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Edina Morningside High School - Whigrean Yearbook (Edina, MN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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 Life At Edina Blends Old With New Edina has been here fifteen years. Some things have become old, worn, traditional and taken for granted: the nostalgia of desks carved with forgotten initials, the anxiety of the Homecoming coronation, the quiet concentration in a testing room, the fervor of a pep fest, and the indifference to clocks and lockers seen every day but never really noticed. There are also new things each year that blend with the old: auditorium programs in the gym, a line of long-awaited bookshelves, a vigorous new pep club, and students’ reactions to the news of a president’s assassination. 2TaOF C°n7Ents ACADEMICS 4 STUDENT LIFE 30 ORGANIZATIONS 56 SPORTS 98 SENIORS 124 UNDERCLASSMEN 174 3Mr. Ring is principally concerned with running the school’s activities smoothly. Six Administrators Co-ordinate Edina’s As principal of the Edina-Morningsidc High School, Mr. Rolland J. Ring is responsible for developing the master schedule which assigns all students, teachers, and classrooms. He also assists in hiring teachers, directs and co-ordinates the duties of staff members, and formulates plans for graduation. Mr. Elmer R. Lundgren, Edina High School’s assistant principal, manages the attendance and tardiness records, handles the school's disciplinary problems, registers new students, directs the fire marshalls, and confers with parents. Co-ordinating all areas of education in Edina-Morningside schools is the duty of Dr. Spencer V. Myers, Edina’s superintendent of schools. Additional duties include serving as an ex-officio member of the School Board and directing the Board of Education. Mr. Leo J. Kick, director of secondary education, is completing his twenty-second year in the school system. In this position, under the general direction of the superintendent of schools, he is responsible for planning, directing, and evaluating the instructional program and building operations of the secondary schools. New this year to Edina is Mr. James Cabalka. In his present position, one-half of his time is spent as assistant principal and one-third as a counselor. In his remaining time, he writes the School Review, a bulletin for Edina residents. Mr. Donald I. Pryor is responsible for the accounting, purchasing, transportation, cafeteria, and physical facilities of the Edina school system. Dr. Myers, (left) as superintendent of schools, addresses seniors for the last time at commencement. Mr. Kick (right) explains different types of educational systems to the School Board. 6Strive To System Mr. Lundgren spends much of his time conferring with students. Mr. Cabalka wonders what sixth of his job he is working at now. Mr. Pryor sits in on a School Board meeting. 7Two Boards Control School’s Business As the elected representatives of the Kdina community, the school board members are responsible for running the school system. The Board establishes the policies of the school district under the leadership of Mr. Richard Reeves. It also levies taxes to pay for schools and teachers salaries and approves resignations, school curriculum, and extracurricular activities. The seven members on the PTA Board, which meets once a month, arc in charge of four major projects during the year; the Christmas concert given by the Girls’ and Mixed Choirs, the open house concluding the PTA membership drive, the “College Days' meeting, and the dinner at the end of the year honoring the high school teachers. The money for the dinner is taken out of the PTA membership fund. Another two hundred dollars from the membership drive is given in scholarships to two deserving seniors who are planning a career in education. All requests for money are considered by the PTA board. Mrs. Strommc takes minute minutes at a School Board meeting Parents became students again at the PTA open house. SCHOOL BOARD—Silting: Mrs. Virginia Bryngelson, Mrs. Jean Stromnie, Mrs. Constance Kuehn Standing: Mr. Willis Shaw. Mr. Richard Rreves. Dr. Henry Johnsen. Mining: Mr. John Loper. PTA BOARD—Mrs. Elizabeth Weigel, Mr. Roger Boerger, Mrs. Betty Croonquist, Mr. B. J, Kemper. Mrs. Marsha Rockwell. Mrs. Beverly Diercks. Mining: Mr. Jack Bernie. 8Mrs. Bohle helps a senior solve one of his many problems. Mr. Schmidt does some of the paper work connected with his job. Mr. Rchmann interprets test results. EMHS Counselors Work To Solve Students' Problems As Senior counselors, Mrs. June Bohle and Miss Phyllis Gracbncr register new students, help students prepare for college, and process college applications. Mr. Ted Downs, Junior counselor, helps interpret test results to parents and students. He also organizes instruction for homebound students and assists with registration. Working as both Junior and Sophomore counselor, Mr. Miss Gracbncr works over a student's records. Jewell Lyngaas administers tests and holds parental conferences about achievements and emotional problems. To help students who have similar problems, he also arranges for group conferences. s Sophomore advisor, Mr. Rodney Schmidt helps students atljust to senior high life and plan their high school years. Mr. Arnold Rchmann, the school psychologist, conducts interpretive tests for the counselors. Mr. Lyngaas offers help at the ojx-n house. Tom Adams seeks Mr. Cabalka's help. Mr. Downs works on registration. 9English Students Learn To Comprehend Mr. John O'Dougherty—English II and 12—graduate work during summer—lecturer for Adult Education classes—enjoys golfing. Mn. Joyce Cavanaugh—assistant librarian—new to Edina—enjoys designing and hooking rugs. Mr. Everett Anderson—Enriched, Honors, and Standard English 12—105 pounds of inspiration—-"The eyes tell all." Mrs. Marian Halt—English 10 and II—a substitute at Edina for two years previously—enjoys reading and boating. Miu Ann Oleson —English 11—new this year from Decorah, Iowa—originator of Edina's “Smile Club”—European trip last summer. Mr. Bennett Garner Standard and Honors English 12—advisor for F.T.A. Auc-tor Hi-Y, and Senior Cla» -vice-president of E-MEA. The 2:50 rush at the library reserve desk.And Express Ideas The Order of the Smile was instituted on October 21, 1963, in honor of Mark Twain. The purpose, as set forth by the fearless leader, Miss Ann Oleson, was to “begin each day with a smile.” Led by Frownless leader No. 1, the members nominated candidates for the “honor of the Badge." The official “HKRO" Badge was bestowed for outstanding achievement in the causation of laughter and smiles. By state law, even- student who wishes to graduate from high school must have successfully completed three years of Knglish. In tenth grade English, the students learn to use correct grammar through expositors' writing and to evaluate and interpret ideas presented to them in literature. At this grade level, the different forms of literature arc discussed. English 11 is devoted to the study of American literature. The term paper and other formal forms of writing are included. English and European literature arc studied in English 12. Emphasis is on reading intelligently and writing concisely. There are four levels of English offered in cvcr ' grade. Basic English helps the student who finds difficulty in using the English language. Enriched and Honors English are an extension of Standard English, the regular course. Speech and Journalism, both semester courses, supplement Edina’s English courses. Speech teaches students to organize their thoughts and present them to others. By giving frequent speeches, students become accustomed to speaking before a group. In Journalism, students learn to write in a concise and accurate manner. Skill is developed in the creative and forceful expression of ideas. The library serves students for their assigned studies and recreational reading. Teachers and librarians cooperate to select interesting, useful, and necessary books to serve those needs. Librarians and teachers also instruct students in the use of library materials. Miss Andrea Croce— Enriched and Standard English II hostrss to Dutch friend during summer—"The wisdom of the world is divided between Walden and Moby Duk." Mr. Richard Buich—English 10 and 12—enjoys vsoodcarving and football game a family man. Senior students find Macbeth "Double, double toil and trouble." Miss Birgit Anderson—English 10 and 12 new to Edina from Detroit I ..ikes—spends spare time reading, acting, and hiking Miss Carolyn Johnion Assistant Librarian—B.A. from Augsburg College—studied in Italy—"I'll have to tee your card." IIMrs. Judith Cunningham—English 10 and Latin I—came to Edina from Green Bay, Wisconsin—enjoys dancing, swimming, and playing bridge. Want ad section of the library. Mr. Larry Stotti—Speech and English 10—Hi-Y advisor—play director —shares karate honors with his mouse Wouffley. Mr. Thomas Jam-beck—English II—advises Debate Team—came to Edina from St. Cloud—spent part of 1962 in Europe. Miss Ingrid Miller—Head Librarian—responsible for new library card system—enjoys knitting and cooking. Miss Nancy Gimmestad— advises cheerleaders and Ski Club— attended Bread Loaf School of English last summer—her trolls gaze on students in favor. 12Students do not take English lightly—especially when the power fails. Mr. Raymond BecktU—Standard and Enriched English 12—writes verse, children’s stories, and satire—introduces students to the “Macbeth Murder Mystery.” Mr John Sheldon—English 10 and Journalism—Biuzettr and H'higrean advisor—president of Minn. High Miss Grove’s English students discuss Puritanism. Sch H l Press Association. Mn. Joan Schultz—Standard and Enriched English 10—came from Moundsvicw this year—recreation assistant for St. Paul. Mrt. Shirley Mahouald—English 10—worked on M.A. this summer at U ol M—Enjoys water sports and reading. 13Social Studies Create Awareness Of Past Mr. Delmar Fredrick ton 'American History—chairman of Senior Claw advisors- director of two plays—claims Danish and Swedish descent. On November first, six Edina students attended a World Affairs Institute to hear Walter Heller speak. This event was only one attended by Economics students during the year. The Social Studies Department offers a different course at each level. World History is an elective open to both sophomores and seniors. Students explore the history of various countries from the most ancient civilizations to the newly emerging nations Eleventh grade students are required to take an American History course which covers the major eras and trends from colonial times to the present. Juniors with ability may enroll in an advanced placement course for college preparation. Seniors divide their time between the required subjects of Sociolog)' and Economics. In Sociolog)', students examine man and his relationship to society, while Economics classes study the elementary principles of economics. Mr. William Kauffman—American History and Speech—advises Drama and Declamation—TV news reporter last summer—"You little peeps!" Mr. Howard Christenson—American History and Sociology—advisor of World Affairs Club -sabbatical leave to U of M last year. 14 Mr. KaufTmann plays "the high and the mighty.” Mr. John Motion—-standard and Advanced Placement American History tennis and wrestling coach. Mist Mardonna Porthole! —World History 10 and 12. American History 11—advisor for foreign exchange students. Sophomore Class and Rotary U.N. . JAnd Present Events Mr. Robert McCarthy—Social Problems-vice-president of American Federation of Teacher —advisor of Student Council—"Bouncing Bob." Group discussion of current events is an integral part of American history classes. Mr. Jamet We go—American History—golf coach—a true marine— Homettc advisor foe a week—"In that respect." Mr. Ronald It'rimer -Social Problems—rode a bicycle one thousand miles around Lake Superior—ski coach—interested in home remodeling. Mr. Pegors decorates his door for Christinas. Mr. Karl Peg on—Introductory Sociology—president of Edina Schools’ Credit Union -traveled through Midwest last summer a multitude of interesting "friends." Mitt Ardit Towlet World History- Junior Red Cross co-advisor—interested in current events. 15Five Language Courses Spark Interest Mi Rithard Scantan—Latin 11-IV’ Yale award as one of five l e»t teachers in U.S.- author of Hew and Better Ways to Annoy Latin Student advises I.atin Club—referee for spring soccer tournament. “All right, that’s 100 times ‘Ego gummum non masticabo in ludo Latino.’ " This phrase is very familiar to all Latin students. Many is the time that this has been written 100 times by some student who has chewed gum during Latin. Latin is just one of five languages offered at Edina. The first years of any language put the stress on grammar. Students taking the modern languages, German, French, Russian, and Spanish also Qse the language lab for work in pronunciation. Once grammar has been mastered, students arc given a broader view of the language. In Latin, students read Caesar. Cicero, and others. Fourth and fifth year Latin includes Italian and Greek respectively. French classes Icam idiomatic conversation through current publications. Spanish-Ameri-can relations arc studied in fourth-year Spanish. Russian students are instructed in grammar and idiom so that they can speak and write in Russian. Various German books, from the classics to contemporary novels arc read by the German classes. Mr. Robert Spmdler—Spanish I-I I —lived in Mexico—enjoy painting, reading, and art. Mr. Harry Martin —French l-IV—taught at NDEA -Language Institution this summer— French Club advisor promotes “The French Revolt" each spring. Mr i. Maria IVilbrighl—Spanish IMV teaches conversational Spanish in the Adult Education program —enjoys cooking and sewing. Mn. Ehie Martin—German I-111—advisor of ninth grade German Club—an avid ski fan Mr. Chattel Bell—French l-II and Russian l-II—demonstration teacher at Summer Institute for Teachers of Chinese—enjoys music. 16 In Foreign Lands "Cltcx-alicTs dc la table ronde ..(above) “Roger, over and out!” (below) l r. Luszlo Sundrty German MV assistant tennij and svsim-ling reach—photography enthusiast—“Sprechen Sic nur Dcutsch!" Mits Calhtrtnt Malty--French Mil member o the French Alliance—placed tint in A»| en Cup Memorial Skiing Cornett -"hum-m-m." Mn. Rauha Hairmtiiter—Spanish 1-111—advisor of ihe Spanish Club—interested in antique furniture. Mist Skirlty oag und—Spanish 1-11—enjoys golfing, tewing, and playing bridge—attended school all summer. Mr. Gtrald Erick ion —i atin MI and Greek—writes articles for "Minnesota Teacher”- a true philhellenc. 17Experiments A biology student scrutinizes a microscopic specimen. JURICA Mr. John Ehlerl—Biology—Edina veteran of fifteen yean—enjoys photography—his maroon and white bowtie signals test days. Mr. Paul Weber—Physics and Chemistry spent summer on National Science Foundation grant—favorite food: Junior baked over bunsen burner. Mr. Elmer H allot an—Biology—Intramural softball and wrestling coach—summer school at Colorado State—'The only good cat is a dead cat!" Mr. Ruhard Goldenstem—Biology—advises Conservation Club —spent summer at a biology station—famed for his leaf collections. Mr. John Belk—Enriched and Standard Chemistry—Junior Class advisor—15 yean in this school system—famed discoverer of Belkium, element 97. Mr. Donald Meyer—Standard and Enriched Biology—advisor of AP Biology, Conservation Club, and Science Seminar. 18Lead To Discovery Of Scientific Truths Mr. Halvonen discusses little green things with his students. The Science Department this year offered an “Engineer for the Day" program to physics students. If interested, they were assigned to an engineer whom they accompanied through a normal work day. The first course offered by the Science Department is Biologv-. By studying plants and animals, Biology students learn the relationship of different forms of life and dissect preserved specimens. Chemistry, an elective in the junior and senior years, covers the study of elements and their compounds. By observation students acquire a further understanding of chemical reactions. Physics students learn to recognize the underlying forces that govern the universe. The course is supplemented by lab work and class demonstration. Juniors and seniors who do not wish to take Chemistry' or Physics may study Physical Science, a subject which covers current ideas in the field of science. Aided by college textbooks, the enriched courses offer a thorough examination of the science topics with extensive lab work. Mr. Marvin Griffin—Biology and Physical Science new from Spooner, Wisconsin—advises Hi-Y—“Put that in your hook of useless fact and information." Mr. William Young—Chemistry--advise intramural basketball—drawing ducks is his specialty—“The atoms are always right." Mr. William Jrpson—Standard and Enriched Physics—originated Jepson method of perfect suicide—"Oracle of all wisdom." 19Mr. Lyle Hrrg Advanced Algebra and Plane Geometry—new to Edina from Golden Valley—Hi-Y advisor—enjoy hunting. Students Find Mathematics Easy As IT After spending weeks studying computer mathematics, the senior Accelerated .Math classes visited Controlled Data. There the students were able to put their newly acquired knowledge to work. In addition to the accelerated math program, the Math Department offers six regular courses. Momentary and Advanced Algebra include the concept of the unknown and the origin of number systems. Theorems arc studied in Plane Geometry to aid the student in logical thinking. Solid Geometry, which is combined with Trigonometry in a college preparatory course, is the study of three-dimensional space. Trigonometry is math based on triangles. Seniors who have not had any math since Klemen-M,. Vhr—Plan, geometry rmd Algebra I-,e»l e.ta.e .ale.. tary Algebra are offered a special course. Senior man in Bloomington during lummer—enjoys tennis and swimming. Math. Mr. Edmond Green—Plane and Solid Geometry and Trigonometry—enjoys reading and wood work -first year in senior high. Mr. I'Udimir Kedtoviky—Plane Geometry and Advanced Algebra —Treasurer of E-MEA- enjoys water sports, hi-fi. and railroading. 20“If you had twelve pounds of cashews at sixty-nine cents a |xnind and . . (left) Accelerated math students study Boolean algebra, (right) Atr. Curl John ton—Advanced Algebra. Accelerated Math, and Senior Math Math Club advisor -summer activities included a belated honeymoon in Canada. Atr. Robert Sa: re—Accelerated Math 12 and Plane and Solid Geometry—participated in summer experimental math course at L! of M. Aft Robert Bauman—Plane Geometry. Accelerated Math 10, and Advanced Algebra—spent summer in Princeton, N.J., doing graduate work. Atr. Eil Zms—Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry—coaches B football and hockey— “toured" Bermuda and Puerto Rico with the Air Force.Music And Art Courses Help To Develop Come out, conic out wherever you are! After seventeen years, Edina students have learned to breathe. An expert was brought from the University to teach this skill to students participating in Edina’s vocal music courses. The music department consists of two choirs and three bands. The Mixed Choir annually presents an operetta and combines with the Girls’ Choir for several concerts. Edina’s Concert Band, which presents various programs during the year, and the Varsity Band compose the Marching Band. The Hornet Band was formed this year due to the increasing number of band members. There arc three levels of art in which students may enroll. General and Advanced Art include units on painting, drawing, and sculpture. Studio Art is divided into four areas of concentration chosen from silver, graphics, and many others. Music and Art Appreciation, semester courses acquaint students with works of art and music. Mr. Thomas Beaver—Genera! and Advanced Art—enjoys watching TV and having his back scratched—went “wild-ricing" last fall. Mr. Butler Eilel—Hornet and Concert Bands—director of Inter-lachcn National Music Camp— host to Edina’s Norwegian student. Mr, Lowell McCarthy—Advanced Art, Art Appreciation, and Studio Art—editor of American Federation of Teachers—advocates the “true Christian spirit."Artistic Skills And Abilities Of Students Art studrnts (top) try their hands at creating. The pause that refreshes. Mr. Edwin Meliehar—Marching, Vanity, and Ninth Grade Bands— leads pep hands for winter sports—enjoys electronics and boating. Mr. Dolph Bezoirr—Mixed Choir, Girls’ Choir, Ninth Grade Choir, and Music Appreciation—a loyal sports spectator—enjoys gardening. 23Jody Anders attacks her tewing eagerly. Mrs. Hlizabtth Aamodl General Clothing ami Family Living- Home Ec. Club and Senior Claw advisor—spent summer planning daughter's wedding. Girls Prepare For Future Roles As Homemakers Another sound was added to the general confusion in Edina's halls when the Home Economics classes began a nursery’ school. Over ten four-year-olds enjoyed projects prepared for them by the Home Ec. students while their mothers had a few hours of freedom. This was one of the projects done by the Home Ec. classes which aid the student in personal, family, and community relations. Food and Related Units include nutrition, meal planning, and preparation. Students interested in foreign and outdoor cookery may take a course in food specialties. Clothing classes learn how to construct garments and buy materials. Advanced Clothing offers tailoring and dress making. Seniors taking Family Living learn to understand their future responsibilities as homemakers. Science and Management in Personal Life train girls to budget their incomes. Mcrrikay Nelson and Sue Howorth rip it up. Mrs. Diana Johnson—Advanced Clothing and General Food —new to Edina this year— pedal interests include sewing and knitting. 24Shop Courses Teach Industrial Skills “Hey, who’s number 76?” This is a common question at athletic events and without programs it would go unanswered. The programs arc a project of Edina’s print shop, only one of the classes offered by the Industrial Arts department. There are four main areas of Industrial Arts open to both boys and girls. Drawing is offered at the general and specialized levels. Woodwork classes learn the fundamentals of furniture construction and design. In general and advanced metal, students learn shop safety as well as the procedure for forming metal alloys. Press work, photography, and book binding arc included in the printing classes. Mr. Otto Janeckt—General and Advanced General and Advanced Printing and Archi- Woodworking, and General and Advanced tcctural Drawing—responsible for printing all Metal—Concessions Club advisor--enjoys Itoat- school programs—enjoys woodworking, ing and fishing. Mr. Richard Rtichow— 25Business Education Prepares Students For Future And Present Employment The Business Education Department offers courses in three major areas which are designed to prepare the student for college, careers in business and personal use. Two important courses which arc very helpful to the student arc typing and shorthand. Office practice includes office procedures, advanced typing skills, and the use of various office machines such as the calculator and the adding machine. Principles of accounting are introduced in Bookkeeping. Business Organization and Management offers training in the formation and functioning of partnerships and corporations. In Everyday Law, students discuss the elements of the contract and its application to the consumer and the businessman. Retailing, Sales, and Marketing is mainly for those who plan business as a career. Mr. William E. Bieanieh—Occupational Relation and Distributive Education direct Adult Education—advise FSLA—enjoys lake living. Mu. Gloria Syitrom—Shorthand I'll and Office Practice—advise FBLA—fourth year at Edina. Min Edith Grontberg—Typing, Office Practice, and Recordkeeping—co-advitor of Red Crow Council— lovely hair. Miu Ardyct La Pray —Typing—head of Business Education Department—enjoys swimming, skiing and tennis. Mr. Mtl• vin Man—Business Management, Recordkeeping, Office Practice, and Retailing—enjoys auto mechanics and electronics. Mr. Rog-it Boer get—Bookkeeping, Everyday Law, and Sociology—“You’ve just had an experience." 26Mrt. Pal Engelhard—Girls' Physical Education—attended U of M last summer -advises G.A.A.—"Mrs. E" to her “sjals." Mr. Slatrot Canakei—Boys’ Physical Education—coached Edina’s football team to second place finish—enjoys hunting. Mr. Duane Baglien Boys’ Physical Education—coaches B football, basketball, and baseball-spent last summer in school. Gym Classes Keep Students Physically Fit When winter winds blow and snow falls, the traffic on Normandale may stop but the gym classes continue their invigorating program of outdoor sports. Physical Education is required for sophomores and offered as an elective to juniors and seniors. Students electing Phy. Ed. become gym aids and help the teachers lead their classes. Promoting physical fitness and good sportsmanship is the major aim of the department. This is accomplished through units on tennis, golf, ping pong, archery and team sports such as volleyball, softball, and basketball. Modern dance, square dancing, and exercise records arc special features for the girls. In addition, students are taught the essentials of first aid and application of first aid measures. Mus Marlene Yoke- -Phyucal Education and Special Food —spent summer in California—enjoy knitting and ikiing. 27 Rain or shine, Phy. Ed. classes keep sophomores in line.Mrs. Engel keeps herself buss-keeping students healthy. Essential Services Provided By Four Mr. Hcd (above) checks over a projector. Mr. Merriman stacks up the business of the week. 28 As Edina's athletic director, Mr. Howard Merriman is responsible for scheduling athletic events and purchasing athletic equipment. He must make sure that areas of play are in good condition for games, and that all boys are eligible to participate. Mrs. Lois Engel, school nurse, is responsible for the well-being of Edina High School students. She is also the advisor of Y-tecns. Evaluating, purchasing, and distributing audio visual materials for the Edina school district is the job of Mr. Douglas Hed. He also trains students and teachers in the operation of equipment. Mrs. Sybil Werscll is in charge of the Special Education Department in which the exceptional student is given extra help in the academic subjects. Mrs. Werscll types up a worksheet for her classes.Service Staffs Are Found Indispensable Counselor's secretaries help with processing students college Custodians enjoy a coffee break in the old kitchen, applications. 29 The work in the kitchen, before and after.Happiness is leaving school. The storm. The calm before the storm Jack plans his evening entertainment. Edina Students Conform To Routine For “I’m watching my diet ... three rocky roads, please." “Well, what do you expect for twenty-five cents?" 7,8, clear your plate. 32Miss Miller checks up on punched library cards. Boredom, Concentration, The herd moves on to greener pastures. 33Fun Nights, Dances Provide Lighter Side uin ba-ba-baba ... urn ... mau, mau ... "Make new friends but keep the old." “Shake your shoulders and stamp your feet, we’re gonna dance to the Bird Dance Beat.” Edina students did stamp to the “Bird Dance Beat" and, at the same time, ruined the gym floor. The floor was finished and so was the “Surfin Bird," when early in 1964, “Beatlcmania” swept Edina High. The fun nights and dances were successful due to the high attendance of the baldics and the Beatles. School clubs and organizations sponsored the fun nights held throughout the year. Girl hillbillies and surfers asked their favorite Bcatlc to the FBLA Sadie Hawkins and Y-tecns Hero dances. The annual E-CIub Dance was held in January. Despite the damage to the floor, Edina dances and fun nights were a complete success. 34Sadie Hawkins' costume winners—Miss Jeff Anderson escorted by Mr. Sandy Miller. “No, Sue, just “shake your shoulders and stomp your feet.” What a wall! What flowers! What wallflowers! New students become acquainted with Big Brothers and Sisters. Oh, what will future generations think?! 35Newly elected King Don adjusts Queen Louise’s crown. 1963 Homecoming Tenseness and anxiety grew as the Homecoming candidates regally walked down the white runway. 1962 Homecoming Princess Barb Lund then proclaimed Don Bennett the new Homecoming King. Edina subjects held their breaths as Don paced back and forth in front of the queen candidates and finally offered his arm to Her Majesty Louise Diracles. The 1963 royal court was entertained by the class and faculty skits depicting the certain victory of the football team. The seniors were awarded the prize for the best skit. As predicted, Edina’s Hornets were victorious in their battle with Hopkins 49—0. King Don and Queen Louise reigned over halftime festivities which featured the review of the court, floats by all three classes, the band’s salute to the Queen, and the Queen’s royal proclamation. The senior float was then announced the winner of the float competition, and Queen Louise extended a cordial welcome for all to attend the Homecoming Dance, “Indian Summer.” Co-chairmen Candy Carson and Mike Anderson introduced new ideas to make Homecoming the best ever. The royal pageant was held in the gym which enabled all students to attend at the same time. The Homecoming buttons bearing the slogan, “Dig ’em Graves for Warrior Braves,” were bigger, and souvenir programs were sold at the game. You can't say they didn’t try. Crownbcarcr David Sponsel bears the excitement.Climaxed Days Of Anticipation October 12 Faces ... mirrors of Hornets’ success. 450 couples dance to the music of Willie Peterson’s band. 37Princess Andrea Matt hies King candidate Charles Bredesen Princess Susan Barnes King candidate Thomas Fiedler Princess Joan Seashore Princess Cynthia Morris King candidate James Davis King candidate James Webb 1963 Court 38 Princess Susan Morrill King candidate Lloyd Thompson Princess Susan Palen King candidate Grant HawthorneHer Majesty Queen Louise Diracles and King Donald Bennett Players Present ‘Dial ‘M’ For Murder7 “How would you like to come to a stag party just down the road?” Dial ‘M’ for Murder Margot Wendicc . Tony Wendicc ... Max Holliday------ Captain Lcsgatc .. Inspector Hubbard Thompson.......... .... Mary Flatcn Grant Hawthorne ... Gary Sotcbeer ..... Jeff French . Vic Koivumaki .... Norm Miller Grant and Mary discuss the play’s progress between acts. “I murdered exactly fifty-two people since I saw you last." The lights dimmed and a shriek pierced the air. Murder had been committed in the old cafeteria where the Edina Players were presenting the theatre-in-the-round production of Dial “M" for Murder. The plot concerned an Englishman who cleverly plotted his wife’s murder and the surprising situation in which the wife was arrested for killing her assassin. Under the direction of Mr. Delmar Fredrickson and student director Karen Bockelman, the production held the audience in suspense to the very end. Inspector Hubbard Director D. FredricksonThe last bits of make-up arc “Judy, I’ve encountered smoothed on backstage. hypochondriacs in my day, but never anyone like that boy of yours." Backstage: fifteen minutes before curtain time. And The Comedy ‘Send Me No Flowers’ A living room in Edina was the scene for the three-act comedy Send Me No Flowers. The story involved a hypochondriac who mistakenly believing he was going to die, proceded to find another husband for his wife. This unusual situation was the basis for many amusing scenes. Mr. William Kauffman introduced a new idea in play production when he organized two separate casts. Each cast presented the play in separate performances. Student directors were Karin Zahn, Linda Murray, and Roxanne Lupic. "Gosh, Judy, you look wonderful, pretty as ever!" Send Me No Flowers Judy............. George.......... Bert ........... Arold........... Mr. Akins....... Dr. Morrissey .. Vito............ Girl............ First passer-by . Second passer-by Woman........... Karol ine Bjomess Jane Pierce .....Barty Dunn ,. Marsh M unroe .... Ron Jackson ... Gary Petrrson ... Rolf Uhrstad .... Dave Robe - Lony Balcom Dale Bailey .. Chuck Gilman .... Tom Gilman Belle Cadwalladcr 41Friendly Accents Come With Foreign Students Making change for a dollar is generally no problem, but for Edina’s foreign students it presented a small crisis. The situation arose when they sold doughnuts for the AFS Committee. As members of this committee, along with other Edina students, the foreign students sold phone books, held doughnut sales, and organized the annual AFS drive in April. The money was raised to buy yearbooks, pictures, and caps and gowns for graduating foreign students and to sponsor next year’s AFSers. In addition, the commijttec sent Buzzettes to Edina’s AFS student abroad and" composed a scrapbook with all the clippings about Edina’s foreign students for the past ten years. Stmifinalists—Sandy Sivright, Margy Carson, Sue Gaff, and Irene Christenson. Top: Magnus Nyberg, Finland, and Marie-Christine des Isnards, France; Ann-Britt Nilsson, Sweden, and Pelle Kingdal, Norway; Yasuhiko Nishiya-ma, Japan. Mike Ponsor celebrates his 17th birthday in true Finnish style with presents in bed and 17 sausages around his neck. Andy Matthies (third left) s| cnt six months at a girls school in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 42After Edina students give money for the Charity sock hop, they get the stamp of approval. Charity Drive Exceeds Its $2,000 Goal Pay nine dollars for an apple core? Fantastic! But it happened during one of the homeroom auctions conducted during Charity Week, Edina’s United Fund drive. The goal was set at two thousand dollars and flue to the enthusiasm of the students participating, it was not only reached but exceeded. Homerooms raised over one thousand dollars through auctions, slave sales, and individual contributions. A car wash, sock hop, and raffle drew over four hundred dollars and the remaining amount was obtained through Tait’s receipts and pop bottle collections and club donations. An auditorium program began the drive. The committee chairmen were introduced and a United Fund representative spoke to the students. The drive was concluded with a sock hop on Friday when the raffle tickets were drawn and winners announced. Prizes included records, transistor radios, purses, a gift certificate, and a ukclele. Auditorium speaker Mr. Earl Beatt. 43 Rick Connor calls for bids and is answered by Merrikay Nelson’s “twenty-two”!Choir Concerts Bring In Tuletide Spirit The Mixed and Girls' Choirs contributed to the festivities of the Christmas season with the annual Christmas Concert. The Concert, held on December 17, was produced after many hours of practice. The octet combined their musical abilities and sang the colorful poem “The Night Before Christmas.” Another highlight of the program was folk songs sung by the Mixed Choir. The Girls’ Choir sung such traditional carols as “Gentle Mary.” As in past years the Christmas Concert concluded with the portrayal of the Christmas story. The pageant was accompanied by the combined voices of both choirs. The Girls’ Choir sang in the Southdalc Court. Another Openin’ . . . another show. 44Auditorium And Pep Fests Add Variety This year’s pop fests were planned by the Pep Club who had the job of boosting pre-game enthusiasm. To accomplish this goal, they introduced several new ideas for pep fests. The most unusual of these was the separation of the boys and girls for the loudest cheering competition that Edina has ever heard. The boys were led by their own chcerleading squad. Other special features at the pep fests include guest speakers Billy Bvc, ex-Gophcr Paul Giel, and 1962 football captain Gary Rcicrson. The auditorium programs this year included a variety of interesting speakers. Mr. Earl Beatt, a speaker from the United Fund Speakers Bureau, began the charity week activity. The. seniors were privileged to hear Major General Bela Kiraley speak on the true meaning of communism. Vic Koivumaki was the speaker for the first Red Cross Week program. He showed slides of his trip to New Zealand where he attended a Red Cross leadership seminar. Beatie babes R-squad. “Give me liberty or give “Let’s keep ribbon them." me death."—(Star photo) True beauty. Clco and her court couldn't have been more captivating. 45Talent Featured In ‘Steve Allen Show’ • • Practice makes perfect ... and they made perfect. You got to pick a pocket now and then ... Belinda is at home in the instrument department. Sophomores brought the “Steve Allen Show” to the Edina stage on November 19th when they presented their annual talent show. Students presented a variety of acts including dancing and vocal and instrumental selections. Winning acts were Jim Hoc-kin, most talented instrumentalist; Belinda Nissen, most talented folk singer; Fred Shepherd, top vocalist; Sylvia Honaas, top dancer; Anne McKinsey, best over-all talent. The proceeds were used to finance the sophomores traditional project, the senior reception held after the Commencement exercises. Western Airlines—the only way to fly.” Sylvia ... always on her Anne and Jim found thein-tocs. selves on top. 46Band’s Colorfulc.Kaleidoscope Of Sound’ When the last strains of the final encore echoed through the auditorium, and the giant kaleidoscope turned to a stop on the night of February 15th, the members of Edina’s Concert Band were a proud and happy group. After four long weeks of hard work, they had completed the last of four sell-out performances of the eleventh annual Pop Concert. The concert, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Butler Eitel, was a genuine “Kaleidoscope of Sound.” The band members performed an exciting variety of numbers from Percy Grainger’s “Colonial Song” to the modem “Jazz Ballet.” Many original effects such as the stereo in “Hootenanny” and the use of a marching band in “El Toro” spiced up the show. An old time movie, “Nellc of the North,” the band’s rendition of “Raymond,” and the “Leaning Tower of Pizza” furnished humor for the concert. This year’s Broadway musical selections were from OLIVER!, originally a smash hit in London. Band members constructed huge colorful letters which matched the vocalist’s costumes. From “Strike Up the Band” to “Thundering Drums,” Pop Concert ’64 was the best yet. •That’s all folks! 