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CtfiqAjOduJUxtMM VHXUlMAM V 0 U IM. Gwol cM alam Odtiu Uti UU14.1 'ffojUfa MOil Cctyvi yki-vnnwi- "b, - - y, —3 v :v AL So a Sc L ■ jvm v? V l s. «, 1 3% - V J 5- e3 p Ss X-4 H v,4 =7 : Or- .O- ox k- . qJ X lifl ' . "jimfr .jjAfa Whigrean Edina High School Edina, Minnesota Volume 19 — 1969The earth has existed for about 3,000,000,000 years. Man has existed for about 2,000,000 years. We will exist for about 75 years. Three of these years we spend at Edina High School. Doing what? " don't care. You'll jmt have to make lime. If you aren't in your feats when the bell rings Yeah, I'd like to do it, but I just don't have the time. Do we use time well? Now is the time to stand up and be counted. Say something — do something — be something; whether we are happy or sad, wise or foolish, young or old, her we come from Podunk Junction or Edina, effect only ourselves or a thousand others. Someone will listen. Someone will react. Someone will care. Today is the day to shout with joy or crumple in sorrow, reach out and touch all the ideas we can, listen, experience, and search, use our understanding to evaluate, and to change what we can for the better. 2 If we fill every moment we have usefully, and waste no time in waiting and worrying and complaining about the lack of it, lime ceases to be an enemy to be fought. Instead, time will become a silent companion. Debbie Crask s confcenfrar ig, looking straight ahead, not bothering to look to the right or the left to notice other poeple. Kate Spokes PeoflTe, rushini 3jJ iu Oi awP'jUl-QU 'CU frmwz) Think of a thousand exhilerating times when you've felt as though there was a huge bubble in your heart ready to burst with joy. You have thousands more to go — take advantage of them now Happiness depends so little on circumstances. It really depends on what happens inside a person. Susanna AndersonKv'.A HW.«w ©AuMAj iv.c6oroc wt ©4 fc-S. H ©- p Ctcek 'VWt'V -i r Cc tn ovN. ■ op ’ Xkjj£ -' f iaA People come and go. We meet so many, and yet know so lew. I think sometimes that we lose so many wonderful friendships by forgetting to just once In awhile say something nice to somiH ne. Bob Shober SK t a - Hewot a. hM-V anc!i ood lucVc 'tnv.x.V fcwp c t " ►ouc-k V ir- s c -5 A jl£o JLj6 Azo r? ck Zxjg 'fr sa - 90-Z yo JyAr C- j JZcA 5$ W-n" =c5cJJv oijL- uA° £nN .jgp3 - IV" 6 CL , 'Ols J- yA yA A aA ne cb A y£c sf Ccy yV ug yjju. r . Sctx £? -U y s nfuxu. t JkUb{ Jf p- 3 Kl To U j 2 ? c'Lt lJ pr i0 J+W xA dZj f ifiu C k Co-S 6us £sTLJ-C J Z£ o -rvY ' UuJ A l CY) —-' £ ?"ZJ-'2 £c yC Z KU' U u jfa V6L 4UJ Every experience adds to our understanding and interpretation of life. Without having experienced sorrow we do not have the experience to know joy. There are times when disappointments come like rain and we wonder why? Why? When you are sorrowful look again into your heart and you shall sec that In truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. Kahil Gibran Now is the time that we have for nderstanding and misunderstanding, achievement and failure, happiness and sadness. But this season will pass and we shall be sorry it's gone. 7 We learn through experiences in school, in our families, with friends. Every experience is a learning experience, and from learning comes understanding and knowledge. These make an onlooker become part of the scene. Knowledge isn't something we memorize We can not type it in form or hand it in. Today is the day to experience education, understanding, A knowledge. 8"o Wgh, W°CeMeS °' ■ " who, thin to the Ming of,h m. T' cy C rrcff O C U- juAsl GU f:b. rrt y A - ? .'Vtsut I T'WvjoWv $ 6 Z k o % A 9 UL j xAj£ o v- fVOAAA Concentration and determination overcome any odds. Mark ferguion 10Take pride in the ability to be your own mailer whenever the opportunity arises. Brad Bringgold iUud L £ux. tiled vLjUtKJ. ti. WVMjUu 0 p.QO, Veu UifUjiL ufOJu kd L pletUj CfHxV ibut CL CjUttL junuiiu, t M h- cut oj ,tiiClUtu- Vdatt- Today is the day to "do your own thing." Practice or improve or increase any activity you enjoy, anything that interests you, anything that has meaning for you. Now is the time to challenge your creativity, your talents and your ability. Jis {jUU-'A 'uo-v rry? 'AX' CJL CXAju WOL C-rl (jbOXXy 11He has Ixiili walls surrounding him in his Utile utopia. He shakes his head and feels sorry for the poor, the sick, and the lonely. Sue Guetzke■ v- Vr4 $■... ffrf vj 1 uH %} r r4 1%9isatime ) 0-v- to evaluate cj flfctr C A aJ what's going on in this world, If „2 country, ntAiO vv rnmmiiniiu community, - xt£r - school, person. i zivJ ' Scr 0 What's right? What's wrong? Who can say? How can it be said? T O Ot- A '■- YJL' Only through evaluation can we get into perspective for improvement .. change. Is idealism worthless and sell-destructive or is it the key to change and improvementf Peggy NaJ Too often the attitude in the classroom is one of passive vegetation. p « , . vs A, — + GL4 JyfjL- ( Q AC- sv te a — Twa q ' vV voas ooocVVv v . 3£fed. vx.cV wox ua c Ql ar. ‘i. ck Vfic uj »uxu a - Sou8 Vt% Today is not a time of corrupt youth, but of young inquiring minds that want change. Kitty Hill Is idealism worthless and self-destructive or is it the key to change and improvement? Ann Lowry Open dorms, 'resist' buttons, breakdown in religion, blaring radi student revolt, black power Hearts beat to rhythm of change, heads pound with the fury of change, and people burn in all the change. The breath of change is realizatio )an Symchych Time is intangible, always progressing, always stretching to the infinite end, bringing constant chang both good and bad. Melissa Kroning, 14 Change comes through learning, understanding and evaluation. We as high school students are evaluating and changing our purposes, ideas and morals. Within our school we are beginning to be part of the evaluation of new ideas and are trying new concepts. 1969 is a year when the call for change is being heard throughout the world. We can answer this call or ignore it, But either way we should look both inside of ourselves and around us before making a decision. v-Qxi WOvk. AV . 1516Contents Academics ... 18 Classes ... 60 Organizations ... 150 Student Life ... 196 17WITH A SMIRK, Mr. Holland Ring scolds Mr. Duane Baglien, administrative trainee, for parking his bicycle in the teachers' lot. Dr. Spencer VV. Myers — superintendent of schools — A.B. from Hiram College, M.B.A. at Northwestern University, and D.Ed. from Indiana University. Mr. Leo J. tick — director of secondary education — B.A. from St. Cloud State and M.A. at University of Minnesota. Mr. Domld I. Pryor — director of business affairs — M.A. and Specialist in Education Certificate from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Rolhnd . Ring — principal — B.S. and M.Ed. from the University of Minnesota — responsible for all our high school programs. MR. ELMER L UN DC REN and Mr. James Cabalka frisk Dave Chapman. Mr. Ronjld C. Buchler — administrative assistant in instruction and special services — Western Washington State College Wayne State University. Mr. fames D. Chapman — administrative assistant for research — attended Macalester College and University of Minnesota. 0Administration Fourth Administrator Created; Self-Evaluation Conducted THE NEWLY CREATED POSITION of Administrative Trainee was filled by Mr. Duane Baglien, former high school physical education teacher. In this job, he acquired valuable experience in secondary administration. The position was created because of the growth of the school, which will eventually demand a third assistant principal. Mr. Baglien worked under the direction of Mr. Rolland Ring, principal, in the specific fields of pupil conduct and attendance and other similar duties. A requirement for maintaining membership in the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools was met in a self-study of the school by twenty-four committees composed of faculty members. The committees gathered information, answered questions, and rated themselves in their particular fields. A thorough, comprehensive study of the school resulted, giving teachers the opportunity to evaluate all aspects of the school curriculum. Mr. f mer R. Lundgren — assistant principal — B.S. and M.A. from University of Minnesota. Mr. lames Cabalka — assistant principal — Iowa and Iowa State. Mr. Rod Schmidt — coordinator of guidance services — Macalester College and University of Minnesota. Dr. Arnold M. Rchmann — psychologist — B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. from University of Minnesota. Mr. Raymond L. Bechtle — secondary curriculum coordinator. Mr. Howard W. Merriman — director of athletics — B.S. from St. Cloud State College and M.Ed. at University of Minnesota. Mr. Dougfas Hed — consultant for audio-visual services — 8.S. From St. Cloud State College and M.A. degree at University of Minnesota. Miss Ingrid O. Miller — consultant of library services — studied at Grand View College, Macalester College, and University of Minnesota. Mrs. Armi Nelson — consultant for communications — U.M.D, and University of Minnesota. Mr. George I. Furney — instructional consultant — St. Cloud State College and Northern Iowa University. Mr. Raymond Punkris — instructional consultant — studied at University of Illinois, University of Chicago, Macalester College, and Berkeley. Mr. Duane Baglien — administrative trainee — attended the University of Minnesota — head basketball and baseball coach.Library. School Board. PTA Library Adds Micro-Projector; Human Rights Consultant Hired MODERN EQUIPMENT, purchased this year, expanded the audio-visual department of the library. The most widely used machine was the portable video-tape, which speech students and new teachers found helpful. By watching themselves they were able to improve their presentations. The science teachers utilized a new micro-projector to show microscope slides on a screen. And film strips were reproduced with a slide copier. IN ADDITION TO its traditional duties of providing parent-teacher communication, the PTA awarded a one SCHOOL BOARD: FRONT ROW — Mrs. Harriett Herb, Mr. Ron Kennedy, Mrs. Jean Stromme; BACK ROW — Dr. William Wright, Mr. Charles Clay, Dr. Arnold Anderson, Dr. Maurice Lindblom. hundred dollar scholarship to each of two students. Eligibility was determined by high class rank and an interest in the education field. THE SCHOOL BOARD became a member of the Hennepin County Area Vocational Technical Joint Board this year. The Joint Board's duty is to provide public education in vocational fields, primarily for non-college bound students. Changes in curriculum included minority group studies and draft and draft alternatives. Also, a Human Rights Commission with a consultant was initiated this fall. PTA OFFICERS: TOP TO BOTTOM - Mr. George Reimcr, treasurer; Mr. Don Solfelt, vice-president; Mr. Roy Swanson, president; MISSING — Mrs. Arthur Erdall, secretary. 22SEEKING HELP, Marcy Meiners gropes for Webster's wisdom. Mrs. Joyce Cavanaugh — head librarian — University of Minnesota, Mankato State College. Mrs. Elinor Colebank — librarian for over-night and reference books — attended University of Minnesota, and the University of Pittsburg. Mrs. Velma R. Laughlin — librarian — B.A. from University of Kansas, studied at University of Minnesota and Mankato State College. Mr. M. Wiley Smith — audio-visual librarian — obtained B.S. degree from Mankato State College. 23Mr, Imll 0. lyngw - comelor -obtained BA from lulher Colley MA and Ed.S. at University of Minnesota. Mr Mirk McCirW) - counselor - awarded B.A. and M.A. degrees from Northern Iowa State University, Mrs. Sybil Wersell - special education - received BA from Custavus Adolphus and M.A. from University of Minnesota. Mr, led Dorn - counselor - Unirn-ly of Wisconsin, University ol Minnuoii, and University of North OjJco j - vises Hi-y, Mr, Mm W. lotion It, -counselor - received 8,5, from University of Minnesota. Mr, IVayne Kinion -counselor - Iowa Slate University, Uni-versily ol Minnesota, MM from lev-ington Theological Seminary, UNPREJUDICED )ODY STALLMAN studies college bulletins, 6uf Brett Anderson apparently leans toward University of Miami. THE WIDE SELECTION of colleges challenges senior Cindy Roberts' choice about her future.AFTER SLOWLY ARISING on Saturday mornings to take her SAT's and ACT'S, Karen Sletten is advised by Mr. Ted Downs about college entrance requirements. STUDYING COLLEGES, Sally Scheefe frowns on 2 to 12 boy to girl ratio. Counselors Admissions Search Kits Simplify College Research THE ADMISSIONS SEARCH KIT was used this year to simplify and expedite college selection and admissions procedures for students. It was designed by the joint effort of the Association of College Admissions Counselors and the 3M Company. Mr. Rodney Schmidt, Edina High School's Coordinator of Guidance Services, was the consultant. The project will develop an annual Admissions Search Kit, containing entrance requirements and other pertinent facts about some 27,000 col- leges and universities. The kits were designed for use in assisting high school counseling offices. In use, the student first identifies possible colleges. The file date is then reproduced on copying equipment, thus creating a personalized admissions information kit. The counselors also supervised sessions with representatives from various colleges. The representatives gave informal talks giving students information about their college. 25Mrs. Charlotte Beetle — second floor counselors' secretary for Mr. Kinion, Mr. McCartan, and Mr. Schmidt. Mrs. Grace Disney — secretary for Mr. Ring. Mrs. Lois Engel — school nurse — B.S. in Public Health Nursing from the University of Minnesota — Y-Tcens coordinator. Mrs. Vivian Guetzkc — third floor counselors' secretary for Mrs. Corson and Mr. lyngaas. Mrs. lone Johnson — clerk in main office — handles change for VV ii-grean donut sales and subscriptions. Mrs. Elsye Martin — first floor counselors' office secretary for Mr. Downs and Mr. Jordon. Mrs. Mary Fran Nelson — runs the bookstore — obtained B.A. degree from Crinnell College — '"Mother of the Teams." Mrs. Elaine Steiner — receptionist in main high school office and author of the daily bulletins. UTILIZING THE NURSE'S equipment, Jill Johnson aids the near-sighted Judy Carter. A CHANGE OF PACE from sweeping floors and emptying waste is found by two custodians in replacing loose ceiling tile. 26Steamed Weiner, ‘Fluffy’ Rice Almost Tempt Lunch Eaters IN THE CALM after the storm, the echoes die away and in the silence a cook prepares the cafeteria for tomorrow's deluge of students. WITH A SMILE on her face, one of our industrious cooks switches on the dishwashing equipment. 27Miss Ruth Aanrud — English 10 — received B.A. from St. Olaf College, graduate study at the University of Minnesota. Miss Birgit Anderson — English 12 — B.S. from Moorhead State College. Mr. Everett Anderson — enriched and standard English 12 — National Honor Society — B.A, from Custavus Adolphus and M.A. from the University of Washington — travelled in Europe last summer. Mrs. Lois t Anderson — standard and enriched English 11 — B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and M.A.T. from Yale University. Miss Martha Hatch lor — standard and enriched English 11 — B.A. from Macalester College — graduate work at the University of Minnesota — sophomore debate. Miss Ursula Costello standard and enriched English 10 — received a B.A. at Winona State College. Miss Barbara Elaison — English 12 and speech — received a B.S. from the University of Minnesota — one act play director. Mrs. Sonia Fogelman — English 10 and general art — B.A. from Brooklyn College, B.S. and graduate work from University of Minnesota. Mr. Bennett f. Garner, fr. — standard and general English 12 — B.A. from the University of Minnesota — Concessions Club. Mrs. Barbara Hare — standard and enriched English 10 — University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University, and University of Minnesota. Miss Shirley Hoaglund — general English 10 and Spanish 1 — the University of Minnesota. Mr. Vernon A. Iensen — English 12 and Humanities 11 — Hamline University and University of California — traveled in Ireland last summer. RESEARCHING American authors. Sue Sloan, Cheryl Elmgren, and Donna Stockdale exchange junior gossip behind the librarians' backs. 28TIRED OF TRADITIONAL ways of teaching, Mr. Larry Stotts lectures from a unique position. MURRAY WILSON MANAGES to focus all his attention on Babbitt despite the commotion of the library. English Students Offered Elementary Study of the Theater Arts A THEATER ARTS course was introduced into the curriculum this year to provide Edina students with a broad view of the arts and skills of live theater, films, and television. Various types of drama were studied as well as technical skills and acting. In their work on the acting theater, students first studied various techniques and later made use of what they had learned. They acted out scenes, impromptus, and pantomimes in accordance with the basic assumption of the course that to fully understand, one must participate. Other techniques studied included the projection of the voice and the reading of a script. The study of lighting, design, sets, and costuming culminated in the construction of a model set. Films and television were also studied for their differences from live theater. The Humanities course which was offered for the first time last year in place of English 12 was instead offered to juniors this year as an alternative to English 11. The course was improved by using a curriculum revised after one year's experience. 29 MISS URSULA COSTELLO ponders an explanation of myths.THE MANY EXPRESSIONS of Mr. John O'Dougherty help convey the feeling behind Shakespearean literature to his senior English students. ENACTING THE DEATH of Julius Caesar by Brutus, Mike Cummings and Brian Lee humorously entertain their English class. Mrs. Patricia Johnson — English 11 and speech — B.A. from St. Olal College — debate, declamation, and National For-enscics League adviser. Mrs. Shirley Mahowald — standard and enriched English 11 — B.A. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. John O'Dougherty — standard and enriched English 12— B.A. from St. John's University. Mr. Stephen Oliver — English 11, speech, and theater arts — B.A. from Wisconsin State University — Thespian Club adviser. Mrs. Mary Theresa O'Neill — standard and general English 11 — B.A. from the College of St. Catherine. Mrs. Beverly Rudijuist — English 10 and journalism — B.S. from Mankato State College — Buzzettc adviser. Mrs. Joan Schulz — English 10 and creative writing — Hamline University and Macalester College — advises Images On The Wind. Mr. John K. Sheldon — standard and enriched English 10 — B.A. from St. Olaf College and M.A. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Larry Stotts — English 11 and theater arts — has a B.A. and M.Ed. from Macalester College. Mrs. Marie Wyatt — English 12 and humanities — the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois. 30THE MANY TECHNIQUES of theatrical acting are demonstrated by Mr. Stephen Oliver with his rubber chicken for his theater arts classes. Humanities Study Revised to Replace English for Juniors IN QUIET SOLITUDE, Bill LaSalle makes up a test missed during an absence. SINGING BALLADS in English class is one of the most enjoyable events of the year for seniors Greg Scherer, Nancy Ashley, and Dick King. 31INSTRUCTIONAL CONSULTANT Mrs. Rosemary Davis speaks in social studies classes on political behavior, American history, and sociology. WITH $10,000 TO "invest", Ellen Young weighs the element of risk. Miss Madonna Bartholet — standard and senior world history — University of Minnesota — AFS, International Club and Model United Nations adviser. Mr. Howard B. Christenson — general Social Studies 12 and American studies — B.S. from the University of Wisconsin and M.Ed. from Marquette University. Mr. Thomas L. Dynneson — American history — B.S. and M.Ed. from Macales-ter College — Coe Fellowship Stanford University. Mr. Delmar Fredrickson — American history — St. Olaf College and M.A. from the University of Minnesota — student council, homecoming, and chairman of the senior class advisers. Mr. Edward I. Gavin — standard and general American history — B.S. degree from St. John's University and M.A.T. from St. Thomas College — involved with team teaching. Mr. J. R. Grev — AP European and American history — B.A. degree from Augustana and M.S. degree from Mankato State College. 32■S cM.$].yjd,i,es Instructional Consultant Hired As Social Studies Lecturer TEAM TEACHING WAS used this year in the American history classes taught by Mr. Edward Gavin and Mr. Thomas Dynneson. They taught a course concentrated on an understanding of causes and effects, part of the time working with their own classes and part of the time lecturing to the entire group. Through this system each teacher had more time to prepare himself for his lecture or individual discussion while the other teacher worked with the whole group. In this way the teachers were better able to work more toward their capacity and to be of more value to the students. The students also prof- ited by being presented with more than one viewpoint. An instructional consultant was hired this year to come on a regular basis as a lecturer in social studies classes. Mrs. Rosemary Davis, resource teacher, was part of the school's expanding use of outside sources. Mrs. Davis was a specialist in political behavior, American history, and sociology. Before the presidential election Mrs. Davis discussed trends in political behavior, and afterwards she analyzed its outcome. She traveled as a lecturer to other schools in the district when she was not in the high school. UNUSUAL CLASSROOM seating arrangements promote the development of primary relationships. WITH THE USE of the overhead projector. Miss Madonna Bartholet is better able to instruct World History students. 33CONCENTRATING MATTY MAXINER searches the library for a book containing a short article for her economics reading report. Social Studies Team Teaching Introduced In American History Classes DISCUSSING EFFECTS of brothers and sisters on students, Mr. Karl Pegors advises parents at PTA. IMPLORING STUDENTS to respond, Mr. Delmar Fredrickson encourages a discussion on the Emancipation Proclamation. 34ANALYZING THE 1946 Employment Act, Mr. Ron W es-nsner explains, "It is what the people wanted." ALTHOUGH IT IS a history project, Bob Moore, enjoys work in the 1968 presidential campaign. Mrs. Ian Kresky — American history and sociology — B.A. from the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Peter A. Leuly — sociology and economics — B.S. from St. Cloud State College. Miss Mary Lunde — sociology — B.A. from Luther College. Mr. Robert McCarthy — economics — B.A. from Hamline University and M.Ed. from Macalester College — assistant football and baseball coach. Mr. lohn Mallon — AP and general American history — University of Minnesota — tennis and wrestling coach. Mr. Karl Pegors — sociology and biology — Augsburg College — FT A adviser. Mrs. Judith Vincent — American and world history — University of Buffalo. Mr. Ronald Wiesner — economics and sociology — Macalester and Colorado State College — soccer and ski coach. 35SMILING Mr. Roger Uhr listens to a pupil's suggestion. PUZZLED BY QUADRATIC equations, Nick Schlotter struggles through the agonizing embarrassment of ignorance in front of the entire class. Math Students Explore Space Age As Computer Program Expands EDINA STUDENTS PREPARED for tomorrow's age of computers and calculators by learning skills on the school's teletype computer. The teletype was used more extensively this year because it was made mobile. This enabled it to be taken into several math classes equipped with the proper outlet. Students learned how to write programs, cut tape for the programs, and operate the teletype computer. Plans were put under way to extend computer learning to the junior high level. This way students would be adept at the basic skills by the time they entered high school. At this time, they would be able to begin computer programming in more depth. Plans were also begun for several new semester math courses to be added to the school's curriculum. The first course, which will be added next year, is Probability and Statistics. Learning the fundamentals of arithmetic and their practical applications to daily life was the keystone of Mr. Ed Zins' senior math class. Such topics of practical use as credit ratings, interest rates, and miles per gallon of gas were explored. 36Mr. Lyle Berg — plane geometry, algebra I — B.S. bom University of Minnesota, M.A.T. from University of Arizona. Mr. Robert Bowman — college algebra and trigonometry, plane geometry — University of Minnesota at Duluth, M.A. from the University of Minnesota, M.S. from Syracuse University. Mr. Richard Hartman — advanced algebra, solid geometry and trigonometry — University of Minnesota, University of Illinois. Mr. Curtiis V. Johnson—college algebra and trigonometry, plane and solid geometry — University of Minnesota, San Diego State University — Math Club, intramural football, basketball, softball. Mr. Larry C. Johnson — plane geometry, advanced algebra — B.S. at Mankato State. Mr. Vladimir Kedrovsky — plane and solid geometry, AP calculus, calculus prep. — B.A. from Carleton College, M.S. from University of Missouri. 37Math Senior Math Class Revised After One Year’s Experience AFTER CALLING downtown for connections Chip Combs programs the teletype computer. CONFUSED BY SINES and cosines, John Kuster questions a complicated trigonometric corollary. FRUSTRATION, BOREDOM, contemplation, interest and utter shock are expressed on the faces of college algebra and trigonometry stu dents during a class lecture. 38PERPLEXED BY THE unusual problem of cylindrical slides, Mr. Robert Savre tries to discover where the trampoline would be. Miss Karon Votb — advanced algebra and geometry — Winona State College and Western Michigan University. Mr. Id Zins — trigonometry and solid geometry, advanced algebra, and senior math — St. John's University and St. Cloud State College — assistant hockey coach. Mr Ronald Olson — plane geometry and bookkeeping — B.S. from St. Cloud State College. Mr. Robert Savre — plane and solid geometry and college algebra and trigonometry — Luther College and University of Minnesota — football and assistant basketball coach. Miss Joanne Swingle — plane geometry and plane and solid geometry — achieved B.S. degree from Wittenburg University and M.A.T. degree from Northwestern University. Mr. Roger Uhr — plane geometry and advanced algebra — was awarded B.S. and M.S. degrees from Mankato State Colf ge. from Mankato Mate coir ge. THE BREAK of working together is enjoyed by geometry students. 39MEASURING the a-mount of his colored precipitates, Bill Dreher performs a pedagogical chemistry experiment. SURROUNDED by equipment, Mr. John Belk seriously lectures on chemistry, adding humor by subtle understatements. Mr. John Belk — chemistry — University of Minnesota — chairman of junior class advisers. Mr. John (hlert — biology — B.S. from University of Minnesota and M.Ed. from Harvard University. — Chess Club adviser. Mr. Richard Goldenslein — biology — B.S. from St. Cloud State and M.A. from Colorado State. Mr. Marvin Griffin — chemistry — University of Wisconsin and the University of Northern Iowa. Mr. f. C. Halvorsen — biology — St. Olaf College and Colorado State College — head wrestling coach. Mr. Paul Hetchler — biology and physical science — the University of Minnesota — Science Seminar adviser. 40Science Model Cars Loop-the-Loop Putting Fun Into Physics A LAB MANUAL, revised last summer by Mr. William Jepson, physics teacher, was used by all the physics classes this year. Mr. Jepson primarily made editorial revisions, changing formerly used experiments and rewriting them if they were not clear. He added pictures which clarified the set-up of experimental equipment. Steel balls colliding in mid-air and toy cars looping the loop gave illustrations of principles. New physics equipment was added to the science department, including an apparatus for studying wave theory. It generated a wave and caused it to strike a target which bent the angle of the wave. The properties of wave motion were then observed. The purchase of equipment for studying angular acceleration and converting mechanical energy to heat as well as an electric meter expanded resources. PROOFS of conductivity are shown by Miss Cretchen Usher. SQUEAMISH ABOUT DISSECTIONS, Cail Schaffhausen cautiously takes a poke at her specimen and decides to let her lab partner do the work.M Sc.igngg Girls Shrink From Squid Dissections in Biology Classes IN AN ORAL physics quiz, Mr. William Jepson listens as Jim Strothers analyzes the outcome of an experiment dealing with force. "STORY TIME" arrives, a teaching device and welcome relief from lectures for Mr. Elmer Halvorsen's biology students. INTENTLY WATCHING a candle burn is an elementary chemistry experiment for Eric Anderson. 42Mr. William fepson — standard and enriched physics — B.S. from Wisconsin State College. Miss Delta Matti — biology and chemistry — B.S. from Mankato State College. Mr . Donald Meyer — standard and enriched biology — B.S. and M.A. from the University of Minnesota — Outdoor Club adviser. Miss Cretchen Usher — chemistry — attended the University of Wisconsin and received a B.S. degree. Mr. Paul Weber — chemistry and physics — studied at St. Cloud State College, University of Minnesota, and Ohio State University. 43Language Flexible Progression Added To Language Curriculum FLEXIBLE PROGRESSION was used this year for the first time by teachers of French, German, and Latin classes. In this system, all class members moved at different speeds, according to their abilities. In many classes, the complete system was not employed, but exceptional students were allowed to progress at a rate faster than the rest of the class. Class time was given during which students were allowed to work independently in place of time former- ly used for oral class explanations. The Latin program was arranged so that students were able to complete second, third, fourth, and one semester of fifth year Latin in three years. Advanced language students gave assistance to those who needed aid in earlier years of the study of a language. These students came into the classes during their study halls to give such aid to students having trouble with independent study. 44 VICTORIOUS IN A RECENT war game, Latin students harass the defeated Germans.GERMAN COOKING demonstrations mean helpful extra credit for Peg Hipps and Judy Shadinger. LISTENING INTENTLY, Mrs. Maria Wil-bright criticizes Spanish speeches. Mr. Thomai IV. Clark — AP Latin IV and V, Latin II — College of St. Thomas and University of Minnesota. Miss Diano A. Fanstcr — French III — Wisconsin State University — cheerleading and French Club adviser. Mrs. Rauha Hagemeisier — Spanish II and III — B.S. from the University of Minnesota and M.A. — adviser of Spanish Club. Miss Linda Klancnik — French I and II — achieved B.A. degree from Denison University — Pep Club adviser. M ss Margo Klebe — German II and English 10 — B.A. from Concordia College — given a "crowning" birthday party by her students. Miss Mary Ann Nord — French I and II — B.A. degree from Lawrence University — Hornettes adviser. 45Ungyagg Student Helpers Introduced to Aid in Flexible Progression AN IMPRISONED Brad Wood suffers the con sequences of sick jokes during his Latin class. STUDYING HIS NOTES, Mr. Laszlo Szendrey reviews a lecture foi one of his advanced German classes. STUDYING in a car Bill Kennedy utilizes opportunity duri class for individt progress in Latin.LAUGHING WITH DELIGHT, Karen Taylor enjoys herself while giving a demonstration speech in Spanish with the help of her cat. Mr. George Reimer — German I and II —A.8. from UCLA and M.A. degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Robert F. Spindlcr — Spanish I and II — has B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota. Mrs. Renate Stefan — French II and IV — University of Munich, Germany. Mr. Laszlo Szendrey — German III and IV — University of Budapest and University of Minnesota — soccer, tennis, and swimming coach — German club adviser. Mrs. Maria V. VJilbrighl — Spanish II, IV, and V — received a B.A. degree from the University of Puerto Rico. Miss Virginia Winter — Latin III and AP Latin IV — received a B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota — Latin Club adviser. CHECKING GRAMMAR, Miss Diane Fansler listens to French sonnets. 47Music Contemporary to Classic Tunes Performed by Musicians CONTEMPORARY MUSIC, including tunes from The King and I, was incorporated into a vast reportoire of Bach, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Rossini, Mendelssohn, and Dvorak. An entire symphony performance was one achievement of the orchestra. To know the major forms of musical literature continued as the primary goal of the orchestra. A THREE TRACK course of study was continued this year in the band program. The concert band covered the most difficult works for presentation in concerts. The varsity band covered less difficult literature and prepared for a spring concert featuring George Gershwin. The hornet band served as a training unit, concentrating on the development of technical skills. MORNING WARM-UPS for choir students included breathing and note exercises and backrubs for relaxation. For pitch training, students closed their eyes and plugged their ears so they could better concentrate on their notes. Popular songs, abstract melodies, and dissonant tunes replaced the commonplace hymns and regular meters to provide a challenge for even the best students. The results were choirs whose knowledge of music stemmed from the basics, but who were also exposed to and concerned with the understanding of the modern style. DEEP IN CONCENTRATION, Mr. Ed Melichar draws forth the quality of music in preparation for Pop Concert. CONCENTRATING on his embaucher, during hornet band practice Mark Neuton perfects the tone of his bass clarinet. 48WITHOUT PEEKING, Sue VanBuren plays drawn from Mr. fc Me char, who challenges roulette, a concert band game. Names are performers to play a difficult passage. CLOSED EYES and plugged ears help Sharon White, Barb Johnson and Lynn Leek concentrate on pitch and tone quality. 49REHEARSING for the musical Brigadoon, Marcy Meiners attempts to woo unheeding Guy Drake. 50 WITH DETERMINATION Tom Atkins and Bob Borchers strain to see the music in order to perfect a piece.Music Brigadoon, Cafe and Pop Concerts Highlight PREPARING TO SHIFT from first to third position, Brian Konzelman, concert master, performs a piece from "The Nut Cracker Suite". Mr. Dolph Bezoier — vocal music and music appreciation — attended St. Olaf and the Minneapolis College of Music. Mr. Robert EHedge — varsity band — B.M. and M.A. at Iowa State College. Mr. Edwin Melkhar — hornet, marching, and concert bands — B.A. and M.A. from the State University of Iowa. Mr Howard A. Olsen — orchestra — Dakota Wesleyan and University of Minnesota. PAUSING, Linda Bearinger awaits a cue during the Cafe Concert. 51SODDERING HIS SILVER artwork with a propane torch, Mike Immel strives for perfection. BUFFING HER SILVER JEWELRY Diana Dean uses the electric drill to perfect her art work. Mr. Thomas Beaver — advanced art — 8.A. from St. Olaf College and M.A. from the University of Minnesota. Miss Barbara Hultmann — general and advanced art — the University of Minnesota. Mr. Lowell McCarthy — art appreciation, studio art and humanities — attended Hamline University, Macalester College, and Wisconsin University. 