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THE 1951 i7cJy O • 'ty . 1 ifcU Atw THE SENIOR CLASS , £ OF EDINA-MORNINGSIDE HIGH SCHOOL MINNEAPOLIS 10, MINNESOTA EDINAFOREWORD In the fall of 1949 the doors of our new Edina-Morningside High School were opened to begin the first year of training and education for us in our own school. We were the junior class, the oldest group in the school that first year. So we helped organize the Student Council, our student governing body,- the various clubs and com-mittees; and were the first to wear the uniforms of the new Edina Hornets as we endeavored to gain recognition and entrance to the Lake Conference the next season. W received our guidance in that formative year from Mr. E. L. Miller, superintendent; Mr. M. H. Kuhlman, principal; and Mr. L. J. Fick, assistant principal. This spring of 1951 will mark the first graduation from Edina High School. We of the first senior class this year are proud to be our school's first graduates. Although we have been together as a class in this high school only these past two years, we feel that we have worked together as a closely integrated group, each person dependent on the next, in the manner of a well-rehearsed play. Our life in school has been a rehearsal for the final result or production which we divide into four parts or acts. Act I is the faculty and administration: Mr. M. H. Kuhlman, superintendent; Mr. S. B. Mitchell, principal; and Mr. L. J. Fick, assistant principal. To each of these persons and all our teachers we owe a debt of gratitude for their wisdom and understanding to us always. Act II is our class as we have studied, worked, and played together to make our experiences pleasant memories in years to come. Act III is our activities and accomplishments in extra-curricular fields. Act IV is our athletic record we have achieved under the guidance of Mr. Bernie Cole, football, and Mr. Irv Nelson, basketball, as well as the many other men who have coached and helped us. Now we present to you the result of our years of rehearsal in the form of this production, the first "Whigrean." As you turn the pages to lift the curtain on our production, may each of you find your place in the cast of performers. The Senior Class of '51EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ADVISER LAYOUT EDITOR SUBSCRIPTIONS ADVERTISING SENIOR EDITOR FACULTY AND CLASSES CLUBS EDITOR TYPING EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Art Bailey, Leanne Bannitz, Janet Beggs, Ben Brauer, Jim Cardie, Ann Christensen, Joanne Dermedy, Helen Harris, John Hawkins, Bill Jordan, Muriel Katter, Dave McCabe, Dean Miller, Doug O'Brien, Luanne Pfaff, John Rochford, Margaret Schimer, Judie Silverman, Beth Spear, Erica Stafford, Bev Tanner, Joanne Winslow. trip® MILTON H. KUHLMAN SUPERINTENDENT We, the first graduating class of Edina-Morningside High School, respectfully dedicate this first "Whigrean" to Milton H. Kuhlman. It is our desire to acknowledge his work and continuing efforts in making the "Whigrean" possible. With outstanding leadership during the past two years as principal and superintendent of our school, he has established standards and traditions that have made secure our years as students. With understanding and consideration of us as individuals, he has guided us toward becoming a unified student bodv and has made memorable our social and educational experiences at Edina-Morningside High School.  V ORNINGSIDE JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATED 1948, A. D.ACT ONE Administration and FacultyThe Edina-Morningside school board, back row: Mr. Charles Hoyt, treasurer; Mr. Charles Purdy, trustee; Mr. George Tanner, chairman. Sitting are Mr. Ralph Nelson, trustee,- Mrs. James F. Richards, clerk; and Mr. Francis Hayes, trustee. BOARD OF EDUCATION The citizens of Edina and Morning-side have shown their confidence in the school board by voting through a bond issue of $75,000 in May, 1950, for athletic fields for the high school and again on February 20, 1951, by passing a bond issue of $1,528,000 for a new elementary school and additions to the high school and to the Morningside elementary school. This generous group of men and women, who hove brought to the community a new high in civic pride by taking the lead in improving educational facilities, have given freely of their time and talents. The only pay received by the school board is the confidence and gratitude of the community. The six citizens who comprise the Board of Education, are responsible for the present new high school building, the Edina and Morningside elementary schools, the forthcoming Edina-Morningside elementary school, and all the equipment belonging to the school system. Voting bond issues for the construction of the schools is only the beginning of their duties, for they must see that the work is done as inexpensively and well as possible. The maintenance of the property follows. Each year the board makes out a budget which includes the salaries of the faculty, janitors, other employees, cafeteria expenses, new equipment, and many details for the efficient operation of the school system. Page tenSUPERINTENDENT'S MCSSACE Sdina- Atotniny Ida Public School MILTON H. KUHLMAN, BUPT. 5701 NORMANDALC ROAD MINNCAPOLIO lO, MINN. January 8, 1951 The Class of 1951 Edina-Morningside High School Edina, Minnesota Dear Members of our First Graduating Class: It is indeed a pleasure for me to extend to the Class of 1951; and, especially to the staff of the first Whigrean, my hearty congratulations for the production of this pictorial school record. Because of the many other fine accomplishments of the members of the Class of 1951, I feel certain that this yearbook will be a credit to them and to the entire school. The student body and staff will anxiously be awaiting the distribution of The Whigrean. MHK:Jw Po J© elevenOUR PRINCIPAL'S MESSACE •-CO J. FICK Awitfont Principal NANCY H. FRENCH Couroclor ED IN A-MORNINGSIDE JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STERLING B MITCHELL. Pr.ncipol COIHA. MINNESOTA To the Students of Edina-Mornlngside: This graphic history of the 1950-51 school year brings together in composite fora persons, scenes, and activities which have become a part of your lives and mean much to you. In later years, it will help you to recall some of the events of this year. The Senior Class is given a place of honor throughout this annual as is customary in such publications. There is added significance to this since they represent the first graduating class to go out from this school. Tour annual staff has worked very hard to give you a faithfully accurate portrayal of the school year lust ending I feel that they have succeeded in every way and wish to coni gratulate them for another exemplary -first" at Edi na-Vo™ namely the premier WHIQREAN. Edina-Mo mine side, Sincerely yours, Sterling B. Principal! Ltchell SBM na STERLING ft. MITCHELL Principal Mr. Sterling B. Mitchell came to Edina this year from University High School in Minneapolis. He served during the last war as a lieutenant in the navy. Before that time, he taught for several years in the East. The school has benefited greatly by his presence and many fine acomplishments and policies have been established under his guidance.FACULTY The faciulty give o going owoy party for Mrs. Nancy Tierney and Mrs. Lorraine Colb-jornson. Standing are: Miss Ardis Towler, Mrs. Lorraine Colbjornson, Mr. Dominic Krez, Mrs. Nancy French, Miss Morilyn McGarry, and Mr. Milton Kuhlman.Seated are: Miss Nancy Allen, Mr. Rodney Schmidt, Mrs. Janet Schroc-der, Mrs. Nancy Tierney, Mrs. Rouha Hage-miester, Mrs. Elizobeth Aamodt, and Mr. E. W. Ironside. LEO J. PICK Leo Fick, assistant principal, is a familiar figure in Edina life. He has the responsibility for attendance and supervises all testing done such as intelligence quotient and the Iowa Educational Development test which was taken this year. Mr. Fick is an adviser to the junior-high council and does much to co-ordinate its activities with those of the senior high student council. Due to Mr. Fick's efforts, the school rules and regulations are carried out with efficiency and justice. MRS. NANCY FRENCH The co-ordination of all school social activities, vocational and educational planning, and test interpretation are but a few of the duties of Mrs. Nancy French, counselor. She also works directly with the girls' clubs and keeps a file of information on every pupil. Mrs. French is a friendly and sympathetic adviser to those with personal problems. She has been patient, understanding, and generous .with her time in planning school parties and other entertainment. Mrs. French has done much to make this school year a happy one. Page thirteenMrs. Elizabeth Aamodt Manager, Edina School Cafeterias. Mr. Bernhard Cole Study adviser. Football head coach. Basketball, Baseball head coach. Miss Mary Alexander English II, Y-Teen adviser. Left to be married in January, 1951. Miss Ursula Costello English 10, Declamation coach. Mr. David Carlson Advanced Algebra, Plane Geometry, Hi - Y adviser, Sophomore Class adviser. Miss Thusnelda Doering Elementary Algebra, Mathematics, Grade 7. Mr. James Chapman General Mathematics, Grade 8 and 9. Mr. John Ehlert Biology, Freshmen General Science, Hi-Y adviser, Student-Teacher Committee, Executive Council. Mrs. Beryle Christesen Art Department Mr. Conrad Emerson Science 9, Football, Wrestling head coach, Hi-Y adviser. Pago fourteenMr. J. Orval Engen General Science 8, Mathematics 7, School Photographer. Mrs. Rauha Hagemiester English 8, Spanish II, Journalism, Buzzette adviser. Mr. Delmar Fredrickson Speech, Faculty Adviser of Dramatics, Public Address System, Assembly Programs. Mrs. Marilyn Haugen English 9, 9th Grade Girls' Club and Radio Clubs. Mr. Lyle Gilbert Vocal Music, Senior High Choir, Junior High Chorus. Miss Verdella Holmgren Latin I and II, Latin Club adviser, Freshman Class adviser, Y-Teen adviser. Miss Edith Gransberg Typing, Bookkeeping, Business Law, Assistant Librarian, Y-Teen adviser. Mr. E. W. Ironside Audio-Visual Education Director. Mr. Edward Greer Algebra I, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Football, Tennis head coach, Hockey head coach, Hi-Y adviser. Mr. Tennis Kresse Printing, Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing. Page fifteen Mr. Dominic Krez Chemistry, Physics, E-Club adviser, Junior Class adviser. Athletic Director. . Miss Ingrid Miller Librarian Miss Ardyce La Pray French I and II, Shorthand I and II, Typing, Senior Class adviser, French Club, Student-Teacher Committee. Mrs. Myrna Moberg School Nurse. Miss Marilyn McGarry English 7, 7th Grade adviser, Whigrean adviser. Mr. Irvin Nelson Health, Football, Track head coach. Basketball head coach, Freshman Class adviser. Mr. John Motion American History, Junior Class adviser, went into the service in January. Mr. Robert Nielson Wood Shop, Electricity, Plastic Work, Drafting. Mr. Howard Merriman Physical Education, Intramural Athletic Director, President of Hennepin County Teachers' Association. Mrs. Bettye Palmer Physical Education, Pep Fest, Cheerleader, and Twirlers' adviser. Poge sixteenMrs. Ardella Quarnstrom Home Economics, Pep Club, Girls' Club adviser Grade 7, Executive Council, Health Council. Mr. Gale Sperry Instrumental Music, Senior High Band, Junior High Band, Grade School Band. Mr. Rolland Ring Social Problems 12, Football, Basketball, Senior Class adviser, Student-Teacher Committee. Mr. Elmer Stolte Social Studies 7, Morningside Grade School Athletic Director, 7th Grade adviser. Mr. Rodney Schmidt English and Social Studies 8, President of Faculty Club, Ticket Sale Manager, Head of History Department. Miss Ardis Towler Social Studies 10, Junior Red Cross adviser. Mrs. Janet Schroeder English 12, Head of English Department, Senior Class adviser. Mr. John Lilja English 11, Junior Class adviser, replaced Miss Alexander in January, 1951. Mr. William Simpson School Business Manager. Mr. Ben Lundquist American History 11, Junior Class adviser, replaced Mr. Motion in January, 1951. Pago seventeenOFFICE STAFF Mrs. Lorraine Colbjornson, Mrs. Nancy Tierney, Miss Nancy Allen. Not shown replacing Mrs. Colbjornson is Mrs. Jeon Windohl, and replacing Mrs. Tierney is Miss Shirley Stevonson. The activities of the three secretaries are many and varied. They keep attendance and tardy records, the permanent record files, and other office records. It is their job to type and mimeograph all the bulletins, answer correspondence, and keep a financial account of activities. Many odd jobs fall to the good-natured secretaries, who do them all cheerfully. JANITORIAL STAFF Bock row: Rollin Wilkins, Gus Wcstergren, Cliff Robinson, Jim Lyman, Elmor Hedberg, Lauren Lindgrin. Front row; Ed Port, Ralph Halvorson, Don Devcnney. Displaying a school spirit of their own, the custodians this year have done much to make the school a place to be proud of. Their friendly manner and good-hearted joking fit in well with the school, faculty, and students. KITCHEN STAFF Mrs. Victor Larson, Mrs. Louis Hirschey, Mrs. Minnio Erickson, Mrs. Mildred Haried. Working faithfully and efficiently every noon to prepare the food and keep the kitchen clean are the cooks. Their work begins in morning with the preparation of the food and ends in the afternoon after all cleaning up has been done. Mr. Dorn Krez plays Santa Claus to Mr. Leo Fick and Mr. Sterling Mitchell at the faculty Christmas party. Page eighteen1. Caesar and Girl. 3. Watch my finger! 