47Sweetheart Add Crowning Glory To Dances Preceding the holiday season, the various Hi-Y’ groups began to plan for their Christmas formal which was held December 21. Each of the five chapters selected its candidate for Hi-Y Sweetheart, and also acted as a committee in preparation for the dance. The committees included program and band, Auctor; food, Utilis; tickets and publicity, Regis; and decorations, Tri-Alpha and Dci-Gratia. Mr. Beaver supplied entertainment for the intermission, at which time Joan Seashore was named this year’s Sweetheart. She was presented the Sweetheart necklace and roses by Kent Nak-ken, all-school Hi-Y vice-president. This year, girls roped their favorite surfer for the annual Y'-tccns Hero dance which fell on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Bizarre-looking characters appeared clad in surfing outfits including everything from shifts to pendlctons and saddle shoes. The seventeen Y'-tcens groups com-• bined and selected nine candidates for the Hero who was announced at the dance. This year’s Y'-tecns Hero was Bill Lord. “Yaa-yaa-vaa, throw that coconut, shoot the curl!” Hero and Sweetheart Candidate -Back Row: Bill Lord. Ron Bra lie Jackson, Don Sharp, Dal King. Second Row: Bryan Grohnke, Stark Nordell, Donna Buckbee, ..... R°n Crawford, Eric Rosendahl, Steve Kagol, Cathy Cox. Seated: Cindy Morris, The tenston builds. Marie-Chrutine des Isnards. 49Poison Proves Popular In Year’s Third Play ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Gail Hughes Tom Bridge man Ann Kirkman Dennis Karlstad Bud Peters Larry Pollard Frank Chat field IJoyd Thompson Lee Ann Vizzier Jerry Nelson Mark Keller Ron Jackson Gary Peterson Rick Slettehaugh Cathy Meier Mr. Frederickson Aunt Ahby Teddy Roosevelt Aunt Martha Mortimer Brewster Jonathon Mr. Klien Mr. Brophy Doctor Harper Elaine Harper Mr. Gibbs Doctor Einstein Officer O’Hara Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon Student Director Director For a short time, Edina’s stage turned Victorian as the Edina Players presented their third production of the year, Arsenic and Old Lace. The story revolved around two old-maid sisters and a bottle of elderberry wine which they used to poison the lonely old men who boarded with them. There were many bodies in the basement before their “acts of mercy” were discovered. The cast was directed by Mr. Fredrickson and student director Cathy Meier.964—A ward- Winning Tear For Students Jim Kcrwin, Gary Zemple, Gary Pederson—NHS semi-finalists. (top) Cindy Smith and Sue Morrill look for just the right words ... like ‘‘English winners.” Bill Bridgman and Kca van der Zicl bone up on Belgium for model U.N. Rollic was a Neumann after he was awarded the scholarship to Intcr-lachen Music Camp. National Mitii semi-finaluts—Jim Kcrwin, Steve Mayberg, Ron Jackson, Bill Bridgman, Sue Christofferson, Gary Berg, Gary Zemnle, I .airy Leonard, Vic Koivumaki, Gary Pederson, and Dolph Bczoier. Missing: Kathy Staab. Vic Koivumaki, U.S. representa- Cooker Kea van der Ziel—Edina's Betty Louise Diracles was honored for dependa- live too Red Cross seminar in New Crocker Homemaker for 1964. bility, service, leadership, and patriotism. Zealand.There’s No Life Like A Student’s Life 52“And then Bob, on the third date you just.. Faculty member proves he's not so Young. “We keep on sudsing 'n sudsing 'n sudsing ’n sudsing .. Calm down Donna, we know it’s exciting to sit with a boy, but ... Monkey see, monkey do.“Lordy, how this thing itches!” "Now look here Mr. Lundgrcn, you must admit we have a point there." (top) Cathy Lund pauses on the road of life. (bottom) “Ooh, tilings aren’t going too well.” 54(top to bottom) “You take this, I’ll go back and get the toothpicks.” Keep your sunny side up. Ring around the nosy. A baldy? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. Praised be the gods. Try your legs, Nord. ‘‘I could Beat-le you up any day!"SOCIAL COMMITTEE—Bottom Row: C. Carlander. S. Barnet. B Reed. J. Seashore. L. Diracles. Second Row: J. Sampson, M. Andrnon, D. Mitchell, D. Lofgren, F. Shepherd, M. Langhaug, S. Bredeien. Mining: A. Kirkman ’63 -’64 Student “I make a motion that vc exclude all football players from the 1963 Homecoming court.” “Point of order! Mr. Chairman, one doesn't ‘make a motion,' one must say ‘I move.' ” So began the '63-'64 Student Council year when official parliamentary procedure was finally adopted after long and heated debates. Under the new system, the Council arranged the Big Brother-Big Sister program for newcomers and bought a duplicating machine for student use. In addition, they excluded football players from the Homecoming court. Other council organized events included a sock hop, a student-teacher tea, and the annual Charity Drive. The Foreign Exchange Committee, headed by Candy Carson and Andy Matthics, worked with the foreign students to make their stay more enjoyable and raised money for AFS. The Civil Service Committee supervised the Student Council elections and under the leadership of Vicki Olsen and Kris Strom, obtained a clock for the auditorium and other school improvements. Parking problems, poster regulations, and trials of misconduct were under the jurisdiction of the Ethics Committee, led by Tom Adams and Chuck Bredesen. Mary Langhaug and Louy Dira-cles headed the Social Committee which arranged the school calendar and planned the Student Council sponsored social events. Tom and Ginger bag another teacher. ETHICS COMMITTEE—Pint Row: V. Koivumacki, R. Anderson, M. Wilkinson. Second Row: M. Einan. J. Anderson, B. Dierrks, J. Hawkins. Third Row: G. Trowbridge, G. Sotebeer, T. Adam . C. Bredesen, B. Abbott, G. Thiele. 58Council Gains Renewed Spirit Student Council offtctrt—(top to bottom) Grant Hawthorne, vice president; Steve Maybrrg. treasurer; Don Bennett, president; Sue Brcdesen, secretary. CIVII. SERVICE COMMITTEE—Standing: D. Bennett, R. Dunn. Kneeling: J. Gray, D. Legros, Colburn, R. Welling, J. Webb, L. Thompson, C. Stirrat, T. Hays. K. Strom, V. Olsen, C. Otncss, D. Dicrcks, S. EXCHANGE STUDENT COMMITTEE— First Row: P. Hawthorne. M Carson, L. Agususon, A. Otncss. Second Row: B. Cadwalladcr, ]. Stewart. C. Carson, H. Dillon, B. Croonquist, D. Grabham. Misting: A. Nlatthics. Student Council advisor, Mr. Robert McCarthy, spends fifth hour listening quietly to the council's “problems.” 59Edina’s Jr. Works To Council members participate in a discussion period. Lee Ann Vizzicr and Claudia Smith of the art committee discuss plans with Mr. McCarthy. Volunteer Tern- Adams chats with a patient at Heritage Nursing Home. The Landsmen perform at Heritage Nursing Home. 60Red Cross Council Benefit Community The 1963-64 Junior Red Cross Council participated actively throughout the year dedicating themselves to serving the community, nation, and world. In the fall, the Junior Red Cross and the Student Council co-sponsored the annual Charity Drive. The job of raising two thousand dollars was successfully accomplished by several committees. Donations were made by the students through homeroom auctions, raffle tickets, and individual contributions. Tait’s receipts, a car wash, and a pop bottle collection provided additional money for the drive. The annual Charity Drive was climaxed with a sock hop and raffle held on Friday, closing the week long United Fund-Red Cross campaign. For the second year in a row, the Council assumed the entire responsibility for providing volunteer workers at Heritage Nursing Home. This project, which was carried out by a special committee, included planning several parties for the patients of the home and training Edina girls as volunteer workers. Other committees filled chests for disaster areas and directed the homeroom gift box drive at Christmas. The Red Cross Album Committee made a complete album of life around Edina and Minneapolis to send to students in a foreign country. This year an Edina senior, Vic Koivumaki, was selected as the U.S. representative to an International Red Cross Leadership Seminar in New Zealand. RED CROSS OFFICERS—(top) Cindy Smith, secretary'; Gail Hanson, president; (bottom) Lee Ann Vizzier; vice president, Kea van der Zicl, treasurer. Red Cross members attend council meetings on Thursdays. 61World Affairs Club Hears Speakers On World found cheer in House Affairs members ding Christmas Phyllis Wheatly ngi'ng. World Affairs Study Group—Linda Twite, Bob Buskirk, Rick Jensen, Ron Wallace, Tony Sodcnnan, Peter Schmalz, Judy Bradford, Steve Rice. Advisor Mr. Howard Christensen (right) and scientist Niles Laegreid listen to WAC business proceeding the meeting’s main presentation. 62Many Current Social Issues Integration was the topic at hand when Mr. Douglass Hall, member of CORK and past area president of the NAACP spoke to the WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB on January 13. Mr. Hall was only one of the interesting guest speakers who appeared at the club meetings during the year. Rdina’s AFS returnee Andy Matthics began the year’s activities showing slides of her trip to Brazil. In November, Mr. Niles Laegreid, a scientist formerly from Norway, spoke on Nazism in Europe and Norway during World War II. At another meeting, the group heard assistant attache Boyde from the Netherlands speak on the Common Market. The Edina Police department and a group of school officials organized a panel on juvenile delinquency to speak to the club in February. In order to raise money, the club sponsored a Friendship Fun Night, co-sponsored the movie “Kontiki” with the Spanish Club, and held two doughnut sales. The money was used for International Day, the club’s main project, for contributions to the AFS and Charity drives and for a Christmas party which the members held at the Phyllis Wheatley Settlement House. Under the leadership of their new advisor, Mr. Howard Christensen, World Affairs Club again had a study group to prepare for the Star and Tribune current events contest in the spring. They concluded a busy year at a picnic with the Math Club. World A (lain offictn—Mike Anderson, president; Margy Carson, treasurer; Mike Wilkinson. secretary'- Misting: Vic Koivumaki. vice-president. 63ASSISTANTS—Sitting: S. Brown, B. Pcngclly, M. Pederson. Standing: D. Clark, C. Smith, B. Brothers, K. Johnson, E. Downs. C. Kiticlson, Photographer: B. Harning, Typist; S. Sponscl, Photographer; S. Christensen, Circulation and Exchange. Missing: J. Nordeen, Typist. 64 1964 Buzzette Staff News Of Edina— Treats on Friday, deadlines every other Monday and Friday, and visits to the printer’s were all important parts of the Buzzette’s hectic routine. Work was unending as editors planned page layouts, supervised reporters, and set up pictures. Buzzettc reporters interviewed such varied personalities as AFS returnee Andy Matthics, comedian Jack Benny, school psychologist Mr. Arnold Rehmann, U of M football coach Murray War-math, Hornettes choreographer Mrs. Mina Nelson, and Wheatics expert Reverend Bob Richards. Other features included stories about the Edina Public Library, speech class demonstration speeches, English class ballads, College Boards tests, and Edina juvenile officers. “Hornet Highlights,” book and play reviews, a political editor, and a scries about school board members were new features of the Buzzette. In November, the staff attended the Minnesota High School Press Association conference at the University and the Minneapolis Star and Tribune conference at the Leamington Hotel. Editor-in-chief Greg Long headed the staff, co-ordinating articles, pictures, and paying particular attention to eye-appeal. Mr. John Sheldon, advisor of the Buzzettc, was also chief critic for the staff. Mr. Sheldon was elected president of the Minnesota High School Press Association this year. Mr. John Sheldon often gives valuable advice.Strives To Cover Morningside High Buzzette Editor-in-chief Greg Long. The camera views the Buzzette room through the door. Donna Halle Advertising Kick Hinkic Managing 65Business managers count greenbacks for their next party. Color, Engraved Names— Featured In ’64 Whigrean Editors refer to past year books for picture ideas. ASSISTANTS—SITTING: D. Wrobleski, M. I.anghaug, S. OafT, D. Hamilton. STANDING: P. Carlson. L. Baker. T. Jenkins. D. Osbcrg, 1). Colburn. C. Johnson, J. Thomas. Photographer Jim Webb spends a lot of time in a dark room. 66New Trends November eleventh was a date that struck fear into the hearts of the Whigrean staff. It was the first deadline, from which they emerged slightly worn but generally more experienced. Once over this hurdle, the editors found remaining deadlines better organized, but just as nerve-wracking as the first. This was a year of change for the IVhigrean. Twelve pages were added to the book bringing the total to 216. To please the 1443 students who bought books, the editors carefully planned each page of the book on the newly introduced page plan. Type face was changed, faculty pictures were informal, and throughout the book vivid blocks of color were used. For the first time, the staff included roving assistants and student photographers. IVhigrean was not all work. The staff has fond memories of treats on Friday, informal deadline dinners and a Buzzette-Whigrean potluck. Whigrcan editor-in-chief Candy Carson. Carol Rydman Seniors [cimcsJVHS Stresses Scholarship; Honors Top Vic Koivumaki, NHS president, greets Mr. Arthur Rouner, speaker at the induction. 68 On February 18, 24 seniors and 68 juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society in a traditional candle-lighting ceremony. The new members, five per cent of the senior class and ten per cent of the junior class were chosen by the faculty on the basis of leadership, character, service and scholarship. Preceding the induction ceremony, four seniors explained the qualifications for membership in the society. When all new members had been announced, they joined with the old members to take the NHS pledge. New members and their parents were honored at the annual NHS banquet which was held in the spring. Senior NHS members, Anne McKinsev; Norm Miller, treasurer; Mary Langhaug, secretary : and Steve Mayberg, vice president, spoke on the four qualifications for NHS.Back Row: G. Hawthorne, M. Bjork, G. Pedenon, G. Ferguson, A. Stirrat, F. Kuchn, R. Reeve . F. Jackson, J. Carriger. D. McLaughlin, R. Hartshorn. L. Ixonard, N. Jones, P. Sloan, Nl. Flaten. T. Fiedler, D. Watson. 1. Fiedler, W. Lord. Seventh Row: G. Elftmann, D. Bringcn, W. Bridgman, J. Kerwin, J. Seek, V. I.indow, G. Hughes, V. Olsen. N. .Miller, J. Swenson, C Smith, P. West, K. Mitchell, A. Steiner, C. van dcr Ziel, K. Staab. D. Peterson, C. Strom, J. Austin, R. Connor. Sixth Row: J. Carnahan, L. Simmones, C. Smith B. Pcngelly, C. Carson. M. Kane, C. Tripp, A. Matthies, S. McCormick, S. Christoffcrsen, K. McCance, J. Jurgens. D. Dillner. K. Sprague. G. Hanson, K. Strom, D. Jensen. S. Short. R. Gustafson, L. Jacobson, M. Nelson. Fifth Row: E. Hewlett, L. Dash. G. Berg, D. Bc7oicr, P. Carlson, R. Anderson, M Wallen, Nl. Jenkins. C. Pettyjohn, R McCormack, M. Nord, J. Olmstead, J. Poehler, J. Williams. B. Beres-ford, J. Birk, E. Witham, N, Miller, J. Gunderson, R. Diercks, C. Foster. Fourth Row: L. Earl, J Window, S. Brcdcsen, J. Buelow, J. Bart , J. Horstmann, G. Herring. P. McDermott, K. Cameron, B. Hansen, M. Field, J. Anderson, M. Garrison, R. Massopust, K. Jones, M. Englund, T. Zinncr, C. Maley, R. Priskar, M. Hansen. Third Row: K. Sundet, S. Edwards, C. LofThagcn, I.. Knoblauch. K Boc-kelman, S. Gocklcy, L. Eglite, J. Winters. L Baker, P. Sehmalz, R. Seek, N. Taylor, G. Bauemfeind, V. Erck, B. Reed, J. Stevenson, B. Miller, R. Culbertson, J. Schoonover, A. Gutmann Second Row: V. Thiele, K. Wiesner, M. Pederson, S. Porter, D. Osborg, J. Swand-by, M. Carson, S. Gaff, L. Peterson, W. Brown. J. Glezen, J. Ronald, J. Otness, S. Brown, J. Thomas, D. Colburn, W. Dicrcks, L. Hilleren. First Row: I. Christenson, H. Beresford, G. Moll, L. Peterson, C. Fleer. Seated At Right: S. Mayberg, M. Langhaug, N. Miller. A. McKinscy. Missing: B. Brandenburg, L. Diracles, G. Long, C. Olson, M. Ponsor, S. Sponscl, L. Thompson, G. Zcmpel, D. Fiedler, G. Jahn. 69MIXED CHOIR—Bottom Row: J. Averoon, C. Heacock, G. Hughes, B. Simpson, C. Raymond, j. Bcaringcr, P. Sccbcr, S. ChristofTcrson. C. Opperinan. J. Ervin, J. Gottschalk, N. Carlson, J. Porter, K. Hanson, M. Gottschalk. Second Row: Director Mr. Bczoicr, S. Lofthagen, C. Carbon, K. Stebbins. J. Hardcll, J. French (vice president), J. Brion, M. Hamilton, R. Meyer, S. Drum, B. Glass. K. Nobles, C. Pacini, C. Larson, K. Carlson. Third Row: M. Cooper, N. Miller, J. Smith, S. Porter, J. Austin, J. Bartz, G. Baurnfcind, J. Gunderson. K. Gallagher, J. Headington, S. Nelson, G. Herring, B. Nissen, L. Svanoc, D. Be-zoier (treasurer). Fourth Row: D. Carter, T. Atstatt, D. Ro-bey, M. Brown, S. Sanford, L. Brown, J. Toensing, W. Haugcr. M. Scherer, R. Dunn. R. Davies (president), D. Karlstad, F. Chat-field, L. Week (secretary). R. Book. Mr. Bezoier directs the choir during class. The Mixed Choir performs at Southdalc during Christmas. 70Mixed And Girls’ Choir Produce Four Concerts, Gilbert And Sullivan Operetta Directed by Mr. Dolph Bezoicr, the Mixed and Girls’ Choirs planned and presented several concerts during the past year. Along with the band they provided a full music program for the high school. A fall concert marked the beginning of a busy year for the Girls’ Choir. After singing at Southdale with the Mixed Choir, the Girls’ Choir participated in the annual Christmas program. In January they combined with the U of M Men's Glee Club for a concert. The choir also participated in a spring music festival which presented Haydn’s “The Creation" and a joint spring concert with the mixed choir. After weeks of work, the Mixed Choir presented the operetta The Sorcerer by Gilbert and Sullivan. Following the operetta, members of the choir participated in district and state vocal contests as well as the music festival and Spring Concert. This year solo and small group work with Mr. Bezoicr provided additional instruction for all choir members. The girls’ choir practices for the Christmas program. GIRLS' CHOIR—First Row: J. Feske, H. McNce, J. DornfclcJ, S. Lundquist, S. Ewing, M. Gcreckc, C. Hucbsehcr, J. Batten, A. Morgan, M. Brown, C. Lorimcr, I). Grain . B. Howe, K. McCarthy, B. Bilden, L. Shackle, J. Winter, S. Honaas (president). Second Row: Director Mr. Bezoicr, D. Duvick (treasurer) M. Honaas, S. Haug, M. Newbcm, I.. Russell. J. Burr, B. Fisher, A, Thcim, G. Davis, S. Barger, T. Thorson, D. Bailey (secretary). C. Jones, J. Waite, M. Schcppkc, K. Johnson, P. McPcck, J. Gunderson. Third Row: S. King, D. Thompson, G. Fcchncr, J. Week, B. Bcson, E. B -dinc, J. Ia?arn, G. Olson, K. Devcny, S. Elmgren, I.. Wcy. J. Williams, K. Kormann, I.. Wien, K. Jensen, P. Shellcdy (vice president), K. Grothe, K. Johnson. Fourth Row: J. Brown, P. Foster, J. Krizan, R. Carlson, L. Oinclianchok, P. Hull, K. Krenz, D. Drenncn, P. Christensen. S. Jrsbcrg, I. Strandem, V. Kelly, S. Covnick, C. Rooney, I). Dillncr. J. Carlson, K. Renk. Missing: D. Chattcrton, Nl. Snyder, N. Rutherford, Nl. Mueller. 71Edina Bands March Through A Busy The Hornet Band, largely consisting of sophomores, met even- second hour for 55 minutes of music. Mr. Butler Eitel directs the pep-fest panorama. From the first water fight at band camp to the final “DISMISSED'’ at the end of the Memorial Day Parade, 1963-'64 was another active year for the members of Edina’s bands. After the annual camp at Barnum, Minnesota, in August, some changes were made. First, because of increased enrollment, the Hornet Band was formed for students not meeting the requirements for higher placement but desiring to continue their musical education. Also, the marching band was led this year by a male drum major, senior Bob Hartshorn. 72Bottom Row: L. Pctenon, J- Bickctt, J. Hockin. M. Edgrcn, J. Cook, G. Miller, C. Lutz, S. Eitcl, L. Page, C. Johnson, L. Mathieu, S. Button, M. Carson. S. Fletcher. R. Anderson. B. Vinz. Second Row: K. Arndt, C. Fleer, G. Moll, L. Hilleren. J. Carnahan, P. Jacus, K. Rickord, K. Gray, P. Mildyard. C. Schaub, S. Waller, P. Ringdal, D. Petersen, C. Horken, C. Kessel. M. Phillips. Third Row: R. Neuman. N. Ribble. N. Buell. D. Glamsrud. N. Sims, D Swcazey, M. Wallen, J. SarfT, J. Paine, F. Mc-Peak, J. Green, J. Zimmerman, L. Westerbcrg. D. Walker, K. Londccn, S. Brakkc. K. Bezoicr, B. Anderson. B. Haugen. Fourth Row: R Bjorkman, H. Beresford. S. Luck, J. Paulson C. Hansen, P. Paulson, B. Holman, W. Fridlund. S. Whipple. R Priskar. C. Hoeft, J. Halvorson. R. Hippe, G. Hofmann. R. Thompson, P. Carlson, D. Fort, S. Anderson, R. Kinscll, M. Giroux, J. Seek, D. Iverson. Fifth Row: I. Christensen, P. Stamp, D. Bransford, L. Flynn, P. Thomsen, M. Johnson. B. Hartshorn, R. Hyde. G. Rickheim, S. Sandstrom, D. Duncan. D. Agness, C. Moore, Mark Montgomery, D. Lindberg, D. Cooper, S. Gunberg, L Button. N Taylor. K. Kistlc, J. Flynn. B. Olson. S. Alexander. A. Storry. Sixth Row: Mike Mont- Smcry, M. Peterson, S. Simons. B. Thomsen, G. Hoehn, T. Mathews, J. oore, J. Buelow, M. Dunn. R. Grothe. J. Dockendorf. D. McLaughlin, C. Edwards. S. Sponsel. J. Anderson. D. Colburn. D. Paskc. C. Jensen. Mining: D. Teller, L. Twite, S. Flickcngcr, R. Mahowald. Colorful ’63-’64 When marching season ended, the band members were split into two equal bands for a warm-up period before assignment to Concert or Varsity Band. Mr. Mclichar’s Varsity Band added pep to basketball games, pep fests, and winter sports tournaments, and performed at the district contest in April. Highlights of the year for the Concert Band were the February Pop Concert, featuring selections from Oliver; the annual tour in April which included concerts at Waseca, Fairbault, and Austin High Schools, and St. Olaf and Gustavus Adolphus Colleges; the district and state contests; and the Awards Band-Quct in May. Renner Anderson, (top) comes to the game prepared for anything with his flute and Physics. “Oh, I don't know, don't have to Ik told, that north winds are chilly and cold ..." Mr. Edward Mclichar and Bob Hartshorn sit on the sidelines at the Minnetonka game. 73German Club Betsy Reed and Bob Busk irk help thems i!ves to borechSat the initiation party, Russian Club officers- Larry Peterson. treasurer; Jane Thomas, sec-rctnry; Mike Bjork, premier: Rob Hyde, vice-premier. "Quit Russiar little more.” me. want a Mr. Bell concentrates on action at Kim Toepcl displays her souvenirs from the Members sing “The Internation-thc Moscow Circus. Moscow Circus. al," the Russian national anthem. 74Germans prepare to attack Latin territory. Taken Over By Fourth Tear—Russians Visit Moscow Circus, Meet Performers The RUSSIAN CUB ended a week of initiation for first year students with a politick at the homo of a comrade. The purpose of the meeting was to acquaint the club with Russian food and second year students donated typical Russian dishes to the cause. In November, the club attended the Moscow Circus, which teas presented as part of the U.S. cultural exchange program. After the circus, club members had an opportunity to practice their Russian with the performers. T h e y celebrated Groundhog day with a tobogan-ning party and finished the year with a May Day party. New officers were announced at a banquet in the spring. The new year began in a burst of violence for the GERMAN CU B when controlling power was seized by the fourth year class who established themselves as the executive council. Dictator Steve Maybcrg headed the revolt calling a meeting of the entire club at which time each class was assigned control of one monthly meeting. The first meeting of the year ended in glory as the German Club again smeared the Latins at war games. The third-year class then carried on by presenting a “cultural” English movi e, Moke Mine Mink. Additional activities included a party with the French Club and a folk dancing lesson. German Executive Council—Charlie Alinjj, Phyllis Hanson, Pcllc Ringdal, John Sahlman, Richard Meyer, Steve Maybcrg, Bob McCormick, Cary Zemplc. Going ... Roins • • • 75Initiation of new members occur in usual hinspirited French style. “And now, from Vale, Mankato State, the U-niversity of Minnesota and Edina High School, The Yeomen!” Spaniards Cash In On The Yeomen, French French Club officer» Dixie Walker, treasurer: Sue Short, secretary; Jim Webb, president of council; Chris Busa, president; Mary Hansen, vice president. Any French student wearing shoes and socks, a sweater, or a gold chain, who doesn’t have fifty cents, is in trouble. The FRENCH CLUB, determined not to end the year in the hole, initiated a new tax system and set rigid requirements exempting no member. Their first expenditure came when they purchased french-fried ants and raw eggs for the initiation of first year students. Members surviving the tortures of initiation were permitted to attend the Christmas meeting at which time they sang carols in French. In February, the club held a dance with the Germans. The bloody French revolution, held traditionally every year, climaxed a year of activity. Flaunting the tradition of Edina's money-grubbing language clubs, the SPANISH CLUB sponsored a program featuring the Yeomen to raise money for AFS. The performance drew a large crowd and over three hundred dollars. Earlier in the year, they joined with the World Affairs Club to present “Kontiki” and at Christmas time made pinatas for children in Minneapolis hospitals as a Red Cross service project. In addition, they held a bowling tournament and attended a Twins game to cheer on their hero, Zoilo Versailles. They concluded the year in grand style with a Spring Fiesta at the Casa Coronado. 76Pull Out Of The Red Spanish Club officers -(top) Woody Kuehn, vice-president; Nan Brown, secretary; (bottom) Donna Halle, treasurer; Chuck Brcdcscn, president. Mrs. Hagcmcistcr, advisor, conducts a short business meeting before the Spanish Club's private fun night. 77Latins Levy Taxes, Work Slaves, Plan Latin Club officers—Sue Barnr.'. Grant Hawthorne, Tom Bridgman, Mary Nelson, Pat Sloan, Mark Nordcll, Kea van der Zicl, Ann Lindgren, [olin Gilbert, Tex Hew-sy Reed, Renner Greg Elft-Missing: Norm 78to “Rebuild Roman Empire” Led by their Supreme Dictator Mr. Richard Scanlan, the illustrious LATI.VS pursued an annual scries of events. Amid catcalls and cheers, officers of the club were elected in the fall by Senators sent from even’ Latin class. While the voters shouted “Eugenac” or “Bis”, each candidate gave his election speech. . Some voters, finding shouting ineffective, brought small bombs or their own swords. Under near-riot conditions, the fifteen officers were elected. Next the noble Romans were called upon to quell a revolt of the lowly ninth grade slaves. The slaves yearly refuse to pay their taxes. Naturally, the patricians and Senators could not tolerate such insubordination and promptly slaughtered the slaves in a scries of war games. For their insolence i n challenging t h e might of Rome, the slaves' taxes were doubled this year. This year several groups were formed within the powerful structure of Latin Club. Greek Club worked to form a Greek colony in Minnesota. Cosa Nostra was the Italian subversive organization. The 1 .1 ruscans were a group of people about whom little was known. They were notorious for the mysterious relics they left behind. The highlights of every ancient Roman's life were the banquets. Latin Club upheld this fine tradition by setting aside a Monday in the spring for a banquet. Fhc Thursday before the banquet all ninth grade Latin students were sold as slaves in the true Roman fashion. The slaves, nothing more than pieces of property, were properly abused for the ensuing weekend and at the banquet, they served their masters all the delicacies. After the banquet, the slaves were freed and told to leave so that their masters’ enjoyment of the banquet games would not be marred by their sen ile presence. This last event brought to a close the events which comprised a year in the lives of the omnipotent Romans. Pete Hovde plays Tanan's baby brother. l atins practice long hours to defend their long-standing title. 79 1- }’ officers— Woody Kuchn, Rcgcs; Mike Me-Gahcy, Dei Gratia; Scott Reeves, all-school secretary-treasurer; Kent Nakken, allschool vice president; Jeff Ryan. Auctor and all-school president. Missing: Steve Rice. Tri-Alpha; Jeff Stevenson. all-school chaplain. Hi-IT Hears Earl Battey, Y-Teens Holds A Hi-v m rnb T5 flipped over the judo expert and found Battey’s talk catchy. The all-school HI-Y meetings hosted many interesting speakers this year including Mr. Matsoto, a judo expert, and Minnesota Twins catcher Karl Batcy. Additional meetings were devoted to the planning of money raising projects such as the annual Christmas tree sale, fun nights, and doughnut sales. Utilis Hi-Y sponsored the third fun night of the year netting over two hundred dollars. Money acquired from all-school Hi-Y' projects was used for contributions to the Charity Drive and for sponsoring the annual Christmas formal. In addition to all-school projects and meetings, Hi-Y chapters met on Tuesday nights to hear speakers and to plan field . trips and joints. Chapter presidents and all-school Y-TEENS officers dressed up for the annual membership drive when they presented a style show at the first meeting of the year. At that time, members joined chapters according to the residential area in which they lived. Their first project was preparing an act for the all-school talent show. The winning act was sent to the all-city competition at the YWCA. Y-teens main sendee project was improving conditions at the Shakopec State Home for Girls. The chapters also performed individual sendee projects at nursing homes and childrens hospitals. The sales of Homecoming mums and the annual Silver Tea substantially raised the balance in the treasury', which was soon lowered when Y-teens sponsored the annual Hero Dance and a Father-Daughter Square Dance. The year was climaxed at a desert banquet at which time new officers w ere announced.Y‘Teens chapter presidents—Top Row: J. Austin, Theta: S. Aim, Delta. Middle Row: J. Shipway, Gamma; J. Swenson, Beta: K. Beale, Epsilon: J. Dornfeld, Omega; B. Subak, Tau; D. Halle, Zcta: K. Sandt, Omieron; N. Miller, Alpha; P. Hanson. Upsi-bn. Bottom Row: S. Oarlock, Chi; C. Tripp. Xi: S. Short. Sigma. C. Lund, Rho; J. Liencmann, Lambda; P. Paul-son, Kappa. Dance “Ah nuts, Judy, we forgot the cashews!” Edina runs a oui out French candy shop at the city-wide International Fair. Y-teens officers—Mary Langhaug, president; Carol Carlandcr, ICC; Cathy Carlson, treasurer; Judy Sampson, secretary; Pat West, vice president; Barb Erickson, chaplain. Chapter presidents meet to try their luck at each pot before the first all-school meeting.Tri-Alpha members work as a pyramid of strength. DEI GRATIA members relax in the cafeteria after an all-school meeting. UTILIS takes care of business and then gets on to more important things.XI members make puppets for “The Wizard of Oz,” to be given at an orphanage. CHI members enjoy the brisk air at their sliding party. ALPHA members study their own handwriting as they listen to a writing analysist LAMBDA danced to “Loli pop, loli pop” in the Y-teens talent show. The Panel of Americans spoke to KAPPA 83(Top to bottom) Treats an- enjoyed by OMEGA members after a business meeting. O MIC ROM president. Katie Sandt. introduces bait stylist, Pearl Loman. DELTA members take time out for refreshments after a panel on sororities. (Left to right) Members of RHO meet after school to elect a hero candidate. EPS!LOS holds a brief meeting before visiting Temple Israel. BETA members saw slides of their advisor’s trip to Canada. GAMMA members meet to plan a future meeting featuring a Peace Corjxs returnee. ZETA members listen to Rabbi Goldberg discuss the rituals and marriage in the Jewish religion. 84Members of THETA arc assigned to bring dishes for their basketball pre-game pot luck. SIGNA members listen to Tatty Patterson suggest tips on grooming and a school wardrobe. UPS I LON plans a trip to the Tyrone Guthrie Theater. TAU members prepare to fill stockings for their Christmas project. 85Students Express Themselves THESPIANS—M. Flatcn, N. Brown, G. Thiele, S. Lee, J. Nordeen, G. Sotebeer, L. Vizzier. Mining: K. Beale, K. Bockelman, C. Carlander, P. Carlson, K. Gallagher, G. Janssen, A. Kirk-man, V. Koivumaki, L. Olson, B. Peters, J. Ryan. Scott Rutherford, the man who throws light on it all. A player's final touches. 86 QUILL AND SCROlM-Baek Row- M Anderson, K. Mitchell, K. Staab. C. Smith, C. Smith, J Thomas, S. S§ort, I.. Baker.IS and ing Lilt: K. C. Rvdman, ing Center: S. Brown. C. Tripp. Sta( son, S. Gaff. Oarlock, B. jS'ordeen, G. Carson, C. hang, C. Sponsel.Through Theater, Journalism, And Speech The EDINA PLAYERS again this year assumed entire responsibility for the production of the school plays which included Arsenic and Old Lace, Dial ‘M’ for Murder, Send Me No Flowers, and Cyrano de Bergerac. While some members prepared their parts, others worked on sets, lighting, and costumes. For their work in all phases of production, they received points toward membership in THESPIANS, the dramatic honorary society. Players who were eligible for membership were initiated at the Thespians banquet in the spring. Juniors and seniors who made outstanding contributions in the area of journalism were named this year to membership in QUILL ANI) SCROLL, a national journalistic society. The DEBATE TEAM this year began a highly successful season by taking first place in the Lakeville Invitational Tournament and obtaining Edina’s first 1st place trophy. Their impressive record in the various invitationals qualified them for competition in the regional and state tournaments, in which they placed third and tenth respectively. It was the first time in Edina’s history that the debate team had competed in regional or state contests. DECLAMATION offered members the opportunity to speak in one of several areas which included humorous and serious reading, extemporaneous speaking and reading, discussion, and story telling. STATE DEBATERS— Ron Wallace, Carolyn Foster, Tony Soderman, Mike Wilkinson. BSQUAD DEBATERS—L. Krause, A. Johnson, B. Forsythe, K. Brown, C. Tang, M. Nelson. Mining: B. Cadwallader, M. Dols. ‘And they lived happily ever after.’ DEC1.AM B. Buskirk, L. Week, L. Knoblauch, L. Murray, B. Walker, W. W right, D. Bailey.Marilyn Stice lectures to fellow Science Seminar members on mutation and genetics. Tense Math Club members study for high math test scores: relax afterwards Students’ Talents Are Developed Through 88 Audio-Visual Aids—Terry Pfeiffer, Jim Luce, Don Skoghiml, Jon Herrmann, Jim Curran. Jim Stuart . . . he’s no phony.Mr. Goldcnstcin, Conservation Club advisor, discusses the characteristics of apple hedge. Club members give the ginkgo tree a mid-winter check up. Further Exploration Again this year MATH CLUB devoted its time to preparation for the state wide spring math contest. Members met every two weeks and solved problems from past tests selected by the advisor, Mr. Curtis Johnson. Club officers were Dolph Bezoicr, president; Bill Bridgman, vice president; and Gail Hughes, secretarv-treasurer. Traditionally, SCIENCE SEMINAR has invited guest speakers to address members at monthly club meetings. This year, however, the majority of meetings were conducted by student speakers who prepared a half-hour presentation on a research subject. Subjects ranged from astronomy to the inevitability of evolution depending on the interest of the members. The CONSERVATION CLUB’S outstanding contribution to the school this year was a ginkgo tree. This unusual tree, imported from Japan via Halla nursery, is one of the three of its kind in Edina. The club also sold pine boughs at Christmas to finance field trips to Sand Dunes State Park and VVa-conia. At club meetings, members had speakers and movies on various areas of conservation. Distribution and maintenance of AUDIO VISUAL material is the job of the audio visual aids who meet each day under the supervision of Mr. Douglas Hcd. They keep all equipment in good repair for use by teachers and students. -Clubs Help Prepare Students for Future I'BI.A members decide to send a delegate to the National Future Business Leaders conference in Washington, D.C. Projects for FBLA .were planned and carried out this year under the direction of the president and three-member board of “directors.” In December, the club held the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, which raised one hundred and eighty dollars. The money was used to send a delegate to the National conference in Washington. D.C. As a serv ice project, FBLA assumed entire responsibility for an orphanage. The club met monthly to hear speakers and plan programs. FSLE, affiliated with the Minnesota Diversified Vocations Club, is a part of the Distributive Education department. Members attended state DE meetings and for the first time had candidates running for state offices. They also sold doughnuts to raise money for the DE employer-employee banquet in the spring. FSLE o fcers—Chad Kibler, president; DE’ers discuss advertising tech- FBLA officeri- Margy Tudor, board; Barb Subak, Kitty Thompson, secretary: Barb Bredc- niques. board: Jo Shipway, president; Terry Allivato, secretary, sen, treasurer; Dorothy Holder, historian. Kathy Hoyer, treasurer, Marg Kane, board. Mining: Fred Bruntjen, vice president.Jobs, Careers A Daddy-Date Night and Foreign Student-Faculty Tea were the main projects of HOME EC CLUB this year. The sale of Edina charms provided the money for these events and for the one-hundred dollar scholarship which the club presented to a member planning a major in Home Economics. 'Flic Edina chapter of FT A was host this year to the first FT A county convention. The club also sent members as representatives to a state convention held in St. Cloud. Money collected through dues was used to finance these two conventions. Mr. Garner, the club’s advisor, and Janice I-anc, president, arranged to have speakers from all phases of teaching, movies, and panels for the interest of all members. 