52Ail Sculptorto ‘Supply Queen’ Skills Acquired in Art Class "OKAY KIDS. Now you're seaweed there, that's good. Now you're steam shovels. Forget about composition and variety .. . loosen up!" Such sayings were not uncommon as the art teachers strived to produce a balance between creativity and a thorough knowledge of art elements. General, advanced, and studio art were again offered to allow for a range of interest and participation on the part of the student. The general art classes learned the discipline of art by studying the design elements in exer- cises ranging from posters to notebooks. Introduced to mechanical processes, advanced classes experimented with metals in sculpture and jewelry projects. The studio art classes were allowed to use any media that they could handle and were restrained little by technical handicaps. They began the year by painting party chairs with original designs. The students patterned the showing of chairs after the style of the "Hamms Beer Bathtub" commercial. The spring art show revealed "masterpieces" and pride. MELTING DOWN squares of silver, Mr. Thomas Beaver demonstrates how to use the torch to advanced art students. HEEDLESS OF FLYING fragments and splinters silver polish, Lynn Fell mann and Kris Polacek ,J? finish an art project., IJWA 4 — T r»t 53Physical Education New Gym Program Tailored to Fit Each Individual THE UNEVEN BARS require balance from Diana Hanson. PLANNING AND INSTRUCTION in the boys' gym classes were given a boost by a new guide written by Mr. Duane Bag-lien and Mr. Willard Ikola. The new program entitled Curriculum Guide for Boy's Physical Education; Edina Secondary Schools aimed to "provide experiences which contribute to the maximum development of each individual so he may live a full and complete life and make his greatest contri- bution to society." The guide included suggestions such as skill drills, exercises, and methods of grading for teaching activities in the guide. Gym aids in the girls' gym classes had an expanded program of leadership this year. They taught ball gymnastics and effected lesson plans for both golf and tennis. They were also given charge of several specific lessons during the health unit. 54 ENTWINING MARK WILKINS' finger in gauze and tape, John Withrow attempts to pass his bandaging requirements for his first aid class.DECKED IN LEOTARDS or T-shirts, tights or long-underwear, sophomores "make like" leaves, rope, and rain in modern dance. Mr. Robert Hoecherl — algebra and physical education — 8.S. from the University of Minnesota — gymnastics and cross country coach. Mr. Ronald Kosteliz — physical education — University of Minnesota at Duluth and Eastern Michigan University. Mrs. Dianne Sandvik — physical education — University of Minnesota — co-adviser of CAA. FIVE ARMS STRETCH simultaneously, as boys anticipate a rebound in basketball. -C CLV Mrs. Shirley Anderson — physical education — B.S. from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Stav Canakes — physical education — B.S. from University of Minnesota and M.S. from St. Cloud State College — football coach. Mrs. Pat £ngelhard — physical education — B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota — co-adviser of CAA. tsr h'L- V ejs 55Mr. William F. Bicanich — Distributive Education — University of Minnesota — adviser of Future Sales Leaders. Mr. Roger Boergcr — Office Education and typing — St. Cloud State College and University of Minnesota — adviser of Future Secretaries of Edina. Mrs. Diane Clare — beginning and advanced shorthand, typing, and recordkeeping — 8.S. from Mankato State College. Miss Edith Gransberg — typing and office procedures — Mayville State College — adviser of Junior Red Cross. Mrs. Jan Grafdahl — typing and business law — Bemidji State College. Mr. Richard Reichow — Trade and Industry — the University of Minnesota. Mr. K.E. Widening — retailing and business organization and management — North Dakota and Moorhead State Colleges. DECIDING TO TRY again, Cathy Hagen patiently pulls paper out of the electric typewriter. . DEXTERIOUSLY manipulating the adding machine Mike Kelly attempts to find his $.04 error in balancing the books. 56CHANGING THE D.E. SHOWCASE, Debbie Lewis pauses a moment to ponder the arrangement of the advertisement literature. Office Practices Shuttle Bus Provided for Students on Work Program TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL education was incorporated in job opportunities for the first time at Edina. T. and I. is a cooperative program involving school and industry. Occupations covered various skilled trades and health opportunities including such occupations as plumber, printer, auto mechanic, cook, welder, painter, nurse's aide, dental technician, and lab assistant. Bus transportation to the various jobs was provided for the first time this year for Distributive Education and Trade and Industiral Education students. The buses left school at 12:30 allowing the students to combine a four-hour classroom day with about fifteen hours of on-the-job training per week. The purpose of both of these programs was to allow the student to first decide upon his occupation, learn about the work involved through actual experience, and afterwards decide if he still wished to pursue it. 57"BACK AT THE drawing board" is Bob Dickey continuing work with the help of Mr. Janecke. REVELING IN THE delight of home-made treats, home economic students enjoy the novelty of a mock slumber party. Mrs. Elisabeth S. Aamodt — home economics — University of Minnesota — advises Home Ec Club. Mrs. Virginia french — general and advanced clothing and science management — North Dakota State University. Mr. M. Custolf — wood and metal — Bemidgi State College — football and track coach. Mr. Otto lanccke — mechanical, architectural, and engraved drawing. Mr. Robert Klimpke — printing and woodworking — B.S. degree from Stout State University — VVhigrean adviser. Mrs. Carol L. Rhoades — home furnishings and.family living — B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University. 58Home Economics and Industrial Arts Girls Taste Foreign Foods; Boys Produce Bongo Boards EXOTIC FOREIGN DISHES spiced home economics classes with a touch of novelty. While preparing a country's traditional dishes and beverages, the students increased their awareness of foreign customs by studying history of the country and its people. Home furnishing students prepared for the future by acquainting themselves with methods of decorating and household management. Research and curiosity combined to make the traditional family tree projects informative and fun. Fam- ily living students traced their families back three generations. BONGO BOARDS and cedar chest were material results of the imaginations of industrial arts students working in the woodshop. The foundry and classrooms for industrial arts were busy with students casting metal objects, making tools, and designing house plans. Those involved in the graphic arts program printed original stationery and Christmas cards, using as many as four and five different colors. BEFORE THE HOME EC'S annual Christmas Festival Sue Schmerler adds final touches to her project. MAKING SURE HIS stationery is printing properly, Tom Rose feeds the platen press during class. 59smyrri'ifiW,Seniors Seniors Relate to Themselves And to the World Around Them EIGHT HUNDRED SIX seniors struggling through their final year at Edina High School — taking SAT, AT, and ACT tests on Saturdays — the trying times in Economics, English, Physics — "GNP minus CCA equals NNP" — "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" — "Force equals mass times acceleration" — getting picture retakes — spending seventy-two cents on an Arby — beating International Falls in hockey — realization expanding out of our secure community — opening eyes through C.O.Y.E. — liberalizing the dress code — sacrificing Teen Corps' March of Hope — trying to make education more relevant through reform — considering the draft — Firebirds, Camaros, GTO's, Cougars, SS-396's, and Daddy's car — "Congratulations, you have been accepted " "Hello, hello ... Goodbye, good bye ..." BRF.CK CHEERLEADING keeps captain Bunny Thomson going. PUBLICIZING POP CONCERT, Margaret Findlay, class treasurer, begins sketches for a street banner. AN ARBY'S roast beef sandwich is the ideal nourishment for a football player, as the senior class vice-president Marc May berg digs in. 62SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT, Eric Anderson, is strongly involved, like many Edina students, with his church youth group. SKIS IN HAND, Kama Lundquist, class secretary, heads for a day at Sugar Hills. WIND, RAIN, sleet, or snow will never keep dedicated golfers, Ray Book and Chuck Heike-nen from the sport, even if they need a black ball. 63TAKING CAPTAIN KANGAROO'S advice, Marc Mayberg warns his homeroom about Bunny Rabbit's prank of falling ping-pong balls. PRACTICING her forehand swing, Sarah Blocki prepares for the tennis season. TAKING ADVANTAGE of the spring skiing rates, Mary Holm and Carol Kraemer wait to buy tickets. HARMONIZING a piano and guitar in "Heart and Soul" are Patty Perry and Debbie Petersen.PAUSF., STEADY, follow through, chants lackie Omestad. Top Ten Academics and Activities Keep Edina Scholars Busy TAKING A CAREFUL AIM, Dave Kracum utilizes the basic principles that he learned in the three pin and curved mirror Physics experiment. LEADING THE RANKS of stuffed animals, Nancy Ash and Karen Mackenzie battle over who has to clean up the room after the pillows burst. 65Joseph Hard Adams — Junior Achievement — likes boxing — enjoys drag racing. Patricia Ann Adams — F.T.A. president — Y-Teens — Images on the Wind staff — French Club — Choral Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Robert Allen Adams — moved from Navarre, Minnesota, as a junior — Music Man — trap shooting team — likes to hunt. Karen Marie Agness — Latin Club — Y-Teens — Sunday school teacher — Junior Achievement — Red Cross volunteer. Andrew Newton Akason — Student Council vice-president — debate captain — Student Reform — National Merit Scholar. lames Earl Akerson — moved from Bloomington, Minnesota, in junior year — a good hunter — enjoys snowmobiling. Ann Albrecht — spent junior year at St. Ann's boarding school in Florida — St. Ann's newspaper, the Sandpiper — French Club. Nicholas Joseph Allard — Park Board senior basketball league 1967 champions — plays organ for "The Soul Shakers." Seniors Nineteen Edina Scholars Become NMSQT Semi-Finalists Pamela Joyce Anderberg — German Club — F.T.A. — Job's Daughters — Sunday school teacher — enjoys water skiing. Brett Erik Anderson — varsity soccer — E-Club — German Club — Luther League president. Cheryl Denise Anderson — Art Club — earned a black belt in karate — memories of a tenth grade canoe trip. Denise Cay Anderson — Spanish Club secretary — Girls' Ensemble president — Christian Growth chairman. Eric Edward Anderson — senior class president — Student Council — Pilgrim Fellowship president — Junior Achievement — Homecoming attendant. Kent Robert Anderson — varsity basketball and baseball — Legion basketball — Homecoming attendant, lucinda Rusk Anderson — Whigrcan co-editor-in-chief — National Thespians — Girls Scouts — Optimists Award — canoe trips and Europe. Lynn Marie Anderson — member of Home Ec Club — likes riding — trip to Aspen. Merrill Sean Anderson — Chess Club — Latin Club — Civil Air Patrol — Flying Ranger Corps — Barry Mitchell Award. Sally Lea Anderson — varsity cheerleader — Red Cross — Young Life Campaigners — Daisy Mae. Shelley Jean Anderson — Y-Teens — Pep Club — French Club — Prom decorations committee — Candy Striper. Sherilynn Anderson — International Club — Spanish Club — band — orchestra — participated in musicians summer project — "A" rating in state contest. 66NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: FRONT ROW - Patricia Mori-son, Carol Kraemer, Drew Akason, Meredith Wiste. Brad Bringgold, Peggy Johnson, Ann Lowry, Melissa Kroning; BACK ROW — Dawn Scott, Nancy Madden, Debbie Peterson, Mary Holm, Marc Mayberg, Mark Ferguson, Sarah Blocki, Trish Taylor, Paul Hesterman. MISSING, — Patty Perry, Brian Cooper. Wendy lo Anderson — F.8.L.E. — Spanish Club — Art Club — Hi League — worked with inner city children. Stephen Robert Andrues — Ski Club — 1-Ball — likes to hunt, ski and play hockey, oan Margaret Antonson — varsity band — G.A.A. Board — German Club — Hori on Club secretary and treasurer, ludy Lorraine Armstrong — moved from California in her junior year — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — worked at Fanny Farmer. Gayle Francis Arnold — Red Cross representative as a sophomore — Y-Teens — likes to draw. Palsy Helen Arnold — Y-Teens chapter vice-president — has taken interesting trips to Florida and Hawaii. Peggy Helen Arnold — Red Cross representative — Y-Teens chapter treasurer — likes snow and water skiing. Carol Ann Aronson — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — likes to water ski and swim. Nancy Lee Ash — moved from Virginia as a junior — Whigrean copy editor — was a varsity cheerleader — Candy Striper. Nancy Lea Ashley — German Club — Art Club — Tevya — choir — National Thespians — fourth place in state German contest. Thomas Clyde Atchison — Student Reform — free university — liberal Religious Youth area president — Minnesota Student Union. Brenda Lee Aungst — Distributive Education — Y-Teens — Candy Striper — enjoys riding horses. 67Barbara Ann Bacon — F.B.L.E. secretary — Pep Club — likes to water ski and go snowmobiling. Brant Matthew Baker) — I-Ball — Latin Club — Blizzard Ski Club — enjoys fishing and tennis. Brett Omer Baker — likes drums — often seen working on his 1957 Chevy — enjoys skiing. 'ancy Cail Barber — Y-Teens — orchestra — Blizzard Ski Club member — Edina Players — enjoys Girl Scout canoe trips. Elizabeth Ailecn Barnum — Buzzctte Editorial Editor — Images on the Wind in her junior year — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Louise Kathryn Barrett — G.A.A. Board — German Club — church youth group — plays the piano. Barbara Lee Barsamian — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — enjoys horseback riding. Thomas Robert Bates — likes to hunt, fish, and camp — a skilled camper and canoeist — plans to major in some field of conservation in college. Suzanne Paige Baxter — moved from Watertown High School, South Dakota — debate — Girls' Ensemble — Y-Teens. Robert Wayne Bayers — handles lighting for most school stage productions — De Molay — Guthrie and WCCO Explorer posts. Linda May Bearinger — International Club treasurer — orchestra — Pilgrim Fellowship secretary — Prom committee chairman. Wendy Lee Beasley — Lee — moved to Edina in sophomore year — enjoys cutting and styling hair. Mark Edward Becker — moved from Kansas in senior year — varsity cross country and varsity track at his old school — German Club. Jeffrey Brian Beegle — varsity swimming — cross country — 1-Ball — Boy Scouts. Pattricc Kae Bennett — Breck Cheerleader for two years — Breck Homecoming attendant — enjoys swimming. Carolyn Dayton Bennitt — Lyn — A.F.S. student to the Netherlands — International Club member — Homecoming publicity co-chairman — Y-Teens. 68 EXPLORING THE WILDS of Minnehaha Creek, Cindy and Sandy Roberts paddle slowly as they meander up the quiet waters of Hiawatha's favorite hunting ground.MOUNTED ON ZANNY, Nancy Holmes waits to ride with Skip Thomas as he fastens Elke's bridle. Seniors As Leaves Change Color Mood Turns to Quiet Beauty Todd Brian Bonsom—Latin Club — track in tenth grade — Luther League — likes to play football and ski. loseph Easton Benson — two-year letterman in both football and basketball — E-Club secretary — enjoys all sports. Ann Elizabeth Borg — French Club — Y-Teens — Ski Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Diane Louise Berg — Office Education — Choral Club — Spanish Club — Ski Club. Mayer Allen Berg — likes sports, especially touch football — worked at Lund's as carry-out — likes cars. Mark jerome Bergaas — won Minnesota Music Teachers Association organ contest and played at Northrop Auditorium — Images on the Wind — church organist. Katherine Ann Bergren — concert band for two years — Y-Teens chapter president — church youth group. John Howard Bcrgscng — varsity basketball — orchestra — Park Board baseball. lames franklin Bermel — German Club — president of his company in Junior Achievement — likes photography. Jilene Ann Bertelson — Ski Club — Home Ec Club — Methodist Youth Fellowship — avid letter writer. Mark Richard Bertelson — Edina Ski Team — United States Ski Association — enjoys road races at Donny-brooke. David Everett Beson — Junior Achievement — likes to work with cars — worked on and raced a Camaro. 69Dennis lames Bidwell — enjoy photography and chess — has traveled in Europe — likes to listen to Simon and Carfunkel. Roy lart Bierman — German Club — likes both water skiing and snow skiing — likes to work with cars. Gregory Lee Birdsong — I-Ball — Chess Club — lettered in track for two years — German Club. Bruce Dale Bis-sonell — concert band — Spanish Club — orchestra — Luther League. Mary Susan Bjork — Sue — treasurer of F.T.A. — Art and Social Meister of German Club — International Club — Y-Teens. Penny Lee Blankenbaker — Y-Teens member for three years — F.B.L.E. — German Club — Luther League. Polly Anne Blankenbaker — French Club — Y-Teens — F.B.L.E. member — enjoys skiing. Peter Bloch — moved to Edina from St. Cloud in his senior year — enjoys dramatics — held parts in the cast of Tevya. Seniors Bell Signals End of Class; Chatter Fills Cluttered Hall Sarah Flizabeth Blocki — G.A.A. Board member — secretary of Math Club — National Merit Semi-finalist — Spanish Club. Lynn Louise Blucgc — member of Y-Teens — German Club — secretary of her Luther League — hospital volunteer work. Nancy Kolph Boblett — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Senior Life Saving — enjoys sailing. Gary Paul Bohannon — German Club for three years — enjoys sports — likes to work with cars. lenniler Lynn BohI — Y-Teens — French Club — worked at Red Owl — likes to watch hockey games. Michael Charles Bondi — moved to Edina from Illinois in his senior year — lettered in golf in Illinois — president of Social Studies Club. Raymond lohn Book — varsity soccer — hockey manager — Park Board hockey coach — Senior Baseball League. Kay Frances Boosalis — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — teacher in summer Bible school — treasurer of her church group. Rosalyn lean Borden — French Club Council — Red Cross Representative — German Club — loves to visit her lake cabin. Paul loseph Bordonaro — lettered in both football and track — Young Life — enjoys all sports. Thomas loseph Boulay — varsity tennis for three years — senior Ffomecoming skit — Big Brother program — E-Club — hitch-hiked to California and back. Barbara Ann Bowman — Contact — Y-Teens member — Catholic Youth Center — Folk Music Club member. 70William lames Brand — Distributive Education — works at Edina Chicken — enjoys football and swimming. Charles Weslly Brans ford— Latin Club praetor — Student Council — varsity football and wrestling — likes banana cream pies. William fohn Brant . — Distributive Education — enjoys playing the guitar — memorable trip to Greece — avid fan of the "Cream." Patrick lames Branyon — moved to Edina from Texas — wrestling and football. feffrey Rodney Brauchlo — varsity track captain — state champ in the mile relay — church choir — Luther League. Linell Ann Brecht F.B.L.E. — Edina Ski Club — French Club — Y-Teens — Contact. Edward Walter Brehm — Ward — Young Life — hockey — E.C.C. Roundtable — likes the "Doors." Barry John Bremer — wrestling — memorable trip to Hawaii — worked as a donut frier. Bradley Allen Bringgold — captain of cross country and co-captain of track — Student Council — Latin Club. Robert Alan Britton — Whigrean seniors co-editor — likes skiing and BAC-111's — trips to Aspen and California. Steven Scott Broback — Hi-Y — German Club — 1-Ball captain — varsity soccer — Park Board hockey — memorable trip to Donneybrook. Charles Thomas Broeker — Hi-Y — German Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. lane Brooks — Art Club — Junior Achievement — enjoys painting. Anthony Warren Brown — worked at Braemar picking up golf balls — lettered in wrestling as a junior — loves beach buggies and movies. lohn David Brown — Dave — Hi-Y chapter vice-president — junior varsity soccer — intramural basketball — interesting trip to Dallas, Texas. Nancy Louise Brown — Y-Teens — F.T.A. — Young life — co-chairman of the refreshment committee for graduation. DURING THE FIVE precious minutes between classes, Carol Schroeder becomes frustrated as Kent Anderson tries to cancel their date. 71loAnn Margaret Bublitt — moved from Los Angeles, California — Office Education — Art Club — Ski Club — likes green jelly beans. Jeffrey Lyle Buchanan — German Club — likes golf, hockey, billiards. John Joseph Burke — Math Club — Contact — enjoys boating and water skiing. James Anthony Burkhardt — German Club representative — lettered in football and wrestling — Junior Achievement — likes wrestling matches. Diane Kathryn Burns — G.A.A. — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Hoigaard's Ski Club — Candy Striper — likes sewing and dancing. Linda Marie Burrell — Y-Teens — Latin Club demi-goddess — F.T.A. — International Club — likes sewing. Kristin Mary Burt — in cast of Charley's Aunt — Edina Players — Y-Teens — Latin Club goddess and officer. Jackie Louise Byrd — National Thespians — in the casts of Fantasticks and Tevya — choir — Ski Club — F.B.L.E. Thomas Leo Cabalka — Student Council — varsity football, basketball, and baseball — memorable canoe trips to Canada. Marc Duryea Cabot — moved to Edina from Washburn in his junior year — likes motorcycles and the "Doors." Vriginia Sue Cain — Y-Teens — German Club member — Sunday school teacher — memorable trip to Europe. Patrick Duffy Callinan — lettered in wrestling — likes football, wrestling, and baseball — worked at the Edina Country Club. Douglas Scott Campbell — participated in track and wrestling — Explorers — likes mountain climbing. Ralph Blane Campbell III — varsity band — in the cast of Bye Bye Birdie — band library executive committee president. Austen Stowell Cargill II — Latin Club tribune — Spanish Club — Tatra Ski Club — likes cars. Nancy Ann Carl-sen — Whigrean — Student Council — Aqua Nymphs — junior class vice-president — Breck cheerleader — girls'varsity. James Hale Carlson — band drum major — treasurer of the Outdoor Club — Homecoming parade chairman — Summer Science Scholarship. Mary Jane Carlson — Y-Teens — F.B.L.E. member — Ski Club — Latin Club — likes skiing and canoe trips. Michael Robert Carlson — Young Life — Luther League chaplain — interested in music — Park Board baseball. Robert Joel Carlson — hobbies include sports car racing and electronics — likes listening to Jimi Hendrix. Susan Jane Carlson — Y-Teens — International Club member — Red Cross — Spanish Club — Junior Achievement — Blizzard Ski Club. James Keith Carnahan — participated in wrestling — Hi-Y — takes karate and judo lessons — likes to water ski. Fred William Carpenter — varsity cross country and track — varsity and concert band — Eagle Scout. Mary [lien Carroll — treasurer of Spanish Club — Homecoming letters and publicity co-chairman. 72Seniors Weekends at Lake Minnetonka Mean Fun for Active Seniors UNDER WARM SUNNY skies, Cathy Textor executes a perfect skier salute on her trick skis. Peter Frank Carroll — Art Club president — summer life guard at Biltmore — memorable trips to Aspen. Judith Ann Carter — Breck cheerleader — Homecoming skits — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club. Kevin John Cashman — Young Life — varsity football and baseball — Spanish Club — E-Club — 1-Ball. Russell Craig Chandler — president of Red Cross Council — varsity cross country and track — National Merit Letter of Commendation. David James Chapman — Latin Club — Red Cross — varsity wrestling and cross country — once was a janitor. Jams Roberta Chapman — Office Education — Office Education Club president — plans for St. Cloud. Daniel Craig Chesman — varsity band — U.S. Naval Sea Cadet — transferred to Edina in his junior year. Carol Ann Christensen — Whigrean — Y-Tecns — girls' varsity — Young Life — loves to ski — went to Colorado with Young Life. James Wayne Christensen — member of the American Snapper Seekers — Art Club — Spanish Club. Jill Cheryl Christenson — International Club — gym aid — Ski Club — plans on going into nursing. Steven Carl Ciernia — worked at Target — honorable mention on architectural house plans — enjoys football. Robert Vernon Clapp — Latin Club — sophomore football — pon-tifex maximus of Latin Club. 73[lien Clegg — Buzzette reporter, copy editor, and Edilor-in-Chief — Quill and Scroll — National Merit Letter of Commendation. William Stanley Clothier — moved from Richfield — Distributive Education — Lutheran Brotherhood Youth Council — likes cars and swimming. Path-era Mae Collins — F.B.L.E. — nursing aid at Heritage — likes to sew and knit. Thomas Lanham Collins — treasurer of the Student Council — varsity football — E-Club. Louis Kessler Combs — Chip — Chess Club — lived in Germany for three years — worked on a tree farm. Constance Donna Commers — transfered to Edina from Minnehaha Academy — German Club — plans include college in England. Cary Eldon Comstock — Junior Achievement — Blizzard Ski Club — skied out west and hunted in Canada. Molly Kathryn Conlin — Whigrean student life editor — Homecoming attendant — Student Council — likes Texas. Katherine Emelie Cooltdge — Y-Teens — International Club — goddess of Latin Club. Gregory Kenneth Coon — Chess Club — German Club — church youth group — likes politics. Richard Carl Coon-rod — attended the Road America 500 — likes cars, skiing, and Jimi Hendrix — plans include Normandale Junior College. Gretchen Louise Cooper — Y-Teens — chairman of Hero — Young Life — girls' varsity — worked at Equinox. EYEING THE SCISSORS suspiciously, jerry Coursolle begs "just a little off the sides." A PAISLEY TUXEDO makes a perfect fit for Kurt Rothe as he prepares for a formal dance. 74Lmda Margaret Cooper — Music Man — Tevya — Edina Players — french and Spanish Clubs — C.A.A. Colleen Gail Corah — Office Education secretary — working for her green belt in jujitsu — plans include Mankato State College, john Gerald Correa — varsity soccer and skiing — Spanish Club — all school president of Hi-Y and Metropolitan Council, lay Alton Couillard — student manager for football — l-8all — treasurer lor Junior Achievement. Seniors Beautification of the ‘Guys’ Prepares Them for the ‘Dolls’ leremy Michael Coursolle — Spanish Club — senior Homecoming skit — varsity swimming — loves to ski. lohn Owen Coursolle — Spanish Club — varsity gymnastics — track — trips to Donneybrooke. Joan [h abeth Cox — G.A.A. — Y-Tecns — Choral Club — Music Man — Bye Bye Birdie — excellent piano player. Deborah lane Crask — Latin Club — Y-Teens — cheerleader — Homecoming semi-finalist — many funs trip to Alta. Daniel Gorden Crawford — varsity football — Edina Players — National Thespians — fantasticks — Charley's Aunt. Carmen Francis Crocker — moved from Stillwater — Y-Teens member — G.A.A. — International Club — Aquatcens — enjoys art. layne Stewart Cullen — chairman of publicity for Charity Week — girls' varsity — hates to be called Lynne. Lynne Susan Cullen — girls' varsity — publicity committee for Charity Week — loves painting and hockey. Donald Robert Curie — Red Cross representative — 1-Ball — Trades and Industries —plans on a commercial art school, lody Marie Curran — Ski Club — loves sewing, water, and snow skiing, — worked as a camp counselor. Cheryl Ann Cushman — Y-Tecns chapter vice-president — Pep Club — choir —plans to go in to nursing. Linda Ruth Daltfuist — German Club — orchestra — loves water skiing — owns a horse — plays cello. lohn Philip Davis — Junior Achievement — works at Lund's — enioys photography and Indian philosophy. Mark Alan Davis — senior Homecoming car — member of the Midwest Karate Association — hopes to attend Melbourne University in Australia. Margaret Helen Dean — French Club — Pep Club — Office Education — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Davin Lyle Degeberg — lettered in track and football — likes working on cars — member of E-Club. 75Ross David DeKraay — E-Club president — tri-captain of the swim team — lettered in football, swimming, and track — likes hunting. Catherine Anne Delaney — vice-president of Y-Teens chapter — band — works at Lucile's Fashions. Deborah Ann Delaney — band — secretary of Y-Tcens chapter — Pep Club — loves skiing. Thom-as Edward Denk — Distributive Education — Indian guide in the YMCA. Seniors Girls’ Varsity Teams Practice Football Skills on Sundays Steve Franco DeRemer — enjoys lifting weights and playing football — plans to become a Sports and Health Club director — trips to Florida. Michael Craig Dillner — Red Cross — Pilgrim Fellowship — YMCA assistant counselor — varsity football. Mark Anthony Dobbelmann — Distributive Education — likes cars and bikes — enjoys listening to "The Cream." Mary Beth Dockendorf — Y-Teens — St. Joe's Ski Club — hopes to attend St. Cloud State — enjoys skiing. Paul Michael Doehrman — moved from California — collects gold walking canes — worked at Ml. Rushmorc. Robert Daniel Dole — new from Michigan — Junior Achievement — Explorer Representative — likes scuba diving. Gregory Lawrence Domke — new from Albert Lea, Minnesota — Thespians — French Club — Junior Achievement. Barbara Marie Donaldson — Y-Teens — F.T.A. — German Club — teaches reading in inner-city. Paul lohn Donnay — plans include the University of Minnesota — construction work during the summer. Elizabeth Marie Donnelly — treasurer of her Y-Teens chapter — F.B.L.E. — Parish Contact group — likes swimming. Stephen lohn Dorek — varsity baseball — works at Southdale Bowling Alley — enjoys skiing. Susan Elizabeth Dougall — Pep Club — Y-Tcens — Young Life — worked at Olson's Drug. Bruce David Douglas —orchestra — Math Club — likes cars — a cook at Bonanza Restaurant. David Scott Dozark — Distributive Education — Eagle Scout — plans include St. Cloud State — trip to South America. Guy Adams Drake — National Thespians — Homecoming emcee — two bronze metals in Declam — Dudley Rigg's Brave New Workshop. Nancy lean Drake — G.A.A. president — Math Club president — band — National Science Foundation Grant in Chemistry. 76Roland William Dreher — Junior Achievement president — Methodist Youth Fellowship — co-chairman Homecoming skit and program committees. Christine Elizabeth Dudley Home Ec Club — Spanish Club — Junior Achievement — Y-Teens chapter treasurer, lanet Catherine Dudley — varsity band — Job's Daughters — likes sewing. Gregg Smith Duncan — l%8 Prom co-chairman — Spanish Club — worked at Braemar golf pro shop. THE SENIOR GIRLS' VARSITY football their often rigorous practices to brighten team takes a brief moment's rest from the Homecoming pre-game parade. lulie Ann Duncan — Homecoming skit two years — likes to swim and sail — works at Edina Chicken. Nancy Elizabeth Dunham — new from San Antonio, Texas — Texas state champion swim team — N.H.S. — Homecoming program committee chairman. Barbara Anne Dunker — Red Cross representative — Y-Teens chapter vice-president — f .8.1.E. — Sunday school teacher. Barbara lean Dtjnn — band — orchestra — 4-H Club president — teaches reading in the inner-city. Paul Richard Dunn — state record mile relay in track — soccer co-captain — poetry workshop in Aspen, Colorado — Pony League coach. William foster Dunwiddie — Images on the Wind staff — band — plays bass for the "Constellation.” David Wilfred Durst — Outdoor Club — wrestling and track as a sophomore — likes motorcycles. Cheryl Kay Duvick — Red Cross — Office Education — Home Ec Club secretary— Junior Achievement. 77Carol Ann Eastman — F.B.l.E. for two years — avid snow and water skier — spent summer of 1968 studying in Europe. Kathleen Eccles — moved from Salt Lake City after tenth grade — Y-Teens — International Club — Spanish Club, lohn Andrew Economos — varsity football — Young Life — likes hunting and any sport, especially touch football. Mark William Edelmann — Hi-Y chapter and school vice-president — played varsity soccer. Bruce Edward Edgren — Latin Club member — concert band — played 1-Ball and likes all sports. Cynthia luella Edwards — Coronation Committee co-chairman — worked in Colorado last August. Kathleen Mary Egan — transferred from St. Magar-et's Academy as a junior — Art Club for two years — studied in Switzerland for four weeks. Deborah Ann Egekvist — A.F.S. — Spanish Club — University of Minnesota music project — soloed with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Mary Kay Eide - Whigrean seniors coeditor — homecoming and prom publicity co-chairman — girls' varsity — International Club. Randall lames Eide — band — 1-Ball — German Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. David Owen Eidsmo — likes driving fast cars and eating ice cream cones — plans include the army, lames Ward Eisler — loves scuba diving, water and snow skiing — "The Doors" fan — plans for Mankato. Steven Edward Elhmann — member of Latin Club for two years — likes golf, football, and tennis. Mary Kendall Elleby — Aqua Nymphs treasurer — Latin Club — a good skier — likes Baskm-Robins ice cream. Susan lean Engelsma — on Bu -tdie as a sophomore — likes to drive her kelly green Camaro. Craig Warren En-glurid — known for his TPing ability — has a bull horn on his car — plans for St. Olaf. Robert lay Englund — Braemar Soccer Club — two years on varsity soccer — plans include the University of Colorado. Marilyn leanne Erickson — F.B.L.E. — three years on French Club — plans to attend Winona. Russell Everett Erickson — Junior Achievement — plans include the University of Minnesota. David Alan Evans — new this year from Cleveland — swimming, cross country. William Bertram Everett — varsity soccer — Park Board hockey — tennis team — Latin Club — weekends at Donnybrooke. Kim Nerell Faith — costuming for three plays — Edina Players — plans include the University of Minnesota. Gary Edward falconer — likes reconditioning old cars — Engineering Drafting Award — plans to go into engineering. Diane Lynn Fallden — International Club — Music Man — F.T.A. — memorable trip to Scandinavia. 78Richard Douglas Fatoon — varsity ski team — church choir — Luther League — Pro Deo Et Patria church scout award, iynette Ridy Farkas - F.B.l.E. - F.T.A. — Art Club — enjoys painting abstracts — plans to attend Mankato State and study art. William Dugan fee — Latin Club — Homecoming attendant — lettered three years in hockey and one in soccer. Mark Kendrick Ferguson — orchestra — National Merit semifinalist — varsity football tri-captain. Karen lean Feske — Y-Teens — Job’s Daughters — Trade and Industry — plans on becoming a nurse. Margaret Ann Findlay — Student Council — Hornettcs — Homecoming semi-finalist — senior class treasurer. Paul Lawrence Findley — lettered in varsity wrestling, cross country, and track — iRed Cross — Explorer Scout. Janet Sue Finer — F.T.A. — band — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Picnics and Parties Held As Seniors Enjoy Last Year lustine Kay Finley — band — orchestra — Y-Teens — lob's Daughters — traveled in Europe. Kathleen loan Fischer — Whi-grean co-editor in chief — girl's varsity — Young Life Campaigners — Optimist Award. Sandra Reel Fisher — F.B.L.E. — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — set state records in Edina Swim Club — plans a teaching career. Martha Fletcher — Spanish Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation-cast in three musicals. A BROWN BAG PICNIC and sunshine entice Steve Hopkins and Peggy Sfurges to enjoy the blizzard of Fresca. 79DROPPING THEIR sophistication and grabbing their spoons are Barb Loper, Nancy Larson, Ellen Hansen, Carol Christensen, and Trish Taylor. Deborah Van Foley — Y-Teens chapter secretary and vice-president — Dayton's Teen Council representative — plans art career. Robert Paul Foley — vice-president of the Radio Club — Bracmar Soccer Club — two years of varsity soccer and swimming. Ann Marie Forslund — Y-Teens — Luther League Choir and Youth Council — Job's Daughters — Candy Striper. William Conrad Fosseen — played Santa Claus for Christmas party — visited England — plans are in music. David George Fossum — varsity wrestling — senior Homecoming float committee — likes Otis Redding. Bruce Roger Frail — Spanish National Honor Society —Spanish Club — Math Club — Science Seminar. Michael Robert Frederick — varsity track — church youth group president — works with underprivileged children. Richard lames Frctland — varsity football — varsity hockey — varsity golf — Young Life — allconference hockey team. Stephen Joseph Frey — enjoys working on cars — attends many stock car races — enjoys "The Doors" and "The Rolling Stones." Mark Richard Frich — trainee for architectural draftsman — likes Jimi Hendrix and other music groups. Victoria Linda Fridlund — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — Job's Daughters — enjoys ice skating and football. Patricia Friedrichs — Junior Miss Teen Board — Seventeen Fashion Council — enjoys horses. Frank Furder — Hotdog — really relishes catsup, mustard, and pickles — hangs out at Burger King. Jack William Fuzzey — works at Snyder's Drug — likes drums — plans include the University of Minnesota. Daniel Ray Gammon — National Ski Patrol — raced his motorcycle at Daytona — brown belt in karate — an avid water skier. Joseph Ray Cans — Outdoor Club three years — likes the "Supremes" — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. 