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Edina Morningside High School - Whigrean Yearbook (Edina, MN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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EDINA HIGH SCHOOL EDINA, MINNESOTA VOLUME 18 VHIGRGANEach of us is many colors. Every person, every situation we have met has affected us with its individuality. Edina High School has colored us with the many differing moods of its green and white world. The shades of the WARM times, the HARSH, the LIGHT, the QUIET, the BRIGHT, the DARK, and the STRONG times have blended into our minds, our hearts, our personalities. We are what our world has made us. Edina High School, however, is only one part of our world. Its shades of green will mix with the tones of countless other situations to continue coloring our characters. The lights and shadows of our experiences here will mellow and blend with usage and time. But always present in us, although they may be hidden, changed or painted over, will be Edina’s SHADES OF GREEN. 2ACADEMICS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS STUDENT LIFE 18 58 154 198 228 3WARMLY SHADED TIMES come in being able 16 take someone’s hand and understand. 45O'With a sudden crash comes the uncushioned impact of reality which resounds in the HARSHLY SHADED TIMES. 78Flippant, inconsequential moments of having fun doing something that is completely unimportant become the LIGHTLY SHADED TIMES.IIComing simply and unexpectedly, the BRIGHTLY SHADED TIMES are filled with the swelling, contagious joy of wanting to celebrate the world. 12131517ACADGMICSDK. SPENCER V. MYERS—Siijserlntendent of Edina Public Schools loti .1 ten-piece dance band in college. MR. LEO J. 1’ICK Director «( Secondary Education favorite s| or1s .ire golf and swimming. MR. DON- I.D I. PRYOR — Director of Business Affairs - elected to national lioard of school business directors. MR. ROI.ANl) J. RING - Principal interested in all high school sports — enjoys tennis doubles. MR. RONALD Bl'EHI.ER Administrative Assistant in Instruction and Special Service — favorite pastime is playing bridge MR. JAMES I). CHAPMAN — Administrative Assistant lor Research - likes to fish. MR. ELMER R. LVNDCREN - Assistant Principal -hobbies include hunting, fishing, and watching all types of athletics MR. JAMES L. CABALKA — Assistant Principal — likes golfing, swimming, and fishing MR. ROBERT M. RET1IEREORD — Supervisor "f Special (‘Education anil Psychology — an expert in woodworking. MR. HOWARD W. MERR1MAN — Director of Athletics - adviser of E-Club. MR. RAYMOND P. BECH-TLE Administrative Trainee in Secondary Education — chairman of the English Department — teaches the new humanities course. MRS. ARMI NELSON — Consultant for Communications — adviser of Whigrcan. dvising new teachers Miss N oth and Miss Fanslcr. Mr. Ring offers encouragement and suggestions and explains appropriate classroom techiii(|ues. 20 st„ppm IrictirrV and Undents’car .„ a|| 1H Uv, ... makr left n.rm .Kilo Southvlrw {jtnc ratily. l, I niiil ir.'ii M. |., ... lo help driver, UHUV („„„ s. a, .,..k1Iv a, poMiblr Thus. buvrt can "" •“•" dulr lor later root.-, I.. |IIC|IX J|M| Khook rrannintt the coal check disc, m m.mcrical order Mr ( jlulk.i i «x-v thro.1 1. routine procedure lor oriij.ii inii all aft.-r-thc-gamc da.ue Administration Edina Joins Data Processing Center And Plans Future Vocational School With Suburban School Joint Board “Some ideals of edueation can! Ik- satisfied with I lie finances and facilities of one school district.’ was tile liters that moved Edina school hoard memliers and administrators to join forces ss ith five other suburban sch x»l districts to form a Joint hoard t « sears ago. Bloomington, Hopkins. Hiehfield. Kohhinsdale, and St l.ouis Park are the other participating districts. From this union have developed possible plans for a technical-vocational school in Hennepin county, a suburban school for the handicap|M‘ l to serve those students noss hosed to Minneapolis. a data processing renter, and an outdoor education center. Some projects will involve more than the original si districts For example, tin- data processing center, ssith temporary offices in St. Paul, is expected toserve twenty districts. The outdoor center plans were presented to the Joint Board by Edina High School teachers. Mr Donald Meyer and Mr Donald Wagner. They proposed a facility for alxiut 150 students Ik built at the Sherburne wildlife refuge near St. Cloud. Edina's representatives to the Suburban School Services Joint Board this year are Mrs. Constance kuehn. vice-chairman of the board, ami Dr. Spencer Myers, superintendent. 21PTA officers — Mr John Sheldon, treasurer, Mr Brace Beimitt. president, Mrs. da Kichhorn, secretary and Mr Rnlx-rt Boblett. vice-president. Psychedelic methods of learning via the Dukanc sound filmstrip projector replace muga ine reading as library entertainment lor Betts Jones. Checking out a record from Mr Smith in the ness audio-visual library. Sue Canton finds it rass to present oral reports " it h the mpiired s isual and aural aids MRS. JOYCE CAVANAUGH - head librarian - likes to read MRS. ELINOR COLE!BANK — librarian for reference and reserve Imoks — favorite pastimes include traveling, 'essuig. and playing bridge MRS. VEI MA LAUCllLIN — librarian — supervise reading room — enjoys listening to music, coifing, and reading 22 MR. M. WILEY SMITH — librarian in the new andiin visual department of the library — bobbies are photography and stamp collecting ard member include. Front Row. Mr. ( mi-irhn, Mr HirrtcH Herb, Mr Jean Stnunmo iw, Df. Arnold Anderson, Dr Maurice I.ind It Ronald t Kenneds Mr ( baric II ( las Hoard memlrer. u not pictured An audio-visual center was set up in a former conference room of the library. Auxiliary materials, such as tapes. records. filmstrips, and pictures, were combined with l ooks to form a coordinated center of instruction materials. Two Dukane sound filmstrip projectors were also installed After checking out the new audio-visual aids, students could view lilmstrips about procedures for college admissions and specific information alxmt individual colleges. Varsity status for soccer and gymnastics was established l the School Board. The soccer team, formerly only a school club, were defending state champions. The availability of a coach determined whether or not gymnastics was to Irecome an active sjuirt. Post-High School Planning Night, the Christmas Concert, and Open House were sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association. Through the collection of membership dues, the PTA was also able to give two student scholarships and a teacher appreciation dinner. library, School Board,PTA The Audio-Visual Office Combines With Library Facilities to Provide Students with Greater Convenience Ru students without study hall must utilize alter school hours in the librars to research English ami social studio papers In this comparatively inlormal atmosphere. Beth Finch and Jim Croth find effective relief Irom studies in a humorous anecdote 23Special Services Her early morning routine interrupted, a faithful mother deliver a forgotten guitar and saves her son tin wrath of his English ballad group and of his teacher A New 'Edina Senior High School’ Supersedes 'Edina-Morningside Senior High School’ Via Face-Lift “Edina Senior High School" in shiny silver-colored letters replaced the haltered, smaller-lettered "Edina Morningside Senior High School on the front brick wall. This change was long overdue because Morningside had already been officially annexed to Edina for about a year. Next to the bright new letters, the old front doors were also replaced During the summer. "(iaution — loose electrical wiring signs hung on the wooden enclosure around the dismantled entrance Just Indore school started, the canvas was removed and the new name and doors stood revealed Faying 35 cents for lunch was another change that greeted students on the first day of school. Although the price per lunch had been raised from 25 cents to 30 cents in late October less than a year before. a greater increase was necessary because of higher food prices and lower surplus availability. A special duty policeman prevented traffic jams by adjusting the manual controls of the signal light on the corner of Southvicw Lane and Normandale Avenue before and after school. This was the first year such an officer was necessary to help buses leave the high school rapidly and thus remain on schedule. In the custodial lounge, office, ami repair simp I selling the old cafeteria, custodians eat. converse, plu) carrotn, and jus! relax during their lunch hour. 24MRS. CHARLOTTE BKEGLE - second floor counselors vrcrctarv fur Mr Kin ion. Mr. McCartan, and Mr Schmidt MRS. GRACE DISNEY secretary for Mr. Ring in the main office. MRS. LOIS ENGEL — school nunc — coordinator of high school Y •Terns — enjoys ice fishing MRS. VIVIAN CUETZKE — thin! flour counselors secretary for Mrs. Corson and Mr l.yngaas. MR. ANCII. ILSTRl'P — sii| ers isor of study halls in room :]©l MRS. IONE JOHNSON — drrk - counts thousands of dollars in the YVhigrean subscription drive MRS. ELSYE M ARTIN — first Boor counselors' secretary for Miss Cracbncr and Mr Downs MRS. MARGARET McKEAND — secretary in the main office — telephones to check upon absentees from school MRS. MARY FRAN NELSON - secretary In the book store — sells socks to forgetful sophomore gym students MRS. EI.AINE STEINER — receptionist in the office — author of the dally bulletins und liukson between students and mothers bringing forgolltcn books MRS. SYBIL YVERSKI.l. special education enfoys singing. Tender los ing care given In Mrs Engel, school nurse, helps Dave Nrsersoo recover fmm an cxccdrin headache and tin- rigors of an exhausting morning f 25Counselors Copying Machine Makes Information About Post-High School Planning More Easily Accessible to Students A new thcrmofax copying machine, called "The Secretary", was installed in the second floor counseling office. By inserting a sheet that summarized the catalogue of a particular college, students could obtain a copy of it almost immediately. Another machine which helped seniors in their college decisions was the college entrance viewdeck. B adding coded cards, such as "engineering program or "western United States." students could see which lights remained on the viewdeck and have those numbers decor led to give the names of various suitable colleges. Three major trends in educational planning were evident to counselors at Kdina High. First of all. there seemed to l e an intense and serious interest by juniors in post-high school planning. Secondly. more interest in public junior and four-year colleges was shown by our students. Finally, more parents and students recognized the many opportunities for post-high school training in vocational, technical. trade, business, and secretarial schools, rather than in more traditional formal academic training. 26 I ooking ahead In college plain. Molly FJIeby receive help from Mr. I.yngaas with the college viewdeckAt a college meeting, the representative shows available bulletins and catalogues to Marti) n Ranch and l’rgg Hell Instantly thrrmof axing summaries of college catuhsgucs on llw "Secretary ,” Jim Armlt an«l Rill Munson can easily compare various colleges and universities MRS. JUNK CORSON counselor — prepares "Newsletter to Seniors — likes antiques MR. TED DOWNS — counselor -- coordinator ol Ili-N — plans testing programs MISS PllYLI.IS CRAERNER -counselor — organizes counselors' Isulletin lioard and awards program — spent a sear's saMutRul studying al the University of Arizona MR. WAYNE A. KINION —counselor - plans Nrmed Forces Day and Career Day — active in church work enjoys gardening MR. IIARN'FY S. I.EVITON — psychologist — enjoy playing tennis and swimming MR. JEWEI.l. O. I.YN'GAAS — counselor — organizes Post High School Planning Night — like to fish MR. MARK E. McCARTAN — counselor schedules college meetings — rnjnys studying Irish history. MR. RODNEY A. SCHMIDT — Coordinator of Guidance Services — likes historical and political readings. 27MISS RUTH AANRUD Ki eli%l 10— has studied art in night school forth? past year MISS BIRGIT AN-DKRSO.N — English 12 — enjoys swimming ami boating — "ill attend summer school MR. EVERETT ANDERSON - English 12- adviser of National Honor Society — attended a teachers' convention hi Hawaii MISS MARTHA BATCHELOR — English 11 — assistant dt-hate coach — has worked for Time-Life International in lamilon MR. RICHARD R. BUSCII — English 10,11, ami 12 — hohhirv include wood carsing and rrfmishing furniture MISS URSULA COSTELLO — English 10 — interest are sewing, interior decoration MR. B. JAMES GARNER English 12 — adviser of Future Teachers — organizes concessions — dedicated horse owner MISS NANCY ClMMESTAD - English 11 — advises cheerleaders — likes gardening, skiing, and playing tennb MRS. BARBARA IIARE — English 10 — collects antii|ues — is working tow ard master's. MISS SHIRLEY IIOACLUND— English 10 —and Spunish — hopes nl traveling in the future MR. VERNON A. JENSEN — English 12 and humanities - advises intramural liasketlMlI — enjoys music, bridge, and tennis AIRS. PAT JOHNSON English 11 and speech — delvatr. detlurn. National Forensic la-agne adviser Having f»ecn averted from luv room by a spurious errand. Mr. Everett Anderson penetrates the paper harrier to a surprise happy anniversary, bon voyage, and Thanksgiving party 28Al Cornelia I'ool Park. Hruli lleHellinger I1" ' s' Saudi Huberts. and Mivtv afruriv capture an a"1 Succumbing l«» fatigue, Mr John Sheldon. sophomore Kngltvh teacher. relaxes after hours ol buttling the Trojan War ami vailing the Mediterranean with (Hlvweuv JEnglish Honorary 'Seat of Higher Learning’ Inspires Creative Writing Students To Produce Imaginative Compositions The "seal of higher learning” was a rocking chair on a platform in the front of the room from which creative writing students read their ! cst compositions. The final draft of the creative writing course was written l Mrs Joan Schulz last summer Karls in 1967. the course was approved l the Studs Committee and the School Hoard as a full-year elective available to all students who had an V or H average in Knglish. The three sections of the class divided their efforts among the fields of poetry, short story , drama. | ersonal essay, and spcciali xtl forms of individual choice. Students also made descriptive or narrative journal entries each week to obtain e | ericnce in fulfilling one of the goals set forth in the course description, "to show imaginatively rather than tell expositorily.” Other class activities included reading, criticizing, and Sometimes tentatively grading each others’ com| ositions. Still another unusual aspect of the class was its small size The average numl cr of students in each section was only nineteen, which made seminars and other individual activities possible. Interested students, many of them members of the creative writing classes, were involved in the pnxluction of Edina s literary-magazine. Although Images on the Wind was an extracurricular activity, also advised by Mrs. Schulz, many staff mem tiers obtained valuable editing experience in this area of writing. (fathered in a circle croup, second boor creative «n!on; students rear I. discuss. jik! review the compositions contained in their cumulative iolilcrv 29Remembering techniques of numbering notecards and organizing ideas. Jenny Howland assiduously applies concepts that were carefully cultivated in her Junior Knglish class to a senior term paper. Peanuts hooks illustrate the various aspects of life found in contenqxrrary American society for Mr Harry Martin’s humanities students as they formulate their opinions of society. MISS BONNIE KUSSATZ Knglish 12 has traveled in Russia, northern Africa, and the Caribbean area MRS. SHIRLEY MAHOWALD - English II likes hiking and sailtioating — will write paper toward master's degree during the summer. MR. JOHN O'-DOUGHERTY — English 12 — interests arc golf, music. mid conversation. MR. STEPHEN J. OLIVER — English II — appeared in Luther with the St Louis Park Community Theatre MRS. BEVERLY Rl'DQUIST — English 10 and journalism Buzzeltc adviser — enjoys writing jxtrsonal journal and critiquing exchange papers, MRS. JOAN SCHULZ — creative writing and English 10 — advises Images on the Wind — hobby i' trapshooting. MR. J. K. SHELDON — English 10 — likes hunting and woodworking — collects pioneer and early western antiques. MR. LARRY STOTTS — English II arid speech adviser of National Thespians — director of Spoon River Anthology and other plays 30English Movies, Paperbacks, and Records Replace Standard English Curriculum For Ninety Humanities Students Watching Bicycle Thief and Twelve O'clock High and reading Crime and Punishment, Peanuts, and The Odyssey were activities of the new humanities course. Taught by Mr. Raymond Bechtlc, Mr Vernon Jensen, and Mr Harry Martin, the class replaced English 12 for ninety students. Members of the course met together in room 250, a converted study hall, or three standard-sized groups met in regular classrooms with their respective teachers. Additional lectures on the ideas Isehincl various art objects were often given by-Mr. Lowell McCarthy, art teacher. Thus, humanities was definitely a team teaching project. The course of study was an investigation of man within four major contexts: man as a hero, man in society, man and his gods, and man and the future. For the most part, humanities stressed modem man anti his intellectual capabilities. To effect this contemporary emphasis, students read twenty pa|K rback books, saw thirty-eight films, and heard many records and guest speakers The original plan for humanities was developed by Mr Bechtle, Mr. John Dahl, and Mr. Richard Scanlan The course included the fields of literature, history , music, art. and drama. According to a student, taking humanities wits like "getting to know a good friend" because its diverse areas and ideas helped to expand his interests and increase his knowledge of himself. "Macbeth! Macbeth! Beware Macduff." Steve Silhu. the apparition, warn Dave Crow ther w bile Mary Madera Hecate preside over the w itches’ cauldron 31Social Studies Visiting Edina's Very First Millstone, Fort Snelling, Round Tower Fulfills American History Requirement The Kalliio Indian Museum in Mille Lacs, the Alexander Ramsey House, the Millstone near the F.dina Village Hall, and the horse Whiskey s grave at Fort Snelling were among the historical sites visited | y students in Mr John Million's American history classes. Juniors also searched out other museums, such us the Minnesota Historical Society, architectural sites like the Round Tower and the Sibley House, sculptures such as the Hiawatha and Minnehaha statue at Minnehaha Kails, and commemorative plaques. As a course requirement, monument hunting was done to find at least live places or objects of historical interest in Minnesota. To furnish proof of having completed this assignment, students copied inscriptions and look pictures of the monuments they found. Two Kdina meric.m history teachers. Mr. James Wego and Mr Matlon. visited Milwaukee to participate in Father Groppi’s open housing marches. During the six-week protest, these teachers, who had traveled to the city separately, attended three rallies held in the Catholic church where Father Croppi officiated Then, with Negro iucuiImts of the NAACP Youth Council who wore sweatshirts with the organization’s initials on them. Mr. Matlon and Mr. Wego supported the marches through the city Edinj lir t milKcxir n conveniently lofilcd for Mark Ciivtli r ji.iv K-M. tt Harry McMahon, ami Pat McCord, asthev .im.'w r rwjrtiv monuments. Impeccably tailored Mr Fredrickson points out u passage explaining the men-antllbtlc system and Ubtez-fairr economy to baffled Mike Allen Mower child Mrs. Judith Vincent dis-InHiitrs mumi to students during the Ij. ullv homecoming-kit 32"’In quotes.jii idiosy ncrusv of Mr James Wrgn. o familiar In hi American history students m I lie context of hi fuviiritc topic : civil unlit' foreign relation', and the Murine or| s Discussing the meaning of a political cur toon in Mr MutIon's American history class. Dave Peterson demonstrates the technique of self-learning MISS MARDONNA BAR I HOI.ET world histon adviser of American Field Service and International Club MK. HOWARD CHRISTENSON - merioun studies and social problems — worked on doctorate degree at the University of Oslo MR. THOMAS DYNNESON — American hbtory — has raised hone — enjoys sailing MR. DEI-MAR N. FREDRICKSON American history — adviser of Student Council — chairman of senior class advisers Mil. EDW ARD GAVIN - American history — student teacher at Edina — likes watching foot hall—"I will make you think 33MR. JULIAN R. CRKV — jilvjmtil placement European history. American history, anti German — spent thirty days in a tent in Canada MR. PETER A. LEUTY — sociology — enjoys flying and playing Hockey. MR. JOHN C. M ATI.ON — advanced placement and standard nicncan History — tennis and wrestling coach MR. ROBERTMcCARTIIY — economics — assistant football and baseball coach — plays bridge. MR. KARI. W. PFGORS sociology — junior high football and wrestling coach — sometimes camps on the shore of the Minnesota River MRS. JUDITH VINCENT — world History - favorite pastimes include skiing, sewing, and reading MR. JANIES K. WEGO — American history —chairman of the Social Studies Department golf coach MR. RON A 1.0 WIESNER — economics — skiing and )imior varsity soccer coach — likes to ski and play tennis In the relaxed atmosphere of room 138. Mr Howard Christenson aids his American studies students laurel Nelson. Lapps Reker. Bruce Neumann, and James Plasman in discovering the hrnrfitv derived from the seminar method 34Monday morning inevitably find students ditching upon lost sleep, gossip-piny; finishing jh sI|k iumI homework. jihI participating in hninemoin discussion Preparation lor a weekly sociology panel discussion takes on u brighter outlook lor Mikejacus. Mindy Howard, and Diane Krinl when Mr Louty assists Social Studies Edina Reviews Entire Social Studies Curriculum to Utilize Current Trends, Investigates Possible Reference Lab A national study of elementary, junior high, and hit'll school s H-iul studies programs was reflected in Edina's review of its own local social studies curriculum. Topics which were investigated included the course material covered in each history, geography, government. and social problems class and the appropriateness of each course of study for students of the age level at which it was offered. Hopefully, the results of this review would Ik incorporated into Edina's social studies program within a year or two. To learn about the national trends in curriculum development. Mr. James VVego. chairman of Edina's Social Studies Department, and t wo junior high and elementary teachers attended a national convention of .social studies teachers in Seattle. Washington. The possibility of a social studies laboratory was also considered in this curriculum review. Such a reference lab would often In-used during class by advanced students who already understood the objectives of the material currently under study. B looking up articles, reading current magazines, doing other individual research, and informalK discussing their discoveries, class members would obtain additional insights into their studies. Finding support on Mucks of Kuropran Civilization text-book . Mr Julian Crcv lectures to one of his two clusses in advanced placement European history. 35A lonely hour in a quiet lulluax i» sprnt by Dick Lundern « hen he makes up an algebra InJ In- iiiismiI during an milinn-lv absence from school Mathematics General Electric-235 Computer Unit Uses Tutoring Method to Teach Essentials of Basic Programming A tutor program was one of many computer programs stored in the memory unit of the (General Electric-235 computer into which Edina had access. Tlirough this program, students could be taught how to run the computer while they were actually using it The machine, following the format of the stored program, would type questions for the students to answer. Any errors were corrected by the computer immediately. Thus, the tutor program was a prime example of programmed learning. Approximately twenty-five different lessons were available to help students progress from basic essentials to difficult computer programming A standard telephone line provided the connection between the high school and the computer located in the Pillsbury Building. Input and output were handled by a teletype unit connected to the phone line This ‘‘Call-a-Computer" arrangement was perfected in March of 1966. and by I he (all of that year. Edina had had its teletype installed A total of sixteen Minnesota high schools and eleven Midwest area colleges used the system A particularly juicy tidbit of gotsip which Sur Seashore desire to tell hrr algebra class b held in check by Jody Stallman s aggressive effort . 36 Vainly attempting to entertain Meg Greer with a supposed-ly humorous anecdote. Kurt Oelschlagcr distract mo t of the tudy hall from their homework.MR. LYLE BERC — algebra ami geometry — mrrnlier « l Vikings Male C hnruv — srhlrvrd master's degree through National Science Foundation grant MR. RICHARD N. BO I. ST AD — gen mot r ami algebra advisee Radio Club — likes tennis, water skiing, and golf MR. ROHF.R! BOWMAN — geometry and college algebra — plays golf and tennis — has recently studied at Princeton MR. RICHARD HARTMAN — algebra, geometry and trigonometry — chairman of the Mathematics Department — pastimes include camping and lisliing MR. CURTISS V. JOHNSON — geometry and college jlgc-bra — Math Club and intramural Iwsketball adviser — enjoys musk- and all sports MR. LARRY JOHNSON geometry and algebra — was a student teacher at Edina Having learned to run the computer in his college algebra and trigonometry class, Dave H in hey solves a quadratic equation on the school’s General Electric-2.15 computer unit. 37Hirh, melodic tones fill the gym at Homecoming 1967 as Mr Bowman. Mr. Berts. Mr Curtiss Johnson, and Mr Beaver open the faculty skit MR. VLADIMIR J. KEDROVSKY - tteometry and collejse algebra — member of National Model Railroad Yssnciation — participates in water sports MR. ROBERT SAY RK — geometry and calculus — junior varsity football and basketball coach — enjoys family camping trips MR. ROCER ITIR — geometry and algebra — interests include tennis. lusketlull. and hockey MISS KAREN VOTII — geometry ami algebra — favorite pastimes arc sports, reading and musk- MR. ED INS — general math and boys' gym — lux-key coach — officiates at fnothall games. » « iJmr 38Mathematics Desk Calculators Enable Students To Concentrate on Math Techniques Instead of Arithmetic Computations A math machine center was established in room 109 for the first time. Shared l Mr. Richard Hartman and Mr. Kd ins. the room contained seven desk calculators ami a teletype unit of a General Klee trio-235 computer. The desk calculators were used by Mr. ins' general math sections and by Mr. Hartman's three solid geometry and trigonometry classes. Installed during the summer, the machines were homework tools that eliminated arithmetic mistakes to increase students' motivation in solving problems. Thus, class members concentrated on understanding and perfecting mathematical techniques rather than on calculating answers. The computer unit also was extensively used by trigonometry students. Moved to room 109 from 2-16. a former chemistry preparation room which had been remodeled into a kitchen, the unit was accessible to college algebra and calculus class mcrnlicrs as well. In all three of these courses, students were expected to write ami run specified computer programs. The computer was used to teach essentials of programming, applications of mathematical concepts, and exploration of possible program usage. Utilization of the unit also helped to prepare students for the future. Statisticians predicted that by 1975. about twenty percent of the population of the United States would l e in direct contact with computers. 39Science Composing hit mind with Mime light reading. Mr William Jepson relaxes in it MitBCf preparation loom w hile one of hit physics classes watches a movie Biology and Physics Departments Formulate Original Lab Manuals For Use Exclusively in Edina Courses Original lab manuals, designed exclusively for Edina biology and physics classes, were written in the summer. Incorporating personal ideas and known sources. Mr. Paul Weber and Mr. William Jcpson developed the new physics manual, which was mimeographed and given to students. As a result of this curriculum development, physics classes had more laboratory work and demonstrations by the instructors than in previous years. New biology manuals were formulated in a similar manner by Mr. John Khlert, Mr. Kichard Goldenstein, and Mr Donald Wagner. To help biology students in this intensively lal oratory-oriented course, sixteen new stereo microscopes were purchased. Another addition to biology classes was the complete set of the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study sound-film series. Since the newly developed Chem-study series, which stressed molecular chemistry, was used instead of the traditional chemistry approach, the science department purchased all the units in the corresponding sound-film series. "MX ri|UiiU momentum and MW equals energy an represented by these lines,' states Mr Paul Metier, as In? explains to kappv Iteker. Diane llascall. ami Sharon Westfall the interpretation of the experimental point which they hail plotted 40Running up again ! unforxccn complication in an experiment from Kalina s own lali manual. Fred IIiivt and Jon Nielsen consider''dry-Ubbing it " MR. JOHN BEI.K — chemistry — chairman of junior class advisers — interested in retirement MR. JOHN K. Fill.I‘RT — hiolngv — adviser of Chets Club — favorite pastimes include cuuoeiiiK and woodworking MR. RICHARD COLDFNSTFIN - biologv - enjovs hunting, fishing and collecting gun cartridges — recently otitaincd s|M-ctulbl degree ill spiders MR. MARV IN R. GRIFFIN - chemistry — vitally interested in all high school athletic events MR. F. C. HALVORSEX — biology — head coach of the wrestling team — much of spare time b occupied by hunting 41A blind biilbnike. brought in by a student after a car bud run over it. thaws itsappreciation to Mr Kichard (iolddhstein. biology teacher, (or nourishing it bock to health "Very simply, the periiKlic tableofelements Ls an organizational masterpiece,’" states Mr Marvin Griffin before proceeding to explain the prool of the pudding Science Possible Outdoor Education Center Would Help Students to Develop Appreciation for Their Environment An outdoor education center was proposed to the Suburban School Services Joint Board by 1r Donald Meyer, Kdina biology teacher. The center, w hich would consist of a building for the overnight ac-commmlation of about 150 students on twenty or more acres of natural land, could Ik built for a cost of jIkmiI $100,000 to $150,000. If a site on the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge were chosen, the refuge, located between St Cloud and Princeton. Minnesota, would donate the natural facilities. Such an outdoor education center would be used to teach the “living sciences.' w riting, and math to students from the fifth through the twelfth grades. Furthermore, extended trips to the outdoor facility, according to Mr. Meyer, would help classes in "developing a feeling for nature and their environment." Mr. Donald Wagner, another Filina science teacher, further staled that the center would impress students with their responsibility for the condition of their surroundings and thus combat the apathy that causes the misuse and wastage of natural resources. The Suburban Schools Joint Board, consisting of Bloomington. Kdina, Hopkins. Richfield. Hobbinsdale, and St. Louis Park, organized a committee to investigate the possibility of establishing such an outdoor education facility. Composed of the superintendent and one science teacher from each of the member schools, the committee planned to make a report to the Joint Board. A deileshed skull opens channels of intrigue and imagination in Glen Holies mind as he observe the cranial remains of a k ng dccrawd bear. 42MR. PAUL IIFTCII1.fr — phvsieal science jnd gy — hobbies include Canoeing. phoiogra| liv. and auln mobik' mechanic — tun taken camping tri| s along the Minnesota Ontario honk r MR. WILLIAM R. JEPSON — physics — traveled with his family in a tent trailer to Expo. New England, and the Bav of Eundy. MR. j. DONALD MEYER — biology. Science Seminar adviser — plans to attend National Science Teachers Association convention MR. DONALD WAGNER — biology and ehemistrv — Outdoor Club sponsor — has taken a canoe trip in the Superior Natmn.il Forest MR. PAUL M ERER — chemistry and physio — interests include hockey, outdoor life, and now wiener trends Disserting a shark in the biology lab. Suzanne Ferris. Dave Fronk. and Kris Carlandrr take advantage of the oppor-tunity to study an animal's anatomy tliroiigli |x rsonal observations. Pondering the answer In a diffi. oil question (wised by one of his biology students. Mr John Ehlcri scrutinizes the tip of hn bone-handled cane 43Portraying an infant Cicero, ( ran: Hiiglund help Mas Winter'» l itin students to vbual-i r typical Homan family life. Languages Latin And German Students Visit Guthrie; German Culture Group Sees 'Carmina Burana’ Performance Attending “The Visit" at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre was one of the activities of an extracurricular German culture group advised by Mr George Hcimcr. After seeing the Guthrie production, memlyers read the play in the original German version Composed of German Students and Georgia Evers, exchange student from Germany, the group also viewed the Carmina Burana. a collection of medieval German and l.atin songs put into modern music and combined w ith ballet. In preparation for the program, students listened to recordings of the music, read the libretto, and had a discussion with Mr. Thomas Clark. Katin teacher. Mr. Keimer also planned to give the group basic Russian instruction. The Minnesota Junior Classical League convention was held at Kdina for the lirst time in the spring. Edina had joined the League only a year before and soon after they had obtained their member ship. John Macintosh, fifth year Latin student at Kdina, was elected president of the organization. Traditionally, the state convention was held at the school attended by the president. Thirty Latin students joined the Germans to attend the same performance of The Visit. Mr. Clark organized the field trip and obtained student rates for participating class members. I uriiii: an intermission «if The X i it. fourth and fiftli year I-aim Undent wander around to obsrrsr pro-l l« painting , and architecture al the Guthrie Conferring the Order of the Claw. Mbs Virginia Wintrr inducts Tim Hennrsty into l.atin class? ' honorurv society (nr sick Joke tdim 44MR. THOMAS W. CI.ARK - Latin and Greek on-joys attending plays MISS 1)1 ANE FANSLKR French — has traveled in ten European countries — will study French in Strasbourg. France, in the summer MRS. HAITI.V HACI.MKISTFR Spanish adviser of Spanish Club - collects china and glassw are MR. LEO LKNCZFUSkl - I atni - enjoys camping and fishing MISS BARBARA Ll’.ND French Pep Cluh adviser — gourmet wok and ski instructor —studied at the I nivcrsilr d'Alx-Marseille in France. MR. HARRY MARTIN French and Immunities — sponsors French Club— Language Department chairman Explaining the German songs of the Carolina Burana. Mr. George Reimer prepares members of his cultural discussion group to attend a performance of this combined opera and ballet. During a daily dialogue practice, second year German students alternate their recitations of numerous idiomatic conversations. This helps them to improve their German pronunciation and fluency. 45Fainting a mural depict mu French phrases. jccm-s. and sytnimlt allow Miv H.irluu Lund's fourth ynrdann to exercise their creative ability A »id icon camera and several microphones telctupe Mrs. Katie Schmidt while she leads her lint year French class in reciting a dialogue Ten midwest area ol-legcs pl.ui to use these hints in their teacher training programs Mil. CEOH( E RF.IMF.R — Orman — adviser of (k-rman culture group — likes to play tennis — is learning Russian MRS. KATIF SCHMIDT— French — advises Hornettes - sophomore doss sponsor — formerly Mile Murph MR. ROBERT E. SFINDI.FR — Spanish - has traveled 17.000 miles around the country to speak at foreign language institutes MR. LAS I.O S ENDREV - German - sponsors German Club — soccer. sw imming, ami tennis coach — ssill trascl to Europe. including Russia MRS. M RIA WII.HKICHT — Sfianish — favorite hobbv is cooking Spanish foods MISS VIRGINIA WINTER Latin and Italian — Latin Club adviser — enjoys singing, ml painting, and dancing as pastimes. 46Language College Teacher Training Movies Feature Edina French Students-, Fifth Year Spanish Class Is Offered Three cameras situated on ten-foot tri|xxls and six microphones suspended from the ceiling teletaped the French classes of Mrs. Katie Schmidt and Mr Harry Martin for six weeks at the beginning of the year. Cables connected to the cameras and microphones led from the classrooms down the outside wall of tin- building, across the north courtyard, over the librarx. and dow n to a small bus parked on the sidewalk outside tile main office, where the project technician was stationed The taping v as S|x nsorcd by the ten Associated Colleges of the Midwest to provide typical scenes of classroom activities for their teacher training programs It hough the students watched the cameras and responded timidlx the first few days, they soon learned to ignore the equipment completely. Fifth year Spanish, an informal, conversational class conducted completely in the Spanish language by Mrs. Maria Wilbright. Spanish teacher, was offered to students for the first time. Using contemporary stories by Spanish authors, the course stressed tin geography. culture, people, and vocabulary of the country in which each story was set. To develop xxriting and speaking ability further, oral reports, subjective tests, panel discussions, and term [xipers were effected exclusively in the Spanish language. Translating lunch menus (or Miss Rauha llagemeis-ter second year Spanish class. Kris Satterluml tries to find a word for pi aborgcr Trying to improve their pronunciation, fifth scar Spanish students supplement their oral reports and panel discussions With practice in the language lab 47Music The 'trains incurred during a daily orcticstra proc-tice find Nano Barlier aiding Bruce Douglas by supplementing his chin support Orchestra Initiates First in Series Of Annual Spring Concert Tours By Performing in Winnipeg, Canada Winnipeg, Canada, was I he destination of the orchestra's first annual concert tour, during which they play d at several of the area high schools. Other orchestra performances included the Second Annual Cafe Concert, which consisted of American folk, cowboy, gypsy, and pop music, and the Winter Concert, which utilized a repertoire of traditional classical works. The Dorian Festival, held at Luther College in Iowa, featured a guest performance of the concert hand. Hand members also presented the Pop Concert, which included songs from My Fair Lady. Later in the year, both the concert and varsity hands offered their annual Spring Concert, entered tin state music contests, and made their traditional spring tour. The marching hand, consisting of the combined concert and varsity bands, played at five home football games, a game between Augsburg College and Mainline University, and F.dinas Memorial Day parade The Music Man was the choirs' annual stage production. For the first time, the musical was presented in December rather than spring. Just ten days later, the choirs offered the traditional Christmas Concert. Other activities were the Lake Conference Music Festival and the Spring Concert To assist in ear training and keyl oard harmony, electric keyboards were purchased. Preparing for concert' in 'late competition and music shows, hand members strive to improve their technique Surrounded by a mass id instruments and student musicians. Mr Kdsvin Melichar shouts directions to tcmptwarily confused marching fund members 48With ihcir embouchures wt, I heir lingers flying, and their cyw fiicmnl intently nn the score, concert bund cornetistv rehearse selections from My Fair Lady for the approaching Pop Concert The resounding and climactic crashing of cymbul rei|iiires total concentration from prrcimionist Scott Crosby Diligently rehearsing for the choirs set-ond stereophonic Christmas Concert, Steve Sundbcrg, John Kenney, Paul Thirgs. Steve l)avi«-s. and Richard Smith work for the desired tone MR. DOI.PII I). RE OIFR vocal music and music ap| reciation - interests include theatre, sports, and gardening MR. ROBKRT EU.KIKd! varsitv band — enjoys fishing, ice skating, urid photographs MR. EDWIN J. MELICIIAR — Concert ami Hornet bands — received mid from Iowa bandmasters f«»r concert rendered in May. I9t 7 — likes to ski. sw im, and cump MR. HOWARD OI.SFN — orchestra — favorite pastimes are fishing, golf, and renovating lake property — plans to attend National School Orchestra Association convention III San Antonio. Tes.iv 49MR. THOMAS BEAVER — general ami advanced art — likes lo visit Como Park — recently received master's degree from the University of Minnesota MRS. l.INDA COYNE — (icnrral art — favorite pastimes include making jewelry and skiing MISS BARBARA III T.TMA.N general art - enjoys quiet games like checkers — spent the summer studying in San Jose, California MR. I.OWELE J. McCARTHY -advanced art. studio art. und art appreciation — adviser of the Art Cluli — surprise lecturer in many classes While comparing the sariwus designs they have created. (ireg Gottsacker, Burh Rudquist. and Sue Bierv dorf continue the process of preparing a woodcut Expounding the flower child pliilusophy to attentive students. Mr ‘‘Igor’ Beaver ami Mr Lowell McCarthy perform during the fueulty homecoming skit i i i 50Creating a mood (or writing and lllmlraling children ilnrir . |jrk Doblx-lmami and Debbie Smllb (him to rot all v, Ann h'rklmrir, Hands Nrlvni, and Cal W ibon hiseling hit wood block Hob Macbrrn concentrates on making rtr-n cut at he In-gun to emir a design (or hrt parents' I mi I ndcr the critical terulint of Skip Spontcl. Ingrid Kellie occupies spare time lit molding and shaping i lat figures lor her studio art clast Art Writing, Illustrating Juvenile Stories Encourage Art Students to Develop Imagination and Thought Patterns What is art? As long as man lias been able to reason, the question has l eeii asked What is an art class? Il is different; il hardly looks like a class, for the room is filled with rabbit canes, old car fenders, and paintings that bang from light fixtures. Art students are also unique. They may l c found under welders' masks, up to their citrous in clay, with printers ink from ear to ear. with paint on their shirts or u ith plaster on their shoes Kdina art classes offered meaningful experience and rare opportunities for young people h producing illustrated children's stories after creative skits had been (lerformed lose! the appropriate mood, making movies, and finishing creations in media from tin to tissue paper. According to Mr Thomas Beaver, art teacher. In tins push-button, paint-by-number rush of society.' art students learned control of manipulation ami patterns of thought in their art classes. They also created new images that totally represented themselves from their own imaginative and original ideas. 51Grappling with a classmate. 1-arry Nackcrud tutUins agonizing strain while Mr Slav Cirukn relaxes, ob-MTVes, and evaluates like exhibition I loor exercises involved in moderndance increase Hr il ilily. control, and wire muscles ax girls altrinpl In develop grace The benefits ol lit new. enthusiastically sought by the Junior-senior Inns' physical education class, include rigorous sessions in calisthenics MRS. SHIR MY ANDERSON - plrnknl education -pla s in a volleyball league — likes to knit ami sew. MR. DUANE BAGMEN — physical education — haschall and haskrtliall coach — 1967 State liasketlsall Conch of tin- year MR. STAX CANAKES — physical education — football coach — enjoys hunting and Rshing MRS. DIANE SAND VICK — physical education —-co-adviser of Glrb' Athletic Association — enjoys skiing, tennis, and sew ing — is working on her master’s in counseling MISS BARBARA TEMXIE - physical education — co-adviser ol Girls' Athletic Association — pp. times are singing and playing the piano J nuou- expectation (ills masked gym aid Mlmsi Smith and Debbie (.'rusk a the wait their turn to perform another superior health skit Physical Education New Synchronized Ball Gymnastics Replaces Traditional Team Basketball In Sophomore Girls’ Gym Classes Throwing, bouncing, catching, and rolling hulls were maneuvers involved in the new hall gymnastics unit in girls’ physical education classes. Synchronizing their movements to recorded music, gym students were expected to develop a more refined level of grace and better coordination. In other similar gymnastics courses, the halls were often replaced with ropes, hoops. Indian clubs, and similar objects. This entire ball gymnastics unit was comparable to the widely publicized “Swedish" gymnastics. Power volleyball was emphasized in the girls volleyball unit. In this type of game, spiking and other techniques in which the hall was hit harder were stressed. Thus, the development of defensive und recovery skills was essential. Only two team sports, volleyball and touch football, were included in the senior high girls’ curriculum. Such a relatively strong emphasis of various individual sjxirts was designed to help prepare students for later life since most women usually participate in such sports as tennis, golf, modem dance, gymnastics, and archery rather than in team sports. Expressing themselves through the motions involved in the newly inituteri lull gymnastics, sophomore girls develop grace and control of movement. 