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ao WHIGREAN Edina High School Edina, Minnesota Volume 20 —1970 i2Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story ...45If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in vour own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.89Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither by cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.■ wm13You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God. whatever you conceive Him to he, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. » D II ( 14 Desiderata. 1692CONTENTS Student Life 18 Academics 46 Classes 86 Organizations 178 Sports 224 17Aii inseparable duo, the band and Honiettes create an ini|x rtant and powerful cheering section The performance of the Honiettes in Wall Street Rag draws applause, cheers, and envious looks from a satisfied crowd 20Three lone female cornel players invade an all-male territory and introduce a feminine element. Pep Fests Laughter, Yells, Chatter, Resound In a Crowded Gym “Can we go to the pep fest one minute early?" . .. "Let’s go!" . . . “Just a minute, I have to wait for Jan ... “Shoot, we have to sit on the floor ... "Excuse me, you’re sitting on my foot ... “Voluntary pep fests are much better" .. . "The cheerleaders are so short" ... “Stand up ... "I like that clapping cheer" ... "These speeches are really boring" ... "Sophomores are loudest" ... "Why don’t they cheer?" ... "Oh good, the Hornettes are dancing" ... “Lots of kids are standing ... "Football players are so unresponsive" ... Jay and Ed and Jeff are such a riot" ... "Look for Murphy; he’s on the other side" ... "Who is throwing pennies?" ... "Another trophy!” ... B E A T Richfield!" ... I still don’t know that song ... "Quick! ... "Get your Buz-zette" ... "I’ll never make the bus’’ ... Wanting to bring a lot of enthusiasm into a pep fest, varsitv cheer leaders smile. yell. and yell, and s ell . . . Wonderment flashes across the face of curious sophomore Andy Bic as she joins in the various activities at her first pep fest. 21Feeling a shift in the mood as the hand changes pace, several couples reflect various thoughts as they slow dance. In return for their money, a long line of students behind Pat Connolly await to be stamper! in to a groovin' time.Dance Strobes Paint Silhouettes Up to The Midnight Hour After-game dances ... cheered out, ... “Should I or shouldn't I?” ... I D. checks . .. stamps . .. crowded coat check ... cafeteria, robbed of tables and chairs ... darkness ... strobes ... flirts, skirts, shorts, slacks, jeans, dresses, bell bottoms ... "The Quiet Breed’Paisleys" ... chair warmers, minglers, dancers ... bored chaperones . .. Coke, 7-up. orange, and root beer ... busy sponsors . .. senior boys with sophomore girls ... sophomore boys watching the band ... "Who’s he dancing with?” ... "Excuse me ... sorry” ... "I’m tired, let’s go’’ ... Escaping from the after-game dance crowd. Brian Hecb and Patty Fee find a quiet corner in which to talk. Getting in the swing of tilings. Bob Amis and Betsy Kuphal snap their fingers and gyrate to the driving beat of the music. Attracted by lederhosen and a pretty smile. Bcrnd Baumanns from Germany dances u ith I.aurie Anderson and thinks about home. 23Homecoming Thursday Night; Homecoming Begins With a Crown! Twenty finalists to select from 799 ... finding white dresses ... Laurie’s hair ... evening coronation ... conflicting soccer game . .. Mimsi Smith and John Seaberg ... West Side St »r ... stoic king candidates ... "When do we bow?" ... ‘‘Crown Imperial fifteen times ... "Fretland! ... Julie Colbert and Charlie Weigel ... Brad’s deliberation ... crown trouble ... bad microphone ... Jim Sanders .. . Steve Carlock with roses and a kiss for Debbie ... no school for queen candidates .. . pictures ... luncheon ... pep fest ... winning sophomore skit ... senior girls varsity ... "Blast ‘Em with Edina-might!" ... a cold evening ... impressive Edina royalty . .. waving from convertibles ... 45-12 ... "Super Duper CooperScooper" ... Suzy Ilstad’s garage ... bonfire ..." Danny’s Reasons’ ... nearly 85 in the cafeteria .. . In llu sophomore Homecoming skit. Judy Johnson leads a lovable "Senior Saint Bernard to the nearest exit. As Mimsi Smith confronts and chooses Brad the new king. Scott Lewis reflects his and others' happiness. When the moment finally arrived, scrollbcarer Julie Colbert was anxiously waiting, but somehow at a slight disadvantage. 24Waiting lor Queen Candidate Chris Grinnell to start her how is Mark Fretland. With the slogan‘‘Coop the Hawks in mind. Fans picture Kdina pluycrs surrounding the Hawks on the field. During one of "Danny's Reasons " breaks, refreshments and conversation takeover for dance entertainment As she listens to Brian Censmer. Sue Ehli solves the problem of warm feet. Neil Saucier enthusiastically unwinds the last remains of a Homecoming victory.Having arrived early at the designated spot, attendants Scott Lewis. Jeanne Ra-chie. Steve Precht and Laurie Ulvcstad await the rest of the gang After arranging a rendezvous. Scott Ferguson, Terri McNeil, Polly Keith and Denny Hughes meet at a concealed underpass. Befitting the theme of West Side Storx's "One Hand. One Heart.” Queen Debbie Sanborn and King Brad Wood join each other on a secluded fire escape 26Homecoming Candidates Depict Scenes From West Side Story Preparing to disembark from a Mississippi barge are Homecoming attendants George White. Sue Peterson. Bob Krieger, and Laurie Canton. 27 A roof top view of the city captures the attention of attendants Mark Fret-land. Chris Grinnell. Dave Murphy and Laurie Anderson.Climaxing the evening of Hi-Y formal, Eric Hansen helps Shelley Holl with her necklace, naming her 1970 Sweetheart. Sadie, Hi-Y Formal Sadie's Hundreds Dwindle Down to Sweetheart's Few Dogpateh atmosphere .. . potato sacks and burlap ... “White Lightening” ... Cindy Reichmann and Lindsay Hover, Daisy Mae and Li 1 Abner ... Mr. Peterson’s presentations ... wild costumes — especially Biersdorfs .. . “What a bod! ... Scott Crosbie, “ Best Dressed-’ ... Saturday. December 20 .. . the romantic cafeteria ... sparsely populated ... “Chesterfield Gathering" ... Christmas tree decorations ... cookies and punch served . .. Shelley Holl, HiY Sweetheart ... few slow dances ... 28 Sweetheart candidates Cindy Strawbridge. Sue YYeingart-ner, and Ronnie Bansbach smile to a flash.Daisy Mae candidates react in laughter as Lindsay Hover picks Cindy Rcichmann as his"dogpatch honey”. Trying to look nonchalant about the whole thing while Mr. Peterson keeps them in suspense, arc the Lil’ Abner candidates. 29Communication Broken in Play; Having no interest in Joan Martin's presence and chatter. Steve Kelley angrily tells her to leave him alone. M0nd6Q Ifl COMCGft Ernest Bloch's Sacred Serv ice ... Avo-dath Hakodesh . . . Mr. Jaeger, soloist ... January 29. 31 ... jamming in the choir room for warm-ups ... Chichester Psalms ... Mr. Bezoier s illness .. . good recording ... Mr. Jensen's reading ... Vicki Stewart’s solo ... standing ovation ... a "horrendous task” ... "Not Enough Rope” ... Mrs. Swan, director of contest play ... cast of 3 ... a satirical comedy ... threatened hanging . .. the lack of communication between people . .. many rehearsals ... Mrs. Otto’s after-school help ... a performance for students in Theater Arts ... no sets ... tension ... competing at Kennedy ... runner-up in sub-districts ... "U»«t u!“' W Five sopranos show different degrees of involvement and skill during the command performance of the Sacred Service. The guest cantor. Mr. John Jaeger, sings out in Hebrew while the choir responds in English as done in the reform temples. 30Confined to a wheelchair, Cindy Subby can onl utilize her voice, face, and hands to portray a cranky, old woman. Beginning with Leonard Bernstein’s The Chichester INalmv the Choral Club pauses momentarily as the pianist plays Pretending to hang herself in order to obtain attention is Joan Martin. 31People of Wanderlust’ Cast King Absolute ........ Princess Rose-Violet Nurse Funjollity Juan of Evergreen . IVrk Smack ................. The Guard Bunkieman . . 1st Guard ... ... 2nd Guard......... The Time Herald The Whirling Dervish ... The Old Crone Magician............... Agnes.................. Tall Boy .............. Gus ................... The Wily Slicket ...... The Bludgeon ... The Salamagoo The Long-Eared Gurp TheMile-a-go .......... The Horned Fly-Snatcher Director .............. ........Pat Boulay ........ Paula Tait Becky Laurence Mike Cummings ... Brett Nicnaber ....... Ted Pappas .... Steve Kelley ........Dave Doyle Dave McDonald ...... Steve Olsen ..... Cici O' Brien .. .. Shelley Barno ......Jim Freeman ...... Cindy Subby ..... Doug Schultz ...... Gary Bellair .......... Cat Sim Gail Schaffhausen ......Dawn Bailey ......Jl|dy Duggan Rick Henderson Barb Peterson . Mr. Russell Thiem Thurber Carnival" Cast Bob Borchers Steve Brownless Marianne Cargill Bill Coulter Cheryl Gibbs Nancy Kaufmann Jan Ludden Rohn Miller Tom Miller Debbi Ortman Mary Schrecongost Margo Wickesser Musicians............. . Rick Bostock, Mark Jensen. Doug Freeman. Dave Barno Student Directors ........... Nancy Kaufmann. Marianne Cargill Director .... .................. Barbara Mraz Contributing laughter and applause to the childrens' pla these two youngsters find time for candy. Mr. Preble, Bob Borchers, eagerly implores his pretty, young secretary. Mary Schrecongost, to run off with him.King Absolute pleads with the town people to make their princess laugh. Ekyi. Sketches Portray Style; Chant Adds Character Childrens’ play. “The Clown Prince of Wanderlust" ... music arrangements by Scott Crosbie ... 50.000 rooplets, 5000 dollas ... tiring practices till 5:30 .. . "This is lugubrious, lugubrious, and so grim! ... Pat Boulay, the bruiser ... "Not funny, honey ... breakfast at Thiem’s .. . very lugubrious wallpaper ... eating pomegranate seeds ... The Grand Bunkle Man ... "Kelley, drop dead!" ... T.Ping raids ... Farrell’s ... cast party ... laugh by sundown ... "A Thurber’s Carnival” ... Theater-in-the-Round production ... "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" ... “Little Girls Are Not as Easy to Fool as They Used to Be" ... "Were going through ... “Good God, it’s crevulating" ... “Don’t count your boobies before they’re hatched ... ad libbing during the last performance ... a green garter ... Nurse Fun jollity scolds Juan of Evergreen for his carelessness in touching Princess Rose-Violet. Clucky secretary Cheryl Gibbs jots down notes.A traveling maestro and hand awaken a small town to the wonder of music in the original story. Typical of 1950 rock singers, slick haired Dave Cushing, Carl Peterson and Jeff Scott accompany " My Diane". Pop Concert Pops "Million Dollar Band" Hits Jackpot Mr. Melichar; director, handyman, Mr. Fix-it . . . mothball smelling Buffalo band uniforms ... dinner at 4:00, makeup at 5:00, tuning at 6:00 . . . 17th Annual Pops ... Crosbie s original musical, "Aristotle Buster’s Million Dollar Band’ . .. “Thinka glinka so it don’t stinka” ... " Is it time?’’ ... “It was real numb numb” ... Ed's Wagon Works ... Rock-ey Point Holiday .. . Zelda and the proverbial bunny .. . those whimsical wizards ... “I’m impressed.” “You’d better be!” ... T. P. ing the tuba quartet ... Studdley Van Camp and the Del Jets ... "My Diane" ... slipping gold pants ... returning grads joining the band ... “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, in my little hand' . .. Concerto for Hosepipe . . . 'Thunder Zeus" . .. parties at Anderson’s, Lutz’s, Freeman’s and Cushing’s . .. memories ... First chair trombone player, Diane Harper, solos in the haunting lament, "Andante” by Tschaikowsky. 34Make-up artist, Karen Pitts backs Warren Sturm to the wall for steadiness and demands closed lids for the application of eye shadow The puppet action of Greg Rolf son’s tooth brushing greatly disturbs helpless Paul Mahowald. The lead vocalist, Scott Crosbie. in the rock group. ’’Studlev VanCamp and the Del Jets’ . wears a large gold suit and utters pleas to "My Diane”. 35After playing Tschaikowsky’s Piano Concerto. Barb Johnson tearfully accepts roses from Laurie Anderson. In the solitary position of a director. Mr. Howard Olsen watches the score. Carefully listening and recording Scott Crosbie s composition. Laura Ann, is Laura Omelianchuck. 36 Three bass viola players. Mary Ingwald. Sue Combs, and Jon Erickson rise above the orchest ra.Cafe Concert Recording and Roses Credit Young Artists November 7th and 8th at Valley View Jr. High .. . theme: music in % time .. . punch and cookies ... tables with menus for programs ... pot luck before the first concert ... m.c. s Tim Moynihan and Sue Hilleran ... "Laura Ann." conducted by composer. Scott Crosbie ... a standing ovation ... Barb Johnsons solo, Tschaikowsky’s Piano Concerto in Bb minor ... "Pops Hoedown" ... interesting percussion ... a blank gun and a cuckoo ... Mr. McLoed, a famous arranger in the audience ... Susanna Anderson on the harmonica ... a dozen roses ... a tape of the last concert . .. handshake for Beth Brain, concertmaster ... a party at Greg Smith's mansion ... Instead of using their hows, cellists Todd Holmes and Jeff Nipper agilely apply the technique of plucking the notes. Introducing the various selections on the program are chosen mes Tim Moynihan and Sue Hillcren. The audience is forgotten as Vicki Criffin puts all her talent and concentration into a difficult number. 37I BALI. BASKETBALL CAPTAINS: Front Bow — J Kct-chum. S West in. J. Robert ton. I). Cerdrs. R Waters; Back Row — T Knglcr. F. Laum. S Putman, I) Scidenstricker; Mitting — j McGuire. B, Roberts. C. Hat hoe Overly enthused with their "I Am” buttons for Charity Week, Student Council Senators gang up on Charlie Moore and overpower hint with pin jabs as he puts his karate into action. 38 Smirking at the mysteries in a paper hag. auctioneer Craig Coriander tempts curious bidders at a white elephant sale.The soccer and football teams, envious rivals at the Charity Week hockey game, clash on the ice with only fun intended. High in mid-air, the muscular network of Doug Evan: strains to out jump his opponent. John McGuire. Charity Week, LM! "I Am"; "1-Ball" Viewed Big in Students' "I's" February 2-6 . .. co-sponsors. Red Cross anti Student Council ... candy, donuts, potato chips sold at lunch ... "I Am" buttons ... no ugly couples ... homeroom projects ... auctions — the popularity of large brown bags ... desk sales ...a hockey victory for the football team . .. S2000 raised for South Side Christian Center, Minnesota Teen Corps, United Fund . . . not —“To be or not to be. but — “To be is to am’ ... Tuesdays and Fridays, I-Ball days ... intramural competition ... football, basketball, softball . .. open to all . . . no tryouts ... fun with little pressure ... Mr. Johnson and Mr. Jensen, advisors ... sign-ups ... selecting captains . .. captains picking teams . . . sophomores, dways the last chosen ... 10 to 12 games .. advisors to settle arguments, cool tempers ... student referees ... Mr. Kosteli on a good faculty team . . . goofing around after games . . play-off tournaments ... 3?Choosing an already wax filled glass, Tom Atkins explains to Kay Peterson the procedure of adding the finishing touch to make a glittering candle. Finding an unmarked paper towel package. Scott Lofgren efficiently completes a day’s work lunior Achievement, lobs After-School Pastimes Reflect Diverse Interests 56 J.A. companies ... Pegco, the Edina company ... making cribbage boards. T-shirts, electric yo-yo’s ... Jamco convention in Missouri ... door-to-door sales ... 7 to 9 o’clock once a week ... executive committee — Jay Nelson, Ed Larson, Tom Atkins ... fun ... Jobs ... earning money for college and ski trips . . . girl gas station boys, paper boys .. . roasting peanuts, weighing candy at Woolworth's ... plucking chickens at Delaria's ... bussing dishes ... Sidewalk waitresses ... no tips ... hotel maids ... selling skis ... missing games on Fridays and Saturdays ... getting “terminated” ... Demonstrating the intricate skills of an electric yoyo is Jay Nelson, president of thecompans that produces them. 40Lending two helping hands. Steve Crouch helpfully assists Dale Larson as he does a bumper check. Having written down the number of a charged call, Katie Whelan proceeds to connect the line through a complex panel at the Bell Telephone Company In the kitchen of Clancy s drugstore Becky Erbes generously garnishes a salad with cottage cheese 41The results of a faulty alarm clock are evident in seniors’, Carol Swenson and Candy Fisher, attire and tardiness. It Could Only Happen to a Student Students Survive Daily Encounters With School Rules Bzzzzzzz ... “It’s time to get up, Junior" ... "Oli I’ve missed the bus” ... "Gee, darn, I can’t park in the parking lot without a permit" ... "I love walking half a mile when it's IS below” . .. "Sorry, Mr. Gamer, if I hadn't been last in the admit line, I wouldn’t have missed the lirst half hour” ... "Really, I don’t have anything bad' in my locker, it's just messy” . .. “Can’t I please have an aspirin for my headache?" ... "No butting in the lunch line" . . . "Sonny, you can’t take food out of the cafeteria . . . "Where’s your pass?” ... “QUIET, you’re in the library” ... “I’m not going to the dance tonight cuz I lost my l.D." ... a day in the life of a student . .. -v -Flanked by the law and the administration. George Nudell obediantly succumbs to the inevitable and submits his I I). card for closer inspection. Hounding over the barrier. John Burke and Fete Yanda conspire to beat the lunchroom system. "Hey wait a minute, that’s my car!’ frantically shouts Jack Anderson, discovering his car being towed because of the absence of a needed parking permit. 43It Could Only Happen to a Student Policies Present Dilemmas in the Life of a Student ieitobc! avail We otudeats In liis aching condition. Brad Gilbertson forgets that the nurse cannot distribute medication without a doctor's orders. An improper place for eatables causes Mary and Joan Balogh to check the route. 44After a hustling attempt becomes too loquacious. Bob Bowes. Scott Graven, and Dave Fronk are called back to their reading by irritated librarians. Softening a bit yet remaining firm, Mr. Gavin explains the necessity of keeping a clean locker to Sarah Sanfilippo. Having to use Mr. Goldstein's hall pass, an authentic bone. Stacie Brown hopes it is legitimate. 45 Administration Addressing participants in the student walkout. Mr. Ring is forced to use a Imllhnm. to be heard over the crowd Mr. Ring Evaluates U.S. Schools In Far East Assistant principals, one per floor . .. Mr. Hamann on the third floor ... new . assignments ... principals at school activities ... disciplinarians ... trouble with a new computer center ... inadequate schedule plan ... 1400 schedtde errors ... overloaded classes .. . indelible pens for filling out report cards . .. Mr. Ring s absence ... a Defense Department consultant ... Mr. Lundgren, acting principal ... Bond Issue-a second high school? ... moved district offices ... John Denver at the student walkout ... Mr. Cahalka at Valley View ... parking areas-towed cars ... temporary parking permits ... several new classrooms ... North Central Evaluation ... Dr. Spencer Meyer — superintendent of school — B from Hiram (College, M B A from Northwestern University and I) Ed from Indiana University Mr. Iaro Fiek — director of secondary education — BA from St ("loud State ami 1 A from the Universits of Minnesota Mr. Donald Poor — director of Business affairs — Nl arid Specialist in Education Certificate from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Holland Ring — principal — B S and M Ed from the I diversity of Minnesota — selected to evaluate American Dependent Schools in Ear East for Secretary of Defense Mr. Ronald Bnehlcr — administrative assistant in instruction and sjiecial services — Western Washington Stale College and Wayne State University Mr. James Chapman — administrative assistant lor research — attended Macalester College and University of Minnesota 48Computer mix-ups on class schedules create a hassle for our new assistant principal. Mr. Hamann. Mr. Elmer l.undgrcn — assistant principal — received Kducation Alumni Ward — B S. ami M S Ad from University of Minnesota. Mr. James Hamann — assistant principal — BS from tin1 University ol Minnesota Mr. Rod Schmidt — coordinator of guidance services — studied at the University of Minnesota and Macalester Collide Dr. Arnold Rchmann — psychologist — B S M . and Hi I) from University of Minnesota Mr. Raymond Bechtle — secondary curriculum coordinator Mr. Howard Mcrrirnan — athletic director — B S from St Cloud State and M Kd at University of Minnesota Mr. Douglas Hcd — audio-visual services consultant — attended St Cloud Slate College and I'niversity of Minnesota Miss Ingrid Miller — consultant of library services — Grand View College, Macalester College, and I'niversity of Minnesota Mrs. Arrni Nelson —communications consultant — l M 1) ami University of Minnesota. Mr. George Fumey — instruction consultant — attended St Cloud State and Northern Iowa I niversity Mr. Raymond Punkris — instructional consultant — University of Illinois. University of Chicago Macalester College, and U S C. ut Berkeley Mr. Duane Baglien — assistant principal — B A and M A from the University ol Minnesota 49Notices to the parents of forgetful students with lost nr overdue library hooks arc mailed to the homes by Mrs. Cavanaugh. In search of necessary information for a class report, Jeanne Rachie turns for help to librarian Mrs. Colebank. Mr. Ronald kenned) Chairman of the Edina School Hoard Dr. Maurice land-hlom — School Hoard Vice-Chairman Mr . Ilurricl llerb — Clerk lor the School Hoard Dr. William Wright — School Hoard Treasurer Mr. Charles Clay — School Board member Mr. David Hansen — School Hoard member Mr. Grant North — School Hoard member. » 50 Mr». Joyce Caviniuch - hc.nl lilu.iri.iii — I nivrrMty of Minnesota. Mankato State College. St Cloud Slate College. Mrs. Klinor Colehunk — librarian for over-night and reference books — al-tended I niser.it of Minnesota and the University of Pittsburg. Mr. Trcffle Daniels - librarian B S from University of Minnesota and I' M I) Mr. Wiley Smith—audio-visual librarian — obtained B.S degree from Mankato Slate ( Udlege Library, School Board, PTA Students Revel In the Delight of No Library Cards No library cards ... “no-punishment ... Mr. Daniels, new librarian from Concord ... full class use ... “What did I do?” ... additional art books ... crowding ... need for more conference rooms ... “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' ... Bi-monthly school board meetings ... work on a new building program ... learning resource centers ... active salary committee ... bond issue ... November 6 — first P.T.A. meeting ... Open House ... evaluation of sex education program ... hopes for a course regarding drugs ... May 1 dinner for staff, administration, board ... awarding scholarships ... support of Christmas Concert ... post high school planning ... active and involved P.T.A. ... 51 Enjoying flu solitude of the w ell-patrolled library. Virginia Koss has no difficulty finding reference malerialStaring gloomily with out stretched hand. Suzy Nelson awaits her ACT scores from Mrs. Bccgle. Counselors College Meetings Add New Insight To School Choice 'May I help you?" ... college consideration ... helpful secretaries ... Admissions Search Kit ... college entrance viewdeck ... "Counselors’ Bulletin to Seniors ... ACT s, SAT s, AT's ... Saturday mornings ... detailed college applications ... appointments for class rank and test scores ... college bulletins, meetings ... U. of M. or Colorado? ... enlistment? ... Mr. Downs, Mr. Jordan, Mr. McCartan, Mrs. Corson. Mr. Kinion, Mr. Lyngaas, Mrs. Knglehard. Mr. Hall ... former Phy. Ed. teacher ... a counselor from Southview ... auditorium appointments during study hall ... computer mix-up . .. counselor pages . .. "Now. what do you think?" ... "Yes, I agree" . . . responsibilities in junior highs ... homework complaints ... yellow slips ... work on schedule changes ... 15 credits . .. advice and understanding ... 52 Confidently sifting through the myriads of college manuals. John Waldron seeks the answer to college choice.Mrs. June Corson — counselor — alluded Si ObiI and Northern State .'olloge In South Dakota Mr. Ted Downs — coun-selor — coordinator of Hi-V — uttcudcd the University of Wisconsin — enjoys camping, limiting ami tennis Mrs. Pat Kngclhard — counselor — received B V and M.A. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Robert Hall — counselor — attended College of St Thomas Mr. Martin Jordan Jr. — counselor — obtained R S and VI A Irom the I diversity of Minnesota. Mr. Wayne Kinion — counselor — loss a Stale I diversity. University ol Minnesota. M DIV from Lexington Theological Seminars Mr. Jewell l.yngass — counselor — attended I.other College and the University ol Minnesota — likes to fish Mr. Mark MeCarlan — counselor — his favorite fishing partner is Mr. l.yngass — awarded If A ami M.A degrees from Northern loss a State University Mrs. Sybil Wersell — special education studied at Gustavos dolpbus and the University of Minnesota. Helping point out important factors, Mr. Hall assists Steve Gammon in Itis selection of a college. 53Special Services Did Someone Mention Quantity Vs. Quality? Peanut butter cookies are stacked by the pastr) cook Klainc Frcigang for the next day’s dessert. 54 There is no time to waste as Victoria Nipper loads applesauce bowls onto dishwasher racks.The maintenance room provides a comfortable place for Don Coodsman to relax and read the paper. Mr . Charlotte Beeglc - secretary in the second floor counseling office for Mr McCartan. Mrs. Fngclhard. and Mr Kin-inn Mrs. Flaine Burns — secretary to principal Holland Him: Mrs. Lois Engel — s -IkmsI nurse — IIS in Public Health Nursing from the University of Minnesota — V Teens coordinator. Mrs. Vivian Cuctzke — third floor counseling office secretary for Mrs Corson. Mr Hull, arid Mi Lyngaus. Mrs. lone Johnson clerk in the main office — bookkeeper lor student clubs and organizations Mrs. Elvsc Martin — first floor counseling office secretary for Mr Downs and Mr Jordan Mrs. Mary Fran Nelson — runs the senior high school bookstore — receiver! a B from Griiuicll ollege Mrs. Wilma Steele — attendance — secretary for Mr l.undgrcti — Interests; kids Mrs. Dolores Vcencndaul — switchlvourd operator — enjoys football games and all athletic es cuts. 55Mm Birgit Anderson — standard and enriched Kngllth 12 — B.S Irotn Moor head State College Mr. Everett Anderson — standard and enriched English 12 — National Honor Society and senior class advisor — spent nine weeks in Europe this summer Mrs. Lois Anderson — standard and enriched English 11 — B A. from Mount Holyoke College and M A T from Yule University Mrs. I-ois Benson — standard and enriched English 10 — B A. from Emory University — Phi Beta Kappa. Miss Ursula Costello — standard and enriched English 10 — B.A. from Winona State College. Mr. Rolfe F.icsland — speech and English 10— Debate advisor— B.A. from the University of South Dakota Mr. James Comer — English 12 — Concessions Club advisor — BA. from the University of Minnesota. Mrs. Barbara Hare — enriched and standard English 10 — University of Wisconsin. Northwestern University, and University of Minnesota. Miss Shirley Houglund — general English — B.S. and M A degrees from the University of Minnesota Mr. Vernon Jensen — English 12 and Humanities 11 and 12 — intramural lias-kethall — B.A from Humline University and M.A. from University of California Mrs. Pat Johnson — English II — Argumentation — Persuasion — Debate. Declamation, and National Forensics League advisor. Mrs. Murtha Leistikow — standard and enriched English 11 — B.A. from MaculcstcrCollege 56 Viewing the world inside Frank Newhouse’s month through welding goggles. Hick Cabalka makes his preliminary examination Struggling their way through a saga in song, Scott Hansen. Charles Iliggcns, and Cary Moelter perform a ballad for their English class. English Anglo-Saxon Ballads Challenge Senior Students New teachers ... Mr. Thiem and Mrs. Mraz in Theater Arts ... Argumentation and Persuasion, new course ... expansion of Humanities, including seniors ... Uncle Vanva .. . curriculum revision plans . . . future semester courses . . . "playing eyeball ping-pong” ... mythology projects, short story papers ... attending lulins Caesar ... throwing Tootsie Rolls, banging heads ... “Only do it if it’s fun" ... "magic circle" discussions ... lengthy ballads ... "Be a dunce but once ... Brothers Karamo-zov for three hours ... thick senior Eng-lish books ... "How so? ... drawing freehand maps of the British Isles . .. vocabulary lists ... short story discussions . . . novels over vacation ... The Art of Uovimr ... newspaper stories ... 11 ne k l inn term papers ... Shakespeare . .. “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" ... While observing ballads performed by his English class. Mr. O’Dougherty contemplates his grading critique. 57English Humanities and Sophomore Classes Attend Guthrie Intent on becoming real actors of today’s world, students in Vlr. Thiem's theatre arts classes rehearse with genuine dedication and interest Exotic scenes from distant lands, surrounded by an advanced art mural, create a continental air in Mr. Anderson’s class. 58Mrs. Shirk) Mahowald standard .mil enriched English II — B.S. ami M from University of Minnesota Mrs. Barbara Mraz — English 10, Theater Arts. Argumentation and Persuasion -Thespians, Thcater-in-thc-Bound Mr. John O’Dotigherly — standard and enriched English 12 — B.A from St John s I'niverslt) Mrs. Teresa O’Neill — gen-eral and standard English II — B.A from College of St Catherine. Mrs. Kathryn Otto — English 10 and journalism — Bux ctle advisor — B.S. from Mankato Slate nllege Mrs. Joan Schulz — creative writing and English 10 — Images on the M md advisor B.A from ll.nnline University and M Ed from Maca I ester (Allege Mr. John Sheldon — English 11 and humanities — B from St Olaf College and M from I'niversits of Minnesota Mrs. Anne Swan — English 10 and Speech — one act plus advisor B.S from Mankato State College Mr. Bussell Thieui - Speech and Theater rts — Edina PI as ers and Thespian — B.A. from Custasns dolphus and M.A from I'niverslt) of Minnesota — graduated from Kdimi in 1962 Mrs. Marie Wyatt — English 12 and Humanities — BS from University of Minnesota and M I d from I'niversits of Illinois Attempting to introduce Iter students into the world of knowledge. Mrs. Mraz welcomes student commentary with open arms 59Pausing in the hall during break, Steve Iairson asks Mr. Christenson about his American Studies project Before losing him to the civil rights movement, Vlr. Wego’s students give him a going away party Miss Mardonna Barthold — standard and senior world history — University of Minnesota — advises AFS, International (Hub Mr. Howard Christenson — American studies — B S from the University of Wisconsin and M ed. from Marquette University. Mr. Thomas Dynncson — American history — BS and M ed from Nlacalester College — Coe Fellowship Stanford University Mr. Delmar Fredrickson — American history — student council and chairman of senior class advisors — St Olaf College and the University of Minnesota Mr. F.dward Gavin — American history - BS from St John's University and M A T from St Thomas College Mr. Julian Grcv — American history and AP Fiuropean histors — Augustana College and Mankato State College. Mrs. Martha Gubbrud — American histors — B S. from South Dakota State College. Mr. Peter Lcoty — sociologv — attended St Cloud Stale College — technical director for theatre productions. Mr. Thomas Lindquist — economics — assistant debate coach — BA from Si Cloud State College 60Mrs. Davis, American history consultant, aids students by giving them additional insight into political behavior and the forces behind it. Seminar groups give Miss Gubbrud an opportunity to explain politi cal view in specifics to Sharon Luebke and Mary Peria. Social Studies American Studies Offers Varied Research Topics Team teaching . .. study carrolls and seminar rooms ... Mrs. Davis’s lectures ... A. B. and C projects ... Mr. Jorgensen, student teacher ... finding Minnesota landmarks ... Mr. Norrnan ... arguments with guest speakers ... curriculum planning meetings ... “Pick ten topics” . . . Mr. Wego, lost to civil rights ... Richfield graduate. Mr. Sanville . .. participation grades ... student support for Forsythe ... no pants in Leutys room ... S.M.C. speaker, Darryl Meyers ... production possibility curves ... N s ... discussions of poverty, draft, population control ... outside readings ... 61To keep in good shape for his tennis coaching, Mr. Matlon finds it necessary and pleasant to jog. Social Studies Black YMCA Worker Discusses Racial Problems; Issues Sophomore world history class holds the attention of Woody Swenson and Kurt Dahl. Threatening a somewhat sassy student with detention. Mr. Gavin finds it hard to control his brute strength. 62Miss Mary I.unde — social problems — B. from Luther College Mr. John Mat-Ion — P. general American history — included in Directory of American Scholars — co-author of Mvth and Rctili-J' 111 lilt jj.'l ul].'l Ml"'-mill Mr. Robert McCarthy — economics - baseball, assistant football coach — received a B A from Mainline I niversity and M Ed from Maealester College Mr. David Sanville — sociology B S from Si Cloud State and B A from the University of Minnesota — worked for the McCarthy peace campaign in 1968 Mrs. Judith Vincent — American history — BA from the State University of New York at Buffalo Mr. James Wego — soci-ology — left teaching to become active in the civ il rights movement son finds economics is not really boring. Through small group discussion. Mrs. Vincent attempts to better acquaint students ith historical events. 