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The pace of life grows relentlessly faster Too often we get so caught up in day-to-day existence. we don’t take the time to look around and evaluate our lives and surroundings. It is not our purpose to have our theme express the thoughts and feelings of a generation, but only to present these ideas to you to read and consider. For indeed, it is “Time to Think."Academics 18Uisium "In the stillness of night Wisdom came and stood by my bed .. . Then Wisdom put her hand on my burning brow and said; 'Go then forward and do not tarry for before you walks perfection. Go and have not fear of thorns on the path for they deem naught lawful save corrupted blood ‘" Kahlil Gibran5 "Your friend is your needs answered ... And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart; For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed." Kahlil Gibran 678GIVING OF OURSELVES "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give ... All you have shall some day be given. Therefore give now. that the season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors'. ' 9 —Kahlil Gibranjoy and sorrow “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked ... The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain .. . When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find that it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy ... When you are sorrowful look again into your heart and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." Kahlil Gibran 10IISelf-knowledge "Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights. Say not. 'I have found the truth.' but rather. 'I have found a truth.' Say not. ‘I have found the path of the soul.' Say rather. 'I have met the soul walking upon my path.' For the soul walks upon all paths.' " Kahlil Gibran 12Time Of time you would make a stream upon whose bank you would sit and watch its flowing. Yet the timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness. and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream . . . And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing ' Kahlil Gibran c .V’ or y -’ J v A s.S y V 4 ? x vS X r V Y • C . - v • r -i - »T • J rr ™V - X. X -fe , -v "r n 'A- — v V L X, X W 1 ■■. ’ V x - V - 15Time $ - , 1617Arai) i'm u i DR. SPENCER W. MYERS-Supermtendent ol Edina Public Schools—has traveled widely In Germany and France —attended Hiram College. N W University and Indiana U MR. LEO J. FICK-Director of Secondary Education—BS at St. Cloud College. M.A at U of Minnesota—enjoys golf and swimming—do-it-yourself hobbyist MR. DONALD I. PRYOR-Director of Business Affairs-attended St. Cloud State and University of Minnesota— working toward his Ph D. at University of Minnesota MR. JAMES D. CHAPMAN—Administrative Assistant for Re search—attended Macalester College and University of Minnesota—hobbies include fishing MR. ROLAND J. RING-Pnncipal—completed undergraduate and graduate studies at U of M—great fan of all high school sports—enjoys tennis doubles MR. RONALD BUEHLER-Admimstrative Assistant. Instruction and Special Service—B S at Valley City State College and M A at Western Washington State College MR. ELMER R. LUNDGREN-Assisiant Principal—B S and M A at U of Minnesota—President of Alumni Association for College of Education at U of M—enjoys all sports MR. JAMES L. CABALKA-Assistant Principal—enjoys participating in golf, fishing and swimming—especially interested m young people as individuals MR. HOWARD W. MERRIMAN-Director of Athletics-Adviser of "E" Club —B S at St Cloud State College and M Ed at University of Minnesota MR. ROBERT M. RETH-ERFORD—Supervisor of Special Education and Psychology —has studied at Butler University. Indiana University and Michigan State University 20To restless students, hredrills present a welcome change But lor Mr Cabalka. they mean work on planning, organization, and timing. Administration Students Trade Five Minutes Of A.M. Rush For Five Minutes Of P.M. Rest Pressed for time, sleepy students zipped through the halls to arrive at first hour on time, a tradition-breaking 7:55 Busses, reaching the building at the same time they did when school began at 8.00. compounded the already hectic morning rush However, this new schedule also added five minutes to the students' time after school This change was made to eliminate a traffic hazard and improve the efficiency of loading at the junior highs. A new policy for effecting consistency in the school's grading system was proposed after an extensive one-year study. Under the administration's method, teachers ideally gave 1 1 % A s. 39% B s. 39% C s. 1 1% D s. and isolated fails. At Open House, Mr Ring welcomes parents and directs them to their child's classes Mr Lundgren takes a break in his busy schedule to satisfy admiring students who flock to sign his cast 21Library, P.T.A., School Board Lucky Students Faced With Term Papers Allowed Monday, Thursday Nights In Library Due to the greater number of students and the work they were assigned, the library again remained open on Monday and Thursday nights during the winter months. Also helping to relieve this increased load, was the final realization of the library's goal of more than ten books per pupil. By collecting membership dues at the beginning of the year, the Parent Teacher Association was able to sponsor such activities as the Christmas Concert. Teacher Appreciation Dinner, and two student scholarships. The PT.A also held Open House and Post High School Planning Night. School Board meetings focused on the general operation, maintenance and financing of the schools A curriculum review of the entire district was discussed at the second board meeting of each month. PT A. Officers-Mr Gene Christensen, president. Mrs Donald Bennett, secretary; Mr Ray Punkris. treasurer; Mr Jack Kirkland, vice-president SCHOOL BOARD-Front Row-Mrs Constance Kuehn. Mrs Jean Strommc. Mr Willis Shaw Back Row-Mr Ronald Kennedy. Dr K Paul Carson. Dr Arnold Anderson. Mr. John Loper. 22MRS. JOYCE CAVANAUGH—Assistant Librarian B S at University of Minnesota — enjoyment of reading provides "a happy blend of businoss and pleasure " MRS. VELMA LAUGHLIN-Assistant Librarian—attended University of Minnesota. University of Kansas and Mankato State College—busy planning a trip to Boston and New York City MISS INGRID O MILLER-Librarian and Library Consultant—studied at Grand View College. Macaloster and University of Minnesota—kmts away her sparo time O. h'uXkv. Miss Miller. Head Librarian, checks the research methods of unsuspecting students John Grotting (12) and Craig Gant (12). In trying to find a subject for her term paper. Sarah Bodene (11) searches in the labyrinth of reference material 23For both students and teachers, the lowering of the flag signals the end of another day of learning and activity MRS LOIS ENGEl-School Nurse—coordinator of Y-Toens—graduated from U of M School of Nursing—free weekends, summer and winter, spent out on the lakes fishing MR DOUGLAS S HED - Audio Visual Consultant -studied at St Cloud State College. U of Colorado and U of Minnesota — hobbies include photography 24 MRS. SYBIL WERSELL—Special Education—earned BA at Gustavus Adolphus and M A at University of Minnesota—enjoys singing and choir directing 4MRS. CHARLOTTE BEEGLE-counselor's secretary, room 202 MRS. GRACE DISNEY—Mr Ring's secretary, office MRS. VIVIAN GUETZKE-counselor's secretary, room 302 MRS. IONE JOHNSON—clerk, office MRS. ELSYE MARTIN-counsclor s secretary, room 100 MRS. MARGARET McKEAND—secretary, office MRS. MARY FRAN NELSON—secretary, bookstore MRS. ELAINE STEINER—receptionist, office Mrs Engel assures Bob Knowles (11) that he may return to class il well Like all industrious Edma students Bob hates to miss a moment of school Special Services Price Of Lunches Raised Five Cents As Inflation Hits H.S. Lunchroom In late October, students found themselves paying thirty cents for their lunches instead of twenty-five cents. The loss of government surplus commodities and increases in food prices prompted this change. A new addition to the high school office was a larger, more modern switchboard The new switchboard handled over one hundred phones and controlled the calls entering both the high school and South View Mrs. Engel, the school nurse, had many duties other than those with which students were acquainted Health counseling, home visits and individual talks with parents were among these responsibilities. 25MRS. JUNE CORSON-Counselor has degrees from St Olaf and Northern State College-loves to browse in second hand stores for interesting furniture MR. TED DOWNS - Counselor Co ordinator lor Hi-Y program Bachelor and Master s degrees from U of Wisconsin — planning a summer canoe trip in Canada MR WAYNE A. KIN ION-Counselor attended Iowa Stato University. Drako University and U of M—gardening and church work occupy much of his spare time MR. JEWELL O. LYNGAAS-Counselor B A at Luther College and M A at University of Minnesota—favorite hobbios include hshmg and listening to music MR. MARK E. McCARTAN-Counselor attended Stato College ol Iowa—is intrigued with the study of Irish history MR ARNOLD M REHMANN - School Psychologist -attended St Olaf College and the University of Minnesota — plans to complete work toward Ph D degree — softball participant — do-n-yourseH-er MR RODNEY A. SCHMIDT - Coordinator of Guidance Services obtained B A at Macalester and M A at U of M enjoys reading in areas of history and politics MR. RONALD SERUM — Counselor — studied at Moorhead State College and University of Minnesota — Hobbies include hiking, reading and gardening As a senior. Craig Nienabar (12) confronts the mare of decisions which will determine his future Students find counselors' advice helpful in solving all types of problems, at school or at home 26Mr Serum posts the daily college and testing information on the counselor's bulletin board Counselors “College Coffee Hours’’ Aid In Counseling For Future Plans This year the members of the counseling staff conducted a series of meetings for seniors concerning college planning and admissions procedures Four hundred parents attended two of these sessions, known as "college coffee hours." As in previous years, counselors and students were assigned by the House Plan Under this plan, each counselor advised sophomores, juniors and seniors. It was expected that the students would remain with the same counselor for three years. The high school counseling staff included Mr McCartan. Mr Serum. Mrs Corson. Mr Downs. Mr Lyngaas. Mr. Kinion, and Mr Schmidt, who is coordinator of guidance services for the eleven counselors. Paging through bulletins and yearbooks. Fred Huser (11) decides among the myriad of colleges, universities and business schools 27English Traveling Down Avenues Of Thought Students Accidentally Drop “Cliff’s Notes’’ English class arouses different emotions in students than it does in teachers A teacher thinks of good books, enriching experiences, and opening new avenues of thought. A sophomore thinks of finishing his journal in homeroom, reading Julius Caesar while watching T V., writing a book report from the blurb on the jacket, and trying to lake his mythology project to school on the bus A junior has nightmares about that term paper he knew he could zip through during the Christmas holidays, and trying to analyze The Scarlet Letter with the help of Cliff's Notes. For a senior. English brings to mind losing a stack of note cards in the March wind, trying to figure out who killed whom in Hamlet, and devotedly counting the days, hours and minutes until senior slump "Now. sure Gary has a great personality. Anne: but Jim is way out in front with those brown eyes The choice is obvious." proclaims Mr Andorson Mrs Mahowald aids |umor English students in selecting subjects for term papers by explaining the importance of the quantity and quality of research material 28 Mr Garnor. senior English, appeals io his students to grasp his thoughts on Lord Jim. MISS RUTH AANRUD—English 10 BA at St Olal Col lege and graduate studies at U of M—enioys painting and listening to classical music. MISS BIRGIT E. ANDERSON—English 12—studied at Moorhead State College and University of Minnesota—goes in for boating and swimming in iho summertime MR. EVERETT B. ANDERSON—English 12 Honor So ciety and Senior class advisor—B A at Gustavus Adolphus College and M A at U of Washington—married at Thanksgiving MR. RICHARD R. BUSCH-Standard English 10. 11.12 —studied at Gustavus Adolphus College. Macalester College and U of M—likes out-of-doors MISS URSULA COSTELLO-Standard and Enriched Eng lish 10- -plans to attend San Francisco State College next summer enioys sewing and interior decorating MRS. FRANCES FRAZEE-Siandard and Honors English 10—Hornettes advisor supervised Homecoming activities—enioys tennis—has hopes for travel MR. JAMES GARNER-English 12—adviser of Future Teachers—attended University of Minnesota hobbies include care of his horses and ponies—administered contract grades MISS NANCY GIMMESTAD - English 1 1 -cheerleader adviser — head of English Department — avid Republican — "When I was at Bread Loaf ." At the Homecoming pep fest. Mr O'Dougherty sets the mood of the faculty skit by pounding out a rendition of Old-TimersMr. Siotis helps his students to understand All My Sons by pointing out key" phrases. Balladeer Nancy Keprios (12) enthralls her English class Mr Jensen. English 12. tries to relate the intricate plot of Hamlet. MRS. BARBARA HARE—Standard and Honors English 10—attended Trenton College. U of M. Northwestern and U of Wisconsin—all-around, with interests in tennis, skiing, swimming, antiques, reading. MR. VERNON JENSEN—English 12 BA at Hamline University and M A at University of California—enioys music MR. PAUL MAGNUSSON—English 1 1 —Oebate—Ph. Beta Kappa at St Olaf College enjoys working with Boy Scouts pistol and rifle marksman MRS. SHIRLEY MAHOWALD—English 11—attended U of M—working toward her Master's Degree—appreciates outings with her family—understanding—"I'm new at this, too1' MR. JOHN O DOUGHERTY-Honors and Enriched Eng lish 12—studied at St John s University. St Thomas College and U of M—piano playing provides pep for pep fests MISS PATRICIA PAUL—English 11 and Speech—advises Declam. Debate and National Forensic League—plans to teach debate at Georgetown U during summer 30» MRS. JOAN SCHUL2—English 10—attended Hamline University. North Dakota State College and Macalester College — avid swimmer MR. JOHN K. SHELDON — English 10 and Journalism — advisor ol Buzzette. Quill and Scroll — Runner-up Journalism Teacher of tho Year — con tmues building of his summer home MR. LARRY H. STOTTS-English 1 1 and Speech adviser of National Thespians—director of fall, spring and children's plays- affectionate father to Lon and Jimmy MISS JULIE B. WHITE—English 11—Edina Players Declam and De bate coach—director of "Love Rides the Rails"—memories of an Eagle Ridge Theatre summer production Venus comes to life again as Heidi Heffelfinger (10) and Heidi Lang (10) mold and scrap together their original mythology project English Edina’s English Classes Tinted By Teachers' Colorful Individualism The English department traditionally offered four types of programs to ns students Enriched. Honors. Standard, and General However. the curriculum had as many varied interpretations as it had teachers Each teacher colored his course with his individual interests. For example. Mr Stotts' and Miss White s classes were tinted by their inclinations toward drama Mrs Schulz placed emphasis on creative writing in her classes by tasking her students with writing short stories, haiku, and journals Miss Costello put importance on theme and plot analysis A senior English teacher with a reputation for stressing fun in his classes was Mr Anderson One of the activities in which his classes engaged was singing ballads 31Steve Silha (11) grimaces as Mr. Matlon quietly distributes another infamous "quickie" to his apprehensive students Social Studies Experiment In Luxurious Learning Carpets Christensen’s Classroom The old boys’ locker room became a senior social studies room, carpeted, air-conditioned and windowless This experimental classroom. assigned to Mr. Howard Christensen, was designed to help evaluate the cost of carpeting and twice-weekly vacuuming in comparison to tile floors and daily sweeping. Modular tables and chairs, often placed in different arrangements, replaced conventional desks Study carrels, similar to those used by college professors and advanced students in library stacks, were also added for study According to Mr. Christensen, the new room was furnished to improve class efficiency in the ‘'inter-disciplinary" American Studies, a substitute for the usual two semesters of economics and sociology In Mr Christensen s air-conditioned, carpeted classroom, the name of the game is changing the students' co ordinates. 32 Betsy Husband's (10) dog pleadingly begs her to tear herself away from the timeline she must complete for World History.MISS MARDONNA BARTHOLET World History AFS adviser International Club — great conversationalist enjoys drama, art museums and music MR. HOWARD CHRISTENSON — Social and American Studies — completed Ph 0 course work at U of M bridge, music and golf occupy spare time — plans to study at U of Oslo MR. JOHN DAHL World and European History golf team coach consultant to U S Office of Education — attended Yale University great golfer MR. DELMAR FREDRICKSON — American History — adviser to Student Council — chairman of senior class advisers — has attended University of Oslo. Norway — skier MISS MARY LUNDE American History. Sociology attended Luther College. University of Oslo. Norway, and University of Wisconsin MR. JOHN C. MATLON — Advanced Placement and Standard American History — tennis and wrestling team coach attended U of M. U of Michi gan and Williams College — active in community service. In an after school discussion on American History with attentive Jon Nielsen (11), Mr Fredrickson relates the adventures Snoopy and his Sopwiih Camel encountered while dealing with the notorious Red Baron of World War I fame 33MR. ROBERT McCARTHY - Economics JV football coach assistant baseball coach — has attended Macales-ter. St Thomas and Stetson U bridge player MRS. CARLA PAUL American History American Studies Summer Institute studied at Brigham Young University and University of Gottingen enjoys classical music. MR. KARL W. PEGORS Sociology — studied at Bemid ji State College. Bethel College and Augsburg College — expects to travel to Banff and the Pacific Northwest MR. RAYMOND PUNKRIS — American History chairman of Social Studies department — a former lifeguard - 'Now let me tell you about Berkeley " MR. JAMES K. WEGO American History — obtained B S and M S at U of M plans on continuing study in history and political science enjoys fly fishing and chess MR. RONALD WIESNER — Social Problems. Economics — varsity ski team coach — exciting summer plans include trips to Africa. Chile or Australia 34 Joanne Teory (12) and Pam Rademacher (12) are trying to decide in which company they could safely and wisely invest their money. Mr McCarthy advises them by assuming the role of the stockbrokerMr Pegors speaks frankly to his students on the topics of ethnic and race relations Required viewing of Huntley-Brinkley news causes much disappointment and conflicting of schedules for the dedicated fans of "Leave It to Beaver." CAMBOOfA Social Studies By Stapling, Stamping, Stuffing, Sealing, Students Serve In Gubernatorial Race Passing out political flyers and pamphlets, stapling together press releases and speeches about party platforms, and stuffing, addressing and stamping envelopes to radio and television stations were American History projects for some juniors Many young party workers were also permitted to watch the filming of a political press conference for television By serving a party for two hours, students gained personal experience in both the rigors and excitement of campaigning. A study of Renaissance. Baroque. Classical and Neo-Classical music was part of World History's increased stress on the arts and cultures of Eastern and Western civilizations. New was studying Western Europe as a whole instead of by each country Stimulated by debate. Mike Kirk (12) leans back to look perspective at his place in society 35Languages French, SpanishClasses Delve Into Language Projects With Foreign Results Defeated in war games. French classes were raided by the Latins, who inspected potential girl slaves. Third-year classes rehearsed for the performance of Le Medecin Malgre Lui, presented for the St Louis Park French Club. Other activities included competitive blackboard drills and races, poetry recitation and personal accounts of foreign trips Students of many classes were seated according to test performance and game participation The highlight of the year for the advanced Spanish classes was writing an entire term paper in Spanish. Students were also required to present oral reports which included reviews of Spanish movies Urged on by Madame's lollipops. Carol Manfred (11) races toward the blackboard to correct a teammate's mistake and receive the winning point Subjected to the notorious torture of the rack, a sorry Latin student screams repentance when stretched beyond the point of endurance. 36 By relating humorous, personal experiences in France. Mrs Blake reveals inside tips on French livingKris Wien { 12) lovingly caresses the plush Latin mascot. Flash, while attempting a translation "You ask that stupid question again Weigel, and it'll be five hundred times," dictates Mr Scanlan in his typical benevolent manner MRS. LINDA BLAKE - French II and III - has attended Gustavus Adolphus. U of M and U of Paris — has memories of chaperoning sixteen Edina students in Paris—loves to shock people. MRS. JANE DETTLOFF — German I—has attended Luther College. U ol M and Stanford University hobbies include knitting and free lance writing MRS. RAUHA HAGEMEISTER - Spanish II advisor of Spanish Club — attended University of Minnesota collecting antique furniture occupies much of her spare time MISS SHIRLEY HOAGLUND - Spanish I and English 10 — studied at the University of Minnesota — dreams of and has plans for travel in the near future MR. LEO LENCZEWSKI - Latin and Spanish attended U of Michigan and Wayne University - Latin Institute in the summer of 1966 — has plans for fishing and camping trips MR. HARRY S. MARTIN - French French Club attended U of M. Sorbonne. Oregon State and Carleton interested in linguistics and U S dialects MISS KATHLEEN A. MURPHY - French — obtained B S from U of Minnesota - has hopes of teaching overseas favorite sports are hockey and baseball MR. GEORGE REIMER - German — studied at the U of California. Los Angeles, and Berkeley — advises Hi-Y Club at Central High School — likes to play basketball and tennis 37Judy Maher (12). and Marcia Nord (12). attempt to prepare a German meal MISS JULIE ANN RUSTAD - French and German — Folk Music Club — attended Hampton Institute. Virginia is continuing to work toward her Master s degree MR. RICHARD T. SCANLAN - Latin Latin Club — Sophomore adviser — attended U ol Michigan and Yale - - Outstanding Teacher Award from American Classical League MR. GEORGE E. SKLUZACEK - Latin — Greek Seminar — married on New Year's Eve — attended St Thomas plans a trip with thirty students to Italy and Greece MR. ROBERT S. SPINDLER - Spanish — attended Cornell University and Mexico City College — has published packots of visual aids for foreign languages MR. LASZLO SZENDREY — German asst swimming coach — German Club — intramural soccer — University of Budapest — photography, soccer and fencing occupy his spare time MRS. MARIA WILBRIGHT - Spanish studied at U of Puerto Rico and U of M plans on finishing her Master's degree — enjoys cooking Spanish foods 38Even on Monday morning, newlywed Mr Skluzacek manages to present a cheerful atmosphere tor his engrossed second-year l-rm students Mr Spindler emphasizes the use of visual aids by working with transparencies which he has had published for uso m schools throughout the country Languages Rack, Wheel Persuade Latins To Read Aeneid, Odyssey, Iliad Cooking a German meal from a German cookbook was one of the most unusual activities of Mr George Reimer's fourth-year class. Use of the German language was also imperative during the class hour Advanced German courses included listening to recordings of German operas. With the help of two new torture devices, the rack and the wheel. Ye Olde Magister Scan-lan and "Golden Voice" Skluzacek continued the noble Roman tradition by having classes read literature of the Republic (Caesar and Cicero) and Empire (Vergil's "Aeneid") Additional studies consisted of Roman culture "The Iliad" "The Odyssey." and plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles. Mr Szendrey gladly escapes the monotony of the repeated viewing of a German movie 39Mr Bolstad assumes a precarious position as he orients students to the complexity of proofs Scon Thompson (10) does some belated work on a prism, while keeping a nourishing reason for a ten-minute break nearby 40 Whilo contemplating his misdemeanors. Tim Luger (10) buries himself in the depths of a paperback MR. LYLE BERG - Plane Geometry. Algebra attended U ot M. U of Arizona and Eastern Montana College — hopes to complete work on Master’s degree at U of Arizona MR. RICHARD BOLSTAD - Chemistry. Geometry studied at the U of Minnesota — golf and water skiing occupy much of his spare time MR. ROBERT BOWMAN — Advanced Algebra. Gen Math — Columbia. U of Colorado. Syracuse. Princeton and U of M are a few of the colleges ho has attended — hobbies are golf, tennis and chess MR. RICHARD HARTMAN - Geometry Advanced Alge bra — has studied at the U of Minnesota and the U of Illinois favorite activities include hshing and camping MR. DAVID HERBOLD - Solid Geometry and Trigonometry freshman wrestling coach has attended Yale. Washington State U and the University of Colorado After reading off answers to the day's assignment. Mr Bowman asks his classic question Who agreed with all the answers " Mathematics New Computer Helps To Rig Hartman’s Blackjack Game Mr. Hartman quickly dialed 52 1 -2754 “Who are you? What is your code?" the computer asked via the teletype in room 246. a science preparation room. XKE — 3 14 — EHS — GTO — 6x1023 — EDT — KML — EJP." answered Mr Richard Hartman, head of the mathematics department. (The actual code is classified information.) "Go ahead Your code has been verified.” typed the General Electric-235 computer from its sheltered home in the basement of the Pillsbury Building. Mr Hartman typed the program data into the school's unit, installed in an ordinary telephone outlet. The computer analyzed the information and reported on how to win the game of blackjack The computer also solves such unimportant items as Pi to fifteen places, difficult equations and like that. 41Mathematics Dream Of Students Plus Dream Of Teacher Equals A Homework Machine "Illegal command." responded the school's computer unit, when Mr Robert Sena demanded that it pay a $900 debt, which it had incurred by losing a rigged poker game However, though the machine had no sense of honor, it did possess an inhuman ability for solving problems of tedious, tiresome and time-consuming calculation with exceptional ease, accuracy and speed. Therefore, students and teachers were able to consider more stimulating problems which involved less computation Classes in other departments besides math, such as physics, chemistry. business and economics, also use the computer. The language used by the machine was developed by Dartmouth College and the General Electric Company 42 Mr Savre sternly reprimands his geometry students and points out the advantages of completing daily homework assignments on timeAn after hours view of a teacher reveals that daily lessons are not prepared in front of the television at night. MR. CURTISS JOHNSON — College Algebra. Trigonome try. Geometry — Math Club — attended San Diego State and U of M — participates in intramural sports MR. VLADIMIR J. KEDROVSKY - Geometry. College Algebra. Tngo nomotry — Vice-President Edina Education Assoc — nut on model railroads, water skiing and sailing MR. ROBERT SAVRE - Calculus. Geometry — JV Football and Basketball coach attended Virginia Junior College. Luther College and U of M plans camping trips with his family MR. ROBERT SEHA — Algebra — attended Syracuse U. Mankato State. U of No. Dakota and U of Oregon — hobbies include psychology and philosophy MR. ROGER UHR — Plane Geometry and Advanced Algebra — Sophomore class adviser — interested in photography. golf and tennis — football fan MR. DONALD ZINS — Physical Education. Geometry — sponsors sophomore football and B-squad hockey — active in Air Force Reserve — likes to play all sports 43Mr Jepson cleans his erasers by clapping ihom against the floor where the dust will be swept to other resting grounds John Slater (12) cheerfully helps his exasperated lab partner to overcome the frustrations caused by a stubborn burner 44 Jack Williams (12) concentrates fixedly on his test tube as he re luctantly awaits the effects of burning sulphur.Science Biology student Tim Runke (11). speculates what the population of now white mice will be in the next month Biologists Absorb Practical Knowledge From Minnesota River Trips Collecting various types of leaves, disecting frogs, clams, squid, and beef hearts and planning class held trips to the Minnesota River were some of the year's biology class projects. The purpose of these and other similar activities was to relate class work to the surrounding environment and to understand the relevance of biological studies to all aspects of life in a complex world More than ever before, the biology courses were oriented toward the investigation of ecology. In examining relationships among living organisms and communities, and thereby learning about ecological studies, students learned to apply theoretical knowl edge to practical situations. MR. JOHN L. BELK - Chomistry — Junior Class Adviser — attended University of Minnesota — proud holder of the Cave Award from the Latin Club MR. JOHN F. EHLERT Biology — has studied at the University of Minnesota and Harvard University — advisor of Chess Club special interests are canoeing and woodworking MR. RICHARD GOLDEN STEIN Biology — has received the NSF grant from Kansas State — hopes to study spiders at Ohio State next year — collects gun cartridges MR. MARVIN R. GRIFFIN — Chomistry. Biology — obtained B S at U of Wisconsin and M S at State College of Iowa — avid fan of high school athletics MR. ELMER C. HALVORSEN —Biology — Wrestling Coach—B A at St Olaf and M A at Colorado State — enjoys high school wrestling— detests T V wrestling MR. WILLIAM R. JEPSON Physics — has attended Wiscon- sin State U . U of Wisconsin. U ol M . and UMD — special interests include photography and camping 45MR. J. OONALD MEYER - Biology — adviser of Science Seminar — attended University of Minnesota. Augsburg and Bowdoin — practices strict conservation on his tree farm MR. DONALD J. WAGNER Biology — sponsors Out door Club attended University of Minnesota — typically, his interests he in the out-of-doors MR. PAULWEBER — Physics. Physical Science attend ed St Thomas. St Cloud State. U of M. and Ohio State U MR WILLIAM W. YOUNG — Chemistry — active in intramural baskotball obtained B.S at Hamline and M S at U of Wisconsin plans to attend U of M Medical Center has three bright children and one neat wife 46 Chemistry students found themselves intrigued by this apparatus used for measuring hydrogenScience After asking another of his famous "trivia" questions. Mr Young explains the intricate reasoning involved in arriving at the answer Chemistry, Physics Courses Rearranged To Aid Students’ Work In College Studies Physics teachers tried to organize their classes to provide a more definitive basis for students' future work in a college physics course Seniors, having mastered the mystic powers of the slide rule, finally began the course of laboratory work, demonstrations, lectures, and interminable calculations Reactions involving paradichlorobenzene and thiocyanoiron ions and saturation, solubility. and ionization experiments characterized the work done by chemistry students. Placement of various topics of study in the course were altered to include coverage of the atomic structure this year Also new were the Chem-study films added to the department's permanent film library Mr Meyer s students enjoy the times when he climbs upon his'sermon" stool and relates to the class humorous anecdotes about his tree farm in Princeton 47Scott Simpson (12) breaks from the monotony of tfjj" to type the thrilling “Sue fed us egg salad “ To prepare for a dictation. Janet Sloe (11) and Joanno McGuire (11) chock up on the operation of the tapes in the newly installed shorthand lab Office Practices College Accounting Course Challenges Twenty-One Advanced Bookkeeping Students Working with advisers from the University of Minnesota. Mr John Adams brought an entirely new bookkeeping course to Edina As members of this new class, twenty-one advanced students received a first-year course m college accounting. The advanced class thus learned more challenging material than other standard groups Near the bookkeeping rooms, beginning typists learned the keyboard to dictated recordings with a musical background Through typing to music, students had increased interest in their work and learned to maintain a consistent speed The thirty-station shorthand lab. installed late last year, permitted simultaneous output of four different dictation speeds, such as sixty. eighty, one-hundred, and one-hundred twenty words per minute This new lab allowed students to build shorthand speed Working as a secretary at Brauer and Associates Margaret True (12) was one ol 2 5 —Wing to their individual abilities 9'" to Participate m the Office Education programMR. JOHN W. ADAMS Business — attended University of Minnesota — working toward his Master's degree at the University — onioys horseback riding MR. WILLIAM F. BICANICH — Distributive Education Coordinator — sponsors FSLE — attended Northwestern U and Uof M enjoys summers at the lake MR. ROGER BOERGER — Office Education Coordinator sponsors Future Secretaries Club — attended St Cloud State. U of M. Mankato State and the U of Colorado — likes hunting MISS EDITH M. GRANSBERG Office Practice - Red Cross adviser — attended North Dakota State Teacher s College. U of Minnesota and Mankato State MISS ARDYCE LaPRAY — adviser of FBLE — busy planning summer trip to Puerto Rico or Hawaii — has attended U of Southern Calif. U of M. and Colorado and San Diego State MRS. ARMI NELSON Business — Whigrean adviser — studied at Wisconsin State University. UMD. and U of M — hobbies include matchmaking for Whigrean staffers MR. KEITH WILKENING Business — attended North Dakota State University and Moorhead State College - is an avid hunter and an enthusiastic skier Nancy Dalldorf (12) utilizes the shorthand lab to reach the die- Checking over possible bids in the accounting simulation are Mark Untiedt tation speed of 100 words per minute (11). Mr Adams and Wendi Wood (11). 