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Edina Morningside High School - Whigrean Yearbook (Edina, MN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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"gif't 7 pi v5 $sj= Si 5k- “-V ' ; n k uMi C Vu J '“ UJ-4-L t Mxu G-Uxov 0l-o o L d-m (jiixtA Lu co |- l pp 0 f co r5 ? f Hxv Hr) . Aof5 vctf m onrve Hope Lot’pt P°+ 'lotQCfN I2 , n t nc,iisH HCji iri. I ( dO I? jfHuOfl,! ' t“c t t-c £ FfA UXjckJ 'v. J VOA , s CYA '•K, 4 r 'VCb r° o xt K oo WHIGREAN Edina- Jorningside High School Edina, Minnesota f J.i -x3m Marilee Alexander, Editor Edd Thiele, Business Manager Gail McNeil, Art Editor Barb Peterson, Copy Editor Mr. John Sheldon, Adviser vn y the echo and re-echo of a booming disciplinarian voice, the hum of informal class discussion — all these are a part of your school life. We of the Whigrean staff have tried to capture for you THE SOUNDS OF '62 through the pictures in this book. Put hearing into your vision and listen as you remember your high school year, 1962. 2 Dedication In the eleven years that Milton Kuhlman served the Edina-Morningside school system, he helped to develop it into one of quality and prestige. His work is not finished; it lives on in the new schools soon to be built and in the traditions he fostered In recognition and remembrance of his faithful and generous service, we, the Whigreon staff, dedicate the 1962 Whigrean to the memory of Mr. Milton J. Kuhlman. 3 wm.j CAROL £ I RENE, EDITOR CLfe- K...a CAROLE OS ZERO, EDITOR FACULTY... 90 SUZANNE WEST, EDITOR 4CONTEND ACTMne$..M LYNNE 09TDYE, EDITOR rom.jsi KILL JEVNE) EDITOR SWbENTUFLM CAROLE OS ERO, EDITOR 5%SOUNDS OF SENIORS: squabbles over pizza prices . . . fhe studied silence of college boards . . . cheers for fhe winning senior float ... the last strains of "Pomp and Circumstance."Mike Gallon, president; Morilee Alexander, secretary; Erik Strom, vice-president; Jock Steinbouer, treasurer. 8Thanks for the Memories We seniors pause to recall memories that made up our high school years. Remember when in seventh grade the mad rushing between classes created fun and mass confusion. Manners were acquired and many toes were mashed at the famed "62" Club. Our other talents were first exposed in "Around the World in Eighty Days." Teachers many with voices mixed confused the best of us . . . now seventh grade passes into distant memories. Upon us like a silent lynx sprang eighth grade. Endless layers of petticoats crinkled under dresses. The setting sun was great atmosphere for our eighth grade parties. Boys groaned when the chemise and Elvis came in vogue . . . the year is soon over and quiet reigns again, leaving rich memories. The bells sounded sweeter for we were top brass at last. The streets echoed with the screeching of brakes as beginning drivers took to the road. Present football players took top rolls in Tom Sawyer, lens, iens, emptus, the knell of doom rang heavy as we were sold deep into slavery. Six peppy cheerleaders were chosen to lead our future B-squad . . . thus the curtain drops as ninth grade takes its final bows. Hurrahs went up and banners flew as we sophomores whomped the rest with our winning float. With profits from the Sophomore Talent Show, we gave our time and effort that the seniors might have a grand reception. The excitement of the State Hockey Tournament brought out our new found spirit . . . we're on our way taking with us memories of an unforgettable year. "Popcorn, Popcorn" that's our cry! We juniors begged our classmates for money shouting, "Want a prom?" On Saturday mornings we went sleepy-eyed to our job under the stands. We glowed with pride as we slipped class rings upon our fingers. Bruises and black eyes were the results of the battle between the junior and senior girls. The school doubled its size with continuous hammering and buzzing ... oh year of '61, we are sorry that you must pass to the realm of memories. The bells toll for us after years of hard work, fun and comradeship. Ere you forget, let's recall our senior year. Our boys served as the foundation for our excellent athletic teams. Reigning over our classic Homecoming were Gfueen Nan and King Jeff. Our first place float showed our superiority, and the success of the Senior Class Play pulled the treasury out of the red. Finally we reached the climax, when Commencement brought us thoughts of the future as well as the past ... In parting we wish to express a sincere feeling, "long may she remain." With a look to the future And years gone by, We say thanks for the memories, Dear Edina High. 9Bottom Row: Giroline lond. Sandra McDonald. Kothie Fortfer, Second Row: Karyn Williams, Jane Modte, Karen Helgeson. Third Row: Mike Rebmann, Peter Windhorst, John Fitch. John Howkins. Ten, Not Two, Head Class of ’62 These ten people have achieved the highest scholastic rank in a class of 461 students. Because of the rapidly increasing class size and the slight differences in averages, the eleven-year tradition of honoring a valedictorian and a salutatorian has been abandoned. Exemplifying the finest academic performance in the closs of 1962, these outstanding students possess the qualities for a successful future.Senior Honor Roll Bottom Row: M. Moffit, G. Holtz, J. Brostrom, S. McDonald, C. Charles, J. Janssen, K. Helgeson, I. Kannenberg, C. Cannom, K. Dickey. Second Row: N. Vixo, N, Norris, C. Lund. K. Forster, A. Findloy, L. Ostbyo. M. Alexander, L. Twite, J. Westordohl, B. Kono, K. Grandstrond, P. Hall, D. Woden, P. Rosondahl, T. McCormick. Third Row: D. Gutierrez, B. Hanson, M. McGarraugh, S. West, K. Shields, S. Halverson, L. DePasquale, M. Belfry, C. Ash, L. Bortz, K. Williams, P. Field, C. Sirene, M. Callan, L. Fuller. Fourth Row: J. Bridgman, J. Nelson, H. Heckofhorn, C. Murray, M. Malmberg, G. Hafner, K. Benson, J. Mucke, R. Smith, P. Manfred, F. Crfckmer, J. Carlson, W. Walker, K. McGahey, C. Rockwell. Fifth Row: J. Stein-bouer, T. Stuermer, T. McKenna. P. Kemper, E. Strom, J. Fitch, P. Windhorst, J. Hawkins, S. Gieblnk, J. Carlson, J. Gunderson, G. Reiter. R. Faville. B. Engolking, D. Mayo. M. Rebmann. Missing: C. Bonnell, J. Donnatt, B. Jovne, C. King, B. Meredith, F. Steinmetz. Senior Class Advisers Sitting: Mr. Bochtle, Mrs. Aamodt, Mr. Fredrickson, Mrs. Hogemeisfer, Mr. Bezoier. Standing: Mr. Anderson, Mr. Pegors, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Jepson, Mr. Garner.AUDREY LoVONNE ANDERSON Aud ... o popular tramfer from Washburn ... octivo In Pop Club of her former school ... church work occupies much of her time ... nalurolly partial to Washburn boys. DALE RICHARD ANDERSON A sharp drosser ... possesses a friendly disposition ... on avid member of the Art Club in his senior year ... main Interest lies in the big three: cars, girls, and money. LYNN DIANE ADAMS Model for beautiful clothes ... member of FBLA and office page ... lives in her own dream world ... worked for a candy company — but stayed trim ... pretty hands draw com-plimonts. MARILEE ALEXANDER Mer ... a red-headed wonder ... Sr. class secretary ... Whigrean editor ... Student Council ... NHS ... Quill and Scroll president ... many chairmanships ... girls' football ... sincere friendliness. JOHN ROBERT ANDERSON Big John ... came to Edina from Southwest as a sophomore ... works with electronics ... participated in boseball os a junior ... Radio Club ... one of the prlntshop gang. KIM EDWARD ARTEEL Fresh from the Superior shores as a senior ... at Duluth East lent his talents to school poper. Explorers, and Ski Club ... senior year — Hi-Y and Blizzard Ski Club ... master of a French poodle. CLAUDIA ELLEN ARTUS Dee ... has friends in many londs — ever eager to increase her list of pen pals ... treasurer and chaplain of her Y-teens group ... octivo In church forum ... always thinking. CAROLYN MARIE ASH Business is her motto ... belongs to World Affolrs Club, GAA Scionce Seminar, Russian Club, Contoct, Junior Achievement ... heoding for Washington D.C. for collcgo. CHERYL KATHRYN ASHENBRENNER Little Ash ... gullible and fun ... vigorous Hornette ... Spanish Club, FBLA ... packago of dynamito under her modost exterior ... quarterback on the junior team ... "Californio, here I cornel" PATSY JEAN ATKINSON Effervescent ... busy little Buzzetter ... district honors In declam ... president of FTA .,. Spanish Club ... veep of luthor League ... camp counselor ... practical. 12KATHLEEN ANN BAILEY Kothie ... fashionable hairstyles and envied wardrobe ... Spanish Club, GAA, Home Ec. Club, Art Club ... attracted to o green and white uniform — not o Hornet ... on adorable freckled face. ROGER JAMES BARNES A native of our mother country ... German Club os a sophomore ... ready and willing committee member — decorations and ushers ... will sell houses — main Interest In real estate. JAMES RUSSELL BARTLETT Bart ... a varsity wrestler — lightweight ... membership In E-Club ... ploys a resounding cornet In Concert Band ... other diversions are skiing and skindiving ... "You name It." LINDA JEAN BARTZ "Miss Encyclopedia" — no foct escapes her ... Merit Scholarship Finalist ... science Seminar — will mako o fine chemistry mojor ... states her mind in all classes ... a sharp wit. ROBERT JAY BASCHE Served the school and the favorite Miss Miller as a library helper during his senior year ... a bowler who obtained o high average ... a crystal ball future leads him toward electronics. ANN CORYELL BAXTER Annie ... a sensitive listener ... dimples add to her warm and sincere smile ... octive in Y-teens, Home Ec. Club and Art Club all through high school ... plans for St. Cloud, Minnesota. EARL FREDRICK BEDDOW Rick ... considerate and fun ... busy in Hi-Y, Spanish Club and Green Knights ... served on dance committees ... church group ... cars ore his favorite pastime along with drawing ... "Kosher." LOUISE CHRISTINE BEGG Wee ... odds animation to any crowd ... complimentary ... Red Cross Council, Home Ec Club. FTA ... co-caplain of Hornettes ... her prize personality will lead her to success. KENNETH ALFRED AWSUMB Sports-minded guy — keeps statistics of all stars In the athletic world ... church interests — Hi-League and basketball at Mount Olivet ... Concessions Club ... l-ball ... future Gopher. ALICE ANN BAARSON Good-natured ... poge at Edina Library ... busy member of FTA, World Affoirs Club. Math Club, Latin Club ... enjoys playing the piano ... hos dreams of teaching Latin or interpreting at the UN. 13DEBORAH NASH BEll Debbie ... activities galore — Phi Epsilon president. World Affairs, French, and Ski Clubs ... FTA ... tockle for girls' football team .,, humor and originality ore the makeup of her mind. BRIAN PATRICK BENNETT Mathematically-minded — two years of Math Club ... French Club — captain of the soccer team .., Science Seminor .., outside interests include hunting, golf, bowling ... subtle wit sparked classes. KAREN JEAN BENSON A girl with a promising future ... chairman of several committees . .. interest In dramatics shown by declam, Thespians, and Student Directorship of Junior play ... NHS ... clever storyteller. ROBERT MAYNARD BERDAHL Berd ... member of Greon Knights ... hustler in hockey and football ... interest in racing — both spectator and participant ... member of Naval Air Reserve — aviation in future ... "Well, I'll be." JOAN PATRICIA BEGGS Sweet, shy, and sensible — that's Buggs ... three-year member of Y-teens and FBIA ... has plans for a futuro In business ... alluring brown eyes ... always finds time for fun. MARY SUSAN BELFRY Scholar, sportswoman, musician ... NHS ... spirited-coach of Lotln Club soccer team ,.. first-chair bass clarinet in Concert Band ... co-chairmon of Homecoming Coronation ... sincerity personifiod. PATRICK CASHMAN 8ENNETT Football career climaxed by co-captaincy and election to oll-conferonce ... two years track ... Homecoming King candidate ... veep of E-Club ond sophomore class ... Sfudont Council ... Maw Fricker. JUDITH LUCILLE BENSON Quiet and thoughtful ... Girls' Choir member for two years ... Y-feens and GAA participant ... member of Job's Daughters ... summers spent at Edina Pool ... a friendly smile. BARRY FREDRIC BERGH Bergher-bits ... played football and baseball In sophomore year ... a Future Sales Leader of Edino ... held a job In o sweet-smelling florist shop ... "Love yo, honey." RUTH ANN BERGLUND Fanny Former's delight ... treasurer of Home Ec Club ... Y-feens ... counselors page as a senior ... oided many committees ... likes school, prefers ploy ... foscinoted by some long eyelashes. 14BRUCE HOWARD BERGUSON A transfer from Bloomington os a junior ... active in his church youth group ... member of Spanish Club and Skin-diving Club in senior year ... future may include Gustovus Adolphus. CLAUDIA ANN BERLIN Sure poise ... many beautiful sweaters ... pleasing personality draws many friends ... ardent member of Y-teens, Home Ec Club, Art Club, FBLA ... has that domestic touch. I BRUCE COOPER BERMEL A casual ond congenial addition from Washburn ... two years of baseball ... president of Hi-Y chapter, co-coptain of Hak-sters. ond Homecoming co-chairman of Buttons committee ... "Is that right?" JULIE ANN BESSESEN Besse ... a reol live wire ... Whigreon typist for two yoars ... three years of Y-teens ... FBLA ... skiing onthusiast — expert at both kinds ... junior girls' football ... a mirthquoke of fun. BARBARA JEAN BIGELOW Barbie ... Interest at Breck — o cheerleader there In her senior year ... Y-feens chapter president ... a member of the EYC State Commission ... a barrel of fun ... "Toko on Indian to lunchl" JAMES WESTEN BIGELOW Californio ... quiet but not without a sense of humor ... active In his youth group — EYC ... a member of the DeMolay Chapter In Richfield ... a fisherman ... plans to join the Army after graduation. TOMMY ARTHUR BLISS Tom ... joined Conservation. World Affairs, and Math Clubs ... attended Luther League Convention at Miami Beach, Florida ... looks forward to the U of M ... quiet but certainly cordial. CYNTHIA ELLEN BONNEll Cindy ... welcome newcomer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa — adjusted in no time ... joined FTA, World Affairs Club. GAA, ond Spanish Club ... valuable soprano voice in Girls' Choir ... likable girl. ROBERT WAITER BONYNGE, JR. Never behind in laughs ... New Jersey occent becoming mid-western twang ... Hi-Y ... Sportsman's Club — enjoys hunting and trapping ... loves the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. LAURENCE ADRIAN BOURGEOIS Gwa ... never misses a Green Knight meeting ... Naval Air Reserve ... uncanny ability to laugh ot almost anything ... "Why should I study, my time is valuable" ... Navy In the future. 15GERTRUDE ANN BRANDT Buddha ... skiing and more skiing — trip coordinator and president of Ski Club ... Christmas at Aspen during senior year ... quite the quarterback ... glowing eyes and smile. THOMAS CHARLES BRAUN A dry sense of humor ... treasurer of Student Council ond junior class ... World Affairs, Boys' State alternate, NHS, Latin and German Clubs, Science Seminar ... a leoder in and out of school. WILLIAM DEAN BREWBAKER Bill ... track team for two years ... Green Knights and Latin Club ... Modifires' Car Club and a hot Olds coupe occupy spore time ... "Girls, they're crazier than I am" ... U of M In the future. JOHN ELLIOTT BRIDGMAN Ponsvlr ... E-Club member ... wit wos Invaluable to Homecoming and pep-fest skits ... Math Club. French Club, Hi-Y, Science Seminar ... captain of Lo-La-Las l-Ballers. CAROL MINTURN BROCK Dubbed Blondle ... Y-feens member two years ... Home Ec Club all three years ... has been a great help In office and library ... social work or home economics at U of M planned after high school ... "Oh shush!" DANIEL MARVIN BROS Always does his best ... veep of Hi-Y chapter ... German Club ... DeMolay ... Homecoming parade committee ... stage crew ... holds office in church group ... the finest brother that Jose could have. JANET MARIE BROSTROM Janney ... wisdom ond Intelligence ... member of Lotin Club ... NHS ... Y-teens chopter president ... the little maid in Reluctant Debutante ... a willing worker and devoted friend. JEFFREY WILLIAM BROWN Natural in athletics ... three years on the football team and track squad — co-captain of both as a senior ... oll-conferonce end ... semi-serious about basketball ... shy and easy-going Homocoming King. ROBERT REED BROWN Bob ... president of Future Sales Leaders of Edino ... Hi-Y ... Ricochets Car Club ... a love for dancing, motorcycles, and week-ends ... the future holds two years with tho Navol Air Corps. SANDRA ANN BROWN Sand ... back from St. Margaret's for her senior year ... a laugh you can't mistake ... the proud blockhoired owner of the "Block Bird" ... cheers for all in the halls ... couldn't be sweeter.PENELOPE LEE BRUDELIE Penny ... radiates happiness ... true-blue blonde ... high-kicking Hornette ... church youth group secretary ... Home Ec, Spanish, World Affairs Clubs, Y-feens ... knits twin sweaters. BETTY CHARLOTTE BRUM "My name is Betty, Mr. Anderson" ... Lotin and Home Ec Clubs ... Homecoming co-chairmon of Buttons committee ... mokes clothes better than a professional ... "Love can de-velope in a chemistry class." KAY MARIE BRYNTESEN A girl with angelic qualities ... main interest drawn toward politics and reading ... high aspirations for the future-work in foreign service and college instructing. BRUCE RICHARD BUNNELL Bunn ... a voluable Homecoming committee member ... three years Art Club ... Hl-Y as a junior ... president of MYF Church Youth Group ... plans to attend business school. BRADLEY BERNARD BURGRAFF Three yeors on the swimming team and visual aids ... debate In his senior year ... active for two yeors In Junior Achievement ... takes a fancy to guns ... soon will be at the U of M. PATRICK ENNIS BURKE Fish ... first two high school yeors spent at St. Thomas Acodemy ... os nickname indicates attracted by Skin-diving Club In senior year ... water-skiing, favorite sport. WALTER RAYMOND BURKHARDT Nippy ... added weight to the senior class — a needed powerhouse on the football and wrestling squads ... skillful discus-thrower for the track teom ... plumber's assistant. RICHARD DANA BURRIS Bur ... vice-president of Green Knights ... Hoksters ond Hi-Y ... on expert on the art of reloxotion ... drives o horseless carriage ... traveling salesman last summer — pots and pons ... keen hunter. YVONNE ELAINE BUSCH Vonnie ... o touch of English gullibility ... Spanish Club. Y-teens. FBLA, Home Ec Club ... What are those misty eyes wondering? ... can't forget trips to Telemark ond Boy Lake ... "Oh really." RALPH FREDRICK BUSCHER One of the few who claim to be a true woman-hoter ... three year member of Auctor Hi-Y — secretory-treosurer In eleventh grade ... enjoys hunting ... "What's your fovorite color today. Cork?" 17MICHAEL JAMES CALLAN Mike ... three-year tennis letterman ... Buxzetto »ports editor ... elected to NHS and Student Council ... club stalwart ... our sorious senior doss president. JULIE DAWN CAMERON Not an uncertain Interest In Duluthl ... worked on Committees every year to moke homecomings a success ... spent substantial time In Y-teens, Art Club ond Worlds Afloirs Club ... dramatics ... always carrying a pass. KEITH COLIN CAMPBELL Spends o lot of time In the dark room — developing pictures? ... B-squod in hockey and baseball ... Red Cross representative for two years ... favored the band by ploying bass ... future plons in mortuory science. CAROL LYNN CANNOM A bundle of loughs, personality, and energy ... competent oil school Y-teens treosuror and president ... Lotin, German. World Affairs Clubs ... always co-chairman ... the one girl tenor In choir ... a likable nut. MARK RAYMOND CANOYER Shy smile — representing personality ... streaks down football grid, trock field, and baseball diamond ... authority on TV programs but not dances ... Homecoming King attendant ... unconcerned living. GAIL MARIE CARLSON Loves whotever she's doing ... will she ride in Modison Square Garden or landscape on the “left bonk" of the Seine? ... hos an eye for the Future Sales Leaders of Edina Club. Seniors . . . ond they still don't know the olphobetl 18GEORGIA MAE CARLSON Georg© ... fond of swimming in her own pool ... change of cor quite frequently — couvod by trip to Arizona ... gray hair in high chool? ... contemplating mind hid by a quiet and calm exterior. JANET LOUISE CARLSON Familiar face at Edina pool last summer ... doesn't miss much — Latin Club, GAA, World Affair Club, Science Seminar, Art Club, and declam ... many publicity committee — a specialty for her energy. JAY WALLACE CARLSON An athlete with o sport for every season — football, basketball, baseball ... Hi-Y for two years ... loyal to Green Knight ... moneuver over the snow — ardent odvocate of Aspen, Colorado ... composed action . JOHN WESLEY CARLSON Seldom off the athletic field — three yoars of football and baseball ... a conslitent member of the honor roll ... Spanish Club ... l-boll ... modest mannerisms to be admired. KAREN SUZANNE CARLSON Suz ... willingly lent ortistic talent to committee work ... qi een of Job' Daughter ... two year membor of Y-teens ... Spanish Club and Art Gub as a senior ... communicates with Broinerd and Duluth ... "UMD wonl" LINDA LEE CARLSON Member of Spanish Club ... three yeor participant in Home Ec Club ond World Affoir Club ... octive member of Job's Daughters ... setting out to be the world's best homemaker. 19SUSAN CORINNE CARLSON Carly ... Y-toens sophomore representative, oil-school veep, chapter president ... Latin, German, World Affairs Clubs ... lured by skiing slopes ... center of successful committees ... always sweet Sue. CAROLYN ANN CHARLES Works hard and gets rewards — elected to Notional Honor Society in her junior year ... Senior Honor Roll ... octivo In church youth group — ofRcor for two years ... a sweet. Intelligent gal. RICHARD VERNAL CARLSON Clubs, offico, sports — two years In Latin and Ski Clubs ... vice-president In Walthor League ... swimming team for three years ... played tennis two years ... college is a must. ROGER MERVIN CARLSON Rog ... as per usuol continually fills his mind with sports — football, hockey, basketball, baseball, ond hunting ... direct from friends — "Ho's a true friend" ... future? U of M. GWENN MARY CHRISS Ability to win frionds In school. Igloos, or gross huts ... Red Cross president, Thespians secretary ... Mixed Choir, declam, and Russian Club ... talking talent — perfect publicity chairman. DONALD JOHN CLAUSEN Three years In the band — "A" rotings In stote contest ... still hod time for track ... served on Homecoming committee ... needs decisive answer — U of M or St. Olaf? RICHARD BRUCE COLNESS A flair for the unusual ... thrilled by the deep-diving club ... enthusiastic church basketball player ... desires to travel ... thinking of attending the U of M. CHARLES ALLEN COOK Called "Alfonse" by the girls ot Woolworth's ... member of Spanish Club ... played baritone in band for two years ... pleased owner of '48 Pontiac, "the Green Belch." BEVERLY JEAN CORCORAN Corky ... swell one for hayrides ... Y-teens for threo years ... active member In Job's Daughters ... hopes to become a practical nurse after graduation ... "That's cooll" THOMAS JAMES CRACRAFT Dry humor lent to German ond Conservation Club ... apt at bowling ond golf ... "Who said English was for girls — I survived Miss Grove ond Mr. Andersonl" ... to fill the Gopher's suit when reoching the U. 20FAYE SYLVIA CRICKMER Leadership shown os officer of Befa Ph! Y-feens, GAA, ond Luther leogue ... three yeors Concert Band ... artistic — sewing and drawing ... planning for Ausburg Collogo. VALERIE SUSAN CURRIER Vol ... a well-chosen interest In modeling ... Y-tcens ond Art Club in sophomore year ... FBLA ond office pago for two years ... some very exciting plans for summer. JUDITH ANN DANNATT Friendly and diminutive ... active In Y-tcens, Homo Ec Club ... competent secretary of FBLA as a senior ... recalls fun at U of M social activities — next year a freshman Gopher. HARRY STEVEN DAVIS Steve ... a transfer from Shattuck In hit senior year ... never a dull moment with him around ... likes parties, loud music, girls, and a good time ... guy who can think for himself. DARYL JON DAHL Small boy with a booming boss voice ... salesmanship displayed at the drug store ond with Homecoming buttons ... plans Include activo duty in the Navy followed by college ... responsible. JANET CAROLYN DAHL Quiet and reserved ... athletic adopfness shown In three yeors of GAA ... French Club and Y-teens ... horseback ridor ... hopes for social work after the U of M ... “Good grief." LINDA ROSE DePASQUALE Deeps ... naturally likable ... conscientious ... selected for Contact Leader Corps, co-chairman of refreshments committee for Homecoming, vice-president of FTA ... able Buzzette reporter. KATHLEEN ANN DICKEY Kathie ... cute combo of broins and pep ... Y-teens veep, Latin, German, World Affairs Clubs, NHS ... B-squod cheerleader, darling Hornefte ... mathematical eater ... tiny package that will travel far. JAMES ROY DIEBOLD Handsome ond friendly ... president of the sophomore class ... chairman of tho sophomore talent show ... dribbled the boll for two years ... Conservation Club ... a real asset to Edina. LAURIE ANN DIERCKS Right out of a bandbox ... closets full of clothes ... joined World Affairs Club. French Club, Y-teens, ond Home Ec Club ... always organized ... “Who's thot darling bay?" 21JOHN MICHAEL DIRACLES Droc ... always joking ... three years In Latin Club — consul twice — inspired Latins to crush the Germon menace ... president of Ski Club ... World Affoirs Club ... a losing "queen" for a while. KEITH RICHARD DOBBS Dobber ... mechanically Inclined — three years working on class floats ... hearty popcorn popper for Concessions Club ... Hi-Y chaplain as a senior ... helped push the senior cor. ERIC GLEN DORNFELD Rick ... a leader three times over — president of HI-Y chapter for two years, homeroom president, treasurer of Back Forty Club ... hockey ... isn't satisfied with one soccer team — needs two. RICHARD LEON ECKERMAN "Hey thero, Eck" ... active In Junior Achievement as a junior ... enjoys church Walther and bowling league ... could almost ski at Cypress Gardens ... next foil will be at the U of M. JOHN WALTER EDWARDS Never too tired for parties and fun — that's Jock ... took part In B-squod footboll os a junior ... active participant in Green Knights, Hi-Y. and church P.F. JOANNE UU EKSTAME Known for her will-o-the-wisp waistline ... oil feminine qualities associated with her ... participated in Y-tcens ond countless committees ... planning for the University of Colorado. JOHN MICHAEL ELLINGSON Nate ... two years in swimming ond German Club ... Green Knights ... hot rod bug — envied for his hot '32 Ford coupe ... member of the Rkhochets ... "An open house? Where?" CAROL MARIE ELLINGWOOD Elly ... summer sun-worshipper ot Lake Calhoun ... Spanish Club ... FBLA ... favors horseback riding to school ... won't forget Spicer trip ... "Oopsl" ROBERT CLARENCE ELLIS Bob ... soon became a true Hornet of the football team ... E-Club member as a senior ... con take a joke with a smile ... appreciated for his strolght-forward sincerity. ROBERT JAMES ENGELKING Bob ... two years on the wrestling squad ... German Club ... NHS ... Homecoming committee chairman ... president of his cor club ... the strong, silent type — respected by all. 22DANIEL WESELY ENGELSMA "Silence I golden" — but don't let thof fool you ... put hi brown to work on o conduction job lost summer ... loyol member of Green Knights ... generol contracting and U of M ahead. JOHN FREDRICK ENGIUND Long John ... starred as a pianist in last year's tolent show with his combo ... member of German Club ... for two years a faithful participant of Hi-Y ... will persue modicine and surgery at the U of M. RALPH JAY FAVILLE Friendly ... good leader — president of Tri Alpha Hi-Y and member of Hl-Y Cabinet ... played trumpet for three years in band — stars with Dixieland Ramblers ... French Club ... toe-tapping even In English. MICHAEL ROYCE FICK Two-year member of baseball and basketball teams ... one of the Haksters ... Green Knights ... two-yeor asset to German Club ... choir as a senior ... likes anything that promises to bo a good time. PATRICIA ANN FIELD Game for ski trips ... NHS ... Y-teens, French, and World Affairs Clubs ... made a home for the senior float ... a drastic chongo of hair color ... vicious fullback ... happy time selling athletic tickets. WANDA ANNETTE FINDLAY Annette ... a pretty, prim, young lady ... scholarship verified by membership in National Honor Society, Latin and French Clubs ... World Affairs, Y-teens. Red Cross Council ... petite. JUDITH ANN FINNEY Judie ... Bubbling personality ... member of Spanish Club In senior year ... active In Y-teens ... vice-president of FBLA ... participant in Luther League and church choir ... "Oh really!" LARAINE FIRTH Robin ... arrival to Edina from Bay Shore. New York in her sophomore year ... Y-teens for three years — secretary In junior year and president in senior year ... full of fun — raring to go. JOHN NORRIS FITCH Member of National Honor Socloty ... runner-up in moth contest as a junior ... high scoror in l-ball ... active participant of German Club ... plans to attend U of M. GARY RICHARD FITZNER Completed his last high school year at Edina ... Radio Club for two years ... participation In church groups ond civil defense communications ... Homecoming committee ... ham radio operator. 23ELIZABETH JEAN FLETCHER Always a sincere friend ... Red Crow alternate, diligent library helper. World Affairs Club ... volunteer work with mentally retarded children ond active membership In FTA show her Interest in children. KATHIE LOUISE FORSTER Her lock of height belies the depth of her thoughts ... cited nationally for writing tolent ... Buzzette copy editor ... active In declam ... NHS ... hopes for a literary coreer. THOMAS KINGSLEY FLEMMING Flem ... president of his Junior Achievement company ... Hl-Y member ... Green Knights ... spends time on cor ond citizen's bond rodio ... demonstrated peanuts for two weeks. BARBARA LEE FLETCHER During her sophomore year transferred from private school in northern Michigan ... three-year member of Y-teens ... library helper ... choir ... "Really swingln'l" STANFORD DALE FREESE Freezer ... even rhythm In his walk — plays seven instruments ... ochairman of Homecoming committee ... a roaring personality in oddition to outstanding musical talent ... "Mr. Music Man." JUDITH ELAINE FRIEGANG Judy ... Interest in sports shown as member of GAA ... lent her talents to band for two years os a flutist ... member of Future Sales Leaders of Edina ... likes to sew clothes and ride horses. KRISTIN ELIZABETH FORMO Kris ... sensible scatterbrain ... Red Cross publicity chairman In senior year ... Ski Club ... Y-teens for three years ... Latin and Spanish Clubs ... philosophical ond sincere ... "Bitter blow." SANDRA JEAN FREDRICKSON Sandl ... a friendly "hi" for everyone ... frequent victim of the sunlamp ... has one speciol word In her vocabulary ... participation in church work ... whips up many stylish clothes. NANCY LEE FRIESEN Nan ... always willing to lend a helping hand ... very octive In church ... Home Ec Club member in senior yeor ... future includes nurses training at Kohler School of Nursing ... "Oh, Georgel" CAROLYN FRANCES FULLER Lynn ... winner of many blue ribbons with her two dogs at obedience trials ... Y-teens ... GAA ... Home Ec dub ... Choir ... NHS ... likes sewing, horses, and comping ... plans to be a librarian. 