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 ,„ ■ r Cl rMi ' f f j j h (Vr£ -tf— 7 . -4+,J fr 44 W-- J? xx v l) — a 1) 7 s - y xHiAfj AjGA KAjJ±A Ajr X»'' -ia wr 1 cK srou d 'n r - T o r rw. Tic 5Xi yr € jL. urtr L c£o VJ Vv 6 OL W | J LoU Xy M Jtu UVV , TAa. Hf , JW X $± . aU----- Q.. fjlgx y)]) 3-w t£r ; 'Y' r V3Fr J A CLSfJ) J? . a 7 , O 1 Jf hJ- o4;v Vl «» V ; VvvVVj. « T v vC0 V y £ v V V— Nva. «« ? v  3 S'PrAe qo sfer rvie j vs YlfrK W EDINA-MORNINGSIDE HIGH SCHOOL e | F oo-v «t-C| dL? Rt OfV o.fA fbc.V oo V cocxi cl bod — y Xv.S - QroeA caW ( VcSt s EDINA, MINNESOTAAND WHAT IS EDINA... A Scottish nome, 5701 Normondole Road, Edina High School. 2136 students, learning, maturing. Changing. Suburbia, a young community Bustling, developing, growing. Cakeaters, ski trips to Indianhead, Burger King, Green and white. Edina, a word which creates varied IMAGES OF PEOPLE... The hockey team, after the loss to Bloomington, AFSers learning about America by living in our suburb. George Grim speaking on the meaning of charity, OF PLACES... A crowded, cluttered cafeteria during fourth lunch, 494, the Crosstown, The old house on 50th serving as a branch library. OF EVENTS... Toastie Dogs for lunch, NHS banquet, senior slump. Detention, fireworks at football games. IMAGES, which, combined, create an IMPRESSION of Edina, 1966. IMAGES OF EVENTSACADEMICS 16 STUDENT LIFE 58 ORGANIZATIONS 86 SPORTS 132 SENIORS 158 UNDERCLASSMEN 216 IMAGES OF PLACES 3 s IMAGES OF PEOPLE An oudience —laughing at the Pop Concert, concentrating "C- On Macbeth, worrying at a close hockey game. The Ugly Men —a new symbol for Charity Week, ' r' r Policemen —men in uniform giving tickets, supervising dances. A well-known face in class —yawning, daydreaming, v Chewing gum. Senior girls . . . senior boys . . . sophomore girls, Familiar faces at Burger King after a Friday night game. The person in front of you in class whose Books you always knock off. Art Johlfs, rating Edina number one ... in everything. Teachers —giving tests, assigning homework. Praising a well-written paper. Custodians, cooks. Miss Miller, band members, Mr. Lundgren. People, whose often unnoticed presence creates on IMPRESSION of Edina. % 5 6IMAGES OF PEOPLE 7IMAGES OF PLACES... The High School office —a hubub of absentee lists, late Admits, Mrs. Steiner, lost and found articles. The Edina water tower, Cornelia School, Valley View Drug, Braemar Arena— cheerleaders on skates, Clarence, Success, frustration. Halls and stairways during passing— crowds, books. Gossip, smokey lavatories. Trillium Lane, Navajo Trail, Edina Boulevard. Buck Hill —safety straps, chairlifts, tow tickets. "No schussing allowed on slopes," weekend escapism. Band Room —practice, more practice, performance. The Courtyard —focus of student's Attention during class. The new gyms late on fall Friday nights — Moving bodies, noisy bands, smiling chaperones. The morning bus stop, Clancy's, Quality Books, Olinger Rood. Places never really noticed, but always there. Forming an IMPRESSION of Edina. I 9II €t ??u iA Ap" A ? . ' 1 7 OO C - (L a-l'Oj (P?l£, . O-OZp S c-'77?OA A'CO? D Sfc cy V £.'20 Axx uJ «CVO‘2 ■ x - £Z GCZ Z z ut - Lc£0 ■yci YlaJv i, ' -fluMa-IMAGES OF EVENTS .. The half-heard alarm at 6:45 with its thoughts of Warm beds and cold bedrooms. A movie in class ... a break in routine. Falling down stairs with five books and three folders. The last day of school. Arrival of the mail . . . report cards, valentines. College acceptances. The premier of Batman. Construction . . . Camelot, Fairview Southdale, The Colony. Buzzettes handed out on Fridays. 19th annual Pop Concert, the annexation of Morningside, Sadie, Hi-Y, Homecoming, Hero. Early morning, late afternoon P.A. announcements, Christmas vacation— skiing, presents. New Year's Eve, Chuckling at Snoopy's "Sopwith Camel" on lazy Sundays, Bells, no bells, shorter bells. Winning against Henning. Hectic moments, exciting occasions. Daily occurrences, blurring together into an IMPRESSION of Edina. 1314✓ 'Mr. James Cabalka examines his clip board schedule to determine how much time he can allow for a coffee break. ADMINISTRATION PUTS BITE ON Mr L. Fick, Director of Secondary Education, surveys a teacher's application. 18 Music flows as Mr. Ring, principal, chimes morning announcements.Mr. Donald Pryor, Director of Businas Affairs. Attempting to improve his batting average, Mr. Blmer Lundgren strikes again. LUNCHROOM DOUGHNUT SALES AND BAN9 BELLS On September 7, 2139 students began another I 74-day school year. This date climaxed the administration's summer efforts to prepare for a new year. Schedules for the coming year had been revised and adopted. Mr. James Cabalka had the unfortunate responsibility to tell money-hungry organizations that noon doughnut sales were discontinued. Days were more peaceful this year due to the elimination of the bells. Some students opposed this new policy claiming that teachers tended to ignore the second hand. Despite complaints, schedule conflicts and other problems, '65-'66 concluded as usual. Three months of relaxation and wasted time owaited the anxious student; three months of preparation for another school year awaited the industrious administration. Mr. James Chapman calculates class site distribution and enrollment projections.Assistant librarian, Mrs. Velma Laughlin, dates another historical novel.F7A toord-Mr Knotol. Mr Bolmgron, Mr. Kirktond. Mr. ChrhHmon. Mr OoM. Mm.nB Mr, Ko.»v»oki. HAS A DIFFICULT TIME GETTING OFF THE GROUND Scfcoo Board mombmn-Or. Pop Cor,on. Mr. C»»l«OM Kvohn. Mr, J«on Mr Willit Show. Or Hoary Jokmom. Mr or o d Koaaody. • Joha top . SCHOOL BOARD A major topic of debate this year at school board meetings was whether or not to permit the sculpture, "The High Jumper," to be placed permanently in the courtyard. The statue, winner of a contest sponsored by the Art Club, was finally mounted on o concrete base and placed on display for a three-year period. LIBRARY With one of the largest and most complete libraries in the state, the 3000 additional volumes added this year brought Edina's library to its goal of ten books per student. Librarians emphasized devoting more time to the individual student with a specific problem. In this way, the library was much more of a service to both students and teachers. A new method of issuing the reserve books was introduced in the fall. Students were dismissed several minutes early to go to the library, thus eliminating the traditional 3:45 mobs surrounding the reference desk. 21Special services were provided for teachers and students by Mr. Douglas Hed, Mrs. Sybil Wer-sell, Mrs. Lois Engel and Mr. Howard Merriman. All students were attentative when Mr. Hed supplied educational films to classes. This year, new humanities movies were added to the film library including "Oedipus Rex", "Macbeth" and "Our Town". A new tape duplicator and a film inspector contributed to the efficiency of the audio-visual department throughout the year. Spirit was livened periodically by pep fests arranged by Mr. Merriman, athletic director. He scheduled all games and contests during the year, in addition to coordinating basketball and skiing for the Lake Conference. Without the help of the nurse, football players might not have played as well. Every Friday the tired members plagued Mrs. Engle's office. Her duties ranged from issuing bandaids to sewing ripped pants. Mrs. Wersell, the featured speaker for the Council of Exceptional Students, devoted herself to the development of special students. Secretaries — Mr . Steiner, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. King, Mrs. McKeand. SPECIAL SERVICES ARE FIRST TO AID EDINA STUDENTS Mrs. Sybil Wersell aids students individually. Mrs. Lois Engel, school nurse, keeps accoutrements ready for oil emergencies. 77Mr. Douglas Hed, audio-visual director, distributes new movie , such as "Macbeth. WITH FILMS, PEP, AND ATTENTION Mr. Howard Mcrriman — Director of Athletics. Mrs. M. Preiner, Mrs. M. Peterson clean in a jungle of chairs. 23Mr. Jewell Lyngaas notes a conference with one of the five fo ten students he visits with daily. WITH INITIATION OF THE VERTICAL PLAN, Mr. Ed Downs inspects one of the 1300 available college bulletins. 24 Mrs. June Corson works with Mr, Arnold Rehmonn, secondary education psychologist, to evaluate a student's progressOn September 7, program schedules indicated a change in counselor for some students. This wos necessary because the counseling deportment adopted a new form of organization generally known os the "vertical plon." It provided a cross section of students from the three grades for each counselor, instead of the traditional one counselor for each grade This change was primarily brought about because of the increasing size of the high school population. It also eased the burden on senior counselors who had previously been swamped with college meetings, recommendations and placement. During the year students were permitted to attend meetings conducted by college representatives from throughout the United States. Representatives from Williams, Occidental and Bradford Junior College were new among the more than 135 representatives visiting our high school. In addition to the meetings, counselors prepared bulletins which further informed students concerning post-high school planning. Many students had individual conferences with their counselors to discuss plans. Mr. Wayne Kinion helps seniors narrow the field of college preferences. COUNSELORS REDISTRIBUTE THEIR 2,029 STUDENTS Mr. R. Schmidt consults the junior high to coordinate the counseling system. 25 Miss Phyllis Graebner mimeographs preliminary SAT bulletins for juniors.EIGHT SENIORS RECRUITED v Concentration — Marsha Wall, Lynda Waite, and George Pratt. Happy Herman spreads cheer over the classroom. Miss Patricia Paul —Speech, English 11, Declamation. Mrs. Joyce Cavanaugh. Mrs. Andrea Iseminger — English.TO TELL SOPHOMORES ENRICHED ENGLISH BENEFITS Mrt. Barbara Hare — English 10, Speech Several of Mr. Raymond Bechtle's wise Enriched English seniors were called upon this fall to convey a little of their vast knowledge. Miss Ursula Costello, who returned from a sabbatical at San Francisco State College, invited the seniors to speak to her classes. The seniors informally discussed how the work the closs was doing as sophomores fit into the broad overall program planned for those enrolled in Enriched English, Seniors presented their reactions to reading and writing as their opinions changed from year to year. They also stressed the importance of some of the more difficult assignments as they evaluated them from their position as twelfth graders and prospective college freshmen. The seniors were encouraging in their answers to questions about the future. Merry Sborov buryt herself in depths of Macbeth. Miss Ursula Costello English. Mr. Richard Busch - English Miss Ruth Aanrud — English, Clothing. 77Paula Thornquist trades the product of her speech demonstrations for a grade. Miss Nancy Gimmestad, Mr. James Garner — English. TWO GUTHRIE THEATRE PERFORMANCES PLAY PART At the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre this spring, "The Skin of Our Teeth" was the student performance open to all Edina-Morningside students. The Guthrie Theatre Players also toured high schools in the metropolitan area, presenting thirty-two individual performances for the first time this year. Douglas Campbell directed the two performances of MacBeth, staring Paul Ballantyne, which were held at Edina on January 1 1. Mr. Raymond Bechtle, os the Educational Advisor and the Editor of "Setting the Stage," which is published by the Guthrie Theatre, kept Edina in touch with the events at the Guthrie. To enhance the study of Shakespeare, Hardy and Conrad, Mr. Everett Anderson required special art projects of his senior students. Displayed throughout the room, the art work gave students a chance to express their literary thoughts in a new way. English poetry was an important topic for seniors. Mr. Bechtle's classes wrote Shakespearean sonnets and next door, in room 101, Mr. Anderson assigned five poems to be written. XrtrVv V. y Mr. Everett Anderson — English, NHS, Senior Advisor. — English. Mr. John O'DoughertyMrs. Francos Frazee — English 10, Declamation. OF YEAR’S ROLE IN LITERATURE Mrs. Shirley Mahowald — English 10. Mrs. Joan Schulz — English, Mr. Tom Jambeck — English, Dcbato. 29 MYTHOLOGY LITTERATEURS Avrcp- 3 vtiAes o-f yi 15' f TV fl(L rcc-v i i es . £ 0 CC -m i • c X y£H — roT A C-t- Mr. lorry Sfoffs — English 11, Speech, Drama Coach. 30 Mr. Raymond Bechtle — English 12, Senior Class advisor. L. Omelianchuk, H. Spencer, L. Shackle sing, "Society rejects mel'CREATE ATMOSPHERE WITH ART AND DRAMATICS That poor lady Macbeth, teeing all those spotsl" sighs Barb McCoy. The study of mythology became something more than o study of Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and exploits for the sophomore students of Mrs. Hare. It became an expression of the Greek influence in the concept of man's purpose of total fulfillment. Sophomores caught this spirit and directed energies toward their own individual pieces of art. Choosing a topic to fit his own talent or interest, each student worked on a project such as: a scale model of the Parthenon, skits dramatizing myths or poems and oral talks. The study of architecture was popular also. All available space was utilized. The univents and walls were covered, and the bulletin boards were filled. Extra tables displayed their exhibits and only the ceiling was left to reflect the bright light from their halos. M.ss Birgit Anderson - English 12. Miss Julie White - English II and 12, one-act ploy. 31 Mr. John Sheldon — English 10, Journalism, Butietle advisor.Brook Taney is bagged for another insipid remark while Latins say, "Don't wrap it, bag it!" LATINS READ AENEID, GERMANS GO BROADWAY, ANDv Domine George Skluzacek — Latin MV, Greek, concessions. Mademoiselle Katie Murphy— French, Spanish. RUSSIANS ATTEND GUTHRIE PERFORMANCE With Mr. Scanlon's return the Latins started another year of fun and frolic. Fourth year classes were combined while reading the Aeneid and were jointly lectured by Mr. Skluzacek and Mr. Scanlon. Fifth year students participated in a Greek chorus and plays. The ever-victorious Germans, having conquered all foes, began their year of concentration with grammar. Broadway was threatened by the acting debut of Herr George Reimer's students. This ambitious group performed scenes from the German novel, Drei Komeraden. There were no longer any first- or second-year Russian classes offered. Mr. Seha conducted a seminar for third year students. Russians planned a trip to the Guthrie to see the performance of Anton Chekov's The Cherry Orchard. Herr Laszio Szendrey — German II, III, IV. 33 f Mademoiselle Julie Rustad — German I, French II. Herr George Reimer —German I, II.THREE NEW PROFESSEURS ADD APPEAL TO CLASSES The French quarter was livened up by the addition of three new teachers —all female. One member of the group, Mme. Blake, was form- . erly a student teocher at Edina. It was rumored that the feminine influence inspired the improved soccer team, and that Y-Teen messengers were no longer intimidated to deliver announcements. Vive la France! The Spanish students benefited by a new teaching method invented by Mr. Robert Spind-ler. The method was based on visual materials, using the overhead projector. The materials will eventually be used in all languages, and are now being published and marketed by the 3M Company. To add authenticity to the course, Lilliana Wainberg, the AFS student from South America, spoke to the classes, and answered the Spanish students' questions. Oomine Richard Scanlon —Latin II, Latin III, Latin IV, Latin V, Latin Club. Hay, John Kirklandl Are you a boy or are you a girl? 34 Senora Maria Wilbright — Spanith III, IV. Momieur Harry Martin — French ll-V, French Club.Mo dame Linda Blake — French II, French III. Senor Robert Spindler — Spanish I, Spanish II.Mr. James W ego — American History. THIRTY-TWO Mr. Howard Christenson — Social Problems, American Studies, American History.Mr. Ronald V iesner —Economics and Sociology, ski team coach. social problems, while the American Studies was again ofttered. "American Studies is a method of investigating American culture, past and present, which does not confine itself to a particular academic discipline," described Mr. Howard Christenson, in charge of the course. The intention of this introductory course at Edina was to develop students' capabilities of thinking about American cultural trends in an interdisciplinary manner and to achieve the purposes of the 12th grade social studies courses. Hopefully, the students achieved several perspectives on a given subject, including the concepts of psychology, philosophy and sociology. STUDENTS DECIDE TO GO AMERICAN . . . STUDIES Mr. John Motion - American History, tennis and wrestling coach. 37TEACHING OF WORLD HISTORY IS TEAM EFFORT World History was doubly exciting this year for students of Mr. John Dahl and Miss Mardonna Bartholet, as they had two social studies teachers. In a new team teaching program, the two instructors combined their classes in Miss Bor-tholet's room early in the fall for a lecture with slides on world geography. Later the combined classes again met for a series of lectures on the Middle Ages in Mr. Dahl's room. The new idea was such a success that Mr. Lowell McCarthy's class joined the others in the auditorium for a session on Renaissance Art. Notable works of art were shown, along with a colorful explanation of the period. The series of combined lectures continued throughout the year and Miss Bortholet's own films of France were viewed by students. Three times a week, lectures covering the political, economic and social history of modern Europe were presented by Mr. Dahl in his Advanced Placement European History class. The remaining days were devoted to study and further research in the library. Students enrolled in the program were expected to take the Advanced Placement History test given in May. If a satisfactory score was achieved on it, the student was eligible for credit upon entrance in college. The tests aid colleges in student placement. Barb Anderson outlines man's advance throughout ♦he ages in her World History class. Miss Mary Ann Lunde — American History and Social Problems. 38 Mr John Dahl— AP European History. World History, Sophomore Class Advisor, Golf Coach. Miss Mardonna Bartholet — World History, International Club. AFS.FOR PAIR-J. DAHL AND M. BARTHOLET Historical datei and events overowe Steve Johnson as he listens intentively to the day s lesson. TO KILL TIME Ttf WUAfittofcft n Fredrickson — American History, Student Council advisor. Mr. Oeimar . chairman cf cnicr do,, adraoc. Mr Karl Pegors — Sociology. Mr. Robert McCarthy — Economics JV Football, assistant Baseball. Intramural Bask irtball.MATHEMATICIANS GET Puzzled Dave Stone tries to locate the square root of seven on his slide rule. Mr. Robert Seha — Russian III, Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra. "Mathematics is the establishing of relationships between quantities." This definition of mathematics by Leonard Blumenthal was Mr. Vladi-mor Kedrovsky's basis for his teaching techniques this year. Mr. Kedrovsky, who taught Plane and Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced and College Algebra, placed emphasis on the relationship between quantities and not the quantities themselves. He felt that mathematics was basically a structure, a system complete within itself. It was not primarily a calculating tool. Mr. Kedrovsky said, "Thus, as I teach mathematics to my students, I attempt to create with their minds a feeling for the structure, the why and wherefores of the subject, rather than simply to mechanically calculate answers to dreary arithmetic problems." He tried to make his students learn to think, accept and handle new ideas. Mr. Kedrovsky felt that it was not enough to pass onto his students the old facts and figures, but rather felt that they should be equipped to handle new ideas. He made a strong attempt to hove students discover things for themselves and to explain to students how and why these relationships are established. ■to Mr. Ed Zins —Algebra, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, B-Footboll, hockey.TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM VIA SLIDE RULE Mr. Vladimir Kedrovtky— College and Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Plane and Solid Geometry, Math Club Above —Mr. George Carlton — Plane Geometry. Mr. Roger Uhr — Plane Geometry and General Math. Senior Dove Thiede patiently waits for freedom — obtained when the clock's second hand reaches the twelve. 41THOU SHALT NOT DIVIDE BY ZERO’ DICTATES THE Jackie Patton, Tom Deniion, and Cheryl Drew find those lost few minutes of study time invaluable for reducing their amount of homework. Mr. Robert Bowman — Plane and Solid Geometry, Advanced Algebra. Mr. Richard Hartman — Advanced Algebra, Calculus, Calculus Preparation. 4211TH COMMANDMENT "Thou sholt not divide by zero ' was Mr. Robert Bowman's eleventh commandment which every one of his students knew well by heart. Although courses in the mathematics department were as complicated as ever before, teachers emphasized the importance of the basic rules. This year advanced courses were no longer preceded with the term "accelerated." Instead, each course had a distinct title and specific prerequisites were required for each class. With this plan, a student enrolled in College Algebra and Trigonometry had both juniors and seniors in his class. Although the titles were new, the classes were the same,- and students were again taught the basic fundamentals necessary for a future career involving mathematics. With the aid of explanatory textbooks and overhead projectors, teachers had an easier time presenting new ideas. Pen in hand, Rox Legler views a proof on the hoard. Mr Lyle Berg—Algebra I and Plane Geometry. Steve Silha laughs as he ponders how to prove such an unusual geometric problem. Mr. Robert Savre — Plane and Solid Geometry, College Algebra, Trigonometry, coaches Junior Varsity Football and Junior Varsity Baseball. 43Mr. Elmer Halvorsen — Biology, Wrettling Coach. To cause an exothermic chemical reaction. Barb Mullen adds heat. CHEMISTS ANALYZE ACIDS, PRECIPITATES IN TERMS 44 Bug-eyed Dan Meier observes a small Fannia Canicularis.Mr. Martin Griffin —Chemistry. Mr. Paul Weber —Physics, Physical Science. Mr. Bill Young — Chemistry, I Ball. OF NINETY-TWO STABLE ELEMENTS Mr. John Ehlert — Biology- Analyzing acids, solutions and precipitates in terms of ninety-two stable elements was one of the problems presented to Chemistry students this year. Determining the various combinations of electrons, protrons and neutrons helped to further confuse the bewildered young chemists, but hope was provided with new textbooks and new laboratory equipment. With less emphasis on memorization, students were encouraged to discover chemical properties for themselves. The course centered around chemical experiments and calculations made on the basis of these laboratory experiments. Physics was offered as an essential course for the student planning a career in any number of fields from medicine to electronics. The new spectrograph, an important addition to the department, was used to analyze the light which is given off by certain materials. 45BIOLOGY STUDENTS STUDY ANIMAL LIFE Biology students fall prey to day dreams, but they keep an eagle eye on the teacher. 46 Mr. John Belk — Chemistry, Chrm. Jr. Class Advisors.BY COMMUNITIES INSTEAD OF GENUS CLASSIFICATIONS Mr Don Meyer —Standard and Enriched Biology, Science Seminar. R Peterson cautiously weighs a styrofoam ball as T. Chapman notes the grams. This September, energetic students of biology set about trying to understand with new laboratory equipment and new approaches to learning the confusing world in which they live. Biology students learned about living things from a different viewpoint than in previous years. Again studying the structures of organisms, they also explored how these structures were related to the environment which surrounds them. Animals and plants were discussed on the basis of their arrangement in communities rather than the orders in which they are classified, as was done before. Lab work was more than doubled, offering students the opportunity to spend many more hours in a fragrant lab. Helping students to perfect their laboratory techniques, all of the new equipment was put to good use. Mr. Don Wagner — Biology, Outdoor Club. 47 Mr Merrill Gustoff— General, Adv Wood, General, Adv Metal, Varsity Track Asst. Mr Otto Janecke — General Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, and Engineering Drawing. HOME ECONOMICS Holiday foods and decorations filled three classrooms for the annual open house sponsored by the Home Economics department. Open to the public, it exhibited 500 Christmas ideas for the home. "But the letter from my Boston relatives hasn't come." This complaint was frequently heard in the Family Living classes of Mrs. Aamodt, department head. Family trees, some of which doted back to the Mayflower, were displayed at the Suburban Home Economists' meeting. INDUSTRIAL ARTS The construction of screw drivers with interchangeable heads was the project this year in Advanced Metal Shop. The purpose was to familiarize the boys with all the machinery used in the department. Those boys who had finished their projects early were permitted to make items of their own choice. Go carts and minnie bikes were the most popular, while one student worked on a snow mobile. FAMILY TREES GROW, Bent on finishing quickly, Stephen Crowley makes the sparks fly while learning arc welding in metal shop. •‘.8Mr. Richard Reichow — General Printing, Advanced Printing, and Off sot Printing. GO CARTS ROLL IN DIVERSE PRACTICAL COURSES 0. Mueller, C. Drew, C. Lossing, L. Thompson prepare another gourmet's delight. Giving instructions on the complete Thanksgiving dinner her classes made is Miss Janet Jones —General Foods, Food Specialties, and Advanced Clothing. Mrs. E. Aamodt — Family Living, Home Furnishings, Science, Mgt. in Personal Life. 49THIRTY STATION SHORTHAND LAB HELPS INCREASE The mid-year installation of a 30-station shorthand lab in business room 317-319 was welcomed by shorthand students. It permitted Gregg artists to dial a dictation speed — 60, 80, 100, or 120 words a minute, depending on individual differences in achievement. The new four-tape console also allowed direct teacher-to-student contoct for individual or group work, thus helping students to improve more easily. With the great increase in new equipment, the Business Department combined rooms 317 and 319 to form one room. The enlarged room was completely outfitted with electric typewriters to the delight of Mrs. Armi Nelson. The Office Education Program, in which girls spend four periods in regular and special classes and the afternoon at selected office positions, expanded from sixteen to twenty-three appointments. Mil Edith Gronsberg — Typing, Office Practice and Junior Red Cross Advisor. SO M- Ro Roerger - Office Ed.. Occupational Relations. Mr William Biconich — DE.DICTATION SPEED AND PROFICIENCY L. V andersee assists her employer at the First Southdalc National Bank, with a sofety deposit box. Mrs. Jan Gravdahl — Typing, Semester Typing, FBLE Advisor. 51 Jim Hodge molds silver wire into a piece of jewelry. AN ADJUSTABLE PENCIL 52 Miss Barbara Hultman —General Art, Homecoming.I ;• - ; Mr. Thomas Beaver — General Art, Advanced Art. SHARPENER YIELDS MANY FLAWLE99 ART SKETCHES Vast quantities of new equipment enhanced the Art Department this year and helped to promote creativity and efficiency in artistically oriented students. A two-thousand dollar kiln was added to Mr. Lowell McCarthy's back workroom. The enlarged capacity of the new kiln enabled artists to create more gargantuan clay pieces. Students in Miss Barbara Hultmann's first floor classes availed themselves to the use of a new five-hundred dollar potter's wheel. Mr. Igor Beaver was not left out. His room was bestowed with a Nifty Keen thirty-nine cent pencil sharpener which boasted an adjustable pencil holder size. With the addition of the new potter's wheel and kiln, ceramics played a larger part in the 1965-1966 art curriculum. Needless to say, Mr. Beaver's advanced art classes worked diligently on pencil sketches for much of the year. Mr. Lowell McCarthy — Adv., Studio Art; Art Appreciation.THE MUSICIANS OF MR. OLSEN’S SYMPHONETTE STAY Between bows, Diane Hascall keeps a watchful oye on the symphonette director. Mr. Howard Olsen —conductor of Edina's Symphonette. ■' ■ ¥ Yf y vt fy y jy Cy y • f 54 Slowin' in the wind, Lonny Button adds sounds of his horn to that of the twenty-two other trumpets in the band.AHEAD WITH TAILS The orchestra, in its second year, augmented its membership from twenty-five to twenty-nine musicians. Besides the four new heads, tails, in the form of tuxedos, were also added. Under the direction of Mr. Bezoier, the spring and Christmas concerts were given, and the operetta "The Gondoliers" was presented. The vocal music program was reorganized by substituting four separate classes in place of the Choral Club. Ensembles were chosen from these for special events. The Marching Band, composed of the Concert and Varsity Bands, conditioned the players to tune their ears to the renovated names of marching instructions —"Skinny Minnie," "Tee-nie Weenie," "Boomrang," "Peanut," and "Hot Dog." Protected by galoshes, coats and plastic rainhats, band members practiced religiously to perfect their complex formations. J. Ervin, M. Paris, B. Kerwin sound off. Mr. DoIph Bezoier — Choir, Music Appreciation. Mr. Robert Elledgo, director of the Varsity Band, amuses Bob Downs and Randy Hippe with "Skinny Minnie," "Peanuts," and other now names of marching instructions. 55Mr. Slav Canakes — Phy. ed., Health, football coach. "You hike to Barbara, she'll fake to Cathy, then pass to me.' Barb Peterson and Kappy Reker play Robin Hood on the wrong target. BOYS SCORE IN PHYSICAL S6 Sophomore girls fumble through another game of football.'Keep your elbowj slightly bent," reminds Mrs. Pat Englhard. Phy. Ed., Health, GAA. FITNESS TEST AS THE GIRLS PLAY INDOOR HOCKEY GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION To the disappointment of every fresh and eager sophomore girl, the continuous fall rains quickly dampened all enthusiasm for the infamous touch football games. The sign outside the locker room instructing girls where to meet changed as often as the weather did. Spirits rose, however, when they were introduced to indoor hockey. For the benefit of physically unfit sophomores, twenty girl gym aides helped to develop effective techniques in bowling, archery and other sports. Because Health was added to the curriculum this year, ping pong and softball were eliminated. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION On the other side of the gym, the boys' side, individual activity was stressed. Edina's boys pleased the Council for the President's Youth Program when they scored above average on the National Physical Fitness Tests. Gym aides efficiently shared in instructing Edina's sophomore male population. Mrs Jean Corbett flips over the new harness. Phy. ed. and Health, GAA. 57STUDENTS A-GO-GO WHERE THE Nancy Keprios, Mark Withrow conservatively gyrate. 60 Cindy James of the Sages provides discotheque dancing at a sock-hop. At Bachman's, Jim Miller purchases a corsage for his date.ACTION IS-TEEN CENTER, FUN-NIGHTS, DANCES AfS vrs L. Woinberg, A. Lodi, C. Simon bunny-hop at LeSueur. Football games, basketball games and other athletic events were the main spare time activities for Edina-Morningside students this year. For those who were less athletically inclined, less strenuous activities followed the games. Various sock hops and fun nights were sponsored as money making projects by individual clubs. The Underbeats, High Spirits, Chancellors and the Avengers were a few of the Twin City bands featured throughout the year. In addition to sock hops sponsored by school clubs, Edina Teen Center also provided entertainment after weekend games. ETC, in its second year, attracted greater crowds with better known bands. The teen center was open to all high school students living in Edina. In charge of organizing ETC this year were Meg Forney, Mac Hamilton and Tom Denison. For the first time this year, teen center dances and sock hops were held in the cafeteria. Prerequisites for any school dance: ID card and hand stomp. 6 A fin- Hi Y formal or the Toon Center, studonts keep in step.Sophomores out-scream upperclassmen in competition yell: "The sophomores say we're going to win, win team win!" SENIOR BOY CHEERLEADERS COMPETE WITH 62 Ted Peterson praises athletes for season's achievements.Cheerleaders acknowledge a joke told by goesI speaker, Mr. Young. In their version of "Team Clap," senior boys try to surpass the girl cheerleaders. Pam Steiner rushes to cheer Edina to victory. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS AT A FEBRUARY PEP FEST George Grim commends Edina during charity week. Due to the reduced number of pep fests and auditorium programs at Edina this year, each opportunity for the students to attend one was met with a greater surge of enthusiasm. The traditional singing of the school song and cheering for the green and white hornets was taken on with a new eagerness. In February, a squad of senior boy cheerleaders expressed their school spirit with a display of light-on-the-feet acrobatics and cheers. In competition with the varsity cheerleaders, they attempted to prove their talents in leadership and gymnastics. However, they won over the cheerleaders only in the humorous category. The Traffic Safety Program on October 19. presented by . Chrysler Motor Corporation, brought a message which encouraged students to drive carefully. Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows, a group of twenty-five musicians, entertained with "Music for Modern Americans." The presentation was unique with the singing, dancing and acting of the Spurrlows. George Grim put students in the spirit of Charity Week as the guest speaker at the November 6th auditorium program. A widely traveled columnist for the Minneapolis Tribune, Mr. Grim spoke to students on real charity, to everyone, every day of the year.GUTHRIE SHORTENS MACBETH TO AN HOUR AND A The Guthrie Theatre Players brought Macbeth to the Edina stage as part of a new program in which thirty-two metropolitan schools participated. The January 1 1 performance introduced a condensed eight-member cast. Considerably shorter than the original version of the play, the Guthrie's performance included a larger role for the porter. He provided the main transition between acts by supplementing part of the action of the play. Due to the sudden illness of Hugh Webster, who wrote the enlarged role and intended to play if, Douglas Campbell replaced him in the two performances at Edina. The impromptu adaptation by Campbell, the Guthrie's new director for the 1966 season, added authenticity to the production with his Scottish accent. Helen Harrelson played Lady Macbeth, which is considered a challenging role because of the sleep walking scene. Paul Ballantyne headed the cost with his portrayal of Macbeth. DAR Award winner. Sue Eiehhorn, it fired up about the honor. 