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Edina Morningside High School - Whigrean Yearbook (Edina, MN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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 EDUCATION—A DESIGN The design of educotion is an interweaving of every learning experience. This design brings these experiences into harmony and relates them to future lives. Edina-Morningside enables one to search for this basic design, the essential goal of education. To educate the whole self morally, aesthetically, and intellectually, the individual must come in contact with every aspect of school life. Thus, the interrelationship of academics, activities, student life, sports, and classes forms a basic design of harmony and balance, the design of an education at Edina. Sports 86 Classes I 14 3»}• M T . ■ ■ • p} %, ■ :■ ■ S S®4? 3 $’ tf-a» v. -v. . •• •■Scholarship • s of Edina's main Through class dis-lectures, labo-work, and individ-reading and think-a student becomes a e valuable person, to self and to society. CADEMICS i. Dr. Myers Completes First Year Dr. Spencer W. Myers, Edina's new superintendent of schools, serves in this capacity as an ex officio member of the School Board. It is his duty to administer the policies of the Board of Education. Before coming to Edina, Dr. Myers held various positions throughout the Midwest. He received his M.A. degree from Northwestern University- in 1930, then served as a teacher in a variety of high schools and colleges. While he was teaching, Dr. Myers earned his Ph.D. in education from Indiana University. Two years later, in 1944, he served as a World War II training specialist in the office of Quartermaster General. In 1962, he come to Edina from Flint, Michigan, where he had been superintendent of schools. Dr. Myers has contributed to several nation-wide magazines and is a member of many professional organizations. 6 The Superintendent becomes acquainted with his new office. Dr. Myers examines plans for the new junior high.Three Share Decision-Making Mr. Rolland J. Ring attained his present position as senior high school principal after serving on the junior high faculty and later on the administrative staff. He plans the school curriculum, supervises the faculty, and coordinates the classes. As assistant principal, Mr. Elmer R. Lundgren handles all disciplinary problems directly connected with the school. In this capacity he also deals with attendance records and special permits. New students are registered by him as well. Due to the increasing number of students in the Edina school system, Mr. Leo J. Fick was appointed director of secondary education in 1958. Mr. Fick has the responsibility of representing the superintendent's office in matters relating to the faculty and curriculum. One of Mr. Ring's responsibilities is to announce school activities over the P.A. system. Eoch morning Mr. Lundgren signs students' admits. 7 Mr. Fick studies a pamphlet from the Minneso’a Traffic Safety Council. This year Edina was presented with three awards. . %P.T.A. BOARD — Sitting: Mr. Burton. Bouernlelnd, Mr. Doan Tripp, Mr. Henry Wudlick Standing: Mr . Batty Ooonquiit. Mr. Rolland Ring. Mr . Chorlotte Field, Mr . Martha Rockwell, Two Boards Serve Edina Schools Mr. Pryor directs many business transactions from his office. The P.T.A., which is open to faculty, parents, and interested citizens, is the coordinating group between parents and teachers. Several informative meetings are held during the school yeor. Striving for the improvement of the school system, the members of the School Board serve as representatives of the taxpayers. The School Board selects the administrators and the teachers. Mr. Donald I. Pryor, director of business affairs, transacts all business connected with the school personnel, school buildings, cafeterias, and bus transportation. SCHOOL BOARD - Sitting: Dr. Spencer Myer . Mr . Willlom Bryngelion, Mr . Fronk Kuehn. Mr. Richard Reeve . Standing: Mr. Willi Show. Mr. Willi Jocv . Mr. John loper. Mr. John Hamilton. 8Sitting: M j June BoMe. Mr Rodney Schmidt, Mi Phyilij Groebner Standing: Mr. Arnold Rehmann. Mr Ted Down Counselors Guide Student Body Edina's four counselors ond one psychologist help correct the educational, social, and personal problems of high school students. Miss Phyllis Graebner is the Senior Class counselor. As well as helping them with their problems with school work, she aids Seniors in choosing their vocations and colleges. Mr. Rodney Schmidt, the coordinator of the guidance services, works closely with the other counselors, especially Miss Graebner. Using his wide knowledge of colleges, he helps each student choose the best college for him. Junior Class counselor, Mrs. June Bohle, in her first year at Edina, aids students with their future plans. All aptitude tests which Juniors take are administered by her. As Sophomore Class adviser, Mr. Ted Downs helps Sophomores become acquainted with and adjusted to the senior high school. Working in close cooperation with all four counselors, Mr. Arnold Rehmann serves os the psychologist for both the senior and the junior high schools. 9English, Speech, Journalism Improve MR. EVERETT ANDERSON Stanford and Honors English 12 - M.A. at U of Washington lo»f summer — adviser of AFS and declomotion — "I'll give extra points to anyone who’s under 5'3".” MR. RAYMOND BECHTIE - Standard and Enriched Englith 12 - adviser of winter play, Pygmalion — way-out humor "Rometrber, I don't mean 60% of what I say in doss." — likes to keep his students off-balonce. MR. RICHARD BUSCH - Basic English 10.11,12 - graduated from Gus-favus Adolphus, later attended Mocolester and U of M — enjoys reading, music, ond wood carving — "Success bolsters the ego." MISS URSULA COSTEUO Standard and Enriched English 10 - English deportment hood — advises Sophomore Closs and Declomotion — John Hay Fellowship scholarship lost summer — polishes her noils In class. MR. DELMAR FREDRICKSON — Speech — odvlsor of theoter-in-fhe-round production. Bell, Book, ond Candle — chairman of Senior Closs advisors — a true Norwegian, complete with hand-knit ski sweaters. MR. BENNETT GARNER — English 12 — odvlses Future Teachers of America ond Aucfor Hl-Y — visited World's Fair during the summer — 'Take out a half shoot of paper ..." — an omoteur chef. MISS NANCY GIMMESTAD English 11 - advises Ski Club ond the cheerleaders — ovId bridge ployer, conversationalist, ond skier — bouncy — "Oh. Crunchl" MISS ANDREA GROVE - Stondord and Enriched Englith II - enfhusioitlc about Carloton. her Alma Mater — lovely dothos — "After you have read Walden again, come bock ond tell me how you liked it." MRS. ROSEMARY KAUFFMANN - Stondord ond Honors English II — advises humorous Dedomollon — enjoys bicycling, reodlng, and foreign cooking — proud possessor of two exotic cols, Mouthl ond Maxoltov. MRS I LA LEAVY - Englith 10 - A.B. degree ot Albion College ond M.A. ot U of Michigan — adviser to Sophomoro Class — a Phi Beta Kappa — new here from Denver. AMIS. SHIRLEY MAHOWALD — Honors ond Stondord English 10 — attended U of M — new from Control High thh year — enjoys reodlng, swimming, and soiling — wonts "to teach students to THINKI" MR. JOHN O DOUGHERTY English 11 ond 12 - B A. at St John’s University — advised Student Council In his former school — enjoys hunting, golfing, fishing, ond record collecting. MR. JOHN SHELDON - English 10 ond Journalism - B A. ot St. Olaf and M.A ot U of M — Buzzetfe ond Whigreon odviser — dismayed all with a new grading system for the publications staffs. MR. LARRY STOTTS - English 10 and Speech - B.S. ond M.A. ot Mac-olester — odviies Hi-Y ond the one-oct play and a three-oct ploy — helps the Head Mouseketeer enliven classes. ALRS. MICHELE BIX - Assistant librarian - B.S. ot U of M - troveled to Son FronciKO during summer vocation — enjoys ploying bridge ond reodlng. MRS. ELINOR COLEBANK - heads tho new Central Processing Hbrory which prepores new library books for all the schools In Edina. MISS INGRID MILLER — Heod llbrarlon ond District Library Consultant — traveled In Europe lost summer — enjoys gardening knitting, ond reodlng — gladly assists those who use the library correctly. MRS. JUNE VENDEl - Assittonf llbrorlon - ottendod U of M ond U of Chicago — traveled in New Mexico lost summer — enjoys gordenlng. books, ort, ond travel. 10Communications The English department offers four English courses at each grade level. The basic courses provide an opportunity for added concentration on a student's weaknesses in using the language; the standard courses outline the regular curriculum; and the honors and enriched courses extend and intensify the regular courses. In English 10 the emphasis is placed on the different forms of literature and grammar through composition. American literature and formal writing are stressed in English 11. English 12 teaches English and European literature and interpretive skills. Journalism, a semester course, develops accuracy, conciseness, and creativity in writing. Speech, also a semester course, teaches students to organize their thoughts, to become at ease when speaking before others, and to develop a better use of the language. The library facilities provide material for recreational reading and for research in all subjects. It contains approximately 12,000 volumes and will seat 175 students at a time. Brian McNee exhorts his speech class, "Ask not what your country con do for you . . Seniors find a pleasant atmosphere for reading in Miss Miller's library. 11Sophomore English students puzzle over Miss Costello's "Portable Phonograph" that plays only bent records. 12Juniors in enriched English gather ideas from last year's short stories for their own. Creativity is an important part of a student's development in the field of English. It is fostered not only in the library, where material is available for composition of originol papers, but also in the classrooms. In English 10, modern art representations of short stories are featured. Enriched English 11 students write original short stories. Journalism students practice creating layout designs and newspaper articles. The library contains, in addition to recreotionol reading and research materials, files of pamphlets, college bulletins, vocational guidance, and several magazines and newspapers. Journalism students practice for the issue of the Buzzette they will put out later in the year. 13Mr. McCorthy exploins the low of supply ond demand with the aid of o graph on his "award-winning" bulletin board. . . Social Studies En The Social Studies department is devoted to giving students an awareness of the modern world through the examination of past and present situations. World History, studied in the tenth grade, consists of a chronological survey of the development of civilization in the Middle East followed by a study of the histories of different countries. There is a unit on the United Nations in the spring. World History is also offered to Seniors. American History is devoted exclusively to the study of the United States with an analysis of the trends of different eras included. Twelfth grade social studies is divided between Economics, a study of personal and national economy, and Sociology, the science of social relationships and the study of man and his cultures. Advanced Placement courses are offered in American and European History to those students with high interest and ability. 14 Miss Bartholet unfolds the Cuban crisis of lost fall to her class.MISS MARDONNA BARTHOIET World H.story 10 ond 12 - odvlses World Affairs Club, AFS, and Sophomore Clow — received Fulbright Scholarship and Horvord Toochor of the Year Award. MR, JOHN DAHL - American History 11 ond A.P. European History — cooches debate and golf — "Big Bad John" — pointed remorkt — one of the Intellectual Triumvirate. MR. JOHN MATLON Standard and Advanced Placement American History — taught at Army Intelligence School during the summer -- stacks of worksheets — bock this year from his sabbotlcol. MR. ROBERT MCCARTHY — the "kind, corvsiderofe, generous, ond understanding" teacher of Economics — odvises Student Council — "Toke It and tope it on your forcheodl" MR. KARL PEGORS - Social Problomt 12 - Senior Class adviser - enjoys reading and hunting — o roam full of Interesting signs — "Oid I ever tell you about ... no, I'd better not." MR. RAYMOND PUNKRIS - American History - B.A. and MA, from the U of Illinois — Junior Class odviser — wos once o lifeguard — "I'll hit you with my crutch I" MISS AROiS TOWLER World History - B A at Hamline Junior Red Cross Council adviser — traveled to V.'est Coast ond 8ritlsh Columbio during summer — well-dressed. MR. JAMES WEGO - American and World History — a groduofe of U of M — K for Korea — a Marine who enjoyed living in "the boondocks" — "And that's no Mickoy Mousel" — hat a real hand grenade. MR. DONALD WIESNER - Social Problems - B.A. at Macolester and M A. at Ccforodo Stole — enjoys handball, hiking, skiing, ond reading — agonizing extra-credit assignments — lettered In football. courage Understanding of Current History 15 Mr. Wego demonstrates his tech-nique of winning the cooperation of his students.New Lab Augments Language Courses A new $11,000 language laboratory was added this year to Edina's Language department. Located on the first floor, the lab seats thirty students in separate booths complete with tape recorders and controls by which a student can either work independently or communicate with the teacher. The department has also added two portable labs which are set up in classrooms. The five languages taught at Edina are Latin, German, Spanish, French, and Russian. Latin courses include the study of grammar, Roman his- tory, and Latin literoture each year with Italian and Greek offered in fourth and fifth year classes. The German program emphasizes grammar and structure at first, and, later, reading and conversational skills. Four years of Spanish encompass grammar and pronunciation, Spanish history and customs, and literature. French, offered for four years, also attempts to develop a sound grammatical basis before proceeding to literature. Russian, a three-year course, emphasizes pronunciation and grammar before the student attempts serious reading. cQue cs esfo, close? Pictures and diagrams acquaint students with everyday Spanish phrases. 16 Mr. Scanlon dictates to his class, living and shrouded, after their defeat at the hands of the Germans.Miss Mole s French doss mokes use of the languoge lab for practice in pronunciation and comprehension. MR. CHARLES BELL - French II and III - taught Mandarin Chinese at Son Francisco Stole College — 8.S. and MA ot U ol M - excellent pionist and vocalist — adept with words. MRS. RAUHA HACEMEISTER - Spanish 1.11, ond III - odvtser ot Spanish Club — eagerly mokes the Pinto, the Nino, ond the Santa Morla every Columbus Doy — enjoys bocks ond her home. MISS CATHERINE MALEY — French I.II, ond III — attended Institute des Etudes Superieures, Tours, France — likes skiing, tolling, and spelunking — 'Me n’ol pos grond'choso a direl" MRS. ELSIE MARTIN - German 1,11, ond III - o former student ot U of M. Northwestern, and the University of Munich — spent lost summer in Europe — a quiz o day. MR. HARRY MARTIN - French I.H, ond III - attended the Sorbonne in France — adviser of French Club — sometimes rides his bicycle to school — really loves his work. MR. RICHARD SCANLAN Ye Olde Moglster of Lotin II,111,1V, and V -keeps o yard full ot Republican signs — Sophomore Clots odviser - Inspired the powerful ond corrupt Latin Club — "Great Sccttl" MR. ROBERT SPINDLER - Spanish I ond II - attended U of M. Cornell, Mexico Gty College, ond Michlgon State — spont lost summer in ltudy ond travel In Brozil — interested in art. MR. LASZIO SZENDREY - German 1,11,111, ond IV - led the Germont to victory ogainst the Romans — tennis and swimming coach — expert fly catcher — toured Europe with twolvo students lost rummer. MRS. MARIE WILBRIGHT - Sponlsh II, 111,1V, ond Accelerated Sponith III -come to Edino from Robblnsdole — originally from Puerto Rico — has pretty bulletin boords. 17MR. JOHN BELK — Enriched ond Stondord Chemitlry — chairman of Junior Class odvlsers — o teocher who hopos »o erodlcoto levity — "If you are smiling. you ore not looming." — sandals and plaid shirts MR. JOHN EHIERT - Biology B.A. ot U of M ond M.Ed. at Harvord -gives only ono test ooch quarter — enjoy conoeing, wilderness travel, and photography — "What do you mean by that? ' MR. RICHARD GOIDENSTEIN - Biology ond Physical Science - ottendod St. Cloud and Colorado Stato colleges, then the U of M — went to summer school last summer — "Settle down." MR. ELMER HALVORSEN - Biology head wrestling cooch — "Now ol lost night's match ..." - on avid hunter — a fascinating collection of oromotlc specimens — rolaxod. MR. WILLIAM JEPSON Sfandord and Enriched Physics - Radio Club odviser — "A chomlst Is a frustrated physicist." — multicolored »i ps of poper — "Now first you draw a large, neat diagram . . ." MR. DONALD MEYER — Enriched and Stondord Biology — odvises Con. sorvation Club and Science Seminar — Sought at the U of M Biologicol Station at Itatko lost summer — "Up on the tree form . . MR. PAUL WEBER — Chemistry ond Physic — attended U of M, St. Thomo College. Ohio Sfote. ond St Cloud Slate — enjoy sports and hi-fi — "I bought a Volkswagen this yoor, ond . . ." MR. WILLIAM YOUNG - Chemistry - Junior Clou adviser - octivltlesi "Two octlvo boys ond one neat wifel” — bonus slide show ot Christmas of a wild trip to Europe — "The electrons are always right." Science Courses Increase Knowledge and Mr. Young helps Chemistry students set up one of their many lab experiments. 18Mr. Jepson helps three of his students measure sound waves in his private Physics lab. Ability to Think The Science department consists of four courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science. An enriched course is offered in each science. In Biology the study of the plant and animal kingdoms is augmented by actual laboratory observation. Microscopic examination of plants and dissection of several animals comprise the lab course. Chemistry, an elective in the eleventh and twelfth grades, is the study of the elements and their countless reactions with each other. Many hours are spent in the laboratory so that the students can learn from actual experimentation. Physics, offered only in the twelfth grade, helps students understand better the principles that govern the physical universe. Physical Science, a combination of Physics and Chemistry, is offered to those whose main interest or aptitude is in a field other than science. 19 Students study Biology in "dead Ernest."Mathematics Courses Teach Mr. Zins, called back into the service last fall, administers a "farewell" exam. Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, and Senior Math are the courses offered by the Mathematics department. An accelerated program, offered at each grade level, includes Plane and Solid Geometry and Trigonometry, and begins college preparation in statistics, algebra, and calculus. Elementary Algebra, the arithmetic of signed numbers and literal terms, forms the foundation for higher mathematics. Advanced Algebra, necessary for further scientific study, makes involved quantitative relationships easily manageable by means of symbols. Plane Geometry is the study of geometric figures and the mathematical applications derived from them. Students also receive instruction in basic logic and appreciation of design. Solid Geometry and Trigonometry, each a semester course, are college preparatory courses for those who intend to major in science or engineering. Senior Math is available only to Seniors who have had no other math since ninth grade. Its purpose is to make students competent in the mathematics useful in everyday living. 20 I r Advanced Algebra students learn how a slide rule works by using a giont model.The Science of Reasoning Mr. Johnson exploins o problem to a student while the rest of the class prepares for discussion. MR. ROBERT BOWMAN — Plano and Solid Geometry ond Trigonometry — attended Syracuse University and traveled In the East last summer — enjoys tennis, golf, and dancing — "lot's see . . MR. RICHARD HARTMAN - Advanced Algebra and Accelerated Moth 12 — B.S. and MA. at U of M — paternal ond easy-going — o promoter ond contributor of SMSG — subtle humor. MR. CURTISS JOHNSON — Accelerotod Moth 10 and Algebra II — "Ace" — odvlser to Math Club and I-ball — newly married this year — "Well. I think we'd better prove this . . ." MR. VLADIMIR KEDROVSKY - Plono Geometry and Senior Moth - attended Carloton and the U of Missouri — hobbies Include water sports and music — goah "To rooch of least one student eoch year." MR. ROBERT SAVRE - Accelerated Moth II and Plane Geometry - at-tendod Virginia Junior College, Luther College, and the U of M — interested In athletics. MR. ROBERT SEHA — Plane Geometry ond Russian I — groduoted with honors from Monkofo Stato — odviser to Tri-Alpha Hi-Y and Russian Club — taught summer school — "Goodl" MR. ROGER UHR — Plane Geometry and Elomentory Algebra 10 — o former student of Mankoto Stote ond U of South Carolina — Sophomore Class adviser — enjoys summer sports ond reading. MR. DONALD ZINS — Advanced Algebra, Solid Geometry, ond Trigonometry — cooches B football, baseball, and hockey — Interested In alrptones — a sudden loss to the Air Force Reserve in October. 21MR. THOMAS BEAVER — Gcnerol and Advur «d AH — enjoy o ting — demonifrated ability o» Cooeh FUhnet In faculty Homecoming skit — "I don’t want to talk about It." — summer activities: "Yes!" MR. DOIPH BEZOIER — Mixed Choir. Girls' Choir, and Music Appreciation — adviser of annual operetta, Princess Aida this year — always smiling — avid gardener — o 8oc!hoven sweatshirt. MR. BUTIER ElTEl — Concert Bond and Instrumental Musk — Musk de parfment heod — demonds perfection and can be proud of his first-rate band — words of wisdom. MR. lOWEll McCARTHY — Advanced Art and Art Appreciation — self-appointed school pest — entertaining os heod cooch in foculty Homecoming skit — with him you're o "Little Flower'' or you're "ugly os sin." MR. EDWIN MEUCHAR — Marching and Varsity Bonds — B.A. o» Iowa State College ond M.A. at Iowa State University — fought summer school In Edina — enjoys sailing, swimming, and skiing. Music, Art Courses Edina's Music department includes Music Appreciation, Instrumental Music, and Choir. Nationally recognized os a superior band, the Concert Band requires its members to oudition before o committee and the band director. The Varsity Band performs at school activities such os pep fests and basketball games, and combines with the Concert Band to form the Marching Band. The Award Band-quet and a band tour in the spring highlight the year. The Mixed Choir produces an operetta each year, and, together with the Girls' Choir, presents the annual Music Festival, Christmas Concert, and Spring Concert. The Music Appreciation course acquaints students with famous composers and works and helps students develop an understanding and appreciation of many types of music. The Art Department also provides practice and appreciation courses, offering instruction to those students interested in actual creativity and to others interested only in learning to appreciate art. The curriculum includes painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and commercial art in the General, Advanced, and Studio Art courses. The Art Appreciation course develops in students a knowledge and appreciation of art forms and artists. Jon Lone works on her wood carving with the aid of o Beaver. 22Stimulate Ability, Develop Creativity Mr. Eitel and Mr. Melichar discuss an arrangement with members of the band. In preparation for the yearly operetta, Mr. Bozoier and the Mixed Choir strive for perfection.Home Economics and Industrial Arts Home Economics ond Industrial Arts courses help pave the way to future careers. The Industrial Arts program offers courses in several fields of specialized work. Drawing, drafting, architectural drawing, woodwork, metal ond printing skills, ond advanced courses ore covered in the program. Girls who are interested in homemaking may choose from a variety of subjects. In the foods unit students learn about marketing, selection of foods, food preparation, and etiquette. The clothing course covers sewing, color, and design. In each course stress is placed upon personal grooming and science and management in the home. Senior girls may take Family Living, a course which helps them better understand their families and future obligations. Mr. Janecke supervises while Industrial Arts students work on their wood projects. MRS. ELISABETH AAMOOT — Family Living ond Home Economic — at-landed U of M — odviset Home Ec Club — o perfection! ! — coord I note oil school bonquets — the perfect tody — her gooli "To serve well." MRS. JANICE HAISNE - Clothing and Advonced Clothing. Food - BS ot Iowa Stole — odviter to Aqua Nymph — wo married jolt to ! summer — working on her Matter's Degree. MR OTTO JANECKE - Metol ond Wood Shop. - attended St. Cloud State, U of M. and Princeton — odviset Concessions Club — storekeeper ond timekeeper for Lake Conference hockey games. AAR. KENNETH IANTTO - Mechanical Drawing. Architectural Drawing, and Printing — hobbles ore wookwork. Jr. leogue football, ond hockey — "W ot'l your problem?" AAR RICHARD REICHOW - Architectural Drawing and Printing - attended Stout Institute ond U of M — worked on printing and bull! a cabin lost summer — wonts more good student in ttfc print shop. 24Prepare Students for Future Careers Mrs. Holsne helps two of her students lay a pattern.MR. WIUIAM BICANICH — Occupational Relation ond Distributive Education — attended U of M and Northwestern — advise Future Sole Leoders of Edina — aims "To develop on understanding D.E. progrom. MR. ROGER SOERGER — Social Problems. Business Management, ond Bookkeeping — attended St. Cloud State. Mankato State, ond U of M — "'You may ossume the perpendicular position " MISS IOITH GRANSBIRG - Typing and Offco Proctice - attended U of Cotorodo ond Northwestern U — co-odvise Junior Red Crow Council — oKvays well-dressed MISS GLORIA IRVINE - Shorthond I ond II ond Office Proctice - attended U of M. U of Colorado, and U of Hawaii — advises FBLA — "Write, don't drawl Fosterl Foster!" MISS ARDYCE LoPRAY — Typing — a co-adviser of FBLA — both taught ond attended summer school — "Typing con be rosy If you get lh . lght start " — hobbies ore swimming ond travel. AAR. MELVIN MARR — Business Management. Everyday low, ond Recordkeeping — attended Cornell ond U of M — advises Rhon Hi-Y and Concessions Club — enjoys hi-fi and gordening. Commercial Arts Teach Business Skills Edina's Business Education department offers, in addition to the regulor office courses, o relatively new subject, Distributive Education. In this course o student studies English, Occupational Relations, which is a study of individual ond group selling, ond one elective subject. He attends classes in the morning ond receives on-the-job training in the afternoon. The Commercial Arts department offers Typing, Shorthand, Office Practice, Bookkeeping, Recordkeeping, Everyday Low, and Business Management to prepare the student for future employment. Miss Gransberg checks Marilyn Feigum's progress on the triplicate form. 26 Miss Irvine's Shorthond class leorns one of the secretarial skills.Physical Education Keeps Students Fit Physical Education is required in tenth grade and is an elective in the eleventh and twelfth grades. The course is designed to promote physical fitness and to teach recreational skills which may be useful outside of school. Students keep physically fit through daily practice in gymnastics and calisthenics. Recreational activities such os golf, tennis, and bowling are offered. There ore also units on team sports such as football, softball, volleyball, and basketball. Modern donee and archery are special features of Girls' Phy Ed. Neither cold nor wind will keep the boys' gym closs indoors. Aiming in unison, four girls strive for increased occurocy. MR. DUANE BAGUFN - Boys' Physical Education - attended U ot M — coochet bolt iball and baseball — enjoy gotftng. booting, and fishing — penalties of pushup and burpee . MR. STAVROS CANAKES - Physical Education and Health - head football cooch — crltkolly review movie of Edina game with hi gym clatte — famous for hi lecture — "You jeOy donufsl" MRS. PATRICIA ENGEIHARD - Girls' Physical Education - odvlter of GAA — remembers every one of her "gab" — feminine, petite, ond perky — "Run. run, leapt" 27 MISS MARLENE YOHE — Physical Education ond General Foods — come to Edina afler graduating from Wortburg College. Woverly. towo — enjoy knitting and horse bock riding.School Provides Special Services Mr. Howard Merriman has served as Edina's director of athletics for ten years. He schedules and supervises all activities connected with athletic events. Mrs. Lois Engel serves as the senior high nurse. Besides signing admits and attending to students who become ill at school, Mrs. Engels advises Y-teens. Mr. Douglas Hed, as audio-visual director, selects and obtains all films used by the senior high. He also trains audio-visual operators. Mrs. Sybil Wersell conducts special education courses. She helps senior high students who need extra help with their studies. Testing eyesight is only one of Mrs. Engle's duties. Mr. Hed, who orders all films, checks his files. 28 Mr. Merriman unlocks the football field before practice. Mrs. Wersell studies her materials before class.Lay Personnel Show Efficiency-plus OFFICE SECRETARIES J. Elxeo, D. So has. M. McKeond, G. Disney. M Dufort, E. Mortln, H Kelsey. M. Blauert. M. Flickinger, J. Sother, D. Posself, H. Ring. CUSTODIAL STAFF — Bottom Row: J. Schmidt. M. Jordon. M. Peterson, M. Prelner, A. Skluxocek. C. Robinson. Second Row: E. Edlvnd, E. Poumolo, A Pochan, D. Zwober, R. Wilkins, L. Hoog Third Row: C. Cranborg, V. Krosch. M Ehr, E. Yoong, H Strom. CAFETERIA STAFF - E. Kelly. P. Herrmonn, J. Cederholm. G. John-son, D. Veenendaol, M. Bringen, G. Robinson, J. Swan, D. Colness. E. Trocy, E. Peterson, J. Knowles. 