8L0USES Home Ec Club members listen to president Cheryl Bonyngc talk of an up-coming meeting, featuring a handwriting analysist. F'I'A officers— Janice Lane, president: Joan Hontmann, vice president; Sue Porter, secretary; Ilcne Rohner, treasurer. Home Economies Club officers—Sue King:, recording secretary; Cheryl Bonyngc, president; Mary Jo Magnus, corresponding secretary; Jane Zimmerman, vice president, Jane Ashcroft, treasurer. President Janice Lane leads discussion at the Future Teachers of America county convention. 91L. Latchaw (co-raptain), K. Saudi, A. Wersell, G. Erck. B. Suhak (co-captain). V. Olsen, C. Dickey, M. Hav tad, K. Hanson, E. Shideman, L. Hillcrcn, C. Lund, M. Reinhardt, S. Barnes, C. Morris, B. Cook. Misting: A. Pearson, L. Kreiser. Hornettes New Choreographer Adds A Professional Touch Led by co-captains Barb Subak and Linda Latchaw, the Hornettes successfully completed a very busy season. The eighteen dancers performed during halftime and intermission at many of the home football and basketball games and provided entertainment for several of the pep fests. The girls were advised this year by Mrs. Mina Nelson, a former professional dancer, who also did their choreography. To raise money, the Hornettes held car washes, a sock hop and many doughnut sales throughout the year. With the profits, they bought new blouses and held a banquet in the spring where the graduating seniors announced the new co-captains.Art Club And Aqua Nymphs Emphasize Work, Challenge; Develop Talent The ART CLUB, advised by Mr. Lowell McCarthy, was active this year in developing interest in the finer arts. Highlights of the year were a trip to the Walker Art Center, visits with several artists, and other field trips. In January, Mr. Earl Pclvin came to talk about surrealistic painting and Mr. Bush, a sculptor, spoke to the club in February. Other activities included a service project for the Red Cross, a Christmas party, an art show in the spring, and participation in the Southdale Art Exhibit. The ’63-'64 Edina AQUA NYMPHS continued this year with their traditional activities. The group held an Invitational meet in February, competing with synchronized swimming groups from other schools, and participated in the state AAU competition. Additional activities included doughnut sales, car washes, and an annual tea. At the beginning of the year, each member received an Aqua Nymph charm and the year was ended with the presentation of attendance and improvement awards. Art Club members watch an architect while visiting the St. Paul School of Associated Arts. AQUA NYMPHS—Top Row: B. Reed. S. Morrill, S. Braine, J. "McIntosh, N. Brown. B. Hansen, M. I.ade, M. Landes, L. Agustsson, P. Dickinan, S. Miller, S. Brede-sen, C. Reeves. Middle Row: K. Carlson. D. Clausen, P. Hawthorne. . Bottom Row: C. Fox, D. Duvick, M. Field. Missing: B. Crist, M. Greer, M. Lagaard, S. Schaeffer.VARSITY: Kristi Nordstrom, Louise Dirac les, Ginger Thiele, Holly Hatch, Joan Seashore. Sue Morrill, Cindy Anderson. Enthusiasm Is New Pep Club The 1963-64 cheerleaders “cheered madly” to promote school spirit at all Edina athletic events from football in the fall to baseball in the spring. After cheering the football team to second place, the cheerleaders attended all winter athletic events stirring student enthusiasm. To create interest that raises the cheering attendance, the A-squad advertised athletic events with posters in the halls and planned pep fests with the Pep Club as well as introducing new cheers and revising older ones. The A-squad cheerleaders, headed by captain Sue Morrill, were advised by Miss Gimmestad. B-squad sophomore cheerleaders attended all B-squad games and cheered at Homecoming, replacing the cheerleader queen candidates. B-SQUAD: Diana Wingcrt, Carolyn Reeves, Barb Berk, Sheila Gray, Sue Williams, Sue Eichorn. There was so much at “steak’ A-squad cheerleader cap-Chccrlcadcrs plan attack at the year’s first pep fest. with Richfield. tain Sue Morrill.Sparked By The Cheerleaders, Boosts Student Spirit And The The students who can be seen enthusiastically peddling pillows at Edina home games arc members of Edina’s newest organization, the Pep Club. The Pep Club was organized in the spring of 1963 when a constitution and set of goals and purposes were drawn up. At this time, officers were elected and the membership drive was begun. Approximately 600 students had joined the club when the membership drive, continued in the fall of 1963, ended. One of the main goals of the club was increasing the school spirit at all athletic events. Before football games, members sold team booster ribbons with such slogans as “Who’s Rochester”, “Smear the Spartans”, and “Butcher the Bears”. They also informed students of the coming events through posters and announcements. During the games, they sold plastic pillows and most important, cheered the team on. The Pep Club helps plan pep Tests and obtain speakers. 95Ski Club found conditions sticky at Sugar Hills. Ski Club officers — Sue Short, treasurer; Mark Brandow, vice president; Tex Hewlett, president; Ginger Thiele, trip "coordinator; Miss Gimmestad. advisor. Missing: l.ee Ann Viz-zicr, trip co-ordinator. Sports Interest “Step right up, folks, get your tickets for the ‘Greatest Show on Water!’ ” GAA’ers find practice brings fun and nets good results. GAA officers — Val Chclgrcn, treasurer; Kiki Mitchell, vice president; Connie Edwards, secretary; Ellen William, president. Carol Brostrom finds her technique much more effective when the bowstring doesn’t catch her ear. 96Strong In Ski Club, GAA, E-Club The new year was an active one for GAA, highlighted by an Alumni Playday and faculty-GAA, volleyball game. The Alumni Playday was a new project for GAA. They invited the members of past years to participate in volleyball and basketball tournaments. Although the Alumni won one trophy, GAA was victorious when they played the faculty. Additional activities included a service project and an awards banquet at the end of the year. The sponsorship of SKI CLUB this year was transferred by the school to the Edina Park Board, who established a board of parents to act as advisors. With the help of school advisor, Miss Gimmestad, the club officers planned numerous ski trips including overnight trips to Sugar Hills and Indianhead. E-CLUB this year carried on the traditions of past years as they presented the Homecoming Queen with a bouquet of red roses and sponsored the annual E-Club dance in January. The sock-hop temporarily increased the treasury by eighty dollars, but the money was soon gone to refinish the gym floor, damaged during the dance. The members also met once a month for various programs including a talk by ski-jumper John Balfanz. The annual faculty-E-Club dinner and softball game climaxed the year. Ski-jumper John Balfanz inspires enthusiasm at the November meeting. E-Club officers—Bill Lord, president; Mark Nonidi, treasurer; Jim Wayne, vice president; Dovir Fisher, secretary. 97Fisher skirts end for his eighth touchdown of the season. Lake Conference Standings Won Lost Tied Richfield.....................8 0 0 EDINA -MORNINGSIDE...........6 1 1 Robbinsdalc...................6 1 1 St. Louis Park................4 3 1 Bloomington...................3 4 1 Hopkins.......................3 5 0 Minnetonka .................. 2 6 0 Mound.........................1 7 0 Wayzata.......................1 7 0 100 Edina Is Victor 314- Edina’s football team rolled to a highly successful season, finishing in a second-place tie with Robbinsdalc, both teams owning identical 6—1—1 conference records. The Hornets earned a third-place berth in the state ratings of Sfinneapolis Star-Tribune, behind champion Richfield and runner-up Anoka. Sparked by a 26—12 opening victory over St. Louis Park, Edina followed with impressive whitewashings over Mound and Wayzata. On October 4, a fired-up Robbinsdalc eleven invaded Edina. Here, in the closing minutes of play, Edina turned a defeat into a 14—14 tie, with Bob Granger coming through with two vital extra points. In following weeks, Edina posted shutouts over the .Skippers and Warriors, and downed the Bears 51—6. At this point, Edina, boasting a 6—0—1 record, met Richfield in the showdown for the Lake Conference championship. A record total of 12,500 fans jammed Kuhlman Stadium to see the Hornets out-scored but not out-classed by the Spartans, as Richfield earned a 14—12 victory to remain undefeated and to claim the Lake Conference crown. The following week, Edina faced Rochester, undefeated champions in the Big Nine Conference. The Rockets marched into Edina rated second in the state. They left humilated 33—0, as once again Edina upheld the prestige of the Lake Conference. The five Hornets selected to the All-Lake Conference team were the following: on the offensive team, Ron Crawford, end; Pat Lewis, tackle; captain Bill Lord, guard; Doug King, quarterback; and on the defensive team, Ernie Maulsby, defensive halfback. Next year’s team will be bolstered by 16 returning lettermen. as Coach Canakes can once again expect a contender for the conference championship.46; Earns Third In State, Second In Lake VARSITY—Pint Row: D. Fisher, Doug King, Dal King, R. Awsutnb, B Stevenson, T. Morgan, B Culbertson, C. S. Bennett, J. Woodworth. E. Maulsby. P. Cash man. U. Bennett, Head Coach Slav Canakes. Fourth Row: S. May Diercks. Second Row: J. Birk, J. Wayne, J. Fiedler, Capt. berg, B Granger, D. I»fgrrn, J. McCambridge, B Nauth, B, Lord, R. Crawford, B Knutson, D. Sharp. R. Swanson, J. Darkenwald, R. Connor, D. Stewart, G. Fossum. J. Wood, C. Otness, R. Giertsen, J. Hagen. Third Row: Coach Frank E. Rosendahl, Coach Gene Cherney. Fisher, Mgr. K. Hilsendorf. E. Downs, P. Lewis, M. Bjork.BSQUAD—First Row: T. Courtney, G. Trowbridge, G. Jensen, B. Martin, D. Hultmann. J. Berg. M. Sborov. Second Row: J. Gar-vcn, B. Carlson, C. Carlson. C. Avery, S. Sprangers, G. Burns, D. Thiede, B. Bottolcne, E. Griffith, K. Stebbins, S. Lewis, R. Schelper, kStewart, R. Richey. Mgr. J. Halverson. Third Row: Coach Duane glien, B. Karr, D. Allison, B. Thomas, B. Lynch, B. Luff, R. Ray, B. Zeilinger, J. Piracies. B Kile. B. Nelson, G. Hays, J. Iverson, P. Peterson, Coach Donald Zins. Fourth Row: M. Stcnson, S. Hcne-ficld, M. Reeves, J. Bcrquist, F. Shepherd, C. Stirrat, N. Thomas, J. Gray. D. Herman, S. Turnbull, M. Miller, R. Dunn, J. Denting, J. Dovolis. 102I dreamed I slipped up. One of die approximately 2,000 seconds of practice. Edina 26 12 Park 34 0 Mound 55 0 Wayzata 14 14 Robbinsdale 40 0 Minnetonka 49 0 Hopkins 51 6 Bloomington 12 14 Richfield 33 0 Rochester J-V SQUAD—Fint Row: B. Horlitx, J. Ray, D. Mitchell, C. B. Benhatn, H. Dillon, B. Phirffer. Third Row: Coach Willard Slough, B. Coppock, B. Roche, C. Gilinan, J. Nelson Second Row: Ikola, T. Awsumb, D. Standeven, D. Chapman. B Hepp, M. Staber, J. Hagen, J. Nyman, D. Hull, P. Amesen, D. DonateJle, G. Bennett, S. Harmon, D. Legros, E. Downs, J. Ronald, Coach Albert Ogren.Cross Country Team Builds Character Edina's Harriers, hampered by the loss of most of last year’s team through graduation, compiled a 1—6 conference record as they dropped from last year’s fourth place position to this year's seventh place standing in the conference. In conference meets, the Hornet’s one victor)' was against Mound, who placed last in the conference. Edina sent one member of its cross country team to the 1963 state meet, held at the 1.8 mile course around Lake Nokomis. Steve Sanford, a standout on the team for two years, placed third in the state. His time of 8:42 broke the existing mark of 8:48. However, Bob Wagner from St. Louis Park bettered Sanford’s time, when he set a new state record of 8:36. Next year Coach Hendrickson can expect a greatly improved team, as seven Icttcrmen arc returning, four juniors and three sophomores. Lake Conference Standings Won Lost St. Louis Park.......................7 0 Minnetonka...........................5 2 Richfield............................5 2 Hopkins..............................4 3 Robbinsdalc..........................4 3 Bloomington..........................2 5 EDINA-M ORNINGSIDE.................. 1 6 Mound................................0 7 104 Cross country team runs up hours of practice to build enduranceSanford practices before meet where he placed third in state. These are the characters Edina built. Edina 40 I 20 Park 19 I 42 Mound 42 I 20 Hopkins 34 I 22 Robbinsdale 37 I 19 Minnetonka 43 I 15 Richfield 37 I 22 Bloomington CROSS COUNTRY—Pint Row: P. Monahan, R. Brown. M. Bin . D. Shaw, M. Brown. L. Franke. B Palmer, C. Thompjon. Second Row: S. Capt. T. Andenon, T. Juhnke, D. Field, R. Torgeson, K Anderson, B. Kellogg, T. Oren. S. Witte, B. Brother , P. Gerberding. 105Third In State! Edina’s basketball Hornets brought the best season in the history of Edina basketball to a climactic finish with a walloping 85—67 victory over one of the state’s finest teams, Proctor. This year’s team was the first Edina five to go through the tough conference, district, and regional schedules undefeated to gain a berth in the state tournament. The Hornets were Lake Conference Champions and placed third in the state behind Luvernc and Rochester. In compiling a 26—1 record, the best record in the state, Edina lost only an overtime heart-breaker to Rochester. The team’s first real challenge was against early conference co-leader Hopkins. Tom Fiedler led the team to a 52—47 victory. Edina closed out conference play with a 48—44 victory over a tall Robbinsdale five, a 91—61 offensive rout over Minnetonka, and a 58—56 finale with Hopkins. Edina won its non-conference games against Anoka and Rochester, both state tourney entries. Watertown, Park, Wayzata, and Hopkins were Edina’s District 18 victims. The Hornet’s entire starting team made the All-District squad. In Region V playoffs, Edina cut down the previously unbeaten Willmar Cardinals and defeated a dark horse Central team in the finals. Edina’s Steve Kagol, Tom Fiedler, and Bryan Grohnke were named to the All-Region Team. The Hornets represented Region V magnificently in the state tournament, chopping down Bcmidji’s Lumberjacks 58—44, dropping their only decision to the fired up and revengeful Rochester Rockets, 76—71 in overtime, and clowning Proctor for third place. All-State selections included Kagol and the tournament’s high scorer Grohnke. Baglicn instructs Stahly. Captain-clcct Dahlberg. 10675 76 60 70 56 59 52 79 66 82 76 48 Edina 91 58 77 63 57 59 57 62 58 71 85 53 Bloomington 53 Richfield 54 Park 51 Mound 44 Anoka 42 Robbinsdale 47 Hopkins 52 Bloomington 50 Wayzata 68 Park 49 Rochester 44 Robbinsdale 61 Minnetonka 56 Hopkins 25 Watertown 49 Park 44 Wayzata 46 Hopkins 47 Willmar 52 Central 44 Bemidji 76 Rochester 67 Proctor Grohnke adds to his total of 1265 points. VARSITY Hint Ron-: D. Johnson, D. Watson, T. Morgan, S. J. Fiedler. T. Fiedler, B. Mcmemacher, D. Earl, M Nordcll, J. Stahly, Gocklcy. Second Row: S. Kagol, D. Dahlberg. T. Awuimb, R. Hinkie, Capt. B. Grohnke, T. Wood. 107Nordcll sends Central reeling. Somebody has to warm the bench. B-SQ,tJAD -First How: J. Cray, S. Earl, B. Palmer. J. Rasmussen, R. Schclper. Second Row: Coach J. Rod berg, P. Larson, T. Courtney, R. Welling, D. Kagol, M. Stenson. B. Hencficld, P. Matthies, M. Reeves, J. Stahly. Lake Conference Standings W L EDINA -MORNINGS IDE 16 0 Hopkins 13 3 Robbinsdale 9 7 St. Louis Park 8 8 Bloomington 8 8 Minnetonka 6 10 Wayzata 5 11 Richfield 4 12 Mound 3 13 Kagol and Eichom happily accept role of hero. 108109Undefeated Edina Pucksters Take First Mcl soars past ’em. VARSITY—First Row: B Dierclu, F. Lushine. B. Lord, D. King, J. Bailry, D. Glomsrud, J. Hardrll. Second Row: W. Kuchn, C. Otnm, Edina’s hockey team skated through conference play undefeated to earn the highly sought-after Lake Conference trophy. After winning their first four conference contests, Edina faced Richfield, also undefeated, in a showdown to determine the early conference leader. However, the outcome of this game, a 1—I tic, did not decide this leader. Seven victories later, Edina again met Richfield, still undefeated. Trailing 1—0 at the end of the first period, Edina scored a tying goal which was later nulified by the referees. Fired up by this incident, Edina skated to a 5—1 victory to gain undisputed first place. The final shutout over Wayzata gave Edina a 15—0—1 record and the conference title. In non-conference play, Edina scored an impressive 5—1 victor)' over Henry, a team which later won the City Conference championship. A month later Edina traveled to South St. Paul and downed the Packers 5—4 with a last minute goal by junior John Woodworth. Next the Hornets met Evcleth and lost their first game of the season, 2—1. Edina’s last non-conference game was a 0—0 tic with Southwest. In the state tournament playoffs, Edina defeated Park, but suffered a 1—0 loss to Bloomington. Individual players were honored, as four Hornets were named to the first all-conference team. These were Bill Lord, Doug King, Chip Otness, and Bill Dicrcks. John Bailey received honorable mention. R. Ridgeway, P. Caihman, G. Hawthorne, D. Mitchell. Third Row: I. Frykman, B. Knutson, Coach I kola. J. Woodworth, B Thonuu. NOChip Otncss scores one of the five against Richfield. Edina 5 1 Henry 3 0 Robbinsdale 4 1 Park 2 0 Bloomington 3 1 Mound 1 1 Richfield 3 0 Hopkins 6 1 Minnetonka 5 4 So. St. Paul 3 0 Wayzata 1 2 Eveleth 5 0 Robbinsdale 10 0 Park 4 I Bloomington 0 0 Southwest 12 0 Mound 5 1 Richfield 7 0 Hopkins 2 I Minnetonka 7 0 Wayzata He’s all hero—I’ll Grant you that.Bruce Knutson flattens Spartan. Hale Glomsrud defends against enemy in- Junior goalie Bill Dicrcks shows his vasion. All-Conference form. Co-captain Doug King flics to All-Conference position. Lake Conference Standings EDINA -MORNINGSIDE Won 15 Lost 0 Tied 1 Richfield 14 1 1 Minnetonka 9 4 3 Bloomington 8 7 1 Robbinsdale 5 8 3 Wayzata 5 9 2 Hopkins 5 10 1 Park 2 10 4 Mound 0 14- 2 All-Conference choice Chip Otncss skates against Way?ata. 112Co-captain Bill Lord: an All-Confercncc defenseman. B-SQUAD First Row: J. Keene, A. Henkel, D. Hultmann, S. Fox, J. Leyh, A. Roscndahl. Second Row: N Thomas, J. Deming, B. Who said 13 is an unlucky number? ■ . mwM m;' ... and we did. Karr. B. Coppock, S. Baker. Third Row: D. LcGros, D. Pcschau, L. Schuu, R. Dunn, J. Kerkland.Swimmers Surface To Sweep 3rd Place 37 58 Hopkins 52 43 Robbinsdale 52 43 St. Cloud Tech. 57 38 Park 61 34 Bloomington Edina 36 59 Rochester 38 57 Hopkins 52 43 Robbinsdale 63 32 Winona 62 33 Park 59 36 Bloomington Edina’s sw immers, for the second consecutive year placed third behind the defending State Champions of Rochester and I,akc Champions Hopkins. Edina's tanksters compiled a 6-2 record in regular season play, good for second in the conference, losing only 2 conference meets. In their opening loss to Hopkins, three Hornets, Hall Dillon, Scott Nelson, and Rick Gicrtson, set new records. Rebounding from this loss, Edina drowned Robbinsdale 52—43, and on the following day, swept the Winona State Relays. Edina reached its peak at Winona, as the Hornets defeated State Champion Rochester, sixth place St. Eouis Park, and Winona. Edina placed second in District 18 competition. The team proceeded to take third in the state. Edina’s most impressive showing came in the 20 yard freestyle. In this event, Edina’s team of Bruce Meredith, Tom Gulliford, Rick Gicrtson, and Tom Juhnkc splashed to first in the state and at the same time set a new state record of 1:32.2. Rick Gicrtson won the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 55.3 seconds, only three-tenths of a second off the state record. Juniors Scott Nelson, swimming the 100 yard freestyle, and Hall Dillon, in the 100 yard back-stroke, both finished 2nd behind boys who set new-state records. Nelson finished 4th and 'Eom Juhnkc 5th in the 50 yard freestyle. VARSITY—First Row: Coach Downey, H. Dillon, R. Carlson, B. Row: J. Bucklan, C. Liebcr, S. Nelson, T. Adams, B. Johnson, K. Rodman. B Meredith. T. Juhnkc, T. Gulliford, J. Jacoby. Second Anderson. D. Hubbard, S. Lewen, R. Westcrvclt. 114In State Hold it! Keith Anderson looks on as Rick Giertson accepts his first place medal for his performance in the 100 yard breaststroke. Moby’s Juhnkc and Nelson. Lake Conference Standings w L lopkins 8 0 DINA -MORNINGSIDE 6 2 Ix uis Park 3 5 hhinsdalc 2 6 xnington I 7 115J-V AND B-SQUAD—First How: Coach Downey, P. Monahan, C. Proctor, R. Johnson, R. Morphew, J. McCanna, S. Bern, B. Zero!!, M. Binell. Second Row: P. Hanley, G. Bennett, C. Thompson, D. Correa, D. Kemper, J. Fisher, B. Denison. J. Wilcox, C. Henley. Third Row: P. Me I lard, D. Dibble, B. Kile, B. Barrington, C. Arka, S. Collumb, J. Anderson, J. Florcn. Take your marks! Scott Nelson gathers another 8 points for Edina.Bruce Johnson flics high ... eighth in state. A rare peaceful montent Tom Adams stops to ponder if he dares. 117Wrestling Team Sends One To State Weakened by the fact that eight of last years twelve Varsity wrestlers graduated, Edina’s 1963-1964 team compiled a 2—6 record in conference dual meets, good for seventh place in the Lake Conference. The team, under the leadership of co-captains Warner Smithcrs and Rick Watson, later went on to take seventh in the strong District 18. The wrestlers started the season impressively, as they downed Waconia, 25—23. In this meet, the team put on its most exciting exhibition of a wrestling meet. The score was close throughout the meet as Waconia led by only one point, with one match remaining. However, in the last match, Wayne Reynolds, Edina’s heavy weight, gained 3 points for Edina, giving them a 25—23 victory. Edina finished second in the seventh annual Edina Invitational Meet, behind Fridley. Junior Jim Garrison, placed second, and seniors Warner Smithcrs and Wayne Reynolds placed third in District 18 competition. The 95 pound Jim Garrison went on to take third in the Region 5 playoffs and become Edina's sole representative in the state meet, thereby keeping the tradition since 1958 of sending at least one Edina wrestler to state competition. (lop) “Hold it—I lost my contact! Funky applies the pressure. VARSITY—Standing: R Watton, T. Mitchell. R. Ray. D. Hull, W. Reynold , Mgr. R. Soderberg. Knotting: S. Coffin, J. Garrison, T. Wilson, W. Smithcrs, T. Morrissey, D. Shaw, S. Sanford. 1188 4 32 Edina 26 19 3 16 42 Rob bins dale 40 Park 18 Mound 39 Hopkins 18 Wayzata 25 Minnetonka 39 Bloomington 25 Richfield Coffin in a comer. 119Edina has its ups and downs. That’s using your head. Lake Conference Standings Robbinsdalc Won 8 Lost 0 Park 6 2 Minnetonka 5 3 Hopkins 5 3 Bloomington 5 3 Richfield 4 4 EDINA -MORNINGS1DE 2 6 YVayzata 1 7 Mound 0 8 B-SQUAD and J-V—Standing: K. NfacAIlister, G. Rchm, G. Peterson, M. Spcecc, B. Johnson, I). Tull, D. Hatzung, E. Griffith, B. Nelson, T. Landvik, R. Louia, D. Dodge, R. Torgeson, M. Stabcr, M. Brown, T. Weigel, B. Roche. Kneeling: J. Thomas, J. Herrmann, B. Taney, M. Olson, S. Scofield, D. Diercks, B. Thomsen, R. LafT, P. Thomsen, B. Dunn, B. Friegang. 120VARSITY—First Row: D. Lindow, B. Nclion. S. Means. Second B. Wohlrabe, J. PomtIi, M. MofTai, R. Stephens. Fourth Row: L. Row: A. Skier. T. Henderson. D. Sheeks. T. Giebink. T. Hatstcad, Hauskins, J. Mueller, M. Halstead, R. Holt, B. Maunder. B. Nelson, D. Nelson. Third Row: Coach Wiesner, S. Rice, J. Brion, Ski Squad Schusses To 2nd In State Under the leadership of Captains Mike Halstead and George Wilson and Coach Ron Wiesner, the ski team placed second in the state. After finishing an undefeated season in the conference, the team sent three team members from each event to the state meet. The following boys participated in state competition: in the jumping event, Bob Hagen (7th), Bill Pearson (8th), and Dave Donatcllc; in the slalom, Mike Halstead (4th), Dave Sheiks (9th), and Tom Giebink (14th); and in the cross country, Rick Stephens (13th), Brad Maunder (14th), and Dick Nelson (15th). Bob Hagen and George Wilson represented the nine state region in the Nationals. It’s a bird—It’s a plane—It’s Donatelle. ‘You take a stick of bamboo.”A Ball Is Had In Intramural Tennis Due to the success of the I-ball and Intramural softball programs, Mr. Matlon organized an intramural tennis tournament this fall. About twenty-five boys and thirty girls played in the tournament. Boys played on Mondays and Wednesdays, and girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every Friday afternoon about fifteen teams invaded the courts to play mixed doubles. Because the fall tournament was so successful, another tournament was held in the spring. Dave Warner and Cici Wipj cnnan double up. Maric-Christinc demonstrates her wicked backhand. 122Mayhem Produced By 12 I-Ball Teams After 140 boys turned out for Intramural Basketball they were divided into twelve teams in two leagues. During the regular season play, John Wood's Pluggcrs and Rick Blcssi’s Botchers led their respective leagues. However, the Faculty, averaging 52 points a game, was undefeated. After a playoff tournament, John Wood's Pluggcrs and Schuyler Olson’s Ferndocks met each other for the championship, with the Pluggcrs coming out on top. I-Ball Standings Pluggcrs American W 11 L 2 69'ers 10 3 Black Things 8 5 Ferndocks 7 6 Spleens 6 7 Nads 5 8 Ball Hogs 4 9 Rat Finks 1 12 Botchers National 9 2 Bombers 7 4 Winners 6 5 All-Stars 0 11 Action starts in I-Ball Ircc for all. I-Ballcrs show their championship form. Opposing I-Baller applauds Don Stewart's great rebounding. 12STop Ttn—Standing: Larry Leonard. Kra van der Zid. Toni Jenkins, Ron Jackson, Scott Reeves, Norm Miller, Sifting; Gary Berg, Bill Bridgman, Pat Sloan, Cindy Smith. The Class Of1964 Contributes Scholastic, The graduating class of 1964 has finished a successful high school career, but they will never forget the experiences and responsibilities that have shaped the senior class into what it is today. When they entered the long awaited senior high as sophomores, they were plunged into obscurity and bewilderment. Producing a Homecoming skit and float was their first class assignment. To raise money for the senior reception, they sponsored the Sophomore Talent Show which featured a human mummy. They also cheered on the “B” squad teams and the sophomore members of the varsity teams. As juniors, they became experts at selling popcorn and carmeled apples. They also became proficient in the field of combing football stands for gooey bits of carmcl and confetti. This year supposedly was the hardest scholastic year and many endured their first college boards. With their hard-earned money, the junior class financed a prom that gave everyone “A Knight to Remember.” At last they reached their final year and, consequently, their best year. With 580 students in the senior class, they were the largest graduating class Edina had ever had. New seniors hailed from six different states and four foreign countries. Since the treasury contained nearly three hundred dollars, they were able to take it easy on fund-raising projects. Senior Homecoming was made more meaningful when their float and skit finally won first place and their own classmates were up for king and queen. Their athletes helped basketball, hockey, and skiing teams to Lake Conference championships. The annual Senior Dance sponsored by their class was held in March. The Class of 64’s scholastic ability was excellent. Eleven seniors qualified as Merit Scholarship semi-finalists and three as NHS scholarship semi-finalists. In addition to scholars, athletes, and musicians, the senior class contained numerous Beatles, surfers, and several penny pitchers. Nevertheless, by the end of the school year, nearly eighty-five per cent of the seniors were college bound. On graduation night, June 4, the Class of 64 received their diplomas, the symbols of academic achievement, friendships, and memorable experiences. 126ROBERT KENT ABBOTT — Bunt tit sports rditor — I-ball — Student CaUlM il far one year — Latin Club — a member of the llorny-Ette's chorus line — Quill and Scroll - interested in anything that pertains to sports plans a career in journalism. JAMES SCOTT ABERNATHY — Altadaha played hockey as a sophomore enjoys skiing, travel, sports cars, races, painting, and parties very witty. RICHARD EDMUND ACKERSON - Ack - participates in basket-hall, baseball, and tennis - pastimes include hunting, golf, and football plans on the U of M and career in engineering — always willing to co-operate. THOMAS FRANKLIN ADAMS — co-chairman of the senior class float — member of the Student Council ethics committee — lettered in swimming — German Club for two years — an easy-going person — "(Jet serious." VERONICA MARY ADAMSON Roni -French Club for two years Prom committee a member of Pep Club, Home Ec Club, FT A — enjoys bowling, swimming, and water skiing — future puns include the U of M “I'm sure." LINDA PATRICIA AINSLIE — Home Ec Club synchronized swimming — Homecoming float committee summer hospital volunteer — plans to attend William Woods — would like to be a sportswear buyer. CHARLES FREDRICK Al.ING drummer in the band for two years — German Club Executive Council — member of churrh group governing committee — plans include the U of M enjoys reading. HARVEY OSCAR ALLISON III — member of the German Club — interested in skiing, hockey, swimming, and golf — constantly working on cars — will attend the U of M — an excellent sense of humor. KATHRYN JEAN ALLUM active in Home Ec Club, Spanish Club, and Pep Club — three-year member of Y-teens — De-IuSalle Homecoming attendant — an experienced model — plans to be a fashion designer or model — a shy smile. Creative And A thletic A bility To EMHS Stnior adinon—Sitting: D. Fredrickson. E. Anderson. E Aam- dt, K. Pt'gors. R McCarthy. Standing: R. Bechtle, B. Garner. Stnior Clan offictrs—Vic Koivumaki, vice-president; Joan Seashore, secretary; Lloyd Thompson, treasurer; Mike Bjork, president.SHARON JEAN AIM — chapter president of Delta Y-teens — member of Spanish Club, Red CnSss, Art Club, and FTA — Homecoining skit, float, and decoration committees — center on the girls' football team — sews and knits most of her own wardrobe — will attend the U of M ROWE BAKER ALT — Red Cross alternate —- favorite hobby is stamp collecting — enjoys reading — identified by his briefcase — "That'll be the day.” SUNNY JO ANDERS — Jody — - president of SAM — participates in French Club, FTA, Y-teens, Art Club, and Home Ec Club — member of sophomore float and senior skit Homecoming committees — winner of mother-daughter golf tournament — a contagious laugh. JAN IS ELIZABETH ANDERSEN — Spanish Club — Y-tcens — Homecoming float committee — member of Job’s Daughters — enjoys horseback riding — plans to attend Bemidji State College — “I know it” DARCY JOAN ANDERSON — member of Frrnch Club, Ski Club, and Art Club - - girls' football team — Y-teens chapter vice-president — favorite hobbies arc skiing and golfing — never stops laughing. JOHN RAYMOND ANDERSON — Andy — played baseball as a sophomore and football as a junior — Spanish Club — Hi-Y — worked on the Homecoming float — enjoys hunting and skiing — plans include the University of Minnesota at Duluth — great all-around guy. MICHAEL HUGH ANDERSON — BuzzttU feature editor — World Affairs Club president — co-chairman of 1963 Homecoming — NHS — alternate to Boys' State — AFS semi-finalist — EPIC — Student Council — plans to attend Gustavus Adolphus. MICHAEL PETER ANDERSON — member of Conservation Club and DF. Club — special interests include hunting, fishing, skiing, and skating — plans to attend a trade school. RENNER STEPHEN ANDERSON — Ret — Latin Club censor — four-year band member — Charity Drive co-chairman — AFS candidate — enjoys playing the guitar, flute, and recorder — attended AFSC work camps - worked as archaeologist in Missouri. Class Of 1964 Optimistically Congregates ROGER WILLIAM ANDERSON - enjoys boxing, skiing, and ice hockey — always looking for a party and a good time — cheerful and easy to get along with — plans to attend the U of M after graduation. THOMAS ROY ANDERSON — letterman and captain of the cross country team — lettered in track — plans to study dentistry at the U of M — a carefree personality — “Oh yeah.” JANE CAROL ASHCROFT Stormy treasurer of the Horne Ec Club — member of Edina Players, FBLA, and Pep Club — Homecoming decorations committee —- would like to become a Secretary — main interest lies in Richfield. KENNETH ROGER ASLESEN - Surfer Ken member of the Honorary Surfers of Minnesota — Spanish Club soccer team — Pep Club — will attend the U of M very gullible JUDITH ANNE AUSTIN — active in Latin Club, Spanish Club, and GAA — Mixed Choir — chapter president of Y-teens — Pilgrim Fellowship and church choir — NHS as a junior — a bridge fan and pianist — plans to attend Iowa State and major in education. THOMAS NELSON AWSUMB — Ox — lettered in football — Varsity basketball for two years — enjoys hunting and fishing — plans to attend the University of Wisconsin friendly. 128NANCY SUE AXRLSON — active in An Club and Y-teens — Spanish Club as a junior member of SUD — plans 10 go inio elementary education — an accomplished artist — a turned up nose. KATHLEEN LOUISE BARIC Guddv member of Spanish Club, Pep Club, FB1.A, and Ski Club as a senior participated in senior life saving church group member plans to become a secretary never a dull moment DALE BAILEY — secretary of Girls' Choir participates in Spanish Club. Pep Club, and FT A — Red Cross representative — belongs to church youth group and choir - - interested in dramatics — plans to attend William Woods. JOHN DENNIS BAILEY a sport for every season lettered in cross country, hockey, and track — member of German Club and E-Club a convinced hy-. pochondriac favorite song is “Nferrsidotes" — "I'm gonna hang up my skates." JAMES R! DCWAY’ BAKER - Varsity baseball — fli-Y — E-Club participated in park board hockey and Legion baseball — likes to hunt plans include Iowa State and a career in engineering always looking for a good time, BRUCE CREGORY BALDWIN — Baldy — Spanish Club -- Hi-Y — enjoys hunting, camping, and water skiing - worked for the State Highway Department plant to attend the U of M. SHARON KAY BARGER — Snoopy — member of French Club, Pep Club, and Edina Players — Home Ec Club for one year — Zeta Y-teens vice-president as a junior — likes swimming, softball, and horseback riding. SUSAN CLAIRE BARNES — 1963 Home-coming attendant chcerleading for two years — Homcttes — Student Council Latin Club aedile — Y-teens — Powers Teen Board representative — vivacious and bouncy. COLLINS OWENS BAXTER Skip — member of the Art Club DcMolay Bli vard Ski Club spent memorable summers in Colorado, mountain climbing and camwing — will major in art at St. Cloud. With Merely 276 DaysTo Graduation VIRGINIA MAY' BAYERS — member of Spanish Club. Y-teens, Pep Club, and Art Club — worked on the senior Homecoming float committee honored queen of Job’s Daughter Edina Bethel will major in art at college — a cross country fan. KATHLEEN LESLIE BEALE member of the French and Art Clubs — president of Epsilon Y-tcens Red Cross representative — publicity chairman for Ninotthka; National Thespians plans on a career in art — quiet but friendly — “How exciting!" BARRON HOWARD BEHNING — hopes to travel his interests include reading and various sports will at- tend the University of Minnesota following graduation. DONALD KENT BENNETT Edina’s 1963 Home-coming King president and three-year member of Student Council treasurer of the Sophomore Class — Auctor Hi-Y — Spanish Club basketball and baseball for one year - one of the singing "Yeomen." BONNIE JOAN BF.RESFORD — meml er of French Club. Math Club, and Debate — president of Episcopal Young Churchmen — enjoys outdoor sports — received two awards for swimming plans to attend Mara tester. HEATHER BF.RESFORD French Clu1- Math Club - band — vice president of sales in Junior Achievement — received a letter of commendation for the National Merit Scholarship test enjoys all outdoor sports. 