63Confused by a sccmingl) unsolvable problem. Mark Buzby turns for help to Mr. Greer, sophomore geometry teacher. Mathematics Computer Enables Students to Solve Physics Problems New course. Probability and Statistics .. . "What time are you coming in?" ... working at the board ... checking desks for cleanliness ... Mr. Savrc’s hints ... I m perfectly willing to allow you to ... a knocking radiator ... symmetrical bulletin board ... using slot machines, roulette wheels, dice, and cards ... no tests, just quizzes ... programs for computers ... return of Mr. Greer ... struggling through proofs ... theorems and postulates ... Mr. Kedrov-sky’s colored chalk ... Gumby’s circles ... "You lose" ... your name on the board ... Mr. Uhr’s big, black globe ... a license to touch the calculators ... adding machines and computers ... Bv concentrating intently on the teacher’s demonstration. Tom Mcstamach-er attempts to understand the concept being taught. 64Through mutual cooperation Teddy Lafferty and Erling Smedvig find that their math assignments go much faster. While his students work on the assignment Mr. .ins checks his notes for the next day. Mr. I.ylc Berg — plane geometry and algebra I — B.S from the University of Minnesota and M.S.T. from the University of Arizona Mr. Robert Bowman — geometry, college algebra and trigonometry — received M.A. from the University of Minnesota. B.A. from I' M I), and M S. from Syracuse University Mr. Ted Greer — algebra and advanced algebra — received B.S. and M.A. degree from the University of Michigan Mr. Roy Halverson — plane geometry and advanced algebra — assistant soccer coach — B.A. from St Olaf College Mr. Richard Hartman — advanced algebra, college algebra and trigonometry — attended the University of Minnesota. Mr. Curtiss Johnson — geometry, college algebra and trigonometry, probability and statistics — Math Club advisor — intramural football, basketball and softball. 65Mathematics Many Interested Students Take New Math Course College algebra and trigonometry class goes more cjiiiokly "hen Chas Higgins substitutes for his teacher. Mr. Johnson. Mr. Larry Johnson — plane isromr-try. idwiurd algebra — received a B S from Mankato Stale College Mr. Vladimir Kedrovskv — plane and volid geometry. AP calculus — obtained a B A from Carleton College and a M N from the I'nivervitv of Missouri Mr. Ronald Olson — geometry, advanced algebra — BS from St Cloud State College Mr. Robert Havre — calculuv prep, college algebra and trigonometry, plane and voIkI geometry — football and assistant bavkrtball coach Mr. Roger I'hr — geometry and advanced algebra — B S and M S from Mankato State College Miss Karen N oth — geometry and advanced algebra — udvivor of Future Teachers of America — Winona State College and Western Michigan I'nivervitv Mr. Ed Zinv — trigonometry, wilid geometry and consumer malheinaticv — assistant hockev coach — B A from St John's I'nivervitv and B S from St loud Slate 66Confused by a question from one of his algebra students. Mr. Halverson ponders before answering After questioning his students on the proof of a geometry theorem. Mr. Berg waits for a reply. 67Careful measurements of distilled water help juniors Scott Evans and Jerry Erickson in their chemistry filtering experiments Science Chemistry Solves The "Miracle" of Boiling Water Chemistry assignment sheets ... “ Belkium,” the last and perfect element ... observing candles ... “That’s food for thought’ ... open book tests ... “I think you'll rest easier tonight knowing . . . impossible final .. . Psychology, a new semester course ... a quiz on the kids in class .. . experiments ... Auditory Localization in the halls ... data and graphs ... Biology ... an ecological approach ... Mr. Goldenstein’s boa constrictor .. . auction for Golden Valley Biological Center ... Peanut Lake ... jars of pond water ... checking seeds at 2:(X) a m. ... lab ... smell of formaldehyde ... dissecting clams, sharks, and pigs ... pithing frogs .. . Chasing marbles in Physics ... jokes before class .. . playing with the air table and strobe light .. . Amidst dissecting trays and microscope slides Carla Stone attempts to understand the miracle of cell division. 68Mr. John Belle — chemistry — Junior Class advisor — obtained his II S. and M at the University of Minnesota Mr. John Khlert — biology — Chess (dub advisor — attended Manurd University und the University of Minnesota Mr. Richard Coldenstein — biology and human physiology — attended Colorado State College. St. Cloud College and Kansas Stale College Aliss Patricia Claim — biology anil physical science — attended University of Wisconsin and the University of Northern Iowa Mr. Marvin Griffin — chemistry and physical science — attended the University of Wisconsin and the University of Northern Iowa Mr. K. C. Ilalvor-sen — biology — wrestling coach — Colorado State College Moping to make his students' experiments successful Mr. Griffin pre-measures ingredients to eliminate error. Biology worksheets provide worthwhile conversation for Cindy Carruthers and a friendMr. William Jrpwin — enriched and standard physics — Wisconsin Stale University — enjoys camping, carpentry , and ((holograph Miss Della Matli — general biology — B S from Mankato Stale Mr. Donald Meyer — enriched biology — Outdoor Club. Sophomore Class advisor — owns a tree farm Mr. Scott Norsled — general biology — B S degree from the University of Minnesota Mr. Robert Peterson — psychology — transferred from Valley View Junior High School — Radio Club udvisor — interested in electronics and cars. Mr. Clenn Scibel — chemistry — Science Seminar advisor — B S in chemistry and B S in education from the University of North Dakota Miss Crctchcn Usher — chemistry — University of Wisconsin. U niversity of Colorado. University of California. University of Minnesota Mr. Paul Weber — physics and chemistry — B S. degree Irom St Cloud Slate. University of Minnesota. Ohio State University Science Two New Courses, Air Table Create New Opportunities Trying to figure out why halogens aren’l aristocrats, hut want to be. is cause for serious thought In Steve Criffin.Through classroom discussion, Mr. Peterson instills in each student a better understanding of himself. Using a cross section of a tree, Mr. Meyer points out the y Icm and phloem to his biology students. Mr. Goldcnstcin uses the board to demonstrate bis explanations of bodilv functions Preparing a chemical solution for an experiment. Bob Nichols rc icws the procedure used 71 Singing French Christmas carols presents Casey Garrett with a stimulating change from everyday classroom activities. Language Varied Activities Make Language Class Exciting Tapes to Monaco ... Les Trois Mohs-nuetaires ... guillotine and Paris origi-als ... sexy graffiti at lunch hour ... three different teachers in the first quarter .. . Studying French poems ... “Only her hairdresser knows’ ... “Das ist nicht ganz klar' .. . reading Klcinstadt ... $100 worth of damage ... sauerkraut .. . School lunches in Spanish . .. Spanish fairy tales, dialogs ... Leer. Hablar. V Fscrihir . . . Christmas carols in Spanish . . . Aeneid and Odvssev . .. Cicero ... “Well, it’s the molecules” ... useful Italian-Dove la stanza d'bagno? ... switching teachers ... a protective snake ... Finding a relaxed position for his leg. Rick Rostock shows his priority over the Spanish class. 72Listening with apprehension. Mark Doepke awaits Mr. Szendrcy’s comments on his short story report. Mr. Thomas Clark — I .a till II. l-atin l and Humanities — BA. from the College of St Thomas and M A from the University of Minnesota Miss Diane Pansier — French III — advises cheerleaders and French Club — led student tours of Europe — enjoys skiing and cooking Mrs. Ranh a Hagemeivter — Spanish II .mil III — advisor of Spanish (dub — received B.S. and M.A from the University of Minnesota Mr. Harry Martin — French IV and Humanities — B.A. from (.'arleton and M.A. from the University of Minnesota Mrs. Ann Petri — French I and II Sopliornore (.'lass advisor — attended St Olaf College, Macalcstcr College, and the University of Iowa Mr. George Rei-mcr — (ierman I and II — Treasurer of the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages. Mrs. Nancy Rice — Spanish I.II and III — Pep Club advisor — received B.A. from liamlitic University. Miss Sheila Rice — German I and II — B.A from St Catherines College — enjoys skiing and traveling Mrs. Diane Sierra — Spanish I and II — attended St Cloud State and received a B.S. 73Defending the l.atin room from all attacks. David Cushing wears "sex secun da." the Latins mascot. Patiently explaining the Spanish counting nunihers. Mrs. Ilagemeister drills her students Klahorate reciting and memorization is required as David Murphy and John Custer have discovered Not to be caught becomes the object for Latin students in the game. “Blind Man's Bluff 74“SKOL!" shout German students David Klossner and Bill Burke, after emptying their beer steins on Tom Moore. Language Fierce Rivalry Between Languages Promotes Interest Mr. Robert Spindler — Spanish II and IV — obtained B S and M.A degrees from the University of Minnesota Mrs. Ren-ale Stefan — French I and II — attended the University of Munich and the Uni vrrsity of Angers, France — enjoys fishing. music and traveling. Mr. I is lo Szcndrey — German III and IV — varsity soccer coach — assistant % summing and tennis coach — German Club advisor — has led student tours to Europe lor ten years Miss Virginia Winter — Latin II. III. and AP Latin IV — Latin Club advisor — enjoy singing, interior decorating. 75Reflecting the enthusiasm of "bandies” around her, Lynn Basil joins in a cheer for the winning Hornets. A solo performed at the Cafe Concert, by pianist Barb Johnson, was hailed with applause. Mr. Dolph Be oir — vocal music, music appreciation — attended St. Olaf College and the Minneapolis College of Music. Mr. Robert Elledgc — varsity band — cosmo hockey coach — B M and M.A. from the University of Iowa — interested in youth work, fishing, photography and model airplanes. Mr. Edwin Mclichar — director of concert. marching and hornet bands — attended Iowa State Teachers College and Iowa State University — received four star conductor award for achievement in State High School League competition. Mr. Howard Olson — symphony orchestra — received degrees from Dakota Wesleyan University, and the University of Minnesota. 76 Homemade posters and cartoons show the students' favorite band officer choices.Lightly produced string music floats through the air. as Mr. Olson conducts his orchestra at the Cafe Concert. Music All Three Choirs Qualify for State Contests Concert Band ... Mr. Melichar ... Pop Concert . .. million dollar band . . . ’Treasury" ... Tuesday, Thursday practices ... "Rocky Point Holiday" ... "Turn on. tune in, takeover' ... Varsity Band ... Mr. El ledge ... ‘Saints’ ... Mickey Mouse ... Spring Concert ... Hornet Band .. . Fussel ... rhythm . . . practice ... contest ... Choir work on Sacred Service . . . third hour Choral Club .. . Chichester Psalms ... The Creation . .. Christmas Concert ... singing speakers . .. solos, duets for state ... several trips ... Wood-shedding in Orchestra . .. bow techniques . .. tuning up . . . simple piece warm-up . . . scales . . . Sacred Service nearly everyday ... While directing his fifth-hour Carls' Choir, Mr. Be-zoir demands complete concentration and interpretation of the music. 77All Individual Work Helps Each Artist Find His Style “Do your own thing" year ... general, advanced, and studio art classes . .. freedom of expression . .. line, shape, color study ... monogrammcd initials ... art folders ... painting with different temperas ... the potter’s wheel ... pen and pencil sketching ... clay and wire sculptures ... linoleum printing ... statue of David ... “Turn it down or shut it off” ... analyzing an art gallery ... Miss Huitman's tape recorder ... “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” ... "Jean” . .. experiments in plastics and ceramics ... Art Appreciation ... Mr. Beaver; his flute and his songs . .. George Cobel Pan Club ... “Form, Space, Vision” ... acrylics ... color wheels ... the printing press ... collages . .. homeroom discussions ... jewelry work . .. welding ... “Design for You” ... spring show of students' work . .. “Have you paid your aught fee?" ... A fleeting wave of hysteria passes over Dave Johnson during work on an extremely difficult and frustrating art project.' Mr. Thomas Beaver — advanced art, studio art — attended St Olof College ami the University of Minnesota — fust becoming u famous flute player. Mr. Loren Evcnrud — art appreciation, humanities — received B A from Luther College and is studying for an M.A. at the University of Wisconsin — 1969 Summer Study Fellowship in Europe Mr . Sonia Foglcman — general art. Fnglish 10 — B A from Brooklyn College and B.S. from the University of Minnesota Miss Barbara liultman general and advanced urt — Art Club advisor — University of Minnesota and San Jose College — coordinator of the Chunhassen Frontier Art Fair 78Intricate wire sculpturing proves to he a very interesting and absorbing activity for Rita Swanson. Using the newly acquired buffer, Tom Smith diligently polishes his nearly completed art project. Careful use of the welding equipment demands AFS student's, Bernd Baumanns. constant attention. 79Ehyskal Education New Universal Gym Machine Increases Muscle Power Sophomore girl gymers . .. teachers: Mrs. Sandvick, Miss Ego, and Mrs. Anderson . .. “Gum and you're out” . .. arrows in the tennis courts . .. touch football ... pulling off red and yellow tags ... volleyball ... "Set it up” ... Volley of the Dolls . .. King’s Court ... ten bounces on the tramp ... spotters saving lives ... “When I’m Sixty-four” .. . cute leotards ..." Downtown” . .. “mental" skits in health ... Resusci Anne ... “Chicken Fat” ... Club 10 . .. Grand Square ... Southdale or Richfield Lanes ... gutter balls ... whif, whif, divot, divot ... tennis, badminton . .. crowding around the mirror . .. boys’ teachers: Mr. Canakes, Mr. Kosteliz. Mr. Hoecherl ... basketball, soccer, soft-ball, wrestling . . . weaving, reversal, tight waist, half-Nelson . . . the deep six ... layups, spiking ... Canakes Ball ... “Showers!" ... ten burpees per towel ... Practicing archery for the first time, sophomore girls find difficulty in drawing the bow and aiming correctly. Mrs. Shirley Anderson — physical education — University of Minnesota. Mr. Slav Canakes — physical education — B S. from University of Minnesota and M S from Si Cloud State College — football coach. Miss Gerri Ego — physical education — advises G.A.A. — B A from Macalcster College Mrs. Dianne Sandvick — physical education — degree from University of Minnesota Mr. Ron Kosteliz — physical education — University of Minnesota and Eastern Michigan University Mr. Robert Hoecherl — geometry I — physical education — coach for gymnastics — assistant coach for cross country. 80“Fifteen ... sixteen ...” thinks Keith Harmon to himself us he strains for a high score on the lhirt second wall volley test. Taking advantage of the mild fall weather, boys’ gym classes play touch football on the playing field south of the high school. Whi le en t h usiast ica 11 y engaging in a game of volleyball. girls learn the necessary basic skills 81Office Practices Varied Machines Give Experience In All Fields Half year and full year typing courses ... Miss Gransberg to Mrs. Grissinger . .. new key punch machines ... typing headsets ... an adding machine ... executive typewriters ... "Paper in machine?” ... strange records ... timings ... broken clock ... 5 error cutoff ... no erasing ... 27 to 40 words a minute for an "A” ... tabulation, letters, manuscripts, postcards, and term papers . .. assigned stations ... individual work . .. “Don’t play when I’m talking’ . .. popping golf balls ... passing gossip . .. Sheila at the Big A ... key punch notes ... untranslatable shorthand ... incorrect answers . .. bad data ... "Who's secretary of the week?” ... Looking up various symbols used in computer notation. Karen Anderson attempts to punch a computer card. A complicated adding machine gives Shari En- Dictation is taken by Gayle Devroy through headphones in of- glund accurate and instantaneous answers. ficc practice fora future secretarial position. 8 2Frequent practice on an IBM key punch machine offers Sheila Luft a chance to learn a valuable and useful skill. Mr. William Bicanich — coordinator, distributive education — Future Sales Leaders — B S., M.A. degrees from University of Minnesota. Mr. Roger Bocger — office education, bookkeeping — advisor for Future Secretaries Club — B S., B.A., from St. Cloud State, M.A from University of Minnesota. Mrs. Diane Clare — shorthand, typing, recordkeeping — B.S. from Mankato State College Mrs. Edith Crissinger — typing, office procedure — Red Cross Youth advisor Mrs. Jan Gravdahl — typing. shorthand II — FBLE advisor — B S. from Bemidji State Mr. Gordy Juliar — consumer law. bookkeeping — received B.S and M S. from Mankato State Mr. Richard Reichow — coordinator of trade and industry — the University of Minnesota Mr. Keith Wilkening — retailing, business organization and management, typing — B.S. in Business Economics from North Dakota State University and BS. in Education from Moorhead State College 83Cleaning up his work area. Greg Taylor discovers how dirty it can get in an hour.. Discussing the necessary preparations fora recipe. Jeri Vigdal and Ann Tjaden find it a lot more involved than it looks. Mrs. Elizabeth Aamodt — general foods, special foods — advisor for Home Economics Club — received B S and I S from the University of Minnesota Mrs. Virginia French — general, intermediate and advanced clothing — B A. from North Dakota State University. Mr. Merrill Gustoff — general and advanced metal, and advanced wood — coached for sophomore football team — E.S. from Bemid)i State College Mr. Otto Janccke — general, mechanical. engineering, and architectural drawing — received B S degree from St Cloud State College Mr. Robert Klimpke — graphic arts and woodworking — Whigrcan advisor — received B.S degree from Stout State University. Mrs. Carol Kuntz — general clothing — received B.S. from the University of Minnesota Mrs. Mary Sickman — family living, home furnishing, child development. science management — B S from the University of Minnesota 84Home Economics and Industrial Arts V r.)n east of Jot Stoutcnburg’s hand v..: liny, and polishing to perfect the form Home Workshop And Household Practices Taught Home Ec. Christmas projects: mobiles, candy houses ... Foods, Sewing, and semester courses . . . baking cookies, leaving out ingredients ... paper towels, a rubber spatula, and a damp dry dish towel . . . engagements and weddings ... panels on birth control, communes ... broken sewing machines ... seam finishes booklet ... ironing hair ... Drafting, printing, metal, wood .. . combined offset and advanced printing . . . line copy projects . . . plates, half tones ... pictures on pictures ... zipa-tone sheeting . . . designing go-carts, motor bikes, houses — roof to basement . .. grandfather clocks ... Trying a new gourmet specialty, Margaret An-drues finds the experience worthwhile. Ilirnimh practice on simple butt joint welds Huk Dunbar in- ■!' ses the strength and consistency l hi' w •! !;•Upon receiving a letter from Cornell College. Nancy Appel feels anticipation tinged with apprehension before opening the envelope. Seniors Senior Privileges — What Senior Privileges? The class of 70 is ... senior pictures in the summer .. . no parking places . . . controversial senior skit ... lengths ballads ... loss of a “magic” sociology teacher ... salary dispute — “I’m not going to school over the summer!” . .. picking homecoming finalists from a list of 800 . .. restricted movies. Midnight Cowboy and Alice s Restaurant .. . experiments in Mr. Peterson s psyehology class ... K.H.H., E.C.C. ... a winning homecoming float for three successive years . . . Lake Harriet — jogging, of course ... "Congratulations, you have been accepted” .. . and wondering what next year will be like without us ... As she finishes her milk at fourth lunch. Mary Jo Kcmmick wonders if she will he trapped by the chairs. Is the snowmobile or the motorcycle faster? Wes Marquette and Wallace Orficld race to find out. 88Senior class clockwork rests mi George While, president; Suzy llstad. secretary. Sandy Major, vice-president. Brian Herb, treasurer NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: Front Row — f Grette. S Gregors k Pitts t Pelts k Pillcn. A Brindlr Back Row —M Mammel. C Higgins. I) Poliak, j. Austin 89Jog Ten Straight backs and crossed legs arc the requirements for Joan Crette’s and Anne Brindle's yoga exercises, which keep them in shape Latin Santa Claus. Joe Austin, picks a gift for Margie Branson.Patiently enduring the sour notes of a beginning clarinetist, Karen Pitts instructs one of her music students. Amidst a maze of electrical equipment. Tim Bardell practices a song theme on the organ for the "Menagerie. i Kdging out his opponent in a race for the puck. Pat Cosgrove swiftly heads for the goal An after-school job keeps Mike Smith busy putting groceries into the customers' cars.Sg.ni.ais Private Parties Reveal Seniors' Inhibitions Greg Allan Abramson — Ili-Y — ski leant — church basketball tram —- job at National Car Brutal Charles Randall Adam — intramural basketball and football — plans a career in physical education Deborah Sue Adams — band — Y-Teen I — job at Brown Photo — trip to Europe Christine Diane Agee — Red Cross — Young Life — Campaigners — likes her saddle shoes John Brent Agustsson — lettered since «nph-nrnore year on the ski team — II I' T racing team Richard Joseph Ahmann III — sssim team — |ob at Red's Pure Oil Marilyn Gail Alkire — Y-Teem — French Club — trip to Huro| e last summer Cretchen Ann Allen-dorf — volunteer work at Northsjdc Settlement Sen ices — trip to Ness York Mary Joan Amlie — Y-Teens— Pep Club — Contact — nurse s aid at Tera Tonka Nursing Home Stephen Gregory Andersen — varsity football — job at Dayton s ski shop — plays golf Cathy louise Anderson — Y-Teens — French Club — orchestra — secretary of Ill-League Cynthia Kav Anderson — Student Council — girls varsity — Young Life — camp counselor Debra Sue Anderson — president of Aqua Nymphs — church league council — acceptance at loss a State Dianne Karen Anderson — Student Council — Young Life — trip to (Colorado — favorite expression is "I'm so excited! Douglas Derricks Anderson — wrestling at Washburn — church group Jack William Anderson — varsity band — job at a Texaco gas station 92The gang sits around the old player piano and sings, as Carol Olson passes out the much-wanted pizza to the hungry mob before they depart fora Wednesday night Young Life meeting. James Allan Anderson varsity football — Young Life — sin Iri| to Colorado Janice Lynn Anderson - French Club — Pep Club — cliurcli choir — secretary of youth group — Job at Red Owl Jeanne Maureen Anderson — Contact — Y-Teens — Junior Achievement — Red Ctmv 1-aurir laiuive Anderson — vice-president of French Club — concert band — Mute "A piano rating — Homecoming court Susanna Dalton Anderson — Sunu — Spanish Club — orchestra — Job at Kdina Library — plays harmonica Charles William Andres — varsity soccer - lualin Club — Job at Dayton's Clifford Brian Andrcsen — baseball — trip to California in an VI C. Margaret Jane Andrurs V Teens— Home KcCltih— trip to Europe Mary Elizabeth Annas — Images — A FS Club — French Club — job at Dayton's. Nancy I.ou Appel — Dearie — German Club — Y-Teens — church youth group — trip to Europe. Adoru Jean Applc |uist — Student Mobilization Committee — night school at L of M. — acts with t of M Theater Janu-s Thomas Armstrong — T and I — plays in' Blue Earth" 93Thomas William Atkins — varsity bund — Junior Achievement — has a private pilot’s license Joseph Austin — Latin Club — Math (Hub — church croup — won the Harvard pri e book — collects coins William Howard Badeaux — Slink — job at Color-Ad Packaging — has won racing trophies. Mars- tziuisc Bahneuuin — V-Teens — Pep Club — job at Sidewalk Cafe — spent three weeks in Europe. Linda Marie Bailey — band — German Club — job at Olson Brothers — plans in-lude Augsburg College. Stephen Richard Baken — varsity band — lettered in swimming Cynthia Baker — Home lie Club — Junior Achievement — job at Fanny Farmer Lois Veronica Bansbach — Ronnie — I),E. — Art Club — collects spiders — new from California in junior year Sue Ann Baranuckas — W'higrean — Homecoming coronation chairman —• Edina Teen Advisory Board — A F S Club Ha .il Marie Bard — Holly — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Girl Scouts — trips to east and west coasts Elliott Hatcher Barden. Jr. — lettered in tennis — intramural and church basketball — camping trip to New York. Thomas Famdl Barnett — soccer — captain of gymnastics — track — sailing trophies — ski instructor Barbara Jean Bartlett — W'higrean — president of Pep Club — Contact — playground leader for Park Board Lynn Margaret Basil — band — Spanish Club — Contact — Teen Corps. Michael Warren Bates — orchestra — Lutin Club — lab aid. Nancy Ann Bat li — job at Kenny Rehabilitation Center Bernd Peter Baumanns — A.F.S.er from Germany — German Club — won the cup with his handball team In Paris Michael Gabrard Beck — Job at Donaldson's — enjoys hunting. Steven Allen Becker — Gary. Indiana exchange program — Sports Car Club of America — has won drag races. Chris Marie Bccklcy — Red Cross — O K — trips to Canada and Oregon. Steven Thomas Bede — German (Hub — Park Board hockey — Boy Scouts Kenneth Eugene Bciersdorf. Jr. — varsity football — co-captain of varsity wrestling — best dressed girl at Sadie Hawkins Margaret Bell — Maggie — won a fishing contest at Bay Lake, Wisconsin — trip to Colorado — youth group at St. Stephen's Church. Suzanne Elaine Belschncr — Belch — Radio Club — sporthcad of Cl.A A — Valley View Gymnastics Club 94Duane Russell Bennett — junior llo.it — private pilot's license Robert Bennett Vem — varsity wrest tins — varsity husch.ill — Student Council — Latin Club Marie Ann Bergcc — Spanish Club — V-Teens — Home Ec Club—(LA.A. — F.T.A —Contact. Debbra Maureen Bcrgerson — A.F.S. Club — Y-Tccns — lii-Lcague — candy striper — camp counselor Barbara Jane Bergren — I ILL.E — girls varsity — Y-Teens — secretary of Luther League — choir — job at day care center. William Dalton Bessessen — rebuilds cars — green belt in judo — toured Europe Katherine Alane Bethkc — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — D. E. — job at Dayton's — trips to Aspen and Canada. Kathleen Brady Beutell — Y-Teens — Red Cross — Contact — likes bike riding. Seniors Class of 70 Wins Homecoming Float Contest — Again Diane Leon Beytien — new from Madison. Wisconsin — D.E — job at Donaldson's. Cynthia Rose Bicrnat — Art Club — Y-Tecns — Sunday school teacher — Job with the mentally retarded In Faribault Kimberley Anne Bieter — Whigre-an Y-Teens A F.S. Club — enjoys jogging — known for her sense of direction Barbara Carol Bishop — Art Club — job at Donaldson — lias lived in Hawaii Unprecedented in flu- history of Edina High, the Class of 1970 wins the float competition for the third consecutive year. 95Kick off! Chris Sherry, Patty Dunn, Debbie Miniehilli, Sally Mertes, and Linda Johnson, gritting their teeth in determination, rush toward their opponents to try to overcome a seven point deficit. Kathleen Elizabeth Bishop Images — president « ( V Teens chapter — P.T P.C. Robert Wayne Bjorklund — job as shipping clerk — enjoys sports Norman Peter Bjornnes — Student Council — Ratelle cheering section — amateur radio — plans include law school Vicki Louise Blanchard — job at Bachman s — trip to Oklahoma Robert Blcckinger — Hi-V — has won hand awards — plus' the electric bass — canoe trip in Canada Scott Edward Bodine — varsity fo !ball — varsity track — job at Met Stadium Barbara Joan Bohannon — has won shorthand awards — job at Edina State Bank — plans include Normandule Jr College Ewa Bondeson — A F S Club — Y-Teens — has won gymnastics awards — Swedish Rotary Student Daniel Thadius Book — Park Board baseball — job with Milage of Edina — trip to Phoenix Robert Lee Borchers — president of arsits band — president of Hi-Y chapter — intramural soccer — likes the Banana Man Marta Ellen Borgstrom — Carol — Bu vette Contact — job at Jerry's of Edina — plans to become a secretary Richard Matthew Bostock — Captain Dick — varsity swimming — soccer — Spanish Club — guitar teacher 96$eni.Qis Girls' Varsity Tackles Teammates Every Sunday Murk Richard Bowen — manager of varsitv football and basketball — Whigrean photographer — job With Edinu Park Hoard Beverly Bowen — office | age — church choir — trip to Europe Douglas Wayne Brandan-ger — wrestling — intramural Inothull — trips to Canada and Mexico Marjorie Wade Branson — varsity cheerleader — Latin Cluh goddess — treasurer of innior class — Pilgrim Fellowship Daniel Roy Bridgcman - |)K — job at Kinney Shoes — trip to California Anne Frances Brindle — Latin Club consul — National Merit semi-finalist — president of Math Cluh Rodnes Alan Hringcn — T and I work program — trip to England John Jacob Brod — varsity football — church group — won second place at the Craft-mans Fair — Spanish Club "V for victory or varsity? Upperclass women continue the quest for femininity with rugged fall afternoon scrimmages and stylish green T-shirts, all representing senior girls’ varsity. 97Steve Joe Brodnicki — Chess Club — intramural football — interested in electronics. Andrea I-ouise Bros — And — A F S. sister Cat Sim — varsity band — gym aid — band award. Pamela Anna-Louisc Brown — church choir — Canadian ski trip — collects bottle tops. Stacie Elizabeth Brown — Tex — Bed Gross — French Club — A.F.S. Club — Teen Corps — church youth group — has won tennis trophies. Seniors Unexpectedly, Minnesota Winter Strikes Again Ed E y d c n and John YVoehrle rescue Kathy Olson and Sally Merles from the perils of the first snow. Thomas Allen Brown — Dinglebcrry — writes poetry — plans to join the Navy and Underwater Demolition team. Chrisandra Jean Browne — Bon Bon — new from Wisconsin junior year — Ski Club — job at Day-Ion’s. Stephen Joseph Brownless — Broadway - vice-president of National Thespians — Edina Community Theater. Paul Francis Brucr — Latin Club officer — memories of Denver Rock F'restival 98Barbara Ann Brunscll — Y-Tccns — Smidav school teacher — choir — trained a horse last summer Edward Wilson Bryan — German Club — soccer — juvenile hockey Wilbert Hank Bryan — Student Mobilization Committee — plans to tour the country by car Steve Lionel Buck — played B-squad tennis — choir — job at Howard Johnson's — won a tennis trophs Nancy Elizabeth Bucklin - varsitv cheerleader — Brcck cheerleader one year — Homecoming semi-finalist — memorable trips to Beaver laidge. Colorado Garry Donald Budolfson — placed first in architectural drawing at the Craftman's Fair — job at Bugged Rental Hugs Melinda J. Buf-fum — Art Club— plans to attend Munkato State College Susan Kay Bumpas — Buz-zette staff writer — Y-Teons chapter president — Job at Day ton s Gregory Jon Burgralf — ) E — plays guitar — hunting trips to Colorado and Wyoming Steven Francis Burke — Latin Club — choir — concessions — likes boss and arross hunting William James Burke — Red Ball — Student Council — varsity football — church teen board — trip to San Francisco, Ness York. Boston, and Chicago in one day. Bridget Ann Burley — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Prom committee — Job at Village Dry Cleaners. Christinr Anne Burnham — French Club — Pep Club — Homecoming parade commit- In---church group — Job at Sidewalk Cafe Patricia Ly nn Bums — fob at Edina Chicken — plans to attend t of M Gail Iaiuise Burrell — band — Latin Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — candy striper — plans to attend U of M Paul Edward Busche — band award — likes to surf Nancy Gene Byrne — vice-president of Y Teens chapter — Ski Club — girls varsity — French Club Torn James Callahan — ski trip to Aspen — plans include business school loiurie Jo Canton — Aqua Nymphs — Student Council — girls' vanity — cocaptain of llnmcttcs — Homecoming Court Susan Blair Card — French Club — Horne EcClub — ski trips Kristen Ruth Carlander — Student Council secretary — Teen Corps — Girls' State rep-resentaive — Presidential Classroom representative Gregg Andrew Carlson — president of Hi-Teens — Youth in (iovcmincnl — counselor at Camp Idohapi Bruce Alan Carlson — co-captain of football — co-captain of hockey — all-conference hockey. Casey Leroy Carlson — Ili-Teens — intramural foot hall and softball — Snowbound Ski Club — Canadian canoe trip. 99Seniflia Weekend Travels Decide Futures Of College Bound Over the four day VI K.A. weekend. Ann Rice, like many others, explores college campuses. Christopher Ronno Carlson — job at (Island Idlin' Park — mcmoral lr trips to Florida David Richard Carlson — Job at National Food Stores — collects coins — plans include' Normondale Junior College Cary Josepti Carlson — varsity baseball — Chess Club — vice-president of l.uthe-r League — intramural football and basketball Geor-gavn Carlson — Y-Teens — Pep Club — Spanish Club — has placed in horse shows — tripto Florida. Janice Ailcrn Carlson — Y-Teens — A F.S Club — Spanish Club — plays piano and guitar Keith Fdssard Carlson — track - ski patrol at Hyland Hills — great interest in cars I .aura Gav Carlson — Aqua Nymphs — Y-Teen — job ut Dayton's — canoe trips to Cunada Priscilla Elaine Carlson — Biu il — Metropolitan Youth Orchestra — concert band — Y-Teens— Blizzard Ski Club Patrick James Carroll — trips to Aspen — plans to attend law school — lifeguard at Billmorc Motel Victoria Carter — choir — church group — job at Woolworth's Christopher Dean Carver — Art Club — buck-stage work on pluvs — president of church youth group writes poetry Monica I .ilia Castro Ruiz. — Rotary student from Argentina — Spanish Club — A F.S Club — Pilgrim Fellowship Jeff Allan Caublc — varsity hockey — E-Club — Young fjfe — senior boss' skit — plans to attend Brmidp State Michael Allen Chapman — w restling — Homecoming ticket chairman — worked at St Patrick's Church. Susan Ruth Chapman - varsity hand — church group cabinet — plans to attend Wheaton Mark John Chelgren — concert band — orchestra — church choir — Hi-I.eugue— Boy Scouts 100Sara Elizabeth Chcmc — chairman of junior and senior floats — student director of "I-saac Brown” — treasurer of X.F.S. Club. Terri Lee Christenson — Red Cross co-chairman — German Club. Deborah jo Christopher — band — Y-Tecns — choir — active in sports. Lynette Marie Church — Sam — Whigrean — contemporary artist Playground loaders Luanne Nackerud and Wendy Sund |uist a I tent pi to intejjrate the all boy team, despite vigorous objections. Philip Church — Art Club — spent summer in New York — plans to attend N'ormandale Junior College. Michael Cicmia Snow bound Ski Club — Junior Achievement — plays guitar Thomas Henry Clark — plays in the "Soul Shakers" — plans to attend I of M Thomas Patrick Clark — Super Soul Racing Team — drag racer Donn Reid Cleland — choral club — job as a cook at Donaldson s Lynn Ixcuise Cleland — choral club — member of a folk group — plans to attend St Cloud State Kevin Gerald Cloutier — wrestling — soccer. Janet Ann Coates — president of G.A.A — French Club — placed second in Lake Conference tennis — Park Board tennis instructor— Pilgrim Fellowship — church choir. 