53MB. JOHN V. ADAMS — bookkeeping, economics, typing. and retailing. sales, and marketing — eniov horseback ricimi: and going to Viking games MR. WI1JJAM F. BICAMCII - distributive oduca-lion — adviser of Future Sales Leaden of Edina — travels in trailer MK. ROCFR BOFRCKK — Office I dm., tkm — adviser of Future Secretaries of Edina — collects old ke MISS EDITII CRANSBKKC typing and office practice — adv iver ol Red (!n»vs MISS ARDYCE LAPRAY - typing - advber of Fu-turn Business Leaders ol Fdinu — cii|o s howling, swimming. and writing MISS DIANE SANDS — shorthand and recordkeeping — received Outstanding Business Education Award at Mankato State — likes to dance. MK. KEITII F. YVILKFNINC — business organization and management, law. and tsping — avid skier Performing compulations typo j| to an office situation, Darlas Hostetler tallies columns of figures while l.inda Rove and Kelts Carlson determine a hvpothetlcal payroll on their calculators. 54Straightening a Chrolmu display, Jim ()»rm, a distributive education student. |x-r(urms one of his diversified duties as a Dayton employee. Interjecting .» word of explanation concerning a dictation recorded on one of the new stenographs lab tu|icv Miss Sands aids her shorthand class. Office Practices Office and Distributive Education Offer Seniors Many Opportunities To Apply Skills in Practical Situations Working at the WCCO radio station, clothing stores, food stores, and service stations were among the occupations held l memlx-rs of the distributive education classes. This program combined a four-hour classroom day consisting of English, social problems, distributive education, and an elective or study hall with about fifteen hours per week of supervised on-the-job experience for pay After high school graduation, about half the trainees enrolled in college or universities for further education. Selling, the basic part of the business structure, was stressed in the curriculum of the distributive education class This class also offered management and supervisory training, studies of human relations, advertising and display techniques, and marketing and merchandising concepts. The office education program, operating under a system similar to that used in distributive education, provided office jobs lor about twenty-five students in medical and dental centers, newspaper offices, and insurance or manufacturing companies. Each employer completed a grade report each quarter about his employee's progress. Cooperation, dependability, general appearance, and initiative were some of the qualities graded. Setting margins and erasing profwrlv are two phases in learning to type easily picked up by beginning typists Cathy Ringcrud and Pat Moldc. 55A candy-cane striped train engages tlir interest of Mujirct Garberg and I.inda Brecht in preparing for the Kighth Annual Christmas Festival of Ideas. Home Economics, Industrial Arts Student Christmas Projects Adorn Home Economics Rooms During the Annual Festival of Decorative Ideas A train carrying teddy bears and gifts from Santa, a gilt-framed representation of a Christmas tree made of antique jewelry, a gold tinsel twinkle tree, and original Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were a few of.the projects shown at the Highlit Annual Christmas Festival of Decorative Ideas. Sponsored by the home economics classes, the one-week festival represented about 7000 hours of work on approximately 600 Christmas ideas by 300 girls. Directed by Mrs. Klisabeth Aamodt. chairman of the Home Kconomics Department, with the cooperation of Mrs. Virginia French and Mrs. Carol Rhoades, home economics teacher, the projects were made completely outside of class and were not graded. Many of the girls in the fifteen homemaking classes also enlisted their families' help on the construction of their decorations. Designing go-carts was a project of engineering drawing students. Members of architectural drawing drew up actual blueprints of houses. In another industrial arts class, woodshop. students were allowed to make individual selections of their projects. Many class members elected to make canoes, which caused a considerable storage problem. Other industrial arts students enrolled in printing courses learned silk screening techniques. Tinkering with an unfamiliar machine, Tom Clark is assist-cd by shop aid Clenn I,arson in working on a piece on a lathe as part of a project for metal shop 56MRS. ELISABETH S. A A MOD I - clothing. home furnishing, and Iannis living — adviser of the Hume Ec Club — son Is a Marine officer in Vietnam MRS. VIR Cl M A FRENCH — clothing — enjoys reading and gull MR. MF.RRII.I. R. CCSTOFF — « «««l and rnHul shojw — sophomore foot lull ami assistant track coach MR. OTTO jANECKE — drawing and drafting — athletic equipment manager — participates in water sports — is finishing master's degree at the L’nisersits of Minnesota MR. RICHARD REICllOW printing and drawing — likes woodworking and photography MRS. CAROL I.. RHOADES — foods and food specialties — hobbies arc sewing, knitting, and foreign cookery Collected jewelry from friends and relatives. a piece of felt, and a frame found at home constitute Betss McIntosh s project (or the Christmas l-'estival After working on their canoes for the hour, Steve Cilligan and Dave Jacobson sweep up sawdust while Ruel Russell use the bellows to dislodge dust 57Perkins Pancake House al 0:00 AM provides a friendls atmosphere for breakfast gather- . ings Carol Manfred. Prggs Bell. Sue F.ngler. and l-aurel Nelson brave tire earls hours for a filling meul of strawberry rollups and dollar pancakes. The exultant moment of her senior year is experienced by Joannie Carlsen when she is crowned Homecoming Queen by her 1967 predecessor Arm Reierson. Completely oblivious to threats of enforced migration, senior men in experimental room 138 fail to employ volition in attempting to discover their autonomy in their dreams 60Senior clatt officers an- Marl Schmrrler [iresidrnt. Tim Celuvtu, vke pn»idmt, (iortiv Alcundrr, treasurer. and Pam Kirk, vecretarx Seniors Academic Standings Combine With Athletic Championships to Prove The Superiority of the Class of 68 The class of ’68 maintained a festive spirit throughout high school. Mans wily seniors evaded the strict "no-party-in-class" rule, hut they still demonstrated their scholastic abilities, since sixteen semi finalists were named in National Merit Scholarship competition. As additional proof of academic achievement. 167 seniors were induct ed into the National Honor Society. Furthermore, they hashed in the glory of championship football. basketball, hockey, tennis, and swimming teams, and the new varsity soccer team The basketball team broke tin- standing state record for consecutive ictories w ith a total of 69 w ins Adding to these accomplishments, seniors managed to begin their slump several weeks earlier than in previous years Procrastination of homework was justified by committments at Perkins Pancake House for breakfast, lunch table hirthdax parties. Bridgeman s for after game treats, and Embers for after treat entertainment Reflecting upon their three years of high school. Edina graduates held the memories and pride of being number one. Nol wishing (o he outdone during the Homecoming festivities, senior hoyv make their own inimitable contribution to the halt-time parade with billowing cloud of vhavlng cream and a $15 car 61Top Ten 1 hr only Kiri tuba player in concert luntl Kathy Horan hopes to major in math or science at Cornell. Stanford, or Michigan Stale I ni versifies Edina’s Top Ten Scholars, Selected by Composite Grade-Point Averages, Are Active in Many Outside Activities Discussing his acceptance at Stanford and his upcoming trip to the iron-curtain countries sponsored hy the VMCA. Jim (iroth, All School |||- president, converses with adviser lr Ted Downs Accomplished Kuitarist 'arol Manfred practices the musk- list'll hy the singing trio which she accompanies. She plans to go into nursing after attending (•ustus us Adolphus {lollrjic l.alin goddesses |.j Patrick and Sue Becker r-n|oy ancient luxuries while anticipating college careers in linguistics at Cornell and psychology at St. Olaf 8 62Looking ahead to career in medicine. Herb Sduurr and Bob Slake condescend In inmlirwiiit (nn al I he net Metropolitan Spurt Arena in Bloomington Muting oxer her lack ol mechanical ahilit . Sue Diefeo-liach. whose intended vtudv is liU-ral art al the Unlvcr-silv. di pla typical Top Ten ingenuity. The new Ldina Library b lo be completed when the eta of ftS ruler college Clare Richard intend In tludy archeology al Pblitnna ami Snellen Neumann expect in go in the I nbersit 6)NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS: Front Row — Jenny Rowland. IJz Patrick. Kappy Rokcr Row 2 — Clan- Richards. Snellen Neumann. Beth Finch. Rich Mihlutrd Row 3 — Sarah Bodine, Debbie Howard. Cinny Petty Back Row — Kathy V Horan. Jim Croth. Bob Stake. Dave Dellerdcr Missing — Mike Thompson, Jim Ptusman VIRGINIA ANN ABBOTT — Ginny — Orchestra — French Club — V-Terns — Job’s Daughters — Candy Striper at Fairvlrw-Southdule — enjoys riding and swimming — plum to become a nurse STEVEN SCOTT ADAMS — Skitch — formerly attended Benilde — Young Life — enjoys canoeing anil camping — collects guns — shoots trap — went elk hunting in Colorado — plans to tour Europe with friends WILLIAM GREY ADAMS — varsity soccer — Edina Soccer Club — French (Tub — Ski Club — I lome-coming attendant — Ili-Y — Prom Decorations committee — went to Grenoble, France, in summer of 1967 STEVEN CLYDE ADAMSON - chaplain for DcMolay group I-it in Club u' a sophomore — church youth group — interests include hunting and svrestling — works at Olson Brothers Pharmacy ALLEN EDWARD ACUSTSSON — Augio — varsity ski team — Blizzard racing team — Junior National Team Selection Race — Spuriish Club — football as a sophomore — enjoys racing motorcycles JOHN CHARLES AKERSON — u new student from Minnehaha Academy — member of the Civil Air Patrol — enjoy hunting. snowmobiling. and motorcycling GORDON LEE ALEXANDER — Cords - Student Council Social Committee co-chairman — vice-president of Donaldson's Young Men’s Council — vanity soccer and swimming Young Life — German Club — visited Europe with German Club in summer 1967 PATRICIA JOAN AI.MKF — Job s Daughters Edina Ski Club — A pres Ski Club — enjoys horseback riding — plans on attending the University of Colorado at Boulder JOHN WEBSTER ALLEN — Orman Club — Concert Band — enjoys tennis and working on stereos und drums — received a scholarship to the University Musician’s Workshop 64Seniors Sixteen Scholarly Students Discover Time and Energy Spent on NMSQT Worthwhile for College Acceptances NANCY LOUISE ALLEN — Homo Ec dub — Y-Teens for three voan — active in her church youth group — enjoys knitting and jewing — future Includes business school GERALD THOMAS ALLUM — Jem — Spanish Club — Edina Ski Club — Ili-Y — Park Board hockey — rn|oys hunting — skied in Colorado last year MARIl'S JOSEPH ANDAIIAZY — a very serious student ol the ballet — a performer with the Anduha v Ballet Borealis Company — plans on a career in ballet — other interests include swimming. painting, and music SHELI.EY CHRISTINE ANDERBKRC — Office Education -Job's Daughter's Past Honored (Jueen — rnfovs all sports and lllu-s writing poetry — future plans include business school SHARON SUSAN ANDERSON — Terns - House Ec Club Kalina Ski Club — Senior Homecoming Skit—Blizzard—plans to attend college BARBARA KURTZMAN ANDERSON - Y-Teens — Future Teachers of America — Girl's Athletic Association — youth fellowship — church choir — eo|oss canoeing. Iwke hiking, and swimming — loses pink mint ice cream JEANNE ALICE ANDERSON - (slays the organ — enjoys cooking — took a trip to California and Mexico in summer 1967 — future includes attending a California beauts sc hool KENT JOSEPH ANDERSON — varsits soccer Edina Soccer Club Ski Club — llh vard Ski Club — Methodist Youth Fellowship -likes drising cars LINDA JEAN ANDERSON — Office Education — Junior Achievement — Spanish Club for one sear — |»lans on attending SI Cloud State College RONALD PAUL ANDERSON — president of third hour choir -Distributive Education — active in church south group — likes to water ski and trasel Sl'SAN LOUISE ANDERSON — Home K Club — Edina Ski ('lull — Homecoming Decorations Committee — Y-Teens — Young IJfc — quite a determined skier — hopes to become an airline stewardess — loves red Tootsie Roll Pops THOMAS EDWARD ANDERSON — memU-r of Chess Club Luther league — collects tropical fish and stamps TIMOTHY GLENN ANDERSON — mused to Edina from Arlington. Virginia, as a sophomore — interested in electronics — especially en|oys working on and raring cars ROBERT ALFRED ANDRES — sarsity band — B-Squad soccrr — likes loud music, bright colors, and quiet prnplr JOHN LOREN ANKNER — varsity wrestling and soccer — All-Conference Soccer Team — Student Council for two years — Homecoming King — second place honors for slalom water-skiing in Aquatennul 65VICKI JEAN ARENSO.N — V-Teen chapter officer - active memlier ■ ( French lub (nr ihnv years — International Club — Homecoming Decoration Committee — loves wutcrskling ROXANNE. ARKO Rocky — Spanish (lub Treasurer — I Ionic Ec Chili — Job's Daughters — enjoys sewing ami watching tennis tournaments — craves A W Root Brer — unforgettable trip to Ftorklu JAMES DON M.I) ARNDT - Spanish Club—member of church youth fellowship — Elina Players — member of concert ami vanity bands — 1-Ball — enjoys water ami snow skiing — always readv with a joke. (.All. M ARIE. ARNESON Senior elite representative m church youth group — Ski and French Clubs — plans include a trip to France this summer — will attend the University of Minnesota. " AY Nl JOSEPH ARNOLD — a sports enthusiast — loves hunting — often seen driving his Falcon to work at the Faiina Coun-trv ( luh — plans include Dun woody Trade School MICIIAFT. STUART ASHWORTH - Spanish Club — member of Bark Board hockey — lettered in football — has held a w ide variety of job from a doughnut fryer to janitor DEBRA I.OI ISF. ASPNESS — moved from Hopkins during her lunior seal Cavelleti-s at Hopkins — Ski Club at Itolh schools — treasurer of Girl’s Ensemble — w ild uliout sailing — a sun worshipper SALLY STRONG ATWOOD — Art Club — member of church youth group — loves horseback riding and cokes — plans to attend Bloomington Junior College — alw ays svilling to help a friend JEANETTE KILLFN AUSTIN - Jcani all-school Y-Teens president — chairman of Prom and Homecoming (amimit-Ices — church choir — studied music last summer in Sal hurg. Austria — may enter nursing. MARIA NELLY AVI I .A — Mouv — our AFS student from Rolls ta — International Club — Y-Teens — has visited Peru. Argentina. Uruguay, and Ecuador — loves soccer and horses — likes to laugh BECKY BEE HAII.FiY — Student Council as a sophomore — co-chairman ol Homecoming Parade as a junior — dancer in "The Boyfriend —' Images on the Wind' stall—"Y all! STFA'F! NORTON BALCII — tri-captain of the varsity wrestling team — Hi-Y — I ait in ( luh — enjoys skiing — future plans include the University of Minnesota. Handling the jib. Kit Newell aids Jim Moffitt as he skippers his Ixiat through the clear water ol Lake Hurriet during the brisk day of early full 66 Sav oring the last week of summer vtcu-lion. Dick Jones venture lo the Minnesota Slate Fair for u day of enjoying fluffed animals. cotton candy. and rides Seniors For the Class of 1968, Hot Summer Days Provide a Peaceful Lull Before The Rush of the Final Year at Edina WII.IJAM GEOFFREY BARNES — concert band — Images on the Wind" staff — church choir — has a great interest in musk- — plans include the I'nivenity of Minnesota Mill JAM STUART BARNETT — Spanish and Moth ( lulls — sailing instructor at the Minnetonka Yacht Club — semi-finalist m the North American Sailing Chainpionshi|» in 1965 hope lo major in marine engineering SUZANNE JEANNI B f KI R - A enus goddess of Let-in Club — Y-Teens — church choir — National Merit Letter of Commendation — nurses's aid at Glen Lake State Sanatorium — plans to go into psychology SUSAN KAA BKIKRSDORF — Spanish and Art Club — V Ter ns — Girls Recreational Association — Young Life — likes ice-covered trees and snowfall — plans to go into elementary teaching MARGARET SUE HFI.I. — Ft's — transferred from AA ashlnim as a senior —- International (dub — Y-Teens - adores water skiing and sailing — (dans to attend the University of Minnesota JON ATHAN KFTTTI HELMORE — two years of varsity football and hasetiull — E-Club — coached Little League and (Tub softball — likes green Volkswagen CIIERI R AF! BENNETT — Bret1 cheerleader — Red ( ross representative — Home Ec Club — loves acrobatics and swimming — Brrck Homecoming attendant — hopes to become an airline stewardess DALE KFITH BENNETT— wrestling manager for two years — French and Latin Clulis — has traveled through llawuii and Florida - loves flying — has a private pilot s license I)R AKF FORREST BENSON — Hi A vice-president - Park Board hate-ball — enjoys hockey and skiing — great memories of hi canoe trips — noted for hiv puns. NEIL ROBERT BENSON — ( rash — member of Junior Achiev e ment — likes velvet gloves and rolling Austin llcalys — future plans include the University of Minnesota LINDA JO BERG — S|wiiiisIi and Home EcClub — Y-Teens — Ski Club - Candy Striper — Luther Ixaguc — memories of the Montanu ranch — likes swimming, water skiing, and tall people JEAN MARA BERG IF! — moved from New Ulm, Minnesota, as a senior — member of Home Ec and Art Clubs — Y-Teeiu — worked as a dining room waitress — likes meeting people 67mitm I ALLEN HERCERSON — Distributive Education — Junior Achievement — love drag racing and working on cars — worked in the petroleum liiulnra DAVID WILLIAM BERCET — Spanish Club — plays buss for the Stillrnvcn — refereed I'ark Roard tool ball — was a housekeeper at Heritage Nursing Home — plans to attend Minnesota Institute of Technology — likes short, dark girls KRISTIN MARIE BERCET - 1 Iren chapter pn-d-dent and all-school chaplain — Art Club — Red Cross Council — German dub — Montgomery Ward Teen Board — Pioneer Girls — like loses ami knit ROBERT EDW ARD BERCLl’ND - Rob - Ski Patrol - loves guitar and the Paul Butterfield Blur Band — for the past two year has eaten off of a green tray — plans to attend St Cloud State College MARY LOUISE BERCQUIST - Distributive Education — Junior Achievement — worked at Lund's — plans to attend Ix-auty school NANCY LOUISE BERCQUIST — 1 Tern - Home Ec Club — Ski Club — Homecoming Queen semi-finalist — plans to go out East for college. MARY ISABELLE BERKMOKS — Home Ec Club president — Pep Club — Spanish Club — spent the summer in North Dakota — lose to sew and write letters — plans to uttend the University of North Dakota PAULA BERNARD! — Home Ec Club — International Club — member of Y-Tcens — love Rocky Road icc cream and swimming — has traveled to Mexico. Asia, and Europe DONALD THOM S BF.T1IKF. — varsity soccer team — Outdoor lub — played on the Braetnar Soccer Club — intcr« ted in horse and in 1954 green Buicks TIMOTHY O BRIEN BEITELL — transferred from Midland. Michigan, as a junior — Edina Swim Club— Latin Club—Michigan Teen-Age Republicans PATRICK JOHN BEVAN — track manager — Park Board football and baseball — plans to join Nasal Reserve — collects records — likes the Association and St Margaret’s girl. JEANYNE MARIE BE OIER - Choral Club — leads tri "Gondoliers.” Bye Bye Birdie.” and "Music Man ’ — was a soloist with the Center Opera Company and Minneapolis Symphony at Northnip-Auditorium A “bon voyage" party which festively preceded Mr Everett Anderson’ trip to Hawaii was part of the diverse curriculum of his third hour class 68Seniors Toilet Paper Adorns English Class Celebrating Chaucer’s Birthday, Mr. Anderson’s Paper Anniversary BONMK JO MERMAN - Junior Achievement — "cut In the world t (air In (jiudj — likes the Donn. tin Young Rascals. and all soul groups — plans In work in Vancouver, Washington ED- 11 ABO U BERT DILLARD - Ted - moved to I dine from Washington, D C — It i-Y — Cbe» Club — Outdoor Cluh - won the Science Pair Award — likes playing drums and water-skiing — hales short skirls THOMAS LEE BISSONKTT — Turn Hi A -(German Club — church choir — Luther la-ague — especially en-|oys gull — plans to attend the Institute of Technology at llu- I n-iversity of Minnesota LYNN MARIK BLACKBOURN — Y-Tcens Homecoming Decuratioris Committee — Future Business l.eaclrr of Filina — Spanish Cluh Candy Striper — planning a career in nursing SUSAN TERESA BLANCHETTE - Ciggies Edina Ski Cluh — Y-Tcens chapter president — does occasional modeling — loves skiing plans to attend Montana State t’nlversity THOMAS JOSEPH BLESSING — Tom — Homecoming Ticket Chairman — National Merit letter of Commendation — Park Board hockey — plans to utlend St Olaf College — enjoy Private Enterprise SARAH MARIE BODINE — translerred from Acton. Massachusetts. as a junior — Choir — member of Math Cluh — French Cluh — French Representative Council — Y-Tcens — Home Far Club JAN FAIRFAX BORENE — Y-Tcens — Latin goddess — The plans — vice-president o( Teen Power — National Merit letter of Commendation — talks to mailbosrs THOMAS EDWARD BOTTOLENE — Publicity Committee for Prom president of church smith group — rrleree (nr Park Board IimUIwII — worked as an inspector lor Viking Tape-Recorders LINDA ANNIE BOVE — Office Education — Future Secretaries ol Fdma — Blir ard Ski Club — Junior Achievement — National Blue Blood - likes the Doors THOMAS PHILIP BRAIN - K-Cluh — Park Board baseball — varsity wrestling and soccer — remembers canoe trips to Canada (iORIX)V GRANT BRAINE — Tim — Student Council sice-president — varsity swimming and soccer — Latin dub praetor — Homecoming co-chairman — Donaldson's Young Men’s Council. SHARON ELIZABETH BRAXTON — International Cluh - 1 Teens — Ski Cluh— Math Cluh secretary — National Merit Letter ol Conimriidattori — played Rosie in "Bye Bye Birdie LINDA ALICE BRECHT — member ol Home Ec Club — skit luh — Apnfi Ski Club — loves quarter horses — worked at White Was Cleaners — took an interesting trip to Hawaii KIM PEARSON BRIDEN — Orman Club — plays bass for the Sound of Soul — loses to ski — loured England last summer. 69Seniors Minnesota Muskies and North Stars Provide Boys With Opportunity To View More Professional Sports ARTHUR KIKBY BRIDCMAN — vanity «kw — Latin Club Rod and consul — co-chairman of Student Council AFS and H"rnn iinms Parade Committee — Ski Club — memlier of American Youth Hostels— worked on mans political campaigns JOHN EDWARD BRINKMAN — church south xroup treasurer — Chess Club — hobbies includr photographs and aquariums — plans to attend I nisrrsitv of Minnesota KELLY CKNE BRISTOL — mused to Edina from Minnetonka as a pinior — l.cttermun Club. Ili-Y. lootball and baseball teams at Minnetonka ROBERT WILLIAM RRORACK — Wort — B-squad and Park Board hockey — intramural football — enjoys all sports and jday-IttR the guitar STEPHEN W H NE RRORERC — senior counselor for DrMolay — likes hunting and fishing — holds interest in motorcycles and cars — always wants to do something fun W1L- 11 M ERNEST BROS o n Edina Sid Club — wtHtfiag — scuba diving — water and snoss skier — likes working on cars — summer trip to (.lacier National Park — future plans include attending SI John's University MICHAEL ROBERT BROWN — moves! to Edina from Minnetonka at a senior — hat traveled to all filly slates in the United Stales — worked at Juster s at Southd le — plans to move to Italy after graduation PAUL THOM AS BROWN — H sipiad liockes — likes tennis —enjoys participating in most sports— worked at Win Stephen s Huick MARGARET JO BROWNING - Peggy - sec retars of Red Cross — dehate — declam — Y-Teens — Candy Striper — church fellowship — plans on attending SI Luke's Hospital School of Nursing KRISTINE LOUISE BRl'ER - Kri - Whigrcan Senior Avsocl-ale Editor — Spanish Club — church choir — Red (Iron representative — loves training and showing her ipiarter hone — will attend St Olaf College M RK JAMES BRl’ER — Bru — member of I .atm C.'lub — favorite pastimes include (slaying the guitar and shooting ( »d — likes the Paul Butterfield Blues Band MICHAEL ROBERT BURLY — Hurls — Spanish Club — Young Life — played varsity football, basketball, and lav-lull — enjoys golf, tennis, and pool — plans to attend the University of Minnesota LAURA PATRICIA BURNS — Luther league — Pep Club — Girl's Athletic Association — French Club for two yean — Y-Teens — held a job picking strawberries — a born skier PATRICK CHENEY' HURT — Peeps — debate as a junior — likes tolioggan-ing — held a summer job at ( ale di Napoli peeling onions — (dans to attend the Unisenlty of Minnesota PAUL VINCENT BUSA — participates in Art Club — occasional skier and Ice skater — likes motorcycling ami listening to records — summer in New England 70JANET BUSKIRK — service chairman lor Y-Trcn — Future Teacher of America — (oris Mhlctic Associalion — has taken fourteen sears of classical ballet at Martha Cnihatn Modern Dance ROBERT JAMES BUSSARD — Buzz — parish Contact — inter estcsl in meteorology — enjoys listening to the radio — likes the Monks MADAI.YN BRACER CAFRUNY — Misty — Buzzcttc Advertising Manager —“liriagraon the Wind stall — Ski (dub — Quill and Scroll ■ a volunteer at tin University of Minnesota Hospital for two years. MAUREEN CAI.E CAI.I.AN Morn- qua-Nyinphs for three sear. — HornelteS — Hreek cheerleader and Homecoming attendant— Ski Club— Whigrean (oris varsitv footlull - loves to ski and dance SUSAN DIANE.CANTON SucC Donald son’s Teen Board represenlalive — Y-Teeiis — Ereneh dull — Horucttcs for two years — Homecoming Queen vcmi-finulist — V iking pom-pom girl u canoe trip in Canadu WILLIAM HARRISON CARD Joker IC»|uud hockey—Latin Club - football for tw o years — a hunter and gum collector LESTER WILLIAM CARI.ANDER III Bill sarsits tennis for tliree ycurs — " King Arthur — A I) rasas — likes to ski — jslaiis include University of Minnesota CATHERINE CARI.KTON — Beeper — French (dub — Pilgrim Fellowship — enjoys horseback riding, won an award for burehaek jumping — will attend Stout State University JOAN MARION CARI.Sl.N Jounnic — checr-leading lor three years, captain as a senior lloinccmning Queen — Donaldson’s Teen IViard representative - Y I’ecns Young Life — Cirlv’ varsity football MERII.EE ANN CARLSON Mer French (dub - Red ioss — Blizzard — Y-Teen — secretary of church league — Job’s Daughters — Ski (dub BETTY JANE CARLSON Olli . Erin cation — member of Future Secretaries of Edina — Junior Achievement — Interests held hi seuha diving and water skiing — loves music HOWARD ALLAN CARLSON — Al - ski team and Club — Senior Car Committee — Red tiroes Council representative — B-squad football as a sophomore — likes hunting and fishing — went to the ludiaua|Milis "500 JEANNE MAHLN CARLSON — Office Education— V I'eens lor two years Job's Daughters — Edina Ski Club lor two years memorable trips to Bern id ji I.EF. DAVID CARLSON Luther league — Prudential Explorer Post — Senior Life Saving won third place in slate bicycle racing championship— took a summer trip to uiiada in a Singer Cazcllc MARK EREDERICK ( VRL-SON — participates in Ereneh Club ski lull Blizzard ski Club — often seen driving his Honda — trip to Expo ’67 in an old converted Creyhound bus. M ARY LOUISE CARI.SON — Sunny president of French Club — Buzzcttc lor three years - secretary of Pilgrim Fellowship — church choir for three years — Quill and Scroll — great talent for making people laugh MICHELE ANN CARLSON Mich — vice-president of Art Club — Y-Tcenv — Edina Players — Hu -zette cartoonist Horizon Club — eitjovs painting and drawing ROBERT CHARLES CARLSON Bob- Outdoor (lull Hi V — Homecoming Flout Committee — likes snow and water skiing — enjoys riding his Yamaha 71Sl’SAN LOUISE ( Mil SON IlninmiminK Dcnvaliiiiu Com mittre — rt lub — Ski (Hub — J C Penny's Teen Board during liinior year — ampfirc Girl for ten scar — Y-Tecn» — Sunday '« bool I rather TODD STANLEY CARLSON ski team — Lalln Club in tenth grade — National Ski Patrol — like motorcycle — kwn a part — ureal trip to Morida us a junior PATRICK JAMES CARR — ulo — E-Cluh— vanity foot lull team — sanity base-l»all — intramural hasketlull — Young l.ife — like weightlifting and fishing NANCY K Y CARTER — cheerleader for Kdinaonr ycarand Hre k two scan — Y -Teens — Job Oaughten — German ('lub — Cirls sarsits fiM tball — likes St Cloud CYNTIIIA ANN CAl'-HI. K. — Cin — Ski (’lull — Y-Teens — Cerman Club— varsity bund for one sear — visited Europe — went to Red Lodge and Wlutefish for skiing — enjoys pienies un l cunocing TIMOTHY GEORGE CELCSTA — Homecoming attendant user all co-chairman of Prom — vice-president of senior das — Li I Aimer — sanits soccer team — Edina Ski lub PAI L WAYNE CIIADBOURN - secn-Ury-treasurer ol III Y chapter — s Kt -pres»dont of church youth group — E-Club — sar-vits swimming lor three seun — Edina Swim Club SANDRA LEE Cll ADW ICK — i - Teens — Young Life — Job s Daughters — Prom IX coratiun Committee — teaches Sunday school — took a canoe trip m northern Minnesota — enjoys skiing, knitting, and sewing J N ELLEN CHAMPL1N — general chairman of Social (lammittcc In Home Ex- (Hub — Y-Tccns — International Club — lose oil [tainting and sketching GREGORY JOSEPH CHAPMAN - Civil Air Patrol - enjoys "Lunch with Casey"' and "Grandma l.umpet's Boarding House" [ilans to pursue public relations work alter graduation VICKI MAE CHFLGREN Y-Teens - Distributise Education - Fu- ture Sale leaders ol Edina — Hi League — church choir — adore skiing and horseback riding — loves tin "think drink STEVE JOHN CLARK moved from Richfield during hb wipho-more scar — rn|oy skiing, swimming, and hunting — plans on entering the service after graduation JOY LYNN CLAUSEN - Cirls varsity football — Y-Teens -Young Life Spanish Club — Homecoming Decorations Committee loses snow and water skiing — craves l(coriee. ELIZABETH ANN COLEMAN — Lizzie — vestal virgin ol Latin Club - Y-Terns — avid waterskm-r— memories of Annundale. PHILIP IIKNRV COMSTOCK — Comspot — wrestling in tenth grade — likes working on tars — an exciting trip to the Bahamas — plans on Remidji Stair College aftrr graduation KATHLEEN ANN CONNOY — member of French and Pep Clubs — Cirls Athletic Association — Homecoming Decorations Committee — taught sw imming at South View — also enjoys skiing — loses red hair — plans to attend the I nisersits of Minnesota RICHARD ALLEN COOPER Coop — Edina Ski Club— concert lund — orchestra — German Club — Park Hoard hockey — enjoys hunting and golf — played ss ith the Sound of Soul, NANCY' LEE CORCORAN — Distributor Education — Y'-Terns — Home Ee ( lub — [Mrticipates in church south group and choir — Job's Daughters — likes to sew 72A chance to think in trampul solitude is readily taken l Jav Scoggin as lie contemplates hta future alter a frus-tratingday at school. Seniors Pressured With Daily Problems And Post-Graduate Plans, Class Finds New Ways of Relieving Tensions Leaping triumphantly into the leaves provides the grand (inalr for Hrucc Neumann and lion Theis after a lung and exhausting day of raking. Jt'LlANNE KD1TII CORKY — Y-Trenv French and Ski Clubs — counselled at a camp fur underprivileged children — enjoys llie ski season — plans include the t nivervitv of Colorado MARI-JANE CLAIRE COl’RTMAN — Jane — moved from California av a junior — Y-Teens — French Cluh — pr«w Ski tours — loves traveling and blue jeans — future includes Mankato State College — brown-eyed girl BRICID COX — Spanish ami French Cluhs — Red Cross — Y-Trrnv — Homecoming(lommittee — Cirls varsity lout ball — Young Life — fav orite vnuck is cherry pie and s anil-la ice cream LINDA MARIK CR VSK — Y Keens chapter president as a iiinior — Latin (dub — Aipia Nymphs— Homecoming Committee chairman — adores ice skating — memories o| a trip In Europe FRANK XAVIER CRON AN — junior transfer from St Khonias Ycailemy Hu rtlr reporter lettered in swimming — varsity golf participated m Contact will attend Regis College MICHAEL JOHN CROWLEY — latin and Spanish Clubs— Golden (ilnves Living — interesting trip to New York — plans to attend the Cills emit v of Minnesota 73Seniors By Procrastinating the Completion of Hamlet and Macbeth, Students Find Time for More Pressing Matters DAVID WILLIAM CROWTIIER — vanity football and golf — K-Cluh — Orman (Hub — earned EagleScout ranking in Boy Scouts — church basketball — worked on a tree farm — likes hunt-mi: and shooting DOUGLAS HOWARD CROWTIIF.R Red Cross Council — E-Club — German Club — lettered in football and golf — Lake Conference Lineman of the Week — Eagle Scout church basketball - noted for bis toe KIMBALL CURTIS CUMMINGS— Kim — president of Laima Radio Club as a junior — has worked at several Twin City area radio stations — Distributive L'ducutinn — bas bis own radio station — audio visual bead at church — loves all music STEPHEN CHARLES CURRAN — has worked at Perkins Pan cake House and Taco Tow no Restaurant — spends his spare time working on (coolers MARGARET ANN PAHUEN— Peg — French Club — Art Club — Future Business I.eaderv of Edina — enjoys painting and skating — likes the Association — a great procrastinator COLLEEN SIIAMEN DALEY — Folk Club — Art Club — Minnesota Junior Quarter Horse Association — shows her quarter horse — interests include skiing, modeling, and tennis — loves ice cream cones Margie Pearson eves her father cautiously as he sharpls reprimands her for pursuing her favorite pastime of lying up the telephone for bouts 74DKBOH Ml KAY DARKEN"'AI.D — Debbie— Distributive Education — work at Powers — attend classes at the Baditson Hotel for selling cosmetics — has a passion for clothes BRIAN ARTHUR DAVIS — participated in "Bye Bye Birdie and'Music Man" — Latin Clul) — Choral Club — student manager for baseball — church choir — Edina Community Theater — sports fan SANDRA LEE DAVIS — Sammy — transferred from hlcago in junior year National Thespians — "Spoon River Anthology ami "Music Man" — participated in Kx| crimental Summer Theater — likes balloons on sticks PAUL MARSHALL DEAN Distributive Education — Teen Power — DcMoyal — loves Mustangs DEBORAH RUTH DECEN — Art Club - Spanish Club— Y-Toens member — like' water skiing and siiowinohilmg — a love for Tweets birds DAVI I) WESLEY DEHERDER — president of Math Club and Che Club — soccer team — worked on stage and lighting crew v for school plays — National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist worked at I Lilia Nursery during the summer. JEREL EUGENE DelDOTTO — gym aide — graphic arts aide — hoard member of church youth group — likes to work on cars and electrical devices — plans to attend the University of Minnesota Engineering School DAVID JOSEPH DeMARSH — Molar lettered two years in football — Spanish Club — Young Life — E-Club — intramural basketball and softball — worked for a plumbing company. THOMAS IIAIGH DENISON — TD — Ski ( lub — w orks at Red Ow l — likes to ski — rides around on a purple motorcycle called "The Crape PATRICIA MARGARET DENNEIIY — Pat - mosrd to Edina from Chicago after her junior year — Junior Achievement — Y-Teens — girl s sarsitv basketball at her Chicago school — Home Ec Club — like sports ami people KATHY MARI DeREMER — Emg — member of Y-Tcens — Girl Scouts — worked at the West-gate Theater — likes tocllmli trees VOI.NEY THOMAS Dc-REMER — Tom — Future Teachers of America — Spanish (.lub — a Red Gross member in hi sophomore year — likes to swim and write poclrs — hates ht first name SUSAN I.EE DIF.FENBACH secretary of International Club — Y-Teens — French Club — church choir — received a National Merit Letter of Commendation — National Council of English Teachers Award KATHLEEN JANE DIKRCKS — Kathy — cheerleader for three years — Y-Tecn — French ( lub — Young Oumlan Rothschild Tern Board — Young Life -- Girls varsils football — Homecoming attendant MARTHA MARY DIESS-NER — Marti — a Prom Committee chairman — Y-Teens chapter president — gym aid — ultended Minnesota Outward Round School — canoe trips through the (Juetico — loses tennis MARGUERITE ANN DONNELLY — Future Business leader of Edina —Y'-Tecns— Homecoming Committee— Bse Bye Birdie” and "Music Man" — takes voice lessons — enjoys snow and water skiing HENRY WILLIAM DORNSEIF — Skip— played B squad and vanity hockey — worked as a chauffeur in the Minneapolis Aquatcnnial — interests include Hying, boating, gulling. and skating. MARGARET MARY DOUGLAS - Marti Homecoming Parade Committee — Publicity Committee lor Charity Week — Y-Teens — tutors at a South Minneapolis school — hates I9(H Falcons — a bus girl at Bcrnies. 75KEVIN JOHN DOYLE —Oman - SkIClub K Club—vanity football ami baseball — infamous T.P.cr — likes shutting down CTO' MARGARET RUTH DO ARK — transferred from St Cloud as a sophomore — Art lul — Edina Ski Chib — skied at Rig Mountain with lloigaurd's — likrs Camp Lake Hubert — loves skiing ami sailing TIMOTHY JAMES DREIS — member of Catholic Youth Oigani ation — vice-president ol Distributive Education — Junior Achievement Safety Director of the Year — Minneapolis Delegate to National Junior Achievement Conference. DAVID ALISON DRUM — enjoys skiing — likes curs and especially green 1954 Buicks — plans to attend Morris Junior College TIMOTHY DAVID DUFF — transferred from Mason City, loss a. as a junior — Committee Chairman for Charity Week 1967 — French Club Council — Eagle Scout — active in all intramural sports ERIC HILLINGS DUNCAN — Dunk — Homecoming Publicity Committee — senior car — usher at the Cuthrlr Theater — National Outside Naval Honor — especially enjoys working on cars and talking to people YVONNE MARIE EASTMAN — transferred from Regina as a junior — Office Education — f uture Business leader of Edina as a Junior — Aprrs Ski Club — active in church youth grou| PENNY LYNNE EATON — president of church youth group National Thespians — Edina Players — Distributive Education — SpanI'h Club — foreign dull collection — loves drums TANNIS MARY ANN EBERTS - transferred from Leawood Kansas, as a junior — secret ary-treasurer of Art Club — Homecoming Refreshment Committee — Ski Club — pastimes include painting and skiing — beautiful hair. Seniors Friday’s Athletic Events Provide A Welcome Opportunity to Meet Informally After a Trying WeekIU( I I V It I MICIIAKI. EGAN — Orman Club - Kalina Players — built wts for "Tom Sawyer. King Arthur, and ” MontMitiil — vanity cross country — plays guitar INGRID BAIBA EGl-ITE — Ingle — Bu ettc artist — National Thespians — Art Club — art co-editor of "Images — fantastic arUstH- alnlilv KOCKK I.EE EICIIIIORN — Ike president •! Student (ajuncil — president of Junior Class — Student Council Outstanding Achics ernent Award — leader of the "Rog Rebellion — likr-s ears, personality shirts, and music JANET MARIE EIM.ER a member id Aqua Nymphs for three years — taught swimming at Edina Swimming Pool — can nsiiallv Ik- found near the water — plans to attend Mankato State College ELIZABETH ELAINE EXKEY — Beth — l.alin Club — Home Kc Club — Distributive Education — Y-Teens — Junior Achievement — works at Dayton s. PAMELA KAY ELLIS — Home Kc Club — Art Club — plans include a (iimor college and a modeling career — likes ualerskiing GLORIA ANN ELLSWORTH — Y I n ns French Club - Pep Club — enjoys tennis and skiing — loses going to coffer bouses. K V I HIE LYNN ENGELBERT - Art Club — Y Terns moved to Edina from Golden Valley in senior year — French ami (Gentian Clubs at previous school — plans include I'nivenity of Minnesota SUZANNE FLORENCE ENCLER - Spanish Club ta casts of "King Arthur" and "Ijove Rules the Rails — choir — three scars ill Y-Teelis — National Thespians. FAR LEFT — Huddled against the elements, seniors express varied reactions toward the play MIDDLE — John Soteberg, Dave Korts. George Phillips, and Todd Lund are conned into subsidizing the Junior "sponsored" Prom RIGHT — A thick blanket provides warmth for Ians Trudy l-atiq rrt and Dave Ogrcn 77ROSS ROBERT ENG1.UND — church youth group ami church orchestra enjoy all sports work at Red Owl — plan to enlist after graduation ARTHUR JOHN HR DALI. — most valuable player of his church basketball team — football — baseball — German (Tub — worked for the I’ark Hoard — likes the out-of-door RICHARD ALAN ERICKSON - Dick - participated In Charity Week — plays bass guitar — performed in a concert with The Left Ranke and The Bvrd JUDITH CAROL ESSEN — Y-Teen — Home Kc Club — ( ...ids Striper — secretary of Pioneer Girb — likes to sew and knit — had a memorable trip to California NANCY ELAINE ETTNER— -Tcens — Latin Club — church youth group — sells toy frogs — plans to attend Colorado State College GEORGIA EVERS — AFS'er from Germany — co-chairman of International (Tub — Red Cross representative — German Culture Club — hobbies include reading, sewing, and music. CYNT HIA ANN EYDEN — National Thespians — Edina Havers — men.U r of Y Teens — lonely ssalks around lakes — Sisty I glor in Beauty und the Beast Contest BETTY DIANE FAKKAS — Future Business Leaders of Edina — Y'-Teens — enjoys sewing und skiing — plans to attend the School of Dentistry at the University of Minnesota PAMELA CATHERINE FEI.DHAKE — Feltug — French (Tub — Red (toss representative — Girls Athletic Association Itoard — has won trophies lor skating and tennis — hopes to lie a teacher BRADLEY ANDREW FENTON - Bu zcttc reporter — interesting trip to Expo 67 — a Ian id weightlifting and Cassius Clay — usher at .1 western rodeo DEBORAH ANNE FERTIC — Office Education — Y-Tccris -- Candy Striper — enjoys riding, skiing, and sailing — like lung hair and fast cars — future plans include college and a trip to Sun Francisco SUSAN ELIZABETH FEY-DEB — Y-Tecns chapter president — International Club Committee chairman — French ( lub — ('and Striper — known for w alking through snosv drifts. WILLIAM BUSSELL FIEDLER — Homecoming attendant — varsity basketball — Spanish Club— E-Club — Homecoming Decorations committee — happy, warm smile BRIAN ALLEN FIELD — Campus — National Merit letter of Commendation — Ijtin Club — Ili-Y — intramural football — church youth group — likes white sports car with red pinstripes CRAIG PHII.I.IP FIELD — likes camping and hunting — has taken many canoe trips in Canada — plans include school in Alaska ELIZABETH ANN FINCH — Beth - National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist — Spunish Club — Y-Teens — Junior Miss Teen Board — church youth group — Sunday school teacher— plans to attend Brigham Young University. AHMET CEM F1RATI.1 — AFS'er from Turkey — wrestling — German Club — Radio-Science Cudd — International Club — Soccer Club— Ili-Y — enjoy s photography and the movie ROBERT LOWELL FIRTII - E-(Tub — Ski (Tub — wrestling — baseball — senior car — ski jumping — likes driving his Lincoln 78Seniors Excessive Energy and Inhibitions Are Released When Senior Girls Revert to Their Childish Games. Spring lever strikes Murg Da ark. Bcn Peterson. Sue Feyder, Marilyn Ranch. and Sandy Chadwick, who explore the wonders of Wooddale playground CHARI.KS DOl'GLAS F1SIIKR Mouse—track captain— Hi Y — drlwitc — counselor at Many Point Scout Camp— likes olives and straw terry pies CHRISTINE: CHARLOTTE FITCH — iun-lor class play — Homecoming Decoration — props co-chairman for "Music Man — chorus — Y-Teens — Pep Club — has lived in Turkes and Iceland WALTER FITZGERALD - Fil — moved here from Needham. Massachusetts, in the summer In-fore his senior year — cn|oy sports cars and motorcycle racing — likes jobs working with automobiles LINDA MARY FT.ETCIIF.R — Literary Cuild m German Club — French Club — Internal tonal Club — Y-Teens — a Candy Striper — accomplished seamstress MARY VIRGINIA FLETCHER — Pep Club — band for two years — Home Ec Club — Ski Club — Y-Teens — plans to attend the School of Nursing at the I niversity ol Minnesota JACQL'E SHERYL FORD — Y-Tcrns - Home-corning Decorations Committee — Future Teachers of America — Job s Daughters — likes pink Chevies — future plans include attending the I'niversity of Minnesota JANE: CAROL FOSSET - Bev Y-Teens chapter president — Home Kc Club — Erendi Club — churcb choir — spends much time at Soulhdale BARBARA JEAN FOSTER — Y-Teens - Junior Achievement — Candy Striper — YMCA Ski Club — eluircb south group — taught Bible school on a South Dakota Indian reservation THOM AS " Els! FOSTER - honors lor Declam National Thespians — a mem tier of Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop ami Eagle Ridge Theater — hobbies ore the piano, art. and writing — plans to enter theater work 79Anxioutlv anticipating that date sacred Id seniors Linda Oul, Cindy Schneider. Linda HjIiLd. and Kris Kjul rdculilrlhr days untd senior slump JOHN CHARLES FRANCIS Hi -Y - sarsils swimming— Lat- in Cluli Tribune — likes Roll, sun vs and water skiing — has spent I vs o u m mers vacation ini' in Colorado and Wyoming (.AY LL JUDITH FRANKE — Franks — Art Club— Pep Club— Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — enjoys water skiing and dancing CRAIC OLMSTEAD FREEMAN Cnfg O Bnrwtte chief plHilograpber — (, inll and Scroll — Ski Club — Junior Achievement — Spanish dub — eliurvb paper and ss-minar group CONSTANCE MARY FREY - Connie — Girl Athletic Assocla-lion treasurer — Y -Teens — Crrman Club — participated in a liowling league — went on a week's horseback ride through the Black Hills loses XKK s ALAN MARSH ALL FULLER - Fd-die — Iranslerred as a junior to Fdma from Fribourg. Switzerland, when he participates! in Studs-iil Council, skiing, school newspaper and rarlnMik - Ski lull al Edina MARK