129Seniors jump on their horse and check the college bulletin board. Classes' Tedious Routine Enhanced With GARY WARREN BERG — active member of German Club, Math Club, and World Affairs Club ■— swimming team for two years — publicity chairman for Homecoming — National Merit Scholarship finalist will attend Macalrster after graduation. JOHN HENRY BERG — participated in German Cluh for one year and Pep Club for two years — an Eagle Scout enjoys playing golf — plans to attend Mankato State next fall — a good mixer. BRUCE CHRISTOFFER BERGH — Ajax — enjoys most sports — spends much of his spare time working on cars interested in art plans include working for one year and then college. JERRY DALE BERGSETH — three-year member of German Club — baseball team — sings with an amateur folk group — worked for the Edina Recreation Department for two years — will attend the U of M "Where's the hootenanny?" JOHN THURSTON BESSESEN — avid outdoor sports fan — enjoys skiing, skating, and swimming Spends spare time learning to fly — drove bulldozers and construction equipment during the summer. DOLPH D. BF.ZOIF.R — president of Math Club — Mixed Choir treasurer — Science Seminar for three years acted in the Tyrone Guthrie promotional movie National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist —on the ball. BARBARA BEDELL BILLINGS three-year mem-her of Spanish Club, Y-teens and Edina Players — office page — bowling league — Pep Club — chairman of area ALSAC drive — a Robert Goulet fan. DON A I.D JOSEPH BING Spanish Club and Uti-lus Hi-Y for one year — enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, skating and riding — plans to attend St. Cloud after graduation — a different person at 2:45. JOHN MORGAN BIRK member of the football team and golf team; lettered in both sports — participant in the World Affairs study group — likes to hunt. fish, and play tennis — will attend the University of Minnesota. ISOMICHAEL ROBERT BJORK — Senior Class president — lettered in football and track — swimming team for two years — three-year member of E-Club — premier of Russian Club — NHS — plans a career in medicine. NANCY MARIE BLANCHETTE — Blanch member of Art Club French Club for two years — Homecoming committee — models on different occasions — fun follows wherever she goes. KEITH SHIRLEY BOETTCHER — Beech — member of the track team for two years — enjoys skin diving and water skiing — a ham radio operator in his spare time - helped form a new folk singing group. The Landsmen. BRUCE MeCARRON BOMIER German Club senior life saving intramural basketball — president of church youth group junior counselor of DeMo-lay — enjoys hunting and fishing — swill attend the University of Minnesota next fall CHERYL BON-YNGE - - president of the Home Ec Club — member of Y-teens. French Club, Pep Club. World Affairs Club, and Edina Players Red Cross representative — enjoys summer sports — always ready for a good time SUZANNE GRACE BOVF. member of the French Club favorite pastimes include swimming, water skiing, and skating — plans to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation. Elizabethan And Stock Market Projects ANET LYNN BRAKKE — active in Latin Club. Pep Club, and GAA — secretary of church choir and treasurer of Luther League — plays the piano and ukulele — urse's aid at Heritage Home. DAVID GEORGE BRANDANGER I-ball - enjoys water skiing, fishing, and fixing can — worked on a highway construction crew — plans to enlist after graduation — the owner of a '56 Chevy. MARK BRAN-DOW — a high kicking Horny-Ette — member of Latin Club. German Club, and Ski Club Exchange Student committee brother to Magnus, Edina's Finnish foreign student — worked on the senior car for the Homecoming parade. P.AMF.LA ANN BRANHAM — memben of Latin Club, German Club. Y-teens, and GAA - church fellowship group — likes to swim, water ski, and read — plans to attend the U of M “Do ya mean it." BARBARA BREDESF.N — Optimist's Youth Appreciation Queen — active in Pep Club. Spanish Club, and French Club treasurer of Omega Y-teens — treasurer of FSLE — a girl who never stops talking. ARTHUR CHARLEYS BREDHSEN — Chuck Homecoming .ytendant — Spanish Club president — ethics committee co-chairman Pep Club committee co-chairman president of Junior Achievement — elected to the National JA Conference a politician who really enjoys people. DA VID JA ' BRENNER — Toad two-year member of Hi-Y. chapter secretary as a sophomore — active in church group work skies with Blizzard — mechanically minded — will attend the U of M. RICHARD LA WHENCE BRIDF.N Dicker — Latin Club pro-consul played B-squad basketball and I-ball — a sports enthusiast —• enjoys folk music worked as an usher at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater. RUTH LOUISE BRIDGEMAN — GAA for three years Y-terns — Junior Achievement — member of F.YC enjoys skiing, horse-back riding, archery, swimming, and reading — won honors in bowling dreams of traveling. 131Fun Nights Supply Post-Game Action For Heads or tails? WILLIAM LEWIS BRIDGEMAN — delegate to the model UN — Math Club vice-president — French Club — World Affairs Club — member of the Republican Youth Organization NHS — National Merit semi-finalist - bicycled through Europe. DA V1D OWES BRINGES — Sheik — administers the official Latin “curse” — Latin Club — Russian Club — Math Club NHS — an individualist who likes surrealistic paintings and Freudian philosophy. JOHN HENRY BRION — member of the ski team — stage crew for many plays — active in scouting — YMCA counsellor — belongs to the Naval Air Reserve -traveled throughout the world — plans to attend Colorado College. BONNIE ELWOOD BROCK — Y-teen — Home Ec Club as a sophomore — a candy striper — enjoys horseback riding, reading, skating, and baseball — plans to attend Parsons College and major in social work — worked as a counselor for under-privileged children quiet and sincere. CHARLES RAYMOND BROICK — Tuck — transferred from Benilde — enjoys hunting in his spare time — plans to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation tion. DAVtD ALAN BROSTRO — Bosco — en-joys skiing and working on stereos — interested in architecture — future plans include the University of Minnesota. 132Edina Seniors The bird was the word. BRUCE DOUGLAS BROTHERS member of Hi-Y, E-Club and Pep Club — track and cron country team — I-ball — enjoy golf, bowling, tenni , and swimming — worked a an usher at Metropolitan Stadium CHARLES EDWARD BROWN member of the Spanish Club soccer team — church choir — senior Homecoming float committee — very friendly — a hard worker. LEE AIMS' BROWN — partiri| ates in Hi-Y. German Club, and Pep Club — president of Luther league — enioyi baseball, basketball, camping. canoeing, and reading — was an usher at the ball park — an avid sports fan — always a smile for everyone. NANCY ELLEN BROWN — Spanish Club secretary — Aqua Xymphs treasurer — Thespians vice-president — Edina Player for two years — Buzzette art editor in her junior year — friendly green eyes. FRED BRUNT JEN — Freddy Bear — vice president of DF. Hi-Y — sexiest “Berry Stomper" in the senior skit - works at the Northbriar Shop — enjoy activities from skiing to ice fishing promoter of many parties — always a "just punishment" — Mr. America. MERRILEE BUCHANAN member of Y-teen . Spanish Club, and Edina Players girls' football team — glow lips and famous flip Edina's nuttiest redhead — uses her energy skiing and having fun. DONNA LOUISE BUCKBEF. — Hi-Y Sweetheart candidate — Art Club — senior Homecoming skit — girls’ football team — enjoys swimming and playing the guitar — worked as a rasplserry picker last summer lovely blond hair. RICHARD CHARLES BUR-GESON — Burgy — enjoys waterskiing, ski jumping, snow skiing, and looking at girls — plans to go into the Marine Corps after graduation. CHRISTOPHER JUELL BUSA — member of Hi-Y, and E-Club — Buzztll reporter — tennis team — president of French Club editor-in-chief of Southwest Arrow — enjoys sports of all kinds — plans include U of M — "Here's the deal." 133THERESF. MARIE BYLIN — FBI,A as a sophomore F.dina Players in her junior year enjoys sjciing. skating, sailing, and swimming will attend the U of M next fall — likes to meet new people. CAN-DICE JEAN CARLETON — chaplain of Delta Iota Y-teens as a sophomore — Edina Pla -ers and French Club — vice-president of PF sings and {days the guitar fun loving. GREGORY WARD CARLIN — transferred from Wisconsin’ — participated in track, freshman baseball, and Student Council at his former school received National Merit certificate and NSQT letter of commendation — plant to attend St. Thomas. CHARLES EDWARD CARLSON — member of De-Molay gun club active in Luther league — enjoys hunting, archery, and water skiing — plans to attend business school a gentleman's man. JULIE IRENE CARLSON — three-year member of Girls’ Choir — participates in FBLA and Y-teens — office page worked as a candy striper - enjoys skating and horseback riding — always looking for fun. LESLIE ANN CARISON member of Y-teens for three years; Beta chapter vree-president Spanish Club - Home Ec Club FT A — FBLA belongs to Job's Daughters and church choir — a Sunday school teacher — friendly and conscientious. PAMELA ANN CARLSON — Whigrtan assistant editor — GAA board — member of French Club Edina Players. Y-teens. and World Affairs Club enjoys being AFS sister for Maric-Christine enthusiastic guitarist — demonstrates her school spirit by yelling loudly at every game. RICHARD MORGAN CARLSON Regei Hi-Y for two years German Club bowling league member enjoys water skiing, golf, and hunting — delegate to Youth in Government — always on the go. ROBERT FAIR-CHI ID CARLSON member of the church basket-lull team — Junior Achievement — enjoys most sports — plans to attend the U of M at Duluth — shy. but friendly. Class Of 1964 Dresses Down To Raise 134SUSAS' MARIA CARUON — Y-tcen secretary — GAA an FTA for one year — church choir and youth group member of Blizzard Ski Club like to sew, paint, read, and write — witty and enthusiastic. TERRY I. ASS CARLSON — Terry — two-year member of Spanish Club and FBLA Red Cross and GAA for one year — church youth group — enjoys all sports — worked as a model — will attend the University of Colorado JOHN EDWARD CARLSTROM Feo — member of the swimming team for three years — Spanish Club Junior Achievement — enjoys most sports and cars — worked at a night watchman — plant to attend the U of M. JANE ELIZABETH CARNAHAN — three-year band member participates in Edina Players. Y-teens, Spanish Club, and Latin Club — enjoys water skiing and boating — plans include St. Olaf. JAMES DENNIS CARRIGER Business Management Club — bowling league enjoys golf and bowling — plans to attend the U of M after graduation — "If you can't prove it. assume it." MARY CANDACE CARSON —■ Candy — a leader in all her activities — dynamic editor of the Whigrean — AFS finalist — Girls' State — co-chairman of the 1963 Homecoming — Student Council — Red Cross — Junior Class secretary Quill and Scroll — NHS destined for great things. DIANE MARIE CARTER German Club for one year Delta Y-teens' chapter treasurer — member of church choir likes water skiing, swimming, camping, and horseback riding sincere. DWIGHT RICHARD CHARLES — enjoys hunting, Ashing, skiing, and skating — plays the guitar — member of his church group — plans to join the Marines and then attend Montana State University — friendly. SUSAN ELLEN E CH RISTOFF ERSES — member of Y-teens — Spanish Club for two years Mixed Choir — NHS — National Merit semi-finalist - secretary-treasurer of church group — favorite hobby is sewing — always a smile. School Spirit On Annual Sweatshirt Day BARSUM BAILEY CIRCUS Bamie known by his three rings . . . one through each ear — his wit makes him almost a sideshow in himself — sensational personality — (ding, ding) "Barnie here!" STEPHEN HALL COFFIN — wrestling team — Spanish Club for two years - enjoys water skiing, hunting, and sailing — plans to attend the University of Minnesota next fall. CONNIE ANN COMB -Como — sice-president of Zeta Y-teens French Club publicity chairman — GAA board member likes to sew and participate in sports — plans include Iowa State — a girl with varied interests. RICHARD HAl.LDWELL CONNOR George star hiker on the football leant — Junior Class treasurer Latin Club censor — referred to as "the Voice” — fond of mushrooms — likes to spend money — runs on nervous energy. BETSY JANE COOK — Homettes — member of Latin Club, French Club, Home Ec Club, Pep Club and Y-teens — office page — officer in church youth group — enjoys mountain climbing — plans to attend an eastern college — spends her summers in Maine. FREDERICK ALBERT COOK — member of UtiUs Hi-Y and Edina Players participated in football and track enjoys skiing, cars, and dating always where the fun is -plans to attend the U of M. 135DAVID LEE COOPER — Coop the Bungler winner of full scholarship to Intcrlachcn Music Camp — member of Hi-Y. Ski Club, and German Club played impressive trumpet in Concert Band for three yean: first chair as a senior — will attrnd St: Olaf. MARY KATHERINE COOPER Y-trens Latin Club as a sophomore — Mixed Choir publicity committee for "Dial M” likes music, horsebark riding, and sewing — plans to attend Iowa State. IVDITH AWE COURSOLLE — Spanish Club Blizzard Club — FBLA Home Ec Club - Pep Club for two yean - candy striper — senior life sav-in — enjoy water skiing, golf, and parlies — lots of fun SUSAN ELIZABETH COVNICK — committee chairman for Home Ec Club — member of Y-teens, French Club, and Pep Club — president of church youth group will attend Iowa State hopes to write a book. CATHLEEN SULLIVAN COX — Hi-Y Sweetheart candidate Chandlers Teen Board — modeled for Dayton’s and Marvin Oreck — loves to water ski — a fabulous dancer — Oirtatious eyes. RONNIE DENVER CRAWFORD — Black Knight of Edina Vanity football for three yean: All- Conference team and lineman of the week — JV baseball — E-Club plans on a year of prep school and then Georgia Tech loves a good party. SUSAN JOAN CRAWFORD program chairman of the Home Ec Club Latin Club for two yean -Pep Club member of Pilgrim Fellowship group and church choir — spends her spare time knitting sweaten a baseball fan BONNIE ANN CRIST — publicity chairman and three year member of Y-teens Aqua Nymphs in sophomore and senior year Art Club Spanish Club Red Cross Representative — hobbies include knitting and sewing always late. THOMAS FREDERICK CROSS — Soccer Club lielongs to EYC church group a Sunday School teacher — enjoys baseball worked as a vender at Met Stadium — easy going. CAREN MARIE CROWTHER Y-teens chaplain for two yean German Club soccer team Edina Players — Homecoming and Prom decorations committees — church choir and youth group - worked as a volunteer with retarded children. JAMES PATRICK CULLIE Pat moved to Edina from Chicago — Ski Club for two years — helped paint the senior car — interested in cars, especially Plymouth an individualist. JAMES MICHAEL CURRAN footltall as a sophomore Conservation Club for one year — enjoys both snow and water skiing — will attend the University of Minnesota always where the fun is. Mass Hysteria Sweeps School As Senior Seniors laugh as other’s mug shots. they admire eachTHOMAS EDWARD DAHLSTROM — Fimum Vates — Latin Club senator football, basketball, and baseball as a sophomore — church youth group — bowling team — will attend Colorado State an imaginative personality DIASS A SUE DARSEl.l. — DeDe — hobbies include bowling, cooking, and water skiing — hopes to become an airline stewardess — fun to he with. US DA LOUISE DASII member of French National Assembly, Russian Club, and World Affairs Club — Friendship Dance refreshment committee — PF — received a letter of commendation for Merit Scholarship contest plans to attend the UofM a Twins fan. RICHARD HARTER DAVIES — president of the Mixed Choir — president of PF — enjoys archery plans to attend Macalester — possesses many capabilities JAMES CALVIS DAVIS Cal Home-coming candidate — wrestling for three years member of Art Club, German Club, and Hi-B — Corvettes of Minnesota — a memorable trip to New York an apprentice butcher likes parties, fast-back . and a fast crowd. JOHN EDWARD DEAN transferred from New York in his junior year co-captain of the football team in New York — vice-president of the Chemistry’ Club participated in track and swimming plans to attend St. Thomas "I don't know." THOMAS PAUL DENNISON - two-year memlser of Spanish Club — Young Life — Ski Club — church youth group — favorite hobbies include swimming and skiing — an extensive traveler - - envied owner of a T-bird. MA Rt E-CHRIST IN E DES ISNARDS — Kdina's AFS'er from Paris - member of GAA, Spanish Club. World Affairs Club, and Edina Plants — Whigr an photographer — enjoys skiing, tennis, and swimming — wonderful sense of humor. WILLIAM LOUIS DEW INTER — Scratch — Utilis Hi-Y for three years — junior church group — Southdale bowling league — likes to golf, water ski. and play billiards — plans to study law. KATHLEEN ANN DF.VF.NY — member of Ski Club, Art Club, and Pep Club — advisor secretary of church Luther League candy striper at Northwestern Hospital enjoys skating, skiing and horseback riding — Bian to study nursing. CAROL JOYCE DICKEY — [ornette — participated in Latin Club, German Club. World Affairs Club, and FBI.A co-chairman of Homecoming coronation committee worked as a switchboard operator and counselor — always a witty comment MARY CATHERINE DIEHL Cathy — belongs to French Club, Art Club, and Contact church group — future plans include the U of M — a special interest in Dartmouth — a contagious laugh. Pictures Are Revealed To Classmates DIANE MICHELE DII.LNER — Dilly — French Club and soccer team — Girls’ Choir — rhurrh Pilgrim Fellowship — NHS enjoys art. skating, and reading — friendly to everyone. LOUISE IRASMIA DIR AC IIS — Louy reigned as 1963 Homecoming Queen cheerleader for three years - Student Council secretary Sophomore Class sice-president — NHS Dayton's Teen Board a real toughy on the girls’ football team - - saddle shoes and a green book hag. JANE ELIZABETH DORSFEJJ) Spanish Club soccer goalie — Pen Club president of Omega Y-teens — sang with use Edina-Mites -- plays the uke — always cheerful — easy to get along with. 137Seniors Razz Senior boys become high kicking Horny-Ettes to honor 1963 Homecoming court. The Senior float featured a giant human hand.And Bury Hopkins With Skit And Float EDWARD HENRY DOWNS — ButttUt assistant sport editor lettered in football member of Hi V’ and German Club I-ball enjoys sport — easy- going and friendly. ANNA SHIRD DlfD participated in advanced basket weaving a a sophomore — the only student ever to fail study hall and lunch recipient of the Cetty Broekcr Homcbreaker of America award — does secretarial work for her father. Milk I)ud. DONNA JEAN DUNKER — Omeja Y-teens chapter secretary — Spanish Club soccer team — Pep Club — Red Cross representative — WWC secretary - Homecoming float committee — Prom decorations committee — enjoys water skiing and bowling - likes to watch most sports - darling dimples — always friendly. BONITA l.YNN DUOOS — Bonnie — participates in French Club, Ski Club, FBI.A, and S'-teens publicity chairman and group organirrr of church youth group — member of Good Skiers for eleven years a real whiz on skiis DARLENE ELAINE DUVICK member of Spanish Club, FBI.A. Y-teens. and Pep Club — Red Cross representative — Luther League recreation chairman and past secretary — plans to attend Mankato "You're out of your tree." MILTON LEONARD EDO REN - Concert Band for three years — French Club soccer team — assistant publicity chairman for World Affairs Club — enjoys pool, tennis, and football — band All-Stars ath-lctic squad — great sense of humor. SUSAN MARGARET F.DLUND member of Spanish Club, Y-teens. Home Ec Club, FTA, and Edina Players - enjoys coin collecting, bowling, and swimming Junior Pink Lady at Methodist Hospital — "but definitely dahling." STEVEN ARTHUR ED-WARDS Hi-Y chaplain — Utilis — Spanish Club B-squad hockey — enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, and badminton — won trophies in state badminton tournaments. RICHARD EI.DEN F.ICHORN — E-Club track team — basketball manager chairman of senior float committee — enjoys canoeing, camping, and touch football plans to attend GREGORY BERNARD ELFTMANN - member of I-atin Club, World Affairs Club, Greek Club, and Cosa Nostra — Latin Club praetor athletic equipment manager — NHS as a junior enjoys tennis, jan, and bowling. THOMAS GORDON F.UJNGSON Mot loves cars and raring — worked during the summer as a pinchascr and a carry-out boy — always brewing where the fun is his cars could keep the Russian army going for a year. 159Senior Co-operation And Donations Boost JOHN MERLE ELLIOT Radio Club for two cars — enjoys flying, hunting, electric experimentation, photography, and gage try — Playboy Clubs International — won archery awards at Shattuck — noted for his jokes. LARRY IJiE EIJ.IS — track as a sophomore Spanish Club - enjoys golf, football, and baseball — belongs to a folk singing grtlup — plans to attend U of M. ELAINE PATRICIA ENGEL Sis - member of Y-Tcens, Spani'h Club, Edina Players, Pep Club, and Home Ec Club — Edina's delegate to Coed Magazine — church youth group — enjoys cooking — "smile" — plans include U of M. GARY RAY ENGEN — Engie — member of Art Club — church group — Dcmolay chapter officer — special interests include scuba diving and art — plans to attend U of M — always enjoys a good Joke. BARBARA ANN ERICKSON — all school Y-teens chaplain — vice-president of Omega Y-teens as a junior — member of FTA — Luther League treasurer — enjoys bowling, cooking, and watching football games — plans include Concordia College — fun to be with. BONNIE LOUISE ERICKSON — member of Spanish Club —- girls’ football team — church choir — enjoys swimming, bowling, skating, and golf — plans to attend Gustavus Adolphus after graduation. SALLY KAY EWING — participates in Y-teens, FBLA, Pep Club, and Edina Players — Girls' Choit — Homecoming decorations committee — belongs to a bowling league plans to attend Mankato Nursing School — wonderful sense of hutnor — a friend you can count on JEFFREY THOMAS FACKLER — transferred to Edina in his senior year — interested in building, driving, and reading about cars — always good for a smile or a joke. ROGER WILLIAM FECH-NER — an enthusiastic roller skater who has competed for skating honors — members of b«- Roller Garden Figure and Dance Club — a sincere friend. MARILYN KAY FF.tGUM — Marcy member of Y-teens as a sophomore — Art Club — enjoys water skiing, howling, and motorcycle riding — plans to be an airline stewardess — always prepared for the unexpected. GORDON HERUM FERGUSON — Latin Club and German Club — participated in track for three years — Edina Soccer Club — Blizzard Ski Club racing team NHS — plans to attend Carlcton — always says what’s on his mind. JOSEPH ALAN FIEDLER — definitely sports minded — letterman and member of the baseball, basketball, and football team for three years — plays Legion baseball in the summer — will attend the U of M — Casanova. THOMAS FREDERICK FIEDLER baseball and basketlKill teams for three years — Homecoming attendant — E-Club — plays Legion baseball during the summer — will attend the U of M one of Edina’s shorter students. DA VID THOMAS FIELD track and cross country team — Gennan Club — Red Cross representative — senior life saving Junior Achievement - ALSAC and March of Dimes committees — plans to attend Sl Johns believes in having fun. THOMAS VINCENT FIN AN — member of World Affairs Club and Spanish Club — won the World Affairs Club trip to Washington, D.C. — plays Edina League baseball — his plans include the University of Minnesota. 140Charity Drive Funds Over $2000 Goal Vicki Olsen bought just what she needed ... a brain. Rick Connor receives a bid from another unsuspecting victim. BARBARA BRITTON FISHER — three-year member of Y-teen — Spanish Club for two years — Senior Homecoming skit — enjoys skating and acrobatics — special intrest in Cleveland- DOUG PAUL FISHER — Fish — Vanity football halfback — outfielder on the baseball team — secretary of E-Club — will attend the University of Minnesota — a hustler ... in pool. JAMES RONALD FtTZNER — Fits — Edina Soc-cer Club — German Club soccer team — played JV baseball and B-squad basketball — enjoys skiing, hunting. and archery — an impressive Macbeth and perfect Beowulf. MARY CAROLINE FLA TEN active in Latin Club. French Club. Edina Playen. Y-teens — Blizzard Ski Club — eleven-year member of Girl Scouts — NHS — National Thespians — enjoys skiing, water skiing, and swimming — an excellent actress. SUSAN FLETCHER — Concert Band — member of Y-teens, GAA. Edina Players and Spanish Club — GAA water show — church youth group — enjoys skiing, swimming. and riding — a procrastinator. ROBERT DONALD FLU EC NIGER — new to Edina from Washburn — active in Dei Gratia Hi-Y and Ski Club — participates in I-ball — hobbies include water skiing and hunting — a great sense of humor. 141Talented Seniors Capture 60% Of Prizes GREGORY KENNETH POSSUM — center on the Varsity football team; elected to the second All-Lake conference team - member of German Club and E-Club for two years — displays a happy-go-lucky attitude. LUCIUS NEWTON FOSTER — Chip member of Hi-Y for two years — German Club for one year — constantly working on a '31 Ford coupe — enjoys water skiing and hunting — plans to attend St. Thomas next fall. LYLE WALLACE FRANKE — member of Hi-Y — Spanish Club and Junior Achievement — lettered in track and cross country — belongs to DcMolay — spends much time at his lake cottage — will attend the U of M. ROBERT HENRY FRIEGANG — vice-president of Hi-C group — football for one year and wrestling for two years — enjoys camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing — plans to join the Navy. RALPH EGMOND HAROLD FRISCH — Kurt prize winner in skating contest — member of church group — favorite pastimes include piano, swimming, and skating — once had a job as a janitor — plans include Mankato or Wisconsin “What for?" GERALD HUMPHRIES FU7.2EY — Fua — church group member — enjoys skiing, bowling, fixing up cars, fishing, and duck hunting —- plans to attend the University of Minnesota — always smiling. KATHRYN ANN GALLAGHER treasurer for the National Thespians — lead role in NinOtchka Y-teens — choir for three years — French Club, FT A, and Edina Players for two years — loves to water ski — an avid bridge player — never stops talking — "Are you kidding?” PETER BENJAMIN GARDNER — Student Council for two years — chairman of the sophomore Homecoming float Naval Air Reserve — enjoys water skiing, boating, hunting, and Jaj anese sports — likes just about everybody and everything. RANDY JAY GARDNER — Big A1 — member of the wrestling team for three years — enjoys football — played basclsall during the summer. SUSAN ELIZABETH GARLOCK business manager of the Whigrean — Y-teens chapter president — member of Spanish Club. Red Cross, and World Affairs Club — enjoys skiing and swimming — always dependable. BETTY KATHLEEN GARRISON — Garr — member of Y-teens, FSLE, and Dccca for one year — hobbies include skiing and a boyfriend — plans to attend a business college known for her "reliable" Rambler. MAUREEN JEANETTE GAR YEN Renee — participates in Spanish Club, Edina Players, and Pep Club — played Mabel in Tht Rfluetanl Dtbulnnt — likes to style hair — a national skating champion — winner of numerous bowling trophies — known for 3:00 AM bike hikes. CONSTATINE CHRISTOPHER GF.ANKOPLIS — Connie — JV baseball church fellowship group — enjoys playing the piano, baseball, and football plans to attend the University of Minnesota — a conservative. ROGER WOOD GECKIT.R Geek — likes to play baseball — plans to attend the U of M next fall can often be seen in his red Sting Rav. RICHARD IVES GIERTSF.N Girty — swim-tning team for four years state and conference championship in the 100 yard butterfly — Varsity football for two years and track for three years either very quiet or very loud. 142AtThe Sophomore “Steve Allen Show” BARBARA LEE GHMES — Hornettes as a junior Red Cross alternate — member of FBLA, Pep Club, and Y-teens — active participant in the Talent Show — memories of Young Life Ranch in Colorado will attend Augsburg. ERIC JON GILSTER Latin Club — golf team co-captain I-ball for two yean — treasurer of church group — took a trip to Europe plans to enter pre-mrd. SHARON DIANE GJOR- VAD — Home Ec Club — Y-teens as a sophomore — • worked on the stage crew of the Edina Community Theatre — roller skating club — likes to watch Viking games — hopes to be a stewardess — "Really swing out" DALE RAYMOND GLOMSRUD little Earl — defenseman on the Vanity hockey team and ace pitcher on the baseball team E-Club - Luther League — likes to fish and hunt — will attend the U of M MARGORIE ANN GOTTSCHALK member of Y-teens, French Club, Pep Club, GAA, and Edina Players - Mixed Choir — Walther League South-dale bowling league — church choir — never missed a football game — plans on the U of M. DOUGINAS CHARLES CRABHAM — co-captain of the Edina Soccer Club Student Council member of Ger-man Club, I-ball, and Edina Players — Yasuhiko's AFS brother — very active in his church — always on the move. DEBORAH DALE GRAMS — publicity chairman and two-year member of Y-teens — Edina Players —-Homecoming button committee — belongs to church choir and youth group — takes a special interest in the L- of M. ROBERT WINSTON GRANGER — "the Toe" — place kicker for the football team •— captain of the tennis team; district doubles champ and region doubles runner-up - German Club member shy exterior JACQUELYN SUE GREEN -transferred from Kansas City — member of the band; received an “A" rating at the state band contest — Latin Club senator — participates in Spanish Club. Y-tcens, Pep Club. F.dina Players, and Home Ec Club — a George Chakiris fan. Our group had 21% fewer cavities. 143Privileged Seniors Gain 534 Lunch Time LOWELL EDWIN GREEN — member of tho Minneapolis and City of Lakes Figure Skating Club winner of the Midwestern Junior Pair championship; placed sixth in the 1964 National Senior Pairs division. ANNE ERAXC1SE GREER participated in Y-tcens, Spanish Club, and Art Club for two years — Aqua Nymphs as a junior a berry stomping girl in the senior Homecoming skit — Brcck cheerleader — an excellent artist — every one’s buddy — never stops dancing. BRYAN JOHN CROHNKE — a remarkable athlete — captain and center on the basketball leant for two years; named to the all-conference and all-district basketball teams — ace pitcher on the baseball team — E-Club member. RICHARD LEE GROT HE tuba player in the band for three yean — member of Luther League — plans to attend the LT of M and study aeronautical engineering a procrastinator with a bad case of Senior slump. MARK SCOT! GRUENDRR — Nonapus — member of Latin Club — enjoys tennis and football in his spare time — interested in math and science — will attend the University of Minnesota. THOMAS JOSEPH GUI.LIFORD — lettered in swimming participates in World Affairs Club, Conservation Club, ana E-Club - vice-president of church youth group — always tries to do his best. STEVEN FRANK GUNBERC Guntur three-year band member — German Club — Dei Gratia Mis' and Ski Club for two years — I-ball — senior life saving always has a good joke. FORREST ILF. GUNDERSON — Frosty Latin Club senator vice-president of church youth group — received National Merit Scholarship letter of commendation -owns his own four-speed — "Listen, little one." JOAN RA YE GUNDERSON — activities at Church include Luther league treasurer, member of the choir, and Sunday School teacher plans to study nursing — a dedicated person. . ROBERT CURTIS GUSTAFSON — Latin Club and German Club for two years - - enjoys playing golf and touch football — plans to attend the University of Minnesota — "Ix-t’s go." CHARLES GEOr-FRF.LY H ABE RLE — Chuck I-ball for three years — member of junior golf group — senior float committee — very sports minded would like to coach ujx n graduation from college "That's just fine." CYNTHIA ANN HALING — participated in Y-teens, Home Ec Club, GAA. and Art Club for one year — Luther League enjoys bowling, water skiing, and knitting — plans include the University of Minnesota DONNA SUE HALLE — secretary of the Spanish Club Zeta Y-tcens chapter president — ad editor and reporter for the Buzztlt participated in the talent show for three years a good worker and leader. MICHAEL WALTER HALSTEAD — Weep — co-captain of the ski team; placed fourth in the state ski meet — skied with Bli rard and Tatra ski teams - German Club for three years — plans to attend the University of Denver — an individualist. JUDITH ANNE HAMARA Home Ec Club chairman Art Club for one year enjoys skiing, horseback riding, and stock car racing — plans include the University of Minnesota. 144Minutes, Walks From The Parking Lot GARY GORDOS HANES French Club and Latin Club for two yean JV baseball enjoys skiing, ice skating, hunting, and driving his Sunbeam — will attend the University of Minnesota. JERl SUSAN HANES member of French Club. Latin Club, and Edina Playcn for two yean — GAA and Y-teens for one year — Junior Achievement treasurer - a member of church choir traveled to many fascinating places — plant to attend the U of M and study medicine. CAMERA SUSANNE HANSEN — Cam - Concert Band Latin Club for two yean — GAA for a year enjoy skiing and tennis — will attend St. Law rence Univenity. Lucky seniors “enjoy" cold walks and dead batteries. DOUGLAS DURELL HANSEN — transferred to Edina from Springfield, Illinois, in hi junior year — participated in Park Board hockey enjoys fishing, and fixing Fords — always on the go. BARBARA JO HANSING — Y-teen all-school publicity co-chairman Edina Playere and Spanish Club for two yean Buarllf typist — participated on many Homecoming, Prom, and FBLA committees — a bubbly personality. CYNTHIA JEANNE HANSON — Manic FBLA and Pep Club for one year treasurer of SUD — plans to attend the Univenity of Minnesota — enjoys frequent trips to Caner County. 145November 22, 1963—News America mourns ihc loss of her leader. Fifth hour Friday ... students listen for news of Kennedy’s condition. GAIL ELIZABETH HASSON — Red Crow presi-dent — Y-tcen chapter vice-president and all-school promotions chairman — active in German Club, F.dina Players, and World Affairs Club — NHS — received a National Merit letter of commendation — an outstanding personality. PHYLLIS ANITA HASSON — member of German Club, Y-teens, and Edina Players — German Club secretary and soccer captain — Upsilon Y-teens chapter president — candy-striper at Northwestern — enjoys reading and soccer — always putting her foot in her mouth. ROBERT RICHARD HANSON — member of the track team as a junior — church youth group — enjoys all sports — worked as raspberry picker. BONITA KAY HARRIS — two-year member of Y-teens — FSLE claw photographer — bowling league member — enjoys riding, water skiing, parties, and dancing — plans to attend Mankato State. KATHLEEN ANNE HARRISON member of Spanish Club, Home Ec Club, GAA, and Edina Players — Homecoming float and decorations committees — plans to attend an art school — "good grief." ELIZABETH LYNNE HARTIG — Betty — participates in Pep Club, Y-teens and Spanish Club — Latin Club as a sophomore — enjoys horseback riding, tennis, and piano — moved all over the country. ROBERT GEORGE HARTSHORN — Concert Band vice-president and marching band drum major — German Club for two yean chairman of World Affain publicity committee — NHS plans to attend the University of Iowa. l.I.OYD ALAN HAUSKINS — Mumper — member of Spanish and Ski Clubs ■— ski team — likes skin diving, motorcycles, billiards, and guitar. MARY JO HAVSTAD — Skins — Horn-ettes — junior girls’ football team — Spanish Club — Y-teens and FbLA for one year — Homecoming skit and decorations committees — Prom decorations committee — plans to be a secretary. 146Of Kennedy’s Assassination Stuns Seniors JOHN HILLARD HAW — Hi-Y chaplain — Art Club — TV announcer — Homecoming Skit committee — always looking for a good time — plant to attend the t o( M RICHARD GRANT HAWTHORNE Dent — Sophomore Oats president — Latin Club Suaestor lead in “Dial M" NHS — Student ouncQ vice-president alternate to Boys' State — Homecoming attendant Varsity golf and hockey teams — co-chairman of two Homecoming committees — a fine person — dedicated in all he does. RICHARD LLOYD HAYS came to Edina from Blootningficld, Michigan — lettered in track and football at his former school — Homecoming float committee — enjoys photography and hunting. THOMAS DUNLAP HAYS — member of German Club — swimming team for four years Hi-Y Student Council — Homecoming NIC — delegate to finance forum promoter of senior section at football game. KAREN LOUISE HEGENER Y-teens — active in Job’s Daughters — Blizzard Ski Club — three-year member of Breck cheerleading squad — Brcck Homecoming Queen plans include college and a career in nursing. FRANK DAVID HF.NE-FIELD — Fred — member of Gentian Club for two years — played B-squad basketball as a sophomore and I-ball as a junior — held the record for number of times thrown out of the library — "Big Al says red roses." ROBERT JAY HERMAN — bowling team leader likes to fly and ski — owns a ’34 Chev and a 41 Ford — will attend the U of M — always looking for excitement JAMES GARY HERRMANN — Haro — member of Edina Players - Spanish Club and Art Club for two years — treasurer of church youth group — pastimes include water skiing and hockey — plans to attend the U of M. ERIK LANE HEWLETT - Tex — Latin Club censor — track team — Lake Conference pole-vault champion — Ski Club president — Blizzard racing team — president of church group — received Merit Scholarship lettrr of commendation — plans to study medicine. KEITH EUGENE HILC.F.NDORF Student man-ager of football and basketball teams — Business and Higher Learning Club — president of Hi-League plays church basketball and softball — plans to attend Mankato State — works hard at everything. JULIE ANNE HILLF.REN — Blondy - member of French Club. Edina Players, and Y-teens for one year — active in church youth group — editor of church youth paper member of Minneapolis Youth Symphony Orchestra. RICHARD EDWARD H INK IE man-aging editor of the Buzzellf — Vanity basketball tram - vice-president of church youth group Mil SPA award in 1963 member of Minneapolis Traveling bowjing league — a darling Horny-Ette. JOHN DOUGLAS H IN SHAW — Zench lettered in swimming — member of E-Club publicity committee French Club for three yean — known for his hot. blue I-ark plans to attend Grinnell after graduation JAMES ROBERT HOC KIN winner of State Piano competition played with the Minneapolis Symphony clarinetist in the Concert Band — pianist at all school functions will study dentistry at the U of M EDWIN RUSSEIT HODGES Hodge — wrestling team — member of church youth J;roup — guitarist in a dance band Spanish Club or one year will attend the U of M — a real surfer. 147College Board Exams Provide Saturday DOROTHY LEE HOLDER — pant treasurer of Y-tern chapter — FSLE and Junior Achievement for one year — past historian of FSLE — enjoys water skiing and dancing — a naturally likeable girl. LINDA LEE HOLMAN — member of FBLA, Y-tccns and Home Ec Club for two years — girls' football team — church youth group — sews n o»t of her oWh clothes works at the soda fountain at Valley View Drug — a ready sm.le. SYLVIA INCEBORG HON A AS Sil — member of the Andahazy Ballet Borealis Company — studied ballet in Europe — president of Girls’ Choir — destined to fame. ROBERTA CELESTE HORKEN — Bobbie — transferred from Springfield, Illinois — member of Pep Club, Red Cross, and choir in Springfield Y-teens as a senior — Girls' Choir — plans to attend Bethany College — a beautiful smile. CARLA RAF. HOVEY — -teens for three years — Spanish Club for two Sars — member of Luther League — skies with the izzard Ski Club — plans include Iowa State — easy to get along with. SUSAN JANE HOW ORTH the Blonde Vixen — Y-teens for two years — Home Ec Club as a senior — one of the speedier members of the girls' football team — a dare devil skier — always game to do anything. GERALD GEORGE HUDAK — active member of Latin and Art Clubs for two years — enjoys all sports — smart dresser — takes a special interest in quints — always friendly. THOMAS SCOTT HUEBSCHER — participates in Tri-Alpha Hi-S’ and Ski Club — en- joys camping — worked as a dishwasher at the Bilt-morc Motel — plan to attend the U of M — good tense of humor “Nice face.” GAIL FRANCES HUGHES active in Science Seminar and Math Club Buzzette editorial editor received Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — Quill and Scroll — Talented accordian player-------interested in philosophy and psychology — will attend the U of M. SUSAN CAROL ISGRIGG — three-year member of Latin Club — participated in Y-tccns, GAA, and Edina Players — church group member — enjoys golf — plans to attend Hamlin. ROLF DAVID IVERSON — Concert Band; received an "A" rating in the state music contest — member of Math Club, German Club, and Science Seminar — played “swingin' trombone" with the Edina All-Stars — plans to attend St. Olaf. RONALD NEIL JACKSON — Harvard Book Award — NHS — swimming team — Spanish Club for three years — neighlx r in Send Mt No Flouen -Homecoming MC — enioys swimming and baseball — Miss Grove’s favorite student. LORA LEE JACOBSON — participates in French Club, Spanish Club, World Affairs Club, and Edina Players --- Chi Y-teens chapter publicity chairman — enjoys skating, skiing, and bowling — plans include the U of M — spent a memorable summer in Mexico. ROBERT RAYMOND JAMES — Moose enjoys flying, boating, and parties — worked as a lineboy at the St. Paul Airport — “Whale forever!” VIRGINIA GRAY JANSSEN — Ginger — member of French Club. Edina Players, and Y-teens — GAA sports head and board member — excellent pianist -taught sewing and modern dance at Moppett Settlement House — kitchen girl at Lyman Lodge — friendly and sincere. 