101Seniors Seniors Get Ahead By Intensive Work During The Summer At a summer Horncttc practice, I-aurie Ulvestad takes advantage of a rare break and stretches. Ina Coflin — editor of underground newspaper — buried in her work — morbid sense of humor. Jan Louise Colbert — A F S. Club hospitality chairman — Whi-Rrcan — French Club — won state sewing contest — tutored in the inner-city. Timothy Robert Colbum — lettered in basketball — intramural softball — church choir Shelley Bliss Colvin — vice-provident of Spanish Club — orchestra —- A.F.S. Club — memorable trip to Europe. Michael John Corado — interested In cars trip to Donnvhrookc William Clinton Corwin — Red Cross — varsity swimming — awards in Junior Achievement — Job at Kdina Pool Patrick Brian Cosgrove — varsity football —baseball — Job at Jerry during the summer William Cadell Coulter Cowboy — "Thurber Carnival — ski trips in the West — church group Ross Martin Couper Hi-Y — church group — president of New Teens of Kdina — plays piano, drums, and guitar. Charles Fitzgerald Courtman — Chuck — Y MC A ski club officer — Job at Olson Brothers Christie Lynn Cozad — Chris — Bu zcllr — Latin Club — captain of south stewardship drive. Martha Ann Craig — Y-Teens chapter president — Ski Club — girls' varsity. John Richard Crist — swim team — Viking racing team — plans to attend I' of M at Duluth Scott Charles Crosbie — concert band — orchestra — Outstanding Musicians Award — Homecoming court — Children s Theatre — excellent composer. Steven Glen Crouch — job at Red’s Pure Oil — plans include the Navy, Steven Orlady Curry — varsity football —- varisty hockey — s arsity baseball — E-Club — summer job at Bracmai Golf Course 102David Lane Cushing — concert liand — Junior Marshall for Commencement — Pontifex Maximus of l-atiu Club — drummer for the " Light' Diane Iziuisc Cushman — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — F B.L, E — Pep Club Sara Whitney Dahl — Red Cross — Spanish Club — Ski (dub — Pilgrim Fellowship Kathleen Carmon Dales — O — plans to attend art school. Peggy Olivia Danielson — F.B I. E — treasurer of O E—job at Dounybroakr David Bruce Darling — ski team — Job at Jerry's — memorable canoe trip to Canada Marx Louise Davenport — Buzzcttc — French Club — church group — O N. Corps — job at Delaria's. Jean Marie Davidson — Whi-grean — vice president of C.A A — concert band — a real "punny” person — Job at Prudential Insurance Lee Joan Davidson — Images — church group — trip to Canada — plans to attend St Olaf College Stephen William Davies — choral club — church choir — active in dramatics. Roger Ness ton Davison — E-Club — varsity football — varsity track — Young Life Beverley Jane Daxvson — A F.S.er from lamdon. Englund — C.A.A. — Math Club — Whigrean. Mark Conkev Day — Conk — varsity soccer — varsity gymnastics — varsity track — E-Club — truck trophy Jackson Leon De-Jongh — varsity wrestling — Young Life — job ut Edina Country Club. Daniel Craig Delzer — Job at Lund's — trip to Phoenix. David James DeRemer — job at Brooksidc Dnigstore — plans to go into medicine at St Cloud State. Mark Edward Diamond — football — trips to Donnybrooke — plans to attend Norman-dale Junior College Candace Delite Dick — Ccrrnan Club — A F S. Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Robert Frank Dickey — varsity gymnastics — drawing award — invests in stock market Maureen laincy Dickman — Student Council— Teen Corps—A F S Club Ann Ixniise Doeringsfcld — concert band — vice-president of Y Te«-ns chapter— French Club. Ellen Marie Doinke — National Thespians master — Y-Teens — French Club — plays in a folk guitar group Alexander David Donaldson — Big Al — Student Council — intramural football — church group i wrence Robert Donalcllc — ski team — Job at a gas station 103Gregory James Dovolit — varsity football — K-Clul) — baseball — church group — trip to Greece. Dennis Jocscph Doyle — to captain ol football — varsity wrestling — E-Club — Contact — Young Life. Bruce Emil Drager ■— varsity baseball — intramural football — Chess Club — church choir — Young Life Carolyn Iaiuisc Drake — enjoy s horseback riding at sunrise — hates shoes. Putricia Mary Dunn — Young Life — girls varsity — ski trip to Mnntanu — known for her laugh Richard Phillip Dunsmore. Jr. — Eagle Scout — Order of the Arrow — canoe trips tip ortli Nancy Carol Durham — Whigrean — president of A.F.S. Club — overall Homecoming co-chairman — choral dub — likes l.tk-m-adc Steven Michael Econonios — tennis — intramural basket-hull — softball Eduardo Antonio Egu qui a — president of Spjnish Club — lias traveled in Spam — job at Red Owl Susan Christine Ehli — French Club — A.F.S. Club — concert band — Y-Tecns — Hospitality Committee — band awards Keith Raymond Fllkey — job at Edina Chicken — trip to Hawaii Nancy Jane Elsen — Student Council — choral club — vocalist for Hell and High Water Ann Florence Engclbrcchl — F B.L.E. — choral club — dramatics — Red Cross — overall Homecoming co-chairman Kathleen Sue Flngelking — horseback riding instructor — flivara Saddle Club, Mark Monrow Enger — varsity tennis — Ski Club — E-Club — job at Dayton's Ski Shop Peter R. Engh — co-president of church group — Eagle Scout — Minnesota Stale Fair award for architectural plans Sharilynn Jo Fmglund — French Club — vice-president of church group — Campus Life — choir — plays in a folk group Jan Marie Engquist — intramural tennis Y Teens — Teen Corps — candy striper — plans to attend U. of M Becky Ann Erbcs — band — Orchestra — Job at Clancy's Drugstore — plans to spend a year in Norway. Stephen Clark Erdall — baseball — Park Bourd hockey — job at Red Owl — dislikes traffic tickets Mary Kathryn Erickson — French Club — A F'.S. Club — FT.A. — Y-Teens ull-scfnMj| president — Luther League Holly Ann Estes — publicity chairman of children's play — French Club — Edina Community Theater — Luther League — Job's Daughters. Kerry Lynn Evans — Ker— Lat-tn Club — treasurer of C.A.A — Y-Teens chapter president — Campus Life — trip to Hawaii Robert Carl Evcnstad — Ili-Y — truck — job at Methodist hospital 104When making fresh remarks to Kathy Sampsell, Jeff Madsen finds that a paddlehoat in the middle of Lake Cornelia is not the most secure place to be. Seniors Compromises Settle Individual "Steady" Problems Edward Bruce Eydcn — tri-captain of swim team — varsity track — concert band — K-Club — senior boys' skit Bruce Edward Fackler — varsity band — Explorer Scouts — Eagle Scout — mountain climbing trip in New Mexico David Paul Fagerlie concert band — varsity band — Sunday school teacher. Diane Lavonnc Eamham — Home EeClub — church group. Scott Edward Ferguson — Scooter varsity Soccer — varsity gymnastics — varsity track — orchestra Homecoming court David Lawrence Fcseninaicr — Blizzard Ski Club — job at National Car Kcutal Mary Susan Fiedler — A I S Club — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — job at Western I'nion. Susan Jane Fiedler — Homecoming publicity co-chairman — Contact 105Jeffrey Nile Field — vanity football and hockey — Job at Typhoon Car Wash Walter Brook Field — transferred from Blake junior year — Contact — Colorado camping trip Ward Douglas Finer — intramural has-ketbull — career day planninx board — Hattie Scout James Fdssard Finks — vanity football — Red ('mss — Minnesota Vikings’ staff member, George Daniel Finlay — Job at North American ' un Lines — plans to attend Mankato State Candace Kay Fisher — French Club — Y-Teen — Brigadoon —"Music Man" — choir — won the Minnesota Music Teachers' Association State Organ Contest Ian Gerrand Flat! — new from Detroit sophomore sear Jerry Rodgers Flattum — plays piano and organ — plans to attend McPhail School of Music For want of variety and dislike of hair setting. Gail Pfistcr decides which wig is most becoming and critically evaluates one in the mirror before buying it. John laiwrencr Fleer — vanity basketball — varsity track — Hi-Y — summer trip to Istanbul Deborah Jean Foster — French Club — Y-Tcens — job ut Dayton's Maynard George Foster — trip to uvtralia — camping and fishing in Canada David Charles Fraut — soccer — vice-president of Math Club — German Club 106Seniors Individuality Is Lost in the Growing Masses Phyllis Allison Fredendall — Fred — choral club — Y-Teens chapter president jiuI coordinator — known for her oxfords Deborah Eileen Frederick — Home Ec Club — F B I. E. — secretary of P F — volunteer at Falrvirw Hospital Patricia Susan Fred — ha traveled around the world — collects coins Douglas Olmsted Freeman — concert band — ski team — counselor at Camp Christmas Tree — know n for his puns James Harrison Freeman — "The Clown Prince ol Wanderlust — canoe trip — ski trip to Jackson Hole James I.awrance Freerks — new from Kichfield. junior sear — trip to (Germans Karen Sue Freitas — Frit«» — Hod Cross — Y-Tcens — Spanish Club — trip to Hassaii. Mark Charles Fret-land — varsity Rolf — varsity hoekey — K-Club — HomecoitiinR court Juana Friend — Lonely Hearts' Club — notes from Crern Phantom David Robert Fronk — concert band — Hl-Y — Spanish Club — intramural basketball — trip to Mexico Thomas Anthony Callant — Park Board hockey — track — Cerinun Club. Steven Russell Garlock — captain of cross country — tri-captain of ski team — varsity track — E-Club — llt-Tcens— Edina Swim Club during the summer Darla June Garrison — plans to travel alter Rraduation. Paul Michael Garrison — soccer — intramural football — job at Intcrlachcn Country Club — Contact William Francis Garrison — Hl-Y — landscapinR job — enjoy s scrainbliiiR on his motorcycle Susan Ellen Garritv FT A — Spanish Club — choir — Contact — vacation in Florida 107Seniors Part-Time Jobs Make Busy Lives Overly Complete Having persuaded a beginning skier to purchase new boots. Mark Enger proceeds to help him choose the proper ski length. Holly Catherine Cate — Student Council — Young Life — Powers Teen Board — worked at State Pair Timothy James Grp-pert — builds and design aircraft — plans include Air force, Whitney Hamilton Ger-herding — swim team — known tor his laugh and imitation of W O Field Donald Allen Cerdes — Red Cross — intramural foot hall — Luther League officer Steve Nicholas Ciambruno — Mcll — |ob at Typhoon Car Wash. Elizabeth Katherine Gillen - Betty—Y-Teens—Spanish Club — counselor at Y M V camp Steven Michael Cilligan — gymnastics — trip to Colorado — fixe cars David Curtis Gilmore — varsity cross country ami track — Latin Club senator — A.F S. finalist — Hatrlle cheering section 108Barbara Joan Citlaton — vice-president of Y-Teens — Student Council — Buzzrtte — writes poetry Jane Darlene Clock - — summer vacation at Cull Lake Robert Falk-ner Grabb. Jr. — varsity football — junior varsity baseball — interested in radio and electronics James Patrick Crandbois — German Club — enjoys photographs — |nh at Arthur's Restaurant Dallas l.ce Grant — Purlian Historian of D E.C.A. — Job's Daughters. Gary Paul Gravier — |iib at Mr Steak — northern Minnesota canoe trip Steven Scott Gregory — Tuna — varsity football and wrestling — track — National Merit semi-finalist — Young Life Joan Frances Greltc — co-captain of Homctte — girls' varsity — Latin Club — National Merit semi-finalist - enjoys wind and snow Marianne Constance Greven — Minnesota Dance Theater member — trip to New York — plans on dancing career. Vicki l.ynn Griffin — secretary of Red Cross — A«|Uu Nvrnpbs — orchestra — accident prone Christine King Grinned — Chrissy — VV’hi-grean — Homettes — I-atin Club — A.F.S. sister Jane Dawson — lloinrcnnung court Sharon Kay Grosh — fob at Bertncl-Smaby Realtors — girls varsity Cheryl Lynn Grothe — V-Tcens — concert band — Red Cross — job at Harold Chevrolet Cary Mark Grothe — (.amu- - varsity hand — intramural football and tennis — interested in math John Howard Grove — Radio Club — Homecoming elections co-chairman Terry Michael Cruggen — Student Council — varsity soccer — assistant manager at Day ton'sski shop Zoe Nan Gulbro — president of FT A — Y-Teens chapter president — French Club — A.F.S Club Paula Patrice Gulliford — YVhigrean editor-in-chief Aqua Nymphs — Spanish Club — A F S Club — inter-city work Carol Ann Gunderman — chaplain of Y-Teens chapter — church choir — trip to Mexico — candy striper Jeanne Ann Guslaf-on — girls' varsitv — Latin Club — Y-Teens — Young Life. Mary Ann Gustafson — Red Cross — I .at in Club — girls varsity — Young Life Christine Haagenscn — Spanish Club — Home Kc Club — job at Fairsiew-Southdalc Hospital George Edward lladficld — job at Tail's Super Value — helps at St Barnabas Hospital Dennis Paul Haley — Student Council — Red Cross alternate — officer of Latin Club — baseball 109Seniors Seniors Show Dissatisfaction by Arranging Walkout Cary Marlin llall — bitrbull — trip to Crand Tetonv Thomas Joseph llallcckvnri — Hal — varsity looth.ill. baseball — Ccr-man Club — Young Life — trip to Aspen. Cary Eric Halverson — National Rifle isolation — Job at Kentucky Fried Chicken Steven Richard Halvorsen — telephone operator at Mar anil Tribune Janice Cay llalvorson — T and I. — Job's Daughters — job ut Willows Nursing Home — Sunday school teacher Steven lore Hancock — vanity cross country and track — E-Club Barbara Marie Hansen — F T A. — Contact — job at Olson Brothers Dixie Ann Hansen — M Y F — church choir — U N church seminar trip. Jane Ann Hansen — Red Cross — Y-Teens — A-F-S- ('lull — Spanish Club — job at Howard Johnson s John Steven Hansen — Jack — varsity swimming — Junior Achievement — job at Lund s Scott Edward Hansen — concert band — (ierman Club — ski team — Luther league — trip to Europe Nancy Jean Hanving — girls varsity — Red Cross — Y- Teens — Student Council — ski trip to Beaver 1-odgc Diane Louise Harper — concert baud — orchestra — vice-president of (.’ Y F. —"A’ rating in state music contest Michael Keith llarrod — I’ark Board hockey — job at Tail's — deer hunting In Arkansas Richard Hiram llascall — National Ski Patrol — job at Kinney Shoes — trip to Florida Holly Jo Hastings — worked for Minneapolis Tennants' Union 110Mark Bartlett Hatch — baseball — Park Hoard hockey — Spanish Club — job at Olson Brothers Todd Robert llaugan — job at I'arkssay Motel Bmce Andress llavcrly — varsity soccer — varsity band council — Latin Club — Park Hoard hockey — trip to Kuro| c. Ross Allred Hawley — Cagle Scout — Junior Assistant Scoutmaster — interested in electronics. Prudence Jane Hawthorne — Prudy — Whigrean associate editor — treasurer of French Club — Y-Teens — volunteer ssork for Headstart — trip to Europe Anne Elizabeth Hayes — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — participates in horse shows and hunts Don Ray Heath — (German Club — job at Burger King — trip to Mexico. Kathryn Louise Hcdlund — Art Club — Y-Teens — German Club. Brian Richard Hccb — vanity crosscountry — varsity swim team — varsity track — treasurer of senior class. Sally Ann Heinrich — Pep Club — French Club — Spanish Club — A F S. Club — Y-Teens — Contact — junior and senior floats Karen Lee Hel-lickson — Spanish Club — Y-Teens -Home Ec Club — Teen Corps — worked at St Peter HusjXtal Cynthia Jane Hempcl — G A A — plays the organ — ski trip to Aspen. Colorado Scott David Henderson — Skitch — varsity soccer — varsity track — German Club — known lor his raccoon coat Sally Suzanne Hendrickson — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — Young Ufe — member of "Sounds of Life" gospel folk group Jill Ann Herman — I) K — Red Cross — job at Power's John William Herman — varsity soccer — tri-captain of ski team — E-Club Robert lore Hibbard — lli-Y — Radio Club — German Club — chairman ol Filina Teenage Republicans Martha IJnda liicld — Student Council — Red Cross — Images — Spanish Club — trip to Colorado Ovaries William Higgins — Debate----I .atm Club — National Merit semi-finalist Jeffrey Boyd Hill — news director of kl.HM Radio station — trip to Europe I-«ni Keala Hill — I) F. — job at ilagcr s — trip to northern Minnesota. Patrick James Hill — DEC A — job at Raker v Shoes — tnji to New York Sue Nanette Hillcren — Alice — Radio (.'lull — Sunday school teacher — trip to Bahamas — trains horses Nancy foil Hintcrberg — Ch.irlir — Huzzctte — Spanish Club — church council — Snow bound Ski Club 111Barbara Joan Hinz — V-Teens Teen Corps — laitln Club Spanish Club — ski I rip to Jackson Hole. Catherine June llolie — R-sipiad cheerleader — girls' varsity — Young Life — Cerman Club — job at Howard Johnson's. Shelley Nannette Holl — treasurer of Bed Cross — president of church group — girls’ varsity Michael Condon iiollway — varsity football — tri-captain of S"im team — tennis — ball-boy for Minnesota Vikings. Seniors Decorated Lockers Brighten Up Long Corridors Adding a touch of home to her locker. Barb Bartlett tries to make her day at school more cheerful. Holly Beth liolmbcrg - Art Club — trips to Chanhassen and Florida. Mark William Houston — varsity swimming — Bundle -Hi-Y — ski trip to Jackson Hole Both Jo Hovdc - F.B.L.E. — Y-Teens — G.A.A. — Luther League David Glen Hovdc — varsity swimming — Spanish Club 112 Jean Ann llovclsrud — (irrmun Club — Bus ette — chairman of Youth lor Nixon trip to Hu rope Lindsay Uovd Hover — Stu dent Council — varsity fnothull. basketball, and baseball — Yount; l.ife — I.'il Abner Carl Will Hubert — varsity ski team — Buck Hill racing team — canoe trip into Canada Dennis Michael Hughes — president of Student Council — Hi-Tcenx — Homecoming court — Optimist Award — Boys' Stale representative Kevin Michael Hughes — job at Hdina Country Club — canoe trips to Canada I.isa Holly Hull — Lee — Y-Teens — won Hdina Ladies Tenuis Tournament — canoe trip down St roiv Cynthia Ann Hultstrand A.F S (dub — F B I. H — church group — trip to Mexico Virginia Kllcn llustad — Cinny — vice-president of A.F.S Club — choral club — French Club — secretary of Pilgrim Fellowship — church choir — summer trip to Europe William Lee Hutchison — varsity football — interested in dentistry Stephen Cochran Hyland — tri-captain of ski team for two years — second in state slalom — job at Tommv Bartlett's Water Show Su anne 1-ec lldstad — Student Council — A F.S Club — secretary of senior class — gym aid — Pilgrim Fellowship Karen Ann Immc — L Teens — Home He Club — candy striper — Sunday school teacher Michael Kevin Inunel — Poncho — I) F — lll-Y — ski trip to Montana Joanne Rosalyn Jack — Y-Teens — )oh as a cashier at Target Janet Marie Jackson — French Club — F.B.I-E. — Horne He Club — Y-Trens — Job s Daughters — job at Farms Farmer. David Fverett James — varsity skiing — Minneapolis Bowing (dub — tnjis to Colorado and Dnnnybrnokc Mark Olof Jensen — Jens — Red Cross representative — won State Solo Award —canoe trip at Wilderness Scott Richard Jensen — varsity golf — co-captain of varsity soccer — F Club — National Merit Letter ol Commendation Nancy Marie Joas — Y-Teens — girls' varsity — chairman ol Charity Week Angela Marie Johndrrau — Ange — Ri-d Cross — D K — wcrrlarv-treasurer of orchestra Barbara fare Johnson — Bic-g — Y-Teens — Cerman Club — D.K.C A — Headstart teacher — sales clerk at Dayton’s Cheryl Lynne Johnson — Curly — Student Council — concert hand — ucdilc of Latin Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation — Y-Teens. Christine Dawn Johnson — French Club — Y-Tecns — Ski Club — Young Life Craig Richard Johnson — baseball — summer trip to east coast 113Seniors 70 Graduates Nervously Await Second Lottery Dana Ijndtry Johnson — SMC. — Sunday school teacher — summer trip to Kuropc David l-aughlin Johnson — vanity hockey — trip to Colorado — fob as construction worker. David Leroy Johnson — Bu cttr — Kskay Sews Service Dean Dale Johnson — Hl-Y — Latin Club — president of Walther League — likes to ski Dennis Boyle Johnson — Menace — Spanish Club — plays hockey Dvan I-ee Johnson — O E — job as a waitress Elizabeth Ann Johnson — Y-Teens — concert band — orchestra — Teen Corps — church choir — Sunday school teacher laiwrence Allen Johnson — Miinchkin — co-captain of wrestling—trip to Honda Linda Ruth Johnson — Student Council — president of French Club — Y-Teens — Pep Club — girls' varsity — Campaigners — Job at Sears' Marcia Catherine Johnson — (-crm.nl Club — (i A A — Y-Teens — Pilgrim Fellowship Mark Edward Johnson — church officer — trips to Florida and Canada Mark Richard Johnson — Johns — varsity basketball — Young Life — trips to California and Texas Nancy Beatrice Johnson — Y-Teens — choir — Home Fc Club — Teen Corps — candy striper William John Johnson — Math Club — intramural sports — second place at West Suburban Math Day James Ixighton Johnston — Jay — tri-captain of swimming — E-Club — Spanish Club — Young Life — church group Betty Osgood Jones — Red Cross representative — Art Club — intramural tennis — canoe trip 114Phyllis Eileen Jones — Rcil Cross represent alive — Y-Teens — church choir — iirl Seouls Karen Tove Jorgensen Y-Teeiis — Teen Corps — Luther League — candy striper John Thomas Junto — Junior Achievement — Contact — job at Southdalc Pet Hospitul Jennifer Lee Kaatz — Kef — Spanish Club — A F.S. Club — Y-Teons — Pep Club — trip to Mexico. After receiving the last rights of a prisoner, Carl Peterson looks doomed under the weapons of Greg Rolfson and Paul Mahowald on a recent RoMaPe raid. Kav Lynne Kuinps — C A A — German (.Hub — Junior Achievement — National Merit Letter of Commendation John Frank Karl it — varsity band — Gorman Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation Jeffrey Robert Karr — Jack Spanish Club — leader ol church group — trip to Coloudo Geoffrey Laing Kuufrminn — vice-president of Student Council House — varsity football and track — Teen Corps, Mark Kango Kawaguchi — varsity band — awards for tuba playing — job at Colony Apartments David Collier Keegan — gymnastics team — German Club — Spanish (Hut). Pamela Jane Keeler — Y-Teens — A.F.S Club — French C.'luh — job at I'ni-versity Food Service. Polly Ann Keith — Student Council — captain of cheerleaders — girls' varsity — Homecoming court — Girls' State alternate 115Michael Lesley Kelley — I) K — job .it Bridgeman's - trip to Yellowstone Michael Iver Kelly — Hurls Racing Team — trip to Now Mexico, Mary Jo%e| liine Kemniick — Marx Jo — (nli at Olson Brothers — canoe trip on (ion flint Trail Robin Rex Kennedy — German ( lull — Pilgrim Fellowship — ski trips to Sugar Hills Patricia Dorothy Ann Keslerton — OK. — German Club — Sunday school teacher — church choir Deborah Ann Kilian — Chess Club — Art Club — Y-Teens — Sunday scIiimiI teacher — summer camp in Wisconsin John Martin KJos — German (.’lull — Job at Bob s Mobil Service Dennis Allan Kleve — varsity basketball — intramural softball — fishing trip in Canada. Tamara June Klindworth — French Club — Hospitality Committee — girls’ varsity — ice skating awards — trip to Europe. David Scott Klossner — varsity swimming — sar-xitv track — Junior varsity soccer — E-Club. Scott Morris Knight — Burnette and Whi-grean photographer — president of Kskay News Service Mary June Knippenberg — French Club — bowling Kathleen Mary Knowles Pilgrim Fellowship — trip down St Croix John Ernest Komarek — Ili-Teens — Snowbound ski Instructor — Job at Justcrv' Nancy Lee Krause — Twinkles — French Club — back-stage work for "Rrigadoon and "Music Man — choir — Suiidas school teacher John George Kremcr — Student Council — Ili-Teens — Youth in Government — custodian at European Health S|sj Nancy Joyce Kricg — Homecoming refreshment chairman — job at Donaldson s Robert George Kricgcr — to-captain of hockey — varsity golf — Young Life — Homecoming court All-Slate Hockey Paul William Krueger — lead guitar for the “Light" — trip to the Denver Rock Festival Mary Josephine KunU — Jo — secretary of OF — F-B.L.E — job at Guardian Life Insurance — trip to Canada John Robson busier — Otto — vanity soccer — Minnesota Teen Corps — ski group — trip to Appalachia Teddy Alise l-afferty — concert band — orchestra — star rating in state music contest — trip to Yellowstone. Guy William Lalone — Bill — Filina ski racing team — trip to Jackson Hole Kathryn Sue lamden — Y-Tcens — Math Club — summer Job at Educational Book Club 116Seniors Senior Quotable: "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" pplying Ins past experience, John Waldron points out a foul while refereeing a church basketball game at St. Patrick's. Su anne Faye Lane — Sundav school teacher — leaches cello — All-State Orchestra -Optimist Ward Theodore McDonald Jam ; — Ili-Y — jol at Lunds’ — camping trip to northern Minnesota Edward Harry lamcn — Student Council — Junior Achievement scholarship. Bruce Kuuald Larson — Park Board hockey — job at Typhoon Car Wash — trip to California Dale Fdward Larson — job at Bed's Pure Oil — trip to Canada David Frank I-arson — captain of basketball — intramural softball — B-squad football Joan Marie I-arson • — Home Ec Club — ( In s-. lull — job at National School Studios John Harris I-arson — owner of a lawn sers ice — trip to Yellowstone Hnbin Marie Larson — concert hand — Bed Cross — V rating hi state music contest Stephen Harold I-arson — Radio Club — Bed Cross volunteer worker trip to Wisconsin Dchora Lynn Lawrence — Sunday school teacher at St Put rick’s — job at Tov Fair — trip to California Joseph West law-ver — Cocoa — varsity golf — Kaglo Scout — trip to Milwaukee Rock Festival 117Seniors As A Last Resort Girls Drag Boys To School Dances Struggling with the weight of their passengers. Gail McGarratigh and Becky Bingham transport Sadie dates Tom Mcstamacher and Dave Larson l y sled I.ynn Marie Leek — Bed Cron — choral club — Luther League — ll Stalc Choir — Colorado ski trip Nancy Carol ladder — concert band — French Club — V-Teens — trip to Europe- Christopher George I-egcros — Science Seminar — Outdoor Club — Spanish Club — Hi-Y — parking lot attendant — canoe trip to Canada. James Allen {.eighton — Tam — vanity band — Forsythe for Congress Band Ann Irene l.cnhart — Student Council — Spanish Club — A.F.S. Club — G.A V — Radio Club Blizzard 'ki instructor Gretchen Marguaritte Leuthold —officer of Y-Teens — French Club — Ski Club fob at Carole s. Scott Stanley Lewis — Lew co-captain of track — Young Life — Homecoming court - trip to Aspen Gregory John Lickteig — Radio Club Spanish Club — job at Jerry's. 118Diane Marie Lieber— Headstart teacher — Job at Methodist Hospital — triple Europe Cheryl Ann Lindemann — Y-Tecn — French Club — Job at Olson Brothers Wendy Susan Linderholm — Red Cross — girls varsity — Hoigarrd’s ski instructor — job ut Marvin Orcck’s David (George Lingren — secretary-treasurer of Radio Club — Science Seminar — National Merit Letter ol Commendation Scott Vincent Iutfgren — Lofty — Spanish Club — Edina Racine Team — Younjt Life — won racing awards Kathy Ann laird — salesgirl at Dell Fabrics — tour of Glacier National I’ark Scott John l-oula - job at Donaldson s Minnesota Room Restaurant Kimberly Ann lurserud - job at Dayton’s and Hennepin Counts Welfare Bryant Scott Loving — varsity football — varsity track — hockey — job with the Edina Park and Recreation Department Nancy Jean I.udden — Minnesota Teenage Republicans — waitress at Dayton s Deborah Ann l.uger — job ut Donaldson's — interested in people Richard Owen Lund — football — hockey — job at Tail’s Catherine Ann l.undeen • French Club — Art Club — church group — volunteer at Minneapolis Institute ol Arts Barry Lundg-ren — Axel — (German Club — Ili-Y — Radio Club — Minnesota Teenage Republi-canv Jeanne Marie Lundquist — Red Cross — Y-Teens — president of O F — Junior Achievement — church gmup Beverly Kay Lunn — Limits — girls’ varsity — Young Life— French ('lub — job .it Howard Johnson » — trips to Caribbean Barbara Jean Lutz — Chipmunk — concert band — orchestra — church choir Douglas James MacArthur swimming — janitor and stock boy — trip to Florida Bette Kay MacTaggart — Y-Teens — Chess Club — church group — job at Andrea's in Minnetonka Ijndu Diane Madison — Homettcs — chaplain and service chairman of Y-Teens — girls’ varsity — job at Jerry s — summer trip to Chicago Jeff Scott Madsen — Oily — varsity football — quaestor of lailiri Club — construction job Paul Frances Mahowald — concert band — RoMaPe — head librarian — state solo contest Sandra Katherine Major — Roj — Student Council — drum majorette — concert band — A F S Club — Homecoming court Deborah Kay Maloney — dramatic group — model ut After II at Southdale — music a wards 119Mark Crawford Mammcl — Whigrcan — Eskay News Service National Merit semi finalist — trip to Ktiropc- Carolyn Cynthia Mamplc — job at Donaldson's — ski trips to Vail and Salt Lake City. Utah Kathleen Mary Manion — tennis - interested in medical career. Kevin Girard Manning — job at Equinox Ski Shop Karen Jean Marinovich — treasurer of V Teens — Teen Council of church croup — job at employ merit agency Wesley Guy Marquette — lettered in track — Radio Club — awards in Minneapolis Auto Speed Show — trip to Vfrica Ann Bergliot Martin — I Vouch Club Y-Teens — Art Club — trip to Switzerland. Joan Elizabeth Martin — Jonas — Kdina Players — trip to New York — Miss Edina Pageant Seniors New Places, New Faces, Offer A Welcome Change Nancy Elizabeth Ann Marlin — Joe— gym aid — Spanish Club — trip to Florida. Scott Edward Martin — Spanish Club — Red Cross — Park Hoard hockey and baseball — trip to Donneybrookc. Thomas Edwin Mar-win — job at gas station — trip to Chicago. Andrea Margaret Mastor — Aqua Nymphs — Homette$ — girls varsity — Art Club — trip to Red Lodge Robert Charles McAllister — concert band — intramural sports — teaches clarinet — state "A" rating in clarinet. Michael Thomas McCarthy — job al Bachman s — trip to Key West. Florida Betty Ellen McCauley — Spanish Club — Cirl Scouts — plays the guitar — trip to Glacier National Park Patrick John McCoy — new from Wisconsin — Park Board basketball 120Mouths watering, Phyllis Fredendall and Grctchen Allendorf decide what kind of penny candy to l»u Mary Lynn McDermott — Y Perns I atm Club — Contact — Junior Achievement. Patricia Ann McDowell — job at Fairview Southdalc Hospital — Pilgrim Fellowship — scuba diving — trip to Ccrmanv Susan Ann MeFadden — F B I. F — O F — plays the organ Cail McGarraugh — shrimp — Concert band —orchestra — won state contest band awards. Michael James McGlauchlin — editor of church high school paper — counselor at a Big Brother summer camp John Michael McGuire — Job at Eddie's Southdale Mobil Gas Station Mark Allen Mel.ellan — varsity hockey — varsity golf — Spanish Club. John Wheeler McNeeley — varsity basketball — A.F.S. Club — officer of Latin Club — Contact — |nl at Fdina Country Club Terri Lynn McNeil — Student Council — French Council — Red Cross — Homecoming court Lynn Carol McPhcctcrs — Teens Pilgrim Fellowship — concert band- trip to Europe Marcelyn Gail Mci-ners — Motor Mouth — Young Life work crew — girls’ varsity — Miss Fdina Pageant — Brigadoon'' — writes folk songs Patricia Ann Molby — varsity cheerleader girls' varsity— Ili-Leagur — job at Donaldson's— Miss Edina Pageant Karla Flirabeth Mellenthin — O F — job ul National Car Rental — trip to Milwaukee Jill Christine Mendenhall — l.lij - concert hand — church choir — Blake Homecoming Queen Sally Maureen Merles Skippy — girls vursily — Y-Teens chapter president — Red Cross — Latin Club — Young Life Thomas George Mcstcmacher — Mesty — varsity basketball — varsity track — Luther la-aguc — skin diving. 