29Extracurricular activities enable a student to serve both school and community while benefiting himself. Worthwhile service projects, intense preparation for contests, meetings with guest speakers, membership in honorary societies, and get-togethers with friends are oil areas in which an Edina student can participate. §§!§! Bottom Row: M. Miller, M. Brotherion, N. Petersoo. 0. Forber, I. Grew©, D. Snoeycnbos, S. Sternfels, N. Nordstrom, K. Vogeley. D. Knight, C. Rutherford, M. Thompson, S. Croddkk, N. Wholen. Second Row: J. Wolf, J. Heinbockol, S. Sonders, N. Benjomln, V. Buelow, J. Formo, B. Lund, S. Kollevik. L. Smith, B. Norton, L Quado, J. Frirelle, J. Thompjon. K. 8ino. Third Row: S. Ring, J. Lee, M. Kraus, W. Sparrow, J. Postal, K. Anderson, J. Kimmorle. M. Horns, M. Scott. B. McFodzeon. S. Sponjol, M. Manfred, G. Fengor, J. Coin. Fourth Row: I. Richards, J. Reeves, W. Miller, M. Hcod-ington, J. Kloek. B, Hcocock, R. Lindbergh, R. Orwoll, A. Mjolines, L. Corl-son, C. Osberg, B. Peterson, B. Corlson. Fifth Row: D. Copps, P. Wunsch, T. Hustod, W. Schott. T. Dahl. J. Boggs, C. Henley, J. Scholefield, J. Moo. J. Gentry, W. Johnson, 0. Greenogel. Missing: J. DeJohn, N. Giebink, R. Helgesen, V. Shaw, K Mork, J. Olson. NHS Members Exhibit Scholarship, NHS OFFICERS — Jim Beggs. vice-president; John Formo, treosurer,- Jim Reeves, president; Barb Peterson, secretory. Twenty-six Seniors and fifty-nine Juniors were inducted into the Notional Honor Society during an auditorium program on February 19. Each year five per cent of the Senior Class and ten per cent of the Juniors are chosen by the faculty from a group having B averages or better. Members were chosen on the basis of leadership, character, and service as well as scholarship. President Jim Reeves conducted the induction. As their names were read, new members proceeded to the stage where they lit the traditional candles. Jim Beggs, vice-president, discussed leadership; Treasurer John Formo, character; Secretary Barb Peterson, scholarship; and Karin Anderson, service. Mr. Leo J. Fick, Edina's director of secondary education, was the main speaker for the occasion. The new members met with the old for the NHS Banquet held on March 12. 32Juniors Barb Pengelly and Ginny Lindow light their candles during the Korin Anderson addresses the student body on service. NHS induction. Leadership, Character, and Service Bottom Row, M. Flaten. K. Mitchell. 0. Peterton. K. McGonce. A. Steiner. V. Olien. S- ChrlUofferten. P. Sloon. R. Dmv«i. L Dirocle . M. longhaug. Sotond Rowi C. Smith. 0. Dlllner, C. Smith, V. lindow. B. Brandenburg, J. Airttln, C. Strom, M. Bjork. J. Kerwln, G. Elftmann. B. Pengelly, C. Sprague. Third Row: J. Jurgen . N. Jone . G. long. M. Andenon. R. Hortthoen, S. Spontel. G. Hon»on. N. Miller, K. von dor Ziel, K. Stoob, G. Hughe . Fourth Row: M. Pwuor. V. Koivumoki. B. Bridgmon, I Thompton, G. Zempel, J. Seek. J. Corrlger, I Simone . C. Carton. K. Strom. Filth Row: T. Fiedler. N. Miller, 0. Wation, G. Pedonon. G. Ferguton, S Moyberg. R Jockton. A. Stirrot. C Olton. M. Kone Milting: D- Bringen. F. Kuehn. W. lord, A. Motthle . S. McCormiek. C. Tripp. G. Hawthorne, J. Fiedler. 0. McLaughlin. P. Weil. A. McKintey, J. Cornohan. J. Swenion. T. Helgeten. 33MI.Y PRESIDENTS - B Wolduiky, Ufllb, J. Kk»k. D l Grotto, B. Wright. Trl-Alpho; J. Re«v»». Audor, P. Wuntch, Rogli. Hi-Y Creates Citizens Through Service The goal of Edina's Hi-Y organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. This goal was maintained in the organization's annual Goodwill drive in which the members helped the Goodwill Industries by collecting material which Goodwill distributed. Individual groups provided Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for needy families. Along with its service projects, Hi-Y offers many fun activities. The various groups challenged each other to informal football and volleyball games. Hi-Y also sponsored the traditional Hi-Y Sweetheart Formal and for the First time promoted a city-wide dance. The year of Hi-Y activities was climaxed with a farewell banquet. ALL-SCHOOl OFFICERS - B John, ion, Mcrofary-troawror, J. Formo, vlco-p'etident; J. R «v«j, protidonl, M Monlfed, chaplain. 34Y-TEENS PRESIDENTS — Kneeling; L Quode, Alpha; J. Fllhar, Omego, B. Gamma; J Coflay, Epiilon. S. Wanall. Zeta. Standing: B Brawlor, Slgmo, Sather. Omicron, P. Wation, Kappa. Sitting: I. Sommart, Dalto, B. Norton, D. Struck, Phi; L Smith, Bafo, C Shelton. Theta. New Activities Headline Y-Teens Y-teens' purpose: to provide new friendships, service to others, and fun. Under the leadership of the cabinet and chapter presidents, Y-teens successfully completed many projects this year. Besides the traditional Hero Dance, this year with a new Hawaiian theme, and Silver Tea, activities included a Y-teens paper — the Tri-Glow, on all-school movie, and an installation dinner for the election of new officers. The individual chapters had meetings every other Tuesday, which included guest speakers, service projects, and joint meetings with groups from other schools. AU-SCHOOl OFFICERS - V. Show, chaplain, G. Fangor, vice-pr idant, Kri» Strom, ICC rcprojantotlva, C. Tripp, troofr-urar, S. Schaefe, publicity, B. Fom, preji-dcnt,- N. Giabink. pub-I'Cat Ion j. M. longhaug, jocrotary. 35Tri-Alpha Those aren't really hymn books, but magazine articles on the art of salesmanship to help Tri-Alpha members sell tickets to the Hi-Y Formal.Theta Thetas wrap Christmas presents for underprivileged children. Regis Regis members decorate the gym with jolly white snowmen for the December Sweetheart Formal. Epsilon Epsilon members hold up the few remaining tickets to the Y-teens all-school movie, "Tammy and the Bachelor."Omega Omega's chief project was a Christmas party at a settlement house. Auctor "And he huffed and he puffed . . Auctor members listen to one of Mr. Garner's tales of terror while waiting for o speaker. Omicron "She's real fine my 409 . . Omicron members and a joint Hi-Y group sing Christmas carols. 38Alpha Alpha provides community service by singing at on old folks' home.Phi members hold a quick ofter-school meeting to plan their next service project. lota A panoramic view of a typical Y-Teens meeting. In cinemascope and fechni-blackandwhife. Dei Gratia members gleefully anticipate their next (fourteenth) joint.Delta Delta members plan their Telemark ski trip. Gamma Zeta Zeta members vote for their chapter's Hero candidate. Utilis Utilis members discuss their lost joint before selling candy door-to-door.Hi-Y Selects Sweethearts for Formal, Snowmen, Christmas trees, and mistletoe created the setting for the Hi-Y Christmas Formal. Each Hi-Y chapter worked on one part of the dance and chose a Sweetheart candidate. The Sweetheart necklace wos given to Betsy Croonquist, Dei Gratia's candidate and this year's Hi-Y Sweetheart. The Hawaiian theme of the Y-teens Hero Dance was especially interesting to boys, who enjoyed the hula and gross skifts. Special attractions included fortune-telling by the great Kahuna and a limbo contest. Each of this year's hero candidates was chosen by two Y-teens groups. The all-school Hero, Dan Niess, was selected to represent Upsilon and lota chapters. Hi-Y Swoethoort Betsy Croonquist. SWEETHEART CANDIDATES - Jarv t Scvoreid. Marlho Ronald, Vicki Show, Betiy Ooooqulit. Both fou, Ethno Oolrlch — Honorary Swoothoort. 42y-teens Choose Heroes for Hawaiian Hula HERO CANDIDATES — Sifting: Jim Reeve . Per B?orkegren — Honorory Hero, Norm Fohrenholx. Stondingi Jeff Richord»on, Bill Gollup. Neal Erl k on, Corl Henley, Don N«ett. Y-feens Hero Don Niess. 43 Couples fake odvontage of a wolfz of the Hi-Y Christmas Formal.Bottom Row: L. Dirocles, A. Peorson. S. Bornct, J. Seashore. L Boleom, C. Coriander, A. Klrkman, $ Wilier, M. Krlegor, G. Relerson. B. Lund, T. Carlton, J. Sevoreld. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS - Bruce WcFodxoon, protl- Second Row: V. Olsen, K. Strom, V. Show. G. Hawthorne, C. Corson, C. Tripp. J. dent, Louise Diroclet. secretary, Jeff Richordson. vice- Coffey. D. Carlton, D. Lofgron, B. Wright, D. Nless, J. Rlchardton, B. Flnkenour. K. president, Keith Crltchiow, treosurer. Civil Service SocialCritchlow, H. Chrittanton. Third Row: H. Dillon. B. Dt fdc . C. Otnot . D. Di rck . J. Anderaon. D. Benr%« t, D. FlaW, J. Wayne. S. Mayberg. P. Gardner Fourth Row: G. Sotebeer, D. Leg rot Standing: B. McFodzeon Mining: B Fou, J ferguvsn. A. Motthlei. Ethics Council Plans Agenda, Opens Meetings This year the Council prepared an agenda to be read in the homerooms before each meeting and held open meetings to encourage participation of the whole student body. Council members organized big brothers and sisters for new students and sponsored the Friendship Dance, Homecoming, fun nights, a sweatshirt day, publication of student directories, and the annual Charity Drive, which raised more than $2,000 for charity this fall. The committee system provides for the careful handling of specific problems. Ethics Committee, headed by Harlow Christenson and Jane Coffey, tries all cases of student misconduct, approves club charters, and enforces poster regulations. Dawn Carlson and Jan Sevareid head the Social Committee, which plans the social calendar and orients new students. AFS Committee, under Mimi Krieger and Molly Miller, provides services for AFS'ers here and abroad. They also sold the student directories. Headed by Vicki Shaw and Bob Finkenaur, Civil Service Committee supervises the Traffic Safety program, the Student Council elections, and school improvements. AFSOFFICERS — G. Hanson, secretary.- B. Drnw, vice-president, V. Koivumokl. president, J. Kimmerle, treasurer. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN - Silting; C. Soper. Gift Box; S. SIvrlgM, Album, C Tripp. Community Service Standing: B. Norton. Art; B. Heocock. Chestj C. Smith ond A. McKmwy. Publicity. Red Cross Serves School and Community The Edino Junior Red Cross' unique service project, assuming complete responsibility for all volunteer work at the Heritage Nursing Home, resulted in the selection of Candy Carson, the project's head, as a speaker to San Francisco's national con- ference. Candy thus becomes a representative of every high school student in the country. In addition to the Heritage project, the council filled 150 gift boxes and four school chests. Homeroom and club service projects were arranged through this body. Bottom Row: C. Smith. V. Montgomery, 1C. A Hum. T. Dohl. $. Sivright. S Brain . Second Row-. P. Folio. K. Bino. C. Tripp. B Heocock. C Soper. S. Bredesen Third Row: T. Sletterdohl. K. Boole. 0. Dwfck. B. Crip. B. Norton, G. Larson. L llngren Fourth Row: P. Monton. M. Bollet. A. McKinsey, J. Klmmerl . E. Molkerson. B. Ansdell. Fifth Row: K. Johnson. S. Spaniel. V. Kolwmokl. G. Honson. B Drew. V. Molvonon. Mining, B. Grinley. S. Borden. S. Brown. M. Olson. J. Huston. D. Anderson, L Thompson. D. Field. C. Corson. J. Zimmerman. J. Nordeen. G- Konkeimon. C. Corbon, J. Jones. J. Otterness. F. Boelter, C. Crabtree. S. Word. D. Dolberg, J. Brown. S. Carter. S. Gar lock. J. Scholefield, J. Jones. M. Manning, D. Kuehn. N. Peterson. M. Ronald. 46World Affairs Study Group ponders the outcome of the governors' recount. Elephants and Donkeys Reign at WAC The World Affairs Club meets once a month to hear speakers, see movies, and discuss topics of current interest. The club is divided into five sections. The Study Group is organized to discuss current events. They use guides supplied by the Star in preparing for an all-Upper Midwest contest held at the end of the year. The Red Cross Committee corries out all service projects,-this year their main project was a party at the Heritage Home. The Political Committee works with the local party organizations. The job of the Publicity Committee is to announce meetings, while the Youth Hostel Committee arranges bike and ski trips and holds meetings for members interested in the hosteling program. The annual International Day, this year held in December, was the club's main project. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB EXECUTIVES - D. Knight. Red Croc , A. Kohner and D. H«m. Political; D. Martin, gt.-ot-ormi, B J©hn»on, pre ident; B Bridgman. Youth Mottel. M. Anderton. lecrefory. Min Bartholet. odriur; V. Koiwmakl, treaturer. L Cort»on, vice-president 47PAGE EDITORS — L Quod . ( rv pog . K. Bino, » cond pog . J. Sevoreid. third pog ; B Abbott, fourth pog Sitting, fl. Br tU r, copy chl f; B. P ng Hy, r w» chief Stondingi N. Brown, photo d tor C. Smith, circulation ond exchange; T. Lyon, od mgr. L Sommer , photo editor. Every Two Weeks: 10,000 Words Fifteen issues of Volume 14 of the Edina-Morningside Buzzette were published through the efforts of approximately twenty-two students. Twice during the school year the regular staff relaxed while the journalism classes prepared two issues of the paper. Following tradition, the 1963-64 staff put out one issue in training for their job next year. The staff attended conferences sponsored by the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, the Minnesota High School Press Association, ond the National Scholastic Press Association to learn about the cur- rent trends in journalism and the criteria for publishing another "all-American" newspaper. Headed by the First "swing" editor-in-chief, Karin Anderson, and the adviser, Mr. John Sheldon, the Buzzette staff worked toward creating an outstanding student publication. The Latin Club challenge to war, a memorable trip to Chicago, cookie crumbs on the page layouts, friendly arguments with the Whigrean staff, and bi-weekly trips to the printer were typical experiences of the 1962-63 Buzzette staff. Amid the bobble and confusion of the pub room, Buzzetters work late into the afternoon, frying to meet another deadline. 48Sitting: B. Oitlurvd, typist; S. Christensen, typist. Standing: G. Hughes, second page osst.j G. Long, first pogo osst.j Hlnklo, fourth page asst.; B. Antdoll, osst. ad mgr. Korin Anderson, editor-in-chief, and Mr. John Sheldon, adviser, pause before the Buzzette bulletin board. 49 Old Mother Hubbard puts a Buzzette in the cupboard.EDITORS - Sitting! N. Wholen. cxodfmio, J. Erickson. dosses ond student life; M. Thompson, copy. Stonding, f. lundahl. «pO't». C. Osberg, Seniors,- J. Kittelson. oft, A. McDonold. activities. 1963 Whigrean Grows Up The 1963 Whigrean staff began the year by planning a new format for the yearbook. One of the ideas had to be changed, however, when the plan for fall delivery was rejected by the student body. A new academics section, revised Senior copy, and a larger size became a part of the book. Months of work have left many impressions of the staff members — of Barb, working alone into the night on a deadline; of Nan, trying to convince everyone that soliciting patrons is FUN; of Nancy, gloating over her section, finished before anyone else's work had begun,- and of Jeon and her picture caption parties. Of Carole, issuing lists of delinquent Seniors,- Ann, crying into her cupcake crumbs while explaining informal group pictures,- Fred, working on his section between his Vergil and Italian,- Jan, drawing millions of running football players; and Margaret, dismaying the section editors with her liberal use of the "official red." The frenzied editors could not have managed without their assistants to blame things on, or without Mr. Sheldon's reassuronce and optimism. Editor-in-chief Barb Peforson marks off another deadline. ASSISTANTS - Silting, C. Corson, clou and student Ilf - D. Wroble-skl, typist, M langhoug. business. C. Rydmon. activities; K. Mitchell, classes and student life Standing: J. Shipway, typist, C. Tripp, sports, 1C. Staab. copy, K. van der Ziel. oeo-demlcsj J. Webb, photo coordinator, G. Sue low, Seniors, I. Smith, Seniors, 50Ann and Carol receive Mr. Sheldon's approval on a layout. Whigroan privileges: treats every Wednesday. 51Language Clubs Augment Learning When the five language clubs combine activity, a war is the usual result. Latin Club was defeated by both the Germans and its own slaves; the French lost to the Spanish and the Germans. The peaceful Russian Club gave a Christmas party for its alumni, while the Romans enjoyed an orgy. In the spring Latin Club held its annual Slave Week and Roman Banquet and the Spanish planned a Fiesta. French, German, Latin, and Spanish soccer teams again contended for the language club soccer trophy. 52 The Edina Russian Club: rhe bane of Mr. K's existence.Spanish conquistadors overthrow femme fatales in a tug-of-war contest. With Revelry, Riots, and Wars Germon Club stresses wine, women, and wars. The Spanish Club hierarchy, Kothy Bina, Lynn Quode, Barb Norton, and John Scholefiold, begin their attack on the Spanish pinata. 53CUxfcwiM from conlori B Croonqultt. B Honion, F Boeh«r. J. Woll. N. Giabink. B. Norton, S. Mlllor, B. Rood, M. Norm. P, Dickmon, B. Coipori, S. Good. L. Gr w«, D. Clauien, J. Klmmorlo, A. Greor, J. Vikon. N P l r-ton, M. logoord. J. Frliolle, J. Seaiboro. B. Fo». S. Morrill, N. Brown. Milling J. Melnroib, M. Ronold. Aqua Nymphs The Aqua Nymphs were organized last year by Edina girls interested in synchronized swimming. The club practiced from October to May in preparation for. several water shows. In February they held an invitational and later participated in state competition sponsored by the AAU. They also organized many money-making projects, including selling pompoms, holding donut sales, and sponsoring o car wash. Social activities included a progressive dinner in January and a tea at the end of the year. J. Klmmerl . I Kr«imr, C. Morgon, A. Poonon. C. Soper. K. Sandl, L lotchaw, J. Rot — co-coptain. A. Woodworth — axoptoln. S. Weriell. K. Sondbcrg, B. Subok, C. Jordon. V. Show. W. Mortln. S. Kollovtk. B. GM». Hornettes Clad in new outfits — white crop tops, short white skirts, and green blouses — Edina's Hornettes danced ot athletic events and pep fests during the year. The eighteen Juniors and Seniors also entertained at various school dances, including the Y-teens Hero Dance, Victory Donee, and Sadie Hawkins. Senior members performed a Mexican dance in the Talent Show. 54Ski Club Cold weather, colder feet, and freezing bus rides were all tolerated by the Ski Club members. Despite frostbitten fingers, the Ski Club had a very successful year. Led by Nancy Giebink, president; Jim Morford, vice-president; Ann McDonald, secretory,- Tom Root, treasurer,- and Jean Kimmerle, trip coordinator, the club took trips to Sugar Hills and Telemork. Miss Gimmestad advised the group. The Ski Club prepores to cover the hills with sitzmorks. Smiling of 5:00 in the morning isn't easy. GAA The GAA members are organized into teams which challenge each other to various athletic tournaments. In the fall the girls participated in archery and volleyball tournaments. As the weather changed, so did the activities. Winter meetings included bowling, basketball, badminton, and ping pong, and in the spring the girls' teams challenged each other to softball gomes. GAA also presented a water show, "Aqua Artists," and held the annual splash party in honor of the area's AFS'ers. The GAA HjO show, "Aqua Artists," was one of their mam proiects 55The minimized Senior float chugs along to a disputed victory. Tenseness, Excitement and Gaiety . . . What made Homecoming 1962 successful? Fourteen king and queen candidates announced at the Senior Class fun night . . . hardworking co-chairmen Barb Lund and Dean Hess .. . weeks filled with tension and fun as various committees and classes prepared floats, skits, and the Homecoming Dance ... the return of the 1961 queen Nan Krieger to crown King Gary, who, in turn, crowned Queen Mimi . . . Mimi's announcement that the Senior skit and float had won first place . . . our team defeating Minnetonka sixteen to nothing, obeying the "MINNEmize those TONKA Guys" slogan . . . celebrating this victory at our dance "Swing into Fall." Queen Mimi smiles her thanks to her subjects at halftime. The Junior cheerleaders arouse enthusiasm despite the absence of the cheerleader candidates. 56Were All a Part of Homecoming 1962 57House of Krieger Reigns Again "Let the royol coronation begin!" The weeks of excitement reached a peak as these words were spoken by Bob Finkenaur, Senior Class president. Crowning the new queen was the last duty of our 1961 homecoming queen. Nan Krieger. Seated on the throne, Nan watched the candidates approach down the aisle. The king and queen candidates were Judy Ferguson and Bruce McFadzean; Betsy Croonquist and Keith Critchlow; Mimi Krieger and Ted Carlson; Vicki Show and Gary Reierson; Barb Lund, escorted by her brother Bill ('60' in place of John Shepherd, who was recovering from a football injury; and Sue Sponsel and Tom Harmon. With little hesitation. Nan took the arm of Gary Reierson, our 1962 Homecoming King. Pacing the stage, Gory finally stopped before our 1962 Homecoming Queen, Mimi Krieger. Following the presentation of the E-club roses by Norm Fahrenholtz and the reading of the royal proclamation, the new royalty reigned over the 1962 Homecoming festivities. Mimi inherits the throne from her sister Nan while Gory occupies Jeff Brown's place. The 1962 Homecoming Court: Judy Ferguson, Bruce McFadzean, Betsy Croonquist, Keith Critchlow, Wendy Crook, Queen Mimi Krieger, King Gary Reierson, Borb Lund, Ted Carlson, Vicki Shaw, Bill Wright, Sue Sponsel, and Tom Harmon. 581961 homecoming queen Nan Krieger escorts 1962 King King Gary makes his final stop. Gary Reierson to the front of the stage.Bottom Row M. Cotion. B Hougon, B. Ansdell, A. A»on, K. B«XO) r, S. Button, S- Flotehor, 8. Ando non. C. KomoI, 0. P tor on. M. Philipi. D. Wolktr, B HoIgo n. Second Row: B. Vint, S. Hull, J. Groon, 0. Glornuud. J, flkkingor. J. CornoSon. J. Coin, 8. Codwollodof, N. Butll. B Bek . J. Bkkott. B. BokK, M Arnold. 8, Anfimon. Third Row: J. Hockln, M. Cdgron, 0. CoppJ. C floor. C. Hokontoit. J. Jocvi, G. Mottjon. N. Motinor. C. Miller, G. Moll. G. Mom. 8- Noumon. M. Pedorton. M. Peterion. fourth Row: 0. Ivor ton. R. Kinwll. J. Sock. B. Wright. L Corlion. S. Ale»ondor. L Button. H Chrntenioo. A. Storry, B. Groth. S. Gunberg, T. Holgoton. 0. Kiltie, fifth Row C Alirtg. J. Buelow. J. Dockendorf. C Edwordi, B. Johnion, D. Colburn, J. Andenon. D. Car lion, D. Poike. G. Roberti. M. Potenon. Band Retains Standard of Excellence — Bond practice began last summer at camp in Barnum, Minnesota, where members prepared for the coming football season. Also practicing were drum majorettes Nancy Grosh and Sue Sponsel, the first dual team in the Band's history. The Varsity and Concert Bands, under Mr. Eitel and Mr. Melichar, combined to form the Marching Band, which performed at all home gomes. The Varsity Band played at home basketball games. The month of January was filled with long hours of practice for the annual Pop Concert, given in February. 'The Best of the Pop" featured music from the Broadway hit How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. In March three soloists from the Band performed at the Music Educators' National Conference. The annual district contest followed. The year was climaxed with the Band's spring tour to Anoka, Brainard, Grand Rapids, and Hibbing, and ended with the Awards Bandquet. 60Bottom Row. N. Groeh. S. Eitel, K. Myers, I. Olson. L Poge. N Younfl' J Zlmmermon. R Bjorkmon, C Honsen, $. lock, J. Kind "’. $• Spool 1 Second Row. J. Sorfl, N. Slm», M. Sundqulst. M Swofford, M. WolWn. J Wolf, K. Groy, P. Hildyord. W. Fridlund. B Homllton, C. Hoof . W. Holmoo I. Soflell Third Row. J. Postal, L Peterson. D. Pontius, N. Ribblo, K. Rkkord I. Christenson, B. Hartshorn, M Johnson, N. Miller, L Flynn, P. Thomson Fourth Row. R Hyde. D. Undberg. R. Mahawold. C- Moore, B. Olson, G Rickheim, J. Ray. N. Taylor. B. Penney, B. Brown. J. Butler, R. Hippe. J. Hoff mo n. Fifth Row: M. Peterson. R. Groth. G Jensen. D. Co risen, M. Mc-Gohey. B Thomsen. 0. McLaughlin. J. Moore. M Scott. S. Spaniel, G Wonnerlyn. Missing: I. Hilleren. F McPeak. B. Drew. P. Paulson, R. Priskar, D. Cooper, R. Geckler. J. King. B McFadxeon. J. Nylund. C. Thompson, S. Anderson. G. Fossum. G. Trowbridge. Presents Best-ever Pop Concert Band forms "E-M" ot the dedication of the Milton H. Kuhlmon Memorial Field. 61Mixed and Girls’ Choirs Combine to Under the direction of Mr. Bezoier, Edina's Choir had one of its most successful years. Together the Mixed and Girls' Choirs presented the most elaborate Christmas Concert in Edina's history. They sang, in addition to traditional Christmas music, selections from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. Members of the Andahozy Ballet Company performed with the Choir. The Choirs also sang at Southdale before Christmas and entertained various Minneapolis Women's Clubs. The Mixed Choir presented "Princess Ido" by Gilbert and Sullivan as their annual operetta. "Princess Ida" is one of their lesser known scores but is said to contain some of their best music. Both Choirs competed this year in an all-state contest and sang Mendelssohn's "Elijah" in the Lake Conference Festival. The annual Spring Concert, featuring folk music, climaxed the year. GIRLS' CHOIR OFFICERS - J. Kelley, secretory; K Mork, president; C. Vorin, vice-president. Missing; J. Young, trcosurer. Bottom Row: S. Ring, - Jensen, C. Fechner, J. Hort, J. Pierce, K. Ersted, S. Motheson, J. Sable. K. Varvasek. C. Larsen, D. Dillner. J. Carlson. Second Row: B. Gllles, C. Vorin, S. Christoffersen, I. Russell, J. Gunderson, J. Gunderson, K. Mork, S. Johnson, B. Horken, P. McPeck. K. Hanson, S. Covnlck. Third Row: B. Howe, C. loffhogen, P. Means, R. Kimball, P. Sharpe, 0. Groms, S. Barger, G. Dovis, D. Boiley, J. Thorpe. J. Sort . Fourth Row: K. Deveny, K. Bennett, P. Thompson, P. Shellcdy, J. Batten, G. Olson, K. Johnson, J. Hopf, M. Brodcsen, A Williams, J. Kelley, F. Sims. Missing: C. Chopmon, D. Whiteside, S. Honoos, 0. Korstod, C. Olson, J. Leorn. M Mueller. 62Present Christmas Concert, ’’Princess Ida” Bottom Row: C. Dolqulit, M. Krleger, C. MocAlllster. M. Thompson. B. Ion-rttl. P. Hilllord. B. Foss. K. Morgan. C. Oppermon. L Week, C Ellington. S. Porter, M. Ring. M. lorlmer, J. Porter. D. Carter. N. Benjamin. Second Row: M. Cooper. J MeFarlond. S. Lund. D. Carlton. S. Boron, F. Boelter. G. Bouemfelnd. L McKay, J. Heigeten, J. Marlin. K. Vogetey. J. Sevareld, 0. Anderson. C. Coriander. B. Caspers, A. Woodworth, A. Weseott. A. Austin, B. Slmpton. Third Row: M. GofttcholV. C. Grondstrond. C. Willaur. S. Sanford, J. Toensing. R. Davies, J. Chrisfopherson, J. Hardell. L Svonoe. B. Shelton, L Brown, M. Johnson, M. Ronotd. K. Anderton. J. Rom. M. Olson, G Hughes. Fourth Row: B Tomlinton. T. Harmon. K Keller. S. Logoard. B. Douglas. G. Herring. W. Molzohn. K. Nobles. D. Beroier. B. Eken, J. Otterneu. B. Flnkenour, D. Chopmon. J. Sanford. J. French, j. Whyte, B. Heocock. Miuing: K. Gollogher. B Nlssen. Mrs. Chipman directed the Choirs during Mr. Bezoier's absence. MIXED CHOIR OFFICERS — D Corlton. secretary; J. OtterneM, president; B. Flnken-ogr. treasurer; J. Sonford, vice-president. 63QUILl SCROLL - Bottom Row. C. Rydmon. N. Who Ion, G. Hugh . K. Rlno, t Quad . Socond Row, K. MKMI, C. Caron. V Bo low. L Smith, C Ovbcrg, M Thompson Third Row. T. Lyon. B Poteron. K. Andoron. J. Erich-•on, G. Long. Miwing: N. Giobinh. L Sommon, A. McDonald. Quill Scroll, Thespians Honor Workers Quill and Scroll is an honorary society for Junior and Senior students from the upper third of their class who have proved themselves outstanding in the field of journalism. Most members work on the Whigrean or the Buzzette staffs, but other students may be honored on the basis of creative writing or other forms of journalism. Thespians is a national honorary organiza- tion for students with ability in acting and play production. In order to become a member, o student must earn 13 points in those areas. Points are given for service on production committees and cast performance. Earlier this year, the Thespians organized the Edina Players. The Thespians ended the year with their annual banquet at which new members were inducted. THESPIANS — Sitting, I. CorUon. C. Sopor. K C Itch low. D Coppv J. Sevor ld. A. Harrlton. Standing: B. Boston. M Ftatan. D. Tboma . J. Ryon, D. Fo'n y. L Vixrlec. A. Gomltzka. Mr. Fredrickson — adviser Mining: B. Flnkonour. 64Resolved: Thor the United States should promote a common market for the Western Hemisphere. Veteran debaters Keith Critchlow and Dean Hess took the negative stand of this year's question while Vic Koivum-oki and Mike Wilkinson argued the affirmative. The seven divisions of Declamation — extemporaneous speaking, serious dramatic reading, humorous reading, original oratory, memorized oratory, story-telling, and a one-act ploy — allowed a student to participate in the area best suited to his interest. Vic Koivumaki, Dean Hess, Mike Wilkinson, and Keith Critchlow took first ploce in the Cokato Invitational Tournament. Words Fly in Debate and Declam DEBATE — Sittings M Wilkinson. 