49MRS ELIZABETH AAMODT Homo Economics — department chairman — advisor of Home Economics Club — obtained both 8 S and M S degrees at the University of Minnesota plays bridge for relaxation MRS. KATHERINE BEESON — Clothing attended Stoute State Un iversity in Wisconsin - knits and sews for her family MR. MERRILL GUSTOFF — Industrial Arts coaches sophomore football assistant varsity track coach attended Bemidji State and U of Iowa enjoys woodworking MR. OTTO JANECKE Industrial Arts — attended Princeton. St Cloud State and U of M — interested m all sports, particularly those connected with water MISS JANET L. JONES Homo Economics — attended Oregon State University favorite sport and all-around hobby is skiing MR. RICHARD REICHOW Printing — studied at U of M and Stout State College — especially interested in working with young people in Cub Scouting and woodworking anticipates European trip Home Economics, Industrial Arts Observation, Discussion, Detailed Planning Necessary In Forming Nursery For two weeks in February the school's population increased by approximately forty students as the Home Economics Family Living classes' nursery was under way At the end of November the students visited the Concord kindergarten classes to observe the children and gain from the teachers' techniques. In the middle of December they began discussing it in detail Among other things they had to plan the children's and parents’ get-acquainted parties. Invitations had to be sent, and speeches, bulletin boards, name tags, and booklets had to be prepared ahead of time Daily schedules involving carefully planned activities for each ten-minute period of time were planned and executed One of the goals of the nursery unit is to teach childron how to express themselves Paula Jones (12) strives to bring forth ideas by oral reading 50Steve Hefty (12) sets the lathe into operation as he begins to shape his screwdriver. Wearing protective goggles to shield himself, safety-conscious industrial arts student Bob Bayers (10) welds joints to practice his corner welding Working on his tent stakes, goggled Harold Thompson (11) gets back to the old grind 51Art Turtles, Toes, And Tires Testify To Freedom And Variety Of Art Happening Painting by riding bicycles with color-swabbed tires over floored canvas, using feet for brushes, producing a group mural four'by seven feet, and racing paint-dipped turtles on canvas were some of the activities of the Art Happening Produced by the art students, the event included many "avant-garde" examples of artistic expression. The Spring Show, containing seventeen sections, represented all art students Young artists' productions in the fields of clay, ceramics. painting, silver work, print making, copper enamel, figure drawing, wood and metal sculpture and wood relief were displayed Another class project was selling prints and reproductions of Renaissance. Impressionist, and modern paintings and drawings These matted prints were offered to the entire student body With the help of the acetylene torch. Clem Darken weld (12) welds together his metal sculpture For many troubled Edina High School students the newly introduced Art Happening provides the needed outlet lor their bottled-up frustrations This year s addition to the art department Mrs Coyne, reacts violently as Bob Thompson (12) reveals his latest creative brainstorm 52 Julie Garrison (12) breaks off from reality and falls deep into the world of the painting she is creating Ann McFadzean (12) completes work on a stand which will hold her metal and plaster of Paris sculpture MISS CONSTANCE BENNETT General Art — studied at the University of Minnesota — is presently working on Master's degree at the U —likes to argue MRS. LINDA COYNE — General and Advanced Art — sponsors Pep Club — one of her favorite sports is skiing first year of teaching at Edma — attended U of M MISS BARBARA HULTMANN — General Art — attend ed U of Minnesota — received honorable mention in State Fair Art Competition — likes any sport from skiing to men MR. LOWELL J. MCCARTHY — Art and Art Appreciation — sponsor of Art Club — attended Hamline University. Macalester College and Wisconsin University 53Mad Kraus (12) works during choir rehearsal to perfect Edina’s entry in the State Music Contest Mr Elledge pauses in mid air as the drummers add to the spirit of the school song by pounding out H-0-R-N E-T-S MR. DOLPH O. BEZOIER Vocal Music and Music Appreciation — directed and acted in "Three Penny Opera” — staged the annual Spring and Christmas concerts — directed Bye Bye Birdie MR. ROBERT L. ELLEDGE — Varsity Band — obtained B M and M A at State College of Iowa — enjoys dance-band music MR. EDWIN J. MELICHAR - Marching. Concert and Hornet Bands — attended Iowa State Teachers’ College and Stato University of Iowa — enjoys boating and skiing MR. HOWARD A. OLSEN Orchestra — attended Dakota Wesleyan U. Eastman School of Music, and U of M Certificate of Mont from National School Orchestra Assoc 54Music In Mr Bezoier's room the words for the day are tout de suite' and the tootor the sweeter The early date of the Cafe Concert resulted in long hard rehearsals for orchestra members Orchestra Members Set Precedent In Production Of Cafe Concert In late November, the orchestra presented the First Annual Cafe Concert in the school cafeteria. The orchestra members wore their official dress, tuxedoes for the boys and floor-length formals for the girls Other events for the orchestra were the Winter Concert and state contests. The Concert Band played in the Spring concert, at commencement ceremonies, and music from 'Annie. Get your Gun” in the Pop Concert. They were also invited to play with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra and Gustavus Adolphus College The choirs combined to produce the annual Christmas Concert The combined mixed choirs and Girls' Ensemble put on the Spring Concert and participated in the Lake Conference Music Contests With his whole attitude oxpressing his overwhelming enthusiasm. Mr Melichar rehearses the Concert Band for the upcoming Pop Concert 55For Mrs Corbett, a free hour means recovering from the rigors of lanard-making. swivel-tilt-chair-rocking. bench sprawling wart- hmpmg. uneven-parallel-barring and giant-economy-size-chocolate-chip-cookie-making MRS SHIRLEY ANDERSON — Physical Education -studied at U of M — favorite sports include volleyball, badminton. tennis MR. DUANE O. BAGLIEN — Physical Education — Head basketball and baseball coach — attended U of M. has future plans for continued education there — actively interested in fishing and golf MR. STAVROS CANAKES - Physical Education — Coach of Lake Conference Football Champs — Lake Conference Coach of the Year — reforees basketball games MRS. JEAN CORBETT - Physical Education — co-sponsor of GAA — attended U of M — sits sincerely m pumpkin patches as a true believer in the Great Pumpkin MRS. PATRICIA ENGLEHART — Physical Education — co-sponsor of GAA — attended U of Minnesota — especially interested in contemporary dance and politics 56Amid a flurry of hands, balls, and volleyball netting. Dick Lundeen (10) and Ted Trying to equal the varsity basketball team, sopho- Warner (10) muster up their delenses to block a coming spike mores show their courage in handling the ball Physical Education Gym Aids Given Teaching Experience Plus Strained Muscles In Vigorous Sessions The duties of gym aids expanded greatly this year since they taught one lesson every three weeks. Eventually the aids were prepared to teach a complete tennis unit In preparation for these lessons, each gym aid produced his own lesson plan to be given to the regular teacher These students learned and developed skills in individual sports and also participated in activities requiring teamwork. Since many juniors and senior girls had expressed an interest in taking gym. the possibility of an elective gym class was investigated. Instructors hoped to offer such a course to future students. Sophomores m this suspended form exchange views as seen from their upside-down world 57Admitted by Mr Cabalka. students enter the school's northeast door to attend one of the year's 10 club-sponsored dances At Saturday s Edina Teen Center. Sue Craigie (12) gyrates, laughs. snaps and stomps to the Chancellors' "Lollipop." While providing the dance beat. Henchmen drummer Woody Gant (11) chuckles at a band member s humorous quip. 60Dances Animated Mary Mader (11) finds dancing with Brian Wohlrabe (12) an entertaining relief from siagdom Atter ,wo hours of exhaustive dancing. Kris Wien (12) aids the Hornelies money-Rising by offering her services as coat check-girl Boys’ Lambskin Vests And Blue Jeans, Girls’ Pantsuits Typify Dance Dress Code Psychedelic flashes (courtesy of Mr Jepson's strobe light), movies about abstract painting on the wall, a hypothetical kissing booth, and a ski movie during intermission were features of the Latin Club dance. Other examples of variety in school and Edina Teen Center dances included the lambskin and spotted calf vests, leather jackets and blue jeans worn by masculine nonconformists and the dresses. stretch pants, sweaters and skirts, bermu-das and pantsuits worn by the girls During the band's intermissions, people stood around, rushed toward the drinking fountain or sauntered half-way across the cafeteria to the concessions stand where student workers sold pop and sometimes doughnuts Others preferred to sit on the floors, laps, chairs, bookshelves, and conveyor belts or to lean on columns. The boys stood around watching the girls standing around watching the boys standing watching the girls watching the boys. .. 61Uniformed Allio Young (11) absently watches students file into the gym before a pepfest Senior boys encourage the antics of Latin Club members as they present a skit urging the football team to a win over Roosevelt. Students are ushered into pepfests by the drums' pulsating beat provided by John Allen (11), Bill Monson (11) and Barb Newman (10). 62As climax to a fall pepfest featuring the Hornettes' "Happy Trumpeter." Jim Stuart (12) announces the finalists for Homecoming queen Pepfests Miss Miller Makes Singing Debut; Soccer Team Adds Spirited Cheer To Pepfests The first singing engagement of librarian Miss Ingrid Miller was presented before an audience of high school students at one of the pep fests Other memorable programs included the presentation of the fall and spring athletic awards, the performance of the boy cheerleaders, the Latin Club organized pep fest and the contributions of the Soccer Club Arousing student enthusiasm, the half-hour programs, led by the cheerleaders and emceed by junior class president Roger Ei-chorn in splashy Hawaiian shirts, spurred the athletic teams to play their best in evening contests. In addition to traditional cheers and singing the school song, the Hornettes. the precision dancelme. performed at some of the pep fests Lining the ends of the gym after vigorous workouts on the floor, cheerleaders and Hornettes display their approval as the hockey and basketball teams are introduced 63Plays Cast Survives Weeks Of Grueling Rehearsals; Performs To Sellout Crowds Charging the old cafeteria with electric tension. “All My Sons", was a sell-out. The thea-ter-in-the-round production ran for four performances instead of the usual three. Training for the intense Arthur Miller drama began with summer auditions and continued in extensive after-school rehearsals, directed by Mr. Stotts. "Love Rides the Rails", sponsored by the sophomore class and directed by Miss Julie White, was Edina's first melodrama. Audience participation was encouraged by "hiss-boo" and “applaud-cheer” sessions. Olio acts involved the audience further since players performed many of them running down the aisles "Love Rides the Rail " Cast Mrs Hopewell------ Prudence Hopewell Simon Darkwdy Truman Pendenms. Harold Stanfast . .. DirkSneath........ Carlotta Cortei--- Frti.............. Fred Wheelwright . Student Director Oiroctor.......... ..... Karen Smith ....... Amy Nisscn -----Larry McCarty . Craig Parker ..... Bill McClam Guy Drake .....Kirby Knutson . Linda Schoenmg .....Grog Scherer Diana Postlethwaite Miss Julie White Amy Nissen (12) and Craig Parker (11) frolic blissfully through shadowy woods as butterfly hunter Bill McClain (12) nets a catch Villainous L. McCarty (11) and femme fatale K. Knutson (12) devise foul plans to defame stalwart Truman Pendenms 64 Tempers flare and angry words Spill out as Tom Johnson (11) hurls insults at Craig Nienabor (12)."All My Sons" Cast "Every man has his star, the star of one s honesty." avows Tom Foster (11). Joe Keller..... Tom Johnson Kate Keller ... Ann Oeevof$ George Deevers Jim Bayliss Suo Bayliss ... Lydia Lubey Frank Lubey ,. Burt ... Lrghnng Props Student Director Director....... ... Craig Nienaber .....Chris Kollor ---Elise Ortman .. Nancy Dalldorl ..... Jim Miller .....Tom Foster .....Kappic Reker Mary Sue Larkin .....Ph'' fennody .... Nick Wahiroos ... Dave DeHerder Gary Kmppcnberg Roger Thompson .... Sue Garry Mr Larry Stotts Eleven o'clock Wednesday evening and fatigued “Sons'" players recline wearily after rehearsal, silently anticipating Thursday night s opening production At the end of rehearsal. Mr Stotts discusses a play technicality with the cast as Mary Sue Larkin (11) listens attentively 65Homecoming Climatic Conditions Of Homecoming Fail In Hampering Festive Moods Homecoming 1966...an August organizational meeting with chairmen Nancy Sote-beer. Tim Braine and Joan Unger ... 744 preliminary ballots ... a newly purchased crown.. . four cheerleaders, two Hornettes. and a Thespian.. .spotlights, a white aisle cloth, and bridal dresses. . .a congratulatory kiss. . the royal proclamation and a green, velvet robe.. .Queen Ann Reierson and King Tom Marra. . .a soggy, spongy football held ... the hrst-place junior float . .. woolen mufflers and rainproof jackets . . . wind-scattered programs .. . ram; hail, and mud . . . a 13-0 victory ... Saturday night's autumnal atmosphere . . . boutonnieres, stamped hands, corsages. ID cards . .. dinner at Charlie s and the Waikiki Room . . . dancing, chatting, eating, socializing . . . exhaustion, happiness, nostalgia ... Edina students celebrate Homecoming 1966 Despite battering winds. Queen Ann Reierson (12) and King Tom Marra (12) re.gn happily over a soggy but victorious Homecoming gamo 66 Jubilance prevails as exultant senior boys, precariously riding Rich Ortenblad s jeep, bring a clamorous end to the halftime Homecoming paradeWith a gleeful gesture and a look of approval from Bill McClain (12). mock queen Amy Nissen (12) strikes a pose for scandal-hungry press photographers Couriers Lisa Soule and Glenn Miller carry the royal proclamation Swathed in protective plastic, the first-place float, utilizing napkins, pompoms and juniors, portrays a classroom of Birds learning about the victorious Bees 67Homecoming Candidates Shift From Formality Of Gowns, Suits To Protection Of Jackets, Mittens Attendants Jill Flaskamp. Jay Ktedrowski. Her Majesty Queen Ann Louise Reierson and King Thomas Francis Marra. Attendants Margaret Claire Sanford and William Pringle Rodman. 68Attendants James Richard Fee and Pamela Jean Steiner. Attendants Jacqueline Soule. Anthony Lund. Attendants Heidi Sue Gustafson and Robert Perrin Jones. 69 Attendants Joan Elaine Unger and Bruce Greaves McIntosh.Charity Week, 1-Ball Laurel And Hardy, Beauty And The Beast Raise $1 780 During Charity Week Raising SI.780. one half of which was given to United Fund, the Charity Week was less successful than last year's Homeroom auctions. hanger and pop bottle collections. Laurel and Hardy movies, doughnut sales and a Beauty and the Beast Contest were some of the activities of the drive. The Bioybems. Red Barons. The Rabbits. The Tippers, Fytim Five. Losers. The Bags. Ava-gardo's Number. The Pitts. Grundies. and Snoopy's were this year's 1-Ball teams. Competing with each other on varsity game nights. 130 boys participated Again this year the Faculty Five, led by Mr Robert Savre. maintained their undefeated record Smeared with mustard and paint Nancy Carlsen (10) hopes to be selected as Best Beast " -“d by wrappings and colorful camouflages, Sally Anderson (10) proudly displays her purchase, tho result of careful, selective buying ■' if'e guidance of Jill Flaskamp (12) and Jody Parsons (11). the peddling of frosted doughnuts contributed $ 1 72 to Charity Week 70 Jim Manley (12) of tho Losers makes a futile attempt to block a shot by crafty Red Baron Gary Hansen (12). Dave Kracum (11) prepares for a shot while teammate Dave Meier (10) makes a well-timed leap for the rebound Jon Belmore (11). ace dribbler of the losers, quickly brings the ball up the court during a December intramural game against the Red Barons 71Pop Concerteers Unnea Wang (12). Jean Latterly (12) and Sue Trueman (12) revitalize the spirit of Mary Poppms as they sing "Chim-Chim-Cheree ’’ Perched upon his dismantled cloud Scott Simpson (12) taps out the measures of a blues rhythm on his drums Patti Weatherhead (12). Miss Rhapsody in Blue assists the band in When the Saints Go Marching In." Vaudevillians Craig Christensen (12) and Tom Moss (11) heartfully croon 'Winchester Cathedral ” 72Bedtime storyteller Dick Cooper (11) denounces the cruelty of the sisty uglers in the fuddled fantasy "Pinderella and the Handsome Cince " Pop Concert Concert Band Presents Selections From “Annie Get Your Gun ’ Captures Mood Of Band Era The Big Band Bash, arranged by Mr John Nielsen, was one of the featured acts in the band's annual Pop Concert. In the Bash, the brass section played a medley of songs associated with the big bands of the forties However, the main theme of the Concert was numbers from Irving Berlin's "Annie Get Your Gun'', such as "You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun.” "Anything You Can Do." and "There's No Business Like Show Business.” Other acts included solos, performed at the request of band members, by Mr Edward Melichar on the clarinet and by Mr Nielsen on the trombone. Still another highlight of the Concert was Patti Weatherhead's piano solo in the band's rendition of "Rhapsody in Blue." by Gershwin From the opening, a fanfare and lyric impressionistic dance by Bencriscutto. to the finale. Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever." the band maintained an air of excitement and enthusiasm in its fourteenth annual Pop Concert. During the intermission, refreshments were served With an angry snarl. Beth Eitel (11), portraying Annie, proclaims her feminine superiority over Cliff Lutz (12). 73Sweetheart Candidates Dianne Donatelle (12). Candy Carter (12), and Sue McKenna (12). Missing: Jill Flaskamp (12). 74 Wearied couples relax to the melodic sounds of the Stardusters at Hi-Y's cafeteria Christmas danceShouldering a shotgun. Iris Miller (12) displays her captured quarry. Jack Murphy (12), who models the latest m gunnysacks and eyelashes Despite astonished onlookers. Trudy King (12) claims her beau by affectionately administering a kiss on Phil Kennedy's (12) cheek Sadie, Hi-Y Formal Five Marryin’ Sams Unite Couples; Girls In Burlap Nab Boys’ Hearts Transformed into typical hillbilly country, the cafeteria was the setting for the Sadie Hawk ms Dance, held by the Future Business Leaders of Edina City bumpkins danced to the rhythm of the Rogues and had their choice of five Marryin' Sams for the hitching Ann Ulvestad and Tony Lund were chosen Daisy Mae and LiT Abner An opposite atmosphere prevailed a month later when the Hi-Y chapters sponsored the Hi-Y Christmas Dance Couples semi-formally dressed, danced to the music of the Stardus-ters in the holiday-decorated cafeteria Liz Hmz was chosen Hi-Y Sweetheart and was crowned by Looe Baker, all-school Hi-Y president. In typical hillbilly style. Lil Abner Tony Lund (12) entraps Daisy Mae Ann Ulvestad (11). 75''Impromptu" Cast Ernest......... Winifred .. ... Tony .......... Lora........... Director....... Student Director Stage Manager Lights.......... ... Criag Number ..... Sue Poohlor . Larry McCarty . . . Ann Ulvestad . . Miss Julie White . . . Ann Roierson Phil Konnody . . . Kappy Poker Frustrated because Tony has left the play. Ann Ulvestad (11) portarymg Lora. sighs drearily. "Disappointment is not new to me" Larry McCarty (11) as Tony indicates with a kiss his appreciation for Sue Poehler's (12) kindness 76 His resentment mounting, actor Craig Nienaber (12) angrily asserts his authority over Tony‘‘King Arthur ’ "Impromptu" Ladies of The court Lana Stacey (11). Elise Ortman (12). and Rita Teresr (111, it tract court s gentlemen with coquettish allurements Undaunted By Nails, Spikes, Swords, Players Present “Arthur” To 5000 Viewers Children screaming, arrows flying, swords biting, paint slopping and props falling were vital aspects of "King Arthur and the Magic Sword. ' presented to over five thousand magic-lovers During the actual week of production. King Lot received a serious sword injury, but con tmued his performance despite the blood on the stage Also, a magic spike was driven through the foot of a flag-bearer, and an arrow pierced the supposedly impenetrable rock wall of the castle Catering to its younger audience, the fantastical play opened with moon maids chanting the traditional rhyme. "If you’re quiet as a mouse and sly as a cat. the curtains will open. |ust like that!" "King Arthur " Cast King Arthur .. Jay Scoggm Merlin Tom Foster Archbishop of Canterbury . Steve Selden Sir Key Scott Berg King Pendragon . . Lee Anderson King Lot Mike Kelley Sir Hocior . . ..... Tom Gundereon King Leodegranco . Scott Thompson Director Mr Lerry Stott Student [Xroctor Nek Manning Happy trumpeteers, Andy Strom (11). Craig Nienaber (11). Mark Hinterborg Arthur's father. Lee Anderson (11). acknowledges (12). Guy Drake (10). Mark Rossi (12). await the King's arrival regent to the throne. Steve Selden (12). 77Junior Achievement Two JA Executives From Edina Manage Productions Of 54 Companies Two Edina students. John Marinovich and John Macintosh, were selected president and vice-president of the Minneapolis Junior Achievement Association. This was the first time that both officers had been from the same school. Edina also contributed more manpower to JA than any other school in the Twin Cities since more than four hundred students participated. At weekly meetings, future businessmen, having been divided into several small companies. worked on the production of trunk-lid holders, almond bark. Christmas bows and fruitcakes. Junior Achievers' also collected about five hundred cans of food for needy families in northeast Minneapolis for then Santa Can a Go-Go Drive. Mitch Larson (11) indicates approval of a new sales pitch proposed at a weekly JA meeting Things go better for Junior Achievement president John Marinovich (11) as he takes the pause that refreshes and ponders crushing executive problems 78 Baco s vice-president of manufacturing. Craig Polsfuss (11), samples a batch of chocolate almond bark, freshly mixed and broken by company membersDianne Donatella (12). a stockholder in Medco. files company pfogcess folders in the JA programming office Utilizing orange juice cans, wooden blocks, glue and gold spray paint. Junior Achievers Betsy Lund (10) and Steve Silha (11) collaborate on the manufacture of Unilities This month's profits are eaten up as JA vice-president John Macintosh (11) presides over an unfastidious pizza party 79Hyland Hills ski patrol Jack Murphy (12) prepares for an evening of slope searching and rescue work In the cluttered Camelot kitchen. Roger Veenendaal (12) happily completes $8 worth of work on a multitude of dirty cups and glasses. Lancer clerk John Marinovich (11) attempts to induce an indecisive customer to purchase a pair of extravagantly flowered spring slacks. 80Junior chef Mike Morse (12) occupies his afternoons in Howard Johnson's kitchen preparing orders for strawberry pie. chocolate sodas, and tapioca pudding To the delight of Edina students, Diana Postlethwaite (12) assures an anxious Customer of a new shipment of Cliffs notes to Quality Book Store. Jobs Local Supermarkets, Restaurants Provide Students With After-School Employment Energetic Edina students discovered various means of supplementing vanishing allowances. Some of the more ingenious "occupations" included being Paul Bun-yans vocal chords in Bramerd. strolling thirteen dogs a day and photographing children on Santa s knee Others earned "fun money" through more traditional services. such as babysitting and car hopping Working for business experience in such jobs as candy striping and farming suited many practical people Those who had patiently awaited summer's arrival used their jobs as excuses to soak up sunshine These pastimes included cleaning swimming pools. Iifeguardmg and selling popcorn at Metropolitan Stadium. At vacation's end. summer jobs were often traded for essays and lab reports, but bank accounts clearly showed the rewards of employment. During the Christmas rush, Mary Paris (12) services Donaldson s customers in giftwrap 81 »»» Anticipating a Christmas trip to Florida. Gretchen Kuehn (11) browses As members of Edina's swing team. Judy Collins 12) and Nancy Haire (12) devote Sundays to swing practice Commencing a Saturday night excursion to a movie. Bill Rodman (12) and Ann Toensing (12) enioy a Bridgeman's Lala Palooza. relishing the flavors of bananas, whipped cream, pineapple, nuts and assorted ice creams. 82 Snowbanks and sub-zero weather provide amusement for juniors Chuck Winter, Bill Johnson, Pam Kenaston and Kris Kautz. Disenchanted by Edina's sophomore, junior and senior boys. Deb Henningsen (II) contentedly gazes at ideal he-man Paul Newman Leisure Week-Ends, Vacations Afford Students Opportunities To Shop, Swim, Swing, Relax In spite of the rigors of school and seemingly endless homework. Edina's teens still managed to devote some time to various types of recreation and entertainment Students often banded together for quick trips to Fireside or for a friendly game of cards Others enjoyed skating either at Braemer or at ye old ice-covered pond. And as always there were such spontaneous happenings as trips to see a last-day movie or to have an after-game hamburger and malt. In addition were the more planned activities such as the memorable skiing trips or family vacations. Many students frequented the school dances and Edina Teen Center and some conspired to engage in the somewhat dubious pastime of TP'ing homes and cars or even to participate in the evils of penny ante poker. 83Student Council : Student Council Introduces Agenda System For Efficiency The agenda system was Student Council's new format for organizing its weekly meetings Under this system, homeroom motions were screened by an executive committee of Council members before each deliberation. Thus, meaningless and trivial motions were eliminated from the agenda One of the most significant achievements of the Council was providing season passes for basketball games and wrestling matches. It also sponsored the annual Charity Drive with the Red Cross Council. Other problems considered by Council members were placing a clock m the hall by room 306 and establishing a new representative system by which students would become more involved with Council's activities After refusing to participate in war games with the Latin Club, the organization’s authority was threatened when Latin Club minutes were read in senior homerooms The revolutionary movement was squelched, however, after only two meetings. Officers. Jay Bennett (12). pres . Rita Teresi (11). sec . Kathy Ludden (12), vice-pres . Jeff Wright (12), treas . begin record breaking project 86 AFS (top) Front —H Hoflelhngor M Findlay M Conlm A Reierson B Rodman Back -A Bridgman. T Moss. F Huser. T Christensen CIVIL SERVICE B toper. J Parsons. S McKenna. D Thompson. M Schmorler. T Marra. R Rydmon M Mayborg Missing — L QuestETHICS - Pam Sterner Gretchen Kuehn Sandy Gerrcsh. Dave Set- SPECIAL PROJECTS (top) - J Soule. J Unger. J Nielsen. N Carlson. M Ferguson. S Thompson A ness. Tom Cabaika, Tom Collins. Rog Eichorn. Ron Atkinson. Young. D Johnson SOCIAL COMMITTEE (bottom) G Alexander. T 8ramo, J Reece J Flaskamp. J Gago. J St John. E Anderson. M Reeves WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE - Pacy Erck. Kit Newell. Patty Utne, Pete Kieley. John Ankner. 8ob Britton and Jim Foe discover an ingenious solution to the Student Council's financial problems with a new money-making device 87Judy Maher (12). Art Editor, creates ideas for BUZZETTEs editorial sketches Reviewing pages for deadline. Jane Ferguson (12). Copy Editor, and Nancy Nyrop (12). Editor-in-Chief. are amused by the "jelly-donut-speak-easy" editorial Running off treat-assignment sheets on the ditto machine is Nancy Oken (12). Assignment Editor Minnie Kroning (12). Editorial Editor. Nancy Smith(12), News Editor, search for copy 88Craig Nienaber (12). Sports Ed . Sue Poehler (12). Adv Ed. combine ideas while Julie Anderson (10). Circulation and Exchange, phones anothor paper Foature Editor. Debby Higgin (12). adds her picture to the bulletin board, reserved as an outlet lor the staff’s ideas and encouragements Buzzette Buzzetters Pay Five-Dollar Fine For Parking In Fire Lane By 161 Craig 0 pricked his finger pinning up the week's Sex Symbol, a candid shot of John Maclnosh wearing Kim Allen's jacket. Icey Dicey's magic fingers efficiently typed sports stories dictated by John Marmovich "Oh. cool it." was heard as Nancy received help in chemistry from Fred (Jimmy Olson). Speed typist T King was given a hre-lane ticket, and Jane Ferguson burned the typography manual in a fit of passion On a "good-lunch" day the only person in 161 was Minnie munching her Thurmger - and- cheese sandwich Craig Nienaber and Jay Scoggm valiantly kept out the Whigrean iratior at lunch. Nancy Oken tried to erase the deadline Dial - a - prayer number off the board, but failed STAFF - Front Row - Fied Moore Mary Carlson. John Macintosh Second Row - Misty Cafruny John Mannovtch. Jody Par tons, assistants Back Row - Trudy King, typist. Jenmo Noderostek copy Q")-Barber typist. Stove Silha. Bruce Millar. Kim Allan, assistants Iris Miller, typist Jay Scoggm assistant Window - Oa‘ 3 Freeman, Photo Ed 89Whiqrean Deadline Count Down Reaches Zero— Whigreaners Brace Themselves For Long Hours Two and one-half weeks are left until deadline. "All layouts should be on the dummies and all pictures should be taken. As you can see. we re already behind schedule." "Can I have the photographer on Tuesday?" Twelve days remain until deadline. "Have the third touch-ups on the faculty pictures arrived yet?" "Are you done with your cropping? If someone doesn't get some food pretty soon I'll shrivel up and die'" Four days separate the present and the deadline. "All captions, copy and proofings should be finished " “Here's my copy Sorry it's late ” "Don't change this caption, but make it seven letters shorter" DEADLINE arrives. “Do you have that Whigrean copy length yet?" "No. why don't you just taper off at the end. and we'll cut. . . ” Underclassmen Co-Editors Sue Mayberg (12) and Donna Smith (12) discuss the possibilities of using rubber bands John Bucklin (12). Senior Associate. Lyn Steinke (12). Senior Ed Carolyn Harrison (12). Senior Associate, succumb to deadline leaver Stairs provide a quiet annex to 161 for Debbie Henningson (11), Photo Coordinator. Kris Linner (12). Copy Ed 90 Betsy Kempffer (12). Business Manager, scolds Steve Bergseth (12). Sports Ed., for devouring a portion of donuts for that day's salePriscilla Hawthorne (12). Art Editor, and Jim Miller (12). Editor-in Chief. Pam Kirk (11). Academics Editor and Sue McKenna (12). confer about layouts for the first of five traumatic and panicked deadlines Student Life Editor, overcome Whigrean frustrations Jody Thornton (12). Kathie Miller (12). Organizations Eds. admire a passing boy STAFF - M-ke Thompson asvstani Ken Sponsei photon ant . Jolly Green Laurel Nelson. Paula Jones typ.st .,. Bill NCl(J gh Mary S-nger Diane W-cklund assist- 0 "t Kiit Btunr Gail Nelson assistant 91REO CROSS OFFICERS - T.m Pryor M2), president. Cindy Brohm 112). co-chairman of homeroom pro-I nett. Dobby H.ggin 1121. soerdary Ann Heath (121. co-chairman of homeroom projects Jan Hagen (12), vice president. Ann Sivtight (II), treasurer JV DEBATE - Front Row - Mr Paul Magnusson advisor Chock Fish-or (11) Peggy Brown mg (11). Kathy Jensen (1 I) B SQUAD DEBATE -Back Row — Pat 8urt (10), Dave H r schey (10), Drew Akason (10). Bruce Miller (10) Varsity debate coach Miss Pat Paul modestly relates the accomplishments of the squad VARSITY DEBATERS Rich Hibbard (11). Tim Pryor (12). John Macintosh (11). Kathy Ludden (12) show their newly received symbols of achievement 92RED CROSS COUNCIL - Front Row - S Sewhore. E Clog J L.ndskoog J McClallon. S laVay, S DockendoH G Copper V Fr«jlund S McGrow. D Stuart. A Heath Second Row — N Wayno. J St Jotw S Maanum, K Bruer T Lamport 0 Rud P Frey N Okon. J Benmtt. P Foldhako. C Poliect. J Hagen Third Row - S Snieth. B Ingwald. F Dolaney. K Bor get K Olsen. I Storey. T Harris. M Brojenski Morrison. K Robert. IC Westmen Fourth Row - R lundeen J Kie.n C M.tier N Gohla M M|Olvt«s K Jenson T Taylor. M Mullett G Krottn R Swanson Beck Row - M D»llner T Okon 0 Fisher S Means J Hall. M Gmotro A Srvr.ght 0 Higgin, J Nederostek ■ Mary Ronalds (11) devotes time to sow gift bags which will be filled with necessities by homerooms and sent to the Vietnamese children Debate, Red Cross Debators Take Second In State; Red Cross Exchanges International Album For the first time in school history, varsity debators dominated several tournaments at Hopkins. Hastings. Macalester College and the U of M They completed this unique season by taking second in the state tournament In preparation for their successful season, some team members attended the University of Minnesota Debate Workshop, where they learned methods of debating the year's topic. "Resolved: that the United States' foreign aid program be limited to nontotalitarian countries " Sending an International Album of pictures and articles explaining Edina's activities and community life to a foreign school was one of the objectives of the Red Cross. Members of the Council expected to receive a similar album from another foreign school Charity Week, friendship boxes and Vietnam bags were other projects sponsored by the organization. 93Amy Nissen (12) lends support to the sixth hour vocal exercises led by Mr Dolph Bezoier. choir instructor Harmonizing during the annual Christmas concert is a trio composed of seniors Ann Reierson. Kyla Stevenson and Sue Poehler. MIXED CHOIR - Front Row - S Avenson. G Sharpe. J Howe L Blackbourne B Long P Simpson K Hill M Martin B Hurrister Second Row - J Richter S Leighton A Woods J Wilson. S Nelson S Mort-nnson. S Schoonover D Anderson. P Thompson Third Row — I Schwarnocfc. D Brown K Carlson 8 Lund. S Anderson. S Shorn. S Jones. J Robinson. S Cra-git Fourth Row — Mr D Bezoier. C Carlton B Bayers. D Newhouse. J May. B LaSalle. P Kourst. T Merrill. J Hollm-get. J Verdorn MIXED CHOIR - Front Row - P Erck. R Torosi P Johnson. R Pteiter. P Steiner. M DoCracium. P Hayes. C Sedgwick C Fitch Second Row - S LaVay. S EnQler p Rud, S Bo-dmo A Ruody. D McQuillan. M Guillo M LoeBler Third Row—P Forsythe J 8vrd D Fallden. P Gurs ka. V Klein, S O'KieMe S Anderson. B Muske B Peterson Fourth Row - J Howarth D King, 8 McClain, B Davis J Davies T Andori T Denison G Venell 94Choir GIRLS' ENSEMBLE - Front Row - J Siah man t Hastings I Na e V Cao»on Second Row - I NiHson. S Fahrenholr K Rokor L Kraus Th.rd Row - N Ostiund J Aust.n C Paulson M M,o'snn Fourth Row-T Garrett C Robertson P Slurges M Pans Fifth Row - S Schnfie M Donnelly M- D Beroio' H Field K Sloven son Concert Goes Stereo; Girls’ Ensemble And Choral Club Enter State Contest The combined choirs stood in rows down the four auditorium aisles and behind the audience to give a circular stereo effect to their rendition of traditional Christmas carols As another part of the finale of their annual Christmas Concert, a tableau of the Nativity scene was shown on stage The combined choirs, consisting of the Mixed Choir. Choral Club and Girls' Ensemble presented a Spring Concert They also participated in the Lake Conference Music Festival, at which they performed “The Creation" by Handel As an additional choir activity, the Girls' Ensemble and Choral Club entered the Minnesota State Music Contest, which had not been entered by an Edina choral group for two years Auditions for the spring musical were held in January. and the Broadway show “Bye Bye Birdie' was produced in April. CHORAL CLUB - Front Row - S Poehlet M Kraus J Slur go . I Hert.ng K Taylor K Smith B Ganger, M Fletcher A N.ssen Second Row - A Reason. L Jordan B Kun S Braxton. K Drcnnon K Dressier M Engle M Larli.n Third Row - M Grrntro S fofty J Oehordor. J Cox. R Johnson. G Scherer D Rivail T Johnson Fourth Row — Mr D Be oier R Anderson j Troop D Larson L McCarty G Lotlhagen S ■ isman C Whalen 95Patty Weatherhaad (12) and Dabby Peterson (12) show differing reactions to instructions Muted tones sound from Roger Grette's (11) born amidst drums, stands and other instruments % Hours of hard work are spent practicing for the Pop Concert During practice John Mestemacher (11) blows a medley on his bass clarinetCONCERT BAND - Front Row - L Hall J Wrfson M Bockeiman M F.ndlay D Egovist S Matthews S parkins J Mendenhall J Gunboig. F Kearns S Trueman J RoUson R Gatos, K Newell B Enel. M McGorraugh. I Andoroon. J Mestemacher. V Bleckimger Second Row — P Wo.ithoihoad D Peterson T Taytor J Martin R !hi B Hoodeckc. H Gustafson B Neumann, L Stillwell, J Jackson C McDonald, R Ring D Peterson P Burrell Third Row - B Barnes. K lenwck R Grette S Gnnneli J Scott D Prestley. N Weigel J Laffer tv 8 Stake. D Richards R Campbell K Reisherg. C Strom berg C Page. C Laffer ty Back Row — J Alien. B Neumann. 8 Mon son. S Simp son Mr Edwin Meiichar, F Ghenng K Ho tan B Mciler J Metcalfe R Connor B Ed gron T Moss. C Chnsienson D Cooper C Lut7 A MitchaK R Johnson After hours of practice, the marching band combines coordination and musical ability to form an intricate design from a ma e of confusion Band Concert Band Goes North; Varsity Gives Concerts To Parents, Students Combining to form the Marching Band, the Concert and Varsity Bands played in the Homecoming Parade and at football games At the close of the fall athletic season, however, the Bands split into two groups, each with separate objectives After the football season, the Concert Band began to practice for other upcoming events such as the Pop Concert in February, the annual Spring Concert in May. a tour in Northern Minnesota and the Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies The Concert Band was also invited to play at a program with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra and at a game at Gustavus Adolphus College The Varsity Band played at all school pep fests and provided a pep band for basketball and hockey games. They also participated in the Minnesota State Music Contests and presented concerts to parents and the student body for the first time After sitting through 105 measures of rests. Jim Carlson (10). Brian Gensmer (11) and Oennis Persinger (11) play three notes in the finale 97Band, Orchestra Orchestra Presents Cafe Concert-Formal Dress Offically Established At the Orchestra's First Annual Concert, the audience sat around tables and enjoyed refreshments while listening to the program This production was such a success that the Concert was expected to be given at two performances in the future. A second program, the Winter Concert, was given in the Little Theatre of Valley View Junior High Numbers included Schubert s "Unfinished Symphony.” "Finlandia" by Sibelius, and other works from the standard repertoire of orchestral literature Later in the year, the Orchestra participated in district and state contests and gave additional performances. The former symphonette became a full symphony orchestra Enlarged membership was due to the advancement of the first class of sixth grade orchestra students At the first concert of the new orchestra, the boys wore tuxedoes and the girls wore floor-length formal gowns By doing so. they established the Orchestra's official dress. Concentrating on “An Excerpt from West Side Story' is concert master Dave Ferguson (12). BAND — Front Row - M Fletcher S Anderson C Kroemer. K Langhaugh B Bowen. K Aflncss i Scohetd S Peterson. K Hendr ckson. Olson K W.lco P Pans P S ms. D Delhanev B Foween Second Row - L Olsen t, Bergen G Thomspcn B Dunn N Drake B B'SSonet Bow in hand, senior Jane Rolfson skillfully provides a bass sound for the Edma or chestra's concert presentation of A Lritin Latin 98I Lash. L levcnng L Putman. S Poston. L Scott. R H or sen S Hanske. R Veenondahi N Nesseth. 8 Korst Third Row - B Glass. D Dutcher P Anderson B Downs. 0 Knolls J Johnson J Tjaden K O'Neal. 8 Andres S Neumoister E Meestcr E Hanson P Fmdtay. K Porter. G Hede. R Eide. M Stone J Haoung. C Russet) Fourth Row - D Deherder. R Kerns J Hewthrone J Yunker. 8 Duncan F Carpenter J Zimmerman S Oberhelman. Mr Eiiege. C Taft T Keegan L Anderson P F.sher C Henley A luce. J Arndt J Carlson C Branstord.J Beaglo S Sandberg. 0 Persmger B Gcnsmcr ORCHESTRA — Front Row - D Ferguson. N Barber. 8 Kon eiman. B Douglas. J Hedlund. V Lane K Olsen. J Wells Second Row - i Ingram. N Scarf! G Abbott G Nelson T Holmes. L Bcor-ngor V Newton D Postlethwaite M Ferguson Third Row -D Hascall. L Anderson K Saterfund. K imdoman K Woods M Bockelman B Hansen S Matthews E Gates. V Shrenk S Neumann. J Buchanan. 8 Rudquist S Thomsen. K undquist Fourth Row - C Stromberg K Riesberg. C Page. C LaHerty. B Eito) B Taft. Daiquist J Grottmg Fifth Row - B Monson. D Ludwig J Finley Mr H Olsen, j lichter J Scott J latterly. J Metcalfe. C Christensen. D Kleven M Olson, J Bergseng Ounn.j Roilion Missing - I Nelson Leslie Ingram (12). Nancy Scarff (12). Virginia Abbott (11) and Lynn Nelson (11) furiously race through the triplets in "Finlandia." 