80Tracy Lynn Carrel — Spanish Club vice-president — International Club treasurer — Math Club — worked as a Republican volunteer. Mark Robert Gastler — Outdoor Club — Spanish Club — record holder at the Twin City Dragways — raises dogs. Mary Kathleen Ceih — Molly — Y-Teens — worked on the "On Corps” project for the Catholic Youth Center — green belt in judo. Roslyn Lee Ciambrvno — Art Club — loves to knit — fun trip to Como Park Zoo last summer. Samuel Donah! Cibson — German Club — lettered in track and soccer — Park Board baseball and hockey. Richard Allen Cities — likes skiing and golfing — spent the summer of 1968 in Mexico. Patrick Gillet — moved from Venezuela during the summer — avid water skier — likes Simon and Garfunkel — plans include the University of Minnesota. Susan Kay Giroux — Y-Tcens — Art Club member — junior Achievement — Spanish Club. Seniors Bridgeman’s Remains Favorite Post-Game Gathering Place Claudia Elizabeth Cisselbeck — F.B.L.E. allschool president — Y-Teens chapter president. Kristine Ann Gleason — German Club — Red Cross — Reading Enrichment Program. Robert Irving Gocrne — transferred from Milwaukee, as a junior — Junior Achievement — worked as an X-ray technician for the Anti-Tuberculosis Association. Greg Craig Gohdes — varsity football — Hi-Y — E-Club — German Club. Robert Paul Goulson — member of the communications unit for the Civil Defense — Recording Enrichment Program — interested in politics. Vicki Rue Granger — Hornettes for two years — Ski Club — French Club — part time professional model. Stephen Richard Graupner — mixed choir treasurer — Spanish Club — varsity football — Boy Scouts — collects coins. Robert Allan Gravier — varsity soccer — Hi-Y president — played in the Braemer Soccer Association SAVORING A peppermint bon-bon cone, Sue Peterson relaxes at Bridgeman's after a game. 81THE PRIVILEGE OF driving to school presents complications like dragging friends out of bed and piling the whole gang into a Volkswagen. Seniors Students Utilize Additional Behind-the-Wheel Privileges Joyce Kathrin Green — Spanish Club — Home Ec Club — Campfire Girls. Tcrril lane Greene — German Club — Rock Isle Saddle Club treasurer — trains and shows her horse — loves animals. Suzanne Naomi Crcnell — Y-Teens — member of church choir — worked at Embers during the summer. David Joseph Griffiths — varsity skiing and tennis — Park Board tennis instructor — German Club — Minneapolis Model Aero Club member. Karen lea Grill — senior skit — Y-Teens — Pep Club — enjoys skiing — plans to attend Mankato. Katherine Mane Gross — Red Cross representative — enjoys skiing and swimming, lames Christian Grotting — German Club — varsity soccer — Park Board hockey — Homecoming attendant. lames Stanton Grzeskowiak — varsity skiing — Hi-Y — Big Brother program — enjoys hunting and swimming. Susan Kay Guetzke — Art Club — F.B.L.E. — Spanish Club — Sunday school teacher. Linda Gustafson — moved from Hopkins in 1967 — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — worked during the summer. Judith Diane Haas — enjoys swimming and water skiing — plans to attend Beauty School — likes hot food. Steven Alexander Hacking — senior car in Homecoming parade — practices judo — likes music. 82UNSURE OF THE condition of the track lying ahead, Tom Boulay utters his final prayers. Thomas Eugene Hadley — enjoys building and Hying mode! airplanes — favorite group is "The Strawberry Alarm Clock" — plans include the army. Stephen Richard Haemig — church youth group vice-president — enjoys football, basketball, and soccer. Cathy loan Hagen — Red Cross representative during her junior year — enjoys skiing and boat racing. Ronald Stephen Hagen — Ski Patrol — Trade and Industry — likes to water ski. Herbert £ dward Ha ire — varsity football — enjoys baseball, basketball, and skiing — plans to attend Montana State University. Beverly lean Hale — French Club — Sadie Hawkins decorations committee — church youth group — Red Cross. Bradley frank Hall — Distributive Education — likes cars — cabin on Madeline Island. Donald Bruce Hall — Math Club vice-president — National Merit Letter of Commendation — church youth group president. Georgia Martha Hall — Y-Tcens — lob's Daughters — enjoys sewing — worked on Homecoming committees for two years. Scott Robert Hallam — varsity soccer — varsity swimming co-captain — Homecoming attendant — all-state swimming champ. Barbara Allen Hansen — German Club — Pep Club — Y-Teens — Candy Striper. Bruce Alan Hansen — enjoys skiing — interesting job at Edina Pet Hospital — likes Simon and Garfunkel. Ellen Corrine Hansen Red Cross representative — Latin Club — Young Life — Y-Teens — Student Council alternate. William George Hansen — Spanish Club — Latin Club — plans on attending the University of Minnesota. Stephen Edward Hanske — Latin Club consul — varsity ski team — concert band — varsity band. Eric Parker Hanson — varsity football — varsity band member — enjoys skiing. 83Gregory Mitchell Hanson — moved from Richfield after his junior year — likes skiing. Douglas Davidson Harmon — B-squad baseball — plans to attend the University of Minnesota — memorable trip to California. Deborah Gae Harris — Office Education — likes to sew — plans to become a secretary after graduation. Lynn Louise Harris — Red Cross — Y-Tecns — Spanish Club — Ski Cfub member — likes to ski and play golf. Douglas Deforest Hastings — varsity football and hockey — Student Council — Connie Mack baseball. Virginia Lynne Hatley — moved to Edina after her junior year — Art Club — plans to study art. Steven Arnold Hat rung — German Club — wrestled for three years — enjoys working on cars — enjoys listening to “The Doors." Holly Jennifer Haugland — Whi-grean seniors co-editor — Young Life — F.B.l.E. - French Club - Y-Teens - fast talker — Sunday school teacher. ATTRACTING PEOPLE TO buy their apple cider are Kakie Murphy, Georgia Hall, Jenny Bohl, Pal Johnson, Mary Docken-dorf, and Ginny Thorn. Joe Edward Hayes — Distributive Education — worked as a garbage collector — likes pink 1957 Lincolns, till Barbara Hazel-ton — Ski Club — prom decorations committee chairman — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Mary Ellen Heath — Y-Teens chapter president — F.B.L.E.— Red Cross — Sunday school teacher. Gary Niels Hede — Band Library Executive committee — band — MacPhail Youth Orchestra — likes “The Fever Tree." Julie Dell Hedlund — orchestra — International Club member — Candy Striper — traveled to Israel last summer — Girl Scouts. Heidi Heffelfinger — Horneiies — Images on the Wind editor — Girls' State Representative — Homecoming court — Art Club. Charles Edward Heikenen — varsity basketball and golf — favorite group is Simon and Garfunkel. Paul Joseph Heinrich - 1-Ball - Hi-Y — E.C.C. Roundtable — Distributive Education Club of America president. 84Joanne Honelield — member o rhe French Club — F.B.L.E. — Y-Tecns chapter secretary — enjoys sewing and waterskiing. John Timothy Hcnnasy — Latin Club officer — Edina Country Club Roundtable — Images on the Wind stjff — enjoys skiing. Mark Patrick Hennessy — Spanish Club — studied in Guadalajara, Mexico — Junior Achievement — plays the guitar. Robert Neil Herman — Chess Club — Junior Achievement — Explorer Post president — travelled to the Caribbean. Seniors Y-Teens Swedish Massage Attracts Hi-Y’ers to Carnival Paul Donald Hesterman — lived in Ababa, Ethiopia — National Merit Semi-finalist — Luther League president — writes poetry. Thomas Burud Hetland — 1-Ball — B-Squad soccer — Bible study group. Wendy Lee Hibbard — Art Club — Home F.c Club — Y-Teens — senior Homecoming skit — Pep Club as a junior. Elizabeth Christine Higgin — Buzzette — member of French Club — Art Club member — went to Europe last summer — tutored retarded children during the summer. Kathleen Lindberg Hill — Hornettes — Art Club — French Club — National Thespians — member of Andahazy Ballet Borealis Company. Margaret Jean Hipps — Junior Achievement — Candy Striper — trained and showed her dog. James Bradley Ho-genson — enjoys guns and hunting — interested in photography and motorcycles. Mark Theron Hokanson — band fot three years — Luther League president — 1-Ball — church basketball. Sally lean Hollinger — member of Red Cross — F.B.L.E. — Y-Teens — Homecoming coronation committee — likes to ride horses. Mary Linnea Holm — French Club president — A.F.S. International Club — French Tutor — Blizzard Ski Club member. Nancy Jean Holmes — Hornettes captain — Y-Tecns — French Club — United States Figure Skating Association. Timothy Joseph Holmes — orchestra — Hi-League — member of Boy Scouts — active in the Peace and Freedom Parly. Tcgner Ihomas Holt — new from Wichita, Kansas — likes sports, especially golf — travelled to California. Laura Lynn Hoover — band for three years — International Club — Y-Teens — Junior Achievement — travelled in Europe. Steven Proctor Hopkins — varsity cross-country, swimming and track — E-Club — Hi-Y — Young life — likes to hunt. Julie Ann Horlitz — Breck cheerleader — Y-Teens ail-school secretary — Aqua Nymphs — girls' varsity. 85Susan Ruth Houserman — International Club — Valiant Tailor — National Thespians — Declam — Y-Teens. Kathleen Sue Hovanef — moved from Spokane, Washington before her junior year — Office Education —■ enjoys music and swimming. Kent Haedecke Hoverstad — Explorer Scouts — North Star Rifle Club — expert rating in riflerv competition. Susan Maxine Hoyt — C.A.A. — F.T.A. — Pep Club — Latin Club member — likes to bowl and has twelve bowling trophies. Todd Robert Huebscher — played varsity basketball for two years — interested in all sports — memorable trip to California. Barbara Jean Huelster — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — The Valiant Tailor and Bells of Happily, little boy parts. Robert John Hu-ney — transferred from De LaSalle in junior year — Office education — enjoys golf and hockey, Eli abeth Victoria Husbands — Mornettes for two years — Aqua Nymphs — Y-Teens — girls' varsity. fane Estelle Husic — Apres Ski Club — junior Miss Teen Board — Homecoming decorations committee — Pep Club. Lester Ian — missed first semester due to severe case of halitosis — plans to major in oral hygiene. Stephen Mark Igel — Science Seminar — interested in photography and coin collecting — plays the organ — trip to the Canadian Rockies. Charles Howard Immel — Park Board baseball — plans on Normandale junior College. Eric Wilson Innvaldson — Red Cross — Spanish Club — Latin Club — Ski Club member — Junior Achievement, ludy Christine Iverson — Pep Club — Y-Teens — Job's Daughters — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Robert Wendell Iverson — varsity soccer — Spanish Club president — 1-Ball — church group president. Susan Elizabeth Jackson — Buzzette assignment editor — Edina Orchestra concert mistress — all-state orchestra. Dave Wayne Jacobson — Distributive Education — junior Achievement — Park Board hockey — church and school choir. Carof Kay Jahn — F.T.A. — French Club — likes to sketch and oil paint — plays the guitar. Gladys Emelina Jaramillo — A.F.S.'cr from Ecuador — International Club — valedictorian of Espejo High School. Nancy Louise Jenkins — Y-Teens — F.T.A. secretary — Latin Club — French Club — Luther League. Colleen Ann Jensen — Aqua Nymphs — member of F.B.L.E. — Y-Teens — took a trip to Europe — likes to swim and sew. Mary Ann Jensen — C.A.A. sport head — first statewide and fourth nationally in her archery division — Art Club. Bryan Clark Johnson — varsity soccer — coached cub softball — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Christopher Robin Johnson — Luther League president — enjoys working on his 1929 Ford. 86Seniors Students Find New Knowledge at the New Edina Library AFTER UTILIZING the facilities inside the new Edina library, Ward Brehm and Lee Otis enjoy the ethereal pleasures and cultures of its sign. Clarence Fdward Johnson — moved from Memphis, Tennessee, in his sophomore year — look two trips to Mexico — works with cars, Elizabeth Ann Johnson — member of Y-Tcens — F.B.L.E. — was Sadie publicity and decorations chairman. Jill Ann Johnson — Homecoming and prom committees — member of Y-Teens — Pep Chib — french Club Council — works at Dayton's. Linda Louise Johnson — F.T.A. — Buzzette reporter — Minnesotans for Rockefeller — is a sports fan. Margaret Louise Johnson — Peggy — Spanish Club — school and church choirs — plays the organ at church — National Merit semi-finalist. Merodie Joann Johnson — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — Ski Club — enjoys skiing. Patricia Mahoney Johnson — transferred from St. Margaret's in her junior year — member of Y-Teens — Candy Striper at St. Mary's. Paula Ann Johnson — band for two years — apprentice instructor for Blizzard Ski Club — Pilgrim fellowship Youth Group. Richard Allan Johnson — varsity soccer and varsity basketball manager — Hoig-gard's ski instructor — German Club — Latin Club. Roger Clifford Johnson — president of the Edina Radio Club — plans to attend Normandale Junior College. Thomas fdward Johnson — varsity football and track letterman — E-Club — likes reading comic books. Marjorie flien Jones — Home Ec Club — French Club — Y-reens — works at Edina Chicken. 87Moya Maureen Iona — French teacher's aid — National Merit Letter of Commendation — National Thespians — French Club. Susan Mary Jordan — Office Education Club — church youth group secretary — likes "The Doors." Kathryn Suzanne luberg — Y-Teens chapter president — French Club — International Club — works at Dayton's. Daniel lames Kadlec — Latin and German Clubs — Trade and Industrial Education — Explorer Scout — plans on being a pilot. Seniors Girls Prepare for Knight At ‘Camelot’ Homecoming John Walter Kain — Minnesota Quarter Midget Racing Association — Indian Guides — likes the "Mothers of Invention." Claude Frederick Kane — Radio Club — l-8all — varsity band — plans to attend Milwaukee School of Engineering. Michael lohn Kane — Charity Week co-chairman in Junior year — senior Homecoming skit — Junior Achievement. Barbara lane Karlstad — Distributive Edu cation — Y-Teens — plans include Europe. Linda Susan Kastcr — member of G.A.A. Board for two years — Y-Teens — president of church youth group — works as a waitress. Thomas Clifford Keegan — Latin Club imperator — E-Club — Park Board hockey — known as a great convinces Lynda Mane Kelly — Home Ec Club — Y-Tecns — likes the "Tempations" — enjoys sewing and skiing. John Daniel Kellogg — founding member of the E.C.C. Roundtable — memorable trips to Aspen. A SHAMPOO AND SET are part of the ritual Breck Homecoming candidate Julie Horlitz endures before the coronation. 88ANTICIPATING an exciting evening, Denise Anderson and lackie Byrd shop for boutonnieres. Barbara Ann Kennedy — Y-Tccns chapter vice-president — t B.l.I. member - Sadie Hawkins decorations — Red Cross. William Halsey Kennedy — helped in the production of Bells of Hap tily — DeMolay — works at a dairy store. Harry Russell Kennelly — Trade and Industrial Education — lettered for wrestling in Buffalo, Minnesota — plans include the Air Force John George Kenney — Art Club — Choral Club — "Music Man" — student director of Bells of Happily. Kathy Lynn Kern — Office Education — European Health Spa member — memorable trip to Miami. John Bylleshy Kieffer — lettered in varsity football and wrestling — interested in all sports. Marilyn lanet Kile — Tevya — French Club member — Declamation — On Corps — fun trip to France. Paul Chaplin Kimball — noted for his witty puns — enjoys all water sports — plans include Normandalc Junior College. Richard [twin King — Choral Club president — Music Man and five Bye Birdie — Up With Kids — enjoys skiing and working on 1955 Chevies. James Bernard Kinney — Ski Club — Desert Club — church youth group — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Valeric Hope Klein — Y-Teens — church youth group — worked as a nurse's aid — likes peppermint ice cream. David Milton Kleven — intramural sports — church league and choir member — enjoys playing golf. Marion John Kloster — Mimi — Y-Tecns — Latin Club vestal virgin and senator — horsewoman — plans on becoming a free lance writer. Christopher Manuel Knips — Hi-Y — German Club — 1-Ball — wrestling — likes Volkswagens and canoe trips. Linda Ann Knowles — Trade and Industrial Education vice-president — nurse's aid at Heritage Nursing Home — likes to ski. James Peter Knutson — co-captain of soccer team — E-Club — hockey. 89WENDY HIBBARD experiences the fun of going down hill as Judy Lyman encounters difficulty climbing up Buck Hill's ski slope of noodles. Kathleen Ann Knutson — member of Y-Teens — church choir — toured Europe and the Communist countries twice last summer. Brian Robert Konzclman — con-certmaster of orchestra — fantasticks — gymnastics — plans on becoming a musician. Laurie Ann Kopveilvr — Junior Achievement — worked on Bye Bye Birdie and Music Man — likes "Jonas the Whaler." David Robertson Kracum — Outdoor Club vice-president — German Club member — church choir and basketball. Carol Ann Kraemer — Math Club secretary — varsity band — Prior Lake Water Ski Club — National Merit Semi-Finalist. Mary Catherine Krause — French Club — International Club — Contact — enjoys skiing — memorable trips to Annandale. David Glen Krieg — new from Springfield, Illinois as a sophomore — president of New Teens of Edina — member of American Youth Hostels. Scott Taylor Krogstad — enjoys swimming and water skiing — works at Pets Unlimited. Melissa Lee Kroning — Buzzette copy editor — Art Club — National Merit Semi-Finalist — trip to Europe. Diana Lynn Kuhnley — Distributive Education — D.E.C.A. Club — likes to go to Porky's. Cal Kulation — award for agile fingers on the computer — awarded "most dedicated broad with brains." Katherine Patricia Kulp — enjoys water skiing — goes to modeling school — loves green Mustangs and the "Del Counts." Richard Arnold Kunz — Student Council — E-Club — varsity football and wrestling — wrestling tri-captain. Martin James Kupper — enjoys playing football — future plans include the University of Minnesota. Claudia Mary Laidlaw — French and Spanish Clubs — French tutor — Amigos de las Americanas — has won two tennis trophies. Nancy June LaLone — senior Homecoming skit — Home Ec Club — Young Life — Red Cross — enjoys skiing. 90lames Peter Lamont — wrestling — Outdoor Club — plans include the University of Minnesota. Heidi Marcia Lang — Homecoming decorations chairman — Art Club secretary — Image on (fie Wind art editor — Y-Tcons — Job's Daughters officer. Kathleen Marie Langhaug — International Club — concert band — orchestra — church youth group secretary — teaches Sunday school and flute, forest Clifford Larson — varsity baseball — I-Ball — church basketball. lay Conrad Larson — Red Cross — participated in baseball, soccer, hockey, and tennis — lettered in hockey — enjoys hunting. Nancy Elizabeth Larson — Y-Teens — French Club Council — Spanish Club — Red Cross — Young life — Mi-League — Girls' Varsity. Scon Robert Larson — new as a junior from Arlington Heights, Illinois — German Club — football. Susan Louise Larson — Home F.c Club — Y-Teens — Junior Achievement — enjoys skiing and horseback riding. William Harrington LaSalle — fifth choir president — enjoys playing pool — travelled to New York and Berkeley, lohn Thomas Lausc — interested in auto races — future plans include becoming an architect. Donn William LaVoie — enjoys football and basketball — 1-Ball — all-city archery champ — future plans include attending University of Minnesota. Bonnie lean Learn — Office Education — enjoys meeting new people — plans to work after graduation. Seniors Seniors Fill Their Spare Time With Huntingand Skiing TAKING A BEAD on a partridge that he had just flushed out of the brush is Kent Smead. 91 4Charles Alan Leeds — assistant sports editor (or the Buzzette — covered baseball for the SUN last summer. Sheryl Leone Leekley — Edina Ski Club — Y-Teens — International Club — Office Education — enjoys skiing. Claudia Lcsman — French Club treasurer and vice-president — Y-Teens — Homecoming refreshment chairman — Methodist Youth Fellowship. Linda Lucina Levering — Latin Club — concert band — orchestra — Horizon Club. Deborah lean Lewd — Distributive education Club — enjoys horseback riding — plans to attend Mankato State — trip to Europe. Murray Kevin Lewis — captain of Park Board soccer — 1-Ball, basketball, football — varsity track — chess club. Cary Stanley Lindberg — German Club — junior Acheivement — Normandale Junior College. Diane Louise Lindemann — French Club — Y-Teens — Young Life — participant in Missions project. Seniors Senior Girls Revive Lost Art; Revert to Sophomore Practice Kathryn Marie Lindemann — orchestra — International Club — volunteer at school for mentally retarded, lohn Cameron Lindstrom — varsity hockey and soccer — pastimes include old cars and hockey. Jennifer Ann tinner — Y-Teens — Red Cross — Young Life — Campaigners — enjoys art projects — trips to Colorado and Montana. Marsha Susan Lofdahl — new from St. Louis, Missouri as a junior — Spanish Club — Y-Teens chapter president — Choral Club. Mary Esther Logan — new from Richfield as a junior — Home Ec Club — Young Life — enjoys swimming and painting. Paul Hilton Londeen — orchestra — B-squad football — German Club — Explorer Scouts — enjoys hunting and skeet shooting. Barbara Loper — Latin Club — Student Council secretary as a junior — A.F.S. committee chairman — Young Life Camp. Daniel Holmes Lord — hobbies include painting, and camping — plans include Canada and Alaska. Thomas Edward Love — varsity swimming team — Naval Officer Reserve Program. Ann Christine Lowry — Edina Human Rights Commission — Buzzette copy editor — Student Reform — National Merit Semi-finalist — Girls' St3te Alternate. Elizabeth Michele Lund — Betsy — Music Man cast — Spanish Club secretary — Young Life Campaigners — Red Cross — Candy Striper. Carl William Lundeen — transferred from Southwest in his senior year — Junior Achievement. 92Richard l ylc Lundeen — Dick — varsity swimming — Hi-Y — National Ski Patrol — Youth in Government — church youth group. Richard Os ten so Lundeen — Rick — wrestling team — Minnesota Timing Association Nancy Ann Lundcgard — over-all Homecoming chairman — girls' varsity football — Edina Ski Club — Y-Teens. Kama Irma Renee Lund iuist — senior class secretary — over-all co-chairman of Prom — orchestra — German Club — Pep Club vice-president. Candyce Ann Lundstrom — Candy — French Club — Y-Teens. Barbara Ellen Lunn — French Club — Homecoming and Prom decorations committee — teaches reading to underprivileged children, Judith Ann Lyman — Aqua Nymphs — Pep Club — Student Council — Blake Homecoming attendant — ski instructor. Colleen Ann Lynch — German Club— French Club — International Club — Church Contact group — Snowmobile Club. IN STEP WITH the recent exercise craze, Nancy Pat Morison cruise the streets on Saturdays in Boblett, Diane Lindemann, Colleen Jensen, and hopes of staying physically fit. Dan D Lyon - Fu z — Garden Club vice-president — Chrysanthemum Award — likes windy days — a craving for butter. Dennis Michael Lyons — Spanish Club — Hi-Y — Park Board hockey — traveled along the west coast. Judith Ann Lyons — transferred from Sibley High School, West Saint Paul, in her senior year — Y-Teens — French Club — Drama Club. Susan Jean Maanum — Red Cross — employed by Embers — loves to water ski. 93DUE TO LACK of funds. Bob Cravier looks on jealously as Cary Monahan purchases a bundle of Homecoming balloons from Nancy Carlsen. Seniors Green and White Balloons Set Off to Start Homecoming Karen Lynn Mackenzie — Whigrean — allschool Y-Teens treasurer — Pep Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation — French Club — International Club — Young Life. Christopher William MacPhail — Hi-Y chapter president — Math Club — German Club. Nancy Abigail Madden — Latin Club — Folk Music ciub secretary — Y-Teens member — Red Cross volunteer — dislikes wasted time. Robert Stanley Machran — Trade and Industrial Education class — Hi-Y member. Nancy lean Magnus — Aqua Nymphs — Distributive Education — Ski Club — Art Club. Brandt Don Mample — transferred from White Bear — enjoys skiing and hockey. Sal A Mander — transferred from Window Well, Washington, in her junior year — loves to swim — Amphibious Club of America award. Helen Marks — moved from Mexico before her senior year — church group — sewing club — worked as a sculptor's assistant. 94lames Michael Marquardl — Hi-Y — Homecoming Latin float — Junior Achievement. Barbara Kaye Marlin — Bobbie — Red Cross — Distributive Education — Pep Club — Y-Teens. Roberta loan Marlin — Spanish Club — senior Homecoming float — F.T.A. — choir — hornet band — ballet — catechism teacher for fourth graders, lohn Ruck Masso xist — varsity football — worked on a dirt farm — Junior Achievement company president — collects Indian relics and artifacts. Barbara Ann Malison — Office Education — French Club loves to ski. Richard William M.mnd — Rich — Trade and Industrial Education — likes working on cars. Ian Mary Maunder — Y-Toens — French Club — International Club - Candy Striper — plays guitar and piano. Madeline Elizabeth Maxeiner — senior skit committee — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — worked at Mr. Steak — traveled in Europe last summer — loves to ski. Richard Stephen May — Hi-Y — Pilgrim Fellowship — loves Pontiacs. Marc Robert Mayberg — Student Council — senior class vice-president — varsity football tricaptain — National Merit Semi-finalist — Harvard Book Award — WC'.CO All-state team. Carlelon Stephen McCambridgC German Club Soccer Team — loves to swim. William Paul McCann moved from Rapid City, South Dakota — Debate Team participant — Spanish Club. Rebecca lean McCarthy — Homecoming decorations committee — Y-Teens. Patrick Richard McClain Trade and Industry —drove senior boys' car in Homecoming parade. Patricia Ann McCord — Homecoming attendant — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — Red Cross representative — church youth group — avid water and snow skier, lames Filer McCracken — senior float committee — Hi-Y — leader of campus Crusade for Christ Meetings. losephine Ann McDonald — F.T.A. — French Club — Y-Teens — Sunday school teacher — enjoys water skiing. Deborah Kay Mcllrath — F.B.L.E. treasurer — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — plans to attend college. Timothy lohn McClynn — varsity hockey — lettered in soccer — member of the McGlynn Bakery Softball Team — enjoys listening to "The Doors." Kathleen Patricia McCraw — F.T.A. — French Club Council — Candy Striper — attended Young Life camp in Colorado. lames Robert McGuire — Latin Club — I-Ball — enjoys playing both tennis and bridge. Barry Mendell McMahon — sophomore football — Park Board baseball — Radio Club — Spanish Club — enjoys water and snow skiing — took a trip to Vail. Albien Parris McMaster — Mickey — moved from Washburn High School as a junior — works as a shoe salesman. Douglas Earl McPeek — Civil Air Patrol — works at a gas station — enjoys cars. 95Deborah Anne McQuillan — Young Life — Y-Teens — cast member of The Belli, ol Happily — campaigners. Charles Breen Meader — Hi-Y — football and wrestling as a sophomore — Park Board hockey. Trie lurid Meester — concert band — Radio Club — counselor at Camp Christmas Tree — Luther League Council — 1-Ball. Patti Marie Mehrkens — Ski Club — Y-Tcens — Latin Club — Catholic Youth Center — French Club — enjoys skiing. Bert Frances Merfetd — D.E.C.A. vice-president — Hi-Crusaders city wide president and club president. Janies Alan Meyer — moved from DcLaSalle as a junior — lettered in tennis as sophomore — enjoys working on his 1959 Impaia. Bruce Frederick Miller — Buzzette Photo Editor — debate — plans include a three month trip to Germany. Dawn Marie Miller — Horne Ec Club -- Y-Teens — F.B.L.E. — Homecoming coronation committee. Mark Stephen Miller — German Club — Blizzard Ski Club — worked at Pets Unlimited. Thomas trank Miller — varsity basketball — varsity track — Radio Club vice-president. Mary Melinda Millet — Red Cross — Y-Teens chapter president — participated in a reading program for Mexican children. Patricia Elizabeth Molde — Morneltes for two years — Red Cross — a runner-up in the Miss Edina Pageant. ON A SUNNY fall day, Mary Heath finds a leafy playground is the nicest place for swinging, laughing, and just thinking. 96Debbra Ann Moline — Imago on the Wind staff member — F.B.L.E. — Y-Teens vice-president — Spanish Club. Cary David Monahan — Hi-Y — captain of the wrestling team — soccer. Lynne Michelle Montan — senior skit — teacher’s aid — Y-Teons — Young Life — girl's varsity — likes Arby's — North woods canoe trip. Eliralteth Moore — Homecoming queen candidate for Benilde — Red Cross — Art Club — Spanish Club — Ugly Couple contest winner as a junior. John Warren Moore — member of the cast Muiic Man — Explorer Scout as a junior — avid skier. Maureen Clara Moore — Spanish Club — German Club — Y-Teens — King Arthur and His Magic Sword — enjoys skating. Robert John Moore — enjoys working with cars — collects records — vacationed last summer in Jamaica. Richard Thomas Moreland — moved at the beginning of his junior year from Lakewood, Ohio — varsity swimming as junior and senior — E-Club. Seniors Brisk Fall Days Encourage Seniors to Enjoy the Outdoors Karen Sue Morine — french Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — enjoys sewing and horseback riding. Patricia Lynn Morison — Y-Teens — Latin Club — volunteer work at the Theatre in the Round — Red Cross volunteer at Irving School, leffrey Carlyle Morris — president of the Folk Music Club — senior Homecoming float and skit — Ugly Couple Contest winner as a junior — enjoys playing the guitar. Craig Morse — Trade and Industry — an avid music fan. Sandra Kay Mortenson — F.B.L.E. — Y-Teens chapter president and coordinator — German Club. Robert Charles Moulder — new from Madison, Wisconsin, at the beginning of his junior year—enjoys "The Rascals." Timothy Robert Moylan — Students for a Democratic Society — McCarthy campaigner — interesting trip to California and Mexico. Christopher Steven Mueller — Spanish Club — Latin Club — likes soccer and football. Donald )ohn Munson — German Club — wrestling — plans to attend St. Cloud State College. Kathleen Lucille Murphy — Y-Teens chapter president — Homecoming decoration committee — CYOL. Peggy Lynn Naas — International Club president — Teen Advisory Board — Y-Teens — Latin Club officer — National Merit Letter of Commendation, terry Lenrod Nagengast — speedskating club — attended the Manitoba Speedskating Meet. 97Deborah lean Nauman — Y-Teens — German Club — Job’s Daughters — Candy Striper — plans to attend Cornell College. Gail Susan Nechville — Y-Teens chapter president — Latin Club member — works at Gager's, lanine Marie Nedcrostek — Buz .ettc — Latin Club — church teen board — Contact. Gail lo Nelson — VV ti-grean business manager — Chess Club treasurer — National Merit Letter of Commendation — Quill and Scroll. Judy Kay Nelson — member of Home Ec Club—Y-Teens—Ward's Teen Advisory Board—Luther League — Augustan's inner city program. Randolph Raymond Nelson — Art Club treasurer — Junior Achievement — enjoys sailing on Lake Minnetonka. Thomas Conrad Nelson — memorable trip to The Blazer — enjoys snow and water skiing — worked as a dishwasher. William Edgar Nelson — member of German Club — played on 1-Ball team — Junior Achievement — likes cars. Susan Charlotte Ncsseth — new from Iowa as a junior — Trade and Industrial Education — Y-Teens — Junior Achievement. Barbara Lynn Neumann — concert band — orchestra — Mornettes — enjoys riding and skiing — plans to go into music. Tamara Lee Ncvin — Contact — Young Life — enjoys sewing and skiing. Jill Louise Newstrom — French Club — Y-Teens — National Merit Letter of Commendation — Sunday school teacher. Nancy Louise Nichols — Images on the Wind — Bsrzzette reporter — Young-Quinlan Teen Board — girls' varsity football. loseph Paul Nolan — moved from Southwest in his senior year — "Infinities' End" lead guitar — likes "The Mystics." jon William Noreen — member of the Pontiac Racing Division — enjoys deep sea fishing — interesting trip to Mexico. Thomas Allan Norquist Edina duck hunting team — German Club — enjoys racing hydroplanes and hunting. Roberta Irene Norris — moved from Kankakee, Illinois, in her senior year — N.H.S., Pep Club, and drama in Illinois. Avelino Alberto Novoa III — Al — lettered in baseball — all-state baseball team — enjoys boxing, fredric Ellis Nudell — Images on the Wind — Leaders Training Fellowship — enjoys writing. David Alan Nungesser — Distributive Education — member of Karate Center and has a purple belt. lames Bruce Nunn — member of Art Club and Spanish Club — Homecoming semifinalist — E.C.C. Roundtable — private pilot — enjoys hunting. Gregory Scott Oasheim — Hi-Y — wrestling — karate — enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and football. Joanne Kay Oberg — F.B.L.E. — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — enjoys cooking, golf, and sewing. Thomas Charles O’Connell, lr. — Park Board hockey — soccer for two years — Hi-Y. 98|V Y ors Discover That the Norld is Full of Dead Ends Robin too Oclkc — Y-Tccn's all-school president — Red Cross — worked with underprivileged and retarded children. Frederick Gronvold Oltol — junior Achievement — enjoys cars and boats — held position of Mister Fixit Man. Thomas Carl Ok on — Hi-Y chapter president and all-school secretary — Junior Achievement company president — won the $100 sales award. Susan Lea O'Kie fe — Images on lhe Wind — Music Man — church choir and edited her church paper. Jeffrey Man Olsen — memorable Taylor Falk expeditions — enjoys football games under the lights at Valley View. Kathryn lean Olsen — Red Cross — Y-Teens chapter president — Home Ec Club — Spanish Club — church choir and league, lames Mcfvin Olson — enjoys hunting and cars — spends time at the strip — memorable Mexico trip. Mary Catherine Olson — orchestra — Junior Achievement company secretary — editor of church paper. Mary Kay Olson — Aqua Nymphs president — president of F.B.L.E. in junior year — Sadie Hawkins decorations chairman. Paul Titus Omelianchuk — 1-Ball — Luther League and Youth Seminar — enjoys track. Jackie Ann Omestad — moved from St. Louis Park — Y-Teens — German Club — Choral Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Karen Timherlake O'-Neall — moved from Athens. Georgia, in junior year — Home Ec Club. FOLLOWING A CARLOAD of girls, Dave Brown and Bob Carlson find that girls aren't such bad drivers after all, when they try to get away. i 99Robert lames Orescanin — Spanish Club — Trade and Industry — enjoys working on cars. Bradley Charles Orrben — E-Club — varsity swim team — state champion on swim relay — Luther League. Steven Albon Osborn - Distributive Education — enjoys cars and golf — plans to attend the University of Minnesota, tee Bradley Otis — Braemar Soccer Club — varsity soccer goalie — enjoys racing ski-doos. Seniors State Fair Attractions are Last Remnants of Vacation Iqsepb Bat Page — Pat — captain of cross country ski team — E-Club — second in state ski meet. Marie-Louise Palm — Whi-grean underclass editor — Student Council — Homecoming semi-finalist — Young Life Campaigners — summer in Mexico. Penny Ann Paris — HornettCS for two years — three years in concert band — has California on her mind, futie Ann Parke — Hornettes — French Club — girls' varsity — Young Life —Sunday school assistant. Laurell Sue Partridge — Prom decoration chairman — Y-Teens — Ski Club — French Club — spends a lot of time at Augsburg. Gregory Allan Paske — B-squad hockey and tennis — Hi-Y — International camping exchange. Cynthia Becky Patton — Red Cross — Queen of Job's Daughters — church choir and youth group — Sunday school teacher. Deanne Lynn Paulson — Distributive Education — won five ribbons and first place trophy in a horse show. Nancy Arlyn Payne — Office Education — F.B.l.E. — likes to ride horses — plans to become a nurse. David Bensler Perbix — Distributive Education — likes to ski — traveled to California. Patricia [vans Perry — French Club — Candy Striper — National Merit Semi-finalist — Y-Teens — likes to travel- Ronald Allan Pert — member of German Club — likes motorcycles. Deborah Ann Petersen — F.T.A. vice-president — German and French Clubs — G.A.A. board member — National Merit Semi-finalist. Susan oyo Petersen — Luther League vice-president — Y-Teens — French Club. William Ward Petersen — Distributive Education — moved from Winchester, Virginia — plans to attend St. Cloud College. David Paul Peterson — Spanish Club — DeMolay — saxophone player in concert band — "A" rating in state music contest. 