Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ)

 - Class of 1972

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Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1972 volume:

. --..,. -, -1-.,. . -. .. . . . , V ...... ... .1 'UM 'mt'H'-""m"'mm"v'w n"'nH' 'W v," W" V 'A-"'-?-'vvnf ' -' '-?'?F7'f:LE1-:-1- ,-'::'--' ' 'T--"':7r-452-' 9-1 -3 -1. ': 15 - M--f-,, - .. - .,.,. 1--. - ,. - .1 ...5 ..-.T.-1.-.--:-1 .-1.:-fix..-an-ll:-.I , 'z ...gf - -'f 'Ei-. 1----E-1 -1 T - - 5- - r -' : ' 5t'4:--'-l if gf.'i:"35'i,-E'fE"ri -9 5 . .. . L ..-T T.. - .: - - r ,N -, ,fl-.,..i..- - 5 T.. .Y ..:.....f..,. :.:..:.4 eq, . .-. ,. , - , . - ..- .. . -.. .- -,,..1,, . -4 ...:,. ::,....,: -A. 5: :,-,gf Q ' f-9-1-1-1 Q 3511- 14-1-12-aapf 155754 . I v.. .. 1.1.1. ig 7 .,. 5 : u. ...3 .... :.l...:-f.. ,.:.- 3-2 ,H .1 frat. Q. 5-5 7i.l,j1,L - A -7 .. .., 5 .Q , -.L. ,T . 3. .. .. .. :nk ., L.. 3, 5:.-5--P-.gn -a,.,.na.,-Siagv . . .3 T 5 '- W :'1'jL" : iii 5 2: E. 'xr' 1 ti- f" "il ' .:'i-f-'r:7"--55-'QM 39 3 . . . ..-4 uf... 1.51.-. .pf-..,....,'-,.. --.gy--,-,.-5. 'LJLV' ---. .-,,-,V A. lf..--. .....--, ...,,,- Yr.. , '15-'rf -'r ,- -- f- 'f' -r" 4' r"-:if ':"i""i:'2-' 2--fr' --,'-:."-'f?-:'-'-5"--'- , ' '-3.---'f' 'T- .' 1 'ic' "'::- -'-r'f1"- :'f 1 'Q'-ttf'-r'f--4 :r-7 41- 1 1' !"':--1,--1-r - - - - : 5 'E -11'-,ff-: -,-'-1:-r':":f' -'-:FE if-Je-5 if ' " -5 '-""'r-::,::- 3 - :::::- -rf -fa 21'-Q". fr'-:--' F E' -if-' ffl-5 ff- T f 3-5 75.74 ,.: , .- V-, ' .4..4 :.'1,.: ...ar.1Yg.:..-.f,.,.Q ...-,zs -gg N -5: W ---fgh Y LM...-1- 1. f 51,Z.,.-E I..-'Q' Q.: II Z...-53,40 :-2 .a,a1:.':. -. .. . ..,..,.-, . ., ,: --,....-...:.:-... ...,.J.:.z'..: .. 4 --. - - - . F, M...-A - .,- .- .. -A ,.-. 1' 1- '-':'-f"ff,w1,:. .' : it-:ff 7'3" ? 'L' : ' i' 7-3' 1' " -1"-T'-' ' ff-:N-' - --"vb ' ff" "3 '-- : ' Z-:':-7111: :il .:i 15"i f"3':"4"":"'4"'5 "':..Y ' : 7,17 ....7.-.4,.. - ., .:.Tf,5f:.ii-,gf 3. .-T, 5 ..:q..,...: 5: . Lil 14. --v- -1 --- -fifxl j 5 ,V.,- .2 .. :- 5 . -Tia ,..:..'1:z :. ., 5 g....:gg,:" ' ' ,.'5 '-1 1 vt 1'.'5""""'.TL"'S.Q'd'ff.".': 1: "E "wi: 1' -1 Efftff Q-' :Uri :-iv" 55:55 .ii-A-11:3 1"'-'r -7'-v '-71'-':!'T"-'p -3 '-gg .-5-7 -if .-:..,- 4,-gn gn.. 57 - -uf 1 k-5--3--Y-1..-f.5 -.. .. 11-..n..,-.. - 1 ..:. - ie.-. :..g,.,..,g ..,..L mm- , :':' ' +12 1:-'3'?z-fsfgllii-5. F- 9:53-.-F: si 612 1-1 54'-"5 ' . 15- +-33,7 A-i-,,,.C:- Lv: -1 V, i ,..1.Vvi!f'!,:..-1.:v,: ia .:.- .,Y...:7,qX..g:. -3- ..-5 - .yt r,..,:,:.5.:1 ,u..-.-,.- 1.1. , -- .z4..x.g:. 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"se.:-415.57151 . ,. -...:..,,.2.- an L, Q.. l A L t, -, f.t.'1,pr2-,L-.V.:j-,.g 5 . 5- 1 nf. 4 7.,,:,g,f.:..1.zfLf "..'-- 'JQJ 0,3 .lm - --f-S' lj- - '-- ,Ev,'ztS's1:lL:--'1.:'n1 ,.: ggv.2,'1..5.-.1--'f 1---Y 7 fb 5 "' -1 .Av A - ' : - A. , .',"'f-':.,.:':-.,--s..'1msg.:-Qu., -A .i :--of-"'4z.+. - 5 . - ,gf f , : f - ,- -E -! , :I ,v.'L.:y:,'4 .1 . - 'TN' ' -' , - ,:A1, . , . . - ,. QA!! -.,,.,..h,., i - -. bt..-,1 ,,, 1 ,-.. ,. ,-..- L - -Lv , 4...--.. ,... . -.-.... -.--.- -.. U- ,..Lf..Lf..,JA,,.,-.f,. ..... - l. -.. -,...., - ' 4, n r. 1 1 n I ,. A9 Nfl V. 'C fl .7 .-. YY, A I U 1 1 al 14. l A 1 I h 4 . In J 4 .4 1 F I f . J L L.. ll I 1 . A 'u -, r 1 A 'us 5'l -.',.f.. Y. va- ,.,,-L, ,I-.. 1 ' ' -1 . 11 -'7b-ll.:T'L..i'- Zflfsfif' -Ehfbf a w w ' '9 4 THOSE WERE - - THE DAYS , kb N. .,,m.1,.,. ,.t E . I t I b 7 13' 5 -1 I' :E fn' Q LS: 'FE ' r ""Nef,f1"- 'Rx :- -C ik fi M X x Aman- I'll start my diet next week. Just thirteen more days of student teaching! Judy, did you hear about.. . You've got to be kidding! SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE The world is full of starters but it's the finishers that count. Graduation is the finish of one phase of your life, l sincerely hope that the education you have received at Edgewood Senior High School will provide the basis for your future endeavors. Congratulations to each member of the class of 1972 and best wishes for success in your pursuit of more education or as you enter the world of work. 1 Mr. Leonard Westman, Superintendent BOARD OF ED CATIO , 1 .W s .1 A, A -.1-.-. SN AM ff fx 9 D355-1 , f X - , iw -i-+- ' X AN 707 V be ,ibben DRG Xi! g n 1L1:g32?:2s::,2 S ff -MM urboro W .Q C-'SEER Sgcke I c,i0n Q I m:::'1za:s::: F., 'Web Q X U xg Li ? 2Ef'gf xg mx Ami 42:53 'D MWf Dr.B resser Mrs.Ha rris -KVV 1 v K L' gil ete,Sen E , Qppe W sh 3 eflbm l L L JK J A ,nl JL -V333 EW Mr. Cuneo Vllj Mr, Stewart 45, 'W' N 6 Mrs. Santora Mr. D'Augustino :fy A' 'Z . CIW- ., 6 ' rw 3 R 4 Et A w . f 7 x L if XTPWMXWJE H M if wig ? OCQXJQX 2 iff 10 - fx Lfjj K Y Ax , - ZJUXZMQQ GW LJf 1 d 7 M y pi! Mr. Quinn Q fl V AQ? 5,hQVa AUM Lffnkp-Ml x QQ Mr. Taylor Q I X , gs, ,102 XR Qs 5 JWM Q, Q79 X M 1 N D My w :ffl O QP LU L, WWW f 22 wi? Miss English 51 X T 5? A N W E90 f Mrs. Dougherty Mr. Levak Mr. Tomasello ww ,ffwffwfsifw 'M MQ QW Ex M 5 W ,E xxx Gm. SWA Ll p 4' 'x I ff I' K1 Q5NC,1,x2w ,Xi X n I 1 fi? f LEP CN r nott X I' f-' Cl. 13 STUDENT GOVERNMENT BLACK CULTURAL CLUB STAGE CREW LANGUAGE CLUBS NHS 81 AVA FR-LA CR-SP THESPIAN SOCIETY ECOLOGY CLUB PENUMBRA F NA 81 FTA YEARBOOK STAFF Fu S !AfuL2MvfA Ehdd Clefja '7Q99yf C5xEQo Supag H n Q 5 'Yosfplw 511413 ff, lo E '5poz'f5 Tx PNN-R'- VKPQ X359 umfoax fx L GAIQAM r 3 . .. E? ,. Q- , . QM, .. J, wigs Q Q, 'Lk" ,, ..... , :P .v5'1N:.,wim.w2:A5yf'g-,::, , -'-- --X .. 1: l 'C K, f?'f"'. - ,'.,.. '. wx ...- -.......w- pf5,,""'f.'l'fIl. lwffff f- N new ,-Q., -f--1 ff,.,.'--.4-gif f f"'f--"".Z11' f :---.-.....,..,r""':::-. s s,.-.-....,,.,,,f"""" N . nggq :xg Q, Jiinw . 'S X 2, 3 6 x 4 , A 'mfr ew xg., . 1 1 ' ' x x K .., . ,, X-fgifazfv :A . W 2 W im' .vw-ri? QMQQQ' J - j.,5f'3,fm+m r px, -'Q' 4 -. 2 'Q ,aff . . xy x fy. 2 3 1 . Lv ,K First row: Mary O'Donnell, Debbie Murphy, Barbara Cross- man, Susan Clifford, and Elaine Melton. Second row: Margaret Ervin, Carolyn Poole, Pamela Bramlett, and Cyndy Rowand. Third row: Charles Howard and Steve Markowski. WE ARE THE CHORUS . . . Pamela Bramlett, All South Jersey Chorus Philip Freeman, All S h Ch out Jersey gms First row: Janis Nicholson, Cindy Birch. Second row: Rosemary Howard, Florence Huggins, Regina Knoll and Sylvia Bailey. Third row: Catherine Clarke, Mary Freeney, Lewin Graves, and Andre Miller. Standing: Benita Flores, Thomasina Rofe, George Lebednikas, and Philip Freeman. First row: Carol Zimmerman, Gwen Toomer. Second row: Jewel Foxworth, Earlene Whitfield. Third row: David Boehly, Daryl Alexander, and Bill Cum- mings. Standing: Peter Volpa, John Ewald, Bob Lelli, and Bill Richardson. George Lebednikas, All South Jersey Chorus Earlene Whitfield, All South Jersey Chorus . . . THE EDGEWOOD REGIONAL CHORUS 19 GOVERNMENT my Kneeling - left to right - M. Jefferson, D. Errara, D Knoll. First Row - L. Lee, M. Draft fPresidentJ , M. L Gargano K Rec. Sec.J , L. Parker, L. Souders fTreasurerl B. Beeks fCorr. Sec.J , Mr. Ford, Advisor. Second Row - P. Contino, N. Cook, P. Fonte, C. Grimmie, A. Fonseca R. Fuhrer, L. Stella, J. De Laurentis. Third Row - E Thomas, J. Zuconni, B. Blazer, C. Scharff, W. Terry, M Fernandez, A. Tedesco, R. Draft. Fourth Row - P Federico, P. Carbonaro, A. Nowlin, V. Amos, P. Middle m-an, P. Gray, V. Lombardo, P. Buckley, L. Liberta, N Munoz. Fifth Row - M. Ervin, C. Kauffman, L. Butter- field, C. Schmidt, B. Perry, P. Fabrico, D. Defulio, D Sturgis, D. Draft. Sixth Row - S. Bailey, D. Toomer, G Passarella, R. Simonetti, P. Buckley, B. Clark, C. Trexler K. Myers, J. Warfield. 9 1 GUVERNMENT Student government, yesg but, pre-school bus drivers? ? ? ' rs Barbara Beeks, correspond- ing secretary. Mary Lou Gargano, record ing secretary. Mark Draft, president. ,, ,V ax nob qx r K4 A 21 CHHJCO PLE The drama year, after a somnolent beginning due to the conflicting schedules of actors, got off to a leaping start when the Thespians presented the rollicking laugh-riot knee-slapping "The Odd Couple." The Neil Simon broadway hit, which was transformed into an award-winning television series, was an exercise in comedy timing which our cast carried off with almost professional adroitness. The success was more mean- ingful to the cast, student directors and technical crew because they had assumed almost the full burden of production due to the fact that Mr. Charles W. Smith, director and drama head, was preoccupied with a personal production, the birth of his son lan David, co-produced with his wife, Mary Ann. This kind of devotion and acceptance of responsibility, that of the Thespains, under all types of obstacles is the guts of what makes dramatics at Edgewood a worthwhile activity for those who are willing to make the personal sacrifice necessary in getting a production "on stagef, a breed which is rare indeed. Always looking for new and innovative ideas in drama- tics, the Thespians entered into another 'gfirsti' in local circles with the burgeoning of '4Oklahoma." Prompted by a sparsity of male singer-actors and faced with contracts that could not be broken fi.e., royaltiesl, Mr. Smith looked to the outside for assistance in rescuing the production. Fortune again smiled down upon us in the form of professional actors whom the Thespians were able to secure to come in and perform the major rolesg the noted Philadelphia actor John Barth as Curly and ,loan Wyler as Laurie. Talented semi-professional help also was rendered by Charles Bailey as Will Parker flVlr. Bailey has choreographed many shows in the Philadelphia area and also assumed this responsibility for usl . Walt Babij, an alumni of our school, played Ali Halcim. The students, somewhat reluctant at first to accept the idea, soon began to see the advantages of working with a Hprofessionali' cast. The obvious learning experience of work- ing side by side with talented performers became more evident as rehearsal began and grew with each meeting. Only two or three other schools in the nation have attempted this sort of thing and each time it proved extremely successful from the viewpoint of a learning experience, and ours, arrived at quite accidentally, was no different. The near-perfect, almost professional production brought to our district an opportunity to see, at prices easily afforded by all, a production they might never have been able to see and gave our student cast members the memorable experience of standing side-by-side with veteran actors and bask in the shared glory of applause that said "JOB WELL DONE!" OKLAHOMA 22 ff! THESPIAN SOCIETY, Back Row - L. Hartman, A. Fonseca, S. Capo- Q' Q Q j- A Q- ferri, S. Ridge, J. Poole, Mr. Smith, fadvisor,J P. A Bramlett, C. Scharff, D. Cole, D. Adams. Second fl Row - R. Scardino, C. Brown, J. Novella. Front Row - P. Volpa, R. Caraociola, P. Finklestein, J. . Napoliello, L. Delguercio, J. Ewald. V J STAGE CREW, J. Novella, S. Ridge, B. Harvey, J. Poole, R. Knoll, L. Fernandez, M. McBride, P. Volpa, C. Scharff, W. Wells, W. Cummings, J. Ewald, D. Adams, K. Gudas, V. Nunnenkamp, N. Speziali, T. Laquer, H. Jackson, R. Lowe, R. Martinez, R. Ludavich, P. Bramlett, L. Del- guercio, S. Applegate, C. Rowand. PENUMBRA Standing - A. Shifflet, N. Speziali, Mrs. Fouhey, advisor, M. Fernandez, A. Fonseca. 24 Seated - L. Delguercio, B. Harvey, J. Novella, P. F inklestein. Left to right - Cyndy Rowand, Joann Novella, Patty Prevost, Donna De Fulio, Debbie Ungerbuehler, Clarissa Tiller, Kathy Parrot, Linda Condo, and advisor, Mrs. F N A Deitz. NHS Back Row - left to right - M. Hoyle, N. Pergola, D DeDear, L. Sacco, P. Gray, M. Ervin, I. Ott, A. Pulieo K. Wireman, V. Velie. Second Row - D. Flick, K. Myers L. Moore, N. Munoz, C. Bailey, L. Souders, R. Fuhrer P. Fleming, M. Bramante. Third Row - R. Scardino, 1 Scott, S. Mammucari, S. Calabria, M. L. Gargano, Mrs Fouhey, advisor, M. Williams, C. Trexler. Kneeling - J. Napoliello, M. Fernandez, W. Walker, F. Snuffin, W Terry, C. Scharif, S. Benzley, S. Totora. A .- . ...Q wi V M .Je .V , 1 I BLACK CULTURE CLUB ECOLOGY CLUB I Back Row - R. Block, J. F anelli, L. Delguercio, D. Toomer, K. Gudas, J. Poaches, R. Scardino, B. Harvey. Middle Row - P. Finklestein, J. Novella, B. Grossman, K. Pratt, L. Fernandez. Front Row - P. Bramlett, A. Fonseca, B. Caracciola, T. Laquer, J. Fuller, G. Rosetti, S. Applegate. AVA Pam Bramlett, Tom Coley, Bob Reitz, Mr. Moore advisor. Tl Linda Lynch, Gary Miller, Linda Lee, Carol Chappel, Virginia Velie, Linda Heggan, Angela Pulieo, Amy Shifflet, Donna Connly, Leslie Crowley. FTA FRENCH CLUB V. Velie, A. Fonseca, J. Bartuch, K. Myers, R. Mastenis, l. Pliner, L. Lee, M. Panarello, J. Worthington, F. LeClare, H. Carmiana, C. Chappel, B. Ray, D. Dilger, C. Tally, D. Albertson, B. Perry, K. Knopp, L. Heggan, L. Crowley, D. Connley, S. Waters, D. Toomer, G. Savoy, N. Arnold, L. Lee, B. Nunnenkamp, S. Bailey, A. Shifflet, M. Smith, G. Miller. LATIN CLUB WU M .f- L Front Row - left to right - H. Jackson, B. Hoyle, B. Knoll, C. Zimmerman, F. Huggins, Mrs. Pheleger, advisor, C. Scharff, B. Blazer. Second Row - S. Applegate, S. Green, B. Strock, L. Bechardson, M. Hoyle, L. Heggan, B. Caracciola, P. Volpa. Third Row - D. Knoll, J. Zucconi, G. McCarthy, J. Butterfield, R. Weatherhead, C. Trexler, N. Rushack. GERMAN CLUB Top Row - left to right - C. Nolan, J Jenkins, G. Heggan, R. Rasmussen, T Velie, C. Tiller. Second Row - C. Robin son, N. Munoz, G. Daniel, B. Gargano, M Ervin, B. Korb, M. Novak, C. Wims. Seated - .l. Worthington. Standing, from left - B. Beers, G. Soist- man, B. Hunter, D. Kapij, N. Brobst, D. Fuller, Mr. Chanoux, advisor, E. Terry, P. Contino, C. Bartling.'Seated - B. Gross- man, ,l. Fuller, S. Applegate, D. Dipaola. Second Row - J. Ervin, C. Edminston, E. Bruninghaus, J. Amato. SPANISH CLUB RI G DAN RLS? A radiant Carole Crimmie is crowned by last year's queen, Sunday Mammucari. Bruce turns Chee-Chee's ring for the seventy-second time. CLASS or '7 2 Our lovely Queen and her escort Nick Gargano are the first to walk under the ring. The ring has been turned, now seal it with a kiss. 1971 H0 C0 ING ORQEE .. -it' Judy Spotwood, part of the Senior court. Enid Ortiz, our 1971 Homecoming Queen. M 9 'Q Sunday Mammucari crowns Enid Ortiz. Sharon Simonetti, a member of the Senior court. vw Junior Queen and court. Sophomore Queen and court. Freshman Queen and court. 