs. Richfield 77 Edina East 58 vs. Kennedy 43 Edina East 49 vs. Cooper 71 Edina East 43 vs. Minnetonka 57 Edina East 54 vs. Austin 77 Edina East 75 vs. Eisenhower 72 | Edina East 35 vs. Edina West 59 Edina East 75 vs. Jefferson 71 Edina East 69 vs. Lindbergh 78 Edina East 53 vs. Mound 46 Edina East 52 vs. Robbinsdale 68 Edina East 55 vs. Armstrong 671 Edina East 64 vs. St. Louis Park 711 Edina East 55 vs. Lincoln 65 J V.: front Row — Coach Hammerstein. D. Howard. G. Nellis. M. Bauknight. D. Flynn. P. O'Connor: Row 2 — R. Kulhman. P. Roberts, S. Gembacher. D. Logs-trom. T. Ugstrom, T. Smith: Hack Row G. Kaplan. T. Olson. M. Gregory. M. Burley, T. Chapman. 1 IP Girls’ Skiing Teams Look Forward To Next Year Girls' Varsity Downhill Skiing: Front Row P. Dissmeyer. K. Carpenter. K. Lamb, S. Fuller, Coach C. Robertson; Hack Row — I.. Aronson. J. McHolda. L. Btxwiler. B. Gaasedclen. N. Firth. Girls’ Skiing "I think the downhill ski team as a whole has improved. Everyone’s working towards winning and lettering because this year we are a varsity team while last year girl’s skiing was just intramural.” liorb (laasedelen (12). “The team is pretty good this year, and we have so many juniors that we should be really good next year.” Kim Carpenter (I I). “We never would have made it through the season if it hadn't been for Barb’s 10 pound boots." Nancy Firth (12). "At the beginning of the year we had a hard time getting anyone to coach the team, but we ended up with two great coaches. Cheryl Robertson and Sue Nelson.” Kathy Lamb( 11). “I had never done any Cross Country skiing before joining the team. By the end of a practice I was usually so wet because 1 would always fall down." Martha Erickson(9). "Trying to go out to breakfast” “Kicking the boys out of the girl's locker room” "Putting the wrong wax on our skis” .. “Betsy and all her food." CC Anonymous. Girls' Varsity Cross Country Skiing: Jayne Markun. Betsy Kuntz, Gina Bjcrken. Jayne Staler. Martha Erickson. Coach Mary Beth Cavort. 113In her floor exercise, Alison Keith seems to defy gravity as she performs a difficult stunt. Girls' Varsity Volleyball: Front Row — R. Olson. A. Larson. W. Norquist. P. Dissmeyer: Row 2 — P. Erck. D. Smith. M. Amble. K. Flom. A. Mertes, C. Coleman. L. Hanson. E. Chinn; Back Row — M. Stone. K. Richards, C. Mattson. S. Bjerkcn. S. Miller. A. Risvold. B. Berg. K. McKernan. Girls Gymnastics And Volleyball “The beam fascinates me most of all the apparatus. It gives the most satisfaction, because it has even more mental gymnastics involved than physical. When you’ve conquered your fear and you can stay on, you know you’ve accomplished something.” Mary Hildreth (11). “I enjoy competing with myself and against others; I like expressing myself gracefully and the satisfaction involved The people in gymnastics are so nice — it makes it all worth it.” Rosemarie Rauth (10). “Miss Erck always kept us psyched up and working for our games. She was a great coach to work with and everyone on the team put out 100 percent.” Marcy Amble (12, Captain). “We had a lot of personality conflicts between the team members this year, which I think really affected our playing. After a while, though, we straightened things out.” Karen McKernan (11). 114 As Beth Bern positions herself to Richfield. Debi Smith and Sue Miller receive the ball in a game against prepare to assist her.Girls’ Varsity Sports Have Spirited Second Year Girls' Varsity Gymnastics Front Row M. Plummer. P. .Johnson. J. Suttlc. W. Cohen. P. Kolars. M. Maley. R. Rauth. I). Kdel-man; Row 2 — C. Bccklev. M. Hildreth. J. Naas. J. Batzii. L. Landen. K. Field. D. Smania, J. Carlson; Rack Row — B. Anderson. A. Keith, M. Smith. S. Hanson, P. Alpers. J. Benz. C. Ford. M. Pumilia. T. Jordan. P. Campbell. While going through their routines, Jill Suttle and Kathy Field laugh at an uncalculated meeting on the beam. 115 The quick return of a blocked volleyball often slips by the defense of un enexpectant opponent.Girls “Love” Getting Into The Swim Of Things Girls’ Tennis and Swimming "1 joined swimming because it was something to do — something to keep me busy. The meets are really the best part of being on the team. You get a chance to meet swimmers from all the other schools.” Nancy Erickson (11) "Our worst meet was with Minnetonka. The water was freezing, so we couldn’t swim well and consequently our times weren’t up to normal. No one really did very well.” Cindy Lea (11) “From the try-outs to matches, to a bloating banquet, the tennis season has been quite an experience! Never before have I met so many fun-loving kids!! But when it came down to competition, each girl really gave it her all.” Debbie St urges (10) “This year our tennis team practiced every night to achieve second place position in the districts. With strong eighth graders coming up next year we should be able to go all the way.” Gina Hjerken (11) For Kathy Hagen, she who comes in first, gets the last lap. With a powerful backhand return. Sue Huff demonstrates her ability. 116 The girls’ tennis team vigorously jump at the prospect of another win.Girls' Varsity Tennis: Front Row — S. Hoyt, L. Olsen, Miss Stafford. B. Johnson, C. Schwartz. Row 2 — M. Rhodes. C. Wright, L. Aronson. K. Fee. D. Sturge . L. Olsen. Hack Row - G. Bjerkcn. S. Huff. I . After her event. Individual Medley, Ariedge, S. Mork, B. Briden, M. Mach, B. Mammel. Jan Larson takes a breather. Girls' Varsity Swimming: Front Row — K. Sweetland, N. Erickson. K. McNamara. K. Borgen, C. Lea, R. Velgersdyk. Row 2-C. Richards, K. Kool. C. Wentworth. M. Maley, L. Szarzynski. J. l reon. A. Keith, S. Hagen. P. Smith. K. Hagen. J. Moran, J. Benz. Mrs. (’avert. Miss Robertson. Hack Row R. Kool. J. Behning. R. Swift. K. Beckley. L. Landen. S. McGarvey. 117Skiers As Inconsistent As This Winter’s Weather Having been sent off by the starter just seconds before. Joe Larson realizes he will have to pace himself during the race. In preparation for his race. Tim McNamara applies wax with the aid of a torch. Skiing "I am still wondering about having the girls on Varsity Skiing. We have practiced with them and one day. the same girl skied the course the wrong way five times in a row. Do you wonder too?” Scott Sundet (12). “Cross-Country skiing is so different from downhill that many people do not seem to think of it as skiing. You have to use your entire body to move you to get anywhere. There are no hills to help you gain speed. All the speed you get is what the skier gives ."John Bing (11). “The jumping team this year has been pretty successful. In order to be a stronger team next year though, we need more jumpers. Anyone who can walk, can jump, and is welcome to join us." Brad Warner (11). “It is easy to stay in shape for Cross-Country skiing because the exercise is enjoyable. You have to work pretty hard but it pays off when the meet comes!” Tim McNamara (11). “The meets that seem the most important are those with the schools about the same ability as ourselves. The one against Edina-West has got to have been the best yet. We worked really hard — and we won!" Tom Olson (12). 118 All eyes are on senior ski jumper Greg Bomsta. as he sails through the air at Theodore VV’irth. his arms extended in perfect form.Varsity: Front Row — H. Katkov. D. Stoutenborg, T. Pearson. M. Hanson. A. Holtum; Row 2 — P. Holland. D. Aimers. B. Hodges. D. Dorn, G. Bomsta. J. Huff; Back Row B. Olson, S. Sundet. D. Carlson. J. Forseth, J. Larson. T. McNamara. J. Bing. Senior Scott Sundet demonstrates the technique that won him third place in the State Meet. 119 Junior John Bing receives some helpful last-minute advice from a teammate as he prepares to begin the race.East Gymnasts Limited By Lack Of Experience Boys’ Gymnastics “You're always more nervous when there are a lot of people at the meets watching you. But we always seem to do better if they really cheer.” .Scoff Ron-nei (10). “With a brother-in-law who was the captain of the University of Minnesota team and a brother who was the captain of the Edina-East team, I guess I was kinda destined to become a gymnast. We practice about two hours every weekday and another couple on Saturdays, but it’s all worth it when you can perform well in a meet.” Barry Roche (11). "Gymnastics is different from any other sport and I guess that's why I joined the team. You can always get a bunch of guys together to play a game of football or hockey, but it takes something more to have a gymnastics meet.” Dan Beegle (12). “Gymnastics is a sport where no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement.” Curt Shannon (12, co-captain). “Who wants to hit Bridgemans?” Anonymous Long hours of practice are a necessity to Ren llrose as he executes a perfect dismount to complete his strenuous routine on the rings. Varsity: Back Bow — J. Harman. K. Brose, B. Roche. S. Fry km an, C. Shannon. S. Ronne, S. Fetzek. D. Beegle. J. Peters. D. Lewis. S. Frich; Row 2 - T. McDonald. S. Soltau, J. VanValkenburg. K. Pendergast, B. Farnham. D. Sams, J. Gammello; Front Row - Coach Petri, S. MacNamara. I?0Senior Dan Bregie displays an artistic talent on the sidehorse as he at- Coach Petri discusses strategy with his gymnasts tempts to gain precious points in this meet against Lincoln. at a practice prior to an important meet. Edina East 62 vs. Kennedy 96 Edina East 62 vs. Richfield 93 Edina East 81 vs. Edina West 100 Edina East 60 vs. Eisenhower 83 Edina East 74 vs. Jefferson 100 Edina East 71 vs. Coon Rapids 99 Edina East 63 vs. Lindbergh 53 Edina East 75 vs. Armstrong 140 Edina East 73 vs. Lincoln 132 Edina East 73 vs. St. Louis Park 132 Edina East 62 vs. Robbinsdale 101 Edina East 71 vs. Cooper 141 l?l .Junior Barry Hoche applies tape to his fingers as he knows it plays an important role in his high bar routine.Undefeated Hornet Harriers Return To State The cross country team loosens up ar.d discusses strategy among Mr. Jensen doesn’t want to miss a thing so he uses bin- • themselves before a triangular meet at the Lake Nokomis course. oculars to watch the far end of the course. Cross Country "Running is not the only part of being on the team. In my opinion the best aspect is being together with the rest of the guys and working as a team.” Ben Porter (12) “Our best meet had to be the one with Armstrong at Lake Nokomis. They were the one team we had to beat to get into the Districts. Running around the lake and seeing the scenery is the best thing about Cross Country.” John Bing (ID "How’s Red Owl doing these days?" Anonymous "Mr. Hendrickson is really an excellent coach. He’s been around for a while, so he knows what to do. He knows what kind of practice we need and how to get us psyched up for a meet.” Bill Loomis (ID “Captain’s practices help us get in shape for the season. We started in the end of June, so we were ready for fall meets. I think the team did better this year because all the guys have improved from last year." Scott Sundet (12, Co-Captain) From Row — J. Bing, B. Porter. S.-Chalker. S. Hanson. R. Dorsey, S. Sundet; Row 2 — B. Ixwmis. J. Orcnstein. S. Gethin, T. McNamara. T. Savre; Rack Row M. Peterson. T. Keman, J. Stasney. L. ('erf, A. Holten. B. Leslie.Senior Rick Dorsey puffs down the homestretch with 3 miles to his credit, but some fans don’t seem to notice. Edina East 20 vs. Edina West 41 Edina East 15 vs. Robinsdale 45 Edina East 22 vs. Jefferson 34 Edina East 23 vs. Lincoln 32 Edina East 17 vs. Wayzata 40 Edina East 20 vs. Cooper 42 Edina East 19 vs. Highland Park 37 Edina East 15 vs. St. Louis Park 47 Edina East 16 vs. Minnetonka 42 Edina East 19 vs. Eisenhower 42 Edina East 15 vs. Kennedy 48 Edina East 19 vs. Armstrong 36 Edina East 18 vs. Lindbergh 45 Edina East 15 vs. Mound 50 Edina East 16 vs. Richfield 47 w The looks on the faces of Ben Porter, Scott Hanson and Cary Johnson show what it’s all about.J. V.: Front Row S. Johnson. G. Manthcy. C. VoUtad, D. Swanson; Row 2 C. Sorenson. J. Jacobson, H. Babb. S. Olson. J. Norgren; Back Row -Coach Szendry, D. Sams, T. Barke, G. Kittelson, B. Johnson. Concentration and determination involved in Walter Kunz’s effort is clearly visible in his face. Edina East 51 vs. Washburn 32 Edina East 53 vs. Wayzata 30 Edina East 41 vs. Lindbergh 42 Edina East 39 vs. St. Louis Park 44 Edina East 76 vs. Jefferson 55 Edina East 53 vs. Lincoln 30 Edina East 26 vs. Edina West 59 Edina East 66 vs. Robbinsdale 106 Edina East 21 vs. Eisenhower 62 Edina East 74 vs. Kennedy 98 Edina East 33 vs. Minnetonka 50 Edina East 63 vs. Armstrong 109 124 Everyone looks on as the all-important 100 butterfly gets underway in this meet against St. Louis Park.Break Even Season Due to Fan Shortage Swimming Under the watchful eyes of his teammates and coach, junior Dan Murphy completes a perfect dive during practice. "Knowing you are working yourself as hard as you can, winning so you know your work payed off. and the satisfaction of having a good time make swimming worth it ."Joe Bradenburg (II) “Being a diver, I would say that continuous repetition of dives and constant criticism by our coach really gets us into shape.” Bat Costello (II) “The team has improved from last year — everyone has worked harder, added depth, and most everyone has gained self-confidence.” Bill Behning (10) "We have a better record this year, a more balanced team, and the water isn’t as scummy.” Steve Sherry (11) “Our best meet was with Lincoln because we were super psyched and we all pulled together as a team.” Gary Lomauro (ID "Mr. Downey is the finest coach in the state. He makes us give 110', at every practice and every meet. Without such a good coach, we would have no team at all.” John Lonsbury (II) "The best part about being on the team is the showers.” Joe Gazebo (9) “Flybait” “Stout state” ... “bath tub swim” "Joe Gazebo” ... “Cruise control” “Logs” “Ex- ergene” .. “Check” ... “Gumbv.” Anonymous Varsity: Front Row — M. Ronald. D. Murphy, L. Cerf, C. Grimbsly, P. Costello, C . Jacobsen. Head Coach A. Downey; Row 2 — K. McKeman. M. Hagen. A. Keith. S. Brucciani, T. Krickson. M. Stewart; Row 3 G. Yaeger. V. Kunz, B. Behning, S. Shepard. P. Keel. G. Lamuu-ro; Rack Row — R. 1 lighten. F. Bennett. M. Downey. J. Brandenburg. S. Sherry. J. l-onsberry. I?S 127They’re Not Getting Older,They’re