100Deborah Peterson — transferred from Southwest — Red Cross — Homecoming skit — vice-president of Episcopal Young Churchmen. Dirk Cochran Peterson — tricaptain of varsity football — varsity basketball — E-Club treasurer — Young Life bouncer, u i Ann Peterson — Candy Striper — enjoys horseback riding — a patron of Maximillian's. Margaret o Peterson — Peggy — Y-Teens — Luther League — Candy Striper — French Club member — enjoys playing the piano. Richard Leii Peterson — German Club — Intramural sports — Hi-League. Mark Lee Pfister — wrestling tri-captain — lettered in wrestling for two years — sophomore football — Spanish Club — drives a fast GTO. Steven tamoni Phelps — 1-Ball — Spanish Club — ski trip to Aspen. Teresa Anne Pherson — vice-president of Y-Teens — Breck cheerleader — Breck Homecoming attendant — Donaldson's Teen Board — French Club. tarry Alan Picket — Distributive Education — great outdoorsman and excellent hunter. Kristin Elizabeth Polacek — Art Club — Spanish Club — Y-Teens c hapter treasurer — F.B.l.E. — Ski Club. Kennth Dodge Porter — lettered in football — band — a national ski patrol — plans to attend Nor-mandale Junior College. Martin Richard Posthumus — Distributive Education — Church Pilgrim Fellowship — works at Crown Auto — enjoys water skiing. EYES REFLECTING the enhancing lights of the fair, Meredith Wiste clings to her faithful stallion. 101Jeff Morris patiently attempts to instruct his dishes. Randy insists on "no soap", but Jeff brother Randy in the techniques of washing feels differently. Sandra Mario Poston — varsity band — Y-Teens — French Club — enjoys bowling and horseback riding. Kathryn Ann Potter — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — Spanish Club — Girl Scouts — enjoys skiing. Linda June Pratt — moved from Pittsburgh — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club member — likes to sew. Donald Raymond Prestly — intramural football and baseball — janitor at Fabritek — enjoys hockey. fames Charles Primeau — likes motorcycles and cars — worked in a greenhouse — employed by Lund's. Shelley Mario Psyho-gios — Red Cross — Y-Tecns — Young life — bone crushing tackier in girls' varsity. Thomas Guy fagh — senior float committee — active in church youth group — likes to water and snow ski. Linda Scott Putman — concert band — F.T.A. — Y-Teens — part of the cast for Valiant Tailor — church youth group. Robert Stephen Rahko — Hi-Y chapter president and advisor — West Lake Y.M.C.A. tournament rifle team — received an expert rifleman rating. Bruce Michael Raile — ski team — Intramural basketball — does fantastic window-pane turns. Curtis John Randall — Science Seminar — varsity cross country — track — German Club — received National Merit Letter of Commendation. Carey Dana Rasmussen — church league softball team — interested in art and in music. 102Kristen Lee Rasmussen — International Club — Y-Teens — French Club — Homecoming decorations committee. Paul David Reed — new from Alabama — junior Latin Club senator — Luther League — Hi-Y. Martha Ellen Reeves — Matey — cheerleading captain — Homecoming court — junior class secretary — Student Council. Sue Kay Marie Rciersen — Office Lduca-tion — Y-Teons — likes Jimi Hendrix — Acapulco trip — plans on college. Kathryn Angela Rcimann — Spanish Club — Red Cross — shows horses — loves Mexican food. Cary Douglas Remmers — new from Illinois — enjoys skiing — street racing — Mustang mechanic — plans on Illinois State, lohn Michael Remy — hunter and guitar player — has thought sessions — likes outdoor solitude — enjoys canoeing. Dana Kay Reno — Red Cross — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — Young Life — loves Peanuts — nursing career. Seniors Seniors Reluctantly Help in Various Household Jobs John Clifford Retherford — Latin Club — Methodist Youth Fellowship treasurer — electronics. Doug Charles Reynolds — Hi-Y — Ski Club — State Junior Golf Tournament — plans on attending St. Olaf. Stephen Henry Richardson — Young Life — Valiant Tailor — church group vice-president — Edina Teen Advisory Board — Boy Scouts. James Willard Richter moved from Wisconsin as a sophomore — concert band — orchestra — 1-Ball. lanet Marie Riley — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — likes “The Young Rascals" — business work in college. Jay Andrew Rintel-mann — new from Illinois — Homecoming king. Student Council, and junior class vice-president at former school. Carole Ann Roberts — Andahazy Ballet Company — enjoys water skiing — craves strawberries. Catherine Jane Roberts — Andahazy Ballet Company — worked for Head Start in summer — Boston trips. Cynthia Anna Roberts — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — Park Avenue Task Force chairman — classical guitar player. Sally Lli a-beth Roberts — Trade and Industry — Y-Teens — Apres Ski Club — church youth group — likes Montana. Sandra Jeanne Roberts — member of Y-Teens — church group — enjoys skating, writing original poetry, and playing classical guitar. Cheryl Jean Robertson Student Council — Aqua Nymphs — member of Latin Club — lob's Daughters. 103Sally lean Roch — transferred from Holy Angels — Y-Teens — French Club — likes "The Young Rascals" — enjoys sewing. Mary Kay Rooney — Office Education — Contact — worked at Camp Friendship — special education major at Mankato State. Kathleen Root — Aqua Nymphs — Red Cross — F.B.L.E. — Outward Bound — skiing Junior Nationals in Vermont. John Roger Rosell — cross country — B-squad basketball and track — 1-Ball. Seniors Young Life Campaigners Extend Religious Study Avis Ann Rosenlund — Art Club — Y-Teens — co-chairman of senior float — shows her horse. Candace Ross — Whi-grean typist — French Club — Red Cross volunteer — owns a horse — likes Aretha Franklin. Nancy Marie Rossman — Young Life — International Club — Spanish Club — Junior Achievement — plans include University of Minnesota. Kurt trrin Rothc — lettered in skiing — west coast trip — plans include Normandale Jr. College. Mary Sue Rowe — Office Education — enjoys water skiing — Hudson trip — loves hash browns — will work in San Francisco. Barbara lean Rudquist — cello in orchestra — night school at West High — likes painting and turtles. Ann Margaret Ruedy — Youth Council — Music Man — Hornettes — Homecoming semi-finalist — likes foxhunting. Paul Lind Rukes — enjoys sky diving and skin diving — trip to Acajxjlco — plans include Normandale Jr. College. David Brian Rupp — Science Club president — Ski Club — Eagle Scoot — plans to attend University of Minnesota. Charles William Russfil — German Club — Youth for Nixon — likes surfing — plans to attend University of Minnesota. Berit Ingrid Rustenberg — A.F.S.er from Norway — G.A.A. — Pep Club — loves sports, leffrey Alan Rzepecki — E-Club — varsity football and track — church Hi-League. Thomas lerome Salen — drags cars and motorcycles — dislikes nothing — interested in Mankato State. Raul Orlando Samayoa — A.F.S.er from Honduras — Spanish Club — plans engineering at University of Minnesota. Michael Louis Sandgren — Distributive Education — likes cars — DeMolay senior counselor — plans include Navy. Scott Allen Sandvik — Student Reform — C.O.Y.E. — Greater Minneapolis Ecumenical Youth Council. 104SPEED READING a philosophy on religion, Nancy Lundegard and Debbie McQuillan labor ardously with a new experimental Bible study plan. William Donald Sarles — Spanish Club — Hi-Y member — church youlh group — hobbies include hunting, fishing, and skiing. Kristie Lynn Satterlund — orchestra — Pep Club — Homecoming Committee — Red Cross — Charity Week. Polly Mae Savory — Y-Teens — Art Club — C.A A. — enjoyed working as a camp counselor. William Herbert Saxton — moved from Grand forks, North Dakota, as a junior — football — l-ball — l-softball — hobbies include pool and skiing. Sally Ann Scheele — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — Choral Club — Spanish Club Choir — church youth group service chairman. Keith Edward Schent el — Chess Club — Eagle Scout — senior patrol leader — assistant scoutmaster — IBM computor post. Gregory Paul Scherer Music Man — Charlies' Aunt — Spoon River Anthology ' — National Thespians president. Greg Allen Schiel — played the guitar in a band — enjoys golfing — likes Florida and listening to music. Stephen Edward Schlachter — wrestled as a sophomore — hobbies include sports and playing the guitar. Dennis John Schmelz — German Club — took first place in Minneapolis junior Skeet Shoot — enjoys hunting. Susanne Ellen Schoonover — French Club — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — F.T.A. — set co-ordinator lor school plays. Sharon Leigh Schrepple — Hornettes — girls' varsity — Pep Club — G.A.A. member — Homecoming decorations — Ski Club member. 105Ross Amos Schrodeu — moved from Milwaukee in senior year — Ski Club in Milwaukee — Jimi Hendrix fan. Carol Lynn Schroeder — French Club — girls' varsity — Daisy Mae candidate — Sunday school teacher — memorable Nassau trip. M. Lawrence Schroeder — band — varsity soccer — varsity skiing — latin Club — National Ski Patrol. Cary William Schuene-man — likes football and cars — memorable trips to California. Lorraine Vernell Schwarzrock — Y-Teens — Choral Club — secretary of F.T.A. — Summer Science Institute. Dawn Allison Scott — Edina Players — King Arthur and the Magic Sword — Choral Club — Sno-Day skit — Jr. Achievement. Linda Kay Scott — varsity and concert bands — bell choir — Job's Daughters. John Daniel Sea-berg — Charity Week chairman — Homecoming King — varsity football — Student Council dress code committee. Seniors Talent Leads to Creativity; Seniors Write Songs, Plays THE SOLITUDE and tranquility of the auditorium provide a perfect stimulus for Brian Konzelman's composition. 106Susan Marie Seashore — varsity cheerleader — Y-Teens — Art Club — Homecoming and Prom committees — girls' varsity. Colleen Marie Sedgwick — Y-Teens — Folk Music Club — G.A.A. — Horizon Club — helped start a new church. David Anthony Seidenstricker — Latin Club — church teen program — hobbies include stamp collecting. ludie Ross Shadinger — German Club — Y-Teens — Youth Fellowship — member of Job's Daughters — Horizon Club — Blizzard Ski Club. Candice Mae Shannon — Office Education — F.B.t.E. — enjoys sewing, ice skating, and swimming, lack Byron Shaul — varsity skiing — holds private and multi-engine flying licenses — hobbies include building radio control planes — car fan. lohn Francis Sheady — Red Cross. David Dean Shelton — enjoys water skiing — hobbies include working on cars — likes the sounds of Jimi Hendrix. Nancy Anne Shelton — Y-Teens — exciting trip to Illinois — plans to go into nursing. Lynne Marie Sherry — French Club — Y-Teens — Candy Striper — friendliest waitress at Bridgeman's. Scott Edward Shjeftc — Chess Club — member of Civil Air Patrol — hobbies include science fiction, science, and chess. Robert Holm Shobcr — Buzzette — Tevya — National Thespians vice-president — Spoon River Anthology — Quiz Bowl — member of Young Republicans. lames Curtis Shull — new from St. Cloud — French Club — Boy Scouts — senior patrol leader — enjoys sailing. Mary Kate Sidenberg — Art Club vice-president — Homecoming skits — F.B.L.E. — Y-Teens — likes skiing and painting. Sarah Lee Siege — varsity band — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Campfire Girls — likes horses, swimming, and music. Wendy [lien Simmons — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — church choir — Luther League Council — Normandale Adult Youths. Donald Scott Simpson — Park Board hockey — senior patrol leader — 8oy Scouts — enjoys fixing cars and motorcycles. Patricia Anne Sims — Images the Wind — Y-Teens chapter chaplain — French Club — band — Sunday school teacher. Vicki Sue Skaar — Red Cross — Y-Teens chapter president — Art Club — Valiant Tailor — Charity Week — Student Council in Lansing, Michigan. Dean lohn Slama - interested in cars and water skiing — "Byrds" and "Doors" fan. Karen Anne Sletten — Home Ec Club president — F.T.A. president — Red Cross — National Merit Letter of Commendation. Edwin Kent Smead — Kent — Whigrean Sports editor — varsity soccer — Hi-Y — Eagle Scout — Outward Bound. Gerald Frederick Smith — moved from San Antonio, Texas — basketball — baseball — N.H.S. lacquelyn Marie Smith — International Club — Y-Teens — church youth group member — Job's Daughter's. 107Mimsi Ann Smith - - Homecoming Queen — varsity cheerleader — Student Council — Spanish Club — girls' varsity. Scott Lewis Smith — New Teens of Edina — De-Moley — Rangers Flying Association — likes sports. Susan loan Smith — Office Education — Red Cross — Y-Teens — likes skiing. Sandra Mario Snow — F.B.L.E. member — Y-Teens chapter president — Home Ec Club member — Junior Achievement — teaches Sunday school. Debra Lee Snyder — French Club — Art Club — Homecoming Committee — Prom committee — memorable trip to Florida. Thomas lohn Sobieski — Distributive Education — Latin Club — Spanish Club — plays the guitar and sings in many local bands. Kenneth Allen Solberg — Math Club — North Sierra Club — National Merit Letter of Commendation — witty personality. David Allan Solicit — basketball — German Club — Alpha Chi — president of church youth group. loll John Solvason — Distributive Education — likes snow and water skiing — memorable trips to Utah and Colorado. leanne Diane Sorom — Job's Daughters Senior Princess — Y-Teens — Red Cross reading program — Methodist Youth Fel-losvship. So N. Sough — member of the Lonely Hearts Club — a friend of everyone. Randy Lester Sowder — Distributive Education — likes water skiing. Ann Kathryn Spicola — co-captain of Hor-nettes — Blizzard Ski Club — girls' varsity — Young Life — likes skiing, feifrey Ray Spindler — Ski Team captain — Church Youth Council — likes sports — worked in a gravel pit weighing trucks. Katherine Clayton Spoke — G.A.A. vice-president — French Club — attended summer school at the University of Minnesota — plays guitar. Carol Anne Spongberg — French Club — Y-Teens — Blizzard Ski Club — enjoys ballet. ANTICIPATING an exciting evening at the Barn are Debbie Williams, Sandy Snow, Lynn Erickson, and Vicki Fridlund. 108lames Milton Stub — Dick — Outdoor Club — Gorman Club — Junior Achieve ment — enjoys cars jnd skiing. Carolyn Sue Stair — french Club — Art Club — National Thcspijns — It Can't Happen Here — Edina Players — writes poetry. losephine Wilcox Stallman — Y-Tecns chapter president Red Cross Reading Enrichment Program — Mekahga Camp Council. Sheryl Mane Stanchak — moved from Detroit in her junior year — Distributive Education — Y-Teens member. Seniors Senior Boy Shortage Strains Weekends for Senior Girls Robin Cannon Stendahl — Y-Teens — French Club — spent the summer of her junior year in Strasbourg, France. William Craig Stiles — varsity baseball — l-ball — Outdoor Club — enjoys sports. David Alan Stockdale — Ski Club — National Ski Patrol — varsity Tennis — tennis instructor with Park Board — Ugly Couple contestant. Linda Dianne Storry — Latin Club — Red Cross — top Junior Achievement sales person in Minnesota in 1%8. lames Edward Strother — Latin Club member — football — l-ball — Junior Achievement. Carl fredrick Struck — Edina ski team — Buck Hill ski team — enjoys working on sports cars. Marci lean Strupp — F.B.L.E. — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Junior Achievement — Teen Power — won a trophy in target shooting. Ion lean Struthers — German Club — Y-Teens chapter secretary — Red Cross alternate — member of Blizzard Ski Club. Deborah Whitman Stuart — F.B.L.E. secretary — Student Council — Red Cross — girls' varsity — trophy in tennis — Ski Club. Pamela o Stuart — Blizzard Ski Club — Girl Scouts — G.A.A. — Art Club — Y-Tcens. Margaret lean Sturges — Peggy — Homecoming skit — Young Life — Campaigners — on a Colorado work crew for Young life. Margaret Mary Sullivan — new from Chicago — International Club — G.A.A.— FT.A — Y-Teens. lohn Sreve Summers — Steve — new from Richfield as a sophomore — enjoys water and snow skiing — a great friend, lohn Roy Sundell — played hockey for Park Board — likes cars and enjoys building them. Douglas Charles Sundet — Outdoor Club member — church athletics — likes hunting and hockey. Rachel Berget Svan-oe — Office Education — The Valiant Tailor — Miss Edina candidate — attended Augustana Academy. — plays the piano and writes poetry. 109Annette Marie Swanson — F.B.L.E. — Homo Ec Club — French Club — Y-Teens — enjoys Hying. Katherine Mary Swanson — Kay — Home Ec Club — Y-Tccns chapter president — Church Youth Council — likes silver Corvettes and gumdrops. Sharon faye Swanson — Art Club — Spanish Club member — Home Ec Club — worked at Donaldson's — enjoys painting and sewing. Bradley David Swenson — Hi-Y member — worked on senior float — enjoys his guitar and skiing. lanice Mane Symchych — Latin Club — Buzzette advertising manager — church choir — Red Cross Youth Volunteer — YWCA camp council. Barry Jon Taft — Ffi-Y — swimming team — school band — counselor at YMCA day camp — enjoys music. Brad Lee Taft — plays the drums in “The Music Projection" — performed in New York — likes art, cars, and music. Ann [lizabeth Tarbox — Wlugrean Academics editor — Y-Teens for three years — Latin Club — craves red licorice. Seniors Buzzette Poll of Students Predicts Victory for Nixon Karen Lee Taylor — lead in fantasticks — Hodel in Tevya — Best Actress Award — secretary of United Methodist State Youth Council. Patricia Helen Taylor — Trish — concert band — Red Cross — Y-Teens — Charity Week co-chairman — National Merit Semi-finalist — Images. Thomas fames Terry — varsity footbali — National Ski Patrol — enjoys racing. Cathryn Marie Textor — Whigrean assistant — Aqua Nymphs — Homecoming court — participant in Miss Edina Pageant. lane [lizabeth Thomas — Spanish Club — Pep Club — Y-Teens — International Club — worked at Dayton's — likes daisies. lohn Charles Thomas — Skip — E-Club — Connie Mack baseball team — lettered in football and hockey. Mark Ronald Thomas — moved from Pennsylvania — Ski Club — swimming — likes Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkal. Robert David Thomas — French and German Club — enjoys billiards — plans to major in pre-medicine. Greg lames Thompson — Distributive Education — Outdoor Club — enjoys hunting and camping. Scott Dennis Thompson — bookkeeper in Office Education — likes swimming and golf — plans to attend Drake University. Shelley Ann Thompson — Y-Teens — French Club — Candy Striper — plays the organ — plans to attend Mankato. William Russell Thompson — football — track — E-Club — Red Cross lifesaving — avid scuba diver — devoted to hockey — fond of Edsels. 110Scott Helge Thomsen — president of Student Council — president of sophomore class — letters in football and wrestling — counselor at Camp Courage. Marcia Anne Thomson — Art Club — Latin Club — French Club — senior Homecoming skit — likes to paint. Mary Ann Thomson — Bunny — Y-Teens member — captain of Brock cheerleaders — avid skier — Brock Homecoming court. Sidney Walter Thomson — Ski Club — YMCA International Camper — YMCA camp counselor. ENTHUSIASTICALLY following the campaign results, Bob Shobcr supports the republican presidential candidate. Virginia Kay Thon — secretary of Pep Club as a junior — publicity chairman of Y-Teens — Sioux Falls cheerleader — gym teacher for deaf in St. Cloud, lames Steven Thurow — Chess Club — German Club — plans to attend University of Minnesota. DonahI Robert Tickle — Outdoor Club — Hi-Y - C.O.Y.E. — A.W.A.R.E. — church youth group. Cary t.ee Timmer — new from Patrick Henry High School — enjoys skiing and sports car races. Mary Ann Treanot — new from Portland, Oregon — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Junior Classical League — enjoys cooking and sewing. Deborah Dean Tripp — Pep Club treasurer — cheerleader — Young Life — girls' varsity — enjoys skiing. Tim Harris Tucker — Art Club member — enjoys skiing, duck hunting, and driving motorcycles. Christopher William Turner — varsity swimming — German Club — AAU swimming. IllPERFORMING the ballet. The Miraculous Stag, are Kitty Hill, Carole Roberts, Marius Andahazy, and Cathy Roberts. Lynn Marion Tyaeke — Ski Club — Arl Club — treasurer of Home Ec Club — Methodist Youth fellowship. Terry Lynn Ulrich — Y-Teens chapter president — Red Cross Council — French Club — Home Ec Club — Red Cross reading program. jane Marie Unger — cheerleader — Student Council — Donaldson's Teen Board — participant in Miss American Teenager Pageant. Susan Louise Van Bur-on — Whigrean — concert band — Y-Teens— French Club— lived in Japan. Ronald Darrell VanHorssen — plays saxophone in concert band — plans to go to Outward Bound — enjoys skiing and the outdoors. Mark Lee VanSloun — intramural football and basketball — German Club — trip to Indiannapolis "500" — enjoys golf. Karen Sue Vccchi — Y-Teens secretary — Spanish Club — Red Cross — Contact — Homecoming committees. 7om Stewart VonDrashek — Distributive Education — enjoys skiing and motorcycle racing — plans include college. Robert Scoff VVaag — Spanish Club — vice-president Minnesota Junior Quarter Horse Association — Minnesota Youth Reining Award in 1967 and 1968. lames Micheal Wagner — works at Lund's — enjoys all types of skiing. Watchyur Wait — T.O.P.S. member — enjoys dieting — carries a large supply of diet candies. Debra Schlampp Waldin — French Club — Art Club member — Young life — Job's Daughters — Red Cross volunteer. 112Micheal Erland Walijarvi — Spanish Club — likes skiing, karate, and antiques — has a bright yellow MG. fulie Walker — Y-Teens service chairman — French Club — Job's Daughters — attended a summer svorkshop at the Minneapolis School of Art. Steven Kent Wallin — varsity football, track and basketball — all-conference football team. Warren Mark Wafsh — senior car — went to Ireland — interests include photography and traveling. Alison lane Wanner — Hornettes — Art Club — Spanish Club — studied theater arts at the Guthrie. Mary Evelyn Warner — Art Club — Y-Teens — Blizzard Ski Club — likes skiing and horses. Ted Irdall Warner — E-Club — varsity tennis and basketball — State consolation singles champion in tennis as a junior. Nancy lean Wayne — Aqua Nymphs — Red Cross — Homecoming attendant — Junior Miss Teen Board. Seniors Andahazy Ballet Borealis Performs The Miraculous Stag’ Cobb Webb — transferred from Hales Courner, Wisconsin — adores the name "Charolette". Peter leflrey Weber — varsity tennis player — member of the Sports Car Club of America — a sports car enthusiast. Sven Auitin Wehrwein — new as a sophomore from Evanston, Illinois — fluz-ze te Sports editor — varsity football — Quill and Scroll. David Lawrence Weidl — follows racers at Donnybrooke and Elko Speedways — likes the "Rolling Stones". Denise Florence Weinhandl — new to Edina as a junior — Home Ec Club — Homecoming committee — loves horses. Kevin Douglas Welsh — moved from Illinois in 1968 — Student Council and wrestling at his former school — Illinois State Scholarship Semi-finalist, lane Ellen Wes-cott — Office Education — Y-Teens — hopes to become a nurse. Ingrid Christine Westin — moved from Dayton, Ohio in her junior year — cheerleading, play at former school — Y-Teens. Cheryl Ann Wey — Office Education — interests include reading and all music. Linda Susan Whalen — Office Education vice-president — Aqua Nymphs — Y-Teens treasurer as sophomore — Homecoming committees. Mary Adelia Wheeler — Aqua Nymphs — second in duet and team in state synchronized swim meet — Breck and Edina cheerleader. Eileen Anne Whelan — new from Saint Margaret's as a junior — likes laurel and Hardy. 113Irene Anne Whelan — moved from Saint Margaret's as a junior — likes the "Four Tops." Dennis Porter Whelptcy — varsity football — German Club — Young Life — has worked as a Fuller Brush Man — enjoys skiing. Charlene Gail White — moved from St. Louis Park as a junior — Y-Teens — works at Dayton's — likes car races and skiing. Darryl Herbert Wicklund — hobbies include cars and. racing — enjoys spending his spare time working on his 1937 Ford. Carl Glen Wicks — Trade and Industry — likes basketball, woodworking and the "Animals." Bmce Donald Wickitrom — in a folk singing group — owns a red Rambler. Ann Pierce Wikman — French Club — Y-Teens — volunteer art teacher for Inner City Project last summer. Catherine Elitabeth Wilcox — band — orchestra — Young life — Wilderness Women — Europe and canoe trips out of Menogyn — A-rating in state band contest. lanice farrell Wiley — Red Cross Council — Bur ette cartoonist — Young Life — Wilderness Women — has been on two canoe trips at Menogyn. Patricia Ann Wilkinson — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Art Club — Counselors' page as a junior — loves the "Temptations." Mark Gleeson Willes — Hi-Y — AAU swimmer — All-American Relay Team in swimming — enjoys skiing. Deborah fo Williams — Job’s Daughters — Y-Teens — was in Hi-Y Ssveetheart court — loves to paint. Barbara Ann Wilson — Distributive Education — Y-Teens — Homecoming decorations committee — Sunday school teacher — works at Dayton's, fames Mark Wilson — Junior Achievement — sales and officer awards — attended Minnehaha Academy as a junior, lane Margaret Wilson — Red Cross — F.B.L.E. — plans to go into nursing. Patrick Hamilton Wilson — wrestling — enjoys skiing — memorable trips to the Qucticoand Whitefish Mountain. Gary Edward Wimmer — Trade and Industry — enjoys the "Mothers" and the "Cream." Bruce Meredith Wingert — varsity football — E-Club member — likes to hunt and fish — noted for his golden toe. feffrey Robert Wires — transferred from Des Moines, Iowa — Red Cross representative — church basketball participant. Meredith fo Wiste — National Merit Semifinalist — Prom decorations committee — French Club member — International Club — Project Involvement. fohn Albion Witham — wrestling and track — Hi-Y — Desert Club — likes water and snow skiing. Robert Mills Woehrle — varsity football and wrestling — all conference guard — German Club. Bruce Watson Wohlrabe — soccer — Hi-Y — Red Cross — village hockey — held a tree trimming job. Terrance fames Wolfe — Red Cross — Junior Achievement — Trade and Industry — Richfield Boxing Club — known for skiing backwards. 114iprs ar Bells, Saunas, Icy Pools Help Build Seniors’ Physic Terrence Douglas Wood — track — North Western Bell Explorer Post — likes skiing and tennis — golf instructor. Lynn Marie Woodcock — Bundle news editor — German Club — Home Ec Club — Contact — Candy Striper. Kay Marie Woods — Ski Club — French Club — F.B.t.E. — hobbies include skiing. Anthony Stewart Wright — National Thespians — leader of the "Blue Surge” — plays the organ. Nancy Mane Wright — French Club — V-Teens — F.B.L.E. — Apres Ski Club — Contact — studied in France last summer. Paul Walker Wright — Student Council — football — basketball — track — all-conference football — E-Club. Bill Yards — sharp shooter — can be seen at Gus Young's — played on "Celebrity Billards." Fllen Bridgette Young — Art Club — Red Cross — Y-Tecns — loves horse shows. Nancy Jane Zalusky — Art Club — Red Cross — Teen Power — Job’s Daughters. William Richard Zimmerman — transferred from St. Thomas — hobbies include photography — likes Edina people. Walt Zing'— avid dancer — Minneapolis Dance Association — prize possession includes a picture of Fred Astaire. Robert Alphonse Zins — varsity wrestling — tennis — E-Club — worked at Tail's Bakery. EDINA HE-MEN pool their muscle power for the final step in their work-out at the Sports and Health Club. 115Juniors Juniors Rise Out of Debt, Treat Seniors to Friday Prom A STUFFED ELEPHANT delights a youthful customer as junior class president, Denny Hughes, works part-time selling toys at Donaldson's. CLASS TREASURER Margie Branson affectionately greets her devoted pet beagle. Beanie, with a cheery smile. CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT, Sandy Major, studies in unique conditions. WORKING BEHIND the scenes at a football game is Suzie lldstad, class secretary. 116 "JOHN AND MARSHA", Steve Nielsen and Sandy Schuck, meet in a passionate reunion after crossing the gym in the junior Homecoming skit. EXHAUSTED FROM a Hornetie practice. Sue Schmerler relaxes in a yoga position for relief. WITH THE HELP of Polly Keith,enthusiastic fans cheer themselves on at a pre-Richfield pep fest. FORCING HIS WAY through the typical Monday crowd at the lunch window, Jeff Madsen escapes dearly clutching his newly purchased tickets. 117Juniors Bridgeman’s Transformed Into Edina Teen Heaven After Games Abramson, Greg Adams, Charles Adams, Deborah Agee, Christine Agustsson, John Ahmann, Richard Alkire, Marilyn Allendorf, Gretchen Alt, Orrin Amlie, Mary Jo Andersen, Steve Anderson, Cathy Anderson. Cynthia Anderson, Debra Anderson, Dianne Anderson, Gretchen Anderson, Jack Anderson, James Anderson, Janice Anderson, Jeanne Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Susanna Andres, Charles Andresen, Cliff Andrues, Margaret Andy, Amos N. Annas, Mary Beth Appel. Nancy Appelquist, Adora Armstrong, James Atkins, Tom Austin. Joseph Back berg, Bonnie Badeaux, Bill Bahneman, Mary Bailey, Linda Baken, Stephen Baker, Cynthia Bansbach, Lois Baranauckas, Sueann Bard, Holly Bardell, Timothy Barden Jr., Hatcher 8arnett, Thomas Bartlett, Barbara Basil, Lynn Bates, Mike Batzli, Nancy Beck, Michael Becker, Steve Beckley, Chris Bede, Steven Beiersdorf, Ken Bell, Margaret Belschner, Suzanne Bennett, Duane 118Bennett, Robert Benson, Cory Bergee, Marie Bergerson, Debbra Bcrgren, Barbara Bertelsen, Jean Bessesen, William Beibke, Katherine Beutcll, Kathleen Bicrnat, Cynthia Bieter, Kimberley Bishop, Barbara Bishop, Kathleen Bjorklund, Robert Bjornnes, Norman Blanchard, Vicki Bleckmger, Robert Bodine, Scott Bohannon, Barbara Book, Daniel Borchors, Robert Borgstrom, Marta Bostock, Richard Bowen, Mark Bowes, Beverly Brandanger. Douglas Branson. Marjorie Brenan, Susan Bridgcman, Dan Brindlc, Anne Bringen, Rodney Brod, John Brodmcki, Steve Bros, Andrea Brown, Pamela Brown, Stacie Brown, Thomas Browne, Chrisandra Brownless, Steve Bruer. Paul Brunsell, Barbara Bryan, Edward Bryan, Wilbert Buck, Steve Bucklin, Nancy Budollson, Carry Buffum, Melinda Bum pas, Susan WHILE ANXIOUSLY waiting for his second order, Jim Olson eyes a shapely waitress as Lindsay Hoyer dives into a Bridgeman's super burger. 1198urgraff, Gregory Burke, Steven Burke, William Burley, Bridget Burnham, Chisline Burns, Joseph Burns, Patricia Burrell, Gail Canton, Laurie Card, Susan Carlandcr, Kristin Carlsen, Gregg Carlson, Bruce Carlson, Casey Carlson, Christopher Carlson, David Carlson, Gary Carlson, Georgayn Carlson, Janice Carlson, Keith Carlson, Laura Carlson, Priscilla Carroll, Patrick Carver, Christopher Cauble, Jeffrey Chadbosrrn, Ned Chapman, Daniel Chapman, Michael Chapman, Susan Chelgren, Mark Cherne, Sara Christenson, Terri Church, Lynette Ciernia, Michael Clark, Tom H. Clark, Tom P. Clcland, Donn Cleland, Lynn Cloutier, Kevin Coates, Janet Coffin, Roger Colbert, Jan Colburn, Timothy Colvin, Shelley Corado, Michael Corwin, William Coulter, William Cooper, Ross Courtman, Chuck Co ad, Christie Craig, Martha Crist, John Crosbie, Scott Crouch, Steven Curry, Steven Cushing, David Cushman, Diane Dahl, Sara Daley, Kathy Danielson, Peggy Darling, David Davenport, Mary Davidson, Jean Davidson, lee Davies, Stephen Davison, Roger Day, Mark Dejongh, Jackson Del er, Dan DeRemer, David Diamond. Mark Dick, Candace Dickey. Robert Dickman, Maureen Doeringsfeld, Ann Domke, Ellen Donaldson, Alec Donatelle, Lawrence Dovolis, Gregg Doyle, Dennis 120HIGH ROLLING WAVES and chilling winds foreshadow an oncoming storm over Lake Harriet. Mike Stone dismantles the sail of the boat while Steve Sundberg attempts a speedy escape in his rubber raft. Juniors Summer Diversions Extend Into First Weeks of School Drager, Bruce Drake, Carolyn Dunn, Patricia [Xinsmore, Richard Durham, Nancy Economos, Steve Egusquica, Eduardo Ehli, Sown Elkey, Keith Elmgren, Cheryl Elsen, Nancy Engelbrccht, Ann Engelking, Kathleen Enger, Mark Engh, Peter Englund, Sharilynn Engquist, Jan Erbes, Becky Erdall, Stephen Erickson, Mary Estes, Holly Evans, Kerry Evenstad, Bob Eyden,Ed Fagerlie, David Farnham, Diane Ferguson, Scott Ferris, Su anne Fesenmaier, David Fiedler, Mary Fiedler, Susan Field, Jeff Finer, Ward Finks, James Finlay, Dan Fisher, Candace Flatt, Ian Flattum, Jerry Fleer, John Foster. Debbie -121Juniors Class of ’70 Again Builds foster, Maynard Fowles, Paula Fraatz, David Fredendall, Phyllis Frederick, Deborah Freeman, Doug Freeman, James Freerks, lames Freitas, Karen Fretland, Mark Friedley, James Fronk, David Gallant, Tom Garberg, James Garlock, Steven Garrison, Darla Garrison, Paul Garrison, William Garniy, Susan Gates, Holly Geisse, Timothy Geppert, Tim Gerberding, Whitney Gerdes, Donald Giambruno, Steven Gillen, Elizabeth Gilligan, Stephen Gilmore, David Gislason, Barbara Glocke, lane Grabb, Robert Grandbois, James Grant, Dallas Gravier, Gary Gregory, Steven Grette, Joan Greven, Marianne Griffin. Vicki Grinned, Christine Grosh, Sharon Grothe, Chcri Grothe, Gary Grove. John Gruggen, Terry Gulbro. Zoe Culliford, Paula Gunderman, Carol Gustafson, Jeanne Gustafson, Mary Haagensen, Christine Hadfield, George Haley, Dennis Hall, Gary Halleckson, Thomas Halvorscn, Steve Halverson, Gary Halvorson, Janice Hancock, Steve Hansen, Barbara Hansen, Dixie Hansen, Jack Hansen, Jane Hansen, Scott Hansing, Nancy A Winning Homecoming Float 122Harper, Diane Marrod, Mike Hascall, Dick Hastings, Holly Hatch, Mark Haverly, Bruce Hawley. Ross Hawthorne, Prudy Hayes, Anne Heath, Don Hedlund, Kathio Heeb, Brian Heinrich, Sally Hellickson, Karen Henderson, Scott Hendrickson, Sally Henningsen, David Herman, Jill Herman, John Hibbard, Robert Hield, Martha Higgins, Charles Hill. Jeff (fill, lam Hill, Patrick Hilleren, Sue Hinterberg, Nancy Hinz, Barbara Holic, Cathy Holl, Shelley Hollway, Michael Holmbcrg, Holly Hoppe, Debbie Houston, Mark Hovde, Beth Hovde, David Hovelsrud, Jean Hovland, Steve Hoyer, Lindsay Hubert, Carl Hughes, Dennis Hughes, Kevin M. Hughes, Kevin R. Hull, lisa Hultstrand, Cynthia Hungerford, Shirley Hunter, Bruce Hurford, Cheryl Hustad, Virginia Hyland, Steve lldstad, Suzanne Imme, Karen Immel, Michael Jack, Joanne Jackson, Janet James, DavidJensen, Mark Jensen, Scott Joas, Nancy Johndreau, Angela Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Brad Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Christine Johnson, Craig Johnson, Dana Johnson, David L. Johnson, David Leroy Johnson, Dean Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Dyan Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Larry Johnson, Linda Johnson, Marcia Johnson, Mark E. Johnson, Mark R. Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Ted Johnson, William Johnston, James Jones, Betty Jones, Phyllis Jorgensen, Karen Juberg, Eric Junko, John Kadlec, David Kamps, Kay Karlik, John Karr, Jeffrey Kaufmann, Geoff Kawaguchi, Mark Keegan, David Keeler, Pamela Keith, Polly Kelly, Michael Kelly, Mike Kommick, Mary Kennedy, Rex Keprios, John Kerwin, Kathryn Kesterton, Patricia Kilian, Dcboroa Kjos, John Kleve, Dennis Klindworth, Tamara Klossner, David Knight, Scott Knippenberg, Mary Knowles, Kathleen Komarek, John Krause, Nancy Kremer, John Krieg, Nancy Krieger, Robert Krueger, Paul Kuntz, Mary Kuster, John Kvam, John Lafferty, Teddy 124PLAGUED BY STICKY fingers and spilt popcorn, Mark Pols fuss puts in time at the junior's hectic concession stand. Jyoiprs Juniors Brave Cigar Smoke To Sell Adults Hot Coffee Lalone, Guy Landcn, Kathryn lane, Suzanne Lang.Theodore Larsen, Edward Larson, Bruce Larson, Dale Larson, Dave Larson, Dean Larson, Joan Larson, John Larson, Robin Larson, Stephen laursen, Larry Lawrence, Debora Lawver, Joe Leek,Lynn Ledder, Nancy Legeros, Christopher Leighton, James Lenhart, Ann Leuthold, Gretchen Lewis, Scott Lickteig. Greg lieber, Diana lindemann, Cheryl linderholm, Wendy lingren, David lofgren, Scott Logan, Jaye lord, Kathy loula, Scott Loverud, Kimberly Loving, Bryant Loving, Lotta Ludden, Nancy Lund, Richard Lundecn, Catherine lundgren, 8arry lundquist, Jeanne Lunn, Beverly Lutz, Barbara MacArthur, Douglas MacTaggart, Bette Madison, Linda Madsen, Jeff Mahowald, Paul Major, Sandra Maloney, Debbie Mammel, Mark Mample, Carolyn Manion, Kathleen Manning, Kevin Marinovich, Karen Marquette. Wesley Martin, Joan 125Marlin, Nancy Marlin, Scoll Mastor, Andrea McAllister. Bob McCarthy, Mike McCauley, Belly McCool, Catherine McDermott, Mary McDuffie, Sharon McFaddcn, Susan McGairaugh, Gail McGlauchlin, Michael McGuire, John McLean, Scott Mclellan, Mark McNeeley, John McNeil, Terri McPheeters, Lynn Meiners, Marcelyn Melby, Particia Mcllenthin, Karla Mendenhall. Jill Mertes, Sally Mestemacher, Thomas Meyers, Jill Miller, Mark Miller, Mary Milner, Pauline Milner, William Minde, Brooks Minderhout, Mary Minichilli, Debra Moelter, Gary Moesle, Scott Moffat, Mary Mohrman, Mary Montgomery, Meryl Mooers, Robert Moore, Robert Moore, Sue Junior Girls Plot Prom Dates Starting September 6th "THE BOARD'S RIGGED! I won't.go with him!” Michelle Theis, Sue Richey, Kris Olson, and Ann Rice consult Ouija Board on their social lives. 126Morey, Rusanne Morine, Peter Morris, Kathryn Morris, Steve Mosher, lyle Moynihan, Timothy Mueller, Terese Mulkern, David Mungus, Fungus A. Munson, Doug .Murphy, David Muske, Maureen Naas, Suzanne Nackerud, Luanne Nagobads, Sylvia Nauman, Chuck Neal, Carol Nell, Barbara Nelson, Jay Nelson, Mary Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Susan Q Nelson, Suzan R Nelson, Ward Nesset, Laurie Neuger, Stephen Neumann, Cynthia Newell, Mike Nielsen, Stanford Nielsen, Steve Niemi, Ioann Nienaber, Brett Nolan, lames Nordquist, Richard Nugent, Michael Nyc, Roxanne Nyrop, Bill Obermcyer, Robert O'Brien, Maureen Ochman, Janet O'Connell, Timothy O'Connor, Kevin Olive, Lynn Olmsted, Glenn Olson, Carol Olson, Dean Olson, Diane Olson, James Olson, Kathryn Olson. Kristen Olson. Patricia Omelianchuk, Laura Orheld, Wallace Oster, Doug Ostergren, Melodic Overby, Nicholas Paasche, Barbara Packa, Steven Pain, Richard Parsons, James Patterson, Dennis Patterson, Joann Payne. Jane Penfield. Michael Perkins, William Perrault, Michael Peters, Mary Petersen, Christine Petersen, Thomas Peterson, Carl Peterson, Georgia Peterson, Jay Peterson, Marlowe Peterson, Sheldon Peterson, Stephanie Peterson, Susan Peterson, Thomas Petty. Mark Mister, Gail Phelps, Gail 127Phillips. Michael Pickard, Kathleen Pierce. Fred Pierce, Thomas Pietrick, Maureen Pillen, Candace Pinkham, Jeffrey Pitts, Karen Ptasman. Barbara Platou, Kennith Platt. Karen Podner. Kurt Podolmsky, Cathy Pollack. Deborah Pollock. Katherine Polsfuss, Mark Portinga, lunette Post. Herman Post humus, Janet Postlethwaite. David Precht. Steven Quam, Deborah Quick. Tom Kevin Quinn, Mary Rachie. Jeanne Rafshol, Ann Raichert, John Raile, Kathleen Rainey, Steve Ranck, Robert Ratelle. Thomas Ratkay, Christine Rauch. Janet Reed. Debbie Reese, John Reger. Thomas Regli, Steve Rcichmann, Cindy Reker, Gretchcn Remole, Mary Remy, Mary Renne, John Rentschler, John Rerat. Mary Resch, Jeffrey Rice, Ann Richards, Sue Richey, Susan Ringerud, Cathy Ringham. Rebecca Ripma, Mark Rischmiller, Robert Robertson, Michael Rockwell. Courtney Rodgorson. George Rogers, Marty Rohde. Roberta Rolfson, Gregory Rollefson, Cathy Roos. Paul Rose, Su anne Rose. Thomas "MY GIRDLE'S killing me blurts the queen in the skit. 128Juniors ‘John . . . Marsha!’ Highlight Juniors’ Homecoming Skit Rose, Tom Roth, leland Rothnem, Gregory Roy. Catherine Rue, Karen Runner, Rhoada Russell, Ruel Ryan, |ohn Sampsell, Kathleen Sanborn, Debbie Sanders, James Sanders, Margaret Satterlee, Richard Sauvc, Melissa Scarborough, Jean Schaefer, John Schauer, Linda Schleicher, Joel Schlotter, Nicholas Schluter, Daniel Schmerler, Susan Schmidt, William Schuck, Sandra Schultz, Douglas Schultz, Frederick Schweigcr. Keith Scoggin, Sally Scott, Geoffrey Scott, Glenda Scott, Susan Scbesta, Idward Setzer, Claudia Severson, Kenneth Sharkey, Geoffrey Shaw, Robert Shay, Lynne Sheppard, David Sherry, Christine Sias, Therese Sidell, Christina Sideways, Lilecn Silvestrini, Thomas Simmons, Chris Simpson, Bruce Sirotiak, Diane Sivright, Lllen Skagerberg, Paul Sletten, James Sloan, Susan Slocum, Thomas Smedvig, Erling Smith, David Smith, Gregory Smith, Michael Smith, Richard Smith, Sandra Smith, Steve Soderman, Kristin Sonnenberg, Rodd Souba. David Spencer, Holli Spika, Nancy Stacey, Re Stake, James 129Stanek, Cordon Stanck, Susan Stasson, Steve Steinbaucr, Mary Stevens, Nancy Stevenson, Marcy Stewart, Tamara Stewart. Vicki Stewart, Victoria Slier, Judith Stillman, Thomas Stockdale, Donna Stolarik, Richard Stone, Michael Stordahl, Cathy Stotesbery, Brian Stouten burgh, Joseph Strand, George Slrombcrg, Heidi Stuart, David Sturm, Warren Sullivan, William Sumi, Jane Sundberg, Stephen Juniors Chaos Envelopes Juniors Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... FRUSTRATED WITH THIRD YEAR Spanish Grammar exercises,Geoff Kaufmann tries to translate the tape with his fingers rather than with his mind. AS THE LINE grows longer and the lunch hour slips by, Margaret Andrues casts a cursory glance to Cathy Hollie who's straining to hear her mother. 130Sundet, Mary Sundquist, Wendy Swanson, Amy Swanson, Rita Swenson, Carol Swetman, Catherine Taney, John Taylor, Dianna Taylor, Glenn Taylor, Michael Thacher. Mark Thayer, John Thayer, larry Thayer. Kathryn Thayer, Lisa Theis, Michelle Thews, Jean Theigs, Paul Thievoldt, Janice Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Linda Thornton, Brian Tillery, Bruce Tindall. James Tjadcn, Ann Toe pel, James Tollcfsrud, John Townswick, Ann Truman, Mike Ulvestad, Laura Van Someren, Bill Van Veen, Claire Vargon, Michael Venell. Kathy Vigoal, Jeri Vizzier, Laura Volstad, Jim Wadlund, Bruce Wagner, Tom Wahlroos, Margaret Wahlroos, William Waldron, John Wanecke, John Wang, Judith Wardell, Barbara Wart, Wcrcy Waters, James Weaver, Thomas Webster, Nancy Wegmeyer, Linda Weigel, Nancy Weingartner, Susan Wendland, Nancy Wendt, Mark Wenell, Dave Whelan, Katie Whelan, Kevin White, George Wickstrom, Dean Wiesner, Lawrence Williams, Elizabeth Williams, John Williamson, Geri Wilson, Murray Winger, Jan Winslow, Martha Winter, Nancy Wistrand, Susan Woehrle, John Wollan, Eric Wollang, Victor Wood, Bradley Wraay, Daniel Yearneau, Kathryn Zabel, Kurt Zahn, Stephen Zak, Kathryn Zempel, Carol Zieper, Jo Ellen Zollars, Elizabeth 131Sophomores Sophs Find Relief in Knowing Class of ’72 Will Replace Them AIMING HIGH in sports and academics, Drick Boyd was elected sophomore class president. CLASS TREASURE, Betsy Murphy, reads council minutes in class. RECORDING AN ADVERTISEMENT for his own radio station KLHM, Larry Carolla, sophomore class vice-president, works on his favorite hobby. STUCK IN A snow bank, Casey Garrett, sophomore class secretary, awaits the spring thaw. 132"IF YOU'D GET your bool out of my mouth . cries liarb Wright as she is squashed by Bob Rios and Steve R .epecki. BLACK-AND-BLUE KNEES and frostbitten ears are added to fatigue as Teri Haugland and Amy Greer walk home on icy sidewalks. DISPLAYING a shield, Bill Beson prepares for the battle in the sophomore Homecoming skit. 133Sophomores Exclusive B-Squad Pep Fest Psyches Sophomores for Game THE MIRROR EFFECT of the windows helps B-squad cheerleaders, Carol Romundstad, Kristie Sel-vig, and Casey Garrett perfect their cheers. Aarestad, Rosemary Abrahamson, Sue Adams, Dave Ahmann, Jeanne Akason, Duncan Albrecht, Patricia Alkire, Gary Alpers, David Amble, Walter Anderson, Charlie Anderson, Douglas Anderson, Jeffrey Anderson, Karen Anderson, Laurie Anderson, Lawrence Anderson, Lynda Anderson, Stephen Anderson, Vicki Andres, Richard Andrews, John Armstrong, Nancy Arneson, Jeffry Arnold, Murcile Aroni, Mac Ashby, John Ashley, William Ashworth, John Atkins, James Austin, Penny Bailey, Jeffrey Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Jeffrey Balogh, James Bangs, Mike Barnes, Jeffrey Barnes, Patricia Barno, David Barsamian, Richard Barthelemy, Janelle Barthelemy, Raeann Barto, Ernestine Bausman. David Beall. Debra Beard, Roger Beaver, Connie Becker, Lynn Beebe, David Beegle, Alice 134Behringer, Larry Belfry, John Bellair, Cary Benjamin, Mary Benjamin, Scon Bennett, Dianne Berg, Joan Berg, Larry Bergee, Ronald Berggreen, Karen Bertoy, Dianne Beson, William Biblin, Dina Biernai, Gary Bing, Doug Bing, Richard Bjorklund, Craig Black, Mark Bloom, Linda Bodine, Francis 8ohl, Christopher Bohn, Carey Bohn, Randall Bonello, Robert Bonner, Susan Borden, Elizabeth Borgman, Leslie Bormes, Mary Bornhoft, Stephen Boulay, Patrick Bowers, Alan Boyd, Drick Bracken, Mary Bradley, Linda Brain, Beth Brain, William Brand, Kristine Brandow, Todd Brandt, Rhonda Bringgold, Kurt Broback, Nancy Broback, William Brook, Erica Brooks, Jeff Brooks, Jerome Bros, Sherrie Brown, Melanie Brown, Paul Buchanan, Carol Buckley, Diane Burke, Ellen Burke, Kevin Burke, Nancy Burns, David Burns, Shelley Burris, Jonathan Butler, Shelly Cabalka, Eric Callan, Robert Callinan. Dennis Campbell, Jon Campbell, Thomas Canton, Steven Cargill, Marianne Carlotto, Rita Carlson, Charles Carlson, Cheryl Carlson, David Carlson, Elizabeth Carlson, Holly Carlson, Steve Carlson, Tim Carlton, Eric Carolla, Laurence Carpenter, Kyle Carroll, Robert Carter, Paul Cassidy, Dave Cecere, Samdu Celia, Catherine 135Sophomores After First Week Problems CclutU, Jeff Chadwick, Cindy Childs, Betty Chfistcnten, Randy Church, Roberta Clapp, Cynthia Clark, Timothy Clausen, Ann Clegg. Bjf,y Clothier, Ann Coffey, Kathleen Coleman, Kathleen Combs, Chris Combs, Dorothy Compton, Ken Conlin, Susan Connolly, Pat Cooley, I in Coon, Kathi Cooper, Mike Correa, Jennifer Corty, Cynthia Couillard, Wayne Coyne, Nancy Croonquist, Mary Crosby, Murray-Cross, Bill Crouch, William Crowley, Leonard Cummings, Michael Cummins, Carol Curtin, Mary Dahlstrom, Donna Dalen, Rodney Dalgety, Carol Dalldorf, Linda Daniels, Deborah Danielson, Richard Davidson, Susan Davies, Lli abcth Davis, Craig Davis, James Deeds, Catherine Deming, Richard deMoya, Donna Denison. Jeanne Denk, David DeRonde, Barbara Dcvroy, Gayle Diefenbach, Karin Diehl, Thomas Diessner, Dennis Oilier, Steve Dinyer, Paul Dixon. John Dobbelmann, Kevin Doe, Nancy Doepke, Mark Dornek, Norbert Donahue, Patricia Donnelly, Ann Dorsey, Timothy Dougall, Kay Dougherty, Sharon Sophs Cherish Weekends 136Douglas, Julia Dow, Dale Downs, Sieve Doyle, Christopher Dreher, Janna Duncan, Gerald Dunham, Darretyn Oinham. Richard CXrnsmore, Mari (Xintley, Donald Duoos, Shelley Durand, William Eberle, William Ebons, Tara Ecolf, Roberta Economos, Andrea Edstrom, Mark Edwards, Kathy Egan, Thomas Ellis, Richard Ellsworth, Christine Engel, Joanne Engelsma. Barbara Jo Englesma, Bruce Engstrom, Jane Erdall, Mike Erdall, Robert Erickson, Jerry Erickson, Jon E. Ericson, John A. Erlandson, |ocl Eustis, Mark Evans, Doug Evans, Scott Evensen, lane Faith, Kirsten Farley, Claudia Farmer, Jeffrey Fausch, Anita Fee, Patricia Felker, Anne Fcllman, Lynn Fevold, Nancy Fmdlcy, Peggy Finlayson, Anne Finley, Barb Fisher, David Fisher, Richard Flynn, John Follestad, Douglas Forslund.Curt Forsythe, Jean Fossum, Mark Foster, Jim Foster, Sandra Franke, Kevin IN SPITE OF icy water and sharp stones, Lynn Cooley, Cathy Coleman, Polly Lyman, and Barb Penner enjoy "groovin'' on a Sunday afternoon. 137Frawley, Stephen Frederick. Mark Freeman, Mark Freudenthal, Karri Frey, Joe Frey, Robert Frick, Curt Frick, Thomas Friedrichs, Richard Frohbach, Linda Fuchs, Sandra Fuller, Bradley Fuller, Brian Gaasedelen, David Gaasedelen, lames Gaklc.td Gammed, Kathleen Gammon, Sally Gammon, Steven Garrett, Casey Garrity, William Gehring, Gara Gensch, Gregory Geppert, Paul Gerne, Cindy Gertz, Thomas Gcrval, Susan Ghia, Carmen Giambruno, Michael Giambruno, Patrick Gibson, Gloria Gilbertson. Brad Gilman. Robb Gindorff, Tom Gisselbeck, Robert Glessner, David Glist, Paul Gohlke, Louise Gottsacker, Mark Gore, Gutsen Graves, Cynthia Gray. David Green, Stephanie Greene, Patricia Greenough, Tom Greer, Amy Greig, Kathy Grcnell, Andrea Greywitt, Robert Griffin, Steve Griffiths, Mary Gr eskowiak, Judy Haas, Maryann Habighorst, Kathleen Had,Susan Ffudley, Clay Flageman, Kim Hagen. Nancy Hagmeier, Linda Hale, Michael Haney, Brad Hansen, Charles Hansen, trie Hansen, Jon Hanskc, David Hanson, Diana Harding, Barbara Harr, Scott Hart, Richard Hartman, Rick Ffauger, Bruce Haugland, Ten Ffauscr, Greg Haverstock, Henry Haw, Nancy Hawkinson, Jack Hayhoe, Chris Haymaker, William Hays, Bonnie Hazelton, Lynn 138Heffellinger, Eric Heinbockcl, Mark Htinci, Mary Heinrich, Sumo Helle, Sigmund Hemp, Peier Hendrickson, Richard Hcnefield, Maureen Henelield, Norenc Hennessy, Mary Hesse, Dan Hesterman, Beth Hewitt, Marshall Hill, Kathleen Hirsch, William Hirschey, William Hitchcock, Claudia Hoaglund, Lon Hoak, Alice Hogenson, Jeff Hokanson, Carla Holie, Knss Holm, lean Holmes, Dennis Holmes, Russell Holmes. Todd Hopkins, Gary Horan, Kevin Hovdc, Greg Howard, Mary Howell, Mary Hudak, Craig Huggins, Robert Hughes. Elizabeth Hughes, Patrick Hurley, Patrick Inman, Janet Iverson, Thomas Jackson, Candice Jacobs. Anne Sophomores Midnight Hour Finds Sophs in Couples or Avenging in Groups "TP-ING" BY THE LIGHT of the moon, sophomores descend upon an unsuspecting victim's trees in the dead of night. 139WITH ONLY FIVE minutes to get dressed and get ready for physical education class, sophomores quickly trade street clothes for gym suits. Jacobs, Kathleen Jacobsen, Steven Jensen, Jay Jensen, Susan Jerpbak, Christine Jeub, Mary Joas, Elizabeth Johnson, Barbara A. lohnson, Barbara D. Johnson, Beth Johnson, David Johnson, Jean Johnson, Kirk Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Randolph Johnson, Susan Johnson, Terry lohnson, Victoria lohnson, Virginia Johnston, Donna Johnston, Nancy londahl, Kristine Jones, Robert Jordan, Patricia Joschko, Cathy Judd, Julie Karr, Barbara Kavanaugh, Kathleen Kehoe, Mary Keller, Paula Kelley, Kathy Kelley, Steven ’71ers’ Last Year of Daily 1404 Kellogg, Todd Kelly, Charles Kennedy, John Kennedy. Kathryn Kennedy, William Kerker, Mary Kidd. Bill Kieffer, Robert Kindcm, Todd Kiser, Sandra Kjos, Phillip Klein, Melanie Klevcn, Barbara Kloster, Dawn Klucas, Craig Kneen, Kermit Knips, Deborah Knous, Kirk Koch, Barbara Kosmas, Mary Koss, Virginia Kovack, Susan Krafft, David Krahl, Patricia Kraker, Sam Krapu, Jon Krausch, James Kremer, Mark Kresoya, Bruce Kricsel, Barbara Kruse, Vicki langhol , David Larkin,Kate Larsen, Kenneth Larsen, Todd Lavoie, Thomas Lawrence, Wendy leak,Leeann Leek, Sharon Lee, Brian Lellem, Denise Lennon, Laurie Leslie, Helen Leufvenius, Julie Leupold, Lance lewan, Judy Lewis, Diana Lewis, Mark PERFORMING THEIR infamous "trample, but miss" play, sophomore girls display their prowess in touch football. 141leyh, Greg Liddy, Stephanie liemandt. Maty MISSES AND BOOS arc heard from the sophomore section after a cutting bicycle rack joke. Lienke, Steven Limbeck, Barbara lindemann. Sue loegcring, Scolt lofgren, Randall lonsbury, Mark Low. Meredith Lowry, Kathleen ludden, Janet Ludwig. Jay Lucbke, Sharon lull, Shiela Lund. Bill Lundahl, Daniel Lundquist, Kada lundstrom, Barbara Lunke, Scott Luther, Richard lutz, Denise Lyman, Polly Lyons, Lorie MacCloy, Scott Macken, Mary Maclean, William MacPhail, Robert Madison, Beth Madsen. Jill Mair, Barbara Matey, Denise Malone, Karen Manley, Joan Marten, Dan Marshall, David Marthaler, Gregory Marti, Julie Mase, William Massnick, Richard Malhicu, Charles Maul, Gordon Maxwell, Paul Mayberg. Nancy Mayer, Linda McBride, David McCampbell, Bruce McCann, Tom McCanna, Tom McCarthy, Francis McCarthy, Karen McCary, Marcia McCauley, Pat McClain, John McClung, Melinda 142TRYING NOT TO express too much emotion during an exciting point in the game are Randy Morris, Jim Krausch, and Steve Lienke. Sophomores Sophomores See Wide Horizons With the Help of Two Wheels McCool, Scott McDonald. )ohn McEachron, Mary Me Guinn, Judith McLean, Robin Mcleister, Josephine Me Nee. laurel McQueen, Donna Mcadcr. Jeanninc Meier, Colleen Meiners, Carla Mela as. tarry Mclby, Barbara Merleld, David Merryman, Marni Meries, Michael Metzger. Daniel Micka, Douglas Mielke, John Miller, James Miller, Kenneth Miller, Paul Miller, Steven Miller, Whitney Mitchell, Laura Mon son, George Moon, Christopher Moon an, William Mooney, Mary Moore, Thomas Moore, William Mooty, David Morgan, Katherine „ Morisette, Donna Monson, Bradley Morris, Randolph Morrison, William Mueller, Marilyn Mulcahy, Mark Mullen, Chris Muller, Nancy Murphy, Elizabeth Naas, Cheryl Nacgeli, Richard Nagengast, John Nathe, Joanne Naumann, Steve Nechville, Lori 143Neff, Charles Nelsen, Kathy Nelson, Eddy Nelson, fulie Nelson, Mary Nelson, Rene'e Nelson, Scott Nevin, Jeff Newhouse, Frank Newton, Mark Nichols, Robert Nichols, Scott Nielsen, Karen Nipper, leffrcy Nissen, Dana Nolting, Carol Noolecn, Diane Norgren, Vicki Norquist, lames Nudell, George Nygaard, Cheri Oberle, Doug O'Brien, Kathleen Obcrn, Gregory Olsen, John Olson, Barbara Olson, Susan Olsonoski, Steve Olsson, Richard O'Neil, Tim Oren, Kristi Ortman, Dobrah Osten, Chris Otting, Christine Oxley, David Page, Carol Paisley, John Palmchn, Jim Parker, Toni Parsons, Susan Patrick, Marlys Pederson, Dale Peer, Carol Penner, Barbara Peria, Mary Perkins, Kathleen Pert, Craig Peters, Mark Peterson, Barbara Peterson, John Peterson, Kay Peterson, Richard Peterson, Ron Petschaycr, Jim Pfeiffer, Steven Pierce, Susan Plotnicky, Jim Plum, Mary Podner, Franzine Pohlad, lames Pollmann, Steve Pollock, Nancy Porter, Robert Potter, Kenneth Powell, Margo Pratt, Marcia Pratt, Melissa Pratt, Robert Price, Elizabeth Psyhagios,Suzette Pumphrey, Brian Putman, Scott Quinlivan, Jean Quinn, James Raasch, Daniel Rack, Rick Raskcn, Judith Reece, Bev Regan, Paula Reklis, Tony 144Sophomores Wide Range of School Clubs Keep Soph Joiners After 2:40 RAVENOUSLY MUNCHING his second purchase of donuts, Rick Cabalka waits for still another round of glazed delights. Reno, Grant Renslow, Mike Repovsch, Walter Rerat, Eugene Retrum, Bruce Richard , Stephanie Ries, Robert Riley, Mary Ringland, Barbara Rintelmann, Ann Risvold, Steven Roberts, John Robertson, James Robson, Kim Rogers, Margaret Rolf, Tim 145Rolloff, Sue Romundstad, Carol Ronald, David Rose, Kristy Rose, Richard Rosenow, Barbara Rosenthal, Jeffrey Rossman, Thomas Roth, Andrea Rowland, Elizabeth Rud, Patricia Rudquist, Mary Kay Rzcpecki, Steven Saari, David Saland, Paul Sandgren, Roberta Sanfilippo, Sarah Sather, Vivian Sattcrlce, Thomas Saltcrlund, David Saudc, Rebecca Saxton, Mary Schaff hausen, Gail Schellhas, Heidi Schilling, Elizabeth Schirmcr, Ann Schmidt, Terry Schmunk, Michael Schneider, Samuel Schneider, William Schrcibcr, James Schroedcr, David Schuster, Kathleen Scott, Carla Scott, Linda Screcdcn, John Selvig, Kristi Selzcr, Meredith Setterberg, Carla Sevald, Paul Severson, Bruce Shackelford, Sue Shackle, Neal Shaw, Teresa Shaw, Thomas Shelton, Susan Sherman, Robin Shideman, Elizabeth 146 YELLING THEMSELVES RASPY, sophomore girls armed with throat lozenges, once again prove to be the loudest of all at the pep fest.SflPhfl mores ‘The Sophomores Say We’re Goingto Win and We Do Shively, Thomas Shull, Janet Sideli, Franklin Siebert, Paul Silas, lynne Silha, David Sims, Robert Skaar, Bob Skagerberg, Greg Skogstad, Susan Skov, Richard Smead, Nancy Smith, Barbara Smith, John Smith, Katherine Smith, Mary Smith, Scott Smith, Steven Smith, Stephen Smith, Susan Smith, Thomas Snyder, Elizabeth Snyder, Jay Sorenson, Gary Sorteberg, William Sortino, Roxanne Sorum, Vicki Soto, Maria Spahr, Anna Spear, Sharleen Spencer, Diane Spicola, John Spokes, Peter Sponsel, John Staber, Todd Stair, David Stansfield, Douglas Stasney, Janice Stehr, Susan Steinback, Jeanne Stevens, Scott Stillman, Mark Stirrat, Jan Stockbridge, Nancy Stocks, Susan Stoutenburgh, Anne Strachan, Martha Straughan, Deborah -■'■''■Struthers, Lesli Stupjjy, Jan Subby, Cynthia Summers, Nancy Suomela, Gary Svanoe, Naomi Swanson, Jeff Swanson, Lynn Swanson, William Swendseen, Barbara Swenson, Paula Symchych, Holly Tait, Paula Taney, Ted Tang, Vicki Tarbox, Katharine 147TOO OLD TO trick or treat. Barb Wright tries to hide as the two little ghosts put on their spookiest faces to trick someone into a treat. Thompson, Jeffrey Thompson, Michael Timm, David Tourangeau, Mark Tripp, Shelley Tupa, Lynne Tyler, Paul Tyson, Joseph Vaalcr, Bryn Van Campen, Ben Vanko, Lori Veenendaal, Jeanne Velgersdyk, John Victorsen, Jerrilyn Vokaty, Kathryn Waack, Nancy Waggoner, Jane Wagner, Jane Walijarvi, Corrine Walker, Patric Walsten, Timothy Walter, Steven Warner, Fred Waters, Laurie Watters, Elizabeth Weber, Caryl Weber, William Wegmeyer, Paul Wehrwein, Paul Weidt, Brad Wellumson, Debbie Wenell. lane As Sophs, They Find Themselves Westfall, Deborah Westman, Dave White, Mary White, Pamela White, Sharon White, Thomas Whitman, Jan Wicka, Mark Taylor, James Tenneson, Harold Teynor, Mary Thernell, Lynn Thiele, Richard Thoele, Eleanor Thomas, Bryant Thomas, Todd Too Old But Yet Too Young 148Wickersham, Nancy Wickesser, Margo Wicks, Rom Wiesnef, Carolyn Wilcox, Barbara Wiley. Jeff Wilkins, Mark Wilkenson, Cynthia Willette, Nancy Williams, Scott Williamson, Deborah Wilson, laure Wilson, Marjorie Windahl, Zana Windle, William Winslow, Claudia Winter. Janet Wippman, Judy Witham, Thomas Withrow, John Woener, Sally Wold, lackie Wolfe, Judith Wolff, Frederick Wollan, Jeannette Wolner, Lindy Wolner, Lizabcth Woodcock, John Woodruff, Lance Woolsey, Mary Wright, Barb Wynne, Barbara Zarling, Chris Zeman, Nancy Zero, A. Real Zerull, Jim 149WHIGREAN EDITORS: Prudy Hawthorne, photo coordinator; Nancy Ash, copy edi- TREATS AND PARTIES help relieve thirty' tor; Bob Britton, seniors co-editor; Mary Eide, seniors co-editor; Holly Haugland, eight page deadlines for Mary Eide. seniors co-editor. WHIGREAN ASSISTANTS: FRONT ROW — Candy Ross, Steve Sundberg, Randy Morris; ROW 2 — Paula Gulliford, Karen MacKenzie, Carol Christensen, Becky Ringham, Ann Rice; BACK ROW: Chris Grinned, Nancy Carlsen, Mark Mammel, Cathy Textor. Missing — Kathy Pickard. 152PUNCHINESS OVERCOMES co-editors, Kathy Fischer and Cinda Anderson, after a "really weak" deadline. WHIGREAN EDITORS: Mark Bowen, photographer; Marie Palm, underclass editor, Sue Van Burcn, organizations editor, Ann Tarbox, academics editor, Kent Smead, sports editor; Molly Conlin, student editor. Whigrean Whigrean Changes Rooms; Creates Atmosphere Anew EXCEDRIN HEADACHE 326 hit the Whigrean this year as it left room 161 and established new headquarters upstairs. The adjoining office had several outstanding features such as a picturesque window view and telephone with cord long enough to facilitate dancing into the classroom or tying up naughty assistants. The Whigrean staff, aided by Mr. Robert Klimpke, new advisor, worked into the wee hours drawing layouts, cropping pictures, telling W.C. Field's jokes, writing captions and copy, taking Excedrin, and proofing pages. Sales campaigns tested Whigreaner's abilities at displaying winning personalities as they combed the city for patrons, sold donuts, solicited balloons, and pleaded for $6.18 "in check." In April the first Whigrean Hustler Dance was held with the purpose of letting everyone get rid of spring fever by "hustling" whomever they pleased. Whigrean meant watching for the Sickie of the Month Award by Mor-Brit, Inc., having a Valentine banquet, and soulfully singing "Oo-oon-gawa, Whigrean's got the power!" CHEWED NAILS and Excedrin identify Whigrean staffers. 153RELAXING comfortably, Janine Nederostek, feature editor, and Sven Wehrwein, sports editor, anticipate a Chicago journalism conference. BUZZETTE EDITORS: Betsy Barnum, editorial page editor; Jan Symchych, advertising manager; Sue Jackson, assignment editor; and Lynn Woodcock, news editor. BUZZETTE ASSISTANTS: fRONT ROW — Carol Zempel, Sally Scoggin, Teri Haugland, Nancy Hmterberg, Chris Cozad; BACK ROW — Mark Polsfuss, Amy Greer, Kris Soderman, Bob Shober, Mary Davenport, Scott Knight, Sue Nelson, Al Leeds, Betsy Lund, Orrin Alt. 54AT TWO O'CLOCK A.M., Melissa Kroning, Ann Lowry, copy editors; and Ellen Clegg, editor-in-chief, take a break from deadline headaches. Buzzette Pozo Seco Singers And M Ms Keep The Buzzetters Going IT'S CALLED BUZZETTE. Every year it has meant the Edina High School newspaper. This year it meant the quip of the day in none other than green and yellow chalk. It meant listening to the Pozo Seco Singers and The Doors. It meant being in love with M M peanut candies, and suffering through Monday critiques. It meant physical conditioning for the late deadlines and the sick jokes. It meant drawing layouts until you saw little five column papers in your sleep. It meant living with "the style," punctuation, captions, head- lines, and titles. It meant interviews with people you never dreamed of meeting, and then trying to figure out the tape-recorder. It meant 34 characters to this caption, and knowing the Ultra Bodoni just looks better than Vogue Italic. It meant news, editorials, feature, and sports, along with cartoons, photos, and ads. It meant living with editors, copy editors, photographers, assistants, typists, reporters, artists, and ad managers. It meant liking one another because you were all a part of it. It was unforgettable. 155 MRS. BEVERLY RUDQUIST, adviser, checks chief photographer Bruce Miller's proofs.STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Tom Collins, treasurer; Kris Carlander, secretary; Drew Akason, vice-president; Scott Thomsen, president. SOCIAL COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW — Jon Burris, Jane Unger, Jeff Celusta, Betsy Murphy, Eric Anderson, co-chairman; Nancy Carlscn, co-chairman; Randy Waters; BACK ROW — Jeff Farmer, Mimsi Smith, Bill Nyrop, Cheryl Robertson, Lindsay Hoy-er, Laurie Canton; Missing — Debi Stuart. BEFORE DEALING WITH domestic school problems, Debi Stuart reads the minutes to her homeroom. CIVIL SERVICE COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW — Terri McNeil, co-chairman; Sue Peterson, Doug Hastings, Marcy Reeves; BACK ROW — Libby Baker, Rae Ann Barthelemy, Rick Cabalka, Whitney Miller, Dick Kune, Gara Gehring, Polly Keith, Sandy Major; Missing — Marc May-berg, co-chairman; Paul Wright. 156Student Council Overloaded With Petty Requests, Council Tries to Fix Demands DRIFTING IN FROM various homerooms, Student Council members converged in room 135, the scene of diversified action again this year. They brought to the council meetings motions for a long desired student lounge, a more lenient dress code, and more sandwiches for lunch even though the bread slices were thicker this year. The Student-Faculty Committee, composed of faculty members and students, helped to solve these problems by opening up the communications between the Student Council, faculty. and any interested students. Teen Corp was newly supported this year. Money-raising projects and a clothes drive were dedicated to improving conditions in Appalachia and Minneapolis' inner-city. On "no meeting days" strains of the Temptations could be heard from room 135. The year culminated in the annual race down Highway 494 to the home of Mr. Delmar Fredrickson, adviser, for the Student Council picnic celebrating the close of another year of parliamentary procedures. A.F.S. COMMITTEE: Larry Carrolia, Toni Parker, Denny Carol Zempel, Chuck Bransford, Brad Bringgold, Barb toper, Hughes, co-chairman; Judy Lyman, Drick Boyd, Marie Palm, co-chairman; MISSING: Brad Wood, Sury llstad. 157 SPECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE: Margie Findlay, Dianne Anderson, Vicki Stewart, Holly Gates, Geoff Kaufmann, Steve Precht, co-chairman; Chris Hayhoe, Kyle Carpenter, Pete Spokes, Eric Hansen, John Seaberg, co-chairman; Tom Cabalka.GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES are the same to all children discovers fan Symchych at Irving School. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Nancy Durham, President; Chris Burnham, treasurer; Kama Lundquist, vice-president; MISSING — Sueann Bararuuckas, secretary. Red Cross. Pep Club Students Tutor at Irving; Potlucks Unify Pep Club BIAFRA, UNITED FUND, and Red Cross shared a donation of $1,936 earned from Charity Week activities. This donation was raised through a joint effort by Red Cross and Student Council. An Ugly Couple Contest, a basketball game between the WDGY radio One-ders and the faculty men, and a soccer versus football players hockey game highlighted the week. The Irving Elementary School project attracted many volunteers this year. Students from Edina tutored reading at the school at least once a week. Homerooms gave Christmas parties for underprivileged children, sang at nursing homes, and collected empty distilled water bottles. AS THE FIRST '68 Pep Club meeting drew near, it still had no adviser. The club was saved when Miss Linda Klanc-nik volunteered for the job. Food became synonymous with Pep Club meetings whether they were pot lucks or paint parties. The club worked with hopes of encouraging Edina school spirit by selling tags, painting colorful signs, sponsoring pot luck dinners before athletic events, participating in and planning the pep fests, and presenting Pep Week. 158DISTILLED WATER bottles are collected to raise money by Red Cross officers Russ Chandler, Suzy Nelson, Mary Miller, and Shelley Hall. RED CROSS COUNCIL: FRONT ROW — B. Dunkor, S. Hdll. M. Miller, B. Englund, 6. Chapman, P. Findley, T. Diehl, J. Larson, S. Nelson, R. Chandler; ROW 2 — K. Bishop, R. Morey, L. Schauer, K. Morris, C. Peterson, M. Gustafson, B. Ringham, R. Fisher, S. Conlin; ROW 3 — B. Jones, K, Olson, S. Baranauckas. K. Thayer, T. Taylor, K. Olsen, J. Johnson, P. Findley, A. Donnelly; ROW 4 — K. Olson, P. Arnold,). Wiley, M. Millett, M. Heath, T. Ulrich, R. Oelke, K. Lundquist, S. Hollinger; ROW 5 — A. Engel-brecht, M. Kerker, S. Sloan, K. Freitas, S. Dahl, L. Moore, A. Johndreau, E. Hanson; ROW 6 — M. Curtain, P. Donahue, B. Lundstrom, K. Dougall, V. Skaar, D. Reno, J. Cullen, N. Wayne, S. Cherncy; ROW 7 — Miss E. Gransburg, L. Borden, M. Kos-mas, L. Cooley, S. Tripp, C. Garrett, B. Lutz, P. Naas. PEP CLUB; FIRST ROW — G. Peterson, K. Olson, R. Morey, K. .Morris, A. Griffiths, L. Gohlke, K. Tarbox, D. Nooleen, L. Cooley, B. Schillig, K. Coleman, A. Jacobs, S. Houserman, A. Donnelly,). Stasney, L. Baker, N. Durham; ROW 2 — S. Sanfilippo, Z. Windahl, M. Andrues, S. Smead, B. Johnson, K. Oren, D. Knips, K. Freudenthal, M. Low, M. Liemandt, J. Johnson, A. Clothier, P. Findley, G. Johnson, S. Conlin, J. Judd, L. Bradley, K. Larkin, L. Fellman; ROW 3 — K. Olson, V. Griffin, S. Major, K. Bie-ter, M. Bahneman, C. Burnham, D. Foster, L. Nackerud, M. White, S. Johnson, P. Lyman, B. Karr, N. Doe, G. Devroy, A. Hoak, L. Anderson, J. Dreher, C. Graves, K. Lundquist, C. Subby, Miss Linda Klancnik; ROW 4 — L. Omelianchuk, S. Scott, M. Quinn, P. Jones, N. Krieg, C. Scott, C. Weber, J. Evensen, C. Clapp, T. Shaw, S. Dougherty, K. Holie, S. Davidson, M. Smith, |. Correa, S. Duoos, M. Kosmas, D. Maley, C. Arnold, M. Annas, J. Anderson, S. Brown, B. Barlett; ROW 5: M. Gustafson, S. Cherne, S. Parsons, M. Amile, P. Brown, L. Hughes, C. Jerpbak, E. Thoele, N. Broback, B. Swendseen, M. Howard, S. Baranauckas, J. Hansen, B. Rustenberg, J. Victorsen, N. Hagen, C. Nygaard, B. Childs, S. Tripp, R. Barthelemy, D. Williamson; BACK ROW — S. Shelton, K. Faith, A. Stoutenberg, B. Hays, S. Woerner, S. Pierce, L. Leek, K. Bishop, L. Shauer, K. Kerwin, T. Klindworth, A. Beegle, J. Wollan, V. Tang, E. Domkc, K. lundquist, D. Dahlstrom. 159VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW — Susan Seashore, Marjorie Branson; ROW 2 — Debbie Crask, Debbie Tripp, Debbie Sanborn. Jane Unger; ROW 3 — Sally Anderson; Mar-cy Reeves, captain; BACK ROW — Mary Wheeler, Pat Melby, Mimsi Smith, Polly Keith. A LARGE GREEN MEGAPHONE aids Sue Seashore in cheering the football team on to another victory. 160 B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: KNEELING — Mary Croonquist, Kristi Rose, Barb Lundstrom, Casey Garrett; STANDING -Carol Romundstad, captain; Kris Sclvig.IMPLORING THE FANS to yell and the team to win Pat Melby puts her heart into her cheers. REHEARSING FOR FRIDAY'S pep fest and football game team. They yell "Ready all let's go!" to entice Edina's the varsity cheerleaders share the practice field with the student body to cheer loudly. Cheerleaders Girls Present at Fall Banquet; New Uniforms for Both Squads ONE DOZEN ROSES and a box of Fanny Farmer candy were gifts of appreciation given at the fall athletic banquet to each cheerleader for her efforts this year. The enlarged varsity squad of twelve girls cheered Edina's athletic teams to successful seasons. The position of cheerleader required several not so traditional skills, such as those of homemaking. The girls' kitchens were left with piles of pans and white clouds of flour after attempts at cake baking for a worthy team. The B-squad cheerleaders found any sewing talent came in handy as they toiled to make their new uniforms. The varsity squad purchased their new outfits. After years of the same uniforms, both squads were happy to finally don new ones. After rough practices and sore muscles, none could testify more emphatically then the cheerleaders that "you gotta fight to win." 161V dm 'Summer Car Wash Rakes in $113; V' New Adviser Throws Party SOMETHING OLD, something new, with an emphasis on the new seemed to be the theme of this year's Horn-ettes. Always a highlight at pep fests, the dance line, composed of ten veterans and ten novices, perfected a new routine to the tune "Casino Royale." To celebrate the Yuletide season. Miss Mary Ann Nord, the new adviser, invited the girls to a party at her apartment. As a present, she surprised them with a decorated Christmas cake. A record breaking $113 was gathered by the girls at a summer car wash. The money helped finance new white uniforms with a green and white "EHS" on the front. The traditional late and exhausting practices, nerve-wracking performances, sleepless slumber parties, and early morning breakfasts at Perkins Pancake House combined the old and the new for Edina High School's high kicking Hornettes. HORNETTES: Sue Schmerler, Margie Findlay. Laurie Canton, Ann Ruedy, Allison Wanner, Betsy Husbands, Heidi Heffelfinger, Joan Crette, Julie Parke, Kitty Hill, HORNETTES- Maureen Pietrick, Chris Grinned, Barb Neumann, Penny Paris, Ann Spicola, co-captain; Pat Molde, Linda Madison, Vicki Granger. Sharon Schrepple, Nancy Holmes, co-captain. 162SMILING BRIGHTLY to reflect the mood of a successful team and an electric crowd, the Hornettes show their own pleasure in performing a dance while wearing their new uniforms. MARGIE FINDLAY dances for Edina's half-time crowd. 