5 Motheson. V. Koivumaki, J French. Standing: K. Critchlow. Mr. Dahl — odviter. D. Hew Missing 1 B Forsythe. R. Wolloce. T. Sodermon. DECLAMATION - Bottom Row: M Wilkinson. D. Coppv A. Kohner, J. Viken. K. Critchlow. Second Row: J. Wolf. S. Mot he ton. ). Whyte, V. Koivumaki, A. Karri ion. D. Grom . Third Row: G. long. T. Lyon. C. Willoar, M. Ponsoc. L Carlton Misting: M. Sc ho per, K. legler.Science Seminar is one Edina organization which bases membership on proven ability. Members are required to take a validating test in the fall and are chosen on the basis of their scores. The club meets every other Monday to perform experiments in the biology lab or listen to lectures on such subjects os biochemistry and Chemistry physics. The psychology group, a seperote part of the main organization, hears lectures and takes field trips to the U of M psychology lab. In tho absence of o guest speaker. Science Seminar members delicately weigh a potted plant. Science Seminar + Math Club = r, -n cr oo Math Club's main project is to study for a math contest given in the spring. Last year Edina placed fifth in the state in totalling the three top scores. In order to prepare for this contest, the members study contest questions which appeared in former tests. They also compete among themselves in tests in which Mr. Johnson, the adviser, writes. The club often hears prominent mathematicians and scientists who lecture on mathematical topics and possible careers in mathematics. It's really easy with that gigantic slido rule. Math Club members sneer of slide rulo accuracy, calculate using pi to the thirtieth decimal place.Home Economics Club's main project this year was decorating and baking for their annual tea. The girls' club projects were attractive enough to receive coverage in the Star's Saturday edition. Among their other projects were a pizza party and the annual AFS tea, at which they honored exchange students in the area. One new activity the club planned was "Daddy's Date Night." The girls brought their fathers to the school for dinner and dancing. At one of their frequent meetings Home Ec Club membors receive beauty odvice. Home Ec, Art Clubs Develop Talent The members of the Art Club hove two things in common.- they enjoy art and Mr. McCarthy's humor. In addition to laughing at Mr. McCarthy, they discuss painting and other forms of art. They often have guest speakers who tell of their experiences in the field of art, and take trips to the various city art centers. Art Club members reject Mr. McCarthy's latest attempt. This class really moves.FBLA'ers decorate for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Concessions Club The Concessions Club members can be found in o small room of the basement, merrily munching popcorn, spilling coke, and attempting to count change. Although these activities may sound rather foolish, the Edina student body could hardly survive without the nourishment that this club provides for the freezing football games and stifling basketball games. Morg Kane, treasurer, Carol Reineck, vice-president; Koy Finch, president; Jo Shipway, secretory, plan the next FBLA meeting. FBLA The Future Business Leaders of America acquaints its members with the world of business. Its biggest project of the year is sponsoring the Sadie Hawkins Dance. It has also undertaken a service project to entertain the patients at the Hopkins Nursing Home. Part of the Concessions Club at work. Mr. Garner looks on while Wendy discusses future plans with the FTA group. Janice Lane, vice-president; Sharon Hill, secretary,- Wendy Martin, president; and Kirsten Vogeley, treasurer, discuss speakers. FTA The purpose of Future Teachers of America is to introduce interested Edina students to the field of teaching. This is accomplished through seeing movies, hearing lectures, and assisting teachers. 68Ken West leads discussion obout the DE banquet. Bill Corty, historian; Sue Friesen, secretary; Al Konigson, vice-president; Ken West, president; and Wade Lehmann, treasurer, are the FSLE officers. FSLE The Future Sales Leaders of Edina are Distributive Education students who ore interested in learning business techniques. A year of working with Edina businessmen is climaxed by an employer-employee banquet held in the spring. Conservation Club The Conservation Club had a significant increase in membership this year due to the number of activities which Mr. Meyer, the adviser, had planned. During the Christmas season, the club earned money by selling evergreen boughs, and in January they took a camping trip to northern Minnesota. They also helped on Mr. Meyer's Wisconsin tree farm. The Conservation Club sold pine boughs to increase the treasury. Radio Club The members of the Radio Club learn about the maintenance and operation of ham radio sets while they work toward acquiring their amateur licenses. Radio Club membors near completion of a project. 69•«T£J»Vr I Learning through experience is not always pleasant, but in student life it is necessary and can be fun. The thrill of accomplishment when the curtain falls, when the decorating is done, when the dance is over — these parts of your life can never be duplicated; remembering, people coll high school the happiest years of your life." -y sf. -V 5V .W ■ r V' • ... Hectic Pace of Students’ Daily Routine 72Becomes Habit-Forming The Edina student is caught in the daily routine of school life. Riding the some bus to school, sitting at the some lunch table, and following the same paths to the next class are just a few of the actions students take for granted and perform habitually. Occassionally the monotony is broken with special dress days, auditorium programs, talent shows, dances, plays, and concerts. It is all these things that make a student's life what it is — an education in itself. 73Players Open Season by Staging Being director involves tying loose ends. Ah, Gillian ... Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Bell, Book and Candle Gillian Holroyd ... Mary Ann Geamer Sheperd Henderson........Doug Millett Miss Holroyd ......... Barbara Boston Nicky Holroyd ........... Mike Scott Sidney Redlitch.........Bob Finkenaur Director ........ Delmor Fredrickson Student Director ............... Dave Forney Make-up aids characterization. Aunty, Gillian, and Nicky toast their performance with witches' brew.’ Pygmalion,” ’’Bell, Book and Candle” Eliza contemplates leaving the gutter. Pygmalion Henry Higgins........................Dale Copps Col. Pickering................Tom Dahl Freddy Eynsford Hill------Bob Heocock Alfred Doolittle........Keith Critchlow A Bystander .............. Dave Martin Another Bystander..........Mark Keller Eliza Doolittle...........Jan Sevareid Mrs. Eynsford Hill......Efhne Oelrich Miss Eynsford Hill.....Anne Kirkmon Mrs. Higgins..............Ruth Anfmson Mrs. Pearce.................Dinah Struck Porlor Maid............Lee Ann Vizzier Director ................. Raymond Bechtle Student Director..............Linda Carlson The curtain went up on a new dramatic program this year with the organization of the Edina Players. This group offered school-wide participation in all productions, eliminating the traditional class plays. Bell, Book and Candle by John Van Druten was the Players' first production. The theater-in-the-round performance humorously presented the drawbacks of being a modern-day witch in New York City. Simultaneously, Pygmalion cast members began practicing British accents and social graces, preparing for their production of George Bernard Shaw's famous play. This presentation brought the Players' dramatic offerings to the halfway point. 'Course, for a small sum I'd be 'appy to part with 'er. Bechtle, book and candle burning of both ends. It's called o hondkerchief, Eliza. 75Hiyo, Whigrean, hiya, hiyo! Come on now, you're not 18. Fun Nights and Dances Add a Different School dances and fun nights added a welcome change from the weekly routine of homework, activities, and sports events. Football victories were celebrated at informal fun nights which boosted spirits as well as the Senior and World Affairs Club treasuries. French Club's Beaux Arts Ball, changed to the Victory Dance, honored Edina's championship football team. FBLA presented the traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance December 7. The first semester ended with a Smash on January 25. The Hornettes danced at the Beaux Arts Ball and Sodie Hawkins. Give us strength. Good night ... what funl E-Club's Second Semester Squash drew a big turnip.My father ... velly honolable Flench teacher. I Right, slide; back, slide. Tho poor people of Paris. 77Sophomores’ Red Devil Key Club Is Red Hot Hit Edina opened a new key club last November under the guise of the Sophomore Talent Show. Called the Red Devil Key Club, the show was a red-hot hit. Sylvia Honaas, who performed a ballet dance, received the prize for dance; the Edina All Stars, a brass combo, music; Tom Dahl, a magician, specialty,- and Jim Hockin, pianist, over-all talent. The purpose of the performance, in addition to revealing student talent, was to earn money for the Senior Reception. Mary Ann sings her soul away. Get the point? lost year's amateurs come back as professionals. Edina coolies danced to "Mr. Hinloshi." 78Christmas Concert brightens coming holidays. Choir Sings Suite Music, Band Learns How to Succeed Groundhog! Groundhog! The E—M Choir, accompanied by dancers from the Andahazy Ballet Company, presented the Nutcracker Suite as it's annual Christmas Concert. The Concert Band's tenth annual Pop Concert featured music from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying as well as favorites from the previous nine concerts. Four capacity audiences enjoyed one of the best performances of the nationally-recognized Band. Two genuine copies of o fake Dior. Oh, Jim, Hockin you ploy so well?Auditoriums Change the 4, 5, 6 Habit A change in schedules accompanied each auditorium program as classes were shortened and fifth hour was changed to precede fourth. Among Edina's distinguished guests were Governor Anderson, who presented the school and police department with traffic safety awards, and television newscaster Dave Moore, who spoke about the United Fund. The Lenox String Quartet ond the NASA exhibition were well received by students. Jock Otterness, Sharen Scott, Jeon Kimmerle, Vicki Show, ond Dove Moore spoke of the Charity Week program. String along with the Lenox ... Quartet from Grinned. Governor Andersen awords Edino, o community always on its feet.Jim and his brother Peter cross at a Kuhe crossing. AFS’ers Serve as Links in the Chain of Friendship Providing opportunities for international friendship is the function of the AFS Exchange Program. Edina's participants, Molly Miller, Jim Gentry, and Andy Matthies, spread goodwill in Switzerland, Austria, and Brazil. Lisa Richards, formerly from Denver, now serves as an Edina returnee after spending a summer in Chile. Three foreign students who found homes in Edina are Per Bjorkegren from Sweden, Connie Antonopoulos from Greece, and Ethne Oelrich of the Republic of South Africa. Still waiting to receive word on possible new homes ore three hopefuls. Candy Carson, Renner Anderson, and Mike Ponsor. 81Imaginative Excess energy and imagination combine at intervals throughout the school year to produce those special days of student life. On these days one can find enthusiastic male cheerleaders at pep fests or Senior boys running around the halls in nightshirts. Even sweatshirt days and visits from Santa and the Jolly Green Giant are not too extraordinary for Edina students to enjoy.Touches Add Life to the Ordinary Day Aching feet ... Results of Sonkx Dress-up Day. What's Zzzzzz? My hand's stuck ... but it's for a good cause. 83boys Student Life an Education Where »he boys are. Two weeks in a bomb shelter with those characters? Pepsi packs a real punch. Only 500 more payments and she's oil mine! Jump now, before the June SCHOOLStudent Life just isn't whof it used to be! In Itself Femebees! After espying a Senior girl, Louie the Toe takes to his heels. Mark offer o long day's hunt. Edina solves its disciplinary problems. Ellen Houck ploys 'The Barefoot Bobe." 85 r- Y o i ?: Sum - .-• w. '.n .r SPORTS Participation in sports develops the body and promotes a sense of fair play and teamwork. One acquires a fierce but fair sense of competition and a willingness to sacrifice personal glory for "the team."58 28 38 30 60 68 M0 VARSITY SQUAD — Kn «lingt Mgr J. Llndicy. P. Lewi . B. Holrrberg, S. Byrd, J. Fiedler, G. Reierioe. J. Sanford, T. Harmon. J Geer, B WrlgM, M. Adorn , J. Wood, Second Row; CoocH Conokei. Cooch Chernoy, J. Birk, K. Compbell, D. Shorp, F. Lvtlilne, J. Wayne. E. Down . D. King. B, McFodroon, B. Lord, J. Enrofh, Mgr. M Johnion, CoocK Flicker. Third Row: T. Corhon. J. Shepherd. B. S»ewen»on, V. Holvooon, T. Awiumb, B. WoWinVy. E. Mouliby, N Fohrenholi. R. Crowford. D. Flthtf, D. King. Edina Shares Lake Crown Finishing the season with an outstanding record of seven wins and one loss, Edina-Morning-side's 1962 football team earned a share of the Lake Conference championship with Mound. The Hornet gridders won a decisive victory over powerful Bloomington by a score of 21—6, but had been defeated previously at Mound. Robbinsdale, favored to become champion in the beginning of the season, fell 6—0 to Edina. The climax of the season came with the final game at Richfield. The Spartans held a 6—0 lead until Ted Carlson completed a touchdown pass to Norm Fahrenholz late in the second quarter. Tom Harmon's kick was good, and the Hornets led 7—6. Edina dominated the second half with the combined effort of Gary Reierson, Doug Fisher, Ted Carlson, John Wood, and Bill Wright, and the 21—6 victory over Richfield secured the title share for Edina. Five players from Edina's Lake Championship football squad were named to the all-conference team. They were Co-captains Ted Carlson and Gary Reierson, Tom Harmon, Bill Wright, and Bill Lord. Senior Gary Reierson was also named to two all-state teams. The superior guidance of Coaches Canakes, Cherney, and Fischer, the sharp ploy of the defensive unit, which was the best in the conference, and the team's attitude proved to be the important factors in gaining the Lake title. 89 Co-captains Gary Reierson and Ted Carlson led the Hornots to a conference record of seven wins and one loss.Pat lewis ponders His ream's defeat at the hands of Mound. So close yet so far ... Doug Fisher misses a pass from Ted Carlson in the Richfield game. Doug Fisher takes to the olr in an attempt to baffle Minnetonka fockles. The 1962 Junior Varsity football team. 90The 1962 B-squad football team. Jim Greer grabs a perfect pass from Ted Corlson for a first down in the Wayzata gome. Edina 21, Richfield 6. H!Sophomore Steve Sonford, one of the teom's outstonding runners, placed eleventh in the state. Harriers Place Fourth in Region Coached by Mr. Hendrickson, the 1962 Edino cross country team finished the triangular meet season with a strong record of four wins and three losses. The losses were to the first three teams in the conference: St. Louis Park, Richfield, and Robbinsdale. By taking fifth place in the district meet, the Hornets advanced to the regionals, where they tied with Richfield for fourth place. Only Sophomore Steve Sanford qualified for the state meet, where he finished eleventh despite a foot in-jury. Although other key runners were injured, several Hornets turned in good times on the 1.8 mile Lake Nokomis course. Among these were Steve Sanford with 9:00.4, Mike Monahan with 9:25, Mike O'Connor with 9:30, John Beale with 9:43, Captain Keith Keller with 9:52, and Ken McCullough with 10:08. Although the team will be hurt by graduation, Coach Hendrickson will have a strong nucleus of Steve Sanford, John Bailey, and Dave Shaw to build around next fall. Edina 15 36 20 29 3! 21 27 50 Mound 22 St. Louis Park 35 Bloomington 26 Richfield 24 Robbinsdale 34 Hopkins 30 Minnetonka Part of the 1962 cross country team works out after school. 92CROSS COUNTRY TEAM - KaMling. D Show. J. Wlnbory. T. And r»on, M Monohon. K. Ktllor. Standing Coach Hondrkkion, J Balky. S. Sanford, M. O'Connor. J. Beak.52 50 44 67 56 57 55 Edina 58 54 41 52 47 55 59 53 53 53 Hopkins 49 Bloomington 52 Richfield 41 Wayzata 49 St. Louis Park 46 Mound 58 Robbinsdale 42 Minnetonka 35 Hopkins 42 Bloomington 50 Richfield 43 Wayzata 58 St. Louis Park 54 Mound 58 Robbinsdale 42 MinnetonkaVARSITY SQUAD - Knaallng: Mgr. B To«nlln«on. Mgr. B Maocock, Cooch M Adams. B. Grohnka, T. Fiadlar. J. Stoh . J. Fiadlar. B Wright, R Bogllan Standing: J. Enroth, G. Petarson, D. Johnson, S. Kogol. D. Wotson. Hinkla. T. Awiumb. J. Wood. Hornets Record Best Season in 13 Years The Edina basketball team, under the coaching of Mr. Baglien, finished their best season in Edina's history by taking third in the Lake Conference with a 13—5 record. Bloomington was first in the conference and Robbinsdale placed second. Edina beat Bloomington by one point in one conference game, but later lost to the Bears in the District 18 semifinal competition. Seniors Gary Reierson and Jim Enroth and Juniors Bryan Grohnke and Tom Fiedler were the mainstays for the Hornets. Bryan Grohnke was the third high scorer in the Loke Conference with 264 points. Although Edina loses Seniors Gary Reierson, Jim Enroth, and Mike Adams through graduation. Coach Baglien looks forward to an even better record next year. Junior Bryan Grohnke, third high scorer in the Conference, is fouled in the Mound game. 95 v © Tom Fiedler jumps ogoinst Hopkins. Hornets Finish Third in Conference, The 1963 S-squod bosketboll team. 96Senior guard Gary Reierson drives in for a lay-up against Pork. Third in District 18 A jump shot by Jim Enroth adds two points to the Hornet score os Mark Nordell looks on. Steve Kagol goes in for two against Pork. 97Swimmers Finish Best Year, Capture 62 42 64 63 61 63 Edina 56 34 27 66 63 60 66 50 33 Bloomington 53 Hopkins 3 I Robbinsdale 32 St. Cloud 34 Winona 32 St. Louis Park 39 Bloomington 61 Rochester 68 Hopkins 29 Robbinsdale 32 Hibbing 35 St. Thomas 29 Southwest 45 St. Louis Park 98VARSITY SQUAD - Bottom Row; Cooch Downoy. Cooeh Sxendrey, N. Foh- R. Jockton, J. Htnslxxw. Third Row: F. lundohl, S Nelion, T. Juhnke. K ronholx. B Smith, B. Johnton, J, Klook, P. Wonich. Second Row: J Stophon, Anderjoo. B. Johnvon, J. Ronald. R Gierttcn. J. Jocoby, J Carlttrom K. AcCullough. H Dillon, D. Noljon, T. Adomt. T. Golliford, T. Got ch, Second in District 18, Third in State This year Coaches Downey and Szendrey directed the best swimming team Edina has had in the seven years there has been a team. Only three meets were lost during the entire season — two to second-in-state Hopkins and one to state champion Rochester. Edina finished second in the Lake Conference behind Hopkins and ahead of St. Louis Park. Qualifying nineteen men, the Hornets placed second in District 18 behind Hopkins. The team went on to place third in the state meet. Outstanding Edina swimmers in the state meet were Rick Giertsen, second in the 100-yard butterfly; Bill Smith, second in the 200-yard individual medley, third in the 100-yard butterfly; Fred Lundahl, seventh in diving,- Bruce Johnson, eighth in diving; and Hall Dillon, seventh in the 100-yard backstroke. Diver Fred Lundhal, seventh in tho stole, executes o newly-loorned reverse dive. 99The Hornet leadership: Coach Downey, Captain Bill Smith, Captain Norm Fahrenholz, Coach Szen-drey. Junior Rick Giertsen exhibits the form that won second in the state In the 100-yard butterfly. 100Co-coptain Bill Smith sploshes to second in the store in the 200-yard individual medley. "Am I ahead or behind?" Tom Adorns ponders his position in the 200-yard individual medley. The 1963 Junior Varsity and B-squod swimmers. 101Hornet Five Skate to District Honors, Edina 0 Wayzata 0 Robbinsdale 3 St. Louis Park 4 Bloomington 2 Mound 2 Richfield 2 Hopkins 1 Minnetonka 2 Wayzata 0 Robbinsdale 3 St. Louis Park 1 Bloomington 0 Mound 3 Richfield 2 Hopkins 0 Minnetonka 3 3 3 2 S 0 I s 3 5 2 2 2 2 I IVARSITY SQUAD - Kn ling, 8. D r k». F. Ivihln . D. Gtemvud. 0 Ro ». T. Carbon. J. 8onl«ft, B. lard. 8- Knutton, J. Hardell. Standing! Mgr. R. Howklnion, J. Woodworth. J. Bailey. D. King, Coach Ikolo, C Otn«M, M. So'em. R. Ridgway, Mgr. H Arnold. Claim Third Place in Lake Conference Under Coach Ikola, the Edina hockey team carried on the Edina hockey tradition by finishing second in Region VI and Region I. In conference ploy, the Hornets finished third with nine wins, six losses, and one tie, behind Richfield and St. Louis Park. The final conference game, against Richfield, almost cut Spartan hopes for an undefeated season. The result, however, was a 3—2 victory for Richfield. In the Region VI playoffs, the Hornets fell to Richfield 6—4, thereby earning second place. Edina beat Washburn in the runnerup playoffs but later fell to a tough St. Paul Johnson team 4—0. Johnson went on to beat International Falls for the state crown. Two Edina players, Chip Otness and Bill Lord, were placed on the second all-conference team by the Lake Conference coaches. Bill Lord was also named an all-American by Hockey Magazine. Seniors Dave Ross, Ted Carlson, and Jim Bartlett will be lost by graduation, but with a solid core of returning Sophomores and Juniors, Coach Ikola aims for the state hockey tournament in 1964. Bill Lord and Frank Lushine move up-ice against Hopkins. 103Captoin Ted Carlson, Coach Ikola, and Captain Dave Ross led the Hornets. A Hornet fights off o two-on-one in the Hopkins gome. Sophomore Mel Sorem moves against Hopkins. 104The 1963 B-squad hockey team. 105Coptoln Harlow Christenson picks up two points against his Park opponent. 16 27 10 Edina 29 29 29 32 St. Louis Park 21 Mound 39 Robbinsdale 27 Minnetonka 38 Hopkins 21 Bloomington 17 Richfield 16 Wayzata A Hornet wrestler performs a takedown against Park. 106VARSITY SQUAD - Kne«lir g: J. GorrlJon, i. Richordl, K. K«lpor, P. SmllHon. T. Morrmey, J Kuphol. Standing: M. Manlfod. H. Chrittanion, B. McFadxcon, J. Lea, J. Sanfo'd. H. lykken, Cooch Halvonen. Hornet Wrestlers Send Two to State Under the leadership of Coaches Halvorsen and Motion, the Edina wrestling team finished the season with a four-win, four-loss record. Lake Conference competition was tougher than ever this year, with first-in-state Hopkins and high-placing Robbins-dale and Minnetonka competing. Edina placed second in the sixth annual Edina-Morningside Wrestling Invitational, behind Fridley. The Hornets went to Wausau, Wisconsin, and defeated a team coached by ex-Edina grappler Roger Howe. Jim Garrison, Bruce McFadzean, and Jim Sanford placed in District competition, and McFadzean and Garrison went on to the state meet. Outstanding wrestlers this year were Captain Harlow Christenson, Jim Garrison, fourth in District; Bruce McFadzean, second in District, second in Region; and Captain Jim Sanford, first in District, third in Region. With eight varsity wrestlers graduating, the team will have to rebuild to match their 1962-63 record. Coaches Halvorsen and Motion shout odvice to a wrestler. -r 107The 1963 Junior Varsity and B-squad wrestlers. 108Sono Row: Cooch Wiwnar. T. Hondrickon. J. N l»on. J. Strata. J. Gentry. mH. Third Row R. Moll, J. Shook. M Hobtaod. 0 tornoy. R Samool»on. Soeond Row: S. Rico. R. Slophon.. 0. Donatalte, J. Brion. ?. Bock. J. Poo- fourth Row: J. Dorkonwold M. O'Connor. C. Hewlett Hornet Skiers Place Fourth in State For the first time in four years, due to o marked increose in snow and enthusiasm, Edina organized a ski team. Finishing an unbeaten season, the Hornets placed first in the Lake Conference by taking first in all three categories: slalom, jumping, and cross country. Edina was able to send nine representatives, Mike Root, Jim Sheeks, and Jim Reeves in slalom,- Mike Halstead, John Darkenwold, and Dave Donatelle in jumping,- and Mike O'Connor, Rick Stephens, and Dave Forney in cross country, to the state ski championship meet at Duluth. These nine enabled Edina to take fourth place in the state. With many returning Juniors, including 1963-64 Co-captains Mike Halstead and George Wilson, Cooch Wiesner hopes for a good season and lots of snow next year. The cross counlry ski loom, Ron Samuelson, Rick Stephens, Dove Forney, Mike O'Connor, and Pete Beck, poses on a practice run at Theodore Wirth Pork. 109Hornets Excel Cross Country St. Louis Pork......... Richfield.............. Robbinsdolo............ Edino-Morningside...... Hopkins................ Minnetonka ............ Bloomington............ Mound.................. Football — Tie for 1st in Conference Edino-Morningside............................7 1 Mound .......................................7 1 Richfield....................................6 2 Robbinsdole..................................6 2 Bloomington..................................4 4 St. Louis Pork...............................3 5 Hopkins..................................... 2 6 Minnetonka.................................. 1 7 Woyzata .................................... 0 8 4th in Region ...........7 0 ..........5 2 ..........5 2 .......... 4 3 ......... 3 4 ..........3 4 .......... 1 6 ..........0 7 Wrestling Robbinsdole....... Hopkins .......... St. Louis Pork.... Minnetonka ....... Edina-Morningside .. Richfield......... Bloomington....... Woyzata........... Mound ............ Basketball — 3rd in Conference Bloomington............................. 14 2 Robbinsdole............................. 12 4 Edina-Morningside....................... 10 6 Richfield............................... 10 6 St. Louis Park .......................... 8 8 Wayzofa ................................. 6 10 Mound................................... 6 10 Hopkins ................................. 4 12 Minnetonka .............................. 2 14 2 Sent to State ................7 1 ................7 1 ................6 2 ...............6 2 ................4 4 .................3 5 ................2 6 ............... 1 7 ...............0 8 10In Seven Sports Hockey — 2nd in Regions VI, I Richfield 16 0 0 St. Louis Pork 9 4 3 Edina-Morningside 9 6 1 Bloomington 8 5 3 Minnetonka 8 7 2 Hopkins 6 8 2 Robbinsdole 3 10 3 Wayzata 3 10 3 Mound 0 13 3 Swimming — 3rd in State Hopkins....................................... 8 0 Edina-Morningside..............................6 2 St. Louis Pork.................................4 4 Robbinsdolo....................................2 6 Bloomington....................................0 8 Skiing — 4th in State Edlno-Morningsido......................3 0 0 Richfield..............................0 2 1 Bloomington............................0 I 2 1-Ball — Little Black Things Playoff Champs FemeBees........... Poor Losers........ Bosket Boots....... Ferndocks ......... Little Block Things Blue Aces.......... Kripkickers 5------ Desert Finks....... Spooks............. 6 2 6 2 5 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 3 5 I 7 0 8 111E-Club’s Second Semester Smash Is Advised by Mr. Merriman, the Edina lettermen's club saw an active year. E-club members held their annual dance, called the Second Semester Smash, on January 25. Furnishing the traditional Homecoming roses, ushering at athletic events, holding faculty — E-club games, and procuring films and speakers on football were the chief activities during 1962-63. 1-Ball Draws Crowds of Players Every Tuesdoy and Friday afternoons the hardy Intramural basketball players seized the gym from the varsity teams. The l-ball teams included the Ferndocks, Blue Aces, Poor Losers, Bosket Beats, Desert Finks, Little Block Things, Spooks, Kripkickers Five, and Femebees. The faculty team, the Coronaries, gained a dubious title.The A-iquad cheerleader (tlonding) Sue Barnet, Louise Dlroclet. (kneeling} Joan Seothore. Judy Ferguton. M»mi Krieger, Sue Morrill, and Barb Lund thll yeor added new outfit . crop top ond culo'tcj Cheerleaders, Students Cheer Madly Under the direction of Miss Gimmestod ond Captain Judy Ferguson, the cheerleaders worked to boost Edina's school spirit. They planned pep fests, cheered at foil ond winter sports events, and for the first time posted notices of coming gomes. A new victory yell, a "Cheer Madly" sign, the Edina Cadence, and traditional cheers aroused spectator participation at both pep fests and athletic events. The onfhuuatm generated ot B-squod event wot the retult of the effort of the B-tquod cheerleader Holly Hotch, Kristi Nord-•trcm. Befiy Reed. Cindy Ander-ton, Siina Pritkor, ond Glnny Erck. All education ultimately comes down to one word: people. Through associations with others, one has the opportunity to develop some of his most rewarding friendships. (m wmmmmMm m i.