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Edina Morningside High School - Whigrean Yearbook (Edina, MN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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 »Whigrean Edina High School Edina, Minnesota Volume 22—1972 i 1 .Ixlina High School- its filial year. 1972. seeking new ways to join.. .cope. . . compete. . .escape. . . rcbe concerned less with conformity than with oneness. given to l c individuals, not masses. finding their own answers in I heir own way. a finale of hope for a school with a proud history.4 At High School Smokers Cause Concerr . ■ ■ - • It r W.J t.« ......... 'r-u IV tf « ir.li-i ui iiMiit I Vliilj h I . fi MU'.• • .M.« — • . ••«• • ■!» Kilt ■! • MMM M.'MM. • Ill Ukr t U lrf l r.»M JuM I'. II- ■. Jt f .ftV iikikn ni-4 I., , IM X«Vt l» .W-i kU IllrnlW IVll fr% . .1 ••11 Urn »««. f. 1 ir ■ 4.11 Ifiun k N (, ir. U» Km mi Ik iv vnotm • .W.lll l. W.u .. J Ik, i» r U.t M v - •4i»nl» || i mng w-i 1 « w M IVtrl.i ' f.»l 4 .'1 . 1 it r • .J».-. • .It. KIM. ll INI hfiMI M '.VO l»'. 5I'.dina I ligli School. . . twenty-two years ol constantly changing names and laces. faces that meet and merge. . . then go their separate ways faces that change, but underneath, kids that really do not. the same kids struggling through t he halls, w bother in saddle shoes or desert boots. for each and all. a varying battle to pass those tests, to win those games, to graduate.CO9I'ldina I li li School. .. a record of excellence in academies . .. athletics. . .activities. a roll of students and teachers and coaches who have achieved honor. a heritage founded in pride, ambition, and an appetite to excel. a legend of striving to he better, to he lx‘St, to he number one.12ei16CONTENTS 171950’s 1960’sI rv i CsY) Z . CM ( XX? uXJuAA, b- rt£tu T r m L yi tloyzLCf QA“6ms jLi yicp 0 ( COucOfi: u£ t U2£rL J 1972Administration School Officials Name Dr. Ralph Lieber As New Superintendant “Assistant principals arc horrid ogres: how can we possibly live up to this image?’’ James Hanson (assist, principal) ... “It distresses me to no end, when dealing with students who are having serious problems, that the Iwst that can be done is to treat the immediate symptom. It seems that is all that is done to “band-aide” the student and hope they will gel well. Wouldn’t it be super if the faculty and the desire was such that cures could be initiated and the "band-aide treatment eliminated?’’ Jim Fleming (assist, principal) . . . ’ Two high schools in Edina will greatly increase the opportunities for student participation in all phases of extra curricular activities." Roland Ring (principal) ... "Forecasting what an assistant principal will be involved in during the next hour on the next day is in the same class as forecasting the weather in both instances. Movement of the controlling winds in the upper atmosphere follow well known paths, but cos-miely trivial surface irregularities have a nasty way of giving birth to a stormy low when only hist sunny skies seemed a sure thing for the day ahead." Duane Baglien (assist, principal) ... “Happiness is being called to the assistant principal's office and learning that you were turned in as absent from a class and you have a legitimate excuse for the absence. It is also having a student say to their teacher. “I really enjoy your class." Jim Fleming (assit. principal). . . Win or lose. Howard Merriman demonstrates his enthusiast for the Fdina Ilornets by leading his own cheering section. Or. Spencer Meyers — superintendent of st hoots — B.A. from Iliram College, M BA. from Northwestern University Or. Cordon Hholl director of secondary education - B A. from St Cloud. M Kd and 0 Kd from University of North Dakota. Donald Pryor director of business affairs — M.A . Specialist in Kd — Certificate at U of M. Holland Ring — principal — B.S and M Kd. from the U of M Raymond Bet h-tie secondary curriculum coordinator. Donald Buehler — administrative assistant in instruction and special services — Western Washington State and Wayne State I James Chapman — administrative assistant for research — attended Macalaster and I of M 20Duane Baglien — assistant principal B.S. and M K l from the I of M — Specialist in Administration from St Tltomas James Fleming — assistant principal II A. from AuRustaua and M.A from I of M CtorRf Furncy Instruction consultant St ('loud State. Northern loss a I James Hanson — assistant principal — B S from St Cloud State and M S. from U of M Douglas lied A-V consultant — St Cloud State and the I of M Marses I.ositun — psychologist B A from U of M and M A from I Diversity of loss a Hosvard Mcrriman — athletic director B S from St Cloud State and M F.d from I of M Ingrid Miller — library services consultant Crand View and Maealastcr. I of M. Armi Nelson — communications consultant I- M I) ami i: of M I)r. Arnold Kchmann — psychologist B.S.. M A.. and Ph. I) from I of M Hod Schmidt — coordinator of guidance services — Maealastcr and the I of M Marie Wyatt - instruction consultant B.S. from University of Minnesota and M.Kd. from University of Illinois 21 ven o’clock in the morning is loo confusing for tanc Baglien as lie trys to park cars.Joyce Cavanaugh — head librarian — I of M . Mankato State College, and St. Cloud State College. F.linor Colcbnnk — librarian for overnight and reference I rooks — attended U. of M Trcffle Daniels librarian — received 15 S. from I'M I) and M.A from U. of M. Richard I.ura — audio-visual coordinator — 15.A from I.other College. Doing his best to look industrious. library-aid Murray Crosby shelves books as one of his duties. PTA OFKICr.RS: FRONT ROW — Virginia White. Allen Koehler. Carol Wilt ; BACK ROW — Martin Jordan. Charles Deckas, Dickinson Wilt . George White 22 on to lx the now superintendent of the school system, Ralph ieber addresses the school hoard members. Library, School Board, PTA New A-V Coordinator Stimulates Growth Of Film Materials "I find library work more challenging because there's more information and knowledge involved than in teaching.'' Treffle Daniels (lib) ... “I’d been half living in libraries all of m life, and I felt I would Ik of service as a librarian. I find it most rewarding to be in the middle of so much talent all of the time.” Elinor Colebank (lib) . "Most people don't come to the library for books, but to talk and that's good Glenn Smith (12) ... “We tr to buy books that make kids think and laugh.” Joyce Cavanaugh (lib) ... “The School board should make the learning process more meaningful for students and faculties. It is also our responsibility to try and make the laculty feel more like educators, rather than just teachers Dr. John Hoyt (chrm.) . . . The main goal of the School Board this year, is to be in the position for the opening of the new high school. However, we still feel representing the aspirations of the community for their children’s education is the most important job we have. The School Board and superintendent are not one entity.” Dr. Charles Baranauckas (assist, clerk) . . "The PTA is a communication link between the school and the parent. Wo strive to promote activities not in the realm of high school jurisdiction.” Martin Jordan (PTA treas) ... I joined the PTA because I felt that it would be very interesting now that the new high school is being built. Dick Wilt .(PTA vice-pres)... I)r. John Hoyt — Chairman of School Board Harriet Herb School Board Vice Chairman David Hansen Clerk for School Board Grant North — School Board Treasurer. Dr. Charles Baranauckas Kdina School Board member Otto Bvhrc Kdina School Board member Dr. Maurice l.indblom Kdina School Board member. 23Charlotte Beegle secretary in the third floor counseling office for Mr. Downs anil Mr. Jordan Mary Cozzetto — secretary in third floor office — It A. from Lawrence University and M.A. from U. of Michigan. Lois Engel — school nurse — B.S. in Public Health Nursing from U. of M Vivian Cue take — secretary in the second floor counseling office for Mrs. Corson. Mr. Hall, and Mrs. Pettijohn, Virginia Hull — stenographer in main office — tends the counter. lone Johnson clerk in main office — bookkeeper for student eluhs and organizations works in ixrok store. Juanda Larsen — secretary in the first floor counseling office — B.A. from Sioux falls College Karin Madsen secretary to principal Holland Bing. Mary Fran Nelson — secretary to athletic director Mr. Mcrri-man — B.A. from Crinncll College. Wilma Steele — secretary for assistant principal Mr Haglicn. Delores Y'cencn-dall — switchboard operator. 24 After slaving over the many hot stoves, the cooks treat themselves to a hearty meal wit! intent of fulfilling the state's nourishment requirements.Debbie McDonald looks upprclionsiveix at the prospect of Lois Engel administering Dr. Pepper as her reniedx Special Services Cries Of No Seconds Are Heard Despite Excellent Hot Lunches “Every morning we rush around getting the food in the cafeteria in time for the first line of boys and girls. It really is fun. there must be something interesting here, as this is my tenth year.’ Helen Hage(cook)... "I didn’t like my old job. so I went to an employment agency and this is what they came up with—it sounded good. 1 like a carefully guarded secret, but it’s the kids. I mean, it doesn’t make me feel young again or anything, hearing them talk and seeing them act. but 1 thoroughly enjoy watching!" Juanda I irson (sec)..."I administer to students with minor complaints, which are merely an outward expression of the tensions and pressures they are experiencing. Too much importance is placed on grades and not enough on individual wants and performances.’’ Lois Engel (nurse) .. "I like any kind of school work, but this kind lx st. The lx st part is working with the kids and their parents. The parents don’t usually call for disiplinars action. because this isn’t the principal’s office, but they’re just concerned parents wanting to know how their kids are doing, and we tell them." VivGuetzke (sec) ... The pop machine makes the biggest mess as spring comes around. The kids get more restless so there’s more work. I think it will Ik better when we get the new school, because conditions won t be so crowded. Marvin Lvddon tcust) ... a prepares itself for the oncoming baseball season as Clarence Visneski lays the 'etc for the foundation of the new dugouts.Counselors Counselors Attempt A High Aim; A More Personal Relationship "I think the counselor's role is changing from definite planned futures to encouraging students to get along. We re becoming more involved in human relations to help people in schools to work together. I would like to have no desks in the office—they separate people. I would also like to be called by m first name.’ Pat Engelhard (conn) .. ."A highlight for me is when I can sit and talk with a person and know there is perfect communication. ’I'here’s satisfaction when I know I’m entering into a person's life and there is going to be an impact on their life at that place and time.” Mark McCartan (coun) ... I like the variety and challenge of my working with parents and students on problems. I wish we could be more flexible in meeting students needs. I believe this is one thing wo can achieve with the new school” June Corson (coun) ... “M biggest job is ! eing a friend of the student and helping him improve his self image. Kids are victims of their environment and we have so little effect on the home. Ted Downs (coun) ... "Don’t run. go slowly, it is only to yourself that you have to go. Judy Pcttijolm (coun) ... “My responsibility, is to contact college visitors, a tremendous service to you guys and you often don't realize it” Martin Jordan (coun) ... "I find it particularly rewarding to In? with a student three years and watch him grow and develop. Honesty is the most important quality before I can start an) kind of relationship with my coun selees. Robert Hall (coun). .. Joe Liedl gives his full attention to Richard Busch, who is try to improve the class' reading ability. 26 The excitement of selecting a college prompts students Katie Weigle, Greg and Barb Master to have a conference with Ted Downs.June Corson — counselor — It A from St Oluf ami It.S from Northern State College hi South Dakota. Ted Downs — counselor — It.S ami M S from University of Wisconsin Fat Kngelhard — counselor — B.S and M A from U. of Minnesota. itohert Hall — counselor attended College of St Thomas Martin Jordan. Jr. — counselor — B.S. and M A from I of M Mark McCartan counselor B A and M.A. from University of Northern Iowa Judy Feltijohn — counselor B.S. from t niversits of Michigan. Bichard Busch reading teacher B.S from U of M arid M Kd from Macalaster College Sybil Worse 11 — Special Kdneation — B A from Custavus Adolphus and M A from I of Nl — attended Mankato Stale and I' of San Diego. to counseling job of Mark McCartan is remarkabK nc consuming anil it frequently finds him engaged in conversation, however, he manages to fit everyone into his bttsv schedule. 27English English Lit Classes Go Christmas Caroling ToVeterans Hospital "Mrs. Einholt lias everything on an individual basis. You’re working for yourself and not the teacher." Jeff Hall (12) ... "In biographies you have to like to read or you’ll get bored. Itight now we're writing to Pablo Casals in Puerto Rico to find out what he feels about the Vietnam war and other things. It's like a long distance inters iew." Carolyn Bachtold (12) ... "In creative writing, you’re putting out thoughts all the time, and you’re writing almost everything down. I feel that's really good because that's how you develop your writing skill, even though it seems like a lot of work. Nancy Lillchci (11) ... Humanities is one of the l»csl courses to attempt to bring together mans of the ideas and topics students deal with in everyday life" Larry Stotts (hum. cin art) ... "Its fun w hen you do quarter projects because a lot of kids make movies. The fact that they made them, and the movies were original made it neat. It was like a part of that person was on film. 1 think we have a really good English program". Sally Dahlstrom (11) ... "1 enjoy English, and think the enthusiasm I feel might be able to transfer to others. What is more important in any phase of life than reading and writing? Communication?" Ursula Costello (comp, s.s.) ... "Em getting a greater understanding of the media. Making commericals was really great l ecause it was entertaining.” John Phillips (10) ... "I enjoy teaching ! ecause of those lx‘autiful. rare moments when I feel 1 have touched someone's life, and it makes a difference." Barbara Hare (Creek way. biog) ... Everett Anderson is able to perch comfortably on a chair wh teaching about the Shakespearean Globe Theatre 28 The affirmative debate team takes notes on the speeches while their opponents sent their side of the argument hoping to outwit the opposite team.Everett Anderson English literature I All biography — B A from Cuslavus Adolphus College. M.A from I'niversity of Washington — senior class advisor. I.ois Anderson — American lit I. composition I B.A from Mount Holyoke College, M A T from Vale I'niversity. Mary Hue Berman mass media, composition I. cinema arts — received U S. from University of Minnesota — worked .it V I-! S during summer Joanne Christianson — mass media. Communications lab. humanities I — received B A from Mainline University — spent summer in school at I of Minn. Ursula Costello composition, short stories — received B E from Winona State College interests include travel and sewing Debbie Fmholt modern poetry, communications lab, world literature — received B.A. from St Olaf (College Sonia Fogclman — composition, humanities I — received B.A. from Brooklyn College and B S. from University of Minnesota. James Carncr — novels before college, communications lab B S in Kd. from University of Minnesota — worked (MJ graduate hours at Mankato Stair and I of M Barbara Hare — Creek way. biography, composition — B.A fiom U. of Wisconsin — graduate work at Northwestern and I of M Vernon Jensen humanities I and II, composition I — B.A. from Hamline I'niversity. M A from U of Calif at Santa Barbara advises intramural basketball Kent Jones — communications lab. mass media — received B.A and M.A from Whitworth College in Spokane Judy Iaty .cll popular novels. Composition I — received B S. from University of Minnesota — advisor for Y-Teens Larry Stotts presents his unusual hall pass while Greg Buck looks amazed ! y the size of the toad. 29Martha Lcblikow — communications, language study vocabulary — B A. from Macalester College — has done grad..work at U. of Minn. Shirley Ma-hmvald — composition I. American literature I II — received BA, M A. from U of Minn. — loves to read Susan Meyers — cinema arts, argumentation persuasion, advanced public speaking — It A from University of Minnesota, l A T. from St Thomas College. Barbara Mraz — cinema arts, communications received 15 S. degree from University of Minnesota, jolm O’Dougherty — l-'nglish literature I II. composition I — received 15. A degree from St John's University — hobbies include refinishing furniture and bicycling. Teresa O'Neill — popular novels, composition i — received B A degree from College of St Catherine. Boys iii their mass media class relax and listen to the teacher while reclining against the wall. Beth Briden, Carol Post, and Clare Pouloil wait as John Craig Harrison throws Pam Finn over his knee to spank Sheldon answers questions about a communications test. during a scene from a play in acting and stagecraft. 30linking the library is a good resource spot fordoing his English rin paper, Mike Otto finds his books and settles dow n. English Students See Guthrie's Version Of Cyrano, Taming Of The Shrew Communications lab instructors move around the room helping students listen to themselves on tape. Kathryn Olio journalism I. communications — B.S from Mankato State — Itu zeite advisor — president of journalism advisors of Minnesota. Dorothy Rutishauscr — creative writing, short stories — B.A. from Indiana University, M.A. from I of Michigan Joan Schulz — advanced and general creative writing. popular novels — It A from Ham-lira- U.. M Kd. from Macalcster — Im-ages On The Wind advisor John Sheldon — composition I. humanities I - B.A. from St. Olaf College. M.A. from U. of Minn. — owns an antique shop, lairry Stotts — humanities I A If. communications — B.A. M.ICd. from Macalcster College directs plays. Huvsell Thcim acting A stagecraft, intro to theatre, communications — received B.A. from Custuvus Adolphus College, M A from University of Minnesota — director of plays. 31Social Studies New History Semester Courses Permit More Student Selectivity "I decided to teach African studies because I am fascinated by people from other countries, their culture history, and politics.” Mardonna Bartholet (Af stud).., “I feel American history is important for kids to know, because to understand where we are and where we are going it’s essential to know where we've been.” Robert Hall (Am his) . .. "The text book for sociology isn't real exciting, but learning about how different people relate to one another is very interesting.” Steve Stapel (12)... "Breaking into groups for discussing different countries and their different policies, is probably the most intriguing assignment we've had in world history.” Clyde Tor-vik (10).. ."Since I don’t like to listen to a lot of lectures and take a bunch of notes, American studies is good for me because it's almost all individual work, and we choose our own projects.” Kathy Johnson (12)..."! decided to take African studies because I had been writing to a guy in Africa for about a year.” Sue Nelson (12).. .' The object of the American history complex is to try a new form of teaching with more independency. But it doesn’t work because the kids have been in classes where wasting time is the thing to do, so they take advantage of this freedom.” Judy Johnson (11)... A •student's story brings a smile to David Sanville's face as he atop a desk in his American studies class. Nancy Adams {joints out a date on the time line as her partner Pete Shober casts a watchful glance. 32Mardonna Barthold world history. African studies, Asian studies — B.S. from University of Minnesota — A.F.S. International Club and Foreign Student advisor. Howard Christenson — American studies B.S. from University of Wisconsin. Masters m Fdueation from Marquette University Sheila Davis — sociology — received B.S degree from University of Minnesota V • Frank Fisher — American history — B A from St. John’s University, M.A. from St Thomas College — hack field coach for varsity football squad Dclmar Fredrickson — American history — B A from St. Olaf College. M A from University of Minnesota — senior student council. ami Homecoming advisor Julian Crev — American history — Bachelor of Arts from Augustana College. M S. from Mankato State College. Martha Cubbrud — American history — B S. from South Dakota State University K. Barnard Hall — American history, world history — B.A. from Macalester College and M.A. from University of Oregon Michael Hcr ig — debate, world history, and communications — Bachelor of Science from St. Cloud State — varsity debate coach Peter Lvuty — economics and sociology — attended St Cloud State College 33 Struggling to finish on time. Missy Hyland concentrates on her American History essay test.Social Studies Many Attracted By Variety Found In Foreign Study Classes Peter Leuty explains an answer on one of his tough multiple-choice tests to Reid Rischmiller. Robert McCarthy explains how to solve the economizing problem to his class. A women’s liberal ionist speaks to David Sanville’s American studies class, lecturing about the inequality of the sexes. 34Howard Chistcnson guides Joy Heikenen and Jill Minichilli in finding a subject to write about for their final term paper. Trying to stimulate political involvement, University students speak to seniors about the importance of precinct caucuses. Thomas Lindqubt — American history — received B S from St. Cloud State College — assistant debate coach, Dan Marsh — American studies, sociology — receiver! B.S. from University of Minnesota — participated in summer institute in sociology of race relations John Matlon — AP and general American history’ — B.S, and M.A from the University of Minnesota — varsity tennis and assistant wrestling coach. Robert McCarthy — economics — B A. from Ifamline University, and M.Kd. from Macalestcr College — head baseball and assistant football coach Das id Sanvillc — American studies, psychology — B.A. from University of Minnesota, B.S. from St. Cloud State. Ronald Wiesncr — economics, sociology B.A. from Macalestcr, M A. from Colorado College — varsity ski coach — also attended college in Mexico City. 35Mathematics New Teacher And New Program Is Started For Computer Class "I had two loves in high school, math and history. I guess what reinforced my ideas to teach math was when I got into college and saw all the new and different aspects of it.' Larry Johnson (alg, geo) ... "I like algebra better than geometry. It's not the teacher or anything, but to me. algebra is easier. Geometry is working with proofs and two or three demensional figures in space. I think algebra is something you’ll use a lot more than geometry. Jane Mellang (10) ... “I decided to teach math because I love (loved) people, like (liked) to do mathematics, and feel (felt) that I can (could) help students understand and like the subject. Curtiss Johnson (prob stat) ... "Math all depends on the teacher. Different teachers have different ways of teaching, and I just like some ways better than others.” Judy Lindcman (11) ... I love to work w ith and help other people, whether it be in or out of the classroom, on or off the field, or what have you. To me. teaching math is a ver enjoyable challenge! The challenge to motivate a person to enjoy life, and also get the maximum effort possible out of a student, to help him or her reach their goals." Roy Halverson (alg, geo) . . . "Sometimes in Mr. Savre's class we have races on trig i-dentities, special graphs, and special functions. It makes the time pass faster, and sort of spices up the day.” Ann Riggle (II) ... "In teaching math, there is never a dull moment. Lyle Berg (geo, alg) ... Hitting it solid with his students. Ted Greer tries to make it pi. by plotting three-dimensional diagrams. The computer class allows Kurt Carlson, Mike Freitas, and Alison Fisk to telephone and type in their data to the computer. 36I.ylo Bern plant solid geometry, algebra I B.A from University of Minnesota and M.S.T from University of Arizona Robert Nl. Bowman — college algebra « trig, coordinate geometry, plane it solid geometry — B.A from U.M.D., M.A from I . of Minn., M S. from Syracuse U. Edmond Green -refresher arithmetic, algebra I — M S of Ed from Mayville State College, M S. from Syracuse U. Ted Greer algebra II, plane solid geometry received B S. and M A from University of Michigan Roy Halverson algebra II. plane it solid geometry — received B.A. from St Olaf College — assistant varsity baseball couch Richard R. Ilartman college algebra trigonometry, computer I — received BA.. M.A in C l from University of Minnesota. M.A in math from University of Illinois. 5- a - iftiWii-.ltO t. An excellent learning experience for Ted Valentine is writing his own proof and explaining his conclusion to the class. Absent - mindedly pondering the figures on his slide rule. Tom Metcalfe’s thoughts wander to figures of a different kind. 37Curtiss Johnson — A.P. calculus, probability statistics, plane solid geometry — received B.S from University of Minnesota. M.A. from San Diego State — advises Math Club and 1-Ball. Larry Johnson — plane solid geometry, algebra II — B.S. from Mankato State — sophomore track coach. Elizabeth McQuoid — plane A solid geometry. algebra II — received B.S. from University of Minnesota. Karen Natwick plane solid geometry, algebra II — received B.S. degree from Western Michigan University. Ronald Olson — plane solid geometry, algebra II — received B.S. from St Cloud State College Robert Savre — calculus prep, college algebra trigonometry, advanced plane A solid geometry — B.A. from Luther College. M.A. from University of Minnesota — assistant football and basketball coach Roger Uhr — college algebra trigonometry, algebra II — B.S.. M.S. from Mankato State College Ed Zins — trigonometry, consumer math — B A. from Si. John's University. M.A from St. Cloud State — J - V hockey coach Mailt missed is harder to understand without a presentation as Dan Miller and Mike Walters tr to inconspicuously confer on their make-up meats missed the day before.I) + BC AC + (9,408,326 - 6,977,150)+ 'A A I) - fcBC 3AB 4BC - (2CD+8BD) + 4,308 927,318BC+ AC." Mathematics Statistics Figure Into Edina's Plane But Solid Math Program Through the window of classroom 220, Robert Bowman is seen helping Pam Cross u ith her geometr Trying to gain confidence as a math teacher. Bill Bjork teaches a hostile class new material. 39Science Microtoming Is Used In Biology Classes To Prepare Specimens “In astronomy, I realb like the night observations at the school—telescopes on the tennis courts and everyone comes!" Ann Stewart (11) ... “I like teaching chemistn and take pride in the kids' accomplishments, both in classroom and extra-curricular activities." Glenn Seibel (chem) ... "I might be an astronaut someday. Jepson is great—no homework and you can't fail if you don t tail asleep or tell better jokes than he does!" Brian Spencer (11) ... “We do sort of oul-of-the-ordinary things in human phvsiolog) like running around the school to test how fast we breath. Betsy Tudor (11) ... "I think psychology helps you see wh you are the way you are. But more than that, it helps you understand why other people act the way they do." Lvnnc Taylor (12) ... "I find biolog) amazing! The complexity of life intrigues me. though I don't understand it all. I could absorb much more knowledge, if the pressure of grades wasn't always there," Ted Pappas (12) ... "Dissecting is fascinating. I like to sec how things are put together." Michelle Kimhlc (10) ... “Chemistry and physics are useful and interesting, and wonderful things to understand' John Belk (chem) . . . “We have really interesting discussions in physics. Once we were talking about time and the universe and where does it end and how time slows down when you’re in outer space." Peggy Gislason (12) ... Karl Pegors demonstrates microtoming which is used for preparing specimens to be seen under a microscope. Frightened by the sight of his own blood Peter Adams covers his eyes awaiting the oncoming finger prick by Sara Schwartz. Taking a break from his fifth hour class. Richarr Goldensteinshows his ability on rollerskates.John Belli — chemistry. Physical science — received It S and M.A from University of Minnesota — junior class advisor John Khlert — biology — received BS from University of Minnesota and M A of Kd from Harvard University Iti hard Coldenstein — human physiology received BS from St Cloud State College. M A from Colorado State College, and Kd. Spec, from Kansas State College Marvin Griffin — chemistry — It S. from I Diversity of Wisconsin at Superior and M S from University of Northern Iowa Elmer Halvorsen general biology BS from St Ola I College and M A from Colorado State College — wrestling coach and ass t sophomore football coach William Jcpson — astronomy — It S from Wise. State U at Superior and MSI from Wisconsin State University at River Kails Bruce Johnson chemistry, physical science ItS from I of Minn — Chern-Aid Club dvisor. Richard Kuchn — physics, great ideas in science — It S. from St Cloud Slate and M Ed from U of Minn — Whigrcan business advisor Delta Matti — general and enriched biology — B.S from Mankato State College Van Arthur Nelson general biology Outdoor Club advisor 41 abutting the quarter's final efforts on Jeff Wiltz's part. John Khlert holds teaeher-sttident conferences ong his students to discuss their grades.Scot! Norstcd — general and enriched biology — received Bachelor of Science from University of Minnesota — sophomore class advisor — sophomore Baseball coach. Karl I’cgors — general biology Bachelor of Arts from Augsburg College — belongs to anti-pollution club Robert Petersen — psychology — received B.S. from River Falls College — Radio Club advisor — assistant varsity swimming coach Glenn Scibel. Jr. — chemistry — B.S.. B.S. hi Ed., M Kd from I of North Dakota — head of intramural flag footlrall George Sklu acck — psychology communications lab. general English III IV — B.A.. M.A from St. Thomas College — ‘'Skluz ." Patricia Taylor general biology, human physiology — B A from Augustana College. M A from the University of Wisconsin Paul Weber — standard and enriched physics, great ideas in science — received B.S from St. Cloud State College. M S. from the University of Wisconsin Julia Anderson and Kathy Anderson complete an experiment Discovering the amazing properties of gyroscopic f accurately by carefully observing the temperature. Boh Arnold lets the ’spinnin wheel spin." 42Science Astronomy, Great Ideas In Science ■ •'r-i'r'f J I The aquarium illustrates what marine life is like as Joan Losleben watches the miniature world. fluorescent lamp shines upon the green plants as Julie Anderson's eyes light • hojK s of finding another Jack in tin Beanstalk up 43Slu'il.i H.ikkr — German I and II received B A degree from St. Catherine's College Thomas Clark — I.atin I and II. Epic I and II, Lyric — received B A. from St Thomas College and M.A from University of Minnesota Shirley lloaglnnd — Spanish I — received B.S. and M.A. degrees from University of Minnesota. Harry Martin — French — received B A from Carlton College and M.A. from University of Minnesota — has atteneded college at Sorbonnc. Ann Petri French — received B A. from St. Olaf College — French Club advisor. George Hcimcr — German II and III - received B.A. from UCLA, M.A. from Universits of Calif — president of F lina Federation of Teachers—learning Russian. As punishment for his big, mouth, Scott Massey is fetched on the rack by friends Tim Teynor, Hon Johnson, and Curt Barton. :mta Jeff Ilolker and John Daniels point out the placement of German sport standings on the large board. - 44Language rl Moser holds up a candy filled pinuta that was one of the j« ( K tlie Spanish classes had this year. Scarcity Of Space Forces The Germans Into French Quarter “A party in Latin class comes around about every other Wednesday or Thursday. It’s great! Jim Reynolds (12) ... "Second and third year were independent learning and I really liked it because I did a lot of work to get a-licad." Jim Bennett (12) ... The art projects we’ve done this year have been very fun. 1'hey stimulate your creativity and really let you go!" Mary Watson (12) ... "Miss Winter has a lot of ip and personality and she goes all out for her classes. Ann Mestcmacher (II) ... "After having two years of French. Spanish is a completely new experience. I won’t have mastered either language, but I feel I will have expanded my knowledge of foreign cultures." Nancy Bingham (11) ... "Spanish is a refreshing language, ! ccausc it is so very easy to learn." Victoria l.inncr (II) ... "I really like the way the Spanish department is run. There are good teachers, and good methods for learning are employed." Sally Lewis (12) ... "The French hut is a really different learning situation from anything we were exposed to in junior high. I like it very much." Steve Sherman (10) ... "The French hut is much improved over last year. The reason being, each day there are small classes, and then there is also time to study independently." Margaret Maxicncr (II) ... "Since the French program has been revised I have more incentive to work." Debby Brown (12) ... ionsirur Martin catches Maggie Quinlan and Susie Know land Mark Campell and Pat Tracnor chuckle as Robert y mg : escape over to the German section of the hut. Spindlcr points to a Spanish cartoon. 45Known for relating his great war stories. Laszlo Szendrey sir when remembering an amusing adventure he had. Language Less Individual Work Hopefully Improves French Hut System 46 While Robert Spindler was absent with a broken arm. the class sang Spanish folk songs accc panied by the guitar of a Filipino substitute, Eddie Calderon.Naim Rice Spanish I and II received B A from Mainline University — has done graduate work at University of Minnesota — Pep Club advisor Robert Spindler Spanish II and IV Portuguese — received B.S. and l N from University of Minnesota Renate Stefan French — attended the Universities of Munich in Germany and Angers in France. I.as lo Szendrey — German III and IV — B.A. from U. of Minn., law degree from U of Budapest — German Club advisor varsity soccer coach ass't. swimming and tennis coach. Maria Wilbright Spanish II. III. IV — B.A from I of Minn.. M.A. from U. of Puerto Rico Spanish Club advisor Virginia Winter — Latin III, Italian I. Spanish I - B.S. from University of Minnesota — Latin (and 11 Ornettes advisor Jan Olson takes advantage ol a warm day as she finds a moment of solitude outside the huts to read her French Literature. In his class discussions, Tom Clark brings his class into a circle to create better discussion patterns between Latin students. 47junior Bonnie Waters polishes her techniques on the flute d a daily fourth hour Concert Band practice. Music Choir Works With Orchestra To Perform Masterwork's Concert I think the Concert Band makes very good use of its class time compared to other high school bands. The amount we accomplish every year is fantastic.” Kevin Gustafson (12) ... “Concert Band has been good for me because it has been the one place I can make friends easily and get to know | coplc well. I know that in the baud I have SB people I can call good friends. Mike Dostal (12) ... “Music for me is a wa to express myself and let off my frustrations. Varsity Band provides a relaxed atmosphere for me to do this in Cathy Johnston (11) ... Were continually playing a number, and practicing so we waste very little time. Mr Askegaard really makes us work hard.” Sandra Ashby (10) ... I play violin and I enjoy music I especially like the good classical music the orchestra plays. I'm very glad to be a member of the organization." Dean Gresik (II) ... "I love to sing and I love having choir first hour every morning because it cheers me up. In the beginning of the year we worked because Mr. Bangstad pushed us. Now we work even w hen lie's busy because we enjoy it so much." Nancy Pontius (12) ... "Even though we take our music seriously, we have a lot of fun singing together too. Everyone is willing to work, and the spirit is really great.” Barb Swetman (12) ... With their big concert only two weeks away, the girls’ choir rehearses and cor to memorize the pieces they w ill be singing in the upcoming program 48Paul Askegaard - Orchestra B.A from Luther College. M A from Mankato State Car)' Bangstad choirs, music appreciation — B.M from Gust-avus Adolphus. Master in Music Ixl from University of Illinois Kohcrt El-ledge Hornet and Varsity Bands — received BM. M A. from University of Iowa Edwin Mclichar Concert. Hornet, and Marching Bands — B.A from Northern Iowa. M A degree from the University of Iowa The tunes of "Beginnings" are played by the Varsity Bantl during a non-conference hockey game at Braernar Ice Arena. he rehearsal tor the orchestra concert continues as Sharon Clark iu$es to point out a measure which she must correct. Sally Hoyt never learned to tie a tie properly, so Bruce W hitehead takes it into his own hands. 49•Physical Education Groovin to I he rhythm of ‘Downtown," Judy Brown circle bouncing ball over her head to begin the routine. Gym Classes Take Time To Practice First-Aid Techniques "Skating is a new change, it’s really been successful this year. We have skating instructors from Braemar who teach us in levels — you can really learn how to skate!" Jane Nlellang (10) ... “Our gym teacher gave us the choice to try out to be an aide if we showed leadership, got along with kids and liked gym. I really enjoy helping the kids." Connie Nelson (12) ... “Ball gymnastics is really a waste of time because it teaches everyone to do everything very mechanically. I think it would Ik a lot better as a modern dance course, where each individual could create her own movements." I.isa Kerker (10) ... “1 wish there were more after school activities for gym classes — a broader program than just having the volleyball tournaments, preferably basketball." Barb Johnson (10) ... "Last year I thought the grading was really fair, but now I'm an aide, and I’ve been able to see how easy it is to get a good grade from some of us.” Cyd Einck (11) ... "In my class we have to wash our uniforms every weekend and if we don’t, we get a zero or fifty burpies as our penalty." Dave Nagengast (10) ... "If we chew gum. or mouth off. or do anything Canakes doesn’t like, he finds some way of punishment. lie can be funny, but I think at the same time he teaches us discipline." Dave Bell (10) ... "The gym aide's primary task is to help the teacher in guiding the students. As an aide, I don’t do a heck of a lot, just w hat I'm told to do. We get graded too — it’s an easy "A"." Mike Carr (12) ... "Locker room activities consist of towel snapping or digging peepholes into the girl's locker room!" Jim Finley (10) ... Shirley Anderson — girls' physical ••ducat ion — received B.S. degree from University of Minnesota — activities include volleyball and tennis Stavros Canakes — boys’ physical education — received B.S, from University of Minnesota. M.A. from St. Cloud State College — head football coach. Robert Hocchcrl — boys' physical education, plane it solid geometry — B.S. from U. of Minn —gymnastics coach Ronald Kosteliz — boys' physical education — B.S. from U.M.I).. M.A from Kastern Michigan U. — asst, football and track coach. Sara Rock girls physical education — B.S. from Wisconsin State University advises girls' intramurals Diane Sandvick — girls' physical education — receiver! B.S from University of Minnesota, MS. from University of Wisconsin advises girls' intramurals. 50ne out from ball gymnastics brings Ann Worsing and Robyn Rdiley " hilo driving for a lay-up. Hob Hoi berg’s opponents i workout on the boys’ wrestling equipment. wonder whether or not it is a basket. The more advanced skaters are able to do front Seales as Ann Bern.' executes one during a gym class at Braemar Arena. 