THOMAS GADBOfS — Latin Club — Math Club — Outdoor Club — parish Contact group— likes golf and archers WOODY LYNN GANT - Brill.. - Uni ( toss — Junior A. In. v■ men! — refereed |unior league football — enjoys playing his drums MARGARET ANN CARBERC — (;arh — Red Cross -Filina Ski Club — Home Fa (dub — Homecoming Decorations Committee — enjoys sewing — trips to Hawaii including surfing f two consecutive years RICHARD DEAN OARLOCK — Rich — president of K-Club — Young Life — varsity swimming for four sears — varsity footliall and bass-ball NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHER GKANKOPI.IS — Niek - Latin ( bdi — Spanish ( tub — Red Cross — enjoys playing cards and shooting |mhiI trip to Europe VANCI LOU GECKI.EH — Nun — Art ( lub — French Club — Red Cross alternate — Candy Striper — salesgirl at Bachman s. Southdalc — continually on the phone SUSAN HELEN GF.IIRINC — Sue Red Cross — International Club — Homecoming Coronation Committer — moved to Edina from S racuse. New York, us a junior 80BRIAN WAYNE CENSMER - aimrrt baud — IIi- |imi»r vanils baseball — vice-president o( church youth group — IBM Computor Post-Loginn havdsall — 1-Ball — likes water skiing SANDRA ESTELLE CERRISH - Sands - Student Council -Art Club — French Club — Pep Club officer — Ski ( lull — Red Cross — Y-Tccns loses to travel and n» k JOHN STEPHEN CERT . — Climbs - National RiHc Association gun club enjoys skiing and gun collecting — canoe tri|»s to Canada — plans to attend University of Alaska DAVID ROBERT CIEBINK - Clcbs - ski team lettermen as a sophomore — Tatra ski team — enjoys shooting pod — summer triptothe West (oust worked in a printing shop E I' GENE ROBERT CHET — Cases — I gls Couple Contest — worked as a sodu jerk — lotted plants at Donaldson's Carden Simp — future plans include Mankato State College PAUL BARRY GILMAN — (ill — active in the out-of-doon — enjoys hunting, fishing, winter camping, and the Rsrdv MARCIA HELENE CLIST - Mash - student director of "S|kk)ii River Anthology — Edina Havers — Y-Teens — Home-coming Decorations Committee — Park Hoard childrens theater CARY LEE CLOCKE — Clopps pastimes include trapping, fishing, and canoe lri|»s — plans to uttrnd Douwoods trade school — I ikes the Association MARK EUGENE CMITRO — (kin — Latin Club — church basketball — enjoys skiing, golfing, and hunting — worked at Olson Brothers Pharmacy — caddied in the Minnesota (iolf Classic at Hardline Seniors Semester Report Cards Signify Long-Awaited Slump for Seniors And Hopeful College Admittance Despite onerous amounts oi homework, Sue Harris. Sue Blanchette, and Jackie Lord find lime to delight in the pleasures of pecans and television 81MICIIAKI. GEORGE C.MITKO — Mike — Red Cm — Choral Club — lailin Club — cast member In "Bye Bye Birdie," "Music Man. and "file (Jondnllers — likes rational tlunkmu and the unknown NANCY LEE CO 111. A — Editorial PaRe Editor oi Bur- cite — Bed Cross — loses red licorice from Ras Dairy — St Catherine's is in the future — hobbies include skiing and session GREGORY ALLAN COTISACKER — Crehn ski ( luh cast inernlier hi "Kiiik Arthur and bks Magic Sword — once skier! in u torchlight parade at Busk Hill RITA HOSE CRAN DBOIS — Office Education jurln-ipates in her church gnmp — interested in pjinling and skiing — plans for business school freckly-faced red head ss ith a ss ickrd smile BOB EDM RD GRANGER u-k — worked on a construction job — inemoralrle trip to Nissssa — enjoys bowling and hunting as pas-tlines — future plans ini lude the sets ice JEANETTE BAE GRANGER — choir — Y-Teens — Ski Club — French Club — treasurer of Future Business Leaders — church Contact group — dors some modeling — vacationed two months in Europe — Sun-ilas school teacher JOHN llAI.l.ORAN GRANT — varsity loot boll — E-Glub - Ski Club — B-squad hockey — Explorer Scouts — plans to attend a western college likes to read |ila s RORBI LYNN GRANT — president of Pep .'lull of 1967 — Ski ( lull — participates in rt (:lub — Red Gross — Edina's representative for March of Dimes — often seen m cowboy boots and jeans DAN SCOTT GR AY — member of Latin Club— Spanish Club— B-si|uad football — works at Del.aria s — listens to Young Rascals — likes to drive down Brittany Road Seniors Late Night Commando Raiders Are Dressed in Combat Jackets Purchased at Army Surplus Stores During a successful "CooMoSaRi" commando raid. Roger Bing. Steve Sandberg. Tom Moss, and Dick Cooper are inspecting a boihwacked station wagon 82MARK ROBKRT CRAY — tri-captain of sanity wrestling — interested in the out-of-doors ami wildlife — memoraMe canoe trip last .summer — known for bake-offs. ( II VRI.I -IS THOMAS CRETIN — Chat — Latin Club — president of sooth fellowship -active in sports, wutcnkuiig. ami swlimning — ambitious, gives sound .iil'Ki' — plans on University of Minnesota pro-medical School MARME ELIZABETH GREER Men —Girls Athletic Association vice-president and points letter — Y-Tecnv chapter president — intramural tennis — worked as a swamper at Wilderness Canoe Base ROGER OIjAF CRETTE — concert band — I-at in ( lub — intramural sports — Park Board hockey — trips to Colorado — a iral "soul man who can’t sleep till his homessork is done STEPHEN FOX GRINNEI.I. — Grlnch — Latin Club consul — sanity wrestling — concert Isand — higrean — E-Club — president of Pilgrim Fcllossship — likes canoeing — trip to Italy and Greece. JAMES NORMAN CROTI1 — Math lub - Latin ( lub - president of all-school Hi-Y and vice-president of all-city Ili-Y — wrestling — National Merit Semi-finalist — Eagle Scout Award — president of church south group KIMBERLY LYNNE GROVES — transferred from Cleveland. Ohio, as a Junior — Y-Teens — Future Teachers of America — Spanish lub — enjoys swimming ami tbe guitar — loves St Bernards — plans to return to Ohio lor college MARY CHRISTINE CITLLE — Homecoming Decorations Committee — Campfire Girls lor ten yean. — Y-Teens for two years — ski enthusiast — interesting canoe trip plans to go into nursing JOAN L1NNF.A GI N BERG — Orman Club secretary and treasurer — (days piccolo in the band — Y-Teens — Future Business leaders — loves waterskiing and picnics THOMAS JAMES GUNDERSON — Tom — vice-president of Spanish Club — treasurer of National Thespians — Edina Players — acted in King Arthur ami "Montserrat" — Blizzard — listens lu Simon and Carfunkcl PATRICIA LEE Cl'RSKA — Patti A Terns — choir and Madrigal — Junior Achievement persorinri di-rectnr — executive U ard of Greater Miunea|Milis Youth Council of Churches — likes orange pt-ps and Boh Dylan JAMES WILLIAM GUSTAFSON — Gus — Edina Ski ( lull — Math Club — pastimes include skiing and listening to records — noted for his ness cars and fantastic hralns NAN ELIZABETH GUSTAFSON - Gus - Home Kc Club — Homecoming Decorations Committee — Senior Skit — office page — Bed Cross — water and snow skiing enthusiast BARBARA E1J.EN IIACT! — vice-president of Y Teens chapter Young Life — Fdina B-s |uad cheerleader and Rreck checrh-adiiig captain — cheerful with a reads smile BARBARA JO HALF — Barb — secretary of Y-Tcens chapter — Folk Club — pastimes arc swimming, horses, hike hiking, and canoeing — member of Youth Fellowship — crazy over daisies ELIZABETH JANE IIALL — Liza — French Club treasurer — Homecoming Float Committee — concert I sand — Job's Daughters — Y-Teens for three years — Young Life — pastimes include skiing, dancing, and the theater — (ri|vs to Aspen ami Arizona LYNN M ARSHA IIALLRERG — hobbies include painting, play ing the guitar, laughing, and games — exciting plans fur Paris alter graduation TIMOTHY JAMES IIALLECKSON - Basketball Came Committee for Charily Week — memories of selling at Homecoming game — 1-Ball — intramural tennis — played B sijuad tennis — favorite pastimes include tennis and collecting hit records — a perfectionist 83Seniors Five Edina Seniors Spend From 60 to 70 Flours in Rehearsals for Nine Performances at Dudley Riggs ALLAN GEORGE HALSETH — Tim — enjoys hunting trap-ping, and canoe trips — u karate enthusiast — plans include St ( loud State. CYNTHIA ANN I1ANKEN Hank — llnrncttcs for two years — participated in Art Club— Young Life — Job's Daughters — Viking pom-pom girl — Homecoming semi-finalist — owns a horse, Sir Budwiescr — countless tri| down Oaklasvn Avenue — plans to attend Iowa State University. STEVEN KENT HANLEY — Ghppy — National Ski Patrol Leader at Moon Valley — ski patrolman at Hyland Hills — swim team — Edina Ski Club — like to work on c ars CATHY MARIE HANSON Distributive Education— Y-Teens - Ski Club — Junior Achievement — worked at Dayton’s — memorable trips to Winona CHRISTINE SCHILLING HARRIS — Tina — French Club vice-president — Y-Tccns — International (:lub — Rod (!ross — I lotms oniing skits for three years — Blizzard Candy Striper - Ice-skating enthusiast. SUSAN LYNN HARRIS — Ski Club — Homecoming Publicity and invitations Commit Ices — Prom Publicity Committee — often horseback riding — loses to take walks and dream JOHN ROBERT HARTY — member of German Club for four yean — often working on bis Model A Ford — memorable tripout West last summer — likes antique cars. DIANE LOUISE HAS CALL — Dl News Editor of Buzzctte — sis y ear orchestra member — member of Y-Teens — Luther League — church choir — Amigos De I-is Americas — an Andy Williams fun — plans to enter the field of medicine THOMAS H ARRY HASTINGS — Stubb— tennis team — Junior Achievement — Park Board hockey — worked as a tennis court attendant JOHN MARVIN IIATZUNG— Happy — member of concert band — Red Cross representative — 1-Ball — life guard at The Colony — likes to lift weights and buy curs. SUSAN JEAN HAYHOE — -Terns chapter president — Whigrcan — Latin and French Club — Ski Chili — Curls' varsity football — Young Life — National Merit Letter of Commendation — plaits to attend Colorado State College MARCIA MARILYN HEFFELFINCER — Missy — Y-Tcens vice-president — Spanish Club treasurer — Buck Hill ski instructor — modeled for Eleanor Moore Modeling Agency — Homecoming semi-finalist VIRGINIA ANN HEINRICH — secretary of Y-Teens Apre Ski (Hub — member of I Ionic Ec Club — Candy StrijH-r — worked al F'arnham's — plans to enter nursing SCOTT FREDERICK HENDERSON — Hcndy — National Ski Patrol — Senior Car — memorable trip to Colorado in his Simca — motorcycle scrambling — future plans include the University of Minnesota KAREN I.EANNE HENDRICKSON — secretary and president of GAA — hand — German Club — Park Board volley ball league — golf — plays the guitar for hours — plans to major In physical education at the University of Minnesota 84DEBORAH JANE HENNINC.SEN — Honno - Co-Editor-ln Chief of Whigrcan — Y Tecns chapter president — Ski Club president — Girls’ varsity football — National Merit letter of Commendation — Optimists Award — Quill jnd Scroll. SANDRA JEAN HENSON - Art Club — Home Be Club — owns a horse, Copper King — loves to listen to Sonny and drive a pink Corvette. PHILIP WALDRON HERMAN — Hi-Y secretary varsity oxtrr team — Math Club — Chess Club — Germun Club — Luther langur — European trip with Mr, Szrndrv. RICHARD ARTHUR HIBBARD - captain of the debate team — Hi-Y chapter president — Latin Club god and consul — Student Caiuncil — varsity debate for three sears — National Merit Senil-finalist EI.I.EN FRANCES HIGGINS - moved from ( Imago at the end of her sophomore year — Y-Teens service project chairman — Homecoming Decorations Committee — French Club — Home Ec Club — Contact — beautiful red hair. MICHAEL KF.AII I HILL — ski team — goalie and memlier of Executive ( ommittrr of Brarmar Soccer Association — United States Ski Association -Buck Hill instructor NORMAN OAKLEY HILI.EREN - Neil — junior v.irsitv foot-ball — water skiing and hunting enthusiast — likes the Mamas and Papas — plans on attending college TERRY GEORGE IIIN• RICHS — Boots — member of the Two Meter Men (dub IN Molay Past Master Counselor — likes scuba diving and canoeing — aClaudine lamget fan MARK ANTHONY IIIPPE — Quaestor of Latin Chib — Junior Vchlevemciit — Park Board baseball Boy Scouts — National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation — Minnesota Outw ard Bound canoe trip. DAVID BRAIN IIIHSCHEY — llirsch — Hi V all-school seite lory-treasurer — declamation — German (dub — varsity debate — National Forensic langur — traveled to Europe with the German (dub JEFFRY BAKER HITCHCOCK — soccer team — member of Prior Lake Waterskl Association — enthusiastic water and snow skier RENEE MARIE HOCHBIU N - French tub for three years — a member of Y-Teens for two years — took a memorable trip to Hawaii on New' Year's Eve. Playing four weeks m Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop''Undersubcommittee Revue,' Mary Sue Lurkin ami Tom Faster gain valuable drama experience 85PATRICIA MARIE HOFFMAN — Patti — Ski Club — Art Club — Home Ec Club — enjoy painting and target shooting — good at finding jobs for needy friends — loves teddy liears. JANE ANN IIOHN — Ski ( lull — Art Club — Home Kc Club — Y-Tecnv — likes to ski memorable trips to the zoo JACK COI.DING HOLDER — intramurul football as a sophomore — interested in cars and motorcycles — plans to attend Dunwoody Institute of Technology after graduation CHARLES ELUNC HONE - Chuck — church south group — likes his car — enthusiastic hunter H ARRY EDWARD HOLM — Karriel — baseball student manager — Senior float Committee — Math Club — Chess Club — Orman Club— church youth group — biologv lab aid — collected tickets at home football games. KRISTINE ELLEN HOI.MBERC — Y-Teens — member of Art Club — church youth group — Young Life — enjoys skiing — attended Young Life Camp in Colorado STEVEN HOW ARD HOI.MBERC - Mouse — enjoys working with cars and racing them — likes football, hockey, and water-skiing — memories of trips to Puyncsvillc KATHLEEN LOUISE HORAN — varsity debate — Latin Club — Contact — Y-Tccns — National Merit Semi-finalist — did volunteer work in Kentucky over llie past summer PAUL RICHARD HORSTMAN — Explorers — Senior Moat Committee — hobbies include water skiing and diving — plans on entering the service after graduation — went mountain climbing in Colorado DA R LIS JANE HOSTETLER - Dar — moved to Edina from Indiana during the summer of 1966 — Office Education — Home Kc Club — Ski Club—f uture Business Leaders—enjoys horseback riding MARY SUE IIOSOKAW'A — new to Edina from Texas during her junior year — rt Club — Edinu Ski Club— Senior Homecoming Skit — has won awards lor competitive swimming in Texas and Minnesota LINDA SHIRLEY IIOUNS — llounsie — member of french Club — Edina Ski Club — Y-Teens — church league — Job's Daughters — plans to attend St. Cloud State Col-legr — sank a I mat in Cull Lake KAREN ELIZABETH HOVDE — Y-Teens - senior board member of Future Business Naders of Edina for two years — Spanish Club — Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins Decorations — plans on attending Cornell College after graduation PAUL ALLAN IIOVDE — football for three years — participated in swimming as a sophomore — enjoys hunting and water and snow skiing DEBORAH ANN HOW ARD — W higrean Underclassmen Editor — International Club president — National Merit Semi-finalist — Episcopal Young Churchmen Planning Board — tutored underprivileged children in Minneapolis — studied French at the University of Crrnohle. France, last summer MELINDA SUE HOW ARD — Mindy — Ski Club — f rench Club — Future Business Leaders of Edina — Y-Teens — Hi League — enjoys snow skiing and Tootsie Pops JEAN ANN HUGGINS — Hugs — Y-Teens for three years — Ski Club — Spanish Club as a sophomore — Young Life — Luther la-ague — over-all Homecoming co-chairman — hobbies include water and snow skiing MARY ELIZABETH HUGHES — Office Education — Y-Teens — Red Cross — Junior Achievement — plans on attending the University of Minnesota after graduation 86Seniors: Electric Guitars and Snare Drums Emanate From Edina Basements As Senior Boys Practice Hey Joe!" PATRICIA ANN HUGHES — Path — Y-Tecm for | u yean — Home Ec dub — Buzzette as a sophomore — Catholic Youth Organization — enjoys sowing and rooking — college plans include University of Minnesota at Duluth ROBERTA JEAN III CUES — Rol4u — Hornet to — Whigrean Student Life Editor — Art Club — Ski Club— Errnch Club—Y-Teens—a member of Girl’s varsity football — adds zest to any crowd. REX LAWRENCE IIULT — hobbies include cars and skiing — likes green — plans to utlrnd St ( loud State College EREDEKIC JOHN HUSER — lluhie — Student Council for two years — lartin Club officer and god — Buzzette — varsity soccer and baseball — took a memorable trip to Italy and Greece with Latin Club EVE LOUISE INGVALDSON — Latin Club for three sears — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — Ski Club as a sophomore — church league — loses Seattle — plans to mu|or in home economics at lossa State MARY CLAIRE IVERSON Mer — l-otin and Spanish Clubs — Y-Teens— I hespians — International Club — participated in Park Board Children s Theater — plans to attend St Olal (aillege JANIS MARIE JACKSON — new to Edina from Western Springs. Illinois, in junior year — Errnch Club for three sears — International Club — Pep (dub — Y-Tretn — Ski Club — Homecoming Decorations Committee — has an unmistakable laugh LE AH JEAN JACKSON — participated in Senior llornec« niing Skit — Art Club — Distributor Education — a popular Sundas school teacher — known for her way-out things CATIIHYN ELIZABETH JACOBS — a member of International ( lob — A pres Ski Club — Y-Teens — Ah'S eschange student to Brazil during the summer of 1967 — plans on a career in teaching ROBERT WARREN JACOBS — Robb — hobbies Include drumming. water-skiing and racing boat — took a memorable trip tc Ian Angeles over Eater, 1967 MICHAEL TOD JACl'S — Jakr-ski team co-captain — Ski Club — E-Club — HEY — enjoys water and snow skiing — good times on the St Crois Riser KERRY DONIVAN JAHN — enjoys motorcycle and sports car racing plans to enter the service after graduation — has a particular aversion to school lunches NANCY ANN JANSSEN — Crazy Girl — Office Education -Spanish Club as a sophomore — known lor her fantastic chicken mutation CRAIG LAWRENCE JENSEN — student representative at Northern States Power Student-Teacher Science (inference — Order of the Arrow — likes all biology and physics teachers KATHRYN LEONE JENSEN — Jens — debate for two sears Red Cross — Y-Teens sersier projects chairman — Candy Striper — trasclcd to E'uropc last summer I 87Seniors Edina's Stores Are Staffed and Frequented by Enterprising Students Who Migrate to 50th and France HOLLY ELIZABETH JENSTAD - National Theptans - Or-man Club — Job’s Daughters — plans to attend the University of Minnesota like winks and J D Salinger DANIEL BRUCE JOIINSKN — Dan — Student Council — Hoy s State alternate — I-at in Club officer — National Merit Letter of Commendation — Eagle Scout in Explorer Program — “Boyfriend" — plans to attend Brown University — a terror with a ping-pong paddle BRADLEY H AROLD JOHNSON — Distributive Education — xxants to take a trip around the world — likes can and motorcycles — enjovs art shows and long walks BRUCE MYRON JOHNSON — moved from Fargo, North Dakota. before his junior year — vanity basketball — laitin Club — church group — likes most sports — a (an of the Smothers Brothers GAIL FRANCIS JOHNSON — moved here from Cooper High in New Hope before her senior year — Cirb' Athletic Association — church choir — enjoys horseback riding and motorcycle rides. JEFFREY LYNN JOHNSON - Ski Club - treasurer of Junior Achievement company — junior Homecoming skit — has an obsession for snow and skiing LINDA DAWN JOHNSON — Art Club — likes to paint and sew — was a Bible school helper one summer — dislikes Chevrolet ROXANNE MARIE JOHNSON - Spanish Club president — Choral (Dub treasurer — Candy Striper — Sunday school teacher — Edina Cnmmunity Theatre — "Music Man" and "Bye Bye Birdie" — studied in Cuadelajura. Mexico, over the summer — always smiling STEVEN DOUGLAS JOHNSON — Pete — Ski Club — intramural basketball — enjoys snow and water skiing — pluns to attend the University of Minnesota THOMAS VINCENT JOHNSON — National Thespians — "All My Sons — Dudley Rigg s Brave New Workshop — Eagle Ridge Theater — Edina Community Theater — an excellent music composer. TIMOTHY BROOKS JOHNSON — moved here from Golden Valley at the end of his junior year — captain of wrestling team at Golden Valley — likes football and broom hockey. JOYCE ANN JONDAHL — Ski Club— French Club — Y-Teens for three years — Young Life — Girls' varsity football — International Club — likes red Tootsie Pops and turtle sundaes CHARLES ROBERT JONES — Ski Club - likes cars played football and hockey as a freshman — likes snow and water skiing — mrrnorirs of l.ake Minnetonka RICHARD OSGOOD JONES — HEY Club president — "Montserrat" — B-squad tennis — Buz-zette photographer for two years — Boy's Slate Senutor — Ski Club — Orman Club — likes zucchini pizza ROBERT MARK JONES — German Club — Hi-Y — likes to play pool and w aterski — memorable trips to Florida 88MICHAEL DAVID JORDAN - lik.-s to plav pool, hockrs -.ml f H ll»all — «ont» to race care — enjoys water and snow skiing remembers a trip to Florida ROBERT AI.I.EN JOHCENSEN — Jnrgw — Distrilmtivr Education — member of Red dross Council — DeMolay — likes to | aint an l goll JAMES JOSEI’IISON — Distributive Education — Decca — likes to ssork on electronics — plans to uttend a trade school — ssent on a trip to the World's Fair and Expo '67 I’ECCY COLLEEN JOYCE Distributive Education participates in Y-Tcens — likes to sew — took an interesting trip to 'all-forma KATHLEEN ANN KACOL — Y-Tcens chapter president — damp Kin: Girls — co-chairman of Hero dams- in sophomore year — likes to talk — plans to attend Gustav us Adolphus College KRISTINE ANNE KARI-STAD — Y-Tccns - Home Ec Club -Edina Ski Club— Distributive Education — Future Sales leaders of Edina — Junior Achievement — mans Interesting Brainerd trips — likes little cars. JAN KRISTINE KAl’TZ — Kris Young Life — Red Cross -Ski Club — likes to ski. paint rocks, and write letters look an es citing trip to Young Life Camp in Colorado — always has a cheer- ful1 Minlr FRANONE C Allot KEARNS - Y-Teens - ooocert Itand — worked at the Mann France Avenue Drive-In Theater — enjoys sewing and working — took a trip to Mexico MICHAEL JAMES KEMPFFER — collects coins — enjoys most sports — works at Donaldson's — likes motorcycles plans to attend the University of Minnesota. Amazed by the myriad of paraphernalia which surrounds her at the Petty House, 1 «iza Hall attempts to make a choice among Suprrmes posters. Inflatable pillows, paper flowers, and stuffed pop-art animals The added reading requirements of sociology and economics confuse Rick O’Connor and Jim Zimmerman as Mary Iverson helps them with their selections. 89PAMELA JANE KENASTON — active in French Club Home-coming Parade Committee — Young Life enjoy1 church choir ami Pilgrim Fellowship — paints still life — loves to cat cotton candy I.OIS MARIE KENNEDY — member of Y-Tccns - Art Club — enjoys horseback riding and riding in 1955 Chevies — chews bubble gum cigars LAURIE KERKF.R —Cootie - participates in Office Education — Red Cross — remembers skiing at Trollhaugen — often seen dancing MOLLY K. KERN - Distributive Educatin — Home KeClub — Spanivb Club as a sophomore — plays thumper while picnicking at Rock Isle Park — a good listener when she's not talking TIMOTHY ALLEN KKRSTEN Carstairs — Outdoor Club president lll-Y — enjoys Model A Fords, motorcycles, hunting, and trapping JON LOREN KIN DEM — transferred from Richfield — Spanish Club — Ski Club — soccer — active in football — spent summer studying in Mexico JOHN WATSON KING — Ski Club Homecoming Float Committee — Junior Achievement safety director as a sophomore — rcmemlK-rs skiing in Colorado — likes CTO's. PAMELA ANN KIRK — Whigrean Cb-Editor-in-chief — senior class secretary — llornettcs — Red Cross — Viking pom-pom girl — Curb varsity football — Girls' State — Quill and Scroll — Homecoming Court — Optimists Award — National Merit Letter of Commendation. RICHARD EDWARD KITCHEN — Kitch — chairman of Homecoming Committee — basketball student manager — Ili-Y — likes statistical sports games and poker. JULIA MARY KLEIN — member of Red Cross Homecoming Decorations Committee — Y-Teens — German Club — president of Episcopal Young Churchmen — active in choir and Sunday-school — loves lime suckers and Andy Williams. CARY VICTOR KNIPPENBERC — Knipp — Chess Club president National Thespians Latin Club Buzxette contributor — senior skit — National Merit Ixttcr of Commendation — memorable trip to Italy and Greece. JAMES GLENN KNOBLAUCH — German Club — church youth group — likes to read — a cook at Delaria's since sophomore year — summer traveler Seniors Top Popularity of the Association Is Reflected as EHS Resounds With The Strains of ’Along Comes Mary' Senior poll proves The Association to Ik-the favorite group among Edina seniors after the summer concert at Dayton's auditorium featuring them along with "Spankv and Our Gang." 90ROBERT KEITH KNOWLES — To — vanity football and track — varsity hockey manager— 1-Ball — E-Club— Red Cross — weekends include waterskimg and limiting — enjoys wrestling mutches. but nut school lunches OOUG1.AS ALLAN KNl’TSON — DDT — Red Cross — library aid — likes to duck hunt — water and snow skis — master billiard player DAVID KOETS — I -aim Club — Hi-Y — 1-Ball — active in Youth Fellowship — stock Ihiv ut Donaldvins — skis LAUREL ANN KRAl'SE — Spanish Club — choir — National Merit letter ol Commendation — reads and collects a library — spent junior summer studs me in Mexico NANCY JO KREMER — Y-Tccns chapter president — Home Be Club — Spanish Club — Girl Scouts — church youth group — Young Life — enjoys s n-chroni od swimming — loses Fanny Farmer tuckers DIANE LOUSE KRIOI. — Catholic Youth Organization — Merit of Service award from Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Center — a nurse s aide — likes to dance (ill BERT KARI. KROIIN — Gib — secretary of German Club Drama Guild — Co-Editor of Sour Grapes — Red Cross — Hi-Y — band boy for the High Spirits — jujitsu expert KAREN ANN KRUSE — Bones — Y-Tccns — German Hub — Home Fx Club — Walther League — collects gum wrappers GRETCHEN KUEHN — Y-Teens chapter president and chapter coordinator co-chairman of Student Council Social Committee — co-chairman of Prom Committee — Homecoming Court CANDACE ANNE KUHN — Bon-Bon — Y-Tccns — Ski Club -Candy Striper Service Award at Fairvicw Snuthdulr Hospital — sews — skied in Montana. Colorado, and Canada — craves bubble gum and lime pops ides SHERYL KAY I.AF'F'ERTY — concert band baton twirler — Y-Teens — Latin dub — Orman Club — all-state Band — oltrnded summer music workshop program TRUDY I.AM PERT — Aqua Nymphs treasurer — Ski Club — Spunish Club — teaches Sunday school — loses to sew and canoe — painted rocks during the summer LINDA MARIF! LANDBI.OOM — junior transfer from Arizona — Y-Teens — Girls Athletic Association — Spanish Club choir — enjoys plus mg tin- guitar — owns a genuine Indian pony KAREN ELIZABETH I.ANDYIK —concert band — Y-Tccns — Latin Club — Blizzard Ski Club — Candy Strijwr — remembers ski trip to Nail GEORGE ARTIIl K I ANCSI playshock ) - likes hunting pheasants — spends time working on hts Oldsmobile — plans on entering the Service. MARY SUE LARKIN — MSI — National Thespians — played hi "The Boyfriend. "Spoon Kiver Anthology. "All My Sons." and "Bye Bye Birdie” — acted at the Eagle Ridge Theater and Dudley Riggs Daughters of the American Revolution LINDA LOU LARSEN — Scrappn- — Y-Teens — Luther Ixogue — likes to plus the organ — traveled in Hawaii, the West Indies, and Europe — flies planes RONNIE MAY LARSON — Honito — church choir — likes to water ski — enjoys liahysitting — pluns to enter Red Carpet Beauty Academy. 91Seniors Reluctant Boys Delight Their Dates With the Pleasures of Elegant Dining At Camelot and Hopkins House DEBORAH LEE LARSON — Distributive Education — president of Junior Achievement Sales — Mis Junior Achievement of 1967 — won the leadership award, Juntco 1966— plum Include Item id 11 State Collette GLENN RITCIIIK LARSON — enjoys working on his 1927 Modrl-T-coupe — likes hot rod — plan to attend college DONALD ARTHUR LARSON — I .atin Club god and censor — varsity soccer — Hi-Y — Edina Soccer Club — plan include the University of Minnesota. I.KICII ANN (.ARSON — new from Mayer, Minnesota, in her junior year — ull-. chool Y-Teens vice-president — Ski Club — plus ground leader for the Edina Park Hoard — plan to attend college LINDA CI-ARF. (.ARSON — Y-Teen chapter president — Red Cross representative — Power's Teen Board representative — Girls' varsity football — will attend the University of Minnesota MERCIIEI.I.E LOUISE LARSON — Junior Achievement treasurer — Girls Athletic Association — Future Business leaders of Edina — Y-Teens — Miss Teen Minneapolis finalist — future plans include college PAMELA JAN LARSON — moved to Edina from Arlington Heights. Illinois, at I lie beginning of her senior year -— Thespians — Y-Trrris Coronet Girl Drill Team SHERRIE LYNN LARSON — moved from l.lbertyvillr. Illiiioi . in June id 1967 — bolshies include rug hooking — plans to attend secretarial school. THOMAS WAKEFIELD LARSON - has won trophies in golf at Intrrlachrn Country Club — enjoys water-skiing and football — w ill attend college in Arizona BECKY LINN LASTER - moved from Keokuk. Iowa, in the fall of 1967 — Scholastic Achievement Award — Art Club — French Club — church youth group — will uttend Washburn University. JANE ELLEN LAUB — Y-Teens — Senior Skit — International Club — Charity Week Basketball Committee — Girl Scout area secretary — leaches Sunday school — bew are of the dimple. CHARLES VERNON LA VAN DER - Outdoor Club — likes snowmobiling. water and snow skiing — a fan of the ositdoors — plans on getting his pilot’s license SHELLEY ANN UVAY — Red Cross Council — Art Club — Y Teens — member of the Bette Darrel Dancers — performed In the 1967 Aqiiutrnmu! Parisian Dance Review — plans to lie a professional dancer GAYLE LOUISE LEDBETTER — Weege - Art Club — Y-Teens — Young Adult Advertising Agency — plans to attend the Minneapolis School of Art KENNETH ROBERT LEMON'S — Rob — president of the Distributive Education class and his chapter — enjoys skiing — plans to enlivt hi the Naval Reserve and then attend college 92Bill Stcinkc and Brian (a-nuncr mentally check their wallet as Donna Swanson and Rett Stone tlelilteralc over the Cimdrit'i gourmet delight . RICHARD STEPHEN I.EYH - German Club — varsity hockey — vanity soccer — (ulurr plum are college and a trip to Europe JOHN GREGORY I.IEMANDT moved to Edina from Golden Valiev in hi sophomore year — like ear — plan to major in jnv-chologv at the University of Minnesota KATHLEEN RUTH I.IMBECK — French Club — Ciriv' Athletic Association Board — gymnastics team — enjoys sports — plays the guitar — future plum include the University ol Minnesota VICKI CAROL UNDER — Y-Trenschaplain — Junior Achievement — Luther League — church choir — plan to attend college. MARTHA ANN LINDERHOLM - Marti — Red Cross representative — French (Huh Council — Ski ( Hub — Y-Teens — Job's Daughter — [dam on college MARY CAROL LINDGREN Ginger — Latin (Huh — French Club — Ski Club — Y-Teens — church choir — enjoys sailing, horse , and playing the organ — plans to uttend Stout Stale t Diversity BRUCE CHARLES LINDQUIST — Link — enjoys wrestling basketball, and skiing — softball coach lor the Edina Park Board — future includes attending St Cloud State DEBORAH JEAN LINDQUIST — Debby — llornelte — Ski Club — Y-Teens — Young Life — plan to attend St Cloud State College — Home Economics Club MICHAEL ROBERT LITTLE - Spanish Club — Park Board football referee — enjoy pool and play ing his guitar — St Cloud State i» in hi future KATHLEEN MARY LIVINGSTON — new from Nlequon, Wis comm, in the summer of 1967 — Ajires Ski (Hub — an assistant to a Blizzard ski instructor — plan lo go to college PATRICIA ANN LIVINGSTON — moved here from Mcquon, Wisconsin Apre Ski Club — enjoys horseback ruling — plan to attend the I niver- ity of Minnesota BARBARA ANN LONG — French Club— International (Hub — memlier of the cast of "Bye Bve Birdie’ — all school Y-Teens membership chairman — likes to sew — plan logo lo Iowa State University 93Seniors Enticing Toys Displayed in Dayton’s Promote the Christmas Season In the Early Days of November Jim Plasinan jiiiI Jell Strandrinn terminate their hrist-uus shopping h looking ut new stuffed animals, usually a favorite gift received by many girls, An irate Santa Claus warns Kurt Oelw-hlager and Jon Kindcm, “If you break my knee. I'll break your necks." arid threatens empty stockings CONNIE RENEE I.OOS — Con — transferred from West High School this year — a horseback riding enthusiast — dislikes chocolate CAROL JEAN I.OSSINC — Geromc — Junior Achievement — likes buttermilk pancakes with mustard — plans to lie an airline stewardess MARSIIA ANN LOVAAS — Aqua Nymphs president - secretary'-treasurer of Ski Club — French Club — fourth in the Amateur Athletic Union swimming Junior division — Girls' varsity football —accomplished knitter JOHN PALMER LOW — Orman Club for two years — varsity cross country — varsity track — church youth group — appeared in "King Arthur and the Magic Sword" — plans to attend Nlacalester College JAMES PAUL l.OWY — Louie — transferred as a junior from Brookfield, Wisconsin — a member of Distributive Education — enjoys participating In all sports. AI.AN JEROME LUCE — laoon — Ski Club — marching and varsity hands for twx years — Gopher Wheelmen Bicycle Racing Club — placed eighteenth in national bicycle races DAVID EARL I.UDWIC — Duse — transferred to Edina from Prior Lake. Minnesota—varsity band — orcbcstru — National Junior Honor Society — interested in tropical fish and drums TODD WEI.DON LUND — Latin Club senator — participates! on track, ski. and soccer teams — Buck Hill and Bliz ard Ski Club racing trams — outdoor interests Include sailing, fishing, and hunting — several Colorado ski trips DIANE ADELE LUNDQUIST — Diz — Y-Tee ns publicity chairman — Red Cross — Art Club — International Club — Home Ec Club — church choir — loves to paint and sketch 94Papier-mache and plaster |x-ople of Dickens Village in downtown Dayton's help rushed shoppers Nan Colilu. Mart M)ol«H'J. and Sue Faiglcr to touch a little of the Christmas spirit. LACK Ik LYKKEN — Y'Teens — Latin Club — Folk Music Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — Siiowlxnind Ski Club — a scry enthusiastic skier and sailor — visited F'xpo '67 over the past summer. W EN’DY JOYCE LYON — three year member of Y-Teens — S|unisli Club — luternutiondl Club — does church scliool work — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. PATTI ANN Mac-ARTHUR — Red Cross represent at iso — Art Club — Ski Club — loses to go for long walks — likes Chiquitu stickers — future plans indude tbe Peace Corps. VIRGINIA MARY MACH — Ginger— Latin Club senator and vestal virgin — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — an avid skier — toured Italy and Greece ssitb the last in Club — plans to attend Arizona State University JOHN DUGAI.D MacIN’TOSII — president of Minnesota Junior Classical League — Student Council — Bu zettc — Latin Club — debate — Quill and Scroll — National Thespians — Junior Achievement MARNA ANN MacPIlAII. Homecoming ami Prom Publicity Committees — Ski Club — Y-Teens — Art Club — French Club — crazy about daisies — plans indude Iowa State University MARY ANNE MADER — Junior Miss Teen Board — a two-year member of Y-Teens — French Club — Ski Club — Art Club — Junior Aquatennial Queen at tbe age of five — loves to ride horseback KATHY LOUISE MADISON — transferred from La-Grange. Illinois, as a senior — French Club — Y-Tecns — Young Life — enjoys knitting and daydreaming CAROL MIRIAM MANFRED — Red Cross treasurer — Y-Teens — French Club — participates in Luther la-ague and church choir — sells school athletic tickets — pastimes include sewing and guitar — plans to study nursing at Custuvus Adolphus 95JUDITH A BAG AII, MARIEN — Office Education — likes an-Ih|iic shops — plans ti attend summer session of University of the Wm-nc.iv Mexico City JOHN PETER MARINOVICH — Buz-zette Sports Editor — Minneapolis Junior Achievement president — Minnesota High School Press Association treasurer — Student Council — National Thespians Montserrat" and ' Kivcr Anthology memlier of Governor s Youth Council. GI.ENN ANDREW MARTIN — Audv — participates in German Club — junior counselor of DeMolay Homecoming float committee — future plans include St Olaf College. MARY KATHERINE MARTIN - Mary Kay — new from Richfield as a sophomore — Y-Tecns — French Club — church youth group RICHARD GEORGE MARTIN - Rick - varsity football — coached Park Board hasctiall — church group president — E-Club — participated ill church basketball STEPHEN FREDERICK MASE — Spanish Club for three years — Park Board hockey — held various joixv including Bridgeman's. Curnelot. and Gabber!'s — l.'il Abner finalist —skiing fan. WARREN HUBERT MASON - participated in Radio Club, Math (dub. Science Seminar, and Chess Club — American Red Cross — received $1000 Junior Achievement scholarship — enjoys electronics. DAVID MARK MATHEWS - Dave — lii-Y — Red Cross Council — varsity tennis — E-Club — 1907 State Doubles Champion — Homecoming Attendant — Homecoming Decora-lions committee — plans on attending the University of New Mexico ROBERT BRUCE MATHEWS — Smiley — Ili-Y chapter president — Kalina ski team — Explorer post president — worked av a night watchman at the Edina Country Club THOMAS JEFFERY MATHIF.U - DeMolay - participated in Junior Achievement — unforgettable experience working at Howard Johnson’s — outside activities include skiing and horseback riding BRUCE HOWARD MATTSON — new from Campion High School, Prairie du Chien. Wisconsin, as a junior — Latin Club — French Club - Ili-Y National Merit Letter of Commendation — enjoys skiing and hunting. PETER WORDEN MAUL — varsity hockey and soccer — participated in Ili-Y — Latin Club — favorite pastime is waterskiing. With a pleasant atmosphere and lieauti-ful decorations, the new Nicollet Mall greets the multitude of Christmas shop-pen during the holiday season. 96Seniors After the Nicollet Mall Dedication, Shoppers Flock to View the Bright Lights and Glitter of Christmas Time JACALYN ANN MAY — Jackie — Y-Teen — International Club — Ski Club — member of church youth group — active in her bow ling league — memorable visit to Expo 67 — thrives on (larna-tion Slender I.AHKY DAVID MeCARTY - National Thespians — played memoraMe Conrad in "Bsc Bsc Birdie — participated in "West Side Story.'' "Class Menagerie and "Impromptu — Kalina Community Theater JODY LYNN McCl.KI.I.AN Bed Cross vice-president — co-chairman of Charity Week — Y-Teens — loses skiing — feminine girl SCOTT FARRELL McDANIKl. - International Club - Bed Cross — worked as a truck mechanic at Astleford Equipment Company — proud owner of a TOO Winchester Magnum JFAN MCDONALD — Y-Teens — participated in Kesf Cross |Kes Ski Club — Senior l.dr-Sasing dedicated skier SUSAN MARCIA McDONAl.D — new from St Cloud Tech as a junior — Y-Terns — pastimes Include sewing and reading — post-graduate plans include the University of Minnesota at Duluth MICHAEL JAMES McCI.T NN - Tiger — captain of the Edina ski team — Spanish Tub — Tatra ski team — member of the United States Junior National ski learn — plans to attend I diversity of Colorado KEVIN PATRICK McCR W Distributive Education — held an unusual job working for Meet Air. Incorporated — outside activities include Hying, skiing, and skin-diving — plans to alien.) I im.TMh .-t Him- MAM SHANNON McCRAW Shannon — Red Cross Council — Office Education — Home Ec (Tub — sjjrnds her spare time in gymnastics, watrr skiing, reading, and sew ing JoAN.N MARIE McCUIRE - debate Cirls Athletic Asvicta-lion — Latin Club — Y-Tcens — favorite pastimes inrhidt- piano, sewing, ami tennis MART PAT MclIENRY — Pat — active in V Teens — three-year member of church group — enjoys skiing and piano — forever eating chocolate-covered cheeries ELIZABETH ANN McINTOSII — Betsy — Aqua Nvmphs for two years — Kalina Ski Club — T-Teens — unforgettable canoe trip to northern Ontario — future plans include St Cloud State — spends a lot of time writing letters MICHAEL ARTHUR McWIIITE — favorite vocal group iv the Doors — interested in cars and collecting record — wants to la- a chrf SHELLEY SUE MEADER — new to Edina as a sophomore — International Club — I .at in Club — Y-Tcrns — likes has rides, canoeing, and bicycling around the lakes — memories of vacations in northern Minnesota DANIEL DAVID MEIER — Oscar — participated in 1-Ball — computer pr« gramming - post-graduate plans include University of Minnesota — youngest graduating sen kir — shoots pool 97Seniors School Parking Privileges Relieve Students From the Inconvenience Of Waiting for 4:30 Activity Buses Learning the hard way to keep hts eye on the n ad Mark Morris employs the help of Larry Morrill and Marti L'mhrrger to push his car from the ditch ROHLR1 WALTER MEISCII — Spanish Club - Distributive Education — loves to p3int and listen to classical music — has ssorked at Edina Country Club and Cagrr s — an avid fun of The Doors and The Cream. LINDA ELAINE MELANDER — Art Club — Home Ec Club — Distributive Education — a Hurbra Striesand fan — known for her long hair and bewitching blue eye — (dans to lietoine a stewardess STEVEN HOWARD MELLE-MA — Mel — vice-president of Math Club — secretary of Edina Masonk la-ague — enjoys scuba diving and play ing the guitar — likes cars — u fan of the Monkeev ROBERT I.Ol'lS M ELLER — Ili-Y —concert band for three years — Latin Club assistant tennis pro at Ellina Country Club - likes the Turtles JUDITH CLAIRE MENDENHALL — first chair flute in concert hand for three years — French Club — orchestra — Y-Trens — Homecoming attendant — toured Europe with School Orchestra of America — church choir — sunny smile THOMAS JOHN MERRILL — junior and senior Homecoming skits — cast member of "Love Ridi-s the Rails and "My Three ngels Amigos De Las Americas — Spanish Club — definitely likes fashionable people JOHN LEE MESTEMACIIER — Mcsty — varsity basketball team — concert band lor two years — Latin Club— Luther League — church choir president — worked as a lifeguard at a summer camp CHANDLER CHASE MILLER — Chan - Red Cross service chairman — Red Cross representative — Y-Teens for three years — Spanish Club — Candy Striper — studied and toured in Cuadalajuru, Mexico — a horse lover JOHN ALLEN MILLED — Latin Club oracle — varsity swimming — Junior Achievement — choir — 1-Ball — Latin Club trip to Italy and Crcecr — a skiing, sw miming, and car fan 98CAROL ANNE MINOKR1IOI I Red ross representative — French (Ilul — Y-Tccns — Distributive Education — rt lob — Junior Achievement — Candy Striper — enjoys sewing ami skiing WEND1 I ts MINICHIIU - Mini—Art Club -- Senior Life Saving — an avid sports fan — plans to enter the field of interior decorating JAMES MURRAY MITCHELL — Norm Student Council — varsity tennis team for four years — Homecoming attendant — u member of the 1967 state championship doubles tennis (vain — favorite vocal group is the Association JOHN MARTIN MIT .O — Outdoor (dub Spanish tub Hi-Y — track — likes sports and trapping — a water skiing enthusiast - I.kes i Atlantic MARTHA lot ISE MJOLSNES - Marti — president of Methodist Youth Fellowship — Hed iron (or three years — Y-Teens — choir — sang in a trio — likes music, sewing, and skiing — excellent at riding rn|ie tows PATRICK BRUCE MOFFAT — races quartern)Idget racing iars Hli ard ami Buck Hill ski teams — Spanish Club — varsity ski team Nit Club spent a summer hitchhiking in South American — really enjoys mountain climbing JAMES LOUIS MOFFIT — Rotary Club representative — wre%-Uing team — E-Club — concert band Mctro|x litau Youth Orchestra — plans include George Washington University — Interests ineludr sports and music STEVEN JUKI. MONSON - a sports fan ami participant — football. Isascball and Park Hoard h« ckcs — work.nl at Edina Chicken. 