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Edina Morningside High School - Whigrean Yearbook (Edina, MN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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 Cchina -Jtminqside fhiqh School (nesentsOPS ..10 Bonnie Hilliard, Editor es.6 t Leslie f ITU.. Leslie Rea, Editor 86 Sandy Allen, Editor eS..102 Tom Stevenson, Editor T5.. 140 Jim Lynden, Editor e..r?8 Leslie Rea, EditorDedication Every school reflects its community. The school becomes what the community wills it to be. In Edina-Morningside the will of the people has been expressed through the School Board, through the work of the PTA's, the Citizens' Committee, and the League of Women Voters. The will of the people has been demonstrated by bond issues and budgets to provide an adequate and pleasant school plant, good equipment and supplies, and attractive teachers' salaries. But the people of our community have always sought beyond the required, beyond the minimum in the law. They have wanted a school that would offer the best possible education, a school that would serve enlightenment; for only such a place encourages the development of the minds of future builders, future defenders, future challengers. To the community — To the parents who have encouraged these goals — To the people who have supported these goals — To the citizens who have helped us realize these goals — To you, Edina-Morningside, the 1961 Whigrean is dedicated. The advantages of the Village of Edina are readily apparent — the pleasant surroundings, such as the picturesque Minnehaha Creek, a stable and well-run government, handy shopping facilities, diverse religious and social activities, and an ever-present consideration of the future. 6Edina contributes to Minnesota's legend as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" with its beautiful lakes and ponds. Among Edina's lakes — Lake Cornelia, Lake Harvey, Melody Lake, Mirror Lakes — Lake Harvey is one of the most familiar. Here, duck families and ice skaters may be seen. i i I The modernistic Village Hall is the center of Edina's village government — a symbol of leadership and protection to the people of the community. Here the policemen, firemen, park board, and village officers perform their functions with friendliness and courtesy. roMi a a'c} HAt I A sign of a growing and flourishing community is the availability and diversity of churches. Edina has many churches within its boundaries, providing a place of worship for almost any faith. St. Stephens is one of the oldest and most picturesque churches in the community. 750th and France Avenue — the original hub of Edina. At this intersection is the oldest and busiest shopping center in the Village. Grade-school trips to "50th" have been replaced by high-school trips to this convenient and ever-popular shopping center. Here, one may purchase everything from clothes and records to food and gas. Clancy's, "the Friendly Drug Store," is a familiar place to everyone, but especially to the younger set. £Y UiAJ S Two familiar sights near 50th and France are the Edina Theater and the Dairy Queen. The Dairy Queen is almost an institution in Edina; its opening and closing dates mark the commencement of spring and of winter. Its refreshments are more than welcome during the summer months. Edina's theater is just one of many places in the community providing recreation. Conveniently located, it offers popular movies with frequent changes. 8When the Southdole shopping center was completed in 1958, Edina residents gained a place where they could shop with ease and comfort. Southdole has attracted world-wide attention to Edina, for this is the largest shopping center in the country which is enclosed under one roof. Edina is a progressive community which is continually making improvements through construction of new churches, stores, schools, and homes. Within the last year, the Village government built a new post office and undertook a program for repairing village roads. HOAD CLOSED This past year Edina undertook the construction of a much-needed addition to the senior high school. Although the students and faculty endured numerous distractions, the addition will undoubtedly prove a valued asset. Thus, the school reflects the community's desire to provide the very best for its citizens. 9SENIOR CLASS OfFICERS; Dorothy McVeofy. « retory; Bill Noron, tnowrar; Bob Swondby, vic«-pr tid«nt; Horry Marlin, president. Memorable High School Days SEVENTH GRADE. First doy frustrations followed by new sights and sounds commenced the beginning of our nomadic high school years . . . new names and new faces added to confusion in the overcrowded senior high . . . stepped upon by upperclassmen . . . walking advertisements for all Student Council candidates during the campaigns . . , first corsages, first country club dances . . . enjoyed skipping school for State Hockey Tournament . . . our pictures appeared in the yearbooks . . . became efficient little homemakers through the aid of Mrs. Armstrong . . . sunlight sock hop . . . went to football games — but never managed to see the games . . . who could wear the most petticoats? EIGHTH GRADE. Skipped over to the new junior high — with Mr. Ring . . . Chapman's — Fat and Brat ... no licenses — but chugs . . . slam books . . . boys become men — "cracking" voices . . . parties, parties, and night parties . . . excitement over our band being invited to the Rose Bowl . . . Dominic Krez's duckwalking class held after school on football field . . . gorgeous clash days ruined by Mr. Thomas' orders to change . . . "depantsing" after a football game . . . phoney book . . . strict rules of dress code . . . Hall of Fame . . . Returning to State Hockey Tournament . . . girls and their scrapbooks and diaries . . . potlucks at lunch time . . . numerous birthday cakes . . . watched our star athletes on the Little League fields. 12NINTH GRADE. Then we did the stepping — not just a grade and a number, but a title . . . sought attention of older boys . . . took to the roads via Irv . . . B-squad cheerleading try-outs . . . memorable slumber-less parties . . . introduction of Beeline . . . "Ego no dicam" . . poker parties . . . Teenage Code went into effect ... Mr. Brough's verbal garbage . . . "taken in" at the Fair . . . potlucks . . . memorable trips for Mad Hatters . . . became young ladies at first class teas . . . parties Friday and Saturday nights ... old enough for car dates . . . became slaves in the Roman Auction . . . scouted to Whitewater . . . first class to graduate from the junior high. TENTH GRADE. Looked down upon again . . . our First class officers . . . "Mardi Gras" — our talent show . . . Homecoming — last place skit and float . . . point system . . . Senior Reception . . . noon movies were a fad . . . First beatnik dance ... so many clubs to join — help! . . . "Saints Go Marching In" . . . proud B-squad Lake Conference basketball champions . . . come-as-you-are parties . . . the new pizza cellar opened up . . . beginning of Legion Hall parties . . . proud of our contributions to the varsity teams . . . initial year in senior high completed. ELEVENTH GRADE. No more phy ed . . . joints . . . trench coats, shades, and tennies . . . open house . . . damp Saturday mornings under the bleachers . . . Five A-squad cheerleaders . . . Haka . . . trips to Telemark . . . first term papers . . . class rings . . . AFS'ers leave . . . language club soccer games . . . beautiful "Bali Hai" — prom . . . "The Night of January 16fh" . . . elections for honors in senior year . . . returned again for State Hockey Tournament . . . miniature golf and go-carts were the fad . . . private lake parties . . . Canadian canoe trips . . . new Russian Club . . . Kingston Trio came to Minneapolis . . . first run with college boards . . . girls' party at Bush Lake . . . Mr. Motion's daily worksheets . . . new building begins to shake the old one . . . only one year to go. TWELFTH GRADE. Our Homecoming — winner of skit, float, and game . . . All-State football champs . . . "Bridge or knitting anyone?" . . . we do all the stepping on now . . . foreign friends . . . short, short skirts . . . college clutch . . . carpool hike from junior high . . . pancake house . . . Senior Dress-up Day . . . Edina's All-American football player — John Hankinson . . . nine National Merit Scholarship Finalists . . . measuring for caps and gowns — the day we wear them draws near — our prom, rehearsals. Baccalaureate, Commencement, Reception, Parent's party . . . in one large breath it all becomes a beautiful memory — thirteen years of memories ... as a class we no longer exist; as individuals we face the future ... in twenty years we will rejoin to see what life hos granted us since our "Memorable High School Days." 13PAUL REGINALD ACTON A tall fellow with every inch full of humor and mischief ... on active membor of Grcon Knights — worker on the band committee for Green Knights dance ... shored tho responsibility of checking the student parking lot each morning ... future plans for St. Cloud. CAROLINE ELIZABETH AKIN A truer friend is hard to find ... member of FBLA and girls' choir in her senior year ... Spanish Club for two years ... Y-Teens ... spare time was spent in Mergotroits, Aqua Dobs, ond the "Deedles" ... transfor from Omaha. Nebraska her sophomore year ... forever Larry's. MARTHA JEAN ALDERSON Perfectly poised ... a participant In German Club, Latin Club, World Affoirs, Home Ec. and Y-Teens ... auditorium commifteo chairman for Homecoming ... active in church youth group — district officer three years and traveled to Now York ... hobbies of sewing ond playing the piano ... sincerely kind ond considerate. DOUGLAS ARNOLD ALGER A three-yeor team member for 1-Ball ... octive in Spanish Club his senior year ... enjoyed all types of sports ... participated in Junior Achievement throughout high school ... plons to attend University of North Dakota or University of Minnesota after graduation. MARGARET BOTHWELL ALLEN Always ready with on originol idea — that's Sondy ... Whigroan foculty editor and Burxetto writer ... continually "stuck" on decoration committees ... Spanish and Latin Clubs ... "Citadel" ... an energetic Horneffe ... no purse, no license ... "Oh, you guys!" PHILLIP FREDRICK AlllVATO Alii ... honor roll for two years ... oclivo on Red Cross Council as a junior ... participation in Latin Club and German Club ... member of Science Club os a junior ... enjoyed winter sports ond cords ... member of Science Seminar ... plans to attend University of Minnesota. CHARLES WESLEY ANDERSEN Chuck ... friendliness plus ... a good looking guy with unlimited talent and success in sports, music and making friends ... plays guitar for the Valiants as a hobby ... hockey in sophomore and junior yoars ... Student Council, Bond Council ... Spanish Club and Green Knights. DARREL ROY ANDERSON One of the backbones of the swimming team — member of the All-American 200 freestyle relay swim team ... broad shoulders offer a picture of a really terrific guy ... man of few but well chosen words ... octivo in German Club, E-Club and Math Club ... Hokstor. KATHRYN JO ANDERSON Andy — a talkative jokester ... three years of cheerleading — cocaptain as a senior, three years of Student Council, sophomore class secretary, two years on the Whigreon staff, Jr. Class Play, French Club, and Y-Teens ... spake highly of bridge and the "U" Phi Delts ..." 'Kathie' with on 'i-ol'" MARY LOUISE ANDERSON Participated in choir os a junior and senior ... two-year member of Latin Club ... octive in Spanish Club in her senior year ... Y-Teener throughout high school ... octive in church choir and youth group for three years ... loyal to Job's Doughters ... a girl of changing moods. 14SUSAN HELEN ANDERSON Always ready for an argument — "Whot, Mr. Motion?" ... Buzzette copy editor ... secretary of World Affairs Club ... a ready and willing committee member ... honored by a Merit Scholarship letter of Commendation ... extra time spent studying politics or swing ... a ski enthusiast ... a lovely girl. WIUIAM CARL ANDERSON Andy — three years of service rendered to the school os a visual aid ... active member of Tri Alpha Hi-Y chapter throughout high school ... enjoyed hunting, fishing, and archery In his spare time ... worked as o president two years in Junior Achievement ... future plans at U of M. LINDA MARIE ANDREWS A loyal participant in FBLA throughout her three years in high school ... active member of Spanish Club during her junior and senior years ... spent her senior study hall as a hall monitor ... member of Art Club ... plans to work or attend U of M after graduation. PAUL DOUGLAS ANDRUSKO A versatile sportsman — YMCA basketball four years, baseball sophomore and junior years, and cross country ... E-Club member in senior year ... o refreshing member of his church youth group ... an officer of the Edlno — St. Louis Pork Hi-C group in senior year. ROSARIO ARAMAYO A gracious Latin beauty from Bolivia ... attended Edina in her senior year on a work exchange program ... in her native country an oe-five participant in English Club and Country Club ... enjoyed many sports ... Home Ec. Club ... following graduation Rosie plans to attend a university in Argentina and become a missionary. KAREN MARIE ASLESEN "A"... vivacious personality ... senior girls' football team ... World Affairs Club sophomore year and Spanish Club two years ... elected vice-president of the Girls' Choir ... conscientious Ethics Committee member ... main interest — horseback riding and water skiing ... "I'm so excited!" THOMAS GERALD BACH Beak ... entered school at 8:15 overy morning — responsible for checking cors in the student parking lot ... "worked" two years os a hall monitor ... member of Green Knights — worked on tho dance committee for the Mardi Gras ... visual aids helper ... "I'll bid a quarter." SUSAN LEE BACHMEYER Loyal to Pep Club while it existed ... member of Spanish Club in her senior year, Lotin Club as a sophomore ... hall monitor for junior and senior years ... a momber of GAA — sporthead ... secretary for church, oid of St. Barnabas, EYC ... hopes for Antioch or Beloit. CYNTHIA DURRANT BARKER "Pert, pretty, and promising" ... two years of doncing on Hornettes ... Spanish Club os a sophomore ... cochairman of publicity committee for Homecoming in senior year ... Y-Teener for two years ... three-yeor dancer in Sophomore Talent Show ... queen candidate for Homocoming I960. PAUL MARCUS BARTH Owner of the magnificent roadster ... participated in football os a sophomore ... acting ability displayed in the Junior Class Play ... sergeant-at-arms for Green Knights ... outside activities included hunting and cars ... lover of parties, good times, and weekends. 15MARY ANN BARTLETT Bart ... a polite girl with enormous brown eyes ... has that certoln smile ... participated in the Spanish Club os a junior ... member of the Blizzard Ski Club ... college is among her future plans ... a certain boy occupies hor spare time ... "What's going on In Germany?" LEROY ALLEN BAYERS Limpy — an Invaluable membor of the cross-country and track teams, except when he was side-lined with a broken foot ... a four-letter winner In cross country ... creotor of on abominable snowman ... took German for two years — German Club ... member of E-Club throughout high school. TRACY LANCE BEMENT Everyone calls him Lance ... constantly looking for anything that promises to bo fun ... much of his spare time is spent on his main Interest — cars ... often seen cruising the streots in o block Hawk ... one of Mr. Reichow's loyal printshop boys ... friendly, fast, and fun. CONNIE JEANNE BENNETT Dovoted member of the policemen's fan club ... Connie was a copy writer for the Whigrean during her sophomore and junior years ... French Club. FTA ... her lovo for children is shown by future plans to teoch olomentary arts ... once you've met her, you can't forget her. MICHAEL MIDDLETON BENNETT A swinger in every sense of the word ... talks quietly, but whon he picks up his horn ... senior homeroom pres.; Spanish Club, Homecoming publicity co-chairman. Junior Class Play ... from Bach to bop — concert bond to fho Dixieland Ramblers ... hopes to major In music at Augsburg. ROBERT MARTIN BICKETT A Washburnite addition to Edina in his junior year ... octive on hockoy team as a sophomoro, and cross country os o senior ... band as a sophomore ... two years of German Club ... member of Hi-Y his senior year ... octive in church groups ... plons to attend medical school of U of M. ROBERT ANDREW LERAAS Participant In French Club ond momber of the World Afloirs Club during his senior year ... spent extra hours in church choir and Luther League ... hobbies included fish aquariums ond horsemanship ... plans to attend St. Olaf and then to go info International Sorvico. VICTORIA WINDSOR BIGGS Truly an asset to Edina transferred from Rosemont, Pennsylvania, in her senior year ... supported debate, Little Theatre, choir concert, and Pep Club of Pa. ... inspiration for Edina's first young life group ... cute as o Southern belle but with an Eastern accent. WILLIAM DAVID BING "Hi, Tobogg" ... participated in B-squad baseball for two years ... E-Club threo years ... widely known os a wandering hall monitor ... member of Haksters Green Knights ... Bill's interests were hunting, fishing and playing a hot set of drums ... a casual guy. DIANE LYNNE BJORKLUND Di ... a girl with many artistic talonts ... an active participant In Art Club, World Afloirs Club, and Spanish Club ... an ardont lover of hockoy and wrestling ... a very style-conscious girl with a never-ending supply of hairdos ... a truly exotic person. 16GERALDINE KAY BLAIR Gerrie moved from Illinois in the middle of her sophomore year ... a whiz on the golf course as displayed by her envied trophies ... active in Latin, Spanish, Art, and Home Economics Clubs ... honor roll student ... bouyant friendliness ... giver of many potlucks and parties. CAROLE JEAN BLANDIN Beauty, poise, and a quiet mannor ... Carole was a member of Spanish Club as a junior ... an active Y-Teens member for all three years in high school ... in tenth grade a participant in GAA ... after graduation, Carole plans a futuro in the business world. PHILIS NEDRA BLOOD Music — first, last, and always ... first chair oboist in the Concert Band, Phil has won numerous scholarships and awards ... soloed with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra os a sophomore ... an uninhibited sense of humor ... a brilliant future awaits this talented girl. PHOEBE ALBERTA BLOOD A quick contagious laugh thot added to every class member of Red Cross Council as a sophomore ... appeared in choir productions ... active in World Affairs Club ... officer in her church group ... her middle name should have been "Fun" ... the tcochers' ideal audience. MILTON WILLIAM BOELTER Bill — efficient committeeman for the Junior Class Play and Hi-Y Formal ... attended Youth and Government Leadership Conference as a junior ... three consecutive years in Utilis Hi-Y — president in senior year ... skiing and hunting comprised his main interests. MARLENE CLARE BOX Transferred to Edina in her junior year from Fort Dodge, Iowa ... a peppy addition to any group ... worked at Southdole's Sidewalk Cafe as a senior ... really handy with a thread and neeeflo ... plons for business school after graduation ... always ready with a joke. SHARON MARGARET BRAHY A paragon of perfection, though oftentimes gullible ... active in French Club. Y-Tcens, and Home Economics Club throughout high school ... a bewitching brunette whose hair is always in place ... commendable committee worker ... a rapid conversationalist ... "Who's that?" GRETCHEN BRANDOW Gretch makes everything "special" ... leader — junior class secretary, Student Council, Homecoming co-chairman ... student — NHS, French, Russian, World Affairs Clubs, and Science Seminar Practical — expert seomstress and divine cook ... fun — camp enthusiast ... Where doesn't she excel? JOHN HARVEY BREKKE Transferred to Edina from Breck School in his senior year ... a talented trumpet earned him a place in the concert band during his senior year ... an active participant in Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Wal-ther League ... on enthusiast for summer sports ... future plans at St. Olof. JEAN ANN BRIDGEMAN Summers spent baking in the sun or hiking in the woods at her family's beautiful cabin on the Gunflint Trail ... Latin Clubber and studious hall monitor ... gives a superficial appearance of shyness, until you know her ... "Oh, those slumber parties!" ... the nicest of people. 17First prize Homecoming float . . . SANDRA GREER BRIERLEY Chorming and lovely ... Senior Honor Roll, treasurer of NHS ... organized business manoger of Whigrean ... language Inforests — French and Latin Clubs ... committee co-chairman for Prom and Charity Dance ... twice-elected to Student Council ... possessor of o tiny waist. JOSEPH JON BRISBOIS "Bris" ... an athlete named desire ... a bundle of spirit and hustle on football and hockoy teams ... sophomore member of Red Cross Council ... Spanish Club as o junior ... audio-visual aid for three years ... Green Knights as a senior ... extrovert with a unique sense of humor. DAVID RICHARD BROOKS A Richfield transfer In senior year ... athletic ability — frock wrestling, and cross country ... Student Council delegoto at Richfield ... Hi-Y membership for three years ... hobby of cars resulted In the customizing of his own car ... future plans for attendance at U of M. JUDITH ANN BROWN A decided asset to the cheerleading squad for three years ... danced her way through three talent shows ... a gracious Homecoming ottendont ... two-year member of Y-Teons and Spanish Club ... o mysterious sparkle in her big brown eyes ... an odoroble Hi-Y Swootheort attendant ... "Oh, how vilol" RODNEY SPAULDING BROWN Participated in track and cross country for three years — captain of cross country team ... E-Club in his sophomore yeor ... NHS ond honor roll ... acted In Junior Class Play and Thespian Play ... veep f Russian Club ... Conservation and Science Clubs ... attended Zoology Institute ... casual. BONNIE JEAN BRUNER "Pretty os a picture with a frame to match" ... active in Lu-thor League and church choir ... Y-Teons chapter treasurer and vice president ... hor hobby of sketching has rosultcd in membership in the Art Club for the post two years ... a career ahead in fashion modeling. 18WILIIAM scon BRUNSKILL Brunsk ... his never-ending enthusiasm for sports prompted his great Interest in baseball, hockey, basketball, ond water skiing ... many extra hours given to the playing of Intramural Basketball ... a great future in store ... "You'd be tired loo. If you hod to get up every morning." JOHN COLGATE BUCKBEE An ardent water skier when his boat's afloat ... homeroom officer and Latin Clubber os a sophomore ... Hl-Y member in his junior year ... on interest in electronics, music and low-priced guitors ... always humorous ... "Censored" ... you have to know him to believe him. ELIZABETH WILSON BUELL A newcomer to Edina in the middle of her junior year. Betsy got right into the swing of things ... representative for Red Cross Council, Y-Tccns chapter president, hall monitor ... cheerleoding and declamation occupied her time In Ohio ... possessor of many riding ribbons. DIANNE MARY BURG Bugs ... sparkling eyes that twinkle her happy-go-lucky independence ... Hi-Y Swoetheart attendant ... membership In both Sponish and Homo Ec Clubs ... on energetic bubble that pops with excitement ... never dateless ... a habit of convenient forgetfulness ... a beautiful girl. ANN ARDEN BURKE A loyal member of FBLA in her senior year and of FHA in her junior year ... three-year participant in choir and concerts — operetta as a sophomore ... junior yeor member of Home Ec Club ... Bloomington Grango member — third place on essay contest for the Grange. MARY ELIZABETH BURTON A combination of thoughtfulness, sincerity, ond ability ... elected to NHS ... Senior Honor Roll ... time given to piano. World Affairs study group, declam, debate. French Club ... membership ehoirman of Y-Teens chapter ... co-chairman of the World Affoirs Club Red Cross Committee. . . . and our prize winning skit. 19IINDA JOYCE BUSS Busier ... a topper, fun-wise and acodcmk-wise ... a quick ond unfailing wit ... loyal camp-ite and tonnis fiend ... honors ond activities galor — Y-Teens, World Affairs ond Latin Clubs. Quill and Scroll. NHS, National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist, editor of best Whigrean yet. MARGUERITE JOSEPHINE BYRNES A radiant Irish smile ... main interests included FTA, French Club, ond Art Club ... services given to the Buzzette as art and pkture editor ... often seen behind the counter at hor Southdale jobs ... futuro plans include sociology ... "Every day is proctice day." CAROLYN MARY CARLSEN Boots ... a peppy member of Hornettes ... an active participant in Spanish Club and Home Ec Club ... hall monitor ... a real Troop-or ... Y-Teons chapter v.p. os a junior ... never without her knitting ... likes 'em tall, blond, and lasting ... the girl with the button-down nosel BARBARA KAROLYN CARLSON Fun-loving, a devilish personality — but always ready to help a friend ... Latin Club in tenth grade ... o good committee member ... All-school Y-Teens treasurer as a junior ... Wednesdays spent with the "Deedles" at Southdale Lanes ... "I'm going on a diot tomor-row!" DAN CARL CARLSON One of Edina's outstanding athletes ... football — lineman of the week and 1000-yard dub; basketball — tri-captain; baseball — alldistrict os a junior ... E-Club ... Green Knights treasurer ... Hl-Y chapter secretary ... "The football field isn't the only place you need a good line." DIANNE JACQUELINE CARLSON Carly can be soon almost anywhere at anytime having fun ... Red Cross Council, Y-Teens, Home Ec Club ... worked like a trooper on many committees ... an everlasting supply of vitality and goodwill ... adorable clothes and a flair for knitting — beautiful sweaters. MARY ANNE CARLSTROM Annie ... odorable eyes ond o matching personality ... diversified abilities and talents — third page editor on Buzzette staff, membership in Quill and Scroll, French Club, and Young Life ... participated in solect choir with her smooth, smooth tenor voice ... knack for organization. BOBB CARSON You name it, he'll knock If — the "Boob" is free with his talents as well os his opinions ... member of Latin Club, Student Council, honor roll ... Junior Class Play ... co-choirman of Homecoming ond Sophomore Reception ... host to on AFS student ... prolific art editor of Whigrean ... "Bad news!" KHOUT CHAO An AFS'er with a twinkle in his eye ... Khout bccamo on Edina favorite Immediately ... linguistic ability proved by membership in English Club and French Club in Loos ... World Affairs Club ... musically inclined — playing guitar and singing ... enthuslastkally entertained Edino students at various parties. ElAINE LOUISE CHRISTOPHER An unbeatable imagination for fun ... her acting ability was shown as Magdo in the Junior Closs Ploy ... interests included throe years of Y-Teens, Art Club, Spanish Club, and FTA ... plans to be on elementary teacher ... a delightful sense of humor ... a creator of tho unexpected. 20JUDY LEE CHRISTOPHERSON Transferred to Edina from Hermontown High School in her senior year ... participated in Future Homomakers of America during sophomore and junior years ... two-yoar momber of Pep Club ot other school ... Judy plans to attend Minneapolis Business School after graduation. NANCY ELIZABETH CLAYTON A loveable girl with a flirtatious manner ... soprono in choir ... In junior year was active In her Y-Toen's group and in the GAA Water Show ... water skiing enthusiast ... summer's spent as a swimming teacher in a private home ... future plans include nurse's training. JOHN EOWARD COLE "Sometimes I study, bluff, or guess, but most of the time I morcly rest" ... worked In printshop during his sophomore and junior years ... plans to attend a commercial art school ... enjoyed fishing trips, hunting trips, and oil kinds of auto racing, no motter what kind of woothor. CATHLEEN ANN CONNOLLY Fits easily into ony group ... member of Latin Club and Spanish Club for two years ... elected president of Luther League ... played regularly on the Spanish soccer loom ... found pleasure In skiing ... Y-Teens, Choir, ond Ski Club participant ... truly congenial. KATHLEEN FRANCES CONNOR Bright and bubbling appearonce with flaming red hair to match ... many medals earned from long practicing of synchronized swimming ... a hard-working Hornefte ... Y-Teens choptor offcor ... studied piano for ten years ... Spanish and World Affairs Club ... really o riot. MICHAEL FRANCIS COOPER Coop ... during his sophomore year ho gavo his spore time to the World Affairs Club ... an active member of Spanish Club during his senior year ... a loyal three-year member to Hl-Y — served as treasurer ... worked in Junior Achievement for two yoars — president of his company. STEPHANIE GAIL COOPER An officiont worker ... Red Cross Council climaxed by presidency In senior year ... French Club. Y-Teens, and Student Council for two yeors ... co-chairman of Prom ond Homocoming committoes ... overall co-chairman of Charity Drive ... a combination of friendliness ond kindness. CAROL JEAN COPPOCK An innocent look followed by a devilish manner ... a member of the mixed choir for two years ... Carol sang In the operetta os a junior ... active os a Spanish Club member ... publicity chairman for FTA during hor senior year ... Y-Teens member ... active in Mer-gatroits. STEPHEN PATRICK CRATZ Cratter's a real friendly guy ... played varsity football and baseball for throe years ... a member of E-Club. Hi-Y and Green Knights ... Stove enjoyed hunting and girls ... during the summer he usually held a carpentry job ... his future plans Include the U of M. LINDA JEAN CUMMISKEY Vivacious ond intellectually curious — co-chairman of Homecoming skit ... Science Seminar ... Latin Club ... excellent violinist — A-rating in state contest ... veep of church youth group ... World Affairs Club ... chaplain of sophomore Y-Tcons chaptor ... a refreshing individual. 21JAMES AIDEN DAHL His oquatic abilities w©re demonstrated while a member of the swimming loom ... interest in current affairs led him to membership In World Affairs Club ... electod by church youth group to visit the United Nations for one week ... German Club. VICKI MARIE DAHIBERG A friend of ©voryono ... alwoys seen talking to someone difforont ... three years In Y-Tee ns — valuable service chairman ... Spanish Club ... enjoys sports — possessor of many trophies in tennis ... State Doubles Badminton champion ... figure skates ... never misses an Edina sports event. DANIEL GUSTAVE DANIELSON "Why put off ‘til tomorrow what you can put off until the day after?" ... octive member in Franklin Chapter In the order of De Moloy throughout high school ... plans to ottend trade school ofter graduation ... interested in machines and metal work during high school. DANIEL PATRICK DAVIS Dan ... a sports-minded clown ... participant in "I" ball for three years and B-squad baseball ... leadership demonstrated as committee co-chairman of Sophomore Talent Show ... one of the Hoksters ... a comical warming house attendant ... a good Little League coach ... always laughing. SALLY ANN DAVIS Sal ... a personable member of FBLA ond a good committee member. particularly octive on Homecoming floats ... church takes up much of her time with Contact ond Rack ... for a busy girl, she still finds timo to bowl ond knit ... she hopes to attend the U of M. NANCY SUE DeCOURSEY A welcome addition to Edina this year from Woshburn ... friendliness — sho wos accepted immediately by the senior class ... active in choir and Y-Teens for three years. Pep Club, and Latin Club at Washburn ... possessor of dimples, a cheery smile, ond sparkling eyes. JULIANNE BILNEY DEGEN Deg ... summer fun every year at her Chasko cabin ... wotor-skiing is her forte ... membership in Y-Teen$, Latin ond Home Ec Clubs ... chairman of the ushering committeo for tho All-School Play ... on unforgettable open house ... a laugh all her own ... "Oops, pardon me!" CHARLES DOUGLAS DIBBLE A superb swimmer ... diverse interests ... athletics — vorsity swim team In his sophomore, junior and senior years ... music — band, Copt. Corcoran In the operetta in senior yoar ... counseling — Min-nepoint during the summer ... on easy-going guy ... plans for the future include UMD. JAMES CLAYTON DODGE Jim ... a fabulous donccr, a neot dresser, not to bo confused with the scho or ... Senior Honor Roll ... elected a member of Honor Society as a |unior ... participant in German, Latin, ond Hl-Y Clubs ... spent his summers on wotor skiis ... a mind bent toward law. PAULA ANN DONALD A person who enjoys life ... three-time homeroom officer ... French ond Latin Clubs ... skillful figuro skator — membor of Figure Skating Club of St. Paul. City of Lokes SFC. third place In Midwest Figure Skating Competition ... played golf ond piano ... constant wit. 22WILLIAM HENRY DREESSEN Drees ... onother athlete from Edina's Golden Era of sports ... varsity football and baseball ... three years of baskotball climaxed by selection os tri-captain ... In E-Club three years ... Hl-Y, Green Knights ... a casual smile ... "Always In the groove, but never in a rut." PATRICIA ANN DRISCOLL A joiner from the word "Go" ... participant in the World Affairs Club, Fronch Club, Art Club, and Ski Club ... an avid fan af both water skiing and snow skiing ... a never-ending supply of enthusiasm for new projecls ... future plans Include Marquette University. PATRICIA JOAN DUNN Pafti-Jo ... a quiet girl, but not shy ... transfer from Holy Angels in her junior year ... membership os a sophomore In Latin Club, Home Ec Club, and Musk Club ... well liked, easy to plooso ... joined Chess Club and World Affairs Club at Edina ... a subtle brand of humor. VIRGINIA WALTON DWYER A kind word to oil she meets ... two years in FBLA ... active in Pep Club ... member of Latin Club and World Affairs for two yeors ... hall monitor ... three years of GAA made her a sporthcod ... active in Art Club, Girl Scouts, synchronized swimming, and bowling leagues. GAIL DANAE EDWARDS Danoe ... possesses enchanting brown eyes ... Delta Iota Y-Teens Chapter ... member of choir and Spanish Club ... song In her church choir ... an avid member of the Ski Club ... great art ability — member of Art Club ... futuro plans include studying art at tho University of Mexico. LESLIE MARY ELLIOTT Sincere, curious ... wide Interests ... synchronized swimming ... piano, Saturday morning art lessons, and mixed choir ... accelerated math and Science Seminar NHS ... German Club ... philos- ophy recorded In her journal ... future math professor. DAVID CHARLES EWERT Loyal supporter of wrestling team for three years ... acting ability shown in Junior Class Play ond Thospion Plays ... Thespians ... choir — participated in operetta as a sophomore ... two years of Spanish Club ... throe loyal years in Hl-Y ... active In Science and Chess Clubs as a senior. CAROLYN JANE EWING Jane ... a twelfth grade momber of FBLA ... she added her beautiful soprano voice to the mixed choir ... participated in the Christmas Concort in her junior year ... hos been o loyal three-year member of Y-Tcens ... future plans are aimed toward Drako College. BEN ARATA EZAKI Friendly and casual ... another roving hall monitor ... attended Hi-Y Youth and Government Conference ... participant In German Club. Hi-Y, and track ... sophomore homoroom president ... hobbies — sports cars and water skiing ... interested In more than the dental school at the U of M. GEORGIA ANN FAIR George ... she cut off her exceptional pony tall In her junior yoar but it didn't dctracl from her charm ... participated in FBLA In her senior yoar .., always a good committee member ... her favorite pastimes oro sewing and "chatting" ... she hopes to become a beautician. 23JOYCE RUTH FAIKANGER The girl with the Infectious laugh ... musical talent — sho played clarinet In band and participated in all the bond concerts throughout her high school years ... member of Pi Omicron Y-Toen$ in her senior yeor ... future plans point to the University of Minnesota. SANDRA RAE FAUSCH Sondy ... fun loving, but still sincere ... her spare time included FBLA, two yoors of Germon Club, a member of Sigma Delta Y-Teons, and on octive member in her church youth group ... handy with a needle and thread ... a certain sparkle In her eyes ... a small bundle of energy. PAUL TIMOTHY FAUST "Freight" ... football co-captain and member of the All-Conforence ond W.C.C.O. All-State Teams as a senior ... two years of varsity hockey and bosoboll ... appropriately, president of E-Club; member of Germon Club and Greon Knights ... Homocoming king candidate ... Intelligent and shy ... "Whot did he do that for?" ANN LOUISE FENGER Sensible and intelligent ... Notional Merit Scholarship Semifinalist ... three years of Sponish In two yeors ... Scionce Sominar ... World Affairs Club ond study group a dependable concert band member ... Y-Toens chopter president ... possessed clear Insight Info many problems. TODD STEPHEN FERGUSON Forgy ... fast skating wing on the Green Knights hockey team ... connoisseur of a good timo ... Red Cross Council ... Haksters ... Hi-Y ... Spanish Club ... organizer of the swingin' skiing trips... con bo found canoeing in Canada during the summer ... future — hopes to attond tho U of M. CHARLES ALBERT FIEDLER Chuffy — "The thinkiest thinker that ever thunk" ... acting ability shown in Junior Class Play ... member of Rhon Hi-Y chapter his senior year ... active in church Hi-League and choir ... Junior Achievement ... loved sports cars — but then who doosn't? ... plans to enter the ministry. 