24PATRICIA ANN FULLER Pot ... o welcome transfer from Washburn in her junior year ... member of FTA for two years ... helpful library ossistant ... won national awards for her hobby — photography ... a friend of the Army. GORDON DOUGLAS GALARNEAU Gordy ... spends summers swimming and boating on Lake Minnetonka ... Conservation Club In his senior year ... active member of Blizzard Ski Club as a junior ... plans to attend the U of M. ROBERT JOEL GARRISON Gross ... the guy with a languoge all his own — "mung" ... likes baseball ... Homecoming committees and Hi-Y ... paints houses in his spare time ... future plans at UMD ... a nice guy. BARBARA LOU GARVER Enjoyed her stay In Europe ... busy office page ... Y-teens ... Conservation Club ... octive In GAA as photographer and sportheod ... Job's Daughters ... wild about horses and art. ROGER ALAN GATES Rog ... an audio-visual helper In his sophomore and junior years ... member of Junior Achievement ... took port in Distributive Education os a senior ... future plans include the Air Force. RICHARD LEE GEORGE A blond butch ... vice president of HI-Y chapter ... vice president of Junior Achievement company ... German. World Affairs, and Conservation Clubs ... futuro In business administration. ROBERT J. GEORGE Bob ... baseball. Green Knights ... Future Sales Leaders of Edino ... makes an appearance at any party ... casual manner with an undying sense of humor ... looking forward to college. JOHN DAVIS GEVING An Interest for music shown by his participation in several operettas ... Red Cross alternate ... German and Spanish Clubs several yeors ... Homecoming committee ... plans for Mankato State. NANCY MAE GIBBISH To know her is to like her ... a girl with a special something ... Future Business Leaders of Americo, member of Y-teens, and Girls' Choir ... game for anything. ROBERT WARREN GIBSON Participation In German Club ... leader in both his church youth group ond Explorer Scout troop ... two years on the swimming team ... hobby — collecting guns ... a future at the U of M. 25GILBERT SCOn GIEBINK Scott ... thrcc-yoor asset to the football team ... Latin Club treasurer, Germon Club ... all-school Hi-Y veep and president of his chapter ... quite a skier ... friendly guy who is liked by all. JEAN LORRAINE GILFILLAN Pensive ond poised ... a three-year membership in Latin Club ond Y-teens ... served on committeos for Sophomore Tolent Show and Senior Reception ... Blizzard Ski Club is her main interest. ROSEMARY PATRICIA GILLEN Rosie ... considerate ... an octlvo member of Y-teens, Home Economics Club, GAA. ond Future Teachers of America ... memorable trip to Europo ... Interested in bowling. CHERYL ANN GULES Envied brunette pageboy ... wears hor exquisite wardrobe well ... activities Include Y-teens ond French Club ... active in FBLA ... flirtatious ... Augsburg College will welcome Cheryl. JUDITH CAROLE GILLILAND Talented soprano In Mixed Choir — took part in two operettas ... French Club, Y-teens, GAA, Art Club, Home Ec Club ... Homecoming committee ... Job's Daughters ... exotic ... plans to visit Tahiti. JULIE ANN GILMAN A petite bundle of energy — that's Jules ... Y-feens chapter veep. Home Ec Club. FTA, and member of church choir ... always ''harp"lng ... darling blue-eyed blond ... never date-less. Satan's helpers. 26Speakeasy rejects! JULIANNE KAY GLOVER Julie ... always for a party ... unique hair styles ... Spanish Club, Y-teens, Breck Homecoming candidate in sophomore year ... a wardrobe to match the rainbow ... Gront ... "Completely neat." DAVIS ANDREW GODDARD Andy ... four-year tennis lotterman — state doubles champ for two years ... Student Council veep ... president of E-CJub and junior clou ... Homecoming King candidate ... "Reluctant Debutante" ... suave. MICHAEL THOMAS GLEESON Gleeper ... speaks with a raucous voice ... Mr. Lucky when he picks up the cards or the cue ... valuable asset to the Green Knights hockey team ... outstanding printer's devil. RICHARD LOUIS GLEESON Participated In wrestling os a junior ... an ovId bowler ... member of Green Knights ... audio-visual operator for three years ... possessor of a fast '56 Chev ... calm, cool, and collected. MARY LYNN GOODMAN A truo friend to all ... come from New Jersey In junior year ... active In sophomore council ... "The boy next door" ... always fun ... cute clothes for a cute figure ... special trip bock home. PAUL WILLIAM GORDER Able arguer ... kept busy as a member of Latin Club and Rhon Hl-Y ... active In Methodist Youth Fellowship ... chaplain In DeMoloy ... future holds an engineering major at the U of M. 27JUDITH MILDRED GUNDERMAN Judy ... choir for three yeor» ... member of Germon Club. Y-feens, ond FTA ... lost of the great organists ... octive In Walther Leogue ... plans to feoch elementary grades. JERRY ALLEN GUNDERSON German Club for all three years ... often heard reminiscing about trip to Europe during summer of '59 ... future plons include Business Administrotio. ot U of M ... quiet ond sincere manner. KAREN LYNN GRANDSTRAND Devoted to music — three years in the Concert Band, member of 1960 All-State Band ... French Club secretary ... National Honor Society ... winner of sfote honors in badminton ... o true scholar. MATTHEW ALEXANDER GRAY Scoot ... president of Green Knights ... swimming team for two years ... usually found where the girls are ... "Ah. Telemark" ... jovial ... "Just coll me Doc, I can operato any-whero." VIRGINIA RAE HAFNER Ginger ... Student Council ond sophomore class secretary. Buzzette first-page editor. Girls' State alternate. NH5. Red Cross, Spanish Club ... accordion brought notional honors ... prediction! success. PAMELA JEAN HALL Pam ... refreshing oppeorance ... two-year member of Edino Ski Club — secretary in her senior year ... French Club for two years ... World Affairs Club ... fun summers at Madeline Island. DAVID LYLE GUST Dave ... man with the comero — snapped pictures for three years on Buzzette staff ... bond member his sophomore and junior years ... participant in Future Sales Leaders of Edina ... helpful. DRUSILA JULIANA GUTIERREZ DrusJ ... o fire-ball who hos recently moved here from Cuba ... octive In many sports ... Spanish Club for two years ... mojor in languages of U of M is in the future ... "I was just klddingl" PATRICIA ANN HALL Notorious long fingernails ... French Club as a junior. Home Ec Club — plans to be home ec teacher ofter U of M ... NHS ... Merit Scholarship letter of commendation ... "Oh really, nowl" KEN WALTER HALLONQUIST Ken ... served the school for three years as audio-visual assistant ... three-year member of Hl-Y ond Germon Club ... Red Cross Council ... future plans — Augsburg College ond a major in public relations. 28SAUY JOAN HALVERSON Juj» give Halvie o tenni rocket ... three yeors of service to tho Buzzette ... NHS ... secretary of hor church youth group ... o synchronized swimmer ... conscientious. MARY KATHERINE HANSEN Llftlo Mare ... Brandy's biggest fan ... two year participant in declam ... home room officer for two years ... career In retoiling ... North to St. Cloud ... understanding ear ... "Feature this." BARBARA JEAN HANSON Moderate and poised ... sister to Edina's Patsy ... a hard worker on many committees ... three years in Russian Club ... a synchronized swimmer ... her humor rises to the surface. EILEEN LOUISE HANSON A lively wit with a love for music ... abundant skill on flute and drums ... honored by presidency of band and a scholarship to Interlachen Music Camp ... Spanish Club ... beautiful eyes. LINDA LUISA HARBURGER A welcomo addition from New York in senior year ... cheered for Huntington High ... future vocational interest in art ... possessor of pretty brown holr ... oh that accent. DAVID OLIVER HARGREAVES Dave ... a friendly fellow ... octive participation as DcMolay chopter officer ... enjoys woter-sking and chess for hobbies ... future plans Include the U of Minnesota ... “Cherriol" GAYLE LYNN HARTWICK Giggles ... friendly word for oil ... willing support to activities ... French Club, library aid ... treasurer of St. Peter's Lutheran Walther League ... Valparaiso College oheod. ROBERT DOLPH HASKIN "Ooh la la" ... cleverness displayed os moster of ccromonies In talent show — song In two ... World Affoirs Club ... Hi-Y ... church youth group ... future plans — creative writing or journalism. MARY ELISE HARGREAVES Mimzy ... three-yoar member of the Concert Band ... faithful member of Y-teens ... memorable trip to Montano ... future plans — U of M ... lover of horses ... always smiling. DEANNA BETH HARRIS Banana ... a poised, well-dressed sophisticate ... Y-teens, Home Ec Club ... Mergatroits ... not so quiet ... a special interest in a uniform ... truly losting friendship. 29MARTHA LOUISE HAUGER Marty ... faithful member of Home Ec Club for two year ... Y-teen ... Job' Daughter ... hall monitor in senior year ... the U of M i ready for her offer graduation ... "How sharpl" MARGARET K. HAVSTAD Midge ... on eager »now-»kier — devotee of the Blizzard Ski Club ... Spanljh Club, World Affair Club, FBLA ... ha an awareness that inspires respect ... consen»u» of opinion — "Just love that girl." SUSAN MARY HATCH Cute os a bug ... three-yeor member of French Club, World Affair Club, and Y-teen ... elected to National Honor Society as a junior ... octive in church group ... just a darling girl. BONNIE JOYCE HAUGEN Yogi ... always raring to go ... a regular "little bird” In music ... German Club for three years ... counselor's poge in junior and senior years ... main interest are nursing and musk. STEPHEN BISSEll HEALY A Southwest addition to Edina in his senior year ... tenth grade wrestling. Red Cross, ond two years baseball manoger ... always seen In a certoin Chev ... hos one favorite phrase — "Get serious." HARRY MERVIN HECKATHORN Called Bubbs by friends ... Latin Club as a sophomore ... German Club for last two years ... Conservation Club and Science Seminor ... looks to the stars — plans far Carleton ... "Boy, whot a loughl" CHARLES JOHN HAWKINS Three-year participation in both basketball ond golf ... varied Interests — NHS, Senior Honor Roll. Student Council. Buxzette columnist, German Club, E-Club ... works hard but enjoys life. MARY SCOn HEADINGTON Scottie ... sweet sixteen at its best ... artistic poster-maker for numerous committees ... throe years In French Club, World Affair and Y-teens ... Buzzette reporter ... insatiable appetite ... "I wonder." JON KURT HEIDINGER Active participant in German Club for two years ... hobbies include hunting ond other outdoor sports ... Q jorcajtjc sense of humor concealed by o shy exterior ... p|Qn ,0 attend college. NANCY KAY HEINES None ... always in fun ... incossant chatter ... vice-president of Girls' Choir, member of Spanish Club. Sigma Delta Y-feons ... personality all her own ... "How ffangeryl" 30KAREN OWENS HELGESON Intelligent, copoble ond friendly ... NHS secretory, AFS finol-isf, co-chairman of Homecoming, Buzzette columnist ... language interest — contest winner in Latin and French ... a lovely girl. JOHN KENT HELLAND A spectator and a participant ... enjoys sports — three years wrestling — two years football ... two-year member of Spanish Club ... Green Knights ... future plans include Ski-U-Mah. KATHLEEN JOANNE HIGHFIELD Thoughtful ... active in Y-teens, Future Business Leaders of Americo, World Affoirs Club ... hobbies includo bowling, swimming, church choir ... ambition — to see the world. JUDITH MARLENE HOLMBERG Judy ... Y-teens os a sophomore, FBLA, Futuro Soles Leaders of Edina ... octive participant In church youth group ... always ready to help a friend ... forever Lorry's. TERRENCE ALAN HOY The Bear ... a skier from the word go — ski team and Blizzard Ski Club ... seems like the quiet type, but isn't ... Green Knights ... possessor of a '29 Ford ... plans to attend the U of M. NANCY KAY HUGHES Bow ... full of fun ... come to Edina from Hopkins during her sophomoro ycor ... GAA, Latin Club. Delta Iota Y-teens group ... vice-president of FBLA ... "How darllngl" JAMES WILLIS HENJUM Heinio ... part of the wrestling squad ... eager Green Knight ... varied interests include hunting and fishing ... a casual ladies' man ... sure to be colm, cool ond collected ... "Toke mo away." CATHERINE LOUISE HENNESSY Vice-President of Thespians, declam and dramatics — a riotous Aunt Hetfie in "509" .. . Red Cross, World Affairs Club, Art Club, Y-teens, and French Club ... Kitty and her cats. GENEVIEVE CATHERINE HOLTZ A little gal with lots of talent — outstanding flutist In Concert Band ... intelligence — admitted to Science Seminar in tenth grade ... Jenny has hopes for Carleton and a major In science. STEVE RAYMOND HOPPER Unique ... two years of B-squad footboll ... German Club, Concessions Club ... co-owner of the senior car ... o member of the Jock and Jill players with marked preference for black and whito. 31JUDITH LYNN HULL Judy ... Spanish and Latin Clubs ... three years of Y-feens ... Job's Daughters ... FTA treasurer ... lover of musk ... elemontory education ahead ... "What a panid" LARS PETER HUSTAD Pete ... a member of German Club as a junior and” senior ... Conservation Club ... enjoys most sports especially water-skiing and boating ... plans to attend St. Olaf ... an all around guy. MICHAEL LANE HYDE Mike ... two years In both swimming and baseball resulting In E-Club os a senior ... summers spent working on rood construction ... likes cars and a certain girl ... "Hi, Sweetlel" OLAF KONRAD ITTENSOHN A wrestler for three yoars ... French Club, Latin Club, Edino Soccer Club ... Math Club officer ... Homecoming committee chairman ... quodrilingual ... charming Swissl PHILLIP JOHN JAMES The Kid ... participation in football and wrestling brought him membership In E-Club ... sergeant-at-arms of Green Knights ... interest in rocing and mechanics ... "A cord gome? Chokel" JUDITH LYNN JANSSEN "The only way to have a friend is to be one" ... GAA for three years — president os a senior ... NHS and Spanish Club ... rugged canoe trips with Troop 721 ... a special interest in people. LYNNE CAROL IVERSON Ivy ... her contagious laugh odds fun and sparkle to any group ... two years on Hornettes ... mixed choir, Y-teens, ond Red Cross ... talent shown on the golf course ... "Teach me. Tiger." CAROL ANN JACKSON Dewdrop ... FTA and FBLA member In senior year ... library helper for three years ... active in Home Ec Club ... future includes making money and traveling ... "You're mean!" MARY ELIZABETH JASMIN Latin and French Clubs, FBLA ... swim show for two years ... dancing ability displayed in the Sophomore Talent Show ... alto In Mixed Choir ... special Interest in one boy ... beautiful brown eyes — thot's Mer. JAMES RUSSELL JENSEN Jens ... Green Knights ... two-year wrestler ... member of the Naval Air Reserve ... envied owner of a hot bike ... enjoys winter most of all — from the slopes of Telemark . grave digger. 32RICHARO VERNER JENSEN Jen ... Edino' character ... co-leader of Haksters in senior yoar ... three-year member of Regis Hi-Y ... German Club ... Ethic Committee ... can always be counted on for fun ... plan to attend the U of M ... "Ohl" WILIIAM ROBERT JEVNE Jev ... a real sportsman — hockey, skiing, three-year letter-man in lenni ... three years on Student Council ... Whigrean sports editor ... Haksters ... Russian Club ... quite a guy. KATHRYN ELLEN JOHNSON Kathy ... sugar'n spice ond everything nice ... captivating Homecoming princess ... bouncy co-coptoin of cheerleaders ... Art Club. FTA. Red Cross, Y-feens ... Junior Miss Teen Board ... charm beyond words. ROBERT GARY JOHNSON Qlatz ... one of the Green Knights ... outdoor interest In hunting and skiing ... annual trips to Telemark ... gifted finder of a good time ... plans for the service oheod ... "Where's the open house?" DONNA MARIE JOHNSON Blonder than o blond ... became a member of Home Ec Club, Delta lota Y-teens, ond FTA ... church youth group ... mem-orable experiences in Blizzard Ski Club ... aims for Augsburg. JERRY WARD JOHNSON Came from St. Peter os o senior ... on asset to choir with his mellow tenor voice ... participated in wrestling ... member of Letter Club at St. Peter ... cheerful guy ... "Forget ill" ELIZABETH ANN JONES Congenial, gonerous and always willing to help ... efficient member of Y-teens, FBLA, Spontsh Club, ond Job's Daughters ... leads any chorus with her uke. LINDA ANNE JONES Llndy ... transferred from Holy Angels In her junior year ... momber of Home Ec Club ... swims and suns in her own pool ... special interest in DeLaSolle ... pensive sincerity ... "tis true." ROBERT JAMES JOHNSON Jons ... time occupied by sports — throe yeors of football ond baseball, two yeors of basketball ... three-year E-Club member ... always carefree and ready to have fun ... headed for U of M. CHERYL ANN JONES Cherl ... bubbling personality radiated by on infectious lough ... memorable service os library helper ... Spanish Club, FTA, Home Ec Club, Y-teens ... an understanding counselor at Luther Park Camp for a terrific summer. 33BARBARA MARIE KANE Barb ... a stunning "queen for awhile" ... NHS ... treasurer and president of FBLA ... Latin Club and Y-teens ... German Club os a senior ... special Interest in Grinnell — not necessarily ocademid MARGARET LEIGH KANNENBERG A high IQ under a naive exterior ... busy as French Club troasuror, president of Zoto Chi Y-teens ... Thespians ... Whigrean staff ... honors in declam ... Red Cross Council ... "What a darling ketchup bottlel" CAROL DANELL JOSEPHSON Joe ... treasurer of her Junior Achievement Company ... vice-prosidont of Future Soles Leaders of Edina ... memories of a special trip to Chicogo ... a one track mind — a certain boy ... darling smile. LESLIE ALAN KALLEVIK Les ... a welcome tronsfer from the Windy City ... enthusiastic member of Varsity Bond for three years ... played a hot trombone for "The Casuals" ... what about that Porsche, Les? J ARTHUR WILLIAM KATZMAN Arturo ... rorely serious ... three-year member of band ond Latin Club ... cool trombone player with Dixieland Ramblers ... plans to continue education at U of M ... popular with the opposite sex. MARY ANN KEENE Another knitting nut ... two years a member of Spanish Club and World Affairs Club ... FTA and FBLA as a senior ... swimming ond water-skiing enthusiast ... "Oh, you guys!" Term papers are fun? 34I always thought It was just ostigmatisml GLENN WALTER KELLER Athletic ability shown for three years as l-boller — ploys rugged gome as church basketball forward ... talented wofer-skier ... active In Hi-Y ... owns the fastest '41 Buick convertible In Edina. MARY JANE KELLEY Juni ... a disposition that can't be matched ... unique coiffure ... Home Ec Club and Y-teens for two years ... open houses never to be forgotten ... "You kids. I got a letter to-dayl" RICHARD MALCOLM KENNELLY Pete ... keen interest in printing displayed by participation In the prlntshop ... future plans includo the University of South Dakota ... summer spent at a ranch in New Mexico. CAROLYN ANN KERKER Sparkle and popularity — thot's Lyn ... two years of cheerleading ... Homecoming attendant ... member of FBLA ond Home Ec Club ... memories of the "Blue Bomb" ... "I don't believe itl" PETER KEMPER Evident excellence ... Student Council ... Charity Drive co-chairman ... Boys' State ... captain of swimming teom ... president of NHS ... E-Club, Science Seminar, Math Club and German Club ... busy leader ... "Why?" SUSANNE LYALL KEMPER Sue ... conscientious three-year member of Y-Teens ... carroty red hair and cute freckles ... future plans — nurse's training in college ... interesting trip olong East Coast ... "Groce!" 35JANET SUE KINNEY Attracted to current affairs — three years in World Affairs Club ... socretory-treosurer of Russian Club as a junior ,.. Y-teens, Home Ec Club, FTA ... president of PF ... worked up about politics. JOHN CHARLES KNIGHT Made the varsity hockey team his goal as a junior ... toiled last summer at Dayton's ... spare time filled with sports and cors ... with his last name, a perfect Green Knight. JOHN AYRE KONEN Tab ... a spectacular soccer player for Sponish Club os a junior ... B-squad tockle In the same year ... shy surface — dynamite within ... skilled wafer-skior ... "Quiet is the music of the gods." CAROL SUE KOONTZ Sang in the Girls' Choir in senior year ... participated in Job's Daughters ... future plans hold nursing or biochemistry at the University of Minnesota ... will remember the Edina Pool. CAROL JEAN KESLER Always combines a smile with her willingness to work ... competent bassooner in Concort Band — played tonor drum in marching seoson ... secretary of the band as a senior ... loyal Y-teener ... "Shucks." CAROL ANN KING Likes everything exoctly right ... French and World Affairs Clubs ... unforgettable Easter vocation spont out Eost ... a nice place to work in the summer — the Edina Pool ... future plans include St. Olaf. DONALD SEVERIN KNUTSON Donny ... participated in football and swimming for two years ... member of Green Knights ... proud owner of o hot 2 Ford ... always polite ... college in the future ... "Where's the card gome?" JACK EDWARD KOEHLER Blackjack ... did his best on the football and baseball fields for three years ... Latin and World Affairs Clubs ... history is never dull for him ... heading Eost ... persuasive arguments. PATRICIA LOUISE KORSTAD Pattie ... keeps her friends laughing ... Spanish Club ... Y-teens ... future at St. Olaf or Gustavus ... "Lost year we were neat, now we're neater" ... Miss Gum. ROBERT CARL KRAFFT Bob... his smile is ever present ... o keen Interest In both math and coin collecting ... vice-president of his church youth group ... o novel personality ... "Hi. George!" 36FLORENCE LOUISE KRENZ Flo ... everyone's friend ... three years o first soprano in choir ... faithful member of Y-teens ... Job's Daughters ... treasurer of Condy Stripers ... headed for the U of M. NAN LOUISE KRIEGER Coy ond genuinely casual ... reported for the Buzzctte as a senior ... Spanish Club ... World Affairs ... synchronized swim show for three years ... radiant as 1961 Homecoming Queen. PENELOPE DIANNE KUHN Flirtatious ond frivolous — that's Penny ... loves skiing — participates in Blizzard Ski Club ... Y-teens, World Affairs, French, ond Latin Clubs ... may attend the University of Alaska because of skiing. MARY KATHRYN KUPHAl Kathy ... Student Council for three years ... Red Cross Council ... World Affairs Club ... a notable Charleston Chic ... Buzzette reporter ... great love for art ... one vast substantial smile. CRAIG CLIFFORD LAING Active in aviation — has pilot's license, member of Aircraft Owners' and Pilots' Association, has won flying awards ... helped write senior copy for the Whigrean ... will attend Purdue or U of M. CHARLES MORGAN LAMAR Chuck ... two-year Spanish Club member ... Hi-Y member in senior year ... active church member .. . plans for tho U of M after graduation ... interested in architecture and city planning. THOMAS RICHARD LARSON Lars' main Interests ore cars and speedboats ... his summers ore spent woter-skiing and boating ... three-year member of Utilis Hi-Y ... a good friend to have ... "Bod news." JACQUELINE FORREST LASALLE Jacquie ... colorful girl ... inclined toward the artistic ... owned enough shares In "Miss Clairol" to vote ... activities — choir, French Club, Art Club ... "Popeye driving a Cutlass Convertible?" MARY ANNE LARSON Better known as Lars Babe ... a goddess — in Latin Club ... Red Cross ... builnoss manager for Junior Class Play ... treasurer of Thespions ... Y-teens ond World Affairs ... constant thought — Hoves. ROGER CLARENCE LARSON Tiger ... outstanding golfer — three years on varsity team ... Buzzette columnist — "From the Tiger's cage ... Green Knights treasurer ... matchless humor . • • ' financial ventures" ... Edina's playboy. 37SAllY ANN LEY Sal ... a friendly transfor from North High ... novel knack for bowling strikes .. . choir member ... Red Cross Council ... activo in church group ... hopes to attend Pillsbury Collego. MATTI JUHANI LIISTE President of choir In senior year ... secretary-treasurer of Ufllis Hl-Y ... member of German Club during junior year ... operator of omateur radio station KRUT ... sincere friendliness. WAYNE KENNETH LINDEMANN A husky guy ... cars and girls occupy Wayne's time — leader of a notorious night life .avid car racing fan ... could be soon working of Gordio's Bakery ... a distinctive laugh ... "Ask Dutch." SUE ELLEN LOEFFLER Mirth-provoking ... her sweet personality mokes Sue many frionds ... activo interest In Spanish Club, choir, and as hall monitor ... we'll bot Loeff will make a peach of a teach. JOHN DEITRICH LEADERS Edina welcomed John in his junior year ... participated in football and basoball at West ... at Edina, manager of the swimming team in oleventh grade ... "Don't be phoney." JANET LECK Red-headed Hornette ... usually outdoors — a cabin in Park Rapids, skiing, competitive swimming ... chairman of many committees ... Y-teens chopter president ... driver of the red no-name. JAMES THEODORE LILLIGREN Membership in Latin and German Clubs show Jim's interest in languages ... his quiot reserve is no true picture ... busy worker as busboy at Woclworth's ... will continue studies at U of M. MARY ANN LINDBALLE Mary Ann londs her enthusiasm to Y-teens and FBLA ... likes blonds — especially Howio ... usually found where there's a party ... the University can bo proud to odd Mary to their enrollment. THOMAS ARTHUR LORD T. L. ... took port In swimming and Hi-Y ... Green Knights ... hunting enthusiast ... memories of Telemark, Prescott, and Ellsworth ... "Of the seven nights in a wcok, I only count two — Friday and Soturdoy." DAVID EUGENE LUCE A Merit Scholarship letter of commendation ... German Club soccer star ... World Affairs Club ... tennis ... on eye on Antioch ... president of Thespians ... student director of "The Reluctant Debutante." 38CAROLINE JEAN LUND The littlejt angel ... three-year member of Science Seminar ... National Honor Society in her junior year ... co-chairman of coke sale committee for Chority Drive ... on impish smile. MARGARET CATHRYNE LYNCH Pat ... a newcomer from Des Moines, but that name doesn't last for long ... Y-teens ... choir ... FTA ... field of nurv ing in fho future ... sophisticated shyness ... a Morningside miss. MARTA JAYNE MocALLISTER A girl with unforgettable charm ... a worm smile that leaves an ever-lasting Impression ... loyal member of Spanish Club, band, Y-Teens, GAA, Blizzard Ski Club, and Home Ec Club. ROBERT BRUCE MacNEIL Returned to Edina after attending a school in Florida for a year ... football and tennis in his sophomore year ... outdoors-man ... anticipation of a civil engineering career ... casual. JAMES RICHARD MAGNUSON Covered much ground — from four years In Europe to North Dakota, fhon to Edina ... previous school — track, bosketball, weight-lifting, French Club ... plans for a career In the service. MARY CATHERINE MALMBERG Language interest — membership in French ond Latin Clubs ... Y-teens ond World Affolrs Club ... a future at the University of California ... intelligence and striking sophistication. MARCIA JANE LYON Marsh ... lover of music — dedicated accordion player ... occupied with Spanish and Latin Clubs ... Y-teens member ... saw the stars in Hollywood lost summer ... can't be accused of insincerity. JANICE LOUISE LYONS Janny ... quite a skier — co-organized Ski Club ... two-year member of Spanish and Ski Clubs ... World Affairs Club ... triple Homecoming committee member ... Whigrean staff ... unlimited friendliness. STUART LENNOX MocPHAIl Stu ... three years of Science Seminar ... World Affairs Club and Math Club ... plans to attend an eastern college ... tho silent member of the Russian Club — "I can't leorn these words!" DIANA MARIE MAGNUS Maggie ... on unquestionable laugh and striking appearance ... summers spent comping at Glacier Park ... Spanish Club, FTA, GAA, ond choir ... leader in Contocf ... "It's about the grades I'm getting ..." 39PETER TIMOTHY MANFRED A cokuloting mind ... participated In wrestling (or three years ... choir member os a senior ... competent president of Luther League ... German Club and National Honor Society ... "How daft." THOMAS RICHARD MARQUARDT Comoro bug — dependable Buzzetto photographer ... Visual Aids and Conservation Club for two years ... Red Cross Council os a senior ... Civil Air Patrol codet ... a diligent worker. GORDON LLOYD MARTINSON One of the frustrated members of the ski team during sophomore year ... a pioneer in the area of Distributive Education ... spent much of his spore time on the Bush Lake ski Jump. DEAN COLBERT MATHEWS Deaner ... three-year member of varsity hockey loam — all-conference os junior ... E-Club ... Green Knights treasurer ... Hakstors ... always looking for a good time and usuolly finds It. WILLIAM CHARLES MATHEWS Hl-Y momber for two years ... contributed his time to his church group ... a keen interest In all outdoor sports ... sum-mer spent of Minneapolis Golf Club ... a memoroble trip to New Mexico. ROBERT ELLIOTT MATSON Bob ... two-year participant In football ... B-squod hockey as o sophomore ... Hi-Y ... Green Knights ... zips around in his Volks ... pleasant summers at his lake ploce ... plans for U of M or St. Cloud. MARY ELLEN MATTHEWS Matt ... a singer — In or out of choir ... German Club ... throe years of Y-teens ... active In church group ... World Affairs Club ... her heart is of Hopkins ... a kind word for everyone. DOUGLAS FREDERICK MAYO Doug ... genuine genius ... odepf running ability displayed In cross-country and trock — captain as a senior ... NHS. Garmon and Conservation Clubs ... all-school Hi-Y chaplain ... biology bug. JANET LOUISE McARTHUR Red ... o real horse fon — Kansas City Royol and Chicago International — look outl ... worker in Y-teens ... Latin Club ... FBLA ... church Hi-Leogue ... natural and friendly. THOMAS LLOYD McCORMICK Always does any job well ... devoted bandsman — two-year treasurer ... World Affoirs study group — finalist ... Math Club, Scionce Seminar. Foreign Affairs Seminar, Latin Club god ... hobby — everything. 