'V II.I.IAM FRANK MONSON — con cert band president — 1-Ball — Ill-League — All-State orchestra — Humanities Institute at St Olaf College last summer — likes skiing and camping LINDA CLAIRE MONTEN Ski Club — Junior Vcliicveinent — memlier of ski patrol — loves to sew and ski memorable trips to Vail and Aspen MELINDA RUTH MONTGOMERY — Mel — Latin ( lull goddess and co-captain of vestal s Irglro — captain ol girls soccer trum — Junior Classical League state chairman— Homecoming skits arid Boats — International Club — gym aid Girls’ Athletic Association — trip to Europe with Latin Club BRUCI ' t CHN MOORE — a motorcycle andwalerskihig eiitliusiasl — has participated in the 1965 l.iglitsseiglit Scrambles Championship in Nevada LAIRD JOHNSTONE MORRILL - Larry - Hi Y chapter sue president — IH-Y chapter secretary-treasurer— B-.squud hockey I-Hall — Park Hoard hockey — enjoy s ears, skiing, canoe trips, and music CAROLYN MARIE MORRIS — Tep Homecoming Contest and Elections committee — laitin Club lor four sears — Girl Scouts — class thermometer in Latin — likes horseback ruling. MARK ARTHUR MORRIS — SkiCluh - member of Spanish Club — worked at Equinox and Hnigaard's — likes ears and is an avid w ater and snow skier ALAN LEE MORRISON — transferred from Dundee. Illinois hi June. 1965 — Spanish Club 1 - Bull worked two sears at Red Owl — loses the Byrds. KATHLEEN JEAN MORRISON Junior Achievement president of sales — Future Business Leaden ol Edina board member — committee chairman of Hed Cross - Div tributuvo Education THOMAS vlknf. MOSS - Latin club Consul — Student Council treasurer— Homecoming Publicity co-chairman — Homecoming skits 1-Hall CooMoSaRi — Latin Club trip to Italy — often seen in bis flight helmet on commando raids — liking for 1959 Chevy's 99RENEE ANN Ml'ELLER Ruunic Distributive Education — Spanish Club — church contact group — loves to water and snow %ki JANET EILEEN MULI.EN Art Club— French Club—Ski Club— Home Ec Club - Y-Teens — enjoys painting and swimming — plans to go to Europe this summer — likes rocking chairs KATHLEEN ELIZABETH Ml I.LIKIN — Ski Club — French Club - V Teens — likes sewing and skiing — likes to give unusual gifts memories of Colorado. LINDA LEE MYRING transferred from Roosevelt High School at the end of her junior year — likes knitting, art. and people — wants to Ik- a missionary. LARRY GLENN NACKF.Rl'D — Nak moved from I .ew is town. Montana, in bis junior year likes hunting, basketball, and sailing — floated down the Missouri River on a hunting trip dislikes brownies and Joe Pyne. DANIEL ALDO.N NAGKLL — Cincinnati! — Ski Club — Hi-Y Art Club — likes to ski — has mans fond memories of summer power failures at Lake Minnetonka CRAIG MARTIN NAKKEX — Knock — Distributive Education — worked at Montgomery Wards — terrific sense of humor — plans to go into tin- service, ELIZABETH AMES NASLUND — Girl Scouts secretary Home Ec Club — Y-Tcens — likes to read ami swim — took a memorable canoe trip WILLIAM MITCHELL N El DIG 11 — Whigrcan Business Manager — Hi-Y' — Ski Club — likes camping, golling. and skiing — Laurel and Hardy fan — plans to attend Drake University. SANDRA CLAUDLNE NEIS — Home EcClub— Latin Club — Y -Teens — Luther League — likes parties and finding new places logo—plans to attend St Cloud State. BARBARA JEANNE NELSON — Y-Tcens — Art Club — Folk Music Club — Red Cross — Candy Striper — Erench Club — has traveled frequently to Mexico. BARBARA I.EE NELSON — Boo[ cr — loves records and parties — interesting trips to California and Wisconsin — plans to attend Stout State University. JOHN ROBERT NELSON — Cuido — co-captain of varsity soc-ecr team — Edina Soccer Club — loves to ski National Merit Letter of Commendation — hates automatic transmissions KYLE RICHARD NELSON — Student Council — Soccer Club — Squamish team captain — Summer Theater — Sargcanl Beef-heart's Magical Bund — plans to attend the University of Minnesota LAUREL MARIE NELSON — Whigrcan Seniors Editor — Y-Teens chapter president — Choral Club— Girl's varsity football Aqua-Teen — Church Ili-Lcaguc — plays the guitar — knows how to "swing out LEE ALAN NELSON — E-Club — varsity track — senior car — enjoys working on Mustangs, playing football, and car races — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. LYNN ANN NELSON — French Club Art Club — orchestra - Candy Striper during the summer — likes to paint and read — plans to major in art education. MARGARET LOUISE NELSON — Spanish Club — Future Teachers of America — Y'-Tccns — Red Cross alternate — likes yellow stoplights and writing letters — spent the summer of 1967 in Mexico. 100Seniors Night Spots of Minneapolis Lure Students From the Protective Shell Of Their Suburban Edina Homes RICHARD WILLIAM NELSON — Beeler— vunity soccer goalie — German Club — Eagle Seoul — likes w alcr anil (now skiing — plum lo attend the University of Minnesota TERR) BRUCE NKI.SON — Distributor Education — worked us generul manager at u dairy store — always dancing — [dam In Iw a denial tcchni-rian WIN JAY NEUCKH — varsity IooHmII E-Club—lit) Kalin ('lub quacstcr — a summer house painter — 1-Hall — enjoy collecting matchbook BRUCE RUSSELL NEUMANN — Gnu — varsity soccer — Orman Club — concert lund — I-Hull — on sluH « l Kl.lt M radio — likes lo ski SUELLEN KAY NEUMANN - mm«! In Edina from U-Sucur before her junior year — Debate — declam — Math (!lub — Y-Tei-ns — National Merit Scmi-finalts! — eliureh youth grou|i and choir — wants to travel STEVEN AI.LEN NKl MKISTKR varsity wrestling — Ill-Y — hand lor two yean — Spanish Club — like Beach Boy GREGOR) EARL NEVINS — vanits swimming - Ili-Y — Sk. Club — like golfing and swimming — Edina Swim Club KATHRYN ANN NEWELL — Kit — Student Council - Y-Teens concert band — Orman ('lub — co-chairman of Homecoming Rand and Dunce Committee — Young Life — like skiing and Rill --I. AI K11 NEWTON 1 rents n a sophomore— orchestra — Honored Oueen of Job’s Daughters — Minneapolis Youth Orchestra — plum to major in music at college Local cultural centers such as the Avalon Line Art l-ake Harriet, and Emlier reveal the true motivations of Etlioa s senior men 101Seniors Unable to Decide Which Senior Girls To Take Out, Dejected Boys Resign Themselves to Poker Games and Pool JON S( or I NIKI.SON — Nm-I — Student Council Special Pnv frets chairman — played vanity football — Latin lub officer us a Junior - active in all port» — dnlikci hushw ackers NANCY JEAN NOUN — Y- Term an enthusiastic im»w and water vkicr — like sport curs and hot Indue sundae — plans to attend the University cA Minnesota FREDERICK WILLIAM NOLTINC -active at the Sport and Health Club — interevted in electronic — an enthimavtic skier — worked at the Kiltmore Motel av a maintenance man — |danv include attending the University of Minnesota STEVEN H AYNE NOHHY Steve — Homecoming Eloat onmiitte — hand — Herman ?lub — Each- Scout — enjoy» camping, mime, and all sport — camped m the Rocky Mountain' JOHN ROBERT NORD social chairman 4 htv Ili-N uroup — Homecoming and Prom ('ommitlcc — Ski Club — varsity swimming — likes earn a- trips, sailing. and skiing — taught swimming at the Edma Municipal Pool CRAIC WILLIAM NOHDHY participated in ioothall and track — u member of the Tatra racing team — Senior Idle Saving — traveled in Europe KATHLEEN M ARY NUGENT — Kathy — transferred a» a Junior from Duluth. Minnesota — secretary of her Junior Achievement company — Y-Tccnv — Home Ec Club — dislikes television commercials JEFFREY PETER NYE — Louie — participated in I-Hall — likes to collect n-cords and takr |uit in most spurt — plans include the University of Minnesota LOREN JOHN NYEI.OT — moves! to Edina from Princeton, Minnesota, as a unnor — president of hts church youth group — enjoy skiing ami hunting — likes to tinker w ith ears BARBARA JANE NYMAN — Rea — Y-Teen chapter vicc-prrsi-dent — plass the guitar — toured Canada during Expo '67 - w ill attend the University of Minnesota STEVEN MICHAEL OHKRIIKI.MAN — marching hand — I-atm Club — Bos Scout — visited the Civil War grounds — writes his own music — a Tchaikovsky fan — plans to major in music at the University of Minnesota LINDA ANN O'BRIEN — Lynn — transferred from Minnetonka as 4 Junior — Rod Cross — secretary of her ice skating dub — enjoys writing — future plans include studying nursing at the University of Minnesota MICHAEL JOHN OCHS — Mike — participated in German Club for three years — eri|oy traveling and seeing interesting places — a fun of the IXior — future plans include the University of Minnesota RICHARD PAUL O'CONNOR — Rick - concert hand — Spanish dub — intramural football — likes music and attending sporting event CHERYL JEAN O' DOWD — treasurer of Job's Daughter — Y-Teen — Art Club — French dub — Future Teacher of America — deliver prescriptions in a Volkswagen for Gregg's Pharmacy 102Finding hiimrlf trapped behind tin- right (tall, Tom Man agoni inglv calculates the feasibility o( the haul and mm! im|ioitant (hot of the game Grimacing painfull) . John Mac Ini osh watches as All llridginun am out his opponent' Doug ( row t her and Fresl 11 o'er during 4 Fridas night | ok -r game KURT KOBF.HT OF.LSCIILACER — Ole — a two-year member of (irrman (luh — tart it y 'octet — participated in midget and Juvenile hockes — an enthusiastic 'portsman MARK JOSEPH OESTREICII — pastime' inolinlr hunting and trapping — likes motorcycles and fast tars — druse a moving s an to Columbus. Ohio, and back — plans to attend the t nisunits of Minnesota DAVID ARTIIl R OGREN —Ogle — disef lor the varsity sstmiming team — Ski C.lub — enjoys hunting anil saiKa diving — fit-tun- plans include a career in aviation MARK ROBERT OI.ANDEH — transferred from Grand Rapids Minnesota — l.uther League president — Ili-V chaplain login Club dcmi-giKl — participated in 1-Hall — fascinated by antique cars PATRICIA E. OLIVE — Pat transferred as a junior from Evanston. Illinois — Y-Trens chapter vice-president French Club — member of Art Club — spends hours memorizing the words to songs Rt FORD M ILLIARD OLSON Chip— played baseball for three sears — Park Board hockey and baseball — worked as a foreman at WDGY 103HILARY DEE OLSON — Hill — Arl Club — Interna!inmil Club — participated in Eagle Ridge Theatre — " King Arthur — assist-ant director of Dudley Riggs Teenage Workshop — noted for purple patent leather hat KAREN SUE OLSON — iurrnt — Y-Tccns — Spanish Club — vanity band — church senior league — camping trip to Alaska in summer of 1967 — plans to attend the I Diversity of Minnesota SAN DRA LOUISE OLSON — Art Club — Home Ec (Hub — Y Teens a» u sophomore — French Club as a Junior — loves to do xllc. SARA LESLIE OLSON — Y-Teens — biology lab aid Imard member of Snow Round Ski Club — Job's Daughters — plans to enter veterinary medicine at University of Minnesota RONALD CHARLES OREN — I-Ball Bov Scoots — church choir — Luther U’ugui-----enjoys kiskethall. PAMELA ORNE — Folk Club — treasurer of Y-Teens chapter— Future Business Leaders of Edina — likes skiing and watching soccer — u fan of e e. dimming ami The Association LOREN E KAY OSBERC — Y Teens — International (Hub — Latin Club — Girl Scouts — has had memorable vacations in northern Minnesota — craves ( lark bars CLARICE MARLENE OSTMAN — Spanish Club—likes to sew and read — plum to go to the University of Minnesota JAMES STEVENS OWENS — historian of Distributive Education Club — took an exciting trip to Mexico in the summer of 1967 — plans include the University of Minnesota and a trip to Europe CY NTHIA KAY PAGE — Ski Club — concert band — orchestra — church youth group — Blizzard Ski Club — Sunday school teacher — has a passion for skiing NANCY JANE PALMER — Homecoming I ccorution Committee — French Club — Ski Club - Houle- EeClub - Y -Teens CRAIG VLAN PARKER - National Thespians — Edina Mayers — had parts in"HeddaCabtcr. "The Boyfriend," "Love Rides the Ralls,' and "Montserrat" — usher at the Guthrie Theatre. JOANNA ELIZABETH PARSONS — Jods — Bu reltc Feature Editor — Student Council — French Hub — French Club (nunc i I — Pilgrim Fellowship and choir — Girls' Stale alternate — remembers Canadian canoe trip M ARY ANNE PARSONS — member of Art Club — Home Ec Club — Candy Striper as a sophomore — enjoys painting and skiing — a Four Tops fun ELIZABETH JEAN PATRICK — Liz — Whigrean Academics Editor — secretary of Folk Music Club as a junior — Latin Club goddess Iris — church youth group — National Merit Scholarship semi-Bnalbt — Quill and Scroll MARGARET ELLEN PEARSON — Margie — vice-president of Future Business Leader of Edina — Y'-Tcens — Spanish Chib — Pep Club — Ski Club — Young Life — plans to attend University of Minnesota STEPHANIE ANNE PEARSON — Stevie - Home Ec Club — Girls' Athletic Association as a sophomore — enjoys swimming — likes Sonny and Cher RALPH ALLEN PEDERSEN — German (’lull — like flying and fishing — future includes the Reserve Officer Training (iorpv 104Tom Johnson express? his must heartfelt sentiments while he presents a sacrificial offering oi a school lunch to Queen reject, Mary Sue Larkin Seniors "Last Supper" Homecoming Skit For First Time Discards Traditional Male Cheerleaders and Queens JANICE KAY PEDERSON — Janny Teens—Home Ec Club — u dedicated (landy Striper — w raj s gifts ul Donaldsons — loves swings .mil slides BRUCE DAVID PEMBERTON — new ,.s a sophomore from Tokyo, Jupan church group treasurer — Spanish Cluh — Junior Achievement — worked as a counselor at a boss camp — likes the Mothers of Invention SUSAN LEE PERKINS — Y-Tecns — Spanish Club — concert band — baton twirier — orchestra — Pilgrim Fellowship — teaches Sunday school likes dancing and reading RENEE AWE PERRAl'LT — H.te likes music and literature — an enthusiastic skater — future plans include Southwest Metropolitan Junior College and the University of Minnesota JAMES WILLIAM PERRY — Jim — pastimes include working on cars and flying — hitchhiked to Arizona — plans to la- a Naval pilot DENNIS LEE PERSINCF.R - Denny — band for three years Outdoor Club — 1-Ball — won A rating in rnxemNr at stale music contest — likes golf PAMELA SUE PETERS — Pete — Latin Club vestal v irgin and senator — Y-Tecns — Home Ex Club— Methodist Youth Fellowship — Latin Club trip to Italy and Greece — plans to attend the University of Colorado BARBARA LEE PETERSON — Dis Done — French Club — Art (dub — Homecoming skits — enjoys .skiing und painting — took a yacht trip down the Delaware River BEVERLY JEAN PETERSON — Y-Teens chapter president — Red Cross representative — likrs to experiment with cooking — French Club representative 105Seniors Improvised Rules, Half-Hour Halftimes Enable Senior Girls’ Varsity to Play Tackle Football on Sunday Afternoons BRUCE AI.AN PETERSON — »krd u a carpenter' apprentice during the summer — likes fast cars and motorcycles — enjoys working on cars and anything mechanical JAMES ROGER PETERSON — Tut k R squad basket ball — baseball — 1-Ball — president of farther League — church basketball — umpire for cub softball and Park Hoard baseball — spend summer months at lake cabin MARCARE1 n i PETERSON Margie transferred Irum llammond. Indiana — Y-Tcen — French (.'lub — Student (.'mined at previous school — secretary of mixed chorus — church choir — Luther league MARK ALLEN PETERSON — Pete - junior Achievement -Park Board hockey und baseball — Catholic Youth Center member - likes the Buckinghams RANDY JOHN PETERSON - Pete — church basketball for six sears — works at Pets Unlimited — likes to collect and listen to records SH ARON ELLEN PETERSON — Y- Teens — Home Ec Club — fund — Girl Scouts — (lands Striper at Met lux! 1st Hospital - cnfossxkiing VIRGINIA GAIL PETTY — Girins — International Club — Girls' Athletic Association — Math Club — Home Ec Club — Girl Scouts — tutors students at St. Stephens Church ROBYN MARIE PFEIFER — Robbie — transferred from Bloomington in Junior year — Red Cross — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — wants to become a social worker GEORGE HOLMES PHILLIPS — Ski Club — Latin Club — lli-Y — 1-Hall — Junior Achievement — sice president of church Contact group PATRICIA LOUISE PIERCE — Pal — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — church youth group — likes water and snow skiing — worked at Gabberts CATHERINE MARY PIT — Cathy — Spanish ('lub — enjoys golfing, tennis, skating, and painting — plans to attend the University of Minnesota JAMES IIENRY PLASMAN — Plax — National Merit Scholar — Hi-Y — (German Club guild meister — Snowbound Ski Club — church fellowship cabinet member — went to Europe w’ilh the German Club over the summer — enjoys tennis and watrr skiing CHRISTINE DORTHEA PLATT — Art Club — Job s Daughters — Pilgrim Fellowship — plans on attending the Minneapolis School of Art — worked for Young Adult Advertising BECKY KFIL POJUNOS — moved fmm Libertvvillc. Illinois — Y-Teens — Art Club — Homecoming Committer — church south group — future plans include college JEANNE CAROL POLLARD — moved from Mt Prospect. Illinois, in her senior year — Aqua Nymphs — president of Girls Ensemble — cast of "Musk- Man — co-chairman of I gls Couple Contest 106ROBERT SCOTT BOLLOCK Polack — rt Club — |»rtki-paln in plays — Ugly louplc contest — hobbies inc lude pictography — avid Ian ol Charlie Brown — future includes University ol Minnesota STEPHEN JOSEPH POLLOCK — Polack partici pant in soccer, wrestling, and track — Edina Baseball Senior League — did volunteer work in Kentucky last summer — futurr plans include college CRA1C LYLE POI.SEUSS German Club — Hu cttc — "Images on the Wind" — soccer and track participant — Blizzard — Junior Achievement — loses the Outline — hopes to attend Macalcstcr JAMES ALLAN PORTER Potter Master Coum ilorol a Dr Mol,n chapter — vice-president of sales in Junior Achievement — enjoys water-skiing - has won trophies in soil JODY JEAN POWELL — Rid rust — Home Ec ( luh — X -Teens — active on church cabinet — enjoys snow hall fights and sleighrides — likes whipped iTeam and red suckers VILI.lAM THOMAS POYVERS — Willie — luvorlte pastimes include water-skiing — a shoe salesman at Wards — likes Oreas. EM LUULE PRISKAR - Elm — French dub - Y-Terns — Young Americans for Freedom — enjoys play mg the piano — visited Expo 67 last summer — plans on Mankato State College PECGY ANN PRITCHARD - Rinks - Spanish Club — Office Education — worked as u waitress at Toco Townc — enjoys swimming and howling — likes any music CREC EUGENE PI RDY — new from Tulsa, Oklahoma at end of sophomore y ear Home coming Band and Dance Committee — Stock-car racing fan — coin collector — plans include Druy ( lot lege ROBERT ARNOLD QI AM - Ili-Y — German Club Dc Molay — enjoys hunting and playing bass and drums — inemora hie trip to Europe — plans include the University of Minnesota LAUREL VIRGINIA QUEST — student council for litres- sears — sophomore class officer — B-squad dnrerleader — won Junior National Slalom Championships and named to ski ssjth National R squad — skiird in Chile last summer KATHLEEN ANN QUICK — Y-Tee ns — Art and AES Clubs — new Imin Rockford. Illinois, in senior year -- danced iri Variety Show and " Music Man at Rockford — enjoys ballet ami tennis Running for a touchdown mi the shortened fifty-yard football field. Brigid Cox tries to evade the grasp of Deldiie Rod. Linda I.irvm. and Alllc Young. 107Seniors Physics Tests and Problem Slips Are Recorded by Mr. Jepson’s Rather Erudite Eleven-Year-Old Daughter LINDA ANN RAIIKO — l.m — French Club — Y-Teenschapter secretary and civil service chairman — Home Kc Club — Chris" Athletic Association — secretary of Teen Power — craves pizza DONALD ALLAN RASK — church basketball tram — church youth group — took many exciting tri| to California — plan to enter Bethel College MARILYN JOY RAUCH — transferred from New Rochelle. New York, as a Junior — Y-Teens vice-president — Pep (]luh — International Club — Ski Club — Home Ec Club — Spanish Club — Yount: Life — Blizzard — church choir and youth .group— like bat HEIDI LORRAINE RAYMOND - Y Ferns — Ocnnun Club -Future Business la-ader of Edina — loses roller skating and skiing — spent the summer of l%7 in Europe K ATHRYN RANDI REE — president of Office Education — one sear in Y-Teens and Home Ec Club — enjoys sew ing — lias memories of u trip to California with friends JAMES STEWARD REECE — Hl-Y chapter presi-dent — memlx-r of Student Council as a junior — E-Club — laitin Club — church Contact group — varsity cross country , skiing, and track — National Merit Letter of Commendation — noted for bis fluorescent socks BETH ANN REG FT — Red — secretary of Future Teachers of America - Office Education — C andy Striper — works as a part time secretary — a mot lieer fan WILLIAM JOHN RECNER — junior transfer from Anchorage. Alaska — French Club — "King Arthur and His Magic Sword" — Ili-Y — Homecoming Decorations committee — washed musing vans — likes to play handball MICHAEL LOEN HEICIIOW — active member of Luther I eague — an avid skier — picked up 45.000 golf balls at Braemar Coif Course— University of Minnesota I.INDA K ATHLEEN RF.IXECK - Future Teachers of America as a sophomore — skillful seamstress — fun times spent roller skating — hopes to travel in Mexico this summer — plans to attend the University of Minnesota PETER CARL REISHUS — plays guitar — tinkers w it hears — likes the Paul Butterfield Blues Rand — can t miss ho red hair KATHERINE MARIE RF.KER - Kappy — ".All Mv Sons' — Homecoming Publicity co-chairman — plays an interesting guitar — National Merit Semi-finalist — drlrgatc to model United Nations in Winnepeg — nurses" aid — loves living-color dream ROBERT H ARRY RIBBI.E — lattinClub—good skier and golfer — has traveled in Tevav arid California — plans to attend the Uni-versits of Minnesota CLARE DRUSILLA RICHARDS — Phoebe — last in Club — French Club — International Club — Math Club — Y-Teens — church youth group trustee — National Merit Semi-finalist — likes to sew . ski ami play tennis — has a keen interest in archeology. JANICE KAY RICHTER — transferred from Rice Lake. W isconsin, as a junior— member of Pep Club — Future Business Leaders — vice-president of Y-Teens chapter — secretary of choir I OHSTEPHEN JEFFREY KIES- lilin Club senator — K-Club treasurer — vanity emu country captain — vanity track — l-liall — iiictlal winner in district and region cross country meets — ptni-dent of church Luther League ROGER JOHN KING — W hi-groan Business Assistant — Homecoming over-all co-chairman vice-president of Esplnrvn Dental ut| t — concert band — I-Bull — played with The Caretakers — compulsive sunllowcr seed cater DAN ID JOHN RIVAL!. — Spu z — guitar player in "Bye Bye Birdie — lead guitar for tin- System — plans on a career in music or aviation JAMES CALI-AWAY ROBERTS — member of hi church youth group — avid fan of can. music, and stamp collecting — has been a Fuller Brush sali-nnaii JOAN MARIE. ROBINSON — Dmllie — Y-Teens — choir — Contact — likes to water ski and horselvick ride — hopes to attend St Cloud College THOM AS FRANCIS ROCH — cross country — track — participates in I-Ball — good card and tennis plavcr — plans to studs engineering at the t ’Diversity of Minnesota JAMES TROW HOCIIEFORD - transferred from Wushbum as a pinior — member of Art Club — enjoys skating and water skiing — has done paintings lor Gabherlv — plans to go into art training MARY ELIZABETH RONALD - Red Cross representative nurses aid — synchronised swimming — won honors in swim racing — interested in skiing and collecting antiques — plans include teaching PETER FREDERICK ROOS - Spanish lub sanity ski team — raced for Blizzard and Ruck Hill — exciting trips to Florida and Mexico. ROTO ROOTER — Root — Future Plumbers of F'dina — an enthusiastic addition to the Pep Club ROBERT J AMES ROSE — varsity Isaskelbull — Latin Glut) — lnilusln.il league softball — Park Board baseball —church Contact group— would like to travel after graduation HOWARD TERRANCE ROSS I'erry transferred from Bloomington as a sophomore — Spanish Club — Te«l Power — memorable trips to I .os Angeles ami Tla|uana — loves to ski and plus Ins guitar IIAYES ANTIIOM KOTII — attended Blake as a junior — debate for three years — Blake ski team — crews at the Minnetonka Yacht Club loves to travel by train Sl'SAN LORRAINE ROTHNEM — Cirlv’ Nthktic Association board member — Future Teacher of America - Candy Striper — Cirl Scouts — Luther League — likes canoe tr.ps CIAIDIA JEAN ROWLAND -Jenny — moved from Needham, Massachusetts, ox u junior - Folk Music Club— International Club— Prom Decorations Committee — National Merit Semi-finalist DF.BOKAII JEAN HUD— Whigrean Nrademics assistant — Red Cross representative — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Girls' Varsity — Young Life — camp in Colorado — loves licorice and playing tennis. STEVE'. JOHN RUKES — Mole — Triumph racing team — Eagle Scout — favorite |iavtimcs include jilaving the drums and shooting pool TIMOTHY I.EE RUNKE — Tomato — Art luh — vice-president of the Edina-Momingside Pilgrim Fellowship Youth Group — enjoys water skiing 109GAYLE MARIK RUPP — transferred from Southwest as a Junior — Office Education — member of .Art Club — Junior .Achievement — Home Kc Club — plans to attend Mankato State College CHARLES EDWARD RUSSELL — Latin Club censor and god — Outdoor Club — concert hand — National Rifle Association Cun Club — participated in intramural sports — craves sunflower seeds MARGARET JEANNE RUSSELL — Peggy — moved from Saint Petersburg. Florida, as u junior — Discussion Club at other school — Basketball committee for Charity W eek Girl Scouts — has won many music awards WILLIAM PATRICK RUSSELL — Pat — transferred from IV LaSalle High School as u junior — an expert golfer — enjoys watching sports events and playing pool. THOMAS KENNETH SAARI — Latin Club — Ski Club — enjoys all sports, especially skiing — future includes the University of Minnesota NANCY MARIK SALAND — Girls Athletic Association — Y-Teens — choir — won trophies in u bowling league — likes sports car racing — plans to become a social worker STEVEN MICHAEL SALES — I .at in and German Club — enjoys w ater and snow skiing — future plans include the University of Minnesota — hates soggy Wheatics STEVEN ELERY SAMl'KL-SON — Sam — active baseball player — memorable trips to California and Vancouver Islands — plans to enter the Navy after graduation BRUCE HOW ARD SANBORN — received trophies for water ski jumping — memorable trip to Spring Lake — can be seen driving bis Ferrari — plans to attend the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology LAWRENCE DRAKE SANBORN — Drake — Junior and Senior league baseball — favorite pastimes are water und snow skiing and working on cars — plans to take flying lessons STEVEN MAYNARD SANDBERG — Carl — CooMoSaRi — German Club — concert band — church league co-chairman — Explorer Scout — member of the Sound of Soul — National Merit letter of Commendation MARY I.ORN'A SANDERS — transferred from Holy Angels as a junior — French Club — Ushers' Club — Pep Club — Girls' Athletic Association — Braemur Figure Skating Club — memorable camping trips to Glacier Park. DAVID KARLSANDT — Homecoming Float committee for German Club - German Club Guild officer — dedicated pianist — interesting trips to Germany and Austria. JOHN CHRISTOPHER SANFORD — vice-president of E-Club — member of the Pilgrim Fellowship youth group — tri-captain of the wrestling team — plans to attend the University of Minnesota MICHAEL ROSS SAUVE — transferred from Saint Louis Park as a sophomore — French Club — Red Cross representative — memorable trips to Atinandale — loves skiing and dancing SANDRA KAY SAVIK — secretary of Y-Teens — Candy Striper — enjoys stamp collecting and sewing — took a exciting trip to Mexico — plans to attend Hamline University WILLIAM CHARLES SCARBOROUGH — Park Board baseball for two years — has won several trophies in bowling — an avid footbull fan JODY KAY SCHARRKR — came to Edina from East Grand Rapids. Michigan, at the beginning of her junior year — secretary of her class at Her former school — Ski dub — Y-Teens — (Jandy Stri|H r — loses Kruft caramels NOROBERT MARK SCHAlER - transferred from Milwaukee in fall of senior year — Math Club — Hi-Y — Junior vanity basket-ball, golf team, und Medical Explorer Fast at past school — held a job as a truck driver BRICE ARTHUR SCHELPER — lettered in vanity football two yean—E-Club — (iermuit Club— lli-Y — Outward Bound JACQUELYN KAY SCHIEL - Y-Tcen for three yean — Ski Club— Aprcs Ski Tours — Home EcClub — Art Club — French Club — memorable trip to the Bahamas — plans to utU-nd college in Colorado, NANCY LEE SCHILLING — secretary of Office Education Club — Home Ec Club — Candy Striper — owns a hone called lx»ve — likes horseback riding, water skiing, and listening to the Supremes — I laiis to become an airline stewardess GAIL MARIE SCIIILTZ — Walt her League secretary — Office Education — Y-Teens — church choir JACK LLOYD SCHIRMER — vanity swimming and baseball — Park Board haselull — R-squad football — likes to swim. ski. and golf. JOHN MARKEY SCHMKRLER — Schmobs — senior class president — Student Council lor three vean — chairman of Civil Service committee — co-captain of (oothall team — E-Club— Student Council Outstanding Achievement Award — All-Lake Conference Football Team selection — Young Life — sailing instructor CYNTHIA SCHMIDT — French Club Council — Home Ke Club — Art Club — Declam — member of Tatra and Bliz urd Ski Clulr. CYNTHIA SCHNEIDER —secretary and vice-president of Aqua Nymphs — worked at Edina Pool as a sw miming instructor — loses to water and snow ski. VIRGINIA MAF. SCIIRENK — enjoys roller skating, sewing, and oil (Minting — u Gram! Prix fun — plans to uttend the University of Minnesota JOHN WARREN SCHROEDKR — enjoys hunting and fishing — an accomplished flyer — plans to attend Treasure Valley College in Ontario. Oregon, and become u pilot DALE HAROLD SCHWARTZ — Electronics Explorer Post — Boy-Scouts — Park Board baseball — has won several medals in speed skating — exciting trip to Montana — will study forestry ut the University of Minnesota Seniors Situational Ethics and Boy Troubles Are Favorite Topics in the Wee Hours At Senior Girls’ As Marsha I.ovaas tells the latest elephant joke, the laughter that comes when you're so tired that you'll laugh at anything hulfwus funny , overcomes Sue Hav-hoe, Sue Canton, Pam Swendseen. Maureen (Julian. and Mindy Howard Slumber Parties IIITED KENNETH SCIIVV ARZROCK — Latin Club - Hi-Y — Chest Club — Park Board hockc) — Intramural Basketball — enjoy water and snow skiing — a motorcycle and car Ian. TIMOTHY GFORCE SCHWENKE — Tex — moved from Dallas. Trias. just before senior year — participated in boxing at former school — enjoy racing cars and motorcycles — plans to attend Texas A M. I DONA M ARIE SCOFIEI.D — Y-Teens — International Club — Girls' Mbletic Association — band — member of Spanish Club— Girl Scouts — Job’s Daughters JAMES RCSSEI.I. SCOGGIN — Jay — National Thespians — Buzzcttr Assignment Editor — in the cast of "Tom Sawyer. " King Arthur, and "The Bald Soprano" — Quill and Scroll DAVID ALAN SEVERSON — varsity baseball — choir — played the lead in church play — enjoys baseball. playing the piano, and swimming — National Merit letter of Commendation GEORGIANS SHARPE — president of Y-Teens chapter — Student Council — Spanish Club — Outdoor Club — Folk Musk- Club — in cast of "Gondoliers — church group vice-president — an avid horseback rider and snow skier THOMAS JOSEPH SHAI CIINESSY — Ski Club — a water and snow skiing enthusiast — has worked at the State Fair — plans to attend the University of Minnesota DAVID DEAN SHELTON — Boy Scouts — an avid water skier — likes to work on cars — has worked with the Triumph Racing Team GLORIA JEANNE SHELTON — Distributive Education — Y-Teens — Ski Club — mrmher of Junior Achievement — worked at Nisswa during the summer — loves to dance and go skiing. SUSAN ELLEN SHERMAN — Art Club — French Club — dc-dam — Y-Teens — Job's Daughters — church fellowship — Ski Club — Senior Life Saving — Ja z dance group — summer plan include France CHRISTINE JANE SIEFF — Christy — Y-Teens — F'rench Club — Homecoming Programs committee — Prom Publicity committee — Honored Queen of Job’s Daughters — Blizzard — lli-Y Sweetheart candidate — kaliedoscope eyes SANDY SIFTER — Nitty Gritty — real alirasive personality — likes to play in the sand — a beach bum STEPHEN FITCH SILHA — SS — Buzzette reporter, assistant sports editor, and Editor-In-Chief — French Club — Minnesota High School Press Association president — Head Doctor of Tarantula Club — likes haylofts ANNE SIVR1GHT — Siv — Student Council — Red Cross treasurer and president — co-chairman of Homecoming Coronation committee — Candy Striper — Sunday school teacher — attended Red Cross leadership Center — sincere JANET LYNN SLEF: — Jannie — member of Ski Club — French and Latin Clubs — worked at Marvin Oreck's — enjoys skiing — one of the gang. BRAD FREDERICK SMITH — transferred front Blake in his Junior year—earned four letters at Blake—member of the Calhoun Yacht Club — hobbies include skiing and sailing. CORALIE WATKINS SMITH — Apple — Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Candy Striper — hostess at Juster's — avid rider who owns and hunts her own horse CYNTHIA JF1AN SMITH — new from Toledo, Ohio, in sophomore year — Y-Tcens — l.atin Club — Junior Achievement — Snowbound Ski Club 112Seniors Heart Transplants, Vietnam, Racial Violence, and Johnson’s Waning Popularity Keynote the News Year DEBRA ANN SMITH — Aqua Nymph member for three yean — Ski Club — Y-Tcens — Junior Achievement — enjoys horsebut I riding — plans to attend Hillsdale — a nut in the classical sense. KAREN HELENE SMITH — National Thespians vice-president — Edina Players — Homecoming skits — actress in plays — Yount; Life — would like to attend St Olaf College — famous lor her original words SANFORD BENNETT SMITH - F«lt - Edina Soccer Club — German Club meister — vanity soccer team captain — All-Conference soccer player — a member ol the Minnesota Soccer Association TODD BUNKER SMITH — E-Club — Student Council — varsity {(Milball and swimming — 1967 Minnesota State High School diving and 100-yard backstroke champion — 1965. 1966, and 1967 High School All-American in diving GREGORY JUDSON SNELL — vanity soccer team — cross country — All-Conference in soccer — memoruble trip to Pans — fint Camam in the junior high parking lot. CAROL LEE SNYDER - l.cr new as a sophomore from Philadelphia. Pennsylvania — Y-Teens — French Club — youth fellowship — loves the Atlantic lieach — hopes to attend . Bemidji State College ANN EIJZABETII SOMMERS — Future Business Leaders of Edina president — Spanish Club mem tier and representative — church youth group— worked on Sadie Haw kins — future includes Hamline or Drake PHILIP EDMUND SOPER - Soap -swim team — Scouts — pastimes include cars, ski floats, and skiing — plans to become an aeronautical engineer JOHN ANDREW SORTEBERG — senator, publicity manager, father of the vestal virgins, and drmi-god of loitin Club — B-squad hockey — Park Board hockey — assistant coach and referee of junior high hockey team — interesting trip to Italy. BETTY ANNE SORTINO — transferred from Omaha. Nebraska, in her |uninr year — French Club member — chorus in Omaha — the manager of a 26-srat snack bur FREDERIC JOSEPH SOI'BA — Fred — Pilgrim Fellowship president — pastimes include trapshooting and hunting — future plans include attending the University of Minnesota and going into Forestry — loves jawbreakers ROBERT I.EO SOWER — Bob — has a wide range of interest in all kinds of sports — plans include attending a junior college — likes include can. LINDA KAY SPAIN — member of Home Ec Club — Girls Athletic Association — Latin Club — pastimes include sports, dancing and collecting pennirs — future plans for nuncs's training DEBRA JOYCE SPENCER — Spence — enjoys riding tandems and collecting ring tops from pop cans — plans for a long trip to Europe — loves anything that's different RONALD WAYNE SPENCER — Chrss Club vice-president and treasurer — student manager of sophomore and junior vanity haschall — I-at in Club senator — president of a company in Junior Achievement — church basketball — coin collector II)WENCKK SUE SPENCER — German Club — Junior Achievement — enjoys reading — plans to attend the University of Minnesota HENRY LANGUM SPH.I.EH — French Club — Ku . etle — Young Democrats of Edina — a remedial reading tutor — Presbyterian fellowship and teacher — likes water skiing KENATH HERRICK SPONSEI. Skip Huxxettc— Whigroan National Ski Patrol al Telemark — Rruin Palmer Award — driver of the big red bus — an avid Association fan I .ANA CIH.ORIS STACEY — B-sipiad cheerleader as a sophomore — Y-Teens — in "The Boyfriend" — Homecoming Skit — loves writing letters ROBERT ERIC STAKE — moved from Bry n Maur, Pennsylvania, as a sophomore — German lub meister — Math Club — concert band — varsity soccer — National Merit Seini-finalist National German contest award — Harvard Book Award JILL TF.RI STARKEY - French Club - Edina Ski Club — Y-Teens — Girls Varsity — Young Life — likes skiing. TP.ing. and eating marble sundaes DONAI.D CORDON STEELE — vice-president of church Pilgrim Fellowship as a Junior — enjoys swimming, tennis, and drawing — plans on a career iri forestry WILLIAM CORDON STEINKE — Scooter — W'higrcun sports assistant — varsity soccer co-captain — varsity baseball — All-Conference soccer team — likes water skiing — does great band stands. DONALD RICHARD STEWART — stage crew for " King Arthur" — plays guitar TP ing — car enthusiast — loves A A W root f rer LINDA SUSAN STILLWELL — Hornettes — Latin Club — Y-Teens — concert band — enjoys sewing and skiing — a camp counselor and canoe instructor during summer SANDRA KAY STINSON — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — French Club — enjoys reading and sewing — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. CAIL KATHRYN STITT — Girls' Athletic Association Board — National Thespians —children s experimental theater— president and treasurer of Girl Scout troop — plans on a career in microbiology— visited Expo'67 ELIZABETH ANN STONE — Betty — Hornettes — Y-Teens — Job's Daughters — Homecoming Parade committer — likes skiing, swimming, and watching hockey — visited Hawaii MARILYN ANN STONE — Girls' Athletic Association Board — German Club — Y-Teens — varsity band — area vice-president of Girl Scouts — pastimes include skiing and caring for animals JEFFRY DONALD STRANDEMO — Emn — E-Glub secretary — l a(in and German Clubs — member of Hi-Y — varsity track and cross country — likes boats, can, and jazz SALLY JOANNE STRATE — Y-Teens - Blianrd Ski Club — Edina Ski Club — plans to attend the University of Minnesota — memorable trips to i.utsen ANDREW GEORGE STROM — Andy — 1-Ball — baseball — dramatics — Icathercraft — took a mule trip in the- Grand Canyon GREGORY NEIL STROM — Distributive Education Club — Ski Patrol — pastimes include billiards and hunting — great time at the Blazer 114Seniors The Packing of Over 150 Bodies Into One Living Room Testifies to the Expansion of Young Life Membership Catching the hidden meaning in one of Dave Williamson's famous Jokes. Doug Crowthcr and Pat (Carr (all into gales of laughter at a Young Life meeting. CONSTANCE RUTH STROM HERO - Y-Teens — concert hand — orchestra — drum majorette in marching hand — church choir JENNIFER KAY STURCES — Jenny - Y-Tcem — Latin Club — Homecoming Coronation committee — Lands Striper — Homecoming Skits — cast member in musicals — loves skiing and singing LESLIE HOWARD SUOMELA — 1-Ball — school and summer haschjll — tournament bowler — also likes golf and hockey — has a great dislike for Ford Falcons JONATHAN WILLIAM SUTPHKN — plays In Marcia and the Lynchmcn — lighting committee chairman for "lledda Chibler and “My Three Angels" — likes ’59 Chevrolet! and the Knotts DONNA LOUISE SWANSON — Edina Ski Club — Y-Tecns — German Club — Committee co-chairman for Homecoming and Charity Week — secretary of church youth group — traveled to Europe with the German Club in summer 67 ROY EDWIN SWANSON' — Chip — Chess Club — Distributive Education Red Cross Council — Ugly Couple Contest — varsity swimming — church school helper — is known to lie persistent PA.MEI.A ELIZABETH SWENDSEEN - Swcnny — co-captain of Horncttcs — Homecoming Parade committee — French Club — Y-Teens — Homecoming attendant — constantly giggling JAMES TODD SWENSON — Sens — Red Cross Council — Ski Club — German Club — Hi-Y president— Homecoming Skit chairman — varsity tennis — plans to attend the University of (Colorado in Boulder MARKN IIAIDI SWENSON — Swcn — Y-Tecns chapter president — Red Cross Council — last in Club — French (Club — Candy Slnjser — Junior Achievement RICHARD W ALTER TAUBE — Folk Music Club - plays the guitar and piano — favorite pastime is writing music — enjoys the music of the Mamas and Papas KRISTINE MARIE TAYLOR — Home Ee (Club — Y-Tecm — Homecoming Float committee — Ski Club — enjoys cooking, sewing, and skiing — memorable trip to Dallas PAUL TAYLOR — Latin Club — a professional piano and organ plaver — fond memory of a New York trip — likes drive-ins and the Temptations. IISSeniors Month of Dress Code Revision Finds Classes With Abundance Of Blue Jeans, Flirts And Jumpsuits RITA JEAN TERESI — Student (Council — Homecoming Buttons chairman — Homecoming Skit chairman — Choral (dub— mixed choir vice-president — Y-Teens — Hornet mascot — Student Council secretary WILLIAM STEVEN TERRY — Bill — Ski Club — E-Club — National Ski Patrol — varsity football — plans to attend St Cloud State RONALD DALE TIIEIS — Homecoming Parade committee — Ski Club — plays for the Sound of Soul — likes box hockey ami st|uamish — state swimming champion in Nebraska — likes grape suckers. MARK FULTON TIIOELE — president of church Luther League — E-Club — varsity basketball and baseball — American legion baseball — Little Ix-aguc baseball coach — plans to attend Luther CANDYCE JANE THOMPSON — Candy — Ski Club -Y-Teens — Blizzard Ski Club — Prom Publicity committee — Homecoming Program committee — loves root beer and bulter-scotch GATLI KATHLEEN THOMPSON — band — Home Ec Club — Spanish Club — Y-Teens — Candy Striper — Drama Club president — likes skiing, skating, and guitars HAROLD JAY THOMPSON — Jay — Outdoor Club — has worked at the American Printing Company and Quality Books — enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping — took a memorable trip to Florida JEAN MARIE THOMPSON — Home EcClub - Y-Teens — Homecoming Float committee — Horizon Club — Junior Achievement — plans to attend business school. I.YN'DA ADELL THOMPSON — Mousie — likes painting and dancing — has worked at Cinema I and II and the Westgate — future plans include art school — likes motorcycles and jewelry. MICHAEL HARRY THOMPSON — Cub — Whigrean sports editor luitin Club — Ili-Y — Edina Players — National Merit Semi-finalist — exciting trip to Italy ami Greece — great sense of humor and a friend to all PEGGY LEE THOMPSON - Peg - Y-Teens — Spanish Club — choir — Luther League — likes bowling and the Supremos — plans to attend Minnesota School of Business. ROBERT DALE THOMSON — Bob — Science Seminar — band — junior varsity baseball — American Ixgion baseball — played Park Board hockey — plans on attending the University of Oklahoma in the future. MICHAEL DWAYNE THON — Mike — new to Edina from Sioux Falls. South Dakota as a senior — likes to ski and play football — has worked at Red's Pure Oil — enjoys Simon anti Carfun-kel plans to attend art school. SANDRA LAUREL THORP — Sandy — French Club member — Y-Teens — Ski Club — likes cooking, sewing, and knitting — worked at G K Cleaners — plans to attend beauty school JOHN RICHARD THUROW — Chess Club — interested in astronomy and radio — worked as a part-time cook at Methodist Hospital — likes to read — plans to attend the University of Minnesota 116RODNEY DEAN TOUSSAINT - moved from Oklahoma City. Oklahoma, in sophomore year — Hi Y — Spanish Club — Ski Club — hobbies are playing pool und golfing JOHN THOMAS TROOP — German Club — choral club — baseball — participated in choir musicals — enjoys folk music — likes oranges and dislikes apples I.ORI JEAN t'l sAKER — Latin and Spanish Clubs — Y-Teens — secretary of Junior Achievement group — memories of a summer vacation trip to Florida ANN KATHARINE ULVESTAD — president of National Thespians — Hornettes two years — Homecoming attendant for Edina and Blake — member of Dudley Rigg s Brave New Workshop cast — sunshine girl MARTIN SCOT UMBERCER — Edina Ski Club — Hi-Y — German Club— E-Club — varsity swim team — memorable skiing at I.utsen. MARK SCOTT CNTIEDT — enjoys most sports such as baseball, hockey, und foothull — won trophies in bowling — worked on a farm lust summer ROBERT MICHAEL VanVOORIIEES —Ski Club— plays a guitar und the trumpet — took a trip to New Orleans SARA LYNNE VanWAZER — Art Club — Home Fr Club rides her own horse — stayed at Minnesota State Fair with the horses for four days GERALD MATTHEW VERDORN — junior vanity baseball — vice-president of Luther Ixaguc — Amateur Radio Club — participated in three school musicals and uctcd in Edina Community Theater — fan of the Ramsey Lewis Trio VALERIE ANN VFIRSF.N — a special passion for rnaple nut und mm cherry ice cream cones — a very sensitive and creative person KRISTINE MARIE WAAC — Office Education — Art Club — Y-Teens — spends much of her lime on horseback — 1966 Minnesota State High School Rodeo Queen. JANICE PAMELA WAHL — Y Teens — Art Club — Ski Club — French Club — memories of a trip to the Bahamas by ship — future plans include attending the University of Minnesota DENNIS DEAN WALLACE — Wall — likes motorcycles — future plans include uttending the University of Minnesota PAUL CLIF'F'ORD WAI.QUIST — Walrus — spent second hour of his senior year as a counselor's page — hobbies include w ater skiing as well as shooting pool PAUL MARK WARDEI.L — varsity soccer team — hurdler on the track team — loves to participate in most sports — future plum include attending the University of Minnesota — likes to think HENRY TUCK WELL WARNER — Tuck — Blizzard Ski Club -skied with the Edina ski team for two years — enjoys horseback riding ROBERT CHARLES WARNKE — varsity swimming team — president of his junior achievement company — worked as u computer operator for Honeywell — likes to play chess and poker CATHERINE MARGARET WATSON - transferred from Holy Angels in her junior year — Office Education — future plans include the University of Minnesota 117Teeth gritted with determination. Joyce Jondahl, Debbie Henningsen. Joy Clausen. and Jill Starkey vent their anger on a wayward senior boy house WILLIAM EDGAR WEBB — Bushman — Latin Club — drum-nscr for the Knolls — spends much time with a 1939 Ford — plans to attend Bloomington Junior College. WENDY KAY WEIN-GARTNER — Edina Players — Y-Teens — l-itm Club member — Girls' Athletic Association — Girl Scouts — board member of Lu ther League — spent twenty hours on a train going to Expo '67 MARTIN JAMES WELLS — Marty — French Club — member of the cabinet for hb church vouth group — likes cars, electronics, and tennb — hops's to become a pilot BARBARA JO WELLUMSON — Girls Athletic Association publicity co-chairman — Girl Scouts — church choir member — wax a telephone solicitor at Sheraton Hit MARK CLAY WEST — Latin Club — vanity sw imming — Interlachen Junior golf team — loves sleeping and golfing — plans to attend the University of Arizona. SHARON LYNN WESTFALL — moved here from Oskalosa. Iowa, lief ore her junior year — Y-Teens — International Chib — dec-lain — French Club — Future Business leaders of Edina — likes to sew and water ski. SHARON LEE WHALEN — Office Education at Rosemount Engineering — Home Ec Club — Junior Achievement — Candy Striper at Falrview-Soutbdale — likes summer and camping trips. DEBORAH JUNE WHITE - Dubbs — likes to sew — plans include two years of college before becoming a stewardess — loses