5. The legs! 2. 9th grade picnic. 4. Custodian Larsen. 6. 1950 Rosebud Queen Link. 7. Move it ref! 8. How can you be so . . . stupid! Page nincteonACT TWO C LASSES Poge twentySENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sitting: Joanne Winslow, secretary; Bill Jordan, vice-president. Standing. Mike Leivestad, treasurer; Jay Olson, president.SENIORS As graduation officially ends our memorable two years here at Edina, we will always remember the good times we had and the new friends we made. In the fall of 1949 we came from many surrounding high schools: Southwest, West, Washburn, St. Louis Park, Breck, and Blake. We carried with us that first year many ties from our old schools which were difficult to break away from. To help unite and bring our class closer together, junior class officers were elected. Ben Platter was elected president; Jim Cardie, vice-president; Janet Cruzen, secretary; and Dwight Peterson, treasurer. As Juniors, we promoted and undertook such projects as the sale of "Hornet" T-shirts, our class play, our class ring selection, and the Rosebud Ramble Spring Dance; and by the end of the year we had made great strides toward making our class a unified body of spirit and enthusiasm. The following year we returned, eager and Jim Cardie Nancy Engstrom Robert Hale HONOR ROLL Helen Harris William Jordan Paul Larsen willing to make it the best one of our lives. Field trips to the University of Minnesota, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press,- the colorful Winter Whirl; our intense campaign against vandalism,- and our Senior Class Play in the spring all clearly marked our last year at Edina High. Events such as the Junior-Senior Prom with Percy Hughes' Band, Baccalaureate Exercises, Senior Breakfast, and Class Night activities will always linger in our memories. We shall remember the able leadership given us by our advisers: Mrs. Janet Schroeder, Miss Ardyce LaPray, Mr. Rolland Ring, and Mr. Ted Greer. Finally, Commencement Night came, bringing down the curtain on us one hundred and thirteen Seniors who leave Edina High School as students forever. We only hope that Edina remembers us as long as we shall remember Edina. Geraldine Odell Milton Rosenblad Donna Olson Marcia Stonhouse Mary Ann Osborn Eloise Todd Dwight Peterson John Prentice Jon Rodine William Latham Judy Loeffler Michael Leivestad William McArthur Carole McClaren Douglas O'Brien Senior Clast Honor Roll leaders: William McArthur, valedictorian; Michoel leivc-stad, valedictorian; Nancy Engstrom, sal-utatorian. Page twenty-threeDean Anderson Hockey 4. Arthur Bailey Hi-Y 3, 4; homecoming 4; football 3; wrestling 3, 4; bond 3, 4; Whigreon staff 4. Janet Beggs Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen chapter president 3; Drama club 3, 4; Drama club president 3; Whigrean staff 4; Gavel club 3; variety show 3; leadership conference 3, 4. , John Blake Hi-Y 3, 4; hockey 3, 4; football 4. David Boulay Spanish American Day Program 3. Armond Archilletti Football 3; hockey 3, 4; Left for service in March. Leanne Bannitz Y-Teens 3, 4; homecoming 4; Drama club 3; Buzzette staff 3; Whigrean staff 4. Joan Blake Y-Teens 3, 4. James Blakeborough Junior Red Cross 3, 4; print shop 4; variety show 4; Whigrean staff 4; T.V. publicity 3, 4. Ben Brauer Homecoming 4; choir 3, 4; Whigrean staff 4; Hall and Building committee 4. Whigrean Page 25 Page iwenty.fourFrank Cardarelle Hi-Y 3, 4; football 3, 4. Ann Christensen Y-Teens 3, 4; Drama club 4; Pep club 4; Whigrean staff 4; choir 4; Junior class play 3. Janet Cruzen Y-Teens 3, 4; All school Y-Teen president 3; homeroom president 3; homecoming queen attendant 3; homecoming queen 4; variety show 3; Junior class play 3. Joanne Dermedy Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen chapter secretary 3; choir 3; Drama club 4; Buzzette staff 4; Whigrean staff 4. Nancy Engstrom Salutatorian; Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen chapter secretary 3; choir 3; Hall and Building committee 3; variety show 3; Junior class play 3; leadership conference 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Whigrean staff 4. James Cardie Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter president 3, 4; Ethics committee 3; track 3; student council 3; Whigrean staff 4; leadership conference 3, 4; Junior class vice-president 3; Junior class play 3; National Honor Society 4. Randy Cote Hi-Y 3, 4; hockey 4; track 4. Winnifred Davis Y-Teens 4; Buzzette staff 4; Transfer from Duluth-Central. Douglas Dixon Hi-Y 3, 4; Hall and Building committee 3; football 3; track 4; hockey 4; "E" club 4. Donald Flaa Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chaplin 3, 4; visual aid 3; hall and building committee 3; hockey 3, 4; football manager 4. Page twenty-fiveMolly Gleason Homecoming auditorium committee 4; homecoming program 3, 4. Carol Hagestad Y-Teens 3, 4; junior class play 3; student council 4; cheerleader 3, 4; Whig-rean staff 4; office helper 4; variety show 3; homecoming queen attendant 4; leadership conference 3, 4; Drama club 4. Wilford Gribble Dance planning committee 4; baseball 4. Robert Hale Hi-Y 3, 4; hall and building committee 3; homecoming 4; football 4; hockey 3, 4; golf 3, 4; tennis 3, 4. Shirley Halpenny Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen cabinet 3, 4; junior class ploy 3; homecoming 3, 4; Rosebud Ramble committee 3. Helen Harris Y-Teens 3, 4; hall duty 3; Red Cross representative 3; Whigrean staff 4; homecoming 4; Rosebud Ramble committee 3. John Hawkins Hi-Y 3, 4; Art club 4; Drama club 4; French club 4; French club president 4; homecoming 4; Junior class play 3; Senior class play 4; National Honor Society 4. Richard Harley Hi-Y 3, 4; Hall and Building committee 3; hockey 3, 4; football 3, 4; visual aid 4. Harlan Hauskins Hi-Y 3, 4; band 3, 4; hockey 3, 4; tennis 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Junior Class play 3; author of school song; National Honor Society 4. Kent Hodgson Basketball 3, 4; captain of basketball team 4; baseball 3, 4; football 3, 4; student council president 4; Junior class play 3; National Honor Society 4; variety show 3. Page twenty-sixMary Lou Houck Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen chapter secretary 4; homecoming 4; choir 3, 4; Drama club 4; Buzzette staff 4; Whigrean staff 4; Senior class play 4. Manford Husebo Student council 3, 4; Hall and Building committee 3; auditorium committee 4; basketball 3; baseball 3, 4; golf 3, 4; wrestling 4; homecoming 3, 4; variety show 3; "E" club 4. Janet Johnson Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen service co-chairman 4; variety show 3; office helper 4; leadership conference 3, 4; junior class play committee 3; Drama club 3, 4; vice president of Drama club 4; football banquet committee 4. Muriel Katter Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen cabinet 3; Junior Red Cross 4; choir 3; homecoming committee 3; hall duty 3; junior class play 3; Buzzette 4; Whigrean staff 4; National Honor Society 4. Diane LaMay Y-Teens 3, 4; Drama club 3, 4; hall and building committee 3; homecoming committee 3; junior class play 3; choir 3, 4; leadership conference 3, 4; Whigrean staff 4. Marjorie Hudson Y-Teens 3; Y-Teen auditor 3; All school Y-Teen secretary 3; homeroom president 3; Pep club 4; Gavel club 3. James Hyde Hi-Y 3, 4; homecoming decorating committee 4. William Jordan Hi-Y 3, 4; chapter Hi-Y chaplain 4; senior class vice president; cheerleader 3, 4; cheerleading captain 4; Red Cross representative 4; junior class play committee 3; leadership conference 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. Dean Korthof Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter treasurer 4; basketball 4; football 3; wrestling 3, 4; band 3, 4. Paul Larsen Hi-Y 4; chapter Hi-Y chaplain 4; Student council 3; student council constitution committee 3; civil service committee 3; leadership conference 3, 4; World Affairs champion 3; junior class play 3; Whigrean staff 4; National Honor Society 4. Pago twenty-sevenRobert Larsen Senior class play committee 4. Robert Laughlin Hi-Y 4; hall and building committee 3; tennis 3, 4; wrestling 4; band 4. Michael Leivestad Co-valedictorian; Chapter Hi-Y president 4; senior class treasurer; junior class play 3; student council homecoming co-chairman 4; Edina representative to World Affairs program 4; leadership conference 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. Burr Lewis Senior class committee 4. Harvey Lofquist Football 3, 4. William Latham Hi-Y 3, 4; homecoming committee 4; office helper 4; wrestling 3, 4; varsity football 3, 4; tennis 3, 4; "E" club 4. Wilbur Leersen Senior class committee 4. Delores Lenander Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen chapter publicity chairman 3; choir 3; Drama club 3, 4; homecoming committee 3; Pep Club 4; variety show 3. Judy Loeffler Homecoming committee 3; homecoming show 3, 4; Rosebud Ramble committee 3; variety show 3. Howard Lofquist Football 3, 4. Page twenty-eightRussell Lund Audio-visual aid 3, 4. David McCabe Hi-Y 3, 4; vice president of Hi-Y chapter 3; treasurer of Hi-Y chapter 4; homeroom treasurer 3; homeroom president 4; leadership conference 3; Rosebud Ramble committee 3; Christmas dance committee 3; track 3; football 3. Robin McClaren Football 4. Dean Miller Hi-Y 3, 4; football 3; hockey 3, 4; junior class play committee 3; Whigrean staff 4. Mary Mitchell Y - Teen statistician 3; homecoming committee 3, 4; receptionist 3; Christmas play committee 4; Canteen committee 3. William McArthur Co-valedictorian; Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter president 3; student council 3, 4; homecoming program 3, 4; cheerleader 4; golf 3, 4; "E" club 4; Whigrean Staff 4; National Honor Society 4. Carole McClaren Homecoming skit 4; home-coming committee 4; Spring Dance committee 4; National Honor Society 4. John Meyer Senior class committee 4. Leonard Mills Wrestling 3, 4; senior class play committee 4. Karen Mullaly Homecoming committee 3; homecoming show 3; variety show 3; Spring dance committee 3. Page twenty.nineShirley Muther Y-Teens 3, 4; Y-Teen chapter president 3; choir 3; homeroom president 4; Drama club 4; Pep Club 4; cafeteria helper 4. Kathleen Nelson Y-Teens 3, 4; choir 3, 4. Donna Oades Y-Teens 3, 4; vice-president Y-Teen chapter 4; homecoming 3, 4; choir 3; French club 4; variety show 3; cafeteria helper 4; homeroom secretary-treasurer 3. Clinton Odell Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter president 4; all school Hi-Y vice-president 3; student council treasurer 4; football 3, 4; Junior Class play 3; homecoming 3, 4; Whigrean Business Manager 4; "E" club 4; Awards Committee 3; Drama club 4; All School Hi-Y club secretary 4. Donna Olson Homecoming committee 3, 4; homecoming show 3, 4; Rosebud Ramble committee 3. James Nelson Hi-Y 3, 4; homecoming 3, 4; football 3, 4; tennis 4; homeroom secretary 4; leadership conference 3; "E" club 4. Barbara Northey Homecoming 3, 4; variety show 3; leadership conference 3; cafeteria helper 3. Douglas O'Brien Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter vice president 4; leadership conference 3, 4; band 3, 4; band president 4; student council vice-president 4; track 3, 4; variety show 3; Whigrean staff 4; National Honor Society 4. Geraldine Odell Y-Teens 3, 4; club clinic for Y-Teens 3; Drama club 4; Pep club 4; choir 4; homecoming committee 4; football banquet committee 4. Jay Olson Student council vice president 3; executive committee 3; junior class play; senior class president; varsity football 3, 4; varsity basketball 3, 4; varsity baseball 3, 4; "E" club 4; Buzzette staff 3; Whigrean sports editor 4; National Honor Society 4. Pago thirtyNeil Olson Hi-Y 3, 4; wrestling 3, 4. Loraine Page Y-Teens 3, 4; cheerleader 3; drama club 3; art club 3, 4; office helper 3; Whi-grean staff 4. Phoebe Perry Homeroom secretary-treasurer 4; auditorium committee 4; directory committee 4; Buzzette editor 3; student council 3; Whigrean section editor 4. Mary Ann Osborn Y-Teens 3, 4; vice president of Y-Teen chapter 3; drama club 3, 4; junior class play; varsity show 3; leadership conference 3, 4; receptionist 3; homecoming committee 4; Rosebud Ramble committee 3; Whigrean staff 4; senior class play 4. Neal Perlich Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter vice-president 3; football 3, 4; basketball 3, 4; baseball 3, 4; Buzzette staff 3, 4; homeroom vice-president 3. Dwight Peterson Hi-Y 3, 4; Hi-Y chapter president 4; Hall and Building committee 3; student council 4; leadership conference 3, 4; Junior class play 3; Junior class treasurer 3; National Honor Society 4; Whigrean Subscription Manager 4. Robert Peterson Hi-Y 3, 4; treasurer of Hi-Y chapter 4. Ben Platter All-school Hi-Y president 3, 4; junior class president; homeroom president 3; leadership conference 3, 4; Red Cross 3, 4; varsity football 3, 4; hockey 3, 4; tennis 3; track 3, 4; Hi-Y representative to State Capitol 3; co-homecoming chairman 4. Luann Pfaff Y-Teens 3, 4; treasurer of Y-Teen chapter 3, 4; choir 3; secretary-treasurer of homeroom 4; junior class play committee 3; Drama club 3, 4; Whigrean staff 4. Edward Port Band 3, 4; receptionist 3; bond half-time club 3; homecoming committee 4. Pago thirty-oneWalter Posingies Receptionist 3; homecoming committee 