148Morning Entertainment For Edina Seniors MARIE ANTOINETTE JENKINS — Toni active in Latin Club. Y-tccns, and Pep Club — liTu-grtnn typist — plant to attend Gustaurs Adolphus and major in education worked as a soda jerk at Clancy's — sparkling personality. KATH1E ANN JENSEN — participates in Y-teens and Home Ec Club — Girls’ Choir for two yean member of Girl Scouts — enjoys sewing and knitting - will attend the U of M — always cheerful DIANE CI.AIRE JENSEN — D. J. — treasurer and three-year member of Rho Y-teens — active in Latin, Spanish and Home Fx Clubs — an avid skier — plans include the Univenity of Wisconsin — always where the fun is. CAROL ANN JOHN SEN — Sui — Latin Club — Spanish Club — Whigrean assistant — World Affairs political committee co-chairman — Concert Band — Red Cross secretary of ARMY — Latin Club soccer team — loves folk music and playing the guitar. BRUCE LEIGHTON JOHNSON — star diver on the swimming team participated in baseball — played "Slob” in the senior skit - Hi-B — proud owner of the "Green Vomet” — a remarkably quiet voice. LINDA DIANE JOHNSON Red Cross representa-live participates in Y-teens, Home Ec Club, Edina Players. Spanish Club, and Pep Club — enjoys people plans to attend Mankato State. MICHAEL RIAN JOHNSON — member of Concert Band; received an "A” rating in the state band contest - I-ball — Pop Concert script and publicity committees first horn in all-state orchestra — very serious minded PATRICIA LEE JOHNSON — mem-ber of Y-teens, Spanish Club. French Club, and Pep Club — enjoys skiing and knitting — was a student teacher in San Francisco — lias a knack for devising unusual activities. PATRICIA MARY IOHNSON — participates in Y-tcens, Home Ec Club, FBLA, and Ski Club worked on Homecoming float — favorite pastimes include skiing and bowling plans to attend UMD. RANDEE SUE JOHNSON active in Spanish Club and l-atin Club — FBLA publicity chairman Y-teens a a junior — Young Life — a candy striper plans to attend Mankato - - happiest when around people. RICHARD LAM SON JOHNSON a valu-able asset to the Varsity basketball team — Varsity baseball for two years and Legion baseball in the summer participated in a Wheatics instructional film will attend Arizona State University quiet and casual STEPHEN THOMAS JOHNSON — football team vice-president of Junior Achievement Company enioys fishing, hunting, skiing, and karate — plans on the U of M — always late. CHERYL LEE JONES three-year member of Y-teen — French Club and Latin Club for two years — Girls' Choir won third prize in the Talent Show with the Edina-Mites. a barber shop quartet. DAVID RAYMOND JONES memlrer of Pilgrim Fellow-ship for two years — enjoys both water and snow skiing and fixing cars — plant to enter the Air Force after graduation - interested in electronics. JULIE WORTHINGTON JONES Runt ac-tive in Y-tcens 3nd Home Ec Club — Red Cross representative — church choir and youth group — an accomplished pianist — likes to ski and swim — plans to attend William Woods — petite and bubbly. 149 yyNANCY CAROL JOSES — active in Spanish Club, Edina Player , and World Affair ■— Debate Job' Daughter treasurer — Girl Scout secretary — vice-president of church group — NHS — enjoy plinkim: her guitar — a great believer in the ouija board, WILLIAM COLLUM JONES Tony — transferred from DeLaSalle as a junior — enjoy water skiing, golfing, and basketball — a connoisseur of the opposite sex — "Where'd you say the door was?" RICHARD BRIAN JORGENSEN — member of the golf team for one year — Junior Achievement — active in church youth group — bowling league — plans to attend Mankato — main interest is in St. Louis Park. BARBARA SUE JOYCE — Bunky — Y-teens and FSLE for one year - church youth group enjoys skiing, swimming, and parties — will attend the U of M - povsrssev a good sense of humor "But Sir." JUDY LYNN JURGENS Science Seminar and Orman Club for two year - NHS — received a Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — plans to attend the U of M — plans on a career n setenrr — "Just a minute." JON STEVEN KACOL — Steve — letterman and three year member of the basketball team — senator in the Latin Club — enjoy all sports — plans include the U of M — friendly and out-going per onality. MARGARET ANN KANE — FBI-A treasurer and cabinet officer — chaplain of Gamma Y-teens — member of F-dina Player and Latin Club — NHS • Luther league secretary — likes to sew and knit — plans to attend Macalester. STEPHEN MICHAEL KARBO — transferred from St. Thomas in his senior year — pastimes include hunting, water skiing, and racing sport can — noted for his storie and his talkativeness in class — plant to attend the U of M. KATHRYN ANN KELLOGG — Dig — Y-tccns, I-atin Club, and FBLA for two vears — Art Cjub for one year — often teen at Porky's — a fashionable wardrobe — will attend U of M at Duluth. Senior Dress Up Day Brings A Change "Blah, blah, blah.DAN JAMES KELLY participated in football and baseball for one year—two-year member of the track tram worked at a ski patrol enjoys skin diving-plan to attend the University of Minnesota next fall. COLLEEN DIANE KENNEY—transferred to Edina as a senior—participated in church group for two years—enjoys painting and skating—plans to attend a business school- likes meeting people CHRISTINE SUE KF.SSEDY—Quack—senator and four-year member of the Latin Club—active in Y-teens, GAA, and Spanish Club -churrh rhoir- bowling league won ribbons in horseback riding—plays the uke. KAROLYN ANN KERN—Bootsie—participates in Spanish Club. FSLE, Art Club. Pep Club, and FTA plans include the University of Minnesota -a regular at Porky's—create a good time wherever she goes. JAMES WILLIAM KERWIN— member of the German Club, Math Club, and Science Seminar -churrh youth group —NHS—National Merit semi-finalist—"Daddy" in the one-act play, Ameriean Dream. CECUJA LYNN KEST-F.RTON—Red- active in Pep Club and FBI A—member of Y-teens for one year—bowling league captain —Luther League—a sports enthusiast—plans to become a secretary. JAMES ARNE KINDEM—vice president of Dei Gratia Hi-Y—German Club and I-ball for two years—enjoys hunting, sailing, skiing, and golf—plans to attend St. Olaf. DALLAS REEVES KING— Dal-star fullback of the Varsity football team—Spanish Club—E-Club—belong to a bowling league and a flying club—frequent trips to Fargo—has a knack for getting in accidents. DOUGLAS EUGENE KING—Dek—a versatile athlete—quarterback on the football team, wing on the Vanity hockey team, and outfielder on the baseball team—E-Club—Spanish Club—enjoys all sports, art. and girls—an unmistakable stride. JAMES EMORY KING—Kinger—participated in Spanish Club and Hi-Y—played baseball for two years and hockey for one field attendant at Met Stadium—enjoys skiing, swimming, and hunting. SUSAN MARY KING—Latin Club and Y-teens as a senior—Home Ec Club recording secretary—taught Sunday School—likes sewing and knitting—plan for a career in interior decorating-artistic. TIMOTHY BLAINE KIRK- Latin Club for four years—Prom publicity committee—treasurer of Pilgram Fellowship- a boating and water skiing enthusiast—works at Olson Brother's Drug Store plan to attend Macalester. From Tennis Shoes To Heels, Wingtips CHAD JOSEPH KIBLER —football team co-captain of Park Board hockey team—FSLE president bowling league—enjoys cars, sports, and skiing--plans to attend St. Cloud after graduation. DIANE EVELYN KIESAU —member of Y-teens, Spanish Club, and FTA -Latin Club and Home Ec Club for one year—Girls' Choir-taught Sunday School—church choir—camp counselor —candystriper—enjoys sewing, knitting, and reading. KAY DARLENE KIICHLI—Y-teens. GAA, and FBI A for one year—member of Pep Club and Spanish Club —MYF vice-president—library aid for three years— enjoys biking, canoeing, skiing, and reading. 151MARIE KRISTISE KJOS — Cookie — member of DE and FBLA Spanish Club, GAA as a sopho-more and Home Ec Club as a junior fust messenger in Job’s Daughter — a member of church league and choir. WILLIAM MICHAEL KLOPP — Killer Conservation Club and FSLE for one year — enjoys playing the guitar and water skiing — worked at Woolworth's and Glazer's plans to attend St. Cloud. MORRIS ALLEN KNUTSF.S — Morey — co-captain of the tennis team president of Biology Club — sophomore football team — vice-president of Tennis Club in Overland Park, Kansas — participates in French Club and E-Club DcMolay — co-chairman of Senior Dance Committee. VICTOR ARTHUR KOIVUMAKI — Vic Student Council — member of Edina Players and World Affairs Club — active in Debate and Declamation tennis team — l-ball — Senior Class vice-president — president of N'HS — Minneapolis Junior Red Cross president — U.S. delegate to Red Cross leadership training center in New Zealand — does a fine job at anything. GRETCHES CAY KON .EIMAN Cricket member of Y-tcens, Edina Players and German Club — German Club girls' football team captain — Luther League — enjoys surfing and sewing — "surfs up.” RICHARD ALLEN KRAFT Cheese — member of church youth group — enjoys both snow and water skiing — fun and outgoing. SUSAN MARGARET KRAUSE — Sux — member of Latin Club, Y-tceiu, and Home Ec Club — Spanish Club for two years — likes to bowl and sew — an easy-going girl who’s always ready for fun. MARY LINDA KRF.ISER — a bouncy Homette — partici- Sues in Spanish Club, Y-teens, and FBLE — Pep lub committee chairman — e-ditor of Junior Miss Teen Board paper — skis with Blizzard — enjoys water skiing and swimming — a smile for everyone. JERRILYN BERN A E KRl .AN Jerry — member of Home Ec Club, Pep Club, and GAA — Girls’ chorus — belongs to the Tri-State Horseman's Association and owns her own horse — plans to become an elementary school teacher. FRANK WOODCOCK KUF.HN — Woody Spanish Club vice-president — N'HS Regis Hi-Y president — hockey team student manager as a senior - -enjoys hunting. LEONARD ALBERT LAMPERT — Lenny — cabinet member of church group — enjoys painting and sports — Latin Club senator — E-Club — track team for two vears plans to apend Iowa State University. JANICE KAY LANE — FTA vice-president as junior and president as a senior — Y-teens and GAA for one year — church league — Girl Scouts - enjoys art. sports, and hiking likes to work with people — plans include the University of Minnesota “Funniest darn thing." Fire Alarms,Pep Fests And Auditoriums MARY ELIZABETH LANCHAUG Tarda NHS secretary — AFS semi-finalist Student Council all-school Y-tcens president — Whigrean assistant — Prom committer co-chairman — Luther League — enjoys water skiing, and boating — plans to attend St. Olaf. ERNEST WILLIAM LAPP hobbies include hunting, fishing, building models, and working on cars and go-carts — would like to attend Concordia GREGORY ALAN LARSON — junior executive for Junior Achievement — Hi-Leaguc — Red Cross representative — enjoys all sports — Homecoming button committee — plans to attend the U of M — "Take it all back!” 152Now, don’t get alarmed! JOANNE PAULA LARSON active in Home Eo Club, Y-tcen», and Edina Playcn — Spanish Club as a junior member of church group enjoys swimming and ice skating — joins in many school activities — plans include the University of Minnesota. KAREN ANN I.ARSON member of Spanish Club, Pep Club, and Y-teens Red Cross representative — Sophomore Talent Show chairman — worked on many committees memher of church group - - plans include Beloit — always cheerful. SANDRA JEAN LASH — Sandy — Y-tcens for three years Spanish Club and FBLA ■— worked hard on Homecoming float church choir likes to sew a sincere worker. Break Everyday Procedure For Seniors IJNDA MARION LATCHAW — co-captain of Hor-nettes active in Y-teens, Latin Club. Spanish Club, and Pep Club — participated in Sophomore Talent Show — known to all for a giggling, bubbling personality may be found at Hornette practice shouting "get in line!" LINDA LORRAINE LA UR member of CAA and Y-teens for two years church choir and MYF — extensive traveler — enjoys life — a loyal friend. SUSAN JOAN LAWRENCE parti-cipates in French Club. CAA. Art Club, and FT A — Job’s Daughters — chosen best Camp Counselor in Training — plans to attend the University of South Dakota — enjoys folk music — talent for conversation. 153Christmas Vacation Slows The Spread Of NANCY MARGARET LEWIS — Freckle — Y-tccn for two yean — Home Ec Club a a senior — enjoy water skiing and swimming — plans on a career in business — a regular at Porky's, PATRICK RYAN LEWIS — Lewie — chosen most valuable player on the football team — All-conference lineman of the year — member of the track team for two yean — E-Club — the life of every party — quite the hustler. CHARLES THEODORE LJF.BER - swimming team for three yean — Spanish Club active in scouting — enjoys water skiing and flying — plans to attend Macaiester — the owner of a little red scooter. JANE ELIZABETH LIEN EM ANN — active in Ger-man Club, Pep Club, and FBLA — Lambda Y-tcens chapter president — Homecoming parade committee — enjoys honeback riding and swimming — plans include St. Olaf or Gustavus Adolphus. DWIGHT ALAN LIND BERG Latin Club for two yean Concert Band — hobbies include golfing and biking — will attend the U of M — “I’m sure!” V7C- TORIA LINDGREN — Carthago — member of I-a-tin. Greek, and French Clubs — Latin Club goddess and soccer team playrr favorite pastimes include skiing, tennis,, and honeback riding — worked as a camp counselor — talented guitar player — "choice!” VIRGINIA KAY LINDOW active in Spanish Club, World Affaire Club, and Y-teens — GAA for one year — World Affaire Club publicity co-chairman — member of church group — enjoys water and snow skiing, knitting, and honeback ruling. RICHARD CARL LINDSKOOG — member of Business and Higher learning Club and German Club — Junior League baseball as a sophomore —- church youth group — enjoys hunting, fishing, and working on can "Oh yeah?” BARBARA JEAN LINF.BERRY — participated in Y-teens and french Club - scouting as a sophomore — church youth group — hobbies include skating, modem dance, sewing, and knitting — plans include Cornell University — beautifully dressed. JEFFREY SCOTT LEAMAN - participated in football and track — Spanish Club treasurer — often een riding his Honda — a Green Bay Packer fan — always collecting brownie points. BRUCE WAYNE LEE — member of the German Club for three years — .ernoys hockey, baseball, and swimming as pastimes — plans include the University of Minnesota next fall — a shy and easy-going guy. SUZANNE LOUISE LEE -goddess and three-year member of I.atin Club active participant in Y-teens and Edina Players — elected to National Thespians — vice-president of Church youth group — enjoys knitting, reading, and folk music. LARRY GIVENS LEONARD — transferred to F.dina as a senior — German Club and Latin Club for- two years — NHS — active in church choir and Explorer Scouts — National Merit semi-finalist — a definite southern accent. STEVE WILLIAM LEVERING — Conservation Club as a junior enjoys art in his spare time — football as a sophomore — plant to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation. SALI.IE LEWERS — vice-president of SUD — en-joys playing the bongo drums and jumping out of second story windows — will never forget Carver County and Lake Ann picnics — seen at every party. 154MARGARET KAY I.OCAS — Y-teens a. a sopho-more — FBLA — a berry head in the senior 1 Ionic-conuning kit — plant to attend the Duluth branch of the U of M — sarcastic humor — ho fun all the time ROBERT FREDERICK I.OHF.YDE — DeMo-jay officer — enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, hunting. and skin diving — had a job serving summons - plans to go into the Navy after graduation — "All right.” GREGORY ROBERT LONG — notorious editor of the Buzzette French Club - received a district superior rating in Dcclam — editor of the Junior Achievement paper and yearbook N'HS Quill and Scroll employed by Tyrone Guthrie Theatre. WILLIAM MANSFIELD LORD Stuhb one of Edina’s most valuable athletes — football captain and hockey co-captain; all-conference in both sports — Varsity baseball — Boys' Suite representative — N’HS — E-Club president - - first to wear a toupee — known for hit joke and dancing ability. JAMES ALAS TOSSING participated in JV baseball — enjoys hunting and football plans to attend the University of Minnesota at Duluth. KATHY RAE l.OVF.RUD — member of Pep Club and Art Club Y-teens and Home Ec Club for one year — bowling league — likes baseball, cooking, and drawing — constantly late to class — loves to talk. Mono, Senioritis, and Nervous Breakdowns JAMES FRANKLIN LUCE — two-yrar member of the swimming team participated in Spanish Club — spends the summer water skiing and working on his scooter a great joker. CATHERINE ANN LUND — Hnmcttes Rho Y-teens chapter president — Hcn dance co-chairman — active member of Homecoming, Prom, and play committees a scuba diver — memories of a canoe trip at Menogyn — an individualist — admired by all she meets. JAMES HOWARD LUNDQUIST - member of Distributive Education — enjoys rebuilding cars — worked at Ward's Service Station always ready with a joke. FRANK GERALD LUSH IN E — Harry — lettered in football and hockey — baseball team for two years — member of Latin Club and German Club — never a dull moment — the hot-tempered Dego kid. JOHN PATRICK LYNCH B-squad football and baseball as a sophomore — interested in hockey, bowling, baseball. and water skiing — always ready to have fun. SHERRY I. EILEEN LYONS — participates in Span-ish Club, Y-teens, and Pep Club Homecoming committees — belongs to a bowling league — enjoys swimming, sewing, and talking on the phone — plans to attend the l) of M — likes to meet people. JEAN MACINTOSH treasurer of Aqua Nymphs — Latin Club quaestor — Pep Club — French Club — enjoys swimming, skiing, and canoe trips — won honors in synchronized swimming a good sense of humor. ALAN JEFFREY MACPHAIL active in E-Club and Business and Higher learning Club —-golf team for two years — B-squad and jiarkboard hockey teams — won trophies in sailing and golf — a master of procrastination. JUDITH CHRISTINE MAGNUS — Magger — FBLA I-atin Club and Art Club for two years girls’ football team — memorable horseback riding experience — never a quiet moment plans to attend the University of Minnesota. 155Lunch Gives Overworked Seniors Time GARY LLOYD MAJOR Tiny B-squad basketball — enjoy baseball, hunting, golfing, and swimming plans to attend the U of M. BRUCE MCDONALD M A LB ERG Mr. Green Bean three year member of Auctor Hi-Y FSLE for one year — enjoys sports car races, boats, and planes plans to enter the service after graduation — never a dull moment when Bruce is around. MAUREEN MARY MANNING — Renee — member of French and Art Clubs — Red Cross representative for two years -Whi rcan representative member of church group — girls football — likes water skiing — "You ol' fox.” DAVID GILBERT MARQUARDT active in French Club and Hi-Y for two years — intramural basketball for three years — World Affairs Club — enjoys skiing and golf — cool, calm, collected. KATHLEEN ANNE MARQUARDT — Kay member of the Art Club — Home Ec. Club for one year — active in Pep Club and Edina Players enjoys painting — always fun to be with. ANDREA JANE MATTHIES — Homecoming attendant AFSer to Brazil B-squad cheerleader — Homcttcs — Latin Club for four years — French Club — treasurer of Y-teens chapter — modern dance for two years — likes skiing and reading — a truly fine person. ERNEST EARL MAULSBY letterman and three-year member of the football squad — track team for three years — member of Hi-V — likes motorcycles. BRAD JOHN MAUNDER — BJ — track manager for two years — I-ball Blizzard Ski Club — enjoys hunting, skiing, wrestling, and sports in general — plans to attend Montana State. STEPHEN WRIGHT MAY BERG president of Junior Class — NHS vice- president - Student Council treasurer - president of German Club — Varsity football team — baseball team for one year — Hi-Y — National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist — keeps an alligator for a pet — a born leader. KARYN LEE MeCANCE — delegate to French Club National Assembly — participated in French Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, and Edina Players three-year member of Y-ieens - NHS — enjoys horseback riding plans to attend the U of M - gregarious. DANIEL JAMES McCARTHY the colonel — played hockey for two years at Benildc High School — competed in the Golden Gloves boxing tournament — enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, and arrhery plans to attend Notre Dante. 156To Recuperate From A Tedious Routine ANN MARIE McCLELLAN — member of FBLA and Pep Club — president of SUD — enjoy skiing — will always remember trips to Carver County and Telemark — plans include Arizona State. ROBERT JAMES McCORMACK - active in German Club and E-Club — track team for two years — enjoy hunting, water skiing, and fishing — once cut celery in a chow mein store — always does a job well — plans to attend the U of Colorado. SUSAN McCORMICK — Brcck Homecoming attendant and cheerleader — NI1S — three-year member of French Club and Y-teens — Pep Club - Ski Club — a helpful committee member Young-Quinlan Teen Board enjoys knitting and skiing. THOMAS SCOTT MtEACHRON — Mac — mem-ber of Spanish and Latin Clubs for two years — B-squad and intramural basketball — enjoys watching Minnesota football and basketball games — "Where’s the poker game." MICHAEL DAVID McCAHEY president of Dei Gratia Hi-Y — Vanity hand for two yean — worked on the senior car — spends many houn on his '40 Ford — will attend the U of M. MICHAEL WILLIAM McKINNEY Chou transferred from LaGrange, Illinois in his junior year — played football and baseball in I-a Grange — worked as a beer taster at Hamms — always says exactly what he’s thinking — “What’s a natter wichou." ELEANOR ANNE McKINSEY — Anne — member of Y-tecru and World AfTain Club — Red Cross representative Buzzelte reporter — Blir ard Ski Club — NHS as a junior — enjoys skiing, and folksinging — loves camp life. DANIEL BRUCE Mc-LAUGHUN — lettered in tennis — Concert Band for three years: band librarian — E-M Community Theatre — NHS at a junior — plans to attend the U of M — never at a loss for words. DANIEL JAMES McNELLIS — participated in Junior Achievement for two years — favorite pastimes include water skiing. fishing, hunting, camping, and racing cycles — worked as a guide on a ranch. Today’s specialty, government surplus. 157FI.ORIS ANN CHARLOTTE Me PEAK member nf French Club, CIAA, and Edina Player — Concert Band — vice president of J.A. manufacturing. F.YC — enjoy water skiing, riding, ballet, and sailing plan to study nursing "Hey. Fella" PATRICIA ASN MePEEK - member of GAA and Pep Club for one year — church choir and Luther League favorite hobbies include swimming, skating, and water skiing — likes to be with people; especially boy . SUSAN ELIZABETH McTAGGART participate in Spanish Club. F.dina Players, and FBLA likes ten-ms, skiing, boating, and swimming — a great horsewoman. TED DOUGLAS MEAD president of Junior Archieve-ment Company — bowling league captain — chaplain of Rhon Hi-Y chapter as a sophomore enjoy cars, water skiing, and traveling like to meet- people THOMAS EDWARD MERRIMAN — member of the swimming team — Spanish Club for two year Dei Gratia Hi-Y — enjoys scuba diving, water skiing, and canoe trips into the north woods — always smiling. RICHARD ALBERT MEYER member of the German Club — B-squad football — councilor in DeMolay — likes outdoor activities, especially hunting — plans to enter Gustavut Adolphus and study medicine. Edina’s Winning Teams Inspire Seniors RICHARD JOHN MICHELS — Fer-Lab — four-year member and senator of Latin Club — Ski Club — J-ball — treasurer of church group — plays the electric guitar — plan on the U of M and a career in dentistry. CAROL LEE MILLER — Latin Club and Russian Club for two year — Y-teens a a sophomore — Luther League — recipient of National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation — will attend the U of M - a fine wit. DAVID WARREN MILLER — member of the German Club for two years — enjoy golfing, water skiing, poker, and working on car — Elans to attend the U of M owns an extensive col-ction of sweater . NANCY ANN MILLER — chapter president of Alpha Y-teens NHS as a junior — model for Day-tons plans to attend the U of M after graduation • excellent taste in clothes. NORMAN RICHARDS MILLER — member of Science Seminar, Math Club, World Affairs Club, Edina Players, and Cosa Nostra — Pontifex Maximus of Latin Club — tennis team — treasurer of NHS — enjoys tennis and cycling — plans to attend the U of M CLAUDIA JOAN MILLETT — active in Spanish Club, Art Club, and Y-teens member of the Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps in Springfield, Missouri — likes skiing, sailing, hunting, and traveling — a beautiful Southern accent. KAREN LOUISE MITCHELL Kiki Spanish Club — intramural tenni — vice-president of GAA — sport editor of Whigrean — area president of Girl Scouts — NHS National Merit Scholarship letter of commendation great sense of school spirit. KAREN SANDRA MITCHELL Mitch — new to Edina from New Trier, Illinois — member of Pep Club, GAA, and Young Life — enjoys skiing and sewing- plans include Stout State College. HARRY MONKEY — a gymnastics enthusiast runner-up in the national banana eating marathon hobbies include swinging from trees, eating bananas, and scratching — plans to attend Como Park after graduation — "You Jane!" 158Rippp! “Third position . . . fourth position . . To Display Rousing Spirit At Games VICKI LYNN MONTGOMERY — member of Art Club, Red Cross, and PSLE — Blizzard Ski Club — favorite hobbies include skiing, sewing, and swimming — plans to attend the U of M — "How cum? ' SUSAN VIRGINIA MORRILL — president of Aqua Nymphs — captain of chcerleading squad — Homecoming attendant — girls’ football team enjoys canoe trips — a priceless smile with a personality to match. CYNTHIA SUSAN MORRIS — member of Y-teens and Art Club — Hornettes — Whigtean art editor — Donaldson's Teen Board - Seventeen Fashion Council representative — Breck cheerleader and Homecoming Queen — lovely Edina Homecoming attendant. LINDA ANN MORRIS — participated in Y-teens, Spanish Club. Pep Club, and Edina Players ■— secretary of Home Ec Club - teaches Sunday school — enjoys knitting, reading, bridge, golf, and water skiing — likes to be with people. TIMOTHY HUGHES MORRISSEY member of Latin Club and Spanish Club l-ball lettered in wrestling enjoys goofing around — a first-class procrastinator. BARBARA JEAN MORTENSON — participates in Y-teens, FBLA, Pep Club, and Edina Players social chairman of Home Ec Club — enjoys long walks and football - plans to be a secretary — "What a doughnut!” JOHN ROCHEL MUELLER - member of Business and Higher Learning Club enjoys water skiing and tennis — plans to attend the U of M — works in a coffee pot factory. MARSH BERT M UN ROE — participates in Hi-Y, Business Management Club, Edina Players, and World Affairs Club the Texan in Send Me No Floicert — enjoys baseball, hockey, records, and cars — plans include the University of Rhode Island. NANCY ANN MURRAY — active in Y-tccns, Home Ec Club. GAA, and Edina Players — church youth group — bowling league captain — favorite pastimes include tennis and horseback riding — a non-conformist with a warm personality. 159Miss Bartholctt congratulates Kea and Bill on their apjx intnicnt to the Model UN. BARBARA CAROL SABOURS — member of Art Club, Pep Club, and Y-tccns. sold tickets at football games — enjoys swimming, boating, fishing, and gardening — plans to attend the U of M — a real art enthusiast. KENTON MAYNARD NAKEEN mem- ber of German Club and Auctor Hi-Y — intramural basketball and baseball all-school Hi-Y vice-president — DcMolay — officer in church youth group — plans to attend UMD — likes helping other people. DONALD EM MITT NELSON active in Hi-Y, Spanish Club, and E-Club — lettered in swimming enjoys water polo and rifle shooting — plans to join the Armed Forces — always ready to help a friend. Model UN Gives Senior Representatives JOHN EDGAR NELSON Jody — Varsity wrestling and ski teams — Hi-Y as a sophomore Blizzard racing team — water skiing instructor — enjoys skiing, cars, and women — loves daring fun. MARY ALICE NELSON — secretary and board member of GAA — senator and a goddess in the Latin Club — German Club for three years teaches a Sunday school class — a firm believer in the ouija board. MERRIKAY NELSON — Ollie — active in French Club. Latin Club, Y-tccns, and Home Ec Club — a member of SAM — an impressive wardrobe — seen at every hockey game memorable weekends at Telemark — never at a loss for words — will attend the U of M. NANCY LEE NELSON — member of Y-tecns and Home Ec Club — Homecoming float and decorations committees — bowling league — favorite hobbies include bowling and cooking plans to attend the U of M — very petite with big brown eyes. RANDALL THOMAS NELSON — new as a junior from Southwest member of Pep Club and Student Council at Southwest participated in the Homecoming skit enjoys all sports works at Griffin Drug Store. RICHARD PAUL NELSON — German Club for two years — church youth group past Boy Scout president ; achieved rank of Eagle Scout, likes skiing and fixing cars — plans to attend the U of M. 160DIANE KATHLEEN NETTUM — active in Y-teeaa, French Club, and Job's Daughters — plays an antique guitar — enjoys flying — worked a an art teacher — plans include traveling to Europe this summer and at tending Macalcster next fall — extremely talented. PATRICIA ANNE NEVINS — sen ice projects chair nan and three-year member of FTA participates in Spanish Club, Y teens, and Ski Club — secretary of SUD — seen at every party with her black eye. YASUHIKO NISH I YAM A Edina’s AFSer from Ja- pan — member of World Affairs Club — Varsity wrestling team — enjoys listening to records and radio music — noted for his ability in judo — proud owner of a blue kimono — always friendly. KENT RICHARD NOBLES — member of Dei Gratia Hi-Y — Mixed Choir — wrestling and tennis teams for three years — church youth group — enjoys pool and bowling — drives a wild "salmon" Grand Prlx MARY ANN NORD French Club secretary of Y-teens chapter — girls' football — I.uther League — likes to knit, read and sew auburn hair with eyes to match. MARK DAVID NORDELL — Signum — Varsity basketball letterman for three wars — Latin Club consul — E-Club treasurer — president of church youth group — enjoys water skiing, sailing, and knitting — a very serious person, but always has a smile. CYRUS MICHAEL NORMAN — new from Texas — participates in Utilis Hi-Y, Edina Players, and Pep Club Homecoming publicity and senior skit committees — enjovs most sports - the life of a party. MAGNUS KARL HENRIK NYBERG Edina's exchange student from Finland — member of German Club. World Affairs Club, and ESC I-ball — church youth group — hobbies include soccer, basketball. pingpong, skiing, and good books — "fine, fine, fine!I" LINDA JANE NYSTROM — member of Home Ec Club — GAA board for two years — especially enjoys tennis — plans to become a nurse — a petite redhead with big brown eyes. A ChanceTo Learn About World Affairs CAROL LOUISE OBF.RG — member of Y-teens, FBLA, GAA, Pep Club, and French Club - Girls' Choir as a sophomore — always on the go — a speedy knitter — “that's quite rare!" JANE SUSAN OI.M-STEAD — participates in Iatin Club, French Club, Home Ec Club, Pep Club, FTA, Y-teen, and Edina Players — active committee member enjoys knitting — "I doubt it." VICKI LEE OLSEN — Student Council Hornettcs — active in Spanish Club, Y-teens, and Pep Club — Sophomore Class secretary — NILS — a skier — plans to attend Colorado College — loves parties, people, and fun — an enthusiastic worker and a sincere friend “hmmm?" CHARLENE MAY OUON — member of Spanish Club, Y-teens, GAA, FTA, Girls’ Choir, and Edina Players — church youth group and church choir — cheerful — "really!" CYNTHIA LOUISE OLSON — active in Spanish Club and Pep Club publicity chairman for Y-tcens chapter — co-chairman of Pep Club pep fest committee — three-year officer in PF youth group — NHS as a junior — spoke at the MEA convention. JANE LYNNETTE OLSON — Lynne — member of World Affairs Club, Spanish Club. Edina Players. ITA, and band — Job's Daughters ARMY — Campfire Girls — church youth group — worked at Howard Johnson’s — enjoys water skiing, horseback riding, and canoe trips. 161SCHUYLER BESSIE OLSON — Sky — member cl the tennis Irani; district singles champion — cross country team — I •ball — participates in Latin Club, German Club, and E-Club — a guitar player — plans on a career in law. COSS E RES BE OPPF.RMAS — Spanish Club, GAA, and Y-teens as a sophomore — FBI-A — sings with the Mixed Choir - secretary oI MYF member of Job’s Daughters — will attend Macalester and major in elementary education — a conscientious worker. OHS CYRUS ORES — German Club for two years — vice president of Luther League — junior scoutmaster — plans to attend Drake — senator and three year member of Latin Club. JUDITH ELIZABETH OSBORSF. — memlier of Spanish Club, Pep Club and GAA — Blirzard Ski Club — enjoys dancing at Reggie's — plans to attend the U of M "Any mail?” SUSAS GALE OS-KEY — active in Y-teens, Home Ec Club, Art Club, FBLA. and FT A — Red Cross representative — Blizzard Ski Club — plans include the L’ of M — a beautiful wardrobe — "I'm sure.” MARIOS JF.AS OSTF.SDORF participated in Y-teens. Edina Plkyers, French Club. Home Ec Club and band — Chandler’s teen board — Young Life — girls' football team —- a striking appearance. DAVID GEORGE OSTLUHD — member of Dei Gratia Hi-Y as a senior — belongs to a bowling league — enjoys water skiing — plans to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation. CHERYL LORRAINE PACINI — active in Y-teens and Edina Players for two years — delegate to the finance forum — enjoys skiing, horseback riding, learning how- to drive a corvette, and participating in discussions. SUSAS IRENE PALES — Y-teens chapter vice-president — member of FBLA and Home Ec Club — a stunning Homecoming attendant — truly feminine charm. Classes’ Tedious Routine Enhanced With '‘In ink. Tom. Pencils arc for people who make miV UlJvrt.” 162 Greek conquerors display their spoils of war.PAMELA ANN PALMER — participated in Latin Club, i BLA, and German Club for two year — three-year member of Y-tcens — active member of many committees — worked at Ward's an accomplished seamstress and knitter — a striking blond. STEPHEN LAW NANCE PARKER — member of Spanish Club and Hi-Y for two years — baseball league swimming team — plays the guitar — worked on a Colorado cattle ranch — likes to hunt, swim, and surf. PATRICIA MARLENE P AC ISON French Club delegate — Concert Band Red Crx»ss representative — president of Kappa Y-tecns — Edina Players — chairman of several committees — beautiful brown eyes. ANNE LOUISE PEARSON — member of Y-teens. Latin Club, Pep Club, and Student Council — B-squad cheerleader Homettes — Blizzard Ski Club — enjoys boating, and knitting — plans to attend the U of Arizona always full of fun and pep. CARY BRUCE PEDERSON - French Club - president of JA company — Luther league NHS National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist excels in procrastination. BARBARA KAY PENG ELLY — active in German Club, Y-tcens, FBLA, World Affairs, Edina Players, and Pep Club — Buzzette ncwschicf and assistant feature editor NHS — Homecoming coronation co-chairman. SUSAN MARIE PERRY — Suzibelle — member of French Club and GAA — Y-teens and F.dina Players as a junior — Art Club and Home Ec for one year — belongs to a riding and skating club — likes to play the guitar — will attend the 15 of M — "Sure thing." DENISE ANN PETERSEN — Denni — GAA board member elected to the French National Assembly member of Y-teens, Art Club, and Edina Players secretary of Pilgrim Fellowship NHS — an outdoor girl. GREGORY JAMES PETERSEN — member of Tri-Alpha Hi-Y (or one year enjoys bowling, pool, basketball, and fishing in his spare time — plans to attend Dunwoody Institute after graduation. Elizabethan And Stock Market Projects BRUCE RAYMOND PITERSON — FSLF. as a senior — president of church youth group — favorite pastime is fixing cars future plaits include attending the U of M — known for his '54 Chev - "Wind it up baby!" MARK W ALTER PETERSON — Pete — three-year member of the Concert Band — B hockey team for two years — Luther League and church choir — own an Austin Healey Sprite — enjoys water skiing — known for his carefree attitude and musical talent. JOANNE PETTES member of Y-tcens as a sophomore FSLE a a senior likes to sew and dance — plans to continue her work at Power’s — friendly and outgoing. SHERRI RF.YE PETTYJOHN participates in Spanish Club, Y-teens, and FTA Homecoming float committee for three years — church choir — camp counselor — enjoys sewing and knitting a sincere, friendly person. CAROL ELIZABETH PHILLIPS member of Y-teens, Home Ec Club, and Pep Club — Prom decorations committee — hobbies include sewing and knitting — plans to attend Iowa State — famous red hair. MARY LYNN PHILLIPS — Home Ec Club and Y-teens for two years — counselor’s page — bowling league enjoys swimming, skiing, and skating plans to attend the U of M — appreciates a sense of humor — “You're kidding!" 