-. CLASSESAdamson. Joan Alexander, Cheryf Alexander, Kathleen Allivato, Teresa Anderson, Clifford Anderson. Cynthia Adds Class of 1965 Anderson. Rosonne Anderson. Volroe Andrews, BrodWy Ansdell, Beverly Arnesen, Pool Arnold. Le Anne Arnold. Scott Arteel, Shormon CLASS ADVISERS - Miu Bortholet, Mr. Uhr, Mr. Goldensteln. Mrs. Asselstine, Peggy Mohowold, Mr. Ehlert, Mr. Soho, Mr, Scanlon. Aynes, Susan Boarson, Robert Bacon, lorl Ann Anderson. Jomes Richard Anderson. Jeffrey Anderson. Joan SOPHOMORE OFFICERS - B.ll Dlercks. treasurer, Dick Diercks. presideni. Chip Otness, vice-president, Carol Coriander, secretary. Anderson, John Anderson. Miriam Anderson, Penny Bailey, William Boker, Dianne Baker. UndoBolch. Robert Bokom. lo«y Bollogh. Stcphonle Bo'b '. Undo Bordem. Sue Ann Borrett. Corofyn Borilett, Colleen Bortr, Jonet Boften. Jamie Bovernfelnd. Goil Benhom. Bruce Benneft. Gregg Bennett, Karen Be»get. Koren Up to 645 Energetic Sophomores Take 1965 and subtract 1320, and you have 645 eager Sophomores. Each suddenly found that being a member of the class of '65 meant many new things. With less than two full weeks behind them, they had been subjected to new teachers and classes, their first of several spirited pep fests, and their own cheerleaders to cheer their B-squod teams on to victory. New experiences also included membership in school clubs. At their first class meeting, the newly elected officers. Bill Diercks, Chip Ot-ness, Carol Coriander, and Dick Diercks, explained the responsibilities of the class's port in Homecoming, in producing the Sophomore Talent Show, and in giving the Seniors a reception after commencement. Homecoming, the first of these jobs, was met with true enthusiasm. In fact, Sophomores became so enthusiastic in spending money on their float, they had to be disqualified. Doctor Ben Casey, however, helped the skit pull through its critical stages to place the Sophomore Class back on the rood to recovery. Mid-November brought preparation for the Sophomore Talent Show. This was presented in November with the profits going toward the Senior reception, the last of the Sophomore projects. Finally, as the year drew to a close, new experiences, such as finals, continued, while old traditions, namely gym suits, were discarded. All in all, the Sophomore year was fun and full of responsibilities. Berguton. Corol Berlin, Bruce Bernle, Judith BerryKill, Steve Bethlie, Undo Biclett. Jomes Blckett, Richard Bid well, John Blron. Sandra Bllhop, Potrklo Bjorlmon. Richard Blondin. Word 117Blelfust, Barbara Blow. Richard « Bociclmon, Karan Boo. Elsa Boggt, Potti • Bomsto. Lorry .Boyd, Cheryll Brolnc. Susan Brown, Alon Brecht, Lyle Bredesen, Sue Brice. Barbaro Brickley, Robert Brlon, John Sophomores Cheer "Till Bwrr, Jeanne Bwtklrk, Robert Butler. James Button, Sheridee Cadwatlader. Belle Comeron. Kothy Campbell. Thomas Corlonder. Carol Carlson. Cathy Corlton. Oelmont Carlson. Gory Carlton. Undo Corlton. Ruth Carraody. John Carpenter. Stephen Corson. Margit Brodrick, Jone Broitrom, Carol Brouillard. Kathy Brown, Jere Brown, John Brown. Mary Brown. Sutan Brown. Sutan E. Brown. Williom Bryan, Steve Bwcklin, Pamela Buell. Nancy Buelow, James Bunnell. MarvinCorfer, Suton Coshroon, Patrick Chomplin. Gay Chapman, Data Chotfield, Franklin Chelgren, Valeria Christensen, Sandra Chrlitonsan, Irene Clark. Dovld Clausen, Diane Clinton, Nancy Colburn. Daniel Conry, Richord Cooney, Stephen The Walls and Rafters Ring” Coppock, Willlom Corcoron. Carol Correa, Dennli Coulllard, John Coulter, Harold Courtolle, Ernost Crabb, John Crabtree. Cynthia Creamer. Mary Ann Culbertson, Robert Dahlberg, Douglas Danly. Robert Darkenwold, John Davis, Gale Hey kids, "What's tho word oround here?"Dovis, Gregory DeVries, Stephen Dierckj, Richard Diorc’o, Wllliom D.etrkh, Bonito Dillon, Holl Dinyer. Fronk Dockendorf, Judith Dodge, David Donate lie. David Duemko, Dolly Jeon Dunbor, Robert Duncan, Donlel Duncon, Russell New Classes Mean New Teachers . . . Dunn, Borton Durocher, Sandra Earl, Richard Eaton, Arthur Eckley, John Ed word , Connio Edwards, Diane Edward . Solly Jo Einan. Eileen Filing son, Carol EUlngwood. Clyde Ehngren, Sandra Emrich. Jeanne England, Meredith Erbes, Mark Erck, Virginia Erstcd. Kimberly Eskridge, Suzanne Essen. Michael Fair, Cynthia Fechner, Cleo Ferguson, Ronald Fertig, Daniel Fiedler, David Field, Marcia Flnlayson. John Fischer. Judith Fisher. Dale Fitxnor. Carol Fleer, Carol Flegel, Judith Fletcher, Richard Flick!nger, Solly Floren, Gerald Floten, Janet Floten. Undo Flynn, Linnea Foltz, Gretchen Forsythe, Robert Fox, Stephen Frosz. Jonothan French. John 120Hovorty, Jomei He-.d.nger. Guy Heilig. Rlchord Mein© , Gory Henderion, Thotno Henrich . Cynthia - I Henxhel, Robert Hepp, Brodley Herring, Gregory Hetland. Chorle Hewitt. Peter HiMyord. PotfkiO Hill, Rkhord Hilleren, lorinda First Class Meeting Introduces Sophs Hinrichs, Craig Hoett, Corol HoRmon. Jonet Holmann. Gerald Hohn, Peggy Hokonton, Cheryl Holmon, William Holt. Ralph Holvenitot, David Horken, Carol Horlitz, William Horjtmann, Joan Hotifield. Robert Howe. Betty Hoyor, Kothleon Huber. Sondra Huelster, Nancy Hull. David Hunxiker, Robert HuPad, Mortho Hutton. William Hyde. Robert Jockion. Vicki Jocobson, Undo Jocoby, Jome Jocus. Potrklo John, Gregory James. Judy Jotd, Dionne Jensen. Craig Jensen, Richard Johnson, Borbaro Johnson. Jeannie Johnson. Karen Johnson, Kothleen Johnson. Susan Johnson, Wllllom Johnston, Sandra Jolkoeur, Linda Jordon. Richard Josephson. Jerry Juhnke, Thomas 122Kehoe. Judith Keller. Mork Kellogg, Wllllom Kelly, John Kelly. Vldorlo Kemper. David Kemper, Gory Kemper, Mary Kemp . Pool Kennedy, Mory Keriten. Daniel Ketiel, Cynthia Kindem, Bradley King, John To Senior High Responsibilities former Edino graduate Gordon Dunkley exploins Junior Achievement at first class meeting. Kirkman, Ann Kittelton, Carol Kitteleon, Gwen Kloth. Phyllis Knight, Roger Knippenberg, Jean Knoblauch. Lynne Knutton, Bruce Kroote, Peter Kremer. Sichord Kuehn. Coby LaGoue. Norene Logoard. Meredith lament. Jeanne 123langsev. Martha long, John lonnert. Nicholas lorsen. Carolyn Larson. Jomes lorson. John lorson, Lance leorn, Joyce ledln, Joon Lee. OovW logroi. David lelnlnger, Koren letsrnon, Helen leyh. Jeffrey Ben Casey Skit Successful, but And it smokes too. tienke, Christine llndqulst. Gory Undsoy. Morcio Lindsey. luAnn llngren, Leille loon. Michoel loffhogen, Cheryl lofgren. Dennis lotsness. Alan Lovaas. Gregory luck. Stephen lundeen. lynette lundqulsl, Susan luple, Roxonne 124Moot, Mary MacArthur, Cheryl MacNell. Leslie Mogrvuson, Steven Morquordt. Jeanne Marsh. Thomas Manhaler. Kalheryn Mossopust. Richard Motheson, Susan Manfield, Lee McArthur. Susan McCambridge. John McCarthy. Kofhyrn McCracken, Undo Sophomore Float Needed Doctoring .. . equols a sideways eight McOermott. Patricia McDonald. Ocon McDonald. David MeDonold, Robert McGowan. David McUyor. Melanie This won't hurt too much.McKonno, Carol MeNee. Hotly McNeil, Nancy McftobeHi. Donldl Me White. William Meier. Cathy Mejtemocher.' Bruce Metzner, Nancy Mkhelton, Mary Mlckelson. Ma'lys Miller, Brian Miller, Carolyn Miller. Nancy Miller, Sandro Activities Keep Sophomores on the March . .. marvelous Band members must have a musical background. Milner. Sondra Mlnde. Mork Mitchell. David Mitzo, Wllliom Moffitt. Barbara Mohr, Julie Moll. George Molcohn. Roland Molzahn. Wayne Mooney, Kenneth Moore, C ha'let Moore. Delores Moore. Jock Morgan, Alice Morgan, Thomas Mott. Connie Moylon. Joseph Mueller. John Mueller. Mary Mullen, John J. Mullon. John T Mullen, Stephen Murray, Linda Mutselmon, Timothy Nougle. Barry Nauth. Bruce Nelmo. Lamar Nelson. Charleen Nelson. Jerry Nelson, NoncyNelson, Scotl Nolson, Shirley Nelson, William Niolson, Patricia Nissen. Belinda Noran, Katherine No'decn, Judith Nordstrom, Krdti Norwich, Kenneth Nutter, Donna Nygoard, David Nymon, Jomes Odden, Tereso Odowd, Jackie Oestreich, Richard Ohlson, Jonet Oison, Barbara Olson. Gloria Orman. Anthony Osberg, David Otness. Jomei Ott, Sheryl Otting, Margaret Packard. Betty Poge, linda Polen, Pamela Palm, Per Porit, Barbara PoKoe. Scott Paike, Rkhord Polterton, Jamet Poor son. Mary Pedersen. Tercso Pederson. Meredith Pehrson, Jock Penney. Robert Perkins, Noncy Perpich. Craig Perrlng, Diane Persinger. Undo Persons. Mark Petersen, Dovon First Step — Present a Talent Show Petersen, Linda Peterson, Barbara Peterson, David Peterson, David Peterson. Laurence Peterson, Linda Pfoff, Susan Phillips. Morgoref Pierce. Jone Platt. Jomes Porter. Janevo Porter, Susan Posselt, Jay Posthumus, Stephen 127Prlskor, Riina Qoade, Nancy Rosmussen, KJichocl Roy. James Reed, Betsy Reed, Thomas Reinhardt, Mary Reynolds. Kennoth Rice. Gregory Rico, Steven Richey, Margaret Richoy. Russell Rlckhelm. Gary Rickord, Katie B-Squaders’ Vigor Brings Victory Riesberg. Jill Ring, Suson Ringbloom, Jonet Ringerud, Chet Risvold. Kothy Rixe, Janice Roberts, Gregory Roberts, Richard Roberts, Roberta Robinson. Russell Roche, Robert Rockwell. David Rodmon, Marc Rogers, Beverly Rominger. Jomcs Romsoos, Dione Ronald. James Ronhovde, John Rosell, Jomcs Roscne. Roy Rozo, Morry Lynne Holly, Betsy, Cindy, Riina, Kristi, Ginny jump for joy.Rudd. Sandra Rutherford. Scott Sampson, Jay Sampson. Judy Sand, Harold Sandberg. Undo Sandsfrom. Steven Sanford, Stephen Saucer. Michael Sauer, Linda Sborov, Steven Schlompp, Undo Schmolz. Peter Schoening, Terry Schoonover, John Schroeder, Carolyn Schultz, Teresa Schumocher, Gary Schwarzkopf, Kora lee Schwelger, Richard Schweigert, Mary Scott, Mlchoel Scott, Terry Sock, Ronold Settli, Anne Shodinger, Sandra Gym Suits Exit; No Tears Are Shed Shaw. David Sheffield. Daniel Shldeman,. Ethel Shjefte, Sandra Shronti, Ooudio Slmenson, Joanne Simonson, Roberta Sims, Nancy Sivright, Sarah Slack, Monica Slee, Susan Sletterdohl, Tamla Smith. Boxter Smith. Elaine 129Wardcll, Gary Worker, Ale Wortchcw, Janet Weigel, Thomai Welu. Ronald Weill, Nancy Wennerlyn. Gary Wenell, Andreo Wetterveh. Roger Weitman. Eloite WetteU, Morilee Wey, Linda Woolen, Kathleen Wholen, Nancy Wheeler. Undo Whlteilde, Oione Wien. Undo Wlemer, Kotie Wllliomi. Hally Williami. Julie Wllion. Done Wmilow. John Winter, JoAnn Wippermonn, letlie Wiite. Stephen Withrow, Steve Each Class Ends FINALIy Wood, Timothy Woodcock. Morion Woodworth, John Wynne. Charlotte Yorger, Harriet Young. Noney Yunker. Michael Zahn, Karen Zerull. Mary Zimmerman, Jane Zimmerman. Judy Zinner, Theodore Zollari. William Zyllo, Linda 131Abbott. Rob ft Ab n thy. Scott Ackaoon, Richord Adorn . Kothleen Adam . Thomot Adomton. Veronico Aintll . Linda Altng. Chari Alllion. Harvey Allom. Kathryn Aim. Sharon Alt, Row Ander . Jody And r n, Joni And r on. Darcy Juniors Open Old Doors with New The first old door the class of '64 opened was the front door. They had passed through it many times, but never before os Juniors. Once inside. students found that old traditions paved the way for new opportunities. Juniors earned money for their main project, the Prom, in the usual manner — selling concessions. An additional opportunity to earn money arose on the mornings following the home football games, when they cleaned the field. This year's Juniors hoped to boost their treasury by producing the winning float and skit for Homecoming; however, one year of experience proved to be insufficient. The excitement of Homecoming doy wos in- tensified by the announcement of four AFS finalists to represent the school abroad. The Juniors also elected two delegates to Girls' and Boys' State, who would represent Edina in the state-wide convention in June. Those Juniors who realized the significance of high scholastic achievement were rewarded with membership in the National Honor Society. Shortly after Christmas, another old tradition wos fulfilled with the arrival of class rings. May eighteenth climaxed the Juniors' efforts with the presentation of the best Prom yet, held at the Leamington Hotel. With a successful year completed, the Juniors closed the door behind themselves, sighing with relief, "We're Seniors at lost!" Of 0 ,v' f» ' 1 1 A- JTT r- 04 V, ( And r»on, John And r on, Micho l H. Ander on. M hoel P. Anderton. Rcnn«f Andcrion. Roger Anderton. Thomo Arnold. Patricia Arty . Richard Athcrofl. Jon Autfln, Judy Aw umb, Thomo Axelton, Nancy Bobic. Kothl «n Boiley, Dal 132CLASS ADVISERS — Sitting: Mr. Motion, Mr» Kouffmonn, Miss Gimmestod, Mr . Martin, Mr. Runkris, Mr. Wego. Standing: Mr. Weber, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Belk, Mis Grove. Mr. Young, Mr. O'Dougherty. Missing: Mr. Dahl, Mr. Hartman. Interest and Enthusiasm Bailey. John D. Boker, James Baldwin, Bruce Barger, Sharon Barnes, Suson Boston, Barbara Baxter, Collins Bayers. Virginia Boole. Kathy Behning. Boron Bennett, Donald Berg, John Bergh, Bruce Bergseth, Jerry Besteten. John Bozoter, Dolph Billings. Barbara Bing. Donold Birk. Jock Bjork, Michoel 133 JUNIOR OFFICERS — Stove Moyberg. president; Rick Connor, treasurer; Chuck Brodesen, vice-president. Candy Corson, secretory. Block, Jo Ann Blanchette. Noncy Boettcher, KeithBomler. Bruce Bonyngo. Cheryl Bove. Suzonne Brokke, Janet Brandanger. David Brandenburg, Bar boro Brondow, Mork Brondt. John Bronhom, Pomelo B'edeten, Chorlet Briden, Richard Brldgeman, Ruth Bridgman, William Brlngon, David Brock. Bonnie Broitrom, Dovld Brother . Bruce Brown. Chorlo Brown, loe Brown. Nancy Brown, Stephen Bruntjen. Fred Buchonon. Merry Lee Bockbee. Donno 8urge on, Richard Bylin. There e Carleton, Candice Car|»on. Chorlet Carlton, Julie Ca'lton. letlie Carlton, Pomelo Carlton, Richard Carlson. Robert Corlton. Suvan Carlton, Syhrio Corlson. Terryl Carlttrom. John Cornahan. Jane Juniors, the Money-Hungry Class, Peddle Corrlger, Jome Corson. Condoce Carter, Dlone Chorlet. Dwight Chmiel. Barbara Christofferton. Suton Cloutier. Jeff Coffin. Stephen Comb, Connie Connor, Richard Cook. Betty Cook, Fredrick Cooper. David Cooper, MaryGeo ... that ain't funny, but it sure is corn. Cornwell. Jeffrey Covrsolle. Judy Covnick, Suton Cox, Cothlcen Crawford. Ronald Crawford. Suson Crist, Bonnie Crowther, Coren Curran, James Dahl, Philip DoMitrom. Thomas Darnell. Diana Dash, Undo Dovie . Rlchord Popcorn and Apples Dawton, Marilyn Dennison, Thomai Deveny, Kathleen DeWInter. William Dickey. Corol Diehl, Cathy Dlllner. Diane Dlrodes, Louite Dornfeld. Jane Downs, Edward Dunker, Donna Duoos. Bonnie Duvlck, Dorlene Edgren, Milton Davit, James 135Edlund, Susan Edwards. Stephen Elchhom, Richard ' Elftmonn, Gregory Elllngson. Thomas Elliott. John Ellis, Lorry Engel. Elaine Engon. Gory Epplo, Suxonne Erickson, Borboro Erickson, Bonnie Ewing, Solly Fahlberg, Jeon Carameled Cores and Cigars Grieve Jrs. Farley. Korin Fechner, Roger Felgum. Marilyn Ferguson. Gordon Fiedler, Joseph Fiedler, Thomos Field, David Fisher, Barboro Fisher. Douglos Fltxner, Jomes Flaten, Mary Fletcher, Susan Fossum, Gregory Foster. Lucius Fronlie. Lyle Frey, John Friegong, Robert Frisch, Ralph Fuzxey, Jerry Gallogher. Kathy Gardner, Peter Run-down Juniors clean up on Saturday. 136Gardner. Randall Garlock. Si »on Garrison. Betty Garven. Maureen Geankoplls, Connie Geckler. Roger Giertson, Richard GiIIcj. Barbora Glitter. Eric Gjorvod, Sharon Glorosrud, Oole Gottschalk, Morjorie Grobham. Doug lot Grom . Deborah Granger, Robert Green, Jocguelyn Green, lowell Greer. Anne Grill, David Grohnke, Bryan Grotbo. Richard Gruender, Mark GullHord. Thomas Gunberg. Stephen Iowa Tests Are Taken by ab j°sphs c. Srs. abed d. None 0000 Gunderson. Forrest Gunderson, Joon Gustofton. Robert Hcberle. Charles Haling, Cindy Halle. Donna Halstead. Michael Homoro, Judy Hones. Gory Hanes. Jerl Hansen, Comela Hansen. Douglas Honsing, Barbara Hanson, Cynthlo 137Honion. Goil Honton. Phylli Honton. Rebel Horburger. Mory Sue Horrit, Bonita Homton. Kathleen Hortig, Elixobeth Hartshorn. Robert Hautkint, Lloyd Havstod, Mary Jo Mow, John Hawthorne. Grant Hoy . Thomo Hegener, Koren AFS ers Look at Abroad World Helgeten. Jone Helgeten. Thomo Henefceld. Fronk Herman, Robert Herrmann. Jomet Hewlett. Erik Hick . Chorle HilgendoH, Keith Hilleren, Julie Hinkie. Richard Hlnjhaw. John Mockln. Jomet Hodge . Edwin Holder. Dorothy Holman. Undo Honoo . Sylvia Horken, Roberta Hovey, Carlo Haworth. .Suton Hudok, Gerold Huebicher, Thomo Hughe . Go l ligrlgg. Suton Iverton. David Jockton. Ronald Jocobton. loro Jomet, Robert Jontien, Ginger Jenten. Diane Jen en. Kathle Johnien, Carol Johnton. Bruce Johnton. Dione Johnton, Mlchoel John»on. Patricio L Johnton. Potricio M Johnson. Randee Johnton. Richard Johnton. Stephen Jone . Cheryl Jone . David Jone . Fredrick 138Jones. Julie Jones. Noncy Jones, Trocy Jones. Willlom Jorgensen, Richard Joyce. Barbara Jurgen . Judy Kogol, Jon Kane, Margaret Keeley. Undo Kellogg, Kathryn Kennedy, Chrittino Kerlcer. Leslie Kern. Korolyn Kerwln, Jomet Keiterton. Lynn Kievau. Dlone Klfchll. Kay Kindem, Jomet King. Do I lot King. Douglas King. James King, Suton Kirk. Timothy Kjat, Marie Klopp. William Kohner. Ann Korvumokl, Victor Konzelmon, Gretchen Korstod, Dorthco Krafft. Richard Kraute. Susan Kretier, Undo Kriion, Jerrllyn Kuehn, Frank lompert. Leonard londroe. James lone. Janice longhoug, Mary Lapp. Ernie Larson, Gregory Larson. Joanne NHS Honors 10% of Junior Class Larson. Koran Loth, Sandra lotchaw. Undo laub. Undo Lawrence. Suton leoman, Jeff Learn, Judith lee. Bruce lee. Svranne levering. Stephen lewedog. Thomot lewers. Solly lewis, Noncy lewis. Patrick 139Lleb«r, Chorle Lienemann, Jon lindborg. Dwight Undgren, Ann llndow. Vlrglnlo Lindskoog, Riehord lineb rry, Borbara Logon. Morgoret Loheyde. Robert Long, Gregory Lord. William Louing, Jam Loverud, Kathy Luc . Jom » Homecoming Brings Headaches, Lund, Cotherln Lundquist, Jam Lvshine, Fronk Lynch. John Lyon . Sherry I Macintosh, Jean Mockoy. Gerold MocPholl. Alon Mognui, Judy Mognujon. Ruth Maior, Gory Manning, Maureen Marquordt, David Morquordt, Kathleen Motthi , Andreo Moolsby, Ernest Maunder, Bradley Mayberg. Stephen McCone . Koryn McClellan, Ann McCormack. Robert McCormick, Susan McEachron, Thomas Me Go hey. Mlcho l McKinsey. Anne lavghlin. Doniel McPeak. Flori Ann Junior float is defeated in spite of many hours of toil ond tearsHeartaches, and Hilarity ££S2 McPeeh. Patricio McToggort, Suson Mead. Theodor Merriman. T ho mat Meyer. Richard Michels, R'chord Mlll r. Carol Miller. Dovld Miller, Nancy Miller. Norman Mitch ll. Korea Montgomery, Vicki Morrill, Kay Mari Morrill. Svton Who forgot the tenderizer? Morrissey. Timothy Mortenion. 8orbara Moeller. John Munroe. Morsh Murray. Noncy No boors. Borboro Nokken, Kenton Nelson. Donald Nelson. John Nelson, Mary Nelson. MerriKoy Nelson. Noncy 41 141NcIjoo, Richard Nellum, Diono Nevlni. Patricia' Noblet. Kent Nord. Mary Ann Nor deli. Work Nyilrom, Undo Oberg, Carol Oimstead. Jane Olien. Vicki Olion. Charlene Oiton, Cynthio Olvon, lynne Oiion. Schuyler Juniors Ring in Another Old Tradition Josten's rings up another sale. Oppcrman, Connie Oren. John Oiborne, Judy Olfcey, Sown Oitendorf, Jeanne Olflund, David Pacini, Cheryl Polen, Suion Palmer. Pomelo Parker. Stephen Poulion. Patricio Pearton. Anne Pede'ion, Gary Pengelly. Barbara Perry. Suion Pctencn, Denite Potorien. Gregory Peterion. Bruce Pelenon. Mark Peitei. Jo Anne Pettyjohn. Sherri Phillips. Carol Phillip . Mory Pierian, Patrick Polocek. ICoren Poniar, Michael Pontioui. Douglai 142Simpson, Barbaro Skolo, Thomos Skarie. Roger Skoglund, Don Slawson, frank Slctfebough Richard Sloan. Patricio Smote. Jeffrey Smith, Carol Smith. Claudio Smith. Cynthia Smilher . Warner Snyder, Marilyn Sorom, Terry Juniors’ PROMinent Project Ends Year . . . Speoco. Maynard Sponiel. Sally Sprogue. Kondkrs Spraguer. Sandro Staob. Katherine Stohly, John Steiner, Anno Steiner. Peter Stephens, Kristine Stephen . Richard Stevenion. Robert Stewart, Donald Sflrrot. Andrew Strand, Kirtten Strom, Carol Strom. Krittino Stromme. Christine Subok, Borbara Sutton, Goll Swendro, Carol Swenson, Jeanne Taylor, Korcn Teorey. Sandra Thlede, Martin Thomos, William Thompson, Cynthia Thompson, Diane Thompson, Goylo Thompson. Kotheryne Thompson, Ikryd Thorson. Toni Toensing, Jomes Toensing. John Tripp, Cynthia Tudor. Margaret Tunstead. Hugh Turnquist, John Van Der Ziel, Kea Van Water, Peter Viken, Cindy Vint. Betty Vlztier, tee Ann 144Juniors exit more enthusiastically than they entered. Woog. To roy Wolte. Bevorley Woite, Joan Loo Wallen. Mart ho Wallor, Steven Wollnor, Noney Wong. David Ward. Stewort Worner, David Wofton. Doug (at Waf»on. Richard Wayne. Jomel Webb, Jome Week, Lauren Welch. Gary Wellumion. Curt Wellumton. Martha Well, Potrkio White. Corol Wifklnton, Michael Willet. Lorraine Williamt. Jeonne Williami. Jorel Wilton. George Wilton. Thornoi Wimmer, JoAnn They’re Seniors at Last! Wing, Corol Wingert. Becky Wintor. Bruce Wit horn. Ellen Wink . Gregory Wolf, AKred Wood. Alan Wood. John Wright, Willlom Wrobleikl. Dawn Youngdahl. Barbara Younger. Charlotte Zempel. Gory Znerold. MJcboel 145f Mark Heodington. treoturef; Bob Finkenouor. pr«w-d n»j Sue Sponiel, Memory, Own Hew. vfc -fx«»i-denf. ’63 — Altogether Too Hard to Forget At the onset of the school year, the class of '63 was in debt, due to the extravagant 1962 Prom. A very Fun Night, sponsored by the Senior Class last fall, pulled the treasury out of the hole, but still more funds were needed to contribute a memento to the school. The Senior Dance raised the remaining funds. An extensive and imaginative publicity campaign was waged, and the theme of the dance, "ZZZZzzzzz," was not revealed until the lost possible moment. It was decided to donate $200 to the Milton H. Kuhlmon Scholarship Fund. Seniors at EMHS have traditionally been granted certain privileges by the administration. One privilege was the inalienable right to be excused three minutes early from fourth period to hustle up to the cafeteria. Another wos the exclusive right to drive to school. Special privileges, awards, and recognitions rewarded the previous two years' hard work and gave special significance to a year which ended too soon. On June 6, 471 Seniors sat together on the football field for the last time os the class of '63. 146Scholarship Places Eleven in Top Ten Following the tradition set by lost year's Senior Class, the class of 1963 recognizes the academic achievements of ten Seniors rather than two. This year, due to a tie in the numerical grade averages, the Top Ten actually numbers eleven. These students voted among themselves and selected two to deliver the commencement speeches, which in past years were given by the valedictorian and saluta-torian. Karin Anderson discusses college plans with Miss Groebner, Senior Class counselor, and Mr. Schmidt, college counselor. TOP TEN — Sitting: Jim U»o. Margaret Thompson, John Thompson. Jeon Frizelle. Standing: Barbara Peterson, Mike Scott, Jim Kloek, Corl Henley, Batty Corlion, Kirsten Vogeley, Nick! Nordstrom.SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS - Sifting: Mr. Frodricluon, Mn Aomodt. Mr. W v ner. Standing: Mr. Anderson. Mr. Garner. Mr. Pegors. Mr. BtcMl. 77 Seniors Earn Places on Honor Roll Placement on the Senior Honor Roll rewards Seniors who have maintained at least a B overage throughout high school. This year there were forty- three girls and thirty-four boys who qualified. The class advisers planned graduation and supervised other Senior activities. SENIOR HONOR ROU — Bottom Raw, M Millar. D. Furber, L McKay. L. Grew . R Snoayanbot. N. Norditrom. K. Vogeloy, A. Wescoft. D. Knight. C. Rutherford, M. Thompson, S. Croddkk. N. Wholan. Sacond Raw: J. Thomp. ion. J. Wolf. S Sanders, V. Buelow. M, Scott. M. Manfred. J. Helnboekel, S. Kallevfk, L Smith, I. Qoode. J. Frizallo, M. Brotherson. N Peterson. Third Row: R Orwoll, 8 Carlson, 8. Peterson. C. Osberg. I. Richord . I. Morphew, M. Kraus. J. Victor, W. Sparrow, K Anderson. J. Pesfal. J. Wall. J. Kimmerle. S. Sponsel Fourth Row: J. Moo. P. Wunsch. W. Johnson, M. Hooding ion. J. KJoek. J. Reeves. A. Fink, J. Riehordton, J. For mo. W. Draw, J. Winberg, J. Lea, C. Dalquisf. Fifth Row: W. Schott, D. Copps, R. Lindbergh, T. Lyon. T. Dahl, J. Boggs. C Honloy, T. Huttod. W. Romsoyer. J. Haas, R. Heocock. R. Aim, A. M(Oisnoj. D. Greenogel. Missing: J. Ferguson, N. Gle-bink, R. Helgesen, W. Miller. J. Olson, M. Root. J. Scholaf.ald, V. Show. R. Stover, C. Vorln. S. Wortoll. 148MICHAEL JOHN ADAMS three yean of footboll ond boikctboll — recipient of the Football Scholarship Award — E-Club — Pontlfox Moximus Soplens ond a god In the lotln Club — also a member of Germon ond French Clubs — ploys soccer in his spore lime. CHARLES EARL AHUM a Junior transfer from Washburn — joined Art Club; paints extensively — enjoys skin diving, fishing, playing hockey, and tinkering with his Model A. ROGER RUSSELL AIM - German Club. Math Club. Science Seminor — spends a lot of time In his own chemistry lob — studied chemistry at Augsburg for six weeks lost sum-mor — plays live piono — plans for I T. at the U of M DIANE ELAINE ANDERSON - Sponlsh, World Affairs, and Home Economics Clubs — FTA Honored Queen of Job's Daughters — spends her time knitting, ice skating, ond ploying the piono. DIANE LYNN ANDERSON - three-year member of Spanish Club - member of FTA and Home Ec Club os a Senior — choirmon of the Junior Class Homecoming float — likes to bowl, water ski, and knit. JAMES CHARLES ANDERSON - member of Junior Achievement for two years; president of his company os o Junior — onjoys skin diving, fishing, hunting, ond playing hockey — would like to become a dentist. KARIN DORATHE ANDERSON ButteHe edltor-ln-chief — Notional Merit Scholarship Finalist - NHS speoker -Quill and Scroll — Spanish soccer team — Y-teens choptor treasurer, vice-president — plans to ottend the U of M, KATHERINE MARY ANDERSON - Koty - three-yeor mem-ber of Choir — office poge os a Senior — Y-teens os o Sophomore — Sui-day School teocher — likes to ploy bridge — plans to ottond the U of M. PATRICIA KATHLEEN ANDERSON Bunette reporter in Junior ond Senior years — three-yeor participant In Declamation — chairman ol publicity committee for Junior Clots play — Y-teens — Ski Club — secretory ol church youth group os o Junior. Classmates Joyously Congregate Sept. 4 ALAN BURTON WILLIAM ANDREWS - member of Ger-mon Club os o Junior ond Senior — spends mony weekends hunting ond Ashing — moinly interested In golf ond horticulture; would like to go Into turf monogement. RUTH ELLEN ANFINSON elorinetiU In tho Concert Bond; earned on A rating In the Hole contest — song In Pop Concert for two yeors Mrs. H»ggins In Pygmalion — Y-teens and French Club in Junior ond Senior yeors — teaches clarinet ond ploys the piono. HAZEN DEAN ARNOLD - student manager ol varsity hockey for three yeors — E-club - ploys clarinet In the Concert Bond ond boss drum in the Marching Bond — corned on A rating In the stole ensemble contest — hobbies Include water skiing, surfing, ond flying- 149CAMILLA LOUISE ASPNES - Commy - Future' Soles Leaden In Senior year — member of Home Economic Club ond FBLA a o Junior — Junior Achievement — plan to become a beautician. ANNA-LEE ATON — member of Job's Daughters, church fellowship, and Germon Club — three-year Bond member ploys flute, piccolo ond piano — won MMEA stole contest for piano solo, MPSML state contest, ond Aquatennlal contest. CHRISTINE CHARLOTTE AXE ISON - three years of Art Club, mo of Y-teens — participated In Future Soles Leoden of Edlno and Ski Club — Spanish Club as a Junior — co-chairman of Luther League — main Interest Is ort. School Bulges As New Classmates Arrive BARBARA ANN BAIN - three-year member of Y-teens, vice-president of chapter os o Junior — Homo Ec Club In Senior year — member of Young Life — Sunday school teochor — en|oyt painting. BRIAN JOHN BALDWIN - Germon Club for three years — World Affain Club as a Senior — sings in his church choir — interested in history and musk — plons for St. Olaf after graduation. JANET RENEE BARBER - member of Future Sales leaders of Edina as a Senior, Art Club os a Junior, and Beta Phi Y-teens os a Sophomore — Young Life — en|oys painting — plays the piano, guitar, and bongos. JAMES MARCHANT BARTLETT - Bart - three-yeor member of hockey team, lettered as o Sophomore — member of Spanish Club os o Sophomore ond Junior — interested In cars and drog roclng. JOHN GARFIELD BAUERNFEIND - three-yeor member of World Affairs Club — two-year participant In Regis Hi-Y - Spanish Club - Ski Club ond Blizzard Ski Club -treasurer of church youth group — officer of DcMolay Chapter. NORRIS BEACH — Nemo — member of French and Concessions Clubs for two yeors — Oebafe os o Junior ond Senior — enjoys bowling — memories of o trip to Europe. JOHN ROBERT BEALE — member of cross country, Hock, ond wrestling foams — E-dub — two-year member of German Club — participates In church youth group — reptile collection Includes a boo constrictor. JAMES NEIL BEGGS — post treasurer ond present vp of German Club - one of the Buxiette's Cynics - started the Lotin-Germon war — NHS vice-president — Science Seminar. Soccer Club, Concessions Club — Luther LeoQue, church basketball. NANCY LOUISE BENJAMIN vice-president of French Club — sister of our exchonge student, Ethne — co-chairman of Homecoming Boot committee in Junior yoor — Blixzord ond Edina Ski Clubs — Horizon Club president — school ond church choirs. 