40KATHLEEN LOIS McCRACKEN Kathy ... friendly and full of fun ... member of Spanish Club and FBLA ... active in Y-teens for three years ... on Homecoming refreshments committee — "What is thcro to cot that's good?" SANDRA LEE McDONALD Sandy ... mile-long eyelashes ... declam and FTA ... Horn-ettes ... vice-president of Y-teens cabinet ... numerous committees ... NHS ... Dayton's Teon Board ... what more could Mozart wont? MARCIA McGARRAUGH One big "hi" ... high-stepping drum majorette ... NHS and Scionce Seminar ... secretary of Red Cross and Spanish Club, vice-president of World Affairs Club, and AFS finalist ... boundless enthusiasm. THOMAS GEORGE Me IN ALLY Mouse ... original ... a baseball player in his junior and senior years ... active in Moth, Art, and Spanish Clubs ... treasurer of his EYC group ... a model cor racer ... "Grectingsl" GAIL DEANNE McNEIL Petite ond pretty ... harassed art editor of the Whigreon ... learned football from a special friend ... member of Art Club, Red Cross, French Club ond Y-teens ... "Bye, you all." MICHAEL LAWRENCE McROBERTS Sports-minded three-year puckster — all-conference os a junior ... varsity footboll ... baseball for two years ... E-Club straight through ... on ardent Green Knighter .. . where there's a party, there's Mac. WALTER WILLIAM McDONALD Take your pick— Bill, Bud, or Grub ... two years of swimming ... World Affairs, Latin, ond Math Clubs, Hi-Y ... Edina Soccer Club ... Ski Club treasurer ... a natural comedian with double joints. KATHRYN ELIZABETH McGAHEY Kitty ... big brown eyes and a sincere smile ... active member of Latin Club for three years ... FTA, GAA, and World Affairs Club as a senior ... loyal to EYC ... plans to attend Macalester. THOMAS CRAIG McKENNA Pozzotti ... debater and student superior ... Homecoming co-chairman ... treasurer of NHS ... officer of Lotin and World Affairs Clubs ... a devilish glance ... auspicious future includes Harvard. BARBARA ANN McNAUGHT Bubbly hair and personality ... senior transfer from III. ... was a momber of Student Council. Pep Club, Girls' Club, Tri-Y, and Young Lifo ... merged into Y-tccns, French and World Af-fairs Clubs. 41CHARLES E. MEYENBURG. JR. Chuck ... a quiet guy with quite a personality ... come to Edina from Baltimore os o junior ... authority shown os a hall monitor ... may often bo seen behind the fountain of Olsons' Drug. ELROY PAUL MEYER El ... much admired for ambitious accomplishments ... spent proctically all of his timo away from school working ... enjoys hunting ond cars ... during tho summer mokes way for the beaches. CORA JEAN MELCHER Melch ... o cheerful cherry blond ... active In French Club ond World Affairs Club ... Y-toen chapter secretory during junior year ... her main interest lies in the East. JAMES EDGAR METCALFE Avid member of Green Knights ... participant In Naval Air Reserve ... frequent trips to Carver County ... likes hunting ond racing ... "How many days 'till the week-end?" DAVID RINEHART MICHAEL Moose ... one of Edina's biggest nice guys and one of Edina's nicest big guys ... three years of football ond baseball ... president of French Club ... plans to attend the U of Pennsylvania. WILLIAM HALE MILDREN Bill ... a sharp dresser with looks and personality to match ... participated in frock ond wrestling ... a loyal member of Hi-Y ... talented pianist and guitarist ... truly a credit to Edina. The senior girls ore going to the dogsl 42"Well, whot do you think?" JERRY LEE MILLER Come from Rochester just in time to moke the 1961 Homecoming coronotion o success ... provided leodership os home room president in senior year. Junior Achievement vice-president, and Eogle Scout ... famed dog patch party. BEVERLY ANN MITCHELL Bam ... chormlng ond flirtatious ... Ski Club member — vice-president in her senior year ... Young Life’s Junior Mogozine Queen ... three years of Y-teens ... "Con I tell you something?" SUSAN MICHELE MOFFIT Mickle ... newcomer from Missouri ... conscientious ... in previous school — cheerleoding, girls' basketball, and honor roll ... mile-o-minufe counselors' poge ... "The South won the Civil War." DOUGLAS LOU MOODIE Louie ... came from California, where he was octive in sports, clubs, and the California Scholarship Federation ... vocabulary — cors, cars, ond more cars ... plans for the U of Santo Barbara ... "Cooil" FORREST LEE MITCHELL Bush ... one of the Edina Haksters ... versatility plus ... two years of hockey ond baseball ... member of Green Knights and Dei Gratia Hi-Y ... very personable ... "Where the girls are!" ELIZABETH KAY MOE Determined and dogmatic ... her eyes are her prize ... could tell you the world situations — World Affairs Club ... French Club, Y-teens, Ski Club, and girls' football team ... "I hate confusionl" 43JAMES WARREN MOORE Cortalnly g if tod with onorgy ... Gorman Club ... Hi-Y ,., pursued his main interest In the World Affairs Club ... should like cheese — heading for Wisconsin ... "Duetchland uber olles." CAROL ANN MORTENSON A ready smile and an unforgettable laugh ... president of her senior high church fellowship ... Home Ec Club and FBLA os a senior ... plons for a career in dental hygiene. JANE LYNN MUCKE Typicol teen — "I'm in love agalnl" ... a leader — NHS. Girls' State, Student Council, Prom co-chairman. Merit Scholarship ... Hornotte, B-squad cheerleader, and actress ... "Cripe, I want to play footbolll" FRANCIS RYAN MULCAHY, JR. Ry ... a casual guy with o way with the opposite sex ... transferred to Edina as a junior from Nazareth Hall ... avid membor of Latin Club ... church youth group leador ... non-cholant. BARBARA ANN NELSON Barb ... a senator in Latin Club . . . participant in Y-teens and Home Ec Club ... graceful synchronized swimmer — portrayed a bum In a swim show ... church group and choir ... deceptive shyness. JANE ANN NELSON Noted for her short hair style ... anxious to broaden her knowledge ... Russian Club and World Affairs ... GAA — secretary as a junior ... baseball rooter ... plans to further her education. PAMELA ANN MURPHY Murf ... Y-teen member ... GAA In sophomore and senior years ... FBLA for two years ... won two ribbons in ice skating .. . transfer student from Tonka In her sophomore year ... "Cavemanl" CAROLE JEAN MURRAY Plans on staying healthy — likes to bike ride ... French Club and Y-teens ... Senior Reception and Homecoming committees ... second-page editor of the Buzzette — "We got some letters!" JUDITH ANN NELSON Jude ... one of the more dexterous popcorn sellers In her |unior year ... French Club in senior year ... an industrious vice-president of her Junior Achievement company ... church choir ... keep smiling. KAREN DELAVIEVE NELSON Nel ... a peppy addition os a junior ... was quick to make friends ... octive in World Affairs Club, Y-teons, Home Ec Club, and many committees ... will always carry a radlonf glow. 44RAY EDWARD NELSON Roider ... the Great Pumpkin ... on both the track and football teams for threo year ... Latin Club ... E-Club ... large vocabulary impressed Mr. Anderson ... devil or angel? ROSANNE ELEANOR NELSON Rosio ... always friendly ... vocabulary all her own ... a giggler with lots to say ... active in choir ... artistically inclined — fashion drawer ... "How spooky!" WILLIAM BOWMAN NELSON Nelly ... ono of Edina's traditionally great othlotes ... football, baseball, hockey — cocapfain — many yells for his feats Insido the cage ... Homecoming King candidate ... E-Club ... Romeo has nothing over Bill. FREDERIC DAVID NORDEEN Fred ... a likable guy ... All-School Hi-Y secretory-treasurer ... three yoars on swimming team ... president of Russian Club ... E-Club, Science Seminar, and World Affoirs ... a wild one on canoe trips. PATRICIA SUE NORTHRUP Wide variety of talents ... leod in Junior Class Play ... chaplain of Y-teens ... Latin and French Clubs ... ability in done-ing and swimming ... Mixed Choir ... can bo found where tho boys are. JOHN HENRY NYSTROM Good-natured ... Spanish Club as a junior ... secretary, treasurer of Hi-Y chopter ... gun hobby — Instructor at the VFW Gun Club ... cheered tho Gophers at the Rose 8owl ... hunting ond hi-fi bug. THOMAS TURNER ODELL A mind with worldly interests — master of current affairs ... school activities include Hi-Y, Conservation Club, and French Club ... decorations committeo for Homecoming ... U of M. THOMAS ROONEY OGREN Arrived from Albert Lea in senior year — on golf and wrestling teams there ... Eagle Scout ... a talented bass in Mixed Choir ... skilled hunter with bow and arrow ... a devilish smile. NANCY KAY NORRIS Non ... recognized by hor impish grin ... scholar — NHS and Merit Scholarship commendation ... leoder — chaplain of Y-teens group ... Spanish Club ... worker — part-time job ... heoded for success. THOMAS HOWARD NORTH If if has wheols, o mill and speed, Tom likes it ... interests include oil types of sports ... contributes to the chivolry of the Greon Knights — fall will find Tom on tho U of M campus. 45HOWARD EARL OLSON From Gaylord to Edino in sophomore year ... octive in choir, Gorman Club, ond Hi-Y ... contributed time to Homecoming ond HI-Y Formal committee ... veep of church youth group ... a large grin. LOUISE ANN OLSON Weaze ... long-time French Clubber ... World Affair and Y-feen» ... church youth group ... Homocoming dance committee ... plon for a teaching career ... mental poise ... "Who con drive?" LYNNE KAREN OSTBYE 0»t ... busy Whigrean activities editor .., Y-teen chapter president ... 8-squad cheorloodor ... FBLA ... tough centor on girls football team ... winning senior float chairman ... a favorite. JUANITA LORENE PALEN Nita ... delights in a frolicking timo ... smart clothes ond cool block hair ... FBLA ... secretary of newly-formed Future Soles Leodors of Edina ... o clever artist. CATHERINE ROSE OLINGER Katy ... quiet ond sincere ... helped for two years on Homecoming committees ... GAA, Home Ec Club, ond Future Business Leaders of America ... Contact ... off to the U of M. JOSEPH WILLIAM OLIVER Joe ... amiable manner ond a diligent worker ... an enthusiastic DeMoloy officer — hod fun of camp ... PF and church choir ... Conservation and Concessions Clubs ... forever happy ... "Nur." ROBERT PAUL OLSON Ole ... toll ond lonky ... baseball for two years ... Hi-Y ... band in sophomore year ... special Interest In hunting and air plans ... a frequent cowhand in the summer. MICHAEL EDWARD ORMAN Characterized by on intellect's glasses ... French Club and Hi-Y Formal committee ... Green Knights ... interested in a career of medicine ... inquisitive. CHERYL GWYNNE PATTEN A gentlo southorn drawl ... NHS in junior year ... active in Latin and Spanish Clubs ... ambition to bo an elementary teacher ... "Would you like to take our public opinion poll?" BRIAN BRADLEY PAUL A friendly transfer from Woshburn — quickly found his niche In Edino ... treosurcr of Mixed Choir, co-captain of junior varsity football ... a card that's the ace of every gathering. 46DONALD LOHMANN PEARSON Don ... "How con you toll?" ... ski teom — instructor for Blizzard Ski Club ... football in sophomore year ... Hi-Y as a sonior ... enjoys parties ... hobbies Include booting ond ploying the guitar. PAMELA ANN PEDERSON A capable leader who shys from the limelight — president of a Junior Achievement company, secretary of her Y-feens chapter ... octivo In declam ... charming smilo ... a grocious girl. ROBERT AUSTIN PERBIX Bob ... interests center around skiing — membership on ski team and In Blizzard Ski Club ... participation in Green Knights ... on the hockey squad ... attracted to the fair sex. SHARI MARIE PERPICH Little Itsie ... a petite bundle of enthusiasm ... Spanish Club, Y-teens, Ski Club ... proficient piano ployer and horseback rider ... trips to Telemark. CAROIEE ANN PERRING loses her place in Russian class — "Where are we at?" ... spends her time going to Y-teens and studying English ... annual trips to Florido ... will not get lost at the U of M next yoar. GERALDINE HARRIET PETERSON Gerry ... laughter ... GAA vice-president ... loyal to French Club — star girl soccer player ... a desire for future teoching — FTA ... enjoys knitting ... "Anybody for bridge?" HAROLD CURTIS PETERSON H ... often seen in a Morris Minor Super Sports Spyder ... vital to choir — starred as Ralph and KoKo in two operettas ... wrestled for two yeors ... a quick wittcd comic. PAMELA SERENE PETERSON Pete ... o buzy little bee in the main ofFice ... Girls' Choir member for two yeors ... active in her church youth group ... never at a loss for words or for a certain boy. PAMELA WARD PETERSON It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice ... membership in World Affoirs, FTA. Spanish Club, ond PF ... president of Y-teens chopter ... CIT at Sherwood for tennis instruction ... funny foces. JOHN FREDERIC PHILLIPS Three-year fish on Edino's swim teom royol Roman of Latin Club ... three-year Regis Hi-Y member ... eager to lend a helping hand to all activities ... johnny-on-fhe-spof. 47SUSAN MARTHA PIATOU Count on hilarity when Sue's around ... Beotnlk Queen ... World Affairs and Home Ec Clubs ... follows style changes to a "T" — clothes-wise and hoir-wije ... an exception to every rule. PATRICIA LYNN PIEISSNER An Individual ... versatile football player — starred os tackle and quarterback ... member of FBLA, French Club, Y-teons ... always In tho middlo of things ... carefree and unconcerned. DAVID GARRETT PRICE Natural ... three yeors a member of the swimming team ... Lotin and Fronch Clubs — skillful soccer player for the Frenchmen ... a scout comp counselor ... ofton found sketching. DAVID LAWRENCE PRIN Ono of tho Prin twins ... interests center around sports — two years of football and Green Knights hockey team ... E-Club ... shares job with brother ... energetic and speculative. BEVERLY JEAN PIERE Thoughtfulness and fun ... music-minded — lent her melodic voice to mixed choir, president of church choir ... looks skyward for the Air Forco ... "I'm counting the minutes." JOANNE ELIZABETH Pin Joannlo ... an infectious laugh ... two years lent to Latin and Spanish Clubs ... Red Cross ... president of Girls' Choir In senior yeor — often makes her own boss section ... "HI thcro." MARGARET ANNE PLUMMER Margie ... a pretty southorn belle from Virginia ... member of FTA, Home Ec Club, choir, and Pep Club in previous school ... senior yeor — World Affairs and Girls' Choir ... strictly Republican ... "How cool." WILLIAM WAKEFIELD PRATT Bill assisted the lighting crew and audio-visual department ... German Club and Hi-Y for two years ... member of his church youth group ... "Now I'll show you how this is dono." JOHN HOWARD PRIN The other Prin twin ... two years on hockoy squod ... German Club, Haksters, Buzzette reporter ... held a pleosant job os Cloncy dishwasher ... co-owner of a smooth (?) running cor. PETER JOHN QUIERS Music, music, music — leader of a four-piece combo, mixed choir for two years ... Hi-Y and several stago crew committees ... church youth group ... transferred from Edina In senior yeor. 48LINDA JEAN RAFSHOl A gentle blonde ... devoted time to mony committee ... World Affair and FBLA ... Y-teens for three year ... charming magazine model ... St. Olof follow graduation. CAROLE ANNE RAINE President of her Luther Leogue In jophomore year ... octive In Y-teens and Future Busine Leader of America ... two unforgettable year In Junior Achievement ... "I'm o up»ef." ALLEN RICHARD REED Big Al ... o lively dancer ... served on Homecoming and prom committee a a junior ... Hl-Y and three-year member of Art Club ... often seen driving a long black Cadillac ... plan to oftend the U. of M. MARGARET ELISE REED E e ... fresh as a summer's day ... talkiest cheerleader — co-coptain ... "Reluctant Debutante" ... Homecoming attendant ... teenboord, Art ond French Clubs ... "13" — always lucky ... one in a million. LESLIE JOAN REA The All-American girl ... Student Council. French Club, Quill and Scroll, NHS. Whigreon cla se editor as a junior, AFS om-bossador to Norway — they liked hor a well as we do — "Mi» High School." MICHAEL T. REBMANN A scholar and leador ... president of All-school Hi-Y and Mpl . Junior Achievement Association ... debate, declam, Russian and Latin Clubs, NHS ... success is his middle name. ANN BABCOCK REIMERS Leads o sporting life — lettered in junior girls' football ... enthusiastic skier ... synchronized swlmmor ... Art Club ... two years of Hornetfes — co-captoin as a senior ... sunny ond sensible. GARY CHARLES REITER Conscientious ... swimming and tennis teoms ... E-Club, World Affairs Club. German and Latin Clubs ... veep of Hi-Y group ... Merit Scholarship commendation ... a sailor — Aquatenniol Regatta winner. GARY LYNN REYNOLDS A tall fellow who used his height to advantage as an l-boller ... member of Spanish Club in junior year ... church youth group ... loves fishing ... plans for Minnesota's Institute of Technology. PATRICIA ANN RIBADENEYA Patsy ... pretty brown-eyed senorito from Quito. Ecuodor ... finds time for World Affair , GAA, Germon, ond Art Clubs ... Ifkes to dance, swim, ond roce cars ... on AFS'er we'll never forget. 49JOSlf ANTONIO RIESTRA Edina's own Spaniard — here on AFS ... World Affairs ond Spanish Clubs ... Honorary Hero ... helpful builder of Homecoming float ... nimble doncor ... mischiof in his eye ... will long be remombered. PETER THOMAS RITCHAY The Mouth ... momber of Green Knights hockey team ... Hl-Y member ... outdoor interest in hunting, fishing ond skiing ... memorable trips to Telemark and South America ... future plans at Mankato State. DOROTHY RUTH ROBEY Dottie ... on alto voice in school ond church choirs for three years ... likes swimming ... eoger-boaver of church youth group ... memories of o Wyoming trip ... high-hopes for Jomaica next year. CRAIG VAIDEN ROCKWELL Rocky ... all-conference hockey player — axoptoln os a junior ... E-Club ... Latin praetor ... varsity gridder ... election to NHS and Boys' State AHornato shows his excellent character ... oil around ability. DAVID WILLIAM RICKORD A friendly fella ... German Club as a junior ... Concessions Club ... Regis Hi-Y ... treasurer of the Conservation Club ... sfoge crew chairman for "The Mousetrap" ... moth wizard. FRED CHARLES RIEBE Butch ... fun-and-a-half ... Spanish Club president ... football and hockey — contributed to both for two yoors ... one of the notorious Green Knights ,.. likes girls — especially brunettes. REGINA HEIDEMARIE RITTER A Spanish conquistodor os a junior ... Y-teens for one year ... o business interest — brought about by FBLA ... member of the industrious hall monitor force ... anxiously owoiting a trip to Europe. JANET GAY ROBB Truly on outdoor girl — skiing, soiling, swimming, skin-diving ... toughest tackle of them all ... Spanish Club, Y-teens ... special interest in Maverick ... gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mod. ROBERT KELFORD ROGERS Moot ... added his enorgy to the Hoksters ... JRC treasurer for two yeors ... three yeors on tennis team ... E-Club ... counselor at Comp Lincoln ... often found hunting — both animals and girls. SANDRA LEE ROLAIN Sondy ... "Don't fell me your problems" but always willing to listen ... octive in Future Business Leaders of America, Girls' Choir, and Job's Daughters ... always a faithful friend. 50SUSAN LORALEE ROIPH Suzie ... Red Cross Council, choir, Y-feens, Spanish Club, Home Ec Club. FBLA ... a gol with many friends ... interests lie In knitting and someone special ... just like a teddy bear. MARILYN ANN ROMSAAS Modeling potential ... on hourglass figure and flowless complexion resulted in selection to Harold's Teen Board ... sec-refary-freosurer of her Y-teens chapter ... FBLA ... "Mung." STEPHEN GERARD ROQUEMORE Rocky ... came to Edina from Ohio in junior ... senator In the Latin Club ... Hi-Y ... aftor college — a rodio announcer ... an enthusiastic greeting for all ... off to Ohio again. PAUL HARMER ROSENDAHL Rosie ... a scholar, athlete, and leader ... three years varsity hockey — all-conference ... Student and Red Cross Councils. German Club, World Affairs, AFS finalist ... intelligent and friendly. DANIEL BRUCE ROUZER Don'l ... a creative artist with original ideas — three years in Art Club ... World Affairs Club ... mixed choir ... Green Knights ... a sensible, soft-spoken guy ... "Huh?" EDLYN RAE RUDD Midge ... three-year participant of Y-teens ... Spanish Club ... unusual job for KSTP at the State Fair ... the nicest of people ... possesses a much desired quiet simplicity. LYNNE ANN RYAN A trusting girl that applies her ability ... devoted time and effort to Spanish Club, World Affairs, and Y-teens ... vice-president of FBLA ... dependable on committees ... "Oh, really?" MARY VIRGINIA RYMAN Serenity ond sophistication ... Y-feens for fhreo years — song chairman ... belonged to Blizzard Ski Club and Spanish Club ...a golden redhead ... "Look, there's Mr. Bye." JO ANN ELVIRA RUSH Josie ... quiet, very responsible, and able ... FBLA and Home Ec Club in senior year ... likes to sew ond is a talented knitter ... business school plans in the offing for Jo. DALE ERNEST RYAN Red hair, a resounding voice — unmistakably Torch ... never caught without a witty romark ... instigator of o good time ... goalie of Green Knights hockey team ... devilment lurking in his eyes. 51II 1 KAREN MARY JUNE SCHAAL Loco ... fun and indepondonce characterize Karen ... choir, Spanish Club. Y-teens ... Interests lie In home economics ... “The gray Chev got us to the hockey games" ... a happy-go-lucky outlook. GERALD WILLIAM SCHILTZ Athletic — participated In both football and track ... church youth group president ... trombone ... hobbies Include sports, fishing, and sports cars ... will enter U of M in the fall. MARGARET KAY SAHLMAN Margoe ... member of French and Worfd Affair Clubs, Mixed Choir, and FTA ... trusty commiffeewomon ... frequent trips to Californio — future hopes of college on west coast ... In perfect taste. JANET EILEEN SATTER Jan ... arrived from Southwest os a junior ... never on amateur at cooking or doncing ... spent lunch periods reading letters from a certain guy ... looks forward to Minnesota School of Business. PAMELA SCHMIDT Pam ... congenial to the core ... Hornette in her senior year ... Red Cross Council for two years ... Y-feens. Spanish, Home Ec, and Ski Clubs ... a certain sparkle. SUSAN RACHEL SCHOENING A dimpled smile thot enhances her beauty ... Student Council. Hornettes, Spanish Club. Y-teens — veep of chapter, ond FTA ... a darling Homecoming attendant ... whimsical. One . . . two . . . three — collapse! 52SUSAN ANN SCHOSSOW Little blond ... Y-teens, Spanish Club and Art Club ... hall monitor ... ovid interest In water sports and art ... cries "contact" tears ... full of fun ond olways lends a helping bond. LINDA GENE SEASHORE Lin ... witty ond feminine ... State synchronized soloist chom-pion for two years ... unsurpassable groce In two GAA water shows ... Macolester wins Llndo's enrollment. CHERIS ANN SHELTON A wonderful present from Wichita ... foined Latin Club, World Affoirs, Y-teens ... talent lies In music — violin in orchestra ... swim show ... outright friendliness ... won the hearts of us all. RICHARD LEGRANDE SHEPPARD Dick ... Latin Club during his sophomore year ... a real out-doorsman — con be found soiling or comping during the summer months ... abundant supply of friendliness ... canoe trips in wilderness. LARRY GENE SEDGWICK Lor wrangled on the mot during his junior and senior yeors ... member of Hi-Y ... owner of a thorp '54 Ford with a '57 Merc mill — a real mover ... knows his economics. ROBERT WILLIS SHAW Bob ... hos original quips to offer ... loyal member of Latin Club for three yeors ... Hl-Y ... Green Knights ... Interests Include hunting and church group activities ... "Choke." 53RONALD ARTHUR SIMONS Ron ... artistic ability — member of Art Club for three years — vice-president In sophomore yoar ... Concessions Club. Hl-Y, hall monitor, and Conservation Club ... his goal — to bocomo a marine biologist. CAROL ANN SIRENE Synonymous with sunshine ... Spanish Club veep, FTA sec., Y-teens, NHS, cheerleading, Whigrean staff. Student Council, teen board, veep of choir — Edina's Buttercup ... our favorite senior. DOUGLAS TRUMAN SMITH Doughnut ... member of Spanish and Art Clubs during senior year ... donatod time and effort to Spring Athletic Banquet ... likes to get awoy from It all by fishing and water-skiing. GERALD KELSEY SMITH A continuous smile ... wrestler for three years and football besides ... Hl-Y plus two years of Latin Club — gained much money os an auctioneer ... church fellowship ... "What do you mean, what do you mean?" KATHLEEN ANN SHIELDS Kath ... NHS, loyal senator of Latin Club, Y-teens, and World Affairs Club round out her activities ... good for a laugh — unusual sense of humor ... bound for Iowa State ... "Oh, goll" WAYNE RAYMOND SHMITKA Tall ond reserved ... efficient hall monitor ... two years making popcorn In tho Concessions Club ... main Interests consist of boating, water-skiing, and cars ... "Sounds like funl" SANDRA MAY SKARIE Sandy ... transfer from Bloomington in junior year — must like green and white ... joined Y-teens, GAA. FTA, FBLA, Girls' Choir, Home Ec Club, and Blizzard Ski Club ... collects postcards ... "Oh, schmeke!" BARBARA ANN SLETTEBO Understanding ond thoughtful ... octive member of FBLA for two years ... belonged to Fronch Club and World Affairs Club os a senior ... church youth group leoder .. . friendly and forthright. JOHANNA ESTHER SMITH Jo ... a true Son Franciscan fhot transferred from California In junior yeor ... Y-teens and orchestra for three years ... Home Ec Club ... looking homeward for college. PETER PHELPS SMITH Peetsy ... pretense of sorcasm ... member of Hl-Y, Spanish and Art Clubs, ond UMH youth group ... avid baseball fan ... walks, talks, and lives leisurely ... Mocolester will welcome him. 54RANDAU EDGAR SMITH A small powerhouse of the swimming team for four years ... membership in E-Club, Hi-Y, and Spanish and Latin Clubs ... a natural whiz of languages ... Interest lies in swimming ... oiming toword Stanford. TERI BETH SNELL Red hair and freckles add to her cheerfulness ... Red Cross Council member for two years ... three-year member of World Affairs Club ... active in Art Club ... future brings college and travel. DONALD ROBERT SPONGBERG Sponge ... started here os a junior — originally from Park ... In Auctor Hi-Y ... active in swimming. Ski Club, and French Club soccer ... sailing enthusiast ... ambition — to be a stock broker. VIRGINIA MARY STARK Ginny ... continually carefree ... member of Y-teens and Home Ec Club for two years ... slumber parties for those who don't sleep ... a winning smile that attracts friends ... "I get gunl" FRANK JOHN STEINMETZ A new face from Clinton, Iowa, in junior yeor ... two years of Mixed Choir — one of the few malo sailors In operetta ... Hi-Y, Math Club officer. Science Seminar ... quiet earnestness. SUZANNE KATHRYN STEVENS One of the best sailors in "HMS Pinafore" ... a competent representative of State Church Young People's Council ... secretary of overall Young People's Socioty and of Teen Missionary Chapter ... mature. BARBARA JEAN SNYDER Waterboy ... quiet and ponsivo ... band membor for two years ... o Y-teener ... active in Job's Daughters ... part-time salesgirl in the toy dept, at Dayton's ... a girl of many moods. SHERRON LEE SPEARING It's said that her hair's on fire ... three-year soprano in choir ... chaplain of Y-teens chapter ... GAA in sophomore and junior years ... familiar faco as model at Dayton's. LaVONNE DARLENE STARKEY A ready smile thot marks her warm personality ... member of Latin Club in sophomore and junior years ... Y-foens for three years ... World Affairs Club ... St. Olof lies In near future. JOHN EDWARD STEINBAUER Jack ... financial wizard — treasurer of E-Club ond senior closs ... athlete — football, track, and hockey ... scholar — NHS ... politician — Student Council and Latin censor ... worked In girls' camp. 55JAMES HARDIN STEVENSON Jim ... tronsfor from Richfield where he starred In school ploy and became chairman of a Homecoming committee ... Interested in cars and boots ... high standards in dress and manners. KENT DAVID STEVENSON Chief-hole-in-the-foot — great hunter ... a hit from Fargo In junior year ... German Club ... president of Hl-Y chapter ... Luther League ... instinctively thoughtful and sincere. SUSAN HOLLY STOCKING Sox ... organized confusion ... Buzzette editor. National High School Institute, Quill ond Scroll ... French Club veep. JRC, World Affairs ... co-chaired Homecoming auditorium ... a truly outstanding girl. SALLY JANE STONE Firm convictions — a natural chaplain — in both Y-fcens cobinet ond Job's Daughters ... committee chairman .., Mixed Choir, FTA, Home Ec Club, church choir ... noted os a rapid conversationalist. JOSEPH SIMON STRAND Joe ... member of Junior Achievement as a sophomore ... Future Sales Leaders of Edina ... especially octive with Scouts ... memories of trip to New Mexico ... future aspiration — business at U of M. WILLIAM MICHAEL STRASSER Stress ... a three-year golfer and wrestler ... member of the Spanish Club ... visual-aids helper ... member of Green Knights ... on ovid sports cor fan ... will attend college ot the U of M. JEFFREY TODD STRATE Skiing never leaves his mind — Ski Club every year ... Hi-Y ... Conservation ond Spanish Clubs ... Luther Leogue President ... Back Forty Club veep ... out to get the animals — first-rate hunter. ERIK GORDON STROM Determined to do a supreme job ... veep of senior class ... Student Council and Ethics Committee ... co-chairman of prom ... Junior Class Ploy, Hi-Y, Conservation Club ... undeniable ability. DONNA MAE STUART A very soft voice, a friendly demeanor — that's Donna ... found time for Y-teens, GAA, Art Club, WYC Church Youth Group ... plans to pursue art ot the Minneapolis School of Art. THOMAS ROY STUART Tom ... his grin is his constant companion ... Latin Club os a sophomore ... Green Knights, Hi-Y, Ski Club ... pheasant season finds him hunting ... plons to attend the U of M ... casual dresser. 