Getting Better! Everett Anderson Eng. Lit ! und II, Novels before College — Gustavus Adolphus and U of Wisconsin Senior Class Advisor. Mary Anderson — Special Ed. — U of Minn. Skiis. Duane Baglien Dean of Students — U of Minn., St. Thomas Academy Golfs and fishes. Barbara Bauman — Concert Choir Pacific Lutheran. U of Minn. Jazz Singer Advisor, Spring Musical Comedy. Thomas Beaver Art I and II — St. Olaf. U of Minn. — Varsity Golf Coach. Ray Bechtle — Director of Educational Development and Kesources. William Bieanich Distributive Education Coordinator — U. of Minn. Advisor of DECA Club. Roger Boerger Bookkeeping I and 11. Office Education Coordinator — St. Cloud State, U of Minn. Rodney Brannon - Coordinator of Vocational Education. Jack Brown — Director and Clerk of Edina Board of Education. Richard Busch Reading Center - Macalastcr College. Otto Byhre — Assistant Clerk of Edina School Board. Marcia Carthaus Coordinator of Special Education — Tufts U., U of Boston Advisor of special children. Mary Beth ('avert -Camping class — St. Olaf College Girls' Cross Country. Track, and Swimming Coach. James Chapman Administrative Assistant for Planning and Operations Analysis. Howard Christenson — American Studies U of Wisconsin ABC and PTA Board. Diane Clare Notetaking. Shorthand. Typing II, Intro to French — Mankato State College — Advisor of "Clare’s Clan". Thomas Clark — Latin III and IV, Hum. I U of Minn. Latin Club Advisor. Mary Conover — Creative Dramatics. Cinena Arts U of Minn. — Special Play Dir. Ursula Costello — Composition, Short Stories, Shakespeare Winona State College - Travels. Treffle Daniels — Librarian — U of Minn, at Duluth. U of Minn. Cathy Dye Physical Education — U of Minn. — Girls’ Football Coach. Badminton. Track. John Ehlert — Biology — U of Minn., Harvard — Chess Club Advisor. Robert Elledge - Stinger, Concert. Varsity Band — University of Iowa. l?8Lois Engle — School Nurse — Li of Minn. Paey Erck — Health and Phy. Ed. — LaCrosse State U. Augsburg College — Advisor of cheerleading. Coach of girls' volleyball and softball. Thorwald Esbcnsen — Assistant Superintendent. Teaching and Student Services — U. of Minn. Frank Fischer Political Economic History — St. John's U., St. Thomas Varsity Football Coach. Sonia Fogelmon — Intro to Hum. and Hum. I, Comp. — Brooklyn College, U of Minn. Del-mar Fredrickson — Political Diplomatic History, Area leader — U of Minn. — Student Council Advisor. Lavonne Fredrickson — American History Augustana College Skiis. Ed Gavin — Social Political History. Advanced Placement History St. Thomas College. Richard Goldenstein — Biology. Human Physiology — St. Cloud State, Colorado Kansas State Colleges Hunts. Phyllis Graebner Junior Counselor Valparaisa U., Ted Greer — Algebra II, Intro to Algebra II • U Of Mich. — Coach of Varsity and Intramural Tennis. Marvin Griffin — Elementary Concepts in Chemistry, Alternative Studies — U of Wisconsin — Table Tennis Advisor. Sandra Grigg — Communications, Debate, Cinena Arts St. Cloud State — Debate Coach. Edith Grissinger — Typing I, Office Practice — North Dakota College — Red Cross Advisor. Robert Haddorff — Algebra. Geometry — Gustavus Adolphus College — Coaches Junior Varsity Football. Baseball, Basketball. Trying to get a point across about Jewelry Design, Mr. McCarthy demonstrates to Leigh Bailey. l ?9Teachers Have Fun In O.P.T. Hut With Students Barnard Hall Political Social, Political Diplomatic History Macalastcr College. U of Oregon — Varsity Ski Coach, •Junior Class Advisor. Elmer Halverson Biology — St. Olaf College — Head Wrestling Coach. Barbara Hare — Algebra. Greek Way. Biography, Composition — U of Wisconsin. Richard Hartman — Plane Solid Geometry. Computor, College Algebra Trigonometry — U of Minn., U of Illinois. Michael Herzig World History, Grammar and Composition, African Assian Studies — St. Cloud State — Debate, Speech. George Hite — Assistant Clerk. Shirley Hoaglund — Spanish I — U of Minn. Do » volunteer work in hospital. Dr. John Hoyt. Jr. — Chairman of the Board of Education — Syracuse U., George Washington U., American Harvard Universities — Produces state-wide television program. Vernon Jensen — English Lit. I. Humanities I and II. Composition — Hamline U., U of Calif. Bruce Johnson — Chemistry, Algebra II. Refresher Math — U of Minn. Don Johnson — Instructional Consultant. Larry Johnson — Plane Solid Geometry, Modern Geometry, Algebra II. Probability Statistics, — Mankato State — Varsity Track Coach. Marjorie Jerpbak Composition. Remedial Math — St. Olaf College. William Jepson — Astronomy — Superior State Teachers College. Wise. State U. — Photography and Traveling. Kent Jones — Mass Media, Journalism, Cin. Arts — Whitworth College. Mankato State Buz-zette Advisor. Bill Jordan — Senior Counselor — U of Minn. — Camping, Skiing. Robert Ktimpkc — Architectural and Engineering Drawing. Graphic Arts Stout State U — Refinishes articles. Ronald Kosteliz — Physical Education — Eastern Michigan U. — Assistant Football and Track Coach. Richard Kuehn — Physics, Electronics — U of Minn., St. Cloud State — Intramural Football and Basketball. Robert Lake — Varsity Band — Drake U. — Professional Clarinet and Sax. Judy Layzell Popular Novels — U of Minn. — Homette Advisor. 130Mr. Gavin gets inside information from Janny Scholl's pet sheep dog, Maggie. Martha Leistikow language Studies. Vocabulary, Popular Novels Speech Advisor. Leo Lenczeuski — I-atin I and II, Introduction to Spanish U of Michigan Skiing. Richard Lura — Audio-Visual Coordinator Luther College. Deter Leuty Economics. Sociology, Aerospace — St. Cloud State. Dr. Ralph Lieber Superintendent of Schools U of Indiana. Northwestern U. l)r Maurice L. l.indblom — Vice-Chairman of the Board of Education. Dale Mackcreth — General Wood. Advanced Wood St. Cloud State College — Stage Set Construction Advisor. Harry Martin - French I. II. and III. Area Leader Carelton College. U of Oregon — French Club Advisor. Dan Marsh American Studies. Sociology. Economics — Uof Minn. Hunts and Fishes. Elizabeth May — Librarian — U of Wisconsin. U of Minn. — Gardens. Lowell McCarthy — Studio Art III, Art Appreciation, Jewelry Design — Hamline U., Macalaster College. U of the Americas. Mexico City. Mark McCartan — Associate Dean for Career Guidance — U of Northern Iowa. 131Howard Merriman — Athletic Services Administrator. Donald Meyer — Ecology — U of Minn.. College of Forestry Photography and Wood Working. Susanne Mills — Introduction to Foods. Food Specialties, Home Crafts and Interiors Eastern Michigan U. — Home Economics Club. Darwin Missling — Music Appreciation. Music Theory, Girls Chorus — Mankato State College. Indiana U. Directs Church Choir. Linda Mona — Foods and Consumer in Today's World, Area Leader — U of Minn. Karen Natwick — Algebra II. Plane Solid Geo., Institute Geometry — Western Michigan U, Winona State. Armi Nelson Assistant for Public Information — U of Minn. — v"earbk Teacher. Barbara Nolle — German I and Intro to German — U of Illinois. Middlebury College. Scott Norstad — Biology — U of Minn., St. Cloud State — Head Baseball Coach. Ron O'Brien — Consumer Law, Marketing Systems. Typing I Mankato State College Whigrean Advisor — Swims and Skiis. .4 Ogren Instructional Consultant. Peer Tutoring. Dean Olson — Orchestra — U of Northern Iowa, Mankato State College Performs with Professional Music Group. Teresa O'Neil — Communications Lab. American Lit. I and II — College of St. Catherine — Sewing. Charles Petry — Industrial Arts, Medals. Physical Education — St. Cloud State College — Gymnastic Coach. Donald Pryor — Assistant Superintendent for Business Services. Richard Reichow — Trade and Industrial Education — U of Minn. Trade and Industrial Club. Dr. Robert Retherford — School Psychologist. Dr. Gordon Rholl — Director of Secondary Education — St. Cloud State, U of North Dakota. Donald Sallen — Sophomore Counselor — Augsbury College. U of Minn. — Camping. David Sanville — Psychology, American Studies — U of Minn., St. Cloud State. Robert Savre — Calculus, College Algebra. Trig.. — U of Minn. — Varsity Basketball Coach. Football Coach. Elizabeth Schmitz — French I. II, and III. Intro to French — Avila College. U of Colorado — French Voyageurs. Joan Schulz — Creative Writing. Composition, — Hamline U. — Images Advisor. 132Teachers’ Involvement Increases Popularity Mr. Olson and daughter, Linda, help the orchestra decide when and where to go for breakfast. Mary Sickman Intro to Foods, Clothing I and II, Family Living, Child Development — U of Minn. George Sktuzacek — Assistant Campus Principal for Operations St. Thwnns College Enjoys Woodworking. Hay Smyth — Edina East Campus Principal. Senate Stefan — French I. II. and III Stoatscxamen. Lazio Szendrey — German II, III, and IV — U of Budapest. U of Minn. — Soccer Coach. Ass't coach for swimming and tennis. Russell Thiem — Acting and Stagecraft. Advanced Acting. Communications — U of Minn. — Edina Players Advisor. Gretchen Usher — Chemistry, Advanced Foods - U of Wise, and Calif. Dr. Lester Wanningcr, .Jr. — Treasurer of the Edina School Board. Maria Wilbright — Spanish II. Ill, IV — U of Puerto Rico, U of Minn. — Spanish Club Advisor. Fred Winter Assistant Treasurer for the Board of Education. Marie Wyatt Assistant to the Campus Principal for Instruction — U of Illinois, U of Minn. Donald Zins Plane Solid Geometry, Consumer Math. Trig. —St. John’s U.. St. Cloud State — Junior Varsity Hockey. kori- riooo i 5 +■ 'VKxi yo«. cvr€ ask T Ccmn ' cyv.xQ. 14" c.vn.V . Thcxrxx Co «-v3 . 34 VOciS inkttS+lflj 4x .lk.i«vj yec . Copi«.vi £ 2rV v'«- your trsob'f 7 v» To. 133English Lit Classes View “American Graffiti” English In their Acting and Stagecraft class, Al Siverls and Kathy Cramer exhibit. thesbian talents while acting out a practice play. “Some of the stories in American Literature are so hard to understand, especially the ones by the Puritans. The language used is so complex and the sentences are in such a different order. The reading wasn't really what I expected.” Sue Johns (11) “When you leave Mr. Anderson’s English Lit. class you just can't help feeling better than when you walked in.” Scott Me Garvey (12) “Your assignment for tonight is to memorize the dictionary, class.” Mrs. Martha Leistikow (faculty) “Language study and Vocabulary is a beneficial experience in learning because it teaches you the right words to say when you want to meet that one special guy.” Debbie Nooleen (12) “Even though writing a term paper seems tedious at the time you’re working on it, you really do leam alot about your topic. You wouldn’t believe how much I learned about crows!” Kay O'Connell (10) While taking classes to view a movie, Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Layzell compare notes at the Skyway theatre. 13 iLanguage Classes Learn By Acting Out Plays Eloise Bryan and Kevin Richards act out a play in French. Mr. Szendrey helps Ann Doepke and Lisa lVV66with their German II. Language “It is easy to get a good grade in German from Mr. Szendry. All you have to do is go to all of the soccer games and you will get extra points.” Sue Student (11) “The independent study system in Latin is good because it gives you the time to work on your own. and it also gives you time to goof around when you want to.” Doug McCampbell (11) “People refer to Latin as a dead language, but I think they are mistaken. It’s really very much alive. It provides a good cultural background and I’ve enjoyed studying some of the philosophy of the Roman politicians like Cicero. They seem to know what they are talking about.” Mary Ellen Ward (12) “You’re not embarrassed when you goof it in French, because nobody else realizes you’ve blown it!” Anonymous (10) “The real reason I took Spanish was to be able to get into the college of my choice.” Sue Stoner (12) While performing a skit in their Spanish class, customers Ann Barry and Nancy Nugent give their food order to the waitress, Mary Hildreth, during the restaurant scene. 135History Students Reinact The Realism Of The 1800’s Social Studies “Taking Advanced Placement History was a real challenge. It involved a lot of hard work and research outside of class. I don’t know how many Saturdays I spent doing work at the library! But it was worth all the work because the class was a riot, and Mr. Gavin was a really good teacher.” Jenny Hjelle (11) “It is hard to compare 11th grade History with 12th grade American Studies because the courses are so different. The background from History last year has helped me get the basics of economics and sociology we’re studying this year." Cindy Kennedy (12) “I really enjoyed History this year with Mr. Hall — he made History really fun and interesting. For one of the projects, we redid the presidential election of 1860. It was a very different experience because I’d never done anything like that before in a class.” Dawn Fitzgerald (11) “No one knows what goes on during 2nd hour in the back right hand comer of room 315. We are just fun-lovin’ seniors!” Anonymous (12) “Try again Mr. Sanville, the name is Barb. B-A-R-B!” Anonymous (12) Mary Ileim presides over their history classes 1800 convention and also discusses an issue given to her by a state senator. A Massachussett's congressman speaks Becky Baird and Lisa Masterson question Mr. Hall about an article to Virginia’s Congressmen during the which will enter the latest newpaper for the 1800 election. convention.Aerospace Gets High Approval From Students Mr. Norstad lectures to his biology class for an hour, while they all Jim Weidt does some experimenting with resistance listen attentively and record accurate notes. and electricity in his science class. Science “I like Biology’ because most of it is about nature and animals. We go through some pretty interesting subjects in Mr. Halvorson’s class. It’s a fun class — Mr. Halvorson’s always making jokes.” Molly Roche(10) ‘‘Chemistry is undoubtly the most intriguing subject on my curriculum. Futhermore, the subject truely fascinates me.” Griff Heidkamp (11) “The only exciting thing that has happened in Physics was when we were experimenting with plasmic reaction, and it exploded and glass went flying all over.” Jeff Kenyon (12) “I took Ecology because