trains JON KARI. WILBUR — Math Club president — HEY dub vice-president — varsity soccer team — (ierman Club member — churi'li choir — likes to play the piano LYNN MARIE WILLIAMS —Art Club — Edina Skit Club — Red Cross — member of "King Arthur" cast — French Club — member of National Thespians — church youth group treasurer — likes dill pickles TODD ALFRED WILLIAMS — Willie — %ar sity hockey captain — junior varsity football and hockey — likes hunting, golfing, and skating — plans to attend the University id Minnesota. MARGARET DRUCILLA WILLMORE — Dm -member of the Edina Players — National Thespians — Park Board Children's Theater — Experimental Theater — French Club member — likes play grounds awl mountains 118Seniors Girls Risk Humility of Being Caught In Their Post-Midnight TP’ing Raids-, Senior Boys Find Decorated Houses JOANNE WILSON — concert liand — Revived an "A rating in state music contest — Y-Tccns — church youth croup — member of Ski Club — likes skiing and sew me PATRICIA JANE WIL-SON — co-editor of "ImaRcs on the Wind — National Thespians — declam — choir — French Club—National Merit Letter of Commendation — received Princeton Advanced Placement in American History CYNTIIIA DIANNE WING — Candy Striper — hobbies include sewing and water skiing — favorite groups include the Supremes and the Temptations COLLEEN MARIE WINSOR - member of Home Ec Club — Pep dub member — Luther league — hobbies include swimming — favorite group is the Young Rascals CHARLES REED WINTER — Chuck — lettered in varsity football as a Junior — member of Intramural Basketball — likes to play cards and shoot pool in his spare time — hates getting up in the morning RICHARD ALBERT W ISE — hobbies indude skiing — likes green S4 Hun ks — likes The Mothers of Invention BARBARA JANE W OLD — Baba — Spanish lub - Y-Trens Job's Daughters — church youth group — likes water and snow skiing — plans to attend the University of Minnesota WENDf LOUISE WOOD — Aqua Nymphs — I atm and French luln Y-Teens — Ski Club — co-chairman of Homecoming Refreshments committee — hobbies include riding and showing horses — future plans include the University of Wisconsin BRIAN JAMES WOOLSEY — Student Council — wrestling and track — sophomore and senior Homecoming skits — Senior Car — likes water skiing, weight-lifting, and laughing STEPHEN ROBERT YANDA Bear — co-captain of the foot-ball team — Young Life bouncer — named to All-Conference and All-Metropolitan football teams — most valuable plaver ALICE FAN YOUNG — Allir — varsity cheerleader - Student Council — Young 1 Jle — Girls' Varsity lootball team — sophomore daw secretary — Daisy Mae — Prom Theme and Decorations co-chairman — lots of enthusiasm KENNETH JAY ZEILINGEK Distributive Education — wrestling — likes cars — plans to go into the serv ice alter graduation ROBERT GREGORY ZEN DER - Rig Z — varsity basketball captain — E-Club — named to All-State. Region. District, and Conference basketball teams — likes all sports I- BRADFORD ZETZMAN — Skip — member of the Music Projection - French Club — in casts ol "The (Gondoliers ' and "Bye Bye Birdie’ — won scholarship to the United Nations Seminar in New York — fantastic musician and composer — likes Hodan JAMES EDWARD ZIMMERMAN — Zim — International Club member — Outdoor Club — intramural sports — concert band — Ili-Y — certified scuba diver — likes sunflower seeds 119Junior skit turns on student body at pepfrst with "Grass is a Gas" as Mu neb kin hippies direct Or travelers down the selloss brick mad tnssard Emerald City. Juniors Class Finds $1.67 in Treasury, Discovers Challenge in Compensating For the ’68 Prom Fund Shortage Obviously worried about their lack of funds are junior dan officers Nano ( arisen, treas. Krfc Anderson. vice pres . Bryan Cooper, pres . Marcs Reeses, sec Performing in groups of two to perfect Spanish Flea" for the first foot lull game. Hornet let Arm Kurds and Nunes Holmes sufimil to helpful criticism at a 5 30 pcac tier in the gsm foyer m Molly Coni in hnin herself after school by inuking publicity |««tm fur I lie A FS dance Minuter before departure of the 5.30 ac-tfvfly bus, Mdb»J Kroning. Carol Strom-lirrjt, and Bev Hale scan the floor frantically for a lost contact 121Juniors Fads Run from Curls to Pierced Ears? Mini and Midi Skirt Lengths Confuse Fashion-Conscious Junior Girls Adams. Joseph Adams, Patricia Adam . Rulwit Ajjncvs. Karen AIulsuii, Andrew Alrnon. Innn Alarlk. John Allard Nicholas Allen, Mike Allrmlorf. C.lirH AnderbcrR. Pam Anderson. Brell Anderson. (Ihervl Anderson. Denise Anderson, Kric Anderson. Julie Andennn. Kent Andennn. I.ynn Anderson, I.ucinda Andennn, Merrill Anderson. Sails Anderson. Shelley Anderson, Sherilynn Anderson, Wendy Aiulrues. Stephen Antomon, Joan Arnold, (iaylc Arnold. Patsy Arnold, Penny Aronson (!arol Ash. Nancy Ashley. Nancy Atchison. Tom Aungst, Brenda Bacon, Barbara Bakcn. Brunt Baker, Brett Barber. Nancy Barnes. Steve Barnum. Kli alwth Barrett. l.ouive Bale . Thomas Buyers. Robert Reartngcr. I.mda Beasley. AV'endv Beetle. Jeff Bennett. Putt rice Bensoll. Joseph Henson. Todd Bern. Ann Berg, Diane Bern, Mayer BefRdds. Murk BcfRrcn. Katherine Bernsenn, John Bemud. James Bertelson. Jilene Bert ebon. Mark Brsun, Dave Bidsvell. IN'on is Biermen. Rov Birdsonn. I'.trii Bhoonetl. Bruce Bjork. Mary Sue 122lilunk.iiluker. Prnnv Blankcntukor. Polls HI k ki. Surah Blocgc. I.ynn Itohlrtf. Mum Bohannon. Cars It. .1.1 Jennifer Dodos. It m.k Kayinoud Boovulis. kas llur.l.'ii, R ovals n Hordouaro, Paul li iiil. Thomas Bowman. Bitrlu.ru Brand. Willuiii Itrumf.ird. ('hurlr Brant , Wilburn Branson. Patrick Itiu.K-kl.v Jolfrcs Brecht Lined Itrclicr. Bonita Rrohm Ward Bremer. Burrs Bringgold. Bradley llr.tti.n Holxrt Brnback Sloven Bmekrr, Iharln BtoiiIb. Jane Brown. Anthonv Brown, Deborah Brown, David J Brown. Nancy Buchanan. JeUrcv Itorko. John Itnrkhardl. Jumev Bums. Diane Burn'll. Linda Burt, k list in Itu ick Nanci Itvrd. Jackie ( uhulku. Thorn ( -.in, Virginia Callinun Patrick (. mpl cll. Dougluv Cumpliell. Ralph Inreilt. Amlin Carlven. N'oricv Carbon. Carol ( urhon. James Carlson. Mars Carlson, Miohuol Carlson. Robert ( arlson. Silvan Carlton. Crate .urhuhun. James 'urprnter. Fred Entranced by the vcledion of pierced earrings. Sue Crenell attemptv to Imd u l air of bright bangles to keep her in step with the fashion (adv 123Junior students wail mtlr»ly for ihc bell lo ring, releasing thorn for lurioh | oriod after their Miiior rlurnutn have left throe minutes early. Carroll. Mar. larroil, Prior barter. Judith Cartwright. Cheryl Cashniaii. Kevin Chandler. Ruvvell ( hapmati, David hapman. Jams Chrsman, Dan Childers. Carol Christenson, Carol Christensen, James Christensen, Jill Cirmia. Steve Clapp. Robert Clegg. FJIen .'lothier, William Coleman William Collins. Patricia Collins. Thomas Goman Herbert Combs, Louis Comstock, Cars Conlin Molls Cool id go, Kathorinr Coon, Gregors Coon rod. Richard Cooper, liryari Owjxr, Grctchcn Cooper, Linda Corah. Colleen Correa. John Couillard. Jay Coursolle. jeremv Coursolle, John Co . Joan Crask. Dclxirah Crawford. Daniel Cross. Barb Cullen, Jayne ( tdlrn, Lynne Curie. Don (lumii. Jody ( uvhinan. Cheryl Dah|uivt. Linda l)asen|Mirt. John Davis. John Das is. Mark 124Dexterity unpaired with the additional cumbersome » eight of a new class ring is one of t he reasons for an unexcmahle error in typing class Juniors Expectant Juniors Receive Rings-, Class of 69 is First to Accept Style Previously Chosen by Past Class I Kan, Margaret IJegebcrg, |)a in Drkraas, Ross Delaney. Catherine Delaney, Deborah DrRcmer. Steve Denk, Thomas Dickie l.inda Dtllnrr, Michael IXihlM'lmarin. Murk Dockendorf. Mars Doehrnian. Paid Donaldson, Karbala Donnas. Paul Donnells. Kli alietli Dorek. Stephen Doogall. Susan Douglas. Bruce Do ark. Das id Drake, fills Drake, uncs Dreher, Boland Dud lev. Christine Dudley. Janet Duncan. Crcgg Duncan. Julie Dunker. Barbara Dunn. Barli Dunn. Paul Duuss uldie. illiam Durst. David Duvick. Cheryl Karl. Bail mi a Kastman. Carol (Cedes. Kathleen Kconomot. John Kdelaman, Mark Kdgren. Bruce ICdss ards, Cvnthia Kgan. Kathleen Kgeksist. DelHiruh Kide. Mars Kdie. Randall Kidsmo. Das id Kislcr. James Klttmanii, Steven Kllebs. Mary Kngelsma. Susan 125Juniors Junior Class Comprises a Majority Of Cheerleaders, Pep Club Members, Boys Strengthen Football, Hockey Fnghind. ( rum Fnghmd. Robert Fnckson. Murilsn Frickvin. Russell hrrell William Faith, Kim Falconer. Gars Fullden Diutlc Falcon, Richard Ijrkax. I.yncttc i'w, W illt.iin Frldmrir, Ann htSltvin Mark loin', Karen I indlas Margaret kindles. Paul Finlex. Justine I nhcr. Kathleen I- Hher. Samira Fletcher. Martha Foley. Deborah Folev. Holierl Forslund. Ann Foxscen. William Fossum David Frank. Iiurh.ua Frederick, Michael Fretlund. Richard Frey. Stephen Frick, Murk Fridlund. Victoria Friedrichs. Patricia Film. Jack Cununori Daniel (ianv Joseph Garrett, Tracx Gustier. Murk GuimhninO, Hinlxn Gilisun, Samuel (idles. Richard Girons. Small (mxellx'ck. Claudia Gleason. Krntinc (a.lido, Gregory Gohlu. Mary (•ranger. ' leki Gravier, Roh (irwn. Jnxce Greene, Trrrie Grcig. Michael Grenell. Suzanne Griffiths. David Grill Karen Gross. Cath (•rutting. James (u islumbk. James Guot kc, Susan Gmtufson. I.inda Hacking. Steven I ladles . Thomas I lading. Stephen Hagen. Oaths Hagen. Ronald lluire. Herbert 126Unit?. Beserls Mali Bui! Hall Donald Mall, (Georgia Mullam. Send Hausen. Barli.ua Hansen. Bruce llamcn, Ellen lljmrn, William llntuke. Stephen lliimnn, Eric Harmon, Douglas Harrington. Marsh Harm, Deboruh Harris. Lynn Hasting , Doug Hatrnug, Strven Hailglaud. Hull) Hayes. Joe Ha ellon. Jill Heath. Mary I lode. Gary Hcdhnid. Julie Hoflclfingcr. Heidi Heikrnen. Charles Heinrich. Paul Helstng. Koriney II me Be Id. Joanne Hennevsy. John Hrnnevsy. Mark llennun. Robert Hrsterinan. Paul Encouraging their sup| ort. Sally Anderson leads the student body rri the school song dur-ing a football pep fest Hrtland, Thomas Hibliard. Wends lliggin. Fh alwth Hilt Kathleen Hlpps, Margaret Hjortland. Jayne Hogcnson. James llokaiiMin. Mark 127Juniors Lunch Tickets Are Raised to $.35; Council Questions Quality, Quantity So Students Get Seconds on Potatoes Holm, Clifford Holm, Mary Holme . N'ancv llolme . Timothy Hoover. Laura Hopkins, Steven HorliU, Julie Houscrman. Su an Hovanes. Kathleen Hoventad. Kent Howe. Jane Ho 1. Susan Hochscher. Todd Hiielster. Rarhara Huney. Robert Hu hand . Kli abeth Hiisk-. Jane Igd. Stephen litimrl. Charles Ingvaldson, I rk Iverson, Judith Iverson. Robert Jackson. Susan Jacobsen, David Jahn. Carol Jenkin . Nancy Jensen. Colleen Jensen. Mary Johnson, Bryan Johnson, Christopher Johnson. Clarence Johnson. Klizuheth Johnson. Jill Johnson. Linda Johnson, Margaret Johnson. Merodie Johnson. Patricia Johnson, Paula Johnson. Hichard Johnvon. Roger Johnson. Thomas jones. Marjorie Jones. Moya Jordan, Susan Juberg. Kathryn Juhl. Paul Kadlec. Daniel Kain. John Kane. Claude Kane. Micheal Karlstad. Barlura Raster. Linda Keegan. Thomas Kelley, Lynda Kelley, Slkheal Kellogg. John Kennedy. William Kenney.John Kern, Kathy Kieffer, John Kile. Marilyn Kirnliall. Paul King. Hicliard Kinney. James 128Kirin. Valerie Klcvcn. David Klostcr, Marion Knips. Christopher Knowles, l.inda Knutson, James Knutson, Kathleen Konzelman, Brian Kopvcilcr. I.aurir Krucum. David Kraemer. (land Krause, Marv Krieg. David Kringlr. Kris Krogstad. Scott Kroning. Melissa Kuhnlcy Diana Kulp. Katherine Kunz, Richard Kupner. Martin l.uidlaw, Claudia I.alone. None) 1 -aimnit. James Lang. Heidi Langhaug. Kathleen Larson. Forest Larson. Jay Larson. Nancy Larson, Scott Larson. Susan LaSalle. William Lausr. John UVolr. Donn Learn, Ronnie t.eeds. Charles l.eekley. Sheryl Lesmon, Claudia Levering Linda Lew is. Deborah Lewis. Murray Working long hours after school, junior Whigrcan and Buzzcttc staff members. Betsy Barnum, Ann Lowry. Ilolly llaug-land, and Melissa Kroning munch on cake t » replenish their strength 129Juniors Weekend Ski Trips to Indianhead, Vacations in Aspen and Vail Tune Juniors in on Skiing Technique (.'liable to wait (or the snow. Man Mlllett .mil Kathy Fbchcr boot Judy Lyman and Julie Parke onto the Bush I .ake ski jump to map out the terrain. I.indlRTK. Gary l.indrmann. Diane l.indemann. Kathryn l.indslrom. John Linitcr. Jennifer l.ofilahl. Marsha lamdeen, Paul larpcr, Barb Lord, Dan Love. Thomas Loveland, Mary Jo Loss rv. Ann Lund. Betsy Lundeen, Bichanl L. I.undeen, Richard O l.undexard. Nancy 130I.undquist. Rama l.nndstmm. Candyce I.mm, Barbara Lyman, Juiiitli I.s mli. Colleen Lyons. Dennis Mjjiiiiiii. Susan Mackenzie. Kali'll MaePluiL Chris Madden, Nancy Maeluen H«»lwrl Mamins aiin Marquardt. James Marlin Kim Martin, Barbara Martin. HoU-rta Massopust, John Mattson, Barbara Mound, Kichard Maunder. Jan MaU'inn Madeline Mas. Kit haul Muyberg, Man Me ambndgc. t 'arletnn Met aim W illiam McCarthy. Rrbcccu McClain. Patrick McCord Patricia McCracken. James McDonald. Josephine McKachron, Dasid McKIruth. DelMirah McClsnn. Timothy MeCrass, Kathleen NlcCuIrr. Jann-s MeKas. Janel McMahon. Barrs McM osier, Mickey NlcIVek Douglas McQuillan. IX’Iniruli Meador. Charles Mcestor, Kric Mehrkens. I’alli Merfrld. Bert Meyer. James Moser. I’atnck Miller, ndress Miller, Bruce Millrr, Dassn Miller, Mark Miller. Thomas Millet. Mars Molde, i’atrice Moline. Dt-lira Ann Monahan. Cars Das id Montaii. Michele Moore I h alx th Moore. John Mnorr, Mauiccn Moore, Robert Moore Susan Moreland. Bm hard Morine. Karen Sue MorKon. i'atrieia Morrb Jeffrey Morris. Belxva Morse, Craig Mortcnson. Sandra Moulder. Rolicrt Mos Ian, Tim Mueller Christopher Mueller. Steve Munson, Don Murphy. Kathleen Naas. Peggy Nagengasl, Jerry Nauman. Debbie Nechvills . Call Nederostek. Jan hie Nelson, Call Jo 131Nelson, joils Nelson. RandoU Nelson, Shelley Ann Nelson. Thomas Nelson. William Nosetli Susan Neumann, Barb Nevln. Tamara Ness strum. Jill Nichols. Nanis Moreen, Jim Niirqubt, Thomas Nosoa. vrlino Nudcll Fredrie NuiiResscr. David Nunn. Jim Ousheim. Gregory OIh'ik. Joanne Ochs. William O Connell rlmmas Oelke. Robin Oftel. Frederick Oken. rhomas () KirHe. Susan Olsen. Jeff Olsen, kuthryn Olson, James Obon. Linda Olson. Mars Catherine Olson, Mars ka Omellonchuk. Paul Omestad. Jackie O'Neal, karen Orescanin. Boliert )rrlien, Brad (Klmrii. Steven Otis, l ee Page. I‘at Palen. Kolwrta Palm. Marm Paris. Penny Park Carolyn I'arke. Julie Partridge, l-iurvl Paske. Gregor) Putra. C.lco Patton. Cynthia Paulson. Dianne Payne. Nancy' Pcrbix, David Perry, Patrieia Pert. Ronald Petersen. Delx rali Petersen, Susan Pctcnan. David Peterson, Dirk Peterson. Juli Ann Peterson. Margaret Peterson. Iticliard Peterson. William Ulster. Mark Phelps. Steven Pheoori. Teresa Pickett l.arry Pi|m t. Peter Polacek. Kristin Porter, ken Posthumus. Martin Poston. Sandra Potter, kathvrii Prestlv. Donald Prlrnoau. Janies Psshojiios, Shelley Pugh. Thomas Putman. I.inda Kaliko. Hubert Haile Bruce Bandall. Curt Rasmussen. Carrs Bastnussoii Kristen 132Juniors Shoppers Seeking Wider Selection Journey Through Noise and Clutter Of the Nicollet Mall Construction The Nicollet Mull construction Itccumrs uti olntutIr course for busy Saturday shnp-prn Rath l.oper. Murgarrl Findlay, Marie I'ulm. and Cheryl Roller I son Ru . Stephanie J« Heed. 1‘jiiI Reeves, Murthu Reicrvm, Sue Kay Reimunn, Kathryn Rcniy, John Reno. Dana Kay HlSfll, Jell Retlierford, John Reynolds, Douy’lus Richardson. Stephen Riehter. John Rilcv. Janet Rolierts Carole nn Rolierts, ( jthcrinc Rnhcrts. Cynthia Roberts, Sails Rolierts, Sands Robertson. (:hen I Rooney. Mars Kas Root. Kathleen Rosell. John Rosenhind. s is Ross. Candace Rossntun, Nancy Rot he. Kurt Rowe. Mors Sue Rudaiiist. Rarh.it.i Riicdy. un Rukes. I’etrr Rupp. David Russell. Charles Russell. John Hybcrj;. Ann Rsdiiiati. Roh Rzepeeki, Jell Salen. Torn Sandgren, Miehuel Sandvik. Scott Sarles. illijiu Suttcrlund. Kristie Savory. Polly Saxton. William Selicefe, Sally Ann Schcnt el, Keith Scherer. Gregory Schirl. Greg Si hluchter. Stephen 133Juniors Mothers Provide Rides Horne After School; Parking Privileges Must Be Reserved for the Seniors Only Sell mol . Dennis Selmonover, Susanne Schrepplc, Sharon Schroeder, ('.uni Schroeder. bwrcnw Schucuemau. Cars Sdiul o, Roller! Scltwar rock. I.orraine Schwenke. Kathleen Su tl. Dawn Seotl, l.iiula Kay Sealieri:. John Seashore. Sue Scdtw iek. ('ollccn Seitlcnslrleker. Das id Shadinsier. Jodie Sluiiinon. Candace Shaul, facie Shcady, John Shelton. Nunes Sherry. Lynne Shjcfte. Scott Sholier. Robert Sfelenliorg. Mars Siegel. Sarah Simmons. Wendy Simple, Simon Simpson, Donald Sims. Patricia Skaar. Vicki Mama, Dean Slclton. Karen Sinead. Kent Smith. Jacquic Smith. Mimsi Smith. Scott Smith. Susan Snow, Sandy Snvder, Debbie Sobicski. Tom Snlberg. Kenneth Solicit, David Solvason. John Sorein. Jeanne Sowder. Rands Spencer, llolli Spicola. Ann Spindler. Jell Spoke'. Katherine S| ongborg. Carol Staab. James Stair, (Carolyn Stallman. Josephine Stanohak, Sheryl Slendahl. Robin St dev William Stockdulc. David Storrv, Linda Strother. James Struck. Carl Strupp. Marcia Struther . Lori Stuart. Delxirah Stuart. Pamela 134Exhausted juniors Cindy Roberts. J«hI Stallman. and Jenny (.inner decide nut to over-exert themselves by walking home (mm school or their bus stops. While the warm weather lasts. the grassy terrain north of the high school glistens w rth the steel ol some twenty Varnahas. Suzukis, and llondas. Sturges. Peggy Summers, Steven Sundell. John Sundel. Doug S'atroc, Rachel Swanson Annette Swanson Katherine Swenson. Sharon Swenson, Brail Syrnchych, Janice Taft, Barrv Taft. Brad l.cc Tarlsox. Ann Taylor. Karen Taylor. Patricia Terry. Thomas 135Getting thrir share nl fresh dir and attention, junior girls spend thrir tall afternoons visiting the Dairs Queen «nd A W on the way to BridKemiin's Juniors First Term Paper Hits Baffled Juniors-, Tension is Released After Weeks Of Procrastinating and Midnight Typing Tex tor. Cathryn Thomas, Jane Thomas. John Thomas. Robert Thompson, Greg Thompson, Scott Thompson. Shelley Thompson. William Thomsen. Scott Thomson. Marcia Thomson. Mary Ann Thomson. Sidney Thon. Virginia Thurow. James Tickle. Don Titmouse. Tyler Tripp. Deborah Tucker. Tim Turner. (Christopher Tvacke. Lynn fleer. Stomach Ulrich. Terry Unger. Jane Vanllnnsen. Ronald unSloun. Mark Vecchi. Karen VonDrashek. Tom Waag. Hol ert Wagner, James Waite. Monte Waldin. Debits Wulijarvi. Michael Walker. Julie Wallin. Steve Walsh, Warren Wanner. Allison Warner. Mary Warner. Ted Wart. M ailer Wayne. Nancy 136As term paper tension builds during crucial junior year, Rich Connrod and Don Curie attentively watch tin- technique of Tom Peterson for relieving the mounting pressure of note-taking Wehrwcin. Sven Weidt. David W'einhandl, Denise Wells, John Wescott, Jane Wey. Cheryl Whalen. Linda Wheeler. Dennis Wheeler. Mars Whelan. Kilecn Whelan. Irene Whelplev. Dennis White. (Charlene Wicklund. Darryl Wicks. Carl Wickstom. Bruce Wikman. Ann Wilcox. Catherine Wiley. Janice Wilkinson. Patricia Willcs. Mark Williums. Debbie Wilson. Barbara Wilson. Patrick Wirnmcr, Cars Wingert. Bruce Wbte, Meredith Witham. John Woehrle. Robert Wnhlraise, Bruce Wolfe, Terrance Wood. Terry W«NKlc«ck. Lynn Woods. Kay W'right. Nancy Wright. Paul Yellosv. Mellow Young. I'llen Xalusky. Sams ins, Rolserl 137Anile and coordinated sophomores display their physical capabilities as they drop their sophisticated fronts to ro curd-I Mian I sliding at Carden Park Championship skating requires a dails before-breakfast workout at Bracmar re-nu for Tumi Klmdssorth Though enthusiasm is slranRC. Soplm-litores Chuck Nndrcus, Dave Darling and Dimir Shull are caught showing a positive reaction to a pep fest joke 138Addinc (hr nccntai) inducement for victory. ( .ilhv 1 folic reflects the competitive 'pint ol the B-Srpiud tram and the enthusiasm of it' cheerleader' Sophomores Class of 70 Unites for First Time After Spending Junior High Years On Opposite Sides of the Highway Sophomore cla« officer' arc Terri McNeill Irei" , Bruce Carlson, pro Krh Carlunder. vice prw. and Denny Hughes. sec The newly-selected Homecoming Queen Holly Cates congratulate Buzz. Nick Wablrooi, and team members Prudy Hawthorne and Polls Keith for their heroic efforts in drfeating the Spartan 139Sophomores Cafeteria Lights on Friday Nights Indicate Action for Sophs , Seniors Attend Out of Absolute Boredom Alnautm, (iarv Ailamv Charles Ailamv Dfbofuh Atcuslsson. John Anniann, Hu lun) Alkire. Marilyn Allendnrl. CreUhrn Andie. Mary Jo Andersen. Steve Anderson. C-alhv Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, IVi ra Anderson, Dianne Anderson. Crete hen Anderson. Jack Anderson, James Anderson. Janice Anderson. Jeanne Anderson, l.aurie Anderson. Susanna Andres, Charles Andrrsen, Cliff Vndruev Margaret Anna . Mary A|ipel. Naney Appelipmt. Adona Armstrong, James Atkin . Tom Austin, Joseph K.ihnemun. Mary (i.uU'%. Linda B.ikrn, Stephen Baker Cynthia Raranaurkav Snann Bard. I lull Barden. Ilateher Barnett. Thomas liartlett. Barluru Basil. Lynn Bates, Michael Bat li, Nancy Beck. Michael Bicker. Steven Beckley. Chris Bede. Steven Beiersdorf. Kenneth Befl Margaret Belsclmrr. Suzanne Bennett. Duane Bennett. Roln-rt Benvon, Cary Berger. Marie Bergerson. Debra Bergren. Barhara Rnmen, William Bethke. Katherine Deutell. Kathy Biernat. Cvnthia Bieter. Kimberley Bivhop. Chuck Bivhop. Kathleen Bjorlnml. Robert Biornnev. Norman Blanchard. u ki 140Blcs-kinger. Robert Bodine. Scott Bohannon. Hathara Roll l.indu Book. Dun Bmchm. RolH'it Borgstmin Marta Bowen. Mark Bowes. Besrrls Brunkutigcr. Douglas Branson. Marjorie Brenrn, Susan Bridgeniun. Daniel Bundle. Anne Bringeu. Rodm-s Brod. John Brodnieki. Steve Bros, ndreu Brown. Pamela Brown 1 bonus Biueciutii, Mama Bmer. Paul Bmnsell. Barbara Brvun. Fdward Brian Wilbert lineklin Sums Budollvm. Gam Bullion. Melinda Buni|i.ts. Susan Buritett Dan Bnrgrafi. Gregory Burke. Stesen Buries Bridget Burnliani, ( hristine Burns. Joseph Burns Patricia Burrell, (uil By me. Nancy ( afrtiny. Alan Canton, l.aurie Curd, Susan Carlaniler. Kristin .'arisen, (.regg Carlson. Bruce Carbon, Casey Carbon. Christopher Carlson, David Carlson. Cars Carbon, (kvrgas n (Prison. Jan (Carlson, Keith Carlson, laiura arlson. Pros ilia Carroll. Patrick (lorser. 'hristopher Cuubic. Jeff res Noctiirnallv aetivc sophomores sta up past their bedtime on u Fridas nijcht as they experience oneol their first senior high seh ml dunces 141Sophomores Indian Summer to Sophomores Means a Long, Lazy Walk Home After 525 Frenzied Minutes at EHS ChiMlIxuirn. Ned hapman. Daniel ( hapman. Michael Chapman. Susan ( helgren. Mark ( licrnc. Sara Christenson. Terri Clark. Tom I) Clark. Tom II ( Irland. IV um lelaiul. I. nu i loutier. Kevin Coates. juiiH jidiii. Hotter Colbert. Jan Cnlburn. Timothy olvin. Shelle Corwin William miller, William Coniter. Rots Cunrtmari, buck Cow. GuemZ ( orad. Christie raig. Martha Cltrist. John ( rmliir, Scott Cruucli. Steven ( urrv. Steven «tailing, Dat id Cuvlimun. Diane Dahl. Sara Dales, hatliv Danielson, Peggy Darling, David Davenport. Mary Davidson. Jean Davies. Stephen Davison. Roger Dav. Mark Dean, Diana Delongh. Jackson Del er. Daniel IV-Rcmer, David DeWitt, Cynthia Diamond. Mark Dick. Candace Dickey. Koberl IVeringsleld. Ann Donaldson. A he Dorutelle. I.urrv IV.rgjn, Colleen IVivoliv. (Gregory Doy le. Dennis Drager Bruce Drake. Carolyn Dunn, Patricia I Vi ns more. Richard Durham. Nancy Kconomos. Steven Klili. Susan Hikes. Keith H.lmgren. Cbcri Hlveh, Nancy Kngelhrecht. Ann 142Drifting -autumn leaves, Friday afternoon . ami Irieudlv conservation have a lr.itit|uili ini: effect upon laphoimirea Nancy Weigel and Wendy I .indcrholiii Fngclking. Kathleen Filler. Mark Frigli. Peter Fuglund. ShuHlynii Fiu|ufcit. Jan Krbe . Becky Krdiill. Steven Knt Lm n. Man Fates. Hulls Fvanv Kerry Evemtad. Robert Kyden. Kdwaril Fagerlie. David Furidiatn, Diane Ferguson, Scull Ferirb. Suzanne l-eveniiiaier, David Fiedler, Mary Fiedler. Site Field. Jeffrey Finky Jjrnev Fisher, Candace Flattuin. Jem Fleer. John Farter. Dehurah Foster. Maynard Fraat . David Frcdendall. Il.yllis Frederick, Del orah Freeman. Douglas Freeman, James Fried lev. James Freitas. Karen Fretland. Mark Frank. David Callunl. Tom Gamble. Maryanne Carberg, James Carlock. Stev en Garrison, Darla 143Seniors wouldn't In- caught dr.nl mi the buses Iml sophomore Donna StockdgJe. Clirh Grinnell. Kaths Sampscll. and I.U Williams, along with the ml ol their class, resort to being liused to away fool lull and Iwskethall games Garrison. Paul Garrison. William Garrit). Silvan Cate . Hulls Gcpprrt. Tim (icrhrrding. Whitney Gerde . Don Giambruno. Steven Gillen. Elizabeth Cilligan. Steven Gilmore. David Gislason. Barbara Clocke, Jane Giubb. Kobcrt Grandlmb. James (•rant. Dallas (•ras ter, Cars Gregory, Steven Crrttc. Joan Greven, Marianne Griffin. Vicki Grinned, Christine Crush. Shamil Grot he, Chen (imlhr. Gars Grove. John Gruggen. Terrs Crumvtruo. David Grovs. Robert Culfiro. Zoe (oilIlford. Paula Gunderman. ("-arol Gustafson. Jeanne Gustafson. Mary Ann I laagensen. Christine lladneld. (George Hales, Dennis Hall, Gary llalleckson. Thomas Halverson. Gary 144Sophomores Hordes of Screaming and Singing Sophs are Transported by Buses To Away Games on Friday Nights llalsnrven. Steven Halvorutn. Janice Hamilton, Beth Hancock. Steven Hansen, Hiilura Hansen. Dixie Hansen, jack Hansen. Jane 1 anven, Scott Hiiiimuk. Nancy ll.mvon Jeffrey Harper. Diane ll.iriod, Michael llascall. Dick Hasting . Hulls Hatch, Mark (luserls. Bruce Hassles, Ross II asst home. Prudence Hayes. Anne Heath. Don lledltiiid. Kathryn IIcelt, Brian Heinrich. Sally Hellickson, Karen Henderson. Scott Hendrickson. Sally llmningsen, David llerrnaii. Jill Herman. John llihltard, Rohliert I Held. Martha Higgins. Charles IIill Jeffrey Hill. I ami II illeran, Sue Minlcrberg. Nancy IIin . Barbara Hollo. Catherine I loll. Shelley lloll vs as. Michael Holmltcrg. Hulls Hoppe, Deborah Hound. Dash Houston, Mark liovde, Beth llos «le. Das id lloverlsrud. Jean Hover. I.mdsas iluliert. Carl llii)tltcs. Dennis Hughes, Kevin M Hughes. Kevin R Unit. I.isa llultstraml. Cinds Hunger ford, Shirley Hunt. Geraldine llustad. Virginia (Island. St e sen lldstud. Su annr Imme. Karen Immel, Michael Iss Hulls N Jack. Joanne 145The awards inning product of hour of tedious work sy mbolizcs die out come of tin- llotnrconiinji game by dnimiuinK the head of a Spartan foot lull player. Sophomores The Beat Goes On’ as Senior Float Loses for Second Consecutive Year Due to Talented Underclassmen Jackson Janet J.ihnkc. Man James. David Jensen, Mark Jensen. Scott jiui. Nancy Johndrcau. Angela Johnson. Barbara Johnson, Betts Johnson. Brailles Johnson. Cheryl Johnson. ‘.hrb Johnson. Cram Johnson. Dana Johnson, David laiutthlen Johnson. David l.rHoy Johnson. Dean Johnson, Dennis Johnson. I Hun Johnson. Cli alieth Johnson. I aids Biik Johnson. lam Johnson. Unda Johnson Marcia Johnson, Maik Johnson, Murk Johnson. Nancy Johnson, Stcohunic Johnson. William Johnston. Janies Jones, Betty Jones, I'hyllis Jorgenson, Crcgg Jorgenson, Karen Juhorg. Erie Junko.John Kadlec. David Kanins. Kay Katlik. John Karr, Jeffrey Kaufinaim, Geoff Kawaguchi. Mark Korean. David Keeler. Pamela Keith. Polly Kelly. Michael Kenimlek, Mary Jo Kcnrieds. Res Kcprios. John Kcrwin. Kathryn Kestcrton. Patneia Kilian. Deborah Kios. John Klcsc. Dennis Klmdworth. Tamara Kniicht. Scott 146knippcnhcrg. Mar Knmla, kathleen komurek. John Krause. Nancy krrrncr. John krteg. Nancy kneger, RoUrt KrioJ. ('orrino Krueger. Paul hunt . Murx kiBlw, John kv .mi. John I .afferlv. Trdds I .a I .one. Giix I ..iikten. kathrxn I at nr, Su' untte Lang. Ted I.anen, KxJ Larson. ftruev Larson. Pale lanon David I-i non. I Van I .arson. Joan I .arson. John I.arson. Rohm I.arson. Stephen Liiurven. Larry Lawrence. Deborah I awver, Joseph l.ieh. I iikI.i ladder. Nanis lu-gerox. (Ihristojiln-r Leighton, James l.cnliait Ann lo-uthold. Gtelchcn lu-wix. Sent! I.ickteig. Cm Lindemann. ( hers I l.inderholin Wends l.ingrrn. David luifgren. Scott luigan. Jaye l.ooiim. Micheal laird, Kalhx lamia. Scott laivemd. kimherls la xing. Bryant l.iidden. Nunes Hysterical alter days of weaving paper through chicken wire. Dallas Grant works on the sophomore Boat while her friends look on in utter disbelief. 147I.iiiuI, Bichard l.undcen. jitherlnc Lundgren. Barrs l.uml |utst. Jeanne I.unit. Beverly l.ulx, Barbara I .vile. James NineArthur. Douglas MacTagga t. Belle Madison. I.iiula Madsen. Jell Malum aid. Paid Major. Sandra Matnmel, Marl. Manion, Kathleen Manning. Kevin Manure, Horace Marinovlcli. Karen Nlar |uelle, Wesley Marlin. Joan Martin. Nancy Martin. Scolt Mast or, Andrea McAllivler. Holier! Me Bride. Melissa Mdarthy, Michael McCauley, Betty McDermott. Mary McFadden. Susan McCarraueh. (.all McClain him. Michael McCuirr. John Mcl.ean, Scott Mt ladlari, Mark McNeclev. John McNeil. Terri McPlnfters. I.ynn Melhy. Patricia Mellenthin. Karla Mendenhall. Jill Merles. Sally Mesteinachcr. Thomas Meyer . Jill Miller. Mark Miller. Mars Milner. Pauline Mindc. Brooks Mindcrhout, Mary Mmichilli. Dehra Mitchell. Kim Moeller. Cary Moesle, Scott Mortal, Mars Mohrnian. Mary Montgomery . Meryl Moocrs. Robert Moore. Robert Moore, Susan Morey. Rusannc Murine, Peter Morris. Cathy Morris. Steve Mosher. Lyle Moviiihan. Timothy Movzis, Alan Mulkrrn. David Mueller. Tcrcse Mullen, Bruce Munson. Douglas Murphy. David Miiske. Maureen Naas. Su unnr a kerud. Suanne Viiim.in .hunk Neal, Carol Sell. Barbara Nelson, Jay-Nelson, Mjry Nelson. Susan Nelson, Su an 148Sophomores Straining to Rise 20 Minutes Earlier Sophomores Discover the Hardest Adjustment to High School Life W itli only fifteen minute until dir has In catch llcr hus KrttOlwn drugs hcrsell out ol hrd. anticipating another hectic day without breakfast Nelson. Thomu Nelson, Ward Ncssct. 1.411111 N miser. Steven N'mhiann. Cynthia Nielsen. Stun Nielsen. Steve Nietni. Joann Nienaher. Brett N'ordqubt, Richard Nugent, Michael N e. Rosaline Nvipiist. Jell Nvrop. William Oak . I.rd K Oliennever Robert O'Brien, Maureen Ochnian. lane! O Connell, Timoths O Connor, Kevin Olive, Lynne Olmsted. Glenn Olson. Carol Olson. Dean Olson, Diane Olson, Jame Olson. Kathy Olson. Kristen Olson. Patti Omelunchack. I.inda Onfield, Wallace Ostcr. Douglas Overby, Nicholas Paaselic. Barlsara Ptdui, Steven Pain. Richard Parsons. James Patterson. Dennis Payne. June Pellet t, Nancy Pcnficld Michael Pcrruult. Michael Petersen. Thomas Peterson. Christine Peterson. Curl Peterson. Georgia Peterson. Jay Peterson. Marlowe 149Sophomores Weak and Deprived Sophomores Wait Anxiously for Junior Year And an End to Mandatory Gym Class "Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine chant sophomore Cretchcn I .cut hold and I .aura V infer as they perfect tlu-ir vollev-hull skills Peterson. Sheldon Peterson. Stephanie Peterson. Susan Peterson. Thomas Petty. Mark Mister, Gail Phelps, Gail Philli|»s. Michael Pickard. Kathleen Pierce. Fred Pierre. Tom Pietrick. Maureen Pillcn. Candace Pinkhum. Jeffrey Pitts. Karen Plasnian. Barbara Platou. Kenneth Platt. Karen Podner. Kurt Podolinsky, Catherine Poliak. Dclxirah Pollock, Katherine Polsfuss. Mark Portiitga. Junette Post. Herman Posthiimus, Janet Postlethsvaite. David I’reeht. Steven Pursinger. Gavin Quam. Delxirah Quick. Thomas Racitie. Jeanne Rafshol. Ann Rakhcrt. John Raile. Kathleen Rainey. Steven Ranck, Robert Ratelle. Thomas Ratkay. Christine Rauch, Janet ISOHeed. Dcliorati Reed Martha Reese. John Roller. Torn Kccli, Si even Re! ker. Cretehen Remole. Mary Remv. Mary Rennc. John Hentschler. John Herat. Mary Rice, Ann Richards. Sue Richey. Susan Riiifierud, Cathy Rinfiham, Roliecca Hishmlller. Robert RobertUMi, Katherine Holiest Mill, MieInn-1 Rockwell, Courtney Rodgerson. George Rogers. Martin Rondo, Holier! a Hudson, Gregory Rollchoti, Catherine Hoo . Raul Rove. Suzanne Rom . Thomas Rose, Tom Roth. Ian Rothnern. Gregory Roy . Catherine Rue. Karen llunell. Ruel Ryan.John Hylierg. lane Sumpsell. Kathleen Sanborn, Debbie Sanders, James Sanders. Margaret Satterlev. Richard Sauve, Melissa Scurlmmuj'h. Jean Schaefer. John Schauer, l.inda Schleicher. Joel Sehmerlrr. Sue Schmidt, William Schmidt. William Schuek. Sandra Schultz, Douglas Schultz. Frederick Si-hweigcr. Keith Scoggin. Sally Scott, Geoffrey Scott. Glenda Scott. Susan Seliesta, Edward Seek, Linda Semhla, Joan Setzcr, Claudia Severson, Kenneth Sharkey, Jeff Shaw. Robert Shaw, Ly nne Sheppard. David Sherry. Christine Stas. Thercse Sklrll. Christine Simmons, Christopher Simpson. Bruce Sirotiak. Diane Sit right. Ellen Skugcrborg. Raul Slettcn, James Sloan. Susan Smedvig. Erling Smith. David Smith. CfMorv Smith, Richard 151Sophomores Babysitting, Caring for Lawns, And Paper Routes Help Sophomores Avoid Minor Financial Embarrassment SCHOOL The Class of ’70 is the first class to enter "Kdina High School as the old lettering is changed during the summer toclimi nate ’’ Morningside.' Smith. Randall Smith. Sandra Smith, Steven Soderrnun. Kristin Sou ha. l avid Spencer. Nancy Spencer, Randec Stacey. Res Stake. James Stanck. Cordan Stanek. Susan Stasson. Steven Steinhaiier. Mary Stevens. Nancy Stevenson, Marcs Stcssart. Tamara Stewart. Vicki Ann Stcssart. Victoria Stillman. Thomas Storkdalc. Donna Stolarik. Richard Stordahl. (laths Stone. Michael Stotesbcry, Brian Stoutrnhurgh. Joseph Strand. George StrumlM'rg. Heidi Stuart. I avi l Sturm. W'arrcn Sumi. Jane Sun berg, Stephen Sundet. Mary Lou Sund(|uist. Wendy Swanson. Amy Sssanson. Rita Toney, John Taylor, Dianna Taylor. Glenn Thacher. Mark Thayer. John L. Thayer. John R Thayer. Kathryn Thayer, Lisa ThcR, Michelle Thews, Jean Thlegs. Paul Thiefsoeldt, Janice Thompson. Jeffrey 132"And then the Big Bad Wolf.” says sophomore babysitter. Heidi Strombcrg. to hrrehargeson another strenuous evening as the young skeptic look on Thoni|»on. I.inda Thompson. I'hvllis Thornton. Brian Tillery. Bruce Tintl.ill. James Tjaden, Ann Toepel. Junu-s Tollcfsrnd. John Townswick. Ann Trigg, irginia True. Marilyn Truman. Michael I'lvestad, Laura Van Someren. William S argon. Michael Venell. M.irv igdal. Jen Vi yier. I jura Yolstad. lames Wudlund. Bruce uglier. Torn Wuhlroos. Margaret Wuhlroos. William Waldron. John W alker Deliorah Waneeke. John Wang. Judy Wardell. Barbara Waters. James WaukaiM). Martin Webster. Nancy Wegmever, I.inda Weigel. Nanc) Weingartner. Susan Wcnalaml. Nancy Wendt. Mark Whelan. Eileen Whelan. Kevin White. (George Wickstrorn. Dean Wicsncr. Lawrence Williams, Kli ulieth Williums, John Williuinvon. Crri Wilson, Murray Winger. Jan Winslow. Martlia Winters. Naurs Wisfrand. Susan Woehrle, John Wollan. Eric Wollang. Victor Wood, Bradles Wray. Daniel .abrl. Kurt Z.ahn. Stephen Zak. Kathryn Zcmpcl, Carol Z.icpcr, Jo Ellen Z.ollars. Kli alx’lh 153SPECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE: Brad Wood. Fred llnser. Tom Collin . Geofl kauimann. Todd Smith. Paul Wright. Mark Mayberg, Jon Nielson, Dianne Anderson. Mimsi Smith, Randy Waters Missing; Rita Teresi. Jane Unger CIVIL SERVICE COMMITTEE: Tom Calhalka, Jim Mitchell. Mark Schmerler. Rich Hibbard. John Macintosh. Marcy Reeves, Nancy Carlsen. Sandy Major, krts Carlander, Marie Palm Missing; Laurie Quest. Scott Thomsen STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Roger Eichhorn. president, Barb Loper, secretary; Tim Braine. vice-president; Tom Moss, treasurer; and Mr Delmar Fredrickson, adviser SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Front Row - Polly Keith. Holly Cates; Row 2 — Terri McNeil, Georgi Sharpe. Gretchen Kuehn, Laurie Canton. Anne Sivright; Back Row — Bruce Scholper. Rob Rvdman. Dennv Hughes. John Seaberg. Chords' Alexander. • 156Student Council representative Jane Unger rejects a remark about her suggestion to play music over the P A. system during the lunch periods anil before school- Student Council Arrival of Student Phone Books Alerts Student Body to Existence Of the Special Projects Committee “Warning” was heard time after time as Roger Eichhorn put forth endless efforts to keep Student Council meetings in order. The system must have been effective, as many projects were accomplished during the year. The Special Projects committee was finally able to sell completed phone Ixh I s to the student body Through the persistent work of the Civil Service committee, stairs were installed on the practice field for the convenience of those who had attempted climbing the hill on slippery, icy snow in previous years. Every now and then, discussion groups of various types were held "across the street" in the old cafeteria. When the council didn't have business. Roger presided over a "super” quiet study hall ruled by Roger’s booming voice and gavel which sounded frequently during the course of the hour, creating an atmosphere extremely conducive to concentration. Besides coping with the yearly lunch problems, the dress code, classrooms being too hot or too cold, and pleas for a student lounge, the council had time to put on a street dance at Braemar Park, and organized a computer dance held as the finale of the second annual Sno Day festivities. AFS COMMITTEE: Front Row — Margaret Findlay. Molly Conlin. Crctchon Reker; Row 2 — Nancy Hunsing, Kit Newell. Allie Young. Baek Row — Steve Prccht. Lindsay Moyer. Hill Nyrop. Jim Groth, Bryan Cooper. Art Bridgman Missing: Eric Anderson. 157Red Cross. Debate Ugly Couples, Homeroom Auctions, And a Faculty Basketball Game Promote the Annual Charity Week Pitting the Harlem Diplomats against the Faculty All-Stars in a basketball game, sponsoring an Ugly Couple Contest, and promoting homeroom auctions were among the activities of Charit Week, promoted annually by the bed Cross. The total intake from this particular Charity Week exceeded by $300 the goal of $2(XX) Inch was to be given to various charitable organizations. Other projects undertaken included the production of four school chests for children in Vietnam and of 200 friendship boxes for people stranded in disaster areas across the continent. Homeroom representatives also initiated students’ participation in giving Thanksgiving. Christmas, and Easter dinners and food collected in canned good drives to needy families. Overnight trips, one to Custavus dolphus. and one to St. Cloud led to two of the tournaments attended bv the varsity debate team in preparation for competition in the state tournament, where the squad placed tenth. Rich Hibbard, captain of the squad was also president of the National Forensic League. A workshop held at the University of Minnesota helped members to debate this year’s topic: "Resolved: that Congress should establish uniform regulations to control criminal investigation procedures In order to give a convincing and winning argument on his topic, intense, organized research becomes necessary for varsity debator Drew Akason. Offering a power-packed rebuttal to their opponents debate team members Drew Akason. John Macintosh. Rich Hibbard, and Hayes Roth display superior form. Missing — Kathy Horan. Dave llinchcy. 158RED CROSS COUNCIL: Fronl How — Miss M Gransberg. M Miller. N Palmer ('. Miller, K Jensen. B Carlander. C Krolm, K K jut . P. Mae Arthur, S (iehring. M Limlrr-holm. B Cox, J McDonald. I. Wegmever, J Powell, A Sivright; Ross 2 — ( Corwin. C Manfred. D. I.undqukt. Griffin. N. Durham. D. Polluk. B Duriker. M Heath. M Milled. Dusiek. M. Conlin, L Storrs L O'Brien. G. Evers. M Carlson, I. Larson. Row 3 — B Borden. J McClellan. N Krieg J Hansen. M ) linen. M. Muske. R UrtOO B Peterson. I Hud. B Lund. 1) Bonn. I. Anderson. B Jones. C Gmthc. K Ikuer. Row ■I — J Cullen. D Foley. F Hansen. S Grc-nell. P McCord. J Field. Ceankoplb, I) Mathews. B. Knowles, A. Carbon. D Growth-er. L Otis. B Foies, R Hale. I) Dovle. Baek Row P Molde. K Olson, S Nelson. S IIoil, S Wringartnrr. A Johndreau. M Pols fuss, J. Armstrong, N Zulusky. I. Harris. C Bennett. I.. Whalen, L. Anderson. N. Joas, P Browning. RF.D CROSS OFFICERS: Pratts Brossming, secretary, Carol Manfred, treasurer. nne Sivright, president: Jody McClellan, vice-president Listening attentively. Mrs. Pat Johnson is an exacting critic lor deliutors who present their arguments after school JV DEBATE: Front Row — Kristin Soderman. David Johnson. Karen Pitts, Miss Martha Batchelor Back Row — Barbara Neff. Charles Higgins. Deborah Walker; Missing — Bruce MillerWhen C.'o-editor»-in-chicl Pam Kirk and Debbie Henningsrn and adviser Mrs. Armi Nelson all agree on one pom« of view, it's a reason for rejoicing Adding figures dictated by Maureen Callao. Photo Coordinator. Hill Ncidigh, Business Manager, balances W higrean books against the office statement Whigrean Whigreaners Meet All Deadlines Thus Earning the Big E’ Award, An Honor Never Before Obtained The Bin "E" was awarded to the 1968 Whigrean staff by their publisher. the American Yearbook Company. Achieved through completely meeting their first three deadlines, the award had not been obtained during the previous three years These three deadlines, all in the first semester, included 56 pages in early Novcmlier, 72 pages in December, and 68 pages shortly after Christmas vacation. Only 68 pages were sent in on the fourth and fifth deadlines, and all the pages had been completed by late March. Preparing for these deadlines was rendered more difficult than in the previous year by several changes in layout and type style. The use of the mosaic sty Ic consisted of the placement of "black area” of pictures in the center of the layout, the surrounding "gray area” of typed material, and the increased amounts of white space along the outside margins. A smaller headline type had to be counted to the nearest 1 6000 of an inch in order to fit Furthermore, for every picture which appeared in the yearbook, about ten pictures were taken which w ere not used. WHICREAN ASSISTANTS: Front Row — Molly Huugland. Kathy Fischer. Sue I lav hoe. Calhy Text or, Prudy Hawthorne. Paula Gulliford. Marie Palm, Debbie Rud; Row 2 — Kris Brucr. Nancy ('arisen; Back Row — Roger Ring. Steve Grinnell. Jolb Green. Bill Steinke 160 ’.'•lVy 1 During slack period between rushed deadlines, Cinda Anderson. Copy Editor, looks up homeroom numbers for picture notices. While covering a hockey game at Brae-mar Arena. Mike Thompson, Sports Editor. dires-t Skip Sponscl. staff photographer, in taking an action picture at the tense Richfield game Laden with tools. I.i Patrick. Academics Editor, and Debbie Howard. Underclassmen Editor, take layouts home. Picture caption possibilities are discussed by Bobbi Hughes. Student Life Editor; Gail Nelson. Organizations Editor, and laiurel Nelson. Seniors Editor, at a pre-deadline session 161Buzzette Numerous Topics and Columnists Reflect the Buzzette Staff’s Interest In Current and Controversial Issues From pre-pre-deadlines, pre-deadlines, and deadlines; from hard work mixed with good times; from beat reports covering every club and organization; from in-depth features on sex education, dating, racial problems, and crime; from on-the-spot interviews with Simon and Carfunkel and Jim Klobuchar; from questions polling white students. Negro students, college students. The Fugs, the Lovin' Spoonful, and Spanky and Our Cang; from Friday treat days and Friday Dairy Queen nights; from trips to Chicago and University of Minnesota journalism clinics; from social trips to Buffalo Skull Ranch. Lollipop, Eddie Webster’s, and the Boom Boom Room; from a seance, a fondue supper, a pumpkin carving, and a bonfire; from Mondav critiques; from Fanny Ford and Rickey Recorder; from careful editing; from news, opinions, features, and sports, from a pre-Christmas "orgy in the cafeteria; from experiments in layouts; from photos, ads. and cartoons; from reporters, typists, artists, and guest columnists; from new traditions and old; from these a newspaper emerged — the BUZZ KITE. A disbeliever in the merit of movie mag-a ines. Diane llauall. new editor, laughs a John Marinovich. iport editor, point out the latest new scoop in the Hollywood gossip columns. Kcvtatic over the sucres of j Frida afternoon Bu -rette distribution session. Jav Ncoggin. circulation editor, count out final copies of the latest issue Intoth. research editor In post-deadline exhilaration. Nan Gohlu. editorial page editor. Craig Freeman, chief photographer, and Mists Cafniny, advertising manager, skip across the practice field 162BU'ZZETTE ASSISTANTS! Front Bow — Julie Anderson. Cretchen nder on. Nancy Hintcrbcrg. Row 2 — Melissa k rolling. Betsy Barnum. Lynn Woodcock. Jan Symchych. Ann Lmn,, Janinc Nede-rostek, Bruce Miller; Back Row — Sven Wchrwcin. Craig Polsfms, Craig Carlton. Dick Jones. Mary Carlson. Chris lliggin Reading papers from other sellouts throughout the Country, Mrs Beverly Rud |utst, new Ru .etlc advisor. looks for original techniques In addition to their Buzzctte duties. Ellen Clegg, copy editor, and Steve Silha. editor-in-chief, spend Monday afternoons broadcasting Edina school news on KRSI. Taking advantage of a few moments of serenity in the normally raucous atmosphere of 161. Jodv Parsons, feature editor. succumbs to a rare moment of inertia after a deadline. 