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 WHIGREAN Edina High School Edina, Minnesota Volume 21 — 1971 i1971 ... a year of black and white ... of passion and apathy ... of lunar triumphs and earthly catastrophes ... of war, of peace . . . of tradition and earth shattering change . . . 1971, a year of contrasts. 0 it POP. 40,381 o 345involvement . . . 6 7and dead ends . . . 9finding yourself alone . . . 10and finding others . . . 1112with reminders of the past . . . 13the beginning . . . uand the end . . . 1516 4 CONTENTS Academics Organiza tions Student Life Sports Classes IndexDr. Spencer Meyers superintendent of schools B.A. from Hiram College. M.B.A. from Northwestern University. Mr. Leo hick — director of secondary education B.A. from St. Cloud State and M.A. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Donald Pryor director of business affairs — M.A.. Specialist in Education Certificate at U. of M. Mr. Rolland Ring principal B.S. and M.Ed. from the U. of M. - selected to evaluate American Dependent Schools in Far East for Defense Dept. Mr. Ronald Buehler administrative assistant in instruction and special services — Western Washington Stale and Wayne State U. Mr. James Chapman administrative assistant for research — attended Ma-calcsterand U. of M. One of Mr. Hanson's new jobs is signing admits for the counselees of Mr. Downs. Mr. Jordan, and Mrs. Rosenwinkel. 20 Speculatively peeking into Mr. Ring's office, Lance Leupold wonders why he was summoned.Before the morning announcements, Mr. Baglien creates music on his xylophone to attract students’ and teachers’ attention. Administration Assistant Principal Mr. Hanson Joins Disciplinary Staff Mr. Hanson, new assistant principal ... former principal at Glenwood .. long list of duties ... disciplinary problems divided evenly .. . revised suspension policy ... no minimum time requirement one principal at each attendance window ... work permits .. room assignments for club meetings . .. supervising school activities pink admits .. . Mr. Baglien in charge of parking 91 available parking spaces ... 68 to work program Mr. Hamann, special schedules better computer system ... few scheduling problems . . . humorous closing thoughts in weekly bulletin interesting foyer displays ... scheduling donut sales .. many new classrooms transformed wrestling rooms ... temporary structures ... quonset huts ... study carrels . auditorium study hall ... bright lighting “All visitors must register in the principal's office'’ ... Mr. Duane Baglien assistant principal M.Ed. and B.S. from the U. of M. Mr James Hamann — assistant principal M.A. from the U. of M. and B.S. from Mankato State. Mr. James Hanson assistant principal M.A. from the U. of M. and B.S. from St. Cloud State. Mr. Rod Schmidt coordinator of guidance services Macalaster and the U. of M. Mr. Harvey Leviton psychologist B.A. at U. of M. and M.A. at University of Iowa. Mr. Raymond Bechtle secondary curriculum coordinator. Mr Howard Merriman athletic director B.S. from St. Cloud State. M.Ed. from U. of M. Mr. Douglas Hed A-V consultant — St. Cloud State and the U. of M. Miss Ingrid Miller — library services consultant Grand View and Macalaster Colleges. U. of M. Mrs. Armi Nelson communications consultant U.M.D. and U. of M. Mr. George Burney instruction consultant St. Cloud State. Northern Iowa U. Mr. Raymond Funkris instruction consultant U. of Chicago and U.S.C. at Berkeley. 21Library, School Board, FT A Former A-V Room Stores Overflow of Supplementary Texts 30,000 books .. A.V. room now across the hall . increase in micro-film collection .. . additions to periodicals .. . new International Encyclopedia . . copying machine ... more class use ... study hall .. new carrels ... no door monitors ... concern about students .. . library passes ... fair budget . .. Mr. Daniel’s new beard ... Meetings twice month . . two new board members, Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Baranauckas ... Bond Issue Policy and Procedure Manual being rewritten . . working towards individualized instruction .. salary schedules ... Pledged S400 to Bond Issue ... four PTA sponsored meetings . junior and senior college night .. . teacher’s appreciation night . Christmas concert supported by PTA ... PTA open house in fall SI00 scholarships to graduating seniors . .. student advisory board .. . A lost and frustrated parent is guided through the confusing maze of Edina halls by student PTA guide Pete Gisselbeck. Mr. Ronald Kennedy Chairman of School Board. Mr David Hansen School Board Vice Chairman. Mrs. Harriet Herb Clerk for School Board. Mr. Grant North School Board Treasurer. Dr. William Wright Edina School Board member. Mr. Charles Baranauckas Edina School Board member. Dr. John Hoyt Edina School Board member. 22Mrs. Joyce Cavanaugh head librarian U. of M.. Mankato State College. St. Cloud State College. Mrs. Elinor Cole-bank librarian for overnight and reference books attended U. of M. Mr Trejjle Daniels — librarian B S. from U.M.D. and M.A. from U. of M. Mr. John Lindner audio-visual coordinator — obtained B.S. degree from Winona State and M.S. degree from St. Cloud Stale College. 23 An observant librarian, Mrs. Colebank. spots an industrious student hibernating in one of the new study carrels.Mrs. June Corson counselor attended St. Olaf and Northern State College in South Dakota. Mr. Ted Downs counselor studied at Universities of Minnesota. Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Mrs. Pat Engelhard counselor received B.S. and M.A. from U.of M. Mr Robert flail — counselor attended College of St. Thomas. Mr. Marlin Jordan. Jr. counselor obtained B.S. and M.A. from the U. of M. Mr. Mark Me-Carton counselor awarded B.A. and M.A. degrees from Northern Iowa State University. Mrs. Marilyn Rosenwinkel counselor intern — B.A. and B.S. from U. of M. Mr. Richard Busch reading teacher — B.A. from U. of M. and M.A. from Ma-calestcr College. Mrs. Sybil Wersell special education studied at Gustavus Adolphus and the U. of M. 24 Sound college advice is given to senior. Linda Hagmeler. while studying over her post high school possibilities with counselor, Mr. Downs.Counselors In the usual course of his day, Mr. Jordan analyzes senior Doug h olies tad. who takes these encouraging words best when laying down. Counselors Aid Students In Their College Search Problems to solve ... answers to give .. class ranks .. test scores .. misread figures .. relief .. . SAT, S5.75 . college application deadlines .. . 15 credits .. . school difficulties ... future plans . . college or work ... decisions . senior interviews ... college meetings .. computer mix-ups ... requests for program changes ... college catalogues yellow and red slips . . appointments advice "What can I do for you?" .. . Mrs. Engclhard's sensitivity groups accomodating secretaries counselors who care .. . personal qucstionaircs .. scholarship possibilities .. . conferences with parents .. . complaints about homework . . counselors concerned with all students ... Mrs. Corson. Mr. Downs, Mrs. Engelhard, Mr. Hall, Mr. Jordan Mrs. Roscnwinkcll, counselor intern . specialized instruction ... Mr. Busch, Mrs. Wersell .. informative bulletins to seniors job programs . test registration ... no roladex cards ... Special college meetings help narrow down the choices of seniors Jim Robertson and Carol Buchanan 2bSchool maintenance necessitates keeping tools in repair as Mr. Vidor Switchboard operator, Mrs. Dolores Veenendaal. is Fahhtrom demonstrates by sharpening a screwdriver. quick to relay telephone messages. Special Services Special Services Provide Much Needed Unappreciated Help With a feverish look, school nurse. Mrs. Lois Engel, reclines while her assistant, Jan Elickenger. takes her temperature.During the day. setting the clocks back to save time is not unusual for janitor. Mr. James Hannon. Mrs. Charlotte Beegle secretary in the second floor counseling office for Mr. Downs. Mr. Jordan, and Mrs. Rosenwin-kcl. Mrs. Lois Engel school nurse B.S. in Public Health Nursing from the University of Minnesota Y-Teens advi- sor. Mrs. Vivian iiuetzke third floor counseling office secretary for Mrs, Corson and Mr. Hall. Mrs lone Johnson clerk in the main office bookkeeper for student clubs and organizations works in the book store. Mrs. Juanda l.arsen secretary in the first floor counseling office for Mr Me Cartan and Mrs. Engelhard. Mrs. Larin Madsen secretary to principal Holland Ring. Mrs. Mary Fran Selson secretary to athletic director Mr. Merriman received B.A from Grinnell College. Mrs. Wilma Steele secretary for assistant principal Mr. Buglicn. Mrs Dolores lev nendaal switchboard operator enjoys all athletic events. 27All eyes look up, when John Einch zooms his camera in to film another climatic scene for his Cinema Arts movie. Director. Je J Krueger, looks on. English Semester Courses Broaden Students' Range of Study New Language Arts Program ... revised, varied curriculum twenty-eight semester courses ... two or more courses each year three categories composition, literature, speech ... graduation requirement, six semester classes ... Composition I and Speech Lab mandatory for sophomores ... two literature classes required .. adjusting to interests and capabilities ... counseling by English teacher ... no enriched sections . sophomores, juniors, and seniors together ... new rooms, 50 and 51 ... variety for teachers . .. detailed planning ... Biography, Popular Novels. Global Readings ... Cinema Arts, Acting and Stagecraft, Debate ... scenes and impromptu acts ... Hester Prynne . .. term papers ... riddles ... ballads ... Modern Poetry ... The Greek Way . .. “And, uh ...” ... poems under the flood lights ... “Don’t do it if it’s not fun" ... “Whan that Aprille” ... “vocalubulary" ... seventy words in one day ... Muriel ... Farfrae ... speakers on the draft for Humanities ... Berfunkle ... "Oh. you’re such beautiful people” ... 28 In serene contemplation. Delice Price loses herself in the character of Anastasia. during an Acting Stagecraft production.Group discussion stirs Karen Osvog. Cathy Joschko. Michelle Remole and Duffy Etleby into research on the finer points of Greek mythology, during class. Miss Birgit Anderson Speech Lab, Modern Poetry, World Lit B.S. at Moorhead State College. Mr. Ewrcti Anderson Novels Before College. English Lit. Comp I National Honor Society and Senior class advisor B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus and M.A. from University of Washington. Mrs. Lois Anderson American Lit I II. Comp. I B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, M.A.T. received from Yale University. Mrs. Mary Berman Mass Media, Composition I obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. Miss Ursula Costello Short Stories and Composition I Bachelor of Arts degree from Winona State College. Mrs. Sonia Fogelntan Popular Novels and Composition I Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooklyn College and Bachelor of Science degree obtained from the University of Minnesota. Mr. James Garner Composition I and Novels Before College Concessions Club advisor attended U. of M. and Mankato State, where he received his B.A. Mrs. Barbara Hare Greek Way and Biography B.A. from University of Wisconsin. Mr Vernon Jensen General English I II, Comp. I. Humanities I II obtained B.A. from Hamline Uni versity and M.A. was obtained from the University of California. Mrs. Judy LayzeU Popular Novels and Composition I B.S. received from the University of Minnesota. Mrs. Martha Leistikoh Speech l.ab. Language Study Vocabulary B.A. degree obtained from Macalcster College. Mrs. Shirley Mahowald Composition I. American Literature I II Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees received from the University of Minnesota. — toured the Far East this summer. 29Mrs. Susan Meyers Cinema Arts. Debate. Argumentation and Persuasion. B.A. received from the University of Minnesota. M.A.T. from the College of St. Thomas. Mrs Barbara Mraz Cinema Arts and Speech Laboratory Bachelor of Science degree from the U. of M. Mr. John l . O' Dougherty Composition I, English Literature I II received his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John's University. Minnesota. Mrs Mary O'.Sail Composition I and Popular Novels B.A. from the College of St. Catherine. Mrs. Kathryn Otto Journalism I and Speech Laboratory Buzzette 3nd declamation advisor B.S. degree at Mankato State College president-elect of the Journalism Advisors of Minnesota. Mrs. Joan Schulz Creative Writing. Popular Novels Images on the Wind advisor B.A. at Hamlinc. M.Ed. at Macalcstcr. Mr Larry Stotts American Lit I. Humanities I. Cinema Arts B.A. and M.Ed. at Macalcstcr. Mrs. Anne Swan Cinema Arts. Amcr. Lit I. and Speech Lab B.S. degree. Mr Russell Theim Acting Stagecraft and Speech Lab play director B.A. at Gustavus Adolphus and M.A. at the University of Minnesota. Mrs. Marie Wyatt Humanities I. Mass Media. Composition I M.Ed. at U. of Illinois, B.S. at U. of M 30 Submerged in thought. Lynn Peterson records an entry in her Creative Writing Journal.In fits of laughter. BillSoriebcrg. Jeff Celusia. Tim Egan and Chuck McCrew tug open the dividers before another thrilling Humanities movie. English Poetry Classes Promote Creation Of Modern Verse "Not every class can credit itself with having as relaxed a mood as that offered by our debate class,” comments Chuck Hunt, quite at his ease. 31Devoting much time speaking to young people, ex-convict Jack Brown answers questions after his talk on drugs and the law. Miss Mar donna Bari hotel African and Asian studies A.F.S. International Club advisor attended American University in Washington D.C. and the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. Miss Sheila Besner sociology B.S. from the University of Minnesota. Mr Howard Christenson American studies enjoys skiing and jogging received a scholarship to Norway. Mrs. Judith Engsinm American history 3nd psychology sings in Renaissance Madrigal Group a member of the League of Women Voters B.A. from St. Olaf. Mr. Delmar Fredrickson American history senior, student council. and Homecoming advisor attended the University of Oslo. Mrs Edward Gavin American history received an M.A.T. from St. Thomas College and a B.S. from St. John’s University. Mr. Julian Grev American history member of Minnesota Federation of Teachers B.A. from Augustana College and M.S. from Mankato State College. Mrs. Martha Guhhrud American history B.S. from South Dakota State College. Mr. Edmund Hall American history likes to golf and ski received B.A. from Macalastcr College and M.A. from the University of Oregon. 32Fulfilling an economics assignment. Dan Rausch keeps a close watch on the day's stock returns. Studying with the Halloween spirit. Mark Caspers, a friendly ghost, displays his trick or treat costume in his history class. Social Studies Economics Classes Keep Close Watch On Stock Investments New African Studies course campaign work for political favorite Constitution “Shame on you!" Asian Studies .., current events term papers for an A four economic readings . . taped hands for sociology six text books for AP history . seminar groups ... buying stock .. 200 point essay test . . torn pants Mr. Julian Bond sunshine, simulation, division ... unit projects 10 marriage questions Declaration of Independence quickies NDB curve Performance Test ... Mr. Grcvas creator and judge “Marble eyes!” critical analysis newspaper economics . . . “Johnson, bring that squirt gun back here!" ... 1970 election “Bebop or bobap?" . outlines . weekly assignments ... Human Relations Week “The rest are for extra credit.” ... dippity-do hair style .. reserve sociology books ... 33Social Studies With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Jim Curtin exhibits his earthly strength in Mr Herzig's world history class. Off Year Elections Keep Many Students Busy Campaigning In a sociology experiment, Carla Setterberg trys to open her locker with taped thumbs. 34 Taking valuable time out from a busy campaign. Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey lectures to a history class after school.Mr. Michael Herzig world history head coach of varsity debate team member of AMICUS received a B.S. from St. Cloud State College. Mr. Peter Leuty economics and sociology attended St. Cloud State College. Mr. Thomas Lindquist American history assistant debate coach attended Universtiy of Minnesota and received B.S. from St. Cloud State. Mr. Dan Marsh sociology formerly taught in Seattle B.S. from U.of M. Mr. John Motion AP and general American history — listed in Dictionary of American Scholars - member of Minnesota Educational Manpower Study B.S. and M.A. from the U. of M. Mr. Robert McCarthy economics head baseball and assistant football coach 160 mile canoe trip in Canada obtained B.A. from Hamlinc University. Mr. David Sansille American studies, sociology, and economics enjoys camping and fishing B.A. from the University of Minnestoa and B.S. from St. Cloud State. Mr. Ronald Wiesner economics varsity ski coach member of Professional Ski Instructors of America B.A. from Macalaster and M A. from Colorado State College. Calling attention to an article about presidents, Mr. Fredrickson catches Sieve Roy's interest. 35Mathematics Semester Courses Provide Greater Variety in Math A semester course, Computer! ... Mr. Hartman teaching Mr. Olson at Bemidji State ... hypotenuse. a? + b? = cJ. .. Mr. Halverson’s classes .. . "Just plug in the expression” . .. "With that, here is your assignment for tomorrow ...” ... toiling through word problems and indirect proofs .. . Mr. Savre’s bulletin board awards ... a spread-out department ... lost equipment ... “Remember the postulates and theorems in this chapter." ... lectures and groupwork hard assignments ... graph paper .. grinding pencil sharpeners .. pop quizzes . . . "You’ll need plenty of scratch paper for the test!” ... you cither know it or you don't .. . "Exchange papers by the scientific method.” ... trig expressions .. cos:t +sin:t 1 ... logarithms ... grumble ... log x = n ... Mr. Bowman’s jokes ... Limits and Continuity ... work at the board ... a wrong problem .. . embarrassment ... no work after A.F. test ... Mr. l.yle Berg Plane Solid Geometry. Algebra I B.S. from (he University of Minnesota. M.S.T. from the University of Arizona. Mr. Robert Bowman Modern Geometry. College Algebra Trig B.A. from U.M.D.. M.A. from U. of M., M.S. from Syracuse University. Mr. Edmond Green Refresher Arithmetic. Consumer Math. Algebra 1 B.S. received from Mayvillc State College. M.S. from Syracuse University. Mr. Edward Greer Plane Solid Geometry. Algebra II B.S. and M.A. both at the University of Michigan. Mr. Roy ! labor son Plane Si Solid Geome- try and Algebra II obtained his B.A. at St. Olaf College. Mr. Richard Hartman Plain Solid Geometry. Algebra II. College Algebra Trigonometry Bachelor of Aero Engineering. B.S., and M.A. (C. l.) at the University of Minnesota. M.A. (Math) at U. of III. 36Ralph Bertelsen experiences agonizing moments of apprehension, discouragement, and utter disbelief as he makes up a plane and solid geometry test. 37 As the class watches Mr. Savre cast “the evil eye" on one of his less attentive geometry students those who sit towards the back of the room also see the geometric form of the aisle.In Mr. Berg's fifth hour geometry the sophomores make “wise fools" of themselves attempting to draw circles with rulers. Mr. Curtiss Johnson Advanced Plane Solid Geometry. Probability Statistics. College Algebra Trigonometry Math Club advisor, director of intramural basketball and softball received B.S. from the U. of M. and M.A. from San Diego State. Mr. l.arry Johnson Plane Solid Geometry. Algebra II received his Bachelor of Science degree from Mankato State College — coach of sophomore track team. Mr. Vladimir Kedrovsky Computer I. Advanced Placement Calculus B.A. at Carlcton College. M.A. at the University of Missouri. Mr Da id Larson Plane Solid Geometry. Algebra I B.S. from M.I.T.. M.A.T. from Wesleyan University. Mrs. Karen Hat wick Plane Solid Geometry. Algebra II Bachelor of Science degree obtained from Winona State College, earned Master of Arts at Western Michigan University. Mr Ronald Otson Plane Solid Geometry. Trigonometry B.S. at St. Cloud State, attended Mankato and Bc-midji State Colleges. Mr. RobertSa re Advanced Plane Solid Geometry. College Algebra Trig.. Calculus Prep assistant coach for both football and basketball B.A. at Luther College. M.A. at U. of M. Mr. Roger Vhr Plane Solid Geometry. Algebra II B.S. and M.S. both from Mankato State. 38Mathematics Converted Wrestling Rooms, Dungeon, Accommodate Algebra Using his forearm as the radius. Mr. Kedrovsky expertly draws perfect circles every time in his A.F. calculus classes. In their probability and statistics class Cindy Graves. Richard Andres. Mark Gottsacker. Ann McDonald and Jack Atkins gamble away their lunch money. 39Mr. John Belk chemistry, physical so-cikc obtained his B.S. and M.A. at the University of Minnestoa. Mr. John t'hleri biology Chess Club advisor received B.S. at the University of Minnesota. and M.A. of lid. at Harvard University. Mrs. Pair Ida (Haim biology procured her Bachelor of Arts degree from Augustana College, and her Master of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Mr Richard Goldensiein human physiology B.S. from St. Cloud State College. M.A. from Colorado State College, Mr Marvin Griffin chemistry obtained B.S. from the University of Wisconsin. M.S. from the University of Northern Iowa, also attended Notre Dame, the University of Chicago anti the University of Minnesota. Mr Ulmer C. Halvorsen biology received B.S. degree and attended Colorado Stale. Mr. Richard Kuehn physical science, physics Business advisor to the H'hi-gram B.S. at St. Cloud College. M.lid. at the University of Minnesota. Miss Delta Maui biology B.S. from Mankato State College. Mr J. Donald Meyer enriched biology advisor to the Outdoor Club and the Sophomore class obtained both his B.S. and his M.S. at live University of Minnesota enjoys tree farming. Guiding a plane around herself. Cathy Celia plans Held by John Spicola and Mark Stillman. Mr. Goldensiein how to prove the theory of centripetal force in class. drinks water to demonstrate peristaltic force. •10Deathly afraid of snakes. Val Ulsted cringes as Mr. Meyer brings his favorite pet boa constrictor closer for better inspection. Science Biology Classes Welcome Addition Of Boa Constrictor New lab books and texts for chemistry "This will be an easy A.” . holes in socks from hydro chloric acid ... Miss Usher's lab coats . "As we shall sec ... ” ... biology animal and plant kingdoms "What do you want to talk about?” cells, tissues and organs "Wait till we get to human reproduction!" .. pithed frogs human physiology-semester course Mr. "G” on his roller skates . . joke a day .. . 3 questions on sex . graded lunches-inspccted kitchen . disccl cals . New physics teacher Mr. Kuehn air table slide rules for measuring rates super harmonic motion with springs . . New psychology teacher Mr. Skluzachek do-nothing box subscription to Psychology Today memory banks, and mazes . .. extra credit for articles on sexual deviation low score on star tracing personality reports . . tests on people ... lotus bookcovers ... Gathered around the air table, enriched physics students investigate the phenomenon of projectile motion with air pucks. 41At Pots Unlimited Joan Cushing dips into a turtle aquarium for a biology water sample. Noting the exact number in grams. Jim Balogh weighs a chemical solution carefully poured into a glass beaker by Dave Gram ing. 42 Explaining a chemistry equation. Mr. Griffin points out an element to Jim Cross.Recording results of a psychology lest. Jane Evensen watches Mark Lonsbury find the sound of Jeff Nevin's noiscmakcr. Science Psychology Trials Examine Sensitivity And Perception Mr. Scon Worsted — biology received B.S. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Karl Pegors biology f uture Teachers of America and S.T.E.P. advisor B.A. from Augsburg College enjoys both hunting and skin-diving. Mr Robert Peterson psychology advisor for Radio Club, also diving coach and swimming instructor received Bachelor of Science degree from Wisconsin State University at River Falls. Mr. Glenn Seibel chemistry director of football B.S. in chemistry and B.S. in education, both Cum Laudc. M.Ed., all from the University of North Dakota special interests include music and sports Mr. George Skluzacek psychology, speech lab. general English III and IV M.A. at the College of St. Thomas returned from military duty in Vietnam, where he was awarded the Bronze Star and N.S.H. medal. Miss Gretchen Usher physical science and chemistry attended many schools including the University of Wisconsin. University of Colorado. University of California and the University of Minnesota. Mr. Paul Weber enriched and standard physics B.S. degree obtained from St. Cloud State College, also attended the University of Minnesota. Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. 43Language Language Classes Adopt Progressive Independent Study Mr. Szendrcy’s postponed quizzes ... relief ... "Dative plural takes EN ending!" ... der Biber ... A F ... “I’ll give you the best deal in town!" ... pranksters in the cooler ... assignment excuses .. . discussions ... Miss Rice's screams . . oral tests . .. Gisela . great German skits . .. Quonsct huts ... contracts ... pass fail ... responsible and independent eleven cakes in one ... chocolate moose at 8:15 ... no bathrooms ... relative pronouns ... casctte tapes . .. understaffed ... a successful year? ... Stuffing the Latin Tower . .. Frank ... "Binkley's Board of Brownie Points" ... the mock matrimony and funeral services ,.. Miss Winter’s appendix ... “Sumtuous!" ... the movie of old Roman leaders ... Ciccronis Filius ... "Silencio por favor!” ... oral translations ... muy bien ... fut bol ... lo dudo ... "Ahora me acucrdo!” ... no notetaking during lectures in Spindler's class ... the half moon pass .. . Christmas carols ... the cannibal picture ... "why are you lying?” ... “Excellente!" ... With a look of approval, "Frank", the Latin mascot, sits high in the tower while presiding over Miss Winter's Latin classes. HUNTING Taking a short break from intensive study, fourth year French students relax at a game of cards. 44Mr. Thomas Clark — Latin II. Latin IV and Humanities - M.A. from the University of Minnesota and B A. from the College of St. Thomas. Miss Diane Pansier French III — B.S. from Wisconsin State University advises French Club, cheerleaders, and Y-Tccns sccrctary for Sitz- mark Ski Club. Miss Shirley Hoaglund Spanish I B.S. and M.A. from the University of Minnesota likes to make her own clothes. Mr. Harry Martin French IV attended college at Sorbonne. Middkbury, and Colorado. Mrs. Ann Petri French I received B.A. from St. Olaf College assistant advisor for A.F.S. Club often plays golf. Mr (jeorge Reimer German I. II. and III achieved B.A. and M.A. degrees at the University of California activities direct or for the Concordia College summer German camp — studies Russian. With the holiday spirit. Miss Rice's language students chime in to sing German Christmas carols. Playing the part of Don Miguel, Jim Thomas amuses his classmates with a Spanish lesson as Tom Roberts holds up the credits. 45Engrossed in a colorful Italian story-book displayed by Miss Winter, fourth year Latin students associate the Italian word with the correct picture. Mrs. Nancy Rice Spanish 1 and II — attended University of Guadalajara and obtained B.A. degree from Hamline University Pep Club advisor. Miss Sheila Rice— German I and II achieved B.A. degree at St. Catherine's College likes to travel 3nd ski. Mr. Robert Spindler Spanish II and IV — attended the Mexico City College and Cornell University belongs to the American Federation of Teachers enjoys swimming. Mrs. Renate Stefan French II attended the Universities of Berlin. Munich, and Angers — likes to fish and be with her family. Mr. Laszto Szendry — German III and IV received law degree from the University of Budapest — varsity soccer coach German Club advisor. Miss Marie WUbright Spanish III and IV olv tained B.A. degree from the University of Puerto Rico likes cooking Spanish foods. Miss Virginia Winter Latin III and IV achieved B.S. degree at the University of Minnesota Latin Club and Horncttes advisor. 46Testing the depth of their Spanish vocabulary, four of Mr. Spindler's students indulge in a highly competitive scrabble game. Language French Language System Migrates Into Quonset Hut 47 Administering the fitting punishment. Mr.Szendrev locks Haul Schroeder in the cooler for misbehaving.Desiring greater volume, Mr. Askegaard signals the violins to develop and maintain a crescendo. Music Mr. Askegaard, New Director, Leads Edina Orchestra Hornet Band Mr. Melichar thirds and ar- peggios Varsity Band Mr. HI ledge “Granada" .. doors locked to the late ... pep bands in the rain Concert Band competitive tryouts mad rush for the 4:20 ... Mr. Be oicr Mixed Choir President Linda Frohbach . .. thermal man Girls’ Choir President Carol Peer .. Christmas Concert December 10 . Choral Club . . President Sue Stchr . “Carmina Burana" hockey victory ... “The Gloria" .. singing under masks .. Mr. Askegaard, new orchestra director President Pat Boulay . . "Symphony in F Major" . Champagne Strings spicatto scales strolling violins . . post-concert parties ... 