56PHIUIP ROY SWAN The Barber ... Hl-Y, Red Cross, and Green Knights ... Novol Air Reserve ... week-ends lost to hunting ... of home on skis ... "I'm never ot a loss for words ... known for his antique cars ... I'm going to the library." JOHN FREDERICK SWANSON Always gome for ony sport in any season ... Thursday nights always included Green Knights ... contributes humorous remarks for every occasion ... "Anyone for Emil's?" ... known as casual. CASSANDRA LEA SWIFT Sand) ... French Club ond Y-teens ... main interest — history-member of World Affairs Club ... services ond committees keep this girl busy even without her part-time job ... witty and satirical ... "Ah, whoa?" GWENDOLYN IRENE THIEDE Gweny ... president of the McCorthy Fun Club ... keen interest at Pork ... on unforgettable laugh known to oil ... exuberant personality ... "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" ... straight-forwardness. JAMES DIETRICH THOMAS The Buzzetto's second-page copy editor ... enjoys reoding ... worked on Junior Achievement yearbook and newspaper ... French Club ... will pursue journalism ond literature ot the U of M. VICTORIA ELIZABETH THOMAS Vicky ... a natural born nut ... three years in Y-teens ... a smile for everyone ... "I won't believe it until I see him" ... typist for the Buzzette as a junior ... a Maverick in a swim show. RICHARD GUY SWANSON A loyol l-boller in junior yeor ... two years o member of the frock teom ... church youth group ... summer finds him swimming and fishing ... St. Cloud comes after graduation. KAREN LEE SWANT A three-yeor music-maker in choir and the opcretto ... has the domestic touch — shown by her excellent sewing ability ... hopes to ocqulre a lifetime of travel ... immediate future — U of M. EDWARD HARLEY THIELE Whigroan business manager ... three yoars on tennis team ... NHS and World Affairs Club ... skiing skipper of "Nover Mind" ... found under twelve thousand hangers ... a naturol poet. RUSSELL HENRY THIEM Rusty ... Merit Scholarship commendation ... veep of JRC ... co-chairman of Charity Drive, class float, decorations for Homecoming ond Prom ... artistic ability displayed on Buzzette ... Hi-Y, German Club ... quite the twister. 57BARBARA ANN THOMSON Barb o kind-hearted addition from Dos Moines, Iowa, where she participated In Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Pep Club, and Spanish Club ... octivo In church youth group ... "That's the way it goes." KATHLEEN JO TRAPP Added femininity to the Girls' Choir .. . supported Y-teens and Sponish Club for two years ... Homecoming committees ... famed for hor quick-stitch knitting ... "When om I going to do my shorthond?" JOHN GLEASON THOMPSON Jock ... active participant in Green Knights during his senior year ... In winter months he can be found skiing and ice skating ... future plans include St. Thomas ... camping at Phil-mont Scout Ranch, ROBERT WAYNE THOMPSON Gift to us from Roosevelt High ... gropplor during senior year ... ono of Bridgomon's reliable ice cream scoopcrs .. . known to run around in gym shorts and football shoos during winfor. BETSY ANN TRIPP Betz ... lent talents to Spanish Club. World Affoirs Club, Y-teens. Red Cross Council ... an avid skier and hockey ployer ... memories of "Blue Club," canoe trips, and Mckohgo ... cute and fun no matter where she Is. SUSAN JEAN TURNBULL Ease with dignity ... Y-tcens for three years — chaplain as a senior ... Ski Club member ... World Affairs Club syn- chronized swimmer ... future in olcmontory education ... poised and nonchalant. LUCIA ALICE TWITE Twitter ... five "A" ratings at State Band Contests ... the loading flutest In the band — vice-president as a senior ... enllghfenod and onrlched by her world travels ... Spanish and World Affoirs Clubs ... a loyal friend. HAROLD CHANDLER ULVESTAD Hal ... Pork's loan to Edina in senior year ... sports assistant on Buzzette ... three letters in golf ... Green Knights ... memorable trip "down south" to Chicago ... dry humor on-the-spot. JOHN DAVID UMBERGER Peppe enjoys any sport active In E-Club. Hi-Y, and Conser- vation Club ... secretary of the "Back Forty" ... subtle wit ... a hunter and a fisherman — "Let me tell you about the beor I killed with a knife." CHARLES ARDEN Von HORSSEN Chuck ... participated in wrestling ... German and Mdth Clubs ... visual aids and office helper ... three years In Science Seminar ... master of his own repair business ... plans for engineering at U of M. 58AllDA KATHERINE Van WAZER Lee ... Y-teens ond Home Ec Club for two years ... Civil Air Patrol ... interior decoration at U of M l» in the future ... always in search of a good time ... "Woe Is mel" JOYCE LYNNE VAUGHN Toni ... primary Interest In music — two years of Mixed Choir ond co-chairman of Red Cross music committee ... Y-teens, Home Ec Club, and FBLA ... summer finds her water-skiing of lake cabin. SANDRA GAY WALKER Sandy ... from blond to red ... chormlng chorister — Girls' Choir for three years ... a devoted Home Ec Clubber ... plons for Gusfavus Adolphus or the U of M after graduation ... fun-loving. CAROL ANN WARMATH Loves tho smell of roses — can't stay away from the Rosebowl ... a regular Y-teens member ... quite a talent for talking ... rebel with a cause in any history class ... In the middle of every crowd. JUANE VEOWN VICTORSEN Vic ... sincere and congoniol ... octive Home Ec Club member for two years — treasurer as o senior ... Mixed Choir In senior year ... willing committee worker plons for the U of M. NANCY CAROLE VIXO Nan ... serious offorts to do a superior job ... publicity co-chairman for Homecoming ... Y-teens member ... Home Ec Club for three yeors — president of club os a senior ... octive in Junior Achievement ... always cheerful. MARY LOUISE WAYNE Wayner ... enthusiasm has no bounds ... declom. Red Cross, Russian Club, Y-toens, ond mony committees ... president of church youth group ... a Dolphinette ... everywhere at once ... a truly dynomic personality with a hearty "giggle." RUSSELL E. WEBBER Russ ... temperate personality ... membor of the new Future Soles Leoders of Edina ... two yeors an audio-visual aid ... Concessions Club os a sophomore ... special interest — radios. JAMES ALLEN WASH Sparrow ... spent many Thursday nights at Green Knights — member of hockey team ... motorcycles and ears, what else Is there? ... outdoor interest In hunting ... future plans Include college ... artistic talent. STEPHEN MacGREGOR WATSON Wats ... a casual, dimpled smile ... Intelligence ... a natural athlete — three-year letterman in football, three years of basketball, two years of track ... Red Cross Council ... E-Club .. .lasting friendships. 59JANE EINA WESTERDAHl A Dresden doll ... one of the ski bums at Aspen ... member of Ski Club. World Affairs Club. French Club, and Y-teens ... honor roll student ... organized and sensible ... U of M aheod. LAWRENCE DANIEL WHALEN Dan ... a transfer to Edina os a senior — left behind two years of participation In football. Chemistry Club, and committee work Of Benilde ... Junior Achievement ... judo expert ... always finds time for fun. RICHARD SHERMAN WILLIAMS Krasni ... likes his tennis — two-year letterman ... Buzzette as a junior ... German Club ... noted for his great sense of humor and unusual sounds ... plays the stock market ... the speechless "queen." PETER BOTTGE WINDHORST Leadership and intelligence — the path to success ... president of Student Council ond World Affairs Club ... Junior Clou and Thespian plays ... one of Butler's three-year men ... NHS, Hi-Y. German Club ... Merit Scholarship finalist. DONALD RUSSELL WEDEN Mon with the progressive ideas ... wrestling squad for two years ... wonts nothing leu than perfection ... his fingers were made to ploy bongo drums ... off-beat interests. SUZANNE EMMA WEST Pretty, pert, and punctual ... Whigreon faculty editor ... Quill and Scroll ... Merit Scholarship finalist ... light-footed Hornette ... co-chairman of Homecoming elections ... feminine os the color pink. JAMES ROBERT WILLIAMS Willie ... mokes friends easily ... an outdoorsmon — main interests are water-skiing, hunting, and snow skiing ... tennis team for three years ... vice-president of Hi-Y chapter ... future at Mankato State. KARYN BETH WILLIAMS Quiet intelligence ... National Merit Scholarship finalist ... member of NHS In junior yoar ... GAA board member In senior yeor ... officer of Presbyterian Youth Fellowship ... bright future for a wonderful girl. ROLAND HERBERT WINEBRENNER Rollle ... a handsome blond ... served three years os a grop-pler ... baseball team ... member of Green Knights ond Dei-Gratia Hi-Y ... friendly personality and perpetuol smile ... a future In the Navy. RICHARD CRAIG WING Iggy ... added his fine tenor voice to the Mixed Choir os o senior ... enjoys building boats ... won second place two years in the Aquotennial Music Contest ... future includes the U of M 60The change is overpowering. LOIS MARGARET MARY WOEHRER loioc ... always busy with school activities ... two-year member of Buzzette staff ... participated In FBLA ond FTA ... future Includes study at St. Benedicts College ... "Oh, really?" IHIA MAE WOLFE A Wolfe with the look of a lamb ... very diligent in her Distributive Education work — o pleasant Clancy waitress ... Interests include dancing ... plans to become a beauticion. MICHAEL FRANCIS WOLFE "Fine is mine" ... o great interest in ort shown by his membership In the Art Club during his |unior and senior years ... likes sport cars of any kind ... heading for California ... humorous quips. MARY WOODHEAD Striking sleepy-time gol .. . dependable third-poge Buzzette editor ... odds zest to Red Cross Council. Ski Club, synchronized swimming — now hos fins ond snorkel ... Woody and Joff — o living legend. JANET WILSON WORMAN Jan ... expressive ond exuberant — lots of fun .., two years o hall monitor and Red Cross Council representative ... kept her Roman stoves busy os a member of Latin Club ... those darling dimples. JOHN SATTERLEE YERXA Considerable artistic tolent proven In odvonced art class ... strong interest in cars, especially stock cors ... looking forward to joining the Air Force ... "Sufficiently successful." 61SURE SUCCESSES Poter Windhorst and Jane Mucke DEVIL AND ANGEL Dick Burris ond Gail McNeil TERRIFICALLY TALENTED Ginger Hofner and Stan Freese MOST TALKATIVE Carol Warmath ond Mike Rebmonn MOST SOPHISTICATED AND MOST CASUAL Deanna Harris and Mark Conoyer MOST ATHLETIC AND MOST FEMININE Bill Nelson and Kathy JohnsonCUTEST DIMPLES Sue Schoenlng and Steve Watson CLASS CLOWNS Rick Jonsen and Sue Platou PEPPIEST Marcy McGarraugh and Bill Jevne BIGGEST FLIRTS Bob Johnson and Elise Reed FOREVER FRIENDLY Pat Bennett and Carol Sireno BEST DANCERS Sally Stone and Rusty Thlem1SOUNDS OF CLASSES: the clamor of the 7:59 rush . . . the distressing cry of a lost sophomore . . . junior moans of Saturday-morning clean-up . . . giggling girls.Bill Wright, vice-president; Jono Coffey, secretory; Koith Crifchlow, treasurer; Harlow Christenson, president. Eleven Down . . One to Go As middlemen of the senior high, we quickly adapted to our most challenging year yet. With unflagging enthusiasm, we participated in many activities. The unfolding of the football season found many boys representing our class on the varsity team. On the varsity cheerleading squad, four junior girls — Barb Lund, Judy Ferguson, Mimi Krieger, and Wendy Crook — cheered the team on to victory. We were also represented on the Hornettes by four junior girls — Janice Ross, Anne Woodworth, Carol Soper and Signe Wersell. At the football games, many juniors were seen selling popcorn, pop and carameled apples. The memories of damp Saturday mornings spent under the bleachers (picking up senior confetti) will never be forgotten. The one flicker of hope that led us on was the dream of an unforgettable prom, which traditionally has been sponsored by the junior class. A welcome addition to the junior treasury came when our Homecoming skit, a satire on the nomination of the king and queen candidates, took first place. Our goal to earn $1200 was finally realized after the very successful presentation of the Junior Class Play. Academically, the junior year is the toughest. In addition to becoming experts on the Constitution, we spent many hours organizing English term papers, balancing chemistry equations, and memorizing language vocabulary lists. Many juniors took College Board Examinations and Merit Scholarship tests. Soon we ordered our class rings and registered for our senior classes. To further remind us that we would soon be seniors, we selected A.F.S. finalists, Buzzette and Whigrean staffs, our senior class officers, and our representatives to Boys' and Girls' State. Our thanks for superb leadership go to our class officers — Harlow Christenson, Bill Wright, Jane Coffey and Keith Critchlow. The work done by our class advisers is deeply appreciated. As we attended the graduation of this year's seniors, we realized that our junior year was at an end, and that soon we would be the leaders of the school in our final year at Edina. 66Junior Advisers Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Patricio Anderson, James Andrews, A!on Anfmson, Ruth Arnold, Hoxen Asperton, Alice Seated: Miss Grove, Miss Irvine, Mr. Belk, Mrs. Kauflmann, Mr. Martin. Standing: Mr. Young, Mr. Wego, Mr. Dahl, Mr. Punkris, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Stotts. Abernethy, Scott Adorns, Michael Allum, Charles Aim, Roger Anderson, Diane E. Anderson, Diane L. Anderson, Karin Aton, Anna Loo Axelson, Christine Bain, Barbara Baldwin, Brian Barber, Jonet Bartlett, Jomes Basche, Robert Bauernfeind, John Beach, Norris Beale, John Bcggs, James Benjamin, Nancy Benson, James Berdahl, Michoel Berlin, Susan Bina. Kotherine Bishop, John Bjoraker. Robert Bjornnes, Jon Blandin, lawrenc Boelter, Frances 67Bolles, Monha Book. Choryl Boron, Susan Brosiler, Bonny Bridgeman, Richord Brierley, Mori ha Brisbine, Barbara Brostrom, David Brotherson, Mary Jo Brudenell, Michel Buelow, Virginia Burbage. Mary Burbage, Robert Burbank, Timothy Burkhardt, Bonnie Burns. Sharon Burton, John Byrd, Stephen Coin, Janet Cameron, Linda Campbell, Kenneth Carlsen, Kathryn Carlson, Betty Carlson, Dawn Carlson. David Carlson, Karen Carlson, Linda Carlson, Ted Cheney, Paul Caspers, Barbara Cedergren, Barton Chapman. Cherl Charbonnoou, Renee Chasfek, Margaret Chatterton, Dennis Chester, Charles Christenson, Harlow Clark. Thomos Clarke, Lowell Coffey, Jane Collins. Christino Cook, Deborah Copps, Dale Corah, Craig Corchron, Patricia Correa, Maureen Corfy, William Courtney, Richard Covnick, Bruce Croddick, Susan Critchlow, Keith Crook, Wendy Croonquist, Betsy Do hi, Thomos Dalquist, Corrine Danielson, Dean Danielson, Nancy Danielson, Sharon Darling, Douglas Davies, Judith Degeberg, Chriseda Denison, Bart a Dennison, Marlys 68Erickson, John Erickson, Neal Fahrenholz, Norman Farnsworth, Patricio Feldhake, Dennis Fongor, Grefchen Ferguson. Judith Getsch, Thomas Giebink, Nancy Gindorff, William Goughler, Lynn Gowling, Jano Grandstrand, Charles Green, Arthur Derby, Mary Lou Deveny, Michaol Dietrich, Roberta Doran, Michaol Dorek, Gary Douglas, William Drew, Mark Drew, William Driscoll, Roy Eastman, Jack Eaton, Charlene Edmunds, Diane Enroth, James Erickson, Jean Fletek, Mary Finch, David Finch, Kay Finkenaur, Robert Fisher, Judith Flater, Charlotte Flower, Betty Foley, Richard Formo, John Forney, David Foss, Beth Foster, David Fotia, Penny Fox, Jeffery Freeman, John Fricscn, Susan Gollup, William Gardner, Janet Gendreau. Daniel Gentry, James George, Jo Ann Greenagel, Dovid Greenberg, Sheldon Greer, James Grelser, Raymond Grewe, Lynn Grosh, Nancy Gullle, Fredrick Gustafson, Gregory Haas, John Hackctt, Charles Hagen, Marjorio Halre, Stephen Hallberg, Jack Halverson, Dennis 69Halvorson. Vane® Hamilton. Bruce Hargrove, Robert Harri . Lynn Horrijon, Ann Hart, Josephine Hartfiel, Bonnie Hawkinson, Raymond Heacock. Robert Headington, Mark Hcgman, Nancy Heim, Nancy Heinbockel, Jill Heinrich, Jill Helgesen, Rebecca Honderson, Robert Hondrickson, Thomas Henkel, Margaret Henley, Carlyle Henrickson, Ronald Hess. Dean Hey. John Hill, Shoryn Hilliard, Potriclo Hodge, Robert Holmberg, Robert Holstad, Leslie Hoover, Earl Hopf, Janolle Horns, Mary So why did we lose??? Horrocks, Sheila Houck, Barbara Houck, Ellen Hull, Shirley Hustad, Thomos Huston, James Her, Marguerite Jones. Judith Jordon, Chorleen Kaiser, Mark Kallevik, Sandra Keil, Barbara Keller. Keith Kelly, Colleen Israolson, James Jennings, John Johnson, Craig Johnson, Eloise Johnson, Michael Johnson, William Jones, Douglos 70Kelly, Kathleen Kennedy, William Kerr, John Kerjteter, Joel Kibler, Chad Kimball, Rose Ann Kimmcrlo, Jeon Kbtle, Barbara Kittelson, Janet Kloek, James Kmieciok, Alan Knight, Dale Ann Knopf, Richard Knutson, David Kojetin, Kathryn Konlgson, Al Kraus, Mary Ellen Krause, John Kriegor, Grotchen Kuehn, Petor Kuhnley, Marc Kuphal, John Lannort, Rebecca Learn, Judith Lee, James Lee, Poggy Lehmann, Wado LeMire, Mary Lindborg, Laurence Lindbergh, Richard Lindsey, James lindstrom, Robert Little, Thomas Lorimer, Marcia Luce, Gregory Luck, Betsy Lund, Barbara Lund, Susan Lundahl, Fredrick Lupie, Marcia Lykken, Henry Lyon, Thomos MocAllister. Connie Moder, Richard Madden, Kathleen Magoffin, James Molkerson, Eric Manfred, Mark Martin, David Martin, Jill Mortin, Lynn 71Martin, Wendy Mottson, Gail May, Robert McCullough, Kenneth McDormid, Barbara McEliece, Virginia McDonald. Donald McDonald. Virginia McFadzean, Bruce McIntosh, Stewart McKay, Laurie McNee, Brian McNellis, Daniel Mean . Patricia Meier, John Melbostad. Susan Merchant, Jeanne Millett, Douglas Mill , Richard Mitchell, Edward Moe, John Monahan, Michael Moore, Barbara Moore, Kathryn Moore, Patricio Moorhead, John Morford, James Morgan, Cathy Morphew, Lynne Morris, Robert Morse, Gillian Moss, Gory Mullen, Peggy Musselman, Kathryn Myers, Kathryn Naas, Gary Nauth, Mary Neessen, Paul Nelson, Kurt Nelson, Ramona Newhouse, Nancy Niess, Daniel Nordstrom, Nicki Norton, Barbara Nylund, John O'Connor, Michael Olinger, David Oliver, Donald Olson, Janice Olson, Mary Jo Olstad, Mary O'Neill, Alan O'Rourke, Richard Orwoll, Richard Osberg, Carole Ostlund, Barbara Otterness, John Park, Denise Pearson, Jeffrey Pesfal, Jean Potorson. Jomes Peterson, Joy Peterson, Nancy 72Peterson, Susan Peterson, Thomas Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Diane Peterson, Marcia Pierce, Katherino Pike, Brenda Richordson, Jeffrey Ridgway, Robert Ring, Mary Beth Ring, Susan Ripley, Richard Rocklin, James Rodecker, Shoryn Ramseyer, William Reeves, James Reierson, Gary Reineck, Carol Roinhard, Richard Reynolds, Gary Richards, David Plotter, Mary Portinga, John Posthumus, Ruth Priest, Susan Proebstlo, Jack Puterbaugh, Susan Quade, Lynn Rowe, Martha Rush, Kenneth Russ, Steven Rutherford, Claudia Saeur, Donna Samuelson, Ronald Sandberg, Karen Sanders, Susan Sanford, Jamos Sather, Barbara Schaefer, Pamela Scheefe, Susan Schelper, Kenneth Schott, Wendell Scholefield, Joljn Schweiger, Mary Ellen Scott, Michael Scott, Sharen Seleen, Keith Seftli. Peter Sevaroid, Janet Rominger, Robert Ronald, Martha Roet, Michael Root, Thomas Ross, David Ross, Janice Ross, Joanne Sharpe, Patricio Show, Vicki Sheeks, James Shekore, Jane Shelton, Blake Shelton, Cynthia Shepherd, John 73Sims, Floy Smith, Donna Smith, William Snoyenbas, Linda Snoyenbos, Rkhord Sommers, Linda Soper, Carol Sorlein, Theodore Sorfeberg, Kenneth Sparrow, Wendy Spearing. Gall Spearing. William Sponsel. Susan Stamp, Ann Stephen, John Stolarik, Martha Sternfels, Susan Stewart. Robert Stone, Marilyn Stone, Susan Stover, Richard Strom, Vincent Theisen, Gregory Thesing, Janet Thomas, David Thompson, John Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Mary Jane Thompson, William Struck, Dinoh Sturm, Jeffrey Sutton, Karen Swanson, Edward Swant, James Taylor, Maurice Tess, James Thorpe, Josephine Tomlinson, William Troutman, Paul Our "A" squoders 74Vogeloy, Kirsten Wahl, Marjorie Waldusky, William Wall, Judith Waller, Cheryl Ward, Undo Warded, Rcbocco Wartchow, Sally Watson, Patricia Wcrsoll. Signe Wejcoft, Ann West, John West, Kenneth Westervelt, Douglas Whalen, Nancy Whitbread, Bertram Whyto, James Wicker, Wpndy Williams, John Willour, Charles Wilson, Richard Tvctene, Leigh Ufne, Steven Vanasek, Kathleen Varin, Colotto Victor, Judith Viken, Jo Ann Vlzzier, Stephan Wunsch, Paul Young, Judith Zoimos, Robert Ziegler, David Winborg, John Wolf, Janet Woodworth, Anne Worrell, John Wright, John Wright, William Wudlick, Robert The last pep fest 75Don Bennett, treowrer; Vkkl Olsen. secretary, Louise Piracies, vke-president. Grant Hawthorne, president. Ten Down . . . Two to Go Our class kept the tradition set before us by the upperclassmen and entered upon our sophomore year thoroughly confused by the maze of halls that beset us. We soon realized that summer hadn't changed the faculty, and that assigning homework still seemed to be a popular practice among them. We were plunged into a world of mysterious geometry theorems, monotonous short story summaries, and lengthy Julius Caesar notebooks. For many of us the opportunity came to try our hands at writing research papers. Extra-curricular activities became an important part of our school life, and we found ourselves confronted with pep fests, sock hops, Hi-Y and Y-Teens groups, and the problem of deciding which school clubs to join. During the Homecoming festivities, we made our first float and produced our first skit. Our class made its voice heard in sports, with many of our boys participating in Varsity and B-squad athletics. The B-squad cheerleaders — Louise Piracies, Sue Barnes, Anne Pearson, Mary Robb, Joan Seashore, and Andy Matthies — contributed to our enthusiasm at the B-squad and junior varsity games. The main goal of our class this year was to raise enough money to present a successful Senior Reception. This was accomplished by producing the annual allschool Talent Show. Under the supervision of Mr. Scanlan, one of the class advisers, and the direction of the class officers — Grant Hawthorne, Don Bennett, Louise Piracies, and Vicki Olsen- — committees were chosen and plans were begun. The outcome of this event resulted in an increased sophomore treasury and a memorable Senior Reception. As the year closed, we were caught in the last minute rush of class officer and Student Council elections, committees for the long-awaited Senior Reception, and last minute cramming for finals. With all these activities and responsibilities came the realization that by learning from the experiences of our sophomore year, we would be ready to face the promising and challenging year to come. 76Allljon, Harvey Allum, Kathryn Aim, Sharon Anders. Jody Anderson, Darcy Anderson, Janls Anderson, Jeffrey Anderson, John Anderson, Michael H. Anderson, Michael P. Anderson, Renner Anderson, Roger Anderson, Thomas Artus, Richard Ashcroft, Jane Athelston, Suson Austin, Judith Aswumb, Thomas Axe Ison, Nancy Bobic, Kathleen Bailey, Dale Sophomore Advisers Miss Levorson. Mr. Whited, Mr. Scanlon, Mr. Seha, Miss Gransberg. Abbott, Robert Ackerson, Richard Adams, Thomas Adams, Virginia Adamson. Veronica Aling, Charles Ainslie, Undo Bailey, John Baker, James Baldwin, Bruce Barber, Corol Barnes, Susan Boston, Barbara Baxter, Collins 77Bayers, Virginia Beale, Kathy Behning, Baron Bennett, Donald Berg, John Bergh, Bruce Bergseth, Jerry Bo we son, John Bezoier, Dolph Billings, Barbara Bing, Donald Birk, Jack Bjork, Michael Black, Jo Ann Bloke. Dennis Blanchette, Noncy Boettchor, Keith Bomier, Bruce Boaynge, Cheryl Bove, Suzanne Brakke, Janot Brandonger. David Brandow, Mark Branham, Pamela Bredesen, Charles Briden, Richard Bridgeman, Ruth Bridgman, William Bringen, David Brock, Bonnie Brothers, Bruce Brown, Charles Brown, Lee Brown, Nancy Buchanan, Merry lee Buckbee, Donna Buden, Jacob Bunnell, Gloria Burgeson, Richard Bylin, Therese Carleton, Candice Carlson, Charles Carlson, Julie Carlson, Leslie Carlson. Pamela Carlson, Richard Carlson, Robert Carlson, Susan Carlson, Sylvia Carlson, Torryl Carlstrom. John Carnahan, Jane Carriger, James Carson, Candy Carter, Diane Charles, Dwight -■v f Chmiel, Barbara Chrisfoffcrson, Susan Cloutier, Jeffrey Coffin, Stephen Connor, Richard Cook, Betsy Cook, Fredrick 78Cooper. David Cooper. Mary Kay Cornwell, Jeffrey Covnick, Susan Coursolle, Judith Cox, Cathleen Crawford. Ronald Crawford, Susan Crist, Bonnie Crowther, Caren Cullle. Patrick Curran, James Dahl, Philip Dahhtrom, Thomas Dash, Linda Davis, James Davis, Gregory Dawson. Marilyn Dennison, Thomos DeWinter, William Dickey, Carol Diehl, Cathy Diracles, Louise Dobie, Linda Dornfeld. Jane Downs, Edward Duncan, Darcy Dunkor, Donna Duoos, Bonnie Duvidc. Darlene Edgren, Milton Edwards. Steven Eichhorn, Richard Elftmonn, Gregory Elllngson. Thomas Elliott, John Ellis, Larry Engdahl, Judith Engel, Elaine Engen, Gary Eppie, Suzanne Erickson. Barboro Erickson, Bonnie Ewing. Solly Fahlberg, Jean Farley, Karin Fechner, Roger Feigum, Marilyn Ferguson, Gordon Fiedler, Joe Fiedler, Thomas Field, David Fisher, Barbara Fisher, Douglas Fitzner, James Flanagan. Cynthio Flaten, Mary Fletcher, Susan Fossum, Gregory Foster, Lucius Franke, Lyle Frey, John Friegong, Robert 79Fuzzey, Jerry Gallagher, Kathy Gardner, Peter Garlock, Susan Garrison, Betty Garven, Maurcon Geonkoplis, Connie Gunderson, Joan Gustafson, Robert Habcrle, Charles Hoke, Chad Haling, Cindy Hall, Michael Hansen, Camelo Hansing, Barbaro Hanson, Cynthia Hanson, Gail Hanson, Phyllis Hanson, Robert Harris, Bonita Harrison, Kathleen Hartshorn, Robert Hauskins, Lloyd Havstod, Mary Jo Haw, John Hawke, Robert Hawthorne, Grant Grams, Dcboroh Green, Lowell Granger, Robert Greer, Anne Grill, David Grohnke, Bryan Grothe, Richard 80Hockin, James Holder, Dorothy Holman, Lindo Honaos, Sylvia Hovey, Carla Howorth, Susan Hubbard, Susan Hays, Thomas Hegener, Karen Helgesen, Jane Helgesen, Thomos Henefield, Fronk Henshaw, David Herman, Robert Hermann, Jamos Hewlett, Erik Hicks, Charles Hilgcndorf, Keith Hillcrn, Julie Hinkio, Richard Hinshaw, John Hudak, Gerald Hucbscher, Thomas Hughes, Gail Her, Douglas Ijgrigg, Susan Iverson, David Jackson, Ronal Janssen, Ginger Jonson, Diane Jonsen, Kathie Jowott, Gregory Johnson, Carol Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Diane Johnson, Michael Johnson, Patricia Lee Johnson, Patricia M. Johnson, Randec Johnson, Richard Johnson, Stephen Jones, Cheryl Jones, David Jonos, Julie Jones, Nancy Jones, Richard Jones, Tracy Jorgenson, Richard Joyce, Barbara 81Kagol, Steven Kane, Margaret Keeley, Linda Kellogg, Kathryn Kennedy, Christina Kerker, Leslie Kern, Karolyn Kerwin, James Kesterton, Lynn Kiesau, Diane Kiichli, Kay Kindem, James King, Dallas King, Douglas King, Susan Kirk, Timothy Kjos, Marie Klein, Richard Kohner, Ann Koivumaki, Victor Korstad, Dorthea Krafft, Richard Krause, Susan Kreiser, Linda Krueger, Lindy Kuehn, Frank Lampert, Leonard Landree, James Langhaug, Mary Lapp, Ernest Someone better coll his mother. Larson, Joann Larson, Karen Larson, Karen Lash, Sandro Latchaw, Linda Laub, Linda Lawrence, Susan Leaman, Jeffrey Lee, Bruce Lee, Suzanne Levering, Stephen Lewedog, Thomas Lowers, Sally Lienemann, Jane Lindborg, Dwight Lindgren, Ann Lindow, Virginia Lindskoog, Richard Locker, Peggy Logan, Margaret Loheyde, Robert 82Lord, Frances Lord, William Loverud, Kathy Luce. James Lund, Cotherine Lundquist, James Lushine, Frank Lyons, Sherryl Macintosh, Jean MacKay, Gerald MocPhoil. Alan Magnus, Judith Magnuson, Ruth Major, Gary Manning, Maureen Marquardt, David Marquardt, Kathlee Mason, Joel Motfhies. Andrea Maulsby, Ernost Maunder, Bradley Mayberg, Steven McClellan, Ann McCormack, Robert McCormick, Susan McEachron, Thomos McGohey, Michael McKinsey, Anne McPeak, Floris Ann McPeek, Patricia Pocahornet Co. McToggart, Susan Mead, Theodore Merriman, Thomas Meyer, Richard Michels, Richard Miller, Carol Miller, David Miller, Nancy Miller, Norman Mitchell, Karen Montgomery, Vicki Morrill, Susan Morris, Cindy Mortenson, Barbara Mortcnson, Joan Mortlyn, John Mueller, John Munroe, Marsh Nabours, Barbara Nakken, Kenton Nelson, Donald 83Nelson, John Nelson, Mary Nelson, M errikoy Nelson, Noncy Nolson, Patricia Nelson, Richard Ncttum, Diane Novins, Patricia Nobles, Kent Nord, Mary Ann Nordell, Mark Nygren, Scott Nystrom, Linda Obcrg, Carol Olmsfead, Jano Olsen, Vicki Olson, Cindy Olson, Lynne Olson, Schuyler Opporman, Connie iOrcn, Joint Osborne, Judith Oskey, Susan Ostendorf, Jeanne Ostlund, David Pacini, Cheryl Palen, Susan Palmer, Pamela Parker, Stephen Parkhurst, James Paulson, Potricia Pazandok, Dovid Poarson, Anne Pengelly, Barbara Perra, Deon Porry, Susan Peterson, Gregory Peterson, Bruce L. Peterson, Bruce R. Peterson, Denise Peterson, Jock Peterson, John Peterson, Mark Petfes, JoAnn Pettyjohn, Sherri Phillips, Carol Phillips, Mary Piorson, Potrick Plcissncr, Mari Polacek, Karen Pontius, Douglas Porfor, Margo Porter, Thomas Possclt, John Prcstly, Barbara Price, Dana Radford, Randa Rafshol, Sfophcn Ramler, Glendoris Rask, Gary Roymond, Jeffrey Reeves, Scott Reierson, Lee 84Reilly. Jon© Rctherford, Nancy Reynolds, Wayne Ribblo, Nancy Richards, Jeffrey Ridgway, Richard Riogert. Ronald Riley. Steven Robb, Mary Robertson, Eric Robinson, Sandra Rohner. Ilene Rooney, Carole Roso. Ann Rosendahl, Eric Rose now, Charios Roquemore. Michoel Rowan, Condoco Ryon, Jeffrey Rydman, Carol Saffell, Lee Sahlman, John Samuolson, Thomas Sandt, Kothorino Sattor, Nancy Schapor, Mary Schilling, Judith Schletzer, Diane Shiols, Kathleen Shipway, Jo Short, Susan Sleper, Armond Simones, Lynne Simons, Richard Simpson, Barbara Skorie, Roger Skoglund, Donald Slawson, Frank Sloan, Patricia Smale, Jeffrey Smith, Bonnie Smith, Carol Smith, Claudia Smithers, Warner Snyder, Marilyn Speeco, Maynard Spellman, James Sponsel, Sally Sprague, Kondius Schroeder, Lynda Schwarz, Anita Scott, James Seashore, Joan Selden, Andrew Sharp, Donald Shellody, Patricia Sproguer, Sandra Staab. Katherine Stahly, John Steiner, Anna Steiner, Peter Stephens, Richard Stevenson, Robert 85Stewart, Donald Strand. Kirsten Strom, Carol Strom, Kristine Stromme, Christine Subak, Barbara Sutton, Gail Swendra, Carol Swenson, Jeanne Taylor, Karen Thiede, Martin Thomas, William Thompson, Cynthia Thompson, Diane Torok, Barbara Tripp. Cynthia Tudor, Margaret Turnquist, John von der Ziel, Kea von Waier, Peter Viken, Cynthia Vlnr, Botty Vlxxier, Lee Ann Woag, Torrey Waldon, Theodore Wallen, Martha Waller, Steven Walsh, Robert "Frlonds, Romans, . . 86Winsor, Bruce Wlthom, Ellen Wittke, Gregory Wood, Alan Wolf, Alfred Woodheod, Michael Worrell, Patrkia Wright, Bill Wright, Stephen Wrobleiki, Dawn Younger, Charlotte Zemple, Gory Znerold, Michael Williams, Jory Wllles, Lorraine Wilson, George Wilson, Thomas Wlmmer, Joann Wing, Carol Wingerf, Becky Week, Lauren Wolch, Gory Wollumson, Curt Wellumson, Marsha West, Patricia White, Carol Willert, Carol Wang, David Ward, Stewart Warner, David Watson, Douglas Watson. Richord Wayne, Jomes Webb, James B-Squad cheerleaders: Mary, Sue, Joan, Louie, Andy. 87FACULTSOUNDS OF FACULTY: diversified subjects — Plato to Poor — over lunch . . . mumbled morning announcements ... the harmonious efforts of the faculty skit.Acting Superintendent of Schools After assuming the duties of acting superintendent and also maintaining the position of director of secondary education, Mr. Leo J. Fick bore a seemingly impossible responsibility. While the superintendent's job required the exact coordination of the entire school system, Mr. Fick, os director of secondary education, was responsible for accurate supervision of the secondary school's curriculum and personnel. A familiar face to Edina graduates, Mr. Fick was principal of Edina High School from 1952 to 1958. At this time, because of the expanding population, Mr. Fick filled the newly appointed position of director of secondary education. Well suited for these undertakings, Mr. Fick is equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Cloud Teachers College and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. 