24CHERYL ANN FIELD A sparkling "Cherrie" secretory of junior homeroom ... helpful holl monitor and office helper ... Spanish Club, Choir, Y-Toens attended absolutely all the sports ovonts ... the giver of memorable slumber parties ... a Mergatroit ... the finishing touch to any group. TIMOTHY JOSEPH FIETEK Three years devoted to learning the manipulations of the prlntshop press ... in Tim's sophomore year he pockaged popcorn and poured pop for the industrious juniors to sell during Friday night othletic events ... "Why study? The more we study, the more ignoronco wo discover." ROBERT THOMAS FINNEY Football ployer in his sophomore year ... served as president and treasurer of his homeroom for two consecutive years ... member of Concessions Club In his sophomoro year ... servod os Visual Aid In sophomoro and junior years ... Hi-Y in tenth grade ... U of Minnesota. VICTORIA ANN FISHER A vision of ooso and groce on a pair of ice skofes, ranking sixth In the nation ... member of the Minneapolis Figure Skating Club ... participated In Y-Tocns and Math Club ... co-chairman of the winning senior Homecoming float a pleosont combination of talent. BARBARA KAY FLICKINGER Flicka ... talented voice in music and speech — song In choir, Aqua-tennial Roving Unit, talent shows,- declam participant ... Cousin Hebe ... Red Cross Council, French Club, and Y-Teens ... Dayton's Teen Board representative ... two years os a cheerleader ... the gal with sparkle! JOHN WILLIAM FORNEY Giver of many memorable lake parties ... three-year participant In basketball, trock. and E-Club — two years on cross country team ... treasurer of sophomore class ... Student Council in his senior year ... veep of E-Club as a senior ... "You bet." 25NANCY JOAN FOUNTAIN A twinkle In her eye), a sparkle in her smile, a lightness in her laugh make Nancy a wonderful addition to Edina this year ... hopes to attend U of M after graduation ... never stopped talking about the fun and beoch partios in San Francisco ... a skiing enthusiast. GAYLE LOUISE FREEMAN "She has a kind word for everybody and everybody has a kind word for her" ... loyal three-year member of band ... three year in Latin Club, one year in Spanish and World Affairs Club, senior Y-Teener ... active through high school In P.F. ... hopes to attend Mocalosfer. RAYMOND CHARLES FRETZ A talented transfer in his sophomore year from Illinois ... played in band for two years — appeared in spring pop concerts and on tours ... library aid ... oppeared two years in Sophomore Tolent Show — the Vollonts won In junior year ... member of professional dance band. DAVID LEE FURE Qualified momber of tho stage crew for Junior Clou Play ... mo-chanical ability demonstrated In the prlntshop and wood shop ... elected Red Cross representative In sophomore year ... Art Club ... main interests — hunting and fishing ... University of Minnesota following graduation. ANN ELIZABETH GAGE Two years of loyal membership In Spanish Club ... office helper in junior and senior years ... Y-Teener for two years — chaplain In her senior year ... forevor talking about her wonderful summers of the lake — loved to skate and ski ... plans to attend Coe College. BETTY LYNN GAKLE Shining block hair, snappy eye ... octive in choir for two years — participant in the operetta os a senior ... glides through the water as easily as she glides through life ... member of Spanish Club ond Y-Teens ... a laugh all her own ... "I'm glad thot's overl" DIANE VIRGINIA GALLUP Her last name coincides with her favorite hobby, horseback riding ... valuable member of Spanish and Latin Clubs ... copoble president of Pi Omlcron Y-Teens ... co-chr. of Public Relations Committee for the World Affairs Club ... since wo have Di we don't need a Pep Club. JAMES ARTHUR GAMBLE "Las Vegas" ... a valuable member of Edina's band for three consecutive years ... on active participant of Latin Club during his sophomore year ... outside interest included bowling and golf ... following graduation Jim plans to attond tho Univorsity of Wyoming ... "Thanks gobs." CAROLE JEAN GARRISON Honey ... her nickname optly described her appearance — beautiful hair, beautiful oyes, accentuated by matching clothes ... one of the working crew at Southdale Shopping Center ... an undying sense of humor which explained her multitude of frionds ... never missed o party. JAMES FREDERIC GARRISON A pleasant addition to the choir in his sophomore year at Edino ... Jim moved to the Philippine Islands in hi |unlor year where he attended the University's high school ... at U High he acquired tho positions of homeroom vice-president and Student Council delegate. 26PATRICIA ANNE GARRISON "Hidden qualities are there to shlno through" ... a loyal three-yoar member of FBIA ... octivo In Spanish Club as a senior ... lent hor pretty voice to the choir and concerts for three years ... served as a hall monitor in her senior year ... plans to become a secretary. SUSAN MARY GENTRY Three years as on active mombor of Alpho Omega Y-Tecns ... Future Business Leaders of America participant for two years ... choir member os a senior ... Spanish Club ... special interests ore art and skiing — goes on all the ski trips ... ambitions of secretarial work. EDWARD WILLIAM GETSCH One of the printshop gang — throe years of this closs ... participation in Radio Club in his sophomoro ycor developed his Interest in electronics ... hopes to attend the U of M ... main interest was to got out of school ... "He burns the midnight oil, but usually gasoline." BARBARA LYNN GIERTSEN Gerty ... "Five foot two, eyes of blue" ... the efficient secretary of girls' choir ... an exuberant member of Y-Tcens and Home Economics Clubs ... a vivacious addition to the Hornettes ... president of Mergotroits ... outstanding skiing ability ... an unforgettable trip to Denver. GEORGE DANIEL GILCHRIST Danny ... varsity football for two years and three-year participation In trock eorned him membership in E-Club ... Junior Closs Ploy ... Hi-Y — veep of his chapter ... skiing club os a senior ... chosen for Team of the Wcok in football ... tremendous personality with a wonderful future. WILLIAM ARTHUR GILSTER Intelligence complemented by an outstanding personality ... activities included golf, Russian and Latin Clubs ... worked with the wrestling squad as manager ... leadership demonstrated as treasurer of his church youth group and secretary of his HI-Y chapter ... an avid fan of water skiing and hunting ... hardworking and well-liked. CAROL ANN GINDORFF "A smile as contogious as o yawn" ... two year participant in FBLA and one year In FTA ... sang In choir for two years and appeared in many concerts ... two-year member of Spanish Club and World Affairs Club ... a wonderful committee member ... active in church ... gome for a good timo. SHARON EILEEN GOEHNER Three-year participant In band ... octivo In Spanish Club as a senior ... member of Y-Teens In sophomore and junior years ... true to GAA oil through high school — secretary os a junior ... secretory of P.F. in church ... on avid tennis player ... truly a nice girl. RICHARD WINGATE GOULD Moose ... one of the curious reporters In tho Thespian Play in his senior year ... throe-year participation In band — playing on the sox ... a loyol Hi-Y member for two years earned him the presidency of Regis Chapter in his senior year ... many wonderful summers spent at Green Lake. GARY JOHN GRANDBOIS Known to his friends as "Granny" and "Kranberry" ... Gary was seen frequently on the honor roll ... hobbies included record collecting ond hi-fi ... chairman of the Contact Newsletter ... possessor of o Letter of Commendation from National Merit Scholarship ... a pleasing personality. 27ELIZABETH JENE GRANT Good things do come in small packages, Betty is proof ... a talented artist ... hopes to major in interior design ... membership and leadership in Art Club, French Club, FBIA. Y-Tccns, and co-captain of Horneftes ... her own vocabulary ... a petite pockage of enthusiasm and neatness. SUSAN JANE GREEN Active in Latin Club, French Club, and Y-Teens ... outside interests included church youth group ond troop 258 ... swimming in Edina Swim Club os a sophomore ... volunteer at Abbott Hospitol — this sets the background for a future career In nursing ... loyal to the U.S. Air Force. DORANCE DORMAN GREER Dor ... humor that will never be forgotten ... co-ehairmon of Charity Dance publicity committee ... Red Cross and Student Council participation ... Hakster co-leader ... Germon Club sergeant-at-arms ... Hi-Y ... co-owner of a smooth running Model A ... Green Knights joint manager ... "Yazel" DAVID DARRIN GRIDLEY Transferred to Edina from Florida during his sophomore year ... manager of footboll in his senior year ... manager of track for two consecutive years ... loyol three-year member to Latin Club — censor his senior year ... Hi-Y, Conservation Club, and president of church fellowship. JULIE ANNE GRUSS Cooperative office helper athletic — member of GAA for three consecutive years,- enjoyed swimming, ice skating, fishing, pheasant hunting ... membership in Art Club, FBLA, Spanish Club, Y-Teens ... participated in her church youth group ... "I was so embar-rassodl" GREGORY STEPHEN GUST Participated in Radio Club his senior year ... loyal to Art Club throughout high school ... active member of Junior Achievement in his junior year — treasurer of his company ... enjoyed painting and sculptor work ... plans to attend business school in the future. MARIANNE LOUISE GUST NHS member during her junior ond senior years ... always on honor roll ... active in FBLA and FTA during her senior year ... participated in Spanish Club in her junior year ... truly athletic — three-yeor member in GAA, publicity co-chairman ... Art Club and president of MYF group. RUSSELL ANTON HAGE Sports-minded — participated in l-ball for three yeors ... Green Knights ... hot rod enthusiast — member of Throttle Merchants Cor Club in which ho wos elected treasurer ... future plans include studying electrical engineering of the University of Minnesota ... "Get reduced." NANCY MARIE HALLBERG A girl with a way of captiviating friends ... Spanish Club, Latin Club, and GAA have been sparked by her membership ... ability demonstrated in running races for Latin Club ... outside activities — Girl Scouts and Pilgrim Fellowship ... boundless energy and enthusiasm. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH HALSETH Petite and bubbly ... an unmistakable laugh ... known to all her friends as Twink ... her own entertainment ... active member of Girls' Choir ... frequently escorted by a certain redheaded guy ... official hostess of o Southdale store ... tends to favor Washburn ... "Wonder why?" 28SUZANNE GAIl HAIVORSON "A smile and glow that spread like sunshine" ... senior honor roll ... NHS in junior and senior years ... o loyol reporter for Buzzette for two years ... secretary of FTA her junior year ... Spanish Club and World Affairs member ... a church exchange to Germany during her senior year. KITTY HAMILTON Active and attractive ... Red Cross Council three years ... student director of the Junior Class Play and Miss Freud in the All School Play ... NHS. Y-Teens. and French Club ... hobbies — swimming and horseback riding ... Homecoming attendant at Brock ... never without her shodes. JOHN HERBERT HANKINSON Hank — truly one of Edina's greatest athletes ... football co-coptoin and basketball tri-coptain ... W.C.C.O. and Mpls. Tribune All State, All American, Bock of the Year ond Most Voluable Player ... Homecoming king candidate ... there's a lot of devil beneath that calm exterior. JUDY LORRAINE HANSON An alto in choir during her senior year ... active member of Latin Club during her junior year ... vice-president of Hi-C ... member of GAA during her sophomore year .., active in youth group at church ... plans to attend Northwestern Bible College ofter graduation ... what's the Hillman count now? MARK EUGENE HANSON Summers, a reporter In the Girls In 509, Junquist, in The Night of January Sixteenth ... member of the deceased ski team ... allschool Hi-Y chaplain ... consul of the victorious Latin Club ... one of Mr. Jepson's Science Seminar boys ... a winner ... "I'm neatl" RICHARD WAY HANSON Friendly to everyone ... member of Green Knights in his junior ond senior years ... swimming team In his sophomore year ... wrote superb senior copy ... one of the printshop boys ... enjoyed hunting, skiing, and Lynn ... always reody to help and listen to someone's problems. WILLIAM NORTON HANSON A loyal Green Knight member during his senior year ... leader in YMCA group ... a fanaticism for hot rods look up much of his time ... lumber millwork ... future plans include University of Minnesota ... "He's an all around guy; in his spare time he goes to school." DWIGHT STEPHEN HARRIS Sfevo ... transferred from Aberdeen Central High School in South Dakota in the middle of his junior year, where he wos a membor of the Science Club ... Hi-Y ... Science Seminar ... hobby — horseback riding ... future plans at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology. SARAH ANN HAWTHORNE Truly superlative in leadership ond obility — Student Council secretary. Y-Teons chapter president, NHS momber. National Merit Scholarship Semifinolisf, Quill and Scroll momber ... Buzzette editor-in-chief — produced a newspaper of unprecedented quality ... firm convictions. ROBERT ARNOLD HEDE Participated in basketball his sophomore year ... acting ability shown in Junior Class Play ... worked on decorations committee for Hi-Y formal in December of his junior year ... three-ycor member of Dei Gratia Hi-Y ... active in Green Knights ... member of Art Club. 29"We're from Edina — any complaints?" ROBERT MILTON HEIDBRINK Two-year member of B-boseboll team ... participated In l-ball in his senior year ... enjoyed bowling in leogues ... loved to watch all sports ... hopes to go into business management at the University of Minnesota after graduation ... "Mon of few words are the best men." ROBERT JOHN HENDERSON Participated on our track team during his sophomoro yoor ... one of the printshop boys during his senior year ... active member of Rhon Hi-Y in his sophomore year ... enjoyed gymnastics In his spare time ... future plans in the armed forces ... "Who mentioned cars and girls?" JOHN GARY HENDRICKSON In his junior year he participated in declam ... active member of Spanish Club during his senior year ... mod interest In electronics and bowling ... an industrious member of Junior Achievement during his sophomoro yeor ... future plorvs include college and newscasting. JON ROBERT HERRICK Transfer from St. John's his senior year a football and tennis par- ticipant. baseball manager, tonor in choir, visual aid, and Rifle Club member while there ... Radio Club as o junior and senior ... enjoyed marksmanship and model railroading ... future plons — Air Force. GUNTER HILDENBRAND "He come to us o stranger, but will always be remembered os a friond" ... participated in basketball and tennis as a senior ... active member of French Club and Science Club ... en|Oyed playing the piano and tennis ... a wonderful exchange student from Germany. KAREN KATHRYN Hill Edina's gain, Albert Lea's loss in 1958 ... associated with a maroon Ford of unknown vintage ... efficient club leoder — president of both FTA and Delta Phi Y-Teens ... National Honor Society member. honor roll student ... it's so wonderful to confide in herl 30BONNIE GAY HILLIARD Bones ... industrious senior editor of the Whigrean ... "Scout"-ed with the Girls for ton years ... sophomore member of Job's Daughters and Latin Club ... on joyed bowling, swimming, and skiing ... Y-Tecns ... church youth group and choir ... continually twisting her hair ... "Bad news." DIANA JEAN HOFFMAN Truly artistic ... music occupied much of Di's time — choir in |unlor and senior years ... worked at a record shop ... played Chopin, Tschaikowsky on the piano ... writes poetry for fun ... love of dancing shown in Hornettes and her port in "Trial by Jury" ... definitely feminine. MARILYN LEOTA HOLDER A quiet but definitely feminine manner ... member of FBLA and Art Club as a senior ... a lively interest in Junior Achievement — on asset to her corporation as evidenced by her work as personnel manager and secretory ... plons to coordinate school with traveling ... "Oh, you're kidding!" JAMES ARTHUR HOLMBERG In his junior and senior years Jim administered his abilities of manipulating a press by working In the printshop ... ambitious sports enthusiast ... enjoyed hunting and working on cors . . future plons for studying engineering at Minnesota's Institute of Technology. TRYGVE OLAF HONAAS Trig ... a loyol band member for three years — was elected president as senior ... two-year membor of Latin Club and World Affairs Club ... received band letter award ... enjoyed coin collecting ... loves dairy farming and hopes to attend agriculture campus of the University of Minnesota. GRETTA SUE HORAN Transfer from Ml. Pleasant In Wilmington. Doloware, os a senior ... she's os musical os her name ... band librarian for three yeors ... an accomplished flutist in the concert band for three years ... participant in the operetta and choir for two years ... a sweet personality. "My, just look at those muscles!' 31ROBERT ALLEN HOVEY Porticipotcd in o variety of sports — track, golf, ond soccer ... talented German Club member ... in sophomore year, he attended Mannheim High School in Mannheim, Germany ... two years in Chess Club ... hobbies, ever collecting stamps and coins ... future attendance at a small college. PATRICIA JEAN HOY Patty ... a dorling girl with a charming smile ... was a Spanish Club member for two years ... in tenth grade she was an active participant of GAA ... Y-Teens in her senior year ... seen roaming the halls as a monitor for two years future plans at the U of Minnesota. DuWAYNE CHARLES HUBER Hube ... two years of varsity football, consequently E-Club membership ... in his senior year elected president of mixed choir ... in season can be found road hunting from a blue Chevy ... interested in the University of Minnesota for more than one reason ... pleasing disposition. RICHARD WAYNE HUFFMAN Huffy — three years a varsity footballer, all-conference his senior year ... won letters in hockey and track ... junior class treasurer ... Student Council representative for two years ... Latin Club member ... winning personality shown by his candidacy for Homecoming kina. THOMAS JOHN HUNT Co-builder of the notorious senior class car ... a two-year member of the prlntshop gang ... outside interests included customized cars, hunting, and canoe trips ... future plans center around the printing industry ... famed for his "impromptu" speeches ... "Party? Where?" SUSAN WARNER HUPP Suzy ... a member of Spanish Club in her senior year and active in Y-Teens all three years ... member of church choir in tenth and eleventh grades ... "Are you kidding?" ... her big brown eyes ond warm smile serve os her perfect greeting card ... plans for service through nursing. LYNDA JILL INGRAHAM "Full of fun, her smile is known by everyone" ... active on girls' tennis teom ond golf team during junior and senior years ... active on declam os a junior ond senior ... Pep Club momber ... participant in Spanish and World Affairs Club for two years ... GAA president. ANNE MARGARET IVERSON long, long eyelashes and a flattering blush ... intelligent — Notional Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll ... Y-Teens, Latin Club, Spanish Club, World Affairs Club ... love of languages points toward St. Olaf and a foreign service career ... a friend to be cherished. DAVID JAMES JACKSON Always willing to try something new ... one of the immortal Haksters ... Latin Club for two yoars — consul and praetor ... Dave can be found working on his '54 Ford ... carry-out boy in a local store ... two years spent in service for Visual Aids future plans include St. John's. JERRY DAVID JACOBSON Jake — an easy-going guy ... love of all sports — football in sophomore ycor ... homeroom president as a junior one of our Haksters in his senior year ... two years of Hi-Y — secretary of oil-school ... Green Knights in his senior year ... plans to attend U of M or St. Cloud State. 32GARY ROBERT JAHN Contributed to athletics os monogor of cross country, bosket ball, ond track teams os a sophomore; football ond bosketball team os junior and senior ... member of Lotin ond Russian Clubs ... coach "Vehe-mens" of the Latin football team ... ovid l-baller os a senior. JUDITH ANN JAMES Jeff — a girl with o rare sense of humor ... ability shown os chief archer for Latin club ... Sponish Club, World Affairs, Y-Teens, and GAA benefited from her membership ... publicity co-chairman of Sophomore Talent Show ... olways having fun ... the scenic route is the best route. BARBARA LEE JENSEN A pixie on horseback ... grand champion of the Western Saddle Club ... unfaltering devotion to Buzzctte and Red Cross Council ... membership in NHS, German and World Affairs Clubs kept her busy ... a lively and understanding friend ... "Straight from the horse's mouth." LARRY RAY JENSEN "Silonce is the one great art of conversation" ... visual aids throughout high school ... participation in Concessions Club as a junior ... Luther Lcogue ... member of Horsemen Club — Tri State ... hoped to enter on olectronics school after graduation ... interested in police work. LESLEY ANN JENSEN Member of choir as a senior ... active in Y-Teens os a senior ... two-yeor member of Home Ec Club ... Future Business Leaders of America in eleventh grade ... enjoyed painting and sketching os hobbies ... plans to ottend Minneapolis School of Art ... "But naturally!" CRAIG WINSTON JOHNSON Hunting, fishing, and riflery occupied most of Craig's time ... membership in the National Rifle Association ... activities included intramural basketball ond float-building ... headed for the University of Minnesota ... a sincere interest in studies and outdoor sports of all kinds. DEAN RANDAL JOHNSON Participant in varsity football his sophomore yeor ... member of German Club in tenth grade ... served as an office helper in his senior year ... a good committee worker ... active his sophomore year in Hi-Y ... worked on Civil Defense rescue squad ... willing to lend a hand. DENNIS JOHN JOHNSON "In or around" ... "On or before" ... participated in varsity football during his junior and senior years ... senior year in E-Club ... worked in printshop during his junior ond senior year .. . moin interest in high school was money and hunting ... spare time spent ot the gos station. KAROLYN HELEN JOHNSON Kare ... hair color thot changed overnight ... participated in FBIA, Red Cross Council, Choir, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Mergotroits, and Home Ec Club ... Sophomore Talent Show os a junior ... always ready for fun and a gomo of "Major" ... "Guess whot. kids?" KAYE ELIZABETH JOHNSON Kayzy ... an active club member — Latin Club, Sponish Club, Home Ec Club. Red Cross Council, Upsilon Sigma ... often seen knitting ... this veteron of mony ice skating shows made a lovely homecoming attendant at Brcck ... future plans ot U of M ... "Oh, is that right?" 33PETER JAMES JOHNSON Jim — versatility Is the word with him ... in sports he was ready to give his best in swimming, baseball, troek, and hunting ... earned a National Merit Scholarship lottor of Commendation ... active in Spanish Club, Latin Club, Concessions Club, Green Knights, and Hi-Y ... a canoe-tripper. SUSAN CAROLE JOHNSON Gub ... o petite miss who sparkles with mirth and merriment ... transferred from Oklahoma before her sophomore year ... active member of Spanish Club, Latin Club ... membership chairman of Delta Phi Y-Teens ... possessor of hair beautiful In its versatility. DIANNE ELAINE JOHNSTON A transfer from Minneapolis Henry in her junior year ... brought along her fashion ideas ... an active membor of Futuro Business Leaders of America for one year and a talented addition to the choir ... Y-Toens ond Homo Economics Club ... inclined toward open houses and good timos. DONALD EDMUND JONES Joneser transferred to Edina from Hopkins as a sophomore ... added spark to our basketball, track, ond cross country teams ... industrious Student Council and Hi-Y membor . . . junior class president . . . cosual and friendly in all respects .., forever sought by the opposite sex. KEN IRVING JONSON Come hero In '59 from Des Moines, Iowa, and quickly became a favorite of all . . . chosen as exchonge student to Hamburg, Germany . . . ... president of NH$ ... an honorable member of Latin Club and tho golf team ... Prom decorations committee co-chairman ... friendly to all he meets. CAROLE LYNN JORGENSEN Jorgsie ... a special interest in water skiing at Bay Lake ... many activities — FBLA, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Y-Toens, church Hl-League Group and Teen Club for Patricia Stevens ... future Includes Drake University In Iowa ... hall monitor ... always lots of fun ... "What'd I did?" KAREN DIANNE KELLER Transferred to Edina as a junior from Washburn ... secretary of junior homeroom ... three-year participation in concerts ... Y-Teener in her sophomore ond junior years ... Lufhor Leogue and church choir ... "She says little, but that's no sign sho isn't thinking." KATHLEEN JANICE KELLEY Kay ... followed the styles to the "T" ... beautiful brown hair and brown eyes ... Spanish Club member for two years ... Y-Tcons ond Home Ec. Club ... artistic ability has shown on publicity committees — Art Club ... never without gum ... Job's Daughters for two years . . . molodlous participant in Christmas choir concert . . . her hobby Is dancing. JUANITA MARIE KELLY Snooks ... A vivacious Richfiold transfer in the summer of '58 . . . member of Latin Club as a sonior . . . enthusiastic Y-Teener for two years . . . contributed her melodious voice to the Christmas choir con-cert ... laughter never to be forgotten. PATRICIA CAROLYN KENNEDY Pat's enthusiasm and love for new things hove made hor a groot asset to German Club, hor church youth group, and Y-Teens ... sho showed beautiful grace at both types of skiing .. . spent hor summers life guarding at a camp ... her future plans included Western Reserve In Cleveland.BEVERLY JOYCE KIRCHNER Sincorely swoot ... three years in Y-Teens resulted in the presidency of Upsilon Sigma chapter ... member of Latin and German Clubs — hard ploying membor of Gorman soccer team ... GAA ... FBLA ... President of Pilgrim Fellowship . .. "Ohl My wordl" JOHN ALBERT KLEIN A hockey, cross country, and basoball enthusiast ... E-Club as a senior .. . attended Hi-Y conference .. . leader of Haksters ... original humor ... member of Hi-Y and Latin Clubs — Pontifex Maximus ... helped emcee 1960 Homecoming skits ... main interest — Model A' ... "John Klein is neat." JANET CAROLYN KMIECIAK A transfer from Illinois in her senior year . . . very active in girls' sports of Highland pork — field hockey, baseball, basketball, swimming ... three-ycor homeroom officer and class officer os a sophomore and junior ... three-year member in choir and Art Club ... short and sweet. JAMES McBRIDE KNOPF Illustrious court clerk in the Junior Closs Play .. . kept busy by membership in French and Conservation Clubs ... hardworking co-chairman of Homecoming auditorium committee .. . secretary-treasurer of Hi-Y and church group summer interests included sailing and tennis. KATHERINE KAY KOLTES Kay ... on unmistakable laugh ... two years in choir and Spanish Club ... an attraction in the Sophomore Tolent Show ... hall monitor ... interested in Home Ec and Y-Teens ... hard worker on various dance committees ... highest salesman of choir candy ... ... "Mmmm — not too bad." RICHARD JOHNSON KOSTICK "Still waters run deep" — an apt description of Dick ... Minneapolis Control's contribution to Edina ... an active participant in the German Band, junior bowling leegue, DeMolay, Spanish Club .. . consistently on the honor roll ... elected to NHS as a junior ... a willing worker ... medicine at the U of M. SHARON CELESTE KRAEMER Intelligence ond interest in many things transfer to Edina from Omaha in her junior year ... three years on honor roll, Red Cross Council, choir, and Latin Club ... GAA os a senior, math club as a sophomore ... active in church .. . recoivcd Red Cross Training Scholarship. HELEN DIANE KREISER Sparkling green eyes ... active in Spanish Club and Y-Teens ... her lovely voice contributed to the choir for two years ... an avid horsewoman — seen at oil shows ... o Mcrgatroit ... artistic ability ... a certain lave for a certain baby blue Plymouth ... "Let's go hunting." MELANIE JOYCE KRIZAN Dubbed "Mel" ... a subtle sense of humor ... member of Spanish Club and FBLA as a senior .. . her hobby, which the wholo school enjoys, is hoir dying ... plays the organ ... "Don't complainl" .. . future plans — becoming an airline stewardess. DINAH LOUISE KUEHN Keeno .. . "Hey you guys, there's a Nacglc sign!" ... possesses a bubbling personality ... came to Edina from California in her sophomore year ... never misses a party ... honor roll student ... Y-Teens chapter treasurer ond vice-president ... sparkling choir member for two years ... "California, here I cornel" ... mischievous glances.JANE ELIZABETH KULIBERG Possessed modesty outweighing her oecomplishments — NHS member, Whigrcon assistant, Eto Thcto Y-Teens president, German Club mem-ber, hood of World Affairs committee .. . individuality demonstrated in humor ... cartooning ability ... os interested in people os people are in her. DIANA LOUISE LACE Dede ... beauty and brains with an outstanding record to prove It ... NHS, Student Council. Girls' Stato, Junior Class Play ... Homecoming Queen candidate, cheerleader, Spanish Club secretary . . . lettered in girls' football as a senior ... bridge fanatic .. . striking appeorance. FREDERICK WESTON LADE Sarcosm or humor — an expert in both . . . transferred from 8reck sports enthusiast ... oxcolled in basketball and baseball at Breck . . . E-Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, and Green Knights . . . unforgettable ski trip ... rated and doted girls ... knows whot Wisconsin has to offor. JEFFREY CHARLES LANE Two years of servico rendered os a visual aid . . . participated in the Radio Club during his senior year ... onjoyod working with radio control aircraft ... senior member in the Chess Club ... future plans to attend University of Minnesota and to mojor in engineering. RICHARD EDWARD LATCHAW A combination of scholarship and athletic ability — honor roll, NHS for two years ... Latin Club pro-consul ... received National Merit Scholarship Commendation ... Science Sominar member ... varsity football and three-year varsity wrestling and track ... dynamite comes In small packages. SUSAN LUCILLE LAUREL "Dimples" ... adventures in Annandole ... devoted committee worker ... president of FBLA as a senior ... faithful Hornette ond French Clubber ... scholastic ability proved by election to Nationol Honor Society ... water skiing, piono-playing, and singing ore among her hobbies ... sweet and innocent, but con be the perfect beatnik. "Yeh, we seo you Bllll" 36MAREN JANE LAWSON Enthusiastic support for sports ond other activities concert bond ... three-year Spanish Club member — treasurer in senior year — a fighting front-line soccer player ... active in Y-Teen$ chapter — vice-president as a junior, chaplain as senior . , . when anything unusual is being done, Maren's probably leading itl MICHAEL BOUTIN LeBARON Eddie ployed three years of varsity football — wrestling os a sophomore ... letters earned him membership in E-Club for two years ... member of French Club os o junior — Robespierre .. . statistician four years for baseball .. . 1-Boll ... "Whot are we down to now, Danny?" DWIGHT DOUGLAS LEE D.D. ... Hi-Y and Haksters took up his spare time ... loved hockey — a rugged Green Knight defenseman ... choir membor ... participated in the operetta ... enjoyed water skiing in the summer ... hopes to attend St. Cloud Stote offer graduation .., "Whot's the good word?" LYNN RAE LcGROS Lynnzi .. . sincerity best describes her ... "Anyone for bridge?" three years in Spanish Club, two in choir ... honored queen in Job's Daughters, and secretory of Mergatroits — a very busy life . .. a cute addition to the Hornettos "I'm going to the library. Mom." BARRIE ALAN LEWERS Yankee Southern belle . . . three yeors of swimming led to Stato butterfly championship ... on Whigreon staff and Red Cross Council os a junior ... held office in Latin Club and choir ... co-captain of Hornetfe group and co-chairman of sophomore float . . . flirty and feminine. KAREN ALONA LIENKE A combination of quick wit, snappy eyes and a sparkling personality . . . energy — participant in Y-Teens, Spanish, Latin, Home Ec. Clubs ... charm — hostess for the senior reception ability — co-choir- man of the Prom entertainment committee perfection — water bal- let is her forte. 