64 UN delegates Mary LoGrandeur and TomHoron.HALF PLAY PRODUCTION Macbeth and Lady Macbeth conspire to murder Duncan. The porter adds unity to the shortened version of Macbeth.IBSEN’S HEDDA GABLER FIRST PRODUCTION The Edina Players commenced their year of play production by presenting the Henrik Ibsen drama, "Hedda Gabler." Directed by Mr. Delmar Fredrickson, the play was given as a theater-in-the-round production. Through this technique, ploy-goers could view the lavish costumes and set in detail, and be within a breath's distance of the players. The second presentation of the year was "My Three Angels." Unlike "Heddo Gabler," which exhibited a conflict of Hedda against her husband and friends and ended in her suicide, "My Three Angels" distinguished itself by having no such extreme conflicts. The "angels," were three convicts, Jules, Joseph, and Alfred, from a French Guiana prison. They repaired the store of Felix and Emilie Ducotel, as well as the love X affairs of Marie Louise, the Ducotel's daughter. pA) ' ' cH Good triumphed over evil as the villians of the 0 j Hjf ploy, sources of the Ducotel's problems, were , "accidentally" killed by the angel's pet snake, ft? ' Adolph. All lived happily ever after and the . JL 'KAj 'convicts left the Ducotel's, vowing to "do it agoin J tsT next year!" . "Heddo Gabler" Cast VA Berte .......................................Pot Wilton 1} Juliana Tesmon......................... Sue Poehlet W " Xjeorge Tetman............................. John Woth tff" J Heddo Gabler Totman ..................... Nancy Jenten J ft A ' Mrs. Theo Pysing Eluted .................... Ann Ulvestod i” 1 Judge Brack ............................. Croig Porker Xj Ejlert lorborg ........................... Chris Bowers vj y Director ......................... Delmar N. Fredrickson yj y, QlA Student Director.................................. Mary Hennessey CVA . ’ Stage Manager............................ Tom foster V V 1 yy Chief Electricion .........................Jon Sutphen A V-J g Makeup Director .......................Marilyn Egon A) K . ttV 'ly ' propertiet Mistress.......................... Carol Winter w v v Publicity Directors ....................... Ann A«i«raon y j ) )b Hedda Gabler aims her dueling pistol at on intruder. Mrs Elvsted offers to help Ejlert Lovborg rewrite his manuscript. George and Hedda Tesman have another bitter argument. 66FOR EDINA PLAYERS i "My Three Angelt" Cost Felix Ducotel Bmilie Ducotel Marie tovise Ducotel Madam Parole Joteph Julet Alfred Henre Trochord Director Student Director Costume Mitt rest Sound rickets Programt Properties Publicity Stage Scenery Sue Go tty 67IN THREE ENCHANTING HOURS Crownbearer Ted Flaskamp's face mirrors shyness. King Mark Einan pauses in front of ecstatic Homecoming Queen, Lin Agustsson. Anxiety increases and laughter loudens as the glamorous junior candidates patiently await the announcement of Homecoming Queen.450 HOMECOMING COUPLES GO 'AROUND THE WORLD' October 8 ended three months' preparation for Homecoming by co-chairman Dixie Walker, Mark Einan, and Jill Flaskamp. Beginning with an organization meeting in August, the co-chairmen worked diligently with their peers to meet the deadline. The coronation, with its pag-entry and glamour, was the crowning highlight of Homecoming. On being kissed by '65 attendant Betsy Reed, King Mark Einan paced in front of the queen candidates. King Mark offered his arm to Lin Agustsson, climaxing seven tense seconds. The court then was entertained by the class skits. To no one's surprise, the senior class skit won the prize. At the game, seniors again demonstrated their superiority when unbiased judges named the '66 float first place. The team made Homecoming complete by "canning the Bears" 39-0. Following the victory, students saw Homecoming from "Around the World." The decorations representing Greece, Japan, Egypt and Paris adorned the gym's drab corners. Couples danced around o borrowed weather balloon to Hal Garven's band and the music of the Avengers. At 12:15, ravenous couples came down to earth and left the dance to feed their growling stomachs. The court recognizes the underclassmen's futile efforts to win the top skit award. Float sign labels the location of napkins, chicken wire, nimble-fingered seniors and the premature prize-winning float. Steve Quist and Sharon Cheesman admire the four corners of the gym, each depicting a different country. 6VPOMP OF CORONATION MARKS CROWNING HIGHLIGHT 70 The Royal Couple, Linda Grace Agustsson and Mark Gregory EinanAttendants Barbara Matters and Jack Stewart Attendants Diana Wingert and Robert Croonquist Attendants Sue Eichhorn and Cory Peterson Attendants Ann Palm and Mark Sborov Attendants Mary Freeman and Dave Thiede Attendants Susan Williams and Richard BeretfordUGLY MEN — Mr. L. McCarthy, Mark Einan, Brian Woo sey, Craig Stirrat, Jack Stewart. UGLY MAN CONTEST HELPS RAISE ONE THOUSAND CHARITY WEEK Charity Week was introduced with a special auditorium program on November 6th by speaker George Grim, Tribune Columnist. The week long drive included homeroom auctions, coat hanger collections, car washes and the Ugly Man Contest. With the help of the Student Council and Red Cross, over $2000 was raised, of which one-half was given to the United Fund. I-BALL Hell's Angels, Desert Doggies and the Turkeys were port of the intramural basketball program in which over one-hundred boys participated on various teams. Playing against each other every Tuesday and Friday afternoons during the basketball season, the twelve teams competed for the championship. The boys chose an All-Star Team at the end of the season. Smartly wrapped nothings are donated for auction. 72 7s it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Batman and Boy Wonder!'DOLLARS FOR UNITED FUND 1-Ball Teams and Captains Hell's Angels .... Fred Shepherd Faculty Five Competitors Desert Doggies Blue Hippos The Centers Fightym Five The Rages .... Eric Sonnesyn The Boxers Warsaw Warriors . . . . Jim Gray Turkeys Tim Garven The Trucks In typical 1-Ball style, Fred Shepherd hacks his opponent. A Center prepares to shoot, upsetting the Warsaw Warriors. 73Cowboy and girl sing the finale of "Oklahomol," theme of the thirteenth annual Pop Concert. 74 'Hubert (Cindy Page), did you burp?" "No, LBJ, did you toll mo to?"Mixed Choir and Girls' Choir join in presenting the annual Christmas Concert. POP CONCERT Selections from Rodgers and Hammersfein's “Oklahoma!" were featured at “PC '66 ' olong with skits and a chorus. Grandma's house and woods were settings for the prime sketch, “Little Blue Riding Hood," starring Mark Dunn. The thirteenth annual Pop Concert was presented four times in February. Opening night tickets were sold to students for the unheard of price of twenty-five cents. CHOIR CONCERT The Christmas Concert of 1965 included numbers by each of the four choirs and by the total ensemble. A special feature was the stereophonic caroling by choir members along each of the aisles. The evening concert was sponsored by the PTA and presented on December 9. The following week a shortened version was given during three auditorium sessions. INCLUDED IN THE POP CONCERT ’66 REPERTOIRE Scott Whipple, Bruce Nelson, John Paulson, Jay Jackson, and John Halvorson play "Tico Tico. 75Sadie Hawkins e nds up os a show of dancing techniques by well-reared students. Once again, the Future Business Leaders of Edina managed to plan the Sadie Hawkins dance close to the Hi-Y semi-formal —this year within a record proximity of eight days. Over 475 girls took advantage of this timing, and asked their respective beaux. To help romantic interests this year, the services of two Marryin' Sams were made available. Relationships were patched as couples were united in holey matrimony. After being married, newlyweds toasted with cider and resumed dancing to the beat music of the Reactions. Just 192 hours later, Dei Gratia. Tri Alpha, Utilis, Rhom, Aucfor, and Regis sponsored the Hi-Y dance. For 75 girls, the charm and time placement of Sadie Hawkins had proved advantageous. Instead of the burlap and frayed jeans, couples adorned the gym in long crepe formals and three piece suits. The Paul Dennis dance band provided melodious notes of music for shadow dancers. Intermission saw Bill Pengelly calling for the sweetheart candidates — twice. Two of the candidates were not available at first call. As a result, candidates were asked to resume dancing until the two arrived. At 10:22 Brom Johnson paced with the heart necklace in front of the six girls. Ann Palm was given the necklace and the other candidates received charms. 475 GIRLS ATTEND SADIE; 75 AT HI-Y SEMI- Costume winners, B. Kile and J. Cook, whammy each other. Marryin' Sam joins Linda Larson and Tom Maas. 76Barb Weaver dances in the shadows to Paul Dennis' music. FORMAL; 400 LOSE OUT A heart indicates Regis' sweetheart choice and quickens Ann Palm's pulse. Dehydrated Helen Field and Roy Dunn, take a pause that refreshes. CANDIDATES: Kathy Manchester. Alie Ledl. Katie Huebscher. Dixie Walker. Margie Lade. 77TOM SAWYER As Tom Sawyer, John Wash led a cost of forty-three in this year's children's play, "Tom Sawyer." Six performances, directed by Mr. Larry Stotts, with the help of student director. Pot Monson, were presented to sell-out crowds. Two moon maids were added to the play to aid in explaining the action to the young audience. This group seemed to particularly enjoy the whitewashing episode and the cave adventure with Becky Thatcher. THE BOOR Edina's entrance in the District 18 One-Act Play Contest this winter was "The Boor" by Anton Checkov. The performance, starring Gary Peterson, Tom Foster and Pam Rademacher, was described as "a delightful show as a whole . . . ployed with fun, inventiveness, imagination" by the judges. Receiving straight A ratings, the students were praised for their creativeness in adding to the script. The play was presented at Cooper High School with the help of student director. Nan Jensen, assisting Miss Julie White, director of the ploy. Cast members relieve tensions by creating a newspaper, "The Hannibal Gazette. THE BOOR EARNS AN "A” RATING; 78"You think that because you are a romantic creature you con insult mel" TOM 9 A WYE R FEATURES A CAST OF FORTY-THREE Grigori eyes Helena intently, questioning his love for her. Helena prays for her dead husband as Grigori and Luka observe. Boor Cau Grigori SteponovitcH Smirnov Helena Ivonova Popov Uko Student Director .................... Director............................. Gory Peter ion Pam Hade mother Tom Totter Nancy Jenten Mm Jut«e Wh.te Tom Sawyer Cott Tom Sawyer ......................................... John Woth Huefc firm ................................... ... Dove Thiede JoeHorper JayScogg.ii Sid .............................................. George Rohm Aunt Polly ...................................... . linda Purtee Mrs Horper ... . . . Sandy Keller ln|un Joe.............................................. Ron Kelly 79Heritage worker, Tom Oren, surveys his day's tasks. THE AVENGERS— Glenn Larson, Mike Moffat, Dave Lahr, George Pratt, Mark Einan. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT TEACHES MEMBERS BUSINESS Community activities offered varied opportunities for Edina students. In the fall a special auditorium program wos presented to acquaint students with the Junior Achievement program in Minneapolis. The members formed companies which met once a week. Various handicrafts were manufactured throughout the year. Another activity open to girls was participation in the Senior Scout Troops of Edina. The sophomore, junior and senior troops, each containing fifteen girls, organized all of their own activities. They helped Brownie troops, camped and traveled on their own. Selected Edina girls served on teen boards, representing stores from all over Minneapolis. In this way they helped advise the store on teenage buying trends and current fashions in addition to modeling and clerking. 80 ETC OFFICERS — T. Denison, M. Forney, M. Hamilton. JA’er Roy Kallevik, Peaco Co., cuts white chocolate.Jamie Nechville sells watercolors lo one of her customers at Gagers Southdalo. -EADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATION M. Wall, P. Pickard, manufacture gas lamps for JA. Renee Peterson works at Fanny Farmer in her spare time. Jim Miller and Steve Bergseth, the Brandywine Two, await their color TV appearance.Girl notices boy in class. Boy fails to notice Girl. Girl decides to make on effort to engage in lively, animated conversation with Boy. Boy is too busy engaging in lively, animated conversation with other boys. Girl decides to play dumb and ask Boy for help with class homework. Boy does not have to play dumb —he is, and he doesn't understand the homework him-eslf. Girl looks up Boy's schedule so she can walk down the halls at the time he does. Boy decides to try new route to his classes for the first time. They never meet. Girl figures out her problem— she's a senior . . . S.O.S. Boy solves his problem by doting a sophomore. Girl goes out with junior; it's been done before. Boy now decides that sophomores are too immature and finally asks Girl out. Girl can no longer stand Boy after all the trouble he has caused. Boy discovers juniors. Girl decides that Edina is not the right school in which to catch a boy. Two artistic hands paint the infamous SOS button. IN ANNUAL BATTLE OF 82 "Try to see it my way . . hum P. Cerrish and G. Hays.Senior girls discuss food, clothes, classes, the upcoming prom and, of course, tho opposite sex. THE SEXES, SENIOR GIRL SCHEMES TO WILE BOY Ron Ray demonstrates for Lindsay Putnam present day chivalry according to Edina boys. Julie Eng and John Berg contemplate why more girls and boys can't get along. 83SPARE TIME-THAT RARE SOMETHING WHICH Famished Hornets and loyal supporters congregate at the Burger King to stifle hunger pangs and colei 84 Mary Geiger makes preparations for an afternoon of acad MEANS EVERYTHING DURING A HECTIC DAY J. Avenson prepares for an evening at the Thunderbird. Spore time is a rore afternoon completely void of homework, club meetings or detention. It is a time that comes with the option to do something or nothing. Spare time is an evening to lie in front of the stereo and write long letters, to paint, knit or finally finish reading "Gone With the Wind." Spare time may be that long-anticipated ski trip with no school on Monday or a visit to a prospective college over a long weekend. It is spending two uninterrupted hours on the phone. It is a time without guilty feelings when nothing is accomplished. It is an afternoon in which you are free to bake two dozen chocolate chip cookies and eot them all yourself. It is a time to walk through the snow on a cold evening knowing your homework is done. Sleep, sing, daydream — it is a time for pleasure. T. Bridgman, what would the Ethics Committee say? 85ORANGEJUICE ANNOYS SOCIAL COMMUTES — fred Shepherd, chairman, Charlei Green, Nancy Zinner, chairman, Joan Unger, Pacy Erck, Laurie Quell, Morgio Staab. Under a new constitution, revisions were carried out by student council president, Craig Stirrat. The new constitution provided for the formation of two new committees. Special Projects and Ways and Means. Homecoming, the phone book and getting the band to play at hockey games were taken care of by the Special Projects Committee. The Ways and Means Committee approved all financial transactions and assisted the treasurer. Mr. Del Fredrickson was the new advisor this year. He aided the fifty-six member council in taking action on the High-Jumper issue and whether or not seniors should be forced to take finals. The council gained a more lucid view of general school policies, issues and problems by sending the vice-president to all of the school board meetings. The issues discussed often brought about the involvement of the entire student council. AFS — J. Gog , 8. Notion, N. Hop , S. Ohltson, A. Young, A. Ofnesi, chairman, J, Bucklin, M. Notion, G. Alexander, J. Neilton. CIVIL SERVICE — Lynn Aguttuon, Kathy Seifert, Pon Seeber, Pal Ulne, Vicki Pol Wolfe, chairman. Dote Thompton, Mark Schmorler, John Anker. 88COUNCIL’S CIVIL SERVICE COMMITTEE OFFICERS — Bob Croonquitl, vice pros.; Nonty Sotebeer, iec., Craig Stirrat. pm,; Jotk Stewart, treoi TELEPHONE SPECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE — M Einan, C. Winfor, T. Marra, J. Hawkim, A. Flaikomp, A Reierton, J. Bonnet. B. Woohey, 0. John ten. WATS AND MEANS COMMITTEE — Tim Braine, Jill Flaikomp, Stoll Bonnet, tothoirmon, Dixie Walker, to chairman, JcH Wright, Tom Jonei, Jim Gray. ETHICS COMMITTEE — Bruc Evant, Pam Steiner, Peg Reiman. Becky Bailey, Jim Dirotlet, Roger Eichhorn, Carolyn Reevet. Jim fee Milting — Tom Bridgman, chairman. 8990 Diana PostlethwaitoRID CROSS —C. Ludden, vice-proi.; F. Koivumoki. pres.; S. McKenno. treat.; D. Oegoborg, tec. TENTH; RED CROSS SENDS 200 BOXES OVERSEAS DEBATE The Varsity Teom, composed of two juniors and two sophomores placed tenth this year in the State Tournament. The proposition argued was, “Should the federal government provide a system of compulsory arbitration in labor management disputes in the industries of the United States." Highlights of the year included the second place the B-Squad earned at the University of Minnesota Tournament and the fourth place the A-Squad received at the St. Cloud Debate. The affirmative also gained outstanding speaker awards there. RED CROSS Four overseas chests, 200 friendship boxes, numerous homeroom projects and the annual Charity Week were the main projects undertaken by the Red Cross this year. Red Cross began the school year in August by sending three of its officers to the Minnesota Leadership Training Center. 0. Sweazy organizes trees and dinners donated by homorooms. BSQUAD DEBATORS — Churls Either. Becky Bailey. Cindy Eyden. Tim Pryor. Committee Chairmen —Front Row — K. Sharkey, G. Gorlock. Second Row —0. Dick- John Maronhrich, Kothy Jonion.Kothy Horan, Kathy Knutton, Joan McGuire. moo, J. londohl, J. Rowell. Bock Row —M. loub, M. Hamilton, A. Kemper. 91ONLY SENIORS ARE INDUCTED INTO EDINA NHS; The annual National Honor Society induction ceremonies, held on February 28. featured Mr. Willis Shaw, Chairman of the School Board. He discussed the controversy over the continuance of the National Honor Society at Edina. After the board was informed of the change in the organization's Constitution to allow for more than 15 per cent to be inducted, the decision to continue NHS was made. After revisions were made in the selection process. 19 per cent of the senior class of 1966 was inducted. Before Mr. Shaw's speech the NHS officers briefly spoke. Tom Bridgman, National Honor Society president advised, "The 'S' in scholarship stands for study, the key to success in school." Tom introduced vice-president Craig Stirrat who spoke on leadership. Treasurer Bob Croonquist then discussed the importance of service with quotations from Dag Hammor-skjold's "Markings." Ann Palm, secretary, concluded that the attributes of scholarship, leadership and service are useless unless they are the basis for o person's character. The NHS banquet featured Robert Forsythe, former Minnesota Republican Party Chairman. The four NHS candles symbolize scholarship, leadership, character, service. front Row—) Arenton, $. Cray. T. Bridgman, A. Balm. B. Ooowqw.it, C. Stirrot. B. Haugen. R. Byltrom Second Row-J. Cook, C. Miller, ). Ofttedol. M Bhillipt, t. Stoner. M Geiger. C. Heocock. B. Betenen, ). Heihg. S Woller, C. lull.). Eng third Row —). Flynn, K. Arndt, 0. Andenon. 0. Moore, K. Corlton, A. Henley, t. Strandemo. A. Johnson. S. Soliday, M Rogers, K. Grothe. C. Oilman. R. Kintell. fourth Row — R. Corlton. C. Ochman, C. Tang. M Helton. M loGrondeur, V. Ruttell, ). Froncn. N. Corlton, R Fenton. S. Ented. N Daubble. I. R,chord. J. Sovorton, L tucker. Bock Row - M Montgomery,’0. Agneu. C. Corlton, D. Hall. M Erickson, B. Drake. R. Reece. R. Krietel. C. Bowen. R. Horde. M Dunn, Neumann. J. Berg, R. Mohowold. 9219 PER CENT ARE CHOSEN Julia Eng, infant upon keeping her symbolic flame glowing. NHS officers listen to Mr. Willis Shaw, Board Choirman. Front Row -8 Anderson, L. Walker. 1. Wo Id. J. Crrin, R. Pedersen. 8 Grenell, 0 Woliitf. P Soobot, Y. Thayer. K. Knutson, 8. Mosters Sotond Row - J. Beonngor. R legler. J. Hawkins, M. Staob. K. Ross, N. Zinnor, C. lorimer. 8. Wosi, M. Freeman, P Rosenow, K. Sandburg. Third Row — C. Gorberg, I. Augustsson, C. Reeret. K. Knutson, C Keriteter, C lender, N Jenson, 8 Nelson, R. Swanson, J. trxkson. C. Raymond, J. Powell. Fourth Row — $ Drum, J tiHoford. B Hoyt, T. Butch, 8 Borthers. T. Horan, 8. Richey, J. Diroclet, fl Kile, G. Garry. I Butler. Bock Row - K. lundquitl, M. Montgomery, B Palmer, J flino. R Knesel. O Stone, 8. Harmony, 0. We,gel, $. Borene, I. Kirkland, J. Gilbert, fl Pengelly 93THESPIANS ESTABLISH PLACQUE HONORING BEST THESPIANS Thirty-five new members, having received points for participation in plays, were initiated into National Thespians this spring. New to the school's entrance was the Thespian placque, honoring the best actors of each year. 1965 winners were RuAnn England and Mark Keller. QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is an honorary society for high school journalists who excell in academics as well as publications. An international organization, it sponsors scholarships and awards for creative writing. EDINA PLAYERS "Hedda Gabler" was the first performance, a theatre in the round production, by the Edina Players. The children's play was "Tom Sawyer," starring John Wash, and "The Boor" wos Edina's entrance in the state contest. Sporting new glasses. Mary LaG typo another cliche. Pat Monton. student play director, checks the costumes for "My Three Angels QUIll AND SCHOLL —front How — S. lopot. T. Busch Second How — J. Stewart, 8 Palmer. M Newborn. N. Zinner, 0 Walker. M, Geiger. P. Rosenow. Bock Row —M LoGcondevt. B Nelion. B West. A Henler. J. Hawkins. I Strandemo. 0 Andenon. A. Otneti. C. Tong. B Peterson, B C'oonqtmf Mining — M NelsonACTOR AND ACTRESS OF YEAR JL ' J- K x ■"Y. V X NATIONAL THESPIANS —Front Row — M. Egon. S. Kmllmr. M. Hmnnmity. P. Monton. M. Tommy. N. Jmntmn, C. Rodning. flock Row — P. Jevoe. J. Stmwart, J. Bolmgron, fl. Rudell. C. Bowmrt. T. Foitmr, G Pef«r»on, f Bridgman 95 Scott Jones helps Tom Foster simulate old age.JOLLY GREENS ARE ■ mi Workworn Jody Hawkins, Organizations Editor, worries about nearing deadline. Sonnic Nelson, Student Life Editor, Anita Henley, Academics Editor and friend. Paul Bramsen, Business Manager. 8. Wolf and 8. Cioonqunt. Seniors; S. MtKonno (right) Undcrclou. The Whigrcon's Jolly Green. Artistic Becky Petersen, Associate Editor. 96 Mary LaGrandeur, Copy Editor.STRUNG UP, BUT STAFF DOES MORE THAN ITS SHARE HELP! . . . the Jolly Greens were strung up by the Buzzette . . . Brian refused to put up Becky's picture as Sport of the Day . . . Sue McKenna ran out of tea on her deadline . . . Meredith found out she had to rewrite all the two-line captions . . . Mary LaG. just took fourteen NoDoz . . . Jim Miller botched; he cropped a picture wrong . . . Jody found out her 1000-word Hamlet paper was due Dec. 1 . . . Stewart discovered four boxes of unidentified picture packages . . . brains were racked creating poetry for the Echowan Staff ... Anita and Bonnie spent a night outside the Whigrean Room . . . Do you mean JODY Hawkins or JODY Thornton? . . . Bonnie and Bob Honked their horn . . . Brian Palmer received the annual Brian Palmer Award . . . Paul fell down the stairs while carrying ten boxes of Mr. Donut doughnuts . . . the Whigrean did more than its share. Brian Palmer, athletic Sports Editor. As deadline nears, Meredith Nelson, Editor-in-chief, wears that confident look. V HIGREAN ASSISTANTS —Seated — Carolyn Harrison, Jody Thornton, Lyn Steinke, Amy Johnsen, Nancy Whayne. Standing — Pam Kirk, Mary Geiger, Jim Miller, Stewart Loper. 97Jack Stewart, Feature Editor, answers the publications staffs' newly in- Andy Otness, News Editor, smiles triumphantly as she shows her stalled phone with an unpardonable, "Buzzette Room." admiration for the new edition of the Buzzette. 98I —- A . Newborn. Auign. [ditor. V. fulfil. Copy Editor. Mining —f. Koirvmoh. PACEMAKER; SETS STANDARD FOR OTHER SCHOOLS "C'mon, guys, I HAFTA be home by 10 p.m. tonight, or I'll hofta quit for sure!" This somewhat cliched plea echoed throughout the Buz-zefte room around dinner time at each of the many Buzzette deadlines, throughout the year. No one ever REALLY quit, however, because weary parents finally gave up threatening. The Buzzette room was a second home to the 25 members of the Buzzette staff. Alternate Mondays and Fridays found 161 in shambles due to scattered copy, hardworking, dedicated Buzzetters, and Burger King goodies. Twelve members of the staff traveled to the National Scholastic Press Association Conference in Chicago over Thanksgiving to accept the Pacemaker Award, which is presented to five school papers in the nation annually. This marked the first time that the Buzzette had been awarded this honor. Mandy Pedersen, last year's editor, accepted the award. T. Busch, Sports Editor, D. Anderson, Editorial Editor, use priceless press pass. ASSISTANTS-Sootod-S. toohlof. N. Smith. C. Tong. f. Hugh ,. N. Nyrop. N. Zmnor. C. torimer. 0. Moor . M Coition, I. Kroning. Standing — C. froomon. S. Orirm. S. Jonoi. C. Ni nab r. J. Hobbi Muting — K n Sponiol. 99LATE RAINS RUIN SNOW, Carol Coursolle vigorously supports Edina's hockey team at a pep rally. Mark Einan, his personality flashing, adds pep to a fest. 100 PEP ClUB OFFICERS — Sandy Gertnh, Vicki lawit. Undo Omelianchuk. SKI CLUB OFFICERS —D. Henningten, 1. Agvituon, M Hey. P. Rodemacher.BUT SKIERS SCHUSS AT INDIANHEAD WEEKEND Anxious Ski Club members load skis and poles for Indianhead overnight. SKI CLUB Sponsored for the second time this year by the Park Board, Edina's Ski Club was under the supervision of the Village's Parks and Recreation supervisor, Mr. Bob Kojetin. After a long wait, the skiers eagerly anticipated the first trip of the year, which was to Mt. Telemark. The club was too early that weekend as rain ruined the snow, but the next trek to Indianhead, made up for their disappointment. Several more trips were included before the arrival of that disgusting time of year for avid skiers, the arrival of spring thaw. PEP CLUB After an all school questionnaire determining Edina's desire for Pep Club again this year, the club was organized in the late fall. New officers this year were Vicki Lewis, Linda Omelianchuk and Sandy Gerrish. The club met weekly to make posters for all of Edina's athletic events throughout the year. Mary Hey and Barb Book laugh knowingly at a ski bus joke.Ali Ledl investigates Edina High School. Ann Reierson and Steve Smith were chosen AFS finalists. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. — Liliana Woinberg, Argentina; Ali Ledl, Austria; Stellan Ohlsson, Sweden; Ulla Svendsen, Denmark. INTERNATIONAL CLUB HEARS YOUTH HOSTELERLECTURE; PEDDLES A.F.S. CHRISTMAS CARDS I Liliana V ainberg. vice president; Andy Oiness, president; Jean Blesi, secretary. Missing — Sue McKenna, treasurer. Stellan Ohlsson exchanges Swedish "city slicker" shoes for American cowboy boots. Tales of Upper Volta intrigued International Club members during the monthly meeting in October. Organized to acquaint students with international events, the club presented speakers from Youth Hosteling as well as two new Edina students whose parents were African missionaries. AFS'ers from other suburban schools were invited to meetings. For busy International Club members, the Holiday Season began in November with the early sale of Christmos cards. Also, in the spring a week-long drive was held, including homeroom auctions and donations to raise the necessary $750 required for each foreign exchange student for the following year, 1966. Liliana V ainberg, Argentina's AFS student, mails a letter home explaining about her part as a schoolgirl in "Tom Sawyer." 103Y-TEENS PRESIDENTS —Meg Forney, Denny Conlln, Mary Phillips, Joanne Coursolle, Jane Ferguson, Renee Peterson, Ruth Swenson, Ann Heath, Bonnie Grenell, Margie Staab, Terry Heinrich, Lou Ellen Lundquist. Missing — Sue Umborgcr, Kathy Heffelfinger, Mary Freeman. ESPRESSO, BOX SOCIAL SUBSTITUTE AS ALL-SCHOOL After letting girls smash pios into her face for 25 cents a piece at the Y-Teen's all■ school carnival, Ginny Garlock wipes off a diroct hit. HI-Y COUNCIL-D. Mathews, B. Pengelly, L. Baker, A. Edel-mann, J. Groth, B. Johnson. Missing — G. Konzelman, J. Mohr-kins.Joe Mehrkens solicits members to aid community projects. Hl-Y Community projects ployed a strong part in the Hi-Y program this year, as Edina's boys worked on the United Fund Drive, the Goodwill Clothing Drive and assisted the Y-Men, selling Christmas trees. Each group, working as on individual unit, planned their own activities, which included speakers on Communism, the Peace Corps, and racial prejudice. A panel, composed of students from the University of Minnesota, also presented a program on acting. Y-TEENS A bit of Greenwich Village was brought to Edina's gym this November with the Espresso Cafe, planned by all of the Y-Teens chapters. Folk singers, art displays and candle light added to the atmosphere, and each girl dressed up for fun. Another new idea was the box social held in the spring, to which all of the girls invited their fathers. Each one brought a dinner for two, and the fancy boxes were auctioned off. Musical entertainment was then provided, and the newly elected officers for 1966-67 were announced. Y-TEENS MEETINGS-Hl-Y SERVES COMMUNITY OFFICERS —Barb Masters, service; Peg Rosenow, treasurer; Becky Petersen, vice pres; Dixie Walker, secretary; Debby Darkenwald, soph, rep; Janet Hagen, ICC; Kyla Stevenson, chaplain; Karen Sandberg, president. Missing — Leslie England, soph. rep. I OSFT A officers —Linda Omelianchuk, pros.; Kay Johnson, vice pros.; Ruth Swenson, sec.; Lou Ellen Lundquist, Ireas. DE'er Jeff Owens gets on-the-job training at Daytons. BUSINESS CLUBS'CASH Rising early to attend the 6:30 o.m. meetings at Howard Johnson's, FSLE'ers eagerly discussed plans for the annual state convention over the breakfast table. Members were able to compete in various sales contests at the convention in March at the Lowry Hotel in St. Paul. The seventeen FSA members, all part of the Office-Coop program, also attended. Tutoring and correcting papers helped anxious FTA Club members to get a good look at the life of a school teacher in the teacher-aide program. Students were assigned as assistants to teachers in Edina schools. A smaller group this year, FBLE was able to provide more activities for its sixty members. Guest speakers and outside trips were sponsored, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance and book-cover sales kept members busy making money. DE —Front Row — M. Sonton, J. Owons, M. Magnus, M. iamont. L. Burns. Socond Row— Boorich, G. Moshor, R. Jonson, J. frodritkson, 1. Thompson. Both Row — S. Notion, M. Bridgomon, I. Garrison, S. How, $. Boultor, J. Ewort, B. Woavor. Third Row — N. T. Crosby, 0. Roinotk, R. Gnam, T. Dunn, R. Sotmborg. 104L. Wandersee begins work after four hours of school. IN’ ON THEIR WORKING EXPERIENCES Of — Front Row — P. Foster, I. Wandersee. t. Steer, T. little, K. Heinrichs. Second Row —C. Thompson, I. Morrison, J. Kern, S. Johnson. Third Row — S. lorson, M. lieberg, S. Bredesen, S. Johnson, B. Weingartner. Bach Row —P. Munson, M. Olson, I. Cipero, P. Taylor, S. Keho. J. Weisbrod. FBie officers post publicity for Sadie-conveniently held right before Hi-Y formal. Jan Cottscholk, vice pres.; Mary Hughes, pres.; Mary Phillips, bookkeeper. Missing - Mary Snyder, Carol Coursollo, lindsay Putnam, board members; Barb Masters, treos.; Sue Skoglund, sec. 107RADIO ClUB —front Row—Mr. Jopion. A. Sommeri Ba k Row — L. Thompson, S. Ho mberg, 0. OeHerder. K. Cummingt, B. Neuman. P. Horde.J. Reirh. f. Dench, 8. Kennedy. SPECIAL INTEREST ORGANIZATIONS STUDY MATH, 108 SCIENCE SEMINAR — front — O. Saude. J. Avomon, S. Finley, B. Kennedy. Bock — D DeHerder, C. Henley, S. Smith, R. Spika, I. Womb erg, P. Horde.Skull boiling and taxidermy were two of the varied activities carried on by Edina's Outdoor Club. The group participated in a winter trapping expedition in order to provide the club with funds for a camping trip in the spring. The Radio Club took part in another type of camping trip, complete with radio gear. The idea was to see how many people each group could make contact with, using only the basic equipment which each group brought along. A new activity this year for Math Club members was a course in computer programming and Fortran, the computer language. This course was intended to enable the club participants to communicate with the 160 Computer. The Science Seminar met twice weekly to hear lectures by various speakers and group members. The purpose of the club was to acquaint members with as many of the different areas of science as possible. Stuffed eagle hovers over Outdoor Club's meeting on taxidermy. SCIENCE, OUTDOOR LIFE, RADIO COMMUNICATIONS OUTDOOK-J. Unteidt, G. Phillips, J. Francis, J. Com, Mr. Wagner, M. Midin,ky, I. Krause, M. fteikow, Mr. GoIdenstein. T. Shorkey. J. Anton,on. MATH CLUB-Front Row-M Bolts, B. Borthers, 0. Kreisel, J. Avenson, C. Anderson, J. Erickson, C. Raymond. Second Row-B. Drake, P. Harmon. D. Hoil, D. DeHerder, P. Horde. K. Osfmon. Bock Pow-Mr. Kedrowsky, M. Montgomery. K. Lindquist, K. Set,we.ger, P. Brindle. D. Stone. 109CHRISTMAS BRINGS HIGH JUMPER TO EDINA, COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN — Front —S. Waller, O. Sweaty, J. Woodcock. J. quitt, E. Bodine. M. Berkcooet. S. Sopor, S. Ellit, I. Jock, I. Purloo, J. Erick• OImtleod. S. Solidoy. Bock — J. GotHcholk, M. Gilquist, K. Olten, D. Lund■ ton, D. Hirth, M. Boeller. Mining —V. Ruuoll. HOME EC CLUB Christmas was the busiest time of the year for all of the Home Ec Club members. Decorating the faculty lounge with poinsettias, caroling for a senior citizens home and distributing coloring books to children in General Hospital were among their many activities. ART CLUB After the controversial "High Jumper" was placed in the courtyard, the Art Club settled down to its usual activities. Potential commercial artists escaped the confines of their monthly meetings in 303 to visit the School of Associated Arts in St. Paul in the spring. HOME EC CLUB — Jane Woodcock; Solly Soper, Mary Borkmoet; Krii Olton. HO Sally Soper, Sue Waller created a candy house for Mt. Olivet Home.CAROLS TO SENIOR CITIZENS D. Rockwall and J. Olson eroded the club's statue. Mr. McCarthy models his sexy saddle shoes. Ann Flaskamp defends the "High Jumper" at a decisive school board meeting. IllSELECTIONS FROM THE MUSICAL "OKLAHOMA!” WERE Studonts leave pop fest as Bill Monson beats out first verse of school song. 112 Majorette Linda Mathieu leads the 125-mcmber band.BASIS FOR ’66 POP CONCERT A trip to summer band camp was the beginning of the 1965-66 school year for the Edina-Morningside High School Band. Eighty-five band members attended Lake Hanging Horn Camp. The Varsity and Concert Bands combined to begin the year as the Marching Band, which took part in five football games. At the end of the season the bands split as in years before. The Marching Band appeared at Mankato State College and the Concert Band played at the American School Business Official's Convention. Other activities included performances at the Wisconsin State Music Convention, the annual Pop Concert, which had four full houses and music from "Oklahoma!," the district contest where they received on "A" rating and a spring tour of nearby schools. CONCfRT BAND-from Row-S. Perkini, M. Bockelman. S. Mol-thews, K. Betoiet, J. Mendenhall, K Londeen, fl. Andenon, B. Haugen. C. Miller, S. Citel, I Andenon, M. McGarraugh, I. Wong. 0. Donatello. Second Row —J. Cook, H Guitahon, S. Trueman, D. Peterson, C. lull, R. Neumann. J. Rolfton, B Neumonn, J. Poulton, C Grothe, J. Jockton. B. Notion, S. Whipple, J. Halverion. Third Row —I. Stilhvell, P. Comch. J. Martin. P Weofherheod, D. Glomirud, C. Arndt, S. Haedeeke. J. LaMerly, R. Mahowald. S. Weigel, W. Johnson, L. Button, A. Storry, R. Hippo, S. Anderton. C. Chrhtenien, C. lull, J. Metcalf, M. Giroux, D. fort. Bock row — S. Simpton, M. Dunn, G Hoehn, J. Allen, T. Motthewi, B. Monton, K. Horan. J. Moffitt, M. Montgomery, D. Agnet. D. Kittle. J. Flynn, J. Scott, 0. Teller, S. Simons, M Montgomery, C. Ruttell, K. Reit-berg, C- Page, P. Stomp. S. Lofferty, Mr. f. Melichor. Sally MaHhews wafehet Mr. Melichor while playing at one of five fall pep fesls. "Star Spangled Banner" ends; field bursts into light. 