90Principal Completing his fourth year at the head of the high school administration, Mr. Rolland J. Ring has made an admirable advancement to his current position. Mr. Ring first came in contact with the Edina school system as a teacher in 1950 and subsequently was promoted to assistant principal, principal of the junior high, and returned as principal of the senior high in 1959. Mr. Ring's higher education began at South High School and culminated in a Master of Ed. degree from the University of Minnesota. Following this formal education, he served in the United States Coast Guard. A sports enthusiast, Mr. Ring played football at the University of Minnesota and combined a teaching and coaching job at Hutchinson, Minnesota. Other major outside interests are a membership in the Edina Optimist Club and an active interest in several state and national educational organizations. Assistant Principal Theoretically a school is a center of learning where students assemble to better their knowledge in a variety of subjects. Unfortunately, of Edina, os in all other educational systems, there is a small minority whose actions tend to detract from this image. The "guidance" of this element was the job of Mr. Elmer R. Lundgren. As assistant principal, Mr. Lundgren was in charge of the attendance records. He also solved the school's parking problems after working closely with the Student Council Ethics Committee. Before coming to Edina, Mr. Lundgren attended the University of Minnesota where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He left Edina in 1957 and spent a year on a Ford Foundation Fellowship. He also completed his work for his Master of Education degree from the University of Minnesota. At Edina, Mr. Lundgren taught industrial arts and also served os adviser of the WHIGREAN before he was selected as assistant principal. 91Sitting: Leo Fick, Morion Richords, Rkhord Reeves. Standing: Willis Shaw, Willis Joeys, John toper, John Hamilton. School Board is Responsible for I 5 administrators 10 counselors 269 teachers 7920 students 9 buildings 26 office workers 73 maintenance workers 65 cafeteria workers • $5,200,000 budget 92 ♦ ♦Director of Business Affairs Cafeteria Supervisor Mrs. Rose Isker's job was to supervise the cafeteria staff, plan the school lunch menus, and aid in planning club-sponsored doughnut sales and school banquets. Under her supervision, the first full year in the new cafeteria was a very successful one. Head Custodian As head custodian, Mr. Robinson was made responsible for housekeeping, sanitation, and operation of the senior high school building. Under his supervision were daily cleaning, maintenance of grounds and equipment, and all major redecorating and renovating. Head Engineer Mr. Al Janohosky, the head engineer, supervised the maintenance operation, and repair of the heating system, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, kitchen equipment, sprinkling system, athletic field, and outside lighting of the senior high school building. As director of business affairs, Mr. Donald Pryor was in charge of all business transactions made within the school administration. His job included supervising business connected with personnel, school buildings, cafeterias, and bus transportation. Accountant Mr. William Simpson served as accountant for the entire school system. It was his job and responsibility to prepare each school's payroll, prepare all bills for payment, and keep accounting records for all business transactions made anywhere in the Edina school administration. 93Cafeteria Staff E. Gray, E. Frlegong, D. Norgren, Jeon Knowles, E. Kelly, E. Peterson, E. Trocy, D. Colness, G. Robinson, J. Swan, M. Bringen, G. Johnson. 0. Veenendool, P. Herrmann, J. Cederholm. Custodians Bottom Row: I. Aulfmon, R. Hobson, C. Thompson, M. Jordan, J. Schmidt. W. Puumolo, V. Krosch. M. Ehr. Second Row: R. Wilkins. J. Burgquist. A. Skluzocek, J. Hogan, H. lieder, 0. Zweber, E. Young, B. Keith, E. Strom. Secretaries Sitting: D. Gessner, D. Salvos, G. Disney, E. Martin, J. Elzea. Standing: M. Flickenger, M. McKeond. G. Hauger, H. King, H. Kelsey. 94June Vendel, Ingrid Miller, Michele Bix Librarians Miss Ingrid Miller, library consultant, ond the new library was in use, the librarians aided her assistants, Mrs. Michele Bix and Mrs. June in acquainting students with the various new sec- Vendel, again helped to make the library an tions and books, thus making the library in- excellent source of material for both research valuable to the senior high school, and leisure reading. This being the first full year School Nurse Miss Lois Robertson, Edina Senior High School nurse, gave first aid in emergencies and sympathetic attention to all students who become ill during school. In addition, Miss Robertson served as adviser of all-school Y-Teens. Audio-Visual Director Along with selecting and obtaining all films used in the senior high, Mr. Douglas Hed, director of audio-visual education, trained audio-visual operators to run the various film projectors available for use in classroom instruction. 95Sitting: Phyllis Groobnor. Jacquelin Gellhorn. Standing: Arnold Rehman, Rodney Schmidt, Ted Downs. Counselors Aid and Advise Edina's system of five full-time counselors was readily available to all students who had difficulties. Problems including those of scheduling, vocations, and college entrance requirements were discussed and solved in a close student-counselor relationship. Mr. Rodney Schmidt, whose official title was "co-ordinator of guidance services," served the students as their college counselor. Students visiting him benefited greatly from his extensive studies of colleges throughout the country. Working closely with Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Ted Downs helped seniors with their personal problems, plans for careers, and college choice. Aside from his busy schedule os senior counselor, Mr. Downs served as Student Council adviser and Hi-Y coordinator. Junior class counselor. Miss Phyllis Graebner was always willing to help junior students with their various problems of scheduling, registering for their senior year, and future planning. In her first year as a full-time counselor, Mrs. Jacquelin Gellhorn served sophomores as a friend and adviser. Her cheerful aid helped the tenth graders adjust to senior high life. Mr. Arnold Rehman, the psychologist for both the junior and senior high, worked in close coordination with the class counselors in aiding students with their special problems. Through a system begun two years ago, each class was assigned a counselor, who remained with the class until graduation. Through this plan counselors and students become better acquainted, and individual problems could be solved more readily. 96Edina Curriculum Looks Ahead The Edino school system has a superior and nationally recognized curriculum. This study program acts as a foundation for an abundance of outside activities. To further evaluate this system, a study has been made of three Edina graduating classes. These results show that 85 per cent of the students have gone on to college, and 50 per cent have become college graduates. To maintain this record, Edina is constantly adding to and improving its educational opportunities. In the last few years, an enriched and accelerated program has been incorporated into the English, mathematics, social studies, science, and language departments. Among the courses added this year was an advanced placement study in European history, a third year of Russian, a fifth year of Latin, and a course in distributive education. European history, taught by Mr. Dahl, covered the important events in European development from 500 A.D. to 1939. A period of specialization was selected in which a term paper was required. The goal of this study was preparation for the advanced placement test administered in May. In the language department, Mr. Seha and Mr. Scanlan directed advanced study in their respective languages. These classes emphasized the important literature of the individual countries. Also new in the language department is the new Spanish language lab. under the supervision of Mr. Sanchez. Perhaps the most unusual subject offered this year was the distributive education program. Under the guidance of Mr. Bicanich, students In this program prepared for a career in business by visiting local establishments to learn firsthand the mechanisms of successful business. In an attempt to continue contact between the school and the community, an adult education program was also initiated this year. In these night courses, various subjects such as conversational languages, rapid reading, party and holiday foods, and aeronautics were offered. Thus, Edina has realized and shown a definite concern for its most important function. The education of the student, the parents, and the community carries out the basic principles of the school system. 97Faculty Forges Our Future A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. — Henry Adams JANET ANDERSON Sophomore Englijh ... received degrees from Augsburg and the University of Minnesota . . . new to Edina this year, she hos taught as far away os Tombstone, Arizona . . . singing is her favorite hobby. THOMAS BEAVER General art, 10, 11, and 12 . . . attended both St. Olaf and the University of Minnesota . . . summer spent in summer stock and in working on a film . . . just a little different from the average beaver 11 ELISABETH AAMODT Family living and advanced and standard clothing ... a University of Minnesota graduate and teacher . . . adviser of the Home Economics Club . . . omong her leisure activities ore community work and knitting. DUANE BAGLIEN Sophomore physical education . . . coaches varsity basketball and boseball . . . burpees, burpees. burpeeslll . . . oh, the problems to get his picture token! ... his five children keep him busy. EVERETT ANDERSON Honors ond standard English 12 . . . Bachelor's degree from Gustavus Adolphus . . . A.F.S., Groen Knights, ond declamation adviser . . . official football ticket-taker . . . enjoys almost all spectator sports. MARDONNA BARTHOLET Amerlcon history. World history 10 and 12 . . . social studies department head . . . adviser of the World Affairs Club and A.F.S. ... In her spare time she enjoys knitting painting, and taking movies. BETTY ARNOLD Elementary algebra ond plane geometry . . . graduated from the University of Minnesota at Duluth . . . put her husband through school — helped him with his math assignments . ... enjoys both water and snow skiing. RAYMOND BECHTIE English 12, enriched and standard . . . among colleges he attended were Yale and the University of Minnesota . . . directed Junior Qass Ploy ... his octivitiesi "correcting papers, music, ond children." 98WILLIAM BICANICH Distributive education ond occupational relations ... a new toocher teaching a new subject in 1961 ... hoped to establish a Distributive Education Club this year . . . presently building a lake cabin. URSULA COSTELLO Sophomore English, enrichod and standard . . . attended Winona State College ond University of Minnesota . . . a declamation odviser . . . accented recitation in closs . . . makes many of her own clothes. JOHN BELK Enriched ond standard chem-isfry . . . Master's and Bachelor's degrees from tho University of Minnesota . . . hard-working chairman of the junior class odvisers . . . always ready to debate any issue at any timel DOLPH BEZOIER Music appreciation. Girls and Mixed Choirs . . . attended St. Olof . . . directed the always successful operetta . . . in his leisure time he enjoys both summer and winter gardening, sports and anything musical. RICHARD BUSCH Basic English 10, 11, and 12 . . . attended Gustavus Adolphus, Mocalester, and the University of Minnesota . . . a summer school teacher . . . his leisure activities include woodcarving and spectator sports. HOWARD CHRISTENSON Social problems 12 . . . studied at University of Wisconsin and Marquette . . . spends his summers studying, working, and fishing ... a Republican party supporter . . . walked to school almost every mornina. JOHN EHLERT Biology and chemistry . . . B.S. from University of Minnesota, EdM. from Harvord . . . canoe trips ond school painting crew occupied his summer months . . . never gave tests — only review exercises! BUTLER EITEL Varsity and marching bands . . . respected head of the instrumental music department . . . "Results, not excuses," . . . expected the best — and usually got itl . . . a musician in tho truest sonse of the word. ROGER BOERGER Business principles, bookkeeping, and record keeping . . . attended St. Cloud Stato College and the University of Minnesota . . . taught summer school typing . . . enjoys fishing ond golf during summer months. JOHN DAHL American history, European history . . . graduated from University of Washington where he later taught . , . coach of the ever successful dobate team . . . extro time spent reading, golfing, and traveling. 99DEIMAR FREDRICKSON Speech II and 12 . . . advised senior class. National Thespians, All-school Play, and Senior Closs Play . . . attended St. Olaf and U. of Oslo . . . always skiod in hand-knit ski swoators . . . "Any vnlunteors?" RICHARD GOLDENSTEIN Biology and physicol science . . . received his Masters Degree from Colorado State . . . was now to Edino this year ... on unusual and interesting hobby - collecting guns and gun cartridges. PATRICIA ENGELHARD Sophomor© physical education . . . advised G.A.A. and the onnual synchronized swim show . . . graduated from the University of Minnesota ... a creative writer and dancer . . . alwoys a smile and a wink! BENNETT GARNER Senior English ... a University of Minnesota graduate . . . Hl-Y chapter odviscr . . . now to the Edina school system in 1961 . . . enjoys hunting ... his secret dream is to own a hacienda in Mexko someday. ANDREA GROVE Enriched and standard English 11 ... a third generation Carlcton graduoto . . . also attended Harvord Graduate School . . . o memorable summer spent traveling through Russia . . . how do you soy "um" in Russian? NANCY GIMMESTAD English 11... Bachelor of Arts from St. Olaf . . . hor avid Interest in skiing led to formation of the Ski Club last yoar . . . odvised tho cheerleaders . . . spends hor extra time reading and playing bridge. RAUHA HAGEMEISTER Spanish II and III . . . Bachelors degree from tho University of Minnesota . . . advised the seniors and also the Spanish Club . . . always busy, but eager to help . . , her students wore ships on Columbus Dayl EDITH GRANSBERG Typing and office practice . . . taught summer school ond offended Northwestern University last summer . . . a beautiful wardrobe . . . those murderous timed writings — never forgot tho home keys . . . aleldkfj! 100 k ' ELM ELMER HALVORSEN GLORIA IRVINE Shorthond I ond II . . . graduated from the University of Minnesota . . . has been of Edina two years . . . during her trip to Hawaii last summer, sho saw an erupting volcano and ovon attempted surfboarding. Biology . . . attended St. Olaf and the University of Minnesota . . . head wrestling coach — kept his students up to dote on the stondingsl . . . always teased the girls In class . . . one of the out-of-doors men. WILLIAM JEPSON Physics . . . attended Wisconsin Sfote. University of Wisconsin, and the University of Minnesota . . . odvised Science Seminar and the Radio Club . . . taught sum-mer school . . . enjoys camping ond photography. RICHARD HARTMAN advanced algebra ond accelerated math 12 ... received his degrees from the University of Minnesota . . . o member of the SMSG writing team, Yale University . . . on extremely com- plicated grading systeml CURTISS JOHNSON Accelerated math 10, plane geometry, and advanced ol-gebra ... a graduate of the University of Minnesota . . . advised Math Club and the junior closs ... a Chorolalre . . . just a country boy at hoartl ARDYCE laPRAY Typing . . . received her B.S. ond B.E. from the Un.versity of Minnesota . . . sho coadvised the Future Business Leaders of America . . . her leisure time is spent traveling, playing tennis and swimming. 101 OTTO JANECKE Metal and wood work . . . attended St. Cloud State, the University of Minnesota, ond Princeton . . . advised the hord-working Concessions Club . . . spent his summer fishing ond working for the Highway Dept. ROSEMARY KAUFFMAN Junior English . . . B.S. with honors from Monkato Stole . . . new to Edina in 1961 . . . took a trip to Idaho last summer . , . her varied hobbies Include bicycling, raising cats, foreign cookery, ond dramatics.CATHERINE MALEY French I, II, and III . . . attended the University of Minnesota and Laval University in Quebec, Canada . . . spent lost summer studying French in Tours, France . . . In winter you can find her on the ski slopes. lowell McCarthy Art appreciation, advanced and studio art . . . attended Hamline and Mocolester , . . adviser of the Art Club ond a Hl-Y chapter ... a seriousness behind his frequent quips . . . hobby — painting, of coursel LEO LENCZEWSKI Latin I and II . . . graduated from the University of Michigan . . . come ovor from tho junior high this year . . . passing by his room, you'd probably hear him saying, "Don't think, just say it." ANN LEVORSON Sophomore English . . . attended Augustana and the University of Minnesota . . . new adviser of Hornettes . . . Edino's gain in 1961, she previously taught in Austin . . . her hobbies include skiing and swimming. ELSIE MARTIN German I and II ... attended the University of Minnesota, Northwestern, and the University of Munich . . . odvlser of the 9th grode German Club . . . spent the summer traveling through Canoda and the Eastern states. HARRY MARTIN French I, II, and III . . . among eight collcgos ho attended was the Sorbonne In Fronce ... his hometown is Tunghsien, China . . . French Club adviser . . . spent past summer at NDEA Language Institute in Colorado. J. DONALD MEYER Standard ond enriched biology . . . attended Augsburg College, Bowdoin, and the University of Minnesota . . . odviser of Regis Hi-Y ond the Conservation, Club . . . enjoys life, particularly the outdoor llfel LEONA MILASHIUS French I and Spanish II . . . graduated magna cum laude from the Univorsity of Minnesota . . . now to Edina from St. Paul Park . . . visited Mexico last summer . . . enjoys horseback riding. MELVIN MARR Everyday law, office practice . . , attended Cornell and the University of Minnesota . . . odvised Rhon Hi-Y chapter and Concessions Club . . . much of his spare time is occupied with photography and business. Robert McCarthy Social problems . . . o sen-ior adviser . . . famous baseball player in Japan . . . also famous for his true-false-and-why tests ... he afwoys had interesting stories ond examples — "I know a guy once . . ." 102RICHARD REICHOW Mechanical and orchifecturol drawing, general and advanced printing ... attended Stout Institute and the University of Minnesota . . . 9th grade hockey coach . . . keeps in shape working with the jr. football leogue. KARL PEGORS Social problems . . . Bachelor's degree from Augsburg College . . . adviser of the Future Teochers of America . . . the man with the varied post — you name it — he's done ill . . . he's just an old bar swamperl RAYMOND PUNKRIS Americon history . . . Mostcr of Arts degree from the Unh versify of Illinois ... a junior class adviser . . . has traveled extensively through Europe . . . enjoys swimming — in fact, he was once a lifeguordl ROBERT SAVRE Plane geometry and senior math . . . 8.A. from Luther College. M.A. from the University of Minnesota . . . new from Chatfield this year where he coached three sports . . . keeps up athletically with his three boys. ROBERT SEHA Goomotry and Russian III . . . attended Syracuse University and Mankato Stoto College . . . Russian Club and Tri-Alpha Hi-Y chapter adviser . . . worked for the school district, even during the summerl LARRY STOTTS English 10 and speech . . . new to the Edina system from Kerkhoven this year . . . ottonded Macalester ond Grinnoll . . . worked at the Edina Laundry during the summer . . . one of the Ivy Leogue Threel RICHARD SCANLAN Latin II. III. IV. ond V . . . B.S. and M.A. from the University of Minnesota . . . chairman of the sophomore odvisers . . . spirited odviser of the Latin Club . . . proof that Lotin is not a dead language. LASZLO SZENDREY Germon I, II, and II . . . B.A. from the University of Minnesota . . . advised German Club . . . head tennis coach, assistant swimming cooch . . . hometown — Budapest. Hungary ... his hobby is photography. JOHN SANCHEZ Spanish I, II. ond III . . . new to Edina from University High this year ... a native of Barcelona, Spain . . . studied at the University of Minnesota last sum-mor . . . likes to garden in his spare time. JOHN SHELDON Sophomore English . . . effi-ciently advised the Whigrean and Buzzette . . . helped to make Quill and Scroll on octive organization ... he spends his time hunting and collecting coins ond stomps. 103SYBIL WERSELL Special education ... attended Gustavus Adolphus and the University of Minnesota . . . 1961 was her first year at Edina . . . truly dedicated to her work ... a creotive hobby — Interior decorating. ARDIS TOWIER World history 10 ... attended Hamline University . . . helpful adviser of the Edina Junior Red Cross . . -post summer spent at the World History Institute. Northwestern University . . . enjoys traveling. JAMES WEGO Standard and enriched American history . . . B.S. and M.A. from tho University of Minnesota . . . new to Edina from Minneapolis Control High . . . interesting and informative stories of the Korean Wor. DONALD WHITED Plane geometry, accelerated moth II... attended the University of Minnesota . . . spent last year at the National Science Institute . . . his hobbies are playing the organ and piano, and electronics. CAROL WILSON General and special foods . . . come over from the junior high this year . . . B.S. from the University of Minnesota . . . odvised 9fh grade Homemoking Club . . . spent summer doing grodu ote work. WILLIAM YOUNG Chemistry . . . graduated cum loude from Hamline University . . . received his Master's Degree from the University of Wisconsin . . . never missed o football gome ... a salesman and church youth group adviser. DONALD ZINS Advanced olgebro, trigonometry, and solid geometry . . . coached football, baseball and hockey . . . gave summer time to the Air Force Reserve and summer school . . . enjoys softball and hunting as hobbies. 104105ACriVITSOUNDS OF ACTIVITY: the murmur of an audience . . . the buzzing of a Y-feens group ... the pronounced pep of the cheerleaders ... the exhilarating rhythm of the marching band.The ethics committee this year was headed by Carol Sirene and Erik Strom. Trying cases presented by the members, the committee attempted to promote minor discipline in fairness to offenders, thereby ploying a constructive role in student government. Pole Windhorst president Andy Goddard vice-president Student Bottom Row: Candy Carson, Joon Seashore, Diane Jensen, Sue Schoerv ing, Vicki Shaw. Second Row: Margie Her, Judy Ferguson, Jono Coffey, Kathy Kuphal, Jane Mucke, Marilce Aloxondor. Third Row: Barb Lund, Louise Dirocles, Jon Severoid, Kris Strom, Kathy Bina, Sue Sponscl, Carol Sirene, Mimi Kricgor. Dawn Carlson. Fourth Row: Steve The social committee, under the leadership of Jane Mucke and Craig Rockwell, handled all social events sponsored by the Student Council. The committee also distributed doughnut sales among the various clubs and capably arranged the school calendar. This year, in order to avoid unproductive discussion in the Student Council, President Pete Windhorst and adviser Mr. Downs originated the committee system. Under this system, specific problems were delegated to four major committees, where they were discussed in detail- 108Dawn Carlson secretary Tom Braun treasurer Council Mayborg, Jim Wayne, Poto Gardner, Grant Hawthorne, Jim Gentry, Doug Fisher, Pete Kemper, Bill Jevne, Pat Bennett, John Hawkins, Gary Reierson, Pete Windhorst, Ted Carlson, Don Bennett, Tom Braun, Keith Critchlow, Erik Strom, Paul Rosendahl, Harlow Christenson. The aim of the council was to promote extra-curricular activities and service projects. In striding to fulfill this aim, the council capably handled special events such as Homecoming and Charity Week. In fulfilling this aim, the council greatly improved the well-being of the school. With the leadership of Pete Kemper and Ginger Hafner, the exchange student committee worked to make the year of the exchange student a rewarding one. Under their direction the A.F.S. drive was held to raise money to bring A.F.S. students to Edina. Any problem affecting the efficient functioning of the school was promptly handed over to the civil service committee. Under the chairmanship of Kathy Kuphal and Mike Callan, the committee governed lunches and planned auditorium programs. 109Clockwise: Bill Jevne, sports; Julie Bcsscsen, typist; Lynne Ostbye, Thiele, business monager; Corole Osberg, closses and student life; activities; Gail McNeil, art; Marilee Alexander, editor-in-chief; Edd Barb Peterson, copy; Carol Sirene, seniors; Suzanne West, faculty. noAssistants: Leigh Kannonbcrg, senior ,- Ann McDonold, classes; Tom Braun, foculty; Jan Lyons, activities; Nancy Giebink, business. Captions, Copy and Cake Crumbs The last piece of copy for the 1962 Whigrean was put to bed on March 8. With that Edina's yearbook staff ended seven months of counting characters, pounding typewriters, cropping and identifying photos, sketching layouts, erasing carbons, and meeting deadlines. (How many sleepless nights we spent in rushing to meet those deadlines!) Guided by Marilee Alexander, editor-in-chief, and Mr. John Sheldon, adviser, the fifteen-member Whigrean staff sold 1300 annuals, expanded the book by twelve pages, and in spare moments published four editions of the Green-Y, the official Whigrean newsletter. Meeting daily in room 161, staff members shared the publications room with the Buzzetters for the first time in Edina's history. And now, with $6,127.83 worth of subscriptions, 14,261 words, and 2,943 pictures behind us, we leave a full year of frustrating memories to the 1963 staff. Ill Marilee Alexander, editor-in-chief. Edd Thiele, business manager; John Sheldon, odviser.Seated Clockwise: Sally Halverson, circulation ond exchange; Carole Murray, second page editor; Karin Anderson, copy editor; Pat Moore, typist; Lauren Week, proofreader; Sue Stocking, editor-in-chiof; Lois Woehrer, typist; Gail Hughes, proofreader; Mary Wood-head, third pago editor,- Candy Carson, assistant advertising; Ginger Hafner, first page editor; Kathy Forster, copy editor. Standing: Bob Abbott, assistant sports,- Mike Callan, fourth pago editor,- Jim Thomas, assistant second page; Rusty Thiem, ort and picture editor,-Hal Ulvestad, assistant sports,- Roger Larson, assistant sports,- Tom Lyon, advertising. 112 7 £cUaa Editors: Solly Halverson, Ginger Hafner, Mory WoodHeod, Mike Collon, Carole Murroy. "Attempting fo create the ideal student publication," the nineteen-member Buzzette staff met daily in room 161 to produce Volume 13 of the 1961-1962 Edina-Morningside Buzzette. Augmented by a reporter corps of 21 and four photographers, Buzzetters published approximately 17 bi-weeklies — even an April Fool's issue this year! Led by editor Sue Stocking and adviser Mr. John Sheldon, staff members attended conferences held by the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, the Minnesota High School Press Association, and the National Scholastic Press Association located in Chicago. Through Monday critic sessions, outside reading, editorial board meetings, weekly "beat" reports, individual page meetings, friendly antagonism with the Whigrean, and yes, even Friday treat days, Buzzetters, sparked by an element of progression, truly produced "the ideal student publication." 113 Sue Stocking, editor-in-chief. Tom Lyon, advertising; John Sheldon, advisor; Rusty Thiem, art.JRC Resounds with Service Gwonn Chriss President The 1961-62 Junior Red Cross Council was dedicated to the purpose of promoting international goodwill and disaster service. The Council os a whole not only filled 400 gift boxes and six school chests but also promoted five international service projects. These included making a scrapbook portraying typical life during the school year, sending pieces of artwork and a record album of band and choir programs overseas, and giving money to destitute children for medical and school supplies. Homerooms participated in such projects as giving foodbaskets to the needy, making troy favors for hospitals, and presenting talent shows. Parties were given at homes for the aged, at children's and veterans' hospitals, and at settlement houses. The Junior Red Cross and the Student Council were co-sponsors of the Charity Drive, which wos the prime source of revenue for the Red Cross. The Council was ably coadvised by Miss Towler and Miss Gransberg. Morey McGarrough Secretary Rusty Thlem Bob Rogers Vice-President Treasurer Bottom Row: P. Hilliard, S. Wersell. N. Whalen, V. Koivumoki. W. Drew. G. Chriss. D. Carlson, K. Strom, N. Brown. P. Nelson, V. Montgomery. Second Row: S. Garlock. D. Dunker, G. McNeil, R. Nelson. M. Wayne, J. Voughn, F. Krenx. V. Adams. M. Porter, J. Domfeld, B. Homing. L. Krueger, J. Hilleren. Third Row: K. Larson, B. Norton, G. Hanson, C. Tripp, C. Carson, K. Kuphal, R. Anfmson, K. Sheils, D. Duvkk, S. Ley, J. Pitt, L. Iverson. Fourth Row: J. Kim-merle, F. Boelfer, K. Campbell, M. Monroe, J. Riestro, S. Russ, - T. Marquordt, B. Tripp, S. Stocking, T. Snell, B. Boston, K. Anderson. 