51 Klisahcth Aamodt — food specialties, foods I — B.S. and M S. degrees from University of Minnesota — Home Kco-nomies Club advisor Virginia French — clothing I. II. III. ami IV. home furnishings — received B A. from North Dakota State University — interests include sewing, tennis, and traveling. Kathy Fuller — foods I for boys, foods I and II for girls — received B.S. from Washington State University. Merrill Custoff — general and advanced metal, advanced wood — received B.S. from Bcmidji State College — assistant coach for sophomore football squad. Otto Janeckc — general, mechanical, and architectural drawing — received B.S. degree from St. Cloud State College Robert Klimpke — engineering drawing, graphic arts I and II — received B.S. from Stout State University — advisor for Whigrcan Dale Mackereth general woodworking — received B.S. from St Cloud State College — interests include skiing, sailing, golf, and tennis. Mars Sickmun — child development, family living — received B.S. degrees from University of Minnesota. A new graphic arts class transfers John Boson and Bob Nevin to Osseo High School for photographic work Demonstrating the procedure of how to make kabobs in fc I for boys. Kathy Fuller utilizes the mirror.lie class period frequently doesn't allow enough time to eat what preparer! leaving I.isa Kindem to gobble her food down. Home Economics and Industrial Arts Area Vocational School Offers First Program at Osseo High School "I like sewing class because it’s an informal atmosphere and there aren't too many people. The machines aren't too crowded Ix'cause everyone is at a different place making something different! Kim Webb (II) ... "We’re free to choose our own projects and then we get all the help we want and need. You really can learn as much as you want because the class isn't too structured." Patti Duggan (12) . .. It's fun to be able to eat food in the morning because you don’t have to eat breakfast and if ■you save some you have an automatic lunch! We learn how to cook certain recipes to a |x?rfection, but we don’t learn the real basics in cooking.’ Barb Nelson (10) ... "I’ve experienced how to handle a fry ing pan and a spatula!’ Dave Bell (12) ... "I get so much joy from teaching in the nursery for child development.’ Kris Kennedv (10)... "You get out of the class exactly what you put into it. I’m now building a radio-controlled airplane and it’s really a challenge!" Mike Quirk(12) . .. "I’m getting more out of woodworking than I expected. I’ve found out we girls can just as well as boys. It’s nice to learn and if you have a lot of time you can build instead of buying furniture -one girl is even making a bed!" Jan Flickinger (12)... Missy Wellumson and Kris Kuphal teach pre-schoolers a song called "Ten I ittle Hobos’ in their child development class. 53Thomas Beaver — arts 1. Ill — B.A from St Olaf, M.A from I diversity of Minnesota — varsity golf coach. Loren Evcnrud — art I. modern art. crafts — B.A. from l.ulhcr College — graduate work at University of Wisconsin Barbara Unitinami — crafts — B.S. from U of Minn — graduate work at San Jose State College— Art Club advisor. I.owell McCarthy - art III. studio art. art appreciation. William Bicanich — distributive education — B.S., M.A from U. of Minn — DKCA Club advisor Roger Boeder — office education, co-op program — B A., B.S from St ('loud State, M A from U. of Minn. Diane Clare — notetaking, typing I II — B.S. from Mankato State grad, work at St. Thomas. Beverly Dornbusch — shorthand I. l ookkccpirig I II — B.A from University of Northern Iowa — I' B I. K advisor Edith Crissinger typing I A II. office practice — B.S. from North Dakota — Bed Cross Youth advisor. Cordon Juliar — business law. shorthand II. typing I — B.S.. M.S. from Mankato State — asst basketball coach Hie hard Rcichow — trade industrial education — B.S., M A from I erf Minn. Keith Wilkcning — typing I II. marketing systems — B.S degrees from Moorhead State and North Dakota State. As a requirement for her office education class Robin Tindall aids physical science students at Southview Jtinioi High. Senior Bonnie Wilkerson reveals a feeling of accomplishment as she examines the sculpture she created in her art III class. 54ar Kay Kastman adds the finishing touches on her ceramic pot fore putting it into the kiln in her crafts class. Art and Office Practices Creative Art Classes Contrast Technical Office Practice Courses "Crafts is a new art course this year First quarter wo saw' some demonstrations on candle making, copper enameling, hat iking and tye-dying, and then we took off on our own. It s really fun!” Sheryl Soltau (11) . "Studio art is different from the other courses because you must Ik a senior and have gone through the whole art program. We work on one media per quarter so we really get to explore and excel in that area.” Marilyn Wick (12) ... "To get a good idea, I usually just start building—like I II make a Im . with five sides, then cut a hole in it. lake a clay coil, wrap it around and I II keep going til I find w hat I want." Bill Domke (12)... "In Office Practice the students learn to do all of the office procedures except shorthand. They learn to operate various machines, write business forms and study business habits and relations." Fdith Crissinger (fae) ... "We spend a week at a time on each machine. We have instructions and the people who worked on it before help train in the ones who just rotated to it.' Paula Zangmastcr (12) ... "Once I was working on a real expensive machine when the power went out, and I thought I d broken it! I was scared til I knew what hap|K-ncd! I.inda I.antto (12).. 55 irking for accuracy on her typing exercise. Debbie Koch takes her time while Kent Keith Is to his dismay that he made a slip of the linger1950’s ZL6 s.0961the sub ds a frus-Roberts : f luck- troubles i» weather f«n d Jancl ,ded and out € Kim Colburn breaks the monotony of her school day by having a variety of snacks in her locker. Senior Janice Gustafson exhibits her good style and form v hi taking a leisurely run down one of the many slopes at Buck lli 58mors fter Twelve Years f Drills and False larms-a Real Fire Senior Mary Kim cheeks on the college annouce ments for any schools she may be considering. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Pirter-son. secretary - treasurer and Jay Carpenter, vice-president. Missing: Tom Roberts, president. 59Linda Ilalpcrn and Dave McDonald examine I heir debate time cards while Paula Savik .acts as timer. Ralph Brindle attempts to tune his trombone in the hand when Al Voight jokingly sprays him with a water gun. Three ehem-aide members, Pete Johnson, Boh F.nge-bretson, and Frank Blocki find leisure time to play a few hands of gin. 60p Ten and National Merit Finalists ard Work Pays Off Dr Edina Scholars 1 Their Senior Year NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS: FRONT ROW K.Smith, M.Borg, N.Thorvilson, ('.Winslow. BSwctman, H W'alser, S.Al-can, L. Knowles, LI laljx-rn. R Brindle. L Fleer BACK ROW T. Nolle, B. Kngcbrctson, C. Moore. S.Roy, J.Carpenter, I . Melhnsta i. Nancy ThorviLson and Barb Moser gather "behind the scenes" scoops for the Thorvilson-Moser Heports. 61Seni Unusual Babysittin Assignments Take U Seniors' Spare Tim Jonathan Robert Aancstad II J — canoe trip on boundary waters — trips to Winnipeg, Vail, and Donncybrooke — hunts and skis Barbara Jean Abbe Barb — likes camping — traveled through western U.S and Mexico — plans to travel after graduation. Donald Wayne Abbe- D.E. — job at Typhoon Gar Wash — ski trip to Colorado. Jean Evangeline Abbey — Outdoor Club — G.A.A. — church youth group — volunteer at Fairview Hospital — trip to Montana — dislikes the city. Thomas Lee Abram Tom Student Council president — Reel Cross — Spanish Club — Young Life. Bradley Scott Abramson — Brad — active in church youth group enjoys skiing. Peter James Adams Pete — AES Club — trips to Washington D C. and France — enjoys writing family genealogy — spent summer working for A-cademy of Parish clergy Jose Lins De Albuquerque Filho — A F S student from Brazil — varsity soccer and swimming — Student Council — Contact group Susan Ia-c Alcan Concert Band — Orchestra — teaches clarinet and piano — three State Music Contest awards. Kristin Ia-c All bright Kris Y-Tcens — Spanish Club — moved to Edina from New York senior women's varsity Sandra Cay Allen — Sandy Red Cross — O E — French Club — job at Radiological Consultants — ski trip to Europe. Judith Ann Allum Judy — Contact church group — Young Life — enjoys skiing and golf — trips to Arizona and New Mexico. Robert Walter Amis Bob co-captain of varsity tennis — State tennis singles champion — Ili-Y — Intramural football ami basketball — church group — Homecoming court. Barbara Ann Ainlic Barb job at Maleo Hearing Instruments — ski tri|»s to Montana — enjoys sports. David Todd Anderson —worked at Badissou South during the summer — ski trip to Colorado Katherine Elizabeth Anderson Kathy — G.R.A. — church youth choir — enjoys swimming ami painting I .auric Ellen Anderson — job at Pants Plus — eojovs sewing and art — ski trip to Canada — plans to go into art education at Moorhead Scott Allyn Anderson — Hadio Club — D.E. — works at Shopper’s City — likes ears. Scott Reed Anderson — Scot-tie — Concert Band — varsity tennis — known for his astrology — intends to go to Duke University. Whitney Brooks Anderson Whiz — president of Varsity Band — job a B.A Rose — Eagle Scout — counselor at band camp 62Sandy Peddic I ills up her afternoons taking care of bunnies while she secretly hopes to start a chapter of the Playboy Club. Robert Evans A Jones — Rol b — Explorers group — Pilgrim Fellowship — enjoys pyrotechnics Gail Ellen Armstrong senior women's varsity — Pilgrim Fellowship — ski trip to Canada I .aura Jane Arnold Red Gross — senior women's varsity waitress at Dayton's Sidewalk Cafe — known for her red hair homecoming court. Robert Stanley Arnold — rnie — Chess Club — varsity basketball and tennis — Concert Rand — National Merit Letter of Commendation Cod and Country award. Richard Dean Aronson Riek — D.E. — tri|»s to California and Florida — plans to work after graduation. Higmor F.lizahetb Arsvidson likes to travel — enjoys listening to music — trip to Europe Craig William Aulik — varsity wrestling and track — enjoys scuba diving — chess — football — hunting trip John Steven Aura Smiley — works at Chappies Sport Stores — Intramural freak team — likes to hunt and hike — runner-up in 1971 Croat Box Derby — tip to Texas. Cynthia Rae Babcock — Cindy Concert Choir — Varsity Band — Red Cross — Orchestra — known for her gullibility. Carolyn Lucille Bach told Carol — vice-president of F.T.A. —Y-Tcciis — girls' Chorus — Blizzard Ski Club Richard Walker Bacon - Rato — likes cars — painted houses during the summer plans include Norman-dale Marcia Jeanne Bains Orchestra — German Club teaches violin — job at Fairview Southdale Hospital Optimist Ward. 63Sandra Ruth Baird,— Sandy — Aqua Nymphs for three years — enjoys playing the guitar — plans include Mainline University. Pauline Baker — Polly — Girls' Choir — Aqua Nymphs as a junior and senior — ski trip to Vail Jonathan Clark Batch — Jon — Student Council — Intramural softball — job at a gas station — worked at an ar-theological site in South Dakota Joan Irene Balogh — German Club — Intramural volleyball team — Senior Girl Scout — studies Russian. Mary Fli abeth Balogh — senior womens varsity — Red Cross — receptionist in doctor's office — trip to Europe — canoe trip up Big Fork Thomas Allan Banks — Tom — likes to hunt and fish — worked in a Canadian fishing 'camp over the summer. Gregors Michael Barbe — Greg — varsity track — Hi-Y — Contact — ski trip to Steam-IkwiI Robert Christopher Barden — Chris — varsity tennis — Stale tennis doubles champion — enjoys music. guitar.'and philosophy Robert McClellan. Barnett — Barney — varsity cross country, gymnastics and track — intends to go into pre-medicine in college Shelley Joanne Barno. William Milroy Bar-num — Bdl — varsity soccer — vice-president of German Club — 1-Ball — National Merit letter of Commendation — job at Dayton's Northbriar Shop — trip to Hawaii — church basketball Nicholas Paul Basil — Nick — Varsity Band — job at Kenney's Supermarket — likes Saturdays and gray Thursdays. 64 Senior Betsy Kuphal is lost in thought as she becomes engrossed in one c many art history books at Quality Book Shoppe.eniors ookstores Expand eniors' Knowledge efore College Begins Laura fare Bnskcrvillc Laurie — Red Cross — Hornettos — Latin Club — Volunteer at Fairview Southdale Hospital ski trijxs to Colorado — Young Life — Home-coming court — worked at a day camp during the summer teaching children swimming Michael Richard Bastyr. William Fredrick Bates Bill — I) K - joli at Robinson's Pants Pocket — enjoys working on cars — trip to Seattle — plans to work after graduation enjoys listening to Shawn I'hilip' Sarah Jane Rat li. William David Bauman — Baby Face — varsity football and baseball — church group — attended FCA National Conference in Colorado. Miehuel Rodger Beasley — Mike — I) F. Job at Jlister’s Southdale trip to Detroit Terry Richard Becker Binkley — varsity football, hockey and track — la»-tjn Club — houseman at Holiday Inn — referee for Kdina Hockey Association camping in Rooky Mountains — dislikes two-a-days — enjoys life ami being w ith friends. Susan Ka Becse. David Scott Bell — Dave — varsity hookey — Intramural football and baseball — Young l ife known for la-ing a joker James Bennett — Jim — Latin Club — Jupiter — likes to ski — job at Target — Intramural football Shadlca Rene Bennett Shad — Student Council — varsity cheerleader — Pep Club — (LA.A — Y-Teons — Young l.ife — teaches swimming Cathy Anne Benson — Art Club — Y-Teettt — church youth group - church choir — Sunday school teacher. Linda Kay Benson — Young Life — church youth group — plays the piano — trip to Furopc I.isa Anita Berg German Club — National Thespians — job at Methodist Hospital — memorable trip on an elevator Teresa Ann Berg — Terry.— Spanish Club — senior women’s varsity — j«d at the Cootie Farm — camp council — canoe trip into Canada Martin Dale Berger Marty slnckhoy at Jerry ’s Foods - enjoys skiing and photography — ski trip to Colorado — likes music. Karen Christina Bergman — D.K.C.A. treasurer — enjoys buying unique things — plans include a trip to Kumpe James Carl Bergseng — Bird Dog — varsity football and track — umpire for Park Board — job at V alley View Drug M R Gayle Kathleen Bergsetli — Home Fc Club — Young Life — church youth group — likes to read and write poetry — Ima Better — horses around alot — doesn't take chances — two to one odds of attending college. 65Sen A New Superintende Brings Innovatn Ideas To Edina Hi§ Terry Ann Be-utell — Y-Teens — T and I — second best breakfast queen — dental assistant — plans include U. i l M. Steve Norbcrt Bidwcll — Biddy — enjoys photography — intends to go to Winona State College. Andrea Marie Bie — Andy — works as a waitress — plays tennis — trip to Florida — enjoys listening to music. Craig I,. Bing — Ricochet Rabbit — job at Pets Unlimited — youth group at Richfield United Methodist Church — enjoys Icthiological classifying Janet Elizabeth Bing — Jan — job at Cab berts — enjoys listening to music — trip out east. Connie Jean Bingcr — Red Cross — F.B.L.E. — church choir — Pilgrim Fellowship — Camp F'ire Girls Terrence Edward Bishop — Terry — varsity football and baseball — Student Council — cook at Mr. Steak — captain of football team — American la-gion — 1-Ball I.isa Caroline Bjerkcn — Luther league — job at Lancers — enjoys playing the piano — Z-Club — trip to St, Louis Bruce Alan Bjorkman — Buzzette — job at Roy II Bjorkmans — enjoys pnotography and electronics — collects useless sports magazines — trips to Europe — plans in-clued college at a small school. Danny Wren Blair — Little Bird — plays hockey — worked at a summer hockey school — trip to Canada Bruce Craig Blanchard — bus boy at Radisson South — likes to ski — trip to California — plans include flight school. Joan Eileen Blanchette — likes to draw. Curtis Richard Rlandin — Curt — varsity cross country and track — I-Ball — Hi-Y — captain of cross country — Esoteric Few. Robert Edward Blat .heim — Bob — member of Prior Lake Water Ski Association — job at a Mobil Cas station — likes skiing. Steve Mclann Blcsi Kaptain American — I-Ball — gymnastics — church group — spent summer painting houses. Stephen Michael Blessing — Steve — Chemistry aide — junior varsity hockey — project Youth — likes people. Frank Arthur Bloeki — I-Ball — plays tennis — church basketball — Rotary representative — Chcm-Aidc Club. Paul Wesley Bockley — Wes — varsity soccer — likes music and piano — went mountain climbing in Colorado, — was in a musical rock group — moved from Pennsylvania Allan Joel Bolin — Al — varsity football and track — Pilgrim Fellowship — likes to go hunting Mary Elizabeth Book Booker-T — Red Cross — job at lloigaards — member of the Pack Rats. 66Bonnie Jean Booker — V-Teens — plans include college at Flagstaff, Arizona Dawn I.ynn Bo pc worked at the Fdina Muni- cipal P hi| - plans to attend the I'nivcrsity of Washington. James Hubert Bor.in — enjoys playing piano — likes yoga meditation — backpacking trip in northern Minnesota Nlarde Sue Borg Gras — Latin Club officer — Choral Club — Y-Teens — job at Dayton’s — Young Life — senior women's varsity — National Merit Semi-Finalist — Z-Club. Bruce Donald Borrman Bruiser — varsity soccer and baseball — Varsity Band — church youth group — Fagle Scout award — trip to Kuropc. Hubert Dec Bowes Ho o varsity soccer — l).F president of M H — enjoys music and playing the guitar — plans to go to U. of M. Jim Bowman — Coco — likr-s scuba diving and art work — trips to West Indies and South America. Dennis James Brandangcr 1-Ball — likes snowmohiling and water skiing — trip to (Canada Donna Jean Bratnul D.E.C.A. Club — job at Red Owl — planning to go to Norway Kathryn Ann Braunwarth — Kathy — works at Willows Nursing Home president of V.I.C.A. — enjoys making art sculptures — plans to go into commercial art Stephen James Brchm — Ili-Y worked at C C Boat Works — coaches Fdina liockcs — homecoming court David Kdward Bremer — varsity hockey — homecoming king — trip to Furopc — plans to attend U. of M Paul Stephen Bridgcinau D.E.C.A. — job at Kinney's — likes water sports — plans to attend Bcmidji State College Ralph Collins Brindle — Concert Band — Math Club — Latin Club — member of roek group — Stat«- Solo and Ensemble awards plans to go to Carleton Kathleen Ruth Brink-man Kathy — Y-Tcens — O.K — Snow-booml — secretary at American Heart Association Jay Brissc — job at Jerry's — Park Board hockey — canoe trip to Canada During his apprenticeship. I)r. Licbcr relates his educational ideas to an interested reporter. 67Bradley Matthew Bristol Brad — varsity gymnastics — works at an animal hospital — plans to go into veterinary medicine. Handall William Brooks — Bandy — Chess Club — Intramural football — I’ilgrim Fellowship — job at Carnival Products — U of M. Ski Club. Carol Lynn Bros — Varsity Band — Orchestra — State Contest band award for solo and duet Marcv Brower Varsity Band — ski instructor at Buck Hill — trains dogs for showing. Catherine Elizabeth Brown — Cathy — Girls’ C.'hoir — Spanish (dub — job at Cootie Farm plans to attend the U niversity of Idaho. Deborah Christine Brown Chris — German Club — senior women’s varsity — Blizzard Ski Club plans to go to Colorado State University. Deborah Sherman Brown Debbie — Fdina Teen Board — senior women’s varsity — job at Dayton s Ilcidi Ann Brown — Girls Choir — job at Embers — award in llegion State Speech Contest — Frensic la-ague. Paul Warren Brown varsity wrestling — 1-Ball freak team — award for most improved wrestler — BAV.C.A canoe trip. Huthann Bruer — Bm — varsity cheerleader -- Bed Cross officer — plans to attend the I . of M — enjoys bike riding — Homecoming court. Big Bruiser. Li alx-lh Jean Brunsell Beth — French Club — Y-Teens — job at Green Giant Bcstaurant — won trophies and ribbons in riding — plans to go to Hamline University. While Nancy Kaufmann gives them another energetic push. Lisa Kindem and Lynn Hannah go along for more rides. 68?mors eaving Frustrations Jehind, Senior Girls wing Despite Rumors Karen Meyer and Jackie Coursolle prepare to dunk Cindy Unger into Lake Cornelia while pretending to give her just a push. Janice Ann Bryan — Brian — known for her dimples — enjoys skiing — trip to Donncy-brooke in the Woe Opel G T Greg Buck — varsity tennis D A — plays piano and organ — piano awards — trip to Europe. Christine Marie Budolfson — Chris — member of Pack Rats — Homecoming skit — Sunday school teacher — likes Afgan dogs — job at lloigaards — enjoys skiing Conrad Craig Burgess — canoe trips to Canaria — camping trip up north — like's Grand Punk Railroad Daniel I.ce Burke — Dan Whigrean — likes music and sports — trijss to Donney-brooke - enjoys writing captions John Cain Burke — varsity football and wrestling — 1-Ball- Park Board hockey — Student Council — church teen Iroard — captain of wrestling team Marianne Holst Busa — "Romeo and Juliet” — National Thespians — enjoys playing the flute — spends summers in Cape Cod Douglas Gerard Bushman Doug — German Club — varsity football and track. 69Senio Seniors Reminiscence As They Make Plans Fo Their Future Years Mark Hoover Buz by — Buz — varsity cross country and track — president of church youth group — worked in elevator factory Connie Jane Byrne — Myrne — Red Cross — choir — Young Life — Contact — Y-Teens — senior women's van.it Kenneth Robert Byrne — Ken — Senior league baseball works at Red Owl — trip to Florida enjoys sailing Stew Joseph Cabalka — Balka — varsity soccer and baseball — Park Board hockey — I-Ball likes sports — Homecoming court. Barbara Lynn Canton — Barb — secretary of Student Council Senate — cheerleader junior year — Kdina Players - church choir — Hi-l caguc — co-chairman of Homecoming committee. Bctli Ann Caples — sells for Fuller Brush trip to small island near Mexico. Carol lax Caples — O. K. — trip to small bland near Mexico. Craig Luther Carlandcr — Student Council in junior year lik 3 traveling, skiing, tennis, and relaxing — canoe trips in Canada — plans to go to college. David Rclf ('arisen — Chuckie — Ib-llman at Holiday Inn — ski trip to Alta and Steamboat — worked at Many Point Camp. Lawrence Arden Carlscn — varsity baseball — cook at Kdina Country Club— likes hockey and golf — trip to Disneyland —plans to attend St John's University. Bruce Edwin Carlson — job at Dayton's — trip to Hawaii — likes photography and water skiing D. Johan Carlson Young Life — a new student in Kdina High — likes all sports. Daniel Firic Carlson Intramural basketball — church choir and youth group — church basketball — worked at Daytons Douglas Arthur Carlson — Doug — 1-Ball — trip to Colorado — worked at l-oucy's — plans to go to U of M. Karen Lash Carlson Narine — Student Council — varsity cheerleader — senior women's varsity — Young Life - nursing or art career. Nancy-lax Carlson — Nannie — enjoys crafts, macramc, and painting — canoe trip in Boundary Waters Area Pamela Margaret Carlson Red Cross — senior women's varsity — Young Life — enjoys track and jogging Randy Dirk Carlson — Park Board Hockey — likes hunting and fishing — fishing trip to Canada Robin I auric Carlson — Varsity Band Young Life — trip to California — plans to attend tlw I of M Sandra Ixe Carlson — Squeaky — secretary and treasurer of D.K.C.A Club — job at tobacco counter — plans to go to a vocational school 70Carey Lynn Carmichael — D.K.C.A — works at Clancy's — likes skiing Jay Ed-ward Carpenter varsity football and wrestling — Intramural softball Explorer Scout — National Merit Semi-Finalist — climbing trip to Big Horn Mountain National Park. Michael John Carr — Auto — varsity football — Intramural softball — likes weight lifting and handball Cynthia Ann Carruthers — ('indy — likes rock concerts and sewing — camping trips — plans to attend St. Cloud Mark Edward Caspers varsity football — intramural baseball — co-captain of wrestling team — worked at Minneapolis Bottling Company. Julia Ann Cecere — Spa-ghetto — senior women's varsity — Young I.ifc — gymnastics — job at Holida) Inn Hotel James Ia-onard Cederholm job at Tom Thumb — likes hunting, snowmobil-ing and motorcycling. Janet 1-ouise Chandler — Biiz '-ttr — Outdoor Club — French Club — likes animals, piano, and reading. Edward Baker Chapman varsity football and track Steve Charles Chernc — ('Item-Aide Club — enjoys football, skiing, and flying — motorcycle trip up north — plans to attend college at St Olaf — worked in a warehouse this summer. Carol Marie Christianson — Red Cross representative likes water and snow skiing — trip to Palm Springs known for her laugh Cynthia Marie Cicrnia — Young Life D.E — job at the Bath Shop — college at St. ('loud NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGU£ During study hall, senior boys regress back to childhood for an exciting game of imitation hockey. 71Senior hoys take time out from their studies to play a game of touch football after school. Seni' School Is Not A Work When You Final Become A Senic Candace Ann Clayton — Candy — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — works at Howard Johnson’s Restaurant — trip to Spain and Por-Ini'al — plans include I M I) Diane Marie Cleland — Home Kc Club — Outdoor Club — enjoys cooking, and sewing — plans to attend I of M. Al Rruce Cleveland D.K. — job at Lund’s Grocery Store — hitchhiked around Minnesota — plans on going to vocational sehool Steven Arnold Cobh — Cohbo — works for the YAl C A — trip into Mexico Kimlx-rlv Diane Colburn — Kim Young Life — food chairman of Luther league — choir — job at Radisson South David William Coleman - Dave — varsity track and cross country — Intramural basketball — plans to enlist. Ia-sles Gas Coleman works with mentally retarded children — plans to Ik- an F.KC technician at Methodist Hospital John Michael Collins — Intramural football champions — likes eais and music —trip to Douncybrookc — plans include U of M Michael John Conroy — Mike — Radio Club — summer job at Rridgemans Jacquelyn Maude (aiursolle — Jaci — Red Cross — senior women’s varsity — Young Life — job at Olson brothers’ Pharmacy — known for fur flirtations —loves skiing, dancing, and acting. Douglas Craig Cox — Doug — In-longs to the Hennepin County Area Vo-Tech School District — job at Kinney Shoes John James Crickmer — Crack — varsity soccer job at Clancy Drug — M.N R 72Murray John Crosby — like s bowling and art — moved from California last year — plans to attend Minneapolis School of Art. Jim Conary Cross varsity cross country and wrestling — enjoys skiing and sailing — plans to go into pre-med at St Olaf. David Ccorge Crouch — Dave — works for General Mills — known for driving the blue Nova — plans to attend the U. of M Denise Crowley — job at Wes Belleson's — trip to Mexico — enjoys skiing - plans include college. Susan I.ynn Curie - Sue — Y-Teens — Project Youth — job at Spencer Gifts — senior women’s varsity. Diane Lynn Daggett — Y-Teens senior women’s varsity —choir — Z-Club — trip to the Bahamas — plans to attend the University of Nebraska. Joanne Marie Dahill — lied Cross — Z-Club — likes pumpkin pie ice cream — plans to go on an African Safari Kurt Olaf Dahl — Dirt — cocaptain of soccer team Concert Band — job at Valley View Drug — Homecoming court. David Paul Dahl berg — Dave. Dixon Paul Dahlbcrg — Dealer varsity tennis — Intramural basketball — Spanish Club — church youth group plans after high school include college. William Thomas Davey — Darvis — varsity soccer — ski team — job at Olympic Hills — enjoys playing golf — plans to attend Marquette. Susan Margaret Davies — Sue — president of F.B.LE. — church and school choir — Sunday School teacher — likes music and sewing — plans to attend Gustavos Julie Tcreso Davis. Robert Darrell Dean — Dizzy — varsity soccer — Spanish Club — F.C.A — likes to read — plans after high school include college. Nancy Joan Dejongh — Dejungle — Orchestra — Young Life — Campaigners — Metropolitan Youth Orchestra — trip to Colorado with Young Life — enjoys playing the guitar Ann Marie DeKraay — Concert Band — Aqua Numphs — Orchestra — senior women's varsity — loves sports and music — plans to attend South Dakota State Marilyn Louise Denison — Crazy — choir — involved in New Testament Church —likes music — plans to work and travel after graduation Steven August Dcnk Steve — D. K. loves Fords and hates Chevys — job at Conoco Station Frederick Paul Dcnn — Squeaky - varsity skiing — worked at Game-lot — enjoys hunting — plans to attend the U of M. Denise Marie Den-neliy — French Club president of Horizon Club enjoys playing the guitar — tutors inner city children — plans include college David Jay Derby — Dcrb — Buzzette photographer — job at a service station — likes art and motorcycle riding. Kevin Michael DoRcmer — "Romeo and Juliet" — award for architectural drawing — likes music trip to Florida and the North Shore —plans to travel after graduation. Daniel William Dcvcreaux — Dan — D.EC.A — Youth Bible Study — job at Baker's Sho -s — ski trip to N ail Joy Annette Devries senior women’s varsity — job at Donaldson's — Sunday school t cachet 73Thomas Earle Diercks varsity football ami baseball — Hi-Y — Young l.lfc — F. C.A. — trip to Colorado. Dale Brian Dis-smeyer — 1-Ball freak team — plans to go to Colorado State University. I.owed Robert Dittbcrner — enjoys skiing and taking movies — wild goose hunting trip to Canada — ski trips to Colorado Karen Kathleen Divine — Y-Teens — Contact — Young Life — job at Gabbcrt's — trip to Oklahoma — enjoys waterskiing — plans to go to college at Augustana. Heather Margaret Dobbin — Dobby — Buzzctte editorial board — Pilgrim Fellowship— Project Youth — National Merit’s VVhos Who in American High Schools — ice cream scooper at Baskin Bobbin s. I.cslic Anne Dodd — job at Woolworth’s — likes skiing — trip to Alaska in «nc summer. Patricia Ellen Doehrman — Pat — D E C.A. Club — job at Stevenson’s — Y-Teens — plans a fashion career. Mary Beth Doer-ingsfeld — Varsity Band — enjoys knitting and sewing — canoe trip. Mark David Dblczal - T and I — janitor at Fairview Hospital — likes working on cars William Joseph Domke — Bill — National Thespian Society — president of Gobi Desert Kayak and Tennis Club — college at U of M. Nicolai Donchenko — Nic — Chess Club — likes stamp collecting and skiing — ski trip to Europe — worked at Northmp King — plans to attend the U. of M. John Thomas Dornick job at Worthington Corp. as mechanics assistant — likes camping and hockey. Kathleen Ann Dorsey — senior women’s varsity — Contact — Young Life — candy striper — Edina Optimist Award — trip to Europe and Padre Island. Michael Jon Dos-tal — Dos — Concert Band — district Music Award — job at Red Owl — barbershop quartet — plays the tuba — Scott Crosbic Band Laura Fay Dow — Laurie — Red Cross — G.R.A. — Radio Club — Chess Club — Young Life — likes music and reading. Colleen Ann Doyle — co-captain of varsity cheerleaders. Dave Michael Doyle - Varsity Skiing — National Ski Patrol — Fuller Brush man — trip to Jackson Hole. James Brian Dreher — Na-plarn — canoe trips to the B.W.C.A. — Richfield United Methodist Church U.M. Y F — plans to attend U.M.D. Lisa Mary Drcisbach — Varsity Band — Donaldsons Teenboard — job at Met Sport Center — trip to Europe. John Robert Dudley — Dud — L’.M.Y.F. — Concert Choir — gym nasties — hiked Isle Hoyle — camped in the B.W.C.A. —job at Red Owl. Judith Katherine Dugan — Judy — vice-president of D.K-C.A (Muh — member of Experiment in International Living — trip to Switzerland. Patricia Mars Duggan — Pat — trims turkey toenails — trip to Ireland — likes skiing — enjoys licking Chi-quita stickers — likes Carole King. Kevin Thomas Dulin — Bang Gang — choir — Hi-Y — trips to Florida and Europe — likes motorcycles — touch football — golf — known for "The Room" — referee for football DoggE. Due. 74;niors atience Becomes An lement Essential To eniors During School After Ion weeks of obedience school, Marcic Brower’s dog displays his training by jumping over a stick upon direct command. Timothy Barlow Dunn — Unde Torn Varsity Band — Varsity Band hockey team — Scott Cftttbic Band — president of the Phantom Council — worked at a gas station Catherine Ina Dunwiddic — Cathy — C.H.A — Kxplorer Post — Luther l-eague — Edina Historical Society —likes thunder storms Steve Gerard Duster track and field Student Scholastic Award Elizabeth Williams Eastman Betsy — senior women's varsity — Homecoming skit — Young Life — trip to Colorado Mars Katherine Eastman — Hunky — Outdoor Club — C.R A — plays poker during homeroom church group. Karen Louise Edclmunn — A E S Club — French Club — works at Edina Library — snowshocing at Mcnogyn — trip to Japan, Diane Knickerbocker Edwards — Latin Club Y-Teens — Job at Kairview Southdale Hospital — Pilgrim Fellowship Steven C al Eichhorn — Ike — varsity hockey and baseball — Teen Advisory Board Student Council. Janet Marie Fide Y Teens —Concert Choir — children’s play — job at Uncle John's Pancake House Daniel Thomas Eidsmo — Dan — likes hockey and hunting — trip to Florida — enjoys listening to Santana John Francis Einck — Latin Club — Intramurals — Young Life — Known for his unusual slimness — likes driving vans and trucks — caravan to Colorado and Arizona Deborah Ann Eisenhauer — Annie — Concert Choir — A E S Club — State Music Contest awards: 75Karen Stewart Ekherg — Kk — Whittrean — Pilgrim Fellowship Cabinet — A.F.S. secretary — German Club — senior women's varsity — Homecoming court. David Lawrence Fieri — intramural sports — Edina Players — Hi-Y — Pilgrim Fellowship — Young Life — plans to attend the University of Montana — trip to Vail — Boy Scout tree climbing award Luanne Elkey. John Edward Engdahl — DEC.A — Explorers — National Ski Patrol — job at Fairview Soiltbdalc Hospital. Robert Erik Engebretson Inge - Intramural basketball — Chem-Aide Club — Luther League — National Merit Semi-Finalist Linda Elaine Engelbert — chapter president of Y-Teens — Grims Cress — works at St. Paul Book and Stationery — trip to Hawaii. Cynthia Lu Engels — Cindy — O.E Club — works at Northwestern Lumbermen. Rolf Engh — "Romeo and Juliet" — Boy Scout Troop — job at St. Patrick's and Holiday Inn. Theodore John Englcr — Ted — varsity baseball — job at Eddie Arnold's Chicken Shop — plans include U.M.D. John Robert Engquist — varsity hockey — 1-Ball — Hi-Y — ski trip to Colorado with Young Life Brian William Engstrom — Barnev Whig-rean — National Free Lance photographer a club representative for this area — known for his singing trip to Japan. Ronald Alan Ensiningcr — Ron — baseball and track — church youth group — studies astronomy. Michael Joseph Epple — Mike — Concert Choir — Whigrean photographer — professional organist at Braemur Ice Arena — trip to San Francisco — plans to attend the U. of M. Chris Campbell Erickson. Kirk Edward Erickson — member of Pilots International Association likes the wilderness — plans on touring the U S. by plane Scott Lee Erickson — Skeeter — job at Hopkins Burger King — likes fishing and all sports — trip to Grant! Tetons and Europe — college in Arizona. A senior stops for awhile between classes to have a conversation while ordering his senior pictures. 76?niors xchanging Senior 'ictures Is A High chool Tradition Susan Pauline Erickson — Jpiaecs — National Merit Semi-Finalist. Ix-slev Gayle Ersted — Bunny — l),E. — job at (lager's — enjoys photography, crafts, and skiing — camping trip in Maine — plans to go to college in Boston Diane Louise Evans — waitress at Howard Johnson’s — enjoys music and Ballet — trip to California. James Michael Everett Jim — varsity swimming — job at Jerry's — enjoys skiing and hunting — trips to Colorado likes Hod Stewart and the Who Hubert Edslrom. Leanne Marie Fagerlie — Fag — Concert Baud — V.l C..V — church youth group and choir-lettered in band — likes music and poetry — was a playground leader for Edina Park Board — enjoys sewing. George Jeffrey Falconer — member of the International Kart Federation — enjoys go-kart racing and electronics — fishing trip to Canada — plans include I M l). lauira Kim Fallcr — Young Life V-Teens All-School secretary job at Pilgrim Cleaners — Fdina Swim Team. Mary Elisc Farnsworth — Fanny — senior women's varsity co-captain of Horncttcs — Homecoming Queen — job at Baskin Bobbin's — Young Life trip to Colorado. Julie Ferguson — Ferg — stuffs acorns in her spare time — ski trip to Europe. Elisa-heth Ann Fiedler — l.ibby Irnaecs job at Quality Hook Store Nancy Ann Fiedler — senior women's varsity — big sister to two Indian children — likes snow and water skiing — ski trip to Aspen. Fredrick Esser Fields — Hich — transferred from Blake — plays hockey — Contact group — has been in plays. James Filreis — Jio — Debate - Chess Club — Math Club — German Club — Declamation — enjoys solving problems — known for bis "non-existence theory” Robert Hugh Findorff — Hob — likes traveling, rock concerts, and ocean cruises — enjoys Cactus. Steven Thomas Fine — Steve — T. and I — church youth group — works at European Health Spa — job at Park Millwork John Vincent Fink — works at Bed's Union 76 — trip to Colorado — plans include Normandalc Jr College. Daniel Kevin Finks — Finkcr — varsity hockey — Intramural footl all — Homecoming court — Edina Hockey Association referee — known for his hard slap shot. Margot Iouiso Fisher — Madge — gymnastics awards — T H E — memorable trip to Deer River. Alison Mary Fisk — Al — Red Cross — Paek Hats — waitress at the l mon Tree — enjoys listening to Leo Kottke and Leon Bussell 77Seniors Diverse Job Openings Are Filled By Eager And Willing Seniors Helping Bill Bates to find a pair of pants, Margot Fisher balances precariously on a ladder while working for Robinson's. Ann Theresc Fitzgerald — Dynamite II — Red Cross — sunworshipper — likes Flash Cadillac. Ceps, and Gumps — awards from swimming. Meg Nlowat Flaskamp Student Council—A.F.S.—vice-president of International Club- Linda Kathleen Fleer — Varsity Rand treasurer of S.W.A.P.C.C. — plans to attend Macalester College. Jan Lynn Flickinger — Varsity Rand — Young Life — treasurer of Pine Ridge Saddle Club — hoard member of Minnesota Junior Quarter Horse Association. Ann Louise Fortner Y-Teens — plans to attend University of Minnesota at Duluth. Nancy Lynn Fossccn — Nance Red Cross — ski instructor for Snowbound Ski Club — counselor at a summer camp — job at Day-ton’s Brian William Fosses — varsity football — job at Richfield Colony as a lifeguard plans to attend I of M Thomas Paul Freeman — German Club — likes skiing, camping outdoors, and hunting — interesting tri| s to (Canada and I lavana. Robert Lorwence Freeks — Bob — awards for architectural drawings and models — traveled in Kuropc and around the U.S. Michael James Freitas Frito known for being too quiet — interesting trips to Hawaii. Japan, and Rocky Mountains. Paul George Frey — Intramural football — Imago — Park Board hockey — church choir — free lance artist Cynthia Ann Frich — Cindy — F.B.LK. — enjoys horseback riding ami skiing - plans include college or trip to Colorado. 