113SYMPHONETTE — front — K. Often, D. Ferguson, 0. Hoscofl, I. locker. V. lone, K. Olson, Ncwlon. Back — M. Dunn, S, Simpson, J. Scott, i. Lofferty, P. Stomp, C. Page, J. Metcalf, D. Postlethwaite. Second —I. Ingram, N. Scorff, G. Abbott, K. Bozoier, I. Nelson, C. Mr. Olson, director, J. Rolfson. Londeen, S. file , I. Motthieu, C. Miller, C. Lutz, 8. Eitel, T. Brotl, M. Mogoro, V. SYMPHONETTE DONS FORMALS; VARSITY BAND PLAYSDove Ferguson practices Beethoven's First Symphony for this year's spring concert and music contest. IN STATE CONTEST SYMPHONETTE Although this wos only its second year in existence, Edina's Symphonette successfully performed the 97th Symphony in C Major, by Hayden, a major work. This was the first year that they wore formal dress. Composition of the group was 14 strings and 15 members of the Concert Band. VARSITY BAND The Varsity Band, directed by Mr. Robert El-ledge, played at all school functions, including hockey and basketball tournaments. The band participated in the state Music Contest, in which they have won A ratings in past years. They presented a special concert in March and took part in the annual spring music banquet. The members of the Band Council elected this year were Kit Newell, Tom Moss and Rob Coulson. Dianne Donatelle twirls at November football game. Front Row — J. VonderZiol, V. Bltckinger, 0. Bornot, B. Gray. J. Gunborg, M. Flotchor, J. Wilton, 1. Mo , I. Scofiold. M Frati, S. Peterson, I. Hodges, K. Now oil. Second How —I. Lath, C. Thompson, C. Coubfe, t. Bonnitt, K. Londvik, F. Koorns, N. Franking, M. Fratt, C. McDonald, It. Ring, R. Voonondool. P Burroll, J. Mottom-ochor. third Row— P. Anderson, 0. Richordt, S. Grinnol, R. Grotty, 0. Know es, 0. West, B. Downs, J. tjodon. S. Neumeisfer, B. Klovon, T. Dietsch, 0. Dibble, C. Honloy. J. Strandomo, R. Johnton, S. Sondborg, 0. Cooper, D. Poningot. J. Mon. Mr. EHedge Bock Row — B. Duncan, J. Yunkor, J. Howthorno, T. Olion, D. DoHordor, C. Green, J. Anderson, 1 Anderson, M. Hippo, A. luce, R. O'Connor. C. Moyor, M. Erickton, M. Stone, I. Twite. J. Hotlung, C. Stromborg. 115FIRST HOUR CHOIR —Front Row —Koty Huebsther. Mary Snyder. Bonnio Granger, Undo Broughton, Amy Ninon. Second Row —Mr. Beioier, Jonno DoHordor, Polly Hull, (oil Jordan. Both Row — Kathy Dronnan, Jill Smith, Mimi Engle. THE CHOIR’S FLEXIBLE SYSTEM PRODUCES Dividing the entire choir into four separate classes this year permitted a more flexible scheduling for Mr. Dolph Bezoier. A Boy's Glee Club, a separate Girl's Glee Club and a mass choir ensemble were more easily scheduled this way, as well as special choruses composed of students from each class. A greater variance in the groups and in the experience of the singers provided a wider variety of music for the audience. The different groups appeared in the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and selected members of the chorus presented Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" in April. P. Kennedy practices for Dec. 9 Christmas Concert. THIRD HOUR CHOIR —Front Row —J. Avenson, K. Smifti, C. Raymond, J. Boaringor, B. Korw.n, R. Teresi. M. Paris, R. Johnson, M. Krause, 0■ Duvisk. P. Seeber, C. lorimer. Second Row — J. Austin, J. Boioior, M. Newborn. S. Poohler, J. Ervin, G. Sharpe, S. Engler. V. Russell, S. Braxton, K. Stevenson, H. Field, A. Roiorson. Third Row — J, 116 Vardon, S. Drum, M Gmitro, J. Stvrges, A. MsRadieon, K. Grothe, I. Herring, J. Bradford, C. Whalen, B. Hansen, S. Hefty. Back Row —Mr. Bezoier, D. Larson, J. Troop. S. Zetsner. G. Loffhogen, F. Shepherd. B. Davis, T. Johnson, M. Peterson, 0. Hoberle.SIXTH HOUR CHOIR —Front Row — S. Willi ami. P. Steiner, J. Cummings, S. Schorr, M loeffler. Second Row —I. Go kle, P. Kennedy, D. Lindquist. 6. lonon. E. Priskor. J. Krvppstodt. Bock Row-Mr. Beioier. J. Northrop. P. Forsythe. S. Anderson. 0. Dickmon. 1. Cobolko. C Wing. GILBERT AND SULLIVAN’S THE GONDOLIERS’ FIFTH HOUR CHOIR — Front Row — K. Seifert, D. Welch. $. loighfon, J. Fletcher, S. Craigie, I. Nelson, D. Bilden, M. Greer. H. Swenson, I. Hostings. M. Copron, Mr. Bezoier. Second Row — J. Ohon, C. Paulsen, I. Melonder, N. lenten, M. Mjolsnoi. K. Reker, 1. Krouio. P. Kenoiton, J. Stordohl, I. Shokle. P. Thompion. Third Row — N. Soloed. M. Donnelly, A. Sivright, A. Ulveitod, B. Kunz, K. Dieitler, P. Hoyt, P. Rod, P. Wilson, 1. Harris, J. Jackson, P. Costello, P. Stomp. Bock Row — R. Dunn, M. Brown, M. Schorer, J. Dories, 8. Bradford, R. Kelly. P. Jeme. G. Konzelmon, T. Hockin, J. Hollinger, P. Korst. K. Stebbens, M. Coulter. Practicing diligently for the annual Christmas concert, are Debby Dickmon, Linda Cabalka, Sue Williams and Sally Schorr. 117LATIN CLUB OFFICERS — front Row — Georg Pratt, Sorb Matters, Sherry Cooney, Gmny Garfock. John Hofvorten, Oitk Reece. Bark Row — Srott Borene, John Kirklond, Bob Kile, Tom Bridgman. Arny Henkel. ROMAN YEAR OF INNOVATION - FURRY It was a year of firsts for that strictly religious organization, the Latin Club. With the return of Mr. Richard Scanlon, new programs were put into effect, and the only situation that remained the same was the Latin Club's position in the war games —losing. For the first time this year, the Latins built a float for the Homecoming parade, and all Romans agreed that it was the best one in the entire show. This year's Pontifex Maximus, Richard Reece, head of the Roman religion, extended his office to include a psychiatric and religious counseling service, where even non-Romans could have dreams interpreted, or prohesies made. Besides his duties as chief head shrinker, the Pontifex also burned incense to the various gods and goddesses. A new fur-trimmed door brought the Latins another step toward culture. Julie Heifig predicts downfall of other clubs; Scoff Borene confirms Latin superiority. Hanging from the cross because he accused omnipotent Zeus of adultery, Art Bridgman fails to conceal his excruciating paPontifex Dick Reece adds psychoanalysis and dream interpretation to his job as official head of the Roman religion. DOOR, PSYCHONALYSIS Would you believe that George Pratt is about to burn a German flag? Being initiated into the "Claw Club" by Mr. Scanlon, Mike Sullivan greets his Latin cohorts with the sign of the claw. Fred Larson daringly enters Latin Club's secret hideaway. 119Heckled by ants, grasshopper Mark Olson neglects winter in skit. 120 Pere Noel, Miss Katie Murphy. Struggling for the Spanish are R. Johnson, S. Maybcrg, D. Rud. CHAMPAGNE PRESENTED TO FRENCH OFFICERS —Undo Hoyt, Joan Ungor, Trudy King, Oiono Lotmon, Mot It Olton, King, Gory Otborg, Kothy Knutson, Quoon, French Club guillotine punishes tax evader Fred Moore.Struggling valiantly for the Fronch at war games are N. Zinner, C. Fox, K. Allen, L. Zempel. FRENCH ADVISOR; PINATA8 MADE BY SPANISH SPANISH CLUB Homemade pinatas filled with candy and toys and complete with instructions for traditional Spanish use were distributed to area hospitals by Spanish club members this Christmas. In hopes of spreading Spanish cheer, the students made the pinatas at home and the club bought candy and toys to fill them. FRENCH CLUB King Mark Olson and Queen Kathy Knutson levied taxes over their French kingdom this year to help increase the club's income. With the additional Francs, they celebrated Christmas in the traditional French style, by presenting Mr. Martin, their advisor, with a bottle of champagne. An addition to the French community this year was the official ambassador from Argentina, AFS'er Liliana Wainberg. Inflation overcomes R. Johnson's pihoto balloon. Of fleets -1. Palmar, I. Gu bro. K. MancheHcr. Misting - 0. Co nlin, L. Glrttiere . 121GERMANS WIN, DISPLAY PRIZE; Front Row-8. Richey, R. Martin, 7. Horan, M. Lord, G. Dubrowiki. Cheerful Rick Rukcs toasts his active, all-boy Russian Club. Bock Row — C. Carlton, C. Bowert, R. Ruket, 6. Drake, C. Sonnetyn. 122 A boat-trailer carried the Russian Club's beautifully hand-fashioned float proudly around the field.RUSSIANS PROCLAIM, "WE WILL BEARY YOU!” Students contrive traction for Mr. Szendry. RUSSIAN CLUB With a strive for excellence, the staunch Russians entered a float in the Homecoming Parade for the first time this year. The club's premier. Bob Richey, dictated the various activities with the help of Craig Carlson, George Dubrowski and Tom Horan. A special guest speaker this fall was a former Edina student who lectured on the Russian program at Carleton College. Another activity was the trip to the Guthrie Theatre to see Chekov's "The Cherry Orchard," starring Jessica Tandy and Paul Ballantyne. GERMAN CLUB Edina's German Club was invited to Macalester College to participate in their Christmas program for high school students. Further celebrating the holiday season at their own party, the Germans entertained each other with skits, songs and narratives. Decorating their own tree, German style, added to the fun. The movie, "Charade," was shown in January to make money for the club, and all profits were soon spent on the annual German banquet in the spring. A cultural meeting, a new idea this year, was held to discuss East Germany. Jane Radford publicizes German Club's money-making movie, "Charade. Officer —A. Palm, J. Slahlvy, J. Hawkini, 8. Harmony. Mining — 8. Pongolly.SOCCER TEAM PLACES SECOND IN STATE; SOCCER re AM-front Row —A. Henkel, t. Dohl. 8. Bohnemon, 8. Botchers, D Third . T. Bn dgmon Second Row — 8- Nelson, J Ross, A fdteman, C. Rohm, M. MeDermid. Third Row — D. Ferguson. S. Smith, 8. Steinke. M Hamilton, 8. Nelson, J. Anderson, E CLUB Bob Johnson, the special guest speaker at the E-Club's October meeting, described the life of a professional baseball player. Johnson, a utility player for the Baltimore Orioles, answered the boys' questions about the Major and Minor Leagues and about the World Series. As a former Edina-Morningside High School student and Hornet football and baseball player, he attributed some of his success to Edina's Athletic Department. Various speakers from the Twin Cities area were also presented at the monthly meetings. SOCCER CLUB The Edina Soccer Club ended a successful season this fall with a trophy for placing second in the state. Captain Dave Thiede led Edina in scoring with a record of fifteen goals. He was chosen to represent Edina with Dave Ferguson on the All-State Team. E-Club status — letter jackets symbolize lake conference champions. ESC member Sandy Smith practices for the big Blake game. 124E-CLUB HEARS BALTIMORE ORIOLES' JOHNSON SPEAK Captain Dave Thicde skillfully practices heading the ball. Mr. Young takes part in the annual E-Club-Faculty basketball game. This carefully planned and neatly lettered sign was undoubtedly the reason that 375 students attended the annual E-Club dance. 125 f-ClUS OfflCERS- Bruce Helton. Jim Gray. John Dovoln Mining Sco"GAA SPONSORS PLAYDAY WITH CONFERE Take two or three different nights o week, mix in a variety of sports, girls and personalities, and you have the Girls' Athletic Association. Open to any senior high school girl, regardless of skill or experience, GAA offered the opportunity to keep in shape all through the winter. For the first time this year, gymnastics was added to the long list of sports available to the girls after school. Diane Glomsrud, president of GAA, and vice-president, Barbara Hawley, were in charge of the special events. Lake Conference Tournaments in archery, volleyball, tennis and badminton were planned with other suburban schools. Edina placed first in volleyball this winter. Playdays with neighboring schools and the AFS-GAA splash party held in the spring were among several of the extra activities. The annual awards, based on achievement and attendance, were presented at the GAA Spring Banquet. The girls also presented original skits for their parents at the banquet. GAA OffICEKS-torb Howl . Kitty Fratt. Dion• Glomrvd. Mhtbg - Pa F [,ck 126 Meryl Fisher still smiles while performing a strenuous headstand.SCHOOLS, HOLDS AFS SPLASH PARTY Miss Logerquist cheers as Cindy Heacock's hit wins the game. GAA HOARD - front Row — B. lor ten. C. Heocock, I. Broughton, S. Webtter. Second Row — K. RroM, C. Kersteter. M Toggoit, J. Zimmerman, t. Gutierrei, C. Drew. Bock Row — C. Homen, K. Hendrickion, J. Von der Ziel, J. Trubthtrw, S. Schmerler. 177Sue Williams freezes as the ball balances on the rim. "Although being o cheerleader is not as glamorous as many people often think, it is a job filled with excitement," commented A-squad cheerleader. Sue Eichhorn. Fall brought football games, pepfests and more practices. In October, the cheerleaders attended a clinic at Cooper High School where they exchanged ideas with other cheerleaders on school spirit. With the winter season came heavier schedules, wrestling, basketball, swimming and hockey. For the first time this year, the cheerleaders performed their cheers on skates for all of the ice hockey games. With the help of Miss Gimmestad, their advisor this year, the cheerleaders were in charge of planning all of the pep fests. The B-squad helped them arrange the pep fests, and they performed at two of them in the fall. "Come on let's YELLI" captain Diana Wingert urges the crowd. CHEERING CLINIC AT COOPER HELPED EDINA'S SQUAD A SQUAD CHEERLEADERS — Sue Eithern. Potty Utn». Poty Ertk, Carotin R y t. Su William,. R 9gr Sanford. Pom St in r. Jotki Soul . Sorb i rk.Dion W,„g rt.toptoia. 128The cheerleader emerge from a huddle to greet oncoming students and start the pep Test. TO SHOUT"V-l-C-T-0-R-Y! ••SQUAD — I. Quatt, M. Monhall, I. Slocoy, )■ Carlton. K. Ditrtkt. B. Hag . Junior Jackie Soule wears one of the squad's new crop tops. 129C. Polotki, I. Hattingi, J. Gage, P. Gerrist1, H. Guitafson. J. Andvrton, K. Orenoen, C- Smith, J. flotkomp. AQUA NYMPHS, HORNETTES RETREAT AQUA NYMPHS Laden with navy tank suits, nose clips, shampoo, PJ's complete with feet and trap door, curlers, and Tootsie Pop treats. Aqua Nymphs left the snowy cold for the warmth of the locker room each Wednesday night. The girls took second in the State Synchronized Swimming Meet held in Stillwater in April. HORNETTES Three practices a week, slumber parties and early morning breakfasts were all a part of the frantic Hornette schedule this year. The Horn-ettes provided entertainment at football games, pep fests and community activities. The girls danced at a settlement house during Christmas and gave the children a party and a skit. They also taught dances to a group of girls from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Christina Patoski gazes at royal court. Leg pointedly denotes Aqua Nymphs' aim. Joan Blesi, Debbie Dickman, Kathy Schmidt don Dogpatch duds while dancing at Sadie Hawkins. 130N. Kepriot, J. Bleu, 0. Dickmon. K. Schmidt, S. Schaeffer, M, Newborn. P. Seeber, C. Anderson, I, Woife, 0 Dunck. TO THEIR PAJAMAS AFTER STRENUOUS PRACTICES AQUA NYMPHS Off ICE PS - Margm Lode. Sue Schoeffer. Pom Jody Thornton keeps a wary eye out for janitors who frequently barge in early, Dickmon, Donno Dunck, Undo Cobolko. AQUA NYMPHS-Front row-C. Schneider, M. londet, M. Lode, 0. lovooi. P. Dickmon. Bock row —6. Potcrten, M. Colton, 5. Schoeffer. M Dutick, M. Nord. D. Smith, M. Young, J. Ciller. Second row —C. Hudok. Crewe. I. Auguituon, C. Reeves, M. Morsholl, B. Macintosh, I. Hoyt. ). J. Cobb, M. Rogers, C. Gorlock, C. Smith, A. Otneis, 1. Cobo ko, M. Thornton. Mining - A. Ledl. B. Billingi. 131All-Conference halfback Jeff Wright averaged 9.8 yards a carry for the season. Doug Childs, Jay Bennett and Mark Withrow combine to stop a Robbinsdale back. STATE CHAMPS! State Champions! For the first time since the 1957 season, the Edina-Morningside football team completed its season with an undefeated, untied record of 9-0-0; first place in the Lake Conference; and first place in the state. Led by co-captains Scott Bennett and Ron Ray and coached by Mr. Stav Canakes, Mr. Dave Le-ikvold and Mr. Frank Fisher, the team rolled up 222 points against only 41 scored against them. The team was tested several times on its way to the state championship. In the third game of the season Edina met Richfield. A touchdown by Bruce Nelson proved to t e the difference in a 13-7 win. In the game of the year, the Hornets defeated then number one ranked Robbinsdale 20-13. The winning touchdown was scored late in the fourth quarter on a Tim Garven to Jim Gray pass after Mark Withrow had recovered a Robbinsdale fumble. In their non-conference game Edina played highly rated Superior Central of Wisconsin. The Hornets were forced to make a last minute goal line stand to defeat Superior and preserve the state championship. The 1965 state champions were recipients of many honors. Nine players were voted to the all-conference team: Tim Garven, Jeff Wright, Bruce Nelson, Wayne Miller, Steve Henefield, Ron Ray, Mickey Stenson, Mark Withrow and Jim Gray. Mickey Stenson was chosen Lake Conference Lineman of the Year and made the all-state team. Ron Ray was the team's most valuable player. Tim Garven was the winner of the athletic scholarship and was also awarded the Ernie Maulsby award for the second consecutive year. Lake Conference Standings Won Lost Tied Edina-Morningside........... 8 0 0 Robbinsdale................. 7 1 0 Richfield................... 6 2 0 St. Louis Park...............5 3 0 Minnetonka.................. 4 4 0 Hopkins......................3 5 0 Kennedy..................... 3 5 0 Wayzata..................... 3 5 0 Lincoln..................... 2 5 1 Cooper...................... 1 6 1 Mound....................... 1 7 0 134 VARSITY — front Row —8. Thomot, G. Burnt, 8. Crvin, J. Wright, R. Schelper, 0. Thompton, 8. Nehon. Second (tow —J. Holverton, mgr., W. Miller, f. Thomot, 8. Richey, G. Hoyt, S. Bennett, J. Dovolit, M. Withrow, R. Luff, R. Kelly, A. Webert,In nine gomes, the offense scored 222 points. End Jim Gray receives a Tim Garven poss against Lincoln. Co-captain Ron Ray discusses strategy with coach Stav Canakes. mgr. Third Row — Cooch S. Conolti, T. Gorton, R. Kioloy, ]. 8onnott. R. Ortonblad, J. Gray, It. Ray. R. Podonon, Cooch f. fitchor. Cooch D. loikrold. fourth tow —5- M oof»o d, M Sfomon. $. Turnbull, O. Childi. 0. Solnou, T. Chrittonion, F. Shopard, R. Hormon, R. Dunn, 8. Stombouor. T. Marro. 135All-conference Bruce Nelson plunges through the lino against Richfield. J.V SQUAD — front Row —C. Moyor, B. Bottolono, f. Lotion, 8. Kormon, M. Roui, i. Savre. Back Row—J. Diraclet, D. Rohrer, M. Gray, J. Grongaord, P. Wolfe. T. Anderton, Gant, J. Burton, B Carlton. Second Row —Coach R. McCarthy, G. Hilgendorf, R. Otnen, T. Nagengoit, J. Spillor. R Atkinson, $. Ohon, J. Samptell, J. Hoyhoe. J. Hufnagle, R. Veonondaol. Coach R.Bock Wayne Miller was Edina's leading rusher with 586 yards. 26 7 COOPER 20 0 MOUND 13 7 RICHFIELD 19 7 WAYZATA EDINA 39 0 LINCOLN 20 13 ROBBINSDALE 40 0 MINNETONKA 6 0 SUPERIOR 39 7 HOPKINS Quarterback Tim Garven attempts to elude a Richfield lineman. 137Co-Captain Scott Bennett looks on as a last-minute goal line stand stops Superior to preserve an undefeated season.Jeff Wright wot the 1965 team leader in total offense. All-Stater Mickey Stenson displays hit versatility. 6-SQUAD — front Row — M Schmerler. N. Hllloron, D. Crowther, M. Ashworth. S. Hordby, 5. 8oleh, A. Agustsson. R. leyh, C. Alenandor, J. Grant. R. Gorlotk. C. Winter. S. Yonda, P. Horde. J. Schirmor, 0. Crowther. Second Row — Coach 0. Baghen. J. Purtee. A. Carlton, 0. Gray. K. lemons. 0. DeMonh, P. Strosser, 8 Sche per. J. Anknet, 8 Wilson. J. Nielson. A. Crdoll, P. Cart. Coach B. Zint. Third Row —W. Neuger, 8. Knowles, 0. Giebink. T. Denison, 7. Roch, S. Quisling. M. Burley. 8. Woohey. 8. Terry, 8. Marshall, F. Moser, T. Rots. J■ Belmore, 0. Martin. 139HARRIERS’ STEADY IMPROVEMENT EARNS Improving steadily throughout the season, the cross country team narrowly missed qualifying for the region meet. In conference competition, the harriers compiled a record of 6-3, which was good enough for fourth place. In the district meet, the team finished in fourth place again, losing a place in the region meet by four points to Richfield. Junior Tom Page was Edina's only representative in the state meet, where he finished twelfth. Previously he hod gained fourth place in both the district and region meets. Jim White, who finished sixth in the district, Bruce Evans, Tom Courtney, and Captain Tom Oren were the other members of the district entry. Coach Nilo Hendrickson returned after a one-year leave of absence to find an inexperienced squad. After a slow start, however, the team won six conference meets in a row. The team also participated in several non-conference meets, including the Austin Invitational and their own Braemar Invitational. In the Braemar Invitational they finished second to a strong Mounds View team. Meets were held at the two-mile Lake Noko-mis course. The best time turned in by on Edina runner in a conference meet this year was Tom Page's 10:1 1. Robbinsdale, Kennedy, and Minnetonka were in this quadrangular meet. With his top three runners returning, Coach Hendrickson thinks next year's team hos a good chance for the 1966 State Championship. Cap am Tom Oren led the team to o conference record of 6-3.A FOURTH IN CONFERENCE A bunched pack soon spreads over the two-mile Lake Nokomis course. Lake Conference Standings Won Lost Minnetonka..................................... 9 0 Hopkins........................................ 8 1 Richfield...................................... 7 2 Edina...........................................6 3 Robbinsdale.................................... 5 4 Kennedy........................................ 4 5 Cooper......................................... 3 6 Park............................................2 7 Lincoln........................................ 1 8 Mound.......................................... 0 9 HOPKINS RICHFIELD COOPER LINCOLN PARK MOUND ROBBINSDALE KENNEDY MINNETONKA At the mile mark, Tom Pago sets the pace with Jim White close behind. Tom Courtney, George Diehl compare district meet times. 141TIGHT DEFENSE LEADS TO THIRD CONSECUTIVE An outstanding defense that allowed only ten goals in sixteen conference games led the Edina hockey team to its third consecutive Lake Conference championship. Edina finished the season with an overall record of 16-4-2. In 22 games Edina scored a total of 80 goals while giving up only 26. Goalies Al Rosendahl and Chuck Whalen combined to stop 92 percent of the shots against them. In the quarterfinals of Region VI Edina defeated Wayzata 4-1. Then, in the semifinals, Bloomington Kennedy upset the Hornets 4-3 and prevented them from reaching the State Tournament. If marked the third straight year that a Bloomington team has eliminated Edina. Four Edina players were named to the All-Conference team. Wing Jim Fee, who finished fourth in conference scoring with 21 points, center Bruce McIntosh, and defensemen Tom Marra and Bob Gustafson were chosen. Bob Gustafson carries the puck from the Edina zone. Dave Kirkland narrowly misses o rebound shot against Richfield. VA SITV-Front (tow - 0 Kirkland. 0. McIntosh. J. K.rklond. Cooch VV kola. M. Iiomt. Dunn. 1. Corlion. lock Kow-F. Wo Ho. mgr.. 0 Gvifation. S Seashore. A Sbotov. A Henkel. S. Boker. Second Kow-J. fee. f. Thomot. 0. Steinbouer. J. Wil- Kosendohl. T.Morro, T. tund. mgr. 142ONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP; SEASON RECORD 16-4-2 Wing Steve Baker watches as the puck hits the netting against Wayzoto for one of his twelve season goals. Lake Conference Standings EDINA Won 14 Lost 0 Tie 2 Richfield 12 0 4 Minnetonka 10 3 3 Kennedy 8 4 4 Hopkins 9 6 1 Robbinsdale 8 7 1 St. Louis Park 7 8 1 Wayzata 5 9 2 Lincoln 2 11 3 Cooper 1 13 2 Mound 0 15 1 Jim Fee proves unsuccessful in his break against Richfield. U3EDINA 10 I 2 COOPER MOUND WAYZATA LINCOLN MINNETONKA BLAKE ROBBINSDALE HENRY HOPKINS ROOSEVELT RICHFIELD KENNEDY PARK COOPER RICHFIELD MOUND WAYZATA LINCOLN SOUTH ST. PAUL ROBBINSDALE WAYZATA KENNEDY Captain Mark Sborov led team to conference mark of 14-0-2. 6-Squad — front Row — T. Slotting, R. Maul, R. loyti, J. Mitcholl, 0. Mathewt. 7. Sharkey, Bock Row — 7. Hailingi. R. Carr. 1. Sortoborg, $, Thompton, L Morrow, Coach f. Zint. Second Row — M. Howkinton, J. Bolmoro. R. Grotto. S. Oorntoif, J. Grant, I W.M.omi 144Center Bruce McIntosh and wings Dave Kirkland and Jim Fee storm the nets against V ayiata in O J-l victory. This year Dave Kirkland scored fourteen goals with eight assists. Defenseman John Kirkland keeps the pressure on against Cooper. 145UNBEATEN CAGERS TAKE CONFERENCE, DISTRICT, Climaxing an undefeated season of 26 consecutive victories, the Edina basketball team defeated Duluth East 82-75 in overtime to capture the 54th State Basketball Championship. To reach the finals, Edina had to defeat Win-dom and Henning. In the Windom game, Edina survived a late rally to narrowly gain a 60-59 victory. In the semifinals, the Hornets were forced to go three overtimes before beating Henning and the Peterson twins 62-55. Three players were named to the All-Tournament team. Jeff Wright, Kurt Schellhas and Jay Kiedrowski, all juniors, were chosen. Edina gained its third consecutive Lake Conference Championship with a record of 16-0. This included a 64-58 defeat of the pre-seoson favorite St. Louis Park. In District 18 Edina defeated Hopkins, Park, and 1965 State Champion Minnetonka in the finals 70-64. Tom Jones, Roger Schelper, Joy Kiedrowski and Jeff Wright made All-District. In Region V Edina defeated Minneapolis Central, 72-60, and St. Cloud Tech for its second State entry in three years. Tom Jones, Roger Schelper, Jeff Wright and Kurt Schellhas were chosen to the All-Region squad. Captain Roger Schelper drives in for a layup against Minneapolis Central in the Region V semi-finals. 140 All-State junior forward Kurt Schellhas was Edina's leading scorer in the State Tournament.REGION AND STATE TITLES All Slater Jay Kiec rowslci was the team's leading scorer. EDINA 60 ■ 44 COOPER 71 I 60 MOUND 82 ■ 54 RICHFIELD 55 I 51 WAYZATA 63 57 LINCOLN 54 I 43 ROBBINSDALE 60 I 56 MINNETONKA 79 ■ 67 ROCHESTER 80 ■ 55 HOPKINS 75 ■ 41 KENNEDY 64 ■ 58 ST. LOUIS PARK 97 I 54 COOPER 91 ■ 65 MOUND 92 ■ 50 MPLS. WASHBURN 65 I 54 WAYZATA 71 ■ 69 LINCOLN 74 ■ 68 ROBBINSDALE 70 I 54 MINNETONKA 60 I 53 HOPKINS 79 I 60 ST. LOUIS PARK 70 I 64 MINNETONKA 72 I 60 MPLS. CENTRAL 88 I 55 ST. CLOUD TECH 60 I 59 WIN DOM 62 I 55 HENNING 82 ■ 75 DULUTH EAST VARSITY -front tow-Mg, Chr.i Bo.tn. Bob Do-m. K.eley, Jar Bennett. Jeff Wright, Mgr. Jim Holrerton Bock Bow-Don Kogol. Jeff »oimwun, Joy Kiedrowtkl. Jirn Stahly. Bob Zander. Tom Jones. Kurt Schel f'oi. John T aden, Cory Marshall. Mitkoy Stemon, Roger Schelper, Rob Jonet. 14 7Junior guard Jeff Wright was named to the All-District, All-Region ond All-State teams. Edina raises Stote Championship trophy. Lake Conference Standings Won Lost EDINA ................................16 0 Richfield.............................12 4 Lincoln ..............................11 5 St. Louis Park........................11 5 Robbinsdale ...........................8 8 Minnetonka.............................8 8 Mound..................................7 9 Wayzata ...............................6 10 Hopkins ...............................4 12 Kennedy................................3 13 Cooper.................................2 14 146 In Region V Edina defeated Central 72-60.B SQUAD — Front Sow—M. Thoala, M. Sehmarlar, C. Winter, t. Nielsen, D. Trones, 1. Peterson, B. Schelper. Bock Row — F. Huiar. M. Burley. R. Ro» , 8. Zander, B. Fiedler, J. Matlamothar, B. Marshall, R. Cichorn. 149 Kurf Schellhas tied up Tonka's Bucky Ives in District 18 finals. All-State center Tom Jones adds two points against LincolnSWIMMERS GRIND OUT SEVEN CONFERENCE WINS; This year's varsity swim team compiled a record of ten victories and three defeats in dual meet competition. A 48-47 loss to Rochester along with 55-40 and 52-43 losses at the hands of the state champions from Hopkins were all considered one-point losses by head coach Mr. Art Downey because of the scoring of the final event, the 400-yard free style relay. In district competition on February 17, Hopkins' strength again proved too much despite outstanding individual performances by seniors Bob Harmony, Keith Anderson and freshman Mark Willis. Though considered a very impressive season, the efforts of sixteen weeks of practice brought only a third place finish at the state meet at Cooke Hall. Outdistanced by the Hornets' 1 43 points were Hopkins and Rochester with 1 74 and 1 73 points respectively. Again individual performances by Anderson and Captain Harmony were an example of this team's superb conditioning. Highlights of the meet were the two individual state records set by Harmony: the 50-yard free style in 22.0 seconds and the 100-yard free style in 49.1 seconds. Earlier in the season a free style relay team of juniors Steve Lewers and John Bucklin along with Anderson and Harmony, attempted to reach All-American rating and set an unofficial state record of 3:28.1, more than two seconds under the state record set by Robbinsdale in state competition. Next year coaches Downey and Szendrey look forward to an even more rewarding year with ten returning lettermen and sophomore Todd Smith, a state champion diver from Nebraska and ranked fourth nationally by the Amateur Athletic Union. 8ob Harmony and She "ptyche up" before meet with St. Cloud. VARSITY — Front Row S. Kenney. R. Oarlock. P. Monahan. R. Millard. 8. Foney. R. Rodman. G. Alexander. M Umberger. 8. Kile. 0 McCullough. 1 love. Coach Downey. Morphew, R. DeKtaay. 2nd Row. P. Btamten, D. Fiihor. M. Willit, S. lowers. R. Johnion, Mining: M. Andenon. J. Bucklin. 0. Engel, S. Monhall. I. Wunich. T. Andenon, K. Anderson, P. Ogron, J. Lang. Mgr. 3rd Row• 8. Zerull. B. Harmony. B. ISOPLACE THIRD IN STATE Coach Downey has compiled a ten-year record of 94-37. Butterfliers Anderson and Rodman placed 1st and 3rd at state. 63 32 ST. THOMAS 64 31 ST. LOUIS PARK 66 29 LINCOLN 49 46 ST. CLOUD TECH 66 29 ROBBINSDALE 67 28 COOPER EDINA 69 26 KENNEDY 61 34 AUSTIN 40 55 HOPKINS 57 38 ST. LOUIS PARK 47 48 ROCHESTER 74 21 LINCOLN 43 52 HOPKINS Bucklin and Lowers warm up before All-American relay attempt.152 B SQUAD — Front Bow C. Tumor. M. foriu. J. Booglo, B. Swanton, B. Hoob, J. Carlton. Sotond Bow. D. Johnton, B. Sopor. J. Harmony, J. Frontit. B. Warnko, B. Chodbourn Third Bow. Cooth Siondroy. C. N•vim. G. train , B. HordoLake Conference Standings Together, Anderson and Lewers won 48 team points in the state meet. Won Lost Hopkins.................................9 0 EDINA...................................7 2 Cooper ................................ 5 3 Robbinsdale.............................5 3 St. Louis Park..........................2 7 Kennedy.................................1 7 Lincoln.................................1 8 Bill "Pringle" Rodman relaxes before 200-yard medley relay. In addition to two firsts in state. Harmony shut out top qualifiers Horton of Hopkins and Zarth of Lincoln in the district meet. 53Compiling a six and four conference record, this year's wrestling team earned a fie for fourth in Lake competition with its best season in the last ten years at Edina. Led by captain Brooke Taney, the Hornets had an over all season mark of eight victories against five defeats. Wayne Miller's 11-1 record led the team in individual matches, followed by Ron Ray, Jon Herrmann, Mark Olson, Brooke Taney, and Dave Selness. The Hornets also sent five men to region competition: Jon Herrmann, Mark Olson, Brooke Taney, Wayne Miller, and Dove Selness. Both Herrmann and Taney narrowly missed qualifying for state competition by placing fourth in their respective weights. Lake Conference Standings Cooper Won 10 Lost 0 Ties 0 Hopkins 8 2 0 Robbinsdale .... 8 2 0 Kennedy 6 3 1 EDINA 6 4 0 Richfield 6 4 0 St. Louis Park .... 4 5 1 Lincoln 3 7 0 Minnetonka 2 8 0 Wayzata 1 9 0 Mound 0 10 0 Doug Fisher puts his opponent from Woyzota in a pinning position. EDINA WRESTLERS COMPILE 6-4 CONFERENCE RECORD; Mark Olson Brooke Taney Wells Weicoft, Doug Fisher, Miles Brown, Jon Herrmonn, and Coach Halvorson anxiously watch the action. 154EARN TIE FOR FOURTH IN LAKE Mark Olson leaps at his opponent in the 123-pound class. VARSITY: front Row - Bob O ion, Jon Herrmann, John Sanford. Mark Olson, Wells Wescolt. Brooke Taney. Back Row - Doug fisher, Rob Stair. Ron Atkinson. Wayne Miller, Dave Selness, Ron Roy. 155Captain Brooke Taney is on his way to one of his four season wins against six losses and two lies. EDINA, 23 ■ 17 ALEXANDER RAMSEY 21 I 15 RICHFIELD 39 I 13 WAYZATA 30 I 15 LINCOLN 12 I 29 ROBBINSDALE 22 I 16 MINNETONKA 8 I 34 HOPKINS 19 I 23 KENNEDY 23 I 16 ST. LOUIS PARK 11 I 28 COOPER 39 I 8 MOUND 8 I 33 GRAND RAPIDS John Herrmann applies the pressure with a half-nelson in the 103-class. JV-t SQUAD: Front Row-Jim Moff.tt, Brute Lindquist. Store Neumeister. Jim Asselstme. Store Bolch tin. la x. r- o l t jo Tom Rro.no. Store Grinnol. Store Tickle. Scott Quisling. M.lot Brown. D.ck Mort.n. Bob Firth. Ken Z.I.nJ 1 7°" o j ° c’ Pollock. Mark Patrick. [d Griffth. Craig Field. John Anker. Brad Fenton. 9 Bot‘ ow Jorongson. Store Adamson. StoreSKIERS RANK SECOND IN STATE Hampered by o late snow fall and alternating tropic and arctic temperatures, the Edina Ski Team overcame a lack of practice to tie Rob-binsdale for the conference championship. Sporting a 6-1 record in conference competition, the team moved on to capture second place in the State Ski Meet. Paced by junior Tom Giebink, who placed second in the slalom event, Edina topped all conference entries, to be defeated only by Cloquet. Mike McGlynn and Dave Giebink occupied the two remaining openings on the slalom squad while Bob Hagen, Dave Lin-dow and Dan Maul (jumping) and Gregg Anderson, Bruce Evans and Tom Page (cross country) rounded out Edina's state team. Tom Olton toors off Wirth Jump in Richfield meet. Slalom skier Bruce Nelson reodies himself for the Bloke meet. SKI 11 AM front Row — Brwto front, Brian Nvfion, Miko Mill, Star Moons, Miko Andorton, Dovo Giobink, Alton Aguthton, Bob Hogon Botk Row — frank hgglo, Bob MtCI nn. Miko Girout, Tom Olton, Sotond Bow — Joft Sovlo, Tom Pogo. Bruto Bohne Thomoi, John Spilo, Tom Giobink, Gtogg Andorton, Horry Murphy, Bill Hibbard, mon, Doro lindow, Miko Jotut. Third Row — Roger Corpontor, Bori Monton, Chris Kovin Bonnott, Don Maul, tooth Ronald Wiotnor. 15 7Exuberant Homecoming Queen Lin Agustsson watches the Green Giants can the Bears.Yeo . . . rah . .. Edina, number one . . . sophomore ENTHUSIASM ... we sow what high school was like . . . those mixed up auditorium schedules ... pep fests ... the sophomore float ... those pretty Indian maids pulling our wagon of wompum ... the state basketball tournament. The caramelled apples went out as we came in as juniors ... we hod trouble raising money for the Prom ... we hod to WORK ... 866 hours of clean-up, popcorn, planning and decorations, all for a three hour Prom . . . and there was The Term Paper3, 1500 words of references. Seniors said: "First in state that's mighty great" . . . with football and basketball we had lots to cheer about ... we made a final attempt to raise our class ranks to impress those colleges . . . busy, busy senior year . . . SAT, ACT . . . acceptance . . . econ., soc., English Lit ... slump, slouch . . . COMMENCEMENT . . . senior party . . . high school sped quickly by, but the memories will linger. SENIOR YEAR: CHAMPIONSHIPS, SLUMP, GRADUATION Deadline mean work for 8. Palmer, S. Loper and P. Bramten. 