48 A peculiar event shrank Jeff Nipper's cello, but he ad justed to it, and played with case.Mr Paul Askegaard orchestra B.A. from l.uthcr College. M.S. from Mankato State. Mr Dolph Bezoier choirs, music appreciation B.M. from St. Olaf. Masters in Music Ed. from Minneapolis College of Music. Mr Robert PI ledge varsity hand received B.A. M.A. from University of Iowa. Mr. Edwin Meli-char — concert, marching, hornet bands attended Northern lowas University and the University of Iowa. Even Mr. Bezoier joins in on Monday mornings, as the vocalists give each other backrubs to help wake themselves up first hour. 49 Despite the fact that a pep fest had not been scheduled prior to a football game, the band improvised, and played as students left after school had been dismissed.Girls in first hour become exhausted while dancing a long, Jewish folk dance in one of the huts. Mrs. Shirley Anderson girls' physical education Bachelor of Science degree received from the University of Minnesota. Mr Sta rw P. Canakes boys' physical education football coach Bachelor of Science degree obtained from the University of Minnesota and his Master of Arts degree obtained from St Cloud State College enjoys eating and preparing Greek food. Mr Rohm (i Harcher boys' physical education, plane and solid geometry head gymnastics coach and varsity assistant cross country coach procured his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Ronald Kosieli; boys' physical education attended many schools including the University of Minnesota and Eastern Michigan University known for his good humor and hilarious jokes. Miss Sara Ruck girls' physical education advisor to the G.A A. graduated Cum Laude from Wisconsin State University. where she also received her Bachelor of Science degree. Mrs Dianne Sand-nek girls' physical education advi-sor to the G.A. A. procured Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. Muster of Science degree procured from Wisconsin State University enjoys all sports. 50The form of a skilled gymnast is exhibited by Liz Hansen as she does a straddle over the horse in her phy. ed. class. Physical Education Phy. Ed. Classes Take Ice Skating Lessons at Braemar Mr. Canakes 100 burps football, cosmo hockey, basketball, bowling, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, gymnastics, archery, softball, health Mr. Hocchcrl “No more talking, people!” locker room gossip carpeted health room visit from Alcoholics Anonymous Mr. Kosteliz . . “7:30. boys!" . . weight machines and wrestling in the quonsel hut with no windows lost and found .. peep hole . . Mrs. Anderson ... loud whistles football, archery, badminton, gymnastics, ball gymnastics, folk dancing, bowling, volleyball, modern dance, tennis, golf, physical fitness, health Miss Rock injuries in gymnastics ... “Numbers!" gym aids "Gym suits should be clean Monday!" Mrs. Sandvick S3.85 for bowling experimental ice skating unit five minutes to dress and put on make-up 51 Sophomore boys find it necessary to put forth extra effort while attempting to tip the volleyball into their opponents’ court.Home Economics and Industrial Arts Children Visit Home Ec. Class, Boys Fix Cars In Shop Course New part-time teacher, Mr. Knapp .. drawing; general, mechanical, architectural . .. designing own homes preparation for college engineering . metal and wood possibility of semester courses switching classes with Home tic. for one week common areas of interest . .. group projects . .. printing techniques ... Home Economics . wardrobe planning ‘‘garments ’ . . jumpers and pantsuits ... style shows at Minnesota fabrics fabric study new Christmas unit on lingerie slips, hosiery gloves Food Specialties for seniors .. foreign foods .. pics .., hors d’oeuvres . Child Development nursery school experience flexible set up for Foods and Meal Planning larger room ... no Christmas Festival . . dozens and dozens of cookies . textile unit .. children’s clothes . . coats .. Investigating how her cookies are coming. Anna Karin Hjetm waits lor just the right moment to take them out of the oven. In the nursery school provided by a sixth hour child development class, four- Below zero weather and unshovclcd snow make year-olds become absorbed in the book A Fly Went By. an unpleasant walk for French students to La Huttc during the winter months. 52Discussing sewing procedure. Kalhie Lamuni and Linda Olson guess how the finished garment will look. During an architectural drawing class, John Ericson and Dennis Brandanger sketch their ideas of the perfect home. Mrs. Elizabeth Aamodl food specialties and food meal planning M S. and B.S. degrees from the University of Minnesota Home Economics Club advisor Mrs. Virginia trench intermediate and advanced clothing, clothing construction received B.S. from North Dakota State University formerly taught in Twin Valley. Minnesota. Mr Merrill Gusto advanced wood, general and advanced metal received B.S. at Bcmidji State College assistant coach for sophomore football squad. Mr Otto Janecke general, mechanical, engineering. and architectural drawing B.S. degree from St. Cloud State College. Mr Robert Klimpke general wood, graphic arts, and offset lithography B.S. from Stout State University W hi-grean advisor. Mr iVavne Knapp general wood M.A. degree from George Washington University received All American baseball awards. Mrs Carol Kuril: clothing construction received B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota enjoys gardening Mrs. Mary Skkman food meal planning, child development, home furnishing, family living, and science management B.S. from U. of M. trip to Glacier National Park S3Mr Thomas Bcawr art I. advanced art B.A. from St. OLif College. WCCO't Good Neighbor of the Week award. Mr Loren Esenrud art I. Humanities I B.A. from Luther College I9W summer study in Europe. Miss Barbara Hull-man art I, advanced art — Art Club advisor interested in romance. Mr Lowell McCarthy art appreciation, udvanced art. studio art 1.11 sabbatical last year in Mexico. Mr W illiam Bicanich distributive education B.S. and M A from University of Minnesota summer workshop at Bemidji State. Mr. Roger Boerger office education, bookkeeping B.A. and B.S from St. Cloud State Mrs Diane Clare notctaking.typmgl.il B.S. at Mankato State. Miss Bextriv Dornbusch bookkeeping, typing I. record keeping B.A. at University of Northern Iowa F.B.L.E. advisor. Mrs Edith Gris singer typing, office procedures, B.S. from Mayvillc Slate. N.D. Red Cross Youth advisor. Mr. Gordon Juliar shorthand, consumer law. B.S. and M.S. from Mankato State. Mr Richard Reichow trade and indus- trial education attended Stout Stale and University of Minnesota Mr. Keith Wdkening market systems, typing I attended North Dakota Slate and Moorhead State College. I While doing a gallery report at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Chris Miller pauses to sketch a figure resembling those of ancient Egypt. 54 Mrs. Grissinger places a new typing record on for the class.During Marketing Systems, Mark Tourangeau. Jim Krausch. and Mark Kalscheuer fill out computer cards to play a simulation game. Art and Office Practices Note Taking Improves Ability to Sift Out Principle Ideas General, advanced, and studio art courses monogrammed folders photograph rendering .. . five elements of design sudden loss of pen tips and lettering books ... happy accidents ... hardened rubber cement Miss Hultman’s Allas questions ... Martha's violin ... "You’ll have to turn that thing down or shut it off!" ... potter’s wheel designing jewelry welding .. "You don’t know what purple does to me!" ... bikinis on bulletin boards .. "Baby Oil" boys ... never enough scissors ... Semester courses .. voice transcribers .. harassing headsets ... limed writings ... “You shouldn't get nervous!" .. . discouragement "Secretaries shouldn’t chew gum." senior privileges .. midis and scarves ... Low Story popular among adding machine people . . jobs spelling tests .. nerve-racking records As Miss Huliman explains weaknesses of Greg Leyh's art work, he learns how to make improvements. 55 .?■ ' ’£■.1 •;: •;5.w . Stllll iW v ;.vv .V; -V • w.vv'V . Whigrcan U. of M. and Chicago Conventions Yield Fun and New Ideas “Whigrcan Whispers” .. "Docs anyone have a cropper?” .. Editors Tarby and Scotty .. “Hey Mr. Klimpkc. lend me an car" parties, parties, parties ... "There will be no more parties ... unless ...” ... Bergers ... Flippos . .. bash at Klimpkc’s exchanging Christmas presents .. "Qui—cl!" ... “The Lusty Observer” ... Chicago. Chicago risque rumors ... C.I.S.F. ... Room 777 ... Mary Munster .. "North St. Paul is closer than you think!" "U" Press Convention .. "I move to abolish the M.H.S.P.A." Bridgeman's. Arby’s. Shakcy's, 31 Flavors red lipstick and bobby socks . . Brylcrecm hair booksalc .. . Middle-Aged Love Stories .. eraser fights .. mock Homecoming coronation Queen Meredith ... balloons to fill and sell ... "Seriously, you guys, we need more patrons” . .. Whigrcan War ... B.Y.O.B. ... W'higrcan cheerleaders? ... "Dave the Photographer" ... collective butts . "Just because she can’t sec the hands!" .. slow service at Holiday Inn ... "I guess you had to be there" . WHIG REAS ASSISTANTS: Front Row A. Linner. S. Johnson, Row Two (i. Pul- met. C. Buranauckas. L. Frobach. N. Donchenko, S. Nelson; Back Row J. Stirrat. S. Roy. J. Boone, A. Sanfilippo. J. Johnson. M. Bicler. K. kkberg, S. Sundbcrg. • 58 After completing long hours of tedious work to finish their deadline. Karen Ekbert. copy assistant, and Kim Hill. academics co-editor, relax and enjoy themselves at one of Whigrean's many parties.WHKiREAS EDITORS: hroni Row K. Hill, academics co-editor; L. Swanson, academics co-editor. D. Burke, sports co-editor. N. Gulliford. Student Life editor; M. Schirmcr. organizations co-editor. Back Row D. Wilkenson. seniors co-editor, C. Winslow, underclass editor. B Johnson, copy editor; T. Greenough. sports co-editor; J Johnson, seniors co-editor; S. Saanfilippo. photo coordinator. D. Langholz. photographer. Barb Johnson discusses the style of copy to be used in the book with her adviser. Mr. Klintpke. WHlGREAN EDITORS S. Nichols. Co-editor; K. Tarbox, Co-editor; R Morris. Business Manager. 59Circulation and exchange editor. Gayle Metcalfe. distributes the new Huzzettv edition. Buzzctte Staff Clashes With Administration On Obscenities Buzzctlcs issued every two weeks four deadlines for every paper "Room 328 didn't get enough Buzzcttes" .. parties every Friday "Dave forgot the treats again!” . Snake . stories written at deadlines .. fourth hour Kollo .. . "Will you please take these pictures for us?" ... ten page Christmas issue ... ten deadlines Chicago Five Fort Leavenworth, Kansas ... Christmas orgy ... stuffing party "We need a new lead” ... bananas ... "Who can write?” obscenity hasscl .. Kathy’s Fresca and flat bread diet milk baths ... Linda’s sneezes .. "It needs a little revision" thousands of photags "We need more ads" Rena's puppies John’s resignation ... Daring Dennis "Miss Kiss" . . “waitasccondwailasecond . . "... Willy vs. Mafia .. John’s Christmas wish a dirty old man’s guide letter drops? "Fish on Friday" .. a stolen tree electrifying speech M.H.S.P.A. censor, censor "Yes folks" ... "Where’s the deadline?” ... interviews ... editorial etchings. Front Row Kathy Lowry. Jenm Wilder. Kenan Saucier. Cheryl Naa». Barb DcKonde. Holly Sym-chych. Randy Lofgrcn Row Two Ginny Koss, Dennis Clegg. Cathy Deeds. Vicky Tang. Fran-zinc Podncr, Nancy Pontius. Heather Dobbin. Linda Woolley. Row Three John Roberts. David Silha. Phil Lo»ry. Gayle Metcalfe. Sally Wocrner. Mary Kim. Judy Tull. Nancy Stockbridge. Back Row Ishik Tuna. W illiam Zcch. 60The Editorial Board has one of its meetings in the small, crowded confines of Mrs. Otto's office. 61 Teri Haugland clips an interesting article from an old Buzzette to keep for future reference.Soliticing creative students, Judy Wippman and Joey Mcteisier demonstrate how to submit to Images. Finding a comfortable position, Linda Bradley reads one of the many manuscripts submitted to Images. 62 Taking a break before their manuscript deadline several Images staff members discuss their upcoming piles of work.— ■■■■■! !■!!!! Images editor in chief. Laird Hart, straightens a poster promoting the student manuscript deadline. Images On The Wind Images Staff Works To Gather Students' Feelings and Ideas "Write on Edina!" subscription drive speeches to further sales SI .25 a copy decorated boxes in English rooms "Submit, submit" ... entry deadline — February I ... work from English classes original manuscripts MHSPA convention at the "U" Halloween dance Crcc bargain rate donuts Whi-grean pictures Lake Harriet? Mrs. Schultz’s breakfast .. "Where’s Laird?" ’71 stafT improvements Jethro Tull festival in Gail’s car .. iceless pop machines "Wise up” serenading the truck driver on 35W . 25 c.m. ... “Okay, let’s get some candid shots ... Gail’s camera ... "OH HAYEL " reading entries .. deadlines .. typing, proofreading divisions; art. music, poetry, short stories finished at last . distribution of Images anticipated awards at Minnesota Press Association . IMAGES Front Ron M. Hcincy T. Brandow. L. Hart. J. Mclcistcr; Roh 'Two I Maxwell. L. Bradley. T. Sponscl. J. Wippman: Row Three J. Carbon. M White. J W aack. N. Moline. Row Tour - M. Bangy B Koscnow. C. Naay B. Shilling; Row hive R Lillchi. M. Lynch. C. Gibby J. Andrew ; Hack Rou Mr Schull . G. Schaffhautcn, A Rintkman. A. Griffith . 6364 SENATE. Front Row B. Mur phy. N. Benjamin. K. Carpenter I,. Carol la. B. Cun ton. M Bictcr I-. Bradley: Row Two S. Baker A. Griffith . S. Bennett. K. Tin dull. N. Adams. T. Roberts. T Abram. G. Scharrer. Row Three R Lallan. P. Spokes. K. Sponsel T. Brandow, E. Hansen. R Mor ris. M Morris. J. Carpenter; Rack Row J, Joyce. T. Bishop. I) Norquist. C. Moore. K. Keith, T Grottmg. T. Holmes. D. Boyd. HOUSt Oh REPRESENTATIVES: brunt Row L. bellman, J. MeGrew, L. Anderson, A. Fin-iayson. N. Stock bridge. L. Arnold. S Schwarz. I.. Corolla. L. Hart; Row Two I). I kola. K. Carlson. J. Drchcr. D. Bihlin. L. Thcrncll. P. Rud. P I yman. C. Meiners. B. Eastman; Row Three S. Comb. V l.inncr. G. Lyman. C. Heeb. S Nelson. C Miller. N McKccn. L. Mitchel. C. Farley, J Whitman: Row Tour S. Clarke. VI. Poch-ler. M Maloney. L. Wochile. T. Iverson. A. Stoulcnburgh. J. Johnson. R. Maxwell, G. Hopkins; Bock Row R. Brucr. J. Weber, K Holm. S. Tickle. L. Henson. K. Johnson. S. Obcrmcycr. R Ellis. G. Reno. S. Frav ley. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Front Row J. Erickson. M W'alton. D Groth. S. Canton. M. lourungcju. B. Jones. J Balch. B Jacobson. K. Carpenter: Row Two G. Gensch. T Rivall. T. W aldron, t Becker. B. Sherman, k Ferris. D. Poliak. G. W akcficld. R Woodbury; Row Three L. Fricdnchv P Wchrwcin. S. Roy. S. I.ocgcring. S. Nichivcl. T. Stmth. K NyTop. K. Ekberg, P Maxwell: Row Four K. Smith. S. hichorn. B l.unn. D. Schaucr. B. MacPh.nl. D Ronald. D Boyd. P Bodinc. J. Miller; Back Row V. Ulsiud. B. Gissclbcck. B. Sims. S. Brehm. S. Stapel. I). Bell. B. Barnum. T. Neiland•Ti n STVDt. I ( O U: Cli. OFFICERS: Larry Carolla. vicc- prcsidcm: l.aird Mart, vice-president of House; Kyle Carpenter, treasurer; Barb Canton, secretary; Jon Burris, president. Student Council Classroom Freedom Allows Leisure Time For Senators Meeting in the room President Larry Carolla Vice-President Laird Hart “Who will be the Secretary?” . . "You are out of order!” last minute committee reports ... Carolla’s parliamentary procedure unannounced meetings .. “I move the previous question!" Red Cross members in the picture . adjourned until the following homeroom Room 330 ... President Jon Burris . "Don’t forget, meeting at 8:15!" ... rumor hazzit ... junior jocks . votometer ... Danny’s longue ... JJ. Flicks . .. "the corner” ... Roberts' poems ... the pigeon .. Sparzdale ... Red Cross representative John Doc alternate Tom Roberts ... “Everyone always picks on me!" . .. "Jim Loves Joyce” . fastest draw ... Tommy’s Walter Brennan ... a gavel for J.B. . .. "But no one’s here!" . . Beef ... "No, Mr. Fredrickson, it’s thirty-two!” Barb's spelling and grammar mistakes . . . invisible Senate clerk ... 65 Larry Carolla informs the students of the up-to-the-minute actions of the council in the daily announcements.A.F.S. International Club Foreign Students A.F.S.’cr Anna Marie l)rago enjoys a typical American picnic meal of barbecued hot dogs and potato chips. Finding a comfortable position on the stairs, A.F.S.’er Anna Karin Hjelm settles down for a long talk. Adjust to American Customs in Life Welcoming picnic and parties ... American Field Service, Rotary, and Christian Fellowship students from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, and Brazil ... difficult situations ... questions ... “What docs hustle mean?” .. Yoshiko’s humming ... “Spinkis” ... Halloween party .. new experiences ... roasting hot dogs (sausages) ... chocolate cake and brownies ... introductions at pep fest ... rewarding summer in Belgium for Fran-zinc Podner . . first fall dance sponsored by A.F.S. ... monthly club meetings ... Miss Bar-tholct, advisor ... guest speakers ... A.F.S. International W'eck raffle tickets ... donut sales .. pictures . help in adjusting to hectic American life friendly faces . . native costumes on International Day ... plans to go to Betty Crocker Kitchens .. International meal ... A.F.S finalists. Amy Greer and Sue Koivumaki ... a year of discovery and exploration A cool fall day provides a chance for A.F.S.’cr Yoshiko Fujita to partake in her first raking experience. 66Christain Fellowship sludcnt. Gisela Zigan. and Rotary student. Junta deSales. participate in and enjoy the typical, but strenuous life of an Edina High School Student. A.F.S. CLUB OFFICERS: S. Duoos. President; F. Podner. Secretary; D. Nooleen. Vice-president: G. Metcalfe. Treasurer. 67Rt.D CROSS: Front Row M. Iverson. P. Sherry. K. Johnson. J. Gustafson. H Leslie. P. Bcrtcbon. M. Qaimby. L. Do». P Wilcox. Mrs. Grissinger: Row Two S. Peterson. S. Foster. P. Findley. S. Johnson. D. Nisscn. B FraaU. M. Vogel. J. Wauck. K. Wood. N. Frau. S. Bros. Roh three A. Linncr. M. Rcmole. K Brucr. S. Lucbkc. B. Schilling. P. Donahue. M. Curtain. N. W aack. S. Koivumaki. J. Roberts. K. Higgins; Row Four I). Larson. R. Rciervon. S. Hughson. M. Balogh. L. Drcisbach. S. Abrahamson. K. Hawk. M. Klein. K. Holm. J. Weber. K. Anderson. L Rhoads. N. Kaufmann; Back Row T. Billings. K. Nugent. J. Thomas. L. Nechvilte. B. Clegg. J. McDonald. S. Horslman. J. Swendscen. C. Bingcr. R. Barthclcmy. W. Peterson. C Bohl. Red Cross All Junior Girl Officers Spurred On With Enthusiasm Enthusiasm theme of 1970-71 council meetings every three weeks junior officers . great co-service chairmen Mrs. Grissinger in room 325 only two unexcuscd absences . . stuffing teacher's boxes “Will someone go get the study hall representatives?” Whigrean pictures rescheduled money for WDGY clothing drive . .. students tutoring inner-city grade schools Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners ... old furniture drive “Cheek with the settlement house” home room projects Red Cross journals attendance Mr. Mclichar's band room . . Charity Room board meetings in library on Tuesday mornings room assignments Mr. Hanson no school party nursing home orientation “Sign here. Ruthie” Frontier Home “Count and deposit money!” canned food drive "Quiet please!" passes from Mrs. Grissinger 68 Service Project Co-Chairmen. Pat Donahue and Mary Curtain, relate the importance of homeroom participation.The Red Cross Officers jokingly slap their hands together before a meeting hoping that it will bring better luck for more enthusiasm in the schools’ attitude towards the council and its activities. RED CROSS OFFICERS Sue Sundherg. president; Maureen Grogan. vice-president. Ruthann Bruer, treasurer; Mary Jo Schirmer, secretary. Questions reflect in the council members eyes as projects and various programs arc explained. 69B-SQUA I) CHLLRLLA DLLS From fun C. Crask, N. Sex-Ion. K Holm; Back Row L. YVochrlc. G. Lyman. S. Grogan. While Colleen Doyle is executing her famous aerial, some other cheerleaders Overwrought with excitement after a victory, ham it up with their da da da da da da — da." cheerleaders react with the fans.Cold and wet weather brings out new fashions and accessories for the cheerleaders at the fall football and soccer games. Cheerleaders New Cheers, Rain, And Jeans Adds Spirit To '70 Squad Co-captains Casey Garrett and Zana Windahl hot summer practices . Jcllo 5:30 a.m. breakfasts .. Advisor. Miss Pansier rude-dude Rosey Bird Duluth with Mr. Sicbcl pot lucks Selvino “We’ve got the boys on our side!” Brokics the Heat Machine Zola grading Dairy Queen another season for F.F.'s ... Fat Four emotional slumber parties corruption Carrot ice practices 8:30 Sunday mornings Tank Brigade “Here we go. tdina. here we go!” rumble-beat .. Duck soccer parly roses .. Lulu body check sharing and going through alot together Data welcome back Sclvig and Romansted Tiny Tim ... Narnic early mornings at Holiday Inn ... the coffee bug Sugi . . Fanny’s sorority leprosy ... Lino Lakes cold feet “chewing on the arm” a close squad to remember B-squad “two a day” .. Shicla’s safe ... basketball players' card ... VARSI 1y ( IIEERI.EA DERS: Left to Right C. KomundMud, M Keith, L Paulsen. K. Carlson. K. Orcn, Windahl. co-captain, K. Rose, B Canton. C. Doyle. R. Purdy. C. Garrett, co-captain, K. Sclvig. 71HORNF.TTES: From Roys G. Pietrick. D. Dahlsirom. I. Cooley. B. Swcniiwen, I Lennon, J. Wagner. M. l-'arnsworth. J. Lofgrcn; Hack Row C. Graves. P. Rcich-man. G. Gchring. C. Pam. S. I npp. co-captam: S. Lewis. S. Williams. B Pcnncr, K Nelson. P. O'Brien. M. Howard. Hornettes Terrific Dancing Is the Reward For Daily Practices Try-outs and miserable summer practices greasy pigtails at Band camp .. pom-poms in "Flute and Piccolo" one-pit Farnsworth ... mud slide ... chemical toilet .. "Bigger . Reichmann or Lewis?" orange juice stain on a new uniform "O.K., line up. straights!" .. the three moms Candy’s chicken Kathy’s kicks weak ankles and Ben Gay . . "How queer are we?" Lofgren’s imitations of Wagner ... "Groovin’ out” ... "O.K., let’s vote on it!" . "Practice is over!" "Chow-down” ... "I’m getting skinny, ha-ha!" roses from Wally broken zipper, Donna’s shoe red shorts ... “To the Met!” cold legs, muddy knees Gustavus ... "Do it Lewis!" George "Right half is the best!" Howard’s smile "Ah-so" Bill, three magic words "Mar-lys" “Don’t life the covers!" .. "Go. go. go. get ’em!" ... "Marne" too fast "E" ... "Stripper" . "Rudolph" and mistletoe and bells Candy’s home movies clicking Instamatics Perkins banquet Unable to dance because of an injury. Patsy O'Brien takes pictures for the many Hornettc scrapbooks. 72Breaking from their pre-game show. Gail Hetrick and Donna Dahlstrom sing The Star Spangled Banner. Hornettes help to entice spirit at the first hockey pepfest by dancing to the band's rendition of "Marne". Waiting for Sue Parsons. drum majorette, to start the band. Hornettes Mary Farnsworth. I.aurie Lennon and Kathy Nelson smile to the football crowds. 73Maneuvering back into line. Beth Vigdal realizes that ballet legs are not as easy to perform as they appear to be. Aqua Nymphs Thursday Practices Lead to State Meet And Spring Show "Go. go. get 'em, get 'em. uh. ah!" . Carol Channing and the Radisson "Got one nymph, get some more.” no Buzzette picture forgotten treats Fish slimey pool red licorice "Take State and have fun!" Johnny Carson imitations at Sue’s slumber party football with Hi-Y .. a new starting time RB competition Ncpluncrs , Vicki’s cabin .. new member skit alumni banquet Swedish Hospital Show . swim. swim, swim .. Eiffel Tower toes gossip sessions new T-shirts fancy synchro-medal charts ... donuts FFAN . the "nymphs" ... psych up for State "Six!" . show decorations . all washed out on Fridays Family Swim practices pillows for 1 (X) extra hours big drop, little drip new lighting suits’ early arrival pajamas curlers split spins sore, red eyes nose plugs music selection routines to make up and work on a theme for State costumes to sew butterflies . Christmas reunion tears with the last show ... AQUA NYMPHS: Front Row -M. Hancock. C. Baranuuckas. P. Appel. B. Vigdal, M Mchrkcns. J. Had; Row Two B Mas tor Secretary. P. OeNchlagcr, K. Johnson. I.. Fcllman. H. Carlson. G. Magnus, B Wright. A. Fisk: Row three S. Johnson. Vice-president; J. Hopkins. K. Jcpson. S. Leek. P. Baker. N. Gulliford. B. Reeses. I. Stone. Hock Ro It. Shcllhas. President; ( Scttcrberg. Treasurer. A Dckraay. B. Gehr-ing, C. Mastor. R. Tindall. S. Iindcman. S. Baird. L. Olson. 74After a hard practice. Barb Wright prepares to go home while Holly Carlson enjoys some "treats.” 75 Getting psyched up for state competition, some of the "Nymphs” exert their efforts leading the group chanting, in a victory cheer.Concert Band director. Mr. Melichar. tries to perfect a song to be performed in the free concert. CONCERT BAND: From Row N. Ringhum, J. Cushing. K. Jcpson. K. Coon. D. Hanson. B. Waters. S. Parsons. A. Lmncr. M. Pratt, t.. Waters. P. Austin. S Thompson. B. Klcvcn. B. Borrman. S. Alcan. A. Clausen. C. Paris, B. Kock. M. Melichar. S. Green, I). Rogers, B. Wilcox; Row Two L. Silas. J. Reed. K. Swanson. J. Flkkingcr. J. Ludwig. B. Salovich. N. Coyne. K. Kavanaugh, J. Vcencndahl. J. Phelps. M. Bloom. D. Thompson. S. Olson. S Hippe, K Dahl. S. Huff; Row Three K. Vork. J. Victorsen. T. Whitman. J. Curler. P. Pennington. B. Gubcrud, W. Davies. M. Morris. G.Checking for further instructions in rehearsal. Candy Paris and Barb Koch hope they arc playing right. Band Late Night Hockey Games Continue Old Band Rivalry Initiation at Band Camp ... "opening night jitters” . "subdivide and conquer" .. Paula Keller. President of Concert Band .. “Band Aids" ... Rosie ... intonation ... Eugene’s bass says. “Whale!" . Partner ... "Do your besta for La Fiesta!" .. sign of the Big Trombone Cookie ... ticket selling contests ... the All Rats ... Parce ... candy canes on the stands ... "Don’t be symbol minded!" ... Santa’s falling belt .. Flute Club breakfasts .. Barfy Brindlc . Aaman "Hey Pedro!" ... Eric Hansen. President of Varsity Band ... marching at Met Stadium ... "take a peck" ... "Bill Tell" ... C.B. vs. V.B. hockey game at Braemar . .. whims ... “Saints" ... Pass the Body . trip to Duluth Mr. Elkdge’s Christmas present .. Dunn, the “fairy" . Marcus’s blackboard ... Ginny and Whitney ... Mr. Ellcdge's romances .. "wheect" .. roller skating party at Roller Gardens . 77 Wymorc, C. t.edder. T. Smith. P. Keller, B. Whitehead. P. Mel host ad. L. Hanson. P Plasman. L. F'jgcilic. A DeKraay. G Wicks, P Barnes. Bock Now L. Warner, K. Gustafson, J. Pricbe. S. Anderson. R. Rtschmillcr. M. Dostal. R Wilson. B. McCampbcll, B. Vaalcr. P. Olson. B Mcllcr. B. Arnold, D. Dow. J. Olson. J. Forsythe. J. Furor. R. Brindlc. B. Granguard. S. Canton. A. Voigt. B. Olson. D. King, B. GehnngVARSITY RA 'l): From Row N. Thorvilson. L . Klcvcn. S. Koivumaki. I. Stoakcs. S. Lium. C. Bros. L. Snyder. M. Cargill. J. Denison. T. Anderson. M. W'ickcsscr. J. Lamont. 0. Johnson. M. Olson. K. Malone. J. Akerson. L. Borgman. S. Gunberg. A. Forsythe. Row Two — L. Drctsbach. P. Stillwell. S. I.uchkc. R. Carlson. G. Grossman. K. MaeLcan. M. Olson. B. Church. S. Hibbs. V. Hcdc. B. MacLcan. M. Fronk. K. Hansen. T. Gray. B. Johnson. M. Black. S. Watson. D. Weather head. Row Three P. Neal. J. Martens. C. Karlick. Mr Docrings- Band Varsity Bandies Add Music and Spirit To Edina Athletics 78 After the Hornet basketball squad scores another field goal, Isabel Anderson jubilantly strikes up the Edina school song.field. D. Koch. L. Fleer. K Hirschcy. K Hill. K. Nipper. I. Anderson. NV Anderson. I.. I.cupold. M Johnson, B. Nevins, J Andcr%on. t. Jensen. J. Mendenhall. M. Deopke, S. Downs, M. Milner. I). Beebe. C. B.ibcock. P. Keegan. P. Grcttc. R. Swick Haik How P Kjos. J. Tol-Icfsrud. J. Wold, I). Langfeis. T. Dunn. C. Johnston, M. Murphy. Mr. Fllcdgc, N, Basil. R. Meyer, A. Kdgren. M. Guascdclcn. B. Hauger. T. Hoyt. J. Olson. P. Maxwell. J. Brlandson, S. Hale. L. Johnson. B. Johnson, t. Ncdcrostck. C. Stone. J. Berg. relax before they march in the half-time show. A look of concentration is evident on the face of Joan Berg as she plays at a basketball game. 79MIXED CHOIR Front R h B. Adams. C. Marlin. L. Loobeck, M. Lofdahl. C. VanSo. J. Buschc. J. Br crkarlak. J. Lund. B. Champ. K. Juhl. K Brinkman. M. Farnsworth, M. Denison. C. Brown. J. Sedgwick. VI Whelan. M. Lastman; Row t wo N. Scull . D. Clcland. K. ColburnvS. Kiser. K. UUakcr. R Kuedy. K. Weigel, L. Lennon. N. Lillchei. N. Pirsch. J. Ridley. D. Knips. C. Quinlivan. C. Byrne. I K no we ton. S. Luff; Row three L. Baker. C. Ryan. K. Martin. N. Sehnobrich. S. Holci . M. Carlson, M Rudquist. C. Ilcisc. C. Barton. N. Olson. C. Wierson. M. Larson. M. Williams. L. Farnsworth. J. Mageman. A, Clothier; Row Four J. Fide. M. Yanda. L. Frobach. P. Loffhagen. D Fisenhauer. D. Kintop. J. Logan. L. Iten. M. Fpplc. J. Dudley, B Krikclbcrg. S. Hcmpcl. M. Jenson. M. Ncidigh. G. Graham. P. Dochrman. N. Johnson; Buck Row J. Weaver, t. Hcffelfingcr. S. Berry. B„ Scserson. P Hauck. N Donchcnko. S. I.inkc, P. Miller. S. Mughson. J. Foster, C. Carlson.C. Supplcc. J. Devries. D. Rauch. C Brecht. D. MacLcnnan. Choir Choir Adds To Human Relations Week With Cyril Paul Concert Hours I. 3. and 5 ... "Choruses, don’t breathe!” ... the Super People Cheer ... Mixed Choir vs. Girls’ Choir tackle football game ... boys in girls’ clothes . quartet ... Halloween masks in practice ... altos sing tenor ... "Mr. B.!" ... warmups “The worst sounding choir is a high school girls’ choir!” concert at the Radisson South ... Lusty Stewie . how to breathe to girls’ choir: "men” birthday cake at Longtino’s Bubbles Babcock ... Christmas carols at the V.A. Hospital “There seems to be a wrong note in this area somewhere!" ... Northrup Concert over Sadie ... suckers ... Mr. Be oier’s walkout on Bethlehem .. hockey game ... "O. Fortuna" ... "rrr-rrr-rrr” ... W.F.T.D. ... Cyril Paul’s Concert swallowing the helium from balloons .. backrubs .. Bridgeman's after concerts ... "schmultz" . student teacher. Gail roses for the soloist in the "The Gloria" .. Preparing for the Christmas Concert. Mr. Hezoier gives last minute instructions to the choir. 