37VERNON LESLIE LINDBERG A throo-ycor swimmer for our school . . . worked on Red Cross Council os o sophomore ... loyol fo Spanish Club in his junior and senior years ... often seen rooming the halls os a monitor ... plans to attond the University of Minnesota ... "Where's your white Ford bug?" RICHARD WAYNE LOFGREN Lof ... come to Edina his junior yoor from Ames, Iowa, and soon established himself as one of the best linemen on the football squad also participated in wrestling and track ... E-Club mombor ... his ability to make friends was shown by selection for I960 Homecoming king. JUDITH MARY LOOSE An enthusiastic participant in Future Business Leaders of Americo, Spanish Club, Y Teens. and Homo Economics Club ... treasurer of Mergatrolfs ... "What's wrong with "B" now?" ... beautiful blue eyes that add to tho sparklo in her laugh ... "You botfer believe !t|" NANCY LOUISE LORD Chubba ... Y-Teens — elected secretory twice ... language interests — Latin Club and Spanish Club ... worked diligently on numerous dance committees ... olccted Red Cross alternate in Sophomore year ... homoroom secretary ... placed first in bubble gum contest ... "Oh. Lordl" RICHARD FREDERICK LUNDGREN Friendly, hard-working . . . athletic Interests evidenced by managing football and basketball teams, participation in l-ball. and German Club soccer team ... academic interests shown by election fo NHS, Scienco Seminar, advanced biology group ... Gorman and Latin Clubs. MICHAEL JAMES LUSHINE Active participant In hockey and track for three years ... Latin Club os a sophomore, Germon Club and E-Club as a junior ond senior ... National Honor Socloty, Honor Roll for three yoars ... future plans include eithor Minnesota or Notre Damo ... original and friendly. JAMES STUART LYNDEN One of Edina's best ... the hard working president of Student Council ... Whigrean sports editor ... Homocoming king candidate ... NHS, E-Club, German Club, and Hi-Y ... ability on the guitar ... AFS'er to Norway ... perfection! BARBARA SUE MocKAY A sweeter girl you'd never meet ... omong her activities ore Art Club and Ski Club ... member of FBLA ond active in Junior Achievement for two yeors — sales managor of her company and excited delegate to the annual Junior Achievement Conference in Indiana. BRUCE MALAND MocPHAIl Worked on lighting crew for Junior Class Play — loyal servico to Visual Aids throughout his three years in high school ... enjoyod working with electronics, rodio ond auto mechanics ... spent hours in physics and metal shop work during school ... plans to attend colloge. STEPHEN DANIEL McCORMlCK Red — participated on wrostling team all through high school ... letters earned him membership in E-Club ... enjoyed camping trips. Fishing, and hunting ... plans to attend University of Minnesota ... a quick sense of humor ... "All work and no play is not the life for me."JAMES HENRY McEllECE A transfer student to Edino In his senior year from Alexandria. Virginia ... E-Club membership eorned by his ploy on Edina's football team ... scholastic ability shown by NHS ... Latin club member and secretary of Green Knights ... Jim's as easy-going as his Southern accent. CAROL AGNES McFADZEAN Joined the Hornet hive from Marshall in her junior year ... active In choir. Spanish, and World Affairs Clubs ... all school Y-Teens chaplain ... worked as o hall monitor, nurse's helper, ond co-choirmon of several committees ... youth group, choir, ond Sunday school teacher. KATHLEEN THERESE McKEON A love for fun combined with o soft heart ... a three-year member of Home Ec Club, publicity chairman in her junior year ... received the honor of attending a three-day Home Ec conference at the U of M in her junior year ... two years as a hall monitor ... o friend indeed. JAMES HUGH McMANIS Allas Professor Pusey of The Girls in 509 ... A likeable "brain" ... member of swimming team. German Club, Honor Roll, Science Seminar ... president of Math Club ... attended Seience-for-youth Institute and freshman chemistry course of St. Olaf ... a "budding Belk." ALAN WESTLY McPEAK A hard working musician — concert and marching bands . . . Latin Club in sophomore ond junior years ... services rendered to Visual Aids for two successive years ... Math Club ond Science Clubs occupied much of Al's time . . . hobby of coin collecting . . . future — Iowa State. ROBERT WAIL McPHERSON "Some men would hove every day o holiday" ... active in Thespians during his sophomore year ... Sophomore Talent Show committee member ... two-year Utilis Hi-Y member ... Green Knighter In his senior year ... "Your genorosity is over-whelmingl" DOROTHY JEAN McVEETY A true musician — three years in band led to "A" ratings in the state ensembet contest . . . song in Talent Shows and church choir . . . Red Cross and Student Councils .. . co-chairman of the Prom .. . representative to Power's Teen Board ... closs secretary ... o vibrant personality. MARK WALLACE MAHOWALD Grouch — president of Latin and Russian Clubs in senior year ... active in swimming and Hi-Y ... Junior Closs Ploy ... a real scholar as shown by continual oppearance on the honor roll and a National Merit Letter of Commendation ... Homecoming parade committee chairman ... cynlcol wit. LAWRENCE ALAN MANCHESTER Manch — a transfer from Dekalb his junior year ... three-yeor wrestler, two-year trockster, one-year golfer ... acting obllity shown in Junior Class Ploy and Thespian Play ... president of sophomore closs ... two years on Student Council ... Latin Club ... Edina's collegiate thinker. CYNTHIA EVE MARKLE Alternate on Red Cross Council os a sophomore ... hall monitor In junior year ... Y-Teener In her sophomore year — publicity chairman ... two-year member of Art Club ... plans to offend Minneapolis School of Art ... unusual job held working in on agricultural concession stand.HERBERT ANDREW MARRA "Herbie" ... o three-season sportsman — football, basketball, and track for two yeors ... membership in E-Club ... program and invitations co-chairman for Junior-Senior Prom ... interested In field of electronics ... Black Goliath ... quiet — but not shy. JAMES GERARD MARSHALL "He floats along on an even keel" ... three years on track and wrestling — co-captain of wrestling as a senior ... two years in printshop as a pressman ... much interest in watching and participating in sports .. . Marsh has got that cosual look which makes a girl do o doublo take. HARRY STRATTON MARTIN Bespectocled senior class president ... vice-president of Nationol Honor Society ... bestirring officer of French and Latin Clubs ... recipient of the Harvard Book Award ... bespangled "Music Man" ... member of Minnesota All-Slate Band ... played a wicked game of soccer. MARGARET ELIZABETH MATTHEWS Participated in Latin Club os o sophomore and junior, German Club as a junior ond senior ... active in World Affairs Club in her senior year ... three-year Y-Teoner — chaplain in tenth grade ... MYF — district publicity chairman os a senior ... plans to attend college after graduation. MERRILYN ANN MAURER Energetic "Mops" can be seen just about everywhere at the some time ... Student Council for two years, co-chairman of the Student-Teacher Committee ... Lotin Club, Y-Teens, ond Hornettes ... many summers spent at Sherwood Forest Comp — troop 258 ... surely a winner. JAMES MARTIN MAYBACH "It's nice to be natural when one's noturolly nice" ... three-year supporter of our wrestling teom ... Latin Club as a sophomore, Russian Club os a junior and senior ... active In Radio Club, Conservation Club, and Science Club . . . hall monitor two years . . . loved to hunt. RICHARD ANTHONY MAYO "Ton" — member of E-Club through letters in cross country ond trock .,. president of Del Gratia Hi-Y ... Edina's greotest individualist — "Pozzatti" ... Interest in painting ond sculpturing — Art Club ... Indian soloist in "Peter Pan" ... hopes to attend tho U of M ... quite a dancer. MARY ANNE MELAND Annie ... short but full of roscality ... where Annie goes there is bound to be fun ... a homeroom officer in her senior year ... an active Y-Teen member ... participated in Home Ec, Spanish, ond Latin Clubs ... frequent visits to St. Thomos College keep' Annie's life eventful. LIBBY ANN MENELY Served as hall monitor and counselor’s page in senior year . . . octlve participation in Y-Teens In sophomore ond junior yeors ... treasurer of Home Ec Club In her sophomore year ... her job of Southdale occupied most of her tlmo . . . plans to be a merchandise manager. CHARLOTTE ANN MERFELD "Chor" ... lovely dark brown hair and block eyes add to her charms ... a member of FBLA ond a soprano in the choir during her junior and senior years ... enjoys sewing, bowling, and knitting ... holds the unique job of selling men's unr1 »rclothes in a department store.JOHN REINBALD MEYER Excellence In music ... played trombone in marching band ... talented on piano and organ ... gave willingly of time for work on vorious committees ... Latin Club os sophomore ... active member of German Club for two years . . . scientific interest shown In Conservation Club. KATHLEEN KAY MICHEL A transfer from North High In Omaho, Nebraska ... interested member of Future Teachers of America ... peppy cheerleader and Pep Club participant, os well as an efficient library helper at North ... Y-Teens ... horses were her moin hobby ... the epitome of femininity. WAYNE RUSSELL MILLER A boy whose reliability, interests, and intelligence are reflected in his octivitios ... elected to National Honor Society as a junior ... two years of Science Seminar ... sports editor for the Buzzette ... World Affairs officer and study group member ... a future in chemical engineering. DIANE GENE MILLS The possessor of exotic eyes ... an eager and industrious worker in Art Club and Y-Teens os a sophomore, and FBLA as a junior ... a talented singor and a proficient guitarist a secretarial job In the future ... a drive-in fan . . . "For Pete's sake!" . . . "If talking is an art, she's on artist." MARY LOU MINDE A transfer to Edina In her junior yeor ... three-year Y-Tcener — doss representative in her sophomore yeor ... GAA during hor junior and senior years — sporfhead os a senior ... loyal to EYC ... future plans ot St Olof ... on enthusiasm for water skiing and reading. JOHN ALLAN MITCHELL Participated in swimming os a sophomoro ... over-all co-chairman of Senior Reception ... co-chairman of closs Homecoming float in junior ond sonlor years ... sang in choir his senior year ... senior member of Hi-Y ... served os veep ond treasurer of Art Club ... contact .. . loved to paint. SUSAN JANE MITCHELL Brown-eyed Susan . . . possesses beautiful clothes accentuating a tiny waist ... Sue participated In Y-Teens, World Affairs Club, and sang in high school and church choirs ... served os a hall monitor for two years ... plans for Arizona or U of M quiet determination. SUSAN JOYCE MOORE Quiet thoughtfulness ... refreshment co-chairman for the Senior Reception ... her swimming ability was reworded by honors In two state synchronized competitions . . . NHS . . . winter found Sue skiing — she was elected vice-president of Ski Club . . . sparkling eyes and o friendly smilo. THOMAS ALLYN MOORE Old Jim in the Thespian play his senior year ... a true Roman in the Latin Club his sophomore and junior years ... senior member of World Affairs Club ... contributed to the school os a hall monitor ... member of Utllls Hl-Y ... Green Knights In twelfth grade. JUDY ROSEMARY MORTENSON Mort ... o spontaneous smile for all,combined with her peppy personality spell "fun"— and she is ... demonstrated her musical ability by three years In bond ... a graceful and proficient water-skier . . . on octlve participant in Y-Teens ... office helper ... many, many boys.JOHN CHARLES MORGAN Transferred to Edina from Virginia in his senior year ...l-ball as a junior active member in French Club as a sophomore and junior ... Hi-Y member ... Chess and Science Clubs ... member of the Junior Academy of Sciences ... won many "firsts" in science fairs. JANET ELIZABETH MOSS A transfer from Cincinnati as a junior, Jan is a valuable oddition to Edina .. . time and mileage consumed by work os Buzzette ad manager headed Homecoming contest-elections committee ... Latin Club ond Y-Teens ... acted in Junior Class Play ... a tremendous capacity for having fun. LAWRENCE CHARLES NACHBAR Nuts ... a wolcome transfer to Edina in his junior year from Central High School in Crookston. Minnesota ... as a sophomore Larry participated in both track and cross country at Central ... his main interest of diving influenced his undertaking skindiving for a favorite hobby. MARY OKEN NASLUND Nas ... spirited laughter ... loaned her services to many Homecoming committees ... two year participant in choir and operetta ... homeroom officer as sophomore and senior ... loyal member of Spanish Club ond Y-Tcens ... "Anyone for bridge?" GORDON LEONARD NELSON A welcome addition to Edina from Morshfiold High School in Wisconsin ... participated in Tri Alpha Hi-Y chapter during his senior year ... active member of Science Club his senior year ... honored as an Eagle Scout .. . plans to ottend Rice Institute or U of Minnesota. JOHN WILLIAM NELSON "J" ... Buzzette columnist ond band member in junior ond senior years . . . conscientious hall monitor ... a Green Knights dance chairman ... Regis Hi-Y for three years led to the election of vice-president as senior ... memorable summer spent in Wisconsin ploying with a jazz trio . . . unusual joy — working at a pet store. 42KATHLEEN JUNE NELSON A bubbling personality with a vory sweet smile .. . secretary of both FHA and Homo Economics Club ... representative to Red Cross Council .. . flirtatious . . . sews beautiful clothes . . many hours spent knitting a white sweater ... seems to be jinxed when riding in a car. RICHARD THOMAS NELSON His blond crowcut and friendly smile were ofton socn sparkling in our halls ... on enthusiasm for ort was apparent In his membership to Art Club during his senior year ... his interest in broadcasting has developed his desiro to attend Browns Institute. SARA LEE NELSON Our own "Sara Belle" ... Ski Club, FBLA, World Affairs, and French Club keep her a very busy girl on active member of Pi Omlcron Y-Teens and church youth group throughout high school ... sho enjoys knitting and dancing ... rarely missed the honor roll ... future plans at U of M. VICTOR ALLEN NELSON Three years of loyal participation in band ... member of Art Club and Science Club in his senior year active in Math Club through- out high school ... active in Hi-League, Harriet Yacht Club, and Inland Loko Yachting Association ... many trophies oarnod in sailing competition. GAYE ELAINE NICHOLS Serene femininity ... state competition synchronized swimming medals ... a loyal participant in Latin Club and Y-Teens ... on artist at the piano, oxomplifted by honors in the Ten Piano Contest ... worked long hours toward "258's"trip to the Caribbean . . . thoso dreamy eyes! MARY JEAN NICOLLS Jeannie ... a sincere manner with a quiet, feminine attitude . . . active participation In Y-Teens, choir, and Sponish Club ... seen in tho offico os a pago ... you can often find Jeannie out skiing ... future plans include a nursing career ... unforgettable "Party Doll." I can do anything better than yowl’ 43JAMES STANTON NIESS A latent sense of humor ... member of Latin and Gorman Clubs .. . a flashy ond mobile soccer player for the German Club . .. interested in engineering ... bus boy at the Edina Country Club ... plans to drivo to the UMD in his “beautiful" 1950 Ford convertible and resume his poker triumphs. JAMES ARTHUR NISKALA Member of Student Council during his sophomore year ... service rendered for two years as a visual aid ... future plans for the University of Minnesota ... enjoyed drafting most of all his subjects .. . "Men who hurry from dawn to sunset do not live long." WILLIAM HAROLD NORAN Senior Honor Roll, National Honor Society, ond Science Seminar were more than enough to back up his plans for medical school ... a future Joe College ct the U of M ... constant winner of the golf links ... goes for girls and open houses . . . collected convertibles. THOMAS EMIL NORDBY Music in the air — three-year band member — speciality of playing ond singing in the Pop Concerts ... co-chairman of Thespian Play, Homecoming and World Affairs committees .. . ethics committee . . . active in church youth group and choir ... service with a smile! NANCY ELLEN NORDELL A pert baton twirler at fall football games ... on outstanding member of the concert band clarinet section ... refreshment co-chairman for Senior Reception ... loyol member of her church youth group .. . spent many hours as o nurse's aid at Methodist Hospital ... always dependable. RUTH LYDIA NORDELL Displayed leadership os vice-president of the band and Homecoming Dance co-chairman ... active in church work — vice-president of youth group ond of church girls' club ... an outstanding musician .. . first choir horn in concert band for three years ... reliable, responsible. BARRY LOUIS OFSTEDAHL One of the Albert Lea gang ... an active participant in World Affairs and Russian Clubs ... the capable coronation committee co-chairman and Auctor Hi-Y vice-president ... a senior honor roll student .. . starts from the word "Go" and really moves . . . intelligent and ambitious. MARY JO OLMSTEAD She was a welcome addition to our school from Milwaukee in her sophomoro year ... her activities and contributions included Future Business Leaders of Americo, church choir, office help, Y-Tcens, ond GAA ... a kind word for everyone wherever she may travel. SANDRA LYNNE OLSEN Personality plus ... faithful Latin Clubber for two years ... participated in Spanish Club, Ski Club, Edina Drama Club, and Y-Tecns ... a long-held job has holped her to finance a hoped- for trip to Europo o contagious lough and a sunny smile hove won her many friends. DOUGLAS BURTON OLSON One of the printshop gang during his senior year ... service rendered to our school for three years os a visual aid ... an active member of the Untouchables Car Club ... participated in St. Peters Lutheran Wolther League ... plans to attend night ond trado school. 44GRETCHEN LIUIS OLSON A lody and o scholar ... dobato is her most time-consuming activity ... NHS member ... veep of World Affairs Club ... capable library holper and octive participant in German and Latin Clubs ... honored In her senior year by selection as a speaker for the Hennepin County TB Association. KAREN ANN OLSON Lovoly exception to the rule of the quick-tempered redhead .. . calm ond poised, with a select sense of humor ... welcome transfer from Washburn, where she was active in the Pep Club ... modeling occupied most of her time ... success in this field awaits her In the future. RUTH ELANOR OLSTAD Willing to help when help is ncodod ... worker on properties committee for Junior Closs Ploy . . . two-year member of choir and Spanish Club .. . head hall monitor in senior year ... Y-Teener and bridgo fanatic ... active in Job's Daughters throughout high school ... "Really?" ANITA LOUISE OSTENDORF Vivacious drum majoretto member of the concert band for five years ... participant in Phi Epsilon Y-Teens on industrious committee member — parade committee co-chairman for Homocoming ... a sparkling personality ... singer of "I've Got tho Sun In the Morning ond the Moon at Night." WARREN FRANCIS OSTLUND Louie ... friond to overyone — never stops talking ... three-year supporter of golf team ... active membor in Spanish Club as a senior ... junior and senior years spent in Hi-Y . .. loved to tinker around in cars ... hoped to attend University of Minnesota after graduation. BONNIE JOYCE OH A lovely lady who never says on unkind word ... hor scholastic achievements ore evidenced by membership In NHS and honor roll for two straight years ... other activities included FTA, French Club, Y-Teens, ond church choir ... sho will be welcome wherever she may go. GAIL ANN OTTERNESS Honor roll momber ... member of FBLA in her sophomore year .. . worked on properties committee for Thespian Play . . . octivo in Spanish Club for two years ... program chairman of Y-Teons her junior year ... president of Scout Troop and church group ... so very nice. THOMAS NORRIS PACKARD Active In HI-Y throughout high school — treasurer In his senior year ... band during eleventh and twelfth grades ... never without o smile at his hall monitor post ... loyal Green Knight ... ski trips — he never missed ... a golf ond water skiing fan ... future hopes include the U of M. JANE ALISON PARKER Pert and peppy . . . two years os a Hornette . . . B-squad cheerleader ... served on Student Council ... industrious committee worker ... Y-Teens and Spanish Club added to Jano's busy life .. . a special Interest In sailing and camping ... truly a sunshlney, out-of-doors girl ... "Oh, despairl" MORGAN RANDOLPH PASCOE Morg ... the cutest snoer in the senior doss ... a member of Spanish Club In his senior year ... Morg is a twongy guitar ployer for the Diobloes ... his spare time was taken up by the Ricochet Car Club ... Green Knights in his senior year ... "Yeah, I guess so."BARBARA MERRILL PEARSON Talent plus beauty ... os a senior she participated in FBLA and Mergatroits ... three-year member of Y-Teen$ ... music, music, music -she sang well os shown by her participation in choir, and she offered her talents at the piano many a time ... and who is George Shearing? RICHARD NELS PEARSON Pierce — participant in hockey during his junior year . .. one of the printshop gang for the lost two years ... a loyal member of Auctor Hi-Y chapter during his junior year ... one of the hilorious beauties on the senior car ... an enthusiast for hunting and bowling. THEODORE CHARLES PEDERSON Often seen cutting up the ice at Green Knight hockey games ... a memorable trip on New Year's Eve ... "What happens in reverse gear, Ted?" .. . dancing lessons in Florida (?) ... "Blue Baby" ... an unforgettable Prom in his junior year .. . loves hunting, parties, and girls. BRUCE EUGENE PENNEWELL Varied interests — water skiing, ping pong, and skating ... Bruce's main hobby was model railroading ... one of Edina's Teen Toppers in the Minneapolis Star ... church school teacher and member of Luther League ... future includes business courses ot Homline University. GARY LAWRENCE PENNEWELL Three-yeor participant in basketball and baseball ... avid ping-pong player .. . junior member of E-Club .. . worked on Homecoming committees for two years .. . active member of Moth Club in his sophomore year ... participated in many church activities — a huge collection of records. PAULA LILLIAN PERSEN Our vibrant all-school Y-Teens pres. ... versatile ... Buzzette's page 1 editor ... alternate to Girls' State ... elected to Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. Thespians os a junior ... Senior Honor Roll ... member of French, Latin, World Affairs Clubs ... a personality thot predicts success. BARBARA JO ANN PERSO Calm, generous, and completely feminine ... os a senior she lent her abilities to Art Club, Home Ec Club, and FBLA ... French Club for two years ... o sympathetic nurse's aid ... on alert hall monitor ... talent in art displayed on various committees ... aftof graduation, the U of M. CRAIG STANLEY PETERSON "Mag" ... treasurer of the auto club to which he belonged — The Royal Chariots Car Club ... thoroughly enjoyed participation in intramural basketball in his junior year ... owner of an enviable customized car ... many hours spent attending the youth program of his church ... "Whoeee." JAMES MILTON PETERSON Pete ... athletic ability demonstrated on the track team and wrestling squad .. . hall monitor two years Hi-Y ... elected presi- dent of his Luther League two years in a row ... main interests — skin diving and hunting . . . prospective plans of studying sociology or psychology. SANDRA JEAN PETERSON Sandi ... a delightful transfer from Washburn in December of her junior year ... as a senior, Sandi was a member of FBLA ... served as a Red Cross Council alternate all three years of high school ... added her enthusiasm and soprano voico to the girls' choir.GEORGE EDWARD PFAFF Active participation on the track team, wrestling team, and cross country team in his junior ond senior years ... participated in E-Club during his senior year .. . enjoyed hunting and fishing ... he did the hardest work of his whole doy bofore breakfast — getting up. JUDITH ANN PIERRE A transfer from White Bear Lake in her senior year ... an easy-going manner ... makes friends ... member of FHA her sophomore and junior years .. . two year member of Drama Club ... member of Pep Club in sophomore year ... participated in French Club ... active in Contact for church. KATHARINE MAE PILNEY Penny ... a certain sweetness and vitality to be long remembered ... member of choir for two years ... a perfect Teen Board member for Donaldson's ... her poise os a model made her look all tho more stately when she was crowned Edina's Homecoming Queen of 1960 ... "Hoy. Pillsey." JILL MARIE POLGLASE Affectionately called "Polgy" ... a transfer from Grand Haven, Michigan, in her senior year ... a loyal member of band, Y-Teens, and Spanish Club — hobbies ore wator skiing ond horseback riding ... "Where's Michigan?" ... futuro plans for attendance at Western Michigan U. PAMELA JANE POLGLASE "Pam" ... a transfer from Grand Haven, Michigan, in her senior year ... a member of Pi Omicron Y-Teens and FBLA as a senior, and of band os a sophomoro and junior .. . active in dromotics for three years ... assistant subscription manager of school annual in Grand Hoven. MARNELA LAURA PORTER Mama ... gave more than her share of service to the school — secretary and vice-president of FBLA, Red Cross Council, student secretary ... three years in choir and the operetta — choir secretary os a senior — the perfect Hi-Y Sweetheart ... Oh, those flirtatious oyesl ROBERTA NANCY PORTINGA Bobbi was an active participant in FBLA during her last two years in school ... member of German Club in her sophomore year ... secretory and treasurer of Hi-C during her senior yeor . . . church youth group member ... service rendered at Southdolo ot her waitress job. THOMAS WILLIAM POTTS Knows what it means to be a friend ... a preference for staying free ond easy — woter-skier extraordinaire, oven on his bore feet ... membership on golf ond swimming teams, Hi-Y, Green Knights, Spanish Club ... watch for an old gold Plymouth heading for Duluth Branch. ROBERT PROE8STLE An easy going guy with a shy manner on invaluable member of l-ball ond baseball in his junior and senior years ... supported the science fiction industry ... interest divided between his "green bomb" and the "underclassmen" ... friendly .. . Ahh, those eyesl JANICE CAROLYN RACHIE Truly a marvelous girll ... a Woshburnife who come to Edina in junior year ... a debator in senior year ... Student Council os a sophomore — Germon Club ... active in church — an exchange student to Germany ... veep and president of Y-Teens Chapters .. . Choir — Josephine in operetta. WILLIAM BRAYTON RAWITZER Row ... "The life of hi claw and the death of hi teacher " ... a gridder on the football team throughout high school, sophomoro participant in hockey and track ... two year member of Rhon Hi-Y ... member of Green Knights his junior year, president as a senior. JOYCE ANN RAYMOND Member of Y-Teens three consecutive years ... Spanish Club, Future Teochers of Americo, ond Home Ec Club in her senior year ... or-tistk ability — elected secretory of the Art Club ... Job's Daughters .. . conscientious hall monitor ... frequented the Western United States. BYRON VICTOR RECKE Ploying varsity football In his junior ond senior yeors earned Byron membership In E-Club because of his great interest in cars. By worked part-time at a local service station future plans included a business of his own ... always looking for a good time. VIRGINIA LEE REINERTSEN Loyal member of FBLA, FHA. choir, Spanish Club, Mergatroits, and Y-Teens ... peppy B-squad cheerleader ... on efficient office page ... one of Benilde's biggest fons ... combination of good look and friendliness ... future plans include University of Minnesota ... "I is for Fitz." LEE ALLEN REINHARDT Loyal to the printshop boys throughout hi three years In high school ... octive participant in Green Knights during hi senior year ... little Pudgie made a beautiful Homecoming Queen on the Senior Car during the float parade ... quick wit mokes him on addition everywhere. THOMAS STEVEN REISHUS Look for a carrot-top heod ... one of the few to get a Notional Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation ... an active participant In German Club as a sophomore and junior ond in World Affairs Club os a junior and senior ... member of the esteemed Green Knights ... sports-minded. Seniors dress up. 48But Whigreon always abides by rho ruleil DENNIS MICHAEL RENK Numerous jobs hold during his high school caroor — a skillful scooter mechanic and a construction worker during the summer ... avid enthusiast of spectator sports ... often seen riding various motorcycles — extremely interested in radio and electronics .. . owner of a '55 Dodge. JUDITH MARIE RESCH Practical ability and super»or intelligence ... "all-school typist" .. . competence evidenced by her offices — president of Zeta Chi Y-Teons, secretary of NHS, Whigreon copy editor, co-chairman for Sophomoro Talent Show, Prom, Homecoming, ond Thespian ploy committees ... everyone's friend. MARY ANN RETHERFORD An active tronsfer from Woshburn In tenth grade ... member of FTA and Spanish Club her senior year, loyal throe-year momber of GAA, MYF, and Girl Scouts ... nurse's helper her senior year ... church choir for two years ... future hopes ot Hamline or Rockford, Illinois. STEVEN STONE REYNOLDS "In love, somohow, a man's heart is always either exceeding the spoed limit or getting parkod in the wrong place" ... an active momber of Green Knights his sonior year ... interested In building and designing cars ... on enthusiast for boats ... moln Interest was architecture. MARK MacMILLAN RICHARDSON Whltey — known for many a well-placed remark all-school Hi-Y president ... band member for two years ... participated in Junior Class Play ... loved hockey and baseball ... counselor ot Camp Many Point ... faithful Green Knighter ... frequenter of mony a wild poker game. SANDRA JEAN RIEGEL Always a smile ... transferred to Edina from Alpena, Michigan, in her junior yoar .. . found time for Y-Teens, Art Club, World Affairs Club, and Choir ... member of church youth group ... programs and publicity chairman for Christmas Choir Concort ... friendly and unpredictable. 49I • THOMAS REEVES RILEY "Book" ... one of tho boys ... o participant of Greon Knights In his senior year ... made use of his knowledge and Interest In cars in the Ricochet Car Club ... belonged to Mr. Reichow's printshop gang for two years ... plans to attend tho U of M ... a quiet lough. DOUGLAS PAUL RIPLEY Rip — active participation in Spanish Club during his junior ond senior years ... loyal membership to the Red Cross Council for the lost two years — chest committee chairman ... a summer sports enthusiast — enjoyed boating and water skiing ... future plans for forestry. RICHARD ALLAN ROCKLIN "The joker of the deck" ... participation in Concessions Club as a junior and senior ... one of our Green Knights during his senior year ... veep of church Walther League ... Interested In designing landscape ... plans to attend Univorsify of Minnesota and hopes to own a nursery. CHARLES BERNARD RODNING Unassuming ... on energetic addition to the hockey and baseball teams In his sophomore year ... contributed his talents to German Club as a senior ... a loyal member of his church choir ... an out-of-doors fan — fishing and hunting occupied his spare time ... "Though he's quiet, he's o riot." KAREN ALICE ROLFSON A sincere and rewarding interest in music ... Karen, a loyal choir member, has sung in two operettos ... she has playod tho piano In several state music contests and the Sophomore Talent Show ... Home Ec Club ... a genuine, consistent effort in all that she did. SHEILA MARIE ROSCOE Her interest in business led to her joining the Futuro Business leodors of America ... Pep Club sophomore year ... valuablo office helper ... a three-year member of Y-Teens ... Home Ec Club ... GAA ... a welcome addition to her church youth group for three successive yoars. PHILIP JOHN ROSENOW "Tho Volvo Kid" ... an avid sports car fon ... member of the swimming team for two years ... an active participant In German Club ... divides his summers between water skiing and swimming ... a personality thot grows with acquaintance ... "Hi, Beautlfull" ... a smile for every girl — that's Phil. KATHRYN ANN RUE Pep ond bounce personified ... Homecoming queen candidate ... served three years as o Studont Council representative and os a cheerleader — co-captain ... Hi-Y Sweetheart attendant ... member of choir, Spanish Club, and Y-Teens ... o lot of personality in a little girl. • JANET MARIE RUGLOSKI A sense of humor surpassed by few ... member of Spanish Club in her junior year ... an interested participant in Junior Achievement ... odded a spark wherever she went with her unending energy and vitality ... future plons include attending college ... "Where con we eat?" SUSAN JANE RUSS Truly an artist ... Art Club three years — president in senior year ... made posters for many ploys ... Whigrean staff for two years ... twlco stoge co-chairman for plays ... olected to Thespians In junior year — secretary In senior yoar ... also secretary of her church youth group.SUSAN CAROL SAMPSON Sude — o mombor of FBLA during her junior ond sonior years ... second soprano In girls' choir during her senior year ... two-year member of Y-Teens ... active in Art Club during her sophomore year ... handy miss with a needle and thread ... "Ask me if I'm a frog." DOUGLAS STUART SAND A fine student ... academic intorosts — Merit Scholarship Semifmolist, honor roll. World Affairs Club, Seienco Seminar, and Math Club ... member of Chess Club and Russian Club — president as a senior — os a junior accepted to National High School Institute at Northwestern Unlvorsity. CAROL MAXINE SANDERS Snap, crackle, ond pop — Carol fizzes in all she does ... an A-band flutist and a member of tho 1960 All-State Band ... an enthusiastic joiner — Y-Teens and Spanish Club ... "Sighl" ... can be seen on Friday nights at the Scholar ... future at Cornell in Iowa ... "I don't believe itl" WILLIAM LcROY SANFORD Stanford rose to tho occasion — fop state honors In wrestling, member and one of tho dociding factors in Edina's great Cross Country year — a toiler of the undormen ... scholarly type — readl readl and read some morel ... occasionally seen sporting a real woodsman’s beard. SCOTT QUINTAL SCHERER An intelligent person exemplified by selection to Senior Honor Roll ond National Honor Society ... has a boll on the tonnis court — three years on tennis team ... president of World Affairs Club in senior year ... sorgeant-at-arms In German Club ... interesting personality. SANDRA JEAN SCHROEDER Stevens Point's loss, Edina's gain before hor |unior year active participant in Pop Club ol Stevens Point ... mombor of World Affairs Club during hor senior year ... two-year Y-Toonor in Phi Delta chapter ... future plans — attending U of M and nursing. DIANE MARIE SCHWAB A petite brown-haired miss ... her musical interest led her to joining the choir in her senior year ... proved to be a valuable addition to the Whigrean for the writing of senior copy ... often seen with a cortain boy ... talented conversationalist ... "What a drag!" KARL HERMAN SCHWARZKOPF Quinquo — o four-year participant in Latin Club .. . octive member of German Club during his junior and senior years ... participant In Tri-Alpha Hi-Y chapter during his last two years at Edina .. . won first place in State Latin Contest in tenth grade ... future plans at U of M. CYNTHIA JEAN SHATTUCK A nomadic girl — attended Showneo Mission North In K.C., Alexander Romsoy, and Goldon Valley before gracing Edina ... leadership in other schools! class officer. Student Council membor, vice-president of Pep Club, ond Prom committee chairman ... lovely, quick-witted, ond worldly-minded. WILLIAM DOUGLAS SHIMA Worked at Methodist Hospital for over a year ... artistic ability ... proud possessor of a 1929 Ford pickup from the movies ... an active member of tho Richfiold Health Studio in his senior year ... interested In mechanics and motorcycles ... future includes attendance at the U of M.BEVERLY JEAN SIEBERT Excellent musician — first chair clarinetist, Bond Council, Gilom-bordo's Orchestra, soloist at Pops Concerts, winner of soven state contest medols ... Nancy Faulkner in Junior Class Ploy ... Y-Teen$ chapter secretary .,, Latin and World Affairs Clubs ... staunch politician. JACQUELINE ANN SIMPSON Junior and senior years spent in activities for Future Business Loaders of America ... loyal member of Spanish Club during her senior year ... active participant in Job's Oaughters and Pilgrim Fellowship throughout high school ... future plans — University of Minnesota. GEORGE STEVEN SKARIE Steve ... talents in music and on Ice, unknown to his classmates ... transfer student to Edina in his senior year ... participated in track ... lent his mellow voice to the choir in junior and senior yeors ... demonstrated his ability on skates — storred In on ice skating show. HENRY MELGAARD SLAWSON Casual and easy going ... really friendly ... rugged handsomeness that doesn't go unnoticed ... seen most often in his pink Ford ... a working man ... octivo momber of Hi-Y ... Student Council president in Junior High ... future plans for forestry at University of Minnesota. ROSEMARIE SMISEK Rosie ... a constant name on the honor roll ... two years of participation In FBLA ... junior secretary for Miss LaPray in her senior year ... library aid for her sophomore and junior years ... active member of Home Economics Club In her senior year ... candidate for Miss Teen of I960. JAMES KENNETH SMITH Small but fast — in the water — on addition to the fine swimming team throughout high school ... active participation in German Club during his junior and senior yeors ... two years of membership in Moth Club ... future plans — attendance at University of Minnesota. LINDA ROWAN SMITH Gave a wonderful and exquisite teo ... an alto in choir for two years ... Spanish Club for two yeors, lotin Club os a sophomore ... librory helper ... active in church youth group ... soles monogor of Junior Achievement corporation ... Honored Queen of her Job's Daughters Bethel. MARGARET JEAN SMITH Mar geo ... a model knitstrcss ... honor roll student ... properties cochoirman for Thespian play ... FBLA, FTA, GAA, Y-Teens, Spanish, World Affairs, and Home Ec Clubs ... president of church youth group ... summers spent as a camp counselor ... o loughlng and likable girl. SHERRY MARCIUE SMITH Girl on the go ... AAU swimmer as a sophomore ... used all her energy in cheering the swim teams on ... Spanish, Latin Club, ond World Affairs activities gained spark from Sherry ... a faithful Y-Teener, she was Delta Phi chaplain as a senior ... the Hopkins boys I TERRY CRAIG SMITH Mr. Talent — that's all you can say ... in sports he enjoys golf and woter skiing ... in school he excelled In NHS, honor roll ... Notionol Merit Scholarship somifinalist and orlginol orator In declam ... in music he played for tho Dixieland Ramblers ... octive in Whigreon, Hi-Y, and the Jr. Closs Ploy.DIANA JEANNE SODERBERG A loyal member of FBLA throughout hor three year in high school ... FHA member In junior year ... octive participation In Home Ec Club her junior year ... an eager reader ... future plan for o nuralng career or tome other health coroer ... active In Luther League. ROBERTA CAROL SOELBERG An active member of FBLA In her sophomoro year ... participated In FHA In hor junior ond tenlor year ... three-year member of bond — appeared in concert for three year ... a very good committee member ... three-year member of GAA ... chaplain of JD ... handy with a needle and threod. JAMES FULLER STAFFORD An intere f in movie projection ha led to three year assistance in vitual aid ... main inter© ! I swimming, a dcmonjtrotod by hi three years on the swimming team ... member of E-Club two year ... Jim' plan include the University of Minnesota ... sincere friendship. KATHLEEN ANN STARN Continually friendly ond willing to help ... transferred o o junior from Root©volt in Dos Moines, Iowa ... member of Y-Teen» — elected service chairman ... FTA treasurer ... three year in choir ... Buzzette Staff ... member of Girl ' Golf Team, Red Cross, ond Student Council in Dot Moinet. MARY RUTH STEVENS Miml ... alwoys dresses noatly ... Red Cross Council participant for three years ... active In choir for two years ... In the summer she is a bug for golf ... always roody for fun with her hilarious sense of humor ... forever teased by all her teachers. THOMAS SCOTT STEVENS Cut o graceful path wherever he went — on the golf course, in the classroom ... member of Edina's Championship golf team ... participated in E-Club, Red Cross Council, and Hl-Y ... honor roll for three years ... belongs to the famed hole-in-one club ... a ready listener. THOMAS CORRELL STEVENSON Well-deserved pride In his Dixieland Ramblers ... treasurer of Student Council ... activities editor for Whigrean ... Hl-Y chapter president and all-school Hi-Y Veep ... Chority Dance committee co-chairman ... the roll of drums and "Dukes of Dixieland" bring grins of pleasure to Tom's face. CYNTHIA JEAN STRACHAUER Never a hair out of place ... participated In Home Ec Club ... oc-tlve in Y-Teens for three years and choir for two year ... hopes to be a nurse after college at Mankato ... has an interest in California ... spends her spare time playing bridge or hitting golf bolb ... "How grubbyl" CHESLEY GORDON STROM B-squod baseball In sophomore year as woll as fho honor roll ... stage crew of junior doss play ... language ability proved by membership In Latin ond Spanish Clubs ... refreshments co-chairman of Homecoming ... a most memorable trip to the Philippine Islonds. DOROTHY ANN STRUDWICK Doe ... seen diligently working at a local cleaners and launderers ... Dorothy's medicinal Interest prompted her to study vorious psychology courso of Colorodo College during the summer following her junior year ... plans to further her education at Gustovus.Seniors sfeol Sophomore Tolent Show. SARA JANE SUEITER "The power of gentleness will conquer" ... a transfer from Minneapolis Southwest High School In her senior yeor ... handy with o noodle and thread; consequently, much of hor wardrobe is her own handiwork ... future plans include high hopes in nurse's training ... "Like wowl" ROBERT BUTLER SWANDBY A man of many talents ... leader — senior class veep, Minneapolis Area AFS president. Student Council member, co-choirmon of Prom, Charity Drive. Latin Club treasurer ... athlete — letters in track and cross country ... journalist — Buzzefte reporter ... AFS'er to Holland. WARREN GARY TANG A gridder on the football field for three straight years ... participation in German Club os a sophomore ... junior and senior yoar membor of Rhon Hi-Y chapter ... member of Green Knights in his senior year ... enjoyed oil sports ond music — guitar and bongos ... "That's the way if goes." MAUREEN LOUISE TAUBE A pint-sized package of energy ... a synchronized swimmer ... third poge Buzzotto reporter as a sophomore ... debate as a junior ... participant in French, Latin, and World Affairs Clubs ... avid member of Y-Toens ... always willing to work hard to help make things a success! RICHARD PATTEN TAYLOR "True worth needs no definition" ... active participation In Green Knights in his senior year ... E-Club ... statistician for the basketball team during his sophomoro and junior years, for football team in his junior year ... enjoyed sports ... co-giver of a wonderful senior porty. JOY ANN TESS A sincere interest in helping others ... member of French Club os a senior ond Latin Club ond World Affairs study group — chairman for pen pal committee os a junior ... library aid os a senior ... two-year member of Y-Teens. 