161Next year the top ten of the class of 1966 will fake their talents to various colleges in the United States. Vicki Russell, student director of "The Gondoliers," Linda Strandemo, editor of the Buzzefte, and Dan Agness, who will probably go info the field of chemistry, all plan to attend St. Olaf. Anita Henley, who also plans to attend a Minnesota college, chose Gustovus Adolphus, where she will study psychology or Spanish. Julie Avenson would like to major in biology at Sanford. Neal Franking, who is new to Edina, and Dave Hall both will major in chemical engineering, Neal at Principio and Dave at MIT. At Lawrence College Caroline Reeves will study Art or English. Tom Horan hopes to attend Amherst, then specialize in writing or foreign service. Tom Bridgmon will also attend an eastern college where he will probably study liberal arts. Buzzette and WhigreanStoffers — Vicki Russell, Linda Strandemo and Anita Henley. THE TOP TEN OF THE CLASS OF ’66 - DIVERSIFIED Fifth-year Latin itudent Julie Avemon, whose fellow Romans call her Avis, is a goddess of the Latin Club.163 CtASS OfflCCPS — Pol Wo Iff. president, Mary freeman. i c rotary; Jock Stewart, rice president. Ann Palm. Ireamter. TARY JANE ADAMS — Red Cross Council —Home Ec Club —FBLE— French Club —FTA —a professional model— volunteer worker at Heritage Nursing Home. LYNN ELLEN ADAMSON Home Ec Club-French Club —Latin Club —nurses aide at David Herman Nursing Home —church youth group —wants to attend Brigham Young U. — a future nurse. DANIEL EDWARD AGNESS — Vorsity and Concert bands — intramural football and softball — NHS — Noi'l Merit Letter of Commendotion — Latin Club —Sponish Club — PF. LINDA GRACE AGUSTSSON - Lin - re.gned as 1965 Homecoming Queen — Student Council member—Ski Club pres.— Aqua Nymphs —Blizzard — Donoldson's Teen Board —"Twin City A Go Go" columnist. STEPHEN WARREN ALARIK — Steve — actively involved in Junior Achievement —enjoys wofching football — band for one year. DEBORAH ANN ALGER — member of Red Cross — Spanish Club — FBLE — Y-Teens —Heritage Nursing Home worker —church choir —worked at Edina pool —"Dear Abby." 662 SENIORS REPRESENTING 16 STATES AND SEVEN MARY ROSALIA ALLARD - Zali - Spanish Club-band —GAA —Edina Synchronized Swim Club —Junior Achievement —Contact Corps —Music Theory Award — seen driving o green bomb. DONALD EDWIN ALLISON — Homecoming Float Committee-senior car —football as a sophomore— Junior Achievement — owner of a Honda — plans to attend the University of Minn. DAVID JAMES ALLUM — DE work program— Junior Achievement vice pres, of manufacturing-park board hockey— favorite postimes include hunting and cars. ZOLTAN FRANCIS ANDAHAZY - likes to engoge in intellectual conversation — enjoys swimming and hunting — a Freud nut — plans to attend Mankato State. BERNICE GAIL ANDERSON - Bennie - French Club —Red Cross —Edina Players —band —Hazeltine Saddle Club pres. CAROL ANN ANDERSON -Red Cross Council —Math Club —Spanish Club —Junior Achievement co. pres. — Greoter Mpls. Christion Youth Council vice pres, — vice pres, of Pilgrim Fellowship. DIANE AMY ANDERSON-Buzzette Editorial Editor—Not'l Merit semi-finalist —French Club for three years —Y-Teens —Latin Club as a sophomore - Edina Swim Club —plans to be a pre-med student, GREGG ROBERT ANDERSON -cron country —co-captain of the ski team —on Eagle Scout —owner of a "classic" '54 Chevrolet convertible. JEFFREY POAGE ANDERSON— Latin Club —Edino Soccer Club — Hi-Y — likes hunting and skiing —a great white teal hunter. 164JOHN WILLIAM ANDERSON-band member-DE — o member of Luther League — plays guitar in o rock ond roll band — enjoys a game of chess. KEITH ALLEN ANDERSON — swim team, only freshman letterman — cross country as a soph. —worked of Municipal Pool -likes to watch TV SCOTT MARTIN ANDERSON -was a member of the German Club — four-year member of Concert Bond, orchestra — worked os an usher at the Guthrie —plans on attending the U of Minn. STEPHEN FRANK ANDERSON-Sk. Club-H.-Y-Blizzord —wants to attend the University of Colorado—a familiar sight on the ski slopes —"How does that grab yo.“ BETSY CLAIRE ANDREWS-fuzzy -1966 Kinney Shoe Fashion Coordinator — FTA — Y-Teens — FBLE —likes knitting, painting, and sewing — The Great Procrastinator. DONALD GREGORY ARENSON - Greg — intramural athletics —senior car — hobbies: hunting, stock car rocing and skiing. NATIONS HAVE TO RECITE "WHAN THAT APRILLE...” CRAIG ARKO — World Affairs Club —DeMoloy sr. deocon — B-squod swimming —enjoys traveling — has been to Texas and New York —had a job as a groundmon on a construction project KATHRYN ANN ARNDT- Kathy -Concert Band-lnt'l Club-Spanish Club —a hospital volunteer worker —likes to knit and collect bells —always a lady. SCOTT EARL ARNOLD —participated in park board hockey —an interest in cars — on enthusiastic hockey fan — wonts to attend the University of Minn. JAMES DODD ASHWORTH — participated in Jr. Achievement — park board hockey— church group — likes hockey— worked at Jerry's Lucky Dollar —plans on U of M.nn. JULIE LORRAINE AVENSON - sec-treos. of Moth Club — Latin Club — Honored Queen of Job's Daughters — church group and choir —NHS — Not'l Merit —a trip to the Orient. CRAIG CHARLES AVERY — participated in Hi-Y, Homecoming skit. Ski Club, Jr. Achievement —ployed park board hockey — canoe trips, ond ski trips to Indionhead. NANCY BAARSCH - DE Work Program-a devoted artist —would like to attend an art school after graduation-swings at dances DEBORAH BAILEY —a peppy Hornette — member of the Andahozy Ballet Company—Pilgrim Fellowship —likes dancing and knitting —always on her toes. DIANE BAKER — Red Cross Council —Edina Players —French Club —likes playing the piano and pointing —plans include the U of M. 165STEPHEN ARTHUR BAKER - E-Club — vorsity hock-ey — German Club —will attend Cornell or Gustavus. MICHAEL THOMAS BALTZ-Malh Club-intramural tennis —Russian Club —nocturnal boat ride across Lake Michigan —"you're the Baltz, Boltz, baby." SUSAN LESLEY BARBER- Home Ec Club-Senior Homecoming Skit — three-year member of Blizzard—modeled for Donaldson's —will attend the U of M —enjoys skiing — memorable excursion to Land O'lokes, Wisconsin. WILLIAM EDWIN BARINGTON - Eagle Scout - pres, of city-wide Hi-C — Swimming team as a sophomore-attended fifth National Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forgo. SUSAN JANE BATES -French Club —Spanish Club —worked in church nursery — plays the guitar —fovorite sport is swimming. JUDITH ANN BEARINGER -choir lived in Florida during junior year—went on a seminar trip to the U.N. with 78 Methodist youths — Heritage Home Red Cross volunteer — Greater Mpls. Christian Youth Council. STEPHEN THOMAS BECK — Steve — E-Club — I- Ball —enjoys all sports — lettered in baseball — worked at the Flying Cloud Theatre. DEBRA ANN BECKER — Y-Teens for two years—French Club — member of FTA —loves to ski —ardent basketball fan —plans to attend the U of Minn. KEVIN MICHAEL BENNETT — Peanut —Tatra and Blizzard racing teams —skin and scuba diving-co-captain of Edina's ski team — aspires to be an Aspen ski bum. BUGGED BY THE BEATLES’ TWIN CITIES SUMMER SCOTT CAMPBELL BENNETT- Student Council-co-captain varsity football team —E-Club —varsity track —Sophomore class president — Harvard Book Award —charter member of Three Musketeers — 200 pounds of solid love and affection. RICHARD DUDLEY BERESFORD — Becket — chaplain of all-school Hi-Y — Homecoming attendent — plays bass for the High Spirits. JOHN GORDON BERG- E-Club-state champion mile relay team for two years, setting state record twice —remembers trip to Montana — devoted athlete and student. JANE ANN BERGQUIST- Y-Teens-Home Ec Club — Breck Homecoming attendant— worked at the YMCA — has a good shoulder to cry on. JOHN ALLEN BERGQUIST — football as a sophomore— worked for the Edina Recreation Board as a rink supervisor — is o motorcycle enthusiast —will attend the U of M. NANCY ANN BERGREN- Y-Teens-Home Ec Club-Spanish Club —candy striper at Northwestern Hospital-will go into nursing—finds canoe trips fun. 164VISIT SENIORS FLEE TO MINNESOTA’S 10,000 LAKES BARBARA JANE BERK — Breck ond Edina cheerleader— Breck Homecoming Queen — Homecoming Coronations co-chairman — French Club —Y-Teens — Edina Players —writes letters by the billions. KAREN MYLIUS BEZOIER —Concert Band —Luther league — French Club —takes canoe trips without guides except for Canadian rangers. DEBORAH JEAN BILDEN — Y-Teens —Job's Daughters—candy striper at Heritage Nursing Home —sold Aquatennial buttons. JAMES ROLAND BIN A—on avid flyer —has his pilot's license — NHS — plans to attend Northwestern — worked many hard hours at Mr. Meyer's Christmas tree farm MICHAEL KEVIN B NG-Owl - E-Club -lettered twice in cross country —Jr Achievement — likes skiing and everything that goes with it JAMES WILLIAM BISSONNETT — golf enthusiast —likes all sports —plans to attend the University of Minn. —spent summer at Northland Country Club. 167CYNTHIA ANN BJORKMAN-OE program-Y-Teens —past treas. of Bethel 18 of Job's Daughters — possesses a personality twice her size. KAROLIN ELENE BJORNNES — BJ — ployed the lead in "Send Me No Flowers"—Edina Players —German Club for two years —dental hygienist for two summers —works weekends at the Ambassador as a chambermaid. ECHO LEE BODINE — Home Ec Club's Ways and Means Committee chairman — Y-Teens — church BYF — hopes of social work—worked ot Bridgemon's. MARY SUE BOELTER -Home Ec Club-frequent Art Club meetings —chaplain of Y-Teens chapter — Red Cross homeroom alternate —GAA as a sophomore—enjoys sewing. HERBERT ARVID BOLIN — varsity track—varsity cross country team —aiming toward the U of M —worked ot Convention Grill — likes hunting. JAMES RALPH BOLMGREN — Edino Players — labored as part of the stage crew on many dramatic productions —favorite sports are football, sailing ond skiing. RONALD JAY BOOK — enjoys cars and is seen ot the drag strips —would like to go into printing —worked at Edina Citgo. JULIE ANNE BORAN - Westric Junior Achievement Company —French Club —outstanding on the skateboard —always dancing at Mr. Lucky's. WILLIAM SCOTT BORCHERS- Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation — pres, of church youth fellowship — Edina Soccer Club —German Club —Moth Club — Hi-Y — intramural sports participant. POT LUCK, FOOTBALL VICTORY, FUN NIGHT WELCOME SCOTT MELANCHTHON BORENE-Pore -Latin Club Counsul —Dei Gratia Hi-Y —Nat'l Merit semifinalist— NHS — attended the Ann Arbor Classics Workshop at the University of Michigan — incessont puns. MICHAEL ROBERT BOTTOLENE -Mombo -three years of football, lettered as o senior — E Club — has fun hunting. CHRIS ARDEN BOWERS — basketball team manager —E Club —Latin and Russian clubs —pres, of church youth group —Homecoming Publicity co-chairman — Nat'l Thespians —in "Our Town" ond "Hedda Gabler". CYNTHIA ELIZABETH BOWES -a member of Y-Teens —Sponish Club —worked os a volunteen of a settlement house during the summer —interest in interior decorating —amateur psychiatrist. JUDITH LOUISE BRADFORD — publicity chairman for Int'l Club — enjoys painting, sculpture, drawing, and opero, concert ond vocol music —shy, arty, intense. JOHN STANLEY BRAINE — Art Club one year —likes to go on camping trips —interested in all sports —took Conadian trip. I 58SHARON LOUISE BRAKKE -bond-lotin Club-Pep Club —church choir sec.—vice pres, of Luther league — Red Cross volunteer at Heritage Nursing Home —never stops talking. PAUL CORDON BRAM-SEN — Whigrean Business Manager —on Edina's state champion swimming team —French Club —church choir and basketball — Luther League. SANDRA MARY BREDESEN — Sam — two years on the Student Council —Aqua Nymphs —Homecoming semi-finalist—OE—Jr. Achievement Sweetheart finalist —the sunshine girl. NANCY MONROE BREWBAKER sen.or Homecoming skit —two-year member of Y-Teens —Home Ec Club—legitimate redhead. MARY MARTHA BRIDGE-MAN— OE program —personnel manager and vice pres, of manufacturing in her Jr. Achievement company. THOMAS WILLSON BRIDGMAN -Pons-pres, of NHS —Student Council Ethics Committee chairman—Latin Club Quaestor —Teddy in "Arsenic and Old Lace" — NoYI Thespians — Soccer Club. JAMES STAUNTON BRITTON - Spanish Club member for two years —pork league hockey two years — likes to ski —collect records —well known for his famous "jaguaristic" opporel. SUSAN RITA BRO CH—senior Homecoming skit—Home Ec Club —Ski Club —worked in a bakery —definitely wants to go to Mankato State — the total look. LINDA LEE BROUGHTON -GAA Board member -choir — Y-Teens — Spanish Club —former state junior table tennis champion —ranked Minnesota's number I in 18 and under doubles —a "toughy" with o ping pong paddle or tennis racket. BEWILDERED NEW SENIORS TO THE CLASS OF ’66 LINDA JANE BROWN - FBLE - Y-Teens - Ski Club -Publicity Committee for Sodie Howkins — water ski fan —painted tires at the state fair last summer. MILES THOMAS BROWN-three years in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas —a policeman in "Pirates of Penzance" —loyal skiing and wrestling enthusiast. ROBERT RANDALL BUCHANAN -Hi-Y-R.chfield Boxing Club —noted for his love of dancing —college plans include the U of M. GREGORY DUNCAN BURNS - Gregipoo - Dei Gratia Hi-Y —chaplain of Loke Harriet chapter of DeMolay — lettered in football for two years —E Club —enjoys waterskiing and golf. LAWRENCE EVERETT E BURNS — treas. of FSLE —DE program — worked at Dayton's Northbriar Shop —hitch hiked to California. TERRANCE ANTHONY BURNS -Hi-Y participant for two years —active in the Young Democratic Farm Labor Club —interested in art. 169JAMES EDWARD BURTON -J-V footboll - pork board hockey, baseball — active in EYC church youth group —enjoys oil sports —spent summer scraping out gutters. THOMAS LEE BUSCH — Buzzette Sports Editor — NHS — Quill and Scroll — member of Young Democrats of Edina — was an escort at Governors' Conference during the summer. LAURENCE VERNE BUTLER —Math Club —Spanish Club —member of Blizzard —NHS —plans to be an engineer —worked on senior car for homecoming. LON ROBERT BUTTON - member of Spanish Club —active in bond for four years —spends much of his time ploying football or examining mufflers, greasy pistons and carburetors. PATRICIA ETHEL BYS-TROM — Y-Teens — active in Latin Club for three years —Job's Daughters —finds time to drive her Pol-ara 500. WILLIAM ALAN CAFRUNY - moved os o senior from Ann Arbor, Michigan —enjoys swimming and playing hockey — guitarist in an instrumental group —great musical and narrative talent. THOSE LAZY, HAZY, CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER, BUT Studiously applying herself, Kathy Manchester com■ pletes her required summer reading. "But just this morning I mode this hole in two shots mutters Robert Croonquist. 170MICHAEL JOHN CAMPBELL — l-boll — Southdole Bowling league —pork board baseball — church basketball —plans to attend University of Minn. JEFFREY EDWARD CARLETON-intramural football-active in Pilgrim Fellowship —enjoys all sports —went on canoe trip to Hudsons Bay during summer. CHARLES WESLEY CARLSEN - Ski Club-spends much of his summers working and golfing — member of the golf team —ployed park board hockey — participated in Hi-Y. CRAIG MILTON CARLSON - Russian Club Secretary of State— B-squad football — Intramural football, basketball, softball —Luther league officer. KATHRYN ALICE CARLSON -Latin Club Goddess-song in operettas ond mixed choir for two years —candy striper at Swedish Hospital —NHS — interested in Girl Scouts. NANCY DELPHINE CARLSON — NHS - Y-Teens — school and church choirs —active in German Club — GAA — enjoys tennis and skating — Pilgrim Fellowship — has travelled widely. THEN THE DARN REQUIRED SUMMER READING LISTS PETER LYNN CARLSON -Int'l Club- l-ball - Latin Club —participated in band for two years —Hi-Y — Youth in Government —Bowled in Southdale Traveling League. ROBERT WILLIAM CARLSON JR. - Junior Achievement for one year —referee for park board football —enjoys folk music. SALLY SUE CARTER — city vice pres, of Campfire Girls —active in Junior Achievement — DE — FSLE — Pep Club —plans to ottend University of Minn. DAVID ALAN CARTIER — active member of German Club —often seen on the job at MacDonalds —interested in amateur radio —plans to ottend the Univ. of Minn. DONNA LEE CHADWICK-transfer from a Mankato boarding school —had a part time job as a waitress at Loop Pharmccy — owns her own horse — hopes to become a practical nurse JOSEPH ROBERT CHISLER — French and Art Club participant —co-chairman of WOX —gets o bong out of hunting —will study architecture at the University of Minn. JEROME HOWARD CHRISTOPHERSON Junior Achievement —senior Homecoming float — hitchhiked to Mexico during summer —plans to enter Navy after graduation DARA JANE CHURCH — office page for three years — Y-Teens — Spanish, Latin clubs — FBLE —heads for the lakes and hoists the soils in the summertime. ROBERT MARTIN CIERNIA active member of Latin Club —participated in bowling league —spends much of his time playing tennis, working, and golfing. 171LOUISE ANNE CIPERA — Lou Ann —Junior Achievement two years —GAA one year —plans to attend business school —busy afternoons ot Bridgcmans. ROXANNE GAYLE CLOUTIER - Rockie - participated in Home Ec Club as a senior —natural homemaker who likes to cook and sew —wants to work alter graduation. MARK WALMAN COLTER-Ski Club —choir —Red Cross representative —an out-doorsman; hunting, fishing, golfing— future plans include the University of Minn. DONALD WILLIAM COLVIN - member of German Club — pastimes consist of hunting, fishing, camping and football — hopes to become a parotrooper in the army LOUISE EMILY COMMERS -Y-Teens-GAA -Home Ec Club —FBLE —Job's daughters —Hi League —known for her bright blue contact lenses. SUSAN LEE COMSTOCK-Pcp Club-Home Ec Club —Y-Teens —Blizzard —plans to become a nurse — possesses many freckles and crazy dimples — memories of Minnetonka summers. LUNCH DOUGHNUT SALES PROHIBITED, RAVENOUS MARION DENISE CONUN-Dennie-Y-Teens chapter president — Spanish Club vice pres. — Buzzette reporter — grows pumpkins—never out of pep. MICHAEL FRED CONNOY Mike - German Club -Homecoming decorations co-chairman —likes most sports —intends to study low at U of M —caddy at Edina Country Club. JEANNE HARMON COOK Jeonnie — Concert Band —Ski Club —Latin Club — NHS —pres, and sec. of church youth group —travels to Maine each summer —will attend Colby College in Woterville, Maine, next year. CHERYL MARIE COONEY - Sherry-Edina Players— Aedile and Goddess of Latin Club —Latin Club soccer team captain —a wild road-racer and bridge ployer. JOHN PRESTON COOPER - J.P. - ski, ski, ski ... —member of Tatra Ski Team —golf and skin diving — hopes to attend U of Colorado, eventually go into medicine. PHYLLIS JEAN COSTELLO transfer from Buffalo, N. Y. — Y-Teens— modeling — Avon Representative — loves the water; water-skiing, swimming, speed booling — St. Richard's social officer. JENNIFER MAY COUILLARD -"Jen"-Red Cross -GAA —Home Ec Club —church Luther League — worked ot Donaldson's—plans to attend U. of M. MARK ANDREW COULTER -the colt two bowling leagues — interested in old model sailing ships —Declam—loves flying —a Bert Kacmpfert fan. CAROL ANN COURSOLLE — the original red-headed nut — Blizzard —Pep Club —Spanish Club —never caught standing still — worked for Harmon Killebrew. 172JEANNE MARIE COURSOLLE — pres, of her Y-Teens chaper —Ski Club —Home Ec Club —Art Club — FBLE —Blizzard —church youth group — Menoygn conoe trips —sneaks away to Hernando's Hideaway. THOMAS CHARLES COURTNEY - Tommy - lettered in cross country —J-V baseball — B-squod basketball — E-Club member — The Three Musketeers — plans to attend Iowa State MARY BARBARA COX — Mary Bee — participated in Junior Achievement —a Johnny Carson fan — receptionist at Southdale Medical Building — plans to attend St. Catherine's College. LINDA LOU CRESSWELL -Lin —member of OE -worked at Lindsey Engineering Incorporated— quiet and understanding. STUART WALLACE CROM-BIE — Stu — member of Red Cross—French Club — likes hockey, baseball and golf —senior swimmer — senior canoeist — transferred from Canada. ROBERT NEIL CROONQUIST — Jr. Class pres. - vice pres, of Student Council and Ski Club NHS and Red Cross treos. — Boys' State Auditor — Whigreon Seniors Coeditor—golf team —Homecoming attendant. SENIORS WAIT TILL 2:45 FOR THEIR TASTY TREATS THOMAS CARR CROSBIE Croz - DE Art Club -Luther Leogue choplin —bowling leagues —seen everywhere in a green delivery truck —English Leather. STEPHEN PATRICK CROWLEY-Mori-a cor, hunting, and football enthusiost — successful odd job man and a competent problem solver. LAWRENCE ALLEN DAHL — Edina Swim Club —a god and four year Latin Club member —the only quiet genius at EMHS — enjoys a good knock-down, drag-'em out party — plans to attend Michigan State University. STEVEN DEAN DARLING - Pud - member of the sk. team —likes sports, especially snow skiing and swimming — slaved for hours at the Notional Food Store. CALENE JO DAWS-Cal-Art Club for two yeors — member of Home Ec Club — spent Christmas in Jamaica —chambermaid at the Ambassador Motel—Lebanese food addict. JOHN FARRELL DAVIS—cheerleader in the senior Homecoming skit -Senior Float Committee —warming house attendant— likes baseball, hockey, hunting, parties and girls. JOSEPH PATRICK DEAN-J-V football - Nat'l Rifle Association — likes hunting — closs treas. at other school. DEENA LEE DEGEBERG-Red Cross sec. — Y-Teens —Art Club — French Club —put the nose on Cyrano —all-city Girl Scout sec. —delicate and graceful. MARY ELIZABETH DEGEN-An Club-woter skier —excellent seamstress —interest in Canada — "I'll fry onything once!" 173JILL DIANE DEWEY-Red Cross-Y-Teens-Ski Club —ploys —Notional Merit Letter of Commendation—often seen heading for the slopes. DONALD ARTHUR DIBBLE — Dib —Red Cross —band - church youth group participant —plans to ottcnd Sioux Falls College. PAMELA DIANE DICKMAN - Pom-pres, of Aquo Nymphs —Y-Teens chopter chaplain—co-choirman Homecoming Parade Committee —Red Cross —Blizzard -state champion in synchronized swimming for three years. DEBORAH JO DIESSNER — Deb — FBLE - Home Ec Club —Spanish Club —Y-Teens —Junior Achievement — hos a hankering for Marcia and the Lynch Men — an unforgettable laugh. JAMES CONSTANTINE DIRACLES — AF$ finalist —Student Council — Hi-Y — Youth in Government —football —Blizzard —Ski Club — pres, of Junior Achievement company — plays on soccer team. PAUL HENRY DOEPKE -entrapped with the idea of hunting —high gear interest in cars. MARY BETH DOLS — Beezer — Aedile and Goddess of Discordia in Latin Club —Vestal Virgin— Catholic Youth Center —eats breakfast at 5:30 A.M. at Perkins Pancake House. JOHN JAMES DOVOLIS Zorba —E-Club tros. — lettered in vorsity football — pres, of church youth group —trip to Greece last summer. WILUS KIRK DRAKE Bill-Moth Club pres. — science seminar - Buzzcttc reporter — French Club ambassador —Russian Club — nationol merit semi-finalist —NHS —pres, of NMRC. SENIOR BOYS PROVE TO BE JUST TOO HANDSOME CHERYL LYNN DREW- Sherry - GAA - Home Ec Club —Sundoy school teacher —member of the first ploce team in GAA archery —headed for Bemidji. PATRICIA ANNE DREW- Pat-Red Cross-Home Ec Club —Y-Teens —FBLE —solicited subscribers for Look Magazine —plans to attend the U. of M SCOTT DOUGLAS DRUM — Buzzette Photographer —operetta for three years —German Club —vice pres, of choir —vice pres, of Hennepin County Teen Young Republicans. GEORGE ANTHONY DUBROWSKI - tres. of Russian Club — participates in church youth group — interested in attending Pomona —fascinated by the Knotts. JOHN GREGORY DUFFY- Duff-new to Edina from Ben-ilde —plucks around with the guitar —uncanny sense of humor. MARK EDMUND DUNN - Concert Band —orchestra —CYO —state ensemble award — would like to fly in the Air Force —had all-expense poid trip to Disneyland —noted for his drawing ability. 17 RAYMOND FRANCIS DUNN Spear E-Club-football three years —track — state champion in 440 yard dash chief of police in operetta. THOMAS PATRICK DUNN Red Cross —Sports ond Health Club —DE —Ridgeway Coin Club —favorite sports include hunting and horseback riding —very arty. DONNA JEAN DUVICK - Co-captain of Horncttcs -vice pres, of Aqua Nymphs — Homecoming skit — member of Pep Club —Home Ec Club —Homecoming semi-finalist — girl's football. STEVEN ANDREW EARL- Eli-Hi-Y B-squad basketball and football —Mikado player —church youth group —worked with a stapler ot Northrup King. ALAN LAWRENCE EDELMANN — Al — Edina Soccer Club —Hi-Y chapter president —Germon Club —trip to Europe lost summer. MARILYN ANNE EGAN Marlon —Edina Players —Art Club —Spanish Club — ploys the nose flute —queen in "Rumplestiltskin" — "Zuntl" SUE ELLEN EICHORN acrobatic cheerleader -Homecoming Court —co-chairman of Homecoming Contest ond Elections Committee —church cabinet — recipient of DAR award. KAREN SUE EIDE green-eyed and petite —cheerleader from Janesville, Wis. — Y-Teens chapter treas. — Int'l Club —Art Club — Luther League treos. MARK GREGORY El-NAN— Homecoming King-co-chairman of Homecoming — Student Council —co-chairman of publicity for Prom —Ski Club —member of the Avengers —Art Club — ugly man contest. AS JUNIOR IS CHOSEN CHARITY DRIVE’S UGLY MAN. SYLDA RAE EITEL — Sud — Concert Band —first chair oboe for four years — sang in talent show — Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation — known for her energetic nose. MARK LOUIS ELKEY - new to Edina from Green Bay, Wisconsin — has associated with oncient Indian families —college bound to St Norbert's. SHEILA ANN ELLIS — Sheil — Y-Teens — executive committee for Home Ec Club —Int'l Club—FBLE —Sponish Club — plans to attend the University of Minn JULIE KATHERINE ENG- Y-Teens -Home EcClub-FTA —French Club —Pep Club —candy striper —the great procrastinator — a terror in a convertible. NEAL HOWARD ENGEL -swimming for three years—I-Ball —pres, of church youth group —listener of the Beach Boys an able musician. MARY ELIZABETH ENGQUIST — Y-Teens chapter treas.— church choir for two years — patterns her talents to sewing —plans to become an airline stewardess —"Dave's home!" 175JOAN MARIE ERICKSON — Moth Club-GAA-Home Ec Club, co-chairman of Ways and Mean Committee —Girls Scouts — NHS — plans to attend U of M. MARTIN ANTON ERICKSON III - transferred from Hamburg, N. Y. — member of Radio and Science clubs in Hamburg — represented Homburg H.S. at Western N. Y. Science Congress — Meritorious Award for scholarship —plans to take pre-med at the U of M SUSAN ALICE ERSTED - member of FTA-World Affairs Club —French Club —participant in Junior Achievement — Y-Teons — worked on many committees — enjoys music — dry and subtle sense of humor. JILL ALLISON ERVIN — had the lead in "The Sorcerer" as a sophomore — Y-Teens — "Our Town" —church youth group —NHS —accomplished pianist and singer. JULEE JELAINE EVANS - German, Art and Pep clubs —Y-Teens —frees, of Riding Club —has won ribbons in horse shows —enjoys riding, skiing and art. JEANNE PATRICIA EWERT - Squeek - DE -personnel director in Junior Achievement as a junior — Y-Teens os a sophomore — plans to be o stewardess. GUESS WHAT? SUPERLATIVE SENIORS CUNNINGLY 176 Aiding Green Giant Tom Jones, Linda Wold, Kathy Knutsen and Pepper Platoucan the bears on the senior float.PAMELA GWEN EYDEN - Art Club-lnt'l Club-Y-Teens chapter sec. — FBLE — Sadie Hawkins Committee — Walther League sec.—wilderness canoe trip —guitarist. SCOTT CAMPBELL FAHY — transferred from Philadelphia — participated in Spanish Club and Intramural football — likes scuba diving and cars. RODGER LIVINGSTON FENTON -transferred from Kansas City, Mo. after junior year —Spanish Club —sophomore football, track and wrestling — KBBA (Keep the Big 8eat Alive Club) —sly smile. JOSEPH MURPHY FEYDER — Joe — varsity baseball — E-Club — Hi-Y — French Club— intramural football and basketball — pres, of Junior Achievement company —Legion baseball —plons on U of Minn. THEODORE WAYNE FIELD -Ted -troop leader for Girl Scouts — gets a kick out of football — "Why study? My time is valuable!" SHIRLEEN PATRICIA FINLEY-participated in the band and Latin Club —a chemistry lab assistant —a member of youth fellowship group. CAPTURE COVETED SKIT, FLOAT PRIZES! SURPRISED? reanerf BARBARA FIRTH --Barb Home Ec Club —Homecoming skit —Arl Club —Spanish Club one year — Y-Teens two years—plans on U of Minn. —beautiful brown eyes. MARYL ANN FISHER — moved here from Chicago —Publicity Committee for Homecoming, "Heddo Gabbler" and “My Three Angels" — Decorations Committee for Prom ond Homecoming —Job's Daughters — loves animals. ANN DREYER FLASKAMP — Student Council-Blizzard—Ski Club — Y-Tccns — Jr. Miss Teen Board — Blake Homecoming Queen —Edina Homecoming Queen semi-finalist — notorious nicknames. JANET FLETCHER — Jan — GAA board member —Y-Teens — treasurer of mixed choir —German Club — MYF— camped around Europe. WILLIAM MOLAN FLOOD - Flubadub-likes to hunt and ski —ski trips to Indianhead —plans on attending U of Minn. —burgandy GTO. JANICE ELAINE FLYNN — member of Varsity and Concert bands —received "A" rating in state solo contest for cornet quartet — NHS — Pioneer Girls' sec. — U of Minn. 177MARGRET ADELAIDE FORNEY — Meg — Y-Teens chapter pres.— French Club — Edina Players—taught art and drama at Waite Settlement House —little and lively —seen everywhere in her "Bumblebee". DAVID LEE FORT — participated in band —likes pool —a hard worker and dedicated musician KARL WHAYNE FOSTER —Charlie —worked for park board —likes cars, woterskiing, and bikes —the proud owner of a compact — particular — plans include the Navy. PAMELA JANE FOSTER -GAA-OE -trees. of Future Secretaries of Edina —enjoys woterskiing, sailing, and horseback riding —spent the summer grooming poodles. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH FOX-Aqua Nymphs, Ski Club. Y-Teens —French ond Latin clubs —Homecoming float for two years —condy striper — known for her "Hi" ond "Bye." JANET RUTH FRANCIS -Button —a junior transfer from Richmond, Virginia — NHS — FT A sec., Y-Teens, and French Club—Homecoming decorations —on animated conversationalist. ESOTERIC SENIORS CONTEMPLATE UNITED STATES’ NEAL ALASON FRANKING — new to Edina in senior year from Palatine, III. — NHS —Notional Merit Scholarship semi-finalist — likes all sports, especially hockey JOE ERWIN FREDRICKSON - works in DE program — National member of DE — motorcycle fan —enjoys sports —football —will remember a trip to Jamaica and Hawaii — Beochboys fon SPRING FREEZE — hails from Frostbite Foils—Blizzard —has fond memories of trips to her Auntie Freeze— worked for Frigidaire last year —a real cool personality. MARY ELIZABETH FREEMAN — sec. of senior class —member of NHS —Y-Teens chapter pres.—a lovely Homecom.ng attendant — enjoys skiing —constantly giggling BARBARA HELEN FREY — o member of Spanish Club —GAA Board —Art Club—has a special interest in sport cars — plons to attend the U of M — known for her exceptional "foiry tales." MARY PATRICIA FREY — active in Spanish and Home Ec clubs —sewing and driving interests —cheerful humor. LINDA LEE GAKLE — Junior Achievement — French Club as a sophomore — likes to woterski, swim, and dance — exceptional doncer with a style of her own. BARBARA GAIL GANLEY — member of Y-Teens and Home Ec clubs —plans include the U of Minn.— dreams of a cor all her own —cheerful and sensitive-BBBOSC Club CONSTANCE VIRGINIA GARBERG — Connie —Junior Achievement — member of French Club —went surfing in Hawaii —keeps in practice by skateboarding — dry humor — often seen in on old green beater. 178VIRGINIA MARGARET GARLOCK -Ginny- an active member of Aqua Nymphs and Red Cross —Latin Club Vestal Virgin —winner of many swimming metals—truly feminine ond well poised. LINDA RAE GARRISON -Buzz often found on horseback — sport interests include hunting ond water skiing —the proud owner of a '65 Mustang. ROGER LEE GARRISON— owns his own horse and is an excellent rider-baseball fan—worked as a comedian during the summer — plans to go into construction. GREGORY CLARK GARRY - Shorty - tronsfer from Chicago —German Club — treas. of Latin Club —Soccer Club —NHS, Mogno Cum Laude —worked on a newspoper. TIMOTHY ERNEST GARVEN- Bogie -all conference football—Junior Class treas.— NHS — speed-skating champion —varsity baseboll — pres, of Jr. Achievement —masterful artist. THOMAS HENRY GASTLER— Rocky — Ski Club —Spanish Club —park board hockey - soccer team —ski trip to Red Lodge, Montano — likes to waterski — plans for Arizona U. GNP AND FREUDIAN CONCEPT OF ANTISOCIAL SELF MARY LYNN GEIGER - Lint -Whigrcon staff-Ski Club —Spanish Club — FBLE — memories of Menogyn canoe trip —loves to ski —often seen headed north on weekends. PAMELA JANELL GENSCH- band-Red Cross — Ski Club —Latin Club— Int'l Club — Y-Teens — GAA —taught Sunday School — EYC — Blizzard — Becky in "Tom Sawyer". PATRICIA LOUISE GER-RISH—art enthusiastic Hornotte Art Club - loves to play the piano —a big sister —a unique dancer —noticeable laugh — Y-Teens for three years. KATHERINE LENORE GlGER - senior year transfer from Seattle —Y-Teens —Ski Club— committee chairman and member of Golden Spur Girls' Honorary ot former school. JOHN STEVEN GILBERT - Latin Club censor — German Club —a member of NHS —Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation —fanatic sports fan and golfer —thinks Beatles are a versatile group. DAVID ROBERTS GILLILAND — likes hunting and driving — especially interested in jazz and rock music — plans to enlist in the United States Air Force. MARY JANE GILQUIST -Toe- Y-Teens- Homo Ec Club —Int'l Club—FBLE —FTA —much committee work —candy striper — Spanish Club —will attend school in Mexico this summer. MICHAEL JOHN GIROUX — Mike — member of Concert Band —"A" grade for ensemble in Stote Music Contest — Spanish Club — Ski Club —park board sports —will major in music. DIANE LEE GLOMSRUD—GAA pres. — Sophomore Congeniality Award — Concert Band —"A" rating ot Stote Music Contest — traveled in Europe. 179PETER JAMES GNAM — porticlpated in DE program — plans fo attend Mankato College — spends os much time under his cor os in the driver's seat. JANICE MAE GOTTSCHALK — vice pres, of FBLE — over-all co-chairman of Sadie Hawkins —trees, of Y-Teens chapter as a senior —Pep Club —Spanish Club —seen at every hockey game. MARY CATHERINE GRA-VIER — New to Edina from Louisville, Kentucky —Y-Teens—Home Ec Club —Inf'l Club —candy striper — will attend business college —true Southern belle. CL SU JAMES RUSSELL GRAY-lettered in football and track —pres, of E-Club —Student Council for three years -a dedicated athlete. SHEILA ELLEN GRAY— Homecoming committee co-chairman — B-squad cheerleader —Ski Club —Spanish Club —NHS — Breck cheerleader and Homecoming attendant —a pint sized package of dynamite. BONITA LYNN GRENELL —Y-Teens chapter pres. —Red Cross —co-chairmon of Homecoming Progroms Committee —in talent show two years —NHS —Merit-Letter of Commendation-chosen to ottend the mock U.N.