150JAMES BENNETT BENSON - member of Lolln Club for two yeor — basketboll ot o Sophomore — enjoy golf, basketball, and bockyard football — swim- and water-skis during the summer — will attend the U of M. MICHAEl EUGENE BERDAHl - owner of a 1932 Ford -scuba diver, woter ond snow skier — spent lost Christmas ot Telemark — plons to ottend the U of M. SUSAN KAY BERLIN — FBLA member for two years — member of Home Ec Club as o Senior — appoored in the Sophomore Talent Show a a Junior — Y-feen os a Sophomore — like to bowl. KATHERINE KERWIN BINA — second-page editor of Bus-xette — NHS — Student Council lor two year — Red Cross Council — secretary of Spanish Club — Home Ec Club, FTA, ond World Affoirs Club — Powers Teen Board representative. JOHN MORLAN BISHOP - three years of l-boll ond German Gub — wo minimited in the first-place Senior skit — member of Regis Hl-Y for two years — bote boll os o Sophomore — bowling league — PF treasurer ond member of church choir. ROBERT JAMES LYSNE BJORAKER - member of Ski Club for two years — trolner for the varsity football end bas-ketboll team as a Junior — E-Club — two years In Choir — DeMolay — Junior Achievement os o Sophomore. PER ANDERS 8JORKEGREN our AFS student from Sweden — participated In l-boll a well os Soccer Club — member of World Aflolrs Club. Auctor Hl-Y, ond Ski Club — went on a ski trip to Taos. New Mexico, over Eotter — will ottend the U of Stockholm. JON DAVID BJORNNES - member of Sponish, World Affoirt, Conservation, and Ski Club — president of hi Luther league — Republican bent — collects oncient ond American coins — a camper ond canoeist — plons for St. Olof. VIRGINIA ANN BLACK - Ann - participated In FTA ond Spanish Club os o Junior — three-year member of GAA — enjoys most sports ond plons to be a physical education teacher — worked os o comp counselor. From Five Countries and Eighteen States LAWRENCE WAYNE BLANOIN - member of the wrestling sguod os a Junior ond Senior — three-year member of Moth Club — likes ping pong, cords, ond bowling — will attend the U of M. FRANCES FLINT BOELTER - Froncy - Aqua Nymph -three-yeor member of Red Goss Council — member of Mixed Choir for two years — Young life — enjoy working with children; taught Sunday school for two year . AAARSHA JERENE BOllES - Red Cross Council represenfo-five — Spanish Club — Y-teens — Aqua Nymph in Junior yeor — three-year member of BlUxord Ski Club; has spent many vocation skiing — works at a volunteer ot Heritoge Nursing Home. 151CHERYL LEE BOOK - three-yeor member of Doha Y-teens. Home Economic Club ond Ski Club — participated in ETA ond FBLA in Sophomore and Junior year • SUSAN BARBARA BORAN - member of French Club -FBI A — atwayi trying somothlog newi tewing, knitting, water skiing, snow skiing, part-time |Ob — Choir — enjoys playing the piano. MARTHA BREDESEN - a Senior transfer from Duluth East — member of Girls' Club ond FTAj officer of GAA and Isooc Walton group — joined Theta Y-teens ond French Club — likes to swim ond toko canoe trips — plans to major in elementory education. Class of ’63 Hosts AFS’ers Ethne, Per . . . BONNY KAY BRESSLER - Diz president of Sigma Y-teens — Bunette copy chief — member of French Club. Home Ec Club, ond FBLA — o model — enjoys writing, bodmlnton, ond water skiing — will ottend the U of M. RICHARD WILLIAM BRIDGEMAN - Dick — participant in Junior Achievement — takes annual ski trip to lutsenj member of Ski Club — Interested In photography. BARBARA ADELE BRISBINE - ployed the clarinet in the Bond during Sophomore ond Junior years — French ond World Affairs Clubs os o Sophomore — two-year member of FTA ond Y-fcens — FBLA — envoys woter skiing and boating. MARY JO BROTHERSON Lotln Club senator for three years; was initiated Into the Yellow Clow ond the Brutl on the same day — member of World Affairs Club os o Senior — church youth group — likes bowling, bicycling, ond ice skating, KATHLEEN ANN BROWN - new to Edino ot end of Junior yoar — portlclpoted In Ski Club, Spanish Club, ond Student Council in Colorado — during Senior year wot o member of Gamma Y-teens, Home Ec Club, ond Ski Club. RICHARD BRUCE BROWN - a tronsfer from Grand Forks, North Dokoto, where he wos a fwo-yoor lettorman in foot-boll, was a member of Science Club, played In the bond, ond octed In the Junior Clots ploy — Intorestod In forestry. MICHELE ANN BRUDENEU - M.ki - throo-yeor par-tkipont In Y-teens — Home Ec Club — member of church Hl-league — received Home Nursing certificate — attended Leodenhip Training School ot St. Olof — likes horsebock riding. VIRGINIA ELEANOR BUROW - Glnny - assistant Sen-ion editor of Whigreon - co-chairman of house committee for Pygmalion — member of NHS, Home Ec Club. Y-teens, ond Sponlsh Club — ploys the guitar — plant to major in Home Ec ot Iowa Stole. MARY MARGARET BURBAGE - cheerleader for Breck School — treasurer of Y-feens chapter — Home Economics Club — vice-president of church youth group — o model — Job's Daughters — ploys the organ and piano — hot been to Aloska. 152AFS'ers Efhne Oelrich from South Africo, ond Per Bjorkegren from Sweden, stop a moment to admire Edina's 1962 Lake Conference co-championship trophy. Sends Gentry as Ambassador to Austria ROBERT AUCN BURBAGE - member of Utili Ht-Y 01 o Senior — Concession Club In Junior ond Senior year — Com lot Chapter of DeMokiy — enjoy hunting — plant to attend the Untvenity of Mlnnetota. TIMOTHY HART BURBANK - enjoy bowling - ipendt much of hi tpa'e time contfructing model — like to reod o good book — plan to attend the University of Minn , tota. •ONNIE ELAINE BURKHAROT - treoiurer of Sigma chop- '•r a a Senior; retory of Delta Iota Y-teent in Junior year — member of Young life — Girl ' Choir o» o Junior, Trench Club ot o Sophomore, 155VIRGINIA ANNE BURNS - Ginny — member of Horn Economic Club — love lo wotor- ki — plan to go into aiming — enjoy jpendlng much of her time working o» o coshler. JOHN HANELEY BURTON — three-year membor of World Affair study group — wro tling of o Sophomore and Junior — ha porticipofed In Science Seminar for three yeor — like to xuba dive. STEPHEN IlOYD BYRD — played football ond consequent-ly become a member of E-club during Senior year — member of Utlll Hl-Y a o Junior — like lo hunt ond fl»h — enjoy traveling. Friendship Dance Introduces Season JANET MARY CAIN — clorlnethf In the Concert Band; earned on A rating In the State Mu lc Contest — ol o gave clorinef le son» — member of Spanith Chib — committee choirmon for Pygmalion — »ecretory of Up i-Ion Sigma Y-te«n» a a Junior. LINOA LOUISE CAMERON - Home Ec Club ond FBLA member - auditorium co-chairman for Homecoming; CO-cholrmon of decoration for Sodie Hawkins — church choir — works ot Gordie' Bokery — like dancing, tenni , ond water ikllng. KENNETH ROBERT CAMPBELL - lettered In football in hi Senior year — three-year member of Dei Grotlo Hl-Y — intere ted in hunting, fithlng. ond cor — exciting memorle of a canoe trip olong the Gunfllnt Troll. KATHRYN HARRIET CARLSEN - Kitty - member of Choir, Sponlth Club, ond Y-teen o» a Sophomore — Home Economic Club — secretary of Church University of Life board — ETA — wont to be a klndergarton teoeher. BETTY MARIE CARLSON - dcmigodde In the Latin Club — NHS o» a Junior,- recipient of a Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — FTA. World Affair Club, and Choir — church choir — Interested In the clonic , hirtory, and philosophy. DAVID MORIS CARLSON - Bond projldent - wrestling for three year — chaplain of Dei Grotlo Hl-Y — Germon Club — play piano, baritone, ond trombone — president of hi Luther leogue — church choir — ale man ot a record hop. DAWN ETHEL CARLSON — Student Council secretary o» o Junior ond Sociol Committee co-choiriTan a o Senior — tudent director of the Junior Clc»s ploy — Pcep-Bo in The Mikodo — co-chairman of Prom ticket — Sophomore Clan secretary — plonijt. KAREN GRACE CARLSON three-year member of Spanish Club, two-year member of Home Economic Club — Omego Y-teen os a Senior — office page — enjoy swimming, skoting. ond knitting — hope to become an elementory school teoeher. LINDA ANN CARLSON — Thespian , 1942 Oxorattc for best supporting octre - Pygmolion student director — Junior Clan ploy — first choir trombonist — Bond and World Affair Club vp — publicity co-ehoirmon for Homecoming ond Bell, Book, ond Candle. 154ROY THEODORE CARISON - Ted - cooopfoln of both football ond hockey — oil-conference football team — frock for four year — throe yoori of E-dob, Student Council, ond Spanish Club — Homecoming Court — Sophomore Clot president — on ortiif. BARBARA JEAN CASPERS - on espert synchronised swimmer,- lied for fiat In slote swim meet — three years In GAA ond two In Aquo Nymphs — Choir for three years — Home Ec Club, French Club, ond Contact — an Edina Ployer( olio o piono player. BARTON HARRIS CEDERGREN Borry Red Cross Council representative and Junior Achievement member — oudio-visuol helper — interested In rodlos ond photogrophy — plays the cornet. Of Potlucks and Championship Football CHERI IYNN CHAPMAN — mainly Interested In musk — member of the Choir for three years; plays the piano — supports the Association of Republican Minded Youth — enjoys being outdoors RENEE KARIN CHARBONNEAU - two-yeor member of Art Club — hoi been active In Y-feens for three yeori — Red Cross Council representative at a Sophomore — sang in Choir during Junior year — enjoys drawing, painting, ond sculpture. MARGARET ANN CHASTEK - Morche - Candy Striper at Methodist Hospitol — three-year member of French Club — a water skier, sailor, ond hiker — travel plant Include Switzerland, England, ond Couer d'Alene. Idaho — hopes to major In law. DENNIS DAITON CHATTERTON - treasurer of HhC -works with a young boys' club at his church — member of church youth group — enjoys flying, skiing, ond hunting — hot made trips to Hong Kong. Japan, ond Hawaii. CHARLES ERIC CHESTER - has participated in trock and cross country and hoi lettered in both — Red Cross Council 01 a Sophomore — home room officer In Junior year — enjoys tennis, golf, sea diving, and hunting. JAMES KING CHILDERS - King - new to Edlno In his Senior year — played basketball and worked on the school poper in his former school — Future Sales Leaders — enjoys bowling ond working on cars. HARLOW BRIAN CHRISTENSON - axoptaln of wrestling team,- E-dub — cornet In Concert Band,- three A ratings In slote solo and ensemble contests — Junior Class president — French Club president — Student Council,- co-chairman of Ethics Committee. JON EDWIN CHRISTOPHERSON - o Senior tromfer to Edina from Ouluth East — member of Ski Club, Boys' Choir, and French Club — a ikier; plons for college In Colorodo. LOWELL RAY CLARKE — played boiketboll and Intromural sports in his old school — member of Hl-C Club — has a regular job downtown — a hunter ond a fisherman — sculptor and guitarist. 155Meanwhile, back at the gym. Seniors Carol Soper ond Keith Critchlow donee while awaiting the announcement of the Homecoming candidates. JANE ANN COFFEY Student Council for three year ; co-choirman of Ethic Committee — president of Epsilon Y-teens — secretory of German Club ond tho Junior Clast — Home Ec Club — traveled through Europe lost summer. DEBORAH JEAN COOK vice-president of Homo Ec Club — member of Spanish Club in Sophomore ond Junior yoors — two-yeor Y-to«ns member — member of Ski Club os a Senior — has special lolont for breaking legs, but enjoys skiing onywoy. DALE GORDON COPPS — president of Thespians — Henry Higgins In Pygmolion — Oscoretlo for best supporting odor In 1961-62 — three-year participant in Declamation — NMS — Band for three yeors. Seniors Pull Treasury Out of Hole CRAIG CARROLL CORAH - member of junior bowflng league; hot won teverol bowling trophies enjoys ping-pong, fishing, ond base boll — plons for the University of Minnesota. PATRICIA LEE CORCHRAN - member of FT A os o Junior ond Senior — Y-teent for two years — GAA ond French Club In Sophomore year — enjoys sailing, swimming, ond knitting — ploys the baritone uke — a CIT during the summer. MAUREEN KAY CORREA - member of French Club. Y. teens. World Affairs Club, and Ski Club — on Edina Player — enjoys sailing — memorable ski trip to B«g Mountain — works ot Fonny Former's — wfll attend tho U of M. 156WILLIAM ROBERT CORTY - clou historian of Future Solei Leodert of Edina — ployed on the B-squod hockey team ond wot o member of Hi-Y In hit Sophomore year — enjoys skiing. RICHARD HARDING COURTNEY - threeyeor World Af-foirs Club member — speaker for the TB ossociotlon — served on many publicity committees — works ot o drug storo — enjoys soiling, golf, tennis, ond skiing — plans to ottend Mankoto Stote College. BRUCE CORLISS COVNICK member of Concessions Club in Junior ond Senior years — has participated In Junior Achievement for two years — three-year member of church youth group — enjoys listening to good music. SUSAN JANE CRADDICK - NHS as o Junior; recipient of o Notional Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — publicity co-chairman for Pygmalion - French Club, World Affairs Club, FTA, Y-Teens, Hi-C — enjoys figure skating ond playing the piano. KEITH FERGUSON CRITCHIOW - Student Council treasurer — JA notional talent winner ond ipeoker of the year — stote chomp In Declam — Theiplons vp — Alfred Doolittle In Pygmalion — Homecoming Court — one of the "Yeomen" — Teen Topper in the Star. WENDY ANN CROOK - cover girl on the "Yeomen's" album — Homecoming Court — cheerleoder for two yeors — Art Club, French Club. Y-teens, ond Ski Club — trofned ond rode her own horse for four yeors — visits Mississippi every spring. BETSY SARA CROONQUIST — treosurer of Aquo Nymphs — Homecoming Court — three-year member of Y-foensj chopter treosurer os a Sophomore — Hi-Y Sweetheart — Ski ond French Clubs — hoi won a trophy for golf — owns green contort lenses. THOMAS LLOYD DAHL Colonel Pickering In Pygmolion — Rod Cross Council for two yeors — Lotin Club proconsul — Hi-Y — World Affairs Club — o professional moglclon; won a ploque ot the International Mogk Convention in Clove lond. CORRINE MARGE RITE DALQUIST - two-year veteran of the Busiette reporting corps — member of Germon Club, Y-fecns. Edino Ployers, ond Choir — officer of her Luther League; sings In church choir — on accomplished pianist. By Sponsoring Senior Fun Night DEAN EARL OANIELSON - main Interest Is in his 39 Ford — interested in bowling, deer hunting, fishing, and skiing — future plans Include o corner In drofting. NANCY JEAN DANIELSON — member of Home Ec Club and FBLA os a Senior — porlielpofod In Y-teens for two years — Young Life and Campaigners — saleswoman In Marvin Oreck's sportswear deportment; bought more thon she sold. SHARON RUTH DANIELSON - vice-president of the Edino — St. Louis Pork HI-C Club — two-year member of Spanish Club — church youth group — enjoys plono, ping pong, tennis, ond water siding. 137"We wuz minimized!" yell Tonka's star tackles, John Bishop and Ken Schclper. Dressed in kelly green and white, Dawn Carlson and Jan Sevoreid lead the assembly in singing the Alma Mater. Senior Class, Complete with Minimizer, DOUGLAS JOHN DARLING ploys the trumpet for his own omuMmtni — enjoys swimming, skiing, and tinkering with his 31 Chevrolet — plon to become a teocher. CHRISEDA LOU DEGEBERG - Christy - member of Spanish Gob, Y-teens. ond Art Club — like to toko long walk . water-ski, ond boke — enjoy pointing ond drawing. WALTER BARTA DENISON Barto - manager of wrestling squad — World Affair . Art, Rodlo, and Conservation Clubs — three-yeor member of church youth group — -post president of hi Junior Achievement Compony — collects and repairs ontiquo guns. MARLYS MARGARET DENNISON member of French Club, Homo Ec Club, ond Y-teens — Future Sales Leoders for two years — co hoirmon of auditions for the Sophomore Tolent Show — Young life — ploni for colloge In Colorodo. MARY LOUISE DERBY - Mary Lou - two yeors of Y-teens — member of FBLA o a Senior — a bowler ond skier; journeyed to Colorodo to tee some reol snow — Interests lie In fashion designing — Immediate plans Include business college. MICHAEL DAN DEVENY - participated In cross country for three years ond trock for two — Choir os a Junior — active In Junior Achievement; treosurer one year, vice-presidont for two yeors — chaplain of Luther Leaguo — Boy Scout leoder. 158NANCY ANN deWINTER — h r©-yoar member of Y-teens — Art ond Homo Ec Club — transferred from Mound In Kor Junior yeor — Bond, Spanish, Ski. ond Pop Clubt os o Sophomore — Sophomore Homecoming attendant — Interested in ort. ROBERTA IEEANNE DIETRICH - Bobble - FBLA - member of lota Y-feens at a Senior — participated in Art Club in Junior ond Senior years — Home Economics Club member — Young life — enjoys playing the plono. MICHAEL JOHN DORAN - three-year portklpont In Junior Achievement — a member of Choir in his Junior yoorr hos sung In church choir for three years — member of Pilgrim Fellowship — plays the plono — enjoys camping and traveling. CARY RICHARD DOREK - hos participated in l-boll for three yeors — octive in hit bowling league — enjoys fishing, sailing, swimming, and skin diving — plans to attend the U of M. Wins Homecoming Skit Competition WILLIAM WAITER DOUGLAS - ployed basketball for two yea's, participated in trock for one — Choir os a Senior — member of hit PF group — hobbies ore hunting, ond collecting antique guns, which he reconditions himself. MARK EUCENE DREW — member of Conservation Club ond Regis Hl-Y os o Senior — three-year portklpont in l-ball — member of the Optimist Youth Appreciation Group — talesman In the cigar department of o drug store — owner of a '53 Merc. WILLIAM DAVIO DREW — over-all co-choirmon of Chority Week — vice-president of the Red Cross Council — played olfo so in the Bond for three yeors — Latin Club senator — past president of o JA company — o confirmed procrastinator. JACK OLIVER EASTMAN - hot portkipoted in wrestling for three yeors.- football in Sophomore ond Junior yeors — three-year member of H -Y — likes to fish and ski — interested In cars and electronics. CHARLENE EATON — danced in the Sophomore Talent Show for two years, alto oppeored in the Aquatenntal — a three-yeor member of Y-teens — Home Ec Club os o Senior. DIANE MARIE EOMUNOS - member of Art Chib. Y-teens. Job's Daughters, ond Ski Club — broke her ankle the second time she skied — plono lessons for seven yeors — sewed her own formal — oppeored in the Toient Shaw — plans to major In ort. 159Senior Float Caps Honors at Half-time JOANNE LILA EKSTAME - of Zeto Y-toens ond Homo Ec Club — boll monitor — church Young life — ploy the piono — plon to mojor in inferior decorating In college. JAMES RICHARD ENROTH A-iquod football ba kotball, ond boieball — two-yoar member of E lub — Hl-Y ond French Club — received football pointer from Viking quarterback Fran Torkenton — American Legion bate ball In the summer. JEAN HELEN ERICKSON — Whigreon classes and student life editor; member of Quill and Scroll — Edina Player; co-house monogcr for Bell, Book, and Candle — office poge for two year — octive In Senior Scouting — work ot Fonny Former. JOHN ERIC ERICKSON — ha participated In l-boll for three year — hall monitor — Sponijh Club o a Junior — enjoy bowling, tonni , ond fishing. NEAL DAVID ERICKSON - member of Ski Club - participated In l-ball — enjoy bowling, skiing, fishing, ond hunting — interesting trip to Mexico and Europe. RICHARD DANIEL FADE LI - Fred - participated in B-squod hockey. Glee Club. Intramural sports, and frock ot Benilde — built a stereo — enjoy volleyball and pheasant hunting — hope to enter law ot the U of M. Because of his queenly countenance, Sandy Mcllyar was unanimously judged "Queen for o Night."While Senior Car Sports Its Own Queen NORMAN GEARID FAHRENHOLZ - tports-minded - has lettered In football, trock, ond swimming — eo-copfain of swimming team os o Senior — president of E-dub — two year member of German Club — hitch-hiked to Chicago and bock. PATRICIA MARY FARNSWORTH - French Club ond FBLA — Y-teen» for two yean — port member of lotln Club — like to knit, bowl, and fiih — spend her summers at loke Minnetonka. DENNIS FREDERICK FELDHAKE - Denny - likes to play hockey; won o trophy for his participation In this sport — enjoys bowling ond water skiing — plans to go info the Navy. GRETCHEN PALMER FENGER - all-school Y-teent treasurer In Junior year, vice-president as a Senior — NHS os a Junior — member of Spanish ond World Affairs Clubs — ploced second In the local Singer Sewing Contest — Sunday school teacher. JUDITH LEE FERGUSON — Student Council for three years — cheerleader coptoln — member of the Homecomlgg Court — bond co-chairman for the Prom — post secretary of Young Life ond Ht-leoguo group — Latin Club qvoetfor — on accomplished pianist. MARY LOUISE FIETEK — a tolented artist; has won an art contest — member of Wolther Leogue — enjoys swimming, bowling, tennis, and skating — plons to become o beautician. DAVID CRAIG FINCH hos participated in wrestling for three years — member of Latin Club ond Hl-Y os a Sophomore — member of church youth group — interesting trip out West. LAURA KAY FINCH — Koy — FBLA secretory os a Junior, president os a Senior — Busiest reporter — member of French Club. Edina Players, and World Affairs Club — music director for her church youth group — like to water ski. ROBERT HELD FINKENAUR - Senior Clots president -Student Council; cochairman of Civil Service Committee — sings professionally with the "Yeomen" — treasurer of Choir — Thespians — Spanish Club — escort ond MC for Homecoming. JUDITH LYNN FISHER Fish — member of Y-teent; president of Omega chopter os a Senior — Home Economics Club — member of Spanish Club os a Junior — worked os o file derk. ANN CHARLOTTE FIATER — Lottie - o Junior tronsfer from Illinois — Pep Club president ond 5tudent Council member ot New Trier — joined French Club, Lotln Club. GAA, ond Bliiiord Ski Club — treasurer of her church youth group. ELIZABETH JEAN FLOWER - Betty - three-year participant In Pi Omicron Y-teens — Home Economics Club — momber of Young life — enjoys watching football and hockey games. 161RICHARD JOHN FOIEY three-year member of Garmon Club — sccretory-treosurer of Regis Hl-Y In Senior yeor — two-yeor member of World Affair and Ski Club — enjoy hunting and tennis. - . JOHN MARVIN FORMO tolent for mothemotlc ; treos-urer of NHS, all-school Hl-Y, Trl-A(pho Hi-Y, ond Gorman Club — Merit Scholarship flnallrt ond recipient of tho Horvord Book Aword — Scicnco Somlnor — delegate to Model UN. DAVID LANG FORNEY — Uudent director of Bell, Book, ond Condle — two-year The pion member — vp of Auctor Hl-Y — Soccer Club o o Senior, Ski Club o» o Junior — Spanish Club — onnuol Western ski trip to Winter Pork and Big Mountain. World Affairs Club Sponsors Thirteenth BETH SUSAN FOSS — president of oil-school Y-teen» ond Aquo Nymph — Student Council — secretory of Girl ' ond Mixed Choir — co-cholrmon of themo ond decoration for Prom — Donoldion' Teen Board member — Hl-Y Sweetheart condidotc. DEROY DAVID FOSTER - Davey - member of Scubo Diving Club at a Junior — enjoyi hunting, fishing, ond bowling — ploy the guitar ond accordion. PENNY JANE FOTIA - Home Economic Club - two-year member of Y-tcen — ha participated In GAA for three year — like sports, especially swimming, bowling, ond skiing — three-yeor member of Blixzord Ski Club. JOHN RANDAll FREEMAN - ployed In the Band and participated In lotin Club o» o Sophomore — Conservo-tion Club In Senior year — ho been octlvo In Boy Scout for six year — enjoy hunting and fishing. SUSAN SARA FRIESEN - eeretory of Futufe Sole lead-er of Edina — GAA In Sophomore ond Junior year — FBIA os a Junior — secretory of church youth group -likes horseback riding. JEAN ANN FRIZEUE - from Michigon to Texas to Edina — member of the "Rob Belles'' drill team In Texos — NHS o» a Junior — queon of water ballet show — treosorer of her church group — Aquo Nymphs, Ski Club, Y-teens, and GAA. DOROTHY JEAN FURBER - ipent lost year in Norway -goddess in lotin Club; aedile ond soccer coach Furioso o o Junior — ploced In the state lotin contest — violinist with the University Orchestra — winner of fen stoto badminton trophie . WIlllAM WEBSTER GAUUP created the giant cornttolk for the Homecoming donee — o skierj race for the Blizzard Ski Club — two-year member of the Buck Hill Ski Pofrol, the Notional Ski Patrol, ond the new Edina kl team. JANET KAY GARDNER - o member of World Affairs, Art, ond Home Economics Clubs a a Sonlor — on active member of Hl-C throughout high school; secretory os o Junior. 162DANIEL WALLACE GENDREAU - president of hi» Junior Achievement company — octive on Republlcon volunteer committee — likes water skiing ond modern art — Interested In the hotel ond restaurant business — will travel to Norway this summer. JAMES EDWARD GENTRY - our AFS'er to Austria - NHS os o Junior — two-year member of Student Council. German Club, ond Debote teom — Optimist Club speoker — Util it Hi-Y — "Drifters" — Sophomore Clou treasurer. JO ANN GEORGE — participated in Spanish Club as o Sophomore ond Junior — member of Alpha Omega Y-teens In Sophomore year — FBLA In Senior year — Job’s Daughters — plont to attend the University of Minnesota. THOMAS ALLEN GETSCH - photographer for the But-sett — played the sousaphone In the Band as a Sophomore — porikipoted In swimming In his Junior ond Senior years — likes to fish. NANCY BARBARA GIEBINK — Whigreon business manoger — Ski Club president — Notional Merit Scholarship finalist, NHS, Quill ond Scroll — Junior Clou ploy — Aqua Nymphs — Homecoming coronation committee cochoirman — o ski bum ot heort. WILLIAM LOUIS GINDORFF member of Future Soles Leaders of Edlno In Senior year — participated In German Club — en|oyt hunting, fishing, bowling, ond swimming — plans to ottend the University of Minnesota. SANDRA IRENE GOOD — new to Edlno this year — has attended three schools In three years — interested In synchronized swimming: Sharks Club os a Sophomore, Synchronetfei os o Junior, Aqua Nymphs os a Senior — FTA, FBLA — loves meeting people. LYNNE GOUGHLER — publicity co-cholrmon for Pygmolion — member of Blizzord Ski Club — GAA. World Affairs Club, ond Y-t ns member In her Sophomore and Junior years; vp of her Y-teens chopfor. JANE CAROLE GOWLING - ability in archery and volley boll mode her o GAA sport head — stoge manoger of the GAA woter show — won the GAA "Miss Sophomore Congeniality" award — Job's Daughters messenger. Annual International Day on November 13 CHARLES PETER GRANDSTAND - Chut - two-year member of Band — World Affolrs Club os a Sophomore — member of DeMolay — participated In Junior Achievement. ARTHUR NEWTON GREEN - Future Sales Leaden of Edina — member of both Minneapolis and St. Poul Figure Skating Clubs — worked os on orderly at a nunlng home — Interested in competitive donee skating; also enjoys swimming ond working on cars. DAVID KENNETH GREENAGEl - Greenle - Notional Honor Society os a Junior — two-year member of German Club — l-ball for three years — vice-president of his Luther League — likes golfing, bowling, ond swimming. 163Sweatshirt Day, Outdoor Pepfests, and SHEIDON ALAN GREENBERG - council representative ond port president of B'noi B'rlth — member of BBYA — Art Club — belongs to Upper Midwest Koroto Association — likes to bowl ond lift weights — plons for the U of M. JAMES MALCOLM GREER - golf and football for three years — fwo-ycor member of E-club — Red Cross Council representative — Hi-Y os o Sonior — president of his Young Life group os o Junior. BONITA RAE GREIG — member of Future Soles Leaders of Edino os o Senior — mainly interested in music; o proficient pianist — member of church youth group — diamond ond wotch salesgirl ot Donaldson's — likes to bowf, swim, and skate. Cheerleader Barb Lund expresses concern, then elation, as the Hornets plunge for the go-ahead touchdown against Bloomington. The Hornets went on to beat the Bears 21-6. RAYMOND FRED GRE1SER Botch enjoys both golf and bowling — plons to attend the University of Minnesota. 164Cadence Cheers Renew School Spirit LYNN MABEL GREWE - Gloiello m ihe Latin Club, for-word on the girls’ KXcer loom — NHS os a Junior — on Aquo Nymph for two years; hos won many swimming med-ols and ribbons In both synchronized ond rocing compel l-ilo" NANCY MARION GROSM - three-yeor member of Bond; received on A rating in slote conies! ond first place In Aquatenniol conies! — drum majorette — two-yeor member of German Club — Science Seminar — vice-president of church youth group. GREGORY DEAN GUSTAFSON - Vos - senator and quoestor of Latin Club — member of World Afloin Club — octive In Utilis Hi-Y — Ski Club — likes hunting and fishing os well os canoe trips. JOHN ROBERT MAAS - three-yeor participant In World Affoirs Club — two-yeor member of Germon Club — vice-president of church fellowship — spent summer in Europe with Mr Szendrey's group — interested in stomp collecting. MARJORIE MARIE HAGEN - member of Home Ec Club ond FBI A — dance ond publicity co-chairman for Sodie Hawkins — volunteer aid al Method st Hospitol — member of on occordion band which ploced First In o notional music contest in Chicago. STEPHEN JAMES HAIRE - two-yeor member of German Club — Regis Hi-Y — ckirinetlst In the Bond os o Sophomore — post progrom choirmon ond president of his PF group — stomp ond coin collector — will attend the U of M. JACK ROGER HALLBERG — hos participated in swimming throughout high school — enjoys hunting, skin diving, ond fishing — hos memories of an exciting summer comping trip — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. DENNIS KEITH HALVERSON - Denny two-yeor member of Trl Alpha Hi-Y — Future Sales Leoders of Edino — a swimmer in Sophomore ond Junior years — enjoys scuba diving ond skiing — professional oil pointer. VANCE EARL HALVORSON - corned two letters in football — Red Cross Council representative — Bundestag member in the Germon Club — chaplain of Auctor Hl-Y — member of his church youth group BRUCE MALCOLM HAMILTON - tenor sox section leader in Concert Bond,- alio ploys the cforinet and oppears with the Casuals — won Talent Show music competition os (coder of o band — pointed stripes on parking lots last summer. 165ROBERT BENJAMIN HARGROVE - ployed l-boll o o Jun-lor ond Senior — member of church youth group; ployed church bosketboll — worked in Californio lost wramer — likes to work on cars. THOMAS ROCKWELL HARMON - oil-conference football — transferred from Omoho in hi Junior year — ployed bo eball for two year — two-year member of E-club — Homecoming Court — Choir — l-boll ond church boskot-boll — painted swimming pools lost summer. ANN ELISABETH HARRISON - onjoys acting; appeored In World of Corl Sondburg — Thespians — Declamation — octive In Art Club — FBLA os o Junior — Job's Daughters — loves to sew. Charity Week Earns $2300 from Projects JOSEPHINE SPENCER HART - Jo - three-year membor of German Club — song In the Choir os a Senior — member of Job's Daughters — president of Youth Fellowship at her church — European traveler. BONNIE LOU ROSE HARTFIEl - three-year member of Spanish and World Affairs Clubs — FTA os o Junior ond Senior — Home Ee Club — Honored Queen of Job's Doughtors — likes to knit ond skato. RICHARD STEPHEN HARTIG - o Senior tronsfor from Kirkwood. Missouri — porticipoted in footboll, basketball, ond baseball in Missouri; president of the Camera Club — soap-box derby winner — joined Spanish Club — likes photography ond booting. RAYMOND PAUL HAWKINSON - varsity hockey team monogor for three years — E-dub — likes rifle shooting — works on a pit crew for sporls car races — interested In business ond accounting — plan to offend Mankato Stote College. ROBERT DUSTIN HEACOCK - NHS as a junior - Freddy Eynsford-Hill In Pygmalion — three-yeor member of Choir — Rod Cross Council os o Senior — two-year momber of Spanish Club — World Affair Club — student manoger of the boskctboll team. MARK ROGER HEADINGTON - treasurer of the Senior . Clos — NHS os o Junior — Lotin Club senator — post treosurer and present vico-prosident of Dei Gratia Hi-Y — member of Soccer ond World Affairs Clubs os o Senior — owner of two Model A's. NANCY ELIZABETH HEGMAN - Non - octive member of Y-tecns for three years; vice-president of Pi Omicran os a Junior — enjoys bridge ond wofer skiing — plons to ottond the U of M. JILL ELIZABETH HEINBOCKEL member of Notional Honor Society in her Junior year — three years in Spanish Club — World Affairs Club os a Senior — two-year participant In Y-fccns — likes to knit. JILL ELIZABETH HEINRICH - member of Home Ec Club ond Ski Club os o Senior — three-year member of French Club — Contocf — twice co-chairman of the TAP fund raising committee for the March of Dimes — modeled in o department store. 