163Exchange Students Become ‘Americanized’ DAS A STEVENS PH ICE — Porky Wort — participates in Spanish Club, Y-teens, Home Ec Club, FBI.A, Edina Players, and FTA — girls' football team — future owner of an Erickson gas station — a real character — the gang — beautiful blue eyes. RASDA LYNN RADFORD - two-year member of French Club — Art Club for one year — church choir — received a National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation — quiet humor —- plans to attend Lawrence. STEVE RAFSHOL B-squad and Junior Vanity football — Dei Gratia Hi-Y for one year member of Mid-West Karate Association — spent many summon traveling through resort towns - likes cars, karate, and skiing. GLF.S DORIS CECILIA RAMBLER — Glenny — enjoys singing and dancing — worked summon as an all-day babysitter — has a great sense of humor, but a serious side, too. GARY EDWIN RASK member of church youth basketball team - - hobbies include water skiing and swimming — plans to attend Northwestern College — likes a good time. JEFFREY BI.AKE RAYMOND Spanish Club — Sophomore Talent Show Master of Ceremonies — church group vice-president — enjoys playing the drums and working on cars’— plans to attend the U of M and study law — a very ambitious individual. RICHARD SCOTT REEVES — Scott — three-year member of Hi-Y. Ski Club, and French Club — secretary of all-school Hi-Y — Blizzard Ski Club — NHS as a junior — National Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — shy but friendly — a wonderful person. IFF. WILLIAM RF.1F.RSON — participates in Latin Club, German Club, and Hi-Y - cross country team for one year — church basketball team — enjoys fixing cars — plans to attend U of M — “Actually." JANE LOUISE REILLY — member of Spanish Club. Y-teens, Pep Club. FTA, Home Ec Club, and FBLA — enjoys skiing, football, and horseback riding — "You think so?!" PATRICK TERRELL PIERSON — Homecoming decorations committee — favorite hobby is fixing up Fords — plans to attend the U of M after graduation — always livens up a party — “good heavens!" JEFFREY CHARLES POEHLER new to Edina from Moundsvicw member of German Club and F.dina Players — track and football teams enjoys sports, long-distance cycling, chess, and piano — plans to attend the L’ of M anything for a laugh KAREN MARIE POLACEK — active in Latin Club. Sjtanish Club, GAA, Ski Club, and Y-teens Junior Achievement — Blizzard Ski Club enjoys skiing, sailing, and swimming - loves people. THOMAS HOLT PORTER — member of Hi-Y church Hi-Lcague — swimming team for one Year — senior life saving — received an honorable mention in architecture at Southdalr student fair drove his convertible in Homecoming parade. JOHN MON-RATH POSSELT three-year member of Hi-Y: chapter president of Utills as a senior — participated on the skiing team for two years and on the tennis team for three Blizzard Ski Club plans to attend C.C BARBARA RUTH PRESTLY — Pretzel member of Y-teens — participated in Latin Club, German Club, and FBLA for two years church youth group — active in committee work — loves to dance. 164NANCY LOUISE RUTHERFORD member of Y-icon , Spanish Club. Edina Player . Pep Club, and Home Ec Club — office pane church youth group enjoy sewing, knitting, and swimming very gullible — “You’re kidding?” WAYNE REYNOLDS member of wrestling and track teams Spanish Club hobbies include skin diving, hunting, and fishing — plans include thr I' of M like to talk "Huh?" NANCY LYNETTF. RIBBl.F activities include Y-lrcni, Spanish Club, and FTA Concert Band — member of church choir enjoys knitting and sewing plan to attend the U of M after graduation — always willing to help - a pleasant personality. JEFFREY PAUL RICHARDS three-year member of the wrestling team — Latin Club senator bowling league church youth group enjoy all sports - plan include the U of M known for his wisecracks in class RICHARD GARY RIDGWAY member of the varsity hockey team for two years - enjoys hunting, fishing, and hockey — plans to attend the L' of M at Duluth shy and quiet, but you wouldn't know it during a hockcv game. RONALD RAYMOND RIEGERT German Club football team — hobbies include collecting money and listening to music plans include the U of M talks about anything, mostly girls and car . PhDF.R RINGDAI. — Prlle our musical ambassador from Norway plays the basoon in the band German Club troop leader of scouting troop in Norway — enjoys classical music, skiing, skating, and hiking in the mountains. MARY ELIZABETH ROBB R-squad cheerleader — Spanish Club and Y-tccru lor two years — girls’ football team an excellent skier — spends much of her time at a river or Telemark a casual sense of humor. SANDRA LEE ROBINSON — member of Y-tcens. Spanish Club, Pep Club. Home Ec Club, and Ski Club Blizzard Ski Club — Junior Achievement plans to attend the U of M at Duluth — an unmistakable laugh. As Edina Learns New Customs And Ideas Magnus, Yasuhiko, Marie-Ghristine and Pelle quickly devour their second piant-si ed I .ala Palooza. 165Strains Of‘Surfin’ Bird’ Echo At Senior ILENE MARIE ROHNER — three-year member of GAA — FT A treasurer — worked on the Homecoming »kit — enjoys reading — a sincere friend. CAROL ANNE ROONEY — participates in Spanish Club, FBf.Aj Home Ec. Club, Edina Players, and Pep Club — enjoys horseback riding — will attend the College of St. Catherine — enjoys meeting new people. ANN MARIE ROSE — member of Ski Club and Y-tecns — Blizzard Ski Club — Homecoming committee member — Breck Homecoming attendant as a junior — an avid water and snow skier — memories of Telemark weekends and a canoe trip — a unique wardrobe — full of the devil. ERIC JOHN ROSESDAltl. — Rosey — Vanity football for two years — participated in B-squad nockcy — FSLE - - always seen on his motorcycle — enjoys swimming — plans to attend the University of z ri-zona. CHARLES EDWARD ROSF.NOW - member of Regis lli-Y — participated in wrestling for two years — likes water skiing, tennis and sports cars — Elam to attend St. Olaf hopes to grow in more than right. CAS DANCE. JEAN ROMAS — member of the Art Club and FSLE — cnioys sketching, sewing, parties, and riding in convertibles — will attend the Minneapolis School of Art after graduation a well-known laugh. LA VERNE EVELYN RUSSELL two-year member of Girls' Choir — Latin Club as a sophomore — organist and pianist for church youth group — enjoys singing and playing the organ — always a friendly greeting. BRENDA KAY RUTHERFORD new to Edina from Bloomington — member of Bloomington German Club — Young Life writing letters and talking on the phone are some of her hobbies — loves to meet new people JEFFREY HOWARD RYAN — president of all-school and Auctor Hi-Y; vice-president of all city Hi-Y — National Thespians — ski team — Ski Club - enjoys mountain climbing and art — full of fun. CAROL ASS RYDMAS — Rydo — Whigrean seniors editor — Quill and Scroll — French Club - "berry head” in the senior Homecoming skit — tackle on the girls' football team — enjoys skiing weekends and bridge - - originator of the “Rydman crawl" — often seen in a green “speed boat." JOHN ROBERT SAHL-MAN — member of the German Club executive council — played the trombone in the band skies in the winter and summer — likes to hunt and fish - mild mannered gentleman. THOMAS EDWARD SAM-UELSON — Sam — participated in Park Board baseball — owns a cycle — likes to ski future plans include the U of M and a career in engineering. KATHERINE ANN SANDT — Omicron Y-teens chapter president — member of Girl Scouts Blizzard Ski Club — active in French Club and I-atin Club for two years — memories of Camp Hillaway and Canadian canoe trips a darling Hornette. JUDY JOANNE SARFF — Concert Band German Club executive council — Declamation; received an “A" rating at regional declarn contest — church youth group — plans to attend St. Cloud State Teacher’s College after graduation. JUDITH ASS SATHF.R — Home Ec Club — Phi Y-teens publicity committee as a junior — cnioys swimming and listening to records — plans to become a beautician. 166Dance While Students Stomp To Music (?) A ANCY ANNE SATTER — member of DE — active in FBLA for two years — Y-teens as a sophomore — worked on the Homecoming float — bowling league — church group member — plans to become an airlinr stewardeas. MARY ONE SCHAPF.R member of Edina Players for two years Y-teens as a sophomore — enjoys sewing and knitting — worked as a model — has a house full of dogs. JUDITH ANN SCHILLING Penny FBI .A Home Fxr Club and Y-tcens for one year member of SAM enjoys water skiing, swimming, and dancing — will attend the Duluth branch of the U of M a fabulous sense of humor. DIANE SCHUTZER Schlet . — member of Y-teens and latin Club as a sophomore — I.uthrr League — enjoys dancing at Reggie's plans to attend the U of M — "Hustle, lugger." ROBERT MICHAEL SCHMIDT — new to Edina from California — member of cross country team in California — enjoys surfing and skiing — always a twitch in his winking eye. JOHN STEPHEN SCHULTZ member of Spanish Club — Homecoming float and button committees — church basketball — enjoys water skiing, sailing, and playing and watching football - a great sailor — easy going — always ready for a good time. ANITA MARIE SCHWARZ — active member of French Club, Home Ec Club, and Y-teens — a diligent committee worker — never a dull second — fun on the spur of the moment — recognized by that eternal grin JAMES THOMAS SCOTT member of the Boy Scouts likes the outdoors — enjoys water skiing, skating, and playing tennis — makes friends easily. JOAN ELIZABETH SEASHORE Hi-)- Sweetheart — Varsity cheerleader — Student Council — vice president of Aqua Nymphs and Y-teens chapter — secretary of Senior Class co-chairman of the Charity Drive — 1963 Homecoming attendant — sparkling personality. JAMES SCOTT SECK — Concert Band — German Club for two years Pop Concert committee — member of church group — plans to attend the U of M. JAMES MICHAEL S El NESS played football for two years and basketball for one — enjoys ping-pong and bowling — collects records — worked at Red Owl plans include Dunwoody. DONALD GAYLORD SHARP — lettered in football baseball team member of the Ski Club DcMolay enjoys skiing worked at Queen Ann Kiddieland fun to be with. PATRICIA ANN SHELLEDY — Member o( Spanish Club, World Affairs, and FTA for two years — vice-president of Y-teens chapter vice-president of Girls' Choir — taught Sunday school plans for Mankato State exotic eyes. JEFFREY REINER SHlDk-MAN — transferred from Wisconsin as a junior active in Hi-Y. Science Seminar, and French Club — track and wrestling teams for one year — plans to attend the U of Wisconsin JOSEPHINE ANN SHIPWAY FBLA president — Whigrran organizations editor Gamma Y-tcens president — co-chairman of Homecoming contest and elections committee — Luther League — Quill and Scroll — enjoys skiing and swimming — a unique person. 167Class Of ’64 Anticipates Graduation, Sends SUSAN DOROTHY SHORT — Sigma Y-teens chapter president — Buzzrtt page one editor — Ski Club treasurer — French Club secretary — member of Edina Players and Pfcp Club — Quill and Scroll happiest when skiing. LYNNE MARY SIMONES — active in Spanish Club, Pep Club and Ediqa Players - office page — NHS Homecoming dance committee — feminine and friendly. RICHARD PITTS SIMONS — participates in French Club and World Affairs Club — an outdoors enthusiast — enjoys water skiing and skating. BARBARA MARIE SIMPSON treasurer of Delta Y-teens chapter — participates in FT A, I.atin Club, and Pep Club — member of Job's Daughters - likes to play the piano and read — plans to attend the U of M — enjoys being with people. ROGER SKARIE — member of Utilus Hi-Y as a junior — enjoys both snow and water skiing — interested in fixing and racing cars DONALD THOMAS SKOGLUND — chaplain of Hi-Y chapter as a junior — Edina Players for one year — member of DeMolay — plays the guitar in a band. The Intruders — enjoys music and skiing — plans to attend Mankato after graduation — known for his wild parties. FRANK FORRESTER SLAWSON - Rusty — Luther league — likes to work on cars — plans to attend the Minnesota School of Business. RICHARD HENRY SLETTAHAUGH — Junior Achievement treasurer — three year member of Hi-Y — enjoys swimming, basketball, tennis, and traveling — plans to attend the U of M PATRICIA JANE SLOAN Sup — Latin Club aedile — Buzzttle reporter — nrom decorations committee — Job’s Daughters — Homecoming float committee — enjoys playing bridge, skiing, sewing, knitting, and soccer — Pilgrim Fellowship — will attend Ripon College after graduatio- JEFFERY HOYNE SHALE — Smellie — Hi-Y — B-squad football and hockey — enjoys skiing and partying — a friendly guy with a wonderful sense of humor — Porky's “social director.” CAROL LAURINDA SMITH — Spanish Club, Y-teens, GAA. and Edina Players — church choir and youth group — state AAU diving champion as a sophomore — plans to enter nursing school — twinkling eyes. CLAUDIA GWEN SMITH — assistant first page editor of the BuzzelU — Red Cross publicity chairman active in Latin Club, French Club, and Edina Players — member of Job's Daughters — NHS — Quill and Scroll — a quiet giggle. CYNTHIA JOAN SMITH — Classes editor of the Whigtean — Red Cross secretary — delegate to French National Assembly Y-teens — Buttrey's and Young-Quinlan's Teen Board NHS — Quill and Scroll — always a friendly smile. WARNER PRICE SMITH-ERS — Punky — captain and four year member of the wrestling team — football for two years — E-Club — enjoys fishing, water skiing, and playing pool. MARILYN JEAN SNYDER — FTA as a senior — member of Pep Club — worked as a randy striper at Northwestern — writes to pen pals all over the world — enjoys sewing and collecting stamps and coins. 168Announcements MAYNARD ALONZO SPEECF. — mummy Master of Ceremonies in the Sophomore Talent Show — worked as a ramp counselor plans to attend Drake — quick wit and inventiveness. SALLY STERLING SPONSEL — member of FTA and French Club -Concert Band — Buzzetle art and picture editor — NHS Junior Miss Minneapolis runner-up — received a Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — this year's driver of the bit? green bus — “For pity sakes" KANDIUS MAE SPRAGUE Dulc — three-year member of Latin Club participated in Y-teens and GAA — received a Merit letter of commendation — plans for the U of M. SANDRA LYNN SPRAGUER — Loyalty Day-Queen — member of Y-teens, Art Club, and FTA — Whigrean representative — favorite hobbies include painting and sculpture — plans include the U of M. KATHERINE ELLEN STAAR — National Merit semi-finalist — AFS semi-finalist — NHS Red Cross representative — Whigrean copy editor — CAA board member — Quill and Scroll — member of church choir will attend Carleton after graduation. JOHN WI ISON STAHLY — lettered in hasketball and baseball — member of German Club — versatile baseball player — plans for the U of M ANNA MARIE STEINER — active in French Club, GAA, Art Club, Y-teens, and World Affairs — Buz-zelte reporter - active member of church youth group — NHS — likes to play the ukelrle and the piano — a Swiss girl at heart PETER JOHN STEINER — wrestling team for two years — member of the Business and Higher Learning Club and German Club enjoys skiing, hunting, fishing, and cars — “The thing is . . KRISTINE MACGREGOR STEPHENS — Kristine the Queen — Y-teens and Spanish Club for two years — FTA for one year — concentrates on sailing regattas, sunflower seeds, Corvettes, and weekend jaunts to Telemark — the gang — “What a break.” RICHARD CHARLES STEPHENS lettered in skiing — leader of cross country ski group — rnrmher of Bli»ard Ski Club and DeMolay — enjoys skiing, swimming, hunting, and fishing — plans to attend the U of M ROBERT SCOTT STEVENSON — Varsity football team — favorite pastimes include hunting and fishing — once held a job as a construction worker — future plans include Iowa State. DONALD RUSSELL STEWART — Flattey — lettered in football — participated in I-ball and intramural softball — Hi-Y — enjoys water skiing and golf — hopes to attend the U of Colorado. 169ANDREW WILSON STIRRAT Drew — member of Ski Club, World Affairs Club and Frenrh Club for one year — tennis and skiing teams — Homecoming skit committee - Blizzard Ski Club — NHS - - enjoys skiing. KIRSTEN ANN STRAND — active in GAA —Y-teens for two years — member of Luther League and church choir — make-up committee for Dial .if for Murder — enjoys sports — plan include the University of Minnesota. CHF.RJF. ST RAUCH AN re- lumed to Edina from Saint Mary's Hall in Faribault — member of Spanish, Art, and Home Ec Clubs — Y-tcens for one year — enjoys cooking, swimming, and skiing. DOSN ROBERT STROBEL — Big Daddy — new to the "big city” — favorite pastimes include hunting and golf — plans to attend Mankato State after graduation — easy going. CAROL MARIE STROM — member of GAA, Latin Club, and Spanish Club — Y-teens chapter vice-president — NHS as a junior — plans include the U of M — enjoys bridge, knitting, and water skiing — “Oh. that's choice!" KRISTINE JANE STROM — active in German Club and Y-tccns — Student Council — 1963 prom-co-chairman — Y-tccns ICC representative as a sophomore — NHS — enjoys skiing — vivacious and friendly. Deserving Seniors Receive Varied Honors CHRISTINE BROWN ST ROM ME — Muscular active member of Latin Club — Blizzard Ski Club — Edina Country Club Whitman Cup tennis team — mainstay of Latin Club soccer team — enjoys skiing and tennis — lots of fun — "Forget it.” BARBARA JEAN SUBAK — Hornettes co-captain — president of Tau Y-teens chapter — FBI.A cabinet member — Latin Club for two yean - Edina Players for one frar — active committee member enjoys sewing, nitting, and skiing — always smiling. LUTHER WILLIAM SVANOE — Lute participated in the operetta — member of his church choir and basketball team — enjoys singing and working on cars. JEANNE MARIE SWENSON — chapter president of Beta Y-teens — member of Edina Players, Pep Club, GAA, Spanish Club, and Home Ec Club — active in Job's Daughtere and EYC — NHS as a junior plans to attend UMD — a hard worker. KAREN RAF. TAYLOR — member of the GAA board — Y-teens and DE — belongs to a bowling league — interested in designing and interior decorating — enthusiastic. SANDRA JEANNE TEOREY active in Spanish Club and Y-teens for two years — Pep Club for one year — belongs to PF — enjoys swimming, canoeing, tennis, and playing the guitar — taught crafts for the Park Board. MARTIN BERNARD THIF.DE — Bernie - German Club — wrestling team — Red Cross representative — Blizzard racing team member of the 1963 United States Junior National Ski Team — noted for his lion hunts and unbelievable stores. RICHARD WRIGHT THOMAS — Radio Club for two rears — Math Club as a senior — pastimes include constructing radio equipment, reading, and playing chess — plans to attend the U of M. WILLIAM TYLER THOMAS — Varsity hockey as a senior — member of Business and Higher Learning Club — plays basketball with church group - enjoys water skiing and cars — gets along well with people. 170CYNTHIA ANN THOMPSON — member of French Club and World Affair Club GAA for three rear — RAC — enjoy bowling, skiing, horseback riding, and skating — plans to attend the College of St. Theresa. DIANE EVELYN THOMPSON — Tommie — member of GAA, Y-teem, and FSLE — worked on Homecoming float for two year enjoy sewing and skating — worked at Donaldsons - plans to go to the U of M or a beauty school. GAYLE LEIGH THOMPSON active in Home Ec Club, Pep Club, and FTA — Y-teem for three year - I.uther Ixague secretary — enjoy sewing, bowling, and skating — “What a sweetie." KATHRYN ANN THOMPSON — secretary of FSLE — member of Latin Club and Y-teens — secretary of Junior Achievement group — enjoy reading and sp°m — plans to attend the U of M. LLOYD BRYAN THOMPSON — Tom Senior Class treasurer — received a Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — Student Council — NHS — Homecoming king candidate participates in E-Club, Spanish Club, and World Affair Club - golf team — I-ball — “I can’t help it." TONI ANNE THORSON -Edina Equestrian Club secretary-treasurer — member of Spanish Club, Home Ec Club, and Y-teens — Tri-States Horsemens' Association — plans to attend the U of M. At The Annual Awards Day Presentation JAMES WERNER TOENSING — member of Mixed Choir octet — Business and Higher Learning Club Soynthius in Prineeu Ida — enjoys hunting, ire skating, bowling and singing. JOHN ALAN TOENSING — I-atin Club for two yean — li-squad football prom decorations committee — enjoys hunting, fishing, and water skiing — plans include the U of M — “I was just fun-nin’ ya." CYNTHIA JEAN TRIPP Y-teens all-school treasurer and chapter president Whigrean Student Life editor — Red Cross community service co-chairman — good skier NHS - Quill and Scroll — enjoy skiing — does she or doesn't site? — one sweet thing. MARGARET SOMERS TV DOR — participates in Latin Club. German Club. FBI.A, and Y-teens — Blir-rard Ski Club for three years — enjoys skiing — memories of tnanv ski trips — plans a major in Home Ec at Iowa State or the U of M HUGH JOHN TUN-STEAD — came to Edina from Washburn as a sophomore — active in church group — likes snow and water skiing, pool, and golf — hates Fords. CATH-LEES ANN T URGE AN — member of French Club, Home Ec Club, Y-teens. and FBI.A — Christ the King Youth Club — candy striper at Northwestern Hospital — bundle of pep plans to attend the University of Minnesota — "I'm sure.” JOHN EDWIN TURNQUIST member of Edina Players — church youth group treasurer — enjoys skiing, tennis, and writing poetry — quiet and friendly. CORNELIA HENRtErTE JACOBA VAN DER 7.1 EL — Kea active in World Affair Club, GAA, and Greek Club — Latin Club quaestor — Red Cross treasurer — faculty editor of the Whigrean — NHS -placed second in the state Latin contest — enjoys skiing and sewing — a brilliant individualist. FRANCIS PETER VAN WAZER Pete B-squad football team — favorite hobbies include hockey, touch football and motorcycles — plans to attend the U of M — subtle humor. 171CIXDY LYN V1KF.N active in FBLA and Y-iecns — Home Ec Club publicity chairman — Youth Forum National Thespians — love white convertible plans to attend Bowlins; Green University ELIZABETH AXX VINZ — three-year member of Spanish Club and Y-teens - Concert Band church youth group vice-president — enjoy horseback riding and water skiing a foreign relations’ expert. LEE AXXE' V IZY.IER Red Cross vice-president secretary of National Thespians — member of French Club and Edina Players — Homecoming parade committee co-chairman — enjoy skiing — Edina' friendliest flirt. Senior Boys’ Vision Center On Eyeball NORMAN TORREY WAAC member of Spanish Club and Dei Gratia Hi-Y swimming team as a sophomore — enjoy water skiing and trying to make hi TR-3 run easy going and friendly. BEVERLEY JEAN WAITE — a striking Sweetheart candidate — B- quad cheerleader and member of Student Counril and Spanish Club at former school in California — participate in Pep Club and Luther league — enjoys water skiing, sailing and surfing. JOAN LEE WAITE — member of German Club, S'-tccns, Pep Club and World Affairs Club declamation — enjoys knitting — plans to attend Mankato State. THEODORE ENOCH WALDON — transferred to Edina from Wisconsin — Mixed Choir — participated in basketball and track — belongs to Junior Achievement. MARTHA LOUISE WALIS.N — three-year member of French Club and World Affairs Club — Concert Band — Edina Players for two years — received National Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — belongs to ARMY — plans to attend North Park College. STEVEN ARNOIJ) WALLER — active in Auctor Hi-Y — I-ball for three year - - belong to a bowling league — Luther League — enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, hockey and water skiing — quiet and considerate. 172NANCY JEAN WALLS EH — member of Edina Players and Art Club — Red Cross alternate — active on Homecoming float committee winner of the Wie-boldt Foundation Art Award — plans to study interior decorating. DAVID MADE WANG — participated in Spanish Club as a sophomore Homecoming float committee — Luther League plans to attend the University of Minnesota - owns the best-looking Henry Jay in the state. STEWART MILTON WARD — Frolic — member of the print shop group likes cars and girls — plans include the University of Minnesota after graduation — full of fun — “Like wow." DAVID ARTHUR WARNER — active in Spanish Club, Dei Gratia Hi-Y, and F.-Club — lettered in tennis — 1-ball for three years — bowling league — winner - of many bowling and tennis trophies — enjoys hunting and water skiing DOUGLAS FREDERICK WATSON - German Club treasurer - member of baseball and basketball team NHS — Homy-Ettes worked on a construction crew plans to attend Princeton University — a ted headed beauty. RICHARD EDWARD WATSON — member of Spanish Club and Hi-Y — lettered in wrestling Homecoming parade committee — president of Luther League ■— enjoys hunting and fishing. JAMES GEORGE WAYNE — Buckie — E-Club vice-president — lettered in footlrall and wrestling enjoys hunting and pool head of "The Team” likths thalomey thandwiches. JAMES PATERSON WEBB — harried Whigrtan photographer — French Club president — Homecoming king candidate Student Council and Ski Club member memories of Hi-Y functions, ski trips. Loop Limo and "The Gang." LAUREN PATRICIA WF.CK — Mixed Choir secretary —- Latin Club member — Job's Daughters queen Girl Scout area secretary and “Round Up" representative — received National Merit Letter of commendation — a hard worker. With Basketball And Softball Competition GARY ALVIN WELCH two-year member of German Club — participated in Park Board hockey for four year — enjoys hunting and fishing plans to attend the University of Minnesota after graduation a hard worker CURTIS JEROME WF.LLUMSON treasurer of Dei Gratia Hi-Y — active in German Club and Business and Higher learning Club enjoys water skiing plans to attend U of M friendly and outgoing. MARSHA EU.EN WELLUMSON — member of Spanish Club, Y-tecns, Art Club, and Pep Club — active in Luther League enjoys painting, sketching, and dancing — loves a good time — "You're kidding!” JOHN WENN — participated in football, track, swimming, and basketball; lettered in track active in Edina Players. Hi-Y. and Pep Club — member of NIYF — enjoys camping, hunting, and skiing — plans to attend Macalrster PATRICIA ANN WEST all-school Y-teens vice president — German Club for two years — active in Luther League and Girl Scout — a candystripcr — NHS — always well organized. CAROL JOYCE WHITE member of FBLA, Pep Club, and Y-tecns — Heritage Home volunteer — enjoys cooking and dance choreography — B Company queen at Wentworth Military Academy will attend the U of M. 17SCaps And Gowns, Diplomas And Senior MICHAEL OWENS WILKINSON — World Affairs Club secretary Student Council ethics committee co-chairman received regional superior award in Declamation and Outstanding speaker award for Debate — Buzzette political editor •— enjoys sports -— a sharp wit and intellect. MARGARET LORRAINE WILLIS — member of Spanish Club. Y-teens, and Home Ec Club RAC — enjoys skiing and hunting an unmistakable laugh. JEANNE DOROTHY WILLIAMS — transferred to Edina from California - Varsity cheerleader and play director at former school member of Pep Club and Y-teens - - enjoys dancing and horseback riding — natural and sincere. JOREI. HENRY WILLIAMS member of German Club, Pep Club and Auctor Hi-Y - enjoys playing the electric guitar - painted houses during the summer - -an all-star touch football player — plans to attend the U of M. GEORGE TUTTLE WILSON — co-captain of the ski team — Blizzard racing team member of Hi-Y spends his time skiing, playing the electric guitar with his band, and driving his ’64 Vettc. THOMAS BENNETT WILSON — Spanish Club for two years — bowling league secretary and team captain — lettered in wrestling - - enjoys handball, skiing, and canoe trips. JOANN TREASA WIMMER participated in GAA and Home Ec Club — active church group member — enjoys knitting, reading and talking on the phone -— will attend the U of M — "You better believe it". BECKY JEAN WINCERT active in Y-teens, French Club and Pep Club for two years — Luther League — enjoys sewing and sports a little girl with a big smile for everyone. BRUCE TIMOTHY WINSOR — Butch — member of JV baseball team as a junior — Spanish Club and Pep Club — plays church basketball enjoys skiing and hunting — plans to attend the U of M. ELLEN JANE WITH AM president and three-year member of GAA Y-tcens chapter vice-president — active in Spanish Club. Pep Club and Edina Players — member of Job's Daughters and BYF State Cabinet future plans include the U and a career in elementary education GREGORY DALE WITTKE Mr. Luekey member of Edina Players — played the organ professionally enjoys photography, water skiing, skin diving and boat racing. ALFRED HENERY WOLF — member of the Blizzard Ski Club for three years - an avid sports fan and party goer — plans to attend the University of Miami. ALAN ROY WOOD — member of the print shop gang — enjoys photography, baseball, basketball, traveling and driving his Cutlass — always a funny comment. JOHN WALLACE WOOD — Jake — outstanding halfback on the football team — selected Minneapolis Star and Tribune “Back of the Week" — participated in basketball and track — pro-consul of the Latin Club — enjoys the pleasures of life. BILL BRADLEY WRIGHT — two-year member of the Varsity band — active in DcMolay for four years — participates in EYC — enjoys hunting, wa'tcr skiing and fishing — a friendly personality. 174Party—All Part Of June 4th Graduation DAWN MARIE WROBLESKI participated in FBLA. Y-teens, Latin Club, GAA, and Edina Player Whigrtan typist for two years — always daydreaming — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. BAR• BARA LYNN YOUNCDAHL - two-year member of Spanish and Home Ec Clubs Red Cross representative Girls Choir — enjoys sewing — clever and talkative — plans include the U of M next fall CHARLOTTE THORESON YOUNGER member of GAA for two years FTA at a senior — belongs to Luther League — enjoys sewing, knitting, and skiing — plans to major in physical education. GARY RIDDELL .EMPEL active in German Club. Math Club, World Affairs and Philosophy Club - NHS and National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist — an ardent philosopher. BURNHAM LOUIS PETERS— Bud transferred from Wisconsin in hit senior year - lettered in football, basketball and baseball — awarded actor of the year at hit former school — takes pride in all he does. PATRICIA LEE NEISON returned to Edina from Colorado as a senior — Homecoming attendant at her former school — member of the general assembly, Red Cross, Model Teens and FBLA — loves to ski — friendly personality. 175After Ten Tears Class Atsatt, Thomas Aynes, Susan Baarson. Rollert Backdahl. Geraldine Bacon, Lori Ann Bailey, William Adamson, Joan Alexander, Cheryl Alexander, Kathleen ZdlA Allivato, Teresa Anderson, Cathy Anderson, Clifford Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, James Anderson, Jeffrey Junior Clast officers—Sue Matheson, secretary; Gary Sote-bcer, treasurer; Dan Colburn, vice-president; Hall Dillon, president. Anderson, Penny Anderson, Rosanne Anderson. Valrae Class advisors:—Mr. Young, Miss Gimmes tad, Miss Grove, Mr. Christenson. Mr, O'Dougherty, Miss Oieson, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Bclk, Mr. Matlon, Mr. Wcgo. Mr. Johnson. Missing: Mr. Jambcck, Mr. Kauffman, Mr. Weber. Andrews, Bradley Arncsen, Paul Arnold, LeAnne Arnold, Scott Arteel, Shannon Asselstine, Peggy Anderson, Joan Anderson, John Anderson, MiriamOf 1965 Is Finally Put To Work A decade ago this year’s juniors graduated from first grade. Then after taking it easy for ten years, they became the busiest class at Edina. Following tradition, the Class of '65 earned money for the Prom, their main project, by selling concessions and sacrificing Saturday mornings to clear the football field of everything larger than a postage stamp. They faced the responsibilities of Homecoming with “grave” determination, produc-. ing a float, skit, and “Goddess of Beauty” not to be forgotten. Scholastically the junior year is often the most difficult. Term papers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and chemical equations provided hours of concentration. Yet, after taking Iowa Tests, College Boards, and Merit Scholarship Tests, students realized how much more there was to learn. As the year progressed, the juniors stepped into a position of leadership. In October, four A.F.S. finalists were selected to represent Edina around the world. Later the class named Girls’ and Boys’ State delegates to represent our school at the annual state convention. While junior girls added real spirit to the varsity cheerleaders, the boys proved to be great assets to the varsity teams. Juniors played important roles in established clubs and led the way in the formation of the new Pep Club. In recognition of outstanding achievements in scholarship and service, ten per cent of the juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society. Despite Mr. Wego’s threats that the prom would be held at the “Greasy Spoon,” the Learning-ton Hotel hosted a memorable Prom, worthy of the juniors’ enthusiastic efforts. With these experiences behind them, the Class of '65 looks toward a successful senior year and the opportunity to litter the football field for next year’s juniors. Baker, Dianne Baker, Linda Balch, Robert Balcom, Lony Ballaugh. Stephanie Barden, Sue Ann Barrett, Carolyn Bartr, Janet Bauernfeind, Gail Batten, Jamie Benham, Bruce Bennett, Gregg Berget, Karrn Brrgumn, Carol Berlin, Bruce Bernie, Judith Berryhill. Steve Bethke, Linda Bickett, James Bidwell, John Biron, Sandra Bishop, Patricia Bjorkman, Richard Blandin, Ward Bleifuss. Barbara Bleti, RichardBockclman, Karen Boc, Elsa Boyd, Cheryll Brainc, Susan Bransford, David Braun, Alan Bredcsen, Sue Brice, Barbara Bricklcy, Robert Brodrick, Jane Brostrom, Carol Brouillard. Kathy Brown, Jere Brown, John Junior Class Is Never Too Pooped To Brown, Mary Brown, Susan Brown, William Bryan, Steve Bucklin, Pamela Buell, Nancy Buelow, James Bundgaard, Kurt Bunnell, Marvin Burke. Michael Bums, Terrance Burr, Jeanne Buskirk, Robert Butler. James Button, Sheridee Cadwallader, Belle Cameron.. Kathleen Carlandcr, Carol Carlson, Cathy Carlson, Gary Carlson, Linda Carlson. Ruth Carpenter, Stephen Carson, Margit Carter. Susan Cashman, Patrick Champlin, Gay-Chapman, Dale Chatfield, Franklin Chclgren, Valeric Christensen, Patricia Christensen, Sandra Christenson, Irene Clark, David Clausen, Diane Clinton, Nancy Colburn, Daniel Connell, Thcrcsc Cooney, Stephen Coppock, William Corcoran, Carol Correa. Dennis 170Couillard, John Coulter, Harold Crabb. John Crabtree, Cynthia Culbertson. Robert Dahlbcrg, Douglas Darkenwald, John Davis, Gregory Davis, Gale Dean, Joseph Denison, Robert DeVries, Stephen Diercks, Richard Diercks, William Dietrich, Bonita Dillon. Hall Dinyer, Frank Dockendorf, Judy Dodge, David Donatelle, David Duemke, Dolly Dunbar, Robert Duncan. Daniel Duncan, Russell Dunn, Barton Durochcr, Sandra Earl, Linda Earl. Richard Eaton, Arthur Ecklcy, John Edwards, Connie Edwards, Sally Eglite, Linda Ellingwood, Clyde ElmgTen. Sandra Emrich, Jeanne 179Clean-up—Saturday mornings juniors go down under. Englund, Meredith Erck, Virginia Ersted, Kimberly Eskridge, Suzanne Essen, Michael Fair, Cynthia Fcchncr, Cleo Ferguson, Ron Fertig, Daniel Feskc, Janet Fiedler, David Field, Marcia Finlayson, John Fischer, Judy Fisher, Dale Fitzner, Carol Fleer, Carol Fletcher, Richard Fletcher, Wiliam Flickinger, Sally Florcn, Gerald Confetti, Half-eaten Concessions Create Floten, Janet Flotcn, Linda Foltz, Grctchen Forsythe, Robert Foster, Carolyn Fox, Stephen Frasz, Jonathan French, John Fridlund, Wayne Frykman, lan Gaff, Susan Gaklc, Mary Galameau, Gayle Gammcll, Janet 180Glezen, Jane Gocklcy, Stephen Goodner, Timothy Grangaard. Cheryl Gray, Kathryn Gregcrson, Bruce Grinley, Bendcck Groat, Linda Groth, Robert Grove, Richard Gulbro, Barbara Gunderson, Judith Gustafson, Jeffrey Gutmann, Arlyne Hagen, John Hall, Curtis Hamilton. Doris Hankinson, Mark Hanley, James Hansen, Barbara Hansen, Carol Garrison, James Garrison, Margaret Gates, Michael Gentry, James Gerecke, Mari lee Gertz, Mary Getsch, John Gcving, James Gibbish, Barbara Gift, James Gilbertson, Susan Gillard, Barbara Gilman, Charles Gilman, Tomas Glass, Robert Memorable Saturday Morning Clean-ups Hansen, Mary Hanson, Daniel Hanson, Karen Hanson, Steve Hardell, John Harmon, James Harmon, Steven Harris, Bettina Hatch, Holly Hatzung. David Hauger, Wallace Haverly, James Heidinger, Guy Heilig, Richard 181Heines, Gary Henderson, Thomis Henricht. Cynlhia Hentchel, Robert Hepp, Bradley Herring, Gregory Hetland, Charles Hewitt, Peter Hildyard, Patricia Hill. Richard Hillercn, Lorinda Hinrichs, Craig Hoeft, Carol Hoffman, Janet Juniors Take College Boards And Iowa Hofmann, Gerald Hohn, Peggy Hokanson, Cheryl Holman. William Holt, Ralph Holvcnstot, David Hopkins, Diana Horken, Carol Horlitz, William Honttnann, Joan Hotarficld, Robert Hovland, Ginger Howe, Betty Hoyer, Kathleen Huber, Sandra Huclstcr, Nancy Huggins, Diane Hull, David Hustad, Martha Hutton, William Hyde, Robert Idriss, Suzanne Iverson, Karen Jackson, Vickie Jacobson, Linda Jacoby. James Jaeus, Patricia Jahn, Gregory James, Judy Jarvi, Dianne Jenkins, Victoria Jensen, Craig Jensen, Kathleen Jensen, Richard Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Jeanne Johnson, Karen Johnson, Karen K. Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Susan Johnston, Sandra Jolicoeur, Linda 182Jones, Kathryn Jonk, Rodney Jordan, Richard Josephson, Jerry Juhnke, Tom Kchoe, Judith Keller. Mark Kellogg, William Kelly, John Kelly, Victoria Ketnper, David Kemper, Gary Krmpf. Paul Kennedy, Mary Tests Equal To 51,379 Little Black Ovals Kerstcn. Dan Keuel, Cynthia Kiley, Linda Kindem. Bradley King, John Kittehon, Carol Kittelson. Gwen Kloth, Phyllis Knight, Roger Knippenherg, Jean Knoblauch. Lynne Knutson, Bruce 183 Directions: Sit back, relax, and black out.. ovals.Knutson, Marjorie Konnann, Karep Krause, Peter Kremcr, Richard Kuehn, Goby. La Cossc, Norene Lagaard, Meredith Lam on t, Jeanne Langsev, Martha Larsen, Carolyn Larson, James Larson, John Larson, Lance Learn, Joyce 1963 Homecoming Sees “Junior Goddess” There’s nothing like a dizzy blonde! LeBaron, Greg Ixdin, Joan Lee, David LcGros, David Leininger, Karen Lesman, Christine Lcyh, Jeff Lienke, Christine Lindquist, Gary Lindsay, Marcia Lindsey, LuAnn Lingren, Leslie Loan, Michael [.ofThagen, Cheryl 184Lofgren, Dennis Lofsness, Alan I-ovaas, Gregory Luck, Stephen Lundecn, Lynctte Lundgaard, Dennis I.undquiit, Susan I.upie, Roxanne Maas, Mary MacNcil, Leslie MacArthur, Cheryl Magnuson, Steven Malcy, Cheryl Marien, Michele Rescued From A “Grave” Situation . . . Juniors get float from “Hearse Rent-A-Coffin Marquardt, Jeanne Marsh, Tom Marthaler, Kathy Massopust, Richard Matheson, Susan Maxfield, LeeMcAnally, Dennis McArthur, Susan McCambridge, John McCarthy. Kathryn McCord, Joan . McCord, Pamela McDermott, Patricia McDonald, Dean McDonald. David McDonald, Robert McGowan. David Mcllyar, Melanie McKenna. Carol McNce, Holly AFSers Represent Edina Abroad;Girls; McNeil, Nancy McRoberts, Daniel McWhite, William Meier, Catherine Mestemachcr, Bruce Meaner, Nancy Michclson, Mary Mickclson, Marly Miller, Brian Miller, Carolyn Miller, Sandra Minde, Mark Mitchell, David Milzo, William Moflitt, Barbara MofTat, Susan Mohr. Julie Moll, George Mol ahn, Roland Molzahn, Wayne Mooney, Kenneth Moore, Charles Moore, Delores Moore, Jack Morgan, Alice Morgan. Tom Moss, Connie Mueller, John Mueller, Mary Mullen, John Mullen, Stephen Murray, Linda Nauglc, Barry Nauth, Bruce Nelson, Charlccn Nelson, Jerry Nelson, Nancy Nelson. Scott Nelson, Shirley Nelson, William Nielsen, Pat Nissen, Belinda 186Noran, Kathryn Nolan, Robert Nordeen, Judy Nordstrom, Kristi Norwich, Kenneth Nutter, Donna Nygaard, David Nyman, James Odden, Teresa O'Dowd. Jacquelyn Oestreich, Richard Ohlson, Janet Olson, Barbara Olson. Susan Boys’ Staters Play Politics At Home Osberg, David Otncss, James Olt, Sheryl Otting, Margaret Packard. Betsy Page, Linda Pain, Charles Palen, Pamela Palm. Per Pantano, Marie-Theresc Paris, Barbara Pascoe. Scott Paske. Richard Patterson. James Pearson, Mary Jo Pederson. Meredith Peiffer. Robert Penney, Robert Perkins, Nancy Perpich. Craig Perring, Diane Persinger, Linda Petersen, Devon Petersen, Linda Peterson, Barbara Peterson. David Peterson, Larry Peterson, Linda PfafT, Susan Phillips, Margaret Pierce, Jane Platt, James Plcius, John Plum, Linda Pollard, Larry Porter, Janeva Porter, Susan Posselt, Jay Posthumus, Steve Priskar, Riina Quade, Nancy Rasmusson, Mike 187Ray, James Reed, Betsy » Retd, Thomas Reese, Joan Reinhardt, Mary Reynolds, Kenneth Rice, Gregg Rice, Steven Richey, Margaret Richey, Russell Rickheim, Gary Rickord, Katie Riesberg, Jill Ring, Susan Christmas Brings Class Rings Ringbloom, Janet Ringerud, Chet R is void, Kathy Rixe, Janice Roberts, Richard Roberts, Roberta Robinson, Russell Roch. Susan Roche, Robert Rockwell, David Rodgerson, Richard Rodman. Marc 188Rogers, Beverly Rominger, James Romtaas, Diane Ronald, James Rose, Carolyn Rose 11, James Roza, Merry Rudd, Sandra Rutherford, Scot Sampson, Jay Sampson, Judy Sand, Harold Sandberg, Linda Sandstrom. Steven Sanford, Stephen Saucier, Michael Saxton, David Sborov, Steven Scheppkc, Mary Jo Schlampp, Linda Schmalz, Peter Schmidt, Margaret Schoening. Terry Schoonover, John Schrocder, Carolyn Schultz, Teresa Schumacher. Gary Schwarzkoph, Koralee Schwarzrock, Kay Schweiger, Richard Schweigert, Mary Scott, Michael Scott, Terry Seek, Ronald Settli, Anne Shadinger, Sandra Shaw, David Sheffield, Dan Shideman, Ethel Shjcfte, Sandra Shronts, Claudia Simenson, Joanne Juniors Light Candles For NHS Simonson, Roberta Sims, Nancy Sivright, Sarah Slee, Susan Sletterdahl, Tamia Smith, Baxter Smith, Elaine Snocyenbos, David Soderman, Anthony Sorem. David Sorem, Mel Sotebeer, Gary Speiser, Marcia Staber, Michael 189Standcvcn, Richard Stasney, Judith Stevenson, David Stevenson, Jeff Stewart, John St. John, John Stone. Gerald Stough, Craig Strasser, Chris Stratc, John Strong, Kathleen Stuart, James Stuermer, Jeffrey Sundet, Kathleen Sundquitt, Mary Swandby, James Swanson, Mary Swanson, Ronald Swenson, David Taube, Ronald Taylor, Loretta Taylor, Nancy Teresi, Diane Teslow, Donald Thayer, Ellen Thayer, Theodore Thiele, Virginia Thiem, Andrea Thomas, Jane Thompson, Charles Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Sandra Thomsen, Bruce Thomsen, Paul Thomson, Bruce Thomson, Linda Thomson, Nancy Thornton, Mark Thorp, Stephen Toepel, Kimberly Torgeson, Roger Ulbrandt, Gary ’64 Prom Costs Juniors $400 A n Hour Ulrich, David Ulvcstad, Rolf Van Camp, Katherine Viken. James Waite, Jacqueline Walker, Bruce Wall, John Wanner, Jill Wardell, Gary Warner, Alex Warnkc, Sandra Wartchow, Janet Weigel, Thomas Weiss. Ronald 190Well . Nancy Wcnnerlyn, Gary WeneU, Andrea Westervelt, Roger West man, Elo'ise WcticU, Marilee Wey, Linda Whalen, Kathleen Whalen, Nancy Wheeler, Linda Whiteside. Diane Wien. Lynda Wiesner, Katharine Williams. Holly Class of’65 Cleans-upAnd Clears Out Williams, Julie Wilson, Diane Winslow, John Winter, Jo Ann Wippcrmann, Leslie Wiste. Stephen Withrow, Steve Wood, Timothy Woodcock. Marian Woodworth, John Wynne, Charlotte Yarger, Harriet Young, Nancy Yunker, Michael Zahn, Karen Zentll, Mary Zirk, Linda Zimmerman. Jane Zimmerman. Judy Zinner, Ted Zollars. William Zyllo, Linda681 Sophomores Find New Experiences September saw the Class of 1966 emerging from a freshman year of isolation into a sophomore year of new experiences. Sophomores arc traditionally marked by gym suits and a real enthusiasm for every aspect of high school life. This year’s class was no exception to the rule. Their first burst of enthusiasm came at the first pep fest. It carried through to Homecoming where the energetic sophomores pulled their own float. Their skit definitely took the cake, but like the float, no prize money. The excitement of Homecoming over, the sophomores settled back to enjoy the senior high activities. Newly elected officers presided over the first sophomore class meeting. They vigorously supported their own ‘B’ squad cheerleaders and ‘B' squad teams. On Fridays they cheered the varsity teams and their sophomore members to victory. They eagerly joined clubs to prepare for leadership, attend- ed fun nights and ordered Whigreans. Yet to prove to the upperclassmen that they accepted responsibility along with privileges, the sophomores won the PTA enrollment competition and their treasury’s first receipts. Students in all grades were eager to get into the act in the sophomores’ big money-making project, the annual talent show. Its highly successful presentation on November 19 provided the funds for the annual Senior Reception after graduation. The Class of ’66 was diligent but not quite so enthusiastic when introduced to senior high traditions of geometry theorems, Julius Caesar, and finals. Sophomores ended the year with a twinge of sadness, realizing they were leaving gym classes and ‘B squad teams behind, but looking ahead to still more new experiences. Adams, Tory Adamson, Lynn Agnrss, Dan Agustsson, Linda Alarik, Steve Alger, Deborah Allard, Mary Allen, Charles Allison, Donald Altum, David Andahazy, Zoltan Anderson, Bernice Anderson, Carol Ann Anderson, Diane Andenon, Gregg Anderson, Jeffrey Andenon, John Anderson, Keith Anderson, Paul Andenon, Scott Andenon. Steve Andrews, Betsy Arenson. Gregory Arko, Craig Arndt. Kathryn Ashworth, JamesIn An Old Building Avcnaon, Julie Avery, Craig Axclson, John Baarsch. Nancy Bailey, Deborah Baker, Diane Baker, Stephen Balt , Michael Barber, Susan Berk. Barbara Bezoier, Karen Bilden. Deborah Barington, William Bates, Susan Bearingcr, Judy Beck, Stephen Becker, Debra Beeson, Barbara Sophomore Clan officers—Jim Gray, treasurer: Linda Agusts-son, secretary; Scott Bennett, president; Fred Shepherd, vice-president. Class adrisors—Mr. Scanlan, Mrs. Mahowald, Mrs. Schulz. Mr. Goldenstein, Mr. Uhr. Missing: Miss Bartholct. Behringer, Robert Bennett, Kevin Bennett, Patricia Bennett, Scott Bcresford, Richard Berg, John Bcrgquist, Jane Bcrgquist, John Bcrgren, NancyBillings, James Bina, James « Bing, Michael Bissonett, James Bjorkman, Cynthia Bjornnes, Karolin Bliss. Ronald Bodinc, Echo Boelter, Mary Sue Bolin. Herbert Bolmgren. James Book. Ronald Bo ran, Julie Borchers, William Privilege Brings Responsibility Borrne, Scott Bottolenc, Ri l ert Bowers. Chris Bowes, Cynthia Braatz, Dennis Bradford, Judy Brain, John Brakke. Sharon Bramsen, Paul Bredesen. Sandra Brewbaker, Nancy Bridgeman. Mary Bridgman, Thomas Britton, James Broich, Susan Broughton, Linda Brown. Daniel Brown, Cary Brown, Gordon Brown, Kathleen Brown, Linda Brown, Miles Brown, Robert Buchanan, Robert Bunnell, Keith Bums, Gregory' Burton, James Busa, Stephen Busch, Thomas Butler, Laurence Button. Lonny Bystrom, Patricia Campbell, Michael Carieton, Jeff Carlscn, Charles Carlson, Craig Carlson, Kathryn Carlson, Nancy Carlson, Peter Carlson, Robert Carter, Sally Cartier, David 194Chapman, Cynthia Chattcrton, Darlene Cheney, Donald Chester, Carmen Chisler, Joseph Christopherson, Jerome Church, Dara Ciemia, Robert Cipera, Lonann Cloutier, Roxanne Colvin, Donald Commers, Louise Comstock, Susan Conlin, Denise Connoy, Michael Cook, Jeanne Cooney, Cheryl Cooper, John Couillard, Jennifer Coulter, Mark Counollc, Carol Counolle, Jeannie Courtney, Thomas Cox, Mary Cresswell, Linda Cronjc, Karen Croonquist, Robert Crosbie, Thomas Crowley. Stephen Cummings. Cynthia Dahl. I-awrence Dahlstrom, Stephen Darling, Steven Davis, Calcne Davis. John E. Davis, John F. Dawson, Daphne Degeberg, Deena Degen, Mary Dcming, James Dewey. Jill Dibble, Donald Competence Brings Satisfaction Dickman, Pamela Diracles, James Dols, Mary Beth Bovolis, John Drake. Willis Drew, Cheryl Drew, Patricia Drum. Scott Dubrowski, George Dunn, Mark Dunn, Raymond Dunn, Thomas Durick. Michael Duvick, Donna 195Sophomores voice their opinion at the last football pep fest. Earl, Steven Edelmann, Alan Egan, Marilyn Eichhom, Sue Eidsvold, Barbara Einan, Mark Eitel, Sylda Ellis, Sheila Eng, Julia Engel, Neal Engquist, Mary Erickson, Joan Enttcd, Susan Ervin, Jill Evans, Juice Ewcrt, Jeanne Fackler, Gregory Farley, Robert Feydcr. Joe Field, Theodore Finley, Shirtecn “The Sophomores Say We’re Gonna Win Firth, Barbara Fisher, Mary! Flaskamp, Ann Fletcher, Janet Flint, Dolores Flynn, Janice Forney, Margaret Fort, David Foster, Karl Foster, Pamela Fox, Cynthia Fredrickson, Joe Freeman, Mary Frey, Barbara 196Frey, Darlene Frey. Mary Pat Gakle, Linda Ganlcy, Barbara Garlock, Virginia Garrison, Linda Garrison. Roger Garvcn, Timothy Gastlcr, Thomas Geiger, Mary Gcnsch, Pamela Gerberding, Philip Gerrard, Kathleen Gcrrish, Patricia Gilbert, John Gilmer, Constance Gilquist, Mary Giroux, Michael Glomsrud, Diane Gnain, Pter Goltz, Leni Gottschalk, Janice Gray, James Gray, Sheila Greenwald, Vicki Greer, Mary Gregersen, Larry Grenell, Bonita Griffith, Edward Grothe, Kathleen Guetzkc, Nancy Gust, Kenneth Hacmig, Anita Hagen. Robert Hall. David Halstead, Thomas Halverson, James Halvorson. John Hamilton, Mac Hansing, Lori Hanson, Daniel Hanson, Steven Win Team Win!” They Shout Cheerfully Harris, Marcia Harrison, Charles Hauck. James Haugen, Barbara Haw, Suzanne Hawkins, Johanna Hawley, Barbara Hawthorne, Priscilla Hays, Gary Harelton, Nan Heacock, Cynthia Head. Lynn Headington, Jane Heffelfinger, Kathryn 197If Hcilig, Julie Heinrich, Marie Hcncficld, Stephen Henkel, Arnold Henley, Anita Hennessy, Mary Heprichs. Kathy Herman, Richard Herrmann, Jon Hess, Gary Hibbard, William Highficld, Holly Hippe, Randall Hirsch, Diane Sophomores Make Brave Attempt With Their Hladek, Melissa Hockin, Thomas Hochn, Gregory Holmes, Timothy Honaas, Mao-Hood, Leslie Hoover, Donald Hopkins, Richard Horan, Thomas Horrocks, Jeffrey Hovde, Peter Hucbschcr, Jean Hucbschcr, Katherine Hughes, Lynda Hughes, Mao- Hull, Polly Hulunann, Donald Huscl, Debbie Hyde, Sandy Iverson, Jon Jack, Luvcrnc Jackson, Joy 198Jacoby, Thomas James, Charles James, Dennis Janssen, Pam Jensen, Gary Jensen, Thomas Jcsbcrg, Suzanne Jevne, Peter Johndrcau, A Ian a Johnscn, Amy Johnson, Brad Johnson, Bromley Johnson. Carl Johnson, Christine First Homecoming Float And Class Skit Johnson, Diane Johnson, Kay Johnson, Lonna Johnson, Mary Jo Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Susan Johnson, Thomas Jones. Barbara Jones, Muriel Kagol, Dan Kanehl, John Karr, William Keefer, Mary 'Now get out and soli those potatoes!” Due to the rise in the driving age, sophomores were forced to pull their own float , . . and that's no yoke! 199Keene, Thomas Keller, Sandra Kemper, Anne Keinpf, Italic Kennedy, William Kcnnelly, Theresa Kenney, Stephen Kern, Joan Kern, Scott Kenteter, Carolyn Kile, Robert K insell, Roy Kirkland, John Kistle, David Kittelsnn, William Klein, Ann Kleppr, David Kleven, Bruce Knutsen, Katharine Knutson, Kathleen Knutson, Mary Jo Koivumaki, Fred Kon rlman, Gregor Krause, Leslie Krcnz. Kay Kriesel, Richard Kuphal, F.lizabeth Kvcrnland, Sally Lade, Margery Lament, Maria Landes, Mary Ann Landvik, Thomas Lanon, Judy Larson. Paul loSalle, Johnathan Laub, Michael Lautt, Larry Lawver, Joyce Legler, Roxanne Lewis, Stephen Lewis, Thomas Lieberg, Marilyn Get Into LUIejord, John Lindbergh, Gerald Lindow, David Little, Teresa Londeen, Kristie Lopcr, Stewart Lord, Michael Lorimer, Cynthia Lorimer, Kathleen Loula, Randolph Lucker, Linda Luff, Robert Lundahl, Judy Lundquist, KiptonLundquist, Lou Ellen Lutz, Catherine Lynch, Robert MacAllister, Kirk MarLennan, Linda MacPhail, Kent Magnus, Mary Jo Mahowald. Royd Major, Gregory Manchester, Kathleen Martin, Bruce Marlin, Randy Matthews, Thomas Mathieu, Linda Matthies, Paul Maund, Carol May, Thomas McCambridge, Michael McCarthy, Shelley McCoy, Barbara McCracken, Steven McCullough. David McDcrmid, Malcolm McDonald, Steven McDonald, Thomas McGowan. Francine McGuire. Terrance Sophomores advertise talent. The Act For The Sophomore Talent Show Mdnally, Robert McMahon, William Mrhrkens, Joseph Mclander, Wayne Mclchcr, Nick Mcllenthin, Mathew Meyer. Robert Miller. Christine Miller, Richard Miller, Wayne Minkc, Cheryl Mitchell, Regina Moffat, Michael Molde, Jeffrey 201Monahan. Paul Monson, Ann Monaon, Patricia Montcn, Bert Montgomery. Mark Montgomery Michael Moore, Denise Morriso, Linda Morse, Deborah Mosher, Gary Mouslcy, Maureen Mulcahy, Kevin Mullikin, Thomas Munson. Patricia Murray, Thomas Musikov, Paul Nauman, Diane Nechville, Jamie Nelson, Bonnie Nelson. Bruce B-Squad Cheerleaders Rouse Enthusiasm. Nelson, Charles Nelson, Dclton Nelson, Mark Nelson, Meredith Nelson, Scott Neumann, Roland Newbern. Marilyn Newman, Richard Nilsson, Ann-Britt Nolan, Patrick Nye, Deborah Oberg, James Ochtnan, Carole Oestreich, Dennis Ofstedal, Judith Oldham, Thomas Olnutead, Julia Olsen, Christine Olsen, Kristin Olson, Holly Obon, Joan 202OWon. John Olson, Linda Lou Olson, Mark Olson, Mary Olson, Susan Ornelianchuk, Linda Onstad, Barbara Orrn, Thomas Orrben, Anne Ostberg, Gary Ostinan. Karen Otness, Andy Lou Owens, Jeffrey Pain, John Palm, Ann Palmer, Brian Parsons, Rolf Patoski, Christina Patrick, Bonnie Patton, Jacquelyn Paulson, John Pearson, William Peddie, Donna Pedersen, Paul Pedersen, Rita Pederson, Ross Pengclly, William Perbix, Lucia Perra, Gail Peschau, David Peschau, Richard Petersen, Becky Peterson, David Peterson. Gary Peterson, Gregory For The Victorious Sophomore Teams. Peterson, John Peterson, Raymer PfeifTer, Terrance Phillips, Mary Platou, Priscilla Ponsor, Valerie Poppler, Phillip Powell, Jennifer Pratt, George Pritchard, Patrick Proctor, Charles Putman, Lindsay Rachie, Elizabeth Radford, Jane Rasmussen. Jeffrey Ray, Ronald Raymond, Candace Reece, Richard Reeves, Caroline Reeves, John Rehm, George 203Reichwald, Susan Reiner k. Dennis Renk, Kathleen Rcoh, Barr ’ Rice, Gail Richey, Robert Rickard, Linda Riley, Patricia Ring, Frances Ringsrud. John Riordan, Scott Robey, David Robinson, David Rodning, Carol Phy. Ed. Classes Build Bodies 12 Ways Rodwcll, Lucy Rogers, Marilyn Rolf, Jon Rooney, Thomas Rose, Frederick Rosendahl, Alan Rose now, Margaret Ross, Katherine Rouzcr, Barbara Rudd, Garry Rude!!, Robert Rucdy, Mary Rukes, Richard Russell, Victoria Sophomores see the light one hour every day. 204Rvan, William Sabasko, Kaye Salvas, Barbara Sanborn, Loralec Sanborn, Rac Sandberg, Karen Sandberg. William Sander , Richard Sather, Timothy Sato, Valerie Saxton, Melvyn Sborov, Mark Sborov, Merry Schaefer, Sue Schaub, Cynthia Schelper, Roger Scherer. Mark Schlctzer, William Schmerler, Stephanie Schmidt, Kathleen Schmidt, Susan Schwarz. Carol Schwciger, Kenneth Scofield, Stanford Scott, William Sccber, Pamela Severson, Janet Shackle, Laura Sharkey, Karen Shepherd. Frederick Sherwood. Richard Simons, Charles Sinnott, Thomas Sivanirh, Sandra Skaric. Gerald Skoglund, Susan Slater, Mary Ann Slee, Sheryl Slettehaugh, Mark Smith, Cheryl Smith, Jill Snyder, Mary Ann Sophomores First To Honor Graduates Soderberg, Richard Solberg, Joanne Sommers, Jane Sonnesyn, Eric Soper, Sally Soule, Jeffrey Sowle, Catherine Spencer, Heidi Spencer, Kerry Sprangers, Scott Staab, Margenne Stahly, James Stamp, Margaret Stanek, Charles 205Suriha, Harold Stebbins, Kenneth Steer, Laura Sleffes, Robert Stenson. Gladstone Stewart, Jack Sticc, Marilyn Stirrat, Craig St. John, Suzanne Stone, David Stoner, Lynne Storry, Alan Strandetno, Linda Straughan, Marillea Strobe), Dian Stuart, Janii Swanson, Dennis Sweazey, Dianne Swenson. Ruth Ann Taggatz, Martha Taggatz, Michael Tang, Lucinda Taney, Brooke Taylor, Patricia Telford, Brian Teller, David Thayer, Yvonne Thiedc, David Thomas, Robert Thomas, Frank Thomas, Jeffrey Thompson, Caroline Thompson, Cheryl Thompson, Richard Thompson, Sandra Thompson. Thomas Thomson, Glenn Thunstrom, Linda Toepol, Carolyn Trones, Sherry 1 Tull, Douglas Turnbull, Steve Unsuspecting Sophomores Jump FINAL Twite, Linda Umberger, Susan Van Someren, Robert Vaughan, Patricia Wahlroos, Rosalind Walker, Dixie Wallace, Stephen Waller, Susan Wandersee, Lynn Warnke, Allen Watson, Elizabeth Weave, Barbara Week, Jacqueline Weigel, Richard 206Weingartner, Barbara Weisbrod, Jolane Welling, Ray Worn, Wallace Wescott, Well Wesley, Guy West, Bonnie West, Charles Westerberg, Linda Westman, Jeanette Whipple, Scott Whitman, Diana Final week transforms the cafeteria into a concentration camp. Hurdle And Land As Exhausted Juniors Whyte, John Willes, Karen Williams. Susan Wilson, Gregory Wingcrt, Diana Wohlrabc, Brian Wold, Linda Wolfe, Pat Woodcock. Jane Wunsch, John Yargcr, Terry Zeilinger, Brian Zinncr, Nancy Zins, l irry 207Patrons Schcrling Pletsch Studios Fargo, North Dakota, and St. Louis Park, Minn. Compliments of Foremost Dairies Inc. 128 University Avc. S.E. First Edina National Bank 4100 West 50th St. Edina. Minn. Compliments of Olson Bros. Pharmacy Highway 169 and Intcrlachcn Blvd. 929-0034 Boyer-Gilfillan Ford 1201 Harmon Place Minneapolis, Minn. Eberhardt Company Mortgage Bankers-Realtors 5307 Highway 169 Josten’s—Rings and Announcements 134 Foshay Tower Minneapolis 2, Minn. Fine Flowers by Connollv Florists 3801 Sunnyside, WA6-1806 Lang, Raugland and Brunet, Inc. Architects and Engineers Minneapolis. Minn. First Southdale National Bank Southdalc “Bank where you shop” Norris Creameries All Star Dairy Products TA7-2855 Hooten Cleaners and Laundry 3944 West 49 2 St. WA6-2749 Best Wishes Bermel-Smaby Realtors Edina, Minn. Krispy Krone Doughnut Co. 6405 Lyndalc Ave. S. Minneapolis 25, Minn. Clanev Drug, Inc. 3948 West 50th St. Edina, Minn. Swandberg and Schcefc Co. Buick Dealers University at East Hennepin Compliments of Edina Laundry Cleaners Edina. Minn. Thorpe Bros. Inc. Realtors since 1885 3940 Sunnyside Road Greguson's Nursery For Better Landscaping Call 941-3550 Win Stephens Buick 2370 S. Highway 100 Minneapolis, Minn. Bridgeman IceCream Normandalc Road and Highway 494 Bachman’s, Inc. 4933 France Avc. WA6-7623Patrons Compliments of American Provision Co. 3986 Alabama Ave. Hawkins Confectionary 4396 France Ave. Morningsidc, Minn. Compliments of Morningsidc Hardware 3904 Sunnysidc Ave. Lady Be Lovely Westgatc Theatre Bldg. 3903 Sunnysidc Ave., WA 6-6020 Compliments of Page Hardware 4349 France Ave. So. Morningsidc Texaco 4306 France Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Compliments of Coiffure Exquisc 5008 Highway 169 Edina, Minn. Roberts Company Rent A Tux 3827 W. 50th Edina Kitchen and Hackcnmucllcr Meats 3616 West 50th St. Edina 24, Minn. Standard American Life 3801 West 50th Minneapolis, Minn. Edina Realty, Inc. Realtors—M.L.S. 3907 West 50th St. Thayer and Storm Hobby and Artist Supplies Next to the Edina Theatre Edina Rcxall Drug 50th and France Prescription Delivery The Record Shop Inc. Southdalc Edina, Minn. Edina Theatre 50th and France Edina, Minn. Valley View Rexall Drug 6123 Wooddalc Ave. WA 6-6519 Oarlock Re-roofing Co. 3501 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis 8, Minn. Vision Center Opticians, Inc. Opticians With an Eve to the Future 3939 West 50th St., WA 7-9400 Gregg’s Pharmacy 50th and France Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. Your Neighborhood Variety Store Ben Franklin of Edina 3906 West 50th St. Gus Young’s Biltmorc Lancs 5101 West 50th St. Edina Shoe Service 4925 France Ave. So. “Shoe repairing keeps them looking like new.” 209Index Seniors Abbott. Robert 58.65,86,127 Abemcthy, Scott 127 Ackcnon, Richard 127 Adatm. Thomas 9,58,127 Adamson. Veronica 127 Ainslie. I.inda 127 Alin . Charles 75,127 Allison. Harvey 127 Allum. Kathryn 127 Aim. Shan.n 81.128 Alt. Rowe 128 Anders, Jody 24.128 Andersen, Jams 128 Anderson. Darcy 128 Anderson. John 128 Anderson. Michael H. 58,63, 65.86.128 Anderson. Michael P. 73.128 Anderson. Renner 46,58,69, Anderson, Roger 128 Anderson. Thomas 128 Arms. Richard 128 Ashcroft. |anc 91,128 Aslesen, Kenneth 128 Austin, Judith 69,81,128 Awsumb, Thomas 101,103, 107.128 Axe Ison. Nancy 129 Baltic, Kathleen 129 Bailey. Dale 41.71.129 Bailey. John 110.129 Baker. James 129 Baldwin. Bruce 129 Barger. Sharon 71.129 Barnes, Susan 58,78,92.129 Baxter. Collins 129 Bayers. Virginia 129 Beale. Kathleen 81.129 Behning, Barron 129 Bennett, Donald 36.59,129 Beresford. Bonnie 129 Beresford. Heather 69.73.129 Berg. Gary 69.126,130 Berg. John 130 Bergh. Bruce 130 Bergseth. Jerry 130 Bessesen. John 130 Be oier, Dolph 69.130 Billings. Barbara 130 Bing. Donald 130 Birk. John 69.101,130 Bjork, Michael 69.74,101,127 131 Blanchette. Nancy 131 Boettcher, Keith 131 Bonder, Bruce 131 Bonynge, Cheryl 91,131 Bove. Suzanne 131 Brakke. Janet 131 Brandanger. David 131 Brandow. Mark 96.131 Branham. Pamela 131 Brrdesen, Barbara 90.131 Bredesen. Charles 38.58.77,131 Brenner. David 131 Briden, Richard 131 Bridgeman. Roth 131 Bridgman, William 69.126,132 Bringen, David 69,132 Brion, John 132 Brock. Bonnie 132 Broich, Charles 132 Brostrom, David 132 Brothers. Bruce 64.105.133 Broun, Charles 133 Brown, Lee 133 Brown. Nancy 77 63.133 Bruntjen. Fred 90,133 Buchanan. Menifee 133 Buckbee. Donna 48,49.133 Burgeson, Richard 133 Bum. Christopher 133 Bylin, Therese 134 Carleton, Candice 134 Carlin, Gregory 134 Carlson, Charles 134 Carlson, Julie 71,134 Carlson. Leslie 134 Carlson. Pamela 66.69.86,134 Carlson. Richard 134 Carlson. Robert 134 Carlson. Susan 135 Carlson, Terry 135 Carlstrom, John 135 Carnahan. Jane 69,73,135 Carriger. James 69.135 Carson. Candace 59.67, 69,86,135 Carter. Diane 135 Charles. Dwight 135 Christoffersen, Susan 69.135 Cloutier. JefTory Coffin. Stephen 118,135 Comb, Connie 135 Connor, Richard 43,69,101, 135 Cook. Betsy 92,135 Cook. Fredrick 135 Cooper. David 73,136 Cooper. Mary Kay 136 Cou nolle, Judith 136 Covnick. Susan 71.136 Cox. Cathleen 49,136 Crawford, Ronnie 49.101,102 136 Crawford, Susan 136 Christ. Bonnie 93,136 Cross, Thomas 136 Crowther, Caren 136 Cullie, James Patrick 136 Curran. James 88,136 Dahlstmm, Thomas 137 Darnell. Diana 137 Dash. Linda 69.137 Davies, Richard 137 Davis, James 38,137 Dean, John 137 Dennison. Tom 137 Deslsnards, Marie.Christine 42.49.137 Deveny. Kathleen 71,137 DeWinter, William 137 Dickey. Carol 92,137 Diehl. Catherine 137 Dillner, Diane 69,71,137 Diracles, Louise 36,39,52, Domfeld. Jane 71,81,137 Downs, Edward 61,101,103, 139 Dunker. Donna 139 Duoos. Bonnie 139 Duvick, Darlene 71,139 Edrren. Milton 73.139 Edlund. Susan 139 Edwards, Steven 139 Eichhom, Richard 139 Elftmann. Greg 69.78,139 Ellingson, Thomas 139 Elliott. John 140 Ellis. I arry 140 Engel, Elaine 140 Engen. Gary 140 Erickson, Barbara 81,140 Erickson. Bonnie 140 Ewing, Sally 71.140 Parkier, Jeffrey 140 Fechner. Roger 140 Feigutn, Marilyn 140 Ferguson, Gordon 69.140 Fiedler. Joseph 101.107.140 Fiedler, Thomas 52,69,107, 140 Field. David 105,140 Finan. Thomas 140 Fisher. Barbara 71,141 Fisher. Douglas 97,100, 101.141 Fitzner. James 141 Flaten, Mary 40.69.141 Fletcher, Susan 73,141 Flueckigcr, Robert 141 Fossum. Gregory 101,142 Foster. Lucius 142 Franke. Lyle 105,142 Friegang. Robert 142 Frisch. Ralph 142 Fuzzey, Gerald 142 Gallagher. Kathryn 142 Gardner, Peter 142 Gardner. Randall 142 Garlock. Susan 67.81,86,142 Garrison Betty 142 Garven. Maureen 142 (Teankoplts, Connie 142 Geckler, Roger 142 Gicrtsen Richard 101,142 Gilles, Barbara 143 Gilster, Eric 143 Giorvad, Sharon 143 Glomsrud. Dale 110,143 Gottschalk. Marjorie 143 Grabham, Douglas 59,143 Grams. Deborah 71.143 Granger. Robert 101.143 Green. Jacquelyn 73,143 Green, Lowell 144 Greer, Anne 111 Grohnke. Bryan 49.107,144 Grothe. Richard 73.144 Gruender, Mark 144 Gulliford. Thomas 144 Gunberg, Steven 73,144 Gunderson, Forrest 144 Gunderson. Joan 71,144 Gustafson, Robert 69,144 Haberle, Charles 144 Haling. Cynthia Halle. Donna 65, Halstead, Michael 144 Hamara Judith 144 Hanes. Gary 145 Hanes. Jeri 145 Hansen, Camela 73,145 Hansen, Douglas 145 Haming, Barbara 64,145 Hanson, Cynthia 145 Hanson, Gail 61.69.146 Hanson, Phyllis 75.81,146 Hanson. Robert 146 Harris. Bonita 146 Harrison. Kathleen 146 Hartig, Elizabeth 146 Hartshorn, Robert 46,72,73, 146 Hauskins, Lloyd 146 Havstad, Mary Jo 92,146 Haw. John 147 Hawthorne. Grant 38,40, 59,69,77,110,147 Hays, Richard 59,147 Hays, Thomas 147 Hegener. Karen 147 Henefield. Frank 147 Herman, Robert 147 Hcrrman, James 147 Hewlett, Erik 69,96.147 Hilgendorf. Keith 101.147 Hilferen. Julie 147 Hinkir, Richard 107,147 Hinshaw. John 147 Hockin, James 46,73,147 Hodges. Edwin 147 Holder, Dorothy 90,148 Holman, Linda 148 Honaas, Sylvia 46.71,148 Horken, Roberta 148 Hovey. Carla 148 Howorth, Susan 24,148 Hudak. Gerald 148 Huehscher, Thomas 148 Hughes, Gail 60,65,69,70, 86.148 Isgrigg, Susan 148 Iverson, David 73,148 Jackson, Ronald 41,49,69, 126.148 a cob son, Lora 69,148 antes. Robert 148 anuen, Virginia 148 Jenkins, Toni 66,69,126,149 Jensen. Diane 69,149 Jensen. Kathie 71,149 Johnson, Carol 66.149 Johnson, Bruce 149 Johnson, Diane 149 Johnson, Michael 149 Johnson. Patricia L. 149 Johnson. PatricuaM. 149 ohnson. Rande 149 . ohnson. Richard 107,149 . ohnson, Stephen 149 . ones, Cheryl 71,149 . ones, David 149 . ones. Julie 149 . ones, Nancy 69,150 . ones, William 150 . orgensen, Richard 150 , oyce. Barbara 150 , urgens. Judy 69.150 Cagol. Jon 49,107,150 Kane. Margaret 69.90.150 Karbo. Stephen 150 Karie. Roger Kellogg. Kathryn 150 Kelly, Daniel 151 Kenney. Colleen 151 Kennedy. Christina 151 Kem. Karolyn 151 Kerwin, James 69.151 Kesterton, Lynn 151 Kibler, Chad 90,151 Kiesau, Diane 151 Kiichli. Kay 151 Kindem, James 151 King. Dallas 49,101,151 King. Douglas 101,110,151 King. James 151 King, Susan 91,151 Kirk, Timothy 51 Kjos. Marie 152 Klopp. William 152 Knutsen, Morris 152 Koivumaki. Victor 40,58, 63.127.152 Konzelman. Gretchen 152 Krafft. Richard 152 Krause. Susan 152 Kreiser. Linda 92,152 Krizan, Jerrilyn 71,152 Kuehn, Frank 69,77,80, 110.152 Lamport. Leonard 152 Lane. Janice 91,152 Langhaug. Mary 58,66, 81.86.152 Lapp, Ernest 152 Larson. Gregory 152 Larson, Joanne 153 Larson, Karen 153 Lash. Sandra 153 latchaw. Linda 92,153 Laub, Linda 153 lawrcnce, Susan 153 I-eaman, Jeffrey 154 Lee, Bruce 154 Lee, Suzanne 154 Leonard, Ijmry 69,126,154 levering, Stephen 154 Leweda” Thomas Lowers, Sallie 154 Lewis, Nancy 154 l-ewis, Patrick 101,154 Lieber, Charles 154 Licnemann, Jane 81.154 Lindberg, Dwight 73,154 Lindgren, Ann 78,154 Lindow, Virginia 69,154 Lindskoog, Richard 154 Lineberry. Barbara 154 Ivogan, Margaret 155 I.ohcydc, Robert Long. Gregory Lord, William 48.49,69,97, 101,110,155 Lossing. James 155 Ixtverud, Kathy 155 Luce, James 88,155 Lund, Catherine 81.92,155 Lundquist, James 155 Lushine. Frank 110,155 Lynch, John 155 210Lvon . Shcrryl 155 Macintosh. Jean 93,155 MacPhail. Alan 155 Magnus, Judith 155 Mai r, Oar, 4-d Malbcrg, Bruce 156 Manning, Maureen 156 Marquardt, David 156 Marquardt. Kathleen 156 Matthies, Andrea 38,42, 69.156 Mauhby, Ernest 59,101,156 Maunder, Brad 156 Mayberg. Stephen 59,75, 101.156 McCancc, Karyn 69.156 McCarthy, Daniel 156 McClellan, Ann 157 McCormack. Robert 69,75.157 McCormick, Susan 69,157 McEachron, Thomas 157 McGahey, Michael 80,157 McKinney, Michael 157 M Kinsey. Anne 46,69,157 McLaughlin, Daniel 46,69, 73,157 McNcllis, Daniel 157 McPeak, Flori 73.158 McPeek, Patricia 71,158 McTaggart, Susan 158 Mead. Ted 158 Merrinun, Thomas 158 Meyer. Richard 75.158 Michel . Richard 158 Miller, Carol 158 Miller. David 158 Miller, Nancy 69,81.158 Miller, Norman 40,69.78. 126.158 Milieu, Claudia 158 Mitchell. Karen L. 67,69. 86.96.158 Mitchell. Karen S. 158 Montgomery, Vicki 159 Morrill, Susan 38,93,94,159 Morris, Cynthia 38.48,49, 67,86.92,159 Morris. Lynda 159 Morrissey, Timothy 118,159 Mortenson, Barbara 159 Mueller, John 159 Munroe. Marsh 41,159 Murray, Nancy 159 Nabours, Barbara 160 Nakken. Kenton 80,160 Nelson, Donald 160 Nelson. John 160 Nelson. Mary 69,78.160 Nelson, Merrikay 24,43,160 Nelson, Nancy 160 Nelson, Patricia 175 Nelson. Randall 160 Nelson, Richard 160 Nettum, Diane 161 Ncvins, Patricia 161 Nishiyama, Yasuhiko 42,161 Nobles, Kent 161 Nord. Mary Ann 55.69,161 Nordell, Mark 49.78,97,107, 161 Norman. Cyrus 161 Nybcrg. Magnus 42.161 Nystrom, Linda 161 Oberg. Carol 161 Olmstead Jane 69,161 Olsen, Vicki Olson. Charlene 71,161 Olson, Cynthia 69,161 Otson, Lynne 86.161 Olson. Schuyler 162 Opperman, Connie 162 Oren, John 162 Osborne. Judith 162 Oskey. Susan 162 Ostendorf. Jeanne 162 Ostlund. David 162 Pacini, Cheryl 162 Palen, Susan 38,162 Palmer. Pamela 163 Parker, Stephen 163 Paulson, Patricia 47.73,81,163 Pearson. Anne 92.163 Pederson, Gary 69,163 Pengelly, Barbara 64.69,86, 163 Perry. Susan 163 Peters. Bud 50,86,175 Petersen, Denise 69,163 Petersen, Gregory 163 Peterson, Bruce 163 Peterson. Mark 46,73,163 Pcttes. Joanne 163 Pettyjohn, Sherri 69.163 Phillips, Carol 163 Phillips. Mao 163 Pierson, Patrick 164 Poehlcr, Jeffrey 69,164 Polacek, Karen 164 Ponsor, Mike 42,69 Porter. Thoma 164 Possclt, John 164 Prrstly, Barbara 164 Price, Dana 164 Putman. Lindsay Radford. Randa 164 Rafshol, Steve 164 Ramler. Glcndoris 164 Rack, Gary 164 Raymond. Jeff 164 Reeves. Richard 69.80,126, 164 Reierson, I.ee 164 Reilly, lane 164 Rethcrford. Nancy 165 Reynolds, Wayne 118,165 Ribble. Nancv 73,165 Richards, Jeffrey 165 Ridgway, Richard 110,165 Riegcrt, Ronald 165 Ringdal. Pcder 42,73,75.165 Robb. Mary 165 Robinson, Sandra 165 Rohner, Ilcne 91,166 Rooney, Can ile 71.166 Rose, Ann 166 Rosendahl. Eric 49.101,166 Rosenow, Chuck 166 Rowan. Candy 166 Russell, LaVeme 71,166 Rutherford Brenda 166 Ryan, Jeff 80,86,166 Rydman. Carol 67,86,166 Sahlman, John 75.166 SamueIson, Tom 166 Sandt, Katherine 81,92,166 Sarff. Judy 73.166 Sather, Judith 166 Satter. Nancy 167 Schaper, Mary 167 Schilling, Judy 167 Schletzer, Diane 167 Schmidt. Robert 167 Schultz, John 167 Schwarz. Anita 167 Scott, James 167 Seashore, Joan 38,48,58,94, 127.167 Seek, James 69.73,167 Seines . James 167 Sharp. Don 49.101.167 Shelledy. Patricia 71,167 Shideman. Jeff 167 Shipway, Josephine 67,81,86, 90.167 Short, Susan 65.69.76,81,86, 96.168 Simone . Lynne 69.168 Simons, Richard 168 Simpson, Barbara 70,168 Skarie. Rober 168 Skoglund, Donald 88,168 Slawson, Frank 168 Slettghaugh, Richard 50,168 Sloan. Pat Smale. Jeff 168 Smith, Carol 168 Smith. Claudia 60,64.69, 86.168 Smith. Cynthia 61,67,69,86, 126.168 Smither . Warner 118,168 Snyder, Marilyn 168 Speece. Mavnard 120.169 Sponscl. Sally Sprague. Kandius 69.169 Spraguer, Sandra 169 Staab. Kathy Stahly, John 107.169 Steiner. Anna 69,169 Steiner. Pete 169 Stephen . Kris 169 Stephens, Richard 169 Stevenson, Bob 101.169 Stewart, Donald 101,169 Stirrat, Andrew 69.170 Strand. Kirstan 170 Straughah, Cherie 170 Strobel. Dorm 170 Strom, Carol 69,170 Strom, Kristine 59,69,170 Stromme, Christine 170 Subak. Barbara 81.90,92,170 Svanoe, Luther 170 Swenson. Jeanne 69.81,170 Taylor. Karen 170 Teorey, Sandra 170 Thiede, Martin 170 Thoma . Richard 170 Thomas. William 110,170 Thompson, Cynthia 171 Thompson. Diane 71.171 Thompson, Gayle 171 Thompson, Kathryn 90,171 Thompson, I.loyd 38,50.59, 69,127,171 Thonon, Toni 71,171 Toensing, Jame 171 Tocruing, John 171 Tripp, Cynthia 67,69,81,86, 171 Tudor. Margaret 90,171 Tunstead, Hugh 171 Turgeon. Cathleen 171 Turnquist. John 171 van der Ziel, Kea 61.67.69. 78 86.126 171 Van Wazer, Peter 171 Viken. Cindy 172 Vinz, Elizabeth 73.172 Vizzier. Lee Anne 50,60. 86,96.172 Waag. Torrey 172 Waite. Beverly 49,172 Waite. Joan 172 Waldron, Theodore 172 Wallen. Martha 69,73,172 Waller. Steven 172 Wallner, Nancy 173 Wang, David 173 Ward. Stewart 173 Warner, David 173 Watson, Douglas 69.107,173 Watson, Richard 118,173 Wayne, James 97,101.173 Webb. James 38.58.66. 76.173 Week. Lauren 87,173 Welch. Cary 173 Wellumson, Curtis 173 Wellumson, Marsha 173 Wenn. John 173 West. Patricia 69.81.173 White, Carol 173 Wilkinson. Michael 58,63,65, 87.174 Willes, Lorraine 174 Williams. Jeanne 71.174 Williams. Jorcl 69.174 Wilson, George 174 Wilson, Thomas 118,174 Winuner. Joann 174 Wingert. Becky 174 Winsor, Bruce 174 Witham. Ellen 69.96.174 Wittke. Gregory 174 Wolf. Alfred 174 Wood. Alan 174 Wood. John 101.174 Wright, Bill 174 Wrobleski. Dawn 66,175 Younghahl. Barbara 175 Younger, Charlotte 175 Zetnpel, Gary 69.75,175 Juniors Adamson, Joan 176 Alexander. Cheryl 73,176 Alexander, Kathleen 176 Allivato, Teresa 176 Anderson. Cathy 176 Anderson, Clifford 176 Anderson, Cynthia 94,176 Anderson, James 176 Anderson, Jeffrey 58,176 Anderson, Joan 176 Anderson. John 73,176 Anderson. Mariam 176 Anderson, Penny 176 Anderson, Rosanne 176 Anderson. Valrae 176 Andrews. Bradley 176 Ameren. Paul 103.176 Arnold, LeAnne 176 Arnold. Scott 176 Artec!. Shannon 176 Asselstine, Peggy 176 Atsatt. Thomas 176 Aynes. Susan 176 Baarson. Robert 176 Barkdahl. Geraldine 176 Bacon. I-ori Ann 176 Bailey, William 176 Baker. Dianne 177 Baker. Linda 66.69.86,177 Batch. Robert 177 Balrom. Lony 41,177 Ballaugh. Stephanie 177 Barden, Sue Ann 177 Barrett, Carolyn 177 Bartz, Janet 1 7 Batten, Jamie 71,177 Bauernfeind, Gail 177 Benham, Bruce 103,177 Bennett. Gregg 101,103,177 Berget, Karen 177 Berguson, Carol 177 Berlin. Bruce 177 Bemie. Judith 177 Berryhill, Steve 177 Bethke, Linda 177 Bickett, James 73,177 Bidwrll. John 177 Biron, Sandra 177 Bishop, Patricia 177 Biorkman. Richard 73,177 Blandin. Ward 177 Blrifuis, Barbara 177 Blesi, Richard 177 Bockelman. Karen 40,86,178 Bor, Elsa 178 Bomsta, Larry Boyd. Cheryll 178 Braine. Susan 93,178 Bransford, David 73.178 Braun. Alan 178 Bredesrn. Susan 59.178 Brice. Barbara 178 Brickley, Robert 178 Brion. John 178 Brodrick, Jane 178 Brostrom. Carol 96.178 Brouillard, Kathy 178 Brown. Jcre 71,1 78 Brown, John 178 Brown. Mary 71,178 Brown, Susan 64 69.86.178 Brown. William 69,178 Bryan. Steve 178 Bucklin, Pamela 178 Buell, Nancy 73,178 Buelow, James 69,73,178 Bundgaard, Kurt 178 Bunnell. Marvin 178 Bums. Tenancc 178 Burr, Jeanne 71 Buskirk. Robert 62,74,87 Butler, James 178 Button. Sheridee 46,73.178 Cadwallader, Belle 41,59. 