80(ilKI S C IIOIR Front Row P Savik. M Byrnes. A. Drago. C. Fngstrom. C. Korn. B. Canton. V. Armstrong. L. Marklc. I. W ilson. C. Thompson; Row Two K. l.amont. J. Porter. S. Soluu. B Brunsell. C Peer. M. Johnson. D. Deeds, C. Plummer. M Maynard. D. Wagner. K Johnson; Row Three H Brown. K. Miggenv R. Sort mo. P. Baker. C. Jackson. D. Lkk, C. Kodmng. M Beniamin. T.Carter. N. Fcvold. K. Wheeler. N. Benjamin. Row Four S. Lchar. N. Pontius. D. W aldron, C. Brown. C. Young. K. Fcigal. V. Liaboc. P. Severson. S. Lium. B Kuphal. J. Had. K. McCampell. M Korbos; Back Row P. Gislason. T. Patterson. L. Fredcndall. S. Swetman. C. Bcim. M Markum. A. Rigglc. D. F.iscnhuuer. B Peterson. D. Dcvercaux. P. Kelly. K. Hansen. CHORAL CU B Front Ro» D. Vigdal. L. Smyth. J. Stallman. I. Moymhan. P. Rogers. K. Larkin. M. Shelly. S. Henderson. F. Wolff. S. Starkey; Row f wo Mr. Bc oicr, B Moser, K Kavan-augh. C. Wallan. C. Babcock. S. Davies, S. Torvik. P. Stiffes. C Miller. J. Mitchell. S. Olson; Row Three P. Wcgmcycr. C. Mac-Lennon. M Flaskamp. N Kaufman. N. Haw, J. W'ollan. D. Johnson. M Berg. A. Helm, S. Hall; Ho. L. Rn I Pappas. M. Howell. M Frederick. D McDonald. S. Stchr, J. Thomas. F. Sidill, T. Holmes. J. LaVoic. C. Mullen. C. Gibbs. Effective lighting and terrific singing made the 1970 Christmas Concert one of the best ever. 81ORCHES TRA hrtttu Row P. Prcksto. B Brain, D. Sage. J Sodenstneker. D Kk»tcr. A Johnson. F. Davis, B Olson; Row I ho M. Murphy. G. Westfall. A. Boerth. D. Hibbs, A Kolh. D Millcrcn. N. Olson, C Peterson. A Beetle. J. Ritchie. N DeJongh. J. Nipper. D. Devik; Row Three — M. Bains. S Clark. P Mickclscn. I. Bergman. C. Paris. J l.amont. B Whitehead. G. Johnson. P. Keller. R. Rogers. S. Green. K. Malone. M. Wickcsscr. S. Hibbs. G Roth, K. Morgan. Row hour W. Loegering. J Holtum. D. Orchestra New Director Adds New Approach On Student Attitude "Rehearsals will begin at 9:19!" .. scales . tuning broken strings ... sectionals ... attendance “Can I have your admit?" .. warm up exercises . sophomores in first violins tryouts on "Oberon" Pete Preksto, concert-master winds on Tuesday and Thursday ... elementary school concert ... "Gloria" with the choir .. Cafe and Spring concerts .. President. Pat Boulay . .. original compositions by Bruce Whitehead . "Variations on a Moose" ... "Let’s have it quiet!” ... many performing opportunities for Champagne Strings . . P.T.A., Cook’s Convention. Golden Valley Country Club .. spring tour picnic sophomore initiation Mr. Askegaard’s initiation strolling in a formal Elmer, the bear cub ... Ruthie’s "Stripper” ... "Night in Mexico" ... renowned viola section varied groups for Cafe Concert opportunities for individuals to play "Beware tomorrow, second violins" 82 Overcoming the obstacles of standing up and tired feet. Susan Combs and Jon Erickson concentrate intensely, vying for perfection in their section of the orchestra.GrcMk. S. Burn).. J. Dennison. C. Bros. M. Pratt. P. Austin. J. Forsyth. C. Babcock. B. Wilcox. J. Victorsen. T. Holmes; Row H r B. Johnson. H. Leslie. N. Doc. P. Boulay. R. Reierson. R. Aancsted, L. Nechvillc. B. Johnson. A. DeKraay. J. Berg, (i Wicks. P. Barnes. M. Ingwald.J Beebe. S. Combs. J. Erickson; Standing L. Warner, P. Joas. Practice makes perfect, so Barb Olson tunes up without paying much attention to w hat she is doing.SPA MS I L i. I H OFFICERS: T. HaugUind. Treasurer; J. Ludden. Vi«-prcMdcni; M W ickesser. Secretary; C Hayhoc. President. Latin Club, Spanish Club Spanish Dinners and Latin Garb Typical Of Language Clubs War games with slaves collecting taxes breakfasts at Perkins Latin Club elections Truss vs. Surprise Radi Spokes. Pontifex Maximus .. Miss Winter, advisor chariot and bus at Homecoming parade Mr. Clark in charge gods and goddesses Latin Weekend at Winona indoor and outdoor German war games cosmo hockey R.H.F.F. “Wail Until Dark” winter hockey tournament pizza party dance with the “Light” ... tower stuffing contests Latin Week banquet Olympics street dance .. . slave auction ... picnic .. Italian dinner .. Dinner at “Taco Town” Mrs. Wilbright. advisor monthly meetings 50c membership dues Fiesta Dclasreinas . queen of Spanish Clubs .. singing in Lspanol .. Conversation Club .. alumni breakfast after Christmas plans for a ski trip a late start With sword in hand. Bill Sorieberg explains the ing procedures to stand in advisor Mr. Clark.I.A Tl. ( Ll H OhFtCERS: From Row L. Borden. B. Sorteberg. P. Spokes. P Hurly, D. Saah. G Bcllair. J. Bennett. Row fwxi M. Howard. W. Lawrence; Bock Row J. Thompson. D. Gaasadelen, J. Gaascdclcn, M. Lonsbury. N. Fev-old. C- Clapp. A. Clapp. C. Joskeo. C. Peer. A. Drago. M. Braden. M. Nelson. R. Wallin, S. Bornhoft. J. Johnson. T. Shively. 85 Disguised with shades, Larry Anderson boldly marches to the podium.German Club, French Club GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS: S. Canton. C. Carlson. J. Miller. C. Mciners. M. Docpkc. German T riumvirate Rein; Pot Luck Heads French Year “Wc want quality not quantity!” ... Homecoming float "It's a bird! It’s a boat! No, it’s a plane!" two days to build World War I iron crosses "Render their Assundcr" .. Oktobcr Fcst in November .. professional yodeler .. Mr. Szen-drey’s tape recorder the thirteen-man German band German chocolate cake, brownies and cookies "I’ll give you the best deal in town!" war game victories ski trip .. Film Fcst German Club Spring Banquet ... New French Club officers ... 50c dues ... representatives from each class council meetings house painting brushes for poster slogans pot-luck dinner at Miss Fansler’s apartment .. forgotten spoons .. guys from France "Speak French everyone!" war games . donut sales sponsors for the sock-hop .. "Pepper Fog" plans .. Christmas decorations by the library more plans ... snowball fight against the Germans ... Miss Fansler’s shades .. few boys .. dinner with Germans ... The French Club pot luck dinner was highlighted by interesting talks given by Frenchmen. 86FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS N Fox. Vice-president; R. Wilson. Treasurer. G. Schaffhauscn. President. D. Conroy Vice-president. L Zieper. Secretary. After helping to promote spirit in homecoming, the German plane comes to an end in the court. 87 German Club members listen to an ac-cordianist at Octobcrfcst.PEP CLUB OFFICERS: D Kmps. Vux-prcsidcnt; D. Matey, President: G. Metcalfe. Secretary-Treasurer. Depicting the Hornet football team. Pep club members per- Portraying Reverend Chausblc. Gary Hellair form a skit on “The Legend of Pep”. invites his sweetheart for a walk. 88Cecily, played by Dawn Hailey, drifts off from her studies to romatv tic daydreams of her unsuspecting lover. Pep Club, National Thespians Thespians and Pep Club Contradict Edina Apathy Image "Unheralded hard working pep club" last names green paint .. "Pluck 'em till they're green" .. activity buses . no posters on painted walls ... always eating ... “Make a beeline for the goal line” . . “Really!" .. potlucks before games . to school by 6:30 to put up locker posters ... "Show Armstrong their place is on the floor" ... pepfcsl skits ... “Polarize the bears" "Thriving" .. pep distributed among sports ... confetti ... T-shirts ... Thirteen points for membership ... Mr. Stotts, adviser ... “We know about boys who wear lipstick" .. field trips . . "Shorten it" Bridge-man's after rehearsals ... “It’s not the length, it’s the strength" ... 2 of 3 acts in the Spring play by Thespians? ... Farrell’s .., Barb's dirty jokes becoming more active club . best actor and actress ... annual Spring Banquet .. 89 NATIONAL THESPIANS: Front Row D Bailey. VI. Cargill. M. Wickcssor. C. Subby. D. Biblin. J. Luddcn. J. Stasncy. B Roscnow: Ba -k Row C.Calbnan. M. Cummings. R Miller. S. Kelly. T. Pappas. G. Bcllair.GAA, Home Ec Club Manuevers In Self- Defense Dominate Two Feminists' Clubs Second Monday each month room 205 ... Foreign Student Tea gifts for the Heritage Home mobile patients ... Christmas candle sales service projects for the Blind Society ... Aquatennial Tea honoring the Aqua Queen ... sewing baby clothes for the Red Cross . two $25 educational scholarships hayrides. skating parties stories of Mrs. Aamodl’s childhood ... pizza party .. etiquette crowded cupboards . “ncedlclcss" machines .. Girls’ Athletic Association .. advisor. Mrs. Sandvick ... Mondays and Thursdays after school football ... pot-luck suppers ... Lake Conference competition in archery, tennis, badminton, volleyball, bowling Board get-togethers ... pancake breakfasts ... Christmas vacation alumni activity .. kick-off parties ... two to go to Camp Courage Leadership Camp “Knees” ... car washes Candy Reynolds. Tennis champion .. junior high play day .. Cathy’s little red wagon final spring banquet .. HOME EC CLUB OFFICERS: L. Kiel. Treasurer; E. Lennon. Corresponding Secretary; T. McManus. President; P. Severson. Recording Secretary; P. Treanor, Vice-president. GAA BOARD: From Row - S. Winsor, M. Eastman, J. Sedge-wick. M. Hanson, C. Brown; Row Two M. Goblirsch. M. Shepard. J Whctson. D. Dcnnehy; Back Row M Hendrickson, C. Einck, C. Spokes. M. Bracken. 90HOME EC CLUB From Row P. Stlas. S. Strachan. D. Gammell. M. Fisher, K Latnnnt. J. dcSalcs. C. Os-tcr. Back Row M. Saxton. C. Gerric. M. NckJigh, L. Knowles, L. Nankircll, J. Schroedcr, A. Fausch. S. Hem pel. 91 Fading back for a pass, GAA member, Cassie Spokes, checks the field for an open receiver during an invigorating Monday afternoon football practice.Art Club, FBLE, FT A Diligently cleaning up after herself. Sally Stockhridge washes her paint brushes trying to beat the rush. Exhibits, Speakers, And Sadie Hawkins Highlight the Year Art Club SI dues .. nonmember dues, 15c bi-monthly meetings ... talent ... trips to art studios and galleries .. ceramic jewelry ... unorganized . . alternating advisors ... another bodypainting party ... spring art display self expression ... true artists ... Bimonthly meetings for Future Business Leaders of Edina ... only the officers at first meeting .. sponsors of Sadie Hawkins dance .. trip to Florida ... shorthand scholarships ... monthly visits to old peoples’ homes .. shorthand spring banquet ... new advisor ... Future Teachers of America student aid program visits to local schools monthly meetings ... assistants to elementary and junior high teachers .. new speakers .. . correcting papers talks on psychiatry .. study on the Montcsso-ri and independent school systems . . 9 2 h'TA: Front Row A. Bocrth. A. Cox. L. Lantto. C. Bachtold. L. Anderson. D. Dcnnchy; Row Two M MacHolda. L. Drcisbach. Treasurer; T. Brown. A. Lee. A. Hoak. S. Busch. P. MacTaggart; Back Row K. Jacobs. D. Gulbro. V. Green. N. Haw. D. Larson. Secretary; A. Sharpe.ART CUB From Row S. Busch: Row Two L Ltndcmann. S. Nordquist. D. Benjamin, G. Lcyh. S. Oashcim: Row Three S. Bloom. K O’Connor. W. Gcr-rish. A. Felkcr, C. Benson, D. Bcr-toy; Baek Row H. Schleicher. S. Nelson. Miss B. Hultmann. S. Stockbndgc. FBLt: From Row A. Clapp, J. Woods. A. Quinn. C. Buchanan. P. Fee. K. Odcman. Miss Dorns-busch; Row Two C Celia. J. Squires. C. Peer, C. Deeds. C. Weber. K. Freudenthal. A Hoak; Back Row P. Rud. R. Sortino. S. Davies. R. Barthclcmy. J. McDonald. K. Lundquisi. L. Anderson. 9JOUTDOOR CLUB: Front Row N. Lyon. N. Lillchci. M. Eastman. J. Sedgwick; Row Two M. Buss. A. Sharpe. P. Woodley. M. Yanda. A. Cox. R. Lillchci. Vice-president; M. Hanson. President; Back Row Mr. D. Meyer. S. Loegcring. P. MacTaggart, N. Swanson, M. Dcnsmorc. M. MacHolda. W. Howell. MATH CLUB: Front Row A. Riggic. W. Hanson. K. Coon. Secretary-Treasurer; Back Row J. Filreis, M. Doepke. President; R. Brindlc. M. Black. Vice-president; A. Voight. E. Petty. 94After careful examination of the leaves and branches. Melanie Hanson finds normal growth and decides the bush is healthy. Math Club, Radio Club. Outdoor Club Outside Activities; A Relief From Inside Stuffiness M aintains a short wave radio station helps students get ham radio licenses aids kids with electronic projects supply kits to the members plan to have F-M educational radio station serves all students’ electronic interests flexible program ... Mr. Robert Peterson, adviser radio related projects coed .. Academic environment .. practice for annual math contest meet twice a month sell slide rules money provides prizes for members adviser, Mr. Johnson officers; Mark Doepke. Mark Black. Kathi Coon Field trips ... Carver Park .. donut sales building houses for wood ducks . wild game dinner .. fishing trip to Millc Lacs Lake officers; Melanie Hanson. Robyn Lillehci. Sue Erickson ... adviser. Mr. Donald Meyer ... RADIO CLiB Mr R Pcter n. K. Mobarry. Vice-prcsidcM: S. Rich. M Conroy. B Murphy. D. Raaach. President; A. Couper Secretary-Treasurcr; J. deVnes. M. OUon. J. Plan. 9bY-TEENS CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: Front Row S. Sund-bcrg. K. Ogren, K. Hall . A. Leach: Row T -o P. Morstman. A. Shirmcr. N. Doc, I. Shidcman. N. Hall. P Winger. L. Lyons: Back Row L. Frohbach, J. Luddcn. 96 After long hours of intricate planning and finally going through with their fiendish plot, Steve Miller's Hi-Y group gloats over their newly acquired prize.HI-Y CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: B. Fuller. S. Smith. B. Pollad. Hi-Y, Y-Teens Y Groups Kept Busy With Lust Reports, Joints and T-Ping Y-Teen chapter president and board meeting Tuesdays after school new set of goals for the year potluck dinners . “School event calendars for sale!” ... the Christmas bazaar .. joints slumber parties . .. request for more joints . .. new YWCA advisor .. bake sales at the U. ... speaker on self-defense . .. leftover donuts .. . movie with Richfield Y-Tccns service projects ... male panel from the U. sponsor Hero .. Hi-Y S5.00 dues . .. a decrease in chapters Tuesday night meetings ... treats . “Beef, minutes!” .. weekend predictions ... Cuda ... Taylor’s Falls report . . speakers perfect attendance .. T.P.ing absentees Goodwill clothes drive . . "You have a very poor attitude!” . STOP sign in the livingroom shoveling walks . .. Hi-Y Sweetheart Dance changed to Valentine’s Day .. another super year!... 97 Y-TEENS CABINET Front Row - S. Lewis. Vice-president; T. Haugland. President: P. White. Treasurer; Back Row C. Clapp. J. Correa. C. Peer. Chapter Coordinators.On her afternoons spent at the Petty House. Colleen Meier finds packaging her customers’ purchases a daily routine. T. I., P. E. Overcrowding Opens Work Programs For More Involvement Trade and Industrial Education ,.. help from the counselors ... sufficient credits? ... Trade and Industrial Education Coordinator. Mr. Rcichow ... garage mechanics ... dental assistants ... dieticians .. . employers’ grades . . time and pay sheets cooks .. program changes .. “There is no two ways about it!” ... Distributive Education .. selling .. college? ... suggested programs ... beauty shops ... “only three hours of school!" ... D.E. buses ... twenty-two hours a week . . Donaldsons .. . days off to sleep ... Bridgeman's .. individual studies ... receptionists . long job manuals .. five reports per quarter ... gas station attendants ... no place to park ... Mr. Bicanich’s great examples .. T. d .. From Row — N. Hencfidd. D. Ortman. P. Kasper. J. Grzeskowiak, K. McCarthy, D. Micka. Mr. R. Rcichow; Row Two W. Couil-lard. C. Mathicu. G. Sorenson. K. Robson. M. Hewitt, M. Henefield: Back Row — J. McClain. P. McCauly, J. Frey. D. Burns. N. Shackle. T. Hawk. 98D.E.: From No B. Johnson, S. Smith, D. Mormctte, J. Madsen, P. Swenson; Row Two C. Meier, C. Corty. I). McQueen. C. Oiling, S. Bonner; Back Row Mr. W. Btcamch. C. Neff. T. Ross-man. J. Kennedy. M. Merles. D.E.: From Row Mr. W. Bican-ich, E. Patrick, C. Hokanson, J. Marti, A. Peterson. S. Jensen, M. Heines; Row Two — D. Denk. P. Wegmeyer. C. Chadwick. J. Plot-nicky, J. Barthelemy, J. Dixon; Bock Row R, Christianson. B. Fuller, B. Gilbertson. J. Stuppy. B. Stoeger, L. Rhymer. T d .: From Row Mr. R. Rci-chow. C. Finch. M. Kchoc. M. Renslow, D. Merfold; Row Two D. Beall, L. Iversen, A. Ahsoy, L. Spiclman, T. Clark; Bock Row — S. Carlson. R. Hendrickson. K. Burke, E. Carlton. 99Debate, O. E. Debatable Issues And Office Work Typify Edina Clubs New coach. Mr. Herzig ... four teams A. B. and C. Cross-X .. Dina Biblin. captain ... meets on Friday nights and Saturday mornings five states involved .. orgies at members’ houses ... Barry Fairy ... the Duluth girls ... Chivalrous Shively pro and con ... last minute preparations .. the girl ‘‘locked’’ in the motel room .. notecards ... ten trophies in one weekend shuddering opponents .. Paul’s refreshments .. overnights to Duluth. Mankato. Austin, and Gus-tavus Adolphus . . carrying the file boxes . .. “Dear Richfield Debate Team; You arc cordially invited to a war at Edina Senior High . . first in state, trip to California for nationals Cooperative education program ... twenty kids . .. filing and operation of office machines . lab .. development of attitudes and abilities ... Village Hall National car rental secretary for doctor or dentist State Leadership Contest in March MOEA contest-typing, shorthand ... weekend at St. Paul Hilton for State Leadership Contest . . breakfasts . .. “That presents a problem!” ... Looking Glass clothes store on Lake Street .. third hour five days a week, one through five p.m.... VARSITY DEBATE: Front Ron Thomas Shively. Barry Clegg. David McDonald; Back Row Dina Biblin. Laird Hart. Leonard Crowley. Linda Halpcrn. O. E. Front Row M. Mooney. M. McCluny. L. Gohlkc. M. Kudquist. C. Darres, J. Qumlivan, S. LufT; Row I no Mr. Bocrgcr. R. Nelson. G. Dcvroy. P. Prcksto. K. Jondahl. A. Jacobs. M. Kcrkcr; Back Row B. Morrison. L. Wolncr. K. Anderson. J. Kaskcn. S. Gammon. L. McNce. T. Taisen. 100NOVICE DEBATE Eroni Row — T. Hagemeyer, J. Find or fF, M. Maynard: Row Two W. Fraal . K. Queensen, B. Peterson, R. Vogel, J. Pills; Back Row S. Davis, C. Hunt, T. Focckc. S. Cjersdal, P. Lowry, JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE: Front Row J. Filreis, L. Man-del. S. Hall; Back Row — B. Severson. S. Lclma. t. Petty. 101Pepfest Edina Students Show Their Apathy At the Pepfests “Ready ail — let’s go!” ... shortened classes .. a crowded gym ... “Beat ’em!" ... a blur of faces ... sitting on the floor ... “Go Edina!” ... microphone delay ... "I can’t hear the speaker” ... “Hornets, Hornets!" ... soccer demonstration ... introducing teams ... "We gotta fight to win!” ... speeches by coaches ... boring .. . “HUSTLE!” ... outdoor pep fests ... "These bleachers sure have a lot of splinters!” ... “Let’s go!” ... bicycle jokes for the sophomores ... “What’s Jane doing on the senior side?” ... “Go green!” ... new dances by the Hornettes ... pom pom remains on the floor ... “FIGHT!” ... futile efforts by the cheerleaders ... an unresponsive crowd ... "Green and White!” ... no football players at pep fests ... getting psyched ... “Go, go, beat ’em, beat ’em!” ... much talking, no listening ... an apathetic crowd ... “Give me the green!” ... new cheers ... catchy drum rhythms ... Beat ’em!” .. . enthusiasm in the band ... hoarse voices ... running to the bus ... "E-D-IN-A!” ... The cross country team enjoys the prestige of sitting in front of the crowd as Coach Hendrickson gives credit to their skill. Cheerleaders Carol Romundstad and Zana Windahl are caught in a moment of mixed emotions toward Larry Corolla's sophomore jokes. Starting off another pepfest, Kristy Rose pays respect to the flag as Edina’s marching band plays the National Anthem.Our favorite morning announcer, Larry Corolla. takes the role of master of ceremonies during one of the Edina pepfests. Coach Szendry, proud of his team, presents it to The numerous facial expressions throughout the crowd reflect assorted views the school via a soccer demonstration. in regards to the afternoon pepfest activities. 105Breaking away from ihc crowd Gregg Gensch and Cindy Larson find a moment during the evenings activities to spend flirting. Dances Post Game Dances Attract Flirty Sophomore Girls Fun dances after victories . mobs at the door ... decisions "Do you think he’ll be there?” ... the I.D. shuffle ... stamped hands ... crowded coat checks .. busy bathrooms . .. ignorant sophomores "all-knowing” seniors ... darkness . streaking strobes bumping bodies . .. minglcrs ... "Fairchild” ... "Cree” ... "Birth” ... “Pcppcrfog” .. . refreshment stand home base ... Coke, Orange. 7-Up ... dodgers ... cozy couples . restless chaperones ditchers wallflowers ... senior boys with sophomore girls . . giggles and chuckles . "Is that Dick with Jane?!” . . reject groups . blue jeans again .. . half hour band intermissions .. time out to chatter and gossip .. . hangout on the bookshelves . . trips to the drinking fountain . .. music starting . waiting . .. expectant looks . . "Hustle!” . . . side glances . . action beginning at 11:20 . . last song .. lights on squinted bloodshot eyes ... coat confusion ... “Where’s my ride home?” . depression .. just another dance. .. Gail SchaJ'Jhausen and Betty Schilling fulfill the tradition of stamping hands, which has become the customary procedure for admittance to dances. 106After a long and tiring night Richard Andres and Liz Yeagen join a part of the crowd listening contentedly to the band. Fairchild. After sitting through a long cold football game Mike Erdahl and Renee Vecchi are seen warming up to each other at one of the many school dances. 107Edina junior girls Nancy Hansen. Sally Griffiths, and Sandy Starke whip up a baiter of Hawkolaie Cake lo energize Ihc team. Homecoming The Harvest Moon Ushers In Edina's 20th Homecoming Twenty candidates three practices white dresses .. tears in the aisle cloth .. the five minute walk . Hollywood spotlights standing ovations past queens ,. King Mike Bangs ... Queen Casey Garrett “I've been plucked!” Cabalka “The sophomores, as usual, made a mess of things!” .. Carry Larolla .. "I thought you were Dale!" the Hornycttcs "Edina eats Hawkolaie Cake!” green and white balloons . no parking, no scats .. convertibles to wave from the winning senior float Barb Gehring’s horn . . Edina 23, Cooper 22 twentieth annual homecoming dance "Shine on Harvest Moon” ... ”1 can’t find a dress!" ... guest passes . . chance meetings at Bachman's .. curlers at Southdale . . secret restaurants expensive food ... forgotten I.D.’s heavy corsages Northern Lights .. the Midwest Edition ... terrible punch ... 620 in "cafe” Phil Kitchen .. midnight football games .. many slow good nights ... boys with no money .. good times bad times ... While formats and chrysanthemum bouquets captivate the audience as it and the girls await the coronation of the new queen. 108The Edina Hornettes welcome in the football team as they kick-off the week-end activities for the 1970 Edina Homecoming. Excitement still has a hold on Queen Casey Garrett as she reads her royal proclamation after having been chosen Homecoming Queen by King Mike Bangs. 109Homecoming Tradition Changes As Court Takes On Varying Royalty King Mike Bangs and Queen Casey Garrett enjoy the solitude of a secluded bridge before presenting themselves to their kingdom. 110 Beckoned by the harvest moon Barb Melby. Paul Wehrwein. Kiki Faith and Tom Diehl find a woody glen. A lakeside park bench is enhanced with the presence of Topper Sponsel. Naomi S anoe. Rick Cabalka. and Mimi Heines.A quaint waterfall catches the attention of court members Grant Reno, Donna Dahlstrom. Mark Lewis. and Gar a Gehring. The rustic beauty of nature calls Larry Carrolla and Zana Windahl away from the festivities of homecoming. The “land of the Great Pumpkin" welcomes Shelley Tripp, Kyle Carpenter, Kristi Oren and Rick Ellis. IllAfter being chosen Li'l Abner, Drick Boyd rejoins Liz Borden for a square dance at Sadie Hawkins. The “Light", familiar at many Edina In accordance with the Sadie theme, barefooted couples dressed in bib over-alls find that dances plays to a Sadie crowd. the sounds of the "Light” sets the proper mood for slow dancing. 112Showing their pride and happiness at being chosen Li’l Abner and Daisy Vlac. Urick Boyd and Carol Romunstad smile to the crowd. Sadie Hawkins Postponed Date, Hockey Conflict Doesn't Stifle Sadie Dance. “Sadie” .. sponsored by F.B.L.E. ... “Who will I take?” ... “How will I ever ask him?” ,. invitations a month in advance “I know he’ll say no!” ... "going hunting?" ... guest passes ... tickets. S2.50 per couple . . “Who will drive?" .. finally it’s Saturday night. December 5, 1970 .. freezing cold ... picking up the boys ... "And they say girls arc always late!” picnic? Catawba juice ... secrets and surprises ... dinner and dance: "This is more expensive than I thought!" . . crowded dance late arrivals .. no place to park . hillbillies, all! ... borrowed clothes .. . freckles . . cutoffs and overalls ... suspenders ... black smudged faces barc-fect ... pigtails with red ribbons .. costumed chaperons . Li’l Abner. Drick Boyd Daisy Mae. Carol Romunstad .. tin foil crowns ... "Light” ... long lines for marriages ... rings and pictures .. no chairs mass marriages .. . early departures .. ice cream at Farrell’s afterward .. early curfews . fast good-byes ... With the announcement of this year’s Daisy Mae and Li’l Abner close at hand the Sadie crowd takes a break from dancing. 113Pop Concert All Hands Were On Deck For Pops' "Dames At Sea" "18th Annual Pop Concert" ... fish, glitter, and Gagers “Be sensa-minded" Reed’s Victor Borga speech "Dames at Sea" ... The Three Muskateers .. . Wicks and Dahl waltzing cats Professor Humor ... roses for a fantastic (?) clarinet solo flutes in stereo ... "But Mommy, 1 have to go potty!" . . . sticky make-up . pencils clicking ... "Let’s play Beat the Prophet!” ... "Haste makes paste" . .. Melbo and the Dixieland Band "Farewell Blues" .. “Just eat the noodles!” Wilcox and her wheels .. parties every night .. Kookie’s dances "West Side Story" % time’?? ... French horns wail ... cut-rate funerals "Easy with Queasy" .. . “Beat the Reaper" game "Hi folks, this is Jack January” Yonkers?! ... "Lefse means sex in Swcden-ish” .. Yumpin’ Yahusavette! ... alumni party "Can I have another look at the first one?" ... HA HA HA! . . French horns in "A" train . . "Cushing, you’re all wet!" ... and they sang and they clapped .. and the orphans were magnificent ... Watched with approval from above, senior Kathy Kavanaugh lets herself go while singing “The Bcguinc” from Dames At Sea. Members from the cast of Dames At Sea. the Pop Concert’s 18th Annual musical. join together in a finale to the title song. 114Suspiciously eyeing his twenty fifth ba- Sailors Penny Austin and Kevin Gustafson enthusiastically throw themselves into nana is junior cornetist Tony Smith the actions of their rendition of the song “Good Times.’ Members from the band whale out to the wound of the old Dixieland Band while the late (?) Paul Mel-bos lead prepares himself to make an entrance. 115Cafe Concert Strolling Strings Add a New Flair to Cafe Concert Fifth Annual Cafe Concert theme: All Sorts of Strings light music . . . November 20 and 21 Miss Edina contest conflict long skirts dressy pant suits ... tuxedos small side stage ... background music by Champagne Strings ... late rehearsal Thursday night music at 50th and France to advertise refreshments; coffee, punch, and cookies Brian Kon .clman. guest M.C. “New Jazz Ensemble"; piano, flutc.and guitar ... “Violin Sketch 1” .. . “Eleanor Rigby” . electric quintet blue and green violins . .. strolling violins memorizing four songs .. . dancing to “Windy” ... contemporary selection; “Three Pieces for Orchestra” . Symphonic Strings ... "Afternoon in Montreal" ... “Hair” Mr. Askegaard’s gold coat .. Mr. and Mrs. Olson at concert both nights bigger crowd Friday night original centerpieces ... roses for Mrs. Askegaard and the Olsons "Henry the VIII" . polluck at Jon Erickson’s party at Jean Forsythe’s silent Laurel and Hardy movies discussions "Pass the body" .. “Now Explosion" ... The composure of Jeff Nipper is evident as he is seen performing the content porary work entitled Three Pieces for Orchestra. 116 Under the direction of Mr. Askegaard. the most recent of the orchestra’s instructors. Helen Leslie does her best to make the concert a success.Composer, Brian Konzel-man. directs his work. Violin Sketch . as the "Champagne Strings" perform to his interpretation. 117 Senior Todd Holmes, playing March and Procession oj Bacchus, depicts a similar facial expression of intense concentration to that of sophomore Westy Lowering, caught in a moment while playing Russian Sailor's Dance."The Importance of Being Tamest' cast John Worthing Algernon Moncrieff Rev. Chausble ... Mcrriman, Butler Lane, Manservant . Lady Bracknell Gwendolen Fairfax Cecily Cardew Miss Prism Michael Cummings ...... David Fieri ...... Gary Bcllair Dennis Callinan ......Jay Ludwig ----Ruth Rcicrson .....Cindy Subby ... Dawn Bailey Margo Wickesser Shortly after winning the hand of Cecily Cardew, played by Dawn Bailey, Dave Elen, as Algernon Moncieff. smiles smugly. The bewildered expression on the face of senior actress The matter of fact expression on the face of Miss Prism, played by Dawn Bailey, resembles a china doll. Margo Wickesser. portrays her prim personality. 