166Seniors Jim Kloek, Noncy Giebink. and Bruce McFodzean show serious signs of regression in Mr. Bechtle's homeroom auction. Jim bought a lollipop, Nancy got two goldfish, and Bruce bought bubbles. And Auctions REBECCA IYNN HEIGESEN - flutist in the Concert Band — otto song in the Pops Concert — FBLA — post president of her Luther Leogue — delegate to the notional convention heid ot Miami Beoch ond o training school of St. Olof. ROBERT EDWARD HENDERSON - three-year member of Del Grotlo Hi-Y — Latin Club os o Sophomore — member of Pilgrim Fellowship — works os o stock boy — has won two bowling trophies. THOMAS RICHARD HENDRICKSON - member of German Club os o Sophomore ond Junior — Junior Achievement In Sophomore year — hot won trophies for bowling — president of church HhC Club — cartoonist — hat been to East Berlin. MARGARET MARY HENKEL - Morgee - three-yeor par-tklpont in both German Club ond Y-feent — World Affairs Club ot a Junior — FTA — hot served on numerous committees — enjoys soiling, swimming, and ploying the piano. RUPERT CARLYLE HENLEY - CoH - axhalrmon of the Prom — NHS, Merit Scholarship finalist — Soccer and French Clubs — surfer from California — collects stories on buried treosure ond intends to do some gold diving in the Sierrot this summer. RONALD DAVID HENRICKSON — member of German Club for two years — participated In Del Gratia Hl-Y os o Senioc — l-ball os a Junior — likes to cook. DEAN CLIFFORD HESS - Mr. Republican - vice-president of Senior Clou — cocholrmon of Homecoming — three years in Declam ond Debote — president of Concessions Club ond ARMY — field morthol of German Club ond treasurer of his Luther Leogue. JOHN CHARLES HEY - has participated in fool boll, tennis, ond wrestling — three-yeor Hi-Y member, spoke on behalf of the United Fund — enjoys hunting and woter skiing. SHARON BEVERLY HILL - three-yeor member of Y-teens, secretary of Iota chapter — secretory of FTA — Home Ec Club os o Senior — has participated in lotln Oub ond World Affairs Club for two years — Sunday school teoch-er — member of MYE. 167PATRICIA SUE HILLIARD - won first place for .Aqua Nymphs in Mote competition — enjoy many woter ipoct — Red Crou Council representative o o Junior — two-year member of Choir ond Sponiih Club — choptoin of Y-teen» Choptor - Young Life. VIRGINIA DALE HOBBS - Ginger — Senior tronifer to Edlno from Duluth Control — member of inglng group ond GAA of Duluth — Home Ee Club treajurer and member of Y-teon ond the Edino Pioyor 01 o Senior — would like to be a beautician. ROBERT JOEL HODGE hoi played the guitar with the "Cosuol " for three year — won trophie for building model cor — jpend much of hi time working on hi cor — jnjoys hunting, golf, bowling, and »cubo diving. ROBERT RODNEY HOLMERG - hot ployod footboll all three year of high school) becamo a member of E-club In Junior yeor — enjoy hunting, fishing ond water skiing — plans to ottend the University of Minnesota. LESLEE JOAN HOLSTAD - Let - octlve In Y-teens, vice-president of chopter as a Junior, president os o Senior — member of World Affair . Sponlsh, Home Ec. and Art Clubs — a soilor — Interested in commercial art. EARL LEONARD HOOVER — member of German Club for one year — Mamp collector — likes to bowl. fish, golf, ond sail — play the guitor — plans for Macalester JANELLE HOPE — Red Crow Council representative — Iwo-yeor member of Choir, World Affair Club, ond Zela Chi Y-teens — Ski Club os a Junior — Young Life — skis of Winter Pork. Colorado, every ChrlMmo — enjoy water skiing. MARY CLAIRE HORNS - Aqua Nymphs in Junior and Senior yeor — lotin Club for three yeor ; lotln soccer team — World Affairs Club os o Senior — vice-president of church youth group — ho traveled to Europe ond oround the world. SHEILA JANE HORROCKS moved to Edino Ot the beginning of her Junior yeor — cheerleader and member of Pep Club. Art Club, ond GAA in her New York school — speaker for the TB ossociotion — on accomplished skier with severol medals Grave Situations in Cuba, India, and BARBARA ELLEN HOUCK - Ellen - eorned three medal in state ond divisional »ki meets — member of Spanbh club. GAA. Art Club, ETA, EYC, and Billiard Ski Club -o proficient pianist, guitarist, ond eom trow. BARBARA JOSEPHINE HOUCK — threo-yeor member of Spanish Club — Y-teens for two yeor — GAA as a Sophomore — member of Horizon Club, Job's Daughters, Knit-Wit Club, PF group, ond church choir - a tolenfed ortiM ond pianist. SHIRLEY LOUISE HULL ployed the pkcolo in the Band for three years — Sponlsh Club member for two yoor — three-yeor member of GAA. World Affolrs Club, and Y-feen — church youth group — Junior Achievement — enjoy skiing and bowling. 168THOMAS PEGG HUSTAD — Uorm trooper in the Germon Club — NHS — Math Club — Merit Scholarship finalist and recipient of the brown University Alumni Aword — PF vice-president — proficient occordlonist; played o solo on TV. JAMES McCUTCHEON HUSTON - lettered In swimming os a Junior — Red Cross Council — member of Hi-Y and Art Club — Interested In advertising — likes cor rocing — worked ot o mortuory. JAMES MICHAEL ISRAELSON - Isy - participated In baseball — owns o '45 Chevy — likes stock cor rocing — a hunter and fisherman — future plant Include the Marine Corps. JOHN FOSTER JENNINGS - two-year member of Spanish Club — participated In World Affairs Club os o Senior — likes most sports, especially basketball — won o trip to Pa. for the National Basketball Tournoment — interested in engineering. THOMAS RODNEY JENNINGS - codet In No tonal Defense Code! Corps during Sophomore ond Junior years — participated In Math and Conservation Clubs — octlve In Boy Scouts — enjoys fishing ond bicycling. CRAIG JOEL JOHNSON - Red Cross Council represent-live ot a Junior — participated in Utilis Hl-Y ot o Sophomore ond Junior — member of Naval Reserve — en|oys bowling, tennis, ond golf. ELOISE NAN JOHNSON - president of Upsilon Y-teens -two-year Art Club member — Sponith Club — sings .n church choir — loves to ride horses, hot won trophies and ribbons ond hat ridden in the State Fair. PETER MICHAEL JOHNSON - Mike - student manager of the football team for two years — member of Choir as a Senior — likes to fish — collects old coins, especially t lver dollars. WILLIAM FRANKLIN JOHNSON - president of World Af-folrs Club — swimmer; E-c!ub for two years — vice-president of all-school Hi-Y and secretory-treosurer of his chapter — National Merit Scholarship letter of commendation. Ole Miss Concern EMHS Students DOUGLAS JOHN JONES - o Green Sporton - Irons-ferred to Edino from Richfield — member of World Affoirs Club — likes to fish; hoi done tome ocean fishing in Florida — fomous for floating down the Mlnnehoha Creek on a raft. JUDITH MARIE JONES Jonetey Red Cross Council representative os o Senior — member ol Choir in Junior year — participated in Home Ec Club ond Y-teens ot o Sophomore ond Junior — Young Life — plons to attend U of M. CHARLEENE FRANCIS JORDAN - Hornettes - Andohory Ballet Company — three-year member o Spanish Club — two-term officer In Job's Daughters — secretary of the Minneapolis Deanery of Episcopal Young Churchmen 169Senior Talent Insures Success of "Red MARK CHRISTIAN KAISER - three-ycor momber of German Club and Hi-Y; choplain of hi chapter — owner of tho Senior car — likes to ski ond tinker with hi '53 Studo-bokor. SANDRA JEAN KAllEVIK — National Honor Society os a Junior — Hornettos — three-year Spanish Club member — worked hord on our winning Homecoming float — Horizon Club. BARBARA DIANE KEIL - Barbie - F8LA - publicity chairman for Bell, Book, ond Condle — member of Y-teens In Sophomoro ond Junior ycors — loves to read ond meet new people. KEITH KELAND KELLER — co-captain of cross country team — three yoors of trock — a grappler on tho wrestling squad as o Senior — E-club for two year — bass in tho Choir — sow the NCAA trock meet In Eugene, Oregon, last summer. JANE CLARK KELLEY — a Senior tronsfer from on Illinois high school — cheerleader ond member of the Student Cabinot and Pep Club at Now Trier — likos to bowl, ski, and fish — would like to be a speech and hearing therapist. COLLEEN MARGARET KELLY - Cosoy - sports cor roclng enthusiost — even tinkers with cors occasionally — ployed In a piano recital at the U of M — would like to major In a foreign language. KATHLEEN PATRICIA KELLY — member of FBLA. World Af-foirs Club, and Home Ec Club in her Senior year — Y-tcens os o Sophomore — interested In skiing and tho medical profession — a cashier at Clancy's. WILLIAM AUGUST KENNEDY - participated In trock throughout high school — Conservation Club — Concessions Club os a Junior — interested in cars and likes traveling — worked in a cemotcry. JOEL ERNEST KERSTETER - played baseball os o Junior, ond Senior — E-dub membor — a sorious hunter — enjoys playing tennis, golf, and ping pong. CHAD JOSEPH KI8LER — enjoys playing hockey ond skiing — plans to go into the armed services after graduation. ROSEANN ARLENE KIMBALL Kim - member of the Choir os a Sophomore and Senior — ployed in tho Band In Sophomore year — likes to draw and paint — enjoys horsebock riding, tennis, ond bowling. JEAN MEREDITH KIMMERLE - Hornettos - NHS — Red Cross Council treasurer — secretary of Aqua Nymphs — Bundle reporter — Latin Club senator for thee years — student director of 1962 GAA water show — Ski Club trip coordinator. 170Devil Key Club” Sophomore Talent Show BARBARA JEAN KISTLE - Home Ec Club fBLA - member of Y-teens and GAA ot a Junior — participant In Luther League — love tewing and It Interetted In detlgnlng ciothet — many unforgettable memorlet of a canoe trip. JANET LOUISE KITTELSON - a talented ortiit - ort editor of the Whlgreon — chairman of many decoratlont commltteet — Art. Spanish, and Ski Clubs. Y-leent — tpendt summers water tkilng at Glenwood — plant for o commercial art career. JAMES ARTHUR KLOEK - NHS. Notional Merit Scholor. thlp finolltt — president of Del Gratia Hl-Y — Bundestag member In the German Club — Soccer Club, twim feom; E-dub — Science Seminar — tpenf six wcekt last summer of the Augsburg Chemistry Institute. ALAN TAD KMIECIAK — member of on oll-gultor bond; alto ployt in a combo — appeared in the Talent Show this year with the "Rhythm Romblea" — worked os o bus-boy ond bellhop — will attend the U of M. DALE ANN KNIGHT - Nox. demigoddett in the Latin Club — spied on the Germant — World Affairs Club secretory ot a Junior, Red Cross committee chairman os a Senior — NHS — Friendship Dance cookie chairman and business chairman for Pygmalion. RICHARD PAUL KNOPF - member of French Club for one year — held a fob blowing up balloons lost summer. "The Edina-Morningside Mixed Chorale is a prime example of suburban youth's confusion regarding self-identity." — Sigmund Freud 171DAVID THEOOORE KNUTSON - member of Tri-Alpho H»-Y — enjoy many port». Including tennl . golf. hockey, and water skiing — like to Hunt and fi h — Interested In printing. KATHRYN DIANE KOJETIN - portldpotod In Home Ec Club, FBLA. and World Affair Club In Senior yeor — Y-teen o a Sophomore — like children ond hope to become on elementary chool leocher, Al ROBERT KONIGSON - vice-president of future Sole leader of Edino — football for two year — Homecoming e»cort — play the guitor — like tennl . »kling, ond fi b-Ing. Seniors Enjoy Driving Privileges, but MARY ELLEN KRAUS NHS o» a Junior - three-yeor participant in GAA — member of FTA at a Senior — two-year member of both Latin and French Club — World Affair Club o a Sophomore — cholrmon of church youth group — enjoy ploying the p ono. JOHN KRAUSE hockey and boteboll for one year — enjoy tennl . golf, and bowling — a hunter ond fisherman — like to tkin dive ond water tki during the tummer. GRETCHEN MARIE KRIEGER - Mimi - reigned a 1962 Homecoming Queen — three-yeor Student Council member, co-chairman of AfS committee - cheerleoder with o "Cheer Madly" »lgn — Junior Ml Teon Board repretento-tlue. PETER FRANK KUEHN - Red Cro » Council representative — homeroom treoiurer — Sponljh Club — visited New York last summer — enjoy bowling ond creotive writing. HARVEY MARC KUHNLEY - More - member of Conservation Club in Senior year — like most po t , especially golf and hockey — enjoy water tkilng and hunting. JOHN EDWARD KUPHAl wrejtllng for threo yeor j E-club o» o Junior — Soccer Chib os a Senior — two-year ' member of French Club — enjoy hunting ond fishing. Edino students are o bunch of climbers.SHELDON MILLER IAGAARD frontier from Washburn In Senior yeor — participated in Lotin Club, Mixed Chorus. Male Chorus, wrestling. football, and W-club of Washburn — frock ond wrestling this yeor — ploy the guitor ond piano. REBECCA ANN LANNERT — Becky — Interested In musk; long In the Choir for three year — member of French Club 01 o Sophomore ond Senior — member of church youth group — like to knit. JAMES LEE — Bundeitog member in the German Club; president o a Junior — three year on the wrestling squod. two yeor of trock — NHS os a Junior — Science Seminar — attended the Augiburg Chemistry Institute lost summer. Not Long Cold Walk from Parking Lot MARGARET LOUISE LEE — Peggy — member of Contoct — song in Choir ond participated In Spanish Club os a Junior — member of Delta loto Y-teens os a Sophomore — pJons to ottend the University of Minnesota. KATHLEEN MARY LEGLER new to Edino ot end of Junior year — was a member of GAA. FTA, and on the Hh Troll stoff — participated In Art. World Affairs, and Home Ec Clubs, and FTA In her Senior year — enjoys listening to music ond drawing. WAITER WADE LEHMANN - Wade - treasurer of Future Sales Leaders as a Senior — member of German Club In Sophomore ond Junior years — interested in cars; hot won five trophies for drog roclng — plans to ottend the University of Mlnnesoto. LAWRENCE LINDBERG - Lorry - member of Future Soles Leoders os a Senior — ho participated in Junior Achievement for three yeor — Interested In flying ond wotec skiing. RICHARD BYRON LINDBERGH three-yeor member of Spanish Club — Cadet Second Lieutenant In Civil Air Po-trol — cholrmon of Civil Air Potrol Code! Advisory Council — plons to go into oeronouticol engineering. JAMES ALLEN LINDSEY — student monoger of the varsity football team — Ski Club member for three years; ski team as a Senior — Spanish Club — vice-president of his PF group — Young Life — Senior Steward of hi DeMoloy chapter. ROBERT ALAN LINDSTROM - lynx - Junior Vorslfy fool-boll as o Junior — enjoys the out of doors — likes to hunt ond fish — worked up north for the Conservation Deportment — plans to go Into printing or ogricvlture, then Into the Marines. THOMAS CHARLES LITTLE senator ond poter of the Brutl in Latin Club — l-boll — sports cor fon — enjoys hunting, fishing, bowling, and water skiing — plans to attend the U of M. MARCIA LOU LORIMER Marsh three-year member of Choir and Y-feens — member of FBIA ond Ski Club os o Senior — Home Ec Club in Sophomore ond Junior yeor — vice-president of church choir and secretory of Luther Leogue, 173GREGORY JAMES IUCE - o Junior frontier' from St. Thomos Academy — member of the golf team 01 o Senior — Spanish Club for two yeors — Edlno Players — ploy the guitar with the "four Dimensions." BETSEY EllSE LUCK - city-wide Hi-C secretary - member of Home Ec Club, Spanish Club. FTA, and GAA — played oboe and clorlnet In the Band for two yeor - teoches o Sunday school class. BARBARA HELEN LUND — over-all cochalrmon of Homecoming os well os queen candidate — cheerleader — Student Council for three years — AFS finalist — Girls' Stole representative — Y-toens ICC representative os o Junior - likes to ski. Sharpened Pencils and Wits on Saturday SUSAN ELIZABETH LUND - member of Mixed Choir. French Club. Y-teens, and Home Ec Club — past momber and diver on the Edina Country Club swim teom — volunteer worker at the Plllsbury House lost summer. FREDERICK BOYCE LUNDAHL - Sub - fourth-yeor consul of Latin Club — earned his letters In swimming — Whig-rean sports editor — Edlno and Latin Club soccer teams — president of PF group — talented with o bonjo — o big 40.9 Volks. MARCIA LEE LUPIE — member of Home Ec Club and F8LA os a Senior — three years of Y-teen .- secretory of hor diopter a a Junior — church choir — likes bridge, water skiing, and comping — would like to be on airline hostess. HENRY GILMAN LYKKEN - three years on the wrestling squad; two on the football teom — E-dub at o Junior ond Senior — two-year member of Utilis Hi-Y — church choir — likes to soil, hunt, and golf. THOMAS HOWARD LYON — advertising manager of the Buxzetto In Junior and Senior years; Quill ond Scroll — two yean participation in Declamation — Sponbh Club — a member of Junior Achievement as a Sophomore — enjoys creative writing, CONNIE JOYCE MocAlllSTER - choplaln of Y-teens chapter offer three-yeor membership — Choir — member of Spanish Club and Home Ec Club — FTA — enjoys both golfng ond skiing — member of Blizzard and Edina Ski Clubs. KATHLEEN ANNE MADDEN - member of Homo Ec Club as a Junior and Senior — worked os a dental assistant for four year — likes to golf — plons to enter denlol school ot the U of M. RICHARD EARL MADER — three-yeor member of Del Gratia Hi-Y — won o I960 Corvoir In a raffle — would like to be o civil engineer — plans to ottond Mankoto State College. JAMES AARON MAGOFFIN - two-year member of Del Grotla HI-Y — Conservation Club os a Senior — member of tho Civil Air Patrol — likes hunting, fishing, ond comp ing — Interested In forestry. 174Dick Orwoll, olroody confused by Shakespeare's version of Macbeth, takes time to ponder the question posed by the Senior bulletin board. Mean One Thing: a College Boardom ERIC EMANUEL MALKERSON - Rod Crow Council rupee-tentative at o Senior — proud owner of a 1927 Ford "I" coop with a V4 race engine ond o complete Naogahlde Interior — llket Mock cor roclngj won o trophy for hit racing. MARK THOMAS MANFRED - member of the BondeMog ond the tformtrooperi In German Club — three yean on the wreMling tquod — Rodfe. Soccer, ond Concetilont Clubt — tecretory-treowrer of Dei Grotio; oll-Khool Hi-Y chaplain — o horn radio operator. JOHN MICHAEL MANNING - M.ke - lotin Club tenotor ond chorioteer — enjoyt goH, tkiing, ond bowling — lovet to hunt — plant to ottend the Unlvenity of Minnetoto. DAVID WALSTAD MARTIN - Band hbrarion ond Der Foh-rer in the Popt Concert — byttander in Pygmolion — ter-geont-ot-ormt of World Aflolrt Club; member of the bike hotteling group — Soccer ond French Clubt — like toecer. orehery. ond dottica! mutfc. JIU GRETCHEN MARTIN - Doyton't Teen Board member — Art Club, Ski Club. FTA, Knit-W it. Luther Leogue — talent for tinging ond pointing — llket iportt. the out-doort. ond hortet — hopet to moko a career of fothion merchondlring In New York. LYNN KAY MARTIN — three-yoor member of French Club — choplain of her Y-teent chapter — GAA. Home Ec Club, ond Ski Club — Luther Leogue ond Jcb't Daughter! — ployt the piano — plont to attend St. Olof. 175WENDY ANN MARTIN - president of FTA - Hornette — Spcniih Club — committee co holrmon for the Junior Clou ploy — post president of fho Horizon Club — throe year on her PF coblnot; p 01 a Junior — Whigreon Representative of the Yeor. BONNIE SUE MATHEWS member of Sponljh and Home' Ec Club — secretary of Jier Y-teenj chapter — church choir — Job' Daughter — hospital volunteer - outside Interest include piono ploying and wator skiing — a modern jozz fon. GAIl SUSAN MATTSON - clarinetist in the Bond for three yeor — member of Home Ec Club ond lota Y-teens at a Senior — hall monitor — work at Wool worth' — horteback rider — plom to ottend tho Unlvenity of Min-netoto. ROBERT JUSTIN MAY - member of Con ervatlon Club, Hi-Y, ond German Club — roving hall monitor — enjoy wotor skiing, hockey, and poker — a conoelst, hunter, ond Fisherman — had hit picture In the Tribune for o prize coteh. KENNETH DONN McCUUOUGH - trock ond cross coun. try In his Senior yeor — hot participated In swimming for -three year — two-year member of HI-Y — enjoy both water ond snow skiing — likes to travel) ho been to Europe. BARBARA JEAN McDERMID - Honored Queen of Job Doughten — member of Y-fcen , 5poni h Club, and GAA — co-chairman of Tolent Show moke-up committeo — church choir — spent lost summer In Europe — enjoy comping, boating, ond woter ikling. Counselors Arrange I I 5 Meetings Between Representing Luther College, Mr. Keith Rosheim distributes propaganda to yet another group of closs cutters. 176VIRGINIA ANN McOONALD - Ann - Whereon Hoff for two yeor ,- odlvities editor 01 o Senior — Quill ond Scroll — secretory of Ski Club — Insono of Latin Club — Germon Club os o Junior ond Sensor — World Affair Club — soils on Minnetonko. VIRGINIA HART McELIECE — Glnio - Interested in ort ond plons to continue study In college — member of Art Club ond French Club — three-yeor Y-teens member; secretory of her chapter os o Senior BRUCE WIUIAM McFADZEAN - president of the Student Council — Boys' Stole representotivo — three yeor of football ond wrestling,- E-dub — Homecoming Court — vice-president of the Sophomore Class — ploy cornet in the Concert Bond. JILL IYNETTE MefARlAND - Senior transfer from Montana where she was o member of choir, Public Relations committee, ond Spanish Club — Choir member, counselors' page, ond EYC church group member — pianist — spends every summer in Glocier Pork. WILLIAM SANDY MclLYAR Sandy - Homecoming sweetheart of the infamous Senior cor — participated in football. swimming, and baseball — likes to ski, bowl, ond •cvbo dive — plons to ottend UMD. STEWART JAMES Md NT OSH - member of Del Grotto Hi-Y os a Sophomore ond Senior — enjoy working on cars — Interested In scuba diving, golf, hockey, ond hunting. LAURIE ANNE McKAY - three-yeor Choir member -member of Latin Club for three years — acted in World of Corf Sandburg — oetive in Y-teens; member of Y-teens choir — FT A — Philosophy Seminar — Dayton Teen Board alternate os a Junior. BRIAN HOLLISTER McNEE — participated in basketball ond baseball for two years, football for one — member of Trl-Alpho Hl-Y, Ski Club, Spanish Club, ond his Pf group — held |ob guarding custom cars — enjoys golf ond ploying the guitar. PATRICIA MARIE MEANS - sang in Girls' Choir os o Sen-tor — three-year member of Y-teen — Biiziord Ski Club — Spanish Club ond F8LA os a Junior — spends the summer ot her cabin. Seniors and College Representatives JOHN SANFORD MEIER - played tennis for three yeor — I-ball — two-year member of Germon Club ond Trl-Alpho Hi-Y — assistant sport editor of the Busiette as o Junior — likes to ploy the plorso ond organ. SUSAN KAY MELBOSTAD - member of Y-teens os o Sophomore ond Senior — active In Home Economics Club ond FBLA os a Senior — Young Life — hat exciting memories of Young Life ranch In Colorado. JEANNE ELIZABETH MERCHANT - member of World Af-fairs Club. ARMY, ond Art Club — portrait ortist; sketched portraits for the Athletic Banquet — organised two cor woshes for ALSAC — counseled at a doy comp ond o settlement house comp. 177Seniors Flaunt Seniority on Dress-up Day MOLLY LEE MIUER AFS'er to Switzerland lost yeor NHS — two years as first choir Concert Band percussionist — University Orchestra — Sclenco Seminar — Girl Scout for eleven years — Lotin Club; quaestor In Junior year — delegato to Model UN In Winnepeg. WILLIAM JEROME MILLER transferred to Fdina os o Senior — participated in football, bosketboll, baseball, lettorman's Club, school paper, dramatics. Latin Club, Science Club, and Visual Aids in his other school. DOUGLAS KEITH MIllETT - Shep Henderson In Bell. Book, ond Candle — Lupe of Latin Club; questor at a Sophomoro — skis with both Blizzord ond Edlno Ski Clubs — golfer — enjoys drawing, sculpturing, writing, ond oct-Ing. RICHARD CHARLES MILLS groppler on the wrestling squad os o Senior — two-year member of Spanish Club — DeMolay — sky-dives wiih the "Air Knights" — unlcy-clist — enjoys writing — plons to ottend the University of Minnesota. ALAN DEMING MJOLSNES - now to Edlno os o Senior — delegate to Youth In Government Conference at Mo-catester in 1962 — member of Auctor Hi-Y chapter os o Senior — enjoys painting landscapes, playing tennis, ond fishing. JOHN ARNOLD MOE - member of National Honor Society os o Junior — three-yeor member of German Club — Moth Club os o Senior — Junior Achievement in Sophomore yeor — active in church youth group — interested in collecting coins. MICHAEL WALLACE MONAHAN - three yeors of trock ond two of hockey — member of E-club — enjoys booting ond woter skiing — likes to hunt and fish — ploys the occordlon. BARBARA LYNNE MOORE - Y-teens ond Home Ec Chib In Her Senior yeor — o Junior Achiever her Junior yeor — ploys ping pong ond bowls — plans to bo a model. KATHRYN ANN MOORE - treasurer of French Club — throo-yeor member of World Affairs Club ond GAA — secretary of Alpha Omega Y-teens os o Junior — officor' of her church youth group — o born doodler. JAMES WARREN MORFORD Ernie - vice-president of Ski Club ond o member of the ski loom — member of Latin and Radio Clubs os a Sophomore — Master Counselor-of Comelot chopter DeMoloy — likes hunting ond fishing. MARY CATHERINE MORGAN Cothy - Hornettes -member of Mixed Choir. French Club, and Y-teens — secretary of her Young Life group — models holr styles — plons to ottend tho University of Minnesota. KATHLEEN ANN MORK - Kay - president of Home Ec Club and the Girls' Choir — headed the costume committee for Bell, Book, ond Candle — French ond World Affairs Clubs — likes to read and sew. 178With Swollen Feet and Starched Collars LYNNE MARIE MORPHEW Art Club, Job’ Doughter -AFS semlfinolist — Homo Ec Club — »wi her own cloth« — Ski Club until »he broke her ankle; now knit ski sweater while other ore on the lope» — still enjoys bowling ond water skiing. THOMAS RUSSELL MORRISON - new to Edina ot o Senior — participated in cross country and bond at Roosevelt — Junior Achievement — inferetted in printing and photography, plon to ifudy them in college. GILLIAN LUCY MORSE - Gill - member of World Affair Club a a Senior — Job's Daughters for three year — likes bowling, skating, knitting, and raising tropical fish WILLIAM GARY MOSS Woody — mombor of Auclor Hi-Y chapter and German Club — participated In football in hi Junior year ond baseball in hit Sophomore year — likes all sports, especially skiing and hunting — took a trip to Europe. PEGGY ANN MULLEN — member of Y-teens In her Sophomore ond Junior years — likes horses and sports car — enjoys skating and playing tennis. MARY KAY MUSSELMAN - Kay - Y-teens throughout high school — Home Ec Club a a Senior, FBI A o» a Junior, and Lotin Club senator at a Sophomore — enjoy dancing, swimming, ond bowling — worked ot Oreck't. KATHRYN VIONE MYERS - three-year member of Band — ploys the oboe, flute, piano, ond organ — earned an A rating in the state solo contest — FBLA and Y-teens — office page — vice-president of her church youth group. GARY JORDAN NAAS — Interested in motorcycles — enjoys hunting, bowling, ond golf — works ot Country Club grocery store. MARY MARGARET NAUTH - member of Art Club. French Club, the Edino Ployers, ond World Affair Club — Sweetheart of Columbio Military Academy likes to bowl — traveled to New York City ond Washington, D.C. RAMONA MAE NELSON - Rcmie - Homecoming auditorium co-choirmon — member of FTA, Horizon Club, ond church youth group — Sunday school teocher — Methodist Hospital Pink lady — enjoys wafer ekiing ond playing the piano — spent a Christmas in Hawaii. NANCY ELLEN NEWHOUSE French Club committee co-chairman for Beaux Arts Boll — World Affair Club, Y-feens — Ski Club — Buzzette reporter ond assistant second-page editor as a Junior — performed In Tolent Show os a Junior. DANIEL GEORGE NIESS — Student Council; member of Ethics Committee — cochairman of Homecoming dance committee as well as master of ceremonies at the coronation — lettered In baseball as a Junior — likes to goof % off. 179NICKI LEE NORDSTROM — one of Minnesota's top women golfers — won three tournoments lost summer, including the Aquotennlol Junior Chomplonshlp — NHS os o Junior — German Club — Sophomore representative, secretary, then president of GAA. BARBARA CLARKE NORTON - NHS os a Junior - three-year Red Cross Council representative — Spanish Club treosurer — president of Gamma Y-feens — Aqua Nymphs — Ski Club — exciting memories of a trip to Mexico ond several canoe trips. JOHN GARY NYLUND - Niles - has ployed cornet for three yeors in the Bond — Interested In sports such os hunting, fishing, hockey, ond boseboll — St. Cloud ofter graduation. No-Doz Sales Hit Peak, Drop Sharply GARY MICHAEL O'CONNOR Mike - three years of trock. two yeors of cross country,- E-club — German, Art, and Blizzard Ski Clubs — Canodion canoeing ond comping trips.- participated in the Aquotenniol Canoe Derby — plays guitor ond trombone. ETHNE ANNE OELRICH - our AFS'er from South Afrko — joined World Affairs Club, French Club, ond Ski Club — Mrs. Eynsford-Hill in the winter ploy Pygmolion — treasurer of Horizon Club — sings In church choir. DAVID PATRICK OLINGER - ployed boseboll for three yeors, wrestled for two — two-year member of Art Club — o cook ot Ontario's Restaurant — enjoys hunting and baseball — plans for the U of M. DONALD PEDER OLIVER - semlfmolis! In tho Star ond Tribune World Affairs contost — on the wrestling and football teams — member of German and World Affairs Clubs — enjoys sketching, playing tennis, ond scuba dlv-ing — plans to attend St. Ofaf. JANICE LOUISE OLSON - recipient of o Notlonol Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — Buzzette reporter — Edina Players and Science Seminar — three years of Spanish and World Affairs Clubs — loves to water ski ond take winter hikes. MARY JOSEPHINE OLSON - Red Cross Council repre: sentative — school choir for two years ond church choir for three — member of Home Ec Club. Y-tcens, Art Club, ond FBIA — Young Ufe — likes singing and horseback riding. MARY ROBERT OLSTAD - vice-president of Horizon Club — member of World Affoirs Club, GAA, Y-teens, and Spanish Club — her trip to Europe helped her decide to go into foreign service — hopes to travel a lot. ALAN O'NEILL — member of Art Club os a Senior — Ger-man Club os a Sophomore — enjoys diving, fishing, ond hunting — plons to ottend business school. RICHARD JOSEPH O'ROURKE - Dick - enjoys bowling, golf, fishing, and skating — Interested in the stock morket — plans to go into mechanical engineering. 