163 IN THE EXCITEMENT and anxiety of pregame festivities, Hornettes salute Edina's undefeated football team and give an encouraging cheer for victory."SYNCHRONIZE YOURSELF smile graceful Nymphs by the coach. They prove fruitful as Judy hands are directions yelled at the Aqua Lyman and Betsy Husbands lead the lines. "GET IN THE SWIM of things!" jokingly yell her teammates. Then her cohorts give her the old heave ho! TAKING TIME OUT of practice Mary Kay Olson converses with coach Mrs. Vicki Engel. AQUA NYMPHS: FIRST ROW — M. Miller, C. Setterberg, L. Canton, J. Stirrat, J. Horlitz, L. Vizzier, P. Austin, S. Nelson; ROW2— S. Johnson, B. Wright, K. Venell, C. Robertson, C. Jensen, B. Husbands, H. Schellhas, K. Diefen-bach; ROW J — P. CulliJord, L. Carlson, L. Ulvestad, A. Mastor, K. Olson, A, Rice, C. Hennessy, C. Textor, N. Wayne; BACK ROW — M. Olson, pres.; J. Lyman, vice-pres.; M. Elleby, treas.; D. Anderson, sec. 164Aqua Nymphs Pancakes And Team Spirit Lead The Way to Regain State REASSURING WORDS and nervous cheers were signs of the team spirit and affection of the Aqua Nymphs. All were quite vocal in their encouragements but, also, each girl was tense inside and silently hoped for the outstanding goal of the year, to re-capture the title of state champions. Team designations were made in December and the tedious job of perfecting skills got under way. Some girls were chosen for solos or duets. In May the swimmers enthusiastically made plans for their annual water show. They built scenery, made costumes, and sold tickets. Fish, the team mascot, provided a shoulder to cry on in tense moments. Breakfasts at the Perkins Pancake House, 10:00 p.m. treats, and slumber parties kept the Aqua Nymphs exhausted but happy this year. HAPPINESS IS SWIMMING. Laura Vizzier discovers that practice is strenuous but brightens at the thought of a warm shower and treats. LIKE CELESTIAL BODIES in the sky, the Aqua Nymphs form a star float to add a touch of creativity to routines. A winning routine fol lows the motto "practice makes perfect." 165LEAPING INTO the air to attempt various volleyball shots, GAA members tire themselves out after a busy school day. DEMONSTRATING COOKING SKILLS, Lyn Tyacke, Terry Sias, and Karen Slctten, Home Ec Club officers, prepare delectable delights. HOME EC CLUB: FRONT ROW — C. Patton, A. AppelquHt, L. Waters, L. Anderson, W. Simmons, J. Armstrong, L. Kelley, N. Armstrong, J. Larson, L. Basil; ROW2— B. Barsamian, S. Snow, |. Nelson, H. Bard, N. Horisette, C. Haagensen, C. Pillen, K. Slot-ten. L. Tyackc, W. Hibbard, J. Wolfe, J. Stallman, R. Sherman; ROW 3 — 1. Thompson, C. Ratkay, D. Frederick, T. Pherson, K. Lord, M. Treanor, K. Gammell, C. Carlson, K. Jacobs, K. Hellick-son, K. Creig, N. Pollock; BACK ROW: — K. Bethke, K. O'Brien, S. Heinrich, V. Norgen, M. Olson, J. McCuinn, M. Logan, D. Johnston, M. Woolsey, A. Roth, L. Johnson. 166Home EcClub. GAA Archery Championship for GAA; Home Ec Club Tea for AFSers I THE LAKE CONFERENCE archery championship was awarded to the Edina Girls' Athletic Association team after a victorious season. Regular Monday meetings found interested girls participating in various athletics. Tennis, volleyball, and badminton were also part of the girls' 1968-69 Lake Conference competition. In addition to their already vigorous activities, the athletic group added softball and football to their rosters this year. Mid-year activities were highlighted by the return of Edina graduates for Alumni Play Day. EDINA'S KITCHEN EXPERTS prepared a buffet pizza supper and several pot lucks for their gatherings before fall football games. Exhibiting their hospitality, the Home Ec club sponsored a tea for Edina's three visiting AFS students and the faculty. At the end of the year, our future homemakers presented a fashion show and the Aquatennial Queen Tea, where skills acquired during the year were put to use. GAA BOARD: FRONT ROW — Joan Antonson, Sandy Major, Barb Lutz, Linda Kastor, Cheryl Johnson, Margo Powell; BACK ROW — Sue Jenson, Debbie Petersen, Barb Kleven, Sarah Blocki, Lou Barrett, Jean Davidson, Mary Jenson; MISSING — Carol Kraemer, Jill Mendenhall, Meryl Montgomery. GAA OFFICERS: FRONT ROW — Sue Belschner, treasurer; Ann Coates, secretary; MIDDLt ROW — Mrs. Patricia Englehard, adviser; Mrs. Diane Sandvick, adviser; TOP ROW — Nancy Drake, president; Kate Spokes, vice-president. 167AFS FINALISTS Cheryl Johnson and Sally Scoggin wistfully ATLASES ARE DISCUSSED by International Club officers page through B. Dalton's travel books. Tracy Garrett, Peggy Naas, and Sally Scoggin. AFS-INTERNATIONAL CLUB: FRONT ROW — Mis M. Bartholet, B. Lopcr, S. Nelson, N. Durham, H. Leslie, C. Roy, S. Scoggin, M. Nelson, T. Parker, L. Joas, P. Sullivan, J. Christenson, M. Palm, C. Johnson; ROW 2 — S. Cherne, K. Bieier, M. Bahneman, K. Collidgc, I. Burrell, M. Fiedler, B. Weidl, Maunder, K. Burt, S. Major, N. Spika, S. Nass, C. Zempel, S. Jackson, K. Langhaug. I. Bearinger; ROW 3 — C. Naas, D. Noolcen, B. Rustenberg, J. Correa, S. Duoos, J. Hedlund, M. Holm, M, Annas, P. Hawthorne, K. Pollock, J. Colbert, J. Ziepor, G. Hustad, C. Meiners, J. Lyman, L. Bennitt, M. Jones; T. Shaw, A. Genhart, J. Denison, M. Bjork, S. Carlson, N. Rossman, S. Parsons, K. Juberg, V. Stewart, I. Carolla, L. Hoover, D. Poliak, K. Pitts, K. Soderman, J. Smith, K. Eccles, T. Green-ough; ROW 5 — P. Naas, B. DeRonde, V. Tang, J. Victorsen, D. Falden, T. Garrett, S. Blot ki, Z. Gulbro, M. Newton, T. Shively, G. Drake, J. Sharkey, G. Reker, D. Egekvist, K. Railc, D. Bergerson, L. Thayer, M, Erickson. 168AFS-International Club Members Observe Current Crises in American Life INTERNAL PROBLEMS in the United States provided an expanded field of interest for the AFS-International Club. In addition to the usual club meetings dealing with international and foreign concerns, the members studied current crisis in America. Speakers on Indian affairs and poverty in Appalachia served to involve the club more in America's life and problems. A heightened interest in the AFS-International Club was sparked by the direct involvement of five students in study programs abroad. In addition to three foreign AFS students studying here, Edina had two representatives in schools overseas. Lyn Bennitt, after spending a year in the Netherlands, returned with several interesting and amusing anecdotes. Bryan Cooper spent his senior year with a German family as a student there. FALTERING AND SHAKY on her new ice skates, Gladys Jaramillo holds tightly to Bern Rusten-berfi and Raul Samayoa. 169Hl-Y CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: FROST ROW — Tom Oken, Chris MacPhail; BACK RO V — Scott Reger, Bob Borchcrs, Bob Gravier; MISSING — Paul Wehrwein. Y-TEEN CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: FRONT ROW — S. Snow, L. Johnson, K. Swanson, J. Stallman, S Bumpas, K. Bergren, I. Ulrich; BACK ROW — V. Skaar, K. Jubcrg, M. Lofdahl, K. Olsen, N. Appel, C. Gisselbeck, P. Fredendall, G. Neckville; MISSING — B. Gislason, N. Joas, K. Murphy. 170 CHICKENS AND WHIPPED CREAM add to the excitement of the fall carnival as Chris MacPhail auctions to Jim Marquardt, and Barb Peterson laughs at a fellow target.Y-Teen. Hi-Y Y-Teens Model Fashions; Hi-Y Promotes United Fund POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL games were an addition to Edina's active Y-Teen program this year. However, due to an early snowfall girls built snowmen instead of playing football. Traditional events during the year included a membership drive fashion show sponsored by Carole of Edina, and a recognition service at the Church of Peace in which all members were inducted into the club. The Hero Dance, popularly known as "a girl's last chance before Prom," was also sponsored by the Y-Teen chapters in April. A CHICKEN RAFFLE booth was Hi-Y's unusual addition to the Hi-Y Y-Teen Carnival. After the carnival the boys concentrated their spirit on preparing for the Christmas season activities. They held the annual Hi-Y Christmas Formal and also joined the Y-Teens in sponsoring an all school Christmas choral worship service. Hi-y also participated in community affairs. Members spoke at various churches to promote United Fund and to explain the YMCA'S affiliation with it. At the city-wide Youth in Government program, an Edina junior, Denny Hughes, was elected to the office, Clerk of the House. Y-TEENS OFFICERS: COUNTERCLOCKWISE FROM TOP — C. Robertson, secretory; C. Thon, publicity; S. Mor-tenson, chapter co-ordinator; T. Pherson, vice-president; K. Mackenzie, treasurer; R. Oelke, president; L. Vizzier, I.C.C. representative; M. Erickson, chaplain. 171THE HERMIT TOWER makes a useful hideaway for Dave Seidenstricker, who is pursued by Latin conquerors. Brad Bring-gold and Jim Marquardt. PURPLE SATIN ROBES and snow don't stop Nancy Madden and Jan Symchych, Latin Club officers. FRENCH CLUB COUNCIL: FRONT ROW — S. Jackson, L. Ander- — A. Hoak, P. Hawthorne, M. Theis, N. Larson, J. Zieper; MISS- son, B. Roscnow, K. Hill, L. Bennitl; ROW TWO — T. McNeil, C. INC — R. Borden, J. Dreher, J. Horlitz, K. McGraw. Olson, S. Parsons, C. Weber, A. Donnelly, L. Bradley; BACK ROW 172French Club. Latin Club French Club Begins Newspaper; Latins Plan Outdoor Olympics CETTE ANNEE Le Cercle Fran ais est nouveau et dynamique. La participation s'ameUorait avec de nouvelles idees et beaucoup d'activites. Le cercle a ajoute la procession de Homecoming avec leur guillotine affreuse. Sue Nelson, du onzieme niveau, edilait le petit journal fran ais qui s'appelait Le Cercle Rond. On a publiS ce journal chaque mois. A dynamic new French Club was created this year. New ideas and activities sparked participation. A foreboding guillotine on the French Club float was an exciting addition to Homecoming's pre-game festivities. Communication lines were kept open with a new French newspaper, Le Cercle Rond, edited by Sue Nelson, French Club secretary, and published monthly. EASING TENSIONS, Ross Couper attacks a Plymouth at the demolition. FEROX ET FERAX Carrf Vastities, sus-tenta multo autumno 6 factione Latina, magnum exitium evasit Factio, demo-lientes "Plymouth" factum Anno Domini MCMLVII. Carrovastato, Latini fab-ricatione tormenti ergastulique ad condiscipulos verterunt. Primum sep-tem dierum spatium vere habitum est et Olympiadem conviviumque formal e scrvum auctionem continuit. A ferocious car smash, sponsored by the Latin Club in late fall, came off with a bang. The club made nine dollars while demolishing a 1957 Plymouth. After wrecking the car, Latins turned to fellow students by constructing a torture rack and ergastu-lum. The first Latin Week was held in spring and included outdoor Olympics and a formal banquet. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: FRONT- Bob Bennett, censor; BACK — Kris Burl, ae-dilc; Steve Hanske, consul; Katy Cool-idge, quaestor. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS — Sue Nelson, secretary; Mary Holm, president; Linda Johnson, treasurer; Claudia Lesman, vice-president. 173SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS -Bob Iverson, president; Mary Carroll, treasurer; Denise Anderson. secretary; Tracy Garrett, vice-president. SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS spend many tedious hours for the presentation of Don Quixote for their Christmas meeting. CHEERING the Spanish Club on to war game victories, Pat Dunn and Nancy Winter say "muertan ustedes! — (you die!)." 174WINCING IN AGONY Greg Gohdes leaps into the air and completes a rebound hoping to make a basket for a German win. LEADING HIS TROOPS to victory, Bob Borchers commands Greg Rolfson, driving the official German Club car. SpaaiLh-Giui?. German Club ‘Don Quixote’ Presented; Staff Car for German Club EL IUEGO de la pinata inicio el afio del Club Espanol. Los "Sophomores" fu-eron iniciados por los socios, como, con entusiasmo, trattaron de coger los dulces. La presentacion de "Don Quixote," la obra clasica de Espana fue parte especial del reunion de Navidad. El coro entusiastico anadio los sonidos dulces de musica a los reniones actives. iQueaflo bueno! IN DIESEM )AHR gab ein auto dem "German Club" eine officiale Note, Das Auto, ein grune "Pontiac" aus dem )ahr 7959 wurde dem "Guildmeisters" und den anderen Mitgliedern des Clubs gegeben. Das Weckte Eifersucht bei den unges Chickien Lateinen und bei den ahnungslosen Spaniern und Franzosen und Hess die "Rechtskraft" ihr wunderbares )ahr voll geniesen. BREAKING THE PINATA opened up Spanish Club's year. Sophomores were initiated as they swang enthusiastically for goodies. The feature presentation of the Christmas meeting was "Don Quixote," a classic Spanish play. The hard-working Spanish Club choir added the sweet sounds of music to a very active year. A STAFF CAR added an air of officiality to this year's German Club. The car, a 1959 Pontiac, was given a workout transporting the officers, guildmeisters, and other members. Antagonizing the Latins and devising schemes aimed at the Spanish and French Clubs enabled the "rechs-crafts" to enjoy their year. 175ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW — B. Konzelman, B. Brain, N. Doe, J. Hedlund, L. Bearinger, K. Lundquisl, S. Tane; ROW 2 — N. Barber, B. Douglas, S. Hilleren, S. Colvin, B. Johnson, H. Leslie, T. Holmes, M. Sauvre, S. Ferguson, S. Thomsen, M. Ferguson; ROW 3 — J. Greue, K. lindemann, S. Richards, Al Roth, V. Sather, M. Sanders, P. Boulay, C. Anderson, D. Kloster, A. Beeglc, J. Buchanan, J. Grotting; ROW A - J. Vigdal. K. Satterlund, A. Johndreau, V. Griffin, S. Burns, R, Aarestad, C. Crocker, S. Anderson, K. lan- Orchestra ‘Nutcracker Suite’ Highlights Third Annual Cafe Concert STIFFLY STARCHED TUXEDO shirts and long, flowing formals transformed students into sophisticated performers in the Edina High School Symphony Orchestra. During second hour every school day the seventy-five musicians rehearsed diligently under the direction of Mr. Howard Olsen. The Third Annual Cafe Concert was held at Valley View Junior High. The orchestra carried out the theme. "A Song for Every Season," by playing one song for each month out of the year. December's song, "The Nutcracker Suite" by Tchaikovsky, was a special accomplishment. Classics performed in the winter concert included the "Sinfonia Picco-la" by Suolanti and the "William Tell Overture" by Rossini. The orchestra ended its year active with state competition and a spring tour. MR. HOWARD OLSEN, director, concentrates on perfection. it GARY HEDE AND Laurie Anderson warm up their French horns before an orchestra rehearsal. 176ghaug, D. Egekvist, C. Wilcox, B. Newmjnn, B. Dunn, B. Bissonett, B. Taft, K. Morgan, B. Olson, B. Rudquist, L. Dalquist; ROWS — J. Winger, J. Thews, M. McGlauchlin, ). Meyers, J. Finley, Mr. H. Olsen, G. Hede, L. Anderson, G. McGarraugh, T. Lafferty, E. Smedvig, M. Chelgren, P. londeen, PI Mahowald, G. Smith, T. Holmes,). Nipper, K. Platt; ROW 6 — J. Erickson, S. Anderson, M. Olson,). Bergseng; Missing — S. Jackson, M. Bates, M. Montgomery, S. Crosbie, P. Ljos. 177 AS THEY PREPARE for a rehearsal, Stephanie Richards and Andrea Roth talk over another day of school.CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW - C. Johnson, P. Carlson, S. Peterson, K. Langhaug, L. Waters, S. Ehli, M. Findlay, L. Williams, S. Van Buren, D. Egekvist, J. Posthumus, S. Anderson, B. Neumann, P. Paris, C. Wilcox, C. Grothe, L. Johnson, S. Green; ROW 2 — J. Davidson, J. Mendenhall, J. Stake, K. Olson, B. Dunn, T. Taylor, K. Bergren, B. McAllister, K. Pitts, B. Bissonett, D. Delaney, B. Fosseen, H. Stromberg, J. Thielvoldt, L. Putnam. ROW 3 — L. Scott, A. Clausen, N. SIXTY MEASURES of rest keep Dave Cushing, Doug Freeman, and Fred Carpenter concentrating. ANXIOUSLY WAITING to sound the command, drum major Jim Carlson stands erectly at attention as the band plays. 178tedder, C. Pace, D. Fronk, A. Dorensfeld, E. Smedvig, D. Prestlcy, E. Mee5ter, J. Richter, T. Lafferty, K. Horan, R. Bleckinger, D. Peterson, R. VanHorssen, C. Neumann, R. Larson, D. Beal, S. Hansen, L. Levering; BACK ROW — Mr. E. Melichar, S. Crosbie, C. Scott,). Rosenthal, F. Carpenter, D. Cushing, P. Mahowald, C. Peterson, M. Kawaguchi, G. Rolfson, E. Eydcn, B. Edgren, S. Downs, W. Sturm, D. Harper, D. Fagerlie, P. Londeen, L. Anderson, P. Barnes, S. Major, G. McGarraugh. Band Concert Band Plays at Fargo; New Uniforms for Band Members A FANFARE, four crisp commands, and the 1968 Hornet marching band was on its way to a short but active season. Each band member was tense with anticipation as he concentrated on accuracy and knee-lift. The striking new uniforms emphasized the precise movements and intricate patterns which the band performed. The concert band, its membership decided after tryouts in fall, labored many days and neglected hours of homework to present the Sixteenth Annual Pop Concert. In April, Edina's top band was invited to Fargo, North Dakota to perform for the North Cen- tral Division of the Music Educators National Conference. A spirited and exuberant varsity band musically represented Edina at winter athletic events. Many a Saturday evening found loyal "bandies" at Brae-mar Arena amplifying the crowd's enthusiasm. The drum section's snappy cadences and the rousing school songs served also to generate a feeling of excitement at pep fests. Each band completed its exhausting, but "I wouldn't miss it for anything" year with separate spring concerts, state contest, and as a finale, the Memorial Day Parade. 179 POISED LIKE A PRUSSIAN, Mr. Melichar directs the band.VARSITY BAND: FRONT ROW — S. Siegel, I. Bailey, S. Chapman, C. Dalgety, P. Austin, M. Pratt, K. Agncss, L. Me-Phecters, A. Bros, L. Snyder, B. Kleven, M. O’Brien, B. Erbes, P. Sims, K. Malone, B. Taft; ROW 2— N. Coyne, B. McClain, D. Sirotiak, L. Hoover, J. Wang, S. Poston, M. Muske, B. Havcrly, J. Antonson, N. Drake, 8. Ringham, D. Adjrm, t. Borgman, K. Kavanaugh, K. Habighorst, B. Wilcox; ROW 3— G. Marthaller, D. Hanskc,). Ludwig, L. Basil, R. Church, C. Delaney, J. Miller, D. Duntley, J. Dudley, J. Anderson, N. Chadbourn, R. Campbell, E. Hansen, K. Porter, R. Gocrne, M. Chelgrin, J. Karlick, P. Keller, G. Burrough, J. Veenendall, E. Hansen, M. Black, M. Jensen, D. Henningsen, B. 180Band. Choir Choir Sings in Nursing Homes; Varsity Band Follows Teams HOPE AND ANXIETY filled each musician as he auditioned for a place in the cast or chorus of "Brigadoon." With Karen Taylor and Greg Scherer earning the leading roles, the combined choirs toiled long and hard to present the romantic Broadway hit January 30 through February 1. Christmas festivities began December 12 as the choirs presented their annual Christmas concert. The gift of a new organ for accompanying Edina's vocal organizations coincided with the holiday season. The Choral Club and Girl's Ensemble sang at various nursing homes to share their Christmas with less fortunate individuals. In the spring of this year, Edina's choral groups combined with several other suburban choirs to present Mendel's "Elijah" at Bloomington's Lincoln High School. State competition completed the year. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE: FRONT ROW — Mr. D. Bezoier, A. Rice, A. Elsen, N. Krause, P. Johnson, M. Kemmick, M. Winslow, B. Johnson, J. Stalhman, D. McQuillon; ROW 2 — S. Wisirand, D. Anderson, S. Baxter, D. Maloney, I. Leek, R. Svan-oe, D. Ortman, C. Lesman, A. Brindle, S. Houserman; BACK ROW — D. Fallden, T. Garrett, S. O'Kieffe, A. Albrecht, B. Lund, M. Meimers, T. Stewart, N. Ashley, A. Haw, L. Kopveil-er; MISSING — L. Moore, S. White. Milner; BACK ROW — J. Finley, 8. Borchers, T. Moynihan, T. Atkins, E. Nelson, J. Wold, R. Nudell, Mr. R. Ellcdge, B. Lutz, J. Forsythe, D. Kleven, B. Olson, S. Canton, J. Carlson, J. Miller, D. Larson, M. Hokanson, D. Chesman, L. Shroeder, C. Kane, S. Baken, J. Leighton, G. Grothe, R. Eide, G. Hede. CAROL SWENSON and Robin Oelke practice to achieve truer pitches. 181Choir Broadway Hit, ‘Brigadoon’, Presented by Joint Choirs GIRLS' ENSEMBLE: FRONT ROW — M. Fletcher, K. Tarbox, K. Larkin, S. Hungerford, J. Scarborough, 8. MacTaggert, J. Maunder, J. Haas, N. Durham, C. Patton; ROW 2 — P. Arnold, P. Rogers, L. Whalen, C. Graves, M. Benjamin, D. Dahlstrom, K. Burt, K. Coffey, N. Weigel, K. Olson, D. Biblin, Mr. D. Bezoier; TOP ROW: M. Howell. M. McCary, B. Brunsell, C. Stair, M. Bjork, J. Wollan, L. Schumacher, N. Zeman, J. Lyman, M. Klein, P. Arnold, S. Olson; M SS NG — D. Grant. MIXED CHOIR MEMBERS practice diligently for the annual Christmas Concert. LEADING HIS CHOIRS, Mr. Dolph Bezoier strives to reach perfection with every note in each of the songs attempted. 182CHORAL CLUB: FRONT ROW — S. Scheefe, P. Fredendall, J. Cox, C. Sedgwick, P. Sturges, S. Peterson, M. Lofdahl, J. Omestad, S. Schoonover, P. Adams; ROW2 — A. Engclbrccht, C. Fisher, G. Hustad, P. Mohrman, S. Brownless, P. Thiegs, K. Taylor, L. Cleland, S. Scoggin, D. Scott, B. Huelster; ROW3 — L. Bluege, S. Davies, |. Kenney, C. Mullen, J. Sanders, M. Frederick, F. Sided, V. Stewart, R. Schwarzrock, K. Bishop, Mr. D. Bezoicr; BACK ROW — S. Buck, J. Duncan, B. Swenson, D. Crawford, D. Postlethwaite, R. King, S. Stchr, G. Drake, G. Scherer, S. Lonke; MISSING — Kitty Hill. MIXED CHOIR: FRONT ROW — S. Luff, A. Forslund, S. Poston, C. Swenson, E. Johnson, J. Wolfe, A. Finlayson, M. Wahlroos; ROW 2 — R. Martin, N. Fevold, H. Carlson, N. Rossman, K. Rasmusson, D. Cushman. N. Johnson, S. Moore, C. Hennessy; ROW 3 — Mr. D. Bezoier, B. Ringland, J. Grzeskowiak, R. Oelke, C. Carlson, D. Monsettc, C. Hokanson, B. Kennedy, S. Mortenson, L. Donnelly; ROW 4— P. Miller, M. Bell, D. Spencer, R. Bayers, S. Graupner. R. Schrodetz, J. Halvorson, D. Frederick, W. Beasley, D. Cleland; BACK ROW — T. Boulay. R. Frey, R. Stolarik, B. Dragcr, J. Moore, W. LaSalle, J. Sundell, R. Smith, S. Larson. 183 A RISING SWELL of voices enwraps each singer.Images on the Wind Manuscripts and Music Scores Submitted for Publication DEBBY MOLINE reads some early entries to Ric Nudell. LUMINOUS ORANGE painted posters were made to promote the sale of Images on (he Wind. This first project of the year involved an enthusiastic staff that sold subscriptions for one dollar each in every English class. Last year's magazine, which was the first published in two years, was given several first place awards for excellence in art, poetry, and prose from the Minnesota High School Press Association. These accomplishments encouraged the staff to strive for the same quality this year. Heidi Heffelfinger, editor of Images, informalized the Monday afternoon meetings by holding them at persons' homes instead of a classroom. Students submitted essays, short stories, poetry, and art works which the section editors and assistants carefully considered for the magazine. Musically inclined people were encouraged to submit original music scores. The magazine acknowledged creativity on the part of potential writers and artists, and enabled them to see their own accomplishments in a formal anthology. IMAGES ON THE WIND ASSISTANTS: FRONT ROW — Cathy Henncssy, Kathy Bishop, Dixie Hansen; ROW 2 — Claudia Sctzer, Mark Bcrgaas, Grctchcn Anderson, Trish Taylor, Annie Griffiths; BACK ROW — Bill Dunwiddie, Tim Henncssy. 184REVIEWING ANOTHER ANTHOLOGY, Nancy Nichols finds it easier to concentrate with a sucker in her mouth. IMPRESSED WITH unique art work, Heidi Lang, art editor, selects entries. 185 WHILE MUNCHING on treats, Heidi Heffelfinger, editor, glances at some humorous poetry for Images on the Wind. WITH BANJO IN HAND, Randy Christensen is thoroughly engrossed as he arranges chords to depict a new sound at a Folk Music Club meeting. VARSITY DEBATE: Bill McCann, Mrs. Pal Johnson, adviser; Dina Biblin, Drew Akason, ten Crowley, Larry Hart. FOLK MUSIC CLUB: FRONT ROW — A. Stoutenburgh, B. Hayes, P. Thiegs; ROW 2 - B. MacTaggert, J. Denison, M. Winslow, N. Krause; BACK ROW — R. Christensen, J. Morris, president; S. Wistrand; MISSING — P. Hones, secretary; M. Howell, vice-president; Brad Haney. 186Debate. Folk Music Club. Quill and Scroll Debaters Travel Out-Of-State; Shoppers Enjoy Folk Music RESEARCH AND PREPARATION were necessary activities for Edina's debate teams. In anticipation of regular Saturday meets B-squad and varsity debaters spent every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday working on this year's question, ''Resolved: that the United States should establish a system of compulsory service by all citizens." Along with Lake Conference and area competition, the four varsity members traveled on overnight trips to Brainerd, St. Olaf College, and Gustavus Adolphus College for meets. For the first time, the varsity team participated in an out-of-state meet in Wisconsin. HARRIED SHOPPERS were serenaded by members of Edina's Folk Music Club. Groups of singers presented this unique concert from the Garden Court of Seven-Hi Shopping Center. This new dimension in performance added an unusual aspect to the balladeers of Edina. The Folk Music Club met regularly at members' homes and sang when the "spirit moved them." AS A REWARD for hard work throughout the year, students involved in publications were elected to the honorary journalism society. Quill and Scroll. Members were required to have a "B" average, high class rank, and to have notably contributed to the school's yearbook, newspaper, or magazine. B-SQUAD DEBATE: FRONT ROW — C. Anderson, B. Fuller, B. Severson, J. Victorsen, N. El-sen; BACK ROW — Miss M. Batchelor, B. Kieffer, B. Clegg, R. Thiele, P. Maxwell, S. Diller. QUILl AND SCROLL: FRONT ROW — Bob Shober, Kathy Fischer, Carol Christensen, Marie Palm, Nancy Ash; ROW 2 — Ann Tarbox, Holly Haugland, Cai Nelson, Karen Mackenzie; BACK ROW — Betsy Barnum, Cris Higgin, Melissa Kromng, Lucinda Anderson, Jan Sym-chych, Ann Lowry; MISSING — Al Leeds, Lynn Woodcock, Mary Eide, Sue VanBuren, Ellen Clegg. Sven Wehrwein. 187ROUGH AND TUMBLE rehearsals were endured by Bryn Vaaler and Brett Nienaber while preparing for the fall children's play. The Bells of Happily. REHEARSING WITH A FLOURISH, Kevin Horan, an Edina Player, plays his cornet. NATIONAL THESPIANS: COUNTER-CLOCKWISE fROM TOP — Coy Drake, Greg Scherer, Kitty Hill, Moya Jones, Greg Domke, Karen Taylor, Bob Bayers, Marilyn Kile, Dan Crawford, Ellen Domke, Sue Peterson, Bob Shober, Dave Postlelhwaite; MISSING — Lucinda Anderson. 188. Edjn a Pi3y£ES. Novices Try New Theater Style, Makes For Lively Rehearsals AN INNOVATION WAS introduced to Edina's theatrical department this year. Rather than presenting the annual spring play, the Edina Players, National Thespians, and any other drama enthusiasts were allowed to "do their own thing" under Mr. Larry Stotts' guidance. With no definite performance deadlines, the Thespians could experiment with various acting techniques and attempt different interpretations of the same play. Participants in this creative activity selected their own material to present. In some cases, the subjects pertained to academic areas and different classes could view the productions. Aside from the acting participation, students had charge of costuming, set construction, lighting, and, occasionally, directing. Allowed this new freedom and opportunity, novice actors were fostered and able to gain valuable experience. AFTER HAMMING IT up for a picture actors can relax. DIRECTING SET CONSTRUCTION is one duty of Mr. Larry Stott's, adviser of the Edina Players, as he prepares for the children's play, The Bells of Happily. WITH PIERCING LOOKS and tightly clenched fists, Mike Cummings and Mark Polsfuss are armed for entertaining their audience. 189FRIENDSHIP and satisfactipn are found by Linda Knowles. DE.OE.T I A New Vocational Program Offers Varying Opportunities INTEREST IN PROFESSIONS and industries inspired the creation of the Trade and Industrial Education program. The students involved worked in the trade, industry, or profession of their choice. All girls involved in the program worked in nursing homes to train them for a future in the medical profession. Boys worked as printers, draftsmen, gas station attendants, and cooks. THE USE OF a schoolbus was obtained this year to transport the vocational education students in the afternoons, so DE students were able to ride to local stores easily. For enjoyment their DECA club had several before-school breakfasts. The club held meetings on auditorium schedule days. Later in the year, they attended a convention to compete in displays and sales demonstrations. FOR EDINA'S FUTURE office workers, Office Education was again available. Studying and learning office skills in a lab situation made this an especially profitable year for OE students. Skills and interest were combined to determine job choices. Students received a grade from their employer and one credit for the office training course. TAKING AN OFFICE BREAK are Janis Chapman and Cheryl Duvick. 190 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION II: FRONT ROW — Nancy Magnus, Bobby Martin, Janet McKay, Barbara Wilson, Rich Coonrod, Clarence Johnson; ROW 2 — Brenda Aungst, Sheryl Stanchak, Thomas Denk, Dave Dozark, Dave Perbix; ROW 3 — Randy Sowder, Bill Brand, Diane Kuhnley, Jeff Sol-vason. Jack Fuzzy; BACK ROW — Tom Van Diashek, David Nungesser, Paul Heinrich, Mr. William Bicanich.AT THE HERITAGE Nursing Home, Sue Nesseth checks her assignments. TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION: FRONT ROW — P. Collins, S. Roberts, L. Knowles, C. Cushman, S. Nesseth, S. Fisher, Mr. R. Reichow; ROW 2 — C. Morse, M. Frich, D. Kadlec, R. Maund, H. Kennelly; ROW 3 — R. Maehrcn, T. Wolfe, P. McClain, C. WJmmor, C. Allendorf; BACK ROW — R. Orescanin, R. Hagen, J. Lause, J. Davenport, C. Wicks; MISSING — M. Waite, D. Curie, K. Feske, G. Schueneman. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION III: FRONT ROW — J. Shaul, M. Sundgren, C. Park, T. Nevin, B. Karlstad, D. Paulson; ROW 2 — Mr. Bicanich, T. Sobieski, J. Hayes, D. Jacobson, B. Mcrfeld, L. Pickett; BACK ROW - S. Osborn, B. Brantz, M. Posthumus, B. Clothier, B. Peterson, G. Thompson; MISSING — M. Dobbelman, D. Lewis. OFFICE EDUCATION: FRONT ROW - C. Wey, B. Learn, C. Corah, S. Jordan, J. Wescott, M. Rooney; ROW 2 — S. Leekley, M. Dean, C. Duvick, K. Kern, L. Whalen; ROW 3 — M. Rowe, J. Bublitz, D. Harris, K. Hovanes, R. Svanoe, B. Mattson; BACK ROW — D. Berg, S. Smith, N. Payne, J. Chapman, S. Thompson, B. Huney, Mr. R. Boerger; MISSING— S. Reirson. 191FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: FRONT ROW — 0. Petersen, vice-president; M. Bjork, treasurer; N. Jenkins, secretary; P. Adams, president; ROW 2 — L. Burrell, B. 8rain, W. Lawrence, P. Sullivan; ROW 3 — Z. Gulbro, L. Schwarzrock, S. Schoonover, M. Wheeler; ROW 4 — B. Donaldson, L. Johnson, N. Wicker-sham, K. Coffey; BACK ROW -C. Jahn, C. Laidlow, Mr. K. Pcgors. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF EDINA: FRONT ROW - C. Gissclbeck, president; C. Jensen, vice-president; D. McElrath, treasurer; B. Bacon, secretary; ROW 2 — J. McDonald, G. Gibson, L. Johnson, S. Snow, S. Baxter, H. Haugland, M. Heath; ROW 3 — S. Moore, L. Van-ART CLUB OFFICERS: Kate Sidenberg, vice-prcsi ko, D. Cushman, J. Rachie, S. Peterson, S. Hollinger; ROW 4 — L. Donnelly, B. Kennedy, A. dent; Randy Nelson, treasurer; Heidi Lang, secretary; Beegle, P. Danielson, P. Blankenbaker, M. Jones, C. Meiners; BACK ROW — P. Blankcnbak- Pete Carroll, president. er, S. Mortenson, B. Dunker, J. Hencfield, M. Olson, P. Morison, J. Kuntz. ART CLUB: FRONT ROW - B. Cross, C. Patton, L. Farkas, I. Leopold, K. Rue, M. Merryman, P. Stuart, L. Fellman, A. Clothier, S. Jackson; ROW 2— P. Jordan, L. Anderson, S. Seashore, D. Snyder, D. Waldin, H. Lang, J. linner, W. Anderson, S. Carlson, P. Milner; ROW 3 — K. Polacek, W. Hibbard, N. Magnus, R. Giambruno, M. Curtin, E. Burke, C. Winslow, S. Bros, H. Helfelfinger, C. Stair, P. Wilkinson; ROW 4 — A. Rosenlund, S. Smith, E. Young, C. Anderson. P. Savory, A. Stoutcnburgh, C. Christensen, V. Skaar, M. Wheeler, M. Kroning, T. Green-ough; BACK ROW — R. Nelson, J. Kenney, D. deMoya, A. Felker, G. Koss, J. Shull, T. Tulam, J. Christensen, P. Carroll, P Rukes, G. Paske, Mr. McCarthy. 192FTA, Art Club. FBLE. Chess Club FTA Takes Children to Circus; Art Club Enjoys Pumpkin Party ALL ASPECTS OF the teaching profession were studied by Edina's future teachers, under their new adviser, Mr. Karl Pegors. They toured Olsen Junior High School to study the school's modular scheduling plan. The club members also took the children of the Tillman Home to the Shrine Circus as their service project. A PUMPKIN PARTY, dunking for apples, a sixty minute color film on Picasso which actually showed him working, and a Christmas Party with a real Santa Claus were all a part of Art Club's year. One of the highlights of the year was having former Edina students who are now active in the art field, come to speak at meetings. THE SADIE HAWKINS DANCE, in November, was sponsored by the Future Business Leaders for the eighteenth year. Some of the proceeds went to the Edina Library Fund. Speakers from banks and local businesses came to talk to the members. Flowers for the secretaries and a banquet completed a successful year for FBLE. "PLAYING CHESS and having fun" was the aim of the Chess Club in 1968-69, according to Mr. John Ehlert, the adviser. At weekly meetings they learned the advanced and unique skills of the game of chess. If the members were not playing they usually were making "helping" side comments or attempting to defeat Mr. Ehlert. KIBITZING IS USEFUL to Gail Nelson and Ed Sebesta. CHESS CLUB: FRONT ROW — E. Sebesta, president; M. Sauve, vice-president; G. Nelson, treasurer; K. Kavanaugh, secretary; ROW 2 — M. Wahlroos, J. Thews, B. MacTaggart, T. Iverson, D. Calliman; ROW 3 — Mr. J. Ehlert, J. Larson, D. Kilian, M. Black; ROW 4 — G. Coon, T. Slocum, D. lingren, H. Tonncson; BACK ROW — S. Shjefte, J. Thurow, D. Smith, J. Anderson. 193 Outdoor Club. Math Club, Science Seminar MATH IS MADE easy for Nancy Drake with her slide rule. Outdoorsmen Plant Evergreens; Telescope Project Continued BEAUTIFICATION WAS THE theme of the 1969 Outdoor Club. As a conservation service the members made bird feeders and bluebird houses and solicited orders for club funds. As a lasting contribution to the school the Edina outdoorsmen planted evergreens on the school grounds. The outdoorsmen included more "outdoors women" for a change this Year. The girls kept up with their male counterparts on such rigorous activities as a canoe trip, a wild game dinner, and a hike through the Ike Walton Nature Area. MOTIVATION AND KNOWLEDGE enabled the Math Club to learn advanced skills of the computer. Near the end of the year, the annual State and National Math Contests were held, along with a West Suburban Math Contest Day. From the profits of slide rule sales the club was able to award prizes to contest winners. INCREASED MEMBERSHIP and the scientific ingenuity of members of Science Seminar were used in the continued construction of a ten inch telescope. The project neared the first stage of completion this year. Funds for the telescope were earned from the profits of donut sales. 194 MATH CLUB: fRONT ROW — T. Garrett, A. Brindle, B. Lutz, C. Kraemaer; ROW 2 — Mr. C. Johnson, |. Burke, W. Orfield, N. Drake, S. Blocki; ROW3— B. DouRlas, D. Hall, T. Johnson; ROW4 — D. Raasch, K. Solberg, B. Johnson, D. Fraatz.OUTDOOR CLUB: FRONT ROW — A. Greer, L. Dalldorf, B. Plasman, N. Wendland, D. Daniels, J. Mcteister, Z. Gulbro, A. Tjadcn, A. Stoutenburgh; ROW 2 — S. Oilier, G. Strand, P. Thiegs, M. Edstrom, J. Staab, K. Solberg, J. Cans, D. Durst, B. Stiles, J. Carlson, D. Sundet. SCIENCE SEMINAR: FRONT ROW — H. Tenneson, D. Rupp, D. Raasch; ROW 2 — S. Igcl. D. Lingren, C. Lcgeros, L. lerpold; ROW3 — Mr. P. Hetchler, W. Durand, J. Hansen, B. Johnson. 195 LOOKING FOR TREE graffiti are joe Gans and Mr. Donald Meyers, adviser.FEMALE SOPHOMORE VOICES, responding loudly to the cheerleader's prompting, prove their existence to upperclassmen by out-yelling them in a cheering battle. JUDGING THE CLASS cheering contest, Mr. Thomas Beaver and Mr. Lowell McCarthy confess, "We weren't listening." 198 IN A QUICK conference are Miss Diane Fan-sler, Mr. Thomas Beaver, and Brad Wood.Eep Eests Student Emcees Get Snickers And ‘We All Say We’re Gonna Win’ CRIES OF "AW PLEASE, can't we take our books?"; "What's Michelle doing on the senior side?"; and "Hey look! The tuba player's eating an orange!" were heard as students entered the gym on pep fest days. The contagious rhythm set by the drummers and cheerleaders incited the '68-'69 spirit. Sophomores booed in response to humiliating "bicycle rack" jokes while seniors laughed and recalled their difficult "formative years." Varsity teams stared nonchalantly into space remaining stoic under the appraising eyes of 2,500 students. This year's Hornettes added extra "kicks" to the pep fests with new dances such as "Flamingo" and "Casino Royale." Victory promised, students, apprehensive about the evening's game, emptied the gym as the band continued to play the school song. THE HIGH-KICKING Hornette line nervously smiles and hopes for the best as they TEACHERS COMPETE in cheer anxiously await the audience's reaction to their dance. contest with barbershop style. 