87,178 Cameron, Kathleen 69.178 211Carlandrr, Carol Carlton. Cathy 81,178 Carlton. Delmont Carbon, Cary 178 Carlton. Linda 178 Carlton. Ruth 71,178 Carpenter, Stephen 178 Carv.n, Margit 42,59,63, 69,73.178 Carter. Sutan 178 Cathman. Patrick 101.110,178 Champlin, Gay 178 Chapman. Dale 103,178 Chatfield, Franklin 50,178 Chelgren. Valerie 96,178 Chrittenten, Patricia 71.178 Chrittenten. Sandra 42,64.178 Chrittenton, Irene69,73,178 Clark. David 64.178 Clautrn, Diane 93,178 Clinton. Nancy 178 Colburn. Daniel 59,66,69, 73.175J 78 Connell. Theme 178 Cooney. Stephen 178 Coppock, William 113,178 Corroran. Carol 178 Correa. Dennit 178 Couillard. John I 79 Coulter. Harold 179 Cou nolle, Emctt Crabb. John 179 Crabtree. Cynthia 179 Culbertton. Robert 69.101,179 Dahlberg. Douglas 107,179 Darkenwald. John 101,179 Davit. Gale 71,179 Davit, Gregory 179 Dean, Joseph 179 Deniton, Robert 179 DeVrict. Stephen 179 Dierckt, Richard 120,179 Diercks. William 58.110,179 Dietrich. Bonnie 179 Dillon. Hall 59.103,176,179 Dinyer, Frank 179 Dorkendorf. Judy 73,179 Dodge. David 120,179 Donatello. David 103,179 Duemke, Dully 179 Dunbar. Robert 179 Duncan, Daniel 73,179 Duncan. Ruttell 179 Dunn. Barton 41.120,179 Durocher. Sandra 179 Earl. Linda 69,86,179 Earl. Richard 107.179 Eaton, Arthur 179 Eckley. Ron 179 Edwards. Connie 73,96,179 Edward . Sally 69.179 Eglite, Linda 69,179 Ellingwoud, Clyde 179 Elmgren, Sandra 71,179 Emrich. Jeanne 179 F.nglund Meredith 69.180 Erck. Virginia 69,92,180 Ertted. Kimberly 180 Eskridge, Su anne 180 Essen, Michael 180 Fair, Cynthia 180 Fechner, Cleo 71,180 Ferguson, Ron 180 Fertig, Daniel 180 Feske. Janet 71,180 Fiedler. David 180 Field. Marcia 69.93.180 Finlayton, John 180 Fischer. Judy 180 Fisher, Dale 180 Fitrner, Carol 180 Fleer. Carol 69.73.180 Fletcher, Richard 180 Fletcher, William 180 Flickinger. Sally 73,180 Floren. Gerald 180 Floten, Janet 180 Floten. Linda 180 Flynn. Linnca 73 Foltz, Gretchen 63,180 Forsythe, Robert 87.180 Foster, Carolyn 69,87,180 Fox, Stephen 113,180 Frasz, Jonathan 180 French. John 40.95.180 F'ridlundl, Wayne 73,180 Frykman, Ian 110,180 GafT, Susan Gaklc. Mary 180 ('•alarnrau. Gayle 180 Cammell. Janet 180 Garrison, James 118,182 Garrison, Margaret 69,181 Gates, Michael 181 Gentry, James 181 Gerrckr. Marilee 71,181 Gertr, Mary 181 Gettch. John 181 Geving, James 181 Gibbish, Barbara 181 Gift, James 181 Gilbertson. Susan 181 Gillard, Barbara 181 Gilman. Charles 41,103,181 Gilman, Tomas 41,18 Glass, Robert 181 Gle cn, Jane 69,181 Gockley, Stephen 69,107,181 Goodner. Timothy 181 Gotten, JoAnn Grangaard, Cheryl 181 Gray. Kathryn 73,181 GreRersen, Bruce 181 Greiter. Richard Grinley. Bendeck 181 Groat. Linda 181 Groth. Robert 181 Grove, Richard 181 Gulbro. Barbara 181 Gunderson, Judith 181 Gustafson, Jeffrey 181 Gutmann. Arlyne 69.181 Hagen. John 101,103,181 Hall, Curtis 181 Hamilton. Doris 66.181 Hankinson. Mark 181 Hanley, James 181 Hansen, Barbara 69,93,181 Hansen, Carol 181 Hansen. Mary 69.76,181 Hanson. Daniel 181 Hanson. Karen 92,181 Hanson. Steven 181 Haidell. John 110,181 Hannon, James 181 Harmon. Steve 103,181 Harris. Bcttina 181 Hatch. Holly 94.181 Hatzung David P0.I81 Hanger, Wallace 181 llavrrly, Jim 181 Heidinger, Guy 181 Hcilig. Richard 181 Heines, Gary 182 Henderson. Thomas 182 Henrichi, Cynthia 182 Hentchel. Robert 182 Hepp, Bradley 103,182 Herring, Gregory 69.182 Hetland. Charles 182 Hewitt, Peter 182 Hildyard, Patrick 73.182 Hill. Richard 182 Hillerrn. Lorinda 69,73,92,182 Hinrichs. Craig 182 Hoeft. Carol 73.182 Hoffman. Janet 182 Hofmann, Gerald 73,182 Hohn, Peggy 182 Hokanton, Cheryl 182 Holman. William 73,182 Holt. Ralph 182 Holventtot. David 182 Hopkins, Diana 182 Horken. Carol 73.182 Horlitr, William 103,182 Hontmann. Joan 69.91,182 Hot field. Robert 182 Hovland. Ginger 182 Howe. Betty 71,182 Hoyer. Kathleen 90,182 Huber. Sandy 182 Hrlster. Nancy 182 Huggins. Diane 182 Hull David 103,118,182 llustad, Martha 182 Hutton. William 182 Hyde. Robert 73,74.182 Idriss. Suzanne 182 Iverson, Karen 182 , ackson, Vickie 182 acobson, Linda 182 , acoby. James 182 acus, Patricia 73,182 , ahn. Gregory 69,182 , ames. Judy 182 . arvi. Dianne 182 , enkins. Victoria 182 enten. Craig 73,182 , ensen. Kathleen 182 , enten. Richard 62.182 , ohnson, Barbara 182 , ohnson. Bonnie 182 , ohnson. Jeannie 182 , ohnson, Karen 86,182 , ohnson. Karen K. 64,95,182 . ohnson. Kathleen 71,182 , ohnson. Susan 182 . ohntton. Sandra 182 , olicoeur, I.inda 182 , ones, Kathryn 60,183 , onk. Rodney 183 ordan, Richard 183 , osephson, Jerry 183 . uhnke. Tom 105.183 Carlstad, Dennis 50 Kehoe, Judith 183 Keller. Mark 50.183 Kellogg. William 105,183 Kelly. John 183 Kelly. Victoria 71,183 Kemper. David 183 Kemper. Gary 183 Kempf, Paul 183 Kennedy. Mary 183 Kersten. Dan 183 K esse I. Cynthia 73.183 Kilcy, Linda 183 Kindem. Bradley 183 King, John 183 Kirkman, Ann 50.58,86 Kittelson, Carol 64,86,183 Kittelson. Gwen 183 Kloth. Phyllis 183 Knight, Roger 183 Knippcnberg. Jeanne 183 Knoblauch, Lynne 69,87.183 Knutson, Bruce 101,110,183 Knutson, Marjorie 184 Kormann, Karen 71,184 Krause, Peter 184 Kremer, Richard 184 Kuehn. Coby 184 La Cosse. Norene 184 I-agaard, Meredee 93,184 I amont, Jeanne 184 I-arsrn, Carolyn 184 Larson, James 184 Larson. John 184 I .arson. Lance 184 Leam, Joyce 71,184 LeBanm, Greg 184 Ledin, Joan 184 Lee, David 184 LcGroa, David 59,103,113,184 l.einingrr, Karen 184 Lcsman, Christine 184 Leyh. Jeffery 113,184 Lienke. Christine 184 Lindquist, Gary 184 Lindsay. Marcia 184 Lindsey, LuAnn 184 Lingren, I eslie 184 I oan. Michael 184 Ixiffhagen, Cheryl 69,184 Lolgren, Dennis 58.101.185 Ixfsness. Alan 185 Lovaas Gregory 185 Luck. Stephen 185 Lundeen, Lynette 185 Lundgaard, Dennis 185 Lundquut. Susan 71,185 Lupie. Roxann 41,185 Maas. Mary 185 MacArthur. Cheryl 185 MacNeil. Leslie 185 Magnuson, Steven 185 Maley. Cheryl 69.185 Marien. Michele 185 Marquardt. Jeanne 185 Marsh. Tom 185 Marthaler, Kathryn 185 Massopust. Richard 69.185 Matheson, Susan 176,185 Maxfield. Lee 185 McAnally. Dennis 186 McArthur, Susan 186 McCambridge, John 101,185 McCarthy. Kathryn 185 McCord. Joan 186 McCord. Pamela 186 McDermott. Patricia 69.186 M. Donald. Dean 186 McDonald. David 186 McDonald. Robert 186 McGowan. David 186 Mcllyar, Melanie 186 McKenna. Caml 186 McNee. Holly 71.186 McNeil, Nancy 186 McRoberts, Daniel 186 Me White. William 186 Meier, Catherine 50,186 Mestemacher. Bmce 107,186 Metzner, Nancy 186 Michelson, Mary 186 Mir kelson. Marlys, 186 Miller. Brian 69,186 Miller. Carolyn 186 Miller. Nancy Miller. Sandra 31,93.186 Minde. Mark 186 Mitchell, David 58.103,110, 186 Milan. William 186 Moffat. Susan 186 Moffitt. Barbara 186 Mohr. Julie 186 Moll. George 69.73.186 Motzahn, Roland 186 Molzahn. Wayne 186 Mooney, Kenneth 186 Moore. Charles 73.186 Moore, Delores 186 Moore. Jack 73.186 Morgan, Alice 71,186 Morgan. Tom 101.107,186 Moss, Constance 186 Mueller. John 186 Mueller. Mary 71,186 Mullen. John 186 Mullen, Stephen 186 Murray. Linda 41,87,186 Naugle, Barry 186 Nauth. Bruce 101,186 Nelson, Charleen 186 Nelson. Jerry 50.103.186 Nelson. Nancy 186 Nelson, Scott 186 Nelson, Shirley 186 Nielson. Patricia 186 Nissen. Belinda 46,186 Nolan, Robert 187 Noran. Kathryn 187 Nordeen. Judy 64.86.187 Nordstrom. Kristi 94,187 Norwich. Kenneth 187 Nutter. Donna 187 Nygaard. David 187 Nyman. James 103,187 Odden, Teresa 187 O’Dowd. Jacquelyn 187 Oestreich, Richard 187 Ohlson, Janet 187 Olson. Barbara 73,187 Olson. Demores Susan 187 Osberg, David 66,69,86.187 Otness, James 59,69,101,110. 187 Ott. Sheryl 187 Otting, Margaret 187 Packard, Betsy 187 Page. Linda 73,187 Pain. Charles 187 Palen, Pamela 187 Palm. Per 187 212Pantano. Maric-Theresc 187 Pari . Barbara 187 Pascoe, Scott 187 Paske. Richard 73.187 Patterson, James 187 Pearson. Mary Jo 187 Pederson. Meredith 64.69, 86.187 Peiffer. Robert 103,187 Penney, Robert 187 Perkins. Nancy 187 Perpich. Craig 187 Perrin . Diane 187 Persinger, Linda 187 Petersen. Devon 187 Petersen, Linda 187 Peterson. Barbara 187 Peterson, David J. 187 Peterson, David L. 187 Peterson, I.arry 69,73,74,187 Peterson, Linda 69,187 Pfaff. Susan 187 Phillips. Margaret 73,187 Pierce. Jane 41,187 Platt, James 187 Pleuss, John 187 Plum, Linda 187 Pollard. Larry 50,187 Porter, Janee 187 Porter, Susan 69,91,187 Posselt, Jay 187 Posthumus, Steve 187 Priscar, Rina 69,73,187 Platt. James 187 Quade. Nancy 187 Randall. Bruce Rasmussen, Mike 187 Ray. James 102.188 Reed, Betsy 58.74,78,93,188 Reed, Thomas 69,188 Reese, Joan 188 Reinhardt, Mary 92,95,188 Reynolds, Kenneth 188 Rke, Gregg 188 Rice, Steven 62,80,188 Richey. Margaret 188 Richey. Russell 188 Rickheim. Gary 73,188 Rickord, Katie 73.188 Rieibcrg, Jill 188 Ring. Susan 71,188 Ringbloom, Janet 188 Ringerud, Chet 188 Risvold, Kathy 188 Rixe, Janice 188 Roberts. Richard 188 Roberts. Roberta 188 Robinson. Russell 188 Roch, Susan 188 Roche. Robert 103.120.188 Rockwell. David 188 Rodgerson. Richard 188 Rodman. Marc 188 Rogers, Beverly 189 Rominger. James 189 Romtaas. Diane 189 Ronald. James 103,189 Rose. Carolyn 189 Resell. James 189 Roza Merry 189 Rudd. Sandra 189 Rutherford, Scott 189 Sampson. Jay 189 Sampson, Judy 58,81,189 Sand. Harold 189 Sandberg, Linda 189 Sandstmm. Steven 73.189 Sanford, Stephen 103,118,189 Saucier. Michael 189 Saxton, David 189 Sborov, Steven 189 Scheppkc. Mary Jo 71,189 Schtampp. Linda 189 Schmalr. Peter 62.69,189 Schmidt, Peggy 189 Schocning, 'ferry 189 Schoonover. John 69,189 Schroeder, Carolyn 189 Schultz, Teresa 189 Schumacher. Gary 189 Schwarzkopf. Koralee 189 Schwar rock. Kay 189 Schweiger, Richard 189 Schweigert, Mary 189 Scott. Michael 189 Scott, Terry 189 Seek. Ronald 69.189 Settli. Anne 189 Shadinger. Sandra 189 Shaw. David 105,118.189 Sheffield. Dan 189 Shideman. Ethel 92.189 Shjefte, Sandra 189 Shelley. Marien Shronts, Claudia 189 Simcnson. Joanne 189 Simonson, Roberta 189 Sims. Nancy 73,189 Sivright, Sarah 42,189 Slee. Susan 189 Slctterdahl, Tami 189 Smith. Baxter 189 Smith. Elaine 189 Snoyenbot, David 189 Soderman, Anthony 62,87.189 Sorem, David 189 Sorem, Mel 189 Sotebccr, Gary 40.58,86.176. 189 Speiser. Marcia 189 Staber. Michael 103.120.189 Standeven. Richard 103,190 Stasncy, Judith 190 Stevenson. David 190 Stevenson, Jeffrey 69,80,190 Stewart, John 190 St. John, John 190 Stewart. Susan Stone. Gerald 190 Stough Craig 103,190 Straiser, Christine 190 Strate. John 190 Strong, Kathleen 190 Stuart, James 88,190 Stuermcr, Jeffrey 190 Sundet, Kathleen 69.190 Sundquist, Mary Lynn 190 Swandby, James 69.190 Swanson, Mary 190 Swanson. Ronald 101.190 Swenson, David 190 Taube, Ronald 190 Taylor, Ixiretta 190 Taylor, Nancy 69.76.190 Teresi, Diane 190 Teslovv, Robert 190 Thayer, Ellen 190 Thayer, Theodore 190 Thiele, Virginia 58,69,86, 94,96.190 Thiem, Andrea 71,190 Thomas. Jane 66.69,74,86,190 Thompson, Charles 105,190 Thompson, Patricia 190 Thompson, Sandra 190 Thomsen, Bruce 73,120,190 Thomsen, Paul 73,120,190 Thomson, Bruce 190 Thomson, Linda 190 Thomson, Nancy 190 Thornton. Mark 190 Thorp, Stephen 190 Toe pel, Kimberly 74,190 Torgeson, Robcr 105.120.190 Ulbrandt. Gary 190 Ulrich. David 190 UI vesta d, Rolf 41,190 Van Camp, Catherine 190 Viken. James 190 Vork, Daniel 190 Waite, Jacqueline 71,190 Walker, Bruce 87,190 Wall. John 190 Wallace. Ronald 62,87 Walsh, Robert Wanner Nancy 190 Wardell, Gary 190 Wanner, Nancy 190 Warnke, Sandra 190 Wartchow. Janet 190 Weigel, Thomas 190 Weiss. Ronald 190 Wells, Nancy 191 Wennerlyn. Gary 191 Wersell, Andrea 92,191 Westervelt. Roger 191 Westman. Eloise 191 Wettels. Marilee 191 Wey, Linda 71.191 Whalen. Kathleen 191 Whalen, Nancy 191 Wheeler, Linda 191 Whiteside, Diane 191 Wien, Lynda 71,191 Wiesner, Katharine 69,191 Williams. Holly 191 Williams. Julie 191 Wilson, Diane 191 Winslow. John 69.191 Wintrr, Jo Ann 69,71.191 Wippennann, Leslie 191 Wiste, Stephen 105.191 Withrow. Stephen 191 Wood. Timothy 107.191 Woodcock. Marian 191 Woodworth. John 101,110.191 Wynne, Charlotte 191 Yarger, Harriet 191 Young. Nancy 191 Yunker. Michael 191 Zahn. Karen 41.191 Zenill. Mary 191 Zick. Linda 191 Zimmerman. Jane 91,191 Zimmerman, Judy 73,95,191 Zinner. Ted 69,191 ZolUn, William 191 Zyllo. Linda 191 Sophomores Adams. Tary 60.192 Adamson, Lynn 192 Agness. Dan 73.192 Agustsson, Linda 59.93,192 A lank. Steve 192 Alger. Deborah, 192 Allard. Mary 192 Allen. Charles 192 Allison. Donald 102,192 Allum, David 192 Andaha y. Znltan 192 Anderson. Bernice 73.192 Anderson. Carol Ann 192 Anderson, Diane 192 Anderson. Gregg 192 Anderson, Jams 192 Anderson, Jeffrey 192 Anderson, John 192 Anderson, Keith 105,192 Anderson, Paul 192 Anderson, Scott 73,192 Anderson. Stephen 192 Andrews. Betsy 192 Arenton, Gregory 192 Arko. Craig 192 Arndt. Kathryn 73,192 Ashworth. James 192 Avctuon, Julie 70,193 Avery. Craig 102.193 Axelson, John 193 Baarsch. Nancy 193 Bailev, Deborah 193 Baker. Diane 193 Baker, Stephen 113.193 Balt . Mi hael 193 Barber, Susan 193 Barington, William 193 Bates. Susan 193 Bearinger, Judy 70.193 Beck,Stephen 193 Becker, Debra 193 Beeson, Barbara 71,193 Behringer, Robert 193 Bennett. Kevin 193 Bennett, Patricia 193 Bennett, Patricia 193 Bennett. Scott 59.101,193 Beresford, Richard 193 Berg. John 102,193 Bergquist. Jane 102,193 Bcrquist, John 193 Bergren. Nancy 193 Berk. Barbara 94.193 Bernier. Karen 73.193 Bilden. Deborah 71,193 Billings, James 194 Bina. James 194 Bing. Michael 105,194 Bissonrtt, James 191 Bjorkman. Cynthia 194 Bjomnes, Karolin 41,194 Bliss. Ronald 194 Bodine. Echo 71,194 Bocltcr, Mary Sue 194 Bolin. Herbert 194 Holmgren, James 194 Book. Ronald 194 Bonin, Julie 194 Borchers. William 194 Borene, Scott 194 Bottolene. Robert 102,194 Bowers. Chris 194 Bowes, Cynthia 194 Braatz, Dennis 194 Bradford. Judy 62.194 Brain. John 194 Brakke. Shari 73.194 Branuen, Paul 194 Bredesen. Sandra 58.93,194 Brewbaker, Nancy 194 Bridget nan. Mary 194 Bridgman. Thomas 78.194 Britton, James 194 Bmieh. Susan 194 Broughton, Linda 194 Brown, Daniel 194 Brown. Gary 194 Brown. Gordon 194 Brown. Kathleen 87,194 Brown, Linda 194 Brown. Miles 105.120.194 Brown. Robert 105,194 Buchanan. Robert 194 Bunnell, Keith 194 Bums, Gregory 102,194 Burton, James 194 Busa, Stephen 194 Busch, Thomas 194 Butler. Laurence 194 Button, Lonny 76,194 Bystmm, Patricia 194 Carnpl cll. Michael 194 Carleton, Jeff 194 (’arisen. Charles 194 Carlson, Craig 102 Carlson. Kathryn 93,194 Carlson. Nancy 194 Carlson, Peter 73.194 Carlson. Robert 102,194 Carter, Sally 194 Cartier, David 194 Chapman, Cynthia 195 Chattrrton, Darlene 71,195 Cheney, Donald 195 Chester. Carmen 195 Chislcr, Joseph 195 Christophcrson. Jerome 195 Church. Dara 195 Ciernia. Robert 195 Cipern, Lou Ann 195 Cloutier, Roxanne 195 Colvin, Donald 195 Goinmcrs, Louise 195 Comstock. Susan 195 Conlin. Denise 195 Connoy, Michael 195 Cook, Jeannie 73,195 Cooney, Cheryl 195 Cooper, John 195 Couillard, Jennifer 195 Coulter, Mark 195 Coursolie, Carol 195 Coursolle, Jeannie 195 Courtney, Thomas 102,108, 195 Cox, Mary 195 Cresswell. Linda 195 Cronje, Karen 195 Croonquist, Robert 59,195 Crosbie, Thomas 195 213Crowley, Stephen 195 Cummings. Cynthia 195 Dahl. I-awrence 195 Dahlstrmn, Stephen 195 Darling. Steven 195 Davit. Calene 195 Davit. John E. 195 Davit, John F. 195 Dawton. Daphne 195 Degeberg. Deena 195 Degen. Mary 195 Deming. Jamet 102,113,195 Dewey, fill 195 Dibble, Donald 195 Dickman. Pamela 93,195 Diracles, James 102,195 Dolt, Mao Beth 87,195 Dovoli . John 102,195 Drake. Willi. 195 Drew. Cheryl 195 Drew. Patricia 195 Drum, Scott 195 Dubmwtki, George 195 Dunri. Mark 73.195 Dunn. Raymond 59,102,113, 195 Dunn. Thomas 195 Durick. Michael 195 Duvick. Donna 93,195 Karl. Steven 108.1% Edeltnann, Alan 196 Egan, Marilyn 196 Eichhom. Sue 94,196 Eidsvold. Barbara 196 Einan. Mark 58.196 Eitel. Sylda 73,196 Ellis, Sheila 196 Eng, Julie 196 Engel. Neal 196 Engquist, Mary 196 Erickson. Joan 196 Ersted, Susan 196 Ervin, Jill 196 Evans. Julee 196 Ewert, Jeanne 1% Fackler. Gregory 196 Farley. Robert 1% Feydcr, Joe 196 Field. Theodore 196 Finley, Shirleen 196 Firth. Barbara 196 Fisher, Marvl 196 Flatkatnp, Ann 196 Fletcher, Janet 196 Flint, Dolores 196 Flynn, Janice 73,196 Forney, Margaret 196 Fort. David 73,196 Foster. Karl 1% Foster, Pamela 71,196 Fox. Cynthia 93,196 Fredrickson, Joe 196 Freeman. Mary 196 Frey, Barbara 196 Frey, Darlene 197 Frey, Mary Pat 197 Gakle, I.inda 197 Ganley, Barbara 197 Garlock, Virginia 197 Garrison, Linda 197 Garrison. Roger 197 Garven, Timothy 102,197 Carver, William Gastler, Thomas 197 Geiger, Mary 197 Gcnsch. Pamela 197 Gerbcrding, Philip 105,197 Gerrard, Kathleen 197 Gerrish. Patricia 197 Gilbert, John 78,197 Gilliland. David 197 Gilmer. Constance 197 Gilquist. Mary 197 Giroux, Michael 73,197 Glomsrud, Diane 73,197 Gnam. Peter 197 Golu, Leni 197 Gotischalk, Janice 197 Gray. James 59,102,108, 193,197 Gray, Sheila 94.197 Greenwald. Vicki 197 Greer, Mary 93,197 Gregertrn, Larry 197 Grenell, Bonnie 197 Grenell. Bonnie 197 Griffith. Edward 102.120,197 Grothe. Kathleen 71.197 Guetzke, Nancy 197 Gust. Kenneth 197 Haemig. Anita 197 Hagen. Robert 197 Hall. David 197 Halstead, Thomas 197 Halverson, James 73,197 Halverson, John 197 Hamilton, Mac 197 Hansing, Lori 197 Hanson. Daniel 197 Hanson. Steven 197 Harris. Marcia 197 Harrison. Charles 197 Hauck. James 197 Haug, Sharon 71,197 Haugen, Barbara 73,197 Haw. Suzanne 197 Hawkins, Johanna 58,197 Hawley, Barbara 197 Hawthorne, Priscilla 59,93,197 Hays. Gary 102.197 Hazelton, Nan 197 Heacock, Cynthia 70.197 Head. Lynn 197 Headington. Janie 197 HefTelfingcr, Kathryn 197 Heilig. Julie 198 Heinrich. Marie 198 Henefield, Stephen 102,108, 198 Henkel, Arnold 113,198 Henley, Anita 198 Hennessy, Mary 198 Henrichs. Kathi 198 Herman, Richard 102,198 Henman, Jon 88,12-, 198 Hess. Gary 198 Hibbard. William 198 Highfield. Holly 198 Hippe, Randall 73,198 Hirsch. Diane 198 Hladek, Metissa 198 Hockin, Thomas 198 Hoehn, Gregory 73,198 Holmes, Timothy 198 Honaas. Mary 71,198 Hood, l slie 198 Hoover, Donald 198 Hopkins. Richard 198 Horan. Thomas 198 Horrocks, Jeffrey 198 Hovde, Peter 79.198 Hovey. Elizabeth 198 Huebscher, Jean 198 Hucbscher. Katherine 71,198 Hughes. Lynda 198 Hughes, Mary 198 Hull. Polly 71,198 Hultmann, Donald 102,113, 198 Husel, Debbie 198 Hyde, Laurel 198 Iverson, Jon 102,198 ack, Luveme 198 ackson, Joy 198 , acoby, 'lhomas 199 ames, Charles 199 , ames. Dennis 199 anssen, Mary 19 , ensen, Gary 102,199 , ensen, Thomas 199 , esberg, Suzanne 71,199 , evne. Peter 199 , ohndreau, Alana 199 , ohnsen, Amy 187,199 , ohnson. Brad 120,199 , ohnson, Bromley 199 , ohnson, Carl 199 ohnson, Christine 73,199 ohnson, Diane 199 ohnson. Kay 199 , ohnson, Lonna 199 . ohnson, Mary Jo 199 , ohnson. Mary J 199 . ohnson. Ronald 199 , ohnson, Susan 199 , ohnson. Thomas 199 , ones, Barbara 199 ones. Muriel 199 Kagol Dan 108.199 Kanehl. fohn 199 Karr. William 102.113.199 Keeler. Mary 199 Keene. Thomas 113,200 Keller. Sandra 200 Kemper. Anne 200 Kempf, Leslie 200 Kennedy, William 200 Kennelly, Theresa 200 Kenney, Stephen 200 Kcm. Joan 200 Kern. Scott 200 Kersteter, Carolyn 200 Kile, Robert 102.200 Kinsell, Roy 73.200 Kirkland. John 113.200 Kistle. David 73,200 Kittelson, William 200 Klein. Ann 200 Kleppe, David 200 Kleven. Bruce 200 Knutsen. Katharine 200 Knutson. Kathleen 200 Knutson, Mary Jo 200 Koivumaki, Fred 200 Konzelman, Gregor 200 Kosiak, Jennifer 200 Krause. Leslie 87,200 Krenz. Kay 71,200 Kriesel. Richard 200 Kuphal. Elizabeth 200 Kvemland, Sally 200 I.adc. Margery 93,200 Lamont, Maria 200 latndes. Mary Ann 93,200 Iamdvik, Thomas 200 Larson, Judy 200 Larson. Paul 108,200 LaSalle. Jonathan 200 Uub. Michael 200 I-autl, Larry 200 Lawyer. Joyce 200 Lcgler. Roxanne 200 Lew is, Thomas 102.200 Lieberg, Marilyn 200 Lillejord. John 200 Lindbergh. Jerrry 200 Lindow. David 200 Little, Teresa 200 Drndeen, Kristie 73,200 Lopcr. Stewrart 200 Lord. Michael 200 Lorimcr, Cynthia 71,200 I primer, Kathleen 200 Loula, Randolph 200 Lurkcr, Linda 200 Luff. Robert 102.200 Lundahl. Judy 200 Lundquist, Kipton 200 Lundquist, Lou Ellen 201 LuU, Catherine 73,210 Lynch. Robert 102.201 Lynch, Timothy 201 MacAllister, Kirk 120,201 MacLennan, Linda 201 MacPhail. Kent 201 Magnus. Mary Jo 91,201 Mahowald, Royd 73,201 Major, Gregory 201 Manchester, Kathleen 201 Martin, Bruce 102,201 Martin, Randy 201 Matthews, Thomas 73,201 Matthies, Paul 108,201 Mathicu, Linda 73,201 Maund. Carol 201 May. Thomas 201 McCambridgc, Michael 201 McCarthy, Daniel McCarthy. Shelley 71,201 McCoy, Barbara 201 McCracken, Steven 201 McCullough. David 201 McDermid. Malcolm 201 McDonald, Steven 201 McDonald. Thomas 201 McGowan, Francine 201 McGuire. Terrance 201 Mclnally, Robert 201 McMahon. William 201 Mehrkens, Joseph 201 Melander, Wayne 201 Melcher. Nick 201 Mellonthin, Mathew 201 Meyer, Robert 201 Miller, Christine 73,201 Miller. M 102 Miller. Wayne 118,201 Minke. Cheryl 201 Mitchell. Regina 201 Moffat, Michael 201 Molde. Jeffrey 201 Monahan. Paul 105,202 Monson, Ann 202 Monson. Patricia 202 Monten. Bert 202 Montgomery, Mark 73,202 Montgomery, Michael 73,202 Moore. Denise 202 Morriso, Linda 202 Morse. Deborah 202 Mosher. Gary 202 Mousiey. Maureen 202 Mulcahy, Kevin 202 Mullikin, Thomas 202 Munson, Patricia 202 Murray. Thomas 202 Musikov, Paul 202 Nauman, Diane 202 Ncchville, Jamie 202 Nelson. Bonnie 202 Nelson, Bruce 102,120,202 Nelson. Charles 202 Nelson. Delton 202 Nelson. Mark 202 Nelson, Meredith 87,202 Nelson, Scott 202 Neumann. Roland 46.73,202 Newman. Richard 202 Nilsson. Ann-Britt 42,202 Nolan. Patrick 202 Nye, Deborah 202 Oberg, James 202 Ochman, Carole 202 Oestreich. Dennis 202 Ofstedal. Judith 202 Oldham. Thomas 202 Olmstcad, Julia 202 Olsen, Christine 202 Olsen, Kristin 202 Olson, Holly 202 Olson, Joan 202 Olson, John 203 Olson, Linda Lou 203 Olson, Mark 120,203 Olson, Mary 203 Olson, Susan 203 Omelianchuk, Linda 71,203 Onstad. Barbara 203 Oren, Thomas 105,203 Orrben, Anne 203 Ostberg, Gary 203 Ostman, Karen 203 Otness, Andy 59,203 Owens, Jeffrey 203 Pain, John 73,203 Palm. Ann 203 Palmer, Brian 105,108,203 Parsons, Rolf 203 Patoski. Christina 203 Patrick, Bonnie 203 Patton, Jacquelyn 203 Paulson, Jon 46,73,203 Pearson, William 203 Peddie, Donna 203 Pedersen. Paul 203 Pedersen. Rita 203 Pederson, Ross 203 Pengelly. William 203 Perbix, Lucia 203 Perra. Gail 203 Peschau. David 203 Pcschau, Richard 113,203 Petersen, Becky 203 Peterson, David 203 214Pctcnon. Gary 41,50,203 Peterson, Gregory 102,203 Pctcnon, John 203 Peterson, Raymer 203 Pfeiffer. Terrance 88,203 Phillips. Mary 203 Platou, Priscilla 203 Ponsor, Valeric 203 Poppler, Phillip 203 Powell, Jennifer 203 Pratt, George 203 Pritchard. Patrick 203 Proctor, Charles 203 Putman. Lindsay 203 Rachie, Elizabeth 203 Radiord, Jame 203 Rasmussen, Jeffrey 108,203 Ray. Ronald 102,118,203 Raymond. Candace 70,203 Reece, Richard 203 Reeves, Caroline 93,94.203 Reeves, John 102,108,203 Rchm. George 120,203 Rcichwald, Susan 204 Reineck. Dennis 204 Rcnk, Kathy 71,204 Reoh, Barry 204 Rice, Gail 204 Richey, Robert 102,204 Rickard, Linda 204 Riley, Patricia 204 Ring, Francie 204 Ringsrud, John 204 Riordan, Scott 204 Robey. David 41,204 Robinson, David 204 Rodning, Carol 204 Rodwell. Lucy 204 Rogers, Marilyn 204 Rolf, Jon 204 Rooney, Thomas 204 Rose, Frederick 204 Koscndahl, Alan 113,204 Rosenow, Margaret 204 Ross. Kelly 204 Rouzer, Barbara 204 Rudd. Garry 204 Rudcll. Robert 204 Ruedy, Mary 204 Rukes, Richard 204 Russell. Victoria 204 Ryan, William 205 Sahatko, Kaye 205 Salvas. Barbara 205 Sanborn. I.oralrr 205 Sanborn, Rae 205 Sandberg, Karen Ann 205 Sandberg. William 205 Sandcn. Richard 205 Sather. Timothy 205 Sato, Valeria 205 Saxton, Douglas 205 Sbomv. Mark 102,205 Sborov, Merry 205 Schaefer, Mary Sue 93,205 Schaub. Cynthia 73,205 Schelper. Roger 102.108.205 Scherer, Mark 205 Schletzer. William 205 Schmerler. Stephanie 205 Schmidt, Kathleen 205 Schmidt. Susan Schwarz. Carol 205 Schweigcr. Kenneth 205 Scofield. Stanford 120,205 Scott. William 205 Berber. Pamela 205 Severson. Janet 205 Shackle. I .aura 71.205 Sharkey. Karen 205 Shepherd. Frederick 46,58, 102,205 Sherwood. Richard 205 Simons, Charles 73.205 Sinnott, Thomas 205 Sivanich. Sandy 205 Skarie, Gerald 205 Skoglund. Susan 205 Slater. Mary Ann 205 Slee. Sheryl 205 Slcttenhaugh. Mark 205 Smith. Cheryl 205 Smith. Jill 205 Snyder. Mary Ann 71.205 Soderberg. Richard 118,205 Solberg, Joanne 205 Sommers, Jane 205 Sonnesyn. Eric 205 Soper, Sally Ann 205 Soule, leffrey 205 Sowle. Catherine 205 Spencer, Heidi 205 Spencer, Kerry 205 Sprangerx. Scott 102.205 Staab. Margenne 205 Stahly. James 108.205 Stamp. Margaret 205 Stanek. Charles 205 Stariha. Harold 206 Stebbins. Kenneth 102.206 Steer, Laura 206 Steffes. Robert 206 Stenson, Gladstone 102,108, 206 Stewart. Jack 59.102,206 Slice. Marilvn 88.206 Stirrat. Craig 59.102.206 St. John. Susanne 206 Stone. David 206 Stoner. Lynne 206 Stony. Alan 76.206 Strandemo. Linda 71.206 Straughan. Marillea 206 Strobcl. Dian 206 Stuart. Janis 206 Swanson. Dennis 206 Sweazey, Dianne 73,206 Swenson. Ruth 206 Taggatz, Maitha 206 Taggatz, Michael 206 Taney. R Bn «k 120.206 Tang. Lucinda 87.206 Taylor. Patricia 206 Telford. Brian 206 Teller. David 73.206 Thayer, Yvonne 206 Thiede. David 102.206 Thomas. Frank 102.113.206 Thomas, Jeffrey 120,206 Thomas. Robert 73.102.206 Thompson. Caroline 206 Thompson, Cheryl 206 Thompson, Richard 206 Thompson, Sandra 206 Thompson. Thomas 206 Thomson, Glenn 206 Thunstrom, Linda 206 Tibbs. Thomas Toe pel, Carolyn 206 Trones. Sherry I 206 Trowbridge. Eugene 58,102 Tull. Douglas 120.206 Turnbull Steve 102.206 Twite. Linda 62,73.206 L'mbergcr, Susan 206 Van Soineren. Robert 206 Vaughan. Patricia 206 Wahlroos. Rosalind 206 Walker. Dixie 73,76.206 Wallace. Stephen 206 Waller. Susan 73,206 Wandersee. Lynn 206 Wamke. Allen 206 Warson, Betsy 206 Weaver. Barbara 206 Week, Jacqueline 71.96.206 Weigel. Richard 206 Week. Jacqueline 71,96.206 Weigel. Richard 206 Weingartner, Barbara 207 Wri brud. Jolane 207 Welling. Ray 59.108,207 Wcnn, Wallace 207 Wescott. Wells 207 Wesley. Guy 207 West, Bonnie 207 West. William C. 207 Westberg, Linda 73,207 Westman, Jeanette 207 Whipple. Scott 73.207 Whitman. Diana 207 Whyte, John 207 Willes. Karen 207 Williams. Susan 94,207 Wilson. Gregory 207 Wingcrt. Diana 94,207 Wohlrabe. Brian 267 Wold, Linda 207 Wolfe. John 207 Woodcock. Jane 207 Wunsch. John 207 Yarger, Terry 207 Zrilinger. Brian 102.207 Zinner. Nancy 207 Zins. Larry 207 2157n cia7i°n The 1964 Whigrean staff would like to express appreciation to all those who have helped in the production of this book. Thanks is given to: Mr. John Sheldon for his advisory aid Mr. Burt Hedstrom and the American Yearbook Company The Sheriing-Plctsch studios for portraits and photos The faculty and administration for cooperation in Whigrean project The student body for enthusiasm and encouragement Our patrons for financial support and the students who took time to solicit them The janitorial staff for cheerful company and though fulness during deadlines Mrs. Lcabo for her help at the U of M workshop Margy Carson for her various good deeds during deadlines And the NSPA judge that has spent his time evaluating this book. 1964 Whigrean Staff Editor..................... Copy Editor................ Business Manager........... Academics.................. Student Life............... Organizations.............. Sports..................... Seniors.................... Underclassmen.............. Art ....................... Photographers.............. Assistant Editor........... Assistant Copy Editor Assistant Business Manager Assistant Sports........... General Assistants......... Typists ............Candace Carson ..............Kathy Staab .............Susan Oarlock ..........Kea van dcr Ziel .............Cindy Tripp ..............Jo Shipway ..........Karen Mitchell ..........Carol Rydman ..............Cindy Smith .............Cindy Morris ....;........Jim Webb Marie-Christinc dcs Isnards .............Susan Gaff .............Jane Thomas ..............Linda Baker .............Dave Osbcrg ............. Pam Carlson Dan Colburn Doris Hamilton Carol Johnson Mary Langhaug .............Toni Jenkins Dawn Wrobleski 216Gary Berg receives his blank diploma from Mr. Reeves. Graduates Receive Diplomas With Pomp On June 4, Edina seniors gave their final farewells to the green and white. The 574 students, marching in precision, broke Edina’s traditional two line processional by crossing the football field in six lines. Each line was led by a junior marshall who coordinated the procedures. This year’s honor student speeches, “The Past is a Prologue" and “The Needle and the Straw,” were given by Kea van der Zicl and Norm Miller. Stumbling on the stairs was the only upset in order when the seniors in double lines received their diplomas. Turning from their alma mater, the new alumni crossed the field again, but with somewhat less precision. Safely behind the canvas blind, the boys, and a few brave girls, tossed their caps into the air, in anticipation of the all-night party and their new life ahead.After the solemn atmosphere of graduation, the seniors hurriedly changed from gowns to casual clothes, and went to the bustling Orient on second floor. Amid many Far Eastern decorations, such as a large, scaley dragon, colorful lanterns and paper balls, Japanese settings of trees, shrubs, and girls, and Chinese characters on the walls, the graduates started to hunt for the games and entertainment that would keep them busy all night. The fortune teller, with her many charts and balls, also had a do-it-yourself palm reading chart from which many seniors discovered the significance of the uppermost joint of their baby finger. The shooting gallery was a fine game for those in a belligerent mood. The seniors found the miniature golf to be a real game of skill and dexterity and profit. For those who were in search of prizes, the treasure chest usually proved to be worthy of their efforts. Bingo was popular with the less energetic but more intellectual, and the movie was attended by those who usually went to sleep at an earlier hour. If they couldn't find anything else to bring home to the folks, seniors had their picture taken in the oriental photo booth. As usual, the baby pictures were arranged on one wall, and, as usual, they caused a great deal of laughter and embarrassment. The dope sheets were of great assistance to the seniors betting on the exciting horse races. For the graduates who swing, Stan Freese’s band and the Levee Loungers played all night, and the breakfast at the Radisson was filled with the sounds of Art Katzman and his group. Electrified by the mounting excitement at the race . Dan spurs his horse on with a boisterous “Charge! ’ “Pssst . . . over here ... in the bushes." Seniors Go To Senior Party The Orient On Second iiBob Granger, in an attempt to stay above the rest of the devouring mob, loses his shirt. Grinning graduates gyrate to tiie sounds of Stan Freese. Floor At The Seniors look back to their first childhood. Cathy Lund's dexterity with a firearm amazes her admiring onlookers. 10:21 and al1 “ lulel ,hc eastern from- IIIProm's Mystery Revealed On May 9 As Juniors Present ‘An Island In The Sea’ Jo Shipway listens attentively to the intermission entertainment. On May 9, 1964, after weeks of preparation, the Leamington Hotel’s Hall of States became an intriguing island entertaining 650 guests. Bright signs and morning announcements awoke the students during their homeroom periods as early as March 15. Tuxedos were rented, formals purchased, and reservations made. May 9th brought the climax to the hours of preparation. By 8:30 P.M. the decorations were completed and ready for the dates and chaperones to arrive at nine for a night of entertainment on their “Island in the Sea.” Couples danced to the music of Willy Peterson and were entertained by Jim Eddy during intermission. Under the expert guidance of over-all chairmen Anne Kirkman and Ted inner, the co-chairman Linda Baker and Kathy Jones, tickets; Carol Carlandcr and Jamie Batten; decorations; Judy Bemie and Sue Brcdesen, publicity; Judy Sampson and Sue Brown, programs; Clary Sotcbccr and Ginger Thiele, intermission; and Jane Glezcn and Jeanne Marquardt, refreshments, worked to make the 1964 prom the best yet. Couples gather near the refreshments to relax between dances. IVMagnus Nyberg and Marie-Christine Deslsnards enjoy cookies and punch served by two eager freshmen.Swashbuckling hrro threatens his rival as swordsmanship prevails. Foils Flash In Seventeenth Century Paris Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac ................ Greg Long Roxane......................... Carol Coriander Christian de Neuvillette........Dennis Lofgren Lc Bret ........................ Frank Lushine Carbon de Castel-Jaloux.........Peter Schmaltz Ragueneau ..................... Michael Burke Comte de Guiche...................Gary Sotebeer Calvert........................Dennis Karlstad Director.......................Mr. Larry Stotts Student Director...................Nan Brown Technical Manager .............Mike Wilkinson Kathy Gallagher Marc Rodman Andy Matt hies John Schoonover Lynn Knoblauch Julie Hillern Dennis Correa Fred Cook Jill Riesberg Bob Schmidt TomFinan Nancy Huelster Rick Watson Rick Klein Cindy Morris Ken Nakken Vic Koivumaki Pat Monson Linda Peterson Eric Gilster Dixie Walker Sandy Keller Dale Fisher Beth Hovey Gary Peterson Lee Henschel Becky Peterson• Dallas King Jim Webb CiCi Wipperman Larry Pollard Dave Wang Chris Patuski Rick Simons Kathy Beale Karen Bockclman Tom Mcrriman Doug Grabham Kathy Gcrrard Pete Jevne Carol Rodning Cindy Crabtree James Kcrwin David Shaw Barb Hansing Pat Cullic Jim Nyman Judy Nordeen Cyrano fights for his nose as the citizens look on. Cyrano is taken in by Roxane’s charm. VI‘The Sorcerer’ Mixes Music With Magic Constance. Sir Mannadukr and his son Mrs. Partlett and Mr. Daly. Alexis. Villagers sing outside Sir Mar-maduke's mansion. Beneath the walls of Sir Marmadukc’s mansion a delightful story of love and fantasy unfolded as the choirs presented Gilbert and Sullivans operetta The Sorcerer. The story related the effects of a love potion concocted by John Wellington Wells (of J. Wells Co., Family Sorcerers) on the villagers. The idea was a result of Alexis’ wish for all the villagers to share the same happiness he had found with Aline. After falling into a deep sleep, the drinker, on awakening, would fall in love with the first person he saw. This was the cause of many mix-ups and humorous events, yet love and happiness emerged in the end. Dave Robey, Fred Shepherd, Jill Ervin, and Barbara Simpson were double cast in lead roles. Also included were Jcf French as Alexis and Greg Herring as Sir Marmadukc. The cast was supported by a chorus of colorful villagers. Lauren Week was student production manager. Mr. Be oir directed. Aline at her wedding to Alexis.Third In Conference Ace hurler Bryan Grohnkc delivers. For Hornet Nine The 1964 varsity baseball team finished with a 5—3 conference record, good for third place in the Lake Conference behind co-champions Richfield and Bloomington. In the district playoffs, the Hornet nine soundly defeated Orono, but lost 6—4 to Richfield, the eventual district winner. Again this year the team was paced by outstanding players. Bryan Grohnkc was Edina’s pitching ace. Jim Baker, all conference outfielder, led the team in batting with a .360 average. Catcher Bill Lord, shortstop Tom Morgan, and ccnterficlder Doug Fisher proved outstanding in their defensive positions. The team is losing a great deal of strength through graduation this year, as eight of the nine starters will be leaving. However, the great potential revealed in this year’s undergraduates, found especially in pitcher Tim Garvin and short-stop Tom Morgan, leaves Coach Baglicn in an optimistic state of mind as he awaits the coming season. VARSITY Fitit Row: E. Downs. B. Dicrcks. D. Dierrks, D. Fisher, T. Garvin. Second Row: B. Grohnkc, B. Lord. T. Awsumb, D. King, M. Sorem, J. Baker. Third Row: T. Morgan, D. Glomsrud, D. Johnson, R. Crawford, M. Monroe. VIIIo CSAC J-V SQUAD Fiat Row: R. PcifTcr, G. Lindquist. W. Blandin. P. Coach Savrc, B. Coppock, K. Bundgaard, D. Dodge, D. Dahllxrg, Arnenon. J. Hardcll, D. Mitchell. Second Row; B. Bonham, D. Hoi- B. Groth, H. Dillon, vcnstat, M. Hankinson, D. Clark. S. Gockley, A. Eaton. Third Row: Tom Morgan slides safely into second. First baseman Tom Fiedler makes a nice backhanded pickup. LeadofT man Jim Baker, a familiar sight on die hasepaths. IXCo-captain Bill Lord flies home to score the winning run. B-SQUAD—Fint Row: T. Oldham. T. Courtney, P. Larson, L. Lautt, S .Scofield, S. Beck. Second Row; G. Bums, J. Rasmussen. J. Feyder, T Oren, G. Brown, J. Halverson, M. Stenson. Third Row: Coach Johnson, J. Kirkland. J. Hauck, C. Major, P. Mat thies, S. Turnbull, R. Welling. Sophomore Tim Garvin winds up . . . . . . and fires.Golfers Send Three To Regional Meet Mr. VVcgo, in his first year as golf coach, came up with one of Edina’s finest teams. Mainly because of the balance on the squad, the team earned third place in the conference behind Hopkins and Park. Edina was represented by three consistent golfers, Dave Habcrlc, Eric Gilster, and Jeff Lcyh, in the district tournament. Here freshman Haberlc was a third place medalist. All three advanced to the tough regional competition. Leyh blasts out of trap. Gilstrr tres off. Davr Habcrlc sinks a long putt. GOLF TEAM—Coach Wego, J. Lcyh, A McPhail. L Thompson, E. Gilster, C. Anderson, G. Hawthorne, D. Haberlc, D. LcGros. XIRelay Team Paces Winning Track Tear Track coach Ed Hendrickson once again produced a fine team that gained second place in the conference and third place in the district. The team was paced by individuals who participated in the regional and state competition. The highlight of the season was the mile relay's showing in the state tournament. The outstanding mile relay team of Tom Anderson, Rick Giertson, Steve Sanford, and John Berg, not only placed first in the state, but also broke the existing state record, which Edina set in 1961. Standouts on the team included the following: Tex Hewlett, conference and district pole vault champ who set a new school record with a 12' 6" jump established a new district record; Steve Sanford, outstanding miler; Rick Giertson, who ran the 440 in 51 seconds Hat; and Dick Eichom, the district hurdles champ. 880 yard relay: Jim Ronald to anchor man Craig .Stirrat. VARSITY—Fit it Rote: B. Kellogg, C. Stirrat, J. Berg, S. Bennett, T. Anderson, M. Bjork, R. Giertsen. Second Row: K. Boettcher, R. Richey, B. Nelson, E. Maulshy, T. Juhnke, D. Shaw, S. Sanford. Third Row; J. Winslow, J. Gray, B. Thomas, R. Schelpcr, D, Lof-grrn, J. Ronald, T. Hewlett. Fourth Rose: D. Eichom, G. Ferguson, R. Dunn, M. McLain, T. Wood, P. Lewis. B. Hepp. XIICo-captain Eichom hurdles his way to district championship. Best mile relay team in state's history: Berg, Sanford, Anderson, Giertsen. XIII Captain-elect Sanford wins a sensational 4:23.1 mile.Team Balance Leads Netmen To Best Tear First in the conference, first in the district, second in the state; these arc the major accomplishments of the varsity tennis squad. In compiling a 9—0 conference record, the team scored 44 of 45 possible points. Edina’s over-all record in dual meets was 14—1. Among these meets were a trouncing of Blake, 4—1, to end Blake’s winning streak at 50 games, and a loss to Rochester 3—2 in a hard-fought contest. Chip Otncss won both the district and regional championships with teammate Bob Granger taking the runner-up spot in both areas. The first doubles team of Dave Warner and Sky Olson placed second in the district, but were defeated 6—4 and 7—5 in the region playoffs by the eventual state champs. It took a fine effort by Rochester’s Chuck Darlcy to defeat Chip Otness 6—3 and 7—5. Bob Granger also lost in the semi-finals of the state. Otness defeated Granger for the number three spot, with Granger finishing fourth. As a team, Edina placed second in the state behind Rochester. Chris Busa in singles, along with Rob Jones and Morey Knutson in doubles, rounded out a team whose great balance made them the best tennis team Edina has ever had. VARSITY—First Row: J. Posselt, R. Jones, C. Bum, S. Olson, B. Granger, M. Knutson, D. Warner. M. Minde. Second Row: Coach Marion. B-Squad—Dave Pcshau, S. Sprangen, G. Jensen, H. Monkey. D. McLaughlin, J. Deming, B. Knutson, Dick Peshau, K. Bennett, T. Zinner. S. Bryan, R. Hopkins, D. Tull, Coach Szendrey. Sky Olson with a hard overhand return. XIVChip Otness, the state’s third best tennis player, in action. Sky Olson (left) and Dave Warner (right) make up Edina's number one doubles team. XVIt must have been a homer! Jelly-roll Canakes demonstrates his sleek fielding. I-Ball, Soccer Club Find Key to Success Intramural Softball and the Soccer Club enjoyed their most successful seasons. Success for the softball program was measured by the large number that turned out to play. The soccer team, completing a victorious season with a 1—0 win over North High, was paced by standouts Magnus Nybcrg, Dave Sno-eyenbos, and Rob Hyde. Although this was only the second season for Edina’s soccer team, they emerged as one of the top teams in the state. Two standouts in action: (Left) Magnus Nybcrg heads one beautifully. (Right) Goalie Rob Hyde deflects the ball over the goal. - . V:,-

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