—church youth group —alwoys on the go. THOMAS DERK GREVEN — new to Edina from Washburn —varsity track —cross country—lefterman at Washburn-a basketball fan. EDWARD TUOHY GRIFFITH -treas. of Jr. Achievement company —senior Homecoming skit —Spanish Club soccer chairman — Blizzord — has been to Europe — drives a hot T-Bird. KATHLEEN ANN GROTHE- Latin Club-Concert Bond— Marching Band —church youth group — NHS —Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation — winner at State Music Contest —sang in the Pop Concert-great on the alto sox. WORLD SERIES FEVER STRIKES EDINA; SENIORS NANCY BETH GUETZKE- Pep Club-Spanish Club —Y-Teens —Home Ec Club —Junior Achievement—Blizzard—future plans include Mankato State College —a terrific dancer ANITA LOUISE HAEM-IG — German Club four years —Home Ec Club — church youth group —candy striper ot Swedish Hospital-looks forward to being a veterinarian —has travelled throughout the U. S.' ROBERT FLOYD HAGEN — Festus — coptain of the Ski team —participated in Nat'l ski jumping competition ot Squaw Valley — senior cor —Mips. Ski Club. DAVID HOWARD HALL- Math Club-Nat'l Merit Scholarship semi-finalist — participant in Nat'l Science Foundation program— second in school on Nat'l Math Contest — trees, of model train club —a born scientist. THOMAS PATRICK HALSTEAD Tuffskin sloloms on ski team — lettered for two years —broken bones from skiing —never forgot trips to Aspen, Indianhead and Dlkhart June Sprints. JAMES PHILIP HALVERSON— Red Cross —E-Club Latin and German clubs —manager ond essential to football and basketball teams —active in church youth group. 180JOHN MELVIN HALVORSON- Weiner- pres, of church youth group — saxophone in band for three yeors —two years in the Edina Dance Band —Latin Club Quaestor—pres, of church choir —John the Invincible. john mcmillan Hamilton -Mac -Red Cross —Hi-Y—l-ball —Prince of French Club as a junior —church youth group —MC at Homecoming — worked ot comp Iduhad for 3.7 cents on hour. LORI ANN HANSING - Lolo — Y-Teens for three years — sec. of Y-Teen$ chapter —Red Cross as a sophomore—Latin Club —Spanish Club for two years. ROBERT WILLIAM HARMONY - Harmon — captain of the swimming team —German club —third year German counselor — E-Club — Student Council in sophomore year —AAU swimming— NISPA Swimming Award —plans to mojor in oceanography. MARCIA LYNN HARRIS-Marsh - FBLE - Y-Teens -Home Ec Club —owns her own horse —sings with the Lynchmen — known for her long hair and flirtatious smile. CHARLES MICHAEL HARRISON Chuck — owns a '53 Chevrolet —plans to work after graduation—gets a bong out of auto rocing. MARCIA ANN HART -new to Edina from Stevens Point, Wis. — Nat'l Thespians — FTA — Home Ec Club — served os a Red Cross Volunteer — memorable trip to Canada. JAMES SPENCER HAUCK — known in inner circles os "Mick Jagger" — baseball three years —ployed the mortician in "Our Town" —vocal and harmonic man for the Knotts — has worked ot a mortuary. BARBARA JEANNE HAUGEN- played the piccolo for the Concert Band— Y-Teens —Spanish Club — Art Club — future plans include St. Olaf — petite. DIVERT ALL ATTENTION FROM BEOWULF TO BASEBALL Students took off to Met Stadium to propel the Minnesota Twins —Hats were flying high, but the Twins crashed, 4-3. 181WALLACE GLEN HAUGER —choir for two years — motorcycle mechonic - - Biltmore's dishwasher — likes hockey —plans include the Navy. SUZANNE MARGARET HAW —member of Spanish Club, Y-Teens — Edina Players—participant in DE —church Luther League —future plans include U of Minn. JOHANNA HAWKINS— Jody — sec of Student Council —German Club vice pres.— NHS —Girl's State — Y-Tccns — Whigrean Organizations editor — Dayton's teen board —weekend college tourist. BARBARA ANN HAWLEY -four year member of GAA, served as sec. and vice pres. — Home Ec Club — Church Fellowship —recipient of Lake Conference Archery Tournament Award. GARY ALLEN HAYS — Touchdown —lettered in football two years —E-Club —refereed park board football — Dayton's landscaping engineer —witty sense of humor. NAN LOUISE HAZELTON — Y-Tcens — Spanish Club —a skilled seamstress —plans to attend University of Minnesota — perfectionist. CYNTHIA RENEE HE ACOCK - Cindy - German Club, Ski Club —GAA —Y-Teens —two year member of mixed choir —hopes to attend U of Montona — sports-minded. KATHRYN DREW HEFFELFINGER — Y-Teens chapter pres.— Red Cross —Spanish Club-Blizzard—Bloke Homecoming Queen finalist — Prom committee co-chairman. JULIE MARIE HEILIG — French and Latin clubs —enjoys painting and foreign languages —Sunday school teacher —future includes Carleton College. SENIOR BANDS, THE AVENGERS, LYNCHMEN, KNOTTS MARIE THERESE HEINRICH -Y-Teens chapter pres. — Home Ec Club —member of Edina Ski Club, Pep Club — FBLE — CYO church group —skilled canoeist — congenial. STEPHEN ARTHUR HENEFIELD- lettered in football as a junior and senior —E-Club —l-boll— charter member of Three Musketeers —will attend U of M. ARNOLD DELOS HENKEL- Arny-Latin Club consul —god Apollo in fifth ycor Latin —hockey and soccer teams — park board baseball. ANITA JUNE HENLEY — Natasha - Whigrean Academics editor —Quill and Scroll — NHS —Prom Publicity Committee —Y-Teens —candy striper —"I'm sure" —certain success. MARY MARGARET HENNES-SY— Thespians—student director of "Hedda Gab-ler" —Y-Teens —Art Club —Home Ec Club —plans to be a fashion designer. KATHLEEN MARY HEN-RICHS — FBLE —FSLE-OE-two year member of Y-Tccns —will attend U of Minn. —future airline stewardess-feminine red head. 182RICHARD DALE HERMAN Rick participated in varsity football —an economics scholar — interest in flying future plans include U of Minn. JON HAROLD HERMANN — member of the wrestling team —Latin Club —pres, of church youth group —enjoys hockey, football, water-skiing —will attend U of Minn. CARY CHARLES HESS — Declamation — Edino Players — skilled speaker —owarded superior rating at Regional Speech Meet — active in Civil Air Patrol — enjoys chess. WILLIAM CARL HIBBARD - Spanish Club-eager skier —member of Blizzard, Edina Ski Clubs —memorable trip to Red Lodge —plans to attend Middlebury College HOLLY LYNN HIGHFIELD Spanish Club, Pep Club —FBLE —member of church group —enthusiasm for the guitar —volunteer hospital worker — entertaining humor. RANDALL STEVEN HIPPE park board employee — member of Boy Scouts —church choir —likes cars, guns, and baseball —will attend Iowa State — dexterous. DIANE ELIZABETH HIRSCH — active in Home Ec Club — Y-Teens, Spanish Club — FBLE — Junior Achievement os a senior —hopes to become a sociol worker. MELISSA ANNE HLADEK — Missie — member of German Club —favorite pastime is skiing —summer leisure spent as Southdale employee —post-graduate plans include the U of Minn. JOHN MARSHALL HOBBS — Scoop — Ass't. Sports Editor for Buz-zette —participant in JV baseball — part-time job at Mpls. Swedish Hospital —hopes to attend Hamline. AND HIGH SPIRITS, POPULAR AT SCHOOL DANCES THOMAS EDWARD HOCKIN - member of the Mixed Choir for two years — participated in operettas —ship model enthusiast —enjoys swimming, golf —will attend U of Minn, GREGORY ROBERT HOEHN - Goosy-two-year member of Concert Band —Spanish Club —favorite hobbies are football and coin collecting. TIMOTHY ALDRICH HOLMES - member of German Club os a sophomore — skated for four years —likes tinkering with cars —held position os soda jerk in drug store — plans to attend U of Minn. MARY LOUISE HONAAS - Weesy - Y-Teens —member of church group —enjoys sewing, piano —ambition to be a model —plans to attend U of Minn —an exuberant laugh. LESLIE JEAN HOOD -Lester — Y-Teens — French Club for two years — FBLE — active in Job's Daughters —Youth Fellowship —likes bobbles. ELIZABETH LOUISE HOPKINS - moved from Chicago-served on ploy committees —has a part-time job at Edina Rexoll Drugs —plans to go to beauty school. 183THOMAS FRANCIS HORAN - Vice Premier of Russian Club —Junior Achievement —NHS — Not'l Merit Semi-finalist —delegate to model UN in|Wmnipeg - l-ball. JEFFREY JAMES HORROCKS -raced on Blizzard ski team —a ski bum at heort —likes the Stones —college plans include University of Minn. PETER LYNN HOVDE — Activities chairman of Radio Club —Math Club —member of the American Radio Relay Club —hobbies are hunting and fishing. ELIZABETH ANN HOVEY — chapter treos. in Y-Tcens —Ski Club —worked behind the scenes on plays—Blizzard ond Luther League member - prospective Macalestcr student. JEAN LOUISE HUEB-SCHER — Home Ec Club os a senior— Junior achievement in sophomore year — received a medal for outstanding achievement in candystriping— weakness for stroy kittens. KATHERINE ELIZABETH HUEBSCHER -three years in choir —sec. of Y-Teens chapter —worked on make-up committees for plays — senior skit Hornet. THROUGH AFS, YVONNE THAYER ENJOYS A BRAZIL LYNDA JEAN HUGHES — Dayton's Teen Board as a sophomore — wrote a fashion column for "Twin City A Go Go" magazine —Red Cross —Art and Ski Clubs —known for her unusual hair styles. MARY CATHERINE HUGHES - pres, of FBLE-Sadie Hawkins over-oil co-chairman — Pep Club — GAA — Y-Teens as a senior —A Peter, Paul ond Mary fan. PAULINE ANN HULL — Red Cross representative — Spanish Club —Choral Club —Girl Scouts—plays piano and guitar —camp counselor. DONALD THOR HULTMANN-officer of Junior Achievement company —Red Cross representative — Art ond Ski clubs —cheerleader in senior skit —B football ond hockey —JV football. JON HERBERT IVERSON - Intramural football and basketball — Blizzard ond Edina Ski Club —church LYR —seen under motorcycles and on water skis. LUVERNE CAR-ROLL JACK — service chairman for Y-Teens group — French Club —Home Ec Club social chairman —candy striper at Kenny Institute —future in interior design. JOY ANN JACKSON — worked on Homecoming senior float —member of FTA, FBLE ond Y-Teens — Luther League and church choir —worked at Joy's Drive-In. THOMAS BUCHANAN JACOBY -swim-ming team for two years —Junior Achievement os a sophomore — skis woter and snow —plans include the University of Minnesota MARY PAMELA JANSSEN Pamy —member of FSLE —DE student —works at Donaldson's —a blond bomber of parties —stimulated by the Stones —"maybe." 184NANCY LEE JENSEN -Ed.no Ployers-leod in "Heddo Gobler" — FT A — wonts to become secondary education teacher — moved from Huntington, New York —Luther Leogue and church choir. THOMAS WALL JENSEN — senator in Latin Club —Red Cross representative — likes bowling, basketball and the Barbarians —plans to attend U of M. SUZANNE CAROLE JESBERG — treas. and member of Spanish Club —Homecoming Decorations Committee —Job's Daughters —church fellowship. PETER JEVNE — one of "My Three Angels" —World Affairs Club —Edina Players —plays guitar and harmonica—acted in several plays. ALAN A AUDREY JOHNDREAU — co-chairman ot Sadie Hawkins Publicity Committee — FBLE — Y-Teens — GAA — Homecoming Publicity Committee — memories of a fabulous trip to Hawaii. AMY EILEEN JOHNSEN - Latin Club tribune, senator, and soccer ployer —pres, of Vestal Virgins —Whigrean photographer —French Club — Whigrean candidate for Homecoming Queen. CARNIVAL; PRISCILLA HAWTHORNE LEARNS ’KANJI' BARBARA ANN JOHNSON — Transfer from Ramsey High School where she was octive in GAA, Pep Club and Student Council — Y-Teens as a senior. BRAD LEE JOHNSON — wrestling os a sophomore —member of Hi-Y — belongs to church youth group —works as house constructionist —hopes to attend St. Johns. BROMLEY ELIOT JOHNSON all-school vice pres, of Hi-Y —octive in intramural sports — Homecoming king semi-finalist — Homecoming skit — outdoorsman. DIANE LYNN JOHNSON - sec. for youth group and sings in church choir —active in GAA and Home Ec Club —candy striper —enjoys sewing and horscbock riding. KAY NORDIS JOHNSON — sec. ond«ice pres, of FTA —member of Y-Teens and French Club —sings in Mount Olivet Church choir —hopes to attend St. Olaf. LONNA JEAN JOHNSON — participated in French, Art and Home Ec clubs —runner-up in the Miss Bloomington contest —a regular at every dance. MARY JO JOHNSON — Homecoming Coronation Committee —GAA for one year — received a medal for outstanding achievement in candy striping at Eitel Hospitol-Y-Teens. MARY MICHELE JOHNSON-fwo years in Y-Teens —Edina Players in senior year — National Thespians —chairman of costume committee for two ploys RONALD MYRON JOHNSON -Pudgy — cheerleader in senior skit —Spanish ond Art clubs —drives a hot, white Valiant —your friendly carry-out boy. 185Sue Williams brightens daytime game at Wayzata. The pompom, the cheerleader, the pepfest. . . prelude to state championship. AN AFTERNOON FOOTBALL GAME AT WAYZATA STEVEN CHARLES JOHNSON - Properties Committee for "Heddo Gabler" —likes cars —enjoys hockey —plans to attend Gustavus. SUSAN CLARK JOHNSON — member of OE — Junior Achievement-never talks, alwoys sings —knits scarves. THOMAS LLOYD JOHNSON - likes boat racing, water skiing, hunting and billiards — plans to attend the University of Minn. — lots of laughs. WILLARD ROBERT JOHNSON-German Club-band—likes cars and football —plans to attend the University of Minn.— a subtle sense of humor. BARBARA ANNE JONES -Y-Teens- Spanish Club-Ski Club —likes cars and skiing —volunteer at settlement house —always on the go —sincere concern for others. MURIEL JEAN JONES enjoys dancing and art — Y-Teens —Latin Club — FBLE — hos moved five times in the lost four years —interested in Kennedy H.S. 186THOMAS STEPHEN JONES -T. J.-two years varsity basketball —baseball team — Homecoming Escort-Student Council —one of Edina's shorter students— |ob at Edina theater. DANNY MICHAEL KAG-OL — Cupcake — German Club —two years varsity basketball —corry-out ot Red Owl — Gustavus in future. MARY ANN KARBO—cheerleader and lead in school play at St. Ben's —likes to woter and snow ski —won honor for Physical Fitness, cheerleading award for perfect attendance. MARY DUDLEY KEELER —Mary Dud — plons to attend the University of Minnesota; has interests there — closely attached to o cubby bear —wears green contacts SUE McCRICKET KEHO - OE - GAA - Y-Teens —Home Ec Club —Art Club —pendont for exceptional work os a candy stripor —church youth group. SANDRA ANN KELLER —National Thespians—German Club —Art Club traveled to Europe last summer —often seen leaping oround street lamps — great bagel maker — "Zuntl" RONALD PHILIP KELLEY- likes sports, especially football, hunting, fishing —a great talker who comes up with some good jokes — transferred from St. Paul ANNE KEMPER —five years on Red Cross executive board — Buzzefte reporter — Y-Tcens — Blizzard — Pep Club —Int’l Club —French Club —church youth group officer. MARGUERITE ANN KENNEDY Home Ec Club —Youth Club —likes skiing —a real nut —never tokos anything too seriously — Navy in future. A NOVELTY FOR CHEERLEADERS, PLAYERS AND FANS WILLIAM MATTHEW KENNEDY pres of Edina Radio Club — Homecoming Float committee as a senior — Minneapolis Radio Club —physics lab assistant. THERESA MARGARET KENNELLY- participated in OE — likes to water-ski. skate, swim, and go horsebock riding — works hard on the job — probably will attend Business School at the U. JAMES STEPHEN KENNEY — member of Edina swim team for four years —plans to attend the University of Minn.— good drummer — comes up with the right answer at the wrong time. JOAN KERN —Red Cross one year —member of Home Ec Club —Junior Achievement one year — Spanish two years —member of OE SCOTT FIELDS KERN — Putz — favorite sport is skiing, wants to become a ski bum —belongs to a church fellowship group —enjoys skateboarding — may be found on a beach or a snowy hill HANK KERCHIEF — worked in the Ole Foctory —post high school plans include the Nasal Reserve —think's he's funny but he's not —ol-ways on the run — hanky panky. 187CAROLYN MARIE KERSJETER — active in GAA, board member for two years —on the Lake Conference archery team —Spanish Club —plans to ma|or in medicine —worked as o nursing aide ROBERT MERLIN KILE — Praetor in Latin Club for two years— Not'l Merit Letter of Commendation — attended American Freedom Summer Institute. ROY DONALD KINSELL Rex — Hi-Y — Int'l Club —Latin Club — band — vice, pres, of MYF —received a Nat'l Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation — pointed houses. JOHN THOMAS KIRKLAND The Big-ployed var-sity hockey for two years —member of E-Club — Latin Club Proetor for two years — NHS — worked on a ranch in Montana DAVID CHARLES KISTLE — Spanish Club —Edina Players — Luther League —won a stote contest bond award —likes the New Christy Minstrels and bowling WILLIAM HAROLD KITTEL-SON—vice pres, of Junior Achievement company — cheerleader in the senior skit — interested in Yomahos and sports cars. BRUCE ALAN KLEVEN - member of Hi-Y-played in Varsity Band — intramural basketball — active in Luther League —plons to go to Augsburg College CHARLES ARNOLD KNOX —interested in skiing — member of Edina Ski Club —belongs to the Ranger Flying Association — likes cars ond speed. KATHERINE ANNE KNUTSEN— Betty —Queen of the French Club —B-squad debate — Y-Teens chapter secretary — AFS semi-finalist — second in Mpls. Science Fair —likes knitting ond sewing —plays games in math classes. COLLEGE CATALOGUES, MEETINGS, TESTS, INTERVIEWS, KATHLEEN MARY KNUTSON - Latin Club ond Y-Teens —FTA —rode on senior float —sec-treos. of church youth group—Job's Daughters —NHS —five feet of energy. MARY JO KNUTSON - member of Edina Players — active in GAA —played in the band —would like to go into pre-med —accomplished equestrian. FRED JOHN KOIVUMAKI -pres, of school and city-wide Red Cross ond Hennepin Chapter— Buzzette Photo Editor— trees, of World Affairs Club as a junior. GREGOR EMMANUAL KONZ ELMAN -pres, of Al-pho Hi-Y chapter —Ski Club —pres, of church youth group—ploys folk guitar —went on a 21 day canoe trip —winner of Mpls. skateboarding contest. LESLIE ANN KRAUSE — mouse —play committees —Red Cross representative — French Club — debate — church youth group — Contoct leader for three years. KAY VIRGINIA KRENZ- Job's Daughters - GAA - Y-Teens —Home Ec Club —Latin Club for two years — Spanish Club — member of Girls' Choir. 188RICHARD MARTIN KRIESEL-prey of Moth Club and ENMRC —church league treos — NHS —took Russian at U ol M — intramural football and softball — Nat'l Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation. ELIZABETH ANN KUPHAL — participated in OE-hobb.es include-sknng and horseback riding —plans to go to the University of Minn. —always wearing her sunglasses. MARGERY LYNN LADE —treos. of Edina Ski Club —treos. of Aquo Nymphs as a junior, sec os a senior —mixed doubles tennis intramurals champion-shows horses —known for her ''yo"delling. MARY ELIZABETH LAGRANDEUR - Illustrious Wh.-grean Copy Editor —Quill and Scroll —NHS-Ski ond Int'l clubs —moved from Palo Alto —model UN at Winnipeg MARIA ANTIONETTE LAMONT - M.kki-Red Cross representative — state and national member and sec. of DE —good woterskier — Grecian beauty. MARY ANN LANDES — Red Cross representative for two years —Y-Teens chaplin —Aqua Nymphs—'Ski Club — Blizzard — French Club representative. THOMAS ALLEN LANDVIK-Latm Club God-German Club for three years —Eagle Scout —works at Griffin Pharmacy —likes to play golf and tennis and swim —wants to major in physics. PETER WELLINGTON LANG -transferred from Brcck in his senior year — participated in footboll, wrestling ond track at Breck —worked in a hospital —plays the guitar — drives a Mustang JUDY ANNE LARSON — member of the Home Ec Club —OE and OE Club —participated in Junior Achievement —a gifted artist. TOWARD FUTURE APPLICATIONS SENIORS LOOK PAUL DAVID LARSON — Ht-Y chapter vice pres — Art Club — baseball — intramural basketball — church youth group chairman — Sunday school teacher — Junior Achievement trees. MICHAEL JEFFERY LAUB -Red Cross representative —chairman of Prom Intermission Committee —scholarship to UN from Methodist Church. LARRY LYN LAUTT-participated in baseball for four years —l-boll — German Club — Homecoming Publicity Committee —American Legion baseball — park board hockey — Luther League. JOYCE ESTER LAWYER made up actors for the plays — interested In skiing ond member of Blizzard-senior representative to the Westminster Church Fellowship —travelled to Mexico and Nassau. ALEXANDRA MARIA LEDL - Edina's beautiful import from Vienna —AFSer —Ski Club —Aqua Nymphs — Int'l Club —Y-Teens —loves diving and waterskiing. ROXANNE CYNTHIA LEGLER- Red Cross alternate — linguistic talent shown by membership to French and Latin clubs —Edmo Players —NHS —senior float 189Sophisticated senior girls, Ginny Garlock, Diane Anderson and Beezer Do s work late Friday nights. OP. CIT., LOC. CIT., IBID, SIC.; ROUTINE FOR SENIORS PATRICK MICHAEL LEWIS - Booby-Ski Club Board —Red Cross representative — Art Club —senior skit cheerleader — Sports Cor Club of America — moved from Denver where he was captain of the ski team. STEPHEN COLE LEWIS —co-chairman of Homecoming Progroms Committee — member of Church Luther League— church basketball team — footboll and track for two years. MARILYN KAY LIE-BERG—Blizzard for two years —Home Ec Club — Y-Teens — Whigrean representative —likes water and snow skiing —blond bombshell. JOHN THOMAS LILLEJORD — organ player for the Knotts —chairman of Junior Homecoming Skit —cast member of "Our Town" — NHS— second place in AAU judo contest. GERALD JAMES LINDBERGH -enjoys skiing and is a member of the Ski Club — Spanish Club for two years —likes to hunt—plans include University of Minn. DAVID HOWARD LIN-DOW —varsity ski team, specializing in jumping — senior car —Spanish and Ski clubs- DcMoloy — water skiing —Eagle Scout. TERESA LYNNE LITTLE-pres, of FSE-member of Home Ec Club —Y-Teens — OE —active in FBLE —a real sports cor nut —receptionist at Northwestern Bell Employment Office. KRISTIE KATHLEEN LONDEEN — Y-Tecns — Job's Daughters —Concert Band —gives flute lessons —superior rating at State Band Contest in solo and trio —plans to go into elementary education. STEWART COLLINS LOPER-Whigrean Assistant Business Manager —Spanish Club —Pep Club —Red Cross alternate — likes skiing — Boy Scouts—EYC. 190MICHAEL SABRA LORD — Homecoming Publicity Committee —Pep Club —intramural softball and basketball — Russian Club — Rangers Flying Club —king of diaper pail woshers. CYNTHIA SUE LORIMER- Red Cross representative —choir—Y-Teens— Buzzette Typist-member of Spanish Club —make up committees for plays KATHLEEN MARIE LORIMER-fBLE os a junior —member of Home Ec Club — participated in Junior Achievement — enjoys reading and cooking. RANDOLPH MARTIN LOULA Minister of War in Russian Club —Homecoming Publicity Committee — active in church youth group, CYO —wishes to attend St. Thomos College. LINDA LOUISE LUCKER- acted in Community Theoter — Hi-league — All-State Orchestra—Job's Daughters —enjoys music, classical and folk, especially Bob Dylan. ROBERT CARLTON LUFF — earned two letters in varsity football —E Club — varsity wrestling — builds muscles by weight-lifting. ADVANCED IN THE ART OF FOOTNOTING TERM PAPERS JUDITH ANN LUNDAHL-Y-Teens chaplain as a senior — Red Cross —GAA — attended Girl Scout National Convention at Miami Beach — lived in Sweden during junior year KIPTON JOHN LUNDQUIST Buzzette Photographer — golf team —Moth Club-NHS — Not'l Merit semi-finalist — traveled to Europe — worked on a farm. LOU ELLEN LUNDQUIST — treos. of FTA —Y-Teens chapter pres. — Spanish Club — Luther League and church choir —New York trip. CATHERINE ANNE LUTZ-Inl'l and Latin clubs -three year member of Band Council —All-State Orchestra and Metropolitan Youth Symphony — Senior Pilgrim Fellowship-NHS. ROBERT HUGH LYNCH ployed J-V football — Spanish Club member —past-times include hunting, fishing and water skiing —has 212 pound St. Bernard. KENT GILMOR MacPHAIL — interests center around cars —l-stock Eliminator at the Minnesota Dragways —worked on senior car — going to race a Formula Vee this summer —U of M. MARY JOANNE MAGNUS -Jo -Home Ec Club recording sec. —Red Cross representative for two yeors —DE closs historian —works at Jorry's Lucky Dollar —likes pastries. ROYD JOHN MAH OW-ALD — participant in Latin Club, Hi-Y and Concert Band —sings in church choir —enjoys swimming end canoe trips. GREGORY JOSEPH MAJOR Gregorio — football player in senior skit —Spanish Club — industrious worker on Senior float —on the tall side. 191The Braemar Ice Arena as It looked In Ocfobor, 1965. Soon It was open for hockey, and Arne Henkel and the team were scoring steadily. EDINA’S NEW BRAEMAR ARENA REPLACES THE ICE KATHLEEN ELIZABETH MANCHESTER - FBLE - Red Cross representative — assistant vice pres, of Spanish Club —Ski Club — three-yeor Sunday school teoch-er — candidate for Hi-Y Sweetheart GARY EDWARD MARSHALL —moved from Richfield ot end of junior year —Spanish Club —forward on varsity basketball team —makes pizzas at Fireside Pizza —plans to attend U of M RAND THOMAS MARTIN- Spanish Club — football and wrestling — ployed church basketball — future includes college at St. Cloud. BARBARA JO MASTERS — Homecoming attendant — quaestor in Latin Club —FBLE trees. — all school Y-Teens service chairman — Sunday school teacher — candy striper. LINDA CHERYL MATHIEU- drum majorette for Marching Band — Int'l Club — business committee for "Hedda Gabler" —Ski and Latin clubs —Girl Scouts — smitten by a forest ranger. THOMAS AUD MATT HEWS-German Club--member of the band —Explorer Scout — memorable Canadian canoe trip. 192PAUL ARNOLD MATTHIES — Spanish Club — member of E Club —lettered in track —participated in church youth group plans to attend the U of M. CAROL JEAN MAUND — Home Ec Club —GAA — Y-Teens — Hi-league church group —free time occupied with reading, skiing and talking. THOMAS CHRISTOPHER MAY — four years of park board hockey — enjoys hunting ond water skiing —summers spent os usher at Met Stadium —future includes college. SHELLEY KATHLEEN McCARTHY — Art Club-worked on Homecoming committees — E. Floyd's art critic —long, blonde hair. BARBARA ANN McCOY — Y-Teens —Ski Club —Art and Pep clubs — "Hedda Gobier" Publicity Committee — sec. of Luther League — candy striper — vacotioned ot a Texas army base. STEPHEN KENDALL McCRACKEN Beaver-interested in hunting and motorcycle ond drag racing —worked at Donaldson's — UMD in future. DAVID KEITH McCULLOUGH - Art Club-Knotts -lettered for three years in swimming —toured Europe during the summer —will offend the Minneapolis School of Art. MALCOLM WILLIAM McDERMID — Edina Soccer Club —Hi-Y —German Club —Explorer Scouts - elected as delegate to National Explorers' Conference in Europe —enjoys hunting. STEVEN SCOTT McDonald - member of YMCA youth league —plays senior league hockey —M nogyn canoe trip to Hudson Bay last summer. :enter as home of lake conference hockey FRANCINE ELIZABETH McGOWAN -participant in Spanish Club —Art Club —member of Job's Daughters—spent summer vacationing in Mexico—plans to study interior design. TERRANCE McGUIRE — interested in sports car racing —employed by Howard Johnson's during the summer — plans to attend the U of M. WILLIAM JOSEPH McMAHON -Chunk-park board baseball —enjoys hunting, fishing and football — hopes to attend college at the U of M. SPAGHETTI ANNA MEATBALL - Hots- she's a real hot dish — well seasoned actress - a saucy addition to the Home Ec Club. JOSEPH ROY MEHRKENS — M«rk — member of Ski Club —Conservation Club—all school Hi-Y sec. — passed summer os a junior grade Peace Corps member in Kentucky — plans to study forestry at the U of M WAYNE EVERETT MELAN-DER — participated in DE program - ploys football and hockey —enjoys cars, skiing and scuba diving — plans to offend the University of Minn. 193With college bulletins, Mrs. Marlin helps Paul Matthies and Royd Mahowald select future colleges. ACCORDING TO WHIGREAN POLL, TWO THIRDS NORWOOD SOWERS MELCHER, JR. - Nick - mem-ber of Americon Wafer Ski Association and Water Ski Club —PF church youth group —will attend U of M. MATTHEW FREDRIC MELLENTHIN-member of DeMolay — enjoys hunting and working on cars — traveled to New York during the summer —will attend college in Montano CHRISTINE LYNN MILLER-Cricket —NHS —Concert Bond —German Club — Edina Players —Pilgrim Fellowship —Hi C — recipient of State Band and Orchestra Award. RICHARD DOUGLAS MILLER - ushered at Tyrone Guthrie Theatre for two seasons— constructs radios—controlled airplanes — plans to attend Hamline University —a tennis bum. WAYNE HENRY MflL-ER —lettered in football and wrestling — WCCO all-state team of the week —Junior Achievement —pipe yard employee. DAVID THOMAS MILLMAN — new to Edma from Berkeley. California — interests include swimming — plans on college of Michigan. CHERYL IVY MINKE -Home Ec Club-choir for two years —gym aid —Girl Scouts —unforgettable journey into Canada —will attend Minnesota School of Business. REGINA ANN MITCHELL Reggie - Y-Tcens -Home Ec Club —Ski Club —Blizzard —skiing trips to Aspen and Vail —proficient skier and sewer MICHAEL JOHN MOFFAT — plays with the Avengers — ENZO—Blizzard racing team —Junior Achievement — plans to travel after graduation. • 94JEFFREY CLYDE MOLDE - Homecoming Skit and Parade committees — Ski, German and Soccer clubs — track ond wrestling —rebuilds car engines in spare time —plans include U of M - pioneering. WAYNE FREDERICK MOLZAHN - Harvey ploys in a band called tho Reactions —water and snow skier —always in o good mood —will atiend the U of M. PAUL PHILIP MONAHAN - Red - participated in track and swimming — E-Club — likes motorcycling. ANN CLAIR MONSON member of Spanish Club Y-Tcens —worked on Homecoming committee — plans to go into nursing at Brigham Young University. PATRICIA INGA MONSON Patsy-Edina Players sec. of National Thespians —worked at an Indian mission in South Dakota —noted for her unwavering friendship — Contact Leadership Corps BERT RICHARD MONTEN — member of Sk. Club-enjoys deer hunting and archery — has taken ski trips to Aspen and Red Lodge —will attend Augsburg College. OF SENIOR CLASS WERE EMPLOYED DURING SUMMER MARK JOSEPH MONTGOMERY -German Club-church youth group —Math Club — attended the Summer Institute of Chemistry at Augsburg College plons to major in chemistry at the U of M MICHAEL STEPHEN MONTGOMERY Math Club - German Club —Concert Band — participated in intramural football, softball and bosketball Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation. ANN DENISE MOORE worked on the Buzzette staff —member of Spanish Club — Y-Teens —FBLE — participated in Home Ec Club likes boating —owns a 4-foot black boo constrictor — NHS. LINDA CHRISTINE MORRISON - member of Spon-ish Club, GAA and Pep Club —Junior Achievement company pres. — favorite postime is cooking — plans to attend business school — redhead with a cheery smile. DEBORAH MORSE - Home Ec Club- member of Y-Teens for two years —o ski enthusiast — was the only girl from Edina to work ot the World Series for the Twins. GARY LEE MOSHER enjoys hunting — participated in the DE program —works at Mobile station — mechanically minded. KEVIN FRANCIS MULCAHY an avid bowler - captain of his bowling league —has won trophies in bowling— worked at Biltmore Lanes. THOMAS KEVIN MULLIKIN — member of World Affairs Club and German Club — Junior Achievement — usher at Guthrie Theater —wants to major in political science at the U of M. PATRICIA MARIE MUNSON - German Club — favorite pastimes ore ploying tne organ and ploying tennis —plans to attend St. Catherine's. 195THOMAS ALAN MURRAY — Red Cross representative—plays drums in various bands —wants to live in Hawaii for a year after graduation— plans to join the Air Force DIANE LEE NAUMAN — active in GAA and Luther League —Y-Teens chapter sec.— plans to go into nursing —swimming is favorite pastime. DONALD LEE NEAL — tronsfer from Richfield — ushered at a U of M street dance —works with local bands —the fastest mon at McDonald's. JAMIE LYNN NECHVILLE vice pres, of Y-Teens chapter —Homecoming committee co-chairman — Latin Club —Job's daughters—worked at Gagers. BONNIE JO NELSON — Beatrice Beat —Whigrean Sludcnf Life Editor —Quill and Scroll —Y-Teens — NHS —Homecoming and Prom committees —an affinity for home-made ice cream BRUCE HALL NELSON — Coach —halfback on varsity football —All Conference as a senior —track —E-Club —Student Council — Three Musketeers — even competitive in hopscotch. CHARLES LEE NELSON —prey of Explorer unit — Eagle Scout —MYF — has great mechanical knowledge of cars and engines —enjoys hunting and fishing DELTON NELSON — member of the Bender's II — favorite pastimes include cars and guitars —plans to ottend a trade school. MARK AUSTIN NELSON member of the Ski Club and Latin Club —ski team — active in Boy Scouts and Pilgrim Fellowship —worked at a resort — dedicated skier. CHARLIE BROWN’S CHRISTMAS CAROL, A WAR IN VIET MEREDITH ANN NELSON - overworked, unyielding Whigrean Editor-in-Chief — Student Council —NHS — Optimists' Award —Quill and Scroll—debate, dec-lorn—"Well, it's not all MY fault." SCOTT DAVIES NELSON — Homecoming Skit Committee — member of Hi-Y —DE— worked nights in a bakery —plans to attend Mankato State. ROLAND NEUMANN — Rollie — German Club — 1-Boll — softball — Concert Band — usher at the Guthrie Theatre — received scholarship to National Music Camp in Michigan. MARILYN MAE NEWBERN - Hornettes- Spanish Club —Lotin Club Y-Teens —Pep Club — Buzzctte Assignment Editor —Girls Choir —Blizzard —friendly flirt. PATRICK JOSEPH NOLAN Hi-Y-church group —look a pack trip on horsebock through Montana mountains —plans to offend U of M. DEBORAH ANN NYE — German Club —Art Club —plans to go into archeology — member of the Edina Players —Junior Achievement — Contact Corps — on artist. 196DAVID LEE NYGAARD — participated in the pork board hockey program — music is o fovorile pastime. JAMES EDWARD OBERG member of Spanish Club - participated in baseball and intramural football -- worked at Braemar Areno — will attend U of M. CAROLE LOUISE OCHMAN G AA -Y-Teens -French Club — Junior Achievement company trees, and scholarship recipient - Lake Conference girls doubles badminton champ — 100-mile canoe trip in the snow. DENNIS JOHN OESTREICH often seen at the hockey rink —enjoys listening to Sonny and Cher. JUDIE ANN OFSTEDAL- Ski Club-German Club — FBLE — Y-Teens chapter trees.- active in Job's Daughters —Luther League sec. —loves to dance. KARL STELLAN OHLSSON- AFSer from Sweden—Ski Club and Int'l Club —sports interests include table tennis, horseback riding and skin diving —future plans are to attend U of Stockholm or Gothenburg. THOMAS JEFFREY OLDHAM lettered in baseball in junior year —main interest is in sports —post graduate hopes include the University of Iowa. JULIA MARY OLMSTEAD — vice pres, of FTA in junior year —co-chairman of Progrom Committee in Home Ec Club — Service Project chairman in Y-Teens Chapel Hills PF. CHRISTINE ANN OLSEN-Red Cross representative—German Club —all state orchestra — "A" rating on violin and piano presentation— will attend Concordia or Luther College. NAM AND GEMINI RENDEZVOUS, CURRENT IN ’65-66 KRISTIN ANN OLSEN — Y-Teens chapter sec. Home Ec Club trees. — Spanish Club —devotional sec. of Luther League —church choir —plans on attending St. Olaf. HOLLY SUE OLSON Y-Teens — editor of Tri-Glow, Y-Teens newspaper — Red Cross — Spanish, Art, and Int'l clubs —past honored queen of Job's Daughters —plans include Indiana U. JOAN MARIE OLSON —Home Ec Club —finds sewing enjoyable — likes to watch football and basketball. JOHN THOMAS OLSON — a member of German Club — Art Club— has a flair for painting —worked os a house painter -future plans include St. Cloud State College. LINDA LOU ALICE OLSON - plans on becoming a beautician, MARK RICHARD OLSON — a member of E-Club —king of French Club —Hi-Y — Luther League—Boy Scouts - lettered in wrestling three times —Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation — took a two-week camping trip to Montana. 197MARY ELIZABETH OLSON -OE-Buzzette representative for FSE—vice pres, of soles and promotion for Junior Achievement company— will ottend Mankato SUSAN MARIE OLSON Home Ec Club-Homecoming Float Committee —Girl Scouts —church youth group — likes knitting, reading, horsebock riding and boating LINDA JOYCE OMELIANCHUK FTA pres. — Homecoming committee co-chairman — Dec-lam—Pep Club sec. —Y-Teens chapter service project chairman — Luther League vice pres, — church choir. BARBARA LOUISE ONSTAD participated in GAA —a regular at Jordan Teen Town —might be seen with the Goose — trip to Jamaica — plans for U of M. THOMAS ALLEN OREN -O--captain of cross country team, lettered for two years E-Club - cap-toin of l-boll team —pres, of Luther League- worked at Heritage House —St. Cloud in future ANN MARIE ORRBEN — member of Home Ec Club —Art Club — will attend Minneapolis School of Art —likes folk-blue music, swimming and water skiing. TYRONE GUTHRIE THEATRE PERFORMERS COME TO Senior dress up day gives seniors such as Sherry Cooney and Gary Peterson a chance to show their best. A papier mache "thing" watches over Miss Anderson's students as they take a test on Shakespeare's Hamlet. 