118 Being denied the privilege of a tasty cucumber sandwich, actor Mike Cummings. plays the role of the easy going country gcn'lcman. Play A New Location Draws Full House To Annual Play “The Importance of Being Lamest” . Room 135 .. . Victorian setting "Brittania rules the waves” .. English accents complex plot six weeks of rehearsals trouble building the set .. Mr. Thiem. director . . Marianne Cargill, student director .. background music at intermissions .. forgotten lines "These muffins I love them” . .. “Good!" trouble with costumes baggy pants . . . stuffed dresses “Speak clearly" . . "All right, let’s get down to business" ... christenings proposals ... Al-genon and Jack . “Baby Ruth" . . "Capacious” . . “Be careful of the furniture" “Women arc green” plots on closing night Margo’s attempt to kiss Gary Gary leaning over the piano ... Tom Jones, Jr. . .. “Kissy, Kis-sy” .. Tiger . .. “Cecily. Cecily" ... “I have to go to the bathroom" . . “Prism, where is that baby?" ... cast party at Liz Shideman’s . . pool cucumber sandwiches The animated expressions on the faces of actresses Ruth Reierson and Cindy Subby depict the mood and feeling of the scene. 119To the immense pleasure of the children watching from the audience Barb Rosenow effectively plays the part of the lion. Dave Barno. in "Androcles and the Lion" enthusiastically reads a scroll to a happy crowd at the Childrens' Play. Androcles and ihe Lion Cast Androcles Mark Mathison Lion Barb Rosenow Isabelle Barb Peterson Lelio David Barno Pantalone .. Jay Snyder Captain Rohn Miller Prologues Nancy Kaufmann, Jan Stassncy Wall Cici O’Brien Music Barb Mosher 120 Jay Snyder groans in what appears to be immense pain as Rohn Miller looks out to children in the audience with a smirk.Barno arc easily seen as they gaze upon Rohn Miller. Play "Androcles And The Lion" Attract A Captive Audience Children's play, “Androcles and the Lion" . Row .. Whoop and Snoop ... Naj .. . Funny Kid with the moustache "You. no count.” . . rehearsals exercises ... "Slow motion!" . junior director ... "You can dust my bust." ... "What is blocking?" ... behind the curtain with Lclio "Trumpets, now?" ... Bridgcman’s after rehearsals . painting props on MFA Thursday “Who did that make-up?" troubles with Pantalone’s nose .. . green triangles Row’s mane and whiskers Pink is for girls, blue is for boys!” ... “Rohn, fix your pants." ... previews at the grade schools .. attentive audiences the modesty of the cast . .. "Mental, mental, mental!” ... guitar music . the Captain’s black-out from the Wall .. Row's surprise birthday party ... Micheal Dowling and Lindsey Schools tears after the final performance Mr. Stotts' thank-yous ... a fantastic last speech at Panlalone’s super cast party flashing blue strobe light . .. lots of little fans . pictures ... a job well done ... fond memories Rohn Miller, playing the part of Androcles. stares openly at actress Barb Peterson. while actor Mark Mathison looks on. 121Junior Achievement, Jobs A Tuesday evening at Junior Achievement provides time for Nei!Saucier to create an original T-shirt using stencil and ink. Hard Work Results In Paycheck And Self-Achievement "We want more kids!” insight to business ... membership open to all in 7th-12th grade companies meet once a week ... T-shirts .. selling products . wreaths made out of computer cards ... all-night parties ... participation with other schools salad dressing ski trip to Michigan ... products belts and barrettes ... hayrides . cribbagc boards to make and sell ... "I'm going to get a job after Christmas” .. interviews and applications Brown Photo ... ski shops. Equinox and Donaldson's ... Jerry's ... Amluxcn’s . . DcLaria’s, Betty Crocker Pic Shop. Sidewalk Cafe wages, discounts, tips bank accounts schedule program ... “Customer always right!” Friday and Saturday nights at work ... money for college tuition ... two jobs .. midi uniforms ... 122 Senior Bob Huggins, a carry-out boy at Jerry's Lucky Dollar, finds himself only half-way through his work day as his fellow worker Bob Hutchins finds that it is time for him to punch out after his w ork day is completed.Displaying friendly customer relations at Bachman’s. Bill Durand smiles congenially as he wraps a daily order of flowers. 123 Adding up last month’s J.A. profits, Kay Peterson finds the results to be rewarding.Charity Week; I-Ball During one of the traditional Charity Week fund raising auctions. Curl Forslin finds in his mvstcry package a bag of cookies. Edina Has 1 Week Of Charity; 36 Weeks of I-Ball February 15-19 .. no speaker for pep fest Detroit exchange students ... committee meetings in 325 ... list of donut sale workers ... Charm's sucker sales .. junior girls victory in hockey game “I CARE" buttons Ugly Couple contest winners, Miss Rice and Jeff Beebe Gaylord Fairy washing car windows for homeroom projects money to Los Angeles disaster area, and Viet Nam chests football and soccer teams’ hockey game .. l-ball. Intramural sports .. within school competition ... softball, basketball, and football .. open to all boys friends together on teams choosing captains .. faculty loses twice three teams dominate play .. Bishop's half court shots ... advisers. Mr. Jensen and Mr. Johnson .. "Plunkett to Vatahah! ’ . great exercise while having fun no tryouts registration Barnum'stcam wins championship 1-BALL CAPTAINS: Mark Satterland. Dave Mooty, Chris Hayhoe. Dan Norquist,.Bill Barnum. Bob Engebretson. Missing: Jared Sour. 124The appetites of John Burke. Bill Sims. Danny Rogers, cause them to descend upon Jere Victorsen. who is selling delicious donuts for Charity Week. Earnestly trying to make a goal for the Senior Womens Varsity, Rae Ann Bariholomey skates her best to beat the juniors. Compelling in the ugly couple contest, Sheila Grogan and Candy Erdahl proudly flaunt their ugly side. 125VARSITY: Front Row J. Bailey. J. Erickson. S. Griffin. G. Gcttsch. D. Sattcrlund, P. Carter. B. Jones. D. Nacgcli: Row2 - L. Jambois. J. Robertson. J. Miller. R. Ries. C. Hayhoe. J. Ceiusta. B. Mase. E. Hansen; Row 3 P. Gissclback. J. Tyson. P. Bodinc. S. Olsonoskc. C. Kelley. S. R cpeckc. J. Burris. H. Haverstock; Row4 S. Anderson. D. Boyd. D. Fokstad. B. Boncllo. D. Gray. B. Nichols, P. Hemp; Back Row M. Fossum. J. Velgersdyk. R. Peterson. W. Miller. B. Kidd. B. Sims. B. Porter. T. Carlson. Football Edina's One Point Edge Brings On Homecoming Victory Coach Canakes ... Co captains. Bob Sims and Dave Sattcrlund ... hot summer practices ... sore muscles ... "Those kids pull on their pants the same way you do!” ... All American Boy ... “We’ll make every game close!” ... "That’s the way to punish ’em!” ... buffoon .. "Get an ice pick!” ... burgers ... "Catch it with your hands!" . . practices before school: “What am I doing here?” ... Jumping Joe ... “All the Indians in the nation ...” ... Jack Rabbit ... "We’re going to get you to the Met if I have to drive you there with a two-by-four" ... Whoppo ... "Pick up your towels!" ... the Pygmie Shuffle ,.. "They may be good, but they’ve never run into steel before!” ... Super Nat . . . "Just anybody can do anything for forty-eight minutes!” ... Mash Potatoes . . . “You just gotta be believers!” ... mud-caked jerseys ... "You’re this close to being great!" ... Tranny’s final party ... win over Richfield in closing seconds ... Armstrong loss ... 5-1 record ... With a last minute effort of pushing to gel through the Warriors blockers. Jeff Bailey trys for another touchdown. 128Dave Satterlund successfully evades the Hawks and performs a long run for a first down at the Homecoming game. 27 0 Lincoln 0 12 St. Louis Park 14 7 Hopkins Eisenhower 14 0 White Bear Lake 14 6 Minnetonka EDINA 23 22 Cooper 3 0 Richfield 0 24 Wayzata 7 6 Kennedy 14 16 Armstrong J-V: Front Row Mr. Savre. T. Dicrcks. T. Becker. J. Moynihan. J. Haire. J. Burke. D. Norquist. T. Bishop. Mr Kostcli ; Row 2 D. Bauman. J. Joyce, J. LundquiM. B. Jacobson. J. Bergseng. J. Carpenter. N. Chapman. W. Hagen. R. Olson: Row J M. Carr. P. Yanda. R. Whimberg. G. Harper. A Bolin. B. Miller, M. Casper. B Licberg. C. MeGrw, Back Row J. Ghoustlcy. B. Sims. J. Hemp. B Fossey, T. Nolle. R. Moorcr. P Stroiher. S, Stapd. K. Hoverstad. 129Football Win Over Richfield Sends Red Division Champs To The Met With less than a minute to play, quarterback Jerry Erickson calls time to save precious seconds. 130 Excellent blocking from the offensive line forms a wall behind which the Hornets kick the point after touchdown. The ball is snapped to the holder and Steve Anderson, the Hornets’ placekicker. boots it through the uprights.B-SQVAD: from Row M. Scanlan. J. Valkcnburg, T Burnell. M. Walters. J. Tyson, S. Schmcrlcr. M. Savre. D. Rogers. D. Burns. D. Compton. C. Andcr son. T. Warner: Row 2 J. Jacobson. J. Fisher, R. Johnson. T. Anderson. J. White. S. Day. J. Sahlstccn. J. Browning. M. Kelly. P. Inner, S. Hill. C. Legros M. Manson; Row 3 J. Thompson. R. Inman. D. Loving. K. VanBrocklan. K. Keenan. R Pert, S. Roberts, C. Gilbertson, D. Morgan, T. Halleckson. I). Ot ness. S. Campbell, T. Swenson; Row 4 — M. Satterlund. T. Holmes. M. Aulick, T. (ironing. J. Railc. B Blunt, P. Kalland. P. Ratcllc. B. Burke. R. Johnson K. Ketth. T. Smith, B Becker: Bock Row T. Peterson, P. Klossncr, P. Olson, J. Curtin. W. Sund, T. Billings. F. Hcflclfingcr, R Nagengast. R. Olsonoski. S Sundquist, R. Risvold. C. Carlson. M. Kloth. V.. 1 ( 1 f s. ■4 A determined Hornet effort by three Edina linebackers, results in a long loss of yardage for an Eisenhower running back.Co-captain Bob Sims illustrates to coach Slav Canakes some possible changes he could make in order to strengthen the defense. Football Hornets End Season With Heartbreaking Loss to Armstrong LAKE CONFERENCE RED DIVISION Won Lost Tie EDINA 5 1 0 Richfield .... 5 1 0 Wayzata 4 2 0 Kennedy ... 3 3 0 Minnetonka . 2 3 1 Cooper 0 4 2 Eisenhower . 0 5 1 With Pete Vanda helping out. defensive halfback Jim Robertson dives to cut off the ballcarrier. 132Cross Country Paul Wehrwein. one of the Hornets’ top runners, commands an early lead in the Richfield Invitational. Finding a spot to rest. Sieve Miller. Tim Miller, and Jim Miller discuss the results of the meet. Harriers Finish Third in Lake but Miss the Regions Meets at Lake Nokomis ... few spectators 10 3 record . 5th place in Districts .. Diehl’s weak back . Bracmar Invitational . Cuda, Minnow. Bido. Dichlcr. P. Dub Coach Hendrickson Paul Wehrwein and Tom Diehl, cocaptains . “One more lap to go only a half mile from here” practices at the Country Club — real class . . endurance ... wind sprints ... “Take the lead" ... “1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-1-2-3-4...” ... junior varsity team in varsity meets ... trip to Austin ... 6th place ... alphabet game Cross Country Christmas album .. Jack’s 50-yard final sprint .. rain dance .. surprise party at Mr. Hoecherl’s . football game .. falling down at starter pizza party long game of monopoly .. letters from Steve Garlock “snapper game" .. “If only I had a golf cart" Wehrwein and Bida in Districts "Pick it up. fellas” eating contest cancelled green wool beanies awarded at party .. 133At this point in the race, three Edina runners. Curt Blandin. Tom Diehl, and Paul Wehrwein, arc still in contention for the lead. Cross Country Blandin, Wehrwein Finish 3, 4 in Lake Conference Meet With each added step a painful experience, an exhausted Mark Buzby breaks the tape to finish the race. Following the course that lies along the shores of Lake Nokom is. Stew Miller strives to improve his time. 134VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY: Front Roy C. Frisvold. I). Olson. I.. Bigelow. J. Hipps. B. Turner. T. Trussfc Roy ' B. MePheters. D. SumJctt. J Hawkinson. R. Nichols. M. Buzby. T. Miller. W. Davies. Back Rt w — J. Cross. B. Barnett. P. Wchrwcin. S. Miller. J. Miller. K. Potter. T. Diehl. C. Blandin. C. Anderson. LAKECONFERENCE STANDINGS Eisenhower .... Won 13 Armstrong 12 EDINA 10 St. Louis Park 10 Wayzata 9 Jefferson 8 Richfield 8 Robbinsdalc 6 Kennedy 4 Lincoln 4 Lindbergh 3 Cooper 2 Minnetonka 2 Mound 0 Lost 0 I 3 3 4 5 5 7 9 9 10 11 II 13 135 Running in the Richfield Invitational Meet. Paul Wehrwein runs close behind his Lincoln opponent.Soccer '70 Hornets End Successful Season With 5-2-2 Record Record. 5-2-2 very successful year Spanky ... winning tradition tight race ... players with vigor and intelligence . .. Rugby ... Tishrag and Betsy ... imaginative front line .. “La monte! La monte! Hunga! Hunga!” Balka Room 131 ... “Vat is de deal?” Bridgeman’s ... “Is it right? Is it right?" ... “Bingo!!” ... Captains. Mooty and Ncwhouse ... “I’m not very good at speech-making, but ..“... Frump .. "The point is ...” ... sitting out ... over-anxious about scoring ... “All right, who’s got my blue fur line?" ... fighting chance .. Kirk “This is Howard Koscll” ... “Look at Z" ... Boobcy "Does a fish swim?” “Where’s my Crucx?” “Nichts!" Moody Blues Peaches ... “What can I say?" ... broken pins .. . established team for next fall ... Eli . team beads “Vas ist das hicr?" . . Cabalka’s imitations ... Coach Szcndrcy only seniors in last game .. little school support ... Chasing a free ball down the field, forward Jim Zerull meets a Kennedy player in an attempt to defend against a possible goal. 136 VARSITY: Front Row Mr. Srendrey. W. Swenson. F. Newhouse. D. Mooty. T. Metcalfe. S. Ycarncau. K Dahl. S. Stubbs; Row B Morrison. T. Warner. K. Reynolds. B Barnum. B. Bowes. R. Bcrgcc. S. Cabalka. S. Smith; Row Three J. Stitt. B. Sorlcbcrg. P. Spokes. R. Beard. R. Cabalka. R. fcllis. J. Zerull. K. Compton; Back Row J. Kirkland. L. Peterson. C. Portland, J. Cnckmcr, B. Davcy. L. Moore. B. Borrman. S. Pfeiffer. R. Wilson.J-V Front Row Mr B. Larson. B. Thayer. A. Leslie. P. Vanvccn. R. Colbert. M. HcigL K. Jones. D. Olson. K. Hughes. M. Moran. k Reynolds. I Mach. G. Whitman. P. Galbgcr. K. Davidson. Mr. R. Halverson; Row Two C. Sandberg. T. Buratti. S. Bartholomew. D. Hansen. K. Murphy. C. Mammcl. J. SchafThausen. K. Tierney. P. Costello. T. Costello. F. Phillips. B. Spencer. D. I. angle Is. M. Partridge. R. Snell. Ron Three D Leighton. R Sponscl. L Brocklic. J. Fcvold, C. Stirrat. B. Sweet. M. Milner. S. Mahkev. D. Olson. S. Kenyon. S. Smith. R. I .arson. M Law. C. W ray. B Flynn. Ruh Four G Bartley. J. hllis. L. Wolner. J. Golden. G. Gohdes. J. Scttcrburg. W Buckley. D. Highlander. M Aimers. B Burley, T. Hanskc. B. Swca y. B Burtoy. D. Savory. B. Mooty; Back Row G. Scharrer. B. Gallagher. C. Lund. P Thurow. S. Gresham. D. Johnston. S. Chadwick. D. Dissmeycr. J. Had field. P Grctti. I). Sawyer. S. Peer. B. Dean. T. crull. H. Dragcr. S. Faloon. LAKE CONFER ENCE STANDINGS Richfield Won ... 9 Lost 0 Tic 0 Kennedy ... 7 2 0 Jefferson . 6 2 1 St. Louis Park ... 6 2 1 EDINA ... 5 2 2 Armstrong . 4 5 0 Lindbergh ... 2 6 1 Eisenhower ... 2 7 0 Lincoln ... 1 8 0 Cooper ... 0 8 1 137 After gaining control of the ball. Slew Pfeiffer begins an offensive play by moving the ball down to the Cooper goal.Scott Smith, maneuvering in front of his opponent, blocks an attempted pass, saving a possible scoring opportunity by the opposing team. EDINA 2 0 Lindbergh 2 4 Kennedy 1 1 St. Louis Park 2 0 Armstrong 0 0 Jefferson 0 2 Richfield 8 0 Cooper 2 1 Lincoln 2 I Eisenhower 138 With a surprise move, co-captain Frank Newhouse sneaks through his opponent’s legs to kick the ball to an Edina teammate.VARSITY: Front Row B EngcUma. C. Ccrf. B. Anderson. L. Cerf, K. Hers hey. T. Banks. J. Henry. J. Messier, P. Anderson. Row 2 D. Nissen. K Peddyeourt. D Smith. M. Eustis, R Greywitt. B Greywitt, B. McCambcIl. R. Rischmiller; Row 3 R. Dunham. J. Nipper. D. Ronald. C. Orrben. E. Turner. T. Gunderson. B. Sherman. P. Strothers. Mr. Downey: Rack Row M. Peters. G. Hovde. T. Smith. B. Abjenes. M. Frishberg. J MeC knnon. B Mallard. D. Danielson. J. Everett, Mr. Peterson At the sound of the starter’s gun. Rick Dunham explodes off the starting blocks, getting a good start in his freestyle race. Swimming Tankers Defeat Eisenhower; Win Conference Title Tri-captains: Nipper. Dunham, Ronald “Beat the Midgets" main strength depth and balance ... She ... Mr. Downey, coach “Remember the Alamo" ... many pool records at Lindburgh .. Mr. Peterson, diving coach practices at Valley View 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Bouyant Bob three hour Christmas practices; Monday, Wednesday. Friday “Flush the John!" Lake Conference championship cake from Aqua Nymphs The Pro. Duck. The Troll. Blade. Machine "Aboodc!" trips to St. Cloud and Mankato .. card games in the back of the bus .. close Cooper meet: 48-47 dinner at Mr. Steak after meets Paul Anderson “owner of the team” ... awards banquet at Dunham’s ... tramp award ... exergene award “Gentlemen — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year “You have to go from hurt to pain to agony to be champions’ ... finishing 3rd in state .. 139BSQUAD: Front Roh C. Barton. T. Trusscl. M. Kelly. T. Tiner: Row 2 S. Kenyon, D. W'ippman, VI. Almars. D. Johnston; Back Row — Mr. Sundry. W. Loegenng, D. Peterson. S. Gresham. R. Boyd. C. Reed. LAKECONFERENCE Won EDINA 11 Eisenhower 10 Kennedy 9 Cooper 8 St. Louis Park .. 6 Lindbergh 6 Robbinsdale 5 Jefferson 4 Minnetonka 3 Lincoln ... 2 Armstrong 1 W ayzata ... 1 140 With the finish of the race in sight. Kevin Hershey uses extra adrenalin in increasing his lead over his opponents.With the possibility of first place on a well executed dive. John Hessler performs a half-twist. « « M i ■ % i Swimming Hornets Swim to Third Place Finish In State Swim Meet 63 32 St. Louis Park 62 33 Armstrong 64 31 Lincoln 57 38 John Marshall 63 32 St. Cloud Tech 60 35 Minnetonka 62 33 Lindbergh 39 56 Golden Valley EDINA 62 33 Jefferson 58 37 Robbinsdale 62 33 Mayo 53 42 Eisenhower 60 35 Kennedy 48 47 Cooper 58 37 Highland Park 63 31 Wayzata Keith Peddvcoat makes a good dive and finds himself in good position in the beginning of the race. 141Rich Andres gives an example of the rebounding skills that made him the Hornet's leading rebounder. EDINA 83 53 52 31 69 46 76 43 69 44 66 64 47 49 87 52 60 52 67 48 79 71 60 44 74 59 62 54 77 70 107 53 57 71 65 56 74 59 70 72 Lincoln Wayzata Kennedy Cooper Eisenhower Duluth East Richfield Minnetonka Lincoln Kennedy Armstrong Mound Jefferson St. Louis Park Lindbergh Wayzata Robbinsdale W'hite Bear Lake Minnetonka Eisenhower Using a jump shot perfected by weeks of practice. Tim Dorsey scores another basket against Cooper. 142VARSITY From Ron S. Pul nam, M. Kloih. J. Mielkc; Row 2 Mr. Savrc. S. Smith, J. Roberts. S. Down . J. Miller. S. Williams. T Dorsey. J. Erickson. Mr. Rod-berg; Back Row R. Reis. S Lewis. K. Carpenter. R. Andres. B Lund. L. Woodruff. C. McGrcw. D. Boyd. Basketball Richfield Spartans Break Edina's No Loss Record — Again “Bui I thought practice was at 9:00!’ free-throw marathon "The "hemi" wouldn't start." the green converse “Kyle, do you get to ride home with the varsity boys?" practice from five to eight "Oh. the pain .. " 100 corner to corner "Now like I say boys, like I say " the crew-cut crusader "We’re now going to strive for the next highest plateau: center line!" starters; Miller. Woodruff. Lewis. Andres. Dorsey "Melrose? W ho are they?" ... "duck soup" Duluth game John’s magazine lunch in Hinklcy "Look at the bcav in the second row!" two point loss to Richfield "Way to go Sweet Lew." . . “I would have had a perfect game, if I hadn't missed my first shot." team meetings at Arby’s Arnie the chess champion .. "Drick. I hear you really whomped .. ” .. Thursday film days annual basketball party . spring athletic banquet Lake Conference champions 143 In the midst of the Richfield game. Rich Andres and Jim Miller fight off their opponents to recover an errant shot.Basketball Late in the game, Kyle Carpenter and Rob Reis add to a big lead for the Hornets in their win over Lincoln. Edina, Richfield Tie For Red Lake Conference Title Drick Hovd looks for a teammate to pass to after a drive toward the basket was stopped by four defenders. 144 J-V From Row M. Kloth: Back Row Mr. Savrc. T Roberts. C. Jones. S. Williams. B. Sofclt. J. Beebe. J. Rholl. B Arnold. C. McGrcw. S. Smith, T. Diercks.C-SQVAD: Front Row D. Heim. M Savre. C. Sellncss. D Morgan. R Champ. D. Bo d. C. Hatfield. B Mootv; Row2 D. Lundccn. P. Katclk. C. Jones. T. Pepper. T. Lupc. D. Showers, J. Doepke. R Coleman: Back Row Mr. Juliar. P. Klot-ncr. P. Olson. D. kleve. J. Beebe. T. Peterson. P. Engh. B. Gallagher. Mr. Hammersten. EDINA Lake Conference Red Division Won 14 Lost 2 Richfield 13 3 Minnetonka II 5 Eisenhower . 9 7 Kennedy 5 II Wayzala 3 13 Cooper 1 15 145 Co-captain Lance Woodruff helps Edina control the boards in the Lincoln game by pulling down an offensive rebound.Hockey Hornets Recapture Setting up a power play situation, captain Tim Carlson hopes to center the puck or pass it back to the point man for a shot. State Title With Win Over Roseau Coach Willard Ikola ... young, inexperienced team ... lightning drills Captain Tim Carlson ... Braemar arena and pavilion ... practices every day except Sunday ... Lady Bing ... hockey from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. ... knockers ... hair too long ... “Got your blades?” ... nervous sophomores ... “You! You! You! You!" ... loss at International Falls ... Minneapolis Auditorium . . “One, two, three, clap” .. never enough tape ... Bobby Orr ... broken hockey sticks ... “How can one guy be so tough?” .. McMorrow's fall in his skate guards extra skating at bad practices ... 9 p.m. games .. . Shop Man ... Lake Conference winners ... tied with St. Paul Hill in slate ratings Rookie Neil Young Tim Carlson ... “3:00 bus-McMorrow” ... goalies, Dave Bremer and Jeff Tschernc ... Williamson and Rose ... Curly Schmcrlcr ... “Icing” ... hard checks and sore muscles ... Elbows ... no practice before a game ... a team that works together ... state champions ... 146 VARSITY: Front Row J. Tschcrnc. D. Otness. J. McMorrow. S. Nicland. D. Going. J. Engquisi. D. Bremer; Row 2 R. Wincbcrg. R. Sorcm. D. Bell, T. Nicland. S. Eichorn. D. Finks; Back Row M. Schmunk. Mr. Larson. C. Kelly. R. Cabalka. T. Carlson. Mr. Ikola.Defenseman Charlie Kelly slams a forward into the boards after sweep checking the puck away from the on-rushing center. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won II Lost 0 Tic 2 Richfield ...10 2 1 Eisenhower 10 3 0 Minnetonka .... 8 3 2 Kennedy .... 8 4 1 Robbinsdale .... 6 3 4 Armstrong .... 6 5 2 Jefferson 4 6 3 Lincoln .... 5 7 1 Cooper .... 4 8 1 Lindbergh .... 3 8 2 Wayzata 3 9 1 St. Louis Park .2 10 1 Mound .... 0 12 1 While being checked by a defenseman, Todd Nieland slaps an off-balanced shot behind the goalie. 1473 6 8 8 2 13 4 3 4 2 3 8 8 3 7 3 3 3 5 0 J-V: Front Row S. Wiseman, K. Nugent, J. Hagen. S. Roberts. M. Kelly. T. Anderson. S. Blessing: Back Row Mr. Larson. D. Langfels. D. Loving. J. Baker. L. Carlson. B. Jacobson. T. Becker, S. Smith. 5 Duluth East 2 Jefferson 0 Wayzata 1 Blake 2 St. Paul Johnson 2 St. Francis 5 International Falls 1 Lincoln 3 Eisenhower 0 Southwest 1 Lindbergh 0 St. Louis Park 1 Armstrong 1 Kennedy 2 Mound 3 Minnetonka 1 Richfield 2 Bcmidji 1 Cooper 0 Robbinsdalc With the goalie sprawled on the ice. John McMorrow. Ron Sorem. and Dave Ottness fight with a defenseman for control of the puck.Rick Cabalka fires a backhand shot into the net as Bill Broback fights off a defenseman to flip in a possible rebound. Hockey Victory Over The Spartans Assures Hornets Lake Title Sprawling to the ice to make a leg save, goalie Dave Bremer stops a quick wrist shot. 149 SOPHOMORE: From Row B. Sweet. B Bek toy. C Stirrat. R. Colbert. K Hughes. T. Preston, M. Hurley. B Whiling; Back Row — T. Grotting. D. Ward. R. Nagangask. D. Manyon. D. Hansen. R. Lricson. M. Scan land. J. Kelly. S. Haughland. D. Johnson. R. Pert.Wrestling in the third period of his match, Paul Brown executes a “banana split" on his opponent and attempts to turn him on his back and get him in a pinning position. Wrestling Wrestlers Perform Well in Districts; Two Go to Region Larry Anderson and Jim Miller, co-captains coaches, Mr. Halvorsen and Mr. Matlon ... two-a-day practices . .. “Grab a rope!" ... "Minute to go!" ... cut weight ... skip lunch ... "On the mat by 3 p.m. .. Saturday practices at 9 a.m. ... Fish Award ... son of Verne ... weight-check in the morning ... "Do your dips!” ... “Are you that tired?” ... "I think I’ll throw up!” ... the corner . . Hock ... “Do it my way, now you try it!” ... "Go to class!" ... “Oranges again.” ... "Check your weight before and after practice.” .. Salamander . . . Squitor . "How much is Burke over, now?" . . fresh start . .. “Don’t be watching the clock!" ... "Keep moving.” ... discouraging season ... loo many "almosts" ... John Burke. All-Conference ... Invitational Finalists: Caspers, Mach, Brown. Taney, Anderson and Burke . .. 150 Wrestling in the 165 lb. class, co-captain Jim Milter strives to get out from underneath his opponent and gain an escape.VN orking to get the two points awarded for an escape. Frank Mach struggles to break away from his opponent’s grasp. LAKECONFERENCE STANDINGS Red Division Won Wayzata 6 Richfield 5 Minnetonka 4 Cooper 3 EDINA 2 Kennedy I Eisenhower .. 0 l l RSITY Front Row F Mach T. Whalen, L. Anderson. R. Bohn. P Brown, R Nipper. M. Caspers. J. Burke. T. Taney. J. Miller. J. LundouiM B Turner How 2 L . Dahlin. G Taylor. C. Wray. R Joyce. J. Crow. D Callinan. S Denk. J Balch. B Miller. R Nichols. B Becker R Pert Row J I) Cleg . D. Miller. M Pack a. C. Aultk. E. Johnson. K Seva Id. S. Hamm. D. Burns. M. Aulik. J. Halvor- son P Kalland, C. Gros; Bock Row - T. O'Connell. T. Costello. J. Smith. J. Browning. J. Hawkinson. K. Strathy. G. Strathy, K. Keen- an. Sund. R Moorcr. 151 o Ul U W luVARSITY: Front Row T Bartlett, M. Law, B. Hirsch. M. Bloomquist, P. Bertclvon. T. Miller, D. Olson; Row 2 - Mr Wicsncr. P Spokes. S. Miller, J. White. B. Gubrud. C. Karlik, T. Diehl. M. Harmon. T. Staber. Mr. Beaver; Back Row S. Saxton. T. Rachic. T. Holmes. C. Lund. F. HefTfefinger, D. Sundet. R. Olson. S. Benjamin. J. Sponscl LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Richfield Won 10 Lost 0 EDINA 9 1 Lincoln 8 2 St. Louis Park 8 2 Robbinsdalc 7 3 Lindbergh 6 4 Armstrong 4 6 Cooper 3 7 Kennedy 2 8 Eisenhower 1 9 Jefferson 0 10 Minnetonka 0 10 152 During a cross-country race at Theodore Wirth Park, tri-captain Tom Diehl leads the closely grouped pack.Keeping as near to the poles as possible in an attempt to lower his time, Reed Olson completes the slalom course. Skiing Edina Skiers Finish Third in State; Second in District 3rd in state again ... “Maximum effort to attain our maximum potential" Diehl’s silver medals in districts and state "Good job, buddy!” technique vs. speed coaches. Wiesy and Bcav "I don’t know anything about racing, but - ” percentage loss to Richfield in districts "I just caught a tip!" "Well, when your dealing with professionals ’ Danskins the phantom chair Ml. Normandale "The super hill!" Wiesy and the rude dudes State Talent Show at the Pickwick ... "Hija! Hija! Hija!" green with a purple kicker gap hill .. icicles on Benji’s beard ... "When arc we gonna see some turns?" . .. Schmidt’s downhill slalom course “Peek sets them straight and open." . "Send the truck down!" . Oily’s hill Diehl and Miller to Jr. Nationals in cross country a great season ... “Praise the Lord!" 153 Passing through the final gate and heading for the finish line, Scott Benjamin shows the form that made him Edina’s top slalom skier.Gymnastics During the free exercise competition, Dave tames does a back hand spring, one of the many stunts which make up his routine. Gymnasts Improve In Second Year Of Competition Gymnastics team third year .. coach Bob Hoech-erl ... practices from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. .. assistant coaches, Mr. Munsinger and Mr. Meyer Captain Ron Peterson .. hand stand push-ups .. Chick Brain ... Eames’ broken hand ... events including floor exercise, side horse, trampoline, high bar. parallel bars, tumbling, and rings ... “Let's go. Ringman!” double sets ... Rocket ... routines, routines, and more routines ... video tape machines ... practices with Kennedy . cal-istcnics ... poor attendance at Saturday morning practices ... “Punch it!” ... Roche lifted up to high bar ... sneaking out of practice early ... locked doors ... bus ride songs ... Eames’ fall off the high bar ... parties at Bridgeman’s after meets ... Fischer and Barsaimian hustling girls at away meets .. . dreaded spot disease Northwest Open ... fifth in conference ... VARSITY: Front Row B. Burnett, P. Inner. G. Hopkins. R. Barsumian. J. Nisscn. D. Fischer. D. Olson, C. Roach; Back Row C. Anderson. J. Peterson. T. Smith. M. Cummins. B. Dickey. R. Peterson. G. Skagabcrg, J. Brooks. S. Garrison.Completing his routine on the horse with a loop dismount. Dave Fischer gains important team points for the Hornets. LAKECONFERENCE STANDINGS Armstrong Won 10 Lost 0 Cooper 9 1 Robbinsdale 8 2 Kennedy 7 3 Jefferson 6 4 EDINA 5 5 St. Louis Park 4 6 Lincoln 3 7 Richfield 2 8 Lindbergh I 9 Eisenhower 0 10 Showing perfect form. Ron Peterson executes a hand stand, Ringman Dave Olson performs a back lever, a difficult stunt which a difficult move on the parallel bars. requires a tremendous amount of strength. 155SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Betsy Murphy, secretary; Rick Ellis, president; Jeff Celusta, vice-president; Jim Miller, treasurer. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS: Front Row — T. Holmes, R. Luther. C. Celia, K. Coon. C. Garrett. P. Findley, J. Holm. Back Row — T. Brandow. L. Hart, B. Severson. D. Raasch. S. Canton. P. Maxwell. 158Seniors Time-Worn Seniors Stumble Through The Final Year Groggy from the early morning wakening. Hill Cross tries to wake up before first hour hits him. Discussing important study hall business, Mr. Weber and Mr. Siebel fail to notice the departure of one of their unruly charges. 159Top Ten Grades From Five Semesters Determine Top Ten Scholars Having composed a ballad for English Literature. Nancy Wicker sham and Judy Wippman perform it in front of their class. 160 Postponing their “limitless” calculus. Jean Holm. Dave Houck, and Carla Seiterberg don their engineer’s hats and join Mr. Kedrovsky to celebrate National Model Railroad Week.Clowning around in the orchestra room, Beth Brain uses her know ledge of the violin to try to play the bass while Sue Combs works on a new way to hold her cello. 161 Goddess Mary Joyce Bracken exercises her power from the Latin Club chariot over the mortals.Rosemary A ares tad orchestra Pep Club job at Mr. Steak likes to sew. Sue Louise .-I bra ham son senior women's var- sity Young Life model for fcllcn Moore Agency plans to attend college in Colorado. David Earl Adams job at Clancy's Drug likes to work on cars. Jeanrte Marie Ahmann Y-Tcens job at Murvm Greek. Duncan Edward A Aaron military interests. Ahmet Karim A A toy Antoine job at Fairvicw Southdalc Hospital enjoy racing cars and skin-diving Europeun. 1‘atricia Eern Albrecht writes poetry and short stories enjoys sketching. Gary Thomas AlAire German Club volleyball league Sierra Club job at knollwood Country Club Market likes to hunt. David Laird AIpers German Club intramural football church youth group job at National Pood Store. Walter Raymond Amble job at Radisvon South interested in electronics trip to Europe Charles Phelps Anderson president of Hi-Y cross country gymnastics track German Club president of church youth group. D Aiglas Taut Anderson Civil Air Patrol collects science fiction books. Jeffrey Warren Anderson German Club church choir church group job at OlTsct Printing Inc. Karen Elizabeth Anderson O.fc. Laurie Lu Anderson Student Council F.T.A. Young Life senior women's varsity senior skit vice-president of F B.L F. 111 - League. Lawrence Clark Anderson wrestling co-captain Latin Chi b enjoys ca If-ropi ng. Lynda Lee Anderson plans to be a writer. Stephen Robert Anderum Andy vursity football l-basketball baseball Spanish Club church basketball secretary of International Rigby Association. Vicki Rae Anderson job at Embers likes to horseback ride plans to attend beautician school. Richard Walter Andres varsity basketball intramural football. John Fredrick Andrews church vestry — teaches confirmation plays folk guitar. Nancy Carol Armstrong job at Edina Country Club likes to ski Jeffrey Alan Arne son Arnie job at Flying Cloud Air- port. Mu re He Mary Arnold Cilc job at Edina Country Club enjoys drawing and horseback riding canoe trip in Canuda. 162John Kenneth Ashby tennis treasurer of Hi-Y German Club Youth fellowship. John Martin Ashworth job at Conoco gas station enjoys skiing. James William Atkins intramural football Homecoming publicity Donneybrookc publicity photographer private pilot trip to the Orient. Penny Lee Austin Aqua Nymphs concert band teaches music lessons. Dawn Hailey National Thespians. Jeffrey Everett Bailey varsity football varsity track builds stereo equipment likes to ski. Elizabeth Diane Baker Libby Student Council committee work Grim’s Gress Pilgrim fellowship trip to Hawaii. Jeffrey Schubert Baker varsity tennis hockey team German Club. Janies Charles Balogh Grog — track Explorers Eagle Scout went mountain climbing in Colorado. Peggy Bank collects coins. Jeffrey Richard Barnes Barney Spanish Club works at Jerry's likes cars. Patricia Anne Bames concert band teaches music lessons State Contest award for French horn solo. Seniors Variety In Lengths And Styles Reflect Mood of the Year “But I like it!” exclaims Mr. Anderson when confronted by Sharon While wearing one of the products of the 1970 fashions. 163Finally managing to lift the shovel off the ground. Lynn Tupa struggles against the remains of a recent snow storm. Da id Alex Bar no irip to Europe. Richard icholas Barsamiam varsity gymnastics Latin Club luces to ski. Janellr Marie Bar-thelemy enjoys skiing and sewing. Rae Ann Banhelenty Rae Red Cross Pep Club waitress at Mr. Steak Young Life senior women's varsity Contact known for talking too fast. Da sd Joseph Bausman job at Schmitt Music Park Board hockey bass guitarist in a rock band Debra Ann Beall Derby T. and I job at Fairview Soulhdalc Hospital Job’s Daughters. Roger Charles Beard varsity soccer ski team baseball Y.M.C.A. rifle team job at Olson Bros. Drug. Lynn Janelle Becker German Junior Achicvmcnt Y-Tcens. David Siam Beebe band interested in chemistry. Alice Jean Bregie orchestra Y-Tccns F'.B.L.E. Pep Club Pilgrim Fellowship L.A.C. Edina Historical Society. Eaton Beens Baked works steady on the job moved from Boston. Barbara Lee Beers Pep Club band — G.A.A. Y-Tcens takes dancing lessons 164Seniors Cafeteria Raises Lunch Prices, Food Quality Improves? John Rohm Belfry — golf team plain to attend Arizona State University. Gary Michael Bellair mtr.tmur.il football National Thespians gymnastics track trip to Puerto Rico. Mary Emily Benjamin Missy coronation committee German Chib secretary of Youth Council Job's Daughters Girl Scout Convention chairman I.W'.L.A. Sco11 Lee Benjamin Bcn- jie varsity tennis ski team. Joan Margaret Berg S.O.A. varsity band Forsythe Band job at a pharmacy orchestra. Larry Jaj Berg Track KLHM Radio midget hockey senior league baseball. Ronald Paul Bergee varsity soccer SpanishC'lub I B II I., job at Edina Country Club and at Metropolitan Stadium. Karen Lida Berggrecn worked on a Navajo Indian reservation likes art. Diane Lee Bertoy won awards for golf. William Gwynn Bexon Red Cross senior skit Homecoming co-chairman Dina Lyn Biblm student council debate captain Student Reform National Thespians declamation Optimist Award Who’s Who of American High School Students. Gary Lee Biernai Ace likes tennis. Douglas Kim Bing likes motorcycles, sports cars, and rock festivals. Richard Thomas Bing wrestling Park Board hockey enjoys hunting and fishing. ( raig Thomas Bjorktund church group likes music and art has worked on thcGunflmt Trail. Mark James Black intramural baseball varsity band varsity band hockey. Linda Mane Bloom Y-Teens church youth group enjoys walcrskiing. Mark Arnold Bloomqunt Bloom president of Ski Club A.F.S. worked for real estate company likes building electronic gadgets. Ihxiglass Stanhope Blunt varsity tennis likes "jeeping” spent summer working at ski shop in Colorado and exploring the Rockies. Francis Patrick Btrdine Bo football enjoys hockey runs “Bodinc Arena” likes Boston cream pic. 165Seniors Senior Boys Busy Themselves With Outside Interests Chnitophfr Jon Bohl Red Crow enjoy hunting. Tithing, and skiing likes cleaning busses paints houses. Carey Pierce Bohn — Latin Club varsity wrestling likes water-skiing and parties plays in a group drives the famous red bus. Randall id Hey Bohn varsity wrestling likes food and outdoor sports known for hitting parked Lc Sabres Robert Steven Bonello varsity- football Golden Gloves busing honor- able mention in National Merit Scholarship Qualifying test. Satan dale Bonner Y-Tccn senior women's varsity job at beauty salon enjoys skiing and sewing. Elizabeth Ann Borden Red Cross senior women's varsity Latin Club Young Life enjoys water and snow skiing plays the piano. Leslie Ann Borgman varsity band church choir enjoys playing the guitar and singing likes horse back riding Stephen Arnold Bornhojt Latin Club Sierra Club worked with Arizona Indians International Broom Hockey League. Patrick Martin Boulay Whlgrean orchestra president varsity swimming and track. Alan Brian Battery enjoys hunting and skiing buropcan ski trip Darrell Frederic Boyd Drick Student Council Latin Club varsity football basketball Young Life Pilgrim Fellowship teaches Sunday school. Mary Joyxe Bracken G.A.A. board member Latin Club consul representative to United Nations workshop Homecoming Coronation committee likes math pu zlcs and astronomy. Linda Marie Bradley Student Council Images Young Life Quill and Scroll Girls' Stale representative. Beth Ann Brain orchestra conccrtmistrcss church council on ministries and children's council teaches violin two state awards for violin playing William Robert Brain l-ball football and softball enjoys hiking and camping. Todd Brandow Student Council Ski team track Hi-Y National Merit Semi-final-ist captain of “C" squad of cross country team. Elizabeth Marion Bricker Y-Tcens F.T.A. drill team at Sandy Springs High School worked at Sun Newspapers Young Life enjoys golf plans to get a teaching degree. Kurt Richard Bringgold. Nancy Lynn Broback Y-Teens receptionist at real estate office likes skiing and hockey games plans to attend St Cloud State College. William Arthur Broback Varsity hockey enjoys playing golf 166"Isn't that sweet?” exclaim members Randy Morris. Curt Blandin. Todd Brandon. Jim Miller, Tom While, and Bob MacPhail as they ham it up during one of their Esoteric Few meetings. Jeffrey Allen Hnmkt Spanish Club varsity gymnastics Pilgrim Fellowship L.A.C. enjoys playing the guitar and water and snow skiing Jerome Edward Brooks Jerry varsity gymnastics Pilgrim Fellowship L.A.C enjoys skiing and sailing spent five weeks traveling in Europe. Sherrie Lou tiros Red Cross senior women's varsity Young Life enjoys skiing tiexvr-ly Ann Brown moved from St. Louis Park — Library Club as junior. Carol Patrice Buchanan Red Cross senior women's varsity likes hockey and snowmobiles very distinctive laugh. Diane Mane tiuckte Latin Club nurses' aide at General Hospital many camping trips at Madeline Island. Ellen Michelle Burke Human Relations Week youth chairman Northsidc Settlement Services active in politics Guthrie drama workshops known for queer laugh and Wizard of O imitations. Kevin Burke T. and I. enjoys skin diving and mountain climbing. Raney Ann Burke Pep Club French Club works at Mr. Steak likes waterskiing. David William Hums T. and I. job as machinist at Roberts Automotive likes cars and motorcycles. Shelley Marie Burns Y-Teens Spanish Club orchestra Hi-League. Jonathan Mark Burris Burr Student Council president football track German Club Human Relations committee enjoys skiing and hunting. 167During a twenty lap enduro trial, top regional racer Bob Frey “hits the dirt" in his all terrain vehicle. Seniors Senior Boys Enjoy Car Racing, Compete In Endurance Trials Michelle Denise Butter Shell) Contact group senior women’s varsity skit enjoys skiing. Rick John Caba ka — Student Council soccer baseball — I-ball Young Life Junior class vice-president life guard Christine Marie Cattanan Student Council senior women's varsity Teen Corps church youth group loves snow skiing. Robert Thomas Catkin — Student Council Senate varsity tennis skiing member of Esoteric Few. Dennis Martin Callinan Thespians w restling treasurer of Chess Club as junior Boy Scouts. Thomas Warren Campbell intramural tennis Luther League officer — enjoys skiing and sailing. Steven Paul Canton Student Council German Club marching und concert band Hi-Y National Merit Semi-finalist. Marianne Cargill Latin Club Spanish Club varsity band National Thespians enjoys skiing and driving her "pig" around. Rita Rente Carlotto works at Children’s Theatre Company plans to move to cast coast after high school. Charles Arthur Carlson organ player for rock band “Birth” — financial administrator for German Club — likes music and plays guitar, flute, and piano. Cheryl t.u Carlson Y-Tccns church youth group enjoys traveling. David Allen Carlson worked at a garden lot enjoys football games won a yachting race in Wacnchalie. Texas. Elizabeth Ann Carlson Home Ec Club Pep Club "Grand Canyon” laugh. Holly Chrtume Carlson Aqua Nymphs senior women's varsity enjoys skiing and swim- ming. Steve Alan Carlson Spanish Club T. and I job as ordcrlic at Fairview Southdalc Hospital enjoys skiing. Timothy Wayne Carlson captain of hockey team varsity football enjoys all sports. 168Eric Rolfe Carlton likes building and racing motorcycles. Laurence William Corolla Student Council vicc-prestdcni Homecoming and Charity Week co'chairman as junior church choir and youth council known for "good morning Edina” was assistant manager and d.j. of KUHM Radio. Kyle Matthies Carpenter Student Council treasurer varsity basketball and truck German Club Young Life. Robert Bruce Car-roll co-ordinator at St. Patrick’s church enjoys judo job at Snyder’s. Raul Patrick Carter varsity football Latin Club treasurer enjoys hunting and hockey. David Keith Cassidy "Butch’’ plans a trip to California. Sandra Catherine Cecere Spanish Club senior women’s varsity Contact works at Holiday Inn senior skit. Catherine Ann Celia French Club Y-Tccns chapter vice-president Teen Corps National Merit Finulist Contact — dental assistant. Jeffrey Robert Celusta Student Council senior class vice-president varsity football Curtis Fredrick Cerf likes scuba diving and daydreaming. Cynthia Ann Chadwick Y-Tcens D.E. at Gager's likes snowshoc-ing canoe trip to Canada Barbara Ann Champ A.F.S. Club Spanish Club mixed choir Sunday school teacher at St. Stephen's Church. Elisabeth Mary Childs Betsy senior women's varsity Young Life — trip to Fort Lauderdale over Easter vacation Randy Lee Christenson Red Cross varsity ski jumping hitch-hiked to Seattle South-dale Union 76. Roberta Carol Church Bobbie varsity band girl's varsity band hockey team. Cynthia Joan Clapp "Clapper” Y-Tccns chapter coordinator Methodist Youth Fellowship First Minneapolis National Bank youth advisory council Youth Outreach committee Snyder's Timothy John Clark cook at Dclaria's Restaurant plays guitar likes motorcycles. Ann Eileen Clausen — concert band orchestra ensemble award in state contest — shows her horse in competition — teaches clarinet lessons. Barry Ferree Clegg “Zeus" Latin Club German Club varsity debate Red Cross Ann Christine Clothier likes the outdoors. Kathleen Ann Coffey German Club — cashier at Gulf Station enjoys radio broadcasting plans include Normandalc Junior College. Chuck Cole known for his terrific sense of humor full of laughs. Kathleen Angela Coleman Home Ec Club Young Life senior women's varsity Contact Ski Club. Chris Ian Combs Intramural football concessions manager sings in a folk group - trip to Europe 169Dorothy Susan Comb Sue German Club senior women's varsity secretary- treasurer of orchestra chemistry lab aide. Charity Kendall Compton varsity soccer and baseball Spanish Club l-ball plays broom hockey college at Kansas State University. Susan Dixon Con tin Red Cross Young Life worked for a psychiatrist plans to go into nursing. Patrick James Connolly Park Board hockey snowmobiling St. Cloud College Stephen John Cook works at Edina Chicken. Linton Ann Cooley Lynn Hornettes Student Council Young Life ski trip to Colorado Katherine Charlene Coon National Merit Semi-finalist concert and varsity band likes drawing, mysterious footprints. Michael William Cooper "Coop” Bringgold Meat Market in the rock group "Birth" likes music, guitars Jennifer Rae ( orrea Y-Teens chapter president and chapter coordinator Young Life Campaigners French Club senior women's varsity Mary Cynthia Cony Cindy likes water and snow skiing looking forward to a trip to Brazil this summer. Wayne Edward Coulllard mechanic for Village of Edina auto races plans for vocational training. Sana Kay Coyne — concert band award teaches clarinet attended High School Musicians Project. Mary Ann CroonquiU varsity cheerleader for junior sear works at Gigi skiing and goll fan. William Clayton Cross Student Council alternate William Sort Crouch Latin Club Luther League honorable mention at Science Pair spent his summer laying underground sprinklers Leonard Vincent Crowley varsity debate declamation honors sarcastic humor. Michael Kjorlang Cummings varsity gymnastics National Thespians fall play — went to Europe with Y.M.C.A canoe trips in Sweden. Carol Enman Cummins. Mary Elizabeth Curtin Red Cross service project co-chairman senior women's varsity Big Sister Program. Donna Carol Dahblrom Hornettes church choir Homecoming court job at Thorpe Bros Realty Rodney Leroy Dalen varsity truck German Club E Club worked as a cub softball coach - school at University of Tc as. Linda Diane DalldorJ Y-Tecns works at Met Sports Center und Stadium bowling league Saddle Club hopes to attend St. Olaf. Deborah Darnels Y-Teens Outdoor Club Schmidt MusicCompany well known procrastinator. Richard John Danielson varsity swimming church order of St John representative Mankato State College jobut Shopper's City. 170Seniors Playgrounds And Parks Still Hold Seniors' Interests Wylt Danimal Beast enjoys football and wrestling plans on a career in oology. Sandra Joan Davidson Y-Teens organist choir plans to attend Normnndalc Junior College for pre-dentistry. James Jeffrey Davis plays the guitar. Catherine Rebecca Deeds Buzzette Y-Tccns F.B.L.E. girl's chorus enjoys painting plans include nurses' training. Kathryn Mary Deere Home Ec Club senior women's varsity Young Life ski trip to Colorado Campaigners Olson Bros. Richard Carl Denting Red Cross varsity tennis hopes to go into medical research. Donna Sue de Moya varsity band Young Life candystriper worked in New Jersey. Lynn Marie Demuth — French Club Ski Club Young Life - Campaigners senior women's varsity. I7| While climbing on a rustic log stockade at a nearby park. Anne Felker and Dave Westman give each other a hand.Jeanne Pauline Denison marching band — A.F.S. Club G.A.A. volunteer work at Northwestern Hospital job at Biltmorc Motel Pen Pals, David William Denks D.b. at Bachman's won two art awards hopes to study orthodontislry. Harhara Sue Denker Buzzelie Young Life Y-Teens known as a scatterbrain Barbara Louise Deronde Buzzeiie Young Life. Seniors Students, Despite School Pressures, Find Time to Laugh Still laughing, junior Mark Dolezal obviously has not yet found what it is like to be a senior. Junta Machado De Sales A.F.S. exchange student from Brazil Spanish Club French Club Home be Club has two more years of high school left in Brazil Darcy Lynn Devereaux Y-Tecns Young Ljfc girl's choir A F.S. Club Job's Daughters treasurer of Teen-age Republicans. Gayle Mane Devroy Y-Tecns O.H. at Edina Slate Bank. Aarm Die enbach — Gcr-manClub Aqua Nymphs. Thomai John Diehl Dick Homecoming court Student Council Senate co-captain of cross country tri-captain of skiing varsity track Esoteric Few. Dennis Gregory Diessner job at Whitehall Clothiers spent summer hitchhiking around the country. Paul Douglas Dinyer Hi-Y plans include U. of M. and Air Force. John Arthur Dixon canoe trip down St. Croix during summer likes hunting. 172Kevin Let Dobhelmann Radio Club choir Homecoming skit pipe organ fiend. Money Jean Due orchestra Y-Tcens chapter president National Merit Letter of Commendation job at Howard Johnson's. Mark Alan Doepke "Big Swede" varsity band German Club I-ball varsity band hockey team and all-star softball team. Morberi Stanley Domek "Dubcckcr" Park Board hockey Volks-A-Cuda. Patricia Anne Donahue Red Cross service co-chairman Home tc Club senior women's varsity likes whoppers Madia Danchenko Whigrean German Club University Balkan folk dancing plays piano and mandolin. Ann Mane Donnelly Red Cross french Club Young Life senior women's varsity. Janie Dae Dop Red Cross - Pep Club — Spanish Club music scholarship to Michigan State University. Don Charles Dornacker job at Snyder's likes Gypsy and Neil Young hates cold weather Timothy Paul Dorsey Tim varsity basketball job at Braemar Golf Course Kavlynn Douy a It Doogs senior women's varsity Red Cross memorable trip to Atlanta. Sharon Mane Doug hern Y-Tcens senior women's varsity Art Chib Red Cross trip to Spain. Julia Cadv Douglas drives a tank spent summer in California plans include Colby Junior College in New Hampshire Dale Stuart Dow "Broadway" concert band. Stephen Michael Downs varsity basketball Hi-Y band backpack trip in Montana. Christopher Michael Doyle district audio visual work likes to scuba dive plans include a career in law AnnaMaria Drago A.F.S. Club French Club Latin Club A.F.S. student from Italy plans include modern languages and mediane in college. Janna Melissa Dreher Student Council church M.Y.F. Y- Teens chapter president. Diehard Edward Dunham "Machine" varsity swimming for three years waterpolo captain of swim team Donald Duane Duntley German Chib- church choir usher at the Met. Shelley Louise Duoos president of A.F.S. Chib Prom and Homecoming committees Young Life church choir Red Cross. William Waller Duraru! tiuzzelle Who grean job at Bachman's photographer. William Hollum Eherle Lakeshorc Rod and Gun Club Homecoming skit summer home on Gull Lake. Andrea Carol Ecan-omot Andy Y-Tcens job at Heritage Manor National Poetry Press Writing Award. 173Stark Edwin Edstrom ‘Lud" — church outh group job at Red Owl. Kathy Louise Edwards senior women’s varsity Young Life plans include University of Wisconsin. Sven Aarne Eelma debate team German Club likes painting and modern sculpture. Thomas Joseph Egan Tim played Park Board and school hockey always says "heavy" trips to Donneybrookc. Richard Ray Ellis Student Council varsity soccer Homecoming court — ski team E-Club Hi-Y president of senior class. Joanne Carolyn Engel Jodie Y-Teens — president of church youth group church choir. Barbara Jo Engehma likes snow and water skiing. Bruce William Engels• ma swim team Spanish Club A.A.U. swimming Canadian swim trips. Frank Sided, Carol Peer. Kick Thiele, and Cindy Clapp go to great lengths to break the monotony of the long school day. Jane Carol Engstront Young Life senior women's varsity job at Medical Building. Michael John Erdull varsity baseball Park Board hockey trips to Donneybrookc. Robert Leonard Erdall job at Typhoon Carwash spent summer working for the village. Jerry Allan Erickson varsity football and basketball tried out with the Pittsburgh Pirates during summer. Jon Edgar Erickson "Jumpin’’ Radio Club orchestra plays the bass guitar in a band. John Allen Ericson — varsity track l-ball and J.V football plans include college in Arizona. Joel Victor Erlandson marching and varsity band Radio Club Eagle Scout job at the Cumclot. Mark Arthur Eustis varsity swim team German Club Eagle Scout worked at an apartment complex last summer 174Seniors The Scene in the Cafeteria Is Often Very Surprising Douglas William Evans Dcr Vcrcin-Hi-Y secretary l-ball cook at Howard Johnson's. Scott Timothy Evans spent summer working on a ranch in Wyoming swimming enjoys skiing. Jane Rae Evenson I'cp Club Y-Tccns — church choir. Inta Faick prevaricatcr known for her many impersonations has varied interests. Kirsten Louise Faith Kiki Homecoming court co-captain of Horncllcs scholarship at Minnesota Dance Theatre and School Claudia Ruth Earle) Anita Margrette Fauseh Nila Home He Club spent summer working at a resort Patricia Ann Fee senior women's varsity Young Life works at Dayton’s triptoCanada. Anne Elt:aheth Felker Buzzelle Spanish Club Art Club G.A.A. Lynn Louise Fellman Student Council Aqua Nymphs Ruzzette plans on u career in art. Sancy Claire Ftvold Y-Tccns Latin Club A.F.S. Club usherette at Metropolitan Stadium. Peggy June Findley Fins Whigrean National Merit Finalist Miss Hdina Pageant Red Cross Y -Teens. Anne Elizabeth Finloysan Student Council A.F.S. Club Spanish Club church teen council. David James Fisher varsity gymnastics church group likes to ski and golf. John Eliot Flynn Student Council intramural softball plays hockey. Douglas Keith Follestad varsity football skiing trip to Colorado. Cunts L,lnurd Forslund varsity soccer church basketball and youth council president of Order of St. John. Jean Louise Forsythe marching and concert band orchestra church youth group and choir secretary ut Forsythe headquarters “A" rating for solo at state music contest enjoy riding her horse. Mark Charles Fossum football job at Bracmar golf course. Jim West Foster bass player for rock band “Birth" plays drums and composes music — enjoys playing hockey. 175Sandra Lee Foxier Red Cross Aft Club G.A.A. Pep Club Starcraft Campers Club plans to work in district print shop at high school. Nancy Anne Fox Y-Teens French Club candyslnper. Kevin Robert Frank takes Hying lessons enjoys music and camping. Stephen Stillman Fra why Student Council golf skiing soccer — Hi-Y Contact Spanish Club enjoys coin collecting. Stark U'llliam Frederick Student Council church youth group senior patrol leader in Boy Scouts Order of Arrow in Scouts enjoys camping. Stark Olmsted Freeman — "Bomb" music theory teaches guitar and play other musical instruments known for getting dressed while standing on his head. Karri Lee Freudenthal senior women's varsity Young Life Mi-League Campaigners. Joseph Roger Frey enjoys hunting. fishing, and camping works at the fcdi-na Country Club. Robert Connell Frey International Kart Federation Viking racing team National All Terrain Vehicles Association has won two trophies at Lake City A.T.V. race. Curtis (iorden Frkh cook at Mr. Steak T. and I likes working on cars and motorcycles. Thomas Frick owns recording agency interested in cars and electronics enjoys waterskung. Richard Anthony Friedrichs Park Board hockey enjoys hunting and fishing Young Life Linda Lou Frohhach Whigrean — Y-Teens chapter president Sunday school teacher Pilgrim Fellowship school and church choir. Sandra Jean lucks enjoys swimming and traveling plans to attend a beautician school after high school. Fherhard John Fuhr John band Latin Club — plays trombone in soul-rock group. Yoshiko Fujita A.F.S.cr from Japan known for "chirping" when excited enjoys embroidering. reading, and cooking. Bradley Adams Fuller tennis team Hi-Y chapter president church youth group enjoys stamp collecting. Brian Kevin Fuller Rupert I) L job at St. Paul Stationery Contact. David John jaasedelen Latin Club National Merit $emi-finil!ist private pilot. James Robert Gaasedelen Latin Club god Private pilot enjoys collecting stamps and coins. Kathleen Roseaim Gammell Y-Tccns Ji.T.A.I.K.S. won a ribbon in ceramics enjoys sewing Sally Jeanne Gammon D.E. job at Miaco incorporated likes sewing and skiing. Steven Faul Gammon Laglc Seoul church choir works at Jerry's. Catty Randal! Garrett Carrolt chccrlcading co-captain Young Life National Merit Semi-finalist homecoming queen. 176Seniors Business Flourishes When Enterprising Students Organize data Jean Gehring H orncttes home- coming attendant "favorite fan of hatchet man". Gregory William Ciensch Student Council varsity football varsity baseball — bead of church youth group. Paul Gerard Geppen Gimpo works at Red Owl enjoys hunting and fishing plans to take a cross-country motorcycle trip after high school. Cynthia Lynn Gerrie Home Ec Club Y-Teens enjoys reading. Thomas Jeffrey Gen: Y M.C A. track awards enjoys painting took u motorcycle trip to Montreal. Susan Antoinette GenaI Young l ife Pep Club Spanish Club job at Edina Theater sews her own clothes Michael Anthony Giambruno Bruno intramural baseball Park Board hockey and baseball job at Jerry's hitchikcd to New York in a record time of thirty-six hours. Patrick Louis Giamhrurui Mcll Jr. intramural baseball job at Lund's enjoys playing hockey. Gaining business experience, Vicky Jordan, Phil Pollack. Mary Mooney, and Jean Quinlivan make bread for Junior Achievement. 