121Jill Kjmnni Meyers — T and I — nurse's aid — 4-H — lloldridgr Saddle Club — loaches riding Joseph Patrick Mikan — basketball — went to the Super Bowl in Florida—drives a w ild Corvette Mark William Miller — varsity wrestling — varsity track — K-Cltib — chaplain of Hi-Tccns — Snowlxnind Ski Club Mary JohannA Miller — Fish — president of Red Cross — Aqua Nymphs — l-atiri Club — Hi-Teens — chairman of Charity Week William Louis Milner — varsity band — Radio Club — church group — canoe trip down St Croix Brooks Carson Minde — varsity football — lli-Y — vice-president of church group. Debra Jean Minichilli — Meatball — Y-Trrns — girls' varsity — Young IJfc — Snowbound Ski Club. Cary Raymond Moeller — quaestor of Latin Club — Hi-Y — church group Scott Richard Mocslc — Hi-Y — trip to Hawaii - Job at Red Owl Mars' Carolyn Moffat — Blizzard and Buck Hill ski teams — trip to Aspen Mary Pauline Mohrman — Polli — choral club — "Music Man — "Brigadoon — teaches guitar Meryl Jan Montgomery — orchestra — Red Cross — German Club — job at Toy Fair Jorge Emilio Mon on — A F.S.cr from Argentina — ensign of his school — interested in theatre and photography Robert Quentin Moocrs — chaplain of Hi-Y — sport enthusiast — canoe trip to Canada Robert Wilson Moore — intramural sports — Contact — trip to Iaitzen Sue Ellen Moore — Y-Teens — F.B LE —nurse's aid at Fairness Wincing because of the cold, Kathy Vend I is taught to make angels by her little brother, Andy. 122Younger Set Rejuvenates Carefree Spirit With an enthusiastic yelp, Vicki Griffin speeds down the hill as her new St. Bernard puppy. Homer, goes along for the ride. Rusannc Morey — Ru — Red Cross — French Club — Student Council — Y-Tccns — Pep (dub Peter John Morinr — lli-League — Job at Pizza Hut — raced ears at Donnybronke Kathryn Mary Morris — Buck-Wheat — Teen Corps — Red Cross — girls' varsity — Contact — Spanish Club Stephen Francis Morris — Mercury — intramural football — Spanish Club — Radio (dub — job at McDonald's Timothy Francis Moynihan — sarsitv loot-lull — president of Hi-Y chapter — Latin Club praelnr - band Alan Clyde Movrit — job at a Texaco station — plans to be a mechanic Terese l.cc Mueller — varsity cheerleader — French Club — Ski Club — Job at Donaldson’s. David Harlan Mulkcrn — job at Edina Chicken Douglas James Munson — Job at Jacob s Standard — trip to Bemidjl Point David Duoos Murphy — Huwk — Student Council — varsity soccer — chairman of A F S committee — Homecoming court Maureen An Muske — Morv — varsity hand — Y-Teens — French Club — studied in France Suzanne Linda Naas Bu zelte — job at Country (dub Market — writes poetry — trips down the Seine and to Europe l.uanne Naekcrud — Snackcrs — Pep Club — Y-Tcens — G.A A — summer playground director. Sylvia Dagmar Nagobads — German Club — A FS Club — church group — job at I of M campus Chuck Walter Nauman — varsity trac! — trip to California Carol Diane Neal — rt Club — M Y F — camp counselor — area program chairman of the Girl Scouts 123Seniors 6:00 Breakfasts Help Start Days A Little Better Barbara Ann Neff — D.K — job at Gagers Hobby Shop. Jay Allen Nelson — varsity soccer — D.K. — Ili-Tccns — vice-president of finance of Junior Achievement — Ski Club Mary Patricia Nelson — Home lie Club — Y-Teens — O. K. — candy striper — job at Baker's Nancy Ann Nelson — Y-Teens — F.B.KK. — Red Cross — church group —trip to Italy. Susan Quinn Nelson — Kuzzcttc — French Club — summer school at I of M. Suzan Rae Nelson — treasurer of Aqua Nymphs — vice-president of Red Cross — Hi-Teens — job at John V Hellers. Ward Lawrence Nelson — co-captain of soccer — all-conference soccer team — K-Club Laurie Jean Nessct — vice-president of O F — girls' varsity — Y-Teens — Tatra ski team — several trips out M est. Stephen John Neugcr — varsity football — vice-president of Cynthia Jean Neu- mann — Y-Teens — concert baud — teaches saxophone — cashier at Wool worth's — trip to Furopc Michael Dolan Newell — Student Mobilization Committee — I S Ski Association — Contact — ski trip to Aspen. Iina Newsance — teachers’ post — many trips up the river. Stanford Donald Nielsen — varsity baseball — lishing trips Steven Duane Nielsen — trip to Colorado — job at Super America — JoAnn Marie Nicmi — Red Cross — Pep Club — folk group — trip to Milwaukee Rock Festival. Brett Paul Nicnaber — Hi-Y — church group — "Bells of Happily " — “Clown Prince of Wanderlust" — Park Board children's theater. 124James Shay Nolan — German Club — library aid — B -squad track church basketball — Bark Board hockev Richard Arthur Nordquist — Student Council — varsity soccer — Job at Dayton s Ski Shop Michael George Nugent — Jack — Young Life — manager of varsity lootball — Contact — Job at Jerry's — trip to Canada John Scott Nybeck — church group — varsity track — varsity gymnastics Roxanne Margaret Nye — job at Taco Town — trip to Bark Rapids William Donald Nyrop— Student Council — varsits football — varsity hockey — Young Life Robert Clifford Obermeyer — Obc — junior varsity baseball — German Club — Intramural basketball — Hi-Y — Contact Maureen Ann O'Brien — varsity band — orchestra — Y Teens— French Club Janet Marie Ochman — Rep Club — Y Teens — Red Cross — Teen Corps — secretary of church group — trip to Appalachia Timothy James O'Connell — Contact Kevin Roger O’Conner — Art Club — church group Elizabeth Maren Ogren — -Teens — moved from ilia Bark. Illinois "Say, Mom. guess what I forgot?" asks Santis Major as slu stands in Mr Donut for a 6:30 breakfast. 125Lynne Olivo — job at Edina Rrsl National Bank O.E Glenn Thomas Olmstead — Blizzard Ski (dub — trip to l-'loridu Carol Joan Olson — ()l llornettrs — girls varsity — Brock cheerleader — Young Life. Dean Allen Olson — intramural baseball — »ki trip to Indianhcad. James Howard Olson — varsity track — varsity football — varsity wrestling — Young Life Kathryn Leslir Olson — Aqua Nymphs — concert band — Bed Cross — church group — Snowbound Ski Club. Kristen Adcle Olson — llomettes — Brook cheerleader — girls' varsity — Young Life. — enjoys James Brown's music Patricia Lee Olson — Spanish Club— . A.A. — Y-Tcens — job at Edina Cleaners. Laura Ann Oinelianchuk — Oatmeal Hi-Teens — "Bells of Happily — F.B.I.E — rt Club — church council Wallace Walter Orfield — track — Math Club — Viking Kucing Team Douglas Robert Oster — swim team — job in a snowmobile shop. Melodie Jean Ostergren — Y-Teens — trip to California at Christmas Nicholas Edward Overby — varsity track — varsity crosscountry —ski team — Explorer Scout. Barbara Jean Paasche — Silens — Latin Club — Omega — second place in state mythology contest. Steven Richard Packa — varsity wrestling — enjoys architecture — canoe trips Richard Ray Pain — Pierre — Sierra Club — mountain climbing — trip down Apple River James Dickey Parsons — lb s — T and I — trip to San Francisco Dennis James Patterson — ski team — baseball — Jackson Hole Racing Camp JoAnn Marie Patterson — Joey — interested hi abstract art and literature. Jane Ann Payne — Y-Teens — E B I. E. — church group. Michael Scott Pen field — job at Burnsville Mobile — trips to Phoenix and Denver William David Perkins — Dave — intramural sports — church basketball — job at Brae-mar Golf Course — trip to Catalina Island Michael Robert Perrault — ssorks on electronics — writes stories Mary Patricia Peters — job at Toy Fair — gymnastics — moved from Iowa 126Christine Ann Petersen — Tina — Y-Tccns — A.F.S Club — Latin Club — acrobatics — lands striper Thomas Harvey Petersen — wrestling — Job at hairsiew-Southdale Hospital — trip to Yellowstone Carl Edward Peterson — Pete — concert band — Ro Ma Pe — star rating in state solo contest — canoe trip Jay Roy Peterson — Math Club — communications explorer and data processing post Seniors Youth-Centered Group Activities Fill Week Nights Young Life gatherings present the light side us well as the serious side of high school living. Marlowe Ames Peterson — l,atin Club — tnp to Oregon at Christmas Sheldon Trent Peterson — Shell — varsits swim team — varsity cross country — varsity track — E-Club — trip to East Stephanie JoAnne Peterson — concert hand — Y-Teens — Latin Club — church choir — canoe trip on Cun-flint Susan Elizabeth Peterson — Student Council — Thespians — Teen Corps — Donaldson's Teen (hoard — Homecoming court — girls’ varsity. 127Seniors Personal Goals Build Reserves of Self-discipline Thomas Eduard Pdrnon varsity swimming — IBM Data Processing Post — Y.M.C.A. Rifle Tram trip to Europe. Mark Richard Petty — Math (.'lull - Gorman Club — church group — National Merit semi-finalist Gail Mari Pfistcr— AT S. Club — Spanish Club — Amigos Do l.as mcricas work hi Guatemala Gail Ann Phelps Spanish Club O.E. — job at National .it Rental trip to Phoenix Michael Joseph Phillips — track - Hl-Y — Junior Achievement — Contact — Ratelll cheering section. Kathleen Ann Pickard Whigroan — job at Dudley Rigg s. Fred Jay Pierce — varsity football — stockbov at Target — trip to Donnybrooke Thomas Henry Pierce - Chess Club — ski team MacPhail s Youth Orchestra — job at Arthur's Restaurant Maureen Carol Pictrick — Reelin' — Hor-nCites — Red Cross — Y-Teens — girls’ varsity — Young Life Candace Ann Pillen — Home Ec Club — Teen Corps — Y-Teens — National Merit semi-finalist Jeffrey David Pinkhaui — varsity swimming E-Club — job at Olson Brothers. Karen Ann Pitts — concert band — secretary of Math Club — l-atin Club - National Merit semi-finalist — clarinet award Barbara Plasinan — Y-Teens - German Club — Outdoor Club — church group Kenneth Erling Platou — ski team Young Life — job at Fairsiew-Soulhdale Hospital Karen Ann Platt Vrt Club - G.A A orchestra attended Minneapolis School of Art, student workshop program Kurt Erich Podncr — church choir — church council — junior leader of Boy Scouts — Sports and Health Club. 128Catherine Josephine Podolinsky — !• H I. K — plays the organ — trip to Vancouver Deborah Eve Poliak — A.F.S. Club — Kdi-na Huinau Rights Commission — National Merit semi-finalist. Katherine Louise Pollock — Y-Teens — Red Cross Council — A F.S Club — French (Mill — Contact .Mark Eduard PoUfuss — Hod Cross — Buz-zette — secretary of Thespians — children's play — Junior Achievement Junette Kay Porting — June— president of church group — job at Donaldson's Herman Bailey Post — Math Club — Y.M C A Ski Club — Job at Goodyear Janet I.ouise Posthumus — concert hand — church choir — spring trip to Hawaii David Dean Postlethssaite — Thespians — choral club — Eagle Ridge Theatre Championship technique is displayed by Tami Klind-worth as she practices to perfect a routine. Steven Eugene Prccht — vice-president of Student Council — co-captain of track — cross country — Homecoming court — church choir Deborah Ann Quam — Y-Tcens — French Club — Prom chairman — Job's Daughters. Thomas Kevin Quick — manager of basketball team — statistician for football Mary Jo Quinn — Red Cross — Y-Teen — Pep Club — F B.l. E. — Art Club— likes skiing 129Years of dancing pay off as Marianne Creven rehearses for a Minnesota Dance Company Production. Jeanne Marie Rachic — Homecoming court — vice-president of Y-Tccns chapter — Young Life — girls' varsity — Sunday school teacher Ann Marie Rafthol — Y-Teens — Pep Club — Junior Achievement — church group John David Raiehert — varsity football — varsity baseball — E-Club — Young Life Kathleen Susan Raile — French Club — trip to Europe. Robert David Ranck — Park Hoard hockey — Job at Typhoon (.'ar Wash Thomas Joseph Ratellc — Rat — lettered in football — track — laitin Club — Young Life — Contact Christine Elizabeth Ratkav — Home Ec Club — F T. A. — Y-Teens — job a cashier — trip to Boston Janet Melodic Rauch — French Club — G.A.A. — vice-president of Y-Teens — counselor at day camp Dcboruh Ann Reed — Perns French Club — Luther League — teaches piano. John Alan Reese — Bucko — varsity soccer — tennis — Minneapolis Rowing Club — known for tuking shots at the wrong goal Steven John Regli — varsity football varsity wrestling Cynthia l.ynn Reichnun — Homettes — Y-Teens — Young Life — girls' varsity — Daisy Mae 130Seniors Girls Acquire Grace and Agility Through Exercise Sue Belschner shows the strain of a rigorous practice as she prepares for meets on the unevens. Gretchcn Bryant Rekcr — Student Council — vice-president of A.F.S. Club — job at Anthonie's Mars Katherine Remole — I .at-in Club — job at DeUria s — trip to California John Scott Rcnnc — class champion at Minnesota Dragways— Job at Mobile Service Center — trip to Florida John Jacob Bentscblcr — Wrench — varsity football — E-Club — ski trip to Red Lodge. Montana. Mar Theresa Rcrat — Y Icons — trips to Missouri ami Mexico. Jeffrey Arthur Resell — golf team — Rolf trophy — job at Olson Bmthcrs Alice Ann Rice — "Mother Rice — qiia Nymphs — Whigrean — choral cluli ski trip to Taos Linda Kathleen Rich — Art Club — Outdoor Club — girls varsity — Y-Teens — art award — moved from New York Susan Ann Richard — Y-Teens — job at Fdina Public IJbrarv Susan Eli ahctli Richey — Ski Club — Bed Cross — French Club — Contact — Job at Harold Chevrolet Cathy Jean RinRcrud — IliriR — -Teens — Young Life — Rirls' varsity — job al Dayton's — trip to Europe Rebecca Cay Ring-liam — Whigrean — concert band — trips to Boston and Chicago Mark Gale Ripma — landscape designer al llulla Nursery Robert William Rischmillcr — varsity swimming —tennis team — Ili-Y — church group — trip to Bahamas Michael James Robertson — varsity baseball — Park Board hockey — trip to Aspen Sarah Josephine Robison — new from East (’oast — cheerleader — Art Cluli — sophomore class representative. 131Courtney Valden Rockwell — Rock — deep-mm fishing — mountain climbing. Martin David Rogers - Spanish Club — varsity hockey — varsity baseball — trip to Ohio Roberta Joy Rohde — Rest — Spanish Club president of church group Gregory Amundus Rolfson — Rolf — concert band RoMaPc—state music contest awards — canoe trip with RoMaPc Catherine Ann Rollefson — Y-Tcens — church group. Paul Christopher Roo — Rooster — D.K — ski team — job at Day-ton s trip to Florida. Suzanne Marie Rose — Spanish Club — Debate Club — A.F.S. Club — trip to Vucat3ii. Mexico Thomas Clarke Rose Rosie — varsity football — K-Club — Young Life — job at Bracmar Arena — trip to Colorado. Thomas Joseph Rose — Rosy — intramural basketball and softball — job at General Mills John George Rossman — job at Hopkins’ Cleaner — new from Minnehaha Academy. Gregory Lambert Rothnem — Moose — Red C.'ross — varsity football — Young Life — trip to l.utzen. Catherine Anne Roy — Hi-Tcens — Youth in Government — church group — National Merit Letter of Commendation — canoe trip Karen Sarah Rue - Art Club — girls' varsity — Young Life — trip to Colorado. Ruel Arnold Russell — D.K — M Y.F. — job at Crown Auto. John Gregory Ryan — varsity football — job at Target — trip to Kurope. Kathleen Helen Sampsell — Red Cross — F.B.L.E. — Homecoming and Sadie decorations — Contact. Deborah Kay Sanborn — cheerleader — Homecoming Queen — Young Life — Job at Donaldson s James Herbert Sanders — trip to New York Margaret Ann Sanders — Y-Tcens — orchestra — Contact — job at Fanny Farmer. Richard Baxter Satterlec — intramural basketball — German Club — job at Lund's — trip to Florida Melissa Ann Sauvc — Lissa — secretary of Chess (Miib — orchestra — Metropolitan Youth Symphony Jean Marie Scarborough — O K. — trip to Colorado. John Robert Schaefer — varsity soccer — Young Life — Walther League — job at Olson Brothers. Linda Kay Schaucr — president of (German Club — Student Council — A.F.S. Club — Pep Club — Red Cross — Russian tutor — job at Donaldson’s. 132Joel Arthur Schleicher — secretary of Ili-Y — intramural sports — fob at Colons Apartments. Nicholas Edward Schlotter — Keo — varsity swimming — vursits track — awards in shooting — fishing trip Daniel Richard Schlutcr — Hl-Y — church group — canoe trip on Conflmt Trail Susan Marie Schiner-ler — Kddie — Hornettcs — Y- Teens — girls' varsity — Young Life — Calhoun Yacht Club. William Allen Schmidt — president of Radio Club — job as cook Laura Jeanne Schneider — French Club — C A — l-it-in Club — Junior Achievement — moved from Cincinnati Sandra Lee Schuck — Contact — trip to Red Izidgc. Montana Douglas Richard Schultz — dramatics — church choir — theater tour to New York Seniors Greater Maturity Results From Varied Activities At the Decathlon Athletic Club, Mike Vargon and John Kuster battle each other in an invigorating game of paddlebull 133$gnipr$ Frederick William Schultz — job at McDonald » Linda Jean Schunuehcr — Pep Club — Y-Teens — church folk group — job at a nurecry school Keith Allan Schweigcr — job at Hoigaurd't Ski Shop. Sally Ann Scoggin — A.FS.'er to Ekctahunu. New Zealand — choral clul» - Bu ettc — Music Man — Pilgrim Fellowship. Ceollrey I-ouis Scott Student Council — baud — II A M. amateur radio — state "A" rating for solo and ensemble Glenda Kay Scott — A F S (.’lub— FT A — volunteer worker Webb Cranston Segur — xjisity soccer — varsity tennis — cross country — Thesjrians — Presidential Classroom representative Claudia Joan Set er — Buz ette — Student Council — Images — Youth Emergency Sere Ice. Kenneth Dean Severson — Ili-Y — intramural sports — church group Robert Buffington Shaw — varsity wrestling — Sfath Club — trip to Mexico l.ynne Dianne Shay — Y-Tccns — French Club — Home Ec Club — job at Sun Newspapers John Madison Shccly — varsity wrestling — track — cross country — varsity band — vice-president of church group — jdayed in folk groups — job at day camp. David l-ce Sheppard — Shcp — D FI — job at Young Quinlan — canoe trip in Canada Christine Celia Sherry Young File — girls' varsity Therese Mary Sias treasurer of Spanish Club — Home Ec Club — Y-Teen — trip to Mexico. Christine Knoll Sided — Tina — Y-Teens — church group -Job at a florist Memories of School Days Always Return 134Reminiscing about grade school days and saddle shoes. Cindy Reichman, Christy Agee, and Terri McNeil are guided home safely by helpful fellow students and a qualified school patrol. Catherine Sim Men Swan - Cal — A T S ot from Singapore — G.A.A. —"Clown Prince of Wanderlust" — band camp. Chris Wesley Simmons — D K — job at Mobil gas station Bruce Benjamin Simpson — rebuilt and repainted homes in the cits area Diane Rose Sirotiak — varsity bund — Y-Teens — Pep Club — German Club — job at Edina Library — band award — summer trip to California. Hllcn Si slight co-chairman of service projects ir| Bed Cross—APS Club — Spanish Club Snowbound Ski Club Paul Rutchcv Skugcrberg I) P C.A job at Red Owl — canoe trip m Canada James Arnold Slet-ten — Park Board hockey — fishing trips Susan Ann Sloan vice-president of F.B.LK. — Student Council — job at Howard Johnson s Thomas Michael Slocum Images ski trips to Colorado Erling Steven Smedvig Smedv — concert band — orchestra — Eagle Scout — state music contest awards for solos David Cecil Smith — editor of linages. Gregory Richard Smith — marching band — amateur radio operator — job at a Mobil gas station 135Michael Johnston Smith — baseball — basketball — Job at Jerrs . Richard Clarence Smith — interested in radio — trip to Canada Sandra Smith — -Teens — won Singer Stylcmakcr contest — trips to Whiteeap Stephen Fredrick Smith — wrestling - Student louncil — hand Mary Kathryn Sorensen — Rents — Art Club — job at Donaldson's — moose hunting in Montana. David Wiley Souba - diving team — church softball — award in Industrial arts — trip to Winter Park Nancy Jean Spika — Latin Club — A.F.S. Club — t ininil group — Snowbound Ski Club — job at Sear's — trip to Brazil Rex Das id Stacy — writes poetry. James Brian Stake — varsity soccer — intramural sports — concert band — Latin Club state rating in clarinet Cordon Leo Stanck — D. E. — job at Typhoon Car Wash — trip to Virginia Susan Mary Stanck — Rolling Hills Saddle Club — West Band Peace Force Steven Lawrence Stusson — I) E. — Contact — job at Northwestern hank. Jogging around Lake Calhoun in the early morning enables Kim Bieter. Miss Fansler, and Laurie Anderson to keep in shape and lose extra pounds. 136Seniors Student-Faculty Relationships Add Mutual Respect Mary Martha Stcinbaurr — I .at in Club — ski trip t« Whltrllth und Aspen Nanc Helen Steven VI ecu Spanish lull — Young Life — jolt at Donaldson' Marcs Cavlc Stevenson - I -Teen — cashier at Target Tamara Smith Stewart choral dub— Eagle Ridge Theater — trip to Mexico and the Hast Coast Vicki Ann Stewart — Student Conned — Young Life — girls' varsity — Teen Corps — |oli at Davton's Victoria Thorpe Stewart — choral club — Kaglc Ridge Theater — ' Rn-gadoon" — trip to Mexico Judith Dale Slier — job at Wool worth Thoma lloch Stillman — varsits soeerr — E-Club — Jnh at Burger King Donna Marie Stockdale — Y-Tcens — Ultra mural trnni — F B I.K — churdl group — toll at Lund Richard Eugene Stolarik — Chrss Club — collects com Michael Price Stone — member of the "Light” — trip to Nail (lath tlioM Mordahl () i — Y-Teens — Sunila dino| teacher — jolt in a dentist's office Brian Russell Stotcsbers - Stole — Science Seminar — Radio Club — IBM explorer post Joseph Sanford Sloutenhurgh — Minneapolis Radio Club — editor of "Splatter — trip down St. Croix George Thoma Strand — Science Seminar scuba diving Cynthia Jane Strawhridge — Young Ufc — girls' varsity — cheerleader at Hock River — job at Dayton » 137Sandra Jean Straw-bridge — Y-Teens — cheerleader at Hocks River — girls varsity — Young Life — job at Dayton's. Ilcidi Kaye Slromherg — Strom — concert band — church council — church choir — canoe trips David Cordon Stuart — varsity ss resiling — Radio Club — Red Cross — Job as a stockbos Warren Wolf Sturm — concert band — German Club — National Merit lx ttcr of Commendation William Joseph Sullivan — Sully — varsity basketball — varsity baseball — American Legion baseball — counselor ul a boys' camp Jane Roxanne Sumi — Job at Juster's — trip to Chicago Stephen Bruce Sundherg — Whigrean — Inp to Europe Mars Lou Sundet - Mirni — Spanish Club — Home Fa- Club— Luther l.cague Wendy Louise Sundquist — Red Cross — French Club — Job as a playground leader Rita Jeanne Swanson — laitlo Club — job at Delaria's — tutored at St Stephen’s grade school Carol Marie Swenson — Y-Tcens chapter president — |ob at Brother s Rakers — trip to Colorado Catherine Lynn Swet-man — French Club — F B.LK — Y-Tcens — Wullher League — Snowbound Ski Club — church choir John Matthcss Taney — varsity wrestling — folk group — job at Food lame Clcnn Ell-ss'ood Taylor — T. and I — ski team — job at Fairview-Southdale Hospital — trip to Canada Michael Lee Taylor — varsity wrestling — trip to New York Mark Hunter Thachcr — ski team — French Club — trip to Red laulgc John Lawrence Thayer — varsity hockey — plass for the "Light John Ryan Thayer — varsity cross country — track — job ut Bachman's. Kathryn Wentworth Thayer — Red Cross — all-school secretary of Y-Tecns — Ili-TeenS — Teen Advisory Board Lisa Lynn Thavcr — Y-Teens — secretary of French (dub — A.F.S Club — job at Fanny Farmer — trip to Hawaii Jean Marie Thews — orchestra — trip to Grand Teton Nutional Park and Yellowstone Janice Joyce Thielvoldt — concert hand — Job at Edina Library — Florida trip. Jeffrey Ames Thompson — canoe trips each year Linda Sue Thompson — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — treasurer of Junior Achievement — job at Dayton's. 138Brian Donald Thornton — l).E — Job at Quarterback Sport' and larisure Bruce Carey Tillery — Art — acolyte at St Stephen % — play the organ and sasophonr — job at Jerry James Willis Tindall — Junior Achievement — Job a manager for Mutual Headers" League Ann Elizabeth Tjaden — Outdoor Club — Youth Fellowship — summer trip out West Seniors Village Awards Spotlight Promise For the Future Placing first in the talent division of the Miss Edina Pageant. Pat Melby portrays a Chatty Cathy doll in a lively sketch. James Everest Toe pel — varsity soccer —-ski team John Douglas Tallcfsrud — Job us a radio consultant at Scliaak Electronics — great interest In music Ann Townswick — German (dub — A F S Club — Teen Corps — attended Minneapolis School of Art Workshop — Job at Edina ihteken Michael Kdson Truman — pastimes include horseback riding and skiing. Laura Jean I'lsestad — Aqua Nymphs — Momettes — Art Club — Homecoming Court — trip to Mesieo William Dean Van Someren — church group — Job at a loud store Claire Martha Van Veen - Teen Corps — Y-Terns — church group — trips to Europe Michael James Vargon — varsity soccer — Contact — job at Wool worth's — church board— Hawaiian trip 139Seniors Student Attire Little Changed by Dress Code Repeal Man Katherine Vrnrll — Micky — A |iu Nvinphs — Kirk varsity — trip to Florida Jcri Ann Yigdal — MirHary of Pep Club — orchestra — church oiuncil — t.irl Scouts l.aura Joyce Vi zier - vice-president id Aipia Nsmphs — French Club — Young Life — V-Teen» — Inner Club Council James Martin Yolstad — Try — Hadio Club — (oh as a bus Imy Bruce Douitlas Wadi ond — loot kill — canoe trips in lioumlury waters Thomas tin nary Wagner — wrestling — OK — Job at Ijmds Margaret Anita Wahlroos — Chess Club — |ol» at Carlson's — New York trip William Niklas Wahlroos — Nick — Job at Kdina Country Club — T. and I John Becker Waldron Student Council — Kate lie cheering section — sailing in British Columbia Thomas John Walsh — job with (.'its of Minneapolis — interested in art John Grover Wanecke — varsity track — Twin City Track Club — church group — truck awards — Boston Marathon Judith Ionise Wang — varsity band — Y-Teenv — I.other la-ague — Sunday school teacher — job with On (airps Barbara Ann Warded — Ked Cross — F B I. K — Y-Tcens — church group — Young Life — trip to Kansas City James Randall Waters — Student Council — junior varsity baseball — varsity swimming — construction Job Thomas Baxter Weaver — Blake varsity w resiling — dramatics — publicity manager for church group Nancy Bradley Webster — W cldnc — Red Cross — A F S ( lub — vestal virgin in l-ilin Club — Teen Corjis — Ski Club 140Deborah Katherine Weedin — Student Council — Gymnastic Club — church group — trip to Cleveland I.inda her Wrxmcyrr — Hot I Crow — vice-president of V-Teens chapter — l.uth« r League — job at Baker's Nano Kli aheth Weigel — W ig gle — Homettes — lleudstarl volunteer — Norm-coming puMicitv co-chairman — always dieting Susan Marie Weingartnrr — Ili-Trens — French Club — Ret I Cross — church group — Prom committee — doctor's receptionist at Southdale — climbed in Swiss Alps. Mark Dennis W endt — iunior varsity soccer — Spanish Club — job at Hoel's Marten David Brian Wenell — varsity swimming — Hi-Y — moved from Washburn Kathlen Mary- Whelan — ‘Tev- — Theater in the Round While mannequin ing holiday fash Power's. Holly stands motionless. niodcl-i«ns at -atesKevin Joseph Whelan — wrestling — T. and I George Frances White Jr. — Student Council — varsity soccer — ski team — Teen Corps — Young Life — Contact Dean Kevin Wickstrom — Park Board Hockey — job at Spring Company Realty Lawrence Dudley Wievner — wrestling — swimming — track — camp counselor. Elizabeth Ann Williams — concert band — orchestra — Luther League — four"A" ratings in State Music Contest Geraldine Carol Williamson — Young Life — girls' varsity. Murray Douglas Wilson — varsity track — collects hooks Jan I.izabelh Winter — Y Teens — Luther League — Girl Scouts — National Merit Letter of Commendation Martha Ann Winslow — Marty Folk Music Club — Girls' Ensemble — trip to Caribbean. Nancy Ann Winter — Alice — girls' varsity — Spanish Club — Y-Tcens — Job at Dayton's — Young Life. Susan Mary Wistrand — Folk Music Club — "Music Man" — choral club — French Club — Horizon Club. John Charles Woehrlc — Whorl — varsity basketball — Red Cross — Young Life — Camp Lincoln staff Eric Conrad Woilan — Bethlehem Lutheran group Victor Eugene Wollang — job at Lyndale Nursery — trip to Rocky Mountains Bradley Richard Wood — Student Council — Teen Corps — job at Jerry's — Young Life — Homecoming King. Daniel Warren Wray — lettered in wrestling — German Club — trip to Black Hills. Fending off the impact of a snowball with her hand. Laura Vizzier protects herself from the force of yet another blow. 14?Seniors Open Combat Is Declared In Battle of Sexes Infected with a touch of spring fever on a warm winter afternoon, Debbie Burnell and Laird Mart race down the street during a kite-flying contest, each hoping his kite will reach its highest possible point. Kathryn Mary Ycamcau — French Club — German Club — church group — National Merit letter of Commendation Kurt Waller 7a be I — Ili-Y — church group — job ut Mr Steak — trip to Europe. Stephen Donald Zahn — ski team — soccer — church group — ski trip to Aspen Carol Elizabeth ' cm pc I - Buz ctlc — Student Council — trip to Nassau. Bahamas Josephine Ellen Zieper — Jo Ellen — Buz-z.ettc — Red Cross — AES Club — Y-Teens — National Merit l.etter of Com-mendution. Elizabeth Ann Zollars — Art Club — Spanish Club — job in shoe-repair shop — trips to Donnybrookc 143JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Kyle Carpenter, treasurer; Drick Hnyd. president; Kick Cabalku. vice-president. Annie Griffiths, secretary. 144 Squealing as she hits the cold water. Liz Joas tries out Cheryl Naas’s “heated" indoor pool.Juniors Juniors Become Involved, Raise Money for Prom Demonstrating the proper way to throw a pizza. Brad Weidt nets the dough into shape while Toni Diehl stands by to piek up any of the flying pieces. During a slow night at the concession stand. Chris Combs takes a nap Taking a break from a tiring practice, junior Hor-nettes Kiki Faith, I.auric Lennon, and Barb Swend-seen find time to talk 145Aagenaes. Jem Aa rest ad. Rosemary Ahrahamson. Sue Adams. David Atiniuiiii. Jeanne Aka son. Duncan Albrecht. Patricia Alkirr. Cary Aloers. David Amide. Walter Anderson. Charles Anderson. Douglas Anderson. Jell Anderson. Karen Anderson, Laurie Anderson, l-arrv Anderson. Lynda Anderson. Stephen Anderson. A icki Andres. Hichard Andrews. John Appelquisl, Joan Armstrong. Nancy A meson. Jeffrey Arnold. Nlurelle Ashby, John Ashworth. John Atkins. James Austin. Penny Bailee. Dawn Bailee. Jeffrey Baker. Klizabeth Baker. Jeffrey Balm’ll. James Bangs. Michael Barnes. Jeffrey Barnes. Patricia Barsamian. Bic-hard Barthelems Janelle Barthelemy. Kaeann Juniors Volunteer Work: Because People Are Important Charmed by his intense expression, candy striper Cheryl Naas continues to entertain one of her youthful charges at Kairview-Sonthdale Hospital. 146Barlo. Ernestine Bausman. David Beall. Debra Beard. Roger Becker, L nn Beebe. David Bcegle, Alice Bell try. John Brllair. Gary Beniamin. Mary Beniamin. Scot! Bennett, Dianne Berg. Joan Berg, Larry Bergce. Kuna Id Berggrcen, Karen Bertov. Diane Beson. William Bibliri. Dina Bicmat. Cary Bing. Doug Bing. Richard Bjorklund. Craig Black, Mark Bloom, Linda Blunt. Douglass Bodinc, Francis Bold. Christopher Bohn. Carey Boncllo. Robert Bonner, Susan Borden, Klialirtli Borgriiaii, Leslie Bonnes. Stars Bomhoft. Stephen Boiilav, Patrick Bowers. Alan Boyd, Dnck Bracken. Mary Joyce Bradley. Linda Brain. Beth Brain, Willi.nn Brando vs Todd Brandt, Hhonda Bringgold. Kurt Broback. Nunes Broback. Willi am Brooks. Jeffrey Brooks. Jerome Bros. Sherrie Brown, Melanie Buchanan. Carol Buckles. Diane Burke. Ellen Burke. Kevin Burke. Nancy Rums. David Bums, Kathryn Bums. Shelley Burris, jonathuu Butler. Shells Cahalka, Eric Callahan. Christine Callan. Robert Cullirun. Dennis Campbell. Tom Canton. Steven Cargill, Marianne Carlotto. Rita Carlson. Charlie Carlson. Cheryl Carlson. David Carlson. Elizabeth Carlson. Holly Carlson. Stephen Carlson, Timothy Carlton. Eric Carollu. Laurence Carpenter, Kyle Carroll. Robert 147Carter. Paul Cassidy. David Cfcrrc, Sandra Celia. Catherine Colusta. Jeffrey Chadwick. Cindy Childs. Betsy Christensen. Randy Church. Roberta Clapp. Cynthia Clark. Tim Clausen. Ann Clegg. Barry 'luthier. Ann Coffey. Kathleen Coleman. Kathy Coleman. Rick Combs. Chris Combs. Dorothv Compton. Kendall Conlin. Susan Connolly. Patrick Cooley. Linton Coon. Kathi Cooper. Mike (Correa. Jennifer Corty. Cynthia Cotiillard, Wayne Coyne. Nancy Cmonouist. Mary (.’rouen. William Crowley. Leonard Cummings, Michael Cummins, C arol Curtin. Mary Dahlstroin. Donna Dalen, Rod Dal Ido rf. Linda Daniels. Deborah Danielson. Richard Davies. Chrislint Davis. James Deeds. Cathy Deere. Kathryn Denting. Richard dcMoya. Donna Denison. Jeanne Dcnk. David Heat and exhaustion force band member Kathy Ha-bighorst to take a long awaited break from intricate marching formations.Juniors After-School Band Practices Frustrate Juniors l)r Hondo, Barluini Dcvroy, Gayle Dicfenbuch. Kurin Diehl. Thomas Diesstior, Dennis Diller. Stephen Dinver, Paul Doe, Nancy Docpke, Mark Domck. N'orbcrl Donahue. Patricia Donchrnko. Nadia Donnelly. Ann Dorsey. Timothy Doogull Kay Lynn Dougherty, Sharon Douglas. Julia Dow. Dale Downs. Steve Droller. Jauna Duncan, (irrald Dunham. Darrelyn Dunham, Hichard Duntlcy, Donald Duoos, Shells Durand. William Eberle. William Elicits, Tara Kconumo . Andrcu Kdstroin. Mark Edwards. Kathv Eclma. Sven Egan, Thomas Ellis. Hichard Engel, Joanne Engclsmu, Barbara Engelsma. Bruce Engs!rum. Jarir Krrlull. Mike Erriall. Robert Erickson. Jon Ericson, Jolm Krlandson. loel Fust is, Mark Evans. Douglas Evans. Scotl Evensen, Jane Faith. Kirsten Farlev. Claudia Fuusch. Anita Fee. Palneia Felker, Anne Frllman. Lynn Feltes, Thercse Fevold, Nancy Findley . Peggy Finlayson. Anne Finley, Bariiara Fisher. Duse Fisher. Richard Flynn,John Follestad, Doug Forslund. Curt Forsythe. Jean 149Juniors Juniors Falter Under Increased Homework Load Fossutn. Stark Foster, James Foster. Samira Fox. Nancy Kniwlcy, Stephen Frederick, Stark Freemim. Stark Freudcnthal, Karri Fre . Joe Frey. Robert Frich. Curtis Frick. Thomas Friedrichs, Richard Froht uch. Linda Fuller. Brad Fuller. Brian Caascdelen. David Gaasedelen, James Caimnell. Kathleen Gammon. Sally (amnion, Steven (airrett, Caves (.i llmu’, tiara (iniH’li, Gregg Ceppert, Caul Gerrie. Cvnthin Cert Thomas Gerval. Susan Giumhninn. Sticliael (•iambnuio. Patrick Gibson. Cloria Gilbertson, Brail Gilman. Robb Cisvelbrck. Robert tiles'tier. David Cohlke. Louise Cottxucker, Stark Graves, Cy nthia Gras. David Green. Fredrick Green Stephanie Greene. Patricia Crrenoiigh, Torn Crecr. Sms Creig. Kathryn C.renell. Andrea Cress c. Pamela Grey ill. Robert Griihn. Steven Griffiths. Stars Cir eskossuk Judy Haas. Slanann llabidiorst. Kathleen Had. Susan Hagcman. Kun It a iiiii N alley liagrneier. Linda Hale. Michael Haney. Bradford Hansen. Charles Hansen. Fric Hansen, Jon llanske. Dasid Hanson. Diunu 150Jean Johnson, while working on her ever present P. history homework, falls asleep on the job. I limitin' ll.irlt.it.