180RICHARD DAVID ORWOLL - coplain ol the Gorman see-cor loom — secretory-treasurer of Soccer and Math Clubs — NHS ond Science Seminar — represenlotive to the fourth National Youth Conforonce on the Atom — Science Institute at St. Olof. CAROIE BEVERLY OSBERC - Or - Lat.n Club senator, Lupo, for three yeors — Whigreon Seniors editor,- Quill and Scroll — AFS semifinalist — Notional Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — NHS — Prem committee co-chairman. BARBARA ANN OSTIUND — a typist on the Buzzette staff In Senior year — vice-president of GAA — has received a GAA letter ond a bowling trophy — two-yeor member of Spanish Club — FTA — participates In Luther League — likes many different sports. As Christmas Vacation Finally Arrives JOHN WILLIAM OTTERNESS Jock - president of Choir — diver on the swim team os o Junior and Senior — Red Cross Council for two years — donee ctxholrmon for Chority Week — sings professionally with the “Yeomen" — likes to bowl and golf. DENISE GRAHME PARK - momber of FBLA as a Senior — Home Ec Club. Y-tcens, ond GAA — Job's Daughters — likes to sew — volunteer worker at Methodist Hospital. JEAN DIANE PESTAl - clarinetist In the Concert Band,-olso ploys the organ — three-year member of German Club and GAA — Home Ec Club at a Senior — member of her church choir; delegate to the Notionol Luther League Convention In Miami. Janis Wahlfold proves that chivalry is not dead by carrying Rick Hortig's books home for Christmas vacation. 18!BARBARA ANNE PETERSON - editor-in-chief of the Whig-roon — Notional Honor Society secretary — AFS finalist — Quill and Scroll — World Affair and Spanish Club — National Merit Scholarship finolltf — NCTE Achievement Award winner. DIANE RAE PETERSON GAA and Sponl»h Club - member of Y-teeni In Sophomoro yeor — church LYS group — enjoy playing tho organ, cooking, playing ping pong, and fishing. JAMES ARTHUR PETERSON - participated in Spanlih Club In Senior year — former vice-president of Junior Achievement company - enjoyed scuba diving lost sum-mer — likes to tinker with motorcycle . Senioritis Begins to Stifle Ambition JAY KEITH PETERSON — three year on the tennis team,-has won a medal and a trophy — Hi-Y and French Club member during Sophomore ond Junior yeor — ho served on Homecoming committee for two year — plans to attend U of M. MARCIA MAE PETERSON - ploy In the Concert Bond — a GAA sportheod — member of Y-toen , FTA, FBLA, and German Club — Luther League — o Sunday school teoch-er. NANCY JEAN PETERSON - on Aqua Nymph - NHS In Junior yeor — Spanish Club, World Affair Club, and Y-feens — Edina Player — Latin Club o» o Sophomoro — lived In Ponama for o yoar — enjoy agate hunting, water skiing, and boating. SUSAN MARY PETERSON - a eom»Sreu; love to ew and it interested in dre » do lgning — served on Homecoming committees In Junior ond Senior year — Nome Economic ond Ski Club — member of church youth group — plon to ottend U of M. THOMAS PETERSON - vp of Utili Hi-Y chapter - German Club for two year — Rodlo Club as a Junior — enjoy hunting, golfing, ond playing ping pong. KATHERINE ANN PIERCE - Kitty - Spanlth Club in her Junior and Senior year — Home Ec Club o o Senior — Latin Club a a Sophomore — love to cook. BRENDA DOROTHY PIKE - member of french ond Ski Oub — Y-teen for three year ,- treasurer of her chopter — born In Bedford, Englond.- lived there for fen yeor — like wotor kiing, bowling, ond golf — a jar fan. MARY CLAIRE PLATTER - two-yeor member of GAA ond Art Club — Aqua Nymph a o Junior — church youth group ond Sunday school teacher — enjoy riding, swimming. skiing, flthing, and riflery. JOHN McNEE PORTINGA - born in Scotland - enjoy painting and wood carving — love to cook; plan to work a a cook. 182RUTH ELLEN POSTHUMUS - Y-teens member for throe years — Homo Ec Club o» o Senior — Concessions Club 01 O Sophomore — Sundoy school teacher — likes horse-bock riding — will ottend the U of M CHARLES DOUGLAS PRESCOTT - Senior transfer from Brech — porticipoted In hockey, tennis. ond bale boll; soccer captain — member of German Club ond hli church youth group — part-time garage mechanic. LYNN KATHERINE QUADE firit-poge editor of Buixette; Quill ond Scroll — president of Spanish dub — active in Y-teenii ho served oi chapter treasurer, vice-president, ond president — Ski Club — member of Pilgrim Fellowship. WILLIAM MICHAEL RAMSEYER - Merit Scholarship ond Stor World Affair Contest finalist — recipient of o Notional Science Foundation scholarship — Science Semlnor, German Club storm trooper — president of his church group ond JA eompony. JAMES NELSON REEVES - Notional Honor Society president — president of all-school Hi-Y — Per" American brother — three-yeor member of French ond World Affoirs Club — a Buixette Cynic — an expert skier. GARY HAROLD REIERSON - co-captain of football ond boskefball as a Senior,- baseball co-captain os a Junior — Most Voluoble Player as well as member of all-conference ond olUtote footboll teams — E-club — Student Council — Homecoming King. CAROL LYNN RE I NECK - FBIA treasurer as a Junior and vice-president os a Senior — Home Ec Club recording secretory — Sponish dub — wonts to be on airline stewardess — coffee hostess at Gabbert's. RICHARD GALE REINHARD — a textile painter — Spanish Club os a Sophomore — cnjoyi hunting, fishing, wofer skiing, ond goff — hobby is ffylng — spent o summer in Mexico. GARY THOMAS REYNOLDS - owner of a 1931 Ford -photographer and representative for Rod ond Custom mogozine in Los Angeles — wrestling squad for one year — Art Club — plans for the Art Center in Los Angeles. During Long Stretch Between Vacations DAVID HOWARD RICHARDS - two yean of footboll ond one year of swimming — hat won trophies for golf, baseball, and bowling — Spanish Club this year( Latin dub o a Sophomore — a skier with plans to vLsit Sun Volley in the near future. LISA CHRISTY RICHARDS - a transfer to Edina from Denver — AFS'er to Chile, delegate to Leadership Trolning Comp in Colorado ond the Foreign Service Briefing Conference — elected representative to Colorado Girls' State. JEFFREY RANDA RICHARDSON - vice-president of the Student Council — has held the positions of consul, tribune, and pater of the Yellow Claw in the Latin dub — vice-president of Tri-Alpha Hi-Y — invented a horpoon gun for flies. 183Operetta, Poetry, Prom, and Reflectors ROBERT KEITH RIDGWAY - wrestling for three yean, cross country for two. frock In Senior year — participated in Hi Y, Conservation and Ski Clubs — enjoys skin diving, scuba diving, spear fishing, held job cutting weeds underwater. MARY BETH RING — post vp and present secretory of Omega Y-Teens — olio in the Mixed Choir for three years — Home Ec Club ond Spanish Club — Sunday school teacher — enjoys watching baseball games ond water skiing. SUSAN ELIZABETH RING - Y-teens for three yeort. secretory of her chapter as o Junior — two-year member of FTA — takes baritone uke lessons — Senior Life Saver — likes to water ski — plons to major in history. RICHARD LOUIS RIPLEY R.p - participated In German Club In Junior ond Senior yeors — likes wotor skiing ond hunting — plons to ottend the University of Minnesota JAMES LAURENCE ROCKLIN - three-year member of Spanish Club — enjoys participating in football, basketball, and baseball — interested In public accounting — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. ROBERT CLINTON ROMINGER - member of Rodlo Club — spends much of his time working as a shipping clerk — interested In aviation and horses — would like to roce cars. MARTHA ANN RONALD - on Aqua Nymph who hot won ribbons in the stole tynchronired swimming contost — secretory of German Club os a Junior — Choir member; sings in a sextet — Hi-Y Sweetheart candidate. MICHAEL CLARK ROOT - Rooter - golfing ond skiing enthusiast — TrhAlpho Hi-Y, Young Life, and Ski Club — speed skater and scuba diver — plons for the University of Denver. THOMAS GEORGE ROOT - interested In skiing,- Ski Club treasurer ond ski patrol — Rod Cross Council reprosento-tive os a Sophomore — Junior Achievement — member of SCUBA, a skin diving club. DAVID WILLIAM ROSS - Book - hockey co-coptain -tennis for three years — E-club os a Sophomore — member of church youth group — enjoys hunting ond fishing. JANICE MAE ROSS — co-coptoin of Horneftes — B-squad cheerleader — French Club; co-choirman of Beaux Arts Ball ticket committee — Red Cross Council member as a Sophomore — three-year member of Y-teens — enjoys knitting and skiing. JOANNE IRENE ROSS — Choir member for three years; song In o sextet for two — three-yeor member of Y-teens — Home Ec Club os a Junior ond Senior — church choir — plays piono by ear. 184All Signify Advent of Edinian Spring MARTHA LEE ROWE - Marl - chaplain of Omega Y-teens — menubar of Home Economic Club — spends much of her time working ot o hobby ihop — like to f»h ond ploy bridge. GINGER LEE RUPPERT — new thl« year from Central High School, London, England — hot also lived In Howoil. Germany, and Scotland — woi Pep Club troosurer, vice-preii-dent oI Interior Decorating Club, and member of school poper staff — Y-teens member. KENNETH McCLELLAN RUSH - on oudlo-vlsuol oid lor three yeorj — Interested In cor and auto mechanics — enjoys water skiing, bowling, hunting, and fishing — lu-ture Includes Dunwoody Institute. STEVEN KENNETH RUSS has been swimming competi. tlvely lor eight years — lettered first os a Sophomore — German Club os Sophomore oed Junior — three-year member o! Hi-Y — member of church youth group ond choir — ploys o Jew's harp CLAUDIA JEAN RUTHERFORD - Condy - two-year French dub member — served on tickets committee for Beoux Arts 8all — likes both snow ond water skiing — enjoys reoding. sewing, and cooking RONALD MICHAEL SAMUElSON - member of the tennis team for two yeors, the wrestling team os o Junior, ond the football team as o Sophomore — member of Art Club, E lub, ond Ski Club — o hunter ond o bowler — visual olds helper. "This is not a laundry truck!" exclaims Suo Spon-sel, who drives Edina's big green answer to Hoofen Cleaners.KAREN JANE SANDBERG - Hornettes during Senior year — Home Economic! Club — FBLA — Ski Club — enjoys both wafer and snow skiing — always knitting. SUSAN MARY SANDERS - member of Art, Home Ec. Ski, and Spanish Club — Phi Epsilon Y-feens for throe years — Job's Daughters — FTA — helped build the prize winning Senior float — Edina Player — likes to fish, paint, and sew. JAMES ANDREW SANFORD - throe years of football and wrestling; ccxopfaln of wrestling as a Senior — E-club os o Junior and Senior — Junior Class ploy — co-chairman of theme ond .docorotlons for Prom — two-year Choir member; vp In Senior year. Edina Players Productions Replace BARBARA JEAN SATHER - odivo In Y-teens for three yeors; president of Omleron os a Senior — co-cholrmon of refreshments committee for Prom — Job's Daughters — member of Choir in Sophomore ond Junior years — Young life. DONNA KAY SAUER — member of Home Economics and Ski Clubs os a Senior — participated In Y-teens during Junior ond Senior yeors — Sunday school teacher — loves to ski. PAMELA LOUEllEN SCHAEFER - Piglet - assassinated by the Latin Club — Aqua Nymphs — co-choirmon of Pygmo-lion ushers — secretary of Sigma Delta Y-teens — annual conoe ond ski trips; broke her leg last winter at Troll-haugen. SUSAN ALICE SCHEEFE - active In Y-teens; vice-president of chapter os a Junior, publicity chairman for oil-school organization as a Senior — three-year Spanish Club mem-ber — sings In church choir — a volunteer at Methodist Hospital. KENNETH ROBERT SCHEIPER - wrestler for three years.-ploced first In the Invitational meet, third in the district tournament, ond fourth in the reglonol tournoment — E-club — Germon Club — Soccer Club — church basketball ond Luther Leogue. ARLIE MAC SCHEPPKE - new from Columbio Heights -In his old school he was Sonlor Closs president, a member of the Student Council, ond a Homecoming attendant — plans to attend U of M. JOHN HOOO SCHOLEFIELD - Scho - NHS os a Junior — vice-president of Spanish Club — threo years of Hl-Y ond World Affairs Club — Red Cross Council — on Eogle Scout — Ski Club — enjoys skiing ond unchoperoned canoe trips. WENDELL ALLEN SCHOTT - a member of Notional Hon-or Society In Junior yeor — participated In swimming throughout high school — Conservation Club as a Senior,-Interested In plant ond wild life — o Boy Scout for six yeors. AAARY ELLEN SCHWEIGER - member of French Club. Home Ec Club. FBLA, and Ski Club — Choir for one year — o model and dancer — likes to sew and ski — headed for the U of M after a summer In Colorodo. 186MICHAEl DENNIS SCOTT - Moth Club president - NHS, Scionce Seminor, Germon Club — first choir percussionist In Concert Bond, corned two A rating In State Mu lc Contest and three first-place trophies in Aquotennial Musk Contest. SHAKEN RAE SCOTT French. German, and Latin Clubs — treasurer of Upsiion Y-teen — chairman of the dccoro-tlons committee for Beau Art Boll and donotlon committee for Chorily Week — Young life — enjoys knitting ond ploying tennis. KEITH WAYNE SELEEN - octive In Rcgl Hl-Y - two-year member of German Club — enjoys tennis, baseball, football, hockey, skiing, hunting, ond fishing — held job os a jonlfor of church — plans to becomo o psychologist, Traditional Class Plays PETER SETTII — Pedro — born In Norwoy — three-year member of Germon Club; member of Bundostog — president of Junior Achievement Company,- went to St Louis for JA — hod a job as a cook — enjoy bowling, tennis, ond scuba diving. JANET SUSAN SEVAREID - Buzretie fhlrd-poge editor -Thespians — Eliza Doolittle In Pygmalion, Plttl-Sing In Tho Mikado — Social Committee co-chalrmon of Student Council — Prom co-choirmon — Hl-Y Sweetheart condidote — Dayton's Teen Board. PATTY VIRGINIA SHARPE three-year member of Home Ec Club and Thoto Y-toens — member of Art Club, Girls' Chclr, ond Job's Daughters — church choir — o model, woter skier, ond skin diver. VICKI JOAN SHAW - Student Council - NHS - Homecoming Court — Charity Week co-chairman — French Club secretary — all-school Y-toens choplain — Hl-Y Sweetheart candidate — Hornetie — president of Twin Cities Governor's Youth Conference. JAMES WOODROW SHEEKS - Eoglet - golf ond ski teams — member of Blizzard Ski Club. Auctor Hi-Y, World Afloirs Club, ond Young Life Club - plans for the U of M ot Duluth. JANE FRANCES SHEKORE - Janie new to Edlno from Wisconsin o a Junior — member of Future Sale leoders of Edina — partkipoted In Distributive Educotlon progrom. CYNTHIA SUE SHELTON - Cindy - come to Edlno In Junior year from Wisconsin, where she was a member of Biology Club, o Student Council olternote. ond president of her church youth group — president of Theta Y-teen — Interested In music. FREDERICK BLAKE SHELTON - Blake - new to Edlno In Junior year from Wkhlto, where he wos In bond, tennis, ond wrestling — participated In wrestling In Junior ond Senior years — Choir ond Spanish Club os o Senior — Blizzard Ski Club. JOHN CHOATE SHEPHERD - participated In football, bos-ketboll. ond boseball; E-club lor threo years — Student Council os o Sophomore — Homocoming king candidate — member of Young life — plan to attend U of M. 187Edina’s Drifters Turn Professional, FLOY META SIMS - joined FTA, FBLA. ond GAA In her Senior year — active In Job' Daughter — talent for modern dancing ond octing — o banjo player — will lake elementary education at the U of M. DONNA LAVON SMITH - participated in Y-teen .-Home Ec Club, and Spanlih Club o» o Senior — enjoy »keidi-ing, golfing, bowling, and knitting. IOIS ANN SMITH — NHS o» o Junior — a i tant Senior editor of Whigrean — pro ldont of Beta Y-teen — French, German, and World Affair Club — cheerleader for Breck School — co-chairman of church youth group — European traveler. WIUIAM DAVID SMITH - cocoptoin of the iwlmmlng teom; lettered a a Sophomore — vlce-pre ident of E-dub a o Senior — two-year member of German Club — traveled through Europe lo f ummer with Mr. Szendr t group. CHRISTIAN RICHARO SNOEYENBOS - Dick - AFS finol-l t — German Club pretident — oppeared In Junior Clava ploy — pre ldent of the Edina Screen Club — portklpoted In wrettllng, I-ball, and tennlt. LINDA SOMMERS — art and picture editor of Buzzctte — Quill ond Scroll — prc ldent of Delta Y-teen — two-year member of French. World Affoir . ond Ski Club — co-chairman of Beoux Art Ball, Prom publicity, ond Homecoming refre»hment», "I've considered moving that bishop for three hours," mumbles Drifter Jim Gentry (standing). "I hope I'm making the right decision." The other obviously bored Drifters ore Keith Critchlow, Jack Otterness, ond Bob Finke-naur. 188Cut "Session TT L The Yeomen" CAROL WELLS SOPER - Sopio - secretory of Thespions ond Homo Ec Club — Horaettes for two year — co-chairman of Prow refreshments ond tho victorious Senior Hoof — Twin Cities PF Action officor — post president of Condystrlpen. THEODORE THOMAS SORLIEN - poll team for three years; E-dub — Edina Country Club golf chompion In 1961 ond 1962 — onioys bowling; bowled a perfect gome. KENNETH WARREN SORTEBERG Tim - hot participated In iwlmmlng for three years — former senator of lotln Club — enjoys golfing, water skiing, hunting, ond fiihing — pfans to ottend the University of Minnesota. WENDY SUSAN SPARROW - ortlstic talent - sketched ond painted on art collection for her home — Art Club ond Ski Club — playt the concert gultor — plons to major in ort ond minor In psychology — intrigued by "what mokes people tick." GAIL ANN SPEARING - Tula - a terrific artist - three-year member of Art Club — draws portraits and tells them — drew portraits for Athletic Banquets — served on many docoratlons committees — Sponrih Club In grades 11 ond 12. WILLIAM PAUL SPEARING main interests ore hunting ond fishing — enjoys bowling, and ploying tennis and ping pong — plons to offend the University of Minnesota. SUSAN SCOn SPONSEL - driver ol o big green bus -ployi French horn.- Band Council secretory, drum majorette — Senior Class secretary — NHS — Student Council — Homocoming Court — Girls' State Alternate — DAR oword — vp of church youth group. ANN KATHRYN STAMP - president of the Colonial Church's youth group — vp of Home Ec Club os a Junior ond secretory as o Sophomore — Y-fe«nt for two years — o Job's Daughters recorder — hopes to be o denlol hygienist. JOHN ALLEN STEPHEN — varsity swim team monoger for two years — on the base boll and tennis looms one year — vp of Regis Hl-Y — Spanish ond World Affoirs Clubs — collects stomps — washes dishes ot the Edina Cofeterio — plons to study low. SUSAN CAROL STERNFELS participated in An Chib ond Y-teens In her Senior yeor — World Affoirs Club os o Junior — o library helper — hobbles ore knitting ond cooking. ROBERT EDWARD STEWART - Junior Counsellor of his DeMoiay chapter — Lotin Club os o Sophomore — member of his church youth group — likes to hunt, golf, skote, ond ski. STEVEN RAY STILES — octlve in frock ond basketball throughout high school; ployed football In Sophomore ond Junior years — Interested In cors — workod on a mink form — plans to ottend the University of Minnesota. 189MM Steve Vizzicr, another regressing Senior, accepts a sucker from the cashier at Perkins' Pancake House. MARTHA JANE STOLARIK - member of World Affoirs Club and FTA In nor Senior year — very interested in traveling,- ho been through Canada, Western Europe, and United Stote — plans to attend the University of Minnesota. MARILYN JEAN STONE - secretary of hor Y-tceni chapter as a Junior, vice-president os a Senior — three-year member of Spanish Club — FTA — ticket chairman for the Sophomoro Talent Show — clarinetist In the 8and os a Sophcmoro SUSAN ELAINE STONE — two-yeor member of German Club — hos participated in Y-tc«ns and GAA for three yeors - Homo Economics Club — bowling league — plans to go into nursing. Perkins, Dandy’s, and Bridgeman’s Sustain RICHARD ROBERT STOVER oll-eity Junior Achievement president — otfonded notlonol ond regionol Junior Achievement conferences - French Club — over-all co-cholrman of Beoux Arts 8all — recipient of Leadership and Mr. JA awards. VINCENT JAY STROM - hobbies ore pointing ond tinker-ing with cars — likes to bowl. Fish, hunt, and ski - - plans to attend the Univorsity of Minnesota or a tredo school. DINAH LYNN STRUCK - president of Phi Y-teens -played Mrs. Pcareo in Pygmalion two-year member of French Club - member of Edina ond Bliccard Ski Clubs — hos been on canoe trips for past three summers. 190JEFFREY WARD STURM — three-yeor member of Fronch Club — enjoy piono playing, golfing, ond bowling — bulk) model cor EDWARD LEONARD SWANSON - Latin Club a a Sophomore — o port-time job o» a mechanic — like pom ond the outdoor ,' especially enjoy hunting — want to »udy low ot the U of M. JAMES RICHARD SWANT — ha appeared In many Grange youth talent contest ; hi group ho won several nbborn In the State Talent Contest — a phoaiaot hunter — went on two Conodion border canoe trip last summer. MAURICE REUEl TAYLOR - Maury - tennis during hi Junior ond Senior yeor — member of Dei Gratia Hi-Y for two year — Ski Club a o Senior — like to ploy pool ond billiardtj ol o golf and ski . DAVID EARL THOMAS — treasurer of Thespian — stage manager of mony school ploy — member of the tennh team for three year — Utlll Hi-Y chapter member In hi Senior yeor — B-squad hockey a a Junior, JOHN ANDREW THOMPSON - NHS, Nationo! Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — Science Seminar, Moth Club — twice earned on honorable mention In the Notional French Contest — enjoy art — plan for engineering at the U of M. MARGARET LOUISE THOMPSON - Maggot - TO-AO-aedtle, goddess, and toccer copfoln of Lotln Chib — NHS — Whigreon copy editorj Quill ond Scroll — Science Seminar — Nntionol Merit Scholarship finalist — state Latin contest winner. MARY-JANE THOMPSON — two-year member of Choir — ho participated In Y-teen for three year — Home Ec Club a 0 Junior — ings with her church choir. WILLIAM JOHN THOMPSON - belonged to Tri-Alpha Hi-Y chapter ond World Affair Club o» a Senior — Ger-man Club o a Junior — vice-president of sole for hb Junior Achievement company. Seniors Through Games, College Boards JOSEPHINE BOURNE THORPE - Jose - member of World Affair Club — Sigma Delta Y-teen — Choir — French Club a a Sophomore ond Junior — on experienced Europeon traveler after two trip . WILLIAM HENRY TOMLINSON - student manoger of the basketball team — baseball a a Junior — E-dub — World Affair Club member for three yeor — a golfer. PAUL ALAN TRAUTMAN - ocftve In Hi-Y throughout high school; chapter president os o Junior — participated In I-ball for two yeor — production monoger of Junior Achievement company o o Sophomore — enjoy bowling and fishing. 191MICHELE ANN TURK - tronsferrcd from Holy Angle in Kef Junior yeor — member of World Affair? ond Home Ec Club — ploy the organ — like to knit, dance, and cook. LEIGH RUSSEL TVETNE - like to now ond woter kl -ho traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, ond twice to Europe — plan to go into tho armed services after graduation. STEVEN LEE UTNE - Noot - member of Hi-Y a a Sophomore — ipend many hour playing pool — ho done jome contraction work — plan to attend the Univor !ty of Min-ne ota. Awards Day Recognizes Deserving Students, KATHLEEN LOUISE VANASEK - song in the Choir o a Senior — Spanish Club In Sophomore ond Junior yeor — membor of church youth group — plan to attend the Uni-vorjity of Mlnno oto. COLETTE JANE VARIN — Co-Co — new to Edina In Junior yeor — two-year member of Choir, vice-pcejident In Senior yeor — member of Omlcron Y-teen — FBLA o» o Junior — Home Ec Club a o Senior, RICHARD LEROY VAUGHN - Rick - enjoy racing hi car once a week ot Flying Cloud — ol o like to dive ond ski. JUDITH LOUISE VICTOR - three-yeor member of Home Ec Club — Y-toen and FTA — octlve In church youth group; secretary o» a Junior, preiident at a Senior — represenfo-tive to both Mlnneopoli and MinneJOta Christian Youtl Council . JO ANN MORGAN VIKEN - Motor Magna Vox of Latin Club, formerly on aedile, crucified thi year — two yeor of Aqua Nymph ond Ski Club — World Affoir Club ond Y-teen — Latin Club soccer team — Declamation. STEPHEN CHARLES VIZ2IER on|oy» tenni . hunting, fish- -ing, and scuba diving — a hall monitor — o member of the tenni team o a Sophomore — ploy the banjo. KIRSTEN VOGELEY - Cricket - NHS - piono occompa-nist for the Choir — student musical director of The Mik-odo — FTA. World Affairs Club — third in the state Latin contest — vp ©f her Luther Leoguo — a headband of lunch tickets. MARJORIE ANN WAHL - two-year member of FBLA — Home Ec Club os a Senior — appeared In the Sophomore Tolent Show o o Junior — enjoy knitting — will attend the University of Minnesota. JANIS M. WAHLFELD — transferred to Edina a o Senior — participated in GAA, Conces ion Club. Latin Club, Youth Council, and Pep Club in Missouri — joined Upsllon Y-teens, Home Ec Club, and Spanish Club — member of MYF. 192WILLIAM EDWARD WALDUSKY - Waldo - profiteering proetor of lotin Club for two yeor — president of Uflll Hl-Y — foot boll for three year , bo se ball for two — l-ball — member of E-Club — enjoy both hunting and fiihlng. JUDITH ANN WALL — two year on Aqua Nymph — French Club — Y-teen» — Ski Club — moved to Edina at the beginning of Junior yeor from Connecticut, where the wo a cheerleader. CHERYL CHRISTINE WALLER - member of Y-teen». FTA, the Edlno Player , and GAA — vice-pretident of her Luther Leogue — Job' Daughter — enjoy both wlmmlng ond golfing. Seniors Take Finals for Last Time LINDA JOY WARD — member of Art and Home Economic Club — participated in Junior Achievement for two yeor — Job’s Daughter — enjoy wood carving, tewing, ond »kot-Ing. REBECCA JANE WARDEll - Becky - member of F8LA and Y-teen during Junior ond Senior year — Home Economic Club member a a Senior — made out-houte for the FBLA Sadie Hawkln Dance — work In o drug store. KATHLEEN PATRICIA WARREN - Katy - participated In German Club and the girft' soccer team for two year — a sports-minded girl who enjoy bowling, hunting, ond fiihlng — her future Include teochlng Physical Education. SALLY ANN WARTCHOW - member of Spanish dub. Y-teen , Ski Club, ond Job' Daughter — love to twlm, soil, and comp - spent two summer a a CIT ot Comp Sherwood — plan to ottend lowo State University. PATRICIA ANN WATSON - Willy — president of Kappa Y-teens — senator in the Lotin Club — co-chairman of Homecoming refreshment — Honored Queen ©f Job's Daughter — mischievous gont-wrecker — a golfer ond skier. SIGNE CHARLENE WERSELl - o Hornetto for two year — president of Zela Y-teen — AFS semifinolbf — Red Crou Council — B-squad cheerleader — French Club — octlve in church youth group — secretory of Young Ufe. ANN MARIE WESCOTT — Bunny — won o dromo award for her port in The World of Corl Sandburg — GAA board member — World Affair Club o» a Junior ond Senior — Choir — enjoys playing the piano. JOHN MASON WEST — two-year member of German Club; Bundettog representative — Radio Club o» o Sophomore ond Junior — participated In Hl-Y — member of church youth group — worked o pit mechanic in sports cor race. KENNETH CARL WEST - president of Future Sales Leod-er of Edina — member of Dei Gratia Hi-Y in his Sophomore ond Junior year — likes to tinker with cor , hunt, and play golf. 193DOUGLAS JEFFREY WESTERVELT - tennis ployor and member of E-dub as a Junior — two-year member of Garmon Club — Hi-Y — delegate to Minnesota YoOth In Gov-ornmont Conference and YMCA Leadership Workshop. NANCY DAWN WHALEN - ocodemies od.tor of Whig-reonj Quill and Scroll — NHS — Notional Scholarship letter of commendation — Red Cross Council — co-choirman of Homecoming coronation — Spanish Club, FTA. BERTRAM FREDERICK WHITBREAD - member of Dei Grot-la Hi-Y — hall monitor — football ond Latin Club os a Sophomore — likes to bowl, skate, ond play golf; also enjoys hunting and fishing. As June 6 Approaches, Seniors Anticipate JAMES CHARLES WHYTE — earned o superior rating and second ploce In the state Doclom contest — oppeored with the Mlnneopold Repertory Theatre — Choir section leader — Pish-Tush In The Mikodo — three years c swimming — Blizzard Ski Club. WENDY PATRICIA WICKER - Wick - participated in Spanish Club. Home Economics Club, ond FBLA In Senior year — Y-teens os a Sophomore — likes to bowl. JOHN CLARK WILLIAMS member of Utilis Hi-Y ehopter — a hunter and fisherman — enjoys skin diving, water skiing, bowling, ond flying. KATHLEEN ANN WILLIAMS - Ann - new this yoor from New Jorsey where she was active In cheerloading. GAA, FNA, FTA. Glee Club, ond Leader's Club — Y-teens — church fellowship — hobbles are dancing, reading, ond collecting records. CHARLES EDMUND WILLOUR - Hunc - Latin Club censor — cemented the German war booty In 178-pound block — wrestling team — vice-president of the Soccer Club -Fairy Good Hornet In tho Senior skit — boss in the Choir. RICHARD WAYNE WILSON - Willie - enjoys oil sports but likes baseball ond hockey best — Intramural basketball for two years — member of Regis Hi-Y os a Senior — member of church youth group — plans to ottend U of M. JOHN ALAN WINBERG - both cross country and frock for threo yeors,- cross country co-captain os a Senior — E-club treasurer — three-year member of German Club ond Tri-Alpha HI-Y — l-boll — hopes to study engineering of Grinnell College. JANET LEA WOLF - clarinetist In the Bard for three years; wen a modal In the state contest — three-year member of Spanish Club and FTA — chaplain of her Y-teens group os a Senior — Luther leoguo. Horizon Club, ond Knitting Club member. ANNE MARY WOODWORTH - co-coptaln of Hornottes mombor of Spanish. Home Ec. and World Affairs Clubs — many stoge appearances In Choir programs ond talent shows — secretary of her church youth group and post secretary of the Choir. 