163 B-Squad Cheerleaders Pul Melby. Carol Olson. Calhy Holic. Mari Brunson. Nancy Bucklin. and Dchlue Sanborn practice the well known cheer. "Take a V,” in preparation for the evening's game Huddled in blankets before having to face the cold. Kathy Diercks, Kav Carter, and Sally Anderson observe the half-time events from the players' bench 164 A-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: Front Row — Sue Seashore, Debbie Crask. Sally Anderson. Allie Young: Back Row — Kay Carter. Joannie CarUen, Marcs Reeses. Kathy Diercks. Mimsi Smith. Jane UngerPleading with the football team to score, Marcy Reeves senses the pain of a lost fumble in the last crucial minutes of the game Cheerleaders Early Morning Perkins Breakfasts Fire-up the Varsity Cheerleaders For a Lengthened Cheering Schedule Anxiety, hope, despair, and victorious jo were a few of the thoughts and emotions reflected on the faces of this year's cheerleaders. Led by JoannicCarlsen, captain, anti Miss Nancy Crimmes-tad. adviser, the squad of ten added soccer, now a varsity sport, and cross country to their busy schedule of athletic events. On the Fridays they cheered at games, the girls got'up two hours earlier than usual and met at Perkins Pancake House by 6:()0 a.m. to start the day with either cow pokes or pigs in a blanket. Following school the girls darted off ft) a match, meet, or game, and eventually ended up celebrating at Bridgcman's. eating Lala Pa-loozas. and playing "slap the quarter ” During the year the cheerleaders attended clinics at both Maple Lake and Kobinsdale along with 500 other cheerleaders from the Region V area. They learned and practiced new techniques and exchanged cheers with other cheerleaders. The National Cheerleading Association made a twenty-five minute color film of the cheerleaders at games, pep fests, and practices to use for instructional purposes. Joannic Carlscn finds that inspiring school spirit in some llornrl funs requires more than a loud voice and plenty of enthusiasm when iuiina is leading 165Collapsing into the splits Hnrnettes Maureen (Lallan, Cindy ll.mk.i ii, Ann Ruedy, and Vicki Granger await the crowd's response as they complete their first performance of" Spanish Flea HORNFTTES: Ann Spicnla. Hetty Stone. Pal Vlolde. Heidi Hr if el finger, Sue Canton. Pam Swendseen —captain. Linda Stillwell. Vanes Holmes. Missing — Ann llsestad. Mrs Katv Schmidt, adviser IIORNETTES: Pam Kirk. Bobbi Hughes. Kitts Hill. Vicki Granger. Ann Ruedy, Cindy llanken. Maureen Callan, Penny Paris. Debbie Lindquist. Betsy Husbands 166Talking the dance through. Betsy Hu,hands. rn. S|‘n ol,i, li( • tv Stone, and Pat Moldc overcome nervouviw-" I h iis ing 'i ■ hand's speed and live crowd's response. At the Charitv Week basketball game. Nancs lh -lmi-s. l.inda Stillwell, and Pam Swendseen near t In- • ml their longest dance I lappv Trumpeter Hornettes Through Lectures, Long Practices, Five Veterans and Fifteen Rookies Merge to Perform New Dances Departing for home at 5:30 or 6:00 p in. Was common practice for Hornettes, who spent countless hours perfecting their dances. Spanish Flea. Maine. Charleston, and Lady Codiva were among the several new routines choreographed. The girls spent six hours a week of summer vacation at practice, when five veterans introduced fifteen new girls to the Hornette tradition. The Hornettes accompanied the Kdina High School hand when it played at the Augsburg game at Parade stadium The |x r-fonuance was televised, but the shivering girls, in fifteen degree weather, practically outnumbered the Augsburg fans who braved the cold. They also danced at the Diplomat basketball game, during Charity Week, when the Faculty All-Stars took on the Harlem Diplomats. On the Fridays that the Hornettes danced, the girls met at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast at Ferkins Pancake House, and sometimes had midnight slumber parties to end their busy, nervous day. The girls credited their limitless energy to the red licorice and occasional birthday cakes consumed during practice hours. Broken tapes and melted, warped record, force Betsy Husband, and Debbie Llrid |ub! to »ing a they practice 167.CAA OFFICERS: Meg Greer, vice-president: Mrs Dune Sandvick. adviser; Nancy Drake, secretary. Karen Hendrickson, president. Miss Barbara Ternme. adviser. Connie Frey, treasurer AQUA NYMPHS: Front Ross — ancs NVavne Marsha I.osaas. Trudy l.arnpert, Cindy Schneider. Mary Wheeler. Mrs Vicki Engel, Row 2 — Debbie Smith. Jan Eisler, l.vn Bevier. Jeanne Pollard. Betsy Husbands. Cheryl Robertson. Linda Crusk. Maureen Callan. Row 3 — Kristin Carlander. Paula Gulliiord, Debbie Anderson. Kaths Vencll. Lolly Carlson. Wendi Wood. Mary Kay Olson. Laurie Canton. Back Row — Andi Mastor. Nancy Carlsen. Judy Lyman. Chris Sherry. Laurie I'lvestad. Molly Elleby, Cathy Teilor. Nancy Magnus During a Monday night Girl’s Athletic Association meeting. Sarah Blocki and Mary Stcinbauer spot as Mary Jensen does a handspring over the horse 168Double ballet legs appear to be a simple stunt as Aqua Nymphs demonstrate during a weekly Thursday night practice at the South View pool GAA, Aqua Ny mp hs Enthusiastic Girls Enter Conference Competition, Challenge Richfield In Bowling and Broomball Matches Lake Conference archery, volleyball, badminton, and bowling tournaments were among the activities of the Girls’ Athletic Association. Advised by Miss Barbara Temine and Mrs. Diane Sandvick, gym teachers, club members also competed with the Richfield CA in broomball and bowling. Former members of Edina s GAA attended the Alumni Playday. held in December. Students participated in tennis, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics In accordance with their annual traditions, the GAA sent two of its members as delegates to a leadership conference at Camp Courage. Winning four synchro medals and state COHl[K‘tition were among the goals of the Aqua Nymphs, coached by Mrs. Vicki Engel. A swimming clinic in January and an invitational meet in February were held to prepare for the April district and state competition and the annual May water show. To help the Aqua Nymphs work on their synchronized routines, a tape recorder was purchased with funds obtained through donut sales and a car wash. GAA BOARD: Front Row — Carol Krac-rnrr. Colleen Sedgwick. Kathleen Limbeck; Back Row — Joan Antonson. Louise Barrett. Susan Rothucm. Suzanne Bel schner. Marilyn Stone. Ann Coates. Linda K aster. Kate Spokes Skills are demonstrated by Betsy Husbands to the Aqua Nymphs before thes practice and perfect the splits for their routines in state competition 169Applying ihcir artistic talents to sign painting. Pep Clul» members prepare banners to decorate the cafeteria foyer and boost school spirit. Even an extremely cold winter almost devoid of snow was unable to keep true skiers away from favorite places. PEP CLUB OFFICERS! Judy Lyman, treasurer. Kama l.undquist. executive. Nancy Durham, vice-president; Cinny Thon. secretary; Linda Dickie, president 170PEP CLUB: Front Row — k Bculell. T Murllrr, S Fcrrb, L Schnurr Winter, C Burnham. B Barflrtt. G Wilhtiiiuoii. M Rnnolr,) Stallman. S Johnson. K Freita . J llnvrlimd, N Larson. P Taylor. K Fischer, J Maunder: Bow 2 — H Heffelfinger, X Durham, B Bingham. J Henc-fiolcl. M IVarvin. SI Olvon, V Griffin. D. Williams, V Fridlund. S Schrcpplc, II llaughml. k Sampsell. A Fngdbrccht. H Warded, K. Coriander, 1. Ulw-vtuil G Andenon. P Keith. W m-gle, M Branson, S Hendrickson, G Carlson. G. Reker; Ross :i — Miss B l.und, B But-on. S Gi-rum, T Pfierson, T. Ulrich, S, Scoggin. (.’ Ringemd, K. Thayer. (Baker, S Vndcnon. K Spokes, C Ros, V Stessart. S Cherne. I Johnson. S Riches, K Olson. I Anderson, J Husie. W llili-harrl, k Olson. J. I.unrf(|ui it. k Veiled, I) Minichilli. N Spika. llustund. J Zieper. I. Macke-rud. Ross 4 — k MeCrass, J Shadinger. B. Hansen. J Iverson, k Mackrn jc. M Pietriek, S Rumpus, K Oelkc. S. Welngarlnrr. S Naas. S Major. J Crette. J Colbert. M Rauch, D Stockdale, B Buries. I) Sanborn. I. Carlson, A. Rice. S lldstad. S Nelson. I. Anderson, X l.undcgard, J Thirlsuldt. Rose 5—k Lundquist. A Thon. J Wilev. S. Scott, M Sundet. K kens in. k Morris. P Mori ion. C. Jensen. I) l.indrmann, S, Dougall. M Findluv. P Ornr. J Richter, J Thomas. Rohlelt. W Anderson. Cistellieek. J Jackson, k Robertson. S Baranauckos, k Olsen. P Dunn. S Psvhogios. A Rafshol. M Montan, Back Boss-—S. Host. C Hagen. M llipps. M Amlie. M Sunders, I) Sirotiak. D. Cushman. N Klseri. B Cislason, B Hi nr. I. Seek. A Docringifrld, | Lyman, I. Dickie. X Ash. C DeWHl. A Mas tor, X Hansing. C l uthold. S Schuck. J Gustafson. M Gintafv n. I. Vi zicr. K. Sisright, I. Omeliunchuk. J Oehman. S Richards, V Trigg. J Rachie CLl'B OFFICERS: Front Row — Tom Slillmun. vkt-tJrnl; Michelle I bets. treasurer; Back Boss — Manila as, sretrfars. Ocliorali Hrnninpen. president. Pee Club. Ski Club Pep Week Stimulates Enthusiasm To Psyche-up the Team Members For State Tournament Competition "Soc it lo ’em,” the slogan of the days when students wore white bobby socks and tennis shoes; and green and white days, when students wore school colors, were some of the activ ilies designed to foster school spirit during Pep Week sponsored by Pep Club during one of the weeks of the basketball tournament. Other aspects of the week included announcements over the public address system and a special pep fest organized by the club. One of Pep Club's most conspicuous functions was painting and hanging spirited signs around the school. I'ndcr the direction of Miss Barbara Lund, the club mem! ers sold doughnuts to finance the gallons of paint used in their after school artistic sessions. A pot luck supper was held after one of the soccer games and plans were made for an ’Edina’ card section at football and basketball games Overnights at Indianhcad and at Lutsen were sponsored In the Ski Club. Only two trips were planned in order to obtain the required number of students for eac h trip. 171AFS-INTKKXATIONAL CLUB: Front Row — j Rowland. S Nelson, M Krause, R Qclkc, T lliciwn, I' Hawthorne. C Rekor. T. I 'I rich, Stewart. T. Peterson. S Sooggin, M Pietrick: How 2 — C Evers. M Iverson.J. May. M Ranch. K Bcrgct. L. Fletcher, M Avila. J Lanh, J Smith. J Sharkey. G. Smith I) l.undquist. Pelts. Miss M Barthold; Row 3— II Olson. Webster, K Pollock. K Robertson. M Wiste. M Holm. K Mackenzie. C Johnson. S. Diefenbach. J Colbert. C Me-Carraugh. K Pickard. B Long. R Parkas. B Bowman, Arensoii, Ron. K Ve-nell. J Iloveknid, T Stewart, Row I — S. Chernc. C Hingcrud. I. Bearingcr. M Jones, k Lungliuug. C Neumann. I. Vir Jer. S Rodinc. S Fevder. J Jackson, C. Richards. S Meader. K. Jorgensen, C Cain, S Buni| as,G Hustad. S. N.ias, P Mohrinan, J Christenson. K Burt. Row 5 — I. Hoover. T llaris. Young, I) Howard, N Appel. P. Keith. I Liming. B, Clslason, (• Anderson. C Christensen. M Hide. M Conlin. K Lindemann.S. Ray. M Bjork. S. Carlson. C. Jncolw, P Carlson. S Houser man. P Mac Arthur. S. Cehring. I) Bergcrson; Back Row —T Garrett. S. Larson. H. Cornan. J. Croth, T Moss, A Firatli. L. Hoycr, J. Wilbur, B. Cooper, M Muske. M. Custaffson. IJ Kallden. J Gustafson. P Culliford, B. Hittz, VI. Miller, K Quick. D. KgekvKt. S. Westfall. B Hamilton W Lyon. J Joruiahl. J Starkev. VI Curlsen, I. Othcrg, A Tjaden, L- Thayer AFS-International Club Dances, Doughnuts, and Donations Supply Funds to Bring AFS Students From Germany, Turkey, and Bolivia Helping newly arrived foreign students adjust to hectic American life was one of the many duties of the AFS-International Club officers. The dub sponsored the Friendship Dance after the first football game anti hosted a welcome picnic to introduce the AFS students: Georgia Evers, from Germany; Ahmet Firatli. from Turkey; and Mossy Avila, from Bolivia. Members also toured the Betty Crocker International Kitchens and returned with arms full of samples. The traditional International dinner, attended by the Student Council AFS Committee, the AFS students, and dub members, was once again held during the Christmas holidays, in the spring they hosted a picnic to bid farewell to the AFS students and to give them a momento of their stay here. The duh invited guest speakers to interest students in studying and traveling abroad and in meeting and getting acquainted with people of foreign countries. Fart of this project included supplying foreign pen pals to all students. By sponsoring a dance, selling doughnuts, collecting donations from private firms and other assorted money making projects, the club raised enough funds to finance bringing AFS students to Kdina Senior High School for one year. 172 After endless interviews and group meetings w ilh c pc-ricnced parents. AFS delegates from Kdina. Kama l.undquist and Bryan Cooper, were chosen  AFS students from Germany. Turkey, and Bolivia. Georgia Kvers. Ahmet Tiratli. and Mossy Avila, arc introduced to an American teen-age challenge, the I .ala Paloo a. at Bridgeinanv AFS OFFICERS: Debbie Howard, president; Sue Diefenbaeh, secretary (seated); Grctchen Reker. vice-president; and Linda Bearinger. treasurer 173Y-TEENS CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: From Row - Bov Pe- tenon. Sue Blanchette, Jane Fossey, Meg Greer, l.inda Larson. HakJi Swenson, Marti Dievsner Back Row — Sandy Mortcn-son. Sue Feyder, Nancy Kremer, Mary Millet. Mary Heath, Sue llayhoe, Laurel Nelson. Debbie Henningscn HI Y CHAPTER PRESIDENTS: Bob Rahko. Dennv Hughes. JimCroth. Bob Mathews, Richard Hibbard. Mr Ted Downs; adviser. Discussing future plans are Hi-Y officers Dave Hirshey. secretary-treasurer; Jim Reece, vice-president; Jim Croth, president; Jim Swenson, chaplain 174Y-Teens (all Style show includes live latest mod fashions, us well as hillbilly Sadie Hawkins costumes modeled by Marti Diessner and Julie Horlitz Hi-Y, Y-Teens Hi-Y and Y-Teens Join Together To Listen to Christmas Spirituals, Renew Their Youth in Tricycle Races Pie tosses, tricycle races and free throw- shooting were featured at the joint Hi-Y. Y-Teens Carnival. The Y-Tecn members from Edina attended a joint meeting with the Y-Teens from Central High School, enabling them to meet and converse with people of different backgrounds. In December they attended a Christmas worship service. which was enhanced by Cyril Paul’s unusual presentation of Christmas spirituals. Carnations were sold on Cotton Day which was once again held by the Y-Teens in the early spring. They also sponsored the Silver Tea to promote world fellowship. Presenting Vietnam in a vibrant manner. Bob Ryan spoke to a Hi-Y all-school meeting, telling of his experiences during his tour there. A speaker from the FBI was heard later in the year. The Hi-Y sponsored the Hi-Y formal and co-sponsored a joint worship service w ith the Y-Teens. The group was active in such all-city activities as Youth in Government, the Goodwill Clothing Drive, the Leadership Seminar, and presented a United Fund program. ALL-SCHOOL Y-TEENS OFFICERS: Front Row — Julie Horlitz. Cretchen Kuehn. Cretchen Cooper. Julie Anderson. Terry Pherson. Kris Berget. Buck Row — (.elgh Urvm Jeanette Austin. Janet Bus-kirk. Barbara Long. Robin Oelke Mrs. Lois Engel is the Y-Teens adviser 175GERMAN CUILDMEISTERS: Bruce Neumann, Cerman Band; Mary Sue Bjork, Art; David Sundt. Folk Singing; Kama Lundquist. Girls' Athletics; Joan Cunberg. secretary-treasurer. Social; James Plasman, Burgermcisler, Publications; Sandy Smith, Athletics; Bob Stake, Science. Missing: Kathleen l.indcmann. Home Economics; Scott Sandvick, Drama; Phil Herman. Games. LATIN CODS AND CODDESSES: Front Row — Sue (Venus) Becker. Elizabeth (Iris) Patrick. Linda (Pandora) Stillwell; Row 2— Miss Virginia Winter. Jan (Psyche) Borene. Melinda (Hebe) Montgomery. John (Mercury) Sortebcrg. Rich (Bacchus) Hibbard. John (Priapus) Macintosh. Mark (Hercules) Hippc; Back Row — Fred (Pluto) Huser. Tim (Neptune) Braine. Art (Jupiter) Bridgman. Don (Aidos) Larson. Chuck (Pan) Russell. Brian (Vulcan) Field. Cary (Cupid) Knippcnberg. Mr. Thomas Clark Missing: Kathy (Juno) Horan. Ann (Athena) Ulvestad. Clare (Diana) Richards. Win (Mars) Neuger. Karen (Ceres) Sandvick. Mark (Aeolus)Olander. 176Practicing for the unnuul I ail in ( lul lum|uct chariot race, Cheryl Kolxttson and Moll FJIoln struggle valiantly to pull John Sorteberii German Club, Latin Club German Students Experiment With New Form of Government, Publish Monthly Club Newspaper Guilds and mcisters were introduced when the German Club completely changed their form of government The club was divided into eight guilds which covered the fine arts, science, and athletics. The meisters. leaders of the guilds, composed a council lead by the Burgcrmeister. Jim Pl srnan. The German newspaper, published every month by the Publications Guild kept the club members informed of important events within the club. The Christmas party, planned by the Social guild, was supplied with refreshments In the Home Kconomics guild. The entertainment was provided by the Drama and German Band guilds. Mr. Laszlo S cndren and Mr George Keimer. advisers, felt the new guild system proved to be successful. An Italian opera and a Guthrie play were part of the Latin Club's busy schedule this year. Under the leadership of Art Bridgman and Rich Hibbard, consuls, and Miss Virginia Winter, adviser, the dub extended its program to include the sponsorship of a psychedelic dance and the showing of a movie, "Atlantis the Lost Continent" Because John Macintosh, the pontifex maximus. was elected president of the Minnesota Junior Classical League, Kdinu Latin Students were hosts to 500 Latin scholars from all over the state at a conference and banquet in the spring. Auctioning off a defenseless freshman Imm Smith View. Praetor Fred 11 user solicits bids from loitm students eager to become masters and fuse Control of a slave. 177FRENCH CLUB COUNCIL: Front Ho — Rm Borden. Heidi lleffelfinger. Linda Anderson; Row 2 — Marti l.inderholm, Meredith Wfate. Sue Hara-nauckas. Sue Weingartner. Row 3 — Jody Pawns, Cindv Schmidt, Bev Pctervm, Linda Cooper. Row 4 — Lolly Carlson, 1 .auric Andenoo, Mary Davenport. Tim Duff; Back Row — Sarah Bodinc. Jill Johnson. Sue Canton French Club. Spanish Club Spanish Club Choir Members Sing Spanish Christmas Carols to Cheer Minneapolis Area Nursing Homes A Spanish Club Choir, composed of twenty girls, was started this year by the club president. Roxy Johnson. The choir, singing both traditional and modem Spanish songs, performed at all of the Spanish Club meetings. The ehoir also composed a program of International Christinas songs, especially Spanish ones, and presented them at Christmas time to several nursing homes in the Kdina area. The senior and junior Spanish Club members initiated sophomores at the October meeting l making them break a pinata which was filled with peanuts and prizes. I.'Academic Francaise. which met weekly to speak only French, read and discuss novels, ami learn songs, was introduced l French Club president Mars Carlson French classes practiced songs to carol at Christmas time for the annual caroling party. Club members went downtown to see the French lilm ' 400 Blows.’ Plans and tryouts for the French Club play to he presented later in the year were begun in earls Decern Ik r. I Cramming marshmallow into their mouths In the Freneh-Spanish war games, participants Sue Kngler ami Rosy Johnson race hack to their teams. 178FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS IJa Hall, treasurer; Laura Vizzicr. secretary. and Mary Carlson, president; look through tin latest bsuc of Paris Match. Missing: Tina Harris. vice-president, Mr Harry Martin. Adviser Spanish warriors Steve Mase and Steve Neummtcr battle French C.'lub members in u game of football at the inter-rluh ssar games l,c s strenuous marshmallow-chew irig contests followed. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Roxanne Arko. treasurer; Roxanne Johnson president. Betsv Lund, secretary. and Tom Ctindenon, vice-president, displas traditional Spanish accessories. Spanish Club adslserts Mrs Kauha llagemeister 179Hectic rehearsals lay ahead for Judy Lyman and other choir members a they begin the practice needed on their music to present a good concert Choir Seventy-six Trombones Invade Choir , Christmas Concert Is Enhanced By 'Nutcracker Suite’ Presentation The presentation of "The Music Man” by the combined choirs started the year for I 10 choir members and Mr. Dolph Bezoier, director. Given in December, Greg Scherer played Professor Harold Hill, and Jeanyne Bezoier played Marion, the librarian. Selected players from the bands and orchestra accompanied them Members of the choir not singing in the musical huilt the scenery and worked as stagehands. One crew spent long hours in vain on a canvas advertising the show. It never hung in its traditional place over 50th and France, because Christmas decorations had already been hung on the cable provided. Busy choir members faced rehearsals for the musical and the Christmas concert that were scheduled concurrently. A new feature introduced to the concert was selections from "The Nutcracker Suite" danced by Marius Andahazy and his partner. The choir joined other choirs and presented Handel’s "The Messiah at the I.ake Conference Music Festival held in April, and also competed in the state music contest. Enjoying a little free time rarely spared during the routine practices for the Christmas (Concert, choir members line themselves up on the risers. MIXED CIIOIK: Front Row B Nyman. C I‘helps, S Mnrtcnson, I. Donnelly. B. Bnmsell. J May. I' Fredendall. I.. Wegmeycr, M Rauch. M C.uille. I’ Johnson, J Raueh. Row 2 — R Parkas. K Olson. I. Stony. B Long. R Martin, B Mac-Taggort. I. Moore. S Poston. J ILme. A Martin. I. Carlson. Coates, K Zak. M. Clist, Row 3 — I. Blncgc I.. Lock. J. Hulvorsnn. C lliggin. S l.alfrrty, J ScarlMiroogh. Mr I). Bezoier. M Annas. K Feske. P Arnold. S llungerford. B. I.egrn. P riiuhl, (. Ellsworth Row I — M Donnelly. C Cissclbeek, C. Cushman. J Robinson. J Richter, I) Scott. M Wahl runs, J Duncan. I Stacey, C McQuillan. shley. C Cartwright. J Ornestad. Elsen Back Row II Conian. J Sanders. D Clelond. R Anderson, B Dragcr. J Moore, P Kimball. R dams. R Tania . J Mil o. I) Jacobson R Stolik. S. Sundkerg, J Kennev. S Davies. P Thiogs Missing — I) I'alhlen. s Lars. John-soil, M Bell. S I -arson. S Peterson. K. Sampscll. I. Thayer. B LaSalle I’ Orne. B. Kennedy. S Compiler. R Smith. Rice. A Eorstund. C. Daley, . Saland. 180CHORAL CLUB: Front Row — A F.n gelbrrcht, K Taylor, K Smith, A Ruedv. J. Austin, L. Krause. B Hurliter. R Johnson. C. Sedgwick, M Fletcher; Row 2 Mr I) Bczoier. J On. S. Braxton, S Oasis. J Bc oirr, l Larkin. 1 Nelson. II Ss'anoe, R Tcrrsl. B Schwantnxk Row 3 — I. McCarty. M Cmltro.S Burke. B Schulze. J St urges M Vljolsnes. I’ Sturgex, Robertson. T Johnson. C Drake. Back Row — ( Carlson, B Bos erv T Foster. B I avis. J Troop. I) Pn -tlcthwaitc. R. King. J V'erdorn. (J. Scher-er. I) Risall Missing — M Bell, S Zetz man. S Schcefe. J Sandels GIRLS ENSEMBLE: Front Row — C Fisher. I. Clelnnd, k Hill. M Winslow. S. Schoonover, I, Blackbourn, Row 2 — Mr D Bezoier. D Anderson. B. Back-berg. S Ray. N. Krouse. J Byrd. S Scog-gin. Row 3— P. Mohrmun, M Peterson. P Gurska. S. O'KIeffe, M Lufdahl. J Lyman. I) Berg; Back Row — ( Fitch. B Lund. J (Granger. J Pollard, T. Carrel. K Bishop. D Brown. D Aspnes Missing: S. Wickstmm. V Stewart, 1. Kopsciler 181CONCERT BAND: Front Row — M Findlay. S Ehli. L Hall. D Kgevixt. S. Perkin . J. Mendenhall. S Andenon. J GunherK. F Kearns. L. Stillwell, B Neumann. K Newell. P Paris, C Wilcox. B, Neumann. (! Grot he. P Sims. Row 2 — J Wilson. P Carlson, K lamghuug. I. Williams. S Neumann. B McAllister, J. Stake. J. Mendenhall. K. Pitts. T Taylor. K l.ansik. I. Scott. K Brrgren. B Dunn. 1.. Olson, B Basso-net I, B Barnes. R Then. L. Levering, II Strom-berg, B Fosseen, J Mexternacher; Row 3 — D Peterson. K VanHomen. S llanske. H Ring. R I.arson. S Hansen. K Mcester, E. Smedvig. N. Chadlxium, D Presley. T LaBerty, S. Grinned. R Grrtte. B Stake. B Blrskinger, J Richter. C Hede. C Russell. J llat ung. G MaCarraugh. S Major. C Stromlrerg. C. Page. S ladfcrty; Back Row — I) Cushing. S. Cirasble. J Zimmerman. J Allen. B Munson, S. Kdgrcn. H O'Conner. P Maliow aid. j Arndt. K Horan. G Rolfxon. J Moffitt, B Metier. Mr E Melichar. S Sandberg. D Cooper. T Moss. D Persinger. B Oenxmer, D Harper, Band Band Survives Strenuous Drills, Rents the Ski Chalet at Buck Hill To Reward Their Musical Endeavors Marching together, the varsity ami concert hands entertained funs during half-time at the football games last fall. After tryouts in November, they split and performed separately u. Edinas two top school hands The varsity band, directed by Mr. Robert Elledge, played at all the basketball, football, and hockey games. Members also participated in the district and state regional contests. The Fifteenth Annual Pop Concert, presented by the concert hand, was expanded to five nights this year because of its popularity in past years. Directed by Mr. Edwin Melichar. the hand played at the Dorian Musical Festival at the l.uther College and at the Home-coming Coronation, marched in the annual Memorial Day parade and went on a spring concert tour. Despite their full schedule, members of both hands, and the orchestra found enough time to rent thechalet and spend a day skiing and socializing at Ruck Hill 182 From I hr hand bleacherx on the- sideline. Garv llede find himw-lf completely involved in the excitement of a rlw loot ball game-• 1 «§?w The varied activities of l and members are reflected in campaign potters and ads for past hand concerts which decorate the practice room Crisp fall day provide a brisk atmosphere while the Edina Marching Band practices intricate field formation in preparation for Friday's presentation of Broadway show tunes and synchronized dance patterns 183 ARSIl'Y BAND: Front Rom — A IVot, J pmthumus. (! Krarmcr. S IVtman. ( Johnson, I. MePbertm, K Agon. I Noifidd, k Hrndrickson. $. Peterson. (: Johnson. K Olson. Nl O'Brien. B Erbes I Johnson. B. Taft. P Johnson. I) Drlanr . Rost 2 — C rhompum, Drake, N l.rd-der. J DjvmImki B Ringham. S Poston, J Antonson. H llsverly. 1. Ifonvcr. B Berber. J. Jensen. D llcnningsen. I. Slorrv, C Burrell. C Olson. ( Neumann, (,' Carlton, G. Persinger. R Fide. M Stone. I. Nnderson Rom 3 — I) Adams. D Frank. A Dorrmfcld, J. Wang. M Mutkir, C. Dels-ties. B Andres B Campbell. F llanson K l orter. M ( lielgrcn. J Kurlik. J I i-ighton (• (-rotlie. J Nnderson, E Bsden. I Schroeder C Kane. S Baken; Baek Rom— Mr R Flledge. B Borehef. J Fi tides $ Obrirhclman. I l.udwig. F Carpehtcr. J Scott. I) Dellerder, I) I .anon. H Smith. M llokcnson. C Peterson. I). Fagerfy. I) Eleven. J Carlson. W. Sturm. P Ijindmi, B Lutz. Missing: J Johnson 184While closely eyeing the orchestral score. John Bcrgseng and Paul Dunn draw their bows across the strings of their basses during a daily rehearsal Band, Orchestra School Orchestra Goes on First Concert Tour to Winnipeg, Canada, Performs Various Musical Numbers Traveling to Winnipeg this May. the orchestra went on its first concert tour. They were invited to play in several schools in the area. The mid-winter concert, performed in March, contained some of the great classical pieces composed bv Mendelssohn. Bizet, Cian-ninni, and other famous composers. Folk music Was the theme of the orchestra’s Cafe Concert, given in November. This motif was carried out by using table place mats showing folk songs in relation to their territorial origans in the United States. Each table was also adorned with a glitter covered banjo. The guest banjo players Father Byrne and Mrs. Robert F.l-ledge played several folk numl crs, including some by Stephen Foster. accompanied by the orchestra. The concert was played to a capacity audience two nights. In addition, the orchestra participated in the district and state music contest. Individual members also entered the solo and ensemble divisions. Members found time to spend a day skiing at Buck Hill with the band members. ORCHESTRA: Front Row — S Jackson. B. Konzelmnn. J Cretle, J Vjgdal. V Newton. J Hcdlurid. K l.undquist. J Wells; Row 2 — N. Barber. D Hawaii. J Winger. A. John-dreau, J Thews, M Reed. M Suave, S Thomsen. M. Ferguson; Row 3 — I., Anderson. B Douglas, V. Criitin. S llilleren. K Platt, S lame. J Buchanan. J ('.rotting Row 4 — K l.mdcmann. K Satterluiid. M. McCauchin. S. Colvin. S. Anderson. S Perkins, K lamghaug. J Mendenhall. C. Wilcox. B Neumann. B. Dunn. It Bissonctt, It. Taft. I. levering. M Bates. B Hudquist, I. Dalquisl; Row 5 — V Ahl ott. I. Nelson, K Anderson. M Saunders, G. Iledo. J Hatsung, C. Stromberg. D Preslley. J Richter, T l.affcrts, R Cooper. D. Pcrsinger. P l.undecn; Back Row — Mr it Olsen. J Finley. T Movnahan. D l.udwig. M Monlgomer-y, S Anderson. M Olson, J Bcrgscng. P Dunn Missing: I. Bcaringer. J Meyers 185ART Cl.I B OFFICERS Leah Juckson, president: Tan nit Ebert , treasurer; and Michele Carbon, vice-president; exhibit a iamnus work of art. Venus de Milo. ART CLUB: Front Row — S Hilleren. S Sherman. T. Eberts, S Cerrish. M Conlio. N. Ceekler. M Holm. K. Platt, I. I'yacke. B, Morris; Row 2— M. Jensen, I) Williams. C. Stuir. J. Johnson. C Ledbetter, C. Platt. A. Roscnlund. S Stanck, C. Daley. B Peterson. I.. Nelson, K Hill; Row3— L Johnson. S Cucl ke, K Polacck. P Olive. C Schmidt. K Rue. J Wahl. M Hosokawa. C. ilanken, I. Stacey. W Minichilli. M Parsons. M Loveland. B. Hughes; Row 4 — $ Carbon. K. P xlner. L. Kcniwdy, D Tripp. N Magnus. R Nelson. L. Custaf-son. . Ashley. C. Carlson. J Mullen. C. Franke. S Swanson. II Olson. B Pojunos, A Wanner; Row 5 — J Hohn. K Rergel. M Carlson. M. Carlson, P Dahlen. I) Snyder, K Sidcnberg. L. Harris. T Ncvln. M Kronirig. C Higgin, C. Sidell. J Payne. S Van Wazcr. S. Henson; Back Row — |. Jackson, P Ellis, P MacArthur, H Hastings. L Williams. K. Engelbert. V. Skaar. I.. Nes-set. J Kennedy, K Pollock. J. Zirprr. B Jones. C. Christenson. D. LundquLst. J. Burges. Mr. L. McCarthy CHESS CLUB: Front Row — Mr John Ehlrrt. Joan I.arson. Melissa Sauv £ Kathy Knowles. Jean Thews. Shelly Colvin. Jill Meyers. Margaret Wahlroos, Brett Anderson. Row 2 — Phil Herman. Jon Wilbur, Warren Mason. John Brinkman, Bob Herman. Tom Anderson. Edward Scbcsla. Rex Kennedy, Ron Spencer; Back Row — Cary Knippenbcrg, Dave IX-Herdcr, Chip Combs. Scott Shjefte. Jim Thurow. Keith Schentzcl, John Thurow. Harry Holm, Missing — Coil Nebon 186HOME EC CLUB OFFICERS: Km l ay. lor, corresponding secretary; Mrs Elisa-both Aamodt. adviser; Pam I-arson, treasurer; Karen Slettcn, vice-president; Mary Berkmoes, president Missing — Cathy Both ke. secretary Home Economics Club, Art Club, Chess Club Student Artists See Films on Picasso; Home Economics Club Sponsors Annual AFS Faculty-Student Tea Films on Picasso and Grandma Moses, and guest speakers, w ho were local artists, were among tlie special features of Art Club's monthly meetings. Projects included carving jack-o'-lanterns for senior citizen residents of Heritage Home. Stimulating games of chess intrigued members of Chess Club on Monday afternoons in a third Hour biology lab. Mr. John Ehlert, faculty adviser, taught the students certain skills of the game as well as the fundamental rules. In its second year of existence, membership in the Chess Club more than doubled. One of the big happenings of Home Ec Club this year was the Faculty-Foreign Student Tea. held in February. Profits from selling Edina charms, pens, ami doughnuts enabled the club to sponsor the reception. The receiving line included Dr. Spencer Myers, the AFS Community Committee, foreign students, and faculty. Officers of the club were hostesses. Entertainment featured Mr. John O’Dougherty playing old favorites on the piano. HOME EC CLUB: Front Row Marsha Harington, Chris Ratkay. Linda Thompson. Terry Sias, Diane Farnham. Jean Thompson; Row 2 — Patty Pierce, Kris Taylor. Mars Fletcher, Sandy Major, Karen Hellickson; Ross 3 - Karen Slotted. Joan Larson, Pam Larson. Ginns Thou. Jody Powell. Back Ross — Jill Bertclson, Sharon Anderson. Linda Gustafson. Mary Berkmoes. Cyndy Bicinat 187MATH CI.l'B: Front Row — Rill Barnett. Virginia Petty. Suellen Neumann. Tracy Garrett. Carol Krunner. Sara Block-i, Nancy Drake. Bow 2 — Rill Johnson. Chris MacPhail, Warren Mason. Don Hull, Mark Cariboo. Jim Gustafson, Mr Curtiss Johnson. Back Row — Jon Wilbur. Steve Mellcma. Bob Schuuer. Bob Slake, Phil Herman, Dave Delleriier. Jim Croth Missing — Dave Fraatz, Mark IVt-ty. Ilerm Post. Wally Warfield OUTDOOR CLUB: Front Row — Jeff Sharkey. George Strund. Jim Lamonl. Dase Durst. Bill Stiles. Paul Thiegs. Row 2 — Jim Grzuskowiak. Ted Billard. Mark Gustier, lam Pickett, (keg Thompson. Kent Smead. Joe Cans. Ken Sellers. Bark Row — Mr Donald Wagner. Casey Carl son. Tim Kersten. Bob Carlson. Dave Rrarum. Chuck l vander. Doug Sundet, Don Tickle. Jay Thompson SCIENCE SEMINAR: Front Row — Greg Smith. Jeff Sharkev. Casey arl-son. Bruce Miller. Mr Donald Meyer; Row 2 — Erling Smedvig, Mark Jensen. John Karlik. Michael Bates. Row 3 — Chris legeros. Warren Mason Sue Schoonover. Raines Scbwarrrock. Jayne lljortland. Back Row — Dick J.. Bob Thompson. Steve Kalncv. Paul Thiegs Missing — George Strand 188Outdoor, Math, Science Seminar, Radio Clubs Outdoor Club Begins Rural Renewal: Wood Ducks Get Homes; Radio Club Broadcasts on National Field Day Building nesting boxes for wood ducks was the Outdoor Club's big gest project this year. Members built over one hundred boxes and sold them to raise funds. Mr. Donald Wagner, facults adviser, and the club members planned to use this money for a weekend canoe trip down the Bum River. Challenge and competition were the key words of Math Club this year. The format included enrichment in such topics as number theory and computer problems. The club members prepared for the National and Suburban math contests held in the spring. In keeping with its goal of giving its members a broader approach to all sciences and the methods of scientific research, the Science Seminar divided its efforts between special projects, speakers, and field trips. Advised by Mr. Donald Meyer, the club had their meetings twice a month. Preparing for the novice and more advanced ham radio licenses, and learning Morse Code and the thcor of radio were the main purposes of the Radio Club this year. In addition, the members participated in a National Field Day in June. By building and selling artificial wood duck houses to replace the rapidly dwindling natural nesting holes, the Outdoor Club earned funds. 189 RADIO CLUB: Front Row — Greg Smith. Bruce Haverly, Jim Crzcskowiak. Jeff Scott. Joe Stoutcnburgh Row 2 — Bob Foley. Warren Mason. David l.ingrcn. Barry Taft. Claude Kane. Back Row — Roger Johnson. Tom Oken. Tom Miller. Fric Meester, Jim Volstad. Missing — Mr Richard Bohtod. adviser.DE.FTA. FBLE.OE Proceeds From Sadie Hawkins Dance Sponsor FBLE Trip to Rochester With Tour of IBM and Mayo Clinic Show cards, writing, displays, public speaking, and sales demonstration were contests entered by the Distributive Education Club in the annual state Leadership Conference this spring. The highlights of the opening day included the election of the state DEC A Queen, who went on to the national competition. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF EDINA OFFICERS: |o Kuntz; Cheryl RoUtImui, Margie Pearson, vice-president; Jeanette Granger, Debl Stuart; Karen llovdc; Mary Kay Olson, president. Moya Jones The plans of the Future Teachers of America included a convention in St Cloud, service projects, and guest sjx-akers. Members participated during the year in the teacher aid program by assisting teachers in the Kdinu elementary schools. A field trip to Rochester with a tour of the IBM plant and Mayo Clinic was the main event on the calendar of the Future Business Leaders of Edina. The club raised money to go toward the expenses of tin- trip by sponsoring the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Office Education members participated in the annual state Leadership Conference this spring Members competed iti typing, filing, bookkeeping, shorthand, office machines, data processing, key punch, and job application contests. Getting a taste of future privilege are Future Teacher officers Karen Slettcn. president; Ann Feldmeir. vice-president; Lorraine Schwarzrock. secretary, and Deb Petersen, treasurer FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: Front Row — Tiris Haagenvn, Gandy Pillen, Deli Reed. Chris Ratkav, Ann Ixm-hart, Molly Ellebv, Jan Busktrk, Mr. Jamrs Garner. Row 2 — Kathy McGraw. Nancy Jenkins. Karen Slettrn, Linda Burrell. Zoe Gulhro. Pat Adams. Barb Neff. Linda Putnam. Paul Kimball Row 3 — Nancy Brown, Deb Petersen. Susan Hoyt. Jan Wiley, Deb Moline, Pat Mehrkins Sally Scheefe. Barb Donaldson. Bonnie Brehrr, Back Row — Debl Walker. Sue Giroux. Jo MacDonald, Lynn Farkas. Mary Sue Bjork. Ann Feldmeir. Pam Fcldhuke. Peg Nelson. Rainey Schwarzrock. Tom Dc-Remer. 190OFFICE EDUCATION: Front How — Cathy Watson. Nancy Anfinson, Shelley Anderborg, Beth Reget. Jeanne Carlson, Gail Schiltz, Hita Grandbois. Nancy Schilling. Debhi Eertig; How 2 — Ka-thy Hce, Yvonne Eastman. Darlis llostitler. Judy Maricn. Shannon MeGraw. I.auric Kerker. Nancy Janssen. Mr Roger Boerger; Back How — I.inda Anderson. Gayle Rupp. Linda Bove. Betty Carl-son, Peg Pritchard, Kris Waag. Mary Hughes; Missing — Sharon Whalen. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION: Front Row Merchelle l.ar on. I’am Jacobson, Renee Mueller, Gloria Shelton. Cathy Hanson, Peggy Joyce. Nancy Corcoran. I.inda Melamler, Mr William Hieanich: Row 2 — Jim l.owv. Kathy Morrison. l.cah Jackson, Debbie Darkenwald. Beth FUkcy. Molly Kern. Penny Felton, Bob Jorgensen. Brad Johnson; Row 3 — Rob l.cmons. Kevin McCraw, Creg Strom. Ken Zeilingcr. Bob Meisch. Craig Nakkcn, Kim Cummings. Boy Swanson. Debbie (.arson. Terry Nelson; Back Row — Darryl Bergerson, Tim Drei.%. Mars Bcrg |uist. Ron Anderson, Jim Josephson. Paul Dean, Vicki C.helgren. Kris Karlstad. Jim Owens FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF FiDINA: F'ront Row — Miss A l.aPras, C. Eastman, M Olson. V. Fridlund. A Rmciiluiid. N Wright. N. Payne, C Rol»-ertson. J. Payne. I.. Brecht; Row 2—J. Gunlierg, P. Collins. K llovde. C Bicr-nal. M Borgstrom. D Frederick, M Jones, K. Coolidgc. J Maunder. B lamg, B Parkas; Row 3 — S. Snow, J llenefirld. II llaugland. C. Gisscllieck. S F'ishcr. II Raymond. D. Williams. J Riley. V Granger, L. Tyacke. C. Jensen. R Dunker, L. I) nncllv. T. Sided; Row -I — M Donnelly, S, Moore, C. (Cartwright, B Brcher, M Carlson. I.. Blackbourn. J Granger. J Richter, P Ome. P Danielson. J Kuntz, P Thompson. I.. Johnson. L. F'arkas; Back Row — M Pearson. D Stuart. B. Bacon. I). Mc-Elruth N Palmer. Miller. J l-Jub. II Olson. J. Cullen. W Anderson. N Boblett. S Mortcnson, A. Sommers. S McF’addcn 191I ITERARY MAGAZINE: Top lo Botlnm - Craig Polsfuss, A"l Editor; Hrkii llcfflcfingcr. Editor. Carol Zctnpel: Nanc Nichols. Julie Cort . Mrs Joun Schulz. Adviser. Ingrid Egllte. Art Editor. I'.it Wilson. Asst. Editor Missing — Karen Plait. Asst Art Editor Images on the Wind,’ Quill and Scroll Renaissance of Literary Magazine Provides New Outlet for Students’ Artistic and Literary Creative Abilities The interest and enthusiasm shown by the creative writing classes this year revived the Edina High School literary magazine. Images on the Wind, which had been discontinued in 1963. The literary staff, and Mrs. Schulz, adviser, felt sure a high quality magazine could be produced and would be of interest to many people. All students were strongly encouraged to submit original manuscripts. The entries encompassed a wide area including critical reviews, dramatic manuscripts, foreign language poems, art work, architectural drawings, and photography. All materials submitted were screened by the teachers of the individual subjects and edited by the literary magazine staff The magazines were soltl in the fall arid distributed in the spring at $1.00 each Buzzette and Whigrean stall members were chosen for membership in Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school journalists. To he eligible, candidates must rank in the lop one-third of their class and have made a substantial contribution to the publication of their high school newspaper or yearlrook. Critical analysis of manuscripts submitted for the Images magazine requires the attention of Dixie Hansen. Pat Adams. Julie Corty. and Corot Zeinpel 192LITERARY MAGAZINE: Sealed — Betsy Barnum Pal Adami Standing Rie Nudell. Pal Sims. Hrvkx Bailey. Sue O'kclHe. Dixie Hansen, Misty Cafruny, Rill Barnes. Tom Atchison Fluorescent paint and twinkling lights are incorporated into a sign advertising Images In Ingrid Fglite. Heidi llcitelfin-ger. and .'ruiR Polsfuss. QUILL AND SCROLL: From Ron - Skip Sponsel. Jay Scivggin, Man Carlson, Diane Hawaii Fli alielli Patrick, Craig Freeman. Ron 2 — Nan Gohlu. Laurel Nelson, Deliliie Hcnningscn. Debbie Howard. Pam Kirk. Hack Ron — Sieve Silha. Bobbi Hughes, Mike Thompson. Jodv hmoiu. Craig Polslim. Missing John Maclnloxh 193FOLK MUSIC CLUB: Front Row — karrn Taylor, Carol Zcinpel; Row 2 — Brv I lair. Pamela Orne. Barb Hale. Joan Martin. Man Sundrt, jan Thielvnldt. Kris Burt. Rarb Bowman. Row 3 — Brian Sto-ti-slirry. Barb Qslason. Craig Mono, Cliff Holm. Mr Paul Hrtchlrr. Back Row — Diane Kallden, Joan Kenney. Colleen Sedgwick. Mike Vargon. Mark Mom me , Ceoff Morris. Richard Taubr Folk Music Club. Edina Players Students Earn Dramatic Points, Become Thespians by Producing Spoon River,’ Thurber’s Carnival' Folk rock and blues were two of the t pes of music played by members of Folk MusicClubduringtheirweekK meetings. By splitting up into small groups, the twenty-two members learned new music and taught others the songs that they had arranged. Eventually the musicians presented their original arrangements to the group as a whole Under the supervision ol Mr Paul Metehler. adviser, young musicians were able to share a common interest. Five plays were sponsored by the Fdinu Players this year. Among these were "A Tliurber Carnival' and “Spoon River Anthology," both modern dramas. A children’s play “The Valiant Tailor" was written by Jay Scoggin, a senior. "The Fantasticks" produced in a lighter vein, provided a comic touch. In the spring, the student production "The Time of Your Life" was produced without faculty direction. Sets, scenery, and costumes for these plays ranged from the elaborate to none at all. Members must have earned at least five dramatic points. 194 The valiant tailor, played by Skip Sponsel. instruct his assistant Bodkins, (slaved by Steve Hichardson. of the futility of fearing giants. •-ir Folk Mu ic Club member Geoff Morris absently strums any choral patterns that come to his mind, while Colleen Sedgwick transposes his music. I Giant robber Tom Gunderson confirms his position of leadership, whether right or wrong, when Torn Bore hers ventures a feeble correction Demonstrating the proper method for throwing a lady across the stage. Mr I.arts' Stotts, director, gives Rachel Svanoca forceful shove 195NI IS: Front Row — SI llmokuwj, t Madcr V Verscn, K JctlVO, M Dorail. I' Browning. T lliirrh. H Finch. C Schmidt. H iVtcrvm. I) Hawaii. I Kirk. C Manfred; Row 2 — C Rowland. J Parsons. M Carlson. Aren sen. B Hughes. K. Patrick. K Rckcr. M Ivenon, I. Williams. K Kngelliort. C Jacolw. J Cluunplin. I. Osherg. K Hosde. C Richards, R Johnson. B I .aster. K Borgol Row 3— S IWvker. S. Bod i no. K Madison. V IVtts. P Wilson. I) Howard. I) Rud. S. Ilayhoc. D llcniungsen. M lari son. P Alkiro. B. Bailey. N Kit nor. W I .yon. M Carlson, t Ostman. J MoCnirr. J Wilson. Ross I — K Dunks. J Mendenhall. S. Brastan. J Jackson. S Neumann. M Thompson. T Bissonott. S. Crinncll. M Hippo, J. Mitchell. D. Crow t her. T. Smith. I) Crossther. C, Alexander, W Barnes. L. i.andhloom. Back Boss - A Sis right. K Quick, (7 Russell. J Zimmerman, D Johnson. J Nielsen, I) Hirschcs. M W est. J Sanford. P Herman. S Mellema. J Wilhur. R Pedersen. S. Sandherg, A Bridgman NATIONAL THKSPIANS: Front Row — Karen Smith. Sandie Davis. Jan Borrne, Jay Scoggin. Row 2 — Moya Jones, Craig Parker. Lynn Williams. Mary Iverson, Margaret Wlllrnore, C.reg Scherer; Row 3 — Guy Drake, Ann L'lscstud, Tom Foster. Thomas Johnson. Das id Post let hwaitr. Holly Jenstad; Row 4 — Marcia Glist. Cindy Kyden. (Tars Knippenherg; Missing — John Marinos kh. Ingrid Fglite. Susan Kngler. Tom Gunderson. Mars Sue l.arkin, Leigh Larson. I.arrs McCarty. Kapps Reker. (.all Stitt Adviser b Mr larrv Stotts MIS: Front Row — I. Stillwell, ( Page. ) Pollard. (' Schneider. I. Coleman, L Oad. T l »m|»ert S Fevder. M Career. N kfcrmf. J Rorene, f Floklicr, Bow 2 — A Young, K Horan. I. Nchon. I. krjuw. S Savik. S. Diefenlurh. G Amevm. k Newell. I). A pnes. I) Swanson, J Gunttrrg, SI Peterson S Gehnng. I. I.ykkcn. Row :l — J Croth. | Gustafson. T (inndctvin. B Mattson. T Blessing. J Allen, l Gmitro, B N’chon. SI l.ovuas, |. Jondahl. T Bralnr. G kmpprnhrn:. I) Dellcrder. M (jtllan. B. Mage. Smith. R Then. Row -I — I) Scservm. C Parker. B Munson. S Silha. T Bcutell. B Field. E Hillard. B Neumann. P Chad bourn, W N'eagrr. M Olander. I) kocts. S Rie . J Sortcbrrg. B Meller. F II user. T Mom. Back Row — R Schauer. M Cmitro. B Stake, J Knoblauch, j Brinkman. C Green. J Rc-etr. J Plasman. A Mormon. T l.und. I) Meier. B Johnson. | Stc-.tr-macher Adviser i Mr. E. Anderson Under the watchful eyes of Art Bridgman and Pam kirk, two of the four seniors chosen to speak at the program, John Allen lights his candle National Honor Society. National Thespians National Honor Society Members Chosen in January to Facilitate College Applications for Seniors The induction ceremony for members of the National Honor Society was held for the first lime in mid-January instead of at I he beginning of flic fourth quarter The seniors were generally pleased with the modification because they could include NI IS among the activities listed on their college applications. The annual candle-lighting ceremony, in which 167 seniors were inducted, featured student speeches on scholarship, leadership. service, and character. Furthermore, the tradition of a banquet honoring the new members of NIIS was continued. Working on stage crew, serving as student directors, participating on costume, make-up. or publicity committees, and acting in pluvs were methods of earning points in the dramatic arts. Those students who had amassed thirteen or more of these points became eligible for membership in Kdina's chapter of National Thespians, a national dramatic honor society. The annual awards banquet was given for the National Thespians by the Edina Play ers. At this time such honors as Best Actor and B« st Actress were awarded ami the future officers were elected. 