99INT'L CLUB-Front Row-V Potty K He se. K H«xon J Cobb N OW‘urtd. S N.t.ham L England L Stonk.; M Hoy K Xnutsorv S McD n.e J SiHa. T K.ng Second Row-B Swanson. C M.lior D Howard. S Henderson. P Naas. S Abbott M Craig. M Holm. M Conry. I Hofrmg P Hawthorne J Souba S McKonno K Miller Third Row—G Hadoy. Z Richardson. C Stronberg K Anderson. K Lmdortnon. D Smith. M Lovoland, L Bcanngor B Pearson C Pollack. K McDermott M Eide. M Conlm Fourth Row-A Bndgoman. B Rodman A Toonsing S D elenbach D Fallden. J Anderson. S Feyder J Lyndon S Av onson K Melroe C Strombcrg. K Carlson L Osbcrg W Lyon. S Olson International Club Priscilla Hawthorne (12). AFS returnee, shows slides of her impressions and experiences in Japan at an International Club meeting English Exam Provides Stiff Competition For AFS Requirements In Thailand, only one of five students who applied for American Field Service passed the English composition test. By doing so. they were eligible for the oral test on Thailand, its history and culture. Applications and letters of recommendation followed New York AFS headquarters examined all of this information and sent Savalee Nititham to Edina. In France, as in Thailand, the student's ability to speak English was a major requirement Gil Hadey of Paris filled this specification rapidly. as was demonstrated by his performance in the olio act. "Un. deux, trois.” a part of the fall melodrama. Interviewed by an American consul. Gil was asked questions about why he wanted to come to America Zoe Richardson found that reports in regional and South African interviews established her qualification for AFS experience She was questioned about her family and herself too ZoeRichardson(12).AFS'or from South Africa, assists finalists Ann Ulvestad (11). and Lyn Benmtt (11). in reviewing AFS applicationsGilbert Hadey (12). AFS'er from France, dances barefoot with Linda Gu- Savalee Nititham (12). AFS'er from Thailand, poses in her na- tierrez (12) at the AFS Friendship Dance in September tive dress, worn while lecturing on her country INTERNATIONAL CLUB-Oflicors—Iris Herring (12).wcretarv. Su McKanna (12). vKa-oreaidefU. Church exchange Student. Joe Julia Souba (12). president M.ssmt) Priacilla Hawthorn (12). troasuie' Silla (12), supports AFS 101Appearing in the annual Y Teens style show are Jill Flaskamp (12), and chapter presidents Li Him (12), and Terri Wright (12). YTEENS ALL SCHOOL - Pres C Sievenson Chap Coord R Peterson Sec N Oken Publicity D lundquut Service J Ferguson Chap S Rachie Vic Pres J Hagen. Trees S Abbott Membership A Heath and I C C Manfred Y TEENS CHAPTER PRESIDENTS - From - Les England Paula Jones Sue Maytrerg Mana BockeirT,an S° Olson Bock — Chnj Hanson Kr,s Berger Georgia Sharpe Nancy Sotebeer Terr, W-ghi. Jo Benmtt Ai-so" Stendahi Helen Field Unda C ask 102Y-Teens. Hi-Y Y-Teens Has Joint With Southwest Girls; Hi-Y Listens To Viet Nam Soldier A lecture on self-protection by a policeman, a religious discussion led by a Mormon, and a tour through a brewery were some of the Y-teens chapter meetings. Girls also sponsored service projects, such as providing score-keepers for blind bowlers and supplying favors for the hospitalized A joint with the Y-teens from Southwest High School and a Christmas worship service were featured all-school meetings. A big event for Y-teens chapters were joints with Hi-Y groups from other schools. Hi Y All School Officers are seniors Ron Spika. sec treas. Tom Anderson, pres. Looe Baker, vice pres and Dick Hagen, chaplain Making the presentation of the traditional necklace to Hi Y Sweetheart Liz Hinz (12) is All School vico president Looe Baker (12). Hi-Y club meetings included skeet shooting, swim nights and gym nights. Talks on racing cars Communism and the personal experiences of an American soldier in Viet Nam were a few of the all-school meetings Hi-Y chapters also sponsored the Hi-Y Formal and a Goodwill Clothing Drive. Chap pres B. Utne (12). J. Swenson (11). Jim Reece (11). Dave Kleven (10). Calvin Henley (12). 103NHS-Front Row-0 Welch. L Stenke A WiWams M Young T Wright A Woods J Wotc I 7t npni P WojthcfHejd J Bar bo C Brchm Second Row — L Wang J Soule E Anknor M Anderson S Abbott T Tock. M Conry C Hanson, K Carlson. C Stfomborg R Seoum L Hastings P Hawthorne Third Row - J Ferguson P Forsythe J Zimmer man. J Soubd. S Burns J Armstrong. K Stevenson. J Cotf«n. J Flaskamp R Gates L Jordan 0 W ck jnd. H Gustafson M Bockelman Fourth Row - N Okcn P BurrHl S Simpson M Williams M Nichols J Bennett P Kietoy S Grove. D Kirkland S Hen dor son. J Manley Fifth Row-0 Ferguson. J Wash 0 Buram. 0 Maul. B Sahlman. T Gre-bmk J Car lotto o Fishor. J Stuart B Weigel M Hmkie J Porter M Sullivan Sixth Row -P England. 0 Belfry J Kiodrowski C Christensen 0 Saude. C Henley. R Engdahl M Withrow 8 Rodman J Grangaard 0 Selness. R Carpenter. P Connor Honor Societies Students Receive Honors In Academic Scholarship, Journalism, And Theater The members of Quill and Scroll are juniors and seniors who have given outstanding service in some field of journalism, usually the school newspaper or yearbook Candidates for membership must be in the top one-third of their class scholastically. The National Thespians is made up of students who have earned at least thirteen drama points These points are obtained by acting in plays, serving on committees, helping backstage, or being a student director Seniors are chosen for membership in the National Honor Society because of scholarship. character, leadership, and service. This year the faculty chose 154 seniors as worthy of this honor, who were presented to the student body by the traditional candle-lighting ceremony. QUILL AND SCROLL - Front - Betty Kempfler Lyr Sternke Priscilla Hawthorne Second Row - Sue PoeWer Sue McKenna. Donna Smith Third Row - Linda Knnmg. Sue Mayberg Jane Ferguson Fourth Row - Kim Allen Nancy Nyrop Nancy Smith Back - Debbie Higgm Craig Nwtnaber Jim Miller 104NHS-Front Row— S Matthews. N Ostlund K Imoc P Bundle A Toenpng 0 Pos tlethwede T Naeqcl M Dalldorl K Millar I Gutierrez B Kun Second Row- N Tuna J Hagan A Heath B Granger C ludden J Olson A Stendahi M Nord H F.etd M MetlNeuen. 8 Kerwm Third Row- S Nelson S Nelson l boning N Nyroo J Maher M Hall M Kraus S Poahtar N Nesseih. G Johnson B Lunn. S Ray C Pierce Fourth Row- N Smith P Johnson. B Saan K Hesse I Hays I Hernng E Ortman S Me Kcnne. D Higgm A Reiorson. M Hey K McDermott. C Harrison. C Pollock Fifth Row-8 Hunt S Anderson R Judd M McGarraugh J Matalle D Richards B Fossey C Met told, a Mitchell J van der ZMl. K Knutson A Salmon. D losman Si th Row- D Lund S Smith. C Mayer M Banks T Johnson T Pryor S I ewers M Wiidorotter. T Turnquist. R OertcH Missing- R Ashley G Diessner C Lewis D Pickett S Bergseth THESPIANS - Front Row - G Stitt. P Wilmore. C Parker M Fraw. S Se den. J Wash Middle Row - B McClain. D Postiethwa-te J Scog n. E Ortman C Nienaber T Deruson S Jones Beck Row - M Frav. S Craig»e M Manning G Drake D Wmgert G Kn.ppenberg R Thompson 105A glance from backstage portrays a familiar scene for Edina Players Dawn Scon (10) and Scon Berg (12) rehearse for the children's play. "King Arthur.” while lighting is arranged and scenes are created FOLK MUSIC CLU8 - Front Row - Mary Madden Barb Bowman Jenny Row land Second Row - D«ane W-cilund. Sheiley LaVay Lir Patrick Third Row — Beth Finch Georgia Sharpe Mercheile Larson Back Row - GeoW Morns, Richard Taube 106Edina Players, Pep Club, Folk Music Club PEP CLUB OFFICERS - Nancy Carlsen. vice president. Gtnny Wilderotter. secretary. Robbi Grant, president. Dobby Tripp, treasurer PEP CLUB - From Row - Nancy N ho s. M.m»y Smith. So Seashore Bobtx Martin Sac on d Row -Shatlay LaVay RoC-n Oka Marilyn Fr«M. Money Gohla Sally Andaraon. Marcia Thompson. Nancy Lund-g.vij Third Row - Mary Fletcher Marilou Frav Mary Wheoler Kathy McGraw Barb Foster Back Row - Tina Harm Holly Houglund. Jan.s W.iey, Sue Gehr.n0 Mary Kay Olson Carol Chnstenson Edina Adds Folk Music Club; Edina Players Stage Impromtu One-act Play Remembering the success of a Folk Music Club in a school near Boston. Jenny Rowland organized a similar Club at Edina With the help of the adviser. Miss Julie Rustad. Jenny also led weekly practice sessions for those who played folk music on guitars, sung it. or simply enjoyed listening As many as twenty members exchanged folksongs, learned several numbers as a group and pursued their musical interests further in one of the two sub-groups of folk-rock and traditional folk music. Edina Players, open to all students who had an interest in dramatics, provided cast and stage crews both for school productions and for impromptu one-act plays. Producing posters and vocally encouraging the athletic teams were among the increased efforts ot the enlarged Pep Club to improve school spirit at Edina. At a Folk Club meeting. Jenny Rowland (11) strums thought into "Tomorrows. Gone 107RADIO CLUB -Kim Cummings (It). Clyde Green 02). Bob Carlson 00). Scot Shietie 00). Roger Johnson 00). Barry McMahon (10). Scott Thomas O 0). Jim Laursen (12). Bob Foley 110). wire up for a meeting Science, Math. Outdoor. Radio Radio Club Members Strive For Novice Broadcasting License; Math Club Practices National Test Learning Morse Code and qualifying for the novice license were the mam goals of the Radio Club. Advised by Mr Richard Bolstad. the amateurs planned to broadcast from the school's antenna Preparing its members for a national mathematics test was the main purpose of Math Club Having seen a demonstration of computer programming, members worked with the school's computer. The club's activities were financed by slide rule sales. Plans for acquiring a school forest in northern Minnesota were a mam concern of the Outdoor Club this year Members also engaged in such activities as taxidermy for the school's biology department, preparing study skins and trying to improve wildlife habitat. Hearing lectures on the development of laser beams, aerial photography, atrificial stomachs and forest conservation was the general format of Science Seminar. The projects included students' reports and speeches by scientists in fields of industry and education Radio Club President Kim Cummings (11) and Bob Carlson (11) make contact with other radio operations from their ham shack, room 113.- SCIENCE SEMINAR — Mr Donald Meyer, adviser. Barb Mullen 02) Tom Na (12). Dave Soude 02). Curt Randall 01). Joyce Wilson 106OUTDOOR CLUB - Front Row - Bruce Swanson. John Mitro. Dave Durst. Joe Cans Second Row - Steve Tickle. Jim Atonson. Don Tickle. Tom Sharkey Third Row Tim Kerston. Rich King, Bob Smith Fourth Row — Jett Guibromson Chuck Russel Dennis Pursinger Jack Gunderson Beck Row — Scott Hallam. Jeiry Untiodt. Mr Don Wegner, advisor, Dave Erck Returning with traps aro Outdoor Club Pres. Jerry Untiedt (12). and Treas . Tom Sharkey (12). 109 MATH CLUB - Front Row - Raul Brmdie. Dave DoHerdo' Harry Holme Second Row — Sharon Braxton Paul Burrell. Jim Gustatson Steve Henderson Nancy Drake Sarah Bodme. Ph.l Herman Jon Wilbur Third Row - Ke-th Anderson Sarah Block. Cla.ro Richards. Carol Kraemer Mr Curt Johnson adviserChess, Art, Home Ec Clubs “Castling Into Check Is Illegal’’ Exclaims The Chess Club Adviser; The Art Club Has Happening The Chess Club was established this year with Mr John Ehlert as faculty adviser Meetings consisted of tournament games which gave members ample opportunity to improve their playing ability An Art Happening, featured event in the Art Club this year, was an aesthetic journey into the world of the bizarre Students also participated, m other activities such as a held trip to the St Paul Art School and making and framing pictures for the school office Mr Lowell McCarthy, faculty adviser, helped the students to attain their motto of "augmented and enriched art experience " The highlight of the year for Home Ec Club was the Foreign Tea. at which faculty and students from other countries were entertained Advised by Mrs Aamodt. officers Nancy Sotebeer. Mary Berkmoes. Sue Ra-chie. Karen Anderson. Cookie Bessessen. and Cheryl Duvick. were in charge of club breakfasts. pizza parties, the annual jewelry sale, service projects, and club meetings, including a Peace Corps speaker An Club members. Judy Collins (12). Peggy Sanford (12 pamt a set for the melodrama 'Love Rides the Rails This one up three inches to meet r skirt rogula- chess club - w sp.n«, s », •. o McN«m, d Burn., G N on j Tnoro . T J . c ,«. tions. remarks Pam Rademacher (12). e nbuf® R Sptoc . T Schwarnock S.a, Wribur. P F Moor d OsHsrd 110At a Home Ec Club officers meeting C. Duvick (10). corresponding sec C Bessessen (11). sec S. Rachie (12). treas . N. Sotebeer (12). pres . and M. Berkmoes (11). vtce-pres . discuss future club plans Roy Swanson (11) gleams as Chess Club adviser. Mr Ehlert. expressing disbelief and astonishment, ox-claims. What? Lost your queen on the second move?" to Mike Fergesen (10) ART CLUB-Front Row-P Pond J May C Dunwidd-« J Swan S Rutherford L Rnw M MacPhail 0 Nelson J Hutton 0 Lewi J Maher. J Unger Second Row-Mf McCarthy P Alkoe N Juluski T Carter M G«rt P Berget M Parson S LaVay. J Mul len R Grant. It P,nkham K Sch.tu L William L Larson S Carlson Thud Row-C Tru-deli. G Ersenach P Kelly I Wise. C Mondorson p MarkJe. S VanWa cr N Manning. M Mader C Mmdemout J Wieaton A McFad ean j Krogstad M Monroe K Sergei Fourth Row-0 Nagel . K Westman j Hodge B E'.eri B Thompson S Sherman P MacArthur C Anckner N Wiley J Gunderman G Berger son S Marion. I Jones. L Chrutonson Back Row-i SchulU 0 Shaughnety, M Horstman X Rwir S Bu;j B McClain N Keoros L Petersen j Biessi L Ingram. C Miner M Do ark 111Business Clubs FSA And DE Confer At St. Paul Hilton; FBLE Adds Three Marryin’ Sams The Sadie Hawkins Dance, held by the members of Future Business Leaders of Edina, required five Marryin Sams instead of the previous two Repeated this year was the election of Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner Members of Future Teachers of America were busy after school helping teachers by reading, quizzing, and observing students, thus becoming familiar with the many aspects of a career in education Members of Office Education and Distributive Education took part in sales, advertising, and other events in the March State Leadership Conference at the St Paul Hilton Nearly eight hundred people from throughout Minnesota competed in the events The office students received first and third place awards in the job application contest At the same time two DE students placed second in management problems and show card writing Winners of the various divisions were then eligible to attend the Chicago National Convention which was held in April. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA - ly" Anderson prescient Beth Reget secretary Jenny Mooro. » c prevdont lyn Gulbro. treasurer FBIE Oftcers — Tom Turnqutst maloman Nancy CarHon Kate Sedenberg. treat . Carol Tenter board member. Ann Sommers, co pres. Scott Jones business manager. Juho Waller, secretary Missing Kathy Morrison Mary Olson board members. Oebby Smith co pres DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION — Front — I Kersien M Harrison J Davenport I Thompson A Salmon. J Wheaton 8 Roe B Bridgman Middle S Reymer, J Ford A Bohannon. I FntRund S Berg G Mitch ell T McDonald. Mr Bicanich Back T Manes S Quist. D Joyce M Gray S Sheldon l Olson I Schroeder j WroWesk. 112FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF EDINA -From Row - C Owens S Snow C Eastman S Jonas A Sommcrj D Smith. J Walker N Carlson. K SxJenberg L Biofkman, C Textor. M Olsen C Moffcson. J Parnsh T TurnquiSt Second Row - L Parkas K Horde L Johnson T Carter. M Meu gland J Anderson. K Woods 1C Coolidge C Bonnette M Craig 0 Brown M Brexenski E Eastman E Nor mch C Walker Third Row - Mils LaPrev S Gn nell. M Carlson. J Wilson K Root J Henetieid S Fisher. L Imme. M Pearson H Raymond P Collins M M-'iet N Barber Fourth Row — V Granger J Byrd. J Curran M Thompson. M Howard J Jon-da hi B Bowman N BoWett W Anderson C Shan non. A Rosanlund. L Blackbourne. D Martin N Madden B long Beck Row - L Brecht 0 Millar. M Jones S HoOinger, S Riersen C Gisselbeck N Payne M Carlson P Garven S Pearson B Ferkas FUTURE SECRETARIES OF EDINA - Front — D an Vans ) Lmda Cad son Pam Frey. Oane MueOer. Sue Larson Mary 8ratrude Ju »y Heivorion Second Row - Sue Krueger Lee K.ng Bonnie Peterson Merme Kiucas Sally Jones. Peg True Kethy Cotfn Terry Snow. Mr Boerger. adviser Back Row- K .s Bufl.n Marm Hansen Carr Nesso. Donna Aynas Jo Trubshaw. Ann Nygaard Kathy Gammon Donna Picked. K .S Omstead FUTURE TEACHERS OF EOINA - Front - L Putman J McDonald. B Long S Sal.day K Swanson B Pearson Second - A Feldmeir P Johnson B Reget L Anderson. S Fahrenholx. J Moore K Start on K Engebretson Third - M Magnuson. P Wilcox. J Blanchard M Deoadum L Gulbro S Matthews K Melroe Fourth - B McIntosh J Ford. C Clayton P Nelson. J 8uskirk N Jenkins. J Martin. C Har rison Back - C O Dowd B Heedecke P Mehrkms P FekRmke C Strom berg D Paterson. K Bergran Mr Garner adviser 113Sue McKenna (12). a sweatshirted Venus in blue jeans, is carried in splendor by attendants on the Latin Club Homecoming float (?). the first of its kind 114 Phil Kennedy (12) smiles cynically as the Rota sticks while Roth Judd (12) turns red in a topsy turvy mannerGrilling her teeth. Nancy Haire (12) and "man's best friend"' suffer the agonies of crucihction by the Latin Club for breaking Latin law Latin Club Latin Club Receives Tribute And Slaves From Conquered Language Clubs Led by the indomitable Mr Richard Scanlan. Latin Club maintained its traditional fervor of activity After the annual meeting of the Roman Senate to elect officers, the organization defeated both the French and German Clubs in war games They received two girl slaves from each French class and a framed trophy of $5 from the Germans As a further augury of their omnipotence, the Club suppressed the ninth grade slave revolt, thus forcing them to pay double taxes The Club s proclamation also challenging the Student Council to war games was ignored In retaliation. Latin Club minutes were read in senior homerooms The annual slave auction and banquet depicted a myriad of Roman costumes and stiff competition in chariot-racing, litter-racing, foot-races and Vestal dancing. °?t "ow - M fe,0u»°n T Hmnwv. M Andwion Second Row - P Kennedy R Judd S Grim . T Mo«.S McKenna RmfcRow-S Olaon J Van dor Z.e, M Su.hvan M Howard J N,1 n 0 Far , 0 John , nsFrench and Spanish Clubs French Club Pantomimes Play At Joint Meeting; Spanish Club Students Go To Mexico The French Club organized the first Edina French joint when third-year classes presented the play "Le Medecm Malgre Lyi" to both the Edina and the St. Louis Park French Clubs Directed by Mrs Linda Blake. Club adviser, the actors pantommed the drama while speakers read the lines from ladders off -stage Club members were also concerned with planning a ski trip, winter Olympics, and the annual French Club banquet. Sending selected Spanish Club members to Mexico for summer study on scholarships was the main purpose of the Club’s financial activities, directed by Missy Hefflefinger under the guidance of Mrs. Rauha Hagemeister. Other Spanish Club members. Marilyn and Marilou Frasz. organized the pinatas sent to hospitals at Christmas time. The Club’s annual Fiesta was held at the Casa Coronado SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS — Tony Lund, secrotary. Pat Keeler, president. Missy Heffelhnger. treasurer. Linda Guitierrez. vice-president 116 FRENCH CLUB COUNCIL - Front Row - H mJ. Heffeiftnget. J««n Cototo. Nancy DalkJort Sue Feyder. Kilty Pratt Tina Harris Sacond Row - Marty Lmderholm. Linda K orong. Ten Wright. Donna Smith Sue Canton Linda Larson Back Row - B-il Cartande Fred Moore Marty Byrnes Steve Hanley G « MadeyDuring a French Club joint in November with St Louis Park Mark Hawkinson (12) brutally beats Ann Salmon (12) as the play begins Tarry Ross (11) hangs Santa m the traditional Spanish manner while Brian Duoos (12) consults "Life" magazine ala Espanol FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS - Biuce Roner Mmistor ol war Claud«a lesman treasurer. Martha Packard Minuter - ol - communications. Undo Kron-•ng Keeper ol the wmocase Diane lesman vice president Trgdr King, prevdent. Kim Alton Princes . Nancy Oken. secretary Missing: Gil Madey French Club Ambassador ol Goodwill and Peace 117GERMAN OFFICERS - Marcia Nord (12). secretary; Ken Bremer (12). president, and Doug Fisher, (12). treasurer In promotion for their dance. Sue Abbott (12) and Lois Jordan (12) till chocolate-covered cherries with tabasco sauce for Latin rivals 118 Beneath the dead robin the German Club declares "Edina Over All Others” on tho first German float ever to be entered in the Homecoming parade The float placed first in the exclusive German Club Float DivisionNightfall doesn't discourage skiers on the Ski Club s February overnight at Indian-head The tiring six-hour bus ride failed to squelch enthusiasm German Club. Ski Club German Club Offers Tabasco Cherries To Latins; Skiers Venture To Indianhead Chocolate-covered cherries filled with tabasco sauce were German Club s treats for Latin enemies Presenting them at a dance cosponsored with the French Club. German students hoped for suitable revenge for defeat at the language club toboggan races on Snow Day At theannual banquet, professional German folk dancers and yodelers added realism to the festive German atmosphere For the first time, club members entered a float in the Homecoming parade Bearing the slogan. "Edina Uber Alles." the float was a strong indication of German power To raise funds for activities, the club sponsored an evening showing of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller Marnie. For their three weekend ski trips, the Edina Ski Club went to Indianhead Mountain twice and to Lutsen in northern Minnesota once The club is not sponsored by the school but is advised by a member of the Edina Park Board. Bob Kojetin On their trips they lodged in large dormitory rooms with bunk beds At the hostels, boys and girls were separated by one floor, but everyone agreed that the six-hour bus rides and the chair lift rides were an excellent way to make acquaintances Some club members even thought the real reason for going on a ski trip was to meet members of the opposite sex SKI CLUB OFFICERS — Kirbie Knutson (12). publicity manager. Mary Hey (12). president Debbie Henningsen (11), vice-pres Marsha Lovaas (11). treasurer 119Soccer Club, E-Club Soccer Club Takes State With 8-0-1 Record; E-Club Discusses Gopher Football Taking first in state, the Soccer Club completed the season with a record of 8-0-1. One of the most important games was against Minnehaha Academy, which was then first in state by one point. In this game. Edina was victorious by four goals Since the team was not school-sponsored, it paid for its own equipment and conference fee Sandy Smith, co-captam with Dave Ferguson. discovered that, because the Edina squad had no coach or sponsor. It would not receive a state trophy or place any members on the All-State Team At an E-Club meeting headed by Dave Sel-ness. Paul Faust. 1961 E-Club President, returned to discuss Gopher football with the members Recaps of last year’s sports were shown, and other speakers spoke on such subjects as sports in California Kicking the ball towards the opponent's goal at Braemar field. Dave Ferguson (12) attempts to score and contribute to his team's 8-0-1 record EDINA VARSITY SOCCER CLUB — From Row - Bob Gustafson Dave Ogren Gouty Alesandor B'uC Bahneman Dave Ferguson Paul Warden Kent Anderson Jim Mogenson K«m Anderson Second Row - Dev Kirkland. 8hi Adams Tom G etxnk Don Larson G«i Hadey Bill Nelson Loo Bake Denms Watson Joe S «a Kyle Nelson Back Row - Bruce McIntosh Bob S etsma Dick Hagen Bob Stake John Porter Bob Nelson Cal Henley B " Stemke Tom Naegeie Bill Wage! Frank Riggie. Sandy Smith. Mr LasHo Sreodrey. adviser 120E-CLUB — Front Bow - T Hasting . G Hanson. C Whalan. C Andarson. B Nal on. J lonmar Eacond Bow — J Muchall B Rodman. R Gadocfc. T R®0® G D.ahl R Siaa. S lawars Back Row-J Sampsali M Withrow 0 Seines . B Mathaws R Otnass J White R Carpenter J Bucklm Mr Merriman Waiting outside the gym to present a do en E Club roses to the new homecoming queen is Tom Page (12). E-CLUB OFFICERS (top) — Mr Merriman. athletic director. Dave Sel-ness. pres . Bill Rodman, vice pres . Jim White, sec . Tom Page, treas After school, seniors Jim Stuart. John Bucklm. Terry Christenson, and Dave Fisher (bottom) discuss their upcoming speaker. Paul Faust 121GAA, Aqua Nymphs Aqua Nymphs Work For Synchro Medals; GAA Is Host To Interscholastic Competition Using heads illegally in volleyball, being the star forward on a basketball team, rolling six gut ter balls in a row and swinging a tennis racket at a softball were some of the activities of the Girls Ahtletic Association The GAA governing board planned each sport for all interested girls with the help of co-adivsors Mrs. Corbett and Mrs. Engelhard Working toward one of three levels of the Synchro medal was the main activity of this year's Aqua Nymphs. The girls originally concentrated on individual stunts which were later combined into synchomzed routines and presented at various invitational meets, state competition, and at the Aqua Nymphs' show in May. Pacy Erck (12) and Donna Smith (12) form right angles as they double bounce on the tramp GAA BOARD - Front Row - Sue Seashore Cindy McDonald Barb larion Sue Roihnem Second Row - Kathy limbeck. Meg Greer. Pam Feldhake Chn« Henson Back Row - Connie Frey. Gai' Stitt Joan Zimmerman. Merchelle Larson. Margie Pearson Misting Nancy Drake. Pacy Erck Displaying their superior form are high-scoring GAA archers Mary Jenkins (10). Kitty Pratt (12). and Joanna Van der Zail (12). 122 GAA OFFICERS — Karen Hendrickson, secretary. Madeline Kraus, president, Kitty Pratt, vice-president. Marilyn Stone, treasurerDuring a meeting. Aqua Nymphs discuss theme tor their Attor warm ups. Aqua Nymphs sit around the pool while stunts are demonstrated show and plans for state competition Linda Hays (12) performs a heron as Mrs Engle instructs AQUA NYMPHS - Front Row - t Cabalka 0 HAm. B Billings D Smith. K Root N Wavno N Carlsen N Magnus C Robortsor Socond Row - P Hawthorn I Whaltm M Call an. L Crask M lovaas T lamoert M Grow . C Hudak H McIntosh J Lyman Back Row - J Thornton B Book J t.slor B Husbands M Olson M Wheeler M Nord. V Engle admsor C Schneider see M Young trnas J Cobb v»:e pres I Hays p» s 123Hornettes Hornettes Perform In New Uniforms At More Games And Pepfests Often practicing four times a week until 5:30 in the afternoon. Edina's Hornettes worked on both new and old dances. Their new dances included "Yankee Doodle” and “So What's New." choreographed by the group These practices were performed to records, band accompaniments and Hornette attempts at singing The girls also found that they had to perform in half lines or singly to perfect their routines. In their second year as a school organization the group danced at home games, pep fests. spring band concert, and once at Gus-tavus Adolphus College These performances were usually preceded by early morning breakfasts at Perkin s Pancake House and followed with after-game slumber parties. Other activities of the Hornettes were three car washes, after-school doughnut sales and a dance following one of the home football games in order to purchase new uniforms. With the school band blaring "Sweet Georgia Brown, green and white, pom-poms and Hornettes stimulate school spirit at a peplest m m i Warming up in the minutes before a pepfest. nervous Hornettes anxiously await their entrance During a 5 30 practice. Jean Blesi (12). co captams Jill Flas-kamp (12) and Nancy Keprios (12) show signs of fatigue 124w • f Sporting their new letter lumpers, the Hornettes dance to the tune o "Yankee Doodle" during halftime performance HORNETTES - Pam kirk. Linda Hastings. Jean Gage. Cindy Hankon. Hoidi Gustafson Judy Anderson, Barb Book. Kathy Dtennen. Jean Blesi. Ann Ulve Stead Jody Thornton. Jean Lund. Kris Lmnor. Kns Wien Sue Canton. Kathy Anderson. Pam Swendsocn. Linda Wa to. Jill Flaskamp. Nancy Kepnos 125' % ft . | •F E M. A a E 0 ii || t f ♦ . JLl — - a W JU II t £| h | n Varsity cheerleaders lead the crowd in a new cheer. "Take a V” at a hockey game at Braemar arena Splits and assisted spin-lumps wore new variations added to their cheering on ice this year Cheerleadinq Cheerleaders Split Time Among Varied Sports Events To Promote School Spirit Edina cheerleaders were faced with an extremely busy schedule during the winter athletic season Their responsibilities included cheering at football, hockey, wrestling and swimming events Pep fests varied from honoring the debate and volleyball teams to glorifying the state contenders in basketball and hockey Russian-split-jumps. assisted split-jumps and splits on skates, new cheers and increased synchronization were noticeable changes in their techniques Miss Nancy Gimmestad. adviser, and the cheerleaders aimed to have as many representatives at school events as possible, they felt promoting school spirit was the dominating and most important role of the cheerlead er Uniforms were worn to school for major sports events and pep fests to create interest within the student body Before tournaments practices were increased to build up the girls agility and stamina in cheering and acrobatics "Here we go Edina." encourages cheerleaders P. Steiner (12). J. Carlson (11), J. Soule (12). and K. Diercks (11) as the swim team takes the lead Neither ram. sleet, nor cold of night dampens Allie Young's (11) enthusiasm at a fall football game Soggy or dry. megaphones added volume to cheers 126CHEERLEADERS - Kathie Diercks. Pam Steiner. Pacy Erck. Peg Sanford, Pat Utne. Jackie Soule, captain. Alhe Young. Char Paulsen. Joan Carlsen. Joan Unger Joan Unger (12) strengthens and perfects her lung and limb power at a Thursday practice B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS Debby Tripp. Sue Seashore. Marcio Reeves, captain. Mimsy Smith. Jane Unger and Sally Anderson (back) cheered at B-squad basketball, football, hockey and swimming events 127After receiving a pass from Kieley Jeff Wright (12) runs in for Edina's hrst score against Robbmsdale Quarterback Pete Kieley (12) shows how he led the Hornets to their second state title in as many years yWgITY: f,°nt Row- M Ferguson 8 Johnson C Winter F Larson M Schmorio. j Wright. M Withrow D DoMarsh. R Sonneayn D Martin P Can. Mr F.scher Second Row- Mr Canakos J Seaborg 8 Ervin S YarwJa J Sampson J B«nn«n. P K « ev R OrtenMad D Crowthor. c Mayor 8 Atkinson. J Hayhoo D Tronos R Gariock. Mr Leikvold Back Row D Johnson D Poierson D Crowther D Rohror J Belmoro S Ou'tkng T Chnsienson 0 Ch.ids. G M.lQondort. J Bowman B Terry. R Oinosr, D Soinsss. D Stembauor 0 Thomson C Darkcnwa'd 0 Maclonnan T Hmrichs 130Football Edina Gains State Championship For the second consecutive year, Edina finished the season as mythical state champions Co-captains and all-conference selections. Mark Withrow and Jeff Wright, with Pete Kieley. Doug Childs and John Sampsell. other all-conference choices, led the team to an 8- 1 record. Their only defeat was dealt by Richfield. 19-7 The high point of the season was the Homecoming showdown with Robbinsdale The Robbins were ranked number one going into the game, but lost 13-0 as Edina clearly controlled play In another important game, the Hornets defeated Roosevelt, second-place finisher in the City Conference. Defeating Hopkins assured Edina of becoming the second team ever to successfully defend their state title During the Cooper game. Coach Canakes observes the result of many hard weeks of preparation for the season opener Following rugged Edma blocking, fullback John Sampsell (12) drives for another big gam for the Hornets against Minneapolis Roosevelt 131Doug Crowther (11), who led the Lake Conference in points after touchdowns by converting 37 out of 40. adds another success to his record The players on the bench show varied reactions to the play on the field. Here they dispute a referee's decision m the Mound game. John Sampsell (12) fumbles as the Minneapolis Roosevelt defender makes an illegal face-mask tackle 132After a questionable call m the Robbmsdate game. Coaches Canakes and Leikvold demand an explanation from the referee 27 56 7 42 EDINA 28 13 35 35 34 0 Cooper 7 Mound 19 Richfield 27 Wayzata 14 Lincoln 0 Robbinsdale 7 Minnetonka 14 Roosevelt 13 Hopkins 133 J-V: Front Row- J Hutnagle. J Murphy. C W.nter. M Ros R Veenendaal. J Gram P Hovde M Untiedt. A Erdohl. R Garioct Second Row-Mi McCarthy K Doyle J Groth, S Seashore. B Johnson R Sonnesyn. T Smith B Knowles. D Growther 0 DeMatsh R Otness. Mr Suvrc- Back Row- B Card B Schrtfper. D Martm. J Niolsen. B Terry M Mcoster M Ashworth D Crowiher C Nordby. D Trones. T William Brad Ervin (12) follows teammates Mark Withrow (12) and Steve Yanda (11) while breaking into the open Quarterback Pete Kieley (12) hands off to all-conference fullback John Sampsell (12) against Roosevelt LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won 7 Lost 1 Robbmsdale 7 1 Richfield 6 2 St Louis Park 6 2 Minnetonka 4 4 Kennedy 4 4 Hopkins 3 5 Lincoln 3 5 Mound 2 6 Wayzata 1 7 Cooper 1 7 Jeff Wright (12). all-conference halfback for the second year in a row. turns upheld while pursued by a Roosevelt defender 134B SQUAD Front Row-S Wehrwo.n T Keegan. D Hanson. P Wright M Oiimor K Porter. B Ivor son B Wmgert T Norquist S Thompson K Cashman J Coo'Hard Socond How R Fretland B Woehrle R Rydman 0 Wneipley. S Richardson D Crawford M Poster J Strother £ Han son. 0 Hastings. P Branyon G Gohdos. J Eislor 0 Simpson. J Kieffer B Clapp P Bordonaro Third Row-Mr Baglien M» Gustoff B Thompson J Massopust. C Bransford D Kunr H Haire T Tarry. J CoursoUo. B Everott T CoUms. T Johnson. I Combs. J Nagengast Mr Zms Back Row-1 Andarson J B $hop P londoen R DcKraay. S Thomas J Economas K Rothe M Ferguson T Cabafea J Bon son. J Re pcch B En gtund D Degeberg G Birdsong 0 Munson 135 The punting was handled by Jay Bennett (12) until an injury forced him to concentrate solely on his defensive halfback positionEDINA 32 27 15 45 27 28 24 31 28 27 21 36 24 33 19 43 34 25 Robbinsdale Mound St. Louis Park Minnetonka Hopkins Kennedy Cooper Lincoln Richfield Cross Country Page, White Pace Team To Third Place In State Meet At University Course Edina's cross-country team developed quickly at the end of the seasdn to finish a surprising third in the state. The team was led by Tom Page and Jim White, who finished first and third, respectively, in the state meet Due to the loss of their last year's number three runner. Coach Nilo Hendrickson wasn't too optimistic about the team's chances, but they found themselves |ust in time for the District 18 meet After a fourth place finish in the conference, the Hornets swept to victories in the district and regional meets. They then moved to their third place finish in the state Tom Page won the district, regional and state meets to complete the season undefeated and lead the team in matching its 1960 third-place finish 136 Straining in a final effort to better his time Steve Ries (11) nears the finish lineVARSITY: Front Row-P Findley. R Chandler B Br.nggold K R.es. T Pagr- J White G Page J Han.J Swandemo. J Antonson 0 Chapman Back Row-0 f‘-.ht-r G Hanson R Diehl G Monahan Second Row-J Re ce. T Anderson J Chantfer 8 Bundga-ird P Carpenter R Oron S R»" T Roch M Morns LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Richfield Won 9 Lost 0 Hopkins 7 2 Minnetonka . . . . 7 2 EOINA 6 3 Robbinsdale 6 3 St. Louis Park . . . 4 5 Cooper 3 6 Kennedy 2 7 Lincoln 1 8 Mound 0 9 Tom Page (12). State cross country champion with a time of 9 29 8 runs the last leg of his Region V victory J37Hockey Edina Wins Conference, Region Titles To Qualify For State Meet For the fourth consecutive year. Edina finished the season as Lake Conference hockey champions This year, however, they gained a berth in the state tournament, which hadn't been accomplished by an Edina team since 1962 They lost twice in the tournament, but still finished the season with the second best record in the state. 22-2-1 After sweeping through the conference undefeated, the Hornets entered Region 6 play. They had little trouble in defeating St Louis Park. 5-0. but a rugged Hopkins team gave the Hornets difficulty before succumbing 5-4 Tom Williams' third period goal was the only score in a 1-0 victory over Richfield in the finals. In the state meet. Edina ran up against a tough St Paul Johnson team and lost its first game of the year. 3-1.A4-1 defeat at the hands of Roseau brought the season to an abrupt end. Captain Bruce McIntosh. Bob Gustafson. Dave Kirkland. Tom Marra. Chuck Whalen and Jim Fee were named All-Conference, and Bob Gustafson was later included on the All-State team All-Conference wing Dave Kirkland (12) finished second in the Lake Conference in scoring Immediately before ihe start of each period, the Hornets gather around the goal and captain Bruce McIntosh (12) to prepare for the coming action Tom Marra (12). All-Conference defenseman for the second year, clears the puck during the Cooper game, which clinched Edina's fourth straight Lake title 138VARSITY: Front Row Broco McIntosh. Sandy Seashore. Skip Thomas, Mr Ikola. Jim Knutson Tom Catlsan B'll Fee Second Row- Tom Williams Roger Sonnosytv Bob Gustdl son Tom Marra. Jim Foe. Dave Kirkland Back Row- Mark Untied! Rick Fretland. Jack Lindsuom Chuck Whalen Doug Hostings, Bill Stembauer Bob Knowles EDINA 9 1 2 6 7 7 5 7 5 9 0 8 5 3 2 7 9 4 5 5 5 5 1 1 1 1 Southwest 0 Minnetonka 0 Hopkins 0 Kennedy 2 St Louis Park 1 Blake 2 Cooper 1 Mound 2 Richfield 0 Wayzata 0 Lincoln 0 Robbinsdale 0 Minnetonka 2 Hopkins 1 Roosevelt 0 Kennedy 0 St Louis Park 1 Mound 4 Cooper 0 Richfield 0 St. Louis Park 4 Hopkins 0 Richfield 3 St Paul Johnson 4 Roseau Bob Gustafson (12) was named All-Conference for The second straight year and was later elected to the All-State team 139B SQUAD: Front Row-Ray Book. Paul Dunn. Jim Eisler. Bill Thompson. Jay Larson. Paul Brown Second Row-Tom Bates. Tim Broback. Dave Jacobson. Greg Gohdes. Tom Keegan. Bruce Wmgert Back-Mr Zms. Greg Paske. Tim McGlynn. John Sorteberg. Todd Williams. Pete Maul LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won EDINA......... 15 Minnetonka .... 13 Richfield ........ 9 Hopkins........... 9 Robbinsdale.... 6 Lincoln........... 6 Kennedy........ 6 St Louis Park . . 5 Wayzata......... 2 Cooper........ 2 Mound.......... 