194JOHN HENRY WRIGHT - louit »h To - Socc f Club — m«mber of French Club, ployed French Club soccer for three year — World Affairs Club for two y o« — like soccer, hockey, ond hunting. WILLIAM SPURGEON WRIGHT - three yean of football ond basketball; oil-conference In football — E-dub — Homecoming Court — Student Council — president of Tri-Alpha Hi-Y — vp of the Junior Class — three-yeor member of Germon Club. HENRY ROBERT WUOLICK - Bud - three-yeor member of Art Club — Hi-Y ond Conservation Club os a Senior — OeMoloy — enjoys wood carving, drawing, ond printing — Interested In skin diving. Conversation overheard between Dove Croonagol , and Tom Hendrickson: "Dave, I hoto to break if to you like this, but your heod is only three inches around. They just don't moke cops fhof small ' Tassles, Diplomas, and All-Night Party PAUL KENNETH WUNSCH - president of Regis Hi-Y, vp of Moth Club — NH$ member os a Junior; recipient of o Nationol Merit Scholarship letter of commendation — Science Seminar ond German Club for three years — clarinetist in the Bond for two years. JUDITH ELLEN YOUNG - treasurer of the Girls Choir and member of FTA — Homecoming committee cholrmon — president of her Pf group; Twin Cities Pf faith chairman — vice-president of the Minneopfis area Horizon Clubs. ROBERT JOHN ZEIMES - fwo-yeor member of Spanish Club — participated In Junior Achievement — vice-president of church youth group — enjoys organ playing ond public speaking — Interested in politics. 195Patrons Scherling Studios Fargo, North Dakota, and St. Louis Park, Minn. Golden Guernsey World's Finest Milk Home Delivery JA 2-3601 First Edina National Bank 4100 West 50fh St. Edina, Minn. Boyer-Gilfillon Ford 1201 Harmon Place Minneapolis, Minn. Clancy Drug, Inc. 3948 West 50th St. Edina, Minn. Lang, Raugland and Brunet, Inc. Architects and Engineers Minneapolis, Minn. M. A. Mortenson Construction Co. 250 Fremont Ave. N. Minneapolis 5, Minn. Peavey Company 760 Grain Exchange Minneapolis 15, Minn. Thorpe Bros., Inc. Realtors Since 1885 3940 Sunnyside Road Swanberg and Scheefe Co. Buick Dealers University at East Hennepin Best Wishes Bermel-Smaby Realtors Edina, Minn. Greguson's Nursery Landscaping — Garden Confer Hwy. 169, Vi Mile W. of Cty. Rd. 18 196 Benri Coiffures 3946 West 50th St. WA 7-7339 Fine Flowers by Connolly Florists 3801 Sunnyside, WA 6-1806 Compliments of Country Club Cleaners 4400 France Ave. Eberhardf Company Mortgago Bonkers — Realtors 5307 Hwy. 169 Compliments of Edina Laundry Cleaners Edina, Minn. Glacier Sand and Grovel Co. 7009 France Ave. So. Edina, Minn. Hooten Cleaners and Laundry 3944 West 49V5 St. WA 6-2749 Jerry's Lucky Dollar 5033 Hwy. 169 Edina, Minn. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Co. 6405 Lyndale Ave. So. Minneapolis 23, Minn. Compliments of Olson Bros. Pharmacy Hwy. 169 at Interlochen Blvd. See Our New Home Stephens Buick Co. 2400 South Hwy. 100 Suburban Federal Savings and Loan Association of Edina 3925 West 50th St.Patrons Morningside Grocery and Meats Delivery Service Morningside, Minn. Valley View Drug 6123 Wooddole Ave. WA 6-6519 Compliments of American Provision Co. 3986 Alabama Ave. Your Neighborhood Variety Store Ben Franklin of Edina 3906 West 50th St. Carole of Edina 3929 West 50th St. Minneapolis 24. Minn. Coiffure Exquise 5008 Hwy. 169 Edina, Minn. Edina Realty, Inc. Realtors — M.L.S. 3907 West 50fh St. Edina Shoe Service 4952 France Ave. So. Edina, Minn. Edina Theatre 50th and France Edino, Minn. Compliments of Foremost Dairies Inc. 128 University Ave. SE Gregg's Pharmacy 50th and Franco Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. Harvey's Restaurant Southdale Medical Bldg. WA 6-7488 Hawkin's Confectionary 4396 France Ave. Morningside, Minn. Herb's Conoco 4419 France Ave. WA 2-9601 Jr. Cleaners (Fun Washl 3922 West 4916 St. Edina, Minn. Knit 'N' Purl Shop 5025 France Ave. So. Edina, Minn. Compliments of Page Hardware 4349 France Ave. So. Roberts Co., Inc. Rent-A-Tux 3827 West 50th St. Compliments of Standard American Life 3801 West 50th St. Morningside Texaco 4360 Franco Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. Valley View Grocery Free Delivery Edina, Minn. Valley View Hardware Edina's Newest Hardware Store 4510 Valley View Road Vision Center Opticians, Inc. Optician With An Eye To The Future 3939 West 50th St., WA 7-9400 Wilson Marine Transit Co. 5305 Hwy. 169 929-0358 197 z a 5 8: $ | 1 ? 9 R 5 S 2 „ 5 ? 8 §55 .£?S-tfR 5 c ? 5 n§?5 PlilliMj • 4 1 - • o 5 -fr 1 . a? a 5 8 2 £ f i x u x y 5i's: k eSS5 Bg «g n |l |s.5||i Julias Hi ! s si . i J 4 5 4 s » .• 8 S .. ,• 8 r j 2-g I ? I i e (il |iil!t;i!J liJSiSJlIfiil III 8:' i 5 i; x 5 | r 13 5 s - ciiri3'!! i £ | f I k w » £ 0 iiili 333$! Z S‘ - R £ X - c ' “ I I] Ns ?c- Jl If II II Ss S » - 2 2 3 -. 2 - ? 5 5 S I 1 2s-ss:;:is I ill 5 I JjiiiHi- £££zz.£o o S ? 3 =i 3 ? n « S k « « cm" a5-»S-sssi o 11 ? i i " 4 | | -itfI § ?! t ooo ooooooo o ? 3 ? ? ? r 22 s s;! 3 - 3 §«2 Jill! itsJ ? i 5 i • “ 1 i'll (il s il'llif . . 6666iSillSi£lSil » o o - o “ s 3 fill lllii 3 2 sf3s|s -| = -i55 S I J :5 J i ? 1 - I ! 3 S' ill g 2sa2ss i 5 5 - $ 3 III'5 III la.o § l .i 2 £ 2 5 S u £ ? 11 I I 8 fill21 R 3 £ ft 3 i; ? 5 ft ?■ 51 ft ft 2 Jj s ???25s i 2 If ? ?P:lsIs 1 s 5 » 5 2 , . , g 8 S 5 Jiii«|iiii!!i 2 ° a I ° -6 i e c “ liiiililililsj 0000uiui(uu uiuiiuuju.u. 3 $ $ ” ? 3 11J t! I i M. ML U. tt. M. U. U. A c 0» $ 2 “ if! 11 § 151 ? $ - «. - - a ? g c III i | § III z ? s I! ! c s'3 11 c a 8 g J £ c C 8 2 5? s' si J „ x«3 I iii S5 ?§ I 2 6i if. I J ?S? Sag c ir lir s 3 — ro II 12 S s ft l f' I 5.1 i Si 4 | 4 8 8 la 13 ti 5 3 11 II 03 CD zS § 4 II pc if1 fl J 11 iis 9 Z w w c 2 2 385,2 2 i a o ” a ? 2 I! m co Tt-s I i 9 ? c i 4 I J ] ■ 9 . i x i . i i i «r til 11 O OIO QC0 5? 8 5 5 5 3; ji -:i-i23sg“ •§ -H o]5“ cS-f 5? is I iii 3 5 " . - w •jsiiilfIJ! 11 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 «5u sJs 5 I 5 T Jill 3333 11 J15 3 ?i ll8 3 3 2 8 8 3 3 2 8 si 5 s = S 518 a R- § i ; a 15 s 112 , i j 2 = J S s iJjillilllliillll lUllllilllOillllllilihl mm “ x a £ - I I ? » y jjj{ liijijiiiiiiiffi i!, l?sii! || sills5. illfli illiiilll $ 5 3 «D T S ®5 § 5 J 8 § = §§ l!?i| $ 23!a«3 i52 m i5 °''u“-T|iii|r«3 i 1111 j iBrothers. Bruce 134 Brown. Chorlet 134 Brown, lee 63.134 Brown. Money 48,54.134 Brown, Stephen 134 Brunt jen, Fred 134 Buchanan, Merry lee 134 Buckbeo. Donno 134 Burgeton. Dick 134 Bylin. Therwe 134 Carleton. Candice 134 Carlton. Chorlet 134 Carlton. Julie 62,134 Carlton, Leslie 134 Corlton, Pomelo 134 Carlton. Richord 134 Corlton, Robert 134 Corlton. Suton 134 Corlton. Sylvlo 134 Corlton. Terryl 134 Corlitrom, John 99,134 Cornohon, Jone 33.60,134 Corriger, Jim 33,134 Corton. Condoce 33.44.50,64.81, 133.134 Corter. Diane 63.134 Chorlet. Dwight 134 Chmlel. Barboro 134 Chrlttofferton, Suton 33.49,62, 134 Cloutier, Jeff 134 Coffin. Stephen 134 Comb. Connie 134 Connor, Richard 133.134 Cook. Betty 134 Cook. Fredrick 134 Cooper. Dovld 61,134 Cooper. Mary Kay 63.134 Cornwell. Jeffrey 135 Courtolle, Judy 135 Covnlck. Suton 62.135 Cox, Cothleen 135 Crawlord. Ron 89.135 Crawford, Suton 135 Critt. Bonnie 135 Crowther, Coren 135 Curran, Jim 135 Dahl. Philip 135 Dohittrom, Thomat 135 Darnell, Diana 135 Doth. Undo 135 Davlet, Richard 63,135 Davit. Jomei 135 CXjwton, Marilyn 135 DeWinter. Williom 135 Dennlton. Tom 135 Doveny. Kathleen 62,135 Dickey. Carol 135 Diehl. Cathy 135 Oillner, Diane 33.62.135 Oiroclet. Louite Dornfeld. Jane 135 Downt. Edword 89.135 Dunker. Donna 135 Duoot. Bonnie 135 Duvick. Darlene 135 Edgren, Milton 60.135 Edlund, Suton 136 Edwordt. Steve 136 Eichhom. Dick 136 Elftmann, Greg 33.136 Ellington, Tom 136 Elliott. John 136 Ellit. lorry 136 Engel. Elaine 136 Engen, Gary 136 Epple. Svtanne 136 Eriekton. Borbaro 136 Erlckton. Bonnie 136 Ewing. Solly 136 Fahlberg, Jeon 136 Farley, Karin 136 Fechner. Roger 136 Felgum, Morllyn 26,136 Ferguton, Gordon 33,136 Fiedler. Joe Fiedler. Thomot 33,95.96,136 Field. Dovld 136 Fither. Barboro 136 Flther. Doug Fltxner. Jomet 136 Floten. Mory 33.64,136 Fletcher. Sue 60.136 Folium, Greg 61.136 Fotter, luclut 136 Fronke. lyle 136 Frey. John 136 Friegang, Robert 136 Frltth, Ralph 136 Furzoy, Jerry 136 Gallogher. Kathy 63.136 Gardner. Peter 44.136 Gardner. Randall 137 Garlock. Sue 137 Garrlton. Betty 137 Gorvon, Moureen 137 Geonkoplit. Connie 137 Geckler. Roger 61.137 Giertton, Richard 99.100,137 Gil let, Barbara 54.62.137 Giltter. Erie 137 Gjorvod. Sharon 137 Gkxntrud. Dale 60.103,137 Gornltika. Ann 64 GottKholk, Marjorie 63.137 Grobhom, Douglat 137 Gromt, Deborah 62,65,137 Gronger. Robert 137 Green. Jacquelyn 137 Green. Lowell 60.137 Greer, Anne 54.137 Grill, Dovld 137 Grohnke. Bryan 95,137 Grothe. Rick 137 Gruender. Mork 137 Gulliford. Thomat 94.137 Gvnberg, Steve 60,137 Gunderton. Forrett 137 Gundenon. Joan 62.137 Guitafton. Robert 137 Haberle. Chorlet 137 Holing. Cindy 137 Halle. Donna 137 Haltteod. Miehoe! 109.137 Homora. Judy 137 Hone . Gory 137 Honet. Jeri 137 Hanten, Camelo 137 Honten, Douglot 61,137 Honiing, Barbara 137 Honton, Cynthio 137 Honton. Gail 33,138 Honton. Phylllt 138 Honton. Robert 138 Horburger, Mary Sue 138 Harrit, Bonita 138 Horrlton. Kothleen 138 Hortlg, Elizabeth 138 Hortthorn. Robert 33,61.138 Hautkint. lloyd 138 Hovttod, Mory Jo 138 Haw, John 138 Hawthorne. Grant 33.44,138 Hayt, Thomot 138 Hegener. Koren 138 Helgeten. Jone 63.138 Holgeten, Thomot 33,60.138 HenefieW, Frank 138 Herman, Robert 138 Herrmann. Jamet 138 Hewlett. Erik 109.138 Hlcki. Chorlet 138 Hllgendorf. Keith 138 Hilleren. Julie 138 Hinkle. Rlchord 49.95.138 Hinthaw, John 78.79.138 Hockln. Jomet 60.99.138 Hodget, Edwin 138 Holder, Dorothy 138 Holmon, Undo 138 Honaot. Sylvia 62.78,138 Horken, Roberta 62,138 Hovey. Carlo 138 Howorth, Suton 138 Hudak. Gerold 138 Huebtcher. Thomot 138 Hughet. Gall 33.63.64,138 ligrtgg. Suton 138 Iverton. David 60.138 Jackton. Ronald 33,99.138 Jacobton, loro 138 Jamet, Robert 138 Januen. Ginger 138 Jenten. Diane 138 Jenten. Kothie 138 Johnten. Carol 138 Johnton. Bruce I. 99,138 Johnton. Diane 138 Johnton. Mlchoel 61,138 Johnton. Patricio L 138 Johnton, Pofrlclo M. 138 Johnton. Rondee 138 Johnton. Richard 95,138 Johnton. Stephen 138 Jone . Cheryl 138 Jonet. Dave 138 Jonet. Fredrick 138 Jonet. Julie 139 Jonet, Nancy 33,139 Jonet, Trocy 139 Jonet. Williom 139 Jorgenten. Richord 139 Joyce. Barboro 139 Jurgent. Judy 33.139 Kogol, Jon 95,97.139 Kane. Margaret 33.68.139 Kceiey. Undo 139 Kellogg. Kothryn 139 Kennedy. Chrittino 139 Kerker. letlie 139 Kern, Korolyn 139 Kerwin, Jamet 33,139 Ketferton. lynn 139 Kietou. Diane 139 Kikhll. Kay 139 Klndem. Jim 61,139 King, Dallot 89,139 King. Douglot 89,103.139 King, Jomet 139 King. Suton 139 Kirk. Timothy 139 Kjot, Marie 139 Klopp. Williom 139 Kohner, Ann 47.65,139 Kolvumakl, Victor 33.47.65,139 Komelmon, Gretchen 139 Konfod. Dor the a 62.139 Krafft. Richard 139 Kroute. Suton 139 Kroiter. Undo 54.139 Krizan, Jerrilyn 139 Kuehn. Frank 33.139 lompert, Leonard 139 londree. Jamet 139 lone. Janice 22,68.139 Langhoug, Mory 33 51,139 Lapp. Ernie 139 larion, Grogory 139 larton. Joanne 139 Lorton, Koren 139 loth. Sandra 139 Latchaw, Undo 54.139 loub, Undo 139 Lowrence. Suton 139 leomon. Jeff 139 loom. Judith 139 lee. Bruce 139 lee. Suxonne 139 levering, Stephen 139 lewedog. Thomat 139 lewert. Solly 139 lewlt, Nancy 139 lewit, Patrick 89,90.139 lleber. Chorlet 140 llenemann, Jone 140 Lindberg. Dwight 61.140 llndgren, Ann 140 llndow. Virginia 33.140 lindtkoog, Richard 140 Llneberry. Barboro 140 Logon, Margaret 140 Loheyde, Robert 140 long, Gregory 33,49,64.65.140 lord. Williom 33,89.103.140 Lotting, Jomet 140 Loverud. Kothy 140 Luce, Jomet 140 Lund. Cotherine 140 Lundqultt, Jomet 140 luthlne, Frank 89.103,140 lynch, John 140 Lyons, Sherry) 140 Maclntoth. Jeon 54.140 Mockoy, Gerald 140 MocPhall. Alan 140 Mognut, Judy 140 Magnuton. Ruth 140 Major. Gary MO Manning, Moureen 140 Marquordt, Dovld 140 Marquordt. Kothleen 140 Motthlet. Andreo 33.8 U 40 Moultby, Emetf 89.140 Maunder. Brad 140 Moyborg, Stephen 33,44.133. M0 McConee, Karyn 33, M0 McClellon. Ann Marie 140 McCormack, Robert 140 McCormick. Susan 140 McEochron, Thomot M0 McGohey, Mlchoel 5I.'40 McKlniey. Anne 33. M0 200Mcloughlin, Don 33,61,140 McPeok. Florit Ann 61,140 McPeek, Pot 62,141 McToggort. Suton 141 Mood. Ted 141 Merrimon, Thomot 141 Meyer. Richard 141 Micheli. Richard 141 Miller. Carol 141 Miller. Dove Ml Miller. Noncy 33.141 Miller. Norman 33.141 Mitchell. Karen 51.64.Ml Montgomery. Vicki 141 Morrill, Kay Morie 141 Morrill. Suton 54,113.141 Morrli, Cindy Ml Morrlt, Undo Ml Morrlttey, Timothy 107.141 Mortenton. Barbara Ml Moeller. John Ml Munroe. Morth Ml Murroy, Nancy Ml Nobourt, Barbara 141 Nokken. Kenton Ml Notion. Do no Id 99.141 Nelson, John 109,Ml Nelton. Mary 141 Nelson. Merri Kay Ml Nelton. Noncy Ml Nelton. Richard M2 Nett urn. Diane M2 Nevlnt. Patricia M2 Noble.. Kent 63.142 Nocd. Mory Ann 142 Nordell, Mark 85,97. M2 Nyitrom, Undo M2 Obtrg, Carol M2 Olmstead, Jone M2 Olten. Vicki 33.44.142 Olton. Charlene M2 Olton, Cndy 33,142 Olton, Lynne 61,142 OlK n. Schuyler 142 Oppermon, Connie 63,142 Oren, John M2 Osborne. Judy M2 Otkey, Sue M2 Oitendorf. Jeanne M2 Ottlund, Dave M2 Pacini, Cheryl 142 Polen. Suwn 142 Palmer, Pamela M2 Porker, Stephen 142 Paulion, Potrido 61.M2 Peorton, Anne 44.54.142 Pederson. Cory 33. M2 Pongelly, Bo boro 33.48.142 Perry. Susan 142 Peterten, Denite 33. M2 Peterten. Gregory 142 Peterton, Bruce R. M2 Peter ton, Mark 60,142 Pettet. Jo Anne M2 Pettyjohn. Sherri M2 Phillip.. Carol M2 Phlllipt. Mory 142 Plerton, Potrlck M2 Polocek, Karen 142 Pontor, Michael 33,65.81. M2 Pontloo . Douglot 61,142 Porter, Thomo. M3 Posielt. John 143 Prettly. Barbara M3 Price. Dona M3 Radford, Rondo M3 Rofthol. Stephen M3 Romler, Clendori. M3 Ro.k, Gory M3 Raymond. Jeff M3 Reeve . Richard 33.143 Relerton. lee M3 Reilly. Jane M3 Reoh, Dennl. 143 Retherford. Noncy M3 Reynold . Wayne M3 Rlbble. Nancy 61.143 Richard . Jeff 107.143 Rldgway, Rick M3 Rlegert. Ronald M3 Riley, Steven 143 Robb. Mory 57. M3 Roblnton, Sandra M3 Rohner. lie no M3 Rooney, Carole M3 Rote. Ann 143 Rotendahl. Eric M3 Rotenow. Char let M3 Rowan. Condoce M3 Ruitell. loverne 62. M3 Ryon, Jeffrey 64,143 Rydman. Coro) 51.64.143 Sable. Judith 62,143 Soffell, lee 61,143 Sohlman, John 143 Samuel ton. Tom 143 Sondt, Kotherlne 54,143 Sorff. Judy 6I.M3 Sather, Judith M3 Softer, Nancy M3 Sehaper, Mory 65,143 Schilling, Judy M3 Schletxer, Diane M3 Schult . John M3 Schworx, Anito M3 Scott. Jomet M3 Seoihore. Joan Seek. Jomet 33.60.143 Selden. Andy M3 Shorp. Donald 89.143 Sheilt. Kathleen M3 Shelledy. Patricio 62.143 Shidemon, Jeffrey M3 Shipway. Jo 50.68,143 Short, Suson 143 Simone . Lynne 33,143 Simont, Richard M3 Slmpton. Barbara 63,144 Ska la. Thoma. 144 Skarie. Roger 144 Skoglund. Don 144 Slowton, Fronk 144 Slettebough. Richard 144 Sloan, Potrlcto 33,144 Smole, Jeffrey 144 Smith, Carol 144 Smith. Claudia 33,48 Smith, Cynthia 33,144 Smlthen. Warner 107.108.144 Snyder, Marilyn 144 Sorem, Terry 144 Speece. Maynord 144 Spontel, Sally 33.61.144 Sprague, Kondiu 33,144 Sproguer, Sandro 144 Stoob, Katherine 3360.144 Stahly, John 95.144 Steiner. Anna 33,144 Steiner. Peter 144 Stephen . Kriitlne 144 Stephen!, Rlchord 109.144 Steventon, Robert 89.144 Stewart, Oonold 144 Stirraf. Andrew 33.144 Strand. Klrtten 144 Strom, Carol 33.144 Strom, Kriitlne 33.44, M4 Stromme, Chrlttlne 144 Subok. Bor bora 54 144 Sutton, Gall 144 Swendra. Carol 144 Swenton. Jeanne 33.144 Taylor, Karen 144 Teorey. Sondro 144 Thlede. Morfln 144 Thoma , William 144 Thompson, Cynthia 144 Thompton, Diane 144 Thompton. Gayle 144 Thompton. Katheryne 144 Thompton. Lloyd 33,144 Thonon. Toni Anne 144 Toenting. Jam 63,144 Toentlng, John 144 Tripp, Cynthlo 33.44,144.150 Tudor. Margaret 144 Tuntteod, Hugh 144 Turnqultf. John 144 van der Ziel. Cornelia 33.51.144 Von Waier. Peter 144 Vlken. Cindy 144 Vlnx. Betty 60.144 Vlxiier, Lee Ann 64.144 Waog, Torrey M5 Waite. Beverley 145 Wolfe. Joon Lee M5 Wallen. Mortho 61. M5 Woller. Steven 145 Wollner. Noncy 145 Wong, David 145 Word. Stewart 145 Warner. David 145 Wotton. Doug I at 33.95.145 Wot ton. Richard M5 Wayne. Jome 44.89.145 Webb. Jomet 51.145 Week, Louren 63.145 Welch. Gory 145 Wellumton, Curt 145 Wellumton. Mortho M5 Wett. Potricio 33.M5 White. Carol 145 Wilkinton. Mkhoel 65.145 Willet. Lorraine 145 William . Jeanne 145 Williams, Jorel 145 Wilton. George 145 Wilton. Thomot 145 Wimmer, JoAnn 145 Wing. Carol 145 Wlngert. Becky 145 Wintor, Bruce 145 Wit horn. Ellen 145 Wittke. Gregory 145 Wolf. Alfred 145 Wood. Alan 145 Wood. John 89.95.M5 Wright. Bill M5 Wrobletkl, Down . M5 Youngdahl. Barbara 145 Younger. Chorlotte M5 Zempel. Gory 33.145 Znerold. Mlchoel 145 Sophomores Adamton, Joan 116 Alexander, Cheryl 116 Alexander. Kathleen 116 Alllvoto. Tereto 116 Anderton. Clifford 116 Anderson. Cynthia 113,116,128 Anderton. Jomet Rlchord 116 Anderton. Jeffrey 44.116 Anderton. Joon 116 Anderton. John A. 116 Anderton. Mlrlom 116 Anderton. Penny 116 Anderton, Rotonne 116 Anderton. Volroe 116 Andrew . Brodley 116 Antdell. Beverly 49.60.116 Arneten, Poul 116 Arnold. Le Anne 176 Arnold. Scott 116 Arteel, Shannon 116 Aitelttine. Peggy 116 Aynet, Susan 116 Baorton, F. Robert 116 Bacon. Lori Ann 116 Boiley, William 116 Boker. Dionne 116 Baker, Undo 116 Botch. Robert 60.117 Bokom, lony 44,117 Bollogh. Stephanie 117 Borber. Undo 117 Bardem. Sue Ann 117 Borrett. Carolyn 117 Bartlett. Colleen 117 Bart . Jonet 62.117 Batten. Jomie 62,117 Bauernfelnd. Gall 63.117 Benham. Bruce 117 Bennett. Gregg 117 Bennett. Karen 62.177 Berger. Koren 117 Berguton. Carol 117 Berlin. Bruce 117 Bernie. Jucfith 117 Berryhill, Stevo 117 Bethke. Undo 117 Bickett, Jome 60.117 Bkkert, Richard 117 8(dwell. John 117 Biron, Sandra 117 Blthop. Potricio 117 Bjorlunan. Richard 61.117 Blondin, Word 117 Bleifuts. Barbara 118 Bleti. Richard 118 Bockelmon. Koren 118 Boe. flto IIB Boggt. Patti 118 Bomtfo, lorry 118 Boyd. Cheryll 118 Brolne. Suton 118 Broun. Alon 118 Brecht, Lyle 118 Bredeten. Sue 118 201S c« C n « - « .“■ "P •$ w 2 "O 2 2 C - -V " TJ - n 5i5 5i5lS55p;SSS8 a S ss § a :5s Sa s = „ §§ s-aS It;siinsf «5fJ 11 s ri i |t if j = |J nit ! Jif 11 |I I c-: 11 “ 11 a a i a a I $ i jf s J j 41H f'l! 1111=1 i I iJ 111 i 1 i i 111 i|l i A «X »X X X .1 ,S .1 , S £ I I I I I || I I I I £ | i -S -S J 3 3 38 8 8 0 5 8?-' -?84§Jx iiMiiiiiiiiS I J 5 = | i - “ 2 i=?5i3 IIlll1IIIIi!iilll!lll!l!l r S.S=-SsSg5,S. In Appreciation The 1963 Whigrean staff takes this opportunity to give special thanks to: Mr. John Sheldon for advisory aid Mr. Burt Hedstrom and the American Yearbook Company Scherling studios for portraits and photos Mr. Orlando Scherling Mr. Bill Pletsch Mr. Raymond Bechtle for inspiration and criticism The administration and faculty for cooperation in Whigrean projects Our patrons for financial support The student body for enthusiasm and encouragement The janitorial staff for cheerful company and thoughtfulness during deadlines Karin Anderson, Buzzette editor, for aid and moral support And to Marilee and last year's staff for giving us the privilege of working on the 1963 Whigrean. 1963 Whigrean Staff Editor-in-chief .................................... Barbara Peterson Business Manager......................................... Nancy Giebink Art .................................................. Janet Kittelson Copy .... ......................................... Margaret Thompson Seniors..................................................Carole Osberg Sports............................................................. Fred Lundahl Activities ............................................. Ann McDonald Academics............................................. Nancy Whalen Classes and Student Life............................................Jean Erickson Photographer and Picture-coordinator.................................Jim Webb Business Assistant......................................Mary Langhaug Copy Assistant ............................................ Kathy Staab Seniors Assistant................................................. Ginny Buelow Seniors Assistant.................................................. Lois Smith Sports Assistant........................................... Cindy Tripp Activities Assistant.................................. Carol Rydman Academics Assistant...................................Kea von der Ziel Classes and Student Life Assistant..............................Candy Carson Classes and Student Life Assistant...............................Kiki Mitchell Typist .................................................... Jo Shipway Typist..................................................Dawn Wrobleski 204 Princess Ida (Dawn Carlson) listens stubbornly as Hilorion (Jeff French) pleads for her love. Princess Ida os the director sees it. Choir Wages War in 1963 Operetta On the evening of March 28, a bottle occurred upon Edina's stage during the choir's operetta. Princess Ida. Weapons were unsheathed as Princess Ida's girls college was invaded by Bob Hea-cock, Jeff French, and Bob Finkenaur. Fortunately, a peaceful truce was later declared. Also included in the large and lavishly-costumed cast were Dawn Carlson, Jan Sevareid, and Jack Otterness. The production was directed by Mr. Bezoier and the sets were made by Jack Borkla, '59.Ninotchka: Russians in Paris "One must never neglect irrelevant details. Mademoiselle." II "According to them, the Rembrants of Comrade Princess Stephanie belong by right to the Soviet Union." "Monsieur Dagoult, will you make love to me tonight?" Ninotchka Leon Dagoult.............................John Haas Ivanov ......................... David Martin Bibinski ............................ Gary Sotebeer Ninotchka ......................... Kathy Gallagher A Maid.....................................Sue Lee Coppelia ........................... Lee Ann Vizzier Princess Stephanie Orlinova ............Mary Naufh Krasnov .......................... Doug Milleft Student Director................... Borbara BostonDirector Stotts points out o revision to student director. Non Brown. "You'll be oil right now, Mrs. Rogers. Just o nosty turn." . . . And Then There Was One’’ "Davis ... Davis is the name! Ten Little Indians Rogers Mrs. Rogors Fred Narrocott Vera Cloyfhorne Philip Lombard Anthony Morsfon William Blore General MacKenzie Emily Bront Sir Lawrence Wargrave .. John Hoas Dr. Armstrong Student Director Class of ’64 Ends Year of Work Sandy Spraguer and her date step from Third Ave. into medieval days. Under the direction of Mr. Neiss junior boys decorate the Lem mg-ron Hall of States for the big night. IVwith A Knight to Remember’ Undor guild flogs and medieval crests the Prom draws to a close and May 18 becomes "A Knight to Remember." After a year of work junior advisors gather to share in the fun. V Go ahead Marcia, take some, it's only 1500 calories.476 Seniors Bid Graduation 1963: Hurriedly putting on caps and gowns and forgetting places in line . . . Juniors, Candy Car-son and Don Bennett leading the procession . .. listening to Barbara Peterson's "The Measure of Man" and Jim Lee's "Shadows of the Sun" .. . Mr. Ring's nearly accurate performance in reading each senior's name . . . taking those long steps to receive diplomas .. . marching off the field with a little less precision than before ... receiving congratulations from friends and relatives . . . proudly showing off the certificate which symbolized four years of hard work ... A knowledge that we are leaving behind many friends and a way of life. Mary Olstod happily occepts her diploma from the chairman of the school board, Mr. Reeves. VI Ellon Houck receives a special graduation surprise.Ginny Burns helps Dale Ann Knight straighten her mortarboard. Edina Farewell Juniors, Condy Carson and Don Bennett lead the graduation procession. Tho groduates find time to relax at the Senior Reception. Seniors stare, aghast, at their blank diplomas.Amid Arabs VIIIand Old Friends, Alum Relax Noncy Peterson and Janice Olson enjoy looking over classmates boby pictures. Mary Jo Olson and Jim Bartlett twitch with Twitty.Hornet Nine Finish Second in Conference, Vorsity Cooches Donold Zins and Duane Baglien. After a rather slow start, the '63 Hornet baseball team, under the coaching of Duane Baglien and Donald Zins, placed second in the conference. Tied with Bloomington at six wins and two losses, Edina won the toss for second. Among their victories was a 4—1 extra-inning triumph over Robbinsdale. In the first game of District 18 competition, Edina blanked Orono 12—0. However, in the semi-finals of the district, the Robins, seeking revenge for Edina's victory over them, defeated the Hornet nine 8—1. One of the bright spots for Edina was Junior pitcher Brian Grohnke. In 49 2 3 innings, Grohnke struck out 76 and allowed only 29 hits. Due to o football injury, Gary Reierson, considered by many to be the best baseball player in the conference, was unable to play this year. B-SQUAD - Bottom row: Bill Dieccb. Gory llndqutU. M.ke Scott. Barry Nougle, John Hordell. Dove Peterjon. Art Eoton, Dick Diorck Middle row: Mgr Je« French. Dove Clock, Mock Mon-kinjon. Moll Dillon. Doug Da hi berg. Dove Hobenital. BUJ Cop- pock. Cooch Johnion. Top rowi John McCambridge. Bob Groth. Mike Stober, Dick Jordan, lyW Brecht. Pool Arneien, Dove Mitchell. Home run! XThird in District VARSITY SQUAD — Bottom row: Don Nie». Jim Baker. Sorem, Tom Morgon. Top row: Joel Kcrtfcter. Brian Grohn- Douq King, Bill lord. Jim Enroth. Middle row: Gory Reler- ko, Tom Fiedler, John Shepherd, Joe Fiedler. Doug Fliher. ton. Dick Johnton, Dole Glomtrod. Bill Woldutky, Mel JUNIOR VARSITY — Kneeling: Don Sharp, Maynard Speeco, enon, Tom Awiumb, Ron Eckley, Ron Crawford. Dale Glom- Ed Downi. Broce Johnton, Jerry Bergteth. Standing: Cooch trod Fither. Doog Wotton, John Stahly, Rick Hinkle, Dick Ack- XICarlson Takes Broad Pot Lewis puts the shot. Track coach Ed Hendrickson. Wall Drug — 843.6 miles west.Jump Crown in Region and State Ted Carlson, Edina hero in three sports, topped a brilliant career in athletics by taking first in the state broad jump with a leap of 22' 1 1 4". Ted also anchored the 880 yard relay team of Rick Giertson, Dick Eichorn, and Ernie Maulsby. With a time of 1:31.7, the relay team finished second in the state to the record-breaking Minneapolis Central team. Other mainstays on the team were Tex Hew- let, a Junior pole-vaulter, and Rick Giertson, who runs the 440. Edina's track team finished third in the conference behind St. Louis Park and Robbinsdale. In the Region 5 finals, Edina was also third. Coach Hendrickson can expect a very strong team next year with the return of many sophomores and juniors. Co-coptoins Ted Carlson ond Mike Monahan. TRACK TEAM — Bottom Row: Stow Hairt. Brod Hepp, Jerry Stone. Jim John Beale, John Wind berg, John Wood. Top Row: Mike 8,ork. Tom Ander. Ronald. John Woodworth, Koith Beochor, Pot Uwit. Rick Giertton. Mid- ion, Ted Carlton, Erneif Maluiby. Wayne Reynolds. Bob McCormack. Gor. die Row: Tim Wood. John Wlnikrw. Lenny Lamport. Rick Bickett. Tom Reed. die Fergeton, Mike O'Connor, Steve Sanlord, Mike Monahan XIIIEdina Netmen Tie for First in Lake VARSITY SQUAD — Kneeling: Don Mdoughlln, Normon Miller, Cooch Siendrey, Tom Hender»on, Kont Noble . Don Sheffield. Doug Schuyler Olton, Chip OtnoiJ, Dove Warner, John Pone It Standing: Weitervelt, Bob Granger, Dove Rom, Coach Motion. The Horne! leadership: Coach Lazio Szendrey, Captain Bob Granger and Coach John Motion. XIVConference, Send Two to State Tourney The young '63 Hornet tennis team, with Doug Westervelt, the only senior, ended the season with on overall mark of 11 wins and 3 losses. In Lake Conference play. Coach John Motions' netmen finished in a three woy tie for first with Robbinsdale and Richfield, oil claiming 7—1 conference records. Edina's only loss come at the hands of Richfield, 3—2. Rochester, which finished first in the state, and Blake, with 36 consecutive tennis victories, both defeated the Hornets 4—1, handing Edina their only non-conference loss of the season. In order to gain strength in their doubles match, captain Bob Granger, highly ranked singles player, wos moved to number one doubles with sophomore Chip Otness. These two went on from winning two of three matches in regions competition to gain a berth in the state meet. In the state meet, this doubles team defeated Duluth East but bowed to North St. Paul in two tight sets, 7—5 and 8—6. Coach John Motion and assistant coach Lazio Szendrey are optimistic about next year's team, as all but one lettermen are returning. Otness, half of Edina's top doubles pair, worms up with o fast serve. XVCoach John Dahl with Seniors Ted Sorlien and Jim Greer. Golfers Tee Off Well; Wind Up With One at State Edino's '63 golf team, led by Seniors Jim Greer ond Ted Sorlien and Juniors Grant Hawthorne and Eric Gilster, compiled a respectable 4—3—1 season record in Lake Conference play, finishing fourth in the conference. In the districts, Greer shot an 81 for 18 holes, which was good for fourth place in District 18. Three Hornets, Greer, Sorlien, and Hawthorne, survived the districts and went on to the Region 5 tournament. From this, Ted Sorlein continued to the state tournament. Eric Gilifer putts it in. Gdf TEAM: Mr. Dohl, Mike Root, Jeff leyh, AJon MocPhail. Gronf Hawthorne, lioyd Thompton, Jock Birk. Ted Sorlien. Eric Glitter. Jim Greer XVI ' !» I.

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