197SPORTSVARSITYi Front Row — J ('milliard. I) WWplov l Fnjiusui, II llairr. I) Hastings, l Martin. I IV Marsh. P Wright S tanda, M Schmerler, T Smith. M Masher . R Sdielper H Km»ln. R Wmlirlr. R (iarlmk Hark Row — V »u tier. D Crowthrr. I) Oowthcr. J Hrlmorc. H Terry. T. Collin . I) Peterson. T (jhalkj Henson M Burley, J Nielsen. J Scalier , h Doyle, M Ashworth, Mr S. Canakes, Mr. I). l.rikvotd. Mr. F. Fischer Tom Collins. who shared tin quarterbacking duties with Rich (Oarlock, directed the llomets in the Richfield game and scorer! their only touchdown n| the contest Attempting to escape the grasping hands ul a St l-oiin Park delcndrr. senior Rich Car lock, quarterback, sweeps around the lelt end lor a first dow n 200Football Though Hurt by Loss of 37 Lettermen, Edina Still Upholds Winning Tradition To Finish Third in Lake Conference Despite the loss of 37 lettermen from last year's stale championship squad, the Kdina football Hornets rolled to another successful season. finishing in a lie with Hopkins and Kennedy for third place in the Lake Conference. Kaeh team had 6-2-0 conference records. Under the direction of Slav Cunakcs, Coach, and Dave l.cikvold and Frank Fischer. Assistant Coaches, the Hornets outseored their opponents in total points 119-83. The high point of the season was the non-conference Home-Coming game against Richfield. Leading 6-Oat the half. Kdina saw Richfield score carls in the third quarter, but Doug Crow titer's field goal in the closing minutes of play put the game out of the Spartans reach. In another key game Edina battled Rohhinsdale to a 7-7 tie with only seconds left in the half, when Robin Hob Morgan's pass to Gary Yackcl set up a score and a 14-7 Robbinsdalc lead at halftime The Robins added a field goal in the second half and continued on to win 17-7. Mark Schmerler and Steve Vanda, co-captains, along with junior Dirk Peterson, were selected for the all-conference team. Vanda was also voted the team’s most valuable player and a Suburban Life Player of the W eek. Dave (Tow ther w as chosen Lake Lineman of the Week by the Minneapolis Star. Cutting sharply upheld. junior Dour Hastings, halfback, spots some running room in returning a punt against Richfield's defense to put Kdina in good field position. All-confcrcncc halfback Mark Schmerler checks the scoreboard clock in the closing minutes of the Park game 201During a time-out at the I jncoln game, Steve Vanda, co-captain, and Stuv Ca-nakes. couch, discuss Hornet defensive strategy Fullback Yandu was selected for the all-conference team Following through in perfect form, senior Doug Crow ther stroke another |Kilnt after touchdown through the uprights as Rich Oarlock holds. EDINA 8 21 Kennedy 21 13 St. Louis Park 16 6 Cooper 21 0 Mound 9 6 Richfield 33 7 Wayzata 14 6 Lincoln 7 17 Robbinsdale 20 13 Minnetonka 202Football Coach Canakes and Assistants Rebuild Green’ Football Prospects Into Another Winning Combination On a w ide sweep around I In- right end, Todd Smith, fullback, eludes two Richfield tacklen as he contributes to Kalina's 165 urd» gained in 48 rushes. Coming up from his defensive back position. Paul Wright doses in on a Kennedy hall carrier to drop him for a loss in the first game of the season. 5 •fk ■r J-V: Front Row — W Saxton, B Wingert, P Branson, K Porter, C. Bransford, T Keegan, B. Sarles. I) Gibson. J Burkhardt, K. Caxlmian. Ross 2 — G. Birdsong, J. Kioffer. T. Terry. 1) l cgel rrg. G. Gohdes, J H epecki. S Thomsen, R DcKruay, P Bordonaro, B Thompson, S Wchrsvcin, J Couillard. Back Row — B Card. J Kconomos, N. Milleren. P llovde. H Rsdman. S Wallin. S Thomas, I) Kunx, 'I Johnson. J Stmthor. A. Krdull, J Massopust, G Nordby. Mr H McCarthy, Mr B Suvre. 203Football Edina Is Victorious Over Richfield With Aid of Last-Minute Field Goal But Succumbs to Robbinsdale 17-7 Celling lln ball away |ust ahead of a rushing Bloomington Kennedy lineman's attempt In block it, Davin DcRcherg. Hornets punter, [nits hh foot into a Ltd to put tbi- Eagles Into a bole LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Richfield Won 7 Lost 1 Pie 0 Robbinsdale 7 I 0 EDINA 6 2 0 Hopkins 6 2 0 Kennedy 6 2 0 St, Louis Park 5 3 0 Lincoln 2 5 I Cooper 0 6 0 Minnetonka 2 6 0 Wavzata 0 7 1 Mound 0 8 0 204 Angered and dejected. Dick Martin watches from the sidelines as the Hornets drop their first game of the season against Kcnneds 21-8B-SQUAD: Front Row — T Pierce, S Baker. B Wood. 1$ llccb. S Bede, S Regli. B Bennett, T. Moynihan. S. Ferguson, J Viidcrson. K Biersdorf. J Madsen: Row 2 — J Ryan. I Brown. R limann, C Kaufinann. M Kelley. I), Johnson. S Dodinc. I) IXiyle. 1 llnycr. R Waters. S Henderson. J Kuster, J Hanson. h. Flk-cy. M Bowen: Row .1 — Mr. I O’Connell. J. Raichert. T Halleckson. I). Haley, I Ratellc. J Burns. F. I.arson. It Davison, j Field. S Anderson. B Minde. S. Neuger. R Carlson. S Curry R Losing. C. Moeller, k Carlson. Mr M CustoH; Baek Row — I) Hass-all, B. Cross. S Gregors, C IXrsolis, It Drager. G. Carlson. M Nugent. J Olson. ) Woe-hrle, B. N'vrop. F Juberg, I). Kleve. I.. Fleer. M Holloway, I). I .arson. M Robertson, J Kcntschler. Though outweighed at nearly every |Xisition. the front line turned in a w inning performance against highly rated Riehlield in the Hornets' Homecoming victory Defensive hack Jon Relmorc sets himself to Stop his opiMinent in Fdioa’s win over Wayzutu to sjaril tin- Trojans’ ho|K-s for a homecoming ii| set 205Cross Country Edina Varsity Cross Country Team Improves Throughout Lake Season To Place Fourth in State Competition Placing fourth in state competition, the Edina Cross Country team progressed during the season to finish in a slightly higher position than expected by Nilo Hendrickson, coach. The team developed its strength throughout the season as it went from second in the conference to a tie with Richfield for first in the District 18 meet, and then on to place first in the Region V meet They also participated in two non-conference meets, the Austin and Polar Invitationals. The team's own Braeinur Invitational, however, was cancelled due to poor weather. The team lost two meets during the conference season, both by very close margins. Robbinsdale and Richfield defeated the Hornets by one and two points respectively. Steve Ries. captain, and Brad Bringgold proved to Ik the strongest Edina Harriers Ries held the best time on the team, 10:03, which earned him third place in the Region V meet held at the two-mile course at Lake Nokomis. He was also Edina's l est runner in the District 18 meet and second best in state competition, following Jeff Strandemo, the first Edina entry to cross the finish line at state. Other Edina runners to place in state competition were Jim Reece, Brad Bringgold. and Bruce Mullen. Toned harriers, assuming various positions, auait Or starter s gun at tlx meet against Kennedy, Lincoln, and Richfield LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Richfield Won 9 Lost 0 EDINA 7 2 Hopkins 7 2 Robbinsdale 6 3 Lincoln 5 4 Cooper 4 5 Minnetonka 4 5 St. Louis Park 2 7 Kennedy 1 8 Mound 0 9 Weary after a meet, sophomore Bruce Mullen, the second Hornet runner to cross the finish line in District 18 competition, seeks the support of a tree 206'll"! 28 27 Robbinsdale 22 37 St. Louis Park 23 34 Hopkins 20 43 Cooper EDINA 17 42 Minnetonka 15 49 Mound 24 31 Lincoln 29 27 Richfield 17 44 Kennedy Nearing the chute at the Lake Nnkomis finish line. Steve Ries paces himself to maintain his leading position His time. 10;Q3. was the best on the squad VARSITY: Front Row— Curt Randall. Steve Oarlock, Paul Findlay. Bruce Mullen. Russ Chandler; Back Row — Jim Recce. Jeff Strandcnio. Fred Carpenter. Steve Ries. Brail Rringgold. Jeff Brauchle. 207VARSITY: Front Row — | Maul. G Alexander ) kimt i n I' I 111111 s Nmilh H Meinkr. (. Snell T Brain. H Nrlson. Rem 2 — J Anknrr, T Olusta B dains S llallam | Gorrra. k ndervui. B Nelson. I) Bet hie. D Dellerder. D I arson J W illiur Back Hos — li Kuglund B Isrrson. B Foley. R Ixyh. F Miner, k Oebchlagrr, I Waidi-ll I Bra me. I I.uimI. Bridgman. B Make I. Schmrdcr. P Herman. Mr I. S emlres Soccer Edina Soccer Team Wins M.H.S.S.L. Eastern Division Championship In Its First Year as a Varsity Sport In its firs! year as an official school sport, the soccer team won the fuistern Division title of the Minnesota High School Soccer League. Though the team has played in previous years as an unsponsored cluh. it was recognized this fall as a varsity sport and was able to lieeome an official member of the M.H.S.S.L Led by Las lo Szcndrey. coach, and Sand) Smith, captain, the Hornets finished their conference schedule with four wins and a tie; they had an over-all record of eight wins, no losses, and one tie. Kalina placed four players. Sands Smith and John Ankner. fullbacks, and Greg Snell and Bill Steinke. forwards, on the all-conference team The fast, experienced front line was complemented by one of the strongest defenses in the league Tom Brain and Bill Nelson, senior goalies, allowed onl) six goals in nine games, and their combined efforts resulted in four shut-outs. In what proved to lie the championship game. Kdiua faced unbeated St Louis Bark in the final game of conference play The Hornets dominated the game, shutting out Bark 3 0. Kighl fullback Samis Smith hit the dr-frnse in an impreuive record Though he mnsnl the last three Janies n| the season line !u an injurs, tie was selected (or the all-oaalrrmcc learn 208Breaking dossnfield with the hall. Creg Stu ll, all-confcrencc right inside, tries In set up a goal EDINA 2 0 Blake 3 1 Ramsey 2 0 Richfield 2 1 Kellogg 1 2 Minnehaha i 0 Breek 1 1 White Bear 3 0 St. Louis Park 3 1 Cretin Surrounded h Minnehaha defenders Cords Alexander, vrnlar, strains to reach the hall lexander plated Iron! line, half line, and lullliock for Kdltw B-Syi'AD: Front Row — S. Parka. 'I Stillman. J Schaefer W. Nelson, j Herman, C. Monahan, F Smeail, B. Wolilrabc. T O'Connel. How 2 — T Barnett, G While. I). Murphy. G Carlson. S. Jcitscn, B Bacon, P (iatiwm. M Wendt B Johnson How 3 — J Nehon, S. Pollock. I) Clcland. C PoUfusv. J Hitchcock. T Holland, H Johnson J Kindeni; Back Row - B Neumann. R Coffin. M Edclmann It Nonlqiilst I) James, B Everett, S. Brohack, P Heinrich, j Hanson. Mr B Wlesncr 209Basketball Compiling 80-1 Three Year Record, Cagers Capture Unprecedented Third Straight State Championship In a season full of tension, surprises, and stale records, Kdina captured a third series of titles in the Lake Conference. District IS. Region . and Minnesota Stall’ Basketball Tournament. The first hurdle for the Hornets was the setting of a new state record of 69 consecutive victories. The pressure built up as Kdina approached Hopkins' previous record of 65 wins. Taking no easy way out. the Hornets drew second ruled St Cloud Tech for the record-tying game. With the gym overflowing with fans, reporters, and television cameras. Kdina led all the way and defeated the Tigers 65-58. The Hornets won four more games before falling to Richfield for their first loss in three seasons. This loss proved to lx the only one for Kdina this year, as the Hornets Ixiunced back to lx at Richfield in the district finals and Willmar in the regional to gain a state berth It was here that a second record was set as Duane Baglieu coached Kdina to an unprecedented third consecutive state championship. The Hornets were led all year by two-time all-conference, all-district, all-region, and all-state tournament center. Bob Zender. Also receiving honors were Bill Kiedler for all-lake, all-district, and all-state. Mike Burley for all-district, and Mark Thoele for all-conference. all-region, and all-state. A St. (.'loud Tech guard finds it hard In npineiiver uguinst thr double-teaming half-court zone press of Mike Buries and Tom (.'ahulka in regional plus VARSITY: Front Row — Rich Johnson. Mr Robert Savrc. Mr Duane Baglien. Rick Kitchen. Back Row — l.arrs Nackrrud. Paul right. Hob Rose. Bruce Johnson. Bruce Mesfcmacher. Tom Cabalka. Tom Miller. Bob Zender. Bill Filler. Joe Remon. Chuck Hcikrncn. Mike Buries. Dirk Peterson. Tixld Hurlischer. Mark Thoele. Missing — Tuck Peterson 210LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won 15 Lost 1 Richfield 14 2 Hopkins 12 4 Lincoln 12 4 Robhinsdule 9 T Minnetonka 8 8 St. Louis Park 7 9 Cooper 4 12 Kennedy 3 13 Wayzata 3 13 Mound 1 15 Inexorable concentration shown In Hill Fiedler at the free throw line enabled him to obtain the liest scoring percentage lor free throne on the team J-Vi Front How — Paul Wright. Kent Anderson. Ted Warnrr. Todd lluehschcr, Dour Harmon; Back How — Mr Robert Savre. Dave Solfelt. Chuck Hcikenen. Joe Benson. Dirk Peterson. Missing — John Rcrgseng One of Fdina s top reserves. Bob Rose, kept the Hornets' defense tight and scoring punch alive despite the loss of starters due to injuries or fouls 211Basketball Hornets Attain New State Record By Winning 69 Consecutive Games En Route To Obtaining Lake Title Blocking a Moorhead shot, two time all-state tournament selection BobZcndcr made shooting difficult for teams all year and led the Hornets in scoring. Concerned Coach Duane Baglien calls for a zone press defense in a crucial time-out against St. Cloud Tech, as the Tigers threaten during the state-record tying game. 212 The ultimate goal for every basketball team is the state championship, and the unequalled Joy of achieving it is shown by the entire team.Quarterbacking the highest scoring offense and the stingiest defense in the Lake Conference, senior guard Mark Thoele earned all-conference, all-region, and all-state honors. 62 46 60 26 54 48 71 32 71 46 64 42 74 51 63 44 85 54 65 48 65 58 52 34 50 50 EDINA 81 61 To 53 75 81 94 46 76 45 72 45 80 64 74 57 65 51 78 60 66 54 63 49 91 61 70 45 Cooper Mound Richfield Wayzata Lincoln Fergus Falls Kohbinsdale Kennedy Minnetonka St. Louis Park St. Cloud Tech Cooper Hopkins Kennedy St. Louis Park Richfield Wayzata Hopkins Mound Minnetonka Lincoln Richfield St. Cloud Tech Will mar Mayfield Duluth Central Moorhead B-SQUAD: Front Row — Torn Hallcckson. Mark Johnson. Tim Monahan. Steve Prccht. Gregg Rolfson. Tim Colburn. John Rakchort. Murk Engcr. Unsay Hover, Back Row — Mr Bob lladdorff. Tom Ratrlle. Torn Rose, John Woehrle. John McNccly, Dennis Klevc. ljirry Fleer. Dave Larson. Greg Dovolli. Brad Wood, Tom Quick: Missing - Mark Bowen 213 ARM 11: 1 ronl Row — Hu h Moreland. Stesc Hopkins. Jas Johnston. Brian llrch, M Kydrn. Jem (our die. Chris rurnrr. Ttm Brainr. Bol W'arnkc. Row 2 — Brail Orrhen. Rou DeKnuiy. (lords lexander, Scott Mallam. Todd Smith. Rich Oarlock, Paul Chodbourn. Creg Net ins. John Nonl. Mr Art Downey. Scott Motile. Back Row — Dave Ogren. Mark W«l.'Tom l.ove. Mark W dies. Martin I inbrrger. John Francis. Jell Beetle. Boh Folrv. Jack Schinner. Frank Crotian, John Miller LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost EDINA ..............8 1 Hopkins.............8 I St. Louis Park......5 3 Kennedy.............5 Cooper..............2 Robbinsdale........ I Lincoln............ I 1 214 Reviewing the scores and times (luring the district preliminaries, senior relay team members Cords Alexander. Rich Oarlock, and dreg Nevms determine the times that are needed to winPractirinK hi championship form i» senior Todd Smith, whose winning tot.il in the state meet was thirty points above hi last year's first place mark (Jualilyine lor the state tournament hi 100-vur l freestyle .is well as the -100-yurd medley relay. Brad Orrlien aided the relay team In wltlng a new state mark. Swimming Conference, State Championships Achieved by Hornet Swimmers For the Second Successive Season Winning by a two-point margin. Edina secured its second straight state high school swimming championship. The final event, the -100-yartl freestyle relay, arrived with Edina needing a victory to edge out Hopkins, or lose by eight points, brad Orrben. Kd Kyden. Rich Car lock, and Mark Willes won the relay event and set a new state record with a time of 3:25.8. Edina's 167 1 2 points proved victorious over second place Hopkins, who belt! 165 1 2 points. Eour other state records were also set by the Kdina team this year Senior (lords Alexander placed lirst in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1.02.9. and junior Scott llallam helped the Hornets retain their title l setting state records in the 200-vard freestyle and the 100-yard butterfly. The 200-yard medley relay team also placed first with a new state record. During the conference season, the swim team was only defeated once and held victories in non-confcrcnce meets with Austin. St. Thomas, and Rochester-Mayo. In the last meet of the season. Hopkins heal Edina to put both teams in a two-way tie for the first place title in the Lake (Conference 215Junior Row Drkraay placed fourth in the 'talc mrrl in like 200-yard individual medley ami tenth in the 100-yard lircuitvtroke Iw-hmd rrr-ord-M-lliinc teammate Gord Alexander Tenvrly wait ini' in vtartiriK povitimi l |unior Mark Wide . who proved In hr a Strong anchor man (or Kdina’t 100-yard freestyle relay learn al vlatr 68 27 Robbinsdale 66 29 Austin 65 30 Kennedy 59 36 Cooper 52 43 Hopkins 67 28 St. Thomas EDINA 57 38 St. Louis Park 66 29 St. Cloud 68 27 Kennedy 57 38 Cooper 50 1 2 44 1 2 Rochester Mayo 43 52 Hopkins 216With another year l varsity »w miming ahead of him. Scott ilallam has alreadv won four state championships and set three records. Swimming Five New State Records Are Set By Championship Edina Swimmers; Junior Scott Hal I am Achieves Two Overlooking the pool from the (living board. She. the team's three-year-old mascot, is the object of many of the swimmers’ loving affections B-SQUAD: Front How — Dave Ronald, Frank Newhousc. Roger Coffin. Steve Car-lock. Robert Rischmiller. Jeff Sharkey, Mike Hollway: Row 2 — Cliff Andresen. John Velgercdvk. Dave flanske, Tom Petersen. Kurt Bringgold. Richard Ahmann. Steve Raines Row 3 — Doug Oster. Steve Baken, Dave Ifovde. Kieth Carlson. Jeff Pink-ham Pat Boulay, Robert Cravicr; Back Row — Mr latszlo Szendrey. Ed Sebcsta. Greg llovde. Doug MacArthur. Tom Mestomacher, Dave llenningsen. Robert Frey. 217One of tdmj % feu ciperienoed starter . Hi injurrd earls in fhe season but came buck h Hornct% Mcoodfior Hockey Victorious llornct crmfntuljlr each other after Brme Carlton « goal in tudilen death mertime heat Blake 1-2 in the annual APS game Inexperienced Hornet Hockey Squad Attains a State Berth Following Capture of Region Six Championship A “rebuilding year” for mmt teams is exactly wlial the name implies. but for Edina) hockey team it included winning their fifth consecutive Lake Conference championship and their second straight Region VI title for a lierth in the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament Losing only one Lake contest and two non-conference games to Southwest and Duluth Fust, the Hornets swept through the Region VI tournament with three decisive victories, including a 7-1 shellacking of Richfield on five third period goals. Filtering the state meet for the seventh time in the schools history. Kdina was unable to win its first opening round game Although the score was tied until the final | eriod, a hard-checking South St. Paul team put three goals past All-lake goalie Doug Hastings and another into an ojwn net to w in 6-2. Accompanying Hastings on the All-lake squad were Rick Frctlund and Bob Krieger. who was also selected to the all-tournament team. Todd W illiams, captain, received honorable mention Mr. Willard Ikola. head coach, carried as many sophomores a seniors on the 6H squad, and the underclassmen proved capable of handling the load Team scoring leaders were sophomore Krieger with 2-1 goals and junior Frctlund with 17 assists 218 Alf-ronfrrrncr win Rid Fret land, »fi o led Fdina in attttlt ttilh tesenfern. blocks a shot In I hr tram' ll-l rout of CooperVARSITY: Front Row — Dong Hastings, Skip IXirnsrif. Petr Maul. Todd William . Mr. Willard I kola. Bolt Kncger. Rick Leyb. Jim Mitchell. Jack I.indstrom; Back Row — Hob Knowln. Rick Frrtland. Hill Fee. Jim Knutson. Skip Thomas. Steve Cum, Hill Nvrnp, Bruce Carlson. Mark I'ntirdt A goal against Richfield is live most satisfying goal of the season as the Hornet-Spartan rivalry grows a little stronger and more heated each year LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won .. 13 Lost 1 Tie 2 Robbinsdale . . . .11 3 2 Hopkins 10 3 3 Kennedy . .. . 9 3 4 Minnetonka II 5 0 Richfield .9 7 0 Cooper 6 10 0 Lincoln . . . . 5 9 2 Mound .... 3 11 2 St. Louis Park .... 3 12 1 Wayzata 0 16 0 2190 1 2 0 2 0 1 2 2 0 3 1 3 2 0 0 2 2 2 I 0 1 6 6 Storming the goal in Edina's 9-0 shutout over Way atu. all-state tournament selection Bob Krieger battles .i defenseman in front of an open net. All-conference goalie Doug Hastings demonstrates a technique of puck deflection in making one of 304 saves in 23 games. Mound Richfield Washburn Wayzata Lincoln Robbinsdale Kennedy Blake Duluth East Minnetonka Hopkins Cooper Richfield Wayzata Lincoln Robbinsdale Southwest I lopkins Kennedy Orono St. Louis Park Richfield South St. Paul Roseau Coming from behind in the third period, the Hornet iccrnen. led by senior Todd Williams, captain, and junior Rick Frelland. rally to defeat Richfield 5-3 in one of their two conference matches, .Hockey Edina Hockey Dynasty Is Continued As Young Icemen Capture Fifth Consecutive Lake Championship Jim Mitchell, the only senior on Kdinav umlerclassmrn-domi-nated first line, attempts to sneak the puck around the corner of the net past the Cooper goalie B-SQl'AD: Front Row — Mr Donald Zlns, Bruce Wingert, Greg Gohdes, John latrson. JeU Cauhle, Tim McClynn, Mark Fretland, Back Row — Steve Becker. Dave Johnson, Larry Thayer. Mike Kelly. Boh Ranck. Jim Finks. Bryant Loving. 221LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Robhinsdale . . 8 0 Hopkins 7 1 EDINA (i 2 Kennedy 5 3 Richfield 4 4 St. Louis Park . 3 5 Minnetonka . . 2 6 Lincoln 1 7 Wavzata 0 8 Junior Scott Sandvik Iran forward and trier to keep hi balance for a long Jump and a Rood landing during a conference meet al Theodore W irth Park. VARSITY: Front Row — Dour Freeman. Dave Frvrntnaicr. Steve Zalin, Dave Griffith . Murk Bcrtclson. Steve llvl.nnl. Cawgc White. Jim Toepel Row 2 — Rill La lone, Jim O evkovviuk. Bill Coulter. Jim Frledley. John Waldron. Mike MtGlvnn. John Aguutaon, John Herman. Nick Overby . Row 3 — Jeff SpindlcT. Steve llanvke. Bruce Raile. Al Aguwtvon. Paul Rom. Jim Reece. Al Car Ivan. Mike Jacu . Carl Struck; Row 4 — Scott Sandvik. Pete Root. Pat Page. I jury Schroeder, Kurt Rothr. Jem Com . John Nyland. Jim Cmtting: Back Row — Rick Foloon. I hil Herman. DaveCirbink. Todd l.und. Mr. Ronald Vic nor 222Exhibiting the winning form which brought him fourth place in the state meet. Mike McClynn paces Hornet skiers in slalom n in|xtitiiiii r Skiing Slalom Division Remains Undefeated Through Districts; Team Emerges Third in Lake Conference Standings Unpredictable weather hampered the practicing and meet schedule for the ski stpiad Lack of snow during the ski season forced meets to l»e held under poor conditions, particularly in cross country and jumping events. With flic help of well experienced skiers, however. the team continued its successful tradition. Led by Mike McClynn, slalom event captain, Mike Jacus. jumping captain, and Pat Page, cross country captain, the Hornet skiers compiled a season record of six wins and two losses for third place in the Lake Conference standings. The slalom skiers, undefeated in season competition, took first place, and crosscountry and jumping each placed fifth in District IS competition Three skiers in each of the three events competed at the state meet held in Duluth Pat Page, a junior, won an individual medal for second place in tin cross country event lie was followed by Jim Reece and Nick Overhv. With Mike McClynn placing fourth and Pete Rons sixteenth, the slalom team placed fifth. Total team score gave the Hornets a ninth place finish in the state. Turning through a gate in a triangular meet. Dave Ciebink races in sluloni at Buck Hill. Cit-hink. u senior, placed forts Seventh at the state meet 300 00 115.60 Way at a 287.35 272.75 St. Louis Park 294.21 238.15 Lincoln EDINA 274 48 274.21 Richfield 278.71 263.39 Kennedy 261.71 289.11 Hopkins 296.52 232.96 Minnetonka 258.02 271.20 Kohhinsdalc 223Wrestling Countering hit opponent with a rmitrh, tri-cu| tuin Steve Batch Is on hit way to a win in Fdina's 35-S crush-Ing of highly rated St. Louis Park Gaining Momentum at Season’s End Wrestlers Place Fourth in District And Fifth in Regional Competitions With a strong finish in the unusually tough Lake Conference, the wrestling team, couched by Mr. Bud Halvorsen and Mr. John Ma-tlon, compiled a 6-6 dual meet record. Tri-captains Steve Balch, Mark Cray, and John Sanford led the team to a tie for fifth place In post-dual meet competition, the wrestlers placed fourth in the District 18 meet and fifth in the Region V meet. l chin l four of the top teams in the state: Hopkins. Cooper. St. Cloud, and Rob-hinsdale. Balch. Cray, Sanford, and sophomore Larry Johnson represented Ldina in the Region V meet At this meet Balch, Cray, and Sanford placed second in their respective weights and qualified for the state tournament at St. Cloud. This was the first time since the 1958 season that Edina has sent three men to the state meet. From these. Sanford placed fifth in his weight, heating Kevin Knudson of Fridley 4-1 in his final match. During the Christmas holidays, the team hosted St. Anthony. Minneapolis Washburn, and St. Paul Harding at the Eleventh Annual Fxlina Invitational. Placing nine men iri the finals, the Hornets won the meet 106 to 91 for second place St. Anthony Washburn and Harding were third and fourth with 75 and 40 points. ARSITV And B-SQl'AD: Front Row — RohZins. Larry Johnvon. Paul Findley, Jim Moffitt, Steve Neumeister. John Sanford. Steve Balch. Stesc Crtnnrll, Mark Cray. Dick Kunz, John Ankncr. Mark Ferguson, Row 2 — Dave Wray. Dave Fouum, Dave Chapman, Cary Monahan, Mark Pfister, Chuck Brantford, Pat ( illi-nan. Hick l.undccn. Jim Groth, Steve Pollock. Bol Wochrlc. John Kiefer. Row :} — Steve Glambnmo, Steve Packa, Pat Wilson. Mike Chapman, Chris knips. Steve llat ung. Jim Burkhardt, Boh Bennett, Steve Gregory. Dennis Doyle. Brian Wool-ley. John Taney. Row 4 — Mike Irnmel, Ken Bicrsdorf, Kevin Whalen, Wally Or-field. Terry Gniggen. Mark Miller, Boh Shaw, John Witham, Tom Brainc. Steve Rcgli, Don Munson; Hack Row — Mark Kawaguchi, Tom Wagner. Dave Stuart, Pal Hill. Steve Hancock. Tons Brown, Mr John Mutlon. Mr Bud Halvorsen. 224Sophomore Larry Johnson. new to Edina from Coldcn Valley, work to reverse lib opponent from Grand Rapids. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Cooper . 9 1 Rohhinsdale 9 1 Hopkins . . . . S 2 Lincoln .... 7 3 St. Louis Park . . .... 6 4 EDINA .... 5 5 Minnetonka .... 5 .5 Kcnncclv . . . . 3 i Richfield 2 S Wayzata 1 9 Mound 0 10 Referee Mike Tatonc daps the mat, signalling a pin for senior John Ankuer. who »js the chumpton in the 173-pound das in Edina' annual Invitational wrestling meet during Christmas Grimacing with the strain of an extra effort, N3-| oiinder Steve Grintidl tries to turn his adversary Imm St Paul I larding over into u stack in his first match of the Edina Invitational 225Different reactions and emotions arc expressed |»v Ixith coaches and wrestlers as they observe a teammate and think about their ow n upcoming matches Steve Neurneivler. senior 127-pound grappler, strains fiercely to gain a valuable reversal and possible predicament points that could mean a win 226 Senior tri-captain Mark Cray, who was undefeated and untied in dual meet and district competition, attempts to loosen the grasp of his St. I .ouis Park opponentWrestling, E-Club Grapplers Send Tri-Captains to State Meet, Greatest Number of Hornet Qualifiers Since 1958 Mat Season E-CI.UB: Front Row — Dave Crowthcr. Gordy Alexander, Scott llallam. Steve Carlock. Kent Anderson. Bob Nelson. Mark Thoele. Ed F.yden. Rich (Oarlock. Martin L'mberger: Back Row Eat Carr, Paul Hovdc. Brad Orrben. Jon Belmorc. Bob Rove. Jell Strandemo. BobZendcr. Bill Fiedler. Win Ncugcr, Paul Chadbourn, Dour Crowther, Row DeKraay, Kevin Doyle. Steve Kiev. Mr Howard Merrirnan Tri-captain John Sanford and referee Garth l.appin tensely anticipate a pin. Sanford later went on to plate fifth in hi' weight at the state meet. 19 22 Cooper 41 3 Mound 34 10 St. Paul Park 28 10 Richfield 28 14 Wayzata 20 22 Lincoln 11 28 Robbinsdalc 17 21 Minnetonka 21 20 Grand Rapids 10 32 Hopkins 34 6 Kennedy 35 8 St. Louis Park 227Dances As Circle Dances Are Introduced, Rhythmic Clapping and Crowding Replace Conventional Couple Dances "Out with the old and in with the new' was the principle governing Edina dance styles this year The uninhibited VV’atusi and the Twist gave way to the new dunces, the Hugaloo and the Shingaling The Dclcounts and the Chancellors continued in popularity, but received more anti more competition from the newly discovered bunds, the Sound of Soul and The Happy Day . It had been traditional for couples to dance together, but the non-conforming Edina teenagers invented two unique formations. One was the "big apple pie circle,” in which they fashioned a ring clapping to the beat of the music, while focusing their undivided attention on the spotlighted couple dancing in the heart of the circle. The second dance was the undulating "line” growing in length as each dancing couple attached themselves Out went the graduating seniors with their established notions of actually dancing, and in came the uninformed sophomores, who thought dances were an opportunity to stare at the hands and silently admire members of the opposite sex. Oblivious lo llie people before him. l-urn t.oude exhibit hi effusive emotions he wails out "It's a Man's World" accompanied by the blues band Sound of Soul The How of perpetual motion stimulates an unrestrained response in (k-ori c Phillips, John Francis. Sally Anderson, Hon Oren, and Marti Diessner as they improvise a new fast dunce by ud libbing with original movements. 230Entranced by the pulsating beat of the drums and clashing cyrnbab. awestruck sophomore boy» Jim Armstrong. Greg Smith. Jell Sharkey, and Jell Nyipiist stare at the Chancellors drummer 231Kxuberant effort l«» provoke inimitnl »pMt among loyal vup|tortrr are made li cfcmlraii. Man-v Reeves, Kathy Dirnkt, Sue Seashore. and Debbie Crash In tribute to hdina school o4or' .. i ►resent the "Green and White cheer at a football prpfcvt Cheerleaders Find Cheering Difficult As Students Occupy a Large Area Of the Gym Floor During Pep Fests Aching hacks and sore red knees were the results of I»hi many bodies crowded onto the gym bleachers and floor at pep fests as attendance continued to grow this year. With this large numlter of supporters came the responsibility of providing an effective scheme for arousing the crowd's spirits. This obligation was fulfilled by Edina's cheerleaders, who devised several new- cheers. One was the take off on the name Hornets, entitled "Humble Bee. Another checrlead-ing innovation was a cheer for the Homecoming slogan, which was presented during the Homecoming pep fest. In addition to the enthusiasm generated by the cheerleaders was the entertainment provided by the precision dance line, the Hornettes. They performed such dance routines as “Ida” and “So What’s New” as a means of entertaining their audiences. Other highlights of the pep fest schedules included the prtn gram in which the AES students were introduced, the game demonstration given by the newly formed varsity soccer team, and the Charity Week pep fest that presented a fund-raising skit. Pre-dance panic give way to smiles eaprev'iog genuine enjoyment a tin- Hornettes perform ’I" F dance before u | epfevi crnstl 232A congratulatory handshake is given to Bill Stciukc. co-captain, us Mr l.us lo Srendrcy, soccer coach, awards him with an inscribed plaipic for making the All-Conference soccer team Anticipating the evening’s game, senior members of the lonthall team dts-plas their spunk as thrv licit out the emphatic words to "The Star Spangled Banner during a Friday afternoon’s pep frit, In striking contrast to the lackluster spirits of the senior boys, senior girls radiate rnthustasrn as thes lioistcronslv claim "the seniors say we’re gonna win'-' 233I, M ks oi di tx'li«‘l mut shuck fta'li ucnn» ll K.i»h Dirnlv l jvr Milhrui. P.1111 Sweu : Attaint, while uMutting iheir cumulation entrj 1 attendants .11 and Kill Homecoming High-heeled Girls Master Lesson In Fast Dance Coordination; Seniors Taught Merits of "Inferior” Sophs Flying hair whipped to I he music of the " Under beats at the Homecoming Dance as .1 Iasi hand was hired for the first lime to replace the traditional dance hand The lieat continued into intermission when the " Music Projection." formerly known as "We the People." entertained Ik-fore and after the dance more sedate settings prevailed as couples dined at Camelot, Hopkins House, F.ddic W ebstcr’s. The Flame Room, and other Fdina restaurants. Homecoming festivities actually began the day before on October 6 when former Queen Ann Reierson kissed new King John Ankner. who humorously smirked while parading in front of the Queen’s court. Finally, amid the crowd’s tears and shrieks, John kissed new Queen Joannie ("arisen As always, the senior class t w k first place with their "Last Supper skit, hut to the dismay of dedicated. napkin-stuffing senior Hoat builders, the sophomores’ entry was selected as the prize-w inning Homecoming float. For excited, jubilant spectators, a 9-6 victory over Richfield was the result of the Hornets' successful attempt to fulfill the winning slogan. "Take the Spartans’ security away." Gagini; iheir »U p% ( • the musk ( rnwn lm|»n,.l im I lw ljil anil Kill I it tiler in jr.li down tin- ,u»l. I• ’ jiuiihh I’Ve full"'. • .u li ilrp 234Clamorous senior ldr«»f», who failrd (o matt' ( uern in their 'tit are Ili!ur Olson. Barb PWitwin, l.eah Jackson, Nan Custaf-»on. Nail Golila. Marx llosokaxxa. ami Tina Harris Julie Klein swing mil in ihe manic Iaintl of () to Ihe rock sounds of ihe resounding "L'nderbeats " Hearty congratulations and a handshake jre bestowed upon the new King John Ankncr bx his soccer coach Mr l.as lo S endrcx An unsuccessful attempt to restrain her tears is made hv new Queen Joannic Carl-sen us she and King John Ankncr begin their reign over the festivities of Kdinu's 1967 Homecoming 235At the ('ornclin Pool Park arc Homecoming attendant Pamela I I1 .1U1I1 Sssendvreii and William Gres Adinu Homecoming attendant Kathleen Jane Diercks and James Murruy Mitchell at bkr Harriet Homecoming King John Loren Ankncr and Queen Joan Marion arisen at the Hove Gardens by Lake Harriet. Ann Katherine Ulvevtad and William Hussell Fiedler. Homecoming attendants, at Interlachen 236Homecoming Uncle John’s Pancakes, Pool Tables, Hair Dryers, Compoz Candidates For the Excitement of Coronation lIoitut'oininK attendants David NIoIIkk« ami Judith Mt'iulrnliull at Interlachen Bridge. At laikc Harriet scaled on a park bench are llnmecoinintt attendants Pamela nn Kirk ami Tin i (liv OcontcCduvU 237Spoon River Anthology" Cast Russian Sonia Mrs. t Charles Bliss A I) Blood Mn. Pantier illie Mi 11 .ill Archihahl llighir Devon Taylor Pauline Rani'll Singer Singer Dirertut Student Director . Jan Hiirrne Saiuiie Daviv Tom Foster Mary Sue latrkin John Nlurinovieh (.reg Scherer Boh Shoper Karen Smith Diana Dean David Pnatlrthwaite Mr. I.arrv Stotts Man ia (Mist Adorned with the only colorful prop used, Tom Foster portrays the “little" man Judge Lively Music Man,’ 'Spoon River Anthology' Blue Make-up, Black and White Sets Give Death Atmosphere as Actors in 'Spoon River' Play Graveyard Beings A gloomy graveyard was ihe setting for the production of Kdgar l.ee Masters "Spoon River Anthology." Actors portrayed deceased residents of the small town of Spoon River, who rose front the dead to reveal their life stories Black and white costumes and him make-up added to the death atmosphere. The only props of bright colors were the scarves used to show the difference of characters. Background music was composed and played by Diana Dean and Davit! I’ostlcthwaitc. Exhausted yet gratified were the stage crew members as they neared completion of the scenery in the choirs production of "The Music Man.' One hundred twenty hours of industrious work after school and on weekends produced this exquisite array of sets. The talent of a local choreographer helped "River City" dancers perform impressive routines. In past years, the annual musical was presented in the spring, hut due to the busy theater schedule at that time, "Music Man" was staged in early December. Graveyard character d by Crcg k-hcrer und Sandie Daviv av tl. ■ the dead to relive their tragic lovr-iH.m ... ■ lover Anthology Slumped with the decay ol •! Smith relates the painful Imr once voting Rosie Holx-rtv 238The Musie Man" Ca»l Expounding on the virtue nf lli -l -u I last value of losal Riser Oy citi rm. Diane Falldrn. Colleen Dale . Samite Davis, ami Jeanne Pollard sing Iowa Stubborn Charlie Cuss ell Brian Davit Conductor Craig Carlton Harold Hill Crcg Scherer Mayor Shinn Jerry N etdiMti Ewart Dunlop Roh Schulzs- Oliver III Milo- Criiitro Jacrs Sspiirr Dick him: Olln llritt John Troop Murrellu ashtnirn Dave Postlethwaite Tommy D|ilav lairrv Mc arts Mamin I'aroo ... Jeansnr Be oier Mr Parno k.iren Smith Amaryllis Sally Scoggiu Winthrop Paroo Rath llueUter Fulalie Mackccktite Shinn Ross Johnson Zanoela Shinn Mortv Fletcher Cracie Shinn Sue Peterson llllJ lll Saiidie Das is Main! Dunlop Colleen Dales Ethel Toffelinier Diane Fallden Mr Stiuire Jeanne Pollard Constable Ijickc Roll Raser Director Mr IXilpli Re oler Student Director Tras s Carrel 1 Jeans ne He oicr as Miss I’arnn yearns for love in "Coodiught Ms Someone Plasing “con-man" Professor Harold Hill. Creg Scherer tries to convince the worried River Citians o! the decadence of their child ren in tin- viiiX VaClot I rouble 239InjMiirr of the tooth creature behind hef. Ch«rilv Week o'-iluirnijn |od McClellan ignorantly continue with the program by introducing the L'gly Couple Diplomat (move Tatum Jr. tell hi plan tu the audience ami second later enact them a he vplathe u teammate w ith w ater Charity Week, 1-Ball Canadian Harlem Diplomats Apply Comedy and Fluorescent Shoes As Successful Tactics Against Faculty Launching this year’s Charity Week "as a basketball game Ire-tween the Harlem Diplomats and a faculty team including both junior and senior high school teachers. The Canadian ball players used comical tactics, fluorescent shoes, and fancy footwork to entertain the spectators and defeat the faculty. The proceeds from the game, which helped to exceed this year's goal, eliminated the need for hanger and pop liottlc collections. The traditional doughnut sales, homeroom auctions, and the Ugly Couple contest helped to supplement the drive's earnings, donating $2,300 to charity. The unrestricted I- Ball dress code left room for paisley pants, colored tennis shoes, and wild hats. Niel s Nubbcrs, Crowther’s Crackers. Knocker’s. Jumping Snatchers. Varsity Dropouts. Strag-gerlies. Tex’s Rangers. Tricky Dick Five. Streaking Sharks. Losers. Moonbeamers. and the Faculty Five were the participating teams. Mr Curtiss Johnson and Mr Vernon Jensen supervised flic 120 participating boys in their Friday afternoon games. Coating tmilea, w ild gesticulations, and masculinr charm arr all employed l. homeroom auctioneer Bill Adam . Skip Zetzman, and John Anknrr 240I-BAI.L CAPTAINS: Front K«« —Tex Knowles. Rick Martin Hack Row - Mr Robert Savre, Doug Ceowthcr. Brian (iensmor. John Hurt rung. Chuck Winter. Win Nruger. Jon Nielsen. Jeff S'ye. Art Frdull Misting — Dave Crowther Frantically grappling for the lull I-Hull "skin team members Kevin Doyle anrf AI Novua release their remaining energy after a strenuous school dav Bafflement and perplexity are reflected in the face of 1-B.dl referee Tex Knowles at he is called upon to make an all-important decision on the last plus 241“Just you wait, Knry Iggins." exclaims Judy Mendenhall vehemently as she portrays Kliza IXKilltlle. 242 The ijuick footwork of square dancing and the inure refined rhy thm of soft shoe are combined into the performance of “Wouldn't It lie- Loverly" by Barb Dunn, Barb Neumann, and Debbie Egekvist Wowing the audience with their tomfoolery and shenanigans, seniors Tom Moss and Dick axiper present their duet version of "With a Little Bit of l.uck."Attired in bedtime costumes reflecting ih, ir dreamy mood. Connie StrombrrK ami Sue Perkin offer their rendition ol I Could Have Danced All Night " Pop. Choir. Cafe Concerts Stella. Laurel and Hardy. Stage Band, And 'My Fair Lady’ Provide Unusual Conglomeration of Fun and Fancy The Fifteenth Annual Pop Concert presented songs from " l Fair Lady” to full house audiences The songs reHeeted w istfulness anti exultation This range of moods was continued throughout the concert with such pieces as Crieg Piano Concerto in A Minor, featuring soloist Burh Neumann, and lighter pieces like the "Overture to Candidc Such notable skits as Laurel and Hardy and “Stella's Cot a New Dress.’ also accented the show The Stage Band offered its interpretation of the " Rhythms of the Times.” Relaxing to the sound of the orchestra's Second nnual Cafe Concert. ihe audience enjoyed coffee and c«»okies. The orchestra performs! various types of folk music, highlighted with Banjo ducts l Mrs Robert Kllcdgeand Father Francis Byrne A stereophonic effect was achieved at the choir's Christmas Concert by vocalists who sang in the isles of the auditorium. Another unique addition to the concert was the ballet of "The Nutcracker Suite danced b Marius Andahuzv and his partner. The cello section, dunned in cummerbunds, starchrd dress shirts, hlack tie , and formal , sing in melloss tones "Czardas'' by Monti at the orchestra Second Annual Cafe Concert. The Grand Pa dc Deux t» executed with grace and quiet perfection by Marius Andaha v and Linda Finholt, performing during the choir concert. 243I.'il Abner Tim Celusta offer Allio Young, Daisy Mac. an invigorating swig of Kickapoo joy Juice from his makeshift jug "Allemundc left and do-si-do, swing your partner high and low” b heard by Kathy Jensen as she reels in typical square dunce fashion at Sadie Perched above I el loss Dogpntch collides. Mimsi Smith and Jane l.'nger retreat from crammed conditions during the hillbilly intermission Cranny Mary tide turns on the teurs as Grandpa Ray Book nonchalantly evade her proposal to vbit Marry in' Sam after all these years 244Prematurely bcginniiii; Judy Menden-hall i Christmas season. Jim Croth names her Hi-Y Sweetheart and presents her with the traditional necklace Sadie, Hi-Y Formal Marryin' Samantha Is New Name On the Sadie Hawkins Payroll as Miss Gimmestad Assumes Male Role Rainy, windy weather prevailed as girls departed to pick up their dates for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Many couples met for dinner, while some used originality by serving their home cooked ‘‘opossum’’ meals. Arriving at the reincarnated Dogpatch. they were greeted with the music of The High Spirits. The first female Marry in Sam to attend Sadie was Miss Nancy Gimmestad. The evening reached its climax when Allie Young was chosen Daisy Mae and Tim Celusta. I.'il Abner. Mr. Thomas Beaver and Mr. James Garner presided over the ceremony in true hillbilly fashion awarding Tim with a jug of Kickapoo Joy Juice. "Along Comes Mary" and other current favorites sung by the Music Projection entertained couples at the Hi-Y Sweetheart dance Rustling formats, fragrant corsages and boutonniers, ami starched collars set the mood for the evening. Contributing to an atmosphere of gaiety and the true Christmas spirit were the colored, twinkling lights and fresh smell of pine cones. Judy Mendenhall was chosen Edina's Sweetheart of 1967. III-Y SWEETHEART CANDIDATES: Cindy Hunkrn. Patti MarArthur, Margie Pearson, and Chris Sicfl nominated by various HI-Y chapters. 245"The Fantastieks" Cast Mat Tom Johnson Louisa ....... Karen Taylor Heliums Greg Scherer Hucklcoce Jerry Verdorn El Callo Larry McCarty Mortimer Brian Konzclman Henry Dan Crawford The Mute .. Jackie Byrd Director Mr. Steven Oliver After having formulated a plot to bring about the marriage of their son and daughter. Jerry Verdorn and Greg Scherer reveal pride in their crafty scheming. Taking extreme care not to injure any of his prized radishes. Fantastick Jerry Verdorn as llueklcbee sings "Plant a Radish as he happily hoes Singing "Try to Remember," I-am McCartv recalls a golden September. 246 !!.-r lli. backfitr rr strenuous efforts In show her cra n ■ . iini Smith, .is The Wife, finds Icrgoin. ■ tal examination I it:!r Hr.! Hiding It.i i rtrayed by Sandic Davis. i she ii ! Bad W olf Tom Gundcr- s, the !■ uinan trees 'The Fantasticks.’ 