114National Honor Society SENIORS, Bottom Row: S. McDonald. A. Findlay. C. Lund, K. Forster, G. Holtz, J. Jonssen, J. Dannaft. N. Norris, J. Brostrom. Second Row: N. Vixo, J. Westerdohl, M. Alexander. M. McGorrough, P. Rosen-dahl, M. Collon, P. Hall, C. Sirene, K. Grandstrand, L. Twite, C. Charles, T. McCormick. Third Row: I, Rea, C. Patten, K. Benson, M. Belfry, M. Malmberg, F. Crkkmor, B. Kane, J. Hawkins, S. West, S. Hotch, K. Williams, T. Braun, P. Manfred. Fourth Row: P. Kemper, T. McKenno, S. Halverson, K. Helgeson, K. Shields, G. Hafner, C. Fuller, P. Fiold, J. Mucke, C. Ash, L. Bartz, K. McGohey, K. Dickey, J. Nelson, J. Carlson, L. Konnenborg. E Thiele. Fifth Row: T. Stuermer, J. Fitch. S. Giebink, C. Rockwell, J. Stelnbouer, J. Carlson, P. Windhorst. D. Mayo. H. Heckathorn, R. Faville. R. Engelking, F. Stelnmetz, M. Rebmann, E. Strom. Missing: D. Furber, M. Miller, B Meredith. JUNIORS. Bottom Row: V. Shaw, M. Her, M. Thompson, N. Nordstrom, S. Craddick, N. Peterson, R. Holgesen, K. Vogeley, N. Whalon, J. Thompson. Second Row: C. Osberg, K. Anderson, B. Norton, S. Kallovik, D. Knight, R. Snoeyenbos. R. Heacock, J. Reeves, L. Grewe, J. Klook. Third Row: B, Peterson, N. Giebink, B. Corlson, K. Bina, S. Sponsel, J. Heinbockel, V. Buelow, J. Kim-mcrle, M. Kraus, L. Smith, G. Fenger, M. Scott, J. Scholofield. Fourth Row: D. Copps, J. Moe, C. Henley, D. Greenogel. W. Schott, T. Hustod. J. Beggs, J. Loo, J. Gentry, P. Wunsch, R. Orwoll. Missing: J. DeJohn, J. Formo, M. Headington. 115World Affairs Club 116 SITTING: B. Johnson. freosurer; M. Brlerley, secretary; M. McGor- rough, vice-president; P. Windhorst, president. STANDING: M. piracies, publicity chairman; T. McKenno, sergeant-at-arms; Miss Bartholot, adviser,- T. Braun, political committee chairman.Edina Sends Two — Brings Two Patsy Ribadeneyra — Ecuador Jos Antonio Riestra de la Fuente — Spain Patsy Ribadeneyra arrived last August from Pi-chincha, Ecuador, to live with the family of Barb Hanson. She found Edina to be a harder school with more homework than the schools in Ecuador. Patsy's own special enjoyments were swimming and ping pong, but she quickly learned to enjoy football games. For the past school year, Jos£ Antonio Riestra de la Fuente has lived with the family of Dan Bros. Originally from Bilbao, Spain, Jos6 became an active member of the World Affairs Club political committee. Three of Jose's American "favorites" were pizza, "cinemas" and his American haircut. Molly Miller — Switzerland Molly Miller spent her senior year in Solothurn, Switzerland. Her Swiss family shared one of Molly's main interests — music. Numerous "jam sessions" were held in which Molly felt right at home. Molly attended a gymnasium, the European equivalent of a high school. ) Leslie Rea — Norway Scenic Norway was the home of Les Rea. Attending school in the northern city of Narvik, Les' main area of study was the language of the country. Les mastered Norwegian but was often asked to sing in English. Her popularity was shown by her selection as Miss High School in Narvik. 117Sitting: M. Wilkinson, M. Rebmann, T. McKenna, J. Gentry. Standing: Mr Dahl, B. Burgrafl. N. Jones, D. Hess. M. Roquemore. Debate Declam "Resolved, that the federal government should provide additional aid for public school facilities." This provocative statement kept debators arguing during 1961-62. Dean Hess and Jim Gentry upheld the affirmative side, while Mike Rebmann and Tom McKenna defended the negative side. The team maintained a 70% win overage and finished fifth in regional finals. Debate coach was Mr. Dahl. Declamation at Edina was divided into eight groups: original and memorized orotory, manuscript reading, humorous reading, discussion, extemporaneous speaking, story telling, and serious dramatic reading. The divisions were coached by Miss Costello, Mrs. Kauffman, Miss Levorsen, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Stotts. Members participated in the local contest and the District 18 Speech Contest. Bottom Row: K. Forster, J. Brostrom, L. Kannenberg, C. Connom, A. Kohner, P. Peterson. Second Row: S. McDonald, M. MofFit, N. Norris, L. Twite, B. Hanson, S. Swift, P. Anderson. Third Row: J. Gilliland. K. Hennessy. M. Wayne, J. Carlson, $. Stone, P. Hall, B. Burgraff. Fourth Row: J. Bridgemon, D. Bros, D. Copps, I. Carlson, A. Harrison. D. Hess, M. Rebmann, R. Gibson..bottom Row: K. Forster, M. Alexander. M, Callan, L. Rea, I. Ost- ye. Second Row: C. Murray, S. Stocking, S. Holverson, S. West, •I. Strene, L. Kanncnberg. Third Row: G. Hafner, N. Giebink, B. Quill and Scroll This year eighteen members of the Buzzette and Whigrean staffs were elected to Quill and Scroll, a national honorary journalistic organization. Selection wos based on two requirements: the student must be in the upper third of his class and hove done superior work on a publication. The active function of Quill and Scroll was a banquet at which the members received charms or pins. Peterson, E. Thiele, M. Woodheod. L. Woohror. Missing: K. Anderson. Thespians Thespians is an honorary organization dedicated to the promotion of the dramatic arts. Membership is based on points earned for acting roles and production work on school drama presentations. A total of thirteen points is necessary for membership. Thespians sponsored an All-School Play in the fall and held a banquet for members in the spring. Thespians adviser was Mr. Fredrickson. Bottom Row: M. Flotcn, E. Rccd, I. Kannenberg, G. Chriss Second Row: D. Bros, D. Loco, D. Forney, Mr. Fredrickson. Third Row: D. 119 Copps, J. Mocke, P. Windhorst. K. Benson, L. Carlson. Missing: K. Critchlow, D. Thomas, K. Hcnnossy, M. Larson.Rhon Bottom Row: G. Reiter, J. Nystrom, R. Dornfeld, T. Meod. Second Row: D. Pontious, R. Klein, D. Nelson, R. Smith, R. Jorgensen. Third Row: K. Smith. P. Gorder, J. Williams, G. Keller, J. Bishop. Tri Alpha Bottom Row: 0. Grobhom, T. Odell, D. Burris, R, Foville, 0. Knutson. Second Row: J. Wlnberg, K. Keller, J. Getsch, R. Beddow, G. Petersen, S. Simons. Third Row: M. Kaiser, B. MacDonald, R. Thlem, R. Vaughn, B. Garrison. Fourth Row: B. Wright, R. Simons, D. Halverson. J. Meyer, J. Magoffin. Utilis Bottom Row: J. Moore, M. Liste, D. Luce, J. Gentry, S. Giebink. Second Row: B. Wolduskey, T. Ogren. S. Edwards, J. Scholefield. J. Posselt. Third Row: S. Russ, T. Peterson, D. Rouzer, G. Johnson, J. Byrd, D. Westervelf. 122Alpha Omega Bottom Row: D. Stuorf, K. Moore, V. Thomas, J. Leek, C. Tripp, C. Corson. Second Row: D. Duvlck, K. Allan, R. Brudenbell, P. Korstod, B. Billings, S. Crawford, J. Jones. Third Row; S. Lyons, J. Glover, R. Wardoll, R. Anfinson, C. Dickoy, S. Atholstan, Fourth Row: B. Peterson, C. Kcsler, J. Olmstoad, G. Hanson, S, Schoen-ing, M. Nord. Beta Phi Bottom Row: S. Hubbard, D. Dunker. L. Grewe, A. MocDonald, S. Spearing, S. Scheefe, B. Bigelow. Second Row: P. Carlson, S. King, D. Jensen, D. Price, D. Kiosau, A. Baxtor. Third Row: P. Locker, M Robb. M. Nelson. D. Halle, M. Buchanan, S. Lee. Fourth Row: J Viken, S. Covnick, C. Croothen, L. Starkey, P. Hanson, B. Fletcher, G. Fenger. Fifth Row: J. Klmmerlc. A. Groor. J. Ostcndorf. E. Johnson, C. Olson, G. Lindaw. Delta lota Bottom Row: J. Jones, D. Corter, B. Burkhardt, M. MocAllister, B. Banin, C. Book. C. Carleton. Second Row: G. Janssen, P. Charboneou, J. Ross, D. Thomson, K. Spraugue, G. Hanes, L. latchow, J. Macintosh. Third Row: K. Mussel-man, C. Patten, M. Rudd, M. Romsaos, C. Gilles, S. Carlson, D. Peterson, M. Porter. Fourth Row: K. MacCrocken, S. Skarie, D. Johnson, P. Kuhn, C. Morris. P. Brankam. J. Fisher. Fifth Row: C. Osberg, $. McCormick, S. Fletcher, C. Dolquist, C. Kennedy, J. Finnoy, N. Hughes. 123Delta Phi Bottom Row: J Anderson, J. Kittelson, S. Hill, P. Pedorson, I. Holstad, M. Henkel, M. Stone. Second Row: S. Oskey, C. Strone, J. Anderson. P. Poulson, P. Sloan, C. Axelson, S. Porpich, S. Gjorvad. Third Row: M. Goodman, K. School, Y. Busch. J. Botseten, K. Kellog, B. Tripp, G. Hafner, B. McNaughl, C. Shelton. Fourth Row: C. Eaton, Barb McDcrmld, C. Smith, M. Dou-son, K. Beale, C. Pacini, B. Pengelly, P. lynch. Eta Theta Bottom Row: K. Thomson, L Quode, D. Holder, P. Peterson, K. Tropp, J. Mortin, J. Dornfeld. Second Row: P. Farnsworth, B. Harris, P. Sharpe, L Olson. C. White. B. Houck, B. Kell. Third Row: J. Gilfitlan, C. Oberg, $. lash, C. Waller, M. Phillips, M. Larson, J. Pettes. Fourth Row: J. Wolf, B. Cook. C. Degeberg. M. Chos-tek, B. Nelson, B. Pike, P. Anderson. Phi Epsilon Bottom Row: I. Goughler, $. Ring, D. Bell, S. Turnbull, S. Jones, J. Olson, P. Shelsedy. Second Row: S. Sternfels. P. Ribodeneyra. M. logon, L. Schroeder, P. Means. S. Craddick. D. Cook. Third Row: K. Sandt, V. McEliese. M. Shopper, N. Retherford, A. McClehan, A. Schwartz. Fourth Row: D. Struck. J. Melcher, K. Shields, S. Swift, S. Pettyjohn. N. Peterson, S. Sanders. Fifth Row: J Kinney, S. Spraguer, I. Morphew, S. Sfono, M. Wellumson. J. lane. P. Corcoran. S. Carlson. Pi Omicron Bottom Row: I. Dirocles. I. Horris, N. Hegman. B. Flower, S. Carlson, J. Gilman, P. Folia. Second Row: K. Keichli, S. Christoffersen, D. Wro-bleski, C. Opperman, J. Merchant, K. Warren, K. Dickey. S. Ewing. Third Row: J. Cameron, F. Sims, M. Platter, I. McKay, K. Vogeley, D. Duncan. T. Thorson. S. Bonynge, E. Houck. Fourth Row: P. Murphy, B. Boston, J. Gowling, P. Palmer, S. McToggort, B. Mitchell, B. Brum, P. Nelson. 124Rho Delta Theta Bottom Row: N. Vlxo, B. Hougcn, L. Corlson, B. Ostlund, L. Firth, C. Warmoth, K. Anderson, M. Longhaug. Second Row: M. Kane, B. Honsig, S. Walker, K. Nelson, t. laub, S. lawrenco, J. Larson, B. Corcoran. Third Row: B. Subak, J. Wocman, J. Swenson. G. Thomson, D. Korstad, N. Park, K. Shields, C. Viken, S. Shipway. Fourth Row: J. Smith, L. VanWazer, M. Houger, K. Strand, C. Miller, J. Gundermon, M. Goodman. P. Lynch. Sigma Delta Bottom Row: S. Morrill, N. Newhouso. P. Schaefer, L. Ostbyo, M. Her, A. Matthies, L. Ryan. Second Row: L. Sommers, K. Sandberg, B. Erickson, C. Cannom. K. Polacok, S. Krause. B. Simpson, T. Brandt. Third Row: J. Thorpo, K. Formo, E. Engel, M. Lorimer, B. Croonquist, M. Thompson, K. Finch. Fourth Row: S. Aim, L. Kreiser, P. Brudollo, S. Petorson, B, Chmiel, V. Buelow, J. Helnbockel, K. Meyer. Fifth Row: K. Hegener, K. Larson. J. Brekko, S. Stono, F. Boelter, K. Harrison, S. Short, B. Gillcs, S. Barnes. Upsilon Sigma Bottom Row: G. Hughes. S. Schossow. J. Bro-strom, J. Cain, S. MacDonald, J. Montgomery. Second Row: J. Hilleren, N. Kibble. S. Wersell, B. Mortenson, B. Smith, K. Taylor, P. Wenglrt. Third Row: A. Steiner, K. Jensen, C. Raine, N. Norris, M. Floten, M. Tudor. Fourth Row: B. Sother, G. Adams, K. Stoab. M. Horns, C. Morgan, J. Coffee. Fifth Row: P. Fuller, C. Hovey, K. Vonderziel, S. Horrocks, C. Vorin, J. Davies. Zeta Chi Bottom Row: V. Show, K. Strom, C. Lund, L. Kannonberg, G. Spearing, J. Severeid, N. Gie-bink. Second Row: C. Smith. B. Vlnz, E. Moo, M. Lyon, C. Rydman, S. Howorth. Third Row: L. Kerker, D. Anderson, L. Thompson, F. Krenx, B. Snydor, L. Morris, B. Fisher. Fourth Row: S. Palen, L. Smith, B. Foss, B. Lund, M. Correa, J. Ross, L. Holman. Fifth Row: M. Hargreaves. N. Miller, C. Ellingwood, K. Galloger. M. Hcod-ington, L. Jacobson. 125Sitting: Karen Nelson, Jane Wcsferdohl, Kathy Dickey. Standing: Bam Mitchell, Sue Schoening, Linda Rafshol. Snow Swirls, Cowboys Whirl This year's Hi-Y formal, "Snow Swirl," ushered in the Christmas spirit for Edina students. Each Hi-Y chapter acted os a committee in preparation for the dance. Each group also selected a girl to be its candidate for Hi-Y Sweetheart. The highlight of the evening was the announcement -of the Sweetheart by Mike Rebmann. The girls got their chance again this year to rope in their favorite cowboy for the Y-teens Hero Dance. This informal dance with a western theme wos held in early spring. The eleven Y-teens chapters planned the dance and elected the candidates for Y-teens Hero. The Hero was lassoed during intermission by Carol Connom. Kneeling: Dean Mathew . Honorary Hero — Jose Riestra, Mike Callon, Bill Mildren, Jim Diebold. Standing: Pot Burke, Steve Watson, Ron Kane, Fred Riebe, Mike McRoberts. Pete Kemper, Craig Rockwell. 127Future Business Leaders of America Future Teachers of America 128Home Economics Club Art Club 129Concessions Club Bottom Row: W. Shmifko, D. Hess, J. Gentry. Second Row: B. Burgrafl, G. Zempel, S. Hopper. K. Awsumb. Third Row: K. Dobbs. J. Beggs. D. Rickord. Future Sales Leaders of Edina Bottom Row: B. Brown, C. Josephson. N. Palen, J. Anderson, D. Gust. Second Row: J. Friegong. G. Carlson. B. George, B. Corcoran. Third Row: Mr. Bicanich, R. Webber. R. Gates. J. Strand, B. Bergh. Bottom Row: F. Steinmotx, J. Mucke, O. Itfensohn, P. Wunsch, T. Clark, R. Orwell. Second Row: Mr. Johnson. M. Scott, G. Symbol, M. Roquemore. J. Bridgeman. C. Lund. T. McCormick. Third Row. P. Kemper, T. Hustad, J. Fitch, P. Windhorst, B. Bennett. D. Bexoier. Math Club 130Radio Club Bottom Row: J. West, Mr. Jepson, V. Holvorson. Second Row: J. Elliot, R. Carlson, T. Peterson, M. Manfred. Conservation Club Bottom Row: H. Heckothorn, 0. Umburger. D. Rickord, R. Oornfeld. Second Row: Mr. Meyer, T. Bliss, G. Golorneou, K. Hollonquist, P. Manfred. Third Row: M. Rebmonn, J. Strate, D. George, T. Marquordt. Fourth Row: D. Mayo, P. Hustad, J. Diebold. Science Seminar Bottom Row: Mr. Jepson, J. Kloek, L. Bortx, D. Iverson, R. Orwell, R. Bridgemon, C. Ash, M. Scott. Second Row: M. Roquomore, D. McLaughlin, M. McGorrough, J. Olson, C. Lund, G. Holtx, M. Thompson, G. Sutton, T. McCormick. Third Row: F. Nordeen, T. Braun, H. Heckothorn, K. Williams, J. Bridgeman, T. Leary, F. Steinmetz, D. Luco, D. Bezoier. Fourth Row: R. Aim, S. MacPhail, P. Kemper, W. Johnson, J, Beggs, N. Miller, W. Romseycr, J. Carlson. S. Nygren.German Club Wie Gehts?, Zdrastbyetye, Bonjour, Ave, Hola! The French Club had the distinction of adding something new and different to Edina's social life. This was the Beaux Arts Ball, an all-school masquerade with a French theme. Christmas caroling and soccer participation were other French Club activities. German Club began its year with an initiation program which proved to be harrowing for all First-year students. Other activities were folk dancing and the formation of a German band. The main activity was, however, attempting to thwart Latin soccer opposition. Latin Club meetings were characterized by horns, gongs, whistles, and several "Great Scott's." The most corrupt of all the activities came in the spring with the annual slave auction. The auctioneers netted $30 in bribes alone. The Latin banquet climaxed the activities. The Russian Club celebrated its third year in existence. The eleven members heard numerous speakers who had traveled in Russia. The year's social events were climaxed by a banquet. Spanish Club began the year with a talk from Mr. Sanchez, a native of Spain, and a program featuring our two AFS students from Spanish-speaking countries. Pinatas were made for children's hospitals at Christmas and the annual fiesta was held in the spring. Russian Club 132French Club Latin Club Spanish Club 133German Club Wie Gehts?, Zdrastbyetye, Bonjour, Ave, Hola! The French Club had the distinction of adding something new and different to Edina's social life. This was the Beaux Arts Ball, an all-school masquerade with a French theme. Christmas caroling and soccer participation were other French Club activities. German Club began its year with an initiation program which proved to be harrowing for all first-year students. Other activities were folk dancing and the formation of a German band. The main activity was, however, attempting to thwart Latin soccer opposition. Lotin Club meetings were characterized by horns, gongs, whistles, and several "Great Scott's." The most corrupt of all the activities came in the spring with the annual slave auction. The auctioneers netted $30 in bribes alone. The Lotin banquet climaxed the activities. The Russian Club celebrated its third year in existence. The eleven members heard numerous speakers who had traveled in Russia. The year's social events were climaxed by a banquet. Spanish Club began the year with a talk from Mr. Sanchez, a native of Spain, and a program' featuring our two AFS students from Spanish-speaking countries. Pinatas were made for children's hospitals at Christmas and the annual fiesta was held in the spring. Russian Club 132French Club Latin Club Spanish Club 133Bottom Row: D. Clouten, K. Gronditrond, I. Twite, G. Holtz, B. Helgeson. A. Aton, M. Horgri«ve», K. Meyers, C. Kesslor. Second Row: M. Haugen, G. Mom. F. Criclcmer. J. Kone, M. Edgrin, J. Pestal, R. Anfinjon, J. Wolfe, T. McCormick, C. Hansen, B. HamiU ton. Third Row: R. Foville, B. McFodzean. B. Hortihorn, M. Johnson, S. Sponsel. M. McGorrough, P. Windhorst. A. Katzman, L. Carlton, D. Iverson. 0. Carlson. Fourth Row: D. McGloflin, E. Hanson, M. Scott, S. Freese, M. Peterson. Bands Echo Enthusiasm An uncourteous shove, that of a first-week football game, started the Edina High School Band's marching season off with enthusiasm and concern. After struggling to evade the effects of high humidity and hot weather, the band members marched in pre-game and half-time shows, proudly presenting precision routines. They vol-iently finished the season with five wins and only a few errors. The concert season, too, held much satisfaction resulting from hours of hard work. Now divided into the "serious music playing" Concert Band and the "sports backing" Varsity Band, the musicians contributed in every phase to present praiseworthy pop and mid- winter concerts and to participate in the annual statewide instrumental contest. Finally, the Band Awards Banquet concluded the successful year at which highly-deserved awards were given to each qualifying band member. The policy-making division of the combined bands was the Band Council which is elected yearly in the fall. Eileen Hanson filled the office of president while Lucia Twite served as vice-president-public relations officer. Carol Kesler was chosen secretary,- Tom McCormick, treasurer; and Sue Sponsel, assistant public relations officer. This group settled problems pertaining to the band. 134Bottom Row: G. Motion, B. Brliblne, R. Anderion, J. Oitendorf, S. Fletcher, B. Fliher. S. Hull, B. Vlnz, L. OI»n. C. Johnion, N. Groih. Second Row: B luck, H. Arnold, D. Snoyenboi. P. Wun»ch. J. Hocklin. J. Carnohon, D. Pontiu . 1. Saffell. J. Kindom, B. Drow, M. Belfry, F. McPeek. Third Row: D. Sharp, 0. Copps. N. Ribblo, J Sard D. Notion, G- Engen, M. Zncrold. J. Sock, B. Wright, J. Sohlmon I. Kollovick. Fourth Row: H. Chriitonjon, D. Cooper, S. Gundberg, J- Groth, T. Helgeion, J. Nylund, D. Lindborg, B. Lohoyde, M. McGahey, J. Powolt, G. Fouum, D. Martin. Fifth Row: C. Aling. 0. Pozendok. C. Baxter. S. Spontel. 135 Orum majorette: Marcy McGarrough. Bond proclkei before game.Bottom Row: I. McKay, B. Haugen, K. Vogeley, J. Helgesen, J. Vaughn, D. Edmund, L. Iverson, K. Swonf. J. Vktorsen, P. Northrup, B. Piere, K. Johnson, B. Simpson, A. Woodworth, C. Sholton, S. Hubbard, C. Sirone, J. Ross, M. Ronald. Second Rows S. Stono, K. Gallogher, P. Hilliard, J. Martin, D. Corlson, J. Leek, R. lonnert, M, Jasmin, M. Thompson, B. Casper , B. Corlson, G- Chriss, J. Sevareid, M. Ring, M. Krieger. Songsters Sound Off A Fall Vocal Festival, something new to Edina songsters, marked the beginning of the 1961-1962 choir season. In this festival, the voices of the Mixed and Girls' Choirs combined with 650 other voices from the junior high for an effect of volume, depth, and beauty. The joyous season of Christmas was presented musically in a sacred concert in which both choirs participated. Edina's music department played host to the Lake Conference Music Festival in which over 1100 voices from schools of the Lake Conference joined in Handel's "Messiah." The two choirs ended the season on a lighter, brighter note with the annual Spring Concert. Bottom Row: B. Fo»s, C. Bonncll, F. Krenz, J. Robb, S. Boron, M. Gottjcholk, P. Loo, 0. Kiesou, C. Koontx, J. Almsteod, S. Ley, J. Pitt, 0, Boll. Second Row: J. Jones, D. Mognu , B. Hartfiol, B. Mortonson, F. Sim , P. Hanson, J. Gundorson, M. Portor, B. Sother, R. Charbonoau, C. Chapman, J. Carlton. Third Row: Mr. Bezolcr, S. Christoffersen, L. Firth. S. Spooring, G. Hoph, D. Horrit. J. Bonton, C. Oppormon, J. Whlpplo, J. Jones, D. Magnus, C. Oberg. M. Olson. Fourth Rows C. Vorin, S. Lund, F. Boelter, 8. Fletcher, $. Walker, S. Loefflor, M. Matthews, N. Heines, D. Robey. B. Burkhordt, M. Plumber, N. Gibbith, S. Roloin, D. Carter, 136M. Sohlmon. M Lorlmer. K. Anderjon. Third Row: Mr. Bczoler, D. Dahl. C. Grondsfrand. J. Toeming, B. Bjorker. J. Stevenion. M. Deveny, M. Fick. L. Brown, T. Porter, J. White, G. Johnion, C. Connom, N. New-houjo, S. Steven . N. Benjamin. Fourth Row: B Paul, R. FoKh. M. Doran, D. Betoier, T. Ogren, M. llite, D. Rouror, J. Offerees , J. Stanford. H. Olson, F. Stelnmetx, H. Pcterjon, D. Wing, 8. Heacock, P. Manfred. Girl ' Choir Officer : Joannie Pitt, president; Nancy Heine . vice-pre ident; Margo Porter, treasurer; Beth Foss. jecretary. Choir Ensemble: Nancy Newhouie, lynne Iverson. Koty Anderton, Joonne Ro s, Down Carljon. Janet Sevoreid. 137Girls’ Athletic Association Ski Club 138E-Club Green Knights 139"Who soys we're going to win?" This yeor at Edina thirteen cheerleaders said we were going to win. To spur the teams on to these speculated victories, both squads worked hard throughout the yeor to plan and present pep fests and to perfect new and old cheers. In cooperation with the band, the cheerleaders creoted the drum cheer which did much to arouse the enthusiosm of the crowd. Under the vivacious direction of co-captains Kathy Johnson and Elise Reed, the A-squod cheered at all varsity football, hockey, and basketball games. Their B-squad counterparts demonstrated their ability at Homecoming and at B-squad athletic events. Frequent and strenuous practice sessions perfected their precision and polished their performances. Their biggest and perhaps most successful job, however, was uncorking Edina's school spirit. B-tquad: Joan S o hor«, Mory Robb, Andy Matthie . Su« 8orne». Loul « Diroclet. Ann Poonon 140Bottom Row: Sandy McDonald, Kathy Dickey, Carol Soper, Cheryl Aihcnbrenner. Jon Leek, Ann Relmer . Lynne Ivorion, Signo Weriell Second Row: Janice Ross, Anne Woodworth, Suzanne Wett, Sue Schoenlng, Jane Mucke. Penny Brudolie, Louise Begg, Pom Schmidt. New faces and new routines were characteristic of the 1961-62 Hornettes. Tryouts resulted in the selection of sixteen girls on the basis of ability, appearance, and poise. Under the leadership of Louise Begg and Ann Reimers, the Hornettes were fought routines by professional choreographers. This professional touch plus daily practice made the Hornettes a decided asset to pep fests and basketball games. In 1959 Reed Scholefield, then an Edina senior, returned to Edina from New Zealand with an Aborigine war chant called the Haka. He incorporated it into the 1960 winning Homecoming skit and later organized ten boys who led the cheer at athletic events. These boys called themselves the Haksfers. Their spirit was passed on to the class of 1961 and revived again this year by Bruce Bermel ond Rick Jensen. Kneeling: Bruce Bermel, Rick Jonien Standing: Dan Nie»», Dean Matthew . Buvh Mitchell. John Prin, Dick Burri . Mike Flek. Bob Roger , Peto Kemper. Mike Callan. H A K S T E R S 141142 Hornottes pose during practice. A big bosketful of goodies.Kathy Johnson and Mark Conoycr tyn Kcrkor and Pot Bennett Homecoming Highlights Varied reactions as ten royal candidates were announced ... the entrance of these candidates into a hushed auditorium . . . returning 1960 queen Penny Pilney . . . crown bearer Rick Sponsel . . . Queen Nan Krieger and King Jeff Brown ... the royal proclamation ... a winning junior skit . . . humbling Hopkins 19—0 ... the winning senior float . . . gorgeous gowns on gals in convertibles ... the band in its first precision drill . . . peppy green and white cheerleaders . . . returning alumni ... the dance, "Midnight Magic" ... the slogan, "Ugh 'Em, Slug 'Em, Hornets Bug 'Em" . . . Karen Helge-son and Tom McKenna, who made it all possible . . . this was Homecoming, 1961. 145 Elite Reed and Andy Goddard Sue Schocning ond Bill NelsonHomecoming At Halftime: Sue Schoening, Kathy Johnson, Queen Nan, Elise Reed, Lyn Kerker. Queen Non wekomos and gives thanks to her subjects. Nan and Joff are all smiles for tho applauding audience. Highlights 146Highlights Solemn King Jeff is chosen. For Non Krieger — the most thrilling moment of all. Bill Jevne portrays Miss Costello. P.U. Queen rides atop senior car. Ponny Pilney and King Jeff Brown. A proud crown-bearer. Rick Sponsel. Homecoming 147Reluctant Deb Rounds Out Fall Edina's All-School Play, sponsored by Thespians, was a bit unusual this year. The Reluctant Debutante took the form of a theater-in-the-round production. This not only caused various problems in directing and acting, for no prompting was possible, but also caused technical difficulties in such areas as lighting, make-up, and prop changes. The play centered around a sociable British teenager whose society-conscious mother was trying- to push her into the marriage mill. Heels worn with jeans, bermudas, special orange juice, and debates over how to perform the "love" scenes were only a few of the daily occurrences at rehearsals for The Reluctant Debutante. Jane, Pole, ond Elise Cast Andy ond Elite Sheila Broadbent Jimmy Broadbent........ Jane Broadbent......... Clarissa Crosswaite Mabel Crosswaite ..... David Hoylake-Johnston David Bullock ......... Mrs. Edgar ............ Student Director ...... Director................ ..........Jane Mucke ...... Pete Windhorst ...........Elise Reed ..........Mary Flaten ........ Renee Garven ...... Andy Goddard .......... Dale Copps ......... Jan Brostrom ........... Dave Luce Mr. Delmar Fredrickson 148 Mary ond Dole Jan, Renee, and JaneJuniors Expore World of Sandburg On February 8 and 10, the members of the cast of the Junior Class Play introduced to their audience a new type of drama production in the play. The World of Carl Sandburg. Called a stage presentation, the play showed Sandburg's vast world as seen through the cast's interpretation of his poetry and prose. Detailed sets and special costumes were held to a minimum. The play opened with a poem about children and ended with one on Lincoln. Such subjects as love, death, war, and even comic relief were touched on in between. The eleven cast members subsequently portrayed no fixed character but rather changed their personalities with each individual selection. Bob, Keith, and Undo Cast Linda Carlson Dale Copps Keith Critchlow Bob Finkenaur Nancy Giebink Ann Harrison Bruce McFadzean Laurie McKay Jim Sanford Dick Snoeyenbos Ann Wescott Student Director — Dawn Carlson Director — Mr. Raymond Bechtle Ann and Nancy 149 Dick, Linda, Laurie, Dale, Ann, ond Nancy Jim and Bruce OkTSOUNDS OF SPORTS: "E" "D" "IN" "A" . . . the shrill of the whistle ... the coach's emphatic commands ... the unbelieving hush of defeat . . . delirious songs of victory.Football In 1961 Edino had its second successful football season in a row. The team ended the season with a 6—2—1 record and second place in the Lake Conference. The Hornets defeated a formidable list of foes, including St. Paul Cretin, which hadn't been defeated in 33 games until it met Edina. Stav Ca-nackes served his first year as head coach and was widely heralded for the outstanding job he did. Coach Canackes had a strong core of seniors to work with in building his 1961 squad. Among the senior standouts were Bill Nelson, Jack Steinbauer, Dave Michael, Steve Watson, Jeff Brown, Pat Bennett, Fred Riebe, Phil James, Mark Canoyer, Craig Rockwell and Ron Kane. Juniors Teddy Carlson and Gary Reierson proved to be real mainstays of the Hornet squad and promise to greatly aid the Hornet defense in 1962. An exciting group of sophomores was a valuable addition to this year's team and had Edina's fans looking forward to good things in the future. Among this group were Joe Fiedler, Rick Giertson, and Bill Lord. All in all, Edina supporters were very pleased with this year's season and expect to see future Hornets meet with similar success. Co-captain Jeff Brown Sitting: Mr. Fisher, S. Giobink, D. Prin, R. Crawford, B. McFadzean, G. Reierson, P. Bennett, J. Brown, C. Rockwell, B. Lord, V. Holvor-sen, J. Carlson, T. Carlson, Mr. Chernoy. Second Row: 8. Wright, B. Stevenson, R. Giertsen, G. Schiltz, R. Nelson, B. Nelson, S. Watson, B. Matson, F. Riebe, J. Steinbauer, Mr. Canackes. Third Row: B. Woldusky, J. Sonford, 0. Michael, P. Jomes, B. Johnson, 8. Holmbcrg, S. Byrd, J. Greer, J. Fiedler, M. Canoyer. 