198GARY WILLIAM OSTBERG -three-year member of French Club —church youth group —worked os gos station attendant — post graduate plans include U of M KAREN JOY OSTMAN — FTA, GAA and Math Club member — Spanish Club — likes to sew and watch basketball--will attend U of M. FERDINANDA LOUISE OTNESS Buzzette News Editor Student Council AFS Committee chairman —Int'l Club pres. — Donoldson's Teen Board vice pres.— Aqua Nymphs —Girls' Stotc Alternate— Quill and Scroll. JEFFREY KENNETH OWENS pros, of DE Club-pork board hockey— enjoys hunting, fishing, tennis and art — plans to ottend the U of M ANN CHRISTIN PALM — Hi-Y Sweetheart — Germon Club sec. — church fellowship trees.— church choir —NHS sec.— Homecoming attendant — Senior Class treas. — Y-Teens. BRIAN EUGENE PALMER -Spanish Club pres.-World Affairs Club —E-Club —cross country— track — Whigrean Sports Editor —Quill and Scroll —NHS. EDINA TO ENACT THE FOUL DEEDS OF MACBETH ROLF WILLIAM PARSONS- Edina Players - church youth group vice pres. — junior assistant scoutmaster—camp counselor last summer —an outdoorsman. CHRISTINA VICTORIA PATOSKI - new from Texas os o sophomore — Hornettes for two years — Art Club —Ski Club —famous for hitchhiking to Porky's. BONNIE JEAN PATRICK - member of Latin and French clubs —Y-Teens —church youth group —plans to attend Brigham Young University in Utah. JACUELYN SALLY PATTON - Art Club-Home Ec Club —Y-Tccns for three years, chaplain of o chapter — Homecoming Decorations Committee for three years —church youth group. JOHN WILLIAM PAULSON — member of Concert Bond and jazz band participated in Latin Club —University of Minn, in the future. WILLIAM GORDON PEARSON, JR. - o jumper on the ski teom for three years — member of Mpls. Ski Club —likes building racing cars —senior car — joins an excavating crew every summer. DONNA ELIZABETH PEDDIE —worked on the Homecoming Contest and Election Committee — golf at Interlachen in the summer — played in a few tourna-ments-quiet humor. PAUL WINDINGE PEDERSON —varsity footboll for two years —German Club for two years — E-Club — church choir — B-squod footboll — lettered twice-easy going RITA KATHERINE PEDERSEN — French Club for three years — member of NHS — plans to work and then go to the U of M. 199WILLIAM LORNE PENCELLY pres of all-school Hi-Y—pres, of German Club —l-boll —NHS —hunts berserk bears — plans include Lawrence University. LUCIA ADELE PERBIX Art Club-Pep Club-Y Teens —Latin Club —Blizzard rocing team—sec. of Saddle Club —ski trips every spring GAIL YVONNE PERRA Parrot —member of Art Club —Spanish Club — float committee - Home Ec Club — GAA — future at the U of M — has a passion for Model-A cars. BECKY REED PETERSEN Whigrean Associate ond Art Editor —AFS finalist —oil-school Y-Teens vice pres.— NHS —Quill and Scroll — Aqua Nymphs — "The cover will NOT be green" —on uninhibited artist. DAVID MARTIN PETERSON - Morgan Club-hobbies include boot building and rocing —a hunter — plans include U of M GARY CLARK PETERSON-pres, of Nat'l Thespians — Edma Players — participated in eight plays and played the lead in "The Crucible" — Homecoming attendant — Hi-Y. GREGORY PAUL PETERSON—member of Lotin and Ski clubs —hall monitor — treas. and pres, of Junior Achievement company — future plans include pre-med at St Cloud JOHN MILTON PETERSON- favorite pastime is cars —also enjoys hockey and hunting — plons to travel after graduation. RAYMER GUSTAV PETERS ON —Art Club and Ski Club —ski patrol church youth group —wants to attend Mankato State College to become an art teocher. IN 3 YEARS, EDINA WINS CONFERENCE FOOTBALL TERRANCE ROBERT PFEIFFER - seen under os well as In cars —a water and snow ski addict —has token many ski trips —plons to study at St. Cloud State. MARY QUILLIAM PHILLIPS Q-Y-Teens chapter pres — bookkeeper for FBLE —German Club —church youth group - hos traveled to Europe —feminine. PRISCILLA ELAINE PLATOU — Pepper — FTA — sec of Y-Teens chapter —Ski Club —Senior Homecoming Floot Committee —Blizzard —candy striper —church choir — Interlochen tennis team—Betty Crocker Award. VALERIE GRACE PONSOR -Sk. Club- Latin Club -Int'l Club —went to Horvard-Yale game —outside activities include skiing and judo. JENNIFER LYNNE POWELL —Jenny—Red Cross representative —active in church and youth group —NHS — Sporty —top-notch. GEORGE JAMES PRATT -Nihil -Homecoming committee co-chairman — Lotin Club god and censor —Ski Club —Hi-Y —manager and bass player for the Avengers 200PATRICK JOSEPH PRITCHARD - football os a sophomore—moved to Edina from Californio os o sophomore, where he hopes to attend college-a surfer. LINDA MAE PURTEE - Tex — moved from Dallas. Texas — Homecoming Decorations Committee-Home Ec Club vice pres, of church group in Dallas —Aunt Polly in "Tom Sawyer" — wants to be a stewardess — has a catchy Southern drawl. LINDSAY MAY PUTMAN - Poncho — Y-Teens for three years-Spanish Club for two years —on the Board of Directors in FBLE — youth fellowship — loves football. MARY JANE RADFORD Jonie Ski Club German Club —Y-Teens —FBLE —choirman of play. Prom, and Sadio Hawkins committees — vivacious redhead — "What's doin'?" JEFFREY CHRIS RASMUSSEN -jazzy —E-Club —varsity baseball and basketball — intramural football —vice pres, of church youth group. RONALD GLENN RAY -football co-captain all conference, all state honorable mention, team's Most Valuable Player —Student Council member - E-Club — varsity wrestling and trock — German Club. CANDACE GALE RAYMOND - French Club-Edith in "Pirates of Penzance" —all state choir —NHS — Nat’l Merit Letter of Commendation Moth Club. RICHARD JASPER REECE- Loti n Club Pont.fex Maximus—Concessions Club —Math Club —NHS — Nat'l Merit Semi-finalist —Brown Book Award as junior — likes golfing LINDA DIANE REED -AFS sister to Ali Ledl —member of church youth group — Y-Teens — Ski Club —new to Edina in sophomore year from Hamburg, New York — wild about all kinds of skiing. TWICE; BASKETBALL AND HOCKEY THREE TIMES CAROLINE ALMA REEVES-Ski Club - cheerleod.ng for three years —Fronch Club—Aqua Nymphs —Blizzard — NHS — Homecoming semi-finalist — Y-Teons. GEORGE MICHAEL REHM - Rem —Homecoming Coronation Committee —Latin Club —speaker for Nat'l Tuberculosis Foundation —J-V baseball — soccer— Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation. DENNIS LAURENCE REINECK —hobbies include football, baseball and hunting — will join the mob at tho U of M. KATHLEEN LOUISE RENK — participated in Spanish Club and Latin Club - FBLE — Choral Club —Junior Achievement assistant trees. — U of M bound. BARRY REOH — has o ball golfing — plans to attend Mankato State College — known for his British racing green Yamah. ROY JAY RESCH - Jay — chairman of Youth Education in stewardship at his church —ham radio enthusiast —was on the Blake football team —guitarist. 701GA L ROCKWELL RICE - Span.sh Club —FBLE -GAA —Home Ec Club — candy striper at Abbott Hospital and Kenny Institute—plans to be a nurse. CHARLES HENRY RICH -moved from A.tk.n, M.nne-sola —animal instinct for hunting —avid piston-car buretorfan ROBERT KERN RICHEY - Korn - Russ.on Club Premier —E-Club —Varsity football ond track —church youth group representative —NHS stote champion in the mile relay — unlimited potential. LINDA JEAN RICKARD GAA-Int'l Club co-chairman of Progrom Committee— Math Club —co-chairman of the Busmess Committee for "Heddo Gabler" — NHS - Not'l Merit Letter of Commendation CAROL JEAN RILEY — moved from Detroit. Michigan member of French Club —Home Ec Club —Y-Teons — enjoys sports and reading — plans include nursing school DAVID RAYMOND ROCKWELL — Rocky — member of Art Club —roces B-class hydros —ski trips to Indianhead and Aspen —art school in future. CAROL JANICE RODNING Edino Ployers-all school Y-Teens Chaplain and chapter coordinator — Sarah Good in "The Crucible"— candy striper at Fairview —worked ond lived in Harlem during the summer. MARILYN LOUISE ROGERS Aqua Nymphs — Y-Teens— Home Ec Club — Spanish Club-Girl Scouts — Dol-finettes — NHS — addicted to 5 a. m. bike hikes. RICHARD STEPHEN ROHDE-new to Edina from St Louis Park active participant in Junior Achievement— participated in work program. DEAD BATTERIES, FREEZING WALKS FROM PARKING JON THOMAS ROLF enjoys working on and driving his hydroplane — hiked across Isle Royole last summer—likes playing lacrosse and listening to the Yord Byrds. THOMAS MICHAEL ROONEY - played intramural basketball— enjoys wrestling —vice pres, of CYO, church youth group. FREDERICK JEFFREY ROSE —played on pork board league championship baseball team —library aide —a Civil War enthusiast-hopes to attend St. Cloud State. ALAN FREDRICK ROSENDAHL - Rosey- Spanish Club —varsity hockey goalie - often seen in high gear on his Honda cycle. MARGARET ROSENOW Peg - Buzzette Copy Editor — all-school Y-Teens treas — Red Cross —FBLE —Latin Club—Edina Players —Sunday school teacher —NHS - Quill and Scroll. JOHN EDWIN ROSS - Homecoming committee member — soccer — cast member in "Our Town" —church PF — frequently does "finger exercises" on his guitar. 202KATHERINE ANN ROSS-Kelly Red Cross Representative-Homecoming committee co-chairmon — NHS-Y-Teens —French and Spanish Clubs —gets a kick out of horses BARBARA JEAN ROUZER Junior Achievement - Home Ec Club —Spanish Club —Horizon Club —GAA high hopes for being a stewardess GARRY WILLIAM RUDD -Hi-Y- Luther league — Aqua-nauts skin diving — helped print ploy programs—sails o'er the ice with the greatest of ease. BARBARA LOUISE RUDE-french Club-GAA -NHS — works at Edina Card and Gift Shop — moved to Edina from Pittsburgh. ROBERT ALLAN RUDELL - Edina Playors— National Thespians —park board and Community Theater stage chairmon for many plays —French club —Ski Club MARY ELIZABETH RUEDY Y-Teens GAA intramural tennis Spanish Club —church group —Sunday school teacher — canoe trip along Canadian border —plays tennis. RICHARD KEVIN RUKES Russian Club Red Cross representative — worked on Homecoming committees— Edmo Players— I-ball — declam "My Three Angels" KENNETH DARRELL RUNKE Ken-member of church youth group —often tinkers around with old cars — gets a kick out of football. VICTORIA MAE RUSSELL Vicki - Buzzette Copy Editor - Latin club goddess — German club —Home Ec club sec. — Y-Teens — EYC — hospital volunteer — NHS. LOT DON'T DETER SENIORS FROM USING PRIVILEGES Lamenting over the weather's severity, John Hobbs exclaims to Steve Earl: "We should have taken the bus!' 203LOR ALEE SANBORN-Lauro-fBLE-Home Ec Club—Junior Achievement vice pres, of monogement and sweetheart princess - provocative blue eyes. RAE SANBORN — GAA — lotin Club - Pep Club — a guitar enthusiast — traveled widely in the U.S. — “You wouldn't believe it " KAREN ANN SANDBERG — all-school Y-Teens pres. — Red Cross representative — Ski Club —French Club —Luther Leogue — NHS —attended Nat'l Y-Teens Conference in Washington, D.C. WILLIAM HOWARD SANDBERG JR.- German and Spanish clubs — publicity chairman for Tri-Alpha Hi-Y — Junior Achievement sales manager —park board hockey — church youth group RICHARD KEITH SANDERS — Sponish Club —Homecoming committee — favorite sports include baseball, football and basketball-plans to oftcnd St Olaf College. TIMOTHY MICHAEL SAT HER — Sophomore Talent Show—Buz-zefle reporter —works with radio-controlled airplanes — worked for a painter — U of M in future. AFTER DATES, SENIORS STUFF THEMSELVES WITH VALERIE MIE SATO —active in Home Ec Club and Y-Teens—Junior Achievement company —Chapel Hills Pilgrim Fellowship —U of Minnesota. MELVYN DOUGLAS SAXTON vice pres, of DE Club-DECA —likes skiing and horseback riding —post graduation plans include the University of Minnesota. MARK DOUGLAS SBOROV — captain and two-year letterman of the hockey team— co-chairman of Homecoming Contost and Elections Committee — Homecoming attendant — intramural tennis. MERRY GAIL SBOROV - f BLE - Y-Teens ireas. in sophomore year; publicity chairman as senior — church youth group —Job's Daughters — worked at Junior Miss —trip to Californio. SHARON ANN SCARBOROUGH FBLE — Home Ec club ■ French club —"Hedda Gabler" Prop Committee — Red Cross alternate — Junior Achievement — loves to dance. MARY SUSAN SCHAEFER - Schoef - Hornettes-vice pres ond three year member of Aquo Nymphs —two years in Y-Teens —likes knitting, swimming, skiing and skating. CYNTHIA SUE SCHAUB - Y-Teens MYF - enjoys all sports—member of the University Rovers Club — future plans include Ripon College or the U of M. ROGER WALTER SCHELPER- Oscar -E-Club - German club —varsity trock and football —captain of varsity basketball team —Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation-dedicated in whatever he does MARK EDWARD SCHERER — Sophomore Talent Show —excellent pianist —rebuilds pionos — only piano tuner and technician in the senior class. 204BLINTZE8 AND REUBENS AT THE NEW LINCOLN DEL WILLIAM GEORGE SCHLETZER- Stella Fitz-sec of his bowling league — devotes his extra time to football, baseball and golf —plans to attend the U of M STEPHANIE ANN SCHMERLER -Spanish Club-Y-Teens — GAA — Ski Club — FBLE — Calhoun Yacht Club — two-time Minnesota stote diving champ — counselor at YMCA comp - U of Colorado in future. KATHLEEN SCHMIDT - Red Cross representative-Ski Club — Y-Teens — Home Ec Club — Hornettes for two years worked at Northwestern Bank— feminine. SUSAN MARIE SCHMIDT - Ski Club and Y-Teens for two years —French Club member —plans to attend Wisconsin's River Falls Stote University —enjoys reading- likes Augsburg students. KENNETH JAMES SCHWEICER Schweitzer —Math and Latin Club member — belongs to Minneapolis Radio Club likes cars and operates a horn radio worked as o pizzo 'cook. LELAND STANFORD SCOFIELD - boseboll for two years —member of E-Club and Spanish Club — church youth group —Junior Achievement Company. WILLIAM ROBERT SCOTT — member of Civil Air Patrol, Information Officer in Viking Composite Squadron — likes sports car driving and golfing. PAMELA ANN SEEBER Student Council —sec. of choir — Hornettes —NHS —Luther League horseback rider, skiier and sailor —prospect for Gustavus Adolphus. JANET KAY SEVERSON -German Club for three years —church choir —Luther League NHS Homecoming Publicity Committee — coshier at Target. LAURA ANN SHACKLE — Shack — participated in GAA —Home Ec club member Y-Teens —vice pres, of Mixed Choir —Girl Scouts for ten years — MYF. KAREN ANNE SHARKEY Sparkle-Red Cross-Ski Club —Homecoming skit —Latin and Art clubs — Junior Achievement sec. — Breck Homecoming attendant — Ambossaaor Motel chamber maid. FREDERICK ALDEN SHEPHERD varsity football—co-chairman of Social Committee of Student Council —vice pres, of sophomore class —pres, of choir —"Lil Abner." RICHARD ALTON SHERWOOD -outside interests centered around his band, Marcia and the Lynch Men —plays the guitar—plans to go to the U of M or one of its branches. CHARLES STEPHEN SIMONS member of the Ski Club- ski team —special enthusiasm for boating on the St. Croix River —plans to attend Mankato. THOMAS MINAR SINNOTT — Latin Club Senotor — member of Radio Club and Science Seminar—wrestling —chairman of Hennipin County Young Republican League — senior lifesaving. 205SANDRA LEE SIVANICH Home Ec Club-enthu .-astic letter writer —will attend the U of M —has travelled to Howon. GERALD WALTER SKARIE DE Junior Achievement —works at Edina Television — plans to attend Caync Electric School in Chicago. SUSAN JANE SKOGLUND — vice pres, and sec of FBIE — Homecoming attendant for Blake — Blizzard -Y-Teens —Student Council — might enter medicine MARY ANNE CECILIA SLATER - member of Home Ec Club —church choir —An Club —enjoys skiing and riding —would like to be a professional model. SHERYL ANN SLEE member of Ski Club -active in Y-Teenj—participated in FBLE - Spanish Club —enjoys water and snow skiing. MARK JOSEPH SLETTE-HAUGH - member of the German Club —played intramural basketball — hobbies include politics, sports and bridge — plans include the U of M. CHERYL LOUISE SMITH - Sk. Club-French Club-Art Club —Pep Club — Blizzard -• Junior Achievement-co-captain of the Horncttes DIANE MARIE SMITH- Ski Club-FBLE-Home Ec Club-transferred to Edina from California in junior year —will attend Mankato State. JENNIFER LYNN SMITH-Jill —GAA —Job's Daughters —sec.-trees, of church youth group —Edina Players —Pep Club —vice pres, of choir —post graduate plans include St. Olaf. ORANGE JUICE MACHINE IN THE LUNCHROOM-THERE’S MARY ANN SNYDER — FBLE — Red Cross pres of Girls' Choir —participated in church youth group-plans to ottend Drake University. RICHARD ALAN SODERBERG — manager of wrestling team - interested in cars and all sports —will attend the U of M and enter either the field of engineering or printing. JOANNE SOLBERG Jo-German Club-FBLE -Home Ec Club —camp counselor at Lutsen -enjoys swimming and skiing — will ottend Stevens SHAREE SHARLENE SOLIDAY moved from Livorno. Michigan —Y-Teens —FTA —Home Ec Club —Pep Club —GAA —AFS semi-finalist —will attend Winona State. JANE SOMMERS — Y-Teens — Spanish Club-Ski Club —Pep Club —park board tennis —likes cupcakes—church youth group —will attend U of M. ERIC GERHARD SONNESYN — Russian Club Homecoming Publicity Committee — Latin Club — Chonning Club —toured eost coast looking at colleges—sports fan. 306Dave Thiede rejoices the day before vacation. Soup was the cooks' favorite this year, but Craig Carlson preferred crackers. NOTHING QUITE LIKE VITAMIN C TO LIVEN LUNCH SALLY ANN SOPER - member of Spanish Club -GAA —Y-Teens —sec. of Home Ec Club — candy striper- Girl Scout orea representative —worked OS a raspberry picker—plans include the U of M. JEFFREY JOHN SOULE -raced on the ski team— member of the Ski Club —played soccer for the French Club — motorcycle enthusiast —will attend Arizona State University. CATHERINE JANE SOV LE- member of Tatra Ski Club —Job's Daughters —a whiz on skis and behind the wheel —likes drawing. HEIDI ANN SPENCER — FBLE — German Club-enjoys skiing and sewing worked at Junior Miss —v ill attend the U of M. KERRY SCOTT SPENCER - Frog-gie —hobbies include football and basketball — will attend either U of M or Mankato —accident prone. JOHN SAGER SPIKA— participated in German Club —track ond cross country — moved from Milwaukee, Wis. os a junior —skis —worked as ranch hand — traveled to Brazil —will attend U of Wash. 207JOHN HAMILTON SPILLER - football - pres, of youth group —enjoys oil sports —will attend the U of M or Oberlin the original poker face. SCOTT CHARLES SPRANGERS Pep Club Art Club-ten-nis team —aspires to be a medical illustrator at the U of M —was an official at the National Waterskiing Tournament MARGENNE STAAB Y-Teens - Student Council —Ski Club —Blizzard —NHS —enjoys horseback riding —will attend Lawrence or St. Olaf. JAMES WILLIAM STAHLY — treos. of German Club, member for three years —varsity and 8-squad basketball-will attend tho U of M —world's greatest prognosticotor. MARGARET ALICE STAMP -Varsity Band —Job's Daughters —participated in church choir and youth group —plans to attend the U of M. HAROLD DAVID STARIHA — moved from Joliet, Illinois — loves waterskiing and hunting— always willing to help — Stones are favorite group. ROLLING STONEQ FAVORITE VOCAL GROUP IN KENNETH ERWIN STEBBINS - senior Homecoming skit —hos performed in operettas since ninth grade —enjoys hunting —will attend U of M. LAURA TERESA STEER — OE--German Club —Job's Daughters for six years —enjoys folk music and sketching portraits —would like to attend Augsburg. ROBERT GEORGE STEFFES- Ski Club-scuba dives and hunts —will attend Stout State University— was paid for sleeping at Braemor Golf Course this summer. GLADSTONE McKINLEY STENSON, JR. -Mick-varsity football, basketball, baseball —All Conference and All State in football — Lake Conference lineman of the year — E-Club. JACK LESLIE STEWART — vice pres, of Not'l Thespians chapter —Buzzette Feature Editor — Student Council treas. — Senior Class vice pres. — Homecoming attendant —Bat Guana. CRAIG ROWSE STIRRAT- Student Council pres.-varsity track and football —vice pres, of NHS — Boys' State — Student Council outstanding participation oward — Optimists' award — Blizzard. DAVID JAMES STONE -Moth and German clubs intramural tennis —Mpls. Radio Club —church fellowship — operates ham radio—Not'l Merit Letter of Commendation —usher ot Met Stadium. LYNNE RAE STONER - German and Home Ec clubs —candy striper-member of youth fellowship —toured Europe — future in medical technology. JANICE LAVERN STORDAHL moved from Sioux Falls where she was class sec. for 2 years —recording sec. of Dromotics Club —FBLE, Thespians and Y-Teens at Edina. 208ALAN JEROME STORRY- French Club for two yeors —member of bond All Stars Athletic Association—church youth group —Guthrie usher during the summer. LINDA LEE STRANDEMO -Editor in Chief of the Buzzette —Optimists' Award —church paper-past sec. and treas. of MYf — candy striper — pres, of Girl Scout troop —NHS — Nat'l Merit semi-finalist-Quill and Scroll MARILLEE STRAUGHAN Marill — Home Ec Club — FBLE — Sponish Club for two years — Y-Teens — member of EYC —Sadie Hawkins committee — main interest in Phoenix. CHRISTOPHER JAMES STRICKLAND -transferred from Chicago —YMCA hockey league —chairman of Caddie Committee at Riverside Country Club —Elmhurst YMCA league oil stars Nafl team DIAN LYN STROBEL — FBLE — Y-Teens — Spanish Club — Homecoming Skit ond Float committees — octive in youth fellowship —likes dancing and skiing. JANIS LORRAINE STUART — member of Ski Club and Art Club —Junior Achievement —Twin City A Go-Go Magazine —enjoys knitting, skiing and English riding. THE SENIOR POLL; BEATLES FARTHER DOWN ON LIST ULLA HENRIETTE SVENDSON - Ulse- visiting Ed.na from Denmark — Girl Scouts—Int'l Club —likes skating. skiing ond knitting—plans to attend a college in Denmark DENNIS WILLIAM SWANSON Red Cross representative —DE and DE Club —likes hunting, fishing, painting and sculpturing—worked at Gager's-future in art. RICHARD ALAN SWANSON moved from Haute Volta, West Africa — visited France, Germony ond Switzerland —collects insects and stomps —holds big game hunting record DIANNE LYNN SWEAZEY Home Ec Club - FBLE Latin Club —Marching and Concert bonds—church choir —volunteer at Methodist Hospital — Prom Decorations Committee. ROGER STEVEN SWENSON -transferred from Milwaukee where he was in the Continental Youth Band —Explorers pres. — member of Rodio Club —went to Europe with band — operates o ham radio. RUTH ANN SWENSON-Y-Teens chop-er pres. — co-chairman of Homecoming Refreshments Committee —Red Cross representative - GAA - sec. Df FT A — EYC senior representative — Job's Daughters MARTHA ANN TAGGATZ boord member of GAA — co-chairman of Walther League — likes sewing and sports — talented in handcrafts. MICHAEL REUBEN TAGGATZ - Church Walther League - likes cars and girls —drives a tough camper —culinary delights at Donaldson's Minnesota Room ROGER BROOKE TANEY member of E-Club — captain of the wrestling team —baseball —Lotin Club for three years —competitive attitude — likes tennis and bowling. 209The terrain at the base of Big Thunder at Sugar Hills is too challenging tor Ann Kemper INDIANHEAD, LUTSEN, SUGAR HILLS AND TELEMARK— LUCINDA JEAN TANG — Cindy — Buzzette Assistant Editorial Editor —Red Cross — Y-Teens —GAA — French Club — synchronized swim group —Girl Scouts —5 A.M. bike hikes — Nat'l Merit semi-finolist. PATRICIA ALLENE TAYLOR-participated in OE program — library aid —plans include beauty school — interested in cars —"It's all in the hoir." BRIAN SCOTT TELFORD — enjoys golfing, baseball and hockey — ployed varsity baseball — interested in sports of all kinds —University of Minn, in future. DAVID ROY TELLER — acted m "My Three Angels"—editor of Mpls. Radio Club magazine —Concert Band — amoteur radio operator DAVID ALAN THIEDE — Norman — Huck Finn in "Tom Sawyer" — Soccer Club pres, and most valuable player in league —Blizzard —Homecoming attendant and Dance Committee co-chairman — canoe guide—Hi-Y. FRANK ROBERT THOMAS - Nip - lettered in footboll for two years — varsity hockey— captain of church Oosketball team — Corvettes of Minnesota — refereed hockey and football games — summers at Minnetonka. JEFFREY RALPH THOMAS-French Club for three years — wrestling team — plans to attend the U of M or Montona State. ROBERT ALLEN THOMAS - Ski Club —member of E-Club —football, track and tennis—accomplished skiier —church youth group —future at college out West CAROLINE MAY THOMPSON Koren —Home Ec Club —Pep Club —French Club — sec. of Junior Achievement company — member of Horizon Club — would like to be stewardess 210CHERYL JEAN THOMPSON - FBLE - Latin Club chaplain of Y-Teens chapter —Home Ec Club Job's Daughters — passion for dancing — plans to attend University of M.nn RICHARD DEAN THOMPSON Homecoming Parade Committee —Spanish Club — Luther League — member of band —water and snow skis TOM HARLAN THOMPSON Ski Club-DE-Bhzzard —church basketball, football and hockey — plans on trip to Norway, Switzerland and Austria. GLENN MICHAEL THOMSON -vice president of Rodio Club —hos a great interest in motorcycles — plans to attend Mankato State College —tall fellow, PAULA BENTLEY THORNQUIST - moved from New York — Home Ec Club — FTA — FBLE — Aqua Nymphs —plans to attend University of Minn.—"It's been nice . WARD T. TOAD Tod—swamped with activities —Tad pole vaults on the track team — only member of swim tcom with natural fins. COME DECEMBER SENIORS HEAD FOR THE HILLS CAROLYN JEANNE TOEPEL member of OE-OE Club —enjoys collecting records and listening to the Accents —always in a hurry —excitable. SHERRYL LEE TRONES — FTA - Y-Teens—GAA — active member of German Club —Red Cross — officer of church Hi-League —devoted knitter of sweaters DOUGLAS ORIN TULL — wrestling for two years —tennis for two years—weight lifter —interested in ham radios —plans to attend the University of Minn. MICHAEL JOSEPH TURGEON - B-squod football -J-V boseball —intramural basketball —park boord baseball — plans to attend University of Minn. STEVEN SCOTT TURNBULL German Club - Red Cross-E-Club—varsity football —B-squod bosketball and baseball — cub softball advisor and field crew worker - plans to attend U of M LINDA CAROLYN TWITE Y-Teens —German Club, member of band for three years —World Affairs Club —trip to Europe in summer of '61 — won’t forget canoe trip JOHN MARTIN TYSSELAND - DeMolay - Whigrean representative — hos great interest in cors — favorite pastimes include diagnosing the ills of old jalopies. SUSAN KAY UMBERGER- Red Cross-Sk. Club-intramural tennis — Y-Teens chapter pres. — Blizzard — Spanish Club —unforgettable trips to Indianhead. PATRICIA JEANNE VAUGHAN Art Club member — Home Ec Club — very artistic — little sister to o cubby bear — plans to attend U of M 211ROSALIND VENEDA WAHLROOS-Red Cross French, Art clubs — Bond — Job's Daughters —Midwest Karate Assn., earned green belt ranking —church choir. LILIANA RAQUEL WAINBERG - AFSer from Argentina — Int'l Club vice pres. — Spanish Club — French Club Ambossodor from Argentina—plans to continue at Medical School at University of Buenos Aires. DIXIE WALKER — Y-Teens all-school sec.— Buzzettc Advertising Manager — Student Council — Edina Players —Jr Miss Teen Board —NHS —Homecoming over-all chairman —Sweetheart candidate. LINDA SUE WALKER moved from Park Ridge, Illinois-French Club - bowling league — plans to attend University of Kansas —likes racing cars STEPHEN THOMAS WALLACE — member of Junior Achievement Company — played park board hockey —weekend trips to Somerset, Wisconsin. SUSAN ALMA WALLER—aciivc in Spanish Club GAA —Y-Teens —band member —Home Ec Club —candy striper —Girl Scouts — NHS — Luther League representative. SENIORS ENJOY BEING PERFECTLY OBNOXIOUS AS LYNN PAULETTE WANDERSEE - OE participated in German Club —Red Cross — FSE — Luther League odvisor — moved to Edina from 8urnsville, Minn. —has held many interesting jobs. ALLEN ROBERT WARNKE - member of Junior Achievement —much interest in cars—favorite pastimes include ploying football and listening to the Beatles. ELIZABETH FLORENCE WATSON - Betsy-member of Y-Teens —FTA —Home Ec Club —park board playground leader —candy striper — Sunday school teacher — does good deeds in her noisy Corvair BARBARA ANN WEAVER DE —sophomore Homecoming skit —kept busy by job at Howard Johnson's — passion for art —plons on spending summer in England JACQUELINE MEREDITH WECK Girl Scouts —officer of Job's Daughters —sings in church choir —active member of church youth group—holds participation award in Job's Daughters. RICHARD WOODRUFF WEIGEL — Ski Club-member of Latin Club Morgan Club —earned Eagle Scout ranking — likes tennis, touch football, skiing. BARBARA JEAN WEINGARTNER - OE - Home Ec Club —German Club —Y-Teens —Girl Scouts — Luther League vice pres, traveled to Washington D.C. JO-LANE GERTRUDE WEISBROD OE - F8LE — Girl Scouts— 4-H — Sadie Hawkins committee —enjoys swimming —kept busy by |ob as dental assistant — plans to study teaenmg at U of M. WALLACE RUDOLPH WENN Hi-Y -Ski Club-officer of MYF — Blizzard — ploys guitar — future at Concordia. 2t?WELLS JOHN WESCOTT lettered In wrestling usher ot .Met Stodium —pork board baseball — bowling league —Boy Scouts —Homecoming Skit and Float committeees. GUY MOORE WESLEY -Latin Club — Spanish Club —Blizzard —Boy Scouts —likes bose-ball, football, watching car roces — worked for O. H Dohlon Printing Co BONNIE SUE WEST — Whlgreon Seniors Co-editor — Red Cross —Quill and Scroll — Y-Teens —Sunday school teocher —goes for hockey in o big way —canoe trips —top drawer —NHS. CHARLES WILLIAM WEST —one of the Lynch Men —worked os a motorcycle mechanic lost summer—received the Craftsman of the Year Award for 1965-66 —likes racing ond hunting LINDA MARIE WESTERBERG —Vanity Bond as o sophomore — French Club —worked on Homecoming Float ond Publicity Committees —Home Ec Club —Tatra Ski Club —church choir —High Leogue cabinet member. JEANETTE WESTMAN — Blondie — participated in Y-Teens —member of FBLE as o junior —got caught In o thunderstorm on the St. Croix River while in a canoe. THEY REPRESENT THE U.S.S.R. IN ROTARY’S MODEL U.N. NANCY GIVEN WHAYNE - Y-Teens- Art Club member — active in Int'l Club. FBLE ond German Club —Whigrean staff —moved from Louisville, Kentucky—hos tendency to collect stuffed snowly owls. SCOTT STUART WHIPPLE - B-squad hockey ond golf teom — three-yeor member of the bank —worked at Broemar Ice Arena —enjoys water skiing —wants to become a mortician. JOHN EDWARD WHYTE — German Club participont — intramural football and basketball — likes golf— traveled in Conado. NANCY KAREN WILLES — one year in Blizzard — Home Ec Club os a sophomore likes skiing and swimming —will attend U of M, then become an airline stewardess. SUSAN CHRISTINE WILLIAMS -cheer-leading for three years— chairman of Senior Float Committee — Homecoming attendant —church fellowship — Daisy Mae candidate — sunshine girl. GREGORY JOHN WILSON — Willy — member of Tri-Alpha Hi-Y —senior skit —blew up balloon for Homecoming Decorations Committee — football — High League. DIANA GAIL WINGERT — Anna — captain of the cheerleading squad —Y-Teens chapter treas. — member of Spanish Club and Luther Leogue — Homecoming attendant — sports minded. LINDA JEANNE WOLD —Latin Club for three years—Y-Teens —NHS — Homecoming Decorations Committee— church youth group—Blizzard. JOHN PATRICK WOLFE — Senior Class pres.— chairman of Civil Service Committee ond three year member of Student Council — co-chairman of Prom —Mpls. Junior Achievement speaker of the year —manager of the hockey team. 213JANE ALISON WOODCOCK - Thespions - co-chairman of costumes for "The Crucible" —pres, and vice pres, of Home Ec Club —French Club —Junior Achievement - sews all her clothes JOHN DAVID WUNSCH participated in Hi-Y — member of French Club — Junior Achievement — lettered in swimming — likes cars, snow and water skiing. JERRY FRANK YARGER Hi-Y for two years - Spanish Club for one year — enjoys hockey and baseball — St. Oktf bound. BRIAN JOSEPH ZEILINGER park board hockey participant — likes hunting, fishing, skiing and working on cars —plans to attend Bemidji State College KRISTINE ANN ZENDER — moved from Omaha, Nebraska—Latin Club — Int'l Club —FTA —Math Club —Republican volunteer — church youth group —hopes to become secondary teacher. NANCY LILLIAN ZIN-NER — Zit — Student Council co-chairman of Social Commitiee — Buzzette Assistant Feature Editor —Y-Teens, French, Int'l clubs —Prom co-chairman — NHS — Nat'l Merit Letter of Commendation LAWRENCE EDWIN ZINS — park board hockey for five years —warming house attendant — trimmed Christmas trees plans include U of M JAMES LEE LARKIN — transferred from De LaSalle where he played varsity hockey — football and baseball — plays guitar for the Ravons. ROBERT ADRIAN COUL-SON -AFSer from England where he plays field hockey and cricket —port of a beat music group — Whigrean —Int'l Club—Varsity Bond —Moth and German Club —tennis player — Oxford scholarship. GRADUATION. . .SENIORS NOW ALUMNI CLASS OF ’66Cindy Lorimer't bowling form it excellent. While walking to hit car, Greg Major it thrown by the firtt tnowfoll. 2)5JUNIORS’ ACCUMULATION OF CURRENCY With ten down and two years to go, the juniors faced the annual struggle with term papers and "Huckleberry Finn," the Constitution and unbalanced chemical equations. Despite the mental strain, juniors still found time for other activities. New drivers' licenses provided many faithful junior fans with an opportunity to attend football games and other sports events. Threatened by seniors who had heard that the prom was to be held at the Prom Center on the Midway, indecisive juniors changed the location to the Thunderbird. To finance this event, they sold carmelled apples and pop. For the first time, juniors were not compelled to clean up litter from Friday night games. In accordance with tradition, the senior homecoming skit was awarded the top prize. However, the general opinion supported the performance starring the infamous Hairy Leg, portrayed by Ann Reierson. Candy Carter's romantic outlook stems from viewing reality through rose-colored contact. 