31 Everybody is a S The King and Queen are the Sharon and Joe. tar Our 1971 Prom King and Queen: Dona and Donna Fonte. first on the dance floor. ld Everyone looks like they're having ,L '- fun. Tonite, Larry is Paulais STAR. FOOTBALL H1 HOCKEY - SOCCER 2 CROSS COUNTRY AND TRACK BASKETBALL ,A .... wnili WRESTLING W - BASEBALL - SOFTBALL - TENNIS Our 1971 Eagles FOOTBALL .N . Coach Miller and McGuckin concentrate on the game. if -,,,,,,,. Our spirited cheerleaders welcome the team on the field. . ga-.Q First Row - Left to right - B. Affrunti, M. Reid, L. Jones, J DePasquale, E. Romeo, C. Stowell, B. Crouthamel, C. Covington B. LaPorta, J. McGuckin, L. DeMark, C. Wilson, E. Baylock, D Brown, H. Powell, E. Czyzewski. Second Row - B. Schaefer, D Dawson, R. Yoder, D. Barr, P. Stowell, D. Guidioci, K. Covington, T. Furlaw, T. Wallace, J. Wiggins, M. Draft, M. McCarty, O. J. 7 ,' y . Lawrence, E. Rainer. Third Row - M. Pessalona, J. Kavaliaskas, M. DiMeglio, G. Evans, A. Mauriello, D. Conner, L. Venable, K. Guy, R. Draft, T. Voorhees, V. Burke, R. Clothier, R. Blunt. Coaches are: Harvey Miller K Head CoachJ , Wayne Ford, William Taylor, Joseph Cassidy, fAssistant Coachesj. Stowell watches his teammates in- tently. ' ""'mgr . if V M fr 2, Pee Wee gazes in awe as we score again. Another touchdown for Calvin Wil- son l Palladino rushes for the ball. , ,Q "i Baylock shows his versatility. "Icky" shows his anxiety before the game. zmrzakiiiip-L. , di?-is ,r,.. , ,QQ its r s DelVlark throws for a T. D. ,,ud-f -ff .. Schaefer roots for his teammates. Darnell can really move. 35 Larry dashes for the goal line. Mark breaks another Overbrook tackle You can do it, Mark! I Maybe next time, Darnell! Overbrook is foiled again! PeeWee rushes in for the tackle. w 4. - X ' Qaqfj, , ' And even though we may not win every time we thank God that we're young, strong, alive and able to play. What is a football team? They're just a group of young men doing their best at a sport they love. They're not infallible. They ask nothing from us except that we support and respect them whether they win or lose. Even though we had a record of 3 wins and 6 losses, the num- ber of games that were won cannot accurately convey the spirit generated by the team and their coaches. So to you, the players and Coaches of the 1971-1972 Edgewood Eagles we say thank you. You were an example for us all. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE We They Edgewood vs Hammonton 15 12 Edgewood vs Glassboro 12 0 Edgewood vs Clearview 6 0 Edgewood vs Deptford 7 20 Edgewood vs Gateway 7 12 Edgewood vs Overbrook 6 13 Edgewood vs Eastern 6 24 Edgewood vs Triton 0 8 Edgewood vs Williamstown 6 141 M It may have been a losing season but the dedication of players like PeeWee make it seem all worthwhile. 37 1? E .. Sharon shouts with excitement Things are going to get better, Debbie Toomer in a pensive mo over an Edgewood triumph. Enid! ment. VA R S 1 Give me an "E.,' C'mon Kathy, you can get it out! Patty really shows her spirit. Right on, Chee-Chee. T Back Row - Left to right - P. Buckley, E. Ortiz, R. Robinson, R. Fuhrer fCo-Cap- tainl, D. Toomer, L. Liberto, P. Gray. Front Row - P. Fonte, S. Simonetti, D. Toomer, Barbara Beeks CCO-Captainl, C. Burpee, K. Wireman, S. Pettek. Seated - Bottom Center - Karen McCormick. S Robin really has spirit. Barbara Beeks gives a yell, a good substantial yell. 31" np- Our Varsity Cheerleaders Welcome Glassboro. 59 We Proudly Present: EDGEWOOD EAGLES MARCHING BAND First Row - Left to right - C. Clark, K. McCaul- ley, M. Murray, A. Lebenkins, R. Howard, L. Hart- man, K. Parrott, A. Scott, P. Ortiz, J. Creato, J. Pointer, J. Poaches fDrum Majorj. Second Row - D. Thompson, M. Hoyle, L. Fox, B. Barnes, K. Wade, P. Coe, N. Rushack, K. Maurer, G. McCart- ney, J. Ott, R. Ludovich, D. Adams, C. Bradley. Third Row - B. Perry, D. DeDear, E. Markowski, R. Crane, R. Mauger, D. Roemer, C. Grebowich, L. Lynch, C. Boehly, A. Daris, P. Reid, G. Swartz, M. Markowski, C. Robinson, N. Monoz, C. Trexler, L. Moore, K. Myers, P. Fleming. Fourth Row - D Errerra, L. Midure, D. Dowell, B. Bentley, K. Cov ington, S. Mclintock, D. Cole, E. Peters, J. Stallard A. Stokes, L. Durham, D. Morley, J. Flynn,- S Colasordo, C. Flynn, B. Phero, W. Toomer, S Maurer. Fifth Row - W. Davis, M. Jefferson, A Maloney, H. Hill, R. Lowe, N. Stallard, K. Coving- ton, W. Alcoy, H. Trexler, D. Draft, D. Knoll, P. Veltri J. Zuconni J Shar D. Maurer S Rid e a , - Pa 1 - g 1 P. Volpa. DRILL SQUAD: Capt. Debbie Horvat. First Row - Left to right - M. DeVivo, P. Contino, K. Sloan, J. Foxworth, N. Logan, S. Hart, T. Greco, R. Knoll, V. Pendergast, M. Hunter, E. Melton, B. Anderson, C. Mclntosh, P. Wanzer. Sec- ond Row - D. Coley, D. Johnson, H. Carmana, V. Amos, A. Johnson, P. Pan- eiera, , W. Scott, V. Console, D. Defulio fmanagerj, V. Ausiin, C. Westley, N. Brobst, P. Jeffries, M. Tighej, K. Wahl, M. Darcangello, L. Roesing, M. Honek. MAJORETTES: First Row - Left to right - D. Briggs, G. Gramble, L. Priestly, G. Grasso. Second row - R. Pagic, Y. Rose, fCapt.J L. Carm-ana. S' COLOR GUARD: Capt. Linda Hoag- gan. First Row - Left to right - C. DeCervo, M. Wallace. Second Row - C. K. Brown fCapt.J, Robin Ray, L. Heagan. Third Row - C. Clarke, J. Jenkins Fourth Row - K. Myers, M. Perez fmsrwoon SCHOOL Y :vigr- 4' fam, EQ if H! ii 4 if, G' fr Q 5 '-f ' I in Mn' . Z J is M, i 1 i i or e s has Edgewood has a great line. Edgewood's two lovely featured twirlers. Cindy D. Brown plays with fire. The high stepping .lim Poaches does his thing. The Edgewood Band marching proud exhibits their agility and skill. 41 19 POWDER PUFF 71 v ...v A beautifully executed block! Paula comes in for a fake , ,W We proudly present our fighting 1971 Edgewood Powder Puff team and our uchicn cheerleaders. iw Keep on quarterbacking, Patty. Photograph courtesy of Herb Seidman, 709 Wayne Road, Lindenwold, New Jersey Edgewood's hall This ame takes real concentration! Han in there, u sl g g g Y THE 1971 EDGEWOOD SOCCER TEAM Everyone is amazed by Paulls powerful kick. As usual, Edgewood controls the ball. First Row - Left to right - G. Phero, H. Berkenheuer, E.. Bruinghaus, D. Knoll, V. Darcangelo, F. Nieeta, J. Amato, J. Napoliellon. Second Row - Coach Switenko, G. Heffentrager, W. Terry fC0-Caphl, R. Kovba, S. Kennedy fCo-Captj, L. Parker fCo-Capt.J 7 J. Ungerbeuhler, G. Nelson, R. Manger, T. Tedesco, D. Justice fCo-Crapt.J. 43 To each member of a team, his sport is as important to him as any other. He has pride in himself and his team and he strives for perfection. These words truly describe the spirit of our soccer team coached hy Mr. Roman Switenko. He has instilled in them a fierce desire to win yet not letting them forget to have the dignity to accept defeat. We can all be proud of them. Dynamite Dave strikes again! Behind you, Steve! You should have been a Parker in pursuit of the Aggression is the key to dancer, Fred ! ba victory. SOCCER POWER kr L ,L X I 1"-wfr 'Nfl 'H . , ' . . . shown by Steve Kennedy . . . and Anthony Tedesco while Paul Bruninghaus exhibits head power. Anthony Tedesco uses his head too! TIIE GIRLS IfGII19Il1 b8I'S .P maitementfgf the, chgzllengfe ,, gk K V ' K' 0' gf, fhwCt1Q11 CROSS COUNTRY '71 The Cross Country team runs with agility and aggressiveness. CROSS COUNTRY SCHEDULE Sept. 17-Overbrook ................ home-lost Sept. 22-Glassboro ...... away-won Sept. 24'-Eastern ............ ....... h ome-lost Sept. 29-Highland ........ .,..... a way-lost Oct. 1-Gateway .......... ....... h ome-lost Oct. 6-Deptford .......... ....... h ome-lost See Spot run. Oct Oct. Oct. Oct Oct 3-Williamstown ............ away-lost 15-Triton ....,...........,....... away-lost 18-Clearview .....,.,.,,,,..,.. 'away-lost 22-Washington Twp. .... home-won 27-West Deptford .......... away-lost . . - 1.1M Back Row - Left to right - Mr. Bates, W. Walker, M. Hal, D. Morely, B. Rietz, T. D'Innocenzi, A. Parish, W. Frenee, B. Whitney, B, Emmett, Mr. Schreiner. Front Row - C. Howard, E. Fanz, A. Rowe, W. Barnes, J. Berry, G. Warfield, M. Morley. VARSITY Mr. Ingles - Head Coach Mr. MacDuff - Assistant Coach l F rom raw - left to right: Kyle Covington, Steve Kennedy fCo-Capt.J. Middle row: Alan Maloney, Randy Robinson, Joe Amato, Robert Briggs, Joe Reyes. Back row: Clarence Covington, Jimmy Kavaliauskas, Robert Ernment, Robert Seay, William Terry, Harold Monson. Mr. Taylor Assistant Coach WRESTLING Kyle Covington and Steve Kennedy Co-Captains Alan Maloney Regional Champ 2nd Place Districts Icky Covington Regional Champ District 30 Champ OUR CHAMPS Steve Kennedy Regional Champ District 30 Champ THIRD PLACE STATES Robert Seay Regional Champ 2nd Place Districts Kyle Covington District 30 Champ Second Place Regional Champ GIRL' BASKETBALL First row: Fran Tribet, Sharon Beebee, Annie Jackson, Karen Prat. Second row: Mary Hoyle, Michelle Williams, Debra Horvat, Daisy Jackson, Sylvia Bailey, Margaret Ervin. VAR ITY UNIOR 1 1 E E l l 5 x 5 5 i l First row: Emma Markowski, Heidi Bresser, Cindy Campione, Rene Williams. Second row: Sylvia Bailey, Patty Howat, Laura Sell, Diane Collier, Carol Feliciano, advisor - Miss Rondini. VAR ITY B A S K E T B A L L Who Called that foul?" Where has Mr. Stewart gone Left to right: Mr. Stewart, T. Anderson, A. Terrell, L. Parker, H. McKinsey, S. Long, D. Dawson, M. Blunt, C. Lebinakais, M. Brown. Kneeling: Edwin Baylock, Cap't. l Hello! My name's Ed Baylock. Look at what I found, coach! l ? 53 THE EAGLES ARE BEST BESFCHVALL TTHEREST DGEWOOD AFIFQ TRACK 66 " FIELD u"'7 5 fr- - '-- ' , ' W , - ' , , . . K 1 -..li--isgaf 2 ,. - 'W 1 .. - H ...gee , - N f ph.. Billy getting ready. Is he beautiful, or is he beautiful? Kavaliauskas at h1s best I an F u , . QM .1 V A, JY, fs-. 1? 7 'N viii G 'W 7533 x 41 'tr R .:,,.., A .-4. wp" ' 1... .ogg 'fn 1 ifrigf 3 B: : 145622: ii: I, s Front Row -left to right - D. Dawson, R. Seay, W. Crouthmel, R. Emett, D. Ruff, D. Brown, W. Walker, W. Terry, S. Epps. Middle Row - J. Pasarella, M. Howe, S Spitalleri, M. De Migglio, L. Melton, A. Epps, S. Brown, A. Mauriello, D. Connor, V Darcangelo, H. Katkav, L. Furmon. Back Row - S. Macaroni, J. Kavaliauskas, M Talley, V. Digangy, V. Burke, M. Zaleski, V. James, K. Guy, J. Mason. Mason makes rt count X54 xv , f 57 1 - A 1 R PLAYER ARE Front Row - left to right - Pat Fleming, Colleen Chmielewski Leona Adams J anis Marshall, Kathy Myers, Linda Moore, Doris McKinsey. Back Rmiz - head coach Mrs Doberstlen, Linda Boyce, Debbi Horvat, Sylvia Bailey, Michele Williams, Pieanie Furllow. I fvffl :wifi 'iv . , ii' ww , WJ? t f l. ,x Ma ' g 'aid xii "-1393? -4, .iilhm ,,,, W f fl f WQJJ 1 , My fs. in , ,-A 5 1, U. M 'V IA P+ r n ov af L., ,.,n 'lv 'Mr A' 'FH , .,, f lu 3 Q in ' Q, 75 , 2. 1 i A fl 5 gr 2 2 .f is 1 n Q f Z 5 4 ' ,m .QQ v fs. 3 . E -19 c.S:fex:.ai.XX fg 'AA I.?a1h3ma M A Lgqifnxny 5 N a X ,535 9 W' H71 Tm if UvS.vbroeK. A 1 G: lnHH1nm1-'rufsx N Gl...s.f no Ga-Y' u 'Lin . HCQQ. ana Q ll-IQHJNSVNNN 'R 'Il-7' Depwmi Acluwlnm 1 1 'f!"Yl'o0.. GLns9oevslN'Tul' 'T ' .T , s.,x..., 'Q-iii. .',Xnea5r ,ef , , 1- - ii-EQ 'Q - , - ?- Q J. w I,- WNW-f.. .. .r Q1 Y LO - GAM """"-----. X ,,Q Front Row - left to right - Paul Hand, Gary Nelson, Carl Hughes, Gary Phero. Back Row - Jimmy Knoll, Bob Iuliano, Joe Napoliello, head coach, Mr. Drew. fc Q Gary Nelson Bob Juliano A 1 ,V S w , Gary Phero MXN f ll' f ' 'ik ' F kw2ffr,2f4sfn, ' ' . , 5u5l -' 595315 . ,ff ' 'WL , , Y, ar 2 -iiwffvn. ag.,-umuaq . 4- W- "mv . . H, M14 .av -.,,. ,.,.,gq?,,,, Paul Hand 'Q' fl 1 Vf ! X THFPT' Baseball 1971 UNDERCLASSMEN 1972 1971 UNDERCLASSMEN 1972 Has something Mrs. Bayles said caused Debbie to fall asleep? is Hang in there, Diane, you're gonna' make it yet. 5 , N s AL if R 'ig , a -. The class experiences a geometric sitting design. Hang in there, Hank! 5' How desolate and alone this empty seat I f' 5 Enthusiasm abounds in this frosh class room. r ,,,,,g,....n-nv . ,,v, . my lnquisitive minds dressed in sneakers grope for understanding. Q Asn The class concentrates intently on the teacher x -,,- . , 'z EL::-1+-azfiL:1va:15-w'dQEr2'2g,- "12--N ts A deg we fi' gum, ,-1 L 1 fm at 1 M' S The students devour their lessons as they group anxiously around their teacher. ltis about that time, Jordon . . . flfl-1is'a1i:11' 'N-LYWJ l-.1 - - l , Miss Sampoli stands gracefully to build rapport within her class structure. An in-class assignment clutches the students' attention 5,3 ,f-' , What could Mr. Levak have said? The eager faces of the children mirror the intriguing inspira- tion of their reading. Q The class shares a salacious secret ' llvm This junior class concentrates intently under the supervision of Mr. Tomasello. This is a class which seems earnest in its pursuit of knowledge The arm of education is extended to one of the more receptive students. A-ad M, It is clear that no outside distraction could disturb this well-trained class. ..., , Q - The students writhe with hysterical laughter at a witty remark from Miss Shepherd Norma Munoz ponders the lesson thoughtfully. 1971 SENIORS 1972 f 11 ii "Then the Years Went Rushing by Us Our Starry on the I f by I 'd See You in the Tavern, We,d Smile at one Another and We'd Say . THOSE WERE THE DAYS wgnwwew mm., , Q' e s Mm mm Mr. Ford, the Senior Class Dedicates this Book to You . . ai? ts M5295 K5 tx "Ii " i ,.-xv , v,'1!S'V 823 . snr- " , ' K Muir .V E 5 . 