1 Lost Tie 0 1 3 0 4 3 5 2 6 4 6 4 7 3 7 A 11 3 12 2 13 2 140 All-conferenco goalie Chuck Whalen (12) kicks away a shot in the Minnetonka game, one of his nine shutouts m tho conference season.A Captain and all-conference selection. Bruce McIntosh (12). paced the Lake Conference in scoring and led the Hornets to a fourth consecutive conference title Jubilant Hornots swarm together after sweeping by Richfield 5-0 in a non-conference game Edma later defeated Richfield again to enter the State Tournament MlBasketball Cagers Take State Basketball Crown For Second Consecutive Year Edina’s basketball team swept through the conference, district and region before capping the season by becoming the sixth team to win consecutive state titles An 86-55 victory over St Paul Central and a 64-51 defeat of Bemidji put the Hornets in the finals, where they ran past Moorhead 72-55 This gave the Hornets a 54-game winning streak, which is eleven short of the state record held by Hopkins. This year’s team went undefeated in conference play, with no team coming closer than eleven points They had their toughest game in the districts, when Robbmsdale led by eight points after three quarters before falling 44-38 Richfield also gave the team trouble until the fourth quarter, when the Hornets turned it on for a twelve-point victory A 71-43 defeat of Hopkins in the District 18 finals and matching twenty-four point wins over Cokato and Minneapolis Central in Region V play put Edina into the state tourney Jay Kiedrowski. Kurt Schellhas and Bob Zender were named to both the All-District and All-Region teams, with Jay Bennett also making All-District and Jeff Wright All-Region Kiedrowski. Schellhas and Wright became the first three from one school to repeat on the All-State team Junior Bob Zender was also named to the All-State squad. Kiedrowski. Schellhas and Bennett finished their careers having played in 84 consecutive victories. covering their ninth grade. B-squad and two varsity seasons Two-time All-Stater Jay Kiedrowski (12) cries out after falling to the court on a layup attempt in Edina's wm over Minneapolis Central in Region y 142 All District guard Jay Bennett (12) shoots over Hopkins' Paul Tesarek m the Hornets 69 58 victory over the second-place Lake finishers. VARSITY: Front Row- Mark Thoele, Bob Downs Pete Kioley JoM Wnght. Jay Bonnatt. Jay Kiedrowski Mike Burloy. Rob Jonos Bock Row- Mr Savre Doug Maclennan Kurt Schell has. Bob Zander Bill Fiedler. John Tladen Bob Rose, John Mestemecher. Mr Baglien EDINA 68 26 Cooper 67 29 Mound 75 61 Robbmsdale 74 45 Richfield 54 40 Minnetonka 79 43 Wayzata 66 54 Lincoln 86 54 Washburn 81 42 Cooper 75 50 Robbmsdale 82 47 Mound 94 67 Minnetonka 67 54 St. Cloud Tech 69 58 Hopkins 74 44 Wayzata 90 70 Kennedy 86 73 St. Louis Park 75 55 Lincoln 78 33 Wacoma 44 38 Robbmsdale 60 48 Richfield 71 43 Hopkins 80 56 Cokato 81 57 Minneapolis Central 86 55 St. Paul Central 64 51 Bemidji 72 55 Moorhead Bob Zender (11). All-Slate center, blocks one of the eight shots he stopped during the 64-51 semifinal victory over Bemidji 143LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost EDINA 16 0 Hopkins 13 3 St Louis Park 11 5 Richfield 10 6 Minnetonka 9 7 Robbmsdale 7 9 Lincoln 7 9 Mound 6 10 Kennedy 5 11 Cooper 3 13 Wayzata 1 15 All Conference guard Jeff Wright (12) maneuvers in against Hopkins' Tom Smith during the Hornets' hard-fought 69-58 victory B SQUAD: Front Row- Doug Harmon, Ted Warner, Kent Anderson, 0.M Stil«5. Todd Row- Mr Rodberg. John Rosoll Pawl Wr»ght Tom Cabalka Tom Miller Joe Benaon Dirk Huebscher Herb Haire Mark Hokanson Second Row- D ck Johnson John Bergseng Peterson Eric Anderson Mike Dinner. Chuck Hoikencn. Dave SoKeh. Fred Carpenter. Tom Norquist AJ Loeds Back 144Surrounded by St Louis Park defenders. Kurt Schellhas (12), one of Edina’s four All-Conference selections, tries to work himself open for a shot Pete Kieley (12) was the Hornets' sixth man and helped Edina to ns fourth straight conference title. 145Swimming Hornets Sweep To Record Victory In State Swimming Meet Displaying overwhelming power. Edina won the state swimming title for the second time in the last three years Having lost before the state meet only to St Cloud Tech in a dual meet and Hopkins in District 18. the Hornets left no doubt as to whether they were the top team Their 208 1 2 points was a new state record, as was their 76 1 2-point margin of victory The Hornets won seven events, including the two relays, and were the only team to place in all eleven events Individual winners included Steve Lewers in the 50-yard freestyle. Todd Smith in diving and the 100-yard backstroke and Scott Hal-lam in the 200 and 400-yard freestyle. Lewers tied the state record in his event, and Hal-lam set a new record in the 400-yard freestyle during the qualifying round The Hornets also won the conference title, and with state champions Smith and Hallam returning. Edina should be a top contender for the state title again next year. Rich Garlock (11). Brad Orrben (10). Mr Downey and John Bucklin (12) exchange congratulations after winning the 400 yard freestyle relay 146 Dan Engel (12) happily shows a teammate their victory margin in tho freestyle relay at the state meet Dan finished fifth in the 50 yard freestyleLAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won 9 Lost 0 Hopkins 7 2 Kennedy 5 3 St Louis Park 5 4 Cooper 3 5 Robbinsdale 1 7 Lincoln 0 9 200-YARD MEDLEY TEAM (From Row) M VVilUs. B Rodman Mr Downey G Alexander S lewers 400 YARD FREESTYLE (Back Row) J 8uckl v D Engel. B Orrben R Garlock Gordy Alexander (11) splashed to a fourth place m the state in tho 100 yard breaststroke VARSITY: Front Row- B Orrbon R DnKraay S Hallnm. M Willis. B Heeb, E Eyden J Harmony c T Row- G Alexander R Garlock T Smith. J Nord. T Brame. G Nevms. R Swanson J Sch.rmer F Kroh '""m M 0 Ogren T Love Second Third Row- Mr Downey M Burn . 0 Fisher B Zerull R Mi iard M Anderson. J Carnahan D Eno- R L‘ M mberger P Chadboorn. J Francis J Bucklm T Bostock. 8 Rodman h° Y. T Anderson Back Row- S Lewers 147EDINA 54 41 St. Louis Park 65 30 Rochester Marshall 63 32 Lincoln 61 34 Austin 69 26 St. Thomas 63 32 Robbinsdale 68 27 Cooper 66 29 Kennedy 62 33 Hopkins 63 31 St Louis Park 69 26 Rochester Mayo 54 34 Lincoln 43 52 St Cloud Tech 61 34 Hopkins Todd Smith (11) placed first in the 100-yard backstroke in addition to his victory in the diving competition Coaches and swimmers alike ended up in the pool after Edina was announced state swimming champions for the second time John Bucklin (12) finished eighth m the 200-yard individual medley and anchored the record-setting 400-yard freestyle relay team 148Captain Bill Rodman (12) placed second in the state in the 100-yard butterfly, while Scott Hallam (10) finished first in the 200 and 400-yard freestyle events B SQUAD Front Row S Mueller S Garlock O Oaks J Crut. J Hanson Second Row- 0 Lundeeo. 0 Hovde S Stassen 8 Tah J Cour solle.j Boogie Third Row-M Alien. B Foiev. T Mestomacher. E Meester. B Oaks.J Carlson Back Row-M Sxendrey. S Moosio 149Wrestling Wrestlers Place 5th In Lake Conference; Four Go To Region, One To State Completing the season with a fifth-place Lake Conference record of 5-4-1. the Hornets wrestling squad sent four men to the Region V Tournament Seniors Ron Atkinson and Doug Fisher, and juniors Steve Balch and Mark Gray represented Edina at the.meet From these. Fisher continued to state competition at St Cloud, where he was defeated in the quarterfinals The team, larger than last year's squad, was headed by co-capiains Doug Fisher and Dave Selness Juniors Jim Moffm. John Sanford. Steve Grinned. Scott Quisling and sophomore Gary Monahan also made notable contributions to the team's success. The wrestlers won the tenth annual Edina Invitational meet, defeating St Anthony. Kellogg and Washburn Jim Moffitt (11). who finished the season with an 8 6 record in the 103-pound class, puts his Richfield opponent in a pinning position Both Mark Gray (11) and Steve Balch (11) qualified for Region V competition in their respective weights Region V wrestler Ron Atkinson (12) moves to reverse his position to ga,n an advantage over his opponent from Robbmsga|e IWVARSITY: Front Row- Ben Mertold. Jim Moffin Gary Monahan, John Sanford Stevo GrinnoR. Steve Batch Back Row- Tom Brain Mark Gray Doug Fishw Ron Atkinson. Dave Set ness. Scott Quisling, Tony Brown Finishing with a 6 5 record, co captain Dave Selness (12) maneuvers his opponent into a body press position in order to flip him into a pin LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tie Hopkins 10 0 0 Robbinsdale ... . 9 1 0 Cooper 8 2 0 Si Louis Park .... 6 3 1 EDINA 5 4 1 Lincoln 5 5 0 Kennedy 4 6 0 Minnetonka 3 7 0 Richfield 2 8 0 Wayzata 2 8 0 Mound 0 10 0 131EDINA 13 30 Cooper 4 b 3 Mound 71 16 Richfield 23 17 Wayzata 33 7 Lincoln 16 27 Robbmsdale 3 7 Minnetonka 14 27 Hopkins 19 2b Kennedy 22 22 St. Louis Park 34 10 Greenway 8 36 Grand Rapids 25 14 Minnetonka Pressuring his rival with a half-nelson Steve Grinned (11) strives to gam a few more points for the Hornets Co captain Doug Fisher (12), preparing to take down hi$ adversary from Lincoln, represented Edina in the State Tournament B SQUAD: Front Row- S Schlachter D Chapmev P FtrUey. S Neume.ster M Poster. C Brantford S Pollock. D Kuru Second Row B Zms. S Kroflttad C kn.pt B Bremer P Branyon P Call,nan S Thompson B Woehrle D Undcen Third Row- P Wilton. O Fostum, J Seeborg. S Tickio. J Ankner B Wooitey. M Ferguton j Kieffer. J Groth. O Duitt Back Row B Brot J W.tham J Burkhardt T Terry J Strother . S Hatrung J Ga s 152Mike McGlynn (11). a member of Edina's victorious slalom team, turns through a gate before sluing to a sixth place finish in the state meet at Duluth Skiing Skiers Place Second In Conference, Move On To Seventh In State The Edina skiing teams' only loss during the season was to Hopkins, and they finished the year in second place in the Lake Conference. The top three qualifiers in slalom, crosscountry and jumping then moved on to the state meet at Duluth, where they placed seventh. Strong performances by the slalom and cross-country teams made this finish possible. The slalom team took the lead after the first day of the state meet. Tom Giebmk finished second. Mike McGlynn sixth and Steve Means 20th Tom Page led the cross-country trio with a sixth-place finish, but the best the jumpers could do were 35th and 36th by Jack Shaul and Mike Jacus. The seventh place finish was a slight drop from last year's second place team, but with a number of top skiers returning, coach Wesner expects Edina to challenge for state honors next year. VARBITY: Front Row J Grreskowrak T Page G Diehl. L Schroedw F R.ggi,, r Carpenter J fW« Rn» Slock dale. I Olson. S SanOr.k J Sp.ndler. M Jacuv D Maui J Shaul A Carlson Thud Row B Nelson M McGNnn Roos Gurbinlc. C Andorson a Agostsson S Moans Fourth Row M Hill R Falcon H Murnhv r I r rn ul Sahlman C Struck Back Row 0 Griff .. Mr Wesner K Porter T C° Xm Jack Shaul (10). placed 35th in the state in the jumping competition 153Seniors ham it up in the senior skit to the amusement of the Homecoming court and student body, and end up capturing the traditional first prize SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bill Weigel, president Kurt Schellhas. vice-presi dent. Joan Unger, secretary. Nancy Sotebeer. treasurer 156Seniors After Four Years Seniors Finally Outgrow Senior High Building The class of ‘67 had a head start on high school life by spending ninth grade in the senior high As sophomores they found they had advanced a grade but were still the youngest in the building Greek mythology, green gym suits and the memories of a hne talent show were left behind as sophs became |uniors. and. amid class rings, term papers and financing the fantastic pink prom, juniors found time to cheer on the basketball team to its state championship victory, the highlight of 1966 Their senior year was a year of honors and fulfillment as 1 8 Merit Scholar semi-finalists. National Honor Society members and the top ten were chosen, class ranks were established and college plans were finalized Needless to say. these four years will never be forgotten Captain Bruce McIntosh (12) concentrates on retaining his Lake Conference scoring title The unrestrained enthusiasm of Gil Hadey (12). AFS'er from France, bursts forth from the megaphone in the words of his famous cheer 157Top Ten Eleven Members Of Edina's Top Ten, Not So Odd As Many Think This year, as the result of a tie due to very keen competition, there were eleven members included in the top ten These eleven scholars have ranked themselves among the upper 1 1 2 per cent of their class Their interests and activities are widely scattered, and each has managed to serve his school in some way Mark managed the baseball team and belonged to the German Club Paul participated in Junior Achievement. Chess Club, and Math Club Ted was active in Hi-Y. German Club and his church Diane Welch showed a deep interest in music, whereas Ann was more sports-minded Diana was busy as student director of Edina's melodrama. ’ Love Rides the Rails" along with being a member of the Orchestra and the creative writing club Lynn belonged to Y-Teens and French Club Diane Lesman. a sewing enthusiast. was vice-president of the French Club and a member of GAA Tom was active in Hi Y. scouts, l-ball. soccer, and Latin Club Bill, senior class president, played soccer and I-ball and was active in the Latin Club Enthusiastically engrossed m the magazine corner of the library. Bill Weigel (12) and Tom Naegeli (12) enjoy their favorite publications Diane Lesman (12) gets ready for a big date while Ann Toensmg (12) is caught by the camera at the Homecoming dance Since Ted Johnson’s (12) full schedule doesn't allow time for a study hall. Ted must use class time to catch up on sleep 158Bored with six long hours of tedious classroom work Mark Banks (12) and Paul Brindle (12) enter tain themselves by listening to the radio, balancing piles of books and chewing gum w — 2 l Diane Welch (12) proves you don t have to be organized to get A s Surrounded by piles of books and notes. Lyn Zempel (12) does last minute cramming Diana Postlethwaite (12). all set to start a long evening of homework, looks with disgust at Nancy Ostlund (12) who prefers lighter reading material 159SUSAN ELIZABETH AB80TT — Abat all-school Y loons treasurer International Club — German Club — Job's Daughters sows most ol her own wardrobo SANDRA LYNNE ABERNETHY - San Spanish Club member - • actively participator! in Art Club — vice-president ol salos m Jr Achievement Apros Ski Club — loves skiing and skate boarding DANIEL LEE ALLEN — Latin Club participates in intramural sports plans to go to Europe and attend tho University ol Minnesota JANE KIMBERLY ALLEN — Kim Bunetto assistant feature editor-French Club threo years — Y Teens - Candy Striper at Abbott Hospital — a sense ol humor you simply have to experience TIA CARLENE AMENT - welcome transfer from Monmouth. Illinois in |umor year Y-Tecns — cheerleader m Monmouth plans a trip to Disneyland with Mick Jagger — has been spotted in Chicago Zoo THOMAS JOSEPH ANDERL -treasurer of church Pilgrim Fellowship group — participated in bowling teaguo — plans on attending the U of M — a great motorcycle enthusiast MARY ELLEN ANDERSEN - Latin Club - Y Teens — Luther League officer participates in church choir and Hoigaard's Ski Club — plans to attend St Olat College Edma Players PAUL MARK ANOERSEN -taught guitar and ukelele lessons in Minneapolis summer school — plans with the Air Notional Guard after college — has watershed barefoot You onher know it or you don't CATHY JEAN ANDERSON -Homottos — Viking pom-pom girl Y-Tcens Home Ec Club — Ski Club — sows almost all of her clothes plans to be an airline stewardess DANIEL ANDERSON - played in band for two years - onioys working with radios and televisions — memories of last summer's hundred mile canoo trip JANIS LYNN ANDERSON - Jan — French Club for three years F8LE — participated in Junior Achievement and church youth group plans to attend Kings College in New York JUDY KAY ANDERSON - danced with Homottos two years a Vikings pom pom girl he-'d a joh as a maid - fields up her or»d of the conversation by pigling KAREN SUE ANDERSON - Krocn — Home Ec Club treasurer Red Cross representative — captain of Breck cheerleaders for two years — plans to go to Simpson Collogo - a certain ski jumper KEITH MICHAEL ANDERSON — Math Club International Cfub - German Club - Eagle Scout worked as a fast order cook at Wolgrcon's — plans to attend St O'al College KIMBALL SHOLL ANDERSON - participated m Hi-Y lor two years — on Edina's Soccer team enjoys hunting and fishing - a funny guy who knows how to have a good time LARRY LEE ANDERSON Lar manager of Edina's football team Junior Achievement and Luther League worked at Brrdgomans making icecream planson attending Stout State University LAWRENCE OLAF ANDERSON Larry three years in band famous lor making greai ice cream cones at Howard Johnsons — plans to attend the U of M after graduation LEIGH CHARLES ANOERSON three years mconcort band participated in Metropolitan Youth Orghostra German Club Science Seminar - loves to read 160IT O' Pushing Jim Klass (12) back into childhood. Carole Textor (12) prepares for a swinging evening in the manner of casual seniors. • r.y 1 ■ y fh grow Edina Pool; Instead Swim At City Lakes Calhoun And Harriet LYNN MARIE ANDERSON president ol Future Teachers ol America Spanish Club two years officer in Luther leaguo — plans to attend St Cloud State Teachers College has a put mushroom LYNN MARIE ANDERSON — Home Ec Club Y-Teens lot three years - Pep Club participates m church youth group — Girt Scouts takes to lilo guards MARK BURT ANDERSON — Andy — Varsity swimming team socre-tary-troasurer ol Hi Y group - Gorman Club — Luther League vice president — groat school spwit MARLOWE FRANZ CRISTIN ANDERSON Cns Rod Cross par l»crpaied in Ski Club lettered in skiing — took many skiing trips enthu siastic when it comes to cars SHARMAN LEE ANDERSON Sharm a transfer Irom Arlington. Virginia, at the last pan of jr year, whoro she belonged to Omega Serv.ce Club worked at Lancer's plans to attend the U ol M SHARON LEE ANDERSON 8one French Club three years - Home Ec Club — m Sr Homecoming Ski: — plans to be a nurse groat times at Bramotd STEVEN JOHN ANDERSON Steve lour years in Latin Club I Ball - participated in Luther League and Boy Scouts Nationa' Mem Scholar Semi finalist — proud owner of black ’51 Ford — spends most ol his time repairing it THOMAS ROGER ANDERSON Tom all school Hi-Y president all-city Hi Y chairman of leadership — participated in swimming and cross country president of church group has trouble with collapsing tents. TIMOTHY LEE ANDERSON Pippy' a mom ber of Spanish Club for two years - played varsity football new as a Jr from Cmcmatti — always mossm' around 161EILEEN MARIE ANKNER Cookie Art Club Rod Cross Fronch Club — "King Arthur and the Maqic Sword" raises and shows quarter horses — loves to sk . paint and oat chocolate spends spate time at the stable-- JAMES FRANKLIN ANTONSON - Jim Outdoor Club —participates m swimming, cross-country, and wrestling — Boy Scout — a real outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hunting, trapping, hshing and camping JAN KATHLEEN ARMSTRONG - biology lab assistant active mem ber of tho Civil Air Patrol — has wide interest ranging Irom Hying to gardening — thinking ol the U ol M SUSAN MAUDE ARMSTRONG German Club Luther League voiunteet for the United Fund and the Minneapolis Society for the Bund plans to go to the University of Minnesota at Duluth NANCY LEIGH ARONSON Nutch" member of Y Teens — enjoys sewing as a pas time plans to go to Winona State and become a secretary after gradua non REBECCA COLE ASHLEY Becky Home Ec Club — German Club Y-Toens Girl Scouts — likos swimming, golf and snow — plans college alter graduation took an interesting trip to Washington. DC. and New York City - won a trophy for swimming JAMES HERBERT ASSELSTINE H. Y wrestling for two years Homocoming float committee likes golfing, swimming and Skiing — plans to attend the University of Minnesota RONALD WARREN ATKINSON Atco"— Student Council - chairman of the Ethics Committee — lettered in wrestling and football — likos all sports and Toot-Sio Rolls — plans on Mankato State alter graduation GAIL SUSAN AUGHENBAUGH Susm Home Ec Club — Spanish Club Home coming election committee — member ol Job's Daughters — class officer ol her church group — enjoys skiing - plans with tho U of M DONNA CAROL AYNES Future Secretaries of America Office Edu cation membor of Spanish Oub for two years — Y-Teens — enioys knitting as a pastime lived in Germany for four years KATHERINE BAARSCH French Club Y-Teens- member of Debate C»ub — sew ing is her favorite pastime loves pr«a University of Minnesota is included in her plans after graduation BRUCE MASON 8AHNEMAN Soccer Club — Ski Club — Hi-Y — Ugly Man Contest — l-Ball captain skung and soccer are favorite pastimes — plans to attend Mankato State alter graduation — likes ski trips and a good party LOOE BAKER - Ski Club - Hi-Y Ail-School v.co-pros — Soccer Oub -Ugly Man Contest — Junior Achievement — All Conference. All-Stale Soccer Goalie plans to attend the U ot M MARK WILLIAM BANKS German Oub — Science Seminar — student manager of the varsity baseball team National Mem Scholarship semi-finalist — enioys hunting hshing. and photography JANE LOUISE BARBER Burrotte—Y Teens — Decfam — Edina Players — likes skung. dancing reading and horse back riding — was a Miss Kansas City contestant — moved from Kansas City. Missouri, in her |unx r year JAMES CORY BATES B squad hockey mramuraJ soflball — senior lifesaving — has a wide range of hobbies ranging from water skung to hunting loves raspberries and German chocolate cake JILL ANN BATTEN — Home Ec Club — French Club — Y Toons — Ski Club — three year member ol Bhrrard Ski Club — favorite pastimo is snow skung whoosh DAVID HOWARD BEAVER Weave Homocoming skit — Ski Club — JA — Park Board baseball - was voted most valuable player of hrs baseball team — likes fast cars and playing the piano 162Lieutenant Governor James Goetz looks on as politically-minded Polly Forsythe (12) aids the Republican campaign in Minnesota Seniors A Sweeping Majority Makes LeVander Gov., Republican Students Reap Rewards For Campaign Efforts PAUL JOHN BECKER Ski Club Teen Power Park Board hockoy likes golfing. playing h.j guitar water skiing and weekends plans to attend the University of Minnesota RICHARD FLINT BELFRY Dick -Ski Club Latin Chib senator — I Ball varsity tennis Student Council — Park Board hockey — enjoys playing hi guitar as a pastime — plans to attend Macalester a tier graduation JAY LOVELL BENNETT Student Council pres — German Club — varsity football, basketball and baseball — Boys State — Boys Nation — Optimist Award — plans to enter modicmo JUDITH ANN 8ENNITT - Jody Bu zctto — Y Teens chapter president Red Cross French Club FTA Ski Club — enjoys skiing SCOTT IRVEN BERG - Scotty — Att Club Ed-r.a Player Arthur and the Magic Sword and Tom Sawyer-' — helped to inmate the Edma Toon Center likes painting, hunting and blue leans — plans to attend Mankato State THOMAS ROBERT BERGERSON - Berg.e Hr-Y tenn.s YMCA member — o f cer ol church fellowship — member of Minneapolis Pros bytenan Youth Council — YMCA World Youth Conference in Norway likes tennis and sweaters — toured Europe PERRY BETH BERGET works lot ETC - Art Club Y Teens Pop Club — church cho r — church loaguo see — Toen Power sec taught art courses to under privileged children — enioys painting and swimming JAMES NEIL BERGREN Jungle Jim — member ol Pilgrim Church Feiiowsh.p worked at the health cento? — won a science award — likes all sports — owned a baa shop plans to attond St Cloud STEVEN LEE BERGSETH Seth' German Club - Whigrr .in sports od :or counselor at Camp St Croix — enjoys lolksmgmg and playing his guitar — ono ol the Brandyw.no Two 163Science students vacate the classroom to apply their knowledge on challenging experiments conducted in the laboratory During a trying physics experiment, Cal Henley (12) observes the law of springs as Gary Hanson (12) records the data GAYLE LINOA BERGUSON - Y-Teens An Club - tan ol Chad and Jeremy—GAA «n sopnomore veer—church youth group—plans to attend the University ot Minnesota JOHN SUMNER BETZ - moved hero from Kalamazoo Michigan alter |umor year — lettarod in wrestling and lootball ai Michigan — Ski Club — Homecoming parade — took several interesting trips to Mo iCO will go into law after graduation ANNE THERESA BING - Andy — Y Teens — Home-Ec Club — Latin Club - loves 360 bikes trips out to Braemer — plans to bocome an airlino stewardess JACQUELINE RAE 8LANCHARD - Jackie — FTA — active in church — worked at Red Owf — plans to attend college in Bethany Oklahoma, where she will maior in nursing VALERIE ANN BLECKINGER -Y Teens — Red Cross — Ski Oub — Pep Club tor two years - band — church choir — was a receptionist at a beauty salon over the summer — plans include attending the U ot M JEANNE LOUISE BLESI - Ini Dub — An Club — Y-Teens vice pres — Hornettes — Homecoming refresh ments and decoration committees — Spanish Club for two years — does some modeling — craves peanut butter toast MARLA JOY BOCKELMAN Homecoming chouman for program and skit committees — Y-Teens chapter pres — Latin Club — concert band — orchestra — assistant guide at Wilderness Canoe 8ase last summer — pans to attond St Olal College ALLAN BERT BOHANNON — active participant ol state and national OE — likes The We Five and working with cars — ptons to enter pharmacy at the University ot Minnesota BARBARA JO BOOK Red Cross Hornettes - Aqua Nymphs — French Club Ski Club — Breck cheerleader — likes Boston baked beans — was a telephone solicitor (or three hours 164THOMAS RICHARD BOSTOCK - now this yea from Si Louis Missouri — Rifle Oub — track — B bosket ball manager — w.itcf polo — varsity swimming — a life guard over the summer — plana to altood Drake Umver shy JOHN LLOYO BOWMAN - Bobo loitered m football and wres tling — trenaforrod from Washburn m junior year enjoys Ashing and hunting plans to attend St John s University ROBERT ROLAND BRADFORO— Bob — Park Board hockey — likes cars and guitais worked at Delane s Delicatessen during the summer — memorable trip to Boston over spring vacation DIANE GRACE BRANDANGER — Biandy' — has three horses - an avid Ian of water skiing — plans to attend William Woods College —" a blessing m disguise BEATRICE ELEANOR BRANSON Bea Latin Club lor three years — Y Teens tor two years — Edina Ski Chib — Sunday School teacher — enjoys writing poetry — plans to go to Endicott College wild about bright orange MARY ANN 8RATRUD — Olfico Education — Future Secretaries ol America — church youth group workod at West gate Theater — would like to become an elementary school teacher — a blue-eyed blonde with a constant smile CYNTHIA ANN BREHM - Cyndy - Red Cross homeroom projects chair man — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — church youth group — won Braemar Goll Award - gives piano lessons — ' It could be tonse KENNETH WILLIAM BREMER - Ken German Club pros I Ball softball fool ball — Park Board baseball and hockey — enjoys amateur wrestling church youth group stamp and com collector BETH LEAH BRIDGE-MAN - Art Club member ol homecoming float committee - DE - JA Sales Award — likes skiing, skm diving and writing — portaging on Gunflint Trail — hopes to attend Pan American College m Texas Seniors 147 Move On From Biology And Chemistry To Face The Challenge Of Physics PAUL WILLIAM BRINDLE - Math Club vice pres - Chess Oub - I Ball — JA treas and wee pies of sales — Bowling Leaguo — National Mont — likes tape recording, reading, and playing the piano — plans to attend Carleton MICHAEL ARTHUR BROBACK - S»- Oub member of Park Board hockey — B squad hockey — enjoys all sports — plans with the University ol Minnesota ROGER DONALD BRUNER - "Chief Red Cross — Hi-Y — likes to ski end play the guitar — worked m a body shop over the summer — plans include college ai Mankato State College JAMES CAMPBELL BRYAN - Stubb - E-Club — Red Cross — let tcred two years in tennis — active m church group — workod at Northstar Tennis Club a ded-catod tennis p'aye WILLIAM FREDERICK BRYAN — Bill — worked on stage crew lor many school plays — member of Order of the Arrow — plans with the Navy after graduation — enjoys working with wood JOHN CARPENTER BUCKLIN - Bucko pros of Jr class lettered four years in swimming — Whigrean staff — Student Council — often takes walks — Hi-Y — E-Club —” a meetmg tonight?" — always makes it a good time — the group KRYSTAL GENE BUFFUM - Kris Art Club — Homecoming float committee — Office Education — Future Secretaries of America — JA Sales Award — memorable trip to haunted brewery — can be found m an art room — known for inhabiting green tentt. ROBERT LEE BUND-GAARD — Bob — cross country - track — E Club church youth group — likes to play the guitar — works at a gas station DENNIS PETER BURATTI — Denme — Spanish Club Works ai Daylon’s received a National Mem Letter of Commendation likes to golf — would lAe to attend the University ol Wisconsin 165BRADLEY BURGESON interested in wrestling skiing and skating has plans to enter coliego following graduation - greatest interest in drum mmg for the Daze TIMOTHY MICHAEL BURKE part.opeted .n sen lor Homocoming skit - Ed na ski team — holds tho record (or the most broken legs, two in three years — favorite singers include tho Supremos and Joery Heathcrton SHEILA MARY BURNS Spanish Club French Club — Jun«ot Achievement National Mont Letter of Commendation taught at Indian reservation in Grand Portago - likes Soupy Soles. Batman PAUL PHILLIP BURRELL — concert band mombor ol Math Club church youth group — organizes his coin collection to the sound of Sonny and Cher plans to attend University of Minnesota STEPHEN BUSA -Stove — Am Club member — pastimes include his motorcycle art and gui tar strumming — hitch hiked twKO to Cape Cod and back — expects to enroll m the University Ot Minnesota MARK KEVIN BYNELL loves sports — participates in swimming and track • JA — church youth group THOMAS BYRNES - manager ol the swimming team - French Club — Spanish Club — participated «n intramural sports - skiing and baseball m terest him in his spate time LINDA LEE CA8ALKA - Aqua Nymphs lo three years treasurer in junior year — Red Doss — GAA — enjoys swimming — took an interesting camping trip in Colorado for six weeks — favorite groups include Monkoes and the 8eachboys GERALD ROBERT CAMPBELL - Latin Club - Luther League — Explorer post trees at tonded Minnesota Outward Bound School last summer Seniors Seniors Find Summer Tans Have Faded By Homecoming And Are Completely Gone By Hi-Y Formal MERRY JOY CAPRON - sec for Mixed Cher in |umof year ,umor Homocoming float chairman — church choir — has hopes ol teaching physical education owns her own horse JOHN MARK CARLOTTO — Otto — president ol church youth group — Gorman Chib — a fan of chess plans .ncludo the U ol M THOMAS JAMES CARLSEN - varsity base ball and hockey Latin Club senator — Am Legion Basoball Award German Club Red Cross representative — goll Park Board hockey and baseball — a sports enthusiast CATHERINE ANN CARLSON - Kay active member of Internabonal Club — French Club — T-Teens Folk Club — Ski Club — church youth group plan on attending college addicted to ‘I 8 m LINDA LOU CARLSON - Office Education program participant Futuro Secretaries of America smiley and sincere RUTH MARIE CARLSON — active mem ber ol Home-Ec Club — secretary ol Girls Scouts — added her enthusiasm to Pep Club — new to Edma this year trom Booklyn Center — once had a memorable iaunt to Chicago JOHN MARTIN CARNAHAN - Edina Soccer Club varsity swimming team — HhY — church youth fellowship senior lifesaving — a water skung enthusiast — plans on attending college in Minnesota KEVIN LYLE CARPENTER — a welcome addition to Edma from Oregon in his junior year — Prom Committee co-chairman — tootball — baseball — Gorman Club - Stodont Council — church youth group — a lobster loving water skier ROGER MYRON CARPENTER - varsity cross country track team E-Club Hi Y — participated Mt German Club — church youth group — Eagle Scout — workod as a camp counselor 166Working out on Muscle Beach. John Slater (12). tries his hand at the parallel bars Becky Gray (12). Carole Textor (12). Carrie Nesset (12). Nick Manning (12). and Val Versen (12). play a hot game of cards while sunning at Lake Calhoun JOHN THOMAS CARROLL. JR. — "Flippy I AM to piny hockey and baseball — toves all sports — Luther College plans and then to enter flvghi school CANDACE LYNN CARTER -Candy Moon Maid m King Ar thgr Play — Homocoming coronation committee — German Club — sophomore Daisy Mao finalist and Homocoming somi-final 5t — as sweet os her name TERRY ANNE CARTER - participated in Camp Firo girls foi eight years — Job's Daughters — FBLE — Art Club — chairman lor Sadie decorations committee — likes painting skiing and sewing JEFFREY DOUGLAS CHANDLER - Jell belongs to cross country Science Seminar — Hi-Y — likes fishing. Scuba diving and boating THOMAS CHAPMAN — Casey Jr — page in King Arthur belongs to tho Ski Club — won a blue ribbon — plans to attend either U of M or Mar queue LINDA KAY CHASTEK — belonged to Y-Teens lor three years derk at Donaldson's —- Junior Achievement m tumor year French Club and French play — babysat lor a cat — went to Europe last summer — plans to be a nurse — popsicte girl o» Edina DOUGLAS MILNER CHILDS — active in Latin Dub for throe years - a member on E-Club lor two years — played 1-Ball — lettered in football two years AH lake Conference football GENE CRAIG CHRISTENSEN -performod as the drum major lor marching band — golf team — played in concert band — AFS host of Gil Hadey — National Merit Scholarship TERRY JON CHRISTENSEN - served on the Student Council - played two years of varsity football — E Oub — participated in wrestling — active m Young Life — likes such outdoor activities as hunting and camping 167LIZBETH JAN CHRISTENSON - Art Club owns two horses inter csta include cars and guitars — plans lo attend tho Minneapolis School ol An dislikes food and snobs CYNTHIA JEAN CLAYTON-C«Ci FTA French Club Y Teens — Girl Scouts — Job's Daughters Fencing Club plans to attend the Urwersuy ol Minnesota — memories ol a Euro pnan tourney wans eagerly for the next Chickenmun episode CHAR COAL - Miss Flame ' ol 1966 — chairman of Home Ec Club's barbecue commutoo — a burning delight JAMES OAVIO COATES — Hi Y — church basketball - church youth group collects coins — likes to play tennis and football — tulunt plans include tho University Of Mnnosota JEAN ELIZABETH COBB — vice president of Aqua Nymphs International Club — Fronch Club — Contact Corps — enjoys swimming, skiing and sewing — had a two-month Europe,in holiday JOYCE CAROL COFFIN - Y-Teen — Lat n Club soerc tary Of church youth group — hobbies includo knitting and skiing — worked at B aemar Arana Red Doss vounteer for two yoars — Homecoming button committoe — charming KATHLEEN LYNN COFFIN - participated in OE program pastime fill ers are skin diwng and dancing — plans to attend beauty school — has a D.wwon lor a la mode . WILLIAM THOMAS COLE - president of church ywth fellowship — explores the great outdoors while hunting and ftshmg has viewed the Indianapolis 500 — oaves pmn JUDY ELIZABETH COLLINS — chairman of scenery crews for plays Art Club - models part tune — likes knitting and mco — will enroll at the Un vors ty of Minnesota next fall took a sunshine break m California during the summer — a sucker lover THOMAS JOSEPH CONNELL - Tom shows athletic skills « partici potion in cross'country. track and 9knng — plans to enlisl aflor graduation PATRICK JOHN CONNOY - Pat — Spanish Club member played m iho band likes all sports especially goll and hockey — hopes to study nt the University ol Minnesota likes a good card gome MARY JANE CONRY - BJ Latin Club Y-Teens — French Club — GAA - International Club — Ski Club Junior Achievement won a scholarship award — plans to attend the U of M 168 The innovation ol Twister by Milton Bradley has provided many hilarious times lor "unsophisticated'' seniors at parties and other gatheringsCAROL DORTHY COSTEUO - Y Teens - Homo Ec Club Pep Club — church group — likes sewing and all outdoor sports — plans to attond Mankato State College - movod hero from Buffalo. New York — likes yel low Mustangs THOMAS MARTIN COULTER sk loam Art Club cfvjrch group — skiing art. and guitar has taken ski trips 10 Colorado — likes nki trips and b!.u MARY 8LA00N CRAIG V Tot . li luma tional Club — FTA — FBLE - plans to attend Drako University or Umversi ty ol Minnesota — traveled to the Caribbean — likes tho Joo Pyno Show SUSAN LYNN CRAIGIE GAA Nationol Thespians — Edina Players — participated m summer plays — is a wild rock and roll dancer - moved from San Outgo. California m her tumor yoa' BETHEL JEAN CRAW FORD — Y Icons FTA Luther League iikos horseback tiding road mg water skiing swimming and skating plans to attend the University ol Washington TERRY REAGEN CROWELL - a com and recorded ictor — spend much lime watching cars and motorcycles — has been to Mew co likes the Monkees. most spoils, cars and motorcycles JOAN CATHERINE CUMMING - FBIF for three years church choir and Hi League — spends her l»e« hours knitting playing tho piano and its icmng to rocords ol tho Supromos and Andv Williams ROBERT BRUCE CUMMINGS — Spanish Club Ski Club Drama Club Kesc-i .and ah kings ol sports — musical abilities show up when playing the guitar harmonica and organ — enjoys writing poetry — future plans include at tending the University ol South Dakota PATRICK GEORGE CURLEY -Curley — Jr Achievement — folk-rock group onjoys hunting — Nat I Judo ass t — coUego in Australia Seniors Girls Plan Parties After Sadie To Entertain Dates And To Help Save On The Expenses NANCY ELIZABETH OALLOORF - International Club French CU.t "Ail My Sons GAA Hoigaard s Ski Club — likes 10 sew plan to attend Macoloster Collogo — likes children DAVID HENRY OAL-QUIST - Dee pastime include hunt-ng, water skiing and drag racing plans to attend tho University Ol Mine.isota - likes sports car % BARBARA LIZABETH OAMON - GAA Y Teens Spanish Club ikes swim ming and dancing — plans to attend tho Colorado State University — likes hot VW. Germany and a Marian Dance KEVIN CHARLES DANIELSON - Hi C Club church youth group plans to attend the University ol Minnosoto liko motorcycles and water skiing CLEMET BIRO OARKENWALO - vac. ty football lor two year, likes to h h and hunt — ha trouble with flat tires — plans to attend St Cloud college JENNIFER ANN DAVENPORT - AFS Club DE pro gram — FSLE — active in church Contact group — worked as a volunteer at St Mary's Hospital — finds bob si adding full of excitement — plans 10 go mto the retailing business JOHN EVERETT DAVIES — churc’i choir and youth group hobby is training Gorman shepards plans to attend tho University of Minnesota MARY ANNA OECRACIUN - chaptor off-cor lor Y Teens Spanish Club — FTA — Home Ec Oub G«l Scouts — HiC — church choir — Dociam — sowing, cooking ond reading — plans to attend St Cloud or Mankato — likes Simon and Garlunkle JANNA LOUISE DEHERDER -Gorman Club — has sung m numerous operetta performances — Outdoor Oub — vice-president of G tl Scouts — youth fellowship - collects trees — Edina Teen Contor Staff 169FRANCIS MAE DELANEY - Fran — corresponding secretary Ol Iho Home Ec Club — Rod Cross representative — likes io sow. knit skate and swim worked at Donaldson s THOMAS SIMS DENISON - worked on construction and stage crews ol "Tom Sawder stage manager o! "Tho Boyfriend and Love Rides the Rails" Hi-Y Scuba diver — Eagle Scout National Thespians — member ol Twin Cities Radio Emergency Associated Citizens Team CHERYL LYNN DERBY - Art Club Y-Toons German ClOb — Ski Patrol — enjoys sowing, skiing and all kinds ol ait — plans to become a beautician GEORGE MARTIN DIEHL III E-Club - Spanish Club - has earned three letters in cross-country — 1-Ball — member of church youth group — interested m medicine at St John s University GRETCHEN LYNN DIESS-NER — Ski Club — Y-Teens — transfer student from Washburn, where she was a Y-Teens chapter president and a member ol the girls' swim team and tho German Club — Blizzard Ski Club - plans include olementary education at U of V KATHY JEAN DIESTLER member of Spanish Club and Y-Toons — likes to sew and water ski will attend Mankaio State 10b at Cinema I 6 II Theater SUSAN JEAN DOCKENDORF - Doc — Latin Club Ski Club — Red Cross representative — Y-Teens — member ol Contact — runner-up in the Beauty and the Boast Contest — Pep Club - known as "Queen of the Ice' plans to enroll at the University ol Minnesota OIANNE LYNN DONATELLE- Ski Club German Club — Homocoming Queen semi-finalist — Y-Teens Concert Band — Latin Club has worked at Southwest Clime ROBERT LOUIS DOWNS Bob - plays basketball on the varsity team member of Luther League — band president of church choir -1 ikes ail folk music KATHLEEN DRENNEN - Drenncn - Hornottes — choir - Y-Teens — senior Homecoming skit — GAA — operetta — runner-up in the Beauty and tho Beast Contost — member of church chon and Pilgrim Fellowship Vikmg pom pom g.ri ROBERT BRIAN DUNCAN- Wally' Feilow ship of Christion Athletes — band — member of Young lifo — Co-president ol Church Fellowship weight lilting enthusiast — plans to attend Concordia College- HUGH DUNIT Snoopy — worked for police department as a bloodhound — favorite game is "Clue " BARBARA LOU DUNN - Barb French Club - president of Y-Teens chapter — member of Tatra Ski Club enjoys swimming, sewing and snow skiing CAROLYN LOUISE DUNWIDDIE - Carol Art Club Spanish Club secretary of Luther League — has worked at the Edina Public Library plans to attend Mankato Stato — swimming i$ a favorite pastime - likes to wa'-k m fog and thunderstorms BRIAN JOHN OUOOS — Ski Club — Spanish Club Hi-Y intramural baseball and basketball — member of Luther League canoe trip on Gunflmt Trail DUANE JOHN DURAN - has participated in Park Board hockey likes to work on cars — enjoys activities as a hunter and fisherman — interested ■n printing OON DUTCHER — band transfer student Irom Battle Crock, where he was a senior councilor of the DeMolay Chapter - enjoys stamp collecting — trips to England and Scotland plans to enroll at Mankato Stato PHILIP GEISEL EISENACH- Go track — I Ball — Art Ciub — member of the Red Cross-Disaster Corps has lived in Alaska — plans to go into dentistry at the U ol M 170Cookie Ankner (12), puis an end to a strenuous morning of buying, selling and raising horses Seniors College-Bound Seniors Face Lonely Prospect, Leaving Behind Loving Turtles, Guinea Pigs, Parakeets, Horses, Etc. BARRY HARMON ELERT - momtxi- of Am Club and H Y participates in church choir and baskotball — likes to golf and work on cars pions to attend college at St Cloud MARK JOSEPH ELLINGSON - has hobbies ol working on cars and waterskiing — greatly eniovs his work as a prnchas-er at Southdale 8owt ROGER ALAN ENODAHL - Englo Scout — H.