218 Jun.o' i Officers—Jill floskomp, secretory, Dennn Wofion. .ic«- prm, lohn Bvctlin, president, Mary Hey. treasurerRESULTS IN PROM-GOERS FLIGHT TO THUNDERBIRD Adding to the voice of the juniors, Kris Linner intensifies the deofening volume of the pep test's “competition yell." 219Gym aides. Art. Kraut and P. Erck, activate sophomores' weary muscles.Blanchard. Jackie Bleckinger. Valerie Bleti. Joanne Bockelmon. Maria Bohannon. Allan Book. Borbaro Boyce. Borbaro Brodlord. Robert Brandonger. Drone Branton. Beatrice Brotrud. Mory Ann Brehm, Cynthia Bremer. Kenneth Bridgemon, 8elh Brmdle. Paul Brom, S»even Bruner. Roger Bryan. Bill Bryan. Jim Bucklin. John Bufium. Kryitol Bundgoord. Bob Burotti, Dennit Burgeton. Brod Burke. Tim Burnt, She-lo Burrell. Paul Buto, Stephen Bynoll. Mark Byrnet. Thomat Cobolko. Undo CoDohon. Doniel Campbell. Gerold Copron, Merry Cargill, Jim Coriotto. John Corltcn, Thomai Corlvon. Catherine Corlton, Cheryl Carlton. Undo ENDURED FOR SECOND YEAR BY JUNIOR GYM AIDES Carlton. Stephen Cornohan, John Corpenter, Roger Carroll. John Carter. Candy Carter. Terry Cotwick. lynn Chandler. Jeffrey Chapman. Thomot Chattel. lindo Cheetbrough. Robert Childt. Douglo Chrbtenten. Craig Chrittenten. Terry Chrittenton, Ul Clayton. Cvr h,o Ooutier. Don Cootet. Jo met Cobb. Jeon Coffin. Joyce Coffin, Kathleen Cole. William Coll.nt. Cecelio Comttoo, lee Connoy. Patrick Conry. Mary Jane Cottello. Carol Coulter. Thomot Craig. Mary Croigie, Suton Crawford. Bethel Camming. Joan Curley. Potrick Dolldorf. Nancy Colquitt. Dowd Damon. Borbora Domelton, Kerin Darken wold. Clem Davenport. Jennifer Dowet. John 221AFS’ERS STRUGGLE WITH ENGLISH AS SCHOLARS ING'ewe. Mary Jo Grott.ng. John Gv.her. Poul Gullet. JeH Gulbro. Lynn Gvnderman, Joyce Gunderton. Jock Guttafton. Heidi Guitafton, Hobart Gutierrez. Undo Haberle. Oowid Haedecke. Bonne Hoenvg, Poula Hagen, Janet Hagen, Richard Hoire, Noncy Hoil, John Holl. Monfyn Hohronon, Judy Hommarbery, Paul Honien, Gary Honten. John Honten. Robert Honten. Steven Honton. Chrittine Hanion. Gory Hanton, Robert Hot per. Ted Harrivon. Carolyn Horr.ton, Marcy Horroon, Thomot Hotlingi. Deborah JUNIOR AMERICAN HISTORY AND ENGLISH CLASSES HatUngt, Linda Havt’od. Noncy Havttod, Sovon Mawkmton, Mark Hawthorne. Jeffrey Hayet. Patricio Hoyhoe, John Hoyt. Undo Heoly. Dovid Heoly. Pete. Heo'h. Ann Hefty, Steven Houtbodwi Steven Hendenon. Cheri Hendoroon, Stephen Henley. Cohnn Henion. Robert Herman, Douglat Herring, Irtt Hey. Mary Hlggin, Deborah Hilgendorf. Greg Hinkie. Mark Hinferbcrg, Mark Min . Elizabeth Hippt, Alon Hlodek, Peter Hodge. J-m HoHman. Pomelo Holl-nger. John Morttmon. Michoel MotHield. Jomet Howard. Mork Hudok, Carol Hulnogle. Jomet Hugbet, Dan el Hunt. Robert Hunt, Williom Hutbandt, Jennifer HutKtd. Barbara Hutton. Judy Hyland. Jeffrey Ingrom. LetJie Ingwa'd. Elizabeth Jockton, J David Jockton. lorro ne Jocobvon, Ronold John ton, Gloria 223Johnson. Patneio Johnson, Poul Johnson. Rchard Johnson. Ronald Johnson, Scot! Jones. James Jones. Poula Jones. Robert Jones, Solly Ann Jordon, lo i Joyce. Daniel Judd. R Roth Kahla. C Richord Kollevik. Roy Komps. William Konen. Steve Konehl, John Kan. Non Keorns. Rich Keeler. Potr.ck Kelly, Pat Kemp, Cothy Kemper. Jone Kemplfer. Elizobeth Kennedy, Philip Kennelly. Thomas Keprios, Nancy Kersten. lou se Kersteter. Georgeonn Kerwin, Barbara Kiedrowski. Joy Kieley. Peter Kesterton. Jacquelyn King, lee Ann King. Trudy Ann Kirk. Michoel K rklond. Dovid Kittelson. Jone KJoss. James Klucas. Mornye HENRIETTA LEG DREAMS OF HAIRY HOMECOMING Knowles, David Knowles, Stephen Knot, I mo Knutson. Kirbie Koenig, Undo Konigson, Barry Kormann, Robert Korsr, Philip Kraus. Madeleine Kresoyo. Kathryn Krogstad, Jan Kronmg. Utsda Krueger. Susan Kruppstadt, Judy Kuehn, David Kuhn ley. Stephen Kunz. Barbara laderty. Jeon Lamg, Jell lane. Valerie lorsen, David Larsen. Suzen Larson, Barb lo'son. Frederick larsoo, laur»e larson, Phil Larson, Terry Lassie. Dog lash. Undo loursen, James Leighton, Suzanne Lesmon, Done LeuthoW. Peter Lewers. Sieve Lewis, Cothy Lewis. Debbie lewis, Victoria Lewis, William Lindquist. Mark Lindsey, Solly 224ImdtLoog, Joon linncr. Kristin locLhort. Debbie LoeWer. Mory Jo LoKhogan. Gregory loheyde. Jonyte lorimer. John Loveland. Veromco ludden. Catherine Lund. Anthony Lund. David Lund. Jeon lunn, Ehzobeth lutz. CliMofd lynch. T m Lyoni. James Moomjm, Dono Moehren, Ronald Mogrios. John Maher. Judith Momon. M hoel Monley. James Monrmg. Monico Monen. Suson Motile. Deboroh Morra. Thomas Marshall. Stanley Martin. Deboroh Martin, Jeon me Martin, Michoel Mason. Bar boro Massopust. David Matheson. Mory Mottaway. M choel Matthews. Sally Matthlessen. Mullin Maul, Don ManweU. David Moy. Jonet Mayberg, Susan S JUNIORS PRESENT SKIT Moyer. Craig McBride. Rodger MeConno. John McCloin, Williom McDermid. Judith McOermott. Kathryn McDonokJ. Colleen McDono'd. Cynthia McElrath. Susanne McFodzeon, Anne McGarrough, Marl McIntosh. Bruce McKenna. Susan Mclellon, JoAnne Means. SieveMeatier. Mark Me'bo. TooU Mered'ib. John Mere eld, Cro g Metcolf. John Millard, Rondy Miller. Cathy Miller. Connie M.He . Iris Miller, James Miller. John Miller. Katherine M-ichell, Gregg Mocste. Peggy Moore. Jennifer Moore, Kathleen Moore. Mary Moreau, Mary Moren, O'ano Morphew. Rrchord Morris. Michoel Morrissey, Jomei Mueller, Diane Mullen. Borboro Mullen, Worrcn Murphy. Horry Murphy. John Murphy, Morgorot Mu vie. Bar boro Nobours, Kim Noegeh. Thomoi Nogengost. Tom Nakken. Kristm Nelson, Bruce Nelson. Bryan Nelson. JeH Nelson. Pot Nelson. Susan Nessei. Carrie Nettum, Joniee JUNIORS ENERGETICALLY SELL CARAMELLED APPLES, Newhovse. David Nielsen. Suson N-enober. Craig N-.sten. Amy Nord, Morcia Norlhrup. Judilh Norwich, Ellen Nunn, Roger Nygoard, Ann Nyrop. Nancy Nyvtrom, Elizabeth Ookes. Jock Oeriel. Richard Og»en. Paul Oken, Noncy Otmssead. Christine CMsen. Korna Olson. Jul-e Ann Olson, Lawrence Olson. Robert Olson, Steven Olson, Suson Olson. Thomos Oltvedt. Gregory O'Ne.l. Kevin Orescamn. Donald O'Rourke, Moolyn Orsenblod. Re hard Orlmon. Ehse Ostlund. Noncy 0 ness. Richord Pockord. Martha Page. Alan Poge. Thomas Palmer. Constance Paris, Mory Porrish, Jononn Partridge, lorry Patrick. Mork Paulsen, Charlotte M6PflOrson, Borbora Peorson. Sue Pcller, M chelle Pen, tomes Peterson, Bonn-e Peterson, Deboro Peterson, Jerry Peterson, louro Peterson, Renee Pettyiohn, Richo'd Pckord. Potty PVcke". Don no Perce. Ca»ol Perce. Suxan Pnkhom, Kim Poehler. Suson to Pollock. Corol Pond. Polly Porter, John Port m go, Charlene Posselt, D on« Postlethwoite. Drtsno Powers, Richard Prott. Kathleen Pryor. Timothy Qumton. Bruce Quilt. Stephen Rochie. Suson Rode mother, Pomelo Roy. Cosonn Roymer. Stereo Reese. Lyn Reierson. Ann Reimann, Margaret Reiter. Bruce Renne, Stephen Resop. tomes Retrum, Barbara Reynolds, Corol Rice. Gregory YET NEATLY MANAGE TO AVOID COLLECTING CORES R.chord». Dowd R.es. Kewn Pesberg. Karen Pgglc, f,oni Riley. Dole Roberts. Patric a Robertson, Koran Robertson. K»mo Rodmon. William Rohrcr, Don RoM»on, Jane Romundstod. John Rose. Richard Rossi. Mark Roth. Hayes Rud. Pamela Rue, Bortvoro Rutherlord. Shannon Soari. Barbara Sabosko, Kaye Soekr.de', to Ann Sohlmon. Robert Salmon, Ann Sompsell. John Sonlo'd. Peggy Soude. David Scorii, Nancy Schellhas. Kurt Schieb, Charles Schiltx. Kothy Schmidt, George Schorr. Solly Schrub. Tsr Schultxe, S»even Scott, Cheryl Scott. JeHrey Scon, Sondro Scrape. Saro Seashore. Eugene Sequin. Rosemanr 227Seldcn, Stephen Selnets. David Sharkey, Tom Shoughnetty, Daniel Sheppard. Stephen Simpton, Scotl Sinnott. Stephen Sloter, John Smith, Deborah Smith, Donna Smith, Jeffrey Smith. Nancy Smith, Robert Smith, Stephen Smithert, louit Snow, Terry Sodormon. Thomas Sorem, Voleric Sorenton, John Sofhen. James Sotobeor, Noncy Soubo, Julionno Soule. Jocqirdine Spencer, Carol Spika. Ronold Spcoguer, Suzanne Stobcr. Potrick Stoir, Robbie Stansfield. Koihlcen Steinbouer. William Steiner, Pamela Steinko, Marilyn Stendohl. A!.ton Stevent, Jone Stevonton. Kyka Stillman, George Strotter, Katherme Stromberg. Condoce Struck, Vera Stuart, Jomet Horneties, Jean Gage and Judy Anderson, garbed in jeans and unironed shirts, are kept on their toes by informal, afternoon practices. ?28 JUNIORS GROW OLD, ARE Sullivan, Thomat Sulphen. Jonothon Swanson, Bruce Swing, Richard Toll, Chariot Taft, Jomot Taylor, Anne Telford, Woyne Teory, Joanne Textor, Corole Thayer, Sharon Thiegs. Patrick Thomat. Michod Thompton. Imdo Thompton. RobertThompson. Scon Thomson. Dove Thomson. Roger Thornton, Jody Tickle. Sieve Tladen. John Toenjing, Ann Trench. Robert Trubihow, Joan Trvdell. CMIord True. Margaret Trueman. Suronne Tuno. Nilgun Turk, Dougtai Turner, Jim Turnqu.it. Tom Unger. Joonne Untiedt. Jerold Ulne, Bruce Uine, Patr to Voncel. Dionne Van Der Ziel. Joonna Veenendool, Rodger Venell. Gregory Wodlund. Undo WoiK, tyndo Wolcfcn. Svsan Wolkcr. Conitar.ce Woll. Morcio Wofling. Wondoe Wong. Imneo Waih. John Wotion. Oennii Weotherheod. Patricia Webert. Allyn Week. Warren Weigel. William Welch, D ane Wendlond. Mary Ann Weil. Dovid ELIGIBLE FOR ACTIVITIES HORNETTES, VARSITY Weiterberg, Claudio Wetrfall. Rowell Wellman, Karen Weiomon. Christine Whalen. Charles Wheaton. Janet White, Jamei Wicklund. D.one Wickitrom, Undo Wien, Kniii Wiewer. Susan Wilbur, Tom Wilcox, Margaret Whilderofler. Mark Wiley. Nancy W.lk.nion, Mary Williami. Ann Willlami, John Williami, Michoel Williami. Thomoi Willion, Edward Wilson, Joyce Wingert. Deborah W.ntier. Corol W.ie. Linda Wale, Jon Witham, Jamas Withrow. Mark Woerner. Susan Wohlrabe. Brian Wright, Jell Wrob. Bill Wrobleski. Joseph Young. Morgoret Yunker. Jomes Zohn. Money Zempel, Lynn Zerull. Bob Zimmermon. Joan Zipoy, Lindo 229SOPHOMORES ORIENTED INTO HIGH SCHOOL-FALL For the Class of '68, the sophomore year meant a year of adjustment. Woe was them! The quality of mercy was strained. As freshmen the previous year, this class gloated in the knowledge that they were oldest. Since eighth grade, they had reigned over the junior high. This class had been respected, admired, and loved by the Lilliputian (puny) junior highers. Ah, the life of being an aristocrat. The first signs of a declining trend in their status came in the spring of their freshman year. Announcements were distributed to Latin students that on a given date all lowly scum (freshmen) would be sold to a master. Oh the shame of it, how would the freshmen face their underclassmen? Their standing hit its optimum low when on September 8, the class of '68 classified as sophomores. How depressing that in the narrow halls of the high school they had to look up to others. Money had to be earned for the senior reception through means other than a talent show. All class members anticipated this reception because it meant a year ended —a year spent striving upward. Sandy Robertson is up against one of the increased Sophomore Ann Ulvestad finds herself perplexed with the problem of fitting curricular pressures of being a newly initiated sophomore. activities, dances, parties, funnites, into a crowded acadomic schedule. 230FROM PINNACLE TO PEONS 231 Elected by classmates to serve as the 1965 class officers ore Bruce Evans, vice president, Tim Braine, president, Laurie Quest, treasurer, Allie Young, secrotary.G. SfiH and B. Foster aided in soiling balloons for Homocoming. Abbott, Virginio Adorns, Williom Adamson. Steven Agustsson, Alien Alexander. Gordon Allure. Patricio Allen, John Allen, Money Allutn. Gerald Andohazy. Marius Anderberg. Shelley Andersen. Shoron Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Barbara Kent Undo PLEBS PEDDLE POMPOMS, Anderson, Ron Anderson, Susan Anderson. Thomas Andres, Robert Anfinson. Nancy Ankner. John Arenson, Vicki Arko. Roxanne Arndt. James Arneson, Gail Arnold. Wayne Ashworth. M»chael Atwood, Solly Aushn. Jeonette Bo-ley. Becky Barly, Rosalra Batch. Steve Banks. Richord Barnes. William Borne". William Becker. Suzanne Be-ersdorl, Suson Belmore, Jonothon Bolschner, Gory Bennett. Cheri Bennett. Dole Bennitt. Carolyn Benson. Drake Benton. Mark Berg. Linda Berger son, Darryl Berget, David Berger. Kristin Berglund, Robert Bergqusst. Mary Bergquist. Nancy Berkmoes. Mary Bernordi. Poolo Bessesen. lourel Bethke, Donald 232Bevon. Patrick Be»o «r. Jeonyne Barman. Bonnie Btionon, Thomai Blockbourn. tynn 8lonch tte. Suvon Bleivng. Thomoi Borens, Jon Boltolene. Thomoi Bove. Undo Bowen, Bonnie Bram, Thomai Broine. Gordon Bro«ton, SHoron Brecki, Undo Briden, Kim Bridgman. Arthur Brinkman. John Brim, Steven Broberg, Stephen Broi. William Broil. Thomai Brown. Da’e Brown. Poul Brum. Km Bruer, Mari Buell. Mark Burkewiit. lee Burley, Michael Burm. lau'o Burt, Patrick Buto, Paul Buik-rk, -loner Butler. Jeonne Calruny, Madalyn Coholan. Borb Callon, Maureen Conlon. Su»on Card. William Carlonder, tone' PROGRAMS, BALLOONS, TO BOOST COUNCIL TREASURY Corldoo. Catherine Cor lien, Joan Corlien. Marrilee Carlvon. Betty Corlion. Howard Corlion, Jeonne Carlton, lee Corlion. Mark Corlion. Mary Carlton. M.chele Corlion. Robert Corlion, Stnan Corlion. Todd Corr, Patrick Carter, Nancy Coubie. Cynthio CeluMo. Timothy Chadboorn. Pool Chodwnck. Sandra Chomplm, Jon Chapman. Gregory Cholgron, V k, Chiller. Elizabeth Oaten. Noncv Clouien, Joy Colemon. Elizabeth Colter, David Comitock. Philip Connoy. Kathleen Cooper. Richard Corcoron, Nancy Corty, Jutianne Con, Br-gid Crotk. Undo Crawlord, Davnd Crowley, M’ke Crowther. David Crowther. Doogloi Camming}, Kimball Curron. Steve 233Too young To drive, muscular sophomores were forced Io pull their napkin-infested float. FAIRY FRACTURE9 GOLDILOCKS AND HER ELEVEN Dohlen, Morgoret Doley. Colleen Darkenwold. Deborah Davit. Br an Dean. Cynilvo Deon, Pout Degen, Deborah DeHerder. David 0elDo«O. Jerry DeMonh. Oov.d Don.ton, Thomot DeRemer. Kathy DeRemer. Thomot Delenboch, Sutan Dierekt. Kathleen Diettner. Martho Diettche. Thomot Donnelly. Morgwerite Dornteil, Henry Dooglat. Morgoret Doyle. Kevin Doxork. Margaret Drelt, Timothy Drentlow. Shelley Drum. David Dvncon. Erie Eaton, Penny Egon. Richard Eggon, Work Eglite. Ingrid Eichorn. Roger Eider. Jon E«tet, Ehtobeth Elkey, Etixobeth Ellit. Pomelo England, letlie Engter, Suxonne England. Ron Erdoll. Arthur E'ickton. Richard Etten. Judith Ettombo, George Ettner, Noncy Evont. Bruce Everton. Erie Eyden, Cynrhio farkot. Betty feldhoke. Pomelo 234Fenton. 8rodley Fertig. Deborah Feydor, Susan Fiedler. William Field, Brion Field. Croig Finch, Elizabeth Firth. Bob Fijher. Chortes Fletcher, lindo Fletchor, Mary Ford, Jockie Fosscy. Jane Fos'cr. Barbara Foster. Thomas Francis, John Fronke. Goyfe Freeman, Croig Frey, Constance Godbois. Mark Gant, Woody Garbcrg. Morgorct Garlock, R ho'd Gorrity, Jonice Geonkophs. NichoSos Geckler, Noncy Gensmer. Brian Gerrish, Sandro Gertz. John Gessncr, Down Giebink, David Gift. Robert BEARS IN THE SOPHOMORE SKIT Gilman. Paul Gjorvad, Ronald Glocke, Gary Gmitro, Mark Grr.itro, Miehool Gohlo. Noncy Gottsocker, Greg Grandbois. Rifo Gronger, Roberi Gront, John Gront. Robbi-lyn Gray. Daniel Gray, Mork Green, Charles Green. Kathryn Greer, Mamie Grertc. Roger Grirvnell, Stephen Groth, James Guille. Mary Gunberg, Joon Gunderson, Thomos Gostofson, James Gustafson, Nan Beanicd fairy Brain WooIsey presents the "fractured" tale of Goldilocks and the sophomore skit. 235Hoge. Borboro Hole. Bofbora Hall, Eluobeth Hollberg. Lynn Holleckson, Timothy Holseth. Allan Honken. Cynthia Hanley. Stevm Hanson. Ca«hy Morris, Christine Harri , Susan Mart, Soul Hoscall, Diane Hostings. Tom Hatrung, John Hawley. Beverly Hayhoe, Susan HetfeHtnger, Marcia Hmnr.ch, Virginia Horn pel, lomont Henderson. Scott Hendrickson, Karen Henn.ngsen, Deborah Henson. Sandy Hermon, Philip Hibbard. Richord Hill, Down Mill, Michoel Hilleren, Normon Minrichs. Terry Hippe. Mark Hirschey. Dowd Hitchcock, JeHry Hlodek. Joseph Hochbrunn. Renee Hochbrunn. Thomas Hodges, leland HoHman. Patricio Mohn, Jane Holder. Jock SOPHOMORE WALLETS BULGE WITH NEW PERMITS, Hobo. Charles Holm. Marry Holmberg. Kristine Holmberg. Steven Hopkins, Pomelo Hopkins, Robert Horan, Kathleen Horsrmonn, Paul Houns, Undo Hovde. Koren Movde. Paul Howord. Deboroh Howord. Melinda Huggins. Jeon Hughes. Mory Hughes. Potrico Hughes. Roberta Huh. Ren Huser, fred Immel, loureen Ingvaldson, Eve Iverson. Mory Jockson. Ieoh Jocobs. Robert Jocobson. Pomelo Jocus. Mkhoel John. Kerry Janssen. Nancy Jensen, Cra g Jensen, Kathryn Jenstad. HoUy Johnsen. Daniel Johnson. Brodley Johnson. Jeffrey Johnson. Linda Johnson, Roxanne Johnson. Steven Johnson, Thomas Johnston, James Jondohl, Joyce 236Jones, Chories Jones, Richord Jones. Roben Jordon, Mike Jorgensen, Robert Joseph son, James Joyce, Peggy Kogol. Kathleen Kohm. Stephen Korlstod, Kristine Kavtz. Kristine Kearns, Frances KempHer. Michael KenoPon. Pomelo Kennedy, Lois Kerker, lourm Kern, Molly Kersten, Tim King. John Kirk, Pomelo Kitchen. Richord Klom, Ji l e Knippenberg, Gory Knob loach. Jomes Knowles, Robert Knutson, Douglos Koets. David Krouse, Laurel Kremer. Noney Kriol. D ane Krohn, Gib Kruppstodt, Kerry Kruse. Koren Kuehn, Grerchen Kvhlmey, Sterling Kuhn, Condoce LoHerty, Sheryl Lamport. Trudy landvik, Koren . Longtev. George ID’S, AND LIBRARY CARDS Lor sen, Linda Lorson, Bonnie lorson. Deborah Lorson. Donold lorson, Glenn Larson, Linda lorson, Merchelle lorson. Tom loob. Jone Lovonder, Charles LoVoy, Shelley Ledbetter, Gayle Lemons. Robert leyh, Richard Lieber, CliH Viewing her treasure of tickets, Chan Miller exclaims, "Goshl I can get ten toasty dogs, four prune whips, five sandwiches a go go..." 237Liemondt, John limbeck, Kothleen Under, Vicki Lmderholm, Mortho lindgron, Ginger Lindquist, Deborah Lindquist, 8-ruce lineberry, Gory Little, Michoel Loon. Katherine Loftus. Steve Long, Barbara Losing, Carol louoos. Marsha Low. John luce, Alan Lund, Todd Lundquist. Diane lykken, Loune Lyon, Wendy Man, Strong MacArthur, Potti Moch, Virginia Macintosh, John MocPhail. Marno Moder. Mary Man!red. Carol Mar.novich, John Morkhom, Jeffrey Marien, Judy Marshall. Marilyn Marshall, Robert Martin, Glen Martin, Mary Mort-n, Pool Martin. Richord Mose. Stephen Mason. Worren Masters, Randy Mathews, David With nine years of experience behind them, sophomores have mastered the technique of opening nourishing tidbits of food during classes. 23d ABANDONING FRIDAYS Mathews, Robert Mothieu. Thomas Maul, Peter Mooter, Marguerite May, Jocolyn McClellan, Jody McCormick, Thomas McDaniel, Scott McDonald, Jeon McGlynn. Michoel McGrow. Kevin McGrow, Shannon McGuinness. Michoel McGuire, JoAnn McHenry, MaryITE-TIME MOVIES, SOPHS BEGIN FUN-NITE TRADITIOTransfixed by the amorous adventures of almighty Zeus, English students plunge into the realms of Edith Hamilton's mythology. SOPHOMORES OVERWHELMED BY ENDLESS VOLUMES Osberg, Lorene Ostmon, Clarice Owm, Constance Owens, James Poge, CyntKio Palmer. Nancy Parker. Craig Porsons. Joanna Parsons. Mary Patrick, Elizabeth Pearce. Jon Pearson, Stephanie Pedersen. Rolph Pederson. Blair Pederson, Janice Perkins, Susan Perroult. Renee Perry, James Pcrsinger, Dennis Peters. Pomelo Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Beverly Peterson, Brion Peterson, 8ruce Peterson. James Peterson, Mork Peterson. Patricio Peterson, Rondy Peterson, Sharon Petty, Virginia Phillips, George Pierce, Patricio Pit , Cothenne Plosman. Jomes Platt, Christine Pollock, Robert Pollock, Stephen Polsfuss, Craig Porter, James Powell, Jody Powers, Williom Pnskor. Evi Pritchard. Peggy Purtee. Jomes Quam. Robert Quest. Laurel Quisling. Scott Rohko, Linda 240Rosk, Donold Raymond. Heidi Ree. Kothryn Reece. Jomes Regei. Beth Reichow. Mkheol Reineck. Undo Renhus, Pe er Reker, Kolherine Reoh. Rhondo Ribble, Robert Richordi, Cloro R e», Stephen Ring, Roger Rivoll, Dovid Roberts. Jomes Robertson, Sandra Robinson, Joon Roch. Thomos Ronald, Mary Roos. Peter Rom. Moword Ross, Thomai Rothnem. Suton Rud, Deborah Rukes, Steve Runko. Timothy Russell. Chorles Soori, Thomoi So ond, Noney Satcn. Steven Somuelson, Steve OF THEMATIC PAPERBACKQ Sonborn. Bruce Sanborn, Droko Sandberg, Steven Sandt, David Sonford, John Sowe, Michoel Sovik. Sandro Scarborough, Williom Schelper, Bruce Schiel, Jacquelyn Schilling. Nancy Sclvlti, Gail Schirmer, Jock Schmerler. John Schmidt, Cynthia Schneider, Cynthia Schrenk, Virgino Schroeder. Jock Schwartz, Dole Schwarxrock. Ted Scolield, Idona Scoggin, James Seifert. Kothryn Severson, David Joyfully anticipating the thrill of tome research reading, Kyle Nelson carefully selects a few works. 241For dieter Georgie Sharpe, apples are satisfying replacement for school lunch. Shorpe. Georgia no Shoughneuy, Thomot Shelledy. Ca ol Shelton. David Shelton. Gloria Sherman. Suton Shirley. Jomet SteW, Christina Silho. Stephen Sivright. Anne HAVING INTERPRETED 24? Slee. Janet Smith. Coral-e Smith. Cynthia Smith, Debra Smith, Koren Smith. Sonford Snell. Gregory Snyder, Corol Sommers. Ann Soper. Philip Sort berg, John Sou bo. Fredenk Sower. Robert Spain, Undo Spencer. Debra Spencer. Ronald Spencer. Wencke Spiller, Henry Sponiel. Kenath Stocey. lono StorVey. JIB Steele. Donald Steinke. William Stewart. Donald Shlle. Suton Stillwell, Linda Stmton. Sandro Stitt, Go. I Stone, Clicobeth Stone. Marilyn Slrandemo, Jeffrey Strauer. Phil Straw. Sally Strom, Andrew Strom. Gregory Stromberg. Conitonce Strother, Bill Stvrget. Jenny Suomelo. le»he Svttie, DouglasSwanson. Ann SwQMOA, Donne Swanson, Roy Swendseen. Pomelo Swenson, James Swenion. Heidi Tovbe. Rkhard Taylor, Kristine Toylor, Paul Teresi. Rifo Terry. WilUom Thoele. Mork Thompson. Condyce Thompson. Gayle Thompson. HoroW Thompson. Jeon Thompson. Lyndo Thompson. Miehoel Thompson, Peggy Thomson, Robert Thorp. Sondro Thu row. John Toussomt, Rodney Tronet. Dorryl Troop. John Ulsoker, louri Uhrestod, Ann Umberger. Mort.n Unliedt. Mark Vondebu'gh, Sherry VonWoier, Soroh VelHeui. Will-om Verdorn. Gerald Versen. Volerie Woog. Kristin Wagner. Nancy Wahl. Jonke Wolkxe. Denms Wolqvist. Pout Wordell. Pool SILAS, SOPHS FORESEE SYMBOLISM IN HUCK FINN Warner.'Henry Wornke. Robert Woters, Horvey Webb. William Webster. Suson Weingartner, Wendy Wells. Martin Wellvmion. Barbara Weber. William West. Mark Whalen, Shoron Watt, Silty Wilbsir, Jon Wilder otter. Virginia Williams. Jean Williams, lourei Williams, lynn Williams, Todd Willmore. Morgoret Willovr. Mkhoel Wilson. Howard Wilson. Joanne Wilson, Potr io Wing. Cynthio Wmsor. Colleen Winter. Chorles Wise, Rkhard Wold. Borboro Wood. Wend i Wood. Lumber Woobey. Bnon Wright. Anthony Yondo. Stephen Young. Alice Yunker, Suionne Zeilmger, Ken Zender. Robert Zefzmon, Brod Zimmerman. James Zipper, Stuck 243PATRONS Scherling Pletsch Studios Fargo, North Dakota and St. Louis Pork, Minnesota Allied Overhead Doors, Inc. 2306 West 66th Street Radio-Controlled Garage Openers Edina Bowling Center 5030 France Ave. South Edina, Minnesota American Yearbook Company Topeka, Kansas Burt Hedstrom, Representative Anthonie's 4826 Chicago Avenue Best Wishes Edina Kitchen and Hackenmueller Meats 3816 West 50th Street First Edina National Bank 4100 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Aslesen Company 509 Washington Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415 Edina Pet Hospital 5237 Eden Avenue Edina, Minnesota Josten Manufacturing Company Rings and Announcements 134 Foshay Tower, Minneapolis Compliments of Biltmorc Motor Hotel Highway 169 212, 929-2601 Compliments of Edina Realty Reoltors — M.L.S. 3907 West 50th Street B. A. Rose, Music Company 3905 West 50th Street 926-1262 Carlson's Odd Shop "You ask for it, we hove it!" 4408 France Avenue South Edina Rexall Drug 5001 France Avenue South 926-4650 Compliments of Larson Boat Works, Inc. Little Falls, Minnesota Discover yourself at Carole of Edina 50th Street at Fro nee Edina Television Co. 381 1 West 50th Street Minneapolis 55410 Richard S. Taylor, C.L.U. National Life of Vermont Baker Building Arcade, 332-3313 Jack Carter's Edina Barber Shop 5012 France Avenue South Edina, Minnesota Edina Theatre Corp. 3913 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Best Wishes Karl G. Anderson 5045 Hodgson Road Country Club Hardwore Color Television Specialists On 50th Street West of France Flowers Beautiful, Inc. 2952 West 66th Street Southdale Square Bermel-Smaby Realty, Inc. 3910 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Country Club Grill Ice Cream 5025 France Avenue South 922-2670 Gabberts Furniture Across from Southdale On 69th Street. 927-7033 Clancy Drug, Inc. 3948 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota The Dale Green Company 7601 Normandale Road Edina, Minnesota Garrison House Movers Buildings Bought and Sold 926-9557 Edina Launderers and Cleaners 4500 France Avenue South 927-7934 Eberhardt Company Realtors —M.L.S. 5307 Highway 169, 929-031 1 Gim Loong Chow Mein 4948 France Avenue South 920-2118 First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota Eddie'z Southdale Mobil 2816 West 66th Street 869-9850 Greetings from Glacier Sand and Gravel 7009 Fronce Avenue SouthThe lines move quickly at anxious seniors wait their turn to receive their diplomas. The closs of sixty-six, six hundred and sixty students born the year their high school was founded, added something new to the traditional graduation exercises. For the first time the alma mater was sung, an appropriate ending to the simple ceremony. The audience listened to speeches by top ten students entitled "Marble in the Quarry" by Tom Horan and "A Time to Serve" by Linda Strandemo and then to a few words by Superintendent Myers before the seniors received their diplomas. Finally, proud and joyous graduates marched off the field and tossed their green and white caps high, expressing the spirit of the moment. SENIORS FIND THEMSELVES OLD AS ALMA MATER Boys' ond Girls' State delegates and senior class officers annually serve as junior aids for graduation. Here Jay Bennett assists.AFTER MUCH 'Ready, Set, stop!" Pat TaylotANTICIPATION, SENIORS ROAR INTO PARTY That was smashing," declared Steve Crowley. Seniors view themselves os they really were. Diplomas received, caps and gowns returned, and congratulations accepted, the enthusiastic graduates entered the world of the Roaring Twenties. The addition of beads, garters, straw hats, and vests to the seniors' wardrobe, immediately set the mood of this gay era. A wooden fence covered with senior faces, superimposed on humorous drawings, provided almost as much entertainment as the baby pictures in the Peep Show. Also providing entertainment were many tests of skill. While some tried to improve their golf and ping pong games, others checked their sharp shooting in the gallery. In the Tin Lizzy, the results of tests of depth perception, reaction time, and peripheral vision astonished most participants. Also astonishing were the number of graduates who became gamblers in an attempt to conquer the system in games of dice and roulette. To entertain those who felt the need for more activity, dance music was provided by the Underbeats. In the Cellar, the Cero Paul Trio furnished music to eat by, while Dudley Riggs satirized in the Espresso. To keep the mood of the Twenties, a banjo group performed at the four o'clock breakfast held at the Radisson Hotel. The nine hours of partying ended after breakfast and brought to a close a night of many memories. Deb Diessner tries for six os Diane Hirseh watches.Cheryl Thompton'i date assists her departure. Dianne Donatello primps after a waltz to Rod Aadberg's band. "Would you believe this is authentic South Sea island carving?" asks R. Kriesol of A. Johnsen while relaxing in the Thunderbird lounge. Tribes of Prom-goers throng the Thunderbird's Hall, miraculous, ly converted into a fantasy of tuxedoes, formats, flowers, and pink.When hunger strikes, couples shift from fairyland to food. Willy Winkle and date move to the rhythm of the Reactions. FANTASY; 200 REVEL IN HERO STORYBOOK LAND Prom day, Friday, May 6, dawned and with it arrived a barrage of hair appointments, late visits to Bachman's for corsages and boutonnieres and to Roberts' Rent-A-Tux, and the last frenzied hours of preparation for work-weary Prom chairmen. At 9:00, couples began arriving at the Thunderbird having satisfied appetites at Camelot, Interlachen, and Capp Towers. After being greeted by Mr. Stotts, Mr. Young, and a blue ink stomp. Prom-goers entered the ballroom, transformed earlier into a "Fantasy in Pink," and began a night of dancing, eating, socializing, and formality. The Y-Teens' Hero dance created a world of make-believe, too. as couples garbed themselves in costumes depicting storybook characters. Students' dancing and punch drinking wos interrupted at 10:30 when the 1966 Hero, Roger Schelper, was announced. Girl Scout Sue Williams seems to have discovered her ideal hero and scoutmaster in khaki-covered Boy Scout Mickey Stenson.At Polly, Jill Ervin matquoradot at o toerotary to win Grog Loffhogon's lovo. To ploato tho court, tho two gondoliort mutt loam tho arts of nobility. R. Leglor. R. Coulton itop up a day on tho Riviora. SOPHOMORES PLAN TO EVADE THE BOYFRIEND "The Boyfriend" wos the first musical presented by the Edina Players. Sponsored by the sophomore class, the production eliminated the spring play and replaced the talent show as a chief source of money for the sophomore treasury. Traditionally, the class cleaned up after football games to save money. This portrait of the Roaring 20's takes place on the French Riviera where Polly, o millionaire's daughter, falls in love with Tony, a delivery boy, who is actually a rich lord's son. "The Boyfriend" was co-directed by Miss Patricia Paul and Mr. Thomas Beaver. THE GONDOLIERS The annual operetta was the height of achievement by the combined choirs this year. Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" was presented under the directorship of Mr. Dolph Bezoier, and student directors Vicki Russell and Jan Fletcher. The operetta relates the story of two gondoliers and the awkward situations that arise when they ore told that one of them is the rightful king of Barataria. Tho gondoliort oxprott mixod omotiont whon told of thoir joint rulorthip of Baratoria.There' ofety in numbers!" shouts Amy Nissen os she enacts her philosophy. FOOTBALL CLEAN-UP; PRODUCE "The Boyfriend" Cost Polly.....................Jill Ervin Tony..................Greg Loffhagen Mme Dubonnet.............Ann Rierson Percival Browne .... Tom Bridgemon Maisie.................Amy Nissen Hortense.........Linda Omelianchuk Dulcie..............Roxanne Legler Fay.................Mary Sue Larkin Nancy..................Lonna Stacy Bobby VanHusen . Greg Konzleman Lord Brockhurst........Gary Hess Lady Brockhurst . • Diana Postlewaite Alphonse.............Robert Coulson Pierre..........................Tom Johnson Marcel.........................Mike Thompson Student Director................Pa Monson Debbie Boiley, co-choreographer. FIRST MUSICAL "The Gondoliers" Cost The Duke.................Scott Drum Luiz......................Brad Zetman The Grand Inquisitor. . Dave Haberle Marco Palmieri.......Greg Loffhagen Giueseppe Palmieri........Dave Larsen Antonio....................Ron Kelley Francesco..........................Tom Johnsen Giorgio....................Ray Dunn The Duchess.............Sue Poehler Cosilda.................Amy Nissen Gianetta...............Jeanyne Bezdier Tessa.....................Jill Ervin Fiametta.............Candy Raymond Vittoria..............Jeanette Austin Giulia............................Iris Herring Inez...............................Ann ReiersonThe Edino Tennis squad, coached by Mr. John Marlon, completed its season with o first place tie with North Saint Paul in state play. Captain Robb Jones placed first in singles play; however, the doubles team of sophomores Dave Mathews and Jim Mitchell was defeated in State. The team began its undefeated season with a victory in the Metropolitan Tournament held at St. Louis Park against Washburn, White Bear Lake and Minnetonka. The squad went on to accumulate the most points over Minnetonka and Washburn in the Polar Pony contest. In this tournament, the netmen also defeated their title sharer. North Saint Paul, 6-2, 6-2. The team continued to remain undefeated in District 18 ploy against St. Louis Park, Cooper and Minnetonka. Edina come out fops in Region V, winning over West, Richfield and Minnetonka. HORNETS TIE FOR Jim Stuart mokes o return with a backhand shot. Dave Mathews. FIRST IN STATE WITH HELP VABSIVf — Front Row; J. Stuart. J. Bryan. 0 Mothowt. J. MMchell. R. Jones. Both Bow Coocfc J. Motion. 0 Kuohn. W. Weiget, J. Stowort. M Sborov, W Coriander, 7, Warner. Missing; J. Mosfings.Lake Conference Standings Won Lost EDINA MORNINGSIDE. .10 0 Wayzata ................9 1 Minnetonka..............8 2 Richfield...............7 3 Cooper..................5 5 Robinsdale..............5 5 Hopkins.................4 6 Lincoln.................3 7 St. Louis Park..........2 8 Kennedy................2 8 Mound...................0 10 FROMSINGLESCHAMP Jim Mitchell anxiously eyes his next shot. J. Bryan, member of the number one doubles team, in action.EDINA RACES TO THIRD IN STATE COMPETITION VARSITY — front Row R. Marshall, H. Wilson, H. Bolin, P. Monahan, B Notion, 1. Whilo. Middle Row: R. Richey, T. Groton, G. Hanson, J. Cans, J. Berg, B. Evans. Bock Row R. Otnoss, R Dunn. W Stcinbauor, P Matthias, J. 7|oden, K. Schollhous, B. Pointer, J. Spika. M Withrow, R. Thomas, T. Page. Milting: R. Schelpor. Straining for another triumph. Bob Richey shows his winning form. Senior Brian Palmer strains in low-hurdle event.Capturing third place in state competition, the Edina track team proved to be a worthy opponent. Ray Dunn, state champion for two years, set a new state record in the 440 yard dash with a time of 48.9 seconds. Dunn was also a member of the mile relay team, which has established a new state record time for the past two years; the present record set by the team is 3:22.1. Other members of the mile relay team were John Berg, Tom Greven, and Bob Richey. Also in the state meet, Roger Schelper captured third in the long jump, and John Tjaden placed fourth in the high jump. In the Lake Conference Track Meet, the Hornets placed first by accumulating 78 points, as compared with second place St. Louis Park's 64. Bill Steinbauer placed third in the discus, and went on to District 18 and Region V competition. In accordance with their teammates' practices, the low shuttle relay team consisting of Bob Marshall, Paul Matthies, Brian Palmer and Roger Schelper set a new Lake Conference record with a time of 55.9 seconds. Ray Dunn runs to first in State in the 440. Bill Steinbauer puts the shot.This season the Lake Conference baseball teams seemed to be well balanced. On any given day either team could have beaten the other, but Edina seemed to have a winning combination. The Hornets finished the season with a 7-3 won-lost record in conference play ond a 12-3 record overall. In District 18 ploy, the Hornets beat Shakopee (I 1-1) and went on to the quarter finals. Edina was eliminated from further play by Cooper (6-2). Outstanding play and a .500 batting average proved outfielder Mark Wilderotter to be All-Conference material. Other batting leaders were Dave Kirkland .333, Paul Larson .321. and utility man Jay Bennett .321. Catcher Mick Stenson was the first recipient of the Jim Deming Sportsmanship Award, which is given to an outstanding senior athlete. Utility man Bennett takes a turn catching. Jeff Wright races toward first base in the Kennedy game. BASEBALL TEAM SECOND IN LAKE CONFERENCE VABSITY — From Bow M Wildorottor. J. Bonnoti. J. Wnghl. D. Kirkland. T. Carlton. S. Stohold Middlo Bow. T. Oldham. B. lorton. S Bock. T. Of ". S. turnbull. J Bottmutton. Bock Bow Cooch 0. Boghon. B. Kioloy, T. Gontm, J. foydot. M. Srvnion. Monogort D Sfockdolo, M Bankt, Attilfonl Coocft McCarthy.JV-Front Row: G. Diehl, D. Wa lion, I Turnquist, R. Hanson, R. Jaeobfon, W. Mullen, R. Sonnoiyn, J. Porter, S. Henderson. Bock Row: Coach R. Sovre, T. Williams, D. Childs, G. Schmidt, J. Kiodrowski, W. Steinbauer, D. Beaver, S. Seashore. A. Hippt. Lake Conference Standings won Kennedy ............................ 9 EDINA............................... 7 Hopkins............................. 7 Robinsdale ......................... 7 Minnetonka.......................... 6 Cooper.............................. 5 Richfield .......................... 5 Mound............................... 3 Wayzata............................. 3 Lincoln............................. 2 St. Louis Park ..................... 