1- 1' What is a teacher? Actually, there are two definitions: First, a teacher can be a person who uses his knowledge and skills to increase the knowledge of others. Or, a teacher can be one who gives his time and love as well as his knowledge for the betterment of others. Mr. Wayne Ford fits into the second of these categories. lt is very hard to express our love and gratitude in just a few short paragraphs. Somehow, uthank youi' just doesnit seem like quite enough for all the times you've been there when we needed you. Someone once said that a man's life can be called a success if he has touched the life of even one person. So, Mr. Ford, your life so far has been a great success because you have touched us all. For this we will never forget you. Very gratefully, The Senior Class of 1972 SENIOR POEM Make Way For Us Make way for us We, the youth of today, the leaders of tomorrow, Are progressing in our way. Make way for us, Lend a light, to guide us through our childhood of never-ending nights. Make way for us, As we let you hy, Sometimes without respect, But always with HWhy?" Make way for us, Our time is near. We saw you collapse When your time was here. Make way for us, Youive basked in your glory. It was us who dug you out, the disheartening story. Make way for us We have a duty as youth to strive toward the better, And prepare you for the truth. Make way for us, We're on the verge of unmasking The preview of tomorrow, Your show for the asking. We are promised all history And will shape it thus. We're the youth of today, Make way for us. Sheila Hull THE BIG BOSSES OF THE CLASS OF '72 Fellow Seniors: The time is almost upon us, the time we have strived for all through the years, graduation, and our subsequent release into either the working world or the world of higher education. All our years spent here at Edgewood have been directed towards that goal, towards providing us with the neces- sary knowledge, maturity, and responsibility to cope with that world. Many of us have succeeded admirably in that direction - my congratulations. Others, however, have not, I have become more and more appalled by the number of seniors who don't even exhibit the maturity levels of the average ninth or tenth grader. Are these the people who are going to hold down jobs and go to college, rear future generations, in the years to come? Let us hope we have the flexibility to adjust, and quickly. Let us hope that the Supreme Being, whoever He is, blesses us all - welre going to need it. Good luck to the upcoming Juniors - may you succeed where we have failed. Mike Fernandez, class president Sillflefelyv Michael Fernandez Sr. Class President Robin Fuhrer - Treasurer, Lori Stella - Vice President. Not pictured - Grace Miaccarella - Secretary. V Back Row - Don Johnson, Barbara Beeks, Hardy Powell. Middle Row - Janet Warfield, Donna Toomer, Daisy Jackson, Laura Souders. Front Row - Carole Grimmie, Sharon Simonetti, Patty Fonte, Marian Bramante, Kathy Wireman, Linda Lee. 'VX Bruce Affrunti Wie Domenie Amoriello 76 Khalil Ahmad Rosemary Altomare QHPQ--.,,,, Gary Angulot Diane Allen 'Wh-Q., John Anning . Hb' Stephanie Armstrong Bruce Ballinger Nancy Arnold Mary Baldwin l Michael Bartneei one Diane Bakley a Edwin Bayloeli Barbara Beeks . ff. r - ! . " 1 R , 3 1 F:-ff '7 no A f-f NX B ,A " '7 l Barry Boyle 78? ' Marie Beers Irene Bennett Marian Bramante '9rw.,,,, Louise Bemesderfer .QE """""5- John Breinig B Robert Briggs B Leonard Brown John Broome David Brown Robert Bueeiero Darnell Brown Vanessa Bnllardr virginia lmrehell A Alice Campione 80 Conehita Bun-pee Sunday Calabria Marguerite a Carbonaro Donna Buseemi "1"ww-ry-vf Kenneth Carlamere Joann Carmichael Priscilla Coleman Ethel Cheek Betty Clark Helen Collier ftgrfv' Colleen C Chmielewski Jacqueline Collins V 81 lllobert Conforto . William e C Crouthamel Susan Conover Kyle Covington Leslee A. Crowley Clarence Covington Neil Cuomo e Ernest Czyzewski Joyce Dawson Gloria Davis Wayne Davis Rose Ann iDeCieeo Keith Davis s Rocco DeLaureniis Larry DeMark Carol Dredden Kathie DePaI1na Evelyn Dilillasi 0etavia Dredden James DePasquale Patricia Eitel Barbara Elling Sara Fallon Robert Emmett w,,... Marian Fala o Michael Fernandez Adolphus Epps Bonnie Ferreri Patricia Fleming ffm Michael Foley Deborah Flick Deborah Flynn Patricia Fonte Ramon Flores Mary Freeny Diane Frehafer James Gilbert Robin Fuhrer Qu Mary Lou Gargano "5 ff' G Sue Gleason 'bw Richard Gallen James Grace Margaret A. Greco Janice Haines Theresa Green Leroy Guldin Blame nan Carole Grimmie Vernon Hamilton Paul Hand Thomas Haughey Larry Hartman Janet Hattrick Terry Heinemann H mf-"" Barbra Harvey H Mary Herman Paul Ilofflnan Daisy Jackson Rosemary Howard Richard Iles ....,.-P Erika J acynyk Sheila Hull Frances Jenkins PU" Raymond John Linda Jones Donald Johnson Lamont Jones 52-nw David Justice llermorene Johnson Alphonse Kavaliauskas 91 y Stephen Kennedy .W Heidi LaBrie K Terrance Keys Kathy Kolisnyk Wi.'.i"f" Leroy Kuehernck Daniel LeC0ney William LaPorta are Jean Liherto Linda E. Lee Scott Mauer Sue Ann Mammucari am., Nancy McBride Grace Maccarella Margaret McCrane 93 e Roger McGowan l Frank Merlino l 4 James Meliuckin Gerald Merkins Gary Miller e Harold McKinsey Elizabeth Mitchell l Rosemary Morrison Francisco Narvaez Michael Murray Joseph Napoliello Dolores Nelke Gregory Myers Gary Nelson d Fred Niceta Janis lltt Joann Novella Enid 0rtiz ,. g Zta ,Z John Palladino Stanley 0'Neal Fred Parducei Larry Parker Nancy Pergola 1' Mary Parkes Kathy Parrott Joseph Petruzzi ks' Lillian Paris y Darlene Phero y 97 -f7U'f ' Gary Phero William Prokosa 98 - James Poaehes Ilarwiek Powell Leffie Powell Marlene Prosser Angela Puleio J nan Pulley Roheri Reitz 'lla W" My Edith new J ohn Reitz Debbie Richards Mark Reid William Richardson We Carmen Rivera Cynthia Rowand 100A Floyd Riley Frank Roork Dwight nuff Ernest Romeo John Rusehali n Eh' f Donald Rutledge Rosemarie Seardino D Edward Sabin Denise Sample Brnee Schafer Darlene Sample Clement P. Seliarff 101 Joseph Schneelook Doris Simpson Karen Schwartz Sharon Simonetti Mitchell Smith T n Barry Soppyo h Franklin Laura Jean Sanders Karen Stokes Judy Spotwwood ' Norman Stiles Charles Smweu a aL0ri Stella r Anthony Tadesco 105 Robert Templeton John Tirro 104 Antoine Terrell William Terry Linda Tomassone Lewis Terrell Deborah Toomer Donna Toomer Robert Unangst Samuel Totora Joyce Triholetti James Ungerbuehler Walter Townsend Albert Valentino 105 Paul Veltri Richard Wagner 6 W W Kevin Venahle e Karl Wade Barbara Waite H., ig wfbw -'+V Elaine Von Rhine Warren Walker i Deborah Wanzer James iashington Glenn Warfield Clemente Washington Henrietta Watley Janet Warfield Fay Watson W Lana Way "'l".:f"' Ralph Weikle Earline Vlfhitfield 108 Thomas Whitehead Bernard Whitney Robert White M Susan Williams Barbara Wilson Joseph Youkneveieh Calvin Wilson , Kathleen Wireman ffm- George Wozniak Karen Wozniak JoAnna Zito s Wilher Young IOQ O Senior Directory A Affrunti, Bruce, '4Tiny,', Waterford, Football 1,2,4, Track 2,3,4, Wrestling 3 Ahmad, Khalil, "Cleo", Elm, French Club 1,2,3, Drama Club 1,2,3,4, Aquila 2,3, Tennis 3, Ski Club 3,4, Nurses' Aid 3, Library Aid 3, Art Club 4 Allen Diane, "Diane", West Berlin Altomare, Rosemary A., "Rosemary',, Cedar Brook, French Club 1,2, Secretary 1,2 Amoriello, Dominick, Atco Angulot, Gary, "Pugsly", Berlin Anning, John, Atco, Football 1 Armstrong, Stephanie M., '4Stephanie", Atco, Cheerleading 1,2,3, Class Executive Committee 1,2,3, French Club 1,2, Treasurer 1, Student Government 1,2,3, Cotillion Committee 2, Powder Puff 2,3, Prom Committee 3, Class Secretary 3, Student Cabinet 3 Arnold, Nancy, '4Nance", Berlin, French Club 1,2,3,4, Executive Committee 1,2,3, Cotillion Committee 2, F.T.A. 3,4, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4, Wrestling Statistician Astl, Carolyn, '6Flake", West Berlin, One-Act Play 1 B Bakley, Diane Marie, "Di", Atco Baldermann, Louis, "Louie,', Atco Baldwin, Mary, "Mare7,, Atco, Hockey 1, Softball 1 Ballinger, Bruce L., uBig Brew", East Berlin, Basketball 1,2,3, Football 2,3 Bartuccio, Michael, "Miken, Cedar Brook, Football 1,2,3, Baseball 3,4 Baylock, Edwin, "Eddie',, East Berlin, Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2, Football 3,4- Beebe, Jean, 4'Jean", Berlin Beeks, Barbara L., "Beeksiev, East Berlin, Cheerleading 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4, Student Government 1,2,3, Corresponding Secretary 4, Executive Committee 2,4, Powder Puff 2,3,4, Basketball Statistician 3,4, Track Statistician 3, Black Culture Club 3,4 Beers, Marie, Atco, Hockey 1,2, Executive Committee 1,2, Cotillion Committee 2, Wrestling Statistician 2,3,4 Bemesderfer, Louise, HLouH, Berlin Bennet, Irene, uSuga'r Bear", Chesilhurst, Tennis 2,3,4 Bond, Margaret, "Peggy", Berlin Boyle, Barry, Elm Bramante, Marian, '4Mar", Sicklerville, Executive Committee 1,2,4, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Band 1, Cotillion Committee 2, French Club 2, Cheerleading 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, N.H.S. 3,4, Yearbook 4 Breinig, John, uHenry,', West Berlin, Football 1, Tennis 1 Briggs, Bob, "Bob", Atco, Baseball 1,2,3, Wrestling 3 Broome, John, '4Stick'7, Tansboro, Football 1 Brown, David, West Atco, Wrestling 1,2,3, Soccer 1, Track 3,4 Brown, Larry Darnell, 6'Darn-Darn", East Berlin, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4 Bucciero, Robert, 4'Bob',, Berlin Bullard, Vanessa, Chesilhurst Burchell, Virginia, "Gi'nnyn, Atco, Cheerleading 1 Burpee, Conchita Kay, '4Chee-Cheeu, Berlin, Cheerleading 1,2,3,4, Class Treasurer 1, Student Government 2,3,4, Executive Committee 2, Powder Puff 2,3,4 Buscemi, Donna, MDee", West Berlin, French Club 1,2, F.H.A. 1,2,3, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3 C Calabria, Sunday, t'SunH, Waterford, Cheerleading 3, Ecology Club 3,4, N.H.S. 3,4 Campione, Alice, '6Pinky", Hammonton, Drill Squad 1,2 Carbonaro, Marguerite, '6Mug", West Berlin Carlamere, Kenneth, Waterford Carmichael, Jo Ann, Glow, West Berlin Check, Ethel, "Eth7', Berlin, Hockey 1,2 , Student Government 1, Tennis 2, Cotillion Committee 2, Prom Committee 3 Chmielewski, Colleen, '4Shimmy, Chickw, West Berlin, Softball 2,3,4 Senior Directory Clark, Betty, '4Betty", Atco, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Class President 1,2, Stu- dent Government 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, N.H.S. 2,3,4, Ecology Club 3,4 Coleman, Priscilla, "Prissyw, Berlin, Hockey 1, Black Culture Club 4, Penumbra 4 Collier, Helen, L'Hel", West Atco, Hockey 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2, Softball 3,4 Collins, Jacqueline, t'Jackie,,, West Berlin, Hockey 1,2, Basketball 1,2 Conforto, Robert, "Bohn, Berlin, Track 1, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Soccer 1,2,3, Physical Fitness 3, Spanish Club 3,4 Conover, Susan, 4'Sid',, Berlin Covington, Clarence, "1cky7', West Atco, Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 4, Wrestling 1,2, 3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4 Covington, Kyle, HJasper,', French Club 1,2, Football 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2,4, Wrestling 1,2,3, Captain 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Dance Band 1,2,3 Crouthamel, Bill, L'Willie7,, Blue Anchor, Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, Track 2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2, Basketball 1 Crowley Leslee A., 'gLes',, Braddock, French Club 1,4, Executive Committee 1, One-Act Play 2, F.T.A. 4, Yearbook 4, Library-Aid 4, MThe Odd Couplea' 4 Culver, James, g'Shorty", Berlin, Football 3 Cuomo, Neil, '4Neil-o", Ancora, Football 1, Wrestling 1,2, Baseball 1 Czyzewski, Ernie, '4Syzki", West Berlin, Football 1,2,3,4, Track 3,4 D Davis, Gloria, "Shorty,', East Berlin, Hockey 1,2, Basketball 1 Davis, Keith, "Keefy,', Berlin, Wrestling 1, Band 4, Track 3 Davis, Wayne, East Berlin, Executive Committee 1, Band 3,4, French Club 2 Dawson, Joyce, "Joyce7,, Tansboro, Latin Club 3, Drill Squad 1, Baseball Statis- tician 2 DeCicco, Bose Ann, Blue Anchor, French Club 1 DeLaurentis, Rocky, HlVIayor", Elm, Football 1,3, Baseball 1,2,3,4 DelVlark, Larry, "Larry7,, Berlin, Football 2,3,4 DePalma, Kathie, Waterford, Spanish Club 1, Executive Committee 1,2, Cotillion Committee 2, Bing Dance Committee 3 DePasquale, Jim, c'Schmole-Dinghyw, Waterford, Football 1, Baseball 1,2,3,4 DiBlasi, Evelynn, '4LynnH, Waterford, Majorettes 1,2, French Club 1 Dilnnocenzi, Tom, "DinoH, Atco, Cross Country 1,3,4, Track 3,4 Dredden, Carol, Berlin, Hockey 4, French Club 2, Black Culture Club 4 Dredden, Octavia, 'LOcky',, Berlin, Chorus 3, Black Culture Club 3 E Eitel, Patricia, MPat7,, Berlin, Executive Committee 1, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Cheerleading 2, Cotillion Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, '4Hello Dolly" 3, Yearbook 4, Bleacher Bum 3 Elling, Barbara, "Barb',, Atco, Latin Club 1,2,3, Baseball Statistician 2 Emmett, Robert, Atco, Football 1, Cross Country 2,3,4, Captain 4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3 Epps, Adolphus, uSonny", East Berlin F Fala, Marian, Sicklerville Fallon, Sara, "Sara,', Berlin, Drill Squad 3 Fernandez, Michael, '4Furd7', Berlin, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, N.H.S. 3,4, Spanish Club 1, 2,3, Student Government 4, Class President 4 Ferreri, Bonnie, West Berlin, Cotillion Committee 2, Prom Committee 3 Fleming, Patricia, '4Pat,', Winslow, N.H.S. 3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Softball 1,2,3,4, Hockey 1,2,3,4, Black Culture Club 4, Band 1,2,3,4 Flick, Deborah Marie, '4GumbyU, West Berlin, Basketball 1,2, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3, N.H.S. 3,4 Flores, Bamon, HRay,', West Atco, Band 2, Soccer 2 Flynn, Deborah, 'LDebi-DoLittle'7, Berlin, Color Guard 3 Foley, Michael, NlVlike77, Stratford, Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Student Government 1,2,3,4, Ecology Club 3,4 Senior Directory Fonte, Patricia, "Patty", Blue Anchor, Cheerleading 1,2,3,4, Class Secretary 1, Class President 3, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Student Government 1,2,3,4, Stu- dent Cabinet 1,2,3, Powder Puff 1,2,3,4, Prom Committee 3, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3 Freeny, Mary, "D.',, Atco, Tennis 2 Frehafer, Diane, uDi7', Berlin, Chess Club 1, Softball 2,3, Ski Club 2,3,4 Fuhrer, Robin, Atco, Cheerleading 1,2,3,4, Student Government 1,2,3,4, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Class Treasurer 4, N.H.S. 3,4, Powder Puff 2,4, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3 G Gallen, Rick, Berlin Gargano, Mary L-ou, "Mary Loun, Sicklerville, Student Government 3,4, Recording Secretary 4, N.H.S. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 3, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Executive Committee 2,3, Yearbook Literary Editor 4, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Com- mittee 3, Powder Puff 4, Hockey 2 Gilbert, James, "Gilbertw, Sicklerville, Folk Club 3,4, Single Candle 3 Gleason, Sue, 'LSuzy',, Atco, Football Statistician 3 Grace, James, 'tGrace,', Atco, Football 2 Greco, Margaret A., '4Peggy,', Atco, Drill Squad 1,2, Baseball Statistician 2, French Club 1,2, Latin Club 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Cotillion Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Editor 4 Green, Theresa, "Buckie", East Berlin, Hockey 3, Basketball Statistician 3, Bas- ketball3 Grimmie, Carole, 'tCarole", West Berlin, Executive Committee 1,2,3, Student Gov- ernment 1,2,3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Cotillion Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Powder Puff 2,3, Basketball Statistician 2, Baseball Statistician 3, Football Statistician 4, Yearbook 4 Guldin, Leroy, 4'Lee,,, Ancora, Soccer 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1,2, Football 2, Ecology Club 3 H Haines, Janice E., 't,lan,', Chesilhurst, Chorus 1,2, Majorettes 1,2,3, Basketball 2, Softball 2 Hall, Blaine J., '4Blaine,', Berlin Hamilton, Vernon, 6'Stretch,', West Atco Hand, Paul, Atco, German Club 1, Tennis 2,3,4, Baseball 1 Hartman, Larry, "Larry',, Berlin, Soccer 1,2, One-Act Plays 1,2, Thespian 2,3,4, President 4, Student Government 1, Band 2,3,4 Harvey, Barbra, "Sbortstop7', West Berlin, Penumbra 3,4, Stage Crew 2,3,4, Yearbook 4, MCD Squad 2, Thespian 4, Tennis Manager 4, Ecology Club 3,4, Spanish Club 1,2 Hattrick, Janet, "Janice',, Cedar Brook, Chorus 1,2,3, MCD Squad 1, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3 Haughey, Thomas J., g'Tom", "Hoagie,', Atco, Band 1, Baseball 1, F.T.A. 3, French Club 3 Heineman, Terry, "Terry,', Berlin, Drill Squad 1,2,3 Herman, Mary, "Hermann, Berlin, F.H.A. 3 Hoffman, Paul, HGabby", Rosedale, Football 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2 Howard, Rosemary, t'Ro,,, Blue Anchor, Hockey 1, Softball 1,4, Ski Club 3,4, Band 3,4, Ring Dance Committee 3, 'gFinian's Rainbown 3, Executive Committee 4, Basketball 2, Track 2, Prom Committee 3 Hull, Sheila, "Penelope", Atco, Yearbook 4 I Iles, Rick, '4Rick,', Waterford .l Jackson, Daisy, HDayH, HD. JP, West Atco, Black Culture Club 3,4-, Softball 2,4-, Basketball 3,4, Prom Committee 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Executive Committee 4 Senior Directory Jacynyk, Erika, 'gUtica,,, Atco, Ski Club 3,4 Jenkins, Frances, "Fran'7, Atco, Black Culture Club 3,4, Prom Committee 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Executive Committee 4 John, Raymond, '4Ray,', West Berlin Johnson, Don, HD. J.,', Berlin, Black Culture Club 3,4, Prom Committee 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Executive Committee 4 Johnson, Hermorene W., '4Netta", Atco, Ski Club 2,3,4, Tennis 2, Black Culture Club 3,4, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Executive Com- mittee 4 Jones, Lamont, 4'The Big Man", Chesilhurst, Football 3,4, Wrestling 1,2, Black Culture Club 3,4, "Night of Jan. 162 1, Band 1,2,3, Basketball 4 Jones, Linda Marie, "Jonesy,,, Atco, Chorus 1,2,3, Tennis 2,3,4, Spanish Club 1,2 Justice, Dave, "Dave", West Berlin, Basketball 1, Student Government 1, Executive Committee 1,2, Soccer 1,2,3,4 K Kavaliauskas, Alphonse, 'LAl'i, Cedar Brook, Baseball 1, Soccer 2,3,4, Ski Club 2 Kennedy, Steve, "Stoke,,, Winslow, Soccer 1,2,3, Captain 4, Wrestling 1,2,3, Captain 4, Baseball 1,2,4 Keys, Terry, "Tomok'7, West Berlin, Track 2,3 Kolisnyk, Kathy, HKosh7', Berlin, French Club 1,2, F.H.A. 2,3, Cotillion Committee 2, Prom Committee 3 Kucheruck, Leroy, '6Kuch,', Atco, Football 1, Soccer 2, Band 2 L LaBrie, Heidi, Atco, French Club 2, Ring Dance Committee 3 LaPorta, William, uPee Ween, Atco, Football 4 LeConey, Danny, Cedar Brook Lee, Linda, "L, L.", Ancora, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Student Government 2,4, Student Cabinet 2, Class Secretary 1,2, French Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Cross Country Statistician 1, Tr-ack Statistician 1, Tennis 2, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Aquila 1,2, Prom Committee 3, F.T.A. 3,4, Soccer Statistician 3,4, Football Statistician 4, Three-Act Play 1,2,4, One-Act Play 2, Folk Group 3,4, Powder Puff 2,3,4, Manager 3, Receptionist 4, Ecology Club 3,4, Yearbook Co-Literary Editor 4 Liberto, Jill, HJill,', Blue Anchor, Basketball 1, Cross Country 1,2,3, Track 1,2,3, Class Treasurer 2,3, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Student Government 3, DECA 3,4, State DECA Officer 3, State DECA Reporter 3, Powder Puff 3, DECA Chapter Senior President4 M Maccarella, Grace, "Grace", Cedar Brook, Executive Committee 1,2,4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Cotillion Committee 2, Student Government 4, Student Cabinet 4, Class Secretary 4, Ring ,Dance Committee 3, Freshman Dance Committee 1 Mammucari, Sue Ann, L'Sue Ann", Blue Anchor, Executive Committee 1,2, French Club 1,2,3, Drama Club 1, Tennis 1,2, Cross Country Statistician 1, N.H.S. 2,3,4 Mathis, Melvin, 4'Mel'7, AVA 1 Maurer, Scott, 4'Schultz", Atco, Band 1,2,3,4, Track 2 McBride, Nancy, "Nance", Berlin, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, DECA 3, Vice-President 4, Cross Country Statistician 2,3, Track Statistician 2 McCrane, Marge, "Marge,', Atco McGowan, Roger, '4Roger", Sicklerville McGuckin, Jim, nGoogy',, Atco, Football 1,3,4, Basketball 1 McKinsey, Howard, Berlin, Basketball 1,2,3,4 Merkins, Gerald J., '4Merk", Sicklerville, Folk Club Manager 3,4, Single Candle 3 Merlino, Frank, HFrank7', Blue Anchor, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 Miller, Gary, "Gary T.'7, Berlin, Track 2, French Club 1,2,3,4, President 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Vice-President 4, Folk Club 3,4 Mitchell, Betty, uJohn Lennonn, West Berlin Senior Directory Morrison, Bosemaryg '4Rosie775 Cedar Brook Murray, Michael5 "Babatunde775 Chesilhurst5 Track 1,25 Basketball 1,2545 Aquila 1, 2,35 Football 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 Band 1,2,3,45 Black Culture Club 1 Myers, Gregory5 6'Greg,'5 West Berlin N Napoliello, ,loseph5 i'.loe Nap,,5 Cedar Brook5 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Baseball 15 Track 2,35 Latin Club l,2,35 N.H.S. 2,3,4, President 45 Yearbook 45 Photo Club 3,45 Thespian 2,3,45 Student Government 2,3 Narvaez, Francisco5 'iPaPo7'5 Elm Nelke, Dolores5 NDee, Dor,,5 Waterford5 Softball 15 Spanish Club 1 Nelson, Gary5 4'Reds, Carrot T0p775 Cedar Brook5 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Band 15 Latin Club 1,2 Niceta, Fred5 'LFrecldie,75 Blue Anchor5 Soccer 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 152,35 Baseball 2, 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Ring Dance Committee 35 Yearbook 45 Cotillion Committee 2 Novella, Joann5 3,1035 Rosedale5 Spanish Club 1,25 Stagecrew 2,3,45 Aquila 25 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Library Aid 2,45 One-Act Play 1,25 Thespian 3,4, Secretary 45 Phi- losophy Club 3, Secretary5 Ecology Club 45 Yearbook 45 F.N.A. 4, Secretary5 Penumbra 45 Hockey 1,2 O 0'Neal, Stanley5 NButter7'5 Berlin Ortiz, Enid5 s'Chippy"5 West Berlin5 Drill Squad 1,25 Cheerleading 3,45 N.l'l.S. 3,45 Cotillion Committee 25 Ring Dance Committee 35 Yearbook 4 Ott, Janis Marie5 H,lan,,5 Sicklerville5 Band 1,2,3,45 Tennis 1,25 Ski Club 1,2,3,45 N.H.S. 3,4 P Palladino, ,lohn A.5 MJack',5 Atco5 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 2,35 Baseball 1,2,3,45 N.H.S. 3,45 Student Government 35 Cotillion Committee 2 Parducci, Fredg 'il-loover,'5 Berling Student Government 1: Spanish Club 25 Basket- ball 35 Yearbook 45 Ring Dance Committee 3 Parks, Mary5 'gMar,,5 Atco Paris, Ree5 '4Bee7'5 Atcog Softball 1,25 Prom Committee 3 Parrott, Kathleen5 '5Kathiew5 Atco Band 2,3,45 F.N.A. 3,4 Pergola, Nance5 '6Maggie Giggsv, "DeWdrop',5 Berlin5 F.T.A. 15 Drill Squad 25 N.H.S. 35 Ecology Club 3 Petkevis, Janet5 uMud Shark7'5 Ancora Petruzzi, ,loseph5 '6,loe775 Waterfordg Band 1,2,3 Phero, Darlene5 MDar',5 Blue Anchor: Softball 1,2 Phero, Gary5 4'Rabbit,'5 Cedar Brook5 Tennis 15 Soccer 2 Poaches, ,Iames5 ",limi,, P0A"5 Winslow5 Wrestling 1,2,35 Soccer 2,35 Football 15 Ecology Club 3,45 Black Culture Club 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Drum Major 3,4 Powell, Hardwick5 '4Hardy Pow'75 West Berlin5 Football 35 Wrestling 1,25 Basketball 25 Yearbook 4 Powell, Leffie M'aurice5 West Berlin5 Football 35 Basketball 4 Prokosa, Williamg "Little Bromma,,5 Atco5 Wrestling 35 Football 2 Prosser, Marlene5 HBonnie'75 Berlin Puleio, Angela5 '4Ang"5 Executive Committee l,2,35 Drama Club 15 Student Govern- ment 15 French Club 1,2,3,45 Tennis 25 N.H.S. 253,45 Soccer Statistician 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Ring Dance Committee 35 Prom Committee 3 Pulley, ,loan5 '4,loan"5 Atco R Bech, Edie5 uEdie Bech',5 Hammonton Reid, Mark5 '4Markie"5 East Berling Football 45 Basketball 45 Track 2 Reitz, ,lohn5 'g,lack,'5 Blue Anchor Reitz, Robert5 NBob,'5 Blue Anc'hor5 AVA 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,4 Richards, Debbie5 '4Deb,,5 Berlin5 Drama Club 1,25 French Club 15 Ecology Club 15 Folk Club 1 Senior Directory Richardson, William, "Monk", Atco, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 2,3, Basket- ball 4, Chorus 2,4 Rivera, Carmen, "Twiggy1', Winslow Riley, Floyd M., 4'Lloyd',, Berlin, French Club 2, Black Culture Club 4 Rodilosso, George, West Berlin Romeo, Ernie, nErnie", Atco, Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, Ring Dance Committee 3 Roork, Frank, Blue Anchor Rowand, Cynthia, uCindy", Atco, Stagecrew 2,3,4, F.N.A. 3,4, Basketball 1,2, One-Act Play 1 Ruff, Dwight, "Rufus,', Chesilhurst, Football 1, Basketball 1 Ruschak, John, "Shack", Sicklerville Rutledge, Don, "Tex',, Sicklerville, Cross Country 2,3 S Sabin, Eddie, Berlin Sample, Darlene, Atco, Softball 1,4, Chorus 1,2,3, Ecology Club 3 Sample. Denise, Atco, Hockey 4, Chorus 1,2,3, Softball 1,4 Scardino, Rosemarie, "Ro", Elm, Thespian 3,4, N.H.S. 2,3,4, Ecology Club 3,4, Ring Dance Committee 3, French Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 3, Prom Com- mittee 3, P.A. Announcer 3, One-Act Play 1,2,3, F.H.A. 1,2 Schafer, Bruce, "Bruce", Atco, Football 1,3,4, Stagecrew 1,2,3 Scharff, Clement Paul, "Clem", Berlin, Chorus 1,2,3, Latin Club 1,2,3, Stagecrew 1,2,3,4, Thespian 2,3,4, N.H.S. 2,3,4, Hi Fi Club 1,2,3, Photo Club 2,3,4, Student Government 4, Mock Elections 1, Yearbook 4, Aquila 2,3, One-Act Play 2,3 Schneelock, Joe, ",loe,', Elm, AVA 1,2 Schwartz, Karen, East Berlin, Hockey 2,3, Tennis 2, Chorus 1,2,3 Seppy, Barry, "Edu, Atco Simonetti, Sharon, Uloen, Winslow, Executive Committee 3,4, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Cheerleading 4 Simpson, Doris, "Dorn, West Berlin Smith, Mitchell, "Sly,,, Berlin Snuffin, Franklin R., '4Frank", Atco, Chorus 1,2,3, Stagecrew 1,2, N.H.S. 2,3,4 Souders, Laura Jean, HL. ,l.", West Berlin, Student Government 3,4, Treasurer 4, Hockey 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, N.H.S. 2,3,4, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Ski Club 1,2, Ecology Club 3, Basketball 1,2, Manager 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Tennis 1,2,3,4- Spotwood, Judith, "Judy", Winslow, Cheerleading 1,2, One-Act Play 2, Color Guard 3, Executive Committee 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3 Stella, Lori, "Lori", Tansboro, Student Government 1,2,3,4, Student Cabinet 2,3,4, Class Vice-President 1,2,3,4, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Powder Puff 3,4, Yearbook 4, F.T.A. 2,3, F.H.A. 1,2,3, Vice-President 3, Tennis 1, Basketball Statistician 2, Football Statistician 4, French Club 1,2, Cotillion Committee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Freshman Dance Committee 1 Stiles, Norman, "Norm", Sicklerville Stokes, Karen, "Candy,', Chesilhurst, Chorus 1,2 Stowell, Chuck, "Stow", Atco, Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2, Yearbook 4 T Tedesco, Anthony, '4Tony", Atco, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Student Government 1,2,3,4 Templeton, Robert, "Bert", Blue Anchor Terrell, Antoine Tyrone, "Twine", Chesilhurst, Basketball 4, Baseball 4 Terrell, Lewis, "Francis Iran, West Atco, Tennis 1, Track 3 Terry, William, West Atco, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1, Track 2,3,4, Student Government 4 Tirro, John, "Sam", Atco Tomassone, Linda, 6'Half-Pintw, Atco, Executive Committee 1,2,3,4, Student Govern ment 1,2, French Club 1,2,3, Tennis 2 Toomer, Debbie, '4ShortyH, East Berlin, Hockey 1, Cheerleading 2,3,4 Senior Directory Toomer, Donna D., "Stuff", East Berlin, Yearbook 4, Executive Committee 3,4, Student Government 3,4, Cheerleading 1, Basketball 3, Hockey 1,2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Basketball Statistician 3,4, Manager 4, Spanish Club 4, Powder Puff 4, Softball 4 Totora, Samuel, "Sam,,, Hayville, N.H.S. 4, 'L1Vlan Who Came to Dinnerl, 1 Townsend, Walter, "Toun7', Berlin Triboletti, Joyce, "J0ycel,, Hammonton U Unangst, Robert, HOSSAV, West Berlin Ungerbuehler, James, 4'Ungy'l, West Berlin, Soccer 3,4 V