-Y member ot church youth group — president ot an Explorer Scout Post - transfer student trom West Covina California ■ ha8 pastimes ol building model railroads and camping— interested in engineering KRISTINE ELAINE ENGE8RETSON - Engie — participated in Y Teens and FTA — Measurer of Luther League — Candy Striper — uansfer student Irom Wesi Des Moines Iowa where she was a member ol the Spanish Club and pom pom dancelme DANIEL PETER ENGEL - Edina Swim Club presrdent ol church fellowship — lettered for work on the swim team plans to attend the Umv of Minn —has taken canoe tnp m Northern Minnesota MELOOY ANN ENGLE - Mimi co-chm of Chanty Week — Y-Tecns — operetta — member of the school choir — Methodist Youth Fellowship — tikes to sled and waterski PAUL ALLEN ENGLUND - member of H.-Y and Latin Club — active in intramutal sports - - plans to tour Italy and Greece next summer — interest ed m pre medical curriculum at St O)ol College OAVIO CHARLES ERCK. JR. - I Ball Outdoor Club enlutod in the United States Naval Air Reserve — Aviation enthusiast plans to attend University of Montana ELAINE PACY ERCK - Pacy — cheerleader Student Council — GAA Board and treasurer - Span«h Club — enjoys all kinds ol sports especially gymnastics — will major in physical education at LaCrosse Collego 171Even hours of labor and miles of crepe paper could not bring this year s senior float to uphold the traditional first-place rating, but there was feverish activity the night before ALLAN ARTHUR ERICKSEN - Big Al worked on Homecoming float committee — hobby is cars. both antique and classic — also enjoys skiing and bridge — will attend St Cloud and go into business administration 8RAOLEY STERLING ERVIN — a member ot the varsity football toam — an E-Oub member — participated in Young Lie — an enthusiastic sports fan — especially likes the Green Bay Packers SOPHIE EILEEN FAHRENHOLZ — Y-Teens chapter chaplain — Christian Youth Council cabinet — program chairman of church youth group — delegate to Minn Luther League — FTA — chow — Latin Club MICHELLE MARY FARNSWORTH - participated in both Lann and French Clubs — a two-year member ol Y-Teens — Red Cross Representative active m Contact Leader Core — plans to teach French JAMES RICHARD FEE - Jim — strong leadership qualities demonstrated as chairman of Ways and Means committee of Student Council — Donaldson's Teen Board — Homecoming attendant — member of E Club «or lettering in hockey and golf NANCY LYNN FEIGUM - an enthu siasuc skier who skied with both Biiuard and Edina Ski Clubs — also participated m Y-Teens and Latin Club DAVID LEE FERGUSON - Forg — Latin Club god and praetor pres dent ol Soccer Club — shows true talent in the orchestra as concert master and president National Merit Scholar JANE RIGERS FERGUSON -Buoette copy editor — active m Y Teens as chapter pres and an school service chairman — an avid sJuer active in Blmard — Nat l Merit Letter of Commondation - member of Latin Club HELEN CLARK FIELO — a Y Teens chapter pres — French Club member — numerous operettas — Edma Sb Club and BHuard — spends a lot of time writing letters 172CYNTHIA STACIA FINDLAY - a participant ol both Spon.sh Club and Latin Club — also active in Homo Ec Club and Y Teens church youth group member — a lot ol energy packed into a small package PAUL GREGORY FISCHER - played tuba in varsity band — part : paled in Park Board hockey — loves o good hockey or lootball gamo — plans on Umver Sity ol Minnesota after graduation DAVID FRANCIS FISHER — Fish lettered in track, cross country and swimming — Rod Cross a member ot E-Club — sk s with the Sk Club hod on interesting time in California DOUGLAS ALLEN FISHER - Fitch' captain ol the wrestling team — treasurer ol German Club olten seen on his motorcycle JILL MARTIN FLASKAMP - Flash activo in all phases ol school l lo as sooal com mntee chm ol Student Council, co-capt ol Hornettos co-chm ol 1966 Homecoming. |r doss sec Y-Teens Spanish Club — Jr Miss Teen Board Young Lilc. Blir ard Homecoming attendant and Hi-Y Swootheart candidate STANS FLUORIDE - Smiley — Future Oent.stsof Amcnce — won honors m a Nat I Toothpaste Test — a biting conversationalist MARY PAULINE FORSYTHE - Holly Whigroan representative — member ol Spanish Club — church choir — honorary member ol Minneso to Federation ol College Republican Clubs — a loyal politician BRUCE OAROL FOSSEY - a member ol the vars-ty swim team ii»o active n Spanish Club and Hi Y — tomilior with guns likes flying MARILOU ANN FRAS2 - loo — ployed sax in the band tor two years — a mombor of Pep Oub and Spanish Club an active Y-Teener — shows oil her ski totems m Ski Club - church youth group — plans on ottonding the U ol M Seniors Class Of '67 Breaks First-Place Float Tradition; Their Masterpiece Falls Apart MARILYNN ANN FRAS2 - Lynn — Spanish Club momber adds her pep to the Pop Club — played tluto m the bond lor two years — participated m Y-Tcnns Ski Club, and Edina Players — plans to attend the U ot M PAMELYN GAIL FREY - Pam - OE — a Red Cross representative active at Junior Achievement — Sunday school teacher has won US archery diplomas i kes to play the guitar and water ski LYLE JOHN FRIDLUNO — OE student — member ol FSIE — active in Pilgrim Fellow ship — on Explorer Scout — will attend Bramord Technical School CLARK STEVENS GAFF - participated in Spanish Club and Math Club helped out the Prom publicity committee — played Intramural baskotbali a true sports enthusiast future plans include Iowa Slate JEAN ANN GAGE - perky Hornotio Viking pom pom girl — Sludont Counci' repre sontative — Y Teens — Member ol Ski Club and French Club — co-chairmen ol both Senior float and Ugly Man — Young Lite — an ov.d tan ot hockey gomes MARY MAGOELENE GALLO - active m Home Ec Oub and German Club — Y-Teens member — a real ski enthusiast — took a memorable trip to Europe m 1966 KATHY ANN GAMMON - Ofl-cc Education student - alternate Red Cross representative - plans to work after graduation — love blue JAY ALAN GANS - a member ol th Outdoor Club lor two years lettered in track — tootball tor throe yoors olten in the out-of-doors hunting, fishing and trapping — plans to fom the freshman class at the University ot Minne sota next year CRAIG THOMAS GANT - played on tho 8 squad football team — favorite hobby is cars — worked as a shoo salesman 173Seniors Teen Power, Inc. First Helped Teens To Obtain Jobs In Summer Of '66 Kathy Baarsch (12), like 75 per cent of the senior class, worked last summer She served popcorn at the concessions stand at the Mann Drive-In JULIA ELIZA8ETH GARRISON - Sunshine Latin Club — Spanish Club — Y-Tcens member — counselor in training — lived in the Philippine Islands — plans include UolW - ukos daisies SUZANNE KAREN GARRY — Susie — translerred from Chicago as a sophomore — v cc pres ol National Thespians — student directed ' All My Sons — likes sowing — quiet and ambitious MARGARET PATRICIA GARVEN - Peggy Lotm and Spanish Clubs Homo Economics Club FBLE — won National Indoor and Outdoor Speedskating Championships plans to attend University ot Minnesota — likes watersk mg WILLIAM ROSS GARVER — Gerbs enjoys boat and go cart racing as a pastime spent two vears in Austria and one year in Ita-'y ERIKA MARGARET GATES — Riki — a member ot Latin Club - concert band and the orchestra — Y Teens — received a National Merit Scholarship Lot-tor ol Commondaiion — enjoys ten ms will attend University ol Wiscon Sin loves huge hot pickles BRUCE FREDERICK GECKLER -participated in the Edina Ski Club — a Ian ol both hockey and iootball — plans include University ol Minnesota — also enjoys waiorokung — crazy about MEA weekends JAMES DAVID GEGNER — member ol the German Club participated in cross country — plans to anond the University ol Minnesota — likes Fox tak« What a burn! FRED PAUL GEHRING - Fritz - now as a sen •or trom Syracuse New York — concort and marching bands — Syracuse Unrversity Wind Ensemble — All Stato band at lormer school — an Eagle Scout likes music TIMOTHY KEVIN GEIB - likes to play hockey — hold a |Ob as a cook — hobbies include cars and models — enjoys swim ming and watersknng — also workod as a docfcboy ot leech Lake 174ELIZABETH MARY GEORGE - L« active participant ol Spanish Club lor two years member ol Home-Ec Club lavonte sport t skimp plans to attend Mankato Skate — always happy THOMAS HENRY GIE-BIN K — German Club - Soccor Club — two yoareon the ski loom — Outward Bound Tatra racing team - likes snow and mountains JIM NICHOLAS GINDORFF - a member ol French Club played baseball — I Ball — onjoys hunting and skeet shooting as a pastimo — luturo plans include attending the University ol Minnesota 8RIAN EDWARD GLASS - playrd in the varsity band lor two yoars worked on the Homecoming float — an eager tan ol shooting and guns interested m rockets and explosives — will attend U ol M — traveling enthusiast GAMMA GLOBULIN — a rod b'oodcd American roally wcu late at a party — adds a humorous vein to the conversation lather owns a pumping station — serves on the Red Cross BEVERLY JEAN CODE -Bev — participated in Y Tccns — a frequent visitor in the bowling alley — likes to dance — fond ol all kinds ol pets, especially dogs enjoys cooking JOHN DONALD GRANGAARO - Latin Club — World Altars Club participated in track JV football — B Squad basketball manager — sings in church choir — National Merit Letter ol Commendation Boy Stato hnalisi BONNIE MARIE GRANGER - German Club - International Club — president ol Methodist Youth Fellowship — performed m "The Gondoliers ' — UN Seminar as a junior enjoys canoeing and sailing I kes to write letters MICHAEL OWEN GRAY - "Crusher Art Club OE participant — president ol FSLE — enjoys drawing — plans to attend the University ol Minnesota — likes to hunt REBECCA ANNE GRAY - Becky Y Teens band Red Cross rep resentative lor two years — Luther league — Red Cross disaster corps vol untoer hobbies include mus c and dancing VIRGINIA JEAN GRAY — Legs" — Spanish Club — Edina Players worked on Homecoming skits — Ski Club — Dayton s Teen Board representative — wll attend University ol Colorado likes redheads and the Great Pumpkin CLYDE ROBERT GREEN - Radio Club — band - sound director lor My Three Angels — foreign missions at church plans to attend the University ol Minnesota — likes ventriloquism, electronics and UFO's JAMES ROBERT GREENLEE — Bob new as a senior from Shawnee Mission Kansas — Concert Band and Orchestra — Science Club — Chess Club — National Merit Letter ol Commendation — plans to study engineer •ng at the U ol M JEFF STEPHEN GREENOUGH - Park Board hockey lor throe years — likes waterskiing — an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman — has taken many fishing trips to Canada — noted lor getting a deer with his bow MARY JO GREWE - Growers Aqua Nymphs for three years — Y-Toens — a member ol Latin and Home Ec Clubs — enjoys knitting and sewing — on avid swimmer and skier JOHN BELL GROTTING — German Club — a member ol the ski team — Intramural football — Pork Board hockey — a ski instructor lor Hoigaard s ski school — also enioys wate«sk ing and hunting ROBERT THOMAS GROVE - Fury — new to Edma from Illinois - played Intramural bas ketbatl — likes oil kinds ol sports — plays txlliards as a pastime — plans to attend Iowa State University SCOTT LOUIS GROVE - transferred as a senior (torn Omaha Nebraska — French Club — Ski Club - Hi-Y — Red Cross — Debate and Forensscs — an Explorer Scout — Optimist Club Orator — has won many ribbons for debate 175PAUL LEE GUIHER — ecquirod the rank ol Eagle Seoul - blengs the Beach Boys with model railroading has a strong interest in cars JEFFERY LEE GULBRANSEN - Jeff — new from Ohio in junior year Hi Y member participated in Outdoor Club — instructor for Jr Rifle Club member ol Twin City Mu zlo Loading Ctub LYNN RUTH GULBRO -three year member of FTA — treasurer of both FTA and Spanish Club — Y Teens and GAA in soph year — Girl Scouts — Candy Stripe JOYCE MARY GUNDERMAN - belonged to Art Club GAA one yr a member ol Pep Ctub — participated m church youth group and choir — plans to major in art at Bemid|i JACK MERRILL GUNDERSON -Jackson — participated in Outdoor Club, cross country and skiing — also was a mombor of Luther League - likes working on engines HEIDI SUE GUSTAFSON - Daisy Mae Homecoming attendant — Horneties concert band member for two years — Ski Ctub — won scholarship to Um versity Musicians Workshop — sunny ROBERT FLOYD GUSTAFSON - Gus - played varsity hockey lor throe years member ol Edma Soccer Club E Club member — honored as Minneapolis Tribune all conference hockey player LINDA ESTER GUTIERREZ - a Cuban import — has held position ol both secretary and vee-pres of Spanish Club Jr Achievement DAVID PETER HABER-LE — "The Haib president ol Choral Club porformod in sevoral opor etias — goll team 1965 State High School Golt Champion Mmneso-to Association Junior Champion GILBERT JEAN HADEY — Gil AFSer liorri France valuable member ol soccer team German French and Int i Clubs first boy cheerleader — look out lor the twinkle m h.s eye' BONNIE ANN HAEDECKE - added her notes to the concert and varsity bands — active m German Club and FTA also a member ol Home Ec Club. Int i Club and Y Teens — won A rating m state music contest PAULA JEANNE HAEMlG - PJ — worked on Sadie Hawkins decorations lor FBLE Y Teener — church group — taught Sunday school JANET ELLEN HAGEN - Jan — active in Y-Teens as ICC representative all school v»ce pres all-city chaplain and all-oty pres — Int'l Club — Lu tlier League Red Cross vice pres Jr Miss Teen Board RICHARD GEORGE HAGEN - Dick all school Hi-Y chapla n Soccer and Get man Clubs — church group cabinet member — likes soccer and tonms NANCY PATRICIA HAIRE - Do — Student Council - Ski Oub — cheers lor Brock where she was a Homocoming attendont — Y-Toens — Latin Club - Young Lile church choir JOHN WENDELL HALL - Little John Red Cross — cross country and track Park Board hockey — Hi Y chaplain — proud resident ol Mornmgside until annexed MARILYN LORRAINE HALL - a Y-Teens member — participated in GAA — sang in church choir — committe chair man for Girl Scouts — future plans includa Iowa State DE8I LYNNE HALLAM — a Senior transfer from California Italian Oub and dull team at former school — patterned mentally retarded childron — was an active member ol her church group 176 Displaying automotive ingenuity and interest shared by many ot his classmates. Jay Gans (12) begins to lubricate a car Seniors 35 Weekends And 5 Vacations Let Seniors Catch Up On Sleep And Pursue Interests JUOY ANN HAIVORSON - OE Y Teens Home Ec Club F8LE — he d an interesting job at tho Wostgaio Thoator — often laughs at noth mg PAUL RUSSELL HAMMARBERG - transfer from St Paul as a |un-or where ho porticiparod in gymnastics — president of Cathedral Choir at his church — plans on Gustavus Adolphus College alter graduation MARGARET MARY HANNON - Marm OE FSE — Apres Sk Club — church youth group plans to attond buvnoss college alter grad uotion — "My ulcer's acting up again GARY MAYNARD HANSEN - Hans — active in JA member ot his church group — worked as a night cook at Dayton's - plans mcludo bus ness administration at Gustavus Adolphus STEVEN FREDERICK HANSEN — Steve four years a member ol Latin Club - enioys hockey and cars — loves foreign movies plans lo attend tho Unrvorsity ot Minne sota after graduation CHRISTINE LAVINA HANSON - Chris Y Teens chapter presidont Gorman Club — GAA board member member ol Int'l Club— Hoigaards' Ski Club — fan of David Janssen GARY LEE HANSON — lettorod in track and cross country playod I Bail lor three years — member of Latin Club. E-Club and Hi Y — active m Luther League noted for his incessant puns ROBERT CRAIG HANSON -Worm' — moved from Milwaukee in sophomoro year—won a race one Sunday out at Minnesota Dragways — hnchhiked from Idaho last summer TED L HARPER - particpatod in 1-BaU pfavod in .. softball league active member ot church youth group — plans to attend U ol M CAROLYN LOUISE HARRISON — Whigrean stall member lor two years — Job's Daughters FTA — Y Toons — Ed-na Ptaye»a active in church youth group — Woolworth's pet girl — loves Whigrean deadlines - a cute gno MARCENA HARRISON - Marcy DE program — a momber of Ski Oub FSLE. and Spanish Club — also participated in Contact porloct ly at home on tho sk. slope? THOMAS ALLEN HARRISON - Tommy playod drums in a band — participated m Park Board hockoy 177LINDA DIANE HASTINGS — petite ond on the Hornette dance line Ski Dob choir — tatm Dub — Y-Teens — |un.or and senior Homecoming skits church choir Viking pom pom oul - a true romantic NANCY KRISTEN HAVSTAO — Blizzard Ski Club Rod Cross Council member - played the queen in "Sleeping Beauty" — Edma Players — National Thcsp«.ins unm.stakeablo laugh SUSAN ELIZABETH HAVSTAD -Sue served on Red Cross - dramatic flair shown m Edina Players. Na tional Thespians memberships — Blizzard Ski Club — worked as a chambermaid — contagious, uninhibited giggles MARK ROGER HAWKINSON - Hawk intramural sports - sopho more Homecoming skit Park Board hockey participated in many ten ms tournaments — many interesting trips to Nisswa, Minnesota — famous lor h.s motorcycle cool me off JEFFREY DEAN HAWTHORNE -Spanish Club two years — Blizzard two years — belongs to a band called The Misty Odors" - likes the Yardbirds — a talented drummer PRISCILLA HAWTHORNE - Aqua Nymphs treasurer ol International Dub — Student Council — Whigrean art and layout editor — sec ol junor class — Y-Teens — Blizzard — AFSw to Japan — enthusiastic PATRICIA ANN HAYES - International Club lor two years throo year member ol Y Teens aciivc as service chairman Spanish Club Rod Cross — Hoigaard Ski Dub — active in JA as vice-pres ol sales and treas won JA scholarship JOHN STEPHEN HAYHOE - varsity looiball E Club — Latin Club — a member of church youth group — likes Cassius Clay and card games - o conscientious observer LINDA HAYS -president ol Aqua Nymphs — French Club and International Club member ships — Y Toons — hobbies include sewing and knitting — future plans include on education at Wells Coilogo DAVID BURTON HEALY— Dovo — participated in a Judo Club — a record and music enthusiast — cnioys hunting — will attend college alter graduation PETER KLYVER HEALY-Petrofl—seen under cars hoods as frequently as behind the wheel studies judo - a motorcyclo Ian — expects to attend college alter graduation ANN LOUISE HEATH -chapter pres of Y-Teens in |un or year — all-school Y Teens membership chairman — Rod Cross home room protects chapman — Home Ec and German Clubs — church youth fellowship — plans a nursing career — expounds lor hours on one subject STEVEN MIKE HEFTY — Many — transferred to Edma in his sophomore year — member of the D and H racing team — an avid skier — gen ume interest m automobiles STEVEN WARREN HEINBOCKEL -participated in band as a sophomore — member of church youth fellowship — toured Europe last summer — hobbies include cars and corn collecting plans include a job. then the service CHERI JOY HENDERSON - Y-Tcens for two years — Home Ec Club — revealed artistic flair m Art Dub participation — Job's Daughters — church youth group — plans for college — loves zucchini squash and parsley ties STEPHEN EDWARD HENDERSON - International Club German Club — Math Club - |unior varsity baseball — attended U of Chicago to study math and science — brilliant and sociable CALVIN GRADY HEN LEY - soccer, wrestling, swimming Hi Y chaptor pres — an school Hi-Y vice-pres — church youth group — scuba diving — skiing — attended World YMCA Conference in Norway, traveled on to Russia sacrifices sleep for anyone s requests ROBERT FRANK HENSON. JR - Bob — pres of Junior Achievement company — vice-pres of manufacturing lor JA — enjoys skung and sports cars 178Textbooks of economics, physics. English literature and higher math open seniors minds to the exploration of new areas of thought Seniors With Increased Activities In Twelfth Year, A Few Still Find Time To Take A Full Course DOUGLAS ELWOOD HERMAN- WihWe Junior Achievement as a sophomoro — hobbies include flying and watorsknng spent one spring vacation m Mexico - hee wheeling and easy Irving IRIS HERRING — International Club secretary — Choral Club participated in numerous operettas — fond ol theater — luturo includes Abilene Christian Cortege KATHERINE HESSE — now to Edina from Carlisle. Pennsylvania — French Club — International Club — National Merit Semi-finalist MARY LYNN HEY — GS |unK r class treasurer Sk Club pres dont and v»co president - Abraxis Creative Writing Club — National Rifle champion — shops at the Searchlight — olten spells things differently DEBORAH ANN HIGGIN - Bunetie teaiuro editor Rod Cross r-ecre tary — International Club program chairman Edina Players loured Europo last summer loves sunrises GREGORY MARK HILGENDORF — lettered m varsity football two years a real soorts enthusiast — me morabie times at the Biaror — future plans includo Umv of North Dakota MARK RUSSELL HINKIE — Latin Club - The Water Skiing Association — 1-Ball wotor sknng tournaments — likes boais plans on college good with the card’ MARK GREGORY HINTERBERG- Ski Club — par hcipoted m plays — Jr Achievement — I Ball — vKe-p es ol Moss Locker Loop Club — noted for his b rd calls — will probably attend the University of Mmn ELIZABETH JEAN HINZ - L. — Y-Teens chaptor pres — ves tal for Latin Club Edina and Bliuard Ski Clubs — Sunday school teacher — candidate for Daisy Mao and Hi-Y Sweetheart — loves sunshine 179ALAN GEORGE HIPPS - Al B-squad ond ,umof varsity baseball Park Board baseball — 1-Ball — participated actively in German Club — future plans include college — movie collectot THOMAS WILLIAM HOCH8RUNN — often seen behind the wheel of his Gran Sport or on his Suiuki — plans on further oducabon at Miami Junior College — wants to spend the summer in California JIM RICHARD HODGE — Yomahodge' Hi Y — member of Art Club Judo Club worked as a cook at Edmo Country Club future education will be at the Minneapolis School of Art — a definite dislike for Pontiacs PAMELA ANN HOFFMAN — Pam spends spare time writing poetry or sewing wants to study nest year at Stout State University in Wisconsin JOHN WALLACE HOLLINGER - Hi Y member participated in Intra mural Basketball — Junior Achievement — church group — Park Board hockey and baseball — will go on to college — journey od to Gunflmt Tra l by canoe MICHAEL JOHN HORSTMAN - Art Dub member Sk. CHib — Latin Club senator two years — Student Council representative — worked at Aspen — a skiing and scuba diving enthusiast — plans to attond St John's University after graduation JAMES RICHARD HOTZFIELD - Hou — participated in hockey and baseball — member of church youth group — spent summer working on a farm plans to attond a state college MARK STEPHEN HOWARD -Latin Club censor and god participated m school plays Fencing Club — collects ancient coins — plans college at the U of M or American Umver sity JOHN ALBERT HOWARTH - new to Edina from Robbmsdale m his junior year — Robbmsdale Troupe of National Thespians — state award for best actor in Robbmsdalo s contest plans a college major in mus c and art CAROLE ANNE HUOAK - Aqua Nymphs - Ski Club - Spanish Club V- Teens — worked at the Edina Pool — can be found on the ski slopes or m a swimming pool — will attend the U Of M JAMES THOMAS HUFNA-GLE - Huff — football lottorman — back — E Club — 1-ball and softball — member of his church youth group can be seen under his GTO as well as behind the wheel OANIEL BRUCE HUGHES — president of High School Christ Ambassadors — church choir — participated in basketball and softball — worked as a tropical plant polisher at Southdale — plans on majoring in theology in rhe future PATRICK MICHAEL HUGHES - Pat — served on Red Cross Council — member of Spanish Club — new to Edma from Minneapolis Central — lettered m basketball at Central - i kes old beater cars ROBERT ALLEN HUNT — Bob participated in Hi-Y American Junior Bowbng Congress member — new to Edma from Minnetonka m sophomore year future plans include college at Sf Thomas WILLIAM DALE HUNT - I ball lor ihree years — intramural football — new to Edma from Mmnwonka — plans for the future include the U of M — often seen astride a Honda JENNIFER MARGARET HUSBANDS - Jill publicity chairman of Y-Teens in her junior year — Howards Ski Club — sold athletic tickets — French Club — Candy Striper — plans to attend college BARBARA LOUISE HUSTAO - Barb — French Club - Art Club - sports mmdodness reflected in Ski Club membership oxpocts to enroll at the U of M later to become a stewardess - often seen horseback riding JUDY LEE HUTTON - AAU gymnastics champion for s » years third place state baton award — Miss Maiorette of Minnesota runner up — Y-Teens — Talent Show — Spanish Club — likes blonds 180JEFFREY JOHNSON HYLANO-Jeff - member of Fionch Club played B hockey — Edina soccer teem — skied on Bhuard racing learn — plans lo attend ih« University of Montana LESLIE ANN INGRAM - Les — a two-year member of both Spanish Club and Art Oub — performed with the orchestra lor three years workod on decorations for Sadie — plans toms,or in art at Drake ELIZABETH COLLEEN IN G WALD -Beth member of Art Club Pep Oub and Home-Ec Club — ectrve in Edina Players — Red Cross — Y Teens — Luther loaguo and chorr at church — wants to attend St Cloud State J DAVID JACKSON - played sa in the concert band spends his spare time on the ski slopes also likes to play poof — nuts about the Peanuts comic strip LORRAINE ALICE JACKSON-lorie—mem bcrships hctd in Pep Club Art Club and French Club active in Y-Teens participated in church youth group—painting sewing and swimming occu py her spare time RONALD DAVID JACOBSON-Ron - Edma Ski Club —also belongs to a relics car dub played on the junior varsity baseball team—if he's not working on a car, he can be found on the ski slopes Seniors Cougar And Camero Are Two New ’67 Cars Introduced To Compete With The Popular Mustang VICKI ANN JIROUSEK - transferred to Edma from Omaha Nebraska as a senior — enjoys knitting as a pastime — also loves to ride horses — on thus ast=c about any sport sees University of Minnesota in hpr future BARBARA CAROL JOHNSON - BJ belonged to Sk. Club and GAA — participated »n Y Teens — member of Red Cross — won hrst place for riding competition plans to attend Bemid;i GEORGE THEODORE JOHNSON III — Ted moved from Plymouth Michigan, in senior year Nat l Ment scholar — pres o! his church group two years — active m swim mmg Latin Club. Key Club. Student Council and co-chairman ol J» Prom and Honor Assembly at lormer school GLORIA JEANE JOHNSON - French Club — Y Teens member ol Math Club and Science Seminar — enthusiastic participant in Luther League never misses a basketball game — loves rocking chans PATRICIA LOUISE JOHNSON — Pat chaplm of Y Teens group Home-Ec Club — Latin Club — secretary of church youlh group — Girl Scout pions for a nursmg career alter graduation PAUL STEPHEN JOHNSON— Spike — president ol church youth group avid collector ol coins — had an unuouol job working at Hallos Nursery — plans to attend Waldod College after graduation As the new sixty-seven models arrive. Jim Bates (12). Dale Riley (12). and Dave Dalquist (12), pick out their graduation presents 181RICHARD EDWARD JOHNSON — Rick — swimming learn foi lour years mombor ol Spanrsh Club en oys skiing — plays guitar for tho Henchmen plana to attend iho University ol Minnesota RONALD EDGAR JOHNSON - active in band lot three yoatr. — activities include bowling sluing and listening to Dixieland jar luturo plans include St Cloud Statg and a career in engineering SCOTT WILLIAM JOHNSON -active member ol Latin Club — International Club as a sophomore — likes hockey. dancing and a good timo — will oltond the University ol Minnesota JAMES SCOTT JONES - Soon National Thosp-.ins H.-Y bus-ness manager ol FBLE Buzntte — hobbies include skiing and racing sailboats — momorabie trip to Moniana plans to attend U ol M PAULA DIANE JONES — PJ - president ol Y Teens chapter Whigrcan typist Ski Club — three year member ol Spanish Club — church youth group and choir plans to ma or in Homo Ec at San Jose State ROBERT PERRIN JONES - Robb — 1966 state tennis champion foui years on ten ms team — basketball lor two years — E-Club — Homecoming attendant — plans to attend University ol Minnesota SALLY ANN JONES - moved to Edma Irom San Marino. Calilornia ac-uvo m Office Education pros o» (Cauda Club m California — plans to movo back to CaMorma and got a ,ob after graduation LOIS RAE JORDAN - Louie — Y Teen chapter president - German Club Homecoming skits for three years sec ol Choral Club — operetta — co-chairman ol somor float — memories ol camping trip to Canada DANIEL O'BRIEN JOYCE - active in Distributive Education — worked in tho shoe department at Wards — Junior Achievement during Junior year plans to enlist m tho Navy after graduation R08ERT ROTH JUDD - Roth National Morit s«mi-finn:ist — Latin Club consul — International Club as a sophomoro usher at the Guthrie actively involved in the Roman Empire ROY KALLEVIK - act ve mem bei of Spanish Club — participated m Junior Achievement tor two years — enioys listening to records - plans after graduation ore to attend U ol M WILLIAM LAWRENCE KAMPS - Woods active m Outdoor Club -pastimes include hunting fishing, archery and trapshooting — memories ol irips to California Mexico and Wyoming — plans to ationd Bemidji Stato 182 Roger Thomson (12) spends hours in the college catalogue room of the library looking over the volumes of information before making his ultimate decisionNAN ELIZABETH KARR — transferred to Edina from R hheld as a sopho mote member ot Y Teens — Apres Ski Club — active in French Club RICHARD KEARNS — Rick actively participated ,n ihe varnty band favorite activities ato sports and tape-recording — really anioys printing PATRICK DONALD KEELER - Pat Homecoming king semi finalisi president ol Spanish Club Latin Club senator — active in Ski Club outside activities include lootbAll. swimming and skiing — happy-go-lucky PATRICK GEORGE KELLY - Pat Span.sh Cub lot two years - swim team German Club as a sophomore — Art Club — senior skit and car otten seen m a 59 Edsel — plans to enter aviation or some held ot an CATHERINE LEE KEMP — transferred to Edina from Illinois in iumor year An Club member ol Latin Club — palmed Sadie Hawkins doootnlions vce-ptesident ol JA company plans to attend Drake ELIZABETH ANN KEMPFFER - Betsy Whigrean business manager — German Club two years — active in church youth group — works lor Donaldson s at Southdale — enioys sewing PHILIP FREDERIC KENNEDY - pontiles maximus ol Latin Club - All My Sons" — Creative Writing Club — active in Junior Achievement plans to attend University ol Washington THOMAS MICHAEL KENNEL LY - participated -n Junior Achievement Boy Scouts — outside activities include cats, ski mg, swimming and boatmg - postgraduate plans include St Cloud State NANCY KAY KEPRIOS - co-captain ol Hornettes three years m Y-Teens — actrvo m Art Club — French Chib — dances at Vikmg games — will attend the University ol Minnesota - onioys painting Seniors What College? Expense? More Term Papers? Are Perplexing Problems Facing College-Bound Seniors LOUISE GAIL KERSTEN - Bunny trees Ol DE Club - vice pres ol Y Teens chapter — active in Job’s Daughters —- moved to Edina horn nor thcast Minneapolis Wards Teen Board — volunteer at S.