153Conoyer cuts fo ovoid Robbinsdole tackier. To open the 1961 season, Edina stopped powerful Cretin's 33-game winning streak by frouncing the Catholic champs 37—7. The Hornet squad scored on their first two plays from scrimmage. Senior quarterback Bill Nelson scored first on a 73-yard run. Nelson then passed 40 yards to Ted Carlson for the second tally. Then the Hornet defense dug in and allowed Cretin only one touchdown all night. The offense continued to move, scoring four more touchdowns before the final gun. Carlson scored twice more, once on a 44-yard run and again on a short pass. Mark Canoyer and Rick Giertson added TD's as the Hornets looked excellent on their first outing of the year. Edina was held even for three quarters by a spirited St. Louis Park team in their first conference football game. The score was tied 0—0 until the final minute of the third period, when Steinbauer scored from the 6-yard line. This first touchdown was set up by Steve Watson's recovery of a Park fumble on their own 24-yard line. Again the two teams played to a standstill with-neither squad having much offensive success. Edina scored its second touchdown when Gary Reierson blocked an Oriole punt and Craig Rockwell picked up the ball and carried it into the end zone. At this point, the Hornets had the game on ice. After another Edina score, the game ended in a 20—0 victory for the green and white. A lethargic first half resulted in Edina's 20—20 tie with the Mound Mohawks. A scrappy Mound squad B. Nelson G. Reierson G. Schiltz M. Cpnoyer R. Nelson 154Hornets surround opposing boll carrier. moved out on a sustained drive of 81 yards to score their first touchdown and scare the Hornet rooters. Fired-up Edina came back in the second half and promptly scored on a 29-yard pass play from Nelson to Brown. The next time they got the ball the Hornets put on an explosive drive for their second touchdown of the quarter. Mound proceeded to go ahead again on a touchdown and an extra point. The lead changed hands once more os Edina fought their way to their third touchdown, with Nelson scoring. But Mound wasn't licked yet, for the Mohawks scored with 4:41 left to tie the Hornets 20—20. Edina had no trouble with Woyzata os they crushed the Trojans 39—6. The Hornets were unable to come up with the long gainer, but they displayed a deliberate attack to overcome a weak Woyzata defense. Stein-bauer, Carlson, Brown and Schiltz all scored in the first half as Edina got two touchdowns in each quarter. The last half proved to be more even os Sfeinbauer and Reierson scored for Edina and Woyzata made one six-pointer. The Edina-Robbinsdale gome proved to be, as always, a very exciting contest. With 7,000 people watching from the stands, the two teams exchanged brilliant scoring plays and long gainers. Edina's Mark Canoyer scored early in the game after his teammates recovered a fumble on the Robin 21-yard line. But Robbinsdale scored on a long run three ploys later. Then, after a long T. Carlton R. Glertton B. Johnson J. fiodlcr P. Bonnett 135Brown drives ot oncoming tockler. Hornet drive. Nelson scored the first of his three touchdowns of the evening. Again one of the fleet Robin backs got loose for a touchdown, and Edina matched Robbins-dale's tally. The third quarter was a stalemate with neither team scoring, but in the final stanza Robbinsdale went ahead 21—20 on another touchdown and extra point. But Nelson came through with his third TD to put Edina ahead for good, 27—21. At this point in the season, Edina was second to Richfield in the league standings with a 3—0—1 record. Minnetonka's homecoming was thoroughly ruined as Edina trounced the Skippers 35—0. Minnetonka was seldom in Hornet territory and never was a serious threat, even when Canackes put his reserves into the line-up. Those who scored for Edina were Nelson, Steinbauer, Brown, Carlson and Schiltz. Homecoming proved to be a happy event at Edina as the Hornets whipped Hopkins 19—0. Although Hopkins was never in serious contention with the green and white, Edina did not put on an unusually powerful performance. The Hornets scored their first touchdown early in the first quarter on a brilliant 38-yard run by Mark Canoyer. Edina ended the first half with a touchdown by Nelson from the one-yard line. The Horners scored once more in the fourth quarter to make the final score 19—0. On the same night, Bloomington knocked off Richfield to give Edina the lead in the Lake Conference race. B. McFadzcan S. Watson F. Riebe B. Lord D. Michael 156The B-squod football team. In their next-to-the-last game of the season, Edina was soundly beaten by a giant-killing Bloomington squad. The Bears stopped Edina's volatile offense cold and took advantage of several breaks to defeat the Hornets 13—0. Edina's only serious scoring threat came in the early minutes of the game when the Hornets marched from their own 38 to the Bear 13. There, the Hornets lost the ball on downs. The Bears took advantage of an intercepted pass and scored during the second quarter. The game was a stalemate until the final stanza, when a second Bloomington touchdown, set up again by an interception, put the game on ice for the Bears. During the game Edina lost the ball five times on fumbles and interceptions. The climax of the 1961 Hornet football season came in the final game, when Edina faced Richfield to decide the league championship. Richfield proved to be the better team as they defeated the Hornets 19—7. After a scoreless and hard-fought first half, things looked good for Edina. But Richfield stunned the Hornets by scoring in the third quarter. Edina bounced back and drove down to the Richfield two-yard line. But Nelson was thrown for a 12-yard loss and the Hornets did not score. Richfield scored again and sewed up the game. Edina fought back and scored on a pass from Nelson to Brown, but the rally came too late and the championship was lost. P. Jomet J. Carlton J. Brown C. Rockwell B. Wright 157Cross Country Edino's cross-country team completed a successful season by capturing third in the Lake Conference, third in District Eighteen, and sixth in Region Five. .Originally, Edina was rated low in the Lake Conference; however, through determination and hard running, the boys worked their way to victory. In dual meets the team lost only to Robbinsdale and the state champion, St. Louis Park. In the annual Swain Invitational at Duluth, the Hornets earned sixth place among the state's top twenty-two teams. A few days later the team placed third in the districts. The Hornets next took sixth in the Region V meet and thus failed to qualify for the state meet. Of special note were the performances of freshman Steve Sanford and juniors John Beale and Mike Monahan, three very determined runners. In the districts Sanford ran a speedy 9:08, and a week later, in the region meet, he placed ninth, only one place out of the state meet. Beale and Monahan showed their promise for next year by establishing times of 9:23.5 and 9:26 respectively. The 1961 season was Edina's building year,- but with a returning group of eight fine sub-9:50 runners. Coach Hendrickson and his boys are aiming for the 1962 State Championship! Captain Doug Mayo 159Basketball Hornet Basketball Roster No. Name Grade Position 12 ... .. . Dick Johnson ....10 G 14 . . . . . . Bill Wright .. . 11 F 22 ... . . . Jim Enroth .. . . 11 G 32 ... ...12 G 24 ... . . . Mark Nordell ...10 F 52 ... . . . John Shepherd . . . . ... 11 F 34 ... . . . Steve Watson ... 12 G 40 ... .... 11 G 44 . .. .. . Joe Fiedler ...10 F 54 . . . .... 10 C Varsity Squad: S. Watson, J. Enroth, G. Reierson, J. Fiedler, M. Nordell, B. Grohnke. B. Wright, J. Shepherd, J. Hawkins, 0. Johnson. Coach Baglien and co aptains Hawkins and Watson. 161Waterl Waferl Adams shows determination. D. Johnson B. Wright J. Enroth Johnson drives in for a lay-up. M. Nordell J. Hawkins 162The B-squod basketball team. Rciorson get an open shot. Brown ond Johnson press In tho bockcourt. S. Watson G. Reierson J. Fiedler J. Shepherd B. Grohnke 163 mu.Swimming Hornet Swimming Roster Name Grade Event Hall Dillon 9 Ba Norm Fahrenholz 11 Fs Rick Giertson 10 Bu Jim Huston 11 Fs Bill Johnson 11 Bu Bob Johnson 12 Ba Tom Juhnke 9 Fs Pete Kemper 12 Br Jim Kloek 11 Br Fred Lundahl 11 D Bob Meredith 12 Fs Scott Nelson 9 Fs John Phillips 12 Fs Dave Price 12 Fs Gary Reiter 12 Fs Steve Russ 11 Ba Bill Smith 11 Fs Randy Smith 12 Bu Dave Umberger 12 Ba BOTTOM ROW: Coach Art Downey, P. Kemper, D. Luce, mgr. Stephen, J. Luce, B. Johnson, F. Lundohl, J. Otterness, N. Fohrcn-holz, B. Smith, C. Lieber, R. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Coach Loszlo Szendrey, G. Reiter, D. Carlson, D. Price, J. Phillips, J. Holl-berg, R. Jones, T. Mcrriman, J. Carlstrom, P. Wunsch, B. Johnson, Coaches Szendrey and Downey. J. Klcek. THIRD ROW: K. Soterborg, J. Spellman, F. Guille, T. Juhnke, H. Dillon, K. McCullough, T. Waag, T. Getsch, M. Bjork, D. Nelson, J. Hinshaw, T. Hayes. FOURTH ROW-. S. Nelson, T. Gulll-ford, T. Adams, B. Meredith, B. Johnson, R. Smith, A. Sieper, J. Ronald, D. Umberger, 8. Carlson, W. Schott. 165A fight bocbtroke roce. D. Umberger R. Smith B. Merodlth P. Kemper S. Noljon 166Freo »tyler moke good time. Determination. Where' the swimmer? B. Smith N. Fahronholz T. Juhnice G. Reiter F. Lundohl 167Hockey Hornet Hockey Roster No. Name Grade Position 1 . .. . . . Bill Nelson .... 12 G 2 ... 10 G 3 ... . . . Dean Mathews . . . .... 12 C 4 . . . .... 12 D 5 ... .... 12 C 6 ... . . . Ted Carlson 12 W 7 ... . . . Dave Ross .... 11 W 8 ... . . . Paul Rosendahl . . . .... 12 W 9 ... . . . Doug King 10 W 10 ... . . . Fred Riebe .... 12 D 11 ... . . . Jim Bartlett .... 11 C 12 ... . . . Jack Steinbauer . . .... 12 D 13 ... . . . John Bailey .... 10 W 14 . .. . . . Rick Dornfeld . . . . .... 12 W 15 ... . . . Bill Lord .... 10 D 4 Captain Dean Mathews KNEELING: D. Ilor, R. Dornfold, P. Rosendahl, F. Ricbe, D. Mathows, R. Hawkirwon, mgr., J. Bartlett, B. Lord, J. Bailey, Coach Willord C. Rockwell, J. Steinbauer, M. McRoberts, B. Nelson. STANDING Ikola, T. Carlson, D. King, D. Ross, H. Arnold, mgr. 169McRoberts on o one-on-onc. Action in front of the Edina net. Mathews drives toward the goal. B. Nelson C. Rockwell M. McRoberts T. CcfWson D. Ross 170The B-iquod hockey team. Mathews heads up-lce. P. Rosendahl D. King F. Riobe J. Steinbauer B. Lord 171Wrestling Hornet Wrestling Roster Nome Grade Ken Schelper ........................ 11 John Beale .......................... 11 Warren Smithers..................... 10 John Kuphal ........................ 10 Olaf Ittensohn...................... 12 Roland Winebrenner................... 12 Harlow Christenson................... 11 Bruce McFadzean...................... 11 Bob Engleking....................... 12 Jim Sanford.......................... 11 Jim Lee ............................. 11 Walt Burkhardt ...................... 12 Outstanding senior Walt Burkhardt. Varsity Squad: K. Schelper, J. Beale, W. Smithers, J. Kuphal, P. Manfred, O. Ittensohn, R. Winebrenner, H. Christenson, B. McFadzean, B. Engleking, J. Sanford, J. Lee, W. Burkhardt. 173Rcfcrco's position. Two points for a tokedown. A near pin. K. Schclpcr J. Beale W. Smithers B. McFodzean B. Engleking 174The B-squad wrestling team. C'monl I'll help you do a heodsfand. Standing position R. Wlnebrenncr J. Loe J. Sanford O. Ittensohn H. Christenson 175Hornet Athletes Excel LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W L St. Louis Park 14 2 Bloomington 13 3 Hopkins 13 3 Robbinsdale 11 6 Richfield 8 8 Minnetonka 5 11 Edina 4 12 Wayzata 3 13 Mound 2 14 BASKETBALL — Lack of experience was the chief factor in Edina's seventh-place finish in the Lake Conference in 1962. Coach Duane Baglien had one returning letterman and two seniors to provide a nucleus for his squad. However, an outstanding group of sophomores and some promising juniors aided the team in performing better than was expected. The Hornets went through the first half of the season with seven losses and only one victory, against Wayzata. They improved with every game and soon began to show real potential. After dropping games to Hopkins ond Bloomington, Edina came up with its biggest win of the season, a 61—39 upset over Richfield. Edina achieved its third victory two weeks later when it trounced Mound 69—51, and then finished the conference season with a win over Minnetonka. In the subdistrict tournament Edina rose to the occasion and defeated Orono in the first round. But in the next game, the Hornets' State Tournament visions were dashed when they were defeated by Hopkins 41—39 after putting up a valiant fight. Although often the underdog and seldom the favorite, the cagers never quit and put forth their maximum effort. This alone made 1962 a successful basketball season. SWIMMING — For the third year in a row, the Edina swimming team placed third in the state of Minnesota under Coaches Art Downey and Lazio Szendrey. Marked improvement in a team that had lost heavily to graduation last year enabled the team to place considerably higher than was expected. Rated seventh early in the season, Edina slowly worked its way up to a final position of third. The post-Christmas season began brightly with a victory over Winona 56—39. However, the following week, longtime rival St. Louis Park beat Edina 52—43. On February 3, Edina upset fourth-rated Hibbing with a decisive 58—37 victory. The only Edina defeats were by Hopkins and Rochester, which finished first and second in the state, respectively. The final dual meet with St. Louis Park ended the season with an Edina victory 59—36. But four days later St. Louis Park placed second to Hopkins in the District 18 meet, beating third-place Edina and increasing the rivalry. The following Saturday, an outstanding performance enabled the Edina team to edge out Park by one point for third place. Final state places were as follows: 1. Rochester (60), 2. Hopkins (53), 3. Edina-Morningside (22), 4. St. Louis Park (21), 5. Austin (18), 6. Hibbing (16). LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W L Hopkins .................................... 8 0 Edina ...................................... 5 3 St. Louis Park...............................5 3 Robbinsdale..................................2 6 Bloomington..................................0 8 176in Four Winter Sports HOCKEY — Again this year Coach Willard Ikolo's hockey team had a very successful season. Although the Hornets finished second to Richfield in the Lake Conference race, they captured the Region VI crown and went on to win the Consolation title in the State Tournament. The team completed the first round-robin without suffering a loss, the only blemishes on its record being ties with Park and Minnetonka. On January 6 the Hornets traveled to Eveleth and surprised the hockey world by defeating the Golden Bears 4—2. Edina remained undefeated until it met Richfield in a game which decided the Lake Conference Championship. The Spartans won 5—4 and clinched the Lake crown a week later when Edina lost to Hopkins. But the green and white were avenged when Edina won the Region VI title by virtue of victories over Hopkins, Park, and, in the final game, Richfield. This earned the Hornets a berth in the State Hockey Tournament at the St. Paul Auditorium. Although Edina outplayed its opponent, it lost to South St. Paul 4—2 in the first round of the tourney. In consolation play the Hornets defeated St. Paul Monroe 4—0 and Washburn 3—1 to win the title, which is the highest honor an Edina team has ever achieved. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W L T Richfield . . . . . . 13 1 2 12 2 2 St. Louis Park 10 5 1 Bloomington 9 6 1 Hopkins 6 1 Minnetonka 5 3 Wayzata 12 2 Robbinsdale 13 1 Mound 15 1 LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W L Robbinsdale................................8 0 Hopkins....................................7 1 Minnetonka ............................... 5 3 Edina .................................... 4 4 Richfield ................................ 4 4 Mound .................................... 8 5 St. Louis Park.............................3 5 Wayzata....................................0 8 WRESTLING — Edina's wrestling team suffered from inexperience but nonfheless established a 7—4 overall record to complete a successful season. The Hornets began the season badly by losing to Minnetonka. However, they bounced back to defeat St. Louis Park, Wayzata, and Alexander Ramsey. The green and white then decisively defeated Mound to start the season with a 3—1 conference record. In the Fifth Annual Edina Invitational Tournament, the Hornets made a great showing and won top honors over White Bear Lake, Fridley, and Washburn. Then, successive meets, they lost to a traditional wrestling power, Robbinsdale, and Hopkins and Richfield. Edina finished up their conference season with a 4—4 record offer beating Bloomington 27—23 in a thrilling meet. During the season heavyweight Walt Burk-hardt was Edina's standout wrestler. Burkhardt won thirteen straight matches, many of which were important in deciding the outcome of the meet. Burkhardt, along with three other Edina wrestlers, survived the district eliminations and went on to regional competition. There he was the only Hornet grappler to qualify for the State Tournament. In the state meet Walt finished fifth, with a Hopkins wrestler whom he defeated during the season placing first. 177tr . $ TUDENT LIFE SOUNDS OF STUDENT LIFE: frenzied yells for the teom . . . shuffling on the dance floor . . . drowsy mumbling over pancake breakfasts of Perkin's.I don't go nowheres witout my footboll. It I dreamed I played in the snow in my new Maidcnformo. Love me tender, love mo true ... or else. 180Pocohonto Holl. Socojawea Krieger. Kitty Kriegcr, "Billy tho Kid" Wright. 18!Peppiest? Oh no — I think I killod him! I think I'm tost.All right, who sat on my ornaments? Put down that crummy accordion and help me, you idiotl Well, it was fashionable then. One out of every five is an old maid. 183 Scratch a little to the left.Memorable Moments This is tho house that Rusty built. And this is our Y-teens group . . . Gee ... I Just thought I'd ploy those bongos . . , Pretty classy pen, huh? You like my new upper plate? You rang? Looks very much like the junior high section. So this Is high school.Tho young sophisticote . Engen's third-hour mistake. It's my astigmatism. I've always had a Statue of Liberty complex. Some like it hot. Gimme the kid. She cheats nice. You're soooo finelRags to Riches 186 Citizens of Dogpotch. Choin Gong.187 Juniors Anne Woodworth ond Bob Hcocock enjoy the music of Rod Aaberg. Alumni Bonnie Hilliard and John Klein do the twist.Peach Section Something's got to be done about the dross code In I-bolll And as he sights the shark (or the first time, E swimmer flies across pool. Edina B-squod defeats unbeaten Pork 4-2. T. Fiedler drives for two. Girls’ Football This is a football practice? L to R: Quade, HB; McDonald, FB; Kimmerle. REj Coaches Riebc and Watson give team Bressler, T; Ferguson, G; Giebink, C; McElioce, G. a half-time pep talk.Under Wit Humor Lie Talent, Brains This year Edina wot proud to ploy host to three AFS students — Patsy Ribadeneyra from Ecuador, Jose Riestra from Spain, and Irene Reichenau from Switzerland. Edina's si Merit Scholarship finalists — Peter Windhorst. Linda Bartz, Suzanne West, Koryn Williams, Jane Mucke, Mike Rebmonn. Aspiring AFS'ors — Barb Lund. Jim Gentry, Barb Peterson, Dick Snoeyonbcs. Jane Mucke and Pete Kemper repre- Carol Sirene was sented Edina at Girls' and Boys' State chosen to receive respectively. Edina's DAR award. Sophomore Talent Show Honors The Drifters ploced second. 189 Ginger Hefner's accordion solo took first. The Edino-Mites were third.Index • Seniors • Adams, lynn 12 Alexander, Marileo 8,11,12,108,1 JO.111, 115.119,133 Anderson, Audrey 12 Anderson. Dole 12 Arteel, Kim 12 Artus, Claudio 12 Ash. Carolyn 11.12,115,131 Ashonbrennor, Choryl 12,Ml Atkinson, Patsy 12 Awsumb. Kenneth 13,130 Baorson, Alice 13 Bailey, Kathleen 13 Barnes, Roger 13 Bartlett, James 13 Bart . Undo 11,13.115.131,189 Bascho. Robert 13 Baxter, Ann 13,123 Beddow. Earl 13,122 Begg. louise 13,Ml Beggs, Joan 14 Bolfry, Mary 11.M.l 15.135 Bell. Deborah Bennett, Brion 14,130 Bennett, Patrick 14,108. M5.153,155 Benson, Judith 14 Benson, Karen 11,14.115,119 Berdahl. Robert 14 Bergh, Barry 14,130 Berglund, Ruth 14 Berguson. Bruce 15 Berlin, Claudia 15 Bermel. Bruce 15,120,121.Ml Bessesen, Julie 15,110,124 Bigelow. Barboro 15.120.123 Bliss, Tommy 15,131 Bonnoll, Cynthia 15 Bonynge, Robert 15 Bourgeois. Lourence 15 Brandt, Gertrude 16,125 Braun, Thomas 16,109,111,115.116,131 Brewbokcr, William 16 Bridgman, John 11.16.118,121.130,131 Brock. Carol 16 Bros. Daniel 16.118,119.121 Brostrom, Janet 11,16,115,120,125.148 Brown, Jeffrey 16.144.146,147,153 5 157 Brown. Robert 16.130 Brown, Sandra 16 Brudelie. Penelope 17,125.141 Brum, Betty 17,124 Brynfesen, Kay 17 Bunnell, Bruce 17 Burgraff. Bradley 17,118.130 Burke. Patrick 17.127 Burkhardt, Wolter 17,173 Burris, Richard 17.62.122.Ml Busch, Yvonno 17,124 Buscher, Ralph 17.121 Collon. Michael 8.11,, 127.141 Cameron, Julie 18.124 Compbell. Keith 18.114.121 Cannom. Carol 11.18,118,120.125.136 Conoyor, Mark 18.145,153,154 Corlson, Gail 18.130 Carlson, Georgia 19 Corlson. Janet 11.19,115.118,131 Carlson, Jay 19 Carlson. John 11, Carlson, Karen 19 Carlson. Undo 19.125 Carlson, Richard 20,131,165 Carlson, Rogor 20 Corlson. Susan 20,120.124 Charles. Carolyn 11.20.115 Chrlss. Gwenn Clauson, Donold 20,134 Colness, Richard 20 Cook. Charles 20 Corcoran, Beverly 20 Cracroft, Thomos 20,125.130 Crickmer, Faye 11,21.115.134 Currier. Valerie 21 Dahl, Doryl 21 Dahl. Janet 21,136 Dannotf. Judith 21,115 Dovis. Harold 21 Deposqualo. Undo 11,21 Dickey. Kathleen 11.21, Diebold, James 21.127.131 Diorcks, Laurie 21,187 Dlrodes, Michoel 22.116 Dobbs. Keith 22.121,130 Domfeld. Eric 22,120,122.131.169 Eckermon. Richord 22 Edwards, John 22 Ekstome, Joanne 22 Ellingson, John 22 Ellingwood. Carol 22,125 Ellis, Robert 22 Engelking. Robert 11,22,115,173,174 Englesmo, Daniel 23 Englund, John 23 Favllle, Ralph 11.23, Flck. Michoel 23,136.141 Field, Patricio 11,23.115 Findlay. Annette 11,23,115 Finney, Judith 23 Firth, loroine Fitzner, Gory 23 Fleming, Thomas 24.121 Fletcher. Barbara 24 Fletcher, Jean 24 Forster. Kathie 10.11,24.112,115.118.119 Formo. Kiisfin 24.125 Fredrickson. Sandro 24 Freese, Stonford 24.62,121,134 Friegang. Judith 24,130 Frleson, Nancy 24 Fuller, Carolyn 11.24.115 Fuller, Patricia 25.125 Galarncou, Gordon 25,131 Garrison. Rsbert 25.122 Gorver, Barbara 25 Gotcs, Roger 25,130 George, Richord 25,121 George. Robert 25.130.131 Gevlng. John 25 Gibblsh, Nancy 25.136 Gibson, Robort 25 Giebink. Scoff 11,26,115.120.122,153 Gilfillon, Jean 25.124 Gillen, Rosemary 26 Gilles, Cheryl 26 Gilliland. Judith 26,118 Gilmon, Julie 26.124 Gleeson, Michael 27 Gleeson, Richard 27 Glover. Julie 27.123 Goddard, Andrew 27.108,145 Goodman, Mary 27,124 Gorder. Paul 27,122 Grandsfrand. Karen 11,28,115.134 Groy, Mathew 28 Gundermon, Judith 28 Gunderson, Jerry 11,28,136 Gust. Dovid 28.130 Gutierrez. Drusilo 11.28 Hafner, Virginia 11,, 119,124.189 Hall. Pomelo 28.118 Hall. Potrkio 11.28,115 Hallonquist. Ken 28.121.131 Halverson, Sally 11.29,112.113,115.119 Honsen, Mary 29 Hanson, Borbora 11.29,118.123 Hanson, Eileen 29.134 Horburger, Undo 29 Horgreaves, David 29 Hargreaves, Mary 29.125.134 Harris. Deonna 29.62,136 Hortwick. Goyle 29 Hoskln, Robert 29 Hofch, Susan 30,115 Haugen, Bonnie 30.125.136 Hauger, Martho 30.125.134 Havsfod, Margaret 30 Hawkins, Charles 162 Heodington, Mary 30.125 Healy, Stephen 30 Heckothorn. Harry 11.30.115,131 Heldlnger, Jon 30 Heines, Nancy 30 Helgeson, Karen 10,11,31,115 Hellond. John 31 Henjum, James 31 Hennessy. Catherine 31,118 Highfteld. Kathleen 31 Holmberg, Judith 31 190Holtz, Genevieve 11,31,115,131.134 Hopper, Steve 31,130 Hoy, Torrence 31 Hughes. Nancy 31,123 Hull, Judith 32 Huitod, tori 32 Hyde. Michael 32 ♦tteniohn, Olof 32.130,173.175 Iverion, Lynno 32,114.136,137,141 Jackson. Carol 32 James, Philip 32.153.157 Janjjon, Judith 11.32,115 Joimln. Merrily 32.136 Jenien, Jomei 32 Jenien, Richard 33,141,187 Jevne. Williom Johnson. Donna 33.123 Johnson, Jerry 33 Johnion. Kothryn 33.135,140.145.146 Johnson. Robort 33 Johnson, Robert 33,153,155,165 Jones, Cheryl 33 Jones, Elizabeth 33 Jones. Linda 33 Josophson, Carol 34,130 Kollovik, Leslie 34 Kane, Barbara 11,34,115 Kane, Ronald 127 Kannenberg, Leigh 11.34,111,115,118, 119,120.125 Katzmon, Arthur 34,134 Keene, Mary 34 Kollor, Glenn 35,122 Kelloy, Mary 35 Kemper, Peter 11.35,108, Kemper. Suzanne 35 Kennelly, Richard 35 Kerker, Carolyn,146 Kesler. Corol 36.123.134 King. Corol 36 Kinney, Janet 36.124 Knight, John 36 Knutson. Donald 36.122 Koehler, Jock 36 Konen, John 36 Koontz, Carol 36.136 Korstad, Patricia 36.123 Krofff, Robert 36 Krcnz, Florence 37,114,125,136 Kriegcr. Non 37,144.146,147 Kuhn. Penelope 37,123 Kuphol. Mary 37.108.114 Laing, Craig 37 Lamar. Charles 37 Larson, Mory 37,124 Larson, Roger 37 Larson, Thomos 37 LoSallo, Jacqueline 37 Leaders, John 38 Leory, Timothy 131 Leek. Janet Ley, Solly 38 Liiste. Matti 38.122.136 lilligren, Jomes 38 Llndballe, Mary 38 Lindemann, Wayne 38 Loeffler, Sue 38.136 lord. Thomos 38 Luce. David Lund. Caroline 10,11.39.115,130.131 Lynch, Margaret 39,124 Lyon. Marcia 39,125 Lyons. Janice 39,111 MocAllistor, Marta 39,123 MacNeil, Bruco 39 MocPhoil. Stuart 39,131 Magnus. Diana 39,136 Mognuson, James 39 Malmberg. Mary 11.39.115 Manfred. Peter,173 Marquardt. Thomas 40,114.131 Martinson. Gordon 40 Mathews, Dean 40,127.141,169,170.171 Mathews, Williom 40,121 Matson, Robert 40,121.153 Matthews. Mary 40,136 Mayo. Doug 11, McArthur, Janet 40 McCormick, Thomas, 134 McCracken, Kathleen 41,123 McDonald. Sandro 10,11.41,115.118.120. 125,141 McDonold, Wolter 41,122 McGohoy, Kathryn 11,41,115 McGorraugh. Morclo 131,134,135 Mclnally. Thomas 41 McKenna. Thomos 11,41,115.116.118 McNaught, Borboro 41,124 McNeil. Gail 41.67,110.114.133 Me Roberts. Michael Mclcher, Jean 42,124 Meredith. Robert 165.166 Metcalfe, Jomes 42 Meyenburg, Charles 42 Meyer, Elroy 42 Michael, David 42.153.156 Mildron. William 42.121,127 Miller, Jerry 43.121 Mitchell, Beverly 43.124,127 Mitchell. Forrest 43,121.141 Moe. Elizabeth 43.125 Moffit. Susan 11.43.118 Mocdie, Douglas 43 Moore, James 44.122 Mortenson, Carol 44.122 Mucke, Jane 130.141.189 Mulcahy, Ryan 44 Murphy. Pamela 44,124 Murray. Carole 11.44.112,113,119 Nelson, Barbara 44,124 Nelson, Jane 11.44,115 Nelson, Judith 44 Nelson, Karon 44,125,127 Nelson. Raymond 45.153,154 Nelson, Rosanne 45,114 Nelson, W.lliam 45,145, Nordccn. Frederic 45.120.131 Norris. Nancy 11.45,115.118.125 North, Thomos 45 Northrop. Potrlcia 45.136 Nysfrom, John 45,122 Odell, Thomos 45.122 Ogren, Thomos 45,122,136 Olinger, Catherine 46 Oliver, Joseph 46 Olson, Howard 46.136 Olson. Louise 46,124 Olson, Robert 46 Ormon, Michael 46 Ostbye. Lynne 11.46.110,119,120.125.133 Polen, Juanita 46,130 Patton. Choryl 46.115.123 Paul, Bryan 46,136 Pearson. Donald 47,121 Pederson, Pamela 47.118.124 Porbix, Robert 47 Pcrpich, Shori 47.124 Porting. Coroleo 47 Poterson, Geraldine 47 Peterson, Harold 47,121,136 Peterson, Pamela 47,121.123 Peterson, Pamela 47,124 Phillips, John 47.165 Piere, Beverly 48.136 Pitt. Joanne Plofou, Susan 48 Pleissner, Patricia 48 Plummer. Margaret 48,136 Pratt. William 48 Price. Dovid 48.165 Prin, Dovid 48.153 Prin, John 48.141 Quiers, Petor 48 Rofshol, Linda 49.127 Raine, Carole 49,125 Rea, Leslie 49.115,117.119 Rebmonn, Michael 10,11,49.115,118,120. 131,189 Reed, Allen 49 Reed. Elise 49,,148 Roimers. Ann 49,141 Reiter. Gary 11,49,122.165.167 Reynolds, Gary 49 Ribodeneyro. Patricia 49,117,124,189 Rkkord. David 50.130,131 Riebe. Fred 50.117, 171 Riestro. Jose Ritchay, Peter 50 Rittor, Regina 50 Robb. Jonet 50,136 Robey, Dorothy 50,136 Rockwell. Craig 11,50.115.127,153,157. 169.170 Rogers. Robert 50.114,141 191Roloin, Sandro 50,136 Rolph, Susan 51 Romsaos. Marilyn 51 Roquemore, Stephen 51,121 Rosendahl. Paul 11.51.108,115,121.169, 171 Rouzer, Daniel 51,122,136 Rudd. Edlyn 51 Rush, Jo Ann 51 Ryan. Dale 51 Ryan, Lynne 51,136 Rymon. Mary 51 Sohlman, Margaret 51,136 Softer, Janet 52 School, Karen 52.124 Schiltx, Gerald 52,153.154 Schmidt, Pamela 52,141 Schoening. Susan 52.108,123.126.127,141. 145,146 Schossow, Susan 53,125 Seashore, Linda 53 Sedgwick, Larry 53 Shaw, Robert 53 Shelton. Cheri 53.124,136 Sheppard, Richord 53 Shields, Kathleen 11,54,115,124 Shmitko, Wayne 54,130 Simons, Ronald 54,122 Sirene, Corol 11.54,108.115.119,133.136, 189 Skarie, Sandro 54,523 Slettebo, Barbara 54 Smith, Douglas 54 Smith, Kelsey 54,122 Smith, Johanna 54 Smith, Peter 54 Smith. Randall 11.55,122.165.166,187 Snell. Tori 55,114 Snyder, Barbara 55,125 Spearing. Sherron 55,123,136 Spongberg, Donold 55 Stork, Virginia 55 Starkey, Lovonne 55,123 Steinbouer, John 8.11,55,115,153.169.171 Steinmetz, Frank 55,115,130,131,136 Stevens, Suzanne 55,136 Stevenson, James 56,136 Stevenson, Kent 56 Stocking. Susan Stone. Sally 56, Strand, Joseph 56,130 Strosser, Michael 56 Strate, Jeffrey 56,121,131 Strom. Erik 8,11,56,108.115 Stuart, Donna 56,123 Stuart, Thomas 56 Swan. Philip 57 Swanson, John 57 Swanson, Richard 57 Swont, Koren 57,136 Swift, Cassandra 56,118,124 Thiede, Gwendolyn 57 Thiele. Edward Thiem. Russell 57,112.113.114,122 Thomas, James 57,112 Thomas. Victoria 57.123 Thompson, John 58.131 Thompson. Robert 58 Thomson, Barbara 58 Trapp, Kathleen 58,124 Tripp. Betsy 58.114.124 Turnbull. Susan 58,124 Twite, Lucia 11.58,115.118.134 Ulvestad. Harold 58.112 Jmberger. David Von Horssen, Charles 58 Van Wazer, Alida 59 Vaughn, Joyce 59.114,136 Vicforsen, Juane 59,135 Vixo. Nancy Walker, Sandra 59,125,136 Warmofh, Carol 59,125 Wash, James 59 Wotson. Stephen 188 Wayne. Mary 59.114,118 Webber. Russell 59.130 Weden, Donald 11,61 West. Suzonne 11.60,110,115.119,133, 141.189 Wcsterdahl, Jano 11,60,115,127 Williams. James 60,122 Williams, Koryn 10,11,60,115,131 Williams. Richard 60 Wholcn, Lowrence 60 Windhorst, Peter 10.11.60,62,108,115,116, Winebrenner, Roland 69,173,175 Wing. Richard 60,136 Woehrer, Lois 61,112,119 Wolfe, Ihla 61 Woodhead, Mary 61,112,113,119 Worman, Janet 61 Yerxa, John 61 • Juniors • Abernathy, Scott 67 Allum, Charles 67 Aim, Roger 67,131 Anderson. Diane 67.125 Anderson, Diane 67 Anderson, Jomes 67.121 Anderson. Karin 67,112 Andorson, Katherine 67,125,134,137 Anderson, Patricia 67 Andrews, Alon 67 Anfinson, Ruth 67.123,134 Arnold, Hazen 67,135 Aton, Anna Lee 67 Axolson, Christine 67 Bain, Barboro 67,123 Baldwin, Brian 67 Barber. Janet 67 Bartlett, James 67 Bauernfeind, John 67,121 Beach, Norris 67 Beale. John 67,159 Beggs, Jomes 67,121,131 Benjamin, Nancy 67,137 Benson, Jomes 67 Berdahl, Michael 67 Berlin, Susan 67 Bino, Kathy 67,108 Bishop, John 67,122 Bjoroker, Robert 67.137 Bjornnes, Jon 67 Blandin. Larry 67 Boelter. Frances 67,125,136 Bolles, Marsho 68 Book. Cheryl 68.123 Boron, Susan 68,136 Bressler, Bonnie 68 Bridgemon, Richard 68,131 Brierley, Martha 68,116 Brisbine, Barbara 68,135 Brostrom, David 68 Brotherson. Mary Jo 68 Brudenell, Michele 68,123 Buelow, Virginia 68,125 Burbage. Mary 68 Burbage, Robert 68 Burbank, Timothy 68 Burkhardt, Bonnie 68,123.136 Burns, Sharon 68 Burton, Jon 68 Byrd, Stephen 68,122.153 Cain, Janet 68,125 Cameron, Linda 68 Campbell, Kenneth 68 Corisen, Kathryn 68 Carlson, Betty 68,136 Carlson, Down 68,109,136,137 Carlson, David 68 Carlson, Karen 68 Carlson, Lindo 68 Carlson, Ted 68,108,153,154 Caspers, Borbaro 68,136 Cedergren, Barton 68 Chopmon, Cheri 68,136 Charbonnoau, Renee 68,123,136 Chostek, Margaret 68,124 Chatterton, Dennis 68 Cheney, Paul 68 Chester, Charles 68.159 Christenson. Harlow 66,68,108,135 Clark, Thomas 68 Clarke. Lowell 68 Coffey, Jane Collins, Christine 68 Cook. Deborah 68,124 Copps, Dale 68,135 Corah. Craig 68 Corchran, Pot 68 Correa, Maureen 68,125 Corty, William 68 Courtney, Rick 68 Critchlow. Keith 66.68.108 192Crook, Wendy 68,140 Croonquisf. Betsy 68,125 Dahl, Thomas 68 Dalquist, Corrine 68.123 Danielson, Doan 68 Danielson, Nancy 68 Danielson, Sharon 68 Darling, Douglas 68 Davies, Judith 68,125 Degeberg, Chrissy 68,124 Denison, Barta 68 Dennison, Marlys 68 Derby, Mary Lou 69 Deveny, Michael 69 Dietrich, Roberto 69 Dorek, Gary 69 Douglas, William 69 Drew, Mark 69 Drew, William 69.135 Driscoll, Roy 69 Eastman, Jock 69.121 Eaton, Charlene 69,124 Edmunds, Diane 69,136 Enroth. James 69 Erickson. Jeon 69 Erickson, John 69 Erickson. Neal 69 Fahronholz, Norman 69 Farnsworth, Patricia 69,124 Foldhako. Dennis 69 Fenger, Gretchen 69,123,136 Ferguson, Judith 69,108,140 Fietek, Mary 69 Finch, David 69 Finch, Lauro 69,125 Finkonaur, Robert 69 Fisher, Judith 69,123 Flater, Chorlotte 69 Flowor, Betty 69,124 Foley, Richard 69,121 Formo. John 69 Forney. David 69,121 Foss. Beth 69,125.136,137 Foster, David 69 Fotia, Penny 69,124 Fox. Jeffery 69 Freeman, John 69 Friesen, Susan 69 Gallup, William 69 Gardner, Jonet 69 Gendreou, Daniel 69 Gentry, James 69,108,122 George, JoAnn 69 Gefsch, Thomas 69 Giebink, Nancy 69,111,125 Gindorff, William 69 Googhlcr, Lynn 69,124 Gowling, Jane 69,124 Grondstrand, Charles 69,137 Green, Arthur 69 Greenogel, David 69 Greenberg, Sheldon 69 Greer, James 69,153 Greiser, Raymond 69 Grewe, Lynn 69 Grosh, Nancy 69.135 Guille, Fred 69 Gustafson, Greg 69 Haas, John 69 Hockett, Charles 69 Hagen, Marjorie 69 Haire, Stephen 69 Hollbcrg, Jock 69 Halverson, Dennis 69,122 Halvorson, Vonce 70.121,131,153 Hamilton, Bruce 70,134 Hargrove. Robert 70 Harris, Lynn 70,124 Harrison, Ann 70 Hart, Josephine 70 Hortfiel, Bonnie 70,136 Hawkinson, Raymond 70 Heacock, Robert 70,137 Headington, Mark 70,121 Hcgmon, Nancy 70,124 Heim, Nancy 70 Hoinbockol, Jill 70,125 Heinrich. Jill 70 Helgesen, Rebecca 60,134 Henderson, Robert 70,121 Hendrickson, Thomas 70 Henkel, Margaret 70,124 Henley. Carlyle 70 Hcnrickson, Ron 70 Hess, Dean 70,121 Hey, John 70 Hill. Sharon 70,124 Hilliard, Patricia 70,136 Hodge, Robert 70 Holmbcrg, Robert 70,153 Hoisted, Leslie 70,124 Hoover, Earl 70 Hopf. Janelle 70,136 Horns. Mary 70,125 Horrocks. Sheila 70.125 Houck. Barbara 70,124 Houck, Ellen 70.124 Hull, Shirley 70,135 Hustad, Thomos 70 Huston, James 70 Her, Marguerite 70,108.125 Israelson, James 70 Jennings, John 70 Johnson, Craig 70,135 Johnson, Eloise 70.123 Johnson, Michael 70,134 Johnson. William Jones, Douglas 70 Jones, Judy 70.123.136 Jordon, Charlene 70 Kaiser, Mark 70,122 Kallevik, Sandro 70. 