78Debra Kay Frit-sen — Debbie — job at Snuthdale National bank — enjoys playing piano Michael Wolf FVishbcrg — varsity Swimming — Student School Board — work ed at Control Data — would like to attend the University of Arizona. Barbara Ann Frohbach — Barb — memorable trip to Deer River — T.H.E. — job at Stevenson’s Mary Cail Frohbach — Whiurcan — Pilgrim Fellowship Cabinet — secretary for Minnesota Valve and Fitting — T.H.fc. — L.A.C. — plans to attend Gustavos. Susan Jean Frykman — Sue — Y-Teens — Young Life — senior women’s varsitv — lob at Dayton’s — Z-Club enjoys skiing — playground leader in the summer — ski trip to Colorado. James Philip Fuller — Bowtie — Concert Choir — guitarist and singer with music group — plans to attend the U of M. Ronald Lawrence Funk — Ron — job with Funk-Hailccy Insurance — likes hunting and snowmobiling — trips to Mexico. Canada, and N'isswa. Lolta Call — Nervy Mary Susan Galloway — Susan — Pep Club — drill team — French Club — Choral Club — voice and piano lessons — Red Cross volunteer — superior rating in Minnesota State Music Contest — job at Clancy Drug. James Cans — Jim Steven Garrison — Steve Thomas Patrick Garvcn — Captain Bummer — Buzzcttc— Edina Players — Children’s Theater Company of the Minneapolis Art Institute — janitor at the West-gate theater — apprentice recording producer for Cold Shot Productions. Mary Jean Gaynor — Junior Achievement — involved with Human Relations Week — canoe trip on' of Sawbill Wendy Kenyon Ccrrish Bo zcttc — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Red Cross — Sunday school teacher trij» to Hawaii and Mexico — enjoys skiing. John Frank Ghostly — Student Council — varsity football and tr» -t- — 1-Ball — likes weight lilting and scuba diving Cheryl Jeanne Gibbs — church task force on youth — secretary of Thespians — likes playing the piano. Stephanie Gillette — Steffi — champagne strings — Orchestra — German Club — awards for Orchestra participation — job at Holiday Inn Airport Steven Paul Giroux — job at Kunz Oil Company — likes motorcycles. snowmobiles, and skiing —- plans to attend St. Cloud State College Margaret Anne Gislason — Peggy - vice-president of A.F.S. Club — Innutcv — Red Cross Henry Walter Gjersdal — Skip — Debate team — I .at in Club — trophies for debate — job at Tail’s. Mark Wells Glessner — Brillo — E.D.T. — job at One Hour Martinizing — plays guitar in a rock band — likes hockey. Mary Elizabeth Coblirsch — Latin Club officer — Y-Teens — Pilgrim Fellowship — job at Day-ton's — L.A.C. — Big Sister Program — Crims Cress. Katherine Ann Golden — Kathy — Red Cross — Young Life - Sue. day school teacher — job at Fatrview South-daie Hospital Mark Gottlieb — Chem-Aide Club — private pilot’s license 79Michael James Gottsackcr — Colts — Young Life — Contact — cook at Mr Steak — outstanding trip to Colorado — homecoming court. Gail Susan Graham Y-Tccns — Big Sister Program — dental assistant at South-dale Medical Building — trip to Japan. David Gramling T and I — Ski Patrol — llolgaards Ski School Instructor — likes skiing and duck hunting. Blake Robert Grangaard Concert Band — Latin Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation — music awards. Vivian Romainc Green — A.O.T.A. member — award for essay on prevention of use of drugs by juveniles — likes photography and movie making. LecAnn Greer — D.K.C.A. — works at Brothers Restaurant — enjoys horseback riding and skiing Lori Linel Gregors — senior women s varsity Young Life — job at Donaldsons —likes horseback riding and water skiing. Richard James Crcy-witt — Rick — varsity swimming — Intramural sports — likes football, swimming, and golf. Sally Becker Griffiths — senior women's varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — likes skiing — trip to Colorado Robert Charles Grill — Bob — job at Walgreens — vice- president of M N R — likes listening to music. Maureen Grogan — Groggie — Red cross — senior women's varsity — Contact — watress at DeLaria's — camping at Yogi Bear Jcllystone Park Virginia Lorena Grossman Cinny — Varsity Band — teaches riding lessons — job at Heritage Nursing Home. Wendy Susan Croth — Scventccns National Fashion Council — waitress at Dayton's — senior women’s varsity — trip to New Orleans. Scott Norton Crovcn — l-ball freak team — likes parties Nancy Ann Culliford — Whigrean — Aqua Nymphs — church youth group planning committee — works at Amluxcn's — trips to Florida — plans include college. Susan Louise Gunbcrg — Varsity Baud German Club — band awards — plans include U. of M A swarm of Kdina Hornets on the senior float move in to swamp the Skippers' hopes of victory. 80mors ate Fire Engine orces Women To Jse The Men's Truck Screams and laughter come from the senior women’s varsity float as it passes by the spectators. Man Gunderman — Y-Teens — senior women’s varsity — job at Dayton’s — Student Mobilization Committee Jeffrey Lane Gunderson - Gunny — T and I — v«irks for Hopkins Parts Company — likes can and water skiing. Janice Klainc Gustafson — Red Cross — senior women’s varsity — gymnastics took art classes at Walker Art Center — likes outdoor sports Kevin David Gustafson — Cus — Concert Rand — German Club — Ski Patrol — rock band — State music awards DA Wendy Cost, Ix-slic Patricia ilabcrkorn Y-Teens — church youth group — job at Toy Fair — likes water skiing and gymnastics Janel June Ilageman — Prog Lady — church choir — known for her frog voice — ski trip to Giant’s Ridge and canoe trip to Cannon River — likes Moody Blues. Jeffrey lav Hagen — Hcggs — varsity hockey — PMiluli — worked at Donaldsons — likes hockey and water skiing — trip to New Mexico — plans to attend U of M Nancy Ruth Hagen — O K. — Pilgrim Fellowship cabinet — TH E - CrimsCress — memorable trip to Deer River Wayne Stanley Hagen — varsity skiing — head Statistician for football — State water ski competition — mountain climbing in Wyoming Alan James Hairc — varsity football — Intramural basketball — Hi-Y — Pilgrim Fellowship Young Life — church basketball — trips to Colorado and Montana Jeff Howard Hall — likes skiing and gymnastics 81Nancy’Allison Hall — Y-Teens — senior women's varsity I.other la-ague — first place for .1 dress at the State Fair — plans include South Dakota State. Stewart Graham Hall — varsity debate — Declamation -Choral Club — bother League president Linda Ann Halpern Student School Board — Debate — Declamation National Merit Semi-Finalist — Optimist Club award — speaker's trophies. Susan Joyce Halvorsen Sue — senior women's varsity — water polos unit. Steven Richard Hamm Hammy — likes dunobuggies, floats, cars, and motorcycles. William Walter Hancock Bunky — one of the Lightning Brothers — job at the Soiithdale Key Shop — enjoys flying and drawing pictures; Lynn Mary Hannah — Lummpy — A.F.S. Club — senior women's varsity — ballet — likes water and snow skiing Bonnie May Hansen German Club— works at Valley View Room at South-dale member of Methodist church group — United Nations Seminar Brian William Hansen — Mash — enjoys reading, drawing, hunting, and archery. Nancy Jane Hansen — senior women's varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — trip to Colorado. Allan Andrew Hanson varsity band — job at Chandler's — French Iforn solo at State Contest — likes golf, water skiing, and tennis counselor — trips to Chicago, and Washington D C Don Christian Hanson — Canja — works in the shoe business — traveled to the West Indies. Melanie Diana Hanson CA Y — Outdoor Club president — violin instructor — likes the rain, broccoli, and old flannel shirts — known for being strange Stanton Craig Hanson Student School Board Sunday School teacher — tennis tournaments. Wendy Karen Hanson — Sparky — National Merit Letter of Commendation — Math Club — Spanish Club — job at Inland Realty — Give and Take counseling center. Paul Hardman — works at Big Boy — likes models, guns, and cars Mark Alan Harmon - Hank varsity skiing for three years — job at Jerry's — sold Christmas trees — enjoys driving the "2102" — veterinary medicine at U. of M Grant Guy Harper — llarpo — varsity football — co-captain of track team — member of the Morningside gang. Craig Warwick Rees Harrison — Aussie — Student Council — Debate — International Students' Club A F.S student from Australia Darrell Michael Hart — track — plans to attend Arizona State Margaret Elaine Ilascall Peggy Student Council — Young Life — job at Fair-view Southdale Hospital — plans include Baylor University. Renee Louise Haupt — Ski Patrol at Ruck Hill — instructor for Hoi-guard's — plans to go to t of 1 Kathleen Marie Hawk — Kathy — Red Cross — started LAC — teaches special education at church — hike trip this summer — dental hy giene at U Of M —Tom Ilawkinson. 82?niors •olitude Provides Vn Opportunity For •eniors To Create Michael Patrick Ilcalcy Heals — 1-Ball freak team M II — lloigaard's ski instructor likes skiing and heaver trapping Vicki Lynn Hede Varsity Band — German Club Young Life — State Solo winner ill band — trip to Europe. Susan Joan Hegnauer — Sue senior women’s varsity — O K Y Teens — president of W.AAI.C trip to Afghanistan. Joy Dawn llcikenen — job at Dayton's - trip to Europe — likes water and snow skiing — member of vet te-sot Susan Mars lleinbockcl Sin--------trip to Las Vegas — worked at Bed Barn — plans to attend the L Of M NLuk Stephen Hein-zig Heins — sarsity football and wrestling — Intramural softball — Park Ifoard hockey — construction job — plans to attend the I of M John Hichard Hemp ilcinpor - varsity football — won trophy at Twin City Speedway — lived in Europe. Sandra Ann Henderson Concert Choir — church choir - Theater of Involvement — plans include college Using her artistic talent. Nancy Moline carefully works with pen and ink to produce a work of art.John Aubrey Henry — Jay — varsity swim team — German Club — works at Jerry’s — likes skiing, gymnastics. and scuba diving. David Arthur Henseler — works at service station — likes ears — plans to attend U- of M. I jura Sue Henson — T and I — job at Dayton's — Long Lake Hounds, Fox Hunt Association — likes horseback riding — owns horse named Sgt. Pepper — college at Baton Rouge. Christian Fredrick Herb — Chris — job at Gulf station — trip to Pittsburgh Ann Louise Herman Y-Toeus - F B.I. K. — job at Olson Brothers — trip to the Car-ribean and Hawaii. Julie Ann Hershey senior women's varsity — job for Fuller Brush Company — likes camping — plans to go the Mpls School of Business. I-eslie Ann Herzog — Images — German Club — Young Life — trip traveling around Europe plans include college Robert Steven lies-seler — Bob — enjoys water skiing - job at Camelot — known for driving Camaro — plans include college. Suann Deborah Ilibbs Hibblels — Varsity Band — Orchestra — dance choreographer for band — job at Dayton's — District Solo competition Kimberly Hakes Hill — Kim — Whigrcan co-cditor — Varsity Band — Ijtin Club — waitress at Betty Crocker Pie Shop — Young Life — Isddic Haskall Fan Club — Pep pa Twin. Scott Bastian Hippe — Concert Band — solo band awards —church choir. James Burden Ilipps Jim — varsity cross country and track — 1-Ball enjoys concerts. Cynthia Gail Hinchcy — Cindy — Burzette — German (dub — judo and ski lessons — enjoys playing the piano. Kevin Miles Hir-schcy — Hirsch — varsity swimming — Varsity Band — church choir — job at De-Laira's — likes sailing. Rebecca Eileen Hoaglund — Hoagic — treasurer for church youth group — plans to Isecomc a veterinarian Mary Lucille Hodnett — Mary Lu — F'rench Club —volleyball and softball teams — Job at Justcr's — moved from Massachusetts — Cine Club. A Young Lift meeting at the American Legion Mall provides Fdina students a chance to langh and forget about their studies. 84 gniors foung Life Offers Students Time For vleaningful Thought Greg Joseph Hoi varsily skiing — Young I .iff - job at Jerry’s — likes skiing ami most sports — plans to go to Colorado State University Paul Douglas Holland varsity track — Ili-Y — likes cars, photography. ai«l skiing. Kristin Kai Holm Doris Red Cross Horncttcs — Young Life — ski trip to Colorado — Junior Skit Homecoming court Laurie Lynn Holm — Holmly — Pack Rats — Homecoming skit —Sunday School teacher — plans to travel across the U.S. Brad Holt. Jessica lloltum — Latin Club officer — treasurer of Orchestra — senior women’s varsity — job at American Central Corp — camping trip in Northern Minnesota — plans to attend the U. of M, at St Paul Kimberly Mae Hunts Homey Horns — T. and I treasurer of U I.C.A. Theatre — nurses aide at Fairview Southdalc — plans to go into nursing. Patrice Marie Horslman Y-Teens publicity chairman — children’s play — job at Donaldson’s — skiing trip to Wyoming Kathryn Jo Houns — Moons burger — works at Super America — member of the Pack Rats — known for her dimples — trips to Donneybrooke and Vail Hope Ann Hovde llova — senior women’s varsity weasel sisters — fishing trip in Canada — plans to attend St Cloud State Keith Allen Hover-stad varsity football — Intramural soft-ball — announcer on KACS FM Radio — Park Board hockey Karen Ann Howells Y-Tccns All-School president — Young Life — college at U. of M Thomas George Hoyt Varsity Band Intramural softball — Ili-Y — Pilgrim Fellowship — job at Valley View Drug — Kagl Seoul — summer job at Camp Couragi Steven Thomas Huff — Steve — Concert Baud — Orchestra — Ill-League president — chef at Del.aria’s. Sandra Sue Hughson — Peanut — T. anil I. — Bed Cross — C A A — Home Ee Club — plans to go into nursing. Paul Steven Hull — Put i.nbber works at Valley View Texaco and One Hour Martmi ing. Marsha Dee Hunter — memorable trip to Massachusetts. David Hylander — Dave. James Edward Immel — Jim Park Board hockey — job .it Olson Brothers Pharmacy — broad jumping — canoe trip to Australia — trips to Canada and around the western Lnilcd States — plans to attend college at Iowa State University. Timothy Patrick Immel — Tim — Hi-Y enjoys all sports — likes to play hockey and pool — summer job at Olson Brothers — trip to Montana — Iow a State 85Mary Elaine Ingwald Orchestra— senior women's varsity — church choir — trips to Europe Mexico, and Canada Iaiura Jo Iten — Rtinkcy — studies mental physics — known for her stash of food — plans to live in India. Marilyn l.ouisc Iverson — Varsity Hand — Sunday school teacher — job at Marc’s Big Hoy —interested in nursing. Susan Mary Jackson Sue —Spanish Club — senior women’s varsity Project Youth — K.Y.C. — memlier of Job’s Daughters. Bruce Alee Jacobson — Jake — Student Couneil — Bed Cross — varsity football — Young Life — plans include L of M Susan Mary James Red Cross — Young Life — likes drawing, reading, and talking — writes |xx-try Scott Bussell Jensen Young Life — enjoys photography and football — Young Life trip to Colorado — plans to go into the Naval Reserves Amy Mary Johnson — Orchestra social chairman job at Vmerica n Centro Company — likes music and talking Delxirab Johnson. Jill Lyman Johnson A ES. Club — Y-Teens — senior women’s varsity Spanish Club — Pilgrim Eellow-ship — Newcomers — Griins Cress Judy Lynn Johnson Student Council — Latin Club — senior women’s varsity — Intramural tennis — Miss Gym-Aide 1971 — Youth-in-Covrrnmcnt —Minncgaseo Youth Council — plans to attend Conzaga I ’ diversity. Kathy Marie Johnson — Varsity Band Young Life — job at Hot Sam’s Pretzel Stand likes skiing and ramping. Marcus Gordon Johnson Mare — V arsity Hand — German Club — drum major of marching band. Margaret Anne Johnson — Peggy - senior women's varsity — Intramural sports — works at Eairvicw South-dale Hospital — plans include I of M Peter Russell Johnson Pete — Math Club — Chcm-Aide Club — German Club — president of Church choir — backpacked across Isle Rovalc. Rebecca Ann Johnson — Becky — Varsity Hand — Orchestra — church choir plans to attend I of M. Nancylynne Jones — Jonsie — Hornettes — V-Teens — senior women's varsity — Young Life — Campaigners — job at the Boundhouse Patricia Joyce Jones Jonesv — Homecoming skit Pack Rats —works at the Record Shop Timothy Lee Jones — Tim likes swimming known for a biz-zare sense of humor — trip to Colorado. James Paul Joyce — Jim — Student School Board — Varsity football Park Board hockey — Minnesota Outward Bound School. Kristine Ann Juhl — Kris — senior women’s varsity — Young Life —- Campaigners — church youth group — church choir Elizabeth Ann Juneau Liz — Y-Tcens — senior women's varsity — job at Big Roy's — memorable camping trip to Taylor’s Palls. Janies Richard Junko — Jim — track — Hi-Y — works at the Normnndale Motel Kevin John Kain — Intramural football Young Life enjoys water skiing and ears canoe trip — plans include Duluth 862niors 3uitars Offer A vtusical Form Of ixpression For Seniors Mcttv Karr. Chris Riis K;irlik — Var-sity Band — junior varsity soccer — Sierra Club—N.C.II A iiu-miIkt - lik«-% Soccer, tennis, and eosmo hockey Susan Mars- Kasprick — enjoys making friends Nancy Allen Kaufmann — Nannu — president of National Thespians — vice-president of Bed Cross president f choir — likes to smile — spring trip to rizona — enjoys theater and singing Michael Patrick Kavanaugh — Mike Hinklcy — varsity baseball and Intramural basketball church basket- ball — M. ll Peter Scott Keegan Pete — Varsity Band — Orchestra — worked at Mr (,)‘s — plans to live in northern Minnesota Mars Cynthia Keith — Sug — varsits cheerleader senior women’s varsity — worked at Kuropoan Health Spa — plans to attend Atlcna College. David William Kelley Robin Purdy finds quiet time alone, which she uses to have an enjoyable time playing Iter guitar 87Senic The 26th Amendmen Gives Many Student: The Right To Vote Colleen Doyle shows her concern for political events l registering as a new voter for the 1972 presidential elections. David Fdward Kelley — Hill Red Cross — Hat Club softball team — likes bikes, snowmobiles. and cars Karen Doll Kelly — Y-Tecns — Buzzcttc — senior women's varsity — Young l.ife — Campaigners. Priscilla tare Kenaston — O K — senior women's varsity — job at Data Card Corporation — plans to become an airline stewardess — lik«- traveling. Deborah Filern Kennedy — American History Breakfast Queen — O K — job at Kadisson South — plans to attend Mankato State I any Calvin Kennedy — l.al.a — varsity track, football, and baseball — has won trophies with bis dunchuggie and car. Denise Michelle Kerw in K.Y C church group — canoe trip to Canada — plans to attend Mankato State College l.ynnctlc Diane Kiel — Varsity Hand — active in church youth group — band award — plans to go to Stout State Fli alM-tb Alma Kilhurg Bel hie — National Merit letter of Commendation — T.H.F., — memorable trip to Deer River — job at Vaughn's David Paul Kilian — known for racing cars — plans to attend Dunwoodic Institute James Francis Kilian — Jim — works at Kalland s Shell — likes music and ears — trip to California Richard Martin Kilian — works at Davair Company - won first place for house design at Student Craftsman fair Mary Beth Kim — Bu zette co-editor — Kdina High School representative for Center Opera — Quill and Scroll reprint in Scholastic Journalism 88Elizabeth Ann Kindcm Lisa — German Club A.E.S. Club — job at Bachman's — canoe trip to B W.C.A. — Pilgrim Fellowship Chit-kic Ala King — Egghead a real noodle — works at Colonel Sanders — a dumb cluck Cheryl Ann Kintop — Smiley — enjoys bowling, drag races, and being with people — plans to attend Vormandale State junior College Sue Ann Kirchmann — Red Cross — O H — likes skiing, playing the piano, and skating job at Americana State Bank James Patrick Kirkland Jim — I atin Club officer — soccer — enjoys horseback riding and skiing — job at Dayton's. Douglas Clenn Kitchen Kitch — varsity track Intramural basketball — State Competition Play — church youth group — likes playing the banjo Lynn Marie Kjome — French Club — Pep Club — church youth council — canoe trip to B W.C.A Theodore William Klein — T.K — varsity football, baseball, and wrestling —worked as a painting apprentice. Timothy George Klein — Moose — varsity football and baseball — enjoys all sports — plans include Miami University. Perry Alexander Knah — Images — spent the summer traveling with a carnival likes photography and stamp collecting Laurie Anne Knowles Whiercan — National Merit Semi-Finalist — Sunday school teacher Vicki Lynn Koenig — Sex — Y-Tecns chap ter president — Latin Club officer — Optimist Club Award Red Cross — Pilgrim Fellowship Linda Irene Komarek — works at the Euro-|k ui Health Spa — enjoys poetry and art — trips to Florida and Canada Richard Robertson Kracum — Math Club — Intramural football, softball, and liasketball — choir — plans include Carlcton College Thomas Fredrick Kraemcr — Tom — R11 1-lie job at Bajus-Jones Studio I — first place in WCCO Film Contest for an animated film Kim Marie Kraker Y-Tcens — worked at the Class Blowers at Southdalc — likes playing the guitar Claire Curtiss Krogstad — Honored Queen of Job's Daughters Bethel 78 - - church choir — likes to play her five string banjo. John Robert Kruppstadl — Kruppic — drawing awards — job at Marc's Rig Roy — plans to enlist in the Air Force. John Daniel Kumpf — I) l — works at Farmer Seed Nursery — varsity wrestling — enjoys sports Elizabeth Ann Kuphal — Betsy - Images — Concert Choir — church youth cabinet — lik s canoeing and snow shoeing — known for being cheery. Kristine Kay Kuphal — Kris — gymnastics — Pilgrim Fellowship — known for pins and its cream — likes modern dance, laughing. and talking — Children's Theater at YWCA Sally Jean Kundmucllcr — V Teens — Latin Club — moved to Kdina from Pittsburgh Mariloe Joanne Klein Rotary Exchange student to Telmaean. Mexico — Young Life Sue Elaine Koivumaki — Latin Club — Varsity Band A ES. student to Northern Ireland — Project Youth — Luther la-ague president. 89Janinc Lamont — Vanity Band secretary — Orchestra — V B hockey team — marching band — State Music Contest awards. John Eric Landin — Hash — German Club — job at Mr. Steak — canoe trip to Boundary Waters Canoe Area — plays for the "Mr Steak Sirloins' hockey team Allan Parker lame — Al — job at Lincoln Del — enjoys working on cars — trip to Washington — plans include U. of M John Christopher Lang — Freak — likes freedom and music — plans to travel. Donald Bichard Iamgefcls — Dirt — varsity'hockey — Vanity Band — enjoys watching auto racing Lynda Jean l antto member of the Revolt Against The Stench — secretary of Luther League — enjoys doing creative things. Bradley Philip Larson — Brad — B-squad tennis — Intramural basketball — Snowbound Ski Club — U. of M ski team — known for being a procrastinator Christine Virginia I .arson — Chris — Edina Players — enjoys doing art work. Dianne Patricia Iairson — Lars — Y-Teens — O.E — jots at National Car Rental — church youth group — enjoys sports and crafts Donna Jean Larson — F.T.A. secretary' as a junior — D F..C.A historian — job at Donaldsons — enjoys sculpturing. Janice Louise Larson Jill — likes parties and listening to music. Kandall Kenneth Larson — Bandy — varsity soccer — Spanish Club — hockey — plans include a trip to Europe and attending the I of M Frederick William Laura Frit Intramural softball — church basketball — Edina Park Board hockev — U. of 1 Timothy James Lause — Tim — Ski Patrol at Welch Village — V.A.M.P. award — part owner of psychedelic supply — does light shows for hands. Ann Huntington Leach — vice-president of Y-Tccns — job at Green Giant Restaurant — Field Elementary School — worked for Republican Party — trips to B.W. C.A. and Florida I.ivin Learn — tends to learn from experience. James David I.ears — Jim — track job at Red Robin Laundry — M R — Wears Leary — Spends most of his time sleeping — has a hard time keeping his eyes open Charles Tock I .odder — Concert Band — U. of M food services — Eagle Scout — teaches trumpet — D A. — I of M Music Project Claudia Marie Lee — I.C.A. Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — works as a lab assistant at Kallestad laboratories — college at River F'alls. Wisconsin Mark Charles I-eefeldt — l-eef — Westminister Fellowship — Project Youth — volunteer at Fairview Southdale Hospital — Fagle Scout Ix-aAnn lx-gler - Cork) — French Club — Y-Teens — B.I.M S. — job at Edina Library Processing Center. David Robert la-nhart — apprentice instructor for Blizzard — job al Hardware Hank — enjoys skiing, tennis, and golf — plans include St Cloud State. Mars Tcresc I-cpp — gymnastics — trip to Mexico 90rniors •eniors Discard Many raditions But Retain )ne—Senior Slump Mary Jeanne U ill A.F.S. Club — French Club Newcomers Club — likes flic ocean Robert Morton lew Bob — varsity soccer — known for bis old army truck — Park Board hockey — 197! tri-slate ping-pong champion — likes hunting and the outdoors. Kathy Man l.o van — Young Life — senior women's varsity — job at Delaria's at Southdaic — known for her big toes. Sally Ann Lewis — co-captain of liornettes — Y-Teens — senior women’s varsity — church youth group. Joseph Edward I.iedl Jumpin' J k- — Student Council — hockey — won an award for the most talented hockey player in Edina Hockey Association — publisher of llornboh — U. of M Michael llansord I.ilja — ski lri|»s to Utah and Colorado — likes photography Robyn Ann Lillchci — Roby — lm -‘ges — vursitv cheerleader as a senior lied Cross Homecoming court puill ami Scroll Julie Elliot I.inderholm — job at Brothers Restaurant — Pilgrim Fellowship Concentrating on catching the baton in the air, Lisa Berg demonstrates her unusual talent.Andrea Jean I.inner — Wlngrcan — Varsity Band — State Music Contest winner — enjoys skiing and playing the flute — plans to attend the U. of M Ima Litebulb. David Scott Little — Dave — works at Northern Cap Manufacturing Company — likes drumming and music — plays in a band — trip to Montana Sheryl Diane Lium — Varsity and Marching Band — Orchestra — District Solo Award for flute — Vice-President of church group Lynn Marie I.odahl — job at Arthur's — trip to California and Mexico — plans to go to Mpis. School of Business. Mimi Lofdald — senior women’s varsity — job at Donaldsons — l.utsen ski trip Pamela Jo Ixiffhagen — senior women’s varsity — Young Life — Red Cross — job at State Farm Insurance — Young Life trip to Colorado — plans to attend I', of M Charles Webber Loftus — ('buck — canoe trip through the Appalachian Mountains — likes water skiing Jean Castle Iaigan — Logan Zap theology — California State Honor Choir — camped on Islesboro Island in Maine — likes time to be. I .auric Ann Loobcck — Loobee — D.E. — job at Donaldsons — vice-president of Hi-Leugue — church choir — camp counselor — trip to Europe — enjoys yoga — enjoys music. Jeanann Lund. James Ix-e I.undquist — l.unk — varsity football and wrestling — Intramural softball — Student Council — Edina cosmo hockey player — Eagle Scout Robert Allen Lunn Bob — Biizzottc — varsity ski juniper — job at Marc’s Big Boy — Ski instructor for Y.M C.A. — enjoys his motorcycle. John Michael LupO — Park Board hockey — trip to California Mark Alan Lynch — Lurch — editor of Images — Edina Players — Latin Club — Quill and Scroll — known for his shortness — likes jelly l eans and Sesame Street — enjoys playing the piano. Dennis David Lytic — Denny — enjoys studying psychology Mary Catherine MacIIolda STEP — volunteer work at Trcvilla of Robbiusdale Home for the physically handicapped — plans to go to St Catherine's College — camping trip around North Shore of Lake Superior Thomas William MacKen .ic — l.atin Club — junior varsity tennis — Hi-Y — canoe trip on Cunflint Trail — ski trips to Colorado. Donald Leslie Macl.ennan. Patricia Ann MacTaggart — member of A.O T.A. — likes Iseing outside to enjoy the sun. quiet, and beauty Geraldine Ann Magnus — Gerry — Aqua Nymphs vice-president — Red Cross — placed in swimming competition — likes helping people. James Clarence Magnus Mag — Buck Hill Ski Patrol — job at Standard Station — likes flying. Joseph Larry Mandil - Larry — Edina Debate team — Edina's representative to Boys’ State iu 1971 — chosen as a delegate to the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans trip to Israel and Europe — plans to go into medicine Mary Melissa Manning. 92Seniors Unique Transportation Is Provided Through Motorcycles For Girls. After a morning scramble, senior girls prepare for a (lav of school and a lunch break at bed Barn. RacAnn Mariner — Y-Teens — enjoys meeting people — trip to Panama Pamela Rene Marinovieh — Pam — maid at the Radisson South — likes horseback riding, skiing trip to Aspen. Debra Gayle Marshall senior women’s varsity — Young l.ife likes skiing — tri|» to Colorado — plans to attend college — likes meeting new | eoplc Stephen Rallard Marston — Steve — enjoys w riting humorous limericks Jay Korvin Martens — German Club and hand — Varsity Band — church choir — star rating in District Music Contest on clarinet — likes playing the piano. Catherine .Mary Martin Katie — works at Del Farm Bakery — trips to Kuropc and California. Mark Aaron Nlasterson — job at Perkins — likes tennis and music Barbara Joan Mastor — Barb — Nurnphs president — Pil- grim Fellowship — Power’s Teen Board — junior class treasurer — Student Council Homecoming court 93Senior Edina Is Successfu Again With Senior Competing Within Stat( Kim Kathleen Marlin — llorncttcs — Contact — senior women’s varsity — plans to attend the I of M Mark Steven Maudcr — I-Ball — likes hunting — plans to attend college Bruce Richard McAllister — Duke — table tennis — Park Board hockey — likes music — plans to go to the U of M Patricia Ann McCambridge — Tish — Spanish Club — Coronation Chairman — waitress at Mr. Steak — Young I.ife — enjoys snow and water skiing — trip to Arizona. Wendy Cayle McCancc — Weiner — O-K — shows quarter horses — known for laughing to loud. Dave McCarthy Kdinu hockey referee — Red Cross — Park Board hockey — 1-Ball softball Maureen Elizabeth McCarthy — Rene — Cirls Choir — enjoys most sports — tri| s to Florida. Key West, and Canada — plans to go into secretary business Megan Mary McCarthy — trips to Chicago — likes arts and crafts — plans to work after graduation — likes Santana. Richard Thomas McCarthy Mac — enjoys playing guitar and riding hikes — plans to go to Kuropc after high school Mary Anne McCauley — French Club — trip to Canada plans to major in Spanish Timothy James McCauley — Ili-Y Young Life — Intramural football — Village hockey — Contact — cook at Dayton's — known for being Irish — enjoys skiing, canoeing, camping, and traveling. Robert William McDaniels — Boh Ann Kli abcth McDonald -Teens job at Sun Newspaper and Despatch Cleaners enjoys sewing and snow and water skiing David Cardie McDonald — varsity debate team — dramatics — church basketball — National Merit Letter of Commendation National Thespian Society Julie Ann McDonald — Jill — Red Cross — D.K.C.A — Young Life — senior women's varsity Carol Jean McDonnell — Spanish Club — Optimist Award for candy striping and volunteer work David William McDonnell. David Paul McDowell Cerinau Club — Red Cross — Kafka Table Tennis Competitive Association — enjoys photography and writing — boundary Waters canoe trip — plans to attend Custavus. John Clifford McF.lligott — McKlI — works at Budget Rent-a-Car — likes skiing and hunting — plans to go to college in Colorado. Paul William McKl-rath — Mac parking attendant like hockey and water skiing — plans include college. 94Leslie Ilaberkorn perfects the mount in her routine on the uneven parallel bars during a weekly Gymnastics Club practice. Daniel Joseph McGlynn — Dan — Young Life — Pilgrim Fellowship — Ili-Y Contact — works at Edina Public Library — trips to Colorado Charles Eugene McCrow — Clunk — varsity football, basketball, and baseball — Spanish Chib — likes old movies Katherine Ann McLcllan — Kathy — Y-Tecns — senior women's varsity — F.B.L.H — Young Life Bradley Craig McMahon Sirhan — Intramural football — hockey at the L of M. — M.A.W. — works for N.L’T.S. Incorporated. Teresa Jane McManus — Terry — Y-Teens — Contact — enjoys skiing — trip to Maine. Sally Elizabeth McNally Sal Bed Cross — Neptnncrs — Cirl Scouts — church youth group American Harp Society — Camp Mekahga council — Project Youth. Paul Howard Mclbostad Melbo — Concert Band — Junior Achievement — Minnesotans for McGovern — National Merit Semi-Finalist — Superior rating for solo and ensemble - job at Braemar Clubhouse. Douglas Mcllcma - Doug Thomas Hichard Metcalfe — Tom — varsity soccer — German Club — president of church youth group known for his cement hands. Karen Ix-igh Meyer — Mywa — Y-Teens — Young Life — Campaigners — trip to Colorado with Young Life — plans to attend Custavus — senior women’s varsity —Pilgrim Fellowship Steven Meyer — Steve Bonald Howard Mickus — Mic — Karlin Club — I) E. — job at Jerry's Foods — Contact — worked at the Haunted House — collects coins. 95Bradley James Millard — varsity swimming — job at Red Owl at Valley West — enjoys flying and photography Brad Lawrence Miller — T and I — employed at Town Vales — certificate of appreciation for outstanding work in construction — enjoys miow mohiling Bruce Charles Miller — varsity football, wrestling, and track — German club president Mark Stephen Miller — Mortekai Jones — cook at Marcs Big Boy — awards in drawing class — enjoys Imjw hunting for squirrels. Bohn Jay Miller — R J. — Thespians — Student Council — Red Cross — one act play — works for Sun Newspapers — known for being a sixty year old teenager Thomas Jeffrey Miller Tom, Timothy Edward Miller — Beata — varsity track — captain of cross country skiing — president of Pilgrim Fellowship Hi-Y enjoys mountain climbing — plans include Oregon State I 'diversity Patricia Sir- Millclt — Sioux — French (dub - Student Mobilization Committee. Jill Marie Miniehilli — Mini — senior women’s varsity works at Jen ;, s Foods. Nancy Jane Moline — IMAGES — voice lessons — Sunday school teacher — Ouill ami Scroll works at an advertising agency. Timothy RikI Moodie — Hi-Y — Edina Ping-Pong Association Intramural softball — member of the band "Grunt' job at Tom Thumb. Charles Edwin Moore — Charlie — Student Council — Explorer Scout — National Merit Semi-Finalist Home- coming court. Iairry Ross Moore — Gump — varsity soccer — junior hockey team — church group — captain of O.V. Hi-Y — plans include I M l). Marian Kathleen Moore Ma — Red Cross — Young Fife — trip to Hawaii. Richard Shuler Moorer Riek varsity football, track, and wrestling church youth group — organizes folk masses — plans to attend Normaodale State Junior College Randolph Thomas Morrill Lightning — Intramural softball — job at Typhoon Car Wash — C C.P team Ann Elizabeth Morrissey — As — Red (Toss — senior womens varsity — Homecoming skit Contact — Young Life Barbara Ann Moser Barb Red Cross president of SWAPC.C — church choir BoKuMo — Pilgrim Fellowship Jeremy Janies Mo-hynihan — Jerry — varsity footliall and basketball — const met ion job — junior ranger. Mary Ann Mulcaro Smiles — I C.A — Camp Fire awards — Red Cross Choral Club — Sunday school teacher. Martha Anne Murphy Orchestra Vur-silv Band — Debate — McPhail Youth Orchestra High School Musician Project — State Solo Contest winner. Nancy Ann Nagell — Nag Y-Teens — Luther league — Intramural sports, lairi Sue Nan-kixx ll Home Ec Club — church youth group— .F.S (dub — plans to travel after graduation Susan Joy Nauman — Susie — Homecoming co-chairman — senior women’s varsity — Campaigners ski trip to Colorado w ith Young Fife 96Seniors Administration Hears Concerns Through Student School Board Dr. John Hoyt presents Ken Reynolds the Kdina Optimist Award for contributions and service on the Student School Board. Patricia Jean Neal — Patty — Varsity Band and Latin Club Klainc Anne Nederoslek — Krnic — Varsity Band — l-atin Club Goddess — Contact — Job at Penney's — District Music Awards — likes the North Shore — enjoys tennis and swimming Jill Kathleen Xcitzel — Spanish Club — moved to Kdina from Baltimore — Sunday school teacher — Snowbound Ski Club — junior varsity sports Constance Pernella Nelson — Connie — senior women's varsity — Hi league — Young Life. David Kdward Nelson — D. D. - C.C.P hockey team — enjoys motorcycles — trip to Jamaica Judith Carolyn Nelson — Jude — Homecoming committee — trip to California Lucinda Jean Nelson — Cindy — Y-Teens — Girl Scout Leader — job at West-gate Theater — enjoys babysitting ami sewing — spent summer in Ohio Martha Jane Nelson Kdina Human Bights Commission — trip to New York for United Nations seminar — volunteer teachers aid at John Hay Klementary School. Marvin Dale Nelson — varsity wrestling — Chein-Aidc Club — won second place at State Fair for an architectural drawing — canoe trip to Canada — worked as a painter for a contractor during the summer Susan Hall Nelson — Sue - Wigrcan — job at Village Cleaners — T II K — memorable trip to Deer River - works for Y.E.S. Mary Nesseth. Barbara Jo Ncugcr — Barb — Home Kc Club — llori on Club — Hi la-ague — Puller Brush Girl 97Paula Mary Nevin — Pa — Young I.ife — senior women's varsity — Homecoming court. Bradley Grant Nevins Brad — Varsity Band — Sunday school teacher — job at Donaldsons — enjoys skiing. Jean Klaine Nichols — O K — job at Bituminous Casualty Company — delegate for office education convention — enjoys bowling — plans to attend Normandalc State Junior College. Ricliard Charles Nichols Rich varsity wrestling and cross country — job at Bridgeman's Todd Allan Nieland tri-captain of varsity hockey — Student Council — Explorers — plans include college — Homecoming Court. Kurt Peter Nielsen — park board hockey — enjoys hockey and sailing — trip to Baja. California — likes to listen to Chicago Albums — plans to attend Augsburg College Joel Alan Nissen — Duke — Chess (dub — varsity gymnastics — Young I.ife — church youth group — third place in regional gymnastics meet — enjoys making wood carvings John Frederic Nissen. Timothy James Nolle — varsity football — Intramural soltball — National Merit Semi-Finalist — known for putting 1000's of spoolies in his hair every night — plans to go to Europe after graduation Karen Ann Norccn — Y-Tccns — Young Life — Latin Club — Spanish Club — waitress at Big Boy, Daniel Victor Norquist — Dan — Student Council — varsity football — treasurer of Sophomore Class — plans include college. Diane Nungevscr — enjoys the outdoors — likes to travel. Patricia O'Brien — P.O. — vice-president of German Club — Hornettcs — job at Delaria's — National Merit Letter of Commendation — Young Life — plans to attend U. of M Richard Jerome O'Brien O.B — M N.R. — minister of self-defense — ski trip to Colorado. Susan O'Brien. Brian Alan O'Connell — Wally — works at Wally's Valley View Mobil — Eagle Scout — camping award — likes snow mobiling. skiing and hunting — canoe trip — plans to go to St Mary's College after graduation. Senior girls cheer I lie swimmers on to victory at an exciting. fast-moving swim meet after school. 98Seniors Seniors Form Last Graduating Class Of Combined High Schools Kathv JoAiui O'Connor — Y-Teens — job at Dayton's Carden Restaurant — enjoys horseback riding arid waterskiing — known for her green eyes William James O'Donoghue — O'I) — Intramural football — job at Hed Owl — vki trip to Steamboat Springs — enjoys playing the guitar — likes listening to Jimi Hendrix John Oliver. Charles Douglas Olsen — Chuck — Red Cross — junior varsity baseball — Spanish Club — juvenile hockey team — worked for Copher Class Steven Bradley Okerlund — Steve — enjoys skiing and music — trip to Switzerland I.inda Sue Olson — Aqua Nymphs — job at Sears — owns a horse named "Pepsi'" —enjoys swimming — plans to attend Norman-dale — show s her horse in horse shows. Nancy Olson. Reed Donald Olson — varsity football and baseball — co-captain of varsity ski team — enjoys fishing and hunting. Sandra Kay Olson — Sandy — Concert Band — enjoys writing poetry' — plans to attend Stout State University. Steven Kdward Olson — Brain - udio-Visual ide — National Merit l-otter of Commendation — enjoys reading — plans include the University of Minnesota Lynn Orndorff - job at Dayton’s jewelry department Karen Rae Osvog — Oz .ie — I ait in Five Coddess — Latin Club — senior women's varsity — job at Wool worth's — church youth group — canoe trip on St. Croix. Owen Virginia Palmer — Whitiro.m Latin Club— National Merit Letter of Commendation — memorable trip on an elevator — job at Dayton's — camping at Taylor's Falls. Theodore Peter Pappas — Toddy — National Thespians — member of the cast of winning State One Act play — trip to Mexico and Greece Candance Kay Paris — Concert Band — Hornettes — Young Life. I.u-Ann Marie Paulsen — co-captain of ehcerlcading — senior women’s varsity — Young Life— likes waterskiing. Mark Leigh Paulsen — Luther la-ague. Roger Ricliard Pearson — likes gymnastics and motorcycles — trip to Canada Jeffrey William Peck — Flash I manes. National Merit letter of Commendation — enjoys golf. Irasketball. weight-lifting and most sjsorts — likes Jethro Tull Sandra Joan Pcd-die — Sandce — Bu xctto— French Club — Y-Teens — A.F.S. club — Newcomers Club — Spanish Club — senior women’s varsity — job with Fuller Brush 99Seniors Southdale Proves To Be The Center Of Many Seniors' Lives Man Coblirsch smiles as she takes the order of one of her many customers during a busy Saturday at the Dayton’s Cafe. Keith Raymond Peddycoart varsity wvim-niing — enjoys tennis — plans after graduation include attending the University of Arizona or the U of M. Susan Jane Pen-Kelly — Sue — Orman Club — Y-Teens — Pilgrim Fellowship — worked at Shaper Toys — enjoys waterskiing — plans to attend Gustavos. Cheryl Joette Pesscs -Rn zetle — moved from Arkansas — job at Nina Boutique — plans to travel after graduating. Thomas l-ee Petersen — Tom — trip to Florida Wayne Fdvvard Petersen Her! Cross — Chemistry Lab-Aide — job at Kenney's — Ilyland Hills Ski Patrol — likes golfing and guitar playing. Barbara Hlaine Peterson — Student Council — Varsity Debate — Declamation — Youth in Government — rep to state Student Council Convention. Carmen Ann Peterson — Orchestra — church youth group — National Merit I etter of Commendation Ellen Susan Peterson — OK — johat Minnesota Heart Association. Ia-c Maynard Peterson — Leonard — varsity soccer — likes baseball, hockey, skiing, and music — ski trip to Aspen, Colorado — likes Moody Blues — plans to attend University of Denver Lynn Ann Peterson Welch Village Ski Patrol — apprentice instructor for Blizzard Ski Club — mountain climbing in Colorado Miriam Ruth Peterson — Mimi — church choir — Hornettes — trips to Guatemala and Lulscn Tom Gene Peterson. Warner Jay Peterson. Eric Douglas Petty — Debate team — DFI. party volunteer — teaches church school — National Merit Fetter of Commendation — attended C. of M and Forensics Institute at Georgetown University this summer Lisa Ellen Phelps — secretary of O.E. Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — works at Voyager Village — trip to California — plans to attend Normaudale Jr College Jeffrey Scott Pierson — Scott — Job at Red Barn — known for clowning around — college at I of M 100Gail I.ynn Pielrick Pete — Hornet tes — senior women's varsity — Young Lib — Y Teens — Campaigners known for smile faces. HoImtI Carl Pohlad Bob — track — French Club — lii-Y worked at PepsiCola Bottling Compam Phil Michael Pollock — Mike — Pilgrim Fellowship — speed skating awards known for his vicious temper — plans include Augsburg College. Thomas Anthony Pollock — Tom — enjoys listening to country and hlnegrass music -college at U. of M Nancy Jane Pontius — Nanc Bu ette — choir — Project Youth Advisory Board —■ St. Alban’s church youth group — camping trip in Canada David Bichard Postlmmu — Whigrean — job at Hennepin Statnners — enjoys water and snow skiing — plans to attend C of M. Deborah Kay Powell — Debbie — girls gymnastics — L.A.C — tutors North Side child — job at Badissou South James Robert Pratt park board hockey — plays guitar and drums — likes foot bull Robin Page Purdy — O K. — varsity cheerleader as a sophomore and junior — job at life insurance company — enjoys playing the guitar and tenuis — Canadian Waters canoe trip Michael Kevin Duirk. Diane I-ois Bauch — job at Schaper making toys — enjoys skiing and listening to music — triji to Salt Lake City and California Susan Margaret Ravcll — Sue— Y-Tecns German Club — church youth group - job at Dayton's likes skiing — churcbchoir - plans to attend U. of M Serving water t» all customers is a routine duty for Laura Arnold, a waitress at Dayton's Sidewalk Cafe in Sonthdalc Court. 101Roberta Lea Rayniond — Bobbi — Red Cross — L.A.C. — Q.E. — job at Rraucr and Associates — treasurer W.A.M.C. — treasurer for Y-Teens chapter — memorable trip to Duluth and Afghanistan. James Park Reed — (Concert Band likes writing. drawing, and reading Patricia Susan Rcichmann — Patty — Young Life — job at Marvin Oreck's — llornettes — trip to Colorado. Michelle Marie Remole — Red Cross officer — Young Life — job at Holiday Village Discount Store Jean Marie Record — O.lv — job at Physicians Professional Association — senior women's varsity — trips to California James Hoyt Reynolds Bulla — Latin Club Pontifex Maximus — gymnastics — U S. Minnesota Coif Classic caddy- Kenneth Warren Reynolds — Ken varsity soccer — Student School Board Chairman Young Life — trips to Kuropc. Scandinavia, and Hawaii. Lyn Marie Rhoades — job at Camc-lot — Sunday school teacher — plans to attend University of Arizona Jeffrey Cordon Rholl — Rolie — varsity basketball and baseball — enjoys all sports — plans to attend Concordia Keith William Rice — likes sports cars, hunting, and snow-mobiling — worker! at a lake resort up north during the summer — plans to go to U. of M. Tom Allan Rinc — varsity ski team — T. and I draftsman — job at Maico Hearing Instruments — likes water and snow skiing. John Edward Rischmillcr — Mel — I-Ball freak team — job at Nortnandalc Liquors — likes skiing. Reid Gregory Richrnillcr — varsity diving — Concert Band — Young Life — A.A.U. Diving — band awards — likes sailing and golfing — plans to attend Gustavus. Jennifer Anne Ritchie Jen - Orchestra — Herd Cross — senior women's varsity — Metropolitan Youth Orchestra — job at Marvin Oreck Tom Micku Rivall. Bradford Harvey Roberts — Brad — vice-president of German Club — varsity baseball — Intramural basketball — 3-M creativity award — plans to major in medicine Janet Elizabeth Roberts — Red Cross — Luther League — job at Baskin Bobbins — planning an African Safari Thomas Balch Roberts Tom — junior varsity basketball — varsity track and cross country — job at Sport and Fisher — senior class president — plans to attend Olympics in Germany. Ted L. Robertson — varsity traek and skiing job at Camelot — Hi-Y — plans to attend I M l) Mary Kathleen Roby — Kathy — Spanish Club — Contact Chris Joseph Roche — Rocket — gymnastics — likes traveling, hunting, waterskiing, and coin and matchbook collecting Daniel Todd Rolf — Chuck — job at Mr. Steak — likes water and snow skiing and hunting — plans include college Stephen Curtis Roy — Steve — Whigreaii German Club — I-Ball — Eagle Scout — Contact — Bible study — National Merit Semi-Finalist Jon Richard Bunge — L.A.C 1-Ball freak team — works for Budget Rent-A-Car. 102smor attending Special Conferences Are Part Of Senior Achievements John Timothy Russell — Tim Catherine Kli abcth Ryan — Cathy — likes bowling ami camping — trips to Rocky Mountains, Colorado and Montana — plans to Ixtcome an airline stewardess. Michael Gerard Ryan — Mike — Spanish Club — job at bund's — likes motorcycles and skiing — interesting trip to Afton Alps plans include college Carl James Ryberg — "Romeo and Juliet — likes music concerts, plays, learning music ami reading — trip to Wisconsin - likes Moody Rlucs. Daniel Sadowski — Dan Timothy William Sahlstccn — Tim I-cslie Ann Sale I S. Club — Newcomers Club — O K works at Village Hall — moved from California — enjoys bowling, bicycling, and going on picnics — plans after high school include college. Polly Jo Sandvik — Red Cross — Y-Teens — Senior women's varsity Minnesota Peace Action Coalition job at Dayton's in the candy department — enjoys art and listening to music — plans include going to college. Mardonna Barthold gives Iasi minute advice In Model United Nations Conference delegates Boh Engebrctson and Jenni Wilder. 103Senior Ingehorg San tier Inge — treasurer of A.F.S. Club — job at Mr. Steak — presidential awards in physical education — French award Neil Clair Saucier — Navel — president of D.E.C A. ('lub — works summers at Honda shop — likes motorcycles and skiing Paula Jean Savik — Girls Choir — clerk at Holiday Village — math tutor — plans to attend St Olaf — trip to Mexico — likes sewing ami cooking Dennis Paul Savory — varsity soccer — enjoys hunting and fishing Steve Tyrone Saxton — Sax — varsity ski jumping — D E — job at Holiday Inn — trips to California and Chicago Stephen Douglas Sc halier — Steve — job at Lund's — likes water and snow skiing and hydroplaning — trip to Kuropc — plans to attend University of Wyoming. Mark Kdward Schicl — likes football and working on cars — camping trip in Canada — plans to travel after graduation Deborah Ann Schilling — Schillo — T H E. — owns a horse — memorable trips to Alexandria. David Andrew Schlet cr — Dave. Deborah Ahn Schlueter — Debbie — salesgirl at Marvin Oreck and usherette ut the Met — plans to attend Normandale Robert John Schmitt — Bob — LAC — school plays job at Warner's Hardware — enjoys hunting -r plans to attend St. Norbert's College. Nancy Jean Schnobrich — Pooh — Y-Tecns chapter president Pilgrim Fellowship — camping trip to Taylor’s Falls — senior women's varsity. Ixi Dee Schick Ix-en through a lot of close shaves — sharp sense of humor — rotating heads Paul Herbert Schroedcr — Intramural football — varsity wrestling — job at European Health Spa — Explorers — Young Life — mountain climbing trip to Wyoming Robert Dcvoc Schulte — enjoys watching hockey games - know n for sleeping in class Brian Richard Schultz Spanish Club — works in mailroom at Sun Newspaper — plans after graduation include attending college. Paul Jo Schwartzbaucr. Sara Ann Schwarz — Young Life — Campaigners — Contact — job at Perkins Cake and Steak — enjoys swimming ami most sports — known for her smile and cheerfulness — trip to Boston. Bradley Ray Scott. Elizabeth Shirley Scott — Liz — likes sw imming animals, and playing the organ — spent two summers in Athens, and Greece — plans to go to Florida Institute of Technology — enjoys music College, Travel, Anc Jobs Comprise Plan: For Following Yea 104enior Wes Bockley envisions his debut as thoven’s First Symphony in the solitude concert pianist while he practices Bee- of the Kdina High School auditorium. Kimberly Katherine Scott - Scotty — senior women's varisty — O.li. — works for Kdina Independent School District — likes skiing, motorcycle riding and swimming, and riding James Kdward Serecden — likes l oats and water skiing — Boundary Waters canoe trip — plans include college Nan Scully. Janice Kay Sedgwick — Scdgic — A.F.S. Club — Y-Tccns — senior women’s varsity — job at Kklund's — church group — plans to go into nursing at Concordia College at Moorhead. Richard Joseph Seldenstricker — Dick — varsity basketball and softball — Intramural football — Latin Club officer — plans to attend Purdue. John llcwitt Seldon — Intramural football — cook at Mr. Steak — likes flying, tennis, and golf Allen Arnold Sevald — Aster — varsity golf team — job at Kdina Country Club — likes cars and sports. Amy Cccilc Sharpe — charter member of A.O.T.A. — likes writing poetry and listening to music — plans include college. Patricia Anne Shaughnessy — Patsy — O K — library aide — job at Baker’s Shoes — likes the outdoors. Marianne Sheely — church choir — church youth group — job at Fairview Southdalc Hospital likes music, poetry, and writing. Karen Holly Shelley — Phil — Bed Cross — Home Kc Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — job at Kdina Rexall Drug — Sunday school teacher. Bradley William Sherman — Brad — varsity golf team — cocaptain of varsity sw imming team 105Senioi Patricia I-ee Sherry — Spanish Club president — Red Cross treasurer — Kdina Optimist Award — senior women’s varsity. Peter Steven Shuber - Dynamite — Pilgrim Fellowship — Bang Gang — backpacking trip — Park Board hockey — likes photography. Barbara Jo Short — Barb — senior women's varsity — job at Jerry's baker)' — likes skiing, sewing, and reading lamAnn Marie Siebenaler I.oil — T. and I. — nurses aide at Heritage Nursing Home — enjoys modern dance Patricia Ann Silas — Patti — Pilgrim Fellowship — church choir — senior women’s varsity — likes water and snow skiing. Donna Adell Simonton — Spider — senior women's varsity — job at Perkin's — enjoys skiing — trip to Arizona William Michael Sims — Bill — varsity football — Intramural basketball and softball — I bums Wagner Award in Intramural softball Gerald Kent Sirotiak — .ode — Park Board hockey — likes photography and electronics — trip to Rainy I .ake Anthony Edward Smith — Tony — laitin Club — Concert Band — teaches trumpet lessons — job at U of M food services — awards at State and District Music Contest — music project at the U. of M Bentley l-aird Smith. Jr. — Bick — B-squad tennis — Hi-Y — job at car wash — enjoys skiing and hunting — canoe trip to Canada — worked with a surveyor last summer — plans after graduation include college Carol Smith. Glenn Charles Smith. Jaclyn Rene Smith — Jackie — senior women’s varsity — Pilgrim Fellowship — awards in skiing and swimming — job at Wool-worth Y Karen Elizabeth Smith - I mages — Buzzetto — National Thespians — A.F.S. (Sub —.French Club — plans to attend Duke University. Michael Edward Smith — varsity cross country and track — Park Board hockey — likes bow and arrow hunting Patrick Dennis Smith — Half Breed — varsity swimming — Intramural football — Hi-Y — Bang Gang Robert Paul Smith. Steven Calvin Smith — Spyder — varsity hockey — co-chairman of Homecoming floats — Hi-Y chapter president of the Bang Gang — sophomore soccer — plans to go to St. Olaf or Dartmouth I.inda Marie Smyth — choir — job at Fair-view Soutbdale coffee shop — church musical group — enjoys singing and playing guitar — plans inelude college. Stephanie Jean Snow - Stcph — enjoys swimming — planning a trip to the Bahamas — likes Carole King Last Minute Christma Rush Exhausts Hard Earned Job Fund: 106Tom MacKcnzie and Bentley Smith endeavor to find Christmas presents while shopping at Southdalc. Jem Ray Snyder l A. — National Thespians — enjoys writing, horseback ami scuba diving — plaits include college William Monroe Snyder — Bill — salesman at Sid Harveys member of Winnebago International Club plans to go to college. Michael John Sobieski - Uncle Coose audio-visual chief — likes cross country skiing, backpacking, and canoeing- Diane Kathleen Soc — Blondie — Y-Tecns — senior women's varsity — job at Penny’s — ski trip to Aspen Robert Sofelt — Bob — varsity basketball — enjoys water and snow skiing — sings in miisicul group called "Sounds of Life” — went on tour out East and West with musical group — plans after high school include college. Julie Ann Sorem — senior women's varsity — works for the Minnesota Vikings Football Club — enjoys watching hockey games — trips to Florida and Aspen — plans to go out west after graduation. Ronald Sorem — Ron — varsity hockey. Nancy Sorenson. Jared Andrew Sour — Jar — Intramural tennis and basketball — Young Life — judo — M.N.H — moved from Cleveland — lettered in wrestling — canoe trip into Canada. Penny Ann Sow dor — O.E Club — job at Edina Village Hall — trip to Europe — plans include Minnesota School of Business, laurel Spear — Laurie. Holly Marie Sprangers — Edina Players — A.F.S Club — job at Gabberts Furniture — trips to Sault Ste. Marie and Mackinac Island — enjoys crafts and sewing 107Jay Robert Stallman — dramatics — Concert Choir — church choir — enjoys music, drama, and the West Virginia Mills — likes playing the piano — trips to California during spring break and West Virginia in the summer — plans to attend college at Carroll Douglas Fdson Stansficld — Doug Steve Stapcl varsity football - enjoys sports. Sandra Leigh Starkey — Sandie — Concert Choir — Young Life enjoys picnics and Hying - known for making lists — trip to Europe Mary Stasson — enjoys sewing Martha Ann Stclzncr — Muffle - Y-Tee ns — church youth group — enjoys water skiing — trips to Texas and Mexico — senior women’s varsity. Janncy Cra Stephens Ja — Student Council representative — Red Cross — senior women’s varsity — trips to Hawaii and Donncybrooke — plans to attend Arizona State I'diversity. Patricia Ann Stillwell Patty — Varsity Rand — usherette at Met Stadium and Sports (.enter — youth hostels — cements. Brian James Stinson — Dill job at Lund's grocery store — plans include the U. of M. Jeffrey Lockwood Stitt varsity soccer and skiing — Latin Club senator — co-captain of GG. Soccer Club — chairman of M.N.R. — treasurer of A.E R.O. Club. I.orna Ann Stoakcs — Varsity Band German Club — enjoys hockey. William Ia-ouurd Stocks Ml — captain of 1-Ball softball — skates on the C.C.D. hockey team — homecoming court. Brian Wesley Stone — job at Lund's grocery-store — band boy for the Light — rebuilt a 1955 Harley Davidson three wheeler Carla Marie Stone — Pumpkin — Varsity Band — Aqua Nymphs — German Club — Bed Cross — Boundary Waters canoe trip - YWCA counselor in training — enjoys swimming and sewing Thomas Paul Stoner — M R. — president of Gobi Desert Kayak and Tennis Club Susan Carol Strac-ben Y-Teens — Young Life — Pilgrim Fellowship member Cregg McLaren Stralhy — varsity wrestling — job at Interlaoheir Country Club — plans include St Olaf College Kevin Me I-cod Straths — varsity wrestling - job at Inter-laclieu Country Club - enjoys Camping and the outdoors - plans to attend St Olaf College Robin Daryl Stralhy — Ncptuners — senior women's varsity — canoe trip to Canada — job at Pets Unlimited — gymnastics. Paul Otto Strickland Bon .o — job at Eairvicw Southdale Hospital Steven Robert Stromberg — Skip — Eagle Scout — J.A.S.M — job at Bachman's — Christian Fellowship — church youth council camp counselor Philip Theodore Stromberg — Flip Patrick Joseph Strother Pat — varsity football and swimming — enjoys playing classical guitar — Latin Club officer — canoe trip to Boundary Waters Canoe rca — plans to'attend college at St. Johns University — enjoys all sports Melinda Stuart — Muffie likes skiing 108mors idurance And Practice re Key Words For After :hool Practices. Sheldon Willard Stubbs — varsity baseball, soccer, uikI hockey manager — part of I he "Chain Gang" in Park Hoard football — trips to Texas and Colorado Susan Dee Sundbcrg — Wlngrean president of Kcd Cross — Y-Tecns cnjpter president — known for her laugh — Pilgrim Fellowship Carol F.li abeth Supplee — Pooches Migcc — Red Cross — Cirls’ Choir — Y-Toens — Sunday school teacher — enjoys crafts Judy Ann Swanson — I.atm Club Outdoor Club — job at Jerry’s. Susan Rarolyn Swanson Hn cttc president of saddle club — Loves Underwater Sea Turtles — plans include DAI I) Robin Ann Swenson — O K Club - plans to travel after graduation Barbara Ellen Swctman — C.A.A. — A.F'.S. Club — Cirl Scouts — Concert Choir — French Club — church youth group and choir — National Merit Semi-Finalist — job at Northrop King Ronald Joseph Szarzynski — Ron — varsity baseball — job at Kdina Country Club — enjoys sports and hunting Candy Paris limlx-rs up during an exhausting Hornet te practice after school while other girls rest. 109College Becomes Le of an Ideal for Pc High School Pla Paul Bryn Tafl T and I — worked at Central Equipment Co. — plays in the band "Express" — plans to attend the U of M — enjoys inusie. Ilisayuki Tanaka — Student Council — Rotary Club Exchange Student from Japan — likes music and sports. M. Greg Taylor — varsity wrestling job at Red Owl — likes coin collecting, skiing, and football — plans to attend college in Alabama. Lynne Elaine Taylor — senior women's varsity — enjoys playing the guitar — plans to join the Peace Corps. Joseph Thomas Tcynor — varsity soccer — scouts — Contact — likes photography, hunting, and skiing — plans to attend Notre Dame. Teresa Ruth Thews — Latin Club — Spanish Club — job at Donaldsons plans to attend Bemidji State. Marc Lewis Thiel-man varsity swimming — S.T.E.P. — Judo (dub — enjoys outdoor sports — plans include college. James Lynn Thomas — J.T — Choral Club — leader of church youth group — job as hygenics engineer — likes to water ski Kevin Paul Thompson Rock — I-ball freak team — likes skiing, bunting, and water skiing — job at Radisson South — canoe trip in Canada plans to attend the U. of M. Michael Joseph Thompson. Sheri Lynn Thompson — Concert Band — Job’s Daughters known for writing her name often — trijjs to lais Vegas and Mexico. Andrew John Thompson — Andy — Intramural football — known for his bizarre actions — enjoys making wine — plans to attend college at Continental I'.S. Nancy Kay Thorvilson Varsity Band — Thorvilson-Moser Reports Volumes I. II. and III — A P Calculus (dub — senior women's varsity — cements. Susan Elizabeth Tickle enjoys reading, writing poetry, and music — plans to attend college in Colorado Robert Lyons Tiel — Bob — founder and co-president of Chcm-Aide Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Robin Che Tindall — Student Council — Aqua Nymphs in junior year — l.atin Club — Junior High teachers' aide. Sandra Lynn Torvik Sandy Teresa Rae Tourangeau — Tcrric — French (dub — maid at Holiday Inn — likes horses — plans to attend Sawyer School of Business ami be a secretary Patricia Rose Treanor — Trisha — Y-Teens — senior women’s varsitv — senior float committee — Contact — vice-president of Home Ee Club in junior year — plans to attend the U of l at Duluth Carolyn Trimmer — Trim — fifth hour nurse's aide — Blizzard Ski Club — known for M A M cookies 110M tworn and hungry. Dave Carlscn manages to drag himself to the pretzel stand at South-.le, where he is greeted with a smile by Kathy Johnson. John Twoncy Tretton. Timothy Charles Trudeau — German Club — j.v. tennis — varsity debate — Chem-Aide Club — church choir — church youth group — canoe trip to Canada — plans to attend law school. loff Alexander Tschcrnc — varsity hockey and track — Pilgrim Fellowship — known for his hie month — plans include college. Judith Ellen Tull Judy — Huzzettc copy supervisor — Human Affairs Committee — job at Baskin Robbins — trip to Montana — plans to attend college Ishik Ceylon Tuna — founder and co-president of Chem-Aide Club — photographer for Sun Newspapers — trip to Europe — enjoys journalism. Bradley Mason Turner — varsity wrestling — job .«t Dorn's Conoco trip to South Dakota — enjoys concerts Erie Peter Turner varsity cross country — construction job — charter president of Sons of Ramu — fully ordained minister of the Universal Life Church — plans to travel to Morroco, New Guinea, and Borneo Robyn Dec ULsaker. Cynthia Ann Unger — Neaz — senior womens varsity — Intramural tennis — German Club — Contact — waitress at Mr. Stcol — Homecoming court. Patricia Jean Un-tiedt — job at Brothers Restaurant — senior women's varsity — enjoys skiing. Stephen Peafield Urban — flag football — Newcomer's Club — job at Red Barn — moved from New Jersey — plans to join the Coast Guard. Jody I.cc Vanko — Pilgrim Fellowship — enjoys water skiing — interesting trip to New York 111Patricia Ann VanSomercn — Pat — Young Life — enjoys the outdoors — works as a cashier Renee Ann Vecchi — Renu — enjoys water ami snow skiing — hot pretzel girl — trips to California ami Mexico. Donna Rae Vigdal — Duck — Concert Choir — church youth group — job at Ixlina Library — citation of outstanding musicianship in the Minnesota Music Teachers’ Association — canoe trip to Boundary Waters Canoe Area — spent her summer at U. of M. music camp. Richard Michael Vogel. Allan Carl Voight — Big AI - Concert Band — member of D.A. — National Merit Semi Finalist — State Band Award for trombone ensemble — member of Institute of Arts band Harvard Prize Book. Kathleen Lillian York Kathy — Y-Teens— Latin Club — Concert Band — job at Black Steer — plans include St. Olaf. Mary Ann Votava — moved from Cleveland. Ohio where she was president of Student Council — job at Donaldson's — trip to Furope — plans to attend the University of Hawaii John I.con Wagner. Thomas William Waldron — Waldo — Ksoteric Few head maintenance engineer — likes Opel CTs and mountain climbing — church youth group Rebecca Lynn Wallin — Becky — Buzzcttc— Latin Club — National Merit letter of Commendation — memorable camping trip to Taylor's Falls — figure skating tests Steve Michael Wahpiisl — Walleye — M.N'.R. — Y.M.C.A — enjoys camping in the mountains. Trevor Roy Walsten — Intramural football — carpet cutter — Ski Patrol Beth Ward — National Thespians vice-president — spent the summer in New Jersey. Alexander Lee Warner — Concert Band — Orchestra — " Borneo and Juliet’’ — teaches drumming — musical trip to Furope. Laurie Ann Warner — O.E. — plans to attend college at Missoula. Montana Ted Flliott Warner - varsity soccer golf team — Hi-Y group Pilgrim Fellowship — job at Baker Properties — church youth group — ski trip to Colorado — enjoys music. Senior Dixon Dahlbcrg's face contorts with an expression of concentration as he plays in a ping pong tournament at school. 112eniors 3ing Pong Proves To 3e A Challenging port For Seniors Wends Iamisc Wasmund — Campai iicn — memorable trip to Colorado with Young I.ifc—counseled at church camp inhutsen. Charles Henry Watson — Charlie — varsity track, tennis, and skiing — Young I.if ’ — president of Mi-Y Sharon l.u Watson — Varsity Hand — German Club band award enjoys playing Iter saxophone. Mars Kilen Wattson — Mini-Watt Pilgrim Fellowship cabinet — officer ol Katin Club — plans include attending college. Joseph llenry Weaver — Jay — Intramural football -- Red Cross — Sunday school teacher — choir worked for Kdina Kittle league — known for his valuable butterfly collection — trip to Warsaw Jeanne Ia-sIcv Weber — Art Club — "Romeo and Juliet" — free-lance illustrator for Studio One — likes contemporary dancing Images in junior year. Joyce Kynne Wcckley. Vicki Lynn Wcidl — T.IKK. — Contact — job at Donaldsons — likes snow, sunshine, and snow skiing Seott Allen Wcistnan — Student Council and School Board — juvenillc hockey — referee for village and lieltline hockey — Kdina Optimist Club award Melissa Ann Wcllumson — Missy — Young Kifr- — likes art. horses, and sewing. Anne Doraync Wcndlandt — O K — job at Bureau of Credit Control —trip to Red hake Indian Reservation — plans to travel after graduation Mars Kli abelh Wescott — likes philosophy, writing, music, yoga, and poetry — trip to Canada Barbara Rose Westlall — O K — student ski instructor for Blizzard Ski Club — trip to Big Mountain in Montana — plans to attend St Cloud State College. Scott Kric Westin — Wcsty — Young I.ifc — Intramural basketball — varsity golf — likes skiing and hockey —plans include college. Tltomas Joseph Whalen — Whales — varsity wrestling — I-ball freak team — apprentice carpenter — member of M.N B. — conservation award. Jeanette Alice Whcl-plcy — Teen Corps Jeanne Ann Whetstone — C.R.A — senior women's varsity — Job's Daughters — Kn countcr group — Horizon Club — job at Kdina Library Processing Center. Jean Mars White — Home Kc Club — C.R.A — Contact — candy striper — plans to attend St Catherines. Sarah Chambers While — Y-Teens — L.A.C. — known for giggling — likes playing tennis. Bruce Graham Whitehead — vice-president of Orchestra — Concert Band — professional musician in the rock group “Birth". 113Seniors Seniors Are Often Seen Socializing While They Should Be In Class Chef Bob Lunn assembles another famous hamburger to keep up with customer demands while cooking at Marc’s Big Boy. Marilyn Nancy Wick — M. . —senior women’s varsity — Young Life — Y-Tecns — French Club — Buzzettc artist job at European Health Spa plans to go to college ill the west Jonna Robin Wickcsser. Gloria Del or is Wicks Concert Band — Latin Club — F B.L F. — Intramural volleyball — job at Marvin Greek's — french horn teacher — plans to attend St. Olaf College. Terry Jean Wien — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — enjoys swimming and golfing — plans include U. M I) Jennifer Lynn Wilder Buzzettc co-editor — Latin Club Human Affairs Conference Committee — camp counselor at Camp Ajawah Kathleen Anne Wilken Kathy — senior women's varsity. Pamela Thercsc Wilkin — Pam. Melanie Darlene Williams — Mel — Y-Teens — moved from (Colorado Springs — svas on yearbook staff and tennis team in Colorado — Varsity Band — member of Order of Rainbows for girls ■ candy striper — Young Life— number I rating on clarinet m State Music Contest. James Clark Williams. Steven John Williams — Steve — varsity baseball and basketball — worked at a gas station — likes golf —plans after graduation include college Susan May Williams — Willie— Hornettes for two years— Pilgrim Fellowship — Young Life — job at Donaldson's — likes figure skating and watching hockey - plans to attend the I of M Cary Carl Wilson — Trub likes sports and music —trip to Canada and western U.S. — plans include college Richard V. illiam Wilson Rick — cocaptain of varsity soccer team — church basketball and youth group — likes jxiol. ping pong, and listening to music. Kathleen Dee Wiltx — Katie — senior women's varsity — senior skit — Sunday school teacher — likes skiing — playground leader with Fdina Park Board Linda Ann Windahl — T and I Club secretary — job as dental assistant — likes the outdoors — trips out West — plans include college. William Patrick Windhorst — Bill 114Kicharcl Dean Wincberg — Wino — varsity hockey, football, baseball — K II.A referee — trips to Arizona. Paula Jean Winger — chaplet president of Y-Teens - job at Jus-ter's — I.other League — Scouts enjoys art Nora Jean Wingert Poki co-chairman of senior float gymnastics — job at Dayton's — known for her weird laugh Caroline Harriet Winslow — Wins — Whigrean co-editor gives riding lessons —U ol M. bike conference — memorable trip on an elevator. SIrttc Lee Winsor Shorty — G.R.A. — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — trips to Mexico and Canada — plans to Ik- a physical therapist Greg William Winrs l-hnll — Park Board hockey trips to California and ' ail. Craig Harold Wiseman — Wise — varsity-track — Intramural basketball an-1 football — K-Club — Edina-Morningsklc Church youth group — enjoys music. Debra Rac Wittke Deb — senior women's varsity — job at the audio visual office raises tropical fish. Cynthia Rose Wokal — Cindy — Office Education Association —job at Vovaecr Village — enjoys swimming and bowling. Ingrid Margaret Wolf. Christine Rae Wollan — Chris — president of church youth group — job at Dairy yuccn — attended the high school musicar.s' camp at the I' of M, over the summer — plans to go to Luther College Jean Carol Woods secretary and treasurer of F.B.L.E. — lob’s Daughters — pizza girl at W x lworths — church youth group — enjoys the guitar Heidi Andrinc Wunsch. Gregory Scott Wy-more — Bogus Concert Band — trip to Africa — enjoys listening to D.A. likes water skiing — plans to attend the U. of M. Peter Francis Yand3 — Pete — varsity football co-captain — enjoys hunting — plans include college after graduation Stephen Michael Ycarncau — goalie for the varsity soccer team — dishwasher at Mr. Steak — enjoys music and sports — plans to take a trip around the country. Elizabeth Ann Young — l.il — childrens' play — senior women’s varsity — job at Dayton's — trips to Sugar Hills and Donney-brooke — plans include U.M.D. Paula Sue Zarigmaster Y-Teens — job at an Insurance company — enjoys horseback riding and painting Richard Jon 'Zclingcr — Kato — football — known for fighting — enjoys working on cars — plans to travel after graduation. Mary Genevieve Zins Y-Tecns — L A G. — job at Sidewalk Cafe — Z-Club — gymnastics. Rebecca Delores White — senior women’s varsity — Young Life — trip to Merida enjoys hockey and ice skating — plans to attend a vocational school. Steven Robert Edlund - Steve — job at Del Farm — enjoys skiing — likes cars David Leroy Fish —Dave — likes electronics and drums William Herbert Thayer — Herbie — li-brary aide - Intramural football — job at Budgct-Rcnt-A-Car trip to Canada — plans to attend the I of M. — enjoys music ?I5Ju Juniors Eye N School And Cl, Split For 1972- JUNIOR CI.ASS OFFICERS: Terry Holme , president; Suzy Baker, secretary-treasurer; Ruth Reierson, vice-president. Due to the new starting time, Paula Deckas finds she must get up early in order to catch her hits. 116I )wry hitches a ride on Countv 18 to bring him closer is destination of International Falls. Lake Conference Tennis Champion, Candy Reynolds, can often be found in competition on the tennis court. 117Abbott. David Adams. Barb Adams. Kat hleen Adams. Nancy Aiken. Maureen Allendorf, Stephan Almars, Mike Alpcrs. Blake Amlie. Katherine Anderherg, Nadine Andcn, Shelley Andersen. Linda Anderson, Craig Anderson. Donna Anderson. Isabel Anderson. Joni Anderson. Julia Anderson. Karen Anderson. Laura Anderson. Nancy Anderson. Paul Anderson, Robin Anderson, Steven Anderson. Timothy Anderson. Tyler Andrews. Mark Appel. Peggy Appletpiisl. Carol Arenson, Dave Armstrong. Vick Arneson. Allen Arnevik. Bruce Arnold. Denise Arnold. Lynn Ashworth. Ellen Atkins. John Atkinson. Forrest Aulik. Mark Austin. Thomas Baekii'. Bruie Baker. Susan Baldss in. Sandy Baltz. Mareie Baranauekas. Carla Barker. l)cl orah Barr. Carolyn Bartholomew. Scott Bartlev. Greg Barton. Curtis Basil. Sara Bauman. Diane Beardsley, Lynn Ihi ker. Brad Becker, Rol ert Bede, Sue Beel e. Ceoffrev Beers. Shirley Bchning, Mary Bcim. Carol Pelkin, William Benharn. Tracy Benjamin. Diane Benjamin. Nancy Bennett. Ann Juni Juniors Take T Skit Competition F Homecoming 19 118Bergoc. Murk Berggreon, Susan Berkley. (lolls Bcrrcs. Margaret Bcrtelsen, Halph Bertelson, Paul Berios. Robert lb-son. John Betz, Martha Bieter, Meg Bigelow. I.ass rente Hillard. Mars Blaekbourn, l-aurie Blanchette, Lawrence Bleekinger. Kim Blessing, Terrence Bloch. Christopher BIikiiii. Mark Bloom. Polly BIikiiii. Sue Bloomqimt, Michael Blunt. Brian Bodine. Nikki BiktiIi. Ann Nadine Anderberg jubilantly heads toward the K-dina outhouse to flush the Skippers dou n Tonka Ba Bohlander. John Bom 1)1 at us. Mark Bonne. Jairnie Borehers. Debbie Borden. Ida Kay Borgstrom. Todd Borrman. Barbara Bendas. John Bowman, Mars Boyd. Botiert Brecht, Charlir Brecht, l.isa Brecht, Nancy Brink, Charles Brisse. Pamela Brohaek, Henry 119Junio Students Relate T The Lives Of Comi Strip Character Halloween brings out the “Linus" in Amy Leslie as lu sits in his pumpkin patch awaiting the arrival of the Croat Pumpkin. Broich, Robert Brown. Melissa Brown. Terry Brown, Thomas Browning. Jeffrey Brzozinski. Ann Burntli. Thomas Burke. Brian Burke, Carry Burley, Brian Burnell. Charles Burnett. Tim Burnham. Mike Burns. David Busch. Susan Busche. Jennie Buss, Michele Byrnes. Maureen Cabot. Kmily Callahan, Patrick Cameron. Donald Campbell, Icannc Campbell, S’cott ('arisen. Mary Carlson, Curtis Carlson. Clcnn Carlson. Janice Carpenter. Janice Carter. Teresa Cava nor, Katherine Chadwick, Scott Champ. Bichard 120Chapman. Connie Chappie. Mark Christenson, Tom Clapp. Ann Clarke. Julainc Clarko, Sharon Clausen, Andrew Clements. Cynthia Cleveland, Martha Cochrane. Steve Colbert. Robert Cole. Cars Coleman. Richard Colvin. Lucy Comb. Susan Compton. David Conway. Debbie Costello. Peter Costello. Tom Couper. Alastair CrasV Cynthia Crowley, Jane Cummings, Carol Curler. Jane Curtin. James Cushing. Joan Daggett. Sharon Dahlin, David Dahlstrom. Sally Dale. Corby Daum. Betty Davies. Winthrop Davis, Frank Davis. Scott Day. Scott Dcckas. Paula DcHerder. Katherine Delager. Penny Dekko. Donna Delaney, John Deneker. Douglas Denman. Linda Densmore, Michael Deshler. Kevin deVries, James Dickey . Bill Dietz. Kimberly Dixon. Mark Docpke, James Donahue. Cathv Donnellv. Charlene Dop. Holly Dornackcr. Kli ahcth i)rager. Harry Drake. Terry Drcis. Peter DuBois. Delxirah Durst. Don Duryea. Anne Duviek. Sharon Dvorak. Diane Kaglc. (iregorv Edgren, Allen Fdlund. Robin Kdwards. JoAnn Kggers, Lynette Kinan. Paul Einek. Cydney Elleby. Gordon Ellis, lames Engelbreeht. Sue Engelking. Theodore Hugh. Paul Knglund. Scott Kngstrom. Christine Eruall, Cynthia Erickson. Reid Erickson. Vicki Erlandson, Sharon Erlandson. Thomas 121Erling. Paul Evans. Dana Evans. Kathryn Fuckler. Allan Fagre, Dale Faith. Karla Faller, Brian Faloon. Stephen Farley, Jeff Farnsworth. Eli ahelh Feigal. Kathleen Fevold. loci Fiedler, Robert Fiedler. Scott Filipczak, Stephen Findorff. Jean Fink. Tom Finn. Pamela Fisher. James Fisher, Margaret Flynn. Robert Foeeke, Terence Forsythe. Ann Fraatz. William Frcdendall. I,aura Freiberg. Susan Freitas, Melinda Fr'odrichs. Lawrence Friegang. Jeanette Frisvold. C.'raig Fronk. Mary Caasedelen. Mark Gallagher. Patrick Gallagher. Robert Carnmcll. Dianna Garrison, Debbie Gegner, Donald Gchring, Barbara Ccrbording. Merrilce Cernbachcr, Gary Ceving, David Gibson. Charles CillartMin, Clark Gilmore. Joan Cirvan, Wendy Gissclbcck, Martha Cohdes, Craig Colden. Jeffrey Goldstein. Mark Cotthilf, Siegfried Gottlieb. Penny Gramling. Margaret Gray. Elizabeth Greenough. Leslie Greer, Davirl Gresham, Steven Gresik. Dean Grette. Paul Grogan. Ann Grogan, Sheila Groth, David Grotting. Thomas Gruggen. Kathy Guberud. Robert Gulbro, Deborah Gustafson. Dianne Had. Jody liadfietd. James Hugcmun. Brian Hagemeycr. Terri Hall. Mark llalleckson, Terry Halvorson, Jay Hancock. Martha Hansen, Dave Hansen, Dawn Hansen. Elizabetfi I lartske. Tom Hanson, Kay Harmon. Anne 22jniors imployment Provides vloney To Finance Entertaining Activities Harris, Kim Harrod. Kathy Hart J Tf'-y Hatzung, Paul Haugiund. Scott Hauser. Stephen I laverly, Susan Hawley, Sheldon Heeb. Carolynn Heffelfinger, Frank Hciel. Mark Heiicencn. Jane Heim. David Heinrich. Mary Heinzig, Gary Heist . Carolyn Held. Stephanie Henderson. Lynn Hendrickson. Mary Henningscn. Pamela Hibbs. David Higgins. Kimberly Higgins. Martin Hill, Scott Hilleren. David Hines. Debra Hinker, David Hinz, Katherine Hitch. Greg Hodges, Mark Hogue, Margaret Hoietz. Susan Holm. Kari Holrn. I-ee Holmbcrg, Thomas Holmes. Mark Holmes. Terry Holmquest. James Holstrom. Susan Hopkins. Judith Performing one of his many tasks at Olson Brothers’ Drug Store, Mike Morris takes a phone order. 123Junio Summer Activities Include Competitive Sports For Girls Hopkins, Karen Horst man. Michelle Horstrnann. Rulh Houck. Paul Hoover. Thomas Howard. Connie Howell. Sarah Huey, Jane Huggins. Cary Hughes. Kieran Hunt. Charles Hurley. Michael Hylund. Melissa Hysell, Catherine Ihinger. Robert Ikola, Deborah Imme. Christine Ittner. Paul Jackson. Cared Jackson. Cynthia Jacobs. Marla Jacobsen. Jeff L Jacobson. Jeff J Jacobson. Julie Jacoby. John Jeffris. Janice Jegers, Viktor Jenks. Sarah Jensen, lirik Jenson. Melissa Jepson, Karen Johnson. Christopher Johnson, Debra Johnson. Edward Johnson. Elizabeth Johnson. Janet Johnson. Judy Johnson. Karen Johnson. Kathleen Johnson, Randy Johnson. Robert Johnson, Ronald Johnson. Terri Johnsrud. Thomas Johnston. Catherine Johnston. Doug Jones. Craig Jones, Keith Jones. Mark Jones. Ross Jones. Thomas Jordan, Joanne Jordan, Vicki Josephson. Jeffrey Joyce, Robert Kaiser. William Kalland. Paul Kallgren. Jeannette Kamiske. Tom Kasnrick. Michael Kaufman. Jennifer Keane. Gregory Keenan. Kevin Keith. Robert 124Kelley, Jerry Kelly. Mike Kelly. Penny Kemrnick, Edward Kemp. Mitchell Kenney. Linda Kenyon. Steve Kern. Christopher Kitiny. Steven K intop. Edward Klempke. Deborah Kleve. Dale Klevon, Diane Klindworth. Teri Klossner, Paul Klosier. Trudic Kloth. Mark Kneen. Niki Knutson. Jim Knutson, Terie Koch. Debbie Kocrber. Steve Koets. Tom Korbos. Mary Kovack. Jane Krause. Paul Krckelberg, Robert Krerner. Patty Krogstad, Lisa Kruse. Janice Kundmueller, Marilou K upper. Charles Kyam. Steve Laoev. Jonathan l.andcn, Patricia bang. Dixie l.angfels. Douglas Larkin. Edward !.arson. Ainy Larson, Barbara Cassie Spokes picks off a pop fly for an out in a soft-ball game with her team. Leed s Ladies. 1Junic Announcements Kee| EHS Students Abrea Of Upcoming Event Larson. Bethany Larson. Carol I .arson. Craig Larson. Cynthia [.arson. Molly I .arson. Mary [.arson, Virginia [.aster, '['odd Lause, Reta Lavander. Kevin LaVoie, John Law, Mitchell I jwrence. John Leo. Anne Lee, Clinton l.ce. Terry U-for. Mars' I.egeros. Nick IxCros, lx o Ixhar. Susan I.oifihton. Duncan Ixnnon. Eileen l-eslie. Arnett iAvoir. Bonnie Lewis. Mary Lewis. Patricia Liaboc. Valerie I.ichy. Paige Lick. Deborah l.ickteig. Diane Lillchei. Nancy Limbeck. Pamela Due to the schedule change, Al Arneson reads the announcements at a pepfest, instead of over the PA system. 6 tr Liudcrnann. Judith l.indemann. I.isa l.indcr holm. I,Isa Lindquist. Holly 1 .inner. Victoria Livdahl. Douglas Loegering, Weston l.ondeen. David Loslelien. Carol l-ovdace, Roliort Lowry. Philip Lund. Colby l.undin, Joan Lunke, Gene Lupie. Thomas Lupo. Robert Luther, Rudy Lutz, Patricia Lyman, Cretchen l.ynch. Jeffrey Lyon. Nancy MacDonald. Louise Mach. Frank MaeLoan, Katharine MacLcnnan, Pamela MacPhail, Laurie MacWhcrtcr. Laurie Madison. Mark Maehren, Kathleen Maki. l.ucy Malone, Tom Mammcl. Christopher Mandies, Richard Manion, Dan Manske. Clcnn Maragos. Dean Markon. Mary Martin. Carolyn Master. Connie Mathews. Susan Mathison. Mark Maxeiner. Margaret Maxwell. Richard Maynard. Martha Mazie. I.isa McBride. Dehra McCamplx-11. Karen McCann. Paul McClelland. Candy McClosky. Karen McCord. Flizaboth McDaniels. Thomas McCIcnnon. Jan McCraw, Patty McGrew, Jaklyn MeU-llan. Meredith McIankI, Susan McMahon, Merrilee McMillan. Scott McMorrow, John McNellis, Kathy McPhectcrs. Bruce McQuillan, William Mead. Mark Mehrkens. Nlarv Melius, Syl via Melichar. Marv Mcller. Bill Mellroe, Holly Mendenhall, Jeff Mcrtes, Katherine Mestcmaeher. Ann Metzger. David Meyer. Robert Meyer. Virginia Mickclsnn. Paul Mielke. Michael Miller. Anne Miller. Daniel Miller. Janet 1 "TMiller. Patrick Milliter. Michael Milner. Susan Mitchell. Jill Moberry. Keith M orison. Mike Mooney. Debbie Moore. Cliff Moore, Frank Moore, Peter Mooty, Bruce Moran. Mark Morey. Bussell Morgan. Bruce Morinc. Jan Morris. Michael Morrison, Robin Morse, Linda Movnhian Klizabeth Murphy. Kevin Murray, John Mutschler, Cheryl Naas. Gail Nagengast, Rick Nagobuds, Brig it Nelson. Km. Nelson, Virginia Newson. David Newstrom. Mark Nichols, Chuck Nichols. Jac«|uelyn Nieland. Scott Nipper. Randall Nissen. Michael Nolan, Cynthis Nordquist. Susan Nunn. Nancy Nyrop. Karen Nyrop, Kathryn Oashcim. Susan Following a midnight raid on her house Val Ulstad pulls toilet paper from the decorated trees.Finding a .surprise in her ockcr. liurb Gehring real- izes she is the victim « f an other practical joke. Juniors Practical Jokes Plague Juniors With Massive Cleaning Up Jobs Obermcycr. Sandra O'Brien. Ann O'Connell. Kileen O’Connell. Tim Oclsehlagcr. Pome Okerlund. Jeff Olsen. David Olsen. Janie© Olson. Charles Olson. David Olson. Douglas Olson. Gwen Olson. Jeri Olson. JoAnn Olson. John Olson. Mark Olson. Michael Olson. Paul Olsonoski. Ron Orrln-n. Curt Ostcrgren. Oregon Otness. David Overhy. Kllen Puce. Robert Packa. Michael Parker. Janice Partridge. Marc Patterson. 