-ster Kenny GEORGEANNE ELIZABETH KERSTETER - George active m Junior Achievement extremely talented artist icceivod scholarship oiler m commercial art loves a good t mo — plans to go to business college in Minneapolis BARBARA KAY KERWIN - participated in Junior Achieve moot received S100 award lor work in JA Latin Club in junior year future includes college at St Olat JACQULYN CHRISTINE KESTERTON - Jackie — porropated actevety ■n Luthot league — enioys reading and collecting stutfed animats — likes horses and other animals PETER JAY KIEDROWSKI - Krud captain ot basketball team Alt-Stato on 1966 state championship team base ball team three years - Homocoming attendant — senator and tribune m Latin Club — Homocoming skit JOHN PETER KIELEY - Pete trans terred to Edma trom DeKalb. Illinois — all-conference Quarterback on 1966 state champion team — basketba‘1 two years Student Council plans to go into medicine ot Dartmouth LEE ANN KING — active m Junior Ach.uvcmont — Art Club — Office Edu cation — FSLE — Job’s Daughters — enjoys sewing — plans to attend Moorhead State Cotlogo TRUDY ANN KING — Trud Buoetto typist International Club tuns of French Club — mnmbei of Bboard Sk. Club also enjoys sailing a dedicated skier MICHAEL CHARLES KIRK -enioys working on motorcycles — often seen on his own Honda — a great water skier, also golfs — future plans include St Cloud State 183How many people can sti on a Volkswagen? These seniors astounded the attendant when he said. "One dollar admits a carload." as they set out to set a now record while watching the antics of "Our Man Flint" at the now Mann Drive-In DAVID MICHAEL KIRKLAND - Dave - athletic ability demonstrated .n participation ot varsity hockey, varsity baseball and Edma Soccer Club — a tour-year member ol Latin Club enthusiastic about All sports JANE MADELEINE KITTLESON - a member ol Spanish Club active m Ski Club participated m Art Club plans to attend UolM and hits hiQh hopes ol becoming a stewardess JAMES FREDRICK KLASS -participated in Hi Y — played on golf team — won several JA awards hopes to attend North Carolina State MARNYE MARIE KLUCAS - an OE student participated »n German Club in |umor year — member ol church choir dramo club chairman ot church loves horseback nr),no DAVID LEE KNOWLES - played m the band - on the band council — member ol both Spanish Club and Latin Oub — played Park Board baseball I Bail and church basketball plans on attending Mankato State STEPHEN PHILLIP KNOWLES - To participated in Hi Y — went to Outward Bound — likos hunting and swimming luturo plans include Mankato State KIRBIE JEANNE KNUTSON - Cootie Crr.it.ve Wnting Dub played Carla in the melodrama — Ski Club — a vital person — known for her song and dance LINDA LOU KOENIG-a participant ol Latin Club actrvo in Y-Teens — a momber of church Luther League — likes to paint — olten lound on tho sk. slopes hopes to attend Mankato Stan 8 ARRY JAMES KONIGSON - historian of FSIE — participates m the DE program a ski and golf enthusiast works at Dayton's plans to attend the Univorsity of Minnesota after graduation 184ROBERT WAYNE KORMANN - Student Council n tenth grade — pan-cipatod in tootball and wrestling — I-Ball — semi-finalist tor Homecoming King ono ot the gieat white hunters PHILIP WILLIAM KORST -Ph.l — Hi-C church youth group — cho — German Club — participot od in wrestling enjoys working win cars MADELEINE ALICE KRAUS — Mad — a member ot German Club and Latin Club lor two vears GAA presto ont choir tor tour years plans to go on to college and major in physical education deep concern tor others KATHRYN RAE KRESOYA - K.ithy — Home-Ec Club FBLE V Teens — worked on Homecoming committees — helped make costumes tor some school plays — teaches Sunday School - you will hnd her at the phone during lunch hour JAN BRYANT KROGSTAD - Art Club Jobs Daughter — en|oys painting and drawing — plans include art school otter graduation LINDA JEAN KRONING - Minnie BuMette Editor. -il Editor — French Club officer — Y Teens — Quid and Scroll Btoatd Ski Club — church choir — National Merit Finalist loves yogurt — noted for her scathing editorals SUE ANN KRUEGER - Office Education enjoys sw.inming wator skiing and skating — plans include business school, then on to be a stew.tr dess DAVID OTTO KU EHN - varsity and intramurii-tennis - inhis spore time ho enjoys hunting tenors and scuba div.ng- plans to attend col lege after graduation STEPHEN JAY KUHNLEY - Jav Red Cross rep rosentative — Hi-Y — worked with the Teen Center committees — enjoys working on cars and motorcycles — plans to attond the University ot Minnesota alter graduation Seniors The New Mantv'js % Drive-In Opened In June Of ’66 To Provide OfL. Year-Round Enjoyment BARBARA ANN KUNZ-Barb - Y Teens French Club choir Candy Striping at MothodrstHospital - danced in a professional operetta enjoys cooking swimming and bowling - has a now impression for every week JEAN ANN LAFFERTY - concert band orchestra Latm Club tor two years — French Club — onioys swimming — had a memorable trip to Taylors Falls JEFF RAY LAING - student manager ot varvty twtmmmg — German Club — plays in a band called Musty Orders church youth group — plans tor collego at either Bemidp State or Mankato State VALERI ROSE LANE — Val — Latin Club - orchestra principal violinist in All State High School Orchestra won an S800 scholarship to the u ot M CYNTHIA LORRAINE LANGE - Cm — moved to Edina from Mound View, St Paul, where she was captain ot the cheerleaders Sales Manager o JA—French Club — Sec ot V Teens group M.ss Wendy Ward Miss Now Brighton 66-67 — wistful-yet bubbly OAVIO MICHAEL LARSEN — Davn The Gondoliers and Pirates of Pen anci; Red Cross — Treasurer ot Choral Club — JA — vice pres ot church youth group plans on attending St Cloud State SUZEN APRYL LARSEN - Apryl Office Education - Art Club — Y Teens — ETC Publicity committee — enioys sewing and read-ng — loves her hot dog phone plans to move out West after graduation BARBARA LEE LARSON — Barb Board member of GAA FTA Spanish Club lor two years Bhr ard Ski Club enioys archery and badminton drove a 65.000 m.lo trip lost summei FREDRICK SCOTT LARSON -Fred — playod varsity tootball for two years — wrestled on the varsity team for two years — won Ugly Man contest as a junior — E-Club member president ot church youth group 185LAURIE ANN LARSON - Y-Teens - Spanish Club Home-Ec Club active m chufch choir and Luthoi League — participated m Crossroad Programs - will attend tho U of M PHILIP KENNETH LARSON - transfer from Minnetonka in 1964 actively participated n baseball for two yoors plans include attending the University ol Minnesota TERRY LEE LARSON - Aches and Pams — enioys racing in his '62 Chevy race car church youth gioup often seen at the Minnesota Dragways — plans to move to California after graduation LINDA KAREN LASH - varsity band Y-Tecns chapter publicity chm Decorations Committoes for Hero Dance - Rod Cross — loves to go to the A W Root Beer JAMES ALAN LAURSEN - J.m — Radio Club active in Boy Scouts for two years — Church Luther League — enioys everything about the outdoors plans to enter the held of forestry SUZANNE LEIGHTON — Sury member of Y-Teens and Spanish Club — Pep Club ectwo m all phases of dramatics — olten brust oul laugh mg m Spanish class a pickle eater OIANE LESMAN - vice prosidont ol the French Club — active m GAA — smgs in her church choir and participates in church youth group — attended a UN seminar in Now York loves gumdiops PETER JACOB LEUT-HOLO - a mombor of Spanish Club lor two years - acinro in Ski Club for two years — played Pork Board hockey — spends his lime racing motorcycles STEVEN MOORE LEWERS - Stove — lettered four years m swimming — varsity god team — vice-president of tho German Club — Dayton's Varsity Board ropresentairve — selected as All American swimmer Seniors Lunch Prices Increase To Thirty Cents— Students’ Budgets Are Stretched, Stomachs Are Shrunk CATHY MARIE LEWIS - member ol the Edina Players — active m Span sh Club and Y-Teens — worked on the sophomore float — will attend Iowa State DEBORAH ANN LEWIS - Dobbio mombei ol the Fronch Club as a sophomore — talented member ol the An Club — giggly little nut VICTORIA RYAN LEWIS - V«k — Student Council president of Pep Club — Latin Club four year — Red Cross — Homecoming Chairman -taught riding at girls camp — likes spons. especially hockey — great puns WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS - Bill active member of church youth group baseball as a sophomore plans include attending U ol M Institute of Technology — seen about town m his red TR3 MARK CHARLES LINDQUIST - Lenny Homecoming skits lor two years ski team — Ht-Y enjoys flying ond a fan of Joey Hoatherton — known for his unusual tups SARAH MARIE LINDSEY - Sk. Club Spanish Club - membor of the W.ssota AppaJoosa Horse Club RIR Saddle Club president JOAN MARY LINOSKOOG - participated in Rod Cross pastimes include pamting. knitting, ice skating, roller skating tennis and horseback riding likes grape suckers KRISTIN MARIE LINNER - Kr s — Hornettes — Y-Teens - Church choir treasurer — member of Ski Club and Latin Club loves red licorice and hockey — a brown-eyed dreamer DEBORAH SUE LOCKHART - Oebbre paxucipoiod in Sk. Club laun C'ub, ond Y-Toens — FTA — took a trip to Red Lodge with Hoigaord’s Ski Club 186MARY JO LOEFFLER - Jo — member of Y-Teens and Home Ec Club a football player in Homecoming skit — on make-up committees for plays — Edina Players in King Arthur and His Magic Sword GREGORY LEE LOFFHAGEN - Greg Homocoming MC — treasurer of National Thespians chapter vice-president of Choral Club — load in Boy Friend and "Pirates of Penzance — Ski Club smgs m Wo the People — has the word for the day JANYCE LEA LOHEYDE - Jan member of Job's Daughters participated m church youth fellowship has traveled every where m the United States JOHN ELLIOT LORIMER - Little John' lettered in wrestling member of E-Club — often seen in a green 49 Bmck VERONICA ANNE LOVELAND - Ronmo" — a sophomoro transfer from Dos Moines - Art Club - French Club — International Club — plans to ttend the University ol Iowa CATHERINE ANN LUDDEN - captain of Debate Team Student Council Vice-pres — Red Cross Council - member of Spanish club and Y Teens Guts State alternate — very active in Teen-Age Republ cans — received most valuable debator award — outstanding ANTHONY ROHAN LUND - Tony Homocoming King cand.date Lil Abner — Spanish Club officer — Varsity hockey team manager — participates in Intramural sports DAVID LEE LUND — member of German and Spanish Clubs — National Merit semi-hnahst attended National Science Foundation summer program — worked as a gas station attendant invented the Lundalphabei JEAN LOUISE LUND - over all Prom co-chairman — Hornettos - mombor of Frimch Club — Y-Teons — Young Life — Viking pom-pom girl — church youth fellowship — talks fast ELIZABETH ANN LUNN — linguistic abilities demonstrated by member Ship m both French and German Clubs—an Edina Player member who worked for properties in "Hedda Gabler' — member of Y-Teens and Job's Daughters CLIFFORD GLYNN LUTZ - Cliff first chan trombone m Concert Band lor three years — has won numerous honors and scholarships for his musical ability — member of Ski Club likes fall hunting and winter skiing teaches trombone to young Edina students TIMOTHY CRANE LYNCH — Iim — Leader and drumer of a band called Marcia and the Lynch-Men - future plans include Brown Institute "Leeching" presents sizeable problems at lunch Quoting a famous phrase. "Are you going to eat that?" M. Lindquist (12) pokes at J. Sorlion’s (12) plate asT. Burke (12) waits his turnJAMES GREGORY LYONS — onjovs riding his Yamaha earned money coaling wbra-asorbers with late rubber—corn collector end hunter — like motorcycles DANA ALAN RANDOLPH MAANUM - Done lives for hunting — also canoes and hahes — canoe experiences include trip to Lake of the Woods — intramural basketball in grades 10 and 11 — collects corns DOUGLAS CARL MACLENNAN - Mac - lettered at lootba‘1 and basketball — E-Club — door-to door salesman during summer — all around great guy — plans to attend the U ol M MARY HELEN MADDEN — addition to Edina from California bolongs to French Club — Folk Music Club — drove from California with ten other people m one car — plays the guitar and anioys drawing RONALD EDWARD MAEHREN — lead singer m many local rock and roll groups — spends much timo weight lifting — won Richfield Golden Gloves in boxing — plans to attend Dunwoodv Institute lor printing MARY LORRAINE MAGNUSON - Home 6c Club Committee Chairman — FTA — Ski Club — Y Teens Chapter officer — GAA — German Club for two years — Sunday School teacher — has trouble stepping ofl ski buses JUDITH ADRIENNE MAHER - art editor of the Buuette German Club — Ski Club — Bboard — showed horses during the summer and at the Stale Fair National Merit Letter of Commondanor MICHAEL CARL MAN ION — new to Edina from Duluth Spanish Club favonto sports include tennis and basketball — often seon at the Ed na Cafeteria — guy who is always on the go JAMES LLOYD MANLEY - Gutta — Latin Club — track team — intramural sports — enjoyed a canoe trip «n northern Mmnesoto — National Merit Letter of Commendation Seniors Four Boys Attend A Science Institute At U Of Chicago For Six Weeks MARY MONICA MANNING - Nick — Edina Players - secretary to National Thespian — chairman of senior skit — Spanish Club — Home Ec Club — f BLE — Art Club — Koe Ah Kee — novor know what to oxpoct trom her SUSAN QUINTINA MARIEN - Su .c O Spanish Club for 3 years — Y-Teens — Sadie Hawkins decoration commutoe — Art Club — International Club collector of unusual things such as taxi horns and dried flowers wants to be a nomad DE80RAH JANE MARKLE - Art Club — make-up and costumes for Edme Community Theatre — Teen Board tor J.C Penney Co — plans on attending an school THOMAS FRANCIS MARRA — Homocoming King tfwce year mem ber of Student Council Latin Club and E- Club — varsity football and varsity hockey — All Lake Conference hockey — trips to Florida — plans to attend Michigan DEBORAH JEAN MARTIN — Bunk Spanish Club mem ber for three years — FBIE — Junior Achievement — college plans include the University of Minnesota JEANNIE MARIE MARTIN - Bubs Future Teachers of America — taught religion and clarinet — loves music of all kinds — known for her long talks — wants to become a second-grade teachor after ationdmg the U of M MICHAEL ROBERT MARTIN - Spanish Oub member - fan ol Rolling Stones — pan-time |Ob lor past yea as a grocery store stockboy — U ol M or Mankato is in the future PETER MACNAMEE MARTIN — transfer from St Thomas Academy m his |unior year — was on wrestling team at his former school — treasurer of h.$ company in Junior Achievement — Letter of Commendation from the U hobbies are handball and skiing BAR BARA ANN MASON - Y Teens Art Dub — French Club Pep Club — Powers Teen Board — seen frequently at the beach — college bound lor the U of M — known for her bat rings • 188 DAVID HARRY MASSOPUST - Pus two years m Hi Y • . Ir.un memorable tr«ps visiting colleges — has trouble holding on to things — Art Club — touched a Supreme — great guy to be with the group WARY ELIZABETH MATHESON - Honored Queen m hor Job s Oaugh tors bethel — Declam in tenth grade — Y-Toens — hoMwes include sewing and cooking futuro plans lean toward nursing MICHAEL JAWES MATTAWAY - came to Edma from U High member ol Spanish .md French Clubs — Mr Canakes in the senior skit — dosiro lor acting, will majonn Theatre Arts at the U - Edma Community Theatre SALLY ANN MATTHEWS - Sam Future Teachers ol America concert band — Y-Toens — Latin Club Secretary ol Minneapolis District Methodist Youth Fellowship awotd lor state solo contest playing (lute MUFFIN MARYANN MATTHIESSEN - Edma Players Whigrr.m ana sophomore publicity chairman m Y-Toens Chapter — vestal virgin in lal in Club loves to walk in the ram around lakes DANIEL EARL MAUL — Ski Club — ski toom member in lumping — Explorer Post president Soccer team tuture plans include traveling to Australia and attending a forestry school in the West DAVID JON MAXWELL — senator m latm Club senior Homecoming sk i wrestling m sophomore year — kill" button committee often sunn on h » Honda JANET CAROLINE MAY — Janmu ti.vislurro.) from Northrup in her |umor year — French Club — Art Club - memoroble Florida trips - seen running around in her red Mustang SUSAN MARGARET MAYS ERG - vwac ous Whigrean underclassmen c© editor thro.: yeai members ol Y Teen including chapter prevdent as a senior — Ski Club lor throe yoars — Spanish Club — loves boys and playing tockle football — "Jeanme with the light brown hair Seniors Dave Lund. John Grangard, Steve Henderson and Steve Smith use computer skills learned this summer for homework 189CRAIG ALAN MAYER - Oscar — varsity lootba'i and baseball - E Club — German Club — Young lilo — plays an electric guitar — futuro plans include dental school ROGER WILLIAM Mc8RIDE - Ski Dub Blizzard ski team — active m Hi Y — an avrd boat racing Inn - luturo plans include college at Bemidji — sits around for hours to the inspiration ol blues music MICHAEL BEH McCAMBRIOGE - M-ko transferred to Edma trom Si Thomas Academy in his senior year — church youlh group — enjoys all sports, particularly hockey and skiing — hefd two jobs during senior year — ambitious JOHN BERNARD McCANNA - Sk. Club Mnior league baseball interested in skiing, goll and swimming hopes to enter St Thomas Col lege as pro med student WILLIAM ROYCE McCLAIN - National Thes pians - cast mombet of The Boylrmnd' and love Rides the Roils" — Art Club — organised and actod in the Eagle Ridge Theater — author ol senior •.kit .m ari st JUDITH ANNE McDERMID — Y Teens three years Ski Club Edma and Hoigaards Job's Daughters — has toured Europe. Canada and New York KATHRYN ANN McDERMOTT - Katin Internationa! Club mnmbet Edma Players participated in Latin Club Red Cross recowod a Natkjnol Mont Letter ol Commendation — 'How about a life-saver?" COLLEEN FAYE McDONALO - musical talents exhibited in participation in Concert and Marching bonds Latin Club — Church youth gtoup received an A rating in a state solo music contest a potloct hairdo CYNTHIA JEANNE McDONALO - C.ndy — Rod Cross GAA board — Y-Teens — church youth gtoup Home Economics Club — Blizzard racing — has toured Europe and Hawaii — ’ Red Boron forovor'" Seniors As Whigrean Conducted Senior Poll Indicates, Most Frequently Visited Date Spots Include Movie Theaters SUSANNE GAYLE McELRATH - Suse — chapter treasurer of Y-Teens — a member of Home-Ec Club — Ski Club — participated in church youth foilowsh.p and choir — spont spring vacation in Hawaii ■ has a love affair with the telephone ELIZABETH McFADOEN - Libby" - transferred to Edma from Chicago as a senior — has won numorous honors for her hguro skatmg ANNE CATHERINE McFADZEAN - artistic abilities revea'ed m Art Club — a devoted skiot with a membership in the Ski Club — noted for being soon with a certain Teddy bear — mysterious MARK JAY McGARRAUGH - Debate Spanish Club - Prom pubhci ty committee co chairman — band — orchestra — church youth fellowship National Merit somi hnal'St — a true philosopher BRUCE GREAVES MclNTOSH - E-Club German Club Soccer Club - varsity hockey ano goll — Homecoming attendant — captain of hockey team — do •tor-die an-tude SUSAN ALLISON McKENNA - Suma Wh,groan student Me editor — Red Cross treas as |r — Int i Club vice pres — Stu dent Council Latin goddess Venus Chanty Week co-chm — Edma Playors — Hi-Y Swtteiheart candidate — saddle shoes — cheery JOANNE MARIE McLELLAN - Jo active member of Y-Toens -Home Economics Club — stitches all hot frocks — future plans include Mankato State Coffogo JAN MARIE McLEOD - a welcome addition to Edma in her senior year — Pep Club and Spanish Club at hot other school a crystal ball future includes attending the U ol M STEVEN BAXTER MEANS - Edma sk. team — Red Cross Council representative Spanish Club — Blizzard racing team futuro plans include Gustavus or the U ol M - memories ol Aspen ski trips 190MARK LEWIS MEESTER — drversihed «»lhlel c skill demonstrated in B baskntbal' JV football, 1-BaM and me ski team — Latm Club - band Blizzard — president of church Luther League National Mont KRISTINE JO MELROE - Kris - took an active pan m Y Teens ETA and International Club — helped others as a Candy Striper - loves horseback riding CRAIG JOSEPH MERFELD-l.itm Club won a pm at city wide Latin Contest—I Ban—a loyal sports Ian—plans to attend the U ol M JOHN GAYLORD METCALFE — trombonist in the concert band tor three years — intramural softball — German Club — played church baskeiball bowlrng league — plans on Luther College RANDY GENE MILLARD -lettered in swimming — lovos driving a GTO — will attend St Ctoud State University CATHY ANN MILLER — a perky blond cheerleader tor Breck School — was trusted as a treasurer of her Y-Toons chapter for throe years — gets a real kick out of horses — constantly losing her tram of thought CONSTANCE AYLEENE MILLER - Conn.i- aclivn in Fronch Dub Home Ec Club ond International Club — also participated in Y Teens — on council and newspaper stall (or church Hi League IRIS ANN MILLER -Ice' — Homecoming committee chairman — invaluable Bu zoite typist — mombor of Latin Ciub — ETC publicity chairman — Red Cross — loves a good water fight has a knack tot tailing down JAMES DAVID MILLER — Gnu — Whigtean editor m-chtd — tour-year member ol Latm Club National Thespians — Quill and Scroll — Optimist Award — never loses his cool — the other hall of the Brandywine Two JOHN PETER MILLER - Blizzard Ski Club lor lour yuar races with the 8uck Hill racing team — member ol United States Ski Association — sees ski equipment at Dayton's Ski Shop — likes skiing KATHERINE RAY MILLER — Kath-c Wtogroan organizations co editor — Y Teens member — adores cherry winks — famous lor curb sitting at 2 a m — organizer ol thegumclub hopes to attend Gustavos PAMELA ANN MINICHILLI -Pam — a senior transfer from Edison — a member ol French Club and Y-Teens at Edma — Student Council. French Club and Pep Club at Edison The lighis of Hennepin Avenue indicate such favorite mght spots as the State. Lyric and Gopher Theaters of downtown Minneapolis familiar to Friday-night movie goers 191ALAN FRANCIS MITCHELL — new liom California last year partici pates in German and Soccer Club — plays trombone with a dance band and Minneapolis Youth Symphony — has achieved third chair rating m State Solo Contest GREG ABEL MITCHELL - belongs to DE Club and National DECA — sings in church and school choirs — cast member ol operettas-- seen whizzing around town in his MG PEGGY ELIZABETH MOESLE - Poggoty" — Y Teens memper and chapter chap a»n also active m Spanish Club. F8LE and Homo Ec Club — taught piano — strongly attracted to surfing Tow the maik' SCOTT OAVIO MONTGOMERY - now this yoar from Colorado Springs. Colorado — enjoys working on and driving his TR3— plans to attend tho University of Minnesota JENNIFER LYNN MOORE - FTA member for two years, wce-pres-dent in her senior year - youth fellowship cabinet — talents include sewing cooking and playing the paino — elemontaiy school teacher m the future loves chitdron KATHY MARY MOORE - Pea nuts' come to Edina from Holy Angels in junior year — Rod Cross representative Art Club Spanish Club- Ski Club — always ready for skiing, skiing and moro skiing MARY MARGARET MOORE — Molly' keen micros! in riding -love for horn shown by her membership in the Silver Spur Saddle Club MARY ELIZABETH MOREAU — Art Club — Y Teens tvt school i$ m the future for her — a pursuer of the tine arts and she's off m a cloud of dark hair OIANNA SUE MOREN — moved from Seattle Washington, as sophomore Home Ec Club — publicity chairman for her Y Teens chapter — also participated m Girl Scouts and her church youth group hopes to attend UMD after graduation Seniors Mamas And Papas Make The Scene At The Minneapolis Auditorium RICHARD VOLLUM MORPHEW - tour year member of swim team also active in Spanish Club — memorable ski tups to Lotsen — future col-lego plans include Purdue MICHAEL CLAUOE MORRIS — Mickey moved from Richfield in 64 momber of cross country and track team Red Cross representative — drove to Ouluth at 3 00 a m and back just for kicks — colleges m the future are Stout State or Colorado Printing School JAMES ROBERT MORRISSEY - The Little R.p manager of Ed.na Teen Centot demonstrated his dramatic ability in tho senior Homecom mg skit and in Kmg Arthur and his Magic Sword loves to ski Notre Dame is m the future for him DIANE MARIE MUELLER - spends much of her time as a volunteer worker at Homage Home and at St Mary's Hospital — handy with tho needles both knitting and sewing BARBARA JEAN MULLEN — member of FBLE. Science Seminar and German Club — Pilgrim Fellowship — G rl Friday at Wnght Animal Hospital WARREN DANIEL MULLEN - Mossy — senator in Latin Club — pamc pated in JV baseball and park board hockey and baseball — on the cabmot of Pilgrim Fellowship and sings m church choir —traveled to Valley Forge tor the Boy Scout Jamboree m 1964 HARRY ALFRED MURPHY - ski enthusiast Ski Club Ski Team Bli zard likes all winter sports and water skiing disapproves ol sopho m res JOHN DENNIS MURPHY III - Jack transfer from St Tnomas Academy in hr junior year active in football, hockey and baseball at his lormuf school Ski Club — memories of Lutsen trip — Latin Club — worked at a dam MARGARET ANN MURPHY — Peggy secretary tor her Y Teens chapter — also participated in French Club, Edma Players and was a Red Cross representative worked on Prom committee We ll come to that bridge when we cross it?" 192BARBARA ANN MUSKE - member Ol Rod Cross Frer.cb Club and t .itirt Club worked on Homecoming committee and sang in school choir — voJuntcor Candy Striper at Methodist Hospital and had a |Ob at Donaldson s KIM LAVERNE NABOURS - Sgueekey sot diroctor for Edma Com munity Theater Royal Order of Night People works on model t Fords — memories of tnp to Black Mills — vars ty cheerleader for two sec onds DAVID DUANE NACKERUD - Nncl moved from Montona last summer mombor of 8-squad basketball ond golf team at his former school — worked at Yellowstone Park — tuture colleges are Concordia or Mankato — always looking for a good time THOMAS JAMES NAEGELI — Natiorr.i: Merit Semi fmalisi and winner of Harvard Book Award boc -treas ol Hi Y Explorer Scout pros Soccer Club B-souod football — Outdoor Club — Science Seminar — Sk. Club TOM JEROME NAGENGAST - known tor h,s speed on sk.nes and has won awards m th s area — hobbnts mdudo cars airplanes and coins took a memorable tnp to California KRISTIN ANN NAKKEN — Kns — Y Teens and Home Ec Oub mombw — representative to planning board lor Girl Scouts and spent two summers at Camp Ho Man Koda as a CIT — ptans to attend Ossoo Junior College BRUCE MICHAEL NELSON - member ol du team raced lor Un.tod Slates Sk- Association— memonos of ski trip to Arapahoe during Cfmsimas vacation plays saxaphone in concert band BRYAN MAYNARD NELSON - lour year member ol Edina varsity ki team — E Club Homccom mg activities include chairman ol senior car and button committees — skied on Bliaard Racing Team and United States Ski Association JEFFREY KARL NELSON — participate m German Club and Luthr- League 01 der ol St John Explorers — travelod to New York and wcwkod at Edma Pot Hospital PATRICIA ELLEN NELSON - membr ■ ol Spanish C'ub Art Club and Home Ec Club — loves both water and snow skiing held summer job as a rocoptiomst — Ml ol pep and always on the go SALLY LEE NELSON -"Janie — addition to Edina from Richfield m her senior year — was m Y Teens. Red Doss and AFS and play committees at Richfield Ski Club — Job's Daughters — likes early mornmg breakfasts at Perkins SUSAN LYNN NELSON - FrenchClub - Y-Teons Art Club — secretary of Home Ec Club • daring love lor cycles and bass guitars — always talking with a vocabulary o her own The Mamas and Papas Minneapolis concert has come and gone, and all that is left are the memories which come back to Ann Heath (12) each time she plays her favorite albums. 193Receiving Men! Scholarship honors this year are Bill Weigel. Dave Lund. Paul Brindle. Mark Banks. Mike Sullivan. Dave Ferguson. Craig Christenson. Steve Smith. Lyn Zempel. Jan Wiste Kathy Hesse. Diana Postlethwaite. Linda Kronmg. Nilgun Tuna KNEELING — Steve Anderson. Tom Naegeli. Mark McGarraugh. Roth Judd SUSAN RAY NELSON - Susie — moved horn Richfield in hef senior year - Job's Daughters a talented seamstress — college plans include Ma calester - forever writing notes CARRIE MARIE NESSET - a dedicated skier — racer on Tatra Ski Team — past and luturo trips out west to ski also active m French Club and DE hopes to attend Luther College or business school - loves to listen to the Knotis NANCY ANN NESSETH — Nanc — moved from California to Iowa fo Edina — at her former school she belonged to Nat I Thespian Society NHS and was an ass t editor of her yearbook — getting her Master’s in library science is in tho future — camping trips to Mexico JANICE LYNN NETTUM - Jan — Y-Teens - Home Ec Club Luther League — college in the future for her is Parsons College — loves bowling DAVID JEROME NEWHOUSE - his interests lie m sports cars and listening to music - favonto singers arc the Supremes and Roy Orbtson — likes to travel — the University of Minnesota is included in future plans — groat sense of humor MICHAEL FRED NICHOLS - Mike moved from minors at the beginning of h«s senior year — Ht-Y — Business Club at his former school — en|oys attending sports events — plans on attending St Otaf after graduation SUSAN ESTELLE NIELSEN - member of Y Teens and Home Ec Club — hobby is horseback nd ng wants to enroll at St Cloud College CRAIG RICHARD NIENABER - Chief - Buuotte sports editor - actor m All My Sons and King Arthur' — Edina Community Theatre — Natl Thespians — Quill and Scroll — covered home football games for "Star and Tnbune AMY LOUISE NISSEN - member of Edina Players and Nat l Thespians — participated in "The Boyfriend' and melodrama — Home coming ski! — Dayton's Teen Board — helped organ.70 Eagle Ridgo " a summer theatre — plans to study drama ond mus»c at Drake 194SAVALEE NITITHAM — petite AFStv from Thai'and International Club Homo Ec Club, Y Teens and Gorman CHib — has aiiondod Chulalong tom University m Bangkok shell try anything once MARCIA JEAN NORD — "Rod Bullet secretary ol Gorman Club Aqu.i Nymphs lor throe years — Y-Teens — Ski Club — Hoigaard Ski Club — trips to Lutsen — canoe tr.ps at Wilderness Canoe Base craving lor W stles JUDITH LEE NORTHROP — Judi Y Teens Spanish and Latin Club R d Cross representative Home Ec FBLE noted lor her funny sayings — plans wuh Christian College alter graduation ELLEN ANN NORWICH-Ellic FrenchClub FBLE HomeEc Club Art and Pop Club loves boats a tiger TOM MICHAEL NUGENT — moved from Ou uth as a senior member ol Homecoming committee and Golf Club at East High Junior Achievement Civil Air Patrcx plans to attend U ot M - only person to work ot Burger King and lika it ROGER GARY NUNN — captain of his P.uk Board hockey Latin Club favoruo sports include sk n drvmg and goll wants to aitend the U ot M and then become a commercial plot ANN MARIE NYGAARO - Y Teens Futun? Secretaries ol Etfrna Office Education Jr Achievement taster ol now flavors ol km cream at Bfidgernan's NANCY JANE NYROP - editor m chief Ol the Buzzette Optimists Award — Prom and Homecoming committee chairman Ouil and Scroll — Y Toons for throe years — Fronch Club Blizzard — church choir — member and past sec ol youth group — hopes to attend University of North Cawma ELIZABETH ANN NYSTROM - But spends three fourths of her time babysitting which sha loves — church school teacher lor two yoars — Pilgrim Fellowship faith chairman last year, vice pres this year — a loyal Peanuts fan — GAA Seniors Class Of ’67 Produces 1 8 Merit Scholar Semi-finalists— Largest Number Ever! RICHARD REINHARD OERTEL - Sink LotmClub I Ball bowled in two leagues payed on Park Board baseball team — wants to major m architecture KEVIN MICHAEL O'HARA - moved from Oetroit. Michigan in fus junior year — was m Drama Club and Junior Classical League at his former school — Latm Club — member ol Teen Power — will attend St John s Unrvorstiy NANCY LOUISE OKEN - Okey Y Teens all school secretary - three years ol Rod Cross — secretary ol French Club — Buzzette — Ski Club — Buzzard — church choir - memories ol tr«p to Europe — quhh. but thinking all the time JEANNE CHRISTINE OLMSTEAD - Chris Gorman Club OE Charity Onve — Edina Players — Pilgrim Fellowship — Declam — enjoys sewing and cooking — wants to enter Northwestern Hospital School ol Nursing - Greater M nneapolis Christian Youth Council KARNA SIG-RUN OLSEN — "Joey — Orchestra GAA operations officer and supply and finance officer for Civil An Patrol — was lom.Ve honor cadet — bound fr» Moorhead Stale r.i.pborry pekor in Hopkins JULIE ANN OLSON — service chairman lor her Y Teens chapter — Spanish Club — member of Luther League and Church choir — enjoys horseback riding and water skiing — plans to attend Augustana College — famous 0 ggfe LARRY LYALL OLSON — Ole Distributive Education - N.itonal DECA hobbies include hunting and racing cars — has been to the Indianapolis 500 quite a mechanic - will ft anyone's car lor 4 price ROBERT MARTIN OLSON — Latin Oub wrestling DrMofriy church H. League enjoys all sports plans mc'ude St Ota' STEVE GORDON OLSON — Flash' — Homecoming decorations committee — plays the electric pan© and rhythm guitar lor Marcia and the Lynchmen — devotes himsell to whatever •% most important 195SUSAN MAY OLSON - Y Teens chapter president goddess and con sor ot Latin Club — Homo Ec Club — International Club — Sunday school teacher trip to Europe - plans to attond Haml.ne THOMAS GEORGE OLSON - Ole — ski team co-captam - band — track team — Ski Club church youth group president — Biiuard — plans on Colorado Stato Un ivervty KEVIN BRIAN O'NEIL - Latin Chib — band — intramural bas ketball — Junior Achievement — lakes all sports and canoeing — has a par ncular fondness tor mice marshmallows and orange shoes OONALO MICHAEL ORESCANIN - swimming at U ot M life saving ceriiftcato — hobbies include swimming skiing and music — plans include U ol M RICHARD THOMAS ORTENBLAD - One — football - track —likes to hunt and hsh — two awards tor football — lavonte activity is eat mg ELISE ANN ORTMAN — oomm-ttec chairman tor Chanty Week All My Sons' King Arthur and the Magic Sword'' Tom Sawyer and The Boyfriend" — president ol Luther League — French and German Club — Ed»na Players — Edma Community Theatre NANCY KRESTINA OSTLUNO - choir Lat.n Club - International Club — Y-Toens — Church league - American Swedish Institute — hobbies include sewing and the accordion traveled to Sweden RICHARD ANTON OTNESS - back - loptbaii — E Club — Park Board hockey church youth group — coached softball this summer — camped in the rm unta»'S ol Montana MARTHA PACKARD - Mot Y-Teens chap ter vico president — French Club — Pep Ctob - Lake Harriet Yacht Club — look out tor that red hair 196 Many students, like Ted Johnson (12). are active with church activities such as choir and youth groups.ALAN GREGORY PAGE-Gorman Club - Debate- Hi-Y Youth in Government- National Merit Letter ot Commendation— plans include the U of M—says little, but it's v»orth hearing THOMAS JOSEPH PAGE-E Club trceturor—cross country captain—ski team captam—track State Cross Country Champion—outstanding milei —a great kidder CONSTANCE ANNE MARIE PALMER - Latin Oub Homo Ec Club — Y Teens- Rod Cross alternate—Camp Fire Girts—tups to Tuscon and Chica go—a beautiful smile MARY LEE PARIS — chon Red Cross alternate Y Teen — Spanish Club — church choif — Junior Fellowship group advisor — hobbies include water and snow skiing and canoe trips — likes peanut butter sandwiches JANANN IRENE PARRISH - George FBlE — GAA — Y Teens -Homo Ec Club — Job's Daughters merit award — Sadie Hawk.ns committees — hobbies include skiing and stamp collecting — has a good word lor everyone LARRY DONALD PARTRIDGE - Bird Gorman Club Latin Ctub — swimming — senior car — luther League chore!' basket ball — likes Edsels and ski trips — ’ It takes one to know one MARK HALL PATRICK - Pat --wrestling — HiC tennis as a junior, president of his church youth group — likes sweaters CHARLOTTE ANN PAULSEN - member of Latin Club for four years Y Teens cheerleader — Homocoming coronation committee — choir — operettas — Pep Club — church chou — Young Life — Homecoming semi finalist — plans to .Ktend the University ot Minnesota BARBARA JEAN PEARSON — member of FTA Y Teens International Club Luther League top 10 Europe last summer — future includes Augsburg College Seniors Newly Formed Young Life Provides Spiritual Guidance And Fellowship For EHS Students SUE BOUTIN PEARSON - Tope - Home Ec Club — Spanish Club — FBLE — participated in American Bowling Congress tournament — great fan of the Underbeats — hopes to attend Ariaona State U SUSAN CHRIS TINE PEARSON — Sou pin new horn Eden Prairie this year — Y Teens — Bhz ard — teacher s aide at Edan Prairie — hobbies include skiing and sewing — worked as a switchboard operator — strives for per lection MICHELLE CLAIR PEIFFER - Mickie Y Teens Home Ec Club — French Club — Red Cross alternate — Methodist Youth Fellowship — loves walking m the rain — plans on nursing — blushes JAMES CHARLES PERT - Chuck — belongs to Judo and Karate Club — interested « motorcycles — unusual trips, especially to Canada — plans to travel then go to college BONNIE MAY PETERSON - OE Future Se cretaries of America — secretary of Methodist Youth Fellowship - likes to nde horses — plans to attend business school in California DEBORA KAY PETERSON - concert band — honored queen .n Job s Daughters — has plans to ottond tho University ot Minnesota at Duluth JERRY DANE PETERSON — track manager in sophomore and junior years — hobbies include cars — plans include |o ning the Marines — likes tomato |u e LAURA LEE PETERSON - Poto Art Oub - Home Ec Club — Junior Achievement — church choir — Young Life — sews almost aU of her own clothes — hard-working and sincere RENEE LOUISE PE-TERSON - Nay — Y-Teens chapter president and ail-school chapter coordnator — vestal virgin of Latin Club — hobbies include knitting and sewing — is often seen driving twenty miles per hour m her GTO 197PATTY JEAN PICKARD - GAA — senior skit — Junior Achievement — Y-Toons chapter service and publicity chairman — church choir ALSAC group leader loves the summertime and sailing — plans to attend the of Wisconr. it DONNA JEAN PICKETT — OE — hobbies in dodo reading and bowling — plans on business school CAROL PIERCE — BuKottn roponor — Latin and German Clubs Edina Players — Science Seminar — tennis — candy stupe — Junior Achievement — 400-hour award tor candy striping — plans on a career in modteme KIM SARAH PINKHAM - Kimmors Ski Club Art Club French Club — Y Teens candy stripor — Pilgrim fellowship — church choir — Blizzard Slu Club chamber maid at Howard Johnson's — contagious lugb SUSAN JO POEHLER - Soo ' National Thespians GAA advertising manager ol the Buzzette — Choral Club - Quill and Scroll — live Gondoliers" writes and composes muse CAROL HELEN POLLOCK - Red Cross representative . International Club French Chib CYC Loader Corps — works on growing her hair POLLY AMIS POND- Potsie French Club - Art Club - Homecom mg skit — church choir — US Lawn Tennis Association — hobbies inchrdo tennis and flying memorable trips to Florida JOHN WALLACE POR TER - Spanish Club — Soccer Club - I Ball JV and B squad baseball — likes all sports particularly enjoys waterskiing and the out-of-doors CHARLETTE ANNE PORTINGA - Homo Ec Club GAA - FBLE youth fellowship and choir — candy striper likes swimming and writing to her pen pals — plans on a tumor college Seniors Christmas Time Is Hectic As School Dismisses December 23 DIANE JUNE POSSELT - DeDo An Club - Ski Club — Y Teens Blizzard — likes skiing horseback nding and water sluing — a truly dedicated skin, DIANA LYNN POSTLETHWAITE—National Thespians - De bate Team — orchestra — National Council of Teachers of English contest winner Abrams Stranger than fiction RICHARD BRUCE POWERS - Bruce worked at Jerry's t n|oys cars and sitting in the sun at Newport Boach — spent the summer m California — future plans include college at St Cloud and summer in Californio KATHLEEN MARY PRATT - K.ttv French Club Latin Club - secretary and vice president of GAA — Edina Swim Club — Junior 8owling League — enioys all sports — has won National Swimm.ng Pool Institute medal and many other swimming awards TIMOTHY OAVID PRYOR — participates in Debate and Oeclam Rod Cross president — enjoys music plans to go mio pro mod at St Olaf BRUCE EDWARO QUINLAN - a sports cor enihusiast — enjoys scuba d ving tfons to go to Bom.dji State College - wants to to a sports car race driver STEVE CRAIG QUIST—participate , m DE -member of a traveling bow mg league — went to State Bowi.ng Tournament Park Board program — once took a trip to Alaska SUSAN ANN RACHIE - Sues throe year member of Y-Teens. all-school chaplain as a senior — Home Ec Club treasurer workod on refreshments for Homocoming — church youth group memorable times in AnruKid.ii' PAMELA JEAN RADEMACHER — secretary ol Ski Oub French Club play - contest play as a junior — Edina Players — member of Jack and Jill Players and Richfield Community Theatre — spent two months in Europe 198Now that all her tests are over Mary DeCraciun (12) finds time to do all her shopping two days before Christmas' CASANN ELIZA8ETH RAY — Sandy International Club — French Club — GAA — Y-Teens — church youth group — own a No Parking sign — hope to live m Europe — "the scarlet pen" — like the odds at Michigan Tech STEVEN NEWCOMB RAYMER - vice president ol FSLE German Club lor two year — wrestled one year — worked tor a carnival — plans to enter the Navy after graduation DAVID MICHAEL REA — new Irom Eihe si. Minors — French and German Club — National Merit Letter ol Commendation — collects anything he can get two of — burns incense m a pipo — like bright colors LYN ELIZABETH REESE - Lyme Art Club Home Ec Club Y Teens service committee — waited Alabama during the spring ol hor junior year — known tor her ctown oaiamas and slumber parties — Chiquita Bu nana ANN LOUISE REIERSON — pres ol National Thespians vibrant Homecoming Queen — Girts State — AFS finalist — Optimists' Leader Award — Best Supporting Actress — Donaldson s Teen Board — AFS committoe chairman on Student Council — portrayod many heroines on PA announcements MARGARET MARY REIMANN - Peggy Student Council — French Club — chm Homecoming Dance Committee — Ski Club — Red Cross BRUCE GEORGE REITER - Ski and French Clubs belongs to Maine tonka Yacht Club. Bftuard Tatra Racing Team and National E Scow Assoc — Calhoun Yacht Club Champ. Class X tor two years — memories ol Eu rope MARK THOMAS REMY - moved from Rockford Illinois, just betore his senior year — participated m track, football, musical and Awards Club at other school involved in Hi Y and irack STEPHEN LAWRENCE RENEE - likes to play pool, swim ski and travel — stock boy at Dayton s — plans to go into the Navy 199JAMES MICHAEL RESOP — h«-, an interest .n can hunting and pool like dog lood sandwiches goes scrambling in his pick op truck plans to attend St Cloud State College BARBARAANNRETRUM-pjrticp.it od in church youth group — likes to sew read and travel — plans to go to college or business school loves to eat orange suckers CAROLE JEAN REYNOLDS — Kerri' participates in Homo Ec Club Junior Achieve mont ohon soon in hnr hoi 196t Chov — Whoopee" beautician school in future GREGORY ARTHUR RICE - Unde Ben' likes to swim ski and play baseball expresses his musical talonts by playing tho guitar in a oand — traveled all around North Amorica Mst summer OAVIO CARL RICHARDS - Latin