54VICKI ANN TEW A porogon of femininity and charm — everybody's darling ... member of NHS, and French Clwb ... an ospjring actress — participation In "Petor Pan," lead in "The Girls in 509" ... Thespian president ... Buzzetfe second-page editor. CAROLYN RAE TEWS Always happy and foil of pep ... three years in Y-Teons — vice-president os a junior ... active on Red Cross Council ... two years in choir and operetta ... showed her dramatic ability in the Thespian Play ... a real Scout ... refreshment committee chairman for Charity Drive. LINDA LOUISE THAYER Natural and nice ... member of FBLA os a junior ... two-year participation in Spanish Club ... showed much interest in World Affairs Club os a senior ... member of Art Club in twelfth grode ... loved music ... hopes to travel, travel, travel after graduation. DANIEL STANLEY THOMAS An active participant in Dei Gratia Hi-Y chapter during his junior year ... enjoyed rebuilding cars and engines during his spare lime ... future plans to include University of Minnesota ... a pleasant and very interesting person to talk with .. . quick wit and a quick smile. BRUCE MALVERN THOMPSON Botch ... a welcome addition to Edina from Minneapolis Southwest High School before his senior yoor ... active of Linden Hills Congregational Church ... his spore timo was usually spent working on his model cars ... future plan includes attendance at the University of Minnesota. POLLY VIRGINIA THOMSON Understanding ... a synchronized swimmer, Polly won honors in state competition ... so busy with Buzzetfe ... publicity for Junior Class Play ... directod senior Homecoming skit ... enthusiastic skier ... spent Christmas vocation of Telemark ... demure and friendly ... "Good luck!" "Chorus line of stags" 55THOMAS JAMES THORNTON The sportsman on the athletic holds — track, football, and basketball ... good student ... active member in E-Club and Hi-Y ... his great desire was to speak German fluently ... an industrious Chancellor of German Club ... swooter-boy ... holl monitor hod a smile for all ... optimistic attitude. NAOMI ELIZABETH TIBBS A Breck school fon ... two-year member of Spanish Club ... served os secretary and president of her Y-Teens chapter ... outside of school Betsy holds offices in E.Y.C. and Job's Oaughters ... memories of a summer counseling at "Coss Lake" ... college plans. CHARLES LOUIS TIMMERMAN Tim ... o tall blond with a casual smile and striking blue eyes ... active in Spanish club as a junior ... participated in Latin Club os a senator in sophomore year ... member of Green Knights and Art Club as a senior ... an avid member of Ricochet Cor Club in Edina. STEPHANIE DAE TRAPP Velvet brown eyes ... Stevie's main interest, the foreign service, was demonstrated by membership in Latin and World Affairs Clubs ... intelligence earned her regular appearance on honor roll and mem-bership in NHS ... "You can't do a thing like that half way!" RAY STUART TRAUTMAN Sports, sports, sports — ond what else is new? ... three-year gridder on football team ... supported baseball ond wrestling for two years ... his many letters have mode him on active member of E-Oub ... president of Rhon Hi-Y ... membor of Green Knights — an everpresent sense of humor. MARGARET CAROLINE TRESSEL Peppy personality and never-ending vivoclousness ... octlng ability shown In Thespians and Thespian play ... a soprano In the choir os o senior ... Luther League for three years ... diligent committee worker ... active throe years in Y-Teens ... ski enthusiast — YMCA and Edina Ski Clubs. CHARLOTTE BERESFORD TUDOR A true Southern belle, but with a habit of breaking her bones, ono right offer the other ... member of Latin Club, Fronch Club, and Y-Teens ... sophomore homeroom officer ... subtlo and modest humor ... faithful U of M football fan ... futuro Includes Duke and a career in medicine. PERRY GARY UREVIG A comment for every occasion ... participated in the Junior Closs Ploy ond "Peter Pon" ... vice-president of his Hi-Y chapter ... choir participation won Pofo a port In the operetta ... produced admirablo decorations os co-chairman for the Christmas Choir Coocert ... Intrigued by sports ... "Poker game) Where?" MARY RUTH UTTER Enchanted all with her mognifleent singing ... remembered at a petite Angelina in Trial By Jury ... song in various talent shows and church choirs ... president of girls' choir ... other activities included French Club, Luthor Loogue ... plans for Valparaiso ... genuinely nice. DIANE MARIE VANASEK Vanny ... diligent Red Cross Council worker for three years — publicity chairman as a senior ... gave much time to Spanish Club and various committees .. . hall monitor ... always gave o little extra ... flirtation plus ... "Hey. where's tho party?"GENEVIEVE HELEN WECK Bonny ... will definitely leave her “mark" at Edina ... veep of FTA and choir as a senior, Y-Teen os a junior ... three-year member of choir and Red Crow — secretary a a junior ... octive in church groups ... Larin and French Clubs ... loyal to everyone ... so very kind. BARBARA RAMSEY WEHR Genial and friendly ... envied owner of “Wash 'n Wehr" ... secretary of all-school Y-Teens and FTA ... properties chairman for class ploy, program chairman for Talent Show ... member of choir, GAA, Spanish. Latin and Art Clubs ... a connoisseur in conversation. VAUGHN TAYLOR WELLING Transfor from Iowa in his senior year ... participated in basketball and golf in junior year ... honor roll for two years ... president of homeroom in tonth grade ... Student Council ... Hawkeye Boy's State ... chosen of Hl-Y at Ames ... a wonderful guy with a wonderful personality! JAMES LLOYO WELLS Active in debate as a senior ... a language fiend — Latin Club and Russian Club for two years ... participated in World Affair Club for two yeors ... three-year visual aid ... Science Seminar ... Radio Club and Math Club as a senior ... very octive in church groups. LYNN DIANE WELLUMSON Peppy and friendly toward everyono ... those dimples and that giggle. ... was seen knitting while on holl duty ... Ruby O'Toole, an Indian, and "Legs" in a variety of productions ... asset to many committees ... Hi-Y Sweetheart candidate ... Latin Club, Spanish Club, honor roll. GEORGE EARL WENNERLYN Membership In E-Club as a senior was earnod through his fine ploys on the football field os a junior and senior ... homeroom officer as a |unior ... participated in Spanish Club os o junior ... Green Knighter in twelfth grade ... groat interest in rocing teom and '49 Mercs. CAROL MARIE WETZBARGER There Is always a smile on her foce ... three years in Y-Teens — treasurer, vice-president, chaplain ... member of Spanish Club ... National Honor Society ... AFS finalist ... chairman of Button Committee for homocoming and Charity Drive ... Dayton's Teon Board alternate ... sweet and petite. MICHAEL JAMES WHITESIDE Friendly smile for all ... member of Germon Club as a sophomore ... visual aid as a sophomore ... one of the senior Green Knights ... outside Interests Included much of bowling, hunting, skiing, and swimming ... plans to enter the Navy after graduation and then go on to college. SANDRA KAY WIGEN Sweet, petite ... dimples and big brown eyes ... member of FBIA and Spanish Club in her sophomore ond junior yeors ... an understanding nurse's helper ... octive In Mergatroits ... a Red Cross Council member ... interests included the Marine Corps — "I promise I'll wait." BARBARA ANN WILLOUR Sweet smile and sparkling eyes ... member of choir os a senior ... participated in Pep Club when it existed ... World Affairs Club kept her busy as a junior ... treasurer of Hi-C ... always ready with a funny joke to tell ... future plans at University of Minnesota.loVAAN DELORES WILSON Understanding — always ready to listen to someone's problems ... active member of Spanish Club os a junior ... loyal Y-Teener for three years — veep as a junior ... will never forget the "four" of junior lunch table ... plans to oftend U of M ... "Where hove I heord the nome Jeff before?" SUE ELLEN WILSON Office worker as a senior ... two-yoor member of Y-Teens ... junior and senior years in Art Club — secretary as a junior ... member of Book of the Month, Prints of the Month, and Record of the Month Clubs ... enjoyed pointing and chess ... hopes to become a beautician. CAROL ELIZABETH WOEHRER Able Buzzette typist and page editor .. . intelligence proved by membership in National Honor Society, Senior Honor Roll, and Quill and Scroll ... linguistic — Spanish and German Qubs ... Home Ec Club ... World Affairs ... enjoyed serving and cooking ... marked versatility. DALY ANN WOLFE Nightly Fox ... Most Economical Trojan Housewife, Slightly Soilod in Peter Pan, Mimsy in Girls in 509 ... Sophomore Tolont Show ... Thespians, doclam, French Club, FBLA, Red Cross Council ... petite bundle of enthusiasm ... always dreaming of something neat to do. GLORIA KAY WOLFE Always ready to lend a helping hand ... FBLA os a junior and senior ... two yeors roaming our halls as a monitor ... secretary-helper for Miss LaPray ... Junior Achievement ... four-year member of Luther League ... hopes to become a social worker for the handicapped. MARGARET LEWIS WRIGHT Pegs ... "Easy to look of but even easier to like" ... octive on Red Cross Council for two years ... member of Latin and Spanish Clubs ... Y-Teener for three years ... participant in church groups, Mergofroits, and on the "Deedles" ... a wonderful girl with a wonderful future. DIANE EDITH WUDLICK Woody ... priceless humor octive member of A t Club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, World Affairs Club — showed her prowess os on archer for Lotin Club .. . honor roll ond NHS demonstrated her academic merits ... a radiating personality combined with sincerity for a delightful person. CYNTHIA JEAN YERXA Sunshine wherever she goes ... sang in the mixed choir as a junior and senior — operetta and concert as o junior ... Cindee enjoyed baking — ond can she cook! ... future plons at University of Minnesota ... often seen with triplets — her sister's, of course ... "Holy buckets." KENNETH CHARLES YOUNG "Youngski" ... always neat os a pin ... golf in the summer, bowling in the winter ... active participation on golf team. Visual Aids, Hi-Y, ond Green Knights ... a vision of excitoment with his fist beating on his knee and his tongue hanging out ... "We're moving again." GUDRUN MARGARETE ZIEGLER Edina's AFS student from Germany ... secretary of French Club chaplain of Y-Teens chapter ... member of victorious Senior girls' footboll squad ... GAA ... Honorary Hi-Y Sweetheart ... tennis ond riding enthusiast ... World Affairs Club ... a frank ond sincere girl.. . . and what would you like for dinner, my love? Is that you, Blake? Nothing like o little peoce and quiet. None of your lip, bud. I'm o Stauffer groduoto. Dating, so young? 59 Senior 60 PEPPIEST Daly Wolfo and John KleinSuperlatives BIGGEST FLIRTS Diane Vanosek and Danny Carlson MOST TALENTED Dorothy McVeety and Charlie Anderson MOST FEMININE AND MOST ATHLETIC John Hankinson and Vicki Tew 61Valedictorian Gretchen Brandow, valedictorian of the class of 1961, has proved to be a truly outstanding person. Throughout high school she has maintained excellent grades in courses of great difficulty. Her intelligence hos been recognized by election to NHS and ranking as a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Gretchen has served the school as a thrice-elected Student Council member. She was junior class secretary and co-chairman of Homecoming. Outside of school, Gretchen's interests centered about sailing, playing tennis, sewing, and cooking. She will counsel at Sherwood Forest Camp in the summer of 1961. Gretchen Brandow Salutatorian The salutatorian of the class of 1961, James McManis, is, indeed, worthy of this scholastic honor. Throughout his high school years, Jim achieved excellent grades. He has taken three years of enriched English and accelerated math. He also devoted three years to studying German. In addition, accelerated chemistry and physics were studied. Jim's academic ability was proven by his being named a National Merit Scholarship finalist and National Honor Society Scholarship semi-finalist. His activities included Science Seminar, Math Club, E-Club, and NHS. Swimming and bridge were Jim's favorite pastimes. Top Ten James McManis Jan Kullberg, Linda Cummiskey, Sorah Howlhorne, Terry Martin. Jim McElieco, Dick Kostlck, Linda Buss, Vkki Tew. 62BOTTOM ROW: G. Brondow, L. Cummiikey, C. McFadzean, S. Hawthorn®, R. Smiiek, G. Ottern®ss, C. Tews, S. Trapp, N. Hallberg. G. Blair, J. James, M. Smith, V. Tew, P. Person, J. Reich, M. Burton, P. Garrison, J Kullberg, M. Alderson, B. Jensen. 2nd ROW: P. Thomson, C. Wetzbarger, S. Allen, J. Moss, S. Moore, K. Hamilton, D. Wudllck, L. Wellumson, L. Bum. S. Brierley, S. Laurel, S. Nelson, M. Gust, 0. Lace, B. Pearson, S. Kroemer, B. Ott. K. Hill, B. Sie-bert. 3rd ROW: B. Olstedol, D. Latchaw, T. Martin, R. Brown, 0. Lundgren, M. Lushin®, T. Honoos, 0. Sands, C. Wcehrer, A. Iverson. 4th ROW: G. John, B. Carson, J. Dodge, J. Lynden, L. Manchester, T. Smith, M. Mahowald. J. McManls. W. Miller. B. Glister. G. Hildebrand, S. Scherer, G. Nelson, G. Grandbols, B. Noran. Senior Honor Rol The class of 1961 has been fhe most competitive in Edina's history. This statement was substantiated quite well by fhe naming of seventy-three seniors to the sen- ior honor roll. The student must maintain a B average throughout senior high school to achieve honor roll status. SEATED: Miss Kruse, MIm LaPray, Mrs Aamodf. STANDING: Mr. Christenson, Mr. Dahl, Mr. Fredrickson, Mr. Bezoier. Class Advisors The senior class recalls — Mr. Christenson's voluminous vocabulary and senior announcement headquarters. Miss LaPray's willingness to help anyone who asked for it. Miss Kruse's reminiscing about her college days, Mrs. Aamodt's never-ending busy-ness, Mr. Fredrickson's needed and helpful assistance in fhe senior class play, and Mr. Bezoier's dedicated efforts to all students interested in music. 63Tom Braun, Treoturer; Andy Goddard, President; Carol Siren©, Secretary; Pete Kemper, Vice-president. Junior Class "No popcorn? No prom!" The exasperated juniors were finally forced to resort to threats. Tight-fisted fans found shrewd salesmen among the juniors who pushed their way through seemingly oblivious crowds trying to sell popcorn and carameled apples. In addition to their vending jobs, juniors volunteered to clean up the stands following the home football games in order to build up the class treasury. Arriving in everything from old blue jeans to baggy pajamas, groggy-eyed juniors could be seen crawling under the bleochers on cold Saturday mornings. Exclamations of "Who stole my glove?" and "I found a penny!" were common remarks heard from these amateur janitors. The profits made from concession sales and cleanup, combined with the money from the Junior Class Play, made possible the presentation of a very successful Junior-Senior Prom. When the Class of '62 had a few spare moments between mountains of American history home work and time-consuming research papers, they loaned their enthusiastic support to the many other school activities. Andy Goddard led the class in its many accomplishments with the same boundless energy he exhibited in ploying tennis. Assisting the president was Pete Kemper, who persuaded juniors to contribute their services. Effervescent Carol Sirene wrote letters to encourage class participation in all activities. The class treasury flourished under the management of Tom Braun. Student $eek advice from Mr. Down . 66Junior Advisors BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Martin Mrs. Hogomcisfer, Mrs. Son chez, Miss Bnrtholct. SEC OND ROW: Mr. Malton Mr. C. Johnson, Mr. Belk Mr. D. Johnson. Ashenbrenner, Cheryl Atkinson, Patsy Awsumb, Konneth Boarson, Alice Bailey, Kathleen Barnes, Roger Bartlott, James Bell, Deborah Bennett, Brian Bennett, Patrick Benson. Judith Benson, Karen Berdahl, Robert Bergh, Barry Borglund, Ruth Berguson, Bruce Berlin, Claudio Bermel, Bruce Berrong, Thomas Bcssesen, Julio Bigelow, Barbara 67Brock, Carol Bros, Daniel Brostrom, Janet Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Robert Brudelie, Penelope Brum, Betty 8ryntesen, Kay Bublitz, Susan Bunnell, Bruce Burgraff, Bradley Burkhardt, Walter Burris, Richord Busch, Yvonno Corlsor, Janet Carlson, Jay Carlson, John Carlson, Koren Corlson, Linda Corlson, Richard Carlson, Roger Carlson, Susan Charles, Carolyn' Chriss, Gwenn Clausen, Donald Colness, Richard Cook, Alon Corcoran, Beverly Crocrait, Thomas Crickmer, Faye Currier, Valerie Dohl, Daryl Dahl, Janet Donnott, Judith De Pasquale, Lindo Dickey, Kathleen Diebold, James Diehl, Thomas Diercks, Laurie Diracles, Michael Dobbs, Keith Dornfeld, Eric Eckerman, Richord Edwards, John Eksfame, Joanne Ellingson, John Ellingwood, Carol Ellis, Robert Engelking, Robert Bigelow, James Bliss, Thorvas Bourgeois, Laurence Brandt, Trudle Braun, Thomas Brcwbakor, William 8ridgman, John Butcher, Ralph Callon, Michael Cameron, Julie Campbell, Keith Connom, Carol Canoyer, Mark Corlson, GeorgiaFinney. Judith Firth, Loraine Fitch, John Flemming, Thomos Fletcher, Jean Formo, Kristin Forster, Kothie Engelsma, Daniel Engfund, John Faville, Ralph Fetter, David Fick, Michael Field, Patricio Findlay, Annette Fredrickson, Sandra Freese, Stanford Friegang, Judith Friesen, Nancy Fuller, Carolyn Fuller, Patricia Furbcr. Dorothy Galameou, Gordon Galvin, Muriel Garrison, Robert Garver, Barbara Gates. Roger George. Richard George, Robert Geving, John Gibbish, Nancy Gibson, Robert Gieblnk, Scott Gilfillan, Jeon Gillon, Rosemary Gilles, Cheryl Gilliland, Judith Gilman, Julie Glee son. Michael Gleeson, Richard Glover, Julie Goddard. Andrew Goodman, Mary Gorder, Paul Grandstrond, Karen Groy, Matthew Gunderson, Jerry Gust, David Hafner, Ginger Hall. Pomelo Hall, Potricio Hallonquist, Kenneth Holvorson, Sally Hansen, Mary Hanson, Barbara Honson, Eiloon Horg reaves, David Hargreaves. Mary Harris, Deanna Hartwkk, Gayle Hoskln, Robert Hatch, Susan Haugen, Bonnie Hauger, Martha 69Down with the focultyl Havstod, Morgarcf Hawkins, Charles Headington, Mary Heckathorn, Harry Heidinger, Jon Heines, Nancy Helgeson, Karen Hoy, Terrence Hughes, Nancy Hull, Judith Hustad, Peter Hyde, Michael Itfenjohn, Olaf Iverson, Lynne Helland, John Henjum, James Henncssy, Catherine Hlghfield, Kothleen Holmberg, Judith Holtz, Genevieve Hopper, Steven Jackson, Carol James. Philip Janssen, Judith Josmin, Merrily Jensen. James Jensen, Richard Jevne, William Johnson, Donna Johnson, Gerald Johnson. Kathryn Johnson, G. Robert Johnson, Robert J. Jones, Cheryl Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Linda Jorgonsen, Michael Jcsophion, Carol Kodloc, Thomas Kallevik, Los Kane, Barbara Kano, Ronald 70Konnenberg, Leigh Kotzman, Arthur Kocne, Mary Keller, Glenn Kelley, Mary J. Kelly, Michoel Kemper, Peter c Kemper, Susan no Kennelly, Richard Kerker, Carolyn Kessler, Carol King, Corol Kinney, Janet Knight, John Knutson, Donald Koehler, Jock Konon, John Koontz. Carol Korstad, Patricio Krafft, Robert Kramer, Kathryn Krenz, Florence Kricgor, Nan Kuhn, Penelope Kuphal, Mary Laing, Craig Lamar, Charles Larson. Mary Anne Larson, Roger Larson, Thomas LaSolle. Jacqueline Leaders, John Loory, Timothy Leek, Jonet Liiste, Matti Lilligren, James Lindballe, Marianne Lindemonn, Wayne Locfflor, Suson Lord, Thomas Luce, David Lund, Caroline Little do they know that I forgot to use deodorant this momingl 71Lund, Kenneth Lynch, Margaret Lyon, Marcia Lyons, Janice MocAllistor, Marta MocPhoil, Stuart Magnus, Diana Malmberg, Mary Manfred, Poter Martinson, Gordon Mathews, Dean Mathews, William Matson, Robert Matthews, Mary Ellen Mayo, Douglas McAlister, Karen McArthur, Jonet McCracken, Kathleen McDonald, Sandra McDonald, Walter McGahey, Kathryn McGorraugh, Marcia Mcllyar, Sandy Mclnally, Thomas McKenna, Thomas McNeil, Gail McRoberts, Michaol Melcher, Joan Metcalfe, James Meyer, Elroy Michoel, David Mildren, William Miller, Jerry Miller, Molly Mitchell, Beverly Mitchell, Forrest Moore, James Mortenson, Carol Mucke, Jane Murphy, Pamela Murray, Carole Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Jane Nelson, Judith Nelson, Karen Nelson, Raymond Nelson, Rosanne Nelson, William Nordeen, Fredrick Norris, Nancy North, Thomas Northrup, Patricia Nystrom, Jock Oakes, Michaele Odell, Thomas Olinger, Catherine Oliver, Joe Olson, Howard Olson, Louise Olson, Robert Orman, Michael Osfbye, Lynne Osterhaus, JamesPolen, Juanita Patten, Cheryl Poarson, Donald Pederson, Pamela Perbix, Robert Perplch, Shari Perring, Coroloe Peterson. Geraldine Peterson, Harold Peterson, Pamela S. Peterson, Pamela W. Phillips, John Piero, Beverly Pitt, Joanne Plotou, Susan Pleissner, Patricia Pratt, William Price, David Prin, David Prin, John Quiers, Peter Rafshol, Linda Raino, Corole Raskin, Jeffrey Rea. Leslie Rebmann, Michool Reed. Allen Reed. Elise Relmers, Ann Reiter, Gory Reynolds, Gory Rickord. David Riebe, Fred Rifchoy, Peter Ritter, Regina Robb. Janet Robey, Dorothy Rockwell, Craig Rogers, Robert Roloin, Sandra Rolph, Susan Romsaos, Marilyn Rosendahl. Paul Rouzer. Daniel Rudd. Midge Rush, Joann Ryan, Dale Ryan, Lynne Rymon, Mary Sahlmon. Margaret Salmon, Stephen School, Karen Schilfz. Gerold Schmidt, Pamela Schoening, Susan Schossow, Susan Seashore, Linda Sedgwick. Lawrence Seim, Sara Show, Robert Sheppard, Richord Shields. Kathleen Shmitka, WayneJoit like home! Simons, Ronald Siren®, Carol Skario, Sandra Slcttcbo, Barbara Smale, Jerry Smith, Dorroch Smith, Douglas Stark, Virginia Starkey, LaVonne Steinbaoer, John Stoinmetz, Frank Stephens, Stephanie Stevens, Suzanne Stevenson, Kent Smith, Kelsey Smith, Peter Smith, Randall Snell, Teri Snyder, Barbara Spearing, Sherron Spongberg, Donald Stocking, Susan Stone, Sally Strand, Joseph Strosser, Michael Strate, Jeffrey Strom, Erik Stuart, Donno Thayer, Katherine Thiede, Gwen Thiele, Edward Thiem, Russell Thomas, James Thomas, Victoria Thompson, Jock Stuart, Thomas Swan, Phillip Swanson, John Swanson, Lynn Swanson, Richard Swonf, Karen Swift, Sandra 74Thompson, Robert Trapp, Kathleen Tripp, Betsy Turnbull, Susan Twite, Lucia Umberger, John Van Horssen, Charles Von Wozer. Alido Vaughn, Joyce Victorsen, Juano Vixo, Noncy Walker, Sandra Warmath, Carol Wash, James Watson, Stephen Wayne, Mory Webber, Russell Weden, Donald West, Suzanno Westerdohl, Jane Williams, James Williams, Marcia Williams, Richard Windhorst, Pcfor Winebrcnner, Roland Wing, Richard Woehrer, Lois Wolfe, Ihlo Wolfe, Michael Wood, Judith Woodhead, Mary Wormon, Janet Yerxa. John Pictures missing: Marquardf, Thomas McCormick, Thomas Roquomore, Stephen Sanders. Charlotte . . . five, six, pick up sticks . . . 75Jim Gentry, Treasurer; Ted Carlson, President; Bruce McFadzeon, Vice-president; Dawn Carlson, Secretory. Sophomore Class This fall the senior high school was invaded by a horde of bewildered sophomores. Fighting their way through crowded corridors and rushing into class five minutes late, the new recruits were soon initiated into the senior high routine. They even learned the knack of yelling above the blasting air drills after the first few weeks. This class, the largest ever to enter the high school, abounded in enthusiam and school spirit. They were a decided asset to pep fests and games, where they displayed their enormous lung capacity. These willing workers also signed up for countless committees, and they gave their wholehearted support to numerous clubs and organizations. Undismayed by the fact that their Homecoming skits and float didn't win first places, the underclassmen plunged info the organization of the Sophomore Talent Show. This event, the first project undertaken by the sophomores as a class, brought in the funds necessary for the Senior Reception, which is an annual event presented by the sophomores as a graduation gift to the departing seniors. The class of '63 had a busy and successful year because of the leadership displayed by their class officers. Besides playing a dynamic game of football, Ted Carlson showed his prowess in leading the sophomore class. The vice-presidency was deftly handled by Bruce McFadzean, who instilled spirit into all class projects. Dawn Carlson was the ever-efficient scribe who' recorded notes at class meetings. Treasurer Jim Gentry kept the books as well as be played the guitar. Miss Groebner gives a helping bond. 76Abernefhy, Scott Adorns. Mtchosl Aim, Roger Anderson, Dlone E. Anderson, Diane L. Anderson, James Anderson, Karin Sophomore Advisors BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Ehlert, Miss Hoag-lumd, Mrs. Weigold. 2nd ROW: Mr. Scanlon. Mr. Bowman. Anderson. Katherine Anderson. Patricia Andrews, Alan Anfinson, Ruth Aspnos, Camilla Aton, Anno tee Axelson, Christine Baldwin, Brian Barber, Jan Bartlett, James Bauernfeind, John Boalo, John 8oggs, James Benjamin, Nancy Blandin, Lawrence Boelter, Francos Bolles, Marsha Book, Cheryl Boron. Susan Bressler. Bonny Brldgeman, Richard 77Brierley, Mortho Brisbine, Barboro Brostrom, David Brother son, Mary Brunskill, Jeon 8ue!ow, Virginia Burbage, Mary Burbage, Robert Burbank, Timothy Burkhardt, Bonnie Burns, Shorontee Burton, John Byrd, Stephen Cain, Janet Cameron, Linda Campbell, Kenneth Carlsen, Katheryn Carlson, Betty Carlson, David Carlson, Dawn Carlson, Karen Chastek, Margaret Chotterton, Dennis Cheney, Paul Chester, Charles Christenson, Harlow Clark, Thomas Cook, Deborah Critchlow, Keith Crook, Wendy Croonquist. Betsy Dahl, Thomas Dalquist, Corrine Donnielson, Dean Donnielson, Nancy Carlson, Linda Carlson, Ted Case, Brian Caspers, Barbara Ccdergren, Barton Chapman, Cheri Chorbonneau, Renee Copps, Dalo Corah, Craig Corchran, Patricia Correa, Maureen Courtney, Richard Covnick, Bruce Craddick, Susan Danielson, Sharon Davies. Judith Degeberg, Chriseda Denison, Borta Dennison, Marlys Dorby, Mary Loc Devony, Michael Doran, Michael Dorek, Gary Douglas, William Drew, Mark Drew, William Drischoll, Roy Eosfman, Jack 78Eaton, Charlene Enroth, James Erickson, Joan Erickson, John Erkkson, Neal Fahrenholz, Norman Farnsworth, Patricia Feldhako, Dennis Fenger, Grotchen Ferguson, Judith Fietek. Mory Finch, David Finch, Laura Finkenauer, Robert Fisher, Judith Flower, Betty Foley, Richard For mo, John Forney, David Foss, Beth Foster, David Gentry. James George. Jo Ann Getsch, Thomas Giebink, Nancy Gindorff. William Goughler, Lynne Gowllng, Jane Fotia, Penny Fox, Jeffery Freeman, John Friesen, Susan Gallup, William Gardner, Janet Gendroou, Daniel Hartfiel, Bonnie Hawkinson, Raymond Heocock, Robert Heodington. Mark Hegmon, Nancy Holdrich, Jill Heinbockel, Jill Grosh, Nancy Guille, Frederick Gustafson, Gregory Haas, John Hogen, Marjorie Hoi re, Stephen Hollberg, Jock Grondstrand, Charles Green, Arthur Groenogel, David Greenberg, Sheldon Greer, James Greiser, Raymond Grewe, Lynn Holverson, Dennis Halvorson, Vance Hamilton, Bruce Hargrove, Robert Harris, Lynn Harrison, Ann Hort. JosephineEveryone into the showers. Jones, Douglas J. Jones, Judith Jordan, Charleene Kaiser. Mark Kollevik. Sandra Keil, Barbara Keller. Keith Kelly, Colleen Kelly. Kathleen Kennedy, William Kerr, John Kersteter, Joel Kimboll, Rose Ann Klmmerle, Jeon Henderson, Robert Hendrickson, Thomas Henkel. Morgorof Henrickson, Ronald Hess. Dean Hey. John Hill. Sharon Isroelson, James Jennings, John Johnson, Craig Johnson, Eloise Johnson, Michael Johnson, William Jones, Douglas "T -K Horns, Mary Houck, Barbara Houck, Ellen Hull, Shirley Hustad, Thomos Huston, James Her, Marguerite Hilliard, Patricia Hodge, Robert Hoffman, Robert Holmberg, Robert Holstod, Leslee Hoover, Earl Hopf, Janelle 80Kistlo, Barbara Kittleson, Janet Kloek, James Kmieciak, Alon Knight, Dale Knoph, Richard Knutson, David Kuphal, John Lannert, Rebecca Laudensloger, Laura learn, Judith Lee, James Lee, Peggy Lehmann, Wode Kojetin, Kathryn Konigson, Al Kraus, Mory Ellen Krause, John Krieger, Gretchen Kuehn, Peter Kuhnfey, Marc LeMire, Mary Lindberg, Lawrence Lindbergh, Richard Lindsey, James Lindstrom, Robert Little, Thomas Lorimer, Marcia Modden, Kathleen Moder, Richard Magoffin, James Molkerson, Eric Manfred, Mark Martin, David Martin. Jill The trough. 81Martin, Wendy Mathews, Bonnie Mattson, Gail Moy, Robert McCullough, Kenneth McDermid, Barbara McDonald, Donald McDonald, Virginia McElioce, Virginio McFadzeon, Bruce McIntosh, Stoworf McKay, Laurie McNee, Brian McNeills, Dan Means, Patricio Meier, John Melbostad, Susan Merchant, Jeonne Millctt, Douglas Mills, Richard Mitchell, Richard Morphew, Lynne Morris, Robert Morse, Gillian Moss, Gary Mullen, Peggy Musselman, Kay Myers, Kathryn Moe, John Monahan, Michael Moore, Barbara Moore, Kathryn Moore, Patricia Morgan, Catherine Morford, James Nordstrom, Nickl Norton, Barbara Nylund, John O'Connor, Michool Olinger, David Oliver, Donald Olson, Jon ice Naas, Gary Nauth, Mary Noessen, Paul Nelson, Kurt Nelson, Ramona Newhouse. Nancy Niess, Daniel Olson, Mary Jo Olstod, Mary O'Neill. Allen Orwall. Richard Osberg, Carole Ostlund, Barbara Otterness, Jock Park. Denise Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Dianne Peterson, James Peterson, Jay Peterson, Marcia Peterson, Nancy 82Potorson, Swan Pfoff, Judith Pierce, Katherine Pike, Brenda Port Inga. John Post humus, Ruth Priest, Swan Proebstlo. Jock Puterbaugh, Susan Quade, Lynn Redcske. Joan Reeves. James Reierson, Gary Roinock. Carol Reynolds, Gary Richards, David Richordson, Jeffrey Ridgway, Robert Ring, Mary Beth Ring, Susan Ripley, Richard Robson, Terry Rodecker, Shoryn Romlnger, Robort Ronald, Martha Ross, David Ross, Janice Ross, Joanne Rowe, Martha Rush, Kenneth Russ, Steven Salter, Helen Samuelson, Ronald Sandberg, Karen Sanders, Swan Sanford, James Sather, Barbara Schaefer, Pamela Scheefe, Susan Scholpor, Kenneth Scholefield, John Schoot, Wendell Schreiber, Bonnie Schweiger, Mory Ellen Scott, Michoel Seloen, Keith Settli, Peter Sovereid, Janet Sharpe, Patty Shaw, Vicki Sheeks, James Shcphord, John Sims, Floy Smith, Donna Smith, William Snoyenbos, Richard Sommer, Terry Sommers, Linda Soper, Carol Sorem, Terry Sorllen, Theodore Sorteberg, Kenneth Sparrow, Wendy 83HI, Aunt Emmo! Spearing, Gall Spearing, William Sponsel, Susan Springstead, David Stamp, Ann Stephen, John nrt. Robert Swant, Jomes Taylor, Maurice Tess, James Theisen, Gregory Thomas. David Thompson, John Thompson, Margaret Stoa, Helen Stone, Marilyn Stone. Susan Strom, Vincent Struck, Dinoh Sturm, Jeffrey Swanson, Edword Utno. Steven Vonosek, Kathleen Victor, Judith Vlken, Jo Ann Vizzier, Stephen Vogoley, Kirsten Wahl, Marjorie Thompson, Mary Thompson, William Thorp, Glenn Thorpe, Josephine Tomlinson, William Troutman, Paul Tvefene, Leigh Waldusky, William Woller, Cheryl Word, Linda Warded, Rebecca Wortchow, Solly Watson, Patricia Welch, Sharon Wersell, Signe Wescott, Ann West, John West. Kenneth Wholen, Nancy Whitbread, Bertram Whyte, Jame Worrel, John Wright, John Wright, William Wudlick. Robert Wunsch, Pool Yolkin, Helen Young. Judith Wicker, Wendy Wllllom . John Wlllour, Charles Wilson, Richard Winberg, John Wolf, Janet Woodworth, Anne Pictures missingi Arnold, Hozen Bain, Barbara Coffey, Jane Helgesen, Rebecca Hull, Shirley Kiblcr, Chad Molberg, Bruce Martin, Lynn Peterson, Thomas Ramseyer, William Rocklin, James Warren, Kathleen 85Mr. Milton H. Kuhlman Superintendent Mr. Milton H. Kuhlmon, who has been superintendent of Edina's school system for the past eleven years, was responsible for co-ordinating all areas of education in Wooddale, Cahill, Cornelia, Concord, Morningside, and Edina schools. His interest, enthusiom, and foresight all contributed to an efficiently run school district. Mr. Kuhlman directed the Board of Education in selecting an excellent faculty, outlining the budget, and planning for the increasing enrollment. He also kept the school administration and community well informed about the plans for future development. In the past year, this progress included the building of the new Cornelia grade school, expansion of the high school, and better books and equipment. Many nationally known publications, such as Who's Who in the Midwest, Who's Who in American Education, and Leaders in American Education, have recognized his outstanding achievement in the educational field. The former Principal of Edina high school, Mr. Leo J. Fick, left his job in 1959 to become the first Director of Secondary Education. This new position was added to the administration since the increase in growth and complexity of Edina's school system demanded more attention. Mr. Fick's responsibilities included planning a workable curriculum and supervising personnel. Another responsibility was representing Mr. Kuhlman in faculty-superintendent relations in the junior and senior high schools. With a B.A. degree from St. Cloud Teachers College Mr. Fick attended the U. of M. where he received his M.A. degree in education. In addition to his high school duties, Mr. Fick has many outside interests, such as hunting, fishing, and supporting Edina's athletic events. Director Secondary Education Mr. Leo J. Fick 80Edina's Assistant Principal Mr. Elmer R. Lundgren was kept busy this year with his duties, which included managing the attendance and tardiness records, handling the school's disciplinary problems, registering new students, supervising Edina's over-crowded corridors and cafeteria, managing the hall monitors and conferring with parents. He left Edina for rival St. Louis Park, repented, and was welcomed back to Edina's halls in 1958 as Assistant Principal. Previously, he taught industrial arts and advised the Whigrean. Appropriately, he received a B.A. in Industrial Education from the University of Minnesota. His experience and background have made Mr. Lundgren an effective and efficient Assistant Principal. Assistant Principal Mr. Elmer R. Lundgren Mr. Rollond J. Ring Principal Mr. Rolland J. Ring has advanced from Assistant-Principal of Edina's high school, to Principal of the new junior high, to Principal of Edina senior high school since he came to Edina in 1950. As senior high principal, he has advised the Student Council and held numerous conferences with both students and faculty members. His summer "vacation" included planning the student's sub ject program. A graduate of South High, Mr. Ring received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Minnesota. Before coming to Edina he served as Chief Petty Officer in the United States Coast Guard, and taught social problems at Hutchinson, where he also coached football. Having lettered in football at the U. of M. he was an enthusiastic sports fan. In addition, Mr. Ring belonged to several state and national organizations concerning education. This year he effectively served as President of Edina Optomist Club. 89SCHOOL BOARD. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. John K. Hamilton, chairman, Mr . James F. Richords, clerk; Mr. Willi A. Jacus. vice-chairman; Mr, SCHOOL BOARD The addition to the high school was a tangible example of the work of the School Board, for this group of able men and women composed the plans for these improvements after spending much time weighing the advantages of each proposal. They were also responsible for choosing an efficient faculty and administration and for arriving at a satisfactory budget for the year. The effectiveness of a school system depends on the willingness and ability of its board. For these reasons, Edina has an effective school system. Richard N. Reaves, treoiurer. SECOND ROW: Mr. R. E. Schmidt; Mr. John Y. loper. Mr. Willi F. Shaw; Mr. Milton H. Kuhlman. P.T.A. The goal of Edina's P.T.A. was to co-ordinate the interests of parents, faculty members, and students. In order to achieve this, the traditional P.T.A. drive and open house were held in the fall. Always a big success, this year's drive and open house were especially profitable with a total membership of 1552 members, the highest membership Edina has ever had. . In addition to developing interest in the school, the P.T.A. encouraged promising students in the field, of education by sponsoring two $100 scholarships. P.T.A. Mr . Roy A. Lord, second vice-president, Mr. J. Donald Meyer, treasurer,- Mr. Gerald S. Mayo, president; Mr. John W. Forney, first vice-president; Mr . John R. Lyndon, Jr„ secretary. 