199 HEEDLESS OF THE cheerleaders' attempts to generate spirit, the varsity football players look for familiar faces across the gym.Dances Hang-on-Each-Other Dancers Contrast the Afro-Twisters THE BANDS TUNED their guitars as kids filtered past the I.D. checkers to warm up to the music after a cold dash to the cafeteria. Steamed windows and dimmed lights dominated the scene at the after game dances. Senior boys responded to the giggly wiles of the sophomore girls by asking them to dance. Sophomore boys stood and watched the band. Senior girls watched each other, and from the corners of their eyes, the junior boys. Junior girls cheerfully mingled among friends. "This is a dance?" asked a chaperone. "And the polls say Edina youth don't believe in segregation," said another. Kids gathered in big circles to watch the "wildie" dancers as they "freaked out" to release tensions caused by unreasonable amounts of school work. Those tired from the unaccustomed girations and those tired from the "lean on one leg, arms folded, gazing around" step, all departed at 11:30 for Bridgeman's Embers, and Fireside Pizza for a midnight snack. RANDY NELSON LAUGHS at CHECKING OUT THE GIRLS, Geoff Kauffman, junior, catches the eye of sophomore Mary Miller's dance apparel. prospect, Diane Hansen, easily diverting her attention to him. GIGGLY AT SOME joke that Mark Ferguson has cracked, Mimsi Smith relaxes after the game. RESTING HIS HEAD on Nancy Wayne's lap, Paul Wright is oblivious of Pat Molde's chatter. 200 t rw201 DEMONSTRATING A DANCE innovation, Nancy Carlsen is patient with Eric Anderson.Homecoming SOPHOMORE PIMPLE POPS in the seniors' "Laugh-in" skit. Coronation, 54-0 Victory, Bonfire Highlight Homecoming THE WHITE CARPET, the white dresses and flowers, and the shimmering whiteness of the spotlights held the audience in awe as the Homecoming candidates bowed before the thrones of '67 Homecoming Queen loan Carl-sen and King lohn Ankner. The crescendo of the "Crown Imperial" march heightened the suspense as '68 Homecoming King John Seaberg pronounced Mimsi Smith Edina's queen. The sophomore skit, filled with the "action" of a typical mini-skirted housewife, changed the mood to that of uproarious laughter. In the faculty skit, Mr. Lowell McCarthy, with the face that launched 1,000 ships, captured the heart of Edina's Helen of Troy, Miss Virginia Winter. The Hornets held true to the slogan, "Give 'em HELen '68," by beating the Wayzata Trojans 54 to 0. At halftime, the triumphant junior float, bearing an Edina Hornet stirring a Trojan-filled mixing bowl, proudly proclaimed "Batter the Trojans." After the victory, the first Homecoming bonfire was held at Braemar parking lot. The "New Amsterdam Yacht Club" provided the beat for watching the fireworks display. On Saturday evening, the couples passed over medieval drawbridges to a torchlit cafeteria and danced to the Brazil sound of "The Nile 50." As the lights went on, the decorations came down, signifying that Homecoming '68 was now a memory. THE CLIMAX OF the coronation came when Joan Carlsen tearfully crowned a happy Mimsi Smith. DETERMINATION marks the faces of king candidates, Scott Hallam and John Seaberg. Both attendants are hampered by leg injuries. f r 202TRAILING FLOATS AT the half time parade in an Edina-green Camaro, King John and Queen Mimsi wave to a happy Homecoming crowd. THE TENSION IN the crowd is relieved and candidates show varied emotions as Joan kisses John and in turn, John kisses Mimsi. LOOKING IN THE mirror, Pal McCord applies her finishing touches. CROSSING THE DRAWBRIDGE, Brad Haney and Libby Baker enter Camelot. 203OUTSIDE THE BARN are Homecoming attendants Martha Ellen Reeves and Bradley Allan Bringgold. AT THE BROWNDALE FALLS are Homecoming attendants Molly Kathryn Conlin and Eric Edward Anderson. 204 LEADING ATTENDANT Patricia Ann McCord up the steps behind Saint Stephen's Church is her escort Kent Robert Anderson.Homecoming Girls Take Time to Dine; Boys Solo in Pre-Game Parade GAZING AT Minnehaha Creek are Homecoming Queen Mimsi Ann Smith and King John Daniel Seaberg. WALKING UP A leafy stairway at Lake Harriet are attendants Nancy Jean Wayne and William Dugan Fee. OUTSIDE ST. STEPHEN'S Church are attendants Heidi Heffelfinger and Robert Scott Hallam. 205FINALLY SECURING a marr'yin' Sam, Scoff Crosby and Cheri Crothe enjoy their wedding ceremony. AMID SNOW COVERED TREES are Sweetheart candidates Jayne Cullen, Margie Findlay, Debbie Williams and Nancy Nichols. WITH PIG-TAILED HAIR and rag-tailed skirts, Dogpatch girls dance with their catches in a barrage of polkadots and patches. 206Sadie. Hi-Y Formal Leashed Chicken Upsets Sadie; Rock Music ‘Surges’ at Formal EDINA'S "HIGH SOCIETY" event of the year, the Sadie Hawkins Ball, was held under November's full moon. Jump rope, chicken-fights, and the chase to Marryin' Sam were among the various entertainments pursued by the Dogpatch couples. Pig-tailed in the "Pippi" style, Sharon Schrepple, winner of the best-dressed award was accompanied by the feminine charms of "Miss" Doug Hastings. "It's a chicken, pew!" laughed '69 Lil' Abner, Tom .Cabalka, while Daisy Mae, Sally Ander- son, defended herself from it with her bouquet of yellow daises. SPARKLING WITH THE YULETIDE season, Edina couples enjoyed the snow, corsages, and candlelight before the Hi-Y Sweetheart Dance. Despite pastel formals and dark suits, the couples managed to respond to the inciting rock music of "The Blue Surge." A chain of golden hearts encircling Barb Loper’s wrist signified that she was the 1969 Sweetheart of Hi-Y. ENJOYING THEIR post-coronation romp around the hall are Tom Cabalka and Sally Anderson. AFTER EXPRESSING HER disbelief. Barb Loper shyly accepts the gold bracelet from ferry Correa. : 207LEAPING WITH ELATION, Maggie expresses her love for Harry through her gay Scottish dance. WHILE MEG FLASHES her skirts in flirtation, Jeff attempts to look happy before requesting her to "buzz off." Brigadoon" Cast Tommy Albright Fiona Maclaren Jeff Douglass. Meg Brockie Charlie Dalrymple Jean MacLaren Archie Beaton Harry Beaton Mr. Lundic Angus MacGuffie Sandy Dean Jane Ashton Maggie Anderson Andrew Maclaren Frank ........... Student Director Director ........ Greg Scherer Karen Taylor Guy Drake Marcy Meiners Steve Brownless Marty Fletcher Rich King Ross Schrodetz Dan Crawford Bob Bayers Jim Sanders Tracy Garrett Kitty Hill Mark Frederick Frank Sidell Denise Anderson Mr. Dolph 8ezoier Upstairs, Sleeping" Cast Sam Esther Freida Seymour Director Bob Shober Margo Wickesser Marilyn Kile Jim Marquardt Miss Barbara Eliason TRYING TO FIND the secret of Brigadoon, Tommy gives Charlie the third degree. 208REVEALING HER reasons for staying single, Fiona sings "Waiting for My Dearie" to the young girls of Brigadoon. Brigadoon; "Upstairs. Sleeping” Musical Alive With Dance: One-Act A SCOTTISH VILLAGE nestled in a valley, with a mist of magic surrounding it, was the setting for the musical Brigadoon, performed by selected members of the combined choirs. The quaint atmosphere, the fascinating secret history of the village, and the beauty of two Scottish misses enticed the curiosity of two American hunters lost and bewildered in the area. The bar scene, with its effective lighting through a transparent mirror, reflected the fond memories of Brigadoon for one of the hunters. Authentic costuming and a bagpiper were added to make the fantasy more realistic. The eventual reunion of the American Dwells in Anguish hunter with the Scottish miss satisfied all sentimental hearts. "TRAPPED, TRAPPED, locked in a cage. Let me out, Seymour. Find a way!" "Upstairs, Sleeping" dealt with the helpless, groping depression of a family too deeply locked in their meaningless habit of living to escape. Performed as an entry in the Minnesota State High School One Act Play Contest, it called for skill and understanding of human emotions. The high pitch of emotion and the harsh words in the play made "Upstairs, Sleeping" a depressing but meaningful play for all involved. 209 SCREAMING "SHUT UP" at his mother, Seymour realizes that his father's fits stem from persecution of his spirit.DURING THE LIVELY opening song, Tevya voices respect for his villages ancient traditions. "Tevya" Cast Tevya, a dairyman..... . Greg Scherer Golde, his wife.... Margo Wickesser Tzeitel ............ Hodel Chava .............. Yente, the matchmaker Motel Kamzoil ... Lazar Wolfe, a butcher Fruma Sara.......... Her Daughter........ A Rich Merchant..... Feferal Perchik ... The Rabbi Student Director Director ....... Judy Wippman Karen Taylor Nancy Ashley Linda Cooper Steve Brownless . Bob Shober Marilyn Kile ...... Jackie Byrd .........Pete Bloch Dave Postlethwaite Pete Bloch . Ann Engelbrecht Mr. Stephen Oliver 210 PERCHED ON THE contemporary set. Happily is seen trumpeting through backstage ropes.STILL IN CHARACTER, Tina Edwards and Marcy Meiners delight their shy but curious audience after the play. "Bells of Happily" Cast Happily ...... Gladden ...... Frowndown Dire ......... Joy .......... Jolly ........ Mother ....... Circus Manager Clown White Clown Red Clown Blue Messenger Messenger Mrs. Himple Shoan ...... Guard Guard Grimble .. Grumble Grumble Grumble Student Director Director....... .... Kevin Horan ... Dan Crawford Mike Cummings Mark Polsfuss .... Paula Keller ... Cindy Subby Laura Omelianchuk ....Larry Carolla Debbie McQuillan Sue Peterson Tina Edwards Bryn Voller Brett Nienaber Barb Huelster Gary Bellair Bill Coulter Doug Schultz Frank Sidell Marcy Meiners Laurie Nesset Joan Martin John Kinney Mr. Larry Stotts COLDE PREPARES to defend the mamas while dancing barefoot. “The Bells of Happily.” ‘'levya" Geometric Shapes Create Mood; Familiar Songs Sung in ‘Tevya’ "IF YOU'RE AS QUIET as a mouse, and as alert as a cat, the curtains will open just like that!" The soft blue lights cloaked geometric box scenery and became brighter to reveal a trumpeter atop the highest box in "The Bells of Happily." After laughlines had been drawn on, songs had been sung around the piano, the director had smoked 1 1 2 packs and given his "two minutes to go" pep talk, the trumpeter started to play, the antics began. The kids stood, gawked, giggled, and clapped, showing they enjoyed "The Bells of Happily." The author of the play is Holly Jenstad, Edina graduate. THIRTEEN RUSSIAN PEASANTS stormed onstage with their fingers snapping in the air, their feet stamping and their voices bellowing the opening song of "Tevya," "Tradition." The plot concerned a Jewish dairyman trying to marry off his daughters. Burdened by his cliche-ridden speech and home-spun philosophy, Tevya trudged through this emotional period in his life to accomplish his task. A fiddle, piano, and percussion accompanied familar songs from "Fiddler on the Roof" for Edina's Theater-in-the-Round production was directed by Mr. Stephen Oliver. 211PLAYING THE SECOND phase of Addinsell's Laurie Anderson's previous performance. "Warsaw Concerto", Penny Paris solos after They highlighted the individual talents. BOISTEROUS IN THEIR cheerful song, "To Life," Penny Paris, Margie Finlay and Dave Cushing depict heavy-set men. THE STYLE of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire is revisited by Cheryl Johnson and Doug Freeman. 212Pop Concert Jug Band And Washboard Tunes Contrast Piano, Alto Sax Solos A CRIMSON SPOTLIGHT fell upon a twenty-six foot warm colored fiddle and provided the set for the sixteenth annual Pop Concert theme of "Fiddler on the Roof." Tevya, played by Eric Meesier, introduced such songs as "Do You Love Me?," "Tradition," and "Sunrise, Sunset" with a Jewish accent typical of his village Anatevka. The first scene included the prologue to "The West Side Story" by Leonard Bernstein, which featured a dance by silver-shifted, finger-snapping girls. The concert's repertoire of skits was highlighted by tricycle races, a Tarzan on a vine swinging over the band, a flapping and squawking duck in a burlap bag, giant boxes of Fiddle Faddle, and an hilarious surprise skit from band alumni. "Prelude and Dance" by Paul Creston was the most challenging piece for the band, as it required the utmost in concentration and excellence from every section. Individual talent was also displayed in piano, drum, and alto saxaphone solos. Representing all aspects of a musical production. Pop Concert included choreography, set design, acting, singing, and instrumental talent. Mr. Ed Melichar directed. THE "DAUGHTERS" and the "Sons" sing with joyful expressions in the finale of "Fiddler on the Roof." HIS TOTAL involvement in music is revealed when Scott Crosbie displays his own drumming style, during "The Big Band Bash — Volume II." 213Cafe Concert A Variety of Emotions Reflect ‘A Song for Every Season’ "WELCOME TO THE third annual Pop-whoops-Cafe Concert," explained a flustered emcee, Mr. Thomas Beaver. Armed with hats symbolizing "A Song for Every Season," the art teacher and school comedian had managed to keep the orchestra members calm and humored throughout the tense final rehearsals. Seated in the Valley View Junior High gym, the audience enjoyed cookies, punch, and fourth grade hostesses, as well as the music of Berlin, Tchaikowsky and Saint-Saens. Mr. Robert K. Smith, who had written a column in the Minneapolis Tribune challenging the talent of youth-oriented musician, Jimi Hendrix, was invited to the concert by orchestra member Angela Johndreau. After attending, Mr. Smith wrote a letter praising the orchestra's talent and Angela's ideas, thus arousing discussion among orchestra members on the appreciation of various types of music. From the elegance of a medley of songs from the "Nutcracker Fantasy" to a lighter "Easter Bonnet," the talented orchestra portrayed the theme of the concert by capturing the mood of each season. MR. THOMAS BEAVER depicts "A Song for Every Season," with new hat styles and accompanying commentary. COMPLETING AN intricate passage, Nancy Barber nears the end of her solo, "Dance Macabre." 214TEDIOUS HOURS of practice and long rehears-als pay off for Scoff Thompson and Mark Ferguson in the orchestra's third Cafe Concert. POISED FOR THE onslaught of the 89th bar, Scoff Crosbie concentrates on his music. THE EASTER BUNNY, Scoff Crosbie, kidnaps Gail McGarraugh. 215jJAmMu • UlAJb WUxJ 2M '7TJ? Js-tA b! Loads'! A fZAj 4 Cu . „ J.. V ' . . An,lor« xU sm 7L! J. aUA yo QUEEN OF THE tri-cyclopses, Laurie Anderson parades, unaware that she would become the ugliest specimen. DISROBING BEFORE THE wide-eyed audience, a WDGY One-der is obeying orders to strip before playing. Charity Week. 1-Ball Charity Week Nets Thousands, Intramural Teams Work to Win A WEEK OF GIVING resulted in a profit of nearly $2,000 from November's Red Cross-Student Council Charity Week. Four couples in strange and unique disguises competed in the annual Ugly Couple Contest and naturally, the sophomores took the honor. Homerooms were transformed into noisy market places where money-raising activities ranged from the auction of brown paper-bagged treasures to a gambling casino. The WDGY radio One-ders were the outspoken losers in a basketball game versus the Edina faculty team Wednesday night of Charity Week. In an exciting clash of might and wit, the final event of the week oc- curred at 10:15 Friday night. The varsity football team met the varsity soccer team for a fund-raising hockey game which eventually turned out to be a wrestling match on ice. VICTORY IN THE Round Robin Tournament was the goal of the Intramural football, basketball, and baseball teams. The basketball players were divided into twelve teams and two leagues to play every Friday night of the winter. Amid the players' grins and grimaces, Mr. Curtis Johnson coached the intramural teams despite one player's ominous warning, "If you don't like blood, don't come to l-ball games." CHEERLEADER at the charity game is Miss "Grace" Fansler. 216HANDS GRABBING, grasping, and groping for the basketball, an 1-Ball team struggles for points. EXHILARATED BY HIS team's success, Tom Rose vainly attempts to control himself and keep score. She'(( rc, Ha voH ■C jcv tViis. J U h Dace f-u-w'HrtiS Summo Cvnd Q.ooA L-uek: vocxA Cjgcxv. t CX'Ha Lj 0 Wv Aa. GRIMACING UNDER THE FORCEFUL blow from a charging soccer player, Tom Keegan, a football player, bashes referee Ward Brehm while skates fly. 217CONTEMPLATING his lunch menu, Tom Dcnk arranges plastic fruit and vegetables at Bachman's. "FAMOUS FABULOUS tacky glue"adorns Jill Hazleton's display as she stocks shelves at Gager's Handicraft. I fdJ.iu TACKV 218 WITH THE HOT PINK canning machine, Molly Conlin cans Christmas cookies and candy at the Now Then shop.Junior Achievement. Jobs Jobs Give Fun and or Profit Jr. Achievers Run Own Markets "YOU MEAN YOU actually like your job?" was a question asked as Edina students began to attain interesting jobs. Kids worked in hot pink boutiques, sold Head Giant Slaloms in ski shops, and even sang for Center Opera. "You mean you get a buck eighty-five an hour?" was also asked and Edina's enterprisers stacked cans of dog food, endured raw knuckles shoveling driveways, and braved thorny shrubs in pruning jobs at nurseries. Whether good for the spirits or good for the wal- lets, the jobs enabled Edina students to fill listless hours for fun and profit. TO GAIN EXPERIENCE in our system of free enterprise, Edina students met at the Junior Achievement Building two hours a week for thirty weeks. The Junior Achievers formed companies, sold stocks, and manufactured rubber stampers and glass holders. Before liquidating in the spring, a Trade Fair and coronation ball, featuring the "Fabulous Flippers," were held. LOOKING TIRED, Kathy Morris stains a glass rack at J.A. AS MIKE PHILLIPS makes nameplates for rubber stampers at J.A., Mike Ciernia lends his help. DEFENDING A SIAMESE kitten from the hands of anxious children, Mark Miller enjoys work at Pets Unlimited. 219EDINA STUDENTS EXPERIENCE the acid- SIXTY-NINE MILES above the lunar surface, astronauts Borman, Lovell, rock sound of Jimi Hendrix. and Anders (not pictured) utilize a spring excersiser on Apollo 8. AT A STUDENT-FACULTY-ADMINISTRATION meeting. Miss Virginia Winter listens to Peg Naas' reform idea. CAMPAIGNING in California, Richard Nixon waves to crowds. He won one of the closest presidential elections. 2201968-69 History Makers Moon, Election, Human Rights Among Year’s Major Headliners FOUR HOMEROOMS gave a Christmas party, complete with Santa Claus, Chris Bohl, for children from the Phyllis Wheatley House. WORKING WITH Teen Corps in Appalachia, Brad POPE PAUL VI, who reigns in the midst of the Catholic revolution. Wood helps build a community center. gives his Christmas blessing to the world. CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS Rev. Ralph David Ab- Atlanta, continue the struggle for Dr. Martin ernathy, left, and Rev. A. D. King, right, now in Luther King's dream after his assassination. 2211968-69 History Makers Controversial Year Stimulates Expanding Student Interest TRANSPLANTS OF HEARTS, kidneys, and livers become more common and more successful. WITH PARIS peace talks in session, the Vietnam war continues to be a controversial discussion subject in America. 222PETITIONING FOR SUPPORT, Tim Moylan campaigns for Eugene McCarthy, peace candidate for the Democratic nomination. BLACK LIGHT and fluorescent posters create a mood condusive to Eric Heffelfinger's music. 223 ■ ■WITH A LOOK of determination upon his face, Dennis Doyle arrives a split second too late. PLUNGING INTO THE HEART of the Richfield line, Marc Mayberg, fullback, struggles to gain a crucial first down. r VARSITY: FRONT ROW — P. Wright, G. Gohdes, H. Hairc, P. Bordona-ro, T. Keegan, J. Kieffer, R. Frctland, C. Bransford, B. Wingert, D. Peterson; ROW 2 — D. Whelpley, B. Woehrle, D. Doyle, J. Massopust, M. Ferguson, M. Mayberg, S. Thomsen, D. Hastings, K. Cashman; ROW3 — I Dekraav T Terry T. Collins, T. Johnson, E. Hanson, L. Hoyer, B. Carl-onj!oKn.5-Tomas, J. R epecki; BACK ROW-T. Caba.ka J Ben-on, S. Wallin, D. Kunz, M. Dillncr, J. Economos, B. Thompson, J. Couii-ard. MISSING — J. Seaberg, Sven Wehrwein. 226Football Edina Sweeps Lake Conference With Perfect 8-0 Record AGAIN AS IN the past, Edina was a dominating power in the conference as well as in the state. Tri-captains Mark Ferguson, Dirk Peterson, and Marc Mayberg led the team to its undefeated season, first place finish in the conference, and a contested number two rating in the state. Although there was a large amount of backfield position maneuevering, including quarterback, the squad managed to solidify into an effective team. The highlight of the season was the 20-14 conquest of Richfield in a traditional non-conference game. The action saw Edina mechanically control the first half and Richfield the second. The Hornets made a goal line stand in the last seconds of the fourth quarter to prevent a Richfield victory. The two most important conference games were the first against Kennedy and the concluding one against Minnetonka. The opening win gave the team its much needed confidence and the final triumph insured them the Lake Conference title. All-conference players were Ferguson, Mayberg, Peterson, Tom Cabalka, and Bob Woehrle. CUTTING TO THE OUTSIDE, Herb Haire side steps outstretched hands, with an ensuing Spartan on his tail. SHAKING OFF a would be Rickfield tackier, Tom Collins, quarterback, sweeps the right end. 227J-V: FRONT ROW — T. Ratclle, T. Moynihan, J. Brod, J. Field, B. Minde, S. Andersen, B. Grabb, J. Madsen, B. Burke, J. Finks, G. Rothnem, M B. Loving, S. Bodinc, J. Raichert, S. Neuger, G. Ryan; ROW2 — S. GrogO- Bowen; BACK ROW — Mr. R. Savre, T. Quick, S. Regli, S. Curry. B. Ny- ry, G. Kaufmann, R. Davison, K. Porter, B. Saxton, J. Strother, J. Burkhart, rop, B. Wadkind, K. Beiersdorf, T. Halleckson, J. Rentschler, G. Dovolis M. Hollway, F. Pierce, B. Bonnet; ROW3— Mr. R. Kosteliz, N. Schlotter, STRAINING FORWARD, Bruce Carlson is tripped up by the opponents line. He split the right half duties with Herb Haire. AFTER RECEIVING Ahead injury. Herb Haire is examined by Hornet trainer George Spano. 228EDINA RUSHING THE PASSER, Bob Woehrle with help from Mark Ferguson, tri-captain, harasses the quarterback into making a hurried toss. 14 0 Kennedy 14 6 St. Louis Park 26 7 Cooper 75 0 Mound 20 14 Richfield 54 0 Wayzata 14 0 Lincoln 20 6 Robbinsdale 42 0 Minnetonka Football Edina Beats Richfield, 20-14, And Rates Second in State DRIVING INTO the end zone, Marc Mayberg scores one of the most important touchdowns of the season as Edina defeated Richfield 20-14 to take over possession of first place. 229COLLARING AN OPPOSING player, Doug Hastings, defensive halfback, stops a ballcarrier behind the line of scrimmage. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won 8 Lost 0 Tie 0 St. Louis Park . 7 1 0 Richfield 6 1 1 Hopkins 5 3 0 Minnetonka 4 3 1 Kennedy 4 4 0 Robbinsdale 4 4 0 Cooper 3 5 0 Lincoln 2 6 0 Wayzata 0 8 0 Mound 0 8 0 B-SQUAD: FRONT ROW — M. Schmunk, B. Mase. C. Hovde, J. Erickson, C. Hayhoe, D. Sattcrlund, S. Griffin, F. McCarthy, P. Carter, B. Jones, J. Robertson, D. Naegeli, M. Renslow; ROW 2 — N. Shackle, P. Bodine, R. Greywitt, G. Gensch, J. Ericson, B. Weber, J. Bailey, D. Krafft, G. Reno, J. Nagengast, J. Celusta; ROW 3 — P. Gisselbeck, B. Nichols, R. Olsson, B. Porter. E. Hansen, J. Arngson. B. Kidd, R. Ries, J. Burris, T. Gindorff, S. Olsonoski, U. Gray; ROW 4 — $. MacCloy, S. Rzepecki, B. Boncllo, P. Hemp, T. Dorsey, B. Moonan, R. Christensen, D. Oberle, J. Miller, J. Tylson, P. McCauley; BACK ROW — M. Possum, J. Wiley, W. Swanson, S. Schneider, D. Boyd, T. Staber, B. Sims, W. Miller, T. Carlson, J. McClain, J. Velgersdyk, R. Peterson. 230Soccer Edina Soccer Team Wins Lake Conference Championship DESPITE ONLY HAVING two returning lettermen this year, the Edina soccer team came through with a winning season. Under the leadership of co-captains Paul Dunn and Jim Knutson, the squad emerged with a 6-1-1 record and a Lake Conference title. Another drawback to the team was the numerous injuries, including Scott Hallam's broken leg. This injury was accorded to a rough game with the St. Louis Park Orioles. A new innovation was brought into high school soccer with the advent of a night game at Edina. Though the Hornets played their best game of the season against White Bear, they dropped it, 1-0, and lost any contention for a mythical number one rating in the state. The concluding two games, in a 3-3 tie with Park, and a 4-0 defeat by Richfield, capped the season with a disparaging note. All-conference players nominated from the team were Dunn, Hallam, Knutson, and Steve Broback. VARSITY: FRONT ROW - W. Nelson, 8. Fee, ). lindstrom. T. O'Connel, 8. Cravier, S. Jenson, K. Smead, D. Gibson; ROW 2 — B. Anderson, J. Schaefer, J. Tocpcl, G. White, D. Murphy, B. Johnson, 8. Iverson, J. Knutson, Mr. L. Szendrey, coach; ROW3 — T. McGlynn, S. Hallam, 8. Englund, R. Johnson, J. Kuster, R. Book, J. Correa, B. Foley, P. Dunn; BACK ROW — J. Stake, M. Edelmann, I. Schroeder, 8. Everett, S. Broback, J. Growing, T, Barnett, L. Otis. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tie EDINA 6 1 1 Richfield 5 1 2 St. Louis Park 4 2 2 Kennedy . ... 1 5 2 Lincoln 0 6 2 SPRINTING DOWN the field, wing Don Gibson centers the ball in an attempt to set up a goal. 231Soccer Two Defeats, a Tie Game Mar Edina’s Winning Season BATTLING FOR the ball, co-captain Paul Dunn strives to maneuver into scoring position. THE SOCCER BALL REBOUNDING, Bob Gravier prepares himself to trap it. TAKING A REST during half-time in the Richfield game are John Kuster, Ward Nelson, and Jim Knutson, co-captain. 2324 3 0 6 3 EDINA 3 2 3 3 3 0 1 Minnehaha 2 Lincoln 1 White Bear 1 Kennedy 2 St. Louis Park 2 Richfield 1 Blake 2 Lincoln 2 Kennedy 3 St. Louis Park 4 Richfield LEAPING THROUGH the air, Jim Toepel, reserve halfliner, makes an effort to stop the ball in the Edina win over Blake. J-V: FRONT ROW — E. Bryan, J. Freeman, J. Miller, C. Forsland, S. Zahn, J. Schneider, B. Calkin, P. Spoke , F. Newhouse, J. Zerull, M. Stillman, T. Campbell, D. Fral ; ROW 2 — J. Krausch, D. Mooty, S. Pfeiffer, S. Smith, R. Ellis, S. Frawlcy, I. Former, B. Hershey, J. Anderson, J. Larson, P. Hughes, R. Pratt, B. Haverly; ROW 3 — Mr. R. Wiesner, coach, S. Helle, C. Bjorklund, T. Stillman, R. Clapp, R. Borchers, V. Andres, P. Garrison, T. Hetland, K. Cloutier, R. Beard, S. Packa, S. Putman; ROW4 — B. Shaw, D. Klossner, J. Anderson, S. Rainey, D. Brown, M. Vargon, T. Geisse, S. Henderson, B. Sorteberg, j. Herman, J. Kremer, D. Johnson; BACK ROW — M. Day, T. Gruggen, R. Nordquist, D. James, B. Carrol, J. Marquardt, G. Damke, R. lundeen, R. Bostock, E. Juberg, J. Nelson, T. Brown. 233Cross Country Harriers Take District But Eliminated in Regions UPSETTING FAVORED HOPKINS in the District Eighteen meet, the Edina cross country team ran to its third consecutive district title. Edina then finished the season with a third in the Region Five meet. During the regular conference season, the harriers compiled a record of eight wins and two losses, good enough for a tie with St. Louis Park for second place in the Lake standings. In its own Fifth Annual Brae-mar Invitational, Edina took second behind Moundsview. The Edina team was led throughout the season by the strong running of Steve Garlock who finished third in the districts, then went on to win the Region Five championship, and placed fifteenth in the state meet. Brian Heeb and Paul Findley also finished in the top ten in the district meet. Brad Bring-gold, captain, was hampered by illness for much of the season. Other top runners were Russ Chandler, Sheldon Peterson, and Ken Potter. EXHAUSTED BY THEIR strenuous efforts, Paul Findley and Nick Overby struggle toward the finish. EDINA'S NUMBER ONE runner, Steve Garlock, is near finishing the course around Braemar. 234WITH THE FINISHING chute approaching, Brian Hceb and Russ Chandler sprint the final distance. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Hopkins .... .. Won 10 Lost 0 EDINA 8 2 St. Louis Park 8 2 Richfield .7 3 Robbinsdale 6 3 Lincoln 5 5 Minnetonka 4 6 Cooper 3 7 Kennedy 2 8 Wayzata 1 9 Mound 0 10 LEADING A STRING of Edina cross country runners against St. Louis Park is Brad Bringgold, captain. VARSITY: FRONT ROW — R. Gilman, D. Fisher, J. Hansen, P. Wehrwein, P. Findley, T. Deihl, D. Gilmore, B. Hceb; ROW 2 — N. Overby, S. Garlock, J. Thayer, S. Miller, S. Peterson, T. Brandow, R Peterson, ). Paisley, S. Hancock; ROW 3 — C. Anderson, S. Nichols, 8. Bringgold, D. Ronald, J. Sponsel, K. Potter, D. Timm, J. Rosell; BACK ROW — S. Precht, J. Beegle, J. Roberts, D. Evans, M. Becker,). Wanecke, S. Hopkins, F. Carpenter. 235Basketball Edina Drops to Fourth After Final Conference Loss LED BY THE ONLY returning starter, Tom Cabalka, captain, this year's basketball team fought to a fourth place Lake Conference tie with Robbinsdale. Edina and Robinsdale finished with identical records at 11-5. The highlights of the season were two non-conference victories over Moorhead 75-63 and St. Cloud Tech 61-39, and a conference win over Hopkins 63-62. The only Hornet losses came at the hands of their Lake Conference foes Kennedy, Lincoln, Richfield, and Hopkins. After the completion of the Lake Conference games, Edina played in the District Eighteen tournament. The team won its first two games but was eliminated in the third by Hopkins 68-52. They then won the district consolation game against Minnetonka. Coach Duane Baglien commented that this was one of the most balanced teams he has coached at Edina. This year's starters with Cabalka were Paul Wright, Dirk Peterson, Joe Benson, and Todd Huebscher. Bench strength consisted of Chuck Heikenen, John Bergseng, Lindsay Hoyer, Bill Sullivan, and Dave Larson. 236 FALLING BEHINE his driving opponent, a haggard John Bergseng shows the wear of the game.AFTER AGILELY EVADING the advancing Richfield defense, forward, Joe Benson attempts a jump shot. EDINA 68 33 Mound 60 68 Richfield 56 32 Cooper 60 52 Wayzata 53 58 Lincoln 75 63 Moorhead 57 56 Robbinsdale 57 53 Kennedy 62 49 Minnetonka 73 49 St. Louis Park 61 39 St. Cloud Tech 57 41 Cooper 63 62 Hopkins 49 54 Kennedy 66 58 St. Louis Park 48 53 Richfield 65 44 Wayzata 46 49 Hopkins 81 41 Eden Prairie 62 36 Cooper 52 68 Hopkins 0 0 Minnetonka FRONT ROW — P. Wright, D. Peterson, J. Benson, captain T. Ca-balka. BACK ROW — Mr. D. Baglcin, coach, M. Johnson, D. Larson, T. Coleburn, J. Woerhe, J. McNeeley, P. Mikan, J. Bergseng, T. Mestamacher, D. Clevc, C. Heikenan, L. Fleer, T. Huebscher, L. Hoyer, T. Halleckson, B. Sullivan, Mr. R. Savre, assistant coach. 237DARING THE RICHFIELD defender to make a wrong move, Paul Wright patiently waits for his opportunity to score. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Hopkins.........................13 3 Lincoln ........................12 4 Richfield.......................12 4 EDINA...........................11 5 Robbinsdale.....................11 5 Cooper ......................... 7 9 Kennedy......................... 7 9 Minnetonka...................... 7 9 St. Louis Park ................. 6 10 Wayzata......................... 1 15 Mound .......................... 1 15 238 LEAPING ABOVE HIS OPPONENT, Tom Cabalka grabs the ball from his fingertips.Basketball District Loss to Hopkins Ends Fourth State Title Drive SCUFFLING WITH A MOORHEAD PLAYER, Dirk Peterson regains control of the ball as the Hornets go on to defeat Moorhead. B-SQUAD: FRONT ROW — Jim Miller, Eric Hansen, Steve Downs, Drick Lance Woodruff, Bill Lund, Kyle Cartcnter, Mark Lewis, Whitney Miller, Boyd, John Roberts, Rob Ries, Tom Shively, Jerry Erickson, Chris Hay- Paul Siebert, Mr. Jerry Rod berg, coach, hoe. BACK ROW — Paul Brown, Dan Hesse, Doug Evans, Rich Andres, 239SKATING TOWARD the net, Rick Fretland concentrates on getting the puck past an opponent. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won 16 Lost 0 Tie 0 Richfield . . 14 2 0 Robbinsdale 12 3 1 Kennedy . . 7 5 4 Lincoln 7 6 3 Minnetonka 5 7 4 Wayzata 5 10 1 Hopkins 5 11 0 St. Louis Park 4 11 1 Cooper 3 11 2 Mound 2 14 0 Hockey Hornets Are First State Champs From Minneapolis Area THE EDINA HOCKEY team won the Lake Conference honors for the sixth straight time and for the first time won the state tournament. The Hornets, lead by captain, Doug Hastings, maintained an unblemished conference record while defeating standing rival Richfield twice. During the rest of the regular nonconference season the team upheld its statewide status with only one loss to Minneapolis Southwest 3-1. This loss brought the Hornet state rating down a few notches. But convincing wins over International Falls 3-2 and Duluth East 6-0 brought it back up. In the Region Six playoffs the Hornets had a bye and again overwhelmed Richfield 4-0. Once a berth in the state tournament was attained, the squad was determined to "throw the monkey off their backs." They did it so convincingly, by trouncing Mounds View 5-1 and South St. Paul, 7-0, that they went into the championship game as the favorites. Warroad proved to be a tougher foe, but eventually yielded in a sudden death overtime 5-4. All state players from Edina were Doug Hastings, Rick Fretland, Jim Knutson, and Bob Krieger. 240VARSITY: J-V: FRONT ROW - L Thayer, J. Cauble, J. Thom- Schnieder, Mr. N. Ikola, coach; BACK ROW — R. Book, J. as, J. Knutson, J. Larsen, T. McGlynn, B. Fee, R. Fretland, D. Field, T. Carlson, B. Krieger, B. Carlson, B. Nyrop, M. Fret- Haslings, captain: ROW 2 — Mr. D. Zins, coach, C. Kelly, B. land, M. Schmunk. Loving, S. Becker, M. Rogers, M. McClellan, D. Johnson, D. 241 AS BILL FEE ANGLES in on goal, Jim Knutson, defenseman, waits for a possible rebound shot.Hockey Hornets Take Lake Title for Sixth Straight Year SKATING AROUND a foe is Tim Carlson, a leading sophomore on this years team. SPEEDING PAST HIS OPPONENT, Bob Krieger skates into score a goal, in the Edina victory over Mound. IN THE BATTLE for the puck, Bruce Carl-sen puts his defender into the boards. In this game, the Hornets defeated the Inter national Falls Broncos.KEEPING AN EYE on the opposition, Steve Curry makes preparation to clear the puck down ice. 15 5 9 5 12 2 5 5 9 3 4 EDINA 4 11 6 1 5 6 7 5 4 7 5 7 5 2 Hopkins 0 Kennedy 1 St. Louis Park 2 Cooper 0 Mound 0 Richfield 3 Blake 0 Wayzata 0 Lincoln 0 Minnetonka 2 Robbinsdale 3 International Falls 0 St. Louis Park 0 Cooper 3 Southwest 0 Mound 0 Duluth East 1 Lincoln 0 Minnetonka 0 Richfield 0 Richfield 0 Moundsview 1 So. St. Paul 4 Warroad 243 B-SQUAD: FRONT ROW — Bill Broback, Bill Garrity, Jeff Ncvin, Bill Kidd, Jeff Baker. BACK ROW — Mr. Bartley Larson, coach, Greg Leyh, George Monson, Bill Sortebcrg, Thomas Egan, Mark Tourangeau.COMPETING FOR THE first time since his recovery from a broken leg, Scott Hallam swims in the Golden Valley meet. GRITTING FROM THE STRAIN in the backstroke stretch of a 400-yard medley relay, Jeff Pinkahm draws a breath. t FRONT ROW — G. Hovde, E. Eyden, J. Johnston, D. Chesman, M. Houston, B. Greywitt, D. Evans, R. Bostock; ROW 2— W. Gcrberding, D. Hovde, N. Slatter, D. Ronald, K. Knous, R. Rischmiller, B. Rischmiller; ROW 3 — S. Peterson, R. Peterson, R. Dunham, S. Baken, B. Foley, M. Holloway, J. Beegle, R. Moreland; BACK ROW — M. Willes, R. DeKraay, S. Hallam, S. Hopkins, B. Orrben, C. Turner, T. Love, Mr. A. Downey, coach, Mr. B. Peterson, coach. 244LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Hopkins Won 9 EDINA 7 Robbinsdale 5 St. Louis Park ... 3 Cooper 3 Kennedy 3 Lincoln 0 DOUBLED OVER IN PAIN after a grueling race at the Golden Valley meet, Ed Eyden suffers the effects of extreme exhaustion. Swimming Hornets Swim to Second in Districts and Third in State THE EDINA SWIM TEAM, led this year by tri-captains Ross DeKraay, Scott Hal-lam, and Mark Willes propelled themselves to a second place standing in the Lake Conference, a second place finish in the districts meet, and a third place finish in the state meet. The Hornets ended the conference season behind Hopkins, after being defeated by them twice. The team lost to Hopkins in the district meet and came in behind Hopkins and Rochester Mayo in the state meet. Throughout most of the regular season Edina was without the valuable services of Hallam, due to his broken leg, but he progressed enough to help the squad attempt to defend its state championship. He finished second in the 400-yard freestyle and third in the 200-yard freestyle. The 400-yard freestyle relay team of Brad Orrben, Mike Holloway, Ed Eyden, and Willes set a new state record in its competition with a time of 3:24.5, breaking the record of 3:25 set by Edina in the 1968 meet. Willes also captured the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:08.8. During the regular season Edina defeated three non-conference foes; Golden Valley, Mayo, and St. Cloud. Lost 245 O fN m l UO K64 58 60 56 63 61 27 62 57 66 52 60 62 62 39 Swimming Edina Swimmers Finish Second Only to Hopkins in Conference AS )EFF PINKHAM, the third swimmer in the free style relay, finishes his leg of the relay, anchor man Chris Turner gets a fast take off from the starting block. 