4; printing club 4. Jean Ann Reay Homecoming show 3, 4; varsity show 3; choir 4. Thomas Ricks Hi-Y 3, 4; president of Hi-Y chapter 4; all-school vice president of Hi-Y 4; varsity baseball 3, 4. John Rochford Hi-Y 3, 4; vice president of Hi-Y chapter 4; Hi-Y dance committee 3, 4; president of Drama club 4; homecoming committee 4; office helper 4. Milton Rosenblad Hall and building committee 3; high magazine salesman 3; office helper 4; nominating committee 3; dance committee co-chairman 4. John Prentice Hi-Y 4; hockey 3, 4; golf 3, 4; football 3; hall and building committee 3. Jerry Reeves Cheerleader 3, 4. Clark Robach Hi-Y 3, 4; junior class play committee 3; wrestling 3; hockey 4; Drama club 4; visual aid 4; Whigrean staff 4. Jon Rodine Hi-Y 3, 4; vice president of Hi-Y chapter 4; secretary of all-school Hi-Y 3; chairman of hall and building committee 3; varsity football 3, 4; varsity basketball 3, 4; varsity baseball 3, 4; "E" club 4; lettermen's committee 4; National Honor Society 4. John Rossiter Hi-Y 3, 4; treasurer of Hi-Y chapter 4; president of student council 3; ethics committee 4; executive committee 3; football captain 4; varsity football 3, 4; varsity basketball 3, 4; varsity baseball 3, 4; Buz-zette staff 3; Whigrean editor 4; National Honor Society 4. Page thirty-twoRichard Rowland Hi-Y 3, 4; football 4; wrestling 4. Douglas Sarff Student Council 4; homecoming coronation committee 4; chairman of civil service 4; Whigrean staff 4; Declamation 4. Janice Shiels Y-Teens 3, 4; homecoming queen attendant 3, 4; homecoming committee 3; homecoming show 3; variety show 3; Christmas dance committee 3; football banquet committee 3; cafeteria helper 3. Budd Smith Hi-Y 3, 4; Hall and building committee 3; homecoming c o m m i f t e 3; Christmas dance committee 3 ; Rosebud Ramble committee 3. Beth Spear Homecoming committee 3, 4; auditorium committee 3; variety show 3; leadership conference 3, 4; Whigrean staff 4. David Ryerse Student council 3; treasurer of student council 3; magazine sales committee 3; varsity football 3, 4; varsity basketball 3, 4; track 3, 4; tennis 3, 4; Buzzette staff 3. Margaret Schimer Homecoming queen 3; co-chairman of homecoming 3; cooperation week committee 3; magazine sales committee 3; auditorium committee 3; Buzzette staff 3; Whigrean staff 4. Judie Silverman Y-Teens 3; homecoming show 3, 4; Spring dance committee 3. David Sorum Hi-Y 3, 4; homecoming committee 3; varsity football 3, 4; wrestling 3, 4; golf 3, 4; "E" club 4. Erica Stafford Y-Teens 3, 4; treasurer of Y-Teen chapter 4; library helper 3, 4; Buzzette staff 4; Whigrean staff 4. Page Jhiriy-fhreeMarcia Stonhouse Y-Teens 3, 4; president of all-school Y-Teens 4; Drama club 3, 4; junior class play 3; variety show 3; leadership conference 3, 4; Christmas play 3; homeroom president 3; homeroom secretary 4; Buzzette staff 3; Whigrean section editor 4; National Honor Society 4. Beverly Tanner Homecoming committee 3, 4; homecoming show 3, 4; variety show 3; leadership conference 3, 4; Whigrean staff 4. Delores Tschida Y-Teens 3, 4; Drama club 3. Gloria Weckworth Madison, Minnesota 3; Buzzette staff 4. Harlene Wiggins Y-Teens 3, 4; Red Cross 3, 4; office helper 3; junior class play 3; chairman of homecoming buttons and slogans 3. James Strawn Senior class committee 4 Eloise Todd Y-Teens 3, 4; vice-president of all-school Y-Teen 4; Drama club 3, 4; variety show 3; junior class play committee 3; homecoming judging committee 4; leadership conference 3, 4; Buzzette staff 3, 4; Whigrean section editor 4; National Honor Society 4. Roger Waller Homecoming committee 3 Audrey Westerlund Y-Teens 3, 4; junior class play 3; Drama club 3; Rosebud Ramble committee 3; club clinic attendent chairman 3. Nancy Willson Y-Teens 3, A- junior class play 3; choir 3. Pago thirly-fowrJoanne Winslow Phi Kappa 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Homecoming Queen Attendant 4; Senior Class Play 4; Senior Class Secretary 4; Senior Class Committee 4; Office Helper 4; Whigrean 4. Carol Zechlin Chalants 3, 4; Junior Class Play 3; Rose Bud Ramble Dance Committee 3; Winter Whirl committee 4. Tom Young varsity football 3, 4; varsity basketball 3, 4; track 3, 4; Whigrean; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; E-Club 4; student council 4; Leadership Conference 3, 4. Janet Ziessler Chalants, Vice President 3, 4; Library helper 3; Drama Club 3; Choir 4. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Edina-Morningside chapter of the National Honor Society was formally inducted on April 4, 1951, after having received its charter from the national office. Our chapter was inducted by the University High School chapter in an impressive ceremony. , The following juniors and seniors were chosen on a basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service: Jim Cardie, Maria Caron, Jerry Dostal, Nancy Engstrom, Harlan Hauskins, John Hawkins, Susan Hill, Kent Hodgson, Bill Jordan, Muriel Kafter, Paul Larsen, John M. Leivestad, William McArthur, Carole McClaren, Douglas O'Brien, Jay Olson, Janet Parsons, Dwight Peterson, Jon Rodine, John Rossiter, Marcia Stonhouse, Jerry Sundt, Eloise Todd, and Martha Wilder. The sponsor is Mrs. Nancy French. Row 1: Harlan Hauskins, Jim Cardie, Bill Jordan, Marcia Stonhouse, Eloise Todd, Maria Caron, Martha Wilder, Douglas O'Brien, John Rossiter. Row 2: Jerry Dostal, John Hawkins, Nancy Engstrom, Jerry Sundt, Kent Hodg-sonson, Jon Rodine, Susan Hill, Janet Parsons, Muriel Katter, Dwight Peterson, Mike Leivestad, Paul Larsen. Pago thirly.fi eJUNIORS Perhaps the busiest among busy classes this year was the junior class, for it was its job to earn five-hundred dollars in order to give the junior-senior prom. Two-hundred and ninety-five dollars was taken in by candy sales in the lunchroom at noon. This, combined with the proceeds from a paper sale and class dues, gave the seniors free admittance to the prom, which was held at the Automobile Club, May 25. The juniors and seniors danced to the music of Percy Hughes. Another of the major projects of the class of '52 was the class play, "January Thaw," which, under the direction of Delmar Fredrickson, was presented early in the spring. The cast, Jerry Sundf, Doats Caron, Carolyn Blaul, Donna Hanson, Katie Beim, Dick Lair, Sidney Barris, Martha Wyatt, Roger Whitney, Roger Howe, Bob Gillette, Lori Lundgren, and Jack Anderson, and the stage hands worked very Scenes from »ho Junior Class Play, "January Thaw" Dick Lair, Kolia Boim, Carolyn Blaul Martha Wyatt, Sidney Barris, Jerry Sundt, Maria Caron. Martha Wilder, vico president. Bud Nelson, president, Katie Beim, treasurer, Jim Pulver, secretory. hard for six weeks before the presentation. Their efforts were rewarded by a financial and artistic success. Some of the juniors also participated in the three one-act plays given this spring. The junior class joined with the senior class in two activities during the year. One was the door-to-door canvas made in an effort to pass the school bond issue. They distributed pamphlets to the citizens of Edina and Morningside which gave the facts concerning the balloting. The issue was passed by a larger number of voters than have ever turned out for such an election. The second cooperative project was International Day, held March 29, for which students from foreign lands were guests. Both the hosts and the guests learned much about each others' homelands and would like to make International Day an annual occasion. The juniors were highly ardent promoters of school spirit. They had a great deal to do with the organization of the Pep club and two of the members of the class, Patty Weed, and Martha Wyatt, have been cheer-leaders for two years. A class with so many activities needs capable direction, which was provided by John Motion, Miss Mary Ellen Alexander, John Lilja, Dominic Krez, and Ben Lundquist, faculty advisers. The class of '51 feels that if is leaving Edina in safe and capable hands when it leaves, for the class of '52 has shown over and over its dependability and initiative. It appreciates all that '52 has done and wishes if success and happiness in its senior year. Poge thirty-jixFront row: D. Caron, C. Berlin, Chamberlain. A. Biaul, C. Blaul. K. Anderson. Row two: S. Hagen. B. Burris, A. Anderson, P. Bailey, R. Gilbertson, F. Furbor, Feidt, Giore. Row three: R. Dorr. Doman, B. Conrad, D. Akins, S. Anderson, K. Beim, C. Christianson. Back row: K. Ahrens, D. Bcggs, Cervin, Dostal, Ehr, Battin, Bachmann, J. Anderson, Church. Front row: J. Miller, J. Johnson, Heinrich, I. Millor, D. Hanson, D. Hoskins, B. Potter. Row two: N. Jenson, Nace, R. Jones, J. Katter, Hultgren, Hobbs, Brost, N. Korthof. Row three: S. Myhre, D. Lee, D. Melond, L. Lundgren, Loir, C. Nelson, Kroegcr, P. Morgan. Row four: Hartman, J. Matson, B. Nelson, B. Lee, Haupt, Lofsness, Kohstad. Back row: Klodt. Howe, McFarland, D. Kroegcr, June, Hibbs, Mcr-field. Front row: J. Thomas, Rono, J Parsons, N. Schwarz. Wind, Pul ver Row two: M. Wyatt, S Tschida, J. Stafford. Wahl, Scog gin, Vinci, Woed. Row three Wilder, J. Robbins, R. Olson Von Eschen, Potchin, Tressel Wallman, P. Young. Row four B. Cook, J. Roberts, L. Pertl Willey, J. Paine, B. Thompson G. Siwald. Back row: Gillette Tcmpelman, T. Porter, P. Seva reid, Silsby, Trucker, D. Peter son, Sundt. Page thirty-sevenSophomores At the close of the 1950-51 school year, the sophomores may look back upon a seoson of individual ond group achievement. They have built a reputation of cooperation and participation in all activities at Edina, including drama, athletics, clubs, and journalism. Garry Butterfield and Carol Gunn both received superior ratings in the declamation contest: Garry in the memorized oratory division and Carol in extemporaneous speaking. During the next two years Edina should enjoy many victories on the athletic field. Jim Dick Mans, president, Jono Conrad, secretary, Janet Diebold, vice-president, Jim Winfrey, treasurer. Front row: Brisbois, B. Brown. Beckman, B. Bowman, J. Diebold, Blood, Egulf. Row two: Barnes, Brostrom, Bolander, Burton, Bacon, F. Andreson, A. Cooper. Row three: J. Conrad, Darr, Coffman, D. Anderson, S. Bryant, J. Cardarelle, F. Davis, Berglund. Back row: Add 'tgton, Barton, B. Anderson, Dennis, L. Cooloy, Butterfield, Borey, Bell. Front row: M. L. Haskins, Jas-soiy, B. Erickson, T. Joos. Irgens Gunn. Row two: Gilder, I. John son, R. Hawkins, Holstrom, K Jordan, Fodders. Row three; P Erickson, C. Josf, Krohe, Engel hart, Goets, Houston, Friegang Back row: Ellingson, Hedges B. Hansen, Joslin, Iverson, Hum mel, B. Kolly, Hoyt. Pogo thirty-eightHave Successful Beginning In Senior High School Joslin and Bill Kelly won letters for their performances on the gridiron in the fall. In winter Merton Bell, Dick Mans, Bill Kelly, and Jim Joslin were on the A squad in basketball. Playing on the B squad were Chuck Webster, Roger Berglund, Phil Hummel, Tom Nelson, and Dean Dennis. Four sophomores, Don Leary, Jim Joslin, Judy Veilleux, and Bill Kelly are well remembered for their singing performance at the "Spring Spree." They did much to flavor the party. The sophomores have had two class meetings this year in which they discussed school spirit and planned a class picnic to be held at Camp Ihduhapi this spring. Under the guidance of its faculty adviser. Miss Ardis Towler, Miss Ursula Costello, David Carlson, and John Ehlert, the class of '53 has set a good record and is gathering speed all the time. It sets a lively pace for the rest of the school. Front row: S. Zimmerman, Volk, Rood, Witts, Trueman, Tell. Row two: Sandell, Tris ko, Veilleux, Rosholt, Robbins, Stowe, Wonnor. Row three: Roberry, Seidl. D. Sheils, G. Young, Weeks, M. Young, Russoll. Bock row: Sadlor. Webster, M. Swanson. Recke. Dunham, West-by, Winfrey, Simpson. Front row: Kyndberg, Mor- ris, Mitchell, D. Petersen, Murray, Pacini. Row two: Nichols, lubront, Leclore. Gilbert, Ralph. Row three: Maodor, K. Meyer, McGory, K. Kreckow, loffness, T. Kreckow Row four-. S. Nelson, P. Porter, Martinson, Mans, B. Nelson, Greguson, D. Leary. Back row: A. McArthur. McKnown, Ludwig, B. McCrea, T. Nelson, Pat- Pogo thirty-nineFRESHMEN The freshman class gave Edina a hint of what to expect at the beginning of the school year by winning the homecoming decorations contest and originating the homecoming slogan, "Edynamife the Warriors ' The reward for the first was free tickets to the homecoming game to the members of the home room; for the second, free Cheerios. At Christmastime the class managed to exceed its Red Cross quota by holding an auction. Some of the more choice orticles went for the inflationary price of seventy-five cents. Large crowds attended the four dances given by the ninth grade class and clubs during the year. The dances, "Autumn Nocturne," "Frosty Frolic," "Cupid's Caper," and "Spring Fling," were successful both financially and socially. The class of '53 has been one of the most active and cooperative in the school. Edina looks forward expectantly to three more years of fine performance. Mrs. Marilyn Haugen, Miss Verdella Holmgren, Irv Nelson and Conrad Emerson are class advisers. Front row: Balfany, N. Bell, M. Andersen, J. Bennett, C. Ander-jon, B. Caron. Row two: Car-roll, 0. Bryant, T. Carlson, Bank, J. Bcim. Row three: Allen, B. Blakeborough, Akins, Barey, 0. Bros, W. Clark. Row four: I. Blake, J. Barnes. G. Balfany, B. Carlson, Aske, Aederson, Jerry. Bock row: D. Anderson, Bcol, Buffington, Clemetson, B. Anderson, Burris, B. Beckman, S. Allen. Front row: Shelso, Wells, I. Young, J. Stevens, Vail, Tollif-son, M. Whitney. Row two: Scv-areid, K. Swanson, Seifert, L. Wilson, B. Waller, Tallaksen, M. Thomas. Row three: A. Stafford, E. Whelan, Sommers, Willson, Tifft, M. Wilbur, J. Toylor. Back row: Smesik, Weseman, Van Comp. Walters. J. Stonhouse, M. Willson, T. Simpson, M. Sie-berf. Page fortyFront row: Holcombo, Kitcly, K. Lindgren, A. Korthof, A. Lee, R. Larson. Row two: Kiskor, D. Larson, J. Kidder, M. Laughlin, L. Loivcstad, A. Hodgson, J. Johnson. Row thrco: R. McGary, Hokonson, B. Larson, D. Lang, G. Johnson, Lc 8eau, K. Lindquist. Back row: D. Hawkins, Hoigoard, Koch, B. Ludwig, Hosrins, R. Kirchner, D. Hokan-son, D. Lucier. Front row: Morchant, J. Kirsch-ener, P. Powers, W. Olson, E. Myors, Marlys Lessor, Marilyn Lessor. Row two: Hogeman, Nott, R. Oyer, Mellema, Plum-ley, V. Moore, J. Pfofi, B. Porks. Row three: B. Rodgers, F. Potter, Schoffman, B. Nelson, J. Mitchell, Pirsch, K. Johnson, M. Olson, Tisdel. Row four: M. Nc-bolthau, J. Danielson, Sandeen, M. Martinson, F. Hagan, M. Rochford, P. Nelson, Hollinbeck, Ham. Back row: D. Robinson, P. Nelson, J. Mattson, D. Neary, Schmidtkc, T. C. Nolson, E. L. Roberts, Novack, Purdy, Morris, Palmer. Front row: C. Dvorak, O. Gibson, Gaillis, Fritzen, G. Gray, Colver. Row two: Hamilton, F. Gunn, Greig, Deitz, Grofslund, M. Ellis. Row three: Erie, Feld-hake, D. Harvey, T. Furbor, Dondore, B. Cooper. Row four: J. Cramer, Forster, B. Dvorak, E. Hansen, Grunnet, Finna-more, S. Engel. Bock row: Forrest, Fritz, Even, Halfaker, Emery, B. Erickson, J. Dowson, J. Hole. Page forty-oneEIGHTH CRADE LEARNS AND ADVANCES The junior-high Y-Teen cabinet is composed of representatives from the girls' clubs of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. It is patterned after the senior-high Y-Teen cabinet. Mrs. French is adviser. Its purpose is the important one of coordinating the activities of the clubs. The cabinet has its own treasury which is used to finance various activities. JUNIOR Y-TEEN CABINET Front row: J. Hu so bo, B. Ironside, Boyer, Foy. Back row: N. Soidl, S. Hummel, Kirsch-ener. P. Powers, Greig, E. Adorns. Front row: Cappe, K. Carlson, Cloutier, J. Archilette, Jacky Cloutier, J. Cromer, J. Beggs Row two: Dunkloy, Oybvig, Cra craft, Engier, S. Ahrens, 8 Brastad, Dame, H. Erickson. Row three: Compton, Drecsscn, Bos sard, B. Andersen, Bergren Brockman, Bcrghuis, J. Egulf Coswick. Back row: Banke, Farr Amidon, Coomen, Dowd, G. Da vis, Ferguson, T. Berlin, Boyer Front row: Somers, J. Young, R. White. Schutto, J. Young, San-do. Tennis. Row two: C. Swenson, Thcrrion, J. Wind, Schneider, K. Sorum, B. Wood. Row three: Strecker. Troutman, Tryg-stad, Simons, Twyford, Skarnes, M. Winfrey. Back row: Whitlock, Siegert, Seaman, Vonie, B. Zimmerman, Trocy, Tucker, T. Spear. Page forty-twoFront row: B. Ironside, G. Larson, B. Jensen, Foy, P. Glccson, C. Korlhof, Franecke, Freuden-thal. Row two: King, C. Jones, J. Howe, Irizarry, D. Holstrom, Gagnon, Gaylord, K. Hagestod. row three: Flower, Kalestad, Fierke, Hansord, Husebo, F. Harris, N. Johnson. Row four: Hackborn, lofelmaker. Undo, K. Hauschild, Davidson, lewedas, Hardisty, S. Lofgron. Bock row: M. Leek, Humphrey, Kruse, Klodt, Greisch, J. J. Jonos, J. Hauschild, J. Giere, Kostic. Front row: J. Rodgers, Rees, Po-dany, L. Noville, Prott, K. Ol son. Row two: B. McCrco Pink staff, P. Meland, Robert, Lytle Rice, Nielsen. Row three: Mick elsen, Ritchie, N. McDonald. D Nelson, G. Perry, McMahon Moot, Robertson. Row four: W May, Roscoe, C. Parsons, J Peril, G. Moore, J. Roburn Pause. Back row: S. Sandberg D. Rodgers, W. Lofsnoss. Lowe G. Nelson, Rcinortson, C. Peter son, P. Martin. GRADE EIGHT GRADE SEVEN The eighth grade, with one year ahead of junior high and one year behind them, went into full swing this year. They had two moonlite dances: one in the fall and the second on Valentine's Day. The whole class entered into these activities with the same enthusiasm they put into their athletics. Mrs. Rauha Hagemeister, Rodney Schmidt, James Chapman, and Orville Engen are class advisers. The ordeal of being inaugurated into junior high school is at once a most thrilling and bewildering experience: the newness of the building; the strange faces; the change in schedule, the close association with the high school. The seventh grade of 1951 made a very fine start with two successful dances; one at Christmas and another on Valentine's Day. They also participated in a junior high carnival, sponsored by the girls' clubs, for which each club had a different booth to earn extra money for its club. The seventh grade faculty advisers. Miss Marilyn McGarry, Elmer Stolte, Mrs. A. Quarnstrom, and Robert Neilson, pronounce the year a successful and eventful one. It is certain that the closs of '56 will do much for Edina in the next five years. Page forty-«hro«SEVENTH GRADE BEGINS FIRST YEAR WITH PEP AND ENTHUSIASM Front row: J. Allen, T. Doman, Beard, Brandt, S. Dermcdy, D. Dvorak, V. Benson. Row two: B. Bag will, Borthel, Bradley, A. Androson, M Carlson, A. Berlin, Barthel. Row three: B. Brisbois, N. Anderson, Allivato. Crotz, Draxton, Bement, J. Diebold. Row four: E. Adorns, B. Anderson, Barron, Crist, J. Christianson, J. Anderson. Bock row: D. Anderson, F. Burris, Barker, M. Cooper, Colo, Brollenthin, B. Cook, Burnos. Front row: M. Irizarry, Enge. Kirk, S. Hanson, G. Erickson, A. Hunter, S. Gilder. Row two: Garrison, J. Gibson, Gardner, Hart-zell, J. Joas, Farrington, Hoiste. Row three: G. Gustafson, H. Hauskins, T. Kelly, B. Hibbs, T. Garrison, D. Johnson, S. Hummel. Row four: Huebscher, C. Harris. S. Hortmon, Kingsland, Keck, N. Frederickson, L. Johnson. Bock row: D. Erickson, K. Johnson, M. Hyde, Eidsvold, B. Engstrom, Katzman, D. Johnson, Gaddis. Page forty-fourFront row: Lowedog, Ostman, Lubrant, Krohl, F. Olson, F. Olsen, Mulllkcn. Row two: McCracken, C. LaBeau, D. Oilman, K. Lee, Nylond, T. Lund, P. McMahon, McWothy. Row three: S. Lund-gron. Love, A. Moot, S. Kolitad, C. Krueger, MacPherson, M, Melond. Row four: D. Kirchner, K. Meyer, Malberg, LaVoy, M. Mattson, Koch, M. Olson, Back row: J. Matson, Moses, Kuhlman, J. Nelson, Moo, Knox, J. Nolson, Lindboe. Front row: J. Parker, Rawitzer, Steele, G. Robinson, N. Seidl, S. Robinson, Tous. Row two: Rognos, Towne, M. Webster, J. Ostman, T. Young, Scott, N. Swanson, D. Word. Row three: Stratton, E. Stafford, M. Wohl, Stondeven, J. Strecker, B. Rodinc. Stoinweg. Row four: J. Hartzcll, J. Vinci, D. Siwold, Swondby, Wcsterdohl, Saltern Paskott, F. Rogers. Back row: M. Stow, M. Sommers, S. Smith, L. Ryan, Sehlin, Toring, Zipoy. Wollumson. Page forty-fiveACT THREE ACTIVITIES Poge forty-sixWhigrean Staff Produces School's First Annual SSSCRIPnCNDRM: Although this first "Whigrean" has been produced under several handicaps, the staff has tried to give the student body a book worthy of its discriminating tastes. In so doing the staff has worked and put in many hours for which the only thanks will be the students' final whole-hearted approval of the yearbook. Since this was the first annual, deadlines were met to the exact minute and mistakes were quite frequent. It has not been all work, though. We have had our share of good times. The editors, John Ros-siter. Bill McArthur, and Clint Odell along with their adviser. Miss Marilyn McGarry, attended the National High School Press convention in Chicago. Much in the line of yearbook information was acquired there. Along with other difficulties, that of finances loomed the largest. It was the job of Paul Larsen to raise t h e needed amount. He came through very well. We sold candy also to offset the rising printing and engraving costs. Through the unceasing efforts of editors and staff, cooperation of faculty and administration, our first Edina "Whigrean" is possible. Editors: Clint Odell, business manager; John Rossitor, editor-in-chief; Bill McArthur, assistant editor. Staff. Front row: Nancy Engstrom, layout editor,- Marcia Stonhouse, senior editor,- Mary Ann Osborn, copy editor. Back row: Dwight Peterson, subscription editor; Doug O’Brien, student life editor- Paul Larson, advertising managor; Phoebe Porry, faculty and class editor; Eloise Todd, activities editor. The Whigrean staff of 1951 would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to the persons whose help and efforts were invaluable to the production of this book. We give our thanks to Mr. Jerry Brown of Greene Engraving for his expert advice in the book's planning; Mr. J. Orval Engen who took many of our photographs,-Mr. V. F. Woodard for his photographic help; Golling Studios for their cooperation with the senior pictures; Mr. Irv Kreidberg of North Central Printing; the "Buzzette" Mrs. Rauha Hagemeister, adviser, who financed our trip to the N.S.P.A. National convention. Bill McArlhur, John Rossiter, Miss McGarry, Jay Olson, Jimmy Cardie, Dave McCabe. Pago forty-eightBUZZETTE STAFF Edilort. Front row: Susan Hogan, Jane Scoggin, Janet Parsons, Edi-tor-in-chiet; Nancy Jenson. Back row: Mrs. Hagemeister, Barb Link, Neal Perlich, Bob Von Eschen. BUZZETTE KEEPS JOURNALISTS BUSY Not only is a school newspaper an activity which students can enjoy and one in which they can also participate, but it is a record of school activities, and a link between the school and the community. For that reason the staff tries to include stories about P.T.A. and other community-interest stories. The "Buzzette" has been issued ten times this year by the staff made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Their jobs range from editor-in-chief to ad manager and from art and page editors to reporters. Formation of an editorial board has been one of the projects of the Buzzette staff. The purpose of this board, made up of the adviser, editor, page editors, superintendent Milton Kuhlman, the principal, and the athletic director, is to discuss problems of the paper. All in all the school staff has not only made the paper interesting to the students, but indeed a record of pictures and events of the school. Staff. Front row: Mary Ann Young. Mary lou Houck, Sidney Barris, Fritizie Davis, Joanno Dermedy. Back row; Muriel Katter, Nancy Irgens, Gloria Weckworth, Erica Stafford, Elizabeth Chamberlain. Pogo forty-nineThe Edino-Morningside Senior High Student Council, under the presidency of Kent Hodgson, the guidance of Mr. Mitchell, and the suggestions of the student body, has had a very successful year. It has contributed to our school in many ways in omuse-ment, improvement, and goodwill programs. The first activity sponsored by the council was the Homecoming celebration with the queen's coronation and the dance. In order to broaden the rules, which were formerly limiting only Edina couples to Edina's dances, the council formulated a new social policy which permits each Edina student to bring two registered guests. The auditorium programs which every student anticipates were all chosen by student council committee members. Later "turnabout" day, a chance to see the other side of the picture for many students, was planned and carried out. , Trying to combat idleness and hall wandering the Student Council has added two ping-pong tables STUDENT COUNCIL PLANS ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR Clint Odell—treasurer Kent Hodgson—president Doug O'Brien—vice president Jerry Sundt—secretary and has started a tournament between the students. The council also took the advantage of the Curtiss Magazine Drive and with the money earned, contributed to the band for new uniforms, to next year's annual, and to the Red Cross Drive. The Council is also helping to spread its name and goodwill throughout the city, state, and community by sending Edina students to various conventions. The Student Council has indeed, helped to put forth the wishes of the student body to provide entertainment, education, and the chance to better themselves in many ways. Although Edina's lettermen's club was slow in getting started, it was officially organized in March, 1951, under the direction of Mr. Dominic Krez. Any boy receiving a letter is eligible for membership in the club. Over forty-five boys are now members and its growth is certain to increase rapidly from year to y cr. Front row: Clint Odell, Kent Hodgson, Doug O'Brien, Jerry Judy Veilleux, Tom Young, Mr. Mitchell, Alan McArthur, Manford Sundt. Jim Pulver. Back row: Mike leivestad, Jim Cardie. Bill Huesbo, Doug Sarff, Barbara Link, Noncy Irgens, Merton Bell, McArthur, John Rossiter, Dwight Peterson, Jerry Roberts, Lori Carol Hagesfad, Katie Beim, Tom Kelly, Susan Hill, Don Leary. Lundgren. Page fiftyLETTERMEN ORGANIZE E-CLUB Row 1: Bill Kelly, Jay Olson, David Sorum, Sheldon Anderson, Dick Harley, Robin McClaron, Don Floo, Bill McArthur, Manny Huesbo. Bill Jordan, Jerry Reeves. Row 2: Bill Latham, Frank Cardarelle, Jerry Dostal, John Prentice, Bob Lee, John Rossiter, Leo Pertl, Lori Lundgren, Dean Miller, Jerry Roberts, Mr. Dominic Krei. Row 3: Tom Young, Jon Rodino, Kent Hodgson, Tom Porter, Jim Joslin, Tom Ricks, Davo Ryerse, Howard Lofquist, Harvey Lofquist, Jock Johnson, Neal Perlich. SENIOR RED CROSS One of the first organizations of the new Junior-Senior High School was the American Junior Red Cross Council. The members of this council "believe in service for others, for our country, our community, and our school, and for better human