'AThurbers Carnival’ Somber Lighting and Fluorescent Geometric Shapes Help Enhance Production of 'A Thurber s Carnival’ "A Thurbcr’s Carnival” was a collection of humorous short stories compiled and arranged into play form hv James Thurber. This play received an "A” rating as Kdina’s entry in the state sub-district contest. The grade was well earned by the actors, who tackled about three parts apiece. To help the actors make more complete character changes, bits and pieces of costumes such as hats, scarves, jewelry, and shirts were worn over black tights and leotards to identify each individual character. The unusual accompaniment of piano, harp. drum, and bass violin music was the springlx ard for the unique musical comedy. " Fantasticks.’' Family matchmakers planned a modern inverted version of “Romeo and Juliet” for their children and made a mess out of it. but the ending was happy and the children married. Six male and two female voices combined to produce this light humor. Presented in the theatre in the round, the cast used only small props, and it was left up to the audience to imagine the sets. Camouflaged in Grandma' wig. Big Bad Wolf Tom Gunderson lies waiting for the approaching Little IL-d Ruling Hood and her basket full of goodies "A Thurber's Carnival Cast The Husband........... The Wife .......... Little Bed Hiding Hood The Wolf Mu- Policeman ......... Nelly Narrator Director Student Directors Dave Pmtlethwaitc Karen Smith Sandie Davis Tom Gunderson Marcia Clist Jerry N'crdom .. .. Jan Boicne . . Greg Scherer Mr Larry St« tt ..........Gail Stitt Peggy Will more 247Toboggan racrt overrun the footltall field as determined French (.lull nirmlirn Iuk their bundled cargoes through the light wm To the Frenchmen disappointment, their poMerful I atm ns els raced on to v ictory Sno Dav. Junior Achievement. Jobs Sno Day Brings Snow Mobiles Pink Elephants, Relaxed Dress Code And an Ideal Computer Dance "Hey, you’ve got my number" was one of the familiar expressions of "ideal" date discoveries made at the Computer Dance. This sock-hop. sponsored by the Student Council, marked the end of the busy Sno l)a activities scheduled on January 19. The day l egun when students arrived at school in slacks and blue jeans. Later during an auditorium program, a satire on hroadway was performed, the Ten Commandments played "Magical Mystery Tour.' and a basketball pep fest was given. After school activities included language club tolxrggan races, a broom hockcs fiasco, and the snow sculpture contest w ith a snowflake snow "mobile" as a prize. Party mixes, cookie sheets, and coasters were a few of the products sold by Junior Achievers for the various companies they represented John Marinovich was selected Junior Achievement president for the second year in a row. and another Edina student. Linda Storry. was named the top salesman of the Minneapolis area. A college education, a ski trip to Vail, or just a Saturday night date were rewards earned by Edina job holders. These bonuses were diligent l won as students built highways, counciled at camps, and became car hops Some worked in offices all summer long, sacrificing their surt bathing time for a little extra cash. 248 Thcvpianv Sandir Davit and Dave Postlethwaite portray the carefree romance of faraw j hippie-land during the Sno Du) programThr popular tiyinc "Things go better with Colic fails Prlr Carroll u hb overload of Coke cans tumbles out of his arms while he attempts to load a pup machine at the Biltmorc Motel Master chefs John Remy and Tom Bates, previously renowned dishwashers. prepare glaze and slice straw berries for a Struw berry Delight in executing their first task at Dtlarli'i. ‘‘Lady Luck" dice and colored pegs represent the product Peggie, as Junior Achievement president John Marinnvich puts in a sales pitch Ll Wearing a psychedelic sales device. Ron Spencer displays the assorted rings he sells for his Junior Achievement company. Ja-Tcv 249 tsGrimacing in horror, Paul Chadbourn i shocked to find hr dropixd hi mouthwatering lunch of gotn la h and moot pumpkin pir I'ndoubtrdl pondrrinx a physic problem. Tom Moss strps onto the wrong activity Ikis. and trips as he rushes to catch the right one Turn Down Pays Majority of Boys Unable to Cope With Pressure Find Comic Relief In Unique Embarrassing Experiences A typical day in the life of a senior high school student is often one of confusion, dismay, and insurmountable problems. The urea mental tasks and the tremendous physical abilities required incomplete one full day of school, especially Mondays, are quite demanding of the present day teen-ager. From getting off the bus in the morning, to just getting a drink of water, a student must l e able to meet the intense demands in this "survival of the fittest " environment. The small, uncoordinated mistakes that could "just never happen to anyone else" are hupi cning to many different people at all times of the day. Any procedure which must Ik followed in an orderly manner will be bungled by some well-meaning soul. Responsibilities are delegated and received, fulfilled and neglected, and the high school students learn what they are capable of handling. Edina students, all 2.480 of them, transcend the cold feeling of the outside world with an immense feeling of togetherness, whether they like it or not. Following direction ha been drilled into senior ' head lor over twelve yean, yet Sand Smith vt ill persist in doing thing hi own way 250Year of dating experience have failed to teach Bob Mathew to remember his wallet Fortunately, Leah Jackwn has brought hen with the expectation of ju such a problem and is able to slip Bob some money as he plays it cool. Wondering who his real friend an . Art Hridgeiuan lies sprawled on the floor after having his chair pushed from under him by innocent Art Krdall 251Forcing herself nut of IxkI on Monday rooming, a disoriented Marsha I.ovaas pours her breakfast milk proving she really is "out of it." More Turn Down Davs A Cold Splash Provides a Harsh Awakening to the Day’s Calamities For Coordinated Edina Girls Discovering the cause of her sticky seat. Jane Courtmun teams one reason for a no gum chewing rule, as she cautiously extracts a piece of abandoned gum 252 The quality of chivalry in Edina boys is shown a they leap to aid distraught Jill Johnson as she spills the contents of her purse.Aftrr going through the cumbersome task of twitching her books to her other arm. Nun Gohlu discoversshe has iiuderesti muted the distance from the fountain to her waiting mouth. I'naware that she has added un apron to her outfit Jean liuggins races out of the Home Economies room to reach her next class, after vs uit mg for her bread to rise Hcali ing ihut the boss' lavators is about to get un unwanted visitor. Sven W'ehr-wein considers advising Debbs Tripp to try the door doss n the hull 253Patrons First Kdinu National Hank -4100 West 50th Street Edina. 55-424. Phone 927-7111 American Yearbook Company Hurt Hedstrom. Representative Publishers of tin- Whigrcan Fdina State Rank 5036 France Avenue South Fdina. Minnesota Josten Manufacturing Company Rings and Announcements Scott Anderson and Ted Edin. Reps Pure Oil Company, A Division of Union Oil Company of California Best Personal Regards Rest regards to a great school Bermel Smaby Realtors 3910 West 50th Street. Fdina Schmitt Music Company 3500 West 70th Street Southdale Plaza Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors Sico Incorporated Compliments of Twin City Federal Savings And Loan Association Valley View Rarhcr Shop Valley View Road at Wooddalc 926-5402 Valley View Rexall Drug 6123 Wooddale Avenue 926-6519 Sinclair Refining Company 40IS West 65th Street Fdina. Minnesota Red’s Pure Oil Complete Car Service. Towing. Snow Plowing Ramon's Rarbers 1940 V iking Drive 922-8755 Olsen Brothers’ Pharmacy Highways 169 and 212 Edina, Minnesota Hager of Fdina 3946 West 50th Street 927-7978 Hartwick Realty 6137 Kellogg Avenue South Fdina. Minnesota Gabbcrts Furniture Across from Southdale On 69th street. 927-7033 Glacier Sand and Gravel Company- 7009 France Avenue South 926-1651 Fdina Realty. Incorporated 3907 West 50th Street 927-5621 Compliments of Fdina Electric Company 5244 Fden Circle Fdina Barber Shop 5012 France Avenue South Fdina. Minnesota Compliments of Fdina Cafeteria 3926 West 50th Street Dahls' Southdale Pharmacy. Incorporated Southdale Medical Building Doug Gleason Associates. Inc. Manufacturer's Reps. - Sporting (UmkIs Pentagon Park Towers. Edina Country Club Hardware Color Television Specialists On 50th Street. West of France Carter and Gcrtz. Incorporated 4940 Viking Drive - Suite 562 Fdina. Minnesota55435 Carole of Edina 50th and France 922-3517 Henson Opticians Southdale Medical Building 920-1770 Clancy Drug Incorporated 3948 West 50th Street Fdina. Minnesota Best Wishes to Graduating Seniors Berg and Farnham Company Compliments of Dain. Kalman. Quail Inc. Minneapolis and Southdale Congratulations to Fdina Seniors DcLaria's Restaurant Southdale Shopping (’enter Compliments of The Guest House Motel 704 4th Avenue South Thanks for Patronizing Your Hardware Store Gulliford Sales Co. Best Wishes Park 'n Shop Fden and Vernon Avenue 254Patrons Minnesota Wanner, Company 5145 Eden Avenue 929-1070 Compliments of Edina Shell Service 50th and Halifax Congratulations '68 Grads Peavey Company Soiltlid.ile Car Wash 69tli and York Free With IS Callous Star-I.ite Really 4940 Viking Drive 927-7688 Heated Pool, Saunas. Lodging The laikewoods Resort ('able. Wisconsin General Sports 4942 Frances Avenue South Edina. Minnesota 55424 Thayer and Storm Art Supplies ami Framing Next to Edina Theater Congratulations to Seniors llar-Ned 1.umber Company 5825 Excelsior Blvd. F. W. Wool worth Company Regional Office 3316 West 66th Street.Edina. Minnesota Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company 6405 Lyndale Minneapolis. Minnesota Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors Canton Redwood Yard. Inc. Korst Jewelry 50th and France in Edina Tempos Fugit - Use Well Each Da Congratulations The Knutson Companies.Incorporated 245 Marquette Avenue Congratulations And Good Luck to All Graduating Seniors Landmark Realty 5100 Edina Industrial Boulevard Filina. Minnesota Good Luck. Seniors Wesston Corporation 5309 Edina Industrial Boulevard Thrills, ('hills. Action Support Edina Wrestling 1968-1969 season L’Unique 5006 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota Best Wishes To Graduating Seniors Consumers Financial Corporation Congratulations! To Our Wayward Whigreaners Love Donald and Pearl Compliments of Eagle Ridge Timber Co. Rt. 2. Brainerd. Minn Quality Book Shoppes 50th and France — Highland Park 922-4441 Ski Blizzard Ski Club 6135 Kellogg Avenue Compliments of George L. Mikan Viking Travel Agency Compliments of Shufeldl Cadillac Inc. Edina Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors Callan Publishing. Inc. 3033 Excelsior Blvd. Greetings from llaugland's for the Young Miracle Mile. Southtown Edina Theater Corp. 3913 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Best Wishes From all of us at Jem ’s of Edina Greguson’s Nursery. Inc. "Better Landscaping for Better Living' A Aamndt. Mn Flnahelh liar (37.187 Aannad. Kulli (l«. 128 Ahl-kl. A irgmu (12)64.185 Alxemtou. (.reg 110 I 0 Adamt. I hurl 101 III) Adacm. IVbiur ! 10) I 40. IW Adamt, (in- ill) 122 Adamt. John (fac 154 Adorn. ralrkyatlll Adorn. Holxtlilll 122.ISO Adamt, Sion 112)64 Adorn. W,lliannl2)M.206,234.216. 2 0 Adamunt. Sinrfl (12161 Axne»». Karen (I I 1122. IM AguttMon, All.ii 112)61.222 Aguttvynn. John 10) 140.222 Afanann. Rkhard (101 MO.205.21? U«. Andre till II2.ISS Akrrtrxi, Jaim-v II 122 Aketton. john|l2lt 4 Alartk. John 111122 Alexander. Corilnn 112) Alkirr. Ma iliw (I0H 10 Alkur. Patricia 02)64. 106 Allard. Nk6uU iII) 122 Alien. John (12) 64, IS2.107 Allen Mike ill 132.122 Allen. Nancy 02)65 Altendnrf. Chin (11)122 Allrodixl. Crrtrhrn 110) I Ml All .mi. C.riM 112163 Ah, Orrtn (10) AFS 172.173 A mile. Man JollO) 140.171 Andaharv, Mono 112)63, 241 Andrrlx-rg. Pam ill) 122 Andcrbeit. Shelley ,12)63. 191 Andersen. Share . (12165.167 Andersen. Sieve 110) 140.203 Andeevin. I » Artvold, board (23 Andrew . Huh 112-65 Andenun. It.rKit ilo 126 Andrnon, llrett (III I22.IV Anderson. (jlln (10) 140.1 S3 Anderson. Sherd 111) 122 Anderson. Chnvtina (10) Andmon. CynthratlO) 140.171 Anderson. (Vtxa(IO) 140,166 Arxlrfson, Drnhr 111' 122.161 Andmon. Dunne 00) 140,136.171 Andmon. Kric (11) 120.122.157 Andmon. Ewnit (fac )2s Andmon, Crrtchrn (101140.16V. 172 Andmon, |ark 101140, IM Andmon. James(10) 140.203 Andmon. Jank-rt 10) 140 Andmon. Jeanne 112163 Andmon. Jeanne (10) 140 Anderson. Julie till 122.175 Andmon. Kent , 12)63 206.227 Andeeton. Kenl(II1122.211 Andmon, LaurtoflO) I40.l39ll76.l64 Andrnon. I.inda(l2)63. 191 Anderson. I.ucinda (111122. IW 161 I7I.I7M.IS3 Andmon. I. nn(lll 122 Andmon. Man (II) Andmon. Merrill III' 122 Andmon. Hon 112)63. ISO. 191 Andmon. Sail. 111) 122 126.164,230 Andmon. Shelley ill) 122.171 Andeeton. Sherrlvnn (ID 122.1 N2JS5 Andmon Mr Shirley liar 132 Andmon, Susanna . 10) 140.165 Andeeton, Sue 112) 63 Andmon. Thomas (12)63. 166 Andmon. 1tmll2)63 Andrnon. AVendt III 122.171.191 Andrrt. ( liario 110)1 AS. I Ml Andres. Robert ,12)65. IS4 Andreten. (3(8(10)140.217 Anlruet. Marearrt 110) I 40 Andrurt. Stephen (11)122 Anfinton. Nines 112) 191 Ankner. Jnhnd2l6S.2m.221224.23S. 237,240 Arum Nlar (10)140.160 Antonuvn. Joan (111122. IW. IM Apprl. Nano 110! 140.172 Apftrlqunl. AdrxadO- 140 Aqua Nymph 166.169 Arwnon. VMklll2l66.l72.l06 ArU.Kounne.l2l66.l7V Armstrong. James 110)140.159.S3I Armtlmng. Judv (II) Arndt. Jim (12)27.66.162 Arnrvxr, Gad (12)66. 197 Arnold. tiaylrill) 122 Arnold. IVtv (II 1122.160 Arnold. IVcxt III) 122.160 Arnold. AA attic 12)66 n«iwa.('atul til) 122 Art Club 166.167 Ash. Nancy II 'I22I7I AtMr) Nancy III 122 ivi 166 Aihxnrth. MKturli 12)66.200 Atpetct. IVtxail2 66.l61.l97 Atchbon, Tern 11)122.193 Atklm.TrxndO-140 Alurmd. Sally (121 6 Aunictt Brenda ill) 122 Auvlui. Jranrtlr i 12(66. 175. 161 Austin. jutrph 110 I 4(1 Atria. Maria 112 66. 172. 173 H Hai klx-tg Bonnie (10) 161 llaton. tiailiaea 111122.171. IUI Kaitlxn Duane (lac (32210212 Ikahncmaii. Mary 101140 Kidet. Becky (I2K6.191.196 Bailey. I.mda 10) 141) Bairn. Itranllll) 122.200 Baker. Brett III) 122 Baker. CyMhU 110) 140.171 Baker. Stephen (10) Batch, Steve! 12iU 224 Hand 162163,IM.165 Haranaut lav Sue Ann (10) 140,171,176 Barber Nancy (II is.122.1 sy lUd. Holly (H ( 140 Barden. Hltott 410) 140 Barnet, William (12) Barnet Sirred 11122 Barnett. Thomas 110) 140.200 Barnett. William (12)67.ISA Barnum. Hlubcthdl) 122129.163, 103 Barrett. I.rxibc( 11) 122.160 Bartlett Kaittara(IO) 110.171 Bartboiet Manfcmna l(» 11172 Hatketball 210.211.212213 llatll. I.tun (101 110 Batchelor Marthatfae.(26.130 llatev Mike (10) 140.1 S3.186 Bates. Tlxxnat ill) 122.249 Barrli. Nancy (10)140 lUerv Hnlirrl 111) 122 Urafinxer. I.mda (11) Bratley. l-arry(ll) Beatler. AVendt III) 122 Heater. Tlxxnat (Car.) 36.30 llrvhtle. Raymond ladm . lar (20,21 Heel. Mtke(IO) 140 Heeler. Stete 110)140. 221 Beeler, Suranne 12162.67.176.196 Beclict. Cbm 10) 140 Bede. Slete (10)140,203 llrt-tlr Mb Charlotte Iter (23 IV.-cle Je8(ll) 122. 211 lleiendurf. Kenneth , 10) 140 Ik-iertdurf. Susan 112) 50.67 Bell. John (lac 141 Bell. Margaret 110)140 Hell Marcarri 112) llelmtxr, Jon 112) llcltehner. SunancUO) 140.160 Bennett, Chert 112)67.159 Hennell. Dale 1121 41.67 Hrnrrrtl. DuanedO) I 40 Iter met I. Paltrier (11)26.122 liconett. Robert (10) 140.203.224 Bennitt, Brace(PTA 22 Britvxv CnrvOOl 140 Helium Drake 12 67 Helium lor (I I) Benton. Ned 112(67 Benton r xMHDI22 Here. Ann (I I) 122 Berg. Diane (ID 122.161 Bern. Moda(l2 6? Here. Lyle (Jar 137.36 Hcrx. Mater dll 122 Hrrxaat, Marl d 11122 Hrrxee. Jean 12)67.166 Berger. Mane (101140 Hrrxeeum. Darryl 12)46.191 Bergrrvie, Drbbra 110166.140.172 Berxet. David tl2 6H Herxre, Kritlm, 12166.172.ITS. 166.10(i Herxluod. Rob 12)66 Brrxqunt Mari (I2I6S.I9I Herxnuitt. Nanry (12)66 llerxreer. Barb 110)140 llrrxreei. Katherine 111122.162 Hercteetx. John 1II) 122.1 S3.211 Burke, Will ram (10) Brrkmort. Mary (12(68,167 Hrrrnrl. Jamet (III 122 Bernards Paula(12)66 llertehou.Jdmr (ID 122.167 llrrtetvm. Mark ill) 122.222 I leu xi. Dave ill 1122 Bevtr-tetv Wilium (10) 140 Hcthlr. Dun (12)66.206 Hethke. Katbmne (10) 140.167 Beutell. Katby 110)140.171 Heutell. Timothy 12)66,19? Hevan, Pat (12)66 Heeoter. Doiph 1 fac ) 49.180.181 Benner. Jean ne(l2)6S.I6l 2» Bkwnsch. AViBumtfac 34.191 Kxlxrll. IVnnn (II) 122 Hartman, Boonae(12)60 Baronin. Boy 11)122 Haemal. Cynthia v 101140.167,191 Barret Kimberley 110) 140 Hillard. Fdxard (12)69.168.197 Bmluxix. Croc ill) 122.203 Bet bop. Chock ,101 140 Bn hup. Katbv 110) 140.161 Bevumert. Bruce 111) I22.I62.IS3 Bawoortt. Tlxxnat (12(60. 196 Byxk. Man Sue. 11) HtcxMund Kolx-tl 110) IM) IVeixm. Nonnan 110 140 Biackbuurn. I.vnn(I2l60.ISI.I9I Blanchard. VrcknlOiMO Blanchette. Suvan (12 (60.M.I74 Blankenltakrr. Pe-nnv llI) 123 Blanlenluler. Pk-llt III) 125 Blcvkinxcr- KoUrt 110! 141.162 Bleninx. Thomat 112)60.197 Index BlocUSarahdDI23.l66.lv. Bluexe. t.ynn(ll) 121.160 8oblell. Nancy (11) Boblelt, KohertiPTA) Hrxline. Sarah i 12161.W. 172.176.196 Bodme. Scott 10160.141.205 Boerxcr. Itoxec ilae )34,I9I Bar ktierx. Bonnie (10) Boliaunon. BarliaradO) III Bohannon. Cary (11)123 Bobl. Jennllrfdl)l23 Boll. I.mda 110)141 BoHrr.Clrnn (11)42.123 Boltlad. Kk-hard (lac. )37.I60 Book. Daniel (10) Ml B. k, Ray ill 1123,244 Boucaltv Kay il 11123 Borrbm. Robert (I0 MI.IS3.I93 Borden. Boultn (II) 123.139.176 Bordonaro. Paul (II) 123.203 Boreoe. Jan (12)60.176.196.IV? Buncvtmm. Marta (10) 141,191 ikxtolrnc, Tom (124664 Boulat. Tom (II) 123 Bote. Mnda (12) 34.09.191 Btdttrll. IVnnn (11)122 Bo-en. Mark (10)141.203.213 Box ft. Beverly (10) Ml Box min, Bar liar a (ll T2J.I72.1IM Btr man. Robrct (fac )37,38 Bmery. Robert ill) INI Brant. Thixnat 112)60,197,203.224 Bramr. T.m (12),206. 214,2V. Branrt. Bdl(ll) 123 Bcanilanxer. IViuxIat (10) Ml Brantford. :harlrt (111123,203,224 Beamon. Mar)or|e(H»l4l,IW.I7l Beanie. Bill (I I) 123 Hr enroll. Patrick (II) 123.201 Reauchle. leBrev (11) 121207 Hrartar. Sharon 121(0.181.196 Brn-hr. Linda (12136.60 Bervht. I.iorll (111121191 Beefier, Bonita III) I23.IS4.190.191 Berhm. AA’ard (ID 123 Bcemer. Barry (II) 123 Rrenan, Sue (10) Ml Beklen. Kim (121 (M Brkixman. Art, I2l70.l03.l37.l76.l96. I97.20S.251 Brxixemaii. Dan (10) Ml Brindle. Anar(10) Ml Bcinxeei Kodney (10)141 BexyrRold. Bead III) 121207 Bnttkman. Inbn (12170.166.197 Brsitrd. Kelf) ll2l7l Button. Robert (11) 123 BroiiacI. ft b(l2l70 Bmback. Steven (11)121209 Bnlerc. Steve(12)70 Hod John (10) Ml Brocket. ( harirtt il) 123 Beodnxli Steve (10) Ml Beiaikt. Jane (11) 123 Brut. Andrea (10) 141.ISI Bern. Bril 112)70 Broun. Anthony (11)123 Broun. Day Id (I I) 123 Broun. IVboeoh III) 121161 Broun. Mxhael (12)70 Broun. Naney(ll) 121190 Broun. Pam (10) 141 Broun. Paul(l2)70 Broun. Stacie (10) Broun. Ibrxnav(10)141.203.224 Brounmx. Pexxv ,12)70.139.196 BfixcunL Marru (10) Ml Brorr. Km (I2)70.I39.I« Bruce. Mark (12-70 Bnarr. Paul (101 Ml BnintcU. Barbara (10)141.160 Bryan, id(101 Ml Bom. Wilbert (10) Ml Buchanan. Jeg 111) 121163 Bur llin. Nancy (101141.164 BudoUton. Carry (10) Ml Buehlrr. Bern ladm )20 BuBum. Melinda(10) Ml Bom|«v Suvan (10) Ml.171.172 Hurxett. Dan (10) 141 Buret 18. Cncoty (lOi Ml 8urke, John (II • 123.161 Borle Steven(10)141 Hurlherdt Inn (I I) 123.203.224 Burley. Bndxet (10) 141.171 Burley. Mile(12!70.2002I0 Burnham. Chmtlne(IO) 141,171 Burnt. Dune III) 123 Burnt JuellOl 141.203 Barm Uora 112)70 Burnt Patricia 101141 Burrell. Call 110) 141.164 Burrell. I mda(II 121190 Burt. Knttindl) 123.172.194 Burt. Pat (12170 B-ata. Paul (12170 8utch. Hxhard (far. 126 Butkirk. Janet (12)71.173.190 Bwurd. Robret (12)71 Bunch. Nano (III 123 Ru rette 162.183 Bird. Jackie dll 121.181 Bvrne. Nancy I0) 141 c Calwlka. Jamniadm (20.21 ( jtulka Tom (ID 121136,200.210 Cabot. Maretl I) Ole Concert 242.243 Cafttiny, Alan 110) Ml Cafruny. MWy 12)29.71,162.193 Cain. V'lrxtnaa III) 121172 Callan. Maureen (12)71.ID.I60.IW 166,197 (.allure 11. Patrxk(IO) 121224 Campbell. Do . 11 !23 (amribcll. Ralph dl) 123.161 ( anakei. Stay (far. 132200,202 ( anion. Uurte (10)141,156.166 ( ant on. Sue 112),176 Card. Suvan(10) Ml Card. WtUumd2)7l.203 (arellL Auvten 111) 123 Car lander. KmdOi41l3S.MI.l56. 166,171 Carlamier. Wlllum(l2)7l.l50 (arlctcm. (alherine (12)71 Carbon. Grew (10)141409 ( a lten. JnannV 112) 2SS.237 Carlten. Meertlre (12) Car hen. Nancy III) I20.I2U36.I60. 166 Carbon. Belly (12)54.71.191 Carbon. Bruce 101139.141 203.219 Carbon. Carol (I I) 123.166 Carbon. Carey 110) 141.166 Carhun. Chin 110) 141 Carbon. DaviddO) Ml Carbon. Cary 110) 141 2«3 Carbon. Ceontavnt 10) 141,171 Carbon. Houard (12)71.159.222 Carbon. Jamet (II) 121164 Carbon. Jan (10) 141 Carbon Jctin»ed2 ?l.l9l Carbon. Kerch (10) 141.206.217 Carlton. lauratIO) Ml.166.171.178. 180 Carlton. Ice(12)71 Carbon. Mark (12) 71 Carlton. Mary ill) 123 Carlton. Mary 12) Carlton, Michael (111123 Carluin. Mxhele(l2)7l, 166.191.196 Carbon. Pmc.lla 110) 141,172.162 Carlton. Robert (11) 123 Carlton. Robert (12)71,166 Carlton. Sutan 111) 123.172 Carlton, Suvan(12)72.166 Carlton. Todd (12)72 Carlton. Cram 11D 121161181.161 Carnahan. Jrrort ill) 123 Carpenter. Fred (I D12118I.S07 Carr. Pat (12136.72.115.227 Carroll. Maty (11)124 Carroll. Pat 110) 141 CarrnK. Pete (I I) 124.1? 1.249 Carton. John (10) Carter. Judy (Il 124 Carter. Kay , 12 72.161 Cartxrtxht.Cbrtyldl) I24.INO. 191 Carver. 4 hrndO'i Ml Cavhman. Kevm(III 124.203 ( auldc. Cynthia (12) 72 (atihie. Jeff (10) 141.221 Catanauxh. Mn Joyce (lac 22 Cefcnta. lun (12) (adbourn. Ned (10) 142.162 (adbourn. Paul (l2) tl«7.214J27 30 Chaduk-k. Sandy 12)72.79 Chamcirn. Jan (12)72.196 Chandler. Hum (11) 124.207 Chapman. Dan (10) 142 Chapman. David, 11) 124.224 Chapman, Crrx l2)?! chapman. Jamet (adm )20 Chapman. Janndl) 124 Chapman. Michael • 10) 142.224 Chapman. Susan , 10) 142 Charily W eek 240.241 Cheerleader! 164.163 Chelxrrn Mark (10) 142.ISI Chelxrrn. Vicki (12)72.191 ( herne.Sarad0)l42.l7l.l72 Chetman Dan ill) 124 Chew Club 168.187 Childerv Carol (I D 124 Choir 160.161 Choir (oneert 242.243 Chmtrovrn. ( arol (11) 124.172.166 Chmlrmm. Jamet (111121 4 hinlenxxr. Iluxard ilae (3114 Chrnlrnuxi. Jdl (111124.172 ( hrntrnvxr Terri (10(142 Carrrua. Sieve 111)121 Clapp. Bob (I I) 124 (lark. Steve 12 72 Clark. Tbrxnat ,lae 143. 176 Clark. Tom (10136.142 (Tauten. Joy (12)72.116 CUv .Charley ladm 23 Oe«x- Fllen (II ■ 124.163 Clrlarxf. Lynn (10) 142,161.200 ( Viand. Door. ,10'M2.160 Clothier. William III) 124 Cloutier. Kevin (10,142 Cculrv Janet (10) 142.169.160 Cottn. BoxerilOl M2 209.21? Colbert. Jan (10) 142.171.172 Cot brant. Tim (I0‘142 13 Colrhanl Mrv Hmorlfae 22 Coleman, Mr (12)72. 197 Coleman WiUurndlll24 Collim. Patricia 1 ID 124.191 CoUlna. Tom (ID124.136.200 Colvin. SheHey (10) 142.163.166 Orman. Herb 111 Combi laxrn(IIt 124.166 Commrrt. (axkilamv (ID ComilocL (iart (11)124 Crxmlock. Phil (12672 ■ Cixrlrn. Molly (I I) I2I.I24.I57.I39.I72. - 166 Crrnooy. Kalhv (12)72 •Cnulidxe. Katy (ID 124.191 (xxiri. Crexx(ID 124 Ccxxrrud, Richard ill) 124.137 (xxiper. Bryan dl) 72,120.124.137,172 Ox |ier. Cericbandl) 121.175 Cooper. I.mda til) 124, ITS Cooper. Richard (12) Corcoran. Nancy (12)72.101 Corab. CrJIren (11)124 Correa. John (111124.206.222 Coroxv. Mrt June( lrn )27 Cxxty. Julie 112)73,192 Cr.rxm.AA Ilium (10) 142,139 Cmlrllo. I nula (far. )26 CouiOard. Jay (II I24J0020J (xxiltee. William (101142.222 Couper. Row (10) 142 (aaunollr. Jeremy III) 124214 Coortollr. John (11)124 Coortmau. Chuck 10 i M2 ( Vxiitman, Mari|aru- (1217(3.232 Cot. Brlxxli 12)73,107.ISO Con, Joan (11)124.161 Coyne. Mrs I.mda (far- (30 Corarl. Chrbiie 110) 112 Craie Martha (10) 142 CratV. IVbixr (11)33, Cnuk. Mnda (12) Crawford. Dan (II) 124 OBI. John (10)142 Ccxiait. Irani,12)73.214 Cruybrr. Scott (10)49.142.162 Cnnv. Rath 111 124 Crow Country 204207 Crouch. Slevnr (10) 142 Crowley. Mk’hec! (12 73 Croxlhcr. IXivmI (12)31.71,190.200. 201.227.241 Croxther. IXxeclat 112) Cutlrn. Jay ne dl) 124.139,191 Cullen. I.vnne 11 D 124 Cumnnnxt. Kim (12)74.191 Curie. IW ill) 124.137 Curlvotv Mary (II 124.166 Curran. Jixly (11)124 Curran. Steve (12)74 Cum. Steve (101 142.206.219 Cuthmx- David(I0)I42.IS2 Cuthman. ChmlllD 124.160 Cuvhman, Diane 10) 142.171 I) Dahl. Sara (10) 142 IXiMen. Margaret (12)74.186 Dairy. Colleen r 12) 74.180.166,2» Daley. Katht (10)142 Dalqurtl landed I) I24.ISS Da velton. IVxxy i 10) 142.191 Darken-aid. Dr bixr (12)75 191 Darlmx. f atxJ (I0 116.142 Davenport. John ill) 124 Daveoport. Mary (10) 142.176 Davxbon. Jean (10) I 42.184 Davtrn. Stephen 00) 49 142.160 Davit. Brian (12)73.161 Dam, John (I I) 124 Dam. Mark til! 124 Dam. Sandra 112) 247.248 Datturn. Roxet I0) 142.206 Dat. Mark (10) 142 IVan. IXanellO) 142 Dean. Marxaret(III 123 IVan. Paul (12)73.191 Debate 138.159 IVxehrnc. Dai in dll 123.203.201 IVxen. Debl.x- (12(75 IVIIerder. I aixf (12164.75.184.166. 186.197,206 IVJonxb. JackicxidOl 142 IVKraav Rottl II1123. IVIaney. Cathennedl) 123.184 IVIaney. IVI.xah(111 123.184 IVidotlo. Jem (12175 IVI er. Dan 00) M2 IVMartb. Date 112)7.3.200 IVunon. Tom (12)73 Drak. Tom (I I) 125 Dronrh). Pat 02)73 IVKetrx-r. katht (12)73 DeRemer. Date 110)142 DeReener. SteirtID 123 DeRemer. Ttxn (12)75.190 Dewitt. ( indy (10)142.171 Diarnrxtd. Mark (10) 142 Dkk. Candy (10)142 Dx key. Robert (10(142 Dick . Mndadlll25.l70.l?l Die fen bach. Suvan (1216175.172.171 197 Dtrrcks. Kathy ,12173.104.190.232 14. 236 Drrtinre. Marti,12) 1),liner. Alike til) 123 Ihtnrt. Mrv. Ceare,tec (23 Drttributne education 190.191 Dockendori. Man til) 123 Doehrman. Paul (I I) 123 Dorrmctfeld Ann (10) 142.171,184 IVcianuxi AkvilO) 142 256Ihmoldxiay. BatUra i 1111 3 |9U Dunolrlle. l-om 110) IU Uwino . T.uldllltS thmnrlh U. otu-ih (lit 123,180.191 Oono»ll. M..(w.Ur |2in IOO l»l Dntrk. Vaphra.lllir. l eon. Cidbrii i 10) 142 Oonanl. Sk.p02)75.2l9 Dou U. Nuwn 11)125.171 Douglm. »mif. 11 mm iv i 85 DoukIov Mnrgaarl . I2'T5 (V» 4«. loro . 101 142.24)5.215 Dna. irdiodm .27 Do lr. DcinhdO. MiVM 206.221 Kr»intIf! W,?6.2lX).227.241 Dorotk. ..-111)123 lluraik MotKarrt|l2)?«,?U 100 IW. HiuirllOl 142180.203 Diakr. Ondin (10) 142 Dr.k.- 4.u Ill 125.181.196 llrakr Sway (II) 125 168184.188 Dw »f. Roland ,11) 125 l)w«. lun 12)76,114.191 Drum (Xovid (12)76 Dudlry. lim.mr ill) 125 Dudlry. Jon (II) 125 Tim. 12)76.170 Dimcon. R 112)741 Uudtmi. (.tnutlliia Dunroat. jul r 111 12k IOO Dunn. Battuta. 111125 18i 185.242 Dunn Toll 10) 142.171 Dunn. Taul ill) IS5.l05.2m Dumimar. Hnt.ard 110) 112 DunxMklir. W.lliom 111)125 Durham Nonry d0H42.l5Qd7a.l7l DuM. IXi kllll) 125 IV. Ou»lci. 4 km I ill) 125. IM Dynnrxm. Ikturnn.lar 33 K l- .l llallMla.il) 125 Failn.au. Caudill) 125191 nan. Yvonnr (12)70101 Falun. Fnu ? (12)76.101 Fbrtit, Twin 112)76.106 Tar Ira, hath, ill) 125 F-cvbtn Jlrd,;rR .brt1,lar' 49.184 Hlu. Tim (12)77 J8I Marl (II) I2V2CI Fd rm. IWu.rillH2J.l82 Fdma n rm HM.I9S Fdaor.li, tuudi) 123 K on. Kalhlrrti .III 123 K m, Hi.(.anil 12177 l cfevM. IVWah .III 125.172102 242 K«l tr Ingrid 12)51.77.14 2 193.106 Fhlail. ).mo ilac 141 41.1 V. Hit. Niaun . 10) 14210! I.U.«n Mr. A U CTA)22 UhUn Ru i-r (12)77.156.157 lailr. Mao ill) 12V172244 Fadr Randall III) 125.104 Bduno, Dow (I I 145 Katin, Ion 12)77. IM Fnkr, Jinn 111125 IJlimai.n Strvrn III) 125 HU . Uirobrth12177.101 Hkav.Krxh 10)142205 KJIrby. Man 111 )26.125,I6M77. ISO i Robrti .la 100 HI.•.all.. (Jona 112) 77.10U Flmtrrn. (Vfl.lOI 142 Ham. Nano 101142 171,100 FnRri Mr. la.lMlar l25.l7J Hiurllanhl. Ann 10) 112.171.101 EntHtMI. haihir 12)77.106.1 y6 I'.iiKrlkmiL Uklna. 10) 145 Ka.Krl.ma. Sur dll 123 0.1(0 Mali 110) 141215 KoikK IViti 10.141 KaiKlrr. Our. 12186.77.05.17V IM a.Kl.m l H"htrl ill. 126.200 . 12178 •■ 10)145 K i.khu..' Jan 110) 141 Kabr . link. 10.141 104 K’rdoll. OH 12)70.205.241 Z5I KlfdaJl. Mrphm 101141 Fnrkxm. I. iin 11.12 . Frxkxrn. Man 101141 KaMkmn. Rnhard 12)78 Kaw kuai Hum i 111126 Fawn. Juditk 12)78 lain M.4I 110) 145 Hlart NonrvditTVIV. am Knml 10) 141 F «r41. UdUmdl'Iib.av K .m.l — aKia 12.7V IV» 172.171 Firmlod Ro4.fl. 10)141 K.iirn, 4 i nlbio ' I2l 78.196 dt n, Kd.lOI I F Ka r»l». I a. id (10) 141.184 Folk. Klin(II) 126 ok.H.rt (Jan (III 126 hanr III) 126 172 IOO 101 R.hanl III 1126122 . DunrJ, 120.45.46 Kariaa. Brin 12)78. 172. IX) 101 Ka.ka . I . urtlr 1111126 KM |«| K am ham Dun. . 10) 14V 167 Krr Rdl III1136110.210 Krldntni An. . 11 51.136.100 Krhlhair Tamila 12'TV IOO Krn'uti. llrodlry 12)78 Kricuit.n Mark 11 III 26.185.200 24 Krrguwm vm .10) 14118S.24U Krrrn. Su onnr. 1(1 42 45 14V171 Krtin DrKmrali 12)78.181 Krammairr Da.»l. 10.145.222 FraU. harm. II1126 180 Knairr. Suuu 112) K.k Imiadmit .20 Kirdhr. Hill .12) 78.107110211.227. 214.254. KmBrt Man 10)141 KmUra Sur.10)111 KVW IWuai 121 70 I76.IW7 laid. Crat flJ-78 fWM. Jr 10114.1.I50.MR Kmch Hl.al.rh 112)21,64,78,11 6 KmdUv MarKarrt .111 126133,157. 171.104 Kmdlrv Taialdl 1126 207,224 I mi» J.ni |0| I4X 221 I .nlrvjua.ar.il 126 184 185 I.rail.. Ahm.4 12)78 172 173 hrlh. Hul 112)78 Kkarlm Kalhv .11) Infer., (UomIy 410) 145,181 I nhrr. I .llarirt 112 70 Knhrr. Oamlv 11)126 101 Tilth. Chna. 12'70 181 Tllrcrraid 66 aJl.-r. 12.76 Halt. Ian 1101 llaltum. Jrm 110) 141 Ik John 10)141.205.111 Flrlrhrr. l.inda l2)7W.I72 Fl.li hr.. MaHh( III I 126 I6| |l 7 K.Jra. I Irfn II)I2»». 150 Kulra. Rol» l .11. (do 126 ISO IV. 211 Falk Muala Club 1 4.105 I on4h.il 200.20IHtt.203.204.S05 lord. Ja kw (12170.81 Fonluml. Annlll) 126.180 K.atwn, IWI.II 1126.IV Fiiaarv, Janr (I2 70.174 l oaaum. Daarf 111126 224 Foalrr. Rarlura I2|70 Fmlrr. DrldnrllOlUl Frnirr. Maananl. 10) 141 Fmlrr. Ttun 12)70.85 181.106.238 Firm Ira. Trula.IOl Kroon, I)m mI110) 143. 188 Krarnn. J.dm |2.80 214. 230 Krank. 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Vr.r 110) ISI .200.224 Rrcnm l .llaum ( ll !09 Rrta4»m. MahauJlItHON Rruhrm Rnhurdilar 137 Rr.nni landu 12 1.6 bnwai. Suit(II) 151 llr.munn hu.h, ,11)111 Rrunrr. (aarp liar 1 5.46 Hrnhui. IVlr 112) 109 Hrkri cm.hr.. ||0 173 Rein halknmrlit) 14.40 64.95.106 IM Rrmnlr. Mars .IO) ISI. 171 Rm.vJo4m(ll‘ 155 347 ban. Man ,10)151 bur Jidrn ,10, ISI Rrun. Dana ill) IXX. ISO Hr-NaMn John (10) ISI JOS bt-t. Via, (IO' ISI Rrvh. Jr4l ,111155 RHhrdord. Juha(ll) l» Rrlhrf4 -d llohrrt ladm 130 b,» i Ihrnclaadlim Rh—dra Mr. ( nd lac. 3? R.bhir K.J—rt 12) ION Rnr Ann. 10 ISI.I7I.IM Rnhmh, 4 tarr ll M M IOV ITI.ITh 196 Rr hank Na-rn 110) ISI.171 R. hard -. Vrar ll I • IM. 1 4 Rn kc . Nur . 10‘ ISI. 171 Rnhlrr. Jaum , 11) 15V192 195 K.ha.1 Jan«r (12) Rira, Vr.r ,121 100.197.2V7,227 Hdr , )aw« II' IXX.I9I Kin lhnp«d2 9tlOU 160.192 Kmc fbdamliadui ISO Rmcrtaul (ulln (IOIS5.ISI.I71.172 Rmcham Rrhrna‘IOl ISI. 171 194 Rrpann Mari (10) Rmhandhr K.J., 10) ISUI? Rrtal.Da.nl I It) 109 191 Rnhrtta, Curah d 11155 Robert. 4 ulhnmr , 11) Itl Rnlurt. C.nthaa (II) IX I IS Rolurt. Jamra (12) 109 IWIurta. Nalla ,11 141 Rulurta. Sandra 111) 29. I SI Robrtnm. Char,I (11) 155.169 177, 191.190.191 Ro4—rtuu . ha)h. IOl ISI.171.ITS llnl—rtaian. Maharl (IOl ISI 200 Rnhn-m. Jonntlf 1109.190 Rrnh Thnuua 12) 109 Rmhrhnd Jon (121IOO Rruinrll. ( .-Kirtnra , 10) ISI Hm!«rrarn Cm-crdOIISI Rnrm Vlartin 110) ISI Ruhdr. Rrd-rta ‘10)151 Rutlrfam ( ulhnmr IOl ISI R-dlnm. lure 1101 ISI. 192 211 Ronald Mar d2ll(M Ko—ry. Man ,II'111 Ran Pan! 110) ISI 21! Rm Prtrr dl 109.222 Ron , hulhirra 11)153 Ihnr. Boh, 12) IU9.2IO t| liST Roar. Nuruonr 110) 131 Roar TanC (IOl ISI 21 I bar Tam) (10) ISI H.—HI. John dI ‘ IM R »r—lond. Alla dll IM 196.191 Km. ( .arnluir , 11 ) |-M Ibna. 11.0.urd .12) I4K Roumun Naum 11)11) Ro h lla.ra 1121 UN ISA (loth Im 101 ISI R.4hr. hnrt III I 151222 H-rhnrm Ore—. IOl 109 ISI Rothnrm Sanaa., 12) 100.190 Hour. Mars ,11)1X1 Hrnlaan! 4 laud- .12 50 64 1491.472. IM Rm. CHhm-r, I0‘ 131.171.172 Rud lhrbjur ,12) 107.109. ISO. 160 IW. R-hfuM lla lor..11 50,151.195 R-lpnr Sir. bird. Iu )M IM Rur. harm dO 15I I96 Kurd. Ann(II 120.1M.I66,191 Ruhra. Prln III 111 Ruin. Vr.r I! I0 Kuoir. TuillIIIW Rupf. I)a. dd HI II Rnpft CurW)It) 110.IVI Ru-rO Kurin It) I IO 176.192 IM Ru—HI 4 hurlra , 111 IM hoard John III 1151 H—rll Ma am ,12)110 Huaarll. I'alrv . Ill H—aaril. RuH . 10)57. ISI IrA 9% .Mnuun. , 12)110 R uu. Jadm 10) ISI 304 K.hrnt Anu|ll)in Rahrrjt Janr.lOdSI K.dmun Rob, III 1 11, 156.201 Rurprcht Jr .11) 151.201 S Sum Tim I2 110 Sadie llauhun Dunar t«4 J S Salami Nanas. 12 110 190 Sah— S4rsr(l2)IIO hair Tom III) 131 Sanitaria-,n. S4rar 112)110 Sao,,nrII hatha 1101 144.ISI 171.190 Sunt—n. BnurdtltlO Surd—n DrMu. , 10) ISI. 164,171 Saul— IVuir 112) 110 Nundbrre. Vrar (12) 9t 110 INtIM Sunders. Jamra 110' I4l.lv Sunders Marcum , Sanders. Mars (12)110 Sunderrn. Mrir(ll) 134 Sands Diaur I— '54 55 Sandl.IV.nl (12) 110.176 Sandsni. Mrs Dianr lar )32 166 Sandsnh harm, 12) 170 Na—d li SccJt (I I) 13V 176 til Sand hud. |.J.n , If 1110 224 227 Surlrs Bill 111) 135.201 SuDrrli.'.d hrn (III 47.133.195 Sui'rrVr Ruhurd 110 ISI.195 Snuar Mrlrtaa ' 101 ISI 195 196 Sana-. MnhaH'ltlllO Su. A Nu-«lra ' 12 I llO 197 Saaory. Pnt 1111M Saarr. R.d-rt .far 1 39.301.210.211.241 Nasi,—. VV Jlum d I) I 11.201 Varhoraufh. Jr an 110 ISI 190 V arbormch. « Jlum 12)110 V-hnHrr J.din llO'ISI 309 Virm.M' (12)20.110 Sshaurr. lundu 110) 151.171 Vhaurr. H-durt . 12 IhV 111.199.197 Sshrrlr. Sulla (II1135.191 190 Vhrlfur. burr It) 111. ISA IU0.200 VhrrXrrl hrdh (111 1111 Art V hern (—re (III I31IS| ,|9b. !ls •» 246 SrhudCmtUOin Vh—I J«a|nHan (12)111 Srhdhnc Sana (Itll 11.101 Vhdll Call (12) 111 .191 Vhirmri J-i (II) 111214 Si 4.1— fra Vrar (I I 131 Srhlmhrt JoH 1101151 Srhh— IVu.lOi Vhauti. IV—nu 111)134 Vbmrrlrr Mark 12)61.111 IS6.200. 201 Vhmrrtrr.VurdOIISI Vhuudr. RdlC (10) ISI Vhmtdl. Bdl A (10) ISI hHmnh. C.uthu ,12-111.I .IM. IM VhmnR. Mrs Isalhlrrn.l- 6 7.166 Vhmadl Rudnra 'I— )27 Vhnradrr Clods (II • 90111.169.1V7 Vhmun.srs. Susuna— (111134 191.199 Vhrmi Vnuuilll III WhrrmJr Shm III i 15 171 Whrordrr (uraJ IIM54 Vhraudrr J-i 12) III Vtmuairr. lam (III N-hui i. Saaada 1101 ISI.171 ViummuK- Cars (II) IM Vhuhr. Ih-udoi 119ISI SHn.lt . Irrafi 10) ISI Vhul . Mrs Juan ■ I- i».50ltt2 Srbulrr Rohrrt dll 134.191 Vh.artr Dale, 111 III Vhnart . hatha 10) Vkaarmii. Rulnra ill 113 191.199 190 hchuarirui Trd:l! ll2 xirntrt hr.ih 10'ISI Vha.re.ir hath. , 111 I 54 S« hnriair I .HI I 12 II! Sekrnar Srminur 199.199 VaihHd lahma. 12)112.194 v.«.n Jav(l2‘71ll2.192190.194 IM Vtum Sulla 110'ISI 171.172.161 Vi—I, IVn.Mll I 114 I9U hesdt. Caadlnrs IOl 141.194 IV Wnlt.UmdadO'ISI Sesdt. I nda 111 I 34 IN! hrtdt. Susan (IO) ISI. 171 Iruhrrc. J.du. (111134 I.V4 200 Waih.Hr. SurdlIM.IM IM 171.2.12 vMi Id ,lo 151 )v. JIT Srai. lunda'IO' ISI 171 SrdeMri. 4 Hlrru (111134.1 9.191 10 19(4 Srrdrnatrnhrt. Da.nl dl) I VI Won Mu. J.-ollOISI Srtrri ( Uudu , 10) ISI Wsrrsm IV.nl 111) IS. I It l«7 Sa a mo— hrn, 10 111 Shad liter.. Judlr III) IM.I7I shannon (haads (11)131 shurif. Jr (IOl ISI. 172.199 2I7.MI Shurpr On |r I It) 112. ISA shji«eh»i-s.«, Tern 112)112 ShutJ J-4,11)134 Shun R-d rt IO 141224 shua. I.yntar 110) ISI Shruda John 11111M Shrhl.ni. John (I— 29.50 shrhm. Du. .4 12) II! 4hH»o (.hrla dl) I It 101 Stalin Nun. ,11)144 Sheppard. Dnar.lOi ISI Shrruaun Sur .12)1121 9 Shrrra. i hrn (IOl ISI. 169 Shears . I.a naar (11 ' 114 ShyHtr. Vsdf (ll)IM 196 SVJrr RnhdlllM Shull, lam d I) Nu. Ihrrrsr (IOl ISI. 197 ShirII Chrrttinr 'IOllSI.19 . 1 1 snlrnbrre. Mara dll IS .IV. Su . 4 hr»d2l 1122 5 Sneri Surah III I-M SJha Vrar 112‘1146 1 It 161 1 1 197 Nunmuan 4 hns.lOHSI Sanaun 49mda .11)134 Nunpam Rr—r (10) ISI Samp—. D «. .Ill 134 Sams. Patrnsa • II) 114.192 l«l VirtUwi lAatar , I0‘ ISI.171 Srsretht. Anna,12)11213 .IM.IW. Sraneht Ulm 10)131.171 Siaar 4 nil (111 1-3 I Nrt Shrtnc 211.22» Ska—rr hr re Paul (10) ISI Shi Chah 170.171 Slumu I Van II i I 14 Nhr Jana- .12) 112 slrrtm Jaanr-s I IOl ISI.190 Slrtta ham. ‘Ill 134.167.190 Shu Smut. .101 1.41 Sun—I. hrn dll I 44 196.210 S-mdatr IXmedOIISI.IH! 199 Smith. Biul- II' 112 Smith. I —alir (III 112 Srnaih. Csuthu. 12) 112.197 Snsalh I Vsr (101 ISI Sm—h DrMnr 12-SI 111166 Sm-h. ( i«'|l)' ISI. 172199.251 San-h. Janpn dll IM. 172 sm-h. humt|l2i 111 191 196 239 247 Smith Mans. III) 31 IM.ISft 161.214 Sm-h M 44 Jus ludm ‘22 Sm-h. Ruanlall I IOl 132.194 Sm-h. RnhilO' 40,151.190 Sm—h. Vamhu t IO) IS! Sm—h Sunli—al, I2‘ 11 2176 209 30 Sm-h. So-tlll IV4 Sm-h. Vrar 110)132 Sm-h. S—n IlllIM San-h. TuiddJ) 111 14 199 300 505 21 113 Saar (rrf.l!'IIWOSJOR Sm Daa 249.2 9 S»- Su ml. II ' I 44 191 Snadrr. (urHlIXllll Snadrr IVMnr d 11134.196 Solurshl T-mallll IM Soarrr 209.209 Sodrrmun hm m(IO; 152 I V» VJ In-re hrn, IIIIM. 199 vJIrll IVaad (II) I Mdl I Solsmon JrldlllM Samamm. Am ,12)11X101 Saaprr. PhllR., 111 III Sa—rm Jr an nr 111 IM Sortrhrre Jadm 12)77.1 II17ft,177.107 Sort—.. Rrtt. (I2HI1 Sr—ha. Da. nj i 10) 132 Vul Ftrd,l2) 111 Samdrr. Bawdy (IIIIM So—rr. H-JmIt) 111 Spam. Linda (121115 Spamshl hah 176.170 Sprnarr. IVlua 12) 111 Sprnarr. ll«Jli(ll)IM sprmrr Rumlrr (10) 132 Sfumrr Rimahd (I2 11X1662 9 Sparnrr. 4Armir 112) 114 Spnada. Aon ID|M .166.167 Sfwllrt. Ilrnry (12)11 SpAa. Sams 10)171 SptnaMrr )r (111114 2!2 Spianlltr Mol (I- 6 Spin hathrnnr III) IM.IfW 171 S|nmcl—re, (unj (II) 121.IM Spi-nH. Ship (12)31.113.161.|«1194 Spaam R.art nlhoio«a 2M Vaab Jauuu 1111 IM Va rs. I ana 121114.190 196 259s»«xr M«. to, t.v Suir. (aradyn (I I1131 life Stale Jane ,101132. Hi stale III 176 IVi 118 198. art SltUmah J.raephinr ill '36 114.115.171 St are hat. kml 111) I 'M Slanel. (iordnn • 10• 152 Stanrk. Suta-.IOIIS 116 SUflry.|ilM2 ll4.IIVI72 SUivhi Sloe (10) 132 Slrrlr. Donald , 12 • I It Mnnhiort. l n (IQMS Hft Sinner Mr Maine net '24.23 Slr ..lr Hill 1109X11 1182082 1 StrndaM Ki h»i 1111 IXI Slnm Nan.- llOi 152 Mnnn Mata,, 10,133 small. IVe i I2l III smart. Tamaia 110.152.172 st.aaartSVkl (10,152.171 Slr.art Victor . 1101152.172.1 1 Side Hall (III 1.14. IIS vamin. Torn 110) 152,171200 SnH.rH. I mala I I2j III.IM 167.178 112.1 7 Mm via Samira 12) 111 Slut Call 112) III IW Slo iilalr. Damn. 110) 144.152 171 Sl-ldolr. Daiid'IIMM M.JanX Heboid 10 132110 SKme. Betia 112 «X 114 168167 SWr. Mania. 11211I4.IM.IK Momr SlikrdO 152 11. nlahl. ( alha .10)152 Slurry I .mla llil'.l lS .|stl IK SI. train a Brian (101132. IVI Vitlv t-arra (lar 30.195 Viaatrnbun'h. |.r eph ,10) 132 ISM Strand -aac r ; 10) 132 118 Strandemo. Jed. I2 Mratr, Salh ,12' III .Miami AnJrra 121114 S«ram, .rr d21114.1 1 Mi.rn.lnc Camnlr 12) 113.112.113. 245 Sl.ianlafK flradl I 101 152.112 Slnrrmir Mr Jran ,adm )2S Sir. a In Jame 111114 201 Slraxk. 8-arl (I I1134 222 Strupp. Mantel 11 )IM Slrulhrra law! a 11 I V4 Sliaart. Oaaai 110) 152,224 Stuart. IVI..rah III 134.1 0.101 Sluart. I'ainrla 11111114 Mudrnl Council 156,157 Slurnrv Jrnaa .121IIS.I8I Stur«r IV eta 11)153.111 Slurm Warm. 110)132.114 Sunil. )anr 110) 152 Slimmer . Slrarra , I I I I V. Sundrll li-hr. II 155 Snmilnt. Stephen. 10.4 . 152.110 SunAl. Di-ittUadl 1115.111 Saimirt. Mary 10)152.171.101 Suliitquial. IVrflilt. 10.152 Sixmirta. Ira, 12,113 Sailpl.rn Jom 1121 115 Sa.nor, Rachel i II) 135.111.Itt5 Suanuan, 3 my 110) 152 Swanum. Anneltrdl) 115 Svaanu.li. Demur 12195.115.1 7 SwatllOO, Kay dll 135 SvaaiiKKi. II,ta I IOi 152 S«anion, R.„ 112) 115.1 1 Sv. Miami, Stianm d 11133.116 Sa»rodteen. Pam il2 111.118168167, 2M2Vi Saamun. (bad 111)153 Svamun. Jainrt 112) 115.144 Saarnvm. Mam. 112) 115.115.174 Sarminainetl4.2ISJI6.2l7 Syiiichrach. Jaiuce III) 115.165 Sirndtry. I .auk. liar 146.208.2IJ.WJ . 11.mill 112! 116 (ran 112) 116.117 . led HOI 132 . l uida 110)15X117 tromparm. I.yiada(12) 116 bom par,n Mabarl,12)64 116.161. I mi I 12)116 110)131.101 .Scott 11 MM Hampton. Shrllra 111 156 TK mi|na n. Wllham. 11.116 201 Thornton, Scoll 111II .16.1 Ml 115.201 Thornton Mar via s 11 -1.10 Thornton. Maty ill'Hr. Ihimivno. Holm ,121 116 Iss Thnmtnn. Sad til 1116 Thou. Mil, 12)116 Thmt. VintmallI)l n.omtun Hr an 110)15(1 Thorp. Sandra(12) lift “A Timber Carnival'' 246.247 Thurma ).mra (111 l ife. 1 6 Thunna. John. I2 I 16.116 Tickle. DnnaM(lt) |.18 In Tillrra. Hoar 110) 131 Tindall. Jim 110) 133 Tladrn. Ann. 10) 152,172 Torpd.Jamea , 10)133 222 Top Tra 62.81 TrJlrhrud. John (101131 Treanaint. Rod (12) 117 TmairuX Aon 110) 131 Trace Vtrxinta 110) 135.171 Tripp, Drhnrati. (IIM.18I16.2S3 Troop. I«hn(lt) 117.181 Tram Martian 110)151 Truman Maharl(IO) 131 Tucker. Tun III 1)6 Tnrnrr. Tin (II) 116,214 Turner (are (12) Tyaclr. I.annlll'i v. |V. IM| V I hr Knerr (lar )XS llrtrtt, Tmydlll36.l7l.l72 thaler. lorn!12) 117 I la rat ad Ann II2M I 8 54 56 Hamad I aura 110) I31.I6SI7I I DiltTjn, Martin (|2) VI17.21 4,227 t..e« Ja.irdl)l lM36 137.164 244 I nlmil Marl 12)117.21 V 1 an Horan. Suvan (111 Vanllontra. Honald III) 136,182 VaiiSlnun. Marl 11)106 VanSoairrrn. Hill 10)151 VanVourhm. Holm ,12 117 S'anlVaict. Sara (12)117.1V Sar . . Milo 110) MX IVI Vote hi Kamalll) 1-16 Vonrll. Mary (10)151 161, 171. 172 Arrdorn |rrra (12) 117. 111. 246 Nrrvrn, A alrflo (12) 117. 1 6 Nredal, Jrri(IO) I3X 115 Vuxeril. Mr Jmlithilar 32. II Vletter. Uora 10) 1,541.131171.172. IT S'ohtad. Ion (10) IVXIte) SnnDraaraek. Tamili) 136 Voth. Karon (lar ,20.31 T Tall. Hurry (II1133 IK.IA45.I1 Tall. Ibatl (II) 135 Tanrl. John (10) I32.ZM Tarim . Ann (III l» Tni.hr H .chard (12) 113,110.1 1 Taylor. Dianne 00) 132 Taylor. 4,lmn 110) 152 Tailor. Kami II) 115,I IS.IHI.IHI Taylor. Kriallnr 112 115.117 Taylor, Trill, (J I) 133,171.112 Tailor, Paul (121115 Irinmr, Barbara lar S2.IIH.Hi IrrrM. Hlta(I2i 118136.111 Terry. Thnana dll 113.201 Terra IV,Hun. (I2| 116 20(1 Tenor. ( alhy III) 118160.166 Tharhrr Marl (10) 152 Thaler, John 110) 132 221 Thaarr. John 110) 132 Thaarr Kathryn (10) 132.171 Thaaet. Iatoll0il32.l72.lte) The KanUtluki 246.247 Then. M.a Mir. 10) 132.171 Then. Ron 112)78118182. 197 Tim . Jean (10) 132.115.116 Thmt« Paul 110149.132IM. 181 Thrrttaddl, Janice 110) 132.171.1 1 Threle, MarMI2MI6.l7l.2IOJIl.227 Thrmrn. Janr I II I I 16.171 Them at. John HIM 36.20121 Thnma . Robert (11)116 Ttempton. end, 112) 116 Dnmipum (uale112 116 IK ITaonipaon (irredll 116 (vs w Uaae Krntm |(21117.1 1 33 aac Robert 111 156 33’adluml. Rrwe (11(133 Wa wr. Donald i lar .43,111 3Va tmr. Janie , 111 | 16 33 aenrr. Tom 10) 133,924 33 aid, Janice (12) 117.118 3Vahlroot. Marc.rrr. Il» IVV Itel IV, 3Vahlran.a, 33 ilium (101 M0,1.V3 3V ite, M.mlrlll i IV, 3V a hi In Dehhy 111)130 3Val.)mn.J.An (10.133 222 3VahJar t MwharKII 11.16 Waller. IVleah 110) 13) I.V9.ID0 Waller. Julie (11)116 Wallace. Draw (It) 117 3Vall,n. SlrtnidIII18201 3Val«W, Paul (12)117 Wahh, Warren (11)136 Wanecie. John (10)133 Wanner. MmmdlM3811« W aiie. Judy 110, 13X114 W aroeil. Harlura ,10.131,171 WanWI. Paul 112) 117.201 W antrr. Mary (11.116 Wantet. Ted (I I 118211 Warm . Tor i .12)117 Wamle. Rohm (12) 117.214 waim. Janie , 10) I3X 136.201 Walum. Cathy (ISM 17.1 1 Waulato. MnidOII.Vt W'aane. ano ,11)136 161 W'ebfcy Hill. 12. Ill W'ebrf Paul I lar ) 40 41 Weber, Petr ill) Webater, Naacy (10113X172 Wrerunrr Hiada 110) I3X15A.I VI Weeo. Jame liar i:12 nil Wrhrttnn. Sam (I I) 137.163,20X231 W'rtdt. DaardllllM? W rierl. lam .10) 14X131,171 W rtncartner Sue (10113X13 . 171.171 Weinoarlner Wendt (12)111 W'rinhaodl. Urn Mr 111 117 WHl.,M.n(ll) 137.183 Well.. Martin (IMIS Wrlluruum. lUrlurallJ, 111 W rniOaml Nancy (IOi 133 33 rod. Mark (10) 13X209 33 traell Mr Sylulliw -25 W rural. Jane III 1117 Weal. Marl (12'111.1 6.214 W ratlall Shanm 112'40.1IV172 Wrt.Ohrraldl) 137 Whalen. I roda, II11 IMI7.no W halm Sharrm (12) 111.1 1 Wherlre IVnn.a 111) 117 Wherlrr Mary (III 137.161 Whelan. Qhmill) 137.131 3 lie Ian. IrrtelllMlT Whelan. Kathleen 110-135 Whelan Kea(n. 10) 13X224 33 helple Derma (111117.200 Wh.errar. IN) 161 Wh.tr. 4 harlmr(lll|:n 33 hitr. Drive ah i 12) I |M W hitr. (ieur»r 110) I3l.20tt.222 33hA!uiu1 Dural (II. ITT Wkia. Cart (IIH37 Wulalmm Hr.ur ill) 137 w.lamma Dean 110. 131 Wetter. I anrriKT , IOi 131 Wleaner. Ronald liar 1.14.208222 3Vikman. Aian.111117 Wilbncht. Mr Maria (lac ) 46.47 Wilbur. Jon (It) 118 172.116. IK. |«6. 201 3V.lm«.talh III) 137.112113 Wile . Janlre (II) 137,171.190 W .llrnmc Keuhllar .34 W’dklatnu. 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Terry (11) 117 3Vood.SVcmdMl2MI9.161 Woodcock, I.ynn (I I) 1137,18) Wood,. Kay III) 11)7 VVtailae . Jame, (12)119.224 Wra . DanwtdO) 153.294 331railing 224.225.226227 SVri(ht. Naiwy ,111137.1 1 Wricht, Paul III, 137.156 200. JOX210 211 V Vanda. SU-ae I2M 1(1.200,201 J02 3old.if. All.r (12) 107,1H) 157.164,172 ll»7.244 Ynunc Hlrn (11)137 VTrem 174.173 z ZaM. Kurt (10)159 Zahn. Steve (10 133.222 ak Kail,. .10115X110 Zaiu.lt. Nano IIIM37.IM Zralmcer. Km (12) IIV. 1 1 Zerupel. Carol(10) 13X1 2.1 4 ZetJer. Robert , It) I I».2l0.2l2.227 Zetmian, IbuJ 12)11 111.240 Zorper. Jo 110) I3I.I5X IK Zammerman. Ja..m 121 SB, 11 . 182. Itt6 Zten. Bed. 111:137 J2I Zim. Donald i lac 31.39.221 Adlan. Muaheth (10) 133 260 261262All the differing shades of times at Kdina High School are now vivid colors in our minds. With the wearing of time, however, these SHADES OF GREEN will dim and fade in the presence of freshly acquired colors. A variety of colors will continue to blend in us until each of us reaches the shade whiclris our own. For some this time has come, for some it will be soon, for still others it will be a harder goal to reach. Rut when our search is finally rewarded with a harmonious combination ol lights and shadows that makes life meaningful, we will see our place in the kaleidoscope which is the world. 263Co-editors-in-chief 1968 WHIGREAN STAFF Copy Editor .......... Photographer .... Business Manager Assistants . .. Sports Editor Assistant........ Student Life Editor Assistants .......... Academics Editor .. Assistants........... Organizations Editor Assistant............ Seniors Editor Assistants Underclassmen Editor Assistant............ Photo Coordinator Typists............... Art Consultant . Adviser............... ........ Pam Kirk Debbie Henningscn Lucinda Anderson Skip Sponsel Bill Neidigh . Roger Ring Kathy Fischer Mike Thompson Bill Steinke .... Bobbi Hughes .... Marie Palm Cathy Textor .........Liz Patrick Debbie Bud Molly Haugland ..... Cail Nelson . Prudy Hawthorne .... Laurel Nelson Steve Crinnell Kris Bruer Deborah Howard Paula Gulliford Maureen Callan Sue llayhoe Nancx Carlsen . ... Ingrid Eglite Mrs. Armi Nelson ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS There have l een many people who have made notable contributions in various ways to the production of the Whigrean. The Whigrcan, staff would like to thank: Mr. Burt lledstrom and the American Yearbook Comp'any for advice and service. Scherling Pletsch Studios for (xirtraits and photographs. Mr Orlando Scherling for the time and work spent in taking and producing pictures. Our patrons for their financial support. The administration and faculty for their advice and cooperation in yearbook projects. Bruce Miller. Craig O Freeman, and Creg Snell for supplying photographs, Mr. Jepson for putting up with us as neighbors. And to Bill Adams. Mr. Everett Anderson, Margaret Dozark, Joyce Jondahl, Torn Moss, llie Young, our parents, and many others who furnished moral support as well as tangible help. w u J ' V 0 v -r - . .... -CZ y L sr z s£ 6 i x c A -c-1 sr 

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