Valentino, Albert, Elm Veltri, Paul, Atco, Band 1,2,3,4, Cross Country 3 Venable, Kevin Marvin, 4'Bird,,, Berlin, Wrestling 3,4 Von Rhine, Elaine C., Berlin, Softball 4, Color Guard 4, Chorus 1 W Wade, Warl E., "Wadie'7, Atco, Band 1,2,3,4 Wagner, Richard R., Waterford Waite, Barbara Jean, "Jennie", West Atco, Chorus 1,2,3,4 Walker, Warren, Atco, Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 3,4, N.H.S, 2,3,4, lndoor Track 1,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4 Wanzer, Deborah Leona, 'GDebby',, Chesilhurst, Hockey 1,2, Softball 1,2,3,4, Bas- ketball 1,2,4, Chorus 1,2 Warfield, Glenn, uTrack Starw, Chesilhurst, Track 1,2, Cross Country 3,4, Spanish Club 2, Black Culture Club 4 Warfield, Janet, "Jann, Chesilhurst, Hockey 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3, Tennis 2,4, Black Culture Club 4, Executive Committee 4, Student Government 4 Washington, Clemente, 'LP-Nutu, Sicklerville Washington, James, East Berlin, Football 1,2, Wrestling 1 Watley, Marie Henrietta, "Ret'7, Florence, Hockey 1,2, Ring. Dance Committee 3 Watson, Ray Christine, Albion Way, Lana, "Sister Wayn, Chesilhurst, Hockey 1,2, Basketball 1, Ring Dance Committee 3 Weikle, Ralph, Berlin, Wrestling 1,2,3, Soccer 1,2,3, Track 1 White, Robert, 4'Bob7,, Atco, Chorus 1,2,3 Whitehead, Thomas C., 'gTom7', Atco, Band 1 Whitfield, Earline, uEarl the Pearl", Chesilhurst, Hockey 1,2, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Drama Club 3,4, Ring Dance Committee 3, Ecology Club 3,4, Aquila 3 Whitney, Bernard, g'Benl', Winslow, Football 1,2, Baseball 1, Cross Country 3,4, Track 3, Tennis 4 Williams, Susan lVl., Winslow Wilson, Barbara, HQuick", Winslow, Black Culture Club 3,4 Wilson, Calvin, East Berlin, Football 1,2,4, Basketball 1,2,4, Track 1,2,4 Winter, Judy Lynne, Elm, Band 1,2,3, Executive Committee 1,2,3, Student Govern- ment 3, N.H.S. 2,3, Hockey 1,2,3, Softball 1, Basketball 1, Prom Committee 3, Cotillion Committee 2 Wireman, Kathy, '4Kathy'7, Sicklerville, Freshman Dance Committee 1, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Drill Squad 2, Cheerleading 3,4, N.H.S. 2,3,4, Executive Committee 3,4, Yearbook 4 Wozniak, George, t'George", Atco, Student Government 1,2 Wozniak, Karen, Tansboro, Basketball 1, Nurses, Aid 3,4, Ring Dance Committee 3 Y Youkneveich, Joseph, 4'Joe'l, Sicklerville, Spanish Club 1,2, Track 3,4, Indoor Track 3,4 Young, Wilbur, '4Bill", Tansboro Z Zito, Jo Anna, Atco, Executive Committee 1,2, Class Treasurer 1, Cotillion Com- mittee 2, Ring Dance Committee 3, Prom Committee 3, Student Government 1,2,3, Yearbook 4 16251 nf illurk in the .0 Q-I C Cs QE Grahuaiing 0112155 ni '72 Elfrnm thr Svtuhrni 6511111 JOSEPH PROCOPIO 767-7219 - 424-3362 HOAGIES 6- SANDWICHES TO GO DE GRASSA'S DELI Italian Specialist Quality Carpeting at Lowest Prices Imported Q Domestic Cold Cuts - STORE HOURS - 8:30 A.M. Till IU P.M. - Sun. 8:30 A.M. Till 5 P.M. Mon., Tues. G Sci. Till 6 P.M. Wed., Thurs. G Fri. Till 9 P.M. L 757.1145 .. 82-86 W. HORSE PIKE 145 HADDON AVENUE BERLIN. N. L 08009 W. BERLIN. N. I. 08091 GLOBAL VAN LINES, INC. All-American Moving 81 Storage Co., Inc. "Window Wfvuma wdh. 011 jaalub-meal Kazaa," 285 SOUTH VAN BRUNT STREET ENGLEWOOD, NEW IERSEY 07631 PAUL HULL PHONE: 12013 871-4471 President NIGHT: C6099 767-7709 The Cat and the Fiddle Soft Ice Cream Sandwiches - 767-7229 - 118 MACO GOLDEN NUGGET TAVERN Western Music - Friday 8: Saturday Elecgonic Appliance PACKAGE GOODS - SANDWICHES G PIZZA P arts NEW FREEDOM ROAD 300 So. Egg' Hdrbor Rd. TANSBORO. N. I. Hcxmmonton, N. I. - 767-9872 - - 551-7270 - - ELECTRONIC TUNE-UPS - Phone 6609? 428-7462 MIDILI Sz SONS Service Station CGUNTRY CLUB Diner 6. Restaurant Front End Alignment - Wheel Balancing Specializing In Seafood Brake Service - General Auto Repairs BAKING DONE ON PREMISES Phone - 767-9877 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd. Glendale. N. I. RD 41. Mc1'1ton.N.I. 08053 White Horse Pike Wateriord. N. I. Phone: 767-2822 or 767-2823 HUGGINS ALUMINUM PRODUCTS D sl B MASONRY CUNST., INC Manufacturers of Quality D SL B Aluminum Awnings Patio Covers Ma13itg2,I:ixL1Zg053 Phone C6095 767-0506 TOM DAMICO Route 73 Berlin, N. 1. 08009 ICE BRGWN 119 LEROY P. WOOSTER Complimenis of Funeral Home IU C -Qt BEAUTY SALON rema ory 157 ATCO AVENUE ATCO. N I. ATCO, N- I. 767 0539 767 0790 3 76747211 - Complimenis oi SICKLERVILLE DRIVE-IN The best in custard for the best in sandwiches - ROUTE 73 - WINSLOW. N. I. f 629-6876 - O T T ' S CROSS KEY'S AMERICAN SERVICE LIQUOR STORE 629-6541 767-1996 328 N. BLACK HORSE PIKE WILLIAMSTOWN IUNCTION WILLIAMSTOWN, N. I. 08094 BERLIN, N. I. Compliments of D O N I O TRUCKING CO. WINSLOW. N. I. VALENTI'S MARKET Complete Line of Meats QQ Groceries 767-0471 ATCC AVENUE ATCO N I FOR FREE G SPEEDY DELIVERY - CALL 767-0483 ATCO LIQUOR STORE Wines - Liquor - Beer - Sodas Bar Kc Party Items Your Favorite Wine and Liquors 319 WHITE HORSE PIKE ATCO. N. I. 0B004 Phone: 767-1564 Evenings: 663-1508 Complete Burial Service PET LAWN MEMORIAL PARK A Haven for Pets ROUTE 73 BERLIN, N. I. Compliments of ALBERT W. ANDERSON Berlin Auto Body Phone: 767-0184 - 429-3602 112 W. White Horse Pike Berlin. N. I. Compliments of GARGANO BUS SERVICE Phone: 629-6374 Sicklerville. N. I. Phone 767-0111 - Wire Service WEST BERLIN FLORIST ALBERTA BRINK 192 PINE AVENUE WEST BERLIN. N. I. HOWARD'S AUTO BODY 24 Hour Accident Towing Service Insurance K: Body Repairs Phone: 767-2442 ROUTE 73 BERLIN. N. I. 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COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL - 783-9581 - REILLY TRAVEL AGENCY - Never Any Service Charge - Expert Travel Arrangements Anywhere In The World - 767-1749 - Jos. E. INC. REILLY REALTORS 156 SO. WHITE HORSE PIKE BERLIN, N. I. 767-1776 BERLIN PLUMBING 6 HEATING SUPPLY CO., INC. 136 SO. WHITE HORSE PIKE BERLIN. N. I. 08009 Compliments of BERLIN CARPET INSTALLERS Installations 6 Repairs Commercial 62 Residential 767-8448 767-9465 NEIL C. EITEL, Prop. 231 A. FIRST AVE. WEST BERLIN. N. I. Rust-Oleum - Dutch Boy - Cable - Rope - Chain Compliments of BERLIN PAINT 5. HARDWARE ARTIE'S Plumbing 8: Electrical Supplies 126 SO. WHITE HORSE PIKE 78 SO. WHITE HORSE PIKE BERLIN. N. I. 08009 BERLIN. N. I. Phone - 767-0928 Compliments of K E 'Y' INFERRERA'S MARKET - S61-1061 - 436 N. THIRD STREET HAMMONTON, N. I. REALTY AGENCY Real Estate K: Insurance BERLIN, N. I. - 767-1122 - MAIER PHARMACY INC. - Prescriptions - Compliments oi GLEN-GERY CORP GARDEN STATE DIVISION 767-0832 WINSLOW, N. I. 104 SO. WHITE HORSE DRIVE 561.1215 BERLIN. N. I. Compliments of BLUE ANCHOR PRODUCE BLUE ANCHOR, N. I. South Jersey Auto Sales - Sales - Service - Repairs - - 767-0001 - ROUTE 561 WEST BERLIN. N. I. C0l'l'l,9Al'll0l'lt5 of AFFRUNTVS Self Service 5 Laundermaf PHONE H 767-2108 Pennington Avenue Waterford, N. I. C0l'll,96l'nel'lfd of Joseph A. Mc: resso cmd Family VENTURE T V SERVICE ATCO SAVINGS Prompt Relmable Servzce All Makes Q Models A B S zss wr-mf: Honsn PIKE C ALIGNMENT SERVICE ATCO N I 08004 BUBNT MILL and Color Speczalzsts 10097 003 0077 somfznnmn nomas VOORHEES TWP All Repau-5 AL BRAMLETT Owner Operator 25 Years Experzence CHERRY HILL Guaranteed ROUTE 130 6: ROYAL AVENUE CRecn- of Trcms Trcmsrmssxonl PENNSAUKEN N I 08109 Front Systems Our Specldlty Not A Slde Lme All Makes cmd Models Free Plckup 51 Dehvery SSTVICS Insured KQPAIQ Q g CLELILQPJ D1al 767 2711 B t AL S Wxsh S Over 20 Years Ex perlence F Om AUTO INSTALLATION SERVICE REPAIRED STORED CLEANED ATCC IACK S ARCO 561 5467 We Pledge Value SGTVICG D A PRIESTLEY P p IACK PASSARELLA Prop WHITE HORSE PIKE ATCO N I l 9 N. I. ' u I ' e ' r I . . , ro . ELM. N. I. 767-2909 129 Mai ?fMaAea fo My CAM of '72 Levitt 8: Sons, Inc Winslow Crossing Sicklerville, N. I. gedf makea fo fine Cjfaafi of '72 "Clothes For You" TAILORED BY Al. J. Schramm Company ATCO. NEW IERSEY Phone: 767-0687 ZAMSKY STUDIOS Officzkzl Plyotogmpberf of the 1971-1972 Pearl 'n'1zy Pictures From The Yearbook Are Kept On File 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNA WAlnut 2-3560 g0l'Yl,0Al'n ell fa of I Sz B BUILDERS INC. Cmfpentvjl - Cement - EXCdVdfiWg Box 239A Blue Anchor Road Berlin, New Iersey 08009 767-3793 - IOSEPH IULLIUCCI BEST WISHES SENIORS PINECREST GOLF COURSE H. MILLER. Pro. WINSLOW, N. I. ROHER CHEVROLET W. I-I. Buckley -Used Car Manager - ADMIRAL WILSON BLVD. at COOPER RIVER CAMDEN, N. I. 0810 Residinq W. Berlin 1 D'ANGELO BROS Farm Market Fresh Fruit 8: Vegetables Wholesale R Retail Res: 767-4272 - 767-3315 Bus.t 767-3244 ROUTE 73, BERLIN. N. I. 767-1011 STATE LICENSED L 6. S BOARDING HOMIE A Rest Home For The Aged Away from City Traffic and Noise 3 Meals Daily G Laundry at Reasonable Prices 401 IACKSON ROAD ATCO. N. I. 133 Grace "72,' Richard and Dorothy Clothier Margie Clark '72 Max and Joann Reim Mr. and Mrs. L. Huettner The Czyzewski Family Ed Zaleski The Snyders Rick and Pat Lemanowicz Mirzejewski Family Grandpop Czyzewski Pearlie Ken Lounsberry Glenn lannaco Janet Porter Robert and Vicky Gatti Freddy and Lisa June Buckley Kim and LaShawn Buckley Sam Mauiella Catherine Brown The DeLucas The Sampsons Steven Jones Harry Sampson Nancy Sampson The Creamers The Aiellos Eleanor Pagano John Pagano The Nyes Donna Scelso Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cozzi Debbie Mulvihill Mrs. Jean Price Mr. Thomas Bass Joan A. Davis Mrs. Sudie Bland Mr. Joah Davis Mrs. Alma Anderson Bea's Citgo Station Gerry 81 George Wilfredo 81 Mildred Rivera Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Monroe William Bland T. Bass Mrs. Ruth Flores Mr. Joe Flores Earleen Robinson Gloria Jones Frank Pointer Donna Kurz 81 Joe Noble D. Durborow Mrs. Betty DeVivo Mr. 81 Mrs. Allan Jubb Flo Zulker Mr. 81 Mrs. John DeVivo Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank lannotti Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Berg Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Wilson Jeanie '74 8 Barbara '73 Sarah Oliver William Oliver Annette Oliver Sharon Oliver Dennie Sannasardo Josephine Finple Anna Shanack Ray Finalle Barbara Fimple Carol Ann Fimple Guillermo Perez Edith Donio Milly Donio Thomas Rodio John Krue Jennie Krue 134 Patrons Carman Cal'an Herman Bradt Dominick Perna Esmaralda Rodriquuez Carole Z. Donio Jacqueline O'Neil Mrs. Madeline Bortell Michael Cuci Joseph Kosmalski Mike Passarella, Jr. Maureen LaPenta Richard P. Gavaghan Mr. and Mrs. Philip Falzarano Philip Falzarano Jeanne McDermott Theresa Falzarano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gentile Ann Feola Dawn Kovba Louise Falzarano Mary Ann Falzarano Tim and Tom Best Wishes from Moose Mr. 81 Mrs. Lynn Jefferies Mrs. Lucy DeSilvio Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Giannini Phyllis Jeffries "73" Joe 81 Phyllis Kathleen Gargano Mr. 8 Mrs. Louis Gargano Mr. 81 Mrs. Claudie McClellan Mr. 81 Mrs. John Gargano Mr. 81 Mrs. Michael Gargano Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris Bramante Mr. 81 Mrs. Nick Vitucci Country Gardens Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris Bramante, Jr. Frank Gargano "67" T. Maccarella Mr. 81 Mrs. Peter Mauriello Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred Maecarella Marian Bramante "72" Joe Willie Namath "12" The S. G. C. Mr. 81 Mrs Lar Mauriello - FY Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert J. Mauriello L.T.D. Margaret Esposito Cora Williams Helen Bryant Esther Thompson John Baker Florence Baker Elizabeth Brown Emanuel Callahan Allean Callahan Ida Brown Derrick Brown Mr. Dorothy Fusco Mr. 81 Mrs. William H. Tiedman Bill, Gail, 81 Billy Beasley Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Ralph Porter M. Doremus Mrs. C. E. Glass Mr. Orville Hampton Mr. 81 Mrs. Elwood Senor Irv Shoemaker Anna 81 Bill Tiedman Stanley Missiak Jr. LA76' Anna Obrish Jack 8 Kathy Cassidy Eva White V677 Anita DeVries Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph White Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Misiak Bobbie 81 Lenny f69l John K. Talley 1966 Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Tomassetti Mr. 81 Mrs. F. X. Tighe Mary Tighe "73" Theresa gl Artie Mary and Gene Jill Snell Mr. 81 Mrs. Breland Mr. 8 Mrs. S. Tighe Mrs. J. Fitzpatrick Wallace in "72" Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson 81 Kathy Tina A'75" EDW. A. GRECO Ricky and Marie Aunt Nina Aunt Vivi Vinie Feldman Mrs. Edw. Greco "HoneyDew and Dimplesi' Sir '5Lance" Greco, Bow-Wow Best Wishes A.G.L. Mr. Pat Vitarelli Mrs. Beatrice Vitarelli Mrs. Elizabeth Conley Mrs. Doris Heffentragher Mr. George Heffentragher, Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. William Stepler, Jr. Bea's "7l" Mr. 8 Mrs. Herbert Hickman Albert B. Petters Mary P. Petters William Crebomich Harry Jcnlins Good Luck From the S. Kids William S. Deininger III Gisela Korb 81 Helen Frank C. Bruno Charlie, Yronne, Rose Horb. Terry, Ealiene, Mike Paul Korb The Kilner Family Ronnie Porter Jeanne 8 Rosanne Robert Cameron Martin Evans Rev. Deramus 81 Family Mary Z. Mingo Mr. 81 Mrs. Terry Mt. Zion Baptist Church Master Clarence Clayton Ill Mozer 81 Family Joseph Ligameri Eddie 8 Patglass Bobby 81 Joyce August 5, 1972 Patetilly H738 Eddie Glass L'70" Eddie "7O" 81 Pat i'73" Glass Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward C. Glass Frances 81 John 6872" Jane .Jenkins Mack Jenkins Alice Young 4E.B.t Doris and George Mr. 8 Mrs. Banks Mrs. Butler Mr. 8 Mrs. Nichalas Di Blasi, Jr. Michael Jashep James Foley Atco Taxi Mr. 8 Mrs. William Boone Clarence Clayton, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Norman Deramus Ronnie 81 Hank Michael, Bill, Stawley Clayton Mr. 81 Mrs. Pickens Rev. 81 Mrs. Porter Christine Nolan "74" Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank A. Brown Rev. 81 Mrs. J. E. Saylor Mr. Clarince Brown Mr. 81 Mrs. Rudy Gatt Mr. 81 Mrs. Marvin Wilson Mrs. Marjorie Wilson Sandy Hall Class Of '70 Mr. 81 Mrs. David White, Jr. For fest White "73" Clarence E. Jones .James Burch Mr. Benjamin White Cynde 81 Someone M74-'y Nanny Bert Mr. 81 Mrs. Buscemi S'Clude" Cyude gl Jim Laetta Buscemi "Me" 74 Cynde Buscemi Joe Nlidili "74" Dinna and Stan Kenneth Burtcm Joyce Burton Dolous Carlina Mrs. Annie Jardan Mrs. Bessie M. Jackson 2nd Mr. gl Mrs. Walter Johnson Ill i'Bullet" Walter 81 Warren A. Johnson Bro. Kenneth J. Davis Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert A. Davis, Jr Mrs. Peggy Ollingeo Mr. Oscar Ollinger Mr. 81 Mrs. John Cozzi Robert A. Walsh "Munchkin" class of 75 Mr. Breig Mr. 81 Mrs. F. A. Santoro TONTO Mark Darol Leotti Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred Jacobson Caroline L. Meili Mr. 81 Mrs, R. Le. Bano Mrs. A. Wright Nancy Echert Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Nardi Mr. 81 Mrs. Alleut Maroiano Alleut Msiorano Fam. Mr. 8 Mrs. Jos. Calabria The Graberts John Pat Mrs. Fred Soestmann Kathryn Soistmann Phil 8 Helen lannaco Compliments of Lloyd Layser Lynn Pratt Affruntti Laundromat Ed Toussaint Marys Fashions Mrs Gail Innaco Sarah Mitten Rich Wolfinger Albert 81 Jupi Kohkmyer Sam gl Carolyn Schofield John Austino J. Clarve Mr. 8 Mrs. Martin Hess Mr. 81 Mrs. R. E. Dughter Mr. 81 Mrs. P. Franks Wingerts Berlin Chrysler Plymouth, Inc. Sam's Fashion Posner's Jewelry Smith's Books and Stationery Danny Mertz Kurland Clothes Berlin Mkt. Mr. Sz Mrs. Clem Zawojski Eileen and Dave "7l" Mr. Sz Mrs. Cassidy Mr. Sz Mrs. John Fouhey Sandy and Tommy '473" UMOOSEH .t73,. Mr. Sz Mrs. J. Lagrotta Miss Patricia Sampoli .Joseph Sz Sharon H71 Sz 72" Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph A. Carbonaro Karen Sz Steve 1,733 Terry Sz Fred "75 S 72" Fred St Terry M72 S 75', Mr. Sz Mrs. Jos. Zito Sz Family Mr. Sz Mrs. Harry Nash Jimmy S David Nash Kathy Twelves "75" Joe Zucconi A'75" Gerry -n- Brady Dennis '69 -n- Cathie '71 Jo Anna Zito "72" Ankles -n- Leech Mr. Sz Mrs. James Trexler Mr. S Mrs. Wayne Sickler Mr. Sz Mrs. Howard Sickler Mr. Sz Mrs. Herman Bussom Raymond Sz Alice Vitagliano Michael G. Trexler VMI Mr. James Trexler Mr. Sz Mrs. Ned Patton, Jr. Holly '74- Hal Hal lrene Triholetti nThe Who" Mr. Sz Mrs. Melvin F. Mobley. Sr. Mr. Sz Mrs. Chas. Ranere, Jr. Mr. Sz Mrs. Emedio DeMarco C. F. Ordille Miss Linda Starkey Joyce and Frank Frank Johnson .lass D. Ciarma Sz Sons-Tailor Gene Labiati Sz Sons Vitarelli's Country House Restaurant Theresa Everett Dr. Marvin S, Wallach Ungle G. S Janet Doris Smith - Bush of '73 Sara Ann Wagner Dr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Glickel Mr. Sz Mrs. Fred Nunnenkamp Mr. Sz Mrs. N. C. Nunnenkamp Heidi Lea Mr. Sz Mrs. J. D. Nunnenkamp Wendi Lyn Nunnenkamp A Friend Marvin Brown Sz Family Bonnie Nunnenkamp Jimmie D. Nunnenkamp, Jr. STA "77" Nunne "76" Mr. Joe Daily Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert Leach Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Bernat Mr. S Mrs. Burley Gunter Mary L. Zimmerman Mr. Eril Zimmerman Mr. Sz Mrs. E. L. Zimmerman Carol Zimmerman Chuck Zimmerman Earnest Zimmerman HI Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Batten Patrons Mr. Sz Mrs. Klich Mr. S Mrs. John Hutchinson Mr. Sz Mrs. John Clancy Mr. Sz Mrs. Terry Cox Mr. Frank Creitz ROU David Sz Pete Harkte Mr. Sz Mrs. J. Hartke Karen Hartke g'74" Caroline L. Meili Mr. Sz Mrs. R. LeBano Joe Sz Sharon "71 Sz 72" Mrs. A. Wright Nancy Echut Mr. Sz Mrs. Harry Nardi Mr. Sz Mrs. Albert Maiorano Albert Maiorano Sz Family Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Calabria The Graberts John, Pat Phly Sz Don Davis Sz Boys W. R. Whitney, Sr. The Phily's Morris's Claude Sz Dolores Heggan Easy Rest Farm Peg Greenwood Esposito Ronnie S Candy '72 Kathy S Dick Jones Come See Walt Sz Lee Mr. St Mrs. Herring Mr. Sz Mrs. Davis Mrs. R. Dickerson The Colemen's Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Bourgeois Mrs. Gloster Mr. R. Gloster The Sansbury's Good Luck The Cross's Mr. Hanak Mrs. William H. Jones Mr. Sz Mrs. William Gaines Mr. Sz Mrs. Jenkins Mrs. Sarah Cooks Mrs. R. Jones Mrs. Eva Holt John Mynatt Mr. Sz Mrs. Kelly Batts, Posey Sz Harris Paula Sz Larry Mr. Sz Mrs. James Grace Sz Family Good Luck to the Graduating of '72 Christine Laiferty Mother Goose Father Time Lover Boy Little Man Daddy Oh Mr. Sz Mrs. Russell Demark Paula Sz Larry John Chiumento 'i72" Susan D'Avanzo "72" Miss Larson Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul Corse Mr. Sz Mrs. Edw. Thomas, Sr. Mr. S Mrs. R. Goodman Emaline Cline Tobacco Road Marcella Novak Mr. Sz Mrs. Stanley Cline Mary Iannaco Cline's Town Phil Iannaco Mr. Sz Mrs. Felix Iannaco Class Mary Hill Mary Novak "73" Don "Sli" M, Knoll-Assumption 6'73" Mr. Sz Mrs. Wm. J. Sutcliffe Charles W hitener '79 Joseph Carlucci Edith Sabitino Sharon S Gary 'i73" Mrs. Ange l Cozzi Mr. Angelo Cozzi Michael Whitener "83" Mr. Herbe rt Whitener Mrs. Herbert Whitener Chris Sz M ike Sz Rita Sz Freddie Young S. Choi Mr. Sz Mrs. Ross Morgan Mr. Sz Mrs. Sal Scardino Dr. N. J. George Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul Cain Bob Blazer "75" Mr. Sz Mrs. Wm. E. Weber Bill Blazer "76" Linnea Blazer "80" Mr. S Mrs. Marvin Blazer Don 4454" M. Knoll-Assumption "73', Mr. Sz Mrs. Wm. J. Sutcliffe Jack Knoll-Assumption "75" Vickie Knoll-Assumption 6678" Herb Sz Ellie4"55,' Mrs. Edward K. Mowll Joan g'55" Chris "88" D.E.K. u74" Mrs. E. Washington Mr. Enrique Washington Mrs. Dolores Hopkins Mrs. Maxine Smiley Mrs. Margret M. Schaner Miss Jane C. Powell Mrs. Helen Rawlings Mr. Sz Mrs. Windham Mr. I. E. Smith Mr. Sz Mrs..Freeny Mr. Sz Mrs. Gerald Welker Sz Family Mr. Sz Mrs. Hinderliter Bagdon Family Mr. S Mrs. Wm. Buchanan Green Top Inn Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas George Kathleen Eckcls George S Marie W. Mr. Kenny Bichis Mr. S Mrs. John Weldon Mr. S Mrs. Harold O'Neil, Sr. Mrs. J. E. O'N eil, Sr. Mr. Sz Mrs. Kenneth O'Neil Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Ward Family Mr. Sz Mrs. John Leahey Mr. St Mrs. Thomas Deluca Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert O'Neil Jan -n- Peg Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert L. Donaldson Mr. Sz Mrs. Howie O'Neil Walter A. Walter R. Mendell Piasinske Papa Cook Mama Cook, Mr. S Mrs. John, S Janice Mike Sz Sis Graziano The Partri dge Family Marie Armstrong Donnie Osmond Pamand John '74-, ,75 Mary "73" 'i0ragopolis" David Panek Mr. S Mrs. James Miller F. Frank J. Erb Mr. S Mrs. Robert Danfield Mr. Sz Mrs. Jos. Damfield Jamcs Miller J.G's -M.M., L.H., P.B., G.G., K.M., D.M., P.P,, P.G., V.V. Warren Estlack Mr. Sz Mrs. John Marella Snoopy Mr. Sz Mrs. P. Edmondson Patti Wahl Joe Sz Ethel Flach Donnago Fish-i-a. -er Robert Mancuso Husters Mr. Sz Mrs. Bruce Gardner Alfred H. Sutte Dit "74" Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Morgan R. M. Luxion Richard McCarthy Richard J. Wahl Mr. Sz Mrs. J. J. Grassitc Harry W. Smith Patrick Kenney Dave Sz Kathy Hardy alone with Pat F. Vincent White "76,, Michael White H74-" Mr. Henry Walton Johnny Carson Mr. Sz Mrs. David J. Klumpp Mrs. D. Esposito Josephine Midili 'S72" Ancora Pet Shop Jim Sz Carmen Joe Midili "74" Midili S Sons Service Station "Bad" Class of '74 Cynde Buscemi "74-" Earl McKinzey Frank S Ruth Johnny Watson John Sz Olie Lena Lewis Mr. S Mrs. Robert Sutts Mr. S Mrs. Rasmussen John, Mae, Sherry, Brenna John Sz Irene Brenna Audrey Brenna Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Gallo Mr. S Mrs. Mario Console Mr. Sz Mrs. Alphonse Stalfiere Mr. S Mrs. Jack Master Mr. Sz Mrs. A. Amadio Mr. Sz Mrs. Joe Severino Mr. Sz Mrs. W. Alcott Bea Watson Mario Comsole Mr. Sz Mrs. A. Belli Betty Kendell Dianna Kendell Joseph Kcndell Baby Johanna Brown Whiskers .loc Mr. S Mrs. Hoeard Grant Mr. S: Mrs. Howard Grant Mr. Sz Mrs. James Grasso Mr, Sz Mrs. Fred Newman Betty Sz Lorretta Mr. Sz Mrs. Richard Capie Mr. Sz Mrs. Ronald Donaldson 135 Robert J. Donaldson Mr. 81 Mrs. Marcy Ford Bob Briht Bob Bright Deanna Bright Doris Bright Steve 8 Kathy Good Old Edgewood Sr. High The Bandacoot Dee Hunter Lynn Kudovich Mr. 8 Mrs. L. E. Hunter Marti-Class of 66757 Mr. gl Mrs. J. DeCerbo Dot 8 Joe Robert 81 John Mr. Joe DeCerbo Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Strock Lou, Lin, Lis, 81 Dar Vice President of 6674" Ruby 8 Thelma 66538 Ruby 8 Thelma 6653" Mrs. Rose Sirolli Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony DeLaurentis Ant 8 Lou 6652" John 6678" Sox 8 Martin 6672" Roland 81 Midge 6652" Paul 81 Judi 6674" Harvey K. Westcoat Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Gallo Doris Bruno Mary L. Scleuse Frances La Marra Laurie Lerner Janet Sacco gl Albert Bob Watson Mr. 8 Mrs. Thos. Peters Good Luck to all Graduates- Prevost Family James H. Adams Margaret E. Contino Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Snell Joseph T. Kelly Joseph L. Contino Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Lowe A-Me Mr. 8 Mrs. T. Mohr Joan 81 Boys Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Schmidt God is Love Jesus shows it JOhn 3,16 Jesus Christ Wanted Christ died for you John 3-36 Lois Troop 6673" Sue Young 6672" G.P., B.R., J.R., B.W., S.T., 6672" Great Beebetown Dolores Ervolini Cookie Mel Fisher Issi lckou Thomas J. Napieraski Harry Parfitt Ken Barrett Dan Mc0wan Frank Teti Eddie 81 Hope Mrs. Pearl L. Steele Brothers Further Your Education Mr. 8 Mrs. Wm. Burley Mr. 8 Mrs. M. Alwan 81 Family Best Wishes to the Students of E.H.S. Mr. G. Wonziak 136 Patrons Nancy 81 Joe Girl Pat 81 Boy Pat Nicky 8 Carole Mr. 8 Mrs. Michael Schreiner 66One man's bullshit is another man's catechism." Mr. gl Mrs. R. Ruberton Kathy Wireman 672' Mr. 81 Mrs. Warren G. Walker Mary Lou of Kickapoo Freddie 672' Mr. 81 Mrs. Peter Volpa Catherine Fala Mrs. Catherine Volpa Mr. Peter Volpa Christopher Fala James Pierce Drena Curinton Frances Fala Mr. 81 Mrs. Mario Fala Kathy Myers Josie, Joe, Joey, Diane Buscemi Lorraine, Bob, Jeff, Robin Barbour Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Amato DeGrosa's Deli Vince's Texaco Richie 8 Coleen Family Tavern DeRogatis' Oaklyn Printing Co. Bill 81 Jean Richardson Mr. 8 Mrs. J. A. Flagg Mr. gl Mrs. M. McDonnell Mr. A. Driver Mrs. Florence D. Flagg Mr. Carl F. Flagg Mrs. Earline Dively Mrs. Sarah Flagg Mr. 8 Mrs. J. A. Flagg Barbara Grossman and Marty Berger 6673" Mr. 81 Mrs. R. C. Grossmann Good Luck-Mr. 81 Mrs. R. T. Jeschon Richard C. Grossmann, Old White Pike, Waterford Works, N. J. Mr. 81 Mrs. Gene Angelino, Old White Horse Pike, Waterford Works, N. J. Steve Guetherman lCollingswoodJ 6673' Philip J. Mayer 6671" 81 Darryl Dickson Coverbrookj Chris Mascioli-The Goldminers Band 783-78241 Philip J. Mayer 6671" CORHSJ The one and only: 66C.T. and his Organ" Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boehly Uncle Mike Ada M. Boehly Mr. Daniel Boehly Mrs. Ada Boehly Mr. 81 Mrs. David Boehly Katherine May Dave, Ron, Rick Boehly Margaret King Cheryl Boehly '72 Mr. and Mrs. Stowell Mike and Michelle Stowell '76 Paul and Judi '74 Allen and Bruce Stowell Lisa Stowell Frank Bruno Frank Bruno Paul Stowell and Judi Delaurentis '74- Spook and Fuzzy Elua E. Boyce Miss Amy Boyce y Aubrey Ferguson Rosemary Boyce Faith Boyce Markie Boyce Mary Robinson Mr. Carter Martha Simmon Trio Tire Service Calvin Boyce Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Amos Mr. 81 Mrs. Gerald Davis Mr. David Watson Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymod Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Amos, Jr. Heanette Brown Mr. Hernard Brown Mr. gl Mrs. Melvin Talley Mr. 81 Mrs. David Benteay Mrs. Rose Brown Mr. 81 Mrs. Pete Consalvi Albert M. Ligameri Marie 6672" Jean Dowd Mr. 81 Mrs. Terry E. Woodcock Rockell Welch Class of 6677" Mr. 8 Mrs. J. H. Turner David W. White III Barry White Attorney at Law Carmen and Beverly 66748 Add's 81 Frank's Sunoco Service C Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wallace Bug 1172s Mouse 6674" A. DeVivo Boone's Auto Body Pat Lombardo Al Applegate Diane 8 Albie Wyce, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Walter Neher Ernie 81 Gail Mr. 8 Mrs. Jim McKeown Mrs. Cecelia Fitzpatrick Jim Fitzpatrick Bob 8 Judy Richman Mr. 8 Mrs. Paul Fitzpatrick Mary Grusemayer Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Hitzelberquer Mr. 81 Mrs. Norbury Robert Hunt of Overbrook Mrs. Carolyn Taylor Sandra Nolan '68 Mrs. Princella Wims Mr. Timothy Wims Mrs. Elizabeth Flowers enter Priscella Wims, Bennett College '73 Eddie 8 Vicki 6671" Bill Heggan Jim 81 Sis Paris Don 8 Ree Bill Young Earl R. Heggan Mr. Gallagher Ranger Joe Eddie 8 Vicki Li'l Mac U.S.N. E. McBride Charlie 81 Dan,s Men6s Hairstyling Mr. 8 Mrs. Roy Edwards Marvin Pedrick Roland Westerby Henry McBride Warrington Trucking Co. Inc. Mr. 81 Mrs. Chojnacki Mrs. Bucciero Dorothy Broome Bill and Cheryl Kuhn Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Kirn ABC Carpet Installers Joan Morris Barbara Eitel Mrs. L. Riedel James R. Smith Kuhn Family Mrs. Ray Rolfi David 8 Dawn Eitel Anna Marie Lambiase Marge 81 Elwood West Berlin Taxi Carmen's Pizza Vincent, Selma, Joey 81 Vincent, Jr. Joe, Millie, Carmie, Joey, Denise Bob 8 Vicki Carol 8 Kevin Richard Bella 8 Carmella Romeo Little Gorilla 6673" Rusty '77 Rita Jean 681' Rosie Daniel Boone Joni Moose Mary Moose Phyllis Moose Jean Nato Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Bradley Robin Lynn 388 Angela 6672" Dale Heggan 66698 Mr. 8 Mrs. Norman Heggan 81 Famil Dionne Ripa Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Dippolito Lucille 6676" Mr. 8 Mrs. Rosario Puleio Charles Dippolito, Jr. Sunday 66717 Mr. 8 Mrs. Rocco Dippolito Mrs. Eugene Ewan Dawn Kelly Mr. 8 Mrs. Robt. Bakley Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Kammler Mr. 8 Mrs. Fred Buckley Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Kelly Diane Bakley Louise 81 Stan Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Claire Slacum Rhoda Milligan Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth Romer