90SEATED: Min Phyllis Groebnar, Mrs. Jocqvellne Gsllhom. STANDING: Mr. Rodnvy A. Schmidt, Mr. Arnold M. Rehmon, Mr. Edword H. Downs. Counselors Guide Future Leaders The Edina-Morningside counseling staff has been steadily increasing in recent years to reach this year's total of five counselors, three full-time and two part-time. These capable people advised students not only on their curricular and extra-curricular activities, but also on their future plans. As Senior Class Counselor, Mr. Rodney A. Schmidt's main responsibility was helping college-bound seniors to choose the right college. In order to best accomplish this, he held individual conferences with eoch senior and scheduled meetings between college representatives and students. He also kept the senior class informed about tests required for college entrance, such as the College Boards. To keep up with the latest college news Mr. Schmidt traveled across the country to visit different institutions. Assisting Mr. Schmidt as senior counselor was Mrs. Jacqueline Gellhorn. She helped students decide between a college or vocation, and kept a complete file of vocational and college catalogues for the use of the students. In addition to her counseling duties, Mrs. Gellhorn taught several eleventh grade English classes. Mr. Edward H. Downs, the junior class counselor, compiled a complete record of each junior's progress through high school along with his tentative future plans. Mr. Downs also served as Student Council and Hi-Y advisor. Edina's cheerful sophomore class advisor. Miss Phyllis Graebner, mode the tenth graders feel at home in their new atmosphere. She helped them plan their schedules and join in the senior high activities. Replacing Dr. Blocher as Secondary Educational Psychologist this past year was Mr. Arnold M. Rehmon. He served both the junior and senior high schools. Upon the suggestions of another counselor, he helped students solve special problems. In addition, he often gave various students experimental psychological tests. In general, the counselors served not only as guides, but also os friends to whom a student might talk freely. They always enjoyed hearing from the students. 91Librarians Miss Ingrid Miller, head librarian, has been efficiently operating our school's library for the past twelve years. She was joined this past year by a new assistant librarian, Mrs. Zona Rumpel, who came from Seattle, Washington. Their work consisted of purchasing and maintaining all books, magazines, and pamphlets, and the compiling of an accurate and complete file on all library materials. In addition both librarians were always willing to take time out from their many tasks to help confused students find books that would answer their questions. Administrative Assistant Mr. Donald I. Pryor, Edina's capable administrative assistant, supervised transportation, school buildings and cafeterias. He also took care of all bookkeeping and accounting problems. Business Manager Edina's business manager, Mr. William L. Simpson, superintended all business transactions and finances. This included all problems connected with the school expansion, such as building contracts. School Nurse Edina's helpful and understanding school nurse. Miss Lois E. Robertson, took care of all emergencies, and students who became sick during school. Miss Robertson was also the all-school Y-Teens advisor. Audio-Visual Director The director of the Audio-Visual Education Department was Mr. Douglas S. Hed. He selected and ordered films for classes activities, and trained new audio-visual operators. Cafeteria Supervisor Mrs. Rose Isker, the supervisor of Edina's hot lunch program, and her cafeteria staff prepared and served lunches. In addition, Mrs. Isker helped with school banquets and doughnut sales. Custodial Supervisor Mr. Clifford Robinson was recently appointed the director of Edina's Custodial staff. His duties included the direction of maintenance and repair of all schoof facilities and grounds. Mils Ingrid Miller Mr. Donald Pryor Miss lois Robertson Mrs. Rose Isker Mrs. Zona Rumpel Mr. William Simpson Mr. Douglas Hed Mr. Clifford Rolinson 92Staffs Show Efficiency Plus Mi» Jan© Elzeo, Mr . Elsye Martin, Mrs. Groce Disney, Mrs. Margaret McKeond, Mrs. Glendora Hauger, Mrs. Mary Cozzetto. Miss Harriet Kelsey. Mrs. Helen Ring. Secretaries Cafeteria Staff Mo. Greta Johnson. Mrs. Ruth Patton, Mrs. Mary Bringen, Mrs. Dolores Veenendol, Mrs. Sue Swim, Mrs. Dorothy Colness, hVs. Frances Nielsen, Mrs. EMo Peterson, Mrs. Gunorda Robinson. Mrs. Eleanor Kelly, Mrs. Jeon Knowles, Mrs. Ella Tracy. Custodians hWs. Mory Prelner, Mr. Rolph Frank. Mr. Martin Jordon, Mr. Morlyn ley Gillqvist, Mr. Alois Skluzocek. Mr. John Reis, Mr. Ernest Young. Korpl, Mr. Willus Evert, Mr. Milton Ehr, Mr. Gerald Hogan, Mr. Stan- Missing: Mr. Al Janohosky.So — my po»ture-podic mottrow hoin't com« yet! One eojy jfep fowardj knowledge. Edina Offers Superior Curriculum English is required at Edina during all three years of high school. Sophomore English provides students with a sampling of world literature and detailed work in grammar and creative writing. In the junior year, English consists of the study of American literature. In this course students are introduced to the research paper. The course of study in twelfth grade emphasizes English literature but the general history of literature is also studied. Speech and journalism are important subdivisions of the English Department. Speech helps students become confident in public speaking. Journalism teaches the techniques used in various types of news stories. Social studies are offered at Edina so that students may learn about their own democracy ana rue world's governments. World history, a sophomore elective, traces the history of man from ancient through modern times. American history is required in eleventh grade. It teaches the growth of American government, industry, and culture. Social problems, required of all seniors, is a combination of economics and sociology. The courses offered in the Mathematics Department include plane and solid geometry, advanced algebra, and trigonometry. Math students learn basic mathematical processes and develop skill in abstract thought. Science courses available at Edina, include biology, chemistry, physics, and physical science. Biology is an intensive study of plant, animal, and human structure. The study of the composition of matter and chemical reactions comprises the chemistry course. Physics covers the study of electricity, heat, and mechanics. Physical science, a new addition, provides students with the opportunity to further their studies in the field of science without going into chemistry or physics. Included in Edina's language curriculum are a two-year course in Russian, three-year courses in French, Spanish, and German, and a four-year course in Latin. A new addition to this department is the use of tape recordings. The Art Department offers general, advanced, and studio art. The band and choir, comprising Edina's Music Department, offer opportunities for musically-inclined students. Art and music appreciation supplement these two departments. To prepare students for the business world, several vocational courses are offered. Home economics offers homemaking experience. Industrial arts provides training for boys who are interested in metals, plastics, woodwork, and printing. Other classes which offer practical knowledge are business and everyday law, typing, shorthand, office practice, and bookkeeping. Physical education, required in the tenth grade, offers a variety of sports with the purpose of improving sportsmanship and athletic abiltiy. In recent years, Edina's classes have increased so that most courses are offered at three levels: basic, standard, and accelerated. Basic classes are offered for the slower students,- standard classes for the average students; and, accelerated classes are offered to students who can progress rapidly. 94MRS. fcllSABETH AAMOOT Family living, foods, clothing, advanced foods and clothing .. . Homo Economics Club odvisor ... the perfect mother ... pet peeve: tete-o-tetes . . . "And so forth ond so on." MR. EVERETT ANDERSON English 12 . . . odvisor of Declam, A.F.S. commlttoo, and Green Knights . . . Known for his dynamic voice and precarious positions ... no nicknames! . . . "Hello, there." MRS. BETTY ARNOLD Geometry . . . joined tho mathematics deportment this year . . . quizzes overy other day ... her politeness brought up the question — teocher or student? . . . "Stay seated until you are excused!" MR. DUANE BAGUEN Physical education . . . Varsity basketball and baseball coach . . . "All right, that will be fifty burpies for that little trick!" . . . seldom seen in a suit coat, but often in the stock room. MISS MAR DONNA BARTHOLET World and American history . . . World Affairs Club and A.F.S. program advisor . . . Social Studies department head . . . inspired her "cherubs" with bubbling onthusiasm . . . "Miss Organized." MR. RAYMOND BECHTLE Standard and enriched English 12 . . . returned to Edina from Washington . . . intellect spiced with subtle wit . . . unofficial college counselor . . . philosopy a la Bechtle . . . Spike Jones. Of course, I can touch my toes — Bolk Is infallible. You bof we eat the same lunchesl 95A yellow polka dot biklnll — Where? MR. JOHN BELK Basic, standard, and enriched chemistry . . . junior class advisor ... a typical professor . . . colorful shirts and expressions . . . discovered new element BK.-Bolkium . . . fomed bolly dancer. MR. DOLPH BEZOIR Mixed ond girls choir, musk appreciation . . . Department Head of Vocol Music ... “I hope you choke on that guml" . . . kept time on the piano-top . . . "breathe deeply, kidlets." MR. ROGER BOERGER Everyday and business law, bookkeeping, record keeping . . . takes a sincere interest in all . . . enjoys hunting ond golfing .. . the proud possessor of a pair of red shoes. MR. ROBERT BOWMAN Geometry, olgebro, advanced algebra . . . Bouncing Bob . . . os ski coach, he suffered through snowless winters . . . folent for drawing perfect circles .. . devoted to geometry. MR. RICHARD BUSCH Basic English 10 ond II . . . odvised Future Teocbers of America ... "a positive attitude is necessary for success." . . . used check system for class disturbers . . . what vocobulory lists! MR. WILLIAM BYE American History . . . Edina's famed footboll coach ... assistant basketball coach . . . casual classes . . . now you see him, now you don't . . . chronic pocer in the classroom ond on the field. 96MR. HOWARD CHRISTENSON Sociol Problemj ... A Republican history teocher? . . . fatherly . . . quiet and reserved . . . "Let's be happily happy, studontsl" . , . "who'll volunteer for this report? — how about youl" MISS URSULA COSTELLO Enriched and stondard English 10 . . . English Department Head . . . "Don't just sit thorc and grew, you vegetables" . . . fabulous wardrobe with a variety of scarfs . . . "But last year's doss . . ." MR. JOHN DAHL American history, social problems . . . capable debote cooch , . . constantly uses a voluminous vocabulary ... always the distinguished gentleman . . . "My gosh, you are big." MR. JOHN EHLERT Biology . . . oggrovoted his students by giving only one test every nine weeks . . . preferred a chrome dome to a horribly hairy head . . . "Keep your eyo on the doughnut; forget obout the hole." MR. BUTLER EITEL Vorsity and concert bands . . . Hood of Instrumental Music ... a true perfectionist with a dislike for procrastination . . . reserved a corner of the blackboard for words of wisdom . . . "Be there at 6:4716 sharp!" MRS. PATRICIA ENGELHARD Physical Education . . . advised G.A.A. and checrleoding squad . . . "there’ll be no dirty tennies in my dosses!" . . . pert ond pixie-ish . . . love for modern dance . . . girlish blush. Let's hear it for Podunk Ul 97MR. DELMAR FREDRICKSON Speech . . . advisor of senior class and Notionol Thespians . . . director of dramatics ... a true Norwegian, complete with ski sweaters ... "I wish you'd jist git rid of that gum." MRS. JACQUELINE GELLHORN Standard and enriched English II... senior counselor . . . "research papers must be In the post tensel" ... "I hate guml" ... a few witty questions In every test ... my name is Mrs. Gellhorn — 2 "I's" and no "e." MISS NANCY GIMMESTAD English 10, physical education . . . joined Edina's staff lost fall ... her pep and enthusiasm were evidenced by her cheering in the foculty skit and organizing a pop-club and ski club. MISS EDITH GRANSBERG Typing, office proctlce . . . well-dressed . . . "Don't slom thot carriage, it's only a mochine" . . . now is the time for oil good students to type . . . "How many typed without an error today?" MISS ANDREA GROVE English 11... new to Edina this year . . . just a college girl at heart — a loyal Carleton fon and frequenter of U. of M. fraternity parties . . . intelligent and mild mannered . . . "Uml" MRS. RAUHA HAGEMEISTER Spanish II and III . . . advised Spanish Club . . . Foreign languages heod . . . had o love for assigning Spanish speeches . . . exclaimed "interesting" and "lovely" esparvol . . . sincere helpfulness. MR. ELMER HALVORSEN Standard and enriched biology . . . vorsity wrestling coach . . . related many hunting and wrestling experiences . . . freoted delighted students with his pickled lab specimens. MR. RICHARD HARTMAN Accelerated mathematics 10, II, and 12; solid geometry ond trigonometry . . . heoded Mathematics Deportment . . . quiet understanding . . . pensive . . . "Let's have a few volunteers!" MISS SHIRLEY HOAGIUND Accelerated Spanish I ond II . . . went tape happy this past year . . . "Now, we should finish this book by December, if we hurry" . . . informal dosses, with much sarcasm . . . "pobrocitol" MISS GLORIA IRVINE Typing, English II... come to Edina from Chicogo Heights, Illinois last fall . . . "Keep your eyes on the book, not on the typewriter." . . . spoke softly, but carried a big stick. 98MR. OTTO JANECKE General and advanced woodwork, basic and mechanical drawing, metols . . . placed fho noughty boys in the corner ... the quiet type . . . "Clean up and take core of those toolsl" MR. WILLIAM JEPSON Basic, goneral, and enriched physics . . , advised radio dub and science seminar . . . collected rabbits . . . measured momemtum with Jepsonians and Jepsomites ... the oracle of wisdom. MR. CURTISS JOHNSON Advanced algebra, occelorated math . . . Math Club od-visor . . . quite the ladies' man ... a flashy Thunderbird . . . enjoyed singing with' the Choralairs . . . "Mr. Ivy Leoguo." MR. DON JOHNSON English II, German I . . . capable golf coach . . . devised point system for controlling dass com chatter and high grades . . . enjoyed hunting and fishing , . . that certain smile. MISS MARJORIE KRUSE English 12 . . . Horonette odvisor . . . hidden talent — folk singing ... the well-tailored look . . . often seen perched on hor desk . . . between meal snacks Include apples and cough drops . . . "Amazlngl" MISS ARDYCE LAPRAY Typing, shorthand I and II . . . advised F.B.L.A. . . . gave much time in the morning to working in the studont book store . . . "Don't look at that machine. It's on the chart." MISS CATHERINE MALEY French I, Spanish II . . . odvised first levol construction . . . frequent interruptions of doss by McCarthyisms . . . stressed efficiency and neatness ... oh, that percentage grading systeml MR. HARRY MARTIN Fronch II and III . . . French Club odvisor . . . President of the Faculty Club . . . "Morningside Is the cultural center of Minneapolis!" . . . honored os Weenlo-of-the-week in 1958 . . . "Zutl" MR. JOHN MATLON Basic, genoral, and accelerated American history . . . tonnis and assistant wrestling coach . . . worksheets, worksheets, and more worksheets . . . aided students in choosing their party affiliation , . . "R.T.Q. and R.T.PI" MR. LOWELL McCARTHY General, advanced, ond studio art; art appreciation . . . advised beat Art Club . . . wandoring wisecrocker . . . kept his squlrrel-y students creating . . . chairman of foculty lunch program . . . wisdom. 99Trying the mail-order mambo? Gargling is one of the best vocal exercises! MR. J. DONALD MEYER Biology, enrichod biology . . . Conservation Club odvisor . . frequent joker and the wearer of a Merry Christmas sports jacket . . . "Only you can prevent forest firesl" MR. KARL PEGORS Social problems, physical education . . . stresses psychology and non-conformity . . . ogonizing surprise tests! . . . "When I taught in Crosby, my brother's aunt-in-law . . ." MR. RICHARD REICHOW Basic and architectural drawing, general and advanced printing . . . advised Concessions Club on popping and selling popcorn . . . avid sports fan . . . just one of the guys! MRS. MARILYN SANCHEZ Speech, debate speech, enriched English II, Spanish I . . . famed blackboard quotations . . . remained unbiased through heated discussions . . . possesses a special interest in Spanish. MR. RICHARD SCANLAN Latin 11,111, ond IV . . . inspirational Latin Club and sophomore doss advisor . . . "Ego non dicam" . . . "take out a half sheet of paper — exactly" . . . "Great Scott" ... an experience worth remembering. MR. ROBERT SEHA Geometry, senior math, Russian II . . . odvisor for newly-formed Russian Club and Tri-Alpha Hi-Y . . . bits of advice on cramming for tests and using No-Doz . . . "Animals belong on the farm." 100MR. JOHN SHELDON English 10. Journalism . . . all-important odvisor of tho Whigrean, Buzzctte, and Quill and Scroll . . . helpful concern . . . habitual poncil nibblcr . . . enjoyed treat days. MR. LASZLO SZENDREY German I, II, and III . . . Fuhrcr of Gormon Club . . . assistant tennis cooch . . . World War II adventures fold with a Hungarian occent . . . "Dos Russian gangstorsl" MISS ARDIS TOWIER World history . . . willingly gove much extra time to odvising tho Junior Red Cross Council . . . hobbies included travel and plants . . . mild mannered and always eager to please. MRS. JANET WEIGOID English 10 . . . former teacher at the junior high . . . returned to Edina os o Mrs. . . . exquisite dresser . . . gave superb explanations ... the boys really learned thoir Englishl MR. WILLIAM YOUNG Chemistry, physical science . . . odvisod Science Club . . . what a sen so of humorl . . . frequent references to wild college days and "Little Billy" . . . boundless enthusiasm. MR. DONALD ZINS Advanced Algebra, solid geometry, trigonometry . . . B-squad football and hockey coach . . . primory interest — navigation . . . frequent conferences with Billy Bye . . . "And all that garbage!" YOU can be reploced by a junior-high squlrrell The bell failed, but Belk didn't. 101Jim Lynden President Ginger Hofner Secretary Piloted by Jim Lynden and advised by Mr. Downs, the student council discussed policies and functions in an effort to improve conditions in our school. Success followed success as the council faced the tasks before it. Of special note was the second annual charity week and its success. The seniors led the charge as the goal was exceeded by a great margin. The also successful Charity Ball climaxed the week. Making suggestions where they thought appropriate, the standing committees continued to patrol the school. After discussion, it was decided that a special section be roped off for the use of students at athletic events. The council also masterminded the idea of transferring Edina's athletic trophies to the display cabinets across from the library. It was smooth sailing for the council. They had their coat-racks at lost! Terry Smith Vice-Preiident Tom Stevonson Treasurer Council Succeeds in Projects BOTTOM ROW: L Reo, J- Ferguson, S. Cooper, T. Smith, T. Stevenson, Mr. Downs, J. Lynden, G. Halfner, C. Sirene, H. Christenson, 0. Carlson; SECOND ROW: B. Jevne. S. Howthorne, J. Leek, J. Severoid. S. Schoening, B. Lund, K. Anderson. J. Coffey, K. Bino, V. Show. M. Kreiger. K. Kupholj THIRD ROW: P. Windhorst. L Manchester, J. Forney. J. Shepherd, J. Steinbaurer. P. Kemper, J. Gentry. B. Corson, D. Greer. D. Kuffmon, B. Swondby; FOURTH ROW: B. McFodiean, T. Broun, D. Jones, T. Carlson, A. Goddard, M. Conoycr. J. Mucke, S. Brierley. D. McVeety, D. Loce. K. Rue, M. Maurer. 104BOTTOM ROW: Bob Rogers, G. Chriss, S. Cooper. G. Week. 0. Corlson. R. Thiem; ROW TWO: B. Jensen. S. Olsen, I. Iverson, M. Porter. D. Wolfe, t. Konnenberg. A. Findloy, M. Melond; ROW THREE: K. Homilton. D. Ripley. D. Vonosek, M McGorrough. M. Her, B. Buell. C. Tews, I. Begg, ROW FOUR: S. Brierley. M. Wayne. B. Foss. J, Kimmerle. J. Wormon, M, Tymon, G. Hofner. Red Cross Goal Good Will As one of the largest service organizations in the school, our Junior Red Cross Council endeavored to do "more for more people" as they proved to us that "something good happens when you give." Under the leadership of Stevie Cooper and the counseling of Miss Towler, the council devoted the greater part of its time and talent to the task of filling gift boxes and gift chests. Another task of the council was contributing to the promotion of international good will by making scrapbooks that showed various school activities. When completed, these scrapbooks were exchanged with schools of other nations. While this process showed our way of life to the people of other countries, it also helped us to gain a better understanding of life abroad. Thus the E.R.C.C. contributed to the theme of promoting international good will and understanding. Bunny Week Secretory Gwen Chris Vice-president 105 Bob Rogers TreasurerCLOCKWISEi Lesllo Roo, Classes ond Student Life; Bonnio Hilliard, Tom Stovonson, Activities; Sandy Brierley, Business; Linda Buss, Edi- Seniors; Sandy Alton, Faculty and Community; Jim Lyndon, Sports; tor; Bobb Carson. Art; Julie Besseton. Typing; Judy Resch, Copy. 106Editor-in-chief Linda Bum. Ingenuity, Work "The world will little note nor long remember what we say here . . in Edina's Pub Room, that is,- and we of the Whigrean staff do not expect it to. But how could we ever forget the stuffy, dimly-lit room where we labored to produce the 1961 yearbook? Yes, how could we forget the piles of unidentifiable pictures, Mr. McCarthy's captions, our invaluable assistants, or the Whigrean staff itself — Linda entreating patiently, "now just a minute!" . . . Bonnie pleading with the seniors to turn in their proofs . . . Les fighting with a myriad of classes pix . . . Bobb declaring, "and this is the last dragon I'm going to draw" . . . Sandy A. and Sandy B. — one cursing the teachers and the otner Business Manoger Sandy Brierley ond Advi»or Mr. John Sheldon. Create Yearbook trying to match subscriptions to subscribers . . . Jim loafing from November to March, and then! . . . Tom slaving over coke-stained pages . . . Judy begging, "please turn your copy in early" . . . Julie unintentionally entertaining the group . . . The assistants contributing innumerable hours to "the cause" . . . and Mr. Sheldon, our valued advisor, preventing complete choas. These ore the individuals, found in the "boys' corner" and the "girls' comer," who united their efforts to creote this yearbook. No, we don't expect the world to remember what we said here but we hope it will never forget what we created — the 1961 Whigrean. ASSISTANTS Merilee Alexander. Business; Jane Kullberg. Faculty; Bill Jevne. Sports; Carol Sirene. Clone ond Student Life; Kathie Anderson, Seniors; Susan Russ. Activities. 107Clockwise: Solly Holverson, Copyreoder; Ging®, Hofner. Assistonf Editor, Sports, Woyn® Miller, Sports Editor; Rick Wlllioms. Assistant Editor, Sports; Bob Swondby, Assistant Editor. Sports; Maryonne Corlstrom. Editor, Poge Three; Barbara Jensen. Assistant Editor, Page Three. Marguerite Byrnes. Art and Picture Editor; Tom Getsch. Photographer. Kathy Storn, Typist. Gary Moss. Photographer; Vicki Thomos. Typist; Dave Gust, Photographer; Polly Thomson, Circulation and Exchange Editor,- Jon Moss. Advertising Monoger; Vicki Tew. Assistont Editor, Poge Two; Carol Woehrer. Editor, Poge Two; lois Woehrer, Copyreoder; Poulo Persen, Editor, Page One. Sue Stocking. Assistant Editor. Poge One; Sue Anderson, Copy Editor. In Center: Sarah Hawthorne, Editor-In-Chief. 108Editor-in-chief Soroh Howthorne Advertising Jan Moss. Art Marguerite Byrnes, and Mr. John Sheldon. Buzzette Aims Toward High Ranking "If it's not in the Buzzette it's a rumor." This statement, which appeared in each issue of the Buzzette, aptly expressed the aims and ideas of the Buzzette staff. The energetic "Buzzetteers" could be found every fourth hour compiling news for their bi-weekly issues in the famed Buzzette room. Always looking for ways to create a better paper in aspiration of an All-American ranking. Editor Sarah Hawthorne and advisor Mr. John Sheldon held a critical session on the Monday following the issuance of each paper. The prime purpose of these sessons, was to point out shortcomings of the paper which were then corrected in later issues. This year's Buzzette staff, composed predominantly of seniors, profited from past experience and introduced several innovations designed to capture reader interest. The new policies included an emphasis on interesting features presented from different angles, a new boldface policy, and the creation of interest in civic affairs through special features articles. Buzzette hour wasn't all drudgery, however. A walk near 102 quickly alleviated any fears to the contrary, as gales of laughter and such comments as, "Who's in the closet now?" were heard. A lot of work, a lot of effort, and a lot of fun went into each issue of the Buzzette. EDITORS: Carol Woehrer, Second Pogej Mary Anno Corlstrom, Third Page; Wayne Miller, Fourth Page; Susan Anderson, Copy; Paula Person. First Page,- Polly Thomson, Circulation Monogor. 109World Affairs Membership Soars Edina students' increased awareness of current events was evidenced by the phenomenal growth of the World Affairs Club. In this past year. Club membership increased to 116 times of last year's enrollment. The participants in Club activities enjoyed AFS speakers, a political panel, and an election-eve party during meetings. With the Student Council, the World Affairs Club sponsored a sock hop. Advised by Miss Bartholet, the Club carried out its programs through committees. The Red Cross committee made albums and supported civil defense. The political committee produced a school-wide mock election. The public relations committee was divided into two subcommittees — pen pals and publicity. Guiding these committees were the Club officers: Scott Scherer, Gret-chen Olsen, Marci McGarraugh, and Peter Windhorst. The core of the Club was the World Affairs study group. This group studied weekly tests of the Minneapolis Star to prepare for the newspaper's current events test in May. Study Group FAR ROW: G. Olion, B. Siebert. J. Hoa». T. McCormick. T. Nordby, T. Mortin; SECOND ROW: P. Windhortt, D. Sand . K. Grondstond. S. Andenen. D. Martin, D. Oliver; THIRD ROW: S. Scherer. J. Well . D. Knight, M. Burton. D. Luce. J. Dahl; FOURTH ROWi M. McGarraugh, L. Connenberg. L. Moe, G. Hlldenbrand. 110BOTTOM ROWi Gudron Ziegler, Gwnter Mildenbrand, Rosario Aramoyo. SECOND ROW: Bob Sworvdby, Jim Lyoden. Choo Khout. A. F. S, Promotes National Good Will This year fcdma was fortunate in having four foreign exchange students: Gudrun Ziegler and Gunter Hildenbrand from Germany, Rosario Aramoyo from Bolivia, and Chao Khout from Laos. In exchange, Edina sent Jim Lynden to Norway,- Bob Swandby to Holland; and Jan Jim lynden...................... Norway Rachie, Ken Jonson, and Sue Halvorson to Germany. Bob Swandby ................... Holland Through exchange programs, the participants lived with a family in Ken Jonson .................. Germany another country. By means of the families activities, they learned the Jan Rachie .................. Germany customs, traditions and ways of life of the peoples of the other world. Sue Halvorson................ Germany Jim spent most of his time mountain climbing, visiting with the Nor- Khout Chao.........................Laos wegian piken (girls), and fishing. Gunter Hildenbrand..........Germany Bob spent his summer with three families. He remembers painfully a Gudrun Ziegler ................ Germany one-hundred mile hike. Rosario Aramoyo................ Bolivia Everyone who participated in an exchange program agreed it was an invaluable experience. Jim ond Bob enjoy the cruise on the way to their »eparote countries. Darn Itl I just missed herl 111DEBATEi Mr. John Dohl, T. McKenna, J. Rachie, M. Rebbman; ROW 2; P. Wunch, G. Olson, S. Byrnes. D. Oswald; ROW 3; J. Johnson, J. Wells, S. Scherer, J. Gentry. Debate Declam Edina's Debate Team became a decided asset to the high school in the past year under the direction of Mr. John Dahl. Previously, the club was relatively inactive, but this year it became one of the finest in the area through its activities. The small size of the group proved to be an asset, since it enabled members of the club to work closely together on this season's question: "Resolved, that the United Nations should be significantly strengthened?" The bulk of the work was carried by Mike Rebbman (11), Tom McKenna (11), Dean Hess (10), and Jim Gentry (10). The high point of the season occurred when the club placed second in a debate contest in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Although many schools were represented from the Midwest, Eau Claire High School was the only school that could thwart Edina's Debate Team. Although Declom didn't begin to function until the middle of March, the participants and advisors were busy making plans at the coming of the new year. Practicing under the direction of advisors Miss Costello, Miss Weigold, Mrs. Sanchez, and Mr. Anderson — all English teachers — were those students who wished to participate in Declam. The eight categories of Declam are memorized oratory, original oratory, story telling, humorous reading, extemporaneous manuscript reading, discussion, and extemporaneous speaking. From a local contest at Bloomington High School, two local participants were sent to a district contest. One of these may reach the state contest by acquiring a superior rating in the district contest. Edina also presented a one-oct cutting from The Diary of Anne Frank. DEClAMi ROW 1j D. Wolfe, V. Tew, K. Anderson, S. Stone, S. ROW 3; J. Hendrickson, J. Bridgeman, M. Rebbman, I. Nochbar, McDonald, J. Brostrom; ROW 2; M. Junior, K. Hennessey, G. Chriss, B. Carson, D. Copps, L Carlson, I. Ingraham, J. Sevaroid. L Kannenberg, P. Hall, E. Christopher, P. Anderson, M. Stevens; 112QUILL AND SCROLLi ROW 1; C. Woeherer, S. Hawthorne, S. Allen, J. Mom. P. Thomson, K Anderson; ROW 2; V. Tew, M. Alexander, J. Reich. P. Person, L Rea, S. Anderson, B. Jensen. ROW 3; W. Miller, M. Carlstrom, M. Byrnes, L Boss, S. Brierley, B. Carson. Quill £ Scroll Thespians This year was a year of change for Edina's Quill and Scroll chapter. Formerly the chapter was an inactive organization with a single purpose, that of acknowledging those students who participated on a school publication. This year, however, the Quill and Scroll became more active, and sponsored doughnut sales in order to obtain funds for their spring banquet. This banquet was staged under the direction of Mr. John Sheldon in recognition of the fine work displayed by the members of Quill and Scroll. Members are selected for Quill and Scroll on the basis of outstanding work on a school publication, either Whigrean or Buzzette. Each student must also be in the upper third of his class. To signify membership in Quill and Scroll, each new member received a pin or charm bearing the name of the organization. Thespians is an honorary dramatic organization which is designed to promote selection and production of good drama, to stimulate an interest in attending worthwhile dramatic productions, and to cultivate a general appreciation for drama. Edina chartered its first Thespian group in May of 1951, with fourteen original members. In order to become a member of Thespians, a student must show outstanding participation and ability in school productions os an actor and committee member. Each spring the Thespians sponsor a banquet in recognition of the fine work displayed by each member. Through the guidance of Mr. Delmar Fredrickson and Thespian officers — Vicki Tew, Bobb Carson, Susan Russ, and Margaret Tressel — the Thespians stage on annual three-act play. This year's Thespian play was The Girls in 509. THESPIANS. ROW 1, M. Tressel, V. Tew, B. Corson. S. Russ; ROW 2; K. Hennessey, D. Luce. Mr. Delmar Fredrickson, D. Ewert, P. Person, D. Wolfe. 113Seniors: BOTTOM ROW: J. Reach, P. Thomson, P. Pearson, M. Allen, J. Moss, C. Wetsborger, B. Jensen, M. Burton, S. Trapp, L. Cummiskey, C. McFadzean, L Elliot, J. Kullberg; ROW 2: S. Kroemen, M. Smith, S. Moore, I. Buss, S. Brierley. S. Laurel, G. Ottorness, K. Hamilton, M. Gust, R. Smisek, K. Hill, D. Wudlick, L. Wollumson, A. Iverson, G. Brandow; ROW 3: B. Ofstedal, R. Lafchaw. R. Lundgren, R. Brown, B. Carson, J. McEliece. J. Lynden, T. Smith, S. Hawthorne, B. Oft, 8. Siebcrt, A. Fenger; ROW 4: W. Miller, G. John, M. lushine, T. Stevens, R. Kostick, L. Manchester, W. Noran, K. Jonson, J. McManls, M. Mahowald, S. Scherer, T. Martin, T. Honaas. J. Dodge. National Honor Society Juniors: BOTTOM ROW: D. Furber, J. Janssen, C. Patten, S. MocDonold. J. Brostrom, N. Norris, K. Forster, C. Lund, L. Rea; ROW 2: M. Miller, C. Charles. K. Willioms, P. Hall. A. Findlay, C. Sirene, K. Dickey. S. Hatch, M. Alexander, M. McGarrough, B. Kane,- ROW 3: M. Callen, C. Fuller, K. Helgeson. K. Benson, M. Belfry, J. Mucke, P. Field, K. Shields. S. Halvorson, G. Hofner, P. Manfred; ROW 4: J. Fitch. P. Kemper, E. Strom, P. Windhorst, T. Mckenna, E. Thiele, D. Mayo, J. Hawkins, J. Steinbaurer, C. Rockwell. M. Rebbman. T. Braun. 114Honor Society Promotes Scholarship Ten percent of the junior class and five percent of the senior class are elected to the National Honor Society each year. Selection for Honor Society is based on four points: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The first qualification for membership is the maintenance of a straight B average. Those students that fell info this category were then selected by their eleventh and twelfth grade teachers on the basis of the other three points. After the students are elected by the teachers, the annual recognition program and banquet are held in honor of the members. Other events sponsored by Honor Society are helping with Career Day and acting as tutors for other students. Honor Society's main purpose is to honor those students who distinguished themselves in high school. Service Groups Aid School Audio Visual Library Assistants BOTTOM ROW: K. Young. H. Morra. W. Prott; ROW 2: R Gate . J. Stafford, T. Marquardt, D. Jocluon. BOTTOM ROW: J. Fletcher, C. Jockion, J. Hail, ROW 2: M. Bur-ton, J. Tess, P. Fuller. Office Pages and Nurse’s Helpers BOTTOM ROW: P. Kennedy. B. Tibb , M. Smith. J. Besse-»en, C. McFadiean, ROW 2: C. Field. N. Cloyton. A. Gage, J. Grim, ROW 3: S. Wigen, P. Peterson. M. Roth-orford. J. Hanson, D. Carl, son; ROW 4: K. Hill, G. Reinertsen, C. Brock, M. Olm-stead. V. Currier. 115F.B.l.A. BOTTOM ROW: $. Kemper, F. Krenz, J. Ewing, C. Jorgenson, B. Kane, J. Dannat, S. Laurel, M Porter, L. Andrew , B. Portinga, G. Fair,- ROW TWO: Y. Butch, C. Ellingwood, M. Rudd, J. Wood, S. Mel-bosfad, A. Burke, I. Ryan, P. Garrioton, J. Gruts. K. Johnson, S. Peterson, D. Wolfe. S. Johnson, S. Per-pick, B. Grant, K. Thayer; ROW THREE: S. Rublitz, C. Berlin, J. Beggs, C. Gindorff, S. Gentry, I. Wolfe, N. Heughet, J. Finney, M. lindhall, S. Sampson, J. Sinpson, B. Kirchnor, P. Korstad. C. Roine, J. Holmerg, K. School: ROW FOUR: L. Kerker, C. Akin. R. Ritter. J. McArthur. M. Jasmin. N. Palcn. J. Pfaff, S. Dovi»; ROW FIVE: S. Nelson, N. Gibbish, C. Merfeld, S. Rolain, J. Polglase, B. Perso, D. Soderberg, S. Skarie, M. Olmstod, P. Polglase, V. Currier, G. Dwyer, N. Gust, R. Smisik. CONSERVATION CLUB BOTTOM ROW: E. Strom. R. Willloms, J. Wells. T. Odell; ROW TWO: K. Hallonquiit. D. George; ROW THREE: D. Unberger, D. Mayo. T. Marquardt. RADIO CLUB BOTTOM ROW: T. Peterson, J. Wells. J. Anderson, Mr. Jepson; ROW TWO: M. Johnson, J. Herrkh, J. Morford. Group Interest Aids School F.T.A. BOTTOM ROW W. Martin. G. Week. S. Schoening. K, Hill. B. Wehr. K. Storn. S. Swift; ROW TWO: J. Raymond. M. Peterson, B. Luck. L. McKay, A. Boarson, D. Magnus. C. Coppock. J. Fletcher, ROW THREE: M. Reterford, L. Pasquale, S. Hoeffler. P. Atkinson. G. Christ, S. Hill, C. Gindorff; ROW FOUR: M. Smith, J. Hull. P. Fullor, M. Byrnes. E. Christopher. J. Wolf. B. Ott. C. Bennett. 116HOME EC CLUB. BOTTOM ROW: $. Rolph, P. Atkinson, I. Pcsquole. B. Perso, J. Resch. K. Hill. L. Carlson. K. Koltes. K. Johnson. S. Dovis, R. Aromoyo, ROW TWO: K. Finch, P. Sharpe, P. Holl. B. Kistle. J. Raymond. S. Wolker, L. Firth, B. Luck, D. Magnus, M. A I derson, M, Melond. E. Reed. ROW THREE: S. Wigen, L, Wozer, M. Harger, A. Harrison. R. Smisik, C. Berlin, S. Bublitz, K. Bailey. J. Vkorsen, D. Bell, J. Kinney, S. Loefflon, ROW FOUR: K. Nelson. A. Woodsworth, L. Martin, M. Ring, K. McKeon, C. Carlson, K. Johnson. K. Lienke. S. Moore. G. Nicholls, C. Book, G. Buelow, C. Brock, ROW FIVE: B. Mitchell, S. Prohy. J. Degen, D. Carlson, B. Slettebo. J. Victor, B. Mathews, C. Fuller, D. Kreiser, G. Reinortsen, L. Kerker, J. Glover, D. Bjorklund. SCIENCE SEMINAR: BOTTOM ROW: C. Ash, R. Aim, M. Scott, P. Wunch. A. Fenger, M. Miller, ROW TWO: M. McGorrough, L. Cum-mlskey. R. Orwoll. C. Lund. I Elliot, G. Bran-dow. G. Holz, ROW THREE: J. Carlson. D. Sand, J. Burton. J. Lee, D. Lundgren, L. Borlz, ROW FOUR: B. Johnson, W. Noron, M Hanson, B. Corson, T. Braun, D. Luce, M. Robb-man, ROW FIVE: J. Beggs. P. Komper, J. Wells, G. Hildenbrond. J. McManis. R. Brown, S. MocPhoil. W. Miller. ART CLUB: BOTTOM ROW: D. B;orklond. B MocKoy, M. Holder, S. Russ. Mr. L. McCorthy, ROW TWO: B. Perso. L. Mayer. J. Pfafl. J. Lasalle, J, Gruss. 