177Gloria (mil Gibson French Club Y-Teens Pilgrim Fellowship likes sewing and water-skiing. ttrad Arnold Gilbertson Beta Spanish Club Big Brothers program enjoys skiing. Robb Shaker Gilman golf crosscountry Pilgrim Fellowship Sports World Ski and Scuba. Thomas Inihonv GindarJJ football works at Kadisson South and lulinu Country Club likes hunting and working on classic cars. Robert Peter Gisselbeck Giss football Student Council Radio Club enjoys skiing and hunting David Arthur Glessntr works at Super America likes skiing and hockey. Louise Michele Gohtke Y-Teens Red Cross French Club O.E. Sunday school teacher ski racing ribbons. Mark Steven Gottsucker (iotts Young I ife worked at Mr. Steak Cynthia Ann Graves Horne lies Red Cross Contact enjoys skiing. David Gerald Gray varsity football und track l.uthcr l eague council enjoys fly-fishing. Frederick William Green D.t. job as orderly at Texatonka Nursing Home lab assistant church youth group. Stephanie Sot! Green concert band orchestra tier- man Club Prior I akc Water Ski Association state music contest solo a w ard. Anna Maria Dr ago takes advantage of a beautiful fall afternoon to get outside and wash the car. 178Seniors While the Weather Holds, Students Enjoy the Outdoors Michael Lloyd Greenan j-v football and Student Council at Farmington High School in Michigan Fxplorer Scout works at Super America Patricia Ann Greene likes horses. Thomas Scon Greenwich Grccnic Slick'em Whigrean Kcd Cross Bliz- zard Ski Club art lessons at Minneapolis Institute of Art. Ann Jane lie Greer Buz-zeite A.F.S. Club Y-Teens Pep Club enjoys any w ater sport Kathryn Jane Greig sicc-prcwdcnt of Y-Tccns chapter Pilgrim Fellowship job at Target. Andrea Bergine Grenell "big sister" for north Minneapolis girl job at Dayton's. Pamela Ellen Crewe waterskiing instructor at summer resort likes to horseback ride. Robert Charles Grey win varsity swimming track. Slewi William GrIJfen Griff varsity football Latin Club Park Board hockey. Mary Ann Griffiths Annie Student Council Senate Images Hu:zette Young Life Quill and Scroll Judy Gail Grzeskowtak likes music. Kathleen Sue Habighorsl varsity band Hi-Y Gcr-manClub works at Snyder’s Drug Susan Kaye Had Y-Tccns G.A.A. French Club job at Arthur’s Restaurant camping trip to Porcupine Mountains in Michigan enjoys painting. Clay Hadley likes to ride motorcycles. Kim Vernon Hage-man job at Hopkins Nursing Home. Nancy Christine Hagen National Ski Patrol Hoigaards ski instructor skiicd in National Water Ski Tournament in Ohio. Linda Sue Hagmeter French Club Y-Tecns Homecoming committee enjoys horseback riding. Michael Edward Hale varsity band won first place in District Industrial Art Fair likes to ski. Bradford Page Hanes Red Cross Pilgrim Fellowship church choir plays the guitar. Charles Robert Hansen likes to hunt 179Eric 'aimer Hansen student council — varsity football track president varsity band basketball Prom co-chairman Young Life Pilgrim Fellow ship Jon Eric Hansen intramural football basketball softball. David William Hunvke Lgg band job at Bracmar Golf Course. Diana Sue Hanson trip to Cape Cod. Barbara Jean Harding F'.T.A. Y-Tcens A.F.S. Club church group likes to ski Richard .and Hart Laird Student Council dramatics National Merit Finalist Images on the Wind varsity debate awards for poetry. Rick Michael Hartmann job at Koss Paint. Bruce Kevsn Hanger varsity ski jumper varsity band taught at Arrow head Music Camp Ten Kay Haugland Buzzelle president of Y-Tcens A.F.S Club treasurer of Spanish Club Pep Club council job at Haugland’s for the Young Sunday school teacher. Gregory Charles Hauser Latin Club Park Board hockey baseball couch for the Park Board. Henry Wallace Haver-stock football Math Club — Spanish Club National Thespians church group paper boy scouts. Nuncy Clark Haw Y-Teens F T.A. volunteer at Methodist Hospital — churchgroup M.M.T.A. Thomas Howard Hawk wrestling National Merit Finalist Jack Elmer Hawkmson — wrestling baseball trip to California. Chrniopher Scott Hayhoe varsity football varsity baseball president of Spanish Chib — Hi-Y Young Life — church basketball. William Dunn Haymaker Contact — hitchhiked through Canada. Lynn Marie Hazelton job at Gagers — likes to sew. Erie Totton lle jeljinger vice-president of choir played guitar and sang at the “Scholar" hitchhiked across turope. Mark William Helnhoekel German Club. Mary Louise Hemes Mimi D.E job at Dayton's princess for Miss South Minneapolis— Homecoming court. Susan Mary Heinrich Homecoming committee Pep Club — trip to the Bahamas. Sigmund John Hellr Sig German Club ski team apprentice carpenter janitor trips to Europe. Peter William Hemp — football Park Board hockey likes cars. Susan Kay Hempel Y-Tccns Home Ec Club Homecoming committee church choir N.E.T. Team Up With People 180Seniors Girls Also Find Satisfaction In Competitive Sports In spite of the limited number of competitive athletic programs for girls, Laura Mitchell breaks tradition with award winning diving techniques. Michael Hendricks tennis head usher at Cinema I and II canoe trip through Canada enjoys sports. Richard Henry Hendrickson Zeke D.E. handball trip to California. Maureen Herefit Id Boo T and I. job at Fairview Southdatc Hospital enjoys watcrsknng. Norene Henejield 1 and I - trip to California John Henry Hesseter diving team job at Camclol Heih Carol Hesierman German Chib church youth group Sunday school teacher teaches piano plans to uttend l.uthcr College. Marshall Using Hewiti Mark T. and I job at Park Pet Animal Hospital. Robert Hold Hines usher at Southtown Theater plays guitar William ( haries Hirsch varsity ski team Spanish Club. William Michael Hirsehey Maintenance engineer. C laudia Ruth Hitchcock shows quarter horses likes to ski. hwy Anna-Karin Hjelm A.F.S.cr from Sweden Choral Club scactury of Swedish Student Council likes dancing and skiing plans on a career in medicine 181Lori Rachel H oaglu nd Y-Teens vice- president of church youth group likes to ski. Alice Wilkinson Hook French Club Council Y-Teens Young Life senior women's varsity F.T.A. Pilgrim Fellowship Sunday school teacher. Jeffrey Man Hogan son job at Jerry's. Carol Lea llok- anion choir — president of Luther League Saddle Club church choir. Krlss Ann Holie Y-Teens Young Fife senior women's varsity likes to ski. Jean Elizabeth Holm Yuette Y-Teens — German Club G.A.A senior women's varsity National Merit Finalist league bowling Pep Club council. Robert l.mtis Holmes enjoys mathematics. Russell Da- vid Holmes likes to write. Todd (iunnar Holmes ski team National Merit Finalist Bli vard Rainbow instructor. Gary Ernest Hopkins House of Representatives varsity gymnastics Hi-Y church youth group Edina Historical Society instrumentalist in church choir piano awards. David Walter Houck church youth group National Honor Society. Greg Clark Ho dt' Fggic varsity swimming works for Fldina Park Board. Taking a minute to reflect in one of the few quiet spots in school, Eric He fel inger and Heidi Schelihas stand outside the cafeteria after lunch. 182Seniors Finding a Quiet Place to Stop Is a Definite Challenge Mars trances Howard Horne tic % Y- Tccns I atin Club officer senior women's varsity. Mary Inn Pennant Howell German Club Russian C lub Folk Music Club Choral Club church discussion leader Robert Alan Huggins Sunday schoolteacher broad jumping dune bug- gy racing team. Elizabeth Ann Hughes LatinClub Y-Tcens Young l ife Pep Club council senior women's varsity Hi-Lcugue. Patrick Joseph Hughes painted houses all summer likes hunting and fishing ski trips. Patrick James Hurley “Flame" Latin Club trip to F.uropc last summer likes hunting. Janet Lee Inman senior women's varsity waitress at Brother's Rev taurant trips to Donncybrookc Larry Dean Isersen T. and I. trip to Canada spends spare time working on cars plans tocniistin the Air Force. Thomas Bruce Iverson student advisor of Spanish Club Bo Scout piano accompaniment for choirs known for Spanish skits. Candice Elizabeth Jackson Candy T. and I. physical therapy aide hopes to attend School of Radiological Technology Anne H Hli orJ Jacobs D.E known for her hair Kathleen Ann Jacobs F.T.A. Home Ec Club trips to California likes Southwest State College. Louis Francis Jambois varsity football rigby. Jay Christopher Jensen Herman trip to Mungcr bear hunting. Susan Mane Jensen G.A.A. Archery Club National Ski Patrol job at Lund's. Christine ManeJerpbak A.F.S. Club LatinClub church choir Young Life usherette at Met Center and Stadium. Mary Patricia Jeuh "Biddy” Red Cross senior women's varsity Young Life Blizzard Ski Club works at Valley View Drug. Elizabeth Ann Joas "Lizard" Y-Tccns senior women's varsity job at Donaldson's trip to Jumaica Barbara Ann Johnson Whigrean Latin Club orchestra Y-Tccns state rating in piano church youth group. Barbara Diane Johnson church choir and youth group job at Dayton's trip to New York City 183SgniQr? The Lunchroom Is A Great Place to Admire the Scenery Beth Robert Johnson band Grim Grcss church group likes canoeing. David Arlen Johnson judo trip to England. Jeon Ann Johnson Whtgrean gymnastics Latin Club proconsul — Contact group National Merit Letter of Commendation teacher's aide job at Dayton's. Jane Victoria Johnson Red Cross French Club council Blizzard ski instructor. Kirk Marvin Johnson Red Cross Park Board hockey and baseball plans include Air Force Academy, l.vnn dale Johnson Y-Tccns German Club Junior Achievement college at U. of M. Sancv Louise Johnson D.E. mixed choir job at Clancy's plays twelve string guitar trips to Mexico Randolph Roy Johnum Johns varsity baseball bowling league. Susan Kav Johnson Whigrean Aqua Nymph vice-president Reel Cross summer in Tennessee with Teen Corps ski instructor at Hoigaard's. Virginia Theresa Johnson Ginny vursity band Spanish Club orchestra Miss Edina Pageant. Donna Jeanne Johnston Red Cross Y-Teens chapter vice-president senior skit senior women’s varsity two weeks on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. Kristine Mary Jondaht O.E. at Edina Village Hall collects records trip to Hawaii. Robert Thomas Jones Joncsy Student Council varsity football job at Bracmar. Patricia Ann Jordan Big Sister YMCA camp counselor great parties. Catherine Ann Joschko Latin Club — Y-Tccns — stranded in Europe for two weeks Pilgrim Fellowship. Mark Anthony Kalscheuer "Roman'' cook for nuns at Our Lady of Grace swimming awards for Sports and Health Club plays guitar hopes to become a radio disc jockey music fan. Barbara Lee Karr A.F.S. Club senior women’s varsity Young Life Hi-Lcague church choir camp counselor. Patricia Lee Kasper maid at Fairvicw Southdalc Hospital. Kathleen Marie Kavanaugh concert band Choral Club "A” rating in stale band contest "Million Dollar Band" “The Band on Wheels” composite horoscope for entire concert band Phi! A. Kavity Fang plans logo intodemstryPaula I. vrw Keller Partner concert band Ldina Players Mckahga Camp Council. Kathleen Mane Kelley F B.L.t. Gcr-man Club Y-Teens works at Holiday Inn. Todd Rankin Kellogg Latin Club track cross country works at Ldina Chicken senior skit. Charles branch Kelly varsity hockey football. Silling on the ledge during a busy lunch hour, seniors Todd Staher. Pete Gissel-beck. Bob Jones, and Tim O' Neil concentrate on the bodies going by. John Paul Kennedy pluns to attend Nor-mandalc Jr. College. Kathryn Sula Kennedy Y-Teens French Club A.F.S.Club usherette at Metropolitan Sports Center Mary Lauis Kerker O.L. Grims Gress Campus Crusade plans to study theology. Don Key Kicker known for his temper and stubborness a complete fool. Hill John Kidd B J. football golf canoe trip to Canada enjoys hunting and skiing. Robert Cummins K lejjer Kief trip to Mungcr banana shoes "Yea". Todd Deforest Kindem Red National Ski Patrol enjoys skiing and playing the guitar canoe trip to Sawbill Trail. Daud Malcolm King job at Bernie's MacPhail Youth Orchestra trip to Arizona. 185Gwendolyn A inning job at Swiss Chalet Buffet likes to ski plan to attend St Cloud. Diant Mane Kintop waitress at Mr. Q's Junior Achievement worked and drove for leukemia enjoys riding motorcycles. Barbie Mable Kinzie Contact L. A.C. job at Bachman's. Sandra Lee Kis- er Russian Club church choir Seniors Students Find Study Hall Atmosphere Greatly Stimulating "Late to bed. early to rise, makes you yawn and close your eyes" seems to hold true for Pal Bodine. Philip l.uiher Kjos Ralph varsity band orchestra job at Village Hall state high school music award - hopes to major in music at U. of M. Melanie Jo Klein Y- Teen church youth group worked for a computer company. Barbara Doroth} Kteven Y-Tccn G.A.A letter concert band hope to attend St. Olaf. Da sn Maureen Kluster orchestra church group summer in Holden Village. Craig Arthur Klucos hockey enjoys hunting works at Super America. Kernilt Kyle Kneen kerky deck hand on Missis- sippi River studies dim-mak plans to study law Deborah Manuel Knips Pep Club Y-Tccns M.T.F worked at Heritage Nursing Home. Doe Knut Cookie well rounded personality a real cream puff. 186Barbara Jo Koch concert band Red Cross French Club Y-Tccns chapter president Young Life senior women's varsity trip to Tennessee with Teen Corps Mary dull Kos mas Bean trips to Bloomer. Wisconsin. Virginia Ann boss Ginny Buzzette photographer P.F. — Mr Gavin's trip to Europe. Susan Marie Kovack A.F.S. - French Club band camp counselor — band awards. Patricia Diane A rah! one of the "Bobbscy Twins". Sam Sidney Kraker Spanish Club — Ecumenical Coffeehouse Mi-League plans to attend the University of Oklahoma. Jon Edward Krapu Psychology Club church youth group likes snowmobiles plans to study psychology. James Robert Krausch works at Pets Unlimited David Wayne Krekelberg varsity wrestling works at Target Babe Ruth League enjoys writing poetry Mark Robert Kremer hockey job at European Health Spa likes cars. Bruce Gordon Kresova. Barbara Carol Kriesel French Club German Club Pilgrim Fellowship works at Dayton’s - spent summer in Europe Barbie Kue known for her parties plans on a career in home economics. William George KumpJ works ut Swiss Chalet likes seagulls David Jonathan l.anghoh photographer for Whigrean and Buzzette president of church youth group editor of a column in Sun Newspapers co-editor of Zakiarhc Park Board Hockey. Kathleen Ann Larkin Kate — Job at Southdalc Pet Hospital shows her horse. Kenneth LeRoy Larsen Lenn enjoys singing with rock bunds. Todd Marlow Larsen Office Education program building a drag racing car enjoys skiing. Dean Robert Larson job as cook at Dayton's Valley View room enjoys photography, music, and the outdoors. Thomas Francis I.a Vine Fugle Scout likes Corvettes and his Charger R T enjoys skiing and flying. Wendy Ann Lawrence Spa Latin Club senior women's varsity — Job’s Daughters — Red Cross Players trip to Scandinavia I.eeAnn Louise Leak Red Cross senior women's varsity F.B.L.E. Sharon Ann Leek Aqua Nymphs senior women’s varsity Brian Robert Lee Park Board Hockey job at France Avc. Shell. 187Seniors Senior Women Play Football During Their Spare Time Squirt A Lemmon has appeal known to be a real sour puss. Laurie Ann t.ennun Hornettes Pep Club senior women's varsity Young Life Contact plans to be a airline stewardess Helen Whitney Leslie Red Cross Lairn Chib Teens church choir Girl Scouts — works at Gregg's Pharmacy Julie LeuJ entu Lance Edward Leopold orchestra Red Cross — Hi-Y varsity band council. Juduh Anne Lewan Red Cross Young Life senior women’s varsity. Mark Ste en Lewis Lew varsity basketball varsity golf. Greg Alan Levh most valuable player in the 1970 National Juvenile Hockey Tournament plans to attend Arizona State. Stephanie Marie l.iddv Distributive Edu-cation collects jewelry plans to go to St. Cloud State. Heesa Liech plans to be a hematologist a real sucker works at the blood bank. Mary Lynn Liemandt homecoming skit trip to Scandinavia. Sle en Paul Lienke Blink — church youth group Spanish Club Young Life Harhara Michelle Limheck vice-president of G.A.A likes smiles. Susan Kay Linde-man Aqua Nymphs Red Cross German Club Teen Corps Art Club. Scott Miles Loegenng Student Council A.F S. Club trip to Mcstco known for his beehives Randall Oscar Lo gren Buz-zette 1-Ball theater arts Golden Glows. Mark John Lonsbury Lonnie Latin Club church youth group works at Edina Public Library plans to attend U.M.D. Jett l.ee Looks plays guitar writes fiction. Meredith Jane Low Whigrtan Pil- grim Fellowship trips to Florida plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Kathleen Loune Lowry Buzzette 188Janet Vision Ludden National Thespians Ldinu Players Y-Teens chapter president vice-president Spanish Club Pep Club Summer Children's Theater. Jay Michael Ludwig marching band varsity band church choir trip to California Sharon Kay l.uebke Red Cross Latin Club band job at Dayton's Miss Teenage Minneapolis pagent. Sheila Mae Luff choir O.E. trip to Europe. William Arthur Lund Gooner varsity basketball — summer baseball trip to Aspen, Kadu Irma Mane l.undqui.M senior women’s varsity Young Life trip to Africa and Austria Barbara Jo Lundstrom cheerleader Red Cross job at Equinox. Scon Ldward l.unke choir junior assistant scout master of Boy Scout troop. Richard Kenneth Luther Spanish Club Hi-Y National Merit Semi-finalist Denise Marhry Lut: enjoys painting pLins to attend the Institute of Art. Poll) Anton Lyman Student Council senior women's varsity Young Life Campaigners Hoigaard's ski instructor. Lone Lynn Lyons — Y-Tccns chapter president secretary of G.A.A. crimp counselor religion teacher at Our Lady of Grace. JH • J w V w.s-:% f.t •% Riding in their truck for the Homecoming parade, senior women’s varsity flaunts its fullbacks. 189Sitting on top of Carey Bohn's big red school bus. the guys try to decide how to spend their day. Seniors Different Modes Of Transportation Found at School Scott Duct MacCloy — Mac hoc cshoe hockey church youth group in-statc ping-pong chump. Mary Maryam Macken Molly counselor at Give and Take Help Center. WiUiam Bradley Mac Lean march- ing band varsity band Latin Club yob at Kadisson South church deacon Sons of the American Revolution. Christopher Scott Macl.ennan Donaldson's Teen Board Young Life vice-president of Choral Club enjoys skiing writes music. James Ross Mac Lennon swimming team Buzzette photographer trip to Mexico. Robert (iilntor Mac 1‘had Slim Student Council Pilgrim f-ellowship Hi-Y. Mar Beth Madison Beth senior women's varsity Red Cross Y-Teens enjoys playing the guitar. Jill Elizabeth Madsen choir leader trip to Europe. 190Denise Marx Malev president of Pep t lub job at Ralph's Shoe Service involved with local politics — plans on a career in social work, hi me la Jean Mulletle Y -Teens G.A.A. — National Thespians Young Life Up With People Karen Elizabeth Malone Mag lone vursit band works at I uirvicw Southdalc Hospital. Joan Louise Manley Y-Teens French Chib candy striper trip to buropc. Da ld Hoe Marshall varsity ski team Young Life Hoigaard'v Racing Team trip to Montana. Julie Mane Marti D.b. tutors inner city children plans to travel after high school. William Charles Mase varsity football varsity baseball interested in drama trip to California. Charles David Mathieu Doc enjoys skiing, racing cars. and motorcycling. Paul Douglas Max veil Student Council varsity band council German Club council varsity debate declamation church council National Merit Finalist. Vancy Ellen Mayberg Nan Pep Club Y-Teens. Linda DeAnn Maser Y-Teens Honored Queen of Job's Daughters church choir Sunday school teacher David Edwin McBride job at Country Club Market. Bruce Martin McCampheU swimming band Young Life trip to Colorado enjoys water skiing Thomas Mike McCann Bronson job at bdina Country Club enjoys racing motorcycles plans to attend college in California. Thomas Hu hard Me-Canna intramural football Biology lab aid Contact works for Wilkin's Dodge. Francis Ambrose McCarthy Frank Taking advantage of Sig Helle's position. Dave Timm and JefJ Wiley give him a faoeful of snow. 191Karen Louise McCarthy Karito T. un l 1 dental assistant Drop-in-Center Contact trip to Massachusetts. Patrick Michael McCauley Contact village hockey T and I enjoys hunting trip to California. John Michael McClain likes to travel trip to West Indies. Melinda Lee MeClung Mindy O F. enjoys train- ing her horse and reading. Cad Anne McConneloug L.A.C. enjoys surfing and skiing. Colleen Louise McCoy — senior women's varsity Red Cross — Young Life trip to Colorado Campaigners. John Scott McDonald Spanish Club plans to attend Arizona State. Mary Elizabeth McEachron Y-Tccns Spanish Club. 19? Grimacing as he tries to improve his time on the slalom course, Topper Spouse makes a fast turn and streaks down a Ml. Telemark slope.Seniors Skiiers Brave the Winter Weather and Hit the Slopes Nancy Kaye McKern Spanish Club National Forensic League A.F.S. Club Student Council trip to South America Rabin Rae McLean Red Cross. Josephine Karia Me Leister Joey Images on the Wmd cartoonist for Buzzette church choir church youth group job at Edina Library, trank r homos McNally Tommy Park Board hockey church fellowship group Laurel Ann McNee Pep Club Y-Icons Spanish Club O.E. writes music. Donna Lee McQueen D.E. Y-Tcens Red Cross likes to ski. Colleen Lynn Meier O.E.C.A. Y-Teens Guthrie Teen Board plans to attend St. Cloud State College Carla Nadine Memers Student Council German Club Council Red Cross Council Aqua Nymphs Young Life trip to Colorado Youth Research Council churchcouncil Sunday school teacher Barbara Joan Melby senior women's varsity Latin Club Homecoming court Young Life. David Lee Mer eld taxidermist likes to hunt and fish. Marni l.isa Merryman Art Club Y-Tccns job at Valley View Drug plans to attend college in An onu. Michael Fredrick Meries Mcrt — D.E. likes motorcycles Go vie Ann Metcalfe treasurer of Pep Club treasurer of A.F.S. Club Pilgrim Fellowship cabinet Grims Gress Buzzette - debate Lecture Club treasurer of sophomore class in Amherst Massachusetts. Daniel Keith Metzger Spanish Club golf team works at Bracmar Golf Course. Douglas Lari Mu ka Mic Red I r " T. and I. John Edward Mielke I-ball works for Edina Little League James Rollm Miller varsity football wrestling captain Harvard Prize Book track student council German Club. Kenneth James Miller Bitto Esoteric Few treasurer cross country co-captain basketball track job at Metropolitan Stadium M. B. H ,L. Paul Richard Miller Pugsley counselor at Manyroirt Scout Camp choir likes skiing and can. Richard Xyal Miller — works at P'airvicw South-dale Hospital likes to ski. 193Seniors Unusual Musical Talents Found In Class of '71 Slesen Haul Stiller track crow countr) president of Esoteric Few skiing Latin Club consul trip to Appalachia Whitney Wallace Stiller Whit Student Council varsity football varsity track Young Life. I.aura Sfnchell Student Council Youth Emergency Service Miss Ldina Pageant trip to Belgium for International Doing Meet. Wendy Mitchell Christopher Graham Moon enjoys golfing trip to England William Kesm Moonan interested in photography and electronics plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Mary Kae Mooney enjoys writing poetry trip to California. Pamela l.ame Moore Moort A.F.S. Club works at the Thun- dcrbird trip to Mexico. I homos John Moore skiing track intramural softball — works for Coca Cob — plans include the Air Force Reserves David Nelson Mooiy captain of soccer team intramural basketball Spanish Club — I.B H.L. Kaihenne Suzanne Morgan senior women's varsity German Club Russian Club A.F.S. Club Linda Bernadette Morgan Radio Club Give and Take. Donna Mae Morisette plans to travel around the United States Hradlei Bissell Morison varsity soccer Latin Club Buzzette Randolph Wylie Morris Student Council Whigrean Esoteric Few Edina Human Rights committee William John Morrison O.t. - Park Board baseball trip out west pastimes include music. Starilyn Jean Mueller enjoys water skiing trip to Mexico City. Mark John Mulcahy T and I. trip out west ( hnstopher John Mullen Choral Club church choir Pilgrim Fellowship trip to Europe. Elisabeth Patricia Murphy Betsy Student Council Radio Club senior women's varsity Pilgrim f ellowship senior class secretary trip to Canada. 194Spending some time in the choir room after school. Kevin Dobbelman practices the pipe organ in anticipation of formal engagements. ( 'beryl Marie Naas maxes on the Wind Hu::ette Spanish C lub officer senior women’s varsity trip to buropc Richard Allen Naegeli Snaggcls varsity football varsity skiing Teen Corps president of Pilgrim Fellowship Young Life Fti-Y trip to Appalachia. John Paul agengau enjoys hunting and water skiing, .on Ann Nechvtlle varsity band orchestra Red Cross S.O.A. Margaret Anne Seidtgh Home tc Club Y-Teens Homecoming committee Sunday school teacher. Kathryn Anne Nelson Horncttcs Campaigners senior women's varsity Big Sister job at Marvin Orcck Edward Nelson plays in bands enjoys drag racing. Julie Ann Nelson senior women’s varsity Teen Corps French Club Young Life waitress at Perkins Mary ( arole Nelson Home Lc Club l.atin Club Girl Scouts canoe trips. Renee Annette Nelson job at National Car Rental plans to attend business school. Scott l.eslie Nelson intramural basketball works at a gas station plans to study forestry. Jeffrey Robert e in track Park Board hockey Contact. 195Franklin Webb Sen,-house co-captain of soccer. Bob David Nichols Nick Student Council varsity football baseball enjoys flying. Scon Charles Nichols co-editor of Whigrean cross country job at Donaldson’s trip to Colorado. Karen Marie Nielsen Buzzette Young Life plays guitar — enjoys music. Jeffrey John Nipper tri-captain of F.dina swim team A.A.L swimming. Dana bar! Nivsen Troll varsity swimming Red Cross Young Life president of German Club as junior Carol Ann Moiling Ski Club job at Jerry's of Edina enjoys skiing and golfing. Diane Mane Suuleen vice-president of A.F.S. Club church Hi-League board member Young Life enjoys singing and sewing James Darrell Norquisi Luby — wrestling as sophomore vice-president of Pilgrim Fellowship chaplin of Hi-Y. Chen Jo Ny• guard Red Cross Y-Tccns chapter vice-president Sunday School teacher job at Snyder's Drug Store. Gregory William Obern Obc job at Radisson South likes his car and sailing Kathleen Mary O'Brien Home He Club Art Club senior women’s varsity Pep Club dances at H-D Dance Studios - church group. Catherine Ann Ogren Y-Tccns chapter president likes skiing and blueberry pie. John Thomas Olsen job at Tail’s grocery store likes photography. Barbara Ann Olson orchestra — band All-State orchestra attended Dorian Music Festival of Luther College. Susan Anne Olson Girl’s Glee Club secretary-treasurer of Choral Club was in "Bngadoon" enjoys playing the guitar and driving her I9M Corvair. 196Stephen Lawrence Olxonoski vanity football and basketball enjoys hockey and golf. Timothy Terrance O'Sell vanity golf Student Council Young Life second place in state high school golf meet Kristi Lynn Oren varsity cheerleader senior women's varsity Young Life memorable trip to Ft. Lauderdale. Dehrah Jane Ortman Ort Choral Club National Thespians job as dental assistant president of church group secretary of Hoof Beats Saddle Club iikcstoski. Christopher Patrick Osten wrestling basketball job at Red Owl enjoys draw- ing and giving away pop art posters. Christine Ann Oiling D.E. job at Hager's of fcdina enjoys skiing - plans to attend Hamlinc University. Dasid Earl Oxley Ox job at Fair view Soulhdalc Hospital third place in tri-state ping pong championship likes cars, people, and reading C arol Jeanne Pace Y-Tcens concert band church youth group piano and clarinet awards enjoys wratcrsknng. Seniors Christmas Vacation Comes as Welcome Break to Seniors Trying lo figure out what she’s going to do with a two and a half foot velvet heart, (indy Clapp opens and examines her unusual Christmas present.John Manky Paisley cross country soccer Spanish Club church basketball job at a gas station likes to water ski. James Robert Palmehn Hi-Y job at Valley View Drug collects guns enjoys sculpting and hunting. Susan Lee Parsons Parec concert band orchestra Y-Tcen iidina Players Pilgrim Fellowship church choir teaches flute lessons drum majorette. Marlys Elaine Patrick Laina bdina Coalition to Lower Voting Age job at Brothers' Bakery. Dak Gordon Pederson Flash likes motorcycles and music job as head usher at Cinema I II. Carol Elizabeth Peer Y-Tcens chapter co-ordinator proconsul for Latin Club senior women's varsity president of girls' choir job at White Way Cleaners won trip to Catalina Island, liar-bara Ann Penner Hornettes senior women's varsity Young Life job at lloi-gaard's Ski Shop. Mary Catherine Pena Cathy Home be Club Red Cross job at Edina Country Club likes to ski. Seniors The College-Bound Seniors Attempt To Raise Grades Tucking her foot up and making herself comfortable. Betsy Murphy concentrates on her homework. 198Kathleen Beam Perkins Y-Teens job at Dayton's likes to read and sew John ( rain Pert Craig enjoys music and has attended several rock festivals .Jeffrey Craig Peschel track enjoys bowling moved from Potsdam. New York. Stark f-.dwin Peter, Petcy vursily swimming three years likes girls with skinny legs plans to attend Arizona State College Barbara Lynn Peterson Pete Red Cross Hi-Lcaguc church choir Young Life Campaigners senior women's varsity likes to sew John Gordon Peterson J.P. gymnastics enjoys skiing and the outdoors. Kay Constance Peterson senior women's varsity Junior Achievement scholarship excellent seamstress enjoys skiing and playing the harmonica Richard Janies Peterson football — ski team German Club Blizzard Ski Club U.MY.K orderly at Northwestern Hospital. Ronald Paul Peterson sjrsity crosscountry and track gymnastic captain Hi-Y job at fcdina Pet Hospital likes to draw. James Richard Petschauer drummer for "Birth'" likes music, boating, and fishing. Stesen Richard P eil er Barney varsity soccer and track works lor Pearson Construction plays the guitar. Susan Marc Pierce Y-Tcens Pep Club Contact job at Gabbert's likes water skiing, camping. and going to parties Janies Retd Phtnicky fcdina Players National Thespians D.E job at Lund's enjoys pheasant and partridge hunting Mary Jo Plum Plummer enjoys sw immmg and showing her horse johatTait's plans to attend San Diego State College Eranzine tone Pmlner Franz Buzzette A F.S. secretary church youth group A.F.S.'cr to Belgium in summer James O'Rourke Poll-lad German Club church basketball enjoys fishing and water skiing. Tad Pohl Froggic worked at the Lilly Pad croaked while swimming. Sancy Elaine Pollock Y-Tcens Contact job at fcdina Kitchen Robert Hansen Porter varsity football sarsity track Kenneth Mckax Potter cross country track Boy Scouts t-Club trophy from Richfield Insitational crosscountry meet. Margo Ann Powell Art Club Valley View Gymnastics Club Bloomington girls' softball team has won many awards for gymnastics and swimming. Marcia inn Pratt Y-Tcens Pilgrim Fellowship worked in Appalachia with Teen Corps. Melissa Ann Pratt Mel concert band orchestra German Club G.A.A. Sunday school teacher church choir bowling league Pilgrim Fellowship. Peter William Preyksto. Jr O F. orchestra Schubert Club plays violin enjoys literature 199Seniors Cold Winters Bring International Broom Hockey Leagues Sliding in to try to block Bruce Mooty’s shot, goalie and brother Dave Mooty makes a great save for his team during one of their after-school broom hockey league games. Elizabeth Delict Price Latin Club M is Edina Pageant enjoys dancing. Brian Let Pumphrey Eagle Eye camping trip in Appalachian Mountains plans to study medicine. Amos Queeto — Bu everybody is itching to get to know him because of his slappy personality. Scon Eairet Putman soccer — basketball manager I-bull usher at Metropolitan Stadium. Jean Ann Qumlnan Community Action Junior Achievement enjoys horse-back nd- ing. James David Quinn Eskimo Red Cross wrestling Ranger Flying Association enjoys swimming and scuba diving. Daniel Stanley Raasch Esperantist Eagle Scout National Men! Semi-finalist — president of Radio Club enjoys skiing and canoeing. Judith Ann Rasken works at the Looking Glass on west bank — helped run the Day of Thought after Kent State incident — enjoys reading and writing. 