• Harr, Scott Hurt Huhuiil Hartmann. Hick I lunger. Bmcr ll.iiicl.mil fen llavcrstock. Henry Haw Nunes lluwk. Thomas llawkinson. Jack Has hoc. Christopher llasntuki-r William llaw. Iloonic tla eltoo. Lynn HrffdHngci K ric Hcinbockcl. Murk Heine . Mars I trill rich. Susan llrlle, Sigmund Hemp. Prtci llrmlhcks. Michael lletiilncksou. Hick llenrfiehl. Maureen llaiefirlil. orrnr Henncsss. Mars llesseler Joint llcstc rinan. Beth Hess lit Mark Hill, Kathleen llitsch, W ilium Hirschey. illiam Hitchcock. Claudia llnagluiid. Lori Itoak. Alice lingcnson. Jellres llokatisiMi. Curia Holir. Knss Holm. Jean Holmes. Dennis I Inline . Bussell Holmes. Todd Ho| kinv, Cars I Ins le. (.regnrs Howard. Mars Howell. Mars Huggins. Hubert I Inches. F.li abeth Hughes. Patrick Hurley. Pat Inman. Janet Iverson. Thomas Jackson, Candice Jacobs. Anne Jacobs. Lathy Jacobsen,Steven Jamltois, Louis Jensen.Jas Jensen. Susan Jernhak. Christine Jeun. Mars 151luniors Card Sharks Lose Date Money On Friday Nights Joas. Elizabeth Johnson. Barbara A Johnson. Barbara Johnson. Belli Johnson, David Johnson J Victoria Johnson. Joan Johnson, Kirk Johnson, Lynn Johnson. Randolph Johnson. Sandra Johnson.Susan Johnson, Virginia Johnston. Donna Joudald. Kristine Jones. Robert Jordan. Patricia Joschko, Cathy Judd. Julie Karr Barbara Kasper. Patricia Kavanuugh. Kathleen Kehoe. Mary Keller. Paula Kelley. Kathy Kelley. Steve Kellogg. Todd Kelly. Charles kennedv. John Kennedy. Kathryn Kennedy. William Korker. Murv Kidd. Bill Kielfer. Robert Kindem. Todd King. David Kinning, Gwendolyn Kintop. Diane Kiser. Sandra Kjos. Phillip Klein. Melanie Klcven, Barbara Kloster. Dawn klucas. Craig Kueeti, Kerrv Knips. Deborah Koch. Barbara Koss Virginia Kovac k. Susan Krafft, David Krahl. Patricia Kraker. Sam krapu. Jon Krausch. James kretner, Mark Kriesel. Barbara Kruse. icki iairighol . Dave lairkin, Kathleen lamen. Kenneth Larsen. Todd Larson. Dean Laurence. Becky I.jVoie, Thomas 152l-i« rence, Wend) Leak. 1-cvann Lock. Hlu ran Lit. Bh.ui l imon. laiurlc Let lie. Helm Uuhniim. Julie I .I'M .III. Judie Lewi». Mark Levli. Grejt l.iddy. Stephanie Licniuntk. Mar Ltctike, Sieve Lintlieck. Ii.irli.nu Lilldcmann. Sue Ijiejtennu, Scott l-olunn. Kami.ill Lonvbun. Murk laiukv Jeri Low, Meredith liittiy. k.illileeti Luildrii Janet Ludwig, Ju Luelike. sIm mu l.iifl. Slieilu I.mill William Lundquijit. Kaila I .midst rom. Bdrliuru l.illike, So lit Luther. Richard Lilt . Denise Lvman. PulK Lumi. Idirie MacCluv . Scott Maclccn. Mar' Mjcl.ean. William SLicLrnncn. Chrit M.iciluil. Koliert Madivon Nlar ldlr. Harliura ldle . Denise Malonr. Karen Manley, Joan Marshall. David Marthaler, (Iren Marti, Julie Mase. William Mawnick, Richard Despite W C. Field's help. Boh Throwing a stealthy glance in Ihe direction of Frank Ncwhouse. Dave Mootv attempts Porter loses again. to determine his opponent’s hand, but Pete Spokes holds the aces. 153Mathiru. Charles Maul. (iordon Maxwell. I’aul Mashers;. anc Mayer. I.imlu McBride. David McCamphell Bruce Mel .aim. 1‘cim Met iuima. Thomas McCaiths Frank Mel mills. Karen Mel aides. Pal McClain. John McClunu, Melmdu McCos Colleen McDonald Jolin McEadmm. Mary Mcl.eau. Holiin Mcl.eister love|diine McNally. Frank McN'oe. I.jiiicI McQueen. Donna Meadcr. Jojiiine Meier Colleen Memers, Curia Mellis, Burltaro Merleld. David Merrill. Jolm Merrvinan. Mumi Merles. Mike Metcalfe (lavle Nlelmer. Daniel Mleka. Doujj Mialke. John Miller. James Miller, Kenneth James At their favorite spot in a deserted marsh, Crain Klucas and Rick Hartmann take careful aim to shoot their limit of ducks. Miller, Paul Miller. Richard Miller. Steven Miller, Whittles Mitchell, Laura Munson. George Moon. Christonlicr Moon.ni. William l(H)iie . Mars MiMire. Pamela Moore. Thomas Moots. David Morgan. Katherine Morisettr. Donna Mori son, Bradles Morris, Rands 154Juniors Junior Boys Set Their Sights For Fall Hunting Mueller. Marilyn Mulcaby Mark Mullen. Chris Muller. Nancx Murphy, I liAilu lli Naas. (!h er l Naegeli. Kidurd Nagengast, John Nuthr, loanne N'cchxlllr. I.im Veil. ('.llarles Nelsen. Kathryn Nrlvon, Kdxx aid Nr I mi. Julie Nelson. Marx Nelson. Hence Nelson. Scot! Nesin, Jellies New house. Franklin Session, Mark Nichols. Koliert Nichols, Scott Nielsen. Karen Nipper. Jellrex Nisseti, Dana Noll Inn. Carol Nooleen. Diane Nonpiisl. Janies Nmiell, Ceorgr Nxgaard. Chen ol . ■rn, Oregorx O’Brien. Kathleen Ogren. Catherine Olsen. John Olson. Barbara Olson, Susan Olsonnski. Stcs e Olsson. Hicluril ( Neil i on Oren. Kristi Orlinan. Dehrah Osten. Chris Otting. Christine Oxley. Das ul Pace. Carol Paislcx. John Palnielnn. James Parsons Sue Patrick, Flame Pederson, Dale Peer. Carol Pcnnrr, Barbara Pena. Mary Perkins. Kathleen Peters. Mark Peterson. Barbara Peterson. John Peterson Kax Peterson. Biehard Peterson, Hnnald Petschauer. James I’ti lifer Mrs en Pierce. Siisuii Plotnieks. Jim 155Plum. M ary Jo Podner, Kranxine Pohlad, James Pollock. Nancy Porter. Robert Potter. Kenneth Pratt. Marcia Pratt. Melissa Pratt. Robert Preksto. Peter Pretoott, Nam i Pricr. Elizabeth Pwhogias. Su .ettc Pumphrey. Brian Putinan. Scott Quinlivan. Jean (, 011111. James Rausch. Daniel Reece. Bes Regan, Paula Rekli . Anthony Reno. Grant Renslow. Michael Rerat. Eugene Ret mm. Bruce Rhymer, luiura Ridley. Jean Ries. Robert Rilev. Mary Ellen Ringland. Barbara Rmtelrnann. Ann Risvold, Steven Roberts. John Roberts. Nancy Robert von. Jim Robson. Kim Rogers. Margaret Rolf. Timothy Roinunvtad, Carol Ronald. David Rose. Kristy Rose. Richard Rosenow. Barbara Rosenthal, Jeffrey Rossman, Tom Roth, Andrea Rowland. Elizabeth Rud. Patricia Ruth. Terry Ryan, Charles Rzpecki, Steve Saari. David Saland. Paul Sandgren. Roberta Sandstrom. Rov Sanfilippo. Sarah Satterluml. David Satlerlee. Thomas Saude, Rebecca Saxton. Mary Schaffhauscn. (Jail Schellhas. Heidi Schilling. Elizabeth Senirmer. Ann Schmitt. Terri Schmitt. Thomas Schmunk. Michael Schrciber. Jim Schroeder. David Schuster. Kathleen Scott. Unda Screedon.John Selvig. Kristi Selz.er. Meredith Selterbcrg. Carla Sesald. Paul Severson. Bmce Shackelford. Sue Shaw. Thomas Shelton. Susan 156Sherman. Robin Shidernan. Kli ubrth Shinners. Kulhrrinr Shively, Thomas Shull. Janet Suit'll. Franklin Sicbclt, Paul Silas. Lynne Silha. David Simnnton, Jim Sims. Hubert Skaar. Hob SkaKorlHTi;. Gregory Skogstad, Susan Skov, Kiehiird Smith. John Smith, katherine Smith Marj Smith. Scott Smith. Stephen Smith. Steven Smith. Susan Smith. Thomas Snyder. Fli abeth Snyder. Jay Sorenson. Garv StirleberR, W illiam Sortino, Rotannr Spahr. Anna Spear. Sharlren Spencer. Diane Spicolu. John JyiniQfj Feathered Floats Made With Stuffed Chicken Wire A cake on the junior class homecoming float sets an alluring trap so that Hornet Hill Beson can K-dinainitc the Cooper Hawk. 157luniors Backyard Provides Means for Junior Body Building Sieve Rzpecki adjusts Drick Boyd's glove .is he prepares for a final championship bout in the famed "Bodine Arena.’’ Splclinun. Larry Spikes. Peter Squlrrs. Jenifer Slaber. Todd Stair. David St a sues. Janice Strifes. Patricia Stchr. Susan Mcinb.u k. Jeanne Stillman. Mark Stirrat. Judith Stockli ridge. Nancy Stocks, Susan Mocecr. William Stoulcnliurgh. Aline St radian. Martini Stratighun. Dcliorali St millers, l.csli Sluppv. Jan Sulihs. Cynthia Siionicla. Cary Svanoc, Naomi Swanson. Jeff Swanson. I.yrm Swanson. William Swendsccn. Barbara Swenson. Paula Ssrndisdi. Holly fait. Paula Tunes, Clifford Tang. Vicki Tarlios. Katherine 158 « ;W li'IWKWMfTaylor, Janies Taylor, ilium Teunrson. Harold Trynor, Man Themcll. I.ynn Thlrli . diehard Thomas. Bryant Thomas, Todd Thompson, Jeffrey Timm, l).ivid I'ou ran era ii. Mark I'npp. Shelley Truiiiiioll. Stephen Tujm. Lynne Tyler. Paul Tyson.Joseph aaler, Bryn VanCampen. Ben anko, lain eenenda.il. Jeanne Velgrrsdyk, John Vlctorwn. Jerrilyn Vokaty. Kathryn Voom. Va Va Wauek Nancy W aggoner. Jane W agner. Jane W'alijarsi. Corn lie Walter, Steven W'anle. Cenda Waters. Laurie Wrlirr.Csryl Wegmeyer, Paul W'enrwcin, Paul W eidt. Biatl W elhimsoii. Dehhy Wenell, Jane W estfall. Delmrah Westman. David While. Mary White. Pamela W lute. Sharon Whitman. Jan u u L.i Mark Wiekcrshuin, Nancy W’iekesser, Margo Wick . Boss Wiesner. Carolyn W ilcox, B.irhara W'iley. Jeffrey Wilkins. Mark Wilkinson. Cynthia Wilkinson. Dehra W’lllette. Naucs Williams. Scott Williamson. Deborah Wilson Mar|oru--Lei Wilson Bichard W'indahl. ana WiiisIoh. Clamlia Winter. Juml W’ippuiJii. Judith William, Thomas W’ilhioM John Woerner Sally Wold. Jackie Wolff. Fred Wollan. Jeannette Wolner. Linds Wolner, l.i alx-th W oodoH-k. John Woodruff. Lanee Woolsey, Mary Wright. Barfiara Woman. Irna Wynne Barfiara ■rling. hris Zccli W illiam email Nancy Zerull, James 159Sitting on Santa Claus's lap Margot Fisher tries to talk him into delivering two boys under her tree. 160Sophomores All Boy Officers Make Sophomore Class Unique SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Jay Carpenter. president; Jim Joyce, vice-president; Dan Norquist, treasurer; Charlie Moore, secretary. Pushing a maid carl and cleaning rooms makes wears Gail Pietrick deserving of a much needed break and a pay check. Pat Duggan falls into the popular winter lash-ion fling l purchasing a maxi coat.Sophomores Sophomores Climb Trees to Get Away From It All Safety from the goblins and witches is a big oak tree for Jane Lofgren who seems happy with her selection of the perfect pumpkin. Aanestad, John Abbey, Jean Abram. Tom Abramson, Brad Adams. Barbara Adams. Peter Akervon, Janet Alcan. Susan Allen, Sandra Allurn. Judy Amis. Robert Amlie, Barbara Anderson. David Anderson, Katherine Anderson, (.auric Anderson. Paul Anderson. Scott Anderson. Scott K Anderson. Whitney Annas, Carl Arnold, laiura Arnold. Robert Aronson. Richard Aulik, Craig Arwidson. Rigmor Aura. John Balx-ock. Cynthia Baehtold. Carolyn Bacon. Richard Bains. Marcia Baird. Sandra Baker. Pauline Batch. Jon Ralogh. Joan Ralogh. Mary Ballou. Mike Ballou, Pat Banks, Thomas Bansbach. Leo Barden. Robert 162Burned. Robert Bunio, Shelley Bumum. William Rurtlod. David Basil, Nicholas Baskcrvillc. lamrie Rustyr. Michael Rates. William Bat A i. Surah Bauman. Dave Bcailev. Michael Becker, Terry Behringer. Jim Bell. David Bennett. James Brunett. Sharllea Benson, Oaths Benson. Linda Berg. Teresa Berger. Martin Bergman, Karen Berseng, James Bergseth, Caylr Beutell. Terrs Bid well. StejJiin Bit . Andrea Ringer. Connie Bishop. Terrance Bjerken, Lisa Birirkrnun. Bruce Blair, Dunns Blanchard. Bruce Blanchette. Joan Blandm. Curtis Blat .lieim. Robert Blesi, Steven Blessing. Steve Bloeki. Frank Bolin. Alan Book. Mars Booker, Bonnie Boron. James Borg. Mnrde Borrman. Bruce Bosses, Koberl Boss man, James Brady, Monica Brandanger. Dennis Bratrud. Donna Brchm. Stephen Bremer. David Bridgcman. Paul Brin die, Ralph Brinkman. Kathleen Brisse. Jus Bristol. Brad Brooks. Randall Bros. Carol Brower, Marcia Brown, Deborah Brown. Francis Brown. Heidi Brown. Paul Brucr, Barb Bruer, Huthunn Bruner. Jo Anne Brunsell. Lisbeth Bryan, Jan Buck. Greg Budolfsou. Christine Bme, Brad Bulhngton. Daniel Burgess. Conrad Burke. Daniel Burke. John Buna. Marianne Bushmiin, Douglas Buzby. Mark Byrne. Connie Cabalka, Steve 163Canton. Barbara Caples, Firth Caples. Carol Carlander, Craig Carlson, David Carl sen. Larry Carlson. Bruce Carlson, Dan Carlson. Douglas Carlson. Karen Carlson. Nancy Carlson. Pamela Carlson. Randy Carlson, Robin Carlson. Sandra Carmichael, Cary Carpenter. Jay Carr, Michael Carruthers, Cynthia Carson, William Caspers, Mark Cavanor. Mark Cecere. Julie Ccdcrholm. James Chandler. Janet Chapman. Edward Clieme. Steven (Christenson. Bruce Christenson, Carol (Christopher, Barbara Ciemia, Cynthia Clayton, Candance Clcland. Diane Cleveland. Alan Cobb, Steven (Colburn, Kim Coleman. David Coleman. Diane (Collins. John (Conroy. Michael Sophomores Underclassmen Use Public Phones for Privacy From Moms No busy signal and a right number brings a satisfied smile to Bob Sofelt's face as he lines up a dale. 164Coursollc. Jackie Cox. Alison Cox. Doug Cox, Karen CricknuT. John Cross, James Crouch. David Crowley. Denise Curie. Susan Dahill. Joanne Dahl. Jonathan Dahl. Kurt Dahl. Scott Dahlticrg. Dave Dahlbcrg. Dixon Darrell. Charles Davenport. Mike Davey, William Davies, Sue Davis. Amy Davis. Julie Dejongh. Nancy DcKraay, Ann Delaney. Kathy Denison. Marilyn Denk. Steven Denn. Fred Dennehv. Denise Derby, David DeRemer, Kevin Deshler. Brandon Devereaux, Daniel Devries. Joy Diercks. Thomas Dissmever. Dale Ditlbemer. laisscll Divine. Karen Dolthin. (leather Dodd. Leslie Dochrman, Patricia Doeringsfcld. Mary Dolezal. Mike Domke. William Donchenko. Nicolai Donohue. Michael Domseif. I)an Dorsav. Kathleen Dostal. Michael Doss, laiura Doyle. Colleen Doyle, Dave Dreher, James Drcisbach, l.isa Dudley. John Dugan. Judy Duggan. Patricia Dulin, Kevin Dunbar. Rick Dunn. Tim Dunwiddie, Catherine Duvlck. Sharon (amri. David F.astman, Kli ahrth Kastman. Mary Kccles. Vickie Kdelmann. Karen Kdstrom, Boli Fdstards. Diane Kdsxards. Mary Egusquim. Adalherto Kichhom. Steven Fide, Janet Kidsmo. Daniel Finck. John Fkherg. Karen Fieri. Dave Flkev. l.uAnne Fngdahl, John Fngebretson. Robert Engelbert, Linda 165Sophomores Sophs Raise Insurance Rates, Lower Allowances F'ngh. Nestor Fnglcr. Theodore Kngquist. John Eugstroni, Brian E|)|)lc. Michael Kricfcjon. Kirk Erickson. Peggy Krickson. Susan Kricson, Lee Erstcd, Lesley Evans, Diane Kverett. James Fagerlie. I.eanne Falconer. George Fuller, I a) ura Farnsworth, Mary Faniham. Sharon Ferguson. Julie Ferris. Kent Fiedler, F.lizalieth Fiedler. Nancy Filreis. James Findorff. Robert Fine, Steven Fink, John Finks. Daniel Fish. Dave Fisher. Margot Fisk. Alison Fitzgerald, Anne Flaskump. Meg Fleer. Linda Flickiuger, Jan F'osscen. Nancy Fossey. Brain Freerks, Bob Freitas. Micliuel Frey. Paul F'rich, Cindy F’rishherg. Michael Frohbach. Barbara F'rohbach. Mary Frykman, Susan Fuller. James Funk. Ronald Cans. James Garrison. Steve Garven. Thomas Gautschi, Barbara Guvnor, Mary Ccrrish, Wendy Ghost lev, John Gibbs. Cheryl Giebink, John Giroux. Steven Gislason. Margaret Gjersdal. Henry Glessner, Mark )blirsch, Mary Golden, Kathy Gottlieb. Mark Gott.xacker, Michael Gramling. Dave Grangaard. Blake 166Until. Vivian Greer. Lee Ann Gregory, Dirt Creysnitt, Richard Griffiths. Sails Grill. Rolsert Grogan. Maureen Grossman, Virginia Gluth. Wends Cloven. Scott Gulliford. Nancy Gtinherg. Susan Gunderson. Jeffrey Gustafson. Janice Gustafson. Kevin IfahrrLom. la-slic llugctnan. Janel Hagen. Jeffrey Hagen. Nancy Hagen. Wayne Haire. Jim Hall. Jeff Hall. Nancy Hall. Stcssarl Ilalpern. I.inda Halvorscn. Susan Hainui. Steven Hancock. William Hannah. I.vnn Hansen. Bonnie Hansen, Brian Hansen. Nancy Hanson. Allan Hanson. Don Hanson, Melanie Hanson. Stanton Hanson. Wends Hardman. Paul Hannon. Keith Hannon, Mark Harper. (Irani Hart. Darrell llascall. Prggs Haupl. Bence llassk. Kathleen Hasskmvon.Toin Hayes. Casrv Healey. Michael if drivers find there are four easy slops to parallel r — if you have rubber bumpers! Hesitantly, Scott Wiseman asks Mommy (or just one mure ride on the Flying Frog before it s time to go. iIlvtle. Vicki Hcguaucr. Susan I leikencu. Joy lleinbockcl, Susan llcin ig, Murk Hemp. John Henderson. Sandra Henry, John Honseler. David Henson, l airu Herb. ('hristian Herman. Ann llershey. Julie Hereon. Leslie Hcsscler, Bob Hiltbs, Suann Hill. Kim Hines. Michael I lippe. Scott I liitps. Janies Hirseliey. Kevin llouKbmd. RcIicccj Hoi. Crce Holland. Paul I loll w.1 . Anne Holm. Kristin Holm. I .auric Holmes. Jeffrey I loll. Brad I loltiim. Jessica Horns. Kimberly Horst man. Patrice llouns. Kathryn Hovde. Hope Hovel, Kichard Hoverstad. Keith I Inwell. William Howells. Karen Host. Tom Huff. Steve Hull. Paul Hunter. Marsha Hurley. Cynthia Hutchison, Hubert Hutson, Sandra liurncl. Jim Immcl. Timothy Ingwald. Mary I teni Uuru Iverson. Marilyn Jaekson. Kimberly Jackson,Susan Jacobson. Bruee James, Susan Jensen. Scott Johnson. my Johnson. Deborah Johnson. Debra Johnson. Jill Johnson. Judy Johnson. Kathy Johnson, Kevin Johnson. Marcus iiison, Margaret Johnson. Peter Johnson. Rebecca Johnson. Thomas Jones. Nancy Jones. Patricia Jones. Tim Joyce, Jim Juhl, Kristine Juneau. Kli aheth Junko. Jim Kain. Kevin Karlik. Christian Kasprick. Susan Kaufmann. Nancy Kav.iii.iunh, Michael Keegan. Peter 168Keeler, Mike Keith, Man Kelly. Dave Kelly. Karen Kenastuu I’risiilla Kenneth Delinrali Kenneth harrv Kervvjn. Denise Kelt luini. John Kil l Lynncttc KiIIiiuk. Belli Kilian. David Kilian, James Kilian. Billiard Knn. Man Kindrm. I'li ahetli Kinlnp, Cheryl Kirkland. Janies Kitelien, Doug Kjoine, I.vnn Klein. Marilee Koenig, ickl Kniv uinaki. Sue Koinarek l.lnda Kraeuni. Bull Kr.ieiner, Tliuinas Kraker. Kim Krogstad luire Kniegrr, Jell Kriiiiiniel. Jane Kruiniiii'l Jennifer Kr i|i|»latll Julin Kuplial Kli alielli Kuplial, Krislme laillerty. illiani lainionl, Janine lounonl, Kathie lallidili. Julin lame, Alan I villi’. Julin Sophomores Class of 72 Replaces Jogging With Bicycling Barh Mastor's idea l lulling a shortcut around Lake Harriet frustrates Tom Roberts as they try to pedal their way out ol a deep rut 169Not expecting that Tom Abram would be so prompt. Sue Naumen must answer the door in curlers. Langefels, Don l-anttn. Lynda I-arson. Bradley I-arum. Cjroitome Larson. Dianne Larson. Donna lair son. Janice Larson. Bands l-aum. Fritz I -ause. Tim (.each. Ann Leam. William l-earv. lames la dder. Cliarles l-ee, Claudia Leefeldt. Mark Leeklcy. Mark Legler. Lea Ann Lenhart, David Levy. Robert Lewan. Kathy Lewi . Sally Lieberji, Robert Lirdl. Joseph l.d|u. Michael Ldlehei. Robvn ianderholm. Julie l.inner. Andrea tilth, David l.iutn. Sheryl Lofdahl. Mimi Lodliagen. Pamela Loigren, Jane taxi beck. Laurd laird. Steve l.und. Jean Lundquist, James Limn. Robert l.upo. John Lynch. Mark 170Lyon. David l.ytle. Dennis Macllolda. Mary Mackenzie. Thom MacLennan, Donald MiirTafyinrt. Pul rice M.inmis, Ccraldinc M.indil, Jose I Manning. Melissa Mariner, RaeAnn Marinnvich. Pain Marshall. Debra Marten . Jav Martin. Catherine Martin. Kim Ma.stor. Barbara Maunder. Mark McAllister. Bruce McCambridge. Patricia McCance. Wendy McCarthy. Dave McCarthy Maureen McCarthy. Megan McCarthy. Richard McCauley. Mary McCauley, Timothy McDonald. Ann McDonald, David McDonald. Julie McDonnell. Carol McDonnell, Dave McDowell. David McKiligott. John McKIrath. Paul McClvnn, Daniel McCrcvv, Charles MeKihbon. Ted Me I.el Ian. Kathv McMahon Bradley McManus. Teresa Sophomores Autumn Leaves Offer Escape From School Ritual Playing in the leaves tears sophomore girls away front the sophisticated high school society. 171McNally. Sally Mclbostad. Paul Mcllcma, Douglas Metcalfe. Thomas Meyer. Karen Meyer. Steven Mickus. Ronald Miller. Brad Miller. Bruce Miller. Christine Miller. Mark Miller, Bohn Miller. Thomas Miller. Tim Millelt. Patricia Minichilli. Jill Moline. Nancy Moodie. Tim Moore. Charles Moore. Larry Moore, Marian Moorer. Hichard Morrill. Bandy Morris. Dave Morrissey. Ann Moser, Barbara Moylan, Kathleen Moynihan. Jerry Moy is. Michael Mulcarc, Mary Murphy. Martha Nagoll. Nancy Nankivell. lairi N'athe. Robert Naurnan. Susan Neal. Patricia Nederostek, F.laine Nelson. Constance Nelson. David Nelson. Judith Nelson. Lucinda Nelson. Martha Nelson. Marvin Nelson, Susan Nesseth. Mary Neuter. Barbara Nevin. Paula Nevins. Bradley Nichols, lean Nichols. Richard Nieland. Todd Nielsen. Kurt Nisscn. Joel Nisscn, John Nolle. Tim Noreen. Karen Nori|iiist, Daniel Nugent. Debra Nungesser. Diane Nye. Chuck O'Brien. Patricia O’Brien. Bichard O'Brien. Susan O’Connell. Brian O’Connor. Kathy O' Donochue. William Okerlimd. Steve Oliver. John Olsen. Charles Olson. Debra Olson. Linda Olson, Nancy Olson, Reed Olson. Sandy Olson. Steven Olson. Steven Osvog, Karen Palmer. Csven Pappas, Theodore Paris. Candy 172Parson , George Paulsen, l.uAnn Paulsen. Mark Pearson. Roger Peck. Jeffrey Peddle. Sandra Pcddycoart, Keith Pen field. Patricia Pengelly. Susan Petersen. Lee Petersen. Thomas Petersen. Wayne Peterson. Madura Peterson. Carmen Peterson. Ellen Peterson. Lynn Peterson. Miriam Peterson. Tom Peterson. Warner Peltv. Erie Phelps. Lisa Pierson. Jeffrey Ptctrick. Gail Pohlad. Robert Pontius. Nancy Pasthiimus. David Powell. Debbie Pratt. Jim Purdy. Robin Quirk. Michael Rauch. Diane Ravcll. Susan Raymond. Roberta Reeves. Barbara Reichmann. Patricia Peterson. Rebecca Remole. Miciielle Rentschlrr. David Record. Jean Reynolds. James Sophomores Simple Pastimes Make Sophomores Conspicuous For an afternoon of intellectual learning at South-dale. sophomores find returning to childhood a psychological happening. 173Reynolds, Kenneth Rhoads. l.yn Kholl. Jeffrey Rinc. Tom Hiplingcr. Bradley Rischrnillcr. John Rischrnillcr. Reid Ritchie, Jennifer Hivall, Thomas Roberts. Bradford Roberts. Janet Roberts. Thomas Robertson. Ted Robison, Cynthia Roby Mary Roche. 'hris Rolf. Daniel Rothgch. Cyndi Russell. John Ryuri, Catherine Ryan, Rick Ryherg. Carl Sadosvski. Dan Sahlsleen, Tim Sandvik. Polly Sather, Robert Saucier. Nicl Savik. Paula Savory. Dennis Saxton, Steve Schaller, Stephen Scfafel, Mai k Schilling. Debra Schirrner. Mary Jo Schletzcr. David Schlucter, Deborah Schmitt. Robert Schnobrich Nancy Schrecongost. Mary Schroeder. Paul Schulte, Robert Schultz, Briuii Schwartzbaucr. Paul Schwarz, Sara Scott. Bradley Scott. Klizabetn Scott, Kimlicrls Scott. Patrick Screeden. James Sedgwick. Janice Seldenstricker. Richard Selden. Jiiiin Sevuld. Allen Sever. David Shackle, Gregg Sharpe. Amy Shaughncssy. Patricia Sheely. Marianne Shelles. Karen Sherman. Bradley Sherrv. Patricia Shober. Peter Short. Barbara Silas. Patricia Silvermann. John Simonton, I onna Sims. William Sirotiak. herald Smith, Anthony Smith. Bcntly Smith, Glenn Smith. Jadyn Smith. Karen Smith. Mike Smith, Dennis Smith. Robert Smith. Sr-nlt Smith. Steven Smyth, Linda Snediker. Jill 174Sophomores Sophomore Class Exemplify Typical Sophomore Jokes After chuminK a barrel of ice cream. Nancy Gulliford, Margot Fisher, and Barb Frohbach lick the last of their treat. Snow. Stephanie Snyder, lerrv Snyder, William Sohievki Michael Sot . Diane Sol felt, Robert So rent. Julie Sorcm. Ronald Sowder. Penny Spain. Patricia Spear. laurel Sprangers, Holly Stahly, Michael Stallman. Jav St a pel. Steve Starkey. Sandra Stasson. Mary Stelzner, Martha Stephen . Jannoy Stillwell. Patricia Stinson. Brain Stitt. Jeffrey Stoakes. lamia Stock , William 175Stone, Brian Stone. Carla Stoner. Thomas Si radian. Susan Strickland. Paul Strom. Erie Slrumlierg. Philip Slromhorg, Steve Strother. Patrick Stuart. Melinda Stuhhs. Sheldon Sundberg, Susan Supplee. arol Ssvanson. Judy Swanson, Susan Swenson. Holiin Swenson. Sherwood Sweluun. Barbara Szaezvnski. Honald Taft. Paul Tavlor. Greg Tax lor. Lynne Teynor. John Thttyer. William Thews. Teresa Thomas. James Thompson. Kev in Thompson. Sheri Thomson. Andy rhorvilson, Nancy Tickle. Susan Tindall. Bobin Tociiiskoctler. David Torvik. Sandra Toiiraugcuu. Teresa Townswiek. Mary Treanor. Patricia Tret ten, John Trimmer. Carolyn Trudeau. Tim Tschemc. Jeff l ull, Judith I iiiu. Ishik Turner. Brad Turner. Erie Tyaekc. Lesley I I rich. Karen t Isaker. Kohyn I niter. Cindy t litiedt, Patricia anko. Jody .m Someren. Patricia Vecchl, Bence Vigd.il, Donna Vogel. Kiehard Volglit. Allan ork. Kathleen Waldron, 'Tliomas Wallin. Rebecca W ulipiist. Steve Waist cn. Trevor Ward. Beth W ard, James W arner. Laurie W artier, Ted W asmimd. Wendy Watson. Charles W atson. Simron Wattson. Mary Weaver. David W'eji er. Joseph W elier. Jeanne W cidt. ieki Weisman. Scott W'elliimson, Melissa W'cndlandt, Anne W escott. Mary Westfall. Barbara West in. Scott Whalen. Thomas 176Sophomores Creative Talents Mature Through Menial Tasks Straying from her creative job. Hobin Tindall finds digging out the insides of a pumpkin not such an imaginative chore Whelpley. Jeanette Whct»tonc, Jeanne White, Jean White, Sarah Wick. Marilyn Wickesser, Jonna Wicks ( loria Wien, Tern Winner, William Wilder, Jennifer Wilken. kuthv Williann. Jim Wilburns. Steve Williuim. Silvan Wilson, Curs Wilson, Richunl Willi, kalhleen Windahl. Linda Wineberg. Hick Winner. Paulu Wingerl. nra Winn. Dus id Winslow, Caroline Winsor, sherre NVinsor. Torn Wires. Greg Wiseman, Craig Wittke. Delira Wnkal, (lindy Wollan. Christine Woods. Jean Wunsch. Ileidi Wymore Oregon Yonda. Peter Yea mean, Sloe Young. Klizabelli Zak. Allan Zungmuster, Paula Zeilinger. Dick Zins. Stars 177 IIK.KI AN ASSISTANTS: Front Row — K Tarbox, J DivkImui, I) Kork ; Row 2 — J Dawson, J Colbert. R Morris. P Boulay; Row 3 — C. Winslow. L. Church, : Hcnnrssy; Row 4 — B. Bartlett. J Stirrat. M Schirmrr. N (Williford. T Grccnough; Back Row—S. Barunuurkas. k Hill. M Low Working diligently on a tedious indexing job. Barb “Bod" Bartlett looks up name after name after name... Whigrean Whigreaners Brown Bag It at All -Night "T" Parties 922-1655 ... “crumby pica rulers ... 3:46 a.m. ... deadlines ... headlines (too general) ... sagging balloons ... Mother Paula ... Prudy’s T-party ... Jr. Hunk Day ... risque ... “Boo, I say boo!” ... Pizza Spins ... brown bagging ...” Don’t be bitter ... da da da daaa daaa! ... Helen Highwater, Brad Breath. Shirley U. Jest, and Frank Lee Noe .. . “It’s a can opener, not a pencil sharpener!” ... Peggy Fleming vs. Gi-inon and Sarfunkel . .. half hour wait outside Uncle John’s . .. the slumber party . .. cheerleading tryouts ... “Oh, goll!” ... jogging ... over a bump on the tobaggan ... boy's underwear ... 36 boxes . .. charades ... Hill, or is it Low ? ... Arbie’s (R. Bees) and Red Barn ... Sue Ann and Bieter’s hysterical jokes . .. Jean’s puns ... "Do your thing . .. red licorice ... Lusty Low’s duck walk . . . Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day parties . .. Stir Rat, Bod. and Gan-grenough — representatives in the Bicycle Race ... “Crop you!” ... Senior section completed. Ann Rice devotes time and experience to a desperate sports section. 180WHICREAN EDITORS: Paula Culliford. editor-in-chief; Prudv Hawthorne. associate editor. Hastily finishing his first piece of cake. Mark Bowen anticipates at least ten more to curb his appetite until the next party. 181 WHICREAN EDITORS: Front Row — R Hingham. student life editor. K Bleter, copy editor, A Rice, seniors co-editor, Grinncll. seniors co-editor. Back Row — S Sundbcrg, academics editor. P Findley, underclass editor. S Nichols. sports editor; M Bowen, chief photographer; M Mammel. business manager; N Durham, organisations editorBUZZETTE EDITORS: JoEllcn Zieper. copy editor; Carol Zem-pel. cdltor-ln-chief; Sally Scoggin BUZZETTE EDITORS: Front Row — S Nelson. business manager; M Davenport, advertising manager; M Polsfuss, news editor, S Knighl, photographs editor, Hinterberg. feature editor; Back Row — D Silha. sports editor. D Burnell, editorial page editor Discussing editorials, Kathy Lowry ponders the idea of using a current problem for a story. 182BUZZETTE ASSISTANTS: Front Row — S Scoggin, Slockbridgo. I- Pod nr r. T lljuglmid. J Tull, I) Johnson. I Tuna. O. Alt. Back Row — J Wilder. S. Rumpu . II Dobbin. II. Symehveh, R Lofgrcn, k Lowry- D Derby. M. Houston, A Greer Marta borgstrom and Mark Pols fuss concentrate intently. Buzzette "Early Deadlines Or Bust," Insists Buzzette Staff Snoopy, official Buzzette mascot .. . Mrs. Otto, new advisor ... It’s so hot in here!” ... shuffling of staffers ... publications clinic at the U. ... 17-inch Oracles ... Klimpkc's “Off the Desk on the ceiling ... Eskay Photo Service .. . Nancy Stockbridge’s laugh ... birthday parties ... new literary pages ... Christmas feast in the lunchroom . . . “No, Judy, Leon Trotsky is not a teacher!” . .. blackboard graffiti ... a moldy wall ... Friday treats ... Buzzette-Whigrean float ... “Half-wits” ... a bagel-topped Christmas tree . .. 20-inch holes ... Grrrrr ... U.F.Q.’s ... Chicago trip ... Debbie's yoga . .. celebrated Buzzette dictionary . .. candy drawer .. . wig trouble ... the Men’s Room ... Farm Day at Silha’s . .. sophisticated photographers .. . hard work 6th hour in the Buzzette office ... 183With a critical eye of appraisal, editor-in-chief Dave Smith surveys a manuscript. Images On the Wind Images Offers Publication of Student Creations Stories, essays, poetry, art, and music ... Tuesday in room 103 ... Mrs. Schultz, advisor ... subscription drive and advertising campaign ... "I can dig-it .. . $.25 price increase ... making sales posters, dance posters . . . Halloween Dance ... Kathy Bishop's appendectomy ... colorful Images boxes .. . manuscript reading meetings ... January 30, manuscript deadline ... release sheets ... reading other magazines .. . working with English teachers ... cover design ... original ideas ... 100 pages? ... typing manuscripts, drawing layouts .. . folders, folders, folders .. . over 2000 copies ... a live performance review .. . the “Undie 500. won by Mr. Mayer ... passing out Images ... Mrs. Shultz helps Barb Rosenow and Annie Griffiths with their selection of entries. After sounding the depths of student imagination. Julie Judd relaxes at an Images meeting.IMAGES ON THE WIND: Front How — J Wippman, K Bivhop. M. Annas; Row 2 — J Judd. M White. I. Swanson, M Lynch; Row 3 — A. Griffiths. L. Davidson. N Moline; Row 4 — A Kintclmunn. B Rosenow. T. Slocum. D. Smith; Back Row — L Bradley. Lynn Swanson and Linda Hield pul final touches on decorated boxes encouraging students to submit their creative writing. 185HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Front Row — lr Fredrickson, R Tindall, k Mount. C Kaufman, vice-president; L Hart, secretary; P. Spokes, treasurer; S. Precht. president; J Marti, B Penner; Row 2—R Kngh. D Rruiidangcr. Carlander. T 1-aVoie, C. Maul. B Cisluson, C Scl er. P Cisluson, P Hascull; Row 3 — B MacPhuil. M Frederick. B Nichols. J Aancstad, N Bjomnes, S Smith. J Waldron. T Diehl. K Reynolds. K Cutafson. Back Row — I) Akason. J Flynn, C Hvun. A Donaldson. T Nieland. R Nordquist, E l arseii. J Krrmer, J. O’Neil HOUSE OF REPRESF.NTA TIVES: Front Row — S. Cahalka K Carlson. J Scott, A l-enhart, S Schartz, K Oren. L Anderson Row 2 — J l.iedl. (! Johnson. M Dickson, S Sloan, M Schmunk D Naegeli, C Peer. I.. Mitchell Row 3 — J Stephens. B Fosse) B Nevins. C Callahan. C Buch anan. I. Baker. N Elsen, B Swendseeri; Back Row — k Nel sen. A I.inner. J Ritchie. A Stou tenburgh, S Peterson. I. Johnson H. Gates. C Anderson SENATE: Front Row — Mr Fredrickson. S. Ildstad. L. Bradley, L Canton. B. Master. B Canton. T McNeil, K Rose; Row 2 — B Wood. C White. J Celustu. I. Carolla. R Ellis. P Keith. S. Major. B Murphy, secretary, Row 3 — R, Cahalka. J. Carpenter. S Eichliorn. D. Norqulst, J. Joyce, T Roberts. J Batch. E Hansen; Back Row — C Moore. S Precht, vice-president; D Murphy, W. Miller. D. Boyd. I) Hughes, president; P Spokes, treasurer; T. Bishop. 186Student Council New Room, New System Start A New Decade An experimental year ... 2 houses ... 30 senators. 90 representatives ... increased involvement . .. Constitutional Revision Committee ... Homecoming sponsors ... car checking ... Presidential Classroom in Washington ... a Senate Open Forum .. . Pete Spokes and Steve Preeht. MASC representatives ... Ski Day at Buck Hill ... April 6th. International Day ... committees on drugs and sex education ... Polution Committee ... Communications Day on Vietnam ... Mr. Rings solutions to future growth ... Suspension Investigation Committee ... discussions of grades and finals .. . Tom Roberts, the Alternate ... orthopedic tennis shoes ... Red Balls imitation of Murphy ... racey remarks of the Rumor Committee .. . adjournment by Cabalka ... STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — Pete Spokes. Ireuurer; Denny Hughes, president. Sieve Preeht. vice-president. Betsy Murphy. vccrcUrv 187 Jon Burris exhibits humor and sarcasm as he writes a ditty on the” rumor board" As a sophomore senator, Barb Canton, shown here checking iter mailbox, has many student body responsibilities.Red Cross, Pep Club After a week of unsuccessful tag sales. Pep Club members try to find any possible means of disposing them. Charity Week And Pep Week Spark Enthusiasm Potlucks before games ... "always room for Jell-o ... hamburgers after hockey games ... 13 kids in Barb's Nova ... making posters — paint all over the floor .. . 750 "Give ’Em the Green' tags ... slumber party ... neatly stacked money .. . Flower Power Day .. . decorating cars ..." Pep Up!” Monthly meetings of Red Cross .. . Red Cross lournals . . . speakers, Mr. Dinani and Mr. Linderholm ... "Crisis in Cam-elot . . . advisor. Mrs. Grissinger . .. $2000 goal for Charity Week... . white elephant, food auctions ... Latin-German canned food drive ... tutoring children ... soccer vs. football hockey game ... friendship boxes ... Red Cross Special Projects co-chairman Sara Cheme checks through Christmas dinners. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Jerl VIgdol. secretary; Barb Bartlett, president; Debbie Knipv. treasurer; Debbie Maley. vice-president 188RKD CROSS: Front Row — Mr Grissiniter. T Becker, S Cherne, S. Mertes. W l.inderholm. D. Mlchoa. T McNeil, M Moore. K Brut ell. S Sunfilip-po. S WeinRaitner. V. Griflin, I) NU»m; Row 2 — J Lofgren. B Peter on, B Madison. M J Schimier, M Wattson. S SundberR. N Webster, s Blown. K Pollock. S. Wcisman, M laifdahl. B Bruer. I. ller oR. Row 3— I) Anderson. C. Meiners. M. CarRill. S. Conlin. M Mueller. M Curtin. P Donahue. VI BuIorIi. S Nelson, S Holl, R Johnson, S. McNally, $ Bros. B Rosroow, K Thayer Back Row—B Harthelems. J Reese. C NvRaard. S Duoos. N llansinR. C Wilkinson. M MoniRomery. E SivriRht. B Sortino, M Quinn. I. l-rck. N Waaclt, N Nelson. B Warded. J Hansen. I) Ccrde . C Corwin. H Miller. K. Klkev. R DeminR. G. Knthnrm. M Miller, I) Brown. M Masluimp. P (.oflhaReri. B Jacobson. P SlrombrrR. h Borden. A Donnelly. RED CROSS OFFICERS: Mars Miller, president; Vicki Griffin, secretary. S» Nelson, vice-president; Shelly Hull, treasurer A shortage of paint brushes makes for an abundance of sophomore sign supervisors. 