I thought it would be a change from the regular classes. Mr. Meyer is really a good teacher, and he makes the class fun and different with slides, movies, and field trips.” Kathy Van Brocklin (11) "Mr. Goldenstein’s Biology class is the only class you can jump rope with an intestine and listen to his stories and jokes about Norwegians at the same time.” Mike Mastor (10) 137 Carol Britton and Mike Friedrichs help one another find interesting specimens in their pond water.When You Add It All Up, Math “In Math it seems the more that you learn, the faster you learn.” Brad Biasing (12) “It’s good that they have easier math classes for people who find math hard.” Linda Aronson (11) "Math would be more interesting if more applications to everyday life were made.” Debbie Ellingson (12) “The hardest part of math has to be writing excuses to get out of it.” Hal Heyer (12) "Being able to use your textbook on tests is a good idea. It gives you confidence.” Terry Kraker{ 11) “In math sometimes you have to live up to the fact that you're wrong, even though you can prove it right!” Sue Hanson (12) “Homework is hard because you must work alone. Mr. Savre’s tests are like nothing I’ve ever seen before!” Raleigh Humphries (12) "Many times during the middle of a chapter I find myself totally lost, but by the time the test comes around I understand it.” Kendal Johnson (10) Larry Hauskins and Andy Keith seem to be working hard at learning their Algebra II problems inside-out. 138 Math Can Be Fun Larry Johnson uses sign language to ex plain a geometric principle. Mr. Hartman appears to be caged in by his Algebra and Trigonometry.Music ... A Note Of Happiness In Every Day Band member, Doug White, has apparently lost his embouchere and is amazed as he tries to play a piece of music for the orchestra. Music “Band is fun because you get to meet so many people and really know them, even the ninth graders.” Robin Swenson (11) “I think that music is the most worthwhile class that is offered for me. 1 get the satisfaction of knowing 1 can do something really beautiful without writing an essay about it." Jon j Williamson (11) “I get something extra from choir that I don’t get from other classes. There's the satisfaction of a job well done and of knowing that you are doing your best and sounding really great." St aria Walburg (12) “Getting us inspired is one of Mr. Missling's main points. He works with us on everything; he is always trying to arouse our interests on those tired days.” Janet Anderson (10) “By singing I get to do something I really like; also I get to make many friends, because singing really brings us together.” Janet Schwartz (12) “It’s not like a typical class. When we sing our songs, we try to feel what that song is trying to say. It’s really exciting.” Jill Frietas (11) “I’d go crazy if I didn’t have a class where I could release all my tensions.” Mary Hildreth (11) Taking over the class, Jim Peterson directs and unites the choir’s Robert Lake instructs a student during an aftervoices during a rehearsal for an upcoming program. noon marching band practice on the field. 139Gas Shortage Disrupts Physical Education Classes Dave Risvold demonstrates perfect form and follow through after Darin Smania strains from touching the net throwing the 10th frame during his bowling class. while the opposition gets ready to return. Physical Education “1 have gym first hour and I am an aide during second hour. Although I miss the mid-morning break and eating, it is fun and well worth that time of talking I miss.” KrisStorlie(U) “The activities in gym are really good but I do not think it should be a required course.” Doug Freeman (10) “Being an aide for eighth grade Phys-Ed classes is fun and a good break in the day. 1 take out equipment and set up things to get the class going. Once in a while I grade the students or assist the teacher with her duties." Carla Pumilia (12) “Gym class this year is so much of an improvement over last year — not only because it is Co-Ed but also because there are so many more activities to choose from. The change is great!” Stephanie George (10) “I think it was a great idea when they decided we could bus to different places for Phys-Ed activities. It is fun and getting away from school for an hour is swell too.” Kathy Flom (11) “I’ve played volleyball a long time and never have I seen a player as good as Mrs. Cavert!” Anonymous Miss Dye aids Kathy Flom in the technique of doing a dig, while the rest of the class does various other volleyball activities. 140 ■■Home Ec. Class Prepares Thanksgiving Dinner Gathered around the stove, the boys in foods class surround Matt Ikola to leam the methods that are used in boiling water. Home Economics and Industrial Arts “I really enjoy being a Home-Ec aide for Mrs. Mills. She always treats me like a friend, not just like another student.” Martha Sieff(ll) “Food we prepare is pretty bad — but we always eat it!” Pete Heiam (12) "I don’t quite understand why we spent a day preparing a can of spaghetti in Advanced Food Experiences.” Sue Sanders (12) “I’m in Advanced Wood Shop and in the class I am required to construct a piece of furniture. I choose to make a head board for a bed. It is a very difficult project but quite a challenge. We have an entire quarter to finish it and I’m sure it will keep me busy enough.” Mike Otto (12) “The Advanced Metals class that our school offers is good because in it you learn how the equipment in the shop works. We also learn mass production techniques.” Jim Anderson (12) Diane Westerberg and Corrie Skagerberg are on needles and pins as they are toiling hard on their projects for sewing class. Mr. Petry points out some important facts about an instrument for metal shop. uiArt Classes Give Students A Chance To Be Creative Art and Business “Mr. Beaver doesn’t really act the way he does to inspire us — I think he’s naturally “unusual.” Does everyone sing in the halls, dance the tango solo, and carry a Snoopy lunch box?” Mara Eglite (10) “I took art so I would have some knowledge of the subject, and so it could benefit me in different forms of life. I usually get ideas for my work from people, things, and life in general.” Norman Harrington (11) “Shorthand requires discipline and time, two things which I don’t always have, but it’s worth it in the long run.” Cora Sauers (11) “Shorthand is just like learning a language. It interests me so much that I don’t mind devoting a lot of time on memorizing and practicing it.” Mary Antonson (12) “Notetaking really should be a required course!” Nancy Cullen (12) “I used to take notes at about 40 words per minute, but I can now take them at 120 words per minute.” Steve Sherman (12) “From the first day I started to learn shorthand, I used it in taking notes, and I’ve found that it really is a timesaver! I’m glad I took the course and recommend it to others.” Patti Hayes (12) Typing 1 class waits for the next timed exercise which will figure the typing rate of each student. Judy Fesenmaier busys herself with a studio art sculpturing project while chomping on bubblegum. Mr. Beaver and Ann Freeman work together on designing a unique chipped rock sculpture. 14?Counselors Aid Senior Students With College Plans Mr. Jordan takes time out from his busy schedule to help Vicki Working to keep our school clean, the janitor thor-Ahl with a tough homework assignment. oughly sweeps the hall of its daily use. 143 Cleaning up after the three lunches of weiner on bun, the cooks prepare for the next day’s meal of goulash. Between a maze of tables and chairs, a janitor cleans up leftovers on the lunchroom floor from a day’s meal.East Library Enhances XV Library “We would like to think that some educational things have been happening here in the library’ in addition to all of the students educating each other through: sport quizzes, seminars on who did what last night, public reading of the latest joke book, naps in the study carrels and capers in the conference rooms. Actually, our book circulation: that is. curriculum oriented is up this year. The students are still studying — we keep saying.” Mrs. Elizabeth May, Librarian ‘‘I enjoy using the library because it is the only place in our big school where you can study peacefully. All the librarians are fabulous also.” Jeff Holker (12) “I have been a library aide since seventh grade. In all these years I have shelved books, helped students, taken care of mail, worked in the card catalog and checked out books. It is a lot of work to be an aide but it’s also fun.” Jenny Olson (10) Hard Work And Play Librarian Elizabeth May assists three students in checking out their books. Apparently lost in his reading, Treffle Danials sits comfortably at his own desk in the upper division library. (Joing to all extremes, Mrs. May tries to capture a student without a pass. 144School Board Faces Problem Of Energy Crisis Mr. Baglien, Dean of Students, demon strates how tough he really can be. Administration, PTA, School Board Virginia Hult works hard as a secretary in the main office. "My job as assistant to the Campus principal for Instruction is quite a difficult job. I try to help improve most students’ learning experiences through improvement of the instruction and of the curricular program. We try to make you happy.” Marie Wyatt “This is the first year we have had one PTA president on the East side because the Lower and Upper divisions have merged. It is much more efficient this way. Really though, it is those people who help that make things run smooth and never before have I seen a group of finer people than those on our PTA board.” Mr. Jim Curry, PTA President of Normandale Campus. "All I can say is being the Dean Of Students is quite a job.” Mr. Duane Bag-lien, Dean of Students "All students have problems and many of them come to me for help. I try to work with them to find out the right solutions to their problems. It usually isn’t so bad, but I sometimes get some real tough ones — that’s when I really work!” Mr. Jordan, Counselor PTA: Front Row — C. Deckas, M. Etzwiler, H. Hoyt, J. Curry, V. Larson, N. Pennington. Bock Row — R. Smyth, H. Lyman, H. Christenson, J. Sundberg, C. Kuntz, M. Ziessler. C. Schroeder. 145 v .y .y v.v. IvXv XvXv -mm®147Numerous Parties Bring Closeness To Whigrean Taking time out from the demanding work on Whigrean are the Editors Nancy Stoner and Sue Penner. Kathy Lamb and Sue Pehrson take part in homecoming festivi ties by selling balloons at the football game. Whigrean Editors: Front Row — J. Schall, B. Johnson. Row Two — B. Nelson, M. McClynn, J. Dec ken bach. Hack Row S. Student, S. Stoner, D. Nooleen. K. Baker, S. Pehrson. Missing J. Holker. K. Lamb. Molly McGlynn was supposedly sleeping on the couch as the camera snuck up and attracted the rest of the staff.Whigrean Asst.s: Front Row — K. O’Connell. G. Sedoff, M. Denker, J. Hjelle. Row Tu o — M. Sieff. K. Johnson. Row Three — K. Dcgeberg, M. Ward. M. Jones. Back Row — M. Svinchych. S. Bjerken. Missing — C. Heegaard, B. Wray. Barb Nelson and Sue Penner find that selling fresh donuts to the student body really rakes in the dough. After demolishing a table full of food, the Whigrean staff lines up to check out the latest pictures as someone sneaks another cookie. Whigrean “I will never forget the first deadline when Underclass section had 22 pages due. We spent a total of 55 hours working over the whole weekend. By Monday morning when we went to Perkin’s for breakfast we were so tired that everyone probably thought we were drunk.” Kathy Lamb (11) “Deadlines, potlucks, book sales, balloons, parties, wee hours, patrons, donut sales, records, quotes, breakfasts, pictures, staffers, Whigrean Whispers, and eating — all make Whigrean what it is.” Betsy Wray (11) “Where’s the camera?!” ... “Who’s house will the tornado hit next?” ... “You mean the photographer is waiting for us? That’s a change!!” ... “Sor.v, Molly, but we can’t use your picture on every spread." “Jenny, your jokes are just too much!” ... “Bring in those patrons, kiddies!” Anonymous 149Images On The Wind Aims To Gain Literary Awards Images on the Wind: Front Row — K. Rouncr, D. Sturges, K. Palmer, L. Schaffhausen, S. Adams. M. Fuller, P. Windahl, Row Two — Mrs. Schulz adv., J. Brown editor, S. Schamuhn, S. Potterton, N. Lindborg, M. Mariner. Back Row — K. Kolars, M. Maney, M. Cagle, S. Oelschla-gcr, T. Moore. Missing — D. Logstrom. J. Fried, B. Hall. 150 Images attended meetings at the University where they claimed awards, went shopping, and sat in the sun like these four Image members.Images editor Judy Brown presides over a typical Tuesday meeting. Images "Images on the Wind is a reflection of the mode of thought existing within the student body.” Kim Palmer (12) "The closer Imagers are as friends, the better we work as staffers.” Judy Brown (12) “Images is an opportunity to get together and share ideas." Sue Potterton (ID “A successful carwash gave us our first financial boost setting us on our way to a fantastic subscription drive!” Kathy Kolars (12) “The only way to avoid the early morning post-Perkins indigestion is to order 9.” Terri Moore (12) “I had a gas working at the carwash; I go to walk all around in my bikini!” Kristin Roun°r(12) “Images is a really great group of people. Everyone has pretty much of the same interests and that must be why we are such a close group and also that is why we all have such a fantastic time together when we are working.” Sally Oelschlager (10) “Banana yellow t-shirts invade Dinkytown.” ... “Missy eats a couple of pizzas, oink, oink.” ... "Party hats, sunglasses, and tootsie rolls.” ... “Deb’s egg omelets.” ... "Barbie’s exotic rice krispie treats.” ... "We love you Mr. Jenson!” . . “Images pepfest with Mrs. Schulz cheerleading?!” ... "Images on the Wind ... stomp'."Anonymous Each staff member expresses their idea as to how to promote their literary Preceding the homecoming game, the Images art magazine sales which hit a record this year. staffers help psyche up the crowd. 