31 Lincoln 58 Highland Park 35 Robbinsdale 39 Kennedy 32 Blake 34 Cooper 68 Hopkins 33 St. Louis Park 38 Mayo 29 Golden Valley 43 St. Cloud 35 Kennedy 33 St. Thomas 33 Cooper 56 Hopkins GASPING FOR AIR, Ross DeKraay, tri-captain, puts forth an extra effort in the final lap of the 100-yard butterfly.UNDER THE WATCHFUL eye of a judge Tom Love performs an intricate dive during a dual meet. STRAINING FORWARD to gain a decisive advantage on hisopponent and shave precious seconds from his timing is Brian Heeb. FRONT ROW — Mr. L. Szendrcy, coach, T. Campbell, V. Turner, D. Smith, M. Eustis, B. Englema, B. Nevins; ROW 2 — T. Banks, W. Hutchison, M. Frishberg, K. Bringgold, D. Bushman, D. Nis-sen, B. Sherman; ROW 3 — j. Nipper, A. Lane, S. Evans, R. Grey- witt, B. Kitchum, J. Stalman, J. Erlandson, K. Hirshcy; BACK ROW — P. Boulay, M. Erdall, |. Everett, P. Strothers, T. Smith, R. Brindl, J. Velgersoyk. 247Wrestling Two Conference Victories Disappoint Injured Grapplers HAMPERED BY numerous injuries and sicknesses, the Edina wrestling team finished with a record of 2-9. Kept out of action at one time or another were tri-captains Dick Kunz, Mark Pfister, and Gary Monahan. Kunz suffered a separated shoulder just before tournament time, Pfister became ill, and Monahan underwent surgery on a knee injury suffered during soccer. Among others injured were Paul Findley and Dave Chapman. The high point of the mat season was when the team overwhelmed Lincoln 22-20. Lincoln was rated tenth in the state at the time. The other conference victory was over Kennedy. The team journeyed to Grand Rapids, another highly rated team, but was defeated 25-19. The Edina Invitational saw Edina lose by one point to St. Anthony, to capture second place. The Hornets also participated in the St. Olaf Tournament. The squad was paced by junior Larry Johnson, and seniors Mark Ferguson, Kunz, and Monahan, the only Hornet wrestler to make it to the regions. Ferguson was named to the allconference team as a heavyweight. MAKING A MOVE to begin a reversal, Mark Pfister, tri-captain, attempts to gain an advantage over his opponent. EDINA 23 24 Mound 15 29 Richfield 9 31 Cooper 17 28 Wayzata 22 20 Lincoln 11 31 Robbinsdale 16 26 Minnetonka 19 24 Grand Rapids 11 37 Hopkins 26 14 Kennedy 19 25 St. Louis Park INJURED IN HIS last match, Dick Kunz was unable to compete in District wrestling. 248A TOP JUNIOR prospect for next year's squad, Larry Johnson immobilizes hisscrapping foe. OUT MOST THE SEASON through injury, Gary Monahan stages a determined comeback. FRONT ROW — M. Taylor, P. Wilson, I. Johnson, D. Fossum. P. Findlay, G. Monahan, M. Pfister, C. Brans-ford, P. Callinan, D. Kunz, D. Doyle, M. Ferguson, B. Gilbertson. ROW2 — B. Wcidt, L. Anderson, S. Packa, J. l.imont, M. Chapman, J, Shelly, M. Miller, B. Bennett, K lundeen, S. Gregory, B. Woehrle, |. Kiefer. ROW 3 — J. Woodcock, C. FJadley, D. Callinan, J. Delong, T. Taney, D. Stuart, J. Tyson, K. Cloutier, K. Beiersdorf, J. Witham, J. Olson, S. Thompson, J. Taney. BACK ROW — C. Bohn, D. Warner, J. Quinn, B. Shaw, S. Regli, J. Miller. y . ' O' Slalomers Lead Ski Team ■ j V ' s In Districts And State THE SKIING team was paced by an abundance of slalom skiers and talented cross country skiers. The top skiers in each of the three categories, slalom skiing, cross country, and jumping, were their respective captains, Steve Hyland, Pat Page, and Jeff Spindler. The skiers finished in the middle of the Lake Conference standings, with the slalom and cross country teams remaining undefeated. In district competition the team placed an encouraging third. Hyland and Topper Sponsel came in second and third respectively in slalom and Page placed second in his category. The Hornets garnered themselves a sixth place finish in the state meet. Page finished first in cross country, Hyland second in slalom skiing, and the jumpers seventeenth. EDINA 294.1 275.6 300.0 167.6 265.8 285.2 274.7 279.5 276.3 286.3 293.9 185.5 268.2 292.1 300.0 262.2 194.9 185.6 St. Louis Park Wayzata Richfield Lincoln Hopkins Kennedy Robbinsdale Minnetonka Blake SETTING A PLATFORM for his turn at the gate ahead, Steve Hyland, captain of the slalom squad, shows determination.TO MAINTAIN THE speed necessary to place, John Agustsson concentrates on edge control on the rutted, icy course. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Richfield 7 1 Hopkins 7 1 Robbinsdale 7 1 Lincoln 5 3 EDINA 4 4 St. Louis Park 3 5 Kennedy 2 6 Minnetonka 1 7 Wayzata 0 8 VARSITY: FRONT ROW — D. Krafft, T. Moore, R. Ellis, R. Callan, P. Spokes, D. Fesemaier, R. Nacgcli, D. Marshall, Mr. R. Weisner, coach. ROW TWO — T. Diehl, N. Overby, D. Hanske, D. Patterson, M. Thacher, S. Oarlock, S. Miller, B. Hirsch, G. Taylor. ROW THREE — S. Hclle, T. White, S. Hanske, J. Spindlcr, B. Raile, R. Beard, B. Hauger, J. Toe pel. BACK ROW — S. Hanson, R. Peterson, T. Staber, J. Friedlcy, C. Dona-telle, G. Abrahamson, J. Wanecke, J. Spicola 251Gymnastics. E-Club Edina’s First Gymnastic Squad Competes on a B-Squad Level EDINA'S FIRST gymnastic squad was organized this year. Under the guidance of Mr. Robert Hoecherl, coach, it compiled a record of four wins and seven losses for the season. The gymnastic team contended on a B-squad level due to the inexperience of the gymnasts. Next year's squad will have a varsity rating and will compete with other Lake Conference gymnastic squads. The season of B-squad competition gave the underclass members of the squad the needed experience to qualify them as tough contenders for next season. Greg Ska- gaberg on trampoline and Tom Barnett and Ron Peterson on high bar will be returning to strengthen next year's squad as they did this year. Being on the gymnastic team required agility, strength, and flexibility. Competition this year was in free exercise, tumbling, high bar, parallel bars, still rings, and the horse. COLLEGE ATHLETICS was the subject of a talk given to the E-Club by Mr. Robert Hankinson, former Edina and University of Minnesota athlete. The lettermen's club also viewed a film of the Stanley Cup play-offs. 252 FRONT ROW — S. Gilligan,). Atkins, D. Ames, G. Bcllair, D. Fisher, R. Barsamian, J. Ashby, B. Barnett, G. Hopkins, G. Skagerberg; BACK ROW — Mr. R. Hoecherl, coach,). Peterson, J. Brooks, T. Barnett, B. Dickey, R. Peterson, M. Day, D. Keegan, C. Anderson, M. lonsbury, D. Schroder.PREPARING TO DISMOUNT, Charlie Anderson straddles the horse while gaining the needed positioning for a high point scoring finish. STRAINING TO REMAIN in faultless form, Tom Barnett remains firm on the parallel bars. 253 E-CLUB OFFICERS — oe Benson, secretary; Dirk Peterson, vice-president; Ross DeKraay, president; Tom Collins, treasurer.Patrons Scherling-Pletsch Studios Fargo, North Dakota and St. Louis Park, Minnesota American Yearbook Co. Burt Hedstrom, Representative Publishers of the Whigrean First Edina National Bank 4100 West 50th Street Edina, Phone 927-7111 Edina State Bank 5036 France Avenue South Edina, Phone 926-2755 Josten Manufacturing Co. Rings and Announcements Scott Anderson and Ted Edin Reps Best regards to a great school Bermel-Smaby, Realtors, 927-7043 3910 West 50th Street, Edina Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors Sico, Inc. Soph H.R. 326; PA DB DB GB CB SC MC BE IE DF KH SH PH BK JL BL KM DO FP AR LS KT MT LV JV MW Alfred Nielson Beauty Salon 3928 West 491 2 Street Edina, Minnesota, 927-8857 American Dairy Queen Corp. 7110 France Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota When Eating Out, Why Not Think of Arthur's Restaurant 66th and Xerxes South Audio King 7010 France Avenue South 920-4272 B.A. Rose Music Co. 3905 West 50th Street Edina,920-1262 Compliments of Benri Coiffures 3946 West 50th Street, 927-7339 Benson Opticians Southdale Medical Building 920-1770 Biltmore Motor Hotel 5212 Vernon Avenue Edina, Minnesota Ski Blizzard Ski Club 6135 Kellogg Avenue Cahill Barber Shop 70th and Cahill Road Phone 941-9929 Carole of Edina 50th and France Clothes for Young Fashionables Central Life Assurance Co. Clark Ringham, Clu Associates 638 Midland Bank Building Clair Peterson Portraits 3821 West 50th Street 922-2771 Clancy Drug Inc. 3948 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Country Club Tailors and Cleaners 4400 France Avenue Edina, Minnesota Country Club Hardware 3914 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Dahl's Southdale Pharmacy Inc. Southdale Medical Building Compliments of Dain, Kalman, Quail Inc. Minneapolis and Southdale Congratulations Data International Inc. 4900 Viking Drive Best Wishes Dorthy Collins Interiors 7010 France Avenue South Compliments of Edina Hardware 4944 France Avenue Compliments of Edina Kitchen 3818 West 50th Street Edina Rexall Drug 5001 France Avenue South 926-4650 Compliments of Edina Shell Service 50th and Halifax Edina Standard Service 50th and France The Best — Jim and Jay Edina Television Co. 3811 West 50th Street Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55410 Edina Theatre 50th Street at France Edina, Minnesota Congratulations to the seniors Thank you for your patronage Equinox Ski Shop, 50th and France 254Patrons Gabberts Furniture Across from Southdale on 69th Open 5 nights a week till 9:30 General Sports 4942 France Avenue Athletic Equipment Gim Loong Chow Mein 4948 France Avenue 920-2118 Hillcrest Upholstering 4390 France Avenue 926-9119 Horneltes congratulate Whigrean on Another Great Yearbook Best Wishes House Clinic Store. Inc. 3918 West 491 2 Street, Edina Lundberg Florists 3801 Sunnyside Avenue Edina, Minnesota L' Unique 5006 France Avenue South Edina, Minnesota M. E. "Micky” Lane, Inc. Insurance Counselor 3908 Sunnyside Avenue Glacier Sand and Gravel Co. 7009 France Avenue South Edina, Minnesota, 55435 Compliments of Humboldt Standard Minnesota Wanner Co. 5209 Vernon Avenue Manufacturer of Pumping and Edina, Minnesota Spraying Equipment Grandview Pure Oil Best Wishes to the Complete Car Service Class of '69 Brake Service and Wheel Alignment Interlachen Country Club Mobil Service Center 5354 France Avenue South Edina, Minnesota Greguson's Nursery, Inc. "Better Landscaping for Better Living" Hi! Your neighborhood Dairy Queen, Home of fine Brazier Foods National Car Rental System, Inc. 5000 Normandale Road Edina, Minnesota Griffen Pharmacy, Inc. Sunnyside Road and France 926-1697 Jerry's of Edina 5033 Vernon Avenue, Edina Extending Best Wishes Nolan's Salon of Beauty 6133 Kellogg Avenue South Artistic Hair Styling Gus Young's Biltmore Lanes 5109 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesta Joyce's Bakery 4406 France Party Cakes and Cookies Northland Research 4900 Viking Drive Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Hackenmueller Meats 3816 50th Street Knight's Formal Wear 6611 Lyndale Avenue South 3203 North Highway 100 Olsen Brothers' Pharmacy Highways 169 and 212 Edina, Minnesota Hart wick Realty, Inc. 6137 Kellogg Avenue South 927-7146 Korst Jewelry 50th and France in Edina Tempos Fugit — Use Well Each Day Overholt Properties, Inc. 5301 Vernon Avenue 929-1609 Congratulations, Seniors Haugland's for the Young Miracle Mile, Southtown Hesston Branch 30 5309 Edina Industrial Boulevard Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company 6405 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota Linhoff Color Photo 4402 France Avenue Edina, Minnestoa The Petty House 3933 West 50th Street 926-6120 Priskar T.V. Sales and Service 3926 West 49 1 2 Street 827-3000 255Patrons Quality Book Shoppes 50th and France — Highland Park 922-4441 Best of Luck Graduates Southdale Texaco Service 70th and France Congratulations, Seniors United Mailing Corp. Edina, Minnesota Red's Pure Oil Complete Car Service, Towing, Snow Blowing South France Standard Service 3901 West 70th Street Edina, Minnesota Congratulations Whigrean Staff On a Great Yearbook from the Whigrean Staff Roberts Renl-a-Tux 3827 West 50th Street 926-4466 Storm Co. Picture Framing — Art Supplies 50th and France Compliments of Windsor Gallery 5019 France Avenue South Schmitt Music Co. 3500 West 70 th Street Southdale Plaza Bonne Chance Seniors Targe de Bloomington F. W. Woolworth Co. 3316 West 66th Street Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Sinclair Refining Co. 4018 West 61st Street Thomson and Associates Insurance — MLS Realtors 70th and Cahill Road, 941-1827 Congratulations Whigrean Staff Another Great Yearbook! Southdale D-X Car Wash 69th and York Avenue South Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Twin City Federal Savings and Loan Association Strive to be Normal '69 Grads Barbara and Gene SOLICITING PATRONS for the first time, ness manager, is introduced into the ego Mark Mammel, Whigrean's assistant busi- deflating world of big business. 256Index A Aomodt, fliiabcth (lac.) 58 Aonrud, Ruth (l c I 28 Aoreslod, Rosemary (10) 1M. 176 Abramson, Greg (11) 118. 2S1 Abrohornson. Sue (10) 1M Adams, Chuck (11) 118 Adams. Dave (11)1)4 Adams, Deborah (11) 118.180 Adams. )oe (12) 66 Adairs. Patnoa (12)66.18). 192 Adam. Robert (12) 66 AFS International Ckib 168,169 . Agee, Christine (11)118 Agness, Karen (12) 66.180 Ag slston. lohn (11)118.251 Ahmann, |eanne (10) 1)4 Ahmonn. Rick (11) 118 Akaton. Drew (12) 66.67,156.186 Akason, Duncan (1011)4 Akcrvon. lamer (12) 66 Albrecht. Ann (12) 46,181 Albrecht, Patty (1011)4 Alkire. Cary (10) 1)4 Alkire. Man)yn (11)118 Alard. Nick 02)66 ABendorf, Chris (12) 191 Allervdorf, Gretchen (11) 118 Alpers, Oavio (10) 1)4 Ak. Orrin (11) 118,154 Amble, Walter (10) 1)4 • Amlie. Mary |o (11) 118.154 Ander berg, Pam (12) 66 Andersen. Steve (11) 118 Anderson. Dr. Arnold (board) 22 Anderson, B-net (lac.) 28 Andenon. Brett (12) 24.66. 231 Andenon. Charley (10) IK 235 Andenon. Cathy (11) 118.176 Andenon. Cheryl (12) 66.192 Andenon, Cynthia 01) 118 Andenon. Debra (II) 118.164 Andenon. Denite (12) 66.89.174,181 Andenon, Dianne (11) 118,157 Andenon, Douglav P. (10) 134 Andenon. Irk. (12) 42.6). 66.104. 156.201 Andenon, (verett (lac) 28 Andenon. Cretchen (11) 118.184. 187 Andenon, lack (11| 118,180 Andenon, lames (11) 118 Andenon. lattice (11) 118,159 Andenon, Jeanne (11) 118 159 Andenon. Jeffrey (10) IK 193 Andenon, Karen (10) 1)4 Andenon. Kent (12)66,71.204 Andenon, launc (10) 134.216 Andenon. (.auric (11) 118,172.176, 177,179 Andenon. Lawrence (10) IK 249 Andenon. Mn. lory (lac .) 28 Andenon, Lucinda (12) 66,153,187, 188 Andenon. Lynda (101134,159,192 Andenon, Lynn, (12) 66.166 Andenon. MerriB (12) 66 Andenon, 5al)y (12) 66.160.207 Andenon. Shelley (12) 66 Andenon. Sherti (12) 43,66.179 Andenon. Shirley (foe )SS Andenon, Stephen (10) 1)4,228 Andenon, Suyonno (11) 118,176,177 Andenon, Vick) (10) 1)4 Andenon, Wendy (12) 67.192 Andrey. Charley (11) 118.2)) Andrei, Rrchord (101 IK 239 Andreten, Clifford (11)118 Andreyen, John (101134 Andruey. Margaret (II) 118,130.1S9 Andruey. Stephen (12) 67 Annoy. Mary Beth (11) 118,159.168 Antonyon, Joan (12) 67.167,180 Appel. Nancy (11) 118.170 Appefqutst. Adoro 01) 118.166 Aqu Nymph. 64. 165 Armstrong. Jomer (11) 118 Armstrong, Judy (12) 67,166 Armstrong. Nancy (10) IK 166 Arneson. leffrey (101 IK 230 Arnold, Coyle (12) 67.159 Arnold, Mure lie (10) 134 Arnold, Pony 02) 67.159,182 Arnold. Peg (123 67,1S9.182 Aronson. Carol 02) 67 Art Club 192.193 Ash, Nancy 02) 67.152,65 Athlev. Ion 0011)4 Athley. Nancy (12) 31,67,181 Ashley. Wlllum (10) 1)4 Ashworth, )otm (10) 134 Atchison. I homos (12) 50,67 Atkins, Jim (1011)4 Atk-ts. lorn 01) 50.118.181 Aungsl, Brenda (12) 67,190 Austin. Joseph 01) 118 Austin, Penny 00) IK 164,180 B Backberg. Bonnie (11) 118 Bacon. Barbara (12)68 Badeaus. Bill 01) 118 Baglien. Duane (adrnn) 21 Bahneman, Mary (11) 118,159,168 Bailey. Jeffrey 110) IK 2)0 Bailey. Linda 00) 118.180 Baken. Brant (12) 68 Boken. Steve (11)118,181 Baker. Bret (12) 68 Baker,Cynthia (11) lie Baker. Ili abeth (10) IK 1S6.159,20) Baker. Jeffrey (10) IK 24) Balogh, James (10) 1)4 Band 178.179.180 8angs, Mike 00)1)4 Bonshoch. Lon (11) 118 Baronauckas. Warn (11) 118.158. 159 Barber. Nancy (12) 66.176.214 Bard. Holly (11) 118.166 8ardeil. Timothy 01) 110 Barden, (lliott 01) 116 Barney, leffrey (10) 1)4 Barnet, Patricia (10) IK 179 Barnett, Tom 01) 118.231 Bar no, David 0011)4 Bornum. I lirobeth (12) 68.154 Barrett. Louise 02) 68.167 Bortamun, Barbara 02) 68.166 Barsamvan. Richard (10) 1)4 Barthefemy, Janelle(IO) 1)4 Barlhefemy. Roeann 10IK 156.159 Ban holer, Mardonna (foe) 32, 3), 168 Bartlett, Barb (11) 118.159 Sarto, trnett.ne (10) 1)4 Bawl. Lynn (11)118.166.180 Basketball 2K.23J. 236,237 Botchior. Martha (foe.) 28.187 Bates. Mike (11) 118 Bates. Tom 02) 68 Bat th. Nancy 01)118 Bousman. David (10) 1)4 Batter. Suzanne 02)68.181.192 8aycrs, Bob (12) 66,18). 188 Beall. Debra (10) IK 179.106 8eard. Roger (10) 1)4,23), 2S1 Beormger. Linda 02) 51,68.168.176 Beasley. Wendy (12)68.16) Beaver, Connie (1011)4 Beaver. Thomas (foe 152.5), 198. 214 Bechrle. Raymond (adrnn ) 21 Beck. Mike (11) 118 Becker. Lynn 00) 1)4 Becker. Mark (12)68. 2)5 Becker. Steve (11) 118.241 Beckley. Chris (111 110 Bede. Steve (11) 118 Beebe. David (10) 1)4 Beegle. Alice 0011)4.1S9.176.192 Beegle. Mo. Char one (sec.) 26 Beegle. leff (12) 68,2)5 Behringer. Larry (1011)5 Beversdorf. Ken (11) 118.228.249 Belfry. Joan (10) 1)5 BeU. John (foe.) 40 Bell. Margaret (10) 118. IB) Bellas. Cary (10) 135 Befschner. Su onne (11) 118.123.167 Benyamm, Mary (10) 135.182 Benjorrws.Scolt 00)135 Bennett. Dianne (101135 Bennett. Duane (11) 118 Bennett. Paltrice (12) 68 Bennett. Robert (11) 119.173.228. t«9 Benmtt, Carolyn (12) 68,168.172 Bertsom. Todd (12) M Benson. Cory (11)119 Benson, Joe 02) 69,226 Berg. Ann 02) 69 Berg, Diane (12) 69.191 Berg, Joan (10) 135 Berg, Larry (10) 135 Berg. Lyle (fac.) 37 Berg. Mayer (12) 69 Bergoos, Mark 02) 69,18S Bergee. Marie (1)J 119 Bergee. Ronald 00) 135 Bergerson. Debt a 01) 119 Berggrenn. Karen (10) 135 Bergran. Barbara (11) 119 Bergr an, Kathy (12) 69.170.179 Bergseng. John (12) 6.69.177 Bermel. James 02) 69 Berteisen, Jean (11)119 8er1e4son, Jilene (12) 69 Berfdsoo. Mark (12)69 Bertoy. Diane (10) 135 8eson,David(12)69 Beson. William (101133,135 Bessesen, Bill (111 119 Bethke. Katherine (11) 119.166 Beulefl. Kathy 01) 119 Be oler. Doiph (foe.) 51.161,182.183 Bibhn, Dina (10) 135.182. 186 Bkonich, William (fac.) 56 Bvdwell, Dennis (12) 70 Bier man. Roy (12) 70 Biemot. Cynthia Oil 119 Biemai. Cary (10) 135 Bieter, Kimberley (11) 119,159.168 Bing. Doug 001135 Bing. Richard (101135 Birdsong. Greg 02) 70 Bhhop. Barbara 01) 119 Bishop. Kathleen OD119.159.183 Bisson ett, Bruce (12) 70.177.179 Byotk. Mary 5ue (12)70.182.192 Bforkkmd. Bob (11) 119 Bjorkkand. Craig OO1135.233 Bfomnes. Norman 01) 119 Black. Mark 00)93.135.181 Blanchard. Vicki (111 119 Blankenbaker, Penny (12) 70.192 Blanker.baker, Potty (12) 70.192 Bieckinger. Robert OD 119.179 81och. Peter 02) 70 Bor ki. Sarah (12) Bloom, linda (12) 70 Bkiege. Lynn 02) 70.183 Bobfett, Nancy (12)70,93 Bodine. Francis 00) 115.230 Bodine. Scott 01)119,220 Boerger, Roger (fac.) 56 Bohannon. 8orbara (ID 119 Bohannan, Cary (12) 70 Bohl. Chris 00)13$ Bohl. Jennifer 02)70,84 Bohn. Carey (10)115,249 Bohn. Randall 00135 Bondi, Michael (12) 70 Bonello, Robert (10) 135,230 Bonner. Susan 00) 135 Book. Dan (11) 119 Book.Roy 02)63.70,231,241 Bootalis. Ray (12) 70 Borchers. Robert 01) 50.119,170, 17$, 179.181.213 Borden, (lizabeth (10) 135.159 Borden. Rosafyn 02) 70.172 Sordonoro. Paul 02) 70.226 Borgmon. led a- (10) 135.180 Borgstrom. .Martha OD 119 Bormet, Mary (10) 135 Bomhoft. Steve (10113$ Bostock. Richard (11) 119.233 Boulay, Patrick (10) 135.176.247 Boulay, Tom (12)70,83.183 Bowen. Mark 111) 119.153.228 Bowery. Alan (10) 135 Bowes, Beverly (11) 119 Bowman. (Ufbarj (12) 70 Bowman. Robert (fac.) 37 Boyd. Orick (10) 132.13S. 1S7.230. 239 Braken, Mary (10) IIS Bradley. Linda (10) 135,159.172 Brain, Beth (10)135,176.192 Br am. William (10) 13$ Brand, Bill (12) 71,190 Brand. Kris (10) 135 Brandangcr. Douglas (ID 119 Brandow. Todd (10) 135. 215 Brandt. Rhonda (10) 115 Bransford. Charles (12) 71,157,226. 249 Branson. Morrofie (11) 116.119.168 Branta. Wdllam 02) 71,191 Sranyon, Patrick 02) 71 Brouchle. JeH 02) 71 Brecht, lined (12) 71 8rehm, Ward 02)71,87, 217 Bremer. Batty (12) 71 Brenan, Susan (11) 119 Bndgeirun. Darnel 01) 119 Br indie. Ann (111 119.181.194 Bnngen. Rodney (11) 119 Brmggoid. Bradley 023 67.71.1S7. 172.204. 235 Brmggoid, Kurt 00) 135, 247 Britton. Robert (12) 71.152 Broback. Nancy (10) 11$, 159 Broback. Steven 02)71,231 Broback. William (W) 135.243 Brod. lohn OD119.22B Brodntcki. Steve 01)119 8rorker, Charles (12) 71 Brook. Irica 00) 135 Brooks. Jane (12) 71 Brooks, leff 001135 Brooks. Jerome 00) 135 Bros, Andrea (ID 119,180 Bros, Sherrie OOl 13$, 192 Brown, Anthony (12) 71 Brown. David (12) 71,99,213 Brown. Melanie (10) 115 Brown, Nancy 02) 71 Brown. Pam (11) 119,159 Brown. Paul (10) 13$. 239 Brown. Stacie OD 119.1S9 Brown. Thomas 01) 119.233 Browne, C hrisandr a (1D119 Brownleys. Steve OD 119.183. 206 Bruer. Paul OD 119 Brunsell, Barbara (11) 119.182 Bryan. fdwardOD 119.233 Bryan. Wilbert OD 118.119 Ihiblii . JoAnn 02) 72.191 Buchanan. Carol 00)135 Buchanan. Jeffrey (12) 72.176 Buck, Steve OD 119.181 Buckley. Diane (10)135 Buckltn, Nancy (ID 119 Budolhon. Carry (ID 119 Buehler, Ronald (adrnn I 20 Bulfum. Melinda OD 119 Bumpas, Susan 0DT19,170 Bur grail, Greg (ID 120 Burke, lien (10) 135,192 Burke, John 02)72.194 Burke. Kevin (10) 135 Burke. Nancy (10) 11$ Burke, Steven (11) 120 Burke. William (11) 120.128 Burkhardt. Jim (12) 21,72 Burley,Bridget (ID 120 Burnham, Chnsline (ID 120,158.159 Burns. David 00)115 Burns, Diane (1ZI72 Burns, Joseph (ID 120 Burns, Patricia OD 120 Burns. Shelley (10113$. 176 Burrell. Coal OD 120 Burrell, Linda 02) 72.166.192 Burns. Jonathan (10) 135,156.230 Bun. Krn (12) Butler, SheMy (10) 135 Buz etre 154.1J$ Byrd. Jackie 02) 72.89 c Cabalka, James (adrnn.) 21 Cabalka. R« 00)135.145.156 Cabalka. Thomas (12) 72.1S7.201. 207,226.238 Cabot. Marc 02) 72 Cate Concert 714.215 Cam. Virginia 023 72 Codon. Robert (10) 13$. 231.251 Cattmsan. Dennis (10) 135.193.249 Cottmon. Patrick (12)72.249 Campbell. Douglas 02) 72 Campbell, Jon (10) 135 Campbell. Ralph (12) 72.180 Campbell. Thomas (10) 135.233,247 Canakes. Stavros (fac.l 55 Canton, Laurie (1D 120.156,162.164 Canton. Steve (10) 13$. 181 Card. Susan 01) 120 Cargill. Austen (12)72 Cargill. Marianne (10) 135 Coriander, Krhtm (11) 120.156 Corlotto. Rita (10) 1JS Carisen. Gregg OD 120.124 Carhen, Nancy 112)72,94.1S2,156, 201, Carlson. 8ruce 111) Carlson. Casey OD 120 Carlson. Charles (10) 135 Carlson. Chetyf (10) 13S, 166.18) Carlson. Chrntopher (11) 120 Carlson. David A. (10)115 Carlson. David R. 01) 120 Carlson, (lizabeth (10) 13S Carlson. Gary (11) 120 Carlton. Georgoy ne (11) 120 Carlson. HoBy (10) US. 163 Carlton, lames (12) Carlson. Janice (11) 120 Carlson. Keith (ID 120 Carlson. Laura (11) 120.164 Carlson. Mary 02) 72 Carlson, Mike (12) 72 Carlson. Priscilla (ID 120.179 Caihon, Robert (12)72.99 Carbon, Steve 00) 13$ Caihon, Susan (12)72.192 Carlson, Dm 00) US. 230.241 Carlton, (ric 00)135 Carnahan, lames (12) 72 Corolla. Laurence OO) 132,135.1S7 Carpenter. Ired 02) 72.178.23$ Carpenter. Kyle (101 US, 157.178.219 Carroll. Mary (12) 72.174 Carroll. Patrick (ID 120 Carroll, Peter 02) 73.192 Carroll. Robert (10) 135.233 Carter, ludy 02) 26.73 Carter. Paul 110) 135.230 Carver, Christopher (11) 120 Cash man. Kevin 02) 71.226 Cassidy. Dave |K» US Caubte. leff OD 120.241 Cavanaugh, loyce (loc i 23 Ceccre. Sandy (10) 13$ Cetta. Catherine (101135 Cekisfa. leffrey (10) 136.156. 230 Chodboum. Ned (ID 120.180 Chadwick. Cmdy 00)136 Chandler. Russell (121 73.159, 235 Chapman. Dan (ID 120 Chapman. David (12) 20.73,159 Chapman, James (adrnn ) 20 Chapman. Jams (12) 73,190.191 Chapman. Michael (11) 120.249 Chapman, Susan (11) 120,180 Chatty Week 716.217 Cheerleaderi 140. 16 T Chrigren. Mark (ID 120.177.180 Cherne, Sara (11) 120.177,180 Chesmon. Dan 112) 73,181 CheiiCCb 193 Ch4ds. Betsy (10) 116.1S9 Choir, 181, 187. 163 Christensen, Carol 02)73.80.152. 187,192 Christensen. James (12) 73,192 Christensen. Randy (10) 136.186.201. 230 Christenson. Howard (fac.) 32 Christenson. Jill (12)73.168 Christenson. Tern (111 120 Chutch. Bobbe (10) 136.180 Church, lynette (11) 120 Ciernla, Mike (ID 120.219 Cier ma, Steven 02) 73 Clapp. Cynthia (10) 116.159 Clapp. Robert 02) 73,233 Clare. Diane (fac.) 56 Clark. Tim (101136 Clark. Thomas (fac.) 45 Clark. Tom H (11)120 Clark. Tom R. 01)120 Clausen. Ann 00) 136.179 Clay, Charles (board) 22 Clegg. Barry (W) 136.186 Clegg. (Urn (12)3.74.155 CMond. Don 01) 120.181 CMond. Lynn (11) 120.18) Clothier. Ann (10) 136s 159.192 Clothier. Bill (12)74.191 Cloutier. Kevin (11) 120,233.249 Coates, Janrt (11) 120,167 Colley. Kathy (10) 136.182 Coftm. Roger (11)120 Colbert. Ian 01)120,168 Colburn, Timothy 01) 120 Colcbonk, il.nof (fac.) 23 Coleman. Kathy (10) 136.137,159 Cottms. Patricia (12)74.191 Collins. Tom 02) 74,156,226.227 257258mm lUffUflUAU — O '- w 3 c n 0.2 1 cd - 55 ?5 . • $ 2 5-3“ s « g s5 “ -b|B » § r! “ s IffJflflflfffi mnffissjfr iH B am S‘ w B eU 3 I |lsre|rlf 1 ■ • ■1 ■ • -1 ■ ■ • ■1111111 ■ 1 ■1 -1 ■11 Ess 5SSlir£E 'r— — •» o.g 3 2 St y v.Cy gS s Ss r- .3 4 «g NJ tn v£  3 Npase.Greg02j8.ioo.i92 Panetsoo, Dennis (11) 127,251 Pitt moo, ioAnn (11) 127 Pan on. Cynthia (12) Patrick. Mailys (11) 144 Paulson, Dianne (12) 100 Payne, lane (11) 127 Pay ne, Nancy (12) 100 Pederson. Dale (10) 144 Poe . Carol (10)144 Pegott, Karl (fac.) 34. 3$ PenMd, Mik e (11) 127 Penner, Barbara (10) 137,144 Pep Club 158, IS9 Perbiv, David (12) 100.190 Pma. Mary (10) 144 Perkins. Kathleen (10) 144 Perkins, William (11) 127 Perrault. Michael (11)127 Perry, Patricia (12) 64.67.100 Pen. Ronald (12) 100 Perm, Mark (10) 144 Petm. Mary 01) 127 Pel erven, Christine (11) 127 Petersen. Deborah (12)64.67.100, 167.192 Petersen. Susan (12)81.100.188 Petersen. Thomas (11) 127 Petersen. William (12) 100 Peterson. Barbara (10) 144,170 Peterson. Cad (11) 127,179 Peterson. David (12) 100.179 Peterson, Oeborah (12) 101,192 Peterson, Dirk 02) 101.226.239 Peterson, Georgia (11) 127.159 Peterson, Jay 01) 127,230 Peterson. John (10) 144 Peterson, Julie (12)101 Peterson, Kay (10) 144 Peterson, Margy (12) 101 Peterson. .Marlowe (11) 127 Peterson, Richard J (101144,230 Peterson, Richard, 1.02) 101 Peterson. Ronald P. (12) 114 Peterson, Sheldon (11) 127,235 Peterson. Stephanie (11) 127,179 Peterson. Susan (11) 127.156,183. 188.192 Peterson, Thomas (11) 127 Pctschauer, |im (10) 144 Petty. Mark (11) 127 Pfedfer. Steve (10) 144,233 Pliner.GaHOl) 127 Pflster. Mark 02) 101,248 Phelps, Gail (11) 127 Phelps. Steven (12)101 Pherson, Teresa (12) 101,166,171 Fhilt.pt. Michael (II) 128,219 Pickard, Kathleen (II) 128.152,219 Pickett, tarry (12) 101 Pierce. Fred (111 128,228 Pierce. Susan (10) 144,159 Pierce. Tom (11) 128 Pietrick. Maureen (11) 128.162 Wien, Candace (11) 128.166 Pinkham. Jell (11) 128 Pitts. Karen (11) 128.179 Plasman. Barbara (11) 128.195 Platou. Kenneth (11) 128 Platt. Karen 01)128,177 Plays and MuiKiti 208.209,210.211 Plotnicky. hm (10) 144 Hum, Mary (10) 144 Podner, Fran ine (10) 144 POdner. Kurt (11) 128 Fohlad. James (10) 144 Podolinsky. Catherine (11) 128 Polacek. Kristin (12) 35, S3,101,192 Polacek, Catherine (11) 128 Poliak. Deborah (11)128 Pollman, Steven 00) 144 Pollock. Katherine (11) 128 Pollock, Nancy (10) 144 PoHJutt. Mark (11) 125,128.154.189 Pop Concert 212,213 Porter. Ken (12) 101.180,228 Porter. Robert (10) 144,230 POrtmga. lunette (II) 128 Post, Herman (11) 128 Posthumut. Jan (11) 128.179 Posthumus. Martin (12) 101 Pottiewaite. David (11) 5.128.183, 188 Poston. Sandy 02) 102.180.183 Potter, Kathy (12) 102 Potter. Ken 00) 144.235 Powell. Margo (10) 144.167 Pratt, Linda (12) 102 Pratt, Marcia (10) 144 Pratt. Melissa (10) 144.180 Pratt. Robert 00) 144,233 Precht, Steven 01) 128. IV. 235 Prestly. Steven (12) 102.179 Price, Delice (10) 144 Primcau, James (12) M2 Pryor, Donald (admn.) 20 Pvyhogiot. Shelley (12) 102 Psyhogios. Suxerte (10) 144 POgh, Thomas (12) 102 POmphrey. Brian (10) 144 Punkrrs. Raymond (fac.) 21 Potman. Linda (12) 102 Potman. Scott (10) 144,233 Q Quam, Deborah (11) 128 Quick, Tom (11) 128,228 Qjid and Scroll IM, 189 (hrinlivan, lean (10) 144 Quinn, James (10)144,249 jinn, Mary 01) 128.1S9 R Raasch, Daniel (10) 144.194.195 Rachie. Jeanne (11) 128,192 Rafsol. Ann (11)128 Rahko. 8ob (12) 102 Rate her l, John 01) 128. 228 Raile. Bruce (12) 102.251 Raile. Kathleen (11) 102.128 Ramey, Steve (11) 128,223 Ranck. Robert 01) 128 Randall. Curtis (12) 102 Rasken. Judy 110) 144 Rasmussen, Carey (12) 102 Rasmusson. Kris (12) 10), 183 Ratelle. Thomas (11) 128. 228 Ratkay.Chris (11) 128,166 Rauch. Jane OD128 Red Cross 158.159 Reece. Bev (10) 144 Reed. Debbie (11) 128 Reed. Paul 02) 10) Reese, John (11) 128 Reeves. Marcy (12) 103,156.160,204 Regan. Paula (10) 144 Reger, Tom 0D 128.170 Regli, Steve (11) 128,228 Rehmann. Or. Arnold (admn ) 21, 249 Reichmann. Cindy 01) 128 Rex how, Richard (fac.) 56 Reiersen, Sue (12) 103 Rcimann, Kathryn (12) 103 Reimer. George (fac.) 47 Reker, Gretchen 01) 128 Rcklrs. Tony 00) 144 Remmers. Gary 02) 103 Remole. Mary (11) 128 Remy, John (12) 103 Remy, Mary (11) 128 Renne. John OD 128 Reno. Dana (12) 103.159 Reno. Grant (10) 14S, 230 R endow, Michael (10) 145, 230 Rentschlcr. John (II) 128. 228 Repovsch, Walter (10) 145 Rerat. Eugene (10114S Rerat, Mary (11) 128 Resch. Jed (11) 128 Ret her lord, John 02) 103 Retrom, Broce (10) 14S Reynolds, Douglas (10) 145 Rhoades, Carol (lac.) S8 Rice. Ann (11) 126.128, 1S2.164.181 Richards, Stephanie (10) 145,176,177 Richards, Susan (11) 128 Richardson, Stephen (12) 103 Richey, Sue 01)126.128 Richter, James (12) 103,179 Ibes. Rob (10) 133, MS, 2)0.239 Riley, Janet 02) 103 Riley. Mary lllen 00) US Ring, Rolland (admri.) 20 Rtftgerud, Cathy (11) 128 Ringham, Becky (ID 128.152,1S9. 180 Ringland. Barbara 00) MS. 1B3 Rmtelrrunn. Ann (10) 145 Rtnteimann. lay 02) 103 Ripma. Mark 01) 128 RttchnuBer, Robert (11) 128 Rwvoid. Steven (10) MS Roberts. Carole (12) 103,112 Roberts. Catherine 112) 103.112 Roberts. Cynthia (12) 24.68,103 Roberts. John 001 MS. 235.239 Roberts. Sally 02) 101.191 Roberts. Sandra (12) 68.103 Robertson. Cheryl 02) 103,156.171 Robertson. Jen (10) 14S, 230 Robertson. Michael (111 128 Robson. Kim (101 MS Roch, Sally (12) 104 Rockwell. Courtney (11) 128 Rodgerson, George (11) 128 Rogers. Marty (ID 128. 241 Rogers. Peggy (10) MS. 182 Rohde. Roberta OD 128 Roll. Tim (10) 14S Rolfson. Gregory (11) 128,175.179 Rollefson, Cathy 01) 128 RolloH.SueOD 146 Romundsiad, Carol (10) 134,146.160 Ronald. Dasvd (10) 146.23S Rooney. Mary (12) 104 Roos, Paul (11)128 Root. Kathleen (12) 104 Rose. Kristy (XI) 146.160 Rose. Richard (10) 146 Rose. Suxanne 11)128 Rose. Tom (11) 59.128 Rose. Torn). 01)129. 217 Rosed, John (12) 104.23S Rosen kind. Avis (12) 104,192 Rosenow. Barbara 00) 146 Rosenthal. Jedrey (10) 146.179 Ross. Candace (12)104.152 Rossman. Nancy (12) 104,183 Rossman. Tom (10) 146.196 Roth. Andre4 (101 146.166,176.177 Roth, Ldand OD 129 Rothe, Kurt 02) 74,104 Rorhnem. Gregory 01) 129 Rowe. Mary (12) 104 Rowland. Elizabeth 00) 146 Roy. Catherine (ID 129,168 Rud, Patricia (10) 146 Kudquhi, 8atb(12) 104,177 Rudqunt, Beverly (fac.) 30.1SS Rudtyjist. Mary Kay (10) 146 Rue, Karen 111)129.192 Ruedv. Ann (12) 104,162 Rukes. Peter 02) 104,192 Rupp. David (12) 104,19S Russell, Charles (12) 104 Russell. Ruel (1D129 Ruvtenberg. 8ent 02) 104,1S9.168. 169 Ryan. |ohn (11)129.228 Rrepeck.. led 12)104.226 Rxepecki. Steve (10) 133.146.230 s Saar i. David OO) 146 Sadie Hawkins Dance 206.207 Saland. Paul (10) 146 Salen, lorn (12) 104 Samayoa, Raul (12) 104 Sampsel, Kathy 01) 129 Sanborn. Debbie (11) 129.160 Sanders. James (ID 129.183 Sanders. Margaret (11) 129,170 Sanfilippo, Sarah (101 146.1S9 Sandgren, Michael (12) 104.191 Sandgren. Roberta (10) 146.169 Sandvick, Diane (lac.) SS Sandvik. Scott (12) 104 Sarles, William 02) 10S. 201 Sather. Vrvtan (10) 146,176 Satterlee. Rick (11) 129 Salter lee. Thomas OO) 146 Salter kind, Dave (10) 146.230 Salter kind, Kristie (12) 10S. 176.215 Saudc. Rebecca (10) 146 Sauve. .Melissa (11) Savory. POdy 02) 105.192 Savre. Robert (lac.) 39 Saxton, Mary 00) 146 Saxton. William 02) 105. 228 Scarborough. Jean (11) 129,182 Schaefer. John 111) 129.231 Schadhauser. Gail (10141.146 Schauer, Linda (ID 129.159 Scheefe. Sally 02) 2$, 105.183 Schedhas. Heid. (10) 146.164 Scheotxel. Keith (12) 10S Scherer. Gregory (12) 31.105.181. Schiel. Greg (12)105 Schilling, Bette (10) 146.1S9 Schirmer, Ann 00) 146 Schlachter, Stephen 123 105 Schleicher. Joel Oil 129 Schtotter, Nicholas 01) 36,129.228 Schkrtef. Oamel 01)129 Schmelr, Dennis (12) 10S Schmerler, Sue (11)59.117,129.162 Schmidt. Rodney (admn.) 21 Schmidt. Terry 00) 146 Schmidt. William (11) 129 Schmunk, Michael 110) 146.230.241 Schneider. Samuel (10) 146.230.233, 241 Schneider, William (10) 146 Schoonover. Susanne 02) 105,183, 192 Schteiber, James (10) 146 Schrepple, Sharon (12) 10S, 162, 207 Schiodetx. Ross (12) 106,18J. 208 Schroeder, Carol 02) 71. 106 SchroecJer, David 00) 146 Schro.der, Lawrence (12) 106.231 Schuck. Sandra (ID 117,129 Schuerveman, Gary 02) 106.191 Schultx. Doug (ID 129 Schultz. Fred 01)129 Schulz. Joan (lac.) 30. IBS Schumacher. Linda OD 182 Schuster, Katie (10) 146 Schwarxrock, lorrame (12) 106.183. 192 Schwveger. K« h 01)129 Science Seminar 195 Scoggin, Salty (11) 129,1S4.168,183 Scon, Carla (10) 146.159 Scon. Dawn (12) 67,106,183 Scon, Geodrey (11) 129.179 Scott, Glenda (11)129 Scott. Linda A (10) 146 Sco4t, Linda K (12) 106,179 Scott, Susan (11)129 Screedcn, John 00) 146 Seaberg, John (12) 7.106,1S7,202, 203,20S, 226 Seashore. Susie 02) 107,160.192 Sebesta. Ed (11)129,193 Sedgwxk, Colleen (12) 107.16J Sevdenstticker. David (12) 107,173 Sebvg, Kristi 00) 134,146.160 Selxer, Mcredeth (10) 146 261NJ O' NJ w w w ■ 3 .ill?! m§| asfis SCiC5CiTSC5CSC5C 3 - - - 3 3 n. 333 Z E?£3 Ifzf I! = 2 v :-a I - 5® £ § Ssgssg ;s S » pk 5 ilHuigf 5 = l5 = ||.55 ■5‘5 «sii3 -2 2Now is the time to share your emotions, your experiences and your ideas with others. Today is the day to be joyful and sorrowful, to learn and to practice, to evaluate and if needed, to change. Now is the time. 63Acknowledgements Throughout the year staff members have relied on the assistance and cooperation of many people to ease the production of the Whigrean. We would like to give our wholehearted thanks to: Mr. Burt Hedstrom of the American Yearbook Company for supervision and advice, Mr. Orlando Scherling and Scherling-Pletsch Studios for their photography, Our patrons for their financial support. The faculty and administration for cooperation and support in Whigrean projects, Mr. Melvin Johnson for tolerating the late hours, mess, and general commotion in room 326, The Minneapolis Star for special pictures, Our understanding and sometimes patient parents for their moral support, And to Paul Findley, Jill Chrstensen, and Carol Tarbox for their much appreciated help. 1969 Whigrean Staff co-editors-in-chief business manager assistants copy editor.......... photo co-ordinator seniors tri-editors sports editor........ assistants student life editor .. assistants academics editor ... assistants organizations editor assistants underclass editor assistant typists............. photographer......... adviser.............. Lucinda Anderson Kathy Fischer ......Gail Nelson Nancy Carlsen Mark Mammel ......Nancy Ash . Prudy Hawthorne . . Holly Haugland Mary Eide Bob Britton ...... Kent Smead ... Steve Sundberg Randy Morris ... Molly Conlin Carol Christensen Chris Grinnel .......Ann Tarbox ......Cathy Textor Kathy Pickard Sue Van Buren Karen MacKenzie Paula Gulliford ...... Marie Palm ..........Ann Rice ......Candy Ross Becky Ringham ......Mark Bowen Mr. Robert Klimpke G s ;ca| pe WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME • 264

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