'I erri Pearson. Cynthia Pearson. James Peck. Mark Pcdicini, Thomas Peer. Steven Pennington. Patricia Pepjx-r. Thomas Perkins. Doug Pert. Bussell Petersen. Kathleen Petersen. Steven Peterson. Alan • juniors Peterson. Craig I) Peterson. Dave K. Peterson. Ingrid I. Peterson. Susan K Peterson. Susan M. Peterson, Todd I) Pettengill. Jonathan k Phelps. Jeff W Phelps. John I! Pliilli|». Dana J Pierce. Janet It Pirsch. Nancy S Pitts. John S Plasman, Margaret Platt. Jonathan ('. Plummer. Cynthia J Pi kI ill risks. Mike Poehler, Mars J Poliak, David B PoIsfosS. Barbara G. Pomeroy. ietoria J Porter. Dan It Porter. Jill A Preston, Thomas P Priebe. Joan C. Pruisner. Rolrort Punch. Barbara yuccnsi'ii, Keith V Quimby. Marcia 1) Ouinlivan, Catherine M Quinn. Amy I.. Itachic. Thomas G Apathy Of 71 Is Relieved By Quest For Originality In Hobbies Baile. Ceoffrey I) Randall. Leslie V Raskind. Carol I Batelle. Paul I. Beady. John I' Bobers, Brad Heed. Charles V Iteese. I.ynn M Regli. nnC. Reichosv. Paul R Reierscn. Cary O Reierson. Ruth M. Iteklis. James M Remington, nnc Rentschler. Barbara I) Reynohls. lands S Reynolds. Kevin J Rhodes. I.ortise Rice. Mark S. Rich. Steve C Richter. John F Higgle, Ann K Riley. Rolx-rt J Ringh.im. Nancy J Biss old. Richard V Bobbins, ndrea I., ttolx-rts, Stepln n F, Robertson. Calvin G Rodtiiug. Carla J Rogers. Daniel S. Rogers. Richard I.. HoUchau Michael I) 130Westy and Scott Loegering insulate one of their many beehives. before the onset of cold weather. Russ. Michael Roth, jaiiinc Rudquist. Suzanne Rue. Vicki Rucdy. Barbara Russ. Ronald Sackrison. Carolyn Sadowski. Pamela Sahlstcen. Jared Sandl erg, Craig Sanfilippo, Arny Sattcrlund. Mark Saucier. Renann Savre. Michael Sawyer, David Scania(i Mark Schaffhauscn. Jim Scharrer. Gregory Schaucr. Dale Schccrcr, Daniel Schcnt el, Joanne Schibur, Katherine Sell id, Peggy Schleicher. Ilcidi Sehluetcr, Kathleen Schrnerler, Stuart Schnase. William Schneider. Clarissa Schorr. Scott Schrocder. Joan Sehulkins. Joan Schulte. Amy Schultz. Jean Seidenstricker. John Seifert. Robin Selness. Craig Sevald. Kenneth Severson. Pamela Sexton, Kim Sexton. Nancy 131Juniors Midnight At Braemar Finds Girls Engaged In Hockey Games Ginger Larson and Julie Waaek adjust their skates before heading out on the ice at one of the junior girls' hocko games Shaver, Linda Shaw. Dehra Shay. C'arol Shepard. Richard Shepherd, Nancy Shore. Nancy Shull. Dean no Sidell, Suzanne Sieve, Marjorie Sillier. Tim Silvestrini, Anthony Simmons, Nancy Singer, Steve Sioris. Ceorgc Skdly Nancy Skogstad, Cathy Skordahl. Nancy Sletterdahl. Kurt Slocum. Scott Smania. I.isa Smith. Craham Smith. Mike Snoeycnbos, Trudi Sollx-rg. Scott Sollx-rg. Sharon Soltau. Sheryl Sotebeer. Richard Soteliccr. Robert Sowle. Benjamin S|K ncer. Brian S| okes. Carolyn S|K)nf»bcrg, Susan Sponsel, William Springer, Barb Stanley. Scott Stanton. Marylynn Steinback. Denise Stender, Scott Stephenson, Donna Stewart, Ann 132Stirr.it. (Ihristopher Stoekbridge. s.illv Stoddart. Man Stordahl. Pamela Storm. Barbara Stoutcnburgh. Katherine Stublw, Kobyn Sulunder. lee Sullivan. Miehael Sullivan. Susan Summers. Mike Sund, Wesley Sumlet. Dave Sundqubt. Stephne Swanson. Kristin Swanson. Nancy Sweazey. Robert Sweet, William Swendceen, Jane Swendseid, Claudia Swenson, (.ary Swenson. Timothy Swiek. Band.ill Szar .ynski Dares Tamhoiniiio. (diaries Tayler. Gracia Taylor, Jo Tekberg. Cynthia Teynor. Timothy Thacher. Gary Thayer. Bruce Thernell. Gail Thomas. Daniel Thomas. Patresa Thompson. Coulee Thompson. Jeff Thomson. Douglas Thun, Bichard Thorsou. David Thorvilson. Jail After a hard cheek. Carol Cummings makes use of her hotkey stick to ward oil an enraged opponent. 133Thurovv. Paul Tierney. Kevin Timm. Allan Toal. Maureen Tollefsrud, James Truman, Timothy Trusscll. Tony Tsehernr. Jan Tudor. Betsy Tyson. Jim llstad. Valerie Valo, Nancy N an Brocklin. Karl N an Doren, l.inda Van Cooler. Bol» N an Hercke, Jane Vanko, Lisa N an Sloun, John Van Someren, Connie N an Someren. Jeanne Van Valkenburg. James Van N'een, Peter Vellek. Dona Vigdal, Beth Vining. Mary N’i zier. Mary Vogel. Mary Voight. Bryan Von Orashek. Nancy NVaack. Julie NN'adlund, Patty Wagner, Susan Mr. McCartan reads the. directions to the students taking the National Merit Scholarship Test. 134iniors uniors Look Ahead o College; Begin aking College Boards Wakefield. Oregon Waldron, Diane Walker. Cork) Walsh. Kli alx'tli Wal'ten. Jennie Wallen. Mike Walton, Murray Ward. Brett Ward, Dave Warner. Thomas Waters, Bonnie Watkins. Steve Wealherhead, Doug Webb. Kimherlv Welrer. I.isa Weigel. Mar Weudlunt. I .vim Westerman. Mary Westfall. Cloria Wheeler, C lit Ilia Wheeler, Kathleen Whelan. Man White. John White. I.isa Whitehoiise. Michael Wiersenia, Cheryl Wigart. Susan Wikman. Guv Wilcox. Peggv Wilken, Karen Wilkerson, Bonnie Wilkinson. Su iinue Williams, ( arol Williams, Susan Williamson. Linda Wilson, Laurie Wilson, Mark Wilson. Boss Wind, Agusta Winslow, Barbara Wipptnan. David Wistrand, (.'alhn n Wistrand, Erie Wit Ike. Pamela Wochrle. Louise Wocrucr. Sherry Wohlrahe. Ellen Wolner. Larrx WockI, Kristin Woodbury, Daniel Woodcock. Jeffrey Woodley. Pamela Woodrow. Dave Wray. (Charles Wrav. Terri Worst. Lis It Worst, Michele Vaeger. Kli alx th Vanda. Mary Young, Christa Zalrcl, Craig Zarling, Richard Zcruil. Tom Zieper, l.yrm 135Sophomore boys, patiently performing their calisthenics, are consoled by the fact that this is their last year of gym. 136 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Randy Boyd, treasurer; Preston Tolbert, president: Pete Rose, vice-president; Kim Freden. secretary.Sophomores Sophomores Experience First And Last Year Together As A Class Gan1 Johnson thoughtful!) tics up another evening with Sandy Ashby after the Sadie Hawkins Dance. doses, a seven foot long Indigo snake, proves to be one of dark Bocklev’s more fun and fasc inating pastimes. Skiers Bari) Wheeler and Karen Heegaard prepare to hit the slo|H s as soon as the first snow falls. 137Abbey. John Adams. Sandra Aid icki Aksarnit. Scoll Albrecht. Penny Alcan. Christine Aldridge. Scott Alkire. Janice Al| er . Peggy Alpuerto, Pat rite Amble. Marcelyn Anderson, Deborah Anderson. James Anderson. Janies Anderson. Jeffrey Anderson, Julie Anderson. Julie Anderson. I.inda Anderson, Roliert Andrues, Rosemary Antonson. Mary Appelquist, Cerald Appleqiibt. Cary Aries, Jonathan A Hedge. Pamela Arnold. Ruth Art eel, Patti Ashby. Sandra Atkins, Pat Aura. Jim Avd. Steven Aynes. Kathy Babb. Sabrina Babineau. Jackie Bach. Cynthia Bailey. Kelly Bailey. Leigh Baldwin, Susan Bangs. Linda Bann. Stanley Barber. Bill Barek. Diane Bard. George Barker. James Barne. William Barrett. A'ince Barry. Ann Barsamian. N'ancy Barthelemy. Bill Bartholomew. Sarah Bartlett, William Bassett, Arthur Bassinger. Mark Bean. Lynne Becker. David Becker. Kami.ill Becker. Susan Bccgle. Daniel Bcesc, Steve Behning, Brad Behning, Brad Behning, Jill Boll. Cvntfiia Bell, David Bel more, David Benson. Mike Bergmann, Steven Bcrgren, Tom Bcrres. Thomas Bezanson. Jim Bio. JoAnnc Bigelow. Roberta Bing. Pam Binger. KoIntI Biasing, Bradford Blessing. Michael Blom |uist. Kathi-Lynn Blunt. Melissa Boblett. John Book ley Mark BiKline. Stephen 138phomores determined Sophomores et Their Goals On he National Level Boege. Scott Bolin. Barry liniii't.i Creg Boil nett, Tim Bniinfl. Mike Boosalis, Chris Bore, Patricia Book. anc Boyce. Douglas Boyd. Bandy Boy mn. I.isa Brain, Michael Brandow, Cregg Brandow, Tim Brecht. Mary Breliin, Heidi Brickley. Karen Briden, Marilx'th Brinkman. Mark Brndnicki Kathleen Bros. Bolx rt Bros in1- Mark Brower. Tom Brown. Cathie Since placing ciglitli in the 1971 I S. Skating nationals, dailv practices arc still a pari of Paula Larson s spare time 139Sophomore Southdale Provide: Many Services Fo High School Student: Broun. Dave Hum n. Judy Broun. Richard Brow in . I.isa Brow uless. Jeanne Bruner Dave Brzczinski, Steven Bncklin Mary Bnresli. Dan Burling. Hubert Burns. William Buscher. Scott Bushman, Richard Byrne. Hamlull Calhoun. John Camplscll. Mark Campliell. Philip Canakcs. Steve Carlson. Dave Carlson. James CaiKon, Kenneth Carlson. Haul Carlson. Richard Carlson, Robert Carlson. Sue Cartier. John Caseiaro, l.esli Casey. Jeffrey Caspers. Karen Cater. Mark Caterina. Michael Cecerc. Sharon Cerf. Lawrence Cherne. I.inda Christnffcrsen. Mark (.'hristophorson. I low ard Clark. Paul Clarke, Kathleen Clay, John Cleavel.md Susan Clemmer. Leigh Clothier. Joan Cole. Candia Collins. Kdwin Collins. Miehael Compton. Casey Cnnlin. Katie Connelly. Charles Conroy. Kathleen Coon. Karen Corey. Ralph Coursollo. Cheryl Craig. Bradley Croshie. David Cramer. Richard Crowell. R.mdall Croze. Melanie Gumming. John Curran. Jill Curtin. Tim Currv. Steve Daley. Bill Daniels. John Danielson Drbby 140Sophomore souls Caryn Sc-linll and Cindy Kennedy stop at Halpli's Shoe Shop to have their loafers shined. Davies, Jeff Davison, Jam Dockciibach.John Deeds. Vines Delaney. Becky Denison, Doris Dcnker. Mars Deven . Leigh Dick. Brian Dick. James Doc kemlort, Pat Domek. I .arts Dotnke, Jean Dorses Hiek Dorsen. I.ora Dosen Mike Dougherty, Kathy Dos a I is James Dovolts, Chris Dosolis. Dean Drake. Joanne Dreis. Kllen Dreishach. Dan Dress. Steplien Dresveloss. Jacque Dubois. Jan Dulin. James Dimker. Steven Dunn. Nancy Katon. James Eaton. Tara Keonornos. Brian Edwards. Jaiiis Edwards. Mark Egan. Sheila Eller. Cynthia Kllingson. Debra Ellis. Steve Endert. Joan Enjcelliert. John 141Sophomo Sophomores Find Jol For Supplementir Weekly Allowance Wednesday is a late night for Gail Yarger and Mary Gerval; they work until ten selling concessions at the Kdina Theatre. Knglebert. Tcri l.ngcls, Victoria Kngle. Gars F.ngler. Kick Fugquist. Kobert Fngstrom. Scott Knsmingcr, Indy l hcs. William Frlandson. Nancy Krickson. Diane Erickson. Gary Krickson. Kristin Ervin, JoAnn Kvcnscn. Nancy Kvoraort. Tim Falconer. Debra K.iriiliain, Dave Fclkcr. Sue Fellman. Dwight Fesenmaier, Judith Findelf. Gary Fine. Pauline Finley. James Finley. John Firth. Nancy Fisher. Laurie Fitzgerald. Mars Fitzgerald, Patrick Flynn. Michael Koeeke. Linda Follese. Jeff Follestad. Kolsert 142Fontaine. Michelle Ford. Kristine Forsotli, Jeff Foster. Franklin Fox, Charles Fox. Linda Fox. Mars Foy, Steve Francis. Mars Frasvley. liolx:(l I'reden. Kim Frederick. Jane Freeman. Ann Freeman. Mark Freitas. Mark Frey. James Frey. John Frey. Thomas Friltorg, Sue Frykman, Itolx-r! Fuchs. Joni Fnhr. Rolrert Fuller. Scott CaaSedelcn. Barb Caetauo. Jamie Caff. Scott Gagnon. Linda Cambrel, Blake Carven. Robert Cay nor. Ann Cciger, Jane Censmer, Scott Gcppert. Mars Gerval. Mars Cilison. Gregors Gilbertson. Mars Ciosanelli. Karin Cislason N'ane) Cilman, Marcs Clocke. Diane Cluck. Nani s Coblirseh. Mike Ooctsch. Charlie Gohlke. Gregg Cottsacker. Philip (irahum. Nunes Granger. Debbie Gregors . Dan Creig. V illiam Crciser. Diann Crinncll James Cross. Carl Cross. Pamela Gundcrman, Janice Gunderson. Joy Gunderson Todd (Just. Dave Gustafson, Kathleen llahcrkorn, Rulmrt lladleighssest. Fred Hall. Barbara I (all. Joan Hall. Lisa I lalseth. Theresa llalseth. Tom llammersehinidt. Tad Halvorsen. Sandy Hamm. Susan Hannah.Jeanne I lansen. Carol llansing. Debra Hanson. Peter ILmsoii, Scott C. Hanson. Scot S I Lmson, Sue Hanson, William Harding, Gregors Harr. Susan Harris. Mieliael Harrison. Mark M3Ilarrod. Jill Marl, Susan Hartley. Paul Hasting. I.eesa Hatch. Holly Haugen. Melissa Hauser. Susan Hawk. Dennis Hayes, Patricia Hayden. Cars Hay line. Nanev Haymaker. Mark liedelson. Paul Hcegaard. John ileegaard, Karen Hegnaucr. Nancy lleilig. Chuck Helmke, Hundall llrmpd Mark Henderson. Mark Hendrickson. Alan Henson. Tom Henry. Joseph Herb. Hans llersliey, Jerry Herzog. Kim Hetland. Peter I lever. Hal Hidy. Martin Higgins. Mary Hinterherg, Marcia Hines. Peter Working his trapline makes life for Paul Langliolz more profitable during the fall and winter. 144Sophomores Outdoor Activities indle Interests Of fhe Class Of 74 Hirscliey, Neil Hoffman. John Hogenson, Thomas Hogue. Bet tv Holier. Jeff llolbcrg, Robert Holman. Charles Holmes. Alan lloll. Reed llomela, Valerie Hoppe. Karin llorechi, Arthur H on ns, l.arry Hoyt. Sails A Hoyt. Sails I) Houserma n. IU-x Houston. Carol llovde. Leonard Howard. Charles I I dwells. David Huelisi her. Heidi Huff. Susan Hummel. Mama Humphries. Raleigh Hunt. Judy Husbands. Jose Ph Hutchins, Steve Iverson. Katherine Jachimosvk . Jon Jackson. Deliora Jacolisen. Anne Jacolvsen, Daniel Jacoby. James Jahn, Robert Janssen. Mary Jam hois. Richard Jensen. Kathleen Jensen. Scott Jenson. Thomas Jcnstad Nelson Jeronimus. David Jirousek. Annette Johns. Janie Johnson. Ayrluhu Johnson. Barbara Johnson, Bartley Johnson. Carol Johnson. David L Johnson. Dave R Johnson. Gail Johnson, Cary Johnson. Grant Johnson. Gregory Johnson. Janice Johnson. Jay Johnson, Jeaiiinc Jolmson. Jerome Johnson, l-irry Johnson, I.eslie Johnson, Marlys Johnson. Patti Johnson. Peggy Johnson. Roger Johnson, Steven 145Johnson. Sue Jones, Cathy Jones, David Jones, Frank Jones. Karen Jones. Kathy Jones. Marcia Jones, Rolwrt Jo hi. Susan Jimko, Gregory Kain. Marie Kaiser. Patricia Kai'ler. Mars Karnstcdt, Debbie Karos. Alex Kasper. Thomas Katkov, David Keeler, lairi Kellev. Mike Kelly, Ann Kells Daniel Kelly. Shawn Kells. Steve Kennedy, Cynthia Kennedy. Kristine Kennedy. Jams Kenyon. Jeff Kerker. I.isa Kidd. Robert Kilian. Pam Kim. Carol Kimball. Michele Kintop, Pam Kiser. Karen Klein. Victoria Klingensmitli. Kent KIncas. Karen Kloster. Man Knodell. Stephen Know land, Suzie Knosvles. Leslie Knowles. Scott Knudten. Scott Koch. Karen Kolars. Kathleen Kondrick. I antra Kopveiler. Sharon Konst. Brent Krai'll. Jean Krause. Carl Krause. James Kriesel, Drew Kropp. Ro Kruse. Kenneth Lang. Angela I .ang, Tony l mghol ., Paul lamtto, Gwen Larsen, Richard Larson. Bruce Larson. David I .arson. Gregors Larson, L.mas a Larson. Paida Larson. Stephen Larson. Valerie l.aTourcllc. Linda Lauru. Debbie I am. Lynn licck. Steven Lee. Donald I a-c. Fdsvaril I A e. Floyd I A-gler. Jay LeMire, Kathryn Lennon. Vnita Leopold. Wayne Levitt. Jennifer Levy. Ann lA’wis, Donald 146mores )homores Work Raise Funds For e Underprivileged Lilja. Scott Lindborg. Lisa Limit-man. Debra Linhardt. Suzanne Little, Rol Lium. ('amlv Ltxlahl. Michael Loolx-ik. Maria la»lebcn, Joan I awe. Pal Iawe, Sharon la well. Rolx-rt I.iiikI, John Lumh-gurtl. Jody Luixlstroni. Dave MacCarth} Kathleen MacCarthy. Shawna Mach. Suzanne Mahoney Mwy Mandics. Christine Mandil. Danit-I Mair. Nancy Mark. Sieve Markon. Diane Mary kaislcr arises from a short break taken during work at the St. Patricks Church Haunted I louse. 147Sophomori Marshall, Robert Marti. Rudy Martin, Sara Martinson. Jam-Mart inson, Sue Marxen. Julie Massie, Charles Mattson. Diane Mat en, Richard McCall. Scott McCann. Carol McCarthy. Daniel McCarthy, James McClung, Mark McConncloug, Shawn McCoy, Joan McCracken. Cary McDermott, Cail McDonald. Debbie McDonald. Creg McDonald. James McKlIigOtl. Michael Mcl-'nary, Martha McCarvcy. Scott McCill, Nanette McCinlcy, Joseph McClynn. Molly MeGraw, Laurie McCraw. Michael MeGraw, Sue McKcrnan, Kevin MeKibbon. Lizalx-th Mclx-llan, Daniel McNamara. Sheila McNeil. Kyle McNulty, Jana McQuinn. Anne Meester. Alan Meester. Beth Meester. Mary Melander, I.aura Mcllang, Jane Merryman. Janet Metcalfe. Linda Meyer, Rolx-rt Miller. Anne Miller. Debbie Mithccll. Barbara Mitten. Mars Mobarry. Jane Moore. Michele Moore. Terri Moorhead. Merrilee Moreland. Barbara Moreland, Rolx-rt Morisette. Tom Morrison. Steven Morris. Virginia Morton, Sherce Mueller. Rick Mullen. Richard Murphy, David Myklcbust. Andrea Naas. Mark Sophomores Gathe Quite Often To Eal Drink, And Be Merr 148Nagengast. Dave Nasbv. Or -g Ncderostek, Karen Neit el. Charles N'ellerinne. David Nelson, Barbara Nelson. Becky Nelson. I.ynn Nelson. Stephen NcsseL Joan Nichols. Cathy Nielsen. Joyce Nielsen. Scott Noolecn. Debra Norbeck, Scott Nordbv, Chris 11 ungrilv, Debra Scebcr scrapes the bottom of that monstrous fountain specialty. the Farrell’s Zoo. Norwich. Craig Novoa. Maria Nulsen. Steve Nve. Both O’Brien. William O'Connell. Dan O’Donnell. Meg O'Dowd. Coby Oelke, Susan O'Hara, Robin O’Leary. Cindy O’l-eary. Lynn Olson. Barbara Olson, Brent Olson, Dale Olson, David Olson. Debra Olson. Linda Olson. Mike Olson, Thomas Orcn. Kathleen Orcnstein, Jim Orfield. John Otto. Michael 149Hand Jones is constantly surrounded l the fantastic music played on KACS-FM radio station. Owens, Karla Overman, Andrew Page. Dick Palmer. Kimhcrlv Patera. Michael Patineau. Dehhy Patterson. I.ori Pan Hot, Clare Paulsen, Teresa Paulson. Jim Pauly. Susan Pavek, Timothv Pearson. Jell Peck. Dave Peckham. nne Pchrson. Suzanne Peiffer. Nanci Penner. Susan Peters. John Peters. Heaves Petersen. Charlie Petersen. Scott Peterson. Kriejay Peterson. Kric Jurgen Peterson. James Peterson. I.inda Peterson, Mallory Peterson, Michael Pelschauer. Debbie Petsoll, Vicki Petty. Jeffrey Phelps. Debra 150)phomores ’adio Station Provides ome Experience In broadcasting Careers Phelps, Kim Phillips, John Pick. Doug Pierce. Dehhie Pierce. Sandra Pillen. Nancy Platon. Patricia Plummer. David Pohlad. William Pols fuss, Steve Porter, Hennctt Portinga, Andrea Post. Carol Posllethwaite, Martha Power. Joan Pratt, Dave Pratt. Mary Prestrud. Holiert Price, Man, Prohst. Martin PmiSner. Dehor.i Pmnilia. Carla Pmnphrey. kirk Quinlan. Margaret Quiulivun. Mary Quinn. Joe Quinn, Nancy Quirk, Kathryn Raitt, Tracy Rasliiud, John Raymond, Beth Raymond. Willard Reed, Dchra Reid, Frederic Feiersgord. Diane Reimann. John Remington. Thomas Remington. Timothy Rentsohlor. Ceorge Rctzljff. Creg Reynolds. Anne Rholl. Gr g Rice. Kay Rice. Stephen Richar. Ken Richards, Thomas Richman, l.ori Rickord. Barbara Ridley, Robyn Riesberg. Kristen Riggs. Jarni Riley Nancy Rine. David Rintelrnann. Kathryn RolKTtsnn. Kathhen Robertson, Kimberly Rolrerlsmi. Richard Robison. Carolyn Rogers. Karen Rollins. Mark Rose. Peter Rose. Ward Rottinghans, Mark Rottinghaus, Susan 151Rouncr, Kristen Rowley. Debbie Rupp. Nancy Russell. William Rutishauscr. Donald Rustic, Rick Ryan. David Ryan. Kdward Salilsteen, Kric Sackrider, Karen Sampsell, Mary Sanders. Susan Sanders, Theresa Santri .os, Scott Sat her. Jeanette Sawyer, Debbie Sehall, Cary ii Sehaller. Susan Schamtihn, Sheila Scharafin, Doug Scheercr, John Schelper, Mark Schmelz, Dan Schmidt, Rrad Schmitt. Margaret Solmobrich. Scott Schrodetz. Mark Schultz. John Schwab. Douglas Schwartz. Andy Schwartz. Janet Schwartz. Kathv Soars. Jeff Sedgwick. Ann Seeber. Debra Segur, Kemp Sexton. John Shannon. 1 -af« Sharpe, Karl Shaver. Jess Shaw. David Shaw. Kathy Shelley , Guy Sherman. Barbara Sherman, Stephen Sieve. J udy Silha. Alice Simones. Jim Skeer. Jeffrey Skogstad, Teresa Slater, Dave Smetlvig. Mark Smith. Charles Smith. Cindy Smith. Constance Smith. Kirby Smith. I.inda Smith, Relncca Smith. Sandra Smith. Steven J Smith. Steven V Smyth. Paul Snider. Laurie Snyder, Jan Soltau. Carolyn Soltau. Ron Sommers. Susan Son nesy n. Jayne Spalding. Winslow Spear. Kathy Spear. Sherilyn Spielman. Deborah Squires. Jonathon Stansfield. Cheri Stasney. Joseph Stinson. Tom Stocke. Karin Stoner. Nancy Stoner. Susan Stotesbery. Gail 152Sophomores Talkative Students Are Quickly Taught That Silence Is Golden Mr. Norsted’s class sudden!} quiets down when he and Lisa Wollan tape Pete VVindahl’s month shut. Straclian, Cnth Streeter. Timothy St nit hers, James Sullivan. Dennis Sund. Brian Sumlct. Scott Sumll. Jeanne Siipplee. William Swau'on. Joanne Swedlx'rg. »regg Sweet. Linda Swclimm. Janet Tail. Timothy Tennesoii. Serena Thayer, Maureen Thayer. William Thernell, Diane Thews. Eric TIkkIo.william Thomas. Kathleen Thomas. Richard Thomas. Terry Thompson Roliert Thorson. Sherrie Timing. Crctchcn Tiller)'. Martha Tindall. Tom Tita. Elizaheth Tjadcn. Ruth Toal, MiehaeJ Tolbert. Preston Tooher, Allison Towev. John Trohaugh, James 1'iirnhull. Scott Turner, Mark Turner. Susan Tuveson, Mark Thiemann, Thomas l lstad. Keith 153Sophomores Class Of 74 Puts Up With Traditional Sophomore Jokes Although teased about riding bikes, sophomores continue to use their only mode of transportation. Untiedt. William V'aaler. Mary Valentine. Edward Van Doren, Sandra Van dr- l.oo, Rol ert Van Gorder, Brad Van Sbmcrcn. Kathy Vflgcrsdyfc, Roxane Vellek, Linda Verscn. Christine Vlasek, Kim Vogt. Jay Volstad, Debbie Wagner. Ann Wagner. Mary Waldron. Carol Walker. Kimberly Ann Walker. Kim Elaine Walker. John Walker. Robb Wallace, Linda Wallin, Brooks Walsh. Jean Walsh. Mike Walton. Simme Wanner. Tom Ward. Susan Warded. Scott Warner. Mark Wart. Iva Watson. Marcia M attson. Janet Walters. Ben Webster. James Wegrncyer, Kathy Weisman. Gary Wellinger. Thomas Wenell. Dirk West. Keith Westin. Mike 154Welt. Hichard Wln-eler. Barbara Wheeler, Janies Wheeler, Sad Ilona Whetstone, Jose ph Whipple, Kevin Whitcomb, (.vnthia White. Hill White, David White. Doug White, (Irctclicn Whitehouse. Teresa Wicsl. Mike Wicg. Klizabeth Wilcox. Marv Wilder. Robert Wilkins. Michael Williams. Cathy Williams. Holier! Williamson, Janies Wilson. Bruce-Wiitz. Jeff Windahl. Peter Windahl. Shaun,i Winelx'rg. Debora Winsor. Jana Winsor. Patricia Wiseman. Curt Wladvka. (larv Wolff. Sharon Wollan. Klizabeth Wollan. I.isa Wnodruff. Craig Woolley, Steven Worm. Klu Wonting. Ann Wray, (leta X Wray. I.indu Wunder. Doug Yackel. Joy Yarger. (lail Yeaa el. Kathryn Young. Adria Young. ieloria ’ aim. Valerie apple Adam ' .ceil. Mag A ills. Jane Pete Rose’s thoughts drift hack In Itis fading childhood, while he takes a nostalgic look through his favorite toy store. 155s.0961 CD1972WIIKJRKAN CO-KDITORS: K. Hill. C-Winslow. Debbie Xooleen and Amy Sanfilippo work together to lick the tasl sending out letters to the yearbook patrons. WHICH KAN KMTORS: Front How — M.Bictcr. organ., co-edit.; J Johnson, organ, coedit.; t. Knowles, bus. man ; B. VV'alscr. photog ; A.Sanfilippo, student lift , co-ed it.; N.Culliford, seniors editor; J. Nichols, photo coord.. Back How S.Sandberg, student life co-edit.; S Hoy, sports editor; I).Burke, academics editor; C. Baranauckas. underclass editor. Missing — K.Kkbcrg. copy editor: S, Nelson, bus. man WHICREAN ASSISTANTS: Front How I) Nooleen. Inis assist.; S.Pcnner. underclass assist.; G. Palmer. seniors assist . M.Frohbach. seniors assist.; Row 2 — N. Bingham, copy assist.; A I .inner, copy assist.; N Hayhoe. academics assist., A.Silha, academics assist . C. Kim. student life assist.; Back How — G.VVik-rnan, sports assist. Missing — R. Boyd, bus. assist ; I). Clausen, sports assist. 158ixxl old apple pit is Carol Kim's favorite at one of Whigrean s ficial food spots, tlu Betty Crocker Pie Shop. Whigrean All Work, No Play Marathon Deadlines Cause Blind Success I remember how excited I was when the Whigrean staff came into my class to tell me I made it! M sister just hugged me anti I started crying.’ Mary Frohbach (12) ... "I think the kids really like to see pictures of themselves and friends in the book. Then they can look back on past years to see how things have changed Sue Penner (10) ... "I was super shocked when I arrived all nervous and excited to work diligently at the first deadline — and nobody was there!’ Kandy Boyd (10) ... '.'Because Whigrean is so time consuming. I know I’m taking too much time away from my other classes, but I feel in the long run my experience on this staff will prove a real asset.’ Meg Bieter (ID ... "If it fits, use it Steve Roy (12) ... "Carla, raise your pant legs. I want to see your pages!" Caroline Winslow (ed) ... ”YOl Cl’YS. LISTEN!!" Sue Sundbcrg (12) ... "I’m quitting, you guys. I really mean it’ Judy Johnson (ID ... “I m thinking ..." Dan Burke (12) ... “It happens once a day. I say it happens once a day! Karen Ekberg (12) . . ."Although it was a rough year and there were depressing times when it seemed like the world was even caving in. I would still do it all over again if I had to go back I learned so much that it strengthened my character and it will Ik valuable when I go out on my own in the world I got a good taste of the loneliness of leadership." Kim Hill (ed) ... "Who could forgot MHSPA, One for 15. two for a quarter." Ileal fire drill. Ho-Ho. "Whigrean Whispers ”, Santa Claus, progressive dinner, rum. the banquet!” Amy Sanfilippo( ID ... acilines drag on into the wee hoars. Whigrcancrs become slightly slap happy process of finding pictures for their pages. 159HI ZKTTE: FRONT ROW— C. Houston. T.Cam-n C.Pew- BACK ROW—SSwatvion. M Carlson. N Dunne. Fergus c s, 5 Xulsen ROW 2— D. Whip| man. W.Gcrrbli, T. Engel- B l.unri 1 Suvre Missing—B. Wallin bcrt, S.Pierce. S.PwMic. I. I.imlborg, J.Cliandlcr.C.llirschoy. During fourth hour Bu . otte staffers have informal discussion to stimulate a variet of original ideas. After assembling her pen. paper, and a cherry s Sandy I’eddie is prepared to tackle her work 160'hill Julio Ferguson looks on, Nancy Pontius demonstrates the ive necessary for tough Buzzette deadlines Buzzette Buzzette Of 1971-72 Geared More Toward School Activities "Working on Buzzette has given me more and better communication with people. This need is fulfilled Ix'cause I can talk with people and communicate through my writing.’ Nanc Pontius (12) ... "I've realb enjoyed working with the people on our staff. Buzzette involves so much time, often 25 hours or more a week so you really get to know the kids. . lar Kim (cd) .. "I consider Buzzette to be the most worthwhile and fulfilling organization in the school. I've learned more about human relations than journalism. Jenni Wilder (ed) ... I think students' response to our issues is generally apathetic. People rarel offer constructive ideas for improvement. The often comment that an article has nothing to do with KHS—the don’t seem to realize there’s a world outside of KHS Heather Dobbin (12) "The days ! oforc we take the paper to the printer are really hectic. There are lots of last-minute corrections, also checking stories and organization of pictures. Judy Tull (12) ... 'I usually spend my 4th hour having bubble-gum contests, eating, talking, writing editorial etchings and "Curb Your Urge 546-4311” on the board and planning to see ' Gone With The Wind!" Mary ('arisen (11) ... "I don't consider any single moment as being the most fun — with the variety of personalities on our staff, just Ix-ing together produces humor in itself.’ Judy Tull (12) ... ORS: FROM ROW-M Kim. cocdilor; J Tull. copy supervisor BACK ROW—] Wilder co-editor lilun.l Lowry, N Pontius.. J McGlennon Missing?—f). Clegg 161Images On The Wind Images Staff Members Sell "Imagine That" Buttons For Funding “Images manuscripts give a very special insight into the climate and concerns of the student body at Kdina. It is encouraging and depressing at the same time to discover these hidden feelings and this “new awareness' tends to produce greater sensitivity. Every piece transmits a characteristic of the author. So in a sense our staff “knows" most of the people at Kdina. Nancy Moline (12) ... “The MHSPA Convention at the I was so much fun, along with the taco factory, bakery cookies and rain. The staff meetings are always interesting since everyone is either hysterically giggling or complete!) confused!" Nancy Lillehci (11) . . “Every person on the staff reads every single manuscript, then each entry is scored individual!) and the highest scores are discussed and finally chosen for publication. We spend many hours on lay-outs — experimenting." Mark Lynch (cd) “I was aware of the pride, quality and work that went into Images over the previous years. I felt by being on the staff, I could add my views on issues for the sake of quality, plus contribute the work so the Images could continue living up to the pride that the staff and readers have in it.' Jeffery Peck (12) ... "Ill always remember the night after the I mages dance when we did Chinese fire drills at 2:00 a m. and then there was the box-making party, cahoot ., black magic and rice krispie bars too!" Debby Barker (II)... Images staff members sing an announcement over the PA tit students to submit their entries before deadline. 162 Collecting boxes from classes on February I. the deadline for Images entries, Sheila Sha Libby Fiedler, and Susan Erickson find their manueverability hampered,iCES STAFF: Front Row-0 McBride, I) Barker, J.Mobarry, J vn. I..Fiedler. K Conroy. S.Shamuhn. N Moline Row 2-M.Postleth-e. I’Frey, K.Smith. I. Herzog. P.Gislason, M. Lynch, editor; S. Lrickson. It l.illchci. C.Swendscid, M Maynard Back Row-B Kuphal, N Lillehei. J Peek. P Knab. I) Mandil ging an arl entry. Nancy Moline holds the painting while staff members During a meeting editor Mark Lynch discusses lyze its artistic quality and value. the possibility of selling buttons. 163STUDF.NT COl N'Cll. BOARD OF COMMISIONKRS: FRONT HOW—k HolNTtsnn. S Walton. ( McNeil, C Plummer. k Freden. P.Tolbert. R.Tindall ROW 2—1 Mandil. R Bushman. N.Benjamin. P.Rctte. S. Wiseman, D l.indcnnmn. S I'.nyolbrechl. N Adams, J Johnson BACK ROW II ha. D.Grnlh, NI.Flaskamp. H Peterson. T Fnecke T.Al T Holmes, T.Rolscrts. C.Harrison, I). Fredrickson, Miss S Thode Terrs’ Holmes and Dave Groth discuss possible plans for disposing plastic cups within tlu school hnilding. Student Council Senate provides leisure time for Barb I son to concentrate on homework assignments 164icil members spend extra hours collecting contrilnitions for .'hristmas welfare project held with Richfield Student Council Major Decisions For New School Occupy Student Board's Time "At least l being on Student Council. I can say that I tried. I feel really strough about education at Kdina. and I would like to see the school run as efficiently as possible. with cooperation l etweon students and faculty. By being on Student Council. I think 1 can help these be linked. Robin Tindall (12) . "We planned the Human Affairs Conference again this year because it was so successful last year. The Council also went out to breakfast to meet the new superintendent. Mr l,ielx r. Now we are in the process of planning Charity Week. Prom and hopefully the elimination of finals Tom Roberts (12) ... "If I’ve made a motion that’s been passed, or made a recommendation that’s been accepted, I feel I’ve done something to In-Iter Kdina High School." Dave Croth (11)... “This year I have been really trying to get the opinions of some of the students. You know, they really have a lot to say! Sue F.nglebrecht (11)..."1 went to Duluth on a student exchange and I learned a lot. Terry Foeke (II). "The students tend to think of Student Council as a joke, and that we don’t do any thing 1 think they see it this way because of past councils, but this year we have a brand new system with a new constitution, and we re out to make it work' Judy Johnson (12) 165 •tvr school board: front row—jj..%»«-, rris, I. U;il|HTii, K.Caspers. I brum. M Frishlh'rg HACK RONS -S W'iscman. K Reynolds. R King, S Hanson. S.Thodi Missing—N.Adams. T FoeckeRed Cross Council Red Cross Officers Provide Motivation For Council Projects • The major problem of the Red Cross is communications. I don't think the teachers realize how important they are to our existence as message bearers. The council would like to get away from financial contributions, and get more people in service projects where they volunteer their time rather than money.” Susan Sundberg (pres) .. . "The council is too impersonal - too many kids are on it for status, or for getting out of class. I'm sure the new high school will help the council. I'd like to see joint efforts between the schools to help better relations ” Nancy Kaufmann (12) ... ”1 decided to be a representative for the Red Cross because last year my class was terrible as far as interest goes and I wanted to help generate some enthusiasm. The council’s main objective should f e to provide things for the needy, and I enjoy raising money, for a worthwhile cause.” Kathy Golden (12) ... "As secretary to the Red Cross I seem to get all the dirty work of note taking, and announcements, but it’s one of the most important jobs that need to Ik- done. As a board memlxT I like to be in the position of acting as a catalyst for inciting interest." Sally McNally (12) ... “Edina has a reputation for contributing to disaster needs on a world wide basis. The administration, and especial!) Mr. Ring made this possible. He was involved with Red Cross and empathizes with us.” Edith Grissinger (adv) ... HKD CROSS OFFICERS: S McNulty. M.Remole. K. Donahue, N.Kaufi Vice-president: S Sundberg, President: P.Shenry. Treasurer Patty Sherry finds herself with the job of counting money made from recent donut sales. 166lichclle Re mole and Ginger Urson find lime after school to II Friendship Boxes for gifts to underprivileged children. CROSS COl'NCII. FRONT ROW—M Rcmole.J Sonnesyn. I Know-. I)mk J.Johnson, S,Peterson, I) Gustafson. M Bieter. k Donahue, I. C Magnus. I Firm. C.Olson, B.Borrman iains. C Schneider, k •il. S kerslmiu. CBinger, S.Sumlbcrg. C Gctscli ROW 2 P Sherry, ifrnann. H.lluebscher, C.Coursolle, S.Johnson, D.Dugan. I) McDowell, 3—J.Ble S.McNally, D.Bouman R.LlHchci, B.Mpser, J.Curtin, B ond, Stoner, J Hannah. Rupp. Ylluyhnc. I. Anderson. I.Smania. BTupa. S Pierce. C llanson. B M He hell ROW 4—1) McCarthy. J Fng |ubt. S-NieUnd. I) Kelly C.Oboo, W.Fetenon P.fatdlc B.Faller r IcCm bridge, C.ChrislertMui I. Baskerville. C.Ciiinmings. C Kennedy, R Anderson. A Robbins. Kngles I. Boy urn. C.Beim. K Golden, S Rottinghaus. M.Thayer BACK ROW P Bints. Worsing, M Kaislrr. S Berggrecn. R Morrison. | Wa.uk. G I.arson. B Walsh. R F.dlund. G. I.sman. A.Mnrrtocy. C Suppler P.Gislason. 167• AFS and Pep Club Pep Club Posters And AFS Students Add To Edina's Character “The American Field Service is a people to people program. The foreign students can know Americans l est by living with us in our culture. They learn to see tilings in proper perspective.” Mardonna Bart hole t (adv) ... “A.F.S. gave me some security, because if I didn’t understand something, I felt I could always come to them for advice." Inge Sanner (12) ... “Rather than limiting the club to A.F.S.ers, I’m in favor of expanding it to an International Club.” Peg Cislason (12) ... ” I miss Guy Fawkes Day in Australia, but the ice cream, cars and suiter-highways here help make up for it!' Craig Harrison (12) ... ”1 have the opportunity to make my own decisions and live a great experience.” Jose Albuquerque (12) ... "Pep Club tries to arouse spirit and participation in the teams and student body. We also help with the athletic benefits.” Nancy Pirsch (II) ... "This year we have uniforms: T-shirts! Our ribbon selling, pom-poms and posters promote spirit. The kids are active and really care, but it would Ik better if boys joined!" Eileen Lennon (II) ... "One time we didn't paint signs for soccer and we heard later that the team really missed them. It was neat knowing they appreciated our work." Barb Larson (II) ... “We have great potlucks about once a month!” Sally Stock bridge (II) ... - Australian AFS student Craig Harrison discovers delectabh American icecream sundaes at Baskin Robbins. Snowy Minnesota weather doesn't keep Jose Albuquerque from enjoying America. AFS OFHCKHS: K, Smith, co-chairman; k Kkberg. sccrctars. M Mask amp. president, (iislason. vice-president; I Sanner. treasurer 168PEP CLUB: N.Pinch. S.Stockbridge. B. Raymond. Sllolstrom. V.llnmolu. J.Martinson, J Babincati, S.Sommers, M Price. A.Barry. S.Rottinghnus. K.Quirk, S Linhardt. I .Sawyer. M l-ox, K Itlomqmst. M Hummel, V Pelsolt 169 Cl.l'B OFFICERS: N Pirsch, |»rc$klent: B bison. vice-president; S t. secretary: E l cnnon. treasurer.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Front Rrw-R. Lillehei. 1 Wilcox. N.Sexton Row 2-M.Baltz. I. Paulsen. C. Doyle. K Carlson Row-R.Brucr, G.Lyman. M.Keith. S.Bennett. I. Woohrle. B-SQCAD CHEERLEADERS. Froni Rmv-A.Kelly. S.Juhl Row 2-K.Walk- Before practicing at Braemar. Ruthann Bruer, Nancy S er. R Arnold Back Row-NI.Bucklin. K Dougherty. a|Kj Mar . Keith wait for the other cheerleaders. 170•byn Lillehei kneels down to avoid obstructing the crowd's view she watches the game through the raindrops. Cheerleaders Twelve Individualists Make The Last Year The Very Best One "It was so weird getting in the car after I made cheer-leading again and seeing the old squad almost in tears; and then sitting next to someone I d never even met before on the new squad, and introducing myself Colleen Doyle (12) ... "Cheerleading takes up a lot of time. There’s a continual chain of sports to cheer for and I always have to be ready to jump — it’s physically exhausting." Peggy Wilcox (11) ... "I’m not a cheerleader. I’m Kuthann. Cheerleading's not me, it's a part of me; it’s just an activity. It’s hard being a good sport all the time. I carry the name Kdina wherever I go and sometimes my personal feelings get in the way." Ruthann Brucr (12) ... "I’m always so nervous before I cheer. Just before the guys began to play their first basketball game, I blacked out. I’ve never done that before!" Shad Bennett (12) ... "We really have fun potlucks with other schools. Their cheerleaders will invite us to their houses if the game is away and then we ll do the same." Marcic Balt . (II) . . "It's difficult to cheer to a school that doesn’t cheer back. The crowd isn't going to cheer unless there’s something to cheer about; like a tournie, but then, it's the team we're there for — not the crowd." Karen Carlsen (12) ... “In the new high school there’s going to Ik a new kind of cheering so more people will get involved. It's called soul cheering. Mary Keith(12).. 171 : and B-squad cheerleaders set the mood at a •si as Karen Carlson, Ann Kelly, Colleen Doyle, Ruth Arnold, and Luann Paulsen, along with others, lead the crowd in support of the 1 lornets.HORNKTTES: FRONT ROW— B.Winslow. I..Baskervilk C.Rodning. G.Piolricfc. K Holin. M Peterson. B Rued) Stoulciilmrgli, M.Farnsworth, K.Weigle. BACK ROW— KMartin. P Iteielnnan, C Paris, S Lewis, S.Williams. K I B.Nagibods. Missing: N.Jones. A.O’Brien. P O’Brien. The Horiiettes stand as they are recognizor! at the Fall Sports V. to received thanks for their dancing performances.Iping herself to a large portion of a casserole. Gail Pietrick her plate with pot luck goodies. Hornettes Hornettes Strive To Cope And Understand With Many Individuals The practices aren't always fun Ijccatisc they're really hard work, hut I enjoy them because we re working for a goal, a certain perfection, so I want to work. Also, I’m working with my friends, and people I like Kali Weigel (11) ... "So many kids say the neatest part of being on Hornettes is the friends, the activities, or wearing uniforms on Fridays, but to me the neatest thing is the pep fests—1 get so psyched." Nancy Jones (12) ..."I tried out for Hornettes because I wanted to participate in something lor school, and it's something I’ve always dreamed about being, because it's always been said how much it means to be a llornette. Sometimes when I’m out there dancing. I wonder if I really deserve it. and then I feel really lucky to be a llornette. Carla Undoing (11) . . . "One thing Kari said at band camp was "Ida bita boy." and it’s always boon sort of a joke. Kit Stoutenburgh (11) . . . "To me. the friendships on the line are the most important. because you spend so much time practicing with the girls, that you become really close." Candy Paris (12) . . " fter school practices make for a really long day, but alter all that hard work, dancing is that much more fun." Brig Xagobads (11) ... "The neatest thing about l eing on the line is that you are in an organization, and are striving together for perfection. That brings the line closer together I .aura Baskerville (12) ...‘‘Whenever Paris says something that’s supposed to be funny but isn’t we call it Paris' bomb. We’re all like twenty sisters. We re that close.’ Mary Farnsworth (co-capt) . . Ann O'Brien and Kari Holm cringe knowing that their sisters Patsy and Kris caught them in the act of "borrowing” uniforms. 173Aqua Nymphs Swimming Practices Condition Bodies For State Contest Goal “We have three practices before try-outs. Then the four senior officers and N icky, our coach, judge the kid s five required stunts. We don't pick the person for their personality, but for their skill — it’s really fair. We all try out again each year Geri Magnus (12) ... "I don’t think we could be half as good without our coach. She gives us so much of herself — real dedication. She is the best nymph of us all!” Peggy Appel (11) ... “Every Thursday night is our required practice, plus we go several times during the week. We work on stunts in order to earn the four medals and a patch. You must be able to do about 27 stunts for your first medal!” It’s really a challenge!” Nancv Liilchi (11) ... "I become frustrated when my wet hair freezes into tiny icycles, when I cut music wrong for my routine, when I've swam so long I begin to see hazy rings around the lights, when I get warts on my feet, and when there are last-minute meetings! But I love to swim anyway because it gives me a great feeling of self accomplishment. Sandy Baird (12) .... “Our number one goal is to have fun and our number two goal is to take state! Connie Mastor (11) ... "Everyone really cares about each other, we're like one big happy family. Memories for the year include; Stoner's legs. Sun Valley, Vicky’s surprise party, KEAN, Mary's excuses, slumber parties, "I'll pass it but do it one more time!”, "Goggles on him!”