151The new couch in the Buzzette room work while there is a pause in the provides Missy Stone with a comfort- busy activities of the day. able place to relax and do her home- Buzzette “I hate interviews! One time I had to do an interview with Mr. Smyth. It lasted about twenty minutes, and it was all on tape. Afterwards when I was going to listen to the tape, I found out it hadn’t worked, and it had to be done all over again! It was total embarrassment!” Monica Peddie (11) “On one hand, the Buzzette staff is the most exciting debonaire group of people; to the other extreme, the staff has got to be the most boring collection of imps anyone ever met. But in reality, we are somewhere in between.” Peter Jenks (11) “Because of the good journalistic experience, I joined Buzzette. It’s also a helpful thing to have on your record for college. The people on the staff are great, everyone gets along, and we always have parties on Friday.” Mark Brauer (11) “I have met a lot of people and learned more about writing while on the staff. Being on the Buzzette staff helps you develop technique for many different kinds of assignments.” Joe Van Oss (11) "The one problem staffers sometimes have is getting over being afraid of going out and interviewing people. They think that people don’t want to talk to them, but as soon as they find out that people really do like to be interviewed and they are flattered, there’s no problem.” Nancy Dunne (12) Laboring over one of her many freehand drawings is Jill Hanson, the returning artist for the Buzzette. Mark Daum takes time out from his many artistic duties and tries his hand at typing up an article. 15?New Columns And Artwork Add Spice To Buzzette Buzzette: Front Row — C. Mom, L. D len, S. Ward, P. Jenka, J. Van Om, K. Jones. Row Two — C. Robertson, D. Brown, M. Peddie, M. Putman, M. Brauer, L. Cerf, M. Warner, J. Larson. Back Row — S. Hoyt, N. Dunne, K. Ladner, D. Smith, M. Stone, M. Daum, C. Godfrey, G. Miller. In order to meet the deadline, editor Nancy Dunne helps the features editor Sally Hoyt choose pictures. Staffers Curt Godfrey, Larry Palmehn and Mike Putman point out to Joe Van Oss an article in a Buzzette. 153Short Skirts, High Kicks Ignite School Spirit Nicole Gillet, Sue Harmon, Andrea talk over the coming dance at St. Homettes Johndreau, and Kathy Robertson Olaf with band major Steve Curry. “You’d think that we’d all be so sick of each other after practicing every day, but really I don’t know of 20 closer friends.” Debbie Seeber (12) "Nobody likes to do solos when their boyfriends come by, but when a cute guy comes by, it’s a big fight for who gets to do it.” Ann Kelly (12) “Band Camp gave us the chance to get alot closer because all of us saw so much of each other, right Denka?” Andrea Johndreau (11) "The thing that scared me the most about initiation was that I was told I had to keep a straight face.” Mary Denker (12) “Don’t razz me you guys, don’t razz me!” Sheila Egan (12) “Homettes is the most fattening, rewarding, nerve-wracking, emotional, unforgettable group and it’s all just so much fun!” Ruth Arnold (12) "I never appreciated the band and realized how essential they were until we had to work with them.” Kathy Robertson (12) "Zinza” ... “Mole men from Pic-calo” ... “European Chest” ... Ging Ringan and Jan Squares ... “I don’t wanna go home” ... “I can’t bring anymore sheets” ... “T. H. women” ... “3:00 A.M. curfews” ... “Well, hello Inspectors!” ... “PNG’s” ... “bugar bookcase” ... “Where is all our money going?” ... “Exhausting new guy’s practices” ... “There’s no old guys like you old guys!” ... "Didyou have—?” .. Anonymous 154 Left half and right half of the Homettes line, after bouncing kickers waiting for the band to begin playing “Miss Frenchie out to their starting position, are united into twenty high Brown at a football pepfest.Homettes: Front Ron — A. Johndreau, A. Silha, J. Ervin, Row 2 — K. Fredcn, K. Robertson, S. Harmon, N. Gillet, K. Caspers. Row 3 — M. Denker, S. Alcvi-zos, D. Seeber, Row 4 — D. Granger, R. Arnold, K. Conroy, G. Von Drashek, P. Cushing, S. Egan, M. Bucklin, A. Kelly, L. Gagnon. A break gives Ruth Arnold time to watch the others. 155Cheerleaders: Front How — J Wattson. S. Student. B. Mitch ell. D. Westcrbcrg. Row 2 N Woodley. J. Person. A. Mykle bust, Z. Platter. Row 3 — C Pumilla, S. Hinterburg, K Dougherty. S. Knowland, K Walker. S. Lyman, missing M Peterson. Nancy Woodley helps to lead the crowd in singing the Edina East school song in a pepfest. 156 Captain Andrea Myklebust looks down the line and gives the signal.Cheerleaders Spark Enthusiasm At Pepfests Cheerleading "I really love cheerleading! It’s something I can get actively involved in. But sometimes I find myself doing too many things at one time and that is when the strain really gets hard.” Janet Watt-son (12, Co-Captain) “When we are cheering, we usually face the crowd instead of the field. To know what is going on in the game, I have to watch the crowd and their reactions.” Nancy Woodley (11) “The most fun game was the one with Edina-West. First we went out to breakfast, then a pepfest, followed by a potluck. Finally — the game!” Julie Person (11) “Hey — Look at Hinta’s flicks and slits!” ... “Pluto loves Oliveoil.” ... “Diane, who’s got braces?” “Carla, what do you think, one through ten?” “Kim, break lights!” ... "Where is little green sprout!” Anonymous During the homecoming pepfest the Varsity Cheerleaders chant verses about the football players after the football game. B-Squad: Front Rou■ — S. Muske. M. Walker. K. Muske. Rou 2 N. Swenson. J. Kamiske, L. Carter.Aqua Nymphs Devote Time Towards Their Show Cindy Denk works on her flamingo position while Sue At the Aqua Nymphs Christmas party, Renae Kool checks to Hagen practices the very basic ballet leg. see what Cindy Grill got from her Secret Santa. Aqua Nymphs — Front Row: T. Jordan. P. Smith, S. Oelschlager. L. Sz rzynski, A. Smith. L. Webb. Row P.SmUh. K. Omens, K. Herzog, C Grill K. Sweetland. C. Denk. Row Three: L. Hines, J. Moran. K. Monaon, P. Hayes. S. Hagen, M. Cadboum. Row Four: E. Barton. S. Ziessler, C. Lea. J. Johnson. S. Pol-lock. K. Johnson. Hack Row: K. Johnson, T. Peyersen, C. Robertson (coach). K. Conroy, K. Baker lOuAX'it' of lori hov v.|a To Ha « r orN-fV «ldc. oftyvk. n on . riAtly vjos Wt • n Vjnde- t« Y H u»MyiAr o lt. rVvqbc tjou. can cO w? o"(%f A hoaat. rt56 Cindy "Lucy 158The grinning faces of Benny Smith. Karen Sweet land and Cindy Denk show the fun of Aqua Nymph parties. Coach Cheryl Kobertson points out the proper technique for doing a perfect bent knee flamingo position. Aqua Nymphs “With all the swimming that we have to do it seems like we should all be losing weight. Instead we all eat so much afterwards that it is hard to break even. “Suds Ziessler (10) “I love when we compete and have our shows in the spring. They bring the whole team closer together because we are working as one group to show what we’ve been practicing all year!” Patti Hayes (12) “S is for swim. W'e do it for him.” Sally Oelschlager (10) “Oh, sorry Sue. I thought that you were the wall.” Lisa Webb (11) “Swimming is hard work, but all the parties and the food really make it a splash!” Jennifer Johnson (10) “Being president is a hard job, but with this team it’s really been fun. The satisfaction of knowing that we can work together is great!” Kathy Baker (11) "I am so proud of the team because we’re really close this year. And Cheryl is a fantastic coach! We’re really glad she’s a part of us, because she gets along so well with all of us. “ Kim Herzog (12) “HOW could you possibly not have fun when you’re with these 30 kids?” Sue Hagen (11) While trying to do a chain dolphin, Sally Oelschlager laughs as Lori Szarzynski pulls her around. 159Red Cross And Student Council “The canned food drive was a big success. The people greatly appreciated our help and contributions.” Peggy Cushing (11) “You have to have a responsive homeroom in order to get anything going. But when things do work out, it gives you a good feeling.’ Maria Novoa (Vice-President, Red Cross, 12) “I think Red Cross is a worthwhile organization because of the satisfaction we receive from helping various causes. It is too bad more people don’t participate.” ThereseSanders (President, 12) “This has been my second year in Red Cross, and I really have enjoyed it. It’s a big organization, and we do a lot of things; but there isn’t publicity. Charity Week is our biggest fund raiser; the money earned is sent to a worthy cause which is decided on by the members of Red Cross.” Sherree Rudd (11) “Being on Student Council, you get a closer look at the administration, how the school is run, and why there are certain rules. Everyone gets a chance to represent the school and to change rules to benefit the students. Frank Bennett (11) “We’ve tried this year to do things for the student body that are more tangible than employing our time and efforts on issues where the Student Council is virtually powerless.” Simme Walton (12) "There certainly are a lot more hassles than we expected.” Sophomor-Representatives (10) “Oink, oink, M.F.” ... “Where are Jim and Sue?” ... “Del’s angels” ... "How sophomoric!” ... "Doughboy! Anonymous Red Cross: Front Row — E. Brasch. K. Mathi-son. R. Cagle. J. Monem, S. Miller, J. West, M. Pumilia. A. Warner, J. Schall, P. Cushing; Row 2 — J. Wattson. C. Dittbemer. C. Ska-gerberg. M. Bloom, A. Silha. M. Ward, M. Sailors, D. Nelson, E. Hershey, M. Sweder; Row 3 — S. Warner, M. Pitts, J. Paulson. C. Benner. J. Olson, M. Martin. P. Smith, M. Carter. C. Collins, J. Poehler, S. Stillwell; Row 4 — T. Carlson, S. Whitcomb, M. Kappley, K. Clarke, R. Roos, T. King, M. Peterson, L. Landin, M. Mayville, R. Kvam, K. Hoppe; Row 5 — K. Prestrud, A. Garberg. A. Mac-Namara. S. Renne, C. Smith. K. Rutherford. K. Beckley. J. Dosen, L. Herbert. L. Leighton, B. Brown. J. Christenson; Row 6 — K. Williams. J. Zion, S. Rudd. P. Jeffries, K. Dege-berg, J. Zieper, K. Sweetland, K. Prentice, R. Martin, R. Swift, T. Horstmann. B. Foy; Row 7 — B. Shelton. K. Carpenter, S. Kopveiler, M. Gerval, M. Novoa, K. Speare, J. Endert, S. Holgrem, L. Perkins, M. Johnson. K. Johnson; Back Row — D. Schall, H. Brchm, A. Lang. C. Curry, C. Kennedy, T. Sanders, J. Person. Student Council: Front Row — D. Fredrickson; Row 2 — C. Chapman. R. Peterson, S. Walton. D. Lindemann; Row 3 — S. Muske, B. Houghton, F. Bennett, B. Paplow. B. Briden. M. Peterson, S. Simmons, G. Sarre, L. Olson; Back Row — M. Miguel, J. I,adner, P. Peterson, B. Mayberg, M. Fuller. T. Richards. G. Swedberg, M. Beim. J. Higgins, K. Baker. 160Council Gives Time And Effort for Others Red Cross Officers: Front Row -T. Sunders; Row Two M. No-voa, C. Smith; Back Row — J. Schnll, P. Cushing, M. Gerval. Co-service chairwoman Janny Schall unsuccessfully stacks cans for the annual Red Cross drive. 161 Amusing the girls, John Higgins shows that Student Council can be fun.ABC Members: Front Row - C. McCoy. B. Dayton. M. Backnight, Row Two - D. Corbin. A. Siv- Hilton Austin plays a lively tune while erla, 0. Robinson. K. Merit, Back Row — H. Austin, B. Sackey, Musing — J. Gammello, C. Wiley. Kevin Merit follows along. During a fall AFS picnic, the fire seems to overcome Marcos Miguel and Sally Bachmann. Bob Dayton does his share in keeping the house clean by vacuuming while Allen Siverls tries to practice his typing skills. 162ABC, AFS Bring Back And Add New Members Over school lunch, Marcos Miguel, Oui Busagasiri, Balram Mehral talk over some of the many many problems from all comers of the world. AFS And ABC “I came to the United States to learn the way of life of the American people, their customs, and their language. I have learned most of this in Edina. It is a place with very nice people everywhere who have been helping me so much in attaining my goal.” Gabriel Sarre (12) "I am having a fantastic time in Edina, but most of all, I enjoy the AFS club. We put on the Variety Show, dances, and many other activities that brighten up the everyday school life. I think that AFS is the most fun and intellectual club at Edina.” Michael Weinzettl (12) ‘‘Edina has a very high academic level which is important for college entrance. I am planning on spending all my high school years here, so my chances for a good college will be improved.” Jim Gam• mello(ll) ‘‘The ABC program gives the underprivileged kids a better chance; and Edina is a good place to come because everyone is so nice. They should have schools like this all over the country.” Mark Bauk-night (10) 163 AFS Club Members; Front Row — B. Mehral. M. Weinzettl. G. Busaganiri, M. Miguel. G. Sarre. Row Two — M. Peddie. T. Brandow. D. Eglite. D. Orrben.Choir Girls Choir: Front Row — K. Spoodis. J. Williamson. K. Jacobson. S. Pehrson. Row,Two - J. Schwartz, N. Hadley. T. Pagoni, M. Brown. M. Hildreth. Row Three — J. Anderson, K. Beck ley. J. Crosby. M. Burgraff. K. Rutherford. L. Perkins. Rack Row — S. Walburg. J. Suttle. T. Sanders, D. Missling. “Mr. Missling gets you excited even in the most boring song because he’s always excited about it. He is always really awake in the mornings even though everyone else is asleep.” Terry Pagani (11) “Concert Choir has been fun this year. The kids are great and I think you really become a close-knit group when you strive for musical perfection. Anyway, it’s been fun!” Debbie Ellingson (12) “Singing first hour and not singing loud enough as a group seem to be our major problems this year.” Jill Crosby (11) “The tenors are great — all five of them." Kim Herzog (12) “Lick your chops! Feet flat on the floor.” Mrs. Bauman (faculty) “We’re trying to get it together this year in choir. We’re attempting to work together as a unit so our music will sound that way. I think we’re gonna make it.” Mike Shepherd (11) “I think the director and kids have all given a lot this year and it’s really paying off.” Linda Hines (11) “Hanson’s Christmas party" “Diarrhea of the mouth” “You’re like a doorknob — easily turned” “Quit ogling me like that!” Anonymous Finding the lost music to “Fruitcake." Girls Choir members run to perform it. Chamber Choir: Front Row — L. Rausch. D. Ellingson, N. Cullen. S. Hanson. C. Sauers. K. Jacobson. Row Tivo — S. Risen. K. Beckley, K. Palmer. A. Young, Row Three — M. Shepherd. J. Hippe, S. Hedberg, J. Peterson. F. Hadleigh-West. Back Row — T. Pappas. D. Missling. 164Conference Choirs Unite to Sing “Messiah” Concert Choir: Front Row J. Williamson, L. Rausch. S. Hanson. N. Cartier. K. 