Club senator varsity and concen bands — interest m skm and scuba diving belongs to Hi Looguo CHRISTINE ZOE RICHARDSON - Zoc AFS student from Johann, burg Rep ol South Afrca co-chairman ot Inti Club finance committee Y Toons chapter soaetary — Aqua Nymphs bkos to travel travels include England and Europe and now the United States has a smile tor overyone KEVIN MICHAEL RIES - as a |u" or moved (torn Sleepy Eye. Minnesota track and cross country reams — Ski Club — senior car — An Club — Eagle Scout — church youth group — went mountain climbing in Now Mexico KAREN LEE RIESBERG - band Y Teens - French Chib orchestra — works as wauress ai OoLana s - will remember Taylor's Falls and campmg trip: FRANK ROBERT RIGGLE - member of Gorman Club Soccor Club and ski team member tor three yoars — plans include University ol Minnesota Seniors Students Contemplate A Boycott As Lunch Prices Rise To 30 Cents DALE THOMAS RILEY - moved from Detroit Michigan, as a |unior involved m intramural basketball — member ol Prudential Insurance Explor er Ftost Program church youth group — likes all sports and kumquats PATRICIA LOUISE ROBERTS - Tnsh - Y Teens Sk. Club onioys drama — spent her time working m Marvin Orecks and Eagle Ridge Theatro - belongs to Hi League hopes to go to Bomidji KAREN AMELIA ROBERTSON — Latin Club FTA Red Cross various committees tor plays church league and Choir — Job's Daughters KIMO ROBERTSON - partcipotiij m Sk. Club likes to race htsGTO -memorable visit to Aspen and Hawaii — worked ns a wine corker one summer WILLIAM PRINGLE RODMAN — Pringle captain of the swim team — Student Council — E-Ctob vice president co chairman of Prom doc orations — Latin Club - AAU swimming — Homecoming attend am l ! Abner hnalist DONALO RICHARO ROHRER - lootbal letter-man — baseball — golf — E-Ctub — Latin Club — member of hrs church youth group — plans to attend tho Unryersrty ol Minnesota JANE ANN ROIFSON — Leslie" — section leader tor band and orchestra — secretary-treasurer ot orchestra — Metropolitan Youth Orchestra — three year member ol dance bond — won a scholarship to U ol M High School Musicians Workshop— received superior student award and an A rating n state contest on clarinet and bass JOHN ERIC ROMUNDSTAD — Whiirx" Hi Y Homocoming skits—unbelievable lough while watching his favorite Laurel and Hardy — Do you understand?" — always there when you need him — the group RICHARD FRANCIS ROSE — painted scenery lor plays pamcipaled in Park Board hoefcoy. baseball — onioys golf guitar and souomah 200MARK ALAN ROSSI — Ross — infiltrated from St Louis Part: as a tumor — sophomore class pcevdont — King Arthur and his Magic Sword Ugly Man Contest - I Bali Young Life — enjoys karate and boting has an unmiMakable •.cristtolfiumor PAMELA KAY RUD - Turtle Y Teens Home Ec Club secretary Of church choir — counselor and cook at Cathedral of Pines — profess»onal modol was in ABC Bowling Tourna mnnt BARBARA KAY RUE — D£ FSLE — enjoys painung and draw mg — would like to go into interior decorating KENNETH DARRELL RUNKE - active in church youth group porno pates m prays put on by his church — likes to toko opart and put together cars SHANNON LEE RUTHERFORD - participated in Art Club win on make up committees lor plays ontoys skiing tennis and painting may abend the University of Minnesou STEVE THOMPSON RYAN -new this year from Brock — member ol Ski Club plays in a band "South Side Sounds Incorporated —enjoys skiing, snow and water — likes blues and rock sounds BAR8ARA SUSAN SAARI - belongs to Home Ec and Latin Clubs three years m Y-Teens — president of United Presbyterian Youth a ten year member of Gui Scouts KAYE ROSETTA SA8ASKO - Rush belonged to Junior Achievement — worked for an insurance agoncy — fro quoms Mogoo's - has a passion lor cotton candy and wishes it were more easily found in iho waiter JO ANN SACKRIOER — new from Washburn as a junior participates in Ski Club Red Cross, Art Club. Y Teens and church youth group — placed first in state m Minnesota Music Teachers Association for piano — proud owner of a toque Upon discovering that the price ol lunch tickets has risen to 30 cents Terry Larson (12) decides that he must "grin and bear it” if he wants to satisfy his hungry stomach 201ROBERT WILLIAM SAHLMAN - German and Ski Clubs ski team makes yearly Christmas trip to Colorado — likes both snow and water skiing enjoys hunting and fishing ANN MARIE SALMON — master of cere monies lor the senior Homecoming skit — secretary ol FSLE — belongs to french Art and Ski Clubs — enrolled m DE — future includes University of Minnesota JOHN EDWARD SAMPSELL- Sammy E-Club I Ball — Park Board referee — All Lake Conference Team and Coaches All Conference Team for football MARGARET CLAIRE SANFORD — Peggy tcminine cheerleader Homecoming attendant — Young Quinlan Rothschild Teen Board — secretary of church youth group — detassled corn at Northrup King DAVID MARK SAUDE - Latm Club — Science Seminar — officer Luther League worked at Fairview Southdele Hospital — plans to go into pre-mod at Concordia College m Moorhead NANCY ANN SCARFF - moved from Bismark North Dakota, during her sophomore year — orchestra — faith area chairman tor Methodist Youth Fellowship — Job's Daughters, first messenger — United Nations Seminar KURT PHILLIP SCHELLHAS - Creopet tn-captain of basketball team — named to All District. All Regional and All-State Basketball Teams as a junior — plans a career t business KATHLEEN ANN SCHILTZ -Schilv — has worked on Homecoming sluts Ski Club — Art Club — Home Ec Club French Club church youth group — future pfans in dude Valparaiso SALLY PATRICIA SCHOOR - Rod Cross Y Teens chapter secretary — Pilgrim Fellowship — folk smgtng group — par to paled m Pep and Spanish Clubs - loves to water ski Seniors Betty Crocker Test Is Taken By Twenty-One Girls Who Compete For Homemaker Title LARRY JOSEPH SCHROEDER - Young Democrats of Edina - Kn.ghis Of Columbus Youth Organization Independent Order of Foresters — likes to drag race and has won trophies — once worked m a pickle factory — plan include armed service thon college STEVEN JEROME SCHULTZE - member ol A t Club participates m Spanish Club — enjoys audio elec ironies sports and cars CHERYL ANNE SCOTT - Sherry Y Teens FT A — French and Art Clubs — enjoys paintmg and drawing, also Skiing, especially at Telemark JEFFREY PAUL SCOTT — member ol German Club — plays in concert bond ond orchestra — Mothotkst Youth Fellowship — earned God and Country and Eagle Awards m E plorer Scouts SANDRA LYNN SCOTT -Sandy Home Ec Club — FT A — bond one year — Job's Daughters took a tnp to Manhattan Kansas to play «n a thirty bell chon belongs to Methodist Youth Fellowship SARA JO SCRAPE - transferred from Okla homa City m her junior year — belongs to Home Ec and Spanish Clubs — active In Mothodrst Youth Fellowship — enjoys writing letters and water skiing — future includes Osseo Junior College EUGENE HUGO SEASHORE - Sandy — E Club - lettered m hockey played American Legion Baseball — hopes to attend the University ol Minnesota ROSEMARIE VIRGINIA SEQUIN - Rosie — worked on the play "All My Sons" — Red Cross representative — German Oub — enjoys goll and reading has traveled to Europe twice — plans to attend college .n Minnesota STEPHEN BARKER SELDEN - Edma Players National Thespians — Ski Oub — B squad swimming — intramural sports — Latin Club senator and president ol Latin Club — Student Council — Edina Community Theatre — National Merit Letter of Commendation — ongma tor and promoter of the 1986 proposed Homocoming slogan Kill 202FOODS Unda Lash (12) treats Jim White (12) to one of those delectable goodies from the home ec kitchens DAVID BRUCE SELNESS - varsity tootba'i tor three years - captain of wrestling team - president ol E-C1ub — city-wide vice-president and local president of Hi C Ctob — church youth group president — All-Conference Football Team -plan to attend Macalcster College, then go into seminary BRIAN EDWARD SHANNON Carver moved from Brookhold. Wisconsin, at January 1966— track was dinosaur attendant at Dinoland — seen shooting baskots all year long THOMAS CARTER SHARKEY -Sharkey — Outdoor Club hockey Park Board .ntondant imioya hunting fishing trapping and gomg on canoe trips DANIEL NEAL SHAUGHNESSY - Big Kid participates »n Art Cub and Ski Clubs workod on the play The Boyfriend intramural basket ball — works on his car. tho green machine plans to uttond an school JAY SCOTT SHELTON - Scott - carno to Edma as a |urnor from Richfield — enrolled m Distributive Education — cn|Oys tinkering with engines and playing goJf thoughts about joining the Peace Coprs STEPHEN CHARLES SH EPPARD - Shop German Club -likes an sports and all types ol mus»c — interested in sailing and canoeing — took a nme-day nightmare canoe trip to Canada — hates rod hair JOSEPH MATHEKA SILLA — spent his |umor year at Minnehaha Ac ado my — Int'l Club Soccer Club — Red Cross — plans to attend Hamlme University l”a- return to his native Konya SCOTT SIMPSON - concert band — Minnesota All Stato Orchestra — Boy Scouts. Junior Assistant Scoutmaster - won scholarship to attend Umvorsiry ol Minnesota Music Project last summer STEPHEN DOUGLAS SINNOTT - French Club Fencing Club — King Arthur' Hennepin County Young Republican League — received two Optimists Oratorical Contest awards JOHN HENRY SLATER — Dakota' - spends his time ski mg and hunt mg went antelope hunting the year his little League Team won first place, ho was named Home Run King plans to ationd school in Alaska OEBORAH ANN SMITH — transferred Irom Regina as a junior pres dent ol FBLE Home Ec Club — Y-Teens - over all chairman tor Sadie Hawkm Danco Contact — worked at Indian Mission at Pine Ridge. South Dakota DONNA LEE SMITH - organized underclassmen co editor tor the Whigrean International Club — Y-Teen - GAA — French Club Council and play works at Wane Settlement House plans to be a phys ed teacher went to Europe last summer — has a passion for tights 203JEFFREY ARTHUR SMITH - Smitty — baseball plans to ottnod St Cloud Stato College has h.s eye on an Olds 44? NANCY LYNNE SMITH — Bu.veiio news editor — Y Teens French Club teaches Sunday school — Pilgrim Fellowship likes to knit sew and cook R08 ERT EMMETT SMITH — Smithy' — moved trom Covina California, at the beginning of his sophomore yoor vico president of Outdoor Club — likes anyihing to do with the out-ot doors. hunting, Ashing and trapping STEPHEN LAURENCE SMITH — new as a sophomore trom Richfield — Science Seminar Math and German Clubs Public Relations Director ol North Star Rocket Society — member of St Paul Civic Orchestra — AFS semi hna.’-st National Science Foundation Program for gifted students and teachers from outstanding high schools LOUIS SMITHERS - Louie Spanish Club - participated »n Golden Gloves boxing for two years — enjoys playing pool TERRY ELIZABETH SNOW - Y Teens for two years — Office Education — Junior Achievement — enioys water sluing — future plans mcXide business school THOMAS LELAND SOOERMAN - Outdoor Club — German Club Hi Y — treasurer of the World Affairs Club was a gateman at Metropolitan Stadium - likes to hunt geese and duck- ROGER EARL SONNESYN — new Irom Coiombus. Ohio, last year — Park 8oard baseball - held |0b as pool attendant - University of Minnesota in fuiuro VALERIE JEAN SOREM — participated in Ski Club - a member of Spanish Club active in Y Teens — has a collection of turtles — a real sports nut Seniors Sudden Change Finds Hall Monitors Seated In Study Halls JAMES RICHARD SORLIEN - Spunky intorest m karate and drivmg GTO's NANCY JUDITH SOTEBEER - sophomore class secretary — senior class treasurer — secretary of Student Council — Home Ec Club president — Y-Teens chapter president — German and Sk» Club — co-chairman of 1966 Homecoming — piano player for twelveyoars JU-LIANNE SOUBA - Croamy - chapter prosidont of Y Teens pre dent of International Club — worked on Whigreen as a sophomore Gorman Club — Red Cross — National Merit Letter of Commendation — sophisticated JACKIE ANN SOULE - Meem cheerleader captain Fronch Club — Pep Chib — Homecoming Buttons committee Student Council — Young Life — has won ribbons and trophies lor her horse — Homecoming attendant CAROL JANE SPENCER — member of Home Ec Club i kes to drive Hondas especially her own hopes to be a beautician RONALD JAY SPIKA - Science Seminar - Gorman Club threo year member of Hi-Y this year s secretary treasurer — attended 1968 World YMCA Youth Conference at Starvanger, Norway — vice-president Pilgrim Fellowship SUZANNE LOUISE SPRAGUER - Susie participated m Ski Club active in Y Teens — member of French Club — took part in senior Homecoming skit — Junior Achievement - Job’s Daughters — headed lor Man kato State PATRICK ROBERT STA8ER - member ol Naval Air Stntron Judo Club — enjoys skiing - - plans to work before attending college ROBERT NELSON STAIR - Robbie — E-Club — lettered m wrestling --participated in Pilgrim Fellowship — works as a pressor in o dry cleaning store — likes to drive Volkswogons 204KATHLEEN OIANE STANSFIELO - president o Future Secretaries ot Amor«a - member ot Oft co Education — Red Cross volunteer at Merit age Nursing Home member ot Y Toons Homecoming attendant at Brock — visited Rochester and the Mayo Clime plans to go into nursing WILLIAM FREDERICK STEINBAUER - Bauer Latin Club E Club lettered in football hockey and track PAMELA JEAN STEINER -cheerleador — student council — chairman ot Pep Fest committee — secretary ot choir — Fronch Club — Homocommg attendant — president ot Donaldson s Toon Board — distinctive laugh MARILYN JOYCE STEINKE - Lyn senior oditor ot Whigrcon chan man ot finance committee tor Int i Club Y Toens - Pilgrim Fellowship cabinet setter to AFS student Savaiee Nmtham — a shy Mile gel ALISON JOAN STENDAHL - Al Y Teens chapter president Ski Club Spanish Dub — church camp counselor — church youth group — mo morable trip to Europo JANE BARCLAY STEVENS - various HomcCOm mg committees — Y-Teens tor two years — Spanish Club lor two years — a member o» Art Club — snacks on creuels M M peanuts and Wink KYLA LOUISE STEVENSON - .til school Y Teens president - president ol g rls' choir — French Club — Homecoming and Prom committoes — Oayton's Teen Board alternate — secretary ol church choir — Lulhor League — delegate to Upper Midwest Y Toons Conference al Carloton Col loge GEORGE MCNAIR STILLMAN - Ski Club Homecoming skit Tom Sawyer Contact Blizzard Ski Club DENNIS RAY STOCK DALE - Denny moved from Kansas City Kansas, last year — participat- ed m Hi-Y — church youth group — manager tor baseball and ski teams — band — wants to attend St Cloud State College Kathy Coffin (12) sits innocently at her hall monitor post, little knowing that on December 15. her position will be liquidated This desolate hall monitor's chair stands vacant m the hall, a symbol ol better times, now in the past 205CANOACE VICTORIA STROMBERG - Candy - Spanish Oub Inter national Club- Y Toons — Luther League — plans include American University m Washington DC and a bicycle tup through Europe VERA VICTORIA STRUCK -Vicii participates in Y-Teens. Spanish Club. Am Club and Blizzard and Edma Ski Clubs — loves art and skiing JAMES ELLIOTT STUART - Stuey - Spanish Club — E Club - co-chairman lor Homecoming contest and elections committee — co-chairman lor Charity Week's Beauty and Beast committee Bu mttc reporter — tennis — wrestling — I-Ball - church youth group — usher m church Bl' zard THOMAS MICHAEL SULLIVAN - Mike god and o« er in Latin Club manager ot the basketball team — Bu zetto reporter — active ifl church y xjth group National Merit Semi finalist twice I atm Club State con test winner likes to keep sports statistics BRUCE ALBERT SWANSON - Swans — Outdoor Club — International Club — German Club — collects military fo.« CHARLES GORDON TAFT - Elmo — H Y Red Cross — three year membor ot band — interested n electronics and hi-fi s — worked at YMCA camp JAMES EVERETT TAFT - likes to hunt and has a thing about Stirdebak ers — plans to go into engineering at the University o Mmnestoa JOANNE TEOREY - Joan — Ski Oub — Y Teens chapter vice-pres — Spanish Club enjoys playing the guitar — often seen at Oelana's — college plans include Colorado and Minnesota - can be philosophical CAROLE LEE TEXTOR - senior board member of FBLE — French Club — Y-Teens senior skit — Ski Club — candy sir .per — senior life saving — known tor her mned-up fun times — memorable trip to Mewco 206 Dave Saude (12) checks up on tne latest military information posted in the counselor's officePATRICK JOHN THIEGS — inirjmu'.i sohba" - l-Bai' worked lor Edma Toon Center — participates in Contact likes to water ski sw-.m .wd P'ay pocket billiard! MICHAEL GREGORY THOMAS - member ol Radio Club — Fronch Club — collects coins — is a hill enthusiast — has a marked interest in short wave radios LINDA SUE THOMPSON - parted pates m Distributive Education and Latin Club— Cenl A.r Patrol her inter cats ho m planes and rockets — plans to go into the A i Force aerospace program ROBERT CHARLES THOMPSON - Bob came to Ed ru sopho more horn Southwest - Hi Y likes to water and snow ski. sail and play hockey is fond of hospitals SCOTT ROBERT THOMPSON - [Kisses sor ot many nicknames Retool.'"'Zero and "Bingo" member ot Edina Player — Tom Sawyer and King Arthur - chutch Hi League DAVID GEORGE THOMSON - Tips — Student Council, chairman ol civil ser vice commit!oe — Young Lite — E-Club — football — track — b squad basketball — captain of his I Ball team — All State Team ol tho Week for football — e«s Arrrona State University in tho futuro ROGER FARLEY THOMSON - Puff belongs to National Thespians and Edmn Players — participated in "Tom Sawyer' — German Club council member ol Methodisi Youth Fellowship — went to Europe aher his sophomore year plans to go to the Umvorsityof Wisconsin BETTY JOANNE THORTON - Jody — Hornet to — Aqua Numphs for three years Whigrean — Viking pom pom gul ALL THUMBS - 'Fingers majoring in shop has trouWo holding on to things — enjoys wo-long with hts hands — hobby is finger painting Seniors That 1 8th Birthday Reminds Senior Boys They Must Register For The Draft STEVEN RICHARD TICKLE - Tie - Outdoor Club wrcsding team — b-squad football — likes all sports in general but especially hunting and fishing — plans to go to tho Un-vers y of Minnesota. Duluth Branch and go into fon-'.try JAMES CREIGHTON TIFT - new this yeor Irom Charles City. Iowa treasurer of Latin Club - Student Council representative stage crew- — Boy Scouts — [resident and captain of bowling league — cotlects coins JOHN EDWARD TJADEN - Tj E Club - basketb.i i and track - holds school record for high |ump. first m conference and lounn in state like to hunt KRISTINE MARLA TOCK - Tina a new add t on to Edina from Cham paign Illinois m fall of 1966 — participated m Y-Tcens and Home Ec Club a member ol MY F — plan on attending U ol Colorado ANN LOUISE TOENSING — octivo in lat n and French Clubs — Prom decorations com mittee — church youth grouo — National Mem letter ol commendation — thinks Bndgoman ice-cream cones aro cool — lavome pastimes include knitting and swimming JAMES SHERMAN TRETTEN - participated in church youth group — took a trip to Florida — interests are in cars and welding — plans on Dunwoody after graduation JOAN ELAINE TRUBSHAW - Jo — Otfce Education Club treasurer Red Cross • FBLE secretary — Woter Ski Oub — teen model lor Wards in her sophomore year — water skiing addict — college plans for 8ermd|i — that's fab-o' CLIFFORD ARTHUR TRUDELL JR - Clift participated m Sk Club Art Club member hopes to attond a Minnesota college — an automobile fan MARGARET A TRUE - Peggy" Office Education participant — Future Secretaries of Edma — Future Business Leaders of Edma — actrve member of Art Oub — Jr Achievement - luturo plans include Bomid|i State College — a true nut 207SUZANNE KAY TRUEMAN - Sun Y-Teonsin sophomofoyear French Club Pilgrim Fellowship — rocmbw ol Metropolitan Youth Or chest a — A' rating in music solo contest - pome and energetic — Lit-Hi' Ono NILGUN TUNA — Abram- Naoon.il Merit semi hn.risi - wont to Istanbul Pans and London last summer Buko tie reporter— French Club An Club ues readng wtnmg and copper i-namniing DOUGLAS ANDREW TURK — Homecoming Foot committee ikes working around cars — worked m a gas station as a car washor STEVEN TERRANCE TURNER-Tcrry somor transfer from Calitomra-belongs to tho Surfing Association—©nioys ail sports plans to attend tho University ot Minnesota THOMAS NORM AN TURNOUIST - rood. '' Ski Club — German Club Hi Y chapter vice-president — F8LE — likes all sports Homecoming semi finalist — we ll play it by ear JOANNE ELAINE UNGER - Brock and Edina cheerleader co chair man lor Homecoming and Cnaruy Week - junior class secretary chairman ol special projects committee m Student Council — Homecoming at tendants — loves cuddly, little things JEROLO ALBERT UNTIEDT-Jeuy pru-.idont ol the Outdoor Club enjoys hunting trapp-ng and fishing—worked at Tail's Super Vatu as a carry out boy plan to attend the University ol Minnesota BRUCE DUANE UTNE-r«e 'dent ol H- Y chapter—Homecoming slots Rod Cross— JA-ski team tot two years television enthusiast PATRICIA KAY UTNE -Pot — ono ot Edma sspirited cheerleaders — French Club Student Council — Homecoming semi-hna ist enjoys all sports, especially hockey — likes dnv.ng down Wooddale Seniors Guthrie Presents “As You Like It,” “The Doctor’s Dilemma,” “Dance Of Death" During Season '66 DIANNE MARIE VANCEL — Di Of1 o Education - Future Secretaries ol America — transferred trom Chicago m sophomore year — lived in Aus trail a lor two years JOANNA CHRISTINE VAN OER ZIEL - P.a GAA latm Oub goddess Y Toons National Mont letter oI Com mondation — Red Cross volunteer at University ol Minnesota Hospital intelligence plus — interested in Europe GREGORY HOWARD VAN-VOORHEES - transferred from Chicago -n junior year — loves to dance and is interested in music ROGER DEAN VEENENDAAL - Vo on Luther League vice-president — junior assistant scout master YMCA basketball ■ likes motorcycles and all sports — lettered in lootball — likes everything but mince pro GREGORY GRANT VENELL - cg Spanish Club — intramural soil ball and soccer — Pilgrim Fellowship — church Icaguo basketball pton to bo a Spanish teacher — likes chewing bubble gum and working on cars LINDA KAREN WADLUND -Y Toons Homo Ec Club - FBLE — plans to go to co'lege then oh to Europe — a vivid imagination — often seen m her 63 Ford convertible LYNDA LEE WAITE— Hornettes- Viking pom pom gut Pop Club Y Teens -church group—Ski Club—ski patrol- senior skit-plan to be como a nurse—can splint a leg »n two minutes Hat vibrant personality SUSAN SCHLAMPP WALDIN-Sk. Club French Oub Am Cub Y Teens—collects teddy bears—crary about horses—races turtles—mo n r.ibV -jummer at Gull La... CONSTANCE DUNLOP WALKER-Brcc. chociloedor two years - Brock Homecoming queen in junior year—French Club FBLE Art Club—Home Ec Chib—sentimental 208MARCIA TURNER WALL—International Club GAA—YTeen-, JA sailboat racing—mountain climbing m the Tetons—plans to attend Color a do State University- pigtails WENDEE LAMPERT WALLING-lonn Club—Silver Spur Saddle Club—taken trips to Hawaii A i ona and Mon tana—great interest m horses—known lor her swampy backyard—craves French pastries LINNEA MARIE WANG-Noo—thrc yoar member of concert band—church chow and league—Sunday school teacher—High School Musicians Project at the U— noted for her knitting, bass clarinet and her piano — understanding and tend JOHN CARLYLE WASH-Homecommg publicity cochm best actor award for Tom Sawyer -—National Thespians—Edma Players—acted in The Crucible and Hedda GaWer —filmed two movies—known for style setting mod clothing DENNIS CONNOLY WATSON- Water vi . pres of junior class—member of Slate Champion soccer team enjoys water slumg—trip to Elk River — Watch out or you II pull back a bloody stump' PATRICIA FAYE WEATHERHEAD-Pan. Latm Club concert band—honor student at Interlochen Nat I Mus c Camp—two "A" ratings on the piano at state contest ALLYN MERRILL WE8ERT—Big A -DeMo'ay—drives through corn fields— plans to attend UCLA m California— a hard worker and a great guy WARREN FRANK WECK- Crab Minneapolis Junior Travolmg League—secretary of Biltmore Junior-Senior Leagues collects coins trips to Las Vegas—ohen seen playing cards WILLIAM HOWARO WEIGEL - concert band — tenms toam - Latin Club National Mont somi finalist award in Minnesota Math Contest attended National Music Camp m Michigan—likes skiing During intermission of a performance of "The Doctor’s Dilemma" at the Tyrone Guthrie Theator. Sue Olson (12) studies her program 209OIANE LORRAINE WELCH— 8ur otte reporter lor one yoar—church youth group—church choir—National Mor.t Letter ol Commendation likes music, vocal and pew--plans to attend the University ol Minnesota OAVID BRUCE WEST-Eagle Scout — enjoys hunting and fishing would like to attend Bemid? Stale College—spends hit laft weekends in duck binds or on deer stands CLAUDIA JEAN WESTERBERG-Y Teens French Club— Tatra Ski Club—likes all types Of skiing and enjoys sowing— brightens up the day RUSSELL LEE WESTFALL—Russ—8 .vard for two years-aen.or skit-workod at Normandalo Toiaco lor the summer—plans to attend St Cloud State College can be seen m his big black wagon KAREN NANETT WESTMAN-Red Cross—Art Club—YTeens as a sophomore -Jobs Daughters—Luthor league—enjoys all sports—former Art Club supply queen-theme song is Tw-st and Shout CHARLES MICHAEL WHALEN- Sieve -E Oub- Choral Club -one of The Henchmen A I Confer ence Goalie likes all sports— plays the guitar 210 For the tenth time frustrated Dave Massopust (12) concentrates on putting the ball through the doorway without hitting the windmill bladesJANET ELIZABETH WHEATON-Jon — Distribute Education—FSLL Am Club does a lot ol painting—transferred from St Margarets—plans to go to California An School-noted for her vo«ce imitations and fabulous laugh JAMES MEHL WHITE-cross country third in District 18. Region Five and State CC meets—E Club secretary—tnp to California—worked ai Lund s as a carry-out boy DIANE MARIE WICKLUND-Do FBI E Sk. Club—Latm Club-Whigrean Student Life assistant worked at Donald son's—National Mont Letter of Commendation—likes cowboy hats and pitching tents LINDA LEE WICKSTROM - "WiCk Y Teens chapter secretary Spanish Club — senior Homecoming skit hot on a Honda an onthu stastic, optimistic prison,iiity — The mother hen at Edina Chicken KRISTI ANN WIEN — Kris - Hornottcs Latm Club Ski Club Prom Oocorations committee Young life Y-Teens — Viking pom pom gut — Homocom.ng semi final M bouncy ond bubbly SUSAN CARROLL WIESNER-Su i Red Cross Y Toons — Sk. Club French Club Blizzard — JA — drives a Volkswagen to work at Gregg s Pharmacy THOMAS GEORGE WILBUR—Tommy—Hi-Y Intramural BaskettM church choir—participated in several ch.idren's plays—en|Oys an sports— has traveled through forty eight states—has worked at Mel Stadium and Budge-nan-. MARGARET SUZANNE WILCOX-W ly French Club FTA—YTeens—JA -church youth group plans to go to Europe nort summor—likes roosters shy but always smiling MARK ANDREW WILDEROTTER- Wilbm'—transferred fiom East Grand Rapid . Michi gan. as a |unio»—German Club—summer league baseball—National Merit letter of Commendation- "Gott im Himmol Seniors June 8 Commencement Exercises Give Way To Three Months Of Summer Fun NANCY CARROLL WILEY-Nanc—Art Club French Out—Y-Tecns-Homecoming publicity—Blmord Ski C ub—enjoys drawing and pamtmg plans to major n art in college MARY JANE WILKINSON-Y Teens-church youth group—Gul Scouts- admires Soupy Sales—plans to attend the coi'ogo of Saint Toresa in Winona ANN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS-Y Teens—French Club FBLE— International Club—National Ment Letter of Commondabon—president of Luther League was a candy striper plans to enter nursing at St Olaf College—quiet, sincere and dedicated JOHN OANIEL WILLIAMS—Jack swim ream was a counselor at a camp for mentally retarded children -enjoys most sports MICHAEL DEAN WILLIAMS-Mike Hi Y Latm Club- Youth m Government— Goodwill Industries ctothmQ drive—collects stamps—plans to go to the University of Minnesota can pitch a moan tent THOMAS WARREN WILLIAMS-Willie- va sity hockey JV hasobol1 ‘ottorod in hockey koves tho outdoors—aggressive and dedicated n all apom. plan to attend the University of Minnesota EDWARD GRAHAM WILLSON-Ed—Rchhold Bomng Club gym aid-worked at Edma Country Club—plans to enter tho Manno A.r Corp— can be soon in ns little green Rambler better known as the Gw.m Grunt JOYCE MAXINE WILSON-Y Teens Home Ec C’ub -Scimci' Seminar -Pep Club—church choir—senior Pilgnm Fellowship—plans to become an olo memory teacher—sweot and poppy DEB8IE ANN WINGERT—Wmk Brock Chocrleader Edma Ptayors Nat l Thespians Y Terms Luther League GAA — Red Cross alternate—candy striper Bieck Homocoming Queen — a swoet blonde-headed doll 211CAROL JEAN WINTER-i'amcipant of International Club—member of Spon.sh C‘ub—National Thespians—FTA—particularly onjoys limiting water skiing and cooking—full of fun and friendliness LINDA PATRICIA WISE—Lm- participates in Y-Toen and An Club hobbies include skiing and painting—loves to drink cherry cokes JAN MORRISON WISTE-membor of Outdoor Club—Fencing Club—National Merit scholarship— YMCA tot scuba diving—hopes to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology JAMES MILON WITH AM-wrestlmg—church basketball gym aid— crturch younh group- skung on the St Crom Rivor—plans to go to Bcmidfi State—worked in a machino shop last summer — great outdoorsman MARK EOWARD WITHROW-E Club—referee for Park Board—I Baii-co-captam ol football team—letters In track and (ootbali—an exceptionally good sport and a fine leade- SUSAN JEAN WOERNER-Suo -Latin Club —Y Toens chapter v ce pros plans to enter nursing—likes swinging late at night BRIAN CABOT WOHLRABE-H. Y Homecoming skit—sk. team-ski instructor for Horgaard's—Gorman Club—intramural football—»s usually seen flying through tho air with a pair of skua on his feet ANN ALICE WOO OS-transferred from Ozark Arkansas as a senior—FTA— Latin Club —Home Ec Club—Science Club—band- Y Teens—great vocalist—lively, friendly and a delightful rprl with a southern accont JEFFREY RALPH WRIGHT- Whizo -Student Council football-basketball—baseball Young Life—all conference in football—all state m baskotball will remem ber his trip to Northwestern Seniors Class Of ’67 Will Never Forget Magoo’s Pizza, The Monkees, “Peanuts” And Bugles MARY THERESA WRIGHT - Tern — Y Teens chapter president — Edina Ski Club — participated in the ugfy girl contest - loves skung — will attond college after high school JOSEPH MICHAEL WROBLESKI - Joe — Radio Club — DE — takes a groat interest m motorcycle — workod « a gas station last summer — has token trips to Florida and Canada — plans to attend U ol M MARGARET EVELYN YOUNG - Margie — Aqua Nymphs treasurer — 8reck cheerleader — French Club — Ski Club — Y-Teens — church choir — belongs to a bowling team — noted for red Ico-rice — bubbly blond — fast knitter — "Hail to Heidelberg" JAMES PATRICK YUNKER - Rod Baron — one of Michael and the Mumbles — Contact — was a stock boy at Red Owl — plans to attend the University of Minnesota what a drummer NANCY LEE ZAHN — Y Teens — Ski Chib — French Club — Tatra Ski Club High League — likes snow and sun always has a bright smile LYNNE EOGELL ZEMPEL — French Club — Y-Teens chopior president — attends modeling classes — Natonai Merit semi ftnaiist — worked as a volunteer at St Barnabas Hospital — tutored French — plans to attend Macalester ROBERT LEONARO ZERULL—Bob— swim team —obtained senior l-lc saving—likes swimming drawing and wator skung—plans to attend the University of Minnesota—a good dancer—always has a smile JOAN GRACE ZIMMERMAN- Zoom GAA-Buzzoite reporter—Y-Teens-German Oub—won Lake Conference gals doubles badminton championship as a sophomore—Job s Daughters— What s the deal? LINOA 8U8AN ZIPOY-Zip—Ski Club—Y Teens—Homocoming committees-would like to become a professional model—great dancer—plans to attend the University of Minnesota— Nummies!" 212A streetlamp sets the mood for Magoo's. a favorite nightspot for Edina and other Minneapolis area teens John Hall (12) pays his dollar, which admits him to the dhve-m theater, a popular form of entertainment fel TfilK.| ! Cftbius Hokjjs— ftobbyi Sunn«.r Wi L , Somo students use their lockers to store food, or decorate them as pr p boards or. in some cases, to keep books and coats «4Underclassmen216 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Roger Eichorn. president Gordy Alexander. vice-president. Ann Ulvestad. secretary. Tim Braine. treasurerJody McClellan. Bill Fiedler. Debbie Henningseri make popcorn at games Juniors Juniors Wisely Sponsor Musical As Sophomores In Preparation For Prom Once again juniors found themselves financing the Junior-Senior Prom Just as in the past, the junior class tried to earn money for this traditional expense by selling concessions at sporting events However, the originality and skill of this class enabled it to tap a new source of revenue As sophomores, the class, along with the Edina Players, sponsored a musical. “The Boyfriend." which provided funds for last year's Senior Reception So successful was the musical, that the junior class had more of a cash reserve on hand on which to rely Originality was again expressed as juniors broke all precedent by winning the Homecoming float prize, and giving seniors a scare with their well-contrived skit. A majority of senior cheerleaders can't stop Kathy Diercks (11) from exhibiting junior equality November 3 was the day of the new class rings Juniors paid for. received and exchanged their symbol of superiority over the sophomores 217Juniors MSAT And SAT Testing Resumes As Time For College Approaches Abbott Ginny Adams Bill Adamson. Steve AguSISSOn Alien Alexander, Gordy Alkice. Patti Allen, John Allen Nancy Atlum. Jerry Andahaty Marius Andorberg Shetley Andersen. Sharon Anderson Barb Anderson Kent Anderson. Unde Anderson Ron Anderson. Sue Anderson. Tom Anderson Tim Andres Bob Anhnson. Nancy Ankner. John Arenson, Vicki Arko. Rom Arndt Jim Arneson. Gail Arnold Wayne Ashworth. M ke Atwood Sally Austm Jeanette Bailey Becky Batch, Steve Barnes Bill Barnett. Bill Becker Sue Beiersdorl Susan Belmore. Jon Bennen Chen Bennett Oale Bennitt Lyn Benson. Drake Benson. Neil Berg. Linda Bergerson Darryl Borgot Oave Berget. Kr« Berglund. Rob Bnfgquui Mary Bergquist Nancy Berkmoes. Mary Betnardi Paola Bessesen Laurel Bethko. Don Sevan Pat Bwoier. Jean Bier man. Bonnie Bill Wetl Bishop. Bob Bissonett Tom Blackbourn. Lynn Blanchette. Sue Blessing, Tom Blubough Debbie Bodme. Sareh Bor one Jan Bottolene Tom Bove, Lmda Bowen Bonma 2182 cwDeRemer. Tom The junior year becomes a period of great change — obtaining a driver's license Kent Anderson (11) attempts to gain a new freedom by passing his driver s test Dietenbach. Sue Diercks. Kathy Dtessner. Marti Donnelly. Marguerite Dornseif. Skip Douglas Marti Doyle. Kevin Dozark. Margaret Drois. Tim Drentlaw. Shelloy Drum Dave Duncan. Eric Eastman, Yvonne Eaton. Penny Egan. Rich Eg’gan. Mark Eglite. Ingrid Eichorn. Roger Eisler. Jan Eitei. Beth Elkoy. Beth EHis. Pam England. Leslie Englor. Sue Englund. Ross Erdall. Art Erickson. Dick Essen, Judy Ettner. Nancy Eyden. Cmdy Farkas. Betty Feldhake. Pam Fenton. Brad Fertig. Oebbie Feyder. Sue Fiedler, Bill Field. Brian Field. Craig Finch, Beth FmWo. M.ke Firth. Bob Fisher. Chuck Fletcher. Linda Fletchor. Mary Ford. Jackie Fossey. Jane Foster. Barb Foster. Tom Francrs. John Franke. Gayle Freeman Craig 220Frey, Connie Fuller. Alan Gadbc s. Mark Gant. Woody Garberg. Margaret Garlock. Rich Geankophs. Nick Geckler. Nanci Gehnng. Sue Gensmer, Brian Gernsh, Sandy Gertz. John Juniors The Right To Drive Permits Juniors To Frequent Fideside Pizza Burger King, Porky’s And Bridgeman’s Giebmk, Dave Gilt. 8ob Gilman, Paul Gjorvad. Ron Glist. Marcia Glocke. Gary Gmnro. Mark Gmitro. Miko Gohl3. Nan Gottsacker. Grog Grano ois. Rna Granger, Bob Granger. Jeanotte Grant John Grant. Robbi Gray. Dan Gray. Mark Green, Charlie Greer. Meg Grette. Roger Grinned, Steve Groth. Jim Guille. Mary Gunberg, loan Gunderson, Tom Gurska, Path Gusialson, Jim Gustafson, Nan Hage. Barb Hale, Barb Hall. Liza Hallberg. Lynn Hallcckson. Tim Halseth. Tim Hanken, Cindy Hanley. Steve Hanson. Cathy Hams. Tina Hams. Sue Harty. John Hascall, Diane Hastings, Tom Hatzung. John Hayhoe, Sue HeHolhnger, Missy Heinrich. Ginny Henderson. Scott Hendrickson. Karen Henmngsen, Debbie Henson. Sandy Herman. Phil Hibbard. Rich Higgins. Ellen Hill. Mike Hillcrmcn. Ned Hinrichs. Terry 221Juniors Juniors Officially Make The Grade By Purchasing Their Class Rings Hippe. Mark Hirschey, Dave Hitchcock. Joh Hocfcbrunn Renee HoMman. Patti Hohn. Jano Holder. Jack Holie. Ci jck Holm. Harry Holm berg Kris Holmborg. Stcvo Horen. Kothy Horstmann Paul Hosteller, Dartis Hounv Linda Hovde Karen Horde Paul Howard. Debtxe Howard. Min dr Huggins. Jean Hughes. Bobb.e Hughes, Mary Hughes. Patti Hull Re Huser. Fred Immel. Laurie Ingvaldson Eve Iverson Mary Jackson. Jams Jackson. Leah Jacobs. Robb Jacobson. Pam Jacus Mike Jahn Kerry Janssen. Nancy Jensen Craig Jensen Kathy Jenstad. Holly Johnson. Dan Johnson. Bill Johnson Brad Johnson. Bruce Johnson. Jeh Johnson Linda Johnson. Ro y Johnson. Steve Johnson Tom Jondahi. Joyce Jones Charlie Jones Bob Jones Dick Jordan, Mike Jorgensen. Rob Joseph son. Jim Joyce. Peggy Kagol. Kathy Karlstad Kns Kautr Kns Kearns Fran Kempher. Mike Kenaston Pam Kennedy Lois Kerker. Laurie Kern Molly Kersten Tim King. John K«rk. Pam Kitchen Rick 222Klom JuliO Knippcnberg Gory Knoblauch. Jim Knowles. Bob Knutson Doug KootS. Dovo Krause. Laurie Kremer. Nancy K k I. Diano Krohn. Gib Kruppstadi. Kerry K use. Karen KuOhn Grotchen Kuhn. Candy LaHerty. Shetyl Lamport Trudy Landbloom. Linda landvii. Karon Lange. Kom Longsov. Goorgo Larkin. Maiy Sue Larsen. Linda Larson, Bonme Larson. Debby Larson. Don Larson, Glenn Larson, Leigh Larson. Linda Larson. Mcrcheile Larson. Tom Laub. Jane Levander. Chuck LaVay. Shelloy Led bolter. Gayle Lemons. Rob Loyh. Rick L.obor. CliM Liemandt. John Limbeck. Kathy Lmdor. Vicki Lmderholm, Watty Lmdgron Ginger Lindquist. Bruce Lindquist. Debbv Little. Mike Loan. Kathy Long. Barb Lossmg. Carol Lovaas, Marsha Low. John Lowy. Jim Luce. Alan Rita Terosi (11). the new Hornet mascot, vivaciously promotes student participation at pep tests 223aMorrison. Alan Morrison. Kathy Moss lorn Mueller. Renee Mullen Janet Mullikm Kathy School rules state that only iuniors or above may attend Prom Gertie Grooper (11) needs to lose a levy pounds before her man will ask her Nnkken Craig Noslund. 8olh Neidigh. Bill Neis. Sandy Nelson. Barb Nelson. 