5 Keil, Barbara 70,124 Keller, Keith 70,122 Kelly, Colleen 70 Kelly, Kathleen 71 Kennedy, William 71 Kerr. John 71 Kersteter, Joe 71 Kibler, Chad 71 Kimball. Rosanne 71 Kimmerle. Jeon 71,123 Kistle, Barbara 71 Kittelson, Jonot 71,124 Kloek. James 71,121.131 Kmieciak, Alon 71 Knight, Dale Ann 71 Knopf, Richard 71 Knutson, David 71,122 Kojetin, Kathryn 71 Konigson. Al 71 Kraus, Mary Ellen 71 Krause, John 71 Krioger, Gretchen 71,108,136,140 Kuehn, Peter 71 Kuhnley, Marc 71 Kuphal. John 71 Lannert, Rebecca 71,136 Learn, Judith 71 Lee, James 71 Leo, Peggy 71,136 Lehmann. Wade 71 LeMire, Mary 71 Lindbcrg, Lawrence 71,135 Lindsey. James 71 Lindstrom, Robert 71 Little, Thomas 71 Lorimer, Marcia 71,125,137 Luck. Betsy 71.135 Lund. Barbara 71,108,125.136.140 Lund. Susan 71 Lundahl, Fred 71 Lupie, Marcia 71 Lykken, Henry 71 Lyon, Thomas 71,112,113 MacAllister, Connie 71 Madden. Kathleen 71 Mader. Richard 71.121 Magoffin, James 71,122 Malkcrson, Eric 71 Manfred, Mark 71,121.131 Martin, David 71,135 Martin. Jill 71.124.136 Martin, Lynn 71 Martin, Wendy 72 Mattson, Gail 72,135 May, Robert 72 McCullough, Ken 72,121 McOermid. Barbara 72,124 McDonald. Donald 72 McDonald, Virginia 72,111,122 McEliece, Virginia 72,124 McFadzean, Bruce,156 McIntosh, Stewart 72 McKay. Laurie 72.124.136 McNee, Brian 72 McNellis, Dan 72 Means, Patricia 72,124 Meier. John 72 193Melbostad, Susan 72 Merchant, Jeanne 72,124 Millet, Douglas 72 Mills, Richard 72 Mitchell, Edward 72 Moe, John 72 Monahan, Michael 72,159 Moore, Barboro 72 Moore, Kathryn 72,123 Moore, Patricia 72,112 Moorhead, John 72 Morford, James 72 Morgan, Catherine 72,125 Morphew, Lynne 72,124 Morris, Robert 72 Morse, Gill 72 Moss. Gory 72,121,134 Mullen, Peggy 72 Musselman, Mary 72,123 Myers, Kathy 72,125,134 Naas, Gory 72 Nauth, Mary 72 Neeson, Paul 72 Nelson, Kurt 72 Nelson, Ramona 72 Newhouse, Nancy 72,125,137 Niess, Dan 72,140 Nordstrom, Nicki 72 Norton, Barbara 72 Nylund, John 72,135 O'Connor, Michool 72 Olinger, David 72 Oliver, Donald 72 Olson, Janice 72.124,131 Olson, Mary Jo 72,136 Olstad, Mary 72 O'Neil, Alan 72 O'Rourke, Richard 72 Orwoll, Richard 72,131 Osberg. Corole 72,110,123 Ostlund, Barbara 72,125 Otterness, Jack 72,137 Park, Denise 72 Pearson, Jeffrey 72 Postal, Jean 72,134 Peterson, Dianno 73 Peterson, Barbora 73,110 Peterson, James 72 Peterson, Jay 72,121 Peterson, Marcia 73,134 Pctorson, Nancy 72,124 Potorson, Susan 73,125 Peterson, Thomas 73,122,131 Piorcc. Kathy 73 Pike, Brenda 73,124 Platter, Mary 73 Portinga, John 73 Posthumus, Ruth 73 Priest, Susan 73 Proebstlo, Jack 73 Puterbaugh, Susan 73 Quade, Lynn 73,124 Ramseyer, William 73,131 Reeves, James 73,121 Reierson, Gary 73, Reineck, Carol 73 Reinhard, Richard 73 Reynolds, Gory 73 Richards, David 73 Richordson, Jeffrey 73 Ridgway, Robert 73 Ring, Mary Beth 73,136 Ring, Susan 73 Ripley. Richard 73 Rocklin, James 73 Rodecker, Sharyn 73 Romingor, Robert 73 Ronald, Martha 73,136 Root, Michael 73 Root, Thomas 73 Ross, Dovid 73 Ross, Janice 73.125.141 Ross, Joonne 73,123,136,137 Rowe, Martha 73 Rush, Kenneth 73 Russ, Steven 73,122 Rutherford, Claudia 73 Samuelson, Ron 73 Sandberg, Karen 73,125 Sanders, Susan 73,124 Sanford, James 73,137,153 Sother, Barbora 73,125,136 Sauer, Donna 73 Schaefer, Pamela 73,125 Scheefe, Susan 73,123 Schelper, Kenneth 73 Scholefield, John 73,122 Schott, Wondcll 73 Schwoigcr, Mary 73 Scott, Michael 73,131,134 Scott, Sharon 73 Selccn, Keith 73 Scttli, Peter 73 Sevoreid. Janet 73,108.125,136.137 Sharpe, Patricia 73,124 Shaw, Vicki 73,108,125 Shccks, James 73 Shckore, Jane 73 Shelton, Blake 73 Shelton, Cynthio 73 Shepherd, John 73 Sims, Floy 74.124.136 Smith, Donna 74 Smith, Lois 125 Smith, William 74 Snoyenbas, Richard 74,135 Sommers, Linda 74,125 Soper, Carol 74,141 Sorlien, Ted 74 Sparrow, Wendy 74 Spearing, Goil 74,125 Spooring, William 74 Sponscl, Susan 74,108,134,135 Stamp, Ann 74 Stephen, John 74 Sternfels, Susan 74 Stewart, Robert 74 Stone, Marilyn 74,124 Stono, Susan 74 Stover, Richard 74 Strom, Vincont 74 Struck, Dinah 74,124 Sturm, Jeff 74 Sutton. Karon 74 Swanson, Edward 74 Swant, Jamos 74 Taylor, Maurice 74.121 Toss, James 74 Thciscn, Greg 74 Thcsing, Janet 74 Thomas. David 74 Thompson, John 74 Thompson, Margaret 74 Thompson, Mary 74,125,136 Thompson, William 74 Thorpe, Josephine 74,125 Tomlinson, William 74 Troutman, Paul 74 Tvetene, Leigh 74 Utno, Steven 75 Vanasck, Kathleen 75 Vorin. Collette 75.125,136 Vaughn, Richard 122 Victor, Judith 75 Viken, JaAnn 75.123 Vizzier, Stephen 75 Vogeley, Kirsten 75,124,136 Wahl, Marjorie 75 Woldusky, Williom 75,122,153 Woll, Judith 75 Wollor. Cheryl 75.124 Ward. Linda 75 Wardell, Rebecca 75,123 Warren, Kathleen 124 Warfchow, Sally 75 Watson, Potricia 75 Wersell. Signe 75,125,140 Wescott, Ann 75 West, John 75,131 West, Kenneth 75,121 Westervelt, Douglas 75,122 Whalen, Nancy 75 Whitbread, Bortram 75 Whyte, James 75,137 Wicker, Wendy 75 Williams, John 75 Willour, Charlos 75 Wilson, Richard 75 Winberg, John 75,122.159 Wolf. Janet 75.124,134 Woodworth, Anne 75,136,140 Worrell, John 75 Wright, John 75 Wright. Bill 66.75,122.153,157 Wudlick, Robert 75 Wunsch, Paul 75,121,135 Young, Judith 75 Zeimes, Robert 75 Zoiglcr, Dovid 75 194Sophomores • Abbott. Robert 77,112 Ackerson, Richard 77 Adams, Thomas 77 Adams, Virginia 77,125 Adamson, Veronica 77 Aling. Charles 77,135 Ainslie, Linda 77 Allison. Harvey 77 Allum, Kathryn 77,123 Aim, Sharon 77,125 Anders. Jody 77 Andersen, Jonls 77 Anderson, Darcy 77,124 Anderson, Jeffrey 77 Anderson, John 77 Anderson, Michaol H. 77 Anderson, Michael P. 77 Anderson, Renner 77 Anderson, Roger 77 Anderson, Thomas 77 Artus, Richard 77 Ashcroft, Jane 77 Athelstan, Susan 77,123 Austin, Judith 77 Awsumb, Thomas 77 Axelson, Nancy 77 Bobic, Kothy 77 Bailey, Dole 77 Bailey, John 77 Baker, James 77 Baldwin, Bruce 77 Barber, Carol 77 Bornes, Susan 77,87,140 Boston, Barbara 77,124 Baxter. Collins 77,135 Bayers, Virginia 78 Beale. Kathy 78,124 Behning, Baron 78 Bennett, Donald 76.78,108 Berg, John 78 Bergh. Bruce 78 Bergseth, Jerry 78 Bessesen, John 78 Bezoier. Dolph 78,131 Billings, Barbara 78,123 Bing, Donald 78 Birk, Jock 78 Bjork. Michael 78 Black, JoAnn 78 Blake, Donnis 78 Blanchette. Nancy 78 Boettcher. Keith 78 8omier, Bruce 78 Bonynge. Cheryl 78,124 Bove, Suzanne 78 Brokke, Janet 78 Brondonger. Dovid 78 Brandow. Mark 78 Branham, Pamola 78,124 Bredesen, Charles 78 Briden, Richard 78 Bridgemon, Ruth 78 Bridgman, William 78 Bringen, David 78 Brock, Bonnie 78 Brothers, Bruce 78 Brown, Charles 78 Brown, lee 78,137 Brown, Noncy 78 Buchanan, Merry Lee 78,123 Buckbce. Donna 78 Bunnell. Gloria 78 Bcrgeson, Richard 78 Bylin, Thcrese 78 Corleton, Candice 78,123 Carlson. Charles 78 Carlson, Julie 78 Carlson, Leslie 78 Corlson. Pamela 78,123 Corlson. Richard 78 Carlson. Robert 78,131 Carlson, Sylvia 124 Carlson, Susan 78.123 Corlson, Torryl 78 Corlstrom, John 78 Carnahan, Jane 78.135 Corrigcr, James 78 Corson, Candoco 78,108,112,123 Carter. Diane 78.123.136 Charles, Dwight 78 Chmiel, Borboro 78,125 Christoffcrsen. S. 78.124,136 Cloutier, Jeffrey 78 Coffin, Stephen 78 Connor, Richard 78 Cook. Betsy 78,124 Cook, Fred 78 Cooper, David 79,135 Cooper, Mary Kay 79 Cornwell, Jeffrey 79 Covnlck. Susan 79,123 Coursolle, Judith 79 Cox, Cathleen 79 Crawford, Ronald 79,153 Crawford, Susan 79,123 Crist, Bonnie 79 Crowther, Caren 79,123 Collie, James 79 Curran, James 79 Dahl, Philip 79 Dahlstrom, Thomas 79 Dash, Linda 79 Davies, Richard 79 Dawson, Marilyn 79,124 Dennison, Thomas 79 Deveny. Kathleen 137 deWlnter, William 79 Dickey. Carol 79,123 Diehl, Catherine 79 Diracles, L. 76,79.87,108.124,140 Dornfeld, Jane 79 Downs, Edward 79 Duncan, Darcy 79,124 Dunker, Donna 79,123 Duoos, Bonnie 79 Duvick. Darlene 79.123 Edgren, Milton 79,134 Edwards. Steven 79.122 Ekhhorn, Richard 79 Elftman, Gregory 79 Ellingson, Thomas 79 Elliott, John 79,131 Ellis, Lawrence 79 Engdahl, Judith 79 Engel. Elaine 79,125 Engen, Gory 79,135 Eppie, Suzanne 79 Erickson, Barbara 79,125 Erickson, Bonnie 79 Ewing. Sally 79,124 Fahlberg. Jeon 79 Farley, Karin 79 Fechner. Roger 79 Feigum, Marilyn 79 Ferguson, Gordon 79 Fiedler, Joe 79,153.154 Fiedler, Thomas 79 Field, Dovid 79 Fisher, Barbara 79,125,135 Fisher, Douglas 79.108 Fitzner, James 79 Flonogon, Cynthia 79 Flaten, Mary 79,125 Fletcher, Susan 79,123,135,136 Fossum, Gregory 79,135 Foster, Lucius 79 Fronke. Lyle 79 Frey, John 79 Friegang. Robert 79 Fuzzey. Jerry 80 Gallagher, Kathy 80.120.125 Gardner, Peter 80,108 Garlock, Susan 80 Garrison, Elizabeth 80 Garven, Maureon 80 Goankoplis, Connie 80 Giertscn, Richard 80,125,153,154 Gilles, Barbara 80 Gilster, Eric 80 Gjorvad. Sharon 80,124 Glomsrud, Dale 80 Gottschalk, Marjorie 80,136 Grabham, Douglas 80,122 Groms. Deborah 80 Green, Lowell 80 Granger, Robert 80 Greer, Anne 80,123 Grill, David 80 Grohnke, Bryan 80 Grothe, Richard 80,135 Gulllford, Thomas 80 Gunberg. Steven 80,135 Gunderson, Forrest 80 Gunderson, Joan 80,136 Gustafson, Robert 80 Hoberle, Charles 80 195Hake, Chad 80 Haling, Cynthio 80 Hall. Michael 80 Halle, Donna 80,123 Holsteod, Michael 80 Homara. Judith 80 Hand, Lawrence 80 Hone . Gory 80 Hone . Jerl 80,123 Honscn, Camela 80 Homing, Barbara 80,125 Hanson, Cynthio 80,124 Hanson, Gail 80.123 Hanson. Phyllis 80,123,136 Hanson. Robert 80 Harris, Bonita 80,124 Harrison, Kathy 80.125 Hartshorn, Robert 80,134 Hauskins, Lloyd 80 Hovstod, Mary Jo 80 Haw, John 80 Howthorne. Grant 76,80,108 Hoys, Thomas 81 Hegener, Koren 81,125 Helgeson. Jane 81,136 Helgeson. Thomos 81,135 Henefield, Fronk 81 Hermon, Robert 81 Herrmann, James 81 Hewlett, Erik 81 Hicks, Charles 81 Hllgendorf, Keith 81 Hlllern. Julie 81,125 Hinkie, Richard 81 Hinshaw. John 81 Hockin, James 81,135 Holder, Dorothy 81,124 Holman, Linda 81,125 Honoos. Sylvia 81 Hovey, Carla 81,125 Haworth, Susan 81.125 Hubbard, Susan 81.123.136 Hudak, Gerald 81 Huebscher, Thomas 81 Hughes. Gail 81,112,125 Her. Doug 81 Isgrlgg, Susan 81 Iverson, David 81,131,134 Jackson, Ronald 81 Jocobson. Lora 81,125 James, Robert 81 Janssen, Ginger 81,123 Jensen, Diane 81,108.123 Jensen, Kathie 81,125 Jewett. Gregg 81 Johnscn, Carol 81 Johnson, Bruce 81,114 Johnson, Diane 81,123 Johnson. Michael 81 Johnson, Patricia Mory 81 Johnson, Patricia Lee 81 Johnson, Randee 81 Johnson, Richard 81 Johnson, Steven 81 Jones, Cheryl 81 Jones, David 81 Jones, Julie 81,123 Jones, Nancy 81 Jones, Trocy 81 Joyce, Barbara 81 Jorgensen. Rkhord 81 Kogol, Jon 82 Kane. Margaret 82,125,134 Keeley, Linda 82 Kellogg, Kathryn 82,124 Kennedy, Christina 82.123 Kerker. Leslie 62 Kern, Karolyn 82 Kerwin, James 82 Kesterton, Lynn 82 Kiesou, Diane 82,123,136 Kiichli, Kay 82,124 Kindem. James 82,135 King. Dallas 82 King. Douglas 82 King. James 82,135 King. Susan 82,123 Kirk. Timothy 82 K]t s, Marie 82 Klein, Richard 82 Kohner, Ann 82 Koivumokl, Victor 82 Korstad, Dorthea 82.125 Krofft, Richard 82 Krause, Susan 82,125 Krelser, Linda 82,125 Krueger, Lindy 82 Kuehn, Fronk 82.121 Lampert, Leonard 82 Londree, Jomes 82 Lane, Joniee 124 Langhaug, Mary 82 Lapp, Ernest 82 Larson. Joanne 82,125 Larson, Karen 82.125 Lash, Sandra 82,124 Latchaw, Linda 82,123 Laub, Linda 82 Lawrence, Susan 82.125 Lea man, Jeffrey 82 Lee, Bruce 82 Lee. Suzanne 82,123 Levering, Stephen 82 lewedag, Thomos 82 Lewers, Solly 82 Lewis. Patrick 82 Llenemann, Jane 82 lindberg. Dwight 82 Lindgren, Ann 82 Lindow, Virginia 82 Lindskoog. Richard 82 Locker, Peggy 82,123 Logan, Margaret 82.124 Loheyde. Robert 82,135 Lord, Frances 83 Lord. William 83,153,156 Lovorud. Kathy 83 Luce, James 83 Lund, Catherine 83.125 lundquist. James 83 Lushine. Frank 83 Lyons. Sherryl 83,123 Macintosh, Jeon 83 MocKoy, Gerald 83 MocPhoil, Alan 83 Manning, Maureen 83 Marquardt, Kathy 83 Mason, Joel 83 Matthies. Andrea 83.87,125.140 Maulsby, Ernest 83 Maunder, Brod 83,121 Moyberg, Steven 83,108 McClellan, Ann 83,124 McCormack, Robert 83 McCornkk. Susan 83.123 McEochron. Thomos 83 McGohey, Michael 83,135 McKinsey, Anne 83 McLaughlin, Daniel 131 McPeak, Floris 83,135 McToggort. Susan 83,124 Mead, Ted 83 Merriman, Thomos 83 Meyer. Richard 83 Michels, Richard 83 Miller. Carol 83,125 Miller. David 83 Miller. Nancy 83,125 Miller, Norman 83.131 Mitchell. Karen 63 Montgomery, Vicki 83 Morrill, Susan 83,125 • Morris, Cynthio 83,123 Morris, Linda 125 Mortonson, Barbara 83,125.136 Mortensen, Joan 83 Moylon, Joseph 83 Mueller, John 83 Munroe, Marsh 83 Nabours, Barbara 83 Nakken, Kenton 83 Nelson, Don 83.122,135 Nelson, John 84 Nelson, Mary 84 Nelson, Merrikay 84,123 Nelson, Nancy 84 Nelson, Patricio 84.124 Nelson, Richard 84 Nettum, Diane 84 Nevins, Patricia 84 Nobles. Kent 84 Nord. Mary 84.123 Nor dell. Mark 84 Nygren, Scott 84,131 Nystrom, Linda 84 Oberg, Carol 84,124,136 Olmstead, Jane 84,123 Olsen, Vicki 76.84.108 Olson, Cynthio 84,122 196Olson. Lynne 84,124,135 Olson, Schuyler 84 Oppermon. Connie 84,124,136 Oren, John 84.122 Osborne, Judith 84 Oskey, Susan 84,124 Ostcndorf, Jeanne 84.123,135 Ostlund, David 84 Pacini, Cheryl 84.124 Polon, Susan 84,125 Palmer, Pamela 84,124 Parker, Stephen 84 Parkhurst, James 84 Poulson, Patricia 84,124 Pozandak, David 84,135 Pearson, Anne 84,140 Pongolly, Barbaro 84,124 Porra, Dean 84 Porry, Susan 84 Petersen, Denise 84,123 Petersen, Greg 84 Peterson, Bruce L. 84 Peterson, Bruce R. 84 Potorson, Mark 84 Peftes, JoAnne 84,124 Pettyjohn, Sherri 84,124 Phillips, Carol 84 Phillips, Mary 84.124 Pierson, Patrick 84 Pleissner, Mari 84 Polacek, Karen 84,125 Pontious, Douglas 84.122,135 Porter, Margo 84,123,136,137 Porter, Thomos 84.137 Posse It, John 84,122,135 Prostly, Barbara 84 Price, Dana 84,123 Rodford, Randa 84 Rafshol, Stephen 84 Ramler, Glondoris 84 Rask. Gory 84 Raymond, Jeffrey 84 Reierson, Lee 84 Reilly, Jane 85 Rctherford, Nancy 85,124 Reynolds, Wayne 85 Ribble. Nancy 85.135 Richards, Joffrey 85 Ridgwoy, Richard 85 Riegert, Ronold 85 Riley, Steven 85 Robb, Mary Robinson, Sandra 85 Rohner, llene 85 Rooney, Carole 85 Rose, Ann 85 Rosendahl, Eric 85 Rose now, Charles 85 Rowan, Candace 85 Ryan, Jeffrey 85 Rydman, Carol 85,125 Soffoll, Lee 85,135 Sahlman, John 85,t35 Somuelson, Thomos 85 Sandt, Katherine 85,124 Sorff, Judith 135 Sottcr, Nancy 85 Schaper, Mary 85 Schilling, Judith 85 Schletzcr, Diane 85 Schrocdcr, Lynda 85.124 Schwarz, Anita 85,124 Scott, James 85 Seashore, Joan 85,87,108, l4 Seek, Jomes 135 Selden, Andy 85 Sharp, Donald 85.135 Shellcdy, Potricia 85,124 Shells, Kathleen 85 Shipwoy, Josephine 85,125 Short, Susan 85 Sieper, Armond 85 Simones, Lynno 85 Simons, Richard 85,122,136 Simpson, Barbara 85 Skarlo, Rogor 85 Skoglund, Donald 85 Slowson, Frank 85 Sloan, Patricia 85,124 Smalo, Jeffery 85 Smith, Bonnio 85,125 Smith, Carol 85,125 Smith, Claudia 85,124 Smithcrs, Warner 85 Snyder, Marilyn 85 Spcecc, Maynard 85 Spellman, James 85 Sponsel, Sally 85 Sprague, Kondius 85,123 Sproguer, Sandra 85,124 Staab, Kathy 85.125 Stahly, John 85 Steiner, Anna 85,125 Steiner, Peter 85 Stephens, Richard 85 Stevenson, Robert 85,137,153 Stewart, Donald 86 Strand, Kirsten 86,125 Strom, Carol 86 Strom, Kristine 86,108,125 Sfromme, Christine 86 Subok, Barbara 86 Sutton, Gail 86.131 Swendro, Carol 86 Swenson, Jeanne 86,125 Taylor, Karen 86,125 Thiede, Martin 86 Thomos, William 86 Thompson, Cynthia 86 Thompson, Dionc 86,123 Thompson, Gayle 86.125 Thompson, Katheryne 124 Thompson, Linda 86,124 Thompson, Lloyd 86 Thorne, Mary 86 Thorson, Toni 86,124 Toensing, James 86 Toensing. John 86,137 Torok, Barbara 86 Tripp, Cynthia 86,123 Tudor, Margaret 86,125 Turnquisf, John 86 von der Zicl, Kea 86,125 Van Wazer, Pctor 86 Viken, Cynthia 86,125 Vinz. Betty 86,125.135 Vizzier, Lee 86 Waag, Corroy 86 Woldon, Theodore 86 Wallen, Martha 86 Waller, Steven 86 Walsh. Robert 86 Wang, Dovid 87 Ward, Stewart 87 Warner, David 87 Watson, Douglos 87 Watson, Richord 87 Wayne, Jomes 87,108 Webb, Jomes 87 Week, Lauren 87,112 Welch, Gory 87 Wellumson, Curtis 87 Wellumson, Marsha 87,124 West, Patricia 87 White. Carol 87,124 Willort, Carol 87 Williams, Jorel 87 Willis. Lorroine 87 Wilson. George 87 Wilson, Thomas 87 Wimmer, Joann 87 Wing, Carol 87 Wingert, Becky 87,125 Winsor, Bruce 87 Withom, Ellen 87 Wittke. Gregory 87 Wolf. Alfred 87 Wood. Alan 87 Woodhead, Michael 87 Worrell, Potricia 87 Wright, William 87,135 Wright, Stephen 87 Wrobleski, Dawn 87,124 Younger, Charlotte 87 Zemplo, Gory 87 Znerold, Michoel 87,135 197 Patrons Golden Guernsey World's Finest Milk Home Delivery JA 2-3601 Griffen Pharmacy, Inc. 4412 France Ave. So. Hub of Health Scherling Studios Forgo, North Dakota, and St. Louis Park, Minn. Compliments of Berg and Farnham Co. 5209 Eden Ave. First Edina National Bank 4100 West 50th St. Edina, Minn. Best Wishes Bermel-Smaby Realtors Edina, Minnesota Boyer-Gilfillan Ford 1201 Harmon Place Minneapolis, Minn. J.A. Danens and Son, Inc. 5106 Brookside Ave. Edina, Minnesota Lumber Stores, Inc. Highway 7 and Highway 100 St. Louis Park, Minnesota Conoco Service Center 4419 France Ave. WA 2-9601 Clancy Drugs 50th St. west of France Edina, Minnesota Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 6405 Lyndale Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. Josten's Foshay Tower Arcade 134 Minneapolis, Minn. Sico Manufacturing Co., Inc. 5212 Eden Ave. So. Minneapolis 24, Minn. Minnesota School of Business 24 S. 7th St. Minneapolis, Minn. Edina Cafeteria 3926 West 50th St. WA 7-6141 Complete Ingenuity Thiele Engineering Co. 3565 Wooddale Gregg's Pharmacy 50th and France WA 6-1664 Benson Opticians 441 Medical Arts Building Minneapolis, Minn. Suburban Federal Savings and Loan Association of Edina 3925 West 50th St., Edina, Minn. 198Patrons Glacier Sand and Gravel Co. 7009 France Ave. So. Edina, Minn. Edina Realty, Inc. Realtors — M.L.S. 3907 West 50th St. Compliments of Olson Brothers Pharmacy Edina, Minn. Thayer and Storm Sports and Hobbies 50th and France Bettina Shakespeare Women's Apparel 50th and France Solmonson-Eggleton Jewelers 123 Investors Building Minneapolis, Minn. Edina Theatre 50th and France Edina, Minn. Student Council Community Room B Service With A Smile Edina Television First Choice In Specialized Service 50th and France Olson and Anderson Construction 4824 Rutlidge Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Connolly Florists Fine Flowers 3801 Sunnyside Ave. Vision Center Opticians, Inc. Opticians With An Eye To The Future 3939 West 50th St. Country Club Cleaners 4400 France Ave. So. WA 2-5432 Compliments of Morningside Hardware 44th and France Page Hardware 4349 France Ave. So. WA 6-9015 Hawkin's Confectionary 4390 France Ave. Morningside, Minn. Morningside Texaco 4360 France Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minn. Compliments of Edina Laundry Cleaners Edina, Minn. Topp Cleaners 4345 France Ave. So. WA 6-8415 Fun, Health, and Social Center Bilfmore Lanes WE 9-8551, 5101 West 50th St.In Acknowledgment And to Linda and last year's staff, who made it possible for us to create your 1962 We of the 1962 Whigrean staff wish to express our appreciation to: Mr. John Sheldon, for his patient assistance Mr. Burt Hedstrom and The American Yearbook Company Scherling Studios Our Patrons The administration and faculty, for their helpful cooperation Susan Stocking, Buzzette editor, for her valuable aid The students of Edina-Morningside High School And to Linda and last year's staff, who made it possible for us Whigrean 1962 Whigrean Staff Editor-in-chief............................................Marilee Alexander Business Manager .................................................. Edd Thiele Assistant ................................................... Nancy Giebink Copy...........................................................Barb Peterson Art and Picture — coordinator......................................Gail McNeil Seniors ....................................................... Carol Sirene Assistant ............................................... Leigh Kannenberg Activities.......................................'............... Lynne Ostbye Assistant ....................................................... Janny Lyons Sports ........................................................... Bill Jevne Faculty ....................................................... Suzanne West Classes and Student Life.......................................Carole Osberg Assistant ................................................... Ann McDonald Typing ........................................................ Julie Bessesen jM a xh jdb Co-d . c$) 0 - 229- ®u. nswct ®tch nficheiQ.THE 1963 STAFF PRESENTS THE 1962 WHIGREAN SUMMER SUPPLEMENT 1963 WHIGREAN STAFF Editor-in-chief ............................ . Barbara Peterson Business Manager.................................. Nancy Giebink Assistant ......................................... Cindy Smith Copy .......................................... Margoret Thompson Assistant ......................................... Kathy Staab Art ............................................... Janet Kittelson Photo Coordinator....................................... Jim Webb Seniors..............................................Carole Osberg Assistant............................................ Ginny Buelow Assistant ............................................... Lois Smith Activities ......... Assistant ........ Sports ................ Assistant........... Foculty.................. Assistant.............. Classes and Student Life Assistant ............... Assistant................ Typist........................ Typist........................ . Ann McDonald . Carol Rydman ... Fred Lundahl .... Cindy Tripp . Nancy Whalen Keo van der Ziel .. Jean Erickson . Candy Carson . Karen Mitchell ... Jo Shipway Dawn WrobleskiEDINABasebal Under the skillful coaching of Mr. Raglien and Mr. Zins, the Edina baseball team completed an excellent season with eight wins and no losses in conference play, and seventeen wins, two losses, to Cretin and Minneapolis Roosevelt, in overall play. The Hornets defeated pre-season favorite Richfield by a decisive 7—3 score. Favored St. Louis Park went down in a 9 to 5 game with the help of a grand slam homerun by Gary Reierson. Undefeated in conference play, the Hornets entered the district playoffs where they subdued Chaska in their first game. But because of poor hitting, Edina lost the next game and was eliminated from the tournament. Junior John Shepherd led the team in batting with an average of .582. The Hornets can look forward to another fine team next year because of junior and sophomore strength. From graduation the team will lose Karl Nau, the Hornet's ace pitcher; Dean Mathews, second baseman; Bill Nelson, shortstop; and Bob Johnson, right fielder. Co-captains Bill Nelson and Gary Roiorson Bottom Row: J. Enroth, M. FIck, D. Niess, K. Nou, B. Nelson, J. Reierson, E. Robertson, D. King. P. Smith, B. Johnson, Coach Zins. Shepherd, D. Mathews. Second Row: Cooch Boglien, D. Fisher, G. Third Row: B. Tomlinson, B. Lord, J. Fiedlor, B. Grohnke, B. Bjoraker. IllThe Junior Vorsify baseball team. Reierson ups his batting average. last one there's o rotten egg! D. Mathows K. Nau B. Johnson J. Shepherd J. Enroth IVD. Niess D. Fisher B. lord J. Ffedlor 0. King VBottom Row: J. Boole, M. MonoHon, J. WInbcrg, K. Boettcher, J. Mulsby, B. Mildren. Third Row: J. Leo, J. Spellman, M. Conoyer, R. Bailey, E. Howlott, T. Carbon, K. Keller. Second Row: N. Fahrenholz, Eichhorn, D. Moyo, G. Ferguson, J. Brown, C. Chester. D. Bcrguson. M. O'Connor, R. Gicrtsen, R. Meredith, T. Anderson, M. Bjork, E. Track Although there were only four returning lettermen on the 1962 track team. Coach Hendrickson guided the team into fourth place in the Lake Conference. After placing sixth in their own Edina Invitational Track Meet, the trackmen went on to place fourth in the Lake Conference meet and fourth in the district meet behind St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, and Robbinsdate. In the district meet Ted Carlson finished third in the broad jump,- Jeff Brown, second in the 440; and Mark Canoyer, third in the 220 and third in the 100-yard dash. In the regionals, Edina placed third behind St. Louis Park and Minnetonka. In this meet Canoyer finished third in the 220 and third in the 100; Brown, third in the 440; and Carlson, second in the broad jump. Ted Carlson was the only Hornet to go to the state meet. In 1963 Edina will have lost Brown, Canoyer, Mildren, and Mayo to graduation, but can look forward to an experienced team of this year's juniors and sophomores. Co aptains Mark Canoyer and Jeff Brown VII pgas v-.V •'••V Tennis Edino's experienced 1962 tennis team fought their way to finish third in the State Tournament. Coached by Mr. Szendrey and Mr. Young, the Hornets completed their best season in several years. In Lake Conference play, Edina finished with a record of seven wins and one loss, which was to St. Louis Park in the last conference gome of the season. A three-way tie for first place was shored among Edina, St. Louis Park, and Robbins-dale. Edina finished fourth in the District Tournament. As a consolation for this defeat. Captain Andy Goddard and Bill Jevne went on to win the Region doubles championship. From there the pair defeated the Minnetonka doubles team and captured the state doubles trophy. This moved Edina up to third in state, behind Rochester and second-place South Saint Paul. Losing much experience to graduation this year, the team will rely heavily on next year's seniors Doug Westervelt and Dave Ross and juniors Bob Granger and Dove Warner. Captain Andy Goddard Sitting: J. William , E. Thiele, W. Jevne, R. Rogers, D. Ross, A. V. Koivumokl, R. Westervelt. J. Nyman, N Miller, M. Minde. 0. Goddard. D. Westervelt. Standing: Mgr. R. Samuelson. T. Henderson, McLaughlin. S. Olson, D. Warnor. IXGolf The Horner linksters, led by returning lettermen Roger Larson, John Hawkins, and Jim Greer, tied for second place in the Lake Conference with four other teams. Strong support was given by Ted Sorlein, Grant Hawthorne, Eric Gilster, Steve Watson, and Jim Sheeks. Edina's own Interlachen golf course hosted the District Tournament. From there the team went on to the Region Five Tournomenf where they made an excellent showing both as a team and as individuals, taking second place. Roger Larson and John Hawkins, co-captains of the team, advanced to the state level of competition. There they both tied for sixth place in the state with scores of 159 for thirty-six holes. The 1962 team did a job of which Coach Dahl could well be proud. Edina had a good all-season record due to a combination of talent and hard work. Co-coptoins Roger Larson and John Hawkins Vorsity Squad: T. Sorlein, J. Greer, R. Larson, G. Hawthorne, E. Glister, J. Hawkins, Coach Dahl. XISeniors Present "A Doll s House” Ho uses two dobs on hit beard. "What is the position of woman in marriage and society?" This question was examined in Henrik Ibsen's thought-provoking play, A Doll's House. Set in Oslo, Norway, in the year 1880, A Doll's House presents some of Ibsen's views on the social problems of the day. Although difficult to produce, the play was ably directed by Mr. Delmar Fredrickson and Student Director Dave Luce. The members of the cast were Pam Pederson as Nora Helmer, Erik Strom as Torvald Helmer, Kitty Hennessy as Mrs. Kristine Linde, Peter Kemper as Dr. Rank, Tom Braun as Nils Krogstad, Leigh Kannenberg as Helene, Pat Northrup as Anne-Marie, Mark Hennessy as Ivor, Gail McGarraugh as Karen, and Davie Burns as Knut. XII Mother soys no until you cut off those sidoburns. These English schools are strict, but their uniforms ore cute.. . And All That Jazz” 11 From the French-costumed freshmen serving punch, to the dreamy music of Rich Clausen and his band, the Junior-Senior Prom, "New Orleans and All That Jazz," aptly fulfilled its Southern theme. On Saturday, May 19, the prom, traditionally sponsored by the juniors in behalf of the seniors, was held at the Hotel Leamington. With the aid of Mr. John Belk, junior class adviser, the overall co-chairmen Jan Sevareid ond Carl Henley supervised six committees. The combined efforts of the various committees and the enthusiastic support of the upperclassmen made the prom of '62 the most magic and unforgettable evening of the year. Are you sure you're 21? XIII Looks like the shoe(ning) fits. Rich Clausen swigs RC Cola from his fako horn.Reception, Party Follow Graduation We will always remember the sudden, though hazy, appearonce of the sun, just a few minutes before eight ... Juniors Barb Lund and Bruce McFad-zeon leading the lines ... the potted palms blowing wildly in the wind ... Mike Rebmann's "Many years of Telling" and Karen Helgeson's "Different Drums" ... Dr. Harvey Rice, president of Mocal-ester, our main speaker ... ... those lost steps we climbed as seniors to receive our diplomas from Mr. Reeves ... Mr. Ring's voice announcing each name . .. Pam Schmidt, kissed by her dad as he handed her her diploma ... Bob Shaw shaking hands with Mr. Shaw ... Phil Swan's crutches ... the last strains of "Pomp and Circumstonce." XIVAt the reception: (left) Newly graduated, Kathie Dickey and Coral Cannom enjoy punch while anticipating the all-night Senior Party. (Below) Drusila Gutierrez proudly shows her diploma to admiring friend . At the Senior Party: (Above) Bob Johnjon registers for a sweepstokes drawing os others sfaro unbelievingly ot classmates' boby pictures. (Right) The parent-sponsored party, "Plantation Doze." was held In the high school cafeteria and library. XVWe amused ourselves playing bingo, miniature golf, ping pong, dancing to the Big Beats, and trying our luck at the various booths. Among the prizes given away were a fur stole, luggage, typewriters, cameras, stocks and bonds, and a pedigreed labrador puppy. Wanted: Brad, Alias Bob Bradley Bernard Burgraff The F.B.I. is posting a warrant for Bradley Burgraff, who sometimes goes under the assumed identity of Robert Ber-dahl (in 1962 Whigre-ans, that is). Brad is dangerous because a phony mug shot of him was put in the Whit-grean — that of his alias, Bob Berdahl. Brad's legally correct picture is at left. So if you see "Mad Brad," moke a citizen's arrest, okay? XVI »•• . v 4 i

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