. Polly Baker (12) ... During an afternoon of practicing routines. Karen Johns Perrie Oelschlager attempt to imitate the Keystone Cops. Tackling the construction of their own costumes for the yearly Aqua Nymph spring show is always very time consuming. 174e Aqua Nymphs arc known for their exotic imagination as Connie Umbering their muscles before practice enables istor demonstrates her famous awkward position. the Nymphs to receive superior results. i NYMPHS: Bottom Row—M.Mchrkens. G. Magnus, res., J.I.indcmann, I. Hansen, P.Baker. Row 2—B.Mas-•es. Row 3—1. Fox. Row A—11.Schleicher. D.l.indcmann. troy, A.Silha. k Johnson. CEinek, C. Barammckas, C. Stone, (.'Spokes. Top Row —S.Baird. J.Had. N.I.illehei. P ppcl, K.Schlncter. J. Hopkins. I ..Gagnon. Sanfilippo. I Oeschlager, ’ Master, K Rice. C i leeh. 175Band After playing lx twcen periods. Varsity Baud drun Connelly turns his attention to the Hornets' hocke Varsity Band Supports And Aids Community While Having Fun "Concert Band is definitely bizarre!” Tony Smith (12) ... “The only way for the band to operate in a truly effective manner, is if it is held together by a feeling of unity. If everyone pulls in different directions not nearly as much is accomplished.” Gloria Wicks (12) ... "Band is a very worthwhile organization because it gives many kids a background in music, who would not normally have had it.” Dick Rogers (11) ... "To do our best and give 110CA of our efforts is our main goal.’ Candy Baris (12) ... “Band is exciting because the music is hard compared to junior high, and everyone really cares. Rosemary Andrews (10) ... "The games that we play at really make Varsity Band a riot to lx in!” Carol Bros (12) ... "There’s always a party, game, or concert to be worked on, so band is always exciting.” Nick Basil (12) ... "Our Scandal Concert in the spring is really what we put most of our efforts into It’s fun to see how good we can make it." Tizzy Cray (11) ... "The Ebcnezer Home concert for the old folks was a very rewarding experience just because it’s so nice to do something for someone else at Christmas time." Patty Johnson (10) ... “Varsity Band has got to lx tlie greatest!" Erik Jensen (11) ... Following a Christmas concert given bv the Varsity Band at the Kbenezer Home Society Debbie Koch chats with and helps a the audience to her room.rging ihe Hornets to beat the Tonka Skippers in the llome-ming game, the marching band entered its first float in the rade with the slogan, "Slide by the Skippers." SITY BAND FRONT ROW-B Unon. P Stillwell. N Thom Ison. C Gross- L.Stoakes. R.Carlson. S I.mm. C.Brot. S. Hoyt. B.Borrman M Brower. M I. BOW TWO-C.VonDrashek. I.. Fleer. M Iverson. J Martens. llcdc. M ingsfeld. M Sullivan, B.Borrman. A.Forsythe, S Cunberg, K Rice. S.Curry, mmt. M Olson. S.Rudqubt ROW TIIRFK-C Karlik. I’Neal. I. Kiel. S s. J Mendenhall R Nipper, J.Anderson. FI Jensen. M Johnson. I Anderson. II. K Smith. J.Jachimowic . T Gray. K V’hipple, S Watson. I) Weather- head. S Smith ROW FOt'R-T.Anderson. I’Johnson. C Babcock. R Swick. B Swea ey. T Miller. I Keegan. P.Crettc. B Page. S.Peer, F Collins. K Johnson. V.lJlstad. J.Olsen. A llunson, J lleikenen, I’ Lutz. C.Stone. B Johnson BACK ROW-T Brown, J Tollefsrud. I) Katkov, CConnelly. R Flledge, M Murphy. K Thurosv. M Caasedelen. A.Edgrcn. B Meyer. N Basil. T Hoyt. S.Carlson. J.Olson. CSandberg. D Crosbie. C Johnston. T.Dunn Mbsing-W Anderson. D. Langefels, B Ncvins. 177CONCKRT BAND: FRONT ROW-R. Andrucs. I) Klcvcii. S Worst. C Alcan. I) Hanson. J Cushing. N Bingham. B Waters. V. I .inner. A. I .inner. A. Mcstcniacher. S Thoni|xson ROW TWO-C Conrsolle. I) Bope. I) Mi-Glcllan. L. Royuin. J Fliekinger, K Vork. C. Swanson. J Reed. B Storm, S Alcan. R Rogers. C Paris. t Mclichar. P Wilcox. M Vaalcr. C Hansen ROW THRFK-L Maki. S Juhl. M. Mccster. P Hartley. R Mitchell, J Phelps, M Fronk, S. Olson. I) Thompson. S. Ilippc. C. DunwRldie, M Williams. J Frederick. S Huff ROW FOUR-R. Hischmiller. W. Davies. P. Mcllxntad. ladder, T. Smith. M Morris. O. Wymnrc. I Hanskc, B Whitehead. B Gubbrud, F Nederostek. R Mccster. I. Hanson. C Limn R (a-hring. I. Fagorlie. I’ Plasinan. A. DcKraay. G W'ieks. RACK ROW S Amlerson. K Gustafson. S Fuller. J Lund. I.. Warner, j. Priebe. K M«-licliar, J Crinncll, R Fngquist. M. Dostal, R. Wilson. S. Rann. P Olson R. Meller. R Arnold. P Hanson, J Olson. R Rriudle. R. Granguard. A Voigt. M. Milner. Kdwin Mclichar pauses a moment before he In-gins directing the Homecoming coronation band. During the boys' Concert Band hockey game at Bracmar. tors and resting players focus their attention on the ice.ring a (all pepfest drummers Scott Anderson, Kevin Gustafson, 1 Tim Dunn try to (ire up Kdina students. Carefully counting measures of rest helped make the Concert Band Christmas Concert a success. Band Concert Band Strives For Unforgettable Final Year Of Single School Reading music off of her 11 ip folio, Kathy York performs in concert formation in the closing moments of the halftime show. 179Choir Rehearsing before their |x rforinaiice, Debbie Eisenhauer acc panics Christa Young of Concert Choir on the piano. New Director Bangstad Brings Additional Discipline to Choir "I'd like to teach the world losing in perfect harmony!" Cary Bangstad (dir) ... "I joined choir because I’ve had a background of singing in theater. I really enjoy it because we have such a fine director. However, I do think there have been problems because the Concert Choir is no longer selective.” Steve Kelley (12) ... "Choir has meant many different things to me. I’ve really enjoyed the fellowship that comes from a group effort, and I’ve really learned a lot of self discipline from rehearsals. Carolyn Hcise (11) ... “To hear the sound of music that we as a group can produce is the biggest thrill 1 get front choir." Jean Dontke (10) ... “I’ve always loved music, but have never been able to play a musical instrument. I guess that’s the main reason I'm in choir. Mr. Bangstad is terrific! lie really knows what he's doing." Polly Baker (12) ... "We’d been working for our Christmas Concert since school started and it was great to have a full house. We did well and it really gives you a great feeling when you hear such loud applause!"Greg Wakefield (II) ... I think the choirs' goal should be to become the number one choir in Minnesota. Mr. Bangstad will lx able to get us to that positon." Greg l.arson(IO)... CIRi-S CHORUS: FRONT ROWC Mansfield. CClements. I) I’atincuii. Schnobrich. S.McNally. J ll:ul. J.Porter. Peterson. S.Williams. M.McCarthy. A.Toohcr. ROW TWO K McNcllis. 1 krogstad. C.Plummer, J.Campbell, J.Schwartz. JFcscnmaier. L Bran. S Kasprick. C . Bach told. C.Sha HOW IIIHFF-G.Bangstad, K Koch. J.Clarke, K.Herzog, K.Dietz. D.Bouch. N.Slu Grogan. P.Borg. M.Novoa, J.I.und BACK ROW-M.Q Denison. C Benson. S.Holctz. S. Ilolstrom. P Bloom. V la-wis. B Pomeroy, S.CleavcIand 180o'CERT CIIOIR: FRONT HOW-OBanRstad. P I.of I ha M Farnsworth. LWollan, l Kimltell, k Palmer, M Kor-B Kuphal, T.Patterson. I. Doggell, I. Wilson, J Davison. h rs. V.l.iuboc. J Fide. M Borg. S.Pehrson, D.Ellingson. scnhauer ROW TWO-B S wet man. J.Krvin. S.Ilender-C Ryan, M.Shccly, kaufmann. C lleisc. (.'.Jackson. C |R. D.Vigdal, k McCampbrll. M bwn, Pontius, k son. K Saekrider. C Svscndseid. M Post let h waite. I. Mov- . EWollan ROW TIIRKK-I) Jones. JSkecr. B Wind hurst. B Krckleltcrg. S Kelley. JPohjolan-Pirhonen. J.laiVoie, s Hall. S.Hanson. J.Stallman. T.l.urkin. S.Starkey. ('..Babcock CAVollan. M Carlsen, K.Colburn, M Brecht. J Busehe, I. Smyth. K.Hansen BACK ROW-( Brecht. B. Waiver. P Houck. (•.Smith. M Kppel. J Fuller, Donchcnko. J Weaver. I) Mac-Lcnnan, J Dudley. J Muynihan. C.Tamlx rnino. (’..Wakefield. SOverman. C Barton. C.lairsen. J.Hushands, B VanCorder, F lladleigh-svest MissmR-C Korn, J Vanllercke. T Rivall CHOIR: FRONT ROW-B Hall. M Maynard. J Sedgwick, •r. M Denison, C.WKirand. C.Knu'lrom, K Juhl, S Hanson, unless. BONN' TWO-J Hawaiian. K McNeil. M Kastman. N-(• Smith, Jones. CWicrsema, I. Farnsworth, N Benjamin on. K Bonner BOW THBKK-J DeVries. I. Deveny. B Peter- son, (• Supplec. LFredendall. S.Davies, J.Dontkc. T.Saunders. (!. Brown, C.Martin. G Bangstad. BACK HOW-B Moser, K Owens, K Wheeler. K.I.undin, A.Rigglc. M.Jenson. P Baker. C.Soltau. K Vea .el. A Brown, J.Swetinan.Throughout the hour the orchestra director Paul Askegaard phasi es a point to improve executions quality. Orchestra Orchestra Contributes To Excellence In Edina's Music Programs "The Cafe Concert is probably one of the biggest things we have to do all year. We all work hard for it. and try to put as much originality into the concert as possible." Marcia Bains (12) ... “I enjoy being in orchestra Itccause it s fun to compare the different styles of music between band and orchestra. Barbie Gehring (II) ... "The orchestra tour makes the whole year worthwhile. Weston I.oeger-ing (II) ... “As a first year orchestra member, it’s hard for me to make any generalizations about it. but so far I’ve really had a good time and learned a lot from it. Carl Gross (10) ... "I decided to join orchestra because I’ve been working with music through junior high, and I really enjoy instrumental music." Chuck Ilcilig(IO) ... "Mr Askegaard. our director, really works well with the group because he’s had so much experience." Martha Murphy (12) ... "There’s really a lot of pressure put on everyone from the beginning of the year because i.afe Concert comes so quickly in the fall. We try to do our best in everything, and this is achieved by a team effort. Amy Johnson (12) ... I guess the biggest goal I see for the orchestra is just to keep improving. To do our best requires constant work, and if people start letting up, the quality of our work slips." David Hibbs (11) ... The brass section devotes much depth and color in the third hour orchestra rehearsals for a wider variety of superb music. 182ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW—M.Murphy. O.Westfall. A.Jolmson, H Craig, D.Vellok. F Davis. S.Clarke. J Holtmn ROW 2— V!.Bains, I. Vcllek, I..Olson. N'.DeJonglt, J.Ritchie. J.Rotli M Price. C Whitcomb, I..Wray, W l.oegering ROW 3— J.Seidenstricker, S.Cillctto, I. Peterson, K McCarthy, S.l.ium. C Bros, B.Waters, M.Mclichar. J I.amont, I .Wilcox. S.Alcan, S. Ilihbs. K.Vork. R Rogers, M.Antonson, H.Brehm, S.Ashby. N.Dcwls. ROW •I—Dllibbs, M.Kaisler. CPouliot. (Mleilig. V.Ulitad. B.Johnson, B Cohring, A DeKraay. B Whitehead. 'I Smith. C I-eddcr, M Morris. P Keegan. M-Milluer, B (•runguurd, R. Wilson. Nl Quinlivan, J.Bie. IXOresik, P. Miekclson ROW 5—R Reierson, J Raskind I..Warner. J Priebe, W Bock-ley. J. Whetstone, M I ngw aid. M Rollins. J Bee Ik 183 ncentrating on the music, Martha Murphy anti Gloria Westfall devote their time and ;rgy to practice for a possible music career with their violins.Debate Linda Ilalpcrn of Cross Kxamination strives for precise arti lation while debating at the Richfield tournament Edina Participates In North Carolina Debate Tournament “This year our topic for debate was; "Should the jury system in the United States lx significantly changed?” It's chosen by our coaches and we begin to research in the summer and put in about ten hours a week at the law library. We went on debate overnights to Duluth. Mankato and North Carolina—the fun is unexplainable!” Eric Petty (12).. ,‘Tm becoming convinced that debaters are a highly intelligent group of people who get together to backstabb. We’re a special breed that nobody's been able to psychoanalyze! It's a good thing our coaches have (he patience of saints.” Jean Findorff (ID..."For my first three tournaments my partner and I were undefeated— I was sure it was because of the same suit and shirt I wore each time and then I didn’t wear it at the next debate and I lost! I also found I had to have an ample supply of Gatorade at every tournament Keith Queen-son (11).. ." Debate really gives me great mental competition. It's helped me to think quickly and give answers off the top of my head.” Dave McDonald (12)... Incompetent judges are what ruins debate. Another disappointment is when you come in second and then add up your points later and discover you're really first, but there is nothing you can do." Stewart Hall (12).. ."We've had a very successful year and it's neat to know I can win by using words instead of violence and force.” Barb Peterson (12)... NOVICE: FRONT ROW—M.Amblr. B Mali. I. Olson. I. Wray. S Hoyt ROW 2— M Hcr ig. ouih, l Lit D.Refcrsgord. J Skccr BACK ROW—M Walton, I) Iah C.Peterson. 184ROSS EXAMINATION: S.Hall. IMVUy. I) McDonald, I. Halpcrn. M llcrxig.coach IS I V: B Peterson, S.Davit, K.Quccnson, T.Lindqnist. touch: J.l'indorff, C t. B Kraal , M.Maynard. During a rneel at LCdina Dave McDonald takes a flow sheet while listening to another debater. 185NATIONAL THESPIANS: FRONT ROW—T Pappas, M.Murphy. L.Berg. B.Peterson. B Ward, vice-pros C.Oibhs, secretary; M.Busa ROW 2— D.Kitchen. P.Moore. N.Kaufmaitn, president; D McDonald M Mat treasurer. BACK ROW—I..Knowles, J Snyder 186 Waving their Hag while crammed into a station wagon, German Club members adverti: war games with Latin Club on their float in the Homecoming parade.itional I hcspian Ted I'appas as Friar Lawrence arranges for etter to be sent to Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. National Thespians and German Club Thespians Take Best Actress Award At Districts, Regionals 187 RMAN CLUB OFFICERS: B Hnlxrts. P O'Brien. It Ifarnum. A Waning. M W.iltnn Mining—II Miller. C.Mammcl188 Devoting spare hours for others' benefit. Sheri Windso: proaches her project at the Heritage Home.elieving herself from school strain anti pressures, Diane Cloud's outlet is the serenity of the outdoors. Outdoor Club and Home Ec Club Broader Activities Involve Girls Both In And Out Of Doors "Recently our main function has been changed so that now we are primarily a service organization in the school." Elizabeth Aamodt (adv) . . . "We try to broaden the girls’ understanding of serving people through various areas Our main problem is that the club suffers for lack of members. However. I see this problem extending to almost all extra-curricular activities in the high school, and not just Home Economics Club. I view my job as president to be club co-ordinator. Diane Cleland (12) ... "Through Home Ee Club we’re trying to enrich our knowledge and help others. Personally, I gain the most from the people I meet through the club It is too bad we re so small because I think a lot of the things we do go unnoticed." Andrea Portinga (10) ... "Outdoor ( lub is fun for me because I really enjoy the type of kids that are in it. We've had some bike hikes, and are planning a wild game dinner. The club is a good extracurricular activity because it is away from the beaten track. Mary Kay Eastman (12) ... "M favorite activity for this year was our hike around Lake Harriet and wiener roast." Bill Hanson (10) ... "I need the Outdoor Club!' Melanie Hanson (12) ... HOM K EC CLUB OFFICERS: I).Cleland. president: A. Portinga, secretary; I) Danielson, treasurer; B Nuegar. vice-president. 189I.VriN CLUB: FRONT ROW— A.Myklebust. C Wicks. E.Nwle-rostek. B. Wallin. M. Mahoney. ROW 2—A. Clapp. D. Dvorak. ROW 3—J Fiiick, T. Nolle. J.Reynolds, C.Palmer. K.Nyrop, C Olson. CTcisberg. ROW 4—C Stirrat, K.Jones. S.Nordquist, T. Brown. J.Benctt, J Seidenstricker BACK ROW—D. Seidenstricker. P.Grcltc. M.Gaasedclen 190 Geri Olson helps to boost Latin Club’s presentation of the i "Psycho’’ by creating an original poster.ill ' CLUB OFFICERS M Watson, I.Baskcrville, j Iloltuni. J.Kirkland. I) klonstricker. T Becker Latin Club Latin Is First Club To Win Float Contest; SPQR Does It Again "I like Miss Winter and Latin Club a lot. The kids are really nice and I’ve gotten to know some of them very well. Our common goal is to have fun and make Latin Club the superior language club that it is.' Tom Brown (11) ... “The marshmallow eating contest during the fall war games was a truly memorable experience The contest was with Tim Nolle against a slave and it lasted one minute. Nolle just stuffed his face with three marshmallows at a time!” Mary Mahoney (10) ... ”1 love everything about Latin Club from ditching my master in ninth grade when I was a slave, to massacring the Germans in hockey war games. The best thing I like about Latin Week is all the food and fun at the banquet.' Robin Tindall (12) ... “The first float I'd ever made was for Latin Club. The only problem was when the car stalled halfway around the track during the parade. It was quite embarrassing! When I'd heard we'd won the float contest, I was so excited I couldn't believe it! Mary Watson (12) "I had a great introduction to Latin Club. Miss Winter bought me as a slave!" Jim Bennett (12) ... "There was never an end to the food at the Italian dinner. It just kept coming and coming!" Laurie Baskerville (12) ... “The thing that amazes me about Latin Club is that everybody is continually enthusiastic. I really think I’m lucky to get the chance to work with these kids. I often think of the weird stuff we do in Latin but the kids are sensible enough not to go bananas.' Virginia Winter (adv) ... "What more can I say about Latin Club?!” Terry Becker (12).. Pouring herself a drink. Virginia Winter attempts to avoid a persistant photographer at the Italian dinner. 191 igs of delight arc seen on Robin Tindall’s face as she . away from a crowd of determined tacklers.Y-TKKNS COUNCIL: D Phillips. P Horctman. A.Uach. LFallcr. K Howells. T Bcutoll 192 Reputable juniors Robin Morrison and Carol Cummin Sweetheart tickets after being turned down again and agaiimrita Sue Rudquist proudly presides over the Spanish Club at entry in the pre-game Homecoming parade. Spanish Club and Y-Teens Spanish Council And Sweetheart Dance Overpowered By Girls “The Spanish Club is fairly active localise of all the games we play with the other language clubs Mostly there’s hockey and soccer. Our soccer team is fantastic! We also try to raise money in the club for our big Spanish fiesta at the end of the year. VVe pick a Spanish queen there, and really have fun!" Patti Sherry (12) ... “The purpose of our club is to promote the Spanish language, and acquaint kids with the Spanish culture ’ Maria Wil-bright(adv) ... " I'll never forget the food and fun at Casa Coranado!“ Bob Dean (12)... "The purpose of Y-Teens is supposed to Ih. centered around Christianity, but now that is completely gone. We've developed more into a service organization.'' Lee Ann Legler (12) ... “One of the most fun activities so far has been meeting at Rracinar at midnight for hockey, and then going out for breakfast." Ann Clapp (II) ... “A good example of how we earn money is going to the I to sell bake goods Beth Raymond (10) ... "I think Y-Teens' biggest problem is finding the right chapter for the right girl, and keeping the girls’ interest in the club going " Hope Ilovde (12) ... "Y-Teens is a very independent organization which means we get to do things we really want to. The club will catch on more with publicity.’’ I ura Faller (12) ... 193 NS CIIAPTKR PRESIDENTS FRONT ROWA rich. C.Schncidcr, A.Clapp. L. Engelbert, J Schroedcr BACK ROW-V.Koenig. S. Busch. I) DuBois, H Melroe. K Ashwort hRadio Club and Math Club Aflcr building his own home radio station. Al Couper cor tacts ham operators from all over the world. Complex Equipment Adds Stimu ation In Radio, Math Clubs “Most of the kids that are members in the club are advanced students, because if they weren't they wouldn't enjoy the club. Also, the kids have to have a real love for mathematics to got anything out of the organization." Curt Johnson (adv) ... "I wanted to belong to Mathematics Club because I wanted to participate in the National Mathematics Contest." Frank Blocki (12) ... "The club docs not get together for fun or an other social reasons, rather we are very academically oriented." Peter Johnson (12) ... "Mathematics Club’s main goal is to enter kids into the National Mathematics Contest. We prepare for tin contest all year long by quizzing and testing ourselves a lot. I found because I was so involved in the club I learned a lot and this helped me on my SAT test for college.” Richard Kracum (12) .. . "I decided to be Radio Club’s advisor because my hobby is electronics. Radio Club is willing to help kids with problems they may have with their stereos or radios." Robert Peterson (adv) ... "Were always looking for new members in Radio Club. Everyone is welcome. We have girls in the club, and they do a nice job assembling kits." Mark Olson (11) ... 194 RADIO CLUB: K Mobarry. D. Thorsen. S Rich, M Olson, president: J. deVries, vice-president; M Conro) son. advisor; A Couper•ATM CLUB: C. Johnson, advisor; II Krakum. vice-president; F Blocki. I Tuna. J. Fillcrics. B. Tiel. P. Johnson, president It waiting for "ever-prompt" Mr. Peterson, Hadio (Mill) mem-get down to work at a regular Thursday night session. Making an effort to stump the computer, Math Club member Peter Johnson feeds it a problem.GIRLS- GYMNASTICS: FRONT ROW— P.Campbfll. P.Alpcrs. K Nichols. M Hendrickson. J.McCoy, A. Kelly. C Trimilia. 1. Halter-korn, S Rottinghaus. C.Houstan, M.Brecht. ROW 2—I. Hall. G. Westfall. J.Zins, I. Moynihan. K.Coon, V Klein. N.Rook. B.Wins- low, D. Sawyer, N.Wingcrt. MISSING—K.Jepson. C.Cras Phelps, M.lx'wis, J. Sat her. M.Quinlan, D.Seeltcr, A.Tooh Davidson, P PI as man Leslie Ilabcrkorn combines her natural sense of balance and n tone to complete the qualifications of an excellent g mnast. Precision, concentration, and practice aid Karen Coon in performing high qtialit) routines. 196Two intramural opponents spring into the air while attempting a shot to an anxiously waiting teammate. Interscholastic Gymnastics, Intramurals Girl's Gymnastics Expands To Inter-Scholastic Competition "In the Intramural basketball program there are many high-ealilnT ball players who are capable of playing for almost any other high school, if not for Edina, and I enjoy this competition and chance to play Tom Peterson (12) ... “The l-ball softball program is the best Intramural sport at Edina I like this program because there is fierce competition among teams, but everyone is out there to have fun. so no one takes the losses or wins too seriously." Wim Stocks (12) ... "Ever since we got our uniforms we’ve l)ecn a much closer team and have taken much pride in our pla . Our defeat of the faculty really provided us with confidence in ourselves and our team spirit really increased." Steve Hoy (12) ... ”1 think there should !«• girls on the teams. It would boost morale and make the games a lot more fun!” Tim Noltc (12) ... " 1 enjoy working u ith the team. It is a challenge to work on new stunts and put them together into a routine. I also enjoy Intramural gymnastics because I can learn about the kids by working with the three age groups." Mary Lewis (11) ... "I’m real big on competitive sports. They motivate you to work harder in gymnastics if you don’t do as well as the girls you compete against." Kim Phelps (10) 197 AMPIONiSHIP GIRLS" INTRAMURAL FOOTBAl.l.: )NT ROW—M Amble. I. Smith. LRichman, HACK ROW—S Prlkor. S Hoyt. K Hoppe. S.HuffF.B.L.E., T. l. Business Knowledge Acquired Through Jobs And Outside Activities ‘ In F.B.L.I'" we go around to different businesses and observe how they are run. Also, we sponsor Sadie every year. Usually with F.B.Ll£. you think of sceretaries, but l)eing in it doesn’t mean I plan to be a secretary. I ni in it for curiosity and fun." Gloria Wicks (12) ... "Sadie Hawkins was what first brought me into contact with F.B.L.K. The people 1 worked with were really fun, and just knowing that kids would come to Sadie Hawkins and have a good time made it that much more enjoyable for me." Diane Cloche (10) ... "I feel that anything I can learn about the business field l efore I get dumped into it will help. " Sue Davies (pres) ... "Were going to sponsor the Shawn Phillips Concert through VICA. Most of the kids in T. I. don’t have outside activities l»ecause of their work so the club helps bring us together. We go out to breakfast a lot I.eannc Fagerlie (12) ... "In T. l. class we mostly discuss personal problems, especially your attitudes in employer employee relations. I think it would lx- a real!) hard class to teach because of all the advising. It used to be just goof-offs who wanted to get out of school that took it. but now the standards of the students are much higher and they want to work hard." Terry Bcutell (12) ... Due to brief Kdina banking hours. Sue Davies and Connie Binger are awaiting their F. B.L. E. business tour. 198 F.B.L.K.: FRONT ROW-A Herman, k Mcl.dlan. I) Licktcig. J Woods, secretary; treasurer; M.Lefor, J.Mitchell. BACK ROW-G.Wicks, S. Davies, president: C. I .arson. I) Hines. C. Binger. vice-presidentSt I. FRONT ROW'S Bidwell. 1. Wimlahl, T.lkutrll. M ming, R Mariner, Clx-e ROW 2- R Reieliow. I. Fagerlic. enson. K. Braun wart ti. S. Ilughson, K.Horns; ROW 3-ilt. B.Crili, I Taft. S.Stevcns. G-Carriitliers. O.Cra- Bam. BACK RtpV-J.kili.m, S Kim , B Miller. J F.ngdalil. K Hawk Missing-T.Rinc. M Mulcarc. DCramling, J Williams O.Wiesner, M. Dolc al, R Dunbar. J.Gunderson, J Magnus. S. Meyer. R.O'Brien, S Strom Borg ing money a life necessity, Laura Henson operates )aytons Snack Bar weekly at Soutlulale. A giant Daisy Mae poster painted by F.B.L.K. members invites boys to the foot stomping dance. 199O.E. and D.E. Poinsettias play their role at Christmas time as Phil Strom prepares them for Bachman’s sales and displays. Flexible Systems Provide Experience For Half Day Students "Office Education is a class where you can learn all the different types of equipment and how they operate. It's a class for people who think they might want to l c secretaries. Nancy Hagen (12) ... "We go to different conventions throughout the state and learn how various schools run their O.E. programs. There are also the Nationals. where we pick a certain girl to compete in Ohio for the number one position in that field, like maybe shorthand. There’s also a spring conference that gives out awards Kim Scott (12) ... "Many people think we take O.E. to get out of school early and the money, but it’s really the experience and training in business worlds." Robin Purdy (12) ... "This is a good preview program for me because I think it’s something I can always fall back on. whether I go into it now or not.' Priscilla Kenis-ton (12) ... "In Distributive Education we talk alxuit problems we have at work and selling techniques. But I think what we learn about selling in class is outdated now. By being on D. E., I find that I miss out on so much at school, but then my grades are about three times better because I can studs better with the extra time." Sandy Torvick (12) ... "I really like ! eing in the business world. I like contact with people other than just school people. Edina should set up an earlier program, possibly a junior D.E. to get more people involved sooner — D.E. is a good experience." Karen Bergman (12)... 200 D.E.: FRONT ROW—A Cleveland. I' Strornberg, J McDonald, I. l.oobeck, D. Dcvcreaux. S. Betz. N Kossccn. R Arwidson. ROW 2—J. Dugan, L. Erslrd, L. Greer. S. Carlson, S. Anderson, J Kumph. S. Torvick. M MacDonald. N1. Beasley, N Saucier BACK F B Hancock. S. IX'nk. S. Barrio, I) Abbey, B Bicanich. B. ( P, Bridgeman. B. Bowes. R Mieku . R. AronsonK.: FRONT ROW—I . Shaughnessy, I) Kennedy, k Scot I. I Kcnaslon, Fugles, K. Brinkman, J Nichols. ROW 2 R. Purdy. N. Hagen, I) l,ar-n, K Peterson, P. Sowder. D. Wiitke. BACK ROW—R. Swenson. B. West- fall, A. Wendlandt, W McCance. S Allen, C Wnkal, I. Phelps, O. Captes, S Kirchmann, S. Hegnaur. R Raymond, I Olson. R Boerger ing diligently, Nancy Hagen completes reports ?s for her job at Marvin Greeks.1960’s 1972Summer John Denver sways the mood of a Guthrie audieuee with le from his album. "Poems. Prayers and Promises Kayaks, Concerts And Cars Fill EHS Students'1971 Summer "I learned that I really liked people a lot by working as an umpire. I found that little kids were really l eautiful and I really appreciated them.” Jay Weaver (12).. .“One thing which I found interesting while traveling in Europe, was the extreme change of temperament and personal outlooks on foreigners. It seemed to me that the English. Austrian. Dutch, and Swiss were the friendliest people. They always had smiles on their fact's and were always willing to help you. The Italians and the Spanish, which have very similar cultures, seemed to Ik harder and less willing to accept strangers. We saw a bullfight in Spain. It was really unusual to see an animal being killed like this, in front of a cheering crowd.” Connie Binger (12)... "I went on the canoe trip with Colonial, and it was all unorganized so it was a lot of fun. We all had a lot of good talks.” Mary Billard (11).. .“I went to a Christian Camp at Colorado. It was fantastic! Everybody was really happy together. It enforced my ideas about religion.” Wes Bocklev (12).. .“I was in charge of digging the rnapa on the canoe trip. I liked that better than setting up the tents’cause it was easier.” Jim McDonald (10)... 204 Colonial Church's Senior Nigh youth group sponsors the enmpam of Shakespr.i Streets for their summer production of “ Love's Labour Lost.” Combining timing and balance is beneficial to Isabel Anderson when manuever-ing her handmade kayak across Lake Cornelia. 205 •laying techniques of the "Who’ entertained all that at-I their concert at the Met Sports Center.Mi mi I.ofduhl reflects a pensive ir as she dances with Mike Kavanaugh. Pepfests and Dances Pepfests Gain Student Support As Interest Dies In School Dances “Sophomores, I hope you remembered to lock your bikes!" anonymous ... "You guys, sophomores are known for their loud mouths. I don’t hear you!" Cassie Spokes (11) ... "What is this about the sophomore jokes? I haven’t had any happen to me!" anonymous ... "The sophomores are complete duds at the pep fests." Colleen Doyle (12) ... “All the sophomores have to keep up their ‘cool’ image. They won’t cheer because they think it's ‘uncool!"’ Jayne Sonnesyn (10) ... “Upperclassmen have we said anything to insult you? Believe me. we’ve tried!" Pete Rose (10) ... "I think rivalry between the elasses is unnecessary. Peg Johnson (12) ... "Believe me not, this Richfield soccer game is going to lx the best deal in town!" Laszlo Szendry (fae) ... "I thought it was terrible! No school spirit What’s our school coming to?" Debbie Sceber (10) ... "This dance is the biggest financial blunder of my career! Doug Bushman (12) ... "Is coat checking what senior women do?' Julie McDonald (12) ... “The bands are better than any of the bands last year—I think they’re great'" Paul Klossner (11) ... “We broke even!" Sue Erickson (12) ... "I’m trying to get rid of the dances. I’d rather have concerts. We would have clubs join together to stage one. I think they’d be very successful. ” Scott Weisman (12) ... The pepfest emcees ... Tom Abram, Dave Bell, and Al Arneson scratch their heads and sneer as the crowd fails to react to a joke. 206he Edina High School band leads the student body and facul- cheerleaders stand in formation, signifying the beginning of ’ in singing the "Star Spangled Banner" while the varsity another captivating pepfest. 207 I Pollock and Vicki Jordan take a break from dancing during rmission and find a quiet corner to talk. Senior girls discuss weekend plans with people outside unable to afford the cost of a school dance.After Ruth Reierson and her followers discard their green choir robes, the audience finds them clad in hot pants as they try to explain "What Edina’s real like!" during the junior class skit. 208 The Yankeedina’s Doodle sign on the Minnetonka side started corning down due to rain ai excited students at the football game as the Skippers fell to the I lornets.Homecoming s Dennis Hawk and Cathy Williams experience their mining as the dance to " Bin Island.” Latin Club And Junior Class Victors Of Float And Skit Competition "Let the Royal Coronation begin! King Candidate— Queen Candidate—Kevin Gustafson (12) ... "I'm just warming up. so my voice doesn't crack on I) I sing the alma mater through twice. Die!" Nancy Kaufmann (12) ... "You guys all look so pretty! Diane Gustafson (11) ... “N’evin. there is nothing to be afraid of. you'll only trip! Ann Morrissey (12) ... "Here I am with my sweat towel. I'm bringing it down the aisle with me." Kuthann Brucr (12) ... "You guys, Pete wired me twelve red roses. Barb Mastor (12) ..."Just smile, that’s all we have to do." Steve Cabalka (12) ... "I never saw them kiss on the mouth before!” Debbie Brown (12) ... "Everything went smooth, but my little brother, Scotty, kept dropping the crown because the pins were gone! I was so embarrassed! Barb Peterson (12) ... "Tom, let’s have the morning announcements." Dave Bremer (12) ... "1 don’t feel like I'm old enough for this to lx happening to me Marx Farnsworth (12) ... "I wanna lx Bobby's girl!. Well—Hello Dahly!, Moore than the greatest love ..., Bill! I love you so. I always will!” Senior Women .. ."I ve been instructed to go only five miles an hour! Diane Soe (12) ... Let’s have the girls jump over the doors!" Todd Xieland (12) ... "I must have spent a hundred dollars this weekend. I had to buy a new suit, but it was worth it!" Mike Toal (10) ... tlo.it Ix aring the slogan “Skippers Cower to Neptune’s first club float to win competition. As the Senior girls sing. "I want to lx Bobby’s girl ...,” Bob Amis grins with embarrassment. 209Rain fails l dampen the spirits of the Homecoming com the participate in the half time parade. Homecoming Mary And Dave Reign Over Edina's Final Homecoming Festivities Excitement is shown In the facial expressions of Marx Farnsworth and Dave Bremer. An amused Homecoming court looks on crown once again is retrieved during coronal i 210HOMECOMING COURT: FRONT ROW—M Farnsworth. I).Bremer. BACK ROW— R Lillclici. K Dahl, M Sclirecongost. J Kngqubt. I.. Baskcrvillc. T Roberts. B. Maxtor. S. Brehm. R Brner. D Finks. L. Arnold. M. Gottsacker. R Purely. C. Moore. K Holm. W Stocks. C Unger. S. Cabalka. P Nevin. R Amis. K Kkborg. T Niehmd sleepycyed Homecoming court meets at Unde Johns for an early norning breakfast before beginning the day's activities. Barefeet add to the comfort of Charlie Moore and Robin Purdy at coronation practice.Gail Armstrong and Neil Saucier sit and wait for the announcement of Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae. Tears express the intense joy of Vicki Koenig as she is pres u ith a necklace after being named Sweetheart. Sally Lewis and Tom Diercks grin after being chosen Daisy Mae and Li I Abner during intermission at Sadie Hawkins. Paul Krueger, former Kdina student and lead guilaris Light”, plays for dancing Dogpatch couples. 212he relaxing mood created by the band "Cousin Jack" is enjoyed ►yjean Logan and Steve Blessing at the Sweetheart Dance. Sadie Hawkins and Sweetheart Dance Sadie's Success Leads To Girl Ask Boy Sweetheart Dance "I like the tradition picking a Daisy Mac and Little Abner but I think that underclassmen should be up for it too because actually, they do participate more." Mike Morris (11). ."The grajK stomping ceremony and going out for dinner are the two things 1 really enjoyed about Sadie. We ate at Mama Rosa’s and there were a lot ol kids there with their costumes on. It really looked funny Marty Berger (12).. ."The two things I’ll remember from Sadie were the atmosphere and costumes. Kveryone just wore what they felt like, and they were really free." Sandy Ashby(10)... "The finalists were lined up in front of the band and everyone at the dance stood in a semi-circle around us. I just couldn’t believe it when Rick Blesi came up to me and said, 'Vickie, will you please move your hair? I can't get the necklace hooked.’ I was chosen Sweetheart ’72!" Vickie Koenig (12).. ."I wouldn’t like to Ik asked out by a girl to a formal dance very often, but once or twice a year it's nice." Al Bolin (12)..."I guess what I’ll remember most about the dance was the great band, and terrible decorations. Cindec Thompson (II)..."I was glad when there weren't many people at the dance because the people that were there were really interested in having a g M d time." Grant Harper (12) ... Dan Marsh, alias "Marryin Sam", unites the apprehensive Li I Abners and delighted Daisy Macs in a double-wedding ceremony. 213Pop Concert Edina's Big Brass Concert Band Makes "Music, Man" At Pops “This year we didn’t have an opening skit, but the opening musical number more than made up for it The singers did a good job of rousing the audience into the spirit of Pops' (ohp Phelps (ID...“Pop Concert is the culmination of everyone s supreme efforts to put on a spectacular show in professional style The practical purpose iH’hind it is to raise funds to finance the band’s out of state excursions.” Al Voight (12)... “What I didn’t realize until afterwards, was that the feeling the band created was measured by the response of the audience. I think the finale of “Music Man” did a lot for the audience localise there was close contact, and they got a chance to become involved. Melanie Williams (12)... The most fun part of the whole Pop Concert was just ! cing out on stage. We didn't feel as if we had to fake having a good time, because we really were.’’ Carol Hanson (10)...“To me, “Profination’ was a real thrill to conduct. Just to get from the beginning to the end was an accomplishment in itself. Also, it was musically satisfying. Ed Melichar (dir)...“In the Jazz Hock Ensemble, the solos were all improvisational, and the soloists always did a fantastic job. I'm glad that the Stage Hand lasts all year, rather than just during Pops, because I really enjoy it.’ Scott Anderson(12)... Edina's own Music Man Ed Melichar, directs lx hind the curtains as band members perform a skit ”Pick-a-little, talk-a-littlc” cackle the ladies of River City as t gossip about Marian the librarian. The little townsboys debate whether or not to poke fun a throp or to join him as he sings “Gary Indiana”. 214i typical “Dragnet" fashion, Scott Hippc and Lee Warner discuss routine investigation in monotone voices. Mistaken for Big John, Paul “Bear” Olson chugs down his free drink so he can get out of town fast. Tony Smith exhibits his advanced skills on the trumpet while he perforins a solo in the band’s arrangement of'' Stardust 215Talent and practice arc advantageous to Blake Grangaard as he is given the opportunity to perform a solo Tim Dunn counts the rests in his music before joininj the orchestra on the kettle drums. With the thought of the next day’s concert in mind, the orchestra takes a break during their Thursday-night rehearsal.Concentration is the key to (Concert Mistress Martha Murphy’s •lear tone and musical quality in playing her violin. Cafe Concert "Concert Of Colors" Presents The Sounds Of Birth And D.A. “The Cafe (Concert was a light concert, in which the students could really get involved.” Sharon Clarke (11) ... “I was told to get the sophomores roused. They were more scared, and like me, had never done anything like it lx -fore. It was hard to got up in front of a group of kids and say, “Get psyched.” but 1 was so excited that I think, and hope, that some of the thrill I had transferred to them.” Joanne Hie (10) ... ”1 was super nervous conducting the Mancini Brass, because I was up there in front, alone, directing the whole brass section in our major concert of the year. The thing was. they were following me, and if I made a mistake, they very likely would too. I was really scared, but it was a lot of fun.” Bruce Whitehead (12) ... “The Cafe Concert was a lot of work to put together because we didn’t have much time. I wish it could be later in the year, it would be better. The music we played appealed to adults rather than kids because it wasn’t contemporary. Having Birth and D.A. play helped, though.” Wes I.ocgering (11) ... "It was fun for me to perform with a group of kids other than the kids in my band.” Val Ulstad (11) ... "There was lots of variety in the music, and I thought that was good. We pointed out the brass section this year, something we’ve never done.” Amy Johnson (12) ... "The spirit of the orchestra at Cafe Concert was really great, and that’s what makes the performance musically better.” Martha Murphy (12) ... Orchestra conductor Paul Askegaard checks his notes before announcing the next number to be performed at the Cafe Concert. 