8arb Noison. B.ll Nelson. Bob Nelson. Kyle Nelson. Laurel Nelson. Lee Nelson. Lynn Noison, Peggy Nelson Terry Neuger W.n Neumann. Bruce Neumann. Suellen Neumeisior. Sieve Nevtns. Grog Newell. Kn Nowion. Vickie Nielsen. Jon Nolan Nancy Nolting. Rick Norby. Steve Nord John Nordby. Craig Nugent Kathy Nye. JeW Nyflot Loren Nyman. Barb Oborholman. Stove O'Brien, Lynn Ochs Miko O'Connell Manbeth O'Connor. Rick O'Dowd. Cheryl Onlschlager. Kurt Oestrotch. Mark Ogren. Dave Olander. Mark Olive. Pat Olson. Chip Olson. Hilary Olson. Karen Olson. Sandy Olson. Sara Or on. Ron 225Orne Pam Osborg. lorene Ottmon. Clarice Owens. Conm« Owens. Jim Pago Cmdy Palmer Nancy Parker Craig Parsons Jodv Parsons Mary Patrick. Elizabeth Pearson, Margie Pearson. Stephanie Pedersen. Ralph Pederson. Janice Pemberton Dave Perkms Sue Perrault. Renee Perry. Jim Per singer Dennis Peters Pam Peterson Barb Peterson, Bev Potorson Brian Peterson. Bruce Peterson. Jim Peterson. Mark Peterson Patti Peterson Randy Peterson. Shan Petty Virgnu Plrntor Robyn Phillips George Pierce Patty Pit . Catherine Ptas man. Jim Platt Chris Po|unos, Becky Pollock Bob Pollock. Steve Polsluss. Craig Porter. Jim Powell. Jody Powers. BiH Priskar. Evr Pritchard Peg Purdv. Greg Purtoe Jim Guam. Bob Quest. Laone Who killed Cock Robin7 Jeff Johnson (11) and Cindy Hanken (11) mourn the death of Bird. Ingrid Eglite (11). 226Ousting SCOTI Rahko, Linda Rask. Don Rauch Marilyn Raymond HokJi Ron Kathy Reece Jim Reget. Beth Regnor. Bill Rechow Mike RemedL Linda Reiahu Pete Juniors Tradition Is Broken As Juniors Take First Place With Homecoming Float Reker. Kaopv Ribble Bob Richards Date Richtci Jan R es. Sieve Rmo Rog Rrvall Dave Roberts. Jim Robinson Joan Roch. Tom Rochetofd. Jim Ronald Mary Roos. Pel or Rose Bob Ross. lorry Rothnem Sue Rowland Claudia Rud Debbie Rukes Steve Runko Tim Rupp Gayle Russell Chuck Russell Pat $aan. Tom Saland Nancy Salon. Steve Samueteon, Sieve Sanborn Bruce Sanborn. Drake Sandberg Sieve Sanders Mary Sanlord, John Sauvo Miko Savik Sandra Scarborough Bill Sharrar Jody Scheioer Bruce Shiel J aequo Schilling Nancy Schilt Gail Schirmer. Jack Schmerier Mark Schmidt, Cindy Schmidt Hugh Schne-der. Cindy Schoenmg Lmda Schrenk. Gm Sch 10Oder Jack Schwar rock. Ted Scofield. Idona Scoggm Jay Scope Horace Severson. Dave Sharpe George Shaughnessv Tom Shehon Dean 227SMton Gloria Sherman, Sue Sieft Chris Siotsnma Bob Silha Steve Stvrighi Anno Slec Janet Smith. Coralie Smith. Cindy Smith Debbie Smith Karen Smith Sandy Smith Todd Snetl. Greg Snyder, Lee Sommer Ann Sod or Phil Sortebo o. John Sortma. Betty Scuba Fred Sower Robert Spa-n. Linda Spencer. Debbie Spencer Ron Spencer Wencke Scaler Henry Sponsei. Ken Stacey. Lana Stake Bob Starkey Jill Steefe. Don Stihnke Bill Stephens. Win Stewart Don StillweO Lmda Stmson Sandy Stitt. Gail Stone. Betty Stone. Marilyn Strandomo. Jeff Strate. Sally Strom Andy Strom. Greg Stromberg. Conn.© Sturgo Jenny Suometa Les Sutphen. Jon Swanson Donna Swanson Roy S wend seen Pam Swenson Jim Swenson Haidi As part of a history assignment Sue Hayhoe (11). Bev Peterson (11). Bob Zender (11). and John Francis (11) work making booklets at campaign headquarters 228Taubo Richard Taylor. Kr» Taylor. Paul T«res . R-w Terry Bill Thois. Ron Thoele Mark Thompson Candy Thompson Gayle Thompson, Jay Thompson. Joan Thompson. Lyodo Juniors Assignments Range From Writing Term Papers To Making Booklets At Political Headquarters Thompson. Mike Thompson Peggy Thomson BoD Thorp. Sandy Thu row John Toussaint, Rod Trones Darryl Troop Jim Uisakcr. lauri Unvested Ann Umbergcr. Martin Unt-cdt. Mark VanVoorhees Bob VanWa er Sara Veil leu. Bill Verdorn Jorry Versen. Vol Waag Km Wagon. Chuck Wahl. Jamco Wallace. Dennis Walquist Paul Warden Paul Warner. Tuck Wamke. Bob Watson. Cathy Webb B.'l Weingartner. Wendy Wells Martin Wollumson 8a'b Wesi Mark Westlall Sharon VWtaicn. Shun White Ootob Wilbur. Jon Wilderotter Gmm Williams LauttM Williams, Lynn Williams. Todd Willmore, Peggy Wilson, Jounno Wilson. Pat Wing Cindy WinKX. Colleen Winter. Chuck Wise Rick Wold Babs Wood Wendi Woolsoy Br-an Wright. Tony Yanda Stove Young. Allio Zthlingot. Ken Zender. Bob Zctman Skip 2 mmorman. Jim 229Assisting the sophomore football team in remaining undefeated for tho season is quarterback Skip Thomas (10) and fullback Mike Dillner (10). Enjoying a relaxed evening of segregation, clothes conscious sophomore girls and carofrce sophomore boys pause for a breath at Edina Teen Center SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Scott Thompson, president. Bryan Cooper. vice-president. Jane Unger, secretary. Brad Bringgold. treasurer 230Setting the stage for sophomore pictures to follow is Ann Ruedy (10). Sophomores Special Pre-School Orientation And Pep Fest Launch 69ers’ H.S. Career Through a pre-school sophomore orientation and a special sophomore pep fest. 69er's were allowed to stumble through their first days of high school together When they became used to their surroundings, they began to accomplish projects of merit A sophomore sponsored melodrama. "Love Rides the Rails," enabled them to attach their names to something constructive. They sold tickets and worked on various committees to make the play project a success and earn enough funds for the senior reception The B-squad games and physical education classes were treats for sophomores only However, they shared in participation at dances and teen centers, auditorium programs. and numerous organizations. With the purchase of an additional trampoline. Kathy Fisher (10) delights in its use Sizing up his sidekick. Steve Schlachter (10) during the apparatus unit m physical education class attempts to appreciate the taller things in hfo 231Sophomores Class Of ’69 Gets Into The Step Of Things With Their Homecoming Skit Ada . Diane Adams. Joe Adams Patricia Agness Karon Akason. Drew Alank. Scon Albrecht Ann Allard Nicolas Allen. Mike Anderberg, Pam Anderson, Brett Anderson. Cheryl Anderson Oenise Anderson. Eric Anderson, Julie Anderson, Kent Anderson Lucinda Anderson Lynn Anderson Merrill Anderson. Sally Anderson, Shelley Anderson. Shentynn Anderson, Wendy Andrues. Stephen Antonson. Jean Arnold. Gayto Arnold James Arnold. Patsy Arnold. Peggy Aronson. Carol Ashley. Nancy Atchison, Tom Aungst Brenda Avenson Sally Bacon. Barb Baker. Brant Baker. Brett Barber Nancy Barnes. Stephen Bernum Elizabeth Barrett Louise Bartlett Greg Bates Tom Bayers. Robert Beannger Linda Beegle Jeffrey Bennett Pat Benson. Joe Benson. Todd Berg. Ann Berg Mayer Bergaas. Mark Bergren. Katherine Bergseng John Bermel, Jim Bertel son Jill Bertelson. Mark 8eson, Dave Bidwetl. Dennis Biermen Roy Birdsong Greg Brshop. John Bissonett Bruco B|Ork. Mary Bjorkman Linda Biankenbaker. Penny Blankenbaker. Polly Blessing Sue 232Block'. Sarah Bluege. Lynn Boblett Nancy Bohannon. Gory Bohl. Jenny Bodes. Glenn Book. Ray Boosahs, Kay Borden. Ros Boronaro, Paul Boulay. Tom Boorland. Kristine Bowman Barb Bowman Kathio Brand. Bill Branslord Chuck Brant . William 8ranyon. Pat Brocht. Lineli Brohm Bonnie Brehm Ward Biomw. Barry Bnnggold. Brad Britton. Robert 8robach. Tim Broback. Steve Broeker. Charles Brooks, Jano Brown. Tony Brown Oebby Brown David Brown Nancy Buchanan. JoH Burke. John Burkhardt. James Burns. Diane Burrell. Lmda Burt Kns Bu ick Nanci Byrd Jack.o Cabatka. Tom Cam. Virginia Callman. Pat Campbell. Ooug Campbell. Ralph Cantwell Jane Carey. Christina Cargill. Auslen Carlson Nancy Carlson. Carol Providing entertainment for the royal court and their subjects, beautified sophomore boys demonstrate their high kicking abilities 233After an exhausting raking job. sophomores Lynn Harris. Cathy Textor. Sue Guetzke. Tam Nevin. Judy Carter, and Kate Sidenberg rebel against their supervisor Kris Polacek. Later Tam and Kate rejoice over their victorious burial of Kris Carlson. Jim Carlson. Loslio Carlson. Mary Carlson Michael Carlson. Richard Carlson. Robert Carlson. Ron Carlson. Sue Carlton. Craig Carnahan. Jim Carpenter. Fred Carnger. Dee Carroll. Pete Carter Judy Cashman. Kevin Chandler. Russell Chapman Davo Chapman. Jams Christensen, Carol Christensen, Jim Christenson. Jill Ciorma. Steve Clapp. Bob Clegg, Ellon Colman, Kelly Collins. Pat Collins. Tom Coman. Herb Combs. Louis Comstock Gary Conlin. Molly Coolidge. Kathy Coon Greg Coonrod. Richard Cooper. Biyan Cooper. Gretchen Corah. Colleen Correa. Jerry CouiUard. Jay CoursoSle. Jerry 2MCoursoJIe John Cox, Joan Crask Debbie Crawford. Dan Cross Barb Culton. Jayno Colton. Lynn Curia. Don Curley. Colleen Curran Jo »y Cushman. Cheryl Dahl Vince Sophomores Sophisticated Sophs At Times Revert To Their Childish Ways Of Junior High DalquiSt. L-nda Davenport John Dav s. John Davis MarK Dawson Melissa Dean Margie Deqeberg David Degerness Debt OeKraay Ross Delaney. Cathy Dolanoy. Deb Denk, Tom DeRemer. Steve Dickie. lavdo Dinner Mike Dobbelmann Mark Dockendorf Mary Donaldson Barb Donnay Paul Donnelly, Elizabeth Dorek Steve Doogali Susan Douglas Bruco Do ark. Dave Drake. Guy Drake. Nancy Drehw William Dudley. Christine Dudley, Janet Duncan. Gregg Duncan. Julio Dunker Barb Dunn Barb Dunn. Paul Ounwiddie Will Durst, David Ouvick. Cnoryl Ean. Barb Eastman Carol Econorttos John Edgren Bruce Edolmann. Mark Edwards Cynthia Egekvist Debbie Eido, Maty Eide. R.mdalf Eidvno David Eisler Jim Elltmann Steve Elicby Molly Engelsma, Sue Engluno. Bob Englund. Craig Erickson Lynn Erickson Rus Everett Bill 235Faith Kim Falconet Gary Fallden. Dune Faloon, Richard Farias. Lynoiio Feo. Bill Foldmeu. Ann Ferguson Mark Fesko Karon Findlay. Margate! Findley. Paul Finley. Justmo Fischer. Kaihie Fisher. Sandy Fletcher Martha Foley. Debbie Foley. William Fotslund. Ann Fosseon. Bill Fossum. Dave Frank. Barb Frederick Michael Frotland. Richard Frov. Stephen Fnch, Mark Fridlund. Vicki Font. Ella FuJiey. Jack Gammon Dan Gans. Joe Garrett. Tracy Gas Her Mark Gotb, Molly Gutmbruno. Ron Gibson Don Giles, Rick Giroux, Sue Gissotbcck. Claudia Gohdes. Greg Goltla. Mary Granger, Vicki Gtavier Robert Green.Joyce Green Terry Groiq. Mike Greiser. Gordon Grenoll. Suzanne Gtidiihs, David Gnll, Karon Gross. Cathy Newly appointed sophomore cheerleaders perform their duties before a typically bustling crowd Backed by this support, the B-squad remained undefeated 236Grottirvg Jim Gr;i:skow ak. James Guotrtc Susan Hacking. Sieve Hadley, Thomas Haemig Stove Haqwman Gail Hagon. Cathy Hagan. Ron Ha r a. Hath Halo. B«v Hail Brad Sophomores Sunny Thursday Afternoons In The Fall Mean Football Games For Loyal Sophomore Team Supporters Hall. Don Hall Georgia Hal lam. Scott Hanson Barbara Hansen Bruce Hansen Dennis Hansen Ellon Hansen William Hansko Stove Hanson Erie Harmon Doug Harmony Connie Harmony. Jon Hams Debbie Hams. Lynn Hastings Doug Hainmo Stove Maugtund Holly Ma ehon Jill Heath, Mary Hedc. Gary Modlund. Julio HoWodinger Hindi He-knorin Chuck Ho nrich Raul Helsmg Craig HonntioM Joanne Hennessy Mark Hennossy Tim Herman. Robert Hesterman Paul Holland Tom Hibbard Wendy Higgm Cnns Hill, Kitty Hippt Margate! Hogenson Jim Hokanson Mark Holimgor. Sally Holm Chit Holm Mary 237Sophomores Sophomore Orientation Added To Aid The Youngest Class In The Mystery Of “Where’s Where’’ Holmet, Nancy Holmes. T im Hoove Laura Hoflu . Julm Hor rocks. Kevin Houseman Sue Hoversted Kent How«, Jan Hoyt. Susan Huobscher Todd Hodste Barb Husbands Betsy Husk Jane l«et Steve Immel. Chuck Ingvaldson Erie Iverson Boo Iverson. Judy Jacobson David Jackson. Soo Jaho Carol Jahnkct Barb Jenkins Nancy Jenson, Colleen Jon sen Mary J«bra. Al Johnson Bryan Johnson Chtstoohor Johnson Clarence Johnson. Jill Johnson, Ken Johnson Linda Johnson La Johnson Merodie Johnson Paula Johnson Peggy Johnson fl chard Johnson. Roger Johnson. Thomas Johnston Michelle Jones Marjorie Jones Moya Jordan Susan Juberg Kathy Juhi Paul Kadlec Dan Kern John Kano. Claude Kane Miko Karlstad Barb Kaster Linda Keegan Tom Kdloy. Lynda Kct'ey Mike Kellogg John Kennedy Bat Kenney John Kern Cathy K.eher John Kilo Marilyn King. Bob King. D.ck Kinney Jim Kle«n. Vat Woven David Kloster. Mimi Kmpo Chistopher Knowles Lmda 238Knutson. Jim Knutson. Kathleen Kon elmnn. Brian Kopvoiior Laurie Korsi. Bill Kragum. David Kraomer. Carol Kraus ; Mary Krogstad Scon Kroning MetrMa Kuhnley Diane Kulp. Kathy Kunz. Dick Kupoer Martin latdlaw, Claudia lalono Nancy Lomont. James Lanq. Hied Brian Woolsey (11) translates the handbook for Bruce Raile (10) and Margie Dean (10) during sophomore orientation langhaug Kathy Larson. Forest Larson. Jay Larson. Nancy Larson. Sue LaSalle 8m Lame. John LaVoie. Donn Learn Bonnie Leeds. Alan Leokfey. Sheri Leslie. Carol Lesman Claudia Levermg. Linda Lewi . Debby Lewi K«v n Lind berg Gary Lmdeman Diane Lmdmann. Kathy imdstrom. Jack Londoon Paul lope- Barb Lord, Dan Love Tom Loveland Mary Jo Lowry. Ann Luqer. Tim Lund. Betsy Lundeen Did lundeen Rick li idcrquist Nancy Lundquist. Kama 239Lund»trom.Candy Lunn garb Lyman. Judy Lynch Colleen Unable 10 cope with the numerous problems and pressures ol the sophomore world Bill Fee (10) awaits a ride atop the janitor's cart to carry him from his doom L on Denn Maanum Sue MacPhaJ Cfestopher Madden Nancy Ma«hf«n Bob Magnu Nancy Mar jua»dt. Jim Man,n Ann Martin, BobOe Manm. Roberto Massopust John Mattson Barb Maund Richard Maunder Jan May D«k May berg Marc Me Cambridge Carleton McCarthy Rebecca McClain Pot McCord Pat McCracken Jan McOonaid Josephine McDowell Jim McDowell Paula Mcfirath Deb McGlynn Timothy McGrow Cathy McGuire. J m McMahon. Barry McNeill Don McPeek. Douglas McQuillan Debbie Meader. Charles Meester Enc Mehrkens Pat Merfeld 8ert Meyer Patr Miller Bruce Miller Dawn Miller. Mark Miller Thomas 240M.iiot! Mary MoMe Pal Monahan. Gary Montan Mir e e Moots li Moots Maureen Moots Robed Moote Sue Morine Karan Morison. Patty Morns Becky Moms Geolf Sophomores Upon Arrival At Edina, The Lowly Sophs Find Themselves In A Difficult Position Morse Crates Mottenson Sandra Moytan Tim Miinlhu Chris Mut.-llot. Sieve Munson Donald Murphy. Kathleen Naas Petjuv Narjnnrjasl Jotry Nauman Dnb Naumann Rod Net son D.iv d Nelson. Gad Nelson. Randy Nelson Shelley Nelson, Tom Neison, William Neumann. Barb Never Tam Newsvom Jill N«hols. Nancy Noreen. John Notquisi Thomas Nova Al Nudeil. Rick Nunn Jim Nvr.trom, Gary Oasheim, Gteq Obwg, Joanne Ochs Bill 0 Connell T.m Oolkc Robin OltiS Frederick Ohara Mautoon Okon Thomas OKieho. Susan Olsen, Jell 241Parsons. James Partridge. Laurel PasVe. Greg Patton, Cynthia Paulson. Dianna Payne. Noncy Perbu. Daw Parry. Patncta Pert. Ronald Peterson, Dave Peterson Deb Peterson. Dak Peterson. Julro Peterson. Margaret Peterson Richard Phstor. Mark Phelps. Stovo Prckoit. Larry Polacek rts Porier. Ken Posthumus. Martin Poston. Sandra Potter. Katherme Powne. Graeme Prestiy. Donald Pruneau, James Psyhogios Shelley Pugh. Tom Puttee Pat Putnam Linda Rahto. Robort Rmle Bruce Randall. Curt Rasmussen Carey Rasmusson Kris Rav, Stechame Raymor. Lonnda Reed Paul Reeves Marcy Reiersen. Sue Recorded music and a metronome beat were used this year to introduce the typing keyboard to students in Carol Carlson's (10) class Reimann. Kathy Remy John Remo, Dana Resch. Je'f Resoo John Rethortord. John Reynolds, Doug Richardson Stephen Rrchter. Jim Riley. Janet 242Roberts Cmdy Roborts. Sally Roborts. Sa«di Robertson, Choryi Roch Solly Roonny. Mary Kay Root Kati'y Rose'l. John Roienlund Avis Ross. Candy Rossman Nancy Rotho. Kun Sophomores Sophomores Take Typing In Anticipation Of Term Papers As Upperclassmen Rowe Mary Rudquitt Barb Ruody Ann Rukes Peter Russell John Rydman. Rob Rjepoclo. Jett Salon Tom Sanqyen Michael Sandvik Scotl Sartos W 'i..im Sattmiimd. Kris Savory, Polly Scheefe. Satly Sclumt oi Keith Scherer. Greg StfiiH Greg Schiachter Steve Schmel . Denn s Schoonover. Suo Schrneder Carol Schroodor Larry Schuoneman, Gory Schwornock. Lorraino Scon. Dawn Scott Linda Seaberg John Seashore Sue Seato Tuck Sedgwick. Colleen Sindrmstrckei Oavxt Shadinger Judie Shannon. Candy Shaul. Jock Shnady, John Shelton. Nancy Sherry. Lynne Sh|«t»te Scott Shonary. Dick Sidonberq. Kate $immo«S. Wendy Simpson, Don Sims. Pat Singer Mary Sietten, Karen Smoad Kent Smith. Jackie Smith Mutrsie Smith Scott Smith Susan Snow Sandy Snyder. Debbie Sobieski Tom Solberg Ken Soldo. Terry Solteh. Dave 243Sophomores New Independence Gained By ’69ers Includes Dances And A Brisk Form Of Transportation Sot-day Sne'iee Solvit son Jeff Sorem. Joan Sowder. Randy Sponc r Holly Spcola. Ann Spllkir. D-ano Spmdftsr Jott Spole Kate Spongborg. Carol Staab. Jim Sta-r Carole Stallman Jody Stendahi Robin Stile William St John. Julie Stockdata Dave Stony. Linda Strother Jim Struck Carl Strupp Marcv Struther Lon Stuart Dot Stuart Pam Sturge Peggy Sundetl John Sondei. Doug Swanson. Annetto Swanson Kav Swanson. Shan Swenson Brad Symchych. Jance Tall, Sorry Tah Brad Taibo Ann Taylor. Karon Toylor Trait Teotey. Tom Terry Tom Te ior Cathy Thomas Jane Thomas. John Thomas Robert Thompson Gregory Thompson. Scott Thompson Shelley Thompson. William Thomsen Scott Thomson Marcia Thomson. Mary Thomson, S'd Thurow. J.m TekJe Oon Toomatoo Skip Tnpp Debbie Trones. Mary Tucker Tim Turnor. Chns Tweedy. Jim Unger. Jane VanHoissen. Ron VanSloun Mark Vecchi Karen VanDtashok. Thomas Waag Rob Wagner Jim Wade Monte Wald Dcbbv 244• 41V 4 55 521. — Wj»ni 7 j vva r y T®° W "« N-" w« n s Wc w««« •,ofy1 W-lov - 0 " W'lk Gvvnn VVtlliiftsan Pa! VVil on. Jano vv-lson Pawck VV.rr.mr Gary W ' 1 B uC Wilson. MemOitn Witham. John Wochrla Rob l WdI o Tetrv Wood T« ry Woodcock. Lynn Woods Kay Wright Nancy Wnflhi Psu' Young Ellon Zahjoky Noncy Zimmwmyi Will.am Zms. BoO r porr e ««—- - - 245Patrons Scherling-Pletsch Studios Greetings from Fargo. North Dakota and Andahazy Ballet Borealis St Louis Park. Minnesota 941 -2567 American Yearbook Company Aslesen Company Topeka. Kansas Food Service Equipment Burt Hedstrom. Rep Fargo. Minneapolis. Duluth First Edina National Bank Ski 4100 West 50th Street Blizzard Ski Club Edina. Minnesota 6135 Kellogg Avenue Josten Manufacturing Company Carole of Edina Rings and Announcements 50th and France 134 Foshay Tower. Minneapolis 922-3517 B. A. Rose Music Company 3905 West 50th Street 920-1262 Cecyl's Hairdressing Salon Southdale Medical Building 920-4757 or 920-4758 Edina Electric Company 5244 Eden Circle Edina. Minnesota Country Club Hardware Color Television Specialists On 50th Street West of France Schmitt Music Company 3500 West 70th Street Southdale Plaza Best Wishes Eberhardt Realtors 5307 Hwy 169. Edina Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors Sico Incorporated Edina Card and Gift Shop 5004 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota F. M. Walsh M. D M. Sc. L. D. Harris M. D. 3939 West 50th Street Edina Kitchen and Hackenmueller Meats 3816 West 50th Street Compliments of Northwest Tel-E-Lect Division of Tel-E-Lect Inc. Compliments Edina and Southdale Pet Hospitals Clancy Drug Inc. 3948 West 50th Street Edina. Minnesota Edina Rexall Drug 5001 France Avenue South 926 4650 Edina State Bank Edina's Newest Bank 5036 France Avenue South Compliments of Edina Shell Service 50th and Halifax Compliments of Edina Shoe Service 4952 France Avenue South Edina Standard 50th and France South 922-9716 Edina Theatre Corp. 3913 West 50th Street Edina. Minnesota Gabberts Furniture Across from Southdale On 69th Street. 927-7033 General Sports 4942 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota 55424 Gim Loong Chow Mein 4942 France Avenue South 920-2118 Glacier Sand and Gravel Co. 7009 France Avenue South 926-1651 Gregg's Pharmacy 4954 France Avenue South Edina. Minnesota Hartwick Realty 6137 Kellogg Avenue South 927-7146 D. C. Hey Company Inc. 2205 Nicollet Avenue Office Copying Compliments of Humboldt's Standard Highway 169 Jerry's Super Center. 929-2685 1 Blk West of Hwy 169 Complete Meat Groceries 246Patrons Joyce's Bakery 4406 France Party Cakes and Cookies Kalland's Shell Service 51 st and France Avenue 922-9855 Congratulations Graduates Knit'n Purl Shop 5025 1 2 France Avenue South Congratulations The Knutson Companies. Inc. 245 Marquette Avenue Korst Jewelry 50th and France in Edina Tempus Fugit-Use well each day Krispy Kreme Donut Company 6405 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis 23. Minnesota Morningside Hardware 3904 Sunnyside Road 922-3363 Olsen Brothers Pharmacy Highway 169 and 212 Edina. Minnesota Quality Book Shoppes 50th and France-Highland Park 922-4441 698-8100 Roberts Rent-A-Tux 3827 West 50th Street 926-4466 L and S Sorem and Associates Merchandising Food Markets 4524 Excelsior Blvd Thayer and Storm Art Supplies and Framing Next to Edina Theatre Compliments of Twin City Federal Savings and Loan Association Valley View Barber Shop Valley View Road at Wooddale 926-5402 Fred Farah invites you to "Get in Shape" at the Valley View Health Studio. 6123 Wooddale Valley View Rexall Drug 6123 Wooddale Avenue 926-6519 Wally's Valley View Mobil 4500 Valley View Road 922-9734 Whigrean members. Bill Neidigh (11) and Betsy Kempffer (12) discuss donations with Mr R E Hedberg ol B A Rose Music Co The patrons, together with student subscriptions and donut sales, help finance the Whigrean- SsS 31; iliilll X u “O c IlfSilHPill! ill nil S!}!Ii51115{j -SIH11 ISU S s 5 5 s s f H 5 lllilllililMlIlllIllililllllllllll iiiial mm lllllillllllifl! 3i!iiiiiii5ni]siss!!ffli liilllifmHsiiiifiiiiiiiijiiirilisiiiliiiijliillihillliiijjiiililfiliili! I??! . lisill lllllflUilii I 8 = 25KS8':"2 :fii5:2oS2::-5 :S = :s-:=» j!? stesss }lts 5s111si1111! iHMtiliSU II =iiii Inin iSiiill 1 iHiluiHimilli£- : s ? H a 5 5 5 HHHHHPIPjpijiiiif i!|s Jl'Iillliiliiiiiiiiiliiiliilliillllllilll lillliifiiilllhijjiiiil! Hiu] ".S 7 T - jlPlllfljjll] I. S i M ■ ISltl 11 s? f 5|| liUiifHiii. eS .£MitiSf Sis 555 5 5 5 H5H5HJ” JiIiiiiiiillll 5iiIiiliiilillJiJi me l |S|1| s If]js 11IffliMsSiaililiuilllj z zz jr x z . s. z s. r.s sz z z z z z z z z i xs = R IN I' a RS S2C2 ? » 5 „2 2 5 IIlIIf}IjlIlSlf|Hf!|ii!!|li!|l!lli liiiiifHtiiiiiiliiliiiiiiiiiltftiiS 5 1 «5 =;! IS I! R £ • a 35 iSiSl I mil!! H ? .MaSSlS.!. lIHil mm al| ill lilifllliMliljilllinilii........ irllisiiliiiililiiilililiiiiliiiisiisl-fsiifllii a nassiTime To Think About UtBimtt GIVING OF OURSELVES joy and sorrow Self-knowledge Time 2542551967 WHIGREAN STAFF Editor.................. Business Manager........ Assistant......... Copy Editor ............ Assistant......... Photo Coordinator....... Layout and Art Editor . . . Academics Editor........ Assistants........ Seniors Editor ......... Associates ....... Student Life Editor...... Assistant......... Organizations Co-Editors Assistant......... Underclass Co-Editors .. Sports Editor............ Assistant......... Typists................. Photographer............ Public Relations Manager Adviser ................ ........Jim Miller . . . Betsy Kempffer .......Bill Neidigh ........Kris Linner ........Liz Patrick Debbie Henmngson Priscilla Hawthorne .........Pam Kirk .......Gail Nelson Kris Bruer .......Lyn Stemke . . Carolyn Harrison John Bucklin .... Sue McKenna . .. Diane Wicklund .... Jody Thornton Kathy Miller ...... Mary Singer . . . . Sue Mayberg Donna Smith . .. Steve Bergseth. . . Mike Thompson .... Laurie Nelson Paula Jones ..... Ken Sponsel .....Jack Murphy . Mrs. Armi Nelson IN APPRECIATION The Whigrean staff wishes to express their thanks and appreciation to all those who helped in the production of this book, especially to The Knoff Printing Company for the use of quotations in the introduction from Kahlil Gibran's book. The Prophet Mr Burt Hedstrom and the American Yearbook Company Scherling Pletsch Studios for portraits and photos Our patrons for financial support The administration and faculty for cooperation in Whigrean projects The "Minneapolis Star and Tribune" for use of pictures on the sports division page And to Sandy Ray. Ingrid Eglite. Sue Armstrong. Mrs. Kempffer. and the many others who aided us when needed. 256Immediately following commencement exercises. Kathy Stansfield M2) and Jeff Smith (12) release emotions in a |oyful embrace The final culmination of twelve years is seen as the future alumni march onto the field for the graduation ceremonies Kevin Danielson (12) wears an embarrassed grin as his mother gives him a congratulatory kiss Graduation Jean Gage (12) smiles exuberantly at her dad as the tension built up dunn hearsals and the weeks before graduation comes to an end 9 re' Double Rainbow Signifies High Hopes Of '67 Graduates At High School Climax Ocassional raindrops mixed with sunshine gave way to a magnificent double rainbow, which symbolically set the scene for graduation '67. Earlier that day. the 729 graduates had practiced both inside and outside, prepared for any kind of weather. Before the practice, the seniors attended a breakfast held in the school cafeteria This breakfast has been sponsored annually by the Edina Chamber of Commerce During the ceremony. Top Ten student Diane Lesman addressed the audience with her speech. "Seeds of Greatness.” and Bill Weigel spoke of this irreversible time. "Venn Ineluctable Tern pus .” To culminate graduation and their high school lives, ecstatic seniors threw their hats and a few gowns high into the air. while eagerly anticipating the senior party iSteve Hansen (12) concentrates on sending telepathic messages to his mouse Showing no sign of fatigue after gyrating to the Delcounts. senior girls take on the complexities of such rigorous games as Twister Carrying on the year's tradition of weekly poker games, senior boys spend much of their time matching wits at the gambling table 2 Tom Sharkey (12) wills the wheel to stop at his magic number in order to win himself a fabulous prizeSenior Party Seniors Tumble From The Heights Of Graduation Into Wonderland After the excitement of graduation — gowns, diplomas, standing up and sitting down at the right time, and congratulations — rapturous seniors quickly passed through the rabbit hole and landed in the world of "Alice in Wonderland " As usual, bingo, horseracing, ping pong, the shooting gallery, and miniature golf entertained many of the graduates, but as always, gambling enticed many more. New to the list of activities was the twister game, which seemed very confusing for some, and mouse racing, which proved to be too complicated for the mice During the party, seniors danced to the music of the Delcounts and the Grasshoppers At 3 a m., drowsy but happy graduates were bussed to the new St Paul Hilton for the "Breakfast of Champions.” There they walked into a room filled with green and white, number 1 balloons Entertainment was provided by the Bradfords from England After breakfast, seniors returned home to catch some needed sleep and to think over the preceding night Liz George (12) and Barb Damon (12) consult the White Rabbit as to whether to attend the mouse races or to dance in the Queen of Heart's Rose Garden 3Stolen corsage in hand. Nick Manning (12) dreams of Prom events to come with her date Kimo Robertson (12). Ann Toensing (12) and Bill Rodman (12) count the pennies thrown by gala prom goers at the Thunderbird 4 As co-chairman of Prom Decorations. Allie Young (11) adorns the Thunderbird in keeping with the theme "Golden Apples of the Sun "Hero, Prom Tina Tock (12) tries to amuse her date with feeble excuses made in an attempt to cover up after her spiked heel crushed his baby toe Casual Atmosphere Of Hero’s Left Bank Contrasts Sharply With Simple Elegance Of Prom 1967 Hero Dance — Junior-Senior Prom . . . Left Bank of Paris — Golden Apples of the Sun .. . Psychedelic setting — apple blossom enchantment ... “Hey Joe" by the Litter — Ron Aaberg's sound is "Moon River" ... ratted mops — Grecian curls ... spaghetti at DiNapoli’s — filet mignon at the Flame Room ... Mini-skirts, berets, sweatshirts and sandals — lace and satin gowns, corsages, and light blue tuxedos .. • wild dancing — conservative waltzes ... girl-ask-boy — boy-ask-girl ... boy says "no — 9'fl says "YES!" ... camouflaged cafeteria — embellished Thunderbird ... last-minute Friday afternoon decorating — months of weekly planning and construction .. . 12:30 curfew — 4:30?!! ... Hero and Prom are celebrated by Edina students In keeping with the Left Bank of Paris theme for Hero. Guy Drake (10) and Molly Conlin (10) J«V Bennett (12). disguised as a French picnic French style on the left bank of the Edina practice held Hell s Angel, claps to The Litter 5‘Montserrat ’ “Bye By e Birdie’ News Of Birdie’s Draft Call Puts Sweet Apple Fans In A State Of Shock Under the direction of Mr. Dolph Bezoier the combined choirs presented "Bye Bye Birdie. ' The musical portrayed Sweet Apple s reaction to Conrad Birdies' being drafted into the army This was the first year that the choirs have not presented an operetta, but have instead shown a Broadway musical as their annual production "Montserrat." a dramatic play set in revolution-torn Venezuela, left the audience emotionally spent Montserrat, a Spanish soldier. was forced to choose between sacrificing the lives of six innocent people or revealing the hideout of Simon Bolivar, an active revolutionist. One by one the victims were shot as he refused to tell where Bolivar was hiding. The conflict between the soldier's desires to protect Bolivar and to prevent the slaughter of the citizens gave this play great moral significance Resplendent m his gold lame |ump suit. Conrad Birdie, played by Larry McCarty (11), croons "One Last Kiss" before reporting for army induction John Marinovich (11). as Montserrat, suffers final excruiatmg agony at the merciless hands of his torturers before being executed 6•MONTSERRAT" CAST After sternly scolding Kitty Hill (10) for assuming a gloomy expres sion Greg Loffhager (12) sings "Put On A Happy Face Montserrat John Monnovich Irquiordo . Scott Thompson Father Coroml .. . Craig Neinabor Sulas Ina Tom Wilber Luhan ... Steve Seldon Manlde Sue Poehler Juan Salcedo Alvaro? . Craig Parker Fetisa Diana Postlewaue Ricardo John Macintosh Morales Jim Miller Zavala Tom Gunderson Antonan a . Tom Gunderson Soldier . . Phil Kennedy Lieutenant ..... Dick Jones Lieutenant Scott Jones Student Director . Roger Thompson Director Mr Larry Stotts Amy Nissen (12) playing Ursula Merkle becomes concerned as she listens to 10m s plans to leave home "BYE BYE BIRDIE" CAST Albert Peterson ... Conrad Birdie Rosie Kim MacAfee Mae Peterson Mr MacAfee Mrs MacAfee Hugo Peterson Ursula Merkle Mrs Merkle Gloria Rasputin Sad Girl . ....... Other Sad Girl Mayor ........... Mayor's Wile Mr Henkle T V Stage Manager Charles Maude Conductor ...... Guitar Man Student Director Director......... Greg Lotfhagcn Larry MacCarty Sharon Braxton Jeanrue Be oier Ann Reierson . . Dave Haberio Marguerite Donnelly Skip Zettman Amy Nissen ... Kyla Stovenson Char Paulson , .. . . Kitty H.ll ..... Barb Long ..... Tom Denison .......Lois Jordon . ... Jerry Vordorn .....Tom Johnson .....Tom Johnson ......Greg Scherer ...... Dave Rival! . . . Roxy Johnson Mr Dolph Bezoier In the Telephone Hour, the teen-agers of Sweet Apple. Ohio, spread the latest news that Kim and Hugo are "goin' steady for good " 7Holding an undefeated record in district and region play. Robb Jones (12) was defeated in the final round of the state tournament Jim Mitchell (11) and his doubles partner Dave Matthews (11) (not shown) placed first in the state tournament 8Tennis Edina’s Tennis Squad Captures State Title For Second Consecutive Year The tennis squad, coached by Mr John Mat-Ion. won the State Tennis Tournament for the second consecutive year They also placed first in the Metropolitan Tournament and the Polar-Pony Invitational Captain and singles player Robb Jones, took first place in both the district and region meets but was defeated 4-6 and 5-7 by Bob Daugherty of Rochester-Mayo in the final round of the state tournament Having won four of the five required matches, however. Robb provided eight points for the team The doubles team of juniors Jim Mitchell and Dave Matthews placed first in the district and second in the region In state competition they won all four of the required matches to provide twelve points for the team With a team total of twenty points. Edina held a strong margin over second-place Minnetonka, which had fifteen points. Adding strength to the squad were singles player Bill Carlander. who placed third in the district, and the doubles team of seniors Jim Bryan and Jim Stuart. B-8QUAO: From Row • Bruce Wmm, Bob Zms. Dennis Ivons John Allen Second Row - Sieve Buck Mark Enger Dave Mirschev. Ned Chad bourn. G»efl Paske. Tom Atchison Back Row - Mr Swidrey. Jim Groth Brian Peterson. Jim Swenson. Jim Platman Tim Hennessy Bob S»etsema Jim Bryan (12) and Jim Stuart (12) (not shown) formed a strong doubles team with only one loss during the entire conference season 9Track Track Team Places Fifth In Conference; Sends Four Members To State Competition The Edina track team, led by co-captains Mark Whitrow and Tom Page, placed fifth in the conference and sent four members to the state meet Qualifying for state competition were Tom Page, miler. Gary Hanson, half-miler. BobZender. high-jumper. and Kurt Schellhas. discus thrower Edina received only two points in state competition: Schellhas and Zender both placed fifth in their field events High-jumper John Tjaden placed first in both the conference and district meets A valuable asset to the team was shot-putter Mark Withrow, who won first place in the Traveling Classic, second in the district, and third in the region The track team proved its strength by winning first place in the Traveling Classic, second in the Edina Invitational, and first in two of the three tri-school Lake Conference meets. Straining to save a few precious seconds Gary Hanson (12) passes the baton to the anxious receiver. Jay Gans (12), in the 88 yard relay 10 VARSITY: Front Row • Russ Chandler Tom Roch Bob Bundgaard. Paul Dunn Sieve Ries. lee Nelson Mile Morns Don Gibson Second Row - Richard May Chuck Fisher. Brad Bnnggo d John Sampsell. Rick Otness. Tom Page Jay Gans George Diehl Beck Row ■ Jefl Strandemo Jim White Dave Fisher Gary Hanson Bob Knowles Kurt Schellhas John Tieden Mark Withrow R ct Onenblad Dave Degeberg Roger Carpenter. Jim Manley Pal SevanSenior high-jumper John Tjaden placed first in the conference and district, but due to injury he did not qualify for state. Injured early m the season by a pulled muscle. Jim White (12). iwo-miler. was unable to compete for Edina. IBaseball Hornets Finish Season Sixth In Conference; Kennedy Dulls Hopes For State Contest The 1967 Lake Conference baseball season was one of the most unusual seasons on record Every team was capable of beating any other team in the league This was proven by the one-run difference in five out of nine conference games for Edina against first and last division teams The Hornet Nine had a 4-5 won-lost record in the Lake Conference and an overall record of 12-7 This was good for sixth place in the conference and a berth in the District 18 tournament Edina won us first game in the district play over Watertown but was eliminated by defending State Champion Kennedy 1-0 in fourteen innings Senior Tom Williams pitched twelve innings of no-hit ball after a first inning single, but a walk, a hit. and a wild pitch in the fourteenth brought home the winning run for the Eagles The team, under the direction of coaches Duane Baglien and Robert McCarthy, was led in batting by Jay Bennett. Mark Thoele. and Mark Wilderotter Pitching leaders were Tom Williams, and Jay Bennett Senior pitcher Tom Williams (12). the leading pitcher (or the Hornets with three conference victories, shows his winning form m the Hopkins game VARSITY: Front Row - Bill Stalnko. Mark Thoa e. 8ob Firth Sandy Seashore Jell Wright Jay Bennett Dave Beaver. Mark W.lderotter Beck Row • Coach Baglien. Rich Gartock Mike Burley. Jon Belmore Tom Williams Pete Kietey. Dave Kirkland. Tom Carlson. Al Nova Asst Coach McCarthy. Ma»k BanksJ-V: Front Row - Mark Untiodt Jerry Verdorn. Bill Steinke. Tom Brain. Dave Severson. Fred Musor Second Row • Art Erdall Hugh Schmidt. Jack Schirmer. Bruce Lindquist. Les Suomclo. Chip Olsen Brad Fenton. Coach O'Connei Beck Row - Tuck Peterson Bob Thomson Pat Can. Todd Williams. Bnan Gonsmer. Andy Strom Kevin Ooylo During a tense moment m Edina's 5-4 win over Robbinsdalo. Jeff Wright (12) shouts encouragement from the bench By throwing the ball to the second baseman at the beginning of each inning. Hornet catcher Rich Garlock (11) warms up 13 4 4LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Kennedy Won 9 Lost 1 Richfield 8 2 Cooper 7 3 Hopkins 6 4 Park 5 5 EDINA 4 5 Minnetonka 4 6 Robbinsdale 4 6 Mound 4 6 Wayzata 2 7 Lincoln 1 9 In the Hornets' 19-0 romp over Chaska. first baseman Mike Burley (11) holds his opponent on first base. 14 B-SQUAD: Front Row - Oirk Peterson. Doog Hastings Slop Thomas Paul Wright. D ck Kunz. Glenn Bolles Second Row - Coach Johnson. Bill Fee. Tom Denk. Tom Keegan. Bill Stiles. Steve Dorek Kent Anderson. Tom Cabalka Back Row • Forest Larson Doog Harmon. Herb Haire. Tom Collins, John Sea berg. Joe Benson. John Bor song Kevin Cashman Bruce McIntosh (12). who tied for second in the state, blasts his way out of a trap VARSITY: Front Row - Slav Itwvrs Bruco McIntosh. D vu H«b«ric Cwfl Ch 'tionson Back Row - Pat Connov. Dave Crowther, Rick Fietland. Doug Crowthet. Coach Wego Missing • Jim Fee Baseball, Golf Haberle And McIntosh Finish One-Two In State; Team Is Undefeated This year's golf team had perhaps the best top two golfers ever playing together on an Edina squad Seniors Dave Haberle and Bruce McIntosh led the team to an undefeated Lake Conference title McIntosh took medalist honors in District 18 play as the Hornets finished third Haberle then took Region IV championship and qualified for the State Tournament, along with McIntosh. In the tournament Haberle won his second state title in three years, and McIntosh tied for second Since Edina failed to enter three or more golfers for state tournament competition, it did not qualify for the tournament as a team The top golfers for the Hornets behind Haberle and McIntosh were seniors Steve Lewers. and Jim Fee. with junior Dave Crowther Nervously chewing on his putter Dave Haberle (12). two-time state champion. sizes up a crucial putt m the district playoffs 13Jolly Green is happy to learn that the Whigrean scholarship will pay a year's tuition for Sue Poehler (12) at Lawrence University Mr Ted Downs relates the duties of Boys' and Girls' State delegates, juniors Dan Johnsen. Tim Braine. Pam Kirk and Jody Parsons. Awards Whigrean Scholarship Pays Full Year’s Tuition At Any College Scott Thompson (12), Best Actor, congratulates Elisa Ortman (12) for winning the Best Actress award. Versatile Paul Brindle (12) and Diana Postleth-waite (12) are Nat'l English Teachers' contest winners. Ann Reierson (12) and Dave Selness (12) have Outstanding Senior awards from the American Legion. 16- •• tJJA W- X. • i', i. . • ■ .r -j -fX J i--- jy.t .- ; -7 . - T- L " • f c : r?y . • - - .-•• • t ...• ■ -U- ' ' ■ . . V ... v V. - - - - ■ f' £? f 1 j- ’, ' r - • •- • . - - , : s' i ) -- • ■ - “-v • ✓ r .- - v -s , - • • "• o' i • - v 7 " • . - » - •, ■ • • - , . w . -- • v •, ' - ; I I 5 j jL i: V, li - ■ •• ' ' . .. 7- ' ■-’ - .. . i-.i - , •• . V- , ' ' .x . . — - - - . r w - - -V . ’• ■■' ' ■ J ‘ • • 9 ? y Sr g ' V - ’-rr !£.;£. t - - • • .’''s’ '• . ; v — -- - ' i N ’’; .t I. - ' - VS -7 ■ ‘ v-.-T S. - K K 7- iA.' '‘-'-A' 

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