200Brvtri) Kathleen Reece Flame - worked at Donaldson's likes green suckers writes poetry one of the Bobbsey Twins. Paula Lynn Regan Y-Tccns enjoys dancing, playing tennis, and skiing. Anthony William Reklis Tony lead singer of the group "Birth" works at Bringgold Meats enjoys playing pool likes music and biology tram Charles Rena Student Council virsity track Pilgrim Fellowship — German Club vice-president hockey rink supervisor lor Village. Michael Allan Renslo» T. and I machinist likes the outdoors enjoys hunting Eugene Rerat enjoys horse back riding and water skiing memorable trip to Mexico -hopes to go to law school. Bruce Edward Re-irum Boo Red Cross German Club inner city work church school teacher known for his laugh enjoys skiing. Laura Marie Rhymer D.E. job at Jerry's Foods Home Ec Club Pep Club enjoys riding horses and sewing Jean Runelle Ridley Young 1 ife senior women's varsity - Campaigners Sunday school teacher Georgia State Diving champion Connecticut State Tumbling champion Robert Allen Rtes varsity football, basketball, and track. Mary Ellen Riley Y-Tcens works at the Heritage Nursing Home Ann Malone Rintlemann Images German Club Young Life Home- coming co-chuirman Quill und Scroll. Steven James R is void Ri«y ski team, John Carrington Roberts varsity basketball Buzzette football track I.B.H.L. commissioner. James Wright Robertson Rob varsity football Latin Club likes to hunt plans to attend Jamestown College. Curt V Rod has lots of hang-ups and a shady personality. Margaret Ann Rogers Peggy Y-Teens Young Life Contact job as a secretary at Town and Country Claim Service enjoys singing and skiing. Timothy James Rolf enjoys racing motorcycles plans to attend Dunwoody Institute. Carol Christine Romundstad Boo Boo Cow varsity cheerleader Young Life senior women's varsity received piano awards loves space food sticks and chocolate milk. David George Ronald Student Council swimming tri-captain enjoys skiing. Kristi June Rote Roscy varsity cheer-leading student council Young Life senior women's varsity. Barbara Rosenoh National Thespians Images Y-Tcens chapter president trip to Tijuana Jeffrey Rosenthal Rosi band enjoys painting. Thomas Robert Rossman D.E works at Justers trip to Colorado. 201Andrea Roth Andi waitress. Elizabeth Inn Rowland Libby A l-'.S. Big Sister poetry award trip 10 Europe. Patricia Inn Rud Palsy student council secretary of F.B.L.E. secretary of Hi-Lcague Pep C lub Latin Club church board trips to Wmncpeg and Omaha likes to sew. Mar r Ka Rudguisi. Terry Lynn Ruth senior women's varsity likes to ski. Charles Joseph Ryan Young Lite works at Country Club Hardware plays guitar. Steven Mark Rzepecki Speck varsity football track Young Life Boys' State Representative. David Scott Saan Latin Club Park Board hockey works at Jerry's warming house attendant trip to California. Paul Ed man Satand Say intramural sports Park Board baseball. Roberta Louise Sandgren Rubella Hipps trip to California. Sarah Florence Sanjilippu Sophie It higrean Red Cross council senior women's varsity Pilgrim Fellowship studied in France. Thomas Hard Satterlee Park Board hockey likes cars. Den id Curtis Satterlund co-captuin of football team baseball Young Life trip to Mexico plans to attend Colorado State. Rcbe ca Inn Saude enjoys painting. Mary Kathenne Saxton Home Ec Club Pep Club Gail Ann Schafjhausen Images president of French Club Young Life — Homecoming over-all co-chuirman. Heidi Su son Schellhas R u la bagen presi- dent ol Aqua Nymphs Edinu Opiomisu’ Award Elizabeth Ann Schilling Bette Images Young Life! Ann Louise Schirmer French Club Y-Teens chapter president enjoys sailing. Terry Louise Schmidt likes outdoor sports trip to Mexico interested in fashion merchandising. Thomas Mason Schmitt Images captain of ski team usher at Northrop Auditorium plans to uttend college in Colorado. Michael Duane Schmunk manager for varsity hockey works at Red Owl trip to Chicago. James Schreiber. Dasul Eugene Schroeder varsity gymnastics tennis enjoys flying - trip to Africa. 202Kathleen Ann Schuster enjoy horseback riding. l.inJa Ann Scott Scotty G.A.A. president vice-president of Y-Tccns Job's Daughters enjoys painting plans to attend Mankato Stale John William Scree Jen Spanish Club likes cars and music. Brett Hillary Segur usher at France Avenue Drive-In bicycle trip. Kristi Ann Selrig Baba varsity cheerleader Young Life enjoys water skiing Meredith Ann Seller Men Sunday school teacher trip to Montana. Carla Mane Set iceberg Lugiai treasurer of Aqua Nymphs S O A church choir. Haul Alan Sevald German Club intramural sports works at Methodist Hospital Seniors Germans And Latins Compete in All-Out Language Battle 203 While the Romans plan a new attack, the Germans gloat over the reward of their recent minor victory.Bruce Clifford Severson debate choir job at Target National Merit Semi-finalist interested in music and science — trip to Washington. Sue Ann Shackelford likes horses plans on a career in nursing. Seal Robert Shackle T. and I. — works at Bridgeman's ' likes motorcycles trip to Mexico Dick Shanary W'ordic has well defined ambitions. Seniors Senior Boys Get Together, Celebrate A Great New Year With a new year and college staring them in the face, the boys propose a toast to the spirit of ’71. Susan Diane Shelton enjoys drawing and sketching. Robin l.ee Sherman senior women's varsity — church fellowship teaches dancing — trip to Hawaii. Elizabeth Mary Shideman Liz Y-Teens chapter president dramatics trip to Korea. Kathleen Ann Shmners Art Club Y Teens works at hdma Kexail enjoys painting, 204Thomas Allen Shively Shivc debate Student Council chairman of church youth advisory council enjoys sailing and hockey. Patricia Ann Short works at Methodist Hospital — plans to attend St Cloud and study art. Janet Lee Shull plans to attend art school. Franklin Dubois Sidell enjoys camping trip to Montana. PaulStehen varsity baseball. Lynne Cathv Silas Y-Tecns French Club church choir Pilgrim Fellowship has won band awards trip to Tijuana David William Sil-ha Bu::eite editor I B M L. Robert Thomas Sims — student council — co-captain of football team varsity track — trips to Colorado and California. Robert Gordon Skaar works for Continental Oil Co. likes to ski. Gregory David Skagerberg gymnastics dramatics Fugle Seoul. Susan lone Skogsiad G.A.A. — ski patrol — ski instructor for Y.M C.A — trips to Colorado. Richard Barnett Skov — Hi-Y — German Club trip to Furopc enjoys water skiing and music. John George Smith works at Cabinet Shop. Katherine Mane Smith Y-Tecns G.A.A president of Pep Club Girl Scouts usherette at Metropolitan Stadium. Mary BrigidSmith Molls l.atm Chib Y-Tecns Contact. Scott Leslie Smith varsity soccer Park Board hockey counselor at Camp Christmas Tree trip to Africa — enjoys hunting and water skiing. Stephen Smith Susan Mane Smith works at Donaldson's. Thomas Lee Smith ski patrol works for the Sun Newspaper interested in photography trip to Hawaii and Nassau. Fh:abeih Sue Snyder Li varsity band French Chib teaches flute has won district solo awards trip to Disneyland plans to attend Luther. Jav Robert Snider Buzzette soccer theater Gary Thomas Sorenson T. and I. enjoys hunting and raang plans include the Air Force. W illiam Edward Sortebcrg varsity soccer hockey trip to Colorado with Young Life. Roxanne Surttno president of F.B.L.F. works at Joan Bari Bag Gems — trip to West Indies. 205In his own photographic darkroom. Bill Durand checks out materials before starting to work on his time-consuming hobby. Shorleen Mary Spear Stacy dance monitor enjoys writing and drawing trip to Florida. Diane Jean Spencer German Club Red Rock Saddle Club Y-Tccns Junior Achievement. John Allen Spicola varsity skiing hitchhiked to Colorado. Larry Wayne Spielman Hi-Y works at Wright's Animal Hospital canoe trip. Peter Joseph Spokes Student Council varsity soccer tri-captain varsity skiing Esoteric Few John C hrisiopher SpouseI Topper varsity skiing Homecoming court. Jenifer Kathryn Squires senior women's varsity Red Cross Young Life parish council job at Ldinu Recall. Todd id sard Staher — football skiing baseball job at health spa. David Poster Stair wrestling worked on a Najavo reservation in Arizona. Janice Marie Stasney National Thespians Y-Teens Spanish Club job at Dayton's. Patricia Jean Steffes French Club choir Pep Club Contact. Susan Joan Stehr president of Choral Club W'althcr League "Clown Prince of Wanderlust” church choir. Jeanne Cheryl Stem back Mark Bren lice Stillman soccer Contact likes to ski. Judith Anne Stirrat Jan Whlgrean Aqua Nymphs. Money Starr Stock bridge Spoolic student council Buzzette Greater Minneapolis Girl Scout Planning Board officer canoe trip up Turtle River plans to attend college in the East. 206Seniors Talented Students Spend Free Time On Their Hobbies Putting the finishing touches on her latest creation, Becky SauJe prepares to add her signature. Susan Alexandra Slocks Homecoming skit works at the Sample Rack trip to Jamaica. At Wave Stoned Speedy loves high places lives by the motto "grass is always greener on the other side" Anne l.oek»i od Sloutenburgh Student council trips to Appalacia with Teen Corps church choir National Merit Letter Martha Louise Strachan Y-Teens Young Life trip to Europe and South America Deborah Elizabeth Straughan senior women’s varsity Y-Tecn job at Village Dry Cleaners. Lesli Ann Struthers writes poet-ry. Jan Patricia Sluppv Pep Club Home Ec Club DE works for Sun newspaper enjoys archery. Cxnthia Huge Subbi Sub National Thespians declamation Gymnastics Club Spanish Club Miss Edina Pageant Dudley Rigg' Bra»c New Workshop Red Cross Players 207Seniors Girls Make Money By Selling Their Own Handiwork tiney Lee Summers Red Cross teaches religion at St. Patrick's Church Big Sister to a North Minneapolis girl works at Sidewalk Cafe plans include college and the Peace Corps. Gary Donald Suomekt varsity golf Parkboard hockey job at Typhoon Car Wash. aonu Myrtle Ssanoe Homecoming court loves art. Jeffrey Donald Swanson ski trip out west plans include Anoka Technical School. I.ynn Eleanor Swanson Whigrean Images Y-Tccns Young Life church youth group church U.N. seminar teacher aid for summer school. Barbara Kath• ryn S wendseen Horncttcs trip to Scan- danavia Young Life Y-Tccns Student Council. Paula Jo Swenson D.fc. likes sculpture, painting, and poetry. Holly Eugenie Symchyvh Buzzette senior women's var-sit Junior Achievement plays piano and harmonica Quctico canoe trips. Paula Mary Tail Edina Players 1971 Miss hdina Pageant loves snow skiing plans include Western State of Colorado. Clifford Augustine Taney captain of varsity tennis varsity wrestling E-Club tennis instructor. Vicki Sue Tang Buzzette church youth group trip to Washington state worked in Voluntccm during summer plans to go into nursing Katharine Marie Tarbox "Bos" Whigrean oo-edi-tor Latin Club choir trip to Europe likes Burt Bacharach. James Edmund Taylor "Tay" German Club bowling trophy and awards treasurer of broom hockey franchise. Harold Boss Tenneson "Hap” Chess Club president of Science Seminar Junior Champ in Minneapolis Gun Club job at Donaldson's. Lynn Jane Thernell "Bird” Student Council likes water skiing and sewing. Richard William Thiele varsity debate varsity tennis German Club church group sail-racing at Lake Minnetonka plans logo into pre-med school. Bryant Roger Thomas track Ski Club job at Walgrccn's trip to East Coast during summer. Jeffrey William Thompson "Thompy" trip to Canada plans include college. David Walter Timm Luther league job at Dayton's ski 3nd camping trips out to Colorado. Mark Warren Touran• geau sarsity football hockey Student Council Give jnd Take Help Center spent the summer painting houses. 208Shelley Lynn Tripp co-captain of Horne net irip to Colorado with Young Life senior women's varsity works at Dayton's Homecoming court Stephen Charles Trumbull trip to Florida, Lynne Ste ens Tupa — Y-Teens senior women's varsity Neptuners' Synchronized Swim Club works at Donaldson's. Paul Brandstn Tyler Modeling some of her own handiwork, Lynn Hazel ton tries a new pattern for her unique creations. Justin Lyme Speedy works around the clock enjoys repairing watches. Joseph Thornton Tyson German Club officer varsity football — wrestling — hockey varsity track church council youth representative plans to attend Notre Dame. Bryn Robert Coaler concert band National Merit Letter State Solo Contest Award works ut Lunds. Benjamin Van Campen Reggie works at Pets Unlimited Lori Jean Vanko Y-Tccns Pilgrim Fellowship trip to New York. Jeanne Cecile Veenendaal band G.A.A. French Club Junior Achievement Luther League church choir job at Gage and Gage, Inc. John Xelxon Celgersdvk "Swede” varsity football varsity swmmming German Club Young People’s Society. Jerrilyn Joy t'iclorsen Jcrc — band — Y-Tccns chapter vice-president Scout area vice-president spent summer stuck in Rome because of bankrupt travel company. 209Kathryn Ann Vokaty Y-Teem Latin Club trip to Boston and Winnepeg Saney Ann Waack Red Cross senior women's varsity Young Life likes corn diggers and peanut butter known for her farm cheers. Jane Anne Waggoner G.A.A French Club Contact likes playing the flute. Jane Mane Wagner llorncttes Pep Club job at Dayton’s trip to Ft. Lauderdale during the spring last year. Patty Wagon Fuzzy a real cop out lives in a red light district. Timothy Carl Wat-Men night manager and head cook at Colonial Pancake Mouse likes to rebuild engines. .S'reir Samuel Walters Wonder works at Donaldson's worked on KLHM Radio, (tenda Elizabeth Warde works at Holiday Inn trips to Tennessee. Laurie Suzanne Waters concert band G.A.A. job at B A. Rose McPhail youth orchestra state and district band awards. Caryl Ann Weber Young Life — Campaigners senior women's varsity Y- Teens Paul orman Wegmeyer choir D.L. job at Baker's shoe store Luther League Humphrey Volunteer Committee church choir. Paul George Wehrwetn varsity cross country and track P.F. youth group Mississippi bike trip spent summer working at Camp Echo in Michigan. “Good morning. Ldina". dreams l.arry Carol a. as his alarm is just about to jolt him back to reality. 210Seniors Getting Up In the Morning Is Even Hard For the Veterans Bradley Jerome Weidl "Wecdstcr' wrestling Hi-Y P.F. worked at P.din3 Country Club ski trips to Colorado. Debbie Lindsay We Hum son Pep Club Young Life plans to go on to beautician school. Deborah Anri Westfall "Derby" Y-Tcens O.h. trip to Panuma. David Ltoyd W'e.stman Buddy job at Dayton's Pilgrim Fellowship likes skiing and hunting tikes his red Volkswagon Mary Elizabeth White Molly Images senior women's varsity Young Life — Teen Corps. Rome la Ruth White Spanish Club president of F.T.A. Y-Tccns all-school treasurer went to summer school in Mexico. Sharon Lee White St. Paul Opera workshop modeling Optimist Club Student award Miss Ldina Pageant spent summer teaching children's drama classes Jan Elizabeth Whitman 'Wi ic" French Club Student Council church choir plans to become a veterinarian Mark I'aut W'uka job at (iriffcn Pharmacy trip to Donncybrooke. Nancy Lee Wicker-sham teen council of "Adventures Unlimited'' church group Girl Scout officer leaches piano music awards for piano. Margo Mary Wick ester “Frorky” Declamation varsity band orchestra National Thespian secretary Spanish Club secretary Dcclam and Best Actress awards Spanish Talent Show award Ldina Community Theatre Rots Henry Wicks job at Snyder's likes outdoor sports Carolyn Margaret Wiesner Pep Club French Club job at Red Owl plans include Normandale Junior College Barbara Jean Wilcox bund orchestra German Club Pilgrim Fellowship Grims’ Gross — All-Rats. Je 1 Richard Wiley “Bear” likes snow and water skiing job at Fairvicw Southdalc Hospital Mark Horsey Wilkins Y.M.C.A. Rifle Team job at Wilkin's Dodge likes hunting and skiing Cynthia Louise Wilkinson senior women's varsity Y-Tecns Red Cross works at White Way Dry Cleaner. Debra Sue Wilkinson German Club A.F.S. Club Whi-grean church group volunteer at Fair-view Southdalc Hospital. Scott Bernell Williams Hi-Y canoe trip to Canada Deborah Inn Williamson I atinClub 211Marjorie-Lee Wilson Student Council Pep Club Latin Club senior women's varsity — P.F. job at Ainluxcn's. .ana Jean Windahl checrkading co-captain Young Life senior women's varsity — church hi-kague counselor at camp during summer. Claudia Allison Winslow Y-Tcens Art Club church group job at Mr Steak. Janet Sue Winter Spanish Club church choir Hi-League job at Roll- ing Acres church camp counselor. Judith Wippman Images On the Wind Quill and Scroll Award, Thomas Charles Wiikam track l-ball Pilgrim Fellowship works at Snyder's trip to Colorado. John Thomas Withrow planning committee for Drop-In Center interested in photography works for Edina Sun Sally Ann Woerner Buzzetie church youth group. Jacquelyn Ann Wold marching band — varsity band trip to Austria plans to go into nursing. Frederick Eugene Woljj Choral Club Hxplorcrs church choir. Jeannette Louise Wollan — Red Cross Latin Club Luther League Job's Daughters Girl Scout troop president. Lindi Leonard Wotner Park Board hockey l.izaheth Verna Wolner Liz O. K. — secretary of F.B.L.L. - Y-Teens Pep Club. Carol Jane Woodhury moved senior year from West Pakistan co-cditor of yearbook travekd through Luropc John Franklin Woodcock works at Mr. Steak trip to California likes motorcycles collects coins. Lance Fvale Woodruff basketball golf—I.B.H.L. Linda Chloe-Anne Woolley Buzzetie — Sports and Health Club — works at Valley View Drug. Mary Esther Woolsey Pep Club Y-Tccns Young Life — Contact. John Belfry watches Tim O'Neil practice his superior technique. 212 Seniors Everyone Shows Some Imagination When Looking for Fun Helping Joe Tyson with the muscle work. Grant Reno and Rob Ries wail their turns for a little refreshment during German. Barbara Jean Wright Red Cross Aqua Nymphs senior women's varsity Pilgrim Fellowship Grim' Gress. Barbara Jane Wynne Y-Tccns Homecoming and Prom committees teaches Sunday school — enjoys riding horses and playing guitar Olive you Valentine's l)ay Queen Lonely Hearts Club. Christine ar ing Chrivsic — training for E.E.G. lab technician William Raymond Zech Willy Bu::ette photagrapher job at Lund's. Raney Lou tie Zeman Y-Teens French Club job at Fairvicw- Southdale Hospital plans to attend St. Mary’s Junior College. James Richard Zerull varsity soccer. (Usela Maria Zigan Christian Exchange student from Germany Tennis Club — church group. 213Seniors Jobs, Travel, and Achievements Show Student Diversity While spending a summer studying at Cornell University in New York, Laird Hart sketches the view from the bell tower. Making a little money while getting her daily exercise, Jan Stirrat deftly delivers the paper to a customer on her route. 214Without even taking time to button his furry coat. Mark Freeman hits the road and crosses the last boundary between school and the open spaces of “free territory.” Drowning himself in paper, Leonard Crowley tries to beat With Liz Joas choosing the course. Nancy Fox and her little sister the computer at a simple game of poker. close their eyes, grit their teeth, and hope. 215Juniors Juniors Run Profit Making Concessions For Sponsoring Prom Making a key at the South-dale Key Shop, Bill Hancock finishes quickly for his wailing customer. With blenders and measuring cups. Pat Sherry and Jan Trimming ofT extra pieces from a new pelt. Kathy Wilts prepares a Carpenter mix protein drinks at a health spa. fur purse to be sold at The Petty House. 216Seeking a possibility for future profession. Brian Angstrom finds his prints turn out well. JVSIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Char he Moore, pres.; Robin Tindall, vice-pres.: Barb Mastor. treas.; Jay Carpenter, see. After a rousing workout, cheerleaders LuAnn Paulson and Colleen Doyle arc visiting with friends. 217AancsUd. Jonathan Abbe. Don Abbey, Jean Abram, Tom Abramson, Bradley Adamv Barbara Adams, Pete ' .• Alan. Susan Allen. Sandra Allum, Judy Amiv Kobert Amhc, Barbara Anderson. Da idT. Anderson. Katherine C. Amkrson. Laurie t. Anderson. Scott A. Anderson. Scott Reed Anderson. Whitney B apJonev Robert Armstrong. Gail Arnold. Laura Arnold. Robert Aronson, Richard Amdson. Rigmor Aulik.l raig Aura. John Babcock. Cynthia Bachlotd. Carolyn Bacon. Richard Bams. Maraa Baird. Sandra Baker. Polly Batch. Jon Balogh, Joan Batogh. Mary Ballou. Mike Ballou. Pat Banks. Thomas Barbe. Gregory Barden, Robert Bjrroom, l)ir T. Barno. Shelley Barnum. William Basil. Nicholas Baskcrvillc. Laura Baslyr. Michael Bales, W ilium Bal .li. Sarah Bauman. Dave Bayer. Ted E. Beasley. Michael Becker. Terry Bee sc. Susan Behringer. James Bell. David Benneu. James Bcnncll. Shadlca Benvm. Cathy Benson, l.mda Berg. Teresa Berger. Marly Bergman. Karen Bcrgsclh, Gayle Bergseng. James Berry. Stesen Bcuicll. Terry Biidvtcll. Stephen Bie. Andrea Bing. Craig Bingcr. Connie Bi hop. 1 erry Bjerken. Lisa Bjorkman. Bruce Blair. Danny Bunchard. Bruce Blanchette. Joan Blandin. Curtis Rlaizheim. Robert Bleu. Steven 218Juniors Active Students Find Clubs Exciting And Worthwhile At the AFS picnic. Lisa Kindent and Karen Ekherg roast hot dogs after a big welcome to the foreign exchange students. Blessing, Stephan Blocki. Frank Bocklcy. P. Wesley Bolin, Alan Book. Mary Booker. Bonnie Jean Boran. James Borg, Mardc Borrman. Bruce Bowes. Robert Bowman, Jim Brandangcr. Dennis Bratmd. Donna Braunwarth. Kathryn Brchm. Stephen Bremer. David Bridgeman. Paul Bnndlc. Ralph Brinkman. Kathleen Bmsc. Jay Bristol. Brad Brooks. Randall Bros. Carol Brower. Marcia Brown, Catherine Brown. Deborah Brown. Heidi Brown. Paul Brucr. Barb Jo Bruer, Ruthann Bruner. Joann Brunscll, Beth Bryan. Jan Buck, Greg Budolfson. Christine Bullington. Daniel Burke. Daniel Burke. John Burgess. Conrad Busa. Marianne 219juniors Spirited Pep Pests Add To Assurance For Oncoming Games Bushman, Douglas Bu by, Mark Byrne, Connie Byrne. Kenneth Cabalka. Steve Canton. Barbara Caplcs. Beth Caples, Carol Lee ('arisen. David (arisen, Lawrence Carlson. Bruce E. Carlson. Dan E. Carlson, Douglas A. Carlson. Karen L. Carlson. Nancy L. Carlson, Randy D. Carlson, Robin L. Carlson, Sandra Lee Carlson. Steve A. Carmichael. Carey Carpenter. Jay Carr. Michael Carruthers. Cynthia Carson. William Caspers, Mark Cavanor. Mark Cccere. Julia Cederholm. James Chandler. Janet Chapman, Ned Chcrnc. Steven Chmtianson. Carol Christopher. Barbara Cicrnia. Cynthia Clayton. Candace Cleland. Diane Cleveland. Alan Cobb. Steven Colburn. Kim Coleman. David Coleman, Dianne Collins, John Conroy, Mike Counolle, Jacquelyn Cox. Allison Cox, Doug Cox, Karen Cnckmer, John Cross, James Crouch. Dave Crowley . Denise Curie, Susan Dahill, Joanne Dahl. Kurl Dahl, Scou Dahlberg. Dave Dahl berg. Dixon Davenport, Mike Davcy, Bill Davies. Sue Davis, Amy Davis. Julie Dean. Robert Ddongh. Nancy 20Exhibiting their championship form, the marching band leads the football season's first pepfest. DeKraay, Ann Delaney. Kathleen Denison. Marilyn Denk. Steve Denn. Fred Dennehy. Denise Derby. David DcRcmcr. Kevin Deshlcr, Brandon Devereaux, Daniel DeVries. Joy Dicrcks, Thomas Dissmeyer. Dale Dittberner. Lowell Divine. Karen Dobbin. Heather Doehrman. Patricia Doeringxfcld. Mary Dolezal. Mark Domke. William Donchcnko, Nicolai Domick. John Dorsey. Kathleen Dosiai. Michael Dow. Laura Doyle. Colleen Doyle. Dave Drehet, James Dreisbach, Lisa Drew. Douglas Dudley, John Dugan. Judith Duggan. Patricia Dulin. Kevin Dunbar. Rick Dunn. Tim Dunwiddic. Catherine Duvick. Sharon Fames. David Eastman. Elizabeth Eastman. Mary Edelmann. Karen Edlund. Steve Edstrom. Robert Edwards. Diane Eichhorn. Steve Eidc. Janet Eidsmo. Daniel 221Juniors Students Involve Themselves With Community Issues Hndorsing the school bond petition, Janine Lamont volunteers her signature to the list of concerned high school students. E-inck, John Eisenhaucr. Deborah F.kbcrg, Karen Elcrt. Dave Elkcy. Luannc Engdahl. John Engcbrclson. Robert Engelbert. Linda Engh. Rolf Englcr. Theodore Enquist, John Engstrom. Brian Epplc. Michael Erickson, Chris Erickson. Kirk Erickson. Sus3n Ericson. Scott Ersted. Lesley Evans. Diane Everett. James Eagcrlic. Lcannc Falconer. George Fallcr, Laura Farnsworth. Mary Ferguson. Julie Ferris. Kent Fiedler. Elizabeth Fiedler. Nancy Fields. Frederick Filrcis. James Findorff. Robert Fine. Steven Fink. John Finks, Daniel Fish. Dave Fisher. Margot Fisk, Alison Fitzgerald. Anne Flask amp. Meg Fleer, Linda 222Flickingcr. Jan Fortner. Ann Fosscen. Nancy Fosscy, Brian Freerk . Robert Freitas. Mike Frey . Paul F rich, Cindy Friesen. Debra Frishberg. Michael Frohbacn. Barbara Frobach. Mary Frykman, Susan Fuller. James Funk. Ronald Cans. James Garrison. Steven Garven. Thomas Gay nor. Mary Gerrish. Wendy Ghost lc . John Gibbs. Cheryl Giroux. Steve Gislawin. Margaret Gjcrsdal. Henry Glcssncr. Mark Goblirsch, Mary Golden, Kathy Gottlieb. Mark Gottsacker. Michael Graham. Gail Gramling. Dave Grangaard. Blake Green. Vivian Greer. l.ce Ann Gregory . Lori Grey win, Richard Griffiths. Sally Grill. Bob Grogan. Maureen Grossman. Virginia Groth. Wendy Groven. Scott Growth. Greta Gulliford. Nancy Gunberg. Susan Gunderman. Mary Gunderson. Jeffrey Gustafson, Janice Gustafson. Kevin Haberkorn. Leslie Hageman. Janel Hagen. Ann Hagen. Nancy Hagen. Wayne Haire. Jim Hall. Jeff Hall. Nancy Hall. Stewart Halpcrn, Linda Halvorscn. Suv.n Hamm, Steve Hannah. Lynn Hancock. William Hansen. Bonnie Flanscn. Brian Hansen. Nancy Hanson. Allan Hanson. Don Hanson. Melanie Hanson. Stanton Hanson. Wendy Hardman. Paul Harmon. Mark Harper. Grant Hart. Darrell Hawaii. Peggy Haupt. Renee Hawk. Kathleen Hawkmxon. Tom 223Hayes, Casey Healey. Michael Hcdc. Vicki Hegnauer, Susan Heikenen, Joy Heinbockel. Susan Hemp. John Henderson, Sandra Henry, John Hcnslcr. David Henson. Laura Sue Herb. Christian Herman. Ann Hershey. Julie Herzog, Leslie Hcssclcr, Bob Hibbs. Suann Hill. Kimberly Hippe. Scott Hipps. James Hire hey. Kevin Hoaglund, Rebecca Hoi. Greg Holland. Paul Hoi la way, Anne Holm. Kristin Holm. Laurie Holt. Brad Holtum, Jessica Horns, Kimberly Horstman. Patrice Houns, Kathryn Hovdc, Hope Hoverstad, Keith Howell. William Howells, Karen Hoyt. Thomas Huff. Steve Hughson. Sandra Hull, Paul Hunter. Marsha Hutchins. Linda Hutchison, Robert Hylander. David Immcl. James Immcl. Timothy Ingwald. Mary Iten, 1-aura Persistent American History classes attempt to present a convincing court ease to Judge Julian. 2? 4Juniors Tearn Teaching Adds Freedom In Methods Of Instruction Iverson. Marilyn Jackson. Kim Jackson. Susan Jacobson. Bruce James. Susan Jensen. Scott Johnson. Amy M. Johnson, Deborah A. Johnson. Debra J. Johnson. Jill Lyman Johnson. Judy Lvnn Johnson. Kathy M. Johnson. Marcus G. Johnson. Margaret A Johnson. Peter R Johnson. Rebecca A. Johnson. Thomas P Jones. Nancy Jones, Patricia Jones. Timothy Joyce. James Junl, Kristine Juneau. Elizabeth Junko. James Kain, Kevin Karlik.Cristian Kasprick.Sue Kaufmann. Nancy Kavanaugh. Michael Keegan, Peter Keith, Mary Kelly. Dave Kelly, Karen Kcnaston. Priscilla Kennedy. Deborah Ken nelly. Larry Kcrwin. Denise Kctchum. John Kiel. Lyncttc Kilburg, Elizabeth K tlian, David Kilian. James Kilian. Rick Kim. Mary Kindcm. Elizabeth K intop. Cheryl Kirkland. James Kitchen. Douglas Kjomc. Lynn Klein. Marilee Knob. Perry Knowles. Laurie Koenig. Vicki Koivumaki.Sue Komarck. Linda Kracum. Richard Kracmcr. Tom Krakcr, Kim Krogstad. Claire Krueger. Jeff Kruppstudt. John Kumpf. John Kuphal. Elizabeth Kuphal. Kristine 22 5I aniont. Jamne Lamoni. Kalhcrinc Landin. John Lane. Alan Lang.John Langcfcls. Don I.antto. Lynda Larson. Bradley Larson. Christine Larson. Dianne Larson. Donna Larson. Janice Larson. Randy Laum. Fritz Lausc. Tim Leach. Ann Learn. William Leary. James Lcddcr, Charles Lee. Claudia Leglcr, Lea Ann Lcnhart. David Levitt. Mary Jeanne Levy . Robert Lewan, Kathy Lewis. Sally Licberg, Robert Liedl. Joseph Lilja. Michael Lillchei. Robyn Linderholm. Julie Linncr. Andrea Little. David Lium, Shery l Lodahl, Lynn Lofdahl. Mimi Loffhagcn. Pamela Lofgrcn, Jane Logan.Jean l.oobcck. Laurel Juniors Questions About The Bond Issue Are Resolved At P.T.A. P.T.A. night became a little more interesting when parents came to German class and listened to Andrea Hie and Ingeborg Sanner recite in German. 