217Singing. “Says I to myself one morning...", Peter Moore on tertains Vinjic Tenneson, a newly made friend. Comedy And Tragedy Provide Enjoyment For Varying Tastes “Romeo and Juliet, as I see it. is a refreshing change from the realistic theatre, films, and television of our day. It is a play about teen-agers and is thus a good choice for a high school production." Russel Thicm (dir) . .. "We started to work on the play about a month before opening night The first two weeks everyone sort of got to know one another, but the last couple of weeks we all threw ourselves into the play totally, That's w hen the play really started to come together. Cheryl Gibbs (12) ... “The technical aspects of the production were incredible. The set construction was by far the most complex set that's been attempted at Kdina." Mark Lynch (12) ... You have got to have more cleavage! anonymous .. "Mr. Stotts is a very talented man and a terrific director for Trudi and the Minstrel because he knows what to do. how to do it. and then he does it well." Peter Moore (11) ... "The little kids all really liked the scarey dragon and the storybook characters in the play, I think they all could really identify with Trudi. Liz Moynihan (II) ... "The actors went through a great learning experience in working with Trudi and the Minstrel. Their attitude at rehearsals seemed much more dedicated to hard work than fun. Nancy Kaufmann (12) ... " I shall impersonate a man. Come enter into my imagination and see him." anonymous .. . “Trudy and the Minstrel” east Minstrel Peter Moore Trudy Vinjic 1 enneson Seigfried Greg Wakefield Rothbart W’eissbart Bob Gubcrud Mermaid Liz Movnihan Dragon Tom Carven Brother Innocent .... Queen’s Head Janet Hide Baroness Baron Bohn Miller Sentry V u XWTRSl. HRlHinl MAS J 218 Janice Johnson, portraying the wicked witch, fades back i the darkness after casting another evil spell)n the way to a part) at Capulet’s. Rolf Engh playing Mcrcutio "Oooh breakfast!", exclaims the dragon Tom Garven, Buses to dictate his amusing oration to his friends. as Trudy and the minstrel enter his cave. Juliet .........................Marianne Busa Romeo ...........................Mark Matfiison I,ad Capulet ....................Cheryl Gibbs Nurse...............................Beth Ward Mercutio............................Rolf Kngh Friar Lawrence ...........................Ted Pappas Tybalt ..........................Doug Kitchen Prince of Verona..........................Jay Stallman Capulet .........................Stove Kelley Montague......................Kevin DeRemer Lady Montague...................Carrie Soltau Paris ...........................Bill Domke “Romeo and Juliet ” cast 219 i Ward finds a comfortable place to sit and relax as Marianne »listens attentively to her findings about Romeo.Cheryl Gibbs as Lady Capulet has help in getting ready for the evening’s party for Count Paris by her ladies in waiting. Dave Elcrl and Jaei Coursolle place a scarecrow in the pumpkin patch to frighten the birds away. Bill Jepson’s class places their bets in the gambling cas their contribution to Charity Week. 220 » -Plays and Charity Week ornered up against the door, Toni Basset succumbs to Diane ugan's pica to buy a sucker for Charity Week. Charity Week Talent, Show Raises Funds for YES and USO We planned a lot of activities to raise money for Charity Week this year. The food side of it included seventy-five boxes of suckers that we sold to kids all during school. We also had donut sales and some homerooms had cake walks and auctions, while others raised money by having casinos.” Michelle Remole (12) ... "This year we had a talent show, which hasn't been done for about five years. We also had the traditional soccer vs. football hockey game at midnight, along with the Ugly Couple Contest.” Patty Sherry (12) ... "The Red Cross selected three charities to give our money to. They were the Gillette State Crippled Children’s Hospital. Youth Emergency Service and USO." Sally McNally (12) ... "The Student Council brought up the idea for a talent show and Red Cross followed it through to the final production at the alley View auditorium. 1 was interested in directing it. so I volunteered. I think there is good talent at KHS, I just wish more kids would have tried out.” Nancy Benjamin (11) ... "There were just two Ugy Couples this year — me, Weisman and Cyd Kinek and Tracy Groggan. 1'he kids who voted paid a penny or more per ballot." Paul Schroeder (12) ... “The Neptuners have the South-view pool next week from 6:00 to 7:30 a.m. We have people sponsoring us for each lap we swim. I'm planning on doing one hundred laps freestyle. It’ll be fun and at that time in the morning, there’s always an air of excitement!” Jane Crowley (11) ... The friendly scarecrow, Dave McDonald, smiles and pulls himself together as two fowl friends help replace his stuffing. 221Jobs Graduating Seniors Find Jobs Necessary For College Funds “I work at Marvin Oreck and I really enjoy it. I come in contact with a lot of people when working the service desk, and the people 1 work with range in ages from 16 to 60. and they're all just a gas! My job has really taught me patience, and I’ve gained a knowledge on how to manage financial matters." Gloria Wicks (12) ... "Working at the Kdina Library is a really good job for me because it is close to home, pays well, and I have fairly good hours. I real I don't come in contact with many people lx cause I just shelve books. Although I like my job. I consider it only temporary. Karen Edelmann (12) ... 'I decided Sears was the place for me to work because it's such a fun place to shop. My job is clerk at the fish stand, and it’s really neat to watch people look at the fish swim. One of the most exciting things that happened, was the time I dropped an eel on the floor!" Drew Clausen (11) ... "Since I began to work. I’ve found myself budgeting my time and money which is essential to make it in life." Kurt Dahl (12) ... "I enjoy working because it's something I can do by myself. It really keeps me busy, and 1 like to do a good job. I've learned an awful lot about people because in waitressing you run into every type of person in any type of mood It has also taught me self discipline " Sheila Grogan (II) ... "I ll stay at Mr. Steak through high school because it’s convenient, and I really like working there." Craig Zabel (ID ... "Working at Pants Pocket is hard with school, but the most important thing in lift is to get along with people and what lx tter way than with a job?" Melinda Freitas (11) ... A weight machine is given a final polish by Paul Schroeder working partner as they finish up a day’s work. While working at Brauer Associates through her office education class, Robbie Raymond gains secretarial skills. 222At tin night s end. busboys Steve Garrison, Kevin Strathy and Kevin Dulin triple up to clear tables to get home early. g with friends can make work enjoyable as Lyn Rhoads Sue O’Brien find while working at ('amclot. Making headway through stacks of hats. Dave Little tops off another work day at I ho brimming machine 223Speakers and Human Affairs Conference Hypnotism, Meditation And Occult Attract Students to HAC "The two-day Human Affairs Conference this year provided a large variety of topics that kids at Edina are usually not subjected to. I felt the speakers brought ideas and attitudes that were "good food for thought" and made an attempt to stimulate students." Dave Wippman (11) ... "We began planning for the three two hour sessions early last fall and shifted into top speed three weeks before. 1 was very disillusioned when I saw so many kids walking out. but then after I heard so many good responses from the kids who stayed. I was reassured.” Martha Nelson (12) ... "1 really enjoyed HAC and I thought it was a great success, but I thought that there were too many topics to choose from and it was hard for me to pick just three." Vicki liedc (12) ... "I was extremely impressed with the amount of work the students did on rganizing HAC. They accepted so much responsibility .nd the adult advisors merely assisted in contacting speakers and hostessing.” Peg Dienst (chrm) ... "I attended one of the sessions on hypnotism and had a written permission slip from my parents so I could Ik hypnotized. At first I didn’t think I was under because I knew what was going on—it was like a daydream, but then the guy told me I knew my name but couldn’t say it and I couldn’t!" Mary Yanda (11) ... “We’re already talking about combining the two schools for one big HAC next year. We have great expectations for it. that is if the skippers haven’t jeopardized it already.” Phil Lowry (11)... Expressing first-hand views of the racial problems today, a W burn student talks to the junior history classes. Junior students in the social history complex listen to the ideas of Model Cities Projects from representative Mel Harris. 224v. O'Neill reflects on the importance of religion in modern y life at the Jesus Revolution seminar Norman, director of the Southdalc Branch YMCA. leads a tat ion on the interrelations of blacks and w lutes. A professor from the IJ. of M spoke about new discoveries in the field of oceanography. 2251950’s 1960’s1972Football Hornets Harpoon Robbinsdale For Lake Conference Crown ‘‘We had a good offense from (In start, but our defense really came around by the end of the season, and turned out to lx just as good. The bad thing about summer practices was that they were twice a day. and my whole life was football.’ Dave Otness (ID ... Wed never lost as sophomores or juniors, so we were encouraged about our team from the very start.' Mark Caspers (12) ...” Kdina's going to have its first chance of the season to put icing on the cake when we beat Richfield! Frank Fisher (assist, coach) ... "We always hit Bridgeman's after the games and left a few broken glasses, and salt all over the tables." Pete Yanda (capt) ... "Joyce's gathering after the season was a really memorable celebration for the team! Chuck McGrew (12) ... "Richfield was our toughest game because they were undefeated, and they almost beat us as sophomores." John Burke (12) Lincoln was my toughest game liecause they're good runners and our backs didn’t have enough confidence." Terrs Bishop (capt) ... It’s evident we don’t have too many friends left, that's why we need the support of the student ImkIv at the Met!” Stav Canakes (coach) ... "We should have l een rated number one in the state. If only we could have had the chance to prove it! We definitely would have beaten Moorhead." Frank Heffelfinger (11) ... Mark Hcinzig shakes off a stiff arm to make an important tackl Kdina's overwhelming victory over Richfield. VARSITY: FRONT ROW-J Moynihan. D Norqubt, D Bau-inan. J Itaire. J Bergscng. N Chapman. J Ghost ley; ROW 2—T Srckt-r, R.Wine berg. B Jacobson. J.Joyce. Nl. Caspers. C McGrew. T Picreks. I) Bushman; ROW 3—T Klein J.l.undqubt. M Hcinzig. P Yanda. J Burke. B Fcsjey. M Carr. ROW Carpenter, s Stajicl. R Nagcngast B Millet I Nolle, J I F llcfflcfingcr. D.Otness; BACK ROW—'T. Klein, A K Uuvcrsi.nl. C. Harper. B Sims, R.Olson. T Bishop 228i Joyce performed with excellence in the Lake Conference lc Came as shown by his pass to Tom Dicrcks. Co-Captain Terry Bishop follows the blocking of halfback Jim Ilairc in a sweep around right end. Lake Conference Standings Bed Division Won Lost Tied KDINA .... 6 0 0 Richfield 4 2 0 Minnetonka ... 3 3 0 Wayzata 3 3 0 Cooper .... 9 3 1 Kennedy 1 4 1 Eisenhower .... 1 0 0 fighting off a hard rush. All-state quarterback Chuck McCrcw piv the pocket to rifle a pass to a downficld receiver. 229Footb Edina Tradition Sustained With Crushir Victory Over Richfiel Halfback Dave Otness catches a pass from Chuck McCrcw to score a touchdown in the Homecoming victory against Minnetonka. J V: FRONT ROW—T.Warner. J Browning. J Vlkias J While. M Kelly, I).Rogers. Bikini. B Johnson. S. Roberts; BOW 2—I) Clausen, K Van Rrocklin. I) Compton. ( .Gilbertson. M.Walters K Keenan. M Seanlan. T.Halleckson row 3—T.SaMsteen. R ivu. PKaUand S.Campbell, C.Anderson. M Monson. W.Aulik. J.Okerlund. T. Burnett; ROW Pepper. M Sava . T Anderson. G.llcin ig. T.Swenson. J.Tlioni| Suml |iiist, J Tyson. M.Satterlund; BACK ROW—T.Peterson, I J Curtin. C.I-eCros.J Raile, B Burke. R Okonoski. B Beeker. T Oral 230iQl'ADt FRONT ROW—M.Bonoff. C.Compton. I). Plumber. R.Sclimi il. •tushy. D.Rine, M.Goblirseh. J.Abbey. K.VVcst. R Bolin, T.llammor-midt. J.Reiman, J Aura: ROW 2—R.Bushman. JMeCinloy. I.Curtin. S •k. J.Gritmcll. CAVoodmff. D.Belmorc, S Sclmobrieh, T.Tautges. J tiicb, J Kilian. B.FrawIcy; ROW 3- J Trobaunh. Dl.undstrum, B.Grcig, arlson. B.Korst. J.llovelsrud, II West, S.Masser. B. White, G.Bard. M Patera, S.Thodc; ROW 4—T Bassett. V.Barrett. J.Kenyon. F. Foster. I) Schinel . C Wiseman. I) Gregory. B Supplee. I.llovde. A.Meestcr, SDrew. J Barker; BACK ROW -T Brower. D.Rutishauser. G Bomsta. J Anderson. N llirschev. B,Gambrel, S Foy. B Burling, M.Westin. S.C.'anakes. R,Walker, B,Daley. 26 12 Lincoln 13 7 St. Louis Park 14 0 Kiscnhower 52 0 Osseo Park (.Center 34 6 Minnetonka 10 14 Cooper 24 0 Richfield 24 0 Wayzata 40 8 Kenned) 55 8 Hohhinsdale 231 1 coach Slav Canakes instructs co-captain Pete Vanda in thod to strengthen the Hornets’ defense.Covered with mud after the state meet, Mark Buzbv and Johnson wade through the water to find a place to rest. Cross County Edina Harriers Win Lake Conference, District, Region Meets "When you’re running a race, the greatest thing that could happen to you is to break the tape—to win the race. It makes all the practice worthwhile. To win really builds your confidence, and gives you a feeling of ae-complisment.” Amy Leslie (11)... "When I'm running a race. I think about the fact that I might lose, or else the guy that’s in front of me. Sometimes, I think about how tired I am, but 1 try to fight it off. if possible. Mark Buzbv (12)..."I went out for cross countr because it’s a very good sport It gets you away from everything, and you can Ik more yourself. It’s a team effort, but you feel more like an individual. Kent Keith (11). .."It’s mind over matter. Your legs say, "No. I don’t want to go on." your lungs say. "No, 1 don’t want to go on.” your stomach says, "No. I don’t want to go on," but you keep pushing anyway.’ Jim Cross (12). . ."When I’m running alone. 1 think about what I did. or am going to do on the weekend. When I catch up to another guy. I only think of bating him.” Eric Turner (12).. ."When you run with friends, it's still a lot of work, but it doesn’t seem like as much because you're having fun." Curt Blandin (capt). . . 232 VARSITY: FRONT ROW—R. Wilder. S Sundet, I). Katkov. J Slassncy. S Munson. J Peters. I) Kelly. K Seeger; ROW 2— K Firmer. T. barken. K Keith. A Leslie, S. Duster. (!. Sioris. I. Bigelow, M. Smith. 1). Coleman; BACK ROW—B. McPhcetcrs. M Buzbv. I Miller. O. Johnson. ( in. J Ilipps. I) Olson, B. Barnett, J CrossKdina placed first in the district meet with runners like Gary Johnson. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tied KDINA............................12 0 1 Jefferson .......................12 I 0 Eisenhower .....................11 2 0 Lincoln ..........................9 3 1 Lindbergh ........................9 1 0 Armstrong ........................8 5 0 Robbinsdalc ......................8 5 0 Way ata...........................6 7 0 Minnetonka .......................5 8 0 Kennedy...........................4 9 () Richfield.........................3 10 0 St. Louis Park....................3 10 0 Cooper............................1 12 0 Mound.............................0 13 0 233 spite terrible weather conditions, co-captain Curt Blandin Is ahead of the pack during the state meet.Using tactics learned from German-Latin war games. C Szendrey veils commands to the varsity soccer team. Soccer Varsity Soccer Takes Lake Conference; Edina Is Number One “Soccer is not predominantly a game of physical contact. it is a game of poise and grace. Mr. Szendrey (coach). . .“Being a senior and knowing the loopholes, two-a-days weren’t too strenuous." Lee Peterson (12). "The hardest thing about soccer is controlling your temper when you're constantly getting kicked in the shins!" Ken Reynolds (12)..."The depth was the teams’ asset, as we had three balanced lines, all with scoring punch." Tom Metcalfe (12).. ."Woody just called and lie’s going out of his mind!" Kurt Dahl (capt).. ."The lx st way to get the ball down the field is to diddle. Greg Sharrer (11).. ."Sitting on the Ixrnch wouldn't be so bad, if I could do my homework!" Jeff Stitt (12)...’ The fans consisted of the dynamic duo, cheerleaders, strays and mavericks, and curiosity seekers." Bruce Borrman (12) ..."After a game, a chorus of Jingle Bells would lore-shadow doom for some nameless junior!" Hick Wilson (capt). ."It was a great feeling not having to take a shower after winning a game." Bob Levy (12).. "Moore's B-day party. Davev's treasure hunt, grease jobs and winning Conference, spiced up the season!" Handy Larson (12).. ."Next year I m looking forward to mans more Robins scouting trips!" Chris Mammel (II)... VARSITY: FRONT HOW—J Albuquerque. M Heigl. S Ycamcau. T Metcalfe. I) Olson. M Law; ROW 2-W Bockley It Bowes. R Larson, It. Levy. C. Stirrut. R. Colbert. C Scliarrer: ROWS—K Dahl. It Monty. It Daves, K Reynolds, R Wilson, I Peterson, It Borrman. S Stubbs, Mr. Szendrey; BACK ROW—S Cabalk Moore, J. Cricfcmcr. J Slitt, It Barmim. It. Dean. T Warnc Mammel 234FRONT ROW—R Nipper. T Jones. K Reynolds. K.Jones. (’artriilRf. C-Wlkinan. I- Much ROW 2—I’ N an Veen. B riuy C. Larson, B.Spencer, K Tierney. P.Callaghef, D.UnglcU; W 3—J lladfield. D.Met ger, C.Cotics. A.Fackler. D.Savory. D.llaiaon, J Kcvnltl. J.Kilts, (.’..Hulckim; BACK ROW—B Sponsd. Ckatlik. R C»aHafcl er. G.Catlson. C.l.tuul. I’.Kliwwt, S Chadwick, JColden, U Sweu cy N I ..ike ('onferencc Standings Won l.osl Tied • I h F.DINA ...............H Kenneth...............5 Richfield... . (i 2 2 St l.ouis Park. h 2 2 Jefferson 1 2 4 Armstrong .. 4 $ $ Lincoln .... 4 l.indliorgh . . 2 6 2 Robhinsdalc 2 m 1 I F.iscnhower 2 H 0 Cooper ... I 9 0 4 litin liis usual battle to keep his socks up. Chris Slirral the ball away from his opponentI.ce Peterson races in from left-wing to help out a follow to: mate. Rob Colbert, during one of Edina's victories. Loss To Lincoln Halts Undefeated Season For Soccer Team EDINA 7 1 White Bear Lake 1 0 Cretin 4 1 Lindbergh 1 1 Kennedy 2 2 Blake 6 0 Robbinsdale I 0 St. Louis Park 2 0 Armstrong 3 1 Jefferson •5 3 Burnsville 2 1 Richfield 4 2 Cooper 1 2 Lincoln 4 2 Eisenhower Rob Colbert, right-inside, shows that size is not nocessariK a hindrance as he a Lincoln player head on in a battle for the ball 236Basketball semingly impervious to the pressure. Dale Kleve shows the con-;ntration which is necessary in shooting free throws. Victory Over Duluth East Sparks Strong Finish For Hornets ''Jerry Rodberg is a great coach, because he has a fantastic sense of humor. Me knows when to work us hard and when to take it easy He's also taught us to learn from our losses and not to dwell on them, but to look forward to the next game." Bob Arnold (12) ... It was a tough season this year because it was a young team without much experience and there seemed to be a lot of injuries. As captain. 1 try to pull the team together. In everyone’s friend, and not let anyone feel out of it." Steve Williams (Capt.) ... “The year started off in a disappointing way. We lost three games in a row and the morale really was down. Since then the team has improved tremendously and we re working together more now. Jim Doepkc (II) ..."The Team’s goal is to go to the state tournament. The timing of the season has been good Ix'cause we re playing our lx st basketball just before the tournaments start." Craig Jones (II) ... "I found this year's season to be exciting so far because of the many overtimes we’ve had. Unfortunately I had a dislocated knee for eight weeks during the season which was very frustrating. 1 really felt I could help the team and I had worked long and hard just to make it and then I was out with an injury" Bob Sol-felt (12) ... "We weren't rated before the Duluth Fast game but it didn't surprise us when we beat them. We knew we could lx at them. Tom Lupic (II) ... Lake Conference Red Division Won Minnetonka ........... 13 Edina................. 12 Richfield ........... |() Wayzata ............... 7 Kennedy ............... 5 Eisenhower .............| (hooper................ 3 Lost 3 4 6 9 II 12 13 237 RSITY: FRONT ROW—J Rodberg. D.Luii-n. R Savre; BACK ROW -T Lupic. D.Schaucr, oepke. P.Kngh, S Williams, B Arnold. I). Kleve. J.Beebe. I Peterson. J Rholl, C McCrcw. C Jones. T Pepper. C Selness. M SavreBasketball Hornet Cagers Place Third In Christmas Holiday Tournament Steve Williams drives around his opponent, hoping to penetrate the defense for an eas lay-up. Jeff Bee Ik and Steve Williams watch to see if their efforts I resulted in two more points for the Hornets. 238 J-V: FRONT ROW - B.Savre; BACK BOW — C.Sdness. B Mooty. D.Schauer. J.Doepke. I Kluv nrr. I Ol o». D.KIcve T Peterson. I‘ Kngh.-(.' Jones, T Popper. J lladficM. M.SavreC-SQUAI): FRONT ROW - B. Williams. R.Meyer. B While. R.Dorsey, J ('arisen. G.Johnson. J.S juircs. R.I.orey, R.Kngoer, P. Campbell; BACK ROW — C.Juliar. J.Wheeler. J Deekenbai.li. H.Hcycr. M.Otto. G.Rholl. S Canakes. G.Rctzlafl. T. Gibbs. C-Woodruff, D.Rulishauser. AM coster. P Rose. V. Barrett. B Ringer, S.Knudten, A Haresky, F.Foster. K Hammcrsteiii KDINA • Arnold goes back up with a rebound as the Hornets demonte their dominence of the offensive boards. 51 59 72 59 52 73 71 89 33 63 74 76 94 72 SO 59 76 67 71 74 51 56 14 78 49 56 72 91 42 62 66 63 92 60 35 54 73 63 69 I .incoln Kennedy Wayzata Cooper Mankato No. St. Paul Kisenhower Richfield Lincoln Minnetonka White Bear Lake Kennedy Armstrong Jefferson Mound St. Louis Park Wayzata Lindbergh Duluth Last Robbinsdale 239Swimming Co-captain Brad Sherman records Keith Peddycoart's butter split for the 200 yard individual medley at the Cooper meet. One Point Edge Over Cooper Earns Edina Lake Swimming Title "In other sports you can talk with your teammates during practices, but in swimming you swim those 5500 yards all alone with only water as your company. Three hours every other day for practice during Christmas vacation were really tough, but it paid off when we beat John Marshall in Rochester." Brad Sherman (capt)..."I get mentally prepared before the race and then when I get up on the block I don’t think about it anymore. 1 try to be relaxed and when the gun goes off, my mind seems to black out until I hit the water and then I take off.’ Keith Peddycoart (capt).. .“Getting in shape by swimming three or four miles a night and getting used to the burning chlorine in the water are the hardest things for me to get used to at the beginning of a season. Our coach, Mr. Downing, always preaches to us to In gentlemen, fill your potential and win the meet. Paul Anderson (II)..."I really get a neat feeling when I've been working hard on a dive and I use it in the meet, and before I hit the bottom I know it was the l ost one I’ve ever done! Reid Risch-iniller (12).. ."There’s such a genuine spirit in the team when we’re on our way to a meet, I guess it's ! ecause were so unified this year.’ Denny Smith (12)..."I will always remember lane two and lane four, Mr. Steak, "California Oranges ”, aboo-day cheer, rock concerts in the showers, "Eat a Big one! ”, anti the victories over Eisenhower and Cooper." RickGreywitt (12).. . B-SQUAD: FRONT ROW—J Lonsberrv. J.Rigglc. G.Hektkamp C.I-aManro. S.Kacppel, C.Snow. ROW 2—LSzcndry. SBructiani. S.Pincus. J.Erickson, K.Wigdalil, B.Pelcrson. M Dcmutli BACK ROW—K McKorn;m, It. Boyd. R Peterson, R Humphries, I’ Balogh, F. Bennett 240RSITY: FRONT ROW—R Rischniiller, M.Toal. C:. •f, R Rud. T.Cunderson. R To.il, M Wilson ROW -C.Bax-hl. K Hirschey. D. Smith, H.Grey wit t. R ap u-s. S.Stanley. J.AII u«|uct juc: ROW 3 M Prish- Iktj;. R Sherman, K.Pvddy coart, S. Kenyon. T.Teynor, A Downey, R Peterson RACK ROW—J.Kvm-lt. P Strother. C Orrben, I). Peterson. S Gresham, (’.Reed. P. Anderson Jim Everett gulps for air during his hreastroke race. Lake Conference Edina Won II Lost 0 (iooper 10 1 Eisenhower 9 2 Lindbergh 8 3 Jefferson 4 Rohbinsdale 6 5 Lincoln 4 i Wavzata 4 i St. Louis Park 3 3 Kennedy 3 8 Minnetonka 1 10 Armstrong 0 II 241 lies Art Downey and Las .lo Szendry click off the time as Boh Rud is out touched e 100 yard freestyle relay at the Golden Valley swimming meet.Showing the strain of competition, Ron Sorem puts on an extra burst of s| in an effort to reach the puck and get off a shot. Mark Ileigl skates in for a shot, while John Engquist awaits a possible rebound. Lake Conference Kdina Won 13 I .ost 0 lie 0 Kennedy 10 3 0 Richfield 9 3 1 St. Louis Park . . . 4 2 Eisenhower 7 4 2 Minnetonka 7 6 0 Cooper 6 6 1 Lindbergh 6 6 0 Jefferson 7 0 Armstrong 3 6 4 Robbinsdale 4 8 1 Wayzata 1 11 1 Mound 0 12 1 242 Senior goalie Dave Bremer and junior wing Mike Kelly watch the play ice apprehensively, hoping to see the Hornets score again.i Engquist is ridcn off in front of the net after taking a quick t shot into the goalie's midsection. Hockey Edina Wins Consolation Title But Finishes With Best Record In State “It's really been great playing on a good team and knowing that when I'm on the ice I can trust my teammates to Ih good. I'm satisfied when I’m on the ice helping us win, but when the team is down I try to get them going by showing my leadership. Steve Eichhorn (capt) .. . "One thing I've found in the last two years is that I've come to enjoy hockey—the pressure hasn't gotten to me because I've been able to really trust God to help me and that in itself has given me an inward peace Dave Bremer (capt) . . . "We have hockey practices everyday from 3:00 to 4:30 at Bracmar. We shoot on the goalies, do line drills, and then skate ten minutes straight. We work hard at the beginning of the week and then slow down towards game time." Dave Geving (11) ... "The team often meets at Kngquist's house to psyche up and then we get on the bus. Bight before we get to the arena I get chills, but when I’m on the ice I’m more relaxed. At the Southwest game the crowds were so lout! we had to yell at each other on tin bench Hick Wincberg (12) ... "1 think most goalies have a cocky confidence because they know they're the last ones who can save the game and they use that confidence against their opponents. I feel so good v hen I make a good save." Jeff Tscherne (12). .. "I ll never forget Motor Mouth, Bart’s clap, lightening drills, and Ilornette friends.' John Engquist (12) ... VARSITY: FRONT ROW—D. Bremer, I) l angfeU. B.Becker. S. Eichorn, J Me Morrow. D.Otness. J.Tschcrnc; ROW 2—E .iris. H Wincberg, I) Kinks. M Kelly, J. Hagen, D.Geving. M.Hcigl, W I kola; BACK ROW—JEngqijisi, S Nielaiul, I) Bell. T.Nieland. R. Sorcm, C.Norwich, S Smith 243Hockey Non-conference Games Include Victories Over Eveleth And Southwest Defenseman Crain Norwich looks for a team up ice after circling behind Ins own net. After a face off in the opponent's end, Mike Kelly. Mark Heigl, and John Fngquist scramble to set up Edina's offensive play. J-V: FROM ROW T.Anderson, J Johnson. S.Pohfuss. S.Stubbs. S Roberts. T Brower. K.Tierney. F ' .ins. R.I.ittle. LJolinson, (. Peterson, B.Tliuyer; BACK ROW — 244IIOMORK: Front Row — B. Schmidt, J.l eglrr. C.N'asby. McCraw, S.McCarvoy. M Dnscn. It Wallin, SMassir, K.Mar-lynn. B Barber. S.Sextant; How 2 — K.Soltau, S.Bccsc, K shall, M. Blessing leigh-West, BWalker, B.Waters. B Larson, Back Row — M r sprawling lo make I he original save, lie Jeff Tscherne uses his skates to stop the rebound shot, as defenseman Dave Ceving moves in to clear the puck. ) 9 3 3 3 5 1 6 2 6 KDINA 8 3 6 3 •5 I o ( 3 I 1 3 2 4 I 0 I I 0 1 2 0 o 0 I Duluth Kast W ayzata Lindbergh International Lulls Kveleth Blake Lincoln Kisenhower Southwest Jefferson St. Louis I’ark Armstrong Kennedy Alexander Ramsey Mound Minnetonka Richfield St Paul Johnson Cooper Kohbinsdale 245Wrestling Edina Places Two Men In Regions; One In State Tournament “In the past, the school’s response to wrestling has been poor but this year there was a greater response than ever before.” Mark Caspers (capt) .. . You can’t cal and get extremely tired out because you use even one of your muscles. Before a match you should think about your moves and when to rest, but I just go crazy trying to make myself concentrate. Jim Cross (12) ... “ l most memorable experience was my first varsity match. I was really psyched and pinned the guy in the second round It was a great way to start the season!” Frank Mach (II) "Mark Caspers and I both tried to set an example lor the team by winning. I don’t like ordering guys around so being co-captain was kind of an uncomfortable position, but most of the guys showed leadership which made it easier. John Burke (capt) ... “You really get a great feeling when the ref raises your hand to show you’ve won!” Kevin Strathy (12) ... "In the beginning I thought and looked like I was going to die. After my body adjusted it wasn't that tough. You just shove anything that’s food down your throat. Wayzata was the best match for the whole team. They were the division champs we had to beat them” Randy Nipper (11) ... "To lx- a part of a very close victory and know that without your points the team may have lost gives you a lot of satisfaction. Mr. Ilalvor-sen is the kind of coach that will work you hard, but also has a lot of feeling for each wrestler's problems. Tom Whalen(12) ... Straining to keep his opponent from escaping. Rob Joyce to maintain his advantage in the point totals. VARSITY: FRONT ROW—T Whalen. F Mach. R. Joyce. C. Wray. R.Nipper. M.Caspers. J. Burke. P. Brown. B. Miller, B. Turner. B. Becker. C.LcCros; ROW 2—O. Dahl in. S. McCall. J Cross. M. Nelson, D. Burns, T. Kamiske, R.Nichols. M Aulik. T. Klein, K.Strathy. C..Strathy, R. Pert; ROW 3— K. Krause. M. Olsen. C.Compton. P.Schrocder. M Probst. I) Hawk. D Miller. T McDaniels. J Williamson. W. Sund. P Kalland; BACK ROW— B Bolin. T.Rcmington. D.Plummer. B. O'Brien, M. Rollins, I). Shaw, M.I.odhnl, J.VanValken-burg. 246cr getting two points for a take-down, Mark Caspers iggles to turn his opponent on his baek to get him into position for a pin Mark, a co-captain of the team, also reached the region five tournament. 247 n Burke, Edina’s only wrestler in the State tournament, grabs opponent's leg in order to pin him.Skiing Slaying as close to the poles as possible, Frank Hcffelfinge to shave extra seconds off of his time. Edina Skiers Place Second In Districts, Third In State Meet "I really like the competition of cross country because when I make a mistake or lose time I can always make up for it. whereas in racing the whole thing is over in just a few seconds. There is always the incentive for me to "catch up” and beat the guy ahead of me. The state tournament in Duluth had to Ik1 the highlight for me this year, along with water balloons from the 14th floor! Mark Harmon (12) ... "Everybody knows how- to ski before they try out for the team at Edina. It’s hard for me to be in USSA and ski for the high school too because of conflicting practices, but I like the variety of slalom competition in both.” Reed Olson (capt) ... "I have to think through my actions before I jump and once I’ve started down I just concentrate and let instinct and style take over. Tripp Bartlett (capt) ... “In one of my meets I caught my ski on a tree and flipped. I had two miles left, but in cross country you can take one ski and one pole from someone else so you can finish." Dick Page (10) . .. “We practiced on dry land, playing soccer and running until the snow came. Then over Christmas vacation some guys scattered to training camps out west and from then on we had practice or time trials at least once a week. We finished third in state overall Duffy Ellebv (II) ... "The main reason for our success in cross county had to be because of the training meals at McDonald’s three times a week; a 'A pounder with cheese, two fries and a large coke!” Tim Miller (capt.) ... Won Lincoln............ 12 Edina ..... Richfield ... Armstrong . Cooper..... Lindbergh . Eisenhower . St. Louis Park Robbinsdale . Jefferson .. . Mound...... Kennedy ... 248 11 10 9 8 7 6 4 2 2 I 0 Minnetonka After climbing a hill on the cross country course at The-Wirth Park, Mike Smith begins his downward descent3SITY: FRONT ROW—F HcffoIfinRcr. M l.aw. M Naas. M by. T Tail. P Bcrtclson. D.Tenfiin SSuikIcM ROW 2—T vcr, M.Smith. 1 .I «»yl«-. K.Scgur. I).Kllcbv. T.Miller D.Paigc lahcrcorn. M Cater ROW 3 l .Woodrow. J.White. D-Burscli. T.Bartlett, J Knutson. T Olson. M Bloom(|uivt. J Jacobson. BACK BOW—R Wiosner. C.Carlson. W.llagcn, R Olson. C Lund. T Rachie, M Harmon. O.Hagen. B l.nnd rip Segur shows only a small pari of I he prepara- Junior Colby Lund, who placed third in the slalom event of the stair’ put into a cross country ski meet. skiing meet, shows his form at Hyland Hills 249Gymnastics Gymnasts End Improving Season With Fifth Place Finish In State "As captain of the gymnastics team. I try my hardest to set an example of how to conduct yourself well at a meet. There’s a lot of young guys on the team that just arcn t acquainted with how to handle themselves well.’' Bob Barnett (capt.). .. “Toward the end of this season we’ve improved and this is because each individual has really strived to perfect his own routine." Steve Garrison (12)... "School support for gymnastics just isn’t too hot. To me, it doesn’t matter much if there’s a big crowd at a meet, unless it’s a really close meet. Then I need all the support I can get! Dave Hilleren (11).. ."Gymnastics is a really tough sport. I’ve been working hard on a fairly tough routine all year, yet I know it will never lx perfected." Paul Ittner (11)..."We lost the first six meets of the season which really killer! team spirit. Since then we’ve tied one and won four. It’s really been great for everyone’s morale to lx on a winning streak now." Greg Johnson (10).. .“When I’m doing my routine I’m not aware of anything outside of it To do well in gymnastics you have to have complete concentration." Chris R x:he (12)... "The only goal that I have set for myself is to do my l est. Because it's such an individual’s sport, there really isn’t much of a team goal.' Jim Reynolds (12)... "Lindbergh had to lx our best meet. We won by 5 bund ret hs of a point!” Bob Krekelberg (ID... With coach Bob Hoecherl spotting him, captain Bob Bai completes his routine with a fly away dismount. 250 VARSITY FRONT ROW—C Roche. T.Remington. T Drake. I Krauss. J Sisson. J Reynolds. P Ittner. D.Groth; BACK ROW— B Barnett. B. Krekelberg. GShannon, I) Hilleren. J.Bolandcr. P.Schwartzhau Johnson. M.Sommars. S Day, J.Scliulkitu, B Arnevikto of Edina's top ringmcn. Paul Ittncr and Jim Reynolds stunts, next to impossible to perform, require tremendous rform an iron cross and an el-seat respectively. These amounts of strength and coordination. ft’SSfN Lake Conference Won 1 .osl Armstrong 10 0 Robbinsdalc. 9 1 C Hiper 8 2 Kennedy .... 6 4 Jefferson .. .. 5 Lincoln -1 6 Lindbergh 4 6 Kdina 3 7 St. Louis Park 2 8 Richfield .... 1 9 Eisenhower 0 10 ina’s number one side-horse expert, Joel Nissen executes a double leg circle $ain important team points for the Hornets. 251Patrons American Yearbook Co. Burt Hedstrom. Representative Publishers of the Whigrean Scherling-Pletsch Studios Fargo. North Dakota and St. Louis Park. Minnesota Biltmore Motor Hotel 5212 Vernon Avc. I'.dina. 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Best Wishes to the Class of ’72 Intcrluchen Country Cltil Tradition Changes As joeks Kail To Hot Turkey Club Joyce’s Bakery (Quality Bake Goods Wedding Cakes And Birthday Cakes Keith’s Stylist 3908 Sunnyside Avenue Kdina, Minnesota Frank Kreiser sells real estate .5033 France 920-1091 Lady Be Lovely Beauty Salon 3903 Sunnyside Avenue Larson Industries. Inc. 5000 Normandalc Rd. Kdina. Minnesota55436 Linhoff Color Photo 4402 France Ave. Kdina. Minnesota L'Unique Boutique 5006 France Ave. Dresses and Sportswear M M Executive Services 7710 Computer Avenue Mpls. Minnesota55435 M innesota Wanner Co. 5145 Eden Ave. South Mpls.. Minnesota55436 Congratulations! Mr Steak-Edina 5203 Vernon Ave. Congratulations Whigrean Staff Best Wishes. Seniors From a friend Nolan’s Salon of Beauty 6133 Kellogg Ave. So. rtistic Hair Styling Olson Bros. Pharmacy Highways 169 212 Edina. Minnesota55436 Over holt Properties. Inc 5301 Vernon Ave. Kdina. 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Dcbby Nooleen, Sue Nelson, Randy Boyd, and I Knowles come back to reality after trying to get away from it all.1972 Whigrean Staff -editors-in-chief....... arning editor ......... issistants ............. ng editor (Seniors) .. issistants.............. ng editor (U ndcrclass) issistant .............. onging co-editors lebrating co-editors . issistant m pet ing editor........ ssistants ............. ay editor ............. ssistants .............. .iness managers......... ssistants .............. to Coordinator .... ttographers ........... isor ........ iness Advisor ........Kim Hill Caroline Winslow ........Dan Burke .. .Nancy Hay hoe Alice Silha .. Nancy Gulliford . .. Mary Frohbach Gwen Palmer Carla Baranauckas ......Sue Penner ......Meg Bieter Judy Johnson ... Amy Sanfilippo Sue Sundberg ......Carol Kim ......Steve Boy ..,. Drew Clausen Guy Wikman .. .. Karen Kkberg . . .Andrea Dinner Nancy Bingham .. Laurie Knowles Sue Nelson .....Randy Boyd Debby Nooleen .. . .Jackie Nichols ......Bob Walser Brian Kngstrom Mike Epple Mark Hodges Steve Peer Dave Post hum us .. Robert Klimpke ... Bichard Kuehn We Couldn't Have Done It Without... It took a lot of cooperative people to put together the 1972 Whigrean. We would like to express our genuine appreciation to: Burt Hedstroin and the American Yearbook Company for their service and advice. Orlando Schcrling. Scott Knight, and Scherling-Pletsch Studios tor their photography and patience. Dave Derby for the cover design. The administration and faculty for their cooperation in yearbook endeavors, Orrin Alt, Dennis Clegg, Steve ulsen, and Jeff Kim for special photographs and Dave Langholz for pictures, endurance, and • AM. printing. Our patrons for their financial support. Dick Palcn of Edina for the aerial photograph on page one, Diane Clare for tolerating noisy neighlwirs, Melvin Johnson for his good-natured cooperation. And our understanding parents for frozen pizzas. Fords, lemonade, and believing "I’ll Ik- home in a minute." 255X a; F"0 G s - - 8sSs:j ?3‘s'- = l = IiS!== c=i=! •££|jfi = = = , 115 511J i 1 2." - I ,= ssfilf ifpll mi «S 5 ' i 5 ia 2 rx|SgH| liiifll Isisi IiIfLili £££££££££ i - = 2 ' = 2 S = iliJll tiltil sis slifi 1 £££--. P S = 8== "£ - 2 ; j = -3 2 •O( airman Richard (II 121 Coilin' Idwnil lllll Ml,ITT railin'. John i 12)72 Coilin'. Mkharl(l0)l40 Colttn. laary II 1)121 Comb. Small 1111121 Compton Carry . 10)1(0.211.246 Compton. David (11 121.230 Conlin. Kalk- (10)140 Connelly. Charier i loil lo. I To, ITT Canon Kathleen ' 1011 til.162 lt l 175 Cnnrov Miehart (12(72.101 I 'omu), I r War 1111121 Coon, karri. I Kill l l HU. Corey. Ralph 110)1-10 Cnnoo. Junr(Cogn i 7 Cmlrllo OtcrIII 1121 Cintriln. Tbumav 111 l|2l CmteWo, Cnula (ar i 23.29 Cnumelorr 2 1 (rwpef. AlavtairO 1121.191 Courv.Hr. Cheryl I Hill MI.l6T.ITk CconoHe. Jarqurlv n|( 12 9.72 220 C «. Dougho. 12)72 Co xrtlo, Macy 24 Craig Headlr (10)140 ( tamer. Ilk-hard 1101140 Ocark. Cynthia 1111121 Crrckmi-r Jnlim 12)72 Crosby. Murray (120 tJamrr 1120 232,2 lr» Cm" Country 232 Crouch. Daw 120 Cmwrll.Ra.HlaM 110)140 Crowley. IVnnr 1120 Crowley. Jane 1111121 Crow. Mclan- 110)1 Ml Cumnlnx. John (10140 ammingv Carol -11 H2l.I Vi.lti7 192 Curie. Sman( 12)73 Curler. )anr 111)121 Curran Jill (10)14(1 Curtin lamer 111)121.107.230 Curtin. Ilmnllit 10140.2)1 Curry. Stephen 110)140.177 Curbing Joan II 121.173 Marl 12)70,2)2 2 W ir.lfit) Otto(rclibd)25 Connie. 1270 Kenneth I I2l70 Randall 110)140 Maurrrnl 111120 c j Mewn 112)70.200211 Kmily 111II20 ■ ■inert 21fi mi I .Idir (la.-.16 in Kent 110 140 an. Patnrkdl 120 on Donald 111 020 ■41. MarL (I0M5.140 ell. Philip. I0ll40.2ttt reil. Scott (II iiar.230 Mart™ lfac l.ll.22S .'31 -v, Strwu 11011 KI.23I 230 r. Kiiluia 112170 .Brtbl 12170 .Carol 112170.901 drr. Craig (12 CO i. Dark! 112 CO. 111 a laarrmr II2C0 . Mary 111 y. (truer 12 CO. 200 1. Curt (II ns. ISO i, I) Johan 112 Cn r. Damrl 112 CO n. Darn! llOH Ml n. IV-iglar (I2C0 it, Glenn 111 120 Mo i. Jamrr i I0II4O.23i.230 n. JanKr III i|»0 it. Karen 12 CO. 170 171 it. Krniu-I I. (10)140 i. Nancy (12 CO it. Pamela (12170 it. Paul 110)140 n. Rami' 112 CO n. Richard I KM Ml n Robert 10)140 n.Kol vntl2l70 n. Sandra (12(70.200 n. Sman (10)140 ttrr. JauxrlllllJO ter.Jay (1259.61.223 Ikhael 1121)0.223 Carrol lim. Cynlliu 11211(f) Canon. William 112 Carter Irtrvt I 111120. IHI Cartier. John llOil Ml Cavcllld lanli (10)1 Ml ( .m J.llrt' (10)1 M t aypery. Kan-n (101110.16 1 Carper.. Marl 12 22X241.247 Cater. Marl 10)140.249 (aletuia Michael.10)14" Cavanaugh. Joveell.b 22.23 Cava me. Kallu-rlnr. 11 Il2u t rerrr. Sharon 11011 Ml rf. la»retirr(IOlMO t liadwui .Srvgtdl 120 hamp. Kk hard 111 )|20 Chandlrr. JanH 1121160 Chant' Week 00 Chapman. Connie 11 121 Chapman. James iadm C ( happle Marl. 11 121 f hreekadeev 170 Chrror.landa 110)140 Choir I Vi Chrivtemon How ard lac til Cbrivleroon. Tbomav • 11121 Cl.rntiaav.il Jntn.rllarlM .l.rhtoilmen. Marl 10 it to ( hrtvtuphrrron ll.minl .10(33.110 Clapp Ann ll I 121.1001 193 Clarr. I).am- tar.M (lari. Tam - faa 44,17 Clark. Paul (10)140 Clarle. Julunr 1111121. IV) Clarle. Sharon (11)121.131214 Clarke. Kathleen I IO.