'I'hang, D. Sec her, M. Maney, B. Korbos, L. Struthers, S. Risen, K. Rutherford. L. Hines. J. Eaton, L. Hanson. Row Two — J. Frick. K. Otncss, N. Benson. D. Bdelman, J. Ervin, E. Christianson. K. Palmer. E. Barton. K. Beckley. I). Kllingson, S. Bayers, E. Brady, C. Smith. M. Quinlan. Row Three — N. Scdgewick, S. Joschko, K. Owens. E. Moffa. S. Hanson. S. Hedberg. A. Arnold. 1). Sturges. P. Cushing. K. Palmer. A. Young, K. Wollan, J. Chapman. M. Shepherd. Back Row — G. Larson, J. Husbands. J. Hippo, F. Hadleigh-West. T. Pappas. J. Peterson, T. King. D. Davies. S. Brucciani, (I. Brandow, ,1. Sullivan. R. Bydlon, G. Warner. M. Stone, B. Bauman. Foxes’ Hollow: Front Row — J. Williamson, N. Sedgewick. L. Hanson, K. Rutherford. Row Tu o — B. Bauman. K. Beckley, K. Palmer, J. Eaton. E. Brady. Row Three — C. Iverson, S. Joschko. F. Hadleigh-West. Back Row — R. Bydlon. T. Pappas. J. Hippe. S. Hedberg. J. Peterson. 165 Mrs. Bauman uses her directing ability to prepare for a concert.Orchestra: Front Row — N. Obem, J. Zion, B. Curtis. M. Brecht. P-Long. L. Olson. R. Rollins, K. Slosser; Row 2 — J. Simmons, A. Peterson, S. Peterson, S. Klippenstein, J. Hanson. K. Ford, S. Sale, J- Johnson, L. Mickclson, J. Loomis, B. Bruucr; Row 3 — S. Fetzek. P-Sellers, J. West, L. Wigdahl, N. Hall; Row 4 - H. Brehm. R Kvaum. K. Johnson, B. Anderson, M. Maley, J. VanValkenburg, M. Volpe, A. Clausen, S. Miller, C. Coursollc, P. Smith, L. Wandcrscc. R. Meyer, N. Jamieson, J. Johnson; Row 5 — S. Hayworth, D. Olson, R. Olson, J. Lund, C. Fletcher, S. Norbcck. J. Hanskc, M. Chadboum, M. Smcdvig, B. Poehler, D. O'Leary, R. Robertson, D. White, G. Moore. P. Hanson, B. Collings. J. Whetstone. S. Gluck, T. Carter, P. Schmid, K. McCarthy, M. Rollins. to keep up with the more experienced players. Taking temporary leave of his tuba, Pat Schmid plays more contemporary music on a guitar.Orchestra Urges Audience —“Turn Your Radio On!” Tim Carter, Kevin McCarthy, and Mark Rollins provide the lower, mellow tones, adding a deep and rich sound. While listening for an entrance, Mr. Olson directs a number. Aileen Peterson and Pam Sellers relax during a few measures of rest. In the last few days before a concert. Bob Curtis and Kathy Cardie attempt to improve the quality of their playing. Orchestra “The idea that a group of kids like us ever got together in the first place is what makes the orchestra so much fun.” Aileen Peterson (10) “Tur is a high experience for all in orchestra!” Jean Zion (11) “It takes work to be an orchestra that’s good. Extra time spent practicing is important. Most of us do spend enough time to be good, but not so much to get bored.” Steve Fetzek (11) "Staring at the poster of Mark Spitz is what makes orchestra really worthwhile.” Sandy Whitcomb (9) “Our orchestra goes on tour each year. It is one of the greatest things we do all year. One reason is because of all the sneaky things we get away with.” Joe Whetstone (12) “When we try to play contemporary songs it sounds like something off of WCCO.” Heidi Brehm (12) “Being in orchestra is fun, yea. So is having the dentist drill into all of your teeth!” Jim Simmons (11) 16?John Lund looks to the director to keep the proper tempo. Band “Band is quite a lot like Baked Beans. The more you indulge yourself the better you sound.” Rick Olson (11) Love is a many splendored thing in band!” A r. Elledge “One of the main reasons I joined and why I have stayed in band was to put an end to school boredom. Believe me, band does change your boredom to something quite exciting. It is well worth the time and effort I put in.” Lynn Johnson (10) “Don’t forget those wild parties you guys. What would we do if we did not have them all to look forward to?” Ron Ris-chmiller (11) “Our director is really a great guy. No matter what way we look at it, the Edina East Concert Band would not be what it is today if we didn’t have him to help us along! Thank you Mr. Elledge.” Steve Curry (12) “I love to play and march. It is important to me and I plan to march with the U. of M. band in the future. Until then, all I can do is practice and improve.” Brian Thomas (9) “Sometimes I wonder if the real thing we are in Band for is to put on the annual Pop Concert. It is then when we have the best times! There is so much work to do and so much constant pressure that we almost go up the walls. When it comes right down to it though, we love every minute and every day of it.” Scott Nor beck (12) “We finished it — now we’ll start it.” ... “Tubas, now make a square little circle.” ... “Dress rehearsal — don't wear clothes.” Anonymous Drum major Jill Behning ponders while Marcia Sailors and Steve Curry discuss a problem Meanwhile, Mr. Lake, director, gives instructions to the band. In the Homecoming celebration, the band preforms its annual pregame parade around the track, complete with a hundred green balloons. 168Band Members Swing in Both Work And Play Concert Hand: Front Row — A. Brosius, S. Farrell. K. I.inner. L. O’Leary, K. Ford. J. Johnson,.S. Hoyt, J. Engle. B. Mitchell. M. Volpe. C. Coursolle, S. Miller. M. Sailors. N. Etzwiler. S. Curry, N. Jamieson, K. Rice, K. Mielke, M. Roy, M. Brosius; Row 2 — S. Joschko. S. Van Somcrcn, K. Giovanelli, J. VanValkenburg, T. Korbos. B. Bohl, K. Fagerlie, L. Gethin, L. Hanson, J. Markun, A. Hall. I . Johnson. A. Clausen. J. Behning, R. Meyers. K. Whipple, It. Rischmiller. S. Smith, P. Curry. T. Bridenstine; Row 3 — B. Stoltz, J. Sundt, N. Sedgwick. K. Erickson, D. O'Leary, M. Gregory, J. Peterson, J. Hershey. B. Pehler. B. Sandberg, T. Bergren, B. Johnson. R. Robertson, D. Thayer. B. Thomas. J. Pehrson, J. Hanske, M. Smedvig, M. Chad bourn; Rou 4 — C. Lick. R. Olson, B. Johnson, D. Crosbie, S. Norbeck, M. Poehler, S. Gaff. D. Bohl. D. White. R. Anderson, B. Erbcs. L. Johnson. J. Poehler, P. Meyer, P. Hanson, B. Coll-ings, J. Kosters, R. Elledge. Missin i — P. Hartley, L. Johnstone, J. Lund, E. Peterson, M. Peterson. M. Sulander. Finding the pastime of swinging an effective reliever of tension, band members express various feelings of relaxation and contentment. Karen Brickley plays in comation band, the year's first performance. 169i ® • Stinger Band Front Row — A. Frank, K. Huff. L. Martin. C. I.uebke. C. Kuhnley, J. Kamiskc. I). Smania. K. Jeronimus. D. Fish. L. Manske, L. Bolin, L. Patten, S. Jenewein, D. Wiersema, J. Carlson. L. Leighton. M. Patrloff. B. Maclean, K. Mathison; Row 2 — M. Eisenbrey. K. Smith. E. Miller, L. Lindblom, K. Meaden. L. Herbert. J. Steinkamp. R. Larsen. M. Maley. J. Theige. B. Grohnke. M. Cullen. T. Eickson, S. Johnson. M. Comstcock, K. Thorndvke. J. Sweaty, B. Len-nick, T. Gempler, B. Hall, B. Loomis; Row 3 — S. Turnbull, T. Pausen. G. Peterson. I). Van Ben-thuysen, H. Jamieson. T. Thompson, D. Hunting- ton. R. Heuer. 0. Rooney. C. Brown. T. Guetzke, R. Endcrt. B. Stocke. M. Walther. D. Sundt, J. Vlaming. M. Freitas. D. Dorsey, L. Petty, K. Johnson. F. Berg. P. Christensen; Row 4 — J. Thompson. B. Warmath, T. Hen wood, J. Dosen. C. Hodges, D. Fraser. M. Sexton, G. Voss. L. En-gler, M. Heoer. P. VVunsch. S. Wesseling. W. Anderson. W. Gcmbachcr. S. Holgren. B. Elledge. S. Crosbie. ass't dir. S. Gensmer, ass't dir, H. Freese. P. Sheely, J. White, P. Hemstad, J. Baun. J. Olson. N. Sallen, T. Becker. J. Fraser. B. Myers, T. Frank, T. Spencer. M. Knutson. At Varsity hockey games, Judy Patzloff leaves the woodwind section to play the bells. 170 During the second hour Stinger band, the two piccolo players, Scott Turnbull and Riding a bus home, Mike Poehler Debbie Phelps, practice for an upcoming basketball game. gives a salute with his hat.Band Program Receives a Tip of the Hat Janet Engle, Kay Rice, Maryann Chad bourn, and Barb Johnson give a tip of their hats. Taking a break from a strenuous marching program, Sandy Iverson and Pat l.ehar pause at a St. Olaf drugstore to pick up some candy. During the second annual Marching Band Concert, high-stepping marchers drill precision routines before two sell-out crowds. Vanity Band: Front Row — B. Leskee, L. Kondrick. K. Brickley. K. Monson, S. Sale. C.Tarbox, S. Kopv-eiler, C. Jensen. P! Devroy, D. Rethlake, K. Wart-chow, J. Lindberg. A. Hanske. L. Stoakes, J. Paulson, J. Johnson, B. Paplow, J. Patzloff; Row 2 — C. Preksto, H. Olson. S. Kouatli, C. Pace. S. Oelshlager, B. Gerrie. S. Roberts, M. Massopust, M. Cagle, C. Grill, S. Brauer, L. Colburn, M. Pitz, M. Orfield, N. Haworth, K. Brose, D. Lewis, M. Erlandson, P. Le-har, A. Doepkc; Row 3 — J. Hoffmann. J. Huff, J. Sandberg, W. Gaskill, R. Costellanp, R. Jahn. J. Holm. N. Olson, R. Sanfilippo. T. Jones. B. Voss, J. Selvig, J. Brandenburg, D. Weatherhead, R. Her-they, S. Silas, J. Edwards, M. Erbes, S. Nor beck, S. Burbidge, C. Cummins, J. Ravell; Row 4 — J. Dole-zal, T. Olson, P. Hall. S. Gembacher, J. Smith. B. Schroeder, P. Kuenzli, A. Oelschlager, D. Me-Campbell. G. Moore, B. Halweg, G. Kaplan; Back Row — J. Lonsbury, J. Bros, R. Bowen, D. Stouten-burgh, A. Holtum, G. Manthey, J. Nybeck, P. Schmid. R. Lake. Missing — H. Bach told. C. Dovo-lis, S. Iverson. Varsity Band clarinet players closely watch their music. 171D.E. Front — K. Aynes, K. Kennedy, C. Mandics. C. Bach. 2nd Row — S. Bartholomew. N. Mair, M. Crow, Mr. Bichanich, J. Johns. M. Wagner, J. Curran. 3rd Row — J. Simons. D. McDonald, S. Gensmer, M. Freitas. T. Kaspers. M. Henderson. O.E. Front — C. Vork, J. Schwartz, D. Reed, D. Barck, S. Martinson. D. Duncan, 2nd Row — R. I-owell, L. Foecke, P. Johnson. D. Mattson, T. Paulsen. K. Sackridcr. E. Dries. 3rd Row — S. Ward. N. Hcgnnuer, D. Mar-kun. P. Stordahl. K. Gustafson. H. Hatch, J. Anderson, Mr. Boerger. Missing — P. Kinlop, N. Riley. D.E. Front — M. Higgins. L. Bulawsky, B. Hall. P. Clark. 2nd Row — R. Reuben. B. Hogue, B. Olson. :ird Row — J. Svejkovsky, J. Marxen. Mr. Bichanich, J. Walker. K. Williams. R. Fuhr, C. Schaver, K. Oren, J. Lundogard. C.Torvik. 172T. I Front — R. Reichow, T. Whitehouse, C. Stansfield, M. Quinlivin, C. Sultan. 2nd Row — C. Jones, G. Wladyka, S. Wagner. 3rd Rou — H. Chris- topherson, C. Schannon, C. Neitzei. D. Fomhum. P. Hines. J. Heath. M. Caterina, B. Peterman. B. Anderson. K. Klingensmith. ■ HT Nancy Hegnauer helps out a fellow student in O.E. class. O.E., D.E. and T I The D.E. program began in 1961 with 16 students and has now grown to three programs with 80 students involved. It is a job training program that gives you an insight in what you may want to do in your future. Anyone can become involved if responsible and willing to work. “I think that the best part about the Office Education program is that you are able to get out of school early. You spend your afternoons at work instead. Also, while you are earning credits for graduation, you are also getting paid for a regular job. It makes your senior year actually livable. I don't think I could stand to go to school six hours a day now. Thank God for the O.E. program!” Julie Anderson (12) "The thing that I like most about being in the Office Education program is knowing you will have something behind you in the future when you apply for a job. It gives you a good opportunity to go out on your own and meet some big important business people. I also like it because 1 don’t have to work weekends.” Nancy Hegnauer (12) "Although I have not gone to any of the T. and I. activities, it has been a gas!” Chip Jones (12) “I can remember the very first day I was at my job in the Distributive Education program. I was working at Red Owl. Just seeing what everything around me was and how it worked. I, by accident, kicked the alarm. The manager came out of his office, just to see me thoroughly embarrassed. No one yet has let me live that down.” Mary Wagner (12) “I was hired to start the programs in 1961. It is a great program. Those students involved attain training, a good reference, skills, patience, and an idea of what they would like to study in during college. The program is fun and worthwhile.” Mr. Bicanich (adv.) Senior Work Programs Make School CentsibleFBLE Progresses to Profession’s Club Edina Players: Front Row — P. Jenks, J. Domke; Row 2 — A. Brown, K. Storlie, N. Stoner, K. Berry, J. Hihiker, S. Hedberg; Rack Row — M. Peterson, M. Putman, R. Thiem. S. Elsen, D. Bel lair. 7lZsis}r t . slZA f Ayf-l 'Jtx • c •JW' A CJ f' iJ ujcZ 6s 2 s?ew - 1 y ( - - Edina Players and Profession’s Club “I can take out my aggressions by putting everything into a character. It’s so much easier for me to act someone totally different from myself than to actually be myself on stage. ” Sue Elsen (11) “The Taming of the Shrew has to have been the best play I’ve ever been in. It was the first actual adult play that was serious acting. The other plays I’ve been in have always been kid’s plays.” Mike Putman (10) “The relationships you create with the other kids are really different and special. You become close in a short time.” Jean Domke (12) "At first 1 joined the Profession’s Club to get extra points, but after one meeting I realized the club is really worthwhile.” Paul Hartley (12) “The objective of the club is to explore careers which interest and intrigue you presently or perhaps a field you may pursue after high school or college.” Mary Antonson (12) As president of the Profession’s Club, Holly Hatch gives several awards at the Sadie Hawkins dance, sponsored by the club. 174Ann Merles complains about her corrective shoes in Once Upon A Play ground. I tf- Portraying Lucentio in The Taming of the Shrew, Ted Jones attempts to woo Bianca, played by Sue Elsen. Profession’s Club: Front Row — C. Tansil. C. Sauers, K. Brickley. D. Markun, K. Jensen. L. Webb. P. Walters. K. Otness; Row 2 — L. Kon-drick. D. Reed. H. Hatch, P. Hayes, M. Anlonson, K. McKay. K. Gustafson. C. Vork. D. Granger; Rack Row — E. Dreis. P. Johnson. B. Moreland. E. Wollan, P. Brink, T. Morinc. P. Hartley. B. Gaasedelcn. N. Firth, A. Brown. Waiting for interested couples, Mr. Swanson inspects the poster. 