Tina Marie Carey Tom Milligan Edna Rafalski Raymond Carey The Carey Family John 81 Marge Susanne Hackett Robert L. Hackett Gaeton 8 Helen Panarello 81 Family Frank DelRossi 81 Family Tina Panarello Gaetan 8 Janice Philip 8 Sarah Panarello Francis C. Morgan Andy 8 Ilene 6673" Honda '70-Marianne-Ilene Beware! V. B. is coming The Bobsey Twins '73 Terry The Wopsickel James A. White, Sr. Helen White Anna K. Brown Vi and Nick William J. Storms Florence Storms Knibby Robert White H728 Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Hall Sandy Passarelle Rich Passarella The Chiumento Family Mr. and Mrs. Tom Amato Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCaffery Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amato Mr. and Mrs. Sam Spinella, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Josysle lncaquito Miss Elizabeth L. Spinella Mr, Moore Mr. and Mrs. Joel Widenian Roberta Bowles Lucille Reber Jean Whitehead Mr. MacDuff Mr. Oran Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Handson Miss Deisher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Myers, Jr. Richard McCarty Doug and Laura McCarty Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Mr. and Mrs. A. Kern George McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Henry Petters Mr. and Mrs. Mal McCarty Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heggan Mr. and Mrs. Norman Heggan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibbons John Hancock The Souders Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Burlap Bette and Dave Rau A Friend Mr. Russell DeMark "Pop" DeMark Russ and Helen DeMark Nancy and Bill Kile Al and Ginny Grupp Mrs. Thelma Waring Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Yahn James Shannon Louis Krapfenbauer Mr. and Mrs. J. Corda Mr. and Mrs. Russ Musselman Frank Hardy, Sr. John Shannon Mr. and Mrs. John Shannon S'Dilly" Lee "Coachy" Savoy "Scoots" Jackson G. Breig Sandy Morine Evelyn Morine Quentin Still Beverly Ross Andrew Ross Jesse Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Sickler Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ford Mr. and Mrs. John Barbera, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mc Crossin Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Pinkerton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peddle Anthony Narducci Mr. and Mrs. Jos. D'Agostino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dobertein Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Smith Betty and George Liddicote Beverly and Dawn Liddicote Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mackey, Jr. George Liddicote Patrons Mr. and Mrs. William Haines Joseph and Anne Lacker W. Fiene and Family Mr. and Mrs, Bud Valenti F. W. Long Eltonhead Family G. Breig H 81 B Lawn Surfaces Hank Radio Frank Clendining Debbie Egizi and Jimmy Reyes Robert D. Perna Country Boutique Rodio's Farm Market Gus Egizi Doris Rodio Mrs. Mary L. Harris Joanne Rondini Kenneth Klugmeyer Mr. John D. Keenan Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Branum Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Rofe Mrs. Hazel Sykes Mr. gl Mrs. F. Spradley Mrs. N. Edwards 81 Children Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Sullivan Mr. 81 Mrs. George Ayers Mr. 81 Mrs. Ben Polsky Barbara Brown Mr. 81 Mrs. Morton Miller Wendy Silverman Betty Zi Scott Mr. 81 Mrs. Stephen Fleetwood Mrs. Delores Berkley Mrs. Rosa E. Jones Mr. 81 Mrs. Wm. E. Baker Henritta Fuller Gretchen Rosen Billis American Motors Mr. Stewart Mr. 81 Mrs. John Ambrose Henrietta Mocarski Mrs. Anna Pluck Mr. 81 Mrs. John D. DeSilver Roger Mauro Mr. 81 Mrs. David Knoll Soul Sister "Dilly" Diane 8 Nancy "76" Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Gibbs Zetter Hickson Ruthie Culver Donald, Leota 81 Family Merv 8 Lin Donna "75", Robbie "72" Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Andr gl Family Coochien-Mackie Henry 81 Emma Powell Donna S'77" 81 Cindy Powell Patti Powell "74" Jim 8 Peg Nixon Andy Scott Bob, Emma 81 Bobby Brand Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Moya Gary "76" 81 Cheryl H778 Len 81 Dot Check 81 Family Sharon 81 Linda Garczynski Stanley tButterJ O'Neal Doris O'Neal Joe O'Neal Pearl tSloopyJ Jackson Dee Morine Mr. 81 Mrs. H. Edwards Pat Morris The Rook Francisco Nauraez Cindy Lou Caporale B, Straub Mary 81 Peter Amendolia Harry 81 Dawn Toussanint Linda Condo 77.3" "73" is the best Chucky 81 Joann "73" 81 "75" Peggy Condo The Condos Richie 81 Bobby Passarella Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Dillon 8 Son Joan, Don gl Jackie Barr Mr. 81 Mrs. Franklin S. Pilling Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Schmidt Alyce Pat 81 Joey Rebardo Doris, Jack 81 Mike Rusty 81 Kathy Mr. 81 Mrs. Howe Bobby 81 Donna 81 Baby Johns G. Zeisloft Family Gerald Zeisloft Kenneth Zeisloft R. Zeisloft Family Gary and Mary The MeNutt Family Bowman Family White Family Jerry Smith 7-ll Store 21 'SBex" Conner Truman Wuertz "Dae" Connor M81M Cleaner Jerry 81 Jean Lindsay Mr. 81 Mrs. Geo. Stallings Lillian Dixon Tony 81 Carol Melvin Phil 81 Dottie lannaco Great "Granny" Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert DePalma Mr. 81 Mrs. John Gribbin Miss Queen Ballinger Miss Alice Daniel Mrs. Rosa Daniel Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur R. Fox, Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Graisberry Mr. Barry Jordan Mr. 81 Mrs. Wilbert L. Jones 81 Family Linda, Will Jr., Raymond 81 Denise Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Pointer Bruce Ballinger Fran 81 Howard "73,' 81 "72" Mr. gl Mrs. Allen Pointer Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Brown Mr. 81 Mrs. Baylock Miss Alice Kemp Mr. gl Mrs. Powell Covington Helen Collier "72" Mrs. Rita Bethune Chester Morrison Shirley and Bill Smith Mr. 81 Mrs. Albert Hertler Dottie 81 Russ Mayger Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Severns Mr. 81 Mrs. G. Rodenheiser Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Roberts Mr. 81 Mrs. George Shane Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard Middlcman Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Reale Mom, Dad, Nikki and Grandma H738 Adeline Panciera Leroy Duble Walter 81 Eleanor, Duble M. O'Rourke E. Haas Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Pagano Loretta Jacovelli Tyrone Maise Mae Sutton Sue Brooks Erma Weatherhaed Mr. 81 Mrs. Ed Carrier Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Ladnor Eva Conrad Ann Weatherhead Bernard Herman Clem Snyder Denny and Linda Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Hannum Anthony Tomassello Fruit 81 Vegetable Farm Pine Road, Hammonton Hammonton, New Jersey James Penza Hammonton Breweries Peggy '74- Lorri '73 Mr. 81 Mrs. Morton Hickman Mr. 81 Mrs. Herbert Hickman Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Herzer Pooh '70 Evelyn Hickman "Barney" Class of "73" The Hickman Family Corey John Davis Herbie Davis Jean Davis Calvin and Gloria Mr. 81 Mrs. Calvin Quarin Mr. 81 Mrs. Calvin Hudson Totem Home Miss Aughtney Davis Mark Charles Davis Elbert Ronald Davis, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Donald Sullender Mr. 81 Mrs. Anthony Perna Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Amatuzio "Ammon Class of '66 Mr. 81 Mrs. Bob Palmer Mr. 81 Mrs. Edw. Toussaint Fred Monzo Chappie Mr. 81 Mrs. Josp. Conte, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maccarella Linda Tookie ,744 Grace Metzger Richard Valerio '77 Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Pino, Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Jess Ryder Mr. 81 Mrs. James Ingles Scott 81 Christopher Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank P. Brown Tony C. Brown Mr. 81 Mrs. W. G. Knott Mrs. Fargheun A Friend Mr. 8 Mrs. Lou Neff Mrs. Mason Gloria West Mr. 81 Mrs. Steven Gretton Mr. 81 Mrs. Chas. Dixon Mr. Breig Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Smith Marlane Smith Elaine Gladden Herbert Gladden Elaine gl Kenneth Wood Sneezie Katherine LaLena Mr. 81 Mrs. Bernard Woods Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas Case 137 Mr. Sz Mrs. John Warfield, Jr. Sisie Sz Bogabear Soulful Six Dorothy Lentz Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Masciarelli Mr. S Mrs. Leon Sohoczyns Mike and Darlene Mr. Yahtzee Mr. S Mrs. David Minerva Margaret Carouso Joe Cocker S Jethro Tull Mr. Sz Mrs. A. J. Corn Mr. Sz Mrs. F. Dowell Tru-Tones Tom Bessetti Marilyn Bessetti Joe Safaryn Joe Walinches Doreen Dowell Karen Dowell Robert Dowell Joanie "74" Carmen Sz Terry Adamucco A'Paul and Lindam Mr. S Mrs. Ted Burke Burke Sz Sons Vinnie Sz Loretta Mr. Sz Mrs. J. Liberto Mr. Sz Mrs. V. Burke Marcy Liberto "Cool" Leo and Cory H749 Sz 'i73" Bucky and Nickie Craig Pete and Lydia Midure Richard Sz Delores Tomassetti Joe Sz Maryann Midure Joe Sz Minnie Gallo Miss Teresa Midure Austin Sz Marge Midure Mr. Sz Mrs. Austin Midure Austin Paul "BB" Jamie Sherclle Brock David Reed Kathryne Peterson Carol Feleciano Zetter Feleciano Flora Perryman Wizzy of '57l" Wizzy's Brother, Ronald Joe Sz Nan Best Wishes, Ellan Carter Overbrook Regional DECA John Sz Gloria Conner Linda Conner "70', Joseph Liberto "YO" Loretta Liberto 3743, Mr. S Mrs. Ronald Brimfield Mr. Sz Mrs. Raymond Liherto Mrs. Rose Sirolli Jill Liberto "72" Roseann DeCicco "72" Helen E. Regn Kathelyn Brown Mrs. A. Rohloff Mr. Sz Mrs. Nerman Harry Arlene Schafer Sz Family Pat Sz Rich .l.C. Super Star Dot Sauerwald Larry Schafer "71" Mrs. John Weavar Herb Bluebery Buster Sz Iris Gardiner Ken Sz Susan Whisler Carmen Sz Beverly Mr. Rozier sends Best Wishes 138 Patrons Mrs. Bertha Rozier Mr. S Mrs. Hightower Mrs. Mae Hall says Hello Mrs. Bertha says Hello Mr, Sz Mrs. Haywood Banks Mr. Lucas says Hi Mr. Richard Picou Mrs. Rita M. Rozier William and Virginia Fortune Mrs. Margaret David Sz Diane Mossop Mrs. Ruth Christensen A Friend A Friend Pat Caropella Mommy Sz Daddy Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Woloszyn George Rusnak H747' Augie Angellina Bobby Vadinc "76" Mr. Sz Mrs. Earl Gabriel Kim Sz Ricky Stuckel Mr. Sz Mrs. Steve Rusnak Mr. Sz Mrs. William Rusnak Mrs. Panhiolli Mrs. Anna Weaver Angie "74" Mr. Russell Bates George Singletary Mrs. A. J. Communale Arthur Lebednikas Eddie Mae Cameron Hazard Cameron B. J. Boarding House B. .l. Laundermat Edith, Delra and Buster Sharon Colasurdo "M" Mrs. Martha Shoemaker Rose Siligrini Marie Sz Al Al Sz Marie Lin Roesing N74-" George Rusnak H74-" Marie, Princess and Sam Mr. S Mrs. Walter Sloan, Sr. Phil Esthes Rest. Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert Statt Mr. Sz Mrs. Fran Dadura Rita's Rest Gay Wyatt Amos Fruit and Veg. Spot Bar-Hammonton, N. J. Charles Thorton Micheal Taggart Danny Wise Jenny Chambers Baby Gina Marie Buney P.J. Nealie Sz Sons Frank Allore Uncle John Fegenfllder Lucy Merlino The Dadura Family Jack W. Sigmon Mr. Jack Sattelmyer Daisy "72', S Ralph "YI" Mary Williams Harold Williams Mrs. Molly Foxworth Sam Sz Tina Clent Sz Steven Jackson Mr. Sz Mrs. Willie Monrow Ralph loves Daisy Mrs. Ollie Jackson Mr. Walter Jackson, Jr. Lefit "72l' H73-. Esperanza Worthington Gary M. Worthington Mr. John Robinson Mrs. Ida Worthington Good Luck In The Future Mr. Sz Mrs. Alfred Hollman Mr. Sz Mrs. John Keyes Sz Family Mrs. Sarah Johnson Mike Sz Hope Rose Horn Debbie Herbst Sz Joe Galezniak Linda Lopez Jack Sz Marie Donnely Mr. Sz Mrs. D. Middleton Mr. Sz Mrs. Philip W. Asay Nancy Cuthbert Frank Krammer Donna Krammer Carol Perez Anthony Rubba Henry Augustine Robert J. Baldi Agnes B, Sampson Mr. S Mrs. Sam Totora Sampson Farms Samuel B, Totora, Jr. Mr. Sz Mrs. Barney Pustizzi, Jr. Seymour Jones Mr. Sz Mrs. Seymour Jones Terry Zito "75" Mr, Sz Mrs. James G. Twelves The King is coming Barbara and Jim Bicking Anita Randanella Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Speigler Sz Family Mr. Sz Mrs. Ronald Lit Debbie Randanella Danielle Randanalla Mike Randanalla Joan Holmes Rev. S Mrs. Myers Gordine Hill Ben Wright Mrs. Theresa Henderson Mrs. L. Heard Joseph Hinton William Hill Year of "75" Mrs. Emma Dickerson Mrs. F. M. Parrott Kathleen M. Parrott '72 Debra Fitzpatrick Ray Bassett Sz Cathy Evans Mrs. C. M. Parrott Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Games Health Services l69 Edgewood Band Cinthia Rowand "72" Overbrook Rams Karen Vaughn Fred Soistman Miss Kathryn Soistman Victer Costantino Continental Fence Co. Lino's Roofing and Siding Robbin's Farm Market Sz Garden Center Ed Toussaint Paul Fioravanti Peter Sz Barbara Fioravanti Norm Sz Susan Smart Shi in Service PP S Mr. Sz Mrs. James R. Bill Sz Family Gene Latting Sz Family Gene Sz Hinnie Labor Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Diote Mr. Sz Mrs. Pete Middleman The Coarrert's Mrs. McArdle Mrs. Palmer Irene Sz Harry Lounsberry lda Sz Earl Lounsberry Linda Sz Harry Hop Sz Pop Suzette Sz Son Ron Sz Carol McDowell Mickey Sz Candy Mr. Sz Mrs. Fred Weiss Pat Casario Janet Lounsberry Mr. Turner Pat Gleason Steve Sz Angie Mrs. Walter E. Retzell Mary M. Morrison Mike Sz Sue .less Pierce Mr. Breig John Sz Robert Castagna Big John Mr. William Hart Mrs. Annie Hart William Johnson Mary E. Jackson Mike DeSorte Mr. Sz Mrs. John E. Bevan Capt. Thomas Jackson Jack Sz Mil Rita Delzeit Ed McBride Honda "305" Dawn Kelly Linda Townsend Walt Townsend Walt Townsend Walt Townsend Walt Townsend Mr. S Mrs. Louis Castagna Larry Jackson Mrs. Vicki Jackson Bob Jackson Harry McCabe "69" Kathy Jackson Mr. Sz Mrs. Larry Novak Frank Curcio Edgewood Football Team Mr. Sz Mrs. C. Jackson Lester Clouser Family Wm. Stauf, Jr. Charles V. May Myra Dowd Steve Snuffin Bill Caraciolo n75" Brian Scott Mr. S Mrs. James J. Reel Sz Family Mr. Sz Mrs. Michael P. Simone Vanian Burpee Mrs, Jean Maccoroni, RN Ken, Joan S Timmy Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Papa Consuelo Santos Phnorkin Evelyn Rosenberg Sz Sons Chief Nurse S Until Vl Mr. Sz Mrs, Jesse Moffa Mr. Sz Mrs. W. Brittin