|4l) Cleum. Andrew ill i|2l.133.222.230 Clay.SheM..- It) It" Clartun. Caudate 112 C2 ( legit IVtmn 1111161 ( Hand. Diane vl2C2.IVi.l89 Clement'. Cynthia , 11)121.13n (Irmmrt. l-righ , 10)140 Cleveland. Alan (12172.200 Cleveland. Martha 11)121 Clothier. Joan. 10)140 iM. Steven - I2C2 arhranr, Stephan 11 121 Ciibert. Ri4«-n 1111121.2)6 alburn Kimbrtlt . I2 72 131 Cole. Candla 110)140 (air, Cary III H2I (aiel ;nk. lira™- lib 1 2.2) t airman Darn! d 2 72.232 (airman la-dcy 12(72 I) Daggett Diane-I2C3 Dalull. Joanne I. I2.C3 Dahl. Knit 112) Dahlhrrg. David (12173 Dahl berg. Diron 12173.1)2 Dahlin. Daw! 24 . Dahlvln-n. Sally 111 (23 Dalev. AAilliani 11(1 110.2)1 Dance. 206 Daiurb. John 110)44.140.231 Daoleh. Terfflr 1 1 (22.2) Daivietvon Drhra 10)140.139 Dares. Wiliam (I2C3 Darter. JeWery 1101II Davie Sman 112173.181, HA Danin. AA'mlbropd1 )I7S Darter. Irani 11)13) Dath. Julirl 12(73 Darn. V v4t (11133 Daw Shelia .33 Darhon. Janr 10141.181 Dar. Scot I (111230 IV-an. Holier!. 12)193.234 D.E. 800 Drhair I St IVtkar. Charier (FT A ) Drckar, Paula (111 IS Ihrkeoliarh John .10)141,2)9 Deed. Saocy 110141.167.183 Dryongh Sam. ,12 71 IS llrkraay. Arm 1120.173.13) Drlanev. Beck. 1101II IVnrkrt, IhwigUrlll 121 IVmvon Dorir 10141.1 Vj Drntvui M anl'n 12 “3.131 l)rt.k. Steve . 12173.200 IVnkrr Man 10)1(1 IVnman. I.inda. 11121 IVnu. I red 112 73 IVnnehy. IVnnr II2C.1 IVnvmate. Michael iII121 IVnver. John (vprahrr 1201 Derby. David (12)73 IVrmcr Kevin I2I73.2IO Drrhlet, Krnn.ll 121 Drreny. legh 10141.181 IVvrrraut. Daniel I 12 73.200 IVvrtrv Jamev III 1121.191 IVvnrv Joy 12)73 Dck. DrumHllll Ihci. Jamev 110)141 Dicker lUil .11)121 Deni.. Thrm.au 12174.212.228.229 Diet . Ktinletlyd 1121.130 Drvrmeyer. Dale I I2r74 Dithernn, lanvrll 112 rT4 Divine. Karen (12)74 Diron. Mark . 111121 IVckrndorf Pa If Via 110)111 Dobbin. Ilealber (12(74.161 DraJd. ledir(I2C-I IVepke Jamrr 11121.2)7.238 ISerhoi.it. t’.ilik-iai I2|7( IVeringvfrld Mary 12171,177 Ihdntel. Mark (12174.199 IVanek. lawrrm-edOl II Ikeivle. Jean 110)141.180.131 Dranke. William (12 55.74.219 Donahue, Cathvd 11121.166,167 Dnnrhniko, Nicolai ( 12)74.131 Donnell'. Charlene .11121 Dop. Holly (11)121 Doroacirr. 4 trralaedla y 11 121 Dornbuvch. Revert' .larfil Donnel John 12)74 Dorvy . Kallileen 112C4 Dortey.Richardll014l.2S9 Down. I ora 10)141 Omen. Michael dOII 11.245 Denial. Mk luel (I2C4.3S 173 Dougherty. Kathleen 10111.17(1 Dovaln. James i Kill41 Dovolh. Ckrhi 10)141 Ihwoln. I Van. 10141 Dow, lama 112)74.167 Downey, Art (lac 1241 Downs, Ted roun)M£7 IVnle. Caileen l2Cl.88,l7U 171 206 Doyle. David(I2C4.249 IVagrr. Ilarrr 111121 Drake. Joanne 101II Drake. Terry (11)121.210 30 Drrhcr. Jamo I 12)74 llrcb. Ulcn(IO)l4l IVeiv. Peter (II121 IVrnkuch. Daniel t Kill II Drri'bacK l.iva(l2CI I Vrw. Stephen (10)111.231 I Vrwriuw. Jacqur 10141 Ihil-x. I Vharau. 11121,10 1 Duhotv JanilOlll Dirdlrr. John I I2CI.I3I Dugan. Dune c 10)167.221 Dugan. Juddhl 12174.200 Duggan Patricia 112)53,74 Ihilin. Jamev. 10)141 Dulln Kevin 12)74 Dunbar. Richard 12)71.199 Dunkrr. Steren |014l I Sum Tim 12 C5. Dunne, ancr 110141.160 DunwNMrr. Calhr.mevl2C5.l7s 13mt.DnruU.il 121 Durtea. Anna 11)121 Darter. Steven (12175.232 Ihirtck, Sharon 11121 Dvorak Dunei II 121.190 E lagle Gregory ill 121 latlman Hr alrth I I2C5 lavtman Man 112 I Vi baton. Jamrr 110)1 II UinTan 10141 loHwdMa. Rrlan 110)141 I'drlman. Karen v 12C-5.222 bdgten. ABen 111121.177 » dlu.nl H .Inn. 11121.167 laflund Steve -12)115 Idwanh. Duue(l2C3 Idwardv. Jann ■ 10141 Idwanh. Jounndl 121 Idwardv. Marl(10)141 Igan. Sheila 10)141 Iggerr. I.ynrttr(11121 I'Uert. John far 11 IVhhr-n. Steven i 12 (75.243 ljdr.Janr1d2lTS.l8l.2IS Kahmo. Daniel 112C5 t man. Paul 111121 brock. Cydnry (II 00.121.175 Hnci. John (12175. ISO bnenhauer. IVImcah l2C5.l30.l3| bkhrrg. Karen. I2C6.I5S 139 Ins 211 IJrrt, David 11276.220 Ukey. laaaimr 112(76 iJleby.Gordondl 121.249 I JIedge. Rolerl v lacVt9.l77 Filer. CynthU 110)141 Fllragron. Drhc«(IO l4l.l3l Kilo. Jamev 111121.233 Ulo. Sieve ilO'MI 257Kninl. I Jo»n 110)141 I ngdahl John I 12 76.169 Fngrhrrtum. Robert! l2MI.6I.T6.l(n Kngefbert, John (10)141 Fngrlbm. Engelbert. Tetcva I 101142.160 FtigrUitcchl. Sue (I I II21.161.165 I ngelhard. Pat ItninfiS I' I ngrtklng. Tlmlotr 111121 Fngek Cynthia (12 76 I ngrh. Victoria (10)142.197 Kngh, Paul (11 121237.2-iS Kngfc. R«4ph 12776.219 I ogle Cary 11011 (2 Ki«lf. I«h Imjnf 'Cl.J) Fnglrr. Richard (10)142.239 Kncln. Theodore (12 76 Knglnh ft Knglund ScutMlI iI2I John (I2 7«.I6T,211.2-12, MM Kiacqunt. Rol.-rt (I0 I42I7H F.ngvtrom Brian 112 76 I ngvtrom. Chmlinr .11 )l21.INI Fngtlmm. Scott (10)142 Knvmmger. Jody (10)142 Knvmingrr. Rraolil i I2!T6 Kin - Michael (12)76.181 Firbcw. William (10)142 Ktdall, Cynthia (I IH2I Kiidwn. Chrivtophrr (12)76 Edctsm, Diane (10)M2 Ki ekvnn. Cary (101112 F.rkkvon. Kirk .12 76 Krickvin Krivt.n(IOi|42 Kriekvon. Reid (11)121 Emiwn. Soill (12)70 Krkfcicin. Swan 112)77.162,161.206 Erickson. Vicki 11)121 ) rUndo in, Nancy (10)142 Frtandvon. Sharon (11)121 Fflandvon. Thornav 121 t rim . Paul (11)122 Enlcd la-ilcy 112)77.200 Krvin. Jnann i 10)142.1 HI Kvam. Dana (11)122 Kvam. Diane 112)77 him. Kathryn 1111122 Kvnuud l.ofi n i(» -V4 Kvemeri. Nancy (10)142 F.vrracit. Timothy (10)142 Kvrrctl. Jamev (12777.241 F Farklrr. Alien 111 122,215 I agrrlic. Imanne 12 77.178,195.199 l ag r. Dale (11)122 Farth.KarU. 11)122 Falconer. I cbra( 10)142 Falconer. Crwgr( 12 C7 h alier. Brian (11)122.167 FaHrr. I jura 112(77,192.105 Kaloon.Stephen! 11 422 Parley.Jr4f(ll)l22 Karnham. David(IOH42 Farmworth. KJirahrth(II1122.IS) Farmworth Mary 112)77.172.171 I6I.2O9.2I0.2I I F.8.I.K. l» I l ocal Kathleen (11 122 Fdker.Surl 10)142. IV? Krllman Dwight 10)142 Frrguvon, Julie 112777,160.181 Frvenmairr. J odrth (10)142.160 trvrJd.Jurl,llll22.235 Fiedler. Elt abeth(12(77.162.161 f "-filer Nancy 112)77 I Vdlrr. Robert (11)122 Kirdler. Scott (11)122 l irWv. I rederick (I2r77 Filipr ak, Stephen 1111122 Fdrrh, jamev( 12)77, ISA I indrfl. Cary (10)142 Findorif. Jean (11)122.161 I indotlf. Hnlirtt 112)77 I me. I'aiilinr 110)1 42 Fine. Steven (12777. IM I uihfilt, Deblne ( t29 Kink. John (12 77 Kink. Thomav (11 )I22 linkv. Daniel (12)77.211.241 Finley. Jamev I10150.142 fit.ley Join. - Hilt 12 lam. Pamela. 1180.122.167 luth. Nancy 110)142 t nil. David (12 1 IS Irvher. Irar.k |lac k).226 Favhn. Jamev 111)122 Fhhcf. 1 autie . Kill 12 Knher. Margaret (11)122 Kivhrr, Margot 12777.76 Fhk. Minor. 12X16 77 1 rt gerald. Anne (12 78 iKrgcrald. Mary (10)142 Fit get aid. Patrick 110)142 Mavkamp. Megtl2778.l6l.l66 Href. I.indat 1261.78.177 Fleming Jamev Iadmt20.2l Kltckinger. Jan (12(11.78.178 Flynn. Mike 110)142.2-45 Flynn. Rolirtl 111II 22.2V) Foeckr. lamia -10)142 Foecke. Terrence (1I 122.164.165 Fcgrlman. Sonia (la. (29 F«4lev.Jr» 10)142 li llevtai) Robert 1101142 I ootafnc, MkMir 11011 (3 I..Hhall 2)0 Ford. Krhlinr , 101145 Kurvrth, Jeffrey (10)14.1 Fortner. Atm 112776 Kourrn. Nancy i 12 78,200 uney. Brian 112178.228 Falter. Franklin (10)141.251.239 Forsythe. Anm 11 122.177 Fm. Charley-; 10)1+1 Fm. latdai 10)143.171 Km. Mary (10)14-1.1«9 Key. Steven (10 44(5 2)1 Kraal . William (111122.161 Franco Mary 110)141 Frawley. Robert (10)143.231 Kreden, Kim. 10)116.141,164 I redemlall, I jura (11 122.181 FrcdetKk. Jane (10)141.178 I redtkkvon. Del mar ifactk'5,161 Freeman. Ann(10)141 I ireinan. Mark .10)141 Freeman, Thomav. 12)78 Krrerkv. Robert (12)78 Freiberg. Small 1111122 Fredav Mark (10)141 I redav. Mefimla (II (122.222 Fredav. Michael (12(56.78 French. Virginia ( 52 Frey. Jamev (10)141 Frey. John(10)143 Frey. Paul(12778.Hi) Frey. Thomav (10)143 F'uhnrg. Suvan (10)143 Frick. Cindy 112778 Fried rich), laarmr 1111122 Frirgang. Jeanette (I I )I22 F'rinen, Debra i I2 79 Fwhberg. Michael (12770.241 Frrvvcdd. Craig (II )I22 lr.Jibuti. Karliara(12)71 I-roll bach. Mary (12)75.156.119 Flunk. Mary (11 122.178 Frykinarv R.hrit {10(143 Fiylmata. Smart (12 79 Fucbv, Joni 10)143 Kuhr. Robert 110)141 Fuller. Jamev (12779.181 fuller. Kathy ( 02 Fuller. Scott (10)14-1 Funk. Ronald -12179 Furnry. Crofgr (admt!! 0 Caasedrlen. Barbara. 10)141 CaavevWen. Mark. 11 122 177.190 Cartano Jaitme. 10)1+1 jff. Scott (10) 143 Cagruvn. lamia II0H (3,17) Callaghrv. Patrick 111 122.215 CaHagher. Hof ert (111122.215 Calhmav. M Suvan, 12)79 -ambit I Rlakc (101141.251 Cammrll. Dianna (11 (122 (am. )imo 112(79 Carrier. Jamev (fac till Ciifiwii. DebMed 1)122 Carrivon. Stephen 112 f79.223.2tlt Caiwri Kotu-rt 110)143 (anm,Thomav 112(79,160 218.219 Cay nor, Ann! 10)14.1 Caynnr, Mary 112)79 Ccgni-r, Dociahl 111 )I22 Cehring. Karlura 111122.129.118. 182.181 (anger. Jane, 10)141 Crnvmrr. ScOtl 110)14-1 Cepprrt Mary (10)141 Cefherding. MenJee (11)122 CrrmanCluli 186 Cembacher. -ar (II(122 Gerrbh. Wendy 12179.160 Cerval. Man (10)142.1+1 Ceving. David (111122.2+12+5 chodlpy. John (12779.226 Cibbv Cheryl -12779 IN0.2I8.220 Cibbv. Timothy, 10 r2» Clhio.i, Charley II )I22 Cihuiii. Cregory (10)1+1 Cilbrrtvon. (lark 11 122210 Cilhettvon. Mary 1101)43 CiUette. Stephanie (12779.181 Cilman. Matty 110)1 +1 Cilmore. Joan 111 )l 22 Ciovanrlli. Karen«IOII4-1 Ckeui. Steve 112)79 Cirvan. Wendy 1111122 Ctvlavon Margaret 12HO.79.162.163. 167.168 t.nlavon Nancy (10)143 l.iurllnl Martha 1111122 Cycrtdal. Henry 112179 t .lewnet Mark (12)79 Cloche. l Une, 10)1+1.198 Chirk. Nancy (10)1+1 t-Wmch. Mary (I2I79.IOO (iohlrrvch. MkIuH (10)141211 Ccetvch. Charlir( 10)1+1 t jihdev. Craig 111 122 Cohlke. Cregg (10)1+1 Cckden. Jclfr.-v (11 (122.215 (aide., Katherine 12779.166.16? talderivtrin. Richard ((acVI0.4l GfJdvtein. Mark 1111122 (kdthdf Siegfried 111 122 Crtthrb Mark (12(79 Gottlieb Tin) (II 122 Ci ttvackrr. Mk-har-l(I2MI.2I I Ccdvacker. Phdip(IO)l43 Craham.Callll2KO.l99 Graham, Nancv (10)1+1 Cramling. Dave (12700,199 Ciamling. Margaret 1111122 Irangaird, Wake (12 K0.178.165.210 Crangrr. Deborah 110)141 Cray. KJl brlh |l)l22.l76,177 Creen Fdm»nd«act17 Crccn. Vivian 112WO Creemxigh. lavlie 1111122 Cieer. David (11)122 (Inn. Iiteann (12 W0.200 Crrer. Ted I fac 36,17 Cregory, Daniel 1101111.211 Gregory. laort (12)60 Crelg. William (10)143.231 Crrlwr. Dlannl 10)1+1 Grptham. Steven 111 -122 2II Crevlk. Dram 11 US. 122 Crettr, Paul (I I 122.177.190 Grev, JulUn(fae)3’l Grrywill, Hkhard(l2K0.2IO.24l Griffin Marvin (far 11 Crifftthv. Saltv - I2W0 Cnll. Robnt I2K0.I9U t.rinnell. Jamev (10)143.178.211 Crrvvingrr. With (fac (54,55.166 (irogan Ann (11 ll22.180 Grogan. Maureen (12 60 Grogan. Sheila, 11.122.222 (ireiu. Carl (10)143,162 (irm. Pamela (10719.143 Grouinan, Virginia(12)60.177 (.rnth. David (I I 122.161.165,210 Crutli. Wendy 112 (irotting. Thutnas (111122 (iniven. ScoCI (1260 Cuhbrud. Martha ((actkl Guetzbe. Viv -vecS24 2 iruggen. Kal lileen , 11 122 Cuberud. Robert 1111122.176.218 Colbru. Deborah 1111)22 GuMiford Nam-y (12 60. I IS I Vi Cunbrcg. Suvan (12)60.177 Cunderman. Janke(IO)l41 CundermaiL Mary (1261 CumlrrviKi. Jeffrey , 12 KI (iundervon. Joy 110)1+1 Gundcnoau Tod.1 (IOI1+1.24I GuM, David 110)143 Cint. Wendy 12)81 Gintafvem. IKunnei 11 122.167.200 Cmtafvon.JanKrll2l5H.8l Cmtafvnn. Kathleen(10)1 l-'i Cuvtafvon. Kevin (12 Cudoff. Merrill rfar 52 (.y mnavtkv. Boyv 2Vl Cvmnavticv. Cirlv 196 II llabrrkcan, lavlie(1261.95 llabrrkorn. Holier (10)141.196.219 Had.Jodi (Ilil22.l75.l80 HadfrrM Jamev (111122.255.258 lladJctglmot. Fred (10)1+1.181.245 llage. Helen ivprcvef 45 Hagcman. Brian III1122 Hagrman. Jam-1 (12 WI.I31 llagemeyer. Terri 1111122 Hagen. Jeffrey 12 61.2+1 Hagen Nancy (I2KI.SOO.20I Hagen. Wayne(I2KI.249 llalre, Jamev 11261 228.229 Hall. Barbara - 10)141.181.181 Hall. F Bernard ( 43 Hall. Jeffrey. I24S.8I Hall. Juui(IOII43 Hall. Ima (10)1+1.196 Hall. Mark (II H22 Hall. Nancy (I2K2 Hall. Ilnhcrt (c«in 26.27.12 Hall. Stewart (1264.181.185 Halleekvon. Terrence 111122,2-10 Hal pern. land., 12 ' 165 Haiveth. Thertva (10)1+1 llaheth. Thomrnf 10)143 llaivonen. Mover (tarUI llalvorvei . Samira 110)143 Halvnrven. Suvan 112 62 Halwrvnn. Jay (II )I22 Halvencm. Ren t lac 1)6.17 Hamm. Steven 112 W2 llamnrenchmidt. Tad(l0D4-l Hamm. Suvan (1011+1 Hancock. Martha! 11)122 Hancock. William 112 62.200 Hannah. Jeanne (lOil+T 167 Hannah I.ynn(l2»v 62 llamen. Ronnie(1262 Hamm. Rrian, 12 82 llamen. Carol 10)1+5214 llamen. David (vch tul41 llamen. Davld(ll 1122 llamen. Dawn (111122 llamen. Mi abeth(l 1)122.175 llamen. Nancy |1262 flaming. IVlxallOll+1 llarnkr Tom (11 122.178 llamon, Allan 112 K2.17? Ilamon, Donald( 12 W2 llamon. Jamev (adin40.21 Hanum. Kay (11)122 181 llamon. Melanie (12 62.18 1 9 llamon. Peter 110)1 1 llamon. Sc 10)141.232 llamon. Scr t(IO)l43 llamon. Stanton (12 62 llamon. Sueanne( 10)14-1.181 llamon. Wrdny (1282 llamon. William II0H+1.I89 llanling.Cregory (101141 Hardman. Paul 112 62 Hare Barbara fac48.29 tlarmnn. Anne 1111122 Harmon. Mark (I2W2.248.249 Harper. Grant (1262.213.228 llarr, Sm«n 110)1 3 Harrcv. Ktmlll 1121 Harm Mrchael 110)143 Harmon. Craig 112)10.82 164.168 Harmon. Mark, 10)1+1 Hamel. Jill .10)141 Haired. Kathy 1111145 Hart. Darrell (1262 Hart. Jeffrey (11)121 Hart. Suvan (10)141 Hartley, fall(10)144.178 Hartman. Rkhard ifac 57 Hawaii Prggv ,1262 llavtmgv. leeva(IOH44 Hatch. Ilolly .10)111 Hat rung. Paul. 111121 Haugen. Mellwa i IU 141 HaugUnd.il 11123 llaupt. Kcnnc .1262 Hamer Stephen I II ‘121 Hamer Sue 10)141 llaverly, Suvan (111121 Hawk. Denim 110)144.209.240 Hawk. Kathl.-rnll2K2.lW) Hawley. Shc4dotl(ll 1121 llayev Patricia 10)144 Hayden. Gary .10)144 Hay hoc, Nano (10)144.1-58.1(77 Haymaker. Mark(10)144 llruley. Michael (1261 lied. Dougbr IAVJ2I lledr Vicki 112.61,1“ 22, Hcdrlyon. Paul (10)111 Hreb.CanJyndDI23.l75 I Iregaard. John 101| 44 llecgaard. Karrn. 10)117.1 II llrffrMinger. Frank . II 125 228.248 249 llegnaurr. Nano . 10)144 IItgnaocr. Suvan (12 65.201 llrigl. Mark 111 H21j2l4.242245,244 lleikenrn. Jane (II 123,177 Heikcnrn. J.« . 12)15.83 IlclUg. Charley (10)144,182 lleim. David i II (125 IIciohockel. Suvan .1261 ll.-m.K h Mary (11)123 Ih inrig. Gan . II 123.230 lle.n ig. Mark.l261.22S 258tcbe.CafolyB ll l23.l80.l l Idd. Stephanie l|1 42) Idmkr. IUo4.ll (10 144 I cni| , John d 2 63.22 Irmprl MM (10)144 liodrrvon. I.vnn 11 123 Irmlrrton. Murk 110)141 lltndmon. Sandra. 12 1 ISI Hi raliKiion, .Men 110)144 IlmiliH kum. Mary111 H4J.I96 llrrimrigien. famda. 11 423 Henson. laura 12)199 llrason. Tom 110)144 llrnry. |or (10)144 llrnry. john ) 1261 Hrmrlrr. Datd l264 llrnton, UwiilJM Herb. ( krnluml.'M Herb. IUm 110)144 llrfb. Ilaifirl mliUCl Herman Ann 12)19 llrrthn. Jerry (10)144 llmbry. Julir i 1261 llrr « Machari Dc -UIM I Irf ry Kim I 10)1 11.1 Ml Herat . l«lirll2M.IM Hnselet Robrrt (12 64 IMlaml frier ||0H II Hryer. Ilal (101141.2)9 II.Wu I a.d( 11423.1 2.1 3 llririn. Suanni 1264.177,1 3 Italy. Matl.fi. 10)144 Higgim Kunbrfly y 11)123 Higgins. Marlin (11)12} Hrgg.m, Mary (10)144 11.11 Kimberly (12 4.15 159,177 1141. Scott ill H2.1 11.Hr on Datd (I I 423.1 3.250 lllrm. Debra ( 11 423.19 lllnbf. David (11)123 Ilintrtlv'fK. Marcu 110)1 II limn. IVfrr110)144 Him. Kalbrnnr 111 423 llippe. Scott II 2)64.178,213 ll.ppsjamr . 1264.232 llinche), Cynthia I 1261,160 II use ho. Kn.n026l.24l Hinchry. nl 110 145.231 llitch. Grigory d »23 lloaglxid. Rrtireva 1264 Hoaglnrd. Shitln llar ll Hockey 242 llialitrv MarkiII1121 Hurehrtl. Roller (lx 50.230 Hodman John 110114k lliigrt.tnn Thomas 110114k llogue. Hl alalh(10)1 Ik Ihgue. Margaret (11423 IM. Crrg 12 65 llolbrrg. Robert (10)91,14S H.rirtr. Si«v .i( 11)12) Hotter .Jeffrey 110)11.145 IMlaml faul.1265 I Mm. Karl 111 112V 17217:1 lloln. Krbt.o 1265. IT 171211 Holm. I aura-11263 Holm. Irclll 123 Holman Cfcufc 10445 llolmla-nc. Thomasy 11)12) I lolmn. Alan 10)145 IMmn Mark 11)12) iMnan. Tory 11II 16.12). 161.16k ll.rim.piml. Jamn . 11 IIS) Hoblmm. Sutandl 423.169.1 11 link. Bred 1265 I Ml Reed 110445 iMtum. JntuadJ Ak.IM.l9l llomrc «aning216 llotnr fx dak IDA llomrlxonomk 52 Homol . Valerie (10)145.169 llopkir.. Judrlh . 11 il2).IT' llopk.n Karrod 1)124 lloppr. Kann.IOH4J.l9T llofTvki. Arthur 10)14k Hoanrlln 172 Horn Kimbrrty .12 AJ.IVt II. ml mao, Mr hrllr 1111121 llunlman. fattier I 12 6" . I O’ Horslmen. Ruth d I 124 Houck. fait) (II 124.1 1 11. «im Kathryn 12 Kk I l.wm. I any .10)14.5 lioutcr. i homo 11 i-t I looser mao. Kr 00443 11.rim. .... (Urol Id II I limit Hupei 1244k. I ) Hmerslad. Keith02 63 Hovdc. Iiftmartl 110)145.2)1 llovrl.rmi. John (1012)1 llimanl. Charles (101145 Hotvard. Constancr 111 )I24 ll.mrn. Sarah tills Howells. David. 10)14k lloutIt . Karen 02 65,1 2 lloyt. I r John (seb IrI (21.97 iioyt.JaDyA (IOH9.I4J.I77 Hoyt. Sally I) , 10)14k. IM Hoyt. Thomas i 1265.177 Horbschrr. Hrdiyl04l3.l67 IIim • ...11)124 Hull. Mr rn. 12)65,17 Hull. SiHtm 10)145.197 Huggins, tialy ill 1124 Hughes. Kirrandl .124 11.1 1.0.... Samira (12 AV190 Huli.fauld26J.l99 Hull. Virginia .far I llulfman. Bar lure ilaelVI Human Affair ( bnlrfrrvr 224 llummrl. Mereia 00443. H» Humphry . Halngl. 110)145 240 Hunt. Charir . 11)124.165 Hunt. Judith 110)145 llunler. Manha11265 Hurln.Mrrharldl.l24.IOO Husband . J.»rph 110)145.1 1 Hutchlm. Slnrn (lo 145 Hyland. Mdmay 1163.121 I Is larder. David( 263 Hytdl athrrinrlll .124 I Ihingrr. Rohrrt d 11124 Ikoia. Deborah 111124 ll.lt 5) illanl ilarC243 Imago on (hr Win.) I $8 Inunr.Chintmrdl 124 Immrl. Jamn 1265 Imnrrt. Timothy (12 65 Industrial Art 52 l.gbuaJd, Mary (1266.1 3 InlrarnuraK, Roy 196 Intramural , (.ill 106 Urn. I jura 112 Mi Ittnrr. fauld 11124 250,251 l rf on. Kalhrrlnr (10)145 Iterton. Marilynd266,177 J Jachiiinwie . Jan 1101145.177 Jackson. Carol 111121 jecktotvCynlhatOI 124 jarkvoo. Debora 00)113 Jarktmi. Susan 11266 Jacobi. Maria 11 124 jjnbwn, Annr (10)145 jaoobacit, Oanirl. 10)145 j a. trier n. Jrllrry (11.124 Jecerinon. Bruce 112 6.22 Ja.trin.rn. Jrllrry (11.124,249 Jacobson. Julir .11424 Jacob . Jamn 110)145 Jai'riry. John 111 Il2l Jahn. Rrriirrt 110)145 jaann. Smart d2N6 Janrrir. (Nlo.far 52 Jamwn. Mar 104 45 Jambra . Hrebard110445 Jrflrl JanMr (11 124 Jrgm. iktordl)l24 Jmk . Sarah. 11)121 Jrmra.Kric.il 1124.176,177 Jrmrn. Kathy 110)145 Jrmrn. Sort. 10445 Jrmrn. So4l. 1266 Jrrnni. rrnon I tar (29 Jrwm. MriK a II 424.1 1 Jrtnon. Tborna 110)149 Jrmlad. NrKon I It)tl45 Jrtnon. Kami. 111124.179 Jrjmm Wrllum (lac 41.220 JrriHumwt. David (10445 Jrnanrk. Annrttr dll 945 Job 222.233 Jrriim. Jan Ir (10)145 JohnuHi Amy ■ 12 66 1 2 214.217 J.riiriMin. Ayrlahn(l0445 J.ritnun liarbara 110)30.145 Jobmon. Kartlry 110 445 Jrriimon Hrnrv (lacill Jariimoo. ('aM 104 15 lohmon ChrMophrr. 11424 J oh ii or Curto (lai-36,3 l9l 195 J.riunoi. I)a iri. 10)145 Johnu.n l a ld H .10445 Johmrm I rhn ahd266 JubmOM. Drhra l .11)121 J.riimoo (jiuaiddl 124 Johmrm. Kll alirth (11)121 J.riinuio (lari 10)145 Jobmon. Uf) 110)117.145 233 Jrbmofi, (.rani 110)1 45 J.riimoo, Orrg.1(1)145 Johmon. lone .lac)24 Jnhmon Janm 10)145.21 J.bmon. jay. 10)145 JiJ.no n. Jrankm'(l( 445 Jo).moo. jrtocnr (10)145 Jnhmon |illll26t Jobmrm. Judy (II 132.124.IV . 159 Jobmon. Judy 1266.161 165 Johmon. Karrn . 111124 171.175 Jibmort. Kalhlmi(ll)l24 jobmon. Kathy (1202.111.177 j.bmon Dm (10)143.414 J.bnwm. lari) .lac 116.3 Johmon. inlrilUiUa J.bnuxi Marcu , 12 66 J.bmon Margarrt 1266 206 johmon. Marly (104 3 Jobmon. fait.. 101145.176 johmon frgg (|0 l45 J.bmon frtrr (12)60 6,195.191 jobmnn. Randy 111 424.230 Johmon. Rrbrcca d 2 Mb j.bmon Rohrrt y 11 124 J.bmon Roger . 10)145 Jnhmon. Ilooal.li II 41 121 Jrbmoo. Slnrn 110443 j.riimoo. Sur (10)1 46 J.bmon. Tmll 11)124 Jrhmrud. Thotna y 11 124 j.bmtnn Catlirtinr 111 H . 124 j.rintoo Dougla (I I 424 Jnon. ('.athrrinr. 104 46 Jnnr . Craig 1111124.237.25 loan. Davd 1101146 Jorm . I rank (10)116 ).« , Karrn 110)146 Jnnn. Kathy (10446 J.mn. Krilh (111124.235 Jnnn, Knit :lar (29 Jnnr . Martial 10)146 Jnnra. Mark (11424 J.mrv Vane 1266.172.173.1 1 Jnnn, fair trial 1266 Jnnn, Robert . 10)116.130 Jnnn. Rim 1111124 Jnnr , I .moth (1 66 J.mn. Tnm y 111124,233 JoriDn, loanin' 11 424 jnrdan Marlin ■ nun .22.23 2K 2 Jordan, 'tell 11 421 J.Rrpbum, Jeffrey (I I U2I J.Otr Jamn i I2ivn.l6i.22 229 joyee.llotrity II 1124.246 Juhl.KinUncy I2MM I Juki. Srnan y lo 4 46.170.17 | ..liar 4ajrdon . tar kkl.239 |uimau. Mirahrth (12 66 Junko (.rrgor 1104 16 junkn. Jim (12 66 k Kaat. Jim 22-5 Kaln. Knri.i 112 66 Kata. Manrl 10)146 Kanrr fatlku 110)1 46 Kanrr. Milium 1111124 Kabler. Mary (104 46.147 167 Kalian.! I'aul (11424.2 246 Kallgrrn. Jamu-tlr 111 421 Kamnlr. 1 bonia 1111121-246 Kane. Robrrt. 1267 Kanr. Timothy (111 Karilk. (brntun .1267.177.215 Ka.mlr.lt, Drlbarl 1011 46 Kano. Air IIOII46 Koprr. Tborna 110446 Kavprick. Mkharl(II)I24 Kopr.k S.oanl 1267.1 0 Katkov, David. 10446.177.232 K aolmaiv Jrnnilrf . 111124 Kaulmarm. Nancy . 126S.S7.166.107, 181.1 6 0021 Kavanaugh Mkbarl .1267 20b Kranr. Oregon (11 IM Korgan, frier 12177,17.1 3 K.rler. I«. 1(11116 Kenyan Knin (111124.230 Kcrih. Mar 1267.170.171 Koth, Robert 111 55.124.232 Kdln.DaVRt.l267 Kdley. Jerry .111125 Kelley Mike 101146 Krllry.Stnr|l2ll 0.2l9 Kdlv. Am. .10416.170.171.196 Kdl . Daniel. 101116 232 Kdl . David (126 Kdty. Karen. 126 Kdl Mkbarl (II 125 30.242.249, 244 Kdly. fenny (111125 Kelly, Shaun (10)146 Kdl . Slnrn. 10)1 Mi Krmrnkk. Kduanl 1111125 Kemp. Mitchell (1111 5 Kmarrton f.m.lla . 12 68.200 201 Krnnroy. Cynthia .10)141.146.167 Kennedy, Deborah i 1266.201 Kennedy, Krbtinr. 1063.116 Kmnelly. Jam 110)1 Mi Kmnrlly. Ijrry (I26N Krnnn. I.indaill)l25 Kenyon. Jrllrry I toil46.231 Kemon. Slnrn . 11 425.241 Krrkrr. Iria (10)50.146 Kern. hrbIII 1125 Kren.n. Drrvnr (126 Kdd. Reriinl 110)146 Kid. I. nne4tryl26 . 177 Kriburg. Kli alrth.[126 Kilun. Davki 112 6S Kilun. Jamn , 1216 . 199 K.l.an, John y 10(231 K Jun. fame la . 10)116 Killan. Hiebard 112 6 K.mCarol (10)146 15 . 159 Kim. Mar (12)59. . 161 Kimball Mkhde HO 441.146,1 1 K.rate... KJ. aldh. I263.6H.89 Kin nr . Sinn.. 11425 KuHegt. Cher I (12 69 Kuilop. famrla 110446 Kinlop. Kdu ard ll 11125 Km I. mum. Nor (12 69.201 Kirkland. Jamn y 12 9.191 Knrr. Kareny I0)l4r Kkchrn Dooglm (12 9.1 6 219 Kyomr. I. nn.l2«l Klein. Thrmiore(I26S.2M. Klein T.m 4h .1269 22 Kirin. 5 akr .101146.196 Ktrmkr. Deborah (111125 Klnr. Dale. 111125.237.23 Kir ten IHinr. 11)125.17 Klunpkr Hola-it iIm »52 Kl.iRluorth.Trri 11 423 hl.ogrmm.th KrnlylOII46 Kkunrr. faul ill 425.2tm23 Kbuter. Trudtrl 11 !li Kloth. Mul l 1)125 Kluca . Karrn 104 46 Ktrnlrr Mar 10)146 Krub. frm 11269.163 knrrn. I»nminu|ur (11 125 Knoddl. Strj lirn 1104 46 Knmland. Su an. 1045.146 hr.rule, laurel 1261.99,158.167 1 6 KnnuIn. ledk-(10)146 KiRmln. Send y 10)146 Krudtrn Seta! y 10 4 46.239 K mil too Jamrt (11 425.2(9 K nut ton Tnird 1)125 Kerb. Drbrayll65.l25.l7n K«b. KurnilO)!46.1 0 brig 5 kl.. 12 (W IW 212.213 Korrbrr. Nine..III 425 Kirt . Thomas (11)123 K'Rtomaki. Sue(12 9 Kdan KiIhlren. (10)146.1 1ro 8•o CN 9 S3 Mils 3-is pliliilll c a r? 3 % -■ 5.- i f5i Z B J; 5 ;■ e ? 5 • I § : : 5 : : : :: sllsl 3= “ 8 s I a |il=t 2= | = § == C5-£i f 7 1 t - i 111 i i £. mis7smit ■ iiiiiiijiii 'i — f = Si li-g ? « ■ •= .j! ,g .j i s' — 5 Sjf SU Siii s i4-r |5jf| - c|t =si£ 5 = .§£ £?»$ S = H g « = r«IS ||||1|4J 5! = r .• -: i mil 11 i Li ! 3 n S 2 - a p ® c£$ = -51 5 ) 3 .1 ; i % 5 = 5 5 1S I I ■ £ I fe . 14 ft IS 9 - £ £ 5" iliiiil e : = r ; 1 I 2 Li' -- 5 X 2 15 « $ 5 | = O i.iS,H« ■ T' s V - • ® 3 IIhSIIs a =- — i uumi i tit in til ii mu 51 t'lsiiinmi mi +.7 7.7.7. .7.7.7 7. +. 7.7. 7777777 77777777 7777 -i 51 . r 2. t I 3“ I = i-3| zffivm XXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxCO t i. • IlIHlJIhlli ? P i! MWi| ljf|||jM 5 ..w 3 4444=M44f4:i;4 '?4264Following I hi- last line of graduating seniors is class advisor Mr Kverett Anderson. tep Out from the Crowd" was the theme of thy Horan s address on individuality to the iduating seniors at the ceremony. Varying reactions to the thrill of graduation arc portrayed by the uncontrollable ecstucv of Jean Huggins and the happy duzeof Sue Sherman Graduation Flag Flown at Half-Mast Reminds Seniors of Their Responsibilities And Challenges in Troubled Times The customary environing atmosphere of accomplishment at graduation this year was offset l an air of solemnity follow ing the tragic death of Senator Robert Kennedy. In respect of the somber event the Hag was Mown at half-mast. Addressing the 743 graduates with a speech entitled Step Out from the Crowd" Kathy Moran emphasized the importance of individuality in this fast-moving nuclear age. "Refections on this Time," ! y Jim Croth, and the other speeches and prayers urged the need for youth to rectify the problems of race, violence, and war. which are so evident in todays society . Realizing they would soon be facing these difficult times, seniors' thoughts, included personal decisions relating themselves with their society. Baccalaureate had been held the previous Sunday, despite a government ruling that said that schools could not sponsor one, as had been done in the past. Kdina clergymen rented the athletic field, thus sponsoring the service themselves. Pastor Stephen Diller gave the Baccalaureate address. IDudley Rice's Brave New W ork entertained informed and very inter seniors with a satire on sex. Concentrating on her grip, stance, and keeping her head down. Ann I'lvestad sinks a successful short putt Never too tired to enjoy gambling, hopeful seniors placed their lu-ts on fast horses, unpredictable mice, and the toss of dice. Chance ruled for one night after twelve years of liooks. tests, and hard work t 2Senior Party Eye-Opening Skits by Dudley Riggs, Misleading GTO Prize Introduce Graduates to 'The World Manana’ Mexico’s fiery glow enlivened the cafeteria and various classrooms for Kdina seniors after commencement. Carefully pressed gowns and stiff mortar !x ard$ were replaced l y a casual dress code, colorful fiesta prizes, and Mexican sombreros. The atmosphere of ’’Kdina Today — the World Manana was upheld during the night by traditional games of horse racing, miniature golf, a shooting gallery, and the popular dice and roulette gambling wheels. A drawing to award an authentic GTO surprised students as they realized that the GTO "as not a car. but a satirical Grand Television Occurrence by Dudley Higg s Brave New Workshop. Other entertainment was provided by The Reasons Why, Michael s Mystics, and the calypso music of Cyril Paul. Just as Kdina students were becoming weary, the were bussed to the Radisson Hotel for the mass breakfast and were regenerated by the sound of the Quiet Breed. Master of Ceremonies. Dave Moore, announced the winners of transistor radios, luggage, watches, cameras, and a portable television set. 3Kdina's I9 S Hero. Murk I hoelc. relaxes after a cessful hut exhausting dance, eating .1 Bridgeir double-dip banana ice-cream cone. Hero. Prom Flappers Roar Away From Hero To 'Sail Across the Silver Sky’ to Thunderbird Motel for a ’Blue’ Prom Enticing Prom hopefuls, girls asked boys to travel back with them to the Happer era of the roaring twenties and attend the April 26th Y-Teen sponsored Hero Dance. Arriving in trucks, the recreated flappers and bartenders danced to the sound of the Sir Raleighs. With appetites worked up. guests were served old-fashioned candy-sticks at " Fernando’s Hideway.' ’ a model hoot leg joint. Intermission was heightened when Mark Thoele (12) was awarded the '68 Hero shirt. With decorations in hand, couples left the dance at 11 15 and moved on to midnight picnics. Moating pastel balloons from the ' MighjumperY’ linger was the first attempt by hopeful girls to entice junior and senior men to “hold her hand and sail across the silver sky at Prom ‘68. After much lunchroom small-talk about the Thunderbird’s Chippewa Room and the possibility of rain. May 25th arrived. Before the dance, Edina boys underwent the pains of impressing their dates by having their cars washed at the AES-sponsored car wash and dining in the luxur of Garnclot and the Flame Room. The theme, "l.ove is Blue, was made complete by the jazz sound of Dick Whit beck and the Blue Diamonds. After the dance, couples attended after-Prom parties, but the traditional picnics were forced inside because of rain. Taking time-out from ttic lively mood created by the Rapper theme. Kent Anderson, Carol Schroeder. anc Nichols, and Herb Haire relax at Hero 4The glittering pool at the Thunderhird Motel captures Pam Sxvendseen’s and Bill Adam s attention, as they reflect the carefree- hut exciting iihkkI of Prom. While girls revel in the joy of dancing in long formats, Imys bear the discomfort of wearing tuxedos. tics ami cummerbunds. Shouting in protest. Poll) Kicth attempts to ward off Roger Kichorn. Jon Nielson, and Pete Maul during an I'S-sponsored carwash on the morning of Prom. 5Awards Seniors Have One More Opportunity To Wear Caps And Gowns at the First Seniors-Only Awards Prograrr Alter three undefeated appearances on KSTI Television High School yui Bowl, tin- Kdina Quiz Bowl Team. Drew Akason. Jim (iroth. Rich Hibbard, and Steve Mel-lema. retired as champions. Miming with typical dramatic Hair. Karen Taylor a Toni Johnson, display one of the numerous talents I icing Best Actor and Best Actress. 6 Alter completing a test and submitting three essays. Rich Hibbard and l.iz Patrick were chosen with sixteen in the state to receive National Knglish Awards.Delegates to the Model Tinted Nations Assembly. Tom Moss and Lapps Keker, t« ll of their i X| erieiiees in Winnipeg to Tom Collins ami Heidi HefTelfinger Boys and Girl State representatives. Both represented their class and all of Edina at these conventions. (•olden Scrolls of Achievement were presented to Todd Smith. "Athletic Scholar of the Year; Roger I'ichorn. Young Leader of Tomorrow and Jim Grotli, "Student Leader of the Year 7Placing a back hand shot well mil of the reach of hit double opponents, senior Dave Mathews and his partner. Jim Nlitche (not shown), sweep another match Tennis Tennis Team Captures State Title For the Third Consecutive Year; Extends Dual Meet Win Streak to 54 The Edina Tennis leant look the state title for the third consecutive year. The squad, coached by Mr. John Matlon, also took the Park-Tonka Tournament and finished second in the Polar-Pony Tournament. In addition to their winning tournament performances, the team finished the Lake Conference season undefeated, bringing their record to fifty-four straight wins over a period of five years. T his year's winning team was due largely to the undefeated doubles team of Dave Mathews and Jim Mitchell. These two players. who were also the team’s co-captains, repeated their winning performance of last year in the state tourney, as well as winning the doubles honors in both the Park-Tonka and Polar-Pony tournaments. Junior T ed Warner also played an important part in the state tournament. After losing his first round singles match, he came back to win the consolation title and picked up enough points to enable Edina to win the tournament by one point. Bill Carlandcr. the team's number one singles player, placed second in district play, third in regional competition and reached the quarter finals in the state tourney. Other outstanding players included Tom Hastings. Tim Hal-leckson, Tom Boulav. Ted Taney and Hatcher Barden. VARSITY: Front Row — Hatcher Burden. Tim Halleckson, Dave Matthews, J Mitchell. Tom Huttings. Ted Warner. Back Row — Mr. I.aszlo Szendev, Bob C Ian. Scott Benjamin. Date Stockdale. Murk Unger. Tom Boulay, Ted Taney. P Weber. Mr. John Matlon; Missing— Bill Carlandcr 8—T'r-r nrt'f t T f T T“T " • • ' T ■»' V j i pi I'M' Stroking a "kill" shot from l v forecourt, senior Jim Mitchell, who tc.imcd with Date Mathews to form the two-time state champion “ l and M boys" doubles team, grimaces with the effort LAKE COS FERES CE --- ' ■»? r - f EDINA----- Cooper Minnetonka Richfield . .. Rohbinsdale Park ..... Hopkins ... Lincoln .... Won Lost . 9 0 8 I . ... 7 2 3 4 4 4 .5 4 5 o 7 . 7 8 0 9 Front Row — Rob Rischrniller. Jay Peterson, Dave Murphy. Row — Mr !.u ln Szendrey, Jim Topol, ('rain Fnglund. Faloon, Mike Holloway, Bob Borehers; Missing— I nm tch-Jell Baker. Bill Everett, Dave Griffiths, Dennis Lyons. John e. John Waldron. Bruee Wingert Returning a backcourt smash, senior Bill Carlan-der strives to throw his opponent olf balance with a well-placed return. 9Winding lip for a might' toss, junior likt Dillner shows the f«»rm that brought him the Lake Conference and District If championshi|M in the discus. VARSITY: Front How — Jeff Krauchle. Boss Chandler. Brad Rringgold. Paul Warded. Steve Prechl. Scott tawis Geoff Kaufmann. Mark Das. Chuck auman. Steve Carlock. Row i — Jeff Strandemo. John Low. John Kosell, Jin Reece, l c Nelson, Paul Rordonaro. Paul Wright. Kevin Lewis. Jim Olson. Craig Nordby, Chuck Fisher, Fred Car penter: Back Row — Steve Ries. Tom lloch. Steve Hopkins. Bill Thompson, Greg Snell. John William. BobZendct Boh Knowles. Jeff R epccki. Steve Wallin, Ross DeKraay, Tom Johnson. Greg Birdsong. Mike Dillner; Missing -Don Gibson. Paul Dunn. Paul Findley. tainOfi l L-- l ?x losion °f the starter" j «a of ,1 'Sh°r br-' -it -f th. lslo '«art ofthe220.yarddash Concentrating on split second timing, juniors Paul Dunn a Steve Hopkins and seniors (!huck Fisher and Greg Snell work | erfect the important baton pass 10Track Track Team Takes First Place In Lake Conference; New Record Set By Mile-Relay Team in State Meet Making its move at theend of theseason, the Edina track team used its strength in the relays and the middle distances to capture the Lake Conference Championship in the conference meet at St. Louis Park. Edina won the meet by a 19 point margin over second-place Richfield. The Hornets finished in a tie for fourth place with ten points in the state meet. These (Mints came from the record-breaking time of 3:19.9 run by the mile-relay team of sophomore Jeff Brauchlc, junior Paul Dunn, and seniors Tom Roch. and Jeff Strandemo and from senior Bob Zender s second place in the high jump. Other state competitors were Brauchlc in the open quarter and junior Mike Dillner in the discus. Coach Ed Hendrickson and his assistants Doug Calligher, Al Ogren, and Merrill Gustoff developed a balanced squad with a championship group of quartcr-milers as a nucleus. Other top per-formers included versatile seniors Jeff Strandemo (220-vard dash, quarter-mile, half-mile). Jim Reece (mile, two mile). Steve Ries (half-mile. mile), and captain Chuck Fisher (220-yard dash). B-SQUAD: Front Row — Dave Stuart. Brian Hceh. Brad Wood. Scott Lewis. John Kustcr. Steve Brecht, Murray W ilson, Steve Oarlock; Row 2 — Nick Overby. Mark Day. Geoff kaiifmann, Bruce Carlson. Jim Friedlcv. Mark Miller. Steve Hancock. Bryant Loving. Scott Bodinc, Chuck Nauruan. Dave Gilmore, Back Bow Mr Dour Galligher, Wally Ortfield. George White. Steve Gregory Dennis Doyle. Roger Davison, Greg Rothnein, W'e Marquette. Bill yrop. Mike Phillips. Tom Ratclle. Scott Heiulcrvon. Missing - Bill Barnett. Ken Bierxiorf. Scott Ferguson IIGiving pitcher Mark L'ntiedt a chance to cool off. Coach Duane Baglien and Rich Garlock size up a crucial situation. as team mate Al Xovoa listens. VARSITY: Front Row — Steve Dorek. Boh Firth. Al Novoa. Tom Keegan. Mark Thoele; Row 2 — I Steinke. Torn Halleckson. Tom Rose. Lcs Suomela, Art Erdall, Rich Garlock; Back Row — Mr. Rol McCarthy. Mark l'ntiedt. Forest Larson. Tom Cabalka, Fred Huser. Jon Bclmore. Harrs Holm. ? Duane Baglien; Missing — Lindsay Hover, 12Baseball Hornet Nine Rebounds from Sixth In Lake Conference to Capture First State Baseball Crown for EHS In a typically tight, well balanced Lake Conference baseball season. Edina struggled to a sixth place finish with a 5-4-1 win-loss mark. It was not until after the conference season, however, that the Hornets finally put everything together to capture the District 18. Region V. and Minnesota State Baseball Championships. It was the first state title ever achieved by an Edina nine, and the fourth state championship of 1967-68 for Edina's teams. Though the Hornets lost a large number of experienced players through graduation, the team didn't lack hustle, and after the conditioning of a seasoti in the tough Lake Conference. Edina finally jelled into u championship team. Coach Duane Baglicn's Hornets gained a lot of confidence and spirit after stopping first place St. Louis Park 2-1 in the districts. They went on from there to win the district and regional crowns and to qualify for the state tournament for the first time since 1957. All-state pitcher Bob Firth shut out Bemidji in the first game and after a rain shortened no hit win In Mark I nticdt over Austin, Firth came back to defeat Hibbing 12-4 for the title. Al Novoa, junior third baseman, an I Lindsay Hover, sophomore catcher also received all-state honors. nticipating action at hb "hot corner uring Kdina 2-0 victory over Washburn »third baseman Al Novoa. 13B-SQl'AD: Front How — Stove Curry. Raildy Waters. Tom Brown, Boh Bennett. Steve Krihill. Cliff Antlrcson. How 2 — Mr Gene Johnson. John Raichert, Mike Stone, Mark Hatch, Dennis Haley, Dick Dunsmorc. Mark Johnson. Back How — Cary Carlson. Ed Larsen. Stan Nielsen. Tom Rose. Bruce Orager, Mike Robert" son. 5 1 Washburn 6 0 Mound 6 7 Central 0 5 Richfield 3 3 Way .at a 4 1 Lincoln 7 6 Robbinsdale 6 1 Southwest 2 1 Minnetonka 2 0 Washburn 1 11 Hopkins 5 4 Kennedy 1 4 St. Louis Park 0 3 Cooper 10 0 Chaska 2 1 Park 8 2 Cooper 5 4 Robbinsdale 9 0 Foley 3 0 Central 8 0 Bemidji 1 0 Austin 12 4 Hibbing Playing the inside of the hag to hold off the runner (not shown) at first. Torn Cabalku prepares for a possible pickoff attempt by the pitcher 14Vanity: I.ch to Right — Murk Krrtlaml. Bob Kricgcr. Set 11 Jensen. Dave Crow ther. Doug Crow ther. John Bclfrv, Jeff RchIi, Chuck Hetkcncn. Missing — l Calruny. Rick Fret land Vftcr having his approach shot lull just "H the green, .’uptain Dave Crow I her executes a fine chip shot ami .tops the hall |ust short of the cup. After Second Place Finish in Districts, Balanced Golf Team Sends Six to Regions-, Co-captain Goes to State Finishing in a tie with St. Louis Park lor third place in the Lake Conference, the Kdina golf team went on to place second in the l)is trie! 18 playoffs. Three of Kdina s golfers. Al Cafrunv. Dave Crowth-er. and Boh Krieger tied for third place in the individual standings. Kdina qualified six team memliers for the Region V Tournament in all. the other three being co-captain Doug Crowther. Hick Kretland, and Jeff Resell. Co-captain Dave Crowt her then qualified for state competition and went on to shoot an 80-86 for a total of 166 jx ints for -'36 holes. However, because the team did not qualify three golfers for the state, they were not able to compete in the state tournament as a team. The golf team, under the eoaching of Mr Richard Bolstad. was able to practice at the Braemur golf course and the Kdina Country (fftib two or three times a week. Because of this regular practice, they developed a very well balanced squad, as evidenced by their six entrants in the Regional V Tournament. No other team in the region was able to qualify this many golfers. Before stepping up for hi tec shot, senior Doug Crowt her loosens up his muscles w ith j few practice sw ings 15'Charley's Aunt.' The Outside's In' Three Proposals to Charley’s Aunt Add Life to Lovers’ Chaotic Affairs; Senior Writes and Directs Two Plays An unintentional proposal by Prances Chcsney (Jcrrs Ver-Dorn) to I tabs (Greg Scherer), disguised as Charley Wykehatn's aunt, is watched by Itrasselt (Dan Crawford). "Charley's Aunt" Cast Jack Chcsney Rrassctt Charley Wykeham Pancourt Barl crle (Bubs) Kitt Verdun Amy Spcttiguc Francis Chcsney Stephen Spcttiguc Donna Lucia D Alvadorez PI a Delahay Director.................................... ...... Dick Jones Dan Crawford Skip Zetzman Crce Scherer .. Becks Bailey Sue Peterson Jerry VerDorn Dave Posllcwaite ... Joan Cunberg Kris Burt Mr. Stephen Oliver "The Out Side's In” Cast Ss ........... Sygmond Delano Roosevelt Smith Jerome................................ Mr Sydnee Fineman Sylvia Procale ......... Nick Jancossskv ................. Lucy Clavelen ........................... Judge Officer Skylark Madge (George) ... .............. Jean .. .. ................... .. . Linda .................................... Author and Director Sven Wchrwcin Mark Polfuss Skip Sponsel BobCravicr Mary Carlson Kent Smead Holly Jenstad Tom Gunderson Kitts Hill Beth Pinch Kris Bruer Jay Scoggin l Jay Scoggin directs Tmn Gunderson in "The Outside's In." second of his tsvo plays produced this year. "My Dear Kitty " Jack Chcsney. played by Dick Jones, finds that writing love letters contains many hidden difficulties.

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