175French Club “I figured this would be the only way I would ever get to go to France. The part I’m looking forward to most is the traveling around the country.” Cliff Wiley (12) “I just can’t wait, you guys, just can't wait!” Anonymous “I am really looking forward to spending time with a French family and going to their school on the French trip. We’ll be able to get into the culture with the family, and it won’t be as superficial as if we were just traveling by ourselves throughout the country.” Juli Hiniker (10) In order for French to be profitable for them, students must learn to converse freely. During the French IV class, 'Madame' Stefan speaks to the students, demonstrating proper usage and pronunciation. Spanish Club: Front Row — T. Duff, M. Kolars, S. Alevizos; Row 2 — J. Husbands. C. Collins, P. Cavanaugh; Row 3 — S. McNamara. J. Field, J. Manske, M. Williams, B. Berg. R. Swenson; Back Row — T. Klein. K. McKeman. Missing — J. Schall, P. Cushing, T. Kraker. 176Language Clubs Open Year With New Ideas Spanish Club “Spanish Club isn’t going to be duddy this year because I’m president! We have a lot of new ideas, one of which is saying the Pledge of Allegiance every week. Along with the old traditional Spanish Dinner at a Spanish Restaurant, we are also planning on having an exciting Spanish Week. I hope it all turns out as fun as we all plan it to be!” Janny Schall (ID “I wasn’t in Spanish Club last year, but I joined this year because it sounded like there were going to be lots of good activities. We’re to have both a Spanish Queen and Spanish King, after school parties, T-Shirts, and even more and more parties. I hope it’ll be fun.” Nancy Corcoran (11) Voyageurs: Front Row T. Flas-kamp, K. Shea, J. Zion; Row 2 — L. List. L. O’Leary, J. Hiniker; Row 3 L. Tita, S. Johns, S. Rudd, I). Johns; Row 4 — K. Kool, J. Wattson, G. Batzli, J. Wicrsema; Row 5 — L. Carmichael, C. Bach. N. Daniels, N'. Cartier; Row 6 — G. Sedoff, M. Fuller, Kim Walker. K. Brickley. P. Magnuson; Back Row L. Timm, S. Adams, P. Jenks, S. Sale, P. Bing. Kevan Richards responds to a question asked of her about her oral presentation to the group. 177Debate And Latin Clubs Utilize Language Skills Latin Club: Front Row — B. Weinzettle. J. Lonsbury, B. Gaa-sadelen, F. Bennett. C. Tar box. B. Wray. Nl. Peterson, M. Braur. Kou- Two — G. Heidkamp. C. Anderson, B. Sanfilippo, K. Ufford, T. Pearson, S. Hardy. M. Ward. E. WoUen. S. Pot-terton, K. Rouner. D. St urge . Row Three — M. Peddie, B. Shaffer, K. Smith. M. Burt. C. Luebke. K. Sloascr, C. Lomaro, A. Holtum, M. Knutson, B. Halweg. Row Four — N. Obem, M. McCampbell, P. Bankov, B. Anderson, S. Gaasadelen, M. Hcdbcrg, D. Edelman, A. .Jensen, T. Bohn, M. Burt. Rack Rou — G. Sedoff, T. (luctzkc. S. Anderson, I), .lone . T. Graves. .J. Cox. K. Palmer, S. Oelschlager. S. Zieaaler. 178 Latin Club wins the float contest at the Homecoming Parade with their slogan “Latin Clubs the Ship out of the Skippers."Latin Officers; Front How — J. Lonsbury, K. Ufford, M. Krauer, How Two — C. Tarbox. M. Peterson, K. Bennett, Row Three — C. Smith, B. Gaasadelen, B, Wray. Latin Club And Debate “The language may be dead, but the club isn’t! Although the number of people in Latin Club has decreased, the enthusiasm in our activities has not. We’re still the best club in the school!” Mark Peterson (11) “I hold the position of Pontifex Maximus this year. He is supposedly the big chief, and he and the consuls run Latin Club. The thing that is different about the club this year is the number of officers was cut in half. There was no need for two openings in each position.” Steue Curry (12) “I first joined Latin Club in 9th grade because I wanted Andrea Maklebust to buy me as a slave, and then I could bathe her in the bath at the forum.” Anonymous “Debate gives a person poise and confidence when speaking before large audiences. It has taught us to organize our thoughts and materials quickly and efficiently. The amount of knowledge you gain of present day topics is immeasureable.” Kim Ufford and Mark Peterson (11) “You can learn how to argue and win in Debate. It makes you think and reason — arguing against something you believe in, or arguing for something you don’t believe in.” Mary Heim (11) Doing group work, Mr. Clark livens up his group Debate Club: Front Row - Tom Kcman, Row Two — John Groven, Mark Peterson. Mary by telling them a joke. Beim, Kirn Ufford. Mike Domblaser, Bright Domblascn, Mr. Hcrzig,Chess And Pep Clubs Participate And Grow Pep Club: From How — R. Rauth, M. Walt her. L. Johnson. S. Holmgren. Back Row — J. Anderson. C. Lucbke. After much thought and concentration. Steve Stryk plans his next A perspective view of three games move of attack, which could make him the winner. brings out the thought involved. 180Before the Homecoming pepfest, two Pep Club members put up a poster to help cheer on the football players for the game against Minnetonka. Pep Club And Chess Club "Transporting the confetti barrel all over and throwing confetti all over my lawn had to be the worst part of Pep Club!” Lynn Johnson (10) "Pep Club is really a nice organization. We make signs to support the sports, and I’m on a sport myself so I know that the signs really help." Rosemarie Rauth (10) "As long as Scott’s car doesn’t break down, we're doing okay. Remember the float and the breakfast!" Cindy Luebke(lO) "Every week we stay after school to make signs for the different sports. Sometimes we have a hard time thinking up new slogans. We have the most fun T.-P.ing the basketball hoops before a pepfest!” Janet Anderson (10) “This is my third year in chess club and I really enjoy it. The club isn’t really structured. We can do almost anything we want. It's a good place to go to be with people, have fun. and play a game of chess!” John Engelbert (12) “The team has been good this season. We were fourth out of six in the Southwest Competition. The most important games were against Edina West and Blake, both of which we won with no problem.” Mr. Ehlert (faculty) 181 Chess Club: Front Row — G. Miller. J. Engelbert. M. Struthers. N. Mersey. D. Callan. B. Nerheim. Back Row — B. Sandberg, B. Reiersgord, G. Swedberg. S. Stryk. C. Sorenson, J. Ehlert. Advisor.Patrons AMERICAN YEARBOOK CO. Burt Hedstrom. Representative Publishers of the Whigrean S( HERLINO-PLETCH STl DIOS Fargo. North Dakota and St. Louis Park. Minnesota Best Wishes to the Class of '74 FIRST EDINA NA TIONAL HANK 4100 West 50th Street FIRST SOUTHDALE NATIONAL BANK OF EDINA TWIN CITY FEDERAL Savings and Loan 3924 West 50t h St reet B.A. ROSE Ml SIC COMPANY 3905 West 50th Street Finest in Band Instruments Congratulations To the class of '74 TARGET STORES 7000 YORK AI 1)10 KINO Home Entertainment Center 7101 France Ave. Flowers and Gifts, for everv occasion BACHMANS See the Marching Band in Fall, a great Pop Concert in Winter, a wild Band Smash in Spring! BASKIN ROBBINS 31 Flavors IceCream 6137 Kellogg Avenue Protect your eyes with a professional eye exam and rely on BRx-Quality Eyeware from Benson’s SOL 77 WEST SALES OFFICE 3717 50th St. and Ewing Ave. S. 920-1515 Best Regards to a Great School BERMEL-SMABY. REA LTORS 3910 W. 50th St. 927-7043 HI ROER BROS. SPORT! NO coons 4402 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota CAHILL CARDEN CENTRE 4425 Valley View Road Sales and Service 922-6440 CLANCY DRCC, 3948 W. 50th Edina, Minnesota Good Luck Class of ‘74 DOROTHY COLLINS INTERIORS COLONIAL BEAUTYSALON 3920 W. 49'aSt. 927-6353 Cowe; Marquee • • • v-.v DAHL'S Southdale Pharmacy Inc. Southdale Medical Building DONfllEE 0 9 f C «« v MVOTA CX AU( MtNftY TUIfNOM EDINA ('L EA NERS A ND LAUNDER ERS Adolph AndersonCleaners 4500 France Avenue 927-7934 EDINA HARDWARE 4944 France Avenue South 922-0559 EDINA OPTICIANS. INC. 4450 West 76th Street Edina. Minnesota 920-8666 EDINA Si PPERETTE 4508 Valley View Road 922-9888 ELZEBET FOUR All Service Salon Yorktown Fashion Mall Compliments of a FRIEND GENE’S EDINA titi 5101 Edina Ind. Blvd. Edina. Minnesota CRIFFEN PHARMACY 4412 France Ave. Edina. Minnesota 18?Patrons HA RT WICK REA L TV INC. 6161 Wooddale Avenue 927-7146 HOMEROOM 327 SA YS “HELLO" Veni. Vidi. Vici SPQR Vivet Semper EDINA-EAST LATIN CLUB FREDRICK HERFURTH Real Estate at Edina 39H0 W. 49' j St. 920-1960 There was no horsing around with “The famous Mr. Ed." JUNIOR HOMEROOM 329 IT UNIQUE BOUTIQUE 5006 France Avnue Dresses and Sportswear HI FIX'REST I PHOLSTERINO 4390 France Ave. South Edina, Minnesota We’ve Sold Alot of Donuts for This Ad! THE ENTREPENEURS OF 333 Congrats Class of ’74 (Knork — Knork) MeGLYNN BAKERIES MARY ELLEN WARD AND JOHN DEC KEN EACH Ha. Ha. 163 We told you so! C A M BSJBDD PFTG BG DT J LM .J NSOTO MO M RSSTSST.JTP W HOMEROOM 344 MORNINGSIDE TEX A CO 4360 France South Edina. Minnesota We were censored SENIOR CLASS HOMEROOM 201 COMPLIMENTS OF JERRY's 5125 Vernon Avenue Edina. Minnesota MURPHYS FRANCE A VE. MOBIL 4916 France Ave. South Edina. Minnesota922-9717 Congratulations to ourselves C,RADI ’ATINO HOMEROOM 239 Zed, 1 told you to buy a Whigrean R-J NELSON-SMITH ASSOC. 5034 France Ave. South 926-6517 Congratulations Whigrean Staff HOMEROOM 212 HOP KALLAND'SSHELL SERVICE 5036 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota Good Luck Seniors LEA AND LES DONNA AND DON The most consistently tardy class Kh Lisa) HOMEROOM 245 Steve and Sue go to Edina-West KNIT N PURL SHOP Congratulations Whigrean! C. W. OLSON INC. 1300 Quincy St. N.E. RBM.JG BJGSRNC LSM RCTKOSBJ BSG DRCJ H J MJCJSSA M BT M BL TB - HOMEROOM :m FRANK KREISER REAL ESTATE 5036 France. 920-1091 Good Luck to all! Congratulations DEAN PEHRSON INS I RAN( 926-4595 Hairy Toes in 323 made us the Patrons we are to be And with help from friends Good Luck on the ’74 book LAMB BUSINESS FORMS Mpls. Minnesota Best wishes to Class of ’74 PRINT QUICK INC. 3926 W. 49«■» StreetPatrons General Sports Hill Arnold remind -lust think Seniors. I more.years “WOOLWORTH'S" you: in the long distance race of life. If 7 114 Southdale Center Don't forget your track shoes! Bon Voyage to Seniors of 1974 Edina. Minnesota Congratulations Whigrean Best Wishes and Class of 1974 VALLE V VIEWHA RBER SHOP SEVEXTY SOI 77 HAIR EASHIOXS Wooddale and Valley View Rd. Best Wishes to Graduating Class YORKTOWX I 2 3313 Hazel ton Road, Edina THE SHOE TREE VALLEY VIEW DRUG •James Hagar 6123 Wooddale Avenue 3946 W. 50th Street 926-6519 Congratulations Whigrean Staff on a Great Book SOL THDALE MEDICAL BARBER VALLEY VIEW HAIR EASHIOXS SHOP 4420 Valley View Road 6545 France Avenue South 926 6411 Edina, Minnesota RED BARX 5020 France Avenue Edina. Minnesota Congratulations Whigrean and Class of ’74 A MOM AXD A DAD VALLEY VIEW HARDWARE 4510 Valley View Road Wooddale at Valley View Road (p ALLEY HOOK SHOPPE 50th and France 922-4441 Have fun at Gus Young’s SOCTHDALE HOWL 3401 West 69th Street Playing monkey, side-side, hide-and- IPfMEROOM T H seek, t.p., "yuk", "Pretty fun". Hor- exists, net Boogaloo — HORNETTES! just exists. SOUTHDALE SCHMITT MUSIC CEXTER 3500 West 70th Street Edina, Minnesota Stinger Band Plays on Thanks lu Hal and Hob SCOTT TURXHULL Warm Regards TASTEETREET 44 th and France 184 Congratulations. Best Wishes TITUS IXC. 3250 West 66th Street On a beautiful winter day. Business Manager Barb X cl son and assistant Jenny Hjelle and Chris Heegaard pause to pose with a good friend.jm mmimniim iiilt COCCOCUre. Diane! Fac.) Clark. Paul! 12) 46,172 Clark. Thomas) Fac .1 128.129 Clark. Thom (Foe.) IB . 129 Clarkr, Kathlrpo 02)4 5, 63, l«i| Clam mar. Leigh! 12) Cohan V«nMlO S9.m Col haft, Bradford!) 1) 78.107 Colburn. Luida(iO) 89,17) Cola. Brian) 11 22.78 Coleman. Cathy II) 78 Colaman. Jam ex 10'r 80 Ce.ll.ngv, Bcv ;e II) 78,166,l » Collina, CyntfeiallO) 90.161.17 Collins, K iwa d02i Collin . MivhsrI) 12 46 Comb. Jimpil 10) ). 111 Compton. Ca »v( 12) 47.111 C-einutcck. Willlardi 11178 Connell. l.iiallOl Conover. Mary (Fac 12 Conroy. KathleemTJ) 47.68.155. I.Vi Corbin. Daroafl |I)78.i63 Comoran. Narvcv) 11 78.177 Corey Halph(12l 47,107 C«« llo Brian. 1D7R.10O.101.12S Coatailo. I'raulalFac) US Co ursolic. Chervil 12) 47.168.1S Co . Joretyn ) 10) 90.178 Cci . Robert!in 90 Craig. Jrttrey 00)90. 1«. 105 Cramer. Karen! 10) 35.90.134 Cramer. Kichardt 12) 47 Croabie. David 112) :ii. 47. M, US. IT') Crosby. JUKI I) 78. 1« Cro»» Cioinlo 122. 23 (Toaiay. Karen 10)1)0 Croat, Mrlame 12) 47, 172 Cullen. Mark 10) 90.170 Curran. Jin 112) 47.172 Curry. Charlotte (12) SI. 47.161 Curry. Stephen 12) 18. I». 179 Cunk Gregory ll) 78.101.1(K Curtrs Knbptl 111)78. IS). 167 Cushing. Marram 111)78,I5S. 160,161.186.176 D Dahl. Thotnasi 11)78.112.113 Dale. Thomas! ID 22.78 Dalen. Linda!II)78.136 Daniel. John) 12)105 Daniels. Nancy 11)190. 17 l Daniels. Trefflp) Fac. I 128.144 Da urn, Mark 10) Da vim. Dwighi(lO) 90,165 Duvira. Jeffrey! 12) 46 Davit . Deborah! 11178 Dayton. RobertUU llrbatr. IT Deckat. Christoph! Ill 78.101 Deckm bach. Johnl 12 40,148 Dertberg. Klm ll)78.UO.I6l De Lambert. Robert! 10) 90 Delaney. TitnnlhvOOl 90 Dumuth. Mu'hapli 11) 78.107 Deck. I.ucindol 11178.1SS, 169 Denker. Mary 12) Denman. Patricia! 111 78 DeWeert. Jan) 11) 78 Diamond. Tooy 10) 90 Dmmerman. Jerome! K» 90 Ih.vnr.rvrr. PhvllW 11) 78.113 I) E 172.173 Dillbetfrr. Cynthia!Ill 78,161 Docjike, Ann! 10) 90.171 Dolejal..!am» ilOi 90.171 c. Jean)12)1 .) Dorsey. Richard 12) Dorsey, Thomas! 11) 78,111 r en. Michael! 12) t6 Dvugall. Mark! 11) 78 Diugherty. KnthleenU2i 45,166 DevcCis. Chris) 12) 45.156 thtonsey, Mark 10) 90. 128 Drake. Joanne! 12 46 Drei«. Hlen 12. 46,172.175 Dteisvtgtr. Mart inna(lO) Dubot . Janl 12) 46 Dubois, Jodettev 10) 90 Duncan. Diana! 12) 48.172 ihinny. Diane) 10) Dunkcn. Steven! 12) 48 Dunne. Mcheek 10) SO Dunne. Nancy! 12! 48.152.153 Dunne, William! 111 IXmsraore. Carol! 12) 48 Dye. CathylFac 128.140 Rdlund. Shamr.l 111 78 Edwards. Jams! 12) 48 Edwards. Jeannet te SOI 90,171 Edward.. Mark! 121 48 Edwards. Rnbvn 10190 Egan. Shaaa|12l48.154.l55 hill)78.112,113 art 10) 90.142.163 aiFoe ) 128.181 Etcher. Charles! 11) 78.111 Richer. Robert MOCK' Riled gp, Robert Fac.l30. 128.160, 170. 168 KBrngson. Debra (121 42. 18, 138. 165. 104 Kllingvon Krik 110) X' Risen. Susan (11 35. ■«. 78.166. 174.175 Kndert.. loan 12)48.161.52 Enrel. l-aurie (10)90 Engelbert. David 10)90 Engelbert, John 121 48,181 Kneelhert. I-aura 10)90 Engelbert, Terrsn I2 48, 23 Engle. l r 12)48 End . Janet 10) 93.169.171 Engle .!»-.»I Foe. 129 Engirt. Lee I0)99 176 Engirt. Richard 1121 48 Knptrom. Petee (11)78.107.16 Fji.inter. Judy 12) 49.82 Erbes. M ch e4 101 90. 