Eugene Brittin . Sz Mrs. Frederick Pfleger st want to ride my motorcycle" Mr. S Mrs. Levak Sz Jennifer Miss Sonia C. English Snowy S Snookie Polly S Spotty Mr ...lu Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Applegate Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Hendricks Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry Young David Joseph Piliatis Cass and Jack Blaese Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard A. Bringhurst Sandy Smedley Merry Christmas Amelia J. Warrington Mr. 81 Mrs. Broome Mrs. Kozak Robert Briggs Barbara 8 Trimmer 872' Chain Link Coffee House Mike Mi Gai, L. Heggan 81 Jimmy Marie Salici Mrs. Elene Reilly Mary De Spirito Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth Haugh Patrons Geri Ferronto Mr. 81 Mrs. Anthony Totora Harry and Linda Debbie 8 Greg H758 Eric Lucona Rev. Stanley J. Barr Marie J. Maricarty Inge Strock Joseph Strock Betty Strock Edwin T. Broome Jack Panarello Mrs. Kitty King Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Jackson Mr. 81 Mrs. James Owens Mr. 81 Mrs. Sam Paul Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Breeze Mr. 81 Mrs. Gary Stewart Mr. 81 Mrs. Farrell Linda, Denise 81 Diane Mr. 81 Mrs. James Savoy Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Sturgis R. Barrett Beterackis Dettrey Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Neff Mr. 81 Mrs. Delrossi Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Diaz "Blondie" Mr. 81 Mrs. Thompson Kathy Sturgis Mrs. Ernestine Jefferson Mary Lou Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas Whitehead Mr. 81 Mrs. Marion Peters Bill, Jan 81 Dee Sarah Toll Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Emerson Knopp Harry Matsinger Dawn-Nicole-Fortune Mrs. Myrna Venable Complements of Big uEd'i Complements of "Lancaster Electric" Complements of Mrs. Murtha Lancaster Mrs. Samuel .Johnson Mr. Maceo Tillman Waltina Lynn Jackson "68" Norman W. Jefferson, Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. James DcPalma Frieda Holloway Maryanne Graisbery "68" Mr. 8 Mrs. Barry Bodine "66" Mr. 8 Mrs. T. C. McDaniels Donald Cook Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas Rowan Chuck 81 Kass DelCamp Pat DelCamp '67O" Charles DePalma Pat Symzack Mr. Breig Kelly 81 Dizzy "712" Jackie Thorton Nancy Thorton Gary 81 Bob 8 Richard Shelby 81 Mariam Swamp Angels Donna Misiak Wendy Alcoy H749 Kathy Alcoy "76" Mr. Frank Selouer Doctor Rusnak "75,' Mr. 81 Mrs. Mark Rutledge Mr. 81 Mrs. Elmer Morrill Lisa 81 Sam Mike 81 Pat John Striewski Mr. 81 Mrs. John Toll 81 Family Super Sheryl Gypsy the Great Mr. Elwood Ridge '73 Debra and Bill '72 Mr. 81 Mrs. Carl Whisler Sr. '4.I.8C." Khalil Ahmad John 81 Georgina Astle Al 8 Libby Mitchell Gabriel Halibuhton Bengi 81 Randy De Grossa's Deli Al's Bike Repairs Tony 81 Shirley Carbonaro Frank 8 Tessie Ordille Tony 8 Marg Carbonaro Deb 8 Greg 'g75" Rozell Torres Nance 81 Rick "73" Barbara "73" Mr. D. Cardonna Donald Chiaradonna Mrs. M. Chiaradonna Mr. A. Farms Mr. 81 Mrs. Dalton Leon Pulley Mahlin L. Pulley Doris E. Pulley Edward 81 Alice Paris Mr. 81 Mrs. Francis Evcrly Edw. L. Arthur Catherine Arthur Mr. 81 Mrs. L. W. Voss, Jr. Larry W. Voss, III Joan Pulley Raymond Johnston Donald Drinkard Raymond Johnston Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Hall Carmen 8 Jim Sherman 81 Ruby Holland Sharon Holland Mrs. Marian Stokes Mr. 81 Mrs. Benjamin Handy Kimberly Handy Lana M728 MTHE LITTLE CLICK" Mr. 81 Mrs. Dayton Woods Audrey, Mark Justineg Karl The Watley's Floria, Mattie, Billy, 81 Renna Watley 1.69,, Mr. gl Mrs. Mr. Herber Mr. John C Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Lonely and Mr. 81 Mrs. J.P,F. George Federico t Carter oe William Wyatt Paul Robinson Sad "33" John J. Erwin Lisa, Stanley III, 81 Christ Stan 8 El, Linda 81 Bobby Mr. 81 Mrs. Jack Albertson Mr. 81 Mrs. James Alessandrini Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray Penza Doralicea Ferronto Frenci 8 Ann Cantrelle Mr. 81 Mrs. Peter Alotto 8 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry Pctters, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Guss Weis Mrs. Martha Strock Barbara Strock Sheba, Prince 8 Peaches Dee Marie Arthur Brown The Havity's Jean Coley Ruth Coley Barry Coley Carol 81 Kevin V Pete 81 Trudy V. Morgan JoAnnc 81 Ernie Willis Sharon 81 Phil Mangini Mr. 8 Mrs. T. J. Williams Tom Noel Gwendolyn Austin Margaret Goiven Eleanor L. Richardson Helen J. Curry Joan Grimme H74-l' Mr. 8 Mrs. George Simkins Eileen Brough Vince Greto Betty McGuigan Isabelle King Sandy Mock William G. Byrne Edna Eberle Madeline Sacerdote Elaine 81 John Neff George Honra John gl Peggy Carney Ted 81 Barbara Ianacco Mr. 81 Mrs. James Hoover 81 Son Mr. 81 Mrs. Christensen 81 Family Mrs. Julia Gardner Mr. Jackson Gardner Mr. 81 Mrs. Andrew Gardner Miss Magic Livingston Miss Welch Teresa Boyle Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Ungerbueller Jack W. Ramsden, Jr. Bertolina Art Gallery Pullaro's Arco Alma Patterson Cherie Lovett Mr. 81 Mrs. Daniel Gallagher Susan C. Tornari Edward Fletcher Tina Bruce Mr. 81 Mrs. Guy Wallace A. Cassanora Jones, MD Catherine Colins Rose Pressley Mr. 81 Mrs. Dillard 81 Family Mrs. Jennie Waller Mr. 81 Mrs. J. E. Myers 81 Carol Dee Dee 81 Mini Darlene 81 Buddy Gus 81 Helen Ruggeri Roosevelt Coley Ruth Lancaster Arthur Lancaster Mrs. E. Garstkiewic Mr. 81 Mrs. O. L. Angelozzi Block Family Anthony Recchinti Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Dina Eric Bruninghaus H759 The Miles Glidden Family The Bruninghaus Family Helene School of Nursing John Hancock The Four J's The Dunn's Bingo Jennie The Critellei Uncle Harry Ginny Joann Masino Mr. Breig Mr. 8 Mrs. Tea Coley Wenonah Coley Alice Kelley Jernell Odom Pastor Petterson Pamela Bramlett "73' Thomas Coley Don and Ree "70s72" Phyllis Walls H698 Ron 8 Liz Eddie 8 Darlene "69-72" Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Phero Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Ellerman Walter Phero H698 Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles Blatherwick Walter 81 Marie H69-72" Bill 8 Julianne 81 Dawn Mary 81 Hank Davis Tracey 81 Karen Reven Kim, Kevin, Ernie Barhett Carol Bax Debbie Githen Mr. 8 Mrs. William C. Ross 8 Son Sharon 8 Eric Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony T. Wefdo 81 Kid Ken Caralamere William C. Ross, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. James V. Hinlcel Mr. 81 Mrs. Roy Prosser Mrs. Dorothy Maude Mr. 81 Mrs. Magnldi 81 Family Shirley Ordille Charlotte Jacobs Lou Troisi Anne Troisi Mr. 81 Mrs. James A, Ordille, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Ranere, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Jim Ordille, Sr. Carmen Ordille, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Jack Williamson Mr. 8 Mrs. T. E. Wynne Eldamae Fillman John M. Kirsch 81 Family Frank B. Fillman Mack Hyson Mr. 81 Mrs. Rohert Smith Mr. 81 Mrs. Wm. Weber 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Wm. Fleischulz 81 Family The Moserls-Blue Anchor Farm Jack Staehle Lillian Burt Mrs. J. Capone Mrs. Charles Reed T. Srochro Joan Wallauer R. M. Zelazowski H. L. LaVoice R. Steuerlein 139 Mrs. L. J. Eveland Mr. 81 Mrs. James Briles, Jr. Michael R. Weissmann Suzzane L. Moore Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Bundick, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Bundick, Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Michael Weissmann Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Broccoliere Phil's Ceramics Allene Harrison Pam Bundick May Dilks Mrs. Cline Mrs. Richard Perry Mr. Elwood Cline Billy Cline Mr. Kenny Johnson Harry E. Greenwood Barry Greenwood '67 Mrs. Jean Myers Michel Menna Gargano Bus Service Joe Mealey Kalik Realty Co. lnc. Mrs. Paxton Greg 81 Jeennie Mildred Morganti Chuck 81 Marguerite Mr. 81 Mrs. Anthony Carvonaro Johnny 81 Pat Billy 81 Fran Mr. Smith Francis McFadden Mr. 81 Mrs. McFadden George Rusnak Anna Mae 81 Terri McFadden Racheal Broome Al Bringhurst Mr. 81 Mrs. Bringhurst Robert Benjamin Lois Ann Baker John DiNovi Ferriss Tansboro Tavern Catherine Krywarvka Mr. 81 Mrs. Joe Lovell Eugine V. Weatherby Mr. 81 Mrs. Rav, Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Joas Mrs. Clarke Mr. Leffie Powell Lester C. Furman Calvin 81 Gwenie The Ebon s Patrons Chuckie Bernheimer Taylor Thompson Carter's Confections Mrs. Taylor Thompson John Carter Matilda Bryant Pete Bryant Arlene Bryant Alan Gansert Mrs. J. Capone Mrs. Charles Reed "Peace not War" Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Hobler Mr. 81 Mrs. W. H. Buckley Ellis Jones Good Luck Bruce Parker 81 Kim Garis Jim Parker. Sr. Lucille Zagarella South Jersey Squid Hounds Fishing Club Community Liquors lnc. Wood-win Builders Inc. Mrs. Connie Mammucari Mr. 81 Mrs. D. Greco 81 Family Pat, Rich 81 Wendy Williams Carol Mammucari Compliments of Nicoletti Motors Compliments of Nicoletti Motors Othello F. Mammucari Mrs. Lucy Teleucky Mrs. Margie Teleucky Mrs. Rose Piccoli Lynne 81 Ernest Bodine Compliments of a friend Steven Minshall Mr. gl Mrs. John J. Burns Mr. 81 Mrs. Phil Koch Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Geiser Mr. 81 Mrs. Nicholas Pappert Mr. 81 Mrs. James L. Tresser William H. Crowthers Jay Ross Mr. 81 Mrs. Patrick J. McGinn, J Mr. 81 Mrs. Norris Pluck Rose Marie Dodd Y The Jackson-5 Joe Niedoba, Jr. Helen Condo Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Niedoba Mr. Tommy Condo George Condo Mr. 81 Mrs. Geo. E. Condo Franklin S, Condo Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Vezza Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Condo Curtis L. Cloud Charles Dove Dot Dove Mr. gl Mrs. Peter Husband Mr. 81 Mrs. E. J. Wiegand Mr. Anthony Zagarella Mr. 81 Mrs. Bernard Buczko Dilger Family The Richard's The R. P. Mauger Family Dorothy Law 140 Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Hatrick Mr. Bruno Colasa Mrs. Mary Mirrieall Mr. Felix Napoliello Mr. William Clements Mrs. Mary Riess Mrs. Blanche Harrop Beth A. Phero Hi Edgewood People Smile God Loves You Lynn Rodman Mrs. Lillian Rodman Mr. Anthony Cataldi Mrs. Rita Bewsher Mr. 81 Mrs. George Hofacker D. Houck Michael Jacovelli The Henry Valentinos Robert Bisetti Rev. Orville I. Wright Mr. 81 Mrs. George LeConey Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Butler, Jr. The Cable Family Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Jacovelli Dan-De-Silvio Donna Ladner Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Pino Mr. 81 Mrs. Albert Fitting, Sr. I'. Rev. Tomer Mr. 81 Mrs. Schaffer Marie 81 Anthony Valerio Mr. 81 Mrs. John K. Layton Mark Pino M768 Barbara Layton "76" Peace Mrs. Joseph Waddell Doris M. Leach Chris Leach Rex Leach Janice M. Gibbs George Gibbs Charles Spinella Mildred Leach Edward H. Leach, Sr. Roberta Richardson Eva Erdwein E. C. Erdwein K. Erdwein W. K. Erdwein W. Erdwein V. A. Erdwein W. K. Erdwein, Sr. V. Erdwein E. Erdwein Gargano Bus Service Joe Mealey Kalik Realty Co. Inc. Mrs. Paxton His 81 Her Beauty Salon Bruno-Bro's Rachele's Card Shop Skip Drialo lBuilderJ The Bramante Family May Dilks Mrs. Cline Mrs. Richard Perry Mr. Elwood Cline Billy Cline Mr. Kenny Johnson Harry E. Greenwood Barry Greenwood '67 Mrs. Jean Myers Michel Menna Terry Condo Y Bill Roberts Mr. 81 Mrs. T. Sacco, Jr. Lewis Nuneville W. Hendricks Lillian Hendricks Dee Mantici John Blaese, Sr. Mrs. H. DeSilvio Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Shaw ' Margaret I, Peters Mrs. Jackee Wolff Mrs. Sewter Ted 81 Nancy Franks Berlin Chrysler Plymouth Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Ballinger Mr. 81 Mrs. Mack-Family Mrs. Rev Mrsi The The Donie Keys 81 Mrs, Timothy Badie 81 Family Dorothea Wood 81 Family Girgentis Pintos John 81 Jeanie Mattchete Anna Testa 81 Family Pepe Girgenti Mr. 81 Mrs. James Raso, Sr. Mrs. William Rodio Mr. Leroy Matthews Mr. 81 Mrs. Clarence Bell Miss Nattie Guy Mrs. D. W. Moore Mr. gl Mrs. Michael Dimeo The Woelfel Family Mr. 81 Mrs. R. H. Rech 81 Family Joe Niedoba, Jr. Lots of Luck to My Last D Dirty Old Man tHarryJ James Doyle Darryl 81 Crystal Tony of GRANTS Auto Robert H. McLaughlin ollar Anthony 81 Marlene "7l" Walter 81 Dooly Pratt Walter A. Pratt, Jr. Karen Lee Pratt, Class H737 Pratties Texaco Mr. 81 Mrs. Nick DeStefano Catherine Krywaruka Mr. 81 Mrs. Joe Lovell Euquire V. Weatherly Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray, Jr. Mr. Hardwick Spergal Powell "72" Mr. 81 Mrs. LaBrie Mrs. N. Warren Howard Anderson Merlino's Mr. Jas. Baker Mr. H. 81 Mrs, Cahull Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Daughery Richard Knopp Mr. Quinn 81 Mrs. Quinn John the "Jail Bird" Anthony and Barbara Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Bowen The Bowen's Catherine Tuttle Mr. Stanley Livaczi, Jr. Tony DeMarco Anthony Maressa Kay Durham Lou Durham-73 Mrs. Irene DePalma Mr. Frank DePalma Mr. 81 Mrs. George Kayati I.L.Y. Phyllis 81 Vince-'71 Sharon S. 81 Jimmy E.-"75" Pattie Sacco 81 Max Kirsch '73 Mr. Frank Selander Anna Miranda Mr. 81 Mrs. Eddie Carns Audrey S. 81 David C. Debbie McMaster The Denise-sportfishing David Dawson class of '71 Mr. 81 Mrs. F. Lemanoz Shell, Mark, Lori Mr. 81 Mrs. Jerry Wess Eric, 1986, Leigh, 1987 Joann Dawson, class '77 NA"NE class? Cindy Dawson class 1981 John Gary Dawson Steven and Scott Catherine Fonte Ruth DiGerolamo Linda DiGerolamo Karen Giannini Barbara Giannini Karen Fonte Rosie Howard '472" Peggy Handy Viola DiGerolamo Mike Mutual PRUBRESS Aeeoc1A1-is .Neem-nerves .fs-so-, N

Suggestions in the Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) collection:

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 88

1972, pg 88

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1972, pg 137

Edgewood Regional High School - Pearl N Ivy Yearbook (Atco, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 86

1972, pg 86

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