8. Grant, ROW THREE: D. Edwards, D. Wudlkk. M, Byrnes, S. Riegel, A. Reed, ROW FOUR: P. Driscoll. V. Nelson. O. Morkle, G. Gust, J. James. M. Gust, ROW FIVE: D. Stuart, J. Yerxo. D. Rozer, B. Bunnell, R Simons. 117Latin Club Language Clubs Renew Rivalry In this past year, the language clubs continued the rivalry from 1959-60. Last winter the Latin Club and the German Club fought their traditional "war"; during the spring, each club contended for the cherished soccer championship. In addition to these battles, the Latin Club attended a special showing of "Ben-Hur." In the spring they held their annual Roman banquet. The climax of the French Club's activities occurred in the French Revolution. In this spring activity, a king and queen were selected to reign over the taxation and penalties of the peasants and bourgeoisie. The Russian Club practiced Russian customs in a Christmas party and spring banquet. Participating in soccer games and the Latin wor, the German Club held a unique initiation program for new members. Spanish Club climaxed their year of such programs os movies, speakers, and bingo with o grand fiesta. Russian Club 118Spanish Club French Club German Club 119AUCTOR BOTTOM ROW: J. Lyndon, T. Stovonson, B. Ofstcdal. R. Butcher. D. Bros, B. Prott; ROW TWO: H. Olson, 0. Forney. J. Hey, J. Bartlett, B. Hcocock; ROW THREE: B. Finkonaur. J. Strafe. G. Moss, D. Finch, M. Orman; ROW FOUR: K. Dobbs. J. Miller, K. Stevenson, D. Gridley, J. Forney. DEI GRATIA BOTTOM ROW: D. Umberger. D. Mayo. D. Gilchrist, T. Mayo, B. Gilsfer, Mr. L. McCarthy; ROW TWO: B. Henderson, J. Kloek, J. Morgan, K. Wost, B. Sanford. T. Broun, K. Hallonquist. R. Mader; ROW FOUR: B. Bermel, B. Mildren, P. Windhorst, D. George, B. Bickctt. REGIS BOTTOM ROW; M. Rebmann, R. Jensen, J. Johnson, D. Gould, T. Packard, T. Ferguson, J. Nelson; SECOND ROW: R. Williams, J. Tess, J. Phillips, T. Potts, V. Welling, H. Slowson, J. Peterson, P. Wunsch; THIRD ROW: F. Lade, E. Strom, J. Englund. J. Anderson, K. Young, T. Sorem, D. Richord, F. Nordeen. RHON BOTTOM ROW: C. Lomor, R. Troutman, P. Urvig, D. Carlson, 8. Show; ROW TWO: T. Sommer, D. Ewert, R. Smith, J. Reeves, B. May,- ROW THREE: D. Foley, J. Henjum, P. Swan, P. Troutman, R. Dornfeld; ROW FOUR: J. Williams, B. Romseyer, W. Tang, T. Dohl. TRI ALPHA BOTTOM ROW: J. Jacobson. J. Klein, B. Hoskin, T. Smith, M Richardson; ROW TWO: R. Thiem, S. Watson, III, J. Richardson, J. Winberg. S. McIntosh, R. Beddow; ROW THREE: S. Utno. B. Anderson, R. Larson, M. Kaiser, B. McDonald; ROW FOUR: R. Brown, J. Carlson, G. Nolson, F. Lade, B. Wright. UTILIS BOTTOM ROW: 8. Gallup, M. Hanson, B. Boeder, B. Cor-son, J. Edwards, J. Knopf, T. Peterson; ROW TWO: C. Rockwell, D. Luce, P. Quiers, D. Smith, J. Scholefteld, T. Larson; ROW THREE: S. Russ, J. Gentry, B. McPherson, T. Moore, C. Johnson, T. Stuart; ROW FOUR: M. Cooper, M, Lilste, D. Rouzer, M. Mahowald, S. Giebink, H. Lykken.Y-TEENS CABINET BOTTOM ROW: C. McFadzeon, B. Carlson, S. Carlson, P. Persen, C. Connom, B. Wehr, ROW TWO: B. Kirchner, B. Buell, J. Resch. J. Kullberg. S. Cooper; ROW THREE: A. Fenger. J. Rochie, S. Hawthorne, D. Gallup. K. Hill. Cabinets Join Forces Several changes marked this year's Y-Teens ond Hi-Y programs. Through coordination of all-school presidents, Paula Persen and Mark Richardson, three joints for Y-Teens and Hi-Y were organized. These joint efforts enabled the clubs to contract worthwhile programs and speakers that would not have been possible otherwise due to a lock of funds or a lack of sufficient number of people. One of these joints was the annual early morning Christmas service and breakfast, which helped create the spirit of Christmas. As an all-school service project, Y-Teens set a goal of $400 to contribute to Camp Courage. Each of the eleven chapters donated $30 to the fund which they had earned within their clubs through such means as selling pencils with Edina's basketball schedule on them, selling Edina stationery, and selling donuts during lunches. The balance of the goal was supplied by the all-school treasury from the profit made on the Hero Dance. Hi-Y's main goal this year was service to the community. In connection with this, boys in Hi-Y volunteered their services to the Goodwill Industries and helped collect and sort old clothes during the Goodwill Pick-up Drive. This year for the first time, Edina's Y-Teens and Hi-Y worked closely together in order to have more effective clubs. HI-Y CABINET BOTTOM ROW: M. Hanson, Chaplain; J. Jacobson, Secretary-Treasurer; M. Richardson. President; T. Stevenson, Vice-President; ROW TWO: D. Gould. T. Mayo, T. Smith, B. Boelter. Missing: R. Troutman. 121ALPHA OMEGA BOTTOM ROW: B. Peterson. K. Aslesen. S. Schol-ing, J. Rachie, C. Murray. ROW TWO: P. Korstod, S. Wartchow, J. George, M. Matthews, D. Knight, A. Stamp; ROW TWO: K. Corisen, K. Moore. S. Sharie, N. Norris, B. Sothet; ROW FOUR: L. Iverson, J. Glover. B. Norton. K. Myers. S. Sampson, J. Kech; ROW FIVE: J. Porker. W. Crook, M. Dennison, D. Stuart, S. Edwards. J. Vktor, S. Gentry. BETA PHI BOTTOM ROW: C. McFadzeon. F. Crickmer. B Bigelow, G. Fenger, S. Spearing, S. Hawthorne; ROW TWO: L. Grewe. S. Green P. Hilliard. S. Roscoe. J. Ferguson. S. Rolfe; ROW THREE: J Jones, J. Barber, j Dahl. V. McEliece. C. Book. M. LeMire. ROW FOUR: K. Hennesey. P. Kuhn, K. Hamilton, S. Allen, M. Mourer, M. Sohlman; ROW FIVE: B. Jones. J. Kimmerle, S. Scheefe, J. Helnrick. M Tressel. P. Wotson, D. Hoffman. DELTA IOTA BOnOM ROW: 8 Gront. B. Buell, C. Wetzbargor. L. Kerker, P. Wright. C. Tudor; ROW TWO: M. Llndball, J. Ross. P. Lee, M. Derby. S. Priest. B. Hllliord. A. Baxter; ROW THREE: J. Fin-ney, K. Johnson. E. Rood, K. Musselman, M. Rowe, B. Burkhardt. M. MacAlllster. I. Giertson. ROW FOUR: B. Bressler, C. Akin, C. Blon-din, J. Ewing. C. Jorgenson, M. Romsoas. J. LaSalle. D. Johnson; ROW FIVE: C. Osberg, G. Reinertsen, C. Dolquist. D. Kriser. S. Welch. C. Berlin, S. Bublitz, D. Harris. DELTA PHI BOTTOM ROW: B. Flickinger. S. Smith, P. Pederson. K. Hill, K. Sfarn. J. Jansen, J. Kittolson; ROW TWO: M. Olson, B. Gokle. C. Coppock. S. Johnson, J. Kelly, J. Donnot, J. Redesko, K. Thayer; ROW THREE: R. Posthumus, J. Moss. S. Burns. C. MacAl-lister, S. Poterson, S. Hull, S. Holstad; ROW FOUR: M. Hagen, V. Dohlberg, M. Stone. M. Henkel, J. Pfaff, S. Hill, K. Kuphal, I. Rea; ROW FIVE: A. Reimers. N. Krieger, N. Danielson, N. Grosh, B. Mc-Dermid, C. Eaton, S. Schroeder. ETA THETA BOTTOM ROW: P. Peterson, M. Minde. M. Woodheod. G. Ziegler, J. Kullberg. L Quade. L. Olson; ROW TWO: B. Wehr. M. Naslund. K. Rue, J. Martin, K. Trapp, C. Mortenson, B. Houck. B Keil; ROW THREE: D. McVeety, L. Laudenslager. C. Waller, J. Gilfillan, M Larson. P. Sharpe, M. Krieger; ROW FOUR: C. Brock, B. Pike, G. Buelow, B. Tripp, J. WoH. P. Anderson. W. Wicker; ROW FIVE: L. Von Wozer, B Mothews, M. Chastik, L. Buss. C. Degeberg. A. Yelkin, M. Houger. PHI EPSILON BOTTOM ROW: S. Puterbaugh, A. Fenger. D. Bell, S. Wersell. J. Mekher. S. Turnoull; ROW TWO: M. Porter. N. De Coursey, M. Lupie, J. Olson, J. Ekstame, A. Findlay. M. Toube; ROW THREE: K. Shields. S. Swift. J. Kinney. P. Schmidt, D. Struck, G. McNeil. N. Peterson, I. Goughler; ROW FOUR: P. Corchron, G Freeman, A. Ostendorf, S. Stone, t. Morphew, S. Ring. S. Sanders.PHI OMtCRON BOTTOM ROW; J. Gilmon, S. West, J. Sevoroid. D. Gallup. S. Melson, M. Krizon, K. Anderson; ROW TWO: K. Johnson, J. Loose. S. Carlson, M. Bolles. N. Hogman, J. Robb, T. Brandi. E. Houck; ROW THREE: K. Vogoloy. 8 Mitchell. L. McKay. B. Flower, F. Sims, S. Hupp, M. Matthews, C. Jordan; ROW FOUR: K. Kelly, R. Borglund. J. Folkanger, M. Rudd, C. Potten, J. Polgloso, S. Mitchell, P. Field; ROW FIVE: B. Bruner, A. Iverson, P. Polgolose, M. Olmstead. J. Gowling. K. McCracken, I. Rofshal. SIGMA DELTA BOTTOM ROW: G. Week, B. Crunquist, L. Ostbye. S. Cooper, C. Cannom, K. Anderson, A. Goge; ROW TWO: N. Nowhouse, J Thorpe, M. Her, L. Sommers, K. Sondbcrg, L. Ryan, R. Olstad, L. Cameron.- ROW THREE: G. Peterson, P. Northrup. M. Jasmin, K. Formo, G. Thiede, M. Loremer, M. Thompson, K. Finch; ROW FOUR: S. Stomc, P. Brudolle, F. Bolter, J. Carlson, W. Sparrow, N. Benjamin. S. Riegill, B. Pearson. RHO DELTA THETA BOTTOM ROW: K. Anderson. M. Ryman, C. Warmoth, B. Tibbs, L. Firth, N. Vixo; ROW TWO: C. Perring, J. Westerdahl, M. Alexander, K. Nelson, B. Garver, B. Corcoron, S. Cradduck; ROW THREE: N. Nordstrom, P. Kennedy, B. Horlfield. M. Horns, J. Besseson, J. Wormon, S. Riegel. J. Vikcn; ROW FOUR: D. Wudlick, L. Carlson, D. Anderson, J. James, B. Ostlund, J. Victor-sen, K. Kojetin. UPSILON SIGMA BOTTOM ROW: J. Brostrom, S. McDonald. B. Kirchner. M. Lawson, A. Woodworth; ROW TWO: L. Dierchs, S Berlin, M. Wahl, J. Hopf. S. Schossow. S. Mclbosfad; ROW THREE: C. Rainc. J. Pfaff, C. Tews, B, Hanson, N. Lord, Carolyn Carlson, N. Hallberg; ROW FOUR: C. King. M. Wayne, M. Anderson, C. Connolly, M. Ring, P. Pleissner; ROW FIVE: D. Carlson, K. Johnson, P. Fuller, B. Carlson, K. Lienke, J. Morfensen, J. Davies. ZETA CHI BOTTOM ROW: J. Wood, I. Kannenberg, J. Resch, K. Connor, G. Olson, H. Stoo,- ROW TWO: M. Thompson, B. Brusbine. E. Moe. G. Spearing, G. Nichols, M. Aldcrson, J. Hopf; ROW THREE: L. Martin, P. Persen. V. Thimas, B. Snyder, F. Krenz, H. Salter.- ROW FOUR: L. Wilson, M. Hoodington. B. Foss. B. Lund, J. Ross. V. Show. M. Burton; ROW FIVE: L. Wollumson, D. Kuchn. M. 8riorloy, N. Giebink, M. Horgrcovcs, J. Hull, J. Beggs. Y-Teens The Y-Teens goal is To grow as a person To grow in friendship with people of oil races, religions, ond nationalities. To grow in the knowledge and love of God. Hi-Y The Hi-Y goal is To create. Maintain, and Extend the high Christian ideal among the church, school, and community. And to create clean sports, clean speech and clean living. HI-Y wBOTTOM ROW: C. McFodzean, J. Row, L. Iverson, K. Vogeley, D. Carlson, J. LaSalle. J. Rochie, J. Leek, S. Stevons, C. Koslor, A. Woodworth, M. Ring, K. Rye, B. Cable. K. Anderson, B. Pierre, K Forster, SECOND ROW: D. Bczoir, B. Week, M. Anderson, L. McKoy, J. Sevareid, L. Eliot, K. Swont, K. Sfarn, G. Chriw, L. LeGros, K. Hoffmon, B. Flickingor, C. Cannom, C. Yerxo. R Olstood, C. Tews, C. Cononolly THIRD ROW: Edina’s Choirs Entertain Students and Community Edina's choirs, under the direction of Mr. Dolph Be-zoier, once again proved to be valuable assets to the school. Throughout the year, the members of the choirs created pleasure and enjoyment for others, and, at the same time, derived personal pleasure and satisfaction through their singing. As in other years, the student body was not graced by a performance until December, when all of the hard work that had been put into the organization was exhibited of the annual Christmas concert. Besides adding Christmas cheer to the school, the choirs made a number of other Yule appearances, among them a concert at Southdale Shopping Center. The talent of the organization was again in evidence as the choir produced the annual spring concert. An addition to the Girls' Choir this year was the wearing of new uniforms, which added immensely to the attractive appearance of the group. The Girls' Choir complemented the larger choir at all of the choir concerts. The choir and the choir officers deserved a great deal of credit for their fine work of the past year. Under the supervision of Mr. Bezoier, the executive officers — Wayne Huber, president; Bunny Week, vice-president; and Marna Porter, secretary-treasurer — were responsible for the making and executing of plans that enabled the choir to make their numerous appearances.C. Coppock. J. Gilliland. K. Rolfson. K. Johnson, B. Haugen, 0. DoM, B. Bjorker. D. Greer. J. Geving, J. Kerr, P. Urvig, J. Nelson, P. Quieres. B. Pearson. M, Noilund. M. Stevens FOURTH ROW: M Porter, C. Morfold, S. Kraemer, J. Klein, D. Huber, B. Bing, C. Dibble. T. Kadlac, J. Smole. M. Lusto. S. Skarle, H. Peterson, f. Steinmetz, I. Smith. P. Blood. M, Corlstrom. Girls’ Choir BOTTOM ROW: N. DeCoursey. S. Walker. P. Peterson, I. Firth, N. Cloyton, B, Sather, J. Kmieclck, S. Sampson, C. Gindorf, D. Kuehn, J. Hanson. M. lorimer, J. Victor, K. Tropp. B. Caspers. S Gentry SECOND ROW: C. Aeken. $. Peterson. V. Thomos. K. Keller, M. Mathews. K. Kelley, J. Gunderman. M. Smith, P. Pilney. S. Skorie, K. Aslesen, M. leMire, L. Jensen, C. Field. M. Ronald, J. Kelly. T. Hollseth THIRD ROW: D. Schuab, M. Utter, F. Krenz. A. Burke. D. Mognus. R. Nelson, K. Morgan, B. Lewers, M. Tressel. N. Heines, M. Oakes. B. Wehr, P. Lynch, K Koltes, J. Pitt. J. Carlson FOURTH ROW: J. Benson, K. School. S. Spearing. D. Robey. L. Well-umson, D. Edwards. B- Jones, A. Yelkin, M. Olmstod, S. Chapman, D. Krleser. G. Reinerfsen, S. Rolaln, S. Mitchell, S Riegel, C. Merfeld. 125Concert Band Goes to Chicago Piccolos T. Honaas M. Hargreaves Flutes C. Sanclus C. Anderson G. Holtz L Twite G. Freeman A. Aton G. Horan K. Helgeson, K. Myers Oboes P. Blood A. Ostendorf Bassoons C. Keslor P. Garrison S. Goehnor Clarinets B. Siebert D. Clausen D. McVeety 0. McVeety K. Gra ndstond N. Nordel F. Crickner J. Wolf J. Mortenson G. Moss J. Cain R. Anfinson J. Falkonger Violin L. Cummiskey Bass Clarinet M. Belfry T. McCormick Saxophone M. Bennett Cornets R. Foville H. Christionson J. Gomblo J. Bartlett B. McFodzean French Horns R. Nordel! P. Windhorst M. McGarraugh S. Sponsel Trombones A. Kotxmon J. Meyer L. Carlson Baritones T. Mortln J. Merchant D. Carlson Basses S. Freese V. Nelson Percussion M. Miller M. Lawson E. Hanson M. Scott 126Flutes J. Friegang S. Hull N. Gresch J. Roiken Oboes B. Luck Bassoon I. Loudenslogcf Clarinets M. Stone P. Wunch D. Copps S. Haire H. Arnold G. Mattson B. Brisbine M. Kaiser D. Sneyenbos Alto Clarinet A. McPeok Bass Clarinet M. Peterson Alto Sax D. Gould W. Orew Tenor Sax B. Hamilton Cornets J. Nylund B. Cose, W. Romseyer D. Gust, E. Mitchell French Horns B. Kano B. Snyder G. Gustafson Baritones a. Cook T. Nordbv Basses K. Campbell T. Getch Percussion D. Martin C. McAllister B. Schrieber By adding spirit and color through participation in Edina's main events, the bands proved, once again, to be important parts of Edina's activities. With the Concert Band doing the bulk of the concert work, and the combined bands marching and playing at athletic events, the ability of this great unit was made apparent to many. The Band Council established the policies for the band. Trig Honaas served as president, aided by Ruth Nordell as vice-president, Linda Cummiskey taking notes, and Tom McCormick keeping the books. The band, as in past years, sold Christmas cards, the profits paying their expenses on various tours. One such trip took them to Chicago, where they entertained the National Band Directors' Association. The annual pop concert was presented by the bond in the spring. Varsity Band Marches Up a StormG.A.A BOnOM ROW: S. Goehner, R. Soelberg. G. Dwyer. B Corcoron, J. Jonssen, G. Otterness, Mr . P. Englehard. L. Ingraham. B. Garver, J. Gruss, M. Gust, J. Dahl, S. Bach-meyer; ROW TWO: M. Bolle , J. Pfaff, M. Burbage, D. Pork, G. Ziegler, M Peterion, B. Luck, J. Brunskill. A. Weicott. M. Kraus. B. Co»por . M, Ronald. S. Boron, M. Minde; ROW THREE: D. Petorjon, L. loudensloger. B. Pike. L. Martin, S. Swill, J. Melsher, $. Burnt, $. Friesen, S. Stone. S. Ring. P. Corchran, B. Hartfiel, S. Croddick; ROW FOUR: S. Shorie, C. King, G. Hofner. S. Turnbull, J. Kinney, D. Bell. J. Leek, L. Grewe. P. Hilliard, P. Sharpe. C. Degeberg, C. Waller, L. Ward; ROW FIVE: F. Crickmer. J. Gilliland, K. Carlton, D. Magnut, J. Robb, M. Alexander, A. Baarton, J. Victor, K. Sandberg. L. Sommor . B. Croonquitt, B. Shaw, B. Norton, A. Harrison,- ROW SIX: W. Martin, 8. Helgeten, B. Ost-lund, S. Sandert, E. Houck. B. Lonnert. L Morphew, N. Benjamin. W. Sparrow. K. Blno, K. Moore, B. Bain, S. Felch, H. Stoa. C. Brock; ROW SEVEN: M. Stone, S. Hull, N. Grosh. M. Hargreovet. K. Grandstand, B. McDermld, J. Kit-tilton, K. Lienke, M. Retherford, N. Nordell, R. Nordell. G. Peterson, N. Nordtfrom, S. Spearing. G. A. A. and Ski Club Promote Athletic Awareness SKI CLUB BOTTOM ROW: C. King, L. Moe. L. Konnonberg, M. Heodington, C. Perpick, D. Burg, S. Olson, L. Giertson, M. Lowson, D. Greer. M. Alexander, S. Moore, T. Brandt, B. Flickinger. SECOND ROW: S. Turnbull. P Atkinson. D. Bell. M Goodman. K. School, L. Kerker, D. Harri . E. Reed. D. Mognus, D. Smith, C. Carver, J. Bartlett, K. Connor. C. Border. THIRD ROW: J. Lyons, C. Jones, D. Edwards. M. Tressel, M. McGorrough, L. Iverson, N. Krieger. L. Rea, S. Swift. T. Stuart. J. Carlson. B. Woodluck. J. Leek. FOURTH ROW: K. Nelson, S. Hotch, S. Anderson, P. Driscoll. K. Corl-son. J. Bessesen. M. Woodhead. J. Mucke. P. Fields. B. Mitchell. J. Worman, B. Kennedy, M. O'Connor. FIFTH ROW: A. Reinsert. L. Sommers, N. Newhouse. C. Connolly, P. Thompson. G. Nickoles. J. Robb. J. Martin, S. Worchwo. B. Norton, L. Quode, D. Spongberg. J. Lindsey, M. Orman. SIXTH ROW: V. Shaw, K. Sandberg. M. Dennison, C. Mc-Calloster. S. James. S. Carlson, B. Tripp. C. Connom, B. Sofher, J. Kimmerle, T. Thorpe. J. Sevoreid, P. Shaeffer. 128BOTTOM ROW: R. Troutman, M. LeBaron, B. Bing, B. Rawif-zer, D. Carlton, J. McEliece. B. Mauton, F. Lade, SECOND ROW: D. Rocklin, J. Klein, J. Johnton, D. Mathews, C. Andersen. B. Noron. P. Peterson, R. Hoge, D. Latchow; THIRD ROW: S. Reynolds. B. McPherson, J. Nelson. T. Ferguson, B. Nelson, B Recke, T. Moore. D. Lee. T Potts; FOURTH ROW: T. Riley, C. Tlmmermon, J. Mitchell, M. Bennett, D. Lofgren, T. Reishus. W. Miller. G. Wennerlyn. P. Urev.g, ROW FIVE: M. Pascoe, M. Whiteside, T, Pockard, K, Young, W. Tong, D. Toylor. P. Acton, T. Bach. M. Gray, L. Reinhardt. Green Knights and E-Club Lettermen BOTTOM ROW: J. lynden. J. Sfeinbouer, G. PfofF. P. Foust, J. Forney. A. Goddord, B. Bing, D. Jones. J. McEliece. B. Rowitzer, Mr. Merrimon; SECOND ROW: C. Rockwell, S. Wotson. B. Sanford. J. Britboit. B. Smith, J. Forrell, D. Mathews. J. Bartlett, M. Collon, D. Latchow. B. Jevne, D. Lundgren, THIRD ROW: J. Klein. T Thornton, P. Bennett, M. Conoyer. B. Nelson, R. Larson, L. Boyers, M. McRoberts. D. Johnson, M. Troy. B. Noron, FOURTH ROW; D. Huber, D. Michoel. F. Rlebe. P. Kemper, B Recke. R Troutman, G-Wonnorlyn. F. Lode, D. Carlson, D. Lofgren. D. Huffman, FIFTH ROW: S. Crctz. P. James, D. Taylor, J. Stafford. T. Stevens. B. Dreessen, B. Johnson, H. Marro, D. Gikhrist. S. McCormick, M. LeBaron. 129A-SQUAD CHEERLEADERSi E. Re«d. K. Johnson, J. Brown, D. loco, B. Flicklngcr, K. Anderson, K. Rue. Cheerleaders Boost School Spirit Generating tremendous enthusiasm at our athletic events, come rain or shine, was the objective sought by our cheerleaders. Their memories include cheering our 1960 football team to the number one position in the state, making posters advertising athletic events, donut sales to pay for their uniforms, long practice sessions, pep fests, and experiencing the pride and satisfaction that accompanied the privilege of representing Edina. Under the guidance of Mrs. Inglehard and the co- captains Kathy Rue and Kathie Anderson, the group made constant improvement. The B-squad cheerleaders also did a terrific job of organizing support for the B-squad athletic teams. With nothing, including zero degree weather, able to stand in their way, the girls were always on hand to cheer for the four seasonal sports. They inspired the fans with their pep and enthusiasm. To our cheerleaders we tip our hats and say "thank you." B-SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: J. Rom. W. Crook. J. Ferguwn. S. Worsell, B. lund. M. Krieger. 130HORNETTES: BOTTOM ROW: B. Gront, L, Glertsen, A. Reimers, I. LeGros, C. Corlsen, I. Iverson, K. Dickey; SECOND ROW: J. Parker, $. Allen, M. Maurer, K. Connor, S. Laurel, C. Barker, D. Hoffman, B. Lewers, Hornettes, Haksters Spread Spirit Under the leadership of Betty Grant and Barrie Lowers, the Hornettes emerged as a school endorsed organization in 1960. A great improvement was shown as the line employed a choreographer, Janet Laurel. Among their memories are pep fest performances, and dancing for the Chamber of Commerce. The torch for Edina's Haksters was picked up and carried into the 1960-61 school year by Dorance Greer and John Klein, the group's leaders. A set of bongo drums and a horn added "exotic sounds" that perfectly supplemented the chanting cheer. The Haksters became a necessity at all of Edina's athletic events. HAKSTERS: KNEELING: D. Greer, J. Klein; STANDING: D. Lee. D. Jockion, B. Bing. J. Jocobsen. T. Ferguson, B. Sanford. D. Davis, D. Anderson. B. Noron. T. Mayo. 131Hi-Y Sweetheart Marna Porter Y-Teens Hero Tom Thornton Y-Groups Select Hero, Sweetheart Sweetheorti; honorary jweetheort Gudrun Ziegler, Dianne Burg, sweetheart Marno Porter, Judy Brown; ROW 2; Kathy Ruo, Lynn Wellumson, Peggy Wright. Hi-Y Formal This year the Hi-Y transformed the gym into a winter wonderland with elegant decorations and smooth music provided by Jack Cooper's orchestra to carry out the theme of "Snow Swirl." The 1960 Hi-Y formal was climaxed during the intermission when Marna Porter was picked as the Hi-Y Sweetheart out of the six candidates. Gudrun Ziegler, German exchange student, was named Honorary Sweetheart. T-Teens Hero Dance Y-teens once again went back to the "wild and woolie West" for the theme of their annual Hero Dance. As could be expected, all who attended the girl-bid dance were dressed in official Western attire! Tom Thornton was voted "cowboy most likely to succeed" and given the title of "1961 Y-teens Hero." Don George's orchestra provided the music, and intermission was climaxed by the announcement of the hero. Heroes; Dorance Greer, Tom Thornton, Khout Choo, ROW 2; Darrel Anderson, Jim McEliece; ROW 3; Tom Nordby, Gunter Hildebrand, Todd Frcguson, Phil Rosenow. Missing,- Bill Rawitzcr, Mark Richardson. 132Seniors Re-Stage Roaring Twenties Look Mo ... no handsll The seniors broke a two-year tradition of "Beatnikism" by staging a Roaring Twenties Dance. The gymnasium was converted into a speakeasy for the appropriately dressed patrons, who whirled around in flappers, straw hats, and bobby-sox. The Dixieland Ramblers provided music for dancing, while the Hornetfes entertained the crowd at intermission. The ingenious theme provided a memorable evening for all. So we like stripcsll Hornette recreate Charleston Come along with me, Lucille He buys his ties at Jake Juhl's. "See if you con't hit him between the eyesl" The Dixieland Ramblers "swing sweetly" 133’’The Girls in 509’’ Edina's National Thespian Troupe 1146 presented a political comedy The Girls In 509. Under the direction of Delmar Fredrickson and student director, Vicki Tew , the cast presented two performances. The presentation was especially timely, for the national election occurred five days after the performances. The players were supported by a conscientious group of committee co-chairmen: Susan Russ and Dave Ewert ; Dave Luce and Margaret Smith; Paula Person and Judy Resch; Tom Nordby and Margaret Tressel ; Julie Degan and Daly Wolfe ; and, Kitty Hen-nessy and Lynn Wellumson. The play is about two recluses, who went into seclusion after Franklin "Damnation" Roosevelt was elected in 1932. Since they had no contact with the world except for their conversations with the hotel janitor, the ladies assumed that the world remained in the same state of "chaos." Once the world was revealed to them realistically, the two deserted their twenty-three year haven. ‘Denotes National Thespian membership. CAST Mimsy ................. Daly Wolfe Aunt Hettie ....... Kitty Hennessy Pusey................ Jim McManis Old Jim................Tom Moore Miss Freud..........Kitty Hamilton Ryan.................... Dave Ewert Summers ............. Mark Hanson Johnson .............. Dick Gould Rosenthal ................... Bill Sanford Winthrop Allen.....Mike Rebmann Francis X. Nella .... Mike Rebmann Aubrey McKittridge ......... Larry Manchester Don't just sit there, soy something! Love that oatmeall 134Juniors Present The Mousetrap” THE CAST Mollie Ralston......... Pat Northrop Giles Ralston...............Tom Braun Chris. Wren..............Rusty Thiem Mrs. Boyle ... Marcy McGarraugh Major Metcalf............. Erik Strom Miss Cosewell.............Jane Mucke Mr. Paravicini......Peter Windhorst Detective Sergeant Trotter.......... David Lose On February 9 and 11, the junior class presented a murder-mystery. The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. Actually, the performance brought international attention upon our school, as it was the first time that any amateur group had attempted the three-act play anywhere in the world. Under the direction of Mr. Bechtle and student director Karen Benson, the cast did a truly admirable job, despite the fact that lack of completed scenery made a dress rehearsal impossible. Of course, a murder-mystery must have a murder in the plot. Because of a family maladjustment in the past, Mrs. Boyle, a visitor at a guest home, was killed, to the horror of the other guests. A snowstorm made an exit by any of the other guests from the lodge impossible. Suspicion fell upon everyone, but the culprit proved to be, of all people, the detective. Memorable moments include the last minute rushing to complete the scenery, and difficulty in toning down Erik Strom's red hair. Interrogating a wipect. Pre-pertormanc® activity. 135Diana Lace and John Hankinson. Cynthia Barker and Donald Jones. "The Fall of Troy” The most specfocular Homecoming ever witnessed at Edina was produced in 1960 through the combined talents of co-chairmen Gretchen Brandow and Bobb Carson. Queen Penny Pilney and King Dick Lofgren reigned over their subjects as the classes competed for the skit and float awards, which the seniors won. After the mighty Hornet eleven "E-Dynomited the Wayzata Trojans" 41—0, the royalty asked all to enjoy the dance after the game ... and, everyone didl Judith Brown and Richard Huffman. Penny Pilney and Poul Foust. Kathryn Rue and James Lyndcn. 137A happy Penny, selected as queen, takes the ... next, the royal robe and crown ... ... and then the royal proclamation, arm of King Dick . . . ", . . and the faculty is part of the — ?7? The foculty skit once again brings down the house. Two of a kind. Princess Undo Bolduc, 1959, receivos crown Roman beauty contest leads senior skit to from crown-bearer Todd Brandow. victory. 138Quwn Penny wovet to crowd during golo holf-tim fosHvHI . The I960 Homocoming Court. Moments We ll Remember 6 62 24 35 EDINA » 54 20 2 Richfield 0 Brainerd 6 St. Louis Park 0 Mound 7 Wayzata 20 Robbinsdale 0 Minnetonka 0 Hopkins 7 Bloomington BOTTOM ROW: J. Lynden, M. Canoyer, C. Rockwell, D. latchow, J. Hortkiruon, P. Foust, J. Brisbois, D. Huffman, T. Thornton, T. Carlson. SECOND ROW: B. Rowitzer, S. Watson, P. James, D. Johnson, D. Huber, G. Wonnerlyn, P. Bennett, J. Steinbauer, D. lofgren. J. McElioce, F. Ricbe, D. Carlson. THIRD ROW: S. Croft. J. Shepherd, W. Tong, 0. Michaels, D. Gilchrist. B. Dreessen, R. Kane, H. Morro, R. Trautman, B. Recke. Hornets First in State Compiling a fine record of 8 wins and 1 tie, the I960 Edino-Morningside football team swept to the mythical State Championship and a tie for the Lake Conference title. By virtue of their decisive victory over Bloomington, the Hornets edged out Robbinsdale for the top ranking in the state, on the basis of M.S.N.I. and National Sports news ratings. Fittingly, the climax to this wonderful season occurred in the lost game against the powerful Bloomington club. Shaking off the loss of ace receiver Dan Carlson, who was injured early, the fired-up Hornets simply pounded the Bears into submission. Afterwards, the delirious gridders hoisted Coach Bye to their shoulders for the victory ride off the field. In the post game celebration the champs sang a rousing chorus of their victory song, "Mickey Mouse," and then threw Coach Bye into the shower. Injuries to key personnel, like the one to Carlson, plagued the team all season. At one time or another, seven first stringers were on the injured list, and three more — Lofgren, Nelson, and Johnson — were lost for the entire season. But, these injuries certainly didn't affect the results of the team. In fact, statistically, this was the best Hornet club ever. It scored 302 points for a new school record. It rocked up 1,600 yards passing and 2,400 rushing, averaging close to 450 yards per game. Defensively, it limited opponents to an average of 100 yards per game. Hankinson led the team in total yardage with remarkable 2,067 yards and in scoring with 74 points. Leading rusher was Huffman with over 650 yards, and best receiver was Dan Carlson, who caught 34 passes for 780 yards. Hard work certainly paid off for this club. Most of the boys started training in the middle of the summer and were in peak condition when the season began. These long, arduous sessions molded this team into a well-oiled machine. 143Line Cooch Conokei. Hood Coach Bye, Bock Coach Fljcher, and Co-captalnt Foust ond Honkinson. Richfield Bad breaks prevented Edina from piling up an high score against Richfield, as the Hornets licked the Spartans 6—2. There was no score in the game until the fourth quarter when the Hornets marched 70 yards to paydirt. Edina had 90 yards in penalties assessed against them. One of these resulted in a Hornet touchdown by Jeff Brown called back. In addition, the Hornets fumbled often and had three passes intercepted. However, Edina far outplayed the Spartans. A yardage total of 324 yards was compiled by the Hornets, compared to only 54 yards by Richfield. Edina consistently gained yardage on the ground and completed 11 out of 23 passes. The defensive unit also shined with Faust, Huber, and Dreessen doing exceptional jobs. Aside from fumbles and penalties, the Hornets looked good in their opener. Brainerd Edina's offense went into high gear against a helpless Brainerd team, winning 62—0. Yet, in the victory, the generous Hornets gave up 150 yards in penalties. Even with this advantage, statistics were over-whelmingly against Brainerd. Edina racked up 737 yards and 16 first downs. Hankinson's passing alone accounted for 225 yards, 13 out of 17 completions, and 2 touchdowns. Thornton converted 9 out of 9, one being nullified. Touchdowns were scored by Huffman, T. Carlson, Brisbois, Hankinson, D. Carlson, Lynden and McRoberts. Brisbois and T. Carlson each tallied twice. Highlights of the game were touchdown sprints by Hankinson ond Huffman of 40 and 70 yards respectively. This victory was marred by the J. Lynden, qb loss Qf fWO Hornets, Bob Johnson and Dick Lofgren, the latter j. Honkinjon, QB by 0 serious injury. M. Ccmoyer. HB 0. Corlion, E T. Thornton, E J. McElioce, FB 144T. Carlson. HB J. Steinbauer. FB D. Gilchrist, T St. Louis Park The Green and White, held at bay during the first half by a tough Oriole crew, stormed bock in the second half to whip Park, 24—6. Hankinson and Dan Carlson combined their efforts for all four touchdowns. But the Parkers were the first to draw blood, jumping to a quick 6—0 lead on a freak 68-yard run on the second play from scrimmage. From then on, the stunned Hornets couldn't seem to move the ball or stop the Oriole attack. The early loss of Faust hampered them defensively. Not until late in the second quarter when Dan Carlson dashed 75 yards for a touchdown with a Hankinson pass, did they show any signs of a comeback. After a fiery halftime talk by Coach Bye, the angry Hornets took the field and pulverized Park into submission. Hankinson ran for two markers, one a 70-yard thriller, and passed 10 yards to Carlson for the final score. Mound Stymied by a stubborn Mound forward wall, the Hornets took to the air, ond, guided by the pinpoint passing of Hankinson, defeated Mound 35—0. Hank had by far his best night of the season, completing 18 of 24 passes for 243 yards. The receiving of the Hornet ends was equally superb. Carlson snared two aerials of 18 and 32 yards for scores. Huffman contributed two touchdowns on a 10-yard pass reception and on a 2-yard plunge. Troutman smashed over from the two. The defensive unit added two more points by collaring the Mound quarterback in the end zone for a safety. The most spectacular play occurred at the start of the second half. Hankinson received the kickoff on his own 10-yard line and raced 90 yards up the sideline for the touchdown — untouchedl R. Troutman, FB P. Fault, FB D. Huffman, HB 145 T1Don't hit-em 'til you »«• the whites of their eyesl I mi P. James, T J. Brisboh, HB P. Bonnott, C Wayzata A slashing ground attack was the key factor in the Hornet's 41—7 Homecoming victory over Wayzata. Only 8 passes were attempted by quarter back Hankinson, and although 6 of these were completed, the Hornet's gained most of their yardage through running plays. Backs Conoyer, Huffman, and T. Carlson consistently bucked the Wayzata forward wall for good yardage. Edina was able to squeeze only 14 points out of the first half, but in the second half the Hornet's rolled. Hankinson started the second half scoring with a 15-yard run off tackle. Huffman soon followed with a short plunge to paydirt. The fifth tally came on a short dive by Hankinson. The final score was on 15-yard aerial from Lynden to Thornton. The Hornet's had decisively "E-dynamited the Trojans." Robbinsdale The scrappy Edina team outfought and outplayed favored Robbinsdale for three quarters, but the Robins came storming back in the fourth period to gain a 20—20 tie and deadlock the two teams for the conference lead and the mythical state championship. Hankinson scored Edino's first tally on a spectacular 59-yard run. The Robins retaliated in the second stanza after being halted by a pair of great Hornet goalline stands. Huffman's plunge climaxed a 31-yard march after the ensuing kickoff. Just before the half, Teddy Carlson sprinted 60 yards with a Robin fumble. In the third period, the Hornets controlled the ball on a sustained drive which finally failed on the Robin 19 with a fumble. The Robins then powered their way to two touchdowns and two conversions — the last by a scant yard. F. Riebe. G B. Rowitzer, C B. Droejjen, C 146H. Morro. E S. Wotton, G D. Mlchoels, G Minnetonka D. Huber, E G. Wonnorlyn, T D. Lotchaw, G The hungry Tornet eleven continued its combination of bursting offense and stubborn defense to swamp Minnetonka 40—0. The Hornets compiled 21 points in the first quarter and single touchdowns in each of the last three stanzas. Edina's first two touchdowns came on plunges through the center of the line. Quarterback John Hankinson combined with end Dan Carlson for a brilliant 45-yard pass play and Edina's third tally. Troutman bulled over for another touchdown in the second quarter. Huffman scored in the third quarter on a spectacular 61 yard run. Sophomore back Ted Carlson scored the final touchdown for the Hornets. Halfback Dick Huffman sparked the Hornet victory by running for a total of 166 yards. Other Hornet standouts were Paul Faust, Pat Bennett, Herb Marra, and George Wennerlyn. Hopkins Winless Hopkins suffered through a long night of football, taking a 54—0 shellacking from a fired up Edina eleven. The Hornets had the game in the bag from the opening kickoff, which Hankinson ran back 80 yards for a touchdown. Using a minimum of plays, they raced to a 27—0 first quarter lead. Quarterback Hankinson had another great night, figuring in six touchdowns. He ran for three and passed for three. Besides the kickoff return. Hank added touchdown scores of 44 and 15 yards. He also passed to Dan Carlson for two touchdowns — 45 and 35 yards — and to converted tackle Herb Marra for 62 yards. Huffman added one with a 20-yard sprint up the sidelines. Lynden concluded the scoring on a 45-yard gallop. The play of the defensive unit was outstanding in the second half. Conokes to Flicker . . . By© to Hank. 147Bloomington The savage play of the aroused Hornet line enabled Edina to dump favored Bloomington 20—7. Canokes' boys came through when they were needed, decisively licking the rugged Bear line. As in the Robbinsdale game, the Hornets made their own breoks and jumped off to a quick lead. Forced back to the one by a Hornet punt, the Bears were stopped by a fierce defense and punted on fourth down. Hankinson returned it 16 yards to the 11 yard line, and six plays later Faust bulled over. The ensuing kickoff was fumbled on the 8 and Huffman rammed over. The clincher came in the third quarter when Hankinson skirted the end 8 yards for the marker. The Bears scored at the end of the third period and threatened again until Brisbois' interception snuffed out their rally. Six Edina players were awarded positions on the All-Lake-Conference team. They were Dan Carlson, Paul Foust, John Hankinson, Dick Huffman, Ray Troutman, and Herb Marra. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L T EDINA ....................................... 7 0 1 Robbinsdale...................................7 0 1 Bloomington...................................6 2 0 Richfield ................................... 5 3 0 Wayzata ..................................... 3 5 0 Mound ....................................... 2 5 1 St. Louis Park .............................. 1 5 2 Minnetonka .................................. 