1 lost 1 3 3 3 4 5 5 7 8 8 9 After a close call In the Richfield game, the players on the bench dispute the umpire's decision.Three strikes and Stan Scofield is one ouf closer to another win. Pool Larson shows how he earned his .321 batting average. Kennedy's first baseman holds All-Conference Mark Wilderotter. B SOU AD — Front Row: D. T rones, D. Severson, D. Crawford, L. Suomela, W. Steinke, R. Firth, A. Erdahl. Middle Row: J. Lindquist, B. Thompson, M. Untiedt, J. Shermer, J. Troop, K. Doyle, J. Verdorn, Back Row: Coach G. Johnson, M. Thoele, T. Peterson, M. Burley, R. Zender, J. Belmore, C. Olsen, Manager R. Spencer. Missing: F. Huser, R. Garlock.HORNETS GOLF TO THIRD PLACE IN CONFERENCE Supervised by Coach John Dahl and led by juniors Dave Haberle and Bruce McIntosh and senior Chuck Carlsen, Edina's golf team stroked to third place in the Lake Conference. The squad finished the season with a record of eight wins, one loss, and one tie, behind St. Louis Park and Hopkins. For their outstanding play, Carlsen, Haberle and McIntosh participated in District 18 competition, and continued on to the Region V Tournament. Haberle the former state champion, advanced to the State Tournament but failed to regain his title. Haberle then went on to play in the Trans-Mississippi Amateur Golf Tournament. Although Haberle was one of the youngest participants in this second largest amateur golf tournament in the nation, he was able to win fourth medalist honors in o field of 260 of the nations best amateur golfers. The luck of the draw found Haberle having the misfortune of meeting one of the top golfers in the first round of match play, and being defeated. State contender Dave Haberle lines up a putt. VARSITY — Front Row: D. Crowther, J. Gilbert, C. Carlsen, J. Fee, R. Croon-quist. Back Row: D. Haberle, S. Lowers, J. Klass, C. Christensen, Coach Dahl. Missing: 6. McIntosh.C. Ludden, P. Kieley, J. Bennett and A. Reierson discuts the Boy’s and Girl’s State Convention, a mock government session at the U of M. "Are we really all-American in baseball?" asks American Legion Outstanding Senior S. Eichhorn of T. Bridgeman. AWARDS ACKNOWLEDGE TOP ACHIEVEMENTS Declam winner J. Macintosh analytes G. Hess's latest speech. Scholastic Writing Contest winner D. Postlethwaite assists D. Reece and S. Borene. Nat'l Council of English Teachers Award winners. Observing the new "Best Actor and Actress of the Yeor" plaque is director Pat Monton, along with Nancy Jensen and John Wash.PATRONS Gregg's Pharmacy 4954 France Avenue South Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Morningside Hardware 3904 Sunnyside Avenue Griffen Pharmacy, Inc. 4412 France Avenue South 926-1697 Compliments of Morningside Grocery Meats 4386 France Avenue South Hartzell Motors 50ih Street ond France Edina, Minnesota Alfred Nielsen's Beauty Salon 3928 West 4916 Street 927-8857 Congrats to the Most Outstanding Class to Graduate from EMHS Margaret Hawkins Interiors Nolan's Salon of Beauty 6133 Kellogg Avenue Minneapolis 55424 Jay's Drive-In Restaurant 3101 West 66th Street Richfield, Minnesota Olsen Brothers Pharmacy Highway 169 212 Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Jiffy Car Wash 3720 Kipling Avenue St. Louis Park, Minnesota William G. Pearson Excavating and Grading 7831 East Bush Lake Road Jerry's Lucky Dollar 5033 Highway 169 Edina, Minnesota Powell Candies Excelsior Blvd. Powell Rd. Hopkins, Minnesota Joyce's Bakery 4406 France Avenue South Pies, Cakes, and Pastries Quality Books 3825 West 50th Street Minneapolis Congratulations Graduates Knit 'n' Purl Shop 502516 France Avenue South Roberts Company Rent-A-Tux 3827 West 50th Street Krispy Kreme Donut Company 6405 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis 23, Minnesota South France Standard 70th Street at France Minneapolis 10, Minnesota Lady be Lovely Beauty Salon 3903 Sunnyside Avenue 926-6020 Win Stephen's Buicktown 2370 South Highwoy 100 Minneapolis 55416 Morgan E. Johnson Co., Inc. Hwy. 100 Cedar Lake Road Volkswagen Porsche Dealer Thayer and Storm Hobbies and Artist Supplies Next to Edina Theater Compliments of Twin City Federal Savings and Loan Association Valley View Barber Shop Valley View Road at Wooddole 926-5402 Valley View Rexall Drug 6123 Wooddole Avenue 926-6519 Wally's Valley View Mobil 4500 Volley View Road 922-9734 Compliments of Warren's Texaco Service 6996 France Avenue South Wes Belleson's 3912 West 50th Street Edina, Minnesota Connolly-Lundberg Florists 3801 Sunnyside Avenue 926-1806INDEX ADMINISTRATION Bolmgran. a p 21 Bum . (Ion 22 Cobolio. Jomai 16.19 Co'»o".Povl 21 Ch .danien, John 21 Cor»on, Juo 24 Oohl. John 71 Oo ni. EdmO'd 74 E"g l. 2? F.ck.lao 1H Groabnar. fM'» 25 Had. Dovglo 22.73 John . Hanry 21 Kennedy, Wo,-» 24 Kmg. Ruth 22 Wo,n 25 IGrktond. Jo « 21 Ko.vvmoki. Victor 21 Kn »! M xti«2l K ahn.Comlonc 2l lop '. John 71 U'-do-.'. E'"- ' 19 Mort.n.fl,y 194 lyngoov. Janall 24 McKaond. Morgorar 27 Mammon. Howd 27.23 A8ar. Ingr.a 20 Myar . Sp Kr 19 Pryor. Cored 19 Rahmonr Arnold 24 (.ngRobond 18 Schmu Rodney 25 Sho . Wiffit 21 Strnor. Ilona 22 Slromm . Jaon 21 FACULTY Aomodt. tlwba . 48,49 Aomud, Ruth 27 Adorn . John 51 AndartO". B.'g.t3l Anda'lO". Sara" 28 Bogl.en. Duom 56.139 RortKoWi Mo'donno 38 ReOver, To l 53,101 Bachtle. toymond 27.78,30 Balk. John 4 Ba-g. lyl 43 Baco.ar. DolpA 55.116.117 Bcorueh. W.lliomi 50 Bloka. Undo 34.35 Boarg '. tog ' 50 Borneo". Robert 50 Butch, Rkhord 27 Conokat. Saiv'oi 56.134.135 Cotlwo. G org 41 Co onough Joyce 70.26 ChriMen.©-. Mo-o-d 36.37 Corbett. Jeon 57 Cove-'o. Oivo 77 DokJ. John 38 Ikkart. John 44 E»»dg .tob rt5S.M5 fngelho'd. Pa r.oo 57 1'Oitt. Iwm 29 r V kK - Dalmor 39.66.68 Oo»» ', 1 8 nn n 78 G.mmawod. Noncy 28.128 Gddanpain. (.chord 46,109 Gron.barg, Ed"h jo Grovdohl. Jon«c 50.51 Gf « . Morvin 45 GrtVjH. Mam« 48 Hog " -. ', touho 32 Hohortan. Elm f 44 Mo-a. So'boro 27.31 Hortmon tclwd 42 « ».. Bo'bo'o 52,53 I tan-gar M-m 26 Jo-back. Thomo 29 Joracka. Oo 48 J pt©n. W.IUom 46.108 Jo" . Joo »49 Kad'Ovtky. Vlod.m.'40.41 lovghkn, V lmo 20 lund . Mory Ann 38 Mohowold. Sh.rley 29 Moon. Ho"y 32.34 Mo on. Jo " 37 MtCooSy. l©w U 3653.111.77 McCorthy. Robert 39.136 Malyhor, Ed -" 55.113 May '. Conoid 47 Murphy. ItolM " 33,120 NaHon. Area 50 O'OovgW'y. John 28 0 w«. Mowo'd 54 tovl. Co lo 36 foul. Poer K 26 P go»t Col 39 P er on. M."o 23 P'a.nar. Mofy 73 Punkr.i, toy 37 Rexhow. echo'd 49 R .m ». G O'0 33 RuPod. Jul« 33 Jo" . Robert 43 Scanlon. echo'd 33.34.1 IB. 119 5 M .Joon79 S ho. Robert 33.40 Sh ldon, John 31 Sklutocek. Gao-ge 33 Sodarbarg AdeV 23 Sp-ndW Robert 34.3S Stom. lO"v 30.67 Siandray. louio 31123.152 Uhr.tog r4l Wogn '. Conoid 47 W.b ' Pool 45 Wago. Joata 36 War tall. Srfc-I 22 Who . Jwi« 31 W »«, RonoW 37.157 W.lb'igM, Mo--a 34 WA««g. Kauh 51 Vovng. W.lfaom 45.125 Zmt. Oonold 40 SENIORS Adorn . Tory 161,164 Adomton. Lynn 164 Agnail. Con 92.113.167,164 Aggihion. Undo 164 Alofik. Stephan 164 Alg ». Oeboroh 164 Allord. Mo'y 164 AllilO". Conoid 164 Allum. Oov d 164 Andohoiy.Zohan 16 Anda'tO". 8 "» 93.113.16 And iO Cord 131.164 Andt O". Con. 65, Andt'ion. G«rgg 109,164 And r»On. J.llr.y 124.164 Andtaton. John 115.165 And » 0". Co h 165 And . Scoo 165 Andr'lO". S phen 165 And' . B i»y 165 A n on. Conoid 165 A ko. C'og 165 Arndt. Koih'yn 92.165 A nokt Sco 165 Ai M n Jonn 165 Av mon. ,h« 167.165 An'y.Oog 165 Soorach. Money 106.165 So-lay. CMnxoh 165 Boko. Con 165 Bakar, S «f h n 142.143.166 tolti. Mxhoal 109.166 Bo'b '. Sov « 166 6o'.ng«0«. W-ll n 166 Boiai Svton 166 Sao'ing '. dith 93,116.166 8 k. S ph n 166 8 h r. Dab'O 166 Sannatt. Kav n 166 Sannan 5 o t Ba'.ito'd. tchord 71.166 Barg. John 83.92.166 Ba'tym , Jon 166 Sa-gou-u. JcPn 166 Ba g' n. Noncy 166 Bafk. Boffcoro 128.167 B »o- '.Ko' nll3.ll4.l67 B-ldan. CatoO'Oh 117.167 8na Joan 84,93 167 B.ng Mxhoal 167 Boionatt, Jon« 167 OjO'kmon. Cynth-o 168 BfO'nnat. Ko'd-' 168 Bodna.echollO.168 Boaltaf, Mo'y 106.110.168 Bohn. Httbert 140,168 Bolmg n. Jom 95.166 Book, tonoid 168 Boron. Juha 168 Bo'«h 'vM93.l09.l24.l68 BofanaSconAS lllBIBB Bort W-a. toba»t 136.168 Scn '». Chrd Bona . CynihJo 168 B odfo'd. Jwdnh 116.168 B'O- John 168 Brokk . Shoron 169 Soman. Povl 84.94,96.161,169 Ofodaien. Sond-o 107.169 Oranboke'. Noncy 169 Brndgannon. Mo'y 106.169 Brnigmon. Thomo.,118.124, 162.161169 eexson Jama 169 StokA. Swan 169 B'ovghion.t.ndo 116.169 B'O-nn, I do 169 B nn.hWM 117.144169 Buchonan. tot » 169 8«"ni, Gregory 134,135.169 Bam . Lonrence 169 8u»m. te-ronca 106.169 Barton. Jom . 136.170 Bwch. Tho o 93,94.99.170 BaiW'. Unw 93.170 Ballon.lon54.l70 Byimom. Po" -o 92.170 Cd'wny. WJhom I 70 Con»p6 U. AAchoa 171 C»k On.J «r y 171 Corfcaa. Chorla 92.161,171 Co»lK n. (Cog 177.171.207 Corhon. Kothfyn 92.171 CorHon. Noncy 92.171 Co'l on.Pat '97.l7l CorWi. Bob " 136.171 Cort , Solly-5a 171 Conor. Oovd 171 ChodwXk. ConnO 171 Chiilar. Joieph 171 Ch'lilopharton. Jaroma 171 Chart . Doro 171 C-nfn-a lo6art 171 C-p o. loa-v 107.177 Cloanar. Roronna 172 Cohnn. Conoid 172 Cot r. Mork I 72 Comma'i. loada 172 Comdock. Svton 172 Conlm Morion 104.121.172 Connoy. Mxhoal 172 Cook. Jaonna Coonay, Chary! 118.177.198 Coop . John 177 CoimBo. Phylh, 117.177 CoaSord. Jann.ter I 77 Coahon. (Ob 214 Coa r.Mork 117.172 CoanoHa. Corol 100.107.172 Covrtoil . Jaonm 104.1 73 Coartnay. fhomot 140.141.173 Com. Mory 173 Oauawfl. I,"do 173 Oomb-a. SNort 173 Croonovtf. tobarr Croikna. tho«o» 106.173 Crp 4ay. S phan 48.173 CaM. lonaanca 124.173 Coring. Slava- 173 Oovn-CoNna 173 Dovu. John 173 0 o" Joiaph 173 Oagafaarg.0aano9l.l73 Oagan. Mory 173 Daway. JJ1 174 Cbbla. Conoid 115.174 Oxkmon. Pon«Jo 131.174 Cannar. Daboroh 174 Croc la . Jom 74 Coapka.Poal 174 Doh. Mo'y 174.190 Coaohl. John 125.135.174 Coka, WllBt C «. Chary! 42.49.1 74 Can. Pofr o 174 Cam. Scon 93.99.174 Oafaroa !.. Gaorg 172.1 74 CrHy. John 174 Cam. Mark Dunn. Raymond 77.117.138,14?. 175 Dunn, fho-o. 106.135.175 Dunck. Donna 116.131.175 lorl. Sr v 73.175,201 Edalmor". Alon Ego". Marilyn 66.95,175 fxhluyn. Sue t-d . Koran e.non. Mork Inal. S do Elkay. Mork 175 fllli.Sh Jo 110.175 Eng. AA« 83,175.92.93 Engal.Naol 175 £ngqu.»t. Mory I 75 Erxkion. Joo« 93,109,110.176 Erxkion Mo"n 97.176 Erdad.Sva92.l76 Emn. J.M E«on . JvWa 176 tnarr.Jaorm 106.176 Eydan.Pom 177 fohy.Sco" 177 Eamon.Rodgar92.l77 Eayd ., Joiaph 177 ».aid. Ted 177 Emloy. SN'iaan I OB. I 77 ».rth. Borbo-o 177 E.ihar, Moryl 177 Hoikomp.Ann89.il 1.177 ElaKhar.Jonm 117.177 Mood, W.Hiom 177 Mynn. Jon.cn 92.113.177 forn .Mrg,104 178 Fort. Covd 113.178 Fottar. Korl 178 Fo »ar. Ponalo 95.107.178 Fom. Cyntho 121.178 Fronco.Jonai92.l09.l78 Fronk.ng.NaoJ Fr dr«ckton. Joa 106.178 Fraaman. Mory Fray. Bortxiro I 78 Fray, Mory 178 Gokl . U do 117.178 Gonlay. Borboro 178 Gorbarg. Condone 93.178 Gorlock. Vagruo M 79.190 Gorr.ton. Undo 106.179 Gorriton. Roger 179 Gorry.Gragory93.IT9 Gor» n. T.mo«fay Goiil '. Tom 179 Gagar. Mory GarucKPom 78.111179 Ga" h, Pae- .a 82.179 G.g r, Kathy 179 G fca t. John 93.179 G.IUond.0ond 179 GRquv. Moo H0.179 G.rour. Mxhoal 111179 Glomarad. Con. 113.179 Gnom.Pamr 106.180 Gdhcholk. Jon 107.110.180 Grom... Mory 180 Oar. Jo mat Gray. Sha.lo92.i80 Granall. Bo«no 93.104.180 Gr » «. Tkomo 180 OMMr. Edword 180 Grorh . Korhy Guattka. Noncy 180 rioam g. Amto 180 Hogan. Robert 180 HoO. Oovd 6S. Holtmod. Thomot 180 Molveno . J.m 147.180 Holvonon. John 75.111118.135.181 Honahon. John Homing. Lon 181 Hormony. Robert' Horra.Mo.oo 181 Horroon. Chorlat 181 Hort.Morca 181 Houck. Jom 181 Hougan. Borboro 92.113.181 Hougar. Wolloc 182 Ho . Suconn 106.18? Ho k.nt, Johonno 89.9194.96.121167.182 Ho lay, Borboro 182 Hoyi. Gory 82.93.182 Ho ahon. Non 182 Haocock. Cynlh.o 32.92.182 H l! H,ng r. Ccdhryn 104.187.210 H .lg. J«h« 92.118.182 H .n Xh.Mar« 104.182 HanaJmld SHphen 134.135.182 Henkel. Arnold Hanlay. AwSo» My. Mary Margot 64.95.182 Mental . Kolhleee 107.182 H r»w fcchord 183 Martinom . Jo 183 Hau. Gory 1 3 M.bbord.Wd 183 HgWold. HoBy 183 H.« Rondo 55.163 NirxKaoaa MO. 183 Hlodek.Metuo 183 Mobh . John 99.183,201 Mot -. Tho-roi 117.183 Moahn. Gragory M 3,183 Mol aval T.modiy 183 Monoat Mary 183 Mood, led 183 Mopklnt flcabeth 183 Moron. Thomoi64. Morrotki. Jellrey I $4 Movde. Tatar Mo ey. Huobeth 184 Nuebtcher. Jeon 184 Mvebhcher. Komar.na 77.116.184 Mug . lyndo 184 Hvgliet. Mory 107.184 MuJI.Bo i M3.184 Mulhnom.DoaoJd 184 Inerton. Jon 184 Jock. Iwrarna 110.184 JockftOn. Joy 113.184 Jotoby. Thomoi 184 Jonmn.Mory 106.185 Jaawn. Nonty 66.79.9195. M 7.185 Jantan. Thomo, 185 Jaibarg. Su anne 185 Java . Tyre. 6 7.95. II7.185 JoJwdraou. Mono 185 JoJin4aa.May92.97.l85 JdwaoA Borboro 185 Mmton Brod 185 Johnion. Bromley 76.104,185 JoJmion. Dot 185 Johnion, Koy 106.185 JoJinton. Lonna 185 Jolinton, Mory 67.185 Jolmron. Mory Jo 185 Jobnton. Bonoid 185 John ton. 5raven 107.186 Jobntoa, Swioa 107.186 JoMooa. Thomoi 116.147,186 JoMoon.WJIord 186 Joaav 8orboro 186 Joaey, Mural 186 Joaet. Tom 89.176.187 Kogol. Danny 147,187 Korbo. Mory 167 Keeler. Mory 187 Keho. Svmh 107.187 Keller. Sondro 7895.187 Kelley. Ronold 78.M7.I35.I87 Kemper. Anna91,187,210.215 Kennedy. Morgver, 116.187 Kennedy, W.llawt 108.187 KenneDy. Thereto 187 Kenney. Jomei 187 Kern.Joon 187 tarn. Scot 107.187 Corolya 93.188 K4e. Rob K mell, toy 92.188 Crklond. Job. 34, •Coda. Dowd M3.188 ■Carbon. Wdom 188 Or . Bruce 115.188 Cno.. CHoMm 188 Knutio tCoihorn 93.176.188 Kraaion. Korhy KnvbonMoryJo 188 KoraHMikr.rrad9l.99.l88 Konwlmoa. Gragor 104.117.188 Krovie.leil 109.188 Kra«f. Coy 188 Kr »e . Rahord 92.109.169 KapKoJ.ll.MbHt. 189 loda, Morgory 77.131.189 to Grondtvr, Mory to-om Mor.o 106.189 londet. Mary Ann I2U89 loodMk. Thomoi 189 Long Tt ar 189 lorkin Joa 4 214 torion. Judy 107.189 I O'ton. TowJ 189 lovb. MtKoal 91.189 low". lorry 109 lowrer. Joyce 189 ladl. Ala.ondro6l.77.l02.l89 Laglar. Boronne 43.93.189 lawn. TottKk 190 Lawn. Stephen 190 l-abarg.Mor.lyn 107.190 li Oyord. JoKa 93.190 LHdbargr. Garold 190 Imdo . Dowd 190 lata. Tar ) 107.190 lomieen. Knit M3.M4.190 leper. Siewoti lord Mithoal 122.191 lor.mar. Cy-vh.0 93.99.II6191 to .mar, Kolhlaan 191.215 loulo. Randolph 191 lutkar. Undo 92.111,191 lull. BobeM 135,191 Undo . Judah 91.191 luodquni. K.pron 65,93.191 Itmdqua . lou Elian l M.Corker- 74.92.M3.M4.l9t lynch. Robe 191 Mot ThoJ. Kara 191 Mognut. Mory 106.191 Mohowold. Boyd 92.191.194 Mojot. Gragory 191.215 MoatKaPar. KorhWaa Monholl. Gory 147.192 Morw. Rond 122.192 Maoe Borboro MotWlmdo II2.M4.I92 Monhewt. Thomoi 113.192 MoMuat. Pox' 73.193.194 Mound Cord 193 Mtn. Thomoi 193 McCarthy. Shehey 193 McCoy. Borborq 31.193 McCrocken. Stephen 193 McC«Boogh. Dowd 193 MtDarmd. Molcoim 124.193 McDonotd. Steven 193 MfOonoVd. Thomo Me Go won, fronclna 193 McGuire. Terronce 193 Mc-Mohoa. Wiltiom 193 Mehrkent. Joieph 65.104.105 Maloader. Woyaa 193 Melther. Norwood 194 Melhmthm M»A »» 194 Millar, ChrU Millar. Rithord 194 Millar. Woyna IJ4.137.194 Millmon. Dor d 194 Mnchall. Bag no 194 MoJIor. Mithaol 80 194 Molda. Jdfray 195 Moliahn. Woyaa 195 MonoAon.Bov 140.195 Montoa.Ann 195 Mon ion. TomcHi Monten. Bart 195 Montgomery, Mork 93. M 3.195 Montgomery. Mahoel 92.109,195 Wtoore. 0 r. e 92.99.195 Morroon. I,ado 107.195 Mona Oeboroh 195 Mother. Gory 106.195 Mulcohy. Kevm 195 MdU.a. Tkpmo. 195 Mmeon. Totfit I07.I9S MHtoy. Thornol 196 Noumon. Duma 196 Ned. Doaold 196 NechaB . Jam 81.196 Nebon. Bonn 93.94.96 196 NeJion. Bruce 88.134,135.136.196 NtJton. Cho-W 196 Nelton. Dolton 196 Nebon. Mark 196 Nation. Mated. ! 88.92.94 9 7.196 Nelton. Scon 106,196 Neumom. Boland 92. M 3.196 Newbern. Mor.lyn Nokon.To 196 Nye. Dtborah 196 Nygoord. Dowd 197 ObergJott . 197 Ochmon.Corde92.l97 OtPreich. Denmt 197 0 i edol, Jrd.e V2,197 Obion. SMlon 88.102.197 CXdhom. Thomoi 197 Ofimteod. Julia 110.197 Oban. Chnihe 197 Oban. Krelin 110. M4.197 Oboe. Mo y 197 OhovJoon 197 Otwa.Joh.il 1.197 Oboa.lindo 197 Obo«. Mork 120.197 Oho". Mory 107.198 Oboa. 5vwn 198 Omebonchuk. liado On nod Borboro 198 Or»c Thomo. 73.80 140 198 Orrbea. Am 198 Owbarg Gory 120.199 Odmoa. Korea 92.109.199 One Andy 86 Owent. JeHrey 106.199 Tolm Ann 199,214 Tola«r, Brum 73, Torion., Bo» 199 Towtki.Chrrt.-o 130.199 To r k, Bonnie 199 Tatnpn, Jocovekyn 42.199 Bodion. JoJm75.M3.l99 Toorion. WilUom 199 Tedd . Doano 199 Badeoen, Tod 135.199 Bedartea. T.w 93.199 Beagedy W.llom 123.200 Barb... luoo 200 Berro. Goil 200 Tatar ten Barky 92.94 96 105.131,200 Tetr ion, Dowd 113.200 btaion Gory 7179,95 198 200 Tatar ton Gregory 200 B 4eryorv John 200 Tatar to loyaer 47.200 MorHer. Terrance 200 Th-Hp . Mory 92,104,107.200 Bkowa. Brrtollo 64.176.200 Ton tor Voter 200 Towe«. Jean. .. 91,93.200 Trot . George 26.B0 110.119,200 Tritchord. Bo«r k 201 Turtee. Imdo 7B.lia20l Tumon. Indtoy 83.107.201 Bodord. Mory 201 Batmuuen. JeHrey 147.201 Boy, Roaotd83.l34.l35.20l Roymond Condoce 93,108. • 09. II 6.201 Reece D«k 65.92.II8.119.201 Bead. Imdo 201 brevet Corol.no 89,93.126 131.162 163.201 Rekm. George 78.124,201 Re-neck. Denmi 106.201 R -V Kothleen 201 •adt. Borry 201 Batch Joy 108.201 Rice. GoJ 201 Rich. Chortet 202 Bn hey. Bob takord. Imdo 92.202 key. Cord 202 Rock «4 Dowd M 1.202 Bodaag Cord 95.202 Bogart. MonJya 92.131.202 Bohde. R.chord 202 RoH.Jon202 Rooney, Thomot 202 Bote. Ifad«r.f4 202 BotendoW. AJon 142.202 Ro»»-on Morgoret 93.94,99.105.207 Bott.John 124.202 Bolt Koiher.ae 93,203 Bowia Borboro 203 Rudd. Gony 203 Buda Borboro 203 Buda . Bobart 67.95.203 Buedy. Mory 203 •ukai. Rahord 67.122.203 Bunke. Kenneth 203 tuiieU V k. 97. II6.162.703 Soabon. lorotee 204 Soabora Boa 204 Sondberg. Koran 93 105.204 Sondberg WJhom 204 Soodert. Rahord 204 Sod r. Tmoahy 204 Sotg Valeria 704 Soatoa. Mrlryn 106.204 Sborov. Mork 71.144.204 Sboro», Marry 77,204 Scarborough. Shoroa 204 SchoeJer. Sw»- 131.204 Schoub. Cynduo 204 ScheJper. Roger Scherer. Mark 117.204 SchWMer. W.ll.om 205 Schmerler. Svphan 205 Schmid Kathleen 130,131.205 Schmid. Suton 205 Schweiger. Kenneth 109.205 $cd ld. leJond 705 Sco" William 205 Seeber. Bom B6. Sewn ton. Jonef 92,205 Shackle, lavra 30.117.205 Sharkey Korea 91.205 Shepherd, trader k 73.B8.I I6.20S Patsing periods find halls and stairs crowded and noisy. 247$ o Jomet 273 Mono-d. WO’i 773 M-dok. Co-ol 131.223 Mufnogl . Jomn 136.773 Hughrc Daniel 223 Munr, Roben 223 Muni, W.llom 223 Muibandi, Jennlf J23 Hvttod, Bo'ba'o 223 Munon. Jud, 223 Mytond. MUley 223 Ingram. Uifa 114.223 Ingeold f Wabeth 223 Jockton. I DoimJ 7j, 117.223 toctoon. lorrom 223 Jocotnon. Ronald 223 Johnio-. Okxo 223 to town. PoRnoa 224 Johnioe. toJ 224 Johnton. R-Ckotd 224 tohnio . Ronald 115.224 Johnton. Scon 224 Jone Jomet 67.99.274 tone,. Povlo 224 tonni. Robert 224 Jonat. Solly Ann 224 tordon. Ion 116.724 Joyce Donml 224 Jedd. Rod. 274 KoMo. Rxtuvd 224 Kottonk. Roy 60.224 KamfM. W. am 224 KoneM. John 224 Ka»r. Non 29.224 Keotnt. Ibcl 224 Keeler, Patrick 224 Kally. Pat 224 Kemp Cottiy 224 Kempnr. Jaw 224 Kemptter, Cluobeth 224 Kennedy. Phil 11 7.224 Kennedy, I homo. 224 Kept l«. Noncy 131,224 Kertten, lovne 224 Keritotor. Geo-geom Kerwin. Barbara 55.116 Kettorton. tocguetyn 224 ICedrowjk . Peter 147.224 Ktotoy.JoM 135.147.224 K-ng. lee 224 King, Trudy 120.224 K k. Mxhoel 724 Kirkland. Dand 142.144,224 KnMion. tone 224 Ktou. lame, 224 Klwcov Marnye 224 KnowW Dovd 113.224 KnorrWv Stophen 224 Kmeton. Carol Kmtoon. Kirbe 224 Koenig. Undo 224 Konigion. Botry 224 Karmom. Robert 136,224 Komi. Pb.l.p 117.224 Ktouv Modelnne 116.220.224 KretOya. Kothryn 224 Krogwod. to- 224 Kroning. Imdo 99.224 Kf ueget. Solan 224 Kruppao J«drll7.724 Kuehn, Dond 224 Kuhnley. Stephen 224 Kuny. Borboro 117,224 lade , lea- 114.224 lo-g. toll 224 lone, Valerie 114.224 long, Moik lone-. Da«id 116.224 lot ten. Sulen 224 loreon. Barb 224 tonon. Iredoxk 119,136.224 I or ion. loom 224 lotion. PNI 224 lotion. Terry 224 lotaBe. Jonathon 224 laid. Undo 20.115.224 lourien. tomei 224 le-ghton. Svionn 117.224 letman. l o e 120.224 lembold. Peter 224 leeen. Stove 224 lewti. Cathy 224 leeni. Debbie 224 lewi. Vetona low . Wiliam 724 lmdg«M».Mork Dndiey. So-oh 724 L-ndtkoog. toon 223 Dnner. Kraft 219.725 lockhort. Debbie 225 loeWer.Morytoll7.273 lodhogen. Gregory 116.725 lotoyde. tonyte 225 lo-rer. John 225 lotnland. Ve.on.to 273 ludden.Cnther.r, 90.91.225 lund. Anthony 142.225 lend. Dond 725 lend, toon 273 I eon. Eliiobeth 225 le«. O-ltotd 225 lynch. Tim 225 I yom. tomei 225 Moonum. Do-o 223 Moetoe-. Remold 225 Magnet. John 223 Maher. Jed 225 Morton. Michael 225 Mo-toy. tom 225 Monnh , Monica 67,725 More". Scum 273 Motile. Oeboroh 225 Motto Thomo 69,135,147.775 Monholl. Stanley 223 Martin, Deborah 225 Mottin, Jeonnie 113.225 Morhn. Mxhoel 725 Motor. Bo-boro 273 Mauopeii. Dond 225 Matheion Maty 223 Mottono y. Mxhoel 223 Motthewv Solly 113.225 Motthieiien. Muffin 725 MoeJ. Don 225 Motwell. Dot'd 225 May. Janet 223 Moybetg. Suio- 120.223 Mayer. Crag 136.723 McBrde, Rodger 775 MtConno. John 225 McClain. W,Ilian 225 MtOertmd. Jud 225 McDermott, Kathryn 223 McDonald. Colleen 113.225 McDonald. Cyntha 225 Met hath, Svtonne 225 hVfodreo- Anne 116.725 hV Got rough. Mark 113.114.225 Me I tooth. Bruce 147.145.223 Me Kenno. Suta- Me lei Ian. Joanne 225 Mean . Stove 225 Meritor. Mork 226 Metroe. Kr.ir.ne Meredith. John 226 Mereleld Crag 226 Mevad. John 113.114.226 Millard. Rondy 226 M.He». Carfty 226 Millet. Can-. 226 Miller. Ini 726 Millet, tomei 81.97.276 Miller. John 226 Miller. Korher.ne 226 M-hhell, Gregg 226 Moeile. Peggy 226 Moo-e. tonmler 276 Moor . Kathleen 726 Moor . Mary 226 Moreov. Mary 226 Moron. Donno 726 Morphen. ho-d 226 Morru. Mchoef 226 Morrmey. Jotme 726 Mueller. Ota 49,726 Mullen, Bo'bo'a 44.276 Mullen. Worren 226 Murphy. Horry 226 Murphy. John 226 Murphy. Morgoret 226 Mrike. Bo-boro 726 Nobovn. Km. 226 Noegoli. Thomo 226 Nogengoit. Tom 136.726 Nokken. Krnlin 226 NeJion. Bruce 75.113.226 Nehon, Bryan 226 Nelioe. Jell 226 Mellon, Pot 726 Nelion. 5 non 226 Nonet. Corn 226 Nottum. Janice 226 Newhoute. Doud 226 Kelien. S«on 226 hhenober. Crog 99.226 Helen. Amy 116.226 Nord. Motto 131.226 Northrup Judnh 117.226 In order fo watch "Batman" at night, seniors use study Nortmch. Ellen 726 Nunn. Roger 226 Nygoord. Ann 226 Nyrop. Nomy 99.226 Nyitrom. Iliobed. 276 Ookev Jock 219.226 Oertel. Rchord 776 Ogren. Paul 276 Oken, Noncy 226 OlmiNtod. Chrithn 776 OI en.Kor no 114,726 Olion. Jul.e 276 Olton, Inwrence 726 Olion. Robert 226 Olton. Stolen 136.276 Olion. Simon 726 Olton. Thomo, 226 Otmrd. Gregory 726 O-h4e0.Kevu.226 OreKow. Donald 776 Otlourk . Marilyn 226 One-blod. Rxhord 135.226 Omvon. Elite 226 OAmd, Noncy 226 Oeneih. Richord 136.276.498 Pockord. Mortho 226 Page. Aton 226 Poge. Thomai 1 0.141.226 Palmer. Con Home 226 Pan,. Mory 55.116.776 Porreh.Jonont.22d Portrxfge. lorry 220 Poinck. Mork 726 Port ton Chorion. 117.226 Peanon. Bo-bora 226 Peooon, Sue 227 Pe-Mer. Mxhelle 227 Pert. Jomei 727 Petoryon. Bonme 227 Peter Kin. Dcboro 227 Petonon, Jerry 727 Petorion. loura 227 Petotion, Renee 01.104.227 Penytohn. Richard 277 Pxkard. Patty 80.227 Picket,. Donna 227 Pierce. Carol 227 Pierce. Suit . 227 Pnkhom. K-e 227 Poehler. Swon 6699.116,227 PoMack. Carol 227 Pond, Polly 227 Porter. John 227 Portmgo. Charlene 227 Pent I Ditto 277 Potftodwoe . Dana 90.114.777 Patwc,. Richard 227 Pratt. Kathleen 727 Pryot. Timothy 91.277 Ohnton. Bruce 227 (X'tr. StoRthen 69,277 Rochm. Suton 727 Rodemocher. Pometo 79.100.227 Roy. Cotonn 727 Roymer. Stove- 777 Reel , lye 277 Reienon. Ann 218.227 Re.mom, Morgoret 89.227 Reiter. Brute 277 Renne. Stophen 227 Reiop.Jame.227 Re rum. Baibora 727 Reynoldj. Cotol 277 fcte. Gregrey 227 fctho'di, Douid 115,227 Rat, Kevin 227 Rieiltorg.Ko.en 113.777 Riggle, frank 227 Riley. Dole 227 Robert,. Pa-oa 227 Robeman. Ko-en 727 Robertion. Kitno 277 Rodman. W.Sam 719.727 Rohrer. Don 136.727 RoHian. Jone 113.114.227 Romunoitod. John 227 Rate. Richard 777 Row. Mori 136.227 Roth, Moye, 90.227 Red, Pomelo 117,227 Rue Borboro 227 Ritoerford. Shannon 227 Soon. Borboto 277 SobcWko. Core 777 Sackndef. to Ann 227 SohJmon. Robert 727 Sok-on. Ann 227 SompieU John 136.227 249SonRced. Peggy 178,218,239 Soud . Ory-.d 108.777 SeoHl. Nancy 114,727 Sth.llhm.Kyri 147,277 ithlob. Churl . 727 Sehilti. K«hy 227 Schmidt. G o g 227 Sthorr. Solly 117.227 Sehtoada . lorry 277 Scbu»4 . Starr !. 277 S 0 t. C» ryl 277 Scon. JeWrey 113,114.727 Scon, Sondro 227 Strop . Soro 237 Seothor . (ug n 147,227 Sequin. Rotamar.e 727 S td ". $Vph n 228 Selnatt, Dor.d 135.778 5horh y, Tom 109.144.728 Shoughr ty. Oonwt 228 Sheppord Stephen 228 Simper,. Scon 113,114.228 Smoon. Siphon 728 Sloter. John 228 Smith, Da boron 778 Sm h. Do«a 72.228 Smith, Jaftrey 228 S-V Money 99.328 S«Jh. Robert 378 South. Stephen 102.108.728 Sm.tta o. louo 728 Snow, Tarry 228 Sodarmon. Thomot 228 So» «. Valeri 228 Sor nw n. John 228 Sorhon. Jonn 278 SoMwrr. Money 89.228 Sovba Jukonne 728 Soul . J x mW 128.129.728 Spence . Corot 228 SprkaSonoW 108,778 Sprague'. Su onn 228 fcober. PoMek 228 Sro r. ttobfc.e 228 SwntUfd. KatM n 278 Si tnbov r. Will.o»« 135,147.228 SMinor, Pomelo 53.89,117.128.228 Stemke. Morrlyn 97.228 Stendohl. Al,ic n 278 Stuent. Jon 228 Stetemon. Kylo 105.115.278 Stillman, George 228 SirotMT, Koth nn« 228 Strom berg. Condoe 728 Strvch. Vero 728 Sruort. Jam 228 SAW. Thomo. 119.228 s rphen. Ww 46.278 Swaraon. Brut 228 Swing. R hord 228 Toll, Chart . 728 Toft. Jame. 278 Taylor. Ann 228 Ttftord. Woyn 278 T or y, loom 728 Tailor. Corola 278 Thoyar. Shoron 278 Thuegt. Poirek 228 Thomot. Mehoal 228 thomptoe. Undo 108.278 Thorriao- Robert 228 Ttaompjon. Scon 279 Thornton. Dm Homier. Roger 779 Thomson, 8 tly 97.131.729 licit . Slew 229 T,oden.John 115.147.229 Teaming. Ann 229 Trwmm. Joma. 729 TrvUhow. Too 279 Trudrfl. CliHord 229 Try . Morgo'rt 229 Truamon. Sujonn 113.329 Turns. M.Vgun 279 Turk. Doughs. 729 Turngv, Tom 229 ITngar. Joorma 88.130,229 UrAadi. Jarold 109.229 IP . Bruce Um . Potr « 88.128.229 Voneal, Deem 729 Vo 0 r Zral Joonno 115.229 Vaanendool. Rodger 115.136.779 Vanall Gragory 229 Wodhmd. Undo 779 Won . l,nda 76.131.729 Wold . Snw 229 Walker. Comionce 229 Woll. More ro 76.81.779 WoHng. WH« 229 Wong, l-rmeo 113.279 Woth. Johe 66,78.94.729 Wobon. Denmt 218.229 Weotharheod. Potr.ce 113.729 Wabart, AJlyn 135.229 Week. Warren 229 Weigel, W.lliom 729 Welch, Don 117.229 Wandtond. Mary Ann 229 Wail. David 115.729 W Mrb rg. Ctoudio 229 Wadfoll. RuiteK 229 WaaMtOA Koran 229 Wanmon. Chr .peer 229 Who -. Chorlm I 16.142.229 Whaoton. Tone 229 White. Jama 140 141.779 Weklvnd. Do 779 Wickorom. l.ndo 279 Wien. Kr.tn 729 Winner. Svton 229 Wilbur. Tom 229 W-lco.. Mo-garal 729 w.ldareoar. Mori 229 Wiiay. Money 229 W,Simon, Mory 229 Wilhomi. Ann 229 Williomi. Tohn 229 Willesmv MiChoal 229 WiIIks-1. Thomo 147.144.229 W.Oton. Edward 279 Wilton. Toycn 229 WmgeH. Deborah 729 Winter, Coro 64.229 Wiie. Undo 729 Wilde. Ton 729 w.fham. Jom . 229 Withrow. Mark 134.135.229 Wo rn r. Suton 729 Wohlrobe. Bnon 229 Wright, left 229 Wright. Mory 229 WrobWi. Jotcph 729 Yovog. Morgora 131.27° Yunkar. Jome 229 Zohn. Noncy 229 Zetnpaf, lynne 121.229 Zarull. Bob 729 Z-mmarmon. Joon 229 Zpoy. Undo 779 SOPHOMORES Abbott. Virgmo 114.732 Adornc. W. Aom 232 Adomtcm. Soevaui 232 Agutluor . Allen 139.732 AJeiondar, Cordon 88.139.232 Alk.ra, Pow ,o 732 AJIen. Joke 237 Allen, Money 232 Allum, Garold 732 Andohocy. Moriut 233 Andarbarg. ShaRay 233 Anderten. Shoron 233 Andertoe. Borboro 38.737 Andarjcn. Kant 232 Andaf.cn. Undo 737 Andarton. ton 233 hndanon. Suton 232 Andarton. Thomot 237 Andrei. Sobaw 232 AnlintO . Noncy 232 Anlnar.»hn 139.237 Movemenli in dancing — students dance to the Saget at the Whigrean dance in February. Aramon. Vicki 233 Arko. Rotonna 732 Arndt. Jomei 232 » A« ton. Go.l 232 Arnold. Woynn 737 Aihworth. Mclioel 139.232 Atwood. Solly 232 • • Aultin. Jeonene 116.232 Bo.l y. Becky 89.91.232 Bo.ky. RotoJ-o 232 Bokh. SNve 139,232 Bonkt. Richard 733 8orr » Wiliam I 15.232 Backer. Suionn 237 BaiartdoH. Suton 732 Selmore. Jcmolhon 139.144.737 Beltchner, Gory 232 Seim Chari 732 Barman. Dole 232 Baw.It. Corolyn 115.232 Barnon. Dole 732 Benton. Neil 232 Barg. Undo 732 Bargarton, Darryl 232 Bargel. Dond 232 Bar gat. Kritf.n 232 Batglund. Robert 732 SarggcMt. Mory 232 Bargouip. Money 732 Be-kmoet. Mory 110.732 Barnordi. Poolo 232 Bette ten. I our el 732 Bathk . Dcmold 232 Bavoe. Potr k 733 Becoier, Jaonyne 116.233 Bwrmon. Bonnie 233 Biuonett. Thomot 233 Btockbourn. lynn 733 SJonchao Suton 733 tt-»g. Thomot 144.233 Borene. Jon 733 Bcooiene. Thomot 733 Bov . Undo 233 Bowen. Bonn.. 733 Brom. Thomo. 233 Bran . Gordon 89,730.233 Bratton. Shoron 116.233 Brecht. Undo 233 Br.d n. Cm 233 Br-dgmon. Arthur 118.233 Br.nlman. John 233 Brobock. Robert Broberg. Stephen 233 Brat. W.IUon 733 Broa Thomot 114.233 Brown. Dole 233 Brown. Paul 233 Bruer. Km 733 Bruer. Mork 733 Buell. Mork 733 Burkemn. lee 733 Burlay, Vichoal 139.149.233 Burnt, louro 733 Burt. Potnck 733 Bvto. Pout 733 Bulk irk. Jon t 233 Butler. Jeanne 733 Cdrvny. ModoV 733 Cohoton Borb 233 Collon Moween 131.230.233 Conton. Suton 233 Cord. W.lliom 233 Codonder. letter 233 CorVton. Cot harm 233 Corban. Joon 233 Corltan. Merr.le 233 Carbon. Batty 733 Carlton. Howard 139.233 Corlwn. jeonn 129.233 Corlton. la 233 Carlton. Mark 733 Corlton. Mory 99.733 Corlton. Mchel 733 Corlton. Robert 733 Cor (ton, Suton 233 Corlton. Todd 233 Corr. Potr k 139.144,233 Corter. Money 733 Coubl . Cynthio 115.233 C »u a. Timothy 233 Oodboum. Poyl 233 ChodwKk. Sondro 233 Chomplm. Ton 733 Otopmon. Gragory 233 Chalgran. V kl 733 Chiller. El.iobath 733 Chr.PMjnt. V k. 233 Clotan. Noncy 233 Cloutan. Joy 233Common, l-tobm 733 Coh—. Dowd 733 Co«m och. Fh p 733 Connoy. Kathleen 733 Coo —. txkord 114.733 Corcoron No v 733 Cody. Mxnme 733 Co , 8rg.d 733 Crod. indo 733 Cro—-d. David 733 Crowley. Mk 733 Crowd—. Dowd 139.733 Crowd—. Oovglot 139,733 Cummegt. K.mboll 108.733 C—ron, Sw» 333 Dahlen Mo-go— 334 Ooley. Coll —234 Oork—wold. Deb-oh 104.734 Oowt. 8r.o 734 Dean Cyr-m 234 Deon fowl 734 Deg— Deborah 734 DeH-der. Dowd 108 109 234 DelOono. Jerry 734 DeMorth. Dowd 139.734 Oemicn THomat 139.734 D R m r. Cathy 734 Deten—. Thomot 734 0——bach. Svton 734 Dt-cky KatM—n 179.734 D un—. Mortho 734 Dwttch . Thomot 108.114.734 Oowtetty. M—gu—iM 117.734 Do«»(.Mw, 144,734 Dovglat. EAorgorM 734 Doyi . Kemn 234 Ooiork. Margoret 334 Oran. Tiwcehy 334 Or—How. ShMIey 734 Drum, Dowd I 16.734 Du neon (rx 334 lOKtn. Fenny 234 Egon fcchord 140.734 Egg— Mark 734 Egl.t . Ingwd 734 Eichhorn, tog— 89.147.234 C.tl—.Jo- 131.234 {I.rot— 114.234 Elkey. E It robed- 234 (Iky Fo«—o 234 (nglowd l»lU 104.734 Engl—- Sutann 105.116.234 (oglund. Rott 734 (rdaM.Ard.ur 139.234 (nekton. 8-chord 234 III—v Judd. 734 (dombo, George 234 (n— N—cy 234 Evony Brvce 89.140.730.234 (v—ton. Erx 234 (yden.Cynelwi 91.734 Eorkoy 8 oy 234 Eeldhoke. to-—o 234 E—tton. Bradley 734 Eertg. Deboron 234 Eeyder. Suto- 734 f-d- W4en 149 234 F—d. fcu . 735 E-d. Cro 234 Fetch, f i robed. 235 Exth.Sob235 E—.Chor let 91.235 Fletcher, l.ndo 235 E Me her, Wory 115.235 Ford. Jock. 735 Eottey. Eon 234 Eot—, Bo-boro 732.234 Eqi»—. Thomot 66.67,79.95.734 Eronoy Job 735 Eronke. Goy4 734 Eroe—an. Crog 99.235 Erey. Continue 735 Godbb't Mork 735 Go ». Woody 235 Gorb—g. Morgoret 735 Gorlock. txhord 139.735 Gomry. Jon.ce 234 Goonho-x. Ebchotat 735 Geckler. Money 235 Gent—. Bran 735 G-r.dc Sondro 100.735 Gertr. John 735 Gettr—. Down 235 G-eb-th. Dowd 139.235 G4i. toben 235 C4-on. Foul 235 Giorvod. lonold 735 Gtocke Gory 335 Gmero. Mork 235 Gmrtro, EAehoel 116.735 Gohla. htouey 735 Godtock—. Greg 735 G-ondbo-v. tno 735 Grang—. tob—1735 Grom. John 139,144.735 Gram. tobb. 735 Gray. Dow— 139.735 Gray . Mork 235 Green. Chorlet 88.735 Green. Kadiryn 735 Gre—. Morn 117.735 Gred . tog- 115.144.235 Grinned Stephen 234 Grade Jo— 734 Gu.He, Mory 234 Gunb—g. Joan 115.734 Gund—ton. Tho—ot 234 Gudohon. Jomet 734 GtKkJlton- No" 235 Hog . Borb-o 129.736 Hole Borboro 736 Mod. Ihrobed. 236 Haflberg. lynn 736 Hodeekton. Timothy 236 Halted,. AJfcm 736 Honken. Cy—ua 736 Honley. Sieve. 736 Hannon Cathy 736 Horn . Or.tl.ne 736 Horny Suton 236 Horty, John 736 HatcoH.0.on 54.114.736 Hothngy To» 140.144,236 Hot rung. John 736 Howley. Beverly 736 Hoyho . Suton 236 HeMeMmger. Mo-co 736 HemrxK Virguto 736 Hem —.lawom 736 Mend—ton. Scot 236 Hendrxkton. Karen 736 Henmngten. Deborah 100.736 Menton. Sondy 736 H—won. EVlp 109.236 Hibba d. tx ord 90.236 Mill. Down 236 MM. Mxhoel 236 KH-en. No-mon 139,736 Kerxht. Terry 736 Hpp . Mark 236 Knchey. Dowd 236 Hechcock. JeMry 236 Mlodek . Joteph 736 Hoehbrunn. ten 736 HocMxunn. Thomot 236 Hodget. inland 115.736 Hol|iw, Fern-eio 236 Hohn. Jon 736 Hold—. Jock 736 Holm. Oorlet 236 Holm. Horry 236 Hoi mb—g. Kr.tt.ne 736 Holmb-g. Steven 00.236 MopkiWy Foe—O 736 Mopk.m. tob—t 236 Moron. Kathleen 91.113.736 Hordmonn. Fovl 736 Mount, l.ndo 236 MOvd . Koren 736 Horde, Foul 139.736 Howard. Deborah 736 Howard. Melinda 736 Hwggmy Jeon 736 Hughet. Mary 236 Hughey Patneia 99.736 Hughet. tobeno 231.236 Hud. Hr. 736 Hut-. Ered 139.149.736 Immel. lo—ee 236 ingvaldton. Em 236 Imrton. Mory 736 Jockton. Ieoh 736 Jocobv Robert 236 Jocobton. Fomelo 736 Jocut. Mxhoel 736 John. Kerry 236 )o»tt n. Money 716 lenten, Crag 236 lenten, Kathryn 91.736 Jenttod. Hody 236 Johmee.Don.elB9.736 Johnton. Bradley 236 Johnton. J Hr y 716 Johnton. l.ndo 236 Johnton. touonne 116.736 Johnton. St— 39.236 Johnton. Thomot 116.236 Johndon. Jomet 736 J. Avomen, 0. Saude sell hot dogs lo raise money for the juniors. JondaM. Joyce 236 Jonev Chart . 237 Janet txhnrd 737 Jonet. Robert 737 Jordon. Ak 737 Jorgemen. Robert 737 Jomphton. Jomet 737 Joyce. Feggy 737 Kogol. KadJeen 237 K—m. Stephen 237 tor Mod. 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Howard 139.24J Wilton Joonne 113,243 Wilton. 66.117,743 W.n».CywAo 117.243 Wmio . Colleen 243 Winter. Chariot 69.139.243 Wue. Schord 243 Wold. Borboro 243 Wood. Wend. 243 Wooliey. Br.o« Wr.g . Andony 243 rondo. Stephen 139.243 roving. Alee 243 ranker. Suianne 743 Zed.nger. Ken 743 Zender. Kobe 149.743 2e j nan, Brod 116.243 Zimmer wan. Jamei 243 ORGANIZATIONS A S 103 Aqoo NympKt 130 AH Civ MO Bond 112.113.1 U.II5 Bulled 98.99 CfceeHeoden 178.129 Choir 116.117 Debase 90 OrtlnbtiWe Education 107 E-CWb 124 french Club 120.121 fi r» Buvnett leaden 106 future Teoehert of Amento 106 Gr VAAWno 176.177 GerwonClub 122 M.-r 104 Home It 110 Hornenei 131 Inee-nceonol Club 102 lotm Club 118,119 Moth Chib 109 Nononol Honor Socety 97.93 0 e Edvco'-on 107 Orthetwo 115 OiAdoor Club 109 Pep Club 100 OvnllondScroU 94 Rad.oOub 108 Bed Crow 91 •utt-on Club 123 5 ience Sen. nor 108 Ski Club 101 So«er Clvb 125 Spam dabt 20 S uOe"» Council 88.89 Tkotp-ont 95 Wh-greon 96.97 Y-Teent 105 STUDENT LIFE Auditorium Progromt 63 Awardi 64 Boor 79 Chore, Week 72 Cho-. Concert 75 fun-m%t 60.61 Guthrie performance 65 Heddo GobWr 66 My-r formal 77 Homecoming 68,69.70 71 I Bo 73 My Three Angeh 67 PepFeiti67 Pop Concert 74 Sod. Howk.ru 76 Tom Sawyer 78 Roxanne Cloutier helps in the Family Living nursery. Seniors Linda Purtee and Jane Radford try on furry hats in anticipation of the ski season. 253IMAGES OF THE YEAR... The anticipation of new classes, new teachers. Familiar faces, unique experiences on the first day. Sophomores, amazed at the solemnity of Homecoming. Ecstacy, unbelief after the Robbinsdale football game. The first snow —the day spent gazing out school windows. December 18, last day of school before vacation. Parties, punch, cupcakes, silly presents. Finally getting the High Jumper in the courtyard. Jokes, Editorial Etchings, Student Council Minutes All concerned with the orange juice machine. Minnehaha Creek— flooding basements in February, 8asketball, hockey, skiing championships, A Friday night spent at the Thunderbird. Whigreans being delivered on the last day. Finals, Graduation. People, places and events, creating an IMPRESSION of Edina. 254255. 1966 Whigrean Staff Editor................ Associate Editor Business Manager Assistants............ Copy Editor .......... Assistant ............ Academics Editor . . Assistant ............ Student Life Editor . . Organizations Editor Assistant ............ Sports Editor ........ Assistant ............ Seniors Editors . . . Underclassmen Editor Assistant ............ General Assistants . Advisor ............. ............ Meredith Nelson ............ Becky Petersen ............ 'Paul Bramsen . Stewart Loper, Lyn Steinke ......... Mary LaGrandeur .........Carolyn Harrison . .......... Anita Henley ..............Mary Geiger ............ Bonnie Nelson ............ Jody Hawkins ............ Jody Thornton ............ Brian Palmer ................. Jim Miller Bob Croonquist, Bonnie West ............ Sue McKenna ................. Pam Kirk Rob Coulson, Amy Johnson Nancy Whoyne .........Mrs. Armi Nelson In Appreciation The Whigrean would like to express appreciation to all those who have helped in the production of this book. Thanks is especially given to: Mr. Burt Hedstrom and the American Yearbook Company Scherling Pletsch Studios for portraits and photos Our patrons for their financial support The administration and faculty for cooperation in Whigrean projects The Minneapolis Star Tribune for use of band picture on page five And to Steve Bergseth. Jim Bina, John Kirkland, Greg Major, Sue Mayberg, Fred Moore, Laurel Nelson. Donna Smith and the many others who aided us when needed. 2S6

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