189B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERSi Front Row — K Carlson. R. Purdy. I. Paulsen; Back Row — S Bennett. M K« itl». M Wescott. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Front Row — M Branson. Windahl. K Orrn. D. Sanborn; Back Row — K Rose. T Mueller. N Bucklin. P Keith, captain, SrJ Holman. Miss Fancier, C. Garrett, M Croonquist. P Melby. B. Lundstrom. 190Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Exert Themselves To Arouse Sprit 12 A-squad cheerleaders . .. Capt'n Polly’s schedule planning ... nicknames Flash, Foggie, Tree, Zola. Bucky, and Carrot ... Kristies watching P.F.’s ... Zana, the chauffeur ... Bucky’s driving .. . altered uniforms .. . pins and rips .. . making white crop tops ... practices in the rain, on the ice ... clapping cheer failure ... a gabby B-squad . . . Mary Keith, B-squad captain ... Robin s noises, Mary’s jokes ... in the showers ... no rides .. . plane to Bemidji, bus to Mankato ... potlucks before games ... the wrong school, again ... hockey tournament tears ... Debbie going the wrong way on the one way ... being late ... spilling things at Uncle John’s ... “Ready All” — flat ... flagging down the swimming bus ... teaching and judging 9th graders ... B-squad cheerleader. Mary Wescott, practices her split jumps to warm up for her performance at a pep fest. Casey Garrett finds the sophomore side more responsive to the cheers. 191 With drums pounding out the cadence, cheerleader Margie Branson leads the students.Hornettes Aquatennial Trophy Sets Hornette Goal Down 2,3.4,5,6,7,8, snap 2, up 2. turn 2. walk 2,3,4 ... 4:30 practices Monday through Thursday ... new advisor. Miss Winter ... 6 veterans, 14 new Hornettes ... "Line up!” ... "Shut up you guys. Listen!” ... practicing to records or singing ... "Java” and " Ida” ... red licorice ... denies .. . "Point your toes! ” ... “Smile!” ... gumby feet .. . birthday parties . .. splits against the wall .. . Stubby legs ... J.J. Jackson ... "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” ... dancing in mud on Halloween ... pom poms at Braemar ... trips to St. Cloud and St. Olaf ... Fridley dance clinic ... Christmas party ... Perkins at 6:00 a.in. . .. "Marne" four times in two days .. . final banquet in the spring ... During a break at practice. Barb Swendseen, Cara Cehring, Kathy Nelsen, and Maureen Pietrlck rest and stretch. Smiling her way through "Miss Frenchy Brown,” Shelley Trip enjoys a pepfest. 192 Demonstrating their superiority, the “right half" of the line looks bedraggledFeeling boxed in from many daily pressures, the Homettcs get together after school and ham it up. HORNETTES: Front Row —S Tripp. C Reichmann. C. Ohring.C. Olson. M Plctricl. Row 2 — K Faith; Row 3 — C. Crinnell; Row 4 — K Olson. J Grette; co-captain L Canton, co-captain. S. Schincrlcr; Row 5—1) Dahlstrom; Row 6 — 1. l.cnuon. Back Row — A Master. I. Ulvestad, C. Nolsen. B Swendsocn. N Weigel, J Wagner; Missing— L Madison 193The junior eight team opens their routine for state competition with an "accordian" float, portraying a grapevine. Agya Nymphs "Wouldn't It Be Heavenly In Seventy?" You re in the Nymphs” .. . 30 swimmers ... Thursday nights ... Vicki ... locker room exercises ... kicking, splashing, and choking .. . blue’pillows and red stars for 100 hours ... big drops, little drips . .. earning patches, medals, bracelets ... treats ... curlers and pajamas ... 3 hours a day over Christmas vacation ... pre-lims and state . .. team assignments . .. sewing costumes, making records and tapes ... underwater speakers ... “Beat Park!” ... sledding at Vicki’s ... A.A.U. cards ... work on the spring show ... ‘‘Swim for him!" ... puppy dog ... mother-daughter tea ... pictures for the Sun? ... clinics ... progressive dinner ... Ann and Suzy’s slumber parties ... F.F.A.N. award ... bye to seniors . • • An underwater view shows Debbie Anderson's technique as she surfaces on a "bent knee dolphin.” 194After practice Sue Johnson During the traditional "big drop, little drip time”, Heidi Schcllhas points out heads home ready for bed. corrections to help I iura Vizzier perfect her flamingo position. AQUA NYMPHS: Front Row — H. Carlson. L Fcllman, B Mas-tor. G, Magnus. A Fisk. V Griffin. P. Austin. Row 2 — (. Stone, S. Leek. C. Melncrs. K Vcncll. A Rice, S. Johnson. K Olson; Row 3 — A DcKraay, S Baird. N. Gulli-ford. C. Settcrbiirg, S. I.indr-mann. M Miller. L Olson. S. Nelson. treasurer. H Schcllhas, secretary; D. Anderson, president. Back Ross — 1. Ulvestad. R Wright, K Diefrnhach. J Stirrat. Missing — t. Canton. A MlStor. I. Vizzier. vice-presidentMaking collages for their Y-teens chapter keeps Nancy Appel and Jan Engquist busy. Ill Y CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: Kneeling B MacPhail, J Joyce. Standing — (. Carlson. T. Moynihan. Vndcrson Y-TEENS CABINET: Peg I in dlev. □'.(! representative; Karen Marininieli. treasurer; Mars Erickson, president. ieki Kriise. secretary; Lisa I'liuvcr. chaplain. Barb Cislason, vice-president; l.iz Jims, puhlicits Missing: Phyllis Krciidt itda II. chapter coordinator 196Y-Teens. Hi-Y Sweetheart Formal And Hero Are Part of Y Clubs Y-Teens service projects lor the blind and underprivileged ... selling things at the U. ... Wooddale ear wash ... Fixing Cloud plane wash ... celebrating Al’s birth da at the Stagecoach ... tour of YVerness Brothers Funeral Home ... picnic at Minnehaha Falls ... washing sophomore gym suits ... a tally pull .. . Porky Pig bank ... riding in the rain at Hansen’s ... sponsoring Hero ... Hi-Y meetings every or every other week ... Goodwill clothing drive ... annual picnic ... shoveling walks ... earning money at a tree farm ... mock legislature at the state capitol . . . spring camping trip ... Hi-Y Sweetheart Dance ... Going out to breakfast is such a strain lor Casey Carlson and Sti vi Carlock. that pajamas must pass as clothing. 197 Y TEENS CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: Front Row — j Dr, her. C Swenson. l Merrvman, B Mair. C Peer. Back Row — T Haiigland. K Evans. .. Culhrn, R Rosonow. C Clapp. M Craig, S. Merles. J. (.Correa. B Koch. K BishopLatin Club. German Club I-ATIN CLUB: Front Row — G Mooltcr. (! Johnson. M Branson. I Brurr. Row 2 — T Moynihan, C Grinnrll. J Crrtte, P Spokes; Row 3 — S Ferguson. I) Haley. I) Cushing. I) Gilmore. Back Row — H Rrimllr. J McNcrley, | Bates. Dressed in u German uniform. Jan Karik plays trumpet in the Cierman Club band. November Fest And Latin Float Highlight Year Pax election triumph ... 2 white horses for the chariot ... Miss Winter at war with the A-V department ... hermit in the tower ... Roman Fun Film Festival with W.C. Fields and Roadrunner .. . new rota wheel, repaired rack ... sauerkraut-stuffed snake ... clobbering slaves and Germans in fall war games ... collecting taxes from disobedient slaves ... Donkey Basketball ... broomball ... banquet complete with Vestal Virgins ... Rumor Committee: Rumor ha zit that ... New German triumvirate ... Mercedes Benz in the Homecoming parade ... war games with Latins ... November Fest ... German Band ... Whitecap trip ... “The German Club News” ... stadt rad ... rechts kraft ... spring banquet ... ‘ Deutsche uber alles! ... Dishing out German sauerkraut is Sylvia Nago-bods at the German Club "November Fest.’ 198The strained faces of Latin Club members show their desire to heat the Germans in a tug-o-war. GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS: presidential triumvirate; Dana Mitten. Linda Schauer. Carla Meinerv. head of rcchskruft. Jon Burr it. Biding in Roman fashion. Anne Brindle and the charioteer from Eaton's Ranch parade at Homecoming. 199SPANISH CUB OFFICERS: Terry Sia . treasurer, Ed Egusqiz a. president; Shelley Colvin, vice-president; Cheryl Naas, secretary French Club, Spanish Club Christmas Spirit Shown in Festive Tree and Pinatas Plantons la Vignc,’ the officers’ favorite song ... Thursday morning meetings ... Miss Fansler, advisor ... breakfasts at Uncle John's ... sleigh ride ... the cookies eaten off the Christmas tree ... Hopkin s House dinner ... donut sales ... plenty of food at meetings ... Hardscrabble ski trip ... showing slides from Europe ... a picnic for the new officers ... trying to spark enthusiasm and participation ... 100 Spanish Club members ... Mrs. Hagemeister, advisor ... monthly activities ... an informal Spanish speaking group ... bow ling, then dinner at Taco Townc ... pihatas for children in hospitals ... selling hockey tournament tickets at a discount ... Spanish Queen contest ... fiesta at Casa Coronado ... FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS. Counterclockwise: Linda Johnson, president; Prody Hawthorne. treasurer; Laurie Anderson, vice-president. Sue Nelson, Keeper of the Wine. 200Popcorn and cranberries are strung by Gayle Metcalfe and Joanne Dahill for the French Club tree. Pinatas for hospitals are made by Spanish Club members Susie Rose, Karen HallecKson. and Jan I.udden. FRENCH CLUB COUNCIL: Front Row — R Roscnow.S. Sundbcrji.T Touranuea.i. 1 P. Joub. J Tull; Row 2 — C. Metcalfe, 1. Bradley. S Tripp. B. Kriesel. C. Soliaffhauscn, L Frohbach. Back Row — K Marinovich, N Kuufnuim. S O Brim, S Brown, I Johnson. C I .arsonSpecial Cafe Concert visitors are pointed out by orchestra director. Mr. Olsen. , ORCHESTRA: Front Row — B Braine, J Crette, M Murphy. J lloltum. M Sauvc. S Ferguson, K Platt. S Ianr. Row 2 — J Winger. J Vigdal, B Johnson. M Bums. II l slic. N Doe. Cl Crothc. B Erbrs, M O'Brien. A Johnson. D Master. C. Peterson. A Bcegle.N Olson. M Bates. B Olson; Row 3 — P Prrksto. A. Jondreau. A. Roth. R Aarestud. P Boulay. J Posthumus. S Parsons. C Johnson. K Williams. A Clausen. J Mendenhall. B Wilcox. L. Johnson. K Malone. K Morgan, T Holmes. J Nipper; Row 4— M McClauchlin. J Thews. K Delaney. P. Ilascall. N Dejongh. J Ritchie;His eyes glued on (he music, Jon Erickson nimbly fingers the strings on his bass fiddle during the cafe concert Orchestra Cafe Concert; Sacred Services The Creation Director, Mr. Olsen ... second hour in room 115 .. . “Let s see if we can get through this today’ ... 4th annual Cafe Concert ... formals and tuxedos ... Scott’s “Laura Ann ... looking over 70 squirt guns, raincoats ... falling off the risers ... Greg's party ... yearly chair replacements .. . practicing technique and style ... bandies scraping feet for a well played piece ... “Were going to attack Sacred Service religiously’ .. . director, Mr. Bezoier ... Bach’s Prelude. Chorale and Km;no . . . lunch at Mr. Olson’s . . . love to play Nehlybel ... playing at a banquet for the North Central Inspection Team ... accompanying Lake Conference choirs in The Creation ... a classical and contemporary Winter Concert ... contests ... 203 Back Row - S Hllleran. S Colvin. V. Griffin. Si Sander : Standing - P K|o . Mr Olsen. T Moynihan. S Crosbfe. L Nechville. I- Anderson. P Barnes. C McCarraugh. T. Uffcrty, R Smcdvig. M Chclgren. D Harper. B Lutz, C Smith. P. Mohawald. M Ingwald. S Comb., J Erickson. M Montgomery, S Anderson. Missing — S. BumsCONCERT BAND: Front Row — S Parsons. I. McPhcctcrs. M Pratt. A (.Inner, C Johnson, I Austin. S Peterson, I. Waters. S Khli, I. Williams, J Posthumus, It KI even. A Docrumsfeld. J Mendenhall. K Pitts. C Crothe. C Paris. B Koch, I. Johnson, S Orem Row 2 — Mr Melichcr, C. Pace. J Stake. I) Frank J Davidson, k Olson. N ladder, A Clausen. It McAllister, C Neumann. S llansen. (I Burrell. R Larson. M Jenson. S lli| |»r. Row 3 — S Kovack. K Vork. S Alcan. Cosne, P Mdbostad. C. l-edder. T Smith. M Ghcigrcn. B Bleckimter. P Keller.T Laffcrts.lv Smctkit (! After a strenuous half-time show. Carl Pedersen and Jack An- “Intonation" thinks Mr. Melichcr as he di derson relax as they enjoy the football game. rects a diffieidt band passage. 204Wvmorc. B C.hmtrfiMin. L Fu crlir. A. DeKraay. I. Andcnon. Cl Wicks, S. Major, G McGarratiKh: Back Row — R Rivchmillrr. J Rosmthal K Gustafson. I) Freeman. J. Scott. D Cushing. C. Peterson. G Rolf son, I) I ow, B Vualer. F Kydrn I) FaRerlie. J Forsythe. S Canton. Sturm. I) Harper. B. Lutz. B Granguard. R Brimlle. B Wilcox. H Stromlicrg. B RinRham. J Thielvoldt Telephone hooks are utilized by Becky Ringham. contra-bass clarinetist, in an effort to get a proper embouchure. Marching Blare Melts Into Soul Music Expression Band camp ... initiation ... 41li hour ... marching movies ... ‘Hustle!” ... 8 to 5 ... spacing ... tuba theme song ... “Fanfare 69 ... drum major. Roj ... Hamburger Band ... ghosts . • tryouts . . "Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite' ... Fussel ... V. B. ... hockey and basketball games .. . Mickey Mouse ... Bemidji ... Braemar at 4:15 am. ... broom hockey ... parties ... Borcher s movies ... noisy bus rides ... Mr. E s megaphone ... Cadence ... sitting through five overtimes .. . taking over Bridgeman’s and McDonald s . . Spring Concert ... C.B. ... roulette ... Concert Band Sweatshirt Day ... “Pops” ... contest ... “Treasury” ... sectionals ... A.B.O.S. again? ... “All Rats’ ... bandie devotion ... 205Band, Choir Games, Additional Concerts, Keep Band, Choir Busy Throughout the entire sports seasons, Varsity bandies keep time with their mascot. Mickey Mouse- Finding herself confused during a pep fest. Debbie Christopher compares notes ith Sue Gun berg. NARSrn BAND: Front Row — I.. Stoako, C Grossman, N Thorvilson, S. |,uebke, K Coon, S. Koivumafcc. S. Parsons, L. Bailey, S. Chapman. t Cargill, J. Denison, S Thompson. C Bros. A Bros. R Macl.ean. J I.missis. J Wang. l O’Brien. B Krbes. G, Johnson. J Lumont, D. (Christopher. K Malone; Row 2 — S llihhs. V. Mode. J. Victorsen. B. Haverly, M Muske. L. Borumjii, I. Silas. H. Church. I) Atlams. M Brower. 1) Sirotlak. B Milner. J Snediker. K Hansen. S Olson. B Johnson. M Black. S Watson. J Erlandson. K Huhighorsi. B Wilcox, S. Gunberg: Row:}— M Wickcsser. I.Tlu repetition of “Crown Imperial In the coronation band is shown in the face of Linda Bailey. CHORAL CLUB: Front Ross D Vigdal. A Engel Brecht. I’ Mohrmun. J Stallman. F Wolff. C. Huitud. H Sathor, I- Cleland. N. Durham; Row '2 — S. Peterson. S. Torvik. N. F.lsen. I) Ortman. L Leek, A Hrlndlc. A. Rice. S Brownlcxx. Row 3 — T Stewart. Stewart. C MucLcnnati. M Flaskamp. J Sunders. Cl Wollun. S Wirt rand. S Olson. Hack Row — I) Postlcth walte, S Stehr, M Frederick, F Sidell. (J Mullen. I) Clrlund. S Davies. T Pappas. I’ Frcdrndull Fleer. L Basil. M. Iverson. C. Dunwiddle. K Hirschey. R Nevins, B Facklcr, B Christenson. J Kurlik. J Anderson, j Leighton, C. Crothe. I. Leu-pold. K Hill. M Johnson. L. Nechville, A Hanson. J Berg. F. Ncderostek, C. Stone; Back Row — T Atkins. B Borchcrs, T. Moynihan, S Anderson. Mr. Klledge. J. Shccly. B McCatnpbull. M Kawaguchi. S Bacon. P Maxwell, B Arnold. D Beebe, C. Smith, M Docpkc. S Downs, B. Olson, P Keegan. A Voight. K Johnson. B. Johnson 207Puttink on her robe. .Arm Engelbrecht nets ready for a concert at orthrop. Three Choirs Practice Daily For Perfection "Year of Spectaculars” ... Choral Club at Northrup Auditorium .. Chichester Psalms ... green choir robes... . Debbi Orfman’s solo ... “Schmaltz” ... Block's Sacred Service ... quartets ... "Fum, Fum, Fum . Temple of Israel ... a larger girls' choir W.F.T. D.'s ... T.G.I.F. ... Mr. Bezoier’s " Itch" . Music Festival-hosting 1500 singers for The Creation Dr Schwarz conducting .. "Close your eyes and listen' singing for the Edina Women’s Club ... Christmas Concert ... ski trips to Afton ... hockey games at Braemar ... Christmas carols bv the office ... trips to Burger King ... missing a day of school to sing at Mound and Southwest ... Mr. Yager's birthday cake ... district and stale contests ... Sugar Bear ... Jim and Sandy in home movies ... Spring Concert... music for all ... ■ronlFoH lr Bezoler l Hell, I ha P Sidles. I. Iten, M Kemmki. SI Borg. K hark in, I Smyth N Weigel C llenorst), ’kJer, S hill. Hot 2-J Kaatz, J Bauch. SI Klein, B Bruntell, SI llrnlmm, C. Rayn, V, (,'arfrr. I) Christopher, M Window, S (trkey, 4 Coalri, C McClelland. Bo 3-J Wollan, SI Slcinen, K Bnndem. SI Annas. C Pull, B Krigstrorn. C Craves, P 'ones, M Saanmn, J Bidln, N BnhrrU, S While. J Pilterwn, Bach Row -) Sloppy, B Ijurence, C Hiernal, S Built, S 'hultz, J Thomas, S. Burke, P Miller, P Wcgrncm, S Urm, fl Smith, M PppleCIRLS CHOIR: Fronl Row — M Denison. M McCarthy. J Sedgwick. P Savik. M Sheely, C Byrne. B Canton. C Bachtold. I. Dow. M Kastman. B Bnmsrll. V. Stewart Row 2 — P Baker, D Johnson. S. Davies. C Miller. M Nlulcare. D Cleland. C llnkanson. K Coffey. Fevold.C Brown. N Schnobrich; Row 3 — M l.nfdahl. D K intop. D Larson. B Kinzie. C Peer. C. Graham. P Doehrman. B Adams. P LoffhiiKrn. M. Farnsworth. J Iaind. K Martin; Back Row — Mr Bezoier, B Swetman. S Jensen. I. Frohbach. J Kide. N Kaufmann. S Siiinlberg. N, Pontius. C Suppler. D Bauch. J DeVries. K. Kdrlmann. B Mosef 209 Rehearsing daily helps to bring out a strong tone from the bass section of the choral club choir.A.F.S. INTERNATIONAL CLUB OFFICERS: Clnny llustad. vice-president; Sara Chcrnc, treasurer. Shelley Duoos.secretary; Nancy Durham, president. The American sport of bowling is a newly found pas-lime for A. H.S. student Jorge Monzon. 210 Playing with her cat. A.F.S.er Cat Sim shows her love of animals. A knit skirt starts Swedish Rotary Stu dent. Ewa Bondeson thinking.A.F.S. International Club Edina Welcomes Students From Five Countries Rotary and A.F.S. students from England, Argentina, Singapore, Germany, Sweden .. . new faces and fun .. . Bernd's knickers .. . Ewa’s miniskirts ... Cat and Jorge asking, "Is that snow?" . . . Jane s exclamation, " I think I've called every bloody person in this school!" ... Monica, the Hawk ... “Smokey the Bear" ... Sally Scoggin in New Zealand, Brian Cooper back from Germany . . . blowing the Donkey Game . . . International Day ...” Durham forgot the spoon!” .. . Dave Gilmore and Franzine Podner, A.F.S. finalists ... International dinner ... pictures, pictures, pictures; speeches, speeches, speeches ... Anticipating their departure are VI’ S, finalists. Francine Podner and Dave Gilmore. mann’s favorite part of his very first halloween party. A.F.S.er Jane Dawson fights off peanut butter from her‘‘sister” Chris Ginnell. 211Getting completely wrapped up in her work. I.orie Lyons strains to hang up the volleyball nets C.A.A. BOARD: Front Row — (), Stone. M Steinbauer, I. Scott, S Bennett; Back Row — B. Limbeck. M. Pratt. Mr Sandviek. Miss Fro. S Belschnor. A Frlker. I- Mayer, M Bracken. S. Jensen HOME EC CI.l'B: Front Row — G Magnus, trea I Kiel, vicc-pre . K Shelley, pres . Cl Pfllen, sec.; D Bennett sec . Row2 — (! Baker. T McManus. P. Shaughncssy. VI Saxton. C Hollo. M Andrnrs. Row 3 — k Lrwun. K. O'Brien. M Peria. A Fauscb. J Whetstone. S Frvkman, P Penfield, Row 4 — s Strachen. I. Bjerken. K Jacobs. C Garries, S Bamo. G Tyaeke. K Kelley k iel«en. Back Row—k Olson. H Carlson. L Rhymer. J nderson, I. Olson. B Sarnie. I Rausch 212Home Ec. Club, G.A.A. Homemaking Skills And Sportsmanship Dominate Clubs Boom 205-Home Ec. Club ... selling school charms ... Christmas display and party ... pizza dinner ... Betty Crocker. Green Giant, and Pillsbury field trips ... Mother-daughter tea ... Mr. Shelleys talk ... drives, projects ... insistence on "apple pie order ... G.A.A. Lake Conference archery trophy ... Susie Jensen s bullseyes ... Alumni Plavdav . .. The Chronic . .. the ladder ... turtlenecks ... Belch s gymnastics ... boys in the gym ... Wednesday board meetings ... "punny” bulletins ... football, volleyball, basketball, soft-ball. badminton, bowling ... “Smells good.' say Anita Fauscli and Cindy Carries as tho check the pizza before their annual dinner C.A.A. OFFICERS: Ann Coiiln. president Barb Eleven, secretary. Jean Davidson, vice-president. Kern Evans, treasurer “Ciddap. says Vicki Koenig as she “gallops away after strenuous C.A.A. gymnastics.F.T.A.: Front How — 1’ White t Frit-Urn, J Oe rles: Row 2 — N llede, N FmJfrn, II llrown, d Hun ten, N Carrit} Back Row k Noreen. M Not set It. C Scott. N Pontius, B Swotmun. Mitt V'itth Missing — Z. Cullmi. CHESS CLUB: Front Row — | Saute B rnuld. I) Runsch, I) Cullman Row 2 — d O'Donoghuc. R Brooks, R. -Stolarik. S Rrodnicki. d. Moon an d Draper. I Pierce. (. Carlton. V Donchenke, I) Mellema, d Fngcbretson Back Row— Mr Flilrrt. Advisor. ART CLUB: Front Row — Mist I lull man. Felker. J Weber. K Platt. S Hendrickson, K lied I mid. R Lillenlii-i Row 2 M duff mu. k Pollock, d Paaschc. S Foster. Hall I Sided. I Rich Row :1 — A Stoutcnburgli. R Fngli, C diemat, N Donclienko, P Winger (• Warde. M Wick. D Nugent. Back Row — McDonald I. Dreisbaclt. II Holmbcrg. I Omcliaiidiuck, S James. I. Wollior. J. Wilder 214Art Club, Chess Club, FBLE, FTA Sadie Hawkins posters captivate FBLE officers Sue Sloan. Kathy Sampseli. Roxy Sortino. and Liz Wolner. Body Painting; Horses and Pawns; Future Careers Monthly meetings of F.T.A. ... helping teachers ... checking papers ... service projects ... Tillman House children and the Shrine Circus ... a Christmas party ... elementary school work ... Art Club ... Dayton s exhibit ... artist's studio ... pumpkin carv ing ... slough farm visit ... body painting ... self-discovery ... uninhibited ... Sadie Hawkins ... Future Business Leaders of Fdina .. . scholarships .. . volunteer typing ... submitting reports ... speakers ... work committees ... Chess Club ... room 314 ... games in the lab ... red and black chess sets ... ‘'Check” ... Mr. F.hlcrt ... learning how to pla ... mastering techniques ... donut and caramel apple sales ... state High School Championship ... FBLE: Front Row — S Shun. J JoliiiM.n. J Berg. l Rr.uU. J Nhboh S I oil Row 2 Nd on. P Ncvin. J Sormi k k llr B Warddl. R Sortino. k Samp-wll. Back Row — I. Xlavrr. k Scott. J McDonald, k Kelly, M Kirin. A Berglc, A Stnutmhurgh 215Computing pi. Anne Brindle and Dave Fraatz resort to their trusty slip sticks after using available board space Math, Science. Radio. Outdoor Clubs Abstract Ideas; Ecology; Wave Length Theories Members of Outdoor Club ... cook-outs ... wild game dinners ... sampling antelope meat ... fish in Mille Lacs? ... planting trees ... Mr. Meyer .Isaac Walton Park ... wood duck houses ... Anne Brindle, president ... Math Club ... computer talk between Jay Peterson, Dave Fraatz ... National Test booklet ... contests ... Snoopy programs ... Mr. Seibels ideas ... Science Seminar ... laser beam ... dragster flops ... rocket in the baseball field ... blowing test tubes ... equipment? Sendee projects in Radio Club ... Mr. Peterson’s propaganda ... citizen band jamboree ... $6.00 tacometers ... "Fix your wagon ... snitching parts ... dead radios ... a 10 watt FM station ... making do-nothing boxes ... MATH CLUB: From Roy Selzer. 1) Fraatz, I). Raash Roy Two — k Pill . J Dawson. A Brmdlr J Peterson; Back Row — II Post. R Brmdlr. M. PcUy, J Austin, E Petty. Mr. C Johnson. 216OUTDOOR CLUB: Mr Don Meyer, Gerrish. A Stouten burgh. J Mcl ittrr, L. Rich. I) Cleland. M Eastman. B Plasman. Wendlund Missing — Tja-den, D Dalilstmm SCIENCE SEMINAR: J Mandil. J Ashby. P Wegmeyer. J Fllrei B Stotesberv. II Tenneson, D Lingren. M. Conroy. RADIO CLUB: Front Ross — la'fihart, S Major. S Belschner. I) Lingren. B Schnldt. D Raasi'li, Ross 2 — G Uckteig, B Hibbard. S Anderson. S. Davies. M McOlauchin Back Ross — k lloserstad. B l.undgren. B Miller. J Grove, W Marquette. K Severson. Mr R Peterson 217Painting scenery is one of the backstage jobs done by Melanie Brown and Sue Stocks for the upcoming play. Edina Players. National Thespians Creativity of One's Self Before Eyes of Others Edina Players, five Thespian points ... acting ... student directing ... stage crews ... make-up ... lighting ... costumes . . . The Crown Prince of Wanderlust ... Mr. Thiem ... lugubrious’ ... A Tbruber Carnival ... Mrs. Mraz ... main goal-National Thespians ... Thirteen Thespian points ... National Thespians ... freedom of expression .. . 'Try it again ’ ... no scripts ... nerves, worries ..." Don’t blow it ... "Ad lib. ham it up” ... "You’re putting me on ... a sense of accomplishment ... Best Actor. Best Actress ... 218 Secretly making plans for the Queen, Brett Nienaber and Ted Pappas look for spies to ruin their plans. "Take it from the top." Mr. Thiem shouts intensely as he perfects a school play.Perched happily on the floor, Cindy Stibby sinus attempting to make her princess laugh Portraying a "Wily Slicket,' “Cat” Sim parades barefoot in front of the King, Pat Boulay. and his majestic court. 219 NATIONAL THESPIANS: M Wickesser. S Crosbir M PoUfuss, S Rrownl« ss. K Domkc. J Stusnc'.S (heme Missing— S Peterson. D PovtltMvaitc, C SuliltVNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Front Row — K Marinovich. L Thayer, M Erickson. M Annas. K Ycamcau. j Winger. C' Pillcn. B. Ogrm. K Bru-tell. C Baker. S Richards. M Winslow. D Harper. J Anderson. I. Shay. N Hinterherg, J Zieper. C Zempel. C Rcker, M Branson. A Townswick. C. Scott. K I.anden, D Poliak, N Durham. J Davidson; Row 2 — B Warded, D Stockdalo. M McDermott. C Van Veen. C Iluitad. A Brindle. K Pitts. J Crette, K Platt. C. Johnson. C. Neumann. C. Swetman. B Plasman. M Stromberg. E. Williams. S. Major. J Posthumus. A. Doeringsfeld. S Peterson. J Rausch. I. Leek. P Olson. L Hult. C Roy. S Weingartner. N Ludden. J Hovehnid. Row 3—D Anderson. C Brunham.C. Fisher. P Keeler. X Ledder, N Appel, K Bieter, L McPheeters, C. Burrell. E Johnson. J Vigdal. C l.indemann, S. Mertes. C Petersen. V Stewart. C. Neal. N. Krause. S. Wist rand, C. Lundeen. B Paaschc. A. Rafshol, J Thielvoldt. C Haagrnsen. M Johnson. C McCarruugh. C. Crinnell. N Weigel. S Straw bridge; Row ■4 — S. Garrity. B Hirer, D Cushman. P Hawthorne. S Richey. A Rice. S Brown. K Pollock. K Haile. S. Ehli. L Anderson. I. Basil. D Anderson. P NHS, Debate Four Juniors Lead Debate; 201 NHS Seniors Over 60 debate matches ... Mrs. Johnson. coach ... Resolved: that Congress prohibit United States unilateral intervention in foreign countries ... 1st place at the Richfield Tournament of Champions ... Twin City Debate Championship ... Edina represented at the nationals in Kansas City for the first time ... the Dina Carry ... led by the Puppet Captain ... a trophy ... 7-Up ... National Honor Society Selection Committee of 76 faculty members .. . banquet and induction ceremony for 201 seniors ... student speeches on service, scholarship, leadership, and character .. . certificates for members ... VARSITY DEBATE: From Row — B ClegK Maxwell; Back Row: L Crowley. D Biblln. L Hart 220Mclt)v. M Matnmcl. M Vargon, S. Sundberg. M Ripmu, C Dtek, J Sheet y, M Sauve. J. Waldron. N Rut li. C Agee. S. I loll; Row 5— K Munion. Carlson, I. Schaucr. B Cislason. N Risen. M Alklre. D Mlnlchllll, L Vizzler. N. B me. M. O'Brien, R Ringham. L. Canton, C Higgins. C Moeller. S Raken. D Smith. H Couper. K Bishop. U Cleland. R Shaw. R Bostock. J Pinkham. J. Sunders. C DovolU; Row 6 — S. Smith. I. Davidson. (• White. B llaverly. S Burke. S. Jensen. S. Henderson. W. Finer. D Cushing. C. Rolfson. C. Peterson, T Rardell. C Andres. K ' .uhrl. T Peterson, VI Sturm, D Hughes. M Smith. D Lingren, D Stuart. B Johnson. D Wray. C Kaufmann, B Burke; Buck Row — J Stake. J Austin. D Johnson. N Sch lot ter. I) Frank. T Peterson, J Karlik. W Sturm, M Jensen. M. Petty, N Bjornnos, D. Klossncr. B Hutchison, P McCoy. B Sullivan. P Cosgrove, S Hansen. S Peterson. R. Moore. K Kqusquiza. M Robertson. J. Caublc, B Grabb, D Haley. C. Carlson B-SQl'AD DKBATEt Front Row — T Trudeau. S t’dull. B Peterson. I Halpern. J Filreis. Back Row— R Thiele. B Kirffrr. E Petty, D. McDonald. L. Manal. 221Producing small parts for machines is a portion of Ken Severson’s training at Robert’s Automatic. D. E.» Front Row— I). Beytlcn. B Neff. L Thompson, k Loverud, N Stevens. I Mill. M Wahlroos; Row 2— Mr Bic-uiiich k Bcthke. I) Grant, T Brown, R Bansbuch. T Wagner. M McCarthy; Row 3— I) Sheppard, R Russell. D Bridgemun, I’ Bums. S. Retine. B Thornton. P Mill; Back Row — T Callahan. P Boos. M Ciemla. J Nelson, M. Im-ihel. P. Skagerherg. D. Larson. T. A I.: Front Row — Mr Re»-chow. J llalvnrson, S Gilllgun. T Clark. S Moore. j Meyers: Row 2 — k 'Velun. J Armstrong, k O’Connor. J Parsons; G. Taylor. M Amlie. Back Row — N Wahl runs. C Stanek. k Severson. V Wollang. C Simmons. C. Cravier Missing—B Larson. A Movzis 222O.E. D.E. T. l. Job Training, $ For Work and Play, Self Analysis National Distributive Education Conference ... D.E. members ... parking places ... self inventory ... skill in marketing techniques ... book assignments ... filing Monday forms ... leaving school at 2:(X) ... state leadership contest ... breakfast at Uncle John’s ... employer grades ... O.E. students ... typing, filing, bookkeeping .. . State Leadership Contest ... discussions, projects .. . office situations .. . operating machines ... Work in a chosen occupation, T. I. members ... money managing ... discussions ... personality analysis . . . consumer economics . . . vocational opportunities ... job placements . . . applying for jobs ... nursing, printing, factory work, sales work ... Working at his drafting tabic, Jim Armstrong attempts to improve his future profession. 223 O.E. Front Row — t Nelson. 1. Olive. P Kcstcrton. B Bohannon. J Scarborough. S McFadtlrn. Rowf— s Slasvw. K Mel Imthin. J Lundquist L Nesset. K Knowles. D. Frederick. U Kurgrafl. Back Row — C Bodies M Kiintz. P l)an‘dson. • Phelps, t. Stord.ihl Missing — D Johnson. K DalesFootball Edina Rated State Champs, Compiles 10-0 Record September 5 ... St. Cloud Tech .. . jammed bleachers ... Marc Mayberg, and Mark Ferguson coaching ... 22-7 victory ... Sandy's conducting ... tearful Hornettes ... no. 1 rating ... Sports I Must rated .. . loss of experience .. . team spirit ... two-point rule . . . enthusiastic crowds ... mud. rain, and cold ... balloons, wet and dead ... junior concessions ... slippery grass ... skin nie-minnies and pin-wheels ... Halloween game ... backfield strength ... cocaptains Doyle and Carlson ... All-Metro halfback, Bruce Carlson, sidesteps Cooper's onrushing defense after the opening kickoff and runs upficld. VARSITY: Front Row — J Finkv B Wotllund. J Rentschlrr, J Anderson. P Cosgrove, T. Movnihan. F Pierce. B Rennet, K Bicrsdorf. Row 2 — J Olson, I. Hover. D Doyle, S. Gregory, J Field. J Raicheit. N. Schlotter, C. Kaufmann. J Madsen. B Burke; Row 3 — T. (Juick. S Bodtne, S Regli. B. Carlson. C. Rothnem, S. Nougcr, R Davidson. B living. S. Curry. T Mailed, son. Back Row — R Grubb, B Minde, J. Rrod, B. Nyrop, M. Hollway, S. Andersen. W Hutchinson. T. Ratelle, C Dovoll . M Nugent 226Principals and Athletic Directors get involved coaching the team during the salar dispute Senior Lindsay Moyer dives over the goal line for one more touchdown. He was named to the All-Lake team. I . A KK CON F K K EN ) E ST I) I (:S Won Lost Tie EDINA H 0 0 Kennedy 1 0 Hohhmsd.de . . . 5 3 0 St. Louis Park ... 3 0 Lincoln 4 3 1 Kichlicld 4 4 0 Cooper 3 4 1 Hopkins 3 5 0 Minnetonka 3 5 0 Wavzata 1 7 0 Mound () H 0 227 Intercepting the hall intended lor a Park player. Jeff Madsen destroys the play.Football Hoyer, Carlson, Doyle, Named to All-Metro Team 22 7 St. Cloud Tech 54 20 Hopkins 40 27 Kennedy 18 0 St Louis Park EDINA 45 12 Cooper 48 0 Mound 26 0 Richfield 33 16 Wayzata 20 0 Lincoln With a line of blockers clearing the way, senior fullback Lindsay Hoycr plunges through the gaping hole for a touchdown. J Vr Front Row — I) Sattcrlund. S Griffin, C. Gensch. J Erickson, J Robertson. J Erickson. P. Carter. B Jones. I) Mantle. Row 2 — P Bodirie, B Kidd. S Olsonoski, J VaurngaM, II liavcntock. M Torangeau, B Muse. J. Crlusta, E Hanson. C. Huyhoc, J Bailey. Row 3 — Mr Kosteliz, I. Jamoi . I) Gray, B Nichols, P Hemp. J Tyson. P Gtsselbeck. B Bonrllo. J Burris, S Krspecki. J. Miller. G Kelly. Mr Savre; Back Row — M Possum. VV Miller. B Sims, T Slaber. B Porter. J. V’eljtersdyk. R Peterson. D Boyd. T Garlson. H Ries. I). P'ollestcud. J Roberts 228B-SQl’AD: Front Row — Saucer. J Mai re. S NVeismun. T Bank . J Moynihan. T Becker. B i.affrrt . D Zeillngor. | Heinzig. T Diorck . j Lundi|ui t, T Nolle, Row 2 — H Fossey. B Jacobson. J Joyce. M Casper . J. Bergseog. K Harmon, I- Bansbach. I) Bauman. I) Norqmst. M Carr. I) Bushman P Vanda K S arzymki. Row :t — J Burke. R Wineberg. R Smith. K Du I in. D Carl sen, B Sim . S. Brehm. J Carpenter. B Miller. A Bolin. B Liebcrg. (.' McGrew. D Smith. Back Row —S Okerland, J. Hemp. C. Harper, K Hoverstad. S. Stapel. M Stahl V Hagen. J Chostlcy. R Olson. T Bishop. J Kngquist. A. Sevald 229John Wanecke and Steve Garlock pace the Edina team to first place in the Region 5 meet at Nokomis. Cross Country Hornets Compile 10-0 Lake Record; Second in State Practices ... run ... getting in shape ... run . .. ‘‘ Pick it up, fellas ... the track ... golf course .. .‘‘Beat Overby! ... bus rides ... pacing it ... “ Go! ... mental preparation ... goals ... every ounce ... three miles ... 10-0 record ... burn on Heisel ... Lake Conference Championship ... second at district ... winning the Sixth Annual Invitational ... 15.17 for team captain Steve Garlock ... Sheldon Peterson, John Wanecke, Brian Heeb ... team and individual efforts ... Mr. Hendrickson ... brothers Seymor and Bida ... $2.00 shirts ... trip to Region . . . trip to State . . . Finishing within the top five in the Hopkins meet. Brian Heeb helped Edina to capture the I.ake Conference title. 230VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY: Fronl Row — J llipps. ). Holmes. J Cross, T Miller. R. Cilman. M Hh I K Turner; Row 2 — S Miller. T Brandos I) Cilmore. Overby. I Spielin.ui. T kelloix T Bamelt. Row 3 — s Peterson. S Oarlock. J Thuu'r. (I Reno. J Shortly. I’ Wehrwcin, J. Miller. S Nichols: Back Row — J Wunecke R. Olsson k Potter, S Hancock. J Williams, C Anderson. C. Bljndin. R Peterson, T Diehl Heading toward the chute. Captain Steve Carlock strives to hold his lead against rival Hopkins. Head coach F.d Hendrickson takes time to discuss the previous race. 231Pressing onward into the final mile, Tom Diehl helps Edina grasp another victory in the district meet. After performing in the District 18 meet. Nick Overby is congratulated b teammate Paul YVehrwein. Straining to finish during the last quarter mile of the race at Lake Nokomis, is Sheldon Peterson. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost EDINA 10 0 St. Louis Park .... 9 1 Lincoln 3 Hopkins • 7 3 Hu ll field 6 3 Robbinsdale 5 4 Cooper 4 6 Minnetonka i 2 8 Mound 1 9 Wavzata 0 10 232Cross Country, Soccer Good soccer players know how to use their heads as George White proves by blocking and performing a “head” Edina Kickers Smash Richfield In Final Game July practices ... two sessions a clay ... sixtv-five Gatorade cans ... Bush Lake parts ... rugby match won by the seniors (!?) ... two broken wrists ... evening games at Pamela Field ... more spectators ... ' The league’s balance made each game an extremely close one ... losses by one point ... Coach Szen-drey ... development of fine points ... lack of aggressiveness ... skillful seniors Ward Nelson. Scott Jensen, Dave Murphy. John Schaefer, George White, Jim Toepel, Mark Day ... several juniors ... good prospects for next year ... LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Kennedv Won 0 Lost 1 Tie 0 St. I.ouis Park -1 2 2 Richfield 4 3 1 EDINA •? 5 1 Lincoln 1 5 2 Manuvering the ball around his opponent. Tern. Cruggan prepares to score during a summer practice. 233Soccer Co-ca plain Ward Nelson skillfull) lakes advantage of the open break and fools his Cooper opponent with a powerful slain Edina Soccer Team Wins Six, Ties One, Loses Five John Reese takes the opportunit) of blocking his opponent fora split second kick. 234 VARSITY: Front Row— 1 Kolb, D. Moot)'. R Ellis. S Jnisin.) ZcrullJ Herman. B llaverly. Row 2—I)Fraat . J. Toepel. S Hen derson, (. While. I) Murphy, P Spoke , M Vargon. Row 3 — It Callao, s Ferguson. W Scgur, T Stillman, M l)a , Nelson. J Schaefer S. Smith; Back Row — j Nebon. R Cabalka. K onk|ubt. J Stake T Cniggen. C ndrev J Kuvter. Mr I. Szendrey. coachJ-Vs Front Row— Herb, J Tynor, K Dahl B Diivey. S Ycanieuu. I Melmlf. J Kirkland, I Wuldron; Row} I) F.idiino. A. Fdgor. T ll.iukui'imC Portland. J Kinck, R. Fnuli. S Cabullka. B. Buie, J Orickiner. T I let land. Row 3 - W Swemon. M Stillman. I) Savory J Ciohlnk. M lalja, B Borrman, ( Bold, R Wilton. J Kvrrctt. R llalvcrvm. Back Row — (. Wires. J Paisley, B. l.unn, S. Putnam, B. Ramum, I.. Peterson. T Roberts. K Reynolds. J Balch, K Compton Executing a reverse kick. Scott Jensen, co-captain, saves a potential game-winning goal against archrival Rich field. I 0 0 I 4 EDINA 1 0 9 2 3 1 1 Minnehaha 2 Lincoln I Kennedy I St. Louis Park I Pit h field I Minnehaha 1 Lincoln 2 Kennedy 0 Cooper 1 St. Louis Park 0 White Bear 0 Richfield 235Lindsay Hover and Dennis Kleve watch in dismay as the hall bounces past them out of hounds. Springing into the air. Dave tarson attempts a jump shot while John McNeelcy keeps his eye on the ball. „ 236 VARSITY: Front Row — Mr. Rodberg. D Boyd. M Johnson. S. Putnam. I- Hoyer, J. Mielke. I) Larson. E. Hansen. B Sullivan. Mr Savrc. Back Row — T Colburn. J Roberts. K. Carpenter. R Andres. J McNceley. L Woodmf, B Lund, T Mesternacher, I) Kleve. M Lewis, R. Ries. T Dorsey, S Downs, J MillerBasketball After Slow Start, Cagers Prove Real Ability 2 hour practices ... 13 wins, 3 losses ... Lake Conference tie for 2nd ... Mr. Rodberg, new head coach ... “O.K., everyone on the center line for wind sprints ... starters Kieve, Hover. Larson. Sullivan, McNeely, Mcstemacher, Johnson. Colburn ... 103 points against Columbia Heights ... getting to Hopkins by bus in record time ... Super Sully knocking over a Hopkins cheerleader .. . beating undefeated Robbinsdale ... close gatnes with Lincoln ... "All captains should be hotdogs” ... Larson’s sprained ankle ... Mesty’s gunboats ... “Way to rip. Hover’ ... “How come you’re always standing around, Lance?’ ... Mr. Savre’s defense coaching ... parent-son party ... annual basketball party at Larson’s ... a green and white cake ... Dave Larson, All-Conference ... Dennis Kieve, All-Conference and All District ... Seeing an open break for a sure lay-up. Tim Colburn uses his quick hands to out-fox his opponent. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Robbinsdale 14 2 Lincoln 13 3 EDINA . 13 3 Hopkins 12 4 Cooper 10 6 Richfield 8 8 Minnetonka 7 9 St. l.ouis Park 7 9 Kennedy .. . 2 14 Mound 1 13 Wayzata 1 15 Momentarily pausing. Bill Sullivan glances around the court to spot the most opportune pass-off. 237Straining for the ball. Dennis Kleve leaps over his opponent to tip in a basket raising the score. Basketball Cagers Finish Third in District Competition Center John McNeeley completes another rebound and looks for the man breaking downcourt. Smoothly evading his opponent, captain Dave Larson drives for a basket en route to an Kdina win.55 Minnetonka 72 Hopkins 53 Kennedy 60 St. Louis Park 6! Cooper 38 Mound 65 Roosevelt 58 Richfield 56 Wayzata 67 Lincoln 5-1 Robbinsdalc 45 Minnetonka 51 Columbia Heights •18 Hopkins 39 Kennedy 52 St. Louis Park •53 Cooper 62 Mound 41 Mound 58 Cooper 51 Lincoln 58 Hopkins B-SQUAD: Front Row — Mr Hammcrstein. T Robert . T. Bishop. McGrow, B. Arnold, S William . T Dlerck . I) Norqu |»t. Row 2 — S Cabalka. T Peter-ton. G Wires. I) Duhlbern. B. Ami . G. Wiseman. J Joyce. S Weiton. Back Row — J Rholl. B. Solicit, B Banium. M Stably. J Srldcn, S Hull. I Metcalfe. 239 Hichlieltl KfnncJv "l'PVins Won 15 12 Lost 0 1 3 9 5 5 U|fcoln •• i 10 u p r. 11 NV au 11 12 14 Tie I 3 4 1 2 I I 1 1 1 2 240 All-Stile Cfnifr R,.k p. p J rs«)rinP3fl ,nWf’ the during ihtnf •Pm Sin To Wies of vnuiepf,Jeff Field breaks away from oncoming Mound players to set up a centering pass in hope of a needed goal. Hockey Hornets Fall to Southwest for Second in State "2 is bigger than 1” ... state tournament at the Met ... sudden death overtime with Southwest Indians ... accidental goal ... waiting through five overtimes for the first game ... tense games with Warroad and St. Paul Johnson ... Sunday’s pap fest ... outstanding spirit ... hand and Hornette support ... victory over Kennedy at Williams Arena for the region title ... Braemar and long walks from the second parking lot .. . Richfield fights ... and the players: Freight Train Field; Curry (who's not flashy but steady); Woodchopper’s best friend. Johnson; Howard Cosell's deciple. Jim Finks; Mark McLellan, lightening on skates; Cauble for entertainment on bus rides; and Super Krieger. the man with the moves, on and off the ice ... Benny the Bouncer to keep all in shape ... I kola: “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy str€ ct’ ... Let’s play hockey! ... 241 VARSITY: Front Row — I. Thavrr. J Field. J Cauble. M McLellan. M Fretland. B Krieger. B Nyrop, S, Curry. I) Bremer Row 2 — C Kelly. M Roger . J Baker. B Soderberg. R Sorem. R Jacobson. B Carlson. D Johnson Back Row — W Swedson. S Ei-chom. T Nieland. T Carlson. J Knquisl. Mr I kolaHQCkey r Krieger, Carlson, Nyrop Named to All-State Team Back-up goalie, Dave Bremer, along with Coach Ikola carefully watches his opponents’ techniques for upcoming games. B-SQUAD: Front Row — R. Lunn. D Dahlherg, R Fngh. P. McElrath, B. Sims, A Thompson. M Kremcr; Back Row — Mr (.arson, M. Smith. J. l.upo. R Carlson. C. Olsen. A. Scvald. J l.ledl. L PetersonBeing congratulated by Jeff Field for scoring another goal. Bruce Carlson proves himself a great co-captain. 8 8 11 6 4 2 5 6 6 9 8 7 3 8 3 EDINA 6 7 4 4 7 8 7 3 3 2 0 0 Wayzata 2 Robbinsdale 0 Lincoln 2 Minnetonka 2 Mpls. Roosevelt 2 Kennedy 2 Blake 3 Johnson 0 Hopkins 0 Bern id ji 0 St. Louis Park 1 Cooper 0 Richfield 0 Mound 1 Robbinsdale 1 Minnetonka 0 Wayzata 2 Hopkins 0 Kennedy 0 St. Louis Park 0 Wayzata 0 Hopkins 0 Kennedy 2 War road 1 Johnson 1 Mpls. Southwest Skating down the ice for control of the puck, Steve Eichom skillfully moves into position. 243 Averting an opposing defensive man. Tim Carlson waits for a centering pass during the Richfield game.VARSITY: Front Row—T Smith. P Anderson. I) Rushman. C Orrben. K Peddytoart, M Holloway, J Johnston. E Fyden. Row 2 — J Messier. T Peterson. D llovde. B MeCambrll. J Pinkhum. R Rbchmlller, B. Bouck: Row 3—M Houston. R Ahamann. J S’ipper. R Dunham R Kischmlller. D Nissen. P Boulazy Row 4 —S Baken. B Kn lesma. D. Smith. J Yaldersdskr. M Kustes. K Heretic). Back Row — S Peterson, C. Hovde, M Peters. B Sherman. P St rut hers, J Everett. Mr. Downey, Mr Peterson Swimming Edina Takes Third in District And State Meets Swim team, 3rd in district, 3rd in state ... tri-captains; Ed Eyden, Mike Holl-way. Jay Johnston ... Johnston, the “mono kid ... Mr. Downey and Mr. Peterson, coaches ... Olson Jr. High for districts ... district 1st in 400 yard freestyle relay .. . Sheldon, top diver . . . diving for photographers ... state meet at Cooke Hall ... signs on lockers before the meet ... a telegram from Todd Smith, “The will to win will win” ... Eyden’s first in 50-yard free style ... two freshmen, Anderson and Orrben ... state qualifiers: Dunham, 400 yard free style; Sherman, Greywitt, Peddycourt, Bacon in 200 yard medley relay; Anderson and Holloway in 100 yard free style ... big meet with Golden Valley ... High scoring Sheldon Pelcrson displays the style that makes him Edina's top diver. 244Taking a breath and stroking forcefully, "The Machine" Rick Dunham competes in the -100 yard free style race. Tri-captain Ed Eyden explodes from the blocks with hopes of winning the needed points. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost liopkins 9 0 EDINA . 7 2 St. Louis Park 5 3 Kennedy 4 Kobbinsdale . . 2 6 Cooper 2 7 Lincoln 0 8 In the 100 yard race, the face of breaststroker Bob Greywitt shows the tension and intense pain experienced.Swimming, E-£ y Tough Schedule And Hopkins Meet Highlights Season Preparing for a swimming race. Mike Hollway finds a contemplative moment for psychological conditioning at a meet. 60 35 Bobbinsdale 55 40 Kennedy 64 31 Cooper 42 53 Hopkins 59 36 Highland Park 56 39 St. Louis Park EDINA 38 57 Golden Valley 52 43 Kennedy 53 , 42 Mayo 564 384 Cooper 34 61 Hopkins 55 40 St. Cloud 59 36 Lincoln Bruce Engelsma springs from his start with extra power in accord with winning intentions of the one hundred yard backstroke event. B-SQl'AD: Frost Row — L Blanchette. M Wilson. I) Wippnun. j Stanley. C. Reed. T Tnmel; Row 2 — T Silvestrini, S Maley, J Orkelund. S. Schorr, S. Kenyon. Row 3 — W l egering. J Henry, W Hutchinson. F. Turner. Back Row — M Frischberg. I) Peterson. T Smith. R Apjones, A. Lane. B NevJns. Mr Szendrev 246Rob Rischniiller, in a "front dive layout position" executes perfect form throughout his entry. Jeff Wright, former Edina star and new captain for the Minnesota Gophers. discusses college football life with interested E-Club members.Successfully completing the overland course, cross country captain. Steve Carlock ties for second place in the state meet. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Rohhinsdale WON 7 LOST 0 EDINA 6 1 Richfield 5 2 St. Louis Park 5 2 Lincoln 3 4 Hopkins 2 5 Minnetonka 1 6 Kennedy 0 7 VARSITY: Front Row — J Agustsson. R Hersh. D Marshall. S Carlock. S Hyland. ] Herman. R Olson. V Hagen. C Hubert, P Spokes; Row 2 — C. Hoi, T. Miller, D Naegle, D. Doyle, S Miller, T Brando . T Pierce. B Lalone. J Toepel. Row 3 — M Harman. T Diehl. I) Patterson. S Helle. J Aunestead. D Bing, T Rine, B Hanger. S Risvold, $ Aston. Back Row — Mr Page. R. Peterson. Mr Beaver. T Holmes. R Christensen. ?48Skiing Edina Ski Team Takes Third Place In State Meet State meet in Duluth ... 3rd in state ... Steve Carlock and Tom Diehl, cross country skiers in state .. . jumpers in state: John Herman, Jim Toepel, Pete Spokes . .. state slalom skiers, John Agustsson and Tom Schmitt ... Gar-lock's finish on 1 ski ... II second loss to Hopkins ... Mr. Beaver's first year as head coach ... Pat Page, cross country coach ... “Get psyched, Garlock!” ... a loud groan off the jump ..." BEAVER!’’ ... meets at Flower Gardens ... Duluth over Christmas vacation ... 2nd in Lake Conference, 2nd in district ... Schmitt, 1st district slalom ... undefeated Lake Conference season for cross country and slalom ... Mr. Beaver's beard in honor of the team ... Proving his great potential. Wayne llagen shows his teammates that there are some accomplished first year skiers. 274.6 I 300 I 293 I EDINA 288.7 I 290 I •287 4 I 300 I 281.3 Rohbinsdale 240.8 Minnetonka 271 St. Louis Park 282 9 Richfield 282.3 Lincoln 275.6 Hopkins 249 4 Kennedy District 18 champion, Tom Schmitt succeeds in passing the last gate on his downhill run.Going to the bottom of the problem as successful sophomore wrestlers do. John Burke tries to get behind his Park opponent for a switch reversal. EDINA 27 17 Kennedy 27 16 St. Louis Park 12 32 Cooper II 26 Richfield 29 13 Mound 12 28 Robbinsdale 27 13 Wayzata II 28 Lincoln 19 24 Minnetonka 24 16 Owatonna 17 23 Hopkins Wrestling Edina Fifth In District; Doyle Goes to State Losing weight and building wind ... Mr. Halvorsen and Mr. Matlon. coaches . .. co-captains Larry Johnson and Ken Beiersdorf ... several sophomores and juniors ... a balanced team ... Larry Johnson. All-Conference, Bob Bennett and Dennis Doyle, honorable mention ... increased student and parent interest ... most “take downs” in the Lake Conference ... practicing moves ..." Elies are fish” ... better practices with fewer fundamentals . .. good team work . .. “garbaging ... trying to keep in shape ... Bennett. 1st in districts ... an exciting Minnetonka meet ... cheerleader and Hornette support ... Doyle, 3rd in regions ... Doyle to the state meet, February 27, 28 ... Finding himself in a tight.situation, co-captain Ken Beiersdorf shows that getting out of a figure four isn't easy. 250One of Edina’s top wrestlers. Larry Johnson makes a move on his opponent in hope of a take down. After a take-down on his Park opponent, Dennis Doyle moves for a pin. He was Edina's only qualifier for the state. WRESTLING: Front Row — T. Whalen. I. Anderson R Bohn. L Johnson. M Chapman. J Burke, J. Sheely. H Show. K Bciersdorf. R Bennett. S Gregory. I) Doyle; Row Two — G Taylor, S. Bid well. J. Coss. P Brown. M Caspers. J Dejongh. J. Carpenter. B Miller. T. Taney. J Miller. R. Wilson. J. Ghost ley; Back Row — M Bu hy. C Aulik. J Hawkinson, M Nelson. S. Pollock. J Batch. D Callinan. S. Dcnk. J Lundquist. R Nichols, B Laffertv. B Turner. Al Bolin. K. Hovcrstad 251Gymnastics Gymnastics Team Enters Varsity Competition A varsity team for the first year ... head coach. Mr. Hoecherl ... Tom Barnett, captain . .. Valley View on Saturdays and after school ... scrimmages ... free exercise ... hitting all four corners ... back flips ... 40 by 40 mat . .. horses . .. mounting ... double leg cuts ... needle dismounts ... tramp ... best tramp squad ... 10 bounces ... a forward twisting move ... high bar, the most dangerous ... kips ... giants ... circles . .. parallel bars ... presses ... tumbling ... rings ... handstands ... form, execution, and tricks — criteria for judging ... scoring, 1-10 ... Northwest Open at the U. . .. memorable meets with Cooper and St. Louis Park . .. Chris Roche letting go during giant swings ... three runs on a street mat ... looking forward to a bigger and better year ... Aided by skill and precise timing. Tom Barnett executes a "cross arm switch" at the height of a "giant" . Concentrating on form during the first meet of the season. Charlie Anderson shows the result of several months work as he performs a "needle dismount". 252Bouncing high is trampolines! Mike Cummings as he goes into the familiar graceful arch of the "eody”. VARSITY: Front Row — D. Fisher. R Barsaimian. J Dahl. D Fames. C Hopkins. C. Skagerburg. J Brooks. B Dickey. S Ferguson. T Smith. T Barnett; Row 2 — D. Olson. S. Schaller, J Nisson. B Barnett. J Brooks. S Garrison. M Cummings. D Keegan. C Anderson. J Resnolds. J Dudley. R Peterson. Back Ross —C Rockwell. C. Rocher. J. Cans. S Blesi. P Schwartxbauer. R Brooks. B Blanchard. D. Raascb. D Schroeder, B Dickey. R Hendrickson. J Merritt. P Itner 253Patrons Scherling-Pletsch Studios Fargo. North Dakota and St. Louis Park. Minnesota Huzzaht The Middle Ages are Ended! The Buzzettc Staff Dahl's Southdale Pharmacy Inc. Southdale Medical Building American Yearbook Co. Burt Hedstroni, Representative Publishers of the Whigrean It Pays to Look Well Cahill BarberShop 70th Cahill Rd. 941-9929 Hi! Your Neighborhood Dairy Queen Home of Fine Brazier Foods Josten Manufacturing Co. Rings and Announcements Scott Anderson and Ted Edin. Reps. Cahill Garden Equipment 7082 Amundson Edina. Minnesota941-2133 Congratulations Arthur H. Dickey 5031 France Ave. So. Riltmore Motor Hotel 5212 Vernon Ave. Kdina, Minnesota Best Wishes to the Class of 70 Capital Records Distributing Corp. Best Wishes Valley View Drug Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Atwood-Hansen Co. Edina. Minnesota Carlson's Odd Shop 4408 France Ave. So. M inneapolis. M innesota 55410 Compliments of Duane's Carousel 7010 France Ave. South Audio King 7010 France Ave. So. 920-4272 Central Life Assurance Co. Clark Ringham. CLU Associates 1911 Pleasant Ave. So. Eberhardt Co. Realtors 5307 Vernon Ave. 929-0311 Compliments of Benri Coiffures 3946 West 50th St.. 927-7339 Clancy Drug Inc. 3948 West 50th St. Kdina. Minnesota Edina Southdale Pet Hospitals 5237 Eden Ave 3910 W. 70th St. Edina. Minn. Benson Opticians Southdale Medical Building 920-1770 Coiffure Exquisc 5008 Vernon Ave. So. Edina. Minnesota55424 Edina Cleaners Launderers Adolf Anderson Cleaners 4500 France Ave. 927-7934 Congratulations. Whigrean Staff. The Gullifords. Congratulations Whigrean Staff Dorothy Collins Interiors 7010 France Ave. So. • Edina Hardware 4944 France Ave. Edina. Minnesota Best Regards to a Great School' Berinel-Smaby. Realtors. 927-7043 3910 West 50th St. The Colonial Beauty Salon 5031 France Ave. So. 927-6353 Edina Standard Service 50th and France The Best — Jim and Jay Ski Blizzard Ski Club 6135 Kellogg Ave. Country Club Hardware 3918 West .50th St. Edina. Minnesota Edina State Rank 5036 France Ave. So. Sat. Morning Banking926-2755 2 54Patrons Congratulations Seniors! Kdina Texaco Service • 100 France Ave. Congratulations to the Seniors Thank You For Your Patronage Equinox Ski Shop. 5005 France Ave. Best Wishes to Class of '70 First Edina National Bank •1100 West .50th St. First Federal Savings Southdale Medical Building Kdina Compliments of Gabberts Across from Southdale General Sports 4942 France Ave. Athletic Equipment Congratulations on Another Great Book! The G.A. A. Glacier Sand and Gravel Co. 7009 France Ave. So. Kdina, Minnesota55435 Grandview Pure Oil Complete Car Service Brake Service and Wheel Alignment Gregg's Pharmacy 4954 France Ave. Edina Best Wishes to the Class of 70 Gulliford Sales Company Edina, Minnesota Hager of Kdina Nothing Is Permanent In Fashion But Good Taste Hart wick Realty. Inc. 6137 Kellogg Ave. So. 927-7146 In Memory of Mr Gavin; CW JV JS NS BB LS M R KO RT SS GS TS DB CM JH SK EL BF MM JH BC DD CHJAPFMHSBCC Adios. Mr. McCarthy, That’s a Spanish Term Homeroom 203 Room 151: Hustle The '72 Girls Varsity 1 thru 36 H. R. 301 Wishes to Thank a Brawny Irishman called O' Dougherty For a Most Inspiring Year!!!! Complements of Humbolt Standard 5209 Vernon Ave. Edina. Minnesota Jerry’s of Edina 5033 Vernon Avenue Extending Best Wishes Joyce's Bakery 4406 France Party Cakes and Goodies Frank Krciscr Real Estate 5050 France Congratulations to the BEST! La Boutique Decorat if Accessories Cahill Shopping Center, 941-5418 Larson Industries. Inc. 5001) Norinundalc Rd Edina. Minnesota55436 Gim LoongChow Mein 4948 France Ave. 920-2118 Linhoff Color A Photo 4402 France Ave. Edina. Minnesota (.‘Unique 5006 France Ave. So. Edina. Minnesota M and M Executive Services Office Rentals Stenographic Service Mr. Steak 5203 Vernon Ave. S. on Hwy 169 920-5203 Nolan's Salon of Beauty 6133 Kellogg Ave. So. Artistic Hair Styling Olsen Brothers’ Pharmacy Highways 169 and 212 Kdina. Minnesota Overholt Properties. Inc. 5301 Vernon Ave. 929-1609 Quality Book Shoppes •50th and France— Highland Park 922-4441 R I P. Eskay Welcome Home Pax (Metro) 255Patrons Red's Union 76 Complete Car Service Towing, Snow blowing Southdale Texaco Complete Car Service 70th France Valley View Hardware 4510 Valley View Rd. 926-9193 Regis Beatty Salons. Inc. 5075 Arcadia Edina. Minnesota55436 Thomson and Associates Insurance — MLS — Realtors Cahill Shopping Center, 941-1827 Welander-Quist 5116 Vernon Ave. So. Phone: 929-6857 Rodangc Bridal Studio Styling Out Specialty 5031 France Ave. So. What Can 1 Say — Arby’s!! Happy Eating! Carl. Jo. Joe, Geo, Stud, Murph, Scot. The Treat Club Whitehall MensClothers Miricale Mile Extending Best Wishes Schmitt Music Co. 3500 West 70th St. Southdale plaza Valley Veiw Dari Superette 4412 Valley View Rd. 922-9926 The ZAKIARHC Newspapers Independently serving Edina. Hopkins, and St. Louis Park Schufcldt Cadillac. Inc. Southdalc 6825 York Ave. Edina. Minnesota Skeffington’s 5023 France Ave. So. 922-0070 Congratulations on a Great Book and to a Great Staff that Made it That Way! You made the deadlines! Congratulations. Whigrean staff. South France Standard Service 3901 West 70th St. Edina. Minnesota Southdalc Ford 6969 France Ave. So. 927-4.533 2b6 Southdale Pure Oil Professional Car Care Hoad Service Inconspicuously arriving back from his fifth hour escapades. Randy Morris returns by way of a third floor window.r . s isasit lsIS3a?|iJ jM -SsIjsa «£ - 8 s «• s 5 § '• =«5ges= «2--t 2 r = --f-i:2 - ii4'1s = | J«££| I- -“■s 8 " - X 3 s' - i . • 1-4 s'i.i ||l1|?| jl c c c 2 r c X«SSGfi£ J5S4iic3s5i35dd § . i i asa§ .»! Sislsil! 5RSi:s: ;-=? 1?•fulfils -3 3 3-iiilifflii-i-ii 1153 •; 11115Cleg Barn (I I MW (Inland. Dimr 1101164.217. 200 Cktand. Lynn (12) 101 20? Cleveland AUa (10)164 Ckxhirr. Ann 11) IW Cloutier. Kevm (12)101 Court. |»nrl (12)101.206 Cobb, Steven (10) IN Coffey. Kathv (II) IW. 200 CoMmL Elinor , fact 50 51 Colbert. Jan (121102, 160 Colburn. Kim (10)164 Colbum. Timothy (12)102 Coleman. Data! (10) 164 Coleman. Dunu (10) 164 Coleman. Kathleen .11)146 Coleman. Riei (11)14 Collin., john (10) 164 Colvin. Shelter (12) 102.200.201 Coaal». Cbm ill) 145. IW Comb.. Dorothy (11)36. 146 201 Compton. Kendall ill) 146.2 5 Conlln. Su»an (11)146. IW Coinolls, Patrick (11)22.14 Convoy. Michael (10) 164.217 Cooky. Linton ill) 14 Cooo. Kathl (II) 14 . 206 Cooper, Mike (II )l W Corado. Michael (It) 102 Correa. Jennifer (II) IW. 107 Conan. June ladmn 5S Corty. Cynthia (II) IW Con In, William (12) 102. IW Cosgrove, Palnrk (12) 101226 Cortrflo. L'rtula fac)M Coulllanl Waine (II) IW Coulter. William (12) 102 Couprr. Ho . (12) IU2 Courvollr. Jan|uelvn 10) 165 Cuurlman. Charlet (12)102 Coo. M. on |0) 165 Coa. Doug 110)165 Coa. Karen (10) 165 Coyne. Nancy (I I 14 . 204 Corad. dirt. (12) 102 Craig. Martha (12)102. 107 Crlckmrr, John (10)166. 2 5 Cri.l, John 112) 102 Cfonnqinit. Mary (II) 14 . IU0 Crmble. Sco«l 112) 27. 102.202. 210 Craaby. Murrav ill) Croa. Country 230.231.232 Cn , Jamev 1101165. 231 Crouch. Davkl (10)165 Crouch. Steven (12)41. 102 Crouch. William (II) 14 Crowley. Denise (10) 165 Crowley, lamuard (II) 14 Cummins.. Mkhael (II) 14 . 255 Cummin., Carole (II) 14 Curie. Sawn (101165 Curray. Steven (12)102,226 Curtin. Mary (II )IW. IN) Co thing. David (I2 74. 103. ID . 2IM Cuihman. Dune (12 101 I) Dahill Joanne (10) 165. 201 Dahl. Jonathan (10) 165. 25 Dahl. Kurt (10)62.165.235 Dahl. Sara 112) 103 Dahl. Scott (10)165. 242 Dahlberg. Dave (10) 165 Dahlberg lb.no (10)165 Dalilttrom. Donna |lI) 146 IW Dalrn. Hod HI 114 Da lev. Kathleen 112)105 Dalldorf l.inda .11 I4H Daniel.. Deborah ill M4 Daniel., Trrlfle (lac)57 Daniel ton. Peggy (12)109.221 Damel.no Richard (II) IW Darrell. Charles (10) 163 1 tailing. David (12) 10 Itavrnpnrt JJtn (12) Davenport. Mary (12) 103. 1 2 Davanport. Mike (10) 165 Itavey. William 110) 166. £15 Davidum. Jean (12 108. ISO. 185. 204 213 David urn, Lee 112) 101 Davu-t.Chr1.tinr III) 144 Davie.. Stephen (12)101. 207. 21.1 Davie.. Sue (10) 165.200 Da.iv Amy (10)165 Davit. Jaane. (11)14 Davis, julte (10) |® Oavtton. Roger (12)10 . 226 Dawson Jane (12) 109 1 0.211.216 Dav. Mark (I2 103.2 4 IV bate 220.211 Dredv Catherine (II) IW IVrrr. Kathnw III IW Dejongh. Jackson (12) 101 Drjongh. Nancy 1101165.20 DeKraav. Ann 110) 165 185. 204 Delaney. Kathv 10)165.201 OrUer. Daniel (12) 103 Drmmg. Richard (11)14 . IN) IVMuta Donna 111)14 Denison Jearnte (II )IW. 306 Denison Marilyn (10) 165.200 Denk. David (11)14 Dmk. Steven tIO) 165 Dersn Prod (10) 165 Drnnehy. IVn.se (10)I® Dribs David (10) 165. IW IVRrmrr. Dave (12) 103 IVRemer Kevin (101165 DrRoode. Barbara (II) 1 9 Drshler. Brandon 110)165 IVvereaut. Daniel (101165 Devnev Joy (K» 165 200.214 IVvroy. Cavle (I I.' 2 148 Diamond Mark (12) 109 Dick. Candace (12) 10 Dickey. Hubert (12)101,253 Dn-kman. Maureen (It) 10 . 1 6 Diefenhach. Karui (II1149. 105 Diehl. Thomas (11) 143. 140.1 6. £31. £K Dierckv Thoma. (10) 165.220. 239 Dtrsiner. Dennis (III I4W Dtllrr. Stephen III1140 Dinyer. Paul (11)140 Dissnieser. Dale (10) 161 Distribulivr I'ducalinn 222.223 Dtttherwer. Ixmell (10)165 Divine. Karen (10) 161 Dobhui. Heather (101165.183 Dodd, Icvlie (10) 161 Die. Nancy (II) 148.302 Doehriiun Patricia (10) 165. 200 Diepke.Mark (11)73. 140.207 Doeringtlrld, Ann (12)103,204 Doeringtfeld. Mary (10) 161 Dsle al. Mark 110) 161 Dnmkr. Klim 12)100.219 Doanke. William (10) 165 DomeL Norbrrt (11)140 Donahsie, Patricia HI) 149. 1 0 Donaldson. Mr Sander ; 12 • 108.1 6 Donatrllr. lawrrnce (12) 10 Dan-henko, Nadu (II) 140. 214 Dwichrnko. Nicolai (10) 105. 214 Donnelly. Ann II) 149. 1 0 Donohue. Mkhael (10 M65 Oomseil Dan (10) 165 Dorset. K at h v (101165 Dorvey. Timothy (11)149 Dottal. Michael (10)165 Dnugall. Kav Lynn (II) I4U Dougherty. Sharon (I III49 Dioglav Julia (I I) 140 Duvollt. Gregory (12) |Ot. 226 Dow Dale (II) 14$.204 Dow. Laura (10) 185. 209 Down.. Steve (II) 140.207 Dials., Ted (admn)53 Doyle. Cnllren (10) 161 Doyle. David (101 ICS Doyle. Drnnlt (It) 104. 236 Draget. Bruce (12) 104. 214 Drake. Carolyn (12)104 Dreher. Janna (III 140, 107 Dreher. Jama-. (10) 1 5 Drrltbach. Liu (10) IW. 214 Dudley. John (10) I®. 253 Dugan. Judith (10) 161 Duggan. Pat rasa (10) 161. 165 Dulln. Kevin (10) 165. 229 lhanbar. Rtck (10)85. 165 Duncan. Gerald (11)149.206 I Kin gam. Dartelyn (11)149 Dsanhanv Richard 111)149 Dunlins. Dmald (11)148 Dunn. PalricU (12)96. 104 Dunn. Tim (10) I® Dinxnore. Richard (121104 Dunwlddie. Catherine (10) I®, 306 Duoot. Shelley 111)149. 189.210 Durand. William (IIM40 Dirham. Nancy (121104. 1 1.307.210 Dus irk. Sharon (10) I® Dvuneven, Thoma. (Iar)60 E Karnes David (10) I®. 253 Kastman Kluabeth (10) I® Kastman Mary Kaye (10) I®. 200. 217 Kbrrle. William (11)149 Fbertv Tara (II 149 Fccfev. Vicki (10lie K-C3ab £47 bsxvsmm. Andrea (II1149 Fconoanoo. Steven s 12) 104 Kdelmam. Karen (10) I®. 209 F-sbwa Ptayerv 21 . 219 Dhtroan. Boh (10) I® Matrons. Mark 11)1 9 M»arsis. Dune (10) I® Edwardv Kathy (11)149 Mwanly Mary (10)1® Kelma. Svrai (II) 149 Kgan. Thoma. Ill 1149 Kgo. Geraldine lfac) 0. 212 Kgusqulia. Adalhrrto 110)1® Kguiquua. Kduardo 112) 102. 200 Khli Sutan (12)23, 104 304 Khlert. John (lac)®. 214 Ktchhorn. Steven (10) I®. 1 6. 241 Fade Janet 110) I® 209 Fsdsmo. Daniel (10) I®. 235 Finland. Rolle (lac)36 Kinch. John (10) I®. £35 Kkberg. Karen 110• I® Klert. Dave (10) I® Klkey. Keith (12) 104. 180 K rv. LuAnne (10) I® KHedge. Robert (lac) 76.2® HU. H.shanl ill) 140. 1 6.234 Mven Nancy (12)104. IM. 307 Kngdahl. John slO) I® Kngehrrtaoo. Robert (10) I®. 214 Engel Joanne 111) 149 KngrL last. (lac) 55 Kngrlhert. Linda (10) I® Engrtbrechl. Ann 112) 104, 207.208 Kngelhani. Pat tadmn)51 Kngclklng. Kathleen (12)104 Kngelttna. Barbara III) 149 Kngrlvma. Bruce (11)148.246 Roger. Mark (12) 104, 106 Engh. Prter (12)104. 1 6 Kogh. Motor (10)104. IM Kngler. Theodore 110)38. I® England. Shanlyn (12)82.104 Engctulrt. Ian (12) 104, 106 KngquM. John (10) 166, 229 Kngtlrom. Brian (1011®. 208 Engrtrom. Jane (11)149 Epple. Michael (10) I®. 208 Erbet. Becky (12)41.104, 103. 207 Erdall. Mike (II) 149 Erdall. Robert (11)148 Erdall. Stephen (12)104 Etickton. Jerry (II )68,22 Erickson Jon (II)®. 149.205.226 Erickson Kirk (10)1® Erickson. Mary (12)104. I®. 214 Eric bon. Peggy 110) I® Erickson. Susan (|0)l® Erlroon. Ji hn ill II4K Enrson. lee (10) I® Erlandson. Joel (11) 1 8. 207 Ervled. Ievlev (10)1® Eat a. Holl. (12)104 Curt it. Mark (11)149 Evans Diane (10) I® Evans Douglas 111)149 Evans Kerry (12)104 107.213 Evans Scott (ID®. 149 K.enrod. Ixwro lfac)7 Even ten, Jane (11 140 E sen si ad. Robert (12) 104 Everett, fame. (10) I®. £35 Kydrn, Edward (12)0 . I®. 204 F KacUer. Bruce (It 1105. 306 Kagrrlie. David (12) 105 SM Kagerlie, Leannr (10) I®. 204 Kaith. Ksr.irn (11)145. 149. 19 Falcoocr. Gnotge 11011® Kaller. (aura (10) I® Kan tier. Diane (las-173. 136. IW Karley. Claudia (11)140 Karnhans Diane (12) I® Earnham Sharon 10)1® Earn.worth. Mary (10) I® 208 Fourth. Anita (II 1 9. 212, 213 Kee. PatrtcU (ID23, 149 Felker. Anne (II) 140. 211 214 Krllman. Lynn (II) 149. I® Kebes. Theme (II) 149 Ferguson. Julie I0)IM Ferguson. ScxXt (12)26. 105. 198 21. Kerris Kent (10) I® Kevenmaier. David (12) I® Kevold. Nancy 11 1 0.200 Kirk. Leo (admn)W Fiedler. Elizabeth ,10) 1® Fiedler. Mary (12) 105 Fiedler. Nancy 10)1® Fiedler. Susan (12) I® Field. Jeffrey lit) I®. 226.243 Fields Brooke 12)1® Filreis Jamev (10) I® 219 Fmdlry. Peggy 11)149. 1 1. IW Flndorff, Robert (10)1® Erne Steven (10) I® Finer. Ward (12)1® Fmk. John (10) I® Finks Daniel (1011® Fmk.. Jamev (12) I®. 326 Finlay. George (1211® Finlay wo. Aruie (II) 140 Finley. Barbara ill) 149 fish Dave (10)1® Either. Candace i It) 42. 1® Either. Dave (II 149.25S Either. Margot (10) I®. I®. |75 Either. Richatd (11)149 FaKAlnondOM® I® Fxjgrrald. .Anne (10) IM FU.kamp, Meg (10)1®. 189.307 Flail. Lan (I2HW Ftattum. Jerry (13)1® Flrrr. John (12) IW Fleer. lamia (10) I® 2® Mickmger. Jan (10) IM Flynn. John (11)149.1® Fogrlman. Sonia (foe) 78 Follrvtad Doug (II) 149.32 Football 336.327.22 . 220 Forvlund Curt (I I) 149. 235 Forvvthr. Jean (II) 149.304 Fnaoro Nancv 110) IM 114 Foiaey. Brian (10) IM. I®. 320 Fcwrom. Mark (III 150 226 Fcwter. Deborah (12) IW Fortes Jamev (HUM Foater. Masnarsl (12)1® Farter Sandra (11)130.214 Kos Nancy 11)150 Fronts. David (12)1®. 216. £34 Frenke. Kevin (111304 Frawley. Stephen III I ISO Fredenhall. PFivlls. (12) 107. 121. I® 301 Fredrick. Deborah (12) 107. 22 Frederick, Mark (11)130. I®. 207 Fndnrkvon. Delamr (lac) AO. I® Freds. Patricia (12)107 Freeman. Douglas (12) 107. 309 Freeman. Janet (12)107 Freeman. Mark III 1150 Freeks Jamev (12)1® Fteerks Robert (12)1® Freitas. Karen (12)1® Freitas Micyaell 10) I® French Club 9M. SOI French. Virginia (f»c)79 Frelland. Mali 112)25. 27 Frewdenthal. Karri (12) 150 Free. Joe (I I 150 Frey. Paul (10) I® Frey. Robert (11) ISO Frich. CtodvilOII® Filch. Curt (II) I® Frick, Thoma. (11)1® Knrdricht. Richard (11)1® I nstiherg. Michael HO) I® 246 Frohbach Harbaro |I0 I® 174 Frobbwch. Linda (11)1®. 301 209 Frohbach. Mary (10) IM Flunk. David 112145. I® Frykman. Susan (10) I® 212 Fuller. Bradley (11)1® Fuller. Brian 111) I® Fuller. Jaroet (10) IM Funk. Ronald (10) I® Kurnev. George I «dmn) 49 Future Basinets leader. Of Kditsa 214 213 Futewe Teacher.of America 214.213 c Gaaiedrlrn. Da. id (I I) I® Gaasedrlrn. James ill) I® Gallant. Thomas lit)I® Gammed. Kathleen (II)I® Gammon. Sail. (11)1® Gammas. Steven (ID®. I® Cans. fame. (10) I® 251 Garber Jim tit) I®. I®. 2®. 231 Carrrtl. Catey (11)72. I®. I®. 191 CarrHoo. Darla, 12DOT Garrison. Paul (12) I® Carnton. Steve (10) IM, 2® Garrison. William (12) I® Gomty. Susan (It) I®. 214 Careen. Thomas 110) I® Gates. Holly (1211®. 141. IM GautK-hs. Barbara tIO) IM Carla. Edward (far 45. 60. K Gain or, Mary (10) I® Grhrsng. Caro (11)1®. Iltt. 103 CenUi. Gregg (II)I®. 226 t-eppert Paul (I I) I® (tapped. Timothy (12) I® Gefherding Whit (12) IW Gerdet. Donald (12)®. I® IW German Club IW. IW Cerrte. Cynthm (11) I®. 212. 213 Cerrrth W rndv (10) I® 217 Greta. Thoma. (II) I® Grrval. Susan ll 1)1® Ghortlev, John HO) I® 229 Giambrono. Michael Hill® Ciambnmo. Patrick (11)1® Gumbrurvo. Steve H211® Cfcba. Cheryl (1013 . IM G«bson. Glorva (II) I® Gyrblnk. Jobs (10) I®. £35 Gilbertson. Brod (11)44. IM Gillen. Huabrth(l2)l® Gslligaw Steven 12)1®.222 Gdman. Robb ill) I®. 331 Gslmarr. David (It) I®. I®. 211. 231 Ctria’ Athletic Assocsatiow tit. 213 Clroua. Metro (10) I® GatloMNS. Barbara .12) I® 166. I® Cilia ton. Mary (10)1® IM Ci.trlhevk Robert (II) I® 22 GJendoi. Hrorv 110)1® Claim. Patricia (lac)® Cle.sr.rr David (II) I® Clev.c.r» Mark (10)1® Glocke. Jane (12) IW Goblirocb. Mary (10)1® Golden. Kathy (10) I® (adderstlrm Richard (fad®. 7| (inhlke Louile ill I® Gogtlieb. Mark (10) IM Csxtiackrr. Mark (11)1® Cottsacker. Mike 1011® Crabb, Robert (It) I®. 226 Graham, (tall (10 2® Cramlmg Dave (10)1® Crandbost. James 112) I® Grangaard. Blake HO) I®. 204 Grant. Dallas (12) I®. 222 Gravdahl. Janice (foci® Graves. Cynthia (11) I®. 2® Cravirr. Cary (12) I®. 222 Gray, David III) IM. 22 Greers. Fredrick (11)1® Green. Stepbrnie (I I) I®. 204 Green, Vivian HO) Iff? Greene Patricia HI) I® Green Hugh Thomas (II) I®. I® Greer. Amy III)I®. 163 Greer. Ted foc)64, ® Cree-r. Ireonn (10) Iff? Gregory- l-ori HO) Iff? Gregor.. Steven (12) 89. IW. 226 Crrig. Kathrvn (II) I® GiennelL Andrea (11)1® Crrtte. Joan 112)®. IW. I®. I® Crrv. Julian (foci® Grevets. Marianne (IS) 100,130 Crewe, Pamela (11)1® Grey wilt. Rlchaid HO) Iff? Grey w til. Robert (11)1® Crtlfln. Mar.in (lac)® Griffin. Steve IID70. IM.22 Cnlfln. Vtcki (12)37.1®. 123.1® IM, 302 Griffiths Mart (11)144.1®. IM. I® Griffiths. Sally (10) 107 CrtN. Robert (10) 107 Crtnnel). (h ml roe (12)25.27. I® 181.1®, 211 Gnt.inger. Edgh (C c)® I® Grogan. Maureen HO) 167 Grosh. Sharon (12) I® ClUMMO. Virginia (10) Iff?. 3® Croth. Wendy (10) 167 Grot he. Cbervl 12 IW. 2CC 304Cmthr. Cary (12) I OB. 20 Crave John (12 109.217 Craven, Scott (10) 43. 