1 6 1 Hopkins ..................................... 1 7 0 D. Johrnon, T S. Crotx. T B. Recke, T "B” Squad Football R. Kano. G C. Rockwell. E' D. lofgren, G 148BOTTOM ROW: T. Mayo, R. Brown, B. Sanford, L. Bayer . SECOND ROW: Cooch Hendrikson, J. Winborg, D. Mayo, P. Andru»ko, C. Chejter. Harriers Place Third in State The Edino-Morningside cross-country team completed its finest season this year, taking a third place in the state meet. This feat was achieved, despite the loss of a key runner, due to an injury shortly before the meet. Coach Ed Hendrickson could well be proud of his 1960 squad, which consisted of only nine varsity runners: captain Rod Brown, Bill Sanford, George Pfaff, Tony Mayo, Leroy Bayers, Paul Andrusko, Doug Mayo, John Win-berg, and Charles Chester. One of the smallest teams in the state, the Hornet harrier squad won fen straight victories before placing third in the state meet. Along the way, they captured their first Lake Conference championship with a 7—0 record. One of the highlights in the dual meet seoson occurred when the thinclads dumped a longtime rival, St. Louis Park 23—32 for the first time in the school's history. They also topped the Swain Invitational in Duluth on October 18 by a score of 84—100 over runner-up Park. Rod Brown led the way with a second place, followed by Pfaff, Mayo, Sanford, and Bayers. These five, paced by Brown, led the team to the District and Region championships, beoting powerhouses such as Park, Southwest, and Central. Although chances for a state title looked good, the harriers hopes were dashed when Bayers broke his foot. On October 29, the harriers took a highly commendable third ploce in the state meet, in a field of 15, behind two teams that they had previously beaten, Hibbing and Southwest. Rod Brown should be given special commendation for his fine performance, since he took a strong second place in the state meet. The harrier »how their form. 149Minnetonka 40 Hopkins 59 Bloomington 37 Richfield 54 Wayzata 39 Cloquet 58 St. Louis Park 57 Mound 51 Rochester 54 58 52 46 64 « EDINA 48 57 64 49 75 53 78 51 56 61 53 56 50 49 55 74 48 48 62 56 57 Robbinsdale Minnetonka Hopkins Bloomington Richfield Wayzata St. Louis Park Mound Robbinsdale I. to R.: V. Welling, D. Jones, D. Carlson, J. Forney, J. Hankinson, B. Dreessen, H. Marra, J. Brown, J. Hawkins, T. Thornton, M. Canoyer, S. Watson. Cagers Reach District Finals The scores above aptly depict the story of the 1960-61 basketball season. Five of the seven setbacks suffered by the Hornets were by three points or less. In each of these five games a referee's controversial decision determined the outcome. However, Edina received its just retribution in the District 18 tournament by sweeping past Waconia, Wayzata Robbinsdale, and Bloomington. In the Final contest for the District Championship, the superior heighth of Mound told the tale as the Hornets were licked 43—37. Although this year's club was one of the smallest in Edina's history it achieved the marked distinction of being the First Edina team to compete in the Finals of the District 18 tournament. The ingredients for this success were poise, determina- tion, and hustle. Throughout the rugged season, the team was paced by its three Fine captains — Dreessen, Carlson, and Hankinson. Dreessen, regarded as one of the best players in the stote, Finished second in Lake Conference scoring with 260 points. Sixth and seventh spots were filled by Carlson and Hankinson with 203 and 201 points respectively. For their outstanding conference play Dreessen and Carlson were placed on the All-Conference squad. Hankinson and Carlson were selected for All-District positions. However, without the rebounding of Marra, the ballhandling of Jones, and the reliability of Thornton, the Hornets would never have reached the District Finals. 151Tri-captains Hankinson. Carlton, Dreatten, and Cooch Baglein. D. Jones J. Hankinson HIGHLIGHTS OF 1960-61 SEASON Minnetonka. Edina commenced its basketball season with a 58—40 pasting of Tonka. This year's team, although lacking in height, compensated with speed, hustle, and balanced scoring. Dreessen and Hankinson paced this victory with 15 and 14 points respectively. Hopkins. Hopkins shocked the high-flying Hornets with a 59—52 upset. Their hot-shooting guards could not be denied, collecting 32 points between them. The Hornets had trouble getting their offense rolling and their defense adjusted until too late. Bloomington. Employing a rugged zone defense, Edina "rebounded" against Bloomington, winning 46—37. Factors in the victory were Hankinson's rebounding, Carlson's thievery on defense, and Dreessen's shooting. The latter two garnered 14 and 22 points respectively. Richfield. The Hornets rolled into a tie for First place with a 64—54 victory over favored Richfield. The cagers Fired at a withering 65 per cent clip. Guards Jones and Carlson were especially outstanding, collecting 35 points between them. Wayzata. The Hornet quintet breezed to a 48—39 victory over Wayzata, looked around, and found itself at the top of the heap in the Lake Conference. The fearsome threesome of Dreessen, Carlson, and Hankinson hit for 16, 16, and 10, respectively. Cloquet. Over the holidays the Hornets traveled to Cloquet and suffered a 76—58 defeat at the hands of the "giants of the north." Cloquet's two tall forwards collected 55 points apiece. Dreessen and Carlson were high-point men with 20 and 17. M. Canoyer D. Carlson 152V. Welling T. Thornton St. Louis Park. The Hornets began the New Year on the wrong foot with a 57—48 loss to Park. If was a heart-breaker for Baglien's boys. Their five-point lead was erased by the Park sharpshooters, and, when Dreessen and Hankinson fouled out, the team collapsed. Mound. Four cagers hit double figures as the Hornets outlasted Mound, 57—51. Dreessen again led the team with 20 points. But this win was definitely a team victory. Hankinson, Jones, and Carlson complemented each other with 12, 12, and 11 points, respectively. Rochester. Edina was rather inhospitable to the visiting Rochester five, whipping them 64—54. In this tussle Hankinson was high point man with 20 points. Dreessen was a close second with 17. This contest was marked by fast and furious play. Robbinsdale. A final minute technical foul made the difference as Robbinsdale edged the Hornets, 50—49. Edina was defeated by a combination of bad breaks, poor officiating, and a good Robin quintet. Dreessen was the "big gun" with 20 points. Minnetonka. The aroused Hornets literally ran Tonka into the ground, trouncing them 75—49. Scoring from a fast break, resembling a football passing attack, the cagers piled up a 40-point lead at one point in the game. Hankinson led with 21 points. Hopkins. Again Hopkins, eeking out a 55—53 victory over the Hornets, was Edina's nemesis. Dreessen's five points in the last minute closed the gap to 54—53, but a technical foul was the margin of defeat. Carlson added 18 points to the losing cause. J. Brown J. Hawkins Swing your partner! Dan drivos for two! 153Hex 1 Hornet ' "short" comings Bloomington. Tired of losing the close gomes, the Hornets plunked in three straight baskets in overtime to lick Bloomington 78—74. All 5 starters were in double figures. They were paced by Hankinson and Dreessen with 21 points each. Richfield. Edina emerged the victor over Richfield 51—48 because of its uncanny free throw shooting. The Hornets cashed in a remarkable 29 out of 35 gift tosses. Carlson hit 13 out of 14 from the line, the last two providing the winning margin. Wayzata. The cagers staved off an early fourth period rally to rip Wayzata 56—48. The torrid shooting of Dreessen and Hankinson sparked this win. Dreessen's 26 points were tops in the conference for that night. Hank continued his scoring streak with 18 points. St. Louis Park. Fouls again told the tale in this second meeting of Park and Edina. Park triumphed 62—61 because Hankinson and Carlson fouled out. The resulting free throws enabled the Parkers to win. Dreessen's valiant efforts in the closing minutes were in vain. Mound. Unable to quell a second half rally, the Hornets fell victim to a jolting defeat at the hands of Mound, 56—53. Enjoying a comfortable 31—19 lead at halftime, Edina collapsed and was overhauled by the Mohawks. Dreessen was high scorer with 15. Robbinsdale. The Hornets chance to revenge an earlier one-point loss to Robbinsdale was snuffed out by a Robin free-throw with two seconds remaining in the overtime, and the Hornets went down to a 57—56 defeat. The closeness of this tilt indicated that anything might happen in the districts. 154 S. Watson J. Forney H. Marra B. DreessenIf they don't wont to play basketball . . . Ah. sweet victoryll The Hornets began sub-district play with all 13 players LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS scoring in the 70—36 shellacking of Waconia. Wayzata Won Lost proved easy prey for the Hornets as the cagers defeated Robbinsdale ............................ 14 2 them by a score of 57—44. Edina found much stiffer com- Bloomington ............................ 11 5 petition in their next encounter against conference chomps, St. Louis Park.......................... 11 5 Robbinsdale, but poise, both in action and on the free- EDINA ................................... 9 7 throw line, enabled the cagers to squash the Robins, Richfield ............................... 9 46—42. Hankinson's 17 points and Dreessen's timely free Hopkins.................................. 8 8 throws were the deciding factors in this victory. The Bloom- Minnetonka .............................. 5 11 ington tilt was the thriller of the season. Carlson's two free Mound.................................... 4 12 throws in sudden death iced it, 49—47. In the District finals, Wayzata.................................. 1 15 the Hornets just couldn't "buy a basket" and bowed out with a 43—37 defeat to Mound. B-Squad BOTTOM ROW: K. Jennings, D. Jones. D. Neiss. J. Enroth. J. Winberg. SECOND ROW: J. Meier, G. Region, B. Douglas, M. Adams. B. Wright. 1551 EDINA 26 24 32 12 39 13 42 10 44 0 5 36 15 27 20 27 37 12 35 12 24 20 University High Orono Hopkins Wayzata St. Louis Park Alexander Ramsey Robbinsdale Minnetonka Bloomington Richfield Mound L. to R.: Pete Monfred, Oov® Brookt. G«org« Pfofl. Jim Monholl. Bill Sonford, Dick lofchow, Jim Sonford. Stove McCormick, Lorry Moncheiter, Roy Troutmon, Wolf Burkhordt. Coaches Motion ond Halvorsen. Grapplers Place The Hornet gropplers completed one of their finest seasons, finishing in o second place tie with Mound in the Lake Conference. In the tournaments which followed dual meet competition, they were even more successful. In the District 18 Tournament, the matmen gained o distant, but highly commendable second place behind Robbinsdale Coach Halvorsen's squad copped two second ploces, two thirds, and four fourth places in the meet. Thus, eight wrestlers, the greatest number in the history of Edina, qualified for the Region V Tournament. Nevertheless, Coach Halvorsen regarded this as one of the finest teams he has coached at Edina. These wrestlers were os follows: Jeff Cloutier (103); Dave Brooks (112); Dick Latchaw (138); George Pfaff Third in Region (120); Bill Sanford (133); Jim Sanford (154); Steve McCormick (154); Jim Maybach (165). In Region competition the high-flying Hornets put forth their best regional effort, placing third behind Robbinsdale and runnerup St. Cloud. Five of the eight Hornet entries finished in the top four places. Dave Brooks, senior transfer from Richfield, and Bill Sanford took a second and third respectively and qualified for the State Tournament. These grapplers did not fare so well in the fierce competition down at St. Peter. Both lost in first-round matches. Steve McCormick, wrestling os an alternate was also defeated in the first round. 157HIGHLIGHTS OF 1960-61 SEASON The Edina grapplers opened their season with a close victory over "U" High. The fighting Hornets were not able to gain their 26—24 win until the final matches. Wins were recorded by B. Sanford, Laf-chaw, J. Sanford, McCormick and Manchester. This opening victory was a gratifying one, for it was the Hornet's first over a "U" High mat squad. In their second appearance the grapplers decisively whipped Orono 32—12 with eight wins and two draws. The Hornets continued winning with an 39—13 win over a first-year Hopkins squad. Although the mafmen were confronted by their first conference match without injured co-captain Bill Sanford, they garnered 9 wins out of 12 matches. Traveling to Wayzata, the grapplers were again victorious. Wins by Cloutier, Smithers, Brooks, Pfaff, Marshall, Maybach, McCormick and Burkhardt gave the Hornets an impressive 42—10 victory. Edina increased its winning streak to five matches by defeating St. Louis Park 44—0. It gained a wrestling rarity by collecting victories in all twelve weight classes, thus giving themselves a 3—0 conference record and a first-place tie with Robbinsdale. The grapplers' winning streak was snapped due to injuries and weight problems when they lost to highly-rated Ramsey. Although the final margin was 36—5, this does not give a true indication of the closeness of the meet, since many matches were decided by one point. Co-captain Marshall drew, while McCormick gained the only Edina win. Cooch Holvorsen, Co-captaln» Sanford and Marshall, and Coach Motion. J. Bartlett P. Monfrod D. Brooks 158 G. Pfaff J. Marshall B. Sanford0. Lotchaw J. Sanford S. McCormick Edina's hopes to gain first place in the Lake Conference were dimmed when the Hornets met Rob-binsdale — rated no. I in state wrestling polls. Edina, plagued by several injuries, made an impressive showing against the powerful Robbins, although losing 27—15. Bartlett, PfafF, Marshall, McCormick, and Burkhardt gained decisions for the Hornets. The Hornets dropped into a third place tie with a 27—20 loss to Minnetonka. This close meet, the first loss to the Skippers, was not decided until the final matches. Bartlett, Marshall, J. Sanford, and McCormick picked up wins for Edina's losing cause. Edina regained its winning form with a 37—12 victory over Bloomington. Nine grapplers won, while one tied. Bill Sanford returned to action with a decisive victory. In their next meet, the Hornets slaughtered Richfield with a 35—12 win. The wrestlers collected' nine victories and one tie. The grapplers next victory was a close 24—20 over Mound. With this win the Hornets gained a second place tie with Mound. Schelper, Cloutier, Smithers, co-captains Sanford and Marshall, and Latchaw gained victories for the Hornets. Edina closed its season with a 22—22 tie with North St. Paul. Mayback, McCormick, Sanford, Marshall, PfafF and J. Sanford picked up wins. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Robbinsdale Won 8 Lost 0 Tied 0 EDINA 6 2 0 Mound 6 2 0 Minnetonka 5 3 0 Bloomington 3 4 1 Hopkins 3 5 0 Richfield 3 5 0 St. Louis Park 1 7 0 Wayzata 0 7 1 Alternates and B-Squad I. Monchester R. Troutman W. Burkhardt BOTTOM ROW: L Klein. J. Schofield. P. Stolner. E. Downs. K. Smith, O. Iftenson, D. Wudllck. THIRD ROW: G. Thelssen. P. Smith- Nobles. D. Oliver, B. Burbage. D. Finch. I. Sedgewick. SECOND ers, J. Wayne, H. Christenson, R. Winobrenner, T. Stuart, D. Weden, ROW: P. Gardner, J. Cloutier, J. Holland, J. Kuphal, B. Engelking, H. Peterson, J. Lee, H. Lykken, P. James. B. McFadxean, J. Tess. J. Maybach, D. lofgren, V. Holvorson, C. Formo, W. Lehman, K. 159Minnetonka 2 Wayzata 0 Robbinsdale 0 St. Louis Park I Bloomington 3 Mound 0 Richfield 0 Hopkins 2 4 5 4 3 2 7 3 3 EDINA 5 5 6 4 3 10 0 3 0 Minnetonka 2 Wayzata 0 Robbinsdale 0 St. Louis Park 3 Bloomington 1 Mound 3 Richfield I Hopkins BOTTOM ROW: J. Prin, F. Rieto, D. Huffmon. J. Bristol . Coach H. Arnold. D. Mathews, T. Carlson, J. Knight. J. Steintouer, P. Ikola, M. Lushine, P. Foust, C. Rockwell, B. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Rosendahl, M. McRoberts. D. Ross, R. Hawklnson. Pucksters Repeat as Champs In 1960 the Hornet pucksters had their second successful season in a row, as they repeated as Lake Conference Champions. Owing to the youthfulness of the Edina club, experts did not rate Edina as the top club in the league at the beginning of the season. However, the Hornets hustled well and displayed a good passing attack to cop the title. Edino started the season in a big way as it won their first four games to jump off to an early lead. The Hornets met their first defeat at the hands of Bloomington, runnerup in the conference, by a score of 3 to 2. They bounced back from their defeat with a seven-game winning streak, highlighted by a 3 to 0 victory over powerful Richfield. But once again Bloomington gave the Hornets trouble as they tied Edina 3 to 3. Two games later Edina fell to Richfield 3 to 0; and, after defeating Hopkins, the Hornets finished the conference season with a record of 13—2—1. In Region VI play, the Hornets lost their first game to Richfield 2 to 1, thus eliminating themselves from a possible State tourney berth. The game was hard-fought all the way, and the Spartans won only after the game went into overtime. Despite its loss in regional play, Edina had a very fine over-all season; and, with eleven returnees, the Hornets are looking forward to a big year in 1961-62. 161Co-capfalns Nelson and Rockwell and Coach Ikola. HIGHLIGHTS OF 1960-61 SEASON Minnetonka. The Hornets showed good hustle in their first game as they licked Minnetonka 4 to 2. Although Edina was ragged in some areas, they by far outplayed their opponents. Mathews, Rockwell, Lushine, and Carlson all tallied for Edina. Wayzata. Junior goalie Bill Nelson had his first shutout of the season as Edina blanked Wayzata 5 to 0. Nelson had 6 saves to the Wayzata goalie's 29 as the Hornets dominated the game. In the scoring column were Rockwell, Mathews, Carlson, and Rosendahl. Robbinsdale. Edina copped its third straight victory by shutting out Robbinsdale 4 to 0. Goalie Nelson turned in another fine job with 14 saves to the Robin's 25. The Hornets' four tallies were scored by McRoberts, Lushine, Brisbois, and Carlson. Park. Edina had their first tough battle of the season in the St. Louis Park game. Although the Hornets won 3 to 1, the game was close ond the stops were almost even. Those who got goals for E ma were McRoberts and Brisbois, with the latter scoring twice. Bloomington. The Bloomington Bears handed Edina its first defeat as they defeated the Hornets by a score of 3 to 2. Joe Brisbois managed to slap in two goals in the nip and tuck battle, but the Hornets were not playing as well as usual. Mound. Edina bounced back with a 7 to 0 win over Mound. The Hornets showed depth as Coach Ikola went with three lines all the way. Mike McRoberts got the three-goal hat trick, while Paul Rosendahl pushed in two. Mathews and Rockwell each scored one. 162 B. Nelion 0. Rom D. Mothew C. Rockwelln M. McRoberts T. Carlson Richfield. Edina played its best game of the season as they j Brisbofs beat Richfield by a score of 3 to 0. The buoyant Hornets p. Rosendahl showed 100 per cent hustle and great poise as they scored the two goals that clinched the contest in the final stanza. Lushine scored two goals and Carlson one. Hopkins. The Hornets dropped down a notch after their fine performance against Richfield as they squeaked by Hopkins 3 to 2. The score was tied right up until the third period, when the Hornets scored the deciding goal. Rosendahl scored twice and Rockwell once. Minnetonka. In opening the second half of the season, Edina breezed by Minnetonka 5 to 0. Goalie Nelson had 11 saves to Minnetonka's 18 as he collected his fifth shutout of the season. Mathews, Rosendahl, McRoberts, Knight, and Lushine tallied for Edina. Wayzata. Once again Edina had trouble with a weak team as they squeaked by Wayzata 5 to 2. Wayzata was ahead after one period and tied after two. However, the undaunted Hornets surged with three goals in the final period to clinch a victory. Robbinsdale. Dean Mathews was the big star as the Hornets beat Robbinsdale by a score of 6 to 0. The junior center slapped in four goals to make this the biggest night of any Hornet this season. Mike McRoberts and Mike Lushine were other Hornet talliers. Park. Edina showed great hustle as it gave Bill Nelson his seventh shutout of the season in blanking Park 4 to 0. Nelson had 12 stops to the Park goalies' 25. Dean Mathews continued his scoring streak by pushing in two goals, while Lushine and McRoberts each scored once. Lushine turns the corner. 163I 1 WS V 1 Molhews presses against Richfiold. Bloomington. Edina pulled out a tie in the last fifty seconds of the game, as Bloomington once again proved to be the Hornets' match. Edina's goalie Bill Nelson had 23 saves compared to 14 for the Bears' netman. Scoring for Edina were Mathews, Brisbois, and Carlson. Mound. Hornet forwards had a field day in scoring 10 goals against a very weak Mound squad. Paul Rosendahl copped a three-goal hat trick to lead the Hornet scores. Mathews and Brisbois each got two; and Rockwell, Riebe, and McRoberts each scored once. Richfield. Edina put forth its poorest effort of the year as it suffered defeat at the hands of Richfield. The Hornets were shutout 3 to 0 as they were unable to find the net. Hornet forwards had a great deal of trouble with the big Richfield defensemen. Hopkins. The Hornets ended their conference schedule in poor style as they sloppily defeated Hopkins 3 to I. Riebe, Matthews, and Lushine scored for Edina. The Hornets had already clinched the conference title, and did not need to win this game. Richfield. The mighty Hornet six lost a chance to shoot for the state title when Richfield defeated them by a score of 2 to 1 in the regional playoffs. Richfield scored early in the first period and held the lead until there was less than a minute remaining in the game. At this point, Carlson took a pass from Rosendahl and fired the puck into the net, tying the score at 1 to 1. The game went into a sudden death overtime, in which Richfield scored the winning goal, making the final score 2 to 1. 164 M. lushinc F. Riebe J. Knight J. SteinbauerD. Huffman LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS EDINA Won 12 Lost 2 Tied 1 Richfield 11 4 0 Bloomington 9 3 3 St. Louis Park 10 6 0 Robbinsdale 8 6 1 Hopkins 6 10 1 Minnetonka 5 9 1 Wayzata 2 11 0 Mound 0 14 1 B-Squad P. Faust BOTTOM ROW: J. Worell, D. Prin, K. Campboll, B. Mitchell, J. OtternoM. SECOND ROW: Coach Zlns, C. Kibler, J. Richardson, M. Khunley, D. Mlllot, R. Dornfold, J. Bartlett, B. Jevne 165EDINA 38 59 30 52 59 49 51 35 50 56 50 St. Louis Park 27 Bloomington 65 Hopkins 34 Robbinsdale 35 University High 46 St. Louis Park 35 Bloomington 60 Hopkins 32 Robbinsdale 29 University High BOTTOM ROW: R. Jones, W. McDonald, J. McManis, J. Stafford, J. Smith, D. Anderson, F. Nordeen, R. Smith, J. Phillips, M. Hyc'e, B. Smith, N. Fohrenholtz. SECOND ROW: Cooch Downey, G. Re:'er, A. Selper, M. Mahowold, 8. Johnson, D. Carlson, S. Russ, D. Utton-berger, K. Stevenson, J. Whyte, P. Kempor, B. Show, D. Price, J. Kloek. THIRD ROW: J. Huston, T. Soderberg. K. McCullough, J. Hollberg, F. Guille, T. Adams, P. Wunsch, T. Ellingson, J. Luce, J. Wenshow, T. Hays. THIRD ROW: T, Sommor. F. Lundahl, J. Hop-pock, J. McManis, J. Smole, D. Spongberg, W. Schott, T. Merrlman, B. Gibson, B. Burgraff, K. Dobbs, R. Giortson. MERMEN THIRD IN STATE Edina fulfilled the predictions of the early season prognosticators who said Edina would be a state-wide swimming power. This year, os last, there were only very small point differences between first place Biwabik (48’ a) second place Hopkins (46), and third place Edina (40). Some individual results were: 400 yard freestyle, Bill Smith, third, 4:27.0; 100-yard butterfly, Rick Giertsen, fie for first, 59.5; 200-yard free-style, Darrel Anderson, first, 1:36.8 (bettering the old state record by over three seconds and beating the record he set in the preliminaries); 100-yard free-style, Jim Smith, first 53.3; 200-yard individual medley, Darrel Anderson, third 2.17.5; 200-yard medley relay, Umberger, Kemper, Bill Smith, Fohrenholtz, sixth, 1:53.1; 200-yard free-style relay, Hyde, Stafford, Giertsen, Jim Smith, second, 1:36.3. This meet was unusually close. The deciding factor, which determined the second and third place teams, was a judges' decision concerning first place in the free style relay in which Jim Smith came from behind to give Edina the same finishing time as Hopkins. The decision went to Hopkins, and made them second in the state. If it had gone to Edina, Edina would have been second instead of third in the state. Another decision went against Edina for fifth place in the medley relay. Edina was as close os a judges' decision to being second in the state. 167Co-captains Darrell Anderson and Jim Smith with Coach Downey. FREESTYLERS: M. Hyde R. Giertjon N. Fohrenholtx HIGHLIGHTS OF 1960-61 SEASON The Edina swimming team recovered surprisingly well from its losses due to graduation. Edina's strength deepened steadily as the season progressed. This year, at last, it was a Conference and Statewide swimming power. Edina lost to St. Louis Park in the first contest, but got its due revenge in the second. Edina lost in both meets with Hopkins, its perennial rival. The tanksters racked up impressive victories in all other Conference meets. In addition to Conference honors, the team made a clean sweep of all events in the Gustie Relays, coming home with six trophies. Edina crushed Winona, always a strong team, by 54—32. Many of last year's team records were broken this year — Bill Smith, 440-yard free-style,- Pete Kemper, 100-yard breast stroke; Jim Smith, 100-yard free-style; Darrel Anderson, 100, 200, 400-yard free-style and 200-yard individual medley. Edina's B-squad has gained experience and depth which will make it a valuable asset to next year's team. Opening the regular season, Edina narrowly lost to St. Louis Park, even though the Hornets came through with four firsts and four seconds. The score was not indicative of the closeness of the match. Undaunted by the loss to Park, Edina swamped Bloomington with six firsts, seven seconds, plus a winning medley relay. Hopkins beat the Edina tanksters, who lacked the necessary depth to back up its four first places. Edina easily defeated Robbinsdale, taking four firsts, six seconds, and a medley relay. FREESTYLERSi J. Stafford J. Smith D. Anderson 8. Smith 168MEDLEY RELAY, S. Russ P. Kemper R. Giertson N. Fahrenholtx In a non-conference meet Edina sailed over Winona, a strong team, with six firsts, five seconds, and a medley relay. An easy victory was made over U-High. An unattached free-style relay composed of Anderson, Hyde, Giertson, and J. Smith broke the team record. Out for revenge from last year's surprising defeat Edina beat St. Thomas in a nonconference meet which depended upon the last relay, even though Edina had taken six firsts. Continuing the winning streak into the second round, the tanksters beat St. Louis Park in an exciting down-to-the-wire meet which depended upon the last relay. As before Bloomington lost to the powerful Edina mermen, who took five firsts, five seconds, and the free-style relay. Edina was surprised from a defeat by Hibbing in a non-conference meet. The outcome rested on the relays, even though Edina had gotten five firsts and three seconds. Hopkins defeated Edina a second time, but not with as large -a score as the first round. Edina's depth had grown considerably. Edina out-swam Robbinsdale a second time, easily taking five firsts, seven seconds and both the medley and free-style relays. Edina finished the dual season with a flourish by overwhelming U. High with four firsts, four seconds, and the medley relay. LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Hopkins EDINA Won 10 7 Lost 0 3 St. Louis Park 7 3 Robbinsdale 4 6 Bloomington 2 8 University High 0 10 DIVING, R. McCullough F. Lundahl Swimmers train hard at private session! 169BOTTOM ROW: T. Mayo, J. Forney, T. Thornton, B. Sanford, D. Gilchrist, 0. Lofgren, J. lynden, J. Piltdown, D. Jonos, J. Brisbois, Huffman, R. Brown. SECOND ROW: T. Carlson, M. Lushine, G. N. Fahrenholtz FOURTH ROW: B Swondby, D. Gridley, R. Nelson, Pfoff. J. Brown. M. Canoyer, D. Mayo, J. Sanford. THIRD ROW: D. P. Bennett, J. Winberg, J. Worrell. Culmination of Track Program Co-Captains Tony Mayo and Rod Brown This year's track squad was the fulfillment of Coach Hendrickson's dreams. Through hard work and persistence it has developed into the finest aggregation of tracksters in the shcool's history. With 16 veterans back from last year, depth — long a weakness — was the forte of this team and made it a favorite to place high in the State Meet. The co-captains, Tony Mayo and Rod Brown, epitomized the Spartan-like attitude of the team. During vigorous practices each trained almost to the point of exhaustion. Tony was considered the best all around runner in conference history; Rod - one of the best distance men. Other mainstays of the squad were cross country men Pfaff, Sanford, and Bayers. Sprinting standouts were Forney, Jones, Canoyer, Swandby, Thornton, Huffman, Ezaki, J. Brown and Carlson. In the hurdle events were Lushine and Gilchrist. 171 Discus throwers — Morro, Lynden. ond Stelnbouer, — and shot-men — Burkhardt, Gridley, ond Reeke — gained vital points In the weights.Lettermen. BOTTOM ROW: Ray Troutman, Dan Carlton. Bill Nelson. TOP ROW: Steve Crati. John Hankln-son. Bill Dreessen, and Poul Faust. Another Conference Power Nelson warms up Hank. Seven returnees from lost year's fine club provided Coach Baglein with a core around which he built another conference power. All seven were on hand lost year when the Hornets defeated conference champion Richfield to capture the District 18 title. Two of the seven, John Hankinson and Dan Carlson, were named to the district All-Star team. Both, along with the other seasoned performers led the team to many victories. Although the loss of ace hurlers Thomson and Hoffman to graduation was sorely felt, the mound staff of veterans Cratz and Dreessen and newcomers Pete Smith and Mike Hyde was more than adequate. The classy infield backing these boys up consisted of Hankinson at short, Dreessen and Bill Bing at third, Troutman at first, and John Klein at second. Roaming the outfield were centerflelder Carlson, leftfielder Faust, and rightfielder Gary Reierson. Behind the plate was junior backstop Bill Nelson. The strength of this club was its airtight defense; its weakness — hitting. However, as it progressed through the season, this aspect showed steady improvement. 173L. to R.: Roger lorjon, Terry Smith, Tom Stevens, Ken Jonson, Warren Ostlund, John Howkins, Bill Noron. Golfers Vie for State Title Coptoin Noron toes off. With the nucleus of lost year's conference champs returning, the Hornet linksters set out to capture the coveted state championship trophy. The fact that five lettermen, the top men on last year's squad, were coming back made Edina a heavy favorite to repeat for its third conference championship and a very strong contender for the state title. Seniors who lettered last year were Bill Noron, Tom Stevens, Ken Jonson, and Warren Ostlund. Noron, captain of the team, competed in last year's state tournament and was one of the favorites to cop individual honors this year. Stevens, who placed in last year's district contest, was also shooting for a state tourney berth. Both were hard pressed by Jonson and Ostlund, consistent low handicap golfers. The club was bolstered by the play of junior letter-men Roger Larson, a standout last year. Ably backing him up were Terry Smith and John Hawkins. Balance was the key to the success of this team. All of these boys were about equal in ability and there was little difference between the first and sixth man. 174KNEELING: J. Peterson, A. Goddard, B. Rogers, S. Scherer, E. Thiele, J. Williams. R. Williams, M. Callan. STANDING: D. Ross. V. Kouvimoki, D. Warner, B. Wcsterwelf. G. Hildebrand, E. Strom, P. Kemper, B Grongor. and B. Jevne. Netmen Have High Hopes The Edino netmen's hopes for the 1961 seoson were quite high. The squad, which captured the take Conference title and finished second in the state tournament in 1960, had three returning lettermen to form a good nucleus. Among the returnees was Andy Goddard, star junior who teamed with Franz Jevne to win the 1960 State Doubles crown. Goddard was a good bet to cop a lot of matches for the Hornets and was among the top contenders for the State Singles championship. The two other lettermen were Bill Jevne and Mike Callan. These two juniors formed a doubles team which last year was run-nerup in the second doubles division of the Lake Conference tournament. Another big hope for '61 was Scott Scherer, a senior who did not earn a letter last year but had greatly improved. The rest of the squad was made up primarily of juniors, with a few sophomores, and a group of promising freshmen. Varsity hopefuls were Rick Williams, Bob Rogers, Jim Williams, Ed Thiele, and Jay Peterson. All but one of the squad will be returning in 1962, so the tennis outlook for the next few years is rosy. 175Hall of Fame Dedicated to Hornet athletes who have displayed exceptional ability in competition. All-Conference Football: Huffman, Carlson, Troutman. Marro. Football: Paul Faust; All-Conferenco. -State. John Honk- inson,- AllConferencc, -State, -American. State Wrestling: Sanford Basketball: Carlson,- All-Conference. -District. Dreessen,- All-Confer- Cross Country: Rod Brown, and Brooks. enco. Honkinson,- Honoroble Mention All-District. Second in State. Swimming State Champs: Smith and Anderson. All-Conference Hockey: Mathews. Rockwell, Rosendahl, and Nelson. Missing: McRoberts. 176Mr. Downey Swimming Mr. Motion Tennis, Wrestling Mr. Zim Football, Hockey Mr. Conakes Football, Track Coaches Edina completed one of its most successful years in athletics. The boys on the preceding page were largely responsible for this success, but often overlooked is the contribution of the coaches in developing these stars and molding the teams. Edina was extremely fortunate in having such dedicated and capable men. It was an admirable year in all respects. A third in the state in cross country and swimming, a conference championship in hockey, a third in the region in wrestling, and a second in the district in basketball were some of the titles earned by Hornet teams. The accomplishments of the football team highlighted the year and were a fitting tribute to departing Coach Bye. Mr. Merriman Athletic Director Mr. Itolvorjen Wrestling Mr. Johnson Golf Mr. Szendroy Swimming. Tonnis Mr. Fischer Football Mr. Bye Football Basketball Mr. Eksglien Basketball, Boscball 177 Mr. Ikota Hockey Mr. Hendrickson Track, Cross-CountryYou think maybe this it home? Got awayl He's minel Individual attention. Classes As we prepared to start the day Which held new "joys and thrills," It seemed hard to imagine school Without the sound of saws and drills. Wouldn't it bo great if he had a body? IflO Bugt Bunny and his lunch-time friends.I love you, girls, regordless of the outcome. I'll scratch your eyes out, sweetheart, if you Edino Democrats celebrate. don't move over! Activities While the language clubs held banquets and wars And other clubs did similar chores, The girls played football in the cold and rain And aopeared encouraged by the dirt and pain. Don't worry. Mom; I'm In good hands. I was excepted by Darfmouthl HI, fansl A little Nair would do wondors. 181 In days of olde . . . 5%And thank to Mr . Aamodt's lowing Look are deceiving. And rhef0 go€J |||IlK y class . .. Unforgettable Moments It was Tuesday, November 8; The campaign was over and it was late; Who can forget the tone of Dick's voice When he explained, "The people have made their choice." I’vo olwoys boon bothered with straight ends. Double, double, toil ond trouble . . . And where' Wooddole school?Well, let's hope they did a better sewing In general, Dode, it's an improvement. Florence Night-In-Gown, job on the front. And the next year you start high school. You keep eating like that and someday you'll be a g'eat big goony bird. . . . and blue eyes. Nol I don't wont any popcornl They cleaned me out. What does it mean when he turns green?M-ro-m, am I neatl I used to play the piano. Crusher Kowalski. Dances and Parties The missiles quickly fill the air. Aimed at soldiers, hale and hearty; But the world is not at war. It's just a slumber party. Girl most likely to succeed In girls' These hen parties ore really a drag, basketball. Gee, she sold she was alone. The toasted toasters. 184 You con hove your cake and eof it toolI bot you think those ore Bermuda shorn. Homesick hitchhikers. Hey, you guys, the boys aro down therel Vacations As school begins once more. And we resume our "occupation," There's one thing kept in mind — That, of course, is . . . next vacation! A-n-n-n, my mother wears hip boots. Will somebody please turn off the bubble-machine9 The boat got tirod. Ah . . . wilderness! 185 Hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil,They didn't mend right. If I'm not the quarterback, the boll and I Only 104 more, dear, and you'll get your will go home. G.A.A. letter. he Past In the past we filled our days. Watching Lassie and Gabby Hayes,-But alas, do not despair. We still have Yogi Bear! Foreign students?It' a good thing it's gonna be down hill all Elvis's wartime replacement. Which one has the Toni? the woy. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. I'd laugh, too, but my mouth is fulll Hooping if up. Dad's suit almost fits. My name is Lolito. Striving to bo normal.Patrons First Edina National Bank 4100 W. 50th St. Edina, Minn. Minnesota School of Business 24 S. 7th St. Minneapolis, Minn. "Golden Guernsey" World's Finest Milk Home Delivery JA 2-3601 Stephens Buick Company 1301 Harmon Place Minneapolis, Minn. Scherling Studios 6304 W. Lake St. St. Louis Park, Minn. The Woodhead Ford Company "Ford since 1912" Minneapolis, Minn. Bermel-Smaby, Realtors "In the Heart of Edina" 3910 W. 50th St. Benson Opticians at Miracle Mile Soufhdale Medical Building, Downtown Medical Arts Building Boyer-Gilfillan Ford 1201 Harmon Place Minneapolis, Minn. Best Wishes to the Class of '61 Greguson's Nursery Edina, Minn. Cargill Incorporated Grain Exchange Building Minneapolis, Minn. Clover Leaf Creamery Company 420 W. Broadway Minneapolis, Minn. Clancy Drugs 50th St. west of France Edina, Minnesota Compliments of Berg and Fornham Company 5209 Eden Ave. Fegle's Construction Company 2110 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Compliments of Edina Shell 4101 W. 50th St. Josfen's Foshay Tower Arcade 134 Minneapolis, Minn. Compliments of Sico Mfg. Co. Inc. 5215 Eden Ave. M. A. Mortenson Company 250 Fremont Ave. No. Minneapolis, Minn. Country Club Cleaners 4400 France Ave. So. Morningside, Minn.Patrons Country Club Ice Cream 50th and France Ave. Edina, Minn. Edina Television First Choice In Specialized Service 50th and France . Sawyer Cleator Lumber Co. 1400 Washington No. Minneapolis, Minnesota Davies Mortuary Co. 1403 Harmon Place Fe. 2-4351 Hawkins Confectionery 4390 France Morningside, Minn. Suburban Federal Savings Loan Association of Edine 3925 West 50th Street fjdina Record Center 5011 France Ave. So. Wa. 7-8123 Jiffy Carwash Excelsior Blvd.at Kipling Wa 2-4922 Tanya's Beauty Lounge 4404 France South Wa 2-2288 J. A. Danens Son Inc. 5106 Brookside Ave. Edina, Minn. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop 6405 Lyndale Ave So. Minneapolis, Minn. Vision Center Opticians With an eye to the future 3939 West 50th Street Kullberg Manufacturing Co. Cabinets — Millwork — Moulding Fe. 9-6331 Lady be Lovely Beauty Salon Wa 6-6020 We Make Your Time the Right Time W. D. Korst Jewelry 50th and France Avenue Bettina Shakespeare Women's Apparel 50th and France Minnesota Supply Co. 706 Portland Ave. Minneapolis 15, Minnesota Benri Coiffures 3946 West 50th Street Wa 7-7339 Brush's Shoes 3921 West 50th Street Edina, Minn. Morningside Grocery and Meats Delivery Service Wa 6-2778 Edina Theatre 50th and France Edina, Minn. Dean's Mobile Service 54fh and France Edina, Minn. Olson Bros. Pharmacy 5004 Vernon Ave. Edina, Minn. Biltmore Lanes 5101 West 50th Street Edina, Minn. Don't Gamble — For the finest Woodwork Call Frank George Cab. Shop We 9-2911 Ostlund Jewelry 5405 Excelsior Blvd. Wa 6-2622 Compliments of Standard American Life 3801 West 50th Street Edina Kitchen 3818 West 50th Street Wa 6-7691 Rent your tux from Roberts Co. 3826 W. 50th St. Wa 6-4466 Edina Shoe Service 4952 France Ave. South Edina, Minn. 191Seniors Acton, Paul 14,129 Akin, Caroline 14,116,119,125 Alderson, Martha 14,63,117,119, 123 Alger, Douglas 14,119 Allen, Sandy 14,63,106,113,119, 122,131 Allivato, Phillip 14,63,119 Andersen, Charles 14,61,126,129 Anderson, Darrel 14,131,132,167, 168 Anderson, Kathryn Jo 14,104,107, 112,113,119,123,130 Anderson, Mary Louise 14,119,124 Anderson, Susan 15,108,109,110, 113,119,128 Anderson, William 15 Andrews, Linda 15,116,119 Andrusko, Paul 15,149 Aramaryo, Rosario 15,111,117 Aslesen, Karen 15,119,122,125 Bach, Thomas 15,129 Bachmeyer, Susan 15,119,128 Barker, Cynthia 15,131,137 Barth, Paul 15 Bartlett, Mary Ann 16 Bayers, Leroy 16,129,149 Bement, Lance 16 Bennett, Connie 16,116,119 Bennett, Michael 16,126,129 Bickett, Robert M. 116,119,120 Biggs, Victoria 16 Bing, William 16,124,129,131 Bjorklund. Diane 16,110,117,119 Blair, Geraldine 17,63,119 Blandin, Carole 17 Blood, Philis 17,126 Blood, Phoebe 17,124 Boelter, Bill 17,120,121 Box, Marlene 17 Brahy, Sharon 17,117,119 Brandow, Grefchen 17,62,63,110, Brekke, John 17,126 Bridgeman, Jeanne 17 Brierley, Sandra 18,63,104,105, Brisbois, Joe 18,129,143,146,161, 163 Brooks, David 18,157,158 Brown, Judith 18,119,130,132,137 Brown, Rodney 18,63,114,117,118, 120,149 Bruner, Bonnie 18,123 Brunskill, William 19 Buckbee, John 19 Buell, Betsy 19,105,121,122 Burg, Dianne 19,119,128,132 Burke. Ann 19,116,125 Index Burton, Mary 19,63,110,114,115, 119,123 Buss, Linda 20,62,63,106.107,110, 113,114,118,122 Byrnes, Marguerite 20,108,109, 113,116,117 Carlsen, Carolyn 20,117,119,123, 131 Carlson, Barbara 20,121 Carlson, Dan 20,61,129,143,144, 151,152 Carlson, Dianne 20,105,115,117 Carlstrom, Mary Anne 20,108,109, 113,123,124 Carson, Bob 20,63,104,106,112, 113,117,118,120 Chao, Khout 20,111,132 Christopher, Elaine 20,112,116,119 Chrisfopherson, Judy 21 Clayton, Nancy 21,115,125 Cole, John 21 Connolly, Cafhleen 21,60,119,124, 128 Connor, Kathleen 21,119,123,128, 131 Cooper, Michael 21,119,120 Cooper, Stephanie 21,104,105, 119.121 Coppock, Carol 21,116,119,122, 124 Cratz, Steve 21,129,143,148 Cummiskey, Linda 21,62,63,110, 114,117,126 Dahl, James 22,110,119 Dahlberg, Vicki 22,119 Danielson, Daniel 22 Davis, Daniel 22,131 Davis, Sally 22,116,117 DeCoursey, Nancy 22,122,125 Degen, Julianne 22,117 Dibble, Charles 22,124 Dodge, Jim 22,63,114,119 Donald, Paula 22,119 Dreessen, William 23,119,129,143, 146,151,152,154 Driscoll, Patricia 23,117,128 Dunn, Patricia 23 Dwyer, Virginia 23,110,116,128 Edwards, Danae 23,117,119,125, 128 Elliott, Leslie 23,63,114,117,119, 124 Ewert, David 23,113,119 Ewing, Jane 23,115 Ezaki, Ben 23,119 Fair, Georgia 23,116 Falkanger, Joyce 24,123,126 Fausch, Sandra 24 Faust, Paul 24,119,129,137,143, 144,145,161,165 Fenger, Ann 24,63,110,117,119, 121.122 Ferguson, Todd 24,119,120.129, 131.132 Fiedler, Charles 24 Field, Cheryl 25,115,125 Fietek, Timothy 25 Finney, Robert 25 Fisher, Vicky 25 Flickinger, Barbara 25,122,124, 128.130 Forney, John 25,104,120,129,151, 154 Fountain, Nancy 26 Freeman, Gayle 26,122,126 Fretz, Raymond 26 Fure, David 26 Gage, Ann 26,115,119,123 Gakle, Betty 26,119,122,124 Gallup, Diane 26,110,119,121,123 Gamble, James 26,126 Garrison, Carole 26 Garrison, James 26 Garrison, Patricia 27,63,116,126 Gentry, Susan 27,116,119,122,125 Getsch, Edward 27 Giertsen, Lynn 27,122,128,131 Gilchrist, Dan 27,120,129,143,145 Gilster, William 27,63,118,120 Gindorff, Carol 27,110,116,119, 125 Goehner, Sharon 27,119,126,128 Gould, Richard 27,120,121,127 Grandbois, Gary 27,63 Grant, Elizabeth 28,116,117,119, 122.131 Green, Susan 28,119,122 Greer, Dora nee 28,60,104,119,124, 128.131.132 Gridley, David 28,118,120 Gruss, Julie Anne 28,115,116,117, 128 Gust, Gregory 28,117 Gust, Marianne 28,63,114,116,117, 128 Hage, Russell 28,129 Hallberg, Nancy 28,63,118,119, 123 Halseth, Kathleen 28,125 Halvorson, Suzanne 29 Hamilton, Kitty 29,63,105,114 Hankinson, John 29,61,137,143, 144,151,152 Hanson, Judy 29,115,125 Hanson, Mark 29,117,118,120,121 Hanson, Richard 29 Hanson, William 29,129 Harris, Stephen 29 Hawthorne, Sarah 29,60,62,63, 104,108,109,113,114,119,121, 122 Hede, Bob 29 Heidrink, Robert 30 Henderson, Robert 30,120 192Hendrickson, John 30,112,119 Herrick, Jon 30,116 Hildenbrond, Gunter 30,110,111, 117,119,132 Hill, Karen 30,63,115,116,117,119, 121,122,144 Hilliard, Bonnie 31,106,122 Hoffman, Diana 31,122,124,131 Holder, Marilyn 31,117 Holmberg, James 31 Honaas, Trygve 31,63,126 Horan, Gretta 31,126 Hovey, Robert 32 Hoy, Patricia 32 Huber, DuWayne 32,124,129,143, 147 Huffman, Richard 32,104,129,137, 143,145,161,165 Hunt, Tom 32 Hupp, Susan 32,119,123 Ingraham, Lynda 32,112,119,128 Iverson, Anne 32,63,110,114,118, 119,123 Jackson, David 32,115,131 Jacobson, Jerry 32,120,121,131 John, Gary 33,63,118 James, Judith 33,63,117,118,119, 123 Jensen, Barbara 33,63,105,108, 110.113,114,119 Jensen, Larry 33 Jensen, Lesley 33,125 Johnson, Craig 33,120 Johnson, Dean 33 Johnson, Dennis 33,129,143,148 Johnson, Karolyn 33,117,123 Johnson, Kaye 33,116,117,119 Johnson, Jim 34,119,120.129 Johnson, Susan 34,116,119,122 Johnston, Dianne 34 Jones, Donald 34,104,119,129, 137,151,152 Jonson, Ken 34,114 Jorgensen, Carole 34,116,119,125 Keller, Karen 34 Kelley, Kay 34,125 Kelly, Juanita 34,122,125 Kennedy, Patricia 34,115,119,123 Kirchner, Beverly 35,116,119,121, 123 Klein, John 35,60,118,120,124,129, 131 Kmieciak, Janet 35,125 Knopf, James 35,119,120 Koltes, Katherine 35,117,125 Kostick, Richard 35,62,63,119 Kraemer, Sharon 35,63,118,124 Kreiser, Diane 35,117,119,125 Krizan, Melanie 35,123 Kuehn, Dinah 35,123,125 Kullberg, Jane 36,62,63,107,110, 114.119.121,122 Lace, Diana 36,60,63,104,114,119 130,137 Lade, Fred 36,119,120,129 Lane, Jeffrey 36 Latchaw, Richard 36,63,114,118, 129,143,147,157,159 Laurel, Susan 36,63,114,116,119, 131 Lawson, Maren 37,119,123,126, 128 LeBaron, Michael 37,129,132 Lee, Dwight 37,129,131 Le Gros, Lynn 37,119,124,131 Leraas, Robert 16,110,119 Lewers, Barrie 37,125,131 Lienke, Karen 37,117,119,128 Lindberg, Vernon 38,119 Lofgren, Dick 38,129,136,143,148, 159 Loose, Judy 38,123 Lord, Nancy 38,119,123 Lundgren, Richard 38,63,114,117, 119,129 Lushine, Mike 38,63,114,161,164 Lynden, James 38,61,63,104,106, 110,111.114,120,129,137,143, 144 MacKay Barbara 38,117 MacPhail, Bruce 38 McCormick, Steve 38,129,157,159 McEliece, James 39,62,63,118,129, 132,143,144 McFadzean, Carol 39,63,110,115, 119,121,122,124 McKeon, Kathleen 39,117 McManis, James 39,62,63,114,117, 167 McPeok, Alan 39 McPherson, Robert 39,120,129 McVeety, Dorothy 12,39,61,104, 122 Mahowald, Mark 39,63,118,120, 167 Manchester, Laurence 39,63,104, 118,157,159 Markle, Cynthia 39,117 Motto, Herbert 40,115,129,143, 147,151,154 Marshall, James 40,157,158 Martin, Harry 12,40.60,62,63,110, 119,126 Matthews, Margaret 40,110,119, 123 Maurer, Merrilyn 40,104,119,122, 131 Maybach, James 40,159 Mayo, Tony 40,120,121,131,149 Melond, Mary Ann 40,105,117 Menely, Libby 40 Merfeld, Charlotte 40,116,124,125 Meyer, John 41,119,126 Michel, Kathleen 41 Miller, Wayne 41,63,108,109,110, 113,114,117,129 Mills, Diane 41 Minde, Mary Lou 41,122,128 Mitchell, John 41,129 Mitchell, Susan 41,110,119,123, 125 Moore, Susan 41,63,114,117,119, 128 Moore, Tom 41,110,120,129 Morgan, John 42,120 Mortensen, Judy 41,126 Moss, Janet 42,63,108,109,113, 118,122 Nachbar, Lawrence 42,112 Naslund, Mary 42,112,124 Nelson, Gordon 42,63,120 Nelson, John 42,120,124,129 Nelson, Kathleen 43,117 Nelson, Richard 43 Nelson, Sara 43,63,116,119,123 Nelson, Victor 43,117,126 Nichols, Gaye 43,117,118,119,123, 128 Nicolls, Mary Jean 43 Niess, James 44,119 Niskala, James 44 Noran, William 12,44,63.114,117, 119,129,131 Nordby, Thomas 44,110,127,132 Nordell, Nancy 44,126,128 Nordell, Ruth 44,119,126,128 Ofstedal, Barry 44,63,120 Olmstead, Mary 44,115,116,125 Olsen, Sandra 44,105,119,128 Olson, Douglas 4 Olson, Gretchen 45,110,112,114, '19.123 Olson, Karen 45,63 Olstad, Ruth 45,119,123,124 Ostendorf, Anita 45,122,126 Ostlund, Warren 45,119 Ott, Bonnie 45,63,114,118 Otterness, Gail 45,63,119,128 Packard, Tom 45,120,129 Parker, Jane 45,119,122,131 Pascoe, Morgan 45,119,129 Pearson, Barbara 46,63,119,123, 124 Pearson, Richard 46 Pederson, Theodore 46 Pennewell, Bruce 46 Pennewell, Gary 46 Persen, Paula46,63,108,109,110, 113,114,119,121,123 Perso, Barbara 46,116,117 Peterson, Craig 46 Peterson, James 46,129 Peterson, Sondra 46,116,122 Pfaff, George 47,129,157,158 Pierre, Judith 47 Pilney, Penny 47,125,136,137 Polglase, Jill 47,116,123 193Polglase, Pom 47,116,123 Porter, Marna 47,105,116,122,124, 132 Portinga, Roberta 47,116 Potts, Thomas 47,119,120,129 Proebstle, Robert 47 Rachie, Janice 47,112,119,121,122, 124 Rawitzer, William 48,129,132,143, 146 Raymond, Joyce 48,116,117,119 Reche, Byron 48,129,143,148 Reinertsen, Virginia 48,115,117,125 Reinhardt, Lee 48,129 Reishus, Thomas 48,110,129 Renk, Dennis 49 Resch, Judith 49,63,106,114,117, 119,121,123 Retherford, Mary 49,115,116,128 Reynolds, Steve 49,129 Richardson, Mark 49,120,121,132 Riegel, Sandra 49,110,117,123, 125 Riley, Thomas 50,129 Ripley, Douglas 50,105 Rocklin, Richard 50,129 Rodning, Charles 50 Rolfson, Karen 50,124 Roscoe, Sheila 50,122 Rosenow, Phil 50,132 Rue, Kathryn 50,61,104,119,122, 124,130,132,137 Rugloski, Janet 50 Russ, Susan 50,107,113,117 Sampson, Susan 51,116,122,125 Sand, Douglas 51,63,110,117,118, 119 Sanders, Carol 51,126 Sanford, William 51,120,129,131, 149,157,158 Scherer. Scott 51,63,110,112,114, 119 Schroder, Sandra 51 Schwab, Diane 51,125 Schwarzkopf, Karl 51,118 Shattuck, Cynthia'51 Shima, William 51 Siebert, Beverly 52,63,110,118,126 Simpson, Jacqueline 52,116,119 Skarie, Steve 52,124 Slawson, Henry 52,120 Smisek, Rosemarie 52,63,116,117 Smith, James 52,167,168 Smith, Linda 52,119,124 Smith, Margaret 52,63,115,116, 125 Smith, Sherry 52,118,119,122 Smith, Terry 52,63,104,114,119, 120,121 Soderberg, Diane 53,116 Soelberg, Roberta 53,126,128 Stafford, James 53,115,129,167, 168 Starn, Kathleen 53,108,110,116, 122.124 Stevens, Mary 53,112,124 Stevens, Thomas 53,63,129 Stevenson, Thomas 53,104,106,120, 121 Strachauer, Cynthia 53 Strom, Chesley 53,63,119 Strudwick, Dorothy 53 Suelter, Sara 54 Swandby, Robert 12,54,104,108, 111 Tang, Warren 54,129,143 Taube, Maureen 54,110,119,122 Taylor, Dick 54,129 Tess, Joy Ann 54,115 Tew, Vicki 55,61,62,63,108,114, 119 Tews, Carolyn 55,63,105,112,113, 119.123.124 Thayer, Linda 55,110,119 Thomas, Dan 55 Thompson, Bruce 55 Thomson, Polly 55,63,108,109,113, 119,128 Thornton, Thomas 56,60,119,129, 132,143,144,151.153 Tibbs, Betsey 56,115,123 Timmerman, Charles 56,129 Trapp, Stephanie 56,63,110,114, 118,119 Trautman, Ray 56,129,143,145, 157,159 Tressel, Margaret 56,113,122,125, 128 Tudor, Charlotte 56,119,122 Urevig, Peter 56,124,129 Utter, Mary 56,119,125 Vanasek, Diane 56,61,105,119 Week, Genevieve 57,105,116,119, 123.124 Wehr, Barbara 57,116,121,122, 125 Welling, Vaughn 57,120.151,153 Wells, James 57,63,110,112,116, 117.118 Wellumson, Lynn 57,63,119,123, 125,132 Wennerlyn, George 57,129,143, 147 Wetzbarger, Carol 57,63,114,119, 122 Whiteside, Michael 57,129 Wigen, Sandra 57,115,117 Willour, Barbara 57 Wilson, Lavaan 58,123 Wilson, Susan 58 Woehrer, Carol 58,63,108,109, 113,114 Wolfe, Daly 58,60,105,112,113, 116.119 Wolfe, Gloria 58 Wright, Margaret 58,119,122,132 Wudlick, Diane 58,63,110,114,117, 119,123 Yerxa, Cynthia 58,124 Young, Kenneth 58,115,129 Ziegler, Gudrun 58,111,119,122, 128 Juniors Adams, Lynn 67 Alexander, Marilee 67,107,110, 113.123.128 Anderson, Audrey 67 Anderson, Dale 67 Anderson, Dennis 67 Anderson, John 67,116,120 Artus, Claudia 67 Ash, Carolyn 67,110,117,118 Ashenbrenner, Cheryl 67,119 Atkinson, Patsy 67,110,116,117, 119.128 Awscumb, Kenneth 67 Baarson, Alice 67,110,116,118,128 Bailey, Kathleen 67,117,119 Barnes, Roger 67 Bartlett, James 67,120,128,129,165 Bartz, Linda 67,117,119 Basche, Robert 67 Baxter, Ann 67,122 Beddow, Rick 67,120 Begg, Louise 67,105 Beggs, Joan 67,116,117,123 Belfrey, Mary 67,118,126 Bell, Debbie 67,110,117,119,122, 128 Bennett, Brian 67,119 Bennett, Patrick 67,129,143,146 Benson, Judith 67,125 Benson, Karen 67,118 Berdahl, Robert 67 Bergh, Barry 67 Berglund, Ruth 67,123 Berguson, Bruce 67 Berlin, Claudia 67,116 Bermel, Bruce 67,119,120 Berrong, Thomas 67 Bessesen, Julie 67,106,115,123,128 Bigelow, Barbara 67,122 Bigelow, Jim 68 Bliss, Tommy 68 Bourgeois, Laurence 68 Brandt, Trudie 68,123,128 Braun, Thomas 66,68,104,110,117, 119,120 Brewbaker, William 68,118 Bridgeman, John 68,112 Brock, Carol 68,115,117,122,128 Bros, Daniel 68,119,120 Brostrom, Janet 68,112,118,123 Brown, Jeffrey 68,110,151,153 Brown, Robert 68 194Brudelie, Penny 68,110,119,123 Brum, Betty 68,118 Bryntesen, Kay 68 Bublitz, Sue 68,116,117,119 Bunnell, Bruce 68,117 Burgroff, Bradley 68,167 Burkhardt, Walter 68,148,157,159 Burris, Dick 68,19 Busch, Yvonne 68,116,119 Buscher, Ralph 68,119,120 Callan, Michael 68,118,129 Cameron, Julie 68,123 Campbell, Keith 68,127,165 Cannom, Carol 68,110,119,121, 123.124.128 Canoyer, Mark 68,104,129,143, 144,151,152 Carlson, Georgia 68 Carlson. Janet 68,118,123,125,128 Carlson, Jay 68,117,119,148 Carlson, John 68,120 Carlson, Karen 68,119,128 Carlson, Linda 68,110,117,119,126 Carlson, Richard 68,167 Carlson, Roger 68 Carlson, Susan 68,110,119,121, 123.128 Charles, Carolyn 68,119 Chriss, Gwenn 68,105,110,112, 116,118.124 Clausen, Donald 68,126 Colness, Richard 68 Cook, Charles 68,127 Corcoran, Beverly 68,123,128 Cracraft, Thomas 68,119 Crickmer, Fay 68,122,126,128 Currier, Valerie 68,115,116 Cahl, Daryl 68,124 Dahl, Janet 68,119,122,128 Dannatt, Judith 68,116,122 DePasquale, Linda 68,110,116,117 Dickey, Kathleen 68,110,119,131 Diebold, James 68 Diehl, Thomas 68 Diercks, Laurie 68,110,119,123 Diracles, Michael 68,110,118 Dobbs, Keith 68,120,167 Dornfeld, Rick 68,165 Eckerman, Richard 68 Edwards, John 68,120 Ekstame, Joanne 68,122 Ellingson, John 68,119,167 Ellingwood, Carol 68,116,119 Ellis, Robert 68,148 Engelking, Robert 68,119,159 Engelsma, Daniel 69 Englund, John 69,119,120 Faville, Ralph 69,119,126 Fetter, David 69,118 Fick, Michael 69,119 Field, Patricia 69,110,123,128 Findlay, Annette 69,105,122 Finney, Judie 69,116,122 Firth, Laroine 69,117,123,125 Fitch, John 69,119 Flemming, Thomas 69 Fletcher, Jean 69,115,116 Formo, Kristin 69,110,119,123 Forster, Kafhie 69,110,118,124 Fredrickson, Sandra 69 Freese, Stanford 69,119,126 Friegang, Judith 69,127 Friesen, Nancy 69 Fuller, Carolyn 69,117 Fuller, Patricia 69,115,116 Furber, Dorothy 69,118 Galarneau, Gordon 69 Galvin, Muriel 69 Garrison, Robert 69 Garver, Barbara 69,123,128 Gates, Roger 69,115 George, Richard 69,119,120 George, Robert 69,116 Geving, John 69,119,124 Gibbish, Nancy 69,116 Gibson, Robert 69,119,167 Giebink, Scott 69,119,120,148 Gilfillan, Jean 69,118,122 Gillen, Rosemary 69 Gilles, Cheryl 69 Gilliland, Judith 69,119,124,128 Gilman, Julie 69,123 Gleeson, Michael 69,148 Gleeson, Richard 69 Glover, Julianne 69,110,117,119, 122 Goddard, Andy 66,69,104,119,129 Goodman, Mary 69,118,128 Gorder, Paul 69 Grandstrand, Karen 69,110,119, 126,128 Gray, Matthew 69,129 Gunderson, Jerry 69,119 Gust, David 69,108,127 Hafner, Virginia 69,104,105,108, 119,128 Hall, Pamela 69,110.112,119 Hall, Patricia 69,117,119 Hallomquisf, Kenneth 69,116,119, 120 Halvorson, Sally 69,108,119 Hansen, Mary 69 Hanson, Barbara 69,110,118,123 Hanson, Eileen 69,110,126 Hargreaves, David 69 Hargreaves, Mary 69,123,126,128 Harris, Deanna 69,128 Harfwick, Gayle 69 Hasken, Robert 69,120 Hatch, Susan 69,119,128 Haugen, Bonnie 69,119,124 Hauger, Martha 69,117,122 Havstad, Margaret 70,110,119 Hawkins, John 70,119,151,153 Headingfon, Mary 70,110,119,123, 128 Heckafhorn, Harry 70,119 Heidinger, Jon 70,119 Heines, Nancy 70,119,125 Helgeson, Karen 70,110,126 Helland, John 70,148,159 Henjum, Jim 70 Hennessy, Catherine 70,110,112, 113,119,122 Highfield, Kathleen 70 Holmberg, Judith 70,116 Holtz, Genevieve 70,117,126 Hopper, Steve 70,148 Hoy, Terry 70 Hughes, Nancy 70,116 Hull, Judy 70,116,123 Hustad, Lars 70,119 Hyde, Mike 70,167,168 Ittensohn Olaf 70,159 Iverson, Lynne 70,105,110,119.122, 124,128,131 Jackson, Carol 70,105 James, Phil 70,129,143,146,159 Janssen, Judith 70,122,128 Jasmin, Merrily 70,116,118,123 Jensen, James 70 Jensen, Richard 70,119,120 Jevne, William 70,104,107,129,165 Johnson, Donna 70 Johnson, Gerald 70 Johnson, Kathryn 70,122,124,130 Johnson, Robert 70,129 Johnson, Robert 70,110,117,167 Jones, Cheryl 70,128 Jones, Elizabeth 70,122,125 Jones, Linda 70 Jorgensen, Michael 70 Josephson, Carol 70 Kadlac, Thomas 70,124 Kallevik, Leslie 70 Kane, Barbara 70,116,127 Kane, Ronald 70,143,148 Kannenberg, Leigh 71,105,110, 112,119,123,128 Katzman, Arthur 71,118,126 Keene, Mary 71,110 Keller, Glenn 71 Kelley, Juni 71 Kelly, Michael 71 Kemper, Peter 66,71,104,117,119, 129,167,169 Kemper, Susanne 71,116 Kennelly, Rich 71 Kerker, Lynn 71,116,117,119,122, 128 Kesler, Carol 71,124,126 King, Carol 71,119,123,128 Kinney, Janet 71,110,117,118,122. 128 Knight, John 71,161,164 Knutson, Donald 71 Koehler, Jack 71,118,148 Konen, John 71,148 195Koontz, Carol 71 Korstad, Patricia 71,116,122 Kraft, Robert 71 Kraemer, Kathryn 71 Krenz, Florence 71,116,123,125 Krieger, Nan 71,110,128 Kuhn, Penelope 71,110,122 Kuphal, Kathy 71,104,110 Laing, Craig 71 Lamar, Charles 71,119 Larson, Mary Anne 71,110,118,122 Larson, Roger 71,110,119,120,129 Larson, Thomas 71,120 LaSalle, Jacqueline 71,117,119,124 Leaders, John 71 Leary, Timothy 71 Leek, Janet 71,104,110,119,124, 128 Liiste, Matti 71,120,124 Lilligren, James 71,119 Lindballe, Mary Ann 71,116,122 Lindemann, Wayne 71 Loeffler, Sue 71,110,117 Lord, Thomas 71 Luce, David 71,110,113,117,119, 120,167 Lund, Caroline 71,117,119 Lund, Kenneth 72 Lynch, Margaret 72,125 Lyon, Marcia 72 Lyons, Janice 72,110,119,128 MacAllister, Martha 72,122 MacPhail, Stuart 72,117,118 Magnus, Diana 72,110,116,117, 125.128 Malmberg, Mary 72,118 Manfred, Peter 72,119,157,158 Marquardt, Thomas 72,115,116 Martinson, Gordon 72 Mathews, Dean 72,129,161,162 Mathews, William 72 Matson, Robert 72,148 Matthews, Mary Ellen 72,119,122, 125 Mayo, Douglas 72,116,119,120,149 McAlister, Karen 72,122,128 McArthur, Janet 72,116 McCormick, Thomas 75,110,126 McCracken, Kathleen 72,123 McDonald, Sandra 72,112,123 McDonald, Walter 72,118,167 McGahey, Kathryn 72,118 McGarraugh, Marcia 72,105,110, Mcllyar, Sandy 72 Mclnally, Thomas 72 McKenna, Thomas 72,112 McNeil, Gail 72,119,122 McRoberts, Mike 72,129,145,161, 163 Melcher, Jean 72,122,128 Metcalfe, James 72 Meyer, Elroy 72,126 Michael, David 72,129,143,147 Mildren, William 72,120 Miller, Jerry 72,120 Miller, Molly 72,117,118,126 Mitchell, Beverly 72,110,117,119, 123,128 Mitchell, Forrest 72,119,148,165 Moe, Elizabeth 72,110,119,123, 128 Moore, James 72,119 Mortenson, Carol 72,118,122 Mucke, Jane 72,104,119,128 Murphy, Pamela 72 Murray, Carole 72,118,122 Nelson, Barbara 72,118 Nelson, Jane 72,110,118 Nelson, Judy 72 Nelson, Karen 72,119,123,128 Nelson, Ray 72,148 Nelson, Rosanne 72,110,125 Nelson, William 72,129,161,162 Nordeen, Fred 72,118,167 Northrup, Patricia 72,123 Norris, Nancy 72,122 North, Thomas 72 Nystrom, John 72 Oakes, Michaele 72,125 Odell, Thomas 72,116 Olinger, Catherine 72 Oliver, William 72 Olson, Howard 72,110,119,120 Olson, Louise 72,119,122 Olson, Robert 72 Orman, Michael 72,120,128 Ostbye, Lynne 72,119,123 Osterhaus, James 72 Palen, Juanita 73,116 Patten, Cheryl 73,118,123 Pearson, Donald 73,148 Pederson, Pamela 73,110,122 Perbix, Robert 73 Perpich, Shari 73,116,119,128 Perring, Carolee 73,118,123 Peterson, Geraldine 73,123,128 Peterson, Harold 73,119,124,159 Peterson, Pamela S. 73,115,125 Peterson, Pamela W. 73,110,119, 122 Phillips, John 73,118,120,167 Piere, Beverly 73,124 Pitt, Joanne 73,125 Platou, Susan 73 Pleissner, Patricia 73,110 Pratt, William 73,115,120 Price, David 73,167 Prin, David 73,119,148,165 Prin, John 73,119,161 Quiers, Peter 73,120,124 Rafshol, Linda 73,123 Raine, Carole 73,116,123 Rasken, Jeff 73,110,127 Rea, Leslie 73,104,106,110,113, 119,128 Rebmann, Michael 73,112,117,120 Reed, Allen 73,117 Reed, Elise 73,117,119,122,128, 130 Reimers, Ann 73,128,131 Reiter, Gary 73,110,119,167 Reynolds, Gary 73,119 Rickord, David 73,119,120 Riebe, Fred 73,129,143,146,161, 164 Ritchay, Peter 73 Ritter, Regina 73,116,119 Robb, Janet 73,123,128 Robey, Dorothy 73,125 Rockwell, Craig 73,118,120,129, 143,148,161,162 Rogers, Robert 73,105 Rolain, Sandra 73,116,125 Rolph, Susan 73,117,119,122 Romsaas, Marilyn 73 Roquemore, Stephen 75 Rosendahl, Paul 73,119,161,163 Rouzer, Daniel 73,110,117,120 Rudd, Midge 73,116,123 Rush, Joann 73 Ryan, Dale 73 Ryan, Lynne 73,116,119,123 Ryman, Mary 73,105,123 Sahlman, Margaret 73,110,122 Salmon, Stephen 73 School, Karen 73,116,119,125,128 Schmidt, Pamela 73,110,119,122 Schiltz, Gerald 73,127,148 Schoening, Susan 73,104,116,122 Schossow, Sue 73,123 Sedgwick, Lawrence 73,159 Seim, Sarabess 73 Shaw, Robert 73,118,167 Sheppard, Richard 73 Shields, Kathleen 73,118,122 Shmitke, Wayne 73 Simons, Ronald 74,117 Sirene, Carol 66,74,104,107 Skarie, Sandra 74,116,122,125, 128 Slettebo, Barbara 74,117 Smale, Jerry 74,119,124,167 Smith, Darroch 74 Smith, Douglas 74,128 Smith, Gerald 74 Smith, Kelsey 74,118,159 Smith, Peter 74 Smith, Randall 74,118,119,167 Snell, Terri 74 Snyder, Barbara 74,123,127 Spearing, Sherron 74,122,125,128 Spongberg, Donald 74,128,167 Stark, Virginia 74 Starkey, LaVonne 74,118 Steinbauer, John 74,104,118,129, 196143.145,161,164 Steinmetz, Frank 74,124 Stephens, Stephanie 74 Stevens, Suzanne 74,124 Stevenson, Kent 74,119,120,167 Stocking, Susan 74,108,110,119 Stone, Solly 74,110,112,119,123 Strand, Joseph 74 Strasser, Michael 74 Strafe, Jeffrey 74.119,120 Strom, Erik 74,116,119,120 Stuart, Donna 74,117,119,122,128 Stuart, Thomas 74,120,159 Swan, Phillip 74 Swanson, John 74,148 Swanson, Lynn 74 Swanson, Richard 74 Swant, Karen 74,124 Swift, Sandra 74,110,116,119,122, 128 Thayer, Katherine 74,110,116,119, 122 Thiede, Gwendolyn 74,123 Thiele, Edd 74 Thiem, Russell 74,105,110,120 Thomas, James 74,119 Thomas, Victoria 74,108,123,125 Thompson, Jack 74 Thompson, Robert 75 Trapp, Kathleen 75,110,119,122, 125 Tripp, Betsy 75,119,122,128 Turnbull, Susan 75,122,128 Twite, Lucia 75,126 Umberger, John 75,116,120,167 Van Horssen, Charles 75,119 Van Wazer, Alida 75,117,120 Vaughn, Joyce 75 Victorsen, Juane 75,117,123 Vixo, Nancy 75,123 Walker, Sandra 75,117,119,125 Warmoth, Carol 75,123 Wash, Allan 75 Watson, Stephen 75,110,120,129, 143,147,151,154 Wayne, Mary 75,105,110,112,118, 123 Webber, Russell 75 Weden, Donald 75,119,148,159 West, Suzanne 75,110,112,119,123 Wesferdahl, Jane 75,110,119,123 Williams, James 75 Williams, Marcia 75 Williams, Richard 75.108,116,119, 120 Windhorst, Peter 75,104,110,119, 120,126 Winebrenner, Roland 75,159 Wing, Dick 75 Woehrer, Lois 75,108 Wolfe, Ihla 75,116 Wolfe, Michael 75 Wood, Judith 75,116,123 Woodhead, Mary 75,110,119,122, 128 Worman, Janet 75,105,118,123, 128 Yerxa, John 75,117 Sophomores Abernethy, Scott 77 Adams, Michael 77,148,155,167 Aim, Roger 77,117 Anderson, Diane E. 77,1 10,119 Anderson, Diane L. 77,119,123 Anderson, James 77 Anderson, Karin 77,119,123 Anderson, Katherin 77,123,124 Anderson, Patricia 77,119,122 Andrews, Alan 77 Anfmson, Ruth 77,126 Arnold, Hazen 77,127,161 Aspnes, Camilla 77 Aton, Anna-Lee 77,110,126 Axelson, Christine 77 Bain, Barbara 77,128 Baldwin, Brian 77,119 Barber, Jan 77,122 Bartlett, James 77,126 Beggs, James 77,119 Benjamin, Nancy 77,119,123,128 Benson, James 77,118 Berdahl, Michael 77 Berlin, Susan 77,117,123 Bina, Katherine 77,104,119,128 Bishop, John 77,119 Bjoraker, Robert 77,124 Bjornnes, Jon 77 Blandin, Lawrence 77 Boelter, Frances 77,123 Bolles, Marsha 77,118.123,128 Book, Cheryl 77,117,122 Boran, Susan 77,128 Bressler, Bonny 77 Bridgeman, Richard 77 Brierley, Martha 78,118,123 Brisbine, Barbara 78,110,123,127 Brostrom, David 78 Brotherson, Mary 78 Brunskill, Jean 78,128 Buelow, Virginia 78,117,119,122 Burbage, Mary 78,128 Burbage, Robert 78,159 Burbank, Timothy 78 Burkhordt, Bonnie 78,122 Burns, Sharonlee 78,122,128 Burton, John 78,117 Byrd, Stephen 78,148 Cain, Janet 78,119,126 Cameron, Linda 78,119 Campbell; Kenneth 78 Carlsen, Kathryn 78 Carlson, Betty 78 Carlson, David 78,119,126 Carlson, Dawn 76,78,104,119 Carlson, Karen 78,119,122 Carlson, Linda 78,123 Carlson, Ted 76,78,104,143,145, 161,163 Case, Brian 78,127 Caspers, Barbara 78,118,125,128 Cedergren, Barton 78 Chapman, Cheri 78,125 Charbonneau, Renee 78 Chastek, Margaret 78,119,122 Chafterton, Dennis 78 Cheney, Paul 78 Chester, Charles 78,149 Christenson, Harlow 78,104,119, 126,159 Clark, Thomas 78,119 Coffey, Jane 85,104,119 Cook, Deborah 78 Copps, Dale 78,127 Corah, Craig 78 Corchran, Patricia 78,119,122,128 Correa, Maureen 78 Courtney, Richard 78 Covnick, Bruce 78 Craddick, Susan 78,123,128 Crifchlow, Keith 78,148 Crook, Wendy 78,122,130 Croonquist, Betsy 78,119,123,128 Dahl, Thomas 78 Dalquist, Corrine 78 Dannielson, Dean 78 Dannielson, Nancy 78 Dannielson, Sharon 78,119 Davies, Judith 78,119 Degeberg, Chriseda 78,122,128 Denison, Barta 78 Dennison, Marlys 78,122,128 Derby, Mary Lou 78,122 Deveny, Michael 78 Doran, Michael 78 Dorek, Gary 78 Douglas, William 78,155 Drew, Mark 78,127 Drew, William 78 Drischoll, Roy 78 Eastman, Jack 78 Eaton, Charlene 79,119 Enroth, James 79,148,155 Erickson, Jean 79 Erickson, John 79 Erickson, Neal 79 Fahrenholz, Norman 79,118,167, 168,169 Farnsworth, Patricia 79,118 Feldhake, Dennis 79 Fenger, Grotchen 79,119,122 Ferguson, Judith 79,104,118,122 130 197Fietek, Mary 79 Finch, David 79,120,159 Finch, Laura Kay 79,117,123 Finkenaur, Robert 79,120 Fisher, Judith 79 Fleming, Michael 79 Flower, Betty 123 Foley, Richard 79,119 Formo, John 79,159 Forney, David 79,120 Foss, Beth 79,105,123 Foster, David 79 Fotia, Penny 79 Fox, Jeffery 79 Freeman, John 79,127 Friesen, Susan 79,119,128 Gallup, William 79,119,120 Gardner, Janet 79 Gendreau, Daniel 79 Gentry, James 76,79,104,119,120 George, Jo Ann 79,122 Getsch, Thomas 79,108,127 Giebink, Nancy 79,118,123 Gindorff, William 79 Goughker, Lynne 79,110,122 Gowling, Jane 79,123 Grandstrand, Charles 79 Green, Arthur 79 Greenagel, David 79,118 Greenberg, Sheldon 79 Greer, James M. 79,148 Greiser, Raymond 79 Grewe, Lynn 79,118,122,128 Grosh, Nancy 79,127,128 Guille. Frederick 79,167 Gustafson, Gregory 127 Hass, John 79,110 Hagen, Marjorie 79 Haire, Stephen 79,127 Hallberg, Jack 79,167 Halverson, Dennis 79 Halvorson, Vance 79,110,148,159 Hamilton, Bruce 79,127 Hargrove, Robert 79 Harris, Lynn 79 Harrison, Ann 79,117,128 Hart, Josephine 79,119 Hartfiel, Bonnie 79,110,119,123, 128 Hawkinson, Raymond 79 Heacock, Bob 79,120 Headington, Mark 79,118 Hegman, Nancy 79,123 Heinrich, Jill 79,122 Heinbockel, Jill 79,119 Helgesen, Rebecca 85,127,128 Henderson, Robert 80 Hendrickson, Thomas 80,119 Henkel, Margaret 80,119 Henrickson, Ronald 80,119 Hess, Dean 80,118 Hey, John 80,120,145 Hill, Sharon 80,110,116,118 Hilliard, Patricia 80,122,128 Hodge, Robert 80 Hoffman, Robert 80,148 Holmberg, Robert 80,148 Holstad, Leslee 80,122 Hoover, Earl 80,119 Hopf, Janelle 80,123 Horns, Mary 80,118,123 Houck, Barbara 80,122 Houck, Ellen 80,123,128 Hull, Shirley 80,122,127,128 Hustad, Thomas 80,119 Huston, James 80,120,167 Her, Marguerite 80,105,119,123 Isvaelson, James 80 Jennings, John 80,155 Johnson, Craig 80 Johnson, Eloise 80 Johnson, Michael 80,116,148 Johnson, William 80,112 Jones, Douglas 80,119,155 Jones, Judith 80,122 Jordan, Charleene 80,123 Kallevik, Sandra 80,127 Kaiser, Mark 80,120 Keil, Barbara 80,122 Keller, Keith 80,148 Kelly, Colleen 80 Kelly, Kathleen 80,123 Kennedy, William 80,128 Kerr, John 80,124 Kersteter, Joel 80 Kibbler, Chad 80,148,165 Kimball, Rose 80 Kimmerle, Jean 80,105,118,122, 128 Kistle, Barbara 81,117 Kittelson, Janet 81,122,128 Kloek, James 81,120,167 Kmiecial, Alen 81 Knight, Dale Ann 81,110,118,122 Knoph, Richard 81 Knutson, David 81,148 Kojetin, Kathryn 81,123 Kokes, Douglas 85 Konigson, Al 81,148 Kraus, Mary Ellen 81,110,128 Krause, John 81 Krieger, Mimi 81,104,118,122,130 Kuehn, Peter 81 Kuhnley, Marc 81,165 Kuphal, John 81,159 Lannert, Rebecca Ann 81,128 Laudenslager, Laura 81,122,127, 128 Learn, Judy 81 Lee, James 81,117,119,159 Lee, Peggy 81,122 Lehmann, Wade 81,159 LeMire, Mary 81,122,125 Lindberg, Lawrence J. 81 Lindberg, Richard 81 Lindsey, James 81,128 Lindstrom, Robert 81 Little, Thomas 81,118 Lorimer, Marcia 81,123,125 Luck, Betsy 81,116,117,119,127, 128 Lund, Barbara 81,104,119,123,130 Lundahl, Fredrick 81,167,169 Lupie, Marcia 81,119,122 Lykken, Henry 81,120,148,159 Lyon, Thomas 81,119 MacAllister, Connie 81,127 Madden, Kathleen 81 Mader, Richard 81,120 Magoffin, James 81 Mai berg, Bruce 85 Malkerson, Eric 81 Manfred, Mark 81,119 Martin, David 81,110,127 Martin, Jill 81,122,128 Martin, Kay Lynn 85,117,123,128 Martin, Wendy 82,116,128 Mathews, Bonnie 82,117,118,122 Mattson, Gail 82,127 May, Robert 82 McCullough, Kenneth 82,148,167, 169 McDermid, Barbara 82,128 McDonald, Don 82,120 McDonald, Virginia 82,118 McEliece, Virginia 82,118,122 McFadzean, Bruce 76,82,104,119, 126,159 McIntosh, Stewart 82,120 McKay, Laurie 82,116,118,123,124 McNee, Brian 82 McNellis, Dan 82 Means, Patricia 82 Meier, John 82,155 Melbostad, Susan 82,116,123 Merchant, Jeanne 82,126 Millett, Douglas 82,118,165 Mills, Richard 82 Mitchell, Edward 82,127 Moe, John 82,119 Monahan, Michael 82 Moore, Barbara 82 Moore, Kathryn 82,119,122,128 Moore, Patricia 82,118 Morford, James 82,116,118 Morgan, Catherine 82,125 Morphew, Lynne 82,122,128 Morris, Robert 82 Morse, Gillian 82 Moss, Gary 82,108,119,120,126 Mullen, Peggy 82 Musselman, Kay 82,118,122 Myers, Kathryn 82,119,122 Naas, Gary 82 Nauth, Mary 82 Neessen, Paul 82 198Nelson, Kurt 82 Nelson, Ramona 82,118 Newhouse, Nancy 82,123,128 Niess, Daniel 82,118,155 Nordstrom, Nicki 82,119,123,128 Norton, Barbara 82,119,122,128 Nylund, John 82,127 O'Connor, Michael 82,128 Olinger, David 82 Oliver, Donald 82,110,148,159 Olson, Janice 82,119,122 Olson, Mary Jo 82,110,122 Olstad, Mary 82,119,123 O'Neill, Allen 82 Orwoll, Richard 82,117,119 Osberg, Carole 82 Ostlund, Barbara 82,123,128 Otterness, Jack 82,148,165 Park, Denise 82,128 Peterson, Barbara 82,119,122 Peterson, Dianne 82,128 Peterson, James 82 Peterson, Jay 82,120 Peterson, Marcia 82,116,119,127, 128 Peterson, Nancy 82,118,122 Peterson, Susan 83,125 Peterson, Thomas 83,116,120 Pfaff, Judy 83,116,117,123,128 Pierce, Katherine 83,118 Pike, Brenda 83,122,128 Portinga, John 83 Posthumus, Ruth 83,122 Priest, Susan 83,122 Proebstle, Jack 83,148 Puterbaugh, Susan 83,118,122 Quade, Lynn 83,119,122,128 Ramseyer, William 85,127 Redeske, Joan 83,122 Reeves, James 83,110 Reierson, Gary 83,118,148,155 Reineck, Carol 83 Reynolds, Gary 83 Richards, David 83,148 Richardson, Jeffery 83,118,120, 148,165 Ridway, Robert 83 Ring, Mary 83,117,124 Ring, Susan 83,110,118,122,128 Ripley, Richard 83 Robson, Terry 83 Rocklin, James 85 Rodecker, Sharyn 83 Reminger, Robert 83 Ronald, Martin 83,119,125,128 Ross, David 83,161,162 Ross, Janice 83,123,130 Ross, Joanne 83,122,124 Rowe, Martha 83,122 Rush, Kenneth 83 Russ, Steven 83,120,167,169 Salter, Helen 83,118,123 Samuelso.i, Ronald 83 Sandberg, Karen 83,123,128 Sanders, Susan 83,119,122,128 Sanford, James 83,148,157 Sather, Barbara 83,122,125,128 Schaefer, Pamela 83,118,128 Scheefe, Susan 83,122 Schelper, Kenneth 83,119 Scholefield, John 83,120,159 Schoot, Wendell 83,167 Schreiber, Bonnie 83,127 Schweiger, Mary Ellen 83 Scott, Michael 83,117,126 Seleen, Keith 83 Settli, Peter 83,110,119 Severeid, Janet 83,104,112,123, 124,128 Sharpe, Patty 83,117,122,128 Shaw, Vicki 83,104,123,128 Sheeks, James 83 Shepherd, John 83,104,143 Sims, Floy 83,123 Smith, Donna 83 Smith, William 83,120,129,167, 168 Snoyenbos, Richard 83,119,127 Sommer, Terry 83,167 Sommers, Linda 83,123,128 Soper, Carol 83 Sorem, Terry 83,120 Sorlien, Theodore 83 Sorteberg, Kenneth 83,167 Sparrow, Wendy 83,119,123,128 Spearing, Gail 84,123 Spearing, William 84 Sponsel, Susan 84,118 Springstead, David 84 Stamp, Ann 84,122 Stephen, John 84 Stewart, Robert 84 Stoa, Helen 84,119,123,128 Stolarik, Martha 85 Stone, Marilyn 84,127,128 Stone, Susan 84,118,122,128 Strom, Vincent 84 Struck, Dinah 84,122 Sturm, Jeffery 84,118 Swanson, Edward 84 Swant, James 84 Taylor, Maurice 84 Tess, James 84,119,120,159 Theisen,Greg 84,159 Thomas, David 84 Thompson, John 84 Thompson, Margaret 84,118,123 Thompson, Mary Jean 84,123 Thompson, William 84 Thorp, Glenn 84 Thorpe, Josephine 84,123,128 Tomlinson, William 84 Troutman, Paul 84 Tvetene, Leigh 84 Utne, Steven 84,120 Vanosek, Kathleen 84,119 Victor, Judith 84,117,122,125,128 Viken, Joann 84,123 Vizzier, Stephen 84 Vogeley, Kirsten 84,118,123,124 Wahl, Marjorie 84,118,123 Waldusky, Bill 84,148 Waller, Cheryl 84,122,128 Ward, Linda 84,128 Wardell, Rebecca 84 Warren, Kathleen 85 Wartchow, Sally 84,122,128 Wartson, Patricia 84,118,122 Welch, Sharon 84 Wersell, Signe 85,118,122,130 Wescott, Ann 85,110,118,128 West, John 85 West, Kenneth 85,120 Whalen, Nancy 85 Whitbread, Bertram 85,148 Whyte, James 85,167 Wicker, Wendy 85,122 Williams, John 85 Willour, Charles 85,118 Wilson, Richard 85 Winberg, John 85,119,120,149,155 Wolf, Janet 85,116,119,122,126 Woodworth, Anne 85,117,119,123, 124 Worrell, John 85,148,165 Wright, John 85 Wright, William 85,119,120,148, 155 Wudlick, Robert 85,128,159 Wunsch, Paul 85,112,117,119,120, 127,167 Yelkin, Helen 85,122,125 Young, Judith 85 Zeimes, Robert 85 199In Appreciation The 1961 Whigreon staff expresses gratitude to: Mr. John K. Sheldon, for advisory aid of unprecedented goodness Mr. Burt Hedstrom and The American Yearbook Company Scherling Studios, Incorporated Mr. Orlando Scherling Mr. Bill Pletsch Our patrons The administration and faculty, for their cooperation in Whigrean projects, and especially to Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Beehtle for writing the dedication. The students of Edina-Morningside High School, for their encouragement and support throughout the year. Our parents, who have given both moral support and nourishment to tide us through our trying deadlines. And to Katie, Barbi, and last year's staff for giving us the privilege of creating the 1961 Whigrean. 1961 Whigrean Staff Linda Buss ................................................................. Editor-in-Chief Sandy Brierley .......................................................... Business Manager Bobb Carson ................................................... Art and Picture-coordinator Judy Resch ............................................................................ Copy Bonnie Hilliard .................................................................... Seniors Jim Lynden .......................................................................... Sports Tom Stevenson ................................................................... Activities Sandy Allen ...................................................... Faculty and Community Leslie Rea ....................................................... Classes and Student Life Julie Bessesen ...................................................................... Typing 200 

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