171 ErIres. William 1121 49, Itt Erck. Racy (Fac. 1129 hjdi.II. Donald. K»9-U00 Erdall, James 10) 90. 106 Erickson. Kathleen (11)78.160. 125 Erickson. Nancy 11)79.117. lie Rriandsoo. Mar'k Hi78,171 Etc m. Joann . 12) 18. 19. 49. 165. 166 Kahcntrn ThurwaM (Far.) 129 Be fwller. Sams 111 178.113.10) Rvensm.niof.aUH29.78 Evrnven. Nancy 112) 22. 49.54 F httdt. Ili. 17 Fagerlsr. Knvtenlll)78.16 Fatra. Uuria 10)90 Falconer, Drbrail2) Karka . MwhaeilKI 76 Famham. David! 121 19.173 Famharr.. Rnbett4IO)9O.120 Farrell. Suaantll) 78.169 FocOftfc Thing,. . . ? Peck. Penns !10)9! Fee. Kathryn! 10) 91.117 Freermsier, Judith!I2i 49,142 Frtxeh. Sirs rnl 11133.78,120.166.167 Fayerson, PatriciaU D 78.158 Plaid. DaMU) 7$ Field. Douglas 10)91,106.106 Plaid, .lack (10)91. 176 rials. retry!10 Fir ck, Kevin! Fischer. Fischer, F.ti Has Hatch Horn, Flynn. Flvn Fives' F. I Ford. Krhtme 12l 49.160.160 Ford. Caraiynt 10) 116 Fore. Marclll)78 Forsceh, Jeffrey 112)49. 111. 119 Foster. Franklin! 12) Foster. Jeffrey I lODl Vox. Charles!! Jj JsJ. Foy. Barbara! 101 891.161 Fey. Steven l[)2 50.101.102 Frrdrr. Kim 12)50. 166 Fredrickson, f)e!man Far. 129.181 Fredrickson. tavonnWPac 129 i. Ann. 12137.50.142 l. Oout'-silililll 140 '. Barb-vrallOiOI Jill(ll 76.130 . Mark) 12)50.172 mra|12i5o . Susan' 12)50 simread n 37.7M20 ..lamed ID78.: 65 Fripdrichs Mkb» . i11)76,137 Fronk. Ann! 10191.1 in Frykman. Robert! 12 50 Frykman. Staveoi ID 78,120 Fuhr, Ann! 11)78 Fuhr. Hubert! !2l 50,172 Fuller. Ma«y 10) 27.-'1.113.I5Q.I61 Fuller. Stephanie! II) 78 G Caasedelen. Hartksrat 12)« , 113.175 Gaastdeltn, Jon! 10) I GaB. Scott! 12) 50.109 Gagnon. Uoda|!2i D. 19.50.155 Cannon. Susan!! 1178 GaiUgber, Micharli 1117 . 101 Gambrel HlakeU.'l 5.101 Cammed. Ia ei(10l91 Caramel to. Jammi I D 78.102.163 Garberg. Mary tD78 Cattily. Richard! 111 7!r Gaskill. William! 11178.171 Gavin. Ed Fac. 179.139 Gefopicr. Timothy! 10)35.91.1T0 Genemer. Scott) 12! 50.170.172 George. Stephanie 10)91.14 ) GenMchee, Stephen! 10) 91.114.171 Cwrrie. Keboccal 10)91.171 Garval. Mary 112) 50.161 Gethm. Steven 11 Ghost ley, Barbara Gibecai, GregrrytU. Gibson. Saodrai 11) I Gilkey. Scott! 1) Gilla4.Nicolt.il Giovanelll. Kar. OiHl (1'imnailu ... Girts front 116 Girt. VtMnbntlltf Gislaun. Nancy! 12)50 Gvrntod. Sarahi 12)50 Glass. MicKaelll0l89.Ill Gloss. Petartl 1)79 Glockr. Dianne! 12) 50 (Buck. Nancy 112) 50 Glutk. Stevtn 11) 79.166 Goblinwb. Michaai(12) 60.100 Cede, Mark! ID 79 Godfrey. CurtUUOi SO Golden stem. Richard Fac, I 129 Gordon. Janice! Ill 79 Gottachall. Arne 10)91.92 Grabb. Stephen) 11) 79 Craebner. PhyHis(Par) 129 Grafeman. Glenn! 10)91 Granger. Deb«.rahU2) Graves. Thomas! II) 79.101.178 Greer, Joanne) 11179 Grter. Ted)F c.) 129 Cragory. Michae4U0)9l.114.109 Crtvwlu. Sandra) 11) 79 Gnest. Krct 010)91 Griffin. Marvin)Fac ) 129 Greig, Williatnll2j 51,101 186SBsSsS .8 r 5¥- n II § • r KcoL Krnee 11) 117,158,177 Kendrick, Chrittophl SO)92 Kfmdriek. Laurel 12168.171.175 Kopvefler. SbarcaOSI 68.161,171 Korbo . EIUabe4h ll 81.1 » Koilelir. Ron«id Fac.l 101.130 Kouatli, Su ar.(10t92.171 Kraker. Ter e a 11) 81.1 W. 176 Krauae.Ca R 12158,111 Krtmcr, DavidflllR! Kroiif«4..Ronnl(ll 8l Krnppttadt. Shemt 11181 Kuchn. KirhtrdlKor.1130. 1U1 Kuctuter. Uurat Id) 92 Kurnrli. Pet»r 10) 92.171 Kuhlman. FrcdrKkdO) 114 Kuhnley. Cindy(lll81.l70 Kua . Waltart fOl 92.124. 12.3 Kvam. Randi! 10)92.161.160 r« {jldnrr. r, JamreOll 17.01.161 Ladner. KaOilcant 11)81.163 Urhn. Bnanitl) Lake. Candid I) Lake. Robert (Fee 130,139.171 Lamb. Katharine! II) 81.113. MS. M». 10) Umunl. KentUOl Unden. Linda!10)92. D5.I17.16I Until UtadO) Ur.£. Ar.£cUd2)56.USl l.u-vroa,r lu6». 176.177 Unco. Ann) 10192 Unco. Knifed 2)M » Urw«i.David02 58 Unco. Dav»ddO »2 Urtnn. BliabethllDBI Ur oo.Orrr cyd2)6».l» Lamm. Jcecphd 1181.1 W. 110.163 Unuo. Nancy! lOl 92 Latin Out. ITn Ulourell.LeedOlSrt Uugchlln, Deneel(D)8l Uvin. Timothy) 11) 81 Uycui. Stephen) 11)81 Uvtel). Judy i Far 1130.134 Lea. Cindy dt MU, 116.117,166 Ua. I.ynnl 12)33 Uary. AonU0)ff Lee. AmyllllSl Uet. Kimberly! 10 93 Labor. Patricia! 10)93,171 Leighton. KeiddllSl Leietlkow. Mart Hal Far.) 131.104 Unrzewtki, LcofFac.) L31 Leonirk. KniredO) 93.170 Lc i e. WtUtem! II 181.122 Leuty. P«ef(Fac.) 131 Lewie. Dooaldd215d.lJO.l71 Lewi . Mary 111) 91 Lithy. lie ini 101 Lick. Charted 1 Utbcicr. Joanne) IOi Liebtr. Dr. Ralph. 131 Litdl. Patrirki 10) 93 Limbeck. Margo) II) Lindbert Jernmell 1)91,171 Lindbloeo. Dr. Maurice, 131 Liodbcrc. Li»a(12 61,68 Lindborg. Nar.cv dOl 93.1 ' .i Liodemann, Debra) 12) 58,181 Lmdehoim. Debrel 10193 Uat.l wnaUUSl.m Little. I rand 1)81 I»c lmre. Dennti) 10)93.114 Lomauro, GerydDdl.J2S Umaoro. Chrtel 10193,178 Lontbury. Johadl),179 Loobeek, Angelica!! I) 81 Loo becks, Maria! 12)58 Loonvi . Willtamdll Lorimer. Bonn ted 0)93 Loveaa, Mark! 11)81. 108. 107 Love. Patricia! 12i 59 Lowell. Jame»dl 81 Lowell. Robert (12) 59.172 Loebke. Cyn«hiaU0 Lund. John! 12) 31.»,S®.1«.166 Lundeen John! 10) 03 Mach. Marvi 11)8|,||7 Math. Stuann il2)27 9 Macholda. Judyl II) 81 MacGregor, Laurie! 10)93 MacKererh. DaSHFar.)35.131 Mae Lean. Robert 110)93.170 M u»ueoo, Patwi a( 11) 82.177 Mahoney. Timothy! 11) 82 Mair, NaacydJI 59,17? .............)) 93.116.! 17.166,170 bethd I) 82.117 (11182 line! 13) 69.61.172 0(11)82.150.165 -------------- M,m Menthry. 171 Markun. Diai HI2) 50.172. ITS M arkun. Jay on 10) 93.113. It March. Dan Far ) 13) MarthalL Robert! 12)59 Martin! JameM 11) 82.107 Mao pi ) 82.135 M 11,129 121 tydll82.118.119.122 94.170 Metcalfe. I.indai 12) 60 Meyer. Donald!fee.) 132 Meyer. UureldO) Meyer. PaulllI)82.169 [12) 62,60.161.162,163 Miller. Charir.dO) Miller. Renby! 10) 94,(70 Miller. Grant!! 1162.163.181 Millet. Kinean nd 1)82 Miller. Satan! 10) 94 Miller. Suian L.(10) 94,161.166.109 Milled, Marciad 1182 Mill . KricdOl 94 Mill . Su anne(Fac.l 132 Mltallnc, Daru m(Fac.) 132.164 Mitchell. Barbara! 12)60.156.169 Mitcheil. Jennifer) 11182 Molfa. EraililO) 165 Morn. Linda!Far.) 132 Mceuon. Kathleen!! IKS. I5S.17I Mootlino. Mitharld 1)82 Moore, George! 11182.196 Moore. Raymond!) 1)82.111 Moore, Temd2 60.150.151 Moran. Cotolyn! 10) 94 Moran. J«ae(l 1)81117.158 Moran John! 11)«. 106 Moran. Patricia! 10) 94 Mortcand, Barbara! 12160.175 Montand. Robert!! 2) » Morine. Timothy! ID 81175 Mormon. Scout 10194 Mork. SuiannilO) 94.117 Moae. Cynthia! 11)82,159 Murph l n'fldnSl 107,126 Mutko, KrWdO)94.l57 Miake. Sunni 10) 94.167,161 Myen. Cynthia!) 1)62 MyUrbwt, Andr all2)60,156 Seat, Crete III) Naa . Jennifer (10194,116 Noaby. Gregory (12) 60 Notwwk. Harm (Fa .) 132 Nettie), Charlea (12) 60,173 Nrllrraooe. Darcy HO) 94 Nellrrtnoe. David 112) 60 Nelaea. Armi 132 N’eteeet. Karbara (12)60. 148.149, 184, 191 Neltco. Linda (10)91 N'cLoo, Philip (10) '.‘4 Nr lion. Richard (111 83 Neteoo. Robert 10) 94.106 Nebon. -Scott (11) 83.10! Nelton. Sheryl d I (83 Nerhrim. Brian (10) 94.96.181 Neefc t, Scott (11)83 Nr, in, David 111) 83 Nrvio. Martha (10)' 4 NKbolt.Strveo|II)83.1(tt Nickander. Kent 111) 83 Nil tea. Gregory (10) itt.114 Nolle. Barbara (Far.) 132 Noolren. Dtbra (12 61.1 8,164. 191 Norbeck, Scott (12)61 I«6.168,109 Nord, Bernadette 10)94 Norgrrn, Jeffrey 110194.124 N'oretod. Scott (For ) 132. 137 Nocqtuet Wendy(11)83 Norwich. Craig (12) 18.61.104. U» Novcw. Maria (12)37.61. 160.161 Nugent. Nancy fl 1183,135 Nubia, Steves (12) 61 Nybeck. Jame.flH8J.J71 Obeen. Nancy (11)83.178.3 . 166 O'Brim. Rcet(Fee O'Connell, Daniel (12)61 O'Connell. Kathleen (10194. 149. 164. 191 O’Cooour. Mary dO) O'Connor. Patrick (10) 114 Odean. Kathryn (10) . O'Donoxhue, ban (12)6) O'Doooghuc. Davie (10)94 O'Dowd. Cob (12)61 OeUchUgrr. Sally 110) 171.178 OE171 173 0«ren,AUFac.l 132 O'Leary. Lytvn(12)6l. 166.169.177 O leary. R«harddO)»4.t6eg«a.B«brail )fi.i ? 0! r».Breot (12)61. II OCw». David 12161 cx«xi.n»»irf iom.iii «».», DeanlFac.) I32.l33.l0fi.lff7 (Ntoa. J «wy(10) 94.144.161 OtMn. Linda! 12 62. II7.U3.1M tK.oo Nancy! III M71 (Ktflfl. Philip! Ill 33,101.102.1 IX113 CXvrio, Ran ftM0l94.17l ck«o. Rdurtnoniiea iw.iw 04 too. TWxnu (12162. IU. 11 0'N u.Tmu(r«r) 132 (Moira 160.107 Oreo. Kathinm! 12163.172 Onmttln. Jmol 12162.122 Orcnetem. Nancy! 11) 3 Orfidd. John 12) B Orfield. MazyMO) 94.171 Orndoefl. Ph.lltofllVtt.Wl Orrban.DebratlOi 94.163 OtoMt. MazytlllA3.1S6,l6S.I76 Otto. MxbM4M2l62.li2.IT3 (Vanin. Andrew (12) 62. 101.100.106 Ownu. KatluTM «9.ft2.166 Okhv, Michael! 10) 94 Pace. Cynthia) 10194.171 Pauni. T»rr»ai 11)63,164 Palroehn. 1 oimd 10) 4.153 Palmar. Kimbatlv(l2)63.I50.ISI.I« Palmar. Krtellnl 10194,166.176 Papp . TVxna.ill) i.l«8 Patera. Michael! 12)63.100.101 Pat.naau. Drborahtft)63 Patriot! JuditbllO) 94.170.171 Pauzh. DnnaldlII 83.101 PauTaan. Tarr»a( 12) 63,172 Paulaan. Todl 10) 4 Paujacn. Jamral 12163.161 Paulaon, Juliet I0I94.1T1 Pavok. Timll2l 674. 66. Pear on. Jaflrrvl 12)S3 Paamon. ThomaaflO) 89.94. 11 . 178 IVk. I) v,d( t2H 3 Paddsa. Monicaf! I) Pr.W.n. Susanna!12i 28.6}. UK, |ft« 1»I Pelt, hredanckM ) Pander ,!. Kevin MO) 4.120 Prnner. Suian 112)671.146.140 191 Pepper. Ann'11 Kl Perkin . Undadll 63.161.164 Peraon. lul tall 1)83.150.157,161 Peatman. WUIiain l21 (13,173 Pet ar». John! 12) 63.1» Pet emeu, 0 ar!iw4l.!) Pal man. St rv an! 10) 4 Peterwo, Aileeol 10) 94.167 Petenoe, EikU3)6l Petetxco. Gay! 11)83 Peter , ., Jamnt III »| . PMataofl, MaiVUI) Pletmoo. Mary E 10)94.161 Petarxen. Maiy E.( 10) 94.174 Peter ,. Mdry K.tl I) 83.136 Peter ,. Mkhaa4 l I) 63.122 JMer»oo.Rob n(ll)?7.«.l6! Petenon.Scotttl 1)83,166 Pat araon, Thomaa 111) 83 Petry.ChariealFac.) 120.121.132,141 Patty. Jeffrey! 12) PM pa. DabraM2) 64.170 Piarca. Sandy 112) 61 Pit 1. MazyflO) 4.161.171 PiUer. Sanfordi 10194 11) 77,83.136 ‘l M 27,30 3,166.169 94.168 12) 22.64. ICO. 106 Plattar, Qitaheth llumntr, David! 1 Pnehlee. William! Pollock. David! II Pollock. Suian MO Polilou. Stephen Dinar. Batin Poctar. IMr IVt tattoo. Su an) 11) i reluio, CqInmOO) Ptantica. Kali Prettrud. Mark(10)94 Prea Uud. Robert! 12) 64 Ptiabc. Davidl II) 83 Prior. NincyMO)94 ihi nnun a f'u.6 171,175 Pryor. Donald! Fac.) 132 Pum 1ia.Carf M2)ft4,140.lMI Pumilia. Marty! 10) 4.161.115 Putman M.chad (10)31, 36.9t. 153.174 n, Catherine 10) 4 in. Mar aratM2) 1B.64.1W gvati. Mary! 1216MW '2 SavrfU.maa.il. M. £« Raiidlo. Anthony 110)9-1 Ready. Michael! 10 RedCtw 161 Bred Debra!I2l 64.1,2.175 Rrcd. Kaith(10)94 Keaaa. Dabra(U)83 Regan. Patrick! 11) 83,100 ann.Dawd.il)« ,R hard'K c.1132.173 4. Mart t Far I 106 . Robert U0) 181 Sutanlll) A3 (11)83.161 , I Hobart 132 (11)83.171 .MarthallOV 96.117 l r Cor dec 132 ay(l2 46,189.171 Richard . KevanllO) Re-hard lichaelM2) 37.64.71 61 Richard Thoioail 12 15.64.161 m y. Nancy! 10) , y, Nancyt 12)64 !■ 7 "liar. KcJandl!!) W. W8.I® lilcr, SuaanUUM vld. David(l 1)63.140 ,Mark(M»95 Riv»ll.r4t«f(10) RoUrt Paul! 10) 95.1H Su.an! 11183.171 I K-C Kathleen' 12) 64.166.1M R »hett oc'. RkhardM.'i64,l6fi.U,. Roberta .. Scott. 101 5 Rohmvnd OUha(12) 64,162 Roch Karrydl) -} - Roche. MaryfWJW-W7 Rod. Randy! 12) % RolUn . RoJ A 11 Sa S23('w£ sst.'ssas®. SSggggWn 10.•land «« Roy. Mary(ll)W.»W KuW. Jamea(lW» Rubm. Rfhtn»l2 R.i'2v Ry an. Mary! I D M l snar 8mm. David! 10) 5.120 Sama. LVni|t)a ( 10) 06. Sama. Sutanlll) 83 Sandbrtf ilnierf11184,1 SundbcTf. Jimathant 10) ‘ Snr.den Mail, 11) Sander . Suaant 12165,141 Sanden. Thereat 17i 65.1 SanfUipt», lOibart. 10) 95. SanvUla, Dav.dlFae llW Sana. GabfMilID 1 1.163 Sauart Coralll 84,172.17 Savrr, RnbartlFar 1101.112.12 Saire ThoMarf 11184, ittllXIS Saxton. Sandrat 11)84 Sarfon. Scot 1110) 96 Scarbvo-jxh. Koxana4ll) ScKMftr. Hij4bathtll)27,84.l7K Schaffhauaan. Ira' 10132 5.1S0 Sc hall. CatynM 2) 36 B.71 Sr hall. Jane 1 176.177.191 Schall r.Su»an(12l Schamuhn. Sheilal 1 2) 36-63,150 Schlacter. Bonnie! 1 1)84 Schmid. Patrick! lOi Sr hmtdt. Rradiev 11 2)66.100.10! Srhmidt, Steven! 11 184. 106 Schmitz. Elicabathi Fac ) 132 Schmttker. Richard 112) 66.101 Scbnohrxh. Scotlll Srhnobnch. William Schoantaldar. Mark! Sehcanteldar, Matt) Scbnrdar. C AI Schulj, Jr«n F» Schultie. Gary I: Schwalbe. Lynn Schwa)bt. San dra 12) «. Schwarr. Carrie! 10) 96,1 Schwanr. Janet! I2l 66 Schwarl t. LaronnaM 11 Schuan, Scot 1(12)66 Scofirfd. Cra, lll84 Seaman. Richard!!!) Saar . C at hlaan! 10) 95 Saar . Jeffrey M2 « Srdfwick. Nancy! 11)» 4.166. Iff fiadofl. CMalatll) 64.14 . 177.178.191 54.156.165 166,167 See her. D«braM' )0;,l .Seller . Pamela 10) ON, SatviK. Johnll 1) 34.171 Satvi . Thnmai' 10) 9'. SemenVewita. PeteiMO Senior. David! 11) 81 Senior. John! 12) 67.106 Sciton. Ji n(12) 32,67 Shannon. Lafel 12) 67.173 Shaver. Jeu(l3) 67.172 Shaw. David! 12J 67 Shdtnn. Barbara!II .21,29 4.161 Shrtiherd. Michaalllll84.165.164 Sherman. Stephen! 12) fifi. 67. tOf., 107. 142 Sherry. Steven! 11) 84.101.1 IS Sickman, MarylFac.) IS) Sled. MatlhaMD76.84 141. 149,191 Sila . Scott! 10)96.171 Sllha. AlxeM2l 18.67,165.1(11 Simmona. Jatr-eat 11) 84.1W. 1 (17 Simona . Jamevll2l 67,172 Stialt. UobartMDSl Sivarla, AUral 12) 101.1-V4.162 Ska(erbar(. Coeiana! 11) At. 141.161 .SAuitf 118.) I9.11S Skluaacak. Gcore« Fac.) 133 Sloaaee. KatiMlO) 96.166.178 SmanU. DannMO)ft5.!40.170.m Smtad. Frtff!IO)95 Smadvi . Markfl2)»u67.ia6.l(» Smith. Ally on(10)tW Smith. Care 111) 32.84.Ml.165.17 Smith.!' KranklinM!)84 Smith. Dehoea(U)84.163 Smith. Jr(frevMO) 96.171 Smith K.thrrinaA M0)».lT0. r A (111 Smith Uocetl2)S5.fi7 Smith. Linda! 12)67 Smith MarearetMli Smith Mark!SO)96 Smith Mart in M2) 671901974 Whigrean Staff Editor-in-chief ........ Assistant editor ....... Student Life co-editors assistant............ Seniors editor ......... assistants........... Underclass co-editors ... assistant............ Sports co-editors assistant............ Academics editor ....... assistants .......... Organizations co-editors assistants .......... Gopy editor ............ assistants........... Business editor ........ assistants........... Advisor ................ Business Advisor ....... ... Susan Penner ... Nancy Stoner ... Kathy Baker Sue Pehrson Mary Ellen Ward r? Sue Stoner ... Mary Denker Marcia Jones ... Kathy Lamb Janny Schall Kendall Johnson John Deckenbach Jeff Hoi ker .. . Gussie Sedoff .... Sue Student . •. Kay O’Connell Sharon Bjerken ... Barb Johnson Molly McGlynn ... MarthaSieff Margo Symchych . Debby Nooleen .... Betsy Wray Kim Degeberg Barb Nelson . Chris Heegaard Jenny Hjelle ....Ron O’Brien . Richard Kuehn We Made It With The Help Of: A large group of companies, professional associates, and fellow students that cooperated in making our yearbook as unique as the year was. We’d like to thank: Burt Hedstrom and the American Yearbook Company for making all 192 pages possible. Orlando Scherling. Scott Knight. Pat Scherling and Scherling-Pletsch Studios for materializing pictures that once were only ideas. Marilyn Cagle, Dave Carlson. Mrs. Cavert. Mr. KUedge, Curt Godfrey. Julie Heegaard. Dave Langholz, Kevin McKeman. Mark Moran. and Ben Porter for their photography with an extra special thanks to Jim McDonald. Jill Hanson for the cover, artwork, and lettering. Our patrons for their helpful contributions. Mr. Kuehn for helping us do as much as we could with what little we had. Mr. O'Brien for pulling through his first year of a city book. Mrs. Wilbright and Mr. McCarthy for tolerating noisy neighbors. Parents of cars, deadlines, and parties for accommodating 27 rowdy kids. Secret Mission and Kay Dub for sparking editor enthusiasm. Carly. Duane Gregg, Doobies. Steve, Kdgar, Elton and -Jim for inspiration. The 3 Stoner Sis’ (Cliche Mouth. Clammy. Trip.) We’d especially like to thank our unique staff for soggy pillows, nervous breakdowns, and a heckuva good book.Graduates — You’ve Come A Long Way (Baby?). The glory of graduation excites Nancy Stoner and Debby Nooleen so much that Debby feels obligated to show off her braces. Graduation “Our class was always said to be rowdy, and at graduation we proved we were!” Scott Schnobrich (12) “The funniest part of graduation was when Char Curry fell down the stairs and bent the railings.” Judy Brown (12) “I was standing next to Cindy Kennedy and when it was our groups turn to stand up. she looked at me and said. ‘My God Barb we’re graduating!” Barb Nelson (12) “It was really neat to sit in the front row and watch all the people fall down the stairs. They were so slippery and I thought for sure I would fall too!” Nancy Dunne (12) “It didn’t seem like I was graduating because I was already in Vo Tech!” Eric Sahlsteen (12) “Graduation was so fantastic because everyone was so nice to each other. It was a perfect way to end the year.” Kim Herzog (12) “I couldn’t believe I made it through the graduation ceremony but the thought of the senior party made chimes ring in my ears!” Isabel Ringing (12) Being in a wheelchair wouldn’t keep anyone, especially Jim Charlie Peterson expresses himself as he Frey from receiving the long awaited for diploma. speaks at graduation. IMom and Dad reward seniors with useful What other time could seniors get together and have a good time? prizes — hockey sticks and beer mugs. Of course, only at a good game of Bingo! Mr. Dornseif looks on with no surprise to Barb Wheeler's putt proving his theory that girls and golf don’t mix. Meanwhile, Katie Kelly shows by her form that Edina does have its share of girl putters. Seniors Pull Through Their Last YearScott Norbeck gazes in amazement at his baby picture wondering how he could turn out so well. Senior Party “The part I thought was the most fun was watching the parents’ faces." Cindy Kennedy (12) “I thought both bands were just great and I danced all night. I had more fun than I’ve had in a long time.” Kathy Jensen (12) “I think that the senior party was really worth waiting twelve years for and I was so sorry that it couldn’t have lasted another day or two!” Caryn Scholl (12) “Senior party was a good opportunity to have the time of your life with all your closest friends and the kids you had gone to school wit h for so long. I had a good time reminiscing with old chums!” Molly McGlynn (12) “I think alot of people realized how much fun they could have without the help of‘foreign beverages’. Anonymous “I’d like to know who that was that streaked down West Woodland after graduation!” Teri Engelbert (12) 3 KSTP’s Smokin’ Joe Hagar proved by the faces of Steve Polsfuss and Nancy Evenson, that one can combine work with pleasure.Prom’s Enchantment Entices Many Students Frank Foster gives a hearty smile because of the amount of fun he is having at prom with Heidi Brehm. Prom “The dance was the best part of the evening. It was a good chance to talk to the kids who went. The best places to go for dinner were Charlie’s and the Radisson South.” Debbie Lindemann (12) “We went to Lord Fletcher’s and everything was great, except that I forgot my I.D. card and no one at our table could have any wine.” Mary Ellen Ward (12) “I didn’t hear the band. We were too busy doing other things. Everyone was really close, you could reach all the girls on the dance floor. I definitely think that the dinner at the St. Paul Hilton was by far the best part of the evening.” John Brenny (ID “The dance was the best part of the evening. It was great being with all of the people that went. It was a really good evening.” Charlie Lick (11) "One of the best parts of the evening was before we picked up the girls. We all met at Duffs and it was then that we finally realized what we were getting into. I will never forget the Junior-Senior prom because the whole evening turned out bet-er than I had ever expected. Scott Mc-Garvey (12) 4 One of the formalities of prom providies that couples sign themselves into the guest book as guests of prom. Paul Hartley is waiting in front of the Calhoun Beach Manor to do so.As the photographer arranges Joe VVetstone and his date should be taken other than what the photographer for their prom picture, they decide that maybe the picture has originally suggested. Prom is really a good place to converse and have fun, especially for Sally Hoyt and Rick Cramer. 5“These people dressed as they are’ Leading the girls through some tough choreography. Diana Kethlake entertain fellow bandies. concentrates on her part of this enchanting dance. Band Smash “The choreographers were fantastic. They knew what they were doing and I really learned how to dance!” Ann Doepke (10) “1 liked this years’ theme of Leonard Bernstein because he has alot of good music that’s enjoyable to work with. I didn’t like the long practices but in the end they were worth it.” Bob Sanfilippo (10) “Working with the choreographers was real interesting and it was great to see that end of entertaining.” Dan Stouten-burgh (10) “Leonard Bernstein was a great person to do. His music is hard and 1 think the Varsity Band did a good job with it thanks to Mr. Lake." Judy Patzloff (10) “Do you really care?” .. . “What’s in the water bottle?” .. . “What did I think of the long practices? I’d better not say!” ... "Three cheers for Myron!” Anonymous Dressed in bow tie and knickers, Steve Burbidge, straining to keep his balance, reads about Bernstein to the audience. Varsity Band Smash Includes Choreography 6“What Do You Say To A Streaking Roman?” Slaves Robyn Pearson and Paul Zech good-heartedly follow their masters’ commands to dance the tango for the banquet guests. Latin Week “Being in charge of the vestals virgins for the first time this year and working with the girls was alot of fun, but when we had to get up in front of everyone and dance it was pretty embarrassing!” Carol Tarbox(JJ) “I think it was alot more fun for the slaves than the masters and in general the whole thing was more fun than I had expected.” Paul Zech (10) “We had Blake school along with us at the Olympic Races and I think it would have been more fun if the two schools would have been better acquainted.” Cindy Luepke (10) “The Olympic Games could have been better, but Bridgeman’s was great!” Bruce Pot ter ton (9) “Latin Week for Edina East Latin Club really went well this year. We had the Olympic Games against Blake in which we won the overall title and a few specific titles.” John Lonsburgy (11) “It’s fun just as long as cars don’t break down right around breakfast time!” Anonymous 7 Posed like an ancient Roman statue, Barb Gaasedelen reflects on the past week.East Trackmen Fight All The Way To State Vanity Track: Row I — S. Chalker. J. Bin ft. S. Sundet, J. Stasney. R. Bushman. B. Porter. S. Hanson. R. Corey, D. Larson. Row 2 — M. Walker, D. Murphy. L. Cerf. R. Dorsey. B. Bolin. J. Squires. M. Patera. B. Greig. D. Paugh. Row 3 — T. Carter. B. Loomis, J. Orenstein. J. Egg . T- Kl 1 • ' Nelson. S. Gethin, P. Olson. A. Horecky, A. Overman. M. Goblirsc . McGarvey. G. Johnson. J. Becker. Track “Our successful track season was sparked by dedication and hard work.” Phil Olson (11) “The season started out slow but it ended up pretty good this year. We had no time for hash browns!” Mike Goblirsch (12) “Everyone put their efforts together to make a really great team.” Gary Johnson (12) “This years practices were marked by sore legs and early morning workouts.” Joe Stasney (12) “A brew or two is good for you!” Anonymous “I think it would have helped a great deal if we had a few more spectators at our track meets to cheer us on.” Anonymous 8 Leading the race. Hornets Mike Goblirsch and Scott McGarvey exhibit, for the crowd, a perfect hand-off with the ever important baton.JV Track: Row — M. Erbes, D. Jones, A. Holtum, S. Carson, J. Vigdahl, G. Manthey. Row 2 — T. Flashkamp, M. Gregory'. B. Brown, R. Bransford, T. Hayes, M. Han- son. Row 3 — S. Laycux, D. Wnttson, B. Bowles, B. Ze- . , . , „ man, J. Mertes, D. Olson, P. Cavanor. 'n exhausted Gary Johnson shows victory. Only faithful track fans can bear the cold today. Giving it his all not to touch the bar, Joe Egge strains. 9To ihe pitcher’s dismay. Jinx Carlson smashes a hard thrown pitch over the Craig Woodruff shows us his form by deliver-left field fence and starts on his tour of the bases. jngacurve ball to a wary batter. Bill Thayer finds that even the best of us miss the ball once in awhile. Catcher Steve Nichols waits for the ball. Varsity Baseball: front Row n t Two - B. Lntiedt. P. CamDh n x, B SuPP e«. C. Boosalis. M. McElligort c M v . O'Donoghue. B. Thayer C W !' M' Cano11- J- Carlson. R. Engler. K. McCarthy D Bruner- G NUle ■ ■ r- T. Smith. M. Burify, M,. Nom h'" - B H d 10Edina East Nine Encounters Tough Season Waiting patiently for medical attention. Bill White, who had just suffered a leg injury, endures the agony. Baseball “It was a good year although we didn’t win as many games as we had hoped to, but we had fun playing and that’s what counts.” Bill Thayer (12) “The highlight of the year was Mr. Haddorf’s rabbit joke!” Frank Foster (12) “I think that the highlight of the year was Franks’ guppy and his frog! We didn’t have much talent on the team but we sure had alot of fun!” Bill White (12) "The season wasn’t a very productive one but it was a good experience for me.” Marty Burley (10) “Nics we’re watching you!” Love, Chico, Frank, and Tom "It seems that one of the disadvantages of the season is that we had a young team this year.” Craig Woodruff (12) "Working together as a team should build up spirit and make each member want to put forth all they’ve got to make the team better. That is something we could have concentrated more on this year.” Anonymous. JV: Front Row — J. Turnbull, P. Costello. M. Fore, M. Suttle, H. Branyon. Row Two — J. Hippc. B. King. G. Curtis. P. Bankey, T. Wires. D. Risvold. Back Row — Mr. Fischer, J. Sullivan, L. Hauskins, J. Ingman, J. Anderson. IIVarsity Tennis: Front Row — D. Barden, B. Marshall, G. vin, G. Code, S. Peterson, G. Jensen. T. Lund. B. Famham. Mr. Gohlke, J. Anderson, M. Hempel, G. Swendseen. B. Arnold, S. Greer. , Nesbit, D. Howard. Back Row — Mr. Matlon, G. Larson, B. Er- Tennis "Contrary to what people may think, tennis takes guts!” Frank Bennett (ID "I think the most enjoyable part of being on the tennis team is the satisfaction of getting something you’ve worked hard for.” Don Howard (10) "Tennis was really fun this year and throughout the season we really go together as a whole.” Dave Dom (9) “I think the best part of being on the tennis team is just being able to play tennis!” Steve Katkov (9) "Everyone in school was saying that we were losing because we had such a bad team, when it was really the best team we’ve ever had. The seniors were a fantastic help.” Scott Nesbit (II) "The turnout for Junior Varsity this year was remarkable. All of the guys who made the team really worked hard.” Jim Maunder (11) “The sad thing about the tennis team is that Varsity has nothing to do with J.V.” . . “Think tennis!” .. . "How about it Bill?” Anonymous 12 Greg Gohlke strains for a high shot while his doubles partner Bob Marshall waits anxiously in his ready position.East Netters Finish Second In The Conference Anticipating a triumphant shot, Bob Marshall Giving his complete concentration. Mark Hempel uses his dy-uses his backhand to smash the ball. namite serve to completely psyche out his opponent. JV: Front Row — J. Moran. R. Johnson. D. Dom. F. Bennett. J. son. J. Cardie. J. Maunder, B. Sanfilippo. S.Kavanaujth. Mr. Ladner. T. Pearson. S. Katkov. Back Row - B. Gleason. B. Peter- Szendry. 13East Golf Team Gives West Team The Victory Valuable senior, Mike Dosen, exhibits perfect balance by staying on his toe and keeping his hat on.Golf "I think that this year the golf team had a rather disappointing season individually, but we had great team effort.” Mike Dosen (12) “We had a much better season than the coach expected us to!” John Senoir (12) “The seniors really helped the freshmen out alot and we appreciated it. Being able to use three different golf courses to practice on was a big help for the team” Steve Pepper (9) “Nasby full of bubbles!” Anonymous “Popeye ... Bubbles ... Snakes!!!” .Anonymous 15 Front Row: J. Sexton. T. Hoik, S. Pepper, L. Warmath, B. Christenson. Back Row: Coach Mr. Beaver. B. Zollars, G. Nasby. L. Johnson. M. Dosen, C. Deckas. J. Senior.Edina Students Honored For Outstanding Efforts Quill And Scroll: Row I — S. Stoner, N. Stoner. K. Kolara. N. bach. K. Rouner. L. Cerf, S. Potterten. D. Nooleen. Missing — J. Dunne, B. Mall. S. Pehr on. Row 2 — M. Warner. S. Penner, S. Holker, M. Jones. S. Hoyt. Schamuhn, M. Wrard. J. Brown. K. Palmer, M. Maney, J. Decken- Martin Smith, along with Jim Peterson and Jeff Petty, who are missing, are the National Merit Scholarship winners. 16n -v ij "’ ft ■ T-. 1 '" - -mm • . • • v V«, .»-' - r A "■ „ ' ? b.' -♦ n - i j r

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