187 Cruggm Tern (1211 OS VA CrrnUul Judy (II)ISO (kibbru.l Moth (far 160. hi Curt r he. Vlv am I ace 35 Culbra. Zee (It) 100. Iff? Crillifnrd. Nancy (10)107. ITS. INO. 195 CwlllCord. Paula (If 1109. IHI Can bent Suun (10)167.806.207 (muIottw Carol (121100 Ccmdrtntaei. Man (101 Cwknaa. Jeffrey (10) 1ST Caaalafton. lamer (10) 167 Cenfafttm. Jeanne (It) 100 Cualaftrm. Kevin (10) 167.186. £04 Cutiafwm. Mary (12)100 Cud oil. Merrill fac 8t Ct nanavttca 2S2. 2S II Haagentm. Chnatine (12)109 Maa«. Maryann (II)ISO llabrrlom Lrtlic HO) 167 llab W,.. Kathleen 111) 148. 130 207 Had. Suun (II) ISO HadfirU. George 12)100 Hasrman. Jaocl (10)167 liegeman. Kim (I I) |yi HagrmriUer. Rauha (fac 173.74 Hagen. Jeffrey (10)167 Hagen. Nancy (II )J30 Hafrn, Nancy (10) 167 Hagen, Warnr (10) 187. 220 Haftmvta . Linda (||)iso Halre. jam (10) 167 Hale Michael (II M5O.220 Haley Drama 11)100.198 Hall. CrrgHDIlO IUU. Jell 110) 167 Halt Nancy (10) 167.214 HaH. Robert (adorn 153 Hall Stenart HO) 167. SON Mallrrhaow. 7Vwn., HI) 110. U6 Halpem. Unda (10)167 Halvrrwm. Cary (12)110 lUlvonen. Elmer ((ac 160 Halvortra. Steven (12) 110 HaIvnnen. Suunll0)|A7 Haltorvon. Janice (12) 110.22J llalvonm. Roy (! )« Ilaniann. Jamrt iaihnn )4Q Hamm Steven (I0 |67 Hancock. Steven (12)110.231 Hancock William (1011«7 Haney. Rradford 111)150 Hannah. I.vnn (10) 167 Ilanmu. Barbara (12) 110.214 HanMn. Ronnie (10)167 Han ten. Brian 1101 in? lUnu-n Charier (II)ISO llanwn. David (bcuidlSO llanten Dliae 12)110 Ifanten Eric (11)28. !50.186. 207. 228 Han ten. Jane 112) 110. 189 Hanten. John 12)110 llanam. Jew (II) 150 Han ten Nanev (10)167 Hanum. Scott (12157.110. »4 Hamlat N«o (12)110 ISO Hanake. David (I I) ISO llanaon. Allan (10) 167. 207 Hannan, Dana (II) 130 llanam. Dm (10) 167 lUnam. Melanie HO) 167 llanaon. Staratnn (10) 167 llanam. Weaady (10)167 llanaon. Wendy 10)167 Hardin Barbara (11) 131 Hardman Paul (10) 167 Hare Barbara Hac)36 Harmon Keith 110)»|. |67 129 Harman. Stark (10) 167 Harper. Dune 12)110. 201.209 Harper. Grant (10) HIT 229 Harr. Sract(ll)l3l Harmd. Michael (121110 Hart. Darrell (10)167 Hartman. Richard (lac)65 Haacall. Rickard (12) 110 lUacall. Pena HO) 167. 186 2m Haatlnga. Holly (12)110 llatck. Mark (12)111 Hatpin. Todd(12)III Hauler, Bruce (l|)|3l Haugland Ten (II) 151. IB. 197 Haupt. Renee HO) 167 Have,la Bnace(12)III.206.234 Haveralock Henry (111131.228 Haw. Nanev (II MSI. 208 llawk. Kathleen (10) 167 Hawk Thomaa (11)151 Hawklnaon. Jack (II) 151 Hawklnaon. Tom HO) 167. 235 Hawlea. Roaa 112)111 Hawthorne. Prudence 12)111. 181. 200 Havre Anne (12)111 Have . CaMy (10)167 Hayfcoe. Oriaropke, (11)38.131. 226 Haymaker. William III )ISI Haw Bunnle ill) 151 llarelton. Lynn (II) 151 Healev. Michael (10)167 Heath. Dm (12) III Hed Douglat ladmnl 49 Hede. Vicki (10) IM .206. 214 Hedlund. Kathrvn (12) 111.214 Heck. Bnan 12) 2k 89.116. £». 231 Hrlfelfmgrr. Erac (II1151 llrytnauer. Suun HO) 168 llelkenen, Joy (10) 168 Hetnbcckrl Mark ill MSI Heinbccket Suun (10) 168 lletnea. Mary (II1131 Heinrich. Sail (12)111 Heinrich. Suun (11)151 Hrtnrag. Mark (10) 168. 229 Hellr,Sigmund |II)I3I llelllckann. Karen (It) 111.201 Hemp. John (10) 168, 229 Hemp. IVter (II1131. 228 Hemprl. Cynthia HI) III Hetvderam. Sandra (10) 168 Henderam. Scott (12)111.234 Hendncka. Mickarl HI) 131 llendrickam. Rick (II1131.233 Hendrtckam. Sally (12)111.214 lleoelkld. Maureen III)ISI HenrfaeU. Norene (II) 131 Hrnoevay. Cathy (I I) 151.180.108 llrnrv. John HO) 168. 246 Hmaeler. David HO) 168 Henam. I jura 110) 168 Herb. Clrtmanl 10) 168.03 Herb. Harriet (board)30 Herman. Aim (10) 168 Herman. Jill (12) 111 Herman. John 112 III I. £34 llerahea. Julie (10) 168 llrrrog. Lealle (10) 166. 180 Hevacler. Bob (10) 168 Heaaeler. Jedin (II ISI lleaterman. Beth (11)131 Hewitt. Mark (I I) ISI Hillard. Robert (12)111.217 Hil ba.Suan«ll0Mfi8.206 H.rld Martha (12)111. 183 Hu uia. Charley (12)37. «6. 80.111 Hill. Jeffrey (12 M11 Hill Kathleen (II) 131 Hill. Kim bed y HO) 168 180.207 Hill. Uni (12)111.222 lllll Patrick (12) 111. 222 llilleren. Sue (12)37.111.202 11 met Mickarl 110)168 Hmterberg. Nancy (12)111.182 Hina. Barbara (12) 112 Hippe. Scott (10)168 204 Hippy Jamey HO) IM 231 Hindi. William (I I 131 Hincbry. Kevin (10)168 JOB Hirtckey. William (II MSI Hitchcock Claudia (II) 131 lll-T 196,1 7 lil t formal 28. 29 Hooghmd. I«r (11)1.31 llnaglunal. Rlbacca (10)168 Hoaglwnd. Shirley (fac156 Hoak Alice HI) ISI Hockey 240.241.241 241 Hoecberl. Robert I lac 180 liograam. Jeffrey III) 131 Hokanacn Cade (11)131.209 Hoi. Cre ( 10)168 Holie. Catherine (12)111212 llolie. kina (II) 131 licit. Shelley (12)28, 111 189 Holland. Paul 110)1(8 Hollway. Anaar (10) 1 8 Hallway. Michael (It) 112.226. 246 Holm. Jean (11)131 Holm Krialin (10) 168 H-lm Uurir (10) 168 Hotmbeeg. Holly (12)112,214 Holmet. Drama (II MSI llolmev Jeffrey ilOMM.BI Holmet R«veil 111)131 Holmet. Tndd ill )S7.131, 203 Hok. Bradley (10)168 Hokum. JettM-a (10) 1 8 J02 Homecoming 24. 23.2«. 27 Honae Er Club 2II 2U Hop ini. Cary III MSI. 233 Itornrllrt 1 2.193 Horn, Kimberly (10)168 I (oral man Patrice HO) 168 Hama. Kaihnn (10) 168 IM Hmaton. Mark (12)111 183 Hoade. Beth (12)112 Ifovdr. David (12)112 Hovde (ire ill 1151 Horde. Hope (10) 1 8 Hovel. Rickard (10) 168 Hovrlarwl Jean (12)113 Hoaervtad. Keith (10) 168.217. 229 Howard. Man (II 131 Howell Sian III) 151 Howell. W illiam HO) 168 Howella. Kami (10) 168 Hoyer. linduy (12)28, 29. Ill 226. 227.228.239 HoyL Thomaa (10)168 Hubert. Carl 12)113 Huff. Steve 110)1 8.230 Hunlna Robert 111)131 Hughe. Drama 12)28 113.186. 167 Hughe. Iluabeth 111) 131 Hughct. Kevin (12) IIS Hughct. Patrick (11)131 Hub. Lite (12)113 Huh. Paul HOI 168 Hub man Rartwra fac 176.214 lluk at rand. Cvwtku 112 1113 Hunter Maraka (10)168 Hurley.Cviatkia (10)168 Hurtea Patrick (11)131 Huai ad Virfliau 112) 111 307.210 Haitckinaon Robert (10) 168. 246 Hmcklna.ua William (12)111 226 llutam Sandra (10) 168 Htland. Slepkra (ItM 13 I I Ball 38.38 lldaiad. Suianor |I2)NB. 113 186 Image. mike Wind 184. 183 limur Karra (It) 113 Immel. Jamrt (10)168 (name! Michael 1(2)113. 222 Iwunrl Timothi 1101168 I rut-aid Mary 110136, 168 201 Inman. Janet (II) ISI lira I jura (10) 168.208 liennn. Marilyn 1101166.206 Ilenoo. Thomaa (11)131 J Jack. Joanne (12 113 Jackaon. Candice III MSI Jackaon Janet (12)0.113 Jackaon. Klmhrrla 110)168 Jackaon. Satan .10) 166 Jaouba. Anne (111 ISI Jacob.. Kathy (11)131 facobaen. Steven 11)131 Jacobaoo Bruce (10) 168. 1 1.229 Jamboli. Lnaala (II) 151.228 Jamrt. David (12)113 Jamrt. Suun (10) 168.2M Jaoeeke. Otto ifac)84 Jenten. Jay (111131 Jenara Mark (12)113 2£M Jenten. Scott (12)113.234. W3 Jraaen. Sco4t 110)168 Jenten. Suaan (II) 131. 209. 212 Jrpaon William (fac)36. 70 Jerpbok Chrlwme HI) ISI Jrab. Mary (11)131.201 Joav ElUabath (11) 144. 153 19 J«aa Nancy (12) 113 Jcbt 40. 41 Jckndreau. Angela (121113. 202 John ion Amy (10)168. 201 JoKnaon Barbara A 11)38,76.131 202 Jchnaon. Barbara D (I I) 132.207 Johnaon Barbara (12)113 Johnaon. Mh (II) 152.207 Jnhntnn. Cheryl (12)113.186.19R. 202.304 Jnhntnn Chnatine 12)113 John ton. Craig (12 113 Jrkntam. Curtla. (lac)63. 6 . 216 Jchnaon. Dana (12) 114 Jnhntnn David 111)152 Jnhntnn. David (12)114 Jnhntnn. Dai id (12 114. IB jnhnton. Dean 112) 114 Johnaon. Deborah (10) 168. 20U Jnhntnn Debra HO I IM Johnaon. Dranit (12)114 Johnaon. Dvan, 12)114 Johnaon. Uuabeth (12) 114. 02 204 Johnaon. lone (tec)S3 Johnaon. Jean ill 1131. 131 213 Johnaon Jill (10) 1 8 Johnaon. Judy (10)24. ItM Jnhnton. Kalhvl 10) 168.207 Jnhnton Kevin (10) 168 Johnaon. Kirk (11)132 Johnaon. Larry (12)114 Johnaon. Larry lfar)63 Johnaon. Linda (12)96. 114,180.200 Johnaon. Lynn (11)152 Jchnaon. Mania (12)114 johnaon. Mamit (10) 168,208 jnhnton. Margaret (10) IM Johnton. Sfark 112)114 Jnhnton. Mark R H2MI4 Johnton. Nancy 12)114 Mutton. Pai (fac)36 Johnton frier (10) IM Jchnaon Randolph (II) 132 Johnaon, Rebecca (101168.189 Jchnaon. Sandra (II 151308 Jcdanam Suaan (11)152. 196 Johnton. Thomaa (101 IM. 201 Jnhnton, Victoria (II) 132 Johnton. Virgbata (11 MSI 207 Johnaon. William (ItM14 Johaaton Donna (II1132 JohnIloo. Jamrt 112120. 114 Joodakl. K nil ine (II) I.VI Jonea. Betty 12)114 Jwea. Nancy ilOIIM Jcaaet. Patric ia (10) IM Jcmev Hirlln (12)113 Janet. Robert ill 1152. 228 Janet Timothy IlOIIM Jordan. Martin (admn)S3 Jordan. Patncta (II) 132 Jurgen cm, Karra 112)113 Jmrhko.Culhy (11)132 Joyce. Jamrv HO) IM. 186, 196. 229 an Judd. Julie III M32.183 Juhl, Knit me (10) IM Jullar. Conk hi (fac)M Juneau. Eliraheth (10)IM Junior Achievement 40. 41 Junko. Jamrv 101 1(8 t-mko J. dui 12)115 K Kaatr. Jranlfer (ItIIIS.208 Kam Kevin 1101 IM Kan pa. Kay(l2MIS Karlik Chelation (I0)1M Kartik John I It MIS. 196.206 Karr. Barbara III) 132 Karr. Jeffrey (12)113 Katprt, Patricia (II) 132 Kaaprtrk Suun IlOIIM Kaufmann. Geoffrey (12)113. 186, 220 Kaufmann. Nancy HO) 166. 186. 226 KavanaugH. Kalklrra 11)132 Kaaanaugb. Mickarl (10) IM Kawaguchi. Mark (12)113.206 Keegan David (12) IIS. 253 Keegan. Peter (10 MM. 207 Keeler. Mickarl (10)1 0 Keeler. PameU (12 M15 Kchow. Marv III) 132 Keith. Mary HO) 169 Ke«k. Batty (12)26 113. 188 190 Kettee. Paul. (II) 132. 304 Kelley. Katka (11)131211213 Kettev. Mirhael (12)116 Kelley. Steve (11)132 Kellogg. Todd HI) lit £31 Krtty. (barley HI) 152.228 Kelly. Dove HOI 169 Kelly. Karra I9) 60.213 Kettv. Michael 112)116 £34 Kemmack. Marv 112188. 116 £» Kmatlon Pravcalla 10)160 Kennedy Deborah (10) I Kennedy, John (II) 132 Kennedy. Kathrvn III) 132 Kranedv. Rev (12)11 Kennedy. Ranald v Hoard)» Kranedv. William (II 132 Kranrllv, Urn (10) 160 Kevtertim. Patricia (ItM 16. 23 Krtkrr. Mary (11)151 Ketwin. Detihe (10)100 Krtchum. John (10)38. I 0 Kidd. Ball (11)134. £18 Kteller BnbertHMIM Kiel. I.vaanette (10) IBB. 212 Kalburg. Beth (10) I® Kalian. David HOll6U Kalian Deborah (12)116 Kalian. Janaet (10)169 KJlan Rlchanl 110) 160 Kim. Mary (10) 109 Kbadrm. ElUabrth (W) 169 Kmdrm. Todd ill) 132 Knaioei. W'aytae ladmn 133 King David III) IM K inning. Gwendolyn (IIMS2 Klniop. Cheryl ilOIIM Kuitop DUne 11)131, £00 Klnalc. Barb (ID £00 Kirkland J.me. IIOIHW. 235 Kiaer. Sandra 111)132 Kitchen Douglat I lOMfitt Kpn. John (12) 116 KM. fhllllp (ID 131202 Kymr. I.vnn HOI 160 Kirin. Marilre (10) 1(0 Klein. Melanie HI 1132.2M. 213 Klrvr Dennia. 12Ml 238 Kleara Barbara HI 1131204 213 Klimpkr Robert (fac)84 Klmdworth. Tamara(12)l 16, U Kloaaraer. David (12)73. 116 Kloalrr. Dawn (II) 132.301 Klucat. Craig (II M32.ira4 Knrra. Kerm-illMSI Knight. Scott (IS) 116. 182 kmpprnberg Mary (12)116 Knipv Deborah (II) 131188 K» —let Kathleen (12)111££3 Koch Barbara ill 11 I97.2M Koewtg, Vicki (101 lflO.213 Konumakl. Sue 110) 169 20. Komarek Jnbn(l2MI Knmarek Linda HO) 1 0 Koav Virginia lll)3l. 132 K oat el U. Ranald (fac 180. 228 Kauarh. Sowan (II) I3B.304 Krucum. HirhHOMW K raevner. Tbomaa (10)160 Krafft. David (II) 132 Krahl. Patricia (111132 Ktaker, Kim (10) 160 Kraker.Sam III' 132 Krapu JowlllMSa Krauach Jamet (11)132 Krauae.Nancy (12)116 Kretwer. John (12)116.18 Krenter. Mark (11) 132,242 Kraeg. Nano (12 1(6 Kneger. Robert (12)27. II Krlevel Barbara ill M64. ISI 201 Krogalad. (laire (10)160 Krueger Jell 110)160 Krueger. Paul H2)£L 116 Krummel Jane (101160 Knimmel Jennller (10) 160 Knappatadt. J.bn 110)100 Krutr. Vicki (II' 132. 196 Kunti. Oral (fac) 64 Kunti. Mary (12)11 . 223 Kuphal. FJlialarth (10)23. IM Kuphal. Knilme (10)160 Kuatrr. John (12)74 116. ITS. £31 Kvam J.bn (12) L Uffrrty. Teddy (12165. 116.201 204 Ufferty. William (10) 160 229 Lalnne.Cwy (12)116 I-amoral. Jamwe (101160. 807 I-amoral. Kalhlr (10)109 Uadra. Kathrvn (12)116 Im in. John (10) 109 I-arte Alan (10)160 246 I-awe. Swanne 111117 20? l-ang. Jchn ((O' 1 0 Ijwg. Theodore 12)117 Laagefeh. Donald (10)170 Imagkob. Dave ill 1132 lmatto. Lynda 10)170 9Ortman DrtMa.IIIIU.2ir CHtrn.Chrti (III lU Oitcr. Dougla. 1121128 Ourrgren. Melodic III) 126 One Karra (10) 172 Dating (hintme (II)135 Own. kathrvn lai'ISM Outdoor (Tub 217 Orarby. Nkhnlet lit) lift 231 12 Otley. Davd III) IB P Paauhr. Rarhura 12112ft 214 Pace. Card (II) 135. KM Parka Stave lit) 126 Pain. Hxtiant lit) 126 P ltl y.)ohnni)l35.2W Palmehn Jam . (II 133 Palmer. Corn. 10) 172 Pam . Thr.ai.rr 110) 172. 21 Pan. Candy 10)172 Pinum. Oorgr 110) 173 Parana... |.nw. 112) I2f. 222 Parvnn. Sw.an III) 133, 202 204.206 Palnrk. FJainr ll 155 Pattrram. Demit (It) 129 Pattrmm. JnAnn 121126.206 Pauhcw, LHII Paultro. Mark (10 173 Pa.nr |anr(l2)l26 Pranon. Roger(10)173 Peck. Jrlfrrv 10)173 Pnlrnm. Dalr 111)135 Paddir. Sandra (10) 173 Paddy cart Krtth 110) 173.247 Prrr. (and (III 143. IU. IMt. 197. UK Pralirld. Michael 112) 126 Pmlirld. Patricia (10) 173.212 Pmgrlly. Sumb (10)173 Prnnrr. Barbara III) 133. 188 Pn.Oohl6y.IV Peri Mary (II161. IU. 212 Prrkmt Kalhlrrn III ) m IVrkln. William lt)IW Prrrauh. MKiarl (It) 126 Prterv Mark (II) IU Prim. Mar. (12) 126 PWenrtv ('hrlkliw (12) 127 FWervem. Ira (10) 173. £33 PHcrveei. Robert (lae)29. 70.71.217 Prirrw-n. Thoana. (12)127 Petrrven. Thoanai (10)173 Pfienetv W avnr 1101173 Ptimm Barbara (10) 173 Prtrrvm HartMadltin. IMI Peienon. Carl 112) I IS. 127.204 Prirrv.il armrn 110) 173.203 Prtrnon. Him 110)173 Prirnon Jay (It) 127.216 Prtrnon John (III IU Pairrvm. Kay (11)40 Petervuv I ran (10)173 Pfirnon Marlovr (12) 127 Pairrvm. Miriam (10)173 PairrvH. Birhard (II) 133 226 Paarrvm Ronald (II) in. 231.233 Pairrvm Sheldon lit) 127. 231. ttt Pairrvm. Stephanie 1211 7. 204 Pairrvm Su.ac. .12)27 127. IW. 207 Pairrvm. Thuma. (12) 126 Prarrvm. Toati 110) 173.238 Pairrvm Warm 10)173 Pain. Am. line) 73 IVtachaurr Jamra Hit IB P»it.. Knr 10)173.216 IVftv Mark 12)89. 126.216 Pfrilfrt. StrvraHDISS Pfbirr. Gail (12) 106.126 rtirlp. Call (12)126. 03 Phrlp. I.m.101173 PhdUpa. Michael (It) 126 Pm hard Kalhlrrn (12) 124 Pkrrr Fred (It) 126 226 Plraca. Wan (11)135 PWarr. Thnanm (12) 126.214 Pkavm. Jrlfrr. (10)173 PMtrvck. (mil 10)161. 173 Plairkk. Maureen (12)126. 1 2 IW P.llrn Candace (12)89. 116.212 Fmkham Jell (It) 126 Puli. Karen I2)M. 126. 204. 213 Flavnan. Barbara 12)126.217 PUioo Kranrih 12)12' Plait Karra (121126. 202. 214 Plata and UinKih32.33.34,33 Plntnkka, Jim III) 133 Plum. Mary (11)136 Pndnra. Franrme (II) 156163. 211 Podnra, Kurt (It) 126 Frdduiakv. Catherine . 121 IN Pub lad Jamri (II) 136 Pohlad. Robert 10)173 Poliak Deborah (lt)W. 129 Pollock, Kaiheaane c 121129. IW.2I4 Pollock. Nancy (II1136 Pdafuta. Mark 12)23. 120. 182. 163. 210 Ponlrav Nancy HOI 173.209. 214 Pop Concert 34. 33 Porter. Robert 111)133.136 226 Portmga Janr.tr (It) I2B Pott. Herman III) 129.213 Poalhumua. Da.ad 10)173 Poathumua. Janri (It) lt». 208. 204 Poailaikvaalr. Da«d It) 129 207 Pciter. Kenneth III) 156 »l Pouell. Deborah (10)173 Prail. Jim (10) 173 Pratt. Marcia (II) ISA Pratt. Mrlma ill) 136. 204 212 P»lt Robert (II) 136 Prechl Si earn 12)26.129. 186. 167 Prekalo. Peter 111) 136 202 Prptcail. Nancv III 1136 Price. Huabetb (11)136 Praoa. Donald I admn 146 Pvthogiaf. Surrtte(ll)IS6 Piuwphrry RrIan (11)136 Punkrtv Raymond (admn 49 Piardv. Robin (10) 173 Putman. Scoil (11)36 156 2B Q V«am. Deborah (12)129 Qmck. Thnmaa (It) 129. 226 QiaiU and Vrall 226 221 Qumltvan. Jean (11)136 Quinn. Jamra 11)136 Oalan.Man (12)129.160 Oirk. Mike (10) 173 R Haaach Daniel III) ISA. 216 217.233 Rachie. JranntH It) 26.30.130 Radio dub 217 Rafahul. Ann (12) l» Raichcrt, John (121130 226 Baile Kathleen 12)130 Hanct Robert (12) 130 Ralette. Thoma. 112) 130. 226 229 Ralkaa. Chmtm (121130 Rauch Dune tl0)l73. 209 Rauch Janet (It) I 206 Raaavh Drbhv-til |2I2 Raaell Suun 110) 173 Raymond. Roberta .101173 RedCrm. 136.160 Rarer. Be. (11)136 Baud. Debbie (12) 130 Ram . John (It) 130.160.234 Hrrvn Barb (10) 160. 173 Re«an. Paula (11)136 Ravil. Stoat. (12) 130. 226 Hrhmann Arnold (admn)40 Hetramann. Cynthia (12) 28.20. 110. IB. IW Rrvbmann Patricia 110) 173 Reaehow. Raahard (fac)B, 222 Roeryon Rebecca (10) 173 Romer. Cerogr (lac) 73 Rekrt. Cretcbm (12)131 Rahim Anthony 111)136 Rrrnelr Chnalophca (12 ) Remote. Mary (12) 331 Remote. Mvhetle (10) Return. Scott HI) 131.222 Reno. Grant (II1136 231 Rcnibre. Michael (II) ISA Rent vhler Davd 10)173 Rentvhlrr. Jahn (12) 131.226 Herat. Fugra (11) 136 Herat Mary (12) 131 Reach. Jed lit! 131 Ret rum. Brora (II) 136 Revord. Jean (10) 173 Reynold.. Jamra (10) 173.233 Reynold.. Kenneth 110) 174.166.233 Rhonda. I.yn (101174 Rholl Jeffrey itO) 174 Rhymer, (aura (II 136 tit. » Rke. Ami (12)106 131. I«0 1 1. IW Rice. Nano (lac 173 Rkr. Shirla lac)73 Rkh. Linda (It) 131.214.217 Rkhanh. Suun 12)131 Richey. Suun I It 131 Ridley, Jean III) 136 206 RtoV Rohert (11)136.226 Riley, Mary (11)136 Ran . Tom (10) 174 Ring. Holland iadmn)46 Kingemd. Cathy (12) 131 Rmiham Rebecca (12) 116 131.161. km xa . Ringland Barbara 111) 136 Rlnlelmann. Ann (III ISA, 165 Ripltmcer Bradley 110)174 Ripana. Mark (12)131 RnchmlHer. John (10) 174 RiachmiDrr. Red (10) 174.204 RnchmiDrr. Robert (12)131. 247 Ritvold. Stay an (11)136 Ritchie, Jrender (10)174. 166. 203 Hivall Thoana. (10) 174. 80 Robrrtv Bradford . 10)38.174. Stt Robert.. Janai (10) 174 Rnbert.. John (II (136 226 Robert.. Nancy (11)156. 206 Robert., Thoma. 10)169. 166.239 Robert ion. Jam t II)B 136.226 Robert.cm Michael 112)131 Robertvm. Tad (10) 174 Rnbivm. Cynthia (10) 174 Rtdkvm. Sarah (12) 131 Robvm. Kim (II) 136 Roby. Mary (10) 174 Roche, Chrly (10) 174. 233 Rockwell. Courtney 112) 162.2M Rotary Mancarei (111156. 20 Rotten. Martin (12)132 Rohde Roberta 112) 132 Rdf, Daniel (10) 174 Roll. Tlmuiby (II 156 Rollten. Oregon (12)113.132. KM Rollrlvm. Catherine t It 1132 Hoanunrhtad. Carol (11)136 RnnaM. Davd (II1136 Row Paul (12) 132.222 Roar. KrtMv (II1136186.190 Rot . Richard ill) 136 Roae. Siuanne (12) 132.201 Row. ThomaiC (12)132 Roae Thoma. J (12)132 Roaenow Barbara (II) 136 164. IB 169 197 201 Roaenthai. Jellrey (II1136. KM Boatman. John (It) 132 Ronman. Tom III) IS6 Roth. Andrea (11)136 202 Rothgeh. Cynchlh (10)174 Rot harm. Oregon (It) 13 . I6B 226 Rowland Huabeth (11)136 Roy. Catherine (12) 132 Rod. Patricia (II) 136 Raw. Karen (12) 132 Rowell John (101174 Ruaaell. Rurl (It) 131. 222 Ruth Terry (II) 136 Ryan. Catherine |0) 174. 206 Ryan. Charlea (II) 136 166 Ryan. Rick (10) 174 Rvbrrg. Cad 110) 174 Riepec ki Steven (11) 136 138.226 s Snarl Da«d(ll)IS6 SadtoHawbn.tS.29 SadowOL Dan (10)174 Sahhteen. Tim (10)174 Saively.Tom (II) Saland. Pad (II) 13 Samparll Kathleen (It) I® 132. 213 Sanborn. Deborah • 12)26. 132. !«0 Sanderv Jamra (111 131. 2 T Sandeaa. Marcaret (111 132.203 Sand raw Roberta ,II) 136 Sand.lmm.Rm (11)136 Sandnk Dunne (fee160. 212 Sand ik. Polly (10)174 Sanfihppo. Sarah 11)43. 144. ISA. 1 9 SanvilIr. Daed (fac)63 Sal her Robert (10) 174. 207 Sait rr lee Richard (It) 132 Satterle . Thotna. 11)136 Sattrrliaral David (II) ISA. 228 Saucier. Neil (10)23.174.229 Saude. Rebecra (II) 136.212 Sauve. Mrlitu (12)132. 2®. 214 Saelk. Paula (10) 174.209 Savon Dennn (10) 174 2B Sa. rr Robert (far)M. 226 Sailon. Mary (II) ISA. 212 Satire.. Steve (10) 174 Scarborough. Jean 112) 132. 221 Scbaelra. John (10) 132. »4 Schaf0uu.cn (mil (II1136 201 Srhallrr. Stephen (10) 174 233 Scbaurr, Linda (12) IM. ISO Schrllha. Hrd. 11)136 IW Scbiel. Mark 110) 174 Scblllmc Mlrabeth (II) ISA Schilling. Debbie (10) 174 Scblrmet. Ann 111) 136 Sc-hirmer Man Jo (10) 174.160. IM Nehru her Joe) 1121 IM Scheirea I)., id 110) 174 Scblottea. Nvholaa 112 133. 226 Srblueter. Deborah (10) 174 Scbluter. Danu-I. It) IB Schmerfer. Suun (It) 133. IW Schmidt. Terry (II) ISA Scbmdl. Red (admn) 4V Schmidt. M tllum (III 133.117 Schmitt. Robert (10) 174 Schmitt. Thruna. ill) 136 Schmunk. Michael (II) ISA. 166 Srhnrder. I aura (III 133. 206 Schnobnch. Nancy (10) 174. 200 Sch reran goal. Mary (10)32. 174 Scbreylier, Jim (I I) 136 Scbroeder. Duvd (II) 156.233 Scbreader. Paul (10)174 Scbuck. Sandra (II IM Schulte Robert (10)174 Sdwlti. Brian (10) 174 Sthulu. DmigU. 112) 133. KM Schulti. Fredrick (It) 134 ScbuU JrunifacISO. 164 Schumacher Iinda(lt)l34 Scbuttea. Kathleen III) ISA Scbwartxbauaf. Paul 110) 174. 233 Schwara. Sara (10) 174. 166 Schwriger. Krnh(lt)l34 Scirnce Seminar 117 Sraggm. Sally (12)134. 182 183 Scott Bradley (10)174 Stott FJuabeth (10)174 Scott. CraHray (12)134.166.204 Scott Clroda (It) 134.214 Scott. Ktmbedy HO) 174. 213 Scott. Imda (II 1156.212 Scott. Patrick (10) 174 Sccoeedrn. Jaovrt (10) 174 Vreandeo. John (11)136 Sadgwvhjan.ee (10) 174.20 Segur Webb (It) 60. 134.234 Sedaw.lr.rkrr. Richard (10136 174 Seldaw. John (10) 174 Selvig KrOIH (11)136 Seller Mrredch HI) 136. 216 Srit rr berg. CarU 11 ISA. I«S Srtrrr (Taud.a 12)134 IB Sevaid. Steve (10) ISA SevaM. Paul (II) I5A Sever. Duvd HO) 174 Sevenon, Bawcr HI 136 Sevenon. Kranath (It1134.217.222 Shackelford. Sue (II) ISA Shackle. Cregg (10)174 sharp Amy (10)174 Shaughncuv. Patricia (10) 174.212 Shaw. Thoana.(II1136 Shaw. Robert 12)134 Shay. Lynne 12)134 Shrelv. John (I ) 134. 306 231 Sheely. Marianne 110) 174.209 Sheldrm. JohnHncIM Shrllrv. Karen (10) 174.112 Shehcm. Su.an (II) ISA Sheppard Duvd (12) 134.222 Sherman Robm (II)IJ7 Sherman. RrarBey 10)174 Sheen. Chrtatm (12)96 134 Sheen. Patrteta (10)174 Shdaman. Flualwth 11)157 Shmnert. Katherine llI) 137 Shively. Thnma. (II H37 Shober. Pater HO) 174 Short Barbara HO) 174 Shull Jana (II) 137 Saaa. Theacaa H2 134.200 Sickman Man (fee'64 Sdell. Franklm (III 157, 207 Sdell. (3irMlne 11)134. 214 Stobel Cleon (lac 170 Svbert Pad 11)137 Sierra. Dun (ac)73 Silaa.l.yw«e (11)137.206 Salat. Patrtru (10) 174 StRu. Davd (11)157. 1 2 Sibeamann. Jchn 110)174 Sim. Catherine (12) IB. 210.219 ' mi mi Hiv (hmtii.r (It) |» J y SUlwntoa. Dorm a (10) 174 Sunoaiton. Jim (II) 137 Simpton. Rauca 112) IB Simv Rotieri ill) 157.22 'unv W illiam (10) 174. 229.242 Sirotlak. Diana (It) 133. 207 Slrutlak. Orald (10)174 S.«right. FJlaw (It) IB, 1 9 Skaar fob HI) IS? Skagarberg. Oregon HI) 137. 2M Skagerbetg. Paul (IIUB.222 Skiing 24 . 249 Skogttad. Suun (11)137 Skov. Richard (11)187 Sletten. Jamet 111) IB Sloan. Suun (It) IB. 1 6.213 Slocum Thoma. (I2)IB. IB Smedvig. FrlingHtlB. IB, 202.304 Smith. Anthow. (10)174.240 Smith. Bentley (10) 174 Smith. Davd (12)30. IB 164. IB Smith. Drnnu (10) 174, 229 Smith. Clem. (10) 174 Sm.th. Oregon (12 IB. 202. 201. 206 Smith. Jadra HO) 174 Smith, John (II) 157 Smith Karra HO) 174 Smith. Katherine (II) 137 Smith. Man 11)157 Smith. Michael (It) ISA Smith. Mike HO) 174. 242 Smith. Km hard (12) 136 Smith. Robert HO) 174 229 Smith Sandra (111 136 Smith Scott 11)13? Smith. Scott (10)174. 186 Smith Stephen (It) 136 South Stephen ill) 137 Smith Steven HO) 174 Smith Stevra (II) ir Smith. Suun IIIIIS? Smith Thoma. (I| 79 Smyth Linda HOI 174.20 Sued.her Jill HOI 174, 207 Smaw. Stephanie (10)173 Snvder. Flirabath (11)137 Snyder. Jay (I I) 13? Snyder. Jerry HO) 173 Snyder. W illiam (10) 173 Sobtmkl. Mkhaef HO) 173 Soccer tU. 234. tB Sor. Diane HO) 173 Scdfeh. Robert HO) 164. 239 Soeem Julie (10) 173.213 Sorem Ronald (10)173 Soaenana. Cary (11)137 Suren ton Man (It 1136 Sortebent William (11)157 Sort loo. Roaatme HI) 157. 189.215 Scuba. Davd (12)136 Sowder. Pranv HO) ITS Spann). Chab 300. 201 Spear. Laurel |I0) ITS Spear Sharlaew 11) 157 Spewcer. Dunne (II) IS? Spied . John HI) 157 Spiel man Um III) ISA. Ml Sptka. Nano (12)1)6 Spmdler. Rolwrt (far 175 Spokcv. Petra (11)136 13 . 186. 187. 196234 Sprangary Holly (10) 173 Squirrv Jrailrr HI) 13 Stacey. Rr« HI) IB Stably Michael (10)173. 229 239 Stair. Davd (ID 136 Stake. Jamen (It) 136 KM Stallman. Jay (10) 173. 207 Manek Cordon (12)136 222 Staprk Suun til) ISA Stapd. Steve 110 ITS 221 Starkey. Sandra HO) ITS. KM Staanev. Janice (II) 136219 Stamm. Mary (10) 173 Staavm.SteveH2ll3A.223 Steele. Wilma (tee)B Stela . Hanate (far )73 Steffea. Palrvcu (11)138. KM Stehr Suun (II) 136 Steinbeck. Jeanne (II) 136 Stembaurr Man (12)157.212 Slrlmer. Martha (10)175 Stapbenv J.-mn HO) 173 Stevawa. Nancy (12) 157.166 222 Ste»raum Marry (12) 137 261Slcuart. Tamara 112)137.307 Sle.arlVicki 112)137 Stewart. Victoria (12)137.207. 2l» Siler. |udlth (12)137 Sidlman. Mark 01) 158. MS Stillman Thnenai (12) 137.234 Stillwell. Patricia (10) 173 Minton Hrian (10) ITS Sllrtal. Judith (II) 158. IDO. 195 Stitt. Jell (10)175 Stoakrt. Loma (10) 173. 201 Mot khridgc, Nancy III )I,VI. 18.1 Stockdale. Donna (12) 1ST Stock!. Suian (ll)l». 218 Stocki. William (10)173 Storger. William (II) 158 Stnlarlk. Richard (12)137.214 Stone. Rrun (10) 176 Stone. Carla (10)68.176.103, 20 212 Stone. Michael (12) 137 Stoner. Thom at (10) 176 Stordahl. Cathy (12) 137 Stoteabery. Brian (12)137.217 Stoutenburgh. Anne (11)138, 18 214, 213.217 Moutmburgh. Joteph (12)85. 137 Mrachen. Sotan (10) 176. 212 Stracher. Martha (II) ISA Strand. George (11) 137 Straughan. Deborah (11)136 Straabrldgr. Cynthia (12)28. 137 Mra-bridgc, Sandra (12) 138 Strickland. Marti 110) 176 Strickland. Paul (10)178 Strom. Eric (10) 176 St mm hern Heidi (121138.204 Si tom berg. Philip (10) 176.180 Strambreg. Steve (10)176 Strother. Patrick (10) 176 Slruthrra, Leal! (It) ISA Stuart. David (12) 138 Stuart. Melinda (10)176 Stubba. Midden (10) 176 Stuppy. Jan (II) ISA. 208 Sturm. Warren (12) 138. 201 Student Council 166.187 iubby. Cynthia (11)138.210 Sullivan. William (12) 138 iimu. Jane |I2) 136 aundbent. Stephen (12) II 181 Sandberg Sutan (10) 176. 180. 201. 200 Sunder. Mary (121138 Sumbiuht. Wendt 112) 101. 136 Sutimela. Cary (I I) ISA Supplee. Carol (10) IM 176.200 Swan Ann (lac I .VO Svanoe. Naomi (II) I5A S-anann. Jeff III I ISA Swanaon. Judy (10) 176 Suanaon. Lynn (11)136. 189 Sainton. Rita (12)79.136 Suanaon. Sutan (10)176 Suanaon. William (II) ISA. 206 S» rod teen Barbara III) 143. ISA. 186 192. 103 S urn too Cam! (12)42. 136.197 Swramn. Paula (II)ISA Sweatu». Robin (10)176 Swraaon. Sherwood (10)02.233 Swetman Harhara (10) 176. 209.214 Swrtman. Catherine (121138 Sw immune Symchvch, Holly (II) 136.1 A3 Survnikj Ronald (10)176.229 Srendrrv 1.1 trio (lac)73.73 234. 246 T Taft. Paul (10)176 Tail. Paula (IDIM Taney, dittoed (II) 138 Taney. John (12) 136 Tan . Vick) (I I) ISA Tarim. Katharine III I ISA. 180 Tavlor. Ciena 1 M3 222 Taylor. Greg (10)64.176 Tavlor. Ja»ea(ll)l30 Taylor. Lynne (10) 176 Taylor. Michael (12) 138 Tavlor. Wllliwn 111)139 Tmnraon. Hamid 111) I3B. 217 Tenor. John (10) 176 Teynor. Mart (II) 139 Tharher. Mark (It) L3A Thayer. John 112) 136.211 Thayer. Kathryn (12)138. 189 Thayer. lava (12) 118 196 Thayer. William (10) 176 Theun. Ru» ell (fae)39. 218 Themell. Lynn (II) 139 Then.. Jean Ilf) 13 202 Thewa. Terrta(IO) 176 Thiele. Richard ill)|39 Therlvoldt. Janice (12) 13 . 204 Thomai. Bryant (11)130 Thomai. Jamet (10) 176.206 Thom... Todd (I I 139 Thompson. Jeffrey (12)138 Thompwm. Jellrev (11)139 Thompton. Kevin (10) 17 Thompwm. Linda (12) ISA. 222 Thompwm, Sheri (10) ITS. 207 Thornton. Andy (10)176.242 Thornton. Hnan (12)139. 222 Ihorvtlwm. Nancy (10) 176. 206 Tickle. Sutan HO) 176 TlBery. Bruce (12) 130 Timm. David (II) ISO Tindall. Jamevl 12) 139 Tindall Robin (10) 176. 177. 186 TJaden. Ann (12184.139 ToenliLoetter. David (10) 176 Toepel. Jamet (12)130, 234 Tollefirud. John (12) 139 Torvik. Sandra (10)17 207 Toy fen Tuudan eau, Mark (I I) ISO. 226 Towntwlck, Aim (12)139 Townawlck. Mary (10) 176 Trade and InAiitriil Education 222. 223 Treunor. Patricia (10) 176 Trettra. John 110) 176 Trimmer. Carolvn (10) 176 Tripp. Shelley (II) 139. 192.193.201 Trudeau. Tim (10) 176 Truman. Michael (12)139 Trumbull. Slephen (II) 139 Tw-hrme. Jeff (10) 176 Tull. Judith (10) 176.189. 201 Tuna. Iihik (10) 176.183 Tupa. Lyme (III IS9 Turner. Brad 10)176 Turner, Erie (10) IT 231. 246 Tyacke. I etlrv (10)176 Tyler. Paul (II) 139 Ty»on. Joteph (II) 159.228 V L'hf. Roger (lac!6 L'lrich. Karen 10117 L'baker. Robyn 10) 17 208 t'bedad. Urn (12)26. ICtt 139. IK 100 L'ngrr. Cynthia (10) 176 L'ntlrdt. Patricia (10)176 l.'ther. CrcCchm I far) 70 V Vaaler. Bon (II) 139.201 VanCompm. Ben (II1139 Vanko. Jody (10)176 Vanko. Ixirl (II) 159 Van Somrren. Patricia (10) 176 Van Someren. William (12) 139 Van Veen. Claire (12) 139 Vargim. Michael (It) 133.130. £34 Vecvhl. Rrr.ee 110) 176 Vemendaal. Drloret ter)55 Veenendaal. Jeanne (11) ISO Velgendyh. John (11)139 Venell. Mary (II) 122. 140.100 Vktooen, Jerrilyn (II) ISO 206 Vigdal. Ihmna (10) 176.207 Vrgdal.Jeri (12)64. 140. 188 202 Vincent. Judith (lac)83 V drier. Laura (12) 140. 14). 195 Vogel. Richard 110) 176 Vokaty. Kathryn (II )IS9 Voided. Jim (12) 140 Voight. Allan (10) 176.207 Vork. Kathleen (10) 176,2(M Noth. Karen (lac)66.214 w Waack. Nancy (11)139.189 Waggoner. Jane 111) ISO Wedlund. Brace (12)140 Wagner. Jane (II) 139. 193 W agner. Thomai (12)140.222 Wahlrmn. Margaret 112) 140. 222 W'ahlroot. William (12) 140 222 Waldron. John (12)32. 117.140. 186 Waldron. Thomai (K» IT . 233 Wallin. Rebecca (10)176 Walllarvt. Corriae (II) 139 Walth. Thomai (It) 140 VS alum. Treytvr (10)176 Waller. Steven (II) 139 w.necke. John (12)140. 2» 231 Wang. Judith (12) 140. 207 Ward. Beth (10) 176 Ward Jamet (10) 176 Warde. Crada (11)130.214 Warden. Barbara (It) 140. I». 21S Warner. I urir 110) 176 Waunund. Wendv (10)176 Waten. Janet (12)3 140 Waten. Laurie (I I) ISO. 204 Waltrm. Charlie (10)176 Watwm, Shar.m |I0) 17 206 Wattion, Mary (10) 176, IW VS ravel David (10) 176 Weaver. Joteph 110)176 Weaver, Thomai (12) 140 Weber. Caryl (11)159 Weber. Jeanne (10) 176.214 Weber, Paul (fae)70 Webrief. Nancy (12)140. ISO Weeding Deborah (12) 141 Wegmever. Paul (11)139. 208.217 Wegmrver. Linda (12) 141 Wrgo. Jamri (lac)60.63 Wehrwein. Paul III) 139. 231 Weldt. Brad (II) 145, 139 Weld). Vlekl (10) 176 Weigel. Nancy (It) 141,193. 208 Wriogartnrr. Suian (12)2 141. 169 Weliman, Scow 10)17 189. 229 Wellumwm Dabby III) 139 Wellumum. Melina (10) 176 WendUnd. Nancy (12) 141.217 Wrodlandt. Anne (101176 Wendt. Mark (12)141 Wrnell. David (12) 141 VS mail. Jane (I I) 139 Weaeott. Mary (10) 17 191 Wpdfall. Barbara (101176 Wedfall. Deborah (II1139 Wed In. Scott 10)38.17 219 W rat man David (I I) 139 Whelan. Kathleen (12)41.141 Whelan. Kevin (It) 141.222 Whelpiey. Jeanette (10) 176 Whet done. Jeanne (10) IT 212 Whigrran 180.181 While. George (12)17.69.141. IMS 2X3. 234 White. Jean (10)177 White. Molly (II |S9. 166 White. Pamela (II) 139 Whgr. Sarah (10) 177 White. Sharon (ID 139.208 Whitman. Jan III) 139 Whltton. Thrlma (iee)53 Wick. Marilyn (10) 160. 177.214 W„ka Mark (II) 159 Wirhcrtham. Nancy (11)139 Wtrkraaer. Jcmna (101177 Wkhener. Margo 111) 130, 206. 219 Wtcii. Gloria (10) 178. 204 Wick . Boat (11)139 WVkdrom. Dean (It) 141 Wien. Terry (10) 177 W leaner. Carolyn (11)139 Winner. l-aurroce (It) 141 W iraner, William (10) 177 Wilma. Rarbara (11) 139. 203. 204.207 Wilder. Jennl (10) 177. 1 3.214 Wiley. Jeffrey III) 139 Milken Kathy (10) ITT VSilkmiug Keilh (lac) Wilkini. Mark (II) 139 Wilkin ion. Cynthia III 139, 189 WilkMton. Drbra (II) 130 Willrtle Nancy (11)139 Williams. lllrabrth (12) 141. 202.204 Will lama. Jim (10) 177. 231 William Scott (II) ISO Williama. Steve 110) 177.239 W dlumv Sutan (10) ITT Milium ton. Deborah (II) 139 W'illumton. Geraldine 112) 141 W'daoo. Gary 110)177 Wilton. Marynrie-lee (II) 139 Wilton. Murray 112)141 Wilton Richard (II) 139 Wilton. Richard (10)177 Wihr. Kathleen (10) 177 Wiadahl. landa (10) 177 Windahl Zana (II) 139. 190 Win berg Rick (10) 177.229 Winger Jan 1121141.208 Winger. Paula 110) 177.214 Winged, Non (10) 177 Winn. David DO) 177 Wmtlnw. Caroline 10) 177.180 Wmilou. Claudia (II) 139 Winalow. Martha (It) 141. 06 Wmtnr. Sherre (10) 177 Wmtof. Tom (10) 177 Winter. Janet 1139 W inter. Nancy (12)141 Winter Virginia (lac)75 Wtppmjn. Judith (II) 139. 183 Wim. Gregory (10) 177. £)S. 239 W ilemon. Craig (10) 177. 239 Wiaeman Seed ) Iff? Will rand. Sutan 112) 14). 207 W uham. Thomat (II) l ji Withrow, John (II) 139 Will hr. Debra (10) 177 Wnrhrle. John 12)98. 141 Woe met Sally ll 1)139 Wokal. Cynthia (10) 177 Wold. Jackie 111) 139 Wolff. Ered (II) 139.207 Wnllan. Chrtrilnr (10) 177.207. 2W Wnllan. Eric (It) 141 Wnllan. Jeannette (II) ISO Wntlang Victor (12)141. 222 WnJner. Llndy (11)139 Wulner. LUabeth (I I) ISO. 213 Wood. Brad lev (12)24. 2 141. 186 Woodcock. John (II1139 Woodruff. Lance (111 159 Woodt Jean HO) 177 Wooliey, Mary (11)159 Wray. Daniel (12) 141 W renting 250.2SI . Wright. Barbara (II) 139. 19$ Wright. William (boardISO Wumch. Heidi (10) 177 W’vatl. Marie (fac)39 Wvtnorr Gregory (K» 177.204 Wmne. Barbara (II)ISO Y Vanda, frier (I0)«, 177, 229 Vetmrau Kathryn (12) 142 Yearnra« Steve (10)177. 235 Young UuabrCh (10) 177 T Teen, IM. 197 z Zobel. Kurt (It) 142 Zahn. Stephen (121142 Zak. Allan (10)177 Zorlmg Chm ill) 139 Zangmadrr. Paula (10) 177 Zeeh W illiam (111139 Zeilmger Dick (10)177. 229 Zeman Nano (II) 159 Zemprl. Carol (12 142. 181 Zerull. Jamet 11 139.234 Zmp« JoEllen (12)142. Itt Zmt. Dmald (fac)65.66 Zmt. Marv (10)177 Zollon. Betty 121142 262263 Lr 31970 Whigrean Staff editor-in-chief Paula Gulliford associate editor Prudy Hawthorne academics editor Steve Sundberg assistants . Tom Greenough Caroline Winslow copy editor Kim Bieter assistants Cathy Hennessv Kim Hill seniors co-editors Chris Grinned -Ann Rice assistants SuAnn Baranauckas Jane Dawson sports editor Scott Nichols assistants Pat Boulay Dan Burke- student life editor Becky Ringham assistants Mary Jo Schirmer Jan Stirrat underclass editor Pcggv Findley assistant business manager assistants Jan Colburt Randy Morris photographer typists Barb Bartlett Lynette Church Meredith Low adviset Acknowledgements We extend our sincere thanks to the following people who aided us in the production of the 1970 Whigrean; Mr. Burt Hedstrom of the American Yearbook Company for supervision and advice. Mr. Orlando Schcrling and the Scherling and Pletsch Company for their photograhy and portraits. The Minneapolis Star and Tribune for special pictures. The Edina Sun for special pictures, Karen Rue, the artist responsible for the cover and the division pages. Our patrons for their financial support. The administration and faculty for their cooperation in Whigrean projects. Scott Knight. Dave Johnson, and Orrin Alt for special pictures. Mark Ripma for his aid and financial support in producing the Whigrean film, Mr. Melvin Johnson for his tolerance and cooperation of room 326 and its occupants. Our parents for their understanding, and moral support. 264

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