22 6Lord. Steve Lund, Jem Lundquist, James Lunn. Robert Lupo.John Lynch. Mark Lyon. David Lytle. Dennis Mjcholda, Mary Mackenzie. Thomas Macl.cnnan. Donald MacTaggart. Patricia Madden. David Magnus. Geraldine Maloney. John Mandil, Joseph Mariner, Rac Ann Marinov»ch. Pam Marshall. Debra Mansion, Stephen Martens. Jay Martin. Kim Maslor. Barb Maunder, Mark McAllister. Bruce McCambridge, Patricia McCance. Wendy McCarthy. Dave McCarthy. Maureen l£. McCarthy. Megan M. McCarthy. Richard T. McCauley. Mary Anne McCauley, Timothy McDonald. Ann McDonald. David McDonald. Julie McDonnell. Carol McDonnell. David McDowell. David McElligott. John McElralh. Paul McGlynn, Daniel MeGrew. Charles McKibben. Ted McLcllun, Kathy McMahon. Brad McManus. Teresa McNally. Sally Mclbostad. Paul Mcllema. Douglas Metcalfe. Thomas Meyer. Karen Meyer, Steven Mickus. Ronald Millard. Brad Miller. Brad Miller. BruceC. Miller. Mark S. Miller. RohnJ. Miller, Thomas J. Miller,Timothy E Milieu, Patricia Minichilli. JiU Mire. Waldo Moline, Nancy Moodic. Tim Mooney. Patricia Moore. Charles Moore. Larry Moore. Marian Moorcr, Richard Morrill. Randy- Morris. Dave Morrissey, Ann Moser. Barbara Moynihan, Jerry Mulcarc, Mary Murphy. Murlha Nagdl. Nancy Nankivcll. Laurie 227juniors Sophomore's Gym Class Entertains Junior Boys At Noon Nauman, Susan Neal, Patricia Ncdcrostck. Elaine Nelson. Constance Nelson. David Nelson. Judy Nelson, Lucinda Nelson. Martha Nelson. Marvin Nelson. Susan Nevveth, Mary Ncuger. Barb Nevin. Paula Nevins. Brad Nichols. Jean Nichols. Richard Nidand. Todd Nielson, Kurt Nolle. Tim Norcen. Karen Norquist. Daniel Nugent. Debra Nyc. Chuck Oberg. Doug O’Brien. Cici O’Brien. Patricia O’Brien. Richard O’Brien, Susan O’Connell. Brian O'Connor. Kathy O'Donoghuc. William Okerlund. Steve With their physical education days over, junior hoys check the girls' gym classes for intriguing prospects. ?2SOliver, John Olsen, Charles Olson. Debi Olson. Linda Olson, Nancy Olson. Reed Olson, Sandra Olson, Steven Osvog. Karen Out, Ann Palmer. Gwen Pappas. Theodore Paris, Candy Parsons. Bennett Paulsen. LuAnn Paulsen. Mark Pearson, Roger Peek, Jeffrey Peddic, Sandra Pcddycoart. Keith Pengdly, Susan Pcsses. Cheryl Petersen. Lee Petersen, Thomas Petersen. Wayne Peterson. Barbara Peterson, Carmen Peterson. Ellen Peterson, Lynn Peterson. Miriam Peterson. Tom Petty. Eric Phelps. Lisa Pierson. Jeffrey Pictrick. Gail Pohlad. Robert Pollock. Philip Pollock, Thomas Pontius. Nancy Posthumus. David Powell. Deborah Pratt. Jim Purdy. Robin Quirk. Michael Rauch. Diane Ravell, Sue Raymond, Roberta Reed. James Reeves. Barb Reichmann. Patricia Reierson. Rebecca Remolc. Michelle Rcntschlcr. David Revord. Jean Reynolds. James Reynolds. Ken Rhoads. Lyn Rholl. Jeffrey Rice. Keith Rinc. Tom Riplingcr. Brad Rischmillcr. John Rischmiller. Reid Ritchie. Jennifer R ivall. Thomas Roberts. Bradford Roberts. Janet Roberts. Thomas Robertson. Theodore Roby. Mary Roche. Chris Rock. Ima Rolf. Daniel Rose, Richard. Rothgeb, Cynthia Roy, Steve Rungc, Jon Russell. J. Timothy Ryan. Catherine Ryan. Michael 2?9Juniors Human Relations Week Evokes Thought Among Students Rybcrg, Carl Sadowski. Dan Sahlstccn. Tim Sale, Leslie Sandvik. Polly Sanner, Ingeborg Saucier. Neil Savik. Paula Savory1. I cnnis Saxton. Steve Schuller, Stephen Schicl. Mark Schilling. Deborah Schirmcr. Mary Jo Schlct cr, David Schluetcr, Deborah Ann Schmitt. Robert Schnobrich. Nancy Schrecongost. Mary Schrocdcr, Paul Schulte. Robert Schultz. Brian Schwa rtzbaucr, Paul Schwarz. Sara Scott. Brad Scott. Liz Scott. Kimberly Scrccdcn. James Scully, Nan Sedgwick. Janice Scidenstrickcr. Richard Scldcn. John Sevald. Al Shackle. Gregg Sharpe. Amy Shaughnessy. Patricia Shecly. Marianne Shelley, Karen Sherman. Bradley Sherry. Patricia Shober. Pete Short. Barbara Shorts. Jim Silas. Patricia Silvcrmann. John Simonton. Donna Sims. William Sirotiak. Gerald Smith. Anthony E. Smith. Bentley L. Smith. Glenn C. Smith. Jaclyn R. Smith. Karen E. Smith. Michael E. Smith. Patrick D. Smith. Robert P. Smith. Scott T. Smith. Steve. C. Smyth. Linda Snow, Stephanie Snyder. Jerry Snyder, William Sobieski. Michael Soe. Diane 230Solicit. Robert Sorem. Julie Sorem. Ronald Sorenson, Nancy Sour. Jared Sowder. Penny Spear. Laurel Spencer. Kevin Sprangers. Holly Stallman. Jay Stapel. Steve Starkey, Sandra Stasson, Mary Stelzncr. Martha Stevens. Scott Stillwell. Patricia Stinson. Bnan Stitt. JefT Stoakes. Lorna Stocks. Wim Stone, Brian Stone. Carla Stoner. Thomas Straeban. Susan Slrathy, Kevin Strathy. Robin Strickland, Paul Slrombcrg. Philip Siromberg, Steve Strother, Patrick Stuart. Melinda Stubbs. Sheldon Sundberg. Susan Supplce. Carol Swanson. Judy Swanson. Susan Swenson, Robin Swenson. Sherwood Swclman. Barbara S ar ynski. Ron Taft. Paul Taylor. Greg Taylor. Lynne Teynor, Joe Thayer. William Thews. Teresa Thielman. Marc Thompson. Kevin “What the World Needs Now is L.ovc” was the theme for the concert during Human Relations Week. ?ilThompson. Sheri Lynn Thompson. Andrew Thorp. Suzanne Thorvilson. Nancy Tickle. Susan Tie I. Robert Tindall. Robin Tocniskocttcr. David Torvik. Sandra Townswick, Mary Treanor. Patricia Tretten. John Trimmer. Carolyn Trudeau. Tim Tseherne, Jeff Tull. Judith Juniors Overcrowding Leads To Uninterested Students And Staff Tuna. Ishik Turner. Brad Turner. Eric Tvacke. Lesley Olrich. Karen Ulsakcr. Robyn Unger. Cindy Unticdl. Patricia Van Somcrcn, Patricia Vanko.Jody Veochi. Renee Vigdal. Donna Vogel. Richard Voight. Allan Vork. Kathleen Votaua. Mary Waldron. Thomas Walncllo. Juana W allin. Rebecca W alquisl. Steve Walstcn. Trevor W'ard. Beth Warm. I.ukc Warner. Alexander W arner, Laurie Warner. Ted Wasmurvd. W'endy Watson. Charles Watson. Sharon W attson. Mary W'caver. David W caver. Joseph Weber. Jeanne Weekley. Joyce W’cidt. Vicki Weisman. Scott W cllumson. Melissa Wcndlandt. Ann W escott. Mary W'cstfall. Barbara 23?Wcstin, Scott Whalen. Thomas Whclplcy, Jeanette Whetstone. Jeanne White. Jean W hite. Sarah W hitehead. Bruce Wick. Marilyn W'ickcsscr, Jonna Wicks. Gloria W ien. Terry W'icsncr. William W ildcr. Jennifer W ilken. Kathy Williams. Jim Williams. Steve Williams. Susan Wilson. Gary Wilson. Richard Wilt . Kathleen Wind3hi. Linda WineberR, Rick W inger. Paula Wingert. Nora W inn. David Winslow. Caroline Winsor. Sherre Winsor, Tom Wires. Gregory Wiseman. Craig W'ittke. Debra Wokal. Cindy W'ollan. Christine Woodpile. Bcrnic Woods. Jean Wunsch. Heidi W'ymorc. Gregory Yanda. Peter Ycarncau, Steve Young. Elizabeth Zangmaster. Paula Zak.AI Zeilingcr. Dick Zins, Mary ?33 Bored with the school situation. Kim Jackson absorbs the main points of a lecture.SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Terry Fockc. pres.; Mark Ma-thison, vicc-prcs.; Suzy Baker, treas.; Carla Rodiung. see Sophomores Edina's Largest Sophomore Class Overcrowds School Exemplifying two of their greatest aspects, eating and talking, a sophomore slumber party gives adequate time to catch up on the latest gossip.Taking aim. while training Teh Hagemeyer enjoys her favorite sport for the U.S. National Archcry Team.Sophomores Women's Liberation Moves to Sports: Girls' Football Abbott. David Adams. Kathleen Adams. Nancy Aiken. Maureen Allendorf. Stephan A1 mars. Michael Alpcrs. Blake Amlic. Katherine Andcrbcrg. Nadine Andcrl, Shelley Anders. Sally M. Anderson. Craig B. Anderson. Donna L. Anderson. Isabel H. Anderson. Joni L. Anderson, Julia E. Anderson. Karen L. Anderson. Laura L. Anderson. Mark F. Anderson, Nancy H. Anderson. Paul L. Anderson, Robin M. Anderson. Steven E. Anderson. Timothy A. Anderson. Tyler W. Andrews. Mark Appel. Peggy Applcquist. Carol Arenson, Dave Armstrong, Vicky Arnevik, Bruce Arnold. Denise Football seems to be taken over by sophomore women as Meg Bieier is tackled over the goal line. ?36Arnold, Lynn Ashworth. Hllcn Atkins. John Atkinson. Forrest Aulik, Mark Austin. Thomas Backus. Bruce Baker. Susan Bailey. Susan Baltr. Marete Baranauckas. Curia Barge. Lee K. Bartholomew, Scott Bartlett. Irving Bartley. Greg Barton. Curt Basil. Susan Bauman. Diane Beard. Debbie Beardsley. Lynn Becker. Bradley Becker. Robert Bede. Sue Beebe. GcolTcry Beers. Shirley Bchning. Jon! Bchning. Mars Pal Bdm. Carol Bcikin. William Benham. Tracy Benjamin. Diane Benjamin. Nancy Bennett. Ann Bcrgcc. Mark Bcrcgrccn. Susan Berkley. Holly Berres. Margaret Bericlscn. Ralph Bcrtelson. Paul Bertoy. Robert Beson, John Btctcr. Margaret Bigelow. I arry Biltard. Mary Billings. Thomas Blackburn, Laurie Blanchette. Lawrence Blcckinger. Kimberly Blessing. Terrence Bloch. Christopher Bloom. Mark Bloom. Polls Bloom. Susan Bloomquisl. Michael Blunt. Brian Bodinc. Nikki Boerth. Ann Bohlandcr. John Bomblutus. Mark Boone. Jaimic Borchcrs. Dchi I u Borden. Ida Kas Borgstrom, Todd Borrman. Barbara Bou lay. John Bowman. Mary Boyd. Robert Branham. Lynn Brauchlc, Larry Brecht, Charlie Brecht. Lisa Brecht. Nancy Brink, Charlie Brisvc, Pamela Broback. Henry Brown. Melissa Brown. Terry Brown. Thomas Browning. Jeff Bruskltcn. DuaneBrc inski. Ann Buratti. Thomas Burke. Brian Burke. Larry Burley. Brian Burnell. Charles Burnett. Tim Burnham. Michael Burns, David Busch. Susan Buschc. Jennie Buss. Michele Byrnes. Maureen Cabot, Emily Callahan. Patrick Cameron. Donald Campbell. Scott C arisen. Mary Carlson, Glenn Carlson. Janice Carrot. Etta Carpenter. Janice Carter. Teresa Cavanor, Katherine Chadwick. Scott Champ. Richard Chapman. Connie Chappie. Mark Cheney. Veric Christenson. Thomas Clapp. Ann Clarke, Sharon Clausen. Andrew Clegg. Dannis Cleveland, Martha Cochrane. Steve Colbert. Robert Cole, Gary Coleman. Richard Colvin, Lucy Comb. Susan Compton. David Conway. Debbie Corey. Alice Costello. Peter Costello. Thomas Couper. Alistair Crask. Cynthia Crowley. Jane Cummings. Carol Curler. Jane Curtin. James Cushing. Joan Daggett, Sharon Dahlin. David Dahlstrom. Sally Dale, Corby Daum. Belly Davenport. Dave Davidson. Kim Davies. Robert Davies. Winlhrop Davis. Frank Davis. Scon Dav. Scott Dcckus. Paula DcHcrdcr. Katherine DeJager. Penny Dekko. Danna DcLancy. John Deticker. Douglas Denman. Linda Dcnsmorc. Michael Dcshlcr. Kevin deVries. James Dickey. Bill Dietz. Kimberly Dixon. Mark Doepke. James Donahue. Cathj 238w Sophomores Homecoming Events Involve Optimistic Sophomore Students Combining skill and spirit, Jeff Beebe and Craig Jones help complete the float. Donnelly. Charlene Dop, Holly Dornackcr. Elizabeth Dornick. Jeff Draper. Harry Drake. Terry Drei . Peter DuBois. Debbie Dunham, Laura Durst. Donald Duryea. Anne Dvorak. Diane Eagle, Gregory Ederen, Allen Edlund. Robin Edwards. Jo Ann Eggers, Lynette Einan, Paul Emck. Cydney EJIcby, Gordon Ellis. James Englcbrccht. Sue Engclking.Tcd Engh. Paul Englund. Scott Engstrom. Brad F.ngstrom. Christine Erdall, Cynthia Erickson. Reid Erickson. Vicki Erlandson. Sharon Erling. Paul Estes. Patricia Evans. Dana Fackler. Allan Fagre. Dale Faith. Karla Fuller. Brian Fuloon. Steve Farley. Jeffrey Farnsworth. Elizabeth Fcigal. Kathleen Fcvold. Joel Field. Rocky 239Sophomores B-Squaders Provide Enthusiasm For Team Spirit And Morale Fiedler. Scon Fitipczak. Stephen Findorff. Jean Fink. Tom Finn. Pamela Fisher. James Fisher. Lee Fisher. Margaret Flynn. Robert Foecke. Terry Forsythe, Ann Fraat . William Frankc. Bruce Frasz, Nancy Frcdendall. Laura Freiberg. Susan Freitas. Melinda Friedrichs. Larry Friegang. Janette Fnsvold. Craig Fronk. Mary Gaasedeten, Mark Gallagher. Patrick Gallagher. Robert Gammcll, Dianna Garrison, Deborah Gegner. Don Gchring. Barbara Gerberding. Merrilee Gernbacher. Gary Geving. Dave Gibson. Charles Gilbertson. Clark Gilmore. Joan Gisselbcck. Martha Gohdes. Craig Golden. Jeffrey Goldcnsicin. Mark Gottlieb. Penny Gramling. Margaret Gray. Liz Grccnough. Leslie Greer. David Gresham. Steven Gresik. Dean Grcltc. Paul Growth. Harry Grogan. Sheila Grogan. Terry Groth. David Grotling. Thomas Grove. Thomas Gruggen. Kathy Guberud. Robert Gudim. William Gulbro. Debbie Gunderson. Diana Gustafson. Dianne Haas. Karen Had. Jody FJadficld. James Hageman. Brian Hagemeyer. Terry Hall. Mark ?40Halleckson. Terry Halvorson. Jay Hancock. Martha Hansen. Dave Hansen. Dawn Hansen. Liz Hanske. Tom Hanson. Kay Harmon, Anne Harris. Kim Harrod. Kathy Hart. Jeffrey Hatzung, Paul Hauglund. Scott Hauser. Stephen Havcrly. Susan Havcrstock. William Hawley. Sheldon Hceb. Carolynn Hcffclfinger. Frank Heigl, Mark Heikenen, Jane Heim, David Heinrich. Mary Learning the new cheers, B-squad cheerleader Cissy Crask runs through a drill after school. Heisc, Carol Held, Stephanie Henderson. Lynn Hendrickson, Mary Henningsen. Pamela Hibb . David Higgins. Kim Higgins. Martin Hill. Scott Hillercn, David Hines. Debra Hinkcr. David Hinz, Katherine Hitch, Greg Hodges. Mark Hogue, Margaret 241Hold . Susan Holm, Kari Holm. Lee Holm berg, Thomas Holmes, Mark Holmes. Terry Holmquest, James Holstrom, Susan Hopkins. Judith Hopkins. Karen Horstman. Shelly Horslmann. Ruth Houck. Paul Houser. Thomas Howard. Connie Howell. Sarah Huey. Jane Huggins, Gary Hughes, Kicran Hunt, Michael Hurley, Charles Hyland. Melissa Hyscll. Catherine Ikola. Deborah Imme. Christine Inman. Rick Ittner. Paul Jackson. Carol Jackson. Denise Jacobs. Marla Jacobsen. JeffL. Jacobson. Jeff J. Jacobson, Julie Jacoby.John Jegers, Viktor Jensen, lirik Gilbert Jensen. Melissa Jcpson, Karen Johnson, Christopher A. Johnson. Debr3 D. Johnson. Edward E. Johnson. Elizabeth A. Johnson. Judith G. Johnson. Karen L. Johnson, Kathleen S. Johnson. Michele M. Johnson. Randv R. Johnson, Richard W. Johnson. Robert M. Johnson. Robin C. Johnson, Ronald H. Johnson. Terri L. Johnsrud. Thomas Johnston. Catherine Johnston. Douglas Jones, Craig Jones. Keith Jones. Mark Jones, Ross Jones. Thomas Jordan.Joanne Jordan. Vicki Josephson. Jeff Joyce. Robert Kaiser, William Kalland. Paul Kallgrcn. Jeannette Kamiske. Thomas Kane. Timothy Kasprick. Michael Kaufman, Jennifer Keenan, Kevin Keith, Robert Kelley. Jerry Kelly, Mike Kelly. Penny Kcmmick. Edward Kemp. Mitch Kenney, l.inda Key, Lotta 242Sophomores Activity Buses Relieve Sophomore Practice Headaches Kern. Christopher Kinney. Sieve Kinlop. Edward Ktcmpkc. Deborah Kiev . Dale Ktcvcn, Diane Khndworih.Tcn Khlrkc, Mary Klossner. Paul Kloster.Trudie Klolh. Mark Knccn. Dominique Knowland. Nancy Knowlton. Lynn Knox, Giselle Knutson. James Knutson, Teric Koch. Debra Kocrbcr, Steven Kocts. Tom Kokales. Sam Korbos. Mary Korn. Christi Kovack. Jane Krause, Paul Krccp.Shc a Krogsud. I is.i Kruse. Janice Kuppcr. Charles Kvam. Steve Lacey. Jonathan Patricia Laces. J Landcn. Long tiring practice after school and lack of driver's licenses forces young athletes to remain on the steps for rides.Lang, Dixie Lungcfcl . Doug La non. Amy L. I.arson. Barbara L. Larson. Bethany Jo L arson, Carol J. Lanon. Craig A. Larson. Cynthia K. Lanon. Holly J. Larson. Mary M. Larson. Virginia E. Laslcr, Todd La use, Rcta Lavender. Kevin LaVoie. John Law. Mitchal Lawrence. John Lee. Ann Lee, Clinton Lee. David Lefer. Mary Legeros. Nick LeGros. Leo Lchar. Susan Leighton. Duncan Lennon. Eileen Leslie. Arnett LeVoir. Bonnie Lewis. Mary Lewis. Patricia Liaboe, Valerie Lichy. Paige Lick. Debbie Licking. Diane l.illchn, Nancy Limbeck. Pamela Lindcmann. Judith Lindemann, Lisa I mdcrholm, Lisa Lindquist, Holly Linner. Victoria I.ivdahl, Douglas Loegcring. Wcsty Londecn. David Long. Christopher Loslebcn. Carol Louks, Janice Loving. Dennis Lowry. Phil Lund. Colby Lund. Thomas Lundin. Joan Lunke. Gene Lupie. Thomas Lupo. Robed Luther, Jan Lut , Patricia Lyman. Grcfchcn Lynch, Jeffrey Lyon. Nancy Maanum, Toni Mablcy, Stephan MjcDonald. Alexandria Mach. Frank Macl ean. Katherine MacLcnnan. Pam MacPhail. Laurie MacWhcdcr. Laurie Madison. Mark Machrcn. Kathleen Mair, Matt Maki. Lucy Malone. Tom Maloney. Mary Mammcl. Christopher Manion, Daniel Manning. Brian Manskc, Glenn Markun. Mary Martin. CarolSophomores Move to High School Brings Increase In Social Life. Keeping up with the times Suzy Baker. Gretchen l.yman. and Kali Weigle find time for a smile Wednesday evenings at Young Life. Nta st or. Connie Mathews, Susan Mathison. Mark Maxciner. Margaret Maxwell. Richard Maynard. Martha McBride. Debra McCampbell. Karen McCann. Miriam McCarthy. Kelley McClelland. Candy McCord. Elizabeth McGIcnnon. Jan McGraw. Patricia McGrcw. Jaklyn McLcllan, Meredith McLeod. Susan McMahon. Mcrrilcc Me Morrow. John McNellis. Kathy McPhcetcr . Bruce McQuillan, William Mead. Mark Mchrkcns. Mary Mch us. Sylvia Mclichur, Marv Mcllcr. Bill Mclro. Holly Mendenhall. Jeff Mcrtes. Katherine Mcstcmachcr. Ann Metzger, David ?45Meyer, Virginia Nlickclson, Paul Midke. Michael Miller. Anne Miller, Daniel Miller, Janet Miller. Patrick Miller. Warren Millncr, Michad Milner. Susan Mitchell. Jill Mobarry, Keith Monson, Mike Mooney, Debbie Moore, Frank George Moore. Peter Moore. Wendy Jo Moot). Bruce Moran. Mark Morey. Russell Morgan. Bruce Morgan. Don Morinc. Jan Morris. Mike Morrison. Robin Morse. Linda Moynihan. Liz Murphy. Kevin Murray. John Mutschlcr. Cheryl Nass. Gail NagcngaM. Rich Nagobads, Brigita Nelson, Kim Nelson. Virginia Ncvin. Bob Ncwstrom. Mark Nichols. Chuck Nichols. Jackie Nicland. Scott Nipper, Rjndall Nissen. Mike Nolan. Cyndy Nordquisl, Susan Nugent. Kevin Nugent. Mark Nunn. Nancy Nyrop, Karen Nyrop. Kathy Oakes. Myte E. Obcrmcyer. Sandra O’bricn. Ann O'brien. Shannon O’Connell. Eileen O'Connell. Tim Oclschlagcr. Pcrrie Okcrlund. Jeff Olsen. David Olsen. Janice Olson. David Olson. Douglas Olson. Gwen Olson. Jeri Olson, Joann Olson, John Olson. Mark Olson, Mike Olson. Paul Olsonoski. Ron Orbcn.Curt Osier. Cheryl Ostcrgren. Greg Otness. David Otierlei. Eva Overby. Ellen Pace. Bob Pack a. Michad Parker. Janice Partridge. Marc Patterson. Terri 246Sophomores Paychecks Provide Necessary Money For Additional Expenses Realizing a new experience. Dale Kleve spends numerous hours after school earning money for expensive dates on weekends. Pearson. Cindy Pearson. James Peck. Mark Pedicini. Thomas Peer. Steven Penn. Toni Pennington. Pat Pepper, Thomas Perkins. Douglas Pert. Russ Peterson. Kathy Peterson. Steve Peterson. Alan Peterson. Craig Peterson. Dave Peterson. Ingnd ?47Peterson. Susan E, Peterson. Susan M. Peterson. Todd Phelps. Jeff Phelps. John Phillips, Dana Phillips. 1-Tank Pierce. Janet Pirsch. Nancy Pitts. John Plasman. Margaret Plummer. Cindy Podolinsky. Michael Pochlcr. Mary Pollack. David Polsfuss. Barbara Porter. Daniel Porter. Jill Preston. Thomas Priebe. Joan Pruisner. Robert Punch. Barbara Queensen, Keith Quimby. Marcia Sophomores Involvement Becomes More Important To Improve System Quinlivan, Cathy Quinn. Amy Rachic. Tom Railc. Jeff Randall. Leslie Raskind, Carol Ratcllc, Paul Ready.John Rebers, Brad Reed. Charles Reese. Lynn Reget. Todd Rcgli. Ann Rcichow. Paul Reierson. Gary Reierson. Ruth Rcklis. James Rcmolc, Mary Rcntschler, Barb Reynolds. Candace Reynolds, Kevin Rhodes. Louise Rice, Mark Rich, Steve Richter, John Rigglc. Ann Riley. Robert Ringham, Nancy Ringland. Margaret Risvold. Rick Robbins. Andrea T. Roberts. StephenRobe rUon. Carl Rodning, Carla Rogers. Dan Rogers. Dick Rolschau. Michcal Row. Mike Rossman. James Roth, Janinc Rudquist. Su jnne Rue. Vicki Ruedy. Barb Sackrison. Carol Sadowski. Pamela Sage. Dave Sahlstccn, Jared Salovich. Barb Sandberg. Craig Sanfilippo. Amy Sattcrlund, Mark Saucier. Renunn Savre. Michcal Sawyer, David Scanlan, Mark Schafrhauscn. James Scharrcr. Greg Schaucr, Dale Scheercr. Dan Schentzcl, Joan Schibur. Kathy Schicl. Peggv Schleicher. Heidi Schluctcr, Kathy Schmcrlcr. Stuart Schnasc. William Schneider. Clarissa Schorr. Scott Schrodetz. Mark Schrocdcr. Joan Schulte. Amy Schult c. Jean The sophomore class president. Terry Foecke. expresses his views on the Student Council and other issues for an interview in the Sun Newspapers. 249Sophomores Sophomores Put Up With Gym And Health For The Last Year Practicing skills in First Aid, Val U Is lad. Tizzie Cray and Liz Hansen prepare for health class. Seidcnslricker, John Seif, Debra Seifert. Robin Selfless. Craig Scttcrburg. Jim Scvald. Kenny Severson. Pamela Sexton, Kim Sexton, Nancy Shackelford. Jeanne Shannon. Mark Shaver. Linda Shaw, Debra Shay. Carol Shelley. Robert Shepard. Richard Shepard, Nancy-Shore. Nancy Shull, Deanne Sickling. H. W. Sidcll. Sue Sieve. Margie Silbcr. Tim Silveslrini.Tony Simmons. Nancy Sioris, George Skclly. Nancy Skogstad. Cathy Skordahl. Nancy Slcttcrdahl. Kurt Slocum. Scott Smania. LisaSmith, Juiana Smith, Michael Smith. Tom Snell. Roy Snocycnbos, Trudi Solbcrg, Scott Solbcrg, Sharon Soltau. Sheryl Sotebecr. Richard Sowle, Benjamin Spell, Stacy Spencer, Brian Spokes. Cassic Spongberg, Sue Sponsel, william Springer. Barb Stainbrook. Lorraine Stanley. Scott Stanton. Mary Stcinback. Denise Stewart, Ann Stirrat, Christopher Stockbndgc, Sally Stoddart. Mary Stordahl. Pamela Stoutenburgh. Kathy Stubbs. Robyn Sulandcr, Lee Sullivan. Michael Sullivan, Sue Summers, Michael Sund. Wesley Sundet. Dave Sundquist, Steve Swanson. Kristin Swanson. Nancy Swea ey, Robert Sweet. Bill Swcndscen. Jane Swenson, Gary Swenson, Timothy Swick. Randall Szarzynski, Darcy Tagg. Randall Tambornino, Charles Taylor. Gracia Taylor. Jo Teisberg. Cynthia Teynor, Tim Thachcr, Gary Thayer. Bruce Thcrnell. Gail Thomas. Dan Thomas, Patresa Thompson. Cindcc J. Thompson. Jeff R. Thomson. Douglas J Then. Richard Thorson, David Thorvilson. Jan Thurow. Paul Tierney. Kevin Timm, Allan Toal. Maureen Tollcfsrud. James Trones. Debbie Truman. Timothy Trussell.Tony Tschcrnc. Jan Tudor, Bcts Tyson. James Uistad. Valerie Valo. Nancy Van Brocklm. Karl Van Doren. Linda Van Herke, Jane Vanko. Lisa Van Sloun,John Van Someren. Connie J. Van Someren. Jeanne R. 251Sophomores September Brings End To Fun And Ease Of Summer After an attempt to interpret a difficult slide. Nancy Ringham has Mr. Halvor-sen approve her work. Van Valkcnburg. James Van Vccn. Pcicr Vdlck. Donna Vigdal. Beth Vincent. Michael Vinmg. Mar) Vi vicr. Mary Vogel. Mar) Voight, Brian Von Prasbck. Nancy Waack. Julia Wadlund, Patty Wagner. Debbie Wakefield. Gregory Walker. Corliss Walsh. Elizabeth Walstcn. Jennie Walters. Michael Walton. Murray Ward. Brett N. W'ard. Dave J. Warner. Tom W aters. Bonnie Watkins. Steve Wayte. Lotta Weatherhead. Doug Webb. Kimberly W'cbcr. Lisa W eigel. Mary W'cndlandt. Lynn Westerman. Mary Westfall. Gloria W heeler. Cindy i. Wheeler. Kathleen L. W helan. Mary White. John A. W hite, Lisa A. W'hitchousc. Michael Whiting. Bill Whitman. Teresa Wiersema, Cheryl Wigart, Susan Wi g. Rebecca Wikman, Guy W'ilken. Karen Wilkenon. Bonnie Wilkinson. Suzzanne Williams. Carol E. 2W illiams. Marianne Williams, Susan C. Williamson, Linda Wilson. Laurie L. Wilson. Mark W. Wrilson, Ross L. Winslow, Barbara Wippman. David W'istrand. Cathryn W'istrand. Erie Wittke, Pamela Wochrlc. Louise W'oerner, Sherry Wohlrabc, Ellen W'olncr. Larry Wood. Holly Wood. Kristin W'oodbury, Daniel Woodcock. Jeffrey Woodley. Pamela Woodrow. David Wray. Charles D. W ray. Teresa B. W'urst, Michele Wyre. Barb Yaeger, Elizabeth Yanda, Maty Young, Christi Zabcl. Craig Zarling. Richard Zcrull. Tom Zieper. Lynn Teri Knutson spends much of her summer training and showing her Quarter Horse, Joe Four. 253PATRONS American Yearbook Co. Burt Hedstrom, Representative Publishers of the Whigrean Best Regards to a Great School Bcrmel-Smaby. Realtors, 927-7043 3910 West 50th St. 0 Dahl’s Southdale Pharmacy Inc. Southdale Medical Building Scherling-PIctsch Studios Fargo. North Dakota and St. Louis Park. Minnesota Ski Blizzard Ski Club 6135 Kellogg Ave. Hi! Your Neighborhood Dairy Queen Home of Fine Brazier Foods Biltmorc Motor Hotel 5212 Vernon Ave. Edina. Minnesota from a friend -best wishes. Congratulations Wigrean Staff Dorothy Collins Interiors 7010 France Ave. So. Alfred Nielson Beauty Salon 3928 West 49 Vi St. Edina. Minnesota 927-9957 Congratulations Capitol Records and Apple Records Eberhardt Co. Realtors 5307 Vernon Ave. 929-0311 Arthur’s Restaurant Coffee Shop 66th and Xerxes. 70th and Penn Edina. Minnesota Carole of Edina 50th and France Clothes for Young Fashionables Edina Cleaners Launderers Adolph Anderson Cleaners 4500 France Ave. 927-7934 Audio King 7010 France Ave. So. 920-4272 Cavalier Development Corp. Our congratulations go To the Wigrcan Staff Edina Rexall Drug 5001 France Ave. South Minneapolis. Minnesota 55410 B. A. Rose Music Company Bob. Marie. Scott and Rowf 3905 W. 50th Street Carlson’s Odd Shop 4408 France Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410 In appreciation of Business received Edina Southdale Pet Hospitals Congratulations To A Pretty Good Staff SAB Best Wishes To Class of’71 Charles Appliance 3616 Cedar Ave. So. Edina Standard Station 50th and France The Best To You Compliments of Bcnri Coiffures 3946 West 50th St. 927-7339 Clancy Drug Inc. 3948 West 50th St. Edina. Minnesota Happiness Is Saturday Morning Banking Edina Stale Bank Located on France Avenue at 51st Street Protect Your Eyes with a professional eye exam and rely on BKx-Quality Eyewear . fashionating from Benson’s. Craddick Partridge Advertising 4660 W. 77th St. Radio TV Print Publicity Best Wishes to Class of’71 First Edina National Bank 4100 West 50th Street 254PATRONS Compliments of Gabbcrts Across from Southdalc General Sports Serving Edina’s Athletes 5025 France Ave. So. Glacier Sand and Gravel Co. 7009 France Ave. South Mpis.. Minn. 55435 Grandview 76 Service 5100 Vernon Ave. Edina. Minn. Griffcn Pharmacy 4412 France Ave. So. Edina, Minnesota Congratulations! Hackcnmucllcr Meats 3816 W. 50th St. Hager of Edina Nothing Is Permanent In Fashion But Good Taste Hart wick Realty. Inc. 6161 WooddalcAvc. 927-7146 Holiday Coiffures 5035 France Ave. Minneapolis 927-4744 Peace from H R 237 CA. DB. RC. RD. CC. KD. JE. PF. DG. MH. LJ. BJ. PK. ML. BM. MM. JN. FN, EP. KS. JW. PM. CD, JS, RP. 306 Best Wishes to the Class of’71 Intcrlachcn Country Club Jerry’s of Edina 5209 Vernon Ave. Edina. Minnesota Joyce’s Bakery Quality Bake Goods Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes Krispy Krcmc Doughnut Co. 6405 Lvndalc Ave. So. 869-9849 Larson Industries. Inc. 5000 Normandale Rd. Edina, Minnesota 55436 Linhuff Color Photo 4402 France Ave. Edina, Minnesota L’Uniquc Boutique 5006 France Ave. Dresses and Sportswear M and M Executive Services Inc. Office Rentals Stenographic Service Minnesota Wanner Company 5145 Eden Ave. South Mpls.. Minn. 55436 Colorful 303 The Year’s Outstanding Homeroom!!! 1970-1971 Nolan’s Salon of Beauty 6133 Kellogg Ave. So. Artistic Hair Styling Olson Brothers Pharmacy Highways 169 and 212 Edina. Minnesota Ovcrholt Properties Inc. 5301 Vernon Ave. Minneapolis. Minn. 55424 Quality Book Shoppes 50th and France — Highland Park Southlown Center 922-4441 Roberts Formal W'car 3827 W'. 50th St. 926-4466 Rodangc Bridals Veils Made to Order 5031 France Ave. So. Rolling Stones Gather No Moss Boulders I thru 38 You Say Whigrean And I Say Why Not Grcan? (signed) “The Green Phantom” Scope Inc.PATRONS Terrific Yearbook Whigrean Staff Mom and Dad Southdalc Schmitt MusicCenter 3500 W. 70th St. Edina Congratulations Valley View Barber Shop Valley View Wooddale Congratulations Class of 1971 7-Up Company. Mpls. South France Standard 70th and France So. 922-5107 Valley View Drug 6123 Wooddale Ave. Edina 926-6519 Buy Rent Lease ShufcldtCadillac, Inc. Edina 920-4300 Compliments of Tanya’s Beauty Salon 4404 France Ave. So. Edina. Minn. Woolworth The Fun Place To Shop There's One Near You! Congratulations Seniors Sico Incorporated 7525 Cahill Rd. Congratulations Seniors Triangle Refineries Inc. 7710 Computer Ave. Love always to J.C., B.D., L.F., M.F..L.H . M.F., M.M., T.S., S.S.. M.Z.. Z.Z., and P.D. Skeffington’s 5023 France Ave. So. 922-0070 T win City Federal 3330 W. 66th St. Edina. Minn. 55435 PEACE “Friendship is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness. Isn’t the void which surrounds you when the noise ceases your just reward for a day devoted to preventing others from neglecting you?" 2563 - 0 Xn — jfSl 1 5 s lilill-itf lilllpl! ills!!ills££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ r? rS « !L£l :£ 5 2 = = £§£ 1971 WHIGREAN STAFF Co-cditors-in-chief Business Manager Assistant ... Copy Editor Assistants .. Academics Co-editors . Assistant ......... Organizations Co-editors Assistants......... Student Life Editor ... Assistants ............. Sports Co-editors ...... Assistants ........ Seniors Co-editors ----- Assistants ........ Underclass Editor....... Assistants ......... Photo Coordinator ------ Photographer ........... Typist Advisor Business Advisor ....... .....Kathy Tarbox Scott Nichols .....Randy Morris .........Sue Nelson ..... Barb Johnson .....Karen Ekbcrg Sue Sundberg Meg Bieter .......... Kim Hill Lynn Swanson .. Nadia Donchenko .....Meredith Low Mary JoSchirmer . Carla Baranauckas Amy Sanfillipo ... Nancy Gulliford .....Sue Johnson Andrea Linner .. Tom Greenough Dan Burke .........Jan Stirrat Steve Roy ... Debbi Wilkinson Jean Johnson .....Peggy Findley Linda Frohbach . Caroline Winslow ..... Judy Johnson Jaimie Boone ... Sarah Sanfillipo Dave Langholz ..... Gwen Palmer Mr. Robert Klimpke Mr. Richard Kuehn Acknowledgements There have been many people who have aided in the production of the 1971 Whigrean. The staff would like to thank: Mr. Hurt Hedslrom and the American Yearbook Company for service and advice. Mr. Orlando Scherling. Scott Knight, and the Schcrling Plclsch Studios for their portraits and photography. Our patrons for their financial support. The administration and faculty for their cooperation in yearbook projects. Sun Newspaper. Hill Durand. I.shik Tuna. Bill 7.ech. Ginny Koss. and Laurie Knowles for their photography and special help. Mrs. Diane Clare for putting up with her 5th hour neighbors. And our parents for their homes during deadlines, cars, food, moral support and understanding. 264

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