relations throughout the world." These principles are carried out by the council and the Junior Red Cross members in such activities as the filling of educational chess and gift boxes for foreign countries. At Christmas and Easter, greetings cords, menu covers, place mats, troy favors, holiday cops, napkins, toys, gifts, and baskets of fruits were sent to hospitals and community centers. Later in the year playing cords and magazines were collected for service men. Miss Ardis Towler is the Red Cross adviser. Front row: Betty Brown, Harlene Wiggins, Jane Scoggin, vice president; Ben Platter, president; Bob Hoyt, treasurer; Miss Towler, adviser. Back row: Marilyn Tell, Barbara Bowman, Bill Jordan, Harlan Houskins, Sonja Myhre, Ruth Jones, Jim Bloke-borough, Brooke Nelson, Don McFarlond. Missing: Ann Bloul, Carolyn Bloul, secretary; Roger Whitney, Art Bailey. Poge fifty-oneFront row: Eloise Todd, vice president; Marcia Stonhouse, presidont; Betty Jo Potter, corresponding secretary. Bock row: Carolyn Blaul. treasurer; Nancy Engstrom, I.C.C. rcpre sontativo; Botty Brown, recording secretary. SENIOR Y-TEENS During the 1950-51 school year, the Edina Y-Teens have participated in a very active program. The cabinet works closely with the small chapters io carry out a unified program under Mrs. Nancy French's guidance. Among the many activities sponsored by Y-Teens were a Sadie Hawkins Day dance, a Christmas card sale, and a recognition service for all the new members. In all their activities, these girls try to live up to the Y-Teen purpose of "building a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians." CHALANTS As an active senior club Chalants have presented a pep fest, skit, and have sent a Christmas CARE package. Row 1: Corol Zechlin, treasurer,- Muriel Katter, presidont; Miss Grons-berg, adviser,- Donna Oodes, vice president; Mary Lou Houck, secretory. Row 2: Shirley Mu-fher, Diane LoMay, Lu Ann Pfaff, Nancy Will-son, Delores Lenander. Row 3: Delores Tschida, Audrey Westerlund, Pon-ny Halpenny, Joanne Dermedy, Kathleen Nelson, Joan Blake. Missing: Janot Ziessler. PHI-KAPPA During the past two years Phi-Kappas handled pep fests and concessions. Row 1: Erica Stafford, treasurer,- Janet Beggs, president; Eloise Todd, vice president; Mary Ann Osborn, secretary. Row 2: Lorraine Page, Morcia Stonhouse, Corol Hagc-stad, Lcanne Bonnitz, Janet Johnson. Row 3: Ann Christensen, Helen Harris, Harlcne Wiggins, Gerry Odell, Nancy Engstrom, Joanne Winslow, Margie Hudson. Missing: Janet Cruzen, Fritzie Davis. Page fifty-twoDER-SEE Sheltering Arms received Der-See aid as did a needy family and an old peoples' home. For their benefit the group visited a variety of churches to learn of their beliefs. All in all Der-See has been a most active Y-Teen club. Row Is Phyllis Bailey, treasurer; Neva Korthof, president; Miss Alexander, adviser,- Betty Brown, vice president. Row 2: Pat loary, Florence Sutors, Kathryn Anderson, Joan Johnson, Martha Wyatt. Row 3: Nancy Nace, Joan Katter, Sally lofsness, Betsy Conrad, Carolyn Hobbs, Donna Hanson. Missing: Roberta Wood, secretary. TRI-PHI As one of the most active juniors clubs, Tri Phi conducted the first candy sale, gave a basket to a needy family, made "fun" books for hospitalized children, presented a pep fest skit. Row 1: Sidney Barris, Janet Parsons, treasurer,- Sonja Myhre, president; Mario Caron, vice president; Margo Giere, secretary,- Frances Furber. Row 2: Shirley Tschida, Joanne Thomas, Ann Blaul, Carolyn 8loul, Donna Hoskins, Barbara Link. Row 3: Martha Wilder, Marcio Wahl, Carol Nelson, Potty Sarff, Susan Hill, Donna Odell. Missing: Elea-no Vinci. TRI-SIGMA Among their many activities this year, Tri Sigma had slumber parties, concessions, candy sales, charity projects, a rummage sale, football banquets, a pep fest skit. Row 1: Susan Hagan, treasurer,- Pat Heinrich, president; Miss Holmgren, adviser,-Jane Scoggin, vice president; Katie Beim, secretary. Row 2: Janet Miller, LaVerne Miller, Nancy Jensen, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Coly Bor-lin, Pat Weed. Row 3: Barbara Burris, Carol Brost, Carolyn Christianson, Ruth Jones, Karen Hultgren, Rosie Gilbertson. Missing: Betty Jo Pdlitr. Page fifty-threeTAO The purpose of the TAO's is to join these girls from the tenth grade into a unified club At the club's first Christmas party they made favors for Sheltering Arms. Row 1: Sharon Nelson, treasurer; Mary Jo Hof-fert. president; Kay Bol-under, vice president; Ginny Volk, secretary. Row 2: Artise Egulf, Sandro Schwartz. Patsy Nichols, Nancy Sandell, Mimi Trueman. Row 3: Barbara Bowman, Oona Lindstrom, Potty Erickson, Margo Ludwig. Sue Bryant, Carol LcClare. Missing: Jan Hanson. KAPPA CHI DELTA During their first year in individual Teen chapters the Kappa Chi Deltas have actively planned a picnic, skating party, and a style show. Row 1: Vera Dorr; Farrell Coffman, treasurer; Nancy Irgens, president; Julie Read, vice president; Jean Murray, secretary; Shirley Zimmerman. Row 2: Mary Ann Kvndberg. Kathie Ros-holt, Rosalind Russell, Roborta Hawkins, Ann Wanner, Pat Pacini. Row 3: Janet Diebold, Karla Meyer, Audrey Houston, Gayle McGary, Joanne Seidl, Karen Blood. KO KO's have worked closely with the Red Cross this year in sending a basket to a children's home trays for the organization. It is their aim to make their group a prominent sophomore club. Row 1: Ann Gilder; Sandra Robbins, treasurer,-Barbara Beckman, president; Pot Fodders, vice president; Carol Gunn, secretary. Row 2: Marian Jossoy. Marcia Stowe, Barbara Brlsbois, Judy Fankuk. Row 3: Barbara Brown, Judy Veillcux, Carol Freigang, Carol Jost, Mary Trisko. Page fifty-fourSENIOR Hl-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" are the few words upon which all of the Hi-Y clubs base their purpose of organization. Last year forty-five boys organized the Edina chapter of Hi-Y which has grown to almost ninety this year. Each year is highlighted by the Christmas formal which is sponsored by the Hi-Y. During the remainder of the year their activities include F.O.B. projects, a snow party at Iduhapi, basketball tournaments,- and they have ended each year with an All-school Banquet. Front row: Tom Ricks, vice president; 8en Plotter, president; Clint Odell, secretary. Back row: John Rossitor, cabinet; Don Floa, chaplin; Doug O'Brien, cabinet; Dwight Peterson, treasurer. TRI-ALPHA Being one of the most active Hi-Y clubs Tri Alpha sold tickets to school athletic events, solicited and donated to the Community Chest Fund, sold YMCA Christmas tree tickets, and were in charge of decorations for the Christmas dance. Row 1: Dean Korthof, treasurer; Jim Cardie, president; Mr. John Ehl-ert, adviser; Doug O'Bri-on, vice president; Pete Patchin, secretary. Row 2: Bob Von Eschen, Art Bailey, Alan Anderson, Roger Kroeger, Don Leary. Row 3: Ben Platter, Dick Anderson, Larry Cooley, Dovo Elling-son, Phil Hummel. AUCTOR Auctor Hi-Y hos concerned itself primarily with service projects such as their cooperation with the Community Chest, the Red Cross, the F.O.B. and their participation in a variety of Christmas projects. Row 1: Dove McCabe, treasurer; Tom Ricks, president; Mr. Conrad Emerson, adviser,- John Rochford, vice president; John Prentice, secretory. Row 2: Brooke Nelson, David Lee, Chuck Webster, Bob Hole, Jim Hyde, Harlan Hauskins, Dick Mans. Row 3: Bob Lee, Randy Cote, John Hawkins, Budd Smith, Bob Battin, Roger Howe. Page fifty-fiveDIE GRATIA During the past year Die Gratia worked in close co-operation with the Community Chest by soliciting in the village and by donating from their treasury to the organization. They helped sponsor the Christmas dance and sold Christmas tree tickets. Row 1: Bob Peterson, treasurer; Clint Odell, president; Mr. David Carlson, adviser; Bill McArthur, vice president; Pill Cook, secretary. Row 2: Jerry Barnes, Bill Cooley, James Grcguson, Carl Hoi-strom. Row 3: Roger Berg-lund, Dick Patsey, Bob Laughlin, James Joslin, Bob Martinson. REGIS The purpose of Regis Hi-Y is to provide a way for boys to enjoy each others' companionship in the service of others. With this in mind, they helped with such things as concessions, and the adult membership drive. Row 1: Dean Miller, treasurer; Dwight Peterson, president; Mr. Rolland Ring, adviser; Lori Lundgron, vice president; Dick Harley. Row 2: Bob Englohart, Clark Ro-bach, John Simpson, Ted Burton, Tom Joas. Row 3: Curt Gootze, Allyn Dunham, Jim Hedges, Poul Larsen, Paul Sovareid, Jack Anderson, Bob Hoyt. RHON Rhon Hi-Y sponsored the first dance of the football season and later promoted other such dances. The club has concerned itself with the social problems of the school and has made its contributions to Edina H-Y projects. Row 1: John Rossiter, treasurer,- Mike Leivestod, president; Mr. Ted Greer, advisor; Jon Rodino, vice president; Bill Jordan. Row 2: Frank Cardorelle, Bill Loth-am. Jack Johnson, Scott Mc-Kown, Dick Rowland. Row 3: Dick Sheils, Alan McArthur, Don McFarland, Bill McCrca, Merton Boll, John Blake. Page fifty-sixSENIOR CHOIR AND BAND HAVE ACTIVE YEAR Row 1: Mr. Gilbert, Ann Christensen, Jeon Anne Reay, Shirley Tichida, Nancy Sandell, Diane loMay, Janet Johnson, Neva Korthof, Betty Brown, Don Leary, Dave Ellingson. Row 2: Janet Reno, Nancy Noce, Joan Stafford. Barbara Erickson, Mary Ann Osborn, Jody Voillcux, Pat Leary, Roberta Hawkins, Mary Loo Houck. Lee Pertle, Fred Davis. Row 3: Mary Wind, Joan Paine, Janet Ziessler, Betsy Conrod, Geroldine Odell, Kay Bolonder, Carol Friegang, Kathleen Nelson, Delores Lenander, Martha Wilder, Jerry Dostal, Lori Lundgren, Ben Brauer. Missing: Carolyn Christianson, Barbara Brisbois, Barbara Beckman. Row Is Harlan Hauskins, Marcia Wahl, John Hardisty, Marilyn Laughlin, Susan Pause, Carol Parsons. Albert Schultz, Vera Darr, Row 2: Carol LeClare, Suzanne Therrion, Phyllis Bailey, Richard Rodgers, Froncis Andreson, Hartley Erickson, Clara Jean Andre-son, Carleton Holstrom, Robert Tucker, Robert Whitlock, William Robertson. Robert Laughlin, Richard Seaman, Roger Kirchner, Douglas O'Brien. Row 3: Winifred Fierke. Shirley Ahrens, Judy Husebo, Frances Furber. William Erickson, Rosio Gilbertson, Rosalind Russell, James Cordarello, Robert Hoyt, Dean Korthof, Arthur Bailey, Sandro Lofgren, Mr. Sperry, Kathryn Lonquist, Steven Pinkstoff, Paul Dybvig. Row 4: Glen Nelson, Robert Dame, Arnold Coppe, Edward Port, Herb Knox, Robert Eng-sfrom, Charles Lewedag, Paul Porter, Bruce Carlson. The choir and concert band offers ample opportunity for the development of musical ability and interest. The choir has presented annually a Christmas concert and it has participated in the Lake Vocal Music Festival each year. Mr. Lyle Gilbert is choir director and Mr. Gale Sperry is band director. Duing the past year, the band has made over forty appearances at games, schools, contests, and ceremonies. Its most outstanding project was the drive to provide funds for band uniforms. Both the band and the choir are growing organizations of which Edina can be justly proud. Pag© fiffy-ievenFRENCH CLUB Row 1: Anne Gilder, sergeont-ol-arms; Mary Jo Hoffert, Judy Pankuk, treasurer; Miss Holmgren, adviser; Mary Ann Kynd-borg, Jeanne Seidl, Barbara Bowman, Artise Sue Egulf. Row 2: Carl Maeder, Don Leary, Betsy Conrad, Suo Bryant, Margot Ludwig, Karla Meyer, Roger Berglund. Philip Hummol, Scott The creation and promotion of greater interest in the field of Roman culture is the aim of the Latin Club. Each year this group sponsors a Roman Banquet for all Latin students with typical Roman foods and dress. Miss Verdella Holmgren is adviser. Gilborf. Row 3: Scott McKnown, Jim Joslin, secretary; Jack Johnson, Merton Bell. Missing: Barbara Beckman, Karen Blood, Kay Bolander, Janet Diobold, Alan McArthur, president; Sharon Nelson, Patsy Nichols, Rosalind Russell, Mary Trisko, vice president, Ginny Volk. During its first year as an Edina organization the French Club has concentrated its efforts on interesting programs for its members. The Club has tried to widen their understandings of the country, people, and customs of France. Miss Ardyce LaPray is adviser. LATIN CLUB Row 1: Donna Hanson, treasurer; John Howkins, president; Miss LaPray, adviser; Martha Wilder, vice president; Ann Bloul, secretary. Row 2: Pat Weed, Pat Heinrich, Kathy Anderson, Carolyn Hobbs, Carol Brost, Nancy Jensen, Martha Wyatt. Row 3: Rosie Gilbertson, Susan Hagen, Bob Hoyt, Betsy Conrad, Sonjo Myhre, Kay Bolander, Mary Jo Hoffert, LaVcrne Miller. Pago fifty-eightVAC Loft to right: Rodgor Kroigcr, Bob Allon, Rodger Commer, Bruce Corl-son. Dick Beggs, Jerry Roberts. Jerry Sundt, Ronald Kolstod, Russell Lund, Glen Nelson, Wilbur Ehr, Clark Robach, Dick Harley. Rodgor Howe, Keith Lindgren, Gary Butterfield. This group represents the Audio-Visual staff for the school with its members chosen from all grades if the boy is interested in this type of project. One or possibly two boys are in the Audio-Visual room each period of the day to run movie projectors, tape recorders, and slide projectors for the benefit of vaious classes. Mr. Ironside is adviser. The Drama Club became the Edina Thespians after the club had adopted its constitution this fall. In the following months it presented a group of four tableaus for the Christmas music program, presented two one-act plays, sponsored a sleigh ride, reviewed plays, and had lessons in make-up. The club has made plans for affiliation with the National Thespian Society. Mr. Delmar Fredrickson is adviser. DRAMA CLUB Row lj Marion Jassoy, Alan McArthur, treosurer; John Rochford, presidont; Mr. Dolmar Fredrickson, adviser; Janet Johnson, vice president; Neva Korthof, corresponding socrotary; Kathryn Anderson. Row 2: Shirley Mother, Pat Weed, Janet Miller, Pot Heinrich, Mary Ann Osborn, Elizabeth Brown, Artise Egulf. Donna Hanson, Ann Christenson. Row 3: Corol Gunn, Patricia Tedders, Patsy Nichols, Diane LoMay, Eloise Todd. Janet Beggs, Doats Caron, Janie Sccggin. LuAnn Pfoff. Delores Lenander. Row 4: Mory Lou Houck, Margie Hudson. Gerry Odell, Barb Brown, Martha Wilder, Kathleen Jordan, Margo Gioro, Coly Berlin, Ann Blaul, Marcia Stonhouse. Row 5: Judy Veilleux, Anne Gilder, Kay Bolandcr, Lori Lundgren, Patty Sarff. John Hawkins, Douglas Sorff, Joanne Dermedy, Phyllis Bailey, Sandro Robbins, Joanne Winslow. Page fifty-nineCHEERLEADERS AND PEP CLUB For the past two years, the students at Edina have been lead in cheers by our six very able cheerleaders. Being elected by tryouts, the six have worked very hard to encourage active interest and good school spirit at all of our games. As a group the Pep Club has helped to introduce and acquaint the student body with new cheers. They have purchased letter shirts and caps to lend color and prestige to their group at the games. The Pep Club has participated very successfully with the cheerleaders since their organization at the beginning of the year. Mrs. Betty Palmer is cheer leading adviser. Front row: Pot Weed. Martha Wyatt, Carol Hage-jtod. Second row; Bill McArthur, Bill Jordan, Jerry Reevej. Row 1: Mary Whitney, Carolyn Wells, Aljcan Korthof, Janis Tollcfson, Marlys Lessor, Marlyn Lessor. Row 2: Patty Powers, Mary Nebel-thou, Bev Fcldhoke, Joanne Johnson, Mory Jo Dondore, Mary Carroll, secretory; Nancy Bell, Barbara Merchant. Row 3: Florence Potter, Vicky Moore, Diane Hageman, Terryl Carlson, Marilyn Laughlin, Frances Gunn, Marilyn Wilbur, Marjorie Anderson. Row 4: Lois Leivostad, Sondra Mellcma, Barb Anderson, Carol Van Comp. Betts Dvorak, Ginny Burris, Jean Kidder, Janice Mattson. Row 1: Martha Wyatt, Pat Heinrich, treasurer; Judy Veilleux, vice president; Janet Diebold, president; Mary Ann Kyndberg, Kathryn Anderson. Row 2: Barbara Brisbois, Artise Egulf, Julie Read, Carolyn Blaul, Pat Weed, Janet Miller, Novo Korthof. Row 3: Sondra Schwartz, Barbara Bown, Carol Hogcstad, Patsy Nichols. Mary Jo Hoffert, Noncy Irgens, Margie Hudson, Carol Gunn. Row 4: Rosalind Russell, Geraldino Odell, Donna Odell, Borbara Bowman, Anne Gilder, Karen Blood, Pat Feddcrs. Row 5: Joanne Seidl, Sonja Myhre, Carol Friegang, Shirley lofs-ness, Mary Ann Young, Sue Bryant, Phyllis Bailoy, Bar-bora Burris. Page sixtyLIBRARY HELPERS These students ably assist Miss Miller in making the library a more efficient place in which to find reference and recreational reading. They not only do desk work such as circulating books and magazines, shelving books, and keeping statistics on library materials, but they also have a variety of incidental duties. Our library has come to depend upon the efficiency of these helpers. Dolores Franicko, Vera Dorr, Robert Wostby, Carolyn Korthof, Erica Stafford, Shirloy Zimmerman. Missing: Koy Kiskor, Dorothy Robinson, Priscilla Nelson. NURSE'S HELPERS Volunteer health workers, titled health monitors, were chosen in the fall. These students worked closely with the nurse and the teachers on health programs, mainly the dental health program by collecting dental cards. It is hoped that the group will become a yearly institution with increasing strength, fellowship, and with a greater variety of activities. Row 1: Ginny Volk, Nancy Swanson, Rose Farrington, Koto Rawitzer, Karon Huebschor. Row 2: Mimi Trueman, Kathy Rosholt, Tucky Lund, Marguerite Stowo, Judy Vinci, Eleanor Adams, Larry Johnson. OFFICE WORKERS Each period of the day, two students out of this group work in the office. During their course of duties, they collect absentee slips, record these absences, deliver messages, and show visitors around. Many are the times, however, that they have put their efforts toward any odd jobs which have come up during the year. Dovid Loo, Ann Christonsen, Bud Nolson, Loraino Page, Janet Johnson, Randy Cote, Sharon Nelson, Nancy Nace, Leanne Bannitz, Joanne Winslow. Missing: John Rochford, Carole McClaron, Carolyn Blaul, Janet Boggs, Nancy Willson. LUNCHROOM WORKERS This group of students has rendered indis-pensible help during the school day in the cafeteria. They perform a variety of duties as filling the milk counters, setting up the teacher snack-bar and buffet lunch tables, cashing and tallying, manning the dishwashers, wiping and stacking dishes. Without the help of these ambitious students our lunch program would not move as efficiently as it has this year. Frod Dovis, Francis Andreson, Dick Anderson, Ted Furber, Robort Engstrom, Nancy Nacc, Eleanor Smiseck, Jill Nolson, Marianne Willson, Nancy Engstrom, Dick Willson, Bob Hoyt, Marjorie Ellis, Burke Rodgers. Page sixty-oncJUNIOR BAND AND CHOIR Front row; B. Cratz, N. Fredrickson, P. Trygstad, P. Malberg, S. Zimmerman, G. Johnson, B. Brisbois. Second row; B. Kirk, M. Irizarry, G. Beard, S. Simons, P. Kuhlman, R. McGary, M. Lewedag, G. Dunkley, J. Farr, M. Lubrant, R. Steinweg, J. Allen. Third row; G. Moore, D. Davidson, S. Robinson, B. Keck, R. Kruse, S. Smith, J. Hartzell, D. Kirchner, H. Knox, R. Engstrom. Fourth row; K. Toring, R. McCrea, N. Swanson, A. Anderson, C. Korthof, P. Nelson, G. Hoskins, P. Gleason. The Junior Band was organized for the first time this school year and at the present time it consists of more than forty students. High spots of this year's activities included playing at the District Music Contest, at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and assisting the Concert Band in playing for the football and basketball games. Mr. Gale Sperry is director. Membership in the Junior Chorus is made up of boys and girls from the eighth and ninth grades. This group is taking advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in choral singing. This year the Junior Chorus presented a concert of Christmas Music at Sheltering Arms Hospital, sponsored by the Junior Red Cross. Mr. Gilbert is director. Front row: Delores Franicke, Maripot King, Bonnie Caswick, Judy Rayburn, Mary Alice Banke, Janice Bonnet, Mr. Gilbort, Marjorie Ellis, Jayn KirscHner, Beverly Andersen, Jocquolyn Roscoe. Lynn Schufte, Bill Jensen, Betty Wood. Bock row: Jeon loflemoker. Janice Ferguson, Patsy Twyford, Pot Martin, Pat Hamm, Ann Hamilton, Joan Walters. Alico Norman, Myra Klodt. Mary Roin-erfson, Margaret Grunnct, John Gicre. Missing: Karen Pettelkow. Page sixty-twoJUNIOR COUNCIL During fhe 1950-51 year the Junior High Student Council has co-operated with the Senior Council in many of their projects. At the beginning of the year the council established the Lost and Found Department and the Hall and Building Committee. During the drive against vandalism the council put its efforts toward obliterating the problem. Mr. Fick is adviser. Row 1: Dick Snyder, sec., Keith Lindgren, pres.; Dick Willson, v.p. Row 2: Susan Gilder, Sary Gustafson, Paul Dybvtg, Bill Jensen, Chris Krueger. Row 3: Bill Hibbs, Kay Johnson, John Stonhousc, Mr. Fick, Tom Nelson, Ed Roberts, Wally May. JR. RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, affiliated with the American Red Cross, had as its first project its enrollment drive. In December, the junior high students sent gifts to the Pillsbury Settlement House and later responded with over 200 decks of used playing cards for use by inductees on their trip to camp. Both of these projects were under the direction of the Junior Red Cross Council. The members of the council attend county-wide meetings in order to serve more effectively fhe junior high. Miss Tess Doering is adviser. Row Is Judy Bcim, Judy Troutman, trees.; Peter Purdy, v.p.; Miss Doering, adviser; Carolyn Wells, see.; Nancy Soidl. Row 2: Lorry Johnson, Ginny Burris, Tom Kelly, Judy Hon-sord, Myra Klodt, Louis Johnson, Bob Buffington, Nancy Fredrickson, Floyd Harris, Debby Forester. Missing: Jeon Matson, Jean Kidder, pres. JR. CHEERLEADERS Added pep and color was really in force this year as the Junior High Cheerleaders helped to bolster the team spirit and keep fhe pep fests going along. Their job is principally to encourage the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades to back and support the junior high teams. They worked in co-operation with the senior high cheerleaders and together they devised new and different cheers for the student body. These Junior High Cheerleaders, who form the basis for our future cheerleaders, gain experience and ability by beginning in the lower grades. Mrs. Palmer is adviser. Front Row: Connie Harris, Kay Hagestad, Bobby Coron. Back Row: Julie Reese. Poge sixty-three1. 7th grade Christmas spirit! 2. George McIntyre. 3. Tumblers. 4. Mrs. Schroeder visits Santa! 7. Faculty Christmas Party! 5. Queens? 6. Big Boy Johnson. 9. Frankenstien! 8. Red Cross bundles for Europe! Page sixty-four1. Style Show. 3. Our Spanish beauties. 4. "Bropo" Katter! 6. Sorum makes 'em all give. 7. How embarrassing! 2. The "Girls"! 5. "Tiny Tim." 8. "Aches and Pains" Lundgren! Page sixty-fiveACT FOUR ATHLETICS Page jixty-sixEDINA GRIDDERS COMPLETE FIRST The 1950 Edina varsity football squad; Front row: L. Perfl, R. McClaren, D. Sorum, J. Rossiter, C. Odell, J. Roberts, D. Rowland, D. Harley. Second row: D. Flaa, mgr., B. Willey, I. Lundgren, T. Porter, J. Olson, B. Kelly. F. Cardarelle, B. Latham, J. Hedges, B. Platter, B. Cole, head coach. Back row: N. Perlich, C. Trucker, J. Johnson, J. Rodine, K. Hodgson, T. Young, Howard Lofquist, Harvey Lofquist. Not Pictured: D. Ryerse and I. Nelson, asst, coach. Two years of competitive football have been played under the supervision of Mr. Bernie Cole since the birth of Edina High School. Mr. Cole came to Edina from Duluth Central. Immediately before his stay there, he ran up the longest consecutive win streak in the state at Marshall, Minnesota. Edina was very fortunate to acquire this mentor. The first game in Edina's football history was Head Coach Bernie Cole played against Excelsior under their lights. The contest ended in a 13-0 victory for the hosts, but it proved to the crowd that the Hornets were of Lake Conference caliber. Edina next traveled to Minnehaha Academy where the defending Private League Champions won their fourteenth in a row, 19-7. Dave Ryerse put Edina ahead with a touchdown in the first quarter but Minnehaha came back with three touchdowns to win. The first Edina victory came at the expense of the Robbinsdale Bees, 25-0. The following week, Edina made it two straight victories by nosing out a fighting St. Paul Breck eleven, 22-19. The amazing part about this game was the fact that the Hornets rollied from a 19-7 half-time deficit to .oull out the win. Edina's 1949 Homecoming cry] "Sting the Bloomin' Bears" backfired as a powerful, 8th rated team in the state, Bloomington, trounced the under-manned Hornets. Edina traveled to Fergus Falls next where they were defeated 21-0. The following week the Green and White again took to the road only to be downed by a strong Hutchinson team. The 1949 season was climaxed by the first annual football banquet at which John Rossiter was elected honorary captain. The 1950 season opened very strong indeed with 25 returning lettermen. Prospects looked bright as Edina became an official member of the Lake Conference for the first time. Poge sixly-eightYEAR OF LAKE CONFERENCE PLAY Tom Young Dick Harley Neal Perlich End End End Above JUNIOR-SENIOR LETTERMEN FINAL LAKE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tie Pet. Pts. Opp Mound 5 1 0 .833 84 40 St. Louis Park 5 1 0 .833 119 51 Robbinsdale 3 3 0 .503 63 63 Wayzata 3 3 0 .500 81 70 Excelsior 3 3 0 .500 53 85 EDINA 1 4 1 .166 64 89 Hopkins 0 5 1 .000 33 84 Side Side Frank Cardarelle Tackle Howard Lofquist Dave Sorum Center John Rossiter Dave Ryerse Back Ben Platter Jon Rodine Back Robin McLaren Lori Lundgren Below Guard Harvey Lofquist Kent Hodgson, Chuck Trucker, Jay Olson, Tackle Back BackRyerse Rounds End Wayzoto 12 Edina 0! Nail Him Neal Edina got off to a good start in the 1950 season with a convincing 7-0 victory over Bloomington there. Bloomington went on to capture the Minnesota Valley Conference Title. Dave Ryerse scored the lone touchdown in the opening period and then ran the extra point. The following week, Edina bowed in'o the Lake Conference with a loss at the hands of Excelsior, 13-7. Dave Ryerse made a sensational 64 yard scoring run. The gridders traveled to Sleepy Eye next and dumped St. Marys, 21-7. The Park-Edina game of the next week was canceled because of rain ond then re-scheduled November 4. The Hornet's suffered their second conference loss the following Friday to Wayzata, 12-0. In what was the best played game of the season, Edina bowed to the co-champions. Mound, 20-7. Except for two disastrous plays, the Hornets outplayed the Mohawks throughout most of the game. Edina nearly completed its homecoming desire to "Edynamife the Warriors" as they came within 10 seconds of a victory over Hopkins. Sparked by Jay Olson and Dave Ryerse, the Green and White led 13-7 with 10 second” to go. At this point Hopkin's all-conference Don Moore p'unaed his way »o a tally to tie the score. Fortunately, the try for the extra point was no good. Fired up by the Hopkins tilt, the victory-thirsty Hornets virtually routed Robbinsdale the next week, 25-6. Jon Rodine led the scoring department with three touchdowns. Charles Trucker accounted for the other one. Rodine's 70 yard run to pay dirt with Kent Hodgson's fine blocking paving the way, highlighted the evening. In the final game of the season, an explosive St. Louis Park team blasted Edina to tie Mound for the conference chamoionship. The score was 25-12. Laurence Lundqren, Jay Olson, and Howard Lof-quist were all picked for second team all-conference honors. The trio was also mentioned for oil-state awards. Jack Wells, city high school athletic director, was toastmaster at the second annual football banquet. Joe Markley of Minneapolis Central and Archie Porter Juggles Hopkins Pass! Skalback of St. Paul Washington, city football champs were principal speakers. 18 lettermen were announced. Special mention should be given to Dave Ryerse, who carried most of the offensive load along with Jay Olson and Jon Rodine. The brunt of the hard-charging line was led by Kent Hodgson, Harvey Lof-quist, Howard Lofquist, and Robin McClaren. Vicious tackling marked the secondary line-backing play of Dave Sorum and John Rossiter. Neal Periich, Tom Young and Dick Harley held down end posts. Jay Olson was elected honorary captain and John Rossiter was acting captain. Page seventyB-SQUAD CRIDDERS The B-Squad football team is pictured in white with the varsity. Front row: R. Berglund. D. Leary, B. Borcy, B. Englehart, B. Hoyt, 0. Anderson, 0. Ellingson, M. Boll. P. Hummel. T. Burton, $. McKown. C. Webster. Second row: D. Akins, K. Hodgson. N. Perlich, B. Willey. J. Rodine. D. Sorum, J. Rossiter, C. Odell, J. Roberts, B. Latham, D. Rowland, J. Hedges. Third row: Con New Football Field 1950 FOOTBALL SEASON'S RECORD Edina 7 Bloomington Excelsior 0 Edina 7 13 Edina 21 St. Marys 7 Edina 0 •Wayzata 12 Edina .... 7 Mound 20 Edina 13 Hopkins 13 Edina 25 Robbinsdale 6 Edina 12 St. Louis Park 25 TOTALS 92 Opponents 96 Denotes Conference Game WON 3 LOST 4 TIED 1 Right: Honorary Captain Jay Olson and Acting Captain John Rossiter. Emerson, coach, T. Porier, C. Truckor, J. Johnson, R. McClaren, L. Peril, J. Olson, T. Young, M. Platter, D. Horley, F. Cordarelle, Har. Lofquist, B. Kelly, How. Lofquist, B. Cole, coach. Back row: D. Flaa, mgr., G. Young, B. Lee, B. Thompson, R. Howe, B. Hansen, J. Robbins, H. Young, T. Nelson, P. Potchin, G. Wellmon. Coach Con Emerson's B-Squad gridders hod a tough season of games and scrimmages with the "A's". Almost every night after school these courageous underclassmen put the varsity through a rugged scrimmage or practice. They are almost as responsible for the varsity's showing on Friday as the A squad boys are themselves. The A squad boys will always remember the rugged workouts the Bees gave them. Besides these duties, they serve as a constant feeder of material to the varsity team year after year. This year is no exception. Some boys like Mert Bell, Bob Willey, Jim Hedges, Jack Johnson, Dick Anderson, Chuck Webster, and Bob Lee are sure to help next year's varsity team. Page vcventy-oneJUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Front row: Ted Spear, Glenn Nelson, Ted Furber, John Stonhouse, Keith Lindgren (capt.), Pete Pirsch, John Jones, Bob Buffington. Row two: John Mitchell, John Danielson, Merlin Olson, Jack Barnes, Tom Fritz, Dave North, Connie Hoigaard, Tom Simpson, Wayne Knight. Back row: Larry Wilson imgr.i, Dick Wilson, Dick Howkins, Dick Anderson, Jock Hale, Dove Bros, Bob Nelson, Dole Tracy, George Johnson, Bonnie Parks, Bob Blakborough, John Toylor, Ted Greer, coach. The junior varsity team ployed six games, most of which were against B squads composed of older, larger, and more experienced boys. The highlight of the season was the 13-6 victory over St. Louis Park. The game was close all the way and well-played by both teams. The experience gained by the ninth graders under Ted Greer, their coach, will be an asset for the school in the next three years. MIDGET FOOTBALL TEAM The midgets gave a good account of themselves during the 1951 season. The last game of the season pitted them against St. Louis Park, which was also undefeated. Park won the well-played game 7-0 on a fourth quarter touchdown. Kelly, Lundgren, and Neilson were named to the all-Midget team. Kneeling: Larry Johnson, Paul Dybvig, Steve Lundgren, Pete Meland. Standing, row one: Wally May, Bill Robertson. Floyd Harris. Steve Pinkstaff, Bob Mc-Crea, Tom Kelly. Row two: Tom Lowe. Tom Moe, Jerry Pertl, Ted Berlin, Art Linda. Dean Atkins. Page seventy-twoBASEBALL In the first gome of the 1950 seoson the Hornets were defeated by a good-fielding St. Paul Park team 5-0. Snowy weather conditions had its effect on the play of both teams. Doug McWhorter pitched good ball, despite the fact, allowing only three hits The Hornets were nipped 7-4 by St. Louis Park in the second game. Doug McWhorter swatted out a double and Kent Hodgson a single for Edina's lone hits. The next game, held at Wayzata, was a free slugging affair which ended in favor of the home team 12-7. The Hornets provided plenty of timber as Jay Olson placed a home run over the left field fence and Tom Ricks collected three hits in four trips to the plate. After having two successive games rained out, Edina played its last game of the season against Mound. The Hornets were leading all the way, but were edged by a lastinning Mohawk rally, 12-11. Last year's lettermen were: Kent Hodgson, Manford Husebo, Doug McWhorter, Neal Perlich, Jon Rodine, Tom Roth, Jay Olson, John Rossiter, Lee Pertl, Tom Ricks, Jerry Roberts, and the student manager was Roger Howe. Roth and McWhorter were lost this year to Mound and West, respectively. IM| Ricks the Slugger Nine rteurning lettermen, a season of ball under their belts, and the promise of a new field all tend to make the 1951 baseball season look promising for the Hornets. Coach Bernie Cole's boys have already begun warming up for a season of Lake Conference play. Row one: Lee Pertl, John Rossiter, Manny Husebo, Joy Olson, Bill Cooley, Kent Hodgson. Row two: Roger Howe, Jon Rodine, Neal Perlich, Tom Roth, Tom Ricks, Doug McWhorter, Jerry Roberts, Coach Bernie Cole. Pago so,enty-threoBASKETBALL Head Coach Irv Nelson Edina greeted the 1950 hardwood season with what one might call an "all veteran team." Having lost no-one from last year's squad, the Hornets looked good, boasting good height and speed. The Green and White quintet tasted defeat in their first two non-conference starts. Washburn handed Edina a 46-30 licking which was followed by Southwest's 41-27 victory over the stunned Hornets. Mound provided Edina its first Lake Conference opposition. Edina quickly retaliated from its early defeats as they handed the Mohawks a 54-52 loss. The Hornets gained recognition and respect as they added Excelsior, a pre-season title contender, to their victory list by handing them a decisive 49-30 shellacking. After conquering Wayzata 36-31, Edina had gained the self-confidence and spirit necessary for their next encounter, which was the perennially tough Hopkins team. Hopkins, however, displayed the type of basketball which brought them to the state tournament this year and belted the Edina team 52-33. Suffering its first conference loss from Hopkins showed up the following week, as the Hornets were upset by Robbinsdale. St. Louis Pork, Mound, and Excelsior scored three consecutive wins over Edina after the Green ond White returned from the Christmas holidays. Posting a second conference win over Wayzata helped the squad's spirit as they faced an FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS • Won Lost Pet. Hopkins 10 2 .833 St. Louis Park 10 2 .833 Robbinsdale 6 6 .500 Excelsior 6 6 .500 EDINA 5 7 .414 Mound 3 9 .250 Wayzata 2 10 .162 Top to Bottom Neal Perlich Kent Hodgson Dave Ryerse Tom Young Jim Joslin Page seventy-fourSEASON 1950-51 CAPTAIN KENT HODGSON almost hopeless battle with the Hopkins Warriors the following Friday. The upset of the season was garnered by the surprising victory Edina captured over the Warriors. Hopkins had lost only four games on their home floor in eight years, so the victory was quite an accomplishment, in addition to the fact that it took Hopkins out of the conference driver's seat and gave St. Louis Park a chance for a title tie. The Orioles of St. Louis Park drubbed Edina 67-47 in a memorable game for Park. The Park game brought the season to a close, with the exception of the sub-district playoff held at Robbinsdale. In that game, Edina and Excelsior tussled on even terms throughout the contest; but when the final buzzer sounded Excelsior was on the winning end of a 45-42 score. Traveling to Spirit Lake, Iowa, Edina racked up a 48-38 victory. The trip was an overnight affair and will long be remembered by all those present. Graduation will nip all of Edina's starters from this year's team with the exception of one. Dave Ryerse, John Rossiter, Jay Olson, Jon Rodine, Tom Young, Kent Hodgson, and Neal Perlich have played their last game for the Green and White on the hardwoods. Kent Hodgson captained the Hornets through their first year of conference play and well- Manager Bill Cooley Top to Bottom Jay Olson Jon Rodine John Rossiter Chuck Trucker Jack Johnson Page seventy-fiveJohnny Rodine Jumping! CaDlain Hodgson Sets One Up! deserved making the all-conference team along with teammate Neal Perlich. Perlich carried the bulwark of the team's offense and after leading the conference in scoring for many weeks, ended up in third place in the point-getting totals behind Dave Tschimperle of Hopkins and Dick Seaburg of St. Louis Park. Next year will be a rebuilding year, but coach Irv Nelson has Jim Joslin and 6'5" Jack Johnson as a nucleus to work from. Although the bond issue was passed for the large adjoining field house, it is doubtful whether or not it will be ready for the Hornets' use next winter. As in other sports, Edina's basketball team played an independent schedule during the first basketball campaign in 1949-1950. Keeping one eye on their next seasons debut in the Lake Conference play, the Green and White sharpened their attack by playing eighteen games. Although they boasted only six wins in their initial year, the experience gained was most valuable. Under the tutelage of head coach, Irv Nelson, who came to Edina from Washington High School in Souix Falls, South Dakota, Edina gained prominence and respect throughout its opening season. Coach Nelson wasted no time in scheduling games with next year's Lake Conference foes. Bernie Cole, football coach, assisted Nelson in his coaching duties. Cole made an impressive record with the "B" squad aside from helping with "A" squad maneuvers. The fact that Edina scheduled games with Bloomington, Delano, Blake, Deephaven, and Minnehaha Academy, teams which finished on the top or near there in their respective leagues, provided an example of the type opposition which the Green and White quintet faced in their freshmen year. Considering that Edina would lose no one via graduation, the prospects for the next season loomed bright. The first year of basketball at Edina undoubtedly created a team soirit and sense of poise which is so valuable in any soort. Although graduation did not take any Edina cagers. West and Mound High Schools did. Letter-men Doug McWhorter and Tom Roth transferred to those high schools respectively. Other lettermen were Neal Perlich, Kent Hodason, Dave Ryerse, Jay Olson, John Rossiter, Many Husebo, Tom Young, and Jon Rodine. Poge seventy-six Left: Jocko fires for S. P. A.1950-51 SEASON RECORD Edina 31 Washburn 49 Edina 31 Southwest 42 Edina 54 Mound 52 Edina 49 Excelsior 30 Edina 36 Wayzata 31 Edina 33 Hopkins 50 Edina 45 University High 33 Edina 38 Robbinsdale 40 Edina 48 Spirit Lake, Iowa 38 Edina 28 St. Louis Park 50 Edina 31 Southwest 49 Edina 34 Mound 47 Edina 47 Wayzata 39 Edina 44 Hopkins 43 Edina 40 Robbinsdale 41 Edina 41 Blake 45 Edina 47 St. Louis Park 67 TOTALS 677 Opponents 746 Sub-District Edina 42 Excelsior 45 Denotes Conference Games McWhorter Uses Finger Tip Control This year there have been many other teams in action besides the varsity squad. There was the "B" squad under Mr. Bernie Cole that went through a full schedule of games with considerable success. Mr. Rollie Ring coached the 9th grade Junior Varsity team through a regular Lake Conference Schedule. The 1950-51 Edina Basketball Squad. Back row: Bruce Katter, Kent Hodgson, Tom Young, Jock Johnson, Neal Perlich, Jon Rodine, Don McFarland, and Jim Joslin. Front row: Jerry Sundt, Charles Trucker, John Rossiter, Lee Pertl, Dave Ryerse, and Jay Olson. Page sevonty-s®ver HOCKEY Front row: Doug Dixon, Dick Harley, Armand Archiletti, Bud Sevareid, Jerry Dostal, John Blake, Gene Siwald. Row two: Bob Bachmann, Bob Lee, Ralph Dorr, Bud Nelson, Bob Hale, Burr Lewis, Don Flaa, Dick Lair, John Prentice, Dean Miller. Not pictured: Bob Martinson, Ken Ahrens, Tom Simpson, Dave Sommers, coach Ted Greer. 1950-51 HOCKEY SCHEDULE West We 1 They 9 Minnehaha Academy 1 4 West 0 8 Blake 1 6 Southwest 1 5 Robbins dale 2 5 Park 3 3 Page jevenfy-eighr With returning lettermen Jerry Dostal, Bob Hale, Dean Miller, Don Flaa, Bob Lee, John Prentice and captain Burr Lewis as a nucleus, the 1950-1951 hockey squad began work as soon as the ground was frozen. The first task was to build a rink and flood it. The boys worked with enthusiasm and were soon practicing on the new rink. The season's record is full of contest against superior teams, but in each game, the pucksters (notched and bettered the spirit of their opponents. The season's highlights were a trip to Rochester and a 3 3 tie with St. Louis Park. The team was coached by Ted Greer. Hale Protects Against BlakeWRESTLING In the foil of 1949 a squad of twenty non-ex-perienced boys started wrestling. They worked out hard all season but had few matches. However, they did wrestle Robbinsdale, Wayzata, and University High. They did not win any of these meets, but made a good showing. Some of the boys individually did win some of their matches and showed good promise for next season. These boys were Dave Sorum, Jim Trisler, • and Art Bailey, who were to form the nucleus of next year's squad. This year Edina's wrestling squad participated as full fledged members of the Lake Conference with last year's coach Mr. Emerson, and a new coach, Mr. John Motion, two able and experienced coaches. Some forty boys started the season. This later dropped to twenty eight. The squad participated in thirteen meets and all members showed signs of improvement. The squad came through with two consecutive victories, one against University High and one against Robbinsdale. Kneeling, I to r: Leonard Mills, Manford Husebo, Sheldon Anderson, Don Ralph, and Tom Joas,- Standing, I to r: Grayson Wellman, Art Bailey, Jim Blakeborough, Dave Sorum, and Don Leary. SEASON'S RECORD Edina Opponent Score 8 Mound 36 15 Wayzata 33 14 University High 23 10 Hastings 35 6 Anoka 29 7 St. Cloud 35 11 Wayzata 25 8 Hastings 30 11 Mound 30 23 Robbinsdole 19 25 University High 22 9 Robbinsdale 29 8 St. Cloud 33 Anderson, left and Husebo, right against Wayzata Page seventy-nineKneeling, I to r: Joel Rodgers, Dick Rowlond, Pete Young, Burke Rodgers, Dick Oyer, Bob LoBeou, Warren Olson, and Don Larsen; standing, I to r: coach Conrad Emerson, Tom Kreckow, Ben Hart, Doug O'Brien, Bob Boug, Roger Howe, Bob Laughlin, Bob Willey, Bob Engelharf, Lori Lundgren, and assistant coach, John Motion. High point men for the season were: Sheldon Anderson 33, captain Art Bailey 22, and Tom Joas, who was the most improved wrestler of the year with 19 points in his first year of competition. Sheldon Anderson and Jim Blakeborough each gained one point in the regional tournament. Next year's squad will feel the loss of these seniors: Art Bailey, Jim Blakeborough, Bill Latham, Dave Sorum, Leonard Mills, and Dean Korthof, manager. Next year's squad will have more experienced men than did this year's squad. The coach will be looking forward to boys with three years' experience and a much larger squad. The graduating seniors wish the best of luck to next year's squad, with many pins and many victories. They shall not forget the sportsmanship and spirit of competition taught us by our coaches, Mr. Emerson and Mr. Motion. Page eighty Bailey vs. Latham while Olson, Trisler, and Blakeborough watch.TRACK Sitting, I to r: Ralph Darr, Dave Ellingson, Don Leary, Bill Kelly, Merton Bell, Dick Manns; Kneeling, I to r: Jerry Sundt, Fred Davis, Lawrence Lundgren, Bill Cook, Bob Batten, Emil Zonne, Phil Hummed, Jim Joslin; Standing, I to r: Coach Irv Nelson, Bruce Katter, Roger Whittney, Dave McCabe, Tom Young, Dave Ryerse, Jim Hedges, Jim Cardie, Doug O'Brien, Tom Lee, Jim Robbins. Coach Irv Nelson's cindermen have already begun this year's track season. Headed by last year's sole letterman, Dave Ryerse, the Hornets are making good use of the new track. Last year Edina was well represented in the Metropolitan Meet, held at the University field house, as Dave Ryerse captured first place in the 440 yard dash. The squad was not allowed to enter the state meet but did travel to Northfield, Minnesota, to participate in the Carlefon Relays. The Edina track team received a total of eleven points with Ryerse the main point-getter with a total of nine. He took first in the 440 yard dash and second in the 220 yard dash and ran a leg in the 830 yard relay. Along with him in the relay ran Ben Platter, Doug O'Brien, and Tom Young. The Hornets traveled to Mound and participated in a quadrangular meet. Mound, Wayzata and Deephaven were also represented. The Hornets took third as Dave Ryerse again won first in the 4 0 and second in the 220. Jim Joslin placed fourth in the shot put, Tom Young fourth in the 440, and the 880 yard relay team placed third to round out Edina's scorina. Dave Ryerse, Tom Young, Ben Platter, and Doug O'Brien represented Edina at the St. Thomas Relays to wind up the track season. They entered the mile relay, the 440 yard relay, and the 880 yard relay. Dave "Dobe" Ryerse Page eighty-oneGOLF AND TENNIS SQUADS I to r: Donovan Dudek, Bob Hale, Bill McArthur, Jack Saddler, Manford Husebo, coach Conrad Emerson. Edina linkmen, last year's winning squad, will be at full strength again this year. Bill McArthur and Bob Hale, last year's only lettermen, along with John Prentice, Manford Husebo, John Saddler and others plan to make this year's Edina golf team tough competition for Lake Conference foes. Coach Con Emerson's boys lost their initial match last year but went on to cop the next three in a row and wind up with a record of three wins and one loss. The first match was played at Meadowbrook Golf Course and found the Hornets on the small end of a 9 to 3 score with St. Louis Park the victor. Bob Hale and Manford Husebo won points for Edina. With each of the four men. Bill McArthur, Bob Hale, John Prentice, and John Saddler winning points the squad was an easy victor over Minnehaha Academy. Following this contest, Edina defeated Mound in a close match 6Vi to 5Vst. The win was decided by John Saddler's crucial putt late in the match. A match with Robbinsdale and a return match with Mound were cancelled because of poor weather conditions and a conflict with Mound's examination schedule. The Hornets wound up their season in a blaze of glory as they dumped Wayzata by the lop-sided score of 11 Vi to Vi. Page eighty-two John Prentice Drives OneHAVE SUCCESSFUL FIRST YEAR Kneeling: Harlan Hauskins, Dave Ryerse, Ben Plotter. Standing: Coach Ted Greer, Bob Laughlin, Bill Latham, Bob Hale, John Bacon, Ted Burton. Headed by Ben Platter, the Edina tennis team has already begun practice in order to sharpen up for this year's season. As in all other sports, the members of the tennis squad will belong to the Lake Conference and participate in a round-robin with all Lake Conference schools. Ted Greer, last year's coach, will repeat as head mentor for the squad and expects to have a fine season if last year's showing is of any significance. Lost year's squad consisted of: Ben Platter, Dave Ryerse, Bob Hale, Harlan Hauskins, Bill Latham, Ted Burton, John Bacon, and Bob Laughlin in that order of seniority. Platter lettered at St. Louis Park, while only a sophomore, before attending Edina. He also lettered last year along with Dave Ryerse, Bob Hale, and Harlan Hauskins. Last year's squad played a number of schools from the neighboring communities. West was their opponent and, unfortunately, first victor. They dropped a pair of matches to St. Louis Park and two to Deephaven for the season's only defeats. They conquered Mound once and triumphed over Robbinsdale on two different occassions to make their totals for the season three wins and five losses. Ben "Number 1 Man" Platter! Page eighty-threeINTRAMURAL SPORTS Volleyball Action An intramural sports program has been in operation in the Edina-Morningside High School again this past year. Intramural sports have been organized to provide a chance for those who are not members of the interscholastic athletic squads to participate in athletics. This gives all boys an opportunity to put to use the knowledge and fundamentals of the various sports which they learn in physical education. The activities usually are similar to the major sports that are in season except that certain modifications have to be made because of the nature of the activities and amount of equipment and facilities that are available. The main activities, free throw contests, ping pong, and other sports have been a part of the intramural program. Practically every boy who is a member of a varsity squad took advantage of the opportunity to gain experience by participating in intramural sports when he was in the junior high school. When the present tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders were members of the junior high school, there were 130 boys or over 80 per cent of the boys who were in school participated in intramural athletics. During the present school year, approximately 80 boys have taken part in intramural sports. These Intramural in Action boys have enjoyed the opportunity of having fun while engaging in competitive sports with their classmates. Mr. Howard Merriman, boys' physical education instructor, is director of the intramural sports program which include a large variety of activities which meet the interests of all boys and girls and hopes that the plans to enlarge the high school will provide facilities so that this will be possible. Page eighty-four1. Odell, our dancer! 2. Hard workers! 3. Latham prepares for Fergus Falls game! 4. Letterman Joslin! 5. Sorum vs. Wayzata! 6. Letterman Kelly! 7. 1949-1950 basketball squad! 8. Donkey basketball! 9. Den 3, cubs! 10. Faculty mock wedding, flower girl Mitchell! Page eightyfivc1. Pay Attention, Florence! 2. Indian Osborne! 3. Homecoming Celebrity! 4. What a Man! 5. Lee and Chuck! 7. The theater workshop! 6. 230 Study! 8. At work on the rink! 9. "Twas the night before Christmas!" Page eighty-six1950 Queen and Attendants! Selling Pennants! Larsen and SarfF, Comedians! Victory? Ha! 1949 Queen Schimer! 1950 Queen Cruzen! 1950 Coronation! On the Radio! Escorts! Pertl's Rod! The Dance! Ricks and Crew! Homecomings in 1949 and 1950 will always be memorable dates to everyone. "Sting the Bloomin' Bears" and "Edynamite the Warriors" will be on our tongues forever. Page eighty-seven1. Joe Banar.a and His Bunch! 2. The Boys of Blue and Gold! 3. Tip it, Capt.l 4. Don't say it. Ring! 5. Junior Class Play! 6. Oh, Franky! 7. "Chicken Lofquist"! Throughout the spring, there are many events and activities which occur after the time this yearbook goes to press. Although we can mention these activities, we are unable to take any pictures of them. One of these events was the Declamation Contest. The participants spent many weeks in preparation. They worked hard and long, all hoping to attain the coveted goal of a state championship. The contest was divided into five divisions: humorous, dramatic, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and manuscript reading. In the humorous division were the following entries: "My Financial Career," Doug Sarff; "The Debutante," continued on next page Page eighty-eightFritzie Davis; "Angel of Mercy," Nancy Will-son; "Mama Spank Me," Pat Sarff; "Born Yesterday," Marcia Stonhouse; "Intermission at the Theater," Janet Beggs. In the dramatic division were: "Dark Victory," Janet Miller; "The Shortcut," Alan McArthur; "When Hannah Var Eight Yar Old," Donna Hansen,- "St. Joan," Maria Caron,- "White Cliffs," Diane LaMay. Orations include: "Why?" Kay Bolander; "Look to the Spirit, Wicked You," Glory Butterfield; "Lights, Camera, Action," Carol Jost; "From Whence Cometh My Help?" Nancy Engstrom. Paul Larsen and Dean Korthof were in the extemporaneous speaking section, and Carol Gunn was in extemporaneous manuscript reading group. One Act Play group also performed. In the all-school contest, Gary Butterfield, Paul Larsen, Douglas Sarff, Carol Gunn, and Maria Caron all received superior ratings and a chance to compete in the district contest. Doug Sarff and Gary Butterfield both received superiors and chances in the regionals. Doug Sarff was an alternate in the regions. Mr. Delmar Fredrickson and Miss Ursula Costello were the coaches. 1. Seniors as eighth graders! 2. Get up and fight, Hodge! 3. Shy girl next door! 4. In the library! 5. Perlich's Northern Retreat! 6. The girls' team! 7. Yes,they're twin senoritas! Page eighty-ninePATRON-ADVERTISERS The SENIOR CLASS and the WHIGREAN STAFF of Edina High School wish to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to the following business establishments, professional firms, and organizations who so graciously contributed to help make this first annual a reality. We say thanks again! ANBUHL'S CAMP AQUILA WOMEN FASHIONS FOR BOYS BANNITZ COUNTRY CLUB INSURANCE AGENCY TAILORS AND CLEANERS BARNE'S COUNTRY CLUB DRUG STORE ICE CREAM BELLESON'S COUNTRY CLUB MEN'S STORE MARKET BETTINA THAYER-STORM SHAKESPEARE HOBBY SHOP W. R. BLISS EDINA CLEANERS JEWELERS AND SHOE REPAIRS BRUSH'S SHOES GLACIER SAND AND GRAVEL Page ninetyPATRON-ADVERTISERS GOLLING STUDIOS McENARY AND KRAFT ARCHITECTS GREENE ENGRAVING COMPANY NORTH CENTRAL PRINTING COMPANY GREGG'S PHARMACY POUCHER PRINTING AND LITHOGRAPHING GREGUSON'S NURSERY REISS COAL Foshay Tower HAWKINS CONFECTIONERY SON'S COMPANY, Incorporated JOSTENS-OWATONNA JEWELERS-ENGRAVERS H. R. PETERSON, Rep. TOWN AND COUNTRY HARDWARE